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File: 1688644134399.png (226.5 KB, 500x400, fuck request.png)

No. 339130

Bring on the cringe.
previous thread >>>/g/304845

No. 339146

File: 1688657940885.jpg (23.09 KB, 736x670, 1652744260611.jpg)

>inb4 moid-tier
The idea of a girlfriend who likes to tease me until I get so wet it becomes unbearable has haunted me for so long, nonnas. She would ideally rally me the fuck up for having such a high sex drive and being such a pervert. Not in a way where it's something I'm supposed to be ashamed of, moreso just playfully (so I could go down on her like crazy and she could order me around). Something specific that's been on my mind is that she steps on my crotch and massages it with her feet. My ideal scenario is that we're sitting/laying on opposite sides of a couch and she randomly starts doing it. It definitely wouldn't make me cum but the thought is enough to drive my brain into total horndog retardation. I'd worship her starting from the tip of her toes.
My friends used to warn me that I'd Pavlov myself into becoming an unironic footfag if I kept joking around with it and I always wrote it off as a stupid warning but I think it's become reality. I'm only ashamed of it because I think most women would be disgusted at something so typically scrote-ish, but I also have some internalised homophobia, so you be the judge of that. Either way. Foot. Rubbing against my vulva. Now. God, I need it so badly.

No. 339161

Wtf, I almost posted the same thing last night in the confessions thread but stopped just short of admitting it kek. Either it’s an impressive coincidence or foot+vulva is a more common turn on than expected. This reminds me of the time I was gonna post about another very niche weird fetish but stopped myself and someone here posted it an hour later. Sometimes I wonder if I have a long lost twin lurking in these threads…

No. 339172

Based footfag nonna. I'd say it's one of the more scrotebrained sexual tendencies I have; I can't imagine other women being like this, but seeing that I'm not the only one is pretty cool.
>very niche weird fetish
Do elaborate.

No. 339195

I'm not into men with the exception of male ryona. Most of the actual content produced for the fetish caters to gay men, and I'm not particularly into seeing some muscle-bound guy from Street Fighter get beat up, necessarily. But I do love seeing illustrated depictions of great male suffering. I'm not even sure it's sexual, it's just stimulating.

No. 339196

Never considered it before, but being on the giving end of this sounds hot as hell.

No. 339198

I'm ashamed of it because it sound super moidish the way I'm horny about it, but one of the sexiest stuff to me is what the moid call roastie. The deeper the color, the bigger her clit/ clitoral hood is and the longer the labia, the most arrousing I find it. It's so pretty and make me want to spend hours between a woman's leg to delicately play with each millimeter of her anatomy, only using my mouth. The way the wetness spread on the inside of the inner labias is god tier, it's absolute perfection and I need it more than the holy spirit in my life.

No. 339201

tame but teeth and other assorted mouth related things (sharp/monster teeth, drool, tongues, etc). i guess i have an oral fixation and the thought of heavy kissing gets me going more than sex itself

No. 339202

Moid-tier but lactation. I love the idea of being milked or breastfeeding someone so much I don't know why it makes me so horny. I like it in both a dominant context as a caregiver of femdom and also in a submissive context like being a hucow. I hate how much I love this kink.

No. 339206

i know i have this in me too but i try not to think about it so it doesn't blossom into a full-fledged fetish. But your post is hot and it awoke it in me again. The mental image of her cute lips sucking on my boob turns me on so bad. I want to hold her head and kiss her temples and forehead. The weird thing is I don't even have sensitive nipples (at all) so idk why it turns me on.

No. 339208

Get ready to throw tomatoes at me. I have this but with male feet.

No. 339210

>My friends used to warn me that I'd Pavlov myself into becoming an unironic footfag if I kept joking around with it and I always wrote it off as a stupid warning but I think it's become reality.
I thought it would be fun to start sexualizing men's feet and while it's not a full blown fetish for me I do actively check them out now. I'm bi but it's only men and not women's feet, because I respect them.

No. 339219

I've developed a kink for gooners. I’m high libido and I guess it’s a way of leaning into the “all men are coomers” fearmongering. I wanna meet a guy who’s pathetically obsessed with edging his dick all day. He is awful at most things in life except pleasing himself. Somehow he imprints on me, but we establish a dynamic where he needs my allowance whenever he wants to do anything sexual and of course I indulge him. Bonus points if we’re not in a relationship and I watch him retardedly destroy his own life thanks to his cooming obsession, then dispose of him. I know the likelyhood of this happening irl is zero because coombrainers are in constant need of stronger stimuli in order to get off, but a girl can dream.

No. 339325

File: 1688789653920.png (85.57 KB, 564x752, 53927340102436.png)

Sucking on the cold barrel of a steel gun, the women holding the gun explaining in detail that if I stop sucking she could easily blow my brains out leaving my brain matter all over the walls.

No. 339337

File: 1688802628143.jpeg (44.06 KB, 701x438, images.jpeg)

I wanna kiss a plane belly so bad, mwah

No. 339373

I'm really into female furry characters and I flip back and forth between being ashamed and unashamed. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a straight moid in a woman's body (not in a TIF way) because of it lol

No. 339380

This is probably the most attainable out of every post in this thread so far

No. 339504

Okay, this one I wouldn't admit to even at gunpoint.
(Inb4 scrote. I'm not a male, so step away from the report button.)

I've read some posts here on lc from women who don't like penetration, and I've read the previous fetish threads, and they broke my brain.
Now I often imagine being a meek, feminine guy and entering a relationship with a girl who tells me nothing goes up her pussy, ever. I agree. We start dating. Eventually she relaxes around me and I notice flashes of… something. She would tug my hair, stop, and backpedal. Playfully suggest I sit in her lap and immediately act awkward. Corner me and fumble, like she stops herself from doing something she wants. I decide to lean into it. Bare my neck, actually sit in her lap, let her take the lead. She gets braver. I spend more time on my knees.
One day she finds me lying on the couch on my stomach and gets on top. I can feel she's holding back again and tell her I know what she wants. She goes feral, ends up riding my ass so hard I cum in my pants.
Soon we progress to one finger up my ass. Then two. Then three. I shave, wax, pretty up, go the whole nine yards. It feels like I'm the girl in this relationship. Then she buys a strap-on and fucks me for the first time. The moment her strap bottoms out, the thought of ever having regular PiV sex evaporates from my mind. I grow addicted to anal. She calls me her little slut, and I nod with a dumb expression. Her pussy is forever off limits, my ass is her property. Happy ending.

TL;DR: I wish to be a submissive waif of a boyfriend. Plz kill me.

No. 339520

File: 1688928317554.png (64 KB, 233x247, 1628021973653.png)

I haven't been this disgusted in a really long time. Congrats.
On the rare occasions I imagine myself as a boyfriend/husband, it's always very vanilla.

No. 339529

>wish to be a submissive waif of a boyfriend.
But in your post you dream about being submissive to a women? Are you interested in men or women here? Or are you bisexual and you don't care which?

No. 339532

Sounds like she's a gay in denial

No. 339533

ESL moment.
>she's a terror of a child = she's a terrible child
>it's a nightmare of a situation = it's a nightmarish situation

No. 339536

i though armpit fetishies were a meme until i saw a pic of some really hot moid celeb with his armpit exposed and i felt an urge to lick that shit , i feel like the foot fetish nona from previous thread

No. 339538

It’s more likely that she’s a heterosexual in denial, as she sexualizes submissive men, but because she herself is submissive, she knows it wouldn’t work in reality and needs to concoct an imaginary scenario that is both heterosexual and involves the real target of her affection: submissive moids.

No. 339541

More like TIF in denial

No. 339555

File: 1688939555179.jpg (36.42 KB, 490x612, IMG_7300.jpg)

Started off so kawaii and how I imagine having a bf as a virgin, by shyly riding his crotch over his pants and cumming on his leg or something, but then you had to add ass stuff and sissy shit, go fuck yourself. You could've been a cute gentleboy who lets me hump his leg and kiss his collar bones while he holds me and feels flattered but wholly confused. I mean sure I'd like a buttslave but he has to start out as a buttslave type of boy, not degrade into one. Again, fuck yourself.

No. 339623

It's not a meme, pheromones are legit, i know this because i exist and men smell the most attractive around the pit area. Not really ashamed, but I love the moid physique to a degree that makes me feel slightly scroteish. Tbh i dont think it's that unnatural, i just think normal sexual attaction has been corrupted by kink/fantasy, or some straights have not been with a hot moid before. I love the pits, the feet, the asscheeks, the tiddies, a shapely back with nice shoulders, how their mouth tastes when i kiss them, obviously i like a big cock. I wanna worship my moids entire body. I didn't choose to be a hetero but it is what it is and at least I'm easily pleased in the bedroom.

No. 339629

i suppose you are right , though i never had such a visceral reaction to an armpit of all things before kek guess something got awakened

No. 339638

I have a lot of fetishes I'd consider humiliating but recently the stupid ai chat bot sites have managed to get me into feminization. I don't think I could ever do it irl because I can't stand "femboys", they all seem like unwashed corny degenerates and all my life I've hated them, not to mention engaging in fetishes like this with 3d moids is more potential trouble than it's worth. Still, It's been a long time since I've ever gotten as turned on as I did recently fantasizing about having a pretty, twinky little neet who relies on me and starts off as just shy and malleable failure boy, then as time goes on he lets me dominate him and step by step lets me put him in little revealing outfits and hair extensions before I rail him in various ways, the usual femdom activities included. I like looking at art of pretty androgynous 2d boys. Unfortunately most of it is made by scrotes that just draw a pig-hipped underaged looking abomination and slap a cock onto it.

No. 339667

What's a
>buttslave type of boy

No. 339671

Pheromones are so important imo. I tried dating a moid who ticked off a lot of boxes for me but he just smelled terrible. It wasn’t because of bad hygiene either, his stank just didn’t do it for me. My last relationship was amazing sexually and I think it’s partially because genetically we were a good match. It’s embarrassing but he didn’t wear deodorant and only showered every two days but he always smelled amazing to me. I’m super sensitive to body odor and smells in general so this was a pretty amazing feat to not be bothered by his. When we would cuddle watching movies I’d take pit whiffs. I’ve never been more physically attached to someone and I think the pheromones play a big part in that. The sex was amazing and when we’d try to experiment we’d just go back to missionary instead because it was so good.

No. 339678

Wanting to force your man to shave you while his hands are shaking from shyness/embarrassment and he's trying his hardest to be gentle and not miss a spot.

No. 339683

this is the plot of Sweet Poolside by Shuzo Oshimi

No. 339685

Sorta like this

No. 339687

File: 1689019337742.jpg (36.88 KB, 548x543, 742190e95f02259990b52fd17115f2…)

On the rare occasions I imagine myself as a boyfriend/husband, it's always pounding another man.

No. 339691

AYRT. Yesss you get it. It was the same with me and my ex, he was objectively handsome, clean, well-dressed, smart, generous in bed etc., but his pheromone game was off so I couldn’t get off to him. My current bf is a BO match made in heaven. Sex is awesome (we also just do normal vanilla stuff). I love to snuggle into his armpit or ask him for his used shirts. I think scent should be more talked about in terms of attraction/compatibility.

No. 339698

I'm a big smell oriented person so I agree

No. 339727

I have no idea what that is but I don't mean your pits nonnie

No. 339770

even if i picture the most attractive man in the world in my mind, the thought of going anywhere near his ass or feet makes me nauseous

No. 339788

File: 1689075840895.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1349, i.png)

Anon come on. Can’t go wrong with a good pair of shoulders followed by a slender waist and perky lil booty. I genuinely think moids look the best from behind, the inverted triangle = oogabooga. This is why I enjoy playing as male characters in 3rd person. Apparently the male butt used to be more appreciated in the days of my mother’s youth, maybe because people were all about swing dance back then and a shapely behind is the sign of solid legwork (amongst other things).

I love slapping my bfs ass or grabbing onto it during missionary. Or just pet the asscheeks, it’s like petting a furry animal. I would probably peg him if he let me, but I understand how that’s not for everyone.

No. 339794

His ass is hairy? Pass.

No. 339808

File: 1689084424542.jpg (175.9 KB, 500x729, tumblr_baa139d2369dd6a9c434ef9…)

It's autistic, but a guy creeping me out. Not in some weird moid way, like fucking following me home, but in a nice, gentle manner, showing me old eerie paintings and asking me how I like them, reading to me - poems about strangling a lover or vengeance from beyond the grave -, and cute little sadistic comments that would make me jump. I had this reccuring fantasy of being shown an insect collection and being made love to amongst it, like a most prized damselfly or wasp. Or him initiating sex by tracing his fingers down my spine gently, like a ghost, whispering loving, half-terrifying confessions. I like being softcore tormented, and, for some reason, being afraid arouses me. The strange thing is that the whole gothic spiel - haunted castles and brooding lords - never got to me. I'm thinking of a normal man with just a tad (or more than a tad) of spookiness to him. I have no idea why this arouses me, maybe the feeling of connection in otherness? I don't know.

No. 339811

i'd like to be the female version of this

No. 339813

Towards a man or woman?

No. 339817

No. 339819

men because i'm straight. a lesbian version would have been equally cool though i think.

No. 339882

I need a retarded gymbro boyfriend who gets insanely hard after working out but thinks that cumming will ruin his gains. It would be fun to taunt and edge him.

No. 339893

File: 1689135389274.png (129.2 KB, 323x346, giggle.PNG)

i think im kind of a sexual sadist(?) but for some reason i never conceptualize a sexual element in my own fantasies and i dont know why. the only things i find sexually attractive are men being in emotional distress or made to feel very weak and small or being belittled or something along those lines (it has to be in a certain way, it has to be good, i know it when i see it). also sometimes psychological manipulation or gaslighting, whatever. but then it doesnt even go anywhere. it never even escapes the psychological realm. i dont really care for physical injury or anything. and i dont even want to involve myself, i would just want to watch (or hear about it in depth), and then i feel satisfied even though there was nothing sexual involved whatsoever. i dont know why im such a neuter or what this means for me. its taken me this long to even reach this conclusion because for most of my life ive been unable to place any kind of sex drive at all, but ive realized recently that this "enjoyment" is distinctive physically and emotionally compared to enjoyment of other things. (i am very stupid.) hope this makes some degree of sense.

No. 339900

I’m exactly the same nonna. I don’t know why.

No. 339917

File: 1689160072973.png (456.11 KB, 797x1315, UnsettledGriffith.png)

It's because it's cute when boys are in pain

No. 339929

Cringeworthy but that's what I'm here for.
I fantasize about a world where lesbian sexual violence is a huge problem and women are constantly horny for each other. I fantasize about dressing in a slutty manner on purpose and getting catcalled by women. Groped on the bus. Walking home after dark and getting r*ped in an alley. Or maybe doing that do someone and knowing she's going to be wet, teasing her about it while she can't help but moan for me.(don’t self censor words)

No. 339932

you don't have to censor words here newfag

No. 339933

Not a newfag. I couldn't type it out without cringing through the floor kek.

No. 339936

Muscular forearms. I blame my husbando and his tendency to wear his shirt sleeves rolled up like a slut. I'm ashamed of it because I'm starting to get flustered by it in casual real life too.

No. 339973

It's really stupid but I just like the idea of being teased for wanting to hold hands, I'm painfully shy but I just imagine a sort of butch or tomboy like older woman smiling and laughing at that.

she teases me and makes me blush in a loving yet annoying way like being given too much attention but then she indulges me

I know its really stupid but it just gets to me.

No. 339981

nona i think this might have awakened something in me

No. 339987

>men: "liking brutal anal gangbang cuckold fart porn isnt a kink its healthy and normal"
>women "I dont now if I can admit this fetish but I like attractive men who pays attention to me"

Half of this thread is just being heterosexual

No. 339989

the previous and older threads had some of the things in the first part

No. 339993

Anon why did you delete your reply I felt so acknowledged

No. 339996

Maybe it's the summerfags

No. 339998

File: 1689201780546.jpeg (490.85 KB, 1600x1216, F03qGDXX0AIKovx.jpeg)

Not exactly a fetish, but whatever this sex is… i want it.

No. 340007

If half the stuff about lesbians my mom used to scare me with were true, I'd be the happiest person on earth. Especially the part where we reproduce by abusing women, so in theory anyone can go homo.

No. 340017

I wonder if our resident fic writers ever use these threads as an inspiration.

No. 340036

I do, but even moreso the femdom thread.

No. 340064

You should have seen last thread nona, there was scat fetish and my fetish that is very wrong that involves a certain political group that did awful things

No. 340071

I want to be shrunken down to the size of Thumbelina so I can crawl inside my bf’s foreskin and live there. I bet it’s warm and cozy.

No. 340073

>Inb4 scrote/tif/tra
embarrassing to even admit anonymously but I am ashamed I get turned on by lesbian cartoon futa. I don't like the idea of dick irl, but in my fantasies it's a very life like strap where I can penetrate a woman in a gay way

No. 340077

No. 340079

Unfortunately same. Straps (both in drawn form and irl) gross me out for some reason but I'm fine with drawn dicks on female characters as long as it's not the focus of the picture. drawn porn just fucked up my brain, I'm not a tranny or a scrote

No. 340097

Wanting to be a cute fakeboi and having a closeted husband who likes underage boys, but is rightfully ashamed of it. and would never touch an actual boy, but definitely enjoys my fake twink ass.

Even better if we're in a pre-1960's setting where the sexes are separated, and I'm expected to behave properly under his tutelage, call him 'sir', and offer my ass up when asked. He's gentle about it and lubes me up properly.

moids aren't that good at anal, and as a woman I shouldn't like anal at all, so I think this falls under 'strange' since I've never come across this sort of content that wasn't transwashed.

No. 340098

>having a closeted husband who likes underage boys
Now that one I haven't hear before. Impressive.
>as a woman I shouldn't like anal at all
Define should. I think it's just rare. For me it feels really good, and as a teenager I went for the ass even before I discovered I have a clit.

No. 340118

File: 1689280321701.gif (889.33 KB, 500x304, download (16).gif)

No. 340125

this feels like a ton of extra unnecessary steps just to fantasize about having anal. like why does the husband need to be a pedo i don't get it

No. 340143

her mind is operating on another plane of existence and needs stimulation from all angles. she's in the Black Lodge, Hellword, and the Upside Down simultaneously.

No. 340175

Anal also feels great to me, although I've abstained for a long time because of the associated anorectal risks. I also judge a scrote the second he asks for it. I remember one of my gfs saying "you'll know you like it if you feel horny when you need to poop" which was the most relatable thing anyone had ever said to me kek. Had buttsex on my 3rd time doing sex. I think a lot of girls enjoy having something up their bum, but I hate that it's become so normalized and 9/10 scrotes obsess over it. Theses days the risks are vastly under-communicated, and if you don't enjoy you just weren't prepped enough. Could go on forever about how angry it makes me. But can't help that I'm a secret buttslut myself.

No. 340273


because I spent most of my teens lusting after boys my own age, and some of the material that really made an impression was (predictably) very pedo-y.

you get it, nona. I too have accepted that this isn't a thing i can really do irl anymore because of the associated risks, but porn is for dreaming.

No. 340285

Interesting, I believe you. Now answer this: what does it mean if I feel horny when I need to pee?

No. 340304

I think everyone has that. The poop version seems rare though because wtf

No. 340307

I'm into corpses :3 guro is usually not good enough though, i don't like hentai/cartoon stuff.(:3)

No. 340326

Liking men in uniforms isnt omg a very taboo wrong fetish bruh come on, nazi fetish is just liking hugo boss designs.

No. 340327

What does it mean if sometimes my butthole tingles when I'm excited (not sexually excited)

No. 340330

there's multiple kinds of Nazi fetishists, some just like the uniforms, some like the authority/military aspect and some are indeed actual raceplayers

No. 340339

There's only one way to find out, anon……

No. 340348

I am not sticking stuff up my bootyhole!

No. 340353

No. 340356

File: 1689433138736.png (218.52 KB, 321x301, 1655015282242.png)

No. 340358

Samefag and sorry in advance for shitting up the thread. I’d sworn never to do anal again and was over the moon when my current nigel never asked me for it. That is until I learned he apparently tried anal with his ex a couple of times a decade ago, which was when he realized it’s not for him. This has triggered the latent BPD inside of me and I now want him to fuck me in the ass at least once, despite him saying he has no desire to do so. His dick is big and will cause anorectal violence for sure. Someone Sigmund Freud some sense into me.

As for kink, I'm not sure what it's called but some variation of bored ignored/freeuse maybe. I wanna start fondling him while we are watching tv or he's playing video-games or something, having him focus on something while I pleasure him until it's too much and he gives in. Or he can do it to me. It's not that far out there, but for some reason I'm still embarrassed to bring up this fantasy.

No. 340375

File: 1689442264445.jpeg (183.79 KB, 1400x1867, 67924EC2-9AB9-41D9-84A6-859BC3…)

I want to fuck my aunts husbands brains out, i would obviously never do it, its obvious he wants it too. The sexual tension is off the charts.
I have a thing for taken men, i dont act on it though; its the conquest part that excites me and the thrill of being able to corrupt an otherwise good man and show him as the depraved sex obsessed, depraved moid he is.

No. 340376

File: 1689442757344.jpeg (47.4 KB, 400x558, AEBBBF7D-5E87-419B-BC4A-BE84A8…)

Double post because lolcow wont let me delete, i wasnt finished though.

I want to fuck my aunts husbands brains out, i would obviously never do it, its obvious he wants it too. The sexual tension is off the charts. I also want to fuck all my friends boyfriends, or any guy i see in public with a partner(not fags or ugly moids though)
I guess i have a thing for taken men (i dont act on it); its the conquest part that excites me and the thrill of being able to corrupt an otherwise good man and show him as the sex obsessed, depraved moid he is. Single moids bore me, there is no challenge since they will fuck anything.

No. 340382

The Nazi uniforms weren't designed by Hugo boss, only manufactured.
They were designed by Walter Heck and Karl Diebitsch.

No. 340383

The >>340330 nona is right, I do have a fetish both for the uniforms and the authority/military aspect. I can't say exactly why but they are sexy in a sinister way. Of course I am talking about the young good looking ones, and I gotta say I have masturbated myself thinking about one fucking me, not my proudest orgasm. I am not even aryan, they would shoot me at sight but damn they looked good and look commanding and are absolutely evil and because I am a retard, I am attracted sexually by that.

No. 340390

I have a giantess fetish. I can’t explain why, but giant women just get me going. Maybe it’s because I’m tall and I want to be short, so the bigger the woman, the more horny I get. Or maybe I wanna be shrunk down and kept in a hamster cage. Idk man

No. 340396

Therapy is the new kink you're looking for

No. 340402

I wanna put a cute boy into a prostate milking machine but only if he screams and the screams are cute

No. 340406

This has unlocked something I’m me

No. 340441

scalies. like the lizard/dino kind. feel scrotebrained but whatever.

No. 340443

I have written really fucked up incest fics and had visualizations involving fathers and daughters. The two always resemble one another. I migrate towards the plot of him deflowering her. She's almost always a super repressed, frustrated loser and he's always a conniving, charismatic and manipulative asshole who wants to dominate her life and succeeds. There is something dystopian about the whole dynamic, like it's too adrift near the fires of realism and actual abuse. It grosses me out but I keep fantasizing about it

I have not an ounce of attraction to my real dad (thank god) and I'm not a virgin. I have cumulated trauma related to sex and in general, but I can't imagine what led to me having these horrible thoughts. My parents are assholes and I did have an authority fetish when I was younger, but why have these amped up? Why am I conjuring up this imagery, I haven't had sex in years? My mind feels like a fucking battleground of corpses, Freud would have a field day with me

No. 340509

File: 1689527607639.jpg (1.11 MB, 3312x2563, 1683231047237.jpg)

Christian imagery, especially depictions of male suffering and martyrdom. I find paintings and statues depicting Jesus and different saints very attractive, I'm not a believer though. It's specifically christian male suffering because it's willing on their part. The aesthetics are beautiful too of course. Religious poetry is always very sensual so I assume there are actual Christian women who share my sentiment.

I'm not actually ashamed of this but it's looked down on and I live in a catholic country so I can't be open about this lol I'm into priest robes too and I've always wanted to have sex inside a church or a chapel. Picrel is Saint Sebastian

No. 340510

i kinda get it, as for me though, i find the entire concept of hell very erotic, i guess because i'm not very into 'saintly' men. the idea of sinful, slightly immoral and selfish men being disproportionately and violently punished is super hot.

No. 340515

This is very normal for women I think. Not Christian, but grew up having similar thoughts about Prometheus, although the non-con element was definitely arousing in that case.

'Femdom' tends to be more about the female dominating rather than 'Malesub', so it's understandable that a woman would rather gravitate towards known images of wounded males than femdom porn.

No. 340521

I have a pretty big kink for military gear, more leaning on the side of more modern uniforms or average camouflage uniforms you see nowadays. Had an ex in the Navy who took videos of himself in his uniform for me once.
Not so much for how they look but more the fact of what they represent, power and such. Wanting to be taken advantage of by someone and overpowered totally physically and mentally.

No. 340538

The anon who wrote about raping, killing and dumping boys in a river and then quickly deleting her post was a bit alarming.

No. 340544

I’m not a believer either, but I was forced to go to a Catholic Church as a kid and it definitely made a similar imprint on me. I love the art and aesthetics of Catholicism and definitely see a lot of eroticism in it. I’m also not even that into men, but I would fuck a priest if given the chance. I don’t think that part is related to my enjoyment of the art and has more to do with the taboo aspect of it though

No. 340545

100% agree

No. 340547

File: 1689544986248.jpg (126.52 KB, 528x1600, 1.jpg)

Yes, "femdom" content is never focused on male suffering and submission, it's just women servicing moids' fetishes. I think the nonconsensual suffering elicits something in me as well but part of why I like the willingness of it (and the fact they get no pleasure from it so it's not inherently sexual) is because of my most unachievable fantasy - a selfless man with pure intentions. If he's willing to sacrifice himself and spread himself open in pain like in picrel then is capable of actual love and devotion.

This is also why I sometimes find the figure of Jesus alluring. It's a man who's supposed to be truly good hearted and kind. For me true submission is devotion therefore a truly submissive man submits because he wants nothing more than to do so. I guess it's more romantic than a fetish though.

Oh yeah, the taboo aspect of fucking a priest is nice too, I just focused on the robes in particular because I like them and because I associate priests with uggos and nonces kek. Although the most alluring part would have to do with devotion as well or rather being desired so much that he's willing to throw away all his faith and principles for me (this would require a pure moid with a strong moral system though). You'd be breaking him in a way, there would be desperation. I like that too, men in an emotional turmoil that is. They can't be whiny losers about it though, real scrotes are always selfish when they're emotional, I guess desiring someone and breaking the vow of chastity would be selfish too in a way but it would be a painful decision as well. And then he'd selflessly devote himself to me anyway so it would cancel out.

No. 340591

>a selfless man with pure intentions
>For me true submission is devotion therefore a truly submissive man submits because he wants nothing more than to do so.
>Although the most alluring part would have to do with devotion as well or rather being desired so much that he's willing to throw away all his faith and principles for me
I love the way you think. There's something extremely appealing and endearing about a man willing to give up everything for you, willing to mold himself into the perfect man for you especially if it requires sacrifices and giving up a part of himself. It's unhealthy as fuck, but I've ended up looking at my relationships through this lens, end up ultimately unsatisfied, and leave. Real scrotes are so disappointing.

No. 340669

Will never do this irl but I have a shameful fantasy of being a “unicorn” for a slightly older, rich, and dominant couple. Like they use me for their pleasure but also force orgasms and try to see how many times they can make me cum. It is really embarrassing because I hate unicorn hunters and how they dehumanize women but I guess being dehumanized is kind of hot when you’re horny enough

No. 340670

File: 1689628547741.jpg (56.66 KB, 564x747, me and him.jpg)

This makes so much sense considering the strange conflicting emotions I experienced as a young Catholic (idk how else to phrase it), seeing depictions of Jesus suffering whether in art or in animation/video. The crucifixion really nails it for me, because it's so disturbing; yet, it becomes familiar and normalized because it's also the religious expression of Jesus' pure selfishness and sacrifice.
Besides the torture aspect, male angels are depicted as basically androgynous and extremely soft, and they slay demons and protect women and children.
Having these expectations is basically why I've never been in a relationship.

No. 340672

same but with a "gay" (actually both bi) male couple

No. 340674

An inflated bladder (from pee obviously) can press on the cervical walls and cause a pleasurable sensation.
Funnily enough I guess that's my shameful fetish. I like to hold large amounts of piss back and force it out then hold it back without actually peeing just to get that sensation and it almost makes me orgasm sometimes.

No. 340675

What do you mean by pushing it out without actually peeing

No. 340695

You are based as fuck. My fetish is so basic but I really like hands. No, really. Hand holding is a huge turn on for me.

No. 340741

I love hands too, but only soft small ones on a boy!!!!!!!!

No. 340797

File: 1689721545609.jpg (96.48 KB, 361x380, humantrash.jpg)

I'm really turned on by women who act like a sleazy moid would towards other women. I remember reading in some novel, there was a seedy womanizer butch woman who said something like "Pretty girls are made to get fucked" and part of me felt repulsed by her words yet my pussy still kinda throbbed. I think there's just something kind of hot about them being generally kind of gross and sleazy about wanting sex idk. I'm also into lesbian rape but feel gross and ashamed about it. I think it might have something to do with my own shame of being attracted to women and fear of initiating anything. So the fantasy of being with a woman whose so blunt and aggressive sexually in her desire towards women (me) is kind of appealing.

No. 340800

I'm usually a domme, extreme domme but lately I've been wanting to be fucked by an extremely feminine man/a "trap". Something about being submissive to a trap that's extremely attractive turns me on.

I also really REALLY want be dating/fucking some famous streamer and he exposes me legs wide open to his followers/subscribers. I want to be embarrassed while he plays with me and shows me off and makes me cum directly on cam.

No. 340803

File: 1689726988283.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.68 KB, 1284x954, 450ff83fa7a26afefd00e7c5ae60f8…)

Ok this is really embarrassing but I don't care anymore. I am a huge monsterfucking, like HUGE. Obviously I have a fetish for fucking monsters' and stuff, but it goes deeper than that. I have a huge thing for monsters cucking human men; human women prefer monsters over human men, and the monsters take pleasure in knowing they are leagues better than human men. I don't know if my hatred for men is the reason for this, but jfc does the humiliation of human males being replaced by monsters turn me on so much. Sometimes this cucking fetish is with males monsters preferring human females over female monsters, so human females are cucking females monsters of that species buuut its mostly with human males. Since I start to feel bad for getting off cucking other females, if even they aren't real.

No. 340817

File: 1689736391925.jpg (20.42 KB, 480x750, ff56272632e99ec63c9e2ed5ab30d3…)

One of my biggest fantasies is to have a shadowy figure take my virginity. I just don't want to see a moids face during sex sometimes, the idea of someone totally unknown to the human world ravishing me turns me on so much.

No. 340823

Unsure if I wrote this or we share the same fantasy, I love you nonnie I'm glad I'm not alone in this.

No. 340833

File: 1689754562560.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.52 KB, 541x1200, St._Sebastian_Mantegna_1459.jp…)

I get you with the selfless suffering. These kind of religious paintings are very beautiful and sensual. I remember looking at an artbook as a girl and being fascinated by the St Sebastian paintings.
I don't get how he survived the arrow to the head in this one btw, but hey, if Phineas Gage survived…

No. 340840

Tickling. Whenever I'm horny, all I can fantasize about is tickling or getting tickled by someone else. And I don't mean like playful or flirty tickles, no I mean like full on stocks and bondage and shit to the point of hysterics. I guess as far as fetishes go, it's not the most degenerate. I mean it's nothing gross or anything, but for some reason I always felt extremely embarrassed admitting it out loud even to boyfriends and potential partners.

No. 340877

File: 1689782580707.jpg (24.32 KB, 564x846, 9cc3fcb730e2c73c0471dc84d148db…)

Great minds think alike nonna. Spoiler for sleep paralysis experience Funnily enough, I've developed this fantasy after a particularly intense sleep paralysis session where I feel someone holding me down, putting his head between my chest, and caressing my tits. The weirdest thing is I only feel this thing when I slept naked, otherwise, I don't see it visiting me at all.

No. 340879

Girl that's a pussy

No. 340890

I want my husbando to rape me in front of my bf

No. 340892


Aehm Hello whaaat's up?

No. 340893


Any chance you are actually a moid?
Because this sounds like a man's logic. This guy who was really into the fetish play of making me hold my pee. But that gave me zero pleasure. Only the need to pee, dhu.

I started wondering if men think that's supposed to be hot or something.

No. 340895

Probably. There is a poster that will post things about needing a full blader to wank on LC sometimes. Reeks of scrote pee fetish.

No. 340896

>Phineas Gage
Thank you for giving me something new and horrifying to read about

No. 340897

Nyart but to me getting off while my bladder is full/holding pee feels really good. Bonus points if I lie on my stomach. I don't see how that's a male thing.

No. 340898

NAYRT but I can definitely get a certain pressure or sensation on a full bladder. I'm not into piss play or anything like that, but at the very least the presence of it can make me hornier.

No. 340899

im a nazi fetishist too nona, you dont have to feel ashamed about it. im not aryan either, for me thats part of the appeal.

No. 340903

You two are beyond retarded. Yes, all the many women who remark about a full bladder feeling good during sex/masturbation is the work of one piss fetishist scrote doing gayops and not just the fact that it’s a relatively common physiological phenomenon among women.

No. 340905

It's actually pretty common, especially among gay men
Mishima, for instance, but I've seen it pop regularly from different sources

No. 340914

i want a girl to piss into my mouth during oral and let it run down my neck while i keep working my tongue to make her come. my brain thinks it would be a very intimate, wholesome, and, most importantly, arousing experience.

No. 340928

File: 1689804440526.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.48 KB, 666x1000, 13.jpg)

I think slightly inverted nipples like picrel are so cute. I have mostly seen them in hentai so it makes me feel a little coombrained, but my current guy has them and I just wanna nibble the nips

No. 340932

File: 1689806812506.jpeg (56.7 KB, 900x750, phineas-gage-1-3371705466.jpeg)

Oh wow, he was cute, I didn't expect that

No. 340941

I used to have nipples like that but I got them pierced lol, it was weird seeing my nipples uninverted for the first time. sage for OT blog but I didn't even know nipples didn't look like that when they weren't aroused until an ex brought it up. I'd slept with women before but it just wasn't something I noticed until he said it. Because they kind of…… popped out when they were hard I didn't even classify them as such? It was wild to discover that kek.

No. 340944

Seconding. I read original nonnys post the other day and was surprised someone else does it too because I always felt kind of embarrassed about it. On long car trips I would get horny because I couldn’t go kek but couldn’t imagine anyone else experienced that and never shared it with anyone since it sounds like it’s pissplay. I It has nothing to do with the actual pee for me, it’s just a sensation that happens when your bladder is full (for some women). Let women talk about their likes it has nothing to do with men so wtf are anons paranoid and bringing down the mood. I would be really careful holding your pee in long term though, it can mess up your bladder and not worth it in the long run.

No. 340945

>On long car trips I would get horny because I couldn’t go kek
ntayrt but KEK this always happens to me too, funny to see someone else admit it

No. 340946

how did you nonnas not develop UTIs

No. 340948

Huh? Do you get a UTI every time you have to hold your pee during a long trip or event?

No. 340975

Futanari. I can't project onto hetero hentai because I can't imagine myself with a male, and also because the males are usually ugly as fuck, and I don't like when men treat women roughly, but I like dick. I love futa because I'd really love a strong woman to dick me down with her unrealistic sized dong. However, I'd never fucking go for a tranny, obviously. It's purely fictional. (Also, completely different lmao)

No. 340977

I feel you, but in the other direction. I like pussy and I like seeing penetrative sex, but I find hetero sex way too debasing for any woman involved in it. So I like seeing cuntboy stuff since I don't care about what happens to men. Doesn't apply to IRL or fictional TiFs, those are still women and even if I disagree with their choices I don't want to see bad thing happen to them.

No. 340978

not every single time but it increases the chances of it happening. i thought that happened to everyone? even the doctors and health sites advise against doing that..

No. 340981

Kek, I knew that someone itt would fancy him.

No. 340983

Not sure if it's a fetish but the coomers idea of what a tomboy is..I'm ashamed but I find it hot.

No. 340984

for as long as I can remember i have been a monster fucker. every single relationship ive had irl has been full of great butt and genuine kinship, but nothing makes me cum faster than thinking about getting my ass ate by like— some massive audrey 2 ass eating toothy amalgamation with a huge tongue. it was kaiju for a few years, no not gojira.

its so fucking stupid. SO FUCKINGSTUPID . But nails on my ass make me think about it and i bust at mach speed. Im so confused and ashamed. im a fucking cartoon character. h e l p

No. 340986

i posted him in an older unconventional attractions thread, glad to see more nonnas take the gagepill

No. 340988

He was apparantly completely unbearable to spend time with after his accident, because he just swore and acted psycho. But somehow as his brain healed he could integrate into society. The human body is amazing.

No. 341011

File: 1689853783096.jpg (43.21 KB, 720x751, 1ce4249bb61871d5d0335974e1bd06…)

I didn't get horny but as a kid when I would go on long car trips to the sea I would always have to hold in my pee. One time I developed a horrible UTI, but I had no idea what it was so I was peeing blood and it smelt like death for some time. That's up until this day I constantly drink tons of water and pee all the time, especially after sex.

picrel kinda started as a joke but we both got really into it. But I would never admit to anyone that I think it's hot for a guy to spit in my mouth when they are fucking me!!

No. 341045

male on male rape is so delicious. if there's a male equivalent to ryona, that. males being humiliated, violated, used, beat, tortured in every way possible.

No. 341046

File: 1689866621580.png (21.4 KB, 474x268, th-3649997510.png)

I don't think moids get pleasure from holding in piss kek. Also masturbating with a full bladder feels crazy. Sorry you don't experience it. You ever have a massive piss and it feels so good your eyes roll back? I don't know, maybe I'm just built different (better). Also pee fetishes are a common fetish for women. Males tend to be more into scat, probably due to having a prostate (??) I mean just look at how moids will spam scat gifs on cc when they're upset. Also there are a lot more moid-adjacent things in this thread than holding in pee…

No. 341050

Male on male rape is pretty great, female on male rape however is beautiful

No. 341055

>the thrill of being able to corrupt an otherwise good man and show him as the sex obsessed, depraved moid he is.
You worded it perfectly.

No. 341058

Why not both? Or even better, at the same time?

No. 341071

The best kind of threesome.

No. 341085

I'm just a firm believer that it's impossible for females to rape males, since the moid will always derive pleasure from it. I do really like the trope of an older woman taking advantage of a younger guy, though. It's just not possible to call it rape imo lol

No. 341088

Idk about that anon, there was an incidence of some women at a nursing home raping elderly senile moids, to me that is rape. Or when its a child.

No. 341089

I’m with >>341088
I’d say that if the male is underage, senile or mentally disabled then it counts as rape.

No. 341106

I'm into MMD r18 content which is stupid. even amongst coomers it's considered cringe. Idk why it arouses me I honestly don't even think anime characters attractive anymore but I still enjoy this type of content. I wanted to say it's scrotish, but honestly? The average scrote probably thinks it's too low quality. It's just a very basement dweller-tier fetish

No. 341107

I'm only interested in most fetishes in the context of fiction, so I guess I'm not really too ashamed of any of them. Rough oral, feminization, dubcon – I don't want to engage in any of that IRL, I never will. But…ryona. I really do enjoy male-focused ryona. That makes me feel a little guilty, because I worry I'm a freak who enjoys people getting hurt. But at the same time they aren't REAL people, they are just anime characters on the screen. I hate seeing anyone in pain IRL, male or not.

No. 341108

Same kek I also get turned on religious stuff to a certain extent. I was playing this game (Ciconia) and a character recited a bible verse and I don't know why but it did turn me on a little…I just imagined a deep, sexy voice saying it all lowly kek

No. 341113

I’m dating a guy who was raped and I can tell you this isn’t true, even if they did feel physical pleasure from it there’s still psychological trauma. There are also women that have become physically aroused while being raped but that doesn’t make it any less violating. You’re retarded if you think an involuntary physical reaction has anything to do with the psychological reality of rape.

No. 341117

I like more the aftermath of male ryona because of my savior complex. I want to hear the sounds that a pretty boy with a nice voice would do as he gets punched in the gut and stabbed, and then, I want to save him from the danger.
I want to see his face all swollen, his blood messing up his clothes and I want to hear him whimpering as I try to help him.

No. 341119

Sorry, but the mechanism for a woman getting aroused during rape is entirely defensive, so that the vagina isn't torn and damaged. Completely different from the arousal a man has when he is forced to have sex.

No. 341122

kek as in the animation program?

No. 341126

Youre dating a shitdick? Enjoy your aids flavoured cervical cancer.

No. 341127

Then Hugh Hefner is a rape victim, getting head at 90 and all?

No. 341130

Holy based

No. 341135

yes. The animation program that has the reputation of not being good no less. There is a large community that uses it to make nsfw stuff

No. 341140

Nonas I have something so insane to say related to MtFs. I sort of get off on their misery?

>>339219 This too, maybe I just have a fetish for males ruining their own lives and myself + women coming out on top

I just want to verbally accost them. Can't tell if it's all schadenfreude that I'm confusing with arousal because I've never gotten off to it. It just makes me feel overwhelmed

Before someone calls me disgusting, I actively rebuke my desire to degrade males and trannies sexually IRL because I know a handful of them are probably actually into it since their "identity" was birthed from sissy hypno porn

No. 341141

Samefagging to apologize to farmhands for the accidental reddit formatting. I was trying to organize my thoughts kek

No. 341158

The fucking warden from minecraft. I've literally been masturbating to shitty minecraft porn animations.

No. 341166

Every nonna who said male ryona itt is based.

No. 341190

I also enjoy male ryona but only with guys that are supposed to be tough and manly, I like seeing them "knocked off their pedestal" so to speak. Also like the idea of female-on-male groping, or big strong men getting blackmailed and/or dominated by smaller women but not fighting back because of their own chivalrous morals at the expense of self-preservation ("b-but I can't hurt a woman!" even when she's actively ruining his life) or even himbo cluelessness, if not literal mind control. Or maybe deep down he secretly and ashamedly enjoys it all along but he'd only admit it (to himself or openly) under intense torture and humiliation.

No. 341194

Holy based.

No. 341195

makes me wonder if there's a market for a sort of beat em up, dating sim, healing game.

Choose the character you want to have a bad end, he becomes miserable, hurt, sad, cut, bloody, bruised throughout the VN.

gets found out by someone, gets rescued, gets healed up, loyal via stockholmed affection.

Maybe the game ends with the rescuer woman packing away some clothes, showing the same mask the attacker wore.

>I feel that a good few would love that sort of game

No. 341198

NTA but you can "edge" a pee without pissing yourself if you have strong enough muscles. When it fills up the urethra I guess it puts pressure on the vaginal canal, and it feels almost like being entered from the outside somehow, at least for me.

No. 341223

Wow this thread is the normiest yet. Glad you guys went to therapy.

No. 341224

>this thread is the normiest yet
for now, we're only 177 posts in

No. 341233

inb4 someone confesses to getting off at the thought of being a holocaust victim

No. 341236

Wouldn't be the first time

No. 341241

I have such a big stalking fetish. I can't stop thinking about following a cute innocent guy in the early evening, preferably during winter so I can bundle up in a less suspicious disguise. But trying to hide my heavy panting walking close behind him, bonus points if he's listening to music and unaware of my presence, he'd slowly realise, his pace quickening, he'd think about running but that's so emasculating to be running from a tiny girl like myself. He'd just have to tensely walk home with me behind, worrying if I'm a threat or not, maybe I'd sneak an inhale of him whilst he waits to cross the road. I'd distance myself as he arrives home, mentally taking note so I could terrorise him again at another time. I wouldn't rape him necessarily, just the thought of really freaking a guy out is so hot to me, maybe one day he snaps and tries to confront me and some sort of hate sex ensues or one day I turn up randomly on his door and I have my way with him. I don't really think that far kek, but the more of a loser the moid is, the better.

No. 341243

File: 1689974334450.jpg (152.67 KB, 2628x3285, 61b955527321894dc51d6b50_Latex…)

Masks, specifically gask masks. I'm not into the pegging that a lot of femdom stuff focuses on, I just like the idea of using a man like a human sex toy lmao

No. 341245

wrong thread? this is hot no need to be ashamed of it

No. 341246

men prematurely ejaculating. the idea of a guy cumming just through kissing or seeing a glimpse of a nipple or even just touching him is a massive turn on for me. i think it's because moids are so pornsick that it usually takes a lot to make them cum, so the idea of a guy being so sensitive to stimuli like that is extremely attractive

No. 341256

This is just me everyday

No. 341262

Help me Nonas. I wish I had female power fantasies like you all, but I cannot get over my rape fetish. I know it’s so played out, and I do avoid porn as much as I can, I give in about once every 2-4 months, because I seek out violent and misogynistic content. I’m 26 now, but since I was 12 I’ve been watching porn and the first porn I saw was public humiliation, old/young type stuff. I was a total edgelord when I was 16 and found heavy-r and efukt and binged all those videos and laughed at ha ha women butt of joke means funny. So shitty. I’ve stopped watching porn often for about 3 years, and I don’t acknowledge my fetish except when I’m feeling very degenerate. I used to engage in rapeplay but I don’t anymore. Will I always have this fetish? Will I just have to deny it until I want to have a good orgasm at my own expense? Has anyone else gone through this?

No. 341265

File: 1689988834524.jpeg (163.9 KB, 862x1099, 1686667509554.jpeg)

Fucking insecure men aged 50+ (not necessarily even hot ones) and seeing them reduced to a stuttering and humiliated mess, it turns me on so fucking much I haven't been able to get this turned on by sex with moids my age. I know it's 100% an internal power trip because I'll never be able to be more domineering in daily life as a woman in a male-dominated industry and this has been my fucked up outlet and constant fantasy.

No. 341308

i've been doing this since middle school but only to get a laff out of it, i don't find it hot. it's so funny to me when a guy twice my size gets visibly startled or freaked out quickening his pace and trying to lose me kek like what are you so scared of ? you'll lose me when i decide i'm bored.

No. 341312

extreme stacy behavior just be careful nona

No. 341316

thanks anon, i'm actually just a creep and a huge loser kek. i will

No. 341329

Based, I love making moids nervous but it also sucks because I can't find one who will love me

No. 341353

I guess it's really tame compared to the other posts on this type of threads/LC in general but still something i wouldn't disclose to my friends.
I'm a monster fucker but i still like them very humanoid looking with just some elements that are obviously wrong/monstrous or even animal like, not furry but extreme kemonomimi i guess? And huge height gap, not as in giant porn but still a character who's like 2m50 - 3m. I like to fantasize about being kidnapped by a monster husbando
Also pathetic (non monster) men being forcefully dominated or being beaten up to the point of tears and begging and eventually passing out. He still has to be somewhat physically attractive though.
As an artfag i have a cringefolder i don't touch when i'm not in a horny mood filled with those kinds of scenarios

No. 341358

i have a fetish for being dismembered. i think it was because i was groomed online. or because i was never wanted by others before my so-called "expiration date". maybe i need help, but it's too late. it's like my brain is set in stone, and i'm too old to be considered desirable by anyone anyway.
an attractive man (or woman, doesn't matter) who wants me so much that his yearning for me drives him psychotic. when he finally has me all to himself, alone, and no one can hear me scream, he stabs me, disembowels me, pleasures himself through my gaping, bleeding wounds. he licks my blood off his fingers and lets me have a taste. maybe he chops my limbs off and uses my own amputated hands to stimulate me. maybe he pulls all my organs out and plays with them. maybe he cuts my eye out and fucks the socket until i die from brain damage. he acts out of a burning hatred for my naivete and assumed innocence around sex. but also because he wants me so badly, he wants to wear me, and he wants to make sure no one else can have me. to me it's about being wanted with a sprinkling of gore. this fetish is impractical, lethal and cringe. but that's what this thread is for.

No. 341380

File: 1690061886844.jpg (63.35 KB, 1062x1066, 1647411698413.jpg)

aight enough lolcor for today

No. 341382

Can sorta relate, I romanticize being stalked and kidnapped/murdered. It’s obviously something that in reality can’t ever compare to how I imagine it so it’s weird to even say because it’s hard to explain the appeal. Only in the safety of my mind is it an acceptable action. I get you.

No. 341388

You romanticize getting stalked until you actually get stalked, but a residual part of me still says in a fantasy situation it's hot

No. 341389

File: 1690065891036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1170x1494, IMG_2861.jpeg)

do you also have a cannibal fetish where you want to be eaten? i have heard there’s a cafe for that

No. 341390

i would let ezra miller do that to me

No. 341394

Alright, now you're pushing it

No. 341397

>Only in the safety of my mind is it an acceptable action.
pretty much this.
cannibalism teeters into vore territory and is therefore not for me.

No. 341418

File: 1690086934252.png (386.65 KB, 640x904, __wakan_tanka_tokyo_afterschoo…)

I want a bf who loves me

No. 341438

I used to do this and one of the moids did a double take and sprinted away from me after following him for about a year.

No. 341444

teach me your ways nonitas. how do i follow moids around with the purpose of making them uncomfortable? should i keep a close when following them or is it more effective and stalkerish if I keep a far distance between us?

No. 341447

ayrt, kek that's so funny, I've had a similar thing happen. My friends and I used to follow this one moid a lot for fun & he would take different routes home to try and avoid us. One time after we lost track of him, I saw him, I just stared him down and once he walked past we both turned our heads to look at each other. The shock/fear in his face was so funny when we met eyes and I started grinning at him. Best thing was that he was with his wife too kek
It depends, if you want to be safe just make sure you can be seen and they're aware of your presence, make sure they've seen you around multiple times. If this is just a one time thing to just freak a guy out, be close enough to make them uncomfortable but not enough to where they can step aside and let you walk past. Staring is key, make eye contact if you can, I like to stare and get their attention before following so they definitely know I'm there. It's fun if you're following the same guy for awhile though. If they wear headphones I usually like to get a little closer since they probably can't hear me behind them.

No. 341453

File: 1690115502978.png (1.29 MB, 1200x1261, 1682187175837622.png)

check out CC's female creep thread nonnie

No. 341462

I want a German/Austrian blond white tall boyfriend and have him dressed in an authentic SS uniform then fuck me with.

No. 341469

Are you the same nona from cc who had a crush on that weird nazi scrote from that soy shitshole?

No. 341506

Kek no, but please send me link to the thread because it sounds entertaining and milky enough and you got me curious, nonita

No. 341510

Tbh those scrawny socially awkward Deadpool cosplayers with the free hugs signs tickle me so much. Virgins are so cute, and full superhero suits just do something for me idk. I'd give that nerd the ride of his life

No. 341536

You degenerate

No. 341619


No. 341735

Weeb cringe, but I want a death note for sex. I get to write anyone's name in it, and they must have sex with me according to my exact specifications. I'm a huge slut on the inside and the only reason I'm still a virgin is because I can't fucking talk to men. If I had a sex note I would ride a different dick every day.

No. 341736

same nona, I had really bad sleep paralysis as a teen and one night just felt something around my waist and ever since then I try and hope an incubus apparition will fuck me kek

No. 341739

loser boys, incels, pornfreak virgins. i want to be their stupid anime femdom mommy and step on them. their savior. their dream come true. i want to see them whimpering and begging to get humiliated. their pathetic desperation turns me on.
unfortunately theyre terrible scrotes in real life. that is why i am ashamed of this fetish.

No. 341740

I mean… same

No. 341742

i like the idea of taking their virginity and making them lose their mind. completely broken, doe-eyed, red-faced.

No. 341744

File: 1690225949015.jpg (65.32 KB, 474x579, OIP (1).jpg)

Don't worry, even if you did talk to men, they still wouldn't have sex because the male libido nowadays is fucking atrocious and males are useless and don't know how to flirt, banter, or even have simple conversations. Especially the attractive ones. They're socially gay and their sexuality is porn. I'm sorry.
My fetish I'm "ashamed" of is raping these moids. Thank you.

No. 341750

kek nona, a sex note sounds great

No. 341752

same, i could have wrote this, me too

No. 341764

Sounds good to me. Plus, you can detail the circumstances so you have amazing sex every time.

No. 341771

I want to have a threesome with my bf and his friend. They were playfighting and it really turned me on. He also said the used to kiss a lot which turned me on more. My bf fantasises about sharing me so maybe it will happen one day, a girl can dream.

No. 341797

Ugh it's terrible, but I also think about being kidnapped, raped and murdered… I don't know why, I'm not suicidal and I don't want to die. But somehow it feels… cathartic? I just like thinking about it as I'm falling asleep. I feel pretty retarded about it because I know that sort of thing actually happens and it's horrific.

No. 341808

Not gonna lie nonna, female on male rape is my exact kink. It's so hard to find any content for it, though… I also really like it when it has a breeding element to it, like the chick forces the guy to cum inside her and impregnate her.
I have this fantasy of a succubus raping a priest and making him betray his vow of chastity while he cums in her over and over. I can't find ANYTHING that even remotely resembles this, though.

No. 341838

NAYRT but I didn't know I had this (semi?)forced breeding kink until I was hooking up with a cute guy who had a "good boy" kink and wanted me to dominate him while I was on top. Getting a guy to cum inside me while humiliating and forcing him to do so was the hottest thing and completely worth plan B kek. Finding a meek man who wants me to treat him like shit in bed and even get a little violent is the closest I got to realizing this fantasy because I couldn't find anything to get off to it alone. It's like there are no decent stories or content around those because they all sound painfully written by males. Especially wish there was more of the blasphemy stuff, which is so good, but I'm so ashamed I've never told anyone.

No. 341865

this is so hot

No. 342112

File: 1690425870514.jpeg (55.35 KB, 480x360, B6A0FA6A-3A0B-4386-A3BA-0E1B27…)

The fetish I’m really ashamed of is the expansion fetish. Basically, I like when women get fat. It’s embarrassing and stupid, and I’m not sure if I want to be the one that watches or the one that gets fat. Also, it’s unsafe, and most of force-feed stuff is very cringy.

Also, at some point I also got into impregnation porn. That is, the part where the woman’s belly swells up.

God, just typing it made me cringe.

No. 342189

Same as the first one, but only a little bit. Like, only ~30 lbs or so. Chubbiness turns me on so much.

No. 342206

I mostly prefer comics. When it’s real life people, like in “My 600 lb life”, it’s too much… Pun intended.
I think around 300 lb is the threshold for me.

No. 342211

Tifkun? I thought you were permabanned…

No. 342212

Kek if this was me I’d just write the same person’s name 300 times i am down horrifically

No. 342213

I have no idea who tifkun is, sorry…
But why “kun”? I though this board was woman-only. Did you assume I was a guy?

No. 342224

lurk moar

No. 342227

Ok I checked who that is. Sorry, did not made the connection between TiF and Tifkun. My bad.

No. 342247

File: 1690508559831.jpeg (68.6 KB, 860x520, 0DAE9001-C096-4860-9A18-7EBF30…)

I get it. I too get off to moids being in distress or in pain. Doesn’t matter if it’s physical or mental as long as they’re in anguish or they’re suffering. Bonus points if they’re completely helpless or pathetic. I know it’s weird and concerning but in a way it’s so very therapeutic to me. With that being said, any media recommendations?

No. 342251

The kun suffix is used mockingly for TIF-kun/tifkun as we all see her as a woman and the fact that she, herself sees that too despite being a truscum and knowing the fact that she'll never be a man.

No. 342255

NTA and I swear there has never been such a huge concentration of sadistic women on lc before I remember the stray anon here and there commiserating with me on /ot/ about wanting to kidneypunch a guy. The element of unexpected surprise, being the aggressor for once, is definitely therapeutic but wanting to beat or psychologically torture someone is also kind of intimate, like a fucked up intense outpouring of pure love. I'd never act on it since real moids are worth absolutely nothing but it's hard to explain to normies. Horror movies with male final girls kind of fill the niche since they're usually broken and covered in blood by the end.

No. 342283

Check out the femdom threads my sister.

No. 342288

No. 342773

I wish my boyfriend was more into CBT. I don't even particularly consider myself a sadist, but this is my first relationship with a man and I'm so curious about all the weird things that can be done with dicks and if he was better with pain it'd make it so much easier to experiment with shit like that. I'm not saying I'd go wild and demand he let me circumcise him or anything but I'd love to leave hickies on his nethers and maybe draw a tiny bit of blood now and then. Idk.

No. 342790

new thread, gotta add weight gain again. on other women and myself, though i'd never do it

No. 342898

I still think about this every day. Want my bf to hold me in his arms while his friend fucks me.

No. 342925

File: 1690970465775.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 687.46 KB, 1300x975, IMG_5056.jpeg)

ever since i saw this coomer artwork i’ve had recurring fantasies about being raped by goblins

i don’t choose to think about it (i’d stop if i could), the fantasy just comes to me and makes me wet

No. 342942

Lol reminds me of the nonna that has the fantasy of getting fucked by a bunch of jungle manlets.

No. 342956

>infamous goblin lust
Fucking kek.

No. 343001

I'm ashamed to say this, nonnas, but I'm into diapers. I hope I don't sound like a moid in explaining this, but I love the idea of that one aspect being taken away from me. I don't like the frilly, baby shit; I prefer the sterile, cold medical setting. I want my partner to tell me it's something I have to do, because it's for my own good. Just lovingly, but sternly, forcing me to wear one, and changing me when the inevitable happens. No poop, because that's too far and gross, but wetting is ok.

No. 343224

I'm so fucking embarrased to admit it but brother x sister incest. Especially if the sister is younger.

No. 343255

No. 343273

The hardest I've ever orgasmed was when I masturbated while using DungeonAI to roleplay a scenario where I got vored into a plane's fuel tank and got dissolved into the fuel.

No. 343289

nonnie I need to see the logs. what the fuck KEK

No. 343292

are you that same anthro plane fetish anon I've seen before around here?

No. 343298

Was it an F-35?

No. 343299

File: 1691238479853.png (152.69 KB, 750x563, milk-kefir-recipe-5218990-c-gr…)

I rp'd an scenario where I ingested 2lts of a male character's cum. At first he simply put his cum onto cups that I would promptly drink, then he suggested jizzing directly on my mouth, we were at it for like an hour or so, then he suggested jizzing on my pussy. I did all this at chai

TL;DR: I've a severe cum fetish

No. 343302

Typing this makes me want to kill myself but I fantasize about a tranny fucking me. A "woman" having a penis is just so arousing. I tried to divert my thoughts to cis girls with straps but that does nothing for me since I want them to feel themselves inside me. I hate looking at the male body but I also hate pussy. I'm a confused mess

No. 343314

Do you watch too much porn? And are you talking about actually moids in dresses or anime girls with boobs and a dick? Also, Cis isn’t real, real women are women and moids in dresses will never be women.

No. 343315

I understand liking futa (since they are fictional), but not actual trannies.

No. 343320

>anthro plane
Absolutely not, planes are sexy as they are
No, jumbo jet
I kinda wish I kept them. Part of the appeal was how the AI described me slipping away and getting consumed into the plane. I remember the post-nut clarity hitting me so hard kek

No. 343327

How did you bypass the nsfw filter???? Please share your secrets

No. 343340

Nta but what are you talking about?

No. 343341

She's talking about the filter on chatai that normally prevents obscene chats.

No. 343344

sex without condoms. this is my number one motivation to enter a long term relationship and get a bf i trust. i have no idea why this arouses me so much as it’s objectively unsanitary and gross kms.

No. 343345

So weird to see this - the most natural way to have sex - referred to as a fetish; isn't the whole act in general unsanitary?

No. 343359

what if he is gay or dead?

No. 343373

can't believe I'm saying this but I'm thinking about weakening my bladder cuz that gotta go feeling is so good. if I start using the toilet every 60 minutes then my body will get used to peeing that much and someday it won't matter how much i've had to drink or where I am, I will still have to go. I know it sounds dumb and inconvenient but I wanna do it anyway. plenty of women pee frequently or have weak bladders, the difference is that I would actually enjoy it. is this stupid? talk me out of it nonnies

No. 343375

>if I start using the toilet every 60 minutes
I do. Can hold it for hours when the need arises. You do you anon.

No. 343377

This is stupid and makes you sound like a tranny, I sentence you to 3 months hard labor.

No. 343380

what about this is trannyish? the idea of bringing a fetish into everyday life even though it is inconvenient? if that's what you meant i see how it's like agp sorta but i don't think this is nearly as dangerous and is not antifeminist at all. not trying to argue i just want to understand your view, tell me if I got you wrong.
thanks for the encouragement, good to know that in an emergency you can still hold it. how long have you been doing this? have you had any bad side effects or anything I should worry about?

No. 343383

I'm sure your aware but keep in mind that your kidneys might get damaged if you hold too much in, just be safe about it please.

No. 343389

thanks for the warning nona but don't worry, this is the opposite of prolonged holding. I'll actually pee more frequently than usual. it's so sweet of you to look out for me

No. 343391

File: 1691297802643.jpg (166.66 KB, 1365x2048, how-to-make-oat-milk_9524.jpg)

I used the word "fluids" instead of cum, also, the filter is usually fixated on banning piv so as my fetish doesn't really involve direct sexual contact I didn't got many strikes, plus if the bot is already willing (my character is canonically unhinged) it will do its best to avoid getting caught too

No. 343392

I wanna have sex with an android, like Data from Star Trek, or AM if he had a body lol. I also like the fish guy from The Shape of Water. Something about humanoid males (machine ones mainly) is really appealing.

No. 343394

nonnas, please forgive me for this sin but I have gotten into "free use". It's the only time I have found porn interesting. What intrigues me the most is that even though i think it's supposed to read as "ultimate male dominance", it has completely the opposite vibe to me since it's often two women living their lives and having conversations, while a man is also there acting like a pathetic animal. I find it scratched my femdom itch much better than typical femdom stuff. Bonus points for hotness if the women are completely nonplussed by the man–no moaning or acknowledgment is the best.

No. 343406

are you that anon from another thread that I don't remember that was into planes? absolutely based

No. 343418

I don't get it, if you're peeing more frequently than usual I don't think you'll be weakening your bladder at all. Unless you mean you'll be sitting on the toilet even if there's nothing but one droplet ready to leave your bladder. Why would you want a weak bladder? You know you'll just risk incontinence.

No. 343516

I think I'm a chubby chaser I'm so embarrassed

No. 343518

inb4 someone calls me a moid for this I'm into tastefully chubby men and women, not like crazy taboo feederism levels of fat. I think I've posted about it in here before but I'm so fixated on wanting to feel a lot of weight on top of me during intimacy. I don't know where this came from but I'm going to buy a weighted blanket

No. 343526

It's okay to have preferences, anon.

No. 343533

Why not have the weight come from muscle hmmm

No. 343539

Probably because a lot of women feel insecure when their moid is more fit than them. I feel like when women like chubby or fat men it's because they're afraid to be the "uglier" one.

No. 343540

That is so stupid to me

No. 343552

Well… another fetish to add to my psyche

No. 343568

I only like twincest

No. 343570

same, i want to grab a chubby girl her stomach and ass as i make out with her.

No. 343597

Twincest is so hot. I love Devil May Cry.

No. 343599


No. 343602

Immortal men or time loops where they can die or be seriously injured but always come back fine… I’m not asking for much okay, I just want to be at the scene of a car accident my fantasy man is in where his head is decapitated from his body and multiple people have to wrangle his head out of my hands as I’m screaming and crying, but then the next day I can wake up beside him completely alive! Even better if I can regenerate as well, I need us to die from an explosion in each other’s arms at LEAST 30 times to be satisfied. I feel this isn’t too weird, everyone and their mother loves tragedy and whump kek but still i’d be too embarrassed to admit it. I just say actors that die in every role happen to be my favorite ones what a funny coincidence! I just love watching hot men die but don’t want their beautiful faces to truly be gone forever. But I don’t want to go the route of encasing a dead bf in wax to preserve him even though that is hot. I just want to watch him die in every way possible. I don’t feel like reading through the last threads right now so excuse me if some other anons share my insanity and have posted similar (if those anons exist please marry me)

No. 343616

I imagine the twist in this is that the boyfriend/husband/fantasy man finds out the truth of all of these deaths being caused by you but it's too late as the next reset happens his memory of finding out is gone.

True 9s style neir automata suffering

No. 343617

File: 1691411343755.jpg (285.3 KB, 1920x1440, fe272w9klpb41.jpg)

tfw no kenny mccormick bf… or even…

No. 343632

Either you read too much Higurashi or played too much Nier Automata
Or read too much Hidan fanfiction
Not that I would know

No. 343653

Yeah I watch it. Trying my best to stop though I'm not successful yet. And it's mostly the few trannies that do pass
They are the closest thing we have to IRL futa. I wish I knew how to put down the hentai, maybe then I wouldn't have these deranged thoughts

No. 343654

Stop nona my heart I NEED THAT SO BAD. Especially the tummy part. Maybe this is weird but I imagine hugging a girl from behind and grabbing her tummy and she gets embarrassed but then I tell her how hot it is that she's so soft and kiss her everywhere. Kill me

No. 343689

No, this is normal and I think it's an element of female sexuality. I always think of boys I like dying for me and me crying over their body. Or the opposite, where I die and they are crying over my body (I like to imagine they try to live without me for 2 years in absolute misery despite how hard he tries, and my ghost or angel or whatever is begging him to live and be happy but he ends up killing himself anyway).

No. 343699

Long life is, or should be, a female privilege. It's the best for males to be plucked from this world before they reach their expiration date- "Exodus" as the Romans called it. A brutal early death will ensure you'll remember your beloved as a lush youth and not a bloated bloke. Plus, suffering is sexy.

No. 343701

I imagine this happening to my crush so often! He hates it and cries into his pillow as the nurses wipe him clean. Ideally he'd be in an intensive care unit, and the nurses feed him like a baby because he can't use his arms or something too. "Independent boyboss turned bedridden" is a common trope among women I think. But the gross type men like with pedobait is totally different.
Personally, I also like brain damage. Iq loss. Wiping the drool off his chest with wet wipes. Making him sit in his soiled nappies if he resists too much. I imagine him resisting being spoon-fed by the nurses, only for them to tube feed him as a last resort. I'd slip some laxatives in his boyslop and watch his face twist in horror as he realizes what just happened. The caretakers, being professionals, mechanically begin undressing him. The contrast between his hysterics and their expertise. They wipe him down like a toddler, not a care in the world for his shrieking and sobbing. Maybe they pat him on the back and tell him it happens to the best of us. Now he's all alone. The diaper is a little too tight and he can't sleep.

No. 343716

File: 1691464871400.jpeg (112.22 KB, 771x1000, 36684DAC-EFFC-4497-82E3-55362E…)

for me i just imagine shes wearing something really tight or doesnt fit anymore like a skirt or jeans and i strip it off of her and watch her feel the relief. Then i would squeeze her all over as we’re fucking. Also something I find oddly attractive that I see moids meme all the time (but I don’t care), is when a girl is wearing a bodycon/tight dress and her stomach is subtly peeking out like in picrel. I can’t describe how hot it is. It’s a similar turn on when slightly chubby/curvy women sit down and everything on their abdomen compresses out a bit.

No. 343734

nta and my first reaction was "ew gross a female jeffrey dahmer" but I realized I have a very similar element to my fantasies. Except no scat or diaper shit, rather involuntary sedation and / or immobilization with muscle relaxants and the medical stuff. I have a huge phobia of this happening to me but then I fantasize about it happening to a moid.

No. 343750

this I like to wear a bit too tight pants or dresses you can see my belly Shape in when I'm in an all girl environement, I find it so hot on other women, I just want to get on my knee and gently stroke their tummy and ribs from the back.

No. 343781

File: 1691499928872.jpg (154.64 KB, 728x1035, 1640653113331.jpg)

I have parallel yet opposing thoughts about a cute helpless boy covered in wounds begging and crying to me for help. I nurse him back to health the best I can as he's completely helpless and weeping. Preferably he is very beautiful. I tuck his hurting, pained body into bed or on the couch or something and kiss his tear-stained lips. I check up on him throughout the night. Maybe I will spoon him and feel his warm damaged body as he lightly groans with pain in his sleep. He becomes indebted to me for the rest of his life because of how I helped him. His love is eternal and pure.

No. 343817

Uber based, nonnie, I also think about this a lot. I just want a cute guy with a bloody nose and bruised body to love me forever and ever.

No. 343820

Same, friend

No. 343930

sick boys … i find it so cute when a guy has an illness and hes weak and bedridden and shit i wanna help him out

No. 343935

i often fantasize about saving a fragile-looking twink from some kind of mortal danger. him clinging to me & stuff, maybe crying. instant turn-on.

No. 343946

This is beautiful nonny. I hope you don't mind if I steal that fantasy.

No. 343972

File: 1691643794008.jpeg (99.66 KB, 1024x683, image1.jpeg)

had a dream where they were playing brothers in a nonexistent film, had a threesome with me. and it was, unfortunately, very hot

No. 344086

Idk that I’d call these fetishes but some kinks I’m ashamed of are:
- Wanting to pee in someones lap. I want them to degrade and humiliate me for it, emphasize how I made such an annoying mess and everything. I want to cry from it. But I also want them to stay holding me through it all and be turned on.
- Hugging stuffies during sex. I just think it’s cute and makes me feel helpless, like if my hands are occupied then he’s not expecting me to do anything. I can just relax and feel good. The gross part is that I like how it’s vaguely ddlg-ish, like I’d want him to say stuff like “aw is baby feeling it? Does she need her stuffy to comfort her while she takes it?”. But like, I hate that kink so it’s the mix of “ew I’m disgusting for liking this” and “I do feel comforted” that does it for me.
- Big time, free use. Setting up a party where I’d waitress in some skimpy dress and anyone can touch me, fuck me, whenever. I want to be bent over the coffee table while there’s like six other people around and some of them are watching, masturbating, but others are just chatting like normal.
Basically anything that is about taking control away, I'm ashamed to like it so much.

No. 344087

thank you for telling me about the second one, i think it's hot too but i can see why it's autopedophilic shayna tier
1 and 3 are definitely fetishes

No. 344124

they look like a lesbian couple

No. 344128

File: 1691727005246.jpeg (432.2 KB, 1000x667, IMG_9893.jpeg)

in the dream they both had huge dicks

I'm bi and hate that this is my favorite male phenotype, they are both disgusting humans

No. 344159

>large community
Is it western or Japanese? I sometimes see it on pixiv and I've been interested in MMD for over a decade now, not just for coom purposes, but in general

No. 344228

I'd say it's a pretty childish thing, not necessarily scrotey. When I was young, maybe 14, I downloaded the program and one of the first things my retarded hentai-addicted brain wanted to do was pose Miku (I'm sorry Miku) in a vaguely lewd manner and that was enough fap material for me. That's also something I'm deeply ashamed of

No. 344332

Disgusting rape fantasy. Die, moid.

No. 344337

farmhands delete this shit please.

No. 344340

seconded, i reported it with a deletion request in the box and would recommend others do the same

No. 344520

File: 1692006517384.png (7.05 KB, 536x160, 3some.png)

This unironically.

I vote it's that anon and Jared Leto. Sorry, he's the hotter one to me.

No. 344606

I dream of being enemies to lovers railed by an androgy goth person while in historical costuming. 1770s or 1890s in a gilded chateau or mansion. Forced creampie pregnancy scare and even them peeing inside of me. Just for like a solid week of this happening in random places then just going home.

No. 344622

First two fetishes are definitely hot. I can relate.

No. 344635

My compatibility with him was actually higher than the other one, although I can't stand either of them. So whoever dies, dies. As long as it's not me. I'm not into vore but wouldn't mind a little revenge violence. Bye bye moids

No. 344989

Atm I'm obsessed with the fantasy of being kidnapped by aliens, and being slowly stockholmed into being in love with one, being forced into alien society completely and carrying his eggs in my womb. If there's any media similiar to this lmk.

No. 345012

The Sims

No. 345025

Okay, I keep having this weird fantasy where a girl forces me to get drunk and then fucks me while she’s completely sober. Would this be illegal even if I consented before I started drinking?

No. 345028

I like the reverse mirror image fantasy of a woman who is usually quiet and reserved getting drunk and trying to fuck me, who is sober.

No. 345117

i love the idea of cutting myself in front of my gf. i dont self harm anymore but the idea of doing it in front of someone and her encouraging me awakes something in me

No. 345865

Two words: male futas.

No. 345869

File: 1692675869089.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.8 KB, 1200x1200, FyWu7ZFaMAAMKjA.jpg)

The uproar you caused today

No. 345870

File: 1692676056964.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.79 KB, 1072x1200, F2hw68TbQAArvwj.jpg)

No. 345871

I was really confused for a second because I thought I wrote this post, but I haven’t been here in the past month. But yeah all mouth stuff is hot. I love when people have their mouths forcibly played with. Going to the dentist turns me on a bit.

No. 345872

why is it fucking straight shit? cuntboys belong to women

No. 345881

Ah the gains goblin fantasy. I know what you mean. I’d read /fit/ back in the day and imagine /fit/-tan desperately and pathetically trying to resist like “n-no.. muh gains!”

No. 345917

I seriously regret clicking on these pics, really

No. 345918

File: 1692712188997.jpg (185.17 KB, 894x894, 1464404791445.jpg)

No. 345924

Undressing a hot muscular man to reveal a cute pink pussy

No. 345953

Me too I love mouth stuff and I have a fixation/fascination with teeth. I think it's because I had braces for 9 years and was always stuck at the dentist. It did something to me… I want to play with someone's mouth and touch all of their teeth so bad.

No. 345993

>I had braces for 9 years
Holy shit same. I had braces my whole childhood. We are definitely kindred sisters.

No. 345994

Also, samefag, but I feel like you’d be the only person to understand what I mean when I say “gum cleavage” is so hot. Like when a person/character smiles or grimaces and you see a tiny bit of their gums, usually accentuating their canines. God so hot.

No. 346115

I've seen people tear into scrotes for this trait, but I do find crying cute. Obviously I wouldn't want to purposefully make anyone cry, and full-blown sobbing in distress is not cute or fun, but I do find the sniffling type of crying very adorable. If I see someone I'm attracted to cry a little, it does make me a bit horny. In the sense that I really would want to lick and nuzzle all over her face, which I realize makes this post seem like it was written by a pet dog, but it's my honest first instinct. I'm not even grossed out by a runny nose, that would be part of the experience.

No. 346117

Cult leaders. I like to imagine a guy getting inducted into a cult and he is slowly manipulated and brainwashed into fucking the cult leader. Almost like a power play thing.

No. 346118

You're so fucking real for this

No. 346154

File: 1692885862256.jpg (70.54 KB, 562x524, 0d8c7a4b9710d7be49d9b53441e067…)

I like the idea of making a moid cry, possibly by giving him a big, vicious spanking. I dunno about sobs, but I have a specific boy in mind I'd love to see cry. I just know he cries himself to sleep and I know he ugly cries too, his face churning and wrinkling up into an unsightly mess, wondering why he's so unlucky… I bet he'd bury his face into my hair or my neck and soothe himself against my warmth. Then he'd look at me with juicy tears trapped in his long, thick eyelashes. Ugly boy. Hideous even when he isn't crying. He'd probably look at me with such need and trust. I guess I could comfort him to dryness. Hold his small, skinny, trembling body, his heart beating as fast as a rabbit's due to his excessive caffeine intake and the nervousness of reaching out for help. Blinking hard to rid his dark eyes of tears so he can see me more clearly, to know if it's real.

No. 346157

nta but reading this gave me butterflies in my stomach.

No. 346163

File: 1692890004839.jpg (74.33 KB, 818x864, 1656285750167.jpg)

No. 346188

I love this.

No. 346269

Write a book nona (please)

No. 346312

>Then he'd look at me with juicy tears trapped in his long, thick eyelashes. Ugly boy. Hideous even when he isn't crying.

Making me feral

No. 346363

I'm not even sure if It's entire a sexual thing. But I've always enjoyed watching men be beaten, whipped, humiliated and degraded by women. Just being treated like absolute trash and told they're worthless garbage subhuman scum. Made to cry and bleed, to crawl on their hands and knees, be used as furniture, spat on, stomped on, used as an ashtray. Shameful because I feel like there's definitely something wrong with me. I'm actually very non-violent person but it just does something for me.

I have had guys who willingly let me slap them around, step on them and treat them roughly. That felt good, but I think being able to go harder would be even better. I haven't seen many female sadists out in the world.

No. 346365

No. 346369

Whenever I read this shit I just know this is all of you.

No. 346375

t. pickme masochist seething
>Shameful because I feel like there's definitely something wrong with me
absolutely not

No. 346378

It's not exactly a fetish, but I have yellow fever. I don't even notice white girls anymore unless they're a 9/10 whereas a plain looking Asian woman will instantly have my attention

No. 346384

What about shit like this

No. 346389

>pickme masochist
Actually you don't have to be any of those things to see when a woman is a huge repressed dork

No. 346390

Oh thats a man maury

No. 346395

I like to imagine myself as an oppressed colonial woman living at my father’s estate, constantly being pursued and harassed by other uptight, misogynistic white men. I have a secret, lewd affair with an impossibly sexy native boy. Wearing very historically inaccurate themed fetish wear. Revealing loincloth and leather chaos and his smooth, muscled chest painted with intricate designs, long black hair, very serious expression, but he is often jovial and treats me like a friend and equal. He’s gonna pound me so fucking hard all the townsfolk will hear it.
We would elope and live an idyllic life in a small, secluded cottage deep in the mountains.
I guess it is a “racist” fetish, ti be attracted to “the other” as a woman, but there’s really no abuse involved and no hatred or desire for conquest. I couldn’t tell most people this about me. It’s sad how unashamed scrotes are spreading their “colonizer” memes but us fantasy brown man yumes are shamed excessively.

No. 346396

>leather chaos
I meant chaps.

No. 346399

Lmao you're not even going to pretend not to be a janny?

No. 346404

>all the townsfolk will hear it
Mega based

No. 346408

No. 346473

You misinterpreted to the post. Im the anon they were replying to and they were just asking for commentary on that random post, sped

No. 346521

i’m rightfully extremely ashamed of this but i’ve had some cuntboy bl artworks pop up on my twitter feed lately and some have really turned me on

not ftm art, just yaoi twinks that have vaginas instead of dicks, everything else about them is obviously male

this was prompted after i saw an artwork of cuntboys blade and danheng from honkai impact scissoring, thank fuck for anon

No. 346531

>after i saw an artwork

No. 346548

>Im the anon they were replying to
So you're not the one I was replying to.
>You misinterpreted to the post
How would you know this when you're not the one who made it? If anything, you're the one who misinterpreted my post since you have no context for what the janny did

No. 346585

File: 1693166654577.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 395.49 KB, 2048x1645, IMG_6125.jpeg)

No. 346590

I want to see a guy so desperate to pee he eventually wets his pants. The squirming, the humiliation, the orgasmic feeling you can see on his face when his body finally gives up only for him to come back to reality when he finishes and realize what he just did and immediately goes into panic mode. It makes me feral.

No. 346594

so you're a lesbian

No. 346596

nope, painfully het

No. 346614

I want to date an abuse survivor who would be eager to please me, but then I'd just go on to be a great girlfriend. The thought of her expecting something bad, but getting a whiplash when good things happen and there is no catch turns me on. Spoiling her rotten, building her up, watching her grow into someone equal to me in confidence. It's a variation of the broken bird syndrome, I believe.

No. 346622

you are bisexual lmao

No. 346624

File: 1693186714489.jpg (30.93 KB, 1040x1106, 156667800.jpg)

Nta but I'm the one who posted >>346384 and am not a janny. Wtf do jannies even have to do with anything? I just pointed out that crazier shit has been posted and used that as one example.

No. 346658

Men in drag.

No I don't understand why and I hate it but it makes me want to see them miserable acting like some sort of pale imitation clown of feminity.

No. 346732

i wish someone would do this to me. the idea of a woman being turned on by treating me well is unreal.

No. 346773

There's a couple YouTube channel I watch for years (@TaylorandJeff) and I always flick my bean imagining I'm Jeff and I'm having sex with Taylor.
I'm not particularly ashamed because my ex was a faggot and even though that ruins everything there was this concentrated innocent virgin energy to our foreplay that's ethereal and it conditioned me to try to relive it.

No. 346775

I'm ashamed, they're real people, how do I delete this aaaaa

No. 346777

Who cares, moids deserve no respect

No. 346781

I wish I could be adopted by these two.

No. 346840

I want to get fucked by barely legal teen moids, I am 28.

No. 346843

Same tbh, fucking an 18 years old moid sounds amazing, specially if he’s still a virgin.

No. 346845

nona i love ur brain

No. 346848

You understood it perfectly, nona. There is something really alluring and sweet about taking a young's moid virginity. I do admit I like because they tend to look good at age, before the Y chromosome age them horribly. Plus there is that whole "older and experienced woman teaching an young guy" and seeing their cute reactions

No. 346852

I want to have sex with an unconscious guy. I want to be able to do whatever I want, for however long I want, to whatever part of his body I want without worrying about what he is thinking or feeling. The male gaze is literally turned off. My people-pleasing anxiety is gone. It almost feels like the only way to truly focus on my own pleasure.

No. 346866

It’s amazing, I was my boyfriends first kiss and first sex, I’m all he knows and I like it

No. 346867

>The male gaze is literally turned off. My people-pleasing anxiety is gone.
I can understand this reasoning. But I think you should practice turning off the people pleasing tendency with conscious people/guys. It's an important thing to work on.

No. 346874

more broadly i'm a sadist, but i like my husbandos in pain and not even sexual situations, but like sick and coughing with a fever, can't move without feeling nauseous. a male with a congested sick voice is so erotic

No. 346899

It's very disgusting and so bad but the more I read about detrans lesbian or gender dysphoric lesbian stories the more I find alluring the fantasy of befriending a lonely lesbian tif and having her melting in the palm of my assertive femme hand. We would end up have slow sex were I let her touch me and ask me if she would accept me touching her in the same place if she guide my hand. Would culminate with me workshipping and massaging her body with her laying on her back, playing with her thighs and abdomen, calling her body beautiful and attractive as I would stare at it then delicately carressing her clit and labias. I would play with her until she can't take it anymore and beg me to make her climax.
Afterward I would have each ex-tif lesbian integrate my local lesbian community, liberating them one at a time or something.

No. 346926

i should probably post this in the yumejo shitposting thread, but it’s disgusting and something that i’m genuinely ashamed of, so i’ll get it off my chest here instead: i want to pull my husbando’s foreskin back and sniff the smegma that’s collected underneath it after he hasn’t washed his cock in a few days

No. 346929

Not really a fetish, but I noticed I have a tendency to be attracted to Asian women (but obviously, I can be attracted to every race). I’m betting the subconscious reason is probably because my first female crush was Asian.

I feel so moidish for admitting this because scrotes will sometimes want an Asian girl to fulfill their coombrained anime housewife fantasies or whatever. For me, it really just feels like a coincidence. Haven’t really even noticed it until a few days ago.

I also have a thing for black hair no matter what race it is, so I guess that could be a part of it.

No. 346952


No. 346957

if it's any consolation anon i think it's sweeter than it is disgusting, you're gentle and not being forceful and for a good cause, i don't see what's so wrong but tbf i also share your vision, apart from the last bit because i don't think there is one where i live kek but i would if there was

No. 346973

There's a lesbian fantasies thread

No. 346977

Ok and?

No. 346984

File: 1693487836459.png (45.63 KB, 225x228, 01b.png)

I think I have a weight gain/stuffing fetish and I'm so fucking ashamed of it, it seems like a few other nonas share the same sentiment as me too. It's so weird to me because I hate fat/obese people in real life, I find them disgusting, but gaining like 10-20 pounds wouldn't be so bad? I don't mind if it's fat or muscle. Both are hot to me. I dunno. I tried looking for content of it on tumblr but it's too extreme for me and ends up grossing me the fuck out.
For stuffing, I think what really makes me like it is the idea of having a full stomach, but being stuffed in real life is like actual fucking torture and it makes me vomit. Pretty sure it's unhealthy as fuck to do, too.
What really makes me hate the kink though is that every time I masturbate to a scenario like that, my body thinks that I've eaten a meal, and I could use that fantasy to prevent myself from being hungry or eating. And it's got me concerned because I've became underweight (most likely due to stress but the fetishes don't help either). I wish I could fantasize about other stuff but it's hard.

Maybe it's all copium for me to be at a healthy weight again, I dunno. kek

No. 347019

So? Lesbians post here all the time.

No. 347026

You must be enjoying thread OP then, kek

No. 347027

So? I'm homophobic, prey on young girls elsewhere(bait)

No. 347034

idk why but i'm really turned on by to men eating sweet things? i don't think its feederism bc i don't want them to gain weight i just think that they look like cute little hamsters when they eat, no idea why that makes me horny though lmao. it has to be nice desserts like cakes from a fancy bakery, not just junk food. i want to feed a cute boy a bunch of different types of cake and make him tell me what he thinks of them while i fuck him.

No. 347045

I cum to tiny dick humiliation videos and i'm a lesbian. seeing those pretty girls flop that thing around and see that pathetic man get hard from it only to have their feet walk over it as they mock him without mercy is so hot to it. Anything that has violence against men (plus if actual pain without pleasure or blood and big plus if the boy is crying) done by women makes me horny. I want to make out with a woman after she beats a moid to a pulp

No. 347046

I want to be kidnapped and starved by a hot woman then have her coo about how fragile and beautiful i am and how she will protect me then fuck me fully clothed while i'm still naked and shivering in my restrains

No. 347071

File: 1693552717926.jpg (316.3 KB, 2216x1950, IMG_8872.JPG)

I'm straight and have a bf but I love dumb bimbos with big breasts. I love that stereotypical valley girl accent and absolutely love stupid women especially if they're clumsy. I think it stems from being bullied by these types of girls in school idk but they're so hot and I flick it to bimbo porn

No. 347089

me too nonna, i want them to give me a makeover and then have their way with me when they find out i'm still a virgin. Lots of sloppy kissing and bean flicking being careful their pretty nails don't hurt me

No. 347094

I do feel it's predatory in the end…

There is no non TQ infested lesbian community where I live so it's just fantasy too on my side.

Still there is to me something so fondamentaly hot about making a woman feel and see that her natural body is perfect as it is. Her discovering she can set boundaries to her body which can be respected by her partner, wanting to try something new or backing out of it if she don't feel ready. Someone who started from such a low point, and learn from another woman how even if we are in style an personality different, we can share positive experience with our bodies.

No. 347133

Are you sure you’re straight?

No. 347352

My biggest fantasy is having a moid pray to me, in a religious way. He kneels before me, calls me a goddess, clutches onto my legs as he asks for guidance, wisdom, serenity, etc. But I don’t answer him, I just stroke his hair and wipe away his tears as he sobs over being a sinner and faltering in his faith.

No. 347359

She could just be self inserting.

No. 347365

she sounds pretty straight to me

No. 347375

>"You can only be ashamed of fetishes if you're straight!"

No. 347376

File: 1693821957217.jpg (130.31 KB, 736x975, 9f30246b700e92e60e7d76cae14b17…)

i have a huge thing for women in military unifroms (ashamed of it because most of content including this fetish is made by moids for moids)

No. 347521

File: 1693908680790.png (260.26 KB, 500x500, Hades_Wonder_Woman_2009_Movie_…)

Fat regal men. Yes. It can be a king or another very powerful figure; once I had a dream about a fat principal seducing me. I love the idea of sitting on their lap while they spoil and pamper me and maybe more. Treating me like i'm pure luxury.
Feeding and fat fetishism is gross but for this fantasy, the fatness adds to the whole opulent older man gimmick. He has to be attractive and not too old though.

No. 347522

based for using picrel. I get it.

No. 347530

I'm a fatfucker and even though this particular scenario is not my cup of tea… nonnie, I feel you. It's nice to see people who get it too, cause it feels like itt you can want to be raped, strangled or fuck your dad and it's okay… but the time you say that fat guys are hot, that's it, you crossed the line.
well, fuck you anons, I still want to fuck fat guys and I feel no shame at this point

No. 347535

Literally nobody defended the dad fucker and nonnies who want to be raped and strangled get called out all the time. Maybe it's time though for the fatfuckers to get a containment fat thread.

No. 347539

They should get lumped in with the masochists (liking fat men is a form of humiliation), and they can all have their own containment thread.

No. 347540

True, but now that I think about it, I guess this thread is the best form of containment for them since it's fetishes you're ashamed of… it's just such a shock to see something like this >>347521 be implied to be handsome.

No. 347543

>itt you can want to be raped, strangled or fuck your dad and it's okay…
While I don't think you should be shamed for your embarrassing preferences, those anons also get shamed, much more than you do because fucking a fat guy isn't as dangerous as the stuff they're doing.

No. 347547

Update from last thread >>336289 I admitted to my boyfriend that I imagined him as my brother (I'm an only child). I was convinced he'd leave me over it and be disturbed, but he said he didn't care. He also offered catering to it, but I fervently declined, because it's too embarrassing. He still teased me about it sometimes, so I just pretended to not be bothered. He quickly stopped. Fantasizing is one thing, but I don't think I'd actually enjoy roleplaying it atm. Maybe in the future I'll take him up on it and it's generally nice to know he accepts me. I don't think it's really a red flag he's okay with it, he'll generally do anything to cater to my tastes. Just didn't expect him to even be okay with that.

No. 347548

Why wouldn’t a guy be okay with incest roleplay kek

No. 347549

He's very wholesome, anti porn and prior to me quite inexperienced. So I didn't expect him to be okay with it just because he's a guy. He also commented that it's a bit strange that I specifically imagined him as my biological brother, but he still didn't care.

No. 347559

File: 1693938138965.jpg (40.11 KB, 415x520, 3932839176.jpg)

Same. Technically there's nothing to be ashamed of, except that my sexual awakening to this fetish was through Mozart's Marriage of Figaro and I still get way too flustered whenever I see it or hear one of the arias.

No. 347570

It's such a cool movie right?

Totally. The amount of shit you get for wanting to fuck a fat guy is ridiculous. I once got shamed by dragonfuckers of all people for wanting an idealized anime fatboy… Not even furrys, but like, so-called "radfem lesbians"

No. 347579

>liking fat men is a form of humiliation
KEK. Not that anon but no, not at all.

No. 347593

Self bimbofication and dumbification, yes i'm a burnt out gifted kid how could u tell?

No. 347599

sometimes I think i'd like to lobotomize myself.

No. 347621

Dominant and sadistic women. Especially watching them torture and humiliate males. Purely hurting the man, and commanding him, calling him cruel and demeaning things, whipping, slapping, kicking, punching, humiliation. There's something so fucking sexy about watching a woman's absolute power over a male. Watching the display of power and aggression just makes me want her to fuck me RIGHT NOW.

I'm also into being dominated and in the service of a dominant and sadistic woman. But there's something extremely hot about watching her brutalize a male as a display of her power and dominance. I want to watch her destroy a man and leave him a bloody weeping mess, and for me to worship & obey her in turn as the goddess she is.

No. 347627

No. 347633

based, love the first thing, wish i had a moid that agrees to that without the misogynistic "sissification" component that these type of moids all seem to have. getting dominated doesn't make you a woman, these moids need to learn that the hard way.

No. 347662

Not sure if this is exactly the right place for this but it pisses me off so much that pornsick moid trash arouses me like at least not full-on bdsm with whips and all that shit but like lighter forms of it like power-whatever stuff hypnosis, mind control- I don't even understand it because otherwise I am fully heterosexual, I have no desire to interact sexually IRL with women and yet this garbage arouses me most when it's women in the ""sub"" (victim) spot. I feel like it's because of seeing hypnosis/mind control stuff when I was a little kid like that fucking godforsaken jungle book snake and other stuff, because I had a masturbation habit even since like toddlerhood and I remember that after I saw stuff like say that snake scene I would think about it while I did it- my theory is that it was like a fear-processing thing that got the wires crossed, but in any case I hate it so fucking much, I feel so gross afterward if I think about this shit while masturbating- Isn't there any kind of fucking fix or remedy for this?? I feel like there's a "difference" when I get aroused from or masturbate with regular, healthy stuff versus when how it feels with this shit; like it's milder and not as "satisfying" this whole thing feels like some glitch in my system or something and if I could trade a kidney or something to get rid of it I would

No. 347670

I want to find some painfully textured gloves to violently jack off a moid with. Imagine violently yanking that pathetic thing between some rough sandpapery gloves and holding him in a medium-strength headlock in front of a mirror so you can watch him writhe in pain. I'm sure just regular rough, potato sack gardening gloves would do because if you eviscerate the penis on the first go you wouldn't be able to do it ever again.

No. 347680

i think you can still re-program your brain to stop finding those things arousing or at least to not get an immediate reaction of arousal when you think about or see it. i also got addicted to porn and to masturbating to said porn from an early age but now i'm completely porn-free and don't think about those things basicaly ever, i assure you it's possible

No. 347701

Maybe I should have clarified this more but I didn't see porn at all until some "basic" like cheesecake anime pictures and one live like amateur cheerleaders/football player video until age 14 and then purposefully avoided i
"mature" stuff online until like 20- that's when I encountered this kind of stuff via fanfictions and that's where it really took hold, in my early twenties for the past like more than a decade I increasingly both read way more fics like that and looked at live and drawn porn, read those kind of fics, etc way more than I ever did before then

No. 347706

I can tell you were fat at some point in your life. Your soul is still overweight and bitter. So sad how you project that onto other people. No real skinny legend would think this way. So gross

No. 347708

I normally hate fat moids and am bored already with the fatlovers in here (there’s one every other day we get it). But recently there’s a young security guard at my job who is just slightly overweight and I can’t help but think he’s adorable. He’s tall and his face looks fresh and collagenous which helps kek, he's also ok to talk with for a change. He has the bara phenotype, so muscular but with a slight tummy and tiddies. I like how his uniform accentuates the squish. Idk whether I want him to rail me senseless over my desk or if I want to poke fun at him for being thick, there's always something slightly effeminate about being a fat moid. I know from past experience I can’t have sex with a fat moid tho, I tried once and although his face was nice and his dick girthy I just couldn’t get turned on once our clothes were off.

No. 347729

use toothpaste as lube

No. 347730

I want to dominate then have a very visibly broken down and battered man go on and try and fail to act normally in public. Like hickies that are fresh and red, messed up hair, and sweat/blood on his clothes. He can barely speak or form sentences. I would look normal, just with noticeably red lips.

No. 347735

Reading some of these made me realize porn addiction in women definitely exists.

No. 347737

ntayrt but this was already discussed a thread or two ago and anons were saying the opposite was the case.

No. 347750

Both of these. I'd love to domme a moid with another woman. I wouldn't be ashamed if FFM wasn't a common scrote fantasy. No unicorns, though, because ideally the other woman would be my long term partner or at least fuckbuddy and the moid would be just some disposable guy.

No. 347762

Do you say this from experience?

No. 347836

word of mouth, sorry

No. 347983

File: 1694276739970.jpg (67.26 KB, 600x757, DannyElfman-PhotoCreditSilviaG…)

I want a manic psycho redhead straight out of some work of fiction to become obsessed with me and do sado-masochistic shit to me, preferably involving biting and licking and bloodplay

No. 348031

Same nonnie and I am tired of pretending I don't

No. 348056

Found an adult video content creator who's content is basically a mock podcast where he sists around gooning his dick while talking about trivial stuff. Sometimes he'll have girls "call" him on the show who he will talk to for ages before giving them a cumshot. He seems like a fuckboy, but you can tell he also gets off on the humiliation. I'm ashamed at how many of my depraved kinks his content ticks off. The only downside is he's cut, so when he finally decides to cum he has to strangle his dick for 10 minutes kek. The faces he makes for the girls are so desperate and slutty.

No. 348057

I'm ashamed that I'm sure I know who you're talking about. He has long curly hair and a mustache right? Doesn't his name start with a G? Wish I could remember but if I'm thinking of the same guy I understand

No. 348091

YES that's him. I didn't expect anyone else to have heard of him I'm glad you understand

No. 348092

No. 348097

No. 348098

Meh… I like the idea but this dude is so fucking ugly lol

No. 348101

File: 1694366583189.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 995x558, meep.png)

kek I think he's great on the eyes but to each their own

No. 348107

In his newer videos he looks like a dollarstore Hasanabi

No. 348110

I have a terrible weakness for nerdy, average-to-decent looking guys with inexplicably sexy voices. I don't mean like a corpse husband cringe-tier gravelly voice, but the kind that's somewhat deep and sounds very mellow and sweet, which seems to be strongly correlated with having dark hair and looking kind of like Gilfoyle. There's a guy just like that in one of my classes and I cannot fucking focus whenever we work on stuff together because the slight sighs and hms he makes when he's concentrating sound unbearably sexual to me. Conventionally attractive moids do little to nothing for me but dorky, eager-to-please physics guys who look like they play D&D make me absolutely fucking feral. That guy in particular is so sweet and mild-mannered that if he were to ever so much as utter a single "fuck" I'd have to immediately excuse myself lest I jump him right then and there.

No. 348130

No. 348154

File: 1694390405626.jpg (69.87 KB, 1080x1066, smoek.jpg)

posting this here because it's such a middle school cliche type of "fetish" and that's why i'm ashamed. but man do i love smokers. i've only ever tried to once in my early teens and i've never did it again since, i'm more of an observing secondhand enjoyer kek. it's just so attractive to me despite knowing about the health effects coming from a country with one of the highest tobacco smoking rates and close family members that raised me that have also been extreme chainsmokers, i am well aware of what that entails and eventually looks like. i actually used to be really averse to people like that due to that fact but something's been switched in my head as of late and it's literally the sexiest thing to me in the world. i want to be peer pressured into smoking again, this time by a woman. i know how sheltered and juvenile this makes me sound, but i think that's part of what appeals me, how opposite that is to me, that and knowing the dgaf about their "safety", for lack of a better word (i'm immature and it's hot to me) i can only picture myself with a smoker and i'm only interested in that type and i'm jilling to the idea of using cigs during sex, being made to smoke, getting the fumes blown in my face, burning, all of it i'm immediately attracted to smokers once i know and unfortunately that has sometimes extended to celebrities. it's like aphrodisiac catnip to me, i want to pounce kek
i don't feel the same way at all about potheads and i hate people who smoke vapes the most (castrated faggot behavior regardless of sex), it's only with cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos… i also collect imagery of people smoking like an edgy tumblr teenager but not extensively. it's mostly women but i felt like my picrel was more apt, sorry for the moid kek i like that it can be chic and classy just as it can be the complete opposite — "trashy".

No. 348165

i came across big clit lesbian porn one day and it unlocked the primal whore in me. idk, i guess i’m jealous and want to be able to fuck a flesh light too. now it’s evolved into 3d futa porn and it’s so shameful wahhhh!

No. 348169

I was with you until the last sentence. My clit is so small it’s not even really visible and I wish I had a big one so bad. I even considered growing it via testosterone cream application until I learned there’s no way to prevent it going systemic, I’m already slowly losing my hair so I don’t want to go bald even quicker kek. But yeah I have a thing for big clits, not sure if it’s lust or envy.

No. 348182

File: 1694405749575.jpg (45.75 KB, 564x752, 4c6fe08a3b26d4629e61bd74a6441a…)

School uniforms. If i ever get the misfortune of getting horny enough that i am willing to lose my sorcerer status for some dick, it's going to be with some taxiboy or whatever the male equivalent of ladies of the night is in some cute school uniform. I dont know if its the porn brainrot from schlicking to japanese gay porn of twinks larping as school boys or going to private school or just the fact i like uniforms and cute clothing and male slutwear is all cringe as fuck or just crossdressing femboyshit garbage.

No. 348185

Girl dont use a primary school uniform as your picrel

No. 348186

File: 1694407295464.jpg (50.49 KB, 564x564, 3e42a0f63fb1456d461dcd82c10e4f…)

its a japanese school uniform, its from some acc of a cosplayer. I just like the sweater over the blazer.

No. 348191

>i am willing to lose my sorcerer status for some dick
For a second my dumb ass thought you were referring to yourself going to Hogwarts and getting expelled for fucking on school premise

No. 348196

I have to remind myself that some of you are really really young because this is like male coquette

No. 348213

School uniforms like this are really cute and look so cozy, too. Unfortunately any boy wearing a uniform is likely to be under 18 and then after they graduate they go back to wearing the ugly shit their parents dressed them in when they were 5 (washed out t-shirt and long khaki shorts combo, maybe basketball shorts if they want to be bold and brave)
She said she's a sorcerer though

No. 348221

i have no idea what coquette is

No. 348239

Google says it is a woman who makes regular romantic and sexual ventures; a flirt so I suppose a school boy uniform would be the male version- a manwhore? Seems kinda weird to say about something worn by school boys.

No. 348248

Nothing feels more bad than wanting to have sex with my boyfriend's best friend. I want my boyfriend to watch us and tell his friend what to do. I want to hold both their hands in public so people think I have two boyfriends…

No. 348297

Are you guys so young that you don't understand a genderbent Lolita reference. It's weirder to admit you have a fetish for school boy uniforms wtf

No. 348298

nta but not every woman is well versed in uber-autistic fashion terminology kek

No. 348319

Well then you should've said Lolita because everyone knows Lolita

No. 348603

There's literally yearsold threads about coquette newfag

No. 348673

not everyone is into fashion retard, calm down

No. 348674

Am I meant to have read through every single thread on this site

No. 348676

Coquettes are usually teen or eraly 20s women who overperform feminity and have a painfully pink aesthetic. Some of you are either too young or too old to be here.

No. 348678

>too old to use an imageboard

No. 348682

Nta but get off my lawn newfag

No. 348684

Been here for 5 years, hag.

No. 348685

I don't believe you. Integrate.(infighting)

No. 348693

You don't have to believe me, hag.(infighting)

No. 348717

that's hot

No. 348726

why is this hot i hate my life

No. 348744

File: 1694763219708.png (631.9 KB, 409x666, Madesi.png)

Dragons. Argonians. Help.

No. 348774

I'm addicted to gay porn.

No. 348810

Im into giantess. I don’t want to be the giantess, I want to be dommed by one. Not Lady D height either, but 50+ feet tall.

I would like to insert my entire body into her pussy, or feel her mouth around my entire lower half while she sucks the flavor out of me like a lollipop

No. 348824

Nona if I could become a 50ft tall giantess for you, I would, because I fantasize about shrinking my crush down and putting her into my pussy or sloshing her around in my mouth on my giant tongue until she cums. Thinking about the roles reversed does nothing for me though. How silly we are. Are you a lesbian too? I wonder if this is a common fetish among us.

No. 348836

No. 348933


I am. I’m a tall girl irl (5’10” or 177cm) and I can NEVER be the tiny girl in relationships. Im always the bigger lady and I want to be small, so small that I could be inserted somewhere or sloshed around in a mouth or something. I’ve met a few lesbians into the fetish, but in online giantess spaces, it’s mostly moids or trannies

No. 348975

File: 1694921119728.jpg (254.35 KB, 1280x1280, 1693524959814186.jpg)

I would not consider this a problem

No. 348977

I fantasize about being a moid and getting my crush pregnant. I know her baby would be so cute and unique looking just like her. Fantasy moid me is not related to me genetically though bc thinking about passing on my shit irl genes would ruin the fantasy.

No. 348978

samefag… to make it more shameful, in my fantasies she has baby fever and is really desperate for me to get her pregnant. She’d tell me to press right up on her cervix and I’d do it but hold her steady to make sure I don’t poke her there too hard. I know it’s unhealthy but I wish so bad I had a dick, If I could feel something like that I could die happy. Ugh idk why this fantasy does it for me so much.

No. 349037

Not to be a bitch but this sounds like some tranny shit, auto-androphilia iirc… don't fall down the pipeline

No. 349038

Nta but Jesus Christ you people are annoying

No. 349041

idk if that'll make you feel better anon, but sometimes in my wet dreams I have a dick and use it on women so ig it's not too uncommon for les/bi women? but obviously we can't know what moids truly feel in their dicks kek, but they have less nerve endings there so I think that orgasms would actually be disappointing in comparison to what we can achieve with a clit

No. 349046

Honestly, same.

I'm sure anon is aware of the pipeline and doing her best to avoid it. The fact she's posting her fantasy here specifically indicates that she is. Let the woman coom.

No. 349065

Sometimes when my boyfriend is going down on me I imagine that I have a dick and that I’m throat fucking him. The thought just pops into my head uncontrollably and it usually makes me orgasm pretty quickly. I feel really embarrassed and trannyish about it and idk why it gets me off. Maybe it’s what too much yaoi does to a mf.

No. 349075

im ta and I don't think it's auto androphilia because it's not the thought of myself as the opposite sex that turns me on (like it is for the TIMs and yaoi aidens). The thing that turns me on is getting to have a mating interaction interaction with the woman I like. I know people would call me homophobic for saying this but woman/woman interactions don't really satisfy my subconscious in the same way. I know this is an extremely controversial fetish to voice, but what can I say, that's why I put it in this thread.
Yeah you're probably right that it wouldn't be as intense. But i wouldn't really mind that tbh, I just want to be able to go inside of her.

No. 349158

No. 349186

I feel less like a woman cuz half naked men make me horny as fuck, especially in sarongs and male lingerie. Like, some days my taste overlap with gay men until extreme bara shit comes in and now my pussy’s the gobi desert.

No. 349194

Yeah that's so weird and manly for you, a woman, to like half-naked men.

No. 349210

i know right, i think she should seek mental help kek

No. 349256

what's with lolcow and implying any woman with a sex drive is "scrote-brained" if not an actual scrote

No. 349259

I want a threesome with my boyfriends friends. I want to be fucked by them while my boyfriend holds a vibe to my clit.

No. 349262

Granted, I had a very sheltered upbringing and seeing clowns shame women for their sexuality didn’t help. I’m just kinda weird with my fetishes since like a quarter overlap with dudes like macrophilia and feet. But then you have more girly stuff, like enjoy hands having their way with me body and stuff.

No. 349272

>more girly stuff, like enjoy hands having their way with me body and stuff
ESL or underage?

No. 349306

I want to wake up to my boyfriend jerking off right in from of my face. I would pass out on the couch late at night, and I would just wake up to him furiously masturbating and sniffing me.

No. 349320

I had a threesome with my boyfriends best friend and it was great, I continued seeing both of them after the break up without either of the moids knowing about it

No. 349339

No. 349343

>with me body

No. 349349

…stomach sounds. When I was a little girl, I found a lot of comfort hugging my mom and putting my head on her tummy. When she wasn’t around, I’d put on headphones and listen to stomach audio while hugging a pillow to mimic the feeling of comfy.

Then puberty happened, I stopped cuddling, and on a lonely night, I tried to do the pillow and stomach sounds thing as a tween, and I got a new feeling of horny instead. I had a phone by then with unlimited internet access, and suddenly, instead of normal stomach audio with a black screen, now it’s sexy women??? It just morphed from there.

It’s not a fetish that really gets me 0-100 in a second, but if I’m cuddling with a pretty girl and I can hear her stomach, gid it’s so hot. It just makes me flustered. I’m not into any nasty shit like gas/farting, I just enjoy hearing a pretty woman’s tummy grumbling

No. 349353

Is this also how people develop a fetish for vore? Vore has lots of tummy gurgles.

No. 349358


I also have that fetish and it’s almost the same, but also kind of the power dynamic. I like shrinking, not same size, so the idea of a giant woman making me entirely hers is hot. I’m not always into digestion, just the idea of being so close to a woman, buried where nobody can see or bother me. It’s almost like the ultimate form of cuddling.
Sometimes, I like digestion, but not when it’s me personally, it has to be someone else. I’d love to feed tiny versions of my enemies to a woman I love, knowing that they are gonna suffer in her body, where as I get to have it comfortable. It’s even better when the tiny person really deserves it, I read a fic where a woman has a sexist boss and she shrinks him down, swallows him, and he dies horribly inside her while she makes out with the secretary he bothers.
Sorry for fetish sperging, I promise I’m a normal person outside of my kinks

No. 349420

I don't know if this has a name but I have a fetish for being lifted off the ground by my hips while being bent over. I've never had this happen (I've only had sex a handful of times) but the idea of being bent over with my hands on a counter or something and they guy being too tall so he picks me up to make it easier to take me from the back is my fetish

No. 349428

File: 1695209377382.png (1.09 MB, 987x975, tumblr_513d85fd546a4c32c141f2a…)

Need a fat fuck to pin me down and put me in a mating press to fill my womb over and over, until i'm leaking

No. 349478

Same nonna but I want a tastefully chubby bara tits burly man

No. 349492

Thats really hot. My bf is really into the idea of threesomes/cuckoldry/hotwife but I think its just a fantasy sadly. Or at least not one he wants to involve his friends in.

No. 349513

I hate to admit but I have a bit of fantasy of cucking my boyfriend. I was not exactly the most sought after girl and that shows kek. Sadly that fetish is too moid tier and all content is made exclusively for men, I don't like any of chastity, blacked or any of fag shit they love. And when I imagine, there is not even intercourse involved, I just fantasize about wearing skimpy clothes or being naked while some men flirt/grope and compliment me while my boyfriend is in vicinity and he watches and agrees with them that I am beautiful and sexy

No. 349543

I want these two boys to fight over me while pleasuring me, but in order not to upset me or harm me, they cannot actually full-out start beating each other. So while they are pleasuring me (fingering, eating me out, kissing me, caressing, etc) they subtly attack each other like pinching/grabbing each other, pulling each other's hair, pushing each other out of the way. They compete with each other for my attention and for my eye contact and act out for it. This could be in the form of whining or becoming more passionate than the other. I just want to be comfy lying back in bed watching them struggle with each other while implicitly competing over who can make me orgasm the most. Both these boys have the same name so I can address them both at the same time, so I think it'd be really fun.

No. 349550

Why are you ashamed of this, gay men are made for women to get off to.

No. 349577

some looney tunes ass shit

No. 349595

No. 349600

hot, I want this too like a reverse harem where they get jealous easily but they want to fuck me so badly they'll take any chance they can, so they try to one up each other by making me cum first

No. 349618

Yeah I’ve thought about the race to cum too

No. 349720

is reverse hypno kink a thing

No. 349731


No. 349750

everyone keeps talking about how they saw that jungle book scene or whatever and they wanna be hypnotized but i like thinking about doing it to others. i usually imagine using this power for good but it depends on my mood. when i was much younger i bought a book about hypnosis and tried to teach myself to do it (gave up due to skepticism) it was definitely a chuuni power fantasy thing but there might also be a fetish aspect. it's not even the altered mental state that turns me on, just the psychological threat of doing it to a guy. like hey how does it feel knowing i can invade your mind and bend it to my will at any moment? i might not do that but the possibility is there. you'll never know what hit you. i think that'd be hot.

No. 349754

File: 1695426994695.png (981.47 KB, 726x1114, 212 by azila banks.png)

i need this random tiktoker to never say anything and just open his mouth with the intent to lick my clit for hours, i want to skip classes just so he could eat my pussy. I need him to use his mouth only to please me, he should never speak. If anyone ever ask him anything he can only answer if his mouth is on my genitals

No. 349755

so your fetish is buthisfaces?

No. 349756

no, not the butt, the thing on the other way of your legs, like across it.

No. 349769


the ideal fat male body type is like burly, swarthy and hairy, it doesn’t look right when a blond man is fat

No. 349799

This is accurate. The swarthiness is key. Blond/pale fat dudes r extra blobby kek

No. 349801

I’m into it both ways. It’s not too extreme but I would love to be in a relationship where I can use consensual hypnosis long-term on a moid, but plant little seeds here and there for what I would like him to be/do until he thinks he’s the one who came up with those ideas, then reinforce them through hypnosis at his own request. I’d only influence him for the better lol. Also implanting trigger words and using them in everyday situations seems fun. Me and my nigel do yoga classes together and part of it is like a guided meditation, so I feel like he’d already be susceptible to it but idk how to bring it up lol. I think as long as you have a willing subject it’s not too hard to learn. Sadly most moids who are already into hypno are either doms or sissies.

No. 349807

buttisface as in male butterfaces lol

No. 349832

Me too the way they drag on it, how they look smoking, and the smell of smoke I can’t help it but it just perfection to me but I would never ever make my partner smoke for sake his Health and I love him to much to get cancer.
The amount of times I would just befriend smokers and join them for a chat at lunch just so I can watch them smoke. Always the older guys aged 30-50 they are always so kind too and have so many stories

No. 349846

fuck, same nonita

No. 349859

File: 1695517737425.jpeg (65.01 KB, 690x956, 6BF97521-E0A7-45CE-946B-C114AE…)

true, but my ideal fat guy is a drug addicted comedian who wants to kill himself, so blondies like chris farley are ok if they play into it.

No. 349882

No. 349904

All the nose sperging in /ot/ reminded me, I wish I could get eaten out by a big nosed man so I can feel it poke inside. I want to sit on one too.

No. 349909

my irl waifu has a big nose with a bump in it and same. In particular I’ve always had a thing for (hang on, gotta google the term…) “alar creases.” I think they’re so sexy it drives me a little crazy. Also (and I couldn’t find a term for this— I think my nose fetishism is outdoing the capabilities of the English language) I am really into the part where the sides of the nose bridge flare out to join into the plane of the face.

I saw that person in /ot/ be like
>no one actually thinks these noses are pretty they’re just pretending to keep us from getting plastic surgery
and I’m like… if you knew the acts I want to do to those noses you would pass out and have to be revived with smelling salts like a 19th century noblewoman

No. 350012

I tend to cycle through fantasies that come into my mind while having sex. The most recent is that I'm a sex slave meant for the emperor. A slave trader is responsible for me and has to test 'the goods' to check I'm high enough quality for the emperor. He can touch and lick but is strictly forbidden from penetrating me, but he can't stop himself, and cums inside

No. 350054

File: 1695724856550.jpg (176.05 KB, 1040x1040, dG9vsAa.jpg)

I am sexually attracted to keyboards. When I see a really nice looking keyboard, my brain naturally moves to "but can I fuck it? I want to fuck it." I think about how I'd (gently) hump the edges and rub the board on myself while cuddling it. The kinds I love most are mechanical keyboards that are so plain that they fit perfectly in an office environment, or keyboards that are so garish and hypebeast-looking while preserving some nice round edges. I love loudly girlish and round keyboards the most. It's a dirty fantasy of mine to be straddling a cute keyboard and violating it over and over. Sometimes I think of having an orgy with a bunch of the keyboards that I've saved in my pictures folder, just going absolutely ham on messing with every single one of them in one go. I want to do this but buying 5 keyboards is not cheap, especially since they're mostly tiktok mass shilled kind of shit (my regular tastes in keyboards is better than this, I swear).

I have a keyboard that I really loved since I was a very young teen, I bought a second one awhile back that simply functions as the 'fuck keyboard' to me. I'd rub myself on her sometimes and then cuddle her while masturbating to completion. Stuff like taking in her metallic and almost sharp scent as I kiss her and I also press her keys to hear her 'make sounds' as I do all of this. I actually feel dopamine in my head and body rise when I hug either my actual keyboard gf or the fuck board when I'm feeling touch starved. Not all keyboards get me this way though, and I only own that one keyboard that I like that way, other keyboards I have are just keyboards to me.

I recently got a discord e-gf that I'll be visiting next year and she knows that I have this odd fetish, how do I convince her that an FFK (female, female, keyboard) threesome is a good idea? I think it will be a fun and emotionally fulfilling experience, but she thinks it's schizo and weird.

No. 350057

Anon if your girl isn't down for hot and heavy FFK action then is she even worth it? Your relationship might be functional, but would it be fulfilling? There are women out there who will be enthusiastic about your fetish like me, I find it adorable or excited to participate just because she loves you and knows it's important to you. No matter what happens I hope you both have a nice time together and that you have a long and happy life with your keyboards. Can you post some more pics of your favourites? I'd love to see some of the ones you'd select for an orgy, perhaps a collection of 5 that you think look especially sexy together.

No. 350068

Please describe the acts you'd like to do with those noses.
Fuck it, I'd join a FFK threesome

No. 350082

File: 1695744213893.jpg (1.03 MB, 2148x1080, homework.jpg)

> but would it be fulfilling?
It would be an interesting experience to have a threesome at least once (but more would be fantastic). I think I could live without it… For now I'm looking to improve or enhance my solo experience, I'll 3D print keycaps that can act as a harness for sex toys sometime soon. For now I live with fantasies about:
>her using my breasts as a table and typing on one of the keyboards while tribbing me
>sharing a keyboard to hump
>sandwiching a keyboard while fingering each other
>eating her out while riding a keyboard
or even go as far as a full on orgy like:
>kissing one keyboard while rubbing another on my chest as she pleasures me
I can only dream…

> post some more pics of your favourites

My picture collection isn't that big, but I would like to have a theme going on. Like matching colors with similar bezels/style. I also like older big bezel retro classic keyboards so I included it in the image.

kek based

No. 350135

>3D print keycaps that can act as a harness for sex toys
Amazing! Then you'll be able to ride her, that sounds like a lot of fun (and a lot of clacking)
Great choices, they're all very nicely designed and they give a good sense of your tastes. The Macintosh is definitely my favourite and the keycaps on the top left are gorgeous. I love the font choice like wow.
>her using my breasts as a table and typing on one of the keyboards while tribbing me
Does it matter what she's typing? For me straight gibberish/keymashing would not be satisfying. I'm torn between copying my favourite passages from literature and trying to keep a written record of the sexual encounter, likely devolving into gibberish and keymashing as the climax approaches.
Does the function of the keyboard (typing) matter less than the sounds produced? Are you aroused differently by the sounds of measured typing, slow typing, banging, mashing, etc.? Sorry for asking so many questions and inserting my own ideas, l'm just so intrigued.

No. 350140

having a gf with a cute fetish like this sounds fun to me as someone with a paraphilia myself hypnosis, but i don't think you can really convince someone else unless they enjoy seeing how into it you are. if she thinks the fact you're into it is unappealing, might not work well.

No. 350154

My irl and 2d husbandos eating. My collection grows.

No. 350245

File: 1695843550848.jpg (1.26 MB, 1284x1859, female dahmer.jpg)

I want to kidnap, torture, rape and kill men. I am glad I am alive in 2023 and not the 70s, because i often think about how if I didn't have the internet to distract me I would definetly be some sort of female Dahmer. I don't know how I turned out so sadistic, I don't really hate men and all my friends are male, they just give me the worst cute aggression reaction.
>ouch the edge
I am as ashamed as you are right now nonny

No. 350246

seek help Jennifer Dahmer

No. 350247

What would the scenarios be like, how would you kidnap the taller and bigger than you scrotes and what would you do with the stinking rotting bodies?

No. 350249

Dont worry, no modern man is worth getting life in jail.
>how would you kidnap the taller and bigger than you scrotes
Knock him out or something, I think thats how male killers who killed other grown men did it.
>what would you do with the stinking rotting bodies?
If its the 70s just drop them somewhere to rot.

No. 350250

something tells you wouldn't have gotten away with it, female Dahmers (i.e. women serial killers with the sadistic sexual motivations you describe) don't really exist afaik

No. 350254

I know, that's why I wonder how I ended up like this. Male violence depicted sexually isn't popular amongst other women neither, which sucks. I guess the overexposure to gay porn and violent videogames where the cute male lead dies in horrible ways did something to me. I used to find the death sound of the Doom guy very erotic. At least I didn't become a masochist I don't think I could live like that.

No. 350262

File: 1695846208269.png (368.23 KB, 664x932, dennehy.png)

They are unheard of, but Joanna Christine Dennehy comes close. She specifically killed men and apparantly she spends her time in prison writing erotic fiction about that.

No. 350264

she isn't the same, she didn't get off to the killings sexually or did it with the sole purpose of raping them. I don't think a female killer who killed for the sake of raping men exists.

No. 350292

Fuck that is so based, I need to read them

No. 350325

There’s that Shabusiness lady too. She apparently choked her boyfriend to death because it turned her on and he had sex with his body afterward.

No. 350327

I’m a sadist too. And I also don’t hate men. I’ve actually been treated very well by them my whole life, but the thought of them suffering in pain is so fucking hot and delicious. I’d never do anything bad in real life, but I have tons of art saved and specifically rewatch scenes from shows and games where attractive male characters are getting physically and emotionally wrecked. I’ve had these fantasies since before I even knew what sex was. It started with finding the sounds of people in discomfort, fear, and pain erotic. It kind of makes sense, because they sound similar to moans of pleasure. Funny you mention video game death sounds because so many video game guys make such hot noises when they are hurt and dying. Male rape in fiction is incredibly sexy. Pure and extreme sadism might be somewhat rare in women, but you can find a lot of women into overlapping interests, like whump. It’s actually pretty common for women to be turned on by male suffering, even if part of the appeal for them is to then help heal and nurture them.

No. 350328

>straight gibberish/keymashing would not be satisfying
It won't be for me either because I CAN tell when someone is doing that. There's a structure in typing and I hope she can at least type at 60wpm for the optimal speed for nice sounds. 100+wpm might be too fast to be relaxing but it might work if the pace of sex is going faster, would fit the rhythm and intensity!

>I'm torn between copying my favourite passages from literature and trying to keep a written record of the sexual encounter, likely devolving into gibberish and keymashing as the climax approaches.

oh my god this is so fucking amazing KEK I love your mind nona…

>matter less than the sounds produced?

I generally like the sounds produced, but I think it's hot that someone is typing on a keyboard while they're fucking me. Like how scrotes have their gaming + sex fantasies. I never had the chance to experiment with sounds much since I can't exactly type while having sex with my keyboard… But I've put on headphones with recorded audios of typing sounds of the keyboard to listen to while masturbating with it. So I'd say just general typing works best, but your suggestion is even better… Thank you for unlocking a new fantasy in my brain!


would be okay…


NO. DO NOT HURT THE KEYBOARD. Why would you ever abuse mankind's greatest invention?!

No. 350345

File: 1695878842734.jpeg (224.73 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_0209.jpeg)

I feel so basic sometimes. I just wanna be manhandled and bitten and licked. I want a man to pick me up and flip me around like a ragdoll

No. 350384

>The victims father forgave Schabusiness, saying, "I believe everybody makes bad choices, maybe not to this scale. It does no good to hate you. I know you've got a heart, got a mind.
even he knows she's a queen, god bless

No. 350386

me too

No. 350402

File: 1695909175657.jpg (21.22 KB, 600x705, 1431948725354.jpg)

I wanna have sex with a fat tif that doesn't pass and validate her fetishes, call her my man and a cute boy while she humps me and eats me out. Bonus points if they are the type that tries to act like an edgy woman-hating male.

No. 350404

File: 1695910387947.jpg (68.65 KB, 306x331, 1519974100001.jpg)

At least you posted the right image.

No. 350406

kek anon just say you want to fuck ritard

No. 350409

There is someone out there for everyone I guess

No. 350417

Ayrt i didn't even think of her before and now you made me feel even more ashamed of my degenerate fantasy kekk

No. 350445

File: 1695936897574.gif (998.04 KB, 500x375, lovers sharing a cigarette.gif)

nta but the original smoking fetishist anon but nah i need the smoke and you can't light those. honestly the hedonistic masochistic aspect is somewhat part of the appeal for me as well, can't speak for the other anon though.
>The amount of times I would just befriend smokers and join them for a chat at lunch just so I can watch them smoke.
omg anon, me too. i get excited when people ask to smoke around me kek

No. 350446

Harlan Ellison had such a sexy voice, especially when he was speaking to Ellen in the game

No. 350450

I like the idea of getting or becoming the bimbo, but I fake being stupid instead. Sometimes I think about becoming the mask

No. 350454

File: 1695941045478.png (145.97 KB, 250x250, 680A32A2-A405-4AAA-8A0B-73315D…)

Pic not related I just needed an image. I’m especially ashamed of this one but I have to get it off my chest. I have this fucked up offshoot of a feedism fetish where I don’t know if there’s a term for it but the fantasy is basically me mindbreaking a somewhat muscular dude and making him overweight and dependent on me at the same time. The process would be something like this; My anime husbandu living with me and cooking for him, except I cook way more than necessary and make him eat it through manipulation or lace it with potions that help gain weight or some shit. He starts to catch onto this, noticing he’s gained some weight, but I manipulate him into thinking it’s normal, he acts like it isn’t but deep down, he knows it’s my fault. Instead of now just a few extra pounds, he goes to skinny fat, then eventually chubby. In the process he realizes how much he likes eating and becomes even more lazy and spoiled, especially with how much attention i give him with his bigger body. I start providing him with even more food than I already did, if not always providing him with food. His appetite goes up, and even when he’s full to an uncomfortable extent he still wants more (which I give without hesitation). I start inducing playful humiliation on him reminding him of his weight, such as making him wear clothes around the house that clearly don’t fit. In mornings I start to feed him pure heavy cream to not necessarily make him immobile, but make it harder and more of a process to walk and shit. By this point he’s a needy mess whose completely dependent on me, and there’s nothing I like more than seeing my once muscular, confident favorite anime boy be chubby, desperate for my attention, and worshipping me like a goddess. We have a toxic relationship but ultimately love each other, however fucked.

The irony of this is, I find overweight men disgusting, especially irl. Even in anime I don’t find overweight moids attractive, but when my once muscular husbando gains weight and is so pathetic that his natural state is to expect humiliation? Sign me the fuck up. This is probably a more common fetish now that I think about it minus all the weight gain and feedism parts, but I digress.

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