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No. 1016528

Vent to your heart's desire.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1010495

No. 1016529

I really hate my hotel room but I can't stay anywhere else for a month. The bed is uncomfy, when I take a shower the entire floor gets wet because it has a shitty curtain, the wifi isn't free (I just keep making new accounts to cheat the 30 min free wifi a day tbh), the walls are thin, the charging ports aren't anywhere near the bed, there's no bedside tables, the housekeeping hasn't washed my linens once even though the reception desk said they change them once a week, the bins are too small, the only desk in the room is also too small, the only chair is super uncomfortable and there's nowhere to put clothes apart from some hangers.
It's at least cheap but the problem is that it's the only hotel in the entire area so there are no other options. Just have to endure for another month I guess.

No. 1016530

Mom bought two huge crates of oranges, is upset they're rotting because neither of us can possibly finish them. I ask her why she even got these many and she says 'I didn't get them, I ordered them online.' GIRL THAT IS NOT THE POINT!

No. 1016532

just squeeze them into orange juice. you need like 3 to 4 oranges for one middle sized cup…

No. 1016537

I love thread pic

No. 1016538

I've been squeezing it for myself past few days but my mom doesn't like drinking orange juice because it doesn't give her the full experience or something. Will keep on squeezin'.

No. 1016540

File: 1641390223773.jpeg (346.83 KB, 750x625, C68D0972-52D4-41EA-88A4-B1E334…)

so I take the bus to college for my classes now and it happens to be all the way in the city and i don’t live in a bus-friendly area but the buses are still decent but i always have to get off of on the terminals and there’s so much smelly homeless people there. i just don’t want to be mean or rude because it wouldn’t have to be smelly or uncomfortable being there if my republican state gov actually did something for them but i just can’t i literally walked passed liquid human feces like why do cities like this exist??? why me??

No. 1016543

File: 1641390597842.gif (3.42 MB, 498x498, C107BA5F-5483-4995-8EE9-AC3FC2…)

as opposed to a lefty government that would just magically make homeless people disappear?

No. 1016544

So today I woke up with my inbox on my business e-mail getting bombarded with slurs like whore and threats by some butch. She didn’t rape me but I befriended her because I thought I shouldn’t accuse all butches of being as dangerous as scrotes even though I was raped by one.

What’s wrong with butches and why are they from my experience just as bad as scrotes?

A little side note but on /g/ in the lgbt thread there was a butch who was cruel about my posts/vent about a recent rape by a butch and she can screw herself and die of scrotitus.
I fucking hate scrote brains. Why do perfectly fine women decide to become manly and think like a man? I don’t even mean the cursing like the sailor part but the whole harassing, abusing and literal rape part.

No. 1016551

Fuck the gate keeping violent lesbians, they all suck. I’ve had really aggressive butch lesbians harass me too… 4 of them have become FTM as well. Lines up. The worst part is, they go out of there way to be a scrote, and treat women terribly.

No. 1016552

But also save the emails, incase it escalates and you need a restraining order

No. 1016553


i’m an american anon liberal left-wing people here are practically lukewarm republicans, but what are you even talking about? i don’t want them to disappear i want their entire inhumane condition to disappear

No. 1016554

I sent my mother some childhood pictures and after sweet words and I love yous she had to ruin it by saying your hair is as ugly as mine you're gonna get bald
Why do you have to put me down in your little special ways why narc mother why

No. 1016555

why are you in a hotel room, nonnie?

No. 1016557

My boss keeps scheduling me for under 6 hour shifts so no one gets a lunch. cunt

No. 1016559

File: 1641391970253.gif (4.09 MB, 140x140, 1623516505452.gif)

For xmas my grandad sent me a box of chocolates that were quite fancy. I opened them in front of my mom and she convinced me that I didn't need more chocolates because we already had plenty in the house for Christmas celebrations, and I agreed to put them in the cupboard so she could donate them to the foodbank.
Just now I realised she ate them all instead of donating them. Not even a big deal I just really liked those chocolates and I wanted to eat them

No. 1016561


Mother's are so backhanded and sneaky yet we're supposed to trust them with our secrets and stuff lol. She could have just asked for some, but that would be acknowledging you as an adult

No. 1016563

this gif is so cute, do you have a bigger version by chance? lol

No. 1016566

File: 1641392917105.gif (2.11 MB, 320x240, monkey soup.gif)

sorry I don't nonna, however I can offer you monkey enjoying soup

No. 1016571

i have no idea if this is an option but i feel like maybe you can juice it then put it in the freezer? to use later on for baking (cake made with orange juice is reaallly good). idk if freezing juices is a bad idea tho.

No. 1016586

i will accept it thank you!

No. 1016595

my liberal home city Seattle spends lots of $$$ on the homeless and it just made the situation worse.
it seems that the way to really solve the problem is to create "rehab camps" and to force the homeless to either enter the camp or leave the city/go to jail. But people don't want to do it cuz it's "inhumane"

No. 1016597

oranges can be frozen anon. You can freeze the whole damn thing without peeling it if you want to.

No. 1016602

Why didn't you guys tell me this sooner?!

No. 1016606

I spend about a week and a half every month with my mom so she won't be alone in her isolated small town, just doing chores or crafts, or things she couldn't manage alone like furniture moving or painting. I feel selfish sometimes when I drag my feet on leaving, even though I love being with her. I'm just so lazy, I wish I could hang out unshowered in pajamas all day today instead. I wish she lived closer, too. The drive is almost an hour. I don't mind the drive at all, it's super comfy and I could do it with my eyes closed, but it'd be easier to just see her daily instead of coming and staying for a week at a time. I think in the future, we'll live very close to each other. That's the unspoken plan.

No. 1016619

File: 1641396476865.gif (12.73 MB, 498x498, monkey-eating.gif)

Contributing a cute monkey.

I think the problem with homelessness is that most of them are mentally retarded, severely mentally ill, severe drug addicts, or some combination of those. There's just not a lot you can do for these people unless you literally revoke their civil rights and arrest them to put them into some kind of long term, often permanent, involuntary confinement/treatment facility.

That's not a place many people are willing to go. I think it's because our culture worships the idol of free will, and in the past such facilities have too often attracted sociopaths and sadists who saw this population as a chance to live out their awful desires. There's also always the issue of funding. Why spend a fortune on these hopelessly dysfunctional people, instead of spending it on schools or elderly care?

No. 1016622


No. 1016623

But you just want to dumb them on the street? A lot of homeless people don’t necessary start that way and if they do it’s a very complex problem. I’m so tired of explaining this like anon use your damn brain

No. 1016628

File: 1641397193194.jpeg (300 KB, 960x960, 51D766CC-BF98-4296-97E6-15E7A1…)

>rehab camps or go to jail

anon wants homeless people to go to camps, incredibly sus

No. 1016629

I don't think there is a good solution.

No. 1016637

just providing roof and shelter is not automatically making a place an extermination camp though

No. 1016639

If you don't lock them up they'll wander off, steal, vandalize or attack each other.

No. 1016640

Improving social security is the solution.

No. 1016641

Because I've had enough of living with my horrible hoarder father. Working on moving in with a friend who is very supportive but can't do it asap because I have to wait to get my second vaxx to move.

No. 1016643

i wanna put a fucking knife through my ears so fucking bad i hate misophonia or whatever oh god im actually fuming with rage

No. 1016647

I hate, hate, hate confrontation so much. My therapist (I know lol) asked me today when the last time was that I confronted someone about something and I can't even remember. I don't know what happened to cause me to grow up to be so spineless but it makes me physically uncomfortable to be anything other than sad or happy. I challenged myself today to try "confronting" something by asking my friend about something that I was uncomfortable about and now I am waiting for her response and feel so restless.

No. 1016648

Get silicon ear plugs off amazon. I work night shifts and they have literally saved my life.

No. 1016649

unsolicited advice incoming: try to drown it out with stuff like this, nonnie. in my personal experience I would get upset at noises (sometimes shit that wasn't even there, just my own loud thoughts) and the misophonia or whatever was likely displaced aggression. try to remove yourself from the area for a bit and do some relaxing things. maybe come up with some kind of mantra to remind yourself to calm down. don't end up with some kind of chronic rager condition.

No. 1016654

i need to buy some. i lost the last foamy/spongy earplugs i had, i was helping this lady with some computer stuff and she kept mouthbreathing and chewing gum right near me, i actually wanted to cry or kms. its over now but my brain keeps repeating the noises even still.
i appreciated the advice the nonnie, i need to tackle this head on instead of passively seething badly. i always worry of coming across rude with earphones in but its better than accidentally snapping at some poor sap one day or bashing my head against the wall repeatedly i get so, so rude when i get irritated by the noises and even the slightest saliva noises drive me up the wall… and then the person is confused why im acting so snappy suddenly, its a horrible trait. i need to get a hold of myself i can barely socialize because of this…

No. 1016663

I hate that I always need the threat of an approaching deadline to get shit done. I couldn't have been fucked to focus at work until I realized that a deadline is next week and suddenly I am productivity incarnate, although in a neurotic form

No. 1016666

I always struggled with that and eventually it turned out I have ADHD, doesn't have to be the same in your case but worth looking into

No. 1016674

The most annoying part about having a pick me mom is they will spend all their money on their sons then come to their daughters crying for money lol
My mom recently got 16k and spent every dime of it on another one of my brothers business ventures but now she's coming to me trying to guilt trip me out of money. I can never save any thing because of thus greedy bitch.

No. 1016676

Why do i get such awful fucking menstrual cramps after working out

No. 1016677

tell her to ask her succesfull bussinessmen-sons for money kek

No. 1016691

Tell her to fuck off. Politely of course.

No. 1016693

My older bro (with a decent income) bleeds my dad dry. I have a low income and don't. It's been like this for the longest time. He's 36 and it'll seemingly never end. Then my dad tells me all about my brothers holidays, his home improvements etc. I've been told my dad is leaving his house to my brother and not to me… why? No idea but he dropped that real casual. Thanks dad.

I don't have a mom anymore but she'd be pissed if she could somehow see what's been happening with him. I pray my dad never loses his remaing brain cells to old age because he's just an endless leech who'd take full advantage if the likes of dementia ever happens.

No. 1016696

Your dad literally doesn’t care and still favors him over you yet you still wish him good. I can’t help but admire you for that because i have a similar dynamic in my family and I literally wish they never find happiness because of how much it angers me

No. 1016698

My mother put every personal thing and every memorabilia my brother owned in the bin, basically erasing him and I'm feeling guilty. I'm feeling guilty because I didn't see it coming, guilty because I couldn't do anything to stop it, guilty because I trusted her and guilty because I will never have contact with her ever again. And the worst part is, there is not one single positive memory I have including my mother, it was never nice with her and still I feel guilty for leaving her behind, even though she doesn't care for me and never loved me. The easiest way would be if she would just die.

No. 1016706

File: 1641404033141.png (4.36 MB, 1792x828, 6F62B24B-CEC8-4412-A1FA-2F122F…)

i genuinely can't tell if HRH collection is a troll and it makes me livid with confusion

No. 1016707

File: 1641404043624.jpeg (190.93 KB, 1024x683, 6CCF4E33-82AB-4797-ABFF-331A0A…)

Agreed. I live in Seattle and can say the only way for this to be fixed is to take these people off the streets and put them into facilities where they can be helped. People who don’t live in big American cities won’t get it; the problem is mental illness and IV drug use. These people are violent and a health hazard to the public due to needles and shit left all over the street. It‘s cruel to let them suffer in the streets like this and it’s unfair to the rest of the population who have to deal with the verbal and physical attacks while just walking or waiting for the bus.

No. 1016711

Wtf…how do people end up like that, and bu choice? Community? Access to drugs? What if they’re voluntarily avoiding participating in society ?

No. 1016715

I wouldn't know about in the states but in my city in Canada right now we're having a rent crisis where the rent has been hiked so high, no one can afford to live. Whole families are being evicted, and during a pandemic. One guy had his place literally demolished because the landlord wanted to renovated. We haven't had any tent cities before but now we do, but apparently rent control isn't the issue according to the local government.

No. 1016718

Hey! I FOLLOW HER TUMBLR ! love Kristina she’s the best.

No. 1016721


What a throwback, I used to follow her back in the day and seriously die when I see ugly fatties with pronouns going crazy for her, like you think she be way tooo "problematic" for them, but lbr those girls just wish they were skinny enough to have a mean girl phase that's why they're on twitter acting depraved everyday instead

No. 1016722

I want to die. I've wasted 28 years of my life, I've amounted to nothing. I'm a burden on society and my parents, I have barely any skills and I feel like I'm getting dumber by the day. I have barely any interests, and I don't think I can cope by choosing any of the futures that are still open to me at this point. Not even the thought of my parents' sadness upon hearing the news affect me that deeply anymore, I just want out, I don't want to think, I don't want to feel.

No. 1016729

You sound really young and sheltered.

No. 1016739

Shein, aliexpress and all those other shitty direct from China online stores should be fucking outlawed.

No. 1016743

File: 1641406307068.jpeg (42.73 KB, 469x679, 7AFBF34E-7185-4166-8D34-82EA38…)

I haven’t followed her for long but she cracks me up. She reminds me of Lucile Bluth from Arrested Development kek

No. 1016756

cute if girl. if not, ugly.

No. 1016757

Is this a joke or are you retarded

No. 1016786

I just discovered something that I’ve always known but never processed. People actually expect you to market yourself to them when you first meet. You’re the product, and you should have a pretty good pitch, and if you’re the sort of person who can’t pitch yourself you’re going to have trouble with the social aspect of your life. Not only that, but those rare ones who might catch a whiff of something interesting in you will probe and poke around and wait for your pitch accordingly, and if you do not deliver it and their hopes are let down, you’re an NPC.

I never truly realised this. I’ve always known it, but I’ve never understood its extent. Not until a few months ago. I met this girl, and she’d always go above and beyond to pitch herself. She wouldn’t show me who she is, she would tell me: she would tell me about her boyfriend and her best friend who’d she hang out with all the time and her father and her abusive mother and the tattoo she wants to get. Slowly, with a crawling unease, after I thought I had formed something of a friendship with her, I watched her interact with other people—and the thing that’s supposed to be there, the careful but easy going manner with which you treat strangers, it wasn’t exactly there. Or it was there, but it was a pitch, and I watched as she pitched herself to strangers with the same stories and the same jokes as she pitched herself to me, and I was suddenly extremely uneasy. Because that switch between strangers and friends, those levels of familiarity that you scale your behaviour and interaction with people by, it wasn’t there. And then I watched her talk about she thinks this guy is a hollow NPC because she tried prying anything interesting out of him and it never came out, “I think he likes sports or something, but he’s empty”. Failed to pitch himself to strangers. And then I realised how the more she tried getting a pitch out of me the most I instinctively drew back, because I always get kind of wary with people who look for identifies, and I am even more wary when people try to sell me something. I’ve always hated advertising. But I’ve never thought about why it works so well, especially with her; because every good ad has to make you identify with it, mostly through shared aesthetics or objects. And the way these people pitch themselves, where they’re the product, there’s this little space they offer, perhaps of friendship or whatever, and that’s where you identify, I think. And now I can’t help but go around thinking everyone expects a fucking pitch from me.

No. 1016788

i think you're autistic. no one expects anything from strangers, except maybe narcissists.

No. 1016794

tl;dr i assumed the owner of a discord server knew who this super-obscure character was (as they posted a few pictures of them) and tried to start up a conversation about it; she didn't actually know.
that's fine. i then tried to get out of it by going "oh wow i haven't seen her in a while so it was pretty nostalgic," but she asked to learn more. in a super disinterested way though. so i gave a very short description & then she and a mod said they were "totally gonna check it out but it's like uhhh 3am right now :')" idk it just annoyed me.
people always do this, you don't have to lie and say you're going to check something out that everyone knows you aren't/make it seem as if i'm pressuring you to do so. god

No. 1016795

You can think about it like that, or accept most people don't like being friends with people who have the personality of wet cardboard. Everyone has rich inner lives and interests, but no one else will be fully able to perceive that. It's crux of the human race. So, yes you have to tell people about yourself if you want their companionship.

No. 1016797

They're just being nice.

No. 1016804


Wait, no maybe I am retarded because if that’s who that is the the image, I had no idea they are trans? Like I downloaded tumblr because I’m sick and bored, and stumbled on some funny posts.
Please enlighten me though

No. 1016805

Keep practicing socialization

No. 1016810

..unless you live in a very straight forward, blunt culture, that's generally the polite and socially acceptable way to deal with a situation like that anon.

No. 1016811

HRH collection is Alexandra Peirce. I don't think she has an active tumblr.

No. 1016820

I get that often but I don’t think I am autistic.

It’s not just that. Not “interests”. You’re curating an entire personalized image. It’s like having specific acts to perform in front of specific people to broadcast a certain image. What kind of creeps me out is seeing the same acts that were performed for you performed for other people. It’s so mechanical. And why should anyone trust advertising, anyway? It’s parasitic.

No. 1016822

>I get that often but I don’t think I am autistic.
Everyone has many masks they wear for different occasions. Sociology 101.

No. 1016835

This isn’t the same person? Sorry anons I’m real feverish. It links to a video on her blog

No. 1016836

well that's annoying. in the past i've made an even bigger fool of myself by asking them how they liked the thing they said they'd check out
how hard is it to just either
a.) not say that (something i do all the time)
b.) come full out and say it doesn't seem like something you'd be interested in?
i get that not everyone is an autist like me but damn come on

No. 1016840

I don’t think anons really got what youre talking about. I know exactly what you mean, anon.

No. 1016841

I just want to die honestly. My life has been nothing but misery. I'm barely functioning. I want to kill myself soon. Thinking about downing Ativan and alcohol. Can barely work anymore, and my home life is horrible. Every time I start a job it makes me feel worse again

No. 1016842

You dummy. That's transwoman from Serbia, not youtuber and business owner Alexandra Peirce. Are you the anon who thought a Fruits magazine streetsnap was another nonna here, and then dirty deleted lol?

No. 1016843

Nope I’m just another dummy way to sick to think. Sorry, I’ll just see myself out

No. 1016844

I know it sounds funny, anon, but I genuinely don’t think I’m autistic. I’d say I read people’s emotions pretty well. I relate to some parts of it like the obsession and having trouble making facial expressions/making conscious effort to performatively make facial expressions but I don’t have sensory issues or experience things like hating the feel of certain fabrics on my skin. I can’t tolerate the sounds of people eating or breathing but that’s normal. But I can certainly read a room and I am privy to social games.

>Everyone has many masks they wear for different occasions. Sociology 101.

Exactly! I am not saying that’s not true. I’m saying that sometimes people have a deck of masks and they’ll personalize it according to their audience and sometimes they’ll use the first or second mask—that they used for you—for other people too. And they really know how to wear that mask and perform in it and it makes me uneasy seeing what was performed in front of me performed for somebody else because that distinction is blurred. The distinction between the validity or genuity of masks. And now I can’t read the person at all or deal with them in a way in which all my manners are pulled extremely taut because I don’t know whether they’re performing or not performing for me or whether they like me or whether they’d like to set themselves on fire. Even your mother and mine gently alters her tone when speaking on the phone, and how do you deal with a person that alters their tone for everyone else including you? You can’t even tell if they like you. Or you think they like you but it was just the tone.

No. 1016848

It's okay, it happens to everyone. Get some rest nonna.

No. 1016849

tired of community college honestly, I really want to drop out what do I even do, what is even the point of living if it’s just continuously unbearable for me

No. 1016853

anon I’m not saying you should kill yourself but if you want to free yourself, free yourself

No. 1016854

I did not acquire language properly as a kid because I was severely abused, had head trauma on several occasions, I was drugged up constantly in the most important years of my development and I did not receive proper socialization. I think the parts of my brain responsible with language acquisition and language organization have not developed and there is absolutely nothing I can do now that I am almost 23 besides live in chaos and pain that I cannot properly get my point across due to this issue. Everything that comes out of my mouth does not even represent what I am thinking and 99% of the time people misinterpret me or do not understand what I truly want to say due to the fact my language acquisition is completely fucked. I was just reading on the effects of abuse and language development and if you are abused and under socialized in the first 8 years of your life the brain parts responsible for language development will be forever fucked. I read a lot, I actually read a whole fucking lot and it simply does not help me. My mind understands the ideas, remembers them, but I simply do not memorize information in words. My mind cannot think in words and I cannot have inner monologue. The way I think is in images, deductions, diagrams and complete abstractizations. I can think words, but never entire sentences. It's so hard for me and I'm so frustrated. I just want people to understand my ideas and not sound like a fucking retard. Even when I was in school I always sounded like a fucking retard when I had to talk and what others would understand would be opposite from my actual real thoughts, knowledge and what I wanted to express. It's so fucking frustrating, I genuinely know a lot of things, but now I am afraid of talking. Everytime I talk others understand something completely and entirely different. It's so annoying, almost like all my potential is suspended in an abstract realm and my brain has been so fucked from abuse that it cannot handle my consciousness.

No. 1016870

Until the world goes full LCL soup, you'll never never know. Altering your tone, acting the same (or different) depending on who you're with is literally normal. It's being human. Some people do it consciously, most don't. It doesn't mean they're any less genuine. How do you want people to act?

No. 1016873

I'm guilty of saying this all the time and not following through. The thing is that I do genuinely want to check out whatever was recommended to me, I just don't have the time or don't feel like getting into something new right at that moment. That's just me personally though.

No. 1016880

A lot of people are more visual and don't have much inner monologue. I think there have been some studies showing it's just a different way of thinking. So, even if your issues stem from abuse, "normal" people experience it too. Also, you seem to be able to express yourself pretty well in writing.

No. 1016885

I'm so jealous of people who get better treatment and more opportunities at work because they're neurotypical and more communicative etc. Like, in terms of skills I'm no worse than my coworker, because I do everything she does, but she gets almost all the attention because she's very extroverted and nice and that's the kind of people they want as members of their team, so they want to give her a contract, while I still be working through an agency, at least for now. I don't want to tell anyone I'm autistic and I tried many, many times to sit with them and talk but I suck at this. I don't know how to talk about things that aren't my special interests. I don't have the knowledge either. It's awkward when they all smoke and talk during breaks and I sit quietly, don't smoke and look at my phone. But if I don't sit with them it's also awkward because I'm the only person that stays inside and they're like why don't you come with us. I had two people telling me I should go to a therapist and work on myself because they noticed each day I'm getting more sad and I'm creating problems for myself, seeing obstacles where others don't yada yada yada. I have an autistic burnout and being around other people takes so much energy I'm starting to dissociate at work. I've been to therapy and it didn't help me. I tried to explain this to one person but they just don't get it. I'm afriad I won't be able to keep this job.

No. 1016891

Communication is a learned skill too nonna, don't be too hard on yourself.

No. 1016892

This will sound fucking retarded but on new years eve I did a tarot reading, one card was an overview of the new year and I got the tower. I didn't think that much of it but since January 1st I've been sicker than I've been in years (I didn't do anything on nye) and now the guy I've been dating tells me he's moving to another country for half a year and I just.. Man what did I do? I know it's probably a coincidence but it's freaking me out

No. 1016907

I know but I've been working there for like 7 months and I feel almost the same like the day I started my work. I'm not so afraid of them anymore, but I still have no idea what and how to talk

No. 1016916

i wanna a-log every time a see a retard anon thinking she's slick with her humblebragging

No. 1016918

There are whole guides and books written about how to talk to people. You could even youtube search for it, there's seriously tons of videos on the topic if you want something that's a little more accesible to get into. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+talk+to+anyone. First get the knowledge then put it into practice and get the experience. I know it isn't easy, I was an social anxiety ridden wreck myself before but you can definitely do it if you're willing to learn and put yourself outside of your comfort zone. For me what made a big difference is just copying others, the way they behaved and what they talked about.

No. 1016925

>copying others
I tried that many times anon, and after some time I felt terribly drained and it made me want to kill myself, I was forcing myself to be someone else, my whole body and mind felt fake, I didn't do or say a single thing that gave me emotional or intellectual satisfaction. So what if I put a semi normal performance in front of people, if after that I felt so angry and tired or sad that it made me want to end myself?
I will check the guides though

No. 1016930

i feel so pathetic and worthless after i jerk off i hate sexuality i wish i could remove those organs completely(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1016955

I fucking hate my uni course. I love the work placements and have spent too much effort to quit, but it’s unbearable. The course leaders are trash and take no criticism, despite them ruining our placements, assessments and offering shitty replacement sessions. I’m so sick of us all being told to “be professional” despite us paying 9k for this shit. The course reps are just pussies too, and suck ass just in hopes they can be teachers pet. They preach being kind and respectful when they get complaints but when you tell them in confidence you are struggling they laugh at you, call you unprofessional, tell you it’s just part of the job or threaten to kick you from the course. I have no issue when I’m actually on work placement, it’s just these fucking shitty lecturers. Omg I need to finish uni, I hate it so much I just want my degree ffs.

No. 1016966

what are you stydying anon?

No. 1016982

primary education, which I love but have quickly learnt that maybe I should’ve taken a different route than uni.

No. 1016996

I lost my virginity 14 years ago. I bled the first few times. I then bled a few more random times in the following year. Strange. I got into a relationship and realised the bleeding is ongoing. I got paps, I got scans. Nothing. In my next relationship it started to get in the way again. . back to get the same scans. Shrugged shoulders. I noticed it happened more in the week before my period so at least I could somewhat avoid it.. nope.

I just had a orgasm as warm up and then gently used a small toy. It's halfway through the month and within a minute I looked like I was on my period. Bright red blood. I cleaned up and I cried. I give up. Its getting worse. Nobody cares. Nobody can find a reason. I don't even want to deal with it anymore. Intimacy issues have already cost me two serious relationships.

No. 1017005

Damn, did I write this and then forget about it?

I’m autistic too. Every time I find myself in a new work/study group I try really hard to fit in and be social but somehow it just never clicks. I’ve actively trained myself to make small talk and get people to talk about themselves but it never goes further than that. Any attempt to share something about myself is met with blank stares and awkward pauses in conversation. I’ve been told I don’t “seem” autistic but it feels like people can tell there’s something wrong with me anyway and only tolerate me as long as I stick to smiling and nodding and don’t actually try to involve myself in conversation.

I wish I had something more helpful to tell you, anon. But the truth is that despite my initial resolution to be social this time and make friends this time I always end up sitting alone at lunch because it’s all so utterly draining and I don’t get anything out of it even when I try my hardest. At least when I keep to myself I don’t burn out as quickly. But then I get labelled as “that weirdo who won’t sit with us” and it gets even harder to connect with people. It would be easier if it were only the first impression that counted but no, we have to keep the mask up at all times.

>I had two people telling me I should go to a therapist and work on myself

>I've been to therapy and it didn't help me
God, same. People keep telling me I should go to therapy and fix myself but I’ve seen many different therapists since my diagnosis and every single one of them has admitted that they don’t really know wtf they’re doing with regards to autism. They keep trying CBT but don’t take into account that autism is a neurodevelopment disorder and something like burnout can’t be avoided by thinking positive thoughts.

I hope things improve for you, anon. I could tell you to keep putting yourself out there but in my experience, it really depends on the kind of people you’re surrounded by. If it doesn’t click then maybe it’s just not the right place for you. I have autistic friends who have managed to befriend their coworkers and are very happy in their workplaces so it is possible, but it will probably take some trial and error to find the right place for us.

No. 1017018


No. 1017021

I know you said you already got paps anon, but next time you see a gyno you should ask them about ectropion cervix/cervical ectropion. I have this condition and my experience with sex is very close to yours. Basically, if you have an ectropion cervix the soft cells that are normally inside your cervix grow on the outside and they can be damaged and bleed easily during penetration, no matter how gentle you are about it. I am not trying to diagnose you on the internet of course, but it might be worth getting checked out for.

No. 1017059

Just alog anyway, is fun

No. 1017062

This sounds like my uni. Wish I went to a russel group

No. 1017089

my ex gave me a complex about me bringing up/talking about my period too much. i don't think i even brought it up too much… the most was when we went on a weekend trip and i'd just gotten my period before leaving, and i spent the entire time in cramps and just being a bit moody because of his general uncaringness toward me. i said something and his response to it was "yeah i know, this entire trip has been about your period". it was just really weird and now i don't know how often to bring up my period to my new boyfriend.

No. 1017095

So asking someone about their weekend or how the kids are or general dumb small talk makes autistics suicidal? Damn, you nonnas have it worse than i thought.

No. 1017100

BUMP DONT SCROLL someone is posting gore

No. 1017104

I think it's gone now phew

No. 1017109

Write a book, i really like your prose

No. 1017110

yeah no it's not

No. 1017113

I may ask about that stuff but the point is the conversation never goes any further, because that's when my script ends, and I get suicidal because I know my efforts are always fruitless, I just waste my energy

No. 1017115

File: 1641421591407.jpeg (85.18 KB, 359x495, DADF8800-7B1F-4433-98F8-9C8E81…)

Fucking gore spammers

No. 1017117

Make some candied orange peel and or slices.

No. 1017118

Nta but do you not know/understand how to ask follow-up questions?

No. 1017120

+if you’re freezing them you should chop some up and put them in a bag for fast addition to a future smoothie

No. 1017121

"exdee femoids have never seen this exact reposted image befooorr Im so edgiii" god moids are cringe

No. 1017124

Idk, if I ask about their family/day/weekend, they usually ask about mine and I have nothing to say about it because my family ties are non existent, and on my free time I just sit on my laptop and read or watch stuff those people are not interested in, I don't spend my time like them, I don't have any stories to tell like them (they constantly tell each other anecdotes from their lives), I don't have a family like them. I just have zero in common with them. Even if I ask more questions about their family or free time, it always feels like the conversation is one sided, it's them talking and me asking, I have nothing to say, and I get nothing out of it. That kind of human interaction never satisfies my emotional needs and I feel more lonely than ever. Is this really the point of fitting in?

No. 1017125

If they're your coworkers, it really doesn't have to go much further than that. Normies are entertained as long as they get to talk about themselves, their plans, what they watched, what they wanna eat, where they want to go, how their family/friends/boyfriends are, how much work sucks, how tired they are, mondays amirite etc. We are all humans, you will find something to relate to and build upon if you try to get to know people. The fact they're trying to include you means a lot! Some people at my former job completely ignored me for being weird and quiet, but others were more open and approachable and I managed to build rapport with them. It took a while but we got there.

No. 1017127

File: 1641422369226.gif (37.89 KB, 220x164, villain-chillin-like-a-villain…)

>A retard's face when he's about to spam gore

No. 1017129

I can’t imagine how pathetic you have to be to do that shit. It’s so depraved and lame.

No. 1017131

Say what you're reading or watching anyway (unless it's weeb shit/inappropriate then embellish it a little). Maybe they'll surprise you. One time I mentioned how I watched a documentary about the teflon conspiracy, and this 40 year old woman went crazy and we discussed it for hours. I would have never guessed she'd be interested in that. And a lot of the time, it's down to how you phrase things or events. Don't say you watched chinese cartoons, but foreign animation. That kinda stuff.

No. 1017132

I feel like the point in your case is that being able to make small talk with your coworkers will help you blend in, feel more at ease and get those opportunities and benefits from being a decently sociable person. You don't have to thoroughly enjoy chatting with your coworkers like extroverts do or be genuinely interested in their interests but if you can practice small talk, you'll get to reap the benefits and make your work life easier.

No. 1017133

does anyone have any book recs about it?

No. 1017134

>but foreign animation
Fuck no lmao that's so pretentious, it's cringe enough to be so ashamed of your hobbies that you deliberately mislead people about them. A little self deprecation works well though, I'll happily tell normies I'm an anime nerd and they never care because I'm not weird about it. Plus people just don't care that much about your hobbies in the first place, you don't have to hide it like it's a shameful secret.

No. 1017135

i find myself thinking "i want to go home" a lot but home isn't where i currently reside, but a time period i can never return to. nostalgia is painful.

No. 1017136

If they're younger sure, but if it's a 50 year old? Maybe not the greatest idea, just because explaining could get weird for someone who is already socially stunted. But I agree with your advice in general. It's good to be genuine whenever you can.

No. 1017148

It includes weebshit but not only. I got super into dogma95 movement and dutch cinema in general, I'm also into soviet cinema and post apo literature. I'm obsessed with pesimist philosophy and I started studying Mainlander. I think depressive realism is the only right way to think but I know people wouldn't take it seriously. I'm a little bit into things that some people could label as conspiracy theories. Like, my coworkers like shit on netflix and it makes me nuts because I know netflix was founded by Marc Bernays whose great uncle was Edward Bernays who fucking invented propaganda and came from the sicko Sigmund Freud family full of child rape. They cry about global warming and tell each other about woke movies, which production created bigger carbon footprint than they can imagine, which also irritates me. I'm heavily anti dogs and I read a lot on dog nuttery, while they say lovely things about their mutts. Stuff like that and many other things
I understand what you mean. It's just the energy I have to put into learning that stuff never returns to me. I put way more effort than what I get in exchange. I want to get into those guides, but I also know that it will look fake as fuck coming from me, and normies are smart enough to notice I'm faking. I will never be as good as a natural extravert coworker and they will always get better treatmen than me

No. 1017155

>I'm heavily anti dogs and I read a lot on dog nuttery, while they say lovely things about their mutts.

No. 1017157

>depressive realism
>dog hater
>irrationally angry about people liking basic shit like streaming services
>sees small talk as transactional
>doesn't want to even try because someone else is better
I see. I don't think autism is the sole thing that's wrong here.

No. 1017158

girl… unplug from all this stuff for a while.

No. 1017163

Okay fair enough, but if it's an old person you can just say you were watching tv. It's true, you don't have to elaborate further.

No. 1017164

Anon you don't have to become as good as a natural extrovert. That's like saying you may as well not get into excersising because you'll never be an olympian medalist. There's plenty of introverts with average social skills, and while they may not be viewed as social butterflies no one thinks they're fake either. I think you have a bit of a warped view of social interactions. Anyway this'll be my last post, best of luck to you.

No. 1017165

NTA but lying even small lies like that isn't nice and pisses me off too

No. 1017169

It doesn't have to be a lie, there are very few people who will drop everything they're doing to watch/read someone's rec. People have lives and watching an anime some online friend recommended is not top priority.

No. 1017175

Simple example. Despite being only 6 percent of the dog population, pitbulls are responsible for over 60 percent of deaths caused by dog attacks. Dognuts will claim it's not their genetics and the fact they were literally breed to be more aggressive, but rather nurture and bad decisions of the owners. Dognuts also don't understand how mutated dogs are - their flappy ears that cause higher risk of ear infections, hip dysplasia, long hair covering their eyes, flat noses, eyeballs too big for their eye sockets, REVERSE SNEEZING (dogs are like the only animals that do it). Nature would never create something as retarded as a dog. Only human could commit this atrocity. Not to mention, normies literally don't see the insanity of keeping literal predators next to their small children.

Thank you anon

No. 1017179

I've been seeing a lot more infighting and just straight up bitchy anons lately and it's been annoying me. I know lolcow has drama boards but many anons don't use them and I don't think that's an excuse to be an asshole.
Newfags? Left over stress from Christmas and New Years? This site would be ruined if the average anon was as aggressive as the average 4chan user.

No. 1017181

Trust me, dog owners understand how mutated their dogs are because they have to pay their vet bills.
>Nature would never create something as retarded as a dog
and yet nature created you

No. 1017182

Definitely newfags, there's always been aggression and bluntness even on the offtopic boards but not usually to this degree. A lot of them seem to have only discovered the site in the past year, from some of the FF thread anons I've talked to (no offense to any of them, they were all lovely).

No. 1017184

Nice ad hominem you got there, that's the only "argument" dognuts are capable of producing.

No. 1017188

Men who both hate and are hyperaware of periods are so difficult to deal with

No. 1017191

I hate how my brain works. Sometimes I think I look cute but yesterday I thought I was ugly and seeing things that were not really there.

No. 1017196

File: 1641426169142.jpg (557.59 KB, 3500x2608, ORnxqqb.jpg)

Because hating animals is totally sane. You can join the romanianon in killing pets and being miserable.

No. 1017199

I feel so depressed and I have rumination and the only that keeps me from losing my mind is internet browsing, watching stuff, or reading. I know somebody might say something like "set up a healthy routine" but I am seriously not in a safe mental state for that right now. Even getting up to use the bathroom or clean dishes has me hyperventilating and dizzy. If I'm not distracting myself I just keep walking around the house in circles driving myself I sane. I'm so tired and want to sleep but even sleeping brings nothing but bad dreams and anxiety when I wake up.

No. 1017202

File: 1641426441885.jpg (25.85 KB, 400x288, stressed-out-laptop-man-833622…)

Uni starts again on Monday and I'm so unprepared. I thought I was going to catch up on work over the holidays but, me being me, of course I didn't. Funniest bit is I'm so overwhelmingly anxious about it that I can't focus on any work and when I try to I feel like I'm going to pass out. In fact, I feel like I'm going to pass out 90% of the time. I've been so dizzy and out of it recently that I sometimes think I must have some kind of weird health issue causing all this, but realistically I know I have no excuse other than being mentally weak and a bit pathetic. I'm genuinely such a poor excuse for a human being. Out of my depth in every aspect of life. Lol!

No. 1017205

well this is still a gossip website and an imageboard first and foremost. Without some bluntness and hostility, we would end up like twitter.

No. 1017207

This confirms that you are indeed autistic. She's bullying you, not trying to debate you.

No. 1017208

Wait, so if I generally don't want retarded babies to be be born and I'm pro abortion for retarded fetuses, that means I want to go around and kill babies? Because I'm not pro killing dogs, but against breeding them. I'm against what makes dogs dogs, the same way I'm against what makes sick people sick, but that doesn't mean I want to exterminate those who already exist. I never caused harm to any animal, dogs included, I gave money to support shelters, I took homeless mutt to my house to nurse it and then find him home etc. I hate dogs but I know it's not their fault they were brought into this world, I still have some sort of sympathy for their mindless existence, if I hate dogs I hate that part of human population even more, because they allowed them to be born.

No. 1017214

Sounds kind of based tbh

No. 1017217

File: 1641427357390.gif (103.87 KB, 240x320, 838225n4gaccdtu7.gif)

I just wish I had new friends in a new environment, this one doesn't feel very "me" anymore

No. 1017228

I think we’re talking past each other here.
>How do you want people to act?
In a way that’s easy to understand. It used to be that people would do these little things to signal interest/disinterest, and now these things lost all their meaning due saturation of use/misuse. What prompted my first rant was frustration at using those signals discarded and used in a new way—a pattern I hadn’t seen before—and discovering a new rule that I was completely blind to. Yes, people talk about their interests and actively put effort to let people know about them, but I didn’t know that there was this explicit angle to it. I’d thought it was implicit, I guess, to put it in away.

No. 1017235

I can sit in front of the TV while it's blasting and read lolcow and completely tune out all of the noise but if I try to read a book and I hear someone talking at the other end of the house I can't focus. Why am I like this

No. 1017237

Lolcow cool big brain, book overrated

No. 1017244

Unga bunga

No. 1017251

You sound new tbh. People here have always been aggressive and someone posts something similar to your post every fucking month now when no one did before 4 years ago. A lot of people are more sensitive than then though.

No. 1017252

First of all not all dogs breeds are deformed. Many are healthy and lead long lives without complications. Second of all, how do you define a mindless existence? I don't think science would agree with you on that one.

No. 1017271

Same here Nona. I don't have work to complete but I don't feel fit for life either

No. 1017274

There's a difference between bluntness and honesty and just plain over aggressiveness. I don't want to be reminded of 4chan scrotes.

No. 1017275

Nah, I've been browsing for years and I've definitely seen more plain aggression lately. By lately I mean the past couple weeks or so.

No. 1017279

For some reason people can't fucking read posts and argue with strawmen recently and I've been here since 2017

No. 1017282

bitch at me to stay home because i have a headache but constantly tell me how i'm so fucken lazy for resting. i might as well just go to work since i'm not getting any rest anyway, won't have to listen to constant bitching every 10 minute.

No. 1017288

Sons get handed the world as still say it's not enough. My dad is literally going to retire early so he can homeschool my younger brother so he gets a head start and shit into compsci. Compared to my dad whinging about how I needed to go to the dentist/get new clothes when I was a kid. It's endlessly triggering. Pieces of shit.

No. 1017289

I am so fucking tired of being accused of copping an attitude when I’m just explaining something. If you wanna see me mad I can get mad, just keep acting like you’re the fucking victim when you’re not. If I’m not smiling and coddling you, it’s offensive.

I’m about to show you rude. Just one more passive comment away from getting front row seats, you dumb man baby.

No. 1017294

If anything the girl you're talking about sounds like a masking autistic. Or someone who watched too much YouTube and expects everyone to like her. It's creepy how she thinks ppl are hollow if they don't immediately tell her everything. Some ppl probably just don't care to become closer to her.

No. 1017296

Lots of anons here lurked 4chan years ago so it's not like we're seeing anything new. So boring.

No. 1017300

you're right anon, most human relationships are literally transactional and what I've observed is the inherent narcissism that guides most relationships. You have to sell yourself out to a person basically, to manipulate them into liking you and if you don't deliver you're an "emotional vampire". I hate most social interactions since it is almost as if I am conditioned to give a performance

No. 1017318

File: 1641435415004.jpeg (86.97 KB, 714x708, CC4A2642-78DC-48C3-BEB2-943940…)

Even though it really is all my fault, being homeless and having no friends or even family to provide me any support has really started to wear on me. Like at this point you're just supposed to kys right? I'm going through school but I really just don't function well enough to work sufficient hours for a place… I don't even go to shitty community college for free because I'm not considered an independent on the fafsa, and won't unless I get married (to a bf who e-cheated on me and I am not sure I shouldn't have left) or somehow get a dependency override (doubtful). I have been so proud of how far I have come but sometimes living is just fucking torture

No. 1017336

psychiatrist suggested maybe looking into being assessed for ASD and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m 30. I’m pretty normal outwardly but I do feel the strain of ‘acting normal,’ I feel like maybe an answer and some coaching would really help me fill in some of the gaps. But I really don’t want to be a card-carrying autist either.

It’s bringing up ugly memories too, I got yelled at sooo much by my parents for ‘being too negative’ because I’d try to explain that certain noises bothered me, kinda hammered home early that having different needs makes you a nuisance. Just so tired of suppressing most of what I feel so I don’t bother people. Maybe I’m just annoying and I don’t even have a reason.

No. 1017337

my best friend from middle and high school has become an obese sex posi libfem who calls herself a faggot, so I guess we officially have nothing in common anymore. Even in school our relationship was weird and she was very insecure and attention seeking, but we had a lot in common and understood each other more than anyone else. back then I felt like she was fake with everyone except close friends, now she's fake with me too (ig because we're not that close anymore), except instead of putting on an edgy emo persona it's this cringe over the top faghag persona. Because I've known her so long it's so painfully obvious to me when she's faking a laugh or enthusiasm, or exaggerating a reaction, doesn't she know she doesn't have to do that with me? does she think I'll start judging her all of a sudden? I just miss the chill nerdy girl she was when we were alone

No. 1017349

Sorry nona. That sucks ass. I wonder what is with young adults and making being gay their entire personality and the only thing they talk about. It's really sad the amount of horror stories I've heard with peoples friends becoming a stereotype. Also why is she calling herself a slur?

No. 1017365

I fucking hate people who overanalyze everything in a show and say "well why didn't x do THAT?" thinking they're geniuses or above retarded characters. Retards like that can't enjoy anything.

No. 1017367

Yeah those types are so draining

No. 1017408

I'm going through the process of getting assessed at 25. I think it might be worth it for you nonita. Even if there's nothing much you can do, the confirmation alone that you have something behind "being different" all your life can be a release in itself.

No. 1017409

Trying to talk to a professional sucks, I can tell right away my shit is over their head and I just get basic ass kind responses about how they understand. I don't even know what I'm looking for out of counselling so maybe I shouldn't complain.

No. 1017411

Scrotes at the gym leering and staring, getting in my space. I walk right past them and look right through them, I don’t see them as human. Gym moids are the worst but I ignore them and have sound cancelling headphones in. If they think they’re going to stop me from going to the gym, my most consistent hobby since I was 17 (I’m now 33). I feel bad for other nonitas who may be put off going to the gym because of how scrotey it can be.

No. 1017434

I learned that my coworker complained about me to my boss again. She literally called her in the middle of the night about some bullshit that doesn't matter and nobody else would even have remarked on.
This is the second time this happened and I'm the only one she ever does that too. I don't understand it, I like her and I thought we get along well when we see each other, but every couple months she backstabs me for absolutely no reason. And only me, never anyone else.
She's known to go out of her way to look for things to complain about, but she emailing and calling our boss is lunacy, nobody does that, especially not for the nitpicky nonsense she complains about.

I hate normies, they always pick on me. I don't do anything wrong and more sane than all of them, but because I'm socially inept and quiet they judge me harshly and criticize me for the most minor nonsense.

I should stop being reasonable and just respond to criticism with inane aggression like they do, so they stop bothering me, but I have a high anxiety response and can't confront people like that. I also know they'll never forgive me, even though they forgive each other far worse all the time.

I just don't get it. I hate being around them. I wish I didn't have to work with people. I always have to manage their emotions for them but nobody ever cares how I feel.

No. 1017438

Feeling drained and like I want to kill myself is truly the highlight of my day.

No. 1017439

I hate normies too.

No. 1017440

I’ve been fantasizing about different ways to off myself since new years eve kek… its honestly getting a bit intrusive

No. 1017441

I just want to cry but I can't, and it doesn't even make sense. I just watched a movie I loved and when it ended it felt like agony because I felt like I was alone again. I'll just put something else on. Listen to the voices and feel like there is someone around for an hour until they leave me too.

No. 1017442

No. 1017443

Don't bring it up any more than what feels natural. That's always how you should handle it. How respectfully or disrespectfully a scrote responds is their own deal, the only thing you have to worry about after that is cutting him loose if it becomes necessary.

No. 1017444

I'm sorry that happened to you. I wish all those men a painful death. Your vent reminded me why i never go to the gym. Unrelated to you id like to post my own vent, but when i was in hs some girls took pictures of me changing in the locker rooms because the boy they liked had dated me. They posted my half naked body on Facebook and a bunch of other kids from my hs were roasting me in the comments. They took the pictutes down when i reported it to the school. I was relentlessly bullied and called a whore for the remaining time i was attending there. Boys assumed i consented to those images, but regardless they'd sexually harass and molest me randomly in the hallways. The teachers did nothing nor did the school do anything. They claimed i took them myself depsite them being literal creepshots and cp. Later near the end of the year i was raped by a boy who thought i wanted to be seen sexual. I failed the year and dropped out and became a neet for 7 years. I never trusted changing rooms or like gyms ever again. God fuck them all. I hope everyone involved in my violation burns to death for traumatizing and stagnating my life for so long. Why isnt karma real?

No. 1017448

Thats fucked up. I hope they fucking kill themselves. Im sorry nona

No. 1017449

i'm so sorry, that's fucked up. i'd assume highschool kids would have some sense of shame but wow. i hope they all die. and even the school staff doing jackshit. wish you the best anon, i wish this never happened. insane.

No. 1017462

File: 1641448444557.png (9.54 KB, 680x441, FIKYdBuUYAE3PHc.png)

God why am I so fucking retarded, I hate ADHD so much I can't even fucking put the pen to the screen and draw like a normal person with REEEING and squirming in my seat like a 3 year old. It feels like I'm being forced against my will to work even though I willingly WANT to draw for enjoyment but only when my brain wants me to otherwise I feel like my bloods going to boil out of my skin just because I have to outline a few characters within a somewhat timely matter that isn’t 10 years after procrastinating. It's not that bad, just fucking draw the damn picture.

No. 1017478

I have a gyno appointment today and I'm fucking anxious. I have vaginismus and never even had a pap smear before. I've been doing lower body stretches for days now but not sure if it even helps and they will be able to examine me at all

No. 1017483

I genuinely hope anorexics off themselves. All anorexics I've ever met are hystrionic and narcissistic pieces of shit that lie about their trauma and starve themselves to live out their narcissistic obsession of being perfect. All anorexics, absolutely all anorexics I've ever come across both men and women are huge pieces of shit and all of them lie about their trauma, blow it out of proprtion or victimize themselves. No, starving yourself won't make you feel better because you're a hollow narcissist with a victimized mentality.

No. 1017487

I hate NEETs that whine nonstop about their "mentul illness~~~~". I've met so many NEETs that obsessively whine about their mental illness when they have rich parents and all the resources in the world to improve themselves without putting in the efforts of someone that works a full time job or is in school. I don't even hate NEETs all together just the rich entitled types that whine nonstop with no worry in the world. The type of twitter fag like Lucinda that pretends to have schizo and LARPs mental illness. So many zoomers/millenials LARP mental illness and have built their entire personality around it and it's always rich people.

I wish for all trauma and mental illness NEET LARPERS to die just as much as I wish it for anorexics, but they are in the same category.

No. 1017488

>Lucinda is a larper

No. 1017491

nta but I thought her munchieness was pretty obvious to everyone by now (moreso since the beginning really). or at the very least that she's exaggerating aspects of whatever illness. only thing that's actually real is her ED

No. 1017492

no you are a retard you just got a soft spot for her since you probably share similar qualities. It's very easy to LARP as a schizo and especially for someone that has grown on Twitter or around communities with mental illness. You can very easily convince a professional you have any mental illness including schizo. She loves acting like a retard and her parents are rich for her country and allowing it. I don't even hate her, but I think she is definitely overplaying her mental illness because she is lazy, doesn't want to deal with the real world and her parents allow it. I met many schizos and they are Nothing like Lucinda. Lucinda is a LARPER and her 3rd world private clinic psychiatrist letter means nothing and you're all stanning her because she won some Twitter battle with some fakeboi. Lucinda is coddled and has been coddled her entire life by her parents. She has issues probably depression and very high functioning female autism but she ain't no schizzzoo

No. 1017496

We are one

No. 1017497

Nta but I don't think a faker is going to cover their entire body in scars that will last the rest of their life.

No. 1017500

That makes me so angry I just want to hunt them all down and serve the karma myself

No. 1017502

No you're just a psychopath who likes to punch down on vulnerable people.

No. 1017519

a richfag slicing her entire body up for Twitter points is not a "vulnerable person". A vulnerable person is someone in an unstable household, someone genuinely disabled, someone homeless

No. 1017521

Every day I'm more convinced that normies are medically insane. If you took one and put them in a remote tribe they'd be put down a week in for scaring the locals. The aggression, mind games, always looking for weaknesses, I'm not around humans I'm around animal tier predators.

No. 1017523

I'm sorry nonnie. I have become obsessed with this topic: I think the average human is a raging narc.
Humans are horrible. Grown up adults are literally worse than children, they constantly bully each other and look for vulnerabilities.

No. 1017542

Bold of you to assume that the tribe’s locals aren’t exactly the same. They religiously follow ideologies and hunt down anyone who’s an outsider or thinks and acts differently that attitude translates to normies in the first world

No. 1017545

I swear 99% ppl are authoritarians and 1% are original thinkers.

No. 1017557

nayrt and i'm not that knowledgeable about lucinda but you can be both rich as fuck and terribly emotionally vulnerable and weak. i'd argue having everything handed to you also doesn't help you build resilience, but even rich people can be abused or traumatized or just stunted and vulnerable. not everything is about socioeconomic class.
maybe she's a larper, and if she is, she must be completely mentally ill anyway to think ridiculing herself behaving as an anorexic unicorn and posting scary and disgusting pictures is good in any way.

No. 1017560

Thats what i always say, even attention seeking and degrading yourself to the public is insanity imo whether youre rich or poor whether you got an unfortunate childhood or not i’ll assume somethings wrong regardless. But i still think anon judging richfags for being dramatic or larpers is justified too, being absolutely helpless with limited choices and seeing someone that has a choice but chooses to complain is frustrating

No. 1017561

Thinking about this one time a man accidentally called my mom's phone while he was trying to call his wife and he turned out to be a well-known journalist. My mom wasn't home at the time so it was just me, I had to be like 9, and him and I talked for like hours and hours about my family life and shit, and he asked me so many weirdly sexual questions now that I think about it and then at the end told me to tell him I loved him and I did, because little-me developed some weird crush on him. Then he said he loved me too. This went on for like a week with it always ending with both us saying we loved eachother, before he never called again.
I remembered this hearing his name just today, completely forgot about this. What a weird week.

No. 1017562

Uni starts soon and exams are right after the first week of classes. I should've studied during break but I just didn't do it. I know what I have to do, so it's not like I'm totally lost, it's just too much stuff. I don't want to start because it never ends, it's so discouraging. I just want to sleep all day. I really could sleep all day, I can't even remember what feeling awake is like. Despite all the breaks I'm taking and how little I work I feel tired all the time. Maybe uni isn't the right choice for someone like me after all, but my grades are bad and I'm a stupidly shy person with no life or job experience. I don't think there's a place for me anywhere, despite all the help I get I'm just a useless waste of space

No. 1017565

What are you studying? Maybe that field of study is just not for you. You can always switch.

No. 1017567

You're being too harsh on yourself, anon. I know how hard is to feel useless. Have you been to the doctor about why you might be so tired all the time? Could be thyroid issues, low vitamins or something.

No. 1017570

I showed up at my ma's house to stay for a few days and forgot pants and my wallet. Fucking hamster brain

No. 1017571

What the hell. How did you always end up answering when it was your mom's phone? It's so sickening how many seemingly "normal" men are pedos and freaks in actuality.

No. 1017574

File: 1641459676566.jpg (16.82 KB, 275x211, hug.jpg)

I'm in the same boat anon and I know how frustrating it is. Just remember, motivation comes once you start. It helps me when I try to make my notes as organised as possible, because then when I start studying I feel like I want to complete them and it squeezes an ounce of motivation out of my miserable brain. Also I placebo myself with coffee and vitamins in the morning and pretend it helps with the exhaustion, but the routine of it does help. It might be worth contacting the mental health services in your uni in case they have any extensions or other assistance you can apply for. Sending you love.

No. 1017576

I do agree that anyone can suffer from mental illness and that it is not exclusive to the disprivileged socioeconomical class. Yet, I disagree with her being vulnerable. I think we are appropriating and misusing term and concepts meant for the truly disprivileged and if anyone tries talking about this topic they will get attacked since everyone wants to feel included and like their suffering is no lesser, but I think that results In more social issues and opression for those in bad situations.

I do agree she has a form of mental illness, but I do not agree with her being truly vulnerable. If she were to be vulnerable she wouldn't be using Twitter, she'd be in a low income household in her shit country hallucinating, not being offered treatment or counseling and having her 3rd world clueless parents punish her for it or leave her to suffer on the street. That is what vulnerability looks like and we have many such individuals but we just don't know of them or ignore them since they are not relatable to most of us and someonw truly disadvantaged or truly retarded does not hang around ED Twitter pulling strings.

Yes, even rich people can suffer from mental illness and a lot of humans in good social positions with money actually suffer from crippling mental illness, but unlike Lucinda most people take a hold of themselves and try to not only integrate socially but make themselves better. What Lucinda is doing is incredibly condamnable and to be frowned upon and in my armchiar psychiatrist opinion her mental illness is slight BPD-histrionic that was coddled a lot and offered everything but that is inherently egocentrical and horrible because she is not trying to better herself and everything she wants is attention for merely existing, not for offering the world something through her existence. She is incredibly manipulative and dishonest, she absolutely does fake the gravity of her mental illness meanwhile some people have to live with that truly in misery. She is willingfully making herself seem sicker in order to manipulate and garner attention for it. She purposefully writes like a disabled individual, she 100% reads lolcow and most of her moves have been calculated to garner the sympathy of farmers and get their love and attention. She purposefully posts very explicit pictures of her self-harm, she purposefully starves herself to show it to the world, she is purposefully making herself appear innocent and thoughtless, when in fact she is manipulative and has a lot of self awareness. She isn't a retard unicorn from the fairy world, she is a manipulative and lazy person from the real world. She is a sheltered, manipulative and attention seeking lazy individual that harms society by appropriating a very severe mental illness and victimizing herself for her own egoistical pursuits of garnering attention. Because of individuals like her humans forget actually opressed and mentally ill people exist and society loses the definition of what mental illness means because of terminally online, sheltered, histrionics like her. My problem with her here is not only that she is rich, I am not hating her because she is rich, I am hating her because she is rich and purposefully chooses to do this with her resources. I don't hate someone rich that has mental illness but tries using their resources to better themselves and is mature about it. Even if she has always wanted to be an artist or a micro internet culture she could have capitalized off her drawings (she has amazing skills), her cute cosplay and creative fashion ideas and she could have adressed her mental issues in a mature manner, yet she purposefully chose to make herself retarded because she actually is a rotten human being.

No. 1017577

I told him the timing of when my mom left around the evening. I think one day he called on the wrong time and she must have picked up or something because I never heard from him again. So reckless and scary in hindsight, what if I went on and on and told him my address or something?

No. 1017634

My mom comes up to me and she’s like "ugh I’m so upset I’ve been watching what i eat for two weeks and I’m not losing any weight" Momma i saw the empty chocolate box under you bed, the loaf of bread that disappeared in one evening, the suddenly empty nutella jar, half the canned fruit going missing… why are you saying this to me lol

No. 1017656

I had to report something to IWF and I feel like shit that I even found or saw the material in the first place. I fucking hate the internet sometimes and how easy it is to stumble upon something that can fuck your shit up.

No. 1017669

fucking sick, sorry man.

No. 1017671

Sorry for ignorance but international weightlifting federation?

No. 1017674

internet watch foundation, to report cp and the like.

No. 1017688

Yeah, had to report some gains goblins for proana thinspo

No. 1017711

No. 1017713

File: 1641473645085.jpg (10.96 KB, 275x271, 1640407607312.jpg)

Nonas I just want to go home. I want to rest. I don't wanna study, I don't wanna interact. I want to play Stardew Valley and drink coffee.

No. 1017720

Aw, can relate. Hope you get to rest and play soon anon!

No. 1017726

Browsing this website really made me realize that anons are completely devoid of empathy and emotions while blaming scrote s of being bankrupt of those two things. That’s the price you pay when you don’t bully autists on imageboards ig

No. 1017736

Why don’t you fuck off then?

No. 1017741

Got massively stressed and so then spent over £1000 on clothes and stationary in the last week of online shopping. Looking at sales and ordering loads of stuff to try on and return is just so exhilarating, as is the stress of the constant flux in my bank account and having to go outside to return things.

It makes even less sense considering I never go outside and don't have a job and don't have anyone to impress and don't touch any of the nice stationary I already have because it isn't fun and I can't be bothered. I just imagine myself out and about wearing these clothes, I'll totally go skiing or get into jogging and what if I want to go on a boat I don't have clothes for that. Meanwhile I wear the same skate hoodie, joggers, and ratty t-shirt that I have worn every single day without washing for the past two months.

Placed the (4 reel this time I swear) last order a few minutes ago, going to try to just fucking chill and ignore the fact that it's been the same parcel delivery guy bringing stuff in every single day for me and stop now, yes please.

No. 1017743

what made you think that?

No. 1017751

this is legit one of the funniest things i've ever watched

No. 1017753

no nonny why don’t you learn to behave?

like I get it anons are gonna be rude for the lulz, but sometimes it’s so unprompted like being constantly mean gets exhausting

No. 1017755

I like her videos but sadly she is sort of a lolcow. She claims her jewelry is “handmade” but it’s clear she gets that cheap shit off of aliexpress or wish and sells them at an expensive price. She is just a really excellent liar/actress, surprises me that nonnies praise her because she acts like a retarded wannabe fat regina george at her ancient age

No. 1017756

Feeling like absolute shit, woke up to take a shit and then i felt very weak, I'm having a weird abdominal pain as i write this, i want to believe is PMS fused with IBS and sleep deprivation, i really want to believe so

No. 1017757

wait so she's not trolling?

No. 1017764

>at her ancient age
and what age would that be? she doesn't look 65 to me

No. 1017771

>at her ancient age
This is such a zoomer thing to say

No. 1017774

You go?

No. 1017777

i'd tell you to dump her but you retard nonnies never do

No. 1017780

No, she’s being 100% serious anon she actually is just very rarded

No. 1017781

it’s called being hyperbolic grandma

No. 1017782

If it smells like shit everywhere you go, look under your shoe.

No. 1017783

Anorexia is like addiction, of course it turns you into an asshole. It's a mental disorder, not something you decide to become one day because you love being skinny and making everyone miserable.

No. 1017787

What was she complaining about? She sounds absolutely mental.

No. 1017797

no it's actually called dumping on women for their age as if scrotes don't do enough of that already, so maybe you should stop

No. 1017798

lmao imagine being old couldn’t be me nonnie

No. 1017800

just wait a year or two and you'll be surprised! can't wait to see your post in the vent thread about being an old hag at 30 xx

No. 1017809

Nta but I’ve had very similar experiences and could have written that post, is it really that hard to believe bullying in the workplace is real?

Idk why people feel the need to do this in the vent thread, telling someone the way people treat them is their fault when you don’t have any context is so shitty. Like 50/50 when I vent here someone feels the need to kick me while I’m down and I end up just feeling worse lol

No. 1017810

File: 1641480928936.jpg (9.51 KB, 275x275, 1639742076719.jpg)

I want to play on the computer but my usb cable doesn't allow file transfert so my controler won't connect

No. 1017831

Saying "I hate normies" is edgy shit and people won't like you because of it

No. 1017844

Because time and time again, when anons complain about 'normies' excluding them it turns out they have zero self awareness and the people who shun them have valid reasons. Happens at least once per thread.

No. 1017846

I'm going in two hours and I could throw up. Something horrible is going to happen I know it

No. 1017857

File: 1641484630392.jpg (34.23 KB, 526x529, 1635860115190.jpg)

NTA, but proof? Or are you just like, an ~empath~ who decides they know the full scope of a situation based on one person venting anonymously about it? Kek

No. 1017859

I fucking hate the consoomers thread so much, it’s like sour joyless cunts central

No. 1017861

Make sure to kill yourself soon then

No. 1017868

Orrr maybe there’s some kind of link between being picked on and being kinda frustrated with people

No. 1017878

This. There are some very autistic posters in the vent thread who come here to LARP as the mean normie Stacies they could never be IRL, gaslight anons about their own life situations, tell them they deserve shit (because how dare you ever be angry about having other people harm you in life, it must mean that it was 100% deserved), and try to shit on others as much as possible. And then they'll wonder why they're miserable themselves lol
Tinfoil: Some of them do it out of frustration about their own vents never getting replies, only their infights/arguments

No. 1017893

ayrt and it’s like…yeah, some anons end up revealing they had a role in their problems, but people itt think being a scold is worth possibly being a cunt to someone who doesn’t deserve it and it actually having a bad time

a past vent thread where I talked about abuse and got told maybe I did something to provoke them is the only time lc has made me cry lol. I don’t open up about things that matter here anymore.

No. 1017919

I am 27 and I still live with my mpther and ask for money from her.
I had a couple jobs in my life, but my country is shit and job opportunities are extremely lackluster. I was okay working most of the customer service jobs, even liked it at some points, but my mental health has been struggling for a decade now.

Around three years ago,I experienced what is called a "first psychotic episode". I was out of it for weeks, then trying to deal with it for months and my gf who always helped me, broke up with me over it.
Ever since I've been abusing alcohol, smoking and shit. I mostly quit alcohol (only socially with people, no longer getting shitfaced by my own 6 days a week), I mostly quit smoking (I do if I particularly want to, but it rarely happens), but my mental wellbeing doesn't get better since that all time low.
I lie to my friends that I am doing better and that I'm not suicidal and that the new pills help, despite not ever wanting to live since I was 4.

I am now diagnosed with shizoaffective disorder depressive type. And I could qualify for benefits, only the benefits in this shithole would only be enough for my meds, and getting classified as mentally disabled would for sure deny me any future work.

I feel like I quit my vices for nothing. That I should have just fucking drank myself to death like my granfather, who was also schizophrenic.
I feel like a burden and a waste of space.
I am just so tired and I feel like I never rest. Everything just gradually makes me more and more tired, the world, my mental state, my physical illnesses, my social group (and being essentially alone in it), the money, my parents, my home.
I wish I could just take everything I own and run away. But I couldn't run from the shit that's inside my brain. And if I am having another episode unsupervised, I am scared of hurting someone while I'm not in control. I'm fine dying myself. But I am scared I am going to hurt others.
Even if I hurt others by being a useless leech.

No. 1017924

Well, in this thread you can see nonna isn't a poor quiet autist, but a conspiracy loon who hates dogs and other people. I'm not autistic enough to go searching through past threads, but off the top of my head I remember a similar situation but the anon viciously hated small talk, made her coworkers uncomfortable by being brutally honest, didn't understand basic politeness and had bad hygiene. Overall I think my point is that you can't expect to be liked if you view other people as stupid normies, NPCs, or otherwise below you.

No. 1017932

My mother is so fucking detestable. I came home pissed off because I had to spend the entire day driving my siblings around because those idiots apparently can't catch any busses. I came in after having to sit more than an hour in my car (instead of the 30 minutes I was told) without saying a word and she asked me what was wrong. When I told her, the first thing she said was "Well it's not my fault I'm sick!", in an immediately really annoyed and angry voice. I hadn't even mentioned her being sick. I hadn't accused her of shoving it all on me. I just told her I had enough of driving around, since I have my own stuff to do. It's always like this. It's as if she can't understand things that aren't about her at all. Why even ask in the first place then? Now she's downstairs shouting about how her being sick is so terrible and unfortunate and how it has ruined her plans as well and she is clattering some dishes around. I can't fucking stand her. She gets angry so quickly and without reason and she has never once apologized or anything, she just acts like nothing happened once her mood changes. When I was younger she used to tell me that me being angry or pissed off at something was extremely annoying and "Thanks, now you've ruined my mood as well". I can't even imagine turning to my family with problems, whenever I had any I'd get screamed at because she managed to find a way to turn it around on me. I can't wait to leave tomorrow.

No. 1017938

File: 1641487894023.jpg (101.87 KB, 750x936, 5af49611d4629399ff9a888bbb77af…)

>lbr those girls just wish they were skinny enough to have a mean girl phase that's why they're on twitter acting depraved everyday instead
? But she is plus sized

No. 1017939

I mean a lot of people become like this after they get rejected, called out and made fun of by normies they dont come out into the world identifying with npc memes

No. 1017941

shit bait

No. 1017943

do you not see the irony in how you sound? you are exactly the type of person people come here to vent about.

No. 1017946

shut the fuck up queers. if all you need is a little sideyeing from people due to your autism to become unhygienic and a dog hater and general despicable person, then you deserve everything you get.

No. 1017947

This anon has been baiting for a while on this thread

No. 1017948

It's not bait. That's not a skinny person by any stretch of the imagination. Not obese or anything, but definitely bigger/size large. Is this just another American moment?

No. 1017949

Im sorry that happened to you anon. Im sure whatever happened wasnt your fault at all. That was just some autist trying to provoke infighting for fun. If it makes you feel better I remember posting a personal vent too and then had an anon pretend it was them who posted it so they could provoke arguments from anons who replied. Idk if thats a bannable offense but damn it sure was annoying.

No. 1017951

fuck off, learn to bait on cc or 4chan or something

No. 1017952

youre on the vent thread retard what do you think anons are gonna talk about here?

No. 1017955

I think we might have the same mom. Mine acts like this too. Immediately defensive, argues, ignores me, everything is fine later and never, not fucking once has she ever apologized to me. For anything. Ever. She’s impossible to talk to. I don’t understand what’s wrong with her.

No. 1017959

Just because you disagree doesn't make something bait, ffs. Just don't reply if you can only seethe. And sage your shit

No. 1017962

your failed attempt at baiting can lick everyone's anus itt. don't get cute with me when i'm the only one giving you the attention you're so desperate for

No. 1017963

Thank you. Sometimes I think there's no truly decent people in this world.

Things like a container that is emptied several times over per shift being filled to a height of 10 inches instead of 11 inches (literally). Stuff that like clearly makes her work more and indicates that I'm lazy and negligent, and she won't cover for me anymore, as she finds stuff like that 2-3 times a year. (It makes no difference at all and she starts her work day by autistically going over the work place to look for things like that)

Oh my fucking god I just realized why she might have spazzed out this time. My boss laid out a new process specification with a note on it that says she adjusted it according to my feedback and to please check it and get back to her. She put my name specifically because I was the only one who gave feedback on v0.1.
I also told my coworker about a funny slip up she made that prevented everyone from using a machine for two days. She always asks about what caused issues that crop up, because she is a good worker. It was the kind of thing you do at the end of a 8 day work week and ofc nobody told the boss or anything because who cares, it caused no harm.

LOL god I hate normies, they do this psycho shit and then wonder why I'm so aloof.

No. 1017964

surely a great poster such as yourself knows you don’t need to sage in /ot/

No. 1017966

Keep sperging and crying over nothing, but it'd be great if you didn't bump the thread when you have nothing original to say.
Anyway my vent: I don't understand the meme of calling women skinny/thin when they aren't. There's nothing wrong with having a little bit of weight, it's normal and average. I'm sick of the vanity sizing and LARPing, it doesn't help anyone and it's probably just driving more people to be disordered

No. 1017967

o m g you're so right, that skinny woman is actually a blimp! she's got a bit of weight on her ;) don't forget to count your calories today(;))

No. 1017968

ayrt, I understand but you don't have to larp the joker if you were treated badly. Many, many people go through so much worse than bullying and don't become bitter assholes.

No. 1017969

There you go again, projecting your need for replies and reacting with actual bait.
I don't count calories btw, I'm thankfully not disordered one way or the other. Try it sometime

No. 1017972

people say ‘wow I hate people’ in frustration all the time without actually literally hating all people, it’s not that deep

No. 1017974

I'm convinced this is literally how neurotypicals work. It's not that they actually understand other people, they just assume that everyone thinks the way themselves do and they're mostly not far off because most people are pretty similar.
But most of them have little ability to rationalise other people's minds, they just project their own and call it a day, and if they're wildly wrong they make it other people's problem, because why tolerate what you can use to vent your aggression?

No. 1017976

you are clearly disordered if you think that woman is plus size.

No. 1017977

This coming from the person who thinks being plus sized/average automatically means being a blimp? Once again, the projection is heavy. You're really lucky I'm kind enough to donate replies to the destitute today

No. 1017978

>i’m not disordered
>she is plus size

No. 1017979

See >>1017977
Have you ever seen a plus-sized person? Your mother is probably plus-sized, it doesn't mean Tess Holliday lol

No. 1017980

>thinks a skinny woman is plus sized
>equates being average with being plus sized
keep being cute anon, it must suck living on a few hundred calories

No. 1017981

I'm curious about your standards for what is average and/or plus-sized, because I don't understand your spergout (besides you having an ED, which seems more and more likely with each post). I really don't
Also, what's this obsession with "cute"? What's going on in your life nonna?

No. 1017983

just admit you came here to pick a fight, cause calling someone plus-sized isn’t exactly venting

No. 1017985

File: 1641489601359.jpg (48.86 KB, 640x499, u1f1ctcebp771.jpg)

I just need a place to bitch about squishmallows

No. 1017986

She's not plus sized but she's not skinny

No. 1017987

do seriously think you can flip the table and gaslight me when YOU are the one calling a skinny woman plus sized?
>what's this obsession with "cute"?
i'm not gonna explain simple english phrases to you, ESL fag.

No. 1017988

What fight? I was confused, I googled HRH Collection and didn't see how she was "skinny". If anything, I'd think Twitter people like her for body positivity reasons/proving you don't need to look like a Barbie to fit that "aesthetic". I don't see how my post was offensive, or how "plus-sized" is offensive itself, but I guess I forgot to factor in that this board has a high amount of ED/pro-ana scumbag posters

No. 1017989

i have no friends. i get so lonely. I just woke my bf up and asked if he was getting up because im really feeling sad today and just dont want to be alone but he went back to sleep and now im sitting here crying. idk how to make friends. i tried the lolcow friend finder thread but people just ghost. cant be fiends with moids because they just want to fuck you. whats the point anymore

No. 1017992

Flip what table? How was I supposed to know I'd attract a mentally ill person like you instead of a sane poster? Get off the computer, autismo. That's not a skinny person. If that's skinny to you personally, that's your opinion and IDGAF, just don't try and screech at me to agree with you kek
>accusing others of being ESL when you have no reading comprehension
Btw, "cute" is a word, not a phrase

No. 1017993

File: 1641489829662.jpeg (124.68 KB, 591x592, 5F505243-F7EA-40B1-B1E1-AD57A7…)

>I don't see how my post was offensive, or how "plus-sized" is offensive itself
you don't see how it's offensive to call a woman with body fat this low "plus sized"? get out of here.

No. 1017994

Overconsoomption and dusty rooms packed with unused, unloved goods - now that is joyless.

No. 1017995

just so you know the tranny scrote keeps visiting and posting woman hate to spite all of us against each other. He loves making "women are whores" posts to spite us against each other.

He has delusional beliefs and a schizophrenic interpretation of history, culture and humanity. Please do not give him attention. If you see any /ot/ posts about how women are whores it is him. He is obsessed with female space and delusional. He literally thinks culture throughout history has promoted matriarchal society and that women were equal to men when in absolutely all ancient and medieval culture women were regarded as slaves.

No. 1017996

Is this bait? Unironically, is this some underwater 5D ED twitter chess?

No. 1017997

"don't get cute" is a phrase you retard, which is the phrase you don't understand, and the one which i repeated to you since you clearly can't stop being retarded. go back to your underfed mentally ill cave and learn english.

No. 1017998

stop baiting sperg

No. 1017999

can you retards shut the fuck up? People are trying to make posts and it's being buried amongst this absolute shit. Shut the fuck up and go somewhere else. Seriously.

No. 1018000

I didn't say anything about "don't get cute", I specified "cute". Take your meds, you're the only one who needs to fuck off to their underfed cave because you're clearly seeing things

No. 1018001

I love how you’re calling a slim woman plus sized yet we’re the baiting anachans

No. 1018002

File: 1641490022495.jpg (258.29 KB, 1768x2160, 81xjuj73oUL.jpg)

Pic rel is lower end of plus size. Alex is not that. At "worst" she's completely, totally average.

No. 1018003

My bf told me he for some reason has the urge to slap me when I give him BJs and this turns me on. But he said he never did anything because it makes him anxious and he didn't want to violate any boundaries I might have, which I appreciate. It's weird because I want to slap him, too, but the reason I don't is because I once accidentally slapped him when we were drunk (I wasn't trying to hurt him, it was playful fake slap gone wrong). Idk. He's really sweet and respectful, I feel bad I find it hot he'd slap me, but I know he won't try unless I give him the go ahead which I would like to give while tactfully mentioning I find the idea of slapping him hot, but I'm anxious that wouldn't go well because the time I accidentally slapped him kinda traumatized him.

No. 1018005

I'm so sorry you're feeling like this anon. I would be your friend. Have you tried maybe posting on some hobby forums or subreddits (i know i know) and making friends that way? It can help to connect with people who already share an interest with you.

No. 1018006

>backtracking this hard and moving goalposts
jesus christ fuck off, your calorie deficiency has resulted in your body eating away at your brain

No. 1018008

File: 1641490147710.jpg (29.05 KB, 474x711, external-content.duckduckg.jpg)

This is one of the first results when I searched "plus size", HRH Collection looks similar. I also don't see how "worst" would figure here when there's nothing "wrong" with her body (in spite of what the ED projecting sperg is insisting)

No. 1018010

I'm so sorry that happened to you anon, some posters here can be really heartless or just want to pick fights for no reason. I hope you're doing better now.

No. 1018011

Literally where? You are delusional, find where I asked about "don't get cute". I'm sorry you use this internet person as thinspo, but go eat something and shut the fuck up lmao. Last (You) since the anon here >>1017999 is right kek

No. 1018013

It's not and she doesn't. And that's exactly why I put worst in quotes, it's just a phrase.

No. 1018014

Guys pls stop replying to the scrote we r trying to have a thread

No. 1018015

My job was forced to switch health insurances and I never planned on staying long term anyway but now I want to start looking for new jobs just because I hate our new insurance. This job has nothing going for it besides the fact that it's an easy office job and now USED to have good health insurance/benefits, but the pay is absolute shit anyway so.

I know I should consider myself lucky for even having health insurnace in burgerland but fuck. This shit is so annoying. The rep giving us the presentation was so passive aggressive because all of us were mad that we were losing our good insurance.

No. 1018017

First anon who shall not be named in the previous thread now this

No. 1018022

I think I've seen his posts. Pretty sure he thinks it's a "feminine trait" to type in all lowercase when he's trying really hard, and he constantly repeats himself. I hope he ends up with his own balls shoved down his throat

No. 1018027

I've seen this guys posts a few times too. It's pretty funny how even on a site like this with hidden troons trying to pit anons against each other all the time and lots of arguing, it's still a hundred times more civil than any scrote board I've visited.

No. 1018028

File: 1641491038010.jpg (138.09 KB, 1242x988, snifl.jpg)

I'm moving out for the first time next week. I'm excited, don't get me wrong, but I'm just nervous.
I've been applying to jobs like crazy for the past month and a half and I've barely heard anything back. A few places showed interest, but one ghosted me and another ended up rejecting me.
I hope it'll be easier once I'm out there and at least a little settled, I already had a different employer ghost me and then update their listing to specify that the job "isn't remote" because they didn't see that I was moving to their area in the first place when I applied.
I'm worried I wasted my life getting a useless degree. It's something I'm passionate about and knowledgeable in, but it's not as useful as something in STEM, or a trade. Everyone keeps telling me "just having a bachelor's degree will get you in the door most places" but it really doesn't seem that way anymore.
I just want the safety of having a job with insurance. I just want to be able to live.
Wish me luck, nonas. I could use well-wishes.

Less of a vent and more of a whine, while I was packing I kicked up a lot of dust and now my throat hurts.

No. 1018034

The possibility of suicide is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes, even though I don't actually want to die. It's like "Oh, if this doesn't work out I can still just kill myself later haha". I wish life was more comfortable

No. 1018036

It happened again. They couldn't examine me, I broke down crying, then after collecting myself I asked her to try again, and she was like 'ain't nobody has time for that'. I should see a sex therapist because it's only gonna get worse and I'm never gonna have a sex life, I should also have a blood test for my irregular period, 'kay, bye, see you in three months. I feel fucking awful and now crying on the tram. What would I even fucking tell to a sex therapist if I've never even been molested or raped? I feel so fucking dysfunctional

No. 1018039

And ffs I've been preparing for this for weeks, doing stretches and pelvic floor exercises so I'd be relaxed

No. 1018041

And literally who'd want me like this. Who. Fucking noone

No. 1018049

If thats what she says to someone who’s crying she is trash. Flame her on google maps and look up a sex therapist. Its called "se" therapist not rape therapist they are not reserved for victims of abuse

No. 1018062

Wow you're an asshole. What's the point of starting an rp and making strict rules around activity when you are the only one who doesn't follow them? I understand being busy or demotivated but ignoring simple questions and completely ghosting everyone while you happily post and chat in another rp is just an absolute shitty move.

No. 1018068

I just saw a pic of 'daisy by marc jacobs' in the consoom thread.. memories. Years ago I spent the night with a fwb. I was young and inexperienced and he was older. He was actually my first time a few months earlier. Anyway that night the condom broke and I went alone the next day to get plan b. It was a whole big deal getting access to it and then it was so expensive because they make you pay for a special consultation that costs more. My brother worked right next to the clinic and I think he saw me going in. It was a sunday and they only opened for those few hours on sunday to do the plan b service.. again I wonder if my brother knows that. Great.

It wasn't this easy thing that men love to say it is. Where I lived and att it wasn't a swift walk in thing. I'd been up all night with this fucker and spent half the day trying to access this pill with no sleep and I'm sure this has changed since but.. I honestly was talked down to in a way that's not ok. Weirdly enough I was sat in the exact same room where my mom years earlier got looked at (turns out she had breast cancer and died) I was a mess in that room for a mixture of reasons. My bro outside, memories of my mams appt years earlier. Knowing the fwb was home in his bed fast asleep. Not knowing if I'd be sick or bleed or cramp or what happens. Not having female friends or sisters to know much about it. Not having anyone I could mention it to.

I later told him I got it.. hoping he'd ask about the cost, hoping he'd help with that because I was in a bad place to be getting unplanned bills. Like I said I was young tho..and not too forward or confrontational. He never asked or offered. He basically said 'ok' He showed up for our next meeting with a bottle of perfume and I could've screamed because I couldn't give a fuck about perfume. I'd been short on food money. That was a wake up call for me. If you're broke and don't have the guts to so much as confront a (much better off) guy about paying his part of the 'oopsie bill' then why are you fucking him in the first place? He got the perfume in duty free on his way back from a sunny holiday lol. Dumber times.

No. 1018088

And then other anons cry when farmers say don't waste time on older moids while you're young. I'm sorry you went through that anon.

No. 1018102

I hope you're in a better place now. Men really are worthless pieces of garbage.

No. 1018103

I wish I could work hard and play hard. But since I have nothing to work towards anymore, I'm just depressed and can't even the time I have, I'm just trying to distract myself. What do we live for?

No. 1018106

File: 1641495114848.png (719.34 KB, 960x640, seal-2662948_960_720.png)

I keep spamming my discord contacts with seal pictures. I posted seal pics in every single server I'm in. I always bring up seals in the conversations I have with my bf. I spend at least 1 hour a day, everyday researching seal pics and facts. My wallpaper is seals. I'm drawing seal stickers to decorate my room. I'm starting to donate to seal charities.

I am so obsessed about seals. Sometimes I have obsessions about random cat looking animals popping up. It's weird.

No. 1018107

No. 1018114

Queen energy, don't let anyone keep you from the love of your life

No. 1018118

I had a good dream last night about my grandma, I climbed into bed with her and we talked for a while and she was asking about me and concerned about me. I hugged her tight and she told me that if I kept doing that I was going to make her cry and we cried together and she held me. It was like when she would stay with my family when I was a little girl, she'd take my room, and we'd have long talks where I'd sit with her in there and she'd read me poetry and stuff. I'm not a spiritual person but I've been struggling a lot and feeling really alienated from my family maybe my granny was visiting me and letting me know it's going to be ok. Let me cope

No. 1018120

File: 1641495492021.jpg (54.89 KB, 720x540, emotes.jpg)

I hate how troons have co opted cute emoticons. I remember using them when I was a kid and I still like seeing them now. I know it's just another stupid attempt to be more feminine for them.

No. 1018123

post more seals in lc anon!

No. 1018125

Expose him nonnie

No. 1018132

NTA but that's kinda vague, I'm nosey and want to know what you're referring to exactly. I mostly agree but no anon on this site is as worse as the average 4chan scrote.

No. 1018137

This has got to be a newfag, right? What is it with /ot/ lately? It's not like another creepshow situation has happened

No. 1018140

I feel like I'm going insane. I have to prepare two finals but can't get myself to study for various reasons. One of them is my lack of passion and compromise for this career, I chose it because it's quite a versatile and safe degree, it's an adecuate baseline for the jobs and fields I'm actually interested in but can't access for now and don't even want to practice in my country.
I can't really try other degrees, as the ones that are more fascinating to me either don't have future here or aren't even offered at my university. I feel sad, I should be grateful I can go to a public university and get a decent education, but it has become really hard for me to keep up with all the material, oral exams and professors. I feel hopeless, I'm feeling so estranged to something that consumes all of my days and I'm barely starting my second year, out of six.
I hope this is being so hard to bear because of how hard these past two years have been, everything virtual while I'm just getting physically, mentally and spiritually worse.
I don't know what to do, if to keep going and ignore of all this at least until these exams or ask for help and take some time, even if I'm dead set to continue with this degree

No. 1018141

anon you sound dumb

No. 1018144

File: 1641496124422.jpg (3.38 MB, 3212x1892, phoques2.jpg)

Thyank you nonettes, I want to create a marine mammal appreciation thread on /m/, because whales and manatees deserve love too. Especially humbback whales since they rescue pinnipeds from hungry orcas gangs.

No. 1018146

File: 1641496191928.gif (190.06 KB, 128x119, ADEE6660-54E5-4BAC-91DD-2F54E7…)

Good luck nonna you got this. You feel nervous is totally understandable. I believe in you

No. 1018161

kek this image

No. 1018163

So i have a herniated disc. The sciatica is making me feel like knives are stabbing my legs. Going anywhere is a pain. This fucking sucks. The pain meds i got feel like they’re burning a hole in my stomach.

No. 1018179

Are you me? It's easy to feel like all of the work you put into your degree is useless because everyone else who went the STEM/trade route is having an easier time, but that isn't necessarily true. I know a competent computer engineer who hasn't been able to find a job for two years.

So, maybe it's not that helpful, but it's not anything you're doing wrong. Sometimes it really is just luck. Keep trying and believing in yourself, you'll get there!

No. 1018191

File: 1641497726777.png (322.8 KB, 500x439, B-vbzjwUYAEXMew.png)

i still think back to the guy i erp'd with this one time and then talked to (not romantically, though i feel he was hoping things would shift towards that) and regret wasting so much time on him. i regret the erp.
and i have no idea how women deal with having ACTUAL sex with a man that turns out to be scum, that has to fucking suck

what movie is this from by the way

No. 1018195


No. 1018196

Pretty sure it's "Fantasia" by disney

No. 1018197

**talked to for like half a year. i also regret being so torn up when we eventually stopped speaking (probably because i never responded to him wanting to flirt). fuck what a loser i was


No. 1018209

File: 1641498504856.jpeg (116.43 KB, 961x500, mtf_thread_every_other_week.jp…)

Maybe I should just join gendercrit tumblr, it's not perfect but at least I can check post history and block retards, schizos, and tradthots instead of falling into tre trap of trying to get someone I don't know to stop saying deranged bullshit. Inb4 the infighting follows me here.

No. 1018236

I have a huge exam tomorrow and it basically decides whether or not I graduate. I failed it already, and people in my class have issues with this specific class because our teacher decided to include everything about biology in one fucking exam. Like we have to memorize everything from 15,000 lifecycles, to how a fucking rabbits digestive system works, to how mosses fucking have sex.

Fuck this guy and his white beard. Ugly fucking fuck. I hate him so much. The exam we had before and after this dumb fucking class were normal, like the usual study routine would suffice and the questions were reasonable as the content of the class were within a reasonable scope. But here I am, hours away from this wikipedia exam and I'm just fucking exhausted. I did my best but I'm going to cheat my ass off idgafff. I'll bring my phone with me, put it in my bra, and go to the bathroom. I already downloaded all the slides (and this motherfucker made each powerpoint like 150 MB because it has like 200 pictures and they're fucking huge). Fucking boomer bitch. It was pain in the ass to download so I can access it without internet.

Fuck this guy I hope his old ass dies from a stroke for being an asshole. God I hate him.

No. 1018305

I was worried for some hours that I did some major fuck-up at work (didn't tell anyone…), but I confirmed several times with my own eyes that I did everything correctly. Yet, my mind is screaming "but what if you did do the thing wrong and you just imagined confirming it at least four times???". I have this so often, even when it's something as simple as an appointment somewhere, I'll go to sleep and put my alarm to the correct time, go to bed and then start thinking "is it reaaaally the correct time though? sure you aren't off by an hour????", get up, check the time I wrote down again and confirm once again I did everything as I should and repeat this another four or five times, until I fall asleep just to wake up two hours later because what if??????????. And now apply this to pretty much everything. Closed doors. Turned off flattening irons. Aforementioned fuck ups at work. It'll haunt me until I get the official confirmation from my work that everything is alright, which won't happen for another few days at least.

No. 1018314

Generalized anxiety disorder?

No. 1018316

My period is 4 fucking days late. I hate this. I know it’s coming, I can feel it and it’s so annoying and uncomfortable. I’ve wasted a bunch of goddamn pantyliners Jesus Christo

No. 1018320

reading about the anons with terrible parents makes me feel a bit more at ease. my sister is a pathetic excuse for a woman as shes a proud libfem that has not done a single thing on her own in life despite being 34. she bled my mom dry of any emotional energy and love and i was always in the background due to her histronic nature. im now going on 2.5 years without them and couldnt be happier. I just wish i had a mom to hug and kiss and tell her i love her sometimes, to laugh and gift her something maybe. im not even mad at her for being heartless, i would be too were I in her shoes.

No. 1018343

Same kek, my breasts and womb hurt a lot, i feel dizzy and pms is kicking my ass but my period is still 3 days late ugghhh come on hurry up!??

No. 1018346

You can't keep living like that nonna, life isn't very long and it will take up the best moments if you let it. I hope you find ways to manage it.
I swear I met you irl based on the course you're describing, I'm not going to get too specific though kek
And if you're not that girl, good luck anyway, may you download all the slides in spite of your illogical teacher
Damn we have the same story, I feel like my sister emotionally bled my mum so I was just there as a help, a shoulder or a backup.

No. 1018349

I just got yelled at by an old cunt for walking my dog on the sidewalk. I don't give a fuck if she was terrified of my tiny dachshund mix puppy, it's a public space and I have the right to walk with my dog there. She called me "maleducada" (poorly raised) as if screaming murder at a person for having a dog is such distinguished behaviour.

No. 1018356

I bet she is sperging how she barely escaped with her life after an encounter with a narc with a murderous beast kek

No. 1018388

I feel like my life is worthless because I did not swallow the STEM pill

No. 1018431

I can’t stand people who use emoticons instead of arguments. See it on Reddit all the time. “Uh what? half assed shrugging emoji” as a response to someone’s long rant/opinion. If you’re too retarded to contribute to adult conversation and use words, please don’t try and participate. I blame Twitter, of course, for the absoute degredation of human communication. If the only rebuttal you have to an insane argument is smug memes or emoticons…you’re beyond salvation. Hitler 2.0 will be up against “Uh, eugenics? eggplant, sick face, water droplet narcissist much?”

No. 1018455

Please stop turning all of our conversations into discussing arcane. I'm not going to watch arcane. Go away.

No. 1018520

So because I kept wondering why the police didn’t do anything with my rape case I contacted them twice for a check back. Yesterday they called back and explained to me that it’s impossible for me to report my case (I’m in the Netherlands) because:
- i stated myself that I didn’t want to file a report based on a confidential phone conversation I had with my therapist who throughout the phone conversation mentioned that the police will not work on the case because the judge and the rapist’s lawyer will clown me
- it wasn’t clear apparently whether I was actually raped or not and she gave examples how in some instances I enjoyed it (I must have said it didn’t hurt as much because I would never say something like that)

The police officers were all female and I hope their daughters and they themselves go through the same shit I went through since she thinks it’s a non-rape rape.

So at the end of the phone call I apologized to the police officer for having to see me at my worst and for having to deal with me. And she said it’s alright. And then added something so unnecessary: that sometimes people won’t like the answer.

I didn’t cry at all while typing this post, until I had to type the garbage thing the whore police officer said. Why did she even say that? I want to grab a kitchen knife and stab myself in the heart with it, but I won’t yet. I’ll in fact get a lawyer and shame everybody involved. I’ll continue forever because I was bullied and sexually harassed all my fucking life, even by grown ups like a therapist and female police officers. I was raped and it’s nothing to clown me over with. I was raped and it’s not my fault. I didn’t like it, I didn’t want it, it was clear that I didn’t want it. And that whore therapist wasn’t allowed to act as a pawn. So much misdoings has happened and I’m surprised I’m even alive.

No. 1018551

I am so tired of being sick someone please put me out of misery

No. 1018560

My sister said the same thing to me today. Praying for both of you guys recovery

No. 1018567

nonnnas i need to die
I was working on a 3000 word project (dude at 12 pm tomorrow) and I thought I had nearly reached the word count (2900)

then I realised I had accidentally left on the feature where word includes footnotes and citations as part of the word count. i am only at 2300

I want to cry

No. 1018569

Cheat by stealing from classmates

No. 1018570

No you can do it just keep writing, even if you don't write 3000 words write as much as you can and submit it

No. 1018571

I saw my fucking cousin in a fatspo thread, I haven’t seen her in years and now she’s like 500 lbs doing feedee porn because her coomer husband wants her to. Wtf.

No. 1018573

Is she american

No. 1018574

I'm so tired of being anxious about everything but if I take medication I just sleep all day no matter how much I try to stay awake. Like I worry about the dumbest shit that I know logically I shouldn't worry about but my brain won't shut off no matter what I do. Like yesterday I downloaded a cute game from the Google play store and my mobile antivirus scanned it but I'd already run it and then when the scan finished it alerted it to being riskware. Several sites say it's just the packer the company used but I'm still freaking out wondering if I infected my phone. Scans show nothing and I downloaded multiple antivirus to check (all ones trusted/recommended.) I don't want to factory reset my phone because I have 15gb of pictures (mostly my pets) that I would lose. I'm literally making myself sick worrying about it.

I have other stupid shit I worry about too. Whether my dental insurance is gonna cover me getting the six root canals I need, if I'm going to end up to getting the covid vaccine (I never leave my house except for doctor/dental appointment, but my family works around the general public and my mom is elderly.) Hell if this stupid beauty mark I noticed on the side of my neck is new and if I should be worried (I am.) I just want it all to stop. It's so tiring worrying about every little thing and I can't shut it off.

No. 1018580

No. 1018582

Don't worry my cousin was on a trashy people board because she smoked while pregnant in front of a Hooters

No. 1018584

You say that you have a medication prescribed, could you maybe discuss changing it with your doctor? There must be some alternative that would not make you sleep. While it's good to be mindful and care for yourself, being so stressed all the time is so tiring

No. 1018591

thank you nonna, i just did about 200 more words so hopefully I can get close enough to the word county before I fall asleep

No. 1018594

I've been increasingly thinking about the selling of feet pics.
How the fuck do these girls even do it.
I'm not struggling for cash, but I am itching for some extra saving or spending cash and I don't want to risk the big cough with stupid ass customers.
Then in the worst moments when I ask, the girls that do it are so vague or give you the "Just look it up it's easy" and other unhelpful niceties. I get it, why would you want to flood the market, but god damn, woman.
Even the whole business of selling used socks. How the fuck does that even work, I don't know, but it does for enough people that it's a business.
I don't know if it will ever happen for me, but just the thinking of it drives me into circles.

No. 1018596

Ive tried everything except the addictive stuff and other stuff that is in the same family of one the SSRIs they tried me on, escitalopram or something? I had a horrible reaction to it and it made my anxiety spike so bad I was barely sleeping and my heart was racing 24/7. Doctor told me that others in the same family can cause the same reaction and just.no. I refuse because of how horrifying that time was. I've spoken to my doctor about it and they just told me to take it at night instead (which didn't help) and to fight the being tired, which…I was actively trying to do but I seriously would fall asleep mid conversation. At the time I was also exercising daily and trying to keep myself busy but I just couldn't stay awake no matter how much I fought. I stopped taking the medication because it legit wasn't helping and just making me sleep so much.

No. 1018599

what actually happened that made it rape?

No. 1018602

>unhelpful niceties
i wanna stab cunty women that do that. i'd rather them be direct and just say no, can't answer, or whatever, than that bullshit. i swear women really are the worst sometimes.

No. 1018604

thank you nona, will be thinking of your sister too

No. 1018605

you're about a decade too late for that

No. 1018606

They are typically vague because they're lying about how well they are doing and how they do it. Most sacrifice their privacy by selling through their regular social media accounts. The ones that go through sites are offering other sexual services. Very few are actually able to sell as anonymously as you can get and they've been at it for years. Any woman who tells you she's making bank by selling used socks and regular foot photos is a liar.

No. 1018608

- I don’t know him and kept telling him to leave me alone
- I requested multiple times for him to leave my flat building
- he inserted my body lotion in my vagina when I begged him not to do it and he did it because he could not enter me (I am sexually inactive)
- He pushed himself into my door
- In one instance, I screamed for help when he recorded me and he would take my phone away from me and I was too scared to kill him or at that time call the police when we wrestled so I let him go and I felt mentally trapped and sick and he promised me that he didn’t record me and I suddenly felt safe because at that point I wanted to kill myself. Ofcourse he recorded me and sent it to his friends.
- He admitted it a few times himself that he was raping me. I have it recorded as well ina. Phone convo.
- He told me he’d never leave me alone
- He spread my legs forcefully when I tried to close it
- I pushed him away
- I pushed him away when he violently groped me
- When I would finally want to fake date him and then fake break up with him peacefully in the hopes he would stop coming into my flatbuilding to rape me
- He talked about knives before he…
- before He followed me into the flat building and intimidated me for 1 month
- I said no

And what made you ask me this?

No. 1018609

The package with my pads that I need keeps getting delayed. It's now two days late and I'm mad because I ordered them with enough time before I started my period and now I'm ready to start any minute and don't have them. Fuck you FedEx.

No. 1018612

Rereading my post makes me hate the whore police officer that said “sumtaims pple wont like da answer”
Hope her hubby rapes her with body lotion as lube, her colleagues will say husbands can’t rape their wives anyways.
What the fuck should I even do?

No. 1018627

It's a load of lies anon. To be blunt, women who are selling feet pics are already sex workers–even if they're on the dl about it–so they have a vested interest to play up their value by boasting about how even their feet sell like top dollar hotcakes–which they absolutely don't unless they're a hyped up meme thot selling their bathwater too (and we all witnessed how they go to actual porn eventually). Camgirls already have a devoted clientele and niche who seek these kinds of pics from them. Anyways, the fact is most moids are just photo collectors and don't want to pay when they know they can source for free with enough pestering and digging.

Even if these markets were successful they damn well will not give you advice to flood their turf as fresh competition.
So, funny story time: Several years ago I was desperate to make more cash so I looked into selling panties online. This is when sites like CL were still rife with sex ads and the like. I actually caught a shadow ban since the ads I did create weren't showing up anyplace while other ads way worse than mine were allowed to keep going. Okay, but why? I did some digging and it turns out that ads placed on third party websites like these are often run by shadow groups posing as the individual women advertised. They mass report any competitors that organically crop up to keep hold of their local markets. I saw accounts from women online claiming small gains (~$1k per month) but after looking into their stories the caveat is that they underwent risks like meetups and did sex work shit like entertain the scrote's perverted requests.

No. 1018636

If you're itching for extra cash, seriously just sell things you no longer want online. Anything and everything will sell. Old ass used nail polish? As long as it isn't dried it can sell. Don't feed the scrotes.

No. 1018639

Tbh I feel like at least a few posters in that thread hate weeb merch in general cause some of those rooms aren't that bad

No. 1018649

I feel like I just got an idea with a billion dollar potential but there is no way I will ever do anything with it because I neither have the money to invest, nor the necessary knowledge to realize it, nor the right lifetime for it, nor the usual connections you get by being a richfag.
So I'll just forget it by tomorrow, kek.

No. 1018684

If you think you have a billion dollar idea, you most definitely do not lol

No. 1018690

So this. Every stripper and sex worker raves about how much they make. Thousands from selling feet pics but why sre they driving a 2004 Camry with payments left on it, in a studio apartment, with zero dignity? Claiming they make a lot of money sells the ‘dream’ to other women, to share the misery, and themselves so thry can sleep at night. The other anon is right, sell old junk you have around the house. Don’t feel seduced by the’easy money’ prostitute lie. Its a slipperly slope with a sunk cost fallacy something like, “well…I showed him my butt for $150…might as well make $500 with a piss video!” And that’s if you are ‘successful’.

No. 1018696

No. 1018712

I feel like because of the constant dopamine rushes social media gives us at our fingertips, ADHD and ADD are becoming more common and that leads to people not being able to concentrate on long posts anymore. I get it, not every long post is good and some anons just drivel on about shit no one cares about coughRomaniananoncough, but there's a difference between that and being genuinely too stupid to focus on anything more than a couple sentences long. This especially annoys me on imageboards. Most long posters are based because it shows they put some thought into what they're saying.

No. 1018718

im such an obesefag i just cant stop eating. nonnies do you have any tips for coping with boredom without turning into a 300lb hambeast

No. 1018753

I'm one of them but I'm probably one of the worst weebs. Not all weebs are materialistic/enjoy having extra things. You have to admit 90% of the objects in the rooms aren't even functional.

No. 1018759

I just remembered a disturbing image of a crucified dead rat I saw on facebook, the caption said a child tortured it because of some dumb reason. Everyone was laughing. I hope that little psychopath kills himself. I hope he gets raped. I hope he gets kidnapped. I hope he dies in a fire. I wish animal abusers nothing but a life of misery. Fuck that disgusting psychopath.

No. 1018761

how about not wishing child rape on a kid, psychopath?

No. 1018763


No. 1018771

If you're going to eat, load up on proteins and veggies. Healthy fats taken with fiber will help you stay fuller for longer.
Avoid high carbs and sugars. Even normalized carbs that normies don't necessarily consider 'junk food' like whole grain breads, rice, pasta, and potatoes will instantly spike blood insulin and make you hungrier.
If you need something sweet like chocolate, try to go for dark and make sure you savor it, since chewing for longer with satiate your craving better.
Try not to drink your calories.

Good luck anon!

No. 1018793

File: 1641535472632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 930.4 KB, 1489x1489, 648829191636378199101.jpg)

It hurts so much that this is happening. 2 of my cats have Feline infectious peritonitis and one of them is only 5 months old. I cant help but cry thinking how much pain my baby has to endure the following days once the situation gets worse. He's a very loving cat, who loves to sit on my lap and purr lots, and gives me little kisses especially when my face is near him. He really doesn't deserve this. Right now he's next to me and all I can only do is be by his side and try to take care of him and his sister. The other cat is older, so hopefully she'll recover. She has the silliest meow, purrs and trills, especially when I play with her, and she also has an adorable cross-eyed face. I love her so much. If things get worse, we'll have to put them both to sleep. If only I could just take their pain and sickness away. picrel is my 5 month old kit. It really fucking hurts, i hate that this shit is happening.

No. 1018796

Shes adorable anon, sorry youre going through that. It sucks.

No. 1018799

I'm always so stupid

No. 1018812

I want this feeling of dread and despair to go away. I've been sobbing on and off for days. My head and eyes hurt so much

No. 1018815

No. 1018829

File: 1641538970396.gif (143.74 KB, 500x500, 3ED937F5-F17C-48A0-B9D4-459C09…)

Mi nose stuffy I cnat fuckin sleep

No. 1018831

File: 1641539031768.jpg (133.95 KB, 1019x581, 1636169843336.jpg)

Men and their half-assing domestic responsibilities. I'm so tired of it, especially when it's the easiest modo of shit.

He had one job: Make sure the upstairs floor is vacuumed.
All he had to do was hook up and set loose the roomba and then maybe spot vacuum where the dog crate had been because there's hair all over the floor and near baseboards that the roomba can't get to. And of course robot vacuums aren't perfect and don't get everything anyway.
Did he do this? No, because it would have required effort beyond pressing a button and plopping his ass in front of a tv. I even explicitly mentioned he would have to clean that section specifically but he didn't. Motherfucker.
Fine, if he wants to weaponize his incompetence then I shall step in to be the adult to do the unfun shit that requires time and patience. However I will make sure he feels stupid and useless because he sure does like to fucking play the part!

No. 1018835

>However I will make sure he feels stupid and useless because he sure does like to fucking play the part!
He will continue to do nothing and call you an "irrational, emotional, nagging ball and chain" to his friends, resent you, and probably cheat if he ever gets the chance.


No. 1018853

I live with my scrote and he never wants to do anything together or spend time with me. If I'm lucky I'll see him for 2 hours a day max. I'm afraid of coming off as clingy for asking more than that but this is fucking ridiculous. We both stay at home too so it's not like he's exactly busy

No. 1018879

Is it just me or is the thread slow?

No. 1018883

Why is he with you? You clearly have nothing in common.

No. 1018884

If he cared about being useless, he wouldn't pretend to be incompetent. Grow a spine and make him do the cleaning again or throw the dirt at his bed/clothes.

No. 1018885

I just got hit on by a scrote in a fucking bus and it was so awkward and uncomfortable because everyone else was silent and this idiot was pushy as fuck. How are men so retarded, ignorant and socially inept????? They really think they own everything on this planet. Disgusting moid and now my day is ruined.

No. 1018889

Nice assumptions nonnie but we have plenty in common

No. 1018890

I'm sorry you went through this nonny, fuck that scrote most of all but I wish other people weren't so cowardly and passive and said something. I have had women step in to defend me before when I was clearly uncomfortable and consider them angels. Don't let one idiot ruin your day though, don't give him that power over you. He's gone now and you can focus on happier things

No. 1018895

Is the police perhaps protecting him because of his migration background

No. 1018896

File: 1641549872145.jpg (20.58 KB, 739x415, 1641549779077.jpg)

FUCKK, I can't maintain a healthy sleep schedule to save my life

No. 1018906

Do that then.

No. 1018911

File: 1641551244976.jpeg (211.62 KB, 1000x773, E9_eNjQXoAAuCw1.jpeg)

I always get horrible leg cramps while on my period. My tights and knees hurt so much. It's even worse than my stomach pain. And I feel so weak this time. My head's spinning.

No. 1018917

I stay skelly thin by getting stressed beyond belief. Appetite disappears like magic. Maybe you need more stress in your life nonnie? Think of areas in your life that are too peaceful and could use a bit more chaos. Break up with your bf, fail a few exams, fight with coworkers or maybe get fired. Good luck!

No. 1018924

Same anon it's fucking shit, iron supplements and extra protein is meant to help a bit

No. 1018927

No. 1018932

He is a moroccan born here. I think they’re protecting him because they can’t actually find him and it’s a difficult case.

Maybe, they don’t believe me. And think I’m just schizo. They actually called a crisis centre on me when I told my story the first time. They declared me sane after interrogating me for a few hours but said sometimes I lose reality. They confiscated my phone practically. Perhaps because I wasn’t allowed to record this shit. This shit happens often in the Netherland and I’ll be exposing it, fuck lolcow, I’ll be exposing it irl. No more. Age of consent here is 16 so a 50 year old can fuck a 16 year old which is SICK.

Or perhaps they’re protecting him of certain things I said, like minimizing it to avoid a tear breakdown so it won’t be hard to understand me. it was so difficult to stay coherent actually and to not cry. I was in shock. I knew the police was not to be trusted anyways because ACAB.

In fact an acquaintance after I made jokes that a guy keeps disturbing me and now I’m his girlfriend so he keeps leaving me alone suggested me to report it. I blamed myself however so I thought I didn’t deserve help. I sought “refugee” at my mom’s place but a few weeks later he raped me again in my own shithole dorm room after not doing so. On top of it the police is unironically manipulating me and because of that I no longer ever can stress or be anxious because people who claim this are usually schizo. To my face they pitied me, and say yeah he raped you, we’ll do our bests. But behind my back? They’re making fun of me apparently. Saying I’ll get made fun is the worst type of clowning ever imo.

A small side note in this long ass vent but I’ve noticed a sense of dominance from the whore ladies who talked to me including the crisis centre social worker who larped as a psychiatrist (she’s the one who diagnosed to the detectives that I was sane but sometimes I lose reality). Examples: she’d ask for my id and I told her I don’t want to show her it but I’ll give the number. She asked why and I told her “I already have a bad day I don’t want to do something anymore I don’t want to and my photo sux” (in reality it’s because she’s no officer and has no right to do that or even be here and act like a psychiatrist).
Another sense of dominance one of the police officer whores had is every time I interrupted to defend myself she’d say “go on” knowing I have adhd + anxiety it’d fuck up. At the last phone call I had she did it again but I am proud I didn’t let her do that shit anymore. I let her finish the sentence. I’m the girl boss from now on. She or her colleague is the same bitch who said I shouldn’t prepare my story btw.

Anyways I wrote an email to a legal services and I was pretty coherent (I’m really insecure about this) though because of the 1800 character limit I forgot one crucial point about the fact that I didn’t tell the police officers at all that I don’t want to file a report but I’ll elaborate in the second e-mail. vents

I swear today is the last day I’ll waste my time to vent about this rape or the whores. I’ll get the best lawyer ever and I’ll make them ashamed of themselves. I’ll use all of the mental illness cards, I’ll change the story even for my advantage though it won’t likely be necessary since the truth will set me and the rapist free. Everyone will get punished in this shitty drama. But I’ll start with the rapist. I was used as a tool and was gaslighted by the rapist and even the police which is unforgivable. I’m no retard and even if I was I have human rights to not get raped.

If scrotes and whores are reading this, go fuck yourselves.

No. 1018936

the child was most likely abused and in a bad environment to do that so you're the psycho. Children that do those things were already abused and need therapy but nobody offers it to them.

No. 1018939

You gain appetite by being mildly stressed, lose it by being very stressed or depressed.

No. 1018942

I was bullied out of, persecuted, misunderstood, demonized out of all of the social groups I"ve ever been in. I am homicidal. I even got bullied in fucking college although I was an adult for sharing and argumenting my opinions. I've been so kind to people my entire life and offered people help and support and the moment I open up or say something they dislike they bully me into suicide. I hate humans. I hope you have a terrible day and die in pain and everything goes wrong in your life for what you've done to be you narcissistic hypocritical sociopaths. I will commit murder next time someone does this to me. You dont know what jts like to be in a difficult situation and have hundreds of people demonize you and bully you just because you dare having a different opinion or because you open up about your abusive childhood, humans are the devil. I will commit suicide before I kill myself. All humans are narcissists that deserve death and suffering for what they've done to me

No. 1018943

What have I done to you romanianon?

No. 1018954

>I will commit suicide before I kill myself
Hee hee

No. 1018955

She haunts the vent thread

No. 1018960

>I will commit suicide before I kill myself.
question mark question mark

No. 1018967

Ive had hundreds of ppl push me to suicide on the internet and in real life for the past 3 years just because I open up about my life or share my opinions and most places are ideologized and they literally have leaders. I opened up about my childhood abuse and living in an environment where everyone would hurt animals in extreme poverty and where kids would molest each other and I've been called and painted as a horrible CHILD RAPIST AND cat killer. You Cannot imagine the degradation of the environment I've lived in and how it is to live in an environment where you dont go to school, dont have electricity, food, clothing or a toilet and all the kids torture animals and molest each other so you end up doing it too. I was only 8 years old and in exceptional circumstances I was not a fucking adult. Ive had empathy and offered emotional support to people in very good situations my entire life but nobody ever did it to me, ever, instead everyone stole my advice, ran away with it and when I need empathy Im pushed to suicide. I regret ever opening up about anything, if you open up about your problems and are not superficial all sorts of narcissists will hold your issues against you. Humans are evil. Everything that everyone has ever said about me is untrue. Humans are literal raging narcissists and sociopaths. Both normies and non normies. Also, people that pretend to be empathic are the biggest sociopaths usually and people that appear to be mean or cold are incredibly empathetic. All the people that perform empathy and create an overly empathetic outside persona are usually narcs.

Do I really deserve to be persecuted for doing something at 8 under extreme circumstances and then nobody has ever offeref me therapy and support and I was thrown into life to deal with things by myself with my childhood and everyone pushes me to suicide. I have no money, I cannot get help and the abuse ive gone through has made me almost unable to put up with normal things in life and then if I end up doing sex work again although I am a victim of it people will call me a camwhore, tell me I support sexwork and harass me to death. I am too abused and I dont know how to do anything else and my psyche is completely broken from all the abuse Ive been put through, I simply cannot function in society. I've never met anyone with trauma like mine and the only people ive met with trauma like mine are now in prison or prostitutes or homeless. I've given kindness and advice and empathy to everyone in my life, but everyone has only offered me shit sociopathic answers like "get help" and all my friends have dropped me the instant my mask fell and my trauma began acting up although I've dealt with their shit and literally gave them advice so good I've changed their entire life. Like bitch just no more kindness when nobody helps me when I need it, go to a Therapist im not gonna be anybody therapist anymore when im literally faced with shit.

When I was in school I began talking about how most modern communists are hypocritical narcissistic capitalists that come from upper middle class or simply rich families which is absolutely true and then the top students began bullying me and not letting me talk in class and I tried talking about how sex work is evil and they painted me like a demon and turned the entire class against me and they were better at college than I was only because they came from a stable environment and they had enough support to study all throughout high school and middle school and they turned everyone against me to the point I was not allowed to talk anymore.

I hate humans, truly horrible, truly miserable. All psychologists are narcissists either way that have a fortunate and stable enough life to go through school. Never trust the narcissistic empaths. All my friends have been fake and nobody has ever helped me and I welcomed scum in my life and I always walked on egg shells around people but nobody has ever walked on egg shells around me. I literally wish to live off grid by myself and I do not want to offer my thoughts or my gifts to humanity since they will be taken away from me and appropriated by others. Society is horrible

No. 1018971

Who’s the leader of lolcow? Ian? Kiki Kannibal? Sara? One of the recycled admin sama npcs? You?

No. 1018976

nta but abusing animals in childhood is an early sign of psychopathy or at least violent scrote syndrome. Plenty of serial killers started with animals in childhood to move on to women in adulthood. OP's comment is excessive, but it can go both ways. That kid being a scrote, I would be sus as hell and it's hard for me to feel bad for him. Anyway, I wonder how old that kid was. Won't be surprised if it was 11-14 years old edgy psycho (which is older thanthe word kid suggests to me)

No. 1018985

It isn't true. Most kids that show that sort of behavior grow up extremely abused and they start replicating the sociopathic behaviors that are done on them. Yea, maybe you were abused too, but it is unfair to assume that everyone undergoes the same kinds of abuse. Different kinds of abuse and intensities condition you to Different behaviors. Most abused children are not offered help, therapy or guidance.

The little girl in the video I embeded was severely abused and sexually abused and she began replicating sociopathic behaviors. It wasn't her fault, though. She was adopted by a family and taken from the abusive environment and offered help. She tried molesting her brother and it took a very long time of therapy, but now she is a normal adult working as a nurse. It's pretty sociopathic to blame children in bad environments and not understand normal things such as trauma conditioning etc. The same with serial killers, serial killers are a problem of a completely disorganized society. Serial killers suffer extreme abuse and they are not offered help and when they are it is either too late or simply the help is not suited for them. Most professionals in the fields of psychology/psychiatry are not truly professionals. You just cannot comprehend how abuse conditions abuse. A lot of abuse survivors also become abusive in different ways. Most of them do not hurt others openly, but they bully or constantly take their anger out on the weaker. Children do not have free will and they simply replicate their environment.

No. 1018986

File: 1641558148201.jpg (7.11 KB, 192x192, 85448.jpg)

Elaine Miller

No. 1018990

fuck you anon I was in the middle of a boring work related call while browsing lolcow and audibly laughed out loud at this post with my mic unmuted

No. 1018992

i was raped as a child and i am suspecting that my mother let it happen to use my trauma as a bond between her and my dad. i overheard them arguing about something like this, and my dad wanting to put me up for adoption. i remember her being very strict and mean and always telling me and my siblings to act perfect. we couldn't talk about anything bad. my dad was never home but earned a lot of money. i missed him but he thought i was a psychopath. i wrote in my diary once i want to kill him. i didn't mean it, i was just angry for him yelling at me. my mom would ask me for forgiveness while crying about what happened, and then tell me not to tell anyone. i told my dad eventually, and she found out and yelled and beat me. she also used to beat me when she caught me masturbate which i did often. i repressed a lot of memories. please censor if this is too much. i remember her touching me inappropriately and then telling me not dare to tell anyone. sometimes it was to put medicine in, at first it happened while we slept in the same bed. i did not want to sleep in the same bed after that, and she would cry and ask why did i not love her. this is so sick i am shaking. i used to think my dad was evil for being away and yelling, but it was my mom. i don't know what to do, i am now living with them because of the pandemic. i don't hate them, or i don't know, i am trying not to dissociate, because then i can not remember if i even brushed my teeth or ate.

No. 1018993

>that image
kek literally the current state of MTF thread, I miss when it was just gendercrit refugees and not schizo anon sperging about the gays stealing her nigel and raping her son or whatever

No. 1018994

I'm so sorry anon, I don't know what could be possibly said but reading your post broke my heart. I hope you'll be able to move out and leave all this behind, at least to some extent.

No. 1018998

She’s the gypsy curse inflicted by the american bastard Johnny Carol

No. 1018999

Jesus Christ, anon. I'm so sorry. I hope you get away from them ASAP, you don't deserve to be placed back there

No. 1019001

stop being a fucking dick you shitheads
you have no idea what it's like to go through anything like that. how empty and unloved and cursed you feel.

No. 1019002

Woman, have you seen the recent posts in the vent thread?

No. 1019005

Anon i know you feel bad for "her" but "she" has been posting literally the same paragraph over and over again, might as well be spam

No. 1019006

>I was bullied out of, persecuted, misunderstood, demonized out of all of the social groups I"ve ever been in.

No. 1019007

Try to move to a small cheap room where you can be productive. Is that an option? If not, go to a shelter.

My apologies for not giving you my best wishes to you. If you’re disassociating I have that a lot of the times too. What helps is to ignore them, go outside a lot and stay in your room. See your parents house as a business where you just stay for free rent until you can find another room. Perhaps get a job full time so you won’t deal much with them. Money will ease your pain after you’re out of it since you’ll be proud of yourself how productive you’ve become of the worst times. If you’re frozen because of the many disassociations try to just breathe and turn off your phone. Don’t vent too much it will just put you in a cyclus, but also don’t vent too little. Good luck I wish you the best.

No. 1019009

i hopw you kill yourself you sociopathic cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1019011

It’s the romaniona herself tho. She only uses terms like cursed. I don’t get why she got so angry when I just asked her who the leader of lolcow is…

No. 1019012

thank you. i moved out for college so i'm an adult now. my siblings are still here. i talked to them and they were nice. my mom has realized she can't keep turning us against each other. maybe they will separate. i don't know. i don't think she is a psychopath if she feels bad. i don't know a lot but whatever. i just want to feel peace and i will NOT kill myself.

No. 1019013

Uhm…why don’t you take out your anger on websites that deserve it? Like 4chan, reddit etc..

No. 1019014

sorry, that's annoying but i think she wants somebody to see.

No. 1019015

you're literally bullying her into suicide

No. 1019016

Like who? I don’t get it.

No. 1019017

or maybe she got schizophrenia (which you should get help for if you do). you are not horrible for having had horrible things done to you. your post helped me. you were a child. fuck the normies. stay on this earth out of spite.

No. 1019019

Who can clean my brain

No. 1019020

File: 1641560556048.jpeg (527.42 KB, 828x710, A8BA12BE-FC73-4088-8F56-97314D…)

>found an image on Pinterest that links back to here
Kek why would you do this

No. 1019021

Its easier to nag on women and tell them their problems aren’t important and undermine their feelings thats why

No. 1019022

That pic is too cute and innocent to depict /ot/…suits more for ceeeceeee

No. 1019038

maybe the anon that got raped

No. 1019041

probably found it on google image

No. 1019043

If it was a cc image the bunnies would be having a war over boob size and half of them would be male bunnies

No. 1019049

>It isn't true. Most kids that show that sort of behavior grow up extremely abused and they start replicating the sociopathic behaviors that are done on them.
It is true, maybe not for all abused kids, but that doesn't make it a lie. I said it can go either way. How did the photo find its way to the internet? IDK but the crucification and the fact that it was posted to the net gives me a psycho teenage scrote vibes.
>You just cannot comprehend how abuse conditions abuse.
God, is that you, Romani anon? Learn to read. In case I was unclear, by "it can go both ways" I meant that it's 50/50 between the kid being a victim himself or a psycho in training

No. 1019052

thank you for the spam, either of the girls/gents from leaf, class or staff. i don't want my mom to die though, i forgive her. maybe they did this to her as a child, or she was not born with empathy. either way it sucks. i don't know if i can hang out with her for a while though. she might be going away. i wanted to go away again but i am scared… and also wasted too much money on takeout. yeah, i am just thankful for how things are. they could've been a lot worse. thank you for caring about me. i need to give a hug to my dad. i recognize this was traumatizing for all of them too.

No. 1019055

File: 1641563688135.jpg (18.89 KB, 210x240, anything.jpg)

please reply. i know i am schizo, and still. i dreamt of a way out, there is always a way out.

No. 1019057

Today I dreamed that I was at a former friends birthday party and that I forgot to bring her a present. We were friends about 6 years ago and had a major falling out. She was the first one that I could label as a "best friend" and I didn't have a best friend after or before that. I still kinda miss her but I doubt that she still thinks about me.

No. 1019058

File: 1641564739602.jpg (110.45 KB, 1075x1355, wp7683459.jpg)

I really want to appreciate the consoomerist thread, the insane, wasteful behavior of the subjects being posted is incredible to witness, but all the commie, pretentious talk is annoying, specially as someone from a poor, commie country. I'm glad someone in this world gets to buy the things they like whenever they want, to be so resourceful and prosperous, it has been a decade since anyone in my neighborhood could buy their own clothes, and almost everything i own is from trade or gifts, feels bad

No. 1019065

but in the cow thread you said you killed yourself already a few days ago

No. 1019066

nah, other anons wanting her to could have

No. 1019069

nah, that didn't sound like it because there was a focus on how she was bullied to death by lolcow meanies

No. 1019075

or don't. venting is good already.

No. 1019076

Really makes me irritated when family doesn’t respond to texts right away. Especially my mom. I wanted to go get some more of my stuff from my parents house and she like leaves me on read all the time and then she’ll lie later if I ask her about a text and say she never got it when on my end it’ll say delivered.

The only time she texts me is to be passive aggressive or say somthing unsolicited about me or my sister to me like. Bitch.

No. 1019077

you do realize that half of the posts you think are mine are not mine, right? There's a handful of psychos that impersonate me and Steven has probably posted my picture and made that post. Someone has posted my picture. Im not allowed to vent or exist anywhere on this planet literally.

No. 1019078

Go to therapy, the internet is not a hugbox

No. 1019079

I have actually seen multiple on Pinterest when searching for the randomest shit

No. 1019080

She should just close her eyes and look away from the screen because that shit isn't bullying.

No. 1019081

>but all the commie, pretentious talk is annoying, specially as someone from a poor, commie country
This tbh

No. 1019085

This is a legit question
Can you hate your own mother because she's dumb, credulous, and annoying even though she's "sweet" sometimes?
Also she raised me as an obese child

No. 1019087

File: 1641566745704.jpg (16.77 KB, 474x316, downloadfile.jpg)

Come here nonna

No. 1019093

What vpn to ban evade are you using?

No. 1019096

File: 1641567421613.jpg (14.3 KB, 750x732, 40rsomjfmfj61.jpg)

She was not an abuser, you motherfucker, she was literally a 4 years old child who unfortunately was born in your cursed family and got abused on daily basis by everyone, she was innocent and precious and you are insane, you're trash, you're the abuser. You hit animals and weak beings in front of everyone out of mere rage, you disturb the entire neighborhood with your loud Christian music every morning and when people try to stop you you don't give a single fuck because you know there's no law in this Godless land. I hope you die and rot in hell and never see the God who you idolize so much, he's surely ashamed of your actions, you sickfuck, if there's any God, he's repulsed by you. It's only a matter of time, eventually you will fuck up with the wrong person and you going to get lynched

No. 1019097

I really like the videos and images posted for discussion around actual heavy consoomerism, but I agree that the moralizing is too much. The thread isn't meant to be a contest of who buys less than everyone else. A lot of the conversation seems like it would be better suited for the sustainability thread, too.

No. 1019102

My tits hurt hhhhggg it feels like my nips nops are knives owieee

No. 1019106

Just kys already you boring bitch. You’re all bark and no bite.

No. 1019109

No. 1019113

>consoomerism thread bad cuz I'm poor and can't afford shit!
Am I just misunderstanding what you're saying? Obviously people aren't critizing people buying clothing that you can't buy as needed to cover their bodies. You can laugh at dumb tiktok hauls purchasing exessive cheap shit from China, not participate in that behaviour and still "be resourceful and prosperous" as you put it. It's not like there isn't a middleground to consuming.

No. 1019115

File: 1641569166684.png (321.76 KB, 631x472, 388CCEDB-A328-4472-BE72-95CE72…)

When will anons learn to stop responding to Romania-chan? Seriously.
Nothing you say gets through to her. She wants to be miserable. I don't understand the nonnies who still continue to reply to her that contribute to shitting their threads up.

No. 1019120

kek, picrel is sending me.

No. 1019122

File: 1641569506933.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

No. 1019123

Yes, you misunderstood me. I was venting about my situation in a commie country because some anons in that thread bring communism as a real alternative to consumerism when it only causes poverty. As for "resourceful and prosperous", I'm just stating a fact, most people posted in that thread live in prosperous, self-sufficient countries that allow such excess

No. 1019135

Tbh I think you’re samefagging a lot

No. 1019154

Exactly, she really doesn't want to get better, she just wants attention. Nothing, NOTHING will get through the thick skull of someone who wants to be miserable on purpose. Not advice, not help, not care, nothing. Victimization us a hell of a drug.

No. 1019157

I agree with you. Who the fuck is suggesting communism? Let's kill those bitches

No. 1019158

how about a closed blog or an evernote folder?

No. 1019159

Just here to vent and say I hate males especially males that think they're the shit but they're pieces of shit. Literally die. Also I freaking want tacos

No. 1019160

No. 1019163

yikes taci in mm de prefacuta

No. 1019203

What happened to your blog/youtube essay thing?

No. 1019209

File: 1641575146489.jpg (35.98 KB, 774x386, paris-hilton_2.jpg)

I grew up in the late 90's/early 00's as a teenager and as some of you might know, back then the female beauty standard was being as skinny as skinny can be, hovering just above the line of looking like an emancipated crack whore. All the fashion from that time supported that female standard, everything was low riding jeans with crop tops, the style that looks absolutely awful on anyone who wasn't genetically skinny and petite sized. Me and many other girls developed EDs and even 15+ years later I still struggle with body image issues and consider myself a fatty boombalatty if my thighs don't look like two skeletal twigs. It's almost like a millenial generational experience because that's how all of the women in my age group grew up. I'm unironically triggered by all the ana-chans who call obviously skinny cows fat because they don't look like a bag of bones.

And it's making a comeback. I hate it so much. Zoomers don't realize how terrible the early 00's was for women, they truly don't. I get that it's the romanticization of the no thoughts head empty Paris Hilton bimbo girlboss that's appealing but in 2002 a woman was actually supposed to be stupid. Being smart or even thoughtful was looked down a lot, your only interests were supposed to be makeup, fashion and licking scrote boots. Literally nothing else. No hobbies. No feminism. No activism. No intelligent thought whatsoever. And of course, stay skinny as a rail even if it meant starving yourself or binging and purging. I know people who have permanently fucked teeth and reflux issues from their bulimic 00's.

I fucking hate the Y2K pop culture, that decade should've stayed in the grave where it belonged. Buried with the one who dug it up for gen z to consoom.

No. 1019226

My favorite coworker got fired today for a reason not really her fault and I just want to help her. She just moved abd I know she's in a money bind, so I'm pretty distressed . Fuck cooperate America

No. 1019228

Yesterday my boyfriend asked me why I was speaking about myself as if I was overweight when I'm not. That decade destroyed my self-esteem and any chance I had to develop a healthy relationship to my body. You are 100% right nonny. Shit needed to die forever.

No. 1019230

Gen z is so fucking retarded. I agree 100 percent with you. And the way both activism and feminism is going by gen z, we'll be back in 1950s soon. Gen z can't think for themselves

No. 1019234

>It's almost like a millenial generational experience
Completely agree, it had a huge impact on so many girls growing up

No. 1019235

bodies will always go in and out fashion. nothing can stop that. i would rather the early 2000s skinny image be in style, than the current slim thick shit, speaking as a woman with no ass or waist or shit like that. obviously the former works more in my favour. also i like low rise jeans, they're hot.

No. 1019239

Every day I scroll the vent thread wondering if I’ll spill my childhood trauma but I am not ready yet. Thank god for lolcow though, you all make me feel less alone.

No. 1019240

Relax no one will be that skinny anymore except where famine is dominating and they wanna get thicc. Obesity is a global epidemic.

No. 1019246

Spotted the retarded zoomers who have a pinterest board full of inspirational Paris Hilton memes and faux Y2K ideas.

No. 1019249

i'm 25 you moron. seek a therapist if body trends affect you this much.

No. 1019254


You're getting too mad at teenagers being dumb, the oldest zoomers are 23 year olds. If anything it's gen X/older millennials at fault for influencing this shit

No. 1019256

>I shall step in to be the adult to do the unfun shit that requires time and patience. However I will make sure he feels stupid and useless because he sure does like to fucking play the part!
Retardsis… you are only making it easier for him and he'll continue to be useless because he knows you'll finish it off every time. Why do women always fall for this oldest trick in the book? Either train your moid or prepare to cut your losses. He doesn't care about feeling stupid and useless as much as you think he will.

No. 1019258

Agreed. I don't go much on /snow/ or /pt/ but I have to refrain from responding to a few anons in /w/ who are so quick to call attractive bodies "fat." Definitely carried over from cosplay and lolita anachan antics because god forbid not everyone is a sm0l japanese girl. They swapped the 90s and early aughts heroin chic for groomer weebshit and think it's better this way.
It's fair game to make fun of cow bodies if the pictures are truly unflattering. On the basis that most cows are shitty narcissists and would be triggered by comments pointing out their flaws. Especially bad shoop. But I hate it when the photos look completely normal–and the cows look legitimately gorgeous–and yet anons think they're sticking it to the cows by spouting those exaggerated lies when all they're doing is feeding into the notion that no one is ever thin or pretty enough.

No. 1019264

Quit shifting the blame to women.

It's not her nor any woman's job to "train" men to do chores correctly and she's right to be frustrated.

We need to stop acting like the only two options to deal with men are handholding them through life or being alone by ourselves. How about you get mad and stay mad at men and start believing they need to be accountable rather than attacking a woman who sounds overworked? Women like you need to take your weasel scrote apologetics and go fuck yourselves.

No. 1019268

Yeah but the thing is unlike fucking 1870 where you would fake your body type with the clothing you wore and no one ever saw your actual body anyway, now we’re constantly inundated with faked images that we register as real, use surgery and starve ourselves like shit is a little different than it used to be, pea brain

No. 1019273

25 is a zoomer kek

No. 1019276

Cointelpro and 70s anti-feminist libertarians and sex positive hippies ruined feminism anon

No. 1019278

I wish there was a way to donate my cute and/or expensive subculture based clothes specifically to girls who don't have money and would really appreciate it. I know if I make a marketplace post about it people would just take advantage though, but I also don't want to police what constitutes being “in need.” Ughhh I just dont want them to end up in some depop-er’s grubby hands where they will just be cluelessly flipped for 4x what they’re worth

No. 1019279

If they are a euro 25 year old she is in the right to thpeak her thoughts as europe used to be around that time a decade behind trends

No. 1019281

I have bougie memes and they’re all thick ass women who have big bums and tiddies like me but ok retard. I don’t like skinny bodies and you just have to deal that we need to start losing weight instead of gaining it because obesity is an epidemic you stupid american bimbo.

No. 1019283

She’s in her thirties and still on lolcow that tells you something

No. 1019285

what does this have to do with my post? bodies looked more realistic 20 years ago than they do now anyway

No. 1019289

The fuck are you talking about? Are you getting your intel on Y2K from some gen z-ran instagram stories or something? 2002 had 2002 trends both in the US and the Europe. It wasn't like you had to import them over a 6-month period across the Atlantic. Internet existed back then.

No. 1019290

>scrote apologetic
Are you legitimately retarded?

No. 1019291

25 is gen z…

No. 1019293

no it's not lmao. if anything it's a "zillennial"

No. 1019294

lmao tell me what country you're from so I can rule you out. Thanks btw, I cheated multiple times and I think I'll pass.

No. 1019297

that's honestly so fucking funny that people want to avoid being gen z so bad that they've made up a term, 25 is gen z lol

No. 1019298

Maybe in big European countries lol but you're clearly a retarded burger so I won't bother with you.

No. 1019299

all of them are made up terms you NLOG sperg. it's so undefined that there isn't even a proper line between the generations, which is where debates like this stem from. honestly kill yourself scum sucking road whore, thanks for making me a-log over your stupidity.(a-log)

No. 1019301

I'm sorry being called gen z hurts you this much anon, go play some ipad games or something

No. 1019302

I'm an European you fucking retard, literally not even the most backwaters Katyushka of the Balkans was simping for Paris Hilton in 2008 when someone born in 1998 would've been sentient enough to clearly remember teenage fashion from that period.

No. 1019304

LOL imagine getting so defensive about being part of the zoomer generation. You fucking geek. You should have played more with your peers as a child. Freak.

No. 1019306

i don't care though, i'm not a 35 year old loser like you still hanging out on lolcow, i'll be ok

No. 1019308

are you okay? are you always this mentally ill? if you want to know what a zoomer or a millennial is it's a simple google search away rofl

No. 1019311

Google was one of your parents. Loser

No. 1019314

File: 1641579081387.jpeg (19.34 KB, 480x360, proxy-image.jpeg)

you'll get there someday kid

No. 1019316

You know this just further proves that you're a zoomer, right?

No. 1019320

Imagine losing your mind like this over an anon rightfully venting about how exploitative and misogynistic Y2K fashion was because your cute crop top bimbo queen fantasies were trashed kek

No. 1019321

i'd rather 3 middle aged women on lolcow think they've "won" and consider me a zoomer than actually be a middle aged woman on lolcow caring about this at all. google (my parent) says i'm not a zoomer x

No. 1019322

nobody lost their mind you freak. jesus christ can you go back to crying about how much your fat ass can't fit into low rise jeans and how it still traumatises you 20 years later, it was more entertaining than this

No. 1019328

Literally what do you think you're accomplishing when you're yelling at women that "boys will be boys" and that they're retards for being angry that they expected better from adults?
Your narrative excuses scrotes.
They need to be confronted and told they're failures.

No. 1019329

File: 1641579688237.jpg (75.01 KB, 1280x844, 1619557958290.jpg)

Stop fighting start kissing

No. 1019330

If you think late 20s/30s is "middle aged", you're absolutely from the iPad generation. I'm sorry your parents thought that was a substitute for parenting. What do you plan to do when you turn 30 and you're "too old" to dress well or do fun shit? Planning to join the 27 club?

you literally told someone to kill themselves?

No. 1019332

>nobody lost their mind you freak.
>all of them are made up terms you NLOG sperg. it's so undefined that there isn't even a proper line between the generations, which is where debates like this stem from. honestly kill yourself scum sucking road whore, thanks for making me a-log over your stupidity.

No. 1019333

No. 1019342


No. 1019343

I'm laughing so hard at the psychotic and rabid ana chans or bimbo worshippers. Go make fun of ethots while you worship the worst, most mysoginistic style for women "bimbo" I don't think you've had enough calories today you might get a heart attack from using too many cals to argue on lolcow

No. 1019345

I think you need better reading comprehension sis

No. 1019346

It's obvious trolling by this point, I give it a 2/5 for the good start but went over the sperg limit way too fast.

No. 1019347

Yet here you are

No. 1019348

shouldn't you be crying about how anything below high rise gives you hip dips?

No. 1019351

nobody spends more time crying at their reflection than anachans

No. 1019352

Theres a sudden influx of zoomers and normies on this site who keep bothering anons that just want to vent. I blame creepshowart and her schizo shenanigans coming back

No. 1019356

this, I wish they'd learn to integrate

No. 1019359

And what are you accomplishing by encouraging women to keep acting like damsels in distress? She's not retard for expecting better, she's retard for expecting better after catering to his laziness. Women need to start like the adults they are and take responsability for the people they allow into their lives, because males won't be doing that for us.

No. 1019367

I'm not even the anon that started this. I'm just having a good laugh at how stupid and transparent you all are. You attack anyone that offends you and your personal choices even though that person is right. I'm laughing so hard literally thinking of some white scrawny woman that calculated eating 600 calories or someone that is stuck on Twitter retweeting bimbo core. Get over yourseves bitches. Anon pointed a sad reality about the style of that time. Mysoginistic and harmful to women and causing eating disorders yet you worship the worst things for women while making fun of sex workers and thots. Let me guess, you're one of the "radfems" like all the hypocritical twats on this board. I will never have to starve myself to be a skeleton. I am average and will always be. Im not fat never was or will be.

No. 1019373

How the hell do you get radfems involved in some ana-chan troll sperging to bait? Is this some moid playing 4D chess first as a psycho zoomer attacking others and then by pinning it on radfems?

No. 1019375

They didnt come to stay they came to bait anons and make fun of those
>old losers111!1 imagine like imagine being 35 couldnt be me lmaooo lets gooo how embarrassing for them

No. 1019379

i did a whole try-on fashion show for my bf when i got some packages delivered and he didn’t say a single thing the entire time. i ended up just trying the rest of my clothes on in the bathroom and when i walked back in he got short with me. “are you mad?”
i love him but i don’t like him at all lately and i’m getting to my limit.

No. 1019382

I was with you but then you completely botched it in the end, you sound just as insecure as the triggered anas.

No. 1019384

ah fuck nevermind, this is romani again isn't it

No. 1019386

How is that I'm always getting mistaken for a dude online but my he/they friend is never not clocked as anything but a woman? It makes me laugh and feel NLOG-ish but I can't help but to smile at this fact. Fucking fool you will never be a boy

No. 1019390

Fakebois are always so clockably feminine in both appearance and especially personality it's laughable.

No. 1019391

Im so tired of brain dead women appropriating radical feminism which raises serious questions about women's well being in society. If you go to the radfem cow thread you will see the cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy they suffer from. I also browsed through Twitter and Tumblr and observed radfems and its a bunch of mentally ill women that have appropriated it to harass other women literally. Tradthots right wingers that use it as a tool and excuse to harass and make fun of sex workers. A radical feminist would never actually make fun of sex workers, she will understand the underlying conditions of society that makes women end up there. I really thought radical feminism was the thing and I am so disappointed in it

anon, the radfem movement has been hijacked by narcs and weirdos you'd be surprised to know like 90%of /ot/ users consider themselves radfems while they promote the sickest most mysoginistic shit and harass other women. The radfem movement I say it with tears in my eyes has been appropriated by retards. There's a lot of anachans from tumblr/Twitter that think they are radfems just because they couldn't fit in with the cool and popular libtard kids

THIS SHIT UPSETS ME SO BADLY I REALLY THOUGHT RADICAL FEMINISM WAS A GENUINE MOVEMENT BUT NOTHING CAN STAY GENUINE IN A WORLD OF RETARDS. I am so angryyyy. Death to tradthots and right wingers appropriating radfem ideology death upon you hypocrites. You stole the only thing that was supposed to be for ppl like me. Sorry, not meant to hate on you or something I know there's genuine radfems on here and I still consider myself radfem but you'd be surprised to see how many retards have appropriated this movement and how many of them are here.

No. 1019393

This is what I've been saying!!
Begone foul beasts

No. 1019396

You are a skeleton, gypsy. And your baiting is terrible. You just want to steal the show of attention in the vent thread. There’s posts being ignored because of you.

No. 1019398

Nobody counts calories nobody wants to be skinny

No. 1019404

most of the sex workers they're going after are this kind >>>/ot/1019084
not the ones that actually come from shit conditions

No. 1019405

jup, I was right once again kek

No. 1019408

I count calories

No. 1019410

I feel the sex work thing. The whole thing is to hate Johns, not sex workers.

No. 1019416

You hate women so much romaniona you always have something to say about women. So much criticism

No. 1019419

File: 1641582315604.jpg (125.25 KB, 790x834, oil.jpg)

I do because I love olive oil but she hate me.

I feel you but go read some Dworkin and touch some grass. Radical feminism isn't only radblr and twitter's madness.

No. 1019421

I'm with you fuck them idiots but wish you weren't spamming all the time
She's only criticizing radfems kek

No. 1019427

My vent is that I'm sick of average/ugly people ruining beauty standards, i miss the 00s were idols and icons were actually attractive but some people got too sensitive about it i guess, i miss when fashion was just fashion and not a pretentious political statement, this era is not fun all

No. 1019436

average/ugly people didn't cause the instadrag makeup trend or the kardashian style

No. 1019442

this, holy shit. I miss the super model era so much, when people shilled as attractive were actually attractive

No. 1019444

OP wasn't acting like a damsel. Nice try.

No. 1019446

i want to be skinny but i don't count calories i just eat what i want but try to cognizant if it's junk or not, if it's a vegetable or not, etc.

No. 1019448

Ffs the original anon's point was criticism on the image women had in the 00s and the expectations on us (being a stupid skelly flesh doll existing for men to view etc), not that they are "too sensitive about 'attractive' idols".

No. 1019450

>19-year olds reminiscing an era they never got to experience and only relive through carefully curated photos

No. 1019458

Looking at the fights in some threads, I'm really glad to not be one of those women who seethes when women outside of my race date men of my race. That must be an exhausting life. It's actually almost embarrassing to watch other women act that way, no matter the races involved. Scrotes are disposable, and getting upset just makes them like bitter femcels

No. 1019464

File: 1641584126943.jpg (136.58 KB, 750x739, devonaoki.jpg)

I still think the models in like high-fashion shows are very beautiful anon. Unless you mean like models in general, but I think it makes sense to have average-looking models in some cases to seem more relatable and market your products to more of a general audience. Would you say pic related is beautiful? She is one of my favorite models of all time.

No. 1019466

who said I'm talking about that?
She's beautiful of course, high fashion models look nice but men and women shilled nowadays just don't look good, with the gross porn beauty standards and the absence of identity in 2020s aesthetic everything looks like a mess

No. 1019475

File: 1641584744372.jpg (53.25 KB, 260x668, 1360274.jpg)

Does this really look attractive to you or any different from today? She might not have plastic lips or a plastic ass like Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian but it's still just as artificial and tacky as any instagram beauty today.

No. 1019476

Nta but idg how average/uggo people or people being 'sensitive' would have anything to do with pornified standards. I don't really see anyone with unconventional features being shilled except for some male celebs but that's nothing new, remember when everyone kept shilling George Clooney

No. 1019477

File: 1641584889449.jpg (427.81 KB, 1080x1080, rs_1200x1200-210810141049-1200…)

Naa, being a teen in the early 2000s fucked me up big time.
She's super pretty, but as og nona mentioned I just think that the women regarded by mainstream ppl as "beauty canons" look really unimpressive

No. 1019488

She doesn't look deformed at all, besides tan, makeup and clothes, i think she has a great, and as far as i know, naturally nice body
This >>1019477 explains it well: pornified but nothing impressive, because is just average people "enhancing" shit they don't have

No. 1019492

This isn’t the unpopular opinions thread nonnie

No. 1019496

Speak for yourself anon. I want to be more skinny

No. 1019501

Kek fake tan, fake hair, and heavy makeup is much less damaging than having foreign objects needlessly stuffed into your skin flaps

Anyway the issue is that beautiful is becoming disposable and now people look at beautiful women and just think it's nothing special, therefore women have to try even harder in order to feel attractive and less attractive women have to try even twice as hard in order to not be harassed. This leads a lot of ugly girls to Photoshopping, pounds of makeup, surgery and body altering such as hip pads and push up bras.

Shape wear outside of the common smoothing types is weirdly normal now, every store I've been to has been selling nothing but push up bras or flimsy bralettes that offer no support that most girls just double bra anyway. Why?

No. 1019503

T. average fridge waist

No. 1019509

>Kek fake tan, fake hair, and heavy makeup is much less damaging than having foreign objects needlessly stuffed into your skin flaps
Why are you so convinced she never had a boob job? Those were crazy popular in the early 2000s lol, you were supposed to be a stick with massive tits (disgusting scene related)

No. 1019512

2000s was a great time for women’s fashion and styles but men looked awful. I think men stopped looking put together and attractive in the 90s

No. 1019515

CA was always considered ugly in my country

No. 1019516

File: 1641586750655.png (62.08 KB, 301x147, tumblr_fceb53eb0f7251dbcb5ca98…)

I finally get the house all to myself for a night and was going to learn how to to use a dildo but of course my period had to start today, of fucking course.

No. 1019519

File: 1641587086939.png (119.66 KB, 245x200, 4BDD6767-36F1-4B67-9BC6-4FDB91…)

Both my parents are so emotionally immature and dependent on me that it feels like emotional incest. Now I have a very loving partner and we both received job offers in another state but my parents keep trying to guilt trip me into not leaving or asking me to “think this over and give it some time”. I’ve lived in the same place my whole life and finally have an opportunity to explore and do new things. I get that it’s hard on them but they either need to divorce or get counseling, it was never my job to act as the third spouse or their therapist.

No. 1019522

File: 1641587133449.jpg (21.5 KB, 249x249, 1605381667271.jpg)

My cat had to be put down today. I miss him and his goofy little round face so much. Please kiss your cats and cuddle them for me nonnas.

Not really a vent I guess but whatever

No. 1019528

aw, so many nonnies are loosing their cats. I'll cuddle my retardo in honour of your cat. I'm so sorry nonna. Vidrel is your cat ascending to a higher plane

No. 1019530

just lay down an old towel and put a condom on your dildo nona

No. 1019533

WTF that's disgusting. You'd never see this shit done to a dog's corpse

No. 1019540

Psychotic shit.

No. 1019544

I thought I was getting over my ex after TWO FUCKING YEARS and today I dream of her. Life is so unfair. I miss that schizo bitch that made my life miserable.

No. 1019546

Why the fuck would you put this shit as a response to an anon losing her beloved cat? You're either a scrote or a fucking tranny

No. 1019550

What an ugly scrote

No. 1019551

wtf is wrong with people. this is horrific

No. 1019552

This reminds me of people who ''love meeting new people'' and have some sort of obsession with befriending everyone but what they actually mean is they love collecting friends and acquaintances like dolls.

No. 1019553

Shit's fucking weird. I guess some people use it as a weird kind of cope but stuffing animals has always been bizarre to me

No. 1019557

File: 1641588716691.jpg (24.06 KB, 500x278, c92677642856d4ec3292b5315c0de1…)

Rip, lost my cat this year too. Sad stuff.
Actually related; can someone help me find a specific drawing of a cute ghost cat looking at her woman owner (or something) that had a caption along the lines of "they never truly leave"? I've seen it on twitter and I wish I had saved it

No. 1019558

I'm so tired of "normal" people. They say I should talk more and be more open but the moment I talk about something that interests me, they don't listen or give me blank stares or talk over me and change the topic etc.

No. 1019562

thisiswhy moids shouldn't have pets

No. 1019568

this bitch can go cook his own goddamn porridge. "he's coughing so make some for him too. he's been coughing a lot. you're not coughing as much as him." that doesn't mean he can't make his own fucken shit. this bitch is at his computer all fucken day long.

No. 1019574

RIP to both of them, anons. Sorry for your loss.

No. 1019577

File: 1641590010392.jpg (1.19 MB, 197x300, 4ljb6g.jpg)

I feel both tense and lethargic at the same time. I want to scream and cry and punch and kick and bite and stab, but I also feel the urge to sleep for 14 hours a day. I feel like I'm being watched and monitored. I tried to get therapy but I was told I only have mild anxiety. I couldn't afford the CBT treatments.

I feel like my life has no meaning or purpose.

No. 1019578

you literally sound like steven

No. 1019581

File: 1641590119176.jpeg (62.91 KB, 736x1104, E3605F1F-3C9A-4283-98C5-E5DEC0…)

Working at home with the flu which I hope isn’t covid.
At a market in Portugal drinking some really nice and painfully thick hot chocolate.

No. 1019587

Am I crazy for being judgemental that my bf (who've I've been with for a long while) dated a friend of his ex? I have brought it up and he says he regrets making mistakes in his youth and he's been with me for 3 years but tbh, I can't lie, it fucks me up and I think it's impeding my ability to form female friendships.

No. 1019591

Almost passing out in my room cause PMS, my tits hurt, first omicron case near my city so i can't leave
At Acapulco chilling in the beach with my hot husbando

No. 1019595

File: 1641591019263.jpeg (370.64 KB, 1920x1080, 80F4C782-19BD-499F-87C1-9F30A3…)

I wish mental stress didn't hurt me this much. I was having a normal day playing video game while occasionally checking in work email for update, and one of the emails brought back really bad memory for me, now my day is ruined and I'm just on my bed sobbing, and couldn't even fucking focus on this boss, which, is a cool and fun boss to fight. I hate that no matter how much I tried to delete the traces of my past, it will always be brought back to me, even from people with good faith.
What else can I do?? I deleted everything, kept myself quiet and only bitched about my past to my very close friends. I will never mention about this trauma of mine in public because that's when They know how to hurt me further, thats how the internet is, they exploit you when you're at your worst.
It's been what, fucking three years, or four? Why why why why do they keep bringing up my painful past as something I should be proud of, while it fucking hurts me whenever I go. No matter how many times I've shut doors on people asking questions about my previous works that I desperately tried to bury behind, it will be brought up, again, and again, and again. I want to die. Or at least I want to stop exist. I want people to stop associating my name with the thing that hurts me deeply. I hate this has become the path I paved for myself and now eating the corpses out of it.
It hurts so much. I want the pain to stop. I can't stand another year of this. When will people forget. If this keeps happening I will never truly heal. Should I just quit my career entirely, Change my name, Find a new identity.

I'm just going to ugly cry for the rest of the day while I nuke and block the email that triggered me this bad, this fucking sucks. Fucking hell. I just want to enjoy some video game instead of this post traumatic stress bullshit.

No. 1019596

I know it sounds weird but you may benefit from a solid brawl. If you have friends who brawl.

No. 1019601

I have spiraled into severe depression and anxiety thinking about how time wasting and embarrassing I have been for the past few years of my life. I keep telling myself that the past is in the past and my mistakes do not define me but it only makes me feel worse. I can't even do my coursework from how crippledly depressed I am.

No. 1019602

I wanna know what thick hot chocolate tastes like

No. 1019604

and somehow all of this is the average woman's and people who disliked the ana bimbo style's fault? somehow they're the reason this is happening even though plenty of people who disliked the ana and bimbo styles dislike today's current trends too (which is really an exaggerated, even more extreme version of that look, it didn't appear from nowhere)

No. 1019605

feel the same way. I try to tell myself to just start over know, since you can't change the past

No. 1019608

Nonnie wait let’s be friends I play dark souls as well! We can yell at the game and life, together!!!
I don’t know how to do it correctly, but you could totally add me on stream!!!!!
And also, I really hear you on your vent!

No. 1019609

File: 1641591915256.jpg (16.03 KB, 474x266, aaaaaAAAA.jpg)

sigh 3rd times the charm

fuckk im typing this again cuz im a complete retard who needs to die!!!
i lost my fucking hearing aids trying to make my room pretty cuz that's the only thing that makes me happy in my life right now, interior design, but like the dumb fuck that i am, I do Not move important or breakable shit in my hobble!! so here I am crying in my bathroom over me and my loser life!!! that's literally MY fucking fault!! I can't blame anyone else for not cleaning my fucking room or losing my fucking hearing aids that i barely use in the first place cuz i dont actually wanna hear anyone!! shit its my own fucking fault for being a loser neet shut-in bitch - i can only blame my multiple year unemployment on me being HOH and/or fat for so fucking long man

anyways, I found one already, I just need the other, so please pray for me nonas

No. 1019611

How do you do it? I try but it's so hard and it feels like somebody is squeezing my chest. I want to focus on the present but my past has a tight grasp on me.

No. 1019612

It tastes like happiness and dreams, nonnie, all the cozy feelings of hot chocolate encapsulated in the thickness makes it worth every penny.

No. 1019613

You will find it! Divide your room in 4 sections, start with corner one.
Flip through papers and bags,
Check in between furniture and walls.
It’s there, I promise! You’ll find it!

No. 1019619

I have no idea how you meds stomach that stuff.

No. 1019626

File: 1641592477518.jpeg (72.88 KB, 378x747, 0E17AF5C-E8E9-4DEB-83C1-5BDA48…)

No. 1019627

Just wack a condom on it and clean it well after nonna

No. 1019632

“If you can walk through mud, you can fuck through blood”. You’ll be fine homie. Probably will help your cramps.

No. 1019643

thank you for the offer nonna, you're so sweet. Soulborne games are my go-to to forget my real life bullshit so I just wanted to vent about it here.

No. 1019648

She's criticizing radfems for shitting on sex workers yet shes a radfem that doxed a camgirl in some /snow/ thread. Don't listen to her bullshit.

No. 1019654

truckfull of dirty construction workers didn't go at a green light until a car honked because they were all staring and smiling deviously at me. hope they all die. i felt disgusting, i'm literally just in a loose sweater and blue jeans with no makeup sitting at a bus stop. idk if i looked funny or if they were being dickbrained

No. 1019656

She hates herself the most and only abuses us to strike at the parts of herself she sees in us.
It's a sad story.

No. 1019657

File: 1641594431782.jpg (20.01 KB, 474x474, everythingisgonnabeok.jpg)

FUCK God bless you nonacita for believing meeeeeee!!!!!
i had to cry and calm down first, but i fucking found it!! it was literally right out in the open, not even in a corner or under my bed or nightstand, but i couldnt tell at first cuz i was overwhelmed and my hearing aid was close in color with it - my dresser!

i love you

No. 1019677

About to stop Zoloft cold turkey after 5 years wish me luck

No. 1019686

Isn't that dangerous? Good luck anyway, nonna.

No. 1019689

File: 1641596910949.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.29 KB, 800x600, img_1683.jpg)

oh yes, because picrel "art" (for which homeless dogs were inhumanly killed) is so much more respectful. Stop making everything about dogs vs cats

No. 1019691

that's not my post

how am I abusing you? I have kept relatively calm but I cannot stand having my mind played with anymore so I've been getting back at the anons harassing me by being rude to them back. If you don't find yourself in the behaviors or things I criticize about radfems then why do you feel abused or attacked? I think my criticisms are fair and I have the right to express myself about what I think too without being called a scrote or being told to kill myself. Plus a lot of my posts in the vent thread are taken out of context. I've had my mind played with very badly in the past 4 years to the point where I want to isolate myself in the forest. The things I posted about killing my cat and my dad are not even real but just a way to metaphorize my anger. I've created fake memories because I've been demonized and villainized so much to the point I feel like a demon and I have a lot of anger due to extreme abuse as a child and abuse I've endured as an adult too

That woman I posted is horrible and she's one of the reasons I've turned up like this and I've been fighting against her since I discovered radfem and we used to be friends in the past. You have no idea what she's done to me. If pumpy and washed up genuinely mentally ill Charms are being posted by 4 vendetta chan ex camgirls, then why shouldn't I post an evil woman? Charms and Pumpy are not faking mental illness to get scrote money and they are not grooming barely 18 girls from the mental hospital to work at her 50 year old's daddy's studio. That woman has doxxed me too, sent her simps to harass me and has been copying my personality for years until I quit camming. She's the worst sex worker I've ever approached and she should be persecuted but nobody cares. She self admits to the mental fucking hospital and getsgirls to her daddy's studio and lies about everything and she has succeeded in destroying my life . I've never groomed girls into sex work and I am genuinely mentally ill, I have literal autism with CPTSD and my entire life I have masked it and pretended to be normal because of the fear of being persecuted and I have to watch all sort of manipulative munchies claim they have mental illness and have everyone kiss their ass. She's a demon, she's the worst person on that entire website and possibly one of the worst in the entire industry. Cows and flakes discussed here are not even bad and you refuse to discuss actually problematic people but most problematic "content creators" are hidden under 10 masks of manipulation and are generally liked by the public, but is being liked by the public a virtue of being a good person? Jake Munro is liked by the public and he is a sociopathic narc stepping on others to build his empire. The evil she's doing goes beyond a western thot posting "sex work" is real work on Twitter. She's involved in a sex trafficking ring and even her daddy posted to shill her in her thread lmao saying to not believe the lies that it is just competition being jealous.She's not the average sex worker posting "sex work is real wor" on Twitter, but I've learned that there;s no way you can fight narcissists or evil in this world. Why shouldn't I doxx an evil woman hurting other women?

No. 1019693

I fully support you anon, hope you destroy the boss!

No. 1019695

Yay!!!! I’m glad you found it.

No. 1019700

Where was that posted?

No. 1019705

> I have literal autism
Fucking what.

No. 1019715

File: 1641598689617.png (171.71 KB, 719x450, sar-onlyfans-v4_720.png)

you have no idea about the sex trafficking rings that run under the disguise of "camming studios" in Eastern Europe. I messaged Myfreecams to tell them there is illegal stuff, grooming and sex trafficking supported by their platform and they fucking banned me and stopped responding to my emails. This scrote is an Ukrainean programmer and he runs both Myfreecams and Onlyfans. Now you will call me schizo. Is is that hard to believe women are being sex trafficked and this scrote allows it? I suffer from disorganized speech and cognition from extreme abuse but all of this is real. You have no idea how camming studios function in Eastern Europe . The woman I posted is a sex trafficker and she is dating a 55 year old scrote 50-55 year old scrote that runs the camming studio she works at they have 4-5 girls working on there and all of them are groomed by her in the mental hospital and brought to Myfreecams just like I was. Most American sex workers dont do that kind of shit and yet you Believe Belle Delphine to be a problem and call her a slut when she doesn't even promote SW it isn't her fault stupid teenagers are taking after her and that bald scrotoid running Onlyfans Myfreecams allows literal children to be on there since at 18 you are still a child

No. 1019718

You will feel like shit and revert to a sub-human state

No. 1019719

narcissists and evil humans are never held responsible and nothing ever happens to them. This scrote will never be punished and he will never face the consequences of his actions. For allowing literal child porn on his platforms while making billions yearly with no work, but victims like me will be demonized and punished for merely speaking the truth. To evil people nothing bad happens ever, but only to good people speaking the truth

No. 1019720

I thought it was the romanianon since she is the one who kills cats but i guess you’re her and you’re the one who posted that, sicko.

No. 1019730

I’m so sick, angry and yet laughing too. Why? I don’t even like taxidermy. But it’s just taxidermy? The way you responded was just psycho yet funny too. I’m so sorry I need help. We’re worse than elliot rodger or the romanian girl.

No. 1019746

What the fuck anon!! I am literally trying to settle and relax before bed and saw this and now I want to cry! Why did you post this? Freak.

No. 1019755

Whyyy does my mom keep bringing up her coworkers aspie son?? She has never been this insistent before. Is it because he has a business masters? He still doesn’t go out of the house if his mom doesn’t hold his hand and won’t do anything besides obsess over financial theory. Does she want me to go on that undateables show or something

No. 1019765

>you were supposed to be a stick with massive tits
Can completely confirm. The bimbofied HSTS troons you see getting bolt ons look basically what women were expected to be in the early 00's. Tons of makeup, fake hair, extremely skinny and shapeless with gigantic fake breasts, trashy ghetto clothing with a lot of skin exposed. When trends changed and suddenly you started seeing women who were skinny but not on an ana-chan level it was like you could breathe again. Back then you had to have a flat behind too, Jennifer Lopez was constantly called a fatass and shamed for having a shapely butt.

No. 1019794

I once made a batch of fancy sugar cookies, they looked like watermelon slices. I told my family they were a gift for my boyfriend. I wake up the next morning 1 (ONE) cookie was left. None of them ever apologized to me. I just remembered this and now I feel no guilt for not having a relationship with my siblings. They are just bad people.

No. 1019800

>I've created fake memories
so lies lol, exactly like this story about the random ukranian girl you're jealous of

No. 1019811

> how am I abusing you
You're pretty general with your insults and vitriol. Pretty sure you said in the past that everyone here is a monster and deserves to suffer, in about 500 times as many words.

No. 1019815

im so fucking annoyed. i got banned on fb for two days for making a joke about drop kicking a hypothetical persons head. and they banned my second account as well, which i am barely on to make a violation. idk why this is pissing me off so much..

No. 1019822

Why do moids never get a taste of karma. Why do low value women take back men who cheat and lie whilst the low value woman (“homewrecker”) pines over his cumbrain self that one day he will leave his mentally battered girlfriend and run off in to the sunset together. Both low value women and scrotes should do a flip. I’m sick of seeing mouth breathers getting a choice of either “happy ending” rather than getting the actual shit they deserve because LVW wont kick them to the curb further lowering the bar for these slobbering knuckle dragging goons. Praying to heyzoos [insert name here] and your morally scuffed love triangle sudoku.

No. 1019835

because fb sucks. they banned for saying men need to stop raping women and being assholes in general, but i'd gotten and seen sexual harassment and sexist stuff about women. Fuck fb

No. 1019837

File: 1641606027108.png (31.42 KB, 250x187, mm.png)

i wish i had a friend i could play vidya games together with irl. i keep imagining scenarios where we're both in my room, eating snacks and freaking out while trying to beat this one level. i feel so lonely :')

No. 1019841

this video unironically makes me seethe. anyone that has a dog, clearly knows that what the woman behind the camera is saying isn't actually being perceived correctly by the dog. it's obvious that she hid the dog's toy inside the cabinet (the dog is sticking his face in and sniffing there, all dogs do that when they can't reach something they want) and the dog just wants the toy back. the dog doesn't give a shit if it's broken, it can't even comprehend that it's broken. when the dog perks up, it's because she raised her voice in a way that makes the dog think it's gonna get it's toy back. and the comments are so retarded like "how precious, dogs understand everything…" bitch the dog just wants it's toy that this woman obviously hid in the cabinet for a fucking tiktok.

No. 1019842

Im retarded and left cupcakes in the tins for two weeks until they got moldy and i only realized when i went to bake again. So i decided to soak the tins in bleach water but i think i got mold spores in the new batter because i had the bowls by the sink when i went to clean the tins. I have no idea what im doing with the bleach either, kill me.

No. 1019843

Fucking got the dryest cough in the world and my throat hurts the moment I wake up in the morning. I get my grandpa being 89 and is old as fuck but why couldn't he be fucking bothered to wear a mask inside the house or cover his mouth. Now me and my mom have it.

No. 1019844

Did you ever have friends like that? I would go to my best friend’s house to play JRPGs and Sonic games in middle school and I miss it very much.

No. 1019849

Mold spores are everywhere naturally. if you’re paranoid about it just cook the muffins like normal and freeze what you don’t eat the first day for later.

No. 1019850

no, unfortunately not but that sounds so cozy anon! just two kids with no worries in life except for playing a silly little game and finishing their homework. it sounds so comforting and nostalgic

No. 1019855

I wanna drop kick the mods at facebook

No. 1019856

File: 1641607773161.jpg (45.11 KB, 480x601, bede7e5032f00b34b64f1acee483f2…)

I think of deleting the Discord app. The amount of mental illness and monstrosity I had to encounter here over the past year is crazy.
>Friend feels bad for the community she mods on (it's not doing too well) so she invited a bunch of people she enjoyed voicechatting, allowing others to invite their friends
>quickly it turns into a tranny telling everyone to send pornhub videos to him so he will stream it on voice chat, when he invited me to a VrChat he shoved a vibrator up his ass.
>I keep seeing women on big servers trying to gather fanboys by turning themselves into porn-addicted girls
>Some other trannies convinced a barely legal "femboy" that he is actually a girl (not an animefag cosplayer that wants to be an anime girl and jerks off to hentai daily), they keep hitting on this child and are happy he signed up for pills because some weirdos on internet told him to do that
>Everytime I try befriending anyone they end up traumadumping me and making muh "I need attention I'm mentally ill" their whole personality
>People complain to me about stupid shit such as "my e-gf didn't answer me and it's been five minutes"

No. 1019865

>We shouldn't be alone by ourselves
Imagine learning world history, watching the news and crime documentaries, seeing relationship and crime statistics, watching and listening to the stories of your female friends and relatives, and thinking this. Literally zero self-preservation instincts.

No. 1019871

Literal autism.

No. 1019883

>TFW you're so fat you can't properly clean your clit

No. 1019887

Thank you for the reassurance anon, I have a thing about mold but i will be ok

No. 1019888

You clean your clit?

No. 1019892

wtf anon. please learn vaginal hygiene

No. 1019894

Here we go again, here comes the horde of vagina washers with their soap dildos. You're NOT supposed to clean your vagina.

No. 1019896

Vagina=/ labia, cheese flaps

No. 1019900

But like, honestly, what's the point if you don't have sex?

No. 1019902

i precisely don't have cheese flaps because i wash my cunt you smelly cunt

No. 1019903

I did this so much as a teen with my bff. We'd walk to the store, chit chat and buying all the snacks and energy drinks. Then we'd walk back home to mine or hers and play vidya until sunrise while talking shit about our classmates and stuff. Life will never be that good again.

No. 1019906

I would like to interject and say I use a bidet! I’ve used one since I was a child and I would cry if I had to go on without using one. No worries about any hygiene related issues or smells.

No. 1019912

File: 1641611413951.gif (40.25 KB, 220x165, stewie-family-guy.gif)

I'm a NEET/shut-in, and I feel so worried about my future. I don't want to live off an unstable minimum wage job, but I also don't have the will or wits to study. And I'm agoraphobic. I'm a mess, and I don't know if I can solve it.

No. 1019919

Same. If you figure it out lmk. Right now I’m on disability but it puts me below poverty level at 12k a year and it’s not going to get better.

No. 1019923

I found out that my brother self-harms, pretty severely too. But he's extremely stubborn and refuses to get any help or even admit that anything is wrong including lying to my face when I literally walked in on him doing it. I don't think there's anything I can do since he gets super defensive if anyone even gently implies he needs to get help even though it's obvious to everyone, but it's fucking me up because I can genuinely picture him killing himself someday.

No. 1019926

i hate how now too many years ago, all you needed to have to have a good body was just not be fat and be relatively proportionate.

now i actively don't have a good body because i don't have a thick ass, or other features like that.

i literally can't stop feeling like a useless object

No. 1019928

I have the chills and weak muscles right now. This is how I die…the last of my sad days on LC.

No. 1019929

File: 1641612919739.jpeg (77.03 KB, 1241x631, 1637568191204.jpeg)

Who cares nonnies, it's all good, I'm eating some crackers right now and you should too. Nothing is real so I'm just relaxing. Fuck a job.

No. 1019936

Work on yourself so you'll have other things to be proud of and have value for besides your stupid meat suit.

No. 1019938

I've been trying to stop bottling up my feelings so much and instead allow myself to just have them, but for the last few weeks it's like I can't stop crying, especially in the evenings. Once I opened the floodgates it's like it just got worse and worse, I've gone from silently crying to not being able to sleep for hours because I'm just messily folded up on the floor sobbing into whatever pillow or blanket I got to prevent neighbours from hearing me. I didn't sleep much before either, but at least then I was distracting myself with a Netflix show in the background or browsing my phone to not have to think about things. Crying is exhausting. I'm so puffy in the morning and usually have a pounding headache by midday from all the pressure in my head. Screw this.

No. 1019939

No. 1019941

Are you ok?

No. 1019942

I hate how my mom complains about money, refuses to replace things we NEED like the kitchen towels that smell like dirty dishwater even after bleaching, and gets up my ass for leaving the faucet running for 2 seconds more. Yet goes out and buys random useless crap every week. This time is was a bunch of shit clothes that will fall apart in the wash, and a huge low quality eyeshadow set when none of us wear eyeshadow. Bitch choose a struggle!

No. 1019946

I hope you got to drink something warm and nourishing in this time, anon. It's all gonna be okay

No. 1019951

chronic depression anon here, I have this routine where I'd watch some sad films (I have a huge backlog) before bed, bawling my eyes out, then relax myself by topping cucumber slices in face (esp eyes, cheeks and forehead). Having cool on your face after crying session does help you Lots,

though I'm also at this stage where I go back to crying again even after cucumber face mask routine… in which my current countermeasure is going on LC and bitch about it, or I can doodle on my sketchpad while listening to some really sad songs in hoping I can fall asleep.

No. 1019952

idk even women who were thin got called 'fat' in the 2000s if they weren't below stick level thin (britney spears, jessica simpson, etc)

No. 1019958

One day my hearts going to stop hurting.

No. 1019965

I feel so sick that it's hard to sleep but my eyes hurt, my head hurts to move, and even in 2 blankets I'm cold. I tried to sleep but still woke up 30 minutes later.

No. 1019968

Not everyone can parasitize their parents forever like you, anon

No. 1019970

It's all about parasitizeizining the government. Fake an injury or mental illness.

No. 1019971

My sister keeps making sounds in her sleep and I genuinely can’t take this. She won’t shut up. I can’t fucking tolerate it. I’ve slapped myself without thinking when she made a really loud sound and now I’m anxious and I can’t sleep and my cheek stings.

No. 1019980

If a bitch has agoraphobia that’s mental illness and she doesn’t have to fake anything.

No. 1019981

While current beauty standards are harder to follow, it wasn't that good before. Many women developed anorexia to stay thin. Society is never satisfied with women and feels entitled to demand without giving back anything of value. Learn to appreciate different body types and stop caring.

No. 1019991

Unfortunately, in my country it is difficult to get government benefits for physical illness, let alone psychiatric illness.

No. 1020010

Are you me anon kek i do that shit all the time then i realize its just me alone in my room and the pc. Sometimes i wish i could stop playing games because it reminds me of this desire of having friends who are into it and we’re spending time discussing lore kek

No. 1020043

tw child rape. i kept dissociating and only have moments of clarity from my child abuse. i remember being asked if i had cum in me and not knowing what it was. then she beat me to get me passed out or switch personality to clean me out. we could not clean it and i didnot want her to touch me so i got a painful infection.
we had to take pills to sleep. it was always at random times. a teacher once told me not to take the pills. i resisted but had to take them anyway.
once i heard my brother scream, he yelled my name so i ran there. i forgot the rest. i have permanent scarring from bruises on my head.
we were posed nude for photos. there are bloody infant photos of me.
they told us our dad was away working when he was in jail. my mother paid the bills by abusing us. her mother told me i could pick anything to buy now because i earned it. i did not know what it meant and i asked for a snack, and she was surprised and asked "only that? you think you are so cheap?" they did this to my mother. my mother is a psychopath. she told me, maybe she has changed. i am scared they want to murder me for knowing. i am scared to have children.

No. 1020044

I used an antifungal for vaginal yeast infections and I'm apparently allergic to it so my vagina is still burning a week after use. Lucky me.

No. 1020048

my mother was angry for me not sleeping with her. she was angry for me not acknowledging that she was the breadwinner. bitch, you sold ME. when i started resisting and passing out, they started hating me. they hated me for going through puberty and did not give enough food. but when i refused to eat they berated me. everything i did was bad no matter what i did. i wanted to run away. she pretended to be into holistic health to get us on sedatives. she did not care about our health at all. let alone the rapes i was blamed for having allergies.

No. 1020053

you disgusting stalkers, hell awaits you. let me be.

No. 1020061

>I think of deleting the Discord app.
fucking pull the plug already

No. 1020063

I've had backpains the entire day and yesterday, but they weren't as bad I hope it just from having to poop, or sleeping wrong and I won't have to go to the ER. I'll make sure to eat fiber tonight.

No. 1020070

alwyas ignored and im rejected by even fucking weirdos and autistic girls. im an undesirable.

No. 1020071

Why you say this?

No. 1020073


No. 1020075

because it's truth

No. 1020076

Gacha is very slowly ruining my quality of life

No. 1020094

I started watching Sailor Moon for the first time recently and I love that it's very girl-oriented and pretty.

So tell my why when I decide to look up some fandom shit about it all I see are fan art and literal photography photos of MEN being sailor guardians? Why can't girls just have their own thing!! Why is it okay for scrotes and troons to invade woman oriented spaces but hell if a girl comes into a gay male/tranny space they freak out!!!

No. 1020096

Only browse Japanese fanart, they're better at aesthetics and not devolving characters into being ugly monstrosities for the virtue clout

No. 1020098

You reminded me of when I lived with a two roommates and when we (my female roommate and I) watched Sailor Moon our male roommate would talk shit about it and leave the room. He came out as a troom years later and said he first new he was trans when he watched the premiere of Sailor Moon when he was 4 kek ok dude

No. 1020118

Why are they like this?

No. 1020121

I've been woken up on the one day I can sleep in by my cramps and I'm so tired. I hate when I'm in the thralls of menstruation I feel like my weed doesnt hit the same.

No. 1020122

>Only browse Japanese fanart
Bad idea if you don't wanna come across tonnes of coomer moid shit imo.

lol I wonder if he'd cope saying that when he shat on it he was actually trying hard to hide his troony interests

No. 1020134

Honestly if he was coping that's even more hilarious. Add that to his dream of wanting to be a cop (now wants to tattoo ACAB on knuckles) and devoted father (now says all minors are creepy and weird)

No. 1020136

Kek. I knew a guy who went from muslim wannabe to neonazi. The fact that they all try really hard to prove to people that "they've always been this way!1!" through intense mental gymnastic is hilarious

No. 1020141

You are literally such a fucking narcissist. Kill yourself.

No. 1020144

Weren't you going to off yourself?

No. 1020145

Fuck off with your persecution complex you ugly Romanian slut

No. 1020156

>then why shouldn't I post an evil woman?
How do you know she doesn't have the same sob story as you do? You seem to have a habit of lying as well. Let's face it, you're exactly what you preach against.

No. 1020162

Not racebait but I'm white and grew up on a reservation and when I was in foster care it was through a native program (I assume cause my stepdad was native) so I ended up on other reservations more than once. I am having so much trouble accessing these records. I keep getting ignored or redirected. I need these dates. My friend who was in the same program got access right away. Do I need legal action? They're on the other side of the country and tell me they will get in touch soon but it's been months.

No. 1020166

Honestly the act of cutting and preparing cucumber might help distract me a bit next time I spiral into sob-mode. Thanks, anon, that's some really nice advice.

No. 1020194

and? I dont groom women for my 50 year old daddy's cam studio, but maybe I should since you hate me more than an actual groomer and villainize me. I've never hurt women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1020211

Being a NEET is making me suicidal, but I'm too depressed to take steps to escape NEET-dom and I keep getting worse and worse every day. Yaaaay.

No. 1020213

File: 1641640607537.jpeg (465.19 KB, 960x960, 430E6ED1-5854-4AF4-A2DF-76DFAC…)

guess who didn't make the overnight oats last night.

No. 1020222

You’ve hurt little kids though haven’t you? And animals. I guess you’re a superior human who has the right to do whatever you like.
Kill yourself narc

No. 1020224

I feel your pain anon

No. 1020229

rip anon, i hope your next overnight oats will be delicious. i always make mine in batches because weighing everything and scraping out the yogurt is kinda annoying but i love my oats and yogurt and fruit…

No. 1020231

You doxxed cam girls, killed cats, abused children, threatened to post nudes of your ex-friends that were clearly right to dump you, and said you want to kill western women. Kill yourself today.

No. 1020237

anti-vaxxers are the most annoying fucking people on the planet. I honestly don't give a shit if you're vaccinated or not, but why do these people endlessly go on about it? I've stopped hanging out where I do beause there's a group of 5 idiot tht spend all their time talking about covid and how everyone that follows guidelines is a "sheep". Even on this site I was in a cows thread and they went off-topic crying about "vaccin injuries". Just shut the fuck up. No one cares if you want to be an unhygenic moron, just shut the fuck up.

No. 1020238

J-Lo was considered a hot bad bitch and everyone envied her butt. Same for Shakira. Butt implants were a thing actually even though it killed women but it’s just that PS wasn’t as prevalent. There were two typed: one who liked thiccc and the other who liked skeletons. Now nobody likes skeletons. Also I feel like that Katie chick in the look up movie but doesn’t ANYONE FUCKING REALIZE OBESITY IS A GLOBAL EPIDEMIC AND IT’S KILLING US?!

No. 1020240

>nobody likes skeletons
false, but based if true

No. 1020242

I am tired of the Romanian anon and all the people who continue to reply to her. You should pay attention to me instead. I really want some chocolate right now and I'm upset I don't have some. My life is hard.

No. 1020249

What I find funny is specifically the theories that vaccines are poison, microchips and similar bullshit. If (((they))) wanted to poison they could just put the poison into painkillers kek

I pray chocolate comes your way soon

No. 1020252

Maybe because this shit affects people life and it's not that easy to ignore when your livelihood depends on if you dare to question the holy vaxx.

No. 1020255

I was 8 years old in an incredibly abusive environment that you cannot even conceptualize where everyone would molest one another. I got raped 3 months on end and molested by different people, I got animals and cats killed in front of me and I got encouraged to do it. It has been 14 years since then. Why do you sound like a twitter faggot trying to paint me as a pedo for something that has happened when I was a kid and I did not even have consent over it and I was basically conditioned by my environment. The woman I posted grooms women now, in the present, in adulthood. I've never done anything like that or actually hurt women, I've actually helped a handful of homeless women with a lot of money, something most of you would never do. I'm tired of being painted as the villain. I am leaving bye have fun with Steven since he still browses and is even trying to get /ot/ against me by samefagging aggresivity towards me. Have fun with steven and the tradthots remaining on here that hate "whores" and for which radfem is just a tool of persecuting and hurting absolutely innocent women. The woman I posted is actually evil, one of the few evil women I have encountered in my life. I was abused, raped, lived in poverty, beaten, humiliated and I still am poor but I don't groom women and I was groomed too but I don't groom women why should I excuse her for being "hurt" when I was hurt too and I dont hurt anyone. Have fun with the ugly scrotes and remaining tradthots browsing lolcow
mos western women are mysoginistic as fuck they either suck tranny cock (left wingers) or rim right winger poopy anus. Also, all the things you've said about me are not even true, you're just villanizing me just like Twitter tards do when they want to cancel someone. Have fun with Steven. He will remain here, I will leave after what you've all done to me. Maybe you can become his next gf.

No. 1020262

Quick question romanianon, but is your cat okay? Like, did you follow through in harming it? I just want to know if the cat is safe

No. 1020263

>I am leaving bye
see ya tomorrow

No. 1020266

We heard you the first time

No. 1020267

File: 1641644590339.gif (2.24 MB, 380x214, 4f6113d714713dc3d74e37a69e6b2b…)

See you tomorrow.

No. 1020269

this white girl i swear

No. 1020270

Kek this thread is very intense and exhausting right now

No. 1020272

So my theory on you being a massive spoony tier samefag is true. Are you the edgelord who keeps mocking vents in the vent thread? Are you sure Steven is to blame for your dogshit posts on lolcow? After you were beta orbiting him you’re actually telling us to stan for him? Lol we never dated him you handicapped autist. I doubt he’s even still here which makes him actually a better dogshit of a “human” than you, because you never stop about what happened to you more than a decade ago to people who had nothing to do with it. Well, if admin is willing to reveal posts of both of you you can prove you’re not a samefag but your typing style is so distinct, even when you don’t write such long posts. If I were you I’d get busy with threatening bystanders to rape animals somewhere else, but not here you utter retard. Or go to your boyfriend steven and get bullied in your discord servers you dumb attention whore.

No. 1020273

don’t bring race into it anon, just makes you look dumb

No. 1020274

I have a fever and my legs feel like they got ran over by a truck. I want to die

No. 1020276

Take some fever meds and get some rest nonna, it will be better in one or two days.

No. 1020277

Reading the askmen subreddit makes me roll my eyes. I bring this on myself, but damn fucking lol that a man's 30s is a woman's 20s. Moid saying they would fuck anything legal and they are over 30. How age gap are totally cool because my wife is 21 and I'm 51, she's mature for her age.
God are younger women these days realizing what a trap age gap relationships are now? Can we finally leave it in the past.

No. 1020278

>I'm tired of being painted as the villain. I am leaving bye
You could have just not be a sperg and leave your rants to some safe space nobody can criticize you. Bye, I hope you aren't lying this time though I feel like "see you tomorrow" probably is more fiting. IDK why you haven't been permabanned, I guess because of free speech

No. 1020280

Many vents go completely ignored when the romanianon made that post about getting doxxed we shouldn’t have taken it seriously because it was FULL of “be my army pls” and contradictions and we wouldn’t have summon her ex boyfriend stephanie either, because tsunanon was relatively unnoticed if you compare it to this new mutated form. Let’s just go back to it and completely ignore it under this line (you’ll get gypsy aids if you don’t)


No. 1020284

I really want a pet but none of my landlords permit it. What to do?

No. 1020285

Thank you, nonas. Yes I'm okay I actually don't even have a sore throat for some reason (yet?) but I still have chills, muscle aches all over my body, and my legs hurt but I don't have a fever. I do think it is omicron as I went to the doctor the other day and he said my lymph node was swollen which is caused by a viral infection.
My mother gave this to me from work and she had the same weird symptoms plus a sore throat and coughing. I've never felt anything like it before. It doesn't even resemble a cold or flu (since I don't feel hot). Very weird stuff

No. 1020286

I'm not familiar with apartment regulations but are caged animals like rabbits permitted?
Also you'd be surprised but those fake pets they make for the disabled and elderly apparently are still very good to have for the non-disabled. I imagine they might be a tiny bit creepy but might be a worthwhile replacement in the meantime?

No. 1020287

>Cows and flakes discussed here are not even bad and you refuse to discuss actually problematic people
>you sound like a twitter faggot
Pick one

No. 1020288

cus antivaxxers are actually, genuinely oppressed and treated like potential killers even if vax doesn't stop the spread, regardless of wheter you agree with them or not, they've got good fucking reasons to talk about it.

No. 1020292

I don’t even know where to start. As I’m getting older, I realize how much my parents failed to raise me well. Every since I was a child my mom projected her neuroticism onto me. I don’t know what’s wrong with her but there definitely is something wrong. She grew up in a fairly normal household but she’s an extremely anti social, sheltered person who is literally afraid of everything. I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere as a child , i wasn’t allowed to wear anything that remotely showed my legs etc. everything was so restrictive. I was a very outgoing child but by the time I was an older teenager I became a very awkward, socially anxious girl. She would always tell me what my place as a woman should be and sat me down and told me about news stories of female victims to scare me. Not only that but to this day she’s still scared of everything and everyone and made sure to let us all know which ofc resulted in me having severe ocd. My dad is a cheater and low key an alcoholic and he just stays away from everything or gets verbally abusive. Now I’m a grown woman and I live with the consequences of growing in this household every single day. I’m suspicious of everyone and can’t form normal work or intimate relationships with anyone. I really resent them for that cause in a few years I’ll be 30 and I’m never gonna get back all these missed experiences and opportunities as a teen and as a 20-something. I really wanna die when I think about this.

No. 1020294

NTA but have they made more than Pao the baby seal, and are they affordable for a normal person? I love animatronics

No. 1020298

File: 1641647586186.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 5.07 KB, 294x171, download (6).jpeg)

it's fine. I love my cat very much, she's the only thing I have in life right now. I would never hurt her and I haven't ever hurt people or animals besides when I was 8 in that hell. I was very stressed when I posted that. It turned out all the friends I've ever had were fake and I was being harassed on lolcow and my annonimity has been taken away from me because I was directly involved with a group from lolcow so they began clocking my posts and intentionally replying with mean shit only because I disagreed with them and Steven tried convincing me I'm a horrible cat killer and child molester pedo for something that has happened to me when I was 8. I'm not actually insane, I love my cat I would never hurt her and never have I had the urge to. I'm very disappointed at the world right now and I have a lot of anger inside of me and if I kill I will probably kill a bunch of scrotes. Like a bunch of right wing scrotes or incels because scrotes are the real cause of my suffering and the real cause of the suffering that happens in society. There have been too many scrote serial killers killing women and everyone idolizes them but when a woman kills scrotes she's the worst unless maybe Japanese. You know that Japanese girl that scrotes love. Although, I think killing scrotes would make it worse since they would find another reason to collectively victimize themselves "wahhh women are evill they deserve to be raped look at how romanianon killed scrotes women are totes evil ".

I don't know how to explain this since I cannot express myself very well, but if you look at the big scale like look at history and humanity from a completely objective and detached manner and look at both of the genders of humans, men are the ones responsible for all the evil in the world because they have held and hold most power and they make society be what it is, yet the blame is always shifted on women.

steven is here lmao he will be here forever and you have literally kept a scrote over me. He is super happy you all hate me. He keeps on mailing me about how everyone on lolcow hates me and that he was right over me being a pedo animal killer and everyone thinks the same. Also, all the shit most of you say about me is not even fucking true like 80% of it. How am I telling you to "stan" for him. I am telling you that with the way you are acting you're making radfem women leave and letting tradthots that hate women stay and right wing scrotes like Stiban that are attracted to this place exactly because it complains about "whores" and women non stop and hates sex workers. Pinkpilled? more like right wing scrote pilled. When the fuck did I encourage people to kill animals or hurt humans? You also mentally correlate each post you dislike with me because you are not very smart and you're an ex kpop twitter fag from your writing style. Even if I leave forever you will still think some posts are made by me since now you correlate everything you dislike with me. You also only know of my bad posts but I've been actively posting here for 6 fucking years. There are plenty of posts that were liked by anons and even in the past days since this shit has been unfolding I have normal posts that other anons liked.

my rants to some safe space nobody can crticize me? Like what? Because that does not actually exist. You sound like a child or like you're extremely stupid. I'm tired of this shit, you also love to blow shit out of proportion and villainize anyone you dislike. Im convinced most of you are very dumb like -20 IQ and all the intelligent anons have left and only stupid, immature Twitter fags are left on here.

There are scrotes right now here and you prefer them over me. Steven has been blending in with lolcow crowd for years and uses any opportunity to call women whores or make fun of sex workers because he is a right winger that hates women. He also posts in women's threads. Isn't it ironic? Your type of feminism literally attracts right wing nazi scrotes that hate women and love any woman that hates sex workers or whores because she is based. That's not feminism. It wasn't "be my army" it was I'm in a bad situation and there's a scrote amongst you that has literally pretended to be a woman for 1 week to me and offered me emotional support just to show his true colors of being a right wing nazi scrote that hates women how fucking psycho is that. Way more psycho than a literal 8 year old child in an extremely abusive environment. I'm actually not doing anything immoral and have done even good things for lolcow and I am the psycho. But Steven, a 30 year old moid that talks with lolcow women and PRETENDS to be a woman and to hold all the beliefs that are held on here and prEy on vulnerable women to turn into his "based whore hating tranny hating sex worker hating right wing gf" is not psychopathic at all. I have done a lot of good things to lolcow. Including doxxing a slimy moid browsing on here for years and generally encouraging and arguing for anons to stop hating and posting in Luna's, Venus's,Shayna;s, Moo's threads because they are not that bad. Yet, I am the one hating western women lmao. I cannot with this shit anymore. I'm done being mother theresa I'm just gonna be evil and pretend I'm a good citizen like most humans. Most humans are evil and egoistical but pretend to be good. Also, the cat helicopter post is totally Steven's because he is a retard and I can immediately spot him. He says "aw" and has a fake performative sense of empathy to fit in with women but he is a scrote so he thinks psycho shit like that is LE FUNNY and quirky and that it would amuse you since he does not have much self awareness and like any scrote is unable to evolve mentally beyond his 20 year old "quirky meme right wing nigger hahahaha" phase. Soon, after I leave he will be back to posting stupid NPC "empathetic" replies to anons and probably reminding you weekly of the psycho camwhore cat killer from romania because I didn't do his bidding. WOW STIBBBAN YOURE TOTESS RIGHTTT I HATE CAMWHORES AND SEX WORKERS MY BASED KINGG THOSE FUCKING LIBTARDS

I've never actively used Twitter, it is horse shit, and I am objectively right. This place is built upon hating women that are not even doing bad things like me for example. I don't actually want to shit up threads, but I feel forced to.


No. 1020301

>my rants to some safe space nobody can crticize me? Like what? Because that does not actually exist.
I fucking told you like 3 times. A notepad file. A private wordpress account. You don't want feedback anyway. But why am I even writing this? You don't want solutions, you want to bitch and victimize yourself. I'm sure your galaxy brain could have come up with the idea of a private diary itself.
The fuck are you doing here? You were supposed to go away

No. 1020302

I want to pee so bad but no access to a toilet rn… fuck.

No. 1020308

Kill yourself

No. 1020309

It’s literally your fault he’s here in the first place you stupid Romanian cunt. We haven’t chosen him over you, we fucking hate you both. You are as bad as each other and I hope you both off yourselves.

No. 1020311

You’re too fucking stupid, short, dumb and ugly to kill anyone you worthless whore(calm down)

No. 1020313

You where the one who kept emailing him instead of reporting him for being a lurking scrote like you fucking should have done in the first place.

No. 1020315

calm down idiot

No. 1020320

For some reason, blood keeps spilling from the wings of the pad and the middle area where blood is supposed to go is completely clean, I've ruined two of my underwear in like 2 hours because of this. Even after changing positions of the pads, urghhhhh.

No. 1020322

I hate males so fucking much it's unreal

No. 1020326

My most hated type of make is Fifas. Maybe you remember from movie night but I explained that a fifa is a type of male that is ADDICTED to some kind of sport (mostly soccer) and plays Xbox type videogames while feeling superior to women. Well I have a fucking coworker like that and I HAAATE HIM he always tries to one up everyone and talks down to people. I hope he dies soon.

No. 1020327

Please do not kill yourself, please have hope that your life will improve.

No. 1020328

I will just secretly get a hamster. Fuck it.

No. 1020330

A brand I see popping up is called Joy For All if you wanna look into that. They do look like stuffed toys though. $100+ for most but nothing ridiculous

No. 1020331

I think weed would calm down my mind and soul and help me relax and stop being a schizo sometimes but its illegal in my country and its hard to come by and dangerous to get especially for a woman, its also laced most times. Fuck

No. 1020332

>Smoking weed
Yeah that's not a good idea anon, take herbal pills or talk to a doctor.

No. 1020352

A lot of people here do and will tell you it's good. But tbh, such generalizations will lead you nowhere. Not every single man is a monster and thinking they are might shape every interaction you have with them and give you massive confirmation bias. It's like the retards on 4chan who hate all black people because of the actions of a few. It becomes an unhealthy obsession which will hinder you in life. And generalizations on any massive scale are bound to be incorrect, no matter how alluring they may be. This is my vent.

No. 1020359

Nta but I mean, let's be real most men are shit because of their power in society and everything catering to them including gaining more money in the workplace and viewing women as a commodity. It's a real thing unlike men bitching about women and black people just because they don't want to deal with them or can't get laid or whatever. Also you'd never see a man rush to defend any minority/woman so I'm already bored of your post. That's my take.

No. 1020363

it's not even a generalization, it's a vent. ''I hate men". Most men are shit 90% of them are given a lot of privilege and power but they use it for the wrong reasons when they could use it to create good things. If you're in a bad situation most men will literally approach you to fuck you and use your weakness to satisfy themselves. They only care about themselves and their desires and opinions, being unable to think about how the other person feels. A man does not have to rape or kill to be horrible. Gender discussion is not like race discussion or ethnicity discussion. Men from all races oppress women and other men. They use you as a tool for their own satisfaction to either fuck you or satisfy their ideology, the moment you stop satisfying them they drop you because they do not care about you as an individual, as a human they only care about you as an object meant to satisfy their IDEOLOGY (mental needs) or physical needs (fucking you) they are simply unable to truly care about you. Also, you're making assumptions about anon and trying to infiltrate the idea of "not all men bad" which we already know, if anon vented about hating men it does not mean she's irrational. Are you a man by any chance? You sound like one.

No. 1020364

I blame Romanianon for Steven being here. She should of reported him as a larping scrote from the beginning but no, she could not resist that burgerfag attention. I bet she wanted him to marry her and whisk her away but she’s too fucking ugly even for a tranny looking faggot with no job like him. Now I read stuff like >>1020352
And I just think it’s fucking Steven and have trust issues.
Romanianon if you’re reading this I hope you get mauled by a pack of stray dogs.

No. 1020365

>Also you'd never see a man rush to defend any minority/woman

This. It's so fucking sus when posters here get policed about our views and feelings towards men when men get away with their gender stereotyping all the time.
Yes, most of us are aware we can't openly pop off about men irl and we have to at least pretend we're unbiased so we don't look "crazy" in a patriarchal society where men are favored.
We're anonymous here though and we can be honest, so what's it to you…

No. 1020367

Legit, men barely ever, if that, defend women in male spaces. Even if they feel uncomfortable with whatever the other guys are saying, they just laugh it off. Unless maybe a woman is present.

No. 1020369

Not that far fetched considering it really does sound a lot like steven

No. 1020376

why are you so eager to blame me? He fucking lied to me that he was a woman for 1 fucking week and basically pretended to have radfem values, I tried giving him a chance but it turned out he is a right wing nazi manipulative psychopath. He's been posting here for years and said he has connections with the mods and he has had 4 other lolcow girlfriends and I was the only one brave enough to post him. Farmhands are allowing scrotes and other farmers have allowed him on here. Again,he's had lolcow girlfriends and yet I AM THE EVIL BITCH for sacrificing my sanity to doxx him on here and tell you about him when all the other farmers that dated him never said anything. He does talk to farmhands though and he has connections with them, he showed me. I spill the truth when nobody else does and Im the evil one. He lied to me for 1 week and pretended to be someone else than he actually was. I should have just minded my own business and blocked him and let him post on here and continue grooming girls because this is what I'm being faced with for showing you what happens on lolcow telling me I should die. Why didn't the other farmers that he dated doxx him???? Why are farmhands siding with him? YET IM THE EVIL BITCH that should get killed by dogs. Do you have any self awareness? HE'S BEEN HERE FOR YEARS AND I SACRIFICED MY OWN SANITY TO DOXX HIM AND YET YOU TELL ME I SHOULD DIE he showed me receipts of the other farmers he dated and none of them doxxed him because they were too scared he would doxx them too. YET I AM THE BITCH THAT HAS TO GET KILLED BY DOGS when I was the only one with enough backbone to post him. If I didn't you wouldn't have even known of him and he would have continued integrating

No. 1020384

Romanian anon please go to therapy or something, this isn't the place. Don't kill yourself, just get help. I ignore half the things you say but find another outlet for fucks sake

No. 1020388

Girl you're not gaining anything from repeatedly posting and responding to anons here. You'd do your mental health a favour by taking a break from LC and focusing on yourself. Be well.

No. 1020390

I'm not even a scrote and I don't care if individual or groups of men are hated for shitty things they do. But the generalizations I see which include or imply all men are just kinda dumb and really not helpful. I call out all of these generalizations regardless of the culture of the forum. It's non-nuanced, divisive, tribal, etc. I'd rather have discussions about how to increase the number of good men or how to deal with specific instances of shitty men than see the same boring and illogical emotional statements. Validating feelings when it creates just another toxic echo-chamber as so many places on the internet are is not my cup of tea.

No. 1020391

>I'd rather have discussions about how to increase the number of good men
Have fun trying to figure that out

No. 1020393

I want the souls of those chickens she drowned to haunt her as she haunts this website. To destroy a gypsy curse is to replace it with another curse. Die clean Gypsy whore. Die clean.

No. 1020394

men cannot be improved. You're either Steven or a "rational" right wing pick me. BUAAHHAHA NOT ALL MEN. You cannot even let anons vent and make assumptions about their entire belief system because something they said hurt your feeefeees. No, not my precious scroteeeeeessss.Millions of women have tried improving men but it just is not possible, the only rational decision to make in this case is to hate them. You're the one politicizing others over being driven by feelings, but you're driven by feelings yourself. You don't want others to hate men because it hurts you and offends your belief system.

No. 1020397

File: 1641655099543.png (40.15 KB, 147x228, 4f0.png)

>But the generalizations I see which include or imply all men are just kinda dumb and really not helpful. I call out all of these generalizations regardless.

Lmao. Hope you get picked sis. How very bigly of you, good luck on your quest of trying to fix men. Surely no woman ever before has tried your logic.

No. 1020399

Dox those other bitches then.

No. 1020401

I dont know if you're a schizo or believe in magic but I have ancient curses and I have placed them upon everyone that has ever wished me death on this website and their lives will go to hell. The curses I use actually work and I've gotten them from an old gypsy lady in a remote village years ago. I've placed the curses on other people that have hurt me and their lives have been destroyed. The curses I posses are literally impossible to come across in the modern or western world and they are ancient. I also talk to a real gypsy witch and have her help me with curses and luck sigils and spells. I've cursed people before and their lives have gone to hell. It's also impossible to come across spells or sigils that are real and work unless you live in Romania and go to an isolated village and talk with a real gypsy witch that has been conserving tradition for hundreds of years. You cannot find real curses on the internet and they cannot be given to you by people from the modern or the western world. I have cursed you just now. When misfortune comes your way think me, but you cannot curse me back since you do not have any real curses in your possession.

No. Why would I do it? They are not evil. They were just scared and they stopped talking with him.(ban evasion)

No. 1020402

The netherlands is a worse country than romania it smells like cow shit and gasoline in the big cities

No. 1020404

Where can I learn these curses sis

No. 1020406

File: 1641655781749.jpg (121.15 KB, 1024x984, 1640116383455.jpg)

I'm so lonely romantically. I don't even have anyone I like or find attractive around me. It's been almost a year since I've broken up and I'm starting to feel like a failure. He has found a new serious gf like half a year ago.
But there's legit no one I'm interested in, even taken. I briefly fell in love in October but we had to end it because of circumstances and now there's no one suitable. Friends are nice to have and hang out with but I wanted to move forward in my life…
and I miss doing cute couple stuff so much. I want to give presents to someone, hug and cuddle, watch movies, go on hikes, do some art and cooking together even if we suck at it. I feel like there's a hole in my chest.

No. 1020407

It’s because you’re bullshitting. That’s all you ever do.

No. 1020409

Can't you reverse-curse your own life or something, like make it good with magic

No. 1020413

File: 1641656422361.jpg (91.35 KB, 880x682, p2sspazde3051.jpg)

For the past few months my siblings and best friend have been telling me I'm being way too careful about COVID. I work from home and just moved to a new city where I don't know anyone so yes, I'm pretty isolated. They were all very concerned about my "catastrophic thinking". Well, look around bitches, a catastrophe.

No. 1020417

silly anon, my interactions with men are what shaped my interactions with men. if men are concerned, they can promptly stop speaking to me forever. i know i wouldnt give two shits if men finally fucked off. sorry for your mental illness, get well soon.

No. 1020419

How about you don't minimod

No. 1020426

I feel you nonny. I've been single for almost 4 years now. But there's so much value in doing all those things for yourself, or with a friend. I know it doesn't fill the same longing, but you might be surprised by how much love you can give yourself.

No. 1020427

I’m the white boy as an ftm you the old hag with the dack moment rn. Thank you I always wanted to be cursed by a third worlder in my life. I preferred a nigerian prince but a gypsy child is fine too.

No. 1020428

Yes, most moms get brain damaged from caring for kids all by herself (sleep deprivation, extreme stress, and having to cater to a scrote for an extended period of time. I wouldn't care bc she's my mother, but she did stupid shit that ruined my health and appearance so I can't forgive her, and hate her.

No. 1020432

It died when a woman came up with the del el machine and scrotes freaked out and women "taking it too far" and then tightened the lease and sent invaders into the movement to corrupt it into the "sex work is empowering! I get bbl surgery for myself!" shit it is today.

No. 1020433

File: 1641658010964.png (605.83 KB, 733x639, 1531544713768.png)

I fucked up a 4 ingredient recipe… how.

No. 1020435

Post your receipts, if they're real.

No. 1020439

I agree with you, it's the exact same bullshit you hear from incels. They have their studies too that they claim prove that they're right, except they're too dumb to understand studies.

The people who post that stuff are mentally unsound. Maybe they're from LATAM or MENA and men are really mostly shit, but that doesn't excuse their extreme intolerance of posters with different experiences and consequently different view points..

When you post something like "men are human beings" which doesn't really ay anything besides the obvious and get half a dozen replies calling you names. You can't talk to them either, they're just dogpiling and insulting you if you interact with them at all.

No. 1020440

Maybe bc ppl are getting fired (especially in healthcare field) and kicked out of school for not getting it.

No. 1020444

Get a bunny they don't smell (if you clean their potty) and aren't loud or need walks.

No. 1020446

what e-dating does to a mf

No. 1020448

Not respecting proportions or temperature

No. 1020449

romania isn't even thirdworld…

No. 1020452

>really not helpful
That's what gets me too. If these other women are so concerned about the welfare of women, then we should be dealing with facts and realities, not thought-terminating cliches and yas queen tropes. Most men do not commit sexual assault/domestic violence, so why are we diffusing the blame off the offenders? If we're truly concerned about stopping sexual violence, we should focus on the minority of men who are perpetrators, rather than abstracting the issue beyond any actionable recourse beyond separatism

No. 1020453

Men are biologically degrading and you can't stop that degradation (y chromosome losing more and more genes to mutation over history). I hope they drop before they're so degraded that they want to destroy the world so women can't enjoy it. Parasites would rather kill their hosts with them then let them leave.

No. 1020455

Go back to 99% of the internet where "men are human too1!!" is a popular opinion. This isn't the place. Stop spreading your brainworms where they're not wanted.

No. 1020456

Let's be real it basically is in the rural areas

No. 1020457

It's not even the poorest country in the region. Romanians appropriate the struggles of the global poor while sitting in their clean cities on mountains of money.

Romanians are probably some of the most privileged people on this website.

No. 1020458

Scrotes don't all have to commit crimes to be unlikeable and useless to society. Have you ever talked to a male or are you thinking of your 2D husbandos.

No. 1020459

Isn't that the term they use in trans community for "doubts over transitioning"? They accuse trans people who have doubts over their transition of having "brainworms" as if it's a contagious disease and then shun them. Weird word choice, nonny.

No. 1020460

Yeah I live in Mexico literally a shit hole country and yet I don't whore myself out or act like an homicidal psychopath like Romanianon does

No. 1020462

I've been theorizing before about those posts being made by incels or trannies because they're so similar to how they think and how unproductive dealing with them is. Like they really are just here to attack women and they use autistic feminism as a cloak to get away with it.

No. 1020463


Brainworms typically means having a brain infestated with worms aka retardation. Trannies love bastardizing every word with their own meaning, just look at what they did to the word gender and the word lesbian. Nta and I didn't even know trannies used that word within their own shitty culture

No. 1020464

yet most sexual assault/dv are committed by men, i wonder why..
yet the anons furiously defending scrotes aren't incels and trannies?

No. 1020468

You are the ones who sound like incel trannies because in a normal world a normal person would not think the word brainworm is tranny related, and anyways:
This anon is right, go back to twitter where thinking "men are human too" is popular and well accepted.

No. 1020469

Very sane and productive posts.

No. 1020470

The majority of dv being committed by men doesn't mean the majority of men commit dv. This is a very basic concept. Furthermore, it doesn't make sense to address men as a whole when it comes to an issue that a minority of men are creating.

No. 1020471

You definitely have brain worms from hanging out in tranny spaces. In fact, how would you even be aware of such a usage? I'm tired of these fucking double agent psyop. Cursed fucking faggot and affront to god, go and castrate yourself. Chinga su madre

No. 1020473

Lmao die schizo
Curses aren't real you crazy bitch

No. 1020475

ok then why does the place I live in look like this?

No. 1020476

And yours are?

No. 1020477

I actually learned it from a detrans video some other nonnie posted the other day. But I think it's very nice that my point was so well made that you had to try to move on to personal attacks. Thanks nonnie

No. 1020478

Do you have a home? Thought you were homeless.

No. 1020479

then the slums and shit in rich firstworld countries are thirdworld too

No. 1020485

that's like some poor homeless burger living in a trailer saying theyre from the thirdworld because they are personally poor

No. 1020488

In daily life women would rather live their lives than live by statistics. The ones who have been threatened or wronged by men have plenty or reason to not want to be around them, or complain about them on a website. You have an issue with a lack of dialogue but where is the flexibility for a middling person like you? Why is it only that "we" on this small website are promoting separatism and acting like mentally unwell incels?

No. 1020489

No. 1020490

File: 1641660175504.jpeg (112.14 KB, 533x533, 52A41219-CB61-4C57-8F5C-94584F…)

I’m freaking out, I noticed this weird pattern now, why the fuck does this happen?
>do something to improve myself
>gets sick or injured
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? This is insane, last year it was just like this
>start working out daily like before the pandemic
>fuck up my back
>get better from back pain
>start working out again to help appease the back pain
>get a fucking pneumonia
And now it’s
>get a job
>get a fucking bronchitis in two days
Why is it like this? Is some bitch cursing me? I will fucking text Azalea Banks so she can curse that bitch back.

No. 1020491

vastly untrue, it is not a minority. i'm glad for you, that you live somewhere it might be a minority, but for a lot of the world, violent men are not a minority.

No. 1020495

What video? I'm not the person you were arguing with, nothing to "move on to". You even sound more like a tranny now with the smug, fake "clever" tone. "I think it's very nice that" the self-removal rate is so high with your demographic and I hope it continues
Also funny that you understood an insult to troons to be an attack on yourself. Hmmmm

No. 1020498

Here ya go

No. 1020500

If they're a minority in some places but not in others, doesn't that suggest that the problem is fixable and that sperging about "all men" is counterproductive?

No. 1020501

Nonnie what’s the counter action for a curse? Let’s all pitch in and help.
Also, I am dealing with Covid/ borderline pneuma symptoms and I just wanna say, a)monitor your breathing as best as you can
B)sleep slightly elevated
C) alternate from ibuprofen and Tylenol every few hours to lower the fever. (Not medfagging, just passing along the handy information I got this week from a nurse.)
D) stay hydrated.
I hope you feel better soon.

No. 1020502

Anon, shut up, go suck some dick, that will cheer you up.

No. 1020503

Be a minority in a fucking exit bag, scrote

No. 1020505

I think you might have upset someone here. >>1020401

No. 1020507

Thanks, nonnie! I’m getting the covid test done just to make sure this isn’t the coof.

No. 1020509

It's becoming increasingly obvious to me that the "yes all men" posters aren't actually interested in stopping male violence.

No. 1020511

No one will ever stop male violence by defending men on an anonymous women's imageboard. Go and convince men not to rape, abuse or kill on their own spaces. You are not a good person for coming here and pearl-clutching at women who are rightfully disgusted by men's actions, especially since many of the posters are or have been directly affected by them ♥

No. 1020512

it means, let us hate on moids in peace in the vent thread. is this the vent thread or the world wide policy making thread visited by world leaders? lolcow is where we tackle issues of humanity and discuss strategies of bettering moidkind? gtfo. it's the vent thread.

No. 1020513

They're also telling women in abusive or exploitative relationships that this is normal and that all men are like this, so unless you want to be alone forever you have to put up with it and there's nothing you can do to screen out shit men, there's no red flags or anything.

No. 1020514

I love animals but I hate when people lie about how 'smart' they are like this, for lack of better wording. It's cringe and feels like projection in a way.

No. 1020515

File: 1641661113289.jpg (47.85 KB, 735x685, 6h6s5arujl381.jpg)


Go away, you're not fooling anyone with your newfaggotry.

No. 1020516

They think we deserve male violence for being mean and rude after the fact lmao. Like they genuinely believe the key to stopping men from harming us is trying to be more kind and understanding to them, as if that hasn't been tried (and failed) many, many times. One day, the men will surely see we're good-hearted and they'll totally stop abusing, raping and murdering us. We just have to be nice and not uppity feminazi cunts

>so unless you want to be alone forever you have to put up with it and there's nothing you can do to screen out shit men, there's no red flags or anything.
Shit no one ever said except you to yourself, schizo tranny

No. 1020517

now you're just bullshitting. farmers tell any woman with a scrote problem to dump, not to put up with it. way to misconstrue.

No. 1020518

Keep seething.(infighting)

No. 1020520

You're the one seething, scrote.

No. 1020522

Why so cranky, are you out of HRT?

No. 1020523

NTA but
>n-no ur the scrote! ur the tranny!
Isn't working when it's only one group adamantly defending males, lmao

No. 1020524

Oh, now I get it, this is tsundere anon going full retard again.

No. 1020525

kek, seriously. the tranny accusation is odd.

No. 1020526

No. 1020527

i swear these cretins come out after romanianon, sus if you ask me.

No. 1020528

Based, men deserve to die and this website doesn't allow males.

No. 1020529

i stg male posting isn't funny and previsible

No. 1020530

why not make a thread providing solutions then instead of shitting up the VENT thread of all places. let anons vent

No. 1020531

>they genuinely believe the key to stopping men from harming us is trying to be more kind and understanding to them
Women literally treat men with kids gloves so they don't tardrage over being criticized or told to do something. How long will it go on, if every woman was cursed with a "tell the truth" spell then 99% of scrotes would off themselves or go merder-sewerslide.

No. 1020533

I'm pretty sure it's either her samefagging, Steve (male lolcow user) or a simp of hers. Whenever she comes here there's always ALWAYS someone who starts defending men.

No. 1020535

What about not making a thread about how much poor males suffer on a female only website?
And how about exposing Romanianon post history?

No. 1020536

This. You gotta navigate those retards with care or else they chimp out on you, even the seemingly calm ones.

No. 1020537

It's not based at all. Not every skelly is a skelly just because of anorexia.

No. 1020538

Ntayrt but the first time I heard the word brainworms was from a tranny. They've commandeered the word

No. 1020539

File: 1641661830631.gif (132.82 KB, 112x112, 1438C353-04B0-441C-895A-B52E59…)

I agree with this anon.
I have some Belgian dark choccie (55%) I haven't opened yet, do you wanna share?

No. 1020540

Went to family for lunch, my sibling kept sneezing the whole time and joking how she might have "caught COVID" while sitting on a table with us and I've been having a stuffy nose, sore throat and a headache for two days now. Everyone knows my immune system is a complete shit, why are you showing up if you are feeling sick???? And with "COVID" joke you are making it worse!!

No. 1020541

Yes please, dark chocolate is the best

No. 1020542

Me too, nonnie, I need some chocolate in my life.

No. 1020543

>One day, the men will surely see we're good-hearted and they'll totally stop abusing, raping and murdering us
That's not how it works, men rape because they can and they get out of it scold free no matter how nice you are to them.
>We just have to be nice and not uppity feminazi cunts
I'm pretty sure you're a man larping as a woman now. Romanianon should be permabanned for integrating scrotes into this website.

No. 1020544

>He keeps on mailing me about how everyone on lolcow hates me
As if everyone here doesn't hate him too. What a dumbass. Yodel in hell Steven.

No. 1020545

that was clearly sarcasm anon

No. 1020549

That's really kind of you, nonny.

No. 1020550

Are you the one of the scrotes still trying to do the "no u, ur a scrote" and play 5D chess on everyone here who vents about men? It's not going to work, for the 9000th time, fuck off back to your shithole board /r9k/

No. 1020557

Calling her ugly isn't going to do anything and it's not even true. Criticise her behaviour if you must - but better yet, just ignore her! I wish Steven was gone too and I don't like Romanian-anon but some anons here are way too aggressive and ironically scrote sounding with their anger towards her.

No. 1020558

Can you show us proof that Steven has connections with farmhands?

No. 1020562

>husband doing his famous let me criticize you when I don't even help you with the thing I'm criticizing you for schticks ​
>this time it's about the dog treats I bought
>"Uhm achtually anon did you even bother to look up this brand? They're really bad."
>nobody thinks grain-free Blue Wilderness treats are bad for their dogs
>husband you don't know what the hell you're talking about, plus you don't buy treats, and yes I do read the ingredients regardless of brand, you would have fed our dog grain food had I not said anything and you don't believe he even needs wet food in addition to his kibble
>plenty of people believe prong collars are too harsh and cruel to train a puppy
>well husband, how does it feel to be criticized despite your intentions?
I got up and walked away. He was apologizing up and down but idgaf. He never helps buy dog treats or chews for puppy and the nice shit is fucking expensive. I spend $200 a month on shit for the puppy yet he congratulates himself for a $50 bag of food and a prong collar that we don't fucking need for our puppy who's only 6 months old. I married an idiot.

No. 1020567

men do not have to rape or kill to be immoral. Men are inherently immoral and use their power and privilege to oppress instead of helping. Look at big Ed, the average man is like big Ed, entitled, using others for his own pleasure, emotionally deaf, autistic, ugly, gross. I've literally witnessed incels comment on the Big Ed and Rose situation and all of them blame Rose instead of blaming Ed and call her money hungry slut and victimize men because women only use them for money. It is 1000 times more justifiable to try to get out of poverty than it is to be rich and try to use your capital to basically abuse someone in a worse condition than yours

No. 1020574

Unironically she's one of the few smart people that realised getting money from TLC and continuing drama is stupid and spent her earned money on opening a successful store, living her life and making YouTube videos for fun every now and then.

No. 1020575

and of course since she's a woman she's empathetic and using her capital to help others instead of oppressing them. She lets her extended family live in her house and is giving money to the poor while everything scrotes can ever do with money is try to get into women's panties. Based Rose.

No. 1020579

File: 1641664086595.png (645.73 KB, 960x639, B0CA3B74-F283-42EB-8A6F-AC979D…)

My fate is not that good and my birth chart is probably wack as fuck but I’m getting so used to be disappointed and hurt sometimes I no longer have a reaction. No one will ever listen to me or read anything I have to say or properly perceive me and I’m okay with that. I’m not okay that I have to participate in society and be a functioning member of it if I’m treated like I’m a ghoul, tired of going to my classes, tired of thinking, tired of living. I think my shelf-life is around 25 years old there is no way my specific life is going to get better than this and I expect the worse and it always happens. I am not a possible success story probably just another female statistic somewhere but there ain’t no way people care about life this much it boggles my mind

No. 1020580

I love this site but shit some of you really use the anonymity to jump on people's throats for no fucking reason. I was reading the consoomer thread and some anon talked about how her spending habits got worse during rona plus her getting married. And some of the anons didn't loose the chance to talk shit about her making assumptions like her being a bored stay at home wife, pushing her friendships to the side for her moid or whatever and shaming her for the bad habit, as if she doesn't know it and anon had to explain herself. Like wtf anon stayed on topic providing some context and those anons made whatever story they had in their head to insult her. I hate seeing this happen especially out of nowhere and when people don't ask for it on random threads. I know this site isn't supposed to be a ~safe space~ and arguments can happen for all sort of reasons but ffs some of you take it too far.

It makes me think there's some truth to that banner with the onision tweet saying lolcow has Regina Georges who try to feel better about themselves.(I'm not even sure if this is real or an edit but it would be funny if onision actually said this).

No. 1020581

>Implying western male artists aren't coomers too

No. 1020583

i wonder if their 4chan pol history shows that they wish genocide on gypsies and don’t want to be indistinguishable from them? Lol. I see a lot of romanians that do that.

No. 1020584

i agree. the tempers some anons have…

No. 1020585

She did have a boob job, just not in the picture you posted

No. 1020587

>It makes me think there's some truth to that banner with the onision tweet saying lolcow has Regina Georges who try to feel better about themselves.(I'm not even sure if this is real or an edit but it would be funny if onision actually said this).
I agree with this strongly

No. 1020588

File: 1641664435464.jpeg (166.01 KB, 640x556, C8154C75-6BC2-4C36-969D-475C33…)

they know you’re right but they don’t want to admit it anon. everything is essentialist to them and every other cultures are shit and inferior except for america and european countries who can iMPlEMent Nordic Madel:DDDD guttentag!!!! euro magick!!! radfems just use essentialism as an excuse for their own inaction and passive whining to each other, further proving scrotes right that we can’t ever come to proper solutions and liberate ourselves from them. sad isn’t it? it’s never going to fuck change, they are dwelling in the cave and will always dwell there so stop caring and never convince these pig-headed retards anything of their own contradictions or it might cause a meltdown in their system

No. 1020589

I completely agree with you anon. I'd say it's been particularly worse ever since infighting wasn't a bannable offense anymore (it's only enforced on the drama boards i believe?). At least those anons should be punished for derailing.

No. 1020591

Most users here are pretty young now, as evidenced by the general lack of knowledge of who's in the spoiler image. That and they resent married women, even though she stated she worked from home and didn't mention kids, not necessarily the same as a stay at home mom.

Id wager it's the same posters who go
>You're over 25???? You must be wrinkly Sksksks

No. 1020594

Conspiracy theorists and religious people want to delude themselves into thinking that their wage-slave lives are important by putting themselves as those chosen by god or persecuted by the government.

No. 1020595

tfw hollow earth

No. 1020596

the consoomer thread in particular is pretty bad because half the nonnies there are coping with sour grapes. if they can’t afford something, the people who can are all inherently bad people

No. 1020597

Get a small animal, like a rodent

No. 1020599

Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Beyonce, Hayley Williams, Hillary Duff? Sure you had your fake titty bimbos but reality is that most celebrities were fit, with nice bodies and realistic/natural proportions. I can only think of like 3-4 icons who had fake tits, natural boobs? I can name at least 20+

No. 1020600

you still get banned for infighting on /ot/ occasionally, for example in celebricows

No. 1020605

Well we still have Miley Cyrus and Hillary Duff kek. Also Rico Nasty, Willow Smith, Grimes, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Stewart, Gal Gadot and most of the other women who play superheroes, etc
Everyone romanticizes the past, it's silly

No. 1020606

This website is a bizarre combination of users. On one hand we have people who think if you're not making 6 figs in a new york apartment you're a loser, on the other hand anons who are well into their 20s and mooch of their parents are often excused and encouraged. There's also been a weird influx of anons infantizing people in their 20s which I don't get since not long ago if an anon came out and claimed to be 23, never moved out, never been in a serious relationship, never had a serious job, etc she was laughed at

No. 1020609

>self-governing website since jannies are understaffed
>allow rights
>the rights are used
>when too much rights is used, everyone begins to trample on to each other with their rights (infighting) since there’s no more banning of retarded infighting and more emphasis on banning for racebait to save white feefees and for not saging
>aggressive with their rights
>inevitable “why is everyone so mean?:(“ to check everyone on their behavior and moralfag
>”i agree why are anons so mean, the infighting we need more bans for infighting >go back to what it was like before
>no one asks why browsing this place is slow as fuck on mobile and other places similar to this are easier to use
>site randomly crashes from time to time
>holy shit can you bitches actually code? i’m not a rocket scientist but it’s like this place is being held together with a tampon string KEK
>cycle repeats

give up no one here actually gives a flying fuck about anything it’s like asking pigeons to do a backflip

No. 1020610

Grimes, ari, Kirsten and gal are bashed relentlessly for their butt and boob size though, grimes and Kirsten aren't even considered sex icons or even attractive. And willow Smith isn't even popular nowadays

No. 1020611

I love Rico I hope she never gets work done or at least those build a bodies she looks great

No. 1020615

The consoomer thread is really challenging my belief that users of this site are smarter and less thin skinned than the internet at large. The sheer amount of self righteous whining and circlejerking is unbelievable. It honestly has the same vibe as the tinfoil/coof threads (endless mUh eLiTes sperging), and I wonder if it’s a lot of the same people.

No. 1020616

>poors are jealous that I get to buy cheap plastic crap and i’m a hoarder

anon stop trying to make that argument work it’s never gonna work lmao, the probably with consoomerism is that it’s environmentally and psychologically concerning that a grown ass adult with undiagnosed autism has collectibles of useless and meaningless junk lining their walls. no one cares that they’re able to afford it, it’s about the principle of being a consumerist that disgusts many anons and i agree with their attitude

No. 1020619

I hate this shit so much

No. 1020624

but why were some women who were healthy without being super thin still bashed for their body tho, like Britney? and people with normal asses/thighs getting called fat. seems like regardless of decade only extremities are desired

No. 1020630

If these disgusting scrotes can get a pretty gf why can’t i? I’m cute

No. 1020638

oh get a grip. i'm glad the consoomer thread is pushing so many buttons, sounds like some of you are actually insufferable consoomers irl.

No. 1020641

Nta but some of the stuff posted there isn't even that bad or cluttered, it makes it look like some anons just hate certain items no matter how it's used. I feel like if things were only bought solely on use and meaningfulness every bedroom would just be empty besides a bed and dresser. idk some people just get things because they like it.

No. 1020642

Brittney was known as sexy with a great body for the longest time though, sure everyone has their critics but it was as bad until now and idk why people don't understand that. You use to be able to see your friends and family on social media and look completely obtainable, now aunt stacy has xl implants and her daughter rebecca stuffs her bra and can't post a single photo or tiktok without filters, and your male cousin is bashing everyone who doesn't have Kim k proportions for being flat chested and having no ass.

Women with normal bodies are considered flat chested or having no ass and that's the issue, and if you do obtain that naturally you're also called fat. Women who let their bodies develop naturally are considered to be lacking in feminine features, when, ever in history, have women been told that they were lacking femininity because they have a healthy natural body? Most women who eat healthy their entire life won't have massive tits or ass (or what the media needs to be considered "big"). On top of that body altering has been increasingly normal to the point where most bra sections, even at Walmart are like 75% push up bras. I seriously remember only being able to find push up bras at Victoria's secret and now they're all over along with bra inserts. I seriously don't understand why people aren't convinced that body standards are seriously extreme now. That's not saying there was no body standards in the 2000d but come on now

No. 1020650

i don't think anyone was denying that today's standards are extreme, i don't disagree with that i just don't see how 2000s were any better. neither extreme is obtainable imo

No. 1020652

I hate that literally every question that my mother asks is loaded with assumptions. When I was still in school and I'd be reading let's say a novel in my free time for fun, she immediately asked if I was reading a textbook to prepare for an exam or something. Today she called me to ask if I was working (knowing fully well I work from Monday to Friday) and when I said '…it's the weekend' she immediately, flippantly was like 'well forgive me for assuming that you're as hardworking as to work on the weekends as well'. Another assumption she makes is that I must be cleaning my apartment 24/7, whenever she calls me during the week she always begins with 'sorry, did I interrupt you cleaning your place…?'. So annoying.
And I cannot do the same to her because she's already a pensioner and so she deserves to do whatever she pleases, but for the rest the world, everyone must be tending to their responsibilities 24/7, carefully avoiding fun

No. 1020658

This place is a toxic cesspool and I hate myself for not being able to quit it

No. 1020661

She’s lovely. She has been praised a lot for her emotional maturity and intelligence and I agree. No matter how upset or angry she got, she always spoke honestly and never insulted Ed, not once. She accepted that he looked massively different from his profile and lied about his height, she accepted his child and his past, everything. She’s a superior being in every sense of the word. Lucky him being born in America, he’d never survive a minute in her world.

No. 1020663

Samefag, I guess she did insult him in Tagalog and cal him ugly, after his humiliating toothbrush and underwear spiel, but that’s different cos he obviously can’t understand kek.

No. 1020669

She’s been ban evading for some time now

No. 1020671

Why the fuck does a baroque lute costs 8k-15k? I’m a thirdie rat, don’t I get a discount? And what the fuck do you mean by I have to buy one from a luthier? There isn’t a fucking luthier in my country nor in any countries near me. Do I have to even make an instrument by myself? Sigh, nonnies.

No. 1020697

as a 90df bingefag i need to tell you that after Anfisa and Larissa saga all of their couples are scripted and fake, so don't take anything too serious there. they hire people who want to become d-list influencers, scamming others by re-selling clothing from aliexpress and putting farts in their jar.

No. 1020701

Probably because it's a highly niche instrument that very few people are knowledgeable and skilled enough to handmake.. Why not choose a more accesible instrument?

No. 1020706

maybe going back to twitter will help

No. 1020708

because about 6 people in the whole world play the lute dude

No. 1020710

File: 1641671332600.png (19.11 KB, 520x293, steven-johnston-with-a-v.png)

This faggot ain't acting

No. 1020714

My boyfriend broke up with me earlier today. I didn’t cry in front of him, but I’m just so sad now. There seems to be this point in December where his feelings changed towards me, he was acting differently and being generally more distant. Days before he was sending the sweetest texts and wanting to see me and it’s like a switch. I asked him so many times if I did anything but it’s just this cliché ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ situation.
He said that he was in love with me, and seriously thought I was ‘the one’ and now, suddenly, I’m not. His feelings have changed, he doesn’t like me romantically anymore. I don’t understand, I was nothing but loving and supportive and caring towards him, and it means nothing. He said he waited till after the festive period was over to break it off because he knew I loved it so much. Fuck this.

No. 1020721

How are 90s and 2000s standards unattainable? Most women can get skinny but women cant just shapeshift their bodies to look like cartoons without dangerous and expensive surgeries that you're supposed to hide because "plastic surgery is wrong and gross"

No. 1020729

i don’t know how they find these weird ass american guys. Ed, this guy, the protein shake guy Caleb on Before the 90 Days, the other new guy Gino who looks like a burn victim and never takes off his hat.

No. 1020732

>His feelings have changed, he doesn’t like me romantically anymore. I don’t understand, I was nothing but loving and supportive

Men are fickle. From my life experience, men are absolutely most in love when they're being somewhat pushed away. When they have yet to "win", and I'm not talking about sex, I'm talking about obvious unyielding devotion. I'm gonna quote Tay Tay when I say they only want love if it's torture. That's why they only write songs to the one that got away.

But chin up, cry it out, and ice him out of your life and ALL contacts. I was in the same boat as you last February, I disappeared from his life and didn't respond to any contact, and eventually he became annoyingly inquisitive about what I'm doing and how I am. I'm not recommending this to get him back, but to get your dignity back and enjoy the time to reflect and develop yourself. Because by the time he reached out to me many months later, I was no longer lovelorn but outright annoyed and disgusted by him.

No. 1020733

He cheated

No. 1020738

I agree. It's gotten worse lately and I have no idea why. I still love this place and the non retarded nonnies though.

No. 1020740

I can excuse not moving out and not having a serious job yet for some people because in many places Covid still causes issues for doing that. As for serious relationships, not everyone wants them so I don't think that's anything to criticise either.

No. 1020741

Many nonnies do care it's just that the admin has clearly given up (I don't blame her) and it seems like many farmhands and mods have quit. I also wonder why the site runs like shit on mobile. I hope the new admin whenever the hell she starts improves some things.

No. 1020743

I wish I could watch movies with you guys but I only have my stupid phone so I can’t. Fuck this

No. 1020745

NTA but this is extremely true. My ex is absolutely obsessed with me… but when I was by his side it was never that much.

No. 1020746

>How are 90s and 2000s standards unattainable?
You only needed to be fit/skinny, is only unattainable for a hamplanet, most people are fat nowadays they would benefit from some actual standards

No. 1020754

>silly emotional, illogical women, not all men are bad!!
kys scrote

No. 1020755

Ikr. What's up with the amount of people bitching about weight lately. Just stop fucking snacking and eating potato chips like a child. It's not hard

No. 1020760

Do those spells also help you ban evade?

No. 1020761

Omfg can I please get in the bathroom for 10 fucking minutes that’s all

No. 1020763

He is a creep and his sibling went to Reddit to traumadump people about their family. Tldr is that he very much likely got molested as a child and with mild autism we get…this.
Alina is smart at playing the victim during the season, because shortly after it got released she created a gofundme page where she wanted people to throw money at her just for her existence. (She ditched her good university for this retard and internet fame, confessed she spent all of her uni money on travels with him and other junk). He also slides into every woman's DMs, asking for a selfie, later then asking for straight up nudes or "selfies with a banana". Alina knows about it as well hence why he locks his Instagram account here and there while creating a new one. Both are retarded children who decided to marry just to be on a TV show.

No. 1020771

I'm petty so I would do the same to her. Doesn't matter that she's retired, my grandma still comes to help out at her workplace despite that. If she was truly hardworking, surely she'd be working during her retirement as well!
I'd understand if you don't want to act like that but your post really struck a nerve ngl.

No. 1020776

Wanted a necklace from an independent artist for over a month but it recently went viral on tiktok… it was swooped up so quickly at launch today and I'm so upset. I hope they make more in the future because someone using a bot no doubt cheated and got it.

No. 1020779

I started drawing again after a long hiatus and I suck ass. It was 20% putting lines on paper and than the remaining 80% was correcting said lines because everything was off proportion

No. 1020781

I'm so sick of living. This month I was hit with everything all at once. A piece of my mouth removed and unable to eat solid foods for a month (with a part 2 surgery planned), a kidney stone and pissed blood, the flu, constant daily migraines, ovarian cysts that exploded and are in pain often. On top of that, I just always feel unreal due to derealization. Everything is dreamlike and not fun. Don't even get me started on my loneliness. Fml

No. 1020782

Fuck I’m so sorry you’re going through that anon. I hope the rest of the year is better for you and your surgery goes well. Wish you the best

No. 1020783

Thanks nona. You too

No. 1020784

File: 1641676783991.png (181.31 KB, 280x326, IMG_20220108_221749.png)

I work with lost of men. The wast majority are short and ugly. If there's a guy who's 6' or taller, he's usually ugly too. I've seen only two guys who are at least 6' and cute, not even rally handsome, they just have something about them. But they're both taken. Why is it so fucking hard to find a decent looking guy. I don't have the time to meet people outside of work, and I don't believe any decent scrote, if such thing even exist, looks for a relationship on the internet. I'm a lonely virgin with raging hormones and all I can do is just masturbate three times a day. I feel desperate, and I know personality matters too, but touching a guy who's not attractive in my eyes would kill me. I can't imagine the happiness of having someone you actually chose for yourself and feeling your body aching for them. It must be beautiful

No. 1020792

goddamn nonnie please rest and don’t strain your body that’s insane you gotta be immune to nuclear bombs now

No. 1020801

I miss you terribly. You were my happiness, my purpose, my drug of choice. I want you to come back and tell me everything was nothing but a nightmare , that you love me with all your heart and soul. I want you to tell me that you adore me but things are not gonna work out. It hurts me, it breaks my heart when I think about the horrible things you said to me. I love you so much I cannot breathe.
I craved intimacy, I craved a connection. I was tired of pretend I was not hurting. Discovering you didn't love broke my soul. I was obsessed with you, with all the girls around you, everything about you. You made me jealous and paranoid. The person I loved didn't exist.
I tolerated everything about you, your drug addiction, your mood swings. I tried to be the person you wanted me to be

No. 1020803

File: 1641678868146.png (773.82 KB, 726x1128, 1630445974962.png)

I want to get into jewelry making but I don't want to buy cheap shit from china that bleeds color and breaks within 5 uses.
I miss independent bead and craft shops from when I was a kid that had their supply from within the continent.
I miss good quality items that last for a long time in general..

No. 1020805

File: 1641679068368.jpg (60.63 KB, 640x853, cat (2).jpg)

Samefag, I thought the pain/stiffness would be gone today but it's still here (although not as bad as yesterday). I really don't want to go in to the ER unless I develop a fever, but I also don't want to be a dumbass and wait too long if I do have a kidney infection, plus I'm already on antibiotics. And to make my paranoia worse, I had a little painful spasm feeling near my ribs. This sucks.

No. 1020816

File: 1641679718419.jpg (42.7 KB, 1028x426, FB1_ewDXIAIXSB8.jpg)

>Cleaning the house to move, box of VHS tapes are brought down, tell my family we can try and sell them for money
>Get called unrealistic, dumb for even trying, "ok so go find the website and tell the people we have them then!". They know for a fact it's not that easy
>Told another box of VHS was thrown out in the morning, some could've belonged to me
(But by their own logic anyway, "since we/ our parents bought it with their money , it belongs to them, not you!!1!")
>Sister plays devil's advocate against me yet again, admits that they listen to my older sister when she talks about selling old things, makes fun of me and does clap the clap ghetto clap clap clap after I make fun of her in retaliation (I still can't believe that lmfao)
>Get mocked by almost everyone only because the last person isn't here right now but she can hear us all yelling so I have to be the reason
>Father brings out vintage shirts, instant "Put it on Facebook see if anyone wants them!"
Just the newest thing in a string of incidents I don't understand why happens to me. I hate that I cry so easily but I've always been sensitive with emotions and confrontation, I guess it'll always be a part of my personality. At least my self-consciousness got way better over the years. I take nonas advice to plan and research on becoming fully independent every time this happens, but never fully commit to it, it's like I'm used to it so it seems normal after a few days. I still love them and the memories and want to stay close, but I don't want to go through this situation of gaslighting, mocking, called names, being discouraged to do things and rely on them but I'm simultaneously lazy, ungrateful, etc. when I do.

No. 1020817

Why don't you just shop for materials on Etsy?

No. 1020819

Jesus time to move out.

No. 1020824

Why are they so mad that you're just trying to make money from the junk if you can? You live with apes.

No. 1020825

Sometimes I like to compare the front page of /r/askmen and /r/askwomen. The difference is staggering lmao.

No. 1020829

Is life supposed to hurt this fucking much or am I just doing something wrong