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No. 1018946

“When the finger points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger” – Chinese Proverb.
Previous thread: >>1003379

No. 1018951

File: 1641554915517.png (293.62 KB, 1000x1000, pol x lgbt2.png)

This OP pic made me wonder : is there lolcow board tans, similar to 4chan board tans ? That would be fun to draw art of them

No. 1018957

well i kinda see all boards are different parts of elsies personality cause there aren’t so many. maybe you could draw her in a bunch of different outfits. maybe ask on her thread.

No. 1018958

elsie has did uwu

No. 1018970

an anon last year did just that, I don't remember the thread yet. Maybe one of the art ones on /m/

No. 1018979

File: 1641557578651.png (241.37 KB, 700x630, 1390307177658.png)

I will never get enough of that cringy shit. Mfw no perma dark circles smoker /fa/ bf to bully

No. 1018981

Based. I think the artist of this also drew Elsie and /cgl/ together, but I lost the image

No. 1018996

There'd be a consultation before getting it and I just can't imagine them not asking this question

No. 1018997

how do i stop having to burp every time i drink soda?

No. 1019026

File: 1641560679703.gif (494.02 KB, 500x259, 1639837130468.gif)

I don't know if I should sell my copies of Golden Sun and its sequel. I bought them second hand like 3 or 4 years ago and barely touched them because the beginning of the first game was a drag. Everytime I try to play it I get sick of the random encounters, I don't have enough patience for this anymore. But I can't thinking about how I could probably like these games later and how rare these games became? What do?

No. 1019111

No. 1019205

File: 1641574877318.jpg (107.93 KB, 1422x1060, 20210325_230209.jpg)

Has anyone 3d printed a doll before? I want a 1/6 scale but none of the ones I see have the body I like (I don't like the chibi style), is there an easier route to go about this before struggling in blender?

No. 1019232

This is a really stupid question and I'm sorry. I'm in desperate need for money, I can't work, because I'm going to school full time and the amount of knowledge we get has me learning 24/7. I listed everything I can online to sell, but that won't work fast enough.

Is there any thing that is effective to raise money besides Gofundme? I can't use my real name because my parents are a threat to me and google my name 24/7.

No. 1019247

What's the best way to rest your eyes and keeping your eyesight good? I spent years trying to make money by drawing and I don't want to give it up, but since I have to stare a lot at a screen my eyes are getting bad. Right now I try to stare in the distance every now and then and use apps that take away the blue light of the screen. I go outside daily. But even if I stare into the distance, how should I do it? Should I actually make an effort trying to focus on far away things or should I just look carelessly? Should I keep my glasses on while I do it?

No. 1019272

what's a good site to download youtube videos/playlists? i'm not trying to pirate music (kek) i just want to download sailor moon audiobooks that i listened to in my childhood.

No. 1019315

Does anyone else get stupidly depressed or suicidal when you are PMSing or am I just a retard

No. 1019325

Yes, I did. I don't know if it was just my depression was exasperated while PMSing since I would have wild mood swings, or if it was PMDD. Either way it sucked ass.

No. 1019358

I'm sorry but I don't see what you can do besides selling stuff. Everything else requires time. You might have to consider going to school part time.

No. 1019364

Yep, going through it right now, I can't sleep well, I want to cry all the time, I feel like the most useless, disgusting pos that ever walked the planet and I can't even force myself to eat. It's like a mini depressive episode.

No. 1019378

Yes, same here

No. 1019397

Why aren't people using 2x more? People were vocal about bringing it back but it's dead

No. 1019417

How many people even know it exist? It's always been hidden iirc?

No. 1019434

File: 1641582979398.jpeg (182.12 KB, 1547x1555, 1624588277379.jpeg)

Yes, it's not the most active, but there's a thread for Board-tan media. An anon made a tan for each board except /meta/ >>>/m/149775

No. 1019504

It's hidden for a reason but even anons who know about it either disappeared or just don't use it

No. 1019563

I've never tried any drugs in my life but a shop near me is selling poppers…has anyone used them? What do they feel like?

No. 1019572

part time is no option, sadly and I won't quit, my parents destroyed enough, they won't take anything else from me. But thank you.

No. 1019584

File: 1641590224500.gif (775.48 KB, 267x272, fghj.gif)

do you guys think the ridiculous requirements of some of these jobs have to do with ageism?

No. 1019588

Makes you a little loopy, like a baby version of laughing gas, but knocks your immune system for a few days so not really worth it unless you want to relax your bootyhole (and vag) for sex. I kept a bottle when I had my anal phase and it was.. very effective.

I think it has to do with companies not wanting to hire externally but they still need to post job ads.

No. 1019614

>I think it has to do with companies not wanting to hire externally but they still need to post job ads.
Nta shit that's so true, never thought of it that way

No. 1019671

What the fuck does top or bottom even mean anymore? I thought that was a term for gay sex. Why are heterosexual normies using it?

No. 1019673

seme/uke for normies

No. 1019674

File: 1641595775991.jpg (86.62 KB, 640x645, 1638569712050.jpg)

This. Most jobs aren't advertised and the ones that are, very likely that someone already has a nepotism prospect in mind. I think they just post job ads to say that theyre an exual opportunity employer.

No. 1019682

Should I spend my gift card on a treat puzzle for my dog, an additional switch controller, or new filters for my humidifier?

No. 1019704

If you don't immediately NEED something then get whatever for your dog that you think she/he will enjoy. They're gone so fast but are forever relevant to you. You'll remember them all your life and regret things you didn't do for them. A switch is just a thing that will end up in the trash one day. You have so many options for entertainment, unlike your dog.

No. 1019709

File: 1641598471160.jpeg (66.3 KB, 391x310, 85E44155-FD60-439D-8804-F2A4C8…)

What causes stomach ache pain?
Like I know what causes the actual stomach ache but what is going on in the stomach that makes it hurt?
I have the flu, and my stomach feels better, but as soon as I eat something it hurts again. Why?

No. 1019713

Drawing as a job wrecks the eyes AND hands, get off your phone and don’t use it for entertainment because it does double damage as well, you can’t afford it.

No. 1019756

My healthcare worker bf says it might have to do with cramping in the intestines if the flu hit u there (paraphrasing here i have no clue lol) ‘get fliuds’ seems to be the go to

No. 1019767

File: 1641600910889.jpeg (143.89 KB, 940x400, 22BB3CAB-EF71-4F0C-9660-E11F65…)

Can you really develop a full fledged pneumonia in two fucking days?
I’m freaking out, yesterday I thought I had a mild flu, nothing important, my nose was dripping and I thought it was either some pesky flu or just my usual allergies because of the remodeling stuff in the house and the bug spray.
In the morning of today I was annoyed by my runny nose, on midday I was okay, I was even sweating a bit so I thought I was getting better.
And now I’m throwing up yellow phlegm and feeling like my throat is all nasty and tight.
What the fuck?

No. 1019773

Why? Please try to convince me if you're familiar with these games because I feel like the series is overrated.

No. 1019779

Is Il Makiage foundation actually good or is it just more literal fraud ad bullshit? Every other post on Pinterest is an ad for this shit and I guess advertisement works bc I’m curious.

No. 1019790

Hello can some tell me I’m gonna make it

No. 1019797

Every once in a while it feels like a little bone pops up in my nostril and it hurts to press down on it, and I can’t rub my nose or even scrunch up my nose because it hurts. It goes away after a while but comes back under no particular circumstances. It doesn’t affect my breathing at all and only pops up in one nostril. Does anyone know what this is or also has this happen to them?

No. 1019799

Hello, I've checked and I'm happy to inform you that yes indeed you will make it

No. 1019802

It’s anus nona go for nars or L’Oréal for good foundations

No. 1019803

Is there actually anything wrong with just wearing and buying drugstore makeup? I don’t feel strongly enough about makeup to spend hundreds of dollars on higher-end stuff.

No. 1019806

Of course not, just do your research so you can pick the better quality stuff. Searching for drugstore recs on makeup subreddits gives you plenty of recommendations.

No. 1019810

Got it. I asked because so many recommendations for makeup products tend to default to high-end stuff 90% of the time. I have to include “drugstore” to any web searches to find recommendations for drugstore products.

No. 1019813

Non-American nonnies, how common is it for people to be prescribed benzos in your country? I swear all my zoomer friends have a Xanax script for anxiety and their panic attacks. It makes me feel crazy because my mom is a benzo head and has been for my whole life and it just seems like it’s so reckless how often it’s given out in the states. I know theyve cracked down on it in some states and it’s hard to get but where I am (in the south) it seems like as long as you say you have panic attacks you’ll get a script.

No. 1019817

Treat puzzle for your dog!!! Like the other anon said, your time together is limited. Also I just really like watching dogs solve puzzles so I’d be pretty entertained watching them do it

No. 1019825

Not common at all in my country, I think they might be banned, even.

No. 1019828

File: 1641604699207.jpg (2.08 MB, 1440x1440, 159009100805548643728397835130…)

Sorry sounds like you got omicron'd

No. 1019829

I miss this era of imageboards so much.

I don't use it because it's dead. And yes, I've posted in it to try to revive it.

No. 1019834

Dammit, I don’t even go outside, how could this happen?? I will get tested just to make sure it isn’t omicron shit.

No. 1019839

You should probably get tested for the coof before anything else

No. 1019840

There's also a website called glambot that sells sanitised second hand higher end makeup. I've bought from them a couple times and the product has come in great condition. There's certain makeup products I wouldn't skimp out on like foundation, as it's covering your skin and you want something that won't cake your pores, but things like mascara you can buy really cheap because most brands use the same/similar formulas.

No. 1019848

Bc dumb mods and hostile handmaidens chased off all the based farmers a long time ago.

No. 1019869

why does the us have so many people with autism? like every 10th person has autism or smth. i never ever have seen a single person with autism in my country. just why?!

No. 1019872

Bad quality sperm, genetics, food, and micro plastic everywhere in the water

No. 1019873

This must be a very common problem but I hate it when I cry more easily while I'm on my periods. Any help??

No. 1019875

Sell plasma. Only takes a couple hours a week and at least where I live you can make a good $400/month.

No. 1019901

anon every time its 3-2 days before my period starts i have this exact moment where i sit in my car, search up the closest driveable area with a body of water, and fight myself on whether or not im gonna do it. by do it i mean drive my car into the water and drown etc. etc. and then i get a little notification from my period tracker that says "you may feel upset today heres why" and i just smile and shake my head and drive home.

No. 1019910

Well, earlier someone was lecturing me about something and I started crying. They didn't yell but used a stern voice and it was probably the tone of voice they used that made me cry, not the subject we were talking about. Luckily it was over the phone so they couldn't see my face. I just wish I was more stronter mentally

No. 1019935


which app do you use?

No. 1019948

And each and every time I forget that I feel suicidal only because my canal will spurt blood out within 72 hours. I am a fool.

No. 1019949

Kind of off topic but I'm forever seething that modern medicine doesn't give a shit about pmdd and just gives out "eat health and exercise lol here's some antidepressants". Like 30% of the population is sewerslidal every month and they do nothing.

No. 1019973

i understand anon. sometimes you find yourself more vulnerable and susceptible to other peoples wills than you're used to and it sucks. i want you to know that i personally am praying for whoever upset you's untimely death and it will be ok.
ladies can we talk about how this has had to have been a notable thing for all of history? every time i feel insane and confide personal details with a female friend, they reinforce the fact that pre-menstrual forces imply either suicidal or homicidal tendencies. i think that women are far better suited towards determining genetic and therefore societal worth and this part of the month we just are lamenting the lack of ability to cull certain members of the community we know we'd all be better without. but also im drunk and my boobies hurt.

No. 1019978

girl my titties hurt too. the red menace made its appearance this morning.

No. 1019983

its called flo, idk if its on all platforms but i used to think that i was very irregular BUT with about a year of tracking i now know i'm super regular which is a relief. also its funny when it give me notifications about ovulation
NONNY does this happen regualrly for you? every time my boobs have hurt enough to briefly mention to friends/bf/fam they're always like OMG ur pregnant but no i just get really sore tits every other month

No. 1020014

Is it true lots of ppl become mentally stable suddenly at 30?

No. 1020017

NTA but my boobs always get sore a week or so before my period. I always trust that my period will be starting soon when it happens lol.

I think it more depends on if you're working towards managing your mental health better, ie going to therapy and finding things that work for you. I'm 30 and I'm still in shambles but that is due to being too scared due to bad experiences with doctors/mental health professionals to try and seek help at the moment.

No. 1020018

I mean like somehow their brain just finishes developing and their brain chemical imbalance goes away.

No. 1020030

Yeah basically

No. 1020077

Thanks anon but it was my boyfriend lmao

No. 1020109

File: 1641628544072.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1234, E0EF85A6-9DB0-4900-A8C1-43E528…)

Sorry not replying in the previous thread, I was away from my computer, but to all the girls who transformed into athletic goddesses:

How did your life change after your transformation? One of you said it wasn’t worth it to maintain it. Did people treat youdifferently? Family? What was it like going to the beach or something like that?

I only just started and now I have all these stupid fantasies/hopes about my transformation from stick-mode to athletic.

No. 1020189

When you order sex toys online, do you do it with a fake name?

No. 1020196

is bimbo-lolita a thing.. i like lolita fashion but i also enjoy showing tiddy, midriff and leg

No. 1020199

no. it's a modest fashion and anything else just simply isn't lolita. no offense and maybe i'm a little tired but you sound like a ddlgfag. people like you give lolita fashion a bad rep.

No. 1020200

no but you can make it a thing

No. 1020203

No, why? They always arrive in discreet packaging and there's no reason why you should feel embarrassed about shopping at certain place, for people managing the store you're just another client, they're not like: ohh Nonetta Anonovsky from the Farm is gonna orgasm a lot with this hee hee hee

No. 1020205

File: 1641639803266.jpg (252.71 KB, 800x800, H153aedcd4b0b4cb1adf6c270794d7…)

First thing coming to mind was sexified octoberfest outfit

No. 1020206

none taken. i just like frills and the cute patterns/colors seen in lolita! but i also love my body type

you’re so right

No. 1020208

Why didn’t Nickelodeon create more shows like Avatar? They could have been really successful.

No. 1020226

Lolitas will end her. They have fought with belief that Lolita is basically ddlg for so long, this is a trigger. Maybe erokawaii would be better for OP? (I don't remember details of that fashion, so I may be wrong)

No. 1020235

i'll look into it, thank you!

No. 1020256

File: 1641643734277.jpg (278.97 KB, 885x1200, rush-original-10ml.jpg)

I have vaginismus and I read that poppers can be used to relax muscles and thought I would tried and ordered one from a local sex shop, but pretty sure I got a fake one ffs.

What other things could I use as a muscle relaxer?

No. 1020257

File: 1641643844493.jpeg (149.84 KB, 750x1334, 6AB85073-F2C9-4733-BCC0-105FA8…)

I want to furnish and decorate my rented apartment, preferably stuff that fulfills a use and is affordable, but since I know I won’t spend all of my life here, and will probably move out eventually, I want to invest in furniture and decorations that are easy to move in a car.

So far, I’ve thought of for utilitarian and moveable furniture:
-foldable chairs
-bean bags
-pillows and pillow-covers
-storage rack or storage boxes
-food rack for the kitchen
-an electric fan for summer
-nice looking dishwear
-coffee table (can be affordable and moveable depending on size)

Not Utilitarian but easily moveable and somewhat affordable or free:
-old family photos
-general wall hangs (rugs, posters, embroidery hoops,paintings )
-potted plants that I can grow myself
-cork board
-small figurines from charity shops
-fridge magnets

No. 1020281

i have it too. better give up on men than ruin your health for their sexual pleasure.

No. 1020283

I don't have a man in my life anyway, but just knowing that my body is not working the way I'm supposed to and that I can't properly control it makes me mad/sad like nothing else. Did you try to overcome it yourself? I'm thinking about buying Lidocaine next and experiment with that

No. 1020293

your body isn't defective!! i tried to fix it but it felt horrible and painful. there are ton of women who share same issue as us, we aren't broken or not worthy to be women, please don't ruin your health because of that. trust me, if you ignore it, your quality of life will improve so much because you will realize it's insignificant.

No. 1020316

Why do many Arabs/people of Arabic descent keep their relationships secret from their families until marriage?

No. 1020317

muslim culture for the most part, its similar here too

No. 1020325

My family was proud of me, but my father keeps making snide comments about too much muscle, even now.
Going to the beach with a body i actually like for the first time was great, but then the euphoria fades. Still, it feels good to have fun without insecurity.
Maintaining is hard and plateaus are hard as fuck to overcome. It’s a lifestyle and its not for everyone. You need to go for what brings you the most amount of joy,
I havent noticed a difference in how i get treated but then again I dont really go outside and dress in baggy clothes

No. 1020336

Not an Arab here, I'm north African but from a Muslim family. Basically my little sister hid her relationship with her Asian bf until she felt it was a serious enough relationship, so she presented him to our parents at a stage where they wouldn't have been able to say anything about it. Then he proposed to her and they planned on moving together to a apartment, but he broke up with her the day before moving because he felt she was too obsessed with money, despite him being kind of broke and her helping him getting a job despite covid. At this stage my parents were angry at him and they thought he should be ashamed of himself for "scamming" my sister, yadda yadda. My big sister also hid her relationships until she broke up with her exes. I never had a relationship because unlike them I don't give a shit about religion and I think literally the only point of a relationship is sex, which would be risky given how strict my family is. A bunch of people I know tend to get married kind of young just so they can fuck without being in trouble for it, and they have kids while studying or starting their careers because then their family helps with raising the babies.

tldr; most people I know either don't date (included), hide their relationship for a long time (while only holding hands and maybe kissing), or get married soon after they start dating.

No. 1020339

>people I know tend to get married kind of young just so they can fuck without being in trouble for it,
kek, i'm from a muslim place too and the amount of young people i know who've done this… at least two of my friends got married for this exact reason at like 18.

No. 1020358

Worst part is that we're in a European country. But this shit is so engrained in our """culture""" that many people in my community still do this. The difference between my generation and the previous one is that when the marriage turns to shit people just divorce and get over it. If it weren't for covid I wouldn't have had to go back to living with my parents and I would have been able to have a fulfilling love life.

No. 1020362

damn, at least my friends have the excuse of living in a muslim place where this is the norm. hope you can move out soon. my cousin has only told me in her family about her boyfriend who she has been dating for like 3+ years, feels kind of sad that they can't yet introduce eachother to their families normally and as you said, the most they've done is kiss.

No. 1020379

Is there a male equivalent of a pickme that isn't soyboy or something? I.e. a male who will throw men under the bus for female approval, similar to predatory "male feminists"

No. 1020392

You're kind but you know yourself this is not true. I cannot have neither penetrative sex, nor a simple, routine gynecological examination. This is a defect

No. 1020395

>male feminists
But are they truly throwing men under the bus or are they just lying and telling women what they want to hear to let our guards down?
No, there is no such equivalent as a male pickme because men are not conditioned to serve women and debase themselves for us.
Maybe "orbiter" or "simp" comes close, but that's just opportunism. Men frown upon it because they don't get to game women straight away but they're still sneaky fucks. When fatty uggo orbiters get into relationships with women even they take us for granted after awhile and expect to be served as eternal thanks for their initial simping. Pickme women are doormat slaves well after the honeymoon phase and always come to the defense of men.

No. 1020422

File: 1641656951693.jpg (177.23 KB, 828x1792, zwvkzlmi2gf71.jpg)

Me and my wife are getting two shelter cats next week and it's our first cat experience. We bought two cat trees, bowls for food and water, some toys, boxes for carrying them, hiding beds, cat toilets etc. But I feel like we forgot something important still? Any cat owner who could enlighten me maybe?
Also German cat owners: what food do you recommend? Wheat and sugarfree is so expensive, but I want at least a proper wheat free one. Had one in my hand at DM earlier but wanted some experienced opinions first lmfao

No. 1020437

Sounds good, maybe some cat grass if they'll be indoor cats. And brushes, they shed pretty much constantly

No. 1020441

Thanks, hopefully I'll be able to move back to the country where I was so nobody will even be able to guess my ethnicity and I'll be left alone. I'm currently working fulltime and living with my parents lets me save money very fast so I just need to wait until the pandemic is over.

No. 1020442

Is there a term for when people act like just because you can't prove something beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you aren't allowed to come to conclusions based on the other available information?

No. 1020443

File: 1641658606489.jpeg (189.57 KB, 1002x555, 05B19460-9C9F-4001-BAD5-19DEE6…)

No. 1020454

What is the point of the feeding kink? Like I don’t understand why people overeat to get super fat for a kink. If anyone could explain it I’d appreciate it

No. 1020465

My armchair theory is the lack of control, like probably the idea of a partner becoming immobile or unable to fend for themselves after getting so large, similar to amputee kinks.
And I assume for people who find fatness attractive, just taking that to the extreme and the idea of contributing to someone getting bigger and bigger.

No. 1020480

File: 1641659868985.jpg (28.69 KB, 501x501, 77caf7f71bb84bd0ac454417cd5e98…)

sorry i only have general tips kek. you probably know this already, but if they don't drink their water, it could be because their water is next to the food bowl and that is considered their hunting ground. they don't wanna drink water from near a dead body, so to speak. just move it somewhere else or maybe invest in a little cat water fountain, most cats love these.

as for food, your cats will tell you what they like. never buy in excessive bulk and make sure to go through different brands. you will soon find out that maybe one hates fish and the other hates chicken. also they will love one brand one day and hate it the next. in the end you'll probably end up buying whatever sugary cat food they love because you want your children to be happy.

also they'll probably drag litter around and it's painful when you step in it, so these mats are godsend: https://www.amazon.de/ASOBEAGE-Katzenstreu-Unterleger-wasserdichte-Bienenwabe/dp/B07PYGLRGN?th=1

i hope you'll have lots of fun with your new kitties!!

No. 1020483

No. 1020487

Thank you for your response!
Thank you too!

What a cutie, love the pic

No. 1020493

Man that made me so nauseous to read. It’s just justifying eating disorders for a kink, yikes.

No. 1020494

I swear, all DMs look a certain way

No. 1020504

Like 20 years ago, I remember seeing some Maury episode where it was a lady who used to be chubby who chose to get fat. Maury was ofc like "why" and the woman (basically) said that she'd rather be super hot to the small percentage of men who like obese women than average hot to everyone else

No. 1020508

Bleak. Hope she enjoyed all the health problems

No. 1020554

So I’ve noticed that a lot of zoomer trends are just rehashed 90s/00s trends, repetition of the past with bow the lens of nostalgia and awareness of time firmly slipped on…but what is fairycore is recycle of? For me it’s just the cult-ish boho style that was so common in the 1970s, but I also see some mori kei.

Unrelated but I hate zoomer brands and how they style everything. The advertising, the marketing, it’s all so old and tired. A rehashing of some old look with aesthetic nostalgic cues. We’re truly at the end of history.

No. 1020559

File: 1641662733009.png (256.07 KB, 464x553, 1612986589535.png)

I am far from an athletic goddess, but have gone from being completely untrained skinnyfat (no sports even as a kid) to lifting for about a year and and now having some noticeable muscle. I was always average looking in clothes so people don't really treat me differently, except family and friends being surprised at how my arms look and feel when I flex. Sadly I haven't been to the beach or pool since I started. I used to be very self-conscious in swimsuits and only wear one pieces with swim shorts, but now I would have no problem wearing a two piece and am kinda looking forward to it– I'm nowhere near my goal body but am happy with it for the first time in my life. Bodybuilder-tier low bodyfat is definitely hard to maintain, but if you enjoy working out and find a diet that works for you, it just becomes a part of your lifestyle and I don't think it's difficult at all. It just takes a lot of time and consistency to form the initial habits.

Best of luck with your fitness anon! It truly changed my life for the better.

No. 1020560

I think fairycore is a -core that naturally sprung up and split from cottagecore.

No. 1020561

Ntayrt but thank you for this anon, I screenshat your post to look at when I lose the drive to keep up my diet+workout routine.

No. 1020569


No. 1020613

how come mexicans are so small but samoans are so big

No. 1020633

Why do people let Narcs control things in friend groups? I had a falling out with one recently but it seems like no one else wants to deal with them and just let’s them do whatever they want without consequences.

No. 1020646

different food

No. 1020649


No. 1020654

They're not even related. Might as well ask why Asians are so short but Scandis are so big.

No. 1020657

that might be on your end, I've used it on two different phones and it always runs more or less the same speed for me. Have you tried using a different browser?

No. 1020660

No, it's significantly slower on phone for me aswell. Only LC.

No. 1020672

File: 1641668850819.jpeg (319.16 KB, 1080x1009, 2A57434C-98D5-4589-B102-374409…)

Because of mcdonalds

No. 1020704

That sounds good, I can't think of anything else. Cardboard boxes for storage are really good and free, and they look nice if you cover them or paint them, I painted two yesterday to put in the empty space above kitchen cabinets to store things that are not needed often. But I think you shouldn't worry too much about decorations because as you live you will accumulate them, from gifts you get, to things you find, and if you decorate everything from the beginning you won't have room for the rest

No. 1020747

File: 1641674116887.gif (984.38 KB, 245x200, 0465BB38-73C4-4527-899C-7E8F20…)

anon you made me almost laugh, how are you so used to the shit loading speeds? free yourself queen it takes me like 16 times to get a thread to actually load up if i’m lucky without having to refresh or create another tab. do they not know that a majority who browse the internet use their phones for convenience? not everyone is a pc dweller like the shaynafags

No. 1020774

File: 1641675785060.jpg (125.99 KB, 620x930, Jordan-Barrett-i-D-2015-Fashio…)

Nonnies do you have any favorite male models? I see female models talked about somewhat but not male ones. I don't really keep up with any but I like to sometimes go on the malemodelscene site and see all the aesthetic photos. The only male model I can think of off the top of my head is Kento Yamazaki. Also for the scrote who keeps posting pictures of random women and "why dont u whores look like this", why don't you look like pic related? kek

No. 1020775

That’s a man??

No. 1020777

File: 1641675970599.jpeg (209.63 KB, 529x631, 4512AD4C-A534-47DE-BCBA-60CDA6…)

No. 1020778

File: 1641675978090.jpg (115.45 KB, 634x865, sj828283.jpg)

Yes kek he's just very pretty and scrotes do not usually groom themselves this much. I think he's gay too.

No. 1020780

Which episode?

No. 1020818

Am I a misogynist for liking Bratz? I know they were a bad role model for little girls but I still think they're so cute and can't stop liking them no matter how much I try. Plus I turned out fine, haven't done anything to my face, don't wear makeup unless it's a special occasion and don't even think twice about what to put on. Not that I think those are bad things (actually I wish putting more effort into my appearance came more naturally), but just to give you an idea of what I'm like. They are one of my best memories growing up, little me was absolutely enthralled with having a doll that I knew I had the potential of growing up to look like, if that makes sense. Is it ok to like them as long as I acknowledge they were bad?

No. 1020843

No, don't worry.
>Plus I turned out fine, haven't done anything to my face
Neither have most girls who played with them. I don't think that many girls who played with them actually wanted to look like them, if anything we wanted to emulate their fashion sense but we acknowledged they looked cartoony.

No. 1020857

You're fine. I liked bratz more than any other dolls as a kid because their skin tones looked more like my actual friends than barbies. In a weird way, all "dolls" can be problematic for always being idealized stereotypes of women and girls, but there is never anything inherently wrong with a child loving a toy and forming an emotional attachment to it.

No. 1020863

Gonna redirect my ten month old post from the scrote accusations thread now that it resurfaced again, after never getting an answer but still being curious about the answer >>>/ot/735223

No. 1020870

File: 1641683921895.jpg (25.82 KB, 500x500, 616axWT4pbL._SS500_.jpg)

I have this predisposition that we women are more/very attracted to the arcane/magic/spirituality, why is that?

No. 1020883

Because we were historically powerless and therefore attracted to things like that which did not shit on the feminine, which at least allowed for the possibility of some sort of power or benefit to us and tbh, it's a comfort. Who knows but that's my theory at least. I'm sure some of the things I said are at least a part of it.

No. 1020916

Bc women are smarter and more in tune with the earth duh

No. 1020918

What do you anons use as your alarm tone? I use and absolutely despise the iPhone default/radar one. It startles me and literally makes me want to throw up

No. 1020923

One that begins quiet and slowly becomes louder. I had a beeping clock and it basically trained me to wake up a few minutes before my alarm bc my brain hated it that much.

No. 1020924

What does empathy/compassion feel like for you? Do people tend to overstate how strongly they feel about things? When I see someone suffering I help because I know it's the "right" thing to do, but I don't feel sad or anything. If a friend or family member is going through a rough time, I don't really care at all, but of course I will talk to them and offer whatever help I can. I find that I constantly misinterpret other peoples feelings and they seem to care about stuff a lot more than I do, but a lot of the time I think they're probably just being hyperbolic. Is this normal or a symptom of something lol

No. 1020927

I like the ones with bird sounds

No. 1020928

I use the Huawei default one which is quite nice! It's birdsong and gentle music that starts quiet and gets louder. I used to use songs but you just start hating them, I can't hear the first few chords of 'Boys Don't Cry' by The Cure without my stomach dropping now.

No. 1020930

If all it takes to be attractive is to be thin then why am I so fucking ugly and why do some women who weigh more than me look thinner and have better bone structure

No. 1020931

I care when it's my parents or my uncle. They're my closest family. I care because I love them and not gonna lie, because it affects me. I especially care about my mom. I really, really love her. Other people? No, I don't really care. I listen and I will help. But I don't give a single shit. I honestly don't know if it's "normal" and I don't know if other people are being hyperbolic. There definitely are people out there who are way more empathetic than I am so it might be that they feel everyone's pain really deeply in a way I just don't. Someone I know could be going through a hard time, I will listen, make all the right faces, do everything I should. If I can help, I will help. But they don't weigh on my mind at all. If I'm not looking at them, I'm not thinking about them.

No. 1020933

women are naturally more intuitive and they have been powerless historically. Also, witchcraft is common amongst gypsies and Africans exactly because they have been poor and very weak, when you are poor there's no material or physical way of getting back at others. What is presented in modern media or on the internet as "witchcraft" is a lie and literally an aesthetic. I've talked with an 80 year old witch and the tradition is passed orally from mother to daughter for hundreds of years and they use a secret language to cast the spells in. The language is not known by others and it sounds like demonic shit, it literally feels like you are summoning something from another dimension. The spells might work or not but usually those that badmouth others or try to hurt others are always miserable

No. 1020939

I think people vary a lot, I definitely wouldn't say you're abnormal but I don't think other people are exaggerating their emotional responses either. For me I guess I feel empathy in that when I hear about people's problems I automatically imagine how I would feel in that situation, so I feel emotionally affected in an egotistical sense. But then if their situation is something that wouldn't bother me if it happened to me then I just feel nothing, so I wouldn't call it real empathy. Imo the way someone responds to a person who is struggling is much more important than their internal level of empathy/compassion - if you genuinely listen and don't dismiss their feelings to their face, that means a lot more than if you have the 'right' emotional response to it, which isn't something you can even control to begin with.

No. 1020957

it's not just being thin at all. that's a complete lie

No. 1020968

How do I find a real witch and become one

No. 1021040

There was an anon in the vent thread talking about how shitty online bought jewelry making supplies are and the lack of good dependable local shops. Does anyone know where to buy really good jewelry wire that won’t turn disgusting after a while? Please note that I live in a shitty third world country and my thirdie shekels are worthless against burgercoin, so no international shopping for me. I want to know if there are non-jewelery unexpected related places where I can find good wire. There are places selling craft wire near me but I’ve been told it turns to shit after a while.

No. 1021059

You won’t find any, there’s no such thing as a real witch because magic isn’t real

No. 1021077

I'm like you Nona and I've been forever wondering if I'm retarded or the "literally feeling same thing" shit is some poetic description that people take literally and try to meme into existence. Just look at that empath bs

No. 1021098

I'm probably one of those "I'm an empath" fags but for me it's a mix of being able to put myself in the other person's shoes and knowing morally it's the right thing to do. That isn't to say it's just a "this would hurt me so I'll help" thing. Even if I think something is stupid I try to imagine how the other person feels and not be too judgmental. But of course being on sites like LC I've become a bit more desensitized. And there are some situations where I can see a person struggling and feel bad but have a hard time forcing myself to genuinely care.

No. 1021121

Normal. Ppl especially women play it up. If we cared about every little thing then we'd get overwhelmed by sadness/anger.

No. 1021128

why the fuck do people hate honeydew so much? have you guys seen the hatred for it online? what is wrong with these people? cantalope is ass and yet you people are out here buttmuching it to bits while throwing undeserved hate onto honeydew. people should be ashamed of themselves.

No. 1021146

The fuck do you do with your arm when you sleep lying on your side?

No. 1021156

Put it under your pillow like a normal person

No. 1021176

I don't know. I personally think anyone who likes any type of melon is deranged, no offense.

No. 1021181

unbelievable, the people in this world. you'd pass on a nice watermelon agua fresca???

No. 1021191

File: 1641709437105.jpeg (498.21 KB, 3200x2217, 24BCF98A-7DD2-4479-9766-2BE4BE…)

Then I hope you don’t crave some sweet ass melon on summer or I will personally look for you to tell you that you’re a melon hater and that you’re supposedly not deranged.

No. 1021248

No you just have bad taste

No. 1021254

File: 1641715557936.jpg (7.91 KB, 172x293, images (5).jpg)

lol, in what way would that make you misogynistic? not at all. why the fuck were their feet removable, leaving just nubs if you lost their feet anyways? negative points for nubs. unacceptable.

and everyone knows the superior, terribly bimbofied dolls were my scenes

No. 1021269

I'm moving out in a few days and i want to minimize the amount of books / stationeries i bring but unfortunately i've used 3 different notebooks for 3 different uses for quite some time now and i don't want to leave any of the notes behind. Should i copy/transfer them to a binder notebook instead so it takes up less space and more practical or should i just bring all 3?

No. 1021281

Not at all? I find Bratz less problematic than Barbies, honestly. Their proportions are way more obviously cartoony and Barbies always made me feel bad for not being a pretty blonde, I didn't want to be the "friend" doll (Chelsea/Theresa) that nobody cared about just because I had olive skin and dark hair.

No. 1021283

File: 1641717891582.jpg (51.36 KB, 736x722, FA5S5MXXoAMSeTf.jpg)

samefag, i just realized anon said "am i a misogynist for liking bratz", not "for not liking bratz", fml…

No. 1021289

A notebook doesnt take that much space. It would be a bit silly to write everything again just to toss that one notebook I think

No. 1021296

I would take all 3. If it were me, I would have organized my notes like that for a reason and not find it worth the energy to mess that up.

No. 1021304

How many pair of jeans do you guys own?

No. 1021308

based, My Scene were the original Beats anyway and so much more aesthetically pleasing. Plus feet! The Masquerade Madness collection was incredible

No. 1021309

Thank you so much for your replies! They’re very inspirational and wholesome.
Regarding the baggy clothes, do you never feel the desire to just tastelessly show off? I assume both of you are single (AKA no bf reaction to the transformation)?

No. 1021314

File: 1641723053065.jpg (187.81 KB, 1080x1080, e75e16d07a5e0442dcb68e3fdbafe4…)

thank you, exactly. when could bratz compare to this collection? i will admit though that bratz clothes were their strong suit. bratz dolls themselves look absolutely insane and it's shocking that girls want to look like them physically. they look almost mongoloid-like, really. and i lost many of their feet. i would always imagine they'd have to pathetically patter about around school on their delicate little nubs whenever i lost their hoofshoes, which happened a lot. the my scene site and illustrations were also factually superior

No. 1021317

Date a guy who is fat or date a guy who is slim but gets fat later because he is lazy in a relatipnship?

No. 1021319

File: 1641723908770.jpg (392.25 KB, 975x1024, 1219779933_e1bd7c9eb3_b.jpg)

I still have the Nolee from My Scene Goes Hollywood doll and she is so pretty, even without the gazillion of accessories she came with (only basic outfit with coat)

No. 1021320

I wouldn't date the first and break up with the 2nd, neither are worth it.

No. 1021323

File: 1641724566659.jpg (33.96 KB, 400x400, Bratz-2001-First-Edition-Jade-…)

i never realized how high quality their accessories were and how many they came with, holy crap. actually a great doll set if you think about it. she is so pretty. meanwhile, this is getting all the hype… wtf is this face.

No. 1021329

File: 1641725913462.jpg (41.54 KB, 375x500, 58f84faec73fc73d03357d60d812ad…)

They looked like pornified hoes to me even when I was a little girl. TBH later My Scene dolls also got a bit unsettling in that regard in an attempt to compete with Bratz, but they started looking cool and attractive, but not inappropriate

No. 1021338

I didn't know that
If I bend it and put it under my pillow which way should my hand face? I feel like no matter what I do my arm is at a weird angle

No. 1021341

>pornified hoes
It's Literally just a doll

No. 1021343

File: 1641727820191.jpg (79.47 KB, 707x619, FGPs_N9XIAMTCId.jpg)

False. MyScene were Barbies response to Bratz because bratz were becoming super popular.
Posting my favourite bratz doll I owned as a kid.

No. 1021344

ntayrt but don't pornified hoes want to look like dolls?

No. 1021345

do you stand still while brushing your teeth? i noticed this morning i always pace back and forth in my bathroom during it

No. 1021346

File: 1641727955968.jpg (468.97 KB, 2400x1615, f3q7ebw3vkx71.jpg)

tbh mga entertainment has gone hog wild with the bimbofication of their dolls and bratz was obviously their starting point. they were the bratz originators and now they do the LOL dolls. now they straight up unapologetically look like sexy baby women
great clothes but hideous. my scenes reign supreme

No. 1021349

Idk MyScenes faces were just as ridiculous but sized down. Bratz were clearly just exaggerated and as a child I never took them seriously in a way that a woman should look like that.
Also I really loved Bratz hair, it was always so soft and easy to comb and style whereas MyScene suffered from that Barbie problem with the overly plastic hair.
That said I liked both of the dolls as a kid, I just preferred Bratz.
Also I think Bratz had a bit more edge to them which appealed to me as a kid. And the RockAngelz songs were so good I still like them today kek

No. 1021350

File: 1641728371252.png (172.4 KB, 384x397, l.png)

I sit on the toilet lid L-style, lean my head back and close my eyes.

No. 1021351

File: 1641728543139.png (466.28 KB, 810x391, bimbo.png)

yes but no… most girls understand that dolls aren't real life. I think what your talking about is a type of body dysmorphia. They never really even look like dolls anyways.

No. 1021354

File: 1641728900556.jpg (60.17 KB, 496x960, xobrendababe_41506881_24309134…)

it's like one of the most popular trends right now, to try to look as much like a bratz doll as possible though… it has huge cultural significance. your pic are older women, it definitely has an impact on younger girls

No. 1021360

The closest you can get is to find one of those women in the countryside that know how to make herbal remedies

No. 1021400

Thanks for the advice nonnies, it really does seem like not worth the trouble, i guess it's kinda like choosing between two inconveniences kek

No. 1021407

I love this pic anon

No. 1021410

Thank you for the advice I chose the dog puzzle. I had leftover money for gummies too so it worked out great

No. 1021411

File: 1641736766363.jpg (72.66 KB, 474x515, wisewomanpepe.jpg)

Can we make a thread about wishing ill on people? Like we write our curses and other anons can join and wish more bad things upon the people the poster wrote about. Idk. I think it would be neat.

No. 1021412

Ntayrt but it’s from cc :/(:/)

No. 1021413

a broken clock is right 2 times a day and yadayada

No. 1021423

Huh? Why would you want to have a dead arm? That sounds so uncomf
Tucked between my tit and the bed like a support shelf

No. 1021430

Crystal cafe was ok before she caught moidsles and died from them

No. 1021442

Are any anons here spiritual?

No. 1021450

How can I get a song out of my head? Listening to it to completion doesn't work and just makes me want to listen to it more

No. 1021456

could print a head and see if you like any kumik bodies?

No. 1021464

Is this mostly online? You're going to see a disproportionate amount of autists because they struggle or are exhausted by real life socializing. There's also the self-diagnosis trend. Could also do with age of women having children in US being higher and compounding, since autism in parents increases likelihood in child. Also, can autists in your country get the support they need to do better and thus be able to have more of a presence online? Would higher-functioning autistic people bother to get diagnosed in your country?

No. 1021465

sing the drake & josh theme song. idk why but it works for me every time

No. 1021468

Try to find the catchiest part of it then run it in your head differently than it really goes

No. 1021472

kek this sounds like an interaction I had recently. pedantic, hairsplitting, other synonyms work here.

No. 1021474

admin hates mobile users. understandable

No. 1021486

for me the last days it's slow even on desktop. Atm I have 3 threads stuck loading

No. 1021507

Do you have catalog open? I find that the threads always load significantly slower on both phone and desktop when catalog is open in one of the tabs.

No. 1021540

File: 1641747614818.jpeg (262.67 KB, 774x1024, 9B0FBF24-2570-4E71-BCC2-05578F…)

I used to love bratz as a kid but I couldn’t play with them without someone saying they where dressed “like sluts” and that id better not dress like that when I’m older. My favourite was the yasmin from the Tokyo collection. I was obsessed with her green braids. Unfortunately I was a bit too old for them by the time the monster high dolls came out, because I would have gone apeshit over them.

No. 1021544

File: 1641747782712.jpg (91.64 KB, 640x640, cb16483f30eff221588fa93d7e08c3…)

>Their proportions are way more obviously cartoony and Barbies always made me feel bad for not being a pretty blonde, I didn't want to be the "friend" doll
ayrt, and same, the real appeal of Bratz for little girls was that they were marketed together as friends, the theme would have been different had they put forth some sort of "Yasmin and her friends". Like, Barbie started out alone so introducing friends and slapping a catchy brand name on the friend group would have been difficult to pull off because her name by itself was already popular. Not that they wanted to anyways. So little girls would have had to play as a sort of side-kick/supporting character. So child self-centeredness played a huge role.
>that nobody cared about just because I had olive skin and dark hair
This is a really good example of what little girls' interpretation is like when dolls are marketed the way Barbie was lol. I also didn't like Barbie's bland style, so I wouldn't have wanted one that looked like me anyways. And loathed pink
Eh, they just aren't as funny looking as Bratz. Little me clearly went for the most eye-catching
>I liked bratz more than any other dolls as a kid because their skin tones looked more like my actual friends than barbies
kek you're so cute and wholesome anon
I can't help but think they at least had a little to do with the lip filler trend we see now

No. 1021547

I've never gotten the slut claims either

No. 1021555

No anon you aren’t misogynistic lmao, dolls are dolls. The moral panic surrounding Bratz, Barbies, anything under the Mattel sun is kind of stupid. I get that fantasy might escalate into irl territory but the arguments are “oh she has an eating disorder because they stylized them to the extreme!” “they are sexualizing them because of the fashion they wear” “they are teaching girls to be whores”. Barbie is ridiculously skinny but she also has a million fucking careers and one of them is being a princess on an island walking around with a fugly elephant, does that seem realistic for any kind of real life human being? No dolls will ever weigh significant value in the real world, that is why children play dolls to invest in their imaginative worlds that will always be separate from real life but it doesn’t make it any less important to them. Also the idea behind Bratz was to get away from how sterile the Barbie brand became, I’m not a dollfag but I would assume that something very similar to Bratz would be Monster High dolls and something similar to Barbie would be Ever After High that’s the only comparison I could make kek, Bratz was more 1990s-early 2000s fashionista and Barbie was for horse girls

No. 1021562

A fat man is worthless either way

No. 1021576

MyScene website was based. It had way more things to do than the Bratz website with their one shitty makeover game. The MASH game was goat tho

No. 1021582

Speaking of Barbie. Why do all these "real life Barbie" women (the ones who get a ton of surgeries cause they wanna look like Barbie) get breast implants and BBLs? Barbie didn't have big boobs or a big butt

No. 1021594

My boyfriend got fat within 3 months of me moving in with him because he could not stop himself from eating all my god damn food. Id make meals for a week and hed eat it all in one day. Well now hes obese at the 6 month mark. He was very slim when i met him. Its not all that bad because for some reason, he has a really big dumpy now. Like wtf i didnt know men could have big butts like a gay porn star. How do i get his fat ass to lose weight? Can you even train a man to change his eating habits? Kek

No. 1021599

>The moral panic surrounding Bratz, Barbies, anything under the Mattel sun is kind of stupid
Did you mean MGA? Nowadays nobody is protesting Barbie, even on lolcow. How do you feel about vidrel btw
Bratz were supposed to be My Scene btw, the creator got into some drama with Mattel and created their own brand. I think they lost a lolsuit to Mattel.

No. 1021600

No. 1021601

Lock on the fridge. Don't waste your precious time and energy making him healthy meals/motivating him to work out. You're not his mommy. And make him pay you back for all the food he stole.

No. 1021606

Well zoomers certainly don't think so with their Real Life Bratz make-up. Also dolls look in many different ways and aren't always innocent as any collector would tell you. They can be analyzed and criticized, like any cultural text (idk if that's how the term is translated to English, so bear with me). The heavy make-up, come hither eyes, giant puckered lips and often thotty outfits made me think they look off, and I was a kid. Didn't have a problem with early My Scene, Barbies, Diva Starz… Even Flavas didn't seem bad to me (another moral panic, this time about hood culture corrupting children). IDK if Brats ~sent the wrong message~ though the tiktok mania could be a good argument for the case. I've always found them ugly as hell though. I know there were a few less "sexy" series (Winter Wonderland?), but I still find their molds hideous.
I don't know if I buy into any tinfoil, but MGA has been at it with selling dolls that make you go hmmmm for the last 20 years

No. 1021614

Tell him he needs to lose weight, the how-to-do-that is his job.

No. 1021615

>I didn't want to be the "friend" doll (Chelsea/Theresa) that nobody cared about just because I had olive skin and dark hair.
This is a big thing too, Bratz are/were more diverse so of course more girls would like them. Maybe the CEO being Iranian has something to do with it
Too bad about the weird/gross shit they're putting out these days though

No. 1021631

Or give him an ultimatum. Lose this weight in this time.

No. 1021643

Literal toddler brain right there. I see it? I eat!!! Prize sperm you're ingesting.

No. 1021660

My stupid question but how can you possibly use LC on your phone? It feels impossible because I can't hover over the responses and browse like I usually do, I have to tap on the reply to read it and tap back to get to where I was. Maybe I'm just an autist lol but if there's a better way I'd like to hear it

No. 1021664

On mobile you press down and hold the >>number for like a second and you get a preview

No. 1021672

press down?? sorry I sound so dumb. like on the keyboard?

No. 1021674

Touch screen

No. 1021675

nta but thanks, I had no idea that that's how it works

No. 1021681

Are Doc Martens worth it? Or Solovair boots? I'm looking to get new boots, something waterproof (so leather preferably) and looks good, would hold up in winter but still suitable for summer wear, and if the brand has junior sizes that'd be great for my stupid foot size.

No. 1021683

Yeah I hate LOL dolls, they look so cheap and fugly. But Bratz were my favorite, it was such a wow moment for me as a kid to see multiple dolls being equally advertised because all I knew was Barbie who always looked the same, just with new clothes and accessories.

No. 1021686

omg, i'm an idiot. thank you!

No. 1021687

neither did I!

No. 1021708

do you anons consider canadians to be americans?

No. 1021709

I mean they're technically (North-) Americans but I usually assume people mean US citizens when they say Americans.

No. 1021711

Yes the culture is similar

No. 1021720

No. 1021728

Culturally, yes. Geographically, no.

No. 1021731

I'm >>1020559, I have been with the same bf the whole time and obviously he is very happy and encouraging of it. He was already more active than me and gave a lot of pointers in the beginning, I kind of attribute that to why I stuck to it as there's a huge amount of conflicting info online to sift through as a beginner. It's important to lift for yourself first and foremost, but it's definitely motivating to notice him finding me even more attractive than before and to share new PRs with someone else who cares.

No. 1021737

File: 1641762932128.jpg (110.93 KB, 1080x1083, 8667ee64d7b2dcdba2309260c1fe92…)

do it anon ! I want to post in it kek

No. 1021741

honestly no. i have had maybe like 7 pairs of docs though i stopped wearing them in like 2008 so maybe they've improved but they were garbage from 90s on (can't tell if they were better before then i haven't tried vtg older than 90s). i would only recommend if you need their steel toed boots really. they're horrible, heavy, useless, oppressive. for the price you can get anything else and be happier.

No. 1021762

Is rotationplasty a very complex meme? I can't trust google results because taking a huge piece of your leg and attaching your rotated foot to your tight is too stupid to be true.

No. 1021763

it's very real. it's only for certain situations though obviously. you can see people who have undergone it on yt.

No. 1021764

I'm in high need of that thread. Please procede.

No. 1021767

>too stupid to be true
do you think people are electing to have it done for fun? it's mostly for extremely aggressive cancers where there is no other option to save the lg

No. 1021770

I'm not making fun of other people's decease, the procedure itself is so cartoonish. I'm astonished it actually works

No. 1021774

Mattel is the biggest doll distributor but yeah kek I meant the moral panic surrounding those dolls when they were in their prime nonnie

No. 1021805

Literally the opposite of this

No. 1021812

File: 1641767027271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165 KB, 1200x630, lol-dolls-new.jpg)

mga is arguably in their prime rn, even moreso than they were with bratz. these LOLshits are insanely popular with kids to a degree even bratz were not. mga is sus as hell though. why did they make LOL dolls with dicks? who asked for this, exactly? i would be very weirded out were i a parent regarding mga entertainment given their history, sexy dolls, dick dolls, sexy furry pooping dolls, it's all extremely weird. i'm not saying agenda but people with quesiontable decision making skills are clearly at the helm here

No. 1021822

NTAYRT but the dolls are weird as fuck, though I don't think it's some big conspiracy like a lot of people online think it is - I think it's symptomatic of how sexualized mainstream culture has become as a whole. But, I do feel like some of these dolls are designed for shock value so that the media will cover them and people will go buy them because they're so shocking/weird. Like earring magic ken, it was a huge controversy and ended up being the best selling ken doll ever because gay men were buying it in droves.

No. 1021823

Isaac Larian is a creep and he IS doing this on purpose

No. 1021825

tell me more, anon… i know nothing of him specifically

No. 1021827

I agree with this as well. I hate how people try to explain away the wierd skimpy outfits on the babydolls and the gross porny makeup they have. I never really viewed bratz (the normal teen dolls)in an odd way as a kid but its obvious with the bratz babiez line that this was mga's intention from the beginning.

No. 1021830

I think Mattel used to be the biggest one, MGA is the king now

No. 1021835

>In 2019, Lego generated an annual revenue of USD 5.2b, Hasbro made USD 4.7b and Mattel USD 4.5b. If you don’t consider the entertainment conglomerate Disney, those are the most widely recognized names in the toy industry and the biggest. But there’s one name that list does not include, MGA Entertainment. With an annual revenue eclipsing USD 5b it has become the biggest revenue generator in the industry. Today, OMR unboxes the story of the hidden toy champion, which quickly climbed the ranks from inconsequential licensee to proprietor of one of the most valuable toy assets on the planet. It’s the story of ingenuity and YouTube.
you're right. wtf, crazy how they can top literal mattel and hasbro with these blow up doll tier trinkets

No. 1021838

Do you prefer algebra, calculus, statistics or geometry? Even if you hate math, I'm curious.

No. 1021842

algebra…. i love patterns and solving a good alebgra problem always scratched the retard itch in my brain

No. 1021843

Geometry, I had a geometry teacher that had us make playground equipment using geometric shapes, and we had to calculate different things on them and write a little paper on it. It was one of the few school projects I actually enjoyed doing bc I love crafty things.

No. 1021849

If i drink wine the alcohol makes the bacteria leave my throat??

No. 1021852


No. 1021853

I like statistics and algebra (though I'm not very good at them), calculus is okay, but I hate geometry. I don't know if I somehow missed learning the basics of it in math class when I was a kid and was never able to catch up from there or if I just naturally suck, but I always found it so difficult.

No. 1021855

File: 1641771099700.jpeg (50.5 KB, 458x458, EE1F6F4A-82B3-40F3-9792-F1CFDC…)

Not that I know of, you could gargle some warm water with salt, or get some of these things that you can suck slowly. I would do both. Some people also does some gargles with hydrogen peroxide, I think I did it once, it was too late for me, but you feel some relief.

No. 1021872

Thank you nurse nonnie, salt and warm water sounds gross but I’ll just say it’s ‘mermaidpilled’ and get on with it.

No. 1021875

I read about the cat island in japan and i was wondering if you could adopt one of the stray cats there

No. 1021893

Where do you make the distinction between an abusive relationship and a toxic pairing?

No. 1021896

theyre not properly taken care of, no one would care besides airport security

No. 1021936

Is it normal that, provided I think about it strongly enough, I can almost immediately induce a dull yet concentrated pain in the middle of my forehead? I used to be sort of superstitious about it, but now I'm just curious as to why this happens. I'm not tensing a muscle that I'm aware of and I can't achieve this effect in any other part of my body.

No. 1021952

does anyone know or have the full extensive list of red-texted words? idk they make me laugh. i need to laugh

also, why do mods give a fuck about using occasional emojis or smiley faces. i get the whole "integrate newfags" gripe but sometimes i see bans over emojis that were used in obvious irony or like worked for whatever they were talking about. also again who cares

No. 1021956

Where are mods the past few days?????

No. 1021957

When i make the distinction between fiction and reality and realize it doesnt matter

No. 1021958

It's abusive when it's mostly just one person abusing the other, it's toxic if they both have the freedom to leave but stay together being shitlords to each other

No. 1021960

This doesn't help but I know someone strung them all into a sentence once, so maybe it ended up in the caps thread?

No. 1021971

Toxic relationships are usually a case of a person being mentally ill/immature and not actively harming their partner but making their life overall worse regardless of the love between them; abusers actively do things towards their partners that harm them in some way, even if the abuser isn't aware that their actions are abusive the actions are deliberate. Both are shit, but abusers are evil.

So like for example a toxic partner could be someone who has a mental illness and isn't using it in any way against you, but isn't really trying to get better either which slows your life to a halt. They've got depression and are in a stage where instead of getting better they're subconsciously acting in a way to make everyone around them depressed as well. It's technically just a symptom of depression and they aren't doing it to hurt anyone but themselves though it's still horrible. They're generally bringing your life down, but it's not out of them trying to hurt you, they're just not in a place where they should really be in a relationship. Another common example would be a situation where the toxic partner is enabling the other one's bad habits, usually out of misplaced love or by having a problem themself that they don't want to confront either.

An abuser on the other hand will take explicit action against you and are fully aware of what they're doing (again, regardless of if they see it as abusive or not). They'll make decisions for you and take their own opinion as gospel (even arguing that people's personal tastes are "wrong" if they're different from their own). They'll "logic" their way into a circular argument that will take you around in circles until you give up or they escalate (or trigger you into getting angry and then they place full bad guy status on you). Lundy Bancroft's book on abusers is an absolutely eye-opening book and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning about abusers (especially for those formerly in abusive relationships or those who suspect they're in one, it shows how they're all basically the same and is great for identifying and destroying any gaslighting you've received). Abusers always escalate and even if you're perfect they won't be happy

No. 1021973

Sweet baby Jesus I had no idea
This whole time I would just click the reply number to read the reply, then the number they quoted to go back, then click the next reply etc

>Elbow shelf between bed and tits
That puts painful pressure on the side of my tit for some reason, maybe I'm just not built to lie on my side. When you do that, do you have your shoulder on the pillow with your head or your shoulder below it?
Why is this so hard

No. 1022011

How do people on my 600 lb life afford to eat 10,000 calories a day??
That’s probably like 2000 dollars a month in food

No. 1022013

SSI/disability because of their weight and a few more recently have openly admitted to making money off of fetish content.

No. 1022029

Thank you very much for the detailed answer and book recommendation. This helps a lot. I hope you have a nice day and something lucky happens for you

No. 1022073

right, wtf is this anon on about lol

No. 1022080

I need some advice on recording gear, can I ask on this thread or is there an specific thread for these topics already?

No. 1022081

I never considered statistics math but if it is then i guess statistics, I like the real world application of it, idk, i'm retarded

No. 1022109


No. 1022113

Nonas should I learn Spanish or Portuguese?

No. 1022120

"he's such a suck"

What would this mean to you? Where I'm from using suck like that would mean being a baby

No. 1022121

I use it the way you use it. Like a clingy baby

No. 1022125

is this recent slang? never heard it, it sounds weird

No. 1022130

Nah, just regional I think. I used it with an online fried and he thought I meant suck up.

No. 1022131

like regional from where?

No. 1022133

spanish, it's more useful, more intuitive imo, and portuguese sounds so awful. idk how portuguese speaking people can dare speak shit on spanish and claim it sounds ugly. if you learn one or the other you should be able to read and understand in writing the other language to a decent degree but understanding vocally is very difficult imo

No. 1022136

I don't think either is ugly, but to my ears Portuguese sounds like if you mixed Spanish and Russian together lol. I think you're right though, I should learn Spanish. I hope it's true about being able to understand both to some degree. That would be ideal.

No. 1022139


No. 1022141

Portuguese from Portugal is ugly, brazilian Portuguese is better depending on the region. Mexican spanish is the best sounding one, imo

No. 1022142

Nta but they have lots of similar words, like French and Italian, you can also understand them written once you learn Spanish, sure, some words will throw you off because their meanings may be different even if they’re written similarly, but you may be able to catch a few general ideas.

No. 1022164

Scotland has sook/souk, the phonetic spelling of suck, meaning a suck up so sounds like the same thing imo

No. 1022196

In Canada it's not a suck up but a baby/wimp/clingy/scared person. Atlantic Canada seems to use sook but on the west coast we ended up with suck

No. 1022198

Has Romanianon finally fucked off on the Saturday, or have there been some sightings despite her claims this time it's for real?

No. 1022203

I'm almost positive she's posting in the vent thread rn…

No. 1022204

I'm pretty sure this is her

No. 1022205

No. 1022228

File: 1641805879392.jpg (176.23 KB, 888x499, 3chyn7.jpg)


No. 1022234

Not racebaiting. Since when did people start writing the term "black people" with a capital B? They keep the w lowercase in "white people" too. I'll watch anything on Netflix and the subs will always be written that way, so if it's from Twitter culture like I'm assuming, it's leaking into the real world.

No. 1022235

lol i don't think this is anything to worry about

No. 1022237


No. 1022238

It’s to demonstrate what a white supremacist society we live in. Black people are so hated by racist yts that everything supposedly controlled by them for their own benefit is changing to specifically idolise Black people.

No. 1022241

that's fucked. i hate current culture. soo obsessed with race my gawd

No. 1022262

It's a proper noun/adjective. They're all supposed to be capitalized, but not everyone does it (which is fine).

No. 1022273

Don't flatter her, it's not that deep

No. 1022279

File: 1641810607067.jpg (267 KB, 1076x1188, ny-times.jpg)

but they ONLY capitalize the B in black. white and brown stay the same and picrel is their nonsensical justification.

No. 1022283

I don't really care anon, I was just trying to help with OP's question since she asked why people capitalize black.

No. 1022310

I will! I'm searching for the perfect threadpic

No. 1022325

But are they really proper nouns? I can't find anything about capitalization of color adjective in reference to ethnicity on any grammar related website, all sources saying it should be capitalized are journalists, and even there they say things like "we've started doing that only within recent year and this is why" kind of explanation

No. 1022331

This shit is suspect af. The first time I did see a lol doll irl I thought it was some perverted grooming shit, similar to elsagate on youtube. Grim af the parents don't see nothing wrong with this shit

No. 1022342

Should I get a cheap reader if I mostly want to read old books that you can legally download for free? Or should I just save money and read ebooks on my phone?

No. 1022346

Tbh I stopped using my kindle and only read on my phone lately. It's just one more device to charge. I feel like I'm constantly plugging in this or that and I just can't with that number of devices anymore.

No. 1022350

I think chilean spanish is the best sounding one

No. 1022356

>Spanish from Spain is the sexiest

No. 1022365

Do you like Australian English?

No. 1022366

Spanish from Colombia, Puerto Rico and Argentina sounds the best

No. 1022407

Did anyone else stop blushing so easily when they were on antidepressants or was I just thinking that?

No. 1022410

I know nothing about various Australian accents. When some of them speak, it sounds very attractive. But there are some other accents that are just repugnant to listen to for me. I don't know which part of Australia the horrible ones come from, but absolute barf.

No. 1022438

Any anons working in communications/journalism? I'm considering a career switch and wondering what is the field like

No. 1022442

So I’m reluctantly watching this Chinese series “Oh My General” and… why was falling into a river by accident something that ruins the reputation of a woman? Were the ancient Chinese people this fucking autistic?

No. 1022451

Have any nonnies managed to stacymaxx? I need some encouraging stories!!

No. 1022460

Feigning a little at best. AVPD kills any Stacy vibes no matter what you look like

No. 1022468

Be born pretty. Unless you have $ for plastic surgery or time & energy to get insta body then don't even try. You're wasting your time and $, from my experience. Stay healthy and find other sources of validation than scrotes.

No. 1022471

story of my life

No. 1022472

what is with zoomers and "reality shifting"? isn't that just maladaptive daydreaming? what will be the next big thing they will identify as? we had mental illnesses, mbti types and genders what will be the next thing?

No. 1022476

When you have to get something done for a deadline, which do you prefer: pulling an overnighter or go to sleep in time but wake up extra early the next day?

No. 1022479

I personally would pull the overnighter because I know myself and I def won't wake up extra early

No. 1022480

There ain’t no way I’m waking up early

No. 1022482

Lucid dreaming

No. 1022483

When I first heard of reality shifting it blew my mind. That's what children do, it's playtime using your imagination. Like how kids pretend their own fucking rocketships in space or an actual dinosaur lol. Kids are spending far too much time on devices if they're relapsing in their 20s on playtime. Like holy fuck.

No. 1022484

If I can sleep in the next day pull an all nighter. I think the majority of my assignments were submitted minutes before the timed deadline and I was probably only finishing the discussion and future next steps an hour prior.

No. 1022492

Get either skinny or fit. Take care of hair and skin. Manage personal neuroses and autism. Win.

No. 1022497

Why is wearing one earring cooler than wearing a pair of earrings?

No. 1022503

Since when?

No. 1022507

This is my own retarded take, but maybe because the unevenness makes it more visually appealing as opposed to symmetry? I only wear one earring because the piercing hole on one side closed up and I've been too lazy/cheap to get it repierced kek.

No. 1022509

journalism is abysmal now don't do it. listen to other journalists discuss state of the field

No. 1022510

Don't listen to that anon. You do not capitalize white or black people in a sentence. They need to take another reading and writing class.

No. 1022527

I've been working for a small newspaper for half a year now, but my position/company is reeeeeally slow so I know I probably have a different experience compared to most other people in the field, but I'm… ambivalent about it. I don't plan on staying on the field after this. I didn't go to school for journalism, I went for international politics, but got my current position because I was recommended for it and took it because of benefits (pay is shit tho). I wasn't really doing anything really interesting anyway and wanted to try out something new that would kind of be relevant to my degree to see if it was worth it. It's not kek.

I get to do some interesting stuff like visiting the United Nations often, applying for press badges for events (my boss lets me apply to stuff even if I just want to go for myself), and occasionally interviewing people, but most of it is a bore. The paper I work for is obviously out to put a certain angle on stories, which I'm not a fan of, but that's just life in the field. I don't mind doing street interviews but it's not my favorite thing. I guess it can be fulfilling for the right person but it isn't worth for me to really pursue it any further than where I'm at.

No. 1022528

This is my even more retarded take than the other anon's retarded take but I'd assume that because wearing two earrings is the 'mainstream' thing to do, wearing one would be automatically thought as 'quirky' and 'different'

No. 1022540

File: 1641835848156.jpeg (26.9 KB, 500x397, E8E6D576-FC6F-4D76-B8CD-BE38E0…)

I want to furnish and decorate my rented apartment, preferably stuff that fulfills a use and is affordable, but since I know I won’t spend all of my life here, and will probably move out eventually, I want to invest in furniture and decorations that are easy to move in a car. Am I missing anything?

So far, I’ve thought of for utilitarian and moveable furniture:
-foldable chairs
-bean bags
-pillows and pillow-covers
-storage rack or storage boxes
-food rack for the kitchen
-an electric fan for summer
-nice looking dishwear
-coffee table (can be affordable and moveable depending on size)

Not Utilitarian but easily moveable and somewhat affordable or free:
-old family photos/ personal photos
-general wall hangs (rugs, posters, embroidery hoops,paintings )
-potted plants that I can grow myself
-small figurines from charity shops

No. 1022585

File: 1641839595709.png (7.35 MB, 5984x3000, hdfshdfk.png)

I'm looking for a camera that I could use for streaming and vlogging, what are your recommendations?
I need a camera that I can keep connected to my computer while streaming (so I don't have to worry about the battery) but has enough capture quality that I can take out and do some minor vlogging. I currently own a very cheap Logitech camera but can only capture properly if I'm using the camera's software, otherwise everything looks like ass.
I make art and music I'm not a twitchthot pls

No. 1022590

I personally think a stereo is a must, hehe.

No. 1022592

Idk ive never pierced my ears because owie

No. 1022595

I forgot to reply but thanks for your reply nona! I found another pair of leather boots off Nordstrom that look really cute and according to the reviews are supposed to be very comfortable- here's to hoping they're exactly that! They were $100 which is more than I want to spend on shoes but I rarely buy any anyway so I don't know what's a reasonable price for anything nowadays kek

No. 1022646

Can you complete the lyrics by yourself without listening to the song? I once read that having a song stuck in your head is your brain trying to finish the lyrics, and if it can't it just tries over and over. When you listen to it, do you actually pay attention to the lyrics? Maybe it's just placebo but it works for me every time.

No. 1022649

Are there any male Nickelodeon or Disney actors that stayed relevant after their show ran? I only remember female ones like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus, but I was also scared of media with male protagonists when I was a child, so maybe I just don't know any.

No. 1022656

cole sprouse and shia labeouf off the top of my head

No. 1022660

Overnighter because I work well on little sleep still, and that way I know I definitely have the time while in the morning I'd look at the clock every three minutes.

No. 1022661

Selena Gomez and Demi Levato are both former Disney stars. Kenan Thompson is still pretty famous.

No. 1022668

when people talk about their interests or hobbies being "copied", what do they mean by that? how can someone steal something that you don't actually own, especially if it's very popular and mainstream?

No. 1022676

kek, i guess their entire "identity" they think is being ripped off because of simple interests. the only time any of this matters is when your livelihood is riding on your whole identity and people are capitalizing off of your look, personality, interests. sometimes when i see people complaining about it it definitely seems like they're being unreasonably posessive over these interests.

otherwise i can't understand caring about people developing the same interests or hobbies as you. claims of skinwalking seem highly exaggerated.

No. 1022696

What's the instrument in the very beginning called? I hear it in songs (as in, non-OSTs) too, sometimes

No. 1022701

Do the majority of troons consider bottom surgery at all as an actual long term goal?

No. 1022707

a lot of people suffer from lack of identity, so they can appropriate yours and it might be frustrating if they do so especially if you've been marginalized/bullied or not given reaffirmation for your interests, hobbies and who you are as an individual. It is not necessarily about selling yourself. This applies to day to day socialization and life and it does not have to be on the internet. Has it ever happened to you that in class in school you rise your hand and someone steals your answer because you do not say it loud enough and they get the praise you were supposed to get? It's just normal to feel frustation after something like that. I don't think it is about simple interests, BPDs go beyond simple interests and their skinwalking is psychotic. They begin mimicking your hand movements, gestures, the way you talk, dress, your voice inflexions, your interests and so on and most people cannot observe it or know it. I have dealt with a handful of BPDs that have done this to me. I think the best is to stay away from people like that, I'm trying to learn their phenotype. Skinwalking is surprisingly very common nowadays. Have you seen girls skinwalking Belle Delphine? It goes beyond having the same interests as her like gaming or doing OnlyFans. They are copying her shoots, editing their faces to look exactly like hers, talking like her and so on. I just think a lot of people literally do not have an identity and it might be a modern phenomenon. Belle was just an example because this doesn't only happen on the internet but also in real life and not only for onlyfans thots but for other content creators as well. It is one thing to get inspiration from someone or begin liking the same things that they do and another thing to literally steal their entire identity from hand gestures, speaking inflexions, looks, expressions and so on. It's creepy and even more creepeier that it is so common but most people overlook it.

No. 1022711

no offense but you lie demonstrably kind of often so it's hard to believe your claims.

No. 1022714

NTAYRT but you're so right. I remember a while back an anon posted about how she was being skinwalked by one of her coworkers, to the point where they would copy her exact socks. She said something like how she curated her fashion sense from being raised in a poor household and she even learned how to sew too growing up. I don't think it's petty at all to be upset someone is taking a personal part of you because of their own insecurities.

Anon do you have any tips on detecting BPD people who do this?

No. 1022723


No. 1022739

I just saw a video from an American and he said that almond shaped eyes are "Asian". Google's results in English says the same but I'm confused. That's a common eyes' shape in Europe. Is that a thing? Is this guy stupid?

No. 1022742

Just stupid, any race can have almond shaped eyes. People confuse almond with the eye shape that Asian people have.

No. 1022744

Thanks, I should really stop watching youtube.

No. 1022754

Thanks. By the looks of it, we had one in the music lesson rooms in either elementary school or middle school.

No. 1022764

ESL-chan here, how do I say "Please pee in this cup" while making it sound professional? Mainly asking about the pee because it sounds childish, but maybe I'm wrong it's a job, not a fetish

No. 1022767

You could say "We need a urine sample" and hand them the cup. Short and to the point.

No. 1022768

Just say it like that! Or also
>Please Mr _ be kind enough to provide me with a sample of urine inside this cup

No. 1022775

why is "sage" called "sage" and how did it start?

also is anyone else as retarded as me because i know it's supposed to be sah-geh or something but i will always pronounce it sage like the plant in my head

No. 1022779


No. 1022791

It comes from the original imageboard i.e. 2chan, which being Japanese used Japanese terminology. The verb "sageru" (pronounced sah-geh-roo) means "to lower" hence it's usage to prevent bumping a thread to the top when you reply to it and it eventually got shortened to sage. The term carried over to 4chan and from there it just became a part of the imageboard vernacular.

No. 1022827

just to add to this, the japanese is for sageru is 下げる and for sage is 下げ 

and it's not really shortened because of amerikkkan shorthand but because that's the informal conjugation of the verb (sageru = ``it lowers''; sage = ``lower it'', i.e., don't bump the thread)

No. 1022867

I know what it means but its funnier to say sayje

No. 1022868

Trying not to commit a crime BUT

If someone leaves an appliance outside their house…is it free to take? I got a dvd called Borate like this, and a basket. I am saving right now (for important stuff) and there is the exact appliance i would love, just on the pavement/sidewalk/trottoir

But what if they installed cameras in the appliance? What if it’s a trap and then I get sued or shanked? What if it was pissed on? Should I take it?

No. 1022870

Is it on the sidewalk, outside of the yard? Near trash cans? Then it is trash and you can take it.

If you are not too autistic you can ring the doorbell and ask if its OK to take it.

No. 1022878

There is no front yard, just doorstep and pavement, so I think it's ok.
I don't think I want to ring anyone's doorbell over there I swear the odd house is a brothel kek

But thank you for the reply, I will update if it is too piss scented or I get shanked. ♥

No. 1022880

Yeah, sounds like they left it there for the garbagemen to collect/passer-bys to take. Go for it and enjoy your new appliance! Hope it works.

No. 1022884

File: 1641861383412.jpg (48.52 KB, 500x365, 1590399019953.jpg)

Nonas I really need some advice.
How do you get yourself to do shit?

I've always had trouble focusing and staying motivated, but never like this. I just panic and get anxious and freeze at the idea of doing anything. The tiniest thing like checking my email seems impossible and even stuff that's supposed to be fun like responding to a friend or taking a walk. Doing something like that once already feels like a herculean feat, let alone doing it every day like I'm supposed to. It feels so pathetic and overly dramatic even just typing it, but I have no idea how to get back into the momentum of being functional.
All the advice I found online is in the vein of 'just do it' which I understand but is there any more tangible advice out there? Sorry if this is too blogposty for this thread.

No. 1022885


If you don't have mental health issues: Just fucking do it. Stop being lazy and practice some self-discipline. Do it because if you don't you will feel more anxious and guilty over time. If you just fucking do it, you won't have to feel guilt and anxiety. So just do it.

If you have (or believe you have) mental health issues such as ADHD/depression: go to a specialist and find the medicine/therapy that will make doing things a non-issue.

No. 1022895

I'm going through the exact same shit right now, right down to not even being able to bring myself to do extremely simple things or stuff I'm meant to enjoy. While I'm struggling to manage it at the moment (so take my advice with a grain of salt), I've found that making a to-do list that breaks down tasks into small components has been helpful in the past. Since I procrastinate simple stuff so much that it piles up and becomes overwhelming to even think about, having it written down and in front of me in more easily 'digestible' chunks can make it easier to visualize and approach.

Also, sometimes I procrastinate tasks because I'm waiting until I 'feel motivated' to do it. This feeling literally never happens so don't even bother waiting for it, just get started even if it feels excruciating to do so since starting is always the worst part.

No. 1022896

I had this problem. Mostly due to smoking weed but still. I had an adhd diagnosis as a kid so I got on adderall and now I can force myself to do things

No. 1022897

do everything in mini-bitty steps and make those steps a habit until you finished whatever you want to do

No. 1022901

It's not even wrong to pronounce it sage (like the plant) because it has been coopted as a loan word extensively. Like how japanese butcher various loan words but is considered "official" in their lexicon.

No. 1022906

There's definitely mental health issues at play but there's a ridiculous waiting list right now. I made an intake appointment for the soonest possible date, which is in march. I don't like the idea of meds for different reasons but even then there's an extensive process before you're even at the stage where meds are considered. Realistically it's going to take until may at least.

Thank you, I'm sorry you deal with the same thing but it's comforting to not feel alone in it. I've been trying to make to-do lists like that and it feels good to organise but actually doing the stuff on it instead of abandoning it after the first few items is very hard. It's the consistency that sucks to maintain. Like, it takes all of my willpower to answer some overdue messages today, which is relieving. But if I don't manage to do that every day, it reverts back to the same chaos it was before in no time.
>sometimes I procrastinate tasks because I'm waiting until I 'feel motivated' to do it
I can relate to that, thanks for that advice. The discipline to just start is difficult to muster up either way, but it helps to realize that it's always gonna be shit and that it's no use waiting for some magical moment where it's suddenly easy.

Yeah, smoking weed is definitely a motivation killer but I quit a while ago. The thing is, in the past I have tried several adderall-type adhd medications and both me and multiple people around me have had extremely bad experiences with it, so that's not something I want to revisit. I'm hoping there's other methods to increase adhd motivation.

No. 1022914

is it really that common for women to randomly stick a finger up their man's rear during sex or is that an ongoing joke that i never understood

No. 1022946

Men are trying to meme it into existence

No. 1022948

idk but I hope that AND the getting your asshole eaten thing (i've seen it referred to for men and women) are just memes and not actually becoming normalized in hetero relationships. idc if i'm vanilla, butt stuff will always be gross to me

No. 1023008

File: 1641872359990.jpeg (363.38 KB, 983x750, 6C7F472E-EB95-4F28-89D5-03137B…)

Is there such a thing anymore as a dedicated website where good artists post their illustrations? Like Deviantart but not flooded with terrible fetish artists. I know lots of people just use Instagram but I hate Instagram. Pixiv is just anime girls and Dribble and Behance occasionally have something cool (picrel) but it gets drowned out by soulless corporate crap.

No. 1023016

Artstation, it's mostly art by skilled professionals. Here's the link: https://www.artstation.com/

No. 1023022

carry hot, knife, pepper spray, baseball bat

No. 1023034

Mobile user hate is 4chan scrote shit

No. 1023036

Tbf a lot of mobile users on 4chan tend to be ban-evading spammers.

No. 1023055

File: 1641878094974.jpeg (58.33 KB, 226x421, 9A34DC91-79FB-4680-AC93-9411F0…)

It’s slowing driving me nuts so maybe one of you guys knows what I’m talking about.

I’m trying to remember what I think was a visual novel or dating sim with a nautical theme. Like the characters are like loli versions of sea creatures, I think the MC had a sailor lolita thing going on, simple artwork etc. I have a feeling it was probably popular a few years back and I completely missed it. Hell, maybe it was a webcomic. Seagulls might have been a thing? Did my mind make this up?

No. 1023058

Why do so many people use bulky rolling chairs at home? I get having one in a cubicle or if you have an L-shaped desk in your home office, but most rolling gamer chairs/office chairs I see in people’s houses are just in front of a normal desk.

No. 1023060

Honestly, the best way to make your furnishings portable is to not buy so much. Most of the stuff on your list is useless.
- You only need one throw blanket, or zero if you live in a warm area.
- Bean bags are not moveable. Once you take them out of the original packaging, they're impossible to squish back down again.
- Your bathroom will probably come with a mirror installed (if you're in the US, not sure about other countries).
- You only need sleeping pillow(s). Throw pillows are useless and take up space on your couch/bed.
- If you get a rug, you will also need to buy a vacuum cleaner. If you just want to keep your feet warm, you could get thick socks or slippers.
- Dishware is good, but you don't need more than one size of plate and bowl. Beware faddish patterns. I recommend plain white Corelle. It's lighter weight than stoneware, but also less fragile, and still microwavable.
- Regarding decorations and knicknacks, even though each individual item may be lightweight, the collection will take up precious car space when you eventually move. Also, eventually you will get used to your decorations being there, so you won't even look at them anymore. It's called the hedonistic treadmill.

I also thought of some things you need that you didn't list:
- Bathmat
- Tableware
- Cookware (IMO, a cast-iron skillet, saucepan, and Dutch-Oven-sized pot are sufficient. You could even go without the big pot if you don't do batch cooking.)
- Cooking accessories, like spatula, spoon, knife, cutting board, measuring cup, dish towels.
- Microwave, if your apartment doesn't come with one.
- Brita or similar, if the tap water in your area tastes bad.

No. 1023062

File: 1641878991459.jpg (98.67 KB, 700x500, lb_chara_1.jpg)

It doesn't really fit your description but could it be Ika Musume?

No. 1023064

So that you can propel yourself 6 feet over to grab something else out of laziness/add spice to the shitty WAH day. Alternatively your cats use their weight+running force to propel themselves in it to get access to the treats and loud toys you tried to keep from them on top of your dresser.

No. 1023065

File: 1641879516192.jpg (76.84 KB, 351x500, 61i3rfJbEhL.jpg)


No. 1023066

Jonas Brothers are still doing things

No. 1023067

File: 1641879757329.jpg (7.87 KB, 169x298, download.jpeg.jpg)

Kantai Collection?

No. 1023071

When I try to watch an animated show, all I can think about is the voice actors and how they must be straining. When I watch a TV show, I can only see the actors reading off their lines. Even when I watch movies, I just think about how they must have filmed the same scene over and over again. Is something wrong with me? Be honest.

No. 1023074


No. 1023075

I guess it's bad if it's completely interfering with your ability to enjoy any media, otherwise it's somewhat weird but in a funny way. I can never enjoy stage plays because I can't stop myself thinking about all the people moving around backstage and hoping that nobody screws up because that would be really embarrassing after they spent so long preparing for the performance.

No. 1023076

If a story is particularly engaging, then I don't really think about the behind the scenes stuff but if there's a lull it's all I can picture. It's nice to see that someone else thinks about plays like that. I feel slightly less crazy, so thank you nona!

No. 1023078

Nta but this triggered my PTSD as my ex was obsessed with this game and would play it for hours at a time

No. 1023093

how gory is the sopranos and is it worth watching?

No. 1023139

damn this is me. i can’t listen to people being interviewed on the radio or in any “live” contexts like this in case they mess up what they’re saying or the interview gets awkward

No. 1023148

Is it good

No. 1023149

lmao I do this as well, I don't really watch much media because of it.

No. 1023197

Here is the IMDB parental guide. It will tell you what to expect with gore, nudity, etc

Wadanohara has cute art and good music but the story is lacking. There is a huge cast of characters and none of them are developed much. However the protag has three(!) costume changes so definitely worth your time

No. 1023218

Is emotional cheating justified if your needs aren't being met?

No. 1023223

File: 1641906310468.jpg (32.5 KB, 500x500, 302345-fujifilm-instax-mini-8.…)

I have one of these and I wanna sell it but it's yellowed a lot. I'm thinking of taking a fine grid sandpaper to it, is that a bad idea?

No. 1023226

Just break up.

No. 1023229

I've been told I have hiccups a bit too often and that I should go see a doctor, like I have a random hiccup everyday and from time to time I do it for several minutes, but I read it's considered dangerous when it lasts for days and it hurts. I never found it concerning because I don't feel anything and it's a normal part of everyday life to me, what should I do?

No. 1023235

yes, if it's used as an avenue to move on and break up. but it's not if the person never follows through with the break up

No. 1023237

look at tutorials for restoring vintage toys. idk if sandpaper is their method but I think there are less abrasive ways to accomplish it

No. 1023240

I'd go, better safe than sorry.

No. 1023241

Yes I think that's a bad idea, the scratch marks will be very visible on plastic. Try cleaning it with alcohol and if it doesn't work the plastic itself has probably yellowed and even if you sanded it it might be yellow under. If you want you can try sanding a spot that is not very visible if there is one

No. 1023245

I think there’s some chemical treatment that keyboard junkies use to whiten yellow plastic, you should look into that.

No. 1023248

NTA What if you can't cause you are scared for your life? It's not always that easy, I agree that a break-up should be the goal

No. 1023252

When women say their needs aren't being met it's because they genuinely aren't and it's fair game.
Just be careful because if you're caught, your main scrote can either kick you to the curb or enact violence against you as punishment while society claps because you should have CoMmUniCaTeD more. It's not always as simple for women to "just break up" when they live with men and cannot support themselves, so hey, one bitch on lolcow understands.

But men though? Nah, I don't believe the majority of men who say they aren't having needs met because usually it's through some fault of their own or misconception that they aren't.
ie. Not being served hot dinner when the wife is busy counts as "abuse" in a male's mind.
ie. Man complains about dead bedroom while not doing anything to romance wife while she juggles work and house duties.

No. 1023254

The only time I dealt with being skinwalked was when someone was picking up my exact niche interests, particular styles, and habits while actively hating me in an attempt to take my place as my best friend's best friend. She tried the same thing with my friend's fiancee and failed, so I was her next target.

I ended up cutting her off completely in the middle of the night and she had the audacity to ask why I blocked her everywhere. I would have been open to communicating my problems like an adult, but the one (and only) time I tried resolving a separate issue, I was immediately blocked across 3 separate platforms and when I asked wtf was going on, her response was "oh sorry that was an accident! lol"
I'm almost positive she had undiagnosed BPD too.

I guess in the end it was less about the interests being copied, and more about everything else in combination with that. That's what skinwalking is to me, anyway.

No. 1023263

this this this!!

No. 1023328

What are good signs that a job position is basically doing nothing all day? I've got a nothing job right now, maybe 2 hours of work a day and very low expectations from the managers, it's basically be willing to do something if the need arises. But in the interview the manager said we could work maybe an hour of overtime here and there so I expected it to be demanding. Unfortunately it's ending in 6 months.

Before this I had a job that was tangentially related to my interests but fucking sucked because I was busy doing redundant bullshit all day. This one I can't even make up shit to do there's so little of it. Both said they were routine jobs.

No. 1023332

I'm about to graduate uni so I'm downloading a shitton of files from the library site before I lose access. Do you think I could get in trouble if they notice how much I'm downloading in such a short amount of time?

No. 1023343

Do you think this is due to anxiety, OCD, depression, or something else? If you're nervous about trying meds or the wait is long, you could look into supplements or OTC lavender-based anxiety pills, to find research on it look up "Silexan". I'm in a similar rut now where caring is hard because of external circumstances, but not keeping up with tasks only makes it worse. If lists are partly working for you, maybe try reordering so you go from one east task to a harder one instead of putting all the easier ones first? Building good habits takes time and consistency; even if you forgot or don't do it one day, what matters more is getting back on it. For something like taking a walk I hope you can motivate or get yourself to do that, put on some good music or a podcast, getting outside and moving is helpful.

No. 1023348

I would be happy to know too

No. 1023352

I’ve never been into weebshit… is a husbando the same thing as a waifu basically? Like a 2D character that you hyperfixate on and wanna fuck/marry? Is it anime specific?

No. 1023354

You paid tuition, they can get fucked.

No. 1023374

does anyone know if having a slight vitamin d deficiency can cause hair loss? i'm below the acceptable range but not truly deficient and i'm feeling the fatigue and muscle weakness already. i'm shedding a shit ton of hair atm so i was just wondering.

No. 1023375

Why is the girl section of KiwiFarms so negative and boring? They only have like 20 topics and 2 are positive. The rest is them bitching about shit they don't like to each other, making it a very dead hub.

No. 1023377

File: 1641915562392.jpg (44.96 KB, 480x480, ee1824462054091651a64e3767e0d6…)

i have an interview where they are requiring a typing test be performed at the end but autotype for the past few years has kinda stopped me from increasing my wpm. Is there anyway I can increase my wpm from around 58 to 70 (what they require) or should I just accept imminent failure LMAO. What can I do to increase my speed? Just take typing tests all day?

No. 1023381

Thanks! I'll look into those things!

No. 1023383

I really relate to these feelings. It can have a lot of different causes, try to sit down and figure which one could it be for you. It's usually way deeper than just not "feeling like doing it". Sometimes it's what we eat, an emotional issue rooted in something that happened to us, being online too much, a health issue, etc.
But for a more general advice on discipline, it is said that is much easier to have discipline when we have our needs met, that is: doing exercise, sleeping and eating well. I also think that having a routine that gives our brains a little bit of clarity and focus is great. I started to wake up early, stretch a little bit, take a shower and have breakfast without looking at my phone. I don't know how doable that is for you, everyone has their own needs and characteristics but personally starting my day like this made me feel good, motivated and I was able to finally sit down and study for hours.
But yes, discipline is hard. It never gets easier, you just get smarter with your decisions with time and practice. Other tip is to think about the consequences of not doing it now that you have the time and resources to at least start that task. It's always so stressful to procrastinate, being disciplined is an act of love for your future self.

No. 1023387

I'm going to assume because KF users are a fucking nightmare to behold.

No. 1023389

The only reason I can type so fast because I grew up on msn messenger and chat rooms and back then there was no autocorrect or predictive text and grammar nazis were so fucking prolific. Just open a word document and start pretending someone is dictating to you or listen to a show and type along the dialogue.

No. 1023394

you could practice with a tool like this: www.keybr.com

No. 1023396

thank you! yes autotype and autocorrect really stunted my typing that and typing on a phone instead of a computer. i miss instant messenger days. I know discord exists but its just not the same.

No. 1023433

Where do I go to talk to like-minded people

No. 1023446


No. 1023451

File: 1641919782498.png (7.12 KB, 163x61, 1.PNG)

Do they write numbers like that for blind people using text-to-speech?

No. 1023474

File: 1641920275123.png (193.39 KB, 663x619, 1636997450960.png)

Has anyone else here had an order cancelled from Japan due to covid this year or last year after the second semester?
This just happened to me and I thought it was so weird. It's not as if we're going to meet face to face, plus what difference does the country makes when shipping it to blame covid? I'm confused.

No. 1023479

They have never wanted to sell and ship their shit to gaijin and now they have a perfect excuse not to.

No. 1023490

No. And no one is fucking checking how much shit you download. Don't worry.

No. 1023491

No. 1023493

Yes, it can. If you are deficient in vit D, you might be deficient in other vitamins, too, which can further cause more hair loss.

Buy some multi-vitamins and go out in the sun.

No. 1023496

No, it's a legal thing. You can see numbers written and spelled out on physical copies of important legal/financial documents, too.

No. 1023509

Hey! Can anybody recommend a seamstress cow? I'm looking for someone cowish who attempts to make clothing but just can't. Sort of like Pixielocks during her fashion college-era. The making of bad cosplay can count, too. Just as long as they're inept at clothesmaking. I'm desperate!

No. 1023513

why don’t you search hashtags on instagram ?

No. 1023516

I don't have instagram but that's a really good idea, thank you anon!

No. 1023519


No. 1023523

File: 1641923305471.jpg (14.63 KB, 300x300, hrhcollection-8.jpg)

Is this bitch really 37???

No. 1023527

Women don't look like grandmas in their thirties. No idea who she is but she looks like any woman in her thirties.

No. 1023528

Bless your heart, this is perfect. Thank you!

No. 1023532

She looks older IMO, probably in her early 40s

No. 1023533

Ya thats exactly the age id give her at least

No. 1023542

Didn't say that. I'm confused because of her personality on-camera. She just doesn't act like you'd expect a 37 year old woman to act I guess

No. 1023545


That looks like a 40 year old to you? Tbh I'd believe it if she said she was in the 27-35 range but maybe I'm just bad at guessing ages.

How's a 30 something supposed to act to you?

No. 1023550

Maybe give an example of how she acts then seeing as you posted a still.

No. 1023559

who is that? I thought it was Lana Del Rey for a sec

No. 1023588

Lmao ask and you shall receive

Yeah, she's iconic. I know

No. 1023593

I cannot stop laughing

No. 1023596

Thanks for context nonny. This video just makes her seem more her age imo because zoomers are too pussy to say retarded. And it's not like people lose their personalities as they age. She will still be like this when she's 80 guaranteed.

No. 1023600

Zoomers would write a long thinkpiece and use speech to text narration to subtly imply the sun is problematic. Stacy energy is required to straigh up call the sun retarded

No. 1023612

What do you do medically if you've been exposed to black mold? (Can't go to Dr).

No. 1023614

Yes, get a lanolin based vitamin D or take some fish oil with added Vit D.

No. 1023629

Take some anti-allergics, that’s what I did when I had to sleep in a room with a ceiling full of black mold. If you have a nebulizer at home, use some Physiological Serum with it to clean your airways, maybe with some Budesonide and Fenoterol /or/ just salbutamol. It helps me a lot with the asthma, I’m not a medfag btw, just sick 24/7 because lungs of paper.

No. 1023637

are you sure you aren't a cow yourself?

No. 1023644

Based on what? I have no social media, don't post anything online and have no drama in my personal life. That would be boring as fuck to follow. I'm just looking for cows that remind me of some of the women from my old school.

No. 1023658

File: 1641928915427.png (608.32 KB, 690x389, 4830927430256.png)

No. 1023723

I thought you said black moid for a second

No. 1023779

What is a concise way to say "don't bother following my art account if you're a tranny"? I want to slam it in my bio but can't think of anything that gets right to the point. I feel like "NO IDPOL" doesn't get the point accross

No. 1023782

Theres no subtle way to exclude trannies that they would understand, and if they do understand that will make them more eager to invade your space. Even if you try to be nice and gentle about it, they'll consider you an evil terf just as much as if you wrote 'die trannies'.

You have to go full GC or be so focused on vaginas that it hurts their fee fees and they stay away out of sheer triggered was.

No. 1023798

I'm just gonna write "die trannies", I like that one. Removes the middleman of assuming what it means

No. 1023813

File: 1641936791587.jpg (15.69 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Yeah and if they start sending you death threats you can just say it means The trannies in german

No. 1023817

Either be as direct as possible, or if you really worry about being harassed and blacklisted in whatever industry you work with (if you draw for work) then block them discreetly once they follow you or like/rt your posts.

No. 1023821

put something that makes you look religious like a bible verse or "god first" or something

No. 1023833

"terven" gets the point across.

No. 1023836

>real woman
in your bio
for real though it might just be better to block trannies when they follow instead.

No. 1023839

That might not deter the Blaire White variety (though I don't know how many of those there are out there to begin with).

No. 1023842

"Adult human female" really bothers them too.

No. 1023844

Only blocking troons will raise suspicion among whoever is keeping up with her like imagine if troons she blocked were mutuals and they caught on to it and ran w it to destroy her account and work. Just ignore them don’t interact and let them give you an algorithm and follow count boost.

No. 1023847

This is the right answer.

No. 1023850

Agreed. Maybe try softblocking? If you block and unblock they might not even notice.

No. 1023851

those trannies hate women anyway, they probably won't be following anon

No. 1023856

Okay so for background info, I have an old art account where ~60% of my following is troons and I just made a new account where I was hoping to avoid having that same thing happen by putting something in the bio. On my old account, before reading these posts, I blocked every single tranny before I went to go delete the account, only to realize I have to wait a week to deactivate again.

I'll keep you updated if I get ~cAncELLed~ but realistically that wouldn't affect my life or livelihood at all so that doesn't particularly worry me. I decided to put "no IDPOL discourse" in the bio.

No. 1023858

What are you going to post on there? For example, if your art is mostly BL or just cute males you gotta watch out more for the ftms than the mtfs. If your art is mostly female characters mtfs are more likely to be drawn to it. In both cases I'd just say silently block the more obnoxious ones and ignore the more quiet ones and move on.

No. 1023865

Nonnies who shower everyday, is it just water some days or do you use soap all over everyday too?

No. 1023866

Soap everyday. Why would I go in the shower just to get my body wet? No trying to be rude, but that makes no sense.

No. 1023868

Please keep us updated, I really want to know if this will work. How many followers did you have before blocking them and deleting your account? Do you think there's a chance a former follower will recognize your art and will try some shit with you?

No. 1023869

I use shower gel/shampoo every other day and just rinse with water otherwise. My skin gets a little irritated if I overdo it with the soap.

No. 1023876

Shower gel each time, I wouldn't feel clean just standing under running water.

No. 1023885

How is this possible, is he lying? https://youtu.be/BTmeg-8jL_E(learn2embed)

No. 1023887

I do everything every day (soap, shampoo, conditioner). Never gives me problems so I don’t think twice about it.

No. 1023890

Samefag, if I don’t add any product to my hair on a given day and don’t do anything dirty I will skip the shampooing. But I don’t want hair gel accumulating in my hair so otherwise I do that daily.

No. 1023891

File: 1641940242667.jpg (1.7 MB, 556x636, cry for help.jpg)

I'm going insane. Why are the third titles not doing their shit?
I've already tried so much but nothing works or it fucks up my entire document

No. 1023896

Soap everday and i also also need to exfoliate because i have KP. Tbh i can never understand people who don't shower everyday, i am highly judgemental of them and nobody can change my mind.

No. 1023897

I use showergel every other day unless I'm more dirty than normal. It's not needed, warm water + friction of a washcloth are enough to remove all normal daily dirt, using showergel everyday is bad for the skin.

No. 1023901

I use soap on my armpits and groin every day, shower gel all over if I've exercised or if I feel like I need it

No. 1023904

I honestly only post/make knitting and crochet patterns, so it makes zero sense for such an audience. It was surprising, I was expecting older women as the main audience.
I preemptively blocked several people who I thought would make a stink if they found my new account. Now there's really no chance.

No. 1023910

What program and technique you’re using would help. When I did this it was in Word and the section numbers were hard-coded into each title. So like I would write “3.2.1 Boring Boring Resuts” and the TOC would pull directly from that line. Idk if you’re doing it differently.

No. 1023914

Well knitting and crocheting are traditionally seen as female hobbies so MTFs might be becoming drawn to that to seem more feminine or whatever.

No. 1023917

It's Word 2016. This is really big document I started a few months ago so I don't remember what I did initially

No. 1023929

Soap on pits feet and crotch, and if exercised soap everywhere.

No. 1023957

So, to put it plainly, what is the truth about natural family planning?
Is is true that you can’t get pregnant on your period, or on any day that’s not ovulation or the 5 days leading up to it?

No. 1023965

You can get pregnant on your period. Sperm can live for a few days inside of you. If he has a good sperm count, odds are higher more live to see you ovulate.

If a penis is involved, you can get pregnant.

No. 1023967

It's fake, depending on your diet, fertility, how fertile the dude is, you can get pregnant any day of the month. Semen has hormones in it that stimulates release of an ovum, and sperm stays alive in the vag for 1-3 days in the little crevices (so even washing it out doesn't do much).

No. 1023981

are big penises pleasurable? is the tiny cock discourse a cope coming from scrotes?

No. 1023991

it has to be big enough to actually fill you up so yeah. it's like comparing 2-3 fingers to a single pinkie

No. 1023993

If you're super aroused and there's a lot of fluid, definitely. Assuming he's also playing with your clit too and isn't just jack hammering trying to impale you

No. 1024007

What was that method for watching deleted YT videos again? I saw it mentioned here but forgot. I think it was putting the link in archive. org or Wayback but when I tried that it didn't work

No. 1024024

I would go to where those sections are in the document itself and not in the TOC. It’s possible you just copy-pasted the title and didn’t change the section numbers in the document titles. (That happened to me.) Go to them and see if you can change them in the document to the right number, then regenerate the TOC.

No. 1024042

Yes and no. I’ve had big one that was too big (long) and one that was too thick, but I’ve had big dicks that we’re good. I’ve never had a good experience with a small one. But I know some women do.
I slept with a guy long ago who was like the size of my thumb(even in girth) and he’s had a long term girlfriend for like 5 years. So she clearly enjoys his tiny pp.

No. 1024084

I got a sex toy stuck in my ass will i just shit it out or do I need to go to the doctor?

No. 1024105

How safe is AliExpress? What are some do's and dont's and what should I look out for?

No. 1024121

i think you should go to the doctor

No. 1024127

Maybe I'm weird but the best sex I've had was with an average dick on the smaller side, because it was able to hit all the right spots. Big dicks just bulkily slide past everything, hit your cervix, and do nothing for me. For me I prefer small dicks in my vag and big dicks in my ass. But of course it comes down to skill too.

No. 1024128

Shops with lots of reviews and buyer photos means you'll probably get the item. Outright scams should be pretty obvious, brand new shops with no reviews or very fake looking reviews. Most commercial looking sales pictures are "reference images" as in the maker references whatever is the picture but they didn't make the item in the photos. This is the norm on there, so expect it. See if you can find pictures of the actual item usually at the end of all the reference images so you know what to expect to receive. Expect low quality goods and be pleasantly surprised if they turn out decent. Don't buy anything that goes inside your body. Don't expect to ever make any returns, but if something doesn't arrive any decent shop will send the missing pieces out if you just message them. Most items on AliExpress can be found cheaper and better quality on Taobao but it's a little harder to order on there.

No. 1024134

File: 1641958748896.jpg (542.9 KB, 1280x800, serial-experiments-lain.jpg)

I watched lain twice now and i still do not understand what it was about. Can some beautiful amazingly intelligent anon explain it to me?

No. 1024136

its about how cool life would be if computers were real

No. 1024137

File: 1641958901159.gif (5.77 MB, 640x640, 93940403022.gif)

If I need to shit while taking a shower/bath, do I interrupt my shower and dry off to go take my shit or do I finish the shower and then shit?

No. 1024141

I don't think there's a wrong way to do it but if I had an upset stomach I might dry off and poop and then resume my shower because I'd probably feel gross after the poop which would kill my freshly showered vibe. If it's a normal poop it can wait. Easy to clean the booty hole no matter what so that doesn't really factor into my decision.

No. 1024147

How do you pronounce the name Dinah? Is it Dee-nah or like Dine-ah?

No. 1024162

Dine-ah like Dinah shore

No. 1024165

I hate pooping after a shower I no longer feel 100% clean and my moisturized butt slides on the seat sometimes. Do it during/before

No. 1024192

>What do you do medically if you've been exposed to black mold?
Lmao I read this as 'a black moid'

No. 1024208

What’s it like to have a really handsome and/or young looking father? How do friends react to that?

No. 1024223

Why do I have to wait a minute to delete a post on 4chan? What's the purpose?

No. 1024225

It really depends on the woman.

No. 1024346

File: 1641977158690.png (18.65 KB, 95x96, eween1.png)

Anyone have some basic/beginning skincare tips? I'm trying to start taking care of my skin but I can't find the skincare thread for some reason

No. 1024354

Do women really find men, especially average hairy chubby male bodies attractive? I've never found men attractive but always assumed it was the norm but now I'm questioning if I'm a lesbian or if men are just fugly.

No. 1024358

>average hairy chubby male bodies
Absolutely not.
>fit water polo player's bodies
Absolutely yes.

No. 1024360

Yes, everyone has their own taste. Not me though.

No. 1024361

File: 1641978278537.jpg (33.01 KB, 300x410, 911440a2a6314138da7699a95fe2fe…)

do you guys think lucy liu did something to her face before getting famous? this was her pre-fame. this looks like an entirely different person to me. she's beautiful either way but i can't put my finger on what it is…

No. 1024362

if you don't find any man ever sexually attractive, then you're not sexually into men. but yeah, most men are pretty ugly, even for heterosexual/bisexual women.

No. 1024364

ew, no. i only find like .5% of men attractive anyways, young or not. i feel the same as you and people also question if i'm a lesbian or bi. i don't think i am, i think men are just butass ugly in their personalities and appearance so it makes it impossible to form attractions.

No. 1024366

same. like, i can think up an attractive man, dick and all, but he likely does not exist in the real world. i am attracted to men, in theory.

No. 1024412

Does anyone else feel attracted to many pictures of historical and retro men but feel totally disinterested in almost every (current year) man?

No. 1024428

Is that a red flag if a person always dyes their hair the color of their partners hair?
Eg they were dating x, dyed their hair X's natural hair color, broke up, started dating B and dyed their hair B's color.

No. 1024446

her clips always make me laugh. i've seen trannies and gay men make fun of her, jealousy maybe.

No. 1024456

god i love this she sounds like me when ive snapped for the day

No. 1024460

Beside carrd and linkree do you know other alternative like that? (i remember about flavors.me before it shut down)

No. 1024469

It's weird but I'd say more evidence is needed for a proper red flag.

No. 1024473

File: 1641989846340.png (243.83 KB, 772x492, 000skin.png)

for the love of god dont buy anything with fragrance your skin doesn't need it, it will fuck you over. I would also recommend avoiding: tea tree, witch hazel, citrus, snail can cause acne if you're allergic to dust/dust mites, mint, essential oils, fermented ingredients can cause under the skin bumps. I highly recommend at this point anything which is only for babies or people with eczema because they will usually cut out all the bad fillers that are normally in pretty much all sephora, ulta, and other skin products. pic related are all the face washes I would recommend. the white for dry skin, blue for oily, and vanicream white sensitive if even the other two are too much. skin bliss the app can scan ingredient lists you give to tell you what all will be harmful too. you might be able to find what foods give you acne too like too much sugar, nuts, dairy, specific veggie/fruit, wheat, maybe a type of fish.

No. 1024476

Well I'm relieved it's not just me. Though with women I find %99 attractive and with men it's the %5 at most. Men's shitty personalities don't help either.
I guess I'm bi. Thank you anons.

No. 1024484

If the person already dyes their hair diff colors a lot then I don’t think it’s strange. It’s a way of self expression and can be cute to be matchy. If they only dye their hair in reference to whoever they’re dating it’s maybe a bit iffy, but overall feels like a nitpick about someone you don’t like more than a red flag.

No. 1024486

the skincare thread is in /g/

you said no fragrance but all la-roche posay products have fragrance in them. it's a good brand tho

No. 1024493

This is probably a scrote wives tale but I've seen girls say it too: "When the red rivers flowing, take the dirt road home". Why is this even advice?
Period sex is gross sure but the shits you get on your period are horrible. I can't imagine getting clean enough for anal if I'm on my period. Also period blood gets trapped in your ass cheeks and stinks. Do people actually do this?

No. 1024495

None of those contain fragrance but it wouldnt surprise me that their other products contain it

No. 1024519

NTA will using the middle one help with breaking out? Should I buy something more (ie scrub, mask etc) and what would you recommend?

No. 1024544

I have never heard it put that way, that sounds fucking disgusting. But yeah I’ve heard about the concept. Just seems like scrotes pressuring women to fuck like always regardless of her comfort. I suppose you can use a tampon, starve before hand and pump water into your guts if you really want a man to sodomize you while you’re having cramps. Couldn’t be me.

No. 1024555

File: 1641996299489.jpg (155.69 KB, 1200x941, FAO8VcHUYAIc7hQ.jpg)

Is Hypnotist Sappho a tranny? "Her" voice sounds pretty male to me and
>goes on about 'lesbian breeding kink', mommy kink etc.
>is a sexual predator and a zoophile
am I delusional? It's just that this is some peak male shit

No. 1024564


Yes. He posted his nudes to his alt twitter account before it was banned.

No. 1024565

Definitely sounds like a tranny

No. 1024580

Is there an aesthetic or style name for things like Beatrix Potter drawings, Calico critters, just a term for cute animal characters in dresses?

No. 1024586

I think that would technically fall under "cottage core" or just rural, country living, whimsy. I can't think of anything animal specific.

No. 1024615

Thank you two, I even got to use it already.

No. 1024616

Is it mento Illness to imagine a character comforting you when you're sad?

No. 1024618

Unless you're buying a decoration that's gonna sit on a shelf then don't bother. Anything you touch is doused in carcinogenic shit.

No. 1024622

It depends on the size of your vagina and how long it is (how high your cervix is), and whether it hurts when your cervix is touched. But in general 6 inches with a decent girth is comfortable for most women. Get a dildo and see what works for you nonna.

No. 1024624

Idk about your prefs but this reeks of scrote propaganda

No. 1024625

2deep4u loli show

No. 1024627

Still laughing at this

No. 1024628

I think she just lost weight and her jaw grew with age, maybe a nose job.

No. 1024632

I got a fake job offer on my school email from another school email that seemed legit. It led to a Google form (was a legitimate Google link) and just asked very basic information. Apparently, according to my school this was fake and a phishing attempt and I’m a fucking idiot. I have heard that Google docs can steal info, but can Google forms do the same? I’m honestly freaked out that someone may try to hack me but I haven’t seen any weird stuff happen yet. I don’t know if changing my password now would save me or not. Please help anons I’m literally retarded

No. 1024635

Bioderma miceller water in red bottle is great for my whiny sensitive skin. Also argan oil mixed with an aloe gel. Fine sugar + olive oil for weekly exfoliation. Allgood SPF 30 kids sunscreen if it's summer. Skin health is more about what you eat and your habits then what you put on it (unless is medical strength shit). Eat stuff with collegen, less sugar and booze, more veg and meat, clean face after you brush teeth, don't touch your face throughout day, sleep on back, etc.

No. 1024670

File: 1642003598761.jpeg (136.64 KB, 713x713, E6094214-1068-433D-AD4F-9D7365…)

thought police aren't real

No. 1024673

File: 1642003776153.jpg (59.33 KB, 500x500, artworks-hccz4aanJBuHAdyn-PCGl…)

What drugs did Marina Joyce take to become dead inside? And how does it work? You can tell by her eyes that her soul is gone.

No. 1024679

What programs/apps do you use to watch webm videos that anons post here? Pls tell

No. 1024682

Could be an assortment.

No. 1024683


No. 1024697

File: 1642004946091.jpeg (23.27 KB, 500x375, 5AD2A672-D63D-432B-A80F-A9D162…)

She wanted to be creepychan so bad

No. 1024700

Afaik someone in her life passed away during that time and without that her mental was already not too good + some bf breakup on top of that

No. 1024701

? You need a program

No. 1024705

File: 1642005240422.png (5.57 KB, 523x237, triangle.png)

Where can I read the Moomins comic online?
Every site I find just gives this triangle where the pages should be

No. 1024710

I'm on it, chief.

No. 1024711

I mean the webm plugin which one are you guys using

No. 1024714

Is there a way to check which words have been entered the most on your phone keyboard? I'm pretty certain it's "sage" lol.

No. 1024716

What plugging? I just use my phone

No. 1024718

Then why didnt you sage your post? Sage

No. 1024722

File: 1642005832359.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1788, moominstrip.png)

No. 1024730

Thanks anon, you're amazing!

No. 1024735

File: 1642006311286.jpg (47.81 KB, 464x431, Cardcaptor-Sakura-Clear-Card-S…)


No. 1024739

Nonas, could I have like, mild bpd without realizing it? Someone once told me I exhibit traits but I didn't see it until now. I mentioned to my bf that I cried on the train to work this morning and then when he asked why I was crying I ignored the question to answer another unrelated question—an hour later I caught myself checking the time thinking “wow I can’t believe he hasn’t followed up about me crying yet” and wondering how exes or other friends/family would react. Wtf? I don’t even necessarily need to talk about why I was crying, why do I care?? Is that what bpd is??? I feel like such a horrible person now.. this isn't normal right?

No. 1024749

Why don’t you check the criteria and see if you consistently score 5/9 over the past 5 years of your life. My god when will we stop pathologizing every single thing just to have an excuse for self loathing.

No. 1024766

She isn't even a loli?

No. 1024768

I mean, I think it's pretty normal to have thoughts like that. As long as you're not acting on them and demonizing your bf for your failure to communicate in the moment. Over time you can work on communicating your needs instead of ignoring them and feeling resentful about it later. But don't feel too bad, I'd say that most of us struggle with this, at least to some extent.

No. 1024773

She is though

No. 1024798

Yeah I figured I'd get called out on this for liking anal kek. But really, I've fucked virgins with massive dicks who did not know how to use them in the vag and it was awful. Guy on the smaller side had experience, so that probably helped, but he was able to hit my gspot in a very specific way and I assume that's just because of his size, or lack thereof.

No. 1024823

Is 21 bmi bad? idk anything about this system, is it counting for muscle and fat? Or just fat

No. 1024837

bmi 21 is healthy weight.

No. 1024860

I hate that I was 100% certain but still felt like I need to ask lmao clocking males isn't even that hard but why tf do I still keep acting like it is

No. 1024969

I'm straight but most men are fugly

No. 1024972

Why do people get so heartbroken every time a Hollywood moid dies

No. 1024976

File: 1642015950737.jpg (15.78 KB, 380x396, tumblr_opv34wXIWW1wpvs7vo1_400…)

why do people react so strongly when you criticize porn

No. 1024978

Because they're gross coomers who think porn is empowering. And porn has sadly become normalized.

No. 1024981

how many nonnies reading this also lurk every other board here? is that pretty common?

No. 1024985

I lurk every board except /w/ and /pt/ (I do visit them from time to time but hardly ever)

No. 1025000

File: 1642017601655.png (105.57 KB, 259x275, 1640129633361.png)

What's a good, satisfying, and legal way to get back at a scrote? My friend accidentally matched with a stalker dude on a dating app and he posted a fake hookup listing on Craigslist with her number. Unfortunately she forgot to take screenshots of his face/profile. Thanks, anons!

No. 1025008

I'd say do the same back…

No. 1025012

if she has his email or his number, she should sign him up for a bunch of annoying newsletters or those MLMs that ask for your number if you're interested in joining the MLM.

No. 1025038

My thought was this but with gay hookup sites

No. 1025039

File: 1642018524947.png (25.46 KB, 840x164, puella magi madoka magica.PNG)

I don't know enough (read: anything) about Latin so please confirm or debunk picrel for me.

No. 1025049

No woman does this willingly. Period sex feels good but anal hurts and when you're already having cramps, ew.
If men are disgusted by period sex and want to do anal, how is blood more gross than literal shit?

No. 1025053

No. 1025059

Do the same and advertise his number to gay men and transvestites. Can also put his number on sites as a prostitute ad or transvestite.
But you're gonne get screwed if he tarces it back so be careful.
As for a more sensible approach, I'd say wait til he does again and try to report to the police.

No. 1025080

Took Latin in high school. I don't know anything about Magi but I think puella is accurate

No. 1025083

When I was taught Latin we never learnt a slave connotation with puella. It was just girl. I know this because I had had a rainbow uni on neopets called puella something

No. 1025182

File: 1642024199966.png (19.95 KB, 1252x85, 56.PNG)

Is this from a copy pasta? I swear I saw a similar post sarcastic yes queen

No. 1025190

thats like saying in some contexts the english word "girl" means slave bc in some random text, one was referred to as "slave girl" and therefore theres a CoNNotAtioN

No. 1025216


No. 1025238

is anyone else's discover weekly playlist always full of troon music or does spotify think I'm a tranny in particular?

No. 1025241

i just checked mine and the very first song on it is by sophie, kek

No. 1025245

You probably just listen to hyperpop and related genres and the algorithm feeds you more of that. It's pretty obvious…

No. 1025247

so you're saying spotify thinks I'm a tranny. damn

No. 1025248

Nah I think Spotify just thinks you have bad music taste. Sorry anon.

No. 1025281

what is the accent that says ‘white’ like ‘wHaite’?

No. 1025291

If I can hallucinate people screaming and walls breathing, why can’t I hallucinate myself a hug? Can I control it like that?

No. 1025295

well originally that was how it was supposed to be said, the H became silent pretty recently. but usually I hear midwestern people saying it like that, especially if they're older

No. 1025412

When an illustrator is hired to draw illustrations for a book, do they usually decide what scenes to draw on their own or is it in the hands of the publisher or whoever commissions them? For example, if you had an illustrated copy of Anne of Green Gables, who decides what scenes get illustrated?

No. 1025450

No. 1025472

In my experience as a corporate designer/illustrator, there’s usually a few levels of people between the illustrator (art director, whoever is leading the project, etc) and the person who signs off on final decisions. So it would probably be a series of drawn out meetings where those people pitch ideas and then they run up and down the decision making hierarchy until something gets approved—illustrator probably ends up illustrating a lot more than what is actually published

No. 1025490

Why did vine die 3 times in a row yet TikTok is extremely successful when they're basically the same thing

No. 1025495

Vines could only be six seconds long.

No. 1025505

Oh. I guess that explains it

No. 1025510

send one of those QR code viruses to him

No. 1025558

So i met someone who i share a few interests with and we sort of understood eachother and they were really reactive to what i said and stuff (in a "i'm listening and paying attention" kind of way, not an exagerated way) But we haven't talked in a while (i usually don't talk a lot with people or hang out) but i'm interested in this person and i don't want to annoy them
Question is: how do i send a message or something without being creepy, annoying, etc? Asking because i feel like it's weird after not talking for a while just randomly sending something
How do i know if they're annoyed? In case they don't wanto keep talking i'll just stop

No. 1025711

File: 1642064773983.jpeg (57.39 KB, 599x831, A95B96ED-E201-457E-8800-C59C0C…)

What’s it like to have a really handsome and/or young looking father? How do friends react to that?

No. 1025733

Why are you asking this question everywhere on the website? At most they'd say he looks young or handsome to you, nothing more. I have an attractive male family member and that's what happens, none of my friends and stuff hit on him though.

No. 1025767

File: 1642071034075.jpeg (236.25 KB, 1125x1355, BA593F8E-22AD-44B2-A709-901A98…)

What do anons think of a new mbti thread? I’d think it would be pretty fun to discuss, especially since it seems like lolcow attract rarer types for women to have e.g. ENTP, INTP, INTJ .I think it could be interesting to discuss how our mbti interacts with our female socialisation. I think I might we an ENTP-A, though my knowledge and understanding of mbti is still underdeveloped, but I feel like my Fi and Fe functions are more developed compared to my male counterparts because of my female socialisation

No. 1025768

I’m a ENTP-A*

No. 1025781

>i feel like it's weird after not talking for a while just randomly sending something
It's not weird at all, just go for it. How would you feel if you got a recommendation or just a question "what's up?" out of the blue? Most likely pleased that someone thought of you. Worst case scenario you'll get no response and know this person is not interested, but I think it will not happen.

No. 1025785

So many of my friends from high school to varying semesters of college gush over him. Kind of in a jokey "do you want a new stepmother" way but it still weirds me out most of the time. Also my bully often told me how ugly i was compared to my entire family (my mom was also relatively young and good looking) and questioned if i was actually their biological child. It fucked me up pretty good for a while so i don't look too fondly upon having parents with good genes kek

No. 1025794

my father is objectively attractive person and the way some people react to him left me grossed out. ive heard people i know call my dad dilf, ask me if i need another mom or when are my parents getting divorced or say sexual fantasies about him. Last year i connected with someone for business (who had prior business connection with my dad) and they asked me if he was really my dad or "you know". back when i lived at an all female dorm in high school the way some girls looked at my dad and whispered as if he was blind and deaf lead to him no more going inside the dorm when i needed help with bags. i dont care about people sexualizing him but can they at least fucking keep it to themselves? i no longer feel comfortable with introducing new people to my parents and nowadays only my best friends knows him. even with her tho i had to argue about it once and tell her how much it disgusts me. blogpost but feels nice to get it off my chest

No. 1025795

I experienced the same thing but with better looking siblings. Also got bullied a lot for being the "ugly sister" and people asking how we could ever be related.
Never ever saw a good looking dad tho they are all old, balding and have beer bellies lol

No. 1025812

That sounds annoying asf. I really want to know what your dad looks like though. Just out of curiosity because it's difficult for me to imagine a middle aged man that would garner so much attention from women like that.

No. 1025815

Some women are just like desperate scrotes. I knew a married dentist, 50 and always had his ring on and always talked about his wife and daughter but some female patients still "fainted" on his body/shoulder/etc. even when their actual husbands were waiting for them outside.
He was very handsome but I'd never think of a literal married man in a sexual way nevermind try to make a retarded move like that. He was a good man, he'd always get so uncomfortable kek.

No. 1025888

>works out
>smart casual style
>no hair loss
>in his 50s but looks younger
>good skin, barely any wrinkles
>manly face but looks friendly
>somewhat uncommon features
you also have to know that im eastern euro, the average moid here is hopeless

No. 1025889

kpoppies, explain to me the attraction of the boy bands. do you guys not see how fucked their faces look? is it their personalities? they look like especially botched middle aged women.

No. 1025914

File: 1642085249812.jpg (28.66 KB, 466x659, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

I'll admit that a good chunk of them look uncanny because of fillers (i assume). But there are many naturally pretty ones. Theyre just much better "untouched".
I think the attraction comes mostly from seeing them "be cute" (like those "x member being cute for 10 mins compilations). If you think a guy is cute and innocent enough, u'll think theyre attractive.

BTS is definitely a bad example, they used to look cute, sometimes, but went overboard with fillers.

Also most of them look much better on videos from interviews and games. Pictures are overly photoshopped and so are music vids.

Just gonna post two people who i think arent the most conventionally attractive in their group, but definitely natural.

No. 1025917

File: 1642085428745.jpg (32.01 KB, 542x566, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

TLDR; theyre attractive because they act cute and innocent and non-threatening. Also because most fans see them without photoshop and extreme makeup, like when they play games etc.
This is Xiaojun of Wavy, technically chinese but still under a korean company.

No. 1025923

Someone hacked my employer’s IG and is holding it ransom (it has like 40k followers). I’m really sick of hearing about it, is there any way to go about getting it back? Would I need to “hack” it back?

No. 1025960

I think the kpop groupie thing also comes from being young, girl teens seem to like tall, skinny and cute faced guys in general, so did i

No. 1025966

If I don't have much to do at work and I'm working from home, is it bad that I spend most of my time doing personal stuff like housework or reading fanfictions after I'm done answering my emails? As long as I'm still easy to call I mean.

No. 1025967

LOL, someone hacked our company system and held it to ransom. I was loving it tbh

No. 1025972

No it's not bad and don't feel guilty.

No. 1025977

No. 1025979

It's great and I'm jealous

No. 1025981

No because they make more than you anyway so fuck them, as long as you're doing what your contract asks of you.

No. 1025992

File: 1642091595969.jpg (176.18 KB, 607x692, bump.jpg)

How many apples per day is it safe to eat?

No. 1025999

File: 1642092017933.jpg (190.45 KB, 1280x720, shiningnikki.jpg)

Idk Google says only 2 apples per day.
Also I have saved over 37k dias in Shining Nikki because I want that suit so bad.

No. 1026004

No. 1026018

File: 1642092878420.jpg (85.77 KB, 564x683, 7f263417421a3154b4678f5e9aa613…)

I remember an anon posting a while back about finding weird keychains and gifts around her house. A nonnie identified the keychain character as being a really fucked up character from Made in Abyss. I was wondering if this anon was doing ok. The post migh be a fake but in case it wasn't I would like to know if she is doing ok!

No. 1026020

Ken same, desire rules leonid drools

No. 1026021

I've seen on multiple occasions anons claim that research has pointed out that women live shorter and men live longer in marriage and that women are happier unmarried, but I've never seen the actual researches. I can't find them through google (I think my searchskills suck lol), does anyone have specific links?

No. 1026031

File: 1642093805642.png (949.6 KB, 846x714, 1641544158085.png)

Nonnies, should I make a "Hoarders Thread"? Would it be helpful to anons who want to declutter?

No. 1026040

Nooo nonna that cant be true everyone knows the second women turn 30 they feel the urge to have babies and if they dont they end up depressed and regretful until they die even the sex and the city star said it!!.!
t. scrote that wouldnt have kids if he tried

No. 1026052

File: 1642095279692.jpg (92.02 KB, 663x426, avo-n-toast.jpg)

Any anons who knit here?
I plan to start knitting or chrochetting as a new hobby and I was wondering if there's a difference between the two and if one is easier than the other. I'm hoping to try for a beanie as a first project. Would that be biting off more than I can chew as a start?

No. 1026059

Anon I'm not skeptical about the claims if that's what you're thinking, I just wanna read the research myself lol

No. 1026066

I do both! A beanie is a good first project for either craft, though you may want to practice with some basic swatch squares first to get the motions down. Also, beginner-appropriate crochet beanie patterns tend to be fugly so you may have to dig through Ravelry a bit.
I wouldn't say that one's easier than the other. Knitting seems more complicated at first but makes good-looking fabric easier, whereas crochet might be simpler to pick up (for some people) but you will run into issues with your projects curling or getting wonky if you're not carefully counting stitches. if you're interested in both crafts, regardless of which one you start with, learn continental knitting as the yarn-holding technique is very similar to crochet so you'll have an easier time transitioning. If you can't decide, think of the type of projects you'd rather make. If you want to make clothes like sweaters, beanies, scarves, socks, or gloves, start with knitting. If you want to make toys/amigurumi and more 3d objects or lace, start with crochet. If you don't like one, you can always switch to the other. Good luck!

No. 1026071

Someone just made an organization thread

No. 1026076

No. 1026082

Same, when I was younger I was into the super skinny "twinky" ones but now I like more traditional manly looks

No. 1026096

Curious on why so many students in my college/university have friday afternoon off for religious purposes? Is it Judaism? If so, why?

No. 1026108

In Judaism the day begins at sundown, not at midnight. So even though technically Jewish sabbath is Saturday it begins Friday evening. The closest thing Muslims have to a sabbath is also on Friday.

No. 1026109


If you have the choice to not go to class on a Friday why wouldn't you take it?

No. 1026124

Ah, I understand now! Thank you! I guess during Fall semesters, it's not the same? I only notice these during Winter semesters.

No. 1026142

my roommate kept her cat out of her room most of last night, and in the living area where it meowed in the early morning. the cat's food and litterbox are in her room. Would the cat be okay or does it need to eat and use the litterbox more regularly? I think she forgot to let it back in so this is a one off event.

No. 1026150

It's probably hungry or thirsty or needs to use its litterbox, yes. Will the cat be okay if it can't get in until she wakes up, yes. Would it be better if you just let it in, yes. If your roommate is annoyed at you for opening her door or knocking if it's locked, just say the cat seemed like it needed to poop. I doubt it would even come to that if she's a loving pet owner.

No. 1026153

If it’s only been night t morning then kitty is okay most likely though I’m sure she’s a bit hungry. Cats tend to poop after they’ve eaten. And if they don’t see their litter box they’ll hold it for awhile.

No. 1026157

Thanks, that already makes me feel a little better about myself.

Don't be jealous, the fact that I barely have anything to do is only temporary. I worked way too much these past few months because of deadlines and I skipped lunch break and worked overtime almost everyday of November and December and now all I have to do is just wait for clients to call me and give me information I need. Hopefully everything will stay calm until the end of the month.

No. 1026158

File: 1642100589578.jpeg (912.39 KB, 3000x2104, 1642097391323.jpeg)

Why does noise or some kind of textured effect make digital art look a lot more finished? Is it because it imitates the look from traditional art and if you don't add it digital art can look too empty?

No. 1026161

Texture make it look more lifelike?

No. 1026170

The real world is full of texture and noise. You can make great works without them if you're skilled, but often some kind of texture overlay gives it some sense of tangibility. Texture overlays and noise can also dull down oversaturation and make lines look softer. That's why it can also be an instant improvement to mediocre digital art when done right, since amateurs are still learning about color and line.

No. 1026188

Is it worth selling my old playstation 1? I don't even know if it still work.It's not disgustingly grimey but it's just been shoved into one of the random cabinets of an old TV stand I have in my room and am gonna get rid of. I'd probably sell it for like $10, or is that too much for a potentially broken system? lol

No. 1026191

You could get a little bit more for it from collectors even if it isn't working. I say price it around $30-40 knowing they might haggle you down to $20. If it's working and comes with its wires and controllers you could fetch more.

No. 1026198

What does it mean when your male friend’s girlfriend says she wants to be friends when you are chilling in a group but then she never replies to your dms?

No. 1026201

1) she is an internet-free spirit who cares about face to face connections not some virtual message exchange and still wants to be your friend just not like that
2) she was just being nice and doesn't want to be friends
I know it doesn't help

No. 1026203

She's shy or socially inept or doesn't spend much time on her phone or computer

No. 1026207

Do insomniacs ever get sleep like their body shuts down for an hour or two? Or are you literally awake for several days straight? Sometimes I wonder if I have it

No. 1026209

You can't really survive very long with 0 sleep. Insomniacs do sleep, but much much less and with more difficulty than most people.

No. 1026214

My teeth are super bad because I drink coffee… Sigh. How long does teeth whitening take??? Can I just use the arm hammer whitening dental cream?

No. 1026215

She's either stunted or lying

No. 1026220

Where the fuck are we heading as society? The future seems incredibly bleak. Income disparities are ever increasing, politics are so polarizing and therefore it feels like we are stagnant, we are heading on a path of doom because of climate change… what's going to happen? Has there ever been a similar point in history where society as a whole as been able to come back together? It just seems like things are getting worse and worse.

No. 1026221

Anons who were diagnosed with ADHD, what kind of lifestyle changes have you implemented? And what kind of apps do you use (if you use any)?

No. 1026250

I would often forget if I took my meds or not so I downloaded an app that helps me keep track of it. The one I use is called Round and it sends out multiple reminders over a chosen window of time which I find extra handy, and it's nice not just for my ADHD meds but other things I take at other times of the day (like BC).

No. 1026274

are police women obligated to wear makeup or can they chill?

No. 1026278

Why the fuck do troons keep calling any guy with long hair or a skinny body a "femboy" or a troon omfg im gonna flip out

No. 1026282

Why would they be obligated to wear makeup?

No. 1026284

my psychotic attention seeker roommate ruined my birthday party by getting mad at me for some nonsense reason and trying to use high school bully tactics to … isolate me at my own party? not the first time she has done something that has had me absolutely reeling over how childish and insane it is. thankfully she is moving out within the next month or two. would it be unnecessary and dickish of me to just point blank ignore her until she moves out/block her on all social media?

No. 1026286

Bc men are fake and gay

No. 1026293

No one deserves your attention if you don't like them and they wronged you. Ignoring and blocking is the most civil thing to do.

No. 1026297

What do you think about people who watch gore? Especially men?

No. 1026302

Gore videos or just movies that contain gore?
I watched a lot of LiveLeak back in the day out of morbid curiosity and because it made me snap out of my suicidal ideation. The scrotes I've talked to about it however saw some sort of relief from the videos like a monkey brain itch being scratched, they became used to them and used the site as proof that the "real world" is full of grotesque shit and God isnt real, we're all sentient meat sacks, murder is natural, etc. Overall I would avoid them as they tend to be nihilistic losers with excuses for everything, which makes for the worst scrotes ever, whether it's a life partner or simply conversation partner.

No. 1026303

what country are we talking about

No. 1026313

Yeah…I don’t think she wanted to be friends

No. 1026316

Definitely don't trust them. If someone can just watch stuff like that they definitely lack empathy and/or are a sadist. I knew a guy at work who liked to watch r/watchpeopledie when it still existed and said it was the best way to feel raw emotion or something like that.

No. 1026324

What happened

No. 1026329

NTA but that's a common tactic for girls sizing up someone they feel threatened by. They don't want to be blunt or rude because they'll come off as jealous and bitchy, especially not in front of their bf. But they most definitely don't see you as a potential friend.

No. 1026358

I had a college roommate who literally used middle school bullying tactics on me too. She’d straight up look me up and down and scoff like the antagonist of a Disney original teen girl movie lmao. It was never easy and was always psychologically exhausting but I found that generally greyrocking her worked out pretty well. That and frequently getting out of the dorm and/or getting drunk enough to numb myself to her presence

No. 1026364

samefag but wanted to add that blocking her is a form of giving her attention. she will be gleeful to have evidence that she’s getting to you. Wait until she moves out to block her unless she’s harassing you online. Meanwhile you can mute her profile.

Don’t fully ignore her, just grey rock her by only having interactions that you must have as roommates (ie “could you please do your dishes” or “please don’t use my milk” etc)

No. 1026367

When I was young I watched them out of "morbid" curiosity. Then it became almost a study. When I watched them all I could think about was the psychology behind some of the videos. Why, more often than not, did people choose to stand around and film a dying person? Where was their empathy? What would I feel like if I was in a position where I was gruesomely dying and that exact scenario happened? Also a mix of just seeing the totally outlandish and freakish. Like another anon, it helped me in times when I was suicidal. I never got any enjoyment out of watching them though, would always say a quick prayer for the poor soul in the video. Bestgore shutting down was probably a blessing in disguise for me because I was going there daily

No. 1026372

I can give a pass to women if they're too mentally ill (and even then i'll be suspicious) but men can kill themselves if they watch shit like that

No. 1026374

I'm still not entirely sure why I watch those videos but it's certainly not because I get some sick enjoyment out of it. It's more to do with curiosity…for some reason I have this need to know and see. Some stuff is just too brutal for me to watch though.

Definitely wouldn't trust a scrote who says he likes gore.

No. 1026379

I take medication for it now so I do get decent sleep most nights, but every once in a while it’ll flare up and I just am not able to fall asleep or stay asleep and I’m basically useless the next day. When it was at its worst I would get like maybe 1-3 hours of sleep a night and then just crash hard on the weekends.

No. 1026380

I started a new job in a call centre and it's always busy as hell. I'm really embarrassed to ask but how do you deal with periods when you can't leave the desk as often as you need to? The menstrual cups are sadly off limits because I tried a few and they were all extremely uncomfortable to the point of pain. I'm on day one of my period and my underwear is half soaked and part of my pants too because I can't dash to the bathroom like I usually would. I can even deal with the pulsating pain but I can't stand the feeling of being dirty and being like that for a few hours.

No. 1026383

Is it true Russia and US are threatening war against each other?

No. 1026395

100% godless freaks. I've seen so many reddit conversations where scrotes blithely discuss all the cartel beheading videos they watched as 11 year olds and it genuinely makes me afraid for the future.

No. 1026396

Cold war never ended, just evolved, but it will never go past that. Russia likes to try to provoke other big powers, like USA or EU, but they dont have resources or anything to gain from an actual war. More likely thing to happen is them trying to snatch more of neighbouring countries, like they did with Ukraine's Crimea few years ago, but that's it.

No. 1026433

Russia is notoriously a slippery country and will work with or against whoever will bring them the most power and money. America may act like they have amicable relations with them and China, but all three countries are building technologies behind one another's backs as a way to destroy each other if there is a war in the future. Like >>1026396 said the Cold War never ended, and as long as the governments of both China and Russia are silently totalitarian then it won't end

No. 1026440

There's 3 types of Australian accents; proper, general, and broad. Most Australian actors who went to higher education will have the proper, it sounds quite formal and "less" Australian. General is what the majority of metropolitan Aussies will speak, and broad is the really rural, "yeeaaahhh nahhhhhh" sort of accent. Although as someone who's lived both East and West coast, I've found that even then the accent varies ever so slightly state to state.

No. 1026455

Trash, unacceptable trash

No. 1026460

depends on whether they do it out of curiosity or boredom, or whether they enjoy that content actively for its sadism? if they enjoy it then they're probably some kind of psychopath, if they're just curious, well, strange, but to each their own. it's like how some people have morbid obsessions with watching surgery or popping videos

No. 1026466

Entirely different. Surgery is the reconstruction and repair of injury and damage, while gore is pure destruction. It says a lot about most men who watch it.

No. 1026469

Biden-kun's been trying to act like a butthurt twitterfag ever since he randomly yelled at Putin for being homophobic for attention. "Rivalry" between Russia and USA never really ended honestly, it's always been like that. However idk what would Vladimir even be able to pull off considering that we all are miserable poorfags that keep getting fucked by government and people get sentences in jail for simply putting a negative comment about religion or govt on social media, or repost a hehefunny anti-politics and anti-religion meme.

No. 1026472

So you think watching a person being murdered is the same thing as watching a pimple being drained? Maybe you're the sociopath here, nonnatella.

No. 1026476

can't believe this got mixed responses, wtf do some of you freaks do in your free time

No. 1026480

>genuinely believing MBTI types exist.

I've taken one of those tests every year and every year I get a different result. There's enough you can google that'll tell you the whole thing is bullshit, I don't think it's worth buying into the meme and making a thread about it.

No. 1026500

What's the word for when someone does something embarrassing?

No. 1026503


No. 1026511

nta but results change because your answers to the questions change, that's what makes it more accurate than something like astrology which is based on your time of birth which is random and immutable. if it gave you the same results despite you giving different answers it would be more unreliable

No. 1026516

Do guys get turned on by pooping? Seriously, wouldn't it stimulate their prostates or whatever?

No. 1026519

Yeah, like cringe but a verb for the person who's doing the cringeworthy thing. Like a one word synonym for "being cringe"?

No. 1026531

Nta but your choices are not only mbti and astrology anon there are also personality theories like big five that are relatively valid compared to mbti. They don't separate you into types though I guess that's less fun.
By the way mbti is based on Jung's theories and it has some truly arbitrary choices like you can't have 2 consecutive functions both be both introverted or extroverted. They don't really have any justification for this and Jung himself when he talks about Nietzsche mentions that he thinks he might have introverted thinking as well as introverted intuition. Which he couldn't possibly have both under the mbti system. Sorry for psychologyfagging.

No. 1026540

File: 1642126140041.jpg (35.4 KB, 500x500, 1a5d453dd8f21797a3f2298e6a71bc…)

At what point during a fat loss journey your breasts get smaller? I'm on the higher range of "acceptable" fat percentage, I store it mostly on my lower body and have medium chest size, maybe even leaning to the smaller side (I'm 85 cms, idk which bra size) and when I touch it it feels like breast tissue mostly, not just fat. I don't want them to get much smaller but I want to lose my body fat (to a healthier range, nothing too drastic)

No. 1026552

Can someone with middle/high school aged siblings tell me if zip up hoodies are still in? I feel like they were such a staple of my teenage years but I can’t tell if I’m crazy or not but I feel like I haven’t seen zip up hoodies for sale at stores at all in recent years.

No. 1026556

File: 1642127559202.png (3.53 MB, 828x1792, E0AC42DC-19E8-4E94-B25D-99A1D2…)

Like this

No. 1026561

No that's very 2010. I see them with pullover hoodies and sweatshirts, usually cropped

No. 1026563

You’re not crazy, my dad likes zip hoodies with screen prints or twill on them and let me tell you, they are a STRUGGLE to find nowadays. Been wanting to buy him one with a nice design for two or three years but every Christmas/birthday I go searching and strike out. It’s a bummer because they’re so much more convenient. Not a teenager and I don’t care what they think of me, I just want a design I like and that precious zipper.

No. 1026575

Zip up hoodies were in? I always considered them dorky af, no offense anon

Athletic ones are the exception ofc they look sick

No. 1026577

File: 1642130366547.jpg (109.5 KB, 728x1079, megan-fox-outfits-jennifer-bod…)

They were when low rise jeans were in. Aeropostale was the most packed store at the mall

No. 1026579

Idk if there's just one word for it, I guess you could say someone embarrassed themself or made a fool of themself.

No. 1026587

Yes, I know I could use phrases, but that's not what I'm asking. Thanks for trying though

No. 1026590

It all depends on your hormones and genetics nona, sorry. You can do some chest and shoulder exercises to keep them from sagging too much.

No. 1026597

It’s genetics nonnie, take a look at the women in your family for a general idea. I’d say keep losing and see what happens. There’s generally an “order” to the areas you lose fat from, and you just have to find out yours. You can always gain the weight back if you hate it.

No. 1026608

What kind of bras are you supposed to wear under camisoles/spaghetti straps, especially if you're super flat? I like to layer them with sheer tops but I don't want my bra straps to show, I don't want to go completely braless either. Strapless bras slip down or are uncomfortable. Stick on bras? Thanks nonnies!

No. 1026613

Why do people accuse those who actually suffer from mental illness of romanticizing mental illness? Makes no fucking sense

No. 1026623

Because they don't like their coping methods, like talking about mental illness in the "wrong" way or making art about it that is too aesthetic or persistent. Get over it! How long are you gonna ruminate on the debilitating mental disorder?
I think that a lot of it is oppression olympics and inability to understand that others may cope or be affected in different ways: "well I have depression and I never would try to kill myself, she's a selfish attention whore". Treating yourself as some paragon of being a Good Mental Illness Sufferer.

No. 1026643

Huh? Are you suggesting those things are mutually exclusive?

No. 1026645

You can have mental illness and still be gauche. Unless you have psychotic disorders you live in reality and can control your behavior. No one is forcing anyone to make Hello Kitty self-harm edits. At some point that person needs to take a look at the behavior and realize that notes on Tumblr aren’t actually “coping,” and having depression isn’t a free pass to publicize disordered behavior.

The whole worshipping ana goddess thing the pro ana bitches did is another good example of 100% romanticizing anorexia in a completely inappropriate way.

No. 1026648

>me in HS
>actually mentally ill and quiet
>people are uncomfortable around me
>loud girl who obv LARPs mental illness
>people coddle and treat her like their precious queen bee

No. 1026653

Because a lot of people that suffer from mental illness fucking romanticize mental illness lmfao what a question

No. 1026656

The only other time I posted it was earlier in this thread and it was ignored. As you may be able to notice from the responses, it’s kind of a thing. I went to HS with a girl who was simply known as “the girl with the hot dad”, it pretty much ruined her life since nobody could treat her normally.

No. 1026657

This happens so much, I hate it

No. 1026672

how are they portraying mental illness as something better than it actually is? I feel like in most cases, it's a matter of personal taste and outlook if something is romanticising or not

No. 1026675

this reminds me when a stacy had a "panic attack" which was basically just crying in the restroom over her bf and got coddled and group hugs for it like I didnt silently eat and cry in the restroom every day then move on

No. 1026684

AYRT and while >>1026531 is correct in their response I'll also add that people who tout MBTI and rely on it are often unlike myself in that they don't retest themselves every year, they stick to the one result they got when they took the test initially as a curious teen and will ham fist that same personality type well into adulthood.

No. 1026688

I feel retarded asking but what qualifies as a panic attack? I feel like I’ve seen people say they had a panic attack but it seems all they had was a crying fit. I picture panic attacks to be more so of a “I genuinely thought I was having a heart attack but actually I was just so anxious and worked up” kind of thing.

No. 1026696

I’m in no way a fakeboi or ftm but don’t you ever once in a blue moon ever ask yourself you might be a man? I’m not really much of a tomboy anymore but sometimes J just have thoughts about it

No. 1026697

no, because that's not a thing, but if i could choose to be a man i would

No. 1026698


>. I picture panic attacks to be more so of a “I genuinely thought I was having a heart attack but actually I was just so anxious and worked up” kind of thing.

This is correct. Some people now seem to use "panic attack" to mean "I was upset".

No. 1026703

No we don’t, having a mental illness isn’t a monotonous experience stop being dumb

No. 1026713

Sorry but if you spend your days making/sharing demented memes about trauma and wanting to kill yourself or your inability to function as a human (á la BPDandChill), you’re clearly more invested in the aesthetics of your mental illness than you are in actually taking any steps toward getting better. There’s “coping mechanisms” or “raising awareness,” and then there’s coming to define your entire identity by your disorder which means you’re more reluctant to actually do anything to manage or recover from it.

To say nothing of trends like TikTok teens discussing their tics, alters, or stimming techniques for attention. Romanticizing mental illness does indeed happen quite a lot. It doesn’t mean everyone who has a mental illness does it, but it does happen.

No. 1026719

kek ok, anyway retard, hope you understand that "romanticizing" pertains to romanticism
>: a literary, artistic, and philosophical movement originating in the 18th century, characterized chiefly by a reaction against neoclassicism and an emphasis on the imagination and emotions, and marked especially in English literature by sensibility and the use of autobiographical material, an exaltation of the primitive and the common man, an appreciation of external nature, an interest in the remote, a predilection for melancholy, and the use in poetry of older verse forms
sound familiar?

No. 1026756

File: 1642147456441.jpeg (76.59 KB, 700x1072, 0d85171f-862e-461d-928e-7bb62f…)

If you're super flat like barely an A I imagine it wouldnt really matter but maybe you're worried about nips too? There's decorative bralettes that I've layered with sheer thin strap shirts for the summer. I go for something 2nd colored to the outfit or white/black to match lots of tops. They add cute detail to outfits while still covering you. Pic related I'd buy with some white tops to layer, hell I might save up for it.

No. 1026759

is this free people? this is useless under clothing but weirdly kind of cute

No. 1026768

File: 1642147957870.jpg (179.83 KB, 883x1037, Utbt77yufg44e.jpg)

I guess it is, I just thought the pink lace detail would look cute if it peaked out around the shirt straps like this since I own a few that are similar.

No. 1026773

nona where is this top from? its so cute

No. 1026777

I came across an article a few months ago saying that some men do orgasm while shitting. Hilarious

No. 1026778

There are good quality strapless bras that don't slip. That or a cute bralette like anon suggested. But if you're super flat, just glue some pasties on and call it a day.

No. 1026781

File: 1642149119998.jpg (117.35 KB, 964x942, e566rvu.jpg)

American eagle and it's on sale

No. 1026787

thank you!!

No. 1026824

how can i get men to treat me more like a pretty lady and less like one of their dude friends?

i realized that men tend to treat me like i’m one of their homies, instead of a woman they’re interested in. not sure if that makes sense. i want men to treat me with respect, not treat me how they treat eachother.

i think it has to do with the way i act too, i’m trying to act more ~womanly~ and less like “one of the dudes.”

i think i’m probably way too nice to men, i have to start being rude, it seems to make them act better when you treat them like they’ve not human.


No. 1026832

go to a non anglo country cause only anglo guys treat any girl who doesnt look pornstar tier like a dude lol

No. 1026833

Can I ask the eyebrow lady to give me an eyebrow slit or would that just be an odd thing to ask?

No. 1026835

Thanks for replying nonnies!

No. 1026847

you can!

No. 1026848

I hate zip up hoodies so much. Lucky you, tiktok teens with fugly fashion senses are trying to make it a thing again.
I remember being in middleschool and wanting a normal non zip up hoodie SO BAD but not being able to find any. Fuck them

No. 1026849

kinda fucked up how my loser poorfag wardrobe is becoming trendy once im out of school.

No. 1026863

>maybe you're worried about nips too
Yes, that's exactly it, it makes me self conscious and uncomfortable so I can't go braless. Thank you for the reply, I'll look around!

I tried pasties but the ridges/rim show through the tops, makes it kind of pointless, maybe I just need to find a better brand. Thank you anon!

No. 1026889

File: 1642160983881.jpeg (70.04 KB, 976x549, FD0A62B8-D71B-47F5-81C4-FE39EF…)

I just realised I have the same facial structure as Greta Thunberg but with a weaker jaw fml. Anyway, what’s my face shape?

No. 1026890

Did you see the thread of /fa/?

No. 1026915

square maybe?

No. 1026931

Is there an alt to lsf and the twitch threads that isn't infested with moids? I just wanna see shit talk abt twitch stuff and admittedly a lot of it isn't "milky" so it's not as talked about in the snow thread

No. 1026937

Twitch thread reeks of PULLtards and parasocial retards that don't believe their twitch men can do no good. Maybe you could try GossipGuru? But I believe it would be the same as PULL website (I remember GossipGurs CutiePieMarzia thread, that was a ride kek)

No. 1026940

Why does my neck almost always hurt when I wake up? I sleep with 2 pillows & sleep on my back. I stopped sleeping on my side because I have a habit of craning my neck weirdly when I sleep on my side, which obviously causes pain. But just sleeping on my back, neck straight, I wake up and have awful neck pain. I only just turned 20. I feel like I’m way too young to have these problems. Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to do something in your sleep that fucks it up? I always wake up in the same exact position. I’m so confused and annoyed.

No. 1026955

File: 1642168020343.jpg (8.74 KB, 800x567, Sleep-on-Your-Back.jpg)

Maybe invest in a pillow designed to be comfortable for back sleepers? The one to support neck the most, maybe with memory foam too. I don't know if it's possible during covid but normally in mattresses stores you can try out different pillows and choose the one you like best. I'd say it's one of these things you should not save your money on and really go for something best suited for you even if it will be on the more expensive side.

No. 1026957

Why do my eyes hurt when I'm sick?

No. 1026962

the marzia thread is still going i think, it is so unnecessarily mean and nitpicky though.

No. 1026983

That's why I kek at it, it's the same as old SimplyKenna threads on PULL. Back then Pokimane had 200 pages of nitpicks and blog posting too after her milk dried out

No. 1026992

i almost miss PULL just because of all the blogposting and general idiocy, it was entertaining sometimes. i remember when someone posted a picture of herself in the belle delphine thread "imitating" her and she was just doing the ahegao face in a pink wig with the pic slightly blurred lmfao. embarrassment

No. 1027009

File: 1642171457264.png (2.99 MB, 1754x1428, Run.png)

What do you call this subgroup of fans?

They basically like undertale, danganronpa, omori and Persona, if it was just liking them it's one thing but they're all super fucked up, have weird OCs, make fucked up art, make up kinshit and tulpas , write smut fanfic, are under the influence or have mental issues, lgbt and race obssessed, have a shit ton of discord drama to even IRL stalking etc.

Obviously not everybody who likes these games falls into these categories.
just this certain group that seems focused on these specific games and act that way.
about 90% of them seem to be female and the remaining 10% seem to be MTFs

No. 1027010

The lack of attention from mommy and daddy club.

No. 1027014

Equal parts hilarious and horrifying. They really are defective in every way kek.
Thanks for the response anon.

No. 1027017

I know people who like all these things combined but don't do any of the things you mentioned

No. 1027027

Underage genderspecials

No. 1027031


No. 1027044

autistic girls

No. 1027077

File: 1642175924981.jpg (58.72 KB, 640x560, 1595623714640.jpg)

Who the fuck is Adam Dancy?

No. 1027083

plzzzzzz i want adam dancy lore. i cant write fir shiett

No. 1027101

File: 1642176413421.jpeg (275.47 KB, 1493x872, 585F1673-0FF9-400C-AEE6-C68BFA…)

Is this Chinese drama any good? I got it recommended on my YouTube feed, the name is “Miss the dragon”

No. 1027104

zip up hoodies are easier to take off tho and won't mess up my hair

No. 1027113

Lol no what the fuck. But it’s understandable to wish you were a man being a woman in this world.

No. 1027125

God the wigs on men are so ugly in these shows, they should just hire men with hair ffs.

No. 1027154

I know it's reddit but this is a huge list of decent strapless bras in varying band and cup sizes. Use their size calculator to get your correct size before buying anything though.

No. 1027170

With trans identification entering mainstream, and other women disidentifying, not odd at all.
People regularly have weird thoughts like that, i.e. being up high and thinking "What if I jumped?" The thoughts themselves don't mean anything, you give them their weight.

Be more feminine and more distant/less open around men, if you want a dude to act more trad around you then you yourself have to play
into that role. Can't do a total 180 in a short period of time or it'll weird people out you know, maybe try to say you're changing your style or whatever. Have a stronger circle of female friends. If you're from a culture where these rigid roles aren't as common then it's probably not going to work well. I don't think it's worth it to play a role unnatural to you and it seems helpful to see what these men are like to easily filter them out.

No. 1027260

I feel crazy and I NEED to know… Do those boba tapioca pearls digest? I was eating a little retarded brown sugar boba popsicle and my sister started telling me that I shouldn’t eat those because our stomachs don’t actually digest the tapioca pearls. I was caught off guard but after thinking about it for literally 10 seconds I called BS. She started INSISTING that she was right and she’s “seen news articles” about how people will have undigested boba in their stomach. It just sounds like such a bs meme like did you know we swallow 8 spiders a year when we sleep? Kind of shite

No. 1027264

I hate to break it to you but your sister is retarded

No. 1027267

Are they chewing them before swallowing? Sounds like they could have digestive issues if the whole thing is coming out.

No. 1027276

Your sister doesn't know what she's talking about. If that were the truth, I should be dead by now with how much I get boba tea kek

No. 1027308

She was making it sound like they just stay in your stomach like you can’t even shit them out.

No. 1027319

This reminds me of when I was little and there were fear mongering in my country about how china put plastic in boba to poison non-chinese people. Could be true lol.

No. 1027341

Is cecil mcfly really a tranny or were anons trolling about that?

No. 1027345


No. 1027379

Nah, tapioca is a starch lol it’s commonly used as a gluten free alternative in breads and stuff. Your sis sounds young or like she was fucking with you.

No. 1027481

File: 1642186611877.jpg (20.16 KB, 320x318, 1637288525921.jpg)

What are some good/highly-accredited universities that offer an English degree fully online? I got fucked over by my current uni's change of policy, and I'm not sure where to go from here

No. 1027489

If they're above 18 their very first experience with fandoms was Homestuck and they think being retarded online is normal out of habit.

No. 1027706

File: 1642191803173.jpeg (349.91 KB, 1641x1915, 3C411F0D-2AE2-4D4A-90FF-A7BA44…)

ayrt. I will admit that mbti isn’t accurate above a surface level, but it’s still fun to talk about

No. 1027720

File: 1642192156108.png (37.83 KB, 900x350, 5D7D78D3-D5CF-40AD-8B75-90BAA2…)

I really like this pic because its like me to build a robot boyfriend for valentines day

No. 1027744

What does it mean when only women call you beautiful, but never men?
They're not my friends or anything. Random ladies just compliment me a lot when I go about my day - some cashiers, hairdressers, that type of thing. However, even men I'm friends with refuse to pay me a single compliment. Even mundane stuff like telling me my hair looks good after a haircut. I live in Germany so I know men here are a little special, but I just get a feeling that I must be ugly and the ladies are all just being nice.

No. 1027752

Do you have unconventional style? Men are by and large basic bitches, so you're a lot more likely to get compliments from women if you're dressed in anything that isn't a crop top and shorts.

No. 1027768

I don't dress too unconventionally but I guess you could say I look very unusual in the face. I really hope that's what it is nonnie.

No. 1027802

You’re hot, men just don’t want to simp or whatever

No. 1027805

these descriptions are so hateful, i know its supposed to be a roast but..damn
Stacy behaviour

No. 1027826

They're really not hateful. You good, anon?

No. 1027833

i feel this, i've gotten a lot of random compliments from women but rarely ever men. if that many women compliment you unprovoked, barely even knowing you, you really must be making a good impression on them physically. i highly doubt it's the case that you're ugly and they're just being nice.
for myself, i used to worry a lot that i was just ugly and invisible to men but i think i just don't have the kind of looks or style that would have them randomly compliment me or try to flirt or anything like that. men not complimenting you =/= you are unattractive. i trust women far more on making these judgements anyway

No. 1027950

File: 1642204657563.png (525.23 KB, 1484x2152, B9DE3FA1-AD0F-40F8-A2EB-C60F9C…)

The descriptions for the mbti thread are way more harsh imho kek

No. 1027979

Straight men have only ever “candidly” told me I’m beautiful if they a) did something super fucked up and were trying to pacify me with some “you’re so beautiful I don’t deserve you” bullshit or b) cat calling. On the flip side I think there probably are decent men who would compliment you, but don’t because they don’t want to come off as disrespectful. Especially male friends, who think it’ll be interpreted as wanting to sleep with you.

No. 1028053

Is it tacky to wear glasses with a name brand on them?

No. 1028072

no, all glasses have a brand name on them. whether it's prominent and close to the front depends on the brand but commonly it will be visible and legible. focus on getting frames that look good on you and don't think about it.

No. 1028079

File: 1642216999297.jpeg (205.51 KB, 750x1370, 626F68BE-8C63-4277-90D1-5BAF8C…)

Why are tik tok ewhores like this? Like imagine selling a video of you pooping to a stranger online for $130.00 at 25 years old and thinking thats a flex. But genuinely what path do you have to go down to wind up like this?

No. 1028087

Mix and match: Mental illness, poverty, and a pretty face/body

No. 1028129

Also (possible): trauma, sexual abuse/assault, bad or strained relationship with parents.

No. 1028143

Imagine holding your phone in your toilet to film yourself shitting and then being proud of it.

No. 1028166

not really. outside of consoomer brands, mostly the name is printed on the inside of the legs (not prominent nor visible), if at all.

No. 1028188

Corporatefag anons: what’s your morning routine like? Is it like vidrel or the same ol’ “wake up, take a shit/piss, get ready, skip breakfast or just drink coffee then leave”?

No. 1028194

idk if I count as a corporatefag but most office jobs I've had started early (6-7am) so I'd do the bare minimum to get ready within 20 mins then have my coffee and breakfast at work

Fuck doing stuff in the morning tbh I can't relax if I know I've got work soon, may as well sleep instead

No. 1028196

When covid wasn't a thing, I went into the office but definitely did not have a routine like her. I also work in tech, so I wore casual clothes and no makeup. My routine would be: wake up, eat, shower, dress, leave to take the bus. Sometimes I'd omit food because I was late.

No. 1028211

I worked remotely even before covid. I just roll over in bed, grab my laptop, and start working. When I DID go into the office years ago, I had an okay routine, but I didn't have coffee or anything. I showered, did my makeup, and grabbed a granola bar to eat in the car.

No. 1028277

how come 99% of actresses have very perky breasts? do they all get stuff done or do they get "inspected" in hollywood by powerful weinstein types that give them work based on how hot they are?

No. 1028282

wdym anon they wear bras

No. 1028284

i was talking about nude scenes

No. 1028285

They'd screen breasts for nude scenes. I mean if they do it with models I can see them doing it with actresses.

No. 1028300

File: 1642239194230.jpg (104.34 KB, 375x500, cat phone.jpg)

Should I get a new phone?

My current one works, is only 5 years old but the screen is cracked and if I drop it again or a tiny bit of water gets in it's 100% dead because a small part of the inside is exposed.

But I'd be paying it off for 2 years and I tend to avoid anything that requires monthly pay like that. And if I want to pay for it instantly and in full it'll take out 1/3 of my savings.

Should I invest or not because I'm really torn about it. I mean I need a phone plan anyway, nor do I buy new tech unless the old one dies but ye.

No. 1028310

why don't you just buy a used phone from a mobile repair shop and switch your sim card? you can get a slightly newer phone that's not too fussy/gets the job done and you won't need a payment plan

No. 1028311

get gorilla glass screen protector if you want to continue using it. It will stop water from getting inside and possibly even the screen breaking more.

No. 1028314

Just do the monthly payments. That way, you don’t need to sacrifice your savings and it’s cheaper than buying it upfront .

No. 1028319

Just buy a cheapo android, maybe 2ndhand. Budget models have come a long way.

No. 1028321

absolutely do not do this. it will stop working within a year and become a laggy unusable mess.

No. 1028324

>mobile repair shop
I know what you mean but that's not really a thing here. Going up by one or two models is still sadly expensive but I'll take a look before making a decision

I already have one but the screen is broken at the corner where it's not fully covered and I'm worried that trying to swith it out would take out more parts of the screen

No. 1028340

I bought a just under 200 euro android model a little over 3 years ago and it works just fine.

No. 1028372

If you're ok with not having the latest model, you can look for new old stock of premium flagship phones. They will be brand new and still sealed in it's original packaging, it's just not the most recent model. It's cheap way of owning a phone with high end features and premium phones usually have much better build quality. Before you buy a NOS model check to make sure that it's still fully supported and can be updated to recent Android versions.

No. 1028380

thanks anons… I'm upset because she's been telling people who weren't there that I'm abusive and it really bothers me that people might believe her, but I know that those who actually know me will understand that I'm not, and my experience is supported by a) the fact that most people know she's immature and psychotic and b) over the past five years she has had irreparable fallouts (that ended in blocking and never speaking again) with NINE of her close friends. can't believe I missed all the red flags.

No. 1028459

File: 1642253018318.gif (2.45 MB, 498x455, tom-and-jerry-tom-the-cat.gif)

People trying to demonize you because you have a different opinion. I expressed I preferred some (controversial, disliked) writer over another (controversial, more liked) writer in a low register entertainment franchise (meaning it's all meaningless junk anyway) and somebody jumped at my throat, trying to tell me how morally bad that former writer is for writing immoral characters and supporting NFTs, and tried to make me into a bad person just for this opinion. Holy shit fandom nonnies, how do you deal with this absolute insane groupthink and puritan culture that modern fandoms have??

No. 1028480

Oh shit. Maybe a repair store can figure something out?

No. 1028519

What is this ability/process called in psychology (if it has a name)? When you talk to someone and filter out what they need or don't need to know and speak accordingly. Like, you know it'd be inappropriate to talk about your gynecological examination during a meeting or when you know that asking someone out on a date 2 minutes after you met would probably end up with a refusal. The opposite would be someone who has no filter at all and no concept of social etiquette.
Is this a sort of self-filtering? Or just critical thinking?

No. 1028524

Is there any reason people use VPNs aside from wanting to ban evade or if their country blocks certain websites?
Is there some greater privacy concern I should be redpilled about??

No. 1028561

Does anyone here have sidegigs like selling stuff on RedBubble or things like that? How saturated is the market and how much do you make?

No. 1028574

Why do horses attract so many weird girls/women?

No. 1028576

Wtf happened to /ot/ it's so slow

No. 1028603

Anons are too busy living their offline lives.

No. 1028630

Good for them

No. 1028632

I used to be a horse girl. I don't know everything about horses, but i think because most horse girls are lonely. Theres this concept that horses are to be bonded with and need a lot of trust and whatever.

No. 1028645

funny since now theyre finding horses possibly dont bond with their owner like dogs do

No. 1028648

Social awareness and lack of social awareness?

No. 1028661

>I worked remotely even before covid.
What was your job?

No. 1028664

Just get a different model, there's no reason to be paying above a certain number for smartphones nowadays

No. 1028666

anons, my college semester just ended. im kind of an extreme studyholic, so i feel really burnt out after each semester. but i also feel really guilty about not being productive and laying down all day for 2 weeks.
so im asking what you anons do when during your rest days, like how do you feel the days? i wanna learn anouther coding language but im seriously overworked and feel like its a bad idea.what can i do to not feel like a slob but actually be able to rest mentally?

No. 1028679

Why is OMOCAT thread on /ot/ and not on /snow/?

No. 1028706

Study how to best rest. Maybe learn meditation techniques, sth like that

No. 1028707

Daily exercise or just daily stretching, even if it's just mild
Pick up a new book, maybe check out the /m/ thread for recs
Do you have any deep cleaning to do? You might have neglected some rooms while you've been busy studying
Teach yourself a new recipe, learning how to cook a variety of things with a variety of ingredients is a great life skill. Or just bake for fun

How did you become a studyholic btw I almost wish this was my concern

No. 1028715

am i a lesbian if i’m only aroused by other girls? romantically i’m not interested in anyone really but really couldn’t picture myself in a lesbian relationship- only a straight one but i really don’t find men in any way nice to look at or to be around in any capacity

No. 1028717

What are some good ethereal and fantasy feeling songs similar to video related?

No. 1028721

Feral Hearts and blossom by Kerli. I love her so much.

No. 1028731

Not sure if it's ethereal, but definitely one of my favorite albums. More ancient & rustic fantasy sound.

No. 1028733

we need a new vent thread but im having trouble finding a good thread pic do any nonnies have suggestions?

No. 1028736

File: 1642269985480.jpg (114.25 KB, 750x958, Tumblr_l_1549800045645722.jpg)

No. 1028740

i love u this is perfect

No. 1028741

it fits

No. 1028745

Thank you both. I always overlook meditating but i might try to see if its actually something that works.
Btw anon, i became a studyholic through pure anxiety, after failing 2 classes ​and having to extend one semester.

I really hate sounding like a know-it-all motivational speaker, but heres how i did it. For reference, i went from a 2.16 semester gpa to 3.90ish the next semester (not cumulative gpa, obviously). And im an engineering major. I was 125th out of 229 people in my major and went up like 50 people that semester.

1) even if its extremely petty, find a reason to want straigh a's. I personally hate my major, so my reason to want straight a's was not academic related. Im in a very good university in my country (was good in high school, lost it after i became a uni studeny) but my friend who studies in a shit college always made sure that i knew his gpa was better than me, and he would always act like he's better than me. So i literally wanted to become better just to show that he is doing worse than me even in his shitty college. Its petty but im a petty bitch motivated by petty things.
2) tell urself that u'll push urself just for this semester. Once you see results, its addicting.
3) always have focused studies aka no notifications, no music thats too loud or upbeat. Just you and your work, and a 50 min timer (try 30 if 50 is hard). I use pomodoro timers online.
4) if you are in stem, NEVER memorize a solution. One thing changes in the question and you dont know how it should affect the result. Always know what you are doing, for which reason. Also if youre in stem, try to take one non-math/science course per semester. Humanities classes usually have less workload. If you hate humanities, take language etc.
6) you can skip class if the teacher sucks. But usually, i advice going to class. Also try to be a few classes ahead of schedule if you can. I finished a classes subjects 1 month before the teacher did (didnt go to class since the book was good at explaining). Was 40 points above the curve.
8) resolve mock exams or past years' exams multiple times. I would solve them like 5 times.
9) dont lose points on dumb stuff during semester like hw or attendance. It makes a difference.
10) dont skip sleep. Even if i have a final tomorrow, i always sleep at least 6 hpurs instead of studying all night. Its better to get up early and study, then to force ur brain to study at night when youre already tired.

If you ask for a study routine, i had around 4-6 classes per day most days. i would study 4 hours min. Projects/writing lab reports etc. are not included in these hours. If you just push urself until you see the results once, it becomes a habit.
Sorry for extremely long post. Im not a native speaker so hope i was able to express myself without sounding cocky. Its really not my intention. Im not particularly smart, so dont think that you have to "have it" to be a high achiever.

No. 1028754

>neatly numbered list
You can take the studyholic out of the classroom, but you can't take the classroom out of the studyholic

No. 1028756

Samefag. 4 hours studying on top of 4-6 hour classes, not including time dedicated to school work that doesnt pay immediately (likr coding. You can code for 5 hours and get like 50 lines of code. Those 5 hours dont count as studying to me).
I know its extreme and having 10 hours or school work everyday IS too much. But thats just what it took for me, an average student, to get straight a's in a top uni for my country (idk how it is in the us or europe). You dont have to push as hard tbh cuz im pretty sure i would get an a in most classes with less work too. Its just to guarantee. U can definitely achieve better results while studying less. I just take a long time to fully understand stuff.

No. 1028802

How do I make frog flavored split top bread for my enemy … Added points if you can't see the 🐸

No. 1028814

You have to be 18 years old to post.

No. 1028817

Late but Jesus, the restrict your bathroom breaks? Bleeding into your underwear, let alone your pants, is a really good reason to go. Try tampons plus the biggest pads you can find.

No. 1028818

File: 1642273960740.jpeg (3.13 MB, 4032x3024, FC7EB2CA-1A85-4371-A6B3-D5D3D4…)

Excuse me dude where are you going??? You’re a vine not a ladder! This boi is 18.5 inches tall and growing

No. 1028820

a rare emoji sight at the lolcow farm

No. 1028822


No. 1028823

Anon who asked, ily so much this was actually helpful! I failed badly before too and last semester I performed much better after forcing myself to study out of fear, but this semester I'm struggling keeping up again so reading this was really helpful in getting my motivation back. Thanks for going into detail.

I wish you luck in your major and hope you can enjoy your break nona!

No. 1028830

so cute haha

No. 1028837

Has anyone ever filed a complaint to HR? What happened and how did it go?

No. 1028842

Can people find your discord by your emailaddress or phone number? I just realized I had an old account attached to my e-mailaddress that has my full name it + when I logged in to delete it, it had my phone number for some reason. I remember the account in the first place because I received a friendship request notification on me e-mail (that wasn't there when I logged in) and I hate to think it was someone I know irl

No. 1028859

What's the complaint? If its workplace drama HR usually sides with whoever they personally like more.

No. 1028873

Is it really that bad to not eat after working out? I can't eat on the mornings because I feel sleepy after it, it's the contrary of getting energy for me (even if I have healthy breakfasts) but I want to start working out in the mornings to get it out of the way and don't get lazy at the afternoons. I eat well the rest of the day

No. 1028895

How to successfully cope with extreme scare reflex? It takes too much out of me and my therapist is too expensive.

No. 1028902

File: 1642278571748.png (33.41 KB, 352x316, ?.png)

How do you guys avoid your family seeing the doujins you buy?

I have a nosy family who opens my packages and always enters my bedroom. I plan on moving out as soon as I can but for now this is my situation.

No. 1028907

Pick up your packages at the postoffice. Don't display them in your room or put a lock on your door.

No. 1028914

I found a baby jumping spider, how/what can I feed it? I find the occasional fruit fly in my apartment but they're hard to catch. Is there a food I can buy at the store?

No. 1028927

No. 1028929

Of course it's not that bad, just eat when you want unless you're training to be a pro athlete who needs to max out every aspect of their nutrition

No. 1028931

I buy BL manga at the bookshop that only sell manga where I usually go, I never buy any of that shit online. I recently bought a new night stand with a lot of space, that's where I put them because everyone thinks I only put personal documents like my work contracts or my bills. Before that I put them in one of these boxes that can also be used as a stool but my family members tried several time to look inside because they thought they put their own stuff in there like the idiots they are. When I lived abroad for a semester I gave all of them to a friend who read them and gave them back to me once I came back because you never know.

No. 1028935

Aw hell yeah! Finally something i specialize in. Baby jumping spiders will eat almost anything. The easiest thing to catch imo are little ants. Make sure that everything you get is at least half alive but that they dont bite back. I crush ants jaws with a tweezer and feed my baby spiders that way. To catch fruit flies use a ziploc pag and throw them in the freezer for 20 seconds and it will become dormant. Little spiders have a hard time holding down a meal because they're inexperienced. You can buy crickets in bulk and they're cheap. Spiders dont eat every day, more like every other day and sometimes longer. Overall dont be surprised that your jumping spider becomes used to you. Theyre smarter than most spiders and they can memorize your face and routines.

No. 1028940

Does anyone know where i can find pirated versions of programs like zbrush and photoshop. Like a site or something

No. 1028942

Tell them that you are collecting stamps which is basically the most boring hobby ever and but them into the stamp folder no one will look for them

No. 1028947

Would it be wise to delete my discord after finishing college? I have most of my college contacts from it but I can’t stand them and I don’t play video games other than nintendo switch games

No. 1028951

Idk, what kind of exercise are you doing? If it’s running or some other cardio it’s probably not that important. If you’re doing weightlifting, then yeah you should probably eat something afterwards. Just drink a protein shake or something.

No. 1028980

gfxdomain co, cgpersia com, or getintopc com. the first two have links that have shitty limitations so i use real-debrid with them. getintopc com has something direct download links

No. 1028989

thanks for the reply nonnie!
bodyweight exercises, some hiit and light cardio, nothing too extreme, thanks!

No. 1029024

do any of you also get this thing where you listen to a song for the first time and you really enjoy it so you keep it on repeat for about an hour, but when you turn it off you can't remember how it sounded at all? this happens to me a lot

No. 1029025

Is there a good alternative to routines, be it things you have to do/study/etc? Every time I try to set up a daily routine, I always feel stifled like I'm micromanaging myself. I don't mind larger, general routines like a gym routine, where I go to the gym three to four times a week kind of thing.

No. 1029055

NTA, but same problem; you'd think so, but my father would be overjoyed that I finally started to pick up his hobby

No. 1029071

if you have bpd is it normal to not be over your ex who you internet dated after more than a year and still visit their social media every day? asking for me

No. 1029095

Always slow on weekends. These bitches have friends or something.

No. 1029099

Why are the people from master chef cutting the meat with a knife and a spoon?

No. 1029134

you hold the spoon by one end so the unliving animal remains cannot run away from you
im a chef

No. 1029202

In the states we have Mormon people and the Amish. Do other countries have any equivalent to those kind of people? Like weird sequestered religious communities that everyone is aware and mildly fascinated/horrified by

No. 1029209

pros and cons to dating a veteran that was in afghanistan???
>protective (good for apocalypse or financial collapse sparking WWIII)
>jacked (nice to look at)
>fucked up in the head (relatable)
>might kill you? (but all males are like this)
>jacked (could definitely kill you)
>fucked up in the head (in an unrelatable, male way)

i'm having trouble with figuring out if its worth it to try or if i should resign myself to dying alone

No. 1029214

Why do the french add unnecessary X's to the ends of words, it's all for high brow inconvenience and mystery

No. 1029216

How does he treat his mom or sisters

No. 1029219

thats a great question nonny. no sisters but he's spoken kindly of his mom once before. ig it needs more investigation

No. 1029229

Check his porn usage, anon. He might be porn addict and troon out on you down the way

No. 1029265

do you think it's possible to find a man with a hypnosis fetish or is willing to engage with mine that isn't a complete degenerate?

No. 1029268

I stay away from military moids on principle because the whole time I'll be wondering if he raped foreign women.

No. 1029270

you have a better chance of transforming into an actual toucan

No. 1029273

Well, whats scares me is basic things, like a knock on a door or the volume in someone's voice after a period of silence. It sets off my brain and automatically I jump and gasp and get angry for some reason. It actually interferes with my ability to exist with another person in the house without making them feel weird for doing normal things.

No. 1029392

Just the idea this person has most likely killed someone or at the very best case scenario, was 100% ready to kill someone would be enough for me to be too afraid to date him. The only military person I could date would be someone who's never went to any actual mission.

No. 1029431

It’s more likely that he raped women in his unit

No. 1029517

File: 1642339959962.jpg (111.62 KB, 750x937, 9a81454e53da7e671146310ba2b749…)

How do I set a routine and stick to it? I'm on a break currently and have a lot of free time, but this usually makes me very depressed, like when I have no routine and nothing to do. But I just can't bring myself to make myself a routine and follow it. I know it would make me feel better, I like order but since I know no one can enforce the routine, I just laze around and feel worse by the second. Any help?

No. 1029522

Write them down, make a checklist and force yourself to do them. Then, once you start to feel like lazing again, think about all the times you've wasted lazing and doing nothing in the past, and compare it to how much productive you are now. You decide how you feel about it after that. Are you feeling much better doing something? Or would you rather go back and laze while thinking of the things you wanted to do?

No. 1029528

Get a post it ot small white board and set small goals for yourself. Clean, organize. Read a book or learn something new, like a recipe.

No. 1029530

ntayrt but I struggle with the same and tried your method before but I guess I'm just not motivated enough beacuse thoughts "about all the times you've wasted lazing and doing nothing in the past" etc do nothing for me. I feel it but I just can't bring myself out of the laziness puddle. I guess I'm beyond help

No. 1029532

Start small and read atomic habits everyday for 15 min

No. 1029545

Hm, this actually worked for me in a few instances in the past because I was just itching to take off the post-it note and feel satisfied about it, kek. And organizing too, I didn't give it a thought but actually going through my stuff and put them more neatly will definitely help. Thanks. I've actually been taken over by a productive ghost today so I've cleaned up a bit already.
Thanks anons, I really, really don't want to waste this time I've got. I think when I kept my to-do out of sight in a notebook is when I kind of neglect it. It staring in my face will help, guilt motivates me. Spite kind of does too, kek. Anyways, thank you! I'll read the book, since reading is one thing I want to spend my time doing already.

No. 1029575

File: 1642345688358.jpeg (54.09 KB, 311x416, 98E02822-BACC-4041-B6B2-0AAEBB…)

Can someone use their magic to make it so my work closes in this snow storm? We are in the south yall. People -cannot- drive on snow and ice. I will pay you in cat photos and snow pictures, thank you

No. 1029580

How do i figure out if short hair would look good on me?

No. 1029589

File: 1642346892532.jpeg (2.94 MB, 4032x3024, 083E9BBA-7306-4AD3-849C-F8955C…)

UPDATE YOU DID IT YOU POWERFUL MAGICAL BITCH YOU MADE IT HAPPEN! DAY OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and the sleepiest boy thank u

No. 1029591

My guess would be to try styles like a faux bob? If you have clips you could clip and fold the hair at different lengths and pose for selfies to get an idea

No. 1029628

What's a smooth writing pen that doesn't have a felt tip that gets pushed in with too much force? I hate how regular ballpoints don't write smoothly. Yes I know this is autistic lmao.

No. 1029688

File: 1642352473440.jpg (43.11 KB, 1024x683, DSC_5745_65a9f17c-eac7-458e-a6…)

I'm a stationerytard/pentard too and can only write with specific pens kek. Picrels are my favorite, they are so smooth (gel pens)

No. 1029750

Thanks anon! I'm gonna check it out at the store soon

No. 1029761

File: 1642356045782.jpeg (50.06 KB, 400x400, 4924EF59-1C6E-4CAD-AEA4-CB9B7F…)

I use these gel pens and the sharpie ones, they make me feel nostalgic yet mean serious business lol

No. 1029783

Pilot G2 is a great, smooth pen, definitely the best experience of gel pens - the only drawback is that it's not water resistant.

No. 1029798

Are there any good water-resistant gel pen brands? I don’t want to spend $20 or more, if possible.

No. 1029919

Help what can I do to stay awake? I don't have caffeinated coffee. I need to pull an all-nighter to finish an exam.

No. 1029922

File: 1642366375435.jpg (22.87 KB, 600x450, d6ec860580cbebeb95ed3d3ce91834…)

lidl ballpoints with eraser caps.

got them cause they were super cheap , surprisingly haven't dropped them exactly because they are so smooth, already went through one blue pen and i regret not buying one more pack, hopefully they'll be available in my country soon again.

con is that the black runs a little bit more on the grey side and they're not super precise. i use them for drawing mostly but they're comfy for writing too. if they're accessible to you they're a great cheap find.

upbeat song and a little bit of excersize, just enough to get your heart going and to wake up your muscles. stretch from time to time. try and stay focused, you can do it!

No. 1029927

File: 1642366626337.jpg (3.81 KB, 400x400, 4550002794118_400.jpg)

I always shill these muji ballpoint click gel pens ever since I bought a pack in NYC.
Smooth as butter, blows Pilot G2s out of the water, honestly feels like writing with the hand of god

No. 1029929

File: 1642366770749.jpg (31.01 KB, 452x444, 51tdA ed49L._AC_.jpg)

Pilot Juice Up are some of the smoothest pens I've ever used!

No. 1029946

Nta, but do they come in 0.7 and resist smearing?

No. 1029950

Nonas who don't work from home, how long are you gone in a day? As in, when do you leave your home and when do you come back usually?

No. 1029955

Where could I get a good and detalied birth chart/horoscope reading?
I can pay for it.

No. 1029984

I leave at 8:30-9:10am, come back 5:30-6:00pm. My commute is 20-30 minutes each way.

No. 1030012

File: 1642379286234.png (30.81 KB, 469x526, bag.png)

Two questions.
First question.
How does one take cute pictures of myself? In the mirror I look pretty cute but when I take a picture with my phone (Samsung J3V)I look weird, like my face is long and my forehead is really really big.
Second question.
A friend gave me the O-kay to modify a bag she gifted me. I'm really into punk/goth/vkei shit and I planning to use black ink, a brush and a few black markers to draw some stuff. I already have some ideas but I wanted ask if anyone has any suggestions? Here is a pic of what it looks like.

No. 1030022

They sell rolls of black lace/plaid ribbon at craft stores, you can also pick up pyramid spikes or just normal spikes. You could hang beads or chains off of the zipper of the bag too

No. 1030026

As for the photos - either selfie stick or a different phone. A lot of phones have lenses that completely distort the way your face looks like, there are filters to balance it out but since it's just a filter it's not gonna look on point the same as you'd look in the mirror. Selfie stick would help in a sense of that from a distance the distortion won't affect your face so much

No. 1030028

To take flattering pictures of yourself, you should probably try taking pictures on natural lighting rather than artificial lighting, know your angles and best expressions, practicing on the mirror helps a bit but the camera always changes how you view yourself. And take pictures throughout the day, you may find an hour of the day more flattering than another. That mostly what I do.

No. 1030124

I’m an anachan and BPDfag and post in these threads a lot. I was in a medical ward in November because my weight and vitals were messed up but after I left I started eating once a day. Today I saw an acquaintance I hate/am obsessed with make a post about how they need to start eating breakfast and tagged it with some stupid “trigger warning: disordered eating” thing. It made me absolutely furious and in retaliation I messaged their best friend and completely bitched them out, called them names, told them my lowest recent weight and revealed I purge at least some of every meal I have which is true. Am I the bad person in this situation or is the other person wrong for being an attention seeking bitch?

No. 1030127

>Am I the bad person in this situation or is the other person wrong for being an attention seeking bitch
Yes and yes.

No. 1030192

What does the saying "size myself/sizing myself up" (or herself/yourself) mean? It's not in the context of clothing or anything like that so idk

No. 1030202

Is a bag a social construct?

No. 1030215

I believe it means kind of gathering information on the situation and measuring how to respond. I have only ever seen it in the context of being about to fight/compete with someone and checking them out to see how well you'd do against them. I've never seen it used in reference to yourself

No. 1030219

Even though I have been menstruating for well over a decade now I did not receive proper sex ed so pls don't laugh: how does the menstrual cycle work? why do I get PMS symptoms so long before my actual period? When is the point where my body is trying to get pregnant, it's before the actual bleeding right?

No. 1030227

You're a lolcow.

No. 1030236

No. 1030256

Haha, perhaps I should have gave context. I have a friend who studies humanities; he showed me an essay he was writing. Somehow, we were debating about gender and social constructs. I said I don't think gender is real, he said just because something isn't physical, doesn't mean it isn't real. He then said that emotions itself are a social construct, me liking bags are a social construct, bags itself are a social construct. So yeah, it left me pretty confused.

No. 1030273

Is he saying that someone liking something is a social construct? I don't really see or follow his logic. Bags literally exist in physical reality; people make them from all kinds of material which are sold or given away for other people to use or hold stuff or to decorate their outfit. You can argue that emotions technically are physical, as some parts of brains become more activated than others and hormones are released as an effect. Emotions also have a visible tangible effect on people, from one killing their friend due to anger or another whooping due to joy. I can't tell if your friend is obtuse or I'm just uneducated about philosophy or whatever this is.

No. 1030277

>emotions are a social construct
Failed logic, no they aren’t, a person can feel emotions even while isolated, boredom, sadness, anger, all of them, while intangible, are real to the person feeling them.
>Me liking bags is a social construct
Bags? Or purses? Because a backpack doesn’t have any assigned gender roles, they’re unisex, anyone can wear or not wear a backpack. Purses on the other hand do have a gender role assigned which is that they’re carried by women, in that case, you liking a purse, specially one that’s only pretty and useless, could be considered a social construct.
>bags are social constructs
No, because they have an utility other than being cute, unless you’re talking about a purse, of course, bags are used to carry things, they were created to accomplish a function, therefore, they can’t be a social construct, they’re not a vanity like makeup or purses.
At least that’s what I can get.

No. 1030282

Google how the menstrual cycle works for better details on the stages but basically
>uterus makes lining filled with blood and tissue in case of pregnancy
>egg forms in ovary and eventually falls down fallopian tube and sticks somewhere in the lining. This is called ovulation and is the peak time to get pregnant
>if no sperm fertilizes the egg within a certain timeframe, it dissolves and hormones signal the uterus to dispose of the lining. This is the period.
PMS usually occurs a week before the period due to changes in your estrogen levels. Some women get it 2 weeks before. If you find your symptoms to be intense you might wanna check with an obgyn to make sure everything's okay. If you want to keep track of the stages of your cycle to see when you're at the highest risk of getting pregnant, I suggest trying a period tracker app. I use Clue.

Hope this helps you.

No. 1030289

Thanks for the response anons, I appreciate it! We only brought bags up, 'cause I've mentioned in the past about how I like collecting handbags. He said that liking things is an abstract concept, emotions aren't physical, nothing is real in the material sense. I did say that bags exist physically, sure what we define as a "bag" is not concrete, but you can still use objects to carry other objects. He replied with, if an alien came into contact with a bag they wouldn't know what it is, so it must be a social construct. "If a tree fell over, would it make a sound?" and all that. Hmm, yeah I'm not sure why he argued nothing is material, yet gender is real. My brain has melted.

No. 1030295

>He replied with, if an alien came into contact with a bag they wouldn't know what it is, so it must be a social construct.
If an alien comes into contact with a banana, does it know how to peel it in order to eat it? Does it even know it can eat the banana? I don't think so. Is a banana therefore a social construct? Idk man sounds like he's spouting a load of bullshit lmao

No. 1030301

Is the HPV vaccine worth it?

No. 1030302

You should throw a rock in his face and tell him that because material reality isn't real, he shouldn't feel any pain. For a more serious thought, I feel like cavemen and neanderthal didn't really have a concept of the things we have in the modern day today. Yet they were able to think things through and make primitive tools from scraps of whatever they could find and use them. Are rocks and sticks abstract and not real because they haven't yet figured out how to work the two together?.Maybe the process before actual thought is abstract but the end result is real and therefore material reality? Idek. Just throw a rock at his head because gender is definitely a social construct (kinda. Ot but I had a quick questioning moment when I was tripping hard on shrooms where I had to check in with myself about ~gender stuff~. That's the closest thing I have come across for gender but that's it. I don't think about it. I still think the modern concept of gender is bullshit and very much muddied. Inb4 someone calls me trans)

No. 1030313

Willing to put money on the bet that he'll never finish his humanities studies. Seriously. He's too stupid to finish college.
He's spouting bullshit on the same level as new-age spiritualists when they try 'explaining' the world. Just pulling stuff put of the ass that sounds deep.

No. 1030380

Anything that lowers risk of cancer is worth it so yes.

No. 1030405

/his/anons, a bit of an esoteric (and rambling) question but

is it recently that cultures treat excluded ethnicities as having equally dangerous men and women? In Western countries where one race is overrepresented over the others in crime stats the vast majority (like 90%) come from the males of that group, while in contrast the females of that group would not have extremely high crime rates over females of other ethnic groups. Yet, when those "problematic" ethnicities are talked about in Western countries the women are typed as violent and dangerous as their men.

When I read 18th to 19th century Western autistic theories about races I noticed they don't have this mentality and generally treat the women of the race they're oppressing as much less of a threat than their men (and always treat the men as a "threat"/dominant no matter what) but still regard the women as having antisocial behaviors (like usually sexually promiscuity in their eyes). Are women and men in an ethnic group regarded the same in the current era because of something to do with modern gender politics and feminism erasing the distinctions between men and women in the first place?

No. 1030409

Female suicide bombers are steadily on the rise. I think that answers your question.

No. 1030410

I could see judging it for an religious minority where it was about warring with the west and are usually combined with their more unhinged scrotes, but pure ethnic wise no

No. 1030438

My depressive episodes are unbearable, the meds are only making them less frequent but not any easier, do you think giving weed a shot would be a good idea? I've read it can help short term and it's all I need honestly, a few hours break

No. 1030443

Honestly no. I used to smoke weed constantly and the most depressed I've ever been was on it. Sucked the life out of me and made me anxious all the time, although I was smoking 24/7 so that was probably a contributing factor.

Maybe just give it a shot, and try different strains. I found out later that indicas make me depressed and anxious, while sativas give me a more "classic" high. Also get a strain with a lot of CBD to balance the THC. A lot of the strains now days are tipped way in favor of THC despite that making it awful for "calming down"

No. 1030444

you expect too much nuance from bigots

No. 1030446

Is it worth making fanart for a franchise and publicly posting it if it means you have to engage with the fandom that you hate and that most of the shit you'll see on your TL is annoying coomer shit?

No. 1030447

That’s because men murder, men rape, men terrorize, men abuse, and men impose religion

No. 1030448

Where do you want to post your art? If it's on twitter there's a way to only receive notifications from people you already follow or even nobody at all, all the notifications from the people you didn't approve will be muted. Do you usually interact with other people in other fandoms? If ignoring people all of a sudden would seem weird idk what to tell you aside from changing your notification setting.

No. 1030450

on Twitter even when I do that it forces to me to see their retarded shit and it doesn't help half of their art is full of annoying troon agendas that makes me spite visit lolcow

No. 1030453

Why are DID fags not getting laughed at publicly? They’re so idiotic, is there even anyone out there who truly believes in their shit without becoming a DID fag as well?

No. 1030455

Thanks nona, that's good to know, last thing I would want is to make things worse so if I still decide to proceed with it I'll keep in mind your response and be very careful

No. 1030462

I'm sure most people are, but no one wants to be dog piled by mento ilness kids so they don't laugh about it online. Just like I'm sure most people are disgusted by trannies but keep it to themselves to avoid cancellation.

No. 1030468

This makes me wonder, is it possible online to get a presence where you have followers who aren't knee deep into cancel culture and the other cancerous shit but aren't alt right coomerfags?

No. 1030470

…in animated entertainment fandoms I mean (because thats where a lot of the puritans and weirdos go)

No. 1030476

avoiding english speakers seems to be the only solution

No. 1030488

how active are french fandoms of non-anime shit? french is my only second language kek

No. 1030501

is there a wrong way to hold the pen when you're using an art tablet? My pinky feels sore and weird because I've been drawing so much this weekend. I just started taking digital art seriously a few months ago so there's a lot I don't know lmao

No. 1030514

File: 1642428608005.jpg (64.6 KB, 480x758, BwkJonMwszVsSJeoAQRzTF-480-80.…)

No, just remember to take breaks doing hands/arms exercise regularly. And I guess get used to some pain every now and then, things be like that when you do one thing a lot

No. 1030520


Ok cool, it's just regular soreness and not "you're doing something wrong" soreness. Thanks for the infographic!

No. 1030529

You can also tune the sensetivity of your tablet so you don't have to press down as hard to get 100%. I have sensitive wrists and have it set up so it's at 100% with about half the usual pressure. You can also adjust it in some drawing programs like Clip Studio.

No. 1030547

How far apart does a relationship have to be to consider it a LDR?

No. 1030573

How do I forgive myself for making a careless mistake that could’ve been easily prevented? It’s been more than five years and I still can’t get over it. I feel so much regret and I don’t know how to leave it behind

No. 1030576

How come in the West, famous or fashion trendy men stopped dressing in flamboyant, elegant, or androgynous ways and now it's only LGBT men who do it? Korean/Japanese men still do it regardless of their sexuality.

No. 1030584

I mean the obvious is a reminder that literally everyone makes mistakes, but I kind of just don’t let myself think about it. I’ll have cringe thoughts pop up from 10+ years ago and I just “change the subject” in my head immediately. What meaningful change can I make NOW for things I did a decade ago as a teenager? Nothing, it’s just my brain being a jerk so I don’t indulge it. Eventually you do forget about it, you just have to stop remembering it first.

No. 1030609

Any anon want to enlighten me why asexuality is not real?

No. 1030614

Im sorry, but what the fuck justifies a scrum masters salary for a 2 day job training? In my company the starter pay is 80k and they have zero knowledge about programming. All they do is ask what you did and add nothing else to the discussion. Why the hell are they paid so godamn much for nothing?

No. 1030645

Is there any situation or culture where day drinking is considered normal?

No. 1030650

Some villages in africa drink a lot of alcohol just for fun. Like they do that daily.

No. 1030660

Wine with meals perhaps? Or you mean more drinking than just one glass of wine?

No. 1030667

Why are so many anons obsessed with forehead wrinkles? I don't even notice those things unless someone is intentionally making certain expressions.

No. 1030671

They're insecure about their own foreheads and want others to feel bad about their wrinkles too.

No. 1030687

What a stupid factor, this is meaningless unless you only want to weed out the surface level subhuman moids

No. 1030706

I have a structured settlement, but I need cash now? Please advise

No. 1030715

Nonas my upper left canine tooth grew super fucking weird, it's too high up and a bit in front of another tooth. The rest of my teeth also aren't perfect but I don't mind them, they're the acceptable level of crooked. My mum didn't let me get braces as a kid/teenager, so now that I'm an adult I genuinely don't wanna spend my adult life with fucking braces for years, just the thought of that makes me wanna cry. Is there any other solution that doesn't take as long as braces?

No. 1030767

I had a tooth like that too and I had to wear those braces that you only wear at night. I don't know if that works for adults too, but maybe it does and you won't have to wear braces all the time

No. 1030787

Where can I download Microsoft Word for free? I only need to use it to make one document and don't feel like paying $100 for the annual subscription. The browser version lacks some of the features I need.

No. 1030791

If you know how to download films etc with torrents you can look for a Microsoft one

No. 1030792

Military are all extremely fucked in the head, can't believe you're even considering him

No. 1030794

Have you considered just using Google Docs? I haven't used Word in like ten years lol

No. 1030805

why do so many people in first world countries barely consider apprenticeships when considering what they want to do with their lives? I will admit that apprenticeships aren't for everyone or for every job, but for some reason, a lot of people would rather go to uni/college without knowing what they even what to do, don't even bother learning about what graduates usually do with their degree. I will admit that I don't know what apprenticeships for art are like, but they seem more trustworthy than going to college/uni for it, or just degrees where you're on your own in general. I also find it weird that people take maths degrees only because they think that they'll get a 'serious, well-earning' job from it, even though most maths degree majors want to become researchers or academics

No. 1030806

anon i am also extremely fucked in the head, and unfortunately a large chunk of men my age (mid 20s) were all sent out on deployment at 18yrs old and came back a couple years ago. this one is the only male i've even entertained the idea of dating for like over a year at this point. like i know what you mean but also i can't date a neurotypical 24yr old dude that had a stable upbringing bcus there's a huge fundamental disconnect there, at least the military guy understands/relates to being fucked up against your will and having to deal with the aftermath of that

No. 1030809

Where I am apprenticeships outside forma; education aren't allowed because it gets abused by employers.