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File: 1691342732795.jpg (134.86 KB, 643x804, tumblr_4313e73840c2e2429fdb29f…)

No. 313163

ITT post shitty art. This can include:
>shit anatomy
>confusing compositions
>bizarre, autistic subject matter
>uncanny valley faces
>incompetent technique

Do not:
>Post loli, shota, or any other kind of fetish art depicting children
>Leave gross material (ex. porn, fetishes, gore) unspoilered
>Constantly post generic porn. It should be only be posted if it is uniquely bad in a way that is funny or novel.
>Post AI-generated images.

Remember that there are other threads for art feedback (>>187240), artist salt (>>>/ot/1312695), and shitty comics (>>232318).

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First Post-Wipe Thread:

No. 313211

File: 1691351174818.jpeg (688.07 KB, 828x1032, IMG_3541.jpeg)

Their faces don’t match their bodies at all kek

No. 313223

File: 1691359399654.jpg (1.02 MB, 3000x2754, 20230806_160411.jpg)

What happened here

No. 313225

soul sucked out via tumblr art style

No. 313230

>ginger had a meth-head phase around 2018 but came out the other side
>pink got fat
>blue got elf ears from an underground body-modification surgeon
>black and red dumped blue and came out as transracial
>white has quietly weathered her friends drama for eight goddamn years

No. 313232

File: 1691364488257.png (7.64 MB, 1832x3712, collage.png)

Fell down a rabbit hole of extremely fucked Cillan Murphy fanart. Before you accuse me of posting a child's art with bottom right, it was drawn by the character designer from primos.

No. 313233

File: 1691364694076.jpeg (32.71 KB, 640x641, 1685083446-1653477248-cillian-…)

for reference here's what he actually looks like

No. 313235

File: 1691365220088.jpeg (1.51 MB, 2736x3251, IMG_5265.jpeg)

No. 313240

considering the artistic level of the source material this is pretty good

No. 313246

That first one's gonna give me nightmares.

No. 313249

>anon has never seen a caricature before

No. 313252

File: 1691370323295.jpg (276.68 KB, 1024x789, 8.5-heads-tall-revealed.jpg)

Why must caricatures be so damn ugly? It would be a good way to get paid to troll people at the fair though.

Posting for the description and depiction of Conan the Midget.

No. 313267

>Why must caricatures be so damn ugly?
Because the point of caricatures is to exaggerated and distort someone's physical appearance, usually for humour's sake. I understand not liking them but caricatures are meant to be unflattering.

No. 313277

please stop posting before this thread is permanently doomed by your retarded takes and pics

No. 313280

File: 1691392715127.jpg (575.38 KB, 1200x1200, 1073270421200.jpg)

I feel bad for making fun of this artist because he or she put so much effort and passion into his works, but this looks hilarious

No. 313285

thank u anon, i kekd

No. 313286

i thought he had a vageen on his chest

No. 313288

how I feel when an anon replies to my post

No. 313305

>he or she
That’s clearly a woman’s work. Free yourself of grammatical misogyny

No. 313307

It's male POV though.

No. 313312

>That’s clearly a woman’s work.
Lol nah

No. 313313

with the exception of top and maybe bottom right, are you actually trying to defend these as good caricatures. The middle ones look like random british politicians and the others are nightmare fuel

No. 313314

they're fine for intentionally ugly art, all caricatures look like that. doesn't belong itt any more than an intentionally fugly character would belong in the bad design thread for being fugly. agree with >>313277 that op sounds like a weird autist.

No. 313318

>grammatical misogyny

No. 313333

File: 1691429033370.jpg (17.07 KB, 200x200, kekw-emote-2.jpg)

>grammatical misogyny

No. 313340

File: 1691431632781.jpeg (81.44 KB, 776x1024, _ (24).jpeg)

Allergic reaction-core

No. 313347

I unironically really like it

No. 313348

Anon has a point, if you adjust some things like the anatomy, it could look pretty cute!

No. 313404

File: 1691452362673.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 20230803_165631.jpg)

Why does that furry have a tumor for a lip?

No. 313409

wrong thread, this is art

No. 313450

Shit taste.

No. 313637

File: 1691540875486.jpg (1.28 MB, 2266x3179, nightmare fuel.jpg)

No. 313638

i loathe this type of art. The face is always super well rendered but the body is unfinished and under-rendered.

No. 313639

This vaguely reminds me of Harada-sensei

No. 313641

The anatomy is so fucked I agree with nonnie it does remind me of harada but with no charm. Why are the hands even doing that pose?

No. 313642

I think it's just fur, not the lip.

No. 313643

there's just so much emphasis on the mouth..

No. 313646

are you a bad enough dude to span three different camera angles with one hand

No. 313659

The mouth is absolutely not at the right angle

No. 313660

File: 1691563548312.jpeg (261.52 KB, 1272x2048, IMG_7420.jpeg)

No. 313669

I thought this was one of those "draw your ocs in six styles" memes at first. It's not bad to have a versatile style, but her style changes literally each year lmao. It looks like it was drawn by six different people.

No. 313707

Picasso if he was a weeb

Are these some OCs or are we supposed to guess who the artists mutilated?

No. 313728

Not OCs so guess away lol

No. 313998

Leon Kennedy?

No. 314010

barbie and ken?

No. 314011

what's wrong with his hair? is this ai?

No. 314014

Leon and Luis

No. 314016

Pewdiepie and Markiplier?

No. 314045

Ding ding

No. 314069

File: 1691748904368.jpg (30.86 KB, 772x598, FzcQNVPWIAEqJ0M.jpg)

No. 314070

File: 1691748930931.jpg (33.18 KB, 795x707, Fzq2GcmWIAU1wQq.jpg)

This person is 28 and depicts characters as sex-obsessed deviants, then proceeds to criticize other users for "drawing them ooc"

No. 314072

kek do you remember that period in time when so much fan art of those two existed?

No. 314117

Is that. Manfred von Karma

No. 314194

File: 1691798908732.png (306.92 KB, 544x723, oldschool_fujo.png)

Dorito chin, small head. Old school fujo coming back.

I hate that I knew it. I swear these people only need the hair color and some faint idea of the original haircut, the rest doesn't matter.

No. 314196

File: 1691799591944.png (896.63 KB, 708x831, Screenshot_20230811-201430~2.p…)

im scared

No. 314240

koleen's art be like

No. 314320

File: 1691860914865.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.97 KB, 900x1600, what the fuck.jpg)

male genocide when

No. 314332

What kind of fucked up life do you have to live to be sexually attracted by shit like this?

No. 314333

let me guess, fellatrix?

No. 314503

File: 1691945442606.jpg (789.66 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_741d0b735e24504c2b6bd99…)

It hasn't even been a day since Touhou 19 came out.

No. 314662

That truly is something special

No. 314665

File: 1691995229821.png (758.59 KB, 893x882, image_2023-08-14_164307003.png)

sweet mother of god

No. 314708

TIF artstyle

kek they look like troons

No. 314745

File: 1692017459663.jpeg (419.39 KB, 828x813, IMG_8145.jpeg)

No. 314748

>regular couple
My sides

No. 314751

It's sfw but something about this drawing feels perverse.

No. 314753

It’s because it’s furry art anon kek. Any adult who draws furry bluey fanart I assume is a nonce.

No. 314754

File: 1692019524902.jpg (72.67 KB, 640x631, photos-4.jpg)

nta but the art is based on a meme. This image was spread around on tumblr years ago where people made fun of it because while the person who made it had good intentions it's still homophobic for calling gay couples for irregular. Some people even used it as an example of the faux activism in fandom spaces. It became a meme to redraw it and maybe redrawing it is another example of faux activism

No. 314798

File: 1692031255825.jpeg (82.94 KB, 750x804, IMG_7568.jpeg)

The fact that I can't even tell if this is joke art or not

No. 314801

File: 1692032776412.jpg (50.5 KB, 828x793, ty8d2fqakbf81.jpg)


No. 314802

If this was treated the same way as when he was trying to win the special Olympics, I can see it happening.

No. 314803


No. 314890

File: 1692064372745.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.42 KB, 932x937, F3e9noKaQAAY0PJ.jpg)

I Have No Mouth and I Must Coom

No. 314897

they kno their cartman is so ooc they call him eric theodore instead. these are the saddest type of girl i s2g. i will complement the colors tho

No. 314899

File: 1692067762350.jpg (61.07 KB, 960x647, 131297903_1002478687155036_216…)

I admit I like it, but the molars should be either omnivore or carnivore, not… just fangs.

Paru showing her fetish is still something.

No. 314901

>Hello, I'm a woman but my pronouns are he/his
>Cartman's reaction

No. 314924

I'll give it credit, it's not painfully bad like most of the crap here.

No. 314927

"Theodore" is his middle name.

No. 315398

File: 1692219530473.png (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 737x775, kek.png)

thought it was ai at first kek

No. 315432

File: 1692224713012.jpeg (199.95 KB, 1125x993, IMG_7640.jpeg)

No. 315439

I kinda like this, some things with this style shouldn't be too exaggerated but like I get their "vision" kek.

No. 315505

File: 1692257453378.jpg (565.2 KB, 2048x1536, tumblr_6e87e3787e65c356d27a873…)

No. 315527

outside of ugly the design looks like those gacha life characters

No. 315542

Someone is a fan of slugbox

No. 315547


No. 315559

File: 1692282768056.jpg (100.53 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_1301714160682588.jpg)

No. 315560

File: 1692282865648.jpg (280.88 KB, 986x900, Tumblr_l_2671344016215146.jpg)

As if the moid being fat wasn't enough, the artist had to give him a cartoon face that clashes with the body

No. 315561

>wears binder
>still has visible tits
kek what did the artist do that on purpose or are they just shit at drawing baggy clothes

No. 315562

That looks like an everskies commission

No. 315588

musegrll on IG

No. 315599

File: 1692294845491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.28 KB, 1080x1350, 364175105_319026133793361_2042…)

I saw it and now you'll have to see it as well.

No. 315600

That background looks AI-generated as fuck

No. 315644

This is from everskies, I've went to browse this person's art and this is the only angle they know how to draw people kek

No. 315757

So many people won't see this as shit tier art because the colors are pretty and that's depressing

No. 315835

File: 1692380293075.jpeg (295.67 KB, 1544x2048, IMG_7719.jpeg)

attempt at chibi or are they simply deformed midgets

No. 315843

File: 1692383196666.jpg (636.31 KB, 1292x1920, elfquest.jpg)

>ElfQuest is liberal, sex-positive, and identity-affirming ; One of the most beautifully crafted, well thought out comic book fantasy epics of all time.

No. 315879

File: 1692388965170.jpeg (227.3 KB, 839x1200, IMG_5106.jpeg)

kek i knew wendy pini would show up someday. but her old traditional art wasn’t bad (picrel). she’s still a retarded libfem though.

No. 315944

>liberal, sex-positive, and identity-affirming
None of those words are in the Bible.

No. 315945

Good example of an artist who should have sticked to traditional mediums.

No. 315946

Holy fucking downgrade, how did this happen.

No. 315948

File: 1692410529816.gif (2.49 MB, 480x480, Tumblr_l_1035190017992027.gif)

How can anyone read this word and not die of cringe

No. 315956

I guess the black one's not too bad.

Digital art is harder than traditional art.

No. 315967

older traditional artists have a much harder time adjusting to digital. I noticed it even with newspaper artists, all our boomer cartoonists use generic brushes and primal colors.

No. 316011

This is the art equivalent of botched plastic surgery kek

No. 316076

File: 1692466054968.jpg (210.86 KB, 828x1158, F2qBE6zWYAAN.jpg)

No. 316078

She has an asscrack where her navel should be.

No. 316083

Oh Christ I didn't notice the mpreg at first. Bakudeku shippers are another level of insanity.

No. 316088

Wendy Pini is such an interesting case because as >>315879 showed, she is a talented artist. She worked for Disney and also was a professional cover artist. It's just that her preferred style is a fusion between 60's superhero comics and 70's manga and She really likes her tortured, long-haired elf boys.

No. 316119

Elfquest isn't ugly

No. 316120

sensory homunculus lookin ass

No. 316239

It's ugly but in a sort of charming, nostalgic way. There's something very late-seventies-early-80s about it. It reminds me of Patalliro or the artwork from the NES Zelda booklets. I can easily imagine liking this if it had better anatomy and less garish coloring.

No. 316254

File: 1692523461294.jpg (265.84 KB, 1920x2002, doctor__genshin_impact_fanart_…)

No. 316436

File: 1692586383754.jpeg (1.39 MB, 828x1622, IMG_8196.jpeg)


No. 316445

Idk anything about genshin impact but this art feels troonish to me

No. 316497

Not sure if I'd describe it as troonish but the character has a typical cute anime face normally and the artist decided to go with THAT kind of face

No. 316618

File: 1692666237093.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.8 KB, 828x465, ooh_ooh_her_aching_long_toes__…)

Sometimes I like to find the strangest fetish art I possibly can on Deviantart

No. 316619

File: 1692666456737.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.8 KB, 1024x576, lisa_07_by_stitchspike26_by_ve…)

I couldn't choose which one to post. Truly bizarre shit kek

No. 316669

never seen anything quite like this, fascinating

No. 316670

File: 1692693574329.png (166.53 KB, 338x288, meow.png)

i kind of love picrel

No. 316689

Is this what they say at the mountains of madness?

No. 316736

File: 1692720746178.jpg (604.81 KB, 2048x3031, tumblr_b85cc60345d5398acb0d2f2…)

Would you believe me if I said this was a character for the 1991 tabletop game "Vampire: The Masquerade"?

No. 316787

File: 1692733406115.jpg (445.21 KB, 2048x2048, 6aa2_2048.jpg)


No. 316791

It actually looks like a mtf troon and it's well done, I like it

No. 316793

troon being drawn like an ugly male badly dressed in a bad attempt at looking like the goth girl he never got to date, actually accurate

No. 316837

KEK the name fits i guess

No. 316840

The perspective is all fucked up, she looks like she's going to fall backwards

No. 316858

File: 1692760225422.jpeg (21.37 KB, 320x320, C9zigbGUAAAuP9M.jpeg)


No. 316868

Spot-on depiction of a creepy AGP LARPing as the goth girl who rejected him in high school. No notes.

No. 316878

lol a manlet

No. 316881

File: 1692769809683.png (643.45 KB, 720x783, Screenshot_20230727-182134-423…)

The welcome home fandom is something else

No. 316887

I bet there are more “””gay boy””” fans of this than sane women so no wonder the art is so deranged

No. 317112

This was already posted on last thread.

No. 317115

File: 1692832383814.png (353.93 KB, 736x978, tumblr_d1eccb1c30a3c603d593194…)

So fucking obnoxious to look at

No. 317116

Every time someone posts this pic I think of tearzah’s art kek

No. 317161

File: 1692857348918.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 171.56 KB, 1200x3000, lolkek.jpeg)

I love how you can tell these coomers can't draw for shit so they settle for amorphous blobs

No. 317189

>>316254 I thought this was FTM headcanon Kabuto

No. 317192

Couldn't even draw the nonbinary flag properly, which makes it somehow worse.

No. 317211

And of course he drew the nonsense buttcheeks peeking through the thigh gap.

No. 317214

File: 1692877966849.png (Spoiler Image, 8.5 KB, 173x167, yep.png)

For a second I didn't know what the fuck you were talking about, but upon closer inspection, yep.

No. 317248

I think this color vomit stuff is fun personally, but I hate that its some enbie shit

No. 317315

Moids are like babies with no object permanence. They need to see the asscheeks so they don't forget the character has an ass.

No. 317660

File: 1692985600486.jpeg (596.84 KB, 1811x2048, IMG_7922.jpeg)

No. 317666

This image implies that Sonic at some point had titties and the mental image of that is not pleasant.

No. 317678

File: 1692987737791.jpg (599.79 KB, 1280x1219, tumblr_f8f51d636ea6f63dfd0eca7…)


No. 317689

File: 1692990613602.png (Spoiler Image, 155.72 KB, 321x517, die.png)

this is just a background character, a generic mom out with her kid, but you gotta secure all opportunities to coom

No. 317698

File: 1692991756031.jpg (589.55 KB, 1480x1311, Jason Aaron She Hulk.jpg)

>This is from an actual Marvel Comic

No. 317776

Proof that hands are not the hardest thing to draw on a human, it's faces. Eyes showing convincing expression/emotion is the hardest of them all.

No. 317866

>GOT reference in 2023

No. 317917

Sonic with tits is a horrifying mental image.

No. 317984

File: 1693097341538.jpg (930.32 KB, 1725x2352, tumblr_f74e16557974bb8c869def9…)

You weren't kidding in the slightest.

No. 317987

Why is her sweater shiny where her boobs are? Is she in the middle of a wet tee shirt contest?

No. 317988

File: 1693100733125.jpg (550.62 KB, 1037x1600, D4ioGvzXsAYv72B.jpg)

For a second I was worried that it was troon art of Rictor and Shatterstar (which also unfortunately exists.)

No. 317989

That's the magic of coom: the artists think with their cocks and never their brains.

No. 318026

100%, I follow an artist for her 3D renders but she draws as well and while her body anatomy is good she always destroys her drawings by giving them the most hideous faces, I don't know how she doesn't see it. She's also somehow able to give her renders nice-looking color palettes but then all her art looks made with MS Paint's default colors.

No. 318033

File: 1693139014853.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 237.73 KB, 1322x2048, F7D40600-2826-4CE2-AB3C-4333ED…)

Asides from the obvious coomer shit there’s so much wrong with this image like…is it just me or does it look like her torso is on backwards?

No. 318034

File: 1693140007985.png (152.66 KB, 576x900, Screenshot_20230827-094047~2.p…)


somebody end my suffering please

No. 318035

Her art isn’t amazing and she’s usually everything I hate when it comes to too online artists but I find her endearing for some reason. She seems nice.

No. 318038

To each their own, but Nona she hits all the checkmarks of the quirky ~humor~ comic artist

No. 318058

this is a low-effort meme i dont think the artist intended for this to be "art"

No. 318100

File: 1693166936724.jpeg (504.62 KB, 828x1426, IMG_0479.jpeg)

that's her entire output tho. just low effort scribbles rehashing the meme of the day

No. 318101

File: 1693167197783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 694.2 KB, 2048x2096, tumblr_db96849a5fe4b70988fd164…)

I understand this is supposed to be 'horror' art, but I find something repulsive in the… proprtions? structure? of their faces especially Seras' and Van Winkle's

No. 318106

At least she's not drawing another cringe het relationship comic

No. 318109

it's like an annoying form of sameface. it looks kind of okay on integra but the others not so much, it's a struggle to even tell who's who
and yeah they made seras reptilian looking??

No. 318133

No. 318137

It's TIF/woke sameface syndrome. Even if the artist drew a couple holding hands and smiling, the characters would be drawn at the same angles and the mouths would have less teeth, and it'd still look almost identical to this mess.

No. 318141

File: 1693183872994.jpg (117.6 KB, 663x901, Tumblr_l_563886900273455.jpg)


No. 318143

Why do genderspecials always draw hands as knobby-knuckled chicken claws contorted into unnatural postures? Try posing your hands like that, it feels strained and not at all appropriate for a tender love scene or whatever the hell that image is supposed to depict.

No. 318151

Nta but going for 4chan wojak humor and somehow managing to fail even at that is impressively pathetic. Not vendetta to post that sort of thing kek.

No. 318153

what manga is this?

No. 318158

No. 318159

File: 1693193548704.jpg (135.15 KB, 787x1080, Tumblr_l_409243521635622.jpg)

Oh hell naw

No. 318161

NTA either but, in that case, it would be a better fit for the bad comic thread, not the bad art thread since the shitty quality is kind of intentional. Maybe the anon who posted that artist just finds her humor annoying? But this thread is not for that. Maybe try the things you hate thread

No. 318174

File: 1693199873057.png (415.08 KB, 640x640, unnamed.png)

What do you call the opposite of improvement?

No. 318183

begging this artist to draw from life and not do the same shitty sparkledog drawings since 2016

No. 318184

The last one is actual body horror levels of terrifying.

No. 318188

it's evolving, but backwards

No. 318196

Devolution or degradation kek.

No. 318197

File: 1693214224879.png (2.99 MB, 2000x2000, Himmler.png)

>tumblr fanart of Heinrich Himmler

No. 318199

tf2fags will always be clockable from a mile away even long after they lose interest

No. 318201

'Member when Phobes drew fan art of Nazis, including ship art? And nobody mentions it now? And she even works for a comic book company and she didn't even bother to explain what this Nazi business was about? Because I remember.

No. 318202

Was it not of a movie/book about spies?

No. 318204

No, but she drew fan art for a soviet spy thriller called sword and shield amongst other things. It has a niche fujo following anyway but I'm talking about gay Nazis specifically.

No. 318208

dat bent duck
medicfag moment

No. 318212

I vaguely remember when a troll managed to get an artist to draw trans positive fanart of Himmler.

No. 318231

This show was mediocre but I'll always love the diverse personalities of it's human girl characters. Gendies hate it though and believe that complex female characters can't exist and troon them out.

No. 318232

what? I just chacked out her insta since that's what the previous post linked. and it was all low effort meme shit. i don't even know this artist
i think there were some effort to cancel her ca. 2015 but she rarely engages with english speaking fans anyway so it didn't take off. tbf she also draws fanart of ivan the terrible and his oprichinina as well as mongol hordes so she probably just has a thing for horrible historical figures.
also i doubt a russia-based comics company will care all that much about an artist's past online transgressions

No. 318241

File: 1693236536549.jpeg (383.65 KB, 828x924, IMG_8313.jpeg)

god i hate her art so fucking much, it blows my mind that she’s constantly on the front page

No. 318242

I wanna see what this comic is about?

No. 318244

File: 1693238988788.jpeg (512.21 KB, 2048x2048, 5BA87197-454F-41FD-9CEF-EBA4BE…)

It’s made in the most annoying swipe-left style so I apologize for my attempt at putting it all in one image.

No. 318245

File: 1693239505123.png (Spoiler Image, 256.25 KB, 500x1000, 1687104977238968.png)

This one was a rather unique find. It’s like the Steven Universe/tumblr SJW style but 3D. That extra dimension of detail combined with the bad anatomy and proportions really lets you see just how ugly that show actually was. And for some reason, the guy who made this decided to give her tits (or rather, leave them exposed) and that combined with the stiffness and lifelessness makes it kinda creepy to look at.

No. 318246

File: 1693239552223.png (Spoiler Image, 625.5 KB, 1102x750, 1685084396712509.png)

Another one made by the same guy. At least he kinda tried with the anatomy, but the fingers are still awful, and I’m pretty sure he just used the same hair as the last one, but didn’t even bother to increase the topology resolution of the bangs when he stretched them out.

No. 318250

File: 1693239834813.png (Spoiler Image, 630.12 KB, 642x937, 1689536594967961.png)

This one right here is a real doozy. Usually moids will make things like the boobs or the butt comically large when their dick stops working with regular women, but I guess this guy is into legs. What’s worse is that he didn’t at least give her a face, which tells me he’s either a talentless hack or just has no respect for women’s humanity.

No. 318251

She kinda reminds me of a female version of animatedjames sans fart fetish

No. 318256

File: 1693242214732.jpg (235.63 KB, 1080x810, IMG_20230828_200508.jpg)

>won't do:

No. 318284

That artist is a tranny and a brony with a youtube channel, I had no idea he drew shit too

No. 318286

Jomon period vibes

It has a lot of hatching and speshul effects so it's probably considered excellent art by weaboo standards

No. 318299

>no nsfw/fetish

No. 318301

File: 1693265261576.jpg (361.23 KB, 1280x1327, deviantart.jpg)

I like the rendering and there is clearly a some talent here, but the face and foreshortening give this piece an almost lovecraftian aura. I wish this person learned how to draw properly so they could take advantage of some of their good skills.

No. 318302

Phobs flashbacks kek

No. 318456

File: 1693358568686.jpeg (147.39 KB, 1280x1164, IMG_6288.jpeg)

No. 318457

File: 1693358790123.jpeg (89.36 KB, 1069x747, IMG_6290.jpeg)

No. 318466

File: 1693362675401.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 828x1357, IMG_9208.jpeg)

sofia still at it with the mangled genshin porn, how many years has it been again

No. 318499

File: 1693376621119.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1010.87 KB, 2048x2048, Tumblr_l_528279005222256.jpg)

Some TiF's sona. Imagine percieving yourself as… this.

No. 318534

smurf looking creature

No. 318541

stay puft marshmallow them

No. 318549

File: 1693396455159.jpg (23.62 KB, 274x273, kek.jpg)

i'm fucking crying he looks like he's melting

No. 318558

Saltbaker didn't take his loss well after the Delicious Last Course.

No. 318590

File: 1693416803087.jpg (546.57 KB, 1920x1080, cover3.jpg)

No. 318613

No. 318622

File: 1693444103384.jpeg (150.74 KB, 1792x2048, IMG_5127.jpeg)


No. 318623

Why'd they make him so thick? And give him nipples? This must be furry art. I don't even think penguins have nipples there, ew.

No. 318625

>I don't even think penguins have nipples
They aren’t mammals. They don’t.

No. 318627

Anon, I was feeling particularly nostalgic for Club Penguin today and I think this cured it.

No. 318628

> I don't even think penguins have nipples there, ew,
They don’t, they’re flightless birds.

No. 318634

File: 1693449824296.png (Spoiler Image, 693.91 KB, 576x1151, Screenshot_20230830-234454~2.p…)

portraits of girls moaning. Peak moid behavior

No. 318682

File: 1693471458620.png (570.48 KB, 1064x1198, 69190239_Kp7rFapFn.png)

This design looks ugly as fuck

Wasted talent

No. 318684

tbf this looks to be a joke

No. 318688

Did it get its top tits cut off but kept the other 3 pairs?

No. 318734

File: 1693486709072.jpg (219.03 KB, 1908x1146, 9743266-0-image-a-17_155001236…)

Reminds me of that one serial killer who painted portraits of his victims (picrel)

No. 318739

Reminds me of that one artist AngelMaws that charges up to 300 for s design that doesn't end up delivering, got called out a trillion of times and people still buy her shit.
This looks like one of the many copycats she has. Oh my, I'm sorry did I say she? I meant He because he's definitely a guy and not a gender special girl kek

No. 318788

File: 1693506785108.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1044x2058, Screenshot_20230831_211657_Chr…)

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro (Chio's School Road)
It's got a whole lot of coomer shit, so I wouldn't really recommend it, though. The only enjoyable thing about it imo was the love-hate friendship between the two main characters.

picrel is sfw, just spoilered for being ot

No. 318790

File: 1693509569878.jpg (48.12 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1693509491915.jpg)

I hate this shit so much whatever this self-insert shit is. They are always drawn so annoyingly

No. 318796

the artist draws hentai primarily. This shouldn't be a surprise.

No. 318863

File: 1693537060434.png (554.58 KB, 576x1004, Screenshot_20230831-235849~2.p…)

This tard "redesigned" the 6 main characters from my little pony and put them up for sale kek
And people are actually buying them. Imagine spending 50usd in one of these

No. 318873

File: 1693540502473.jpeg (144.24 KB, 1282x2048, IMG_7047.jpeg)

No. 318874

This shit is so embarrassingly horny yet so asexual at the same time.

No. 318878

Instead of complaining you should start grifting

No. 318881

this is just tsunderes

No. 318886

Character on the right looks like they're under a hydraulic press

No. 318889

Why does this give me the same vibe as horny ballhead art. Also the one on the right has some severe-ass scoliosis.

No. 318891

File: 1693547973521.gif (3.07 MB, 480x270, tumblr_9b259255ca18e39716cfea6…)

No. 318907

Is this supposed to be kuromi???

No. 318980

File: 1693588553723.jpeg (280.55 KB, 2000x2000, Tumblr_l_678742910681994.jpeg)

I’d like to understand the psychology behind this fixation with drawing stuff that just looks like it smells like stale sweat.

No. 318984


No. 319005

Considering they’re both outcasts and school kids, this feels pretty realistic for a prom photo. I don’t know, I kinda like it

No. 319007

File: 1693601392394.jpeg (121.92 KB, 1169x939, IMG_2958.jpeg)

No. 319011

It makes me laugh every time when I remember that this quote is from fucking Spy Kids 2

No. 319013

looks like an all tomorrows creature

No. 319016

But what kirbyanon thinks of it?

No. 319017

No. 319054

File: 1693617199621.png (187.94 KB, 237x349, bruzthechopper.png)

No. 319065

File: 1693636831406.jpg (87.73 KB, 706x900, 4.jpg)

not necessarily "ugly" but lol…its one of those try hard styles meant for cheap clicks.

No. 319068

At least with angel maws her designs actually look pretty.

No. 319069

could've at least make the proportions look more accurate

No. 319077

File: 1693646412196.jpg (248.62 KB, 1392x2048, Tumblr_l_674797372771758.jpg)

The danganrompa fandom is a subspecies

No. 319108

Leave it to Danganronpa fans to draw Asian characters 20 shades darker than in canon because "muh headcanons"

No. 319133

They also love giving them top surgery scars and making the girls obese as fuck

No. 319249

File: 1693710156715.jpg (468.79 KB, 2048x1446, inbreeding.jpg)

holy habsburg jaws

No. 319256

never understood how they can render so well but fuck up the anatomy this badly

No. 319275

File: 1693728978031.jpg (862.68 KB, 1947x1443, Tumblr_l_739793448564555.jpg)

No. 319277

File: 1693729227579.png (485.44 KB, 591x789, Screenshot_5.png)

I think this artist has been posted in these threads before but this made me laugh so hard

No. 319278

File: 1693729417492.png (4.72 MB, 2048x1890, image.png)

If you want to know why an adult woman is drawing Amber Heard as an evil pony, apparently autism is the answer

No. 319281

File: 1693731595825.jpg (183.6 KB, 804x804, 1.jpg)

yeah no thats the only type of body this artist knows how to draw lmao

No. 319282

same, what the fuck. I wish i could rendermaxx myself.

No. 319287

I can't tell if she's a troll subtly mocking depp or not.

No. 319292

File: 1693741426870.jpg (2.09 MB, 1300x1950, hands.jpg)

At first I thought she just fucked up one hand. Then I saw the other finger.

No. 319322

File: 1693760631281.jpg (269 KB, 1418x1500, wtf.jpg)

honestly just anyone who draws shit like this. extremely generic, ridiculous coomer shit that manages to get thousands and thousands of notes of engagement.

No. 319323

Lipedema really sucks

No. 319344

i thought this was a gacha life edit at first glance.

No. 319350

They should’ve picked another color for her pants it looks like she’s having some sort of allergic reaction to her armor.

No. 319364

Even if it was another color it doesnt hide the complete fuck up that is basic proportions and anatomy. literally looks like those abominations people create in
rpg character creators. The fact coomtards think this is sexy or cute is just pathetically funny to me.

No. 319396

>her pants
Nonnie, I don't think those are her pants.

No. 319399

File: 1693785076589.jpeg (1.1 MB, 828x1357, IMG_8428.jpeg)

Oof, 67.2k followers but look at that ARM. Yikes.

No. 319404

Watched a billion rendering tutorials, completely disregarded anatomy. Many such cases.

No. 319407

File: 1693786982050.jpg (405.16 KB, 2048x1264, F40ITt9bcAAvwIj.jpg)

I checked that artist out and his commission prices KEK. 80 USD for shitty faces, I hope people don't actually buy his shit

No. 319409

I wonder if there are artists out there that take commissions for fixing shitty commissioned art kek

No. 319416

File: 1693790402561.jpg (418.22 KB, 2048x2186, tumblr_36cd5aea242a687a599afb1…)

shame on me because i still think this design is hot, but where the fuck is the rest of him? where the fuck does his arm go in that bottomless-ass mary poppins pocket? is the crow standing on his hunchback? is he supposed to be crouching or is his body permanently c-shaped from ankylosing spondylitis? jesus fucking christ

No. 319417

File: 1693791588253.jpg (2.18 MB, 2048x1638, Tumblr_l_407686685962607.jpg)

This isn't the worst art ever or anything, but look at his fucking arms

No. 319421

Mac from It's Always Sunny?????

No. 319422

No. 319423

FF14 fans don’t be pedos challenge (impossible)

No. 319424

Why does the carriage look so good

No. 319437

File: 1693799713814.png (1012.5 KB, 1000x800, d7y7dch-bcad9f91-3397-4b8f-b59…)

No. 319438

File: 1693799784991.png (844.62 KB, 1000x800, d7mssmg-34c8b189-4c07-4359-866…)

No. 319441

Because it's all traced 3D renders except for the characters

No. 319443


nona, where did you dig up this absolute classic from?

i sort of miss this kind of bad art.

No. 319459

Zenigirl65 on DeviantArt! I found her on Google images when I looked up Texnolyze lol

No. 319515

File: 1693828988252.jpeg (381.14 KB, 1170x1260, IMG_1198.jpeg)

Question to all you nonnies, how much man boob is enough man boob kek

No. 319516

Gotta love this artist and her grandpa/grandson jojo ship kek, I had no idea she's still at it after so many years. her art is great and I hope she's having a great day

No. 319517

Looks like one of those burn/acid victims who have to have a new face surgically implanted on them

No. 319518

Wish I could unsee these male balloon boobs and unlearn this info.

No. 319526

Are you that rick/morty fag that’s been lurking here for a while

No. 319551

Seems like she fell off hard, the recent posts only get 300-1000 likes but the pencil drawings from 2016/2017 seem to have been popular. That's probably the only reason the following is so big

No. 319576

File: 1693846044393.jpeg (678.76 KB, 828x1054, IMG_3754.jpeg)

this art of a reanimated corpse was drawn by a self described “autistic unicorn witch that loves johnny depp”

No. 319580

Is JD her like special interest.

No. 319630

I like some chunky man boobs, but these are man balloons. It's just incorrect anatomy, a shame because this would be pretty hot otherwise.

No. 319631

The amount of likes this has is even more depressing. The boy moms of fandom.

No. 319636

Are you telling me this artist actually draws like this and it's not a meme…? Oh.

No. 319644

File: 1693855900438.png (1.8 MB, 1060x1230, Capture d’écran 2023-09-04 à…)

yeah lol

No. 319646

File: 1693855981312.png (1.97 MB, 1246x1176, Capture d’écran 2023-09-04 à…)

No. 319654

The clothes, body, hair, and eyes look wonderful, but the mouths and lack of nose and jaw/face shape make it horrendous. I wish people would stop learning anime art style

No. 319657

This is more abuse then anything Amber might have done to him

No. 319664

heckin' based yumestacy

No. 319666

This is adorable, I just wish it wasn't for such a shithead

No. 319667

File: 1693859067346.png (342.93 KB, 603x479, Screenshot.png)

She's actually a fujo

No. 319671

File: 1693859613444.jpg (960.05 KB, 2048x2048, 20230904_153526.jpg)

judging by that self insert, best of both worlds kek

she also drew him with taytay swift, I hate her even more for making me pity her

No. 319682

Good lmao

No. 319709

>moe Johnny Depp
>Pillow shading
>Is he wearing a fucking diaper
>Self shipping
I have no words

No. 319710

Hard disagree about the body. The legs and feet are atrocious.

No. 319721

This fact only makes it worse.

No. 319725

Anyone who woobifies ugly men to this degree are bound to be fujos

No. 320113

Who's she shipping him with on bottom left? I hate his fucking face in this, legit couldn't get it out of my heard when trying to fall asleep last night

No. 320120

File: 1694096457407.jpg (58.05 KB, 601x326, campaignimage_2309_en_m~2.jpg)

It's me or the banner for Clip studio paint giveaway looks really amateurish?
Sorry I couldn't find a better quality

No. 320171

There's nothing wrong with this, it looks realistic.

No. 320172

File: 1694116739664.jpeg (531.2 KB, 2048x2048, F5cX-khXEAALX-H.jpeg)


No. 320173

File: 1694117911760.png (384.68 KB, 826x608, vy2_by_zenigirl65_d6c3jtd-414w…)

I'm fucking howling

No. 320176

mfw lolcor is kill

No. 320178

No. 320190

File: 1694123339582.png (112.37 KB, 220x326, Shrek_(character).png)


No. 320198

I really hope you're just baiting

No. 320199

Looks like yet another Loish copycat.

No. 320200

Blush lines that look like loose pubes are quickly turning into my new pet peeve.

No. 320209

‘90s board game cover art lookin ass

No. 320217

File: 1694138742026.jpg (304.18 KB, 1686x2048, this_has_22k_likes.jpg)

It's smug aura mocks me. They have punchable faces

No. 320276

File: 1694188220361.jpeg (169.77 KB, 1073x1517, IMG_4006.jpeg)

Anything by this artist in general is atrociously bad

No. 320277

why is she a bodybuilder

No. 320286

I don't even want ot know what's going on with her right arm.

No. 320296

why not

No. 320312

People like this honestly soured the Ace Attorney franchise for me which is quite sad but it's hard to look at the characters the same after seeing so much of, well, that

No. 320313

I never saw this anime so I must ask why does it attract so many degenerate artists? Isn't it just some story about a wacky family?

No. 320316

The anime became very popular, so it ended up attracting every kind of degenerate weeb and they all project their own kinks and what not onto the characters

No. 320345

File: 1694226987423.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 244.02 KB, 828x1025, IMG_3435.jpeg)

my mind can't comprehend this image

No. 320350

It's bad art, yeah, but there's a sorta nostalgic quality to it that makes me kinda like it.

No. 320357

>bloody Tails that makes me think of Tails Doll
>Flandre Scarlet
>Sion from Melty Blood in the bottom right corner
>Melty Blood stage in the top right corner
>ying yang orb from Shadow Warrior
>Reimu's gohei (I assume)
Holy nostalgia, I can't name anything else but I can tell it's all old stuff, if anyone knows what's the background from, do tell.

No. 320366

File: 1694244424805.jpg (106.61 KB, 600x555, tumblr_ovb2szNtJA1s9i51ho1_640…)

Why is her other arms so huge?

No. 320371

wait, is it that artist that drew that really sentimental-looking twilight sparkle all lives matter piece? the glossy artstyle reminds me of it

No. 320458

File: 1694281807651.jpeg (497.12 KB, 1284x1830, IMG_8660.jpeg)

Confused as to why anyone would do this to her. They could have made her more muscular without making her whatever this is.

No. 320461

Look what they've done to my girl… this has to constitute a crime against hot women of sort. I'll never understand why these artists are so eager to uglify all attractive characters that exist. Do they hate pretty people? Is it all just a cope because they are actually fat blobs themselves? It's so sad leave my sweet darling Shadowheart alone. She didn't do anything besides be pretty and mysterious. I'd add a heartbreak emoji if I wouldn't get red texted.

No. 320465

File: 1694284734944.jpg (372.8 KB, 800x1000, tumblr_pxw1feLRDi1r3195yo1_128…)

kekkk i knew who that artist was immediately because her inuyasha art from years ago burned itself into my memory.

No. 320482

I hate this art style so much (and similar art styles). Do they think this is pleasing to look at or is it an attempt at "weird" "unconventional" art?

No. 320487

The later, "oh I'll make everything as intentionally 'unconventional' (ugly and off-model) as possible, that will make me stand out from other artists even though there's a million other tumblr refugees that do the exact same thing and never works!"

No. 320489

> She didn't do anything besides be pretty and mysterious.
Shadowheart fucked a tranny.

No. 320490

Wait what? I never played this game, but I was thinking of picking it up for this character.

No. 320497

In Shadowheart’s companion quest she reunites with a “woman” who is implied to be her ex-boyfriend. He is voiced by philosophytroon.

No. 320506

I can fix her

No. 320513

File: 1694296039956.jpg (212.07 KB, 800x1000, tumblr_82db9b2252cc94c9225b9cc…)

i also think that they erase any and all sexual dimorphism in the characters they draw because they are usually troons. drawing female characters with body hair but not paying any attention to other distinctly female features just makes them look mannish and ugly.

No. 320516

File: 1694296510819.jpeg (250.47 KB, 885x1600, IMG_8319.jpeg)

Gave me a good laugh

No. 320556

How do you manage to fuck up shading and clothing wrinkles that much. It takes less than 10 seconds to look up references of women in sportswear. Even the hair is fucked what is going on. And her tail is behind her wings that high up?

No. 320588

I hate this tumblr way of drawing body hair like confetti pasted on the skin. Real body hair is softer looking, longer, and follows the curves of the arm/leg. I bet this artist shaves every inch of her body, she draws body hair like she's not familiar with how it looks like at all.

No. 320607

i really like the progress from 2015 to 2019, it's like watching childhood friends grow up together, even wth the pink one getting fatter over time lol, it's gradual but realistic
as for 2023… what the fuck happened in those 4 years, was the artist stationed at tumblr during the internet wars? kek

No. 320608

god i hate this asian baddie instagram lips y2k shit so much but i like the rendering. i'll like this artist's work when they learn how to draw other angles too, mayhaps

No. 320637

File: 1694373195395.png (424.49 KB, 2020x961, robogart.png)

Kek she's been defending this for days now and to the point where her sensitive followers have to leave. Does anyone remember when she got semi-cancelled by them because she said Miku (a minor!) is hot

No. 320649

How do artists let alone people in general even end up like this?

No. 320653

Tumblr discourse overexposure I'd guess. I find it hard to believe that she talks like this unironically, it's so insufferable

No. 320655

In a way I wish my art triggered so many people. To have enough skill to do better and yet stick to this polarizing aesthetic making so many people angry… such a great power to hold over everyone

No. 320670

Tbh you can do that same shit by being the guy who did the Anya concentration camp drawing or the loli getting skinned alive gif. Being talented (which I don't think she is other than decent at picking colors) and making enraging art isn't anything special.

I do love the "broaden your horizons to find hideous people attractive". No. I don't want to. Kek

No. 320677

File: 1694385852070.jpeg (76.91 KB, 678x960, F48C2B3A-0980-428F-A10E-25FF04…)

The based version of this was Redkatherinee.

No. 320702

File: 1694398462832.png (369.41 KB, 293x676, Shadowheart_Creation~2.png)

From the way she described this character I thought she'd be some big titty anime girl with boob armor underwear, but this design is not sexualized at all? Her body proportions are good, her armor is appropriate, this is a great female fantasy design. Her drawing >>320458 is actually more sexualized with an exposed chest. Like, is she salty that non-obese, conventionally attractive women exist?

No. 320722

File: 1694419296525.jpg (135.27 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_01a9ab21ffadb122c90628e…)

It seems to be from this scene. I also haven't played the game but it looks like other characters are wearing similar outfits during it and it wasn't that easy to even find for me so it seems like a non-issue. Even if it was something she wore all the time I wouldn't get it because it's kind of to be expected of dnd shit.

>is she salty that non-obese, conventionally attractive women exist?

Yes kek she literally said in the long response that she imagines characters that are attractive and desirable in their own world as fat because there are no actual fat characters like that and she wants to project

No. 320723

File: 1694419586259.jpg (542.37 KB, 1600x1779, media_FzLzzRlWIAETZzB.jpg)


No. 320726

They are always Asian. Artists don’t know how to draw any other race when drawing a pretty face.

No. 320727

I wonder how Redkatherinee is doing these days. She disappeared from the internet.

No. 320728

File: 1694422125357.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 119.41 KB, 600x548, IMG_8360.jpeg)

This makes me feel insane

No. 320746

It's always fucking Homestuck that gets some of the worst fanart I've ever seen.
What the fuck

No. 320749

Kek this brings me back to when I was a handmaiden and this art was the peak of bigotry. Troons were sperging about being 'graphically murdered' and the art being a death threat when this is tame compared to how they portray any woman that disagrees with them.

No. 320753

its insane that its only gotten worse over the years. every new piece of shitty homestuck fanart i see is a new low, its incredible

No. 320754

mpreg human spongebob on his goo lagoon honeymoon

No. 320763

To be honest I really like robogart's interpretation but I'm biased towards large hairy women as a large hairy woman enjoyer and a lesbian. I guess I'm just bored with seeing designs like pic I'm replying to.
This is fuck ugly. My god. The only thing I like is the weird gradient with the square brush.

No. 320790

I like large, hairy women too. But that just wasn’t it for me. I think I just hate that art style in general though and wouldn’t even be opposed if it were more realistic. But anyway, there’s already a big hot lesbian in BG3 and her name is Karlach.

Those are the default clothes they wear at camp. It’s annoying because you have to see it every time you want to take a long rest. Thankfully, you can change the outfits though.

No. 320815

A boy :3 pussy is without without a like a angel wings(:3)

No. 320835

File: 1694499976696.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.95 KB, 960x948, oy8qd0dv3gd71.jpg)

No. 320860

The tracing is so obvious

No. 320896

File: 1694526004200.jpeg (306.23 KB, 2048x2007, myspecialacademia.jpeg)

No. 320915

WikiHow crossed with free online how to draw manga tutorial looking ass style

No. 320940

No. 320942

File: 1694543865300.png (32.49 KB, 220x109, 4Kids_Entertainment_logo.png)

You killed the man, not the idea.

No. 320974

Those are some LONG arms KEK

No. 320982

I know it's not that deep but I find it funny that a villain character is with them, very "I can excuse murder but I draw the line at anime girls being skinny"

No. 321055

File: 1694592706154.jpg (200.44 KB, 1536x2048, F51ixQ4awAAsQrX.jpg)

the fucking cat

No. 321062

this has to be half traced/copied, no one this bad comes up with poses this complicated yet bad

No. 321063

File: 1694595287480.jpeg (48.15 KB, 500x731, IMG_0607.jpeg)

No. 321251

sage for blog faggotry but honestly sometimes i feel like some kind of superhuman for being able to do things like read homestuck and watch osomatsu-san without trooning out or fucking a dog or cutting off my own leg. shout out to all my nonnies who are cringe but also immune to brainworms

No. 321289

File: 1694665961666.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1758x3125, 38884B66-A92B-497D-AFE8-729B1B…)

fucking rendermaxers man what the hell is this kek

No. 321291

outside of the clothing folds that's really nice, vendettafag

No. 321293

Ok, I don’t know who the artist is I just found it browsing /co/ for moids shit art taste. Plenty of otherwise “nice” art gets posted in these threads that has one fucked up part that puts it into funny bad territory.

No. 321296

yeah and its all boring, clogs the thread and smells like vendettaposting

No. 321297

Like us arguing isn’t clogging the thread… let’s just kiss nonna.

No. 321299

I saw this on /co/ today too and thought wtf am I looking at. You’re not alone. It’s mainly just the pants being way too tight with weird wrinkles.

No. 321320

nta, but the rendering is uncomfortable to look at and puts the focus on Finns crotch, and I don't think it's intentional on the artist part

No. 321342

File: 1694700446834.png (1.06 MB, 1600x1600, IMG_0613.png)

guess the characters (impossible)

No. 321352

Is that Patrick Bateman?

No. 321365

File: 1694711474576.jpeg (679.88 KB, 1758x1893, 1694665961666~2.jpeg)

This looks so weird because his crotch is right on a rule of 3rds line, and is the most dark area against a light area, so it's a strong focal point. The artist should crop the drawing like this. Also, his head looks odd against the tree trunk, like it's being absorbed into the tree instead of resting on it. This artist is obviously skilled, but even skilled artists can make mistakes and make bad drawings.

No. 321368

The tree branch that's at the same level of his eyes looks like a flexed arm

No. 321409

crowley & the other one

No. 321425

No. 321439

SpongeBob and Plankton? kek

No. 321490

File: 1694782252986.png (317.77 KB, 576x819, Screenshot_20230915-095230~2.p…)

This guy teaches art kek

No. 321524

bishonen steve minecraft kek

No. 321554

File: 1694794810318.png (5.95 MB, 3000x5000, comms.png)

It's always the worst artists that are the most confident. Many of them will join a billion discords and platforms to advertise their stuff in all forms and variations on a daily basis, possibly ending up spamming the art channel if it's a slower place.

No. 321556

the couple from that new gay movie that feels like a bbc merlin fanfic?

No. 321564

Would you recommend any discord server for commissions?

No. 321584

File: 1694805561417.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 152.16 KB, 1280x1028, IMG_0646.jpeg)

Alright answer time for >>321342
everyone got it wrong: It's sonny corleone and tom hagen from the godfather

No. 321589

File: 1694806329202.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 314.94 KB, 1673x2048, IMG_8438.jpeg)

i feel physically assaulted by this image

No. 321593

This brand of hideous horny faces everyone draws nowadays need to be a reason to get banned from drawing ever again

No. 321595

Uwu-fying Godfather characters something I wasn't expecting ever.

No. 321782

Where is this style coming from? Especially the faces. I see this fucking everywhere. I assume some popular cartoon or artist once started this and every western tumblr artist has this NPC mentality that makes them copy trendy bubble shit.

No. 321792

It's self insert shit, isn't it?

No. 321799

File: 1694875758834.jpg (211.69 KB, 768x1024, Tumblr_l_290989565647267.jpg)

Guess who

No. 321805

this isn't it, but it looks like an andrew garfield character who is recovering from an unforseen and terrible accident. the resemblance is probably accidental and more than that unfortunately (for andrew) uncanny.

the girl's (?) knees and lack of toes unnerve me.

No. 321807

That's guys. But I do see thee Andrew garfield resemblance

No. 321818

File: 1694884669783.jpeg (87.79 KB, 640x684, IMG_8436.jpeg)

of course kek, that one is a commission but here's the artists self insert too as it's just as ugly

No. 321883

I would not be surprised if this is suppose to be a "femboy" oc of some sorts because 99% of those types of artist draw them with the exact same hyper hips and thunder thighs

No. 321893

File: 1694912727862.jpeg (331.56 KB, 2048x1228, IMG_5174.jpeg)

Porn addiction is a disease

No. 321894

You can see the coom-spiralling in their art so clearly kek.

No. 321896

Honestly almost impressed at how much worse their art got in 7 years time. It's almost like they were working in reverse.

No. 321897

please tell me thats not zoro…
why do all of my husbands have the cringiest self shippers…

No. 321899

Watch shit anime get shit fanart

No. 321903

File: 1694920503983.jpg (397.31 KB, 1451x2048, F6LrKb_a8AALjtF.jpg)

this monstrosity is someone's commission, apparently.

lucina looks kinda okay here, but it's hard to get over the wonky sameface. has no one told him how weird it looks? kek

No. 321915

Don't worry nonna take solace in the fact that your husbandos would likely also be disgusted by that type of art. What anime ikemen would want to be shipped with a fat troon

No. 321928

File: 1694942911237.png (2.92 MB, 1451x2048, hmm.png)

the art is beautiful but i think itll be best this artist gets a second opinion before they post sometimes getting feedback helps alot

No. 321931

Plastic surgery is destroying our women.

No. 322002

File: 1694980403749.jpg (414.29 KB, 1800x1543, 326273848.jpg)

I hate that I am so used to atrocious over-prized artists that even the shit you posted seems to be good in comparison to many others.

Can you believe that people actually sell garbage like my pic related for such prices? I legit believe that they are just lying to create an illusion of demand. I know official and professional comic artists that ask ~80 dollars for a colored full body pic that is an actually awesome looking artwork done by your favorite artist themselves, so I cannot fucking imagine that there are people out there ready to pay 80 and more for crap like this.
I could link you tons of such artists, it's not just this one. They even have chibi adoptables that they sell for fucking 180 dollars.

No. 322009

Nowadays those art progresses are almost never good. Sometimes they first get better and then you can tell exactly when the internet addiction had overtaken their mind and it turns into full coomfetish crap or woke monstrosity.
Those little changes made it soo much better. It's weird how they are pretty good with the rest but then gail to notice how off the faces look.
I feel like many artists today are concentrating too much on the coloring and effects and not enough on the outlines and poses.

No. 322010

File: 1694982166305.jpg (230.06 KB, 1280x1007, tumblr_1432dc7c8fe53cf9855e9cb…)

Why does Elly look like a damn Oompa Loompa

No. 322027

File: 1694988999430.jpeg (191.81 KB, 1900x1900, IMG_8499.jpeg)

Overpriced shit adopts will never not be humorous

No. 322029

File: 1694990845372.jpg (84.4 KB, 1095x730, closed_by_miyabau_deyfryc-pre.…)

Whenever I see shit adopts sells for hundreds, I remember these "closed species". Guess how much these where sold for?
Any guesses? Well: +100 usd each! Oh and one of them was sold for 250 usd btw


No. 322030

why are the titty scars HANGING OFF the chest like ragged wounds

No. 322032

Sage for sidetracking a little, but how the heck do nonnas deal with friends who are really bad at art but open comms and keep posting everywhere? Sometimes even to the point of asking if you’ll comm them? I usually make an excuse but I feel like shit doing it. It blows my mind though when people don’t even try to improve and still think they should be having people pay them for their art.

No. 322038

File: 1694993104710.png (1.5 MB, 1440x1341, a1da6882_original.png)

just keep saying you don't have money / a commission idea you want lol. these people are delusional. i know someone who went to art school for years and still draws shit like this. $70 price tag.

No. 322041

Can someone explain to me how "adopts" are even supposed to work? Like what the fuck do you do with it after buying it? Pay someone else even more money to draw it again? I can't imagine the buyers are artists themselves, otherwise they'd just draw their own damn OCs.

No. 322042

I'm more wondering why the left one has scars(?) on its armpits/shoulders? And why the belt is attached to the shirt instead of the pants…

No. 322053

I can't fault people for leaning into the adopts thing because if I had the opportunity and right audience to sell generic cute designs for hundreds of dollars a piece I would do it too

No. 322056

I've purchased a few of them before (nothing as atrocious or expensive as these examples) and always viewed it as a way to show a little support to an artist I like while also getting a cute design I can do whatever I want with. Could I just make an oc myself? Of course, but its fun to "adopt" one as well from time to time

No. 322084

Some of them just want to draw something with a cool design but don't have the creativity to make OCs, others literally collect OC/adopts as if they were digital trading cards and such. It's not that uncommon to see people who own +20-50 adopts just for the sake of it.

No. 322090

File: 1695037002202.png (641.52 KB, 720x718, Screenshot_20230918-043836-660…)

Guess the character challenge

No. 322091

steven and connie

No. 322097

Genuine question do artists like these ever face backlash for having a styleist art like this one not having Connie dark enough? I remember like way back then on tumblr an artist getting cancelled for drawing Steven's mom not fat enough to the point Rebecca Sugars had to step in as the artist wanted to kill herself or something, honestly don't remember it clearly.

No. 322132

I've seen high quality ones get used in DnD and roleplay communities.

No. 322138

They look so dirty… seriously what's up with all the scribbles on their skin?

No. 322150

I assumed it was used for avatars or RPGs but then I would expect to see that shit sometimes but I never do. They all claim to sell a billion of them but you will never see anybody using them. Though maybe what >>322084 says is right and some actually collect them, for whatever reason.
I miss the part of the brain responsible for "cuteness" because I hate such designs lol. I am honestly surprised that people buy that stuff. Why not at least buying something good? You can get almost everything for 100.

No. 322152

I don't have any bad artists as actual friends, only bad artists in discords I use. Tbh I always ignore them. There are at least 20 people in those discords so I hope that they believe I was just overlooking their post because I am really picky with reblogs especially if I don't like the art.
> It blows my mind though when people don’t even try to improve and still think they should be having people pay them for their art.
That's the case for most monetizing artists I see. They are busier with the marketing part than the actual drawing so they never improve.

There is also this terrible new(er?) western mindset that makes people PROUD of being shit since they consider it their own "style" so they actively refuse to improve since that is considered to be a foreign influence. As if the crap they draw wasn't influenced by others.

No. 322205

File: 1695089146608.jpg (722.27 KB, 1620x2025, 379452180_271059095820215_6209…)

sailor pluto

No. 322206

File: 1695089299436.jpg (628.04 KB, 2025x1620, 371935485_260997656826359_4797…)

same artist

No. 322208

That's a shame. Those outfits are a fun design and would look so good done in a cuter style. Something like Gal Force or Iczer would look neat.

No. 322210

Lmao I got an obsession with these 2 pieces of media specifically. Thank you for the compliment nonnie I hope things get better for us.

No. 322222

I cant believe this is how I found out Cartman is a fucking Cancer

No. 322226


>I usually make an excuse but I feel like shit doing it.

Just say you gotta pay bills and/or are broke. Easy

No. 322233

There's like one shade of difference between them, why is Sonny Drawn like he's from Sudan.

No. 322248

I wish I liked diversity in drawings more but I always tend to prefer "similar but slightly different" when it comes to things like this where they're a cohesive unit based on the same thing. If they're different I want them to be REALLY different, I don't want big hulk, short curvy and petite magical girl - I want big hulk machine guy, short curvy spooky witch and petite magical girl. I want the diversity to be more diverse lol otherwise just give me cute matching dolls tbh, I think part of the appeal of designs that evoke the "doll aesthetic" is being able to swap clothes around and mix and match like you would with a real doll

No. 322281

i hate hate hate how in every gendie fanart they have to depict sailor jupiter as either a hulking man or an abnormally tall woman. she's literally 5'6 ffs, only slightly taller than the rest of the girls

No. 322294

File: 1695137027309.jpeg (340.15 KB, 2047x1446, IMG_8536.jpeg)

captioned "chicken little if it was awesome"

No. 322296

Chicken little if it was made by a retard

No. 322297

Chicken little if they were molested

No. 322315

The boob holders are so weird

No. 322350

Chicken Little but the one reviewer got their penis caught in the car door

No. 322357

File: 1695170077407.jpeg (206.71 KB, 1827x2048, IMG_8535.jpeg)

No. 322361

File: 1695172534242.jpg (511.99 KB, 1280x1816, tumblr_88a012618160cae6dc27376…)

I looove other people's oc x canon art

is this supposed to be an au where Spongebob is replaced with an anthropomorphic version of his house

No. 322363

Why is SpongeBob’s pineapple house gay?

No. 322372

That would actually be somewhat funny but it's some tards sona kek

No. 322373

File: 1695179318411.gif (89.85 KB, 500x359, Tumblr_inline_mom1aleUVo1qz4rg…)

It's coral blue number 2.

No. 322375

Of course the girl has to be a she/they

No. 322381

File: 1695183739418.png (636.08 KB, 720x1312, wtf.png)

No. 322383

KEK BUILT LIKE A FRIDGE how can you be this blind?? also isnt this artist a female?(could be a troon too) i remember the callout for them when they made country coom versions kek

No. 322385

I just found out about the existence of this person, could you give me some context about his call out?

No. 322386

File: 1695187079209.jpg (2.53 MB, 1855x2685, samefacecoom.jpg)

it was over this there were some posts regarding how fetishtistic the depiction and racist it was apparently this artist is female although i highly doubt it and has said (s)he bases the fatty over his "body",coom artist are a plague

No. 322388

god there's so many terrible anatomy mistakes but the giant foreheads annoy me the most

No. 322402

This is so obnoxious to look at and is pretty much the exact same coomshit character. I'm so glad and grateful that Hetalia exists for being male focus and fujobait.

No. 322403

you can tell he hates russia because she's the only non-sexualised one
но лучше быть ненавистной, чем сексуализированной, как по мне

No. 322407

that italy is really hot though, just give her a breast reduction and she's perfect

No. 322456

I look like her with a breast reduction kek the fuck

No. 322460

File: 1695237538610.jpg (Spoiler Image, 693.76 KB, 1728x2048, clownstongue.jpg)

No. 322463

Ngl i'm a metalhead from sweden so i feel a bit targeted by this lmao

No. 322468

I just don't understand

No. 322472

Why do they look like Project Moon characters

No. 322478

File: 1695241735463.png (186.79 KB, 649x504, tumblr_cb0a344956be83ee9d89d4c…)

Apparently these are planets. The artist is also a typical made up pronouns girl that claims to have split personality

No. 322482

He/they TiF fetish art?
What's going on with the ages?

No. 322489

The self harm scars, the enlarged clit. Pissing on the floor. This is the art of someone after a lobotomy

No. 322501

The fuck is going on with Brazil's boobs? Is that one supposed to be a tranny with bolt-ons?

No. 322502

Of course it's clownstongue.

No. 322504

arin hansen and dan avidan

No. 322513

Why these degenerates always target pinkie pie?

No. 322517

File: 1695259659493.jpg (82.73 KB, 846x1137, F6c_uqAaQAAbbNj.jpg)

no way you'll be able to guess these two

No. 322519

shaggy and fred?

No. 322520

Garfield x Oddie. What did I won?

No. 322527

nothing, cause that's not it

No. 322532

skwisgaar and pickle

No. 322533

nope. They're less obscure characters than that (had to look yours up)

No. 322538

No. 322572

just tell us nona

No. 322600

Some people should be banned from making art, actually.

No. 322610

stan and kenny from south park lmfao

No. 322615

Wtf nonna but stan has black hair. What was the artist of this shit smoking

No. 322617

…who even is who

No. 322635

It's a fanon thing to draw stan with bleached blond hair because trey parker had bleached hair for a while and stan is basically his OC

No. 322649

With a better artists this could be a cool design for an original character

No. 322653

i mean she called it "stenny" and the rest of the twitter acct is south park

No. 322666

I'm sorry, but your post is unintentionally the funniest post in this thread for me. I can't believe you nonchalantly revealed that you don't recognize fucking Garfield lmao

No. 322687

NTA but I think she just responded to the wrong person there kek

No. 322698

File: 1695350619394.jpg (Spoiler Image, 278.27 KB, 2048x1638, AnyConv.com__FaSg1qiWYAMqrVy.j…)

All of their art looks like this, by the way.

No. 322741

why did this nonna get redtexted? she's literally quoting the picture. Am i missing something??

No. 322785

File: 1695384918494.jpeg (569.01 KB, 828x937, IMG_8668.jpeg)

shencomix is cheating at this point when it comes to this thread

No. 322786

what the fuck i didnt realize it was shen until you pointed it out, how is he so bad at drawing? i though he was some 15yo zoomie who grew up on unfunny coombait

No. 322788

That’s exactly what happened kek, I recongnize Garfield just fine

No. 322789

File: 1695387664894.png (1.35 MB, 1078x1176, tumblr_094a377144e3983ea5f4fbe…)

This is supposed to be Tenshi Hinanawi by the way, who's Japanese like pretty much every other character in the actual games.

No. 322794

I was gonna say besides the black washing it's pretty cute, but it's one of those where the longer you look at it the worse it becomes. The hands are completely backwards my word

No. 322828

this dude is 1000% gonna transition

No. 322843

Uh, what?

No. 322855

File: 1695406984461.jpg (193.9 KB, 2048x1489, F6fE2d6aQAAsndQ.jpg)

No. 322860

At least they got married before having the baby.

No. 322867

the bnha/horikoshi inspiration is so evident

No. 322900

i'm going to post this in the next spiderverse thread on 4chan

No. 322912

The emoticon

No. 322914

She is quoting the picture

No. 322936

File: 1695439919847.jpeg (271.88 KB, 1926x1673, IMG_8659.jpeg)

No. 322947

Among us shoes

No. 322960

"It's better because it's gay" will never not piss me off, and I think the original designs are uninspired as fuck.

No. 322976

and it's not even gay lol he's still a male (transbian)

No. 322990

IIRC the pig felt in love with the fox character after she was brainwashed by the aliens? Why is he gay? for his manners?

No. 323072

KEK the artist couldn't even be bothered to look up the correct spanish version of the song

No. 323078

I hope the artist got flamed by teenagers on twitter for this kek

No. 323082

File: 1695522762928.jpg (52.73 KB, 894x894, luuns.jpg)

This jumpscared me now i'm sharing

No. 323093

File: 1695529404863.jpg (5.08 KB, 211x239, 92d.jpg)

Kinda reminds me of picrel

No. 323131

File: 1695553355866.jpeg (699.53 KB, 3300x3300, BC6F845D-D92F-4AE8-A60F-9896E0…)

I like how you can immediately tell it has nothing to do with style or quality

No. 323134

i think its cute

No. 323136

it's not that bad, it's the obesity pandering that's decidedly unwholesome. didn't we have an SJW art thread before ?

No. 323152

Imagine the chafing. Besides which, the black skirt wouldn't even cover its asscheeks. Fatties have those saggy ass-flabs that melt down their thigh-mounds.

No. 323155

File: 1695566358439.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 639.53 KB, 828x1142, IMG_0085.jpeg)

not even water balloons anymore

No. 323167

>"Is not a phase", mom

Said for artists who make every character trans like artist making emo character back then.

No. 323179

Kek I feel the same. Idk what it is about his new artstyle of quirky tall lesbian disheveled girls but I'm 100% waiting for the Shen troon out saga

No. 323180

File: 1695574815845.jpeg (254.53 KB, 1722x2048, what_happened_to_alhaitham_iro…)

The top half of the alhaitham in the back isn't the worst but the bulge anatomy? the creature sitting in the front? I don't know what happened here.

No. 323195

File: 1695580549546.png (Spoiler Image, 279.55 KB, 576x996, Screenshot_20230924-153228~2.p…)

Don't be shy nonita show the whole drawing kekkkk

Also I absolutely believe this is a totally old drawing and not a #noai

Repost, forgot to spoil.

No. 323200

I've seen this guy draw, it really is not AI, but he does have the most disgusting artstyle. Shame because when he does non coom concept art shit (apparently he teaches concept art?) it's actually good. But all his pornbot drawings are so plasticky and repulsive

No. 323211

takes one to know one kek

No. 323225

File: 1695584788175.jpg (452.39 KB, 1534x1534, wtf.jpg)

He has good art but I hate the way he draws faces.

No. 323255

damn her boobs look like blisters about to pop

No. 323260

File: 1695594630972.png (Spoiler Image, 9.47 MB, 2475x1913, why.png)

Hyper artists are like sticking your hand on a hot stove element… why would you?

No. 323287

Looks like he’s got no dick and little tiny jelly bean balls lol

No. 323347

the fuck am i looking at… those dont look like breasts…but shit

No. 323399

Never date a concept art rendermax art nerd ladies, their sexualities are broken.

No. 323425

I hate when people say "her back must hurt", but there are exceptions. Like, for fuck's sake, they look like gigantic tumors!

No. 323436

File: 1695655715056.jpg (42.74 KB, 340x516, clarke.jpg)

No. 323437

The pose makes this even better.

No. 323438

This is unironically one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen lmao the giant penis snake tail what the fuckkkkkk

No. 323447

File: 1695657593647.png (2.07 MB, 2048x1536, Frozen_Throuple.png)

No. 323461

It’s not wonderful and the subject matter is kind of silly, but it looks like they have the potential to improve imo. It’s just kind of lackluster in general.

No. 323499

this is incredibly hilarious.it's like the entierty of male retardation captured in one picture. the incredible dongtaur

No. 323541

File: 1695703566843.png (774.16 KB, 695x876, image_2023-09-26_144557984.png)

No. 323544

Spoiler this shit, jfc.

No. 323545

This image just looks painful. Like I look at this and feel pain. It's like looking at a picture of someone with elephantiasis.

No. 323564

Aw I love this artist, her OCs are so cute and coomer free. This is not that bad. The feet need to not overlap and the crop cutting out the other arm just makes it a little confusing.

No. 323634

Be glad I didn't post the pic of the woman with a horrifically large penis by the same artist.

No. 323637

This one's no masterpiece but it doesn't belong in the bad art thread. This is the thread for comically bad art, not just middle of the road art.

No. 323687

File: 1695767705348.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.78 KB, 796x804, Scoob.jpg)

Ruh roh

No. 323691

did someone lock booby doo in the anti grav chamber or are those bolt ons

No. 323692

I thought this was Dano fanart kek

No. 323716

most accurate depiction of a moid

No. 323717

File: 1695784190163.jpg (219.39 KB, 1050x1342, orc keith.jpg)

This same artist won't stop drawing these things. All the faces look like this.

No. 323732

The designs are cute but god the obsession with everyone being an autistic troon…

No. 323742

That’s just Adam Driver’s face kek

No. 323762

File: 1695807961548.jpg (517.93 KB, 1889x1749, F67M0s7WcAAV5HU.jpg)

Guess the characters

No. 323763

File: 1695809101693.png (569.37 KB, 1280x959, tumblr_ef7134aabf781bf1048aaaf…)

Someone from Madness Combat?
Pic tax

No. 323764

Batman and catwoman? Kek

No. 323765

Catwoman and black panther, I think

No. 323767

Its not catwoman.

No. 323777

Leave it to Tumblr to make two white male leads unrecognizable (ugly as fuck) gender blobs.

No. 323798

File: 1695830069507.png (811.48 KB, 576x774, Screenshot_20230927-125251~2.p…)

Not that bad until you start looking at the anatomy

No. 323802

Nightwing and Red Hood?

No. 323809

File: 1695834250049.png (1.06 MB, 1400x700, Nw-Rh.png)

That's right, how'd you guess?

No. 323811

Interesting how so many retards on Twitter and Tumblr read
>Dick Grayson is Romani
And their response is "So he's black?"

No. 323812

File: 1695835129730.png (1.07 MB, 900x1248, IMG_3009.png)

No. 323818

File: 1695836844623.png (428.84 KB, 479x600, female-detective.png)

The white streak + Red Hood's helmet. The bat ears were another hint.

No. 323820

File: 1695837453817.png (210.63 KB, 587x587, 0816330f-8a68-4c6c-8bad-7e10b1…)

I figured he'd be easy but what about nightwing

No. 323824

File: 1695839253768.jpg (655.19 KB, 2048x1043, tumblr_c495ca4edcb0bfdd9ba9292…)

I don't even know what the worst part of this picture is, everything is atrocious.
>the terribly drawn leg hair on everyone
>Zoro has bigger boobs than Robin
>Nami looks pregnant even though I think she's just supposed to be chubby
>serious manface on Robin and Vivi
>the most uncanny, creepy baby depiction of Chopper I've ever seen
One Piece already has so much terrible coomer art from the male side of the fandom. Now there's an explosion of terrible tumblr art to rival it, because apparently what this fandom is really missing is gynecomastia representation.

No. 323826

File: 1695839600880.jpg (66.29 KB, 1024x780, luffy_wheeze_by_tahsinanan_del…)

>because apparently what this fandom is really missing is gynecomastia representation
my motherfucking sides anon

No. 323834

This artist clearly knows how to draw too, these bodies don't have weird proportions aside from the gender bs. The forms are strong, the perspective is good, this must have taken so long to draw. Hope the artist uses their skills for a more worthwhile subject matter.

No. 323836

lmao zoro has c-cups and nami is obese
what is with dumblr's obsession with leg hair. shaving your legs takes 5 minutes and they act like they're oppressed for it. how lazy can you get? they're the female equivalent of men too lazy to put on a clean shirt and shave their neckbeard, then complain they're incels. basic hygiene is not oppression.

No. 323838

body hair doesn't even look like that. i don't mind body hair on art and can appreciate it, but god there's no effort and they simply slap it on. those hairs are absurdly long.

No. 323846

Why is female body hair unhygienic but male body hair isn't?

No. 323855

Out of all the things to criticize, you gotta mention the female leg hair kek. Guess me and a bunch of other nonas are unhygienic.

No. 323864

moid hair is absolutely unhygienic but you can expect to get a scrote to shave about as soon as you can teach a cat to play piano. picking our battles.
it takes 5 minutes, how lazy are you?

No. 323870

Nonna don’t listen to her, she’s probably too disgusting and too lazy to douch daily and bleach her genitals and hide those disgusting pores and wrinkles on her face with makeup eww yucky being comfortable in our natural bodies

No. 323890

Do you also scratch your asshole then sniff your finger?

No. 323897

why even shave it in the first place lol

No. 323898

I mean, why not walk around in the same shirt for 3 weeks straight smelling and looking like a goblin?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 323899


No. 323905

You're the one who can't perform basic hygiene. Idk why you want to look like a gorilla but knock yourself out.

No. 323907

File: 1695858283974.jpg (1.08 MB, 2048x2306, w.jpg)

Body hair isn't unhygienic at all unless you don't shower, which you should be doing anyway. Guessing you're a moid anyway but why would you out yourself like that KEKK.

No. 323908

I'm a moid because…I shave my legs? Just admit you're too lazy to do it and want social support in going goblin mode.

No. 323910

File: 1695858651072.jpg (2.49 MB, 1865x2144, Bakudeku.jpg)

Ignore bait post bad yaoi

No. 323911

File: 1695858728133.jpeg (56.11 KB, 735x568, 917D2FA2-ECAE-454E-97F3-D5754A…)

No. 323916

That's been posted before though.

No. 323918

>thinks shaving legs takes 5 minutes
>thinks they have any hygienic impact on anyone

No. 323919

i wonder what Japanese fans think of this

No. 323921

File: 1695861080353.png (81.09 KB, 624x628, 590.png)

No. 323928

Kek I was just thinking about puppychan today, what a coincidence

No. 323929

i want the creator of one piece to see this

No. 323930

as someone who shaves my legs, pits, and trims my pubes: educate yourself. female body hair isn't unhygienic. stop repeating moid patriarchal talking points.

No. 323935

File: 1695869508988.jpg (1.96 MB, 2048x2048, Tumblr_l_86095640522311.jpg)

This is fucking Steven Stone from pokemon kek

No. 323944

I can’t handle this

No. 324002

>draws male character as an obese woman larping as a man
i think i know exactly what the artist looks like

No. 324034

File: 1695901163291.png (600.95 KB, 485x750, FF214CA7-8BD3-4536-9330-CBFC3B…)

Following the art nouveau tag on tumblr was a mistake.

No. 324036

it might actually kill him

No. 324040

I want them to go say fag to an actual fag’s face

No. 324059

File: 1695907525970.jpg (593.13 KB, 800x1593, [22-02-23] 1496484854531497985…)

i love this artist but i dont understand why she gives her characters cartoon cat upper lips

No. 324060

File: 1695907776426.jpg (156.52 KB, 1346x1000, [21-12-31] 1476915675327205378…)

genuinely one of the most autistics fetishes i have seen

No. 324063

I was struggling to see what you meant until you posted this, what's up with the cat snouts kek On the first drawing I thought it was an opened peanut-shapped mouth.

No. 324066


No. 324068

File: 1695909221900.jpeg (281.85 KB, 1608x2048, 70AC1185-75FB-434C-B9A3-D375AF…)

Samefag. Bruh

No. 324074

What a shame, the art is shit but the design is actually pretty cool. Wish someone would draw this character cuter and not obese.

No. 324083

File: 1695913383434.png (2.61 MB, 2048x1043, onepeace.png)

holy hell you weren't kiding about the male face on robin

No. 324090

the blonde guy's body hair should be lightened imo, since realistically it wouldn't be that visible from a distance. unless he's a dyed blonde.

No. 324108

This image is so gross, ew. Why do you love this artist…?

No. 324115

That wasn't made by him, but it has same vibe(making bishonens trans obese)
>>324074 i don't see obesity anon

No. 324134


No. 324144

File: 1695931716395.jpg (Spoiler Image, 339.8 KB, 1098x1000, [23-08-21] 1693562409104073074…)

she draws really hot chubby men

No. 324149

ntayrt. Oh no I like this. She should stick to not drawing faces..

No. 324152

File: 1695932884319.jpg (691.81 KB, 1430x1000, [22-08-19] 1560458362193526784…)

her faces are pretty good actually, it's just that she jumps from pretty anime boys to that garfiel mf or this… i think she has a weird ugly mouth fetish

No. 324153

File: 1695933148729.jpg (698.72 KB, 1406x1000, [20-09-19] 1307257906073485315…)

her normal art as example. i genuinely dont get it, most artists with ugly moid fetishes just draw ugly moids, but she jumps between hot men to horrendous chernobyl creatures

No. 324157

Sooo… who's this artist?

No. 324158

nta but I think it's mugiunk

No. 324160

Crooked teeth are considered a cute or attractive feature in Japan, or at least a cause of fascination for people with oral fixations I guess

No. 324162

File: 1695937780165.png (2.46 MB, 1446x1480, 7.png)

>Milo's collection is centered on personal growth from a queer and trans perspective, seen through the lens of finding acceptance love and growth.

Still in every post she always makes sure to mention how much she's currently struggling with her mental health and muh dysphoria and so on kek

No. 324165

So much for self acceptance and growth while cutting off body parts. All of this because women couldn’t accept themselves as creatures capable of being hairy or having buzzcuts. delulu

No. 324168

cute but too idealized, all fat moids irl look like shapeless blobs smhhhhhhh

No. 324169

File: 1695940277141.jpg (347.78 KB, 1298x1700, tumblr_a23d78a3973c8efd6901ac4…)

Why does an octoling's face look like that of a rabbit?

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