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File: 1703907679609.gif (39.64 KB, 300x118, lolcow_awards_2024.gif)

No. 67199

Thank you for casting your votes!

Beating out the 7 days of Kwanzaa, the 8 days of Hanukkah, and the 12 days of Christmas, we bring you the 15 Lolcow Awards! This year we had typical ups and downs with our cows churning out milk some weeks and going bone dry others. We faced tinfoiling and fears that the site would face another Bunker Thread. We laughed, we cried, we drew and we watched moovies. Many of you beat SpaceX’s record as your sides have been launched into orbit endlessly over the cows we celebrate today. So, Merry Milkmas and a Happy New Year! You can view the full results of the voting by clicking here!

No. 67200

File: 1703908049638.png (22.25 KB, 129x180, shayna2.png)

Best milk: Shayna confirming her breast implant, titfoiler retribution

The speculation has finally been confirmed, and all titfoilers have received a presidential pardon. Read the start of the implant confirmation saga below:

No. 67201

File: 1703908075565.png (19.3 KB, 129x180, worst_milk_w.png)

Worst milk: The entirety of /w/

Lolitas and cosplayers prove themselves again to be the nitpickiest of nickpickers, no matter how much time wears on. If you’d like to find solace in the fact that you’ve never zoomed in to Weenus’s pores or inspected the background of Jillybean’s photos, click here: >>>/w/

No. 67202

File: 1703908103692.png (24.59 KB, 129x180, shayna_aw.png)

Favourite cow: Shayna

She's the unkempt "bimbo" trainwreck that we just can't look away from! View her most recent thread here:

And if you find yourself craving more, make your way to the hidden board…

No. 67203

File: 1703908126252.png (27.53 KB, 129x180, 41_yourselves_aw.png)

Worst cow(s): All troons in the TIM thread

If you feel like ruining your day, spend some time gawking at their most recent thread here:

No. 67204

File: 1703908194659.gif (45.04 KB, 129x180, bgcc.gif)

Biggest plot twist: Chris-chan being freed and finding love

Experience the shock and horror of this plot twist for yourselves by scrolling his thread:

No. 67205

File: 1703908228666.png (31.61 KB, 129x180, lucinda_aw.png)

Horrorcow: Lucinda

Unicorns have never been so terrible. Steel yourselves before visiting her most recent thread below (viewer discretion is advised):

No. 67206

File: 1703908258005.png (30.3 KB, 129x180, attention_whores_aw.png)

Best troll: None, because they're all unfunny attention whores that are the cancer destroying this board

You voted, and you rightfully drew the conclusion that we should not be awarding the worst among us. May every troll be forced to touch grass in 2024!

No. 67207

File: 1703908301830.gif (16.14 KB, 129x180, kiwitard.gif)

Worst troll: Kiwitards

When the kiwis get bored of their home on DreamHost Cloudflare VanwaTech they sometimes like to visit the farm. If you want to get mad at the internet and see what kind of high quality users you can join on Kiwifarms (unless you’re in New Zealand), give https://lolcow.farm/rita.html a read.

No. 67208

File: 1703912244431.gif (1.85 MB, 129x180, lolcow_farm.gif)

Best user-created content: The whole site (we survived into 2024 girls)

Thank you for all of your contributions to the site this year!

No. 67209

File: 1703912295476.png (27.14 KB, 129x180, kikomi_aw.png)

Best user-created content: Honourable mention to Kikomi, for coming in a close second place!

No. 67210

File: 1703912394284.gif (20.03 KB, 129x180, queen.gif)

Best comeback: PT's milk renaissance

This year she has been molested by ghosts, taken Walmart testosterone, been fired from Lowe's for fighting the twansphobes, and she rocks and thrusts with her phantom stomach penis. She may claim to be a man but she will always been our queen!

Enjoy the milk in her most recent thread:

No. 67211

File: 1703912434223.gif (83.81 KB, 129x180, shayn.gif)

Best comment: Shaytan autism

Grab your overnight oats and make your way to this lolcow.farm heritage post here:

No. 67212

File: 1703912464467.png (33.17 KB, 129x180, all_nonnies.png)

Best poster(s): All nonnies who have made funny and insightful posts this year

We love to see the holiday spirit flourish among anons. Who else would understand Hall is the blond one?

No. 67213

File: 1703912533981.gif (13.61 KB, 129x180, tiktok_twitter.gif)

Worst poster(s): Twitter/TikTok tourists who won't integrate

With their short attention spans and aversion to reading, our tourists don’t seem to even know the word “imageboard.” The bad news is they won’t make it far enough to know we made a pixel art stamp to mock them, but the good news is we won’t get #canceled by the flavor of the week.

No. 67214

File: 1703912596432.png (20.81 KB, 129x180, sexwork_redtext_aw.png)

Best redtext: "Sex work isn't real work" glitter redtext

Does more need to be said? It’s nice to hear the truth. For a fun night in, hit the camgirl threads >>>/snow/1904192 and have a scavenger hunt!

No. 67215

File: 1703912639926.png (22.86 KB, 129x180, cows_aw.png)

Worst redtext: Nitpicking

Farmers love to do it, and apparently hate to be banned for it. We won't be relaxing the rules, so enjoy all your nitpicking bans in the year ahead!

No. 67216

File: 1704003955622.gif (221.15 KB, 400x337, IMG_2126.gif)

Did your cow win an award? Did Shayna steal the election? Is there a category you’d like to see next year? Feel free to discuss below. Thank you all for voting and may the milk flow in 2024!

No. 67218

Big Shaynus is such a legend

No. 67224

thanks admins for doing this again this year! the awards are so dorky but also super cute. can't say I'm surprised shayna content won 3 awards. from the looks of it the results for best cow weren't even close. we have a lot of shaytards. maybe shay should be promoted to /pt/??

No. 67228

These awards are completely retarded compared to previous ones.

No. 67230

The little pixel arts are a very nice touch. Thanks farm-team and a happy new year !

No. 67231

This will be a very handy reaction image!
Also I didn't know there were so many Shaynafags on LC, wtf.

No. 67232

File: 1704022161615.gif (57.23 KB, 867x44, picasion.com_hVQa.gif)

Congratulations Big Shaynus. She lost the MV awards again this year but at least she picked her third cow of the year trophy.

Also thanks admins, the pixel art is cute.

No. 67233

Shayna collected a lot of awards! Speech speech speech!

No. 67234

This was a nice rewards, it's a good refresher for the year and I can't wait to see what 2024 brings.

No. 67235

Love the pixel art but this is nightmare fuel kek, happy new year everyone!

No. 67238

kek don't you work for the anons on this site? no offense but "enjoy your bans" is a weird way to welcome the new year

No. 67239

File: 1704041786467.jpg (62.08 KB, 550x550, 0d9dfec91104c45a8e63665414b77a…)

The amount of effort in making gifs for all the winners is pretty amazing. Happy new year Cerbmin, farmhands and all farmers!

No. 67241

The awards are a nice! Happy New Year nonnies

No. 67244

They have to feel better about their “jobs” somehow, same reason there was an award for moderation.

No. 67247

File: 1704049162504.png (2.2 MB, 1400x1050, 5DYyVDd.png)

these are beautiful farmhands, happy new year

No. 67248

Oh my god the pixel dolls, amazing. And the winners are well chosen too. But kek at Shayna almost stealing the worst cow award too.

No. 67253

The dollz and pixel art bring back old memories, I love it!

No. 67261

Pls McDonald's anon needs an award

No. 67266

An award for trolls but not awarding it because trolls bad teehee.
All of this reads like it was written by a 12 year old. And seeing a bunch of awards given to the actual cancer (shayna) really seals it. Just rebrand to PULL 2.0 and be done with it.

No. 67267

bah humbug to you too nona

No. 67268

Work for us? We aren't paying them kek

No. 67270


No. 67271

The awards themselves are the epitome of no fun allowed…

No. 67272

we voted for them retard. why are you mad at who got the awards when the users made the nominations and did the voting? did you even vote?

No. 67273

Idk the whole post was written in a weirdly condescending and finger-wagging way. I won’t tinfoil about it the votes were real but why even have best troll as a category if it’s le naughty.

No. 67277

they put best troll as a category and anons malded about it in the nomination thread, so they added that the category shouldn't exist as a poll option and it won. the mods aren't the one who decided there was no winner, the people who nominated/voted did. so it was the users who decided it was a shit category and that mods shouldn't have added it

No. 67278


No. 67280

So true.

No. 67293

“Hall is the blonde one” and Vocaroo nona were shafted

No. 67294

Guess you could say the farmhands are… out of touch.

No. 67298

I was robbed that i missed this anon
Fucking KEK

No. 67299

Most sane /meta/ poster

No. 67342

Next year I hope the mods do a little pruning of the nominations. Some of the categories had duplicate nominations and the "whole site/all cows/all nonnies who post good/all newfags" ones are just really dumb. It's embarrassing how many of the awards were won by those.

No. 67346

Love it! Although the "all the nonnies" felt a little too saccharine and disneyfied. Would have enjoyed a tad more snark for this to be on brand. But the art is really cool!

No. 67347

Same fagging, I think a few more categories for best posts of the year to highlight the community itself would be better. Since its anonymous the posts should be highlighted rather than the posters

No. 67351

The only one of those that I voted for was the one that said that all of the farmhands are cringe kek

No. 67352

The pixel art stamps are so adorable. I love the PT one so much, and Kikomi.

No. 67353

cute pics!

No. 67367

These stamp awards are amazing! My favorite is definitely Kikomi kek. Thank you for all the work put into these.

No. 67398

Makes me fucking cry every time I read this I'm so happy it won. I hope that anon has a good new year.

No. 67415

The pixel art stamps are so cute. Happy New Year everyone!

No. 67416

whoever made the little dollz awards, ilysm and thank you ♥

No. 67424

The stamps were such a beautiful touch! I still wish Boyega chan got her flowers, she is the only troll who has made me laugh out loud.

No. 67437

File: 1704503423976.mp4 (5.28 MB, 128x180, vocaroo.mp4)

We agree that there weren't enough categories to properly showcase all the user-created content from this year (which is why we added a first runner up stamp for Kikomi), we're going to add a lot more next year, e.g. Best Thread, Best Text Post, Best Edit, Best Art, etc. If you have suggestions for categories you want to see, feel free to make them here and we'll keep them in mind for next time! One of the admins made the awards this year, and she's made this bonus one to celebrate this inspiring work of collaboration.

No. 67438

Wow! Congratulations to all the winners! Another year on lc, idk what I’d do without you girls. Thanks for making life a bit more bearable.

No. 67523

Wish Shingels would have won something, she really went for it tghe last weeks of the year w her AI bOyFriEnD and her whole AI arc in general. The Shingels revival was real frfr

No. 67583

I miss the contrarian came and started shitting up her thread. That was gold.

No. 67715

thank you for this admins! and for the awards in general. very nostalgic

No. 67716

I am convinced the Shayna threads is just Shayna talking shit about herself because she’s so repulsive, I don’t understand how people keep up with her

No. 67768

It's men.

No. 67814

There was some ewhores thread made ages ago which featured all Shayna's female orbiters and it's sexworkers who are…uh, let's say they have reason to fixate and idolise shay fat and ugly combination and I'm sure her male fans too, but it's primarily other sex workers imo. She's too gross for anyone not a sexworker or john to keep close tabs on

No. 72348

Omg who made the banner it's so cute!

No. 72525

I hope someone makes it into a real banner

No. 72951

One of the Admins (Sentinel) made it. We will add it to the banner list alongside newly made banners from the banner thread on our next update.

No. 72955

thank you for banner updates, cerbmin

No. 72977

Yess I hope it comes out cute! I love it

No. 73735

I can't find the glitter redtext, can someone help me out? please I scrolled through it 3 times already

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