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No. 1001090

Previous thread: >>>/ot/985763

Obligatory disclaimers from farmhands:
>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 1001099

>>>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.
my unpopular opinion is whoever wrote this should go dilate

No. 1001106

That's a popular opinion.

No. 1001123

It was put in place when pp was banned, but new admin doesn’t care, so I feel like this should be removed from the rules or something. Maybe put in a link to /2X/ instead?

No. 1001130

question, is new admin already running the site? i couldn't find it on meta if she was or not

No. 1001160

unpopular opinions from an ugly girl, body image edition

>celebrities can be fat/ana-chan/photoshopped/taken to uncanny valley by their surgeon without any explanation to anyone. sure, it's fair game to shit on them and all of that since they put themselves out there, but it's not their responsibility to make people feel good about themselves or even be honest they do coke or got a nosejob. if they are famous, it means people made them famous, and as a society we should discuss which values we have and who we put on a pedestal. social media blurred the line between jane doe and super-rich famous people, but the line is there and harder than ever and people should face reality and aim for presentable and clean as opposed to glamourous and irresistible.

>it's harsh, but just because someone has naturally remarkable proportions or a naturally uncommon feature doesn't mean their body is "unrealistic". it's literally real, just say you're average.
>it's harsh, but body types and faces do go in and out of fashion. certain things also are universally unattractive. that's life and we should get over it.
>it's the parents' responsibility to monitor young girls' social media use and talk to them about what's actually important so they don't get body dysmorphia.
>i don't want deliberately ugly people on ads. perfume etc should be a little aspirational.
>i really respect people who admire beauty without coveting it.
>the "is it an outfit or is she just skinny ?" trend is… duh, models look good even in mite-eaten rags, mismatched socks and a plastic bag tied uner their chin, because they're models, how is this idea new.
>no, everyone isn't beautiful, a tiny minority of people are beautiful, and that's okay. your body is still your vessel and should be respected and cared for. you probably have qualities other than beauty and potential to develop yourself in a way that makes you proud of yourself and other people look up to you. if you're salty you don't have pretty privilege, what should worry you is your weak character and entitlement.

coulda posted that on the vent thread, dumping some ideas i got out of this youtube rabbit hole i went down so they're out of my fucking system lmao

No. 1001173

Finding men attractive is a sign of immaturity. I haven't been attracted to a man since I was 17.

No. 1001178

I haven't been attracted to a man irl since I was 10, get on my level. celebrities and fictional characters are another story

No. 1001186

I don't know either, but original admin said she'd be slowly phasing out her involvement with the site, so maybe new admin is already taking over a little

No. 1001211

do you consider celebrities to be sexless on account of their unattainability or are you attracted to female celebrities?

No. 1001218

You posted the same shit before and were also the first one to bring up race, shut the fuck up faggot. Obviously a projecting hamburger

No. 1001240

I hate rewatching things unless it's been like 8+ years. I don't get how people can constantly be re-watching the same shows like The Office or Friends.

No. 1001387

i always wonder where they take the time for this. like there are so many shows/movies to watch out there but then they rewatch gilmore girls for the 20th time. doesn't that shit get boring?? one of my favorite shows is the oc and even i can't rewatch it all the time. it takes me years to get to the point of wanting to rewatch something for the 3rd/4th/5th time.

No. 1001392

Men can’t be domestically abused

No. 1001396


It's a comfort thing for me. I'll rewatch the office when I'm having a bad day/week/month and it's always something I know will be funny, and at this point I know enough about the show to be able to skip the parts that make me feel awkward. scotts tots. Sometimes watching new shows gives me a weird anxiety I shouldn't even have because it's just a TV show, but I'm a delicate easily triggered snowflake currently so unless it's geared towards kids I won't watch anything new by myself lmao

No. 1001406

I read a good argument about this before, I wish I knew where it was, that analyzed experiences of victims of domestic violence by sex. The male complaints were all extremely petty along the lines of, not having dinner on the table on time as abuse while women were wondering if a man threatening to kill her baby was serious enough to count as abuse. I think it was an excerpt from "Why Does He Do That?"

No. 1001411

I'm deeply horrified that I will become the kind of person that is obsessed with The Office and makes it half of their personality. The normie plebbitor type.
I do not want to watch that tv series or relate to it. No offence meant to >>1001396, I realize that I'm projecting lol
Throwing my thoughts out too, do not mean to argue. Just stating my opinion
>it's harsh, but body types and faces do go in and out of fashion. certain things also are universally unattractive. that's life and we should get over it.
It's still fucked up how women go in and out of fashion like they are accessories. It's already wrong when it happens to animals. No wonder women rage about it when they catch on and stop putting the blame on themselves.
>the "is it an outfit or is she just skinny ?" trend is… duh, models look good even in mite-eaten rags, mismatched socks and a plastic bag tied uner their chin, because they're models, how is this idea new.
I mean yeah, but bland outfits aren't ~a look~ or a fashion statement just because a thin person wears them.
>no, everyone isn't beautiful, a tiny minority of people are beautiful, and that's okay. your body is still your vessel and should be respected and cared for.
Just cause someone isn't some Hollywood ideal of beautiful doesn't make them ugly. She can be pretty. TBH I very rarely see a woman that isn't pretty! Truly ugly women are rare (unlike moids), so I think it's really hard on them.
I agree with the need to take care of your body, though I imagine body neutral/positive people would say that it's a mistake to call your body 'a vessel' since it's not a vessel, it's literally you. I don't have a place to speak though, since I would prefer to be a cyborg and have zero attachment to my body. I already am very disconnected.
>if you're salty you don't have pretty privilege, what should worry you is your weak character and entitlement
Maybe they were shat on for being ugly their whole life and need therapy for that. Despite sperging, that kind of nonas deserve empathy. Bullying for being ugly doesn't exactly help build a strong character or a charming personality, unless you are concrete resistant or do the fat scrote cope of being a class clown (debatable how much that works).

No. 1001416

if anon was talking about people itt, the ones sperging were the ones who thought themselves pretty and denying that attractiveness is an advantage. they were legit losing their shit, not the ones who disagreed w them

No. 1001419

Have you noticed that the only people who repeatedly bring up "pretty privilege" seem to believe in it? The rest of us don't give a shit and then when we respond to this dumb cope you keep posting, you act like we're mad. You sound obsessed and like you need to paint people who disagree with you as either egocentric or angry.

No. 1001425

actually read how they posted in the last thread? if you read their OTT posts and sincerely think the people who believe it exists were freaking out more, idk what to tell you. and the last person who just brought it up said they don't believe in it, after it not being brought up for a while, so…

No. 1001428

I remember more than one anon saying they didn't even think they were attractive and they still disagreed with you. The thread is there, we can read.

No. 1001432

Go ahead and cap it, because I've ctrl+f'd numerous terms and not seen it

No. 1001438

No. 1001445

ayrt, thanks for your thoughts. yeah, i think salty do women deserve empathy and i should have mentioned it, they also (and that's the part i don't hear a lot) do have to take responsibility and work things out, even if they didn't have a choice but to carry this burden and the problem ultimately isn't their fault.
i wasn't, i just watched too much youtube

No. 1001457

No offense at all. I actually like the normie feeling watching and enjoying the office gives me. It's exhausting being a weirdo who's into anime the average viewer has never heard of and browsing obscure image boards when I'm bored.

No. 1001485

dont be scared the office isnt funny. in general i hate normie stuff but as an overarching thing i hate: i dislike anyone whose whole life or personality revolves around watching shows/netflix.

No. 1001500


it's ok to have trash opinions and I forgive you for this one.

No. 1001511

zooey deschanel looks so much better without the bangs. i was so mesmerised by her when i'd watch elf as a kid lol. she's still pretty either way though

No. 1001512

File: 1640126598643.jpg (1016.84 KB, 3840x2160, 1262761-Hideo-Kojima-Quote-The…)

>i dislike anyone whose whole life or personality revolves around watching shows/netflix.
The only person I forgive is Hideo Kojima

No. 1001535

Not everyone with unseen disabilities are munchies. These things actually exist. Getting medical care isn't as easy as it seems

No. 1001609

Sexuality is definitely fluid and most scrotes are gays in denial

No. 1001617

File: 1640139561235.gif (265.91 KB, 560x315, __original_drawn_by_tsukumizu_…)

I think everyone should have the right to kill themselves. I see nothing wrong with someone taking their own life, assuming they aren't currently responsible for any children or anything along those lines. None of us asked to be born and we are all here against our consent. We are all forced to work jobs and take part in society, and if you want to opt out, you are shunned. Millions of people live entirely miserable lives interspersed with only brief moments of happiness, purely due to unjust material conditions. To me, being dead isn't a bad (or good) thing. It's a completely neutral act as there is nothing innately positive or negative about being alive or being dead, they are just states of being. Suicide prevention never gives good enough reasons as to why one should continue living in pain, other than you might give other people happiness, which is just stupid- you owe absolutely no one anything, barring children you yourself brought into the world.

INB4 suicidal: I'm not.

No. 1001625

I feel exactly the same way. I'm not sure I would take the option if it was there, but it's a very reassuring thought to know that you don't have to suffer through life in hopes of it getting better of you're actually fine with not having to. You can just check out. I think it would help a lot of people because they can actually think about whether they want to live or not with some nuisance, instead of treating the idea of not wanting to live like it makes you crazy. It really doesn't.

No. 1001639

That guy is a pedo and a troon

No. 1001676

Care to elaborate anon?

No. 1001690

File: 1640149534074.jpg (55.33 KB, 512x500, opb055iugu381.jpg)

Eisenhower was retarded to take the Egyptian's side in the Suez Crisis

I get this is not a history thread, but wtf was he thinking.

No. 1001703

Agree entirely. I think the whole right to live is ridiculous, not to mention expensive. People will bend over backwards to keep a miserable person alive and it costs them thousands, if you live in the US. I hate that the right to die is only legal in like, Switzerland.

No. 1001727

as someone who spends a lot of time thirsting for men, you're not even wrong

No. 1001742

>I think the whole right to live is ridiculous, not to mention expensive. People will bend over backwards to keep a miserable person alive and it costs them thousands
I agree that a right to die should be a human right, but so is the right to live and get help. A society where sending someone to a suicide machine is considered an economical solution to the problem of unhappiness makes my skin crawl. YOU KNOW that there would be a great push toward it by both the state and corporations marketing products related to suicide (it already is happening with dysphoria and trooning out). Horror world.
You really shouldn't bring up economics when discussing the right to die, unless you hate people and want the world to be as fucked up as it can be.

No. 1001751

leftypol is unironically worse then 4chan and hell 4chan has more actual female users then leftypol

No. 1001763

>>the "is it an outfit or is she just skinny ?" trend is… duh, models look good even in mite-eaten rags, mismatched socks and a plastic bag tied uner their chin, because they're models, how is this idea new.
I don't see why this is so controversial. The point of that phrase isn't to pick on skinny girls or make some deep and meaningful comment on beauty standards or w/e, it's to get some mental clarity about fashion - do you really like that outfit, or do you just think that girl looks good in it regardless of how you would look? If you're into fashion and get inspiration from photos of other people it's something to seriously consider, I've definitely had to remind myself of it while browsing online.

No. 1001771

/wiz/chan is the best scrote imageboard. I don't know how a literal incel tier imageboard became the best but it did.

No. 1001780

And? That's still a cool gif. Not sure if this unpopular, but reminding about sins/flaws of person related with media doesn't provide anything sensible for discussion, only causes anger/sadness in all people in thread and guilt in people liking this piece of media for liking it.

No. 1001789

I've heard about it but what's it like ?

No. 1001791

it's an incel imageboard but they ban all discussion of women, which makes it strangely comfy. Part of my gripe with imageboards is how moids behave like horny animals.

No. 1001794

I agree with you, anon. It's got to be more nuanced than either just forcing people to live or abandoning them to die following economic direction.

No. 1001795

an incel imageboard filled with Virgins who among themsleves won't make fun of each other, kinda sad really

No. 1001840

Proof or you're just going to post BS like a jealous Twitterfag/troon?

No. 1002030

File: 1640195716756.png (46.43 KB, 830x324, Screenshot (392).png)

Okay so I went to /wiz/chan, I expected to misogyny and sexual frustration usual to Incel forums but I didn't expect this
It seems that most of the users are older(35+ being the average age range)

The users have a level of despair and enlightenment that I've never seen anywhere online

No. 1002035


I wonder how much he spends on cam girls and hookers a month. Or maybe he's the sex doll type.

No. 1002038

we literally cause them to live longer tho… we die younger when we're married to them

No. 1002040

by chance do you have a proper source for that, I'd love to show my mom who's been nagging me lmao

No. 1002120

I don’t really understand the drive and support behind Free Palestine. Do the supporters want Israel to give back ALL of what is now Israel? And then what happens to the Jews? A lot of the Jewish people who fled from Muslim majority countries can’t go back there so where will they go? I think it’s completely fair for Jews to have their own state I think people argue too much on the semantics of Israel’s formations in the 1900s. Israel is a country now and is recognized now so NOW what?

No. 1002148

>I think it’s completely fair for Jews to have their own state

It's called the US

No. 1002173

historical facts aren't "semantics" lol what?

No. 1002251

File: 1640209525006.jpeg (40.77 KB, 600x450, CEBF16F6-5263-45DA-AB4F-6456EB…)

>Aunt Mae dies in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Most marvel movies have me like this and it’s cool to watch I guess but it reminds me of eating fast food, like I just poisoned my mind and made it weaker by watching an extremely formulaic and ok ish movie with bland likable actors and a plot that basically goes nowhere.

No. 1002272

We should drop off all /fit/ posters in the Amazon and the ones that come out alive can be sent to prison for potential rehabilitation

No. 1002280

No. 1002313

Isn’t it fundamentally wrong for restaurants to serve the same portions for women and men? Men have almost double our dietary needs. We should be entitled to smaller and cheaper portions.

No. 1002330

My first serious relationship was with a short guy.. he couldn't eat any more than I did. We ate together for years and it was a match. I was even slimmer than him while we ate even portions. There's different factors at play outside of just sex.

I know some places where I live do 'half portions' though, They're mostly aimed at elderly people but anyone can ask for it.

No. 1002387

As much as I would like cheaper/smaller portions to be more common, it can be worked around by just getting a box for your leftovers and having half as a different meal

No. 1002434

From what i've lurked lots of them are gay or asexual or 2D only.

No. 1002445

MJ innocent

No. 1002458

He sounds weak and useless, hope you dommed him

No. 1002710

i agree, i think watching shitty media destroys your mind. scrolling too. i'm fucked

No. 1002766

I don’t believe in the whole
>muh models are all anachans
Bullshit, they eat properly and workout because that’s their job, even if being reduced to your body is a sad job, they still work to make sure they look nice.
Just compare a model irl to an anachan from the anachan threads, they look completely different, anachans look gross and skelly while models look healthy.
>b-But photoshop angles and makeup
Which is why I said irl, not Instagram or YouTube where you can edit the shit out of your content, and yeah, genetics are important too if you want to model for a living, but you can’t just hope for your genetics to do all the job.

No. 1002798

Yeah they have to already be naturally skinny, and they can't literally starve themselves because hair loss and bad skin and puffy cheeks are not acceptable on the runway.

No. 1002839

I mean, most charges/cases against him were dismissed a long time ago, idk why anons keep pretending all that propaganda was real

No. 1002866

Anyone should be able to order off the kid's menu at any time."Ohh but if everyone ordered kids meals they wouldn't make any money!" Bullshit, most people will order the normal sized meals, it's just bullshit

No. 1002869

I agree anon. If we were to do that for Israel, why not America too? What about various other colonized spaces?

No. 1002871

I actually did lol. I like short guys but only if they'll share that dynamic.

No. 1002936

Thought that was a man. Certainly has a scrote brained fetish.

No. 1002940

I mean most cutting isn't as harmful as people make it out to be and certainly better than that horrifying experience. Both are maladjusted response to something terrible going on the inside… I like the idea of slightly rough sex but this makes me want to puke. I wonder if her therapist has continued to see it as brave and stunning.
Women into being dominated are very different psychologically than scrotes into it or doming someone

No. 1002972

oh god that reminds me of the ending of that one retarded book from the 80s that pretended rape cures rape trauma, "sweet audrina" I think it was called. We're really going backwards.

No. 1002975

The ending did that? I loved that book since I saw Audrina's family as a miniature of patriarchal psychopaty. You can expect edgy and problematic shit from VC Andrews, she fascinates me as a person, though. So little is known about her. Feels like nowadays she would be on lolcow arguing with fujoshi about times being superior

No. 1002978

i’m willing to bet every penny i’ve ever made that a man wrote this

No. 1002979

> it's completely fair for the jews to have their own state
Same for Palestine, considering those territories belong to them and were given by other states to the jews

No. 1002980

I can see how ops 'these sluts n hoes' talk got people annoyed tbh, it's dumb but I even pictured these kinds of reactions before they started rolling in.

No. 1003056

Well to be fair those territories were home to both the Jewish people and phillistines. After the Roman’s expelled all the Jews is when it was renamed Palestine/Syria. What would be best is a two state solution but from what it seems the Palestinian leaders want all or nothing. And by all they mean kick out all the Jews.

No. 1003369

Homeless initiative should be expanded further but primarily for women, whose homelessness is more likely to come from escaping domestic abuse (familial or partner) situations with no money to fall back on because they were financially restricted, and/or addicted to drugs by their crackhead moids they got mixed up with. Men are almost always the reason for women being homeless.

Segueing from "men can't be abused", unless homie is tied up in the house he can just leave. It's so easy for a man to freely pull up anchors and put down roots somewhere else. They are not financially hostage to a woman unless they're total useless NEET failures. The only reason a male stays in a relationship where a woman is degrading or hitting him is because he's accepted that access to her body is worth any slight on him.

No. 1003375

keanu reeves doesn't need asspats for performing the literal baseline (not hitting the wall, dating women his age, treating people with a neutral attitude). if a female celebrity behaved exactly like him she'd be called a cold bitch

No. 1003416

I agree with you though I feel like adding that he has shown lots of kindness in situations when he didn't have to, and it counts for something. It's sad that he is considered exceptional though. As you said, it shouldn't be rare and unique. The obsession over Kraju is like everyone has subconsciously accepted that famous men are shit and no longer expect anything, therefore someone fulfilling the basic standard for a good person seems outstanding. Men are crap in general, but doubt those people are pinkpilled

No. 1003430

Fascism and Communism are the cancers of the earth, ruined the 20th century, ruined Europe, ruined everything after that. All the fascist and communist sympathizing faggots can be forcibly killed by being put in a blender that rips them into shreds. Also big tech should ban that shit just like they ban anti tranny shit.

No. 1003431

Its not the literal baseline if most people don't conform to it though, dumbass.

No. 1003459

That's a known fact, too bad it's also an unpopular opinion in many circles.

No. 1003464

i just love the chihuahua, its so cute

No. 1003481

having a wishlist and expecting gifts for christmas when you're an adult is ridiculous and cringey as fuck. there was one makeup youtuber called hannah louise poston who was like 30 something who i remember made a wishlist every year with luxury makeup and skincare etc and literally sent it to all her family and close friends. that shit should be illegal honestly. also merry christmas to everyone itt!

No. 1003483

I was a lil annoyed my mum never asked me if I wanted anything for Christmas but I literally don't know what I'd even ask for her. She always gets me nice stuff anyway, you right.

No. 1003497

There is a kernel of truth in the brain sex theory, but troons definitely do not have "opposite sex brains"

No. 1003552

You’re right, tbh, I get having a wishlist of stuff you want to buy with your own money at some point, but throwing it at people on Christmas is just lazy tbh, unless you really need something that you could use like a pack of socks or, idk, some cash, it’s pathetic to ask for gifts on Christmas as a grown ass adult with a job.

No. 1003554

It seems like a good idea to me, that way you avoid getting things you don't want and someone else wasting money on something that no one wanted.

I'm saying this as someone who doesn't celebrate christmas (or any other holiday) with presents.

No. 1003587

My family still opens presents and gets each other gifts so wish lists are amazing for us. I think they are very helpful if the group has established they are getting each other presents. It's extremely tacky to send to someone one it's unsolicited. Especially when you are a famous YouTuber with tons of money kek.

No. 1003699

Sage for being late. You just articulated a belief I’ve had for a long time but never could find words to express. I seriously agree with this.

The only thing I might personally add would be a minimum age to the right to death, somewhere between 18-21. I think suicidal teens should at least experience what it’s like to be out of high school and possibly living independently (I realize I say this with privilege), because for me, just that created a night and day difference.

No. 1003873


the baseline, as in the bare minimum, of human decency? you must be thinking of "status quo", the current and acceptable state of male behavior. how about you read a dictionary before calling dumbassery nonnie lmao

what a weird hill for you to rage on. go off to the vent thread and get it off your chest

No. 1004099

Friend finder thread shouldn't exist, it only encourages scrote interaction and creates easy opportunity. It's like leaving your door unlocked in an unsafe area.

No. 1004219

Fagg0ts do not belong in femin¡sm

No. 1004220

Pussy faggots do.

No. 1004225

Great, another thing women can't have bc males worm their way in

Just don't dox yourself and voice verify

No. 1004229

you do realize its easy for scrotes to use a voice app right?

No. 1004239

Sorry I just like to use the term pussyfaggot whenever I can, the oppurtunity doesn't come up too often.

No. 1004281

All these news articles about random politicians or celebrities testing positive for covid are just stupid now. In the beginning when it was new and not much was known about it they were interesting but a lot of people are getting it now so we don't need to know unless they're seriously ill.

No. 1004283

I love venti she humiliates and condescends men on stream. My based qween.

No. 1004284

Women can befriend anyone on any other place, forums, games, discord servers, social media.. no ones taking that from any woman looking to befriend online people. I'm just saying it's a bad idea on a women "only" imageboard that pisses off a lot of scrotes and trannymoids.

No. 1004287

I went through her Twitter the other day, at first i thought it was cringe that literally every single one of her posts was about men, then I realized that despite this most of her fans are male and she has plenty of simps willing to pay her to get made fun of. So I guess it's so cringe that it's based. Like an ascended level of based that I as a mere mortal with b cups can never understand

No. 1004358

nta and I agree with you but I still understand what that anon means in that it sucks that it has to be this way. If scrotes could never raid then the boards would be so much better

No. 1004402

I hate the idea that people 21-29 are "just like teenagers". Not only does it remind me of moids trying to justify dating high schoolers while being 25 but it's just blatantly stupid and removes the responsibility of adults maturing from them. It also really demotivats me as a young adult to have people tell me "it's normal to be a teenager at your age!".

No. 1004407

File: 1640404568201.jpeg (29.4 KB, 275x183, 42FF965F-E0EE-4C77-85F9-B2384D…)

Regular Janes and Joes shouldn’t be able to buy fireworks, anyone who truly wants to spice up their parties with fireworks should get a license to use them, like how people has licenses for firearms and such.
Fireworks should be only used by people who got a training to light them up at the right places and not at some backyard or parking lot. They should also be strictly forbidden in residential areas because even if they’re pretty, they’re dangerous and bothersome as fuck.

No. 1004420

I like manic pixie dream girl characters! I don't particularly like when their plotlines center around men, but as a depressed bi woman who feels obliged to fix people around her in order to earn their friendship, I both relate and wish I could meet a MPDG. Also I think the painfully twee fashions associated are cute.

No. 1004429

>two cute twee MPDGs meeting and directing their manic fix-it energy mutually on each other instead of a useless male

I can get behind that, sounds chaotic but at least you'd match the other's efforts

No. 1004469

this is unpopular how? most countries have strict firework laws.

No. 1004536

My unpopular opinion is that women should leave wizchan alone and shouldn't even browse it, just like how men should leave here completely alone. Let people have their own spaces.

No. 1004538

Barely anywhere is like lolcow. We can befriend people in other places if we want to put up with them not being peaked. I don't have the patience for that anymore. Lolcow is one of a kind and we shouldn't stop something just because of scrotes. That's giving into them.

No. 1004540

A number of American states have lax fireworks laws, so people just drive to other states and stock up.

To answer your question really, it's an unpopular opinion among American whitetrash who think they should be allowed to make big kabooms whenever they please because 'murica. They be shooting off fireworks on random ass days on my block.

No. 1004589

Well, In my country nobody gives a fuck and you will have people setting off fireworks in the middle of the day just because, even if they’re surrounded by tall buildings and such.
I honestly think that firework laws should be enforced, not just put there as a decoration for others to be like “I told you so” when someone fucks up.

No. 1004605

Yeah, why not shut up lolcow then? A scrote has been posting here, there are probably more. Hell, why enjoy your hobbies, wear clothes or go out? We should stay permanently locked in our houses doing nothing, so no scrote gets off on it. Maybe wearing burkas too. Oh no, I bet suddenly scrotes would develop a fetish for breaking and entering. Welp. Suicide then? Scrotes love when women do that since it makes them feel powerful… so it's another no. Guess we just shouldn't have been born in the first place. Now that's a solution for scrotes infiltrating and turning everything into coomer shit!

No. 1004610

>imageboard bans all discussion of women
>first screenshot I see, immediately starts talking about women

every time

No. 1004623

I read the old threads and it seems we were much more sane. Why did we evolved into crazy women? Infighting was also less prone. What happened?

No. 1004668

Women with small boobs don't have simps for not doing much? Kek what rock do you live under?

No. 1004791

Mens space is 99.9% of the internet. Ooooohhh wimmins are lurking and commenting on scrotes forums anonymously! The horror! Kekekeke. I hope they cry themselves to sleep wondering if the best posts are made by women.

No. 1004797

I really don't see this? I read old threads too and it seems like the same atmosphere to me. I get that this week there has been more than usual but it's not like everyone has suddenly gone crazy. I would just try and be a positive force on the board and ignore instigators. Even replying to bait saying it's bait is enough to get other anons to engage. Anyone feeling bothered by some reply here, try and remind yourself to disengage with that shit, it's not even worth it. No one's minds are going to be changed, no one with good faith anyway, and you can tell the difference between a good faith discussion with a reasonable disagreement and someone who is just trying to rile you up because they're pissy about your take. There is no point in replying, there is nothing to defend, at the end of the day none of these arguments matter.

No. 1004808

Mean Girls is a very overrated movie

No. 1004819

i think you meant to say 'clueless'. i agree.

No. 1004822

it was a joke you autist

No. 1004825

Yeah. I guess you’re right. I can’t argue against it. Maybe I was looking at the good old threads.

No. 1004827

The drama going on in the vent thread is at least partially fake and gay

No. 1004851

it's real tbh

No. 1004860

Hairy men are the hottest

No. 1004861

Some are, if they're particularly muscular and bulky and aren't TOO hairy then I'm all about it. A lot of hair on a smaller man is gross to me, but a little chest hair is cute tbh

No. 1004862

I agree with you

No. 1004871

You can never have too much it's so attractive to see a hairy chest. Sucks the current trend is to be a borderline twink

No. 1004885

It's repulsive, only super tall and muscular guys can pull it off but even then they'd be better off without it

No. 1004887

They're itchy stinky and usually have dingleberries. No.

No. 1004899

File: 1640477092396.jpeg (30.98 KB, 444x960, 360C52A4-AF8B-4B7E-ACE5-2416BD…)

People who have big noses tend to be thinner.
I can’t really think of a single obese person who has a big nose
Prove me wrong nonnies

No. 1004901

So when ill lose weight my nose is gonna get bigger? I’ll be hving ps for sure now

No. 1004915

Not the same.
Big nose = not possible to become fat
Small nose = possible to be fat OR skinny

No. 1004919

the nose stands out more in a thinner face. with fatsos it gets lost in the middle of the bloated features.
the same nose will look smaller on a wide-ass moon face than on a smaller one

No. 1004921

You're both right

No. 1005046

i'm thinking back on all the people in my family and i can't think of a single person this doesn't apply to, why did you have to point that out nona i'll forever think about it now

No. 1005083

File: 1640496360978.jpeg (202.13 KB, 780x1031, 6B87CF4B-44A2-4915-84F9-8EFCBA…)

No. 1005091

File: 1640497252482.jpg (38.62 KB, 720x494, 246258009_4939713626056498_934…)

like this page on Facebook it is named Smash Cultural Capitalism it makes fun of coomers, libtards and troons and even right wingers. Marx would never agree to the vaccine or to troons. I am economically leftist and culturally right wing. There are people with potential being born in poverty whose future is ruined. Do not take your medications SSRI's' are literally made to shut up your true instincts and dumb you down so you can consoom more

No. 1005097

File: 1640499102680.jpg (8.19 KB, 208x242, download.jpeg-1.jpg)

troons are retarded and psychiatry is a scam but going full rightwing is retarded too. Theres nothing wrong with LGB (drop the T) gay people and racial equality should be promoted. Note I said equality not affirnative action.

Before you come at me, i'm planning to vote in the next republican primary for the most moderate candidate, since imo all the Ds after joe biden are too beholden to the twitterverse which i think is not good. Biden is too old to care so thats fine.

Honestly though i would love to vote for krysten sinema if she ran in either primary.

No. 1005099

I have never been prescribed SSRIs or any other mind altering medication and god willing I never will be. You, however, should take the pills your doc prescribed because any state of consciousness would have to be better than the one you’re displaying rn

No. 1005118

can you explain why marx would never support troonism? I've never read him so I don't know

No. 1005141

You know what? Gender shouldn't be fully abolished, lest we have female who cooms like males (I mean like lolicons, those hardcore yuri degen moids, thigh fetishists of female thighs) and the gender ratio of a men's "locker room talk" thread in 4chan would probably increase to around 1:1. Then it would be hard to pick out the moids.

No. 1005157

File: 1640507438520.jpeg (5.83 KB, 225x225, download (26).jpeg)

Marx is a 19th century man that hates capitalism if he'd be reborn he would never support degeneracy as degeneracy is hand in hand with capitalism. Marx hated medicine and thought it was being used by capitalism to control masses. What in the world makes you think that he would support insane consumerists that spend millions into surgery and hormones to make themselves into something they are not and are also notoriously consoomeristic. Troons spend a shit ton of money because they were brainwashed by capitalism and medicine (which is hand in hand with capitalism) to think that they need to dedicate their entire life's resources or prostitute themselves to pay the big pharma money to give them the body they think they should have and even when they get the body they think they should have they are still not satisfied and proceed into spending money on more plastic surgery and more plastic shit and they still end up killing themselves. Their problem will not be solved with changing their body because their problem is not their body but the BIG PHARMA encourages this since both capitalism and medicine make money off the mentally ill the most. Karl Marx has been appropriated by woke tards but if it was possible to ressurect him Marx would be considered a Nazi by all woke tards that claim him but have never read his books and have no understanding of his work, ideology or mindset. Marx promoted a society in which medicine does not even exist, Marx hated jews because they were very capitalistic and Marx thought the Utopian society is stateless and we should all cultivate our own food and eat it without enslaving others "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need". Troonism is impossible in a Marxist world and troonism is literally so prevalent because of capitalism nowadays. I do think troons naturally exist, but it would be like 000,1% of population and they would not even require surgery for gender reassignment. The medical field does not actually want to treat people, especially mentally ill people because mental illness keeps consumerism and capitalism alive. If we all waked the fuck up and seeked real value and true independence we wouldn't have to enslave ourselves to stupid products even surgery and hormones are a product. As for psychiatric medication, only a very small amount of people in society truly require psychiatric medication and ironically those that require it are not being prescribed the medication because real LOONS dont have the awareness that there is something wrong with them thus don't seek psychatric evaluation. Psychiatric medication is mostly prescribed to people that think too much or don't fit in the box perfectly to shut them the fuck up. You American doc prescribed you SPEED because you cannot focus and makes you both physically and mentally addicted to it when they could tell you that the capacity to concentrate is like a muscle and you will improve your concentration if you practice it daily for a long time. They don't tell you a lot of people in the modern world suffer from issues with being able to focus due to growing up in front of screens and having their brain molded on not being able to focus on one thing and daydreaming. Technology is changing the structure of the human brain and giving people meth won't make their issue better, but telling them to retrain their focus by concentrating on singular activities such as reading, dancing, puzzle making will solve the issue. People that truly have ADHD and actually need that medication are very few. Same with BPD, a lot of people diagnosed with BPD don't even have it and don't require that medication, but a slight deviation from the "norm" puts you on SSRI. I don't plan to take SSRI anymore, it makes me more docile and literally more prone to consoom and it censors me, almost like it stops my mind from working and turns me into an NPC that does not think her own thoughts, that does not have feelings or reactions.

No. 1005164

Marxism is about the poor and the truly oppressed socially are the poor and leftists and Marxists act as if troons are the most oppressed class in society and they must immediately be handed precious resources to make their schizo delusion a reality meanwhile in my country and all around the world there are millions of children born in poverty. A true marxist or communist would try to relocate the resources to someone truly in need, not to some deluded person that already lives a good life and thinks they have "le depressshun" because they were born in the wrong body. So many resources are spent on these wastes of air and space for their "gender reassignment" while 1 million children in my country live in utter poverty and nobody helps them and especially not the marxist and communists which should be the ones helping them. I am a marxist, but most Marxists are not true Marxists they have just appropriated Marxism and have a completely schizophrenic interpretation of what Marxism is truly about. There is no side of the political spectrum that truly helps people in need anymore or those oppressed by capitalism and theoretically it should have been leftists, Marxists and communists that are the ones helping those in need but they are to preoccupied with their fake western "opresshiun" and 600 genders to give a fuck about children born in poverty in 3rd world countries. Marxism and communism are about the poor and helping the poor and distributing resources better. Giving money to troons in 1st world countries is not better distribution of resources. Most modern communists are literal millionaires and nobody sees a problem with that? NOBODY. If 10 of the self proclaimed millionaires commies such as Hasan Abi and the troon Philosophy tube would give 40% of their capital they would save like 60% of the children living in poverty in Romania, but they are too busy buying designer clothes, literal million dollars mansions while they make content about communism, wrongfully appropriate Marxism and make 100k monthly buy running their mouths about communism in their cozy millionaire homes while children in my country live with no food or toilet. I am a communist and if I made 100k monthly I would give 80% of that money to the poor to create better distribution of resources and I would keep enough to live a comfortable life. If you are a commie it does not mean you should isolate yourself in the forest and plant your own food but there is a difference between comfort VS luxury. Comfort is human,normal and necessary. Luxury is capitalistic. I am someone that grew up in poverty and our life is completely ran by capital and if you are born in poverty your life is decided for you by your faith. I cannot even make videos about these people or share my thoughts on the internet because most media is parted in 2 sides and highly censored. If you make content criticizing commies you have to side with the right wingers but I am not a right winger, I am a left winger that hates 90% of left wingers and of commies because they are hypocritical as fuck. 99% of communists are the bourgeois. The left is more capitalistic than the right at this point, but I do not hold right wing values because the right wing is hypothetically capitalist. I do not believe in anti semitism, I do not believe in racism and I believe in real marxism and better capital distribution

No. 1005238

Lady Gaga is more talented than Madonna

No. 1005241

marx is a literal moid, why should i follow his politics

No. 1005249

You shouldn’t

No. 1005254

when analyzing history marx distinguished between "material conditions" (mainly economic conditions) and everything else (culture). He believed that a society's history is mainly driven by economic/productive factors, rather than by its culture, which develops as a consequence of these. Therefore marxist analysis will tend to disregard cultural factors like race and religion and focus on economic factors like social class.

Marx wouldn't support gender identity because it's pure ideology, a completely cultural phenomenon that has no basis in reality; he might be interested in the social phenomenon of troonism but only to study its ties with capitalism/social class

No. 1005266

>I am a communist and if I made 100k monthly I would give 80% of that money to the poor to create better distribution of resources and I would keep enough to live a comfortable life.
The rest of your post aside, honestly I very much doubt this. My unpopular opinion is that everyone I know who self-identifies as a communist or even a socialist gives crumbs to others and instead uses most of their money to treat themselves to whatever expensive fancies they might want. It's a noble thought for people to say "if I got a million dollars I would give 80% of it to charity and just buy myself a nice small cottage" when in reality they would probably just give a few kilos away and frivolously spend the rest.

No. 1005279

i'm poor and I give my money away and buy things for the homeless. I'm still poor and don't have a stable source of income and I have spent probably 30% of all the capital I've ever earned on poor people especially children and I never really talk about this, but I know this is the only way I can make a difference. Rather than spending it on some stupid shit I don't need I will buy someone in need something they truly need. I don't trust charity so I hand those people objects with my own hands to make sure all my money truly reaches them. Most charities get a huge chunk off and the people that run those charities use them to make themselves angels when they take a huge chunk off the donations without even letting those that are donating know it. Never trust charities, they are ran by capitalistic business makers. I've bought full meals to the homeless especially to women and bought them sanitary pads and clothes. I went to villages in my country and handed children sweets, clothes, toys, sanitary objects all bought from my own money. When I was a kid the best day of my life was when a random man bought me a toy. I grew up with no toys as a kid and my family could not afford anything. I'm someone that has faced true poverty so I know the suffering it brings you. Unfortunately, only those that have suffered understand the suffering. Hasan Abi was born rich and never had to struggle from true utter poverty. He could have bought himself a modest apartment instead of a 2 million mansion and spent the rest of the money to redistribute capital. A true communist redistributes capital and does not hoard it for himself. I've given out so much money and I'm poor. I am still poor and the day in which I won't be able to afford electricity or water will come most communists won't face that day. I still have given a chunk of the little money I've made in my life away to those in need.

No. 1005283

but again I'm not rich so I cannot afford giving a huge chunk of my capital away, but if I was I would.
yes and it is based and true Karl Marx is universally too. If the posters here were born in a slum in india they would not post on lolcow. Even posting on lolcow is conditioned by material economic conditions. Being a troon does not exist and is ideology.

No. 1005309

Exactly, Marx would only approach the subject of troonery in the context of the pharma industry, the plastic surgery industry, makeup and fashion industries etc. So the economic side of it.

No. 1005311

The "Thai transgender" arguement no longer works here kek, because they trooned into entertainment industry. 3rd world has far fewer troons

No. 1005446

Why the fuck would anyone come at you here for saying that there is nothing wrong with gay people and racial equality? It's not 4chin

No. 1005452

File: 1640533129008.gif (5.43 MB, 640x340, 1639785670253.gif)

No. 1005473

that's sex-based behavior nonny

No. 1005569

Sakamoto Desu Ga? is currently my favorite anime, I just wish it lasted longer.

No. 1005571

I'm going to take this as a recommendation and I'm gonna watch some tonight.

No. 1005572

You know what? Yeah.

No. 1005578

Just saw Mrs. Doubtfire for the first time after friends saying it’s a must-see classic and it was bad. It’s not funny, it was more weird and sad. The wife was completely justified in leaving this manchild who can’t cook or clean for himself and lost his job for being unprofessional and thinking it’s whatever. And the fact that she took him back is proof that the bar for being a “good husband and father” is in hell.
On a similar note, I never thought that Robin Williams was all that funny. Impressions and accents aren’t jokes, just how in movies references aren’t jokes. He was fine in Jumanji but I hated him in Dead Poets Society. I’m sure he was a great guy or something (or maybe not, male comedians tend to have a lot of skeletons in their closets).

No. 1005588

No. 1005626

I feel like most men are secretly for feminism not because it liberates women but it means they can shirk their bare minimum responsibility on to women, just another attempt for them to get out of being decent parents and providers kek

No. 1005738


No. 1005791

I couldn't agree more. Are you Romanianon btw?

No. 1006098

What’d ya think of it? Personally, I think the mangaka intended to be a parody of bishie characters while still being funny at the same time. I saw clips of the English dub and was like “no.”

No. 1006121


A couple of my friends were sharing some TikTok saying "If you want to break the gender norm, scrub some fucking toilets and cook dinner instead of wearing skirts and painting your nails". It's funny how men only want fEmInIsM and BrEaKiNg gEnDeR nOrMs when it's inconsequential and reduces their overall responsibilities. I.e., splitting the check at dinner with their girlfriends but not helping complete basic chores.

No. 1006135

All you gotta do is look at Breadtubers to know that's the truth

No. 1006137

Kek I always bring this up when a a blood related tranny gets too comfy. The "ok but why is it always me and mom cleaning/cooking/caring for kids?". Take that fetish somewhere else stop embarrassing your fucking mother at Christmas dinner jfc.

No. 1006170

breadtubers are not real communists or Marxists they are LARPERS like most modern communists and marxists. There are actually no real communists and Marxists anymore

No. 1006333

the only people who are actually communist and marxist aren't the ones who label themselves communist and marxist. they probably even label themselves as something else or nothing at all.

No. 1006397

I have a feeling most of us are young or underaged and that’s where the stupid femcel pickme groups of radfem come from or “burrrrrnnnn” comments come from. No 21+ year old actual woman has stupid opinions like this unless they’re a mommy blogger libfem. And even then they aren’t as stupid. I need to get a life for 2022. Bye kids.

No. 1006398

I don't think those words mean what you think they mean

No. 1006399

>break gender norms! men should cook clean and become tradwife while women shjould take on the scrote mantle!

Why can't this be normalized? We wanna see a reverse Gilead

No. 1006401

File: 1640612661883.png (52.95 KB, 350x150, 93d1d537364596941b066ebe7bb245…)

No. 1006408

I made some spelling mistakes because of my acrylics growing out so that should give you a hint I’m not grouping pickmes with raddishes. I think most of the people that join an online community are no older than 22.
Buuuuurn (grow up)

No. 1006413

File: 1640613483414.jpeg (268.96 KB, 1242x2105, D179F3EE-A556-41D3-811A-981C26…)

Lolcow ai-chan is back at it again.

No. 1006416

A lot of users here, specially radfems, are 25+. Anyways bye cunt!

No. 1006417

Based. Op here. Cute as fuck. But you’re still underaged or young probably.

No. 1006418

Nah I doubt that. Most of the old users have left.

No. 1006421

Where have they gone to?

No. 1006428

NTA if you mean old as oldfags then maybe, if you mean old as age then certainly not. There are plenty of (semi)ancient anons here.

No. 1006429

People should stop saging in ot.

No. 1006431

People should stop saging in /m/.

No. 1006450

File: 1640617124879.jpg (76.13 KB, 960x614, vk21wau961881.jpg)

not even an unpopular opinion on lolcow.farm but anyway

No. 1006463

this isnt true though wtf who did this

No. 1006472

I was friends with weeaboo kids in school (like 2007) and they would nya at each other, walk each other on leashes, wear tails and collars, read boys love manga in class. I might not have done that shit but I was guilty by association

No. 1006473

so you were never one of those kids who wore cat headbands to school? said you wanted to become a mangaka or a member of morning musume when asked what you wanted to be when you're grown up? called your friends by name-chan? it's okay nona, i didn't want to share my bento with you anyways, baka.

No. 1006474


It kinda is. The only people in my school who got bullied for watching anime wore Naruto headbands, dirty fox tail key chains and were cringe lords in general. Naturally my scenie weenie ass fit right in but it's pretty much true. The casual anime watchers never got shit

No. 1006476

Nah I got bullied for calmly reading my manga at my desk during breaks and minding my own damn business. Other kids just didn't like that I read 'ching chong comics' and that's it. I know what I got bullied for, you don't get to gaslight me about it years later.

No. 1006481

Same for me. I wasn't straight up bullied for it, just made fun of sometimes and called weird, but yeah in my case I was just a bit shy and read books, manga included, at the school's library too much for my classmates' liking until high school. I was then in a class full of weaboos who othered me because I wasn't rich enough for them, so I couldn't hang our with them at all because they went to places that cost money, like cons or coffee shops, or any type of stores. You can literally be bullied for any reason or even for no reason at all anyway.

No. 1006482

Fucking third, I was super quiet and not bothering anyone because I already have been bullied into having a nonpresence (and no, I wasn't bullied because of being a weeb or loud and obnoxious). That twitter cunt can fuck off

No. 1006486


I guess it depends on where you live. Some schools have gang violence and murder going on so no one cares about a quiet cringe weeb minding their business while others are a lot slower so someone doing anything slightly outside of the norm makes them an "other".

No. 1006487

I've always been a weeb but all I did was normal shit like doodle in class and read manga openly, this anon's comment >>1006472 being guilty by association is fucking true. There was a guy who would naruto run during PE classes and I always lost my shit laughing. He looked shocked whenever I could clean off my stuff after he handed them over to me. (he sits in front of me) He also tried to make an "all girls'club" on facebook and invited me to join, where he pretended to be a girl and posted things like "hey girls share your girl problems!". Moids are disgusting.


Anyway anime is mainstream and cool with the kids now and everyone is fucking annoying about it and I seethe reeeeeeeeeee

No. 1006488

I don't think she isn't a pickme anymore just because she calls herself a radfem. She continues to call women with onlyfans as 'whores'. Even if a woman is a handmaiden, radfems shouldn't used gendered slurs against them

No. 1006492

File: 1640620563563.jpg (184.25 KB, 900x738, cathy2.jpg)

Cathy comics are better than Garfield comics

No. 1006507

she isn't a radfem. Radfems can't be right wing pick mes

No. 1006509

Fourthed, I was bullied for being sightly dark skinned than others and daring to have a best friend, I didn’t even know what was anime until my cousins told me what was that.
Liking anime was more like an extension of liking how to draw out of loneliness.
Maybe if I hadn’t gotten bullied over the years I wouldn’t have even like anime tbh, but telling people that being isolated by others and harassed too because of the shit they like is retarded. Specially when you fucking know that some of the people that then go full retard with growling and nyaing are those who just want a crumb of attention and acceptance from their circle if they even have one, like, if you had to spend a whole ass year not being able to talk with anyone, you would at least make some noise on your own, unless you’re some super special kind of retard who can be silent 24/7.
I don’t get the need to be so harsh on the mild spergs when there’s huge ass spergs like Chris Chan who will go full retard on people unprompted.

No. 1006511

Fifthed? I was bullied because I had few issues like talking weird and having "stiff walk", due to fucking birth problems, teenagers are assholes.

No. 1006512

all weebshit needs to be banned, or at least kept in a hidden containment zone. yes i know the origins of this site, but that was many years ago. it's time to move on and distance ourselves from 4chan

No. 1006513

Maybe you could like, hide the threads with weebshit or stop considering weebshit a 4chan thing.

No. 1006516

might as well hide the entire site since you weirdos won't stop shoving it in my face with your ugly anime reaction pictures

No. 1006517

File: 1640623025243.jpg (11.8 KB, 351x358, 1638655454739.jpg)

do it, dumbass.

No. 1006519

Opinion discarded this shit should be red she is right

No. 1006524

eichi… ♥

No. 1006532

File: 1640623783626.png (20.08 KB, 240x160, 1621157436540.png)

go ahead celebricow thread poster

No. 1006533

Ok Miss "I'm totally a normie and not coping through an anonimous imageboard" girl

No. 1006534

File: 1640623873010.png (243.33 KB, 680x709, aaf.png)

>might as well hide the entire site

No. 1006535

No. 1006536

This neither unpopular nor an opinion aak!

No. 1006538

This bitch is probs a recovering weeb or worse a recovering redditor but my woman weebs were the biggest cyberbullies ever.

No. 1006539

No. 1006540

Kids and teenagers you mean. I already mentioned being bullied in middle school for reading and minding my own business, I wasn't bullied but I was ignored by most people due to being too poor to have a social life with them, but in primary school I was straight up beaten up for being short due to a very rare health issue and for not being white. Kids are easily forgiven by teachers and their parents because they supposedly don't know any better. Bullshit.

No. 1006549

File: 1640624966010.png (17.09 KB, 300x350, gunzz.png)

This is an imageboard. Fuck off to Reddit or Facebook if you can't handle it

No. 1006594

Extremely true but both were shit. Sometimes Cathy had some solid ones though.

No. 1006638

I was bullied cause I was autistic and tall, not cause I like anime

No. 1006640

File: 1640629492034.gif (1.06 MB, 498x278, hoe-love-and-hip-hop.gif)


Do you think you're cool for being on a image board that came to be because cosplayers wanted to be able to talk shit about other cosplayers while hating anime? Please go back to posting exclusively on /g/ and the celebrity cows thread or just log off and pretend to be a normie on Twitter or something

No. 1006666

File: 1640630590379.png (175.1 KB, 377x473, Suicidebooth.png)

sage for late post but your post just made me think of the suicide box in futurama.

No. 1006685

This was the primary reason I was bullied for being gay at my school (although I'm bi but I was too autistic to register sexuality as an issue) but girls would bully me for having feminine 2d boys in my locker and would laugh at me and push me in the hallways.

No. 1006686

Bullying expired in 2008.

No. 1006717

File: 1640634370989.jpg (120.92 KB, 1200x1200, 3214324.jpg)

East African women are prettier then west African women. Idk what that says about me as a black woman of west ethnicity.

No. 1006739

I'm white but I've noticed that I find northern and eastern african women attractive, whereas it's far more random appearance wise west and south Africa. I think Lupita is beautiful but her claiming to be mexican(was born there) despite not being raised there scream cow to me, she has 0 mexican ancestry as well. If she were white that shit would not be tolerated

No. 1006751

Straight girls in fandoms are way more annoying than straight guys in fandoms

No. 1006780

Idk, grew up in west africa and lots of black girls here are pretty. I think Hollywood has a mixed girl/ Northern African fetish so that may skew things a bit. Lupita is the only really dark skinned hollywooder thats pretty and of any relevance

No. 1006781

* East african i meant bleh

No. 1006783

I'll serve you with a side of " there both annoying and should fucj off really"

No. 1006802

Kink is just a way for ugly people to make themselves seem sexually attractive.

No. 1006816

File: 1640640310576.png (148.93 KB, 625x626, 803.png)

No. 1006819

Even if there good looking its usually a way to distract from how ugly they are on the inside

No. 1006824

This probably isn't an unpopular opinion for lolcow, but Mamamax gives me such weird vibes in his videos. I wouldn't care about the dramatic, edgy, artsy way he edits his videos if it weren't for the fact his videos are about exposing pedophiles. Pedophiles are terrible enough, it just seems like overkill and somewhat distasteful to add all the creepy music and editing. These are real life predators not some creepypasta analog horror shit. I just can't really put my finger on everything that rubs me the wrong way about him. In concept, I guess I support him for exposing groomers online, but the execution of his videos makes it impossible for me to feel sorry for him even though he's getting his videos removed for no reason.

No. 1006826

This is excessively true and I would love to hear everyone's opinions on the topic

No. 1006831

I remember being told “everyone has a kink” but I really don’t, except for wild born sexy yesterday sexy men like Tarzan I thought there was something wrong with me because I was vanilla. I hate how shilled they are, apparently this is what happens when ~sex positivity~ becomes a thing. i can’t wait for stupid kinks to die out like BDSM and DDLG especially.

No. 1006833

He was always weird, I remember finding his videos because he was reviewing hentai anime. He has since deleted those videos, but you can find him on another channel reviewing ecchi anime with another guy.

No. 1006835

That's not an opinion, that's a fact.

No. 1006849

I was just thinking about that today. I never watch his videos because of his weird channelname and thumbnails. Is that him crying in the thumbnail of his latest video? I swear that's not the first time he'd uploaded a video with a thumbnail like that

No. 1006857

He's a stalker.
I remember watching a video of his where he talks about stalking his ex gf, going to creep up on her apartment unwanted when she ditched him. I think she got a restraining order in the end, but don't remember too well.
He painted himself as a saint and her as unfair considering how much money he spent on her and now she doesn't want anything to do with him. This was many years ago.

No. 1006885

Loved when he tried to catfish a pedo by using a teenage photo of a famous porn star. Not wrong or creepy at all
Wish that was archived somewhere. Dude feels like Onion 2.0 in the making

No. 1006897

I trust my gut he's got major projection issues, and if the anon above is right about the hentai review he's probably secretly into loli and deflects with his pedo hunting. Just like how the most homophobic men are usually secretly gay.

No. 1006915

I said the same thing a few months ago on the youtuber thread. I usually like these videos but he’s so overkill and pretentious with editing lm not going to watch some 2 hour 2deep4u video that describes some underground pedo conspiracy while he’s acting all tough beating up some prosthetic body or standing with a baseball bat ugh makes me cringe

No. 1006941

isn’t his girlfriend the one who does that “little girl” voice? I swear she’s a BPD cow that had her own thread or was mentioned in one but regardless I trust my gut, and my gut says if she is that girl, she has to put on that voice for him to get off kek. glad to see some find him as transparent as I do.

No. 1006944

Zoos don't teach kids much. There is no reason to keep zoos funded either. Protect the land and waters the animals came from rather than cage them up into insanity. Like seriously, zoos don't educate nor help animals. You cannot recreate a habitat in a tiny room with glass walls. They're just for show. You learn more from an animal documentary than seeing one in a cage.

No. 1006953

idk which country you are from but in my country zoos don't have the role to teach kids about le animalz, it's about getting funding for research and preserving endangered species by letting people look at animals that they wouldn't see otherwise. they take their jobs very seriously and also post stuff on ig how you shouldn't engage with posts that show albino animals like white tigers (because they are inbreds with health issues) or those posts that show chubby tigers because they are overfed by visitors. but i guess zoos are different in every country.

No. 1006957

you can feed tigers in your zoos???

No. 1006960

not in mine, you can get banned from the zoo for engaging with the animals outside of looking at them at my zoo. they even tell parents to take their kids away from the enclosures when they are too loud and could disturb the animals. but a few years ago some chubby tiger pics went viral and it turned out they're in some chinese zoo (i think) and the visitors throw food in their enclosure and that's why they got obese. and since people online thought the chubby tigers were so cute, they kept letting people feed them to keep up the social media attention which also lead to more visitors.

No. 1006962

Yes, I agree it's so cringy! He tries to paint himself as some real-life vigilante superhero and it comes off as really tasteless. Honestly, men who are incredibly vocal about how much they hate pedophiles and would totally beat them up on sight give off red flags to me. I see tons of comments on his videos of other men bragging about how they totally lured in some guy by pretending to be a teenage girl and then beat him up for being a pedophile (as if that totally happened) and it just comes off as really self-serving to me.

Incoming tinfoil rant, but I get the feeling that guys who are super vocal about how they target pedophiles are trying to compensate for something because newsflash: almost everyone dislikes pedophiles and hating them doesn't make you exceptional. It's almost like a nlog thing but for men. "See, I'm totally safe- not like other men. Look at how trustworthy and heroic I am because of how much I hate groomers." It feels bad to admit that since it just sounds like I'm sympathizing with groomers or that I'm overly paranoid. Seems like everyone else on Youtube is willing to give these guys asspats, but I don't trust them.

No. 1006972

I saw a reel some days ago with these two eboys wearing bodycon dresses. I almost threw up in my mouth, went to the comment section and saw all these girls telling them they looked sooooo good. Like what the fuck? The two guys had fit bodies that would literally look so great in normal "male" clothing, but since men can wear dresses you must hype the scrotes even thought they look like gags. Like I'm not even saying it in a twansfobic way they just looked grotesque. Just because men can do something doesn't mean they should. I don't know if it's just me (and conservative men but I don't want that company)

No. 1006984

Predators will often insert themselves into spaces for victims of their crimes or be excessively vocal against their own in order to cover their tracks and give themselves plausible deniability. “B-but he HATED pedos, how could he be caught with pics on his hard drive!!”

No. 1006986

kek I knew he knew he reviewed hentai but some scrotes on kf on the Nexpo/YT Horror Channels thread are saying that he was reviewing loli hentai. I can't confirm if that's true since the videos are gone but I wouldn't be surprised since that's the shit hentai degenerates are usually into

No. 1007001


you mean men that are absolutely so dumb as hell, i mean absolute fuckin buffoons, but with basic kindness, survival skills, provision for their partner, and looks?

yea that's the SAWCE

No. 1007010

A lot of people who brag about being big brain superior intellect ~introverts~ are just antisocial assholes who don't get along with anyone because they're unwilling to make compromises or tolerate other peoples' flaws. No, the reason why you don't have friends isn't because "everyone is a dumb intolerant extrovert", it's because you're insufferable, don't take others' feelings into account, permanently leech off of others' social skills without contributing anything to the group yourself and act like an inconsiderate douchebag all the time.

No. 1007012

People like that regularly conflate intellect with self-righteousness kek

No. 1007068

File: 1640655196247.png (92.06 KB, 605x845, 110CB17F-767F-495C-B391-0C2FAE…)


No. 1007072

I remember his gf being posted about here too somewhere! I can't remember her name but she does give off big BPD-chan vibes.

No. 1007079

Are you African-American? If so, you're likely to have some hang-ups from being surrounded by American/white media and fucked up depictions of Africa
If not, it's probably because you make East Africans out to be exotic, and you see more of the ugly West Africans because duh proximity. I've seen tons of pretty West African women and not so pretty East African women. I say this as a neutral party to both

No. 1007095

I don't think Tarzan is dumb, just naïve. He is the ultimate, unplugged, anprim himbo though.

I'm not sure I'd read that much into it. They are making content for youtube aren't they? It is basically a job then and dramatics are rewarded. Maybe he's a secret creep, maybe he's just following the money.

No. 1007104

People who claim to be open-minded and free-spirited are usually the most close-minded people, because they see less free-spirited types as people who need fixing, and get a huge ego about it.
These are normally the "why isn't everyone polyam and chill like me?" types who can't accept that other people aren't hippies like them

No. 1007116

I think if a scrote invites you on a date, he should be paying for it. I mean, if you invited him, then you should pay. I say all that because (within a dating context) they were the ones who invited you out to eat (or vice versa)

I had this discussion with someone and they sperged with
>"I'd pay because I wouldn't want to owe someone anything."
ffs it's a date, not $100 for the gas bill.

So I get not wanting to owe someone but if a scrote is gonna buy you food for the night, idk, let him, if shit doesn't work out, that's $50-$100 less in his pocket. That's a win there.

No. 1007121

File: 1640660280032.png (995.83 KB, 1128x1110, 4what.png)

anime reaction pics? on an imageboard of all places? well i never

No. 1007122

Some people feel like accepting things from others comes with its own costs

No. 1007129

Does anyone remember when all of his videos were basically him venting and discussing stuff?


No. 1007156

If a man doesn't pay for the first couple of dates, I'll just assume he's not interested. He's not obligated to spend money on me, I'll split the bill if he wants, but if he sees me as an expense he'd rather avoid I'll take it for the obvious hint it is. I often see men promoting 50/50 specifically because they don't want to waste money on a girl they're not sure about or when they just want cheap/easy sex.

Men always ree about gold diggers but I couldn't care less about the money. I can and do pay for my food all the time and it doesn't affect my finances. If the cost of a date is concerning to a man (as opposed to just being butthurt about gender roles), either he's not financially stable enough to date in the first place, or he's going on a tonne of dates to the point it becomes a large expense. Either way it's not someone I want to date.

No. 1007256

I would call myself an introvert but I hate most other introverts exactly because of this. They think they're so special because they're hermits who would rather read a book at home then go out to a party and meet people lol

No. 1007258

Very good take

No. 1007260

>If the cost of a date is concerning to a man
if people are going out and spending 100-150 dollars or even more on a single date then they're fucking retarded. both parties involved are. a date shouldn't cost more than 50 bucks max, and that doesn't put a hole in anyones pocket.

No. 1007268

I honestly don't understand why either party should pay for all of it, I don't know if it's a cultural thing or not but in my country it's unheard of to treat someone to a date. You decide on a place to go that both enjoy and are willing to pay for, the "at least I got free food out of it" mindset doesn't exist.

>I had this discussion with someone and they sperged with

>"I'd pay because I wouldn't want to owe someone anything."
This is just a common self preservation tactic. You never know which scrote is the unhinged one who tries to hold it against you later if he ever pays for anything. I had one crazy fuck constantly demand to get me gifts and pay for small, meaningless things like a takeaway latte or something, then later tried to use that to extort me for sex.

No. 1007297

My ex paid for everything for the first few months before he won me or whatever gayness he thought. Then he switched and started to be resentful and I had to start buying him beer and his smokes and his dinner and essentially any time I stayed at his place food seemed to be my responsibility. To think how much money I sunk into such a wanker I will now always offer to split or cover my own costs because fuck all that noise. My ex always brought it down to one of us 'using' each other, but he was the one that made everything about transactions. I'm just looking for love, respect and commitment fs

No. 1007300

I hate tattoos. I think they look tacky and dirty. I once wanted one and even went to a parlour to get it but the artist thankfully said what I wanted was too small and intricate it wouldn't age well. I respect that, because I was willing to pay but to think right now if I had that I would consider it a blemish. So many guys now have tattoos and big ones. Even face or neck ones and it's like. I'm never going to want to marry a dude with a tattoo. I hate them.

No. 1007307

Given how i heard this many times im previous threads i don't think it's that unpopular; at least on this site

No. 1007315

i always wonder if this is supposed to be unpopular opinions (to society at large) or unpopular opinions (to this site). i guess both sets of opinions belong here but i'd love to see a poll of how people interpret it or something

No. 1007316

Seems like a mesh- there's also unpopular opinions that are communal rather then societal as well ( Saying trannies aren't real in conservative vs liberal cities for example- all in the same country)

No. 1007331

I agree with you. Women can pay for their own shit nowadays, they just want to see if the man is generous and interested enough to pay instead. Of course it's not always foolproof, but it's the bare minimum.
>Then he switched and started to be resentful
But see, having him pay for everything in the beginning filtered him in the end. If only you just dumped him afterwards instead of relenting and buying his shit.

No. 1007347

I feel like it would be a good idea to see if the guy is gonna feel entitled to something after he pays; the sooner you find out he sees meeting you as a transaction/investment in getting laid in the future, the better. I havent dated in a while but I think it makes sense?

No. 1007454

i don't get the appeal of lil peep, i think people made a huge deal out of him just because he died very young.

No. 1007475

He was a pawn to promote death culture to the youth

No. 1007484

Reminds me of my ex. It started with him putting gas in my tank a few times and buying me lunch if I didn't have it to me paying for our meals, half the rent at his mom's house and at least $20 bucks a week for tobacco leaves to wrap his weed in because using papers to roll weed is for poor people. And he'd still accuse me of using him. My lesson learned is that all males are scum and looking for a come up, and they try and manipulate you into thinking
You're the bad guy and he's doing you a favor.

No. 1007501

I feel bad for zoomers, the world they inherited is hellish and dystopic, even when they act retarded i still wonder how different they would be if tranny shit was never introduced, now they're being abused by pedophiles and mutilating themselves over insecurities most teens like them feel, poor things

No. 1007522

think about the 27 club it'll seem even more surreal how many musicians and creatives have died under the age of 30

No. 1007580

I wonder if alpha would be even more mentally ill. The best thing that could happen is electricity going down so all the brainwashing and grooming wouldn't be possible.

No. 1007590

Pretty sure they will. We're watching porn saturate our society from adults down. Zoomers as a generation were exposed to hardcore porn while elementary school age. It's only going to get worse with the next generation.

No. 1007593

samefag rq I should have said that I consider early access to porn to be a strong influencing factor in mental illness/gendershit

No. 1007595

My cousins who are under 5 have access to smartphones unsupervised, it's crazy. I worry how fucked it's going to be, I have a son in a similar age range but I don't let him use smartphones like that and it's crazy how they think I'm a strict/strange parent.

No. 1007649

>I will now always offer to split or cover my own costs because fuck all that noise
That's a weird conclusion to make. He showed himself to be a resentful asshole who was reluctant to do nice things for you instead of legitimately generous, and you could've taken that opportunity to dump him with no loss except your time. Instead you decided in the end that you did the wrong thing and needed to change YOUR behaviour instead of realizing he was just a shitty dude who showed his ass once he had you locked down? Now you're just gonna get guys with his attitude straight off the bat.

No. 1007726

Even the kids games and YouTube kids has fucked up shit in them, like tons of kids flash games before the pandemic had needles and shit. It hits my tinfoil hat. There's also tons of weird shit like play dentist, oh no princess xyz is pregnant help her give birth, graphic weird shit like that. What happened to the innocent dress up dolls and racing games?

No. 1007733

Good post

No. 1007736

Have you showed or told them what kind of fucked up content is right under their kid's nose? I think a lot of parents are very naive about the dangers of the internet (which I find odd considering young parents today have grown up with the internet themselves) or willingly choose to stay ignorant because it takes massive willpower to limit your kid's tech access in this day and age.

No. 1007739

Here's a poll I made for it!

No. 1007744

>it's crazy how they think I'm a strict/strange parent.
Yet I'm sure a couple years down the line they'll see your child grow up to be an overall happier person than their own. Is that cruel to say?

No. 1007746

People who say blue eyes are ugly are mostly just coping
t. brown-eyed person

No. 1007757

oh god don't cause this "discussion" again why did you do this

No. 1007759

No eye colour is ugly, only eye shapes can be.

No. 1007762

Who has ever said this?

No. 1007763

Some retard has been hard at work low-effort baiting for the last week and this is another retarded post in that vein. You will not change my mind.
Everyone ignore this dumb discussion topic, we've been through it like 3 times already

No. 1007780

Me. Blue eyes are weirdly childish and demonic looking. They're cute on children and babies but when I see adults with blue eyes they look so off and spooky

No. 1007802

Please not this shit again

No. 1008061

ye that's bait, the last few times it did rile up people and i have no idea why eyes specifically. i saw nonnies come in here to shit on certain features or hair colors and the conversation never went to shit that way.

No. 1008238

Doctors and nurses are about as insane, self-absorbed and borderline psychopathic as cops I swear to god, maybe only in America or some shit but it’s definitely true I hate some medical workers

No. 1008314

It's unethical to have children if you have a hertiable condition that leads to disability/pain

No. 1008316

Hard agree

No. 1008317

I don't like Aurora, at all, something feels off and very fake about her

No. 1008321

I’ll do you one better. I argue it’s unethical to have children when living at or below the poverty line, or otherwise in a situation where one couldn’t comfortably provide for their basic needs.
It’s also debatable whether having children is ethical in any circumstance these days, given the climate crisis.

No. 1008328

It's either 1. People who want to have a decent career but get shit on and targeted for not being a psychopath/rich. Or 2. Psychopaths/richies who love the power trip. PSWs and ER nurses have it rough though so I feel for them, they're assulted more than police officers. Doctors though can suck a big fat cynanide pill.

No. 1008330

File: 1640793443762.jpg (47.33 KB, 441x612, gettyimages-635055786-612x612.…)

Norwegian forest Grimes kek
In general, all 30+ white women who go blond/are blond and then do this to their bangs are guaranteed fakes (Yolandi, Grimes, etc). I don't know why, it's a pattern

No. 1008333

I'd agree as soon as there's affordable accessible birth control and abortion, everywhere. Richshits have said this "poor shouldn't have kids" since forever, yet never have put their $ where their mouth is and made it easy for women to not have kids.

No. 1008364

This. Unless it's clothes/jewellery, I find bright blue (and green tbh) horrible looking against human skin.
Stfu and stop projecting. I have never seen a blue eyed person that wouldn't look better with grey or hazel eyes.

No. 1008367

at least her music is better than grimes' (though her acoustic covers are always 10x better than the stuff she puts on albums)

No. 1008376

I think birth control was a mistake.

No. 1008388

only hormonal birth control or all contraception?

No. 1008390

No. 1008391

w-what about dentists? i'm on my way to become one…

No. 1008402

File: 1640799600339.jpeg (599.21 KB, 828x1159, 4635A1AA-491B-44BA-9F8A-550796…)

> Me. Blue eyes are weirdly childish and demonic looking. They're cute on children and babies but when I see adults with blue eyes they look so off and spooky
Facts, I see people shill this one actress (Alexandra Daddario) & her eyes look weird and freaky most of the time. Darker blue eyes aren’t as bad but pure light blue eyes are creepy looking and seem like a side effect of keeping the bloodline close/pure imo.

No. 1008411

Her eyeliner is not doing her any favours.

No. 1008412

It's the god awful eyeliner around her eyes creating awful contrast her complexion can't handle. She would look fine without the eyeliner and maybe lighter hair.

No. 1008415

You sound so jealous. I was literally bullied for having blue eyes by brown-eyed spergs lol

No. 1008417

People who say you have to be jealous if you don't like a certain feature are weird.

No. 1008419

>keeping the bloodline close/pure imo.
This is such an absurd statement it could've only been said by someone who has a weird inferiority complex about her dark eyes.

No. 1008423

Infighting about eye color, what is this 2nd grade? Can we agree that unpopular opinions exist? Imo blue eyes feel less trustworthy, the fact that I can see your pupils makes the eyes seem cold and piercing, however aesthetically that same thing makes them look interesting and stand out. And darker, specifically brown eyes make me trust the person more, they seem "warmer", but aesthetically their eyes work better in movement since you can clearly see the contrast against the white of the eye, that's why in animation characters usually have black eyes.

No. 1008432

but 90% of the world has brown eyes, is it that much that blue eyed people be allowed to let live for their natural features

No. 1008443

Boob jobs are immoral unless reconstructive. I think "the media" should include more breast shapes instead of the standard boob jobs. I am tired of the constant misrepresentation!

No. 1008445

Women age and so do our bodies!!

No. 1008452

>infighting are we?
>let me quickly dump in my opinion too though

No. 1008454

Tbh I rarely notice someone has light eyes unless theyre piercingly so. Which is like 5% of them. So who gives a fuck

No. 1008480

Agree boob jobs are immoral. Disagree that the media needs to focus even more on tits

No. 1008500

Kek well yeah, this is the unpopular opinion thread, not jelousy infighting sperg thread…
Off topic a bit but I swear there are people who come on this thread just to get mad about people's opinions or to call them ''fake'', it's anonymous what would be the point anyways.

How is my insignificant opinion about eyes impeding on anyone's life? Besides it's just the first impression, any judgements I make about people will be made based on their character and actions, not their eye color.

Idk, people seem to be pretty passionate about eyes up in this bitch. I agree though, it's not a big deal at all.

No. 1008610

The women on here who larp as misandrists are really just sour grapes

No. 1008617

Sour grapes about what, domestic violence rates?

No. 1008622

File: 1640808293986.jpg (30.03 KB, 400x474, 804.jpg)

kek same vibes as picrel

No. 1008630

Couldn't snag a decent man for themselves, it must be a patriarchal conspiracy

No. 1008678

Yeah, that's some real subtle bait. You can't even be artful about it, I mean why even try? You're embarrassing.

No. 1008682

thank you for reminding me why I hardly ever read this thread, it's always the same fucking discussions

>blue eyes vs brown eyes

>complaining about ppl who care more about animal rights than human rights
>something about bisexuals
>something about makeup/pickmeism

I know there's more but they get rehashed every thread, I swear to god

No. 1008830

File: 1640815054228.png (340.5 KB, 850x483, Young-woman-with-significant-b…)

It's retarded because pink eye is singlehandedly the most attractive eye color.

No. 1008837

God YES look at how blood shot those eyes are DAMN girl keep it pink and keep it moist and keep it runnnnyyyyyy

No. 1008851

Blue and brown have to keep sperging about which is better because they know they are inferior to gorgeous green eyes.

No. 1008858

this is as useless as the blonde vs brunette debate. get contacts if you don't like your eye colour

No. 1008903

i don't find tallness attractive. on the contrary tall people look creepy.

No. 1008907

this is the right answer. every time brown eyed and blue eyed people start their sperging i'll be in my ivory tower laughing.

No. 1008987

every single person I've ever met who claimed to have green eyes really just had blue eyes or greenish blue at best, my guess is when you look super close up at your eyes in the mirror you notice nuances that most people don't see, but to the rest of the world they don't look like that

in other words, your eyes are probably just blue. sorry.

No. 1008989

Genshin Impact is such a bad game. Idek why people like the characters so much, they're all the same one dimensional anime people w tragic backstories. I will admit the gacha system is less scammy than most games of that genre though.

No. 1008996

this. I'm short and don't see the appeal of feeling like a child or making your partner look like a pedo. on the other hand it's nice to have someone be able to reach stuff.

No. 1009009

There's lots of like 7 ft tall or some shit polish men where I am and it's fucking freaky, like an alien humanoid spider. What the fuck did you suck out of your mother to get that fucking tall? Unnatural and screams danger.

No. 1009012

on a similar note I'm tall and I'm more attracted to men who are my height or a little bit taller rather than a super tall guy who dwarfs me.. I didn't think that was weird but after spending time on lolcow and elsewhere I am apparently in the minority

No. 1009017

let's switch places nonnie, you can have all the 5'9 italian men I'm surrounded by
t. 6 ft tall

No. 1009020

It's your honesty that puts you in the minority, not your preferences kek

No. 1009032

I don't care for super tall guys either, I think it's just that heightfags are the loudest spergs about their preference. Personally I wouldn't even mind dating a manlet since I'm tall for my ethnicity and grew up with all the cute guys being shorter than me.

No. 1009076

typical blue eyed cope, just can't handle us green eyed queens so you gotta always do this "y-you axhually have just blue eyes" shit

No. 1009082

Green eyes do exist, my sister has them. They're closer to brown than blue with the area closer to the pupil being darker and she has a thicker ring around the outside of her iris. There's also more variation in how light makes her eyes look. I have grey/blue eyes and my iris are a uniform colour no matter what the lighting conditions are.

No. 1009086

File: 1640825903856.jpg (272.64 KB, 1280x853, green-eyes.jpg)

yeah i have similar eyes, a small brown/yellowish ring around my pupil depending from the light and dark ring around the iris.

No. 1009093

Obviously photo shopped. Everyone with "green eyes" wears contacts to feel speshul.

No. 1009095

seethe blue eyed demon

No. 1009105

That'd make me feel better ty

No. 1009117

Correction. Black iris supremacy, luv.

No. 1009119

oh now i see even better where the bitterness comes from

No. 1009138

The more you post about ugly individuals and expose yourself to them, the uglier you will also become

No. 1009142

Masha'Allah, sister

No. 1009185

Nice filter, boob

No. 1009189

Is this your eye? Sorry but, cringe.

No. 1009201

I hope you didn't actually just post a picture of your eye, kek. This website is 18+

No. 1009203

damn ok I deleted the eye. Sorry I just wanted to prove its existence

No. 1009211

grow thicker skin ily

No. 1009235

kek dw I get it ily2 nonny

No. 1009301

Sometimes I reread the Soren threads and just feel really bummed out and sad, she was such a terrible person but she could’ve maybe turned things around before the frankensausage surgery + with a proper therapist, idk. I would’ve maybe tried being her friend just to see if I could’ve led her in a better direction, it sounds retarded (and it is) but it just sucks seeing what could’ve been. That’s all nonnies sorry for being kinda faggy

No. 1009331

don't worry we're not the ones who gotta tell themselves a whole eye color don't exist because they have complexes over having common ass shit eyes and not being "speshul" enough

(though funnily enough, here where i live green eyes aren't rare because most people have blue eyes and green eyes here and brown eyes are the rare ones so no one would feel any need to fake having green eyes for speciality points lmao)

No. 1009376

This is the weirdest take I've ever seen, are you colour blind? If anything, people are more likely to claim their hazel eyes for green. My eyes are also like >>1009086, I wish they were more green but the brown makes me unsure of what to define them as. Blue eyes are desirable, nobody is ashamed of them to the point of pretending they're green instead.

No. 1009380

File: 1640847376935.png (Spoiler Image, 9.55 KB, 112x112, 388034407807713283.png)

me with hazel eyes fanning the flames on all sides

No. 1009483

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having zero libido, you don't need sex to live and you avoid so much unpleasant shit thanks to celibacy. "Healthy sex life" has always irked me as a term, what the hell is unhealthy then?

No. 1009485

I have a normal sex drive and still stay celibate for years at a time, it feels 100x healthier than any sex I've ever had. I don't even have particularly bad experiences with sex, it just can't compare to the peace and safety that comes with not allowing scrotes access to your body.

No. 1009488

Like other anon, I've an active sex drive but I happily go years without sex when I'm single. Reflecting on sex that I've had both inside and outside of relationships.. having regular sex doesn't automatically equal a 'healthy sex life' there's so much more to good sex than just a willingness and the regularity.

No. 1009490

that's brown, babe

No. 1009495

I'm not colorblind. and most of the people I've encountered who claim to have green eyes, like a teacher I once had, are defensive about their eye color before I even have a chance to tell them it doesn't look green to me. they'll be like "my eyes are GREEN!!! NOT blue" so they're apparently used to arguing with people about it which would mean I'm not the only one who thinks that.

I never once said they didn't exist.

No. 1009533

Polygamy is natural and healthy, monogamy is manmade and enforced through violence, laws & religion. Think about it, monogamy doesn't fit the evolutionary theory

No. 1009554

Kisses are gross, like, kissing every time you greet a person. Maybe not that unpopular in America but sure as hell is on my country, mfs here just assume I'll like it because they think every latino is "very affectionate" well no, I'm not, i don't want you to fucking kiss me out of nowhere, just greet me with a handshake or something

Not even covid stops them, there are lots of people that caught the coof just because they couldn't stop kissing people, wtf is wrong with normies

No. 1009561

What ends up happening when non monogamy is practiced is that most of the women end up with a small amount of men, which results in the rest of men becoming very violent towards women, other men and everything else which is destructive to society as a whole.

>It doesn't fit evolutionary theory

Evolution is really complex. Some things in nature seem counterintuitive. Just because something doesn't immediately make sense on the surface doesn't mean it can't benefit the human race.

>monogamy is manmade and enforced through violence, laws & religion

Lots of things are enforced through laws, laws exist for a reason. Lots of things (like the internet) are also manmade so I don't get what's wrong with that either. People who complain that monogamy is "unnatural" or whatever never have a problem with oral sex, contraception or staring at a screen 8 hours a day. And there are countries with governments/religions that enforce polygamy, I've yet to see evidence they're better off for it.

No. 1009564

File: 1640869042538.jpg (77.63 KB, 639x395, 640px-Hazel_Eyes,_Caucasian_Ma…)

i'm not sure what people mean with hazel sometimes because sometimes they call brown eyes hazel but sometimes people say hazel is pic related which is more blue? like in my country the eye color is not even known or doesn't have a name no one says they have "hazel" eyes

No. 1009569

I'm French and kisses on the cheeks are the greetings standard here and I hate it, I consider kisses to be something intimate or between family members, I don't want skin contact with someone I barely know. Now I just say I don't like doing it and a simple hello is enough, and thankfully people are less prone to do it since the pandemic.

No. 1009575

Idk why but I really hate close-up eye pictures like this

No. 1009611

I consider " Hazel" Greenish brown

No. 1009615

I consider "healthy sex life" to be Vanilla commited sex within a relationship and ability to not center romance/ sex within your life if single. Anything but that i consider somewhat unhealthy or at least at higher risk for it to somehow blow on your face

No. 1009617

99% of the people who consider themselves polyamorous are ugly as sin so id rather just stay loyal to one attractive partner lol

No. 1009642

hazel can reflect multiple colors because the coloration of hazel eyes is far more nebulous and relies on amount of melanin in the body. all eyes can change hue but it's most apparent with hazel.

sometimes they are more green and other times they can appear more brown, grayish, or even amber in color

No. 1009659

I've never been poly but when I was 19/20 I was in a social group where most people were a decade older than me and living the poly life. My god, the drama, the fallout from break ups.. the cheating?? people couldn't stick to their own rules around who they can sleep with and what needs to happen first. Ugly people inside and out. Watching a baby be conceived in the middle of what I'd call a 'bpd freakout bdsm cheating scandal gone mad' was my queue to get away from these people.

Think of the most toxic relationship you've had, then think of the ugliest, messiest break up that followed it. Multiply that times ten and just keep reliving it every few months with someone new. As dumb as I was for even hanging out in circles like that..at least I never got dragged fully in. Dysfunctional on a level I've never seen since. I'm now the age that they were and I cannot imagine carrying on like that. I know they got into it with mostly good intentions but it attracts fucked up people with existing emotional damage that only gets infinitely worse in those circumstances.

No. 1009668

The people that get mad when you set strong/healthy boundaries are red flags, they benefited the most when you don't have your boundaries up. They are the problem, not you, I learned this the hard way.

No. 1009698

My eyes were like this when i was a toddler as i was growing out of my blue eyed infant state. Now I'm pratically brownish-green eyed

No. 1009715

Only a few years ago I learnt that alot of blonde kids turn fully brunette by a certain age… you saying eyes do it too?

No. 1009720

Yeah; at least it happened to me. My dad is blonde ( now grey) and blue eyed and i was blonde and blue eyed but my eyes and hair darkened with age.

No. 1009766

i used to have black curly hair as a child but then it turned brown and straight. one of the biggest regrets of my life.

No. 1009868

Any argument with "it doesn't fit evolutionary theory" in regards to ethics almost always is a naturalistic fallacy. Cringe as fuck.

No. 1009881

This is more of a fact but I will rephrase as an opinion because to some people it's controversial.

A lot more women than people think get into sexually/domestically abusive relationships with the knowledge they're going into that and they don't care. It is a choice in some cases.

No. 1009890

Didn't we already have this same bait in a different thread a couple days ago

No. 1009911

it's not a deja vu, you are right. I want those faggot baiters to leave

No. 1009912

This gets posted way too often.

No. 1009916

I've been on this site for like 6-7 years, it's not bait. It's an unpopular opinion.

No. 1009982

>I've been on this site for like 6-7 years
>It's an unpopular opinion.
Because we know this thread never gets any bait at all.

No. 1010102

File: 1640891148037.gif (50.62 KB, 220x128, real shit.gif)

>I've been on this site for 6-7 years

No. 1010111

File: 1640891485094.jpg (47.56 KB, 642x500, the soul truth.jpg)

No. 1010118

You're here yourself kek

No. 1010134

File: 1640892089735.jpg (55.4 KB, 640x882, erennnn.jpg)

Inspired by that one post in /m/, like Eren (and Gabi).

No. 1010207

No. 1010220

agree about gabi

No. 1010319

Reminds me of when my friends thought it was completely shocking that someone we knew didn't have a sex drive or ever masterbated and made it a point to 'help her get into it'. That shit felt predatory as fuck, she would have been better off without the unnecessary experimentation if she didn't even feel the need to in the first place.

No. 1010440

No. 1010447

That’s kind of messed up. I hate it when people try to mold people around them into their ideal. Plus, lots of women are selective, they need to feel safe, engaged, interested, romanced.

No. 1010461

I've had this same exact treatment from peers and it's so gross. I've always had a low sex drive and not into hookup culture, lost my virginity a bit later, and they acted like I was some rare species that needed to be kept under glass. Like I was broken and needed an intervention. Not everyone is obsessed with sex like you, ffs

No. 1010482

If anything I would feel relieved to meet someone who didn't care about sex, it's such a shame to pressure someone to change something that isn't even harmful like that

No. 1011010

Strap in.

The reason most users here have such a supposed moral aversion to men being attracted to, or dating younger women, especially in the 16-19 range, is not due to, as they claim, a desire to prevent immature girls being exploited by “creepy older guys” but because it either consciously or subconsciously reminds them of their own comparative undesirability, due to the either the inevitable ageing process, or diet or lack of exercise.

In the same way that we’re probably attracted to status or powerful men for evolutionary reasons, men are most sexually attracted to the healthiest and most fertile females, which happens usually to be young women, because the youthful looks, slim body etc. which are obviously more likely to be found in young women, are physical indicators of fertility and health for their offspring.

I don’t wish it was like this btw.

No. 1011017

>women disagree with men praying on and manipulating young and impressionable women because they are jealous.

Kill yourself. With love, romaniananon.

No. 1011019

Compare the general lack of outrage in society when a 45 year old teacher bangs their 16 year old male student to the vice versa scénario.(>society)

No. 1011020

You are either a scrote or a woman who spends too much time on incel/lookism forums
I'm gomma go with thr former for my own mental sake

No. 1011021

they are not attracted to young women because they are men, they are attracted to young women because both men and women are attracted to young partners but ideology skews with women's minds and makes them believe they want an old ugly scrote. What society promotes as "normal" ends up bleeding into our decision making and beliefs. Both men and women are naturally attracted or biologically programmed to be attracted to young partners.

No. 1011023

you are so tranny adjacent if not full blown gaycel

No. 1011024

My friends admitted to me a while ago that they treated me kind of like a glass object for a while because I never talked about sex or showed much interest in it. It wasn't mean, but I was left out of a lot of conversations and parts of their life, despite me having no problem at all laughing about weird sex stories or their hookups. Luckily they don't act like that anymore, but it's odd that they felt like they had to in the first place.

No. 1011026

>from society
Why do men and blind women always say this? It's not "from society", it's from MEN. It's MEN commenting that it's okay, that there's no problem, that they wish it was them in those positions

No. 1011030

lmao yeah, show me the women, who make up half of society, who are saying they wish they could fuck some hot teen bussy like other "female offenders"

No. 1011031

anon i’m sorry, but they’re retarded. you’re not interested in sex so you can’t laugh among with them and their misadventures??? if it wasn’t because of past trauma you expressed i’m just kinda shocked.

No. 1011044

get killed. some of us have lived through the experiences of being ~desired~ by older scrotes at that age and the shit it put us through.

No. 1011045

>most fertile females

women's fertility peaks in her 20s btw dumbass scrote. why would a teenaged girl be at best age for reproduction when teenage mothers die more often from pregnancy related complications? is there some evolutionary purpose for the young mothers to die and be unable to take care of their babies that i don't know about?

No. 1011055

As a girl in that age range, I can assure you that we are retarded, hormonal, irresponsible and not fit to be mothers. Your brain wouldn’t even be developed at that age. You’re supposed to grow and mature first. 25 is ideal. Many movie high schoolers are actually in their mid to late 20s, and it’s only fearmongering used on young women that they will be hags at 24 or 32. It is entirely about power.

No. 1011061

File: 1640963662025.png (36.19 KB, 275x275, dont respond.png)

re: pickme retard above

No. 1011066

Male fertility dies when they leave their youth. That's when they start producing autistic children, and other issues crop up. Simply put, it is an abomination for an older man with low quality sperm to attempt to reproduce with a young, fertile women in her prime. It just goes against all evolutionary logic
That's also why these "age gap" relationships aren't actually mainstream or natural, but seem to occur most often in societies with marked or extreme wealth inequality between the sexes. Despite the lies of older males (especially Hollywood producers), an aged, near-infertile man is not attractive to any young, healthy woman. That's why these older men must hoard wealth that would rightfully go to young, healthy males. It's a bid to monopolize access to women who seek better lives, and it is indeed predatory

No. 1011073

I similar thing happened to me with my friends. They would talk about past relationships and times they'd hooked up with men and then regretted it. I would always stay silent because I was a virgin when I met my husband so I didn't have anything relevant to say. One of them confronted me and accused me of being a prude and looking down on them. I then had to explain why I never joined in the conversation. They all laughed at me and teased me about it for months.

No. 1011102

File: 1640967901248.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)

No. 1011106

>accused me of being a prude and looking down on them
Kek they were mad that they fell for the hookup meme and tried to pull you in too.

No. 1011110

>Strap in.
I didn't read the rest but why can't I read this without thinking of strap ons instead? Every time.

No. 1011124

I haven't really had terrible hook ups but I've had sex that certainly wasn't worth the risks that are attached to sex or that wasn't even worth the hassle of arranging the meet up.. it was just meh. If another woman tells me she's never had a hook up.. I'd probably just reply that she's not missing out on much.

For me it felt like a phase that I had to get out of my system but it's overrated. Rarely lives up to what you want from it.

No. 1011137


Cuz ur a Dom nonnie

No. 1011141

I have so much laundry to do when I get off work. I don't wanna do it but I also don't want to wake up to 2022 with a giant overflowing bin of laundry looking at me.

No. 1011146

My family has made it a tradition to watch Airplane and Airplane 2 every nye. I fucking hate that movie, it’s not funny at all, everyone that enjoys watching that shitstain abomination of a movie should be culled from the population. I’m so sick of it. Those movies are the reason I don’t celebrate nye with my family.

No. 1011158

That's my family's favourite movie too and I fucking hate it. It's literally just sex and fart jokes that take 0 brain cells to understand and laugh at. Every time I suggest something different, they get excited over seeing the woman being slapped by a nun again.

No. 1011161

Speak for yourself, hun. I was taken advantage of by men at that age (and even younger) and I don't want the same for others. As difficult as it may be for you to experience empathy, the rest of us actually do and can actually perform selfless acts.

Maybe seek a psychopathy diagnosis?

No. 1011232

I don't want babies, no man I've ever slept with or dated has wanted me preggo, they still share the same tastes as any man.. I don't know how much we should care about them claiming it's all fertility based. Men can claim what they want but IMO mens sexuality is so far removed from nature that it's a joke.

Maybe I've just met too many fetish freaks

No. 1011324

Yes, so youthful and sexually mature even though they're more at risk of having children with birth defects. Kill yourself.

No. 1011390

My favorite term for vagina is Cooch. Not coochie, just cooch.

No. 1011399

File: 1640985679807.jpeg (65.62 KB, 750x531, 1633529960064.jpeg)

The fuck is it with all the retarded r9k scrotes here lately? Or is it just the steven moid?

No. 1011401

I want scrotes to explain how their obsession with anal is somehow nature and fertility related too.

No. 1011403

Dropping the ie makes it way less childish sounding.

No. 1011416

No. 1011448

I think Edwardian architecture is the same as Victorian architecture. Just because there's a new ruler, doesn't mean you have to say they're different. Yeah, the Edwardian houses are wider, that doesn't mean shit. I think we as a society need to make sure there are clear differences (example Georgian architecture vs Victorian architecture) before labelling them as separate.

I actually looked into Edwardian houses while trying to make a comparison, and now I disagree.

No. 1011457

lol I was thinking this exact same thing a while back. scrotes be like

>the reason why teen porn is so popular is because 17 y/o's because they're ~the most fertile~ and men naturally want to ~spread their seed~

but then they love choking, anal, blowjobs, piss play and a bunch of other nasty shit that is not conducive to procreation. I think it's pretty clear it has to do with taboo.

No. 1011482

XYs get the rope

I keep cracking up at this redtext

No. 1011490

Yeah if you'd rather stick it in her butt than the front and if you're deathly scared of her missing her BC pill then stfu about fertility and nature. It's all about being taboo. Hell I was raised stupidly uptight catholic so I get being drawn to the taboo (to an extent).. scrotes can fuck off with their interest in teens though, porn that borders on incest is like the most popular category right now.. fertility? Health? Yeah right.

No. 1011497

why is there such a huge emphasis on ‘minors’ now? especially older teenagers 16 & 17 using the term in a very infantilizing way. a 17 year old can join the military, drive a car, and balance work and school. many 17 year olds are in college. they are not so immature that they need to be shielded from everything (for example, people 3 years old than them) and can’t be held to a standard of responsibility. when i was 16-17, everyone wanted to act older and take on more responsibilities, now it’s the opposite.
i worded that poorly but i hope someone gets it. this is not about “cancel culture” or pornography it’s about the emotional regression of gen z

No. 1011501


oh shit, I totally forgot about that really popular theme in porn too.

>"I fantasize about fucking teenagers cuz I wanna have healthy offspring"

>proceeds to fantasize about fucking their little sister which would result in serious birth defects

"fertility". sure jan

No. 1011503

I always thought it was just a warning not to send sexual shit but then I'm not on twitter.. it's probably used as a get out of jail free card on there.

No. 1011511

I have a few favorite such as chocha and punani

No. 1011953

radiohead are overrated and lame

No. 1012007

File: 1641047011798.png (293.13 KB, 821x565, stop killing people.png)

yes, they're all using it as a shield when they get called out by adults for anything

No. 1012008

this picture is one of my favorite things, always cracks me up. Does anyone have that post that's like "ummm I know what I'm talking about when I see a 25 years old in relationship with 21 years old minor???"

No. 1012056

NLOG is kind of a misused insult, because women aren't the same. There will always be ingroups and those outside of them, or women who flat-out just don't get along. Acknowledging these differences and the rifts they cause isn't a bad thing. As sad as this sounds, it ranges from delusional to outright self-destructive to align yourself with certain kinds of women (eg pick-mes) just because they're also female
I will always defend another woman if a scrote is bashing her, but it'd be stupid and fake for me to act like we're totally the same and she isn't a fucking retard if she sucks troon dick, constantly posts pro sex work shit on Twitter, whores herself for IG/Tik Tok and talks about "men's rights" all day. I'm not like her, she's not like me and and there's nothing wrong with saying it

No. 1012061

Do you know what a NLOG means? It's a woman who claims to be unlike the other women around her in a way that makes her special, usually to boost her own status and gain admiration in the eyes of men and other women. The problematic part is that it inherently implies that women are a hivemind with their personalities and aspirations tied to a very shallow stereotype, a meme that has been forced for centuries and one that feminists are desperately trying to get rid of. NLOG isn't a woman who simply doesn't get along with basic bitch staceys who disagree with her on her band shirt.

No. 1012063

>NLOG isn't a woman who simply doesn't get along with basic bitch staceys who disagree with her on her band shirt.
And yet, that woman will still be called an NLOG for daring to ever judge other women. This is why I say it's a misused insult
I've seen it used multiple times for any woman who just says she dislikes a certain type of other woman kek. It's probably just deflection and cope from those in the group being complained about, but it's honestly egregious

No. 1012065

I have a friend who says we should "cultivate resilience, not fragility" but the culture is the opposite right now. Gen Z + younger millennials are a dreadful mess. Oh and they definitely use "I'M A MINOR STOP HARASSING MINORS" right after they post like gore and wish for JKR to be chopped up and eaten or something and people try to tell them they're acting psycho

No. 1012106

Karen is not a misogynistic slur, in the beginning it was used to describe white women who would harass and demean minorities in public, I don’t fully understand how some feminists are praising female aggression that is extremely racist to other people INCLUDING women who happen to be another race? What the actual fuck is wrong with some radfems? Kek

No. 1012107

>in the beginning
Exactly, and now it's a stand in for bitch regardless of the original meaning. Literally just go on reddit and see how the scrotes there use it.

No. 1012111

Because it's used for any woman who steps out of line now. I'm not white, and I was literally called a Karen for telling an American woman of the same race to stop bashing those in the diaspora lmao. Don't even get me started on how often it gets used if you don't agree that men can be women. Even white men call minority women "Karen" if you ever step "out of line"
Pick-mes and misogynists have ruined the word, and they're using the concept of racism to shield themselves. It's honestly pretty similar to how white trannies constantly equate their struggle to enter women's spaces to black people being segregated from everything. In fact, whenever African-American people do or experience anything, it seems like all the other Americans hop on it and stretch it to fit themselves

No. 1012114

It's scrotes that are taking it and applying it to too many women for any old reason. I've seen a woman with dementia who was acting confused.. called a karen for being lost and asking people for help. She wasn't aggressive at any point. It's too much. Like other anon said, it quickly became a stand in term for 'this bitch' and in some scrotes eyes women are bitches for any little thing.

There's a channel on youtube that gets millions of views for sharing karen vids, not a single male karen has been featured and it's a cesspit of bitter males talking about women living life on easy mode.

No. 1012115

If Karen isn't misogynistic, is there a male equivalent? Yeah, exactly.

No. 1012126

Honestly why should they showcase “male karens?” I think the point is that it’s exposing the way white women are able to get away with their manipulation and aggressive behavior towards marginalized groups, plenty of scrotes are rightfully being called out for their shitty behavior and there’s more colorful language besides “kelvin” or “karen” that you can use to explain their asshole nature. Slurs are not and will never play on an equal field I’m sorry because it’s fucking ridiculous, female consciousness goes about as far as it can go there are other axes of oppression that overlap and some feminists don’t think it can’t be other women who also aren’t violent misogynists or racists

No. 1012128

>there’s more colorful language besides “kelvin” or “karen” that you can use to explain their asshole nature.
NTA but are women lacking in the same colorful language? Stop being a coward and just say "bitchy white woman" or flat-out "white bitch", because "Karen" is now incelspeak for any woman of any race with any behavior lol

No. 1012130

Like others said it didn't start that way but it soon turned into a misogynistic slur which it's being used as now. Today people call any woman who disagrees with sexist viewpoints "Karen" to shut her up.
>Woman: I think sex work is unjustly glorified and it shouldn't be encouraged as a valid career for young, insecure women.
>SuperFedoraLord: wow, watch out for this karen kek epic own karens btfod!!!!

No. 1012131

Ayrt and tbh you're arguing against shit I never said. Calm down anon lol

No. 1012159

Samefag but isn't it weird to you that the stereotypical names "Shaniqua", "Ling Ling"/"Ming Lee", "Juanita", etc are/were only used on minority women respectively, but "Karen" gets used on all kinds of women these days? You don't think it's been hijacked in the least? Wake the fuck up

No. 1012208

File: 1641065296085.jpg (91.55 KB, 949x534, 201109-omag-suze-ormen-949x534…)

funny because i have only ever seen shaniqua been used to make fun of "ghetto" black ladies as a kid after seeing something related in a movie or something. the other names, never heard except for people on the internet claiming people use them all the time.

karen was funny at first because in my eyes it was just a joke about ladies wiuth that one haircut who always ask to see a manager, didnt think of race as a significant part of the equation because the focus was the hair style and just having some kind of attitude/the courage to speak up about something (even if theyre wrong). the term hasnt been funny for years and is overused to demean women in even the tamest interactions, idk who has been so focused on the race part as much as the woman part

No. 1012210

diff anon but I have super short hair and now I'm wondering how I can grow it out and avoid having an awkward karen cut stage.. fuck lol

No. 1012211

Thats too bad, because there definitely is a whole sect of identical women who demand a manager in every store

No. 1012214

It's true. I don't think all taboo is 'bad' but why are scrotes so obsessed with it? I don't get them.

No. 1012216

What? I only ever hear people refer to middle aged white women as Karens

No. 1012219

It's not even true, women in their late 20s are at peak fertility but according to scrotes we're old and used up after riding the cock carousel. They just get off on tainting and manipulating innocent girls.

No. 1012220

Because nobody wants to grow up. They want to stay protected to an extent, and that word offers some form of protection.

No. 1012221

The longer that I've been sexually active.. the more I appreciate regular old sex acts with a scrote who doesn't try to always escalate to something more extreme.

Those guys who are always trying to get a woman to do 'insert a sex act that most women don't like' .. like can you not just enjoy the fact that a woman wants to fuck you at all?

No. 1012223

This makes me think that getting scrotes to act out our fetishes is based. A woman can get a man to fuck her no problem, so a man should try to make it worth her time. Plus, so many of them suck they should be able to do/roleplay whatever the woman wants.

No. 1012231

I wonder, what purpose could there be in making youth a woman's most desired trait in a patriarchal culture? You know, the one value that you did not earn, and that you cannot keep forever, and one that implies you are naive and inexperienced and cannot see through a moid's intentions…

No. 1012234

>it wasn’t about race at all

I can’t stand colorblind retards like you who are deliberately fucking lying, it was a haircut that a lot of american white women who lived in enclosed middle-class suburbs thought was cute to their other out of touch Gen X friends on Facebook. That’s what Karen is, a white suburbanite soccer mom who usually threatened to call the manager on minimum class workers if they fucked up a McDonalds kids meal for their gremlin kids. This time in the context of BLM a bunch of Karens especially in the city are now threatening to call the cops on black people if they suspect anything about them. Just because the word was co-opted by other retards doesn’t mean its original purpose at all begins to dissolve that’s the tl;dr that feminists desperately try to hide behind because they tirelessly and incorrectly attribute a lot of problems only to the axis of sex/gender. There are plenty of anons here who qualify as a bitchy karen and their mothers probably fit the description too, it’s not a race-blind stereotype and you know what I’m implying

No. 1012235

Yeah could it be that they want you before your brain fully develops and before you learn about healthy vs unhealthy relationships through lived experience.. surely not.

No. 1012236

>There are plenty of anons here who qualify as a bitchy karen
Nta but yeah… you with this rant kek

No. 1012248

Have you ever noticed how grown men who actively seek out teenage girls never keep them around once they are older than 21? Hmmm well if they were actually attracted to the fertility aspect, that kind of implies that they're in it to have kids. But if they want children so bad then why do they never marry and start families with these teenage girls? Why do they just dump and replace them with another young girl, never having children with the previous one?

Men who are attracted to teenage girls as dating partners are allergic to responsibility, it's the opposite of your reasoning. They don't want to have kids and there's less consequences for treating teenage girls like that because teenagers aren't usually ready to get married either.

It's so obvious once you meet or deal with these types irl too. They'll make all kinds of excuses but it really just boils down to that they have the emotional maturity of a teenager and they don't want to have to grow up, man up, and become a father.

No. 1012252

ok karen

No. 1012260

Not just that, a late 20s male who works as a barista or some other trash job with no aspirations to get his own place will not stand a chance with women, but teen girls who are impressed by a guy who has a license and 100 dollars in his pocket are too naive to make those discernments.

No. 1012263

Based post. I hate the geriatric fucks who think being in their 40s makes them a sex symbol when there is nothing in the world like a young athletic guy who has stamina and no need for pills.

Plus too much connotation of autism with women when every autistic person I know had a dad in their 40s-50s. Old sperm swims in circles and can't do it's only job right.

No. 1012264

This. The guys who have to resort to younger women are, without exception, losers who couldn't ever impress an average woman their age and would only be a liability to them. But teenage girls are too naive to realize that this broke 28-year old shelving items at the grocery store while living in his mother's basement talking about muh biological attraction to fertility is bad news, they've been memed by society into believing that they should actively seek out for approval from older men and that a woman peaks at around 19 so they should already be settling down for any worthless scrote. Never forget that "the wall" is simply the age when women learn to see through male bullshit and start putting up boundaries, not when they become dead egg grannies failing at life.

No. 1012265

Becky please read this carefully. You're still a Karen

No. 1012267

No idea what a becky is or why you're also in /g/ calling someone else a becky. Chill

No. 1012277

Nta but Becky and Stacy are slang terms anon, and they get used here all the time.

No. 1012279

Quick question: Why are you so scared to say "white bitch" when that's what you really mean?

No. 1012282

Karen still seething kek

No. 1012283

I'm not white, that's why I asked kek. Seriously, we're anonymous. This isn't Twitter. Say what you want, no need to hide behind a dinky name

No. 1012285

Who gives a shit what the term originally meant? Negro used to be the PC word for african american, but its usage has obviously changed since its inception. The fact that it used to mean something else doesn’t make it inoffensive now.

The Karen concept was always seemed kind of not cohesive to me anyway. There are plenty of men and women of every race who pull that shit (in my personal service job experience, I’ve most often had bad interactions with eastern european individuals), framing being an entitled asshole as a white soccer mom thing feels forced. I think everyone can easily picture some imaginary short haircut live laugh love woman getting away with being a total bitch to service workers, but what proof do you have that a significant number of these people actually exist?

No. 1012288

I knew it's slang but I'm esl and becky isn't used here all too often like stacy. I'm not what she thinks anyway.

No. 1012290

It's literally happening in this thread as we speak lmao

No. 1012292

She's afraid of getting a racebaiting ban, that's why.

No. 1012314

File: 1641071977780.jpeg (388.61 KB, 750x491, 6CEB5E70-1C78-43F3-813F-EB3507…)

Omg how much am I gonna have to explain to you that Karen is a specific character, it’s not a bunch of random ass ratchet mean customers walking up and screaming about how the fries aren’t the same anymore kek

No. 1012315

Are you mad Becky with your matted ass bleached “good hair”? Fuck you anon

No. 1012319

God how I wish the unhinged racebaiting LSA migrate who has weird meltdowns about becky ruining her life in multiple threads would be permabanned, I'm so tired of this

No. 1012342

I think the prominent belief that men fetishize lesbians is kind of a load of shit. Men think women are hot, so two women having sex - lesbian sex is hot to them. "Lesbian" as a search term doesn't mean they are ~fetishizing lesbians~ it means they want to watch women get it on with uh… no dudes.

No. 1012344

No, tons of men are into the idea of converting a woman who's never taken dick before and "setting her straight"

No. 1012345

>I don't think men fetishize lesbians
>Instead I think they treat lesbianism as a form of entertainment where they perform for men
What the fuck did I just read?

No. 1012349

I don't care too much about a man cheering something on as the best porn category because it has twice the pussy in it… but I'm starting to see gay friends on dating apps get approached by men.. not genderspecial men but regular bearded men who want a lesbo and who set up profiles to reach lesbians. Weirdest shit.

No. 1012350

Yeah I don't think some dude wanting to watch females scissor means lesbians are being fetishized

No. 1012353

Serious question, are you an XY?

No. 1012354

Yeah I agree that's a load of shit but that's so different from the majority. If I had to pick an issue to be up for public scrutiny it would be that, rather than Men Who Like Lesbian Porn. Being into lesbian porn is pretty distinct from being into lesbians lol. Most dudes don't care if the women in the video are actually lesbians which should be a clue

No. 1012359

Yeah but then it bleeds into how they interact with real lesbians because they're so pornsick - they're unable to conceptualize actual lesbians as anything other than a sexy porn category that exists to get them off (and can be converted by their nasty dick of course). Granted that issue isn't specific to lesbians, men will turn literally any group of women into a porn category, but I've heard so many disgusting comments about lesbians in particular because it's so popular in porn.

No. 1012360

Men like the visuals of lesbianism for pretty woman acting sexual reasons as you say, but actual lesbians, who reject men and think they are disgusting, are hated.
The lesbians they sexualize are not seen as true lesbians, a true lesbian is an "ugly dyke"

That's weird as fuck, men truly are obsessed with what they can't have. People (men) need to learn some damn boundaries.

No. 1012362

Weird, I've known a lot of like, redneck dudes and lesbians who get along fine. The only time I've heard the dudes talk shit on the lesbians was when they get into their male-dominated field (automotive industry) and then can't do the work.

Idk this idea that men just sit around being disgusted by butch lesbians, I haven't seen much evidence of it

No. 1012363

Lesbians are incredibly mean to straight women who aren’t even homophobic and I’ve always wondered why that is, can someone please explain like legit?

No. 1012364

Ummm ayrt, maybe it's just you? Are you being weird?

No. 1012365

Nta but I'm kinda butch and years ago this guy who was a young stand in teacher for a course I was taking.. he assumed I was a lesbian and he acted like a creep about it from the moment he met me. He kept asking me about muh taste in women (do I like femme or butch, shaved heads etc) and if I had a fave porn star or celeb crush. I let him make a fool of himself and then only outed myself as straight later on. He got real awkward after that and avoided me as much as possible.

No. 1012366

Honestly it depends on if she means IRL or online.

No. 1012368

Wow, hopefully you reported him after you basked in the attention

No. 1012369

Now I'm just convinced this is a retard trying to bait.
>uhh ackshually I think men don't fetishize lesbians at all because real lesbians are ugly dykes?????
>uhh and also lesbians are always real meanies to straight women!!!
Ignore this shit already

No. 1012370

LSA culture is absolute cancer, I'm glad I never had to go there

No. 1012373

Why? I like the advice threads and the hobosexual thread cracked me up

No. 1012389

I didn't report. He was young and trying to be some cool guy treating me like one of the boys by talking tits and porn at me cos lesbians surely relate? I think someone else told him my 'must be gay shaved head' was a medical thing so I then dropped in that I'm not gay seeing as it was already kinda out.. Thought he'd laugh it off but he got awkward and basically never made eye contact with me again.

He went from bugging me for details about my sexual tastes to.. that lol

No. 1012390

I tried browsing a thread on a topic discussed on lolcow and the stan behavior was cringey as fuck

No. 1012392

We're just cycling through all the usual bait

No. 1012415

I love you

No. 1012416

Wow! You really are not like those other girls!

No. 1012419

Ugly dyke meaning that's what they call a lesbian (or a straight woman) who thinks they're disgusting, moid insults are not a true reflection of reality

No. 1012420

Wow you're really triggered by nothing

No. 1012423

You lead on an authority figure and baited lesbianism, it's easy to see that you're a dumb bitch for that without having any feelings connected to it, nonny, hadoy

No. 1012425

stop responding to the moid bait and report it instead

No. 1012431

>authority figure
Dude was younger than me. Kinda hot but then too offputting in other ways. Shame.

Sorry I'll stop kek

No. 1012433

Yeah, a teacher stand-in who would probably prey on other students? I know this is like, crazy, but it sounds like he's ready to creep on lesbian students and you egged him on. Girl, you do wtf you want idc, but I am gonna tell you what I think, and that's that you're kinda pathetic for baiting as if you're lesbian and stupid for acting like he wouldn't do the same to others

No. 1012436

NTA but that's not what NLOG means lmao

No. 1012439

> you're kinda pathetic for baiting
you too

No. 1012444

The thing that annoys me is that the mention of being a minor should be a big flag being waved saying "yo don't get sexual with me please" and yet it seems like the same people throwing minor on all their bios are usually diving into online relationships and kink talk and all that. The one thing it should really be used for.

No. 1012457


It's your first day, huh

No. 1012496

>You led on
>baited lesbianism

Wow a lot of empathy for the moid in this story and none for anon, wonder why that could be

No. 1012559

I keked at the term 'led on' popping up. Ah yes, looking like a lesbian is now you leading men on.. butch women are cock teasers. Holy shit, the mind of a scrote.

No. 1012595

File: 1641090293112.jpg (26.51 KB, 680x358, FDSoPPHWEAYTeKq.jpg)

Because of pic related combined with >>1012444, minors just shouldn't be allowed to have online accounts. They should be allowed to lurk/browse most sites and access emergency or therapy services for help, but not sign up, interact with people or access 18+ spaces until they come of age. Chatting should be disabled for games, except for pre-made responses like in Among Us
Since most major sites already take our phone numbers, if they start asking for credit card verification (free of charge) to create an account, it could drastically decrease the amount of minors making accounts online. Anyone with an account who claims to be a minor gets their account locked and investigated, and any adult who gets caught allowing their child to use their account gets banned
Within this generation alone, there are countless examples of minors being groomed, exposed to shit they never should've been, involving themselves in discussions they don't belong in, and embarrassing themselves publicly. Some of them get targeted for harassment, stalking and kidnapping. All of it can be fought with this simple rule

No. 1012606

are u referring to >>1012234? kek


its so annoying lmao im not playing colourblind, theres women who fit the funny manager calling type in all races heck my mom is one of them, but she doesnt have the haircut and her skin isnt pale. if someone means to call a white woman a bitch they can go for it, just stop with cringe terms like "becky" this isnt twitter

No. 1012755

Sometimes Karens are in the right. I worked in the service industry, primarily fast food, for years, and so many of my coworkers were lazy teenagers who came in high on weed or heroin. They would give incorrect orders and not give a shit, then get mad when customers got angry. If it's on the incompetence of the employee, there's no excuse. Also, some service industry workers are rude as fuck to you and can be just as nasty as Karens, especially if they happen to be middle aged women. I can be super polite when I thought a price was different, or that I need to return something, and they'll treat me like I'm screaming for the manager. But I also know that they are probably so used to this treatment that they are on the defense. I try not to get upset about it but nobody seems to notice this.

tl;dr. not all service industry workers are innocent flawless angels, some are genuine assholes or straight up incompetent

No. 1012816

Fantasizing about this is bringing me so much euphoria, I wish it was the reality. Minors need to be deleted from social media for their own safety, the sites need to start asking for adult verification and hide all content from users that aren't logged in. Because let's be real just blocking social media from them would do a world of difference already, kids would only be limited to sites with no user interaction.

I grew up online in the early 00's and while everyone knows the "old internet" was a cesspool with no moderation and I was exposed to a ton of degenerate content I still feel like I would've turned out much worse if I was involved in today's social media communities. I didn't have any two-way communication with adults for one thing, I might've stumbled upon a cartoon porn site but I had no way of actually communicating with the adult creators or even make them aware of my presence. Social media changed all of that.

No. 1012914

Not even all of the "famous" women labelled as Karens were in the wrong

No. 1012966

Tbh Karen is now just a slur for any woman that misogynistic males disagree with

No. 1012971

I think family accounts should also get banned. I cringe so hard whenever a narc parent shoves the camera in their child’s face when the poor child is begging for crumbles of emotional connection. And then they go praise Jesus kek this is insane

No. 1013010

i can't take advice from lolcow seriously because half the anons here still use facebook and genuinely believe their advice that includes having facebook, is somehow meaningful or useful… it's time to enter the afterlife grandma. nobody uses facebook still.

No. 1013011

File: 1641139176845.png (326.81 KB, 806x927, 1631269084302.png)

I hate that in many parts of the internet, people are expected to keep up a sort of pretense. For one example, we bait each other on all topics, and if someone dares to be a little too sincere about their emotions, the automatic response is "Why are you mad haha calm down xd", even if the one doing the shaming was the first to cast insults. It's almost scrotebrained. The type of slimy, cowardly scrote who wears fedoras and is obsessed with one-upping people passive-aggressively to feel "intellectual" because he can't fight and women don't like him
"Schizo" anons who unapologetically type out walls of text composed of pure negative emotion are actually kind of based. They express their raw feelings without fear of coming off as crazy or bad to online strangers, because they understand that unless you constantly use identifiable information or avatarfag like an attention whore, the "real" story of anything will be opaque (at best) to those who don't know you personally
If you're good with words, you could literally set fire to someone's house and lock their granny in an attic for insulting your pet, then come here, recount your actions and garner the support of multiple posters who will call you based. Schizo posters know this, and they refuse to play the game. They don't care about being validated, they can't be fucked trying to look reasonable in an anonymous post, and they're not out to convince strangers of shit or push an agenda. They're truly just expressing themselves, and anyone who replies to them trying to argue, or question their sanity, will only receive another impenetrable wall of text. It's impressive (not the Romanianon, though, after the cat thing)

No. 1013015

We should all rally and sagebomb those threads on /snow/ that faggot keeps bumping
just sagepost until it can't be bumped anymore, and never make a new one

No. 1013017

It depends where you live, I've lived both in south america and the southern united states and everyone in their 18-20s was still using it.

But i guess if you live somewhere "cooler" lmao

No. 1013019

The recent surge of zoomer hate is extremely gay and petty.

Don't even try to talk about their retardation or obsession with identities – an obsession that has been going on for the last fucking fifty years! it's not exclusive to zoomers, the internet just provided another area for it – or their terminally status. What, you weren't retarded at that age? Anyone who spends their time being spiteful at zoomers or at the younger generation is just resentful that they're no longer socially relevant. Not only are they resentful, but they're also extremely immature and caught in crisis static: They're upset about aging out of the socially and culturally relevant bracket and the only way they can express their frustration about the passage of time is by being spiteful of the younger generation, talking all smug about how one day they'll get to see what it's like, trying to enact their favorite revenge fantasy.

The same goes for retarded zoomers as well. "Wow she's so old……..she's thirty" or "OK boomer hahahaha" – again, they're only expressing their frustration adulthood and old age, and trying to spite older people as much as they can. Setting themselves up for future heartbreak and self-loathing.

Yes, generational personas exist, and you can shit on the new social or cultural climate surrounding this persona all you like, but I don't think zoomers are going to come up with anything new other than maybe new sub-genders.

No. 1013020

Ok zoomer we get it you don't have family or irl friends

No. 1013021

was this back in 2014?

No. 1013022

rofl… if the only method of "keeping up" with your family or friends is facebook, YOU don't have family or friends. i call or text when needed.

No. 1013024

Pretty much no one in Europe uses Facebook anymore, except the UK I'm guessing since they the white trash of the continent

No. 1013025

File: 1641139985078.jpg (31.57 KB, 766x400, images.jpeg-28.jpg)

It was just before the coof anon, i genuinely couldn't do shit in Louisiana without facebook

No. 1013027

many people in italy still use facebook. Why are you speaking for the whole continent?

No. 1013029

It's not the only way lmao but it's definitely very easy to use it for that. Lot easier than trying to hunt someone down with a phone book or guess their tiktok or whatever it is you do

No. 1013031

Still a huge thing in Sweden too, idk about how it is among zoomers here though

No. 1013032

>phone book
stop exposing your elderly age

No. 1013034

>gypsies still use facebook
Not surprising

No. 1013036

this makes me think you guys are socially retarded or something. you probably are, since you're on lolcow, but i can't imagine now being able to function in the real world without facebook.

No. 1013037

File: 1641140477697.jpg (263.77 KB, 1080x1051, mfw they call themselves radic…)

The MTF thread is peak retardation. No wonder trannies have done such a good job of portraying terfs as a bunch of conservative karens. The wonderful opinions I have encountered here were: women just naturally prefer dominant men and hate submissive ones, "he looks like a male but not like a man", generally equating masculinity with being a "top" and sexually dominant and femininity with being weak and timid. And that's only the ones I can remember right now, there are way more of this shit out there.

No. 1013040

You do realize those are undercover /pol/faggots who constantly get called out for their bullshit in the thread?

No. 1013041

lol are you american?

No. 1013043

File: 1641140786530.jpg (39.51 KB, 783x391, images.jpeg-38.jpg)

We used it to get services like plumbers, electricians, buying second-hand stuff (specially car shit that my boyfriend is into), knowing about non touristy restaurants, and whole lot of other stuff.
Using google only gives you the expensive top of the line stuff that puts in an effort to make a website so facebook is better to find local less expensive things.
>iirc craigslist
craigslist was a ghost town where we lived.

No. 1013045

Man I know Facebook is like the tool for a lot of people but WhatsApp also exists and it's better

No. 1013046

>They're upset about aging out of the socially and culturally relevant bracket and the only way they can express their frustration about the passage of time is by being spiteful of the younger generation, talking all smug about how one day they'll get to see what it's like, trying to enact their favorite revenge fantasy.
Nahh, I doubt it. It's more like zoomies are quite literally retarded. Gen x didn't hate millennials either, but they did call stupid shit like Emo and Scene fashion out. There's more shit wrong with a generation that grew up on the internet obviously

No. 1013054

I will literally tie you up and parade you in a litter carried by a swarm of they/thems and put you in front a 2006 computer with Word open and ask you to correctly align a picture and move it around, then I will witness the sweat dripping down your forehead and watch as you descend into a (trigger warning: retardation) epileptic episode. I will deprive you of the need to watch YouTube when you eat and force you to have a meal at a table away from your phone and your laptop and any electronics. You will so deprived of stimulation you’ll get a little woozy. And then I’ll force you to watch old faggoty videos of that one orange from YouTube circa 2007 and play neopets. And I will put you in your little and then take you out of it and take your phone away from you and tell the swarms of mentally ill they/thems with family issues to begone and I will force you to ask for directions from strangers instead of using Google Maps. I will force you to take a taxi and watch you melt in anxiety as the driver tells you he gas no idea where that new gay little place that you’ve been seeing all over Instagram, and he’ll get frustrated bit by bit at how retarded you are, and then he’ll have to stop pedestrians and ask them, “Hey, you know where is that gay little place at?” And they’ll spare you a glance and say no, what the fuck is that, sounds retarded, and you’ll keep saying I-I’m not sure and I don’t know, and the driver will start getting a little frustrated because when did they starts ALLOWING RETARDS out of THEIR FUCKING HOMES who need A DIGITAL IV DRIP constantly FUCKING CONNECTED to their bodies? God, this is like the Matrix, but it’s so much gayer and the protagonist crumbles into sobs when she actually has to talk on the phone instead of using UberEats or whatever you use to order food.

No. 1013060

I enjoyed this

No. 1013061

are you okay you sperg? i'm 25, i'm probably older than you are. facebook isn't a thing anymore. it's not my fault you're just out of touch. even my parents and grandparents don't use it anymore.

No. 1013062

No. 1013063

Where i'm from facebook is still pretty full of 20-30 year old people as well. In fact i use it to connect and be active on social media with those demographics, while other social medias like twitter or instagram feels more like for late teens or college freshmen.
Granted i live in some third world country so maybe that's why. Facebook is genuinely nice to use though. It has a lot of features like editing, archiving, custom audience posts, groups, etc. Shit people have to beg twitter and instagram to give them. This idea that certain social medias are "old people thing" is very weird to me kek

No. 1013066


No. 1013067

i hate this sort of tryhard "random" humour only unfunny women on this site like, all the other unfunnies will cream themselves and take it to the lolcow screencaps thread i bet

No. 1013068

Kek, go off nonnie

No. 1013072

She said nothing wrong, and none of it was "random". It made perfect sense within this context. Just like a lowly webserf to tremble at all signs of passion and hot-blooded humanity on the net. Next up, you'll complain about your flesh prison on Twitter

No. 1013076

don't defend your cringey post in third person you dweeb. also why would i even have a twitter, pray tell?

No. 1013081

Just because you samefagged after losing the argument so pitifully doesn't mean we all do. I can see your fingers hovering over your phone while you crytype right now

No. 1013083

literally what are you even saying schizo?

No. 1013087

File: 1641142509954.jpg (66 KB, 613x900, FFjBjCOXIAAFoqC.jpg)

No. 1013090

? i don't know who that is
you're not doing a very good job at trying to portray that you're not brainrotted and addicted to the internet. so far you've admitted to being addicted to facebook, growing up online, knowing obscure twitter and tiktok references… you're just a typical zillennial NLOG, pretty much a zoomer.

No. 1013094

I'm not the anon you were talking to and I don't do any of that shit. I just wanted to make fun of you, because her pasta was funny lol

No. 1013096

Fucking hell, is that recent amber? Thriving lol

No. 1013100

Is this supposed to support the idea that facebook is necessary somehow?

No. 1013105

Damn ALR looking tired

No. 1013108

Um she's totes in love and she's glowing..

No. 1013111

Based muh lady

No. 1013112

File: 1641143545560.jpg (15.15 KB, 474x266, downloadfile.jpg)

I will hop on this Facebook talk to say Facebook is increasingly hard to use especially when you make a new account. I make a new account when I need it for something specific (mostly selling) and when I am done I delete it. I don't need it to keep in contact with people because for me Facebook feels plastic and fake and full of advertisements and disagreements.
Whenever I make a new account they don't let me use the normal functions I could use years ago and things are behind a paywall sometimes. Less people use groups too. It's like they give more benefits to people who have been on Facebook longer. They also want me to verify my identity with my ID everytime and every time I do it doesn't work and FB just keeps those pictures for themselves. I hate it. Anyone else has seen this?

No. 1013115

We get it anon, you're NoT LiKE OtHEr PoSteRs

No. 1013119

Feeling like pure shit, just want her back….

No. 1013122

File: 1641143946879.png (55.76 KB, 311x257, dojak.png)

Or maybe some people just like to read interesting posts and not validation-seeking ones, nonnie

No. 1013138

We're the same age and literally all of my peers at least have Facebook. I use the marketplace to look for room rentals and studio apartments and connect with people I used to know in middle school. Must be a regional thing but I live in a major city and people kind of expect you to at least be on FB.

No. 1013141

Schizo rants are not interesting and reek of wanting validation

No. 1013152

File: 1641145236370.jpeg (5.93 KB, 281x179, images.jpeg)

this whole show was so cringey

No. 1013161

File: 1641145597125.gif (785.47 KB, 268x268, to-you-redd.gif)

Speak for yourself kek

No. 1013173

Yes, please. Except I think 18~22 years olds are still too young to be on the internet. I feel like around 22/23 is when you actually start getting out of the "minor" mindset, and truly realize that you have absolutely nothing to do or in common with younger people. Tbh I could totally imagine 18~21 year olds wanting to hang out aroung teenagers, or at least not caring about being mixed with them, since they probably still have a lot in common. 18 year olds love to brag about how "mature" and "old" they are for some reason, but they still hang around teens no problem.
It honestly feels surreal reading youtube comments and seeing shit like "Five nights at Freddys was my childhood, I was 6 when I first played it" and shit like that. I'm not even that old and I already can't believe I'm sharing the whole net with people that young. I guess that sensation grows stronger and faster the older you become.

No. 1013190

Unpopular opinion - I hate the infantization of people who are 20+. It just feels like someone who either
A - wants to feel better or more mature than most, so once they reach a certain age they'll claim everyone younger is just immature
B - some weird excuse from people in this age range to act childish and immature for not trying to get their life together, or they feel bad since everyone else their age has a career or family going so they cry "noooo you're so childish in your early 20s"
C - (the least likely option, I hope) it's an excuse for people who are 18-22 to date minors. Not accusing any of you of doing this but I've seen so many scrotes 18-22 claim "well I'm just as immature as a high schooler so I can relate to them more therefore it's okay if I date them, nothing is serious when you're 18-22"
D - these people who say this were childish and careless when they were 18-22, and then regret it and are now trying to piece their life together and just uses this as cope for poor decisions they made

No. 1013194

Lolcow thinks everyone is a scrote. I got called a scrote because I asked someone to explain their side kek. They literally said "saying "explain" makes you sound like a scrote". It's like they think women are only capable of just submissively ignoring things that concern them or just bitchfighting kek. Try to convince them women are a wide range of personalities who are all capable of reacting to things they disagree with in different ways and they'll scream scrote

Literal MGTOW mindset just on the different side

No. 1013195

NTA but the fact is that the majority of people in their very early 20s (20-22) are still in the teenage mindset and lack adult experiences such as holding a stable job, owning your own place, having to take care of yourself, being responsible for your actions etc. They're only learning those things at that point, they aren't used to it as a routine. It doesn't mean they should be excused for dumbass shit or babied, it means you should take their stupid takes as seriously as you would a teenager's and act accordingly, i.e. expect them to be immature retards and tell them to grow up and do better.

No. 1013199

Babe if you can’t see the difference MGTOW and the women here, you are the retard

No. 1013200

…Can you really not see the similarities?

No. 1013205

File: 1641148193577.jpg (82.34 KB, 642x402, images.jpeg-55.jpg)

Vent but i was from 19 to 21 during the coof lockdown so i honestly haven't matured a single bit because i was locked at home doing college online classes, and that's it.
Im dreading my birthday because i genuinely didn't have any adult experiences, didn't have a job, didn't mature and didn't do shit for the two-three years that are most devolpmentally important for adulthood, and now suddenly im "old" with the same brain i had when i was 19.

No. 1013207

Wow, that's really interesting. I wonder if children are going through something similar

No. 1013208

Are you me, anon? I was so ashamed of feeling this exact way and having that same experience. I always ignore general posts about specific age and maturity, they just make me feel weird

No. 1013210

I'm going through the exact same thing. It feels like my brain hasn't caught up to my body. Now that I'm 21, it feels like I'm almost regressing. Fuck the pandemic.

No. 1013230

I don't really know if other people have felt the same anon but in myself it genuinely feels like i have some genuine arrested development.
All that talk makes me uncomfortable too nonnie, i hope you feel less lonely now, im high risk for covid so it doesn't even feel like i had any choice, it was between home prison or possible death.
fucking same, I went from reasonably quirky but still sociable college student to weeb womanchild, im not a neet because i "work" remotely but it feels like the same thing when you're a freelancer.

No. 1013232

>reee le lolcow femcels are just the same as mgtow incels meme!!!!!
No wonder you were called a scrote kek

No. 1013233

You serious? Small children are falling behind in social and linguistic skills at a scale never seen before. Who knew mass-prescribed isolation and masking whenever seeing other humans would raise pseudo autists.

No. 1013237

Dang, that's terrible. I wonder what parents are gonna do

No. 1013239

Do you have an article so i can read more about this?

No. 1013282

There are a lot of Millennials who are mentally still stuck in 2007-2012.

No. 1013283

If you're upset about having a similar mindset as MGTOW then why not change it? The idea here is that women are considered a hivemind and acting outside of that hivemind makes you a scrote, your reaction proves this. You can get upset or laugh it off, but it doesn't change the fact people here are getting dangerously close to how MGTOW views women

No. 1013288

>It's the coofs fault you mooched off your parents throughout all of this and never learned any adult responsibilities
This has got to be a joke, especially if you're American where "lockdown" was literally just stores changing their hours and menu and people not getting haircuts. Every single person I know worked throughout quarantine. I'm just laughing at people who kept saying "it's okay to not be productive" at the beginning of quarantine and wondering why they're stuck with no pay, no skills, and one step away from being homeless. I'm literally 22 and have my ducks in the line even though quarantine started at 20 for me

No. 1013309

>ducks in the line
It's "ducks in a row"

No. 1013312

anon I don’t know how to tell you this but you should kys

No. 1013337

Just say you're upset that not everyone is going to fall for the excuse of the coof preventing you from being an adult, lashing out and using 12 yr old lingo isn't helping your case

No. 1013348

I'm not american and the lockdown was extremely enforced where i live, on top of me being at risk for serious covid, the only time i went out was to go to the supermarket at 3 am.
Why do americans think the world is just like their country wtf? You saw on the news how other countries took covid seriously, some still are like Australia and China.

No. 1013389

There is way too much hate for zoomers on here. "Things We Hate" thread is boring because 70% of it now is just bitching about how much they hate zoomers. Just delete Tiktok and find something better with your time to do than complaining about teenagers.

No. 1013395

I agree

No. 1013397

this was a good post. say what you want about trying hard to be funny, but i appreciate the effort here and the post happens to be funny.

this is very true and i enjoy watching people get angry about it

No. 1013400

That's because they are annoying. Millennials were annoying too but they didn't have social media outside of Myspace and internet degeneracy wasn't so normalized among teens, so you got to see less of it. The internet is now full of retarded kiddies being extremely aggro for no reason and people are understandably becoming sick of it.

No. 1013411

Yeah I think it's mostly just the level of visibility. Teenagers have always been annoying but past generations didn't have the ability to broadcast their dumb shit to the world to the same degree that they do now (plus being raised by the internet definitely doesn't help matters). Honestly I'm so glad I'm not a teen right now, I was retarded back then too but at least nothing I posted online could ever be linked back to me since it was just forum posts. The way kids post their shit with their name and face attached nowadays is alien to me.

No. 1013439

Shut the fuck up you gormless smug faggot. We don't all live in borgarland

No. 1013446

I really think it's got to the point where making an ass of yourself online doesn't matter anymore. The Amazing Atheist literally shoved a banana up his ass on camera online and he bounced right back from it. As long as you stop feeding and being a lolcow, it all dissipates.

I know it's ironic considering the website we're on, but nobody really cares about you doing cringy shit as a teenager online.

No. 1013452

people don't care because he's a scrote. If he was a girl she'd immediately get called a whore and shred apart. Men can show their dicks and nobody cares

No. 1013460

>shagging fruit to own the theists
Male atheists are a circus.
This, no matter what a man does, he’s still a whole human to the world. A woman’s value revolves around her looks and sexuality, she will always be ‘goods’ to be coveted or ruined.

No. 1013468

queen, good for you

No. 1013498

This, and also to add that potential employers will care. Unless he sticks to working at Denny's for the rest of his life.

No. 1013506

File: 1641166640354.jpeg (23.12 KB, 368x367, A614B1CC-5B88-4979-ADDB-AE6567…)

it’s almost like we keep having the same discussions in this world, begging people to at least have a moderate level of empathy and understanding is futile. tired of being nice, you’re another robotic subhuman convinced of their own agency and I’m not even the anon you’re talking about, you’re just another faceless idiot who will finally die and never have to the right to type your shit again and i’m glad that this species is able to die

No. 1013514

danganronpa is just evil ace attorney

No. 1013516

She said all that shit because she feels like she did so much work, and hearing about others not doing the same thing makes her a little miffed. In her eyes, they all took a backseat in the time that she busted her ass, so she's earned the right to look down on people. Funny because she doesn't know who here is a third worlder, poor or in an abusive home. In some people's eyes, the world revolves around them and them alone. Only anon's struggle is real and everyone should somehow find a way to copy her even though her existence was literally unknown until she decided to insult a stranger

No. 1013520

Maybe so. But we got many new billionaires out of it, as well as majority-supported government encroachment upon civil liberties. Yay covid!

No. 1013523

so true why even bother explaining circumstances to people anymore? her kind of people genuinely don’t even care they turn everything into a weird lecture about how you must get up on your bootstraps and do this and that it’s ridiculous like bitch you’re gonna die one day and it’s not gonna matter anymore kek. it’s the most disturbing shit ever because they genuinely believe their own beliefs are based in reality they live in some meritocratic fantasy in their own heads. you’re right though anon just wants to be a regina humblebragging bitch who’s mad about the truth that being an adult is like being pushe into a very slow and agonizing meat grinder and for some it’s very unpleasant. more sperging but it reminds me of people who co-opt the pretty privilege discussion because you dare criticize pretty people for being hawt because it’s hard being treated better in society boo hoo, people who are genuinely having a hard time in society are longer able to vent about it anymore without lecturers and “whataboutmes” hijacking the narrative idek wtf I’m talking about but it blows my mind

No. 1013525

it’s very easy for someone who didn’t have relatives or friends die from the virus and didn’t go homeless or hungry after being laid off to say the pandemic was literally nothing. try activating your bimbo brain cells and realize how stupid you sound jesus christ

No. 1013530

File: 1641168500248.jpg (10.41 KB, 275x246, livelovelaughUNIRONICALLY.jpg)

ntayrt And that wasn't happening before? That's just life, grow up. The 2020's are roarin' with stupid if you ask me.

No. 1013531

It's true. I am 100x more scared when a middle aged dude yells at me than a so-called "Karen". But women are easier to make fun of for people.
On that note, filming people in public should be illegal. I know this is lolcow of all places, but so many womens lives have been ruined by this Karen meme over misinterpretations of minor situations and clout-hungry zoomers

No. 1013533

>That's just life
You've never had someone close to you die and i hope you get some empathy one day.

No. 1013537

What do you mean "was"? My European country is currently in semi-lockdown over the rocketing covid cases again. It's not over for god's sake. The hospitals are filling up with unvaccinated patients who demand that le evil medical big pharma treatment the moment covid fucks up their lungs.

No. 1013538

tbh it's over for some countries (my 3rd world country) but not all countires r done and over with. good luck to those who r still in it.

No. 1013539

No. 1013541

I thought no country was over covid

No. 1013543

the virus reached endemeic lvl or whatevr. so no more pandemic! but im sure the virus is just lowkey or barely affecting anyone now i guess.

No. 1013545

Seriously? Which country? My 3rd world country is going back to semi-lockdown because bitches can’t stop doing obnoxiously large parties and the hospitals are at their limits because that’s it’s easy to reach

No. 1013547

you have to be baiting

No. 1013548

File: 1641169888828.jpg (6.91 KB, 225x225, 1611700233115.jpg)

>the rocketing covid cases again.
>It's not over for god's sake.
>The hospitals are filling up with unvaccinated patients
You sound like a news headline lol.

No. 1013549

Visit a hospital then to see how it really is

No. 1013554

idk why it's so hard to believe. i live on an island btw. we had masks for a little while and most of family members got like 1 dose. my cousins and i r the only ones without vaccine. i guess my experience was just different than you all damn. this whole thing seemed rough for some of you. (the poors won this round huh kek)

No. 1013555

The hospitals are dealing with the usual flow of sick people. How about you stop reading news headlines for a bit and visit your nearby hospital lol?

No. 1013561

Makes sense tbh, like, how difficult could it be to keep a relatively small population controlled than a whole ass continent? I’m glad things aren’t annoying in your country, nonnie.

No. 1013582

>Lives on an island with no relationship to the rest of the world
Your experience is definitely not universal anon, don't say the pandemic is over just because you are safe over there (I'm glad you are safe and also glad things worked out okay for your family and your island)

No. 1013601

>don't say the pandemic is over just because you are safe over there
It's over for her.

No. 1013611

>i live on an island

island faggots are getting real bold and cute, can’t wait until you’re flooded by the incoming 50 feet of global warming ocean coming your way baby

No. 1013615

The issue is that people have no self awareness to their own flaws and mistakes so just lynch everyone over every little mistake, the anons blasting and nitpicking every little mistakes cows make in snow and every unflattering outfit probably have complete brain farts at times just likes those cows and wear even worse things. It's like a weird game where you need to "react" how the internet wants, if you get defensive then you'll get blasted even more for acting human, people and trolls have become weirdly sadistic.

The amazing atheist never gave a fuck and publicly makes fun of himself, that's why his consequences were never as shitty as when celebrities have vanilla nudes or tapes exposed. No one cares about Kim k anymore because she didn't care

No. 1013619

>hospitals are filling up with unvaccinated patients
Kek no the fuck they're not. Everyone claimed this about emergency rooms but who the fuck goes to the emergency room because of cold symptoms? That makes zero sense. Everyone getting COVID now is vaccinated anyway. Most people being admitted to hospitals are either suffering from vaccine injuries or other symptoms because of other health issues being pushed aside due to covid paranoia that are detoriaring and causing worse injury. This is all coming from someone who works in a hospital btw

No. 1013629

You better quarantine real quick cuz you seem to be coming down with a case of bitterness sweaty.

No. 1013630

I’m a thirdie too, but my country is done with it. People give you weird looks when they see you being all careful and wearing masks. Everybody was in a party on NYE. The summer was full of concerts. Life is kind of the same as pre-COVID but also not. But I also live in a country when you can still smoke in restaurants and Ubers and bribe government workers to give you an early vaccine dose if you’re traveling so

No. 1013635

There's been an anon who types similar to the ayrt who gets weirdly bitter over things like having their lives together while young, an anon stating she had an hourglass body and faces weird standards regardless of it, and I guess she's bitter because someone lives on an island I guess

No. 1013642

Not saying you're wrong, but you're framing yourself really weirdly. My sister works in a hospital and they're apparently overwhelmed with unvaccinated covid patients. Is this a regional thing?

No. 1013660

File: 1641180990311.jpg (36.44 KB, 605x445, cat.jpg)

Why are anons always having Corona debates everywhere but the Corona thread

No. 1013699

I'll explain to you why this makes no sense unless they are referring specifically to ICUs/ COVID wards
>Emergency room, commonly referred to when talking about COVID are for accidents or health issues such as heart attacks, trauma, appendix bursting, etc. If someone is experiencing COVID symptoms because they're big scary unvaxxed plague rats they would just be turned away due to covid symptoms and referred to a COVID test and then to the ER, if they have COVID they will be sent home and quarantined unless they are unable to breathe
>Urgent cares/walk in clinic/family doctors/ etc will do the same. If you are experiencing COVID symptoms then you will be referred to take a test and then told to stay home unless you are unable to breathe.
>Most people who claim "the hospitals are being slammed with unvaccinated people getting COVID!". Not only live in areas that are like 70-95% vaccinated and expect us to believe a minority, whom are usually poor and uninsured are going to the hospital a lot over COVID, most unvaccinated people I know avoid the hospital unless they absolutely need to. reality is most people testing positive for covid lately are fully vaccinated

Most actual COVID cases do not require hospitalization, if they do then they will be put in the ICU or COVID ward, and I will bring that up next
>L&D, Cancer wards, sleep ward, brain trama, etc. I shouldn't have to explain why they are not putting COVID patients in these sections. If you are vaccine injured and it hasnt been 2 weeks since you were fully vaccinated, then you're considered an unvaccinated patient.

What I mean by "actual COVID" is that patients get tested whether they have zero symptoms, all of them, or are in for a leg injury, or pregnancy. If you are admitted because your leg broke you are consider a COVID patient, even with no symptoms, and you won't get multiple tests despite the fact there's a HUGE influx of false positives, like 75% of positives are false. Several people have called this out and made videos of them testing tap water, fruit, etc on COVID tests and getting positive tests. Why they don't bother fixing this I don't know. There's no vaccine mandates where I work and most nurses are against the vaccine since they see effects of it daily.

I know if people even did deny medical care to unvaccinated people will still claim that it's unvaccinated filling up the hospital somehow, they're always the scapegoats even though vaccinated people are told by fauci himself it doesn't prevent transmission or spreading of COVID but go out and party and travel

No. 1013716

What vaccine injuries have you been seeing, nonna?

No. 1013749

this is starting to look like a popular opinion over there

No. 1013800

Most popular in my hospital is myocarditis, miscarriages/other pregnancy complications, and tremors/seizures. Young people, including children seem to be more prone to vaccine injuries I assume because of the unneeded high immune response, especially after two doses, since a lot of people are exposed to it in their daily life and are already immune with the antibodies. I also notice people who have already had COVID seen to have more reactions too.

There's also a lot of allergenic ingredients that most people don't even know they're allergic to unless they were prescribed something that is rare to be prescribed, such as the methoxypolyethylene glycol in the mRNA vaccines, which is why I really want people to take health panels before they get the vaccine. Methoxy also has been known to cause blood clots too. Some days there is a lot of people with vaccine injuries that are considered "unvaccinated patients". I feel bad for a lot of people who have taken the peer pressure from their families and employers to get a risky vaccine. COVID was never severe in the first place, I've also been in this business for years and have seen similar "full capacity hospitalizations" during major flu outbreaks but the hysteria is going to kill more people than unvaccinated plague rats ever will

No. 1013843

File: 1641198878516.jpg (153 KB, 620x873, 8zh42pnboea137s1648.jpg)

I know that most people consider these paintings wholesome, but I simply can't feel the same way, because these fucking hags really piss me fucking off. Something is certainly off and ugly with their faces and it really disturbs me, like in an uncanny wallet way.

No. 1013844

*uncanny valley

No. 1013848

File: 1641199356621.jpg (373.33 KB, 1058x1484, 8e89b298cf0963ea89c8d6bfa5393a…)

I am actually triggered by an unpopular opinion for once, do NOT speak ill of precious hags just living their best life

No. 1013865

Online friendships and relationships are not real. Get over it!
Unless they plan and then do meet irl. In which case, it's murky territory.

No. 1013872

I've met up with him, and I still don't know what the fuck is going on. It's really fucking hard to manage when you don't know when you'll get to see the person in the physical reality next.

No. 1013895

It’s ok to cut your finger nails in public as long as you clean up after yourself. Toenails is a different story though.

No. 1013911

>Get over it!
Oh yes, a great advice. If only we all could simply get over whatever uncomfortable feelings and trauma we have!
I think it's only up to the affected person to decide how real something was to them and when they are done with the effect it had on their life.

No. 1013913

Over a decade of imageboards and I still see people say this retarded shit. Sage just doesn't bump a thread. Sagebombing isn't a real thing.

No. 1013914

i met my husband on tumblr in 2013, in a relationship since 2015 and we have now lived together for the past 5 years
literally only met him once irl before moving in together

i do agree the relationship isnt real if theres no rush to close the distance gap in less than 2 years, long distance is nothing like seeing each other every day, even if you talk on webcam for hours a day its seriously not the same

No. 1013928

hope you guys can meet soon, i think corona has made it all more difficult than ever for ldrfags

No. 1014018

File: 1641217259458.jpg (72.74 KB, 540x720, 1505411930916.jpg)

Psychology is an industry at this point
In my opinion, you should only go if you think there is a chance you think you'll need medication, otherwise you're wasting money on something you could just as easily get from a talk with your parents, which is to say mostly unhelpful advice from someone who doesn't really know what you're going through but means well

No. 1014023

It's a good field just tainted by greed and awful people. Even if it's debated about the credibility of psychology as a science, what we have now is leagues better than before.

No. 1014024

Thanks, anon, I hope so too, the first meeting went pretty well. At this moment I can't even enter his country because of the lockdown thanks to the rising covid cases. One day things will be back to normal, or maybe that's an unpopular opinion in itself.

No. 1014040

Therapists are bodies in a room. Expensive brick wall talking. Hard pressed to find ones that actually talk back and do something

No. 1014056

Ay, I'mma just island gorl, I'mma just island gorl
I'mma get keep that gun, I be just staring at the sun
Nummies I'll fool gazin', I'm like the pool where I'm stayin'
They like "You wanna be famous?" I'm tryna be outdoor gators
I'm gonna be floater gorl and get a real down tropical
I'm a island gorl I put my vests on, yeah
Like a wug woman tryna make it to the top
I'm a island gorl, I been tryin' to make it

No. 1014078

the thread literally gets locked and becomes unbumpable on lolcow though, we're not just a 4chan clone

No. 1014105

Having suicidal thoughts doesn't automatically make a person sympathetic or worth helping. For example, there are many men who hurt everyone around them, and then play victim by talking about their suicidal thoughts or depression
Just because you want to die doesn't mean you shouldn't

No. 1014169

therapists are not supposed to give you advice, anon, goes to show you're criticizing something you have no idea about
Though it's true that just like any other industry, there are some willing to scam people in need, especially now when it becomes more common to seek psychological help, and it sucks.

No. 1014278

My therapist was based in my town and knew the ex gf of a guy I was dating and lo and behold she talked about our sessions with her. Imo, therapists are wankers. I will never use a therapist again to confide in.

No. 1014378

Therapists are spies-lite. Get you imprisoned if you dare think about sewerslide, and gaslight you into accepting the current shit-regime.

No. 1014406

You should never send nudes or have casual sex even if you really want to. Not because of our slut shaming culture but those guys are 100% making fun if you behind your back. I've had so many men show me nudes girls have sent them just to talk shit. Men are so porn sick now a days that nudes from average girls don't even excite them, if he asks for them he's gonna show other ppl.

No. 1014408

Therapy that actually does anything is extremely rare, but I think it is out there

>I've had so many men show me nudes girls have sent them just to talk shit
That's disgusting. Sending nudes is definitely never worth it because of the possibility of shit like that

No. 1014409

people act like therapy is the solution to all your problems.

No. 1014413

it's your retarded law amerifags, I can say whatever and will not end up in a ward against my will

No. 1014421

File: 1641245797838.jpg (39.22 KB, 720x558, possum_tired_of_working_on_mys…)

I use to believe a lot in therapist even if I never went to see one. However every person I know kind of got worse when they started seeing one regularly. Those people actually became more emotional and unhinged. They feel conforted about someone telling them how life is unfair and difficult to them, which is probably true but instead of working on it, it only push them to become lazier and weirder. I do think it's ok if you go only for a short amount of times though.

No. 1014432

Its the new "just pray"

No. 1014460

psychology has too much bombardment from big pharma and there's plenty of opportunistic bad psychs out there. you have to find a good one, and they're hard to find

No. 1014465

It's not just America. I was threatened with it in Europe, albeit as a minor.

No. 1014502

There’s no such a thing as a neurotypical person, everyone is a flavor of mentally ill or retarded, it’s just that some people know how to mask better than others or have better living circumstances than others, being normal is not normal, it’s a cope, some strange standard or a boogeyman that everyone created to excuse their shitty behavior, it’s another reason why psychology is a scam.

No. 1014506

This isn't an unpopular opinion, it's absolute fact

No. 1014512

I think it's retarded that "Everyone is mentally ill" is becoming a meme on this website.

No. 1014514

I get my mental health shit for free and I would never express jack shit to my parents because they weaponize my vulnerability. I’ll take someone who gets paid to hear me bitch and moan any day.

No. 1014532

File: 1641254634829.jpg (23.26 KB, 480x360, karen.jpg)

Karen is kind of a cute name. The “care” sounds sweet. I wouldn’t use it because of the association but it’s not an ugly name, they should have used something like Brenda for the meme.

No. 1014538

Generic names are better than quirky ones.

I was named after an amalgamation of pop culture characters' names, since my parents are huge geeks. My name is extremely uncommon, but it doesn't feel girly, cute or meaningful. Whenever people ask me for the meaning behind my name, I feel embarrassed and ashamed. My name feels gimmicky and made me feel like my parents don't respect my identity for a while. People with 'generic' names like Daisy, Mary, Rose, John, Richard are fortunate. These names also often have respectable meaning behind them. A good name is a nice start to building your identity.

No. 1014542

I loved her when I played that game, so nostalgic

No. 1014544

You don't actually have to live with trauma forever. The past cannot be undone but it is possible to live without it affecting you anymore. Mental illness can be healed from and every ACTUALLY mentally ill/traumatised person knows this, even if they aren't there yet, since it is our goal. I disagree with the therapists and people who say that trauma will forever affect you somehow. You might not ever forget what happened, but you can live without being the victim anymore. C-PTSD etc just isn't forever. Sorry for being repetitive, but this mindset really needs to change. Humans are resilient and we have so much ability to grow and heal from hurt.

No. 1014546

Math really isn't that hard, you might just need to put in some effort.

No. 1014548

Too Generic isn't good either, im named something like Mary Smith for my country and i got school documents constantly messed up because there were 7 other girls with the same name-surname combo and people always refered to me as "Mary Smith the weird skinny one not the cute one" and other variations that make you feel like not an actual person, i even had issues with an university exam because there was a girl with the same name combo AND BIRTHDAY as me but from a different city.

I think a middle ground between generic and unique snowflake is the best choice, if you have a very generic surname like i do its better to have a more unique first name to avoid all of these problems.

No. 1014556

Why do people think this?
It's not even an unpopular opinion.
My unpopular opinion is that online friendships/relationships are real and meeting them irl really doesn't change much aside from having more things to do together and hugs, and this is coming from someone who has met multiple online friends. If you don't want them nobody cares but I find the shaming of people who have online friends and view it as a genuine friendship odd.

No. 1014560

I agree, I think a lot of people get it in their head that they're terrible at math so they just shut down when faced with math problems and aren't able to think properly. I know I definitely used to be like that, I did awful at math in high school but I basically relearned it in university and that gave me more confidence.

No. 1014576

The Oingo Boingo songs are my favorite Jojo endings.

No. 1014580

Yes yes absolutely

No. 1014581

As someone who really struggles with it, I think having good teachers is really important too to build a good foundation. I thought that I was just mad at math until I met my precalc teacher in my last year of high school. I barely passed algebra, geometry, and trig up until that point. I was in the dumb class, but she broke that shit down so easy that even a retard like me who still can't do long division/multiplcation the normal way could understand everything. I took my notes from her class to college to help me out. I like that there are lots of ways to approach any given math problem for people's brains who might just get it easier with one method than another.

That said, I still need a lot more time to process a problem kek. Math is more fun as an adult since I have all the time in the world to figure shit out now.

No. 1014586

Holy fuck anon thank you for introducing me to such a godly remix. Have this bop in return.

No. 1014606

I don't get why people get so autistic about "reddit spacing". The last thing I want to read is a giant text block with no formatting by some sperg in the vent thread. Why is making text more readable considered a Reddit thing anyway?

And before someone says it doesn't fit imageboard culture, there are plenty of formatted text walls on 4chan. It's like people are incapable of reading more than one sentence.

No. 1014617

Don't reddit space retard.

No. 1014625

If you could read more than one sentence, you would be able to read a block of text without Reddit spacing.

No. 1014671

ntayrt but could you share your notes somewhere?

No. 1014672

My math homework used to always make me cry but then one year in high school suddenly it became so much easier to understand and I didn't have many problems with it anymore. I feel like that was because my brain might have had a lot of development during that time. Maybe adults who struggled a lot as kids can try again now that their brain has developed more.

No. 1014676

cant relate. i have returned to math many times, each time i felt worse and more confused.

No. 1014683

Math still makes me cry kek, it's basically a trauma at this point. Being yelled at for getting shit wrong and shamed for not getting it right away tend to do that.

No. 1014694

Look at any of the Romanian sperg's posts in vent and tell me she couldn't use some reddit spacing. Imagine being this butthurt over the enter key

No. 1014704

Sorry nona but I've long graduated college and thrown out all of my notes…

No. 1014782

Reddit spacing isn't just using enter befittingly, but it's using enter excessively. It's frowned upon because the userbase of Reddit is frowned upon and this formatting reveals unwanted company. It also just looks autistic. Find a way to convey your message concisely or expect to be unwanted.

No. 1014817

File: 1641273498033.jpg (210.38 KB, 1296x730, pauley_perrette.jpg)

I hate it when super pale women dye their hair a very unnatural shade of black. I think pale people can look good with black hair but it has to be a "softer" more natural looking black, not the super g0ff blue-black box dye that they all seem to go for. I feel the same way about Dita von Teese.

I was originally gonna use Amy Lee as an example but looking at her pictures I think her hair looks kind of good on her.

No. 1014834

Dyed black hair looks bad on anyone (dem roots). And ur right, I hate that blue black sheen it always has. It's part of why I find Peter Steele unattractive.
The pale skin/edgy goth with black hair look is incredibly boring and try hard looking to begin with. Dime a dozen really. People who look alternative without dying their hair black and wearing black lipstick like an anne rice theatre kid always look 100 times more effortlessly cool.

No. 1014843

>People who look alternative without dying their hair black and wearing black lipstick like an anne rice theatre kid always look 100 times more effortlessly cool.

do you have any examples of people like that? I'm curious

No. 1014913

NTA but Taylor Momsen came to mind immediately.

No. 1014926

Kia from that korean reality show looks inbred

No. 1014936

File: 1641284078853.jpg (72.96 KB, 564x946, 857fc14a7d3cd96514e103d1fc1be4…)

People who dress alternative without doing the whole goth makeup shtick. That could be anyone.

Only celeb that comes to mind for women is early y2k Avril Lavigne. Her all black outfits or cargo pants looked hard as fuck. She looked like the skater chick that would beat your ass. Definitely cooler and more refreshing.

No. 1014942

I'm not sure why people tend to think that so often. People used to correspond over letters for years and they'd say they had friendships. In today's age online relationships of any kind are easier than ever, and you can lie in any kind of relationship, online or not.

No. 1014962

That's amazing, thank you! It really shows how catchy the melody is then there is no singing

No. 1014999

Free speech was an absolute mistake and a cancer to many nations. It made male consciousness spread around like an untreated virus and that is why nearly every fucking man you will know in your life will be a garbage human being, nearly impossible to “rehabilitate” misogynists

No. 1015003

Babysitting "agencies" are one of the worst examples of women preying on women who are either too young or too foreign to know better

No. 1015028

Ah yes, because fascist dictatures with no free speech are such paradises for female rights.

No. 1015056

File: 1641302587958.jpg (8.56 KB, 209x241, images.jpeg-155.jpg)

cutters should always cover up, yeah no matter if its hot, wear some fucking linen or cotton, i was just thrown of the loop when some chick with gnarly scars showed up on my feed, it just makes you look selfish and an attention whore because it will scare and make most people uncomfortable.
>Buhbubuh normal people don't have to cover up!!
should've thought about that before doing this stupid shit.

No. 1015060

I think self harmers WANT people to make a big deal out of it. They love to self-victimize and a post like yours would just fuel it. I had a friend that made a huge stink about his self harm scars on his legs and side because he carved a girl's name into him (I don't talk to the freak anymore obviously). With goading and kindness he eventually went swimming with us anyways and surprise surprise you could barely notice or even see the scars. You could tell it pissed him of that he had to point out where they even were. Sorry but most people don't give a shit as much as you wish they did. They will not give a shit most times which I know makes cutters SEETHE. They want to be broken angels marked for life and when people don't give a shit or play it off it breaks the illusion

No. 1015061

I guess i didn't express myself but i meant people with noticeable and even gory scars, it always made everyone in the room awkward when i had to deal with one irl since covering up bad surgery/burn scars is the norm in my culture, it ruins the mood for everyone and its just rude.

No. 1015082

>surgery / burn scars ruin the mood
TF is your culture's damage

No. 1015087

Nothing wrong with fictional incest. In fact displaying such a strong sibling love and tight bond is really nice to see in fiction since the soul can’t get closer to someone than that. Two brothers that deeply love each other are just meant to be.

No. 1015090

I have very few noticeable scars. I will not cover shit. Fuck that. People shouldn't have to cower in shame their whole lives.
Fresh wounds are a different matter, obviously. Though I wouldn't judge someone for not hiding if it's super hot and they aren't visible unless someone looks closely

No. 1015095

File: 1641306378962.png (70.71 KB, 146x274, no.png)

No. 1015096

have you heard of the book the carnivorous lamb by any chance?

No. 1015100

fujos will always be disgusting freaks

No. 1015104

unironically this is something a scrote would say or think to coom

No. 1015108

If it bothers you, don't look or stay at home and cry about it.

No. 1015111

File: 1641307288305.jpg (32.7 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-156.jpg)

idk anon its something that naturally makes people stare and usually makes both people uncomfortable, I've never seen someone with stuff like staples in the open, when i had surgery myself doctor gave me those rubber skin-colored bandages like picrel.
Mind you that's just for fresh/newish stuff that's red and raised and will obviously draw attention, not some shit that happened 10 years ago.
>people shouldn't cower in shame for all their lives
if its a shitty decision like being a bpd cutter yes they should, its like having track marks

No. 1015114

I thought that was a fruit rollup

No. 1015115

My mother was an acid attack victim and deserves to go outside a lot more than most judgmental mentally ill bitches posting here

No. 1015116

It's hard to not look when the cutters post shit on sm with their arms chopped up like an italian salami with no warning whatsoever

No. 1015119

ah, it's the "kick the bipee" thing again. So victims of CSA abuse should live ashamed of their body cause they "made a shitty decision" when they had no other coping method? Fuck off. I hope nobody covers their old scars because of concern for what random normies will think. Shoving your cuts in people's face is fucked up, but at some point you have to live for yourself and not ignore going to the beach, pool etc. because someone will see the scars
not a bpdfag, but I find the idea of eternal shame from a result of trauma disgusting

No. 1015120

samefag but nobody was talking about social media but people existing outside with scars visible

No. 1015121

you're literally salty you couldn't self harm when you felt like it because you were too afraid of being judged

No. 1015122

Im op and i specifically mentioned social media feeds

No. 1015124

Does seeing them make you not want to talk to people who have them? Are they less approachable? you going to judge me on things that got there by accident as well as the cut and burn scars too?

Believe me I don't like them either. My skin feels the damage. There's no easy way to erase them. Still not going to cover them up in 100°f weather for your comfort

No. 1015128

I’m gonna wear shorts for the first time in years this summer in your honour, nonnas

No. 1015134

This. What's so hard about ignoring the scars? The fact of the matter is, you generally don't even know what's self-inflicted and what's not, but even if you did, most people's skin won't be flawless. We don't live in a cartoon. Even stretch marks can look like old self-harm scars on first sight, so should people with stretch marks constantly cover themselves up? What about other "uncomfortable" things like strabismus, severe injuries, cystic acne, extreme burn scars, cellulite, etc?
Fuck all that

No. 1015136

This is me whenever the topic of leg shaving comes up on here lol

No. 1015138

People on here get angrier than any scrote could at a woman that doesn't shave her legs, I remember the sperging in pixyteri's thread

No. 1015143

No. 1015149

File: 1641310923889.jpeg (733.25 KB, 828x1019, 68EA9B8F-FCA4-4828-8DAD-B36C35…)

What about this?

No. 1015151


No. 1015156

Cutters should always cover up. When I was a teenager I began developing mental illness and my entire life I have lived with the desire of harming myself but I have never done it. I still desire it deep inside. Those that have self harm scars even if they are 10 years old should cover themselves and they should not be allowed to live their life! Why should they have fun harming themselves when I've always wanted it so badly and I couldn't!!!! THEY HAVE BPD NOT ME NOT ME NO I HAVEN'T WANTED TO SELF HARM SINCE MY CHILDHOOD

No. 1015169

It probably doesn't look as good without the Photoshop, the issue is that is makes pale women's skin texture super visible when very dark black and brings out redness in skin

No. 1015171

I strongly suspect you and the rest of the "Hide all cuts!!" team have the exact same mentality about this, but the OP is just pretending it's about "being uncomfortable"

No. 1015175

People like you are why I wear them openly especially the worst ones because seeing people pearl clutch and go "sweetie, oh my god you don't need to do that" is so fucking funny cause they're all 10+ years old. So fragile the sight of my silly little dermis makes people mad online and offline. Maybe if you slit vertically and got rid of that yee yee ass haircut you could get some bitches on your dick, nonnarino.

No. 1015177

Anon, I was ironic about it. I was making fun of the anons that are so pressed by others having self harm scars. I was trying to show a truth about them through satire. I think those posters have repressed BPD tendencies and they have always wanted to self harm so they take it out on those that do just because they couldn't. I personally think there's fault in both sides

No. 1015179


No. 1015183

My bad, anon. Reading some of the posts in the vent thread is making me take all/most hyperbolic and/or "crazy sounding" posts here at face value. I agree with you

No. 1015192

I will never care about JK Rowling just because she’s trying to “preserve womanhood”, she will always be a narcissistic mediocre wonderbread author and just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean shit

No. 1015209

I honestly don't think she's that good of a writer. She writes like an American. I dislike American literature.

No. 1015221

File: 1641313778137.jpg (1.01 MB, 1500x1500, 1477647620_585.jpg)

Over a decade ago I remember everyone using this dye in one of three shades, blue black, purple black, cherry black.

I had super short hair so tried the first two and grew it out no problem but I remember reading forums where women with long hair were freaking out that permanent black dye is hard to get out..?sure is lol

No. 1015222

File: 1641313959985.jpg (409.17 KB, 1600x900, cover5.jpg)

Black wojaks are pretty funny, 4channers hate its use because they can't stand seeing black people enjoy themselves and feel the need to gate keep shit internet memes.

No. 1015224

My favorite polly pocket was called Karen. Solid name.

No. 1015232

Idk if you're a scrote or just a plain degenerate but consider necking yourself

No. 1015234

I appreciate how whoever made this made the black girl wojaks really cute.

No. 1015256

I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with that, however I do think black hair can age you up a lot which is worse in my opinion

No. 1015285

File: 1641316872088.jpeg (8.13 KB, 245x205, wojak.jpeg)

I love seeing how people get creative with wojaks, even the weird ones like womack wojak, shroomjak etc. Not surprised about the 4channers being like that, the userbase is made up of moid-incel-nazis so…

No. 1015420

Why would these be an unpopular opinion here lol

No. 1015508

Anyone who has a problem with my very visible, large scar from a life-saving surgery can kindly fuck off, you included.

No. 1015511

Nonnie you don't know how many times I've whined about this because I used to love this name, thought it was one of the most beautiful ones out there and then it became synonymous with an annoying soccer mom. Fuck me.

No. 1015514

Because they are fucking ugly

No. 1015532

I don't have a strong opinion either way, but they've always come off as cringey to me because the original wojak memes were supposed to be self effacing. Making your representation really hot just makes it seem like you don't get the joke.

No. 1015533

And the original wojack is pretty?

No. 1015535

I don't think this is unpopular here. I remember when the black wojaks first popped up anons called them cute.

No. 1015542

File: 1641326398150.jpg (9.07 KB, 265x292, gwfw.jpg)

They made this and others before the black wojaks though

No. 1015545

it's obvious the goth girl wojak is meant to be an object of desire rather than something the makers identified with, though. i think any attractive wojak is weird.

No. 1015551

File: 1641326686698.jpg (15.53 KB, 474x271, ongjks.jpg)

It was used interchangeably, incels even got mad over women identifying with it and made pic related

No. 1015556

I hope more women will be using the goth wojak as a self-insert, then. Cope and seethe, incels

No. 1015558

I don't get what's the big deal its just lines

No. 1015672

This one is also some cringe ass shit. People should stop prettying up memes of all things

No. 1015684

Men can only see women as objects to coom to. Even a crude drawing of a woman in an internet meme makes them irrationally angry if it's not explicitly depicting her as a sex object.

No. 1015782

File: 1641338818109.jpg (145.68 KB, 1400x1400, 1453797074.jpg)

Agreed nonnie! this one's my favorite(bait)

No. 1015786


No. 1015814

File: 1641340192637.jpg (80.4 KB, 680x680, oaf.jpg)

Wasn't that one made by angry incels from /pol/ mad about black women having fun? Kek scrotes seething, even here and now

No. 1015820

tbh i've seen it used in black circles. the tiny ponytail sans added weave is so accurate kek.

No. 1015830

Idk, I've never seen that

No. 1015834

I love how they put a full on indian remy human hair lace wig on that black wojack

No. 1015841

File: 1641340931754.jpg (122.46 KB, 1280x720, jicao1.jpg)

Same. I think it's nicer to look at and more female gaze-ish than the "original" white femwojaks

No. 1015844

Yes, they sure do look better wearing the hair of other women.

No. 1015849

File: 1641341265628.jpeg (139.2 KB, 634x780, 1641157447640.jpeg)

Oh nvm, you're a seething /pol/sperg kek. What a way to enter 2022

No. 1015851

Tell me about all the times you put a pillow case over your head as a child and pretended to have nice hair.

No. 1015859

What, what do pillow cases have to do with hair? Are you shoehorning some weirdly specific suffocation/child abuse experience into your posts to try and get the femoids to acknowledge your personal life?

No. 1015866

File: 1641341873720.png (818.63 KB, 1500x1500, R.png)

Oh honey, all women are capable of naturally growing nice hair…except for picrel.(racebait)

No. 1015868

File: 1641341991496.png (374.34 KB, 529x637, 1600629073485.png)

>Oh honey
Ew, it's getting worse

No. 1015870

All Wojaks are ugly and unfunny and they all suck no matter the context

No. 1015874

Kind of. Love can really blind people, and women are socialized to be naive and want to "fix" guys. That's part of the reason the "I can fix him" meme is cringe to me

No. 1015875

That definitely isn’t a tranny anon come on, they are clearly a black woman no man is gonna post that specific perm that was used on a lot of young black girls during their childhood KEK

No. 1015879

You got it

No. 1015882

this is the correct take. they were very cringe from inception. like worse than rage comics and they were always very bad

No. 1015884

When I was in my shitty relationship I was isolated and questioning my own sanity whenever I wondered if I was just imagining it being that bad.. I do kinda look at women surrounded by support and opinions and I struggle to see how in those circumstances.. opinions aren't taken on board.

If someone is alone it's depressingly easy to get away with shit but a woman with family, friends.. I think some just fear being single more than anything.

No. 1015885

File: 1641342388822.png (1009.23 KB, 828x862, 0FFDEA1F-D66D-48CE-9B3B-6853A4…)

You aren’t supposed to be here you disgusting fucking racist moid you should be busy dying in a war or building apartment complexes for hipsters. If you’re one of those racist asian anons going around and being rude towards the black anons I’m incredibly ashamed

No. 1015886

File: 1641342456897.png (1.14 MB, 1904x1008, dolezal20.png)

Nah, the pillow case thing sounded way too "Buffalo Bill or Ed Gein childhood anecdote"/white scrote to me kek
The best I can offer is that it's an obsessive troon from LSA or something ala pic related. Probably mad that he got told he'd never be a woman in spite of his Beyonce gif collection or something

No. 1015901

Oh wait, were the black wojaks modeled after real people or is this just a coincidence? She's pretty.

No. 1015902

My black friend in elementary school used to do that, she'd put a pillow case over her head with her little dookie braids and pretend it was long flowing hair. Guess it's not universal! Sorry, nonna.

No. 1015910

File: 1641343389326.jpg (56.05 KB, 654x960, FDsMb_7VgAcfYCT.jpg)

>I-I-It was my black friend! I totally have friends!! Women talk to me, including black women!!!
I'm sorry about the things you've experienced in life, Matthew, but there's no need to lie kek. Also, picking up a "nonnie" or "nonna" here and there when you're on LC won't make you sound less like a boomer male in his 40s

No. 1015913

agreed. I don't understand why they have to be racialized.

No. 1015916

I used to with a towel. It's not that deep.

No. 1015917

Weird, considering wigs exist and cloth would look more like a hijab than anything

No. 1015918

It sounds more like a blackcel tbh.

No. 1015920

>dookie hair braids

it’s gotta be a seething nazi tranny or scrote you might be right nevermind

No. 1015924

I've only ever heard other black people use "dookie braids." The last time I saw that was in reference to Travis Scott.

No. 1015927

Never heard black women use it so it definitely is a blackcel lmao

No. 1015928

ya. cuz at 5 years old my mom would want me wearing wigs just becuz I goofed around with a towel on my head. relax anon.

No. 1015930

I've never heard that, but then again, I'm not American. In this context, it honestly just sounds like something an old, balding white man from Facebook who misses Golliwog dolls would say

No. 1015932

Your mom didn't own any wigs you could play with? That kind of contradicts the "black women don't have nice hair!!" thing

No. 1015934

Nta, but no one would want a kid playing with their wig. They can be expensive and time consuming.

No. 1015935

File: 1641344810234.jpg (115.13 KB, 1280x720, 16413370904.jpg)

Kek @ all the black anons seething because we don't have universal experiences. Quit being on the defensive all the time. I wonder if it's the amerifags or eurofags?(are you done)

No. 1015936

Doubt, most people with wigs seem to own more than one

No. 1015940

>random ugly/unflattering pic of a black woman with a 4chan filename
Definitely either a nazi troon or a pathetic blackcel kek

No. 1015941

No, anon, we only had clip-ins in my household. Why the fuck would someone give a 5 year old a wig unless its one that plans on being thrown out? In fact, we snickered at women who wore wigs until the became the "it" thing a decade ago. Little me rocked those towels and pillowcases so fuck off with your fragility.

No. 1015942

I'm not sure what you're doubting? I said they can be expensive and time-consuming. Not all wigs are pricey, but you can still own more than one expensive thing. Either way, no one would a child to mess with them.

No. 1015944

tbh you sound obsessed. go talk to someone who actually has dark skin nonny.

No. 1015945

It's just that your story sounds like a weird fanfic, especially in the context of some weird racist sperg shitting up the thread. I'm not seeing the "fragility", but I think you should chill out (especially if you're an actual woman and not the same guy LARPing/samefagging lol)

No. 1015950

File: 1641345555150.png (194.91 KB, 400x448, 143137_w_400_448.png)

So true sis hunty ni-I mean nonny, fellow black womyn(infighting)

No. 1015952

get out of here you creepy scrote

No. 1015953

You're the creepy scrote, and you're clearly obsessed with black women. Go back already

No. 1015970

how did /ot/ become this mess? it feels like watching a family member getting shot and then immediately falling over to squirm around in cowshit like it would be helpful. bizarre

No. 1015979

still better than /g/

No. 1015986

say what you want about de/g/enerates, at least their husbandos make them cheerful

No. 1015992

/g doesn't have this much infighting and baits, you're obsessed with them

No. 1016054

>you're obsessed with them
currently, yes.

No. 1016098

*ugly irl men

No. 1016099

thank you.

No. 1016352

Nobody actually liked Keep Your Hands off the Eizoken and everybody saying they did didn't watch beyond the fun opening song. It is one of the worst anime I have seen in a decade

No. 1016355

That’s an interesting take because anons in the anime thread love it and recommend it to everyone. What makes it bad? I haven’t attempted to watch yet.

No. 1016367

File: 1641372429554.jpg (19.02 KB, 300x300, bobashit.jpg)

Wtf is a 'boba' tea?

Just have normal tea with milk. It is that simple. What, you cannot drink tea without a tonne of sugar and plasticy balls inside? That's YOUR problem. Tea (breakfast/black tea) is supposed to have a round, earthy, grounding taste, balanced out by the slight sweetness of milk. And YOU have ruined it. Disgusting, carcinogenic balls. I hate boba, it costs too much because it's exotic and it tastes like something a three year old would want to drink. And why would you ruin your tea with these balls. I personally like my tea without balls in it, because I am not retarded like you, but if you feel like you need to chew plastic balls and give yourself diabetes over tea, you do you. I will be laughing if I see you drinking that disgraceful beverage, however. I feel like shaking with rage whenever I see 'boba' shops. What a waste of good tea.

No. 1016371

Boba is made with flour from the roots of cassava plants, is no way carcinogenic, and its gluten free anon lol You can even make it so that it doesn’t need alot of sugar to flavor it, you can just use a simple syrup made with simmered fruit and have it be more healthy compared to just boiling brown sugar and water.

No. 1016373

kek thanks for the laugh anon

No. 1016375

Boba shops have led the way to such bastardisations as 'boba with syrup' and fake flavours of boba. And why would I want to be chewing a drink? The texture is GROSS, it looks like frogspawn, and I cannot get all casual and everything with a drink I have to chew. Fruit syrup in a tea…just sounds wrong…but at least it can be homemade and not terrible. I now recognise that I have been typing in a rather blunt way, with no manners. I apologise, for I found myself in a state of enragement whilst talking of such a stressful subject.

No. 1016377

The show just felt like a collection of animation tidbits from other media, "oh remember this!" over and over. The characters were all flat, the colors washed out, the pacing slow, interactions between characters just felt like stiff and boring timewasters before another EPIC!!1 animation homage. It's devoid of charm or substance

No. 1016380

File: 1641373622230.png (196.23 KB, 360x450, Neckbeard_(man).png)

I don't think neckbeards and shut ins should be made fun of like they are. "Haha, he lives in his moms basement" type thing. After spending a good year living like that during the lowest point of my life, I just see these people as being mentally disturbed and to be pitied.

I can't help but see it the same as laughing at homeless people or other damaged people.

No. 1016382

100% Agree tbh. Sucks to be 25+ and still live with your family because you barely have any money

No. 1016383

Why do people give a fuck about invasive species? It's just an evolution. Some specie is more suited for this biom and going to replace others. Why I should feel bad about it?

No. 1016384

I'm jealous anon, your life must be pretty good if you're this upset about something as trivial as boba.

No. 1016388

Are we talking plants? Invasive species were brought over by humans to continents they were never supposed to be. Everything connects, an invasive species that was never supposed to be there disrupts the system. It's not as simple as one species replacing another when it causes a chain effect that affects flora and fauna.

No. 1016392

Nta but not everyone has to like boba, it's an unpopular opinion for a reason
Personally I don't like boba because the chewiness hurts my molars, I have wisdom teeth that need to be pulled out and I thought eating tapioca balls would be fun but when I tried to chew on them it was awful

No. 1016400

>Nta but not everyone has to like boba, it's an unpopular opinion for a reason
I didn't say othewise anon, but being that upset over a drink is weird. I don't like apples but I don't feel like, quote, "shaking with rage" whenever I see apples kek

No. 1016419

it kind of annoys me how when people talk about the negative effects of social media on women's self image (and before that it was magazines) they always say how it's negatively effecting "young women" or "young girls". on the one hand I get it, because young women and girls are more impressionable and probably don't understand how a lot of that stuff is fake (especially if they are literal children, like not even teenagers yet, then it really is more important to shield them from it imo) but social media and shooping and botox culture can also have really negative effects on women of all ages. I mean there are plenty of women in their 30's and onward ho still have eating disorders, BDD and whatnot. it feels like no one cares about them sometimes.

No. 1016426

It's the "think of the children" effect. They specify young women because that gets the most sympathy. Older women don't get mentioned because nobody feels sympathy for grown adults unless they're seniors.

No. 1016428

I am full of anger today and proud of it. For me it is like seeing something lovely, tea, being vandalised and RUINED. Imagine if an obese man crapped all over your favourite painting! That's how I felt. I'm sorry if I came off a little too strong hehe
Your life must be pretty good to be using the internet and browsing pointless websites

No. 1016429

"Shielding" adults from anything is just censorship.

No. 1016431

Eh but it's not like 40+ women (I basically consider 30s 'young women') are developing EDs or whatever at a late age because of tiktok or insta, chances are they've had body image issues since they were teenagers being influenced by the media of the time. And frankly if they aren't recovered by then, hand wringing news articles aren't gonna help- they're not likely to have teachers or parents looking out for them anymore, and they are probably pretty self aware about negative influences.

It's just a statistical fact that teen girls are most at risk of EDs etc and they're also the ones who will benefit most from public attention being drawn to those issues. Stuff like post partum body positivity is more targeted at older age groups.

No. 1016436

I never said adults should be shielded from it. that doesn't mean it still can't have negative effects on them though.

that's true I guess. I was more thinking of women who have had EDs or BDD since they were teens and still struggle with it.

No. 1016454

It annoys me too. I know nobody gives a shit about adult women, but it’s still annoying to be reminded of it.

No. 1016455

It's really annoying when some women complain that they feel "unattractive" or "unappreciated" "these days" when they really just mean they're upset that they're not the only beauty standard portrayed anymore. All it does is reinforce the "Women are catty and insecure" stereotype. I usually see this with the whole body type debate, but it's present with other factors, too

No. 1016459

Agreed and I hope you're directing that at the retarded anon/s who think fat women are worshipped and thin women are victimised lmao

Honestly sometimes I think being average is a harder pill for women to swallow than simply being ugly. If you're truly ugly you know it, you just have to accept it. When you're average, you've got a ray of hope that one day you might glow up or be 'in fashion' to the point of getting stacey tier pretty privilege. And when that never happens they get all self pitying about how ugly they are, when really they're just not getting special treatment.

No. 1016468

Ive seen this exact post like 2 weeks ago except op specified she means thin women complaining

No. 1016475

Why don't you mind your own business and keep your nose out of mine. I don't need you, some rando, thinking about how something affects me, I can think just fine for myself.
t. woman over 40

No. 1016478

What an unhinged overreaction lmao she ain't talking about you personally, your business is still all yours

No. 1016480

She was babifying adult women. Fuck that.

No. 1016484

On top of that, I think a lot of average women tend to want a "halo" to rely on, and start to feel like they've been robbed when it's not there. If you can say "I have this trait that's commonly assumed to be pretty, so I guess I'm pretty. Nothing to worry about", there's a certain safety in that. If you can't say that, you end up worrying more

Like I said, there are other factors besides body type that this applies to. I don't want to cause infighting, so I won't say them. The way I've heard some women talk, it's like they truly believe they've been made into femcels or something. The truth is, no one honestly believes women who were considered knock-outs in the past are ugly now. Things are just a bit broader now, more types of beauty are visible, and it's like some women can't handle not being the center of attention at all times. It's really lame

No. 1016531

Nah, being average is far better than being actually ugly

No. 1016541

Second AYRT, I agree with you 100%

No. 1016542

Which is stupid because not fitting certain beauty standards doesn't mean you're not pretty. If it were me I would've picked to be born in 1900 so I could be in my 20s in the 1920s when my appearance was considered ideal. However, I was born in the mid 90s and there's still lots of guys who find me pretty now, even though I'm short and stumpy and dress like a thotty goth chick. Sure I'm not blonde or mixed-race with big tits and a BBL ass but it doesn't matter because even at my ugliest I've never felt unattractive.

No. 1016567

I agree that boba shops have sunk the standard. I made my own milk tea and pearls and it’s delicious. I’d offer you a glass but that might fuel your rage.

No. 1016584

If an emoji-sprinkling newfag dogfag made a thread to brag about taking care of dogs at shelter or adopting homeless dogs, some of you would use it as another "proof" of dogfags being narcs (lol) and tell them to gtfo. But if a catfag does the same, it's all good cause kitties uwu, why did mean jannies ban her
>inb4 cat hater
No, I just dislike the blatant hypocrisy.

No. 1016591

maybe because introverted people aka most of the population here tend to prefer cats? kinda tinfoil but I genuinely think that's the reason

No. 1016592

you probably have autism

No. 1016601

Teen/young adult women are easier to impress and get scammed by that kind of beauty standards tho. When I was a teen I was obsessed with straightening my hair, putting make up on and the latest fashion clothes before leaving the house even for hanging up with my friends. I almost gave myself an ED because I had chubby cheeks - my body was skinny but I was worried about having a fat face kek. Now I'm in my 30s and I will wear makeup once in every blue moon, go to clubs in jeans&a t-shirt and just tie my hair in a ponytail or whatever because I learned that shit ain't worth my time. And I still use social media and check on the trends but age teaches you to not give a fuck anymore.

No. 1016608

I think it's a waste of time to watch videos posted by slovenly people. They don't even have the sense to wash their face before putting it online, therefore I find it hard to put any stock in their opinions regarding "social issues". .

No. 1016613

I still would've liked it, defended the OP the exact same way and told dog haters to fuck off back to their containment thread, but that's just me

No. 1016633

Reading the fakeboi thread on /snow/ makes me completely understand why some women don't want to be women.

No. 1016657


No. 1016661

I'm an ex fakeboi and even I don't get the ones who grow a beard and then wear lingerie and get all loud and queer.. that's a whole new breed of fakeboi that I'll never understand.

The old ones that wanted to blend in if possible.. I get the thought process that leads to it that. And there's the same few factors that usually lead women to it too.

No. 1016682

It's the venom some anons spew at fakebois who aside from being cringe haven't done anything particularly bad. They mock their appearance pre transition and then they're surprised how some girls just want to stop being subjugated to all the standards society holds. Not even accounting in that aside from some who are trenders and are chasing the tiktok clout, a lot of them have autism, were abused/neglected in the past, and probably have some other issues, so I don't see how it's in any way nitpicking cows when a lot of them are also literal who's. It's punching down in a slimey catty way.

No. 1016933

Men target black women because they hate women and can get away with treating black women like shit. Black women are the only group of women you can say whatever you want about if you're a man. The feminists aren't going to do anything about it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1016942

>The feminists aren't going to do anything about it.
the fuck are you talking about, libfems point this out constantly, it's just that men don't give a shit. I also don't agree that men target us the worst, they have their own little practices of scrotery for every race.

No. 1016950

Imagine a male talking shit about a white celebrity like Taylor swift on a pod cast etc his career would be over and or he would be forced to apologize but you can shot a black female celebrity and still have a job.

No. 1016961

Yeah, every time I go to a feminist space and they bring up race, it's like…white feminists vs black feminists, and the black feminists are like
>Reeee you voted for Trump and you are racist toward us btw
and the white feminists are like
>Reeeee no we didnt and we're never racist you're just dividing us as women btw you're just jealous because black men want us and we're prettier than u so there!!!
Both groups type out some variation of this, but expand it to like 1000+ word essays and no one ever gets anywhere. Neither group tries to listen to each other or empathize, it's just cattiness, attempts to silence and underhanded insults all around. I guess it's an American thing, but it makes me sad to see it anyway. It's like women don't want to get along

No. 1016983

>his career would be over and or he would be forced to apologize
Lmao in what world? All celebreties get shit on constantly and double that for women. Remember celebrity death matches? That shit was always the worst and dehumanizing when they used women, regardless of race.

No. 1016990

I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that white men see white women as possessions/broodmares to protect lol. Black men are like, even more worthless and broke than most other scrotes, so they do no such thing. In fact, they're literally the main ones attacking black women, and that's why other races of men feel free to do it
If other races of women jump in and try to help, the hoteps/fake woke black incels, pick-mes and the black feminists who have hateboners for white (or even just non-black) women blinding them from building bridges start to seethe and say "Stay out of this, Karen, it's not your business, you're not even black! Stop trying to make this about you!". There is no winning honestly

No. 1017006

This constant racesperging/baiting on /ot/ these past few months is fucking annoying, especially when some anons have already admitted to purposefully posting inflammatory things to infight. Newfags pls gtfo.

No. 1017013

I don't think this one is bait or sperging (or at least not yet), but maybe you're right kek. I'll stop

No. 1017030

I'm not talking about the early 2000s I'm talking about now. Even Taylor Swifts exes are getting canceled now after her new album for consensual relationships.

No. 1017060

So do you not think Kanye could have acted the same way he did around Taylor in the past in current year? nta, I'm just curious because I never pay attention to celebrity shit

No. 1017298

Any moid who commits a violent crime (even something like robbery) should be castrated to lower his aggression.

No. 1017299

Foids who commited crimes to foids should get punished worse for treasonry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1017308

File: 1641434408396.jpeg (252.98 KB, 828x1185, C56B8452-9083-420B-A76D-001282…)

unpopular opinion but kanye interrupting her that day was hilarious and im glad he did it

No. 1017321

I remember seeing this live on TV when it happened. Amazing.

No. 1017345

File: 1641437540559.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 78.38 KB, 886x647, 045BF2BB-2F8A-4253-937E-19334E…)

Unequal attractiveness of people in threesomes should be outlawed.

No. 1017347

He just makes me sad, I’m chilling with sapphic only now.

No. 1017353

truly inconic

No. 1017371

could not ever do a threesome because i find an attractive enough partner to sex exactly once every five years

No. 1017679

i've never felt devastated over the death of a celebrity, even one i like. if one i actually like died right now i'd just be like "that sucks" and move on in like 5 minutes.

No. 1017680

I always felt that way but then Chester Bennington committed sewer slide and I broke like an egg under Racheal Leigh Cook's frying pan

No. 1017686

Same, I was a the gym when I found out and had to leave because I couldn't stop crying lol

Never really cared about him or the band but it really hit hard

No. 1017725

I'm still heartbroken about Chester. It's interesting to hear that his death hit a person who didn't care about him previously. Was it because he commited suicide and not died from natural causes?

No. 1017728

samefag, I hope the egg reference becomes lolcow meme. Lov it

No. 1017735

I only cried for Kentaro Miura's death but I'm not sure if he qualified as a celebrity.

No. 1017737

Same, but it took a long time until I cared. A year later it just hit me that I had spent so many years listening to recordings of him singing about his mental health struggles and now he was dead, and left behind a family and friends that loved him

No. 1017744

I feel really sad when a writer I like dies but I don't feel the same about like, film stars or something even if I like them. It's sad still and I feel bad for their families but they're more distant. I guess it's because you really get into someone's mind when you read something they write and you realize the person who had all those thoughts is gone. I was genuinely really upset when I heard about Joan Didion.

No. 1017842

The Sims 2 is painfully boring to play

No. 1017884

Late but I agree with you anon. I have bad eyesight and although my glasses help I tend to have to highlight text to be able to keep track of it. Maybe I'm just a sperg but I do find some big walls (sorry romanianon) unreadable.

No. 1017911

Text legibility decreases with wider lines. It helps a lot to make the browser window narrower so the text is more like a book rather than an ocean of letters. I wish imageboards would implement formatting restrictions.
It would help with people screenshotting 50 word line posts that are unreadable on phones and still hard to read on proper monitors too.

No. 1018083

File: 1641494094433.png (3.92 MB, 1644x3840, Screenshot_20220106-193309.png)

Trans men pass pretty well some times, way more than trans women.

No. 1018090

File: 1641494273097.jpg (73.08 KB, 400x300, The_Broke_Family.jpg)

Disagree, but because I love playing with the Broke family and fixing their life. It's not really fun to play with Sims you yourself created tho

No. 1018099

Visually some kinda pass as gay guys but it's the voice. They all have that hormone voice.

No. 1018129

Hearing their voices and seeing them in motion (and even worse, in person) always exposes them. Sheer uncanny valley is the best result any tranny could hope for

No. 1018154

Its a sandbox game. It means YOURE boring anon.

No. 1018188

I took testosterone for all of 10 months and I just have a man voice. I don't know if that's better or worse seeing as I came back lol

No. 1018198

Idk why but everytime I listen to Fiona Apple's songs I feel a certain not like the other girls aura. I don't even know how to justify it, and I don't even feel it in the other female songwriters I listen to

No. 1018201

Yes! he is crazy but people forget that he was absolutely right that day. I don't remember Taylor Swift music video but Single Ladies is truly one of the most iconic video clip ever made

No. 1018204

how dare you anon! Have you listen to this song ?

No. 1018207

yes I listen often to this album this is why I feel guilty about it kek

No. 1018211

File: 1641498583058.jpg (106.38 KB, 960x854, emo.jpg)

It's fine for girls to like things like Saya No Uta or yandere cut my life pieces whatever. Like who gives a fuck, obviously an aesthetic
It's a red flag when men do it though. Obvious mark of a tranny or groomer, copying girls to signal fake safety. Warning coloration except it's meant to draw in prey instead of scare them off. Don't care whatever groomer coomer peepoomer salvador Steven pretending to be radical feminist Discord girl disagrees and wants to fight, peace out
Don't care & didn't ask, chora chora chora faggotinho
The only time it can ever be "fitting" is if the male in question resembles the characters the way many girls do and actually likes the style/fashion/art. They never do, this never happens. They are always obese Balkan Nazis, stupid groomers and failed hook-nosed tranny

No. 1018212

I cried about the bogdanoff twins

No. 1018214

I still haven't realized it was honestly out of nowhere

No. 1018250

>Don't care whatever groomer coomer peepoomer salvador Steven pretending to be radical feminist Discord girl disagrees and wants to fight, peace out

No. 1018260

I didn't realize they died, oh my god. RIP.

No. 1018272

File: 1641500915909.jpeg (28.92 KB, 500x500, 2E14E1D2-E873-4604-BD66-D59F5B…)

I would never hand the aux to you(racebait)

No. 1018282

You posted this with such pride like you don't cry while blasting Erykah Badu pretending she's not the queen of pick mes, stfu

No. 1018286

>Erykah Badu

so which millionth Star Wars character is this?

No. 1018289

Ew, uncultured

No. 1018292

i think we should bring back the lurk moar meme. newfags would greatly benefit from it.

No. 1018358

Nta, but they spelled it correctly. That's her name.

No. 1018369

Had a genuine kek at this
That’s how her name is spelled, blame her parents

No. 1018381

Stop responding to them all americans and new worlders regardless of skin color are utter trash. Iggy Azalea’s real name is for example Amathyst and her son’s name is Onyx. They suck. Old world ftw.(shitposting)

No. 1018443

Kek what race are they baiting? Americans? American is a nationality. You can be black, white, Asian, etc and still be a burger who spells names like retards

No. 1018444

File: 1641508967713.jpeg (321.34 KB, 1440x1440, 0874FC57-5AF4-4C89-A4B1-23A5B0…)

She gets shit on all the time, especially for hitting on Leon but you know fucking what at least she had the fucking balls to ask him herself. SHE ADMITTED TO HIS FACE THAT SHE WANTED HIM TO COME OVER FOR SOME OVERTIME AND WHO FUCKING WOULDNT WANT LEON S KENNEDY TO COME OVER FOR SOME OVERTIME. SHE WAS HONRY FOR HIM AND ADMITTED IT.
I respect her

No. 1018479

honestly though who wears a turtleneck sweatervest and then ties another sweater around their neck? are you going to wear two sweaters? what the fuck.

No. 1018641

based tbh, boba tea is shit and over priced

No. 1018681

I find the infighting funny, but it's really insane how many anons respond seriously to obvious bait. I know we're all autistic here, but cmon nonnies

No. 1018687

cringe opinion, but sims 3 is more fun imo. I wish the sims thread got more traffic on here. Maybe I should post pictures from the fairytale world i made from scratch…..

No. 1018691

Nta, but I would like to see! Sims 3 is my favorite as well.

No. 1018731

She cute
The more sweaters one wears the more powerful they become

No. 1018745

unpopular opinion: sims are scary

No. 1018747

I dislike the Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? meme, but unlike most people, is not because of the tryhard sexual thing, but because at first I thought it was a domestic abuse joke or something, like a mother hitting her son and having the kid apologizing on repeat. Maybe I'm just very sensible, but it just disturbs me.

No. 1018794

File: 1641535577173.gif (636.04 KB, 300x222, tumblr_njfmj5P4Cr1rzq92mo5_r3_…)

Agreed, all games after the OG were cute but soulless.
I require chaos to be entertained and only the Sims 1 can provide that.

No. 1018803

I'll post a collage over on /m/ when I get some nice photos!

No. 1018826

samefag, for you nonnie >>>/m/177724

No. 1018834

what? this is the first time i'm hearing of this meme. i know the mommydom stuff but not this specific string of words. sounds pretty gross either way.

No. 1018836

I have a favorable opinion of Josh Moon and listen to his streams. I do not browse kiwifarms, the scrotes there are annoying.

No. 1018848

I'm guessing this is the meme. Super unfunny

No. 1018880

I hate zoomers and their shitty “humour”

No. 1018910

I don't like him or even agree with a lot of his dumb ass opinions but I do like his voice. He's a entertaining fat retard who reviews cows every week. Oh and talks about his plants & is obsessed with that Ethan dude whose equally obsessed with him. I also honestly think he wants to fuck Channel he genuinely gets excited when he talks about her. I don't visit Kiwifarms as much as I used too though. There's a lot of cows and it's organized but Im not interested in them or the culture of the board anymore.

No. 1018915

I’m fucking dying. Why did your mind go immediately to that? Kek they should honestly rebrand it to a domestic abuse joke its funnier and relatable

No. 1019030

where's the funny?

No. 1019140

(burgerfag) I don’t know what exactly is the solution for student loan debt but just forgiving them all sounds completely retarded. How does that actually fix the issue of colleges charging insane tuition fees? I think people have overvalued 4 year college. More and more I’m seeing people having to go to grad school to get an actual okay paying job. I never went to college while my 3 roommates did and we all make the same amount of money roughly. We should be stressing to high schoolers what student loans are and that, no just because you get a degree it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically find a good job. I’m thankful that my HS Econ teacher in-depth explained how loans worked to us and that student loans are not dischargable if you file for bankruptcy. What really needs to be focused on is bringing instate tuition down.

No. 1019176

File: 1641573052869.jpg (48.14 KB, 474x474, downloadfile-1.jpg)

The word Karen should had stayed as a inside joke thing. Now even my coworkers use it. Anyways, leaving the obviously crazy racist white women aside, the word Karen is so misused nowadays. I'm pretty sure most "Karens" have a reason to be one. They probably were mistreated by some scrote and seen as garbage. Idk. Besides the ones who grew up with an already notorious Karen personality I think most Karens must have had an origin story of some sort. Perhaps they were sweet once but then assholes mistreated her and now she tolerates no shit. I dunno

No. 1019179

Male Karen's are worse anyway and internet videos are usually cherry picked, if you've ever worked in customer service or fast food, men don't just bitch and leave they threaten people and get violent over stupid shit like forgetting a sauce kek women will just bitch and threaten to go to the competitor

No. 1019181

Yes, nowadays "Karen" is just used to make any woman who complains about anything shut up, and invalidate their argument. It implies that women don't have a right to disagree with you (or with scrotes) and that there's no good reason why someone would disagree with whatever it is you said. Sometimes it also implies that it's only white women who complain about things. I fucking hate it.

No. 1019184

>just because you get a degree it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically find a good job
This. Tbh I could get a job related to my degree but even then I would be underpaid

No. 1019187

And overworked too. America is just Debtland. You can apply to apologize your student loans but then it doesn't fix the cost of the degree
Education should be free and for everyone

No. 1019190

This is currently me. Once I get enough experience I hope to find another better job, I'm just so tired.

No. 1019204

And high schools are always like THE STARTING SALARY FOR THIS IS LIKE 70k and make it out to be a smart choice and then really you’re lucky to find one for around 50k and it’s horrendously long hours and hard work anyway. I shouldn’t have went to college but I was always “smart” in school stuff so I was pushed to do big things and now I’m struggling to find anything just like most everyone else. But people get mad when gifted kids talk about feeling swindled and lost, idk why when a lot of them had shitty stressful youth as a result of caring so much about grades anyway.

No. 1019208

I made more as a waitress than as an EMT for a company that was "desperately hiring" + the 2k I dropped for the class and license. I'm so glad there's a job shortage now so companies can grow up and pay people a livable wage for a job that you have to drop tons of money to get certified for

No. 1019233

The problem is the loans and the overvaluation of most degrees in the eyes of the public. When people refuse to take out loans for some worthlews degree then the market haa to correct itself.

No. 1019236

Damn TikTok is really the place where humor goes to die, I always thought Vines were painfully unfunny but at least they were only 7 seconds long.

No. 1019251

Shoplifting from big business is based as hell, people were giving too much flack to the early tumblr community of shop lifters

No. 1019255


As a burgerfag I think you’re retarded and sheltered

No. 1019331

I agree but some shit shops make the workers pay for whatever is missing at the end of the month, so they weren't hurting the corps but the workers

No. 1019341

No. 1019469

I don't mind romanianon. I know her schizo blogposts shit up threads and that's annoying, but I hate that Steven moid more than I could ever hate romanianon purely because he's a predatory scrote lurking on female imageboards. Romanianon is crazy but I'd take her pages of craziness over some shitty moid trying to talk to women he meets in spaces meant to be female only.

No. 1019511

File: 1641586621054.png (383.93 KB, 657x371, Until dawn.PNG)

The only thing Josh did wrong was harm people who weren't in on the prank and waste his time. I don't like how his story ends. I'd like if he went to jail or something other then his fate. It's been a while since I played the game buttt I always felt Josh wasn't justified but…fuck Mike and everyone else who played a part in that "prank". They killed the sisters. I don't care if it was dumb for them to run out into the woods in the middle of a snow strom. I don't care if Josh was drunk (they were partying & having a good time). Everyone who played a part in that prank killed those girls. I have little sympathy for those who were apart of it. Just for those who Josh pranked and didn't have shit to do with it. Especially his best friend. Josh isn't a good person but most of them weren't. Also, Emily was mean but her boyfriend was annoying and a whiner. Mike is a asshole.

No. 1019569

Steven is ugly, and I wouldn't fuck him

No. 1019707

Disagree because of what >>1019331 said. Tumblr shoplifters were rightly given flack. Fuck fucking over workers.

No. 1019882

Mentally disabled people shouldn't be allowed to go to normal people schools.

No. 1019886

Schools should be segregated by ability so smart students don't get harassed by dumb students and dumb students don't feel humiliated and inferior.

No. 1019944

Why though? Most are in separate programs and classes anyway. Though I guess bullying still happens.
In middle school, the extra disabled kids, like the ones you see in chairs, would mostly be in a separate facility off-campus

No. 1019987

Human shit is worse than dog shit when it comes to smell and texture

No. 1019998

NTA but in that case it is the corporation which screws over the workers. It is not the workers' fault that someone shoplifted, so why should they charge them for the missing items? It's just another excuse to pay workers less.

No. 1020000

What kind of horseshit is that, I bet that's illegal in most places. You can't charge workers for things getting stolen.

No. 1020004

The mentally disabled kids, those whom were severe on the ‘tism and those in wheelchairs whom were mentally “the lights are on but nobody’s home” were housed together in separate classes from the normies but in the same campus in my school district.

However in high school, the mentally disabled and severely autistic kids did extra-curricular/core classes with us. The barely high-functioning ones had more normie classes with TAs as well as those with learning disabilities and blindness (I’m partially blind).

No. 1020006

Hip hop was a mistake. Now every third white boy is an annoying wigger.

Bullying builds character. We cant shield kids from social conflict.

No. 1020029

…Gilmore Girls?

No. 1020034

Damn, you're right. Post discarded.

No. 1020046

The point is that the corporations are looking for every possible way to fuck over their lowly paid workers, so why the fuck would you want to do that to your fellow worker?? Don't give corporations more reasons to fuck them. >>1020000
In this capitalist state, I really, really, really doubt that's illegal. It doesn't help that most American workers aren't unionized.

No. 1020052

I don't see a problem if they're in separate classes, unless you mean that more resources should go into their own schools and programs. I have a relative who is loved by the regular school kids when they see him, but then it's not like he is violent or anything. He has a lovable personality. Surprised me how much they like him and have volunteered to help, seems like kids are in some ways nicer instead of afraid like they used to be.

No. 1020069

Not always

No. 1020106

File: 1641628216426.jpg (456.75 KB, 800x1915, ad6afca06c7e709f3728476e87582a…)

Women should not have the right to vote.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1020111

Men are so hurt they're stupid af and biologically programmed to rage and do stupid shit. Chill out you tards. Let us your mothers handle it.

No. 1020132

Based cunts making the rightoid scrote who made this pic seethe.
The only thing this proves is that women are generally not rightoids, though. There's still a difference between centroid (liberal) and leftist women. Some of those things that have allegedly increased entirely because of women (lmao) are not always part of the same political ideology.

Also for my unpopular opinion:
"Freedom of speech" is a meme and not necessarily good. I don't want incels and neo-Nazis indoctrinating more alienated young men and boys into becoming mass shooters and raging misogynists or racists with no possibility of being cured of their mental illness, or to allow other dangerous ideologies to spread.

No. 1020168

All societal problems are the end result of the scrote obsession with dominance heirarchies. You are the plague, the flesh eating disease that permeates every oozing pore of humanity. The mindless drones of civilization, who soldier on to the empty promise of power and glory, only to be left rotting in a putrid ditch made up of your own piss and bile. All of your woes sown by your own hands, but too stupid to realize. Blind to the fantasy of supremacy, unable to feel the warmth of another in the dark. All the blood in the world won't fill the festering pit in your stomach. Your victories are hollow, your triumphs meaningless. Your existence, ultimately, worthless. Such a brutal reality cannot be reconciled within your narrow framework. You are the original crab, in the original bucket, and for all eternity will you tear mercilessly into each other's backs.

No. 1020201

There's too much hate against so-called Instagram and Tiktok artists. Both are just platforms for artists to share their work. A lot of the drawing lifehack stuff is just work smarter not harder, which is no big deal. These dime a dozen drawing advice youtubers need to get off their high horses

No. 1020215

there's a lot of women that spread right wing ideology and give a platform to misogynistic and hateful right wing scrotes and pander to them and ironically they are appropriating radfem ideology to hate on whores, when radfem isn't about hating whores

No. 1020218

Why do artists hate each other so much? Is it because you mostly work alone and rarely collaborate? I'd hate my job if I was surrounded with such criticism from peers all the time.

No. 1020220

Probably because it's a competitive field? Especially on social media you're constantly competing for the stats against others.

No. 1020221

Competition, a lot of artists have their ego to close to what they're creating and seeing someone better is a personal offence. Not everyone of course.

No. 1020223

kek the fact that a moid probably downloaded photoshop for the first time and probably spent hours or days just to make this hideous infographic about women makes me laugh. we will always live in your head rent-free <3

No. 1020227

It's not just competition, most fields are competitive but still don't hate each other. You won't even hear cutthoat business people talk like that about their competition, imagine that "ew, they're using that advertising platform", it's just silly

No. 1020230

Please dont call us the mothers of those things kek

No. 1020236

OP here and yeah, I think it's because of the reputation that Tiktok and Instagram have, making quick videos for clicks. So I think a lot of other artists look down on it because they think it's 5 Minute Craft tier art advice. When it's not all just that, it's just another place to advertise work and show processes. Really too, the artists on Youtube make these "Top 10 Art Advice to NEVER follow" videos for the same reason.

No. 1020245

I don't think a person is un