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File: 1538933298921.jpeg (174.32 KB, 624x768, E6D87481-61A4-4422-B131-64D532…)

No. 33729

What is your favorite Pokemon and generation? How did you get into this series? Discuss.

No. 33730

Favorite from each gen:

I - Mew / Meowth / MissingNo.
II - Jumpluff / Corsola
III - Skitty (obv)
IV - Probably Drifloon
V- Reuniclus / Chandelure
VI- Klefki / Flabebe line
VII - Eh, not sure.

I've played since RB came out. I remember being a little kid and my brother, who knew I loved cats, told me about this new cartoon with a bunch of monsters, called Pokemon. That there was even a talking cat! I was all over that shit.

Then he showed me Red version on the Super Gameboy we'd gotten, and I was super hyped. I don't even remember when, but I began playing on his file and catching MissingNo.
(The best pokemon, obviously)

The rest is history.

For the most part, I like every gen, I feel like they all have something I like. But my all time favorite is probably Gen II, but I also really liked Gen V.

No. 33731

I love cute Pokémon, like Jigglypuff, Oddish, Mudkip, Drifloon, and Vulpix. Gen III will probably always be my favorite, because it’s the first gen I played when it was new. I also love gen I. I’ve been working on a playthrough of Yellow where I use the Ditto glitch to fill the Pokédex. I’m mostly done with it, but I’ve taken a break for now.

I got into the series because kids at school liked it, and I tried (and failed) to make friends with them. I started watching the show, then my dad bought me a used copy of Yellow for $10. Now Pokémon is really nostalgic for me. I still watch a couple of indigo league episodes once in a while.

No. 33732


No. 33733

File: 1538942369355.png (72.72 KB, 500x522, long.png)

Egg-cellent taste

No. 33734

I'm not an extreme fan of the franchise, but I love Solrock. Ever since I captured in on Emerald it's always been in my team no matter what.

No. 33735

Wow this is so retarded

No. 33736

File: 1538942832531.jpg (68.61 KB, 1080x1620, bthwtmyb6vcx.jpg)


Someone is cranky, take a hit from this, you'll feel better


No. 33737

File: 1538942840490.png (856.52 KB, 500x1141, 98704225167983440.png)


I think I've already posted this on lc but

No. 33738

When I was little I watched the original anime on tv and had a whole bunch of Pokémon books. I also saw the first movie in theaters and had some random merchandise like an electric pikachu toothbrush.

I didn’t play the games until a friend gave me an old game boy advance sp with a copy of pokemon crystal. My favorite 1st gen pokemon were Lapras and Sandslash

No. 33739

I’m pretty old so I got into the series when I was subscribed to Nintendo Power as a kid and got those little Pokémon Power mini-magazines they included when Pokémon Red and Blue were about to be released in the states.

My favorite generation is probably gen II probably because it’s the one I played the most and was just such a significant upgrade from the first one. My starter was Cyndaquil so Typholsion is probably the closest I have to a favorite Pokémon. I missed out on gens III and IV though and have been meaning to play those for a while.

No. 33740

I'm 19 and I started with Pokémon Pearl on the DS.
I also loved Pokémon Ranger and Explorers of Darkness / Time, also on the DS.
The gameplay is kind of too shallow and repetitive for me now but I still love the pokémon. Piplup best starter

Lol I love Pokémon memes

No. 33741

File: 1538945441296.gif (517.58 KB, 320x240, 2abc08cfec428e91938274a40219b0…)

favourite pokemon is and always will be espeon. best pink cat

favourite generation is X and Y, i know a lot of people dislike that generation and even i dont really know why its my favourite, it just is lol. second fave is 3rd gen.

got into pokemon when the first games came out in europe, i was like 4. have liked it ever since although never been quite as obsessed as i was between ages 4-11. i watched all the episodes of the anime back then too.

No. 33742

File: 1538945741018.jpg (84.92 KB, 800x800, 5853865.jpg)

I was aware of what pokemon is when i grew up but i never played the games bc we were too poor and 3rd world to have gaming consoles and the anime seemed too childish for me. then i really got into pokemon go when it came out (i still play lmao) and played moon and ultra sun when they came out. moon was alright but ultra sun was very boring and i felt like an adult playing a game for 8 year olds. I'm considering getting alpha ruby/omega sapphire once uni goes on winter break because a friend who's really into pokemon said it's her favourite and i don't want to be a fake fan that only plays pokemon go lol

anyways, my fav is tangela and i was quite upset when the cut 1st gen pokemon concepts came out earlier this year bc tangela's evolution looked mega cute

No. 33743

File: 1539012805750.png (269.24 KB, 624x544, tumblr_ofsbvtLmfi1ueqbsbo2_640…)

i'm obsessed with pokemon. primarily the first two gens as they're the most nostalgic for me, but i still play almost all the games (at least the new gens if not the gen-specific sequels they always get). i'll admit i forget the names of most of them past gen 2, but i still love pokemon so much! it's a huge part of my life.

my fave pokemon is bulbasaur (the whole line really), and my fave gen is pretty evenly split between 1 and 2. r/b/y was a masterpiece, g/s/c was a masterpiece that expanded. it's too hard for me to choose.

i will always hold pokemon close to my heart. have some nostalgia from a simpler time.

No. 33744

My favourite game was Pokemon diamond for the DS, my favourite Pokemon in general are cyndaquil and bulbasaur

Was always more of a digimon girl tho

No. 33745

>favorite pokemon
I have a lot that I love, but absolute favs are probably Houndoom and Wailord.

>favorite gen

GSC, followed by DPP and XY.

>how did you get into the series

I was in 5th grade and had a huge crush on this kid in my homeroom who was super into pokemon like everyone else was at the time. We had the old ass brick gameboy at home so I asked my parents for one of the games. They got me Red and I wound up loving it so much I didn't even give a shit about impressing him anymore.

I was pretty obsessed with the series until being disappointed with RSE. I thought it was going to be a sequel more in the vein of GSC (which I was obsessed with to the point of actually completing the pokedex, the first and only time I've ever done that). I didn't really like the music, the style, or many of the pokemon that gen.

When DPP came out I put off playing it for years because I didn't have a DS. When I finally got the money for it I picked up Pearl and loved it a lot. Then BW came out and thought it was shit so I stopped caring again until XY. I wanted to play Sun and Moon, but my 3DS was lost on an international flight so I never got further than a few gyms and haven't bothered replacing it since the 3DS is being retired anyway.

No. 33746

File: 1539156109683.png (445.32 KB, 1024x668, 200___429_misdreavus_line_by_i…)

I only ever played SoulSilver when I was stuck in a mental health hospital, but I like the designs of a lot of the pokemon and think they're very cute.

My favourite is Misdreavus and his evolutions because he's a gothy lil shit.

No. 33747

File: 1539318727894.jpg (69.21 KB, 845x480, gF5fgPfTaGF5gPYDQsYOnC0-RxlRJu…)

God,i missed pkm so much,eversince my brother sold the gameboy and most of the pokemon game that he had,i never got the chance to catch up with the pkm franchise in general.But,im getting my first console in years and a bunch of new games( including pkm sun and y) im so excited to play!!!!

No. 33748

I remember when the games came out and everybody at day care had 'em.
Weirdly, I didn't find a favorite Pokemon till after I dropped it when entering college and then rediscovering during gen 4. Good ol Baltoy is my pal.

Favorite gen is five because it's the most complete, there were a lot of cool Pokemon and it was the last before crap like mega evolution and z crystals. And Unova might be best region.

No. 33749

What's weird is having a favorite Pokemon from when you started playing (I started w/Red) and, like, I feel guilty changing it lol. So I like to have a top 5 for each generation.

I: Charmander (my first fav. It was also my favorite number–4. And the mascot of my favorite color. It was destiny). Flareon, Magneton, Haunter, and Gloom round out the rest.
II- Cyndaquil, Politoed, Lanturn, Magcargo, Porygon2
III-Mudkip, Skitty, Shiftry, Metang, Camerupt
IV- Empoleon, Luxray, Dusknoir, Toxicroak, Roserade
V-Eelektross, Chandelure, Swoobat, Audino, Trubbish
VI-Chesnaught, Litleo, Pyroar (yes, I'm counting them separate because I love both of them), Espurr, Klefki
VII-Litten, Rockruff, Mimikyu, Tsareena, Salazzle

My favorite gen is 2, 3 or 6. I really did not like 5 or 7. 5 was better when they released the sequels so you weren't bound to just Unova Pokemon, but I think I will always have negative memories towards it because an incel-tier guy asked me out by saying 'hey, will you check out my team?' and he had named them "Anon/will you/go/out/with/me". And that was… not good. Don't do that. Unless you absolutely know someone will say yes, don't do it.

I just haven't gotten around to liking gen 7. I finished Sun, never finished the sequel. I'm salty they didn't do any sequels for XY. Z was there… calling their name. But they didn't answer. They had way better trainer customization options than SM/USUM. Like. I just don't understand. XY brought back my love for Pokemon that was lost with BW. I know people say the plot was weak for it/mega evolutions suck, but I really enjoy the game every time I play through it. It's one of the games I'll do type-restriction challenge because they make it fairly easy to at least get half a team going at the start for various ones.

Remake-wise, I loved HGSS. So. Much. I loved having your lead follow you around and I loved Lyra's character design. It's a feel-good game for me. I liked the mini-game things that were next to the National Park.

No. 33750

File: 1559042579120.gif (1.44 MB, 498x228, tenor.gif)

I fucking love this movie and probably will go see it again in a week or two! It's absolutely joyful and fun. I am looking forward to a sequel.
I really wanted to play the original game, but then I found out it's really simplistic and for kids only. Maybe that's for the better, since I am still paying for my Switch.
Really bummed about lack of merch where I live.

No. 33751

This movie was super wholesome and a breath of fresh air between edgelord superhero movies. It's nice to just have a simple cute story with beloved characters once in awhile.

No. 33752

I loved this movie, I thought it was so cute and sweet. It was like a dream coming true to see CGI Pokémon in the big screen. My friend didn't like the movie and it was her suggestion to go, she said it was "too childish"…

No. 33753

I really loved to see a more character focused Pokemon story. The Pokemon world is so interesting and yet Nintendo does NOTHING with it. You can tell so many interesting stories in it and yet all the Pokemon anime movies are a cliche fest centering on Ash (who's not a very interesting protagonist). I wish we could get more stories like Detective Pikachu. It's sad that I have to dig for the few good Pokemon fanfic and fancomics (like It's a Hard Life) to experience a good story involving Pokemon (other than the movie, of course).

Weird to hear that the movie was too kiddy for someone. To me it was clear that just like PoGo, it was targeting grownass millenials AND their kids. The plot was obviously easy to understand, but there were plenty of things for adult pokemon fan to enjoy.

No. 33754

Loved the movie, hated the ending though. Also couldn’t get over how ugly a lot of the Pokémon were

No. 33755

Hope you don't mean Mr Mime, there is no way this fucker is not ugly.
I also found the ending the weakest part I am always bored when the time comes for the Final Boss battle and all action Hollywood movies tend to do it recently.
I liked Mewtwo not being evil. I wish it was explained why Tim understood Pikachu. I assume cause he was his father but yeah…#

No. 33756

I love the movie too, anon. The Bulbasaurs made me cry tears of joy.

No. 33757

I saw it on the opening night in my country and there wasn't a single kid in the theatre, it was almost exclusively young adults.

No. 33758

I fucking love Pikachu. He's the mascot and the first that I saw when the first season would play on TV. I felt like a basic bitch for loving Pikachu when a lot of my friends around me would pick other pokemon as their favorite, but now as an adult I don't give a fuck because Pikachu has the most merch anyway so I'm never short of finding cute Pikachu things (both a blessing and a curse).

My dad bought and let me play the first generation of games when I was like… 4 years old or some shit but I didn't get too far (up to where the Snorlax is blocking the path) because I could barely read and understand what I was reading lol. The first game that I finished from beginning to end was ruby/emerald, but I didn't play any of the games before or after that until Sun/Moon came out. Sun/Moon was the first pokemon game I actually bought for myself with my own earned money lol. I really want to get alpha sapphire/omega ruby to play some day!

TV show wise, I fucking love the Sun and Moon series. Absolutely love it. All the seasons are really fun to watch and I'll watch them whenever I happen to catch them on TV, but Sun and Moon was the first one where I really watched all the episodes in order (I'm very much behind now, but I would watch it weekly when it first started airing for the first few weeks). I loved how much more slice of life-y it is, and even if people shit on the art style, I think it's fucking cute as shit and I love those moments where they switch from really simply and cutesy, to more detailed and ugly faces lol. At some point I was watching it subbed because the dub was taking too long to come out, and even though Netflix has it now, I'm too used to the subbed to want to switch back to the dub (which is only what they have). The OP/ED are cute as fucking shit and I downloaded the songs and sing along to them too. I haven't watched Detective Pikachu yet but I want to so bad.

No. 33759

File: 1559148393561.png (950.74 KB, 1000x1000, baltoy2.png)

My favorite Pokemon is no one else's. That sounds snowflake-y, but it's true. When I test people they never guess. Coincidentally, it came from the Generation I played the least.

No. 33760

File: 1559150281137.gif (729.46 KB, 320x238, tumblr_otlx8aSqx71uh3x51o1_400…)

I was into pokemon from 5 up until a few years ago (grew out of it? idk). At that age I just watched the show and had toys. I was only allowed to start playing at 10 when my mom bought me a gameboy advance and leafgreen for me for my birthday. It was a really fond memory.
Growing up my favourite games were by far the Mystery Dungeon ones, the humour appealed to my young self and I preferred interacting with pokemon as characters rather than owning/training them. I bought the newer PMD game a couple years back and I still haven't finished it since I'm just not into vidya much anymore.

Anyway Mime Jr. is cutest pokemon and you can't change my mind. Sinnoh/gen 4 will always be close to my heart since I played Pearl and PMD:EoT to death when they came out. Most of my other favourites (Darkrai, Gallade, Vespiquen) are also from that gen. Popplio is fave starter though.

Thinking about it makes me want to play again, but I know I don't have the energy anymore. Sad!

No. 33761

Is Sun and Moon worth watching for someone who loves Pokemon world and slice of life, but isn't keen on typical Ash and Team R antics?

Your fave one is Baltoy? Why? That is an interesting choice, I must say.

No. 33762

Hm, that's tough to say. I only got about 15 episodes in before outside factors stopped me from watching/keeping up, so take my words with a grain of salt I guess lol.

As for Ash, at least the episodes I've watched, there's a good dose of focus on the other characters. The very first few in the series are centered around Ash and one of the companions in the group so you get to know them a bit more. I personally don't find that Ash overtakes the show that much this season because they have to balance out such a big main cast (5 companions instead of just 2 or 3). Also, I know pokemon is all about battling, but I loved that so far I've seen minimal pokemon battles lol. There's a big one in the beginning and I've seen the Brock/Misty scenes that come up later on, but I don't think there's a whole lot of it, mostly just school and life antics.

For team rocket, they didn't really seem to cause all that much trouble. There's like one episode I watched where they fucked shit up, but the majority of it is them dealing with the Bewear who's basically captured them, and I think the scenes with them dealing with Bewear are really funny and entertaining to watch. Most of the shots I was thinking about when I mentioned the "changing from a cutesy, simple style to a more detailed ugly face" were of Team R.

That said, I hope you decide to pick it up and watch it anon! I love it so much.

No. 33763

I dunno. It's cute and I like the Jomon doll look.

What about you?

No. 33764

File: 1559158852432.gif (83.92 KB, 564x546, d7q71lh-0b9c7ec5-6f28-4aae-a98…)

This thing has my heart. I've played every gen since I was little and to me, the games just keep getting better. X&Y is my favorite tho. For now.

No. 33765

File: 1559158930017.jpg (44.73 KB, 421x810, tumblr_pnhejuCrED1rytk0m_540.j…)

Same. And it wasn't even the story, just seeing the bulbasaurs got me so emotional… That scene looked so incredible, hopefully there's gonna be more scenes set in nature in the sequel(s)

Gen 4 is definitely the one I've played the most, it was the first one that multiple of my friends had too, so finally getting to play with others (which other people obviously got to in earlier generations) elevated it sooo much in my eyes.

My favorite is Totodile, probably because he was the one I got in the Mystery Dungeon quiz.
I got into the games because of my older brother, who had grown out of it by then so I got to play all his vidya.

Anyone here played Stadium?

No. 33766

File: 1559162908754.gif (1.02 MB, 400x373, tumblr_pg20y5J94w1uqk9d4o1_400…)

This dopey fuck is my fave Pokémon of all time. I don't care if they aren't particularly strong, look at it go.

No. 33767

The N64 games? I clocked so many hours on them as a kid. I still think they're revolutionary in the way that they let you use your Pokemon from your RBY/GSC saves. Plus there were achievements in Stadium that gifted you special Pokemon you could use in your games too (Psyduck with amnesia was my favourite). Also, the minigames were TONS of fun with friends. Why haven't we gotten games like Pokemon Stadium for recent generations?

No. 33768

File: 1559163309064.gif (859.23 KB, 330x330, 409.gif)

I can't pick one favorite pokémon but this guy makes me smile

Also I really enjoyed the mystery dungeon:explorers of time/darkness games, but I held off on getting the new 3DS game because I didn't like the new look of them. Anyone played it and would recommend?

No. 33769

And the likelyhood yours is actually unique is super high.

No. 33770

File: 1559173915228.gif (756.89 KB, 499x374, 1CCD152F-6AC6-43A4-881D-10834F…)

this fancy bitch has been my fave for years but ugh honestly any of the bratty pink pokemon (jigglypuff, smoochum) were my shit when i was a kid playing pokemon channel for gamecube lul

No. 33771

With rental pokes, yeah. I'm kinda sad my gameboy buds never got a crack at it, but then again that might make the play through way too easy.

No. 34436

There is a Pokemon Direct today. Livestreams on the Nintendo website: https://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/06-05-2019/
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Nintendo
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osoPtXbAUUc

I hope they announce a new Eeveelution at least.

No. 34486

File: 1559773436539.png (43.38 KB, 250x250, 250px-Wooloo.png)

i dont know how to feel about the giant pokemon thing, it looks like another gimmick to replace mega evolutions. I will say the raid idea looks fun. I just hope they don't let this stuff fuck the framerate like it has for the 3DS games

sidenote, wooloo is so cute

No. 34527

File: 1559815163303.jpg (82.69 KB, 1136x640, D8TNEGZXYAAq8Vr.jpg)

I don't think the dynamax thing even works really. If someone dynamaxes their Pokemon then you'll just dynamax yours and it will be even again.

Wooloo is the best thing to come out of the direct, I do like the knight bird tho. I'm not sure how I feel about the legendaries.

No. 34539

To me, as far as first encounter birds go, he's the best one to date. Looks like a pokemon you'd catch later in the game. Maybe he is, idk.

No. 34549

Pretty sure they are late stage encounters, the dex entry says:

It is said that Corviknight is the strongest Pokémon living in the skies of the Galar region. It can often be seen fearlessly soaring through the air. Many say that any Pokémon foolish enough to challenge Corviknight are sent running with just a sharp glare and cry from this fearsome Pokémon. Corviknight possess superb flying skills and high intelligence. Because of this, many of them work for the company called Galar Taxi, helping transport people from town to town.

No. 34560

Might be the middle evolution of whatever the first route bird is. Ravens are so important when it comes to British mythology, but IDK, maybe that one is a little too scary to have as a first encounter.

No. 34561

exactly, I don't see how it will be strategic to use dynamax. In the gym battle they show, both pokemon are giant which makes the whole thing seem sort of pointless? Maybe they'll get special moves or something. Also, I hope they don't make every gym in the style of an arena just to accommodate the dynamax thing, that would be lame.

No. 34572

I haven't watched the Pokemon Direct yet but from what I gathered I'm not very interested with Sword/Shield so far. I think I'm growing out of the series somewhat, since I was already a bit disappointed with Sun/Moon.

No. 34580

It lost me with the legendary reveal. One of them is essentially just an oversized winged Lycanroc with a sword in its mouth, which is just completely silly, and not even a fun way.

No. 35649

File: 1560437890664.png (71.92 KB, 656x392, 590987259025809.PNG)

What do you guys think of the recent outrage over no National Dex sparking the hate against Game Freak? To be honest this post ( https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/bzyzfo/game_freak_pok%C3%A9mon_and_lack_of_ambition_this_is_a/ ) in particular triggered me because of the complete disregard of Mega Evolutions being all "just a little stat boost nbd".

>809 pokemon and Mega Rayquaza still banned.

Sorry for ruining this thread with sperging, I know everyone here wants to talk about cute pokemon…


Dynamaxing raises the stats of a Pokemon as well as lets them use 'Max Moves' that they learn depending on what moves the Pokemon already knows. It only lasts 3 turns, but how I would see it as if a set-up Pokemon (like Ferrothorn) was Dynamaxed, it would give it an even larger health stat and if moves like say (Toxic) Spikes/Stealth Rock has a max version, your non dynamaxed Pokemon are already more than halfway to dead once they come in.

No. 35651

File: 1560439241308.jpg (164.32 KB, 2838x400, IMG_20190612_195338.jpg)

I dont give a shit about it, fuck the national dex. As long as they keep the super classic pokes in the new games, I'm absolutely fine with never having to see literally who shitpokes like cryoganal and basculin ever again. Some pokemon deserve to get thanos'd. Oldfags can stay mad.

No. 35652

Eh, it must get expensive to make new models for every single Pokemon every game.

No. 35707

File: 1560477983471.png (103.82 KB, 320x287, iElUm.png)


I'm pretty sure we'll get the National Dex patched into or something. But right now the national dex whining is a big irrational circlejerk. Game Freak really doesn't deserve this.

XY was great when the meta was locked to give or take 200 pokemon (until everyone went back to using Blissey and Heatran). I'm excited to see what the Galar region pokemon can do.

>mfw "game freak makes so much money!!! why don't they just hire more people to make the models!!"

No. 35709

imo the xy meta would've been super fun w/out birdspam

No. 35834

They could have just made it like Sun/Moon so that Pokémon not in the dex have to be transferred over and they don't get a dex entry. It seems a bit weird to cut out some Pokemon completely. Also it makes Pokemon Home a bit useless as you can put Pokemon from other games into it, but you can only take them out into Sword and Shield. So if you put in a Pokemon that's not in the Galar dex into Home, its locked there.

No. 38355

File: 1561831401526.png (50.26 KB, 613x424, masuda.png)

People were harassing GF so much over National Dex that they had to make a statement telling them to stop whining. Pretty sure this has only being posted through the American Twitter account too, proves what audience are being brats over it all.

The /r/Pokemon Reddit has gone into meltdown and there's multiple threads saying that everyone should cancel their preorders and boycott the games and if you do buy the games you are contributing to the downfall of Pokemon LMAOOOOOOOOO. Any one who says they are still buying it is getting downvoted to obvlion. They are only mad they can't bring their ~perfectly IV/EV/whatever bred level 100~ shitlords through to yet another game and might have to use another fucking Pokemon for once.

No. 38373

I'm happy that the new title (and to an extent Let's Go) both went against what the retarded hardcore fans want. Each iteration is an identical grindfest with no substance, people are using the same tactics over and over and are throwing shitfits about their particular fav pokemon.

These aren't the kinds of fans you wanna continue to please. I'm happy that GF is looking to change the formula, first with the pokemon go style catching mechanics and now with getting rid of the pokemon bloat over the gens.

No. 38387

I agree. Like, if it was the same thing over and over, it would be so boring. I liked the trials of Moon/Sun, I liked Go, this new Masters thing looks cool.

But no, everyone is throwing shitfit cos they can't use the exact same Pokemon team from a previous game. Everyone was praising how cool it looks but as soon as the dex was getting cut all of a sudden its "the game is lazy, the graphics are shit, it is underwhelming, Pokemon is dying off, etc." Pandering to the tard fans only care about being overpowered fucks and not the actual storyline of gameplay is idiotic and I'm glad they are taking a stance on it. And if you dare say you are still looking forward to it, you are a "bootlicking corporate shill" (actual insult I've seen used today).

Also my fav Pokemon hasn't had official merch since like 2003 other than a card here or there, so these people can handle their fav not being in ONE game.

No. 38422

The autistic fans have been holding the series back for so long tbh. I want them to keep fucking with the formula in more substantial ways than they have been.

No. 39524


"Gigantamaxing Changes the Game in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield!"-trailer.

No. 39556


Soooo… this is basically mega evolution but bigger? Idrc but they didn't need to make a new name for it

No. 39568

Really loved when each new generations gimmick was something really small like "we've added berries!!!", insignificant but something cute to remember the region by. Now there has to be a big new gimmick every single time to base all their advertisement on.

Probably the worse thing is seeing all the other nintendo games getting better while pokemon is left in the dust, would be the end if autistic kids didn't love it so much. Spinoff games still best bois.

No. 39577

Mega evolution sucked and this is a worse version of it… I really hoped they'd be ballsier in reinventing the formula. This is ass.

No. 39579

Why does Pokemon Sword/Shield look so boring? I don't get why Game Freak is trying so hard to add useless and uninteresting features for battles when they would add or change the entire formula like they tried for Sun/Moon and spice things up. And the new pokemon don't look good either. I don't think I want to play this one when all the other games on the Switch look way more interesting.

I agree, the changes in previous generations were small and yet they really added something worthwhile to the whole series, like the berries and holding items in general, contests, battle frontiers, the weather. This one is going to be like Mega Evolutions, it'll be fun for the first 5 minutes then everyone will forget or complain about it.

No. 39583

which Pokemon spin offs would you recommend?

No. 39590

Almost all of the ones Pokemon fans regularly talk about. Any of the Ranger games, the older Mystery dungeon games, like Red, or Explorers of Sky. Rumble can be an acquired taste but I enjoyed it.

Serebii net has a lot of info if you don't want to risk the terrible nintendo prices.

No. 39654

File: 1562771870066.png (42.57 KB, 250x250, 250px-302Sableye.png)

Minor sperg, but I am so fucking torn that my favourite pokemon is a piece of useless trash in game.
I love that funky little freak so much, but even his megaevolution while incredibly cute is basically worthless in battle.

Do you care about stats/moves when you pick your faves or do you go entirely by looks/pokedex entries like me?

No. 39655

No one worries about stats except for autists. No one normal even looks at the stats. Go with your fave, anon!

No. 39668

Usually just Pokemon I like, can be a bit of both sometimes, but stats only really matter if you do competitive features or if you're bad at the game/having a hard time.

No. 39676

File: 1562786786276.jpg (9.37 KB, 225x225, 2019-07-10-14-11-58-588709973.…)


Idrc about stats or battling as much as much as the pokemon iteself. I much rather like the designs and lore behind the pokemon. One of my favorites Phanthump is absolute trash at battling but I still used it through my X playthrough. I feel like if you use your favorites and build a good team with a variety of move coverage is more unique than having the same pool of 10-15 mons competative battling uses.

No. 39775

File: 1562837963598.jpg (72 KB, 1102x592, NSLPokemon.JPG)

Posted this also in the video game thread but it def belongs here as well since there will be a Nintendo Switch Lite: Pokemon Sword & Shield edition.


No. 39820

It's kinda nice but for a blatant money grab they could put a bit more effort in, Ds's have had way better designs than this.

No. 39842

Ew. Those new legendaries are so ugly. Literal sparkledogs. Who the fuck would want them on merch.

No. 39845

>Literal sparkledogs
oh my god they are. I can't unsee it now.

No. 40013

File: 1562971306994.jpeg (76.34 KB, 320x320, 4FF06132-AF07-4F41-B75C-7C3B33…)

i can't get over the fact that the legendary for sword looks like gaogamon

No. 40454

File: 1563238101916.jpg (28.36 KB, 500x500, Games-image-games-36282559-500…)

Is there a way to play online battles and trade on Pokemon DS games on a DS emulator with people who have the original copy?

No. 40470


Unfortunately I don't think there's a real good way of connecting a real game to a rom, but if you want to play through multiplayer I'd recommend Pokemon MMO. It's exactly what it is, you use a rom and connect to servers, and you basically play through the game vanilla with the bonas of other players/customization /battles/trading. Its a little bizarre to see players clip through each other & in cutscenes but imo its a better way to play the older games with more functionality.

I'm still miffed this isn't a feature in a main series game yet

No. 40545

I’ll sound like a dickhead for this but since SWSH is based on the UK I’m … surprised the Champion is a random anime brown guy. Like what? I legit thought he was supposed to be related to the dragon gym leader/champion in Black and White because of the stupid purple hair style but then they showed his brother. Is he a reference to something? His outfit is utter shite too, anything would be better than a football kit with a tacky ‘royal’ cape on top and a fucking chav hat. Why do we get so many good designs and then this clown?

And those legendaries. Literal dogshit.

No. 40691

The champion is arse, everyone wanted some queen type character, his main pokemon is Charizard, not even a Galar region pokemon.

But I am hoping he's a red herring and is actually the bad guy, that'd be something interesting for once.

No. 62630

File: 1573758684660.jpg (119.53 KB, 973x971, EDvaLYFU8AA9zXU.jpg)

So the new games come out tomorrow, anyone playing? I will be getting it delivered tomorrow after work.

No. 62650

File: 1573766014057.jpg (65.39 KB, 736x552, 4468a2f6-b506-4f6a-aca3-be9dcf…)


I'm also getting the game tomorrow but I'm going to spend all day outside! Social life gets in my way.

What starters are you gonna choose? I'll get Grookey because I want to challenge myself with this game, I've always played with the Fire Starter and it's way easier than going with Water or Grass.

I don't know anything about the game (i mean, I know some things about mechanics and all of that but I swear I don't know how half of the new generation looks). I don't know how, but I managed to dodge 99% of the spoilers.

By the way, I'm getting tired of people saying this game "doesn't feel loke the others waa" or that they "are getting tired and growing up". Tinfoil but I think all of these people want the game but don't have the Switch and are just pissed off lol.
Also, people complaning about the Pokedex and the new generation are just childish. Getting all personal about a fucking videogame is plain ridiculous.

No. 62661

I have a switch but the game looks like shit so I won't buy it. I got links awakening instead.

No. 62709

Links awakening is my all time favorite legend of zelda game so I hope you have fun playing the remake, anon!

I wish I owned a switch.

No. 62712

Apparently the Japanese digital version Sword and Shield has a save bug that over time thinks the SD card is corrupted and they need to delete game saves. People have been saying it can be avoided by turning off autosave, but there is a video of someone else streaming it happening to them with autosave off.
Some people are speculating its because said users might be using counterfeit memory cards. Either way, I hope there's a patch soon.

No. 62716

Today's my birthday and I'm ready to pick up Shield in a few hours.
I want to play right away, but I still have to hold off for some hours until my brother gets out of class.

He bribed me with sushi, so it's all good.

I'm also picking Grookey, because he cute.
Final evo looks kinda shit, tho.

No. 62720

File: 1573814130333.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.54 KB, 497x549, Screen_Shot_2019_11_04_at_10.5…)


Happy birthday anon!! I hope you have a good time with sushi, Pokémon and your brother lol.

I do like the final evolution, bulky pokemon are the best. The design looks so warm, powerful and welcoming. Idk I like it.

No. 63064

File: 1574125567030.png (Spoiler Image, 49.57 KB, 400x400, 875.png)

wtf is this shit. and for the reference, i generally like object based mons

No. 63257

File: 1574214644554.png (Spoiler Image, 2.48 MB, 2048x2048, 66632007.png)

The waifu pandering sucks so much. Every girl in this game is made for fucking hentai fanart, I swear. I'm so dissapointed, at least in Sun and Moon the waifu thing wasn't so explicit. It was there, but NOT EVERYWHERE.

Fuck lolis and thicc and everything. Why, just why.

>when you had to send your design for review but spent too much time playing Club Penguin and couldn't think of anything better.

No. 63292

File: 1574243844281.png (440.05 KB, 667x1280, 65693A20-30D2-4ACF-A4FB-2CDEDF…)

Don’t forget about the main offender lmao. I think gamefreak predicted the game wasn’t going to be well received on release so they threw in some waifubait to secure that horny neckbeard money.

No. 63336

File: 1574263782501.png (1.61 MB, 2048x2048, HowToMakeFemaleCharacters.png)

Oh yeah the "women are evul musterminds that control you if u dont control them hurrrr durrr" one. I hate how she looks like a sex worker, who the fuck walks around with those huge ass heels.

I miss Pokémon Sun and Moon, really. It had lot of cute characters and strong women. There's not even a single female character I can recall being revelant to the story apart from Sonia and I'm already at the seventh gym. Or at least a female character with personality.
Idk, I'm thinking about dropping the game. Pokemon ended with Moon for me, and I think that's a nice farewell.

No. 63345

I don't know if I should get SwSh, I'm hesitating for many reasons. I'm ok with the lack of national dex because completing it is a hassle and it makes online battles boring when you keep finding random trainers with only shiny perfect IV and EV legendaries. Anyway I have a few questions for the anons who played or are playing the game:
>what do you think about the art direction and character design for the pokemon? imo some of them look good, some look out of place even if they look good, some are fugly, more than in the previous generations
>is the game balanced around the fact that you can't turn off the exp share? or is the game trying to encourage you to rotate between a bunch of pokemon/parties thanks to the pc being accessible all the time?
>does the game lag or crash? if yes, how often? I was annoyed everytime I had to do double battles or beat totem pokemon in SM because of how much slower the game got everytime. It even crashed once.
>are there proper dungeons and routes? or is it more linear like the 3DS games?
>how intrusive is the story? I hated being interrupted in SM and USUM every 10 minutes because of cutscenes
>do you have more info about the bug that makes some Switch brick? I keep seeing different info that contradict each others, hopefully none of you had to experience this

No. 63349

>what do you think about the art direction and character design for the pokemon? imo some of them look good, some look out of place even if they look good, some are fugly, more than in the previous generations
I actually liked a lot of designs and art from this generation. I tend to lean towards the “cutesy” designs and this generation had a lot of that. I think a lot of details in some designs are clever too. Like Knickit. As for character design, while I do like a lot of the art and Marnie and Hops designs, Leon and some of the others was meh for me. I think it’s split. I liked 50-60% of character designs.
>is the game balanced around the fact that you can't turn off the exp share? or is the game trying to encourage you to rotate between a bunch of pokemon/parties thanks to the pc being accessible all the time?
Compared to Sun and Moon they really toned it down quite a bit. Even after wandering around for a few hours, fighting every trainer I ran into, and catching random Pokémon, I was still either around the same level as the gym leaders and even below the Champion. It was noticeably tougher. In a good way.
>does the game lag or crash? if yes, how often? I was annoyed everytime I had to do double battles or beat totem pokemon in SM because of how much slower the game got everytime. It even crashed once.
Offline, there’s no lag that I’ve ever noticed in gameplay. There was a noticeable lag in 2 cutscenes in the game but considering some of the other bugs people have found in the cutscenes, I’m sure they’ll do an update for it. Online in the wild area is definitely laggy. Then again, it’s an MMO styled area with no servers in place on a new game. Don’t know what they expected there. Local battles and raids have no lag either. So mainly just online.
>are there proper dungeons and routes? or is it more linear like the 3DS games?
This is what I was waiting to answer. In my opinion, this game is very nonlinear with the wild area feature. It doesn’t push you to leave it to continue the story since the wild Pokémon stay around if not above your level. You could spend forever in just that area catching a shit ton of Pokémon and camping. The main story itself is pretty standard, they direct you from gym to gym, but they let you explore wherever you want to go in between.
>how intrusive is the story? I hated being interrupted in SM and USUM every 10 minutes because of cutscenes
When I was trying to speed through the story, it definitely was being stopped every 10 minutes to have another conversation with an NPC. Granted as previously stated, they don’t really hand hold you through the game and don’t make it clear how long you’re meant to spend in the wild area or through routes. I feel like if I had broken it up by doing that stuff in between gyms, I wouldn’t have felt stopped so much. But I must admit as much as I loved the game, the story felt like it was yo-yoing me. It was a bit irritating being dragged back and forth.
>do you have more info about the bug that makes some Switch brick? I keep seeing different info that contradict each others, hopefully none of you had to experience this
Yeah. No one I know including myself has ever experienced this. Again, the only bugs I’ve come across are just silly art bugs that are easy fixes for them like Hops mouth not being filled in.

In short, I really liked the game and would say that it’s probably in my top 3. I liked all the new features it brought and I can see myself really clocking in a lot of hours. I did a standard run and finished in at 24 hours.

No. 63385

>do you have more info about the bug that makes some Switch brick? I keep seeing different info that contradict each others, hopefully none of you had to experience this

I heard that the whole bricking bug was only caused by the Japanese digital download version of the game. Some people stated it could be fixed by just playing offline, but others have said that doesn't help.

No. 63399

File: 1574290879835.png (150.33 KB, 314x672, FB315736-B70F-45ED-BF3E-1129AA…)

>big titty gardevoir clone to pander to the neckbeards

No. 63489

Ugh, ~sexy~ pokemon are a disgrace. It’s fucked up that nowadays they’re clearly intentionally designing them with r34 crowd in mind. It did start with gardevoir, which I don’t think was entirely intentional, but after it caused a huge wave of hentai fan art, they must’ve realized there’s money to be made in pandering to lonely nerds, because in every generation onwards you’ve got at least one pokemon that’s clearly coded as female and attractive, like lopunny or tsareena. Although I don’t think there ever was anything as blatant as T&A here.

Yes, I realize there’s plenty of manchildren playing these games, but they’re still marketed primarily to kids, with kid protagonists, ffs.

No. 63492

Samefagging to add that I’m really fucking salty that with galar theme and all gamefreak had a perfect chance to make a cool witch pokemon, but nah, here’s bobs and vagene.
Oh well, at least there’s mismagius.

No. 63910

That bugged me too, it felt like every female character was sexualized in some way except Gloria. I think what made it even more blatant was pretty much every male character was ugly.

Is she wearing bondage gear?

No. 63925

This character was designed by a popular manga artist. The one who made the manga about the girls with the gemstone hair. I'm not a big fan of Game Freak outsourcing their artists.

No. 63930

Do you know who are the other character designers? For some of the characters' official art I feel like their styles are familiar but I can't put my finger on why exactly. Especially Raihan's.

No. 64058

mismagius isn't even in the latest game…. sad

No. 71617

File: 1578602736497.jpg (11.98 KB, 300x168, images-3.jpg)

New Pokemon direct this morning. Mostly covered sword/sheild paid dlc, but what really got me excited was the beginning of the direct- remake of Mystery Dungeon rescuers! I would have liked a new game, but the art style is so adorable and true to the games art that I'll take it. Demos out now

No. 71618

No. 101025

Is anyone interested in a pokemon showdown tournament??

No. 125178

File: 1612214687782.jpg (55.51 KB, 864x659, 1527646977595.jpg)

Generation 4.
My dad found a Game Boy with Pokemon Red in the cartridge slot and gave it to me at the age of 6.

No. 127670

File: 1613240383349.jpg (44.96 KB, 1024x576, 20210213_131927.jpg)

Anyone esle just…think that the concept of the post malone polemon concept is just…what??

No. 127673

yes, oh my god. i find it so painfully cringe

the katy perry collab is also immensely weird to me. the throwback video they posted a few weeks back for the 25th anniversary was actually really sweet but the random katy perry thing at the end ruined it completely imo

No. 129670

File: 1614365458117.jpg (301.06 KB, 1920x1080, Tumblr_l_935128598773116.jpg)

What does everyone think about the Pokemon news announced today? I think the gen 4 remakes look like dog shit but I am excited for whatever that Arceus game is

No. 129677

I actually choked laughing when they revealed the graphics for the Sinnoh remakes. Years people have been begging for them and that's what they get kek it's almost like GameFreak just wanted to say 'fuck you' and churned out a mid-2000's bargin-bin JRPG looking mf

No. 129678

It’s shit. The legend of arceus looks decent, but there’s no way in hell I’m buying the Diamond Pearl remakes. I knew they would be shit so I’m not surprised in the slightest.

No. 129680

this has interesting potential but the fact they're showing it off now worries me. It tells me this is near the final product rather than proof of concept, and my concerns are:
- implied 1 town area, the rest of the map is a large empty open world
- no gyms or league, therefore no battling goals, literally just a capture and explore game (which could be solid if the world design delivers, and I don't think it will from the trailer)
- graphics aren't incredible, which I mean Pokemon isn't known for high quality graphics anyway
- bigger concern is poor framerate. Rewatch the trailer and that Chingling and Chimchar was painful, barely hitting 10fps by the look of it. So I worry this game will have poor performance.

I hope to see more at a higher level of development, but I'm doubtful.

No. 129681

File: 1614369854325.png (2.87 MB, 1751x1242, 1614355560823.png)


No. 129700

Im so upset at the gen 4 remake. I expected the bare minimum, just a gen 4 remake with pokemon lets go graphics. But instead we get this ugly ass chibi models and the shadows in the game are whack everything looks so dark. I hate the people who are defending this decision by saying that its follows the game more by having those chibi models. Pokemon lets go and the gen 3 remakes also didnt have that shit so why the hell would we want it with gen 4? Barrys chibi models hair looks so bad and when they run they look like lego.
I hope legends wont be shit, they still have a year but the trailer gives me low expectations because it seemed laggy as hell and really empty.

No. 129703

They literally have the same camera shot in the video as the one in BOTW. It just looks like they're trying to copy that.

No. 129718

I feel like the only one who's genuinely excited for both games. I think the chibi art style is cute but I've wanted gen 4 remakes for so long that the art style wouldn't be a huge dealbreaker for me anyway. I'm also really glad they're finally using arceus in a game

No. 129730

File: 1614382693514.png (629.4 KB, 696x384, genshin impact clone.PNG)

I'm concerned about the performance as well. I'm not sure if Game Freak has it in them to create a well-designed open world game that isn't an unpolished lag fest like the wild areas in SWSH. Even BOTW still had framerate issues. Hopefully the game gets more polished before release because as is it looks pretty rough in terms of visuals.

Yeah same. I'm kind of annoyed that all of the other remakes were done in-house but the gen 4 remake gets outsourced and ends up looking like wii shovelware

No. 129745

Oh my god that’s exactly what it reminded me of! I find the style kind of cute in a retro way, but holy shit I’m not paying full price for a game looking like this.

No. 129846

DP remake looks worse than the original 2006 game (platinum was better anyway)
Legends has more time to improve but I hate how the 5 FPS shiny ass Pokémon look.

No. 129856

Don’t worry anon! They’ll give us platinum content as a $30 DLC expansion pass!!

I hope this isn’t the case but I don’t trust GF after SWSH

No. 136120

File: 1617961936872.jpg (53.12 KB, 826x811, EaIPZdHX0AAainP.jpg)

Ladies, any concepts you'd like to see as Pokemon designs? I like to make Fakemon in my free time and I find object-based Pokemon near impossible to come up with. Any creative ideas you could spare?

No. 136136

Is animal ok? I really want a pug-inspired Pokemon (Snubbul is clearly a bulldog, and not even a french one). Preferably with a non-hideous evolution that keeps everything nice about first form and adds to it. I would love to do it myself but IDK what to mix the pug with so that he looks like a proper pokemon (even if pug inspired).
Anyway bet other anons will have better ideas, but wanted to throw in mine anyway lmfao

No. 136143

Any suggestions are welcome, sorry if that wasn't clear. A pug pokemon would be amazing, maybe it would be best as a single stage mon with a unique ability that gave it an edge in battle, so it can remain cute.

No. 136161

i'd really like to see a compact mirror pokemon, maybe even one with a powder puff? or some actual cute electric pokemon. not just small chubby pikachu clones but… let's say feminine electric pokemon. think primarina levels of elegance.

No. 136194

A three-stage evolution mold pokemon. It starts out as something pathetic, like a piece of old cheese, but with each evolution the mold takes over and makes it more sentient until it turns into a badass fuzzy monster with a pretty dark green/silver color scheme. The final evolution could be a poison/fairy type.

No. 136198

mirror is a great idea!

I like this, maybe the entire line would be food based too, becoming more moldy as it evolves.

No. 140130

File: 1619823250262.jpg (641.29 KB, 1242x1920, 1473038351569.jpg)

Anyone playing the new Pokemon Snap? It looks cute but I've never tried a snap game before, curious if anons think it's worth it.

No. 140132

All the reviews I've seen are positive which I'm surprised about but it makes me happy! It looks cute and relaxing but I'm still on the fence atm.

No. 153100

File: 1626862458735.jpeg (235.36 KB, 1915x1076, 6CBC47BC-E236-4444-8671-982606…)

Anyone tried Pokémon Unite yet? Played a couple games, it’s kinda fun but I’m not seeing any real strategy yet so the gameplay feels kinda shallow at the moment

No. 153192

is this the moba?

No. 153208

File: 1626952387419.gif (110.43 KB, 540x408, tumblr_p91pvi97OL1whjz78o1_540…)

I forgot there was a dedicated Pokemon thread. I already posted about it on the vidya thread, but if someone has a Zacian I'd like to trade because I only need this one to complete my pokedex in Shield. I can give it back to you right after trading of course.

By the way, I'm seriously thinking about replaying all the mainline games (except Shield since I'm not completely done with it). I've been thinking about some habits I had when playing long ago, before I got used to playing other JRPGs. Like how I always kept shitmons until the end because I started with them, they were cute and using more powerful pokemon I also liked felt like cheating. Or how I gave HMs to all my pokemon instead of having a HM slave, or how I sometimes avoided doing some of the side quests like the contests in Platinum then again I did too many contests in Emerald, the Pokeathlon in Soul Silver or the Hollywood stuff in Black 2. I'm also thinking about transfering most of my pokemon from older games in the Pokemon Bank, but I hate how long it takes to transfer from gen 4 to gen 5 first.

No. 153575

File: 1627254306370.gif (134.97 KB, 150x150, gengar_xy_sprite_by_beavercop-…)

I've been trying it out. I'm really bad at it but it's tonnes of fun. Not a super deep game or anythign but the random matches are unpredictable enough to make it entertaining.
I got a gengar and it's what matters most tbh

No. 160077

A Cheshire Cat Pokemon would be pretty neat but was disappointed with Galarian Meowth and Perrserker. Also a dolphin Pokemon needs to happen. It was a missed opportunity for Alola.

No. 160188

iirc gengar was inspired by the cheshire cat

No. 160436

File: 1631654202073.jpg (114.59 KB, 960x640, beautiful boy.jpg)

A big boy.

No. 160438

File: 1631654381218.jpg (62.79 KB, 644x409, THREE BIG BOYS.jpg)

Pokémon discussion irl.

No. 160440

Not much is being said.

No. 160447

A slightly unpleasant childhood memory about Pokemon games follows. Spoiled not to creep out anons just enjoying cuteness of this thread. Sorry, I randomly remembered and wanted to get it out.
I want to complain that I understood the concept of a furry/zoophile before I even learned those words thanks to Pokemon games on Gameboy. There was this Pokemon Fanclub and I think a radio show where characters were uncomfortably fawning over Pokemon. I found it fucked up and it creeped me out. Those people were salivating too much over vulpix's shiny coat for that to not have some sinister connotation. Has anybody else been weirded by that? An even weirder thing was that I got scared of getting squirtbottle because I didn't understand what it meant and somehow assumed it's sexual. I did not know about squirting porn, or so I think. Why the fuck did I assume it means something bad instead of something related to Squirtle? What was wrong with me

No. 160450

perfect hugging size

No. 160459

File: 1631662317783.png (739.17 KB, 800x694, 02015120125.png)

i have this plushie and he's the perfect size for hugging. also a very good boye

No. 160461

File: 1631662589073.jpg (134.34 KB, 1329x886, tongue.jpg)

What a perfect and round boy.

No. 165139

File: 1634603887608.png (320.45 KB, 764x1280, Sword_Shield_Melony.png)

How long would it take for Game Freak to make one chubby/fat female character that isn't a big titty thicc milf? Such cowards.

No. 165158

I don't think pokemon was this balant before

No. 165500

I'm 5 months late but it's really fun.
I got it as a gift and it's very relaxing and nice.

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