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File: 1589437106588.jpg (89.27 KB, 1000x600, acthrd.jpg)

No. 88648

No. 88651

damn i don't even own this game or play it but reading those links were interesting

No. 88657

The gift finder could use some work but it should be very handy when it's fine-tuned. As it is, it suggests you give your villagers some things that won't impress them at all.

No. 88659

File: 1589442319049.jpg (232 KB, 2600x2000, kek.jpg)


I agree that it can use some work, but this 'gift finder' is still pretty new so idm that. I think it was made a week or two ago.

What do you anons think about all the ridiclious Raymond hype? I think he is very much overrated and there are many better (and unique) cat villagers than him. I personally would rather have Ankha and Felicity rather than having him around. Ironically enough he is my first ever campsiter, but I still don't care about him. Even got Bob from island hunting and developed a soft spot for him.

Also, it bummed me out how we never got to see Blanca in New Horizons even though she was supposed to come on 1st april. I hope they will manage to bring her at least next year…

No. 88660

Cat villagers are my favorite and I wanted Raymond but the insane hype for him has honestly killed my interest. Still missing a smug villager though so I definitely would invite him if I encountered him on an island or in my campsite.

No. 88678

File: 1589456821460.png (103.19 KB, 268x378, Cyd_NH.png)

Yo there's like zero hype for Cyd out of all the new villagers. I want him so much, he looks like he's planning to jump someone.

No. 88680

i've literally never seen him before but he's so fucking cool he'd fit in really well w my current villagers too shit

No. 88681

Anons how do I get peaches and pears? I can't visit other islands because it is not available in my region (Nintendo membership) and I have been playing this game solo the entire time just fine. I just want all the fruits

No. 88682

i was wondering, would any of you be interested in an acnh discord server just for us? i feel like most of us are pretty chill about the game. personally i'm terrified of letting people on my island because everyone has these super polished cottagecore islands (/carbon copies) while mine just isn't like that at all. not to mention the rampant overpricing of items on nookazon.

(i've never made a server before though so this is just me interest checking)

No. 88683

pretty sure you can find them through nook islands? ive gotten apples and pears off of nook islands and my native fruit is peaches so keep trying at that maybe?

No. 88685

I made a server a while ago for chill players, it's really quiet but if more people join it'll get more active, it's got specific channels for trading and turnips and other stuff like that.


No. 88686

I think you can only get max. two new fruits (exc. coconuts) from Nook islands. And no one's sure about that; it might be only one new fruit from an island and one from your mom.

In the old games if you sent villagers fruit, they'd sometimes send you new fruit in return. That's worth a try.

No. 88687

File: 1589458759631.png (78.92 KB, 230x322, 04780AAC-4BCF-4223-A307-F02F11…)

Kidd is my favorite smug character so he’s not a big deal to me. I thought it was pretty funny that people are starting to make jokes about how over the top people are about him, like that Raymond in Boxes stage play tweet.

It’s just crazy how monetized AC has become though, I would have never imagined it would get this bad with people with fake and real currency.

No. 88710

tbh I've been wanting a small-ish chill acnh group that's 18+. I feel weird that it's possible I'm interacting with 14 year olds online hahah. There's a healthcare workers group on fb I thought of joining for that, but it's prob just a big nursing circlejerk. and the 18+ fb group has "don't be easilly offended" multiple times in their group rules and comes across as a bunch of edgy tryhards.

Raymond is just the new Marshall tbh. It's funny how the game is repeating itself. If I find Raymond I'm definitely auctioning him off. After I got and sold Marshall in new leaf my town was so nice.

Do you have Kidd yet anon? I have kidd in my island and when moves out you can have him.

No. 88711

File: 1589468469051.png (1.31 MB, 996x996, lucky.png)

is lucky dead or alive

I thought he was "lucky" bc he was lucky to be alive after being in an accident where he needs a full body cast but his house is a graveyard?

No. 88722

I have raymond on my island. I got him as my first campsite villager before I knew about all the hype surrounding him and thought he looked interesting. At first I was meh about him because his office look didn't really match my general island idea but I thought it was funny. I still like him just cause he's one of my OGs, but the fanaticism around him is really off-putting. Like…people just want him because every one else does, and don't get me started on the "comfort character" fools…

No. 88723

File: 1589470854951.png (197.28 KB, 360x450, Dom_NH.png)

I don't get the raymond hype at all, I think he's ugly. I do have dom however (another new character w/o an amiibo card but he is actually cute)

No. 88724

Dom is in my village (start animal) and he's so sweet and adorable. Cherish him.

No. 88728

File: 1589471628967.gif (2.36 MB, 640x640, tenor.gif)

Dom is my favorite new villager and I'm currently using the campsite method to get him. I wish I liked him early cause than I would have reset to get him as one of my first villagers.

as a continuation of the last thread my favorite cat is Merry. I've had her in previous games and she's hilarious and cute.

No. 88732

I've never met her, but she's freakin adorable!! I hope you will enjoy Dom. He is absolutely so wholesome.

No. 88738

thanks. I love his crybaby face.

No. 88740

I have hated the stupid hipster yuppie cat since the moment I laid my eyes on him for the first time. He looks like he came straight out of American Psycho.
I slightly dislike cat villagers since I find them overrated AF but this pos is the worst from them all

No. 88747

I already have Kidd, thank you for the offer though!

No. 88833

File: 1589491530534.jpeg (171.43 KB, 2048x1380, E4CCFC53-35A7-4E2A-B0F1-733C76…)

Out of all the new villagers, I really want Audie. Or any wolf/dog villager, but damn I love Audie, she’s so cute. I’ve basically resigned myself from searching for specific villagers when it’s time to replace one, I usually just go for a specific personality type (that isn’t an animal I already have) just to have variety on my island. I’ll probably have to trade for Audie, but I don’t want to deal with the hassle, so whatever lol.

Bubbles moved out so I needed a new peppy to fill her space and Audie would’ve been great but I just found Tutu and don’t have a bear villager yet so it works out. Tutu’s cute!

No. 88837

File: 1589492555096.png (589.82 KB, 880x412, Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 22.4…)

I have a potentially dumb question if any farmers are experienced flower-breeders? I can't figure out how to phrase it for google.

I've been taking all my hybrid flowers and planting them together in a checkerboard pattern to try to breed more- can the hybrids create more flowers or do I just need to rely on the basic flowers to create more?

Attached pic in case I'm not making sense

No. 88838

Raymond is a boring office cat. He looks like he smells like dust and printer ink. I never liked any cats in AC tbh, their ear shape looks dumb to me. Merry is the only one I would take because I find her double chin and eyes cute.

I just got Audie, she's cute and she keeps hanging out with Fang.

No. 88842

yeah you can get hybrids from hybrids anon. I'm not sure if like blue/gold roses do it but I've gotten pink roses that way.

No. 88849

You can get hybrids from seed flowers, and can clone hybrids (I’m not experienced in this but I see people clone by sticking flowers next to each other, next to flowers they cannot breed with (ie sticking pink roses, pink lillies, and pink cosmos all next to each other, not near other roses, lillies, or cosmos. You have a chance of these three flowers cloning in that exact color). Here’s a more detailed flower breeding guide based on datamined info https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ARIQCUc5YVEd01D7jtJT9EEJF45m07NXhAm4fOpNvCs/mobilebasic

There’s also updated and new easier to digest picture guides, but they’re always hard for me to find because they get mixed in with the ones for the old games (that don’t apply to NH since the breeding mechanics are completely different). Good luck anon!

No. 88852

so very many pink roses
the pinks will also shoot out white roses as well

shout out to flower fury anon from the previous thread

No. 88857

omg audie is one of the three villagers of mine that moved in after my starters and i love this outfit on her. this reminded me that i need to experiment more often w outfits on villagers. i gave blanche a hat once and she stopped wearing it the next day. do villagers wear outfits that you give them for an extended period of time? or do they usually only wear it for one day and then go back to what they were wearing the day before?

No. 88858

Villagers cycle through outfits but tend to wear the things they like/fit their personal style more. Sometimes you'll see them twirl around and change clothes twice on their walk from home to the square.
It also means they won't wear things they aren't crazy about more often than the first day, if there are other options.

No. 88862

File: 1589501273855.png (304.38 KB, 501x653, NH-Apollo-Render.png)

I feel so damn lucky to get the villagar I wanted on my campsite, minutes after reading this thread.

I like Apollo and his card game is fun.

No. 88872

Glad to see other Merry lovers in the thread.
Apollo is a top tier cranky villager. I have him in cf and acnl, and I own his amiibo card so i had him in nh for a while but I let him move out b/c I'm trying to get Chief.

No. 88873

raymond is ok. i got him on an island and my bf and i have this joke about him clearly wearing a colored contact lens to look cool, but he's really just a gay loser. also i gave him a sushi futon for his office house since it's boring af. the girls who like him are into like the woman version of CBT.

No. 88874

File: 1589506729797.jpeg (224.73 KB, 1280x720, House_of_Cleo_NH.jpeg)

He has nearly the same home interior as Cleo, the snooty office admin horse.

No. 88876

I've noticed this and kinda hate it. I gave every single one of my villagers different colours of overalls and they all looked so fucking cute but the only one who kept hers on is Aurora. at least she is the one who looked the cutest

No. 88877

File: 1589508455341.png (978.08 KB, 1020x576, stolen from elsewhere.png)

nta but I like hers more. The house that disappointed me the most was Eugene's. I don't know why they got rid of his rock house and gave him a boring office.

No. 88882

omg did they really scrap eugene's rock house to a boring office?? that's hilarious it really does not fit him at all, makes it look like he's couch surfing at some office hoe's apartment lolol

No. 88887

has anyone else tried the amiibo method on their iphones? the key card things finally arrived for me and i was able to scan the amiibo on my phone! i was shocked that it actually worked. it sucks that you can’t rewrite them tho. i have like 9 keys left, i think i’m gonna get klaus or sherb next but idk

No. 88889

samefag sorry but i forgot to mention that i got marcel with this method. it was actually kind of annoying because you have to craft 3 items for them on 3 different days until they agree to move in

No. 88919

I think it was brought up last thread but I just started playing and it’s frustrating not being able to customise catalog furniture like before, my house is looking like trash because I can’t get anything I like together. I don’t really mind too much but I’m hoping to see more furniture I like when nook’s cranny upgrades, the basic DIY stuff I have so far just isn’t my thing.

No. 88947

File: 1589545458016.png (197.66 KB, 611x337, 1587392134726.png)

I don't use discord or reddit but I've been on /vg/'s general a lot and while the threads can be awful everyone I've visited or hosted for have been extremely kind. One anon gifted me hybrids including the blue rose when I was hosting Celeste one night. I've been cloning them ever since and I'll love to give them out to people here but I really don't know how to go about doing that since the thread isn't that active. It's so frustrating that they don't allow people to message each other through nintendo online.

No. 88971

File: 1589564177574.jpg (92.65 KB, 540x324, tumblr_peg1w74wOo1skedbt_540.j…)

What furniture set do you guys miss the most in NH?

No. 88973

The Rococo and mermaid series. The mermaid set is kind of similar to the shell set though.

No. 88974

Rococo and princess series. I hope they'll bring it back…

No. 88980

alpine, it was the first set i collected because i thought it was super cute.

rococco and princess for sure. does gracie show up in new horizons? Although I'm finding earning bells way harder so I probably wouldnt be able to afford anything anyway

No. 88981

My friends and I usually end up voice chatting on it because the character limit to type is so small lol. But fffuuckkk anon, I'd love to trade you any furniture that I can for a blue rose! Do you have a nookazon wishlist or something? I'm so behind on flower breeding because I've been so preoccupied with terraforming and decorating my island. It's finally at a place where I like most of it and I want to start breeding blue and gold roses to decorate around my favorite villager's house lol.

No. 88990

The rococo was my jam. I had a seperate house filled with mermaid and robot furniture. But my main bedroom was all rococo.

No. 88996

File: 1589574039064.jpg (121.02 KB, 1280x768, c74cd37318ea513daa1b14446ed8b7…)

I miss green series, and the classic sofa

do you guys think they will add missing furniture in with later updates? it just seems like there's a lot missing, and idk why they would leave it out to begin with?

No. 89015

File: 1589579774038.jpg (267.33 KB, 1079x1091, 4.jpg)

i think it was mentioned in the last thread how it would be cool if we could get some furniture items that were also included in pocket camp. despite what pocket camp was there was loads of neat stuff continuously added. i wonder how hard it would be to render some of them to acnh.

No. 89021

I think they're really just holding it all out on us because I remember reading about how Nintendo plans to have like 2-3 years of updates for the game. I was excited when I first heard that, but just how much of it is going to be new exclusive features to the game (e.g. the rumored crops from one of the recent datamines) and how much is just giving us old furniture and shit from the old games?

Pocket camp has so much good furniture, it's a god damn shame that the game is what it is. A lot of the cookie furniture is great, and some events have some really amazing stuff (my favorites are probably the recent onsen cookie and the tearoom furniture from one the events in January).

No. 89022

File: 1589582493718.jpg (27.73 KB, 250x150, tumblr_pts7xzuL2l1xjidzco3_250…)

I miss the 7-eleven stuff. I'm kinda going for an industrial/city themed island so i would love this. I also miss cyrus and being able to customize pretty much anything. Only certain color variants of items can appear in your nook's cranny so you have to trade to get some stuff. Acnh is really just another way for nintendo to push their online subscription service.

No. 89024

Just out of curiosity, how do you get the 7-eleven stuff? I never had any of it (UK anon so maybe they never made it available to us idk)

No. 89030

You could get it outside of japan if you used the save editer(aka homebrew and hacked your 3ds) or if you traded with someone

No. 89036

this is partly why i'm not in a rush to finish my island anytime soon. it's probably gonna be a while of updates and i'm not too keen on having to make way for new things and remodeling my island. i'm too lazy hahaha

No. 89041

i miss Cyrus being able to customize my stuff too. Everything is so limited! I hate my ugly black and white vending machines and chairs, and i dont change the color of my antique furniture to black

No. 89064

the fact that you can't get everything without trading is both stupid and annoying. this is my first ac game, but i can see why people are critical of it, the old ones seemed way more complete…also is it normal for nook's cranny to carry the same 5 pieces of furniture almost all the damn time? i time traveled and i swear i keep getting useless shit like the boxing ring etc most of the time, i hate it

No. 89067

File: 1589609588014.jpeg (480.05 KB, 940x702, House_of_Muffy_NH.jpeg)

It really chaps my ass that they got rid of the Rococo set. Look how fugly Muffy's house is without it. Jesus Christ it looks like she's one of those hobos who lives in a storage unit.

NH really shat the bed with the designs of the animals' homes imo.

No. 89082

Agreed, I have 3 villagers with a wilderness/outside themed home and its just boring. Especially since their amiibo card (the RV ones) showed so many cool items and they just don't have that anymore.

No. 89100

Not to mention, the starter villagers (I’ve only just begun) have ugly houses, I get they also “camped” but I would rather their houses get fully furnished after the tent stage…. my boy Antonio deserves better

I feel like they’ll surely add Cyrus (or furniture customisation) in a later update… I’m tired of these catalogue scalpers charging to get a colour variation when the game already has a customisation system which just arbitrarily discludes certain furniture.

(For all this complaining I am enjoying NH, but it really feels so different to NL and something is just lacking for me idk)

No. 89103

>the old ones seemed way more complete
They were. Really annoyed by how of all the animal crossing games this one has been in development the longest by far (8 years vs the 2nd longest gap between animal crossing games being 4 years) and it's the most expensive but its an unfinished game they're finishing via updates.

No. 89106

This is why I'm going to wait to buy it until they add some shit I like to the game. Also the community is a shithole right now because everyone and their dad is playing it. Like this shitty competitive atmosphere where everyone feels the need to brag on social media really sucks and is the exact sort of shit I play AC to get away from.

The fighting over "popular" villagers has been a problem as long as AC has had internet capabilities– the problem is just really pronounced now because the game is more popular than ever before. Like the way people are fighting over Raymond really isn't that different from how people used to fight over Marshall and Bob. Personally I think Marshall and Raymond are both boring. Lucky is my favorite.

No. 89138

File: 1589655342606.jpg (198.04 KB, 854x720, hothouse phoenix.jpg)

I hope this is eventually patched so the starter five get their "real" interiors. A misguided hope but still.

Long ago Phoebe asked to leave and I let her. Maybe now she can have the blazing inferno she deserves.

No. 89173

This is definitely not my Muffy from New Leaf. I feel bad for anyone whose first Animal crossing game is NH, because it's absolutely shit compared to the older games.

No. 89174

Based. Also, i agree. The community is shit now because everyone is new and bought it because MUH COVID, now it's over saturated. I say waiting to buy the game is a good idea. I'm bored af now and i just unlocked terraforming, but the world seems so empty. I'm about to restart my island in New Leaf at this point.

No. 89187

Honestly, I don't spend a ton of time with the community. So I found/find him cute and silly just like any other smug boy. He and Kidd both live on my island and I think they're cute and sweet.

This picture makes me sad, which I know is ridiculous. I wish people weren't so bid/money hungry with villagers. Or more kind about it.

I've not met a villager I don't like yet, and hype or drama hasn't turned me sour to anyone yet either.

No. 89190

File: 1589670317573.png (144.46 KB, 275x476, Greta_NewHorizon (1).png)

she's cool

No. 89212

File: 1589679252253.jpg (48.32 KB, 602x693, I have fish to sell, CJ.jpg)

If it seems like NPCs aren't visiting your islands (everyone but Kicks and Leif avoid mine), the furry dataminer took a deep dive into the code.
This isn't 100% accurate either though, Saharah and CJ have appeared for me on separate Sundays for instance.

No. 89220

fuck ive only had celeste show up once since i got the game a month ago. ive been lucky that at least one person in my friend group has been getting her everyday/every other day so i can get diys from her lol

No. 89274

File: 1589715786919.png (754.38 KB, 1280x1341, feli.png)

I think it would have been nice if we could get at least one more spot for villagers. I wouldn't mind paying Nook Miles for it.

I just feel like that considering that there are over 393 villagers, it's kind of a shame that you need to choose only 10 ouf of them.

Had to kick out my lovely Sprinkles just to replace her with Felicity, and it makes me feel bad.

No. 89276

I really wish we could have up to 15 like in the gamecube animal crossing

No. 89282

I feel your pain. Would love to have like 5 additional villagers on my island and it's so hard to settle on just 10, but I'm happy with my villager constellation so far…

No. 89283

wait…why did they ever reduce the number of villagers? I think an ideal system would be a "natural cap" at 10 (like how in NL at any given time you will end up with 10 villagers as the game always replaces them if you go below that) and then the option to have 5 more on your island, and the extra ones have no bearing on your island rating etc.

Maybe even as a reward for players who have had a 5 star for a while. If they can do 15 in the gamecube version, surely the switch can handle 5 more.

No. 89286

>surely the switch can handle 5 more

I'd think so too but get enough decorations on your island and things begin popping in and out at leisure. The Switch is an overpriced low end Android, imagine it melting as it keeps track of 15 villagers.

No. 89290

Agreed on that. I think it should have 12 villagers max because of that.

No. 89297

I think I'd want 12 at most. Only because we'll probably get new shops and the island would start to get a bit crowded with 15 villagers.

No. 89328

Did you guys hear about the duplication glitch going around? It allows you to dupe pretty much any in-game item (even NMTs) and it surprisingly hasn't been patched yet despite it being discovered at least a few days ago? Thoughts? Personally I've tried it out and think people who are salty over it take the game too seriously.

I have Dom on my island and I like that he looks super cute but has a typical jock/meathead personality. I'd make a Virgin Raymond vs. Chad Dom meme if I cared enough to kek

I had Audie. She had a nice house but she doesn't really stand out to me compared to other villagers other than that.

No. 89330

what’s the new one? I saw one that dupes stuff using the home designer, but it only dupes 2x1 items and can leave fucked up spaces in your home lol

No. 89331

It's not the home designer one. This is a different one and it involves two human island players with homes and mailboxes.

It's probably the most "effective" glitch thus far in that you can seriously dupe so many items quickly and safely (since it's near impossible to lose items with this method unless you're an idiot).

No. 89332

Here are written instructions for anyone that doesn't want to watch the video:

>1. On main acc, mail items to 2nd account.

>2. Call 2nd player to game (this will teleport the account to res. services).
>3. Swap leader to 2nd acc and go in and out of res. services (to spawn mail in mailbox).
>4. Check if the mail is in mailbox and DO NOT TOUCH THE MAIL.
>5. Swap leader to main acc and end session.
>6. Summon 2nd acc (the fight against autosave starts here).
>7. Swap leader to 2nd acc
>8. Grab all presents. You can either drop them or keep them in your inventory because it works either way.
>9. Swap back to main acc and pick residents again (by pressing the - button).
>10. Summon 2nd acc and look inside the mailbox for it.
>11. Redo from step 8 if you want to or just end session.

No. 89353

some players in the NH community need to get out of their weird competitive mindset. people are only salty because they think that other people havent had to "work" as hard as them to make their island nice…literally who cares about other people's islands? I swear once upon a time this game was relaxing and fun, its not a race and any "cheating" is inconsequential to other players.

No. 89544

File: 1589813570790.jpg (138.58 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20200518_095031.jpg)

This is why we will never ever get good dialogue from Nintendo. (1/3)

No. 89546

File: 1589813607101.jpg (164.31 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20200518_095152.jpg)


No. 89549

File: 1589813734976.jpg (362.08 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20200518_095059.jpg)


No. 89551

>media was designed to make us feel reeeeeee!!

No. 89556

This is insane. How do people live like this? A tiny cartoon video game animal makes them feel unsafe?

No. 89559

>I have Dom on my island and I like that he looks super cute but has a typical jock/meathead personality. I'd make a Virgin Raymond vs. Chad Dom meme if I cared enough to kek

It must be done. People who like Raymond are insufferable.

No. 89561

This is what coddling and giving people validation trophies has done to some mindsets. it's so fucking stupid. They need to get over themselves because i'm sick of both extremes. The 'it's funny and you're baby' and the 'it hurts my feelings' even though there's no harm in animal crossing. Twitter is a landmine of coddling and validation on the same opinion.

No. 89573

File: 1589817898165.jpg (131.83 KB, 1200x675, acnh-international-museum-day-…)

so what are peoples thoughts on the museum stamp event? i haven't heard anyone talk about it. i think it was a cute little event, nothing major. perhaps that's why i've heard no one talk about it LOL

No. 89579

File: 1589818849785.png (92.1 KB, 868x611, 02szGGv.png)

No. 89587

Really? the people I've seen salty over duplication glitches all have valid reasons to be: most notability that it blows up the NH economy. Now people can ask for insanely high prices for villager or item trades, for selling spare diy recipes, for hybrid flowers or even just to catalogue items. It happened each time a new dup glitch was found and abused, and it always takes a good few weeks for those prices to drop to anything reasonable a player who hasn't duped can afford. Sure, they could just ignore it, but it's very difficult to convince people to lower prices to something 'fair' when their mates have sold a western stone diy for 100 NMTs. It basically ruins online trading in communities, so it's not a case of dupers doing this in isolation to their island, it's a case of them fucking up online trading prices for a lot of players.

No. 89595

My villagers' clothes are bugging out and there's no way to recount the story without sounding insane.
tl;dr - one villager begins changing into basic white undershirt two weeks ago. Last week, undershirt turns navy blue (?) and she wears it most of the time. Today, two others are just roaming around the plaza in white undershirts. A third is lounging around her house in a white undershirt. I'm just…

No. 89597

I thought it was really cute! very simple and not much to it, but I liked that it got players to actually check out the museum again. Idk the music in the museum is so chill and comfy haha

No. 89601

In the context of trading, you brought up some good points. I think the thing is that people who dupe stuff still make up a minority and given how huge the playerbase is now, I can’t say for sure if they will really make a noticeable dent. Anyway, Nintendo is fully aware of the glitch and it will probably patched very soon. It’s just a matter of when.

Is this what the developers meant by stretching the gameplay put as long as possible? kek Another anon brought up how it seems much harder to obtain items without trading in NH compared to older games, and revelations like this one regarding Redd’s really prove that point.

No. 89602

Right now the museum probably the best thing in the entire game. They really outdid themselves on every part of it.
It's safe to afk there too without your villagers spreading rumors that you're keeping an alien hostage in your house or something.

No. 89611

File: 1589823883508.gif (2.94 MB, 476x348, ITabBLC.gif)

I am loving this item duplication glitch

No. 89616

I wasn’t really considering the trading community. To be honest, the fact that people are even bothering to charge extra for items or whatever is scummy to me. Maybe I’m just naïve but I don’t see why there’s a need to get extra bells or NMT specifically, if you get it as a “tip” then fine but I get frustrated seeing people actually charge more than the usual buying price. Especially if they are just letting people catalogue items, charging for that is next level imo

No. 89617

File: 1589824952370.jpg (52.56 KB, 512x288, unnamed.jpg)

they really did outdo themselves with the museum. it's kind of a shame that it low-key got "wasted" on this game.
>It's safe to afk there too without your villagers spreading rumors that you're keeping an alien hostage in your house or something.
i had no idea that was a dialogue option lol i need to afk in game more.

i honestly might attempt this glitch since i have used all 800/800 of my storage slots and i have been so damn b r o k e that i'm struggling to make 2 mil for the last house upgrade hahaha

No. 89622

I thought there would be more. Took me 5 minutes. Blathers was acting surprised that I finished it in one day. Prizes were a bit lame. Would have been better to get a bug/fish/fossil model out of a couple choices or something but whatever. Like what am I going to do with these plaques.
Kind of disappointed but I guess kids and new players who have been playing less than a month will be excited.

No. 89632

If you’re considering duping, you might as well time travel too while you’re at it (since they’re in the same realm of messing with the game). Your loans will be paid off much more quickly and your storage space will increase from 800 to 1600 easy peasy.

No. 89635

File: 1589829059648.jpeg (322.58 KB, 1280x720, 4CD26494-4C10-4921-A86B-80A784…)

Tearoom anon from last thread, I finally finished moving my entire tearoom structure to a new spot and revamped like 60% of my island/housing area. Shit took so long even with TTing to move some houses. I’m happy since my island looks better now, but now I feel like I have little reason to play.

No. 89638

I never thought of it like this. fuck Redd and fuck nintendo for this dumb ass method of buying art

No. 89640

Also fucking sucks how you can't even buy art more than once a day if you bought already. What the fuck is the point of putting a limit on that shit? If I can buy shit from any other NPC selling stuff on my friend's island, why is Redd the exception? I want to collect the statues from him but don't feel like paying up the ass from trading on reddit or nookazon.

No. 89641

2mil is chump change. gib dodocode and i will shower u in gold nmts and genuine statues bby.

No. 89643

it really is ridiculous. if you didn't want to use time traveling or nintendo online, completing the fish and bug exhibits would take at minimum up to a year if you're consistent with each month. the fossil exhibit wouldn't take long either. but the art exhibit??? the rate is astronomical

No. 89663

That looks super nice! Think of it this way, you can relax, harvest fruit and fish now without stressing out about building movement and terraforming.
Not to mention provide that one villager with the violin beetles they constantly ask for, if that happens to you.

No. 89672

Are you talking you talking about their yoga clothes? Cuz they wear these white or navy sleeveless tops when they do yoga.

No. 89673

If that's what they're wearing I feel dumb. My villagers have always done yoga in athletic jackets etc. until recently though.
I thought it was a bug because the dark blue tank top especially has no texture, it's just a flat block of color like something is missing.

No. 89677

idk I kind of agree with you to an extent, but letting people catalogue items or come to your island, especially a lot of people, can take a ton of time. And you also have to worry about anybody who might take shit. As long as it's reasonable I think it's fair to ask for something in return for your time and effort.

No. 89679

File: 1589838622261.gif (858.62 KB, 275x207, 1566765848270.gif)

I used to glitch to get 400 nmts and now i'm waiting for a villager to move out so I can go island hunting for dom.

No. 89680

oh my gawd anon how did u do it. the original video from >>89332 got blocked by nintendo and most guides are saying u need 3 people instead of just 2

No. 89681

samefag but this game is meant to be played daily long term. I understand the desire to complete everything right away but the game wasn't made to be that way. New Leaf had seasonal bugs and fish too so I don't see a problem there.I think the whole point of the game is about patience and delayed gratification.

I feel the same way about "completing" my island too anon. Like once I have everything the way I want I'm not gonna want to play any more. But then it's like I've already logged 200 hours into it so I've definitely gotten my money's worth, haha. What you did looks so good though, great job!

It's always the stink bugs for me lol

No. 89682

>I think the whole point of the game is about patience and delayed gratification
Yes but i think it's a little more than patience and delayed gratification when at most it could take almost 15 years to complete an art exhibit in a game (considering the "without time traveling or nintendo online" example). that was my point, that the delayed gratification for the other exhibits would at minimum be around 1 year, while the art exhibit at maximum could be 15. but i do agree with your point that not everything needs to be completed right away, just the rate for art is a bit…jarring imo

No. 89683

nta, you might need 3 but you only need 2 controllers or 1 set of joycons.

>be character 1

>send the letters with stuff u want to clone attached to character 2
>go outside and call character 2
>go into townhall and come back out to refresh their mailbox
>switch to the character 2, check the mail and get all the presents
>if it autosaves after you did that, you have to restart
>switch back to character 1
>select "pick residents again"
^that option may not be available if you have less than 3 characters, but I don't know for sure.
>select character 2 again
>switch to character 2 and check their mailbox again

No. 89687

File: 1589841651622.png (937.66 KB, 726x642, Capture.PNG)

You also need 3 islanders and I turned off auto updates a couple days ago.

No. 89697

i think they just need to make the art system the same as new leaf and this whole issue would be over. It took me longer to complete the art exhibit than the others but I could reliably get at least 2 new pieces a month.

No. 89701

i wish we could have a few more villagers. even 1-2 would be good. i hope they update later to allow it but i doubt it…

No. 89704

Most guides sya you need three villagers but they are wrong. With the help of one of my friends, we were each able to do the glitch with just two human accounts on our island. You absolutely do no need three and can do it with two just fine.

No. 89705

*each of our islands

Also I have just been duping for myself and for friends so that I can give a shit ton of stuff away for free. I haven’t traded any duped items (even my NMTs). Glad I didn’t end up spending my organicallyearned Nook Miles on NMTs like I originally planned.

No. 89706

I have two characters in my island but when i have to call resident the second time, it tells me i'm already playing with someone and i dont know how to proceed from there.

No. 89707

Interesting. Do you only have two human players on your island? If that’s the case, maybe that’s why such a notification pops up.

I guess I should clarify that I have four human accounts on my island and so did my friend I mentioned here. >>89704 Still we only used two of the human characters and after the the first run with the second player, it was possible to call the second player again when you click on “Call residents again.” Sounds like you need more than two human players, but can still just use two of them out of the ones you have.

No. 89709

So you do need 3 human residents… damn, that's a pain in my ass to do this glitch then. Yeah, I have my main account and then i use a second human for a different style of house. If i have to make a third human, that's kinda annoying but i may try…

No. 89712

you dont have to do anything with the 3rd character, they just have to exist. i made one in like 2 minutes and plopped their tent on an empty part of the beach. as long as they have a nook phone thats all they need. you can delete when you're done duping.

No. 89713

This anon here: >>89712 is right. It’s definitely not as hard an as time-consuming to make a third player as it seems. Hell, the third player doesn’t even need to move into a home/tent (but the second one does in order to have a mailbox to look into). Also, I have a copy of that duping how to saved onto my computer, but I’m not sure if I should share it given I don’t want Nintendo to come beating down on my ass.

No. 89722

if you are doing the mail dupe glitch by yourself, you will need 3 human villagers. i have tried it with just two and it will not dupe.
i found this video here that has not been blocked that made the most clear and concise sense.
>mail letters w gifts to 2nd villager
>load in 2nd villager, walk into residents services to refresh mail box.
>(this is the timed part) make 2nd villager leader, open mail box, and take presents. immediately make your main villager the leader after doing this before the game auto saves (about 5 minutes)
>switch to 3rd villager (if you do not switch to 3rd villager, it will not work!)
>after switching to 3rd villager, re-switch to your 2nd villager and check mailbox. should have duped presents.
i hope this made sense. 3rd villager acts as a transition i guess, it's mostly the main and 2nd villagers "doing all the work." this has already been said but make sure to turn off auto updates until you're done. it's a bit time consuming but once you get into the groove it's not bad.

No. 89728

Sorry anon, I thought you were complaining about the other exhibits taking a year to complete as well. My bad! I agree the art exhibit shouldn't be this fucked. I really just want some of the statues to decorate my island with and I haven't gotten any ugh.

No. 89732

gonna try out this dupe after I shower… hope it works so I can get some more fucking large star fragments lmao.

No. 89735

Is it considered rude to unfriend someone after trading? I find the notifications annoying and honestly it's not like I'm going to interact with this person again but some people take the "etiquette" of trading way too seriously so it's hard to tell what's okay and what's some unspoken rule.

No. 89738

No? Like you said it's not like you're going to interact with them again. You don't owe them anything after the initial transaction. I think if the person or group or whatever gets upset about something so irrelevant than maybe it was a good thing you deleted that person anyways

No. 89740

What the fuck, I just went into a villager’s home and it was completely empty??? I came out and she had just come outside, I didn’t even know this could happen…

No. 89742

I've never even tried it with a 3rd villager and I've been successfully duping all day. huh.

No. 89745

Thanks guys! I will give it a try.

No. 89749

that's so interesting, for some reason when i tried it with 2 it wouldn't work for me, i must've been doing smth wrong

No. 89764

Thankfully Kicks has lots of ugly shit you'll never buy to keep you occupied.

No. 89795

HELL YEAH now I have a fuck ton of large star fragments and also gold ores lol. I’m onto duping regular wood and weeds now.

No. 89798


No. 89838

File: 1589875220375.jpeg (276.08 KB, 1080x1177, 5D5E7FC5-7F92-41C5-B99F-EECD8C…)

Going back to the discussion about Dom, someone told me he’s supposedly really popular among Japanese players but that doesn’t seem to be the case with English-speaking players. Wonder why.

kek Why would you even need to dupe weeds? Just dupe a shitton of NMTs and pillage the fuck out of the mystery islands. Plenty of weeds there.

Why can’t they just give Kicks his own shop with a wider selection of accessories? Heck, why can’t they do that with the other NPCs? Harvey who I barely care about gets his own fucking island for such a specific feature, but we still have no official word on Harriet or Brewster. I’m sure they’re coming but the lack of details is disappointing.

No. 89885

cuz its easier?

No. 89886

I'm Amerifat and I love Dom. He and Sherb are my favorite new villagers.

No. 89892

cause english-speakers prefer the most generic trash. Dom doesn't suit their uwu aesthetic.

No. 89952

What should I do if a villager is camping at my island but my houses are full?

No. 89961

File: 1589903066068.jpg (179.57 KB, 708x695, camper.jpg)

you can still talk to them and ask to move in and they'll ask to kick another villager out…. there's a guide to using that method to get a villager you want


No. 89967

huh this is so weird to me since those people are obsessed with that stupid pleading emoji and dom looks a lot like that. i do love him though. i found him while island hopping and decided to invite him to stay and now i'm completely in love with him.

No. 89968

File: 1589904204645.png (135.98 KB, 270x475, Judy_NH.png)

I have Judy and adore her, but does anyone else find her a design a little odd? Like she doesn't look like an AC character or even an animal.

Also, I saw a post saying that she looks like she was created specifically for the uwu part of the fandom and I've never read anything more true.

No. 89969

Thank you so much, anon!

No. 89972


I don't think she is out of place, but I agree that she looks like the UwU character.

No. 89991

i agree and think its bc of the gradient overuse. like i might be wrong but i dont recall seeing another villager whose main body colour is a gradient, yeah, daisy has gradient ears and paws but like not the entire body.

No. 89994

I'm so frustrated. the glitch isnt working for me. Everytime i take the presents out, switch to 3rd villager, then main again and 2nd to check their box, the presents arent there anymore. what the hell am i doing wrong…

No. 90007

I am in a pretty big animal crossing chat in telegram, and every day there is at least five people posting screenshots from nmt islands and asking if a villager they met is popular and whether they should ask them to move in.
I mean, why do you need strangers opinions on random video game animals. Why cant you just decide for yourself come on

No. 90029

In some cases it's so they can sell them off at a premium when they ask to leave. Most of those people will lose interest by the end of the year, so there's that.
The rest of us can spend the next 17 years of our lives trying to fill out our art galleries.

No. 90030

Thanks anon. Figured I was being retarded but I've also seen people get mad about stuff like talking to other people's villagers when you visit their island so who knows.

No. 90035


>tfw you got judy but all you wanted was one of your bottom-tier villager of your dreams.

She is cute but she ain't fits my idk as it was mentioned, perfect for the uwu part of the fandom but not for me.

No. 90037

Are you selecting "Pick residents again." when you switch to the third villager or are you just making them the leader? If you're doing the latter that's probably why it isn't working.

It's cool that you can chain it too, I've been able to send 6 letters and dupe those 2-4 times before autosave. Tip: wait beside your mailbox until it autosaves with the mail inside to get the most out of it. All that matters is that it doesn't autosave when there is no mail.

No. 90043

She's cute but just not my taste. The eyes are what make her look strange, imo, because they're pretty dissimilar to any other villager. She is definitely perfect for people who make pastel-themed islands.

I agree that her design doesn't make sense, I guess she's supposed to look like a galaxy/northern lights? But her name doesn't really suggest that. If the name Aurora wasn't already being used it would be better, or something else sky/space related.

No. 90045

File: 1589918473657.jpg (53.54 KB, 220x350, versa.jpg)

She looks like a 70-90's shoujo manga heroine. I think an uwu character would look a little bit different.

Dom is cute but I dislike his ugly rainbow tshirt. Ruins his whole aesthetic.

No. 90049

idk I like the tie die shirt. He's just pleasantly odd in general, looking like that with the jock personality.

Unrelated, I mixed up the wrapped Buy Friendship gifts today and now Vic is wandering around with a fluffy berry red beret on top of his viking helmet and Bluebear is a security guard. It stings.

No. 90051

Not gonna lie, villagers hunting is kinda fun. I just met Lucky after Roscoe wanted to move out.

No. 90053

I thougt she was gonna blow up like Raymond in terms of popularity, but she seems to be less popular/more unpopular than I thought. It really surprised me to find this out but it seems people have issues with how her eyes look. Personally I think they look cool.

No. 90055

Also I'm kinda annoyed to find out that the first five villagers that have moved into my island will never have their original custom-made interior designs. I read somewhere that there's an unpatched bug where the first uchi and jock villagers on the island will forever stay in sleeping bags with generic/default furniture, wallpaper, and flooring. I have Dom, Coco, and Punchy among my first five villagers, and I never really figured out why these cool-looking characters (especially Coco) had super boring houses inside.

After finding this out, I'm probably gonna have them sent to the void, go on a shitton of Mystery Island tours, and hopefully they'll come back with better-tailored interior designs. Sadly none of the clones that I bring back will remember me/have island-specific memories, but it's only been a couple of months so not much progress has been lost.

No. 90057

He seems kind of popular to me but it feels like it's going in a cycle. Before it was mainly Raymond and Audie but now I see a lot more of Sherb and Dom.
I read on tbt that she's based off of a manga character but more like the female rival iirc. like those haughty princess types.

No. 90058

File: 1589922499195.jpeg (258.51 KB, 1280x720, House_of_Mac_NH.jpeg)

Mac (jock) was one of my first two and he did eventually upgrade to an actual bed, but it's the generic starter jock stock house with that decor and those decorations. It took maybe a week once he upgraded from tent to house.
If there's irony it's that his real interior is kind of rustic, nothing like the real bed/large table/wardrobe he has now.

This might be patched in the future so they get their real homes, it's hard to say. I don't know if I could stand letting one go, getting them to move back via an island tour and having it be a clean slate. Rather just get someone else in that case.

No. 90179

ot but he looks so cute, I barely saw any dog villagers in new leaf but they’re the best

No. 90194

REEE I fucked up ladies. I forced Daisy out via the camper method and was gonna sell her for a milly but I forgot I didn't need to tt to get her in boxes aaaaaaa

I will die poor.
I mean could be worse, could be Raymond lmao. The camper I grabbed in her place is Skye (also for selling reasons) and while Daisy's nice I didn't have a big attachment to her and didn't want 3 normies so it was her or Fauna (my og) that had to go.

No. 90197

File: 1589936240080.jpg (238.36 KB, 1111x625, tumblr_be5c60f92245c058b0bca17…)

speaking of dog villagers i think marcel is so cute. i wish dialogues for each personality trait weren't so narrow, i could seriously have an island of just lazies if it wasn't for having the same conversation with all of them. i already have ozzie, beau, and zucker on my island and even that's getting to be a bit much. i just love the lazies, the dialogue is so unfortunate.

No. 90205

Something about his angry face combined with the stuff that comes out of his mouth is very charming.
Or the random moments when he puts on his flashy jacket and sings along to the radio before he notices you watching.

He's very cute but I agree about lazies.
>Can you guess what I'm doing?
>I am… a huh huh huh…
>I'm sitting

No. 90206

don't forget
>"the bugs in my floor told me…."
>"i'm so sleepy"
>"they say this island is just a game…"
lazies conversations summed up, from personal experience

No. 90223

I can give you a million Bells and more. Just shoot me your Dodo Code ad let me be your one-time ACNH sugar mama kek

No. 90228

does daisy sell for a lot? i'll have her in boxes but I wasn't going to try to trade

No. 90232

Oh people are thirsty for her, I got like 4 offers within a minute of listing her on nookazon, I only asked for 600k but they tried to outbid each other so it bumped up to a million

but anon, don't you want anything, my body and flesh at least?

No. 90389

Bruh, how are people dropping all this on villagers? Would be easier for them to just get an amiibo.

No. 90402

File: 1589973083713.jpg (102.55 KB, 1200x675, EU3HnwIUcAA1MPS.jpg)

I like the lazy dialogue in PC and NL better than the lazy dialogue in NH.

Anyway it cracks me up when Lucky says pic related. Like it's normal for other lazies but for Lucky it sort of implies that he's eating dead people, since his house is a graveyard. Although he is a dog, so maybe he's just chewing on the bones.

Also the smug dialogue is the best in PC imo.

No. 90480

got lucky in the early days, and I wish I got his real house theme. jealous.

No. 90573

kek have you seen how much Amiibos go for on the market. Even with NFC tag (aka bootleg Amiibos), you’re still pay ten dollars or so in real money. It’s so much easier and less dumb to spend in-game money (as long as you’re not soending hours grinding for it, of course).

No. 90684

File: 1590000315176.jpg (136.71 KB, 1200x675, ET4Uz-1UcAEcf9D.jpg)

the only villager of mine who's starter house i like better than their unique house is audie. she was one of my first three to move in after my two beginner villagers. i saw a picture of her unique house somewhere the other day and i'm actually glad that's not what her house looks like on my island. the pic i inserted is what her starter house looks like

No. 90728

same for me; I got Winnie and she has the same house as this one and I find it way cuter than her actual house. It’s the first 2 villagers who seriously get the worst houses

Also what’s that plant in the white pot called? Is it a DIY or furniture?

No. 90734

nta but its from nook shopping, it's called floating biome planter and i am 5ever pissed i dont get the white one but the terracotta one instead.

No. 90738

Same with Bianca, her actual house is ugly at, plus giving her pink things just makes the room evolve

No. 90746

File: 1590008779324.jpg (3.32 KB, 126x125, it's art.jpg)

Just keep shaking trees, lately it seems like one item for sale in the Cranny that day will fall from a tree in some variation.
The terracotta biotope planter was on sale yesterday. An artistic version (the planter looks like one of those blue and white antique tea sets) fell out of a loot tree.

My peppy in the stock peppy house pictured here >>90684 decided to tell me (out of the blue) her planter is great practice for eventually having fans. You can sing to them, decline autographs etc.

No. 90752

If I ever get the white one I’ll be happy to let you catalogue, might be a while until I find it I’ve had terrible luck with furniture

No. 90762

omg anon i wish i had nintendo online, i have the white one and i've been wanting the terracotta one, could've done a nice switcharoo :((

No. 90781

so has anyone else heard of nintendo possibly nerfing the hybrid flower mystery island in this update? it's not totally confirmed but some data miners are saying it looks like they may have removed them.

No. 90790

File: 1590022330480.jpg (58.75 KB, 448x473, Nofun_robot.jpg)

I wouldnt be shocked if they did. Nintendo is literally the annoying kid tells you that you have to play the game THEIR way or not at all. I hate Nintendo.

No. 90795

I read about it but I can't imagine they'd make it permanent.. It's not like people were making bank off of them. just another reason for me to turn off auto updates ig.

No. 90797

great, nerf one thing I haven't even seen in 60,000 miles worth of tickets
the RNG in this game is spiteful

No. 90799

yeah they were pretty rare, i have used hundreds of nmts and have only gotten two hybrid flower islands. honestly what's even the point of the mystery islands if they've nerfed everything that was exciting about them? didn't they nuke the tarantula/scorpion island rates too? only reason to go to them now is for farming extra materials or villagers. they were so hyped up to be this huge exciting part of the game but what's even great about them anymore? i forget about them until i have a villager move out. they could've utilized the mystery islands so much better. i feel like they really went the lazy route on a lot of this game. don't get me wrong its a great game but you start to notice some things…

No. 90814

Pretty much everything you said. This is a tangent but speaking of lazy, it's really killing me how not interactive most of the furniture/decorations are. Look at something cash-grabby like Pocket Camp where villagers will play with things in fun ways. In NH, we're lucky if they even glance at the swimming pool they're waddling past.

tl;dr when you play too much, the seams begin to show

No. 90818

I really wish they would at least have different bugs/fish like the island in new leaf. There's almost no reason to go to them unless you're villager hunting.

No. 90887

>but I can't imagine they'd make it permanent
They're probably doing it so people will trade hybrids online and shell out for their online, so it probably is permanent.

The spawn rates of other islands (gold nugget, scorpion, big fish, money rock) have decreased too.

No. 90919

I really hope not, i've only just started i really want to find a hybrid island

No. 90940

File: 1590062191878.png (826.12 KB, 800x600, 7283fe15-0bec-4828-8fff-03da55…)

Sucks how I got bored after a month and a half of playing.

I dont even feel that guilty on kicking out my villagers in this game, because their dialogues are the same / repetitive. The game feels way too souless, as if its only all about terraforming and getting villagers that fit your ~ aesthetic ~.

No. 90957

I agree. This game is boring compared to the rest. Terraforming is implemented awfully (why not let us terraform with a bird's eye view?) and all of the villagers are just so bland and boring. I'd rather have good written dialog with not much else to do rather than NH. There's nothing enjoyable in it for me.

No. 90961

I'm glad that I'm not the only one complaining about the horrible RNG. It's like they purposely made catching rare or even uncommon bugs and fish.

Also why are all the tree beetles so fucking impossible to catch? They're hard to see and once you get close enough that your eyes register the shape of a bug, they fly away. The fish are stupid AF, you have to literally throw your line directly in the fish's POV. Why can't the islands be awesome like they were in NL? I want to sell tropical fish, where are the sharks and rays? The fishing puns suck and Jesus Christ too many sea basses, you get cooler stuff in the pond. /Rant

No. 90963

Do you guys recommend getting the newest game? I had originally preordered the game in my country which I don't really do, however I did as a congratz gift as I'm graudating next week along with the fact the game and the console had been overhyped a lot on the net meaning I had to get it right away or else wait until the next shipment comes because of COVID-19. Because of some mishap I didn't get the game but got a refund.
I played acnl and acww and enjoyed it a lot and held my attention for a long time.

No. 90967

I'm actually glad they didn't bring the New Leaf island over. It made catching sharks and beetles way less special and exciting and farming money was too easy. I'm still pissed that they nerfed the tarantula/scorpion rate tho, the DIY scorpion island I made yesterday only spawned like 3 tarantulas in half an hour.

No. 90968

It's so strange that Coco is so popular when by aesthetic island law~ she should be the one everyone harasses.

No. 90970

As much as any of us are complaining, I'd still recommend getting it. I don't think you'd regret it and at this point there will probably be an update or two before boredom hits.

No. 90974

File: 1590071545533.jpeg (251.38 KB, 802x482, A3AF7C0C-13F9-4B17-B66C-E72BA6…)

Seriously, fishing and bug catching were my favourite things in NL but it feels like a chore now because all I get are black bass and seabass, why tf are there so many sea bass?

Aside but I really miss collecting gyroids, hope they add them in soonish (and also make some better way to store them because they filled up my museum exhibits in NL)

No. 90999

>as if its only all about terraforming and getting villagers that fit your ~ aesthetic ~.
i felt this anon. i'm not even one of those OGs that's mad about them bringing in new characters to replace old ones. i think its great! we've had the same characters the entirety of the series so i think getting some new and different ones was interesting. however, they have absolutely no storyline or backstory. and if they did it was either so boring and irrelevant i forgot about it or it wasn't explicitly said in the game. like where tf did flick and c.j. come from? label's story was so boring compared to gracie's. there's barely any storyline or ""magic"" to this game, which i know that's not what it's about but many of the previous characters in the games had them. i really hate that they focused so much on making this game fan pandered for all of those who wanted complete control over their town and nothing more.

No. 91002

File: 1590078770590.jpeg (3.18 MB, 4032x3024, 7D7E0908-77A7-4764-9F4E-A5915B…)

holy shit I got my first big turnip buying price today hahahah. rip im usually the bitch in my friend group with ass prices and everyone usually expects me to TT for sunday to buy turnips so I never buy turnips.

If anyone here is interested, I’ll post my dodo code to host for a little bit!

No. 91015

CJ does elaborate on his story, I'm not sure what prompts it. He told me one rainy day waaaay back when he actually visited my island.
He and Flick were raised together. Flick makes all the models but isn't as enthusiastic about the fish. It's not earth shattering stuff that would stick with you.

I wish they'd demote Saharah and Kicks so they weren't mandatory visitors. No offense to fans of mysterious rugs, wallpaper, flooring and yellow tool bags.

No. 91016

File: 1590080851802.jpg (76.37 KB, 400x240, underwater plants.jpg)

Me too omg. The Lullaboids (the purple and white ones that sounded like bells) were my favorites.

I'm really glad I didn't hastily jump on the bandwagon and buy ACNH right away. I'm fine with NL for now. I'm going to wait until they add more to the game to buy it. Also, I'm eager for people to figure out how to use Homebrew on NH. Not because I want to cheat, but because there are cute things you can only do via hacking (like putting seashells and plants on the riverbed.)

No. 91024

Dang, wish I wasn’t at work right now!

No. 91092

File: 1590088190134.jpg (199.16 KB, 1280x720, coco.jpg)

As far as I recall, she was hated in NL, at least on Tumblr everyone found her too creepy, but knowing that nowadays it's all about pretending to be into 'creepy stuff', that's understandable. But really, it's not only that imo… She just looks much cuter in new graphics.

I personally always liked her because of her backstory and idea of her in general, it's sorta refreshing.

…I do wish they did other ''ugly'' villagers from previous games justice. For example, I still can't stand looking at Mint even in New Horizons. But it's prolly because of how weird ''anime bangs'' look like on animals. So off.

No. 91134

File: 1590091134082.jpg (782.09 KB, 1280x1024, doubutsuno_mori_D_1280_1024.jp…)

is anyone else attempting to collect all of the music discs? i've got quite a collection going on and thought that i was surely close to having them all, and then i looked up how many there were and i didn't realize there was so many! i've got a lot more to go and i'm kind of excited to collect them all

No. 91149

I’m trying to collect all of them too! I never did in NL but for some reason I suddenly want to in this game haha. Don’t forget about the three secret tracks that you can only get by requesting them from KK when he visits!!

No. 91152

omg i'm so glad someone else is! maybe i'm just looking at the wrong places but i really don't hear much about the music discs unless its bubblegum k.k. (no hate i also love that song haha). i didn't know there was three secret tracks! i got k.k. bazaar from him once and i love it. i didn't have an interest in the music discs in NL either, i'm not sure why

No. 91171

File: 1590093617996.jpg (1.89 MB, 1392x2862, 0FfRfRD.jpg)

What did you guys get? I got B2441.

No. 91173

what are the secret tracks?

No. 91183


No. 91186

Animal City
you have to specifically request them, and if you want to collect them make sure its the first song of the night he plays

No. 91217

I love the covers but would need another house expansion to hang them all up.

No. 91221

They should replace Kicks with Redd, Redd 100% weekly and Kicks only a chance to come, no one needs shoes that much.

No. 91231

especially since shoes are sold at the able sister's now?? they really made kicks redundant huh

No. 91252


It took a few days before I realized people were restarting their games for the ideal airport color.

No. 91270


No. 91312


No. 91314

Just a heads up, the latest patch fixes the duplication glitches.


No. 91361

Thanks. glad i turned auto updates off

No. 91369

I was regretting making bigger yards for my villagers but seeing them sweep their yard or do their morning stretches on a regular basis right in front of their house is so cute

No. 91445

Can you screenshot that? That sounds so wholesome. I'm still trying to figure out how to arrange my houses

No. 91511

My villagers have such big yards so my housing area takes up an enormous chunk of my island. I was thinking of squishing most of them together so that I can make space for a big garden to breed hybrids, but I might just dedicate a small 3x3 breeding area in each of my villager's front yards lol.

No. 91514

The smaller 3x3 flowerbeds will be a lot easier to control so it's a good idea. Any random non-hybrid flower spawns can be shoveled right out before half your island turns into petalcarpet.

No. 91525

File: 1590180517871.jpg (25.97 KB, 339x491, give a little, take a lot.jpg)

Turns out they might have done this with the recent anti-dupe patch. Bell Tree has a thread with a spreadsheet link showing changes, if it's legit.

No. 91528

why on earth would they get rid of islands????

No. 91531

Are they somehow mad that people are having fun? Or is it that people are going to islands more often to villager hunt, thus encounter rare islands more. I've never even seen big fish, scorpion, or hybrid

No. 91534

It would be easier if they ever explained the whys but Nintendo never does.
People are guessing that it's to promote the online service, easier to swap flowers etc. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

I never got to see most of those islands either and I've used a lot of tickets.

No. 91543

I I accidentally got lucky yesterday and landed in the gold/scorpions island. Thank god I farmed it before this update, Nintendo sucks

No. 91544

This is proof that Nintendo is retarded and we'll never get an Animal crossing game as good as New Leaf. Wow…

No. 91560

I am so sad to see scorpion/money rock island decrease… I am lucky I managed to land on it before this, but its sad knowing I likely won't land there anytime soon. Kinda very happy to see trash island on that list thought lol. I hated landing on that one!

No. 91574

lmao I feel bad for people trying to play legitimately. I might’ve actually felt guilty for exploiting the stalk market and duping shit, but nah. Fuck off nintendo.

No. 91582

It's like they want us to time travel and "cheat", Scorpion/Tarantula farming was great for regular no TT no Cheat players but they decide to nerf it?

Only good this is nerfed trash island, I've gotten that bitch so many times

No. 91656

I'm trying to play normally and this is so annoying, grinding for bells is a lot harder in this game

No. 91691

File: 1590241885835.jpg (138.45 KB, 1200x675, EXWgcmWVAAEfeHo.jpg)

The things I would do to get the Garden Wagon recipe instead of 10 million different wreath recipes.

No. 91700

I have an extra recipe if you want it

No. 91719

I hate how there are so many different flower crown and wreath recipes. couldn't they have made just one of each and have the result depend on the materials you used?

No. 91730

Or even let you customize them per flower type with kits if the specific mats were too much to code.

I feel like I've hit the point where all I'm getting from villagers and bottles are dupe recipes and it's not great. Six days now with one recipe I didn't already have.

No. 91756

There are so many recipes I still don't have and I keep getting duplicates of log stuff, stone stuff, or fruit stuff that i can't even make. I wish nintendo's dumbasses made getting new recipes easier, but no they need to push ns online for whatever reason.

No. 91839

ugh i have this same problem. i haven't gotten a new diy recipe in days and i still need some of the flower furniture, bamboo, ironwood, and a few other random diys too ?? i saw somewhere, i think it was the belltreeforums, that someone said it would be cool if we had an actual diy trader similar to saharah or kicks or smth. not sure why we still need kicks…

No. 91863

You need that one pair of orange frilly socks he always brings with him.

Today makes seven days with only one new DIY recipe to show for it, wew.

No. 91865

Thank you for this! I just requested the secret songs. I almost forgot it was Saturday. haha

No. 91893

Sad that I finally had to update my game to have friends over, so my duping days are over. Oh well. I should’ve duped myself some more stalls before updating but I forgot to lol.

No. 91949

Are there going to be any new updates in June? I remember only wedding season for june in the last direct, is this the only event?

No. 91952

ngl, I really do love this island design tho.


as far as I know, yes the wedding one will be the only event.

No. 91953

File: 1590319454506.jpg (115.49 KB, 950x692, uwu.JPG)


but meanwhile in the comment section of said video …

No. 91962

some people should get an actual therapist ngl

No. 91964

Probably the worst thing about the new game is that it's attracted the uwu/fakeboi/soft baby/mental health is important~ crowd

No. 91965

Though these islands are impressive, I don't think they look that fun to play in. Like you can't run around properly, because there are too many items around. You can barely see villagers and its harder for them to interact, because each area is so separated. One new store update and the whole thing needs to be rearranged.

No. 91977

File: 1590331666820.png (814.25 KB, 660x682, 2D4C532E-5EA6-4CF6-A7C1-92EFAB…)

I’m thinking about whether I should time travel for a first time or not. I don’t have problem with the slow space in general but I want to get rid of unwanted villager. Rory decided to move to my island after my friend kicked him out. Another unvanted villager left just last week. I’m running out of my patience because I read that you need to wait one month in minimum to have next villager to move out.

I fear that if I do time travel once it will became a bad habit. I don’t care if other people do that and don’t want to start drama.

Here’s Rory as a furry because you have to suffer too

No. 92030

I always wonder how many people change their islands so it's easier to get around once these YouTube tours are finished.

No. 92058

i'm getting kind of bored of the game rn tbh. i wish there were more tourneys during the weekends or something. i kind of miss the new leaf island games too, they were a fun way to get bells and kill time

No. 92059

ugh me too. i just go on to check nooks, ables, and the atm machine or whatever it is. i keep trying to stay inspired to actually terraform or decorate my island but i never end up doing so. terraforming is so tedious to me and i hate how narrow the 5 star island accomplishment is…like i don't want a bunch of stuff and fences cluttering my island. after that there really isn't anything else to do in this game?

No. 92060


that's all i do too lol. i terraformed a bit of my island, but more than half of it is just like abandoned paths and trees. the terraforming is annoying and waiting for ramps and bridges to build is also very annoying.

No. 92070

File: 1590355512849.png (295.21 KB, 494x536, animalcrossing.png)

I'm in this facebook group for animal crossing and…the amount of people posting/agreeing with stuff like this…

I get being protective over your island but these people get upset about having to replant trees or wait for rocks to respawn, it's not that deep let your child enjoy themselves (or give them a second account where they won't have an axe)

No. 92071

File: 1590355572528.jpg (89.98 KB, 630x960, reddit1.jpg)

this post from reddit actually had people siding with the person who wrote it… the AC fandom is becoming so cynical


No. 92073

File: 1590355607466.jpg (83.96 KB, 720x768, reddit2.jpg)

No. 92075

That is the cringiest response I have ever read

No. 92082

If my 37 year old husband was fighting with his nephew via Tiktok over a children’s video game I would seriously reconsider our marriage

No. 92085

Lmao all of this could have been avoided if he just stopped opening his gates for a kid who ruins everything. Like just keep saying you "forgot". Dude was itching for a fight.

I share my island with my 11 year old brother and it's post like these that make me so thankful that he cares about the island looking nice, but leaves me in charge of all the landscaping.

No. 92086

It would have been resolved if he just made his nephew not a best friend

No. 92155

First part was okayish, but then… What's wrong wrong with this manchild? At the end of the day it's still just a darn game.

> (its definitely not)

BUT IT IS!! LMAO New Horizons is the most kid-friendly game of the franchise.

Why does he care SO MUCH about this game? I can imagine how much of a suffering he is in other games. The type of a player who would always REEEE on vc and blame others.

I wonder if his wife is gonna leave him or not.

No. 92185

I honestly suspect it might be fake since the original post had its text deleted, but even so I saw people justifying his stupidity (not really on the subreddit itself but in AC:NH Facebook groups)

No. 92196

File: 1590417657278.gif (566.57 KB, 295x207, 1515562508873.gif)

Omg, a literal man child!! Imagine having a melt down about your shitty AC island with a 10 year old. This is so freakin pathetic. Just close your gates, man. take your nephew off your friends list. stop being a stupid little bitch. I wish this was fake, but gamer guys are really like this irl

No. 92197

This is honestly the first island i've seen that i really like. I think the layout is really well done and it feels very cozy. i cant imagine how much it costs to move all the houses around and make those many bridges. I love this

No. 92199

Y'all might already know this, but if you're having trouble catching big/rare fish, use the joy cons on handheld mode as opposed to wireless. I think the wireless has a very slight delay when reeling in the fish - I always ended up losing rare fish on wireless, but on handheld I catch nearly every one.

No. 92239


It’s embrassing to be this serious about a game meant for kids. This reminds me when Pokemon Go was still a big thing and adults did not let kids to participate their raids. Like, get a life.

No. 92341

This is handy advice, thanks! Even the official wireless controller seems to have a lot of input lag. Related, buy a knockoff if you want wireless. Many of them are just as good.

I've hit the point a few anons have spoken of where you log in, do the bare minimum and bail. Everything seems really small and samey at the moment. Just cram a lot of gaudy shit that doesn't match on your island until getting around is awkward. Instant five stars.

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