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File: 1657125702053.png (449.77 KB, 874x496, 1651336273516.png)

No. 273807

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/193846
For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!

Previous horny: >>>/g/259991

No. 273813

File: 1657126181014.jpeg (217.76 KB, 1280x1812, CCA4A80C-4D07-44CF-BAA5-96C44F…)

day 20 of trying not to think about moid belly (failed)

No. 273819

File: 1657129191740.jpg (150.05 KB, 580x839, Severus by Levi Pinfold.jpg)


Lily was a terrible friend.
She's not even a good sister: she can't understand Petunia's jealousy and even blames it on Severus when she decided to spy on her sister (stealing and reading the letter Albus sent to Petunia).

In Snape's worst memory she handles it poorly, makes things worse mainly by infuriating James and leaves Snape in terrible and humiliating postion.

She doesn't even seems to care when
Severus come back at her later for apologize when she is at fault too.

Severus deserved so much better.

No. 273827

File: 1657132276745.png (135.01 KB, 512x256, unnamed.png)

Hehe I love that picture, it's so cute! It reminds me of a Snape plushie my dear friend made for me by hand, it is cleverly named Mini-Severus. Somewhere in the archives is a video of her cat stealing the plushie when it was still a work in progress, cat dragged the poor plushie, still without clothes around the house! Sorry Sev!

He truly is a puzzle, that must be one of the reasons he is so loved! He has endless potential for new stories about him, and he feels so real in a level that's rare for a fictional character, at least in my opinion.

Oh your tattoos sound wonderful! Do add his birthday, it will be such a beautiful detail! I don't have any tattoos but if I would have, they would definitely be husbando-related and placed in the chest area, close to my heart. Do you like to collect merch or other stuff that reminds you of Snape? I'm such a hamster that I have quite a lot hehe, I even have an shrine of sorts in my bookself. I have little bit of stuff for Doc Ock and Frollo as well, but lately I have been saving money so I haven't bought anything for year or two.

About Lily, before I learned about her past with Snape I liked her, but she was not an important character to me. Later my thoughts shifted to negative/negative-neutral. I also find it strange that she fell in love with James, because of the bullying and she herself actively disliked him! Like how did he magically change that she would want to marry him? Lily is a necessary evil, and part of Snape's past so I accept her. I'm curious, does she play a part in your story? I like to think that with me Snape has a bit of difficulty of letting go of her, and I have difficulties accepting his feelings of her, but in the end things work out and he can make peace about that subject.

I think even though James is horrible he was written well in the books: he is first potrayed like a saint, but then it is revealed that he is just a regular guy and an asshole on top of that, I think the "reality check" was good for Harry. And that Snape was the one who told the truth about negative things, and Harry was able to somewhat relate him. Even though the Snape's worst memory -chapter is painful I reread it quite often, it is very good. (And Snape gets to throw stuff at Harry, it must have felt good hehe!)

>It seems like you would make a great team together.

You have no idea how much this means to me, thank you for the kind words! I can say the same for you! I have a feeling that once he gets to know you, your personalities would match really well, and the connection between you two would be strong.

>Severus deserved so much better.
Exactly! It was heartbreaking when she just ignored him when Snape tried to apologise, she must have seen that he was serious. That was a awful thing to do.

By the way, that picture is absolutely beautiful! It captures the spirit of the books and Hogwarts very well.

No. 273861

>>273804 Nona you sound mildly deranged but it sounds kinda hot ngl

No. 273884

File: 1657150063998.jpg (69.46 KB, 500x632, tumblr_6c1c4a46a7ab05ab95a85f6…)

I hope he visits me in my dreams tonight.

No. 273894

File: 1657153103903.jpg (254.67 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_20220706_191431.jpg)

Another thread, another ogata post. This art has me acting UP nonnies

No. 273899

File: 1657155925948.jpg (21.32 KB, 133x451, 0df499f3-9e51-4d26-ad72-506fbb…)

Uughh the shades' tan lines are just too cute

No. 273913

File: 1657164464435.jpg (49.52 KB, 736x463, depre majima.jpg)

Fuck, I'm ovulating and can't stop thinking about him, help (no, it's not Majima)
You know, what hurts the most other than the fact that he's not real is that I can't draw all the hot scenarios I keep coming up with, if I can't fuck him for real I want to at least be able to portray my fantasies accurately

No. 273917

So you got me in the mood to see if there's sexy mods of some of my guys and instead got official art director confirmation that yes Adam still has his dick, and he also doesn't trim~

No. 273920

NTA but who's Adam?

No. 273923

File: 1657168305971.jpg (77.44 KB, 486x810, tumblr_8218df6f752c4be36b52a8c…)

Jensen, Deus Ex.

Also thinking about Destiny Crow having a white stripe in his pubes too so drew a picture. Yep that time of the cycle again already.

No. 273924

>official art director confirmation that yes Adam still has his dick, and he also doesn't trim~
kekk based art director
>Yep that time of the cycle again already.
same here nona

No. 273938

File: 1657174658656.jpeg (19.76 KB, 610x340, images (6).jpeg)

Not husbando level but I'm horny for him

No. 273942

File: 1657176180239.jpg (101.43 KB, 600x800, FWmFweZXgAE3jHm.jpg)

I'm gonna put him in my pocket and take him everywhere with me.

No. 273964

Perfect OP pic, love it.
Can someone please repost the template? I'm dying to make my own edit aaaaaaaa

No. 273984

File: 1657211500125.jpg (22.4 KB, 445x398, 1e37d1b2767743e331101f0629460f…)

loving the new thread pic

No. 273985

i don't know what's wrong with me but i think i'm falling for chris from outlast

No. 274010

No. 274028

i will be stronger than the fujos
i will draw so much self insert shit and drown them out with popularity
i will win

No. 274034

File: 1657232085549.jpg (16.56 KB, 524x524, 61f178292138e907d5ffe71a_524_5…)

Please give share with me your favourite reader insert fanfics, I don't care who it is. I love them all and I love every one of you I already read all of the doc that nonnie posted here >>>/g/241808
I just want good written stuff please as I keep encountering fucking uwu ftm, girldick, lolicon or moid shit even though I have more then 40 tags excluded in AO3. I miss 2015 AO3 not even into hockey nor did I know that it existed but I loved it

No. 274038

File: 1657234833699.jpeg (79.21 KB, 370x500, tumblr_od03vb3FO31r22sk1o3_400…)

Thank you! I have a little plush like the one in photo from Japan. Did you know he's quite popular over there? He is! You can find really good/cute merch over there. If you look, be sure to look under "セブルス・スネイプ". Typically, this spelling of his name yields the best results. There are quite a few 'official' interpretations of him over there, and honestly they're all quite good. Even his anime version is enjoyable, he's not like overly attractive. Anyways, I really recommend checking out JP Mercari!

Aw, that is so sweet of your friend! For the past few years I've told myself I'm going to make or commission a bigger plush of him and then I just spend the money on clothes or books, whoops!

Your collection sounds so nice!! What is your favorite thing in it?

Speaking of collections, I do have one. I have a nightstand by my bed that has a nice fanart of him in an official Hogwarts frame which makes it look like his headmaster's portrait. I've also got the official Q Pot Half-Blood Prince locket and I got a special little box to put it in when I'm not wearing it that I put by his portrait. Next to his portrait is a little booklet of official Alan Rickman pictures, two mini figures of him, several pins of him (one of his Potter Puppet pal pins hehe), a plush, and a candle. It's quite small but I really enjoy it. I want to get his nendo and his doll when I convince myself to stop spending all my money on clothing. I also have a pin ita bag of him! Next to his little shrine I have a candle I like to light. It's just plain vanilla and raspberries, I just like the smell of it. In the evening the flickering flame of the candle looks so beautiful casting light onto his shrine.

Perhaps its odd, but sometimes I'll sit in front of it and talk to him for a bit. I try not to 'ask' him for things, but when I do I usually have a 'sacrifice'. Typing it makes me cringe but let me explain. I know that Severus Snape is a fictional character. But I like to believe somewhere, in the endless infinity that is time he's real in some other universe, or maybe just even as a thought or a feeling. I like to ask his spirit for guidance, for motivation, or for hope. If I ask him for something more concrete, what I 'sacrifice' is something he'd like. Right now I'm learning Latin so I 'sacrifice' or leave a few flashcards I've learned by his alter. Or if I've finished an important book that I wanted to read because it was in someway related to him, I'll leave it there. It's more about honoring him and showing my dedication to him by completing goals he'd find value in. I want so much to be like him, to be sharp, clever, cunning, and the right amount of deadly. He's someone I really look up to!

Oh man, I've typed so much ahh. I'll do another reply too.

(Another image of him with a beard. There's a lot of discourse in the Snapedom about him having a beard and I cannot get enough to be honest with you.)

No. 274039

it's literally not a competition, relax and try to just enjoy yourself.

No. 274040

i will win.

No. 274041

self insert will never drown out fujo shit, but you do you nonnie! and I'm not trying to be mean it's just the truth.

No. 274042

it's just jokes! i'm not being serious heh
but to be honest it's only one artist though so it really DOES feel like we're both at war over this character kek

No. 274043

File: 1657235722562.jpeg (85.79 KB, 578x800, ad9879f8c6614c306989d3726befc1…)

I agree, she's a bad friend for sure. I think the fact he apologized too really rubs salt in the room. She didn't deserve her fate, but I don't have very much sympathy for her. She had shit taste in men.

I love that illustration of him!

Ok part two here we go!

I agree, that endless potential really draws you in. I find him so captivating!

I was thinking about Frollo the other day because you said you liked him, and he really is such a good, character. I just sadly can't seem to have any other husbando, but Frollo is so good! You've got such good taste in men!

I think for me, she's just so unlikeable, how do you end up dating your childhood bully, and what kind of wishy-washy pickme do you have to be? No, thank you.

In my mind, she is the reason he eventually falls for me. I imagine we get into a massive screaming match (very unusual for me, I don't raise my voice, I think if you have to be loud to make your point you've already lost). I said some nasty things about her and he's really, really mad about it. I keep trying to point out that she's a terrible friend, and how it's not good to hold on to someone who treated you so poorly. We get in a massive fight and don't talk for a week. In my mind, this is how I imagine he discovers the depths of my love and devotion for him, that I demonstrate that I would never simply let anything happen to him. We're not talking to each other, and we're both mad at each other, but I still do little things for him, like leave him flowers or potion ingredients. If I'm in a dramatic mood, two students get in a squabble and I take a nasty spell for him and he realizes that the 'love'Lily felt for him was terribly surface level. He agrees she didn't love him the way he deserved and we never talk about it again because it's settled. I think realistically once he has the kind of deep, steady love he deserves he'd realize she wasn't it.

>I have a feeling once he gets to know you, your personalities would match really well and the connection between you two would be strong.

That's so kind of you! I like to think that we'd have a deep abiding connection. We may not be very explicit about it, but we'd know it.

What do you think he'd be into from an aesthetic view point? Do you think he's into anything specific appearance wise?

(I'm still not over the beard, maybe one day I will be. It's so unlikely he had one, but good Lord he looks incredible with one. Will I ever really be over it? Probably not.)

No. 274048

Thank you!
You can do it nonny!
This was shared in the monsterfucker thread
DBZ Cell

No. 274051

This interpretation of Snape (the fanart) is giving me Rasputin vibes

No. 274058

File: 1657249330657.jpeg (229.27 KB, 1448x2048, FWaKO_PVUAAhihU.jpeg)

>Anona, do you take Reiner to be your wedded malewife to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him so long as you both shall live?

No. 274068

Anon I seriously considered taking one of my husbando's nendo to an exam I had to keep it on my purse for support lmao I didn't because the nendo was too expensive to just casually walk around with it also because I'm not that crazy yet kek but looking at him after the exam would've probably made it less stressful

No. 274073

File: 1657258324400.jpeg (37.54 KB, 431x446, _beast.jpeg)

Last night I dreamt that he shot me. How romantic.

No. 274083

File: 1657266602669.png (590.19 KB, 950x1320, 3CF10412-391E-49E7-83C5-128553…)

my husbando is perfect in every way you wish you could love my husbando but you dont even have a body pillow of him poser can you afford to get him ice cream and icicle pops every day no way broke bitch hes a pure husbando with the voice of kermit the frog sometimes but hes still perfection with that main anime character hair you know he can dick a girl down good while singing soprano in your ear i hear his dick is secretly a flute you wish you could play it like i can who do you think you are nonnie like you could ever take my man but seriously please dont my entire weeaboo existence since high school has been about him ive spent so much money building my shrine my heart couldnt take him leaving me for a jolene please nonnies i beg you

No. 274084

No. 274087

I clicked on a bunch of those and they all seem so violent? I hate how unclear the warnings are.
Like are we assaulting Ogata or is he the rapist? It matters, I'm fine with men being mauled but not with male violence against women.

No. 274089

i haven't seen a kaito yumejoshi in 10 billion years… was your shrine a part of the bit? if not can i see it

No. 274098

NTA but same, I don't read a lot of fanfiction so it's a bit shocking to see that so many self-insert fics on AO3 have you get raped or abused

No. 274107

I never read fanfics and now I'm put off from it. Or are there any actually nice ones?

No. 274110

Depends on the fandom and the character, most of what I've found (excluding the fakeboi shit of course) for my husbandos were fine.

No. 274121

if its the latter that sounds bad and ooc kek, turbovirgin truther supremacy would not read.
>>274107 there are nice ones for almost everything. sometimes hard to find, but using the search options can help. speaking of tags, if youre sensible and not used to degeneracy then the tags of some fics on ao3 might already be enough to kill your horniness for the moment tho I think there is a fanfiction thread here on /m/ as well, you might check it out.

No. 274128

File: 1657288850235.png (838.16 KB, 2348x2856, myiascf7h7h31.png)

the manga is translated now but little to no horny fanarts cuz the manga is already lewd but in black and white

im in hell nonnas

No. 274131

File: 1657289022006.jpg (162.39 KB, 1200x1109, 10868992b5.jpg)

anon you should get one of the pouches to carry him in! some of them are really cute too, picrel.

No. 274139

It's trash
who's this

No. 274165

goddamn ur husbandos are ugly

No. 274167

Who's your husbando?

No. 274168

Silco from Arcane

No. 274184

File: 1657306875193.gif (1.28 MB, 498x243, dante-we-are-all-satisfied.gif)

love you too anon!

No. 274185

NTA but I assume it's the guy in the pic
I forgot what it's called but it's an animated adaptation of a TL manga (hopefully more hentai anime for women will be made that aren't about the MC being abused and where the female MC isn't animated in a hornier way than the love interests)

No. 274189

Danteanons, I saw this and thought of you.

No. 274190

i want to kiss the top of his round head

No. 274191

Yes and I love him that way, thank you

No. 274192

Myojin Aki from Amai Choubatsu

I have stockholm

No. 274195

I agree with nons from past thread Jet is sexier than Spike. Jet knows how to cook, is a seasoned man who seems like he would be gentle with you and want what's best for you. Spike seems reckless.

No. 274201

>doesn't post hers
every time. i wonder if this is the same anon from the confession thread trying to report any husbando she doesn't like kek

No. 274202

>anon from the confession thread trying to report any husbando she doesn't like
I found it funny that she seemed to legit think that the farmhands would see the reported pics of male fictional characters in the respective containment thread and think "Yep, those are moids, let's ban them"

No. 274204

Some of your husbandos look like they would fit better in a fag's spank bank than on here kek

No. 274207

some of us like big buff gentle giants
moids irl don't even look like that most of the time and they damn sure aren't gentle

No. 274211

File: 1657318992559.jpeg (81.16 KB, 600x600, B74DCEC5-6671-4297-B8EE-0C4F0B…)

All husbandos, no matter what they look like, belong to women before any moid

No. 274215

File: 1657319886625.png (665.7 KB, 900x1123, 79397319_p13.png)

gay moids fuck off

No. 274216

File: 1657320115947.jpg (197.66 KB, 1226x1759, aa7b29ea9dc1ec6de752cb62b8f322…)

No. 274217

I'm going to report your husbandos for being too cute and sexy and aimed at women. jk great taste

No. 274219

File: 1657320900536.jpg (194.29 KB, 1000x1928, 1618517219460.jpg)

Incredibly based.

No. 274220

File: 1657321401046.jpg (100.13 KB, 600x600, 598d9a08416a916ddb116eab34b7c8…)

Nonnas with masked husbandos, do you wonder what they look like underneath? Do you have any headcanons that you like? Do you hope their face will eventually be revealed?

Personally, I see the mask as their face and hope their face never gets revealed in canon, although some of the fan ideas are cute.

No. 274225

File: 1657326196469.png (386.02 KB, 844x1200, 1651273576847.png)

god i wish that were me

No. 274226

File: 1657326341717.jpg (261.02 KB, 400x400, 27103.jpg)

i essentially consider the mask his face as well! like it's a cute quirk that he never takes it off
unfortunately he was recently unmasked…

No. 274228

File: 1657326698322.jpg (104.51 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_5138.JPG)

>i essentially consider the mask his face as well!
I'm not as crazy as I thought lol! That makes me happy.
>unfortunately he was recently unmasked…
Oof I'm sorry nonna. Was it bad?

No. 274229

File: 1657327120473.png (936.67 KB, 793x783, Screenshot_6.png)

picrel. he's cute n all, but it almost feels like he's a different person…? i'm not sure if that makes sense.
also! your husbando reminds me of faust from guilty gear– do you know of him?

No. 274230

File: 1657327642717.jpg (169.72 KB, 1280x1185, faust_and_flug_by_thatstrangec…)

>it almost feels like he's a different person
I completely get that. Hopefully he keeps the mask on most of the time so you can enjoy him as you like him most.
>reminds me of faust from guilty gear
Kek I've never played GG, but yes. I think he might have inspired Flug at least somewhat. Isn't he also a mad scientist of sorts?

No. 274232

i think "mad doctor" would be a more fitting title, heh
but yeah, i hope so too… i also hope your lover stays masked forever!

No. 274233

File: 1657328298184.jpeg (106.02 KB, 760x912, jiiiiiii cat toast.jpeg)

>new cards leaked and jiro's one of the ssrs
>ice cream theme
scamco if his unidolized is pov giving (you) a spoonful of ice cream i will forgive you for many of your crimes, including the idolized outfit being really ugly. i'll even take ice cream on his cheek and/or implied ice cream sharing.

No. 274235

i agree that in flug's case his face should be kept under the bag, and honestly, most masked characters should be the same. the hat and goggles combo is moe and suits him perfectly. a more "human" face would be weird. canon reveals usually end up really divisive anyways.

No. 274238

I disagree, but I respect your taste too much to be mad

No. 274243

File: 1657334066259.jpeg (144.7 KB, 749x1103, C685B7B0-23C3-488E-926E-417EB9…)


No. 274245

Did you choose your husbando, or did your husbando choose you?
For me it's the latter. I keep falling for evil characters which can make it hard to create believable self-insert scenarios that have fluff. Sometimes you can be "the exception" for these types but not always

No. 274247

It was "love at first sight", as soon as I saw him I knew he was perfect. I don't know if that means that I chose him or he chose me kek

No. 274248

I guess you can say he chose me since I was in denial for a few years and dreaming about him repeatedly for me to fully accept. I was never that much of a husbandofag before him and always struggled a lot to acknowledge any sort of attraction to anyone-real or fictional. But I think I'm happier now.

No. 274249

I finally bought an itabag for my husbando. I bought a ton of merch of him already but its been sitting in my room. I can't wait to show it off at a convention. I'm not brave enough to show him off in public though, maybe I'd bring him to work since its big enough as a purse.

No. 274250

im in the process of moving so ill post when everything is in order

No. 274257

When is your husbando’s birthday?

No. 274258

You're about 2 years to late from when everybody was obsessing about this guy.


One's in March and I forgot it this year. One's a semi-OC and so I decided his birthday is in December when I created him in the game.
But every other guy doesn't have a canon birthday.

No. 274259

File: 1657343836913.jpg (216.36 KB, 900x900, MUH HUSBANDU.jpg)

dabbin on these haters again you were supposed to ask birthdays my boy kaito got two one on feb 14 and one on feb 17 (yamaha says he was released on the 14th and crypton the 17th) and you know what kaitolickers do we fucking just make it a kaito festival and celebrate for all the days in between he also steals your heart because the first day is valentines day you wish you could give this king choco but you weenies dont know real love so no you arent invited to kaitofest

No. 274260

i just bought first one recently too! i hope you have fun decorating it nona!

No. 274264

File: 1657350710279.jpg (85.46 KB, 736x736, c4d7fbfaaebe20701e3710a78ed5e6…)

if my husbando is trash so be it.

i still have stockholm

No. 274266

I'm going insane, every day before turning my computer off I say good night to my husbando. I also can't stop giving him kisses. I'm fucking delusional and very horny for him

No. 274267

No, sorry, I didn't mean him, I meant the source material. He's pretty hot, I just wish the sex scenes were better.

No. 274269

File: 1657354889921.jpg (49.55 KB, 500x556, f58baf873fe0ed833b403016c0a5bc…)

period sex pov

No. 274276

I don't know about any of you other nonnas, but I love period sex.
>Imagine Medic administering a therapeutic """medical""" massage in the form of some good old-fashioned hard fucking to work away those terrible cramps. Orgasms alleviate the pain, after all.

No. 274291

>having sex gets rid of your period pain

goodness you can tell when 2D de/g/enerates never had sex kek

No. 274292

There is no official one, I don't even know his age, so I just celebrate his first appearance date.

No. 274295

Not with Archimedes watching lol

No. 274300

December 24th. I always celebrate by taking pictures of my merch, making art, and cooking one of his favorite foods

No. 274301

No-one mentioned "sex" you dumb whore, we're talking about orgasms.

No. 274314

File: 1657381940527.png (1.28 MB, 1733x1082, figures.png)

>If you look, be sure to look under "セブルス・スネイプ". Typically, this spelling of his name yields the best results.
Thanks for the tip, I'm planning a small shopping thing as a university graduation present for myself so I'll check it out!

>Your collection sounds so nice!! What is your favorite thing in it?

Hehe thanks! I have been "specializing" in figures, I'll make a collage of ones I have. If I don't count Mini-Severus, my first item was the replica of his wand. I also have two framed movie posters, one from the Philosophers Stone and other from the last movie. There is also one card from the trading card game, and some (unofficial I believe?) pins and keychains. On the shrine there are figures and a "display book" of the Half-Blood Prince in my language with the new cover illustration since it features Snape (https://www.wizardingworld.com/news/stunning-new-illustrated-harry-potter-book-covers-unveiled-for-thailand-twentieth-anniversary), an inkwell and small vials filled with seaglass I have found from the beach, a pressed leaf in a frame and a statue of Fawkes, which is not directly Snape-related but it's very beautiful. Oh and also few small dragon statues and a box that used to belong to my great-aunt.

A favorite thing is difficult to choose but I think it is the Medicom real action heroes 1:6 scale figure. Here are some pictures https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10149809. It was my first figure (started from the "deep end" kek) It's very realistic too. Currently it's not on display since my bookself is in the same room as my pets, it would collect so much dust on the fabric clothes that it's better to keep in the box.

I don't have an itabag yet, but I have been collecting stuff for it and also have a nice insert fabric, it has a pattern of the cover of Advanced Potion Making! Since I have so many husbandos I'll make different inserts, but will only buy one bag. I love themed fabrics, for example Frollo's insert has stained glass pattern, Maelstrom's has realistic jellyfish since he has a jellyfish aquarium in his classroom etc. I'll have to make a lot of things myself since many of my husbandos have little to no merch.

>nice fanart of him in an official Hogwarts frame which makes it look like his headmaster's portrait

>In the evening the flickering flame of the candle looks so beautiful casting light onto his shrine.
This sounds so lovely! You have beautiful items in your collection. Also I think he would really appreciate your "sacrifices", since he definitely values intelligence and learning, those are perfect gifts to give to him. I also try my best in my studies, to make him proud. (Also having professors and other academics as husbandos creates a bit of pressure, they wouldn't be too happy if I was lazy kek!)

I'll follow your example and make a two part post, since once again I have so much to say hehe!

No. 274315

File: 1657382147972.jpg (287.8 KB, 725x1068, Gustave_Brion_-_L'archidiacre_…)

Oh dear while I'm writing there is a great thunderstorm, there is lightning only a few km from where I am and pouring rain. I hope my tomatoes don't flatten.

About Frollo: have you read the original book? He is quite a different character in it compared to the movie, also he practises alchemy! In my mind he is a combination of the Disney version and original book version, but the movie one is more dominant and he looks like that because he is so handsome in the movie! By the way, I got my copy of the Hunchback of Notre-Dame from a book fair, it is divided to two books. They are very old, and have gold-colored decorations on the spine. There is a writing on the first page, the previous owner got the first part at christmas of 1945, and the second part on his name day at 1945, from his family. This makes the books unique!
>You've got such good taste in men!
Hehe why thank you!

Sometimes tough love is needed, it's good you can resolve the Lily-situation. I have a tendency of keeping negative thoughts about someone to myself, so I'd have a bit of difficulty telling him that he should move on. I would even hit "under the belt" and accuse him of keeping me as a substitute for Lily. In my story after Hogwarts we must leave Spinners end, and when he leaves his old hometown he can finally let go of her with it. But I think her influence has decreased during our relationship, that's just the finale for that issue.

>What do you think he'd be into from an aesthetic view point? Do you think he's into anything specific appearance wise?

Oh no I haven't even thought of that! I have just hoped he would like my appearance kek. I think he would like sort of "natural beauty"? I think he would appreciate feminine clothes but they should be functional at the same time. I have been trying to decide clothes for my character accordingly.

>I'm still not over the beard, maybe one day I will be

Aw, he is indeed very handsome with one! Tell me, what do you think of his dark mark?

Snape's is January 9th, Spock's January 6th and Bruno's October 17th. January is truly a party month, since also on January 6th is the Feast of Fools, when the story of Hunchback of Notre-Dame begins. Others don't have official birthdays. I love the idea of cooking food for them, but for January 6th it should be French-Vulcan dish kek!

I think I will read more about lucid dreaming, it definitely has potential! The video you posted is so cute, it's so nice of his mom to ask about his sinister plans hehe!

No. 274316

these threads are always so wholesome. all of you nonnas are so kind to each other and it's refreshing. all you do is love your husbando(s) and mind your business.
i love it.

No. 274323

File: 1657384541213.jpg (149.68 KB, 800x800, duck kazuma.jpg)

Nooo anonita don't say that your husbando is that fuckwit

No. 274336

File: 1657387636718.png (376.1 KB, 600x464, C70A5F33-D74B-42ED-9447-533E04…)

I usually prefer not knowing and like other anons have said, their mask is their “face”. Both of my husbandos (past and present) have had face reveals though, but honestly I didn’t mind much and like them both without masks too. I still find them both cute. My last husbando was Jason, but to be fair I find burns/scars/etc. to be appealing too so.. (I have teratophilia and feel bad enough about liking that…)
I found husbando fanart of picrel to be really cute. In this particular movie he switches out masks, so the idea of picking out his mask/face for the day is really cute.

No. 274340

File: 1657388911391.jpg (244.25 KB, 1920x1080, 1601549854917.jpg)

>i also hope your lover stays masked forever!
Thank you nonna!
>canon reveals usually end up really divisive anyways.
I feel like I would be disappointed no matter what it looks like lol. I completely agree that his expressive goggles are all he needs.
>My last husbando was Jason
>I have teratophilia
Incredibased. Jason is the goodest boy. I didn't think I had any Jason/Flug crossover art, but then I remembered this exists lol.

No. 274342

NTA but it's true that orgasms cause your body to release happy hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin, which help relieve stress and pain. That's probably what that anon was referring to, not to the physical pain you may feel when having sex (and to be fair we all imagine sex with our husbandos to be perfect, not like disappointing real life sex, even if we're not virgins anymore)
Don't talk like a moid, please

No. 274344

File: 1657390208562.jpeg (247.1 KB, 1065x2048, FWlwVDuVQAAQypO.jpeg)

Kazutora I love you more than anything

No. 274350

>Flug's mask as Pamela's head
lol That's great fanart
He's the only husbando I have had multiple dreams about and I still get excited about him, so he still has a place in my heart. Erik is just a little more realistic for me to imagine myself with. We're both "strange" and I classically sing.
Looking at your masked picrel and then the reveal, I would be disappointed too kek. He's just…a conventionally attractive guy? Kind of takes away the mystique if he's just "normal" (at least to me anyways).
Anyways now that you mention Faust from Guilty Gear, I didn't know about him until I stumbled on this ASMR video. And I only clicked on it because it's a guy in a mask. Thought you mask nonas might appreciate it.

No. 274351

I'm the farthest thing from a virgin, nonna.
>I don't know about any of you other nonnas, but I love period sex.
Some of us like having our red tide pounded.

No. 274352

If my husbando would pound me relentlessly like I know he would, I'd probably forget about any pain, including period pains. And of course 3D could never compare, so it doesn't make sense to bring in any possible rl experience.

No. 274356

File: 1657392835983.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.07 KB, 1440x788, 11b278472f08f7eb753c54420536ae…)

I prefer to have it licked up. That's proper devotion from a man.

No. 274358

>lol That's great fanart
It's actually by Alan! I think he's a big slasher fan.
>I have had multiple dreams about
I am jelly, teach me your Jason dreaming ways. I've also actually never seen Phantom of the Opera. As a maskfag, that's just not right. I'll have to fix that.

Omg nonna, that video! It reminds me of this.

No. 274360

Does he even love you if he doesn't have his red wings?

No. 274362

File: 1657395266072.png (215.76 KB, 502x407, 12bdiu4rwnrs.PNG)

>It's actually by Alan!
I forgot he made a lot of fanart! He's awesome and funny.
>I am jelly, teach me your Jason dreaming ways.
Honestly, they just sort of happened. If I knew how to dream up my husbandos, I would do it all the time lol. There was only 1 dream that I had sex with him and it was awesome he picked me up and we did it standing in the woods…he's strong enough to do that. 2 other dreams he was chasing me and trying to kill me. Those were actually scary, but I still felt a little horny kek.
There's a lot of movie versions made, some closer to horror than others, but personally my favorites are 1990 (wholesome), 1962 (it's Hammer and the mask is awesome), and of course the 2004 movie. I personally use a mix of the book, 1990, and 2004 for my husbando.

No. 274363

File: 1657395380745.jpg (47.7 KB, 498x750, 1owgrdfjvn.jpg)

Samefag but needed to add picrel
Thanks for the video! I'm definitely going to watch later…
Also, I found some Phantom Flug fanart made by Alan, that was on a stream. He definitely knows what women like.

No. 274372

NTA but would you ever consider doing one of those slasher outdoor escape rooms? Essentially you get chased around in the woods by a Jason cosplayer.
3dpg I know, I know, but I've seen a lot of Jason fangirls go crazy over it kek.

No. 274374

File: 1657404152128.jpeg (356.41 KB, 750x426, E6E95195-385B-4139-937C-185A7E…)

I didn’t know there were so many iterations! Time to watch them all. And your Jason dreams sound top-tier. I have a couple of r34 pics like your spoiler…
And what a cute Flug, Alan definitely gets us.
No freaking way, I had no idea this existed! This is like a dream come true. This is now on my bucket list.

No. 274377

File: 1657406140055.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 1920x1080, 12263481 - Friday_the_13th Jas…)

Yeah, I've heard of them and definitely want to try it out! I didn't know those were called outdoor escape rooms though! I'm the same anon that posted about having a chase fetish in the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread, so that is definitely something I will try once I have the money and resources to travel. Also, I'm relieved to hear that I'm not the only fangirl that would go to those to have an erotic experience kek
I remember reading about a camp experience where there was a "slasher" that would roam around at night (I seriously wish I could remember the name of that event). All I could think of when I heard that was, "I'm definitely going to go outside at night" lol. Those places have got to know some people go there to be more than scared, right? The people in the other thread said the slashers might feel the same anyways…
>I have a couple of r34 pics like your spoiler…
You know what, now that I think about it, I think looking at picrel might have inspired that dream. So uh I guess maybe fanart could help make some dreams come to fruition?
And idk why but it was specifically Part 6 Jason that I dreamt of and I didn't mind kissing him with his mask off either, zombie face and all, I could not believe that I did that but I guess the heart wants what it wants.. I would love to see that pic folder btw!

No. 274385

The two characters I self insert with the most probably don't get their periods because of magic shit, but with my other charas I still wouldn't want a guy to eat me out when I'm on my period. Maybe fingers or shower sex but I wouldn't want to see him with blood on his face.

Anyway sorta had a dream about one husbando, but it was of me being surrounded by a bunch of different big dolls of him dressed in different outfits and posing them.

No. 274415

File: 1657427415411.jpg (21.23 KB, 540x481, ingo.jpg)

I had a really retarded dream last night that I was isekai'd to legends arceus and I had to marry Ingo. The thing is, he's not my husbando! I was disappointed but figured that I liked him enough I could settle.

No. 274425

Making love to my husbando every single day in my imagination

No. 274485

File: 1657459102750.jpg (80.26 KB, 1280x720, YES HE IS.jpg)

he could have killed kiryus autistic ass multiple times but he probably took pity on him being the most oblivious man in existence

No. 274511

File: 1657469861687.png (6.54 MB, 1920x2444, solaire_nknown-60.png)

he does a face underneath the helmet ingame but the options were pretty limited by the character creator. i like using it as a basis to draw my own ideal version of what i think hed look like, its nifty.

No. 274515

So Im just learning about husbandos because of this thread and anons talking about their favs, and I just wanna say a) I didnt know about rule 34 because I lived under a rock apparently, and b) I had no idea how many husbandos come from elden ring and ds3 . Blowing my mind.
I support you all. Does a husbando have to be a fictional character, or can it be an actor, as a certain role?

No. 274518

Oh wait no i see theres a thread for that ok! My bad ill be gone see ya later forgive my dumbassery I need coffee

No. 274520

>Does a husbando have to be a fictional character, or can it be an actor, as a certain role?
Other than the "IRL husbando" thread here on /g/, I've rarely seen women call real men their "husbando" (moids call real women their waifus more frequently). Usually it's a fictional character, and usually (but not exclusively) it's a 2D character as opposed to a live action one played by an actor. The term waifu came from anime fandom so naturally most waifus and husbandos are drawings or 3D models.

No. 274523

Sometimes I like to think of my husbando just cuddling with me, caressing me and then Putting his hands in my underwear to play with my pubes

No. 274524

Thank you for clarifying I appreciate you!

No. 274525

welcome nonna and i hope you discover a husbando of your own (if you want one)!

No. 274539

My latest fantasy with my husbando involves going back into time and going to help his past self. He's confused and wondering who this mysterious woman who came out of nowhere is and why she knows his name and his mannerisms while I'm trying my best to get him to focus on the task at hand. The whole time he's trying to figure out how I know him and him being a young dumbass at this age, can't stop flirting. "You know, you're not usually my type but you're pretty cute." "How does a girl like you know how to handle these big weapons?" "What do you mean you're older than me?" are just some of the few quips he makes during the mission and he keeps shooting his shot without realizing he's talking to his future wife. Sometimes the fantasy goes sexual too, is it cheating if it's with a younger version of the same person? Kek. This fantasy of mine is so retarded nonas but I'm having a lot of fun.

No. 274540

Is reigen a basic husbando? Zoomer aidens seem to adore him.

No. 274542

if he is your husbando that is what truly matters

No. 274546

And for a good reason. Honestly who cares if other people that like your husbando are unlikable. Mine didn't get that popular but he's still liked by a lot of annoying kinnies, but I understand why because those are the same reasons why I love him.

No. 274552

>without realizing he's talking to his future wife
i said "awwww" out loud!! nona this is cute as hell kek

No. 274583

there, there, both of them are dumb as rocks and I love them for that. God gave males balls and underdeveloped brains for a reason.

No. 274606

File: 1657522195216.jpeg (256.07 KB, 1800x960, UGHHHHH!!!.jpeg)

friends were present as i 1. saw this 2. got him. ashamed of the sounds i made. i am going to throttle him.

No. 274607

Aaaaaa this is so cute!! congrats nona!

No. 274619

File: 1657531408182.jpg (55.3 KB, 1080x807, 314c66ccf1b2dbfde70ecd4a8511aa…)

By basic, you mean plain-looking? Because honestly he does look like one but there's a lot of things I love about him and how likeable and funny he is. He's very well-known too so all kinds of people adore him. When you said basic husbando I think of guys that are super popular among young girls nowadays like from My Hero Academia, Haikyuu!!, Genshin Impact, etc. Nothing's wrong with that, I just think they have similar tastes.

No. 274620

young lord voldemort from harry potter and the chamber of secrets was my first husbando crush

No. 274628

oh god, you have convinced me nonna, I'm gonna play yakuza.

No. 274629

Sadly this fellow is in only two canon games, in one of them as a (very huge) preteen, and another non-canon game that actually kinda sucks.

No. 274630

And there's also his Bakumatsu period lookalike in one of the two historical spin-offs that still have yet to get a western release anyway.

No. 274685

No I think she meant basic because a lot of Twitter zoomers like him

No. 274739

Yeah That is what I meant haha. Now, I don't care, but Reigen is definitely popular with the zoomer children.

No. 274768

File: 1657594436891.jpg (304.67 KB, 1429x2034, shadow_0069.jpg)

I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him!!
He makes me feel so happy inside, I want to stay by him forever. I like to imagine sitting by him on a bench on a warm summer night like tonight, the moon lighting up the area, and at first he doesn't like it. Maybe he gets annoyed and leaves. And then he stops leaving, sitting on the opposite end of the bench. Maybe, eventually, he'd let me sit closer and even have a small conversation with me. The day he falls asleep against my side would be one that I'd never ever forget.
I live for dumb cheesy fantasies like this one with him, they make me feel some type of way that I can never get enough of. Not even after all these years. It's still just as amazing as it always was.

No. 274779

corny, but imagining a world where my husbando is real and i’m the fictional character is what drives me to be the best i can be. i gotta be a girl he’d want as his waifu

No. 274792

File: 1657617912996.jpg (601.35 KB, 1378x2039, 1603915688409.jpg)

That's actually the exact image I was thinking of!
>Part 6 Jason
Great taste. I love the outfit he assembled in that one, it's so cute how he collected the gloves and utility belt and everything. I love Part 7 Jason a lot too. I wanna lead him by that chain unf.

No. 274796

This is so beautiful nonna. I also need to share this with the only people who will understand. I know it's supposed to be ridiculous and autistic, but I seriously love it so much.

No. 274816

No. 274824

the puffy nipples, oh my!

No. 274870

Why are these lines so sexually charged? especially after 2:36 I'm gonna scream

No. 274886

i'm not too big into tf2 but my jaw dropped kek
sniperwives i understand now

No. 274896

Fuck it I'm going to draw a self-insert pic about groping my husbando's tiddies. I'm going to do my best.

No. 274897

hell yea nona!! i'm sure it'll be great!

No. 274899

is it Sengo?

No. 274902

Thanks for encouraging my horny self nona.
Yes, you must have been in the party thread!

No. 274903

It hurts me how much I'm attracted to this fictional bushman.

No. 274919

thank you nonnie! he was quick to come home which i definitely appreciate. seeing him so happy is dangerous for my heart kek

No. 274949

File: 1657677580627.jpeg (103.29 KB, 750x945, 3B246AC7-9AD0-42F7-8111-C27687…)


No. 274951

File: 1657678206575.jpg (50.68 KB, 640x484, FSoyLWjUAAE72DG.jpg)

is your husbando a gentle lover? or would you rather him be rough with you?
before my husbando i always fantasized about being roughed up but i can't picture him doing it. i can only imagine super sweet vanilla missionary with him and it makes me so giddy as if my heart would jump out my chest.

No. 274974

I love imagining him gently making love to me and or I taking his virginity with very vanilla sex, but also us fucking like animals and me aggressively riding his dick
I had an idea for a comic where he goes from being a total virgin who gets all shy during sex to becoming dominant and wild in bed hehehehe
But no, I can't imagine him being rough (as in violent)

Yep I was there too kek I hope you do end up drawing that POV mantitty grab!

No. 274988

File: 1657695632963.jpg (38.64 KB, 400x240, IMG_6424.JPG)

A lot of my husbandos have dual-type personalities, so I love imagining them at both extremes.

No. 274989

As I wrote in a recent fantasy paragraph 'daring, but gentle'. The type who will try different positions or fucking in unique but still private locations. But never rough or violent.

No. 274990

I'm into femdom but I would never want to actually hurt my beloved husbando. We would have passionate vanilla sex.

No. 275051

File: 1657728955835.jpg (120.5 KB, 850x976, 1654014778271.jpg)

nonna I would pay you real money to steal your dreams of the funny little train man.

No. 275078

Did anyone here start to feel slightly attracted to a 3D moid because their husbando is based on him?

No. 275087

File: 1657744716641.jpg (55.97 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_n80t1bzw0t1tbydvbo8_128…)

Most of my husbandos are gentle. My main husbando has some bravado and acts like he would be very dominant (very commanding sexy talk, perhaps pinning me against something), but he definitely is gentle and would put my pleasure first. I'm his first priority and if I am happy, he's happy too. He would try out anything new for me too, and be open to any of my kinks (they aren't that crazy or anything, all non-violent).
There are some husbandos that I would want to tie up (I like seeing strong guys be vulnerable) and take control of at least for
a little bit, but that's about as "rough" as it gets.

No. 275094

Yes. I won't say who it is since I and other anons have already mentioned it kek

No. 275108

not cringe and personally i think your fantasy is great, too

No. 275121

File: 1657755924816.gif (3.17 MB, 480x270, 44d55b8ae8fede8ec1976c51f12e88…)

That drink / slushie he has looks so delicious, what is it with fictional food (and men hehe) that makes them so perfect? Hope you have a fun summer with your husbando!

Aw that picture is so cute, I think 10 billion is a good amount of kisses!

It varies with different husbandos from mostly vanilla to "questioning my sanity if I think too much about this" -level kek. All my husbandos take the lead in sexy stuff though. I like to think that the gentlest of them would at the most guide me firmly or do things with me in a "risky" location, and the kinkiest one being almost performance like, complete with restraints, punishments and other things he could control me with, oh my. Others are somewhere in between, mostly on the gentler side. I don't want to be truly hurt or scared, I'd like to think that even the most evil ones of my husbandos like me enough to not really hurt me.

Also I like to think that at least 4 of them are virgins before we start our relationship. I'm not sure how well it would work in real life but there is something really hot about older virgin men, maybe it's the thought of all sexual desire released to you hehe!

No. 275135

I like to think of my husbandos as virgins too. Actually, I think they both are. I usually imagine them to be skilled, which almost contradicts the virgin aspect, but hey, it's all fantasy.
>maybe it's the thought of all sexual desire released to you hehe!
Definitely. They've waited so long, fantasized about it, and finally release that sexual desire to you.
I remember reading a fanfic of my husbando having his first time with the reader, since he's touch-starved and isolated. It was very passionate and excitable, and he came sort of quick. I don't mind a quick orgasm with a virgin, finding the feeling overwhelming and thinking that I'm that sexy is sorta a hot thought. And him being embarrassed about it. Maybe weird but whatever kek.

No. 275136

I'm watching Samurai Champloo and Mugen looks like he stinks, has a foul mouth, has zero respect for ANYONE and hires samurai-era prostitutes but I'll be damned if I lied and said I still wouldn't tap that

No. 275141

i like mugen specifically because he is an unapologetic trash heap, plus i have all of those qualities except for hiring prostitutes so he makes me feel Seen tm. jin would probably be the better lover between the two of them though.

No. 275151

File: 1657764271310.png (1.19 MB, 600x1000, severus_snape_2016__by_kaseiar…)

Oh, congrats on graduating! I'm sure Sev would be very proud of you!

Those book covers look lovely, that's really cool you have a special one just for him! Those figures are really nice, there are some really beautiful figures out there, I hope they bring you a lot of joy!

I always wish I was more into his figures, but they look too much like Alan Rickman for my taste. While I appreciate him as an actor, I personally don't really care for his portrayal of Severus very much, but that's just my personal taste of course! I really want that Nendo tho, he's so cute!

I really like your small personal touches, and how you incorporated such meaningful things into his shrine, that sounds so lovely and thoughtful!

Itabags are so fun and yours sounds so cute! I love how much thought you've put into it! I'm sure it'll turn out great!

I've recently started journaling, which is me just writing to him everyday. I tell him about my life, my goals, and sometimes I ask for his guidance. At night I like to put the journal in front of my 'portrait' of him. It's been quite nice and calming. I like to think at night maybe he reads my letters? Idk honestly hehe.

I only read a small excerpt of it in college, sadly. I definitely need to re-read it though, I've heard great things about it! The history of the book certainly makes it very special.

That's a good way to handle the situation. I imagine if we were together we'd probably stay at Spinner's end because we'd definitely stay at Hogwarts for a bit and (I can easily see myself taking over teaching History of Magic)

I agree he'd probably prefer a more 'natural look' so he probably wouldn't find me attractive. I love big hair and big curls and lots of makeup and false eyelashes. Oh well, he can learn to deal kek. If he can't love me in my platforms and big dresses he doesn't deserve me lol. In all honesty, in my story I think it'd be something he'd learn to love. Like I'd push through his internalized misogyny and he'd be ok with finding it all attractive if that makes sense. I think he'd find me attractive, but not want to admit to it because I wear a lot of pink and he'd see my overt femininity as a weakness at first.

Oh, his dark mark. Hehe, I find it very attractive! I love tattoos on men! From a moral standpoint I don't care for Voldemort or his ideals at all. I find it alluring he's a bit of a reformed 'bad boy'. What about you
? What do you think about his dark mark?

What physical part of him do you find the most appealing? If you could have him wear one particular outfit what would you have him wear?

No. 275154

Ah, I'm glad you saw my post. I've also been trying to summon the other Cedricfags, but to no avail. I miss them so much.
By the way, I dreamed about Doc Ock from the live action films the other day and I've no idea why kek. But he was there only for a second.

Why tf is your gif so horny?
>Also I like to think that at least 4 of them are virgins before we start our relationship
Same, I imagine most of them are virgins or at least very inexperienced. In most cases that means they're shy and submissive, but for the others, it doesn't stop them from being dominant, hehe.
>there is something really hot about older virgin men
Hahaha please nona… it's embarrassing to admit, but that's one of my weaknesses. Only in fiction though, since real older men are completely different from fictional ones. Is one of your 4 virgin husbandos Bruno?

No. 275172

I want big levi chonky dick as he pins me down mm yes

No. 275173

I've never gotten the hype for Mugen tbh. Every girl creams her panties over him but I'd choose Jin any day. I can't resist a man with long hair and he's so elegantly sexy.

No. 275176

Does anyone else get incredibly horny when their husbando is competing with another guy or when he has a rivalry with someone

No. 275189

File: 1657782462206.jpg (381.83 KB, 560x680, c99df841e2a2fa73e8364a50476da1…)

any other varre nonnas feeling a little dejected now that the elden ring hype is almost dead? not seeing as much fanart or content for varre anymore. i'm kept alive by one single fanfic on ao3 at this point. not to mention how most fan content for him now seems to be dominated by the fujo crowd

No. 275190

It's either Chris or Leon

No. 275191

It happened with one of my old husbandos. I wasn't just slightly attracted, I went feral for him. And he wasn't even well-known or active on social media, so I didn't have a lot of pics of him to save. But of course, it was only attraction by proxy because he had my husbando's face and body, and I loved/wanted to fuck my husbando only.

Or Vergil, I think

No. 275195

File: 1657790344087.jpg (1.17 MB, 2480x3236, Varré.full.3598439.jpg)

the rate at which fanart got made at the beginning was insane, ive also noticed it slowing down. dont cry cause its over smile because it happened

No. 275197

The problem with liking flavor of the month characters.

No. 275204

i wish i was the type to be inspired to look my absolute best for my husbando but he’s the type who would love me no matter how i look…
how do you nonas do it? what drives you? i just want motivation to go to the gym ffs

No. 275206

In the end, you really have to do it for yourself and your own health.

No. 275207

File: 1657798468449.jpeg (855.7 KB, 828x1259, E499A65C-1F56-4287-A6F7-2711A9…)

I wish I was able to draw so I could draw myself surrounded by everyone I love..

No. 275217

I would cringe if I drew myself with my husbando using an actual photo of me but they look so good together

No. 275224

I got curious about SniperxReader fics after some discussion in the last thread and I just don't understand why the most popular fics on AO3 have him written as this suave daddy dom when he's just some Australian dude who lives in a van and spergs out about sniping. Kinksters really do ruin everything.

No. 275227

tbf, I would imagine any character acts at least a bit different when sex is involved.

No. 275234

Ironic since suave is Spy's trait.

No. 275235

Ugh when will this gross trend end?

No. 275237

I guess I was more annoyed with the weird porniness than with the characterization. Fanfic writers are free to write whatever they want and everyone's taste is different and all that but it's just gross and boring sifting through the same degrading maledom shit every time I look for reader-insert fic.

No. 275271

File: 1657828702478.jpeg (550.14 KB, 828x920, 9D50E95C-A372-4ED4-8251-804800…)

sniper is definitely portrayed as hot in the comics. heavy’s sisters thirst after him, he has sharp canines, and a lot of his voice lines in the game are weirdly suggestive. picrel.

No. 275275

File: 1657830344731.png (873.87 KB, 748x930, shadow_0675.png)

God yes, agree 100%. He's just so handsome. Non-autists will never understand.
That video is nice. It seems they sliced voice clips from David Humphrey…he's actually a singer and a swim teacher, you can hear his Shadow voice when he talks.
Here's him singing. https://voca.ro/1fO425NunMFX I think it's beautiful, I want to hear Shadow sing.
I would give so much to kiss him. Just thinking about it makes me tear up, maybe I've had too much to drink. I would literally let him read me a dictionary, I want to fall asleep to his voice, some days I just imagine him speaking to me and it helps me drift off to sleep. The warmth of his arms, his soothing tone, his soft fluffy chest, oh my god…he's perfect.

No. 275281

File: 1657831440353.jpeg (60.97 KB, 1080x649, _ (10).jpeg)

>I reckon you're gonna get real used to lookin' up at me.

No. 275287


No. 275295

and he loves you, too

No. 275317

Thinking about his hands
His fingers are probably warm

No. 275319

my husbando is covered in scars and since he's a gentle giant who's afraid of scaring others, i worry that it's something he's insecure about. i wish i could kiss every single one and remind him he's the most handsome and sweetest guy in the universe

No. 275323

>And I love my husbando
>And my husbando loves me
>I'm gonna cherish my husbando
>Neeth the green bay tree
>N' m'husbando go
>Cock a doodle doo doodle doo doodle doo

No. 275325

My husbando is from an otome and I look just like the blank slate self-insert MC, which makes it easy for me to be immersed when looking at the CGs. The problem is that my hair is such a hassle and is annoying me, so I want to cut substantial length off and dye it back to my natural color. But if I do that then I won't look like the MC anymore, which makes me worry that my husbando wouldn't love me as much/wouldn't find me as beautiful as before because I'd look different. I don't know how to explain it, and he isn't even superficial like that..

I'm being silly

No. 275334

Nonnie that's silly, why would your husbando stop loving you or find you less beautiful just because you changed your hair color and length? Just imagine the MC has the same hair as you, also he would probably be pleasantly surprised at your new hairstyle and think it's pretty, don't you think?

No. 275335

Your husbando's jaw will drop when he sees your gorgeous new hairstyle. You will catch him gazing at you throughout the day, admiring the way your new 'do highlights your beautiful features. Happy bonking nona

No. 275336

I assume it's younger writers projecting their preferences onto a character they're attracted to. Part of Sniper's appeal to me is how down-to-earth and somewhat kooky he seems.

No. 275338

i'm not even that anon and this made me giddy KEK

No. 275340

This is slowly turning to the husbando thread

No. 275341


No. 275344


Oh nonnas. Bless your hearts, you’re so right and my worry is very unfounded. Thank you for this, I’m sitting here smiling and giggling like a fool

No. 275345

i'm excited for you, heh
i hope your makeover goes exactly as planned, or even better!!

No. 275359

Michael Mando (Vaas Montenegro)?

No. 275360

was this not supposed to be one from the start

No. 275371

I llove him I love him I love him

No. 275376

I can imagine Kiryu doing a great job even his first time because he'd just love you that much to do his best to please. Likely has a huge dick but he'd never hurt you, would happily eat you out even on your period. Hopefully he won't get bothered too much anymore by Majima or Kasuga or Dojima or Watase or whomever after the events of 7. But he's also 54 by 2022 so it's up to you to decide whether youth or safety are more valuable to you.

No. 275378

File: 1657889152062.png (445.98 KB, 407x509, 1115873.png)

he is so cute!

No. 275384

he loves you back he loves you back he loves you back
A combination of his lower, growlier voice lines and Meet the Sniper converted me from a Spy fangirl to a Sniperwife many years ago. Valve had to know what they were doing.

No. 275385

why not spy + sniper threesome

No. 275437

my precious husbando is a workaholic and i like to imagine i’m the only thing that can get him to just relax at the end of the day. i’d go into his home office when he’s working too late and give him kisses and hugs and tell him it’s ok if he takes a break and rests now. he’d try to hide his smile and blush (kyaaaa he’s so cute) but it would be no use because the woman he loves is doting on him so adorably and he’s unable to contain himself. he’d lazily carry me to our room where we’d wind down with a nice and loving end-of-day “relaxation activity” if you know what i mean kek. we’d fall asleep and he’d hold me in his arms the whole night. my imagination rules

No. 275504

reading this made my heart sing, nona!!

No. 275536

I hate getting approached by 3DPD. I genuinely feel like I could throw up. I wish husbando could just materialize and beat the shit out of anyone who flirts with me

No. 275539

File: 1657925654527.jpg (329.26 KB, 733x1024, 60406801_p0_master1200.jpg)

Not weird at all, I understand you completely! I have thought of somewhat similar scenes as you describe, they are really really nice hehe!

Aw thank you!

Personally I love Alan Rickman and him as Snape, I even sent him a letter (to which assistant or someone like that replied, I still treasure it to this day). It's true he was a bit old to play Snape but I don't mind hehe. But I think it would be really interesting to see merch of HP characters in general like they are described in the books. The nendo is super cute, I definitely recommend it! The box comes with a young version face and body with his school uniform, it would be fun to display both. Should have bought two kek!

I really like "multi-purpose items", meaning that they can represent multiple characters at the same time. The seaglass is years old, but recently I realised that it can represent Bruno as well, since his visions are preserved on green glass tiles. I have been planning a symbol or picture that could represent all of them, I would really like to make a sticker of it.

Oo I like your style of journaling, I started somewhat of a husbando-journal last year! Mostly I have written stories or story ideas, and included printed pictures and such. My notebook is colour-coded, everyone has their own color and general notes and ideas have own as well. It's starting to look really nice since there is quite a lot of text already hehe! I'm sure, that should Snape read your letters he would read them carefully and with a smile on his face, then he would keep them all!

I'm interested, how does your relationship/story continue? Are you, for example able to prevent some events that happen in the books, as you have prior knowledge of them? Also, I'm sure he would like your appearance, I find that when you really like someone you automatically start to like their looks as well!

I like his dark mark, when it was first mentioned in the book I was shocked that he had a tattoo, but it's not a normal one. Soon I started to like it, as you said it's physical representation of his past mistakes. I'd like to think that first he would hide it from me, but eventually he would have show it and tell (maybe a cencored version?) of his death eater days.

>What physical part of him do you find the most appealing? If you could have him wear one particular outfit what would you have him wear?

His best physical features are definitely his nose and intense and calculating eyes and beautiful black hair! I really have a thing for big noses (and I blame you for it Sev!!), it makes a man look regal in my opinion. (Many of my husbandos have one hehe.) I also like that he is quite skinny, I don't like big muscles, otherwise I have no preference about that. About outfits, I really like his regular clothes, they are the best! If/when we would visit muggle world, he would most likely have a suit and long coat, he would definitely look good in that. How about you?

>By the way, I dreamed about Doc Ock from the live action films the other day and I've no idea why kek. But he was there only for a second.
Aw so lucky! He has visited my dreams once, I was looking once again from afar but this time it was a good thing since he was on some sort of a rampage kek!

>Is one of your 4 virgin husbandos Bruno?
Good guess, yes he is! I think that since people feared him before and there are not too many people behind the walls that he is inexperienced. But it's hot, and I'm sure he will gain confidence.

May I ask, who are your other husbandos? It's also alright if you like to keep it secret of course! Have you imagined a story with Cedric, if so, how do you meet?

No. 275540

File: 1657925795890.jpg (229.54 KB, 1997x1244, 1641338495347.jpg)

Also Bruno because he looks so cute and sad in this picture, I want to love him until he's happy

No. 275572

File: 1657937694234.jpg (317.25 KB, 800x1209, 70314709134-706.jpg)

I remember seeing a post of an anon talking about Satan from paradise lost a couple threads ago, and I thought of her when I saw this illustration of Satan and Beelzebub.

No. 275594

File: 1657954052832.jpg (2.8 MB, 2161x3064, IMG_4608.jpg)

joseph joestar is SSS tier husbando and i will not be taking any criticism

No. 275600

but he’s a cheater

No. 275641

He is a hunk but he also spied on his mom bathing

No. 275645

I pulled an all nighter to read what was supposed to be a reader self insert fic last night but ended up quite different (the author acknowledges this). The final chapter ended with a "surprise" baby and I don't know how I feel about it because I hate that trope but the fanfic is a masterpiece otherwise. It also made me kind of jealous kek, I wish my husbando loved me the way he loved the woman of this fic. Forgive the retardation, I just invested a whole night into this story and I needed to write this down somewhere.

No. 275646

File: 1657986912249.jpeg (327.27 KB, 850x1200, 99722921_p94_master1200.jpeg)

It's really nice you liked him that much to write him a letter! What did you like about his depiction of Severus? I'm really curious!

I really like Alan Rickman as a person, and have great respect for him as an actor, but I just do not find him attractive at all lol. I suppose it may be because I like my men tall and thin. For me, his version of Severus was too cold, I'd like Severus to feel a bit more 'feral' if that makes sense. I want him to spit on the ground and be nasty, and I think the movie version of Severus is just too watered down for my personal taste.

I'm definitely going to put that Nendo on my list now! He sounds so cute! Are you going to make a Nendo of yourself to put next to him, I'm really thinking about doing that!

Wow your journal sounds amazing! I love how organized it is! I've started to put cute stickers in it which is nice! I should probably put more effort into how it looks. Maybe I'll start to use it a bit as a general notebook for my Latin too.

>I'm curious how does your relationship/story continue?

I would definitely be trying to prevent some things that happen in the book and make it so the war ends earlier, and that of course Severus doesn't need to die. I'm not sure how well it'd work but I'd give it my best. My plan would be for more things to work out in his/our favor. I imagine as we spend time together and work through it all, he'd begin to respect me, and then develop feelings for me once he sees how dedicated I am.

Oh yes, I love strong facial features! Men with big noses also usually have beautiful cheek bones too. Those are my favorite! I love thin tall men who have more of a lithe build than a beefcake one. I bet he would look incredible in that outfit! Personally, I'd love to see him in a tight fitting pair of black jeans with a crisp white button down shirt tucked in. He'd have the collar open and the sleeves rolled up and I'd die. I would probably commit crimes to see that in all honesty.

I don't really care for student/teacher type things but I happened on some art of it the other day so I saved them to my computer so I could show you in my posts. This one is nice since you can't see what house she's in and I didn't see any Ravenclaw students sadly.

No. 275661

Reminds of a husbandoxreader fanfic I wanted to read and the prompt was "you're a single mother", I closed it at once, I'm childfree even in my fantasies lol.

No. 275666

Same anon, which is why I was so upset with the ending even though I saw it coming kek. Which is funny because my husbando would definitely want a family but I always make my self-insert somehow unable to have kids. I just want it to be us, forever. I hope you find a lot of childfree fanfics anon!

No. 275671

Babies are not super common in the self-insert fics I read (not that I read much fics in the first place anyway), I'm pretty safe lol. Same for my fantasies, the husbando is either a non-human so we are not biologically compatible, or if it's with a human my self-insert is sterile, keeps things so much simple.

No. 275674

>Normal posters: Me horny
>Snapefags: Writes essay

No. 275677

i don't have this problem since i just read oneshot smut kek

No. 275697

Download the fic and edit it to your liking

No. 275729

File: 1658015020957.png (319.75 KB, 512x512, FXsotecUcAE9QI3.png)

I don't even like scout that much but I'm about to act up

No. 275732

Damn that tight waist…I want to grab it.

No. 275738

so cute virgin boy i would commit allahu akbar for 72 scouts in heaven inshallah

No. 275756

My husband is nonhuman and likely sterile and we are genetically incompatible but in my fantasies he still gets me pregnant because that's hot. Kids are the devil except when they're from him and his love for me.

No. 275757

File: 1658019688844.png (322.16 KB, 512x512, sniperroadwarrior.png)

when will valve implement items from the workshop that truly matter

No. 275760

To be fair, he didn't know at the time and was disgusted when he found out.

No. 275785

snapewives are a protected class here. they are CUTE

No. 275797

Snape could GET. IT.

No. 275799

I do this all the time lol. Especially decently written reader insert fics where the insert character has features that don't match mine.

Honestly, every single class should get a topless cosmetic. Medic has one that makes me drool but if Snipes got one I'd explode.

No. 275800

>I do this all the time lol. Especially decently written reader insert fics where the insert character has features that don't match mine.
kek I do it to change "(Y/N)" to my actual name because it's too immersion-breaking for me, and to fix spelling, grammar, formatting and punctuation

No. 275830

is sniper a virgin? i could also commit allahu akbar for 72 snipers in heaven. or 36 scouts and 36 snipers.

No. 275835

word counts make them horny, good for them

No. 275836

well Snape himself is an erudite

No. 275838

File: 1658053072114.png (233.98 KB, 480x460, unknown-29.png)

So Scout is definitely a virgin and Spy and Soldier are definitely not. What about the other mercs?

No. 275846

Me irl: no tolerance for patriarchal bullshit/fully aware that military moids (especially eastern euro) can be the worst

But godamn anons… I want to be his housewife he comes home to after a mission and gruffly kisses and roughly but lovingly fucks on the kitchen counter.

(It’s unmasked fuze from r6s for those unaware)

No. 275847

File: 1658056682014.jpeg (115.22 KB, 750x1334, A534D777-C49B-4147-9D65-8B9250…)

samefag no image kek

No. 275859

didn't scout have implied canonical sex with that girl from the chicken place or was that a hallucination his virginial mind made up to seem experienced in front of Spy

No. 275860

most likely the latter because he would rather save himself for dear sweet Ms Pauling who is a lesbian anyway. bless his soul.

No. 275874

Sniper is most likely not a virgin but probably hasn't fucked in years, isolated and touch-starved as he is. Also, do you nonas think Medic actually canonically has/had a wife? Either way he radiates so much sexual energy I can't imagine him being a virgin.

No. 275881

medic is a virgin who never married, but demoman doesn't know that. in fact demoman too is a virgin because he is usually to drunk to shag.

No. 275903

File: 1658073911587.jpg (40.67 KB, 540x212, fdc4560625299d67563e45fa86354e…)

TF2 posting breaks my heart because it reminds me that we haven't had comics updates in years…I really miss it, nonnie. Maybe there are some nice fan-comics out there?
I love Heavy's family so much!

No. 275919

I get the feeling Sniper is either >>275881
or a virgin, which makes the whole tall, dark and handsome daddy dom lothario thing even weirder to me. He strikes me as more inexperienced than virginal, but not in the loser who can't get a date way. More like he hasn't bothered to get far enough with women to have loads of sex way, since he's probably considered plain by macho TF2 Australian standards and would be just a lanky, smooth-bodied novelty to most Aussie women. That's why he's such a mama's boy, she always reminded him that he's a handsome, special guy no matter what.

I think the funniest thing about TF2 is how the two canonical non-virgins are Scout and Soldier of all people.

Demo would probably be great in bed if he could hold off on drinking long enough to actually make it there. My headcanon is that he believes he's got a laundry list of conquests because he blacked out before the act and just assumed they went all the way.

No. 275922

Spy definitely isn't. Dunno how you can be in that biz while being one.

No. 275924

Well of course Spy isn't because he's Scout's (and probably a few dozen other's dudes) dad.

No. 275925

Spy oozes sex and gives "eats pussy like a starving dog" pepe le pew vibes

No. 275930

Scout literally is a virgin saving himself for his lesbian (not that he's aware if it) waifu.

No. 275938

File: 1658078238760.jpeg (455.67 KB, 2048x2048, FV1gf5-acAEhm5-.jpeg)

Looking at this stuff makes me feel fluttery and happy.

No. 275940

Aw, this is adorable

No. 275941

I respect your headcanon nonna but Expiration Date confirmed that's banged at least once.

No. 275945

This is sweet

No. 275947

he made it up to sound less like a virgin in front of the spy!!

No. 275955

Holy shit, her art is so good, from the thumbnail I thought it was a real person cosplaying or a statue kek

No. 275991

File: 1658089653848.gif (2.06 MB, 434x498, teen-titans-slade.gif)

oh no…so Teen Titans was on TV and Slade was in the episode that voice literally heated me up. How could I forget that he was one of my first husbandos? Honestly, I think he awakened my kink for masks kek

No. 275994

Love ron perlman, hate slade. Will never be able to forget that he sleeps with a whole 15yo in the comics.

No. 275995

searched him up and my eyes popped outta my head. your husband is super handsome, nona!

No. 275998

I didn't know he was voiced by Ron Perlman! That's cool.
Also, I didn't know that about the comic. Sucks. I just like the design and character in the cartoon.

No. 276031

File: 1658095159983.jpeg (520.94 KB, 1280x1707, 5A83C511-9B98-42DF-9C32-84EFB7…)

Was in the hospital for few months so I missed a few threads but I’m happy to see the Morgan hoes are alive and well ok cya besties

No. 276036

where do you find sexy pics of Arthur?I keep finding uwu trans shit when I search for myself or just ugly artwork

No. 276037

File: 1658096600114.jpg (1.23 MB, 1716x874, kiryu wears buttpads.jpg)

If you think your yakuza man has a nice ass HE LITERALLY DOES NOT. this is not even just about Kiryu. MAJIMA HAS NO ASS. RYUJI HAS NO ASS. DAIGO HAS NO ASS. NONE OF THE YAKUZA MEN DO. Except for maybe Judgment Kaito but we have no substantial proof that it's his real ass. Just Embrace the flat Asian man ass.

No. 276043

File: 1658096960646.jpg (27.23 KB, 680x469, FCd0t8pWUAoI_4U.jpg)

Kaito gets a bigger ass in lost judgement

No. 276045

and we still have no proof that is indeed his true and honest ass and not butt pads like Kiryu obviously weara.

No. 276047

He's not wearing buttpads kek it's just that he's wearing a thick layer of clothes around his waist

No. 276048

Fake news! His wrestler shorts are obviously padded. WAKE UP SHEEPLE

No. 276049

well ms. girl i love him AND his flat ass!!!!!

No. 276050

same i'm just tired of all the ladies pretending their yakuza men have anything resembling an ass when they literally DO NOT. i promise it's okay to love a flat-assed man, just stop the lies!

No. 276051

hope you're doing better now, nona!

No. 276086

don't care, I still love him

No. 276088

this is why you should always take your yakuza husbandos to the beach on the first date

No. 276105

File: 1658112951957.jpeg (10.99 KB, 300x168, download (18).jpeg)

How can I download this game again and look at him in the eye, knowing damn well I abandoned him for six months?

No. 276111

if anything i think he'd just be happy to see you again.

No. 276161

Don't care, I don't like ass anyway.

No. 276162

I'm not into yakuza but those are some nice fat thighs, and that's what matters on a man.

No. 276182

File: 1658137993991.png (3.86 MB, 1280x1600, 439F8ECB-7F2F-4568-B45C-F444B0…)

No. 276189

he'll forgive you no matter what.

that's what love means, anon.

No. 276190

*perfect husbando anime love TO CLARIFY

No. 276201

File: 1658147556625.jpg (98.77 KB, 836x1114, Yes.jpg)

My ultimate husbando is Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne one of my fave games of all time and he's the one off starter boss that tranforms into a werewolf mid fight not sure why I'm so into him but I do have a religion kink from being raised religious and being told i'd burn in hell for being Bi so, he's also huuuge height wise ingame

Artist is @DragoArcobaleno on twitter they draw a bunch of Bloodborne stuff including other Husbandos

No. 276202

File: 1658147611385.png (2.85 MB, 1920x1080, FATHER.png)

samefag but his height compared to the player character

No. 276208

Waking up next to my husbando while we're both shirtless
I'm considering paying his voice actor on Cameo to say my name in his voice, I couldn't contain my excitement when I found his profile there

No. 276230

I made my inner child smile by ordering a kakashi hatake body pillow cover. You guys can come to the wedding we'll be reading dirty novels as our vows

No. 276277

File: 1658165940724.jpg (113.56 KB, 595x842, gascoigne.jpg)

He IS a hottie, that's for sure. Bloodborne (and soulsborne series in general) is full of good husbandos/waifus.

No. 276278

File: 1658167773282.jpg (117.93 KB, 943x960, feather.jpg)

Nice to see another anon that also likes him! yes Soulsborne has some amazing characters though they are almost always suffering in some way but the designs are top-notch, I think having flawed characters that look/feel like they could be real in the sense that they aren't airbrushed or "clean" really adds to the appeal

No. 276324

Okabe is cute and I love him!!

No. 276333

File: 1658186815294.gif (1.97 MB, 268x401, Tumblr_l_2785041494202863.gif)

There are some blogs still taking screenshots on tumblr, just go to arthur's tag and sort by new

im working hard on improving my anatomy so i can draw my husbandos the way they deserve

No. 276541

I dreamt about an old husbando and he made me blush with how he looked at me. You handsome bastard.

No. 276543

how do you all feel about "sharing" your husbando? just asking as i've seen a lot of yumejoshis have "NOT COMFY WITH SHARING" in the bios of their profiles

No. 276550

I think it's stupid, specially if it's a big series. I feel some kind of kinship with my husbandofag twins.

No. 276553

I'm sure most yumes with popular husbandos/husbandos from a popular series or from otome games are used to sharing, it wouldn't make sense to have him and then get mad that he's popular or literally designed to be waifu'd.
None of my husbandos are that popular but for most of them I'm just happy to find other people who like him as much as I do. Competing over this sort of thing is stupid and those yumes who get mad at others for having the same husbando should try to find a way to get over it, but in the meantime it's ok if they avoid each other to avoid getting upset at such things. Since your feelings for a fictional character sometimes can get too real, it's also understandable that you'd get jealous like you would with a real person but you also have to remember that the same rules don't apply to fictional people.

No. 276570

I agree with the other nonnas. It makes me super happy to find someone else who shares the same tastes, especially since a lot of my husbandos are kind of weird or cringe. I love being able to fangirl together and that’s why I love these threads.

No. 276571

>especially since a lot of my husbandos are kind of weird or cringe
Kek, same, especially when your husbando is really obscure or unpopular and finding another fan who draws him or writes fic of him,
it makes me so happy I feel like I need to celebrate it

No. 276572

File: 1658281625847.jpeg (170.44 KB, 600x796, F314FE4F-2138-4398-955E-60DC78…)

i use to be a huge sperg about it because teenage/young adult me thought no one could love him the way that i did. i grew the hell up and stopped being a neet which helped tremendously.

No. 276577

He missed you, nonna.
I love having a little coven of wives to geek out with. My husbando isn't real, so it's not like they're vying or competing for his love. Yumes uncomfortable with sharing need to grow up.

No. 276596

File: 1658297934022.png (255.52 KB, 538x538, Ryuji_Goda_-_Yakuza_Kiwami_2.p…)

Last night I dreamed he was my boyfriend and he wouldn't let me go to the bathroom by myself because I'm "so small that [I] might fall in the toilet bowl and drown". okay.

No. 276597

Like other nonas itt I'm just excited when others like my husbando. Then I get to post about him more kek and I feel a camaraderie.

No. 276599

my husbando is such a big softie that he'd actually say somethin like this KEK

No. 276601

would Ryuji be that low IQ to actually believe it (i'm 4'10 btw)

No. 276603

yes. but that's a part of his charm, no? he just really loves you nona heh

No. 276605

if we had kids that got his strength and my intellect they would be so blessed. but they could also get my strength and his intellect.

No. 276612

Finding another yume who not only loves your husbando but creates great fanworks of him is the best thing ever.

No. 276615

>and I feel a camaraderie
This is exactly how I feel but I forgot that word existed, thanks

No. 276623

This is how I feel about these threads in general, we might lust after different husbandos but we are all in this 2D-loving boat together.

No. 276626

This is inevitable especially if the character is from a big franchise, this just reeks of zoomer kinnie DNI carrd shit lol, how do they expect merch to exist if they are the only person who is a fan? I love talking about my fave characters with other people, I fondly remember one time at a con when an artist was selling posters of one of my obscure husbandos and we talked about him and ended hugging, it was great, I bought the poster and asked her to sign it.

No. 276633

I love my sisterwives almost as much as I love my husbandos.

No. 276644

Love my fellow husbandofags. I will admit that I hate seeing my husbando in some dumbass yaoi ship, though. Those are the only times where I wouldn’t want to “share”.

No. 276685

I'm mostly bored by yaoi ships, but if someone ships my guy with a downright ugly dude I get actually offended kek

No. 276705

File: 1658343410669.jpg (106.71 KB, 999x562, kyrie.jpg)

>tfw no dandy tease bishounen bf

No. 276735

been so long since i've seen this perverted fucknut. i got some immense pleasure from him turning into a dependable retard

No. 276741

Who's this?

No. 276766

File: 1658352746157.jpg (72.78 KB, 504x495, manwhore.jpg)

I love him but I just know I would beat the shit out of him if he was real
Kyrie from Ozmafia

No. 276767

>turning into a dependable retard
Finally we have found neccessarysped's dream guy.

No. 276825

i feel like my husbando is kinda rare tbh. i get really excited when i meet someone who also loves him. however though when people write him super out of character im just like UGH.

No. 276827

File: 1658377613847.png (1.23 MB, 1062x1500, 1645219891400-1.png)

Figurine of the sucking scene fucking when

No. 276837

Same. mine's not rare per se but he only has a handful of self-insert fics on AO3 and he's OOC in at least 3 of them

No. 276838

I think he's a super common husbando because hes a tragic softboi. I don't think I get jealous of people liking my husbandos, I know like I still have my own experiences and headcanons with him regardless if others love him or not.

No. 276859

File: 1658400070154.jpg (685.71 KB, 1536x2048, FYLLBo6acAAOXwe.jpg)

I wish I could frolick at the beach with my husbando.

No. 276898

I'm considering getting into Touken Ranbu just for these two sword sluts

No. 276906

File: 1658420909111.jpg (264.66 KB, 800x790, o0800079014143324025.jpg)

Do it nona!!
And make sure to watch TR Hanamaru season 2 where they appear and have a rivalry in an episode.

No. 276918

File: 1658427341131.jpg (457.8 KB, 1943x1903, 20220718_034129.jpg)

Kiss you kiss you kiss you… I want to watch anime together and make-out

No. 276928

I'm a full on yumejoshi but I have never cared (unless they give him some hideous headcanons kek). The more yumejoshi love him too the more fanart and fics I get.

No. 277076

hnnngngh yes please, it would sell like hotcakes

No. 277078

File: 1658491381960.jpg (3.71 MB, 2276x1280, __bondrewd_made_in_abyss_drawn…)

Another night of insomnia wishing I could touch his tail. Fuck I can't stand it. He looks like a sexy, evil, Daft Punk velociraptor and I am all for it.

No. 277165

File: 1658516734106.jpg (106.77 KB, 740x1024, IMG_20220722_140423.jpg)

I fucking NEED him nonnies I'm going FERAL

No. 277178

File: 1658520391691.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 76.69 KB, 1149x903, 8D4CACBB-B924-4336-AA7E-CE1269…)

No. 277182

File: 1658522705137.jpg (444.7 KB, 850x1200, IMG_20220719_083823.jpg)

KEK why you gotta do me like that nonnie

No. 277187

jesus ogata wear an undershirt you sweaty bitch

No. 277188

File: 1658523813509.jpg (403.01 KB, 800x811, 1655355190247.jpg)

Kek they should be kissing instead nonnie while trying to kill each other
Thank you to the blessed nona that posted this pic last thread

No. 277194

File: 1658525942244.gif (942.39 KB, 500x281, 0uwvd32.gif)

Drooling rn

No. 277195

File: 1658525973785.gif (1.4 MB, 500x281, tumblr_7a564e6e858f082f1318694…)


No. 277215

I've never been a big fanfic reader but after seeing all the talk in these threads about reader insert fics, I decided to try looking a little harder for any with my husbando.
It turns out they DO exist but as soon as I found one I felt so embarrassed to see it existing on my screen that I just closed the page.

No. 277233

I don't like this show because of lack of bulges. They're totally flat down there, like ken dolls, and it looks silly

No. 277254

They gotta make an anime where the hot guys have big bulges that jiggle like breasts in anime. It'd make many seethe and make so much money.

No. 277257

File: 1658533519894.jpg (157.47 KB, 1280x720, Russia.full.2770894.jpg)

bro are you me? when i dont feel like going to sleep i pull up husbando x reader fanfics to read and i get really into them. like to the point that i need to take breaks from reading because im giggling and rolling around like a little girl

No. 277261

File: 1658533894006.jpg (248.83 KB, 1411x1266, 1613933241826.jpg)

Oh god he is so hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

No. 277265

File: 1658535292297.jpg (639.59 KB, 1768x2045, 10293843884.jpg)

grrr woof bark growl snarl woof woof bark awoo

No. 277267

File: 1658535470287.jpg (257.15 KB, 1000x1000, 63580506_p14_master1200.jpg)

It's a Friday so I want to gush about him. He's so adorable and so cool!

He's the King of Dreamland and lords over quite a bit of common enemies within Dreamland, most notably Waddle Dees which are just adorable. And while he has a huge boisterous ego, but he has a heart of gold that's just as large. I like that he can be both cute but also very cool. He's strong too, like canonically the strongest on the planet, I also like that he wields a fuck-huge hammers since hammers are cool.

I wish I could cuddle with him and press my face directly into his thick feathered chest and go "brbrbrbrbrb"

No. 277325

I went back to it and it's awful + possibly the only one that exists kek. Oh well. Motivation to make my own husbando content, I guess.

No. 277330

I had a horrible fucking day (and week tbh), I just hope to dedicate this entire weekend to drawing husbando self-insert art.
I imagine him waiting for me to get home from work, helping me take a relaxing bath while he listens to me talk about my shitty day, and holding me in his arms when I'm done. Just doing his best to make me feel better.

I felt the same way with this fic I was reading. It's time to take matters into your own hands, nonny.

No. 277331

i'm sorry to hear that nona. i hope you and your husbando can have a lovely weekend of relaxation! next week will be better

No. 277336

tbh i find even the badly written fanfics to be charming in their own way. like yeah its kinda cringy to read but you can tell that whoever wrote it was putting their whole authorussy into it and making content for other sexyman enjoyers. unless ofc its like gross fetishy shit then i wouldnt touch it with a 10 foot pole

No. 277347

How much of an autist am I for getting mad that i’m being skinwalked right down to my husbando kek

No. 277356

oh no I hope it's not a troon skinwalker, I've seen a lot of nonnies where that happened to them
kinda weird they'd go as far as to copy your husbando though (especially if he's not very well known), do you post about him on whatever social media they're following you on or something?

No. 277382

File: 1658573642534.jpg (27.71 KB, 563x544, 9cd20cf8f3bd1609030e432486efc8…)

Leon is a hottie, but have you also considered…Carlos.

No. 277383

File: 1658573694076.jpg (64.05 KB, 564x683, eb034600ab33ed9a507116cacaf8af…)

No. 277384

File: 1658573898087.jpg (161.39 KB, 1280x687, they both look nice.jpg)

Leon and Carlos

No. 277386

>Leon AND Carlos
I'm not sure I could handle that much hotness at the same time.

No. 277395

File: 1658575888257.jpeg (56.49 KB, 429x408, 55480359-97C2-4462-B985-A03562…)

I need him

No. 277396

it is a troon unfortunately. i don’t know what to do about it all. i draw my (obscure) husbando a lot on twitter because i enjoy being associated with him! it’s just even more strange since that creep had his own character he was extremely into that he just suddenly dropped. tbh it’s my own fault since i was being so nice/cordial. feels bad

No. 277400

File: 1658579981491.png (413.31 KB, 600x450, index.png)

I like his old 90's hair version better.

No. 277414

oh no I'm sorry nonna, this is why you should avoid all troons as a preventative measure
if you don't know him irl you should block him, or maybe you can make an alt account just for husbando art and stuff and block him on there so he can't find it in the first place
it's definitely creepy he's now fixated on your obscure husbando though

No. 277416

File: 1658586544715.jpg (94.19 KB, 1200x848, 89224ac961482442b5f104b4ac1980…)

I think the shaggy version is superior, I also like his attitude better in the remake.

No. 277417

File: 1658586661844.jpg (50.44 KB, 563x808, 6ac229626d14e10764daa335fb341f…)

Also Jill is damn fine in the remake…

No. 277495

I saw a mod that made them both naked and it nearly got me to buy the game. It was kind of goofy since they were the only ones naked, but it was hot as fuck. Jill's figure was so yummy and Carlos' soft uncut dick bouncing from thigh to thigh. Wow.

No. 277527

File: 1658616220324.gif (1.72 MB, 512x304, majima manspreading crotch sho…)

Post husbando manspreading crotch shots

No. 277531

File: 1658617062051.jpg (283.7 KB, 1920x1080, dmc4_wallpaper_dante__1_1__by_…)

No. 277558

File: 1658629833489.gif (1.71 MB, 540x533, 6ff6755c4cad38ebd6777e0a519d43…)

I want to see Billy again

No. 277563

File: 1658634822607.png (434 KB, 720x1046, index2.png)

He's actually my fave RE guy. But I sorta ship him with Rebecca.
Look at this stupid costume though.

No. 277567

I want to draw my husbando cumming but I have no idea what his dick would look like and I'm too embarrassed to "design" it kek

No. 277568

File: 1658638487592.jpeg (162.16 KB, 1226x2048, 1647976810700.jpeg)

Not exactly what you asked for, but I believe it still kinda counts

No. 277570

File: 1658638616544.jpg (127.62 KB, 850x1199, IMG_20220724_015718_330.jpg)

Plus this one

No. 277572

This is nice coloring on direct sun skin, beautiful.

No. 277574

File: 1658639679564.jpeg (120.55 KB, 2048x938, Ep25DJkUUAACzOt.jpeg)

Thank you, yes, this is very nice

No. 277577

File: 1658641476700.jpg (171.46 KB, 850x1275, diomylord.jpg)

unfortunately i can only find fanart since he usually sits with his legs crossed

No. 277578

File: 1658641679797.jpg (426.72 KB, 1849x2053, 837ea3ff6d124f0765e31ed8eaae13…)

luv daddy long legs

No. 277582

this is the best image I have ever seen. I'd give 17 USD to make it a banner.

No. 277599

File: 1658650804178.jpg (177.59 KB, 1024x1024, tumblr_07d9b0789b99ed18b2722bc…)

No. 277600

doubtful on this but anyone know if there's some kind of image archive or booru type of site for fanart of husbandos/hot 2d men? before finding this board i would expect there to be nothing of the sort but seeing this community makes me hopeful

No. 277603

there are lots of fanarts posted on zerochan so if you are looking for something specific you can browse through your husbandos tag there

No. 277604

Oh god I love him so much. just coomed to him

Last year when I still frequented the femporn threads on /h/ there was some talk about maybe creating a booru for "femporn" (femgaze straight 2D porn), or for general femgaze pictures. Some of the suggested names were Joshibooru or Yumebooru, I think. I went through the booru.org list of boorus but didn't find anything of the sort or anything that looked like it was for women. So, to my knowledge, there isn't any booru-style (or shimmy, etc.) imageboard solely for women, not even a yaoi one. I was about to make it myself, but site creation on booru.org was and still is closed for reasons I'm not gonna specify here.
I actually made a Google docs document with the possible rules, potential names for the booru and some potential tags and their definition, along with an example of a tagged Kaneoya Sachiko image (kek) to demonstrate how the tagging system would work. I never finished it though.
So for now you'll have to settle for the normal big sites like danbooru, gelbooru and zerochan.

No. 277636

File: 1658676019695.jpg (36.47 KB, 563x588, 1d33e52d83493a0f5a868ad16ab9c9…)

Manspreading against his will

No. 277638

File: 1658676224226.jpg (Spoiler Image, 426.95 KB, 851x1090, 69166084_p7.jpg)

>Oh god I love him so much
The best type of manspreading

No. 277639

Help youtube just recommended this to me, they know what's up.

No. 277645

thanks nonnas. if only booru creation was open… i feel like a lot of people would hop on. i would definitely help upload and tag to get a joshibooru going. ah well…

No. 277656

File: 1658684933392.jpg (313.2 KB, 1080x1550, mahitogameop.jpg)

Everyone is like, fuck Mahito. But I'm like, FUCK Mahito. Fuck him. Yes.
Can't wait to play some shitty android game and watch a musical so I can see the sexy sewer rat again.

No. 277658

File: 1658685071648.jpg (427.46 KB, 1694x1123, FU0-g2SVsAIxdlg.jpg)

Mahito-kun hnnnng

No. 277673

File: 1658690755181.jpg (150.52 KB, 600x800, 51263191ee8fb005748302bafb9780…)

Damn nice muscles tho
I ship him with Rebecca too although I sort of self-insert and see myself as her because we are the same height and frame
>7 minutes long
I was already blushing in the first 30 seconds. My imagination sure went to places kek

No. 277674

File: 1658691328874.png (14.2 KB, 387x107, kekwhat.png)

It's good to know that Leon has great stamina.

No. 277675

kek new husbando reaction pic

No. 277682

File: 1658693739168.jpg (43.63 KB, 564x1003, ec20078ba88e0f23eb091440ce4996…)

I'm rewatching SnK and nonas I can't how is Levi so fucking hot I'm obsessed I love his stupid bowl cut

No. 277691

I despise undercuts on men with my entire soul but this motherfucker is so hot, can't watch to watch SnK just to yoom him

No. 277692

Fucking same anons. He's my favorite husbando.

No. 277695


No. 277696

I'm too embarrassed to post my husbando anymore but it's kind of nice we have a secret relationship. I just love thinking about him even though he's awful

No. 277698

he is hot and you should say it I think eren is hot too

No. 277699

post him anyway

No. 277700

Okabe? Adachi?

No. 277702

File: 1658697058431.jpg (72.24 KB, 564x1002, e2cbec6cebd76b35b8b174f797cb2e…)

He can't be more awful than mine.

No. 277703

File: 1658697216469.jpg (35.76 KB, 563x505, 18c754944dc063ba67f1f1ae2487ad…)

Can you believe how lucky Nobara was? She got to jump on top of him and bang him just like that. Right in the face. Later he fingered her too. OK I'm going to ban myself now

No. 277706

He is though but I appreciate it nonna. I'm sorry maybe I will post him someday. I love seeing your mahito posts by the way

No. 277707

NTA but how bad is he? What'd he do?

No. 277708

very nice, ily

i did the same nona… he still loves us! and he's sooo cute i'd let him be mad anyway kek. hope you got his 1st anni card btw! i'm still pulling…

No. 277709

Okabefag here and it's not me kek. Though I was thinking yesterday I probably hit my quota for a while and didn't want to be too obnoxious.
I saw those posts on /m/ a while ago about how anons think he is awful and ugly and "how could he be anyone's husbando"… I felt called out but I'll continue to post anyway because autism

No. 277710

File: 1658698432251.jpg (496.38 KB, 3212x4096, E08iSmOUUAgnMxU.jpg)

I had no idea there was self-insert art with this horrible cutie btw. Amazing, I love yumes.
I'm really curious who this worst ever husbando is now.
Kek, horny autism is what this thread is for.

No. 277722

File: 1658702608505.gif (Spoiler Image, 969.17 KB, 500x217, 3tVy.gif)

Attack titan Eren though wow

No. 277725

File: 1658703718705.jpg (39.07 KB, 612x680, 49a29c70d182c866664f9a671ce547…)

No. 277882

File: 1658784777914.jpg (109.71 KB, 734x408, 1693ef67194c7cce431ce0771acf31…)

Eating my husbando's favorite food and thinking of him

No. 277885

File: 1658785745273.png (442.97 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_ooz0a8okk81rrgdk0o1_128…)

I'm a terrible person, I have several husbandos. I have phases when I focus on one at a time though. Some of them are kind of obscure Minwu from FF2 for example ok don't judge me, not particularly popular now compared to before or are completely misunderstood by the fandom because the fandom is stupid or the character comes from a horribly translated game that makes him OOC. So I wish there was more content, and specifically more accurate content, for Zero but he's basically forgotten because of FE3H being more popular.

No. 277894

What food is it?
Nothing terrible about it, having a harem is fun times.

No. 277897

Dried persimmons? He has great tastes, nonna. Those are delicious.

No. 277904

Dried persimmons or Hoshigaki! They are really good, especially if you already like persimmons normally. The sugar goes to the top and they get kinda jam like on the inside.

Yes, exactly! I agree, persimmons have always been one of my favorite fruits. Very underrated.

No. 277908

>I'm a terrible person, I have several husbandos.
There's nothing wrong with that. Male waifuists' opinions on that are worthless and the women who agree with them are moidbrained pickmes.
Have you tried to lurk the Asian fandom instead of the western one? I think learning Japanese is super useful because it lets you escape from having to see shit western fandom takes on Japanese characters all the time

No. 277919

God help me nonnies I fucking love Jeff
>complete himbo
>so stupid
>simple man, wants simple life
>probably eats box daily and loves it
>loves his wife so much, never cheats
>encourages book club

I just want him to hug me in his big biceps and settle down and have two kids in the suburbs with him

No. 277923

No. 277925

File: 1658804594530.jpg (134.41 KB, 736x978, 1684acc3dcc87d9be26eefcfc4d351…)


No. 277927

File: 1658806071266.png (394.8 KB, 622x308, Sin título.png)

I'm upset, this is a crime against humanity

No. 277949

he looks like he can shit out his meal and wipe in one second. i like him!

No. 277957

Yes, I usually mostly follow Asian artists and some European artists. But some of my husbandos are still getting forgotten as soon as a new video games gets released and they're not in it. You'll just have the occasional fanart from time to time with the artist saying "I like that character it's been so long since I drew him" and that 's it.

No. 277977

I love having several husbandos, I cycle through fantasies depending on my mood, it's great. Tbh I don't take it as seriously as some people here, I don't consider I'm in a relationship with fictional characters.

No. 277981

Yeah this, I think "husbandos" have become a term for a hot 2D guy you fancy on LC anyway. Most posters aren't as serious as the "devote yourself" thread is.

No. 277986

I still feel like it should be more than just a character you think is hot though. There should be some amount of self-insert aspect to it.

No. 277987

Definitely, I just mean it's used more casually on LC.

No. 278010

File: 1658846862929.png (726.18 KB, 771x689, Destiny 2_20220725214726 mansp…)

So many good emotes in this game and I hate that I can't get good shots of them. Cyberpunks photo mode spoiled me.

No. 278017

File: 1658849708654.png (1.37 MB, 1223x1600, 217B4A95-8263-410C-9E6B-F1EF2C…)

I hate that this literal perfection of a man isn’t real and isn’t mine and mine alone.

No. 278053

File: 1658864028414.png (418 KB, 497x526, 1637440767539.png)

Not too long ago I was trapped in quarantine and that gave me some free time to write self insert fanfics. I'm not gonna publish them, they're just for me only, but I feel like spending time on that and being alone in my room made me really fall hard for my husbando.

I always half jokingly said I didn't need irl men because I have a husbando, but now I'm so spoiled by my husbando being so perfect in my head I don't think I can ever find real men appealing ever again. Oh well.

No. 278054

File: 1658864220940.jpg (446.29 KB, 720x1126, 20220726_205324.jpg)

I admitted to my boyfriend that I have a Pinterest folder full of the fictional men I simp for. I didn't realise it until he was roasting me, but they all have the same physical characteristics + share those characteristics with people I've dated irl

No. 278083

File: 1658871496506.jpeg (212.32 KB, 1280x720, EF8E1082-6D23-403D-9014-A8E48C…)

Micah without facial hair is literally the definition of ‘oh no he’s hot’

No. 278141

File: 1658903613070.jpeg (132.01 KB, 679x1200, LoidForger.jpeg)

Loid from SpyxFamily is one of my fave husbandos. Sexy, tall, intelligent, caring, stoic, masculine, protective, etc.

No. 278323

File: 1658966858710.gif (1.73 MB, 326x376, ezgif-5-b1f02ea2b7.gif)

gigastacy dbd gameplay: never heal when playing leon

No. 278354

I don't even know anything about RE, but as a moan connoisseur, this is some PRIMO stuff.

No. 278355

File: 1658994034183.jpg (112.04 KB, 850x792, cmaumhr8zjtz.jpg)

I noticed a lot of us included Link in our husbando charts, so which Link is your favorite? I think they are all cute, but BOTW Link makes me feral.

No. 278361

toon link is my baby. ocarina timeskip link was probably my biggest link crush

No. 278370


Great conversation starter, nonnie! I'm excited to see everyone's opinions. While Ocarina of Time is my fav game, Link in Twilight Princess is gorgeous. He's got such a more "dark" mature look in Twilight Princess.

No. 278376

Twilight is the most handsome to me. I love that mature, intense face and dirty blonde hair.

No. 278383

Twilight does it for me but if I'm more into a "wanna look at a cutie getting destroyed", I go with Wild

No. 278386

>wanna look at a cutie getting destroyed
Just what happens to him in that game?

No. 278423

>bored so I read Naruto erotic fanfiction
>author talks about how a sex act isn't painful for a character because of ninja training
He has such power..

No. 278430

what character and what sex act

No. 278442

File: 1659031163339.jpg (21 KB, 400x400, EAsrYGVXUAAyCyE.jpg)

I have to wait for my vibrators to charge Yeah I have a battery bullet, but it's not what I want

No. 278455

File: 1659038871273.jpg (482.71 KB, 2552x2966, link.jpg)

Twilight Princess Link is always my favorite Link. Like what other nonnas said, he's very handsome and mature-looking and I like the dark gothic theme/art stlye/aesthetics especially for an adventure fantasy game like LoZ. BotW Link is cute and has more personality but I kinda missed Link with his hat and green outfit. Gerudo Link is hot too but seeing fanart that panders scrotes and aidens makes me sick.

No. 278488

File: 1659051378754.gif (2.62 MB, 540x320, 463152CD-E6BB-463A-80BA-EF21F2…)

My life change after watching this for the first time


No. 278491

Damn the moans got her she couldn't even finish the sentence

No. 278493

Just drew porn of me and my husbando for the first time. I'm taking a break now because I got too worked up kek but I want to draw more. So many real world responsibilities but I am too busy yooming…

No. 278533

What did you draw you two doing?

No. 278552

He's spanking me. It's an inside joke between us.

No. 278560

Damn now I want to draw self-insert art of me spanking my husbando, he has been a bad boy

No. 278626

Kek i love this thread so much. i laughed out loud

No. 278631

File: 1659119781470.jpg (167.95 KB, 747x800, Dojima.Daigo.full.2284749.jpg)

I wish he was my chairman (in the forniphilic way)

No. 278633

File: 1659120237061.jpg (68.96 KB, 700x730, 0b967c56d17d5fa5cb935d4e8bcedb…)

looked better as a hobo

No. 278679

I was unboxing husbando merch and it felt like a religious experience

No. 278719

Ryuji and Kiryu would also make good sittable chair(men)s

No. 278723

File: 1659150026238.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.85 KB, 378x464, Screenshot_20220729_225652.jpg)

nonas… I started calling this man my husbando for fun but… I don't think it's a joke anymore…

No. 278728

Who's this?

No. 278730

……t-the mascot for the mobile game homescapes…

No. 278735

He kinda sweet looking and maybe has a nice cock

No. 278736

Nona… do you know what Lily's Garden is?

No. 278742

Well, now I get it…

No. 278804

Head on him like Prince Willian bet the lad is SLANGIN' fat cock

No. 278817

he looks like he'd treat you really well nona
also what >>278804 said kek

No. 278837

Ironic shitposters get out. Also, do you actually play shitty cashgrab match 3 mobage or do you only know him from a shitty ad?

No. 278874

File: 1659225972414.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.03 KB, 735x1030, chocobear.jpg)

Don't feel bad, nonnie. I have a cash grab mobage husbando too.

No. 278885

nta but sometimes it's hard to tell when someone's being ironic or not since we've had that sort of posts here before.
I believed you though. I wouldn't be surprised if there were other people out there who want to fuck him, kek

No. 278890

File: 1659230355855.jpg (172.08 KB, 745x746, 75972876_p19_master1200.jpg)

Sorry it took so long to reply, I managed to finally submit last of my uni work, now I'm free!

Oh god that picture is so good, love love love it! It's so cute how he holds his cloak, I wish I was there hehe!

>What did you like about his depiction of Severus?

Well I think the best parts were his voice and generally way of speaking, he had the best voice in the whole world in my opinion! I liked his cold and somewhat subtle way of portraying Snape, but I do agree with you, it would have been glorious if the movies had included scenes where Snape is truly mean or feral like you said. Luckily we can fill that in with our imagination! Also I think Mr. Rickman was very handsome. I admit that I'm bit biased, since I had seen first three movies before I read the books, so all characters who appeared in those movies were influenced heavily by the actors and actresses. But the moment I fell in love with him was when I read the first book!

> Are you going to make a Nendo of yourself to put next to him

Aw that's such a good idea! Would you use some existing nendo and customise it? That would definitely be really cute.

About journals, look at this notebook, I think it would be perfect for Snape-related writing: https://cognitive-surplus.com/products/poisonous-plants-hardcover-journal-lined-grid?_pos=9&_sid=801a3e11c&_ss=r&variant=28498214256717
I found one for a decent price in my country, I think I'll buy it! I confess that my organization ends with colour coding, I start stories when old ones are still unfinished but I don't mind, the notebook looks nice and the necessary information is still there. I have made husbando -themed stickers with computer, now I should print them.

I like your story, it will definitely be difficult to prevent some of the events, but a lot of things will be possible when two smart and dedicated people work together!

This is a small detail but I like to think that he survives Nagini's bite, but he would be sick for a while after that, and it would leave a large scar on his neck. I don't think Snape is vain or too concerned about his looks, but he would hide the scar, at least around other people (hopefully he would trust me enough not to hide it around me). I don't know why I think about the scar specifically, it seemed like a nice detail to add.

>I'd love to see him in a tight fitting pair of black jeans with a crisp white button down shirt tucked in. He'd have the collar open and the sleeves rolled up and I'd die

Oh my he would definitely look handsome! Now the questions is, would he look better in that outfit with or without beard hehe!

No. 278928

File: 1659258711297.jpg (900.16 KB, 1772x997, Almond.Cookie.full.3532782.jpg)

He's cute but can I direct you to the ultimate Daddy Cookie?

No. 278930

iirc this artist has drawn snape yume fanart with a self-insert from every house

No. 278932

File: 1659261873268.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 63.62 KB, 800x1200, E6F012D9-4883-4C45-BBE5-BEE8D8…)

So it is like this, Nonnies, that I accept I like disgusting greasy stinky old men

No. 278943

The best kind of men there is!

No. 278955

File: 1659282273214.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.23 KB, 428x600, b9cd6a6cfd1ce3222b9b5a041c7cfd…)

some shit happens like a yokai attacks me with horny dust and I can only be cured though sex and he acts put out and teasing by it but his snark drops midway through because of the passion but he uses restraint because of his affection for me but he's like "tsch, silly human" most of the time

No. 278971

File: 1659290051358.jpeg (20.66 KB, 275x269, 3933538E-079D-4133-9237-73B8A6…)

Dayum he oiled up

No. 279042

i cant tell if this is an actual person or a 3d render but holy shit that pic killed me

No. 279141

I reverse image searched that pic because I was wondering the same thing and it's a cosplayer

No. 279145

NTA but that's disappointing, somehow.

No. 279172

i cant see it the same way now. was really hoping it wasnt an actual moid dammit.

No. 279175

File: 1659410609225.jpeg (446.69 KB, 810x1274, CD7B8A8A-11BE-4790-9393-FFB733…)

Cute cute cute aaaaaah

No. 279199

File: 1659426551252.jpg (383.89 KB, 1800x1849, 1659415593856243.jpg)

I have been so horny for this new anime moid the past few days. All of my thoughts when I have any modicum of free time are consumed by images of this anime man fucking me in every which way until my mind and body are completely spent. I couldn't even focus at work because I couldn't stop fantasizing. My panties were soaked my entire shift, not to be too vulgar.
It's extra weird since most of my anime man crushes involve femdom or role reversal.
I can't let any of my friends know how bad I have it right now because it's so ridiculous. I'm scared nonnies I know may be reading this. I NEED to talk about him though. I am cringe.

No. 279200

But anon tell us his name I need a name for those big titties.

No. 279201

The kinda titties you just wanna bite into.

No. 279202

File: 1659427531508.gif (2.97 MB, 540x242, tumblr_45b94b8660efc6e6149ac6c…)

It's Anji Mito, though not the anime man I'm referring to. I just identify with Baiken in the pic rn. Anji is still definitely worth obsessing over regardless.

No. 279203

Holy damn, thanks for posting
Who is the anime man though?

No. 279204

File: 1659430212801.jpg (632.82 KB, 1024x1725, bg_anj.jpg)

I know him and yes he is hot as fuck. I main Baiken tho

No. 279206

File: 1659431728762.jpg (214.89 KB, 1200x1698, 1200px-Baiken-acc.jpg)

Why the spoiler, she is a total badass hottie too. I prefer the earlier designs though.

No. 279224

I dont care that hes a dicklet hes the best and cutest and most precious boy, would bang and hold hands with anytime 999/10

No. 279229

File: 1659449492693.jpg (65.22 KB, 850x1298, BestBoy.jpg)

I recently completed the Chainsaw Man Manga and I fucking LOVE Beam, he's a little Shark devil man and he's the best

No. 279233

File: 1659454281753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.05 KB, 1280x720, E-DxXyTVcAc5BLp.jpg_large.jpg)

It's #robo Ky. I know it's absurd##
Imagine getting folded into a pretzel and brought to the edge of the abyss every night by a handsome piece of heavy machinery.
I usually hate pervert characters
and I'm not much into robots but imagining him as my humanoid mechanized dildo slave, wow. Literally built to be used by women.

No. 279236

The fucked up spoiler tag is adding to the embarrassment so I'm keeping it. My hour of shame for all nonnies to witness.

No. 279238

File: 1659456733116.jpg (62.2 KB, 450x700, f029d94aa94a8f09d36e8270043f90…)

Take that back, Saichi is average
Shiraishi is the real dicklet

No. 279240

i'm genuinely so happy to see there are nonas from the fgc on here. i need more likeminded friends who play fighting games but everyone is usually fuckin weird kek

No. 279242

Oh I need him

No. 279255

ok ok I take it back, you have a point. plus it was cold

No. 279263

File: 1659469390939.png (108.44 KB, 500x243, tumblr_696d6eda4eb807260044b72…)

stop using him as a scapegoat!!

No. 279270

File: 1659470304031.jpg (62.22 KB, 476x600, Hijiri-Matsubase-zVTvW6Oq7-b.j…)

Hijiri Matsubase I love him so much. I have such a fixation with snarky short guys

No. 279271

File: 1659470368174.jpg (512.28 KB, 1699x1182, EdpIwQbX0AAJ7Ke.jpg_large.jpg)

I do not associate with the fgc they are all raging smelly autistic moids. I play casually and shitty when I'm not masturbating to sexy fighting game men. Idk fighting game men are just built different. They usually have cute bishonen faces but still have muscle mass. It's ideal.
I do however like keeping up with the drama and cringe in the same vein as speedrunning. Gamer males in public settings are a wellspring of entertainment.

No. 279273

mmmmm Who is the artist?

No. 279307

I think bengus? It's official Capcom art for skullomania.

No. 279309

what >>279307 said!
he posts art on his twitter, too

No. 279347

File: 1659503000844.jpeg (53.79 KB, 600x337, 55F36F54-DF3D-4C80-A7AA-8C03A6…)


No. 279350

File: 1659509021140.jpg (488.8 KB, 1300x798, Nishikiyama.Akira.full.2362084…)

me except with him and i'm the one always biting on his nuts both figuratively and literally

No. 279358

Why are there only doujinshis of my husbando being raped and a bottom I want to make my own of him with his canonical love interest / or female faceless self insert kek

No. 279360

who are you talking about

No. 279364

Sugimoto from GK

No. 279366

Nishiki did nothing wrong! I love him, so handsome
He had such a pure heart and he was such a good guy

No. 279367

is 0 the only yakuza game you've played

No. 279368

nah Ive played them all, I know he went full cycle path but seriously wouldn't you if they fucked you over, the doctor left with his money, his bff went to jail, his sister died, the girl he loved doesnt love him. Yes I will die on the Nishiki hill

No. 279369

plus Kazama's blatant favoritism towards Kiryu that made Nishiki such an insecure mess

No. 279372

Do it nona!!

No. 279379

File: 1659524235343.jpg (70.03 KB, 736x552, a854c58d6b11dcd5562880d9510fff…)

Aside from usagi no honkai, usually Sugimoto is topping, though
But I'm favorable to more doujins, always

No. 279381

I sort of agree with >>279379 in that there are more doujins where hes top but thats due to most of them being sugio kek I am surprised that there isnt more self-insert stuff with him, he is prime yume material

No. 279383

I probably have been looking in the wrong places haha. Well good to know!! Thank you nonnies.

No. 279387

File: 1659535328941.jpg (84.88 KB, 736x537, 8e4875187fdb4f9e264d158255e415…)

Do the doujin (or fanfic) anyway nona! I'm glad to see another Sugiwife but I'm a terrible person because I also have Ogata as a sidepiece
that being said, I'm planning on doing a SugiOxYume doujin someday, who knows

No. 279388

twilight through to wild for me bc i'm indecisive and he's just so consistently cute. twilight was my first vidya crush back when i was a kid kek… there used to be a huge standee of him at the place we used to shop at and i used to stand and STARE at him. he's so hot. skyward link is suuuuuper cute - like, very boyfriend material - and botw link feels like a really nice in between of the traits i like of the previous two.

tl;dr: link i love you

No. 279392

I might doodle something quick and post it in the devoting yourself to husbando thread kek. Obviously faceless self insert

No. 279419

this is a little much i'm sorry lol
but have any of you ever used a dildo with a body pillow? i've been thinking about it and the idea is kinda exciting tbh. not sure how i'd attach it yet or anything but i wanna fug my husbando damn it.

No. 279421

File: 1659547216663.png (293.22 KB, 488x689, とりあえず2 on Tumblr - search_ jos…)


No. 279427

I’d do it

No. 279436

wasn't there a nonnie that made a diy dildo attached to a pillow? i remember something like that, maybe on /ot/ or here in /g/

No. 279470

File: 1659557433375.png (Spoiler Image, 762.18 KB, 691x786, 205e46a79958d74002252e8477f75e…)

kek im just being reminded of this

No. 279472

Yes masking tape and a glove.

No. 279476

You go for it nonita! Speaking of I was thinking of buying a male sex doll and make it in the image of my husbando

No. 279477

Maybe I should get that Kiryu sex doll from my dream for real.

No. 279484

Buy a strapon and make the pillow "wear" it kek. Don't ask me how I know it this

No. 279485

wait that's so smart… good looking out nona!!

No. 279495

Ah yes i must COOM thank you sisters

No. 279501

If they actually made male sex dolls that were as good quality as the female ones. But then you can really only do cowgirl. A large chunk of silicon/TPE is ridiculously heavy and it can't move.

No. 279505

File: 1659570996215.jpg (26.81 KB, 1000x667, Women-in-engineering-by-TSI.jp…)

>be the change you want, we need more women in STEM..

No. 279515

File: 1659581234038.jpg (1.53 MB, 845x1200, 100150531_p2_master1200.jpg)

My husbando would find me so irritating but I still think he's great.

No. 279518

too bad I'm too old and bad at math…

No. 279533

File: 1659604600326.jpg (10.78 KB, 236x404, d9w93o8-34359cc2-ecac-4202-815…)

Mmmmm Vulcan ears, Vulcan pecs, Vulcan dick

No. 279549

I wanna make a sculpture of my husbando should i make it lewd or cute? Was thinking of either male bunny suit or 80's short shorts and roller skates(i have weird fetishes). I am also open for outfit and pose ideas. Also, anyone else makes stuff of their husbando? I also wanna make a plsuhie in the future.

No. 279567

Do either! It’s your husbando! As long as you don’t have family or friends coming over to see him out in the open Kek. send any progress pics if you do and are comfortable with sharing doing projects with your husbando like that is fun.

No. 279574

omg nona that sounds wonderful and super cute! Makes me want to attempt to craft something myself. Who is your husbando?

No. 279609

I love this so much

No. 279618

File: 1659638236479.png (Spoiler Image, 383.87 KB, 400x533, fierybastard.png)

i NEED to bite his horns and bully him so freaking bad god why am i like this.

No. 279619

File: 1659638306112.png (Spoiler Image, 606.68 KB, 1000x798, nuncio-san.png)

same sentiment but this one too (pics not nsfw i just have ugly husbandos)

No. 279620

wish i could tell, it's some obscure character from an 80's show

No. 279627

live action or cartoon?

No. 279629

Tell us nona!

No. 279654

File: 1659648914677.jpg (374.36 KB, 1748x1181, FFiDMhwVgAUJTCt.jpg)

>tfw youll never marry your husbando and he will never father your children and take them to work with him

I hate it here

No. 279658

it genuinely hurts so bad. my husbando would be such a good dad… all he ever wanted was a family and i can't give it to him FUCK

No. 279682

File: 1659660029230.png (366.62 KB, 518x845, unknown-9.png)

It's Presto from the D&D cartoon. He's been my husbando since i was a child, he's so goddam cute. An anon on the husbando thread on /co/ drew this for me. Btw anyone commissions art of their husbando? I did twice, wish i could comm more but finding artists that know how to draw males is quite difficult.

No. 279717

File: 1659688416248.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.48 KB, 1280x1463, tumblr_8ed03546482856cb7169367…)

Hi nonny I found this pic the other day thought you might like it. (Spoilering because I'm not sure if it's acceptable to post live-action characters in this thread)

No. 279718

it is but only the characters. to give an example Snapefagging goes here, even with a live action movie pic, but Rickmanfagging does not. Spockfagging is fine here, Nimoyfagging is not. Hope that helps.

No. 279722

Well thank you. I think I saw some negative replies when live-action characters were posted a couple of threads ago, so that's why I wasn't sure.

No. 279723

File: 1659692112199.gif (435.31 KB, 500x235, A2E2D68A-D12F-4264-AF7F-9075FE…)

Why did they have to make Thrax from Osmosis Jones so suave? His voice is smooth as hell and he’s a genuinely intimidating villain. I watched some clips from the movie on YouTube. People are openly simping for him in the comment section. Makes me feel less guilty about being so down bad.

No. 279724

from what i have seen the negative replies were to posts about actual real life people, not characters in live action movies or shows

No. 279727

He had a god tier waist-shoulder ratio

No. 279729

File: 1659696819405.jpg (108.01 KB, 1188x1080, vienna-bronze-artist-cat-paint…)

I love this thread and I can't wait to get good at drawing male characters so I could sketch my husbando! For now I am just drawing myself in his outfits. This thread motivates me a lot, so thank you nonnies.
I really wish there were yumejo-otoge dedicated forums like in the old days, but this thread is good too.

No. 279730

I have decided to cosplay as my husbando. It's an ambitious project but I've been meaning to get back into sewing and prop building anyways and he is the perfect candidate. He's the only character I love enough to dedicate that amount of time and money to. Have any of you nonnies done this before?

No. 279759

File: 1659720773104.png (192 KB, 405x612, 846DF483-C5EC-4D40-9BEE-509178…)

not sure if testament nona is still around, but arcsys was showing his concept art for strive. i don’t know if this helps or makes things worse but.. at least there is a timeline where they didn’t troon him out yeah?

No. 279761

He looks superbuff there, why couldn't they just go for his usual bodytype in the final design?

No. 279764

it’s feels like they just buffed everyone up in general tbh!! zato is so beefy to me now

No. 279816

is posting your own husbando drawings here okay? It's self-insert ship stuff, lord forgive me

No. 279817

nonas have posted their stuff before! i'd love to see it

No. 279818

File: 1659751532379.png (Spoiler Image, 529.97 KB, 861x944, shame.png)

Thank god for anonymity…

No. 279820

thank you for your service nona, love it!

No. 279821

Not a TF2fag but this is fucking awesome nonna!!

No. 279823

This is so cute!! I love it and thank you for sharing!

No. 279826

super cute. i really love your art style!

No. 279827

This looks great, anon! I wish I had the courage to draw and post something

No. 279848

No. 279851

I wish they stuck to the GGST tradition of beefing characters up with Testament. This design made my jaw drop. We got fucking robbed. Broad daylight.

No. 279874

File: 1659777547182.jpg (112.33 KB, 677x358, kratos regal symphonia.jpg)

Watching an LP and dammit I'm remembering how much I loved these guys 15+ years ago.
I love that stoic but actually a nice guy personality gap. Too bad they both have dead lover baggage which is a no go thing for me husbando-wise.

No. 279891

File: 1659791388776.jpg (628.92 KB, 1464x1000, Regal.Bryant.full.1322325.jpg)

Omg Regal. I thought he was so hot. Long hair, muscular, in handcuffs. Nice.

No. 279929

Does anyone else not really care for lewd art of their husbando? I much prefer imagining scenarios over seeing it in reality.
I'll save it if the art is cute but that's it.

No. 279931

File: 1659814548705.jpg (115.26 KB, 565x800, d5sfpa3-d7f6be0e-c54e-48d9-b50…)

Nonnies, I am here wondering, would be cringe if I asked my bf to cosplay as my husbando in bed? (pic related)
How do I get him to do it? It's the closest I could get to fuck him

No. 279933

Most of the time, yeah. But that's probably because I have yet to see good smut of him. It's always people projecting their strange kinks onto him or turning him into some hyper-feminine twink.
> would be cringe?
No, it would be kinda cute.
>How do I get him to do it?
ask him lol

No. 279934

I’ve had my Nigel dress like Reigen. Who cares if it’s cringe kek

No. 279936

File: 1659819494569.jpg (126.94 KB, 1374x1457, 1659808767211771.jpg)


No. 279942

Literally just buy the clothes (don’t buy a cheap slicked back wig, they look bad. Slick his actual hair back and believe me when I say you can get him to bleach it if you ask enough times. Or just save up for a high quality one.) and dress him up in it. Men aren’t really known for saying ‘no’ to pussy under any circumstance. We have the same husbando so I would feel personally fulfilled if you achieved this. I would love to give more advice but alas I’m too embarrassed. Good luck.

No. 279944

oh my god

No. 279945

Lol nona, I am bad with words, what I mean is that I don't want him to think I am a crazy fangirl/weeb by asking him that
Based, nona. I bet you had a lot of fun.
Do you have any recommendation for the clothing, nonnie? I want something good, not that AliExpress cheap crap.
The hair is not much of an issue, he has dark blond hair so I won't need to bleach too much and blue eyes, but a darker tone than Ludwig's. He is a bit skelly tho, so in build he would look more Prussia than Germany (I love the German brothers equally but Germany is more achievable in real life than Prussia lol). I am so excited, I bet we would look so hot and sexy dressing up as Ludwig and in a sexy uniform. I think the worst and harder part of the cosplay is getting him to learn words in German since he doesn't speak at all.

No. 279958

File: 1659828071879.jpeg (470.59 KB, 1059x1053, 46A5F635-ACA6-44F9-B3FB-0D8AEB…)

It’s not any harder than training dogs nonny! Make him memorise a few key phrases you would enjoy to hear and give him an almond or something every time he gets it right. He will be speaking like a parrot in no time.

Ooo, the uniform is the juicy bit. You’re absolutely right, no tacky cosplay stuff. Avoid non-organic fabrics like the plague. I think you can buy genuine-ish green military puffy pants for a reasonable price and combine it with women’s boots, the largest sizes can fit a good portion of men. You can always resell them after you’re done, so it’s not wasteful either. You can purchase a pair of rubber ones, they’re affordable and not tacky. For tops, a simple black tank-top would be enough in my opinion. He could make it an addition to his regular day-to-day wardrobe also. They’re really comfy in my experience.
Now here’s the real question kek: will he be growing out his sideburns?
He was pretty lanky in the first few seasons so your boyfriends’ not entirely off the mark! Serving 420p crusty animation realness in 3D, even.
Picrel is women’s rubber riding boots. They’re so hot to me.. I would definitely make my boyfriend put them on if I had one. Husbandoshit or otherwise.

No. 279959

Oooh and you should buy one of those sexy black caps hairy gay men wear!

No. 279967

this is actually becoming really sad lmao

No. 279976

Not that anon, but did he know who he was dressing as or did you just ask him to wear a suit "randomly"? Did you do the hair too? Sounds great either way though Id be scared if I called a guy by the characters name accidentally

No. 279984

It's much more in the spirit of the thread then talking about dressing up your real life boyfriend…

No. 279991

I just finished my first fanfic! It's a x reader fanfic and I don't know of I will publish it but I left it vague enough in case I decide I want to. Definitely turned myself on while writing it lol

No. 279992

File: 1659850362403.jpg (573.51 KB, 800x1009, kanpeki idol.jpg)

it makes me so happy whenever majima sings, even when it's his usual off-key gibberish yelling
seeing him dance and clap along makes it even better
I want to go on a karaoke date with him

No. 279997

File: 1659851952052.png (Spoiler Image, 10.95 MB, 3827x5368, 97944498_p14.png)

damn, that's your husbando? hot, but do you think your bf could pull it off? few 3D men are as hot as Germany

>I am surprised that there isnt more self-insert stuff with him, he is prime yume material

No. 279999

File: 1659852955727.jpg (109.54 KB, 582x825, 90943521_p2.jpg)

No. 280036

I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for this nonna

No. 280086

Not even into those characters but this is NAICE

No. 280095

File: 1659898755144.png (Spoiler Image, 3.2 MB, 1127x2354, noise.png)

Ahhh!! Thank you sm!Here's some more goofy shit

No. 280096

CUTE!!! i hope you share any new pieces you do later nona!!

No. 280106

File: 1659902803671.jpg (28.99 KB, 253x184, my beloved.jpg)

This design is so much better, we were robbed. Even the outfit details are way nicer.

Still not the original body type but I'll take beefy Testament over BBL Testament any day. He looks very huggable hehehe

No. 280108

>BBL Testament

No. 280112

which yakuza character you think would be the most likely to hold you in his arms and let you suck his tits like a baby

No. 280119

File: 1659906299869.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.54 KB, 1187x1000, atsumu-osamu_a01.jpg)

tfw will never have a mutual masturbation session with the Miya twins

Spoiler for horny twins, but everyday I wake up

No. 280124


No. 280126

i love writing x reader fics for my rare husbandos. i wish i was brave enough to publish them for other content starved fans kek
nonna your art is incredible

No. 280127

Horny posting is right

No. 280128

I wish my big tiddy husbando would let me do that while he strokes my pussy. It would be bliss.

No. 280132

Definitely Kiryu.

No. 280156

File: 1659919158275.jpeg (364.69 KB, 513x694, A40C9494-CDDD-4A02-A2A0-CD7F3E…)

i want to hug him and kiss him and squeeze him and hold him and hug him and kiss him and sit in his lap and hug him and kiss him tfw no french republican general bf tfw no emperor of france king of italy protector of the confederation of the rhine bf tfw no conquered most of continental europe bf

I know he treated the women in his life pretty badly and was very very sexist, but every time I hear about his wives/mistresses I get so jealous… I don’t resent those women of course but it’s still so embarrassing to be jealous

No. 280359

kek CUTE

No. 280497


No. 280514

3DPDfags go away

No. 280517

come here nona >>>/m/226170

No. 280591

File: 1659978503860.jpg (218.18 KB, 1400x2000, FZpFSd0aUAAjPuS.jpg)

What would your husbando wear at the beach?

No. 280595

File: 1659979676196.png (889.73 KB, 1280x716, sengobeach.png)

Nothing, canonically.

No. 280675

File: 1659999819668.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1620, Reigen_swimwear.png)

Either of these

No. 280680

File: 1660002331945.png (163.41 KB, 304x381, Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 7.45…)

unfortunately my husbando is a vampire. shame.

No. 280682

fantastic taste, nonita

No. 280683

i want to give my husbando a baby. i want to give my husbando a baby. i want to give my husbando a baby. i want to give my husbando a baby.

No. 280685


No. 280687

the only man i'll ever love

No. 280690

You WILL and he will sew little mittens for your beautiful kids. God bless.

No. 280691

it's funny you say this because he actually has a sewing hobby!! and now i'm sobbing at the idea. he'd be so excited to make them too…

No. 280696

This artist just keeps getting more based

No. 280737

File: 1660027764396.jpg (82.69 KB, 1280x874, 06becd0d00d7f43c94de5ddf8d00df…)

Griffith was at his peak performance in the 1997 anime and that era of the manga. He had the perfect sanpaku eyes that made him look manly, menacing yet elegant at the same time. His facial shape still read male, not a trap. I hate how sissified and bogged he's become at the series progression. His lips are massive now. I don't care if that progression meant he was becoming more godlike or whatever, 1997 Griffith will always be the best Griffith. Fight me.

No. 280744

File: 1660029127595.jpg (413.16 KB, 2827x2829, h3opydq2gph81.jpg)

No. 280746

File: 1660029948827.jpg (57.49 KB, 1200x675, eRaf3eC.jpg)

If only they kept this canon…

No. 280749

I hate that Beserk has only a single anime adaption that also ends at the eclipse. So sad.

No. 280827

Nice, speedos are the only correct husbando beachwear.

No. 280833

Nice boner, kaz

No. 280840

I know we like to clown on the movies and the 2016 anime but I don't think the original anime was that good either aside from the art and the music, the animation was very limited and they skipped a lot of things.

No. 280847

utterly based

No. 280911

File: 1660127402979.jpg (2.16 MB, 2039x2894, gintoki love.jpg)

why must I be in love with this lazy sadistic sugar-addicted deadbeat who picks his nose in public

No. 280927

File: 1660138129882.gif (1 MB, 268x300, tumblr_e06fc88436dcd52845e4dec…)

Id let young ezio do whatever he wanted with me

for some reason the two older versions dont do it for me

No. 280933

File: 1660141315267.jpeg (36.65 KB, 444x750, DAAF328F-0C1D-4C7B-98F9-D54D4C…)

just spent 230 dollars on a figure. life is good.

No. 280945

File: 1660149903723.jpg (89.06 KB, 700x1033, ce2485338c84b957cdf3f5e7bb88da…)

Happy vegito day nonnies!

No. 280949

Good for you, these are beautiful

No. 280953

about to do the same for my husbando in a few weeks. we (and our husbandos) deserve it!

No. 281014

Because he's cute and hot, good taste nona

No. 281016

File: 1660180672180.jpeg (34.05 KB, 270x334, 6BCE57DA-3C69-41C6-BA39-A5746A…)

bumping with ova husbando bc gore

No. 281030

i'm discovering my auralism and oh sweet jesus thank you. he sounds like he's trying so hard not to cum i'm fucking weak

No. 281035

File: 1660192049178.jpg (300.7 KB, 1079x986, Screenshot_20220811-002811_Chr…)

I love slade even if he is my most disgusting a d shameful husbando i have. The rest are so pure compared to him, but that suit alone and the voice makes me act up. Also they made him so hot in the rebirth comics without the suit even as an old fuck. Help me.

No. 281036

I get it, nonna. It's a real shame that he is the way that he is because FUCK he's hot.

No. 281037

holy fuck this is great. if only they added a bit of a pause between each set of moans to make it more realistic it'd be beyond perfect

No. 281038

File: 1660193134723.png (1.32 MB, 1000x1414, export202208102345040500.png)

Yes anon before the day is over!
Vegito bitties

No. 281041

File: 1660193414522.jpeg (917.17 KB, 1920x1920, A0E34FD8-2069-45D0-B474-5CA42B…)

Only weirdo girls will understand

No. 281042

i wanted big stinky murdoc back in the day unfortunately

No. 281043

File: 1660193826286.jpeg (804.88 KB, 1170x1247, 46999564-E86D-4BF7-9595-DC9DF5…)

ayrt, also same though. Murdoc is the dirty rockstar type I had a thing for too

No. 281049

that scene right there gave me my male nipple fetish

No. 281052

No. 281053

I was in like 3rd grade when I first saw this video on MTV and ngl this scene awakened something in me

No. 281054

No. 281056

File: 1660196469533.gif (720.45 KB, 600x359, s-f21a9c8507f82a8584bfd9f6a182…)

No. 281073

File: 1660207887274.jpg (Spoiler Image, 305.4 KB, 893x1200, goodstuff.jpg)

Thinking about his chest.

No. 281076

File: 1660212169639.png (285.58 KB, 600x529, gintoki kabedon.png)

thank you nonnie, his cuteness is irresistible

No. 281081

File: 1660214328684.png (506.99 KB, 988x537, DUgY8ToVAAA9qhJ.png)

Looks like he is good with his hands as well.
>magnificient masculine mounds of pleasure
Perfect, what is this from?

No. 281083

God, same.

No. 281102


No. 281106

NTA but I'll try
Him Tsurumi?: Isn't it good just watching? If you can take it for a little longer, we can do as your [redacted] wishes
Her: I can't do it, I'm gonna cum (in between moans)
Him: Bad girl, don't you know that you're not the only one having to endure it?
random japanese fun fact: Precum literally translates to "Endurance soup/juice lmao

No. 281110

MORE! Gk men are so handsome

No. 281111

File: 1660235265758.jpg (99.79 KB, 1200x628, i really hate the redesign i s…)

Ugh I want to touch his shiny hair so bad… I complained about the redesign in every thread where it was mentioned, but I still smile like a dumbass and blush a little when I see him, I'm so pathetic (Kobayashi's voice is kind of hot and it doesn't help. Although I still hate his english VA.)

I feel like a teenage shojo manga MC experiencing her first crush every time it comes to my husbando and it doesn't stop. Glittery eyes and everything. I was never a true and honest husbandofag before, I had (still have) temporary husbandos/waifus but it's mostly something lighthearted/ironic that I did for entertainment because I like to make up romantic scenarios for fun and think yumejoshi are cool (I think about drawing yume stuff for anons on here sometimes but I'm not the most talented artist on this site)

But I am so ridiculously serious about my husbando now, I'm in love with him and it's just so embarrassing, the sheer autism of it all. Every mundane thing I do I think about doing together… The weight of my weeb shame is more than I can currently bear but I hope I can become like the other nonas who are happy with their husbandos and use their feelings as motivation for self-improvement

No. 281112

why was it deleted

No. 281113

Dude had an entire erection out.
That's cute nona.

No. 281114

but it's not real!

No. 281118

File: 1660236495987.jpeg (89.51 KB, 768x929, 9754359F-CABA-48E3-BFC6-8B9E4D…)

bump to get scrote stuff off main page

No. 281128

Had a dream that I was riding passenger last night but it was more annoying than anything LMAO. I'm not into skade's men but his hair's so pretty I want to pull on it.

No. 281136

File: 1660244092871.jpg (328.03 KB, 2200x1700, 20220721_113731.jpg)

Bumping with husbando bc of gore, careful anons

No. 281139

File: 1660247147028.jpg (186.58 KB, 968x626, IMG_20220811_205212.jpg)

First time posting here and lolcow in general, it's great seeing other people self ship and talk about their husbandos. I've always felt ashamed of talking about this kind of stuff and drawing it. But anyway, I love this man so much, he's perfect and I need him in my life and want him to marry me. I hate that the anime kinda sucks and the series isn't that popular, there's very few fan art and I couldn't find any fan fics.
I see Ohma in there, great taste nonnie. Muscular men with dark hair are hot.

No. 281159

File: 1660255236807.jpg (52.83 KB, 651x610, FSYbbtFWYAIiOSt.jpg)

Nonnies, I love him so much it hurts. I don't care if he's the design equivalent of a 90's flame shirt, to me he is perfect. All I think about is holding his hand, being held in his arms and how firm his grip would be. he would probably fuck so well too. gently holding me tightly to him

No. 281167

File: 1660262096603.jpg (465.32 KB, 600x848, 1659991767174463.jpg)

At least bump with a relevant picture, and don't mention why, that's still giving the troll indirect attention.

No. 281184

File: 1660266478994.gif (2.26 MB, 520x293, download.gif)

I have more…

No. 281186

i thought i was out of my murdoc phase but. i need to lay on his chest while he plays bass nonas……. I NEED IT

No. 281188

File: 1660266770754.gif (6.23 MB, 520x293, download (1).gif)

>i thought i was out of my murdoc phase but

No. 281191

File: 1660266979264.gif (6.34 MB, 520x293, download (2).gif)

the way he thrusts………….

No. 281194

File: 1660267120225.gif (726.57 KB, 474x262, lordt.gif)

naughty!!!! i will beat him into submission

No. 281235

Nta but that animation looks way too intentional. I love it.

No. 281256

File: 1660277338337.jpg (257.12 KB, 600x799, them muscles though.jpg)

two other gintoki lovers itt… I am not alone at least kek
welcome to lc nonnie! feel free to talk about your husbandos and share your drawings too if you feel confident enough
is he from kengan ashura? if so I thought the manga was pretty popular

No. 281269

File: 1660289340451.jpeg (221.21 KB, 1920x1080, FCpqapwXMAshjMR.jpeg)

I'm watching Inside Job for the first time and I fucking love Brett. He's just so damn hot and precious. Surprised he's not on the Tumblr Sexyman list.

No. 281277

He is the nicest flame shirt and I understand you. His passion and protectiveness of other makes him a good person. You really just want to make him happy.

No. 281284

Thank you! And yes, he's the main character from Kengan Ashura. The manga is kinda popular, but mainly thanks to it's rivalry with Baki, the most fan content I could find was on pixiv. Unfortunately I don't have any drawings to post, but I want to do fan art of him sometime, and also find the courage to do self ship art again without worrying too much about it. I thought a whole story with him so I have lots of ideas for drawings. It's ridiculous how much time I spend thinking about this au, but I like it.

No. 281300

Very female gazey

No. 281303

Yeah, it's better animated than most hentai anime kek. I wish more stuff like that but for women existed. Bless the animators.

He's not but the protagonist is a sexywoman. You could also discuss the possibility of adding him to the wiki.

No. 281316

File: 1660325878613.jpg (Spoiler Image, 390.77 KB, 1073x1523, cc62c27250115c577465c5f35b9fdc…)

(it's censored but I spoiler just in case) Saw this and wanted to respond as well, since he canonically wouldn't wear anything too, at least at first. He didn't even knew about swimsuits, he's so dumb but I love him for that.

No. 281321

Fuck, nonas you unlocked some lewd memories

No. 281322

File: 1660327512534.jpeg (107.18 KB, 828x824, Gorillaz Art.jpeg)

I haven't yearned for this green bastard since I was 13 but this thread is about to awaken something within me.

No. 281323

oughggh i want to bully him sexually so bad. awful

No. 281324

File: 1660328212050.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.64 KB, 535x749, 3mBAiwDK1HzkSrMPQJFkyNJTKrI2mO…)

If you were early to the Saturn Barz premiere on Youtube you got to see Murdoc in all his full glory before they censored it I was one of the few thousand who did hehe

No. 281328


No. 281353

They canonically made him one of the villains from the power puff girls. Now I've seen his pp

No. 281355

uncut.. praise god

No. 281358

I was there. It was glorious moment

No. 281359

he's british so of course

No. 281424

I'm sorry to say this but I would sugg those pink balls hehe

No. 281433

why say sorry??? get to the center of that tootsie pop, nona

No. 281450

have you girlies watched murdoc himself commentating feel good inc yet?

No. 281459

I just noticed that one of the women is playing with his nipple. Damnnnn
That shirt, jesus

No. 281470

File: 1660350027213.png (60.11 KB, 300x100, yes.png)

I submitted this banner pls like subscribe and share

No. 281490

good idea but, you misspelled the address

No. 281517

File: 1660352007768.png (57.9 KB, 300x100, yes.png)

FUCK I fixed it

No. 281518

lolcow.fam kek

No. 281529

this is one of my favorite videos of all time

No. 281537

very late response to you but I'm also a medic simp so I hope you'll share more one day! your art is amazing nona

No. 281541

File: 1660362585968.jpg (264.32 KB, 1191x842, 7efc9a31.jpg)


No. 281547

File: 1660369089005.jpeg (39.45 KB, 514x492, 4E166AD6-E689-438A-B8DA-36D807…)

Nonnas I want to die. I’ve never played portal or interacted with it in any way, but I saw a really polished animatic that led me to watch some let’s play clips and now i want to fugg the dumb neurotic subby robot

No. 281551


girl as long as you're happy kek

No. 281563

How would you do it

No. 281573

I get it, he really is adorable. Just a little too stupid though.
You gotta at least watch a full playthrough though if you really wanna call him a husbando if you can't play the game yourself.

No. 281577

File: 1660376890014.jpeg (55.84 KB, 1000x645, y0 majima.jpeg)

I hope you are able to work up the courage for some self ship art, idk much about the manga but he is handsome so I can see the appeal!
ayrt I was just listening to that same video earlier today kek he's so cute

No. 281580

Was he a tumblr sexyman back in the day? I swear I’ve seen posts lusting after him in a bill cipher kind of way before

No. 281581

Do any of you feel like sharing some cute daydreams you have with your husbando?
I'm not having the best day and it makes my heart sing when I read the cute things you nonnitas post. I'm just really mushy and seeing others in love makes me happy!

No. 281583

tie a strapon harness around him and hope for the best kek

No. 281585

I've seen him on a TSM collage before so can confirm

No. 281589

i've seen plenty of Wheatley humansonas back in the day and nearly all were based on his voice actor to some extent

No. 281591

Current fave is he's cooking dinner and I'm either helping out or distracting him with hugs. Sometimes he's only wearing an apron while he cooks, which is just the cutest sight!
Or we're dancing at home to music we like. It's fun, a bit silly, and an excuse to collapse on the floor and cuddle when we're too 'tired' to keep dancing, but really we just want to get closer without pretense.
Sorry to hear your day is going rough nonny, I hope you get to read lots of cute husbando daydreams and feel better soon!

No. 281604

File: 1660389182763.png (1.08 MB, 1631x886, 2E409E19-7DAE-4589-855B-F33478…)

What do you think of his concept art for Strive, compared to his final design?

No. 281609

Nta but anything would have been better than the travesty we got, I really like the one on the left with the sinister gravedigger vibe.

No. 281610

nta either but i like his lil pilgrim hat on the left. plymouth papi

No. 281638

I would like the first design if the coat opened up to reveal a sexy outfit underneath.
Nudist husbando team!

No. 281643

File: 1660406857372.jpg (107.46 KB, 1242x1196, 1631832879309.jpg)

Bump. Scroll with caution

No. 281644

File: 1660406983603.jpg (62.88 KB, 500x593, peach time.jpg)

Someone already posted about the one on the right and I replied here >>280106 (I pop my head out of my nest like a little field mouse every time Testament is mentioned) and obviously I love the long coat design too, it's an interesting change from the original, too bad we didn't get either. I wonder what their faces would have looked like in more detail, since the face is what I like the most about the final design. I was kinda okay with the new outfit but now, compared to what we could have had, it seems rather lacking, a bit soulless even. Also, it's a nitpick but I wish they'd given him lace up boots in the final design, it would have been more consistent.

His fat ass (and Schrodinger's gynecomastia) is another topic. It isn't so much his body in itself that I hate, even though I think it shouldn't have been so drastically changed. What I really hate is that he was pretty much handed over to the coomers, and now scrotes are jerking off to my husbando, while we would all have been spared from this ordeal had they picked one of the other designs.

I thought after the redesign it would be the end and I'd have to cope with being a gamer trans widow or whatever, but it turns out my feelings towards him haven't changed one bit and seeing him still gives me the same emotional response, because Testament is Testament and he makes my heart go doki doki (so long as I don't listen to his english voice). Handmaidens wish they were me.

this made my imagination go wild hehe

No. 281645

File: 1660407722195.gif (407.67 KB, 268x268, murdoc.gif)

I will never forgive you nonnies for reawakening my lust for him. Having taste this bad should be illegal

No. 281660

I have lots of daydreams to share, but right now I'm thinking of a reverse comfort scenario, as in I comfort him instead of him comforting me. Like he's clearly got something going on, wanting to be alone and having bad thoughts about his past, things like that. I go find him and we have a small heart-to-heart conversation together. He's a reserved guy so he doesn't open up much, but I try to comfort him as best as I can.
I love comfort scenarios and I'd like to write a one-shot of this when I can, as of now I'm writing one where we celebrate his birthday.
Also I'm sorry that you're having a bad day nonnie, hope things go well and you feel better soon. It's not much but I hope that sharing my daydream made you feel a little better.

No. 281674

File: 1660420672831.png (3.98 MB, 1588x1588, il_1588xN.1952889432_qdn7.png)

majima nonnies…

No. 281707

is it just me or is the wrong eye scarred here? his left eye is supposed to be the bad one
otherwise these are a cool idea, are they acrylic keychains?

No. 281714

Ever since I watched a video of him singing to another character and it gave me a heart attack tbh. I want him to sweep me off my feet while I'm making dinner and sing to me and convince me to dance with him instead of cook. I wish he was real bc hes so goddamn charming. God im so lonely

No. 281718

File: 1660438580219.jpg (143.09 KB, 1280x720, Home-Depot-store-shutterstock_…)

i love short but manly guys and i was at Home Depot today looking for a specific type of uncommon hardware and the only employee around to ask the location was this super hot short guy with a strong jaw and pretty eyes who was actually very nice even though i had to interrupt what he was doing. Made my afternoon. In another life I would have flirted with him kek

No. 281719

I thought this was gonna lead into you talking about your dwarven warrior husbando or something, but no it's just about some guy from Home Depot lololololol

No. 281721

>dwarven warrior husbando
totally need one of those

No. 281724

ayrt–KEK but no, i dont like big beards, lol

No. 281733

This thread is for fictional men, nonnie.

No. 281736

File: 1660445528012.jpg (145.17 KB, 810x1080, ded6aeh-5bb31c3f-aa4a-4e31-baa…)

Fictional men you say?

No. 281749

File: 1660452383876.jpg (46.2 KB, 540x211, 4007865892.jpg)

one day I'll figure out how to articulate why I love him so much

No. 281753

File: 1660455891330.png (24.42 KB, 114x152, JCDentonWithoutGlasses.png)

kek before doing the google reverse image search I did think that was supposed to be JC Denton. tbh I always thought JC was kinda cute. now I want a Deus Ex remake.

No. 281831


No. 281927

File: 1660562626233.jpg (101.47 KB, 881x935, far_cry_4_pagan.jpg)

Superior far cry husbando coming through

No. 281953

BASED Far Cry villain husbandos are top tier but Pagan Min is particularly underrated.

No. 282017

File: 1660591322932.jpg (120.94 KB, 600x450, Russia.600.794543.jpg)

russiafags WAKE UP

No. 282033

File: 1660598279857.jpg (36.19 KB, 384x508, ca5dac237a200fd2236ee8b16acda1…)

Does your husbando share his food and drinks with you or is he stingy?

No. 282034

Source? What a qtp

No. 282036

Chris redfield by Sardine

No. 282042

omg is this okabe rintarou? i've thought about posting him here too.. ahh i love him, you have impeccable taste nona

No. 282059

File: 1660604552892.jpg (140.77 KB, 735x707, 5c7259c290ffffbbd97ab975cbe593…)

He canonically shares. Which is perfect, I'm a sharer too. Hinna, hinna!
I think Ogata doesn't actively shares/offers you his food, but I think he wouldn't care about you grabbing it out of the pot or whatever.
Now that I think of it, most GK characters would probably be used to sharing since they are soldiers. Sharing food is basically mandatory.

No. 282077

File: 1660609277889.jpg (130.31 KB, 735x1214, 577866655.jpg)

I'M AWAKE, I'm awake

No. 282109

ACTUALLY what canonically happened is that Murdoc got arrested, so they brought in Ace from Powerpuff Girls to cover for him while Murdoc was in jail, kek

Omg amazing. Also I'm so glad everyone is onboard with the Gorillaz hornyposting this week

No. 282195

File: 1660670924982.jpg (70.93 KB, 500x667, watanuki.jpg)

For some reason this nerd grew on me. I just like nerd boys, sigh.

No. 282207

omg that pic of him in the last panel JESUS

does anyone else get jealous when other ppl have the same husbando? only for a fleeting moment ?

No. 282209

File: 1660675265126.jpg (105.68 KB, 353x782, IMG_20220816_203317.jpg)

The only two things he thinks about are fighting and eating, he can literally eat while he sleeps , so I don't think that he's the stingy type. He probably won't care if you grab something, if he didn't finish it already.

No. 282226

jfc just look at that thing: he literally looks like a fucking untamed beast gorging all that food i bet he has 0 manners and is gross as fuck, probably doesn't wipe his ass and barely showers, imagine acting so embarrassingly in front of a genetically superior woman, she's obviously uncomfortable by this shameful display and i would be too, i bet he already ate 8 steaks cause he's a "man" a needs ~le proteins~ or some shit, even his expression looks animalistic

No. 282238

he isn't for you, he's for nonna. kick rocks, dude.

No. 282241

File: 1660687088082.jpg (94.48 KB, 640x622, 7062b2e0bdd23b1a780f19a10dc8e1…)

Nta but take the husbando bashing somewhere else unless youre ready to reveal that your a degen shotayaoi fangirl who cant fathom her anime moid being any thicker than a pole

No. 282242

File: 1660687327143.jpg (737.9 KB, 1000x1414, export202208161702144410.jpg)

Im so glad that of all aph characters Russia seems to be most popular here

No. 282256

File: 1660694055086.jpg (26.69 KB, 461x500, spike.jpg)

I'm so fucking lonely and horny

No. 282261

File: 1660696352706.gif (2.09 MB, 750x419, umai.gif)

I think he would order more than enough for both of us to eat. But I also believe that he would always make sure to put more food on my plate to make sure I'm eating enough and storing energy. Oh, to be hand fed by Kyojuro

No. 282287

take your meds nona

No. 282288

idk what that other nona is on about but i find your husbando very charming for this. i already know you make sure he gets all his macros in

No. 282296

File: 1660715209180.gif (4.47 MB, 540x304, 6cfb79cd22673faf4a659ddf62414e…)

faggy link

No. 282297

I will rewatch xxxholic just to become infatuated with him all over again

No. 282298

File: 1660715402135.gif (1.24 MB, 170x170, 613cf27c383430120c667d5cd6b683…)

No. 282301

OK BADDIE!!!!!!!!

No. 282335

File: 1660745646588.png (402.72 KB, 546x900, EUfgL-kUEAAbBSF.png)

buff, curly haired Binghe supremacy

No. 282339

>curly haired

No. 282341

File: 1660749490707.jpg (448.34 KB, 1536x2048, FQoObDpaUA8srQO.jpg)

OK I guess in that fanart art its more wavy, but compared to the straight hair version I considered it curly. Either way picrel binghe >>>>>> than straight hair bishonen binghe

No. 282368

File: 1660763092730.jpeg (211.28 KB, 1200x1843, 45984BF2-8623-43D4-A3B5-3C3CC0…)

The netflix series just reminded me how much I want to SIT on his FACE

No. 282380

pretty twinky 3d version >>

No. 282387

File: 1660774392339.jpg (1.71 MB, 2700x2700, 97248990_p0.jpg)

hes just so soft and cuddly looking
id kill to sleep with him

No. 282389

They did AMAZING job with the casting which makes me so glad

No. 282395

File: 1660781804350.gif (996.23 KB, 500x500, heart eyes.gif)

luv 4!dante's schnoz and cowboy pants

No. 282397

4 Dante best Dante

No. 282568

File: 1660876602303.png (1.94 MB, 2047x1405, 8ba7183ce94871d190a60ee8e3a410…)

He shares and pays for the food/drinks. He would feel bad if he didn't.

No. 282603

File: 1660901271828.jpg (21.82 KB, 400x400, 4fe064b9d2b92c278dc0edfc0d98c1…)

God, Nero is so hot in dmc3. He's such a good little nigel too. I want to have sex with him AND his dad.

No. 282604

Reigen is MINE

No. 282611

Nero is not in DMC3, he debuted in 4.

No. 282615

would youse (question directed at anyone here, not only AIRT) rather be Nero's girlfriend, auntie or stepmom?

No. 282626

>auntie or stepmom?

WTF anon

No. 282628

being with Dante would make you Nero's aunt, being with Vergil would make you his step-mom.

No. 282644

Girl, not the og anon but that shits weird asf im not sorry kek

No. 282645

I just posted my first reader insert fanfic to share with others who love my husbando and it's already gotten some attention! The fact that even one person read it and enjoyed it makes me really happy.

No. 282647

File: 1660927748947.jpg (72.12 KB, 600x951, Hanma.Shuuji.600.3573151.jpg)

I miss him

No. 282648

File: 1660928116233.gif (5.35 MB, 520x293, tumblr_7308dfb54a46a8d8e81b19e…)

Oh Brett I want to shower him with all my love and give him the happiness he deserves.

For Reagan I get it. Though for Brett I think he's not on the list because he's purposely made to be an attractive man. Most Tumblr Sexymen are usually unconventionally attractive which sometimes gets a little blurry. Still I think he fits on the list.

No. 282655

File: 1660932059705.jpg (Spoiler Image, 265.21 KB, 1280x663, tumblr_441b4c5aac1d072d14ed52f…)

My younger sister really looked at this and said "why does he look so sexy"

No. 282656

Kek, the power of fanart. We've all gotten catfished by it at one point.

No. 282661

File: 1660936622353.jpg (268.73 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_plg1wtR8D31qzerd8_1280.…)

We can share!

No. 282662

my sisters…

No. 282665

Ohma is canonically dumb as fuck and considered handsome as hell, so he really is just our edgy himbo (and I adore him for it)

No. 282666

No. 282682

File: 1660948382807.png (1.53 MB, 1600x1300, __majima_gorou_ryuu_ga_gotoku_…)

imagine Majima gangbang with every Majima ever. may or may not also include the shadow clones

No. 282692

Men look so cute eating pussy especially if they have curly hair and dark eyelashes

No. 282693

I need some pics to properly judge this anon.

No. 282694

File: 1660956578644.jpg (88.02 KB, 1500x1360, sexy heavy tf2.jpg)

In Soviet Russia your husbando waifufags YOU!

No. 282699

File: 1660966911072.jpg (245.74 KB, 1000x800, 118169b8564607de1146ff92c9750f…)

shit fr?? brb going to russia

No. 282732

I wish there was an x reader fanfic about that.

No. 282766

I love you gyns

No. 282767

desperately need to have no-nonsense vanilla missionary with a lot of kisses and "i love you"s with heavy

No. 282769

now i wonder how big the lolcow/radblr overlap is kek

No. 282770

never knew how much i needed to see Russia and America cosplaying Leon until now

No. 282778

File: 1661002688598.jpeg (242.13 KB, 956x1300, FODOS8aaAAAIeeZ.jpeg)

>ywn deep kiss Ogata so intensely that he's left grasping for air and full of saliva on his face while Sugimoto rails you hard from behind but with tender hands on your waist
>and both are bloodied and bruised from fighting, probably with each other
Why even bother with life

No. 282786

The venn diagram is a circle.

No. 282791

File: 1661007690204.jpg (364.06 KB, 769x1000, darptl2-6582af56-9ecd-4cda-88e…)

Please visit me in my dreams…

No. 282798

File: 1661010470027.png (218.35 KB, 440x737, too_hot.png)

My replies are so late but oh well.

Oh yeah fellow Spockwife! That episode was really nice, lots of eye candy hehe! I'll post another hot picture, I just want to jump on his lap.

Your sculpture ideas sound wonderful, good luck to your project! Also your husbando is really cute, I bet either of your ideas will work with the character desing. Making stuff yourself is great, you can get completely unique things. I haven't made anything that is "directly" my husbando(s), but something related to them, such as magic-related custom stickers reminding me of Snape. I have plenty of ideas that would be fun to do though!

Aaa these are so so cute! You/ your character and him make a great couple!

I have joked with my friend that if professors of Hogwarts went to the beach, Snape would just be fully clothed in his black robes and sit angrily under a parasol, kek! (also we thought that Dumbledore would wear those old-timey striped swimsuit, and Lockhart would have leopard-print speedos. Kek, fun times!)

Oh speaking of dreams, I have finally had not one but two husbando-appearances in my dreams that were at least somewhat positive! In the first one these was Smoothie doing his usual questionable stuff, and I was distressed about something completely unrelated. He noticed me being anxious and looked at me with (most likely fake) sympathy and just said "I know, it hurts" and just left. I tried to find him again but the dream changed.

The other dream was last night, there was Spock, wearing these clothes >>279717
Otherwise it was normal escape something chasing you -dream, but there was a moment when he was sleeping and I touched his back gently, and he was very warm. Vulcans have higher body temperature than humans, so it was even accurate dream, and it felt so realistic!

No. 282799

pls….. how could u

No. 282800

File: 1661011411230.png (1.13 MB, 1123x766, diagon_alley.PNG)

Continuing for a bit.

I also have million daydreams but here is a cute one:
I've been thinking that with Snape, we would visit Diagon Alley one saturday. It would be sunny day, on late summer or early autumn, and the street would be full of people. It would already be a little chilly in the morning when we arrive, and in the bright light steam could be seen rising from little stalls in the alley when vendors are preparing their foods for the day. but it would be very warm later in the day. We would visit many shops to get all necessary things since we wouldn't go there too often, and before we leave to go home we would eat at Leaky Cauldron. There is so much potential for a cute story in Diagon Alley, so far I have planned two scenes in detail:

I would like to visit Weasleys Wizard Wheezes to get a pygmy puff. Snape wouldn't most likely even enter the shop, so I'd have to try signal through a window and convince him that pygmy puff is an essential purchase. He wouldn't be too impressed though, and I would have to survive without one.

We would visit the Apothecary to get potion ingredients. I thought it would be funny if there was a former (quite recently graduated and non-Slytherin) student from Hogwarts, working as an intern. He or she would be so petrified of seeing Professor Snape again, that they would give him a generous discount for his purchase hehe.

I have also been thinking about a story with Spock, but it still needs quite a bit of planning, since I'm not too familiar with scifi, so I have to find some inspiration and information for details. It involves a shore leave on intergalactic market!

Also, hope you have had better days recently nona!

No. 282807

File: 1661018261593.png (Spoiler Image, 114.93 KB, 400x268, 933034B8-26D2-4AD9-8756-DDF626…)

I’m so thoroughly ruined by this man that even though a nice 3D girl that I like is genuinely interested in me, I can’t reciprocate because she’ll never be him. She keeps asking me what I’m drawing at the moment, I have to make something up because it’s usually a doodle of him in lingerie.
I’ve told her that I love him but she laughs like I’m joking. Girl you don’t understand, he’s my ultimate erotic fantasy, my sworn life partner and also my one and only kin. It’s like Morpheus is holding out the husbandopill and the red pill and I have to choose, but I’m totally paralysed.
The thing is that a husbando can’t break your heart, and you don’t have to be vulnerable with anyone (except your bank as you pay for erotic ASMRs and doujins). But a husbando can’t hug you back or take you on dates, either.
Oh Komaeda, we’re really in it now aren’t we babe

No. 282810


No. 282812

Unfortunately, yes

No. 282818

File: 1661025372592.jpg (440.05 KB, 779x2082, 637929292.jpg)

In a bad way or in a good way?

No. 282820

bad! You're destroying me and crushing my dreams.. I need my GK boyfriends or I'll die.

No. 282821

i missed you! how have you and Komaeda been?

No. 282822

oh my god I missed you so much. I want to go through a dangerously thorough and resource-consuming process of becoming him so I can be with you. no homo.

No. 282824

File: 1661027158949.jpeg (59.59 KB, 574x819, FacgMV8aQAIQkXG.jpeg)

Sorry nonnie, we are only left with daydreams and figurines

Komaeda-chan, how does it feel to be the most normal out of other notorious unique husbandofag like Parappanon and Kirdedeanon? Quite a feat maybe you're tied with the sansfag

No. 282827

nta but kirdedeanon?

No. 282830

You had to be there Nona

No. 282833

File: 1661030400611.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.87 KB, 549x618, 52794E59-DE6A-45E2-99C0-560EC1…)

That’s so sweet of you to ask, thank you. We are living together in wedded bliss. I like to imagine that we’re married but in the honeymoon phase. He is my creepy sweaty lanky husband who loves and cherishes me and enjoys a good pegging on the weekends.
I went to a con dressed as him recently (servant ver.) and felt closer to him than ever, though it was a bit weird being the only Danganronpa cosplayer over 15. You either leave lolcow young or live long enough to become the lolcow I guess.

Anon that’s so cute, yes homo. I missed lolcow a lot. I thought getting offline would help my brainrot but it turns out real life is just boring and lonely. Anyway hmu if you go through with that transformation, I would eat your discharge any day ♥

I don’t know much about those anons, sorry. I do think in general sometimes husbandofagging is played up for lols, pushing anons to act more and more deranged for notoriety. I get it, and it’s funny sometimes, but I think we differ fundamentally in that everything I post about Komaeda is very sincere and comes from a place of love. Sometimes I just want the world to know how loved and precious he is to me, and also I can’t talk about his dick in-depth to anyone I know irl without outing myself as a colossal autist

No. 282834

the woman, the myth, the legend

No. 282837

I'm literally obsessed with you. So glad to hear you and your husbando are doing well!

No. 282839

File: 1661031396020.jpeg (82.3 KB, 550x618, BAF85C17-6816-495A-9419-5F1163…)

>I would eat your discharge anyday

No. 282844

The other anons are also sincere, it's just that Parappanon is a racist channer and Kirdedeanon is a bit… Special. Dedede in a bunny suit special.
Polite sage for off topic

No. 282847

Here at lolcow we sure know how to win em. And a bunny suit doesn't even begin to cover it, when everything started with the slit

No. 282848

File: 1661035919124.jpeg (176.84 KB, 860x736, e.jpeg)


No. 282849

During the bunker threads someone politely asked her how Kirby and Dedede have sex. She then just as politely explained and well.. you can go read for yourself >>>/g/245179 To her credit she has been somewhat humble and self-aware about it but.. yeah

No. 282850

File: 1661036557730.png (163.06 KB, 423x400, tumblr_31d516d75ffab4e9e057d37…)

i have no words

No. 282864

I thought you were the other Spock poster, so I'm surprised to know there's actually at least two of you (I'm the one who posted the t-shirt pic kek)

No. 282900

File: 1661071818814.jpg (117.57 KB, 700x1073, 99517bf3d75d1c20601599e1e3ea9e…)

Idc that he has two lines in one trailer and a paragraph of lore at most, I NEED to be his wife paid in sweet sweet blood money.

No. 282921

File: 1661089495200.png (129.38 KB, 640x441, ifnumkg7o6581.png)

Thanks nonnies, I appreciate it. I don't get why people waste their time bashing other husbandos, but whatever.
Damn yes he is, nonnie. I too adore him for that and I don't care.

No. 282930

No. 282932

File: 1661098702410.jpeg (276.4 KB, 750x1079, 67848585-2F3D-4849-970F-BB6751…)

Pantalone from Genshin Impact.

No. 282947

ngl his name being pants is a little bit too distracting

No. 282956

Does he wear sexy pantaloons?

No. 282964

File: 1661118089105.png (216.43 KB, 382x587, Shin_anime_design.png)

Ovulating. Sexually frustrated. Time to hornypost.

No. 282966

Spike will always be my #1 husbando, I love him so much

No. 282967

File: 1661119027948.jpeg (220.91 KB, 1242x1242, tumblr_eeff6d2b1fe41a909b57956…)

Exactly! Fuck. He's perfect

No. 282972

NTA and sorry for genshin sperg but it's a codename, him and the rest of the leadership of the faction he's in all have codenames that are from comedia dell arte stock characters. He has a real name we just don't know it yet

No. 282975

File: 1661127695309.png (296.67 KB, 320x400, your old man for the evening.p…)

i rarely check this website anymore due to the raids, but i have nowhere else semianon to sperg about this. thank you sidemoba for this card art and accompanying lines… i have pavloved myself into thinking about the fucking grrr meme whenever i see him. grrr old man(30) love

No. 282982

File: 1661131674339.jpeg (36.19 KB, 574x603, EFGVInYXUAgKmvo.jpeg)

Oh my God. I have to watch Kengan Ashura asap.

No. 282984

File: 1661133004918.jpeg (171.38 KB, 650x920, 9bef4b60928530661b5597bf88f837…)

No. 282999

File: 1661140206981.png (474.55 KB, 958x1412, tumblr_ogfy7mzHyK1tz3qvgo1_128…)

Wha- ?!

No. 283003

ooh that's actually pretty cool

No. 283009

kek do none of you remember the russian reversal jokes

No. 283012

They're not old enough

No. 283015

File: 1661149764785.png (561.24 KB, 987x1580, tumblr_om5d222Uke1tz3qvgo1_128…)

Yes I do remember them. I was a Hetaliafag before. I posted Victor because he's also Russian and wouldn't think he be waifufagging since he's gay for Yuuri.

No. 283020

well Viktor is no longer Soviet, is he? i think YoI takes place way after the fall of the USSR

No. 283023

File: 1661152769978.jpg (44.77 KB, 748x421, tumblr_1581db1820f17fb2f9954dc…)

He is the cutest, I love both Yuriy and Viktor. Sort of glad the fandom is dead because tumblrspecials would have overtaken it by now.

No. 283048

Yes, do it. The anime may not be the best, keep in mind that they cut a lot of stuff from the manga, but if it's for him you're watching it for then you're good. Also in my opinion his japanese voice is so hot.

No. 283070

File: 1661167111586.jpeg (164.55 KB, 600x955, need abbacchio bf.jpeg)

I can't believe I find this depressed grumpy goth alcoholic so appealing, he occupies space in my head 24/7
I'm actually considering relearning how to draw just to make fanart for him

No. 283116

File: 1661187380881.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.36 KB, 641x1830, 134655.jpg)

I know it's awful, but I can't stop thinking about this dynamic. Daddy issues and abuse of power of a father figure don't mix but it makes me horny
I think Tsurumi would probably have almost all of his subordinates give him head under different circumstances. For Tsukishima, as a token of his loyalty and obedience to authority. For Usami, to strengthen their bond since he knows Usami is obsessed with him. Maybe Nikaido as a reminder that he got to serve Tsurumi well so he can get his revenge towards Sugimoto. For Ogata, to give him the approval of a father figure that he craves so much. I don't think he would do it with Koito though, ironically. Too messy.

No. 283121

>tumblrspecials would have overtaken it by now.
they did when yoi was airing, it was right when the fall of tumblr was happening, all the annoying snowflakes were migrating to twitter. there was "fandom discourse" every single day

No. 283177

File: 1661228619398.jpg (192.42 KB, 500x600, 23725367_p0_master1200.jpg)

Felt like posting one of my rare husbandos. It hurts that I'll probably never see him reborn in another game like other HM/SoS characters… time to restart Animal Parade for the 10th time. I always felt mixed feelings about his wedding scene. I like that it's private and just for you two but at the same time it feels sad that no one else is there to celebrate with you and you basically sneak into the church when it's empty. Same for how he doesn't have a birthday. I'd probably make up my own date to celebrate with him.

No. 283261

File: 1661284862050.png (898.71 KB, 1108x1920, tumblr_p8f0v6rJ9l1xsh7fgo2_128…)

Tsurumi/ogata is so hot, you have god tier taste and i love you!! Sorry for sperg i almost never see anyone in western fandom talk about them kek. I have it so bad for tsurumi personally

No. 283272

File: 1661290028800.jpg (119.59 KB, 736x1044, b157780b6e1ed41af3fe881ecace30…)

i usually don't care for his trope in fiction and know he would be insufferable in real life but god i love him so much, i can't help it.

great taste nonna! i love his story and stand and he's definitely became my fave jojo boy in recent years as well.

No. 283287

tasty but i also like the reverse of this withtsurumi blowing all his men

No. 283323

File: 1661312286519.png (337.37 KB, 849x1200, abs.png)

My horny ass was over when I found out Yuma Mukami from DiaLovers is 190cm (6'2"). I'd do anything to climb that like a tree.

I've been listening to his drama CDs non stop and I think out of all the boys he makes the best bloodsucking sounds. As a koebuta I am aware that his voice actor is a piece of shit (cheated on his wife) but what do you expect from 3d moids.

Still love my OG DiaLover tsundere husbando Subaru and my idol arm candy Kou tho. It's just that I'm absolutely hopeless for tall and fit husbandos, I just want them to cuddle me as I caress their abs.

No. 283324

His personality and his voice really did me in. Who wouldn't love a living legend Russian himbo with a velvety voice

>inb4 the 'baldy' jokes

No. 283358

>i've seen a lot of yumejoshis have "NOT COMFY WITH SHARING" in the bios of their profiles

I have actually seen this more with Japanese yumejoshi (On Instagram, if that changes anything).

No. 283385

File: 1661354803582.jpg (979.89 KB, 1422x1223, 1661354718549.jpg)

Please, get into details, nonnie

>almost never see anyone in western fandom talk about them kek
Cowards, the lot of them jk
But I feel like a lot of pairings in GK have a lot of potential for interesting sexual scenarios, since they are mostly pretty fleshed out so the relations don't feel completely out of place or one note. I guess some people don't feel like exploring it because it would be a romantic pair, so it's not exactly shipping and it doesn't feel right? Maybe. And maybe some others just straight up ignore it it's abusive, on GK of all places. If it's not full of psychological baggage and blood, I don't want it kek

No. 283478

tbh while I am generally pretty thirsty I dislike it for very specific reasons I could elaborate on and which may be the same for others but idk if I want to shit up the retarded hornyposting thread with that kek. I mostly see people who are very horny for tsurumi being into it, no offense but it may be related to this. After all have fun, I guess different people just draw the line at different things.

No. 283482

File: 1661410391617.png (481.56 KB, 860x782, abbacchio.png)

thank you! I only wish araki kept him around a bit longer cuz I need more of him kek
what's the trope of the guy you posted? he looks super familiar but I can't remember where I've seen him, is he from a video game?

No. 283488

Does anyone else here have a thing for villains/antagonists? I wish Vaas Montenegro from FarCry 3 would do me raw, so fucking badly.

No. 283490

File: 1661418736226.jpg (82.05 KB, 960x480, Far-Cry-6-Season-Pass-DLC.jpg)

Far Cry villains are top tier, though I'll have to say that Joseph's brothers are even hotter than him.

No. 283494

Nta but really? I follow dozens of Japanese yumejos of my husbando (and some fujos too, they draw him well) and they seem to get along pretty well, constantly promoting each other's doujinshis and making art for their birthdays, there's even two who spent the weekend together as some kind of pilgrimage to the guy's city tfw no yumejo gf to sperg about husbandos The guy is from a gacha game with an established feMC though, maybe there's less drama in this kind of community than "real" yumejos.

No. 283495

Those yumejoshi seem pretty cordial with each other, yeah. But for others, check the LitLink they have attached to their profiles.

Often they have "同担拒否" which means they don't allow sharing, or certain traits that if they apply to you they'd rather you not follow them (ie. "[their husbando's name] と聞いて、他に思い当たる方がいる方" = thinking of another yumejoshi when you hear [their husbando's name]).

No. 283512

I'd snort cocaine and murder people with Pagan Min

No. 283518

Anon, just scrolling the thread for a few seconds you'll see it's full of villains or questionable characters

No. 283536

File: 1661452794059.jpg (99.04 KB, 800x1200, __kiryuu_kazuma_ryuu_ga_gotoku…)

Kiryu's cock is one of my favorite tastes. Not only that, but his balls smell amazing. It makes me go a little crazy on it to be honest. Like, I cannot get it far enough down my throat to be satisfied. I’m only satisfied when I feel those intense, powerful, salty hot pumps of cum down my throat. When I sit back on my heels, look up at him with cum all over my mouth and slobber running down my neck, hair all fucked up and wipe my mouth with the back of my arm and ask him if I did a good job and he cannot even speak because I’ve drained all of his energy out the tip of his dick….. that’s when I’m satisfied.

No. 283540

>dni if you don't immediately think of this specific, entirely unremarkable, random twitter user when you see the name of a hot anime guy
fucking wow i thought japan was a little more enlightened bjt i guess not

No. 283542

File: 1661453891763.jpg (99.29 KB, 850x784, __ogata_hyakunosuke_golden_kam…)

Funny you say that, cause I am not thirsty for Tsurumi maybe before the accident, but I am insanely thirsty for Ogata And Sugimoto, and a lot of others, but those are the main ones kek
But no judgement at all, nonnie! I was just kidding about the coward thing. I personally hate YuuO because I just can't look past the incest since I have real siblings, but people shipping them is whatever.

No. 283545

NTA but I think it’s more along the lines of “DNI if you think of another random user and not THIS random user when you see this hot anime guy” rofl

No. 283548

I hear you nonna, personally I want to have a threesome with Pagan Min and his clone

I've been on a Far Cry kick lately and just finished 5. God I hate Joseph and his muh Eden shit but both of his brothers are highly fuckable. This playthrough I was so into Jacob but in my first playthrough I was thirsting after John SO bad

No. 283553

I actually can imagine Pagan forcing his Oli London to marry a cardboard cutout of Pagan Min for Pagan's own amusement.

No. 283554

John Green yellow fever era

No. 283616

File: 1661488966476.png (724.96 KB, 663x663, FKTO70YXMAcDZu0.png)

>but I think we differ fundamentally in that everything I post about Komaeda is very sincere and comes from a place of love
How fucking dare you. First off, that's rude and very snooty sounding. I'll have you know I'm truly dedicated and sincere in my love for King Dedede, I don't spend hours drawing him, reading fanfics, collecting art, and researching merchandise for nothing or for mere meme value. King Dedede has many many charm points both in a personality, story and background and physical senses. He's both cute, cuddly and cool all at the same time.

While his depictions in the anime has stained him in the more general eyes (I still find the anime variant of King Dedede kind of endearing but nothing compared to Game King Dedede), still, in the games and novels he has a genuine pure heart of gold. In Kirby's Dreamland, the very first Kirby game, we're shown that Dedede is an arrogant and selfish, stealing all of the food in Dreamland because he's a glutton (which is weirdly endearing to me at least) and claiming himself as king. However, beyond the surface of Dedede is actually someone with more depth, again, we see a sliver of the depth in Kirby's Adventure, the second game. At this point we know a shallow version of King Dedede but in this game we actually get to see his more "slightly" heroic side. You see, in order to safe guard the Fountain of Dreams, Dedede takes the Star Rod and divides it into seven pieces to keep Dreamland from Nightmare. While Dedede has his more lazier traits he still cares for his people and will do what's right which is really cool! We see more of this in future games, I think Crystal Shards, Triple Deluxe and Forgotten Lands are some good examples of him showing his more heroic side.

It's also endearing that he's a bit of a crybaby, when ever he loses (Most noteably, Kirby's Blowout Blast, Revenge of the King, and Gourmet Race) he has a tendency to cry which is really cute to me for some reason. He's really such a big softie and a bit of a tsundere. I feel like he'd huff cutely with pride if you were to praise him a lot which is a adorable. I would love to do that to be honest just to see him gloat more because Dedede seems like the type who's receptive to praise

The gap between his more "cute" lazy, slightly arrogant, and spoiled side and his "cool" strong, brawny, and protective side is super fucking moe.

I also like his subtle little traits too! Like Dedede is canonically smart enough to engineer robots and machinery like the Robo-Dedede, Mecha Dedede and the Dededestroyer Z!

From all of his possessions I'd imagine that's a bit of a weak point of his he'd sometimes be vulnerable about, same goes for not feeling strong enough to protect his people.

Physically, King Dedede is the perfect mix of cute, cuddly, and strong. He has a soft looking robe with white fluffy accents, velvety blue furred skin, adorably bright eyes! Also, I just really like the little puffy thing on his crown, it's super cute. His trademark 'peace sign' insignia is funny but also gives to his arrogant and prideful aspects. His color palette is very pleasing on the eyes with a nice combination of primary blue, yellow and red that, in art, can be used for dark somber pieces or bright soft pastel ones.

I feel like I gotta talk about his clothes too! It's like every part of his outfit was specially chosen to be as appealing as possible. While it doesn't appear in most iterations, his beige kimono he wears underneath his red robe is really…sensual? It's weird but it feels like it could easily be pulled to the side like when he gets hot or something. A kimono is perfect for being undone and I wish there was some official art work where he's not wearing his robe or red-yellow sash. The robe is good too! I like how it adds to his general mix of fluffy and regal aesthetics! Honestly, it's a bit odd but in his Kirby 64 model where he's wearing NOTHING but his sash…was very nice. I know it won't be done but I hope Hal brings back his kimono in future games.

Oh, and on the topic of clothes once more. He has worn a lot of outfits through various promotions and derivative media! I think his most cutest outfit is his Kirby Cafe outfit. The mix of the red beanie, sweater tied around his neck and white shirt with yellow stripes is adorable and trendy, it makes him look like he's about to go on a date! Second would be his Pupupu☆Train outfit, the uniform is really really cool looking, and I find it interesting that Dedede was chosen to represent Osaka, I wonder why. I also like his Dreamy Gear outfit, I need to read the Dreamy Gear novel but I still think Dedede looks cool with the whole steam punk look.

Also King Dedede's hammer is really cool, I think it accentuates a lot of his character traits and attributes too! He's very boisterous, loud and showy, like a hammer!

With his thick arms and the fact that he's shown to have a lot of weight behind his swings with his hammer and attacks is so hot, he's very very strong and could probably pick me up very easily! I'd also think with how gluttonous and chubby he is he'd be really soft and heavenly to cuddle with after a long warm bath under some warm thick covers. While he wears gloves most of the time, I'd imagine he has soft mitten like hands underneath them.

I feel like King Dedede with all his bravado would be the type to be a bit blushy when it comes to romance and romantic things. He'd definitely show off what a good boyfriend he is, he would be very affectionate and protective and such but when it comes to romantic intimacies like kissing and anything naughty he'd be all flustered since he tends to put up a huge prideful front when really he's a huge softie and probably doesn't have much experience. I want to teach King Dedede all sorts of things lovers can do together, it would be so nice! Though one thing would be for sure, and I want to reiterate, he'd be VERY protective of the ones he loves and would stop at nothing to protect them even if it means sacrificing himself! He'd probably spoil me a lot and for dates they range from very high energy to just relaxing out on his balcony soaking up some sun.

In bed, you could probably get King Dedede to do anything and everything with the right amount or praise. As much as Dedede likes to be served and spoiled, I think his desire to be praised and revered outweighs that! If he knows he's doing a good job and will get praise for it he will give it his all. He'd be intense, loving, and playful all at the same time. Placing a lot of emphasis on touch, pulling you deep into his body as he gives a steady thrusts, and such…Also, I can't deny it but Forgo Dedede made me feel things, he was so wild and so intense during the boss battle! I mean, he was on all fours, moments where he takes off the mask and pants heavily…I wouldn't mind being taken as his mate considering the whole beast thingy that was going in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

I love King Dedede, I love him. At first, I used to be for PURELY Meta Knight only but I know now that King Dedede is the true path of light and kingly cuddle sex. That, or penguin and bat orb threesome

King Dedede in general is 10/10 husbando material, same goes for Meta Knight too, and I won't have someone who's husbando looks like a college drop-out who bums Adderall pills off of highschoolers dare insinuate my love for him is "not sincere" for the sake of some "internet points and notoriety" that's for losers and the mentally ill. (Yes, I am mad.)

No. 283622

girl no one is reading that

No. 283642

File: 1661512689129.jpeg (16.05 KB, 435x223, C4B894F4-E5A3-4CAD-AE53-7CEAA0…)

No. 283643

File: 1661512943396.gif (3.59 MB, 498x498, aespa-laughing.gif)


No. 283646

I don't post here, but it's funny that anons are laughing at you when they're all regularly posting in a 2D husbando thread on an anonymous internet gossip site.
You're all cringe but you're the cringiest and I love you for it, anon. Stay wacky.

No. 283648

File: 1661516956698.png (5.97 KB, 271x269, 185.png)

can we please ignore kirdedenon like usual and continue posting about our husbandos

No. 283653

she's just doing what ko-chan did in the old shitpost threads on /ot/. nothing out of the ordinary tbh.

No. 283660

yeah but you have to admit Komaeda is still more fuckable than… those things

No. 283661

nta but exactly! how on EARTH do you see a cartoony Kirby character and think "yeah… i wanna FUCK!"

No. 283668

nta but who cares if you wouldn't fuck a kirby character, let her be autistic in peace. As if the rest of us aren't made fun of by the rest of the userbase for wanting to fuck cartoon men, really who gives a shit

No. 283675

File: 1661528935374.png (598.68 KB, 1200x946, ryuji makes money rain.png)

I wish I could sit in his lap and he put his whole hand up my vagine like a living breathing ventriloquist's dummy

No. 283676

>insanely thirsty for ogata
kekkk nonny I was about to include this at first with the exact same wording, this explains everything. thank you for the kind reply I really didnt want to sour the fun hence the spoilers.
Its mostly because it gives me strong ddlg vibes due to his mommy issues and I fucking can't with that shit. I absolutely love their canon relationship tho, its great I just dont see romance in it. But at the end of the day idgaf about what people ship either. speaking of that I like tsurutsuki, its actually romantic to me

No. 283677

We're wierd, but we still have standards.

No. 283678

File: 1661529931036.jpg (85.2 KB, 1200x675, FElMAOSXEAMjfxw.jpg)

the craziest thing is that he'd genuinely enjoy doing it to you too nona KEK

No. 283691

thinking about any of the Kirby characters having sex is… certainly something… i had a crush on meta knight as a kid so i get it. i support you

No. 283695

File: 1661536185253.jpg (81.26 KB, 675x1080, 23d09a47e0f591110afc8d0c712b24…)

John Seed is so fucking hot, he 100% is into delayed orgasms and just total like condescending dirty talk.

No. 283696

>Anon says Anon's love for husbando is insincere in the husbandoposting thread.
>Anon proceeds to deeply explain her sincere love for her husbando in the husbandoposting.
>Anon gets laughed at for husbandoposting in the husbandoposting thread.
Can't deny how weird her choice is but still.

No. 283699

Her autism was simply too advanced, even for us.

No. 283702

yeah I'd say Joseph is the least attractive Seed brother but I'd still do him and I'd let them all gangbang me

No. 283712

File: 1661538799195.jpg (334.97 KB, 1350x1350, 1594873120498.jpg)

of course!! i agree, i love his character to bits and wish he could have stuck around longer, that smooth motherfucker junichi suwabe being his seiyuu certainly ups abba's appeal as well.

my boy is idia shroud from twisted wonderland, i posted him once in /m/ earlier this year and it accidentally caused yume vs fujo discourse even though it's an adventure joseimuke, nothing too deep. i've found it to be a really fun game looking past an…interesting concept, also whether or not you're a disney fan- i'm not at all lol

it's just weird how incredibly fond i've become despite him being the token gamer/otaku that talks about animanga, rpgs, the geeky "relatable" character staples which aren't usually my thing. i get second hand embarassment easily so it's quite cringey especially in the localization (would definitely be the unwashed type irl but hes pretty enough to overlook it), but his design is stunning and caught my eye from the start- love or or hate her, yana toboso is a terrific artist- and i've really come like his reserved yet passionate personality! plus his backstory destroyed my heart but thats more spoiler territory. we could work on our neet tendencies together

overall he's a weird, stubborn asshole (something he and abbacchio share) but i guess i have a thing for the standoffish older brother type, whether there's an actual sibling or a found family situation like in jjba part 5 to draw parallels. he's a really interesting character, and i'm looking forward to his role in the next part of his story but also would like to hold his hand a little and talk about our oshis. at least i have his neso to cuddle with for now- sorry for the long post!!

No. 283723


Ugh Pagan too. His suit is tacky as fuck, but that scene where he is licking his fingers after dipping them in his ex's ashes turned me so fucking feral.

No. 283737

File: 1661547655188.png (382.4 KB, 370x555, 844A1C01-D3CB-43D1-9F0B-791EA0…)

The grip this man had on me in 2013 was insane.

I think Jojo has genuinely ruined my standards of anime men. Anyone under 6’5” is a shrimp to me now. If they’re not built like a Greek God, I call them twinkish.

No. 283742

personally i find all of the avatar fagging insertcharacterhere anons annoying af. there's sperging about your husbando and then there's what they do. they all happen to have the worst taste too, sorry.

No. 283748

it's just jokes, idgaf in actuality, if she wants to fuck Dedede so be it.

No. 283770

What else is someone supposed to do if they want to sperg about an unpopular husbando? Cease sperging altogether?
Even if the character is sort of popular you might stick out anyway cause it's not like the userbase of this site is THAT big.

No. 283776

not to get too explicit in the hornyposting husbando thread but i want to dom him so hard and wipe that smug grin off his face

god yess you just know he is a freak in bed probably why his ex left her husband for him kek

No. 283787

I admire your dedication and fully empathize with that but insulting her husbando was unnecessary.

No. 283795

File: 1661565918353.png (991.66 KB, 1366x768, hashihime-of-the-old-book-town…)

If anything kirby anon is more impressive and dedicated, isn't a grifter, and actually seems to have put 100x more thought into it than most others here.

Speaking as someone who usually is into more normative characters I find it weird there is so many attempts at pretending there is some special status to being into fictional characters + attacks against true pioneers, and then trying to gatekeep what's valid or too cringey, which I am not at all surprised is still happening in an anon husbando thread - one that notes "retarded" in the title - that is dedicated to unfettered gushing. Moreover, I think it's natural she insulted back because she was insulted in a far more personal way (abet confusing. I literally don't even understand the prior exchange). It's how it goes. Also, I was really into Komaeda when I was a teen and he 100% looks like a college drop-out who burns Adderall pills…what part of that is inaccurate? That was apart of his appeal, kek.

Props to the unapologetic people that continue on even if people try policing them. You are metal. Or autistic. Maybe both. Either ways I actually enjoy those posts. They're raw and sweet to read. Not really funny to me.

Maybe I was the true lolcow all along.

No. 283796

And yeah I probably have worst tastes. Was playing a text RPG (not picrel), met a character I really liked a few times, and for some reason was hit like a truck with a wave of serotonin that hasn't stopped for days and I haven't even fantasized about him or even nurtured the idea of him in my head aside from brief fancies.

I am old as fuck now, there are 0 excuses, this is peak retardation, but, it is what it is.

No. 283801

love that you used the kawase coffee-dumping image for this. based anon

No. 283803

kawase… didn't think i'd find him here i'm shaking thank hyou so muchh god beless youo

No. 283804

File: 1661567816927.png (557.23 KB, 822x1042, export202208262137408340.png)

Agreed anon, agreed.
Avatarfags are shitting up the fucking thread with cringe just know that you should take any support as satire

No. 283808

File: 1661571425473.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, 332.png)

These threads were literally made for acting cringe and silly tho. I feel like some of you are taking the thread too seriously tbh and like >>283770 said what if someone has an unpopular husbando

No. 283810

File: 1661572045131.png (255.18 KB, 537x564, tumblr_7a7ca74dc49e0f9755d4929…)

world is a fuck

No. 283813

Agreed, there are not too many places to talk about our husbandos, if these threads can fit 1200 posts then there is room for few posts of unconventional husbandos as well.

We all have our reasons to love specific characters, and this makes us all equally retarded kek.

No. 283818

No one is bothered at the rare husbandos its the deranged behaviour associated that makes it annoying. No wrong in being retarded just don't be a nuisance about it

No. 283821

i would too

No. 283822

I need this

No. 283824

cringe and silly, ok. cringe and silly and a furry/furry-adjacent, crossing a line.
We're not all automatically friends here.

No. 283825

fair point, although no one batted an eye at the shadow the hedgehog poster

No. 283826

Shadow is at least visually attractive. Though, I think this mostly started because she felt slighted and felt the need to defend her choice of husbando.

No. 283834

No. 283842

I was silently judging her too, but at least she didn't admit to drawing porn of him as far as I remember.
Also I sorta like him too, but he's on my characters I like but can't husbando list for an obvious reason.

No. 283843

Waking up to new art of my husbando from my favourite artist… ♥ Today is a good day!

No. 283844

have a good day nona!!!

No. 283846

Not to reignite stale drama but if kirdede anon "isn't a grifter" then who is? I am less active in these threads lately but I think I'd remember if some husbandofag came in here to ebeg.

No. 283856

I don't think anyone here has ever begged for anything other than attention.

No. 283860

File: 1661615302861.jpeg (345.54 KB, 1442x2048, FaON6lwagAA8fcl.jpeg)

No problem,thank you for being a good sport, anon!
>I just dont see romance in it.
Oh, don't get me wrong, there's absolutely no romance in it. I don't ship them per se, I just like the possible sexual scenarios. It is a bit degen, I reckon that kek I guess I just don't care much for fluff lol
The closest to an actual ship for me is SugiO, but I still wouldn't like them to be fluffy and domestic and cute with each other because it's just too OOC for me. Perfect scenario would be they being attracted to each other but in a very much "I will murder you" kind of infatuation.

I hope this becomes a pasta.

No. 283861

File: 1661615662880.png (1.15 MB, 600x1600, F0B4B781-F3DF-4999-9D07-43CEA1…)

Dead wife = free real estate I'll take care of his kid give me the sebby

No. 283862

you're not the STEPMOM you're the MOM who STEPPED UP

No. 283863

Nuisance is weird though. Because it's easy to ignore such posts. The drama ends up leading to more posts about it, drawing more attention. For example, I wouldn't really have noticed the supposed transgressive posts if not for people being dramatic about them. Wake me up when the thread is actually being spammed.

No. 283864

And I don't wanna be a salt-lord but I am salty that this game keeps pumping out such gorgeous husbands, holy shit. Gonna die mad probably.

No. 283865


No. 283866

File: 1661616812632.jpg (237.08 KB, 1445x1917, Saotome.Ranma.full.1984322.jpg)

I cannot lie I am a sucker for Ranma Saotome in guy or girl form doesn't matter to me. Himbo through and through

No. 283880

Somebody should really screenshot this and enshrine it somewhere.

No. 283886

The caps thread exists for a reason

No. 283887

File: 1661622132617.png (417.83 KB, 640x800, 3344DD4E-B10D-4757-92CC-B4D443…)

>Dead wife = free real estate
Indeed I was the driver btw

No. 283888

it's also already in the copypasta thread

No. 283889

File: 1661622428339.gif (7.13 MB, 540x300, 07d867a3e2_0082008d_540.gif)

I'm embarrassed anons don't know poetry when they see it

No. 283891

Why is everyone so mad over our reactions? I enjoyed Dededeanon's post just thought it would be funny to post RDJ after all that sperging

No. 283892

i thought it was funny, nonna

No. 283893

Ty that's all I was going for, but anons itt were writing essays about how we're shaming others' husbandos. No one said she should stop or that her husbando is shit, but if you draw kirby characters with genital slits then yeah people are gonna laugh a little, it's no biggie. Everyone's been actually super accommodating to her and parappachan as well, beyond this thread even

No. 283895

File: 1661624418918.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 164.26 KB, 500x707, 28C666CC-CDC0-4F75-8496-7D2243…)

Replaying the game and god I want to do some really fucked up, perverse shit to him, hnnnngh I’m going to hold his hand and let him know how loved he is. If he’s a good boy I might even build a life with him.
In all seriousness, seeing him so sweaty and ill in that hospital robe again has had me rubbing my clit into nothing more than a skidmark.

Always nice to meet a fan.

No. 283896

Tbh I just unironically like when people have absurd amounts of passion for unexpected things and it's a huge bias of mine.
…is this fanart or from the game? Holy shit.

No. 283897

>rubbing my clit into nothing more than a skidmark

No. 283899

File: 1661625731840.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.88 KB, 960x544, B23099E8-5FE4-4FA2-8334-A5E4F1…)

looks like fanart but Ko has quite a few canon moments that are … special

No. 283900

Fan art, but the style looks super similar ♥

God anon please my genitals can only take so much abuse in one day

No. 283905

File: 1661626900212.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.74 KB, 600x524, D6F5AAA4-A08A-4611-A31A-BE36D7…)

Save them for tomorrow hehe

No. 283921

First timer here, found out about this place yesterday while looking for yumejoshi content.
I felt so much relief knowing that I'm not alone when it comes to self ship, multiple husbandos, etc.

I generally avoid talking this to anyone and prefer keeping it only to myself, but it does kinda feel lonely when there's no one to share this out there, although, sometimes, my brain tells me I should never do that.

Whenever I see yumejoshi content, its mostly through jp art forums and I always found myself stuck due to language barrier (I've been considering learning japanese bc of that. Also, don't ask me how I was able to go deep without understanding a single thing bc that's a mystery for me too), but at least I can find some solace here with my broken english. Of course, that is, if everyone here is ok with that.

No. 283923

welcome!! of course we're all okay with that!

No. 283927

Welcome fellow de/g/enerate, glad to have you with us ♥

No. 283938

Exaclty. This is an ANONYMOUS imageboard. Posting and sperging, fine. But avatarfagging and writing manifestos to the point of being recognizable? Annoying.

I don't recall the shadow poster being nearly this retarded. And iirc there were other shadowfags here too so it was an actual conversation between anons, like the snape and jhin anons. It's not the same as kirdedeanon writing an entire ass essay to nobody who cares.

No. 283947

File: 1661640426595.png (Spoiler Image, 519.56 KB, 600x807, E1ekZTkWEAML7ft.png)


Thank you so much! I wanted to share my somewhat recent husbando (I chose him a few years ago but back then I didn't mind much as I do today)

Am I one of the few that enjoys the trashy, gross type of guy? I always liked older man and I rarely shared to others, due to many judging it as disgusting and innapropriated.

Since then, I decided to dive into the husbando sea and I have latched into the ones considered "awful", even if in my mind that's what makes them hot. Pic related

No. 283948

>Am I one of the few that enjoys the trashy, gross type of guy
no way, if you scroll up a bit back you can see that we all came together and had a moment fawning over murdoc from gorillaz. you aren't alone!

No. 283958

Why's everyone complaining about "avatarfags" as if everyone who posts their husbandos regularly here isn't one
Unless you don't think that's avatarfagging and only count those who do it outside the containment thread like Kirdede and Parappa anons

No. 283967

Again, the difference between all of us and them is that most anons are unidentifiable in all their faggotry. Whether they choose to post outside the thread is almost irrelevant.

No. 283968


I saw that. I had a crush for Murdock as a kid, but that quickly changed when I learned about TF2 and Sniper's existence (yeah I also saw ppl talking here about him. It made me happy and brought me 2013 memories of me thirsting for Sniper and reading self-insert fanfics)

Nowadays, I still debating with my brain if I choose a final, definitive husbando or go for harem style. I'm also reluctant about drawing some yumejoshi content since I've been really rusty and whenever I see some jp artwork, the artists are so good it makes me feel like trash.

No. 283970

>most anons are unidentifiable in all their faggotry
Not really. There's a lot of regular posters here who can be identified easily.

No. 283973

File: 1661654977339.jpg (Spoiler Image, 288.26 KB, 1280x1174, heflankedme.jpg)

I have no idea but I instantly got the hots for an assassin in a mostly text game that randomly tries to kill you–when you beat him, you have the option to save him and he ends up becoming indebted to you. He acts super happy to see you when you meet but later on, cheerful and full of laughter, but then later on acts tsundere and acts like you two aren't friends, yet still leaves a gift for you. In the final part of the game you actually can sleep with him after he sidles up to you at a campfire and while he was subtle about it, he suggests that he's free to go where he wants after his quest and you can imply you want him to stay with you.

Spoiler because questionable tastes because I think I have an assassin/ninja fetish for some reason. There is just something super sensual about them that is totally just in my head, but the idea of being so cunning, deliberate, and determined is just sexy to me. <_<

No. 283980

what's the game called

No. 283983

Why in the fuck would this be questionable taste?

No. 283989

File: 1661662543276.jpeg (49.17 KB, 1000x1000, F74952BE-4FCB-4C10-B931-9F634A…)

I want this solely so I can get a taste of how Danny Elfman fingering me irl would feel

No. 283990

File: 1661663521684.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.01 KB, 599x592, tw.jpg)

Kek, it's mostly the clothing. Picrel is more of his canonical appearance (this is a transparency edit of how he looks when playing a minigame with him, unfortunately not very detailed because it's mostly a text RPG with most of the supplemental art being grungy). The world is full of staggeringly unattractive creatures and people and he might be the most normal looking one you run into, aside from the first picture of him which looks creepy.
It's Sorcery!, which is available on tablet, phone, and computer.
Didn't add it because while he's in all 4 parts, he only shows up briefly, and I'm not sure if anyone here would like it unless they're a DnD or fantasy nerd. Plus, him being a mega hottie is mostly up to imagination though in part 4, you do dream of him and he's described as having a compelling, beautiful, husky voice and deep, rich eyes.
Wow. I am starved for content.

I got very excited because I love wild card characters in general - also enemies to lovers shit - though it is me very much eating crumbs. Wanted for many, many years to be able to romance one of my random crushes in a game and my wish was finally fulfilled.

No. 283991

…is this a literal sex toy? The texture and sheen are extremely sus.

Imagine if someone kept it as some modern art piece when it wasn't being used. Holy shit.

No. 283993

File: 1661664390647.jpeg (829.45 KB, 1170x1229, B8A39128-171C-4C26-BDDC-3F407C…)

It is very sus but it’s not actually a sex toy lol or at least not marketed as one

No. 284002

File: 1661668565032.png (1.56 MB, 1252x640, Hades.png)

Super underrated husbando Hades from Lore Olympus NGL Webtoon app has some steamy husbando's I rarely hear anyone gush over

No. 284003

File: 1661668722886.png (1.06 MB, 1060x960, Grave.png)

Samefag Grave from She Weeps for the Devil is also sexy as fuck, the moment I saw him and Torrah from Midnight Poppylan I swooned so bad.

No. 284005

File: 1661670035443.jpg (248.32 KB, 1920x1080, [Prof] Princess Mononoke.mkv_s…)

He a qt. I have a soft spot for masked grunt characters myself.

And I found the game on steam, it has that story book visual aesthetic which is good enough for me. Thanks for the game recommendation nona.

No. 284010

No offense anon but I really don't understand how anyone could find this beaked blue goon attractive when Rachel Smythe and her team of assistants can't even draw him consistently between panels.

No. 284014

that shit that looks drawn by a middle-schooler has a fucking TEAM of adults behind it? wtaf

No. 284018

don't worry about your skill. your husbando would be so happy and proud to know you're trying for him! and the more you draw the better you'll get, too.

No. 284042

File: 1661696889463.jpeg (92.97 KB, 1200x675, C0E42407-FD64-4CE0-818E-8065A0…)

This, I’m always emo about there being next to no jackal from far cry 2 content. I love his voice and vow to single handedly fill the world with my shitty fanfic. If no one else writes for the old man, maybe I should

Anyway I had a sex dream about Johnny Silverhand the other day. That was..something.

# if I was gonna fuck a cyberpunk character irl it’d be Judy though. I could fix her #

No. 284065

You think middle schoolers draw like that?

No. 284075

File: 1661704738254.jpg (111.43 KB, 1920x1080, sensual aladdins dad.jpg)

Aladdin's dad made me wet when I was 8…

No. 284080

File: 1661705598129.jpg (57.09 KB, 640x480, 3dc.jpg)

He's hot asf… not to mention his 70 years old version. His personality is extremely sensual too

No. 284083

Anybody else have really upsetting/unhealthy fantasies? My whole relationship with my husbando is based on him hating/abusing me and wanting to kill me, and no it's not enemies to lovers we're just adversaries to the end. Before you ask yes I have mental illness

No. 284086

File: 1661706332420.jpg (5.69 KB, 261x193, hellsing.jpg)

Alucard from Hellsing..

No. 284088

File: 1661706545382.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.83 KB, 500x200, 2e69f97e-6f68-463b-98e8-d31e01…)

No. 284089

Yeah most of my fantasies involve dub/noncon situations and I know exactly where it's coming from (very rigid personality and low self-esteem), I'm aware it's fucked up but I would never put myself in this kind of situation irl.

No. 284096

non-con is the only thing i'm really into fantasy wise with (fictional) men… however i can't ever imagine my husbando hurting me.

No. 284099

File: 1661708340767.jpg (137.55 KB, 997x1245, 483273248.jpg)

I have a bully fetish… but in general I find sexually attractive the hypothetical situation in which someone of the opposite gender, someone with greater power and the ability to dominate you, hates/violates/abuses you either as an abuser or as an enemy, making you feel weak and subordinate to him… I guess it's the same as men feel towards the stupid naggatoro and other dominate waifus.. but coming from a female fetishist it's different since we are biologically weaker and the whole social context of gender differences makes it… weird, we have to admit