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gender critical and female politics
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No. 5309

a thread for those who identity with strains of feminism while also holding cultural or political right wing and or nationalist beliefs, please don't come here for the purpose of infighting

No. 5493

File: 1653735755945.png (45.64 KB, 938x535, Eco.png)

This is such a tricky topic. While I don't believe that feminism is inherently left wing there's also no reason to believe that it can be right wing. Am I less of a feminist if I don't want my country flooded with muslims, south american gangs and chinese bazaars? I'm anti-globalization and try my best to reduce my enviromental impact (is that how you call it in english?). If only ecofascism wasn't a meme hijacked by men.

No. 5494

What sort of beliefs would this involve?

No. 5495

Maybe a better way to view feminism is outside of the left/right divide. Both sides support the erosion of women's rights and safety.

No. 5496

its complex, I consider myself a conservative but I'm mixed race and I have had my fair share of racism from both sides
Just anti-immigration from Muslim countries, for those already here, ask them to integrate or leave, anti-degeneracy(no kinkfags or bdsm feminists), I think you can hold these views and still call yourself a feminist

No. 5497

This is it really. Some nona was quoting Dworkin the other day: "To right wing men, we are private property. To left wing men, we are public property. In either case, we are not considered to be humans: we are things."
That would also open de debate: Is racism inherently a right wing thing? Is it possible to be anti-racist and right wing? Because the left can surely be racist.

No. 5500

Consider ecofeminism anon

No. 5502

you know that's the type of thinking is why radical feminism will always be a niche ideology that will never make a difference, quitting the pollical system cause your so above is how shit heads like Trump get elected, I'd rather participate in the world and make some difference rather then contribute to my impotent rage

No. 5504

NTA, but how is recognising both sides hate us quitting politics? It's recognising that the labels of left and right don't matter, and to focus on womens protection legislation rather than who is creating it, or thinking that a man cares simply because he is right or left wing.

No. 5506

It is essentially quitting politics, there are two methods to bring about change in the system, violent revolution or political patriation, now violent revolution is out of the question, not because its wrong but because its not possible in many cases, egging a victoria's secret or making loud noises at a beauty pageant is not a radical militant action, its actually pretty pathetic, so to bring about change you have to work in the system

No. 5507

How could I've forgotten about this? Yes
Can't agree with you. I'm not quitting the political system because I don't vote the main left wing or right wing two parties or simply because I don't want to associate with them. I think that's such an american thing to believe.In my country we have several different parties, and although until now only the two big have ruled the highest positions in our country, coalitions are powerful in that high level and third parties rule capital cities and different middle and small grounds of administration. My take in my previous posts was merely theoretical and doesn't mean I've stopped participating directly in politics with my vote.

No. 5527

>"To right wing men, we are private property. To left wing men, we are public property. In either case, we are not considered to be humans: we are things."
Very true. I think that either side not definitively standing up for women is intentional because it creates a divide amongst women. Women are half the population and having women as a unified voting block would be too dangerous for the current elite.

No. 5530

>having women as a unified voting block would be too dangerous for the current elite
Exactly, If we could only achieve this, possibilities would be endless.

No. 5719

This. It's definitely a very American viewpoint, the sort of take a person has when they've just gotten done screeching about "muh centrists". I don't subscribe to the right or left wing because both exploit women as a collective, but I do pick and choose which policies seem the most sane IMO. I also agree with the anon who said women could make a large dent in both groups if we had more unity

No. 5749

I don't know if this counts or not but its a shame Eugenic feminism died off, it really had a lot of potential to create a superior form of the human race

>Eugenic feminism can be characterized as a branch of the early feminist movement >that made >use of some of the core principles of eugenics, such as the notion of human betterment through placing restrictions on who could procreate and raise children. The central argument of eugenic feminism insisted that “better breeding” and child rearing conditions could only come about if women achieved social and political equality. Thus for eugenic feminists, women’s equality was a necessary condition for “racial” improvement, and it was paramount that eugenic science and law promoted women’s rights.

>Eugenic Feminism: Key Components

>A key component of eugenic feminism purported that women were essential to ensuring human progress. British eugenicists such as Caleb Saleeby, Karl Pearson, and Havelock Ellis, held that women were essentially reproductive agents. In other words, as mothers and potential mothers, women were held to be in a unique position to advance eugenic social engineering. To the extent that eugenicists viewed women and girls as mothers or potential mothers, women were held to be the bearers of the future of humanity. Proponents of mainstream eugenics and some early advocates of women’s rights found common ground. Not all early feminists supported eugenic practices, but the notion of social advancement as intricately tied to reproduction was central to both eugenicists and early feminists.
>Some suffragists advocated for staunch immigration policies and eugenic practices such as mental hygiene and the social segregation and sexual sterilization of the “feeble-minded.” Canadian suffragist Nellie McClung was one of the most prominent advocates of women’s rights in Canada in the early twentieth century. Among Canadian feminists, McClung was also one of the most vocal proponents of eugenic feminism. In addition to strongly campaigning for the provincial (in Manitoba) and federal vote, she fell in line with aspects of the mainstream eugenics movement through her support for sterilization and mental and social hygiene. McClung’s promotion of eugenic ideals survived past the legalization of women’s voting rights. Early feminists such as McClung supported sterilization legislation (viz., the 1928 Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta and the 1933 Sexual Sterilization Act of British Columbia). Feminist organizations that advocated for eugenic legislation and social policy included the National League of Women Voters and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union among others. The integration of the eugenic political agenda with feminist campaigning allowed early feminists to make use of the core principles of both political campaigns and identify the women’s movement with the eugenic movement and vice versa.

>Women, Reproduction, and Traditional Gender Norms

>Eugenicists’ views on marriage and divorce laws were also directly opposed to feminist views on marriage. Feminists held that women and girls ought to be subject to less social pressure to marry and have children, and instead should have the opportunity to pursue life goals and ambitions outside of or in addition to marriage and childrearing. Feminist advocates such as Victoria Woodhull strongly objected to the sexual moralism that mainstream eugenics imposed on women by requiring “fit” women to direct their life goals towards only marrying and raising children. In addition, Woodhull argued that restrictive divorce laws and stringent social norms on marriage and women’s sexuality were detrimental to human flourishing insofar as abusive marriages and the norms of male sexuality led to the births of “defective” children. Woodhull contended that women’s sexual liberation and freedom from oppressive marriages would promote a “fitter” human race and the well-being of individual women.

>Birth Control and Sex Education

>In addition to advocating for higher education, better employment opportunities, and the elimination of restrictive marriage norms, eugenic feminists emphasized the importance of birth control and sex education in bringing about the advancement of women and humanity. Women’s access to birth control was a moral imperative and would enable women to pursue aims outside of childrearing and marriage and would also prevent “overbreeding” among the working class and ethnic minorities. Birth control would also prevent the births of children who might be deemed as “defective.” Eugenic feminists such as Margaret Sanger supported access to birth control to better enable “fit” women to pursue more advantageous employment and education opportunities, yet they purposed that birth control would enable fit women to have more children than unfit women. Eugenic feminists also proposed that unfit women have access to birth control to limit their reproduction. Although eugenic feminists aimed to promote a degree of reproductive autonomy for individual women, the reproductive rights of those women and girls who were deemed socially unfit were not championed.

This is exactly what I believe in, we need to bring back this thought for modern Feminism in the 2020's

No. 5752

Weren't Canadian eugenicists forcibly sterilizing Indigenous women? Fuck off with that Nazi shit

No. 5753

Wow this whole thread is a fucking mess. Is this some false flag shit made to make "terfs" look like nazis?

No. 5757

that was wrong to some degrees but we are talking improving the human race, some people just won't make the cut, it shouldn't be based on race though

No. 5759

Based, women need to control reproduction completely.

No. 5761

ok come on where did this eugenic rhetoric come from this is so fucking lame

No. 5768

>"Women being sterilized? Uh, yeah, that's wrong…to some degrees!"
Eat shit, scrote/scrotette. Your father should've been castrated so you never would've been born

No. 5827

>that was wrong to some degrees
>to some degrees
Absolutely fucking brain damaged take

No. 6083

>fuck off with your gay ass western 'nazi' accusations
Nobody even said that, what you said was just retarded. You're saying that men being savagely violent is reason for women to be rounded up and forcibly sterilized because it might improve society somewhat. If you're going to sterilize someone, do it to the violent men instead of inflicting medical torture on groups of women. Rapists should be chemically castrated anyway.

No. 6084

File: 1656440584802.jpg (35.33 KB, 512x512, image0-6.jpg)

This is some creative psyop good job kek. Anyway eugenics is just men trying to control reproduction and projecting their own fucked up mentality. Depression and anxiety pills already have tons of fluoride and make you sterile so I guess they succeeded some.
If these retards wanted actual eugenics then 90% of men would have their balls cut off at 18 when they were deemed unfit. Fit and unfit is so retarded, considering pollutants shitty nutrition and early childhood experience decimate a person's health and opportunities.

No. 6093

No one is denying that though, something like 80% of men and 40% of women need to be sterilized, now I am not worried and neither should you, I'm healthy and fit and have a healthy fit male partner, our children deserve tk inherit the earth

No. 6095

If you want to forcibly sterilize women you are actually a misogynist who condones violence against women. It is not compatible with feminism in any way, which this thread is allegedly supposed to be about.

No. 6137

so far the one right-wing idea that got some support in this thread is immigration restriction, are there any others? I don’t count anti-degeneracy because a lot of leftoids privately feel that way too.

No. 6152

Opposing troonery

No. 6207

I think that anti-degeneracy is a pretty fair point of contention though. Especially given that if you express the opinion that changing sexes is physically impossible, or that gender is a meaningless construct which no one should use to define themselves by, or that sex work is harmful - leftists will push you out of their sphere immediately. They will call you 'conservative', 'rightoid', 'terf' etc etc even if you align with leftist politics on most other fronts. The left is great at eating their own & disallowing any opinion that goes against the party line.

But besides genderspecials & sexual degeneracy, there's also the encouraging of domestic production of oil/minerals & supporting pipelines. Vs the alternative, which is propping up patriarchal middle eastern governments. Everyone loves to shit on the o+g industry, but we all keep using o+g no matter what. Far better to produce it domestically than to keep funneling money over to degen Saudis.

No. 6377

File: 1660072639595.png (418.73 KB, 750x857, literally_why.png)

I don't think this is specifically a right wing view(but I don't know where else to post this) but I despise this era of bimboesque me-first faux empowerment that has ruined western feminism to it's very core, it's an obsession with being "iconic" or being "girlboss" or other shit, materialism and individualism is encouraged, no one cares about the collective, the greater good for women everywhere, its not built to last and will never make any sort of positive change

No. 6443

not her but I condone violence against men and pick mes

No. 6452

I’m sorry but this is fucking gross, they look like kids(emoji)

No. 6454

Come on we know this was likely made as a /pol/ psych-op but there’s no need to swoop that low by posting shota porn. Just report the thread and hope it gets taken down.

No. 6491

what happened ?

No. 6501

File: 1662619800192.jpg (121.59 KB, 546x800, 1621685268.jpg)

I have been a feminist since college, I was into riotgrll and used to read both the SCUM manifesto and listen to Le Tigre, but over the past decade my views have evolved, I don't consider myself conservative but I have come to realize that many of things I used to believe were either pointless or actually harmful, for starters I now finally realize that radical feminism is also just another face of liberal feminism, it only exists due to neoliberal system and works with in it, it has the same issues with liberal feminism and is kinda pointless in the grand scheme of things, I now am aware that not all cultures are actual and those fucked up cultures should be forcefully eradicated, I have become more patriotic and since becoming a mother, I have become hyper vigilant about pedophiles, not just harming my child but all children, I have become more critical regarding gay men and their fucked up behavior

No. 6502

“I now finally realize that radical feminism is also just another face of liberal feminism” How?

No. 6503

Pretty much every significant 2nd wave radical feminist has worked with in the system, professors or lecturers in Universities and Colleges, the claim of radicalism is hollow, they more or less have the same material interests as liberal feminists

No. 6523

>since becoming a mother, I have become hyper vigilant about pedophiles, not just harming my child but all children, I have become more critical regarding gay men and their fucked up behavior

this is me too I need more like minded mother friends. Too many of them are handmaidens who will give their infants to troons so they can 'breastfeed'

No. 6564

I hate the gaslighting that western women are expected to undergo to be accepting of both violent immigrant males,and increasingly predatory gay males. Not trying to racebait but I don’t care about being seen as racist, or homophobic anymore. I don’t want to be around men period, but I certainly don’t want to be around these men who are extremely misogynistic and don’t even try to fucking hide it.

No. 6565

This. Cultures are not equal to each other. One s that treat women and female children like slaves or introduce them to sexuality at an extremely young age (New Guinea makes young boys perform oral sex on men as a ritual) should be either eliminated (not ideal) or cut off from advanced societies. They should be shunned and left to their own archaic shit. I feel bad about the women and girls (and yeah, even the little boys in some cases) that grow up in those cultures but the ultimate question then becomes: do we rescue them and bring them into cultures that have at least basic rights for women? If we could eliminate moids and create a world where they didn’t exist, then I’m sure most cultures would actually live in harmony and they could retain their rich diverse differences without the harmful practices. That would be ideal tbh. There is a place on earth for every ethnic group, but there is no place on earth for the men that perpetuate violence and rape within those groups.

No. 6598

has anyone read anything about how since female liberation in culture the baton has passed from straight men curating/controlling female culture and interests to now gay men directing them?

No. 6619

Politics society follows in a left/right view were constructed by men. The categorization of what is viewed as something left and right is essentially made up as much as religion is. Politics doesn't cater to humanity, it only is there to please moids socialized in this patriarchy, give them something to act competitively on, guide them on how they feel they should think, and make them feel secure in their thoughts and views.
Humans are complex, politics are not.
Overall, both left and right wing have authoritarianism, it is made to give power to men, because they're the ones socialized to flaunt the views they hold and how much better they hold these views compared to other men, hence why majority political leaders are male and the more popular philosophers people rally behind are male.
Finding radical feminism made me more anti-state and anti-authoritarian and it confuses me on why more women are not on the same boat yet. We should not collectively give opportunities for positions of power, because they will eventually end up being taken over by corrupt men like we see all over the world.

No. 6623

>should be either eliminated (not ideal) or cut off from advanced societies
This, with the entirety of the Middle East.

No. 6651

It's incredibly discouraging to me how up until a few decades ago, for the most part, all aspects of culture (literature/music/art/philosophy etc.) were determined by men. Obviously, for every virtuoso male, there are a thousand worthless, parasitic scum, but it seems like there is some sort of innately male propensity to genius. The Paglia "the reason there is no female Jack the Ripper is because there is no female Mozart" thing gets thrown around a lot (usually by misogynists). I don't agree mainly because male violence isn't proportional at all to male achievement but it's hard to stare down the vast majority of recorded history. Mozart himself was a child prodigy. Incidentally, Beethoven was deaf. Despite these obstacles, they both rose to greatness. There don't seem to be as many instances of women overcoming misogyny (for instance, George Sand) to produce things of value proportional to what men have done, or perhaps I'm just ignorant or falling prey to male erasure of female accomplishments. F. Scott Fitzgerald famously pilfered and took credit for the innovation of his abused wife Zelda Fitzgerald, maybe there are more instances of this occurring than history shows.
Also, I'm not at all trying to defend male depravity by insinuating that the male influence on civilization is somehow compensatory. Tolstoy was a great novelist but that doesn't make him not an abusive POS.
Honestly, I think we have this attitude in our culture that people are entitled to reproduction and it's bogus. We ought to let natural selection take its course, meaning stop socializing women to accept male entitlement. Is there a type of female separatism-adjacent philosophy centered around what I'm talking about - limiting reproduction to proficient males, and taking other measures to exterminate male degeneracy from civilization without incurring total separation?
I'm new to pinkpill ideology, if this is a reflection of my internalized misogyny please tell me how I'm being retarded. Sorry for the sperg I hope this belongs here.

No. 6655

Idk, I want to tangent a lil. When you hear rhetoric like that, what it is, is a self-eating, near hivemind-like obsession with status and fronts - like making up the most dramatic one-liner ever with the implication that male evil is why male greatness exists - over authenticity, one (most?) men are socialized into believing in…and one that functions similarly to a pyramid scheme; those in it maybe get come semblance of community, but few actually truly succeed. The ultimate carrot on the stick. It's telling a brick in the wall that he's the main character. He fixates on ideas of value and depends on people overcompensating on his behalf as a result.
Sex and the idea of lording over a woman baits weak men into ignoring how they're being abused and exploited by men in power…so, a lot of people want to use women like sacrificial sheep and junk to throw at such men. Because otherwise there's a good chance they will fade away without a vaguely feminine anchor. In between laughing at middle-aged single women, massive amounts of men are killing themselves in middle age and after divorce…and male conditioning insures the majority of men will inevitably (if not now) blame this epidemic on women somehow.
Upkeeping homosocial values and getting in on the scheme, externalizing ALL issues, at all costs…parasiticism instead of, y'know, teaching men love, tenderness, and the joy of connecting to other people. Imagine if the script was flipped and women had a house slave and were galvanized to be great.

Sorry about the tangent. It's just I'm saying it because you should really take the rhetoric about status with a grain of salt. I've seen a lot of men just be outright psychos about the subject and literally act as if men are some hivemind/unified tribe.

No. 6728

> It's incredibly discouraging to me how up until a few decades ago, for the most part, all aspects of culture (literature/music/art/philosophy etc.) were determined by men.

That's because male "genius" is subsidized by female work. Women were forced into marriages because otherwise they couldn't get enough work to keep themselves alive. Once in marriages they had to have children, and then they had the sole responsibility of taking care of the children, as well as the husband. And this is before getting into the internalized self-hatred of women who tried to break out of boundaries. Clara Schumann clearly couldn't reconcile her societal role as a woman with her desire to compose. Fanny Mendelssohn's father wrote to her "perhaps music will be [your brother's] profession, whereas for you it can and must be an ornament, and never the fundamental bass-line of your existence and activity.” It's a numbers game, men have a massive pool to choose from because men are subsidized by women, while women have an extremely small pool to choose from because most women were too busy to dedicate themselves to music, and the few who were lucky enough to have the resources to were relentlessly ground down by gender roles.

There's a lot of feminist literature on how and why women creatives are both gatekept out of creative positions and how the few that do make it through end up erased.
"Why have there been no great women artists", only 26 pages: https://www.writing.upenn.edu/library/Nochlin-Linda_Why-Have-There-Been-No-Great-Women-Artists.pdf
"How to suppress women's writing", 170 pages, more in-depth, applies to fields besides writing: https://urmishreeb.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/how-to-suppress-womens-writing-joanna-russ.pdf
"Women of ideas and what men have done to them", 500~ pages, but also touches on women in academia: https://archive.org/details/womenofideaswhat00spen

> Paglia "the reason there is no female Jack the Ripper is because there is no female Mozart"

Funniest thing I ever heard was a friend saying Paglia should transition since she's obviously so desperate to be a man. If she was a zoomer you know she'd be saying she's "malebrained". Ultimately don't worry about trying to achieve "genius" level work because that's not something anyone can decide to do, it's a label other people bestow for political and cultural reasons. Do your best work, remembering that society is maintained and moved forwards by its billions of members.

No. 6734

>Honestly, I think we have this attitude in our culture that people are entitled to reproduction and it's bogus. We ought to let natural selection take its course, meaning stop socializing women to accept male entitlement. Is there a type of female separatism-adjacent philosophy centered around what I'm talking about - limiting reproduction to proficient males, and taking other measures to exterminate male degeneracy from civilization without incurring total separation?

Either let them die out and just do parthogenisis (it's real, just suppressed, don't even need a lab to do it).
Or unironically stop birthing males, let their numbers go down to 10% (only need 7% to avoid genetic disorders). Off them at 30 when sperm quality tanks. Anything less is just women deluding themselves that men will go along with an "equality" compromise.

No. 6738

won't the exact opposite happen, cause I mean you'll be the one's dying out, conservative religious people will way more kids and you all won't and your ideas will die with you
again this is problem with RF, its so focused of retarded hypothetical which pretend it has more power and relevancy then it actually as, its the whole thing separatism, going off to the woods to live doesn't really change anything, in fact when RF tried this in the 70's, the end result was unprepared getting poison ivy and not much else

No. 6741

Ideas don't die and they cannot be killed.

No. 6742

Plenty of ideas have been lost, perhaps not dead.

No. 6743

How do you know? If you know of one, then it isn't lost. The idea that women should be separate from men is not a new idea. The idea that men are dangerous to women is not a new idea. These will never go away and never die so long as there are women on this earth and men alive to subject them to male violence

No. 6745

Those are straight up facts, not ideas.

No. 6747

There were women separatists spaces, they all failed miserably

No. 6750

Spoken like an room IQ scrote. Tons of women are single mothers nowadays it's not much of a stretch for women to platonically marry eachother and raise their kids together in female centered communities. When those young traditional women come across these types of communities, most won't hesitate to join up. Outbreed = win is short term dumb, just look at how quickly birth rates dropped after women had the choice not to.
Yeah bc scrotes sabotaged them. Literally poisoned the well in one case.

No. 6756

no they didn't, nonna there was a women's christian commune in the 1900's that men stopped, but the one's started by radfems failed cause they were pudgy university goers who never realize that farming is actually hard

No. 6757

nonny could you tell me more about the suppression of parthenogenesis research? I recently looked up the procedure and I'm very excited about the production of healthy offspring in trials, but idk where the situation for it stands rn.

No. 6758

wasnt there an indian doctor posted on a thread somewhere in here who wanted to try making a baby by making artificial sperm using a womans bone marrow but it was a dead end because the ethics board wouldn't allow it. i dont think there has been any developments since then, just scientists theorising.

No. 6759

These cells aren't fully sperm cells, they lacked fertilization function (was not performed in this paper), and the Stra8+ BMCs into germ cells with retinoic acid treatment (the method used for rats) besides not, unless they make significant advances in the field. the sperm cells created aren't new telomeres which means that they will be the age of the person they took them from genetically, so the children will have a much shorter lifespan(if it was possible in the first place)
again why are you asking this question in this thread ?

No. 6761

nta, dunno who you questioning, me or the anon that replied to me. asked since nonny seemed to know about it and might see my question if she came back here. was assuming biology anons arent gonna scroll up the stupid questions thread and answer a niche question, would probably get bumped away.

No. 6784

I dont know what the fuck you're talking about because my state has like ~3 women's lands right now and I did non-profit work to help open another one out of state last year. Separatists are extremely politically conscious and putting in effort to this day, even if they don't have the numbers for a radical turnover. Despite living in bumfuck nowhere they are still providing housing for women and raising funds to donate to women's causes.

No. 6883

Some european countries have right wing feminists groups, mine is collectif nemesis, I think they're pretty good even if I don't agree with everything they say and do.
They're seen as very islamophobic because they oppose some kind of clothing associated with islam (burqa, niqab, that kind of stuff) and absolutely want dangerous male immigrants deported.
They also despise troons but we have a different set of feminists there that are specialized in, well, being terfs. One of them had sex with men in refugee camps so pretty different views overall.
Most of the foreign criminals there were already told by the government to leave but nothing is done to kick them out.
I love my country and its history so I would be considered "right-wing" by most people but also hold socialist views, but many right-wingers do.

No. 6899

>to be accepting of both violent immigrant males
I know this was months ago, but I'm echoing it because everyone seems to think it's some sort of controversial right-wing view when I say the same thing irl and it's annoying - you know, the whole "m-muh not all muslim b-but the women are in charge of the house aychkually so it's progressive!"
I have a lot of left-leaning political views but this is something I've been firmly adamant and consistent on for years and it's that I really do not want immigrant males from extremely misogynistic and violent cultures coming to western countries and then not even trying to adhere to the policies, rights and rules here.
Isn't it funny how when the women of these cultures immigrate to western areas, they almost always seem to just get on, get jobs contribute to society and are generally pleasant people? I know a lot of them and they're pretty generous and kind, and you can tell they're happy to be here.
The men are a completely different breed, and I don't trust them the same as I don't trust any other moid but at the same time, I'm even more distrustful because they clearly cannot adhere to the fact that women have more rights over here. More specifically, they cannot fucking keep their hands off young white girls in particular because they're look at as whores or "slags" as they like to call them.

I don't want men like this in my country, they are a danger to women and girls - of all cultures and races. They should be forced to stick to the values of this country or they can fuck off back home - the women and girls seem to follow it just fine and are nice, so what's stopping the men? Oh right, the fact that they're degenerates and when they're caught out trying to molest children or organise the grooming of poor/working class white girls they want to cry racism or Islamophobia.
It feels like you can't even mention this shit though because then every libfem and every scrote in a 5-mile radius will bring up the one Token Nice Immigrant man they know and how that must disprove the multiple child grooming scandals and high sexual assault rates perpetrated by immigrant men. Didn't they even have some sort of "lessons" in Norway that were teaching these immigrant moids that rape is actually a bad thing? Why the fuck are we letting these scrotes come over here? We do not care about the safety of women and girls at all and it's infuriating.
I've been spat on by these disgusting pigs, my friends and I have been fondled and circled by them in nightclubs like they were a pack of vultures that can barely speak a word of English and when I tried to talk about how fucked up it is that, hm, coincidentally - there's a pattern of assaults from these men - suddenly it's "nazi rhetoric" like shut the fuck up.

Please don't report this for racebait, I'm just fucking tired of it. I'm tired of women and girls in their own religion/country/culture being abused and being forced to cover up and being forced into marriage. I'm tired of them coming over here and thinking they have instant access to the "white slags" they watch in porn. I do not want them here if they cannot even bother to have basic respect for women.

No. 6907

Tell that to the spergs in the mtf thread. I'm sick of reading them cannibalising each other over political differences like that's not playing directly into the hands of anti-women legislators and big pharma. The greater good for women will always be the most pressing issue and we should welcome all the help we can get without falling prey to one dimensional labels and black and white thinking. It's the same brush troons paint JKR with for wrong think and we're doing it willingly to each other.

No. 6915

i agree

No. 7891

It sucks that modern-day feminism is shoe-horned into left-wing narrative with the rest of leftie garbage that it is nowdays. Sure, if you are veeery right-wing (basically traditionalist), you can argue that feminism is one of "degenerate" movements like troonism, inceldom and people who lick migrant asses. But adhering to right-wing values and treating women as human beings is not mutually exclusive. My right-wing feminism is basically an idea that women of my community need to be protected from dangerous migrant men and low-value men in my community. By low-value I mean troons, pedoes, rapists and incels. Additionally, it's common sense to speak of every women as a future mother or at least as somebody who can control her reproductive rights and exclude low-value males from genetic pool. So, by being a right-wing woman, I mean somebody who believes that some degenerate scrotes should do an hero or at least be completely ignored by women and the society at large. Moreover, women need to be protected from those dangerous scrotes (incels) who will try to take an advantage over women by force.
So, my variety of feminism is basically pinkpill, but with a nationalist tilt lmao.
Anyway, I think that all RW feminists need to brainstorm some sort of manifesto because a lot of people are confused that feminism - gasp - can be targeted against specific groups of men (and it's based partially on race).

No. 7893

I know thid is old but feeling some way privately but still voting in and endorsing the crap that perpetuates it makes no real difference leftism has become synonymous with degeneracy and that's the fault of the left wing even if a few might be "based" on the dl, kek.

No. 7894

Interesting, I'm not personally a nationalist but I agree that associating the basic idea of feminism with being left-wing is a bad idea, especially seeing the negative associations people have with left wing politics today.

In a similar vein, it's eyeroll-inducing to watch most 'radfems' be against the gendies but then still hang on to all of the other idpol horseshit, even though idpol is what caused this in the first place.

No. 7895

Radfems are libfems when it comes to race and it’s fucking annoying. Only a select few actually have the guts to talk about how disgusting Latino, Arab and black men are (it’s always white man bad) and are willing to call out the retarded woke shit infecting our society, shit like “fatphobia” (there is so misogynistic elements to it but it is mostly just lazy people wanting to be oppressed because liberals made being oppressed fashionable)
And there are seriously not enough radfems that talk about how gross drag queens are and how nasty gay scrotes are. Only a few based lesbian radfems are brave enough to say how degenerate gay men’s behaviors are pushing back any and all acceptance of homosexuality and how gay scrotes are pushing pedophilia

No. 7896

Samefag, but radfems will talk about how awful Islam is but will be pro immigration of Muslim men into their western countries. Radfems will talk about how misogynistic rap is but won’t dare criticize black culture and black men and punish themselves for feeling scared by black men because they committed the cardinal sin of “racist” self protection. They will comment on African countries hatred of women but pretend they aren’t responsible for African men entering their countries even though they vote for open borders. I’m not saying that all women of all parts of the world couldn’t get along, because I’m sure we could, but most women want to stay in their own countries not be forced to come here because their scrote impregnates them and makes them, but men are the issue and radfems are too afraid of being wacist and “xenophobic”not protect themselves and their daughters

No. 7897

To me the cringiest thing about left wing radfems is that a lot of them (especially the ones that tend to post on here) try to have this 'countercultural'/rebellious image but are only brave enough to be against the grain when it comes to gendies, who are still (despite being cringe as fuck) a relatively small percentage of the population. They still grovel and do the whole idpol song and dance when it's convenient for them though kek, it's hilarious to watch.

No. 7900

Immensely based, nonna. On topic of hay scrotes, the slippery slope applies here too. Some people warned us, that it would be gays first and then, when we accept gay scrotes, trannies will follow. After that, who knows? Pedos, zoofuckers? As I say, slippery slope. For some reason a lot of radfems (and on this very imageboard too) refuse to accept that there is little difference between a gay moid and a tranny. The difference is that one of them wears dresses. Lesbians, it's another story. Female family units is natural and based, lesbian women actually can form meaningful connections among themselves which is good for society. Gay scrotes, on other hand, can only spread STDs. I'm not talking about uwu cottegecore sapphic girls, I mean that lesbians have some common sense in them.

Same as alt-right moids, who only got into RW discourse because their favorite gamedev added black people and women in their vidya games. They don't follow these view because they believe in them, they follow them cause women in vidya makes them slightly uncomfortable and now they can't play with their toys.
I feel a lot of radfems come from the same stock. As in, their favorite fasion subreddit was overrun by tranoids or their nerdy husbando youtuber trooned out.

No. 7901

reminder: if you support sterilizing or attacking any race of women, you are not a radfem but just an idiotic edgy tradthot.

No. 7904

File: 1673816209387.jpg (52.94 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-532119994-612x612.…)

Very good points nonnies, something I am sick of seeing too in regards to not speaking up against non-white scrotes because of the fear of seeming racist. Doesn't matter what shade the scrote is or what culture he hails from, at the end of the day he is still male and thus insanely likely to be a piece of shit, even more so when they come from backwards regressive religions and cultures that treat women like objects and/or walking incubators.
There was a retard in the tinfoil thread the other day who was crying about "western imperialist mindsets" when nonnas mentioned the fact that a lot of male Muslim immigrants are incredibly violent and unable to integrate into western societies when they move here and thus the mass uncontrolled flow of migrants into the west is a bad thing - and I'm not even against immigration btw, but when you come here you should respect the rules and rights of the country especially when it comes to the safety and protection of women and children. This is consistently supported with plenty of evidence especially when it comes to sexual violence and yet it feels like a lot of them still just want to look the other way because of muh racism. It shouldn't be deemed racist to point out that Muslim moids are shit and literally kill women because it says so in their Big Book, or that black men routinely shit on and look at black women like they're trash and then pull the racism card as a defense.

And I'll be blunt, if you - generally speaking - call yourself a radfem but you keep your mouth shut every time the topic of non-white moids misogyny comes up, you are not a radfem at all, and it's clear that you do not stand for women as a sex class. You're no better than liberal twitterfags at that point if you want to ignore the plight of other cultures/religions/races of women because you fear the dreaded racism card, it's pathetic and spineless. It's literally on the same level as the retards who say that the hijab is empowering or that black women should always stand by their men purely because they're of the same race.
Silly picrel I know, but I honestly don't think we will achieve true liberation until we collectively decide to stop shilling for moids based on any attributes/religion/skin colour and instead focus on our grouped strength as women from across the globe with different experiences of life, womanhood and misogyny.

No. 7905

Nice fingerwagging, where did anyone advocate for sterilizing women or attacking them itt today? Also this isn't a radfem thread retard, it's a thread for non-left wing feminists.

No. 7906

how about reading the thread and not just the three newest posts? also, even the posts you want to push as the only ones worth acknowledging ("today" lol) are discussing radical feminism. kind of moot regardless, if you take issue with anything i said, you're not any kind of feminist.

No. 7907

>non left-wing
So, what do you do? Rally for women’s right to be their husband’s property? Most retarded political niche I’ve come across so far and I’ve been terminally online since 11. Into the looney bin you go

No. 7908

I said today for a reason, I'm not accountable for the other conversations people choose to have ITT. I don't take issue with your statement's content, I just find it interesting that you felt the need to post "reminders" for something that wasn't mentioned at all in the conversation.
Why are you mad? I'm not even right wing myself, I just find this thread interesting. If you don't like talking to conservative women then just go to the other 100000 threads that lean to the left, it's that easy.

No. 7909

>I'm not accountable
>>7901 wasn't replying to you in any way, it is a post in the thread that had the exact subject i was referring to, kek. some of us actually read multiple posts in threads we click on, anon.

No. 7911

this is an anonymous board.

No. 7912

Reminder that
>please don't come here for the purpose of infighting
If you want to shit on other women and call them pickmes, feel free to do it in any other thread on this whole imageboard

No. 7913

this and also, pickmes are not feminists.

No. 7914

Fair enough, I got confused and thought that >>7901 was a reply to the ongoing conversation. Wasn't the eugenics feminism tardpost like half a year ago?

No. 7915

And tbh saying racist tradthots aren't feminists isn't shitting on other women at all, but there is one person doing that here >>6377 (honestly she's right as well)

No. 7916

Also note that there is a huge distinction between tradtoths and right wing feminism. Tradtoths are basically LARPers, as any other person on fron twitter, who wants to suck her husband's cock 24/7 and as right wing as long as it gives her male attention (see Lauren Southern). We here discuss how feminism can be (and should be) taken out of left-wing pozzed narrative and how right-wing topics can be incorporated into feminism.

No. 7917

>We here discuss how feminism can be (and should be) taken out of left-wing pozzed narrative and how right-wing topics can be incorporated into feminism.

Exactly, people are coming to this thread expecting ready-made answers on how the two can coexist but it's more of a thought experiment than anything else.

No. 7918

You’re an actual legitimate retard. When (real) conservatives look at you, all they see is a confused woman with little life experience they can manipulate for nefarious purposes. Your political stance is nothing more than a joke for any of the groups you try to associate with. All of your “patriotic heroes” are men or serve ideas created by men for male benefit. You’re a tool to be used and disposed of. You will never be more than a baby factory in the eyes of ANY world power, and the fact that you claim to recognise the dire situation of women globally yet still only want change that for women with pink skin or Hebrew speaking Cambodians speaks numbers of your selfishness.
Men have created the ideals you worship and you will never “belong” among them. They laugh at you- not behind your back but to your face, and always will. 2X is for feminists, go back to Christian Mingle or wherever you came from.

No. 7920

Wow this alogging is actually hilarious, idk what I even said to trigger you this badly. I already just stated that I'm not right wing or a nationalist/patriot, but since you want to assume things about me I guess you should know that I don't interact with men ever except when obligated to and I don't belong to any religion, so there go all of your arguments. I hope you can learn to read someday, it's a very useful skill. 2X is for women with feminist ideas from all sides of the spectrum, not just people that agree with you.

No. 7922

Nta, but are you a retard? That post did not specifically mention you or anyone else, if you don't disagree with it then there's no reason to get your panties in a twist. Anons are allowed to address other posts or conversations. You assumed it was somehow an attack on you and that's your fault.

No. 7923

I don't know about other races of moids, but Muslim moids can never ever ever be trusted
as long as your are a karif woman, you are fair game to rape, in their theology if they rape you then its considered a form of Jihad

No. 7924

I already adressed this here >>7914, it was a misunderstanding on my part.

No. 7925

What will your future husband think when he finds out you used to post cringe?

No. 7926

>I honestly don't think we will achieve true liberation until we collectively decide to stop shilling for moids based on any attributes/religion/skin colour and instead focus on our grouped strength as women from across the globe with different experiences of life, womanhood and misogyny.
All problems in the world originate with men. Problems in the west are caused by western men, problems in muslim countries are caused by muslim men, problems in Asia are caused by Asian men, etc. Adding muslim men to Europe just means that women now have to deal with problems caused by both European men and muslim men and the same goes for any combination of country and imported men. Women are 50% of the population and without us men are nothing. They know this which is why they spread whatever bullshit they can to keep women from acting as an organised group in politics.

Everything you said about the right can be said about the left. Do I really need to post the Dworkin quote? Both sides are shit for women and that's intentional.
Don't want trannies molesting girls in the women's bathroom? Better vote for the right!
Don't want your reproductive rights taken away? Better vote for the left!
It doesn't matter who you vote for, as a woman you are not voting for you're own interests, you are voting for you think is going to do the least harm to you.

No. 7927

And you still have no argument, keep seething and derailing.

No. 7928

This site is turning into mumsnet 2.0 except much more unhinged

No. 7929

Do you think it was a mistake to unhide 2x?

No. 7930

Definitely. Half the posters itt are 4chan scrotes from /pol/

No. 7931

>They know this which is why they spread whatever bullshit they can to keep women from acting as an organised group in politics.
Exactly, right wing men and left wing men both have an interest in discouraging free exchange of ideas among women. They want you to listen to them and nod your head silently to their oh so genius ideas but god forbid you speak to women from the 'other side'. This is at the core of the 'terf' label, it's all one big divisionary tactic.

No. 7932

I just think he’d be disappointed

No. 7933

>please don't come here for the purpose of infighting

No. 7935

>everybody who thinks differently than I do is a male

No. 7937

Ignore the bait and carry on.

Admittedly not conservative myself but have noticed more conservative women lately who aren't the usual spineless handmaids. What they seem to offer are refutations of moid-serving shitlib ideas like "sex work is empowering" and "woman is a feeling" that actually centre on how bad these ideas are for women, like they're speaking to women for once instead of just fuelling misogyny in a male audience by labelling other women as sluts and whores. It might be a grift but if that grift actually persuades conservative women to look at the issue from the perspective of their own collective interests, it'll be a force for good.

What I don't get is how conservatives propose to make motherhood less of a source of social and economic disadvantage for women given that they reject welfare programs, are full of moids talking about "divorce rape", rarely seem to acknowledge the existence of lesbians let alone lesbian mothers, hate single mothers, and are anti-abortion. Moralising that women should settle down into hetero marriages and trust a man to not go off the rails while pumping out babies doesn't actually help women with things outside their control nor persuade conservative men to up their game, so how a conservative feminist take on this could evolve, I don't know. Maybe conservative anons could explain.

No. 7940

Half the anons who claim to be radfems are just doing it to fit in here, they think it's some kind of prerequisite for using the boards. It's nice to see anons calling out their thinly veiled libfem idpol that's done more harm to women and society at large than good. And the notion that radical feminism is mutually exclusive to political identity is extremely refreshing.

No. 7942

You're basically describing all of /g/ right now and crystal cafe.

My only gripe ITT is embracing anything 'right wing' is retarded and nebulous at best. American right wingers are not the same as Europol right wingers so the title of this thread is a misonmer. Ultimately there is no place for women in politics it is strategically made as such.

The left want to use women as public property right as private property. I had some confused cringe with anons here claiming to be 'conservative'. And railing on gay moids saying they're no different from trannies. Trannies are far worse than gay scrotes. Gay scrotes are the typic variety of scrote misogyny without worser moid behavior. Trannies ARE sissy gay behavior and it's specific variety of misogyny PLUS the typic rapist scrote behavior. Trannies are much worse than gay moids, they attempt to skirt laws to infest women only spaces.

No. 7943

I don’t want to be a man’s property and I also don’t want a man that comes from a country where they gang rape women for fun to be next door to me and my daughters in my country

No. 7944

nta but what does /g/ have to do with this. never seen anyone there claim to be radfem

No. 7945

>My only gripe ITT is embracing anything 'right wing' is retarded and nebulous at best
I understand anon but if you remove the labels and negative connotations associated with left/right all that remains is ideas. Ideas you can judge objectively for their own merit and without the stigma associated with the division tactic that is the political system.
>The left want to use women as public property right as private property
Hard agree.

No. 7946

None of these are right wing takes

No. 7949

I'd say the underage radfems are mostly on /ot/, but they do moralfag and tone police on /g/ a lot.

No. 7950

>Half the anons who claim to be radfems are just doing it to fit in here
Exactly, I also think a lot of the younger anons who are radfems on here likely lap up the words of radfems on twitter and tumblr like they are preaching the gospel, when it's deeply obvious that a lot of those users are deeply unstable individuals, especially the ex-TRAs who still have those SJW tendencies in them. Read theory, scientific publications etc… and also learn to think for yourself and sort out the pozzed bs from the shit that actually matters. Basically don't be a retard and read more books.

No. 7953

Both based.

Honestly at this point I think "right" and "left" should just be used in the context of discussing who we vote for and other such practical matters.

Actual ideas should be debated for what they are, separated from the petty right vs left battle when it's not truly relevant. Least we forget that feminism and really just being a woman makes all of us closer to each other than we will ever be to any moid of whichever end of the political spectrum we consider ourselves closest to.

No. 7956

Using your post as more of a jump off point to sperg.
A lot of problems people have with conceptualizing conservative women come from their understanding of conservative men's views (the "right wing") and that's their error. Being a conservative woman (to me) means being a type of humble and reserved woman while still in control of my life; remember the conservative stance of being anti or minimum government involvement in our lives. Don't let it just be an illusion while moids pull your puppet strings and keep you ignorant and subservient to them. Perhaps a poor example, but if you remove the "for the males" motivations or XY religion as the glue from gatherings of self sufficient Amish women or Hassidic women, you can just have the female comradery and gatherings of women passing down skills to benefit themselves and their children and that's my idealistic hope of the kind of things I want to see in gatherings of conservatives women, not vitriol for other women who've made choices we don't like. Conservative doesn't automatically mean patriarchal. You can vehemently disagree with another woman but still seek to help her and teach her. Same logic with peaking other women and getting them out of gender shit.

You can be a conservative woman in favor of pro-choice while also preaching against the "sex is empowerment" bullshit and loose sex life habits that often result in a lot of unwanted pregnancies, you can be for providing growing girls with all the healthcare education that they lack right now so they don't end up in a horrible situation like being pregnant while too young with abusive moid bastards. You can tell them to value their virginity not because it makes them pure or something retarded, but because it's their body that they should value and should evaluate their choices with. (Being anti hormonal birth control is the only based answer though, that shit is poison.)

I don't need to elaborate on being a conservative women and being pro gun or pro self defense, pretty self explanatory. Why should conservative women care what lesbians do either, they don't hurt anyone and are still women. Stop assuming conservative means anti homo/bi, we just don't want fucking kink parades that moids push.

Reject welfare programs because it pushes poor women to pop out more babies than they can reasonably care for that burden the state and set up both child and parent to fail and or struggle in life, aggressively proselytize for law changes that hold moids accountable in finances at very the bare minimum and do not allow for any loopholes whatsoever. Go as far as possible with this; guilty until proven innocent, one woman seeing him walk away with another woman is worth 5 men's words that he didn't. If he refuses to work with pay deduction for his child tax, send him to prison and slave labor him, give 50/50 to the state for housing and feeding him and the rest to the mother. I don't give a shit if there is one crazy woman out of thousands that would abuse a man financially for this, he didn't have to fuck her to begin with. (They don't even need to cum, precum passes along sperm.)

No. 7958

>Stop assuming conservative means anti homo/bi
Tell that to >>7900 lel

>Reject welfare programs because it pushes poor women to pop out more babies than they can reasonably care for

'Conservatism' is a fucking joke. When success of the collective and lending a helping hand to others is so thoroughly entrenched in your culture that it is personified by a literal mother like in Scandinavian cultures you have an expanded welfare state and systems that actually do push success in child rearing like Danish Flexicurity and Nordic models. Other forms of Social insurance virtually unknown to American fags outside of brainwashed 'muh socialist' fox news ramblings. SI is the de facto standard in the developed world and most countries of the OECD that aren't shit (U.S isn't part of the developed world in this context because maternity leave is pathetic to nonexistent at best and socialized health care is also nonexistent). Even British people have better public healthcare than Americans and you've made me feel like a retard for defending the NHS. Even the Scandinavian models aren't enough for women to child rear while holding down a career let alone retard american shit.

Strangely, despite promising emerging documentation of social insurance in general (not even Nordic models and flexicuty just welfare states) and how they actually encouraged people to have nuclear families in the late 20th century during the previous dominant economic landscape of global Keynesian economics before full globalisation (which is actually conservative) welfare is seen as a 'leftist' thing now by libertarian regards and American conservatism. Strange how times change and framing by pundits manipulates one into voting against their own will like women intentionally crippling themselves and others by voting against things like expanded welfare support for women including maternity leave, and widowers pension.

Oddly and all of the sudden the new 'conservative' is tossing welfare so that it will be more difficult for women to child rear and they have no option but to be stay at home or work indefinitely to fit the mold of a moid while simultaneously having no moid benefits ergo the glass ceiling.

But rather than accepting that welfare could be improved and expanded upon to reflect the importance of child rearing and the flexibility of the labor market with emergent precarity caused by globalization you'd rather go full retard and abolish welfare states, cut social support by cutting taxes and mindlessly repeat the same message for years exhaustedly, penny pinch, and call people bludgers/lazy fucks for being Injured, laid off, fired, giving birth, having disabilities like a dumbfuck American. Left and right whatever you call it progressive, conservative both are shit at the present for women, but conservative ideology is zombie politicking with nothing new to offer. It's doubly bad for women than stupid libfem shit. Libfems can be convinced, lesbians and mothers will only be whisked away under conservatism and used as pawns if not discarded.

This is the most misogynistic spew I've seen in this thread so far thinly disguised as feminist, lel. 'welfare states make women pop out babies' this is some Tucker Carlson shit.

Since when is wanting to be treated with common decency and having bodily autonomy 'conservative' kek. Criminal justice can slant either way, yes kink shit is retarded unambiguously but moids need there coom and conservative moids are no different. The difference is conservatism pundits actively froth at the mouth at the existence of gay people and seek to curb stomp lesbians for existing. Radfem needn't conservative bullshit like this.

Well at least we have learned that conservatism and feminism are completely incompatible. In a world where there is no sane side to pick for women; it's either death by trannies or death by forced birthing.

I had a inkling that conservatism was completely dogshit with no redemption and continuously blames women for men's failings in policy making historically while also banging women over the head with the idea that they have no purpose other than incubation of future moids, thank you for solidifying that.

No. 7959

Nice misrepresentation and deflection, you completely misunderstand the point of reframing issues to provide perspective. This is probably moid bait and I'm ashamed to reply, but by the way take your meds. This pretentiousness and know-it-allness is why everyone hates europeans and shittalk you openly and behind your back.

>Since when is wanting to be treated with common decency and having bodily autonomy 'conservative' kek.

Since when is it not kek.

No. 7960

you just sound like an envious burger tbh

No. 7961

Most of the ideas here don't even sound rightwing nor conservative tbh.
Like the plastic surgery debate?

No. 7962

Exactly, the anon I was replying to doesn’t even understand what conservatism is or what right wing values are yet she apparently thinks anyone who has values that aren’t inherently woke and left wing actually want to be dominated by men or some shit

No. 7964

I want closed borders, I want armed women not taking any shit from men, I want western countries and western women to be bold again without degeneracy pushed by moids trannies and gay scrotes, and I want women from non western countries to thrive and raise hell to the men in their countries and feminism to thrive and I want every single woman on this earth to better herself with knowledge and to prosper in spite of male violence and degradation. I want every trafficked woman freed and every mother and daughter safe without globalist multicultural agendas forcing them to relocate every other place than the one they want to call home, homes filled with violence because of bullshit wars and governmental intervention by wealthy outsiders

No. 7965

Don't really read that thread but I was moreso thinking of the unconventional attractions thread in particular when I wrote that post.
>Most of the ideas here don't even sound rightwing nor conservative tbh.
That's the thing, there are no spaces for women with these ideas online. You either have to be super pozzed or a tardwife, even among radfems, there is no in between. These ideas are only in this thread because their "radicalness"/right wing nature is largely over-exaggerated by people who have a vested interest in not allowing women to have these conversations.

No. 7966

>Well at least we have learned that conservatism and feminism are completely incompatible. In a world where there is no sane side to pick for women; it's either death by trannies or death by forced birthing.
NTA but I'm pretty sure that anon is against forced birthing, she did say
>Reject welfare programs because it pushes poor women to pop out more babies than they can reasonably care for
Regardless of whether or not you agree with the American conservative view of welfare/social security (I personally don't), conservative women can still agree with many of the core feminist principles. Perhaps not with your or my perspective of what makes a 'good' or legitimate feminist thinker, but there is still a universal essence of feminist thought that women from either side of the spectrum can both agree on. For instance, a libertarian woman would generally be for abortion, because they are against intervention of the state in the personal lives of citizens, meaning that she is still a valuable ally when it comes to the cause of bodily autonomy. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we have to look at things on a case by case basis to get as much support for women's causes as possible.

No. 7967


this IS a cringe burger moment, even though i am one myself. Living in europe for five years made me realize that many of the feminist things you hold dear in >>7956 are made possible in common villages/cities across europe. Women live, provide, and work for themselves outside of scrote violence with easy access to reproductive rights, education, equal pay, and familial parameters. All while holding their traditions close.And yes, they have a welfare state. the US's welfare program is meant to reproduce harm/cope, rather than actually provide comprehensive care and autonomy.

I know you said this is what "conservative" means to you, but that's an annoying post-modernistic perspective that ignores how that term carries a real colloquial implication/definition. All of the following things that are mentioned in >>7956 :
>guilty until proven innocent, one woman seeing him walk away with another woman is worth 5 men's words that he didn't.
>child tax on men (while still anti-government/minimum government???)
>a system that can technically allow a woman to financially have leverage over a man

have never been held in practice historically through a conservative/traditionalist view. These are radical. They're good radical things, but still can never be congruent with the term "conservative." Words have meanings. Yes we can change them to some extent, but it just sounds like you're desperately trying to change the framework of something into something else that it isn't. As long as your version of conservative values are incongruent with a man's, then in what world are these things possible through the general conservative lens? And if you're not trying to fit into that lens, then why are you so desperate to stick with the word??

No. 7968

NTA, how would you define the word conservative? I would generally say that it describes those who want to maintain a somewhat traditional status quo. I suppose it is post-modernist to use the term in the way that you describe, but it's difficult to not use it when you, like I said here >>7965, are pigeonholed by others into the 'conservative' box for not subscribing to mainstream narratives.

Unrelated, but do any of you have any author recommendations for writers who explore the views discussed ITT?

No. 7969

The problem with the left is that anything that does not comply exactly with the current set of beliefs is labeled as conservative or right wing. A lot of women, including myself, who would have been considered left wing less than a decade ago are now considered right wing. My views have not significantly changed, it's the ever more extreme and retarded requirements of the left that have changed. There is an ever growing list of what is now considered literal fascism when these would have once been centrist or even leftist ideals.

No. 7970

Bingo, that's what I'm getting at. It's part of the "zomg literal fashizum!!" tactics that are used by certain groups to push an agenda that most reasonable people would normally disagree with. Our collective consciousness, even decades later, is still scarred by WW2, so most people run the opposite direction of whatever is labeled as fascist without giving a second thought as to whether or not it actually is fascist. The whole TERF debacle is a great example of that, they get called fascists despite generally being left leaning and many of them being gnc lesbians, and having none of the core tenets of fascist rhetoric present in any of their ideas.

No. 7971

I have noticed that on other sites, but on lc I think most anons even on other boards seem to hold similar beliefs here? Idk maybe I missed something but the only major disagreements I can remember is regarding guns, though I think they all agreed it should be kept away from moids at least.

No. 7974

who protects the women? if you say men, then you genuinely believe white straight men just aren't likely to be pedophilic rapists and are more trustworthy? why?

No. 7975

nta but why do you retards always put words in peoples mouths before they even have a chance to reply to you
>then you genuinely believe white straight men just aren't likely to be pedophilic rapists and are more trustworthy? why?
why do this? you look retarded, just wait for her to reply with her thoughts? have you ever considered the alternative of both cracking down on straight white moids and moids who immigrate here? like you don't have to choose one or the other kek

No. 7976

I think what i find interesting in these discussions of "huur duur you all don't want to discuss race because of idpol" is that you all are engaging in idpol. Men all around the world are heinous, and certain cultures right now run the gambit of having access to commit even more harm against their own women (i.e. muslim countries, undeveloped countries, etc). This is not inherent to their identity, which is what you all end up claiming, but it's because this is what always happens when men realize they do not have global power: They kill and subjugate their own women. I just wonder if anybody has picked up a history book based on these convos, what's with the exclusive current news analysis? The same things happened all across europe not too long ago, and it definitely isn't because of european genetics, identity, religion, or enduring "european" cultural values. Ukrainian women are being raped and killed as we speak by people of the same race, and the once "civilized" men they went to school and worked with are also taking up the opportunity of chaos to rape. Men are OPPORTUNISTS!

I find it far more in line with radical feminist theory and traditional perspectives to recognise how the pendulum swings throughout time based on proximity or access to power. The Public vs private property point about leftist/right-wing men is incredibly poignant.

To me, conservatism has always been about discernment, and is separate from traditionalism. Tradition involves bringing down culture and values based on a shared lineage and/or sense of legacy. Conservatism is suspicious of the new, but it does not always condemn it. Just because mainstream narratives want to pidgeon-hole you doesn't mean you need to work within that paradigm, which is essentially what happens when people attempt to re-write definitions. It's like how gendies say "well i don't fit into the exact standard of what a (insert sex) is, so i guess i'll make my own definition!" kek. You do not have to believe in ideological packages.

No. 7979

I agree with this. I think there is much more common ground with hard line conservative women than liberal women seem to think. Even tradwives seem to secretly gossip about men being awful and women's secrets when alone in the kitchen.

No. 7982

American women have little to no maternity leave and wanting to cut welfare is a thinly veiled argument to cut support to pregnant and child rearing women.

Criticising someone's words as being 'too pretentious' while ignoring the history of the world that led to the point of sudden change in conservatism being a thing just makes you look like a dumbfuck and is not an argument. Similarly arguing misrepresentation with no ryme or reason is also retarded.

I didn't mean to imply the anon agreed with force birthing I only used it as an example of twisted shit conservative Muricans pull as being 'conservative'. The lack of maternity leave in the U.S is not fucking normal OECD wise though and rather than being deemed 'conservative' I'd argue it's more antiwoman and inhuman lel

>which is essentially what happens when people attempt to re-write definitions

Roe V Wade was overturned, I'm honestly baffled as to how any woman could identify with a side that wants to actively control your bodily autonomy, and reduce your role to baby making by weaponizing pregnancy and gatekeeping fucking abortion.

I don't want to defend trannys but laws should be malleable while certain rights should remain untouchable without some extreme changes in democracy. The U.S is not a democracy so it's hard to say how such system would be put into place, it's a false federated pseudo-democracy.

No. 7983

That last paragraph is something I've wondered about a lot but came up with 0 solution. I can't even imagine (male) conservatives in my country letting themselves actually passing something positive for mothers and children even though it'd be objectively good for society. Misogyny is such a huge part of what gets them voting in my country so it only seems like they focus on limiting womens' rights to bully women into being dependent on men. Not once have I seen a conservative politician in my country address anything you said with any real compassion and constructive thinking, in fact I'm sure if they did they'd lose most of their supporters.

No. 7984

This debate is so dumb you literally can not be radical feminist and right wing/conservative. Radfem has basis in Marxism and class analysis it is fundamentally incompatible with right wing politics stop this retardation right this instant and call yourselves something else

No. 9253

This thread isn't about right-wing radfems, it's about right wing feminists. Learn2read

No. 9255

It’s clear you tards want to be seen as aligned with radical feminism. Meanwhile you shit on liberal feminists for being dumbass twitter faggots yet all you’ve got is hurr durr I have read that one Andrea Dworkin quote!! You’re no different from them.

No. 9256

I haven't seen the conservative feminists in this thread claiming to be radfems, you're really putting words in their mouths just to get mad at.

No. 9259

Ntayrt but these posts >>7950 >>7940 >>7897 seem to be alluding to it. The last one saying "left wing radfems" as if there's any other kind of wing lol

No. 9260

middle one

No. 9270

You literally got banged and creampied by a moid and you're ree'ing about handmaides

No. 9271

>left wing radfems
I'm an ecofem and I don't get what the fuck you are saying. Radical feminism is INHERENTLY left-wing because its rooted in Marxism.

Just stick to conservative feminism, that would suit women like you who can't actually read feminist books and have never performed activism in your life.

No. 9272

True rightwing feminists would advocate for the drone striking of the USA to stop them spreading gender ideology 2bh.

No. 9276

What is "left" and what is "right" has changed with time. Some of what Marx was advocating for would now be considered right wing and the social policies of Soviet Russia resemble a Trump manifesto more closely than anything from a "left" political party. Anyone against the intrusion of men into women's spaces is now labelled as a TERF and right wing bigot because women's rights is no longer a part of the leftist agenda.

The left is not about working class solidarity and rights for the marginalized in society. Right wing populism is increasing all over the world for that exact reason. It's identity politics instead of class politics.

Left and right are arbitrary terms and the current political climate is better thought of as being globalism vs nationalism than the people vs corporate interests because all major parties serve the interests of the corporations and the elites. Any difference is surface level.

TL;DR Step outside of the moid construct of left and right because these terms are self limiting and are irrelevant to women.

No. 9277

>TL;DR Step outside of the moid construct of left and right because these terms are self limiting and are irrelevant to women.
NTAYRT and while i agree with your point, why is the thread called rightwing feminism then? why not come up with an entirely different term to separate from left/right shit altogether?

No. 9278

samefag and people online mislabeling anyone against troons as 'rightwing' doesn't mean we have to go along with it

No. 9280

Kek you're forgetting anon her Nigel is better than the all the other moids. All scrotes are bad and all but not my Nigel he'll never dehumanize me or any other women despite everything In his socialization teaching him otherwise lel.

You see it's not moids fault somehow it's always women's fault for trannies being degen and not men's because Nigel creampied in me, he picked me so he's special and the exception of all moids.

No. 9281

I'm not OP so I don't know

>doesn't mean we have to go along with it
It is what it is and it's the creation of men. Defending the rights of women against trannies, immigrant moids and predatory businesses like Only Fans shouldn't be considered right wing but it's where we are. You either stay silent so you can be considered left wing or accept the right wing label, shrug and keep going.

No. 9285

I remember there was this quote I read which said something like this
>"It doesn't matter how much you say you hate men, if you end up coupling with a man and birthing his spawn then you're doing exactly what is expected of a woman in a patriarchal society. You clearly do not hate men at all."

No. 9287

I just find it ironic that rightwing women in hetero marriages with a bunch of kids would call other women "handmaidens".

No. 9289

retarded take. you could go and have nice conversations about words, changed meanings etc with troons.

"man and woman are arbitrary terms what is man and what is a woman has changed with time they have third gender cultures" etc like do words mean things or not

No. 9292

A marriage is a partnership and an exchange of services. If a woman is getting what she wants out of a marriage then is she really a handmaiden? Women are never going to stop being heterosexual but they can get some standards and stop enabling worthless low value men.

Biological sex is observable and not a construct. There is no choice involved in biological sex and it can not be changed. Women have two X chromosomes and men have a Y chromosome.

The left right political spectrum is an entirely man made construct that only exists because of the seating arrangement in the French National Assembly during the French Revolution.

No. 9298

Marriage is a patriarchal institution for transferring ownership of women and that’s why it’s seen as an exchange of services. How is upholding that not playing into patriarchy? God why are y’all so fucking stupid?

No. 9300

Stringent anti-nationalism is just as toxic as stringent nationalism. The Pankhursts were very nationalist while also being some of the most radical feminists of the early 20th century.

A lot of the older, trans-peaking women are still conservative leaning, and quite a lot of the more out-there leftist ideas do not sit well with them. It's like the far leftists who advocate for the abolition of the nuclear family–it's a completely bizarre circlejerk that makes no sense to normal people, even those otherwise sympathetic to us.

No. 9301

A family household with extended relatives together is a lot more useful imo.

No. 9302

Much agreed and I hope to have the same one day; most people I think would agree that more consolidated family relations need to exist. Female elders can pass down female-centered traditions and have a hand in raising the children. A lot of this certain rhetoric seems to center on this sort of quasi-kibbutzim Marxist "the all-benevolent state will raise your children and cure them of their internalized racism/patriarchy/etc." I don't want strangers to have a hand in raising my children.

No. 9304

Polish nationalists pushed for full women's rights some 37 years before the average adoption in the developed world, right after independence, and were the only ones to have female representatives to the parliament first time around. Now neomarxian feminists want to tear down statues of the father of Democratic Nationalism, because something something patriarchy.
Family abolitionism is very old by now and unfortunately it was baked into most modernism. There is no shortage of ideologues who want to take humanity in hand and boil it down to concrete hives full of vat-grown drones a la Brave New World but with even less pretense.
Patriarchy itself is a hijacked term. It literally just meant "pater familas/analogue is the political head of the broader family unit." The idea society was ordered to be some kind of old boys' club for every joe average to oppress women never held any water. Men usually got chucked into the grinder first. A model where society is supposed to primarily benefit men over women would had the later "volunteer" in the suicide squads. Norms weren't morphed around men but communal/administrative utility and provided a stick and a carrot. Marriage existed for the benefit of children, and ultimately, the elderly parents, if any individual at all. It certainly didn't enrich men directly as a class to til the land for extra mouths to feed. It's near ubiquity shows it must've been a result of cultural selection on a wider than individual level.

IMO the rigidity and authoritarianism in social norms of the past was the result of the brutality+instability of primitive existence. Things weren't allowed to fail, otherwise community would starve/lose coherence and dismantle itself. On the other hand people also had to compensate for the feebleness of law and order. Men had more incentives given not because they were the ruling class (just like the current trashmen and ditch diggers aren't) or because the ruling class was identifying with the average lowly cottar. They were given more incentives since they possessed more brawn and thus had more bargaining power. Otherwise everyone was under extremely rigid systems of customs.

No. 9306

While I don't disagree about the origins of marriage, women in the west are not forced to marry men and do not need to either, yet they still do. Most women are heterosexual and want men, there is no way around this.

No. 9316

>Men usually got chucked into the grinder first.
Is this somehow women's problem? Do women have to solve the problems of war caused by moids and the patriarchy?

>Norms weren't morphed around men but communal/administrative utility and provided a stick and a carrot.

Which was created originally by moids, handmaiden. This is some strange moid cope.

Marriage existed for the benefit of children, and ultimately, the elderly parents, if any individual at all.
No, marriage existed for the benefit of moids and elderly moid parents. Moids will eat their young and need women to take care of them because women are superior child rearers who don't regularly eat their young and abuse them like savages. Women are exploited and used in marriage as pawns for political control historically. I'm curious what your opinion of modern women's life satisfaction plummeting after marriage while moids increases exponentially is. Marriage is a tool to dispose of women out of the workforce so that they know their place so they may be dependent on a moid bread winner. Your weak assumption that patriarchy doesn't exist because 'muh moid dictionary definition' is shit. Call it by any other name, claim it was highjacked like a retarded conservative moid, like a autistic Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson seething at post modernism and muh cultural Marxists take. The phenomena that is being described here is patriarchy; a universal control over women by moids, there no other way you slice it men receive a collective benefit from marriage, women don't.

It certainly didn't enrich men directly as a class to til the land for extra mouths to feed.
Yes it did. And still does. Some of those 'extra mouths to feed' are moid mouths and future birthing machines for moids to shape and brainwash into incubating their moid young. These moid young are made up of half of their own moid DNA.

It's near ubiquity shows it must've been a result of cultural selection on a wider than individual level.
This is a reach, many cultures don't practice marriage but have stable partnerships and roles instead. I believe your confusing monogamy with marriage, monogamy is probably universal in humans but marriage is an invention. Aside from this even if it is 'universal' this is a shit fallacious argument appealing to nature.

Patterns change over time and influence/colonization affects those patterns. It's characteristic of indigenous cultures, that they may still be violent and exhibit typical patriachical shit sometimes extremities due to less resources but they may also have polyamorous fags and unconventional matriachies.

But rather the more obvious evidence that marriage is shit in the vein of Occam's razor is people telling us that marriage is shit. Men seem to think they are being 'tied down' despite its benefits to them and womens quality of life drops from moid abuse and being treated like a broodmare with no independency. Moids will still cheat on women In marriages exponentially, it's a performance, the veneer of moid loyalty lel. Marriage rates are dogshit, women initiate divorces at a far higher rate because they hold everything together in families but eventually implode from insufferable moids they put their hope in. I want to make it clear that evidence points to monogamy as the norm but not marriage. Marriage is a far later invention that coincided with retarded moid controlling mechanisms in European history.

Patriachichical norms and marriage being the modern norm in European places predominantly doesn't prove shit but that men can beat women into subjugation, through propaganda, gas lighting them en masse into marriage control, controlling their behavior so that they fit rigid societal expectations and stereotypes and continuously manipulate them. You attempting to justify subjugation of women is disgusting.

Maybe an anon more versed in harems and the real sick moid history can provide a better answer that will highlight the double standard based depravity of moids, but to be honest you don't really need one because your argument is retarded. Are you going to argue that harems, and FGM are also the norm because some moid history says so?

No. 9317

>A model where society is supposed to primarily benefit men over women would had the later "volunteer" in the suicide squads
Sorry, but also what the fuck are you talking about by this? Is your ideal equal society just all married jihadists in Saudi Arabia? Lel

No. 9318

>IMO the rigidity and authoritarianism in social norms of the past was the result of the brutality+instability of primitive existence. Things weren't allowed to fail, otherwise community would starve/lose coherence and dismantle itself. On the other hand people also had to compensate for the feebleness of law and order. Men had more incentives given not because they were the ruling class (just like the current trashmen and ditch diggers aren't) or because the ruling class was identifying with the average lowly cottar. They were given more incentives since they possessed more brawn and thus had more bargaining power. Otherwise everyone was under extremely rigid systems of customs.

I actually agree with this to some extent, the basis that when times are tough, resources scarce and inevitable moid squabbles ensuing because they can't control moid rage, leadership may be needed. But women are never seen as an option because of the amazing scrote 'brawn' you're hailing here. You just had to put it in such a pickme way lel really fucking brawn? Are the brawn of moids crime stats anything to be proud of?

'Brawn', is one way to frame domestic violence, homicide, murder, child abuse, torture, and all the dehumanizing shit moids engage in lel. Consider a hypothetical world model where we didn't glorify 'brawn' and abusive moids like we still do under patriachy anon.

No. 9321

File: 1674295640934.jpg (75.68 KB, 900x558, 1659817666772.jpg)

Being nationalist isn't necessarily right or left wing, it was the foucaultites and post-marxists that tried to make that connection, fun fact the CIA intentionally introduced their rhetoric into leftist groups to destroy those from the inside and the sad thing is these "intellectuals" that the CIA used didn't even realize they were being used


No. 9322

>the basis that when times are tough, resources scarce and inevitable moid squabbles ensuing because they can't control moid rage
Did you miss women fighting over toilet paper in marts 2 years ago? Do you think that if your family members and the rest of your sole support structure were dying of famine you wouldn't raid and steal from another community because you'd pull a feminist na'vi mind meld with them instead? And what, you'd achieve a parity of kids starved to death for equity's sake? In so far as they were allowed, women raided on viking trips–inb4 they wuz forced to do a vaunted profession because moids are sadistic and wanted to tarnish their sainthood.
>You just had to put it in such a pickme way lel really fucking brawn?
How is brawn not a neutral word? Never heard "brains over brawn"? You clearly have problems, not even joking. You attached an emotional charge to this where there was none.
>Brawn', is one way to frame domestic violence, homicide, murder, child abuse, torture, and all the dehumanizing shit moids engage in lel.
Now you're conflating physical strength with abuse. Stop.

And stop hyper-focusing on your favorite subject. I explained patrilienarity with strength, because that gave men a better position that then landed them the leadership role as familal roles bubbled up into state ones. I'm trying to explain why patriarchy as formulated by the 2nd wave rads is wrong and you come at me screeching about rape. Radfems were copying Marxism wholesale, just replacing the classes with the genders. It was dumb then and it is dumb now. Origin point is not class-based, it's proximity-based communalism of family-community-tribe/state that in fact generated the traditional structures.

So, again: men have more strength, they can reliably clear fields, drive the plough and fend off ravenous bandits and foreigners from beyond the next hill in a situation when upper body strength and mobility decides nearly everything in combat. Authority is weak, initially it's just some old community members, sometimes already mostly men, with women playing second fiddle, sometimes both - it makes little difference in how they enforce conformity. They only have so much strength as the community lends them and so they build consensus. Gender roles and family unit grow out of these conditions + land inheritance + sex drive. Men become the economic and political (outwards directed potential for violence, basically. All law is violence-backed still, we just delegate it now, don't try to be smug.) axis of the family, women become auxiliary to that, especially since in a systemic viod they can't negotiate on an equal footing (no systems of oppression! How wonderful!). and the children are usually functionally slaves to both parents until married off or until the previous head dies. This is usually how things look like for agrarian societies ~3500-2600 years ago, almost across the board.

>hypothetical world model where we didn't glorify 'brawn' and abusive moids like we still do under patriachy anon.

We literally don't. Main power structure is softboi Woody Allen emulators now. Wow, they still abuse power–just like Woody Allen!/surprised pikachu face

Only macho types are on the working class outskirts and niches catering to them. Everybody up the ladder sings your song now on their way to the rape island, anon. Enjoy your nu-"patriarchy".

Also I hope you don't glorify law and order, anon, and don't hope to end violence that way. Cause that requires whole oceans of hired thugs to operate.

No. 9323

PS another thing I forgot: pre-state intervention custom enforcement was retroactive to their formation. Something happens and it works in the bare bone sense that it's predictable and functional? That is "da way" now, don't question it. Men having dominion over women is directly the result of physically unequal individuals running a stead together because of biological and economic drives, developing unequal habits and only then the elders putting a stamp of approval on it, when it becomes a norm. Ground-up, no cabals of industrialists with cigars, tophats or monocles involved.

No. 9324

I didn't say women weren't incapable of violence, and yes I did miss the toliet paper shit cause I'm not a Burger so your strange meme reference shit isn't really convincing me of anything. Women fighting over toliet paper rabidly one time does not make thousands of years of subordination null. Women being capable of crime doesn't make them commit crime en masse like strong 'brawny' moids, you haven't countered my point. Women commit far less crime then men en masse. What do you call a system that gas lights women into fear of the repercussions for being abused and assaulted?, what do you call a system that permits the rape of an entire people because it gets dicks hard? But strangely it's only one people there's no inverse.

What is strength and brawn if not physical control and domination? Brawn is not a neutral term in my opinion and you choosing a single idiom doesn't say much, a man having brawny features is considered good. It isn't a neutral descriptor anon, it's generally positive indicating assertiveness and control. Even in the idiom you used to discredit this idea it's an untypical subversion of what is typical, that's what makes the idiom meaningful and effective at conveying it's message. It subverts what is common knowledge and expected. It's no different than the 'pen is mightier than the sword'. But within the topic of physical control a sword is obviously better than a pen and brawn is better than brains.

I have no idea how you can twist male physical violence and strength as only being synonymous with men. Obviously shitty moid violence is but not strength. I don't understand how brawn can be argued as being a positive thing and that you'd use it to justify any of your pickme logic about men being superior because of physicality. In the modern era women are capable of fufilling those roles, technology and automation will continue to make these jobs easier, and less strenuous reducing the need for hard manual labor needed for people in these jobs. And even if they weren't male violence and physicality is still a fucked up thing to prop up.

Manual labor jobs may have historically been suited for brawny individuals but in the future they will and present they are becoming less and less relevant.

Shouldn't we be striving away from moid brain violence? You haven't really explained why you disagree with 2nd wave feminism other than it co-opting ideas from Marxist school of thought which I don't really care about your Marxist sperging, nor Marxism tbh; like I said, you don't need a dictionary definition like an autist to know moids will violently destroy everything that they disagree with.

>And stop hyper-focusing on your favorite subject.

But you're hyper focused on your Jordan Peterson tier take on Marxist shit lel

>Radfems were copying Marxism wholesale

I'm glad that you did the write up and am critical of this but I personally don't give two shits about Marxism, the origins of it and have no strong opinion one way or the other. A lot of Marxist thought is utopian shit to me that assumes moids can be people. I can be critical of a system like the patriarchy and consider the ideas it represents but not ascribe it to 2nd wave feminism and/or the retarded aspects of radfeminism. In essence you are arguing we need to maintain patriachy like a libfem (whether you want to believe it's real or not) and moid based violence for some reason because the illustrious history of moids and you don't like Marxism. Okay. While libfems want to ignore patriachy it seems you want to maintain it by this logic whether you want to call it real or natural moid rage.

>Also I hope you don't glorify law and order, anon, and don't hope to end violence that way. Cause that requires whole oceans of hired thugs to operate.

I don't understand what relevance this is to the discussion but there's no clear answer to this because law and order is complex and theory differs greatly by country. I live in a country where I respect the police force, and my country does very well on the corruption index but now that you randomly mentioned it law and order is hopelessly weak in my country, constantly aiding in moids crimes while women get fucked over. I respect the police because they do the best that they can under the piss weak system of law in order in my country but I respect that many laws are too optimistic and lenient in my country, despite this I still respect what they are trying to achieve despite moids making this vision nigh impossible. I don't understand why this was brought up were you expecting me to be a anarchist or something because I am critical of violent moid patriachy shit? Moids may have made rape legal in many places and used law to subjugate women but I don't live in a shit hole like Iran that tortures women for dissenting beliefs.

I'm baffled by what you even are political stance wise since you seem angered by the sheer reference to patriarchy and radfeminism, defend moid violence as 'natural' and allowed to proceed since 'it's moid history' but strangely anti law and order because thugs? I can't tell if the law and order thing is just a gotcha question though. Are you some sort of hybrid anarcho-conservative?

No. 9333

Rightwingers talk about class way more than leftwingers today. Many leftwingers get angry and dismissive if you talk about class over their vacuous racial diatribes. In fact both have always taken rhetoric from eachother, right more so from the left. Some rightwingers even consider most of the right to just be leftwing with different aesthetics and different faction, because they are thinking more in a rigid centuries past sense and clearly defining the term. Unlike any current political context where it is not clearly defined and you are forced in one or the other for no reason rather than arriving here or there or somewhere from well thought out views.

And left and right exist in the same political context. More alike eachother in a given place and time than not. Because both in the past would be at odds with the commonalities of the present. Samew with political context in each country. But even ignoring that there's the fact that what you identify as leftwing or rightwing is vague and constantly changing. Your idea is not the same as another. Dominantly it cannot be said that leftwingers are for women's rights given they are aggressively for trannies, prostitution, immigration of men who openly despise women's rights and abuse women, etc. Or rather being against these things makes you a pariah in the narrow environment they have made. Whereas most rightwingers will defend women's rights to some extent because it is institutional and theirs. Or out of reaction. Or because it aligns with their interests. Leftwingers and some but not most rightwingers strangely negate themselves by denying that their own tradition and institutions is a tradition and institutions. Pretending it is the universal immortal truth and not a blip in history. Same with freedom and democracy. It is both imperialistic and suicidal. And explains the contrasts in what they support. Because they believe it is the universal immortal truth they deny all others. But at the same time don't realise that it's categorically the same as any other and can change or die.

And people shit on nationalism but then see the corporate news lay out the context with some propaganda about China and suddenly they don't think it's bullshit, they even warmonger.

Labels are first and foremost a matter of identification and grouping. Most people have labels before they have any understanding or opinions, so the content of the labels is not fixed. Groupings can easily be imposed by setting the stage too. People really feel this is my team that is enemy team, on the basis of nothing but how it is presented to them. Anything they personally like or dislike, any hang up, is leftwing or rightwing.

See here people getting angry over someone having a family. 'Not my feminist'. This is exactly why people are saying rightwing because the whole game is about egotistic hostility and tribalism, almost always along vague lines that have no clear political characteristics. No, you hating people who value family does not mean it translates to a political characteristic. Unless having a stronger community and being less mentally ill is a political characteristic. People feel fed up but they only know this paradigm. Certainly it is almost universal that being against mass immigration, even certain immigration, will be taken to be rightwing, regressive, even fascist by just about everyone identifying as leftwing. Yet this is actually imperative for women's rights, not to mention safety, and the survival of institutions that uphold it. Not to the mention the tradition at large that birthed it. All political parties universally have this policy, because they are corporate lapdogs, but only self-identified leftwingers totally disallow any mention of it outside of praise and demand for more.

No. 9337

>Whereas most rightwingers will defend women's rights to some extent
except for the whole abortion thing…

No. 9338

Girl rightoids are making 10 year old girls give birth wtf are you talking about

No. 9340

You know these "vacuous racial diatribes" do matter to some women, right? That some of us are affected by our race as much as our sex? Handwaving the concerns of others as securing the family unit in the face of leftist sensibilities is flimsy. You all sound like you would be terrible to women who aren't like you and at that point describing yourself as any kind of feminist doesn't make sense. Why not just be a nationalist? Why involve women's rights at all?

No. 9341

There's more to women's rights than simply abortion. Also there is no current threat that I'm aware of to abortion in most of Europe.

Without women there is no nation, so women's rights or the lack of them is an innate part of nationalism. Hitler was popular with women. He ended the rampant sex trade in the Wimar Republic and introduced welfare programs and protections for women. He advocated for women to be respected and implemented social programs to ensure the health and fitness of women. He also believed that women should receive a high quality education equal to that of boys. Hitler did this because he recognised that women are essential to a strong nation. The context of women's rights is so much more complex than current political terminology.

Here's the Dworkin's quote
>To right wing men, we are private property. To left wing men, we are public property. In either case, we are not considered to be humans: we are things

The left wants me to be an independent girl boss that makes coin by posting my asshole to twitter and I must suck the tranny dick. The right wants me owned by a single man in marriage so I can stay at home without education or a career because I need give birth his children. Neither is acceptable which is why feminism needs to ascend beyond left and right.

No. 9342

Ah, so instead of addressing the very first thing I said you confirm this is an ideology that welcomes the eradication of undesirable races, including women who aren't of your ilk. If Hitler was so kind to women and our rights are so integral to nationalism then what's the point of this thread and this argument on nomenclature? None of you are feminists.

No. 9345

>so instead of addressing the very first thing I said
Maybe I didn't address it because I agree with it, who knows

>If Hitler was so kind to women

My point was that Hitler was not kind to women yet he still considered women's rights to be an integral part of National Socialism. The German women of the time found Hitler preferable to the Weimar Republic.

>None of you are feminists.

The no true Scotman fallacy.

No. 9346

Exactly when do right wingers talk about class kek? No seriously because I can’t think of anything aside from like, complaining about small business tax which affect upper middle class. Or trying to get rid of anything that helps the poor or disadvantaged.
>casual racism
>le one dworkin quote
>bringing up hitler
You clowns write the jokes for us kek

No. 9348

Northern Ireland (which is, literally speaking, illegally occupied by England) has no access to abortions. This seems like the right thread to ask if anyone here is an Irish nationalist, or a sympathetic unionist? I'd participate in the thread if there was more Irish nonneens voicing opinions on either side.

No. 9351

File: 1674424948794.gif (645.6 KB, 295x221, Q9Tb.gif)

>bringing up hitler
kek this has to be bait. thread's over everyone, pack it up.

No. 9353

This type of feminism is exclusively for women who are white and come from western countries. I hate my native country and everyone in it. I believe some cultures are lesser, but i also acknowledge that destroying supposedly inferior cultures cannot happen without eradicating the women in the culture who are victimised by the culture because most right winged feminists i have seen usually hate all women who aren't white and do more to push women back into the arms of their oppressors they believe they share a plight with. I also feel incredibly frustrated how most women who look like me are rampant pick-mes who worship the most useless group of men in the world. There is no real space for me to vent about my frustration of this without having to run to divestor's who just switch from betting a pick-mes to black to being a pick-me to white men and honestly a lot of them make me sick, but they have taught me a lot that radical feminism couldn't because it's not something that they focus on and a lot of black radfems still support blm and are only gc.

No. 9357

Go to the Eurofag or Britbong threads and ask for them to post here, I'm curious too

No. 9358

You're allowed to discuss him. Anon was bringing up historical examples. Relax.

No. 9361

i'm also allowed to think anon is retarded

No. 9371

And I'm allowed to think the same of you because you still don't get the point. You read "left bad" without reading the rest of the post and then proceed to accuse women of being right wing and not real feminists.

No. 9379

>You read "left bad" without reading the rest of the post and then proceed to accuse women of being right wing and not real feminists.
where did i accuse anyone? did you confuse me with another poster?

No. 9384

>you read "left bad" without reading the rest of the post
>thinking anyone's takeaway from your posts is oh no not left bad

No. 9394

>Rightwingers talk about class way more than leftwingers today.
No they don't. Marxism is rooted deeply in class structures and is considered a left wing ideology, a lot of posts in this thread actually mention that.

>And people shit on nationalism but then see the corporate news lay out the context with some propaganda about China and suddenly they don't think it's bullshit, they even warmonger.

Lol who? Tucker Carlson? Not in my country at the very least. China is a valuable trading partner for most of the developed world, it's "the factory of the world", for better or worse. Also taking a stand against a corrupt dictatorship like China is not xenophobic nor pro nationalism of your own country if that's what you're implying. China is shit right now, so is Russia these things are indisputable and unanimous, not right wing. The entire world Is laughing at the destructive forces of China and Russia and the fragile egos of their leaders, and the sad game of ego they have going on.

>Unless having a stronger community and being less mentally ill is a political characteristic.

Lol fuck you, choosing not to be married to someone doesn't make you mentally ill or make a stronger community, male pleaser.

>No, you hating people who value family

Hahaha you know radfems aren't hating people who value family disingenuous retard. The entire thread has been revolving around the basis of various arguments within this thread of which some have been based around marriage and patriarchal structures not an individual woman's right to choose, that's unquestionable. You can value a family that isn't an idealized moid tradthot nuclear family too btw.

>Certainly it is almost universal that being against mass immigration, even certain immigration, will be taken to be rightwing, regressive, even fascist by just about everyone identifying as leftwing

Nope. Moids do this, certain brainwashed women only follow the moids. Women don't generally commit mass shootings though. And shoot up mosques and gay bars because of this.

>Yet this is actually imperative for women's rights, not to mention safety, and the survival of institutions that uphold…

Oh yes the larping kekistan fascists will certainly protek all the good white women and not sit on their asses and call those women roastie bitches who deserve to suffer. Fuck off with your pro fascist bullshit. See the problem with fascism is it's always looking for the next target, moving the goal post, white woman are safe but PoC lel nah. Even if you are a white woman of a certain age you'll be discarded but even as an ideal you're next on the chopping block if you don't squeeze out 10 fasci moid babies for your moid fasci army. Disgusting inhuman shit, I've never seen a retard defend fascism as protecting problems rights and paint it as feminism lel.

>Not to the mention the tradition at large that birthed it.

Abort yourself.

>All political parties universally have this policy

In a fascist country perhaps but I don't know much about American politics, I can only assume a failed coup is a sign of some home grown fascism though. So there's your group anon to protect you, the wominz! Qanon and kekistan fags.

Pls stop fasci-non

No. 9461

you sound really unhinged

No. 9469

You can't be a feminist and be for immigration unless you're schizophrenic. Sick about this taboo about Islam and immigrants here in Europe.

No. 9472

So it's not feminist to want women to get away from horrible places and see their families gradually integrated into a (at least slightly) less misogynistic culture? If precious white women aren't protected against immigrant moids then they also won't be protected against white misogyny. Target the perpetrators no matter where they come from and it's win-win for white and brown women.

No. 9485

you sound lost

No. 9488

Excellent rebuttal, (projection) lel. If you're not going to bother putting effort into your posts at all don't even post.

No. 9497

My god this post is incredibly based. Thank you nonnie.

>See the problem with fascism is it's always looking for the next target, moving the goal post, white woman are safe but PoC lel nah

Exactly. Fascism has always and will always only serve those in power, nobody else. It's a foolish cope to think that voting right wing conservatards, either male or female, will liberate and protect you from le evil immigrants or whichever scapegoat they're using, when the entire movement is literally controlled by those who are factually the biggest threat to you - powerful, wealthy Y chromosome havers who see women as second class citizens. What they consider "protection" is making you stay indoors taking care of them, their children and their property. Right wingers hate interracial relationships not because they think you'll be treated badly, but because you've had the freedom to pick someone that makes them insecure.

No. 9505

Wow, you really convinced me I guess i'll vote for more mentally ill trannies in women's bathrooms and prisons.

No. 9506

ntayrt but you shouldn't vote for either side. the post didn't even mention trannies.

No. 9516

Yeah, because immigration is not a problem at all and clearly is not wanted by those currently in power. Sigh

No. 9523

You can be opposed to trannies in women's bathroom and nationalist idiocy both. I don't see why you have to go full trad to own the troons.

No. 9524

Which political party is anti-immigration and anti-tranny

No. 9539

File: 1675006086069.webm (12.57 MB, 576x1128, BraveDown.Com-greenscreenvideo…)

something tells me these are the type of ''women'' in this thread.

No. 9540

>another rw french feminist
I wish we could be IRL friends anon ;_;

No. 9547

No it's not feminist to import millions of the worst misogynistic moids and pretend like it's nothing. If only we could talk about it, ok. But here in Europe, there is a huge taboo. The left doesn't dare say anything to these people for fear of being seen as Islamophobic or racist.

No. 9559

That, or right wing scrotes.

No. 9560

Oh yes it's the evil immigrants that, for example, took away the rights to abortion in the US or Poland. Not crusty old men in power. And as for the "muh immigrants raping women" claim, the vast majority of rapes happen in private residences committed by someone the woman already knows. Seriously anons, stop being gaslit into believing that all of the society's problems stem from immigration. Misogyny and sexism predates that.

If you followed sources other than cherrypicked blue haired feminist boogeyman own the libz pages you'd know that non-conservatives fully acknowledge the problems with immigration, but instead of just throwing them into an oven or drive them into the dregs of society to serve massah and radicalize they know the better option would be to integrate them with proper tools and help. Humanitarian refugees are an extremely small percentage of all immigrants to begin with, and the majority of them return back to their countries once the situation has stabilized enough to stay safe.

No. 9561

>>majority of them return back to their countries once the situation has stabilized enough to stay safe.
Do you have a source for this claim?

No. 9562

nta but baby go and harass some black women on the street or abuse customer-service i know you are itching for that.

No. 9563

To contextualise, I will first say that I am French. Indeed, I think that the possible problems that immigration can cause vary from one country to another depending on the number and origin of the immigrants, as well as the reasons or duration of their arrival. I think it is quite possible that immigration could be no problem in some places.

In France, it is simple: there is an uncontrolled and unlimited flow. This causes obvious problems on a national scale, not just in the very large cities.

I could quote you the list of cases in the last week alone where women have been harassed, raped, killed by mainly Arab Muslim or African immigrants. It would not be exhaustive, but would already be distressing in terms of the proportion in which these occur. It is true that Asian immigrants (East Asians, not Pakistani Asians like they say in the UK), for example, do not behave in such a way. When you invite yourself to a country, it seems to me that the least you can do is to behave properly. These people are doing the opposite of that. Worse, when they are sometimes several generations removed, they often behave worse than their grandfathers, who showed more willingness to integrate into society.

Nevertheless, here are a few:
>Caen: a woman student offers a sandwich to an Arab migrant, he assaults her sexually
Verdict: 8 months suspended prison sentence, so no actual time in prison.
>Antibes: a North African, already convicted 4 times, sexually assaults his disabled neighbour
Verdict: 2 months suspended prison sentence, so no time spent in prison.
>Limoges: A woman killed by her partner, of Arab origin
>Moselle: a man of Arab origin poisoned his former girlfriend (he committed suicide in prison)
>Vitry-sur-Seine: an illegal immigrant, already targeted by a deportation order, disfigures his ex-girlfriend with a cutter
>Sannois: an African immigrant convicted 21 times and who has already spent 19 years in prison gets 20 years more for kidnapping, confining and raping a student
>Saint-Ouen: a 21-year-old woman driver was dragged along the road after a carjacking by a man of Arab origin already known to the police
>Étampes: a 15-year-old girl with severe mental retardation raped by a 12-year-old Afghan immigrant
>Sartrouville: a delivery man sentenced to 6 months in prison for sexually assaulting a customer whom he asked in Arabic if he wanted to marry her
>Cheptainville: "In the Muslim religion, one does not divorce. There is no rape, the man has access to the woman when he wants": a woman testifies and tells the ordeal of her ex-husband's violence
>Nancy: a 28-year-old Afghan migrant on trial for the rape of an 18-year-old woman
>Rennes: Arab immigrant convicted of raping 19-year-old homeless woman
>Lyon-Grenoble train: an illegal Algerian immigrant rapes a 19-year-old passenger
>Saint-Brieuc: a Tunisian man kills his wife, his 3 year old daughter and injures his mother-in-law before committing suicide
>Blois: hit by her ex-husband when she had just alerted the police, despite witnessing an altercation, a woman in a coma. He had asked Chloe to convert to Islam and had spread the idea that the Koran authorises hitting one's wife
>Ecquevilly: Melanie massacred with 80 stab wounds by her African ex-boyfriend, who claimed to be a "seduction coach"; her little sister seriously injured while trying to protect her

All this in less than a week, and I'm definitely missing some.

It should also be noted that in France, convictions are derisory. A rapist (even on a minor) will sometimes barely go to prison, some criminal records can be filled with dozens of convictions for different reasons. A criminal illegal immigrant will very rarely be sent back. He may even accumulate several deportation orders without ever actually being deported. Prison sentences of 2 years or less are almost never carried out and longer sentences are almost always shortened. Sentences of 100 years or more in we see sometimes in the USA do not exist here; it is very, very rare that an individual is sentenced to a real life sentence. You now have an idea of the general laxity in this respect.

To illustrate this with a fact: a few days ago, a Tunisian illegal immigrant who WISHES to be sent back to his country occupied the home of a woman (who is now afraid to go back home), the police took him into custody before releasing him because "there is not much they can do"; the man has already said he would do it again.

This does not mean that we do not have problems with white men whatsoever. On the contrary: men on the left are promoting transsexualism and this immigration to the hilt; men on the right are saying that women are the cause of all evil and that we need to return to a hard patriarchy. We also have white men who rape and kill their wives. The question is: why should we add other, even even more serious, problems coming from immigrants in whose countries women have practically no rights, can be beaten, and are even convicted in case of rape in the place of the rapist?

The reality is that in France, interestingly enough, there is no gender gap in voting, unlike in the United States or, as we saw in the last elections, in Sweden for example. Women vote about as much to the right or 'far right' as men. Yet this rhetoric exists anyway, because men use libfem personalities as scapegoats when there are just as many men saying the same things. There is absolutely no questioning of their own responsibilities.

This creates a tedious situation for feminists with anti-immigration stances, who exist, but whose groups are widely reviled in mainstream libfem movements, so when they try to join a demonstration, they are violently chased away, by antifa men who escort these groups, without them being bothered about it, apparently.

There is also, on the right, a kind of Christian nostalgia for a patriarchal order that I don't share at all either. I don't have a religion and I feel quite comfortable with the idea of secularism which has existed in France for over a century. I feel quite politically homeless even though I'm lucky enough to have friends who think like me on these issues.

I would add in conclusion that I would absolutely be in favour of taking in refugees, especially WOMEN refugees fleeing Iran, Afghanistan or other oppressive countries, but it is exactly the opposite that has been happening in France for years.

Aaand this post was much longer than I thought it would be but I really wished to elaborate further.

No. 9564

import women only, if they try to enforce their backwards culture deport them

No. 9571

Unironically the only true answer.
Pro immigration for all but moids. Deport all shitty moids brown or otherwise kek

No. 9572

they're like animals. I'm all for immigration, but only the women. men from those places should not be anywhere near women and first world nations.

No. 9598

I'm French too nona !

No. 9611

I keep on seeing this take but how would you enforce that, like it or not most muslim women will not abandon their families(young Muslim men will though)
Arab Muslim men rape non-muslim women cause its considered a form of Jihad, Muhammad and all his Sahhbah did the same thing and they are the greatest human beings who ever lived according to his Islam, from an Islamic moral perspective you being a non-married kafir woman are "fair game"

No. 9613

We french "right wing" feminists should at least share throwaway emails to chat, I left mine, feel free to message me !

No. 9617

File: 1675247458116.png (282.8 KB, 2296x1456, 4.png)

Looked up the groups name on reddit out of curiously and found a r/AskFeminists thread about them, first they insist that the group is actually just filled with men(ironic) then they completely denounce these women and claim they aren't "real feminists"

No. 9618

Men cannot be official members, some other right wing groups such as Action Française or La Cocarde sometimes help them with security stuff. Source : friends with a former squad leader.
Of course being a "real feminist" now require licking trannies' and non-white moids' asses so they aren't, but they try their best to shed light on violence against women, even when french white dudes do it, and they do it a lot.
They're way too focused on islam I think but it still is a real problem in europe and a threat to women as a whole.

No. 9620

Focusing on Islam imo is a good thing, cause that's the ultimate test for neo-liberalism, The Quran states that Islam is a religion for all of eras and all people. You can't just "modernize" Islam. It's not a sandwich that you can take apart the parts you don't like. for true believing Muslims its either all of it or nothing
so the question for the liberals in France and in Europe is are they willing to accept that, cause Muslims will wish to spread Shariah and hope their host nation becomes Muslim, they will groom and rape kafir girls cause its allowed and even a form of Jihad

No. 9631

Turn them away at the border and enforce the same policy Ukraine has where the men have to stay and fight. If the women won't go without their moids, they can stay too.

No. 9643

you don't understand, Syria desperately needed its men to stay and fight ISIS but when push came to shove, the vast majority of fighting age men ran away en-masse and you can't stop that, they didn't have any sort of loyalty for their nation, in Islam you are allowed to betray your nation
Ukrainian men(and I'm sure many are sexist as well) still had a sense of national identity, majority of them wanted to stay and fight, plus Islam's inherent tribal nature makes it ill-suited for modern warfare
vidrel explains it better then I can

No. 9647

Moids hacking each other up because muh superior warfare is only "respectable" because of other moids from another nations wanting to hack them up. Both are retarded and shouldn't exist in the first place.

No. 9649

no its not racial its cultural, Basically the current standard of world militaries is based on the European model that developed over the course of centuries, most Islamic states in many cases didn't have proper standing armies, they had feudal levy forces that were called upon and disbanded, like the current concept of what we consider an army didn't really exist for them
When the colonial powers left, the militaries that were formed for the newly independent nations in many cases started from the ground up, just a vague model idea that could not be implemented properly and without a real ground to stand on, that was the case of most Arab militaries, Its what lead to situations like the US forces overthrowing the whole of Batthist Iraq with in a month, Chad managing to push out Libya or groups like ISIS and other rebels forces managing to carve significant pieces of Iraq and Syria and more famously the Arab Israeli wars

No. 9652

Did I mention it was racial? I mentioned it's a moid invention. I don't care if you wish to glorify European moid violence and history, none of it should have existed in the first place and it absolutely should not be lauded in the present like you are doing, fullstop.

No. 9653

Why do mainstream liberals cape so hard for Muslims? it makes no sense, they don't even dare to suggest that refugees should try to integrate in the countries where they reside

No. 9657

File: 1675351071341.png (199.54 KB, 432x486, sihem.png)

Speaking of Islamic lunacy, today the body of a 18yo North African girl murdered by a North African criminal who was sentenced AT LEAST 13 TIMES including a 12 YEARS JAIL SENTENCE in 2015 (French justice at work again) was found. How does the Arabic/Muslim community of France react? They urge to delete all pictures of the girl circulating online because she is not veiled. Then they use Paint to add one themselves, to "preserve her awra" (I just learned a new Arabic word, yay). This is insanity. Then they threaten to kill you if you point it out. Really, this country is going downhill more and more each day.

No. 9661

That's kind of what I said. If EU countries don't allow them in, they'll all have to stay in their country or they'll go to a country dumb enough to let them stay.

No. 9662

They cape for anyone lower on the oppression pyramid.

No. 9682

as an ex-muslim I sadly understand where this mentality comes from, I used to tell my younger cousins to wear their hijabs cause I was scared for their souls, unveiled women were literally thought of as "free use women" you get subjected to cat calling, threats and assault if your unveiled and that's just in this life, showing off your hair to any man who isn't your husband(even a 4 year old boy) is a serious sin and you will be punished for it in Hellfire

No. 9716

Western Europe is completely fucked and I don’t understand how more women aren’t waking the fuck up and saying no to immigration.

No. 9721

I love this thread, it's always stays unhinged. Still love you all the right wing nonnas.
That's cool and all, but there is a lot of women who are prone to violence, support their nation waging wars and even actively serving in the military. Look back at history, female rulers waged wars as much as men, Russian empress Catherine the Great was best known for adding new territories to her empire. I don't support war or anything like that, but I hate this attitude on this website that certain nonnas have. Like all women are pure and sinless and all the moids are unhinged and cause all the ills in our world. I think great part of feminism should be that all women are different and adhere to different worldviews. Yes, some of them are cringe and dumb, but it is how it is. There always would be handmaindens, e thots, aidens and all sorts of women you personally hate and disagree with. But that's the point, right?
Yeah, what the hell I was talking about? Anyway, this pacifist view that we should just stop waging wars (mkay, guys?) is dumb. Because it's literally impossible. And no, moids have nothing to do with it. People will always have conflict of interests, and where is conflict of interest there is war.

No. 9863

Any nonas in Sweden or Denmark know anything about the recent Quran book burnings that have taken place? I'm assuming it was moids who are doing it, but I'm hoping more Swedish and Danish women hop on the trend

No. 9865

Because if we start agreeing with conservatives they will also want to remove our rights and establish more conservative (christian) society rules which are inherently bad for women and other minorities that have nothing to do with muslim rapefugees causing issues. How you don't see this is surprising to me. They only ever criticise Quran because they don't like muslim men fucking "their" white women, not because the Quran is inherently harmful to society and especially women. Honestly fuck all Abrahamic religions, Europe will fall because of this fuckery. It's all fucking men and their fucking retarded religions.

No. 9878

This is what I mean, so many western radfems are completely unwilling to even comprehend that the rest of the world is actually more misognystic then you can comprehend, I think you genuinely believe that Sweden is as bad as Somalia
and no Islam is not comparable to other religions, it is a comprehensive belief system that's internally consistent as well, it has laws and guideline for everything you can think off

Muslim men will always view you as a kafir woman, who is always going to be potential war booty, tell me do you have any idea women in the west actually progressed to the point they had real power and financial wealth, its cause the inconsistencies of Christianity

No. 9879

so you would literally rather live in Shariah(which you fucking cannot comprehend what that is like you utter Idiot) rather then work with the mass appeal parties of the population, instead you'd rather spend time living in a state impotent rage and reading re-reading the theories of gender and women studies professors who also praise the followers of the arab pedophile

No. 9884

File: 1675931670029.jpg (13.19 KB, 698x239, The Dua after drinking milk.jp…)

>Nta but Sharia might as well be the same thing as evangelism. No religion at all is good
This is what I mean, this is a completely idiot view of the world, like you are unwilling to fucking read a book or even watch a documentary or something
Islam and Sariah law is a comprehensive belief system, Muhammad unlike The Buddha, zarathustra or Jesus actually ruled a state for a period of 10 years and then his successors ruled an empire for 30 years, so Muslims know what to do when it comes to running a state and live their lives, every monotonous detail is covered, from statesmanship to petty things, like cutting your nails, which direction you should you face when you shit, proper method of clothing, proper method of taxation, proper method of inheritance, even the proper method and prayer to drink milk(like picrel) and without exaggeration a million other things
something like banning slavery could not exist Islam cause Muhammad and his companions had slaves and they never banned the practice

now evangelism is a protestant sect, having its roots in the First Great Awakening, an attempt to purify Chrisantiy from Catholic, Anglican and Puritan influences and its incomplete, their entire faith is based on a bad translation of the bible, it can't remain static and it has evolve to make up for its own shaky foundation and that's a good thing, that's why Chrisantiy can evolve as much as it does, that's why you can have female preachers and snake biting rituals and other shit, Islam is a perfect religion and that's why its scary, its foundations are solid and you can't argue with a Muslim on anything, they are 100% secure with their religion

No. 9888

These posts are absolutely unhinged but that pretty much sums up this "femonationalism" bullshit. My favourite highlights:
>do you have any idea women in the west actually progressed to the point they had real power and financial wealth, its cause the inconsistencies of Christianity
>it is a comprehensive belief system that's internally consistent
>Islam is a perfect religion and that's why its scary
>no Islam is not comparable to other religions… it has laws and guideline for everything you can think
(Wow, rules for everything? Have jew ever heard of such a thing?)

Men aren't made better or worse by the belief systems they inherit. They make the belief systems to suit what they already want. That's the whole premise of feminism: power is related to sex and men use that to maintain their privilege in whatever way the circumstances call for. If you think shutting down immigration is good then great, go for it, but don't call it feminism. You're all obviously not genuinely concerned for women outside your country for one thing, and then you talk like only immigrant men behave this way, like your precious European or American men aren't also violent rapists when they go to other countries (and they get with it more). It's not an influx of rapists, it's an exhange program.

No. 9890

okay do you genuinely believe that people just create religion ? cause it doesn't work like that
religions evolve and change over time, Islam Its self most likely started out as an Arab-centirc non-trinitarian sect of Chrisantiy but overtime its Arab-centrism became its main focus and it set its self apart from Christianity

but if you think all religions and men are equally bad, move to iRAN or Somalia, if you truly believe that's the case

No. 9892

the point is, why the fuck do you want to give western men the opportunity to be equally bad as iranian and somali men though. that's what i can't understand, what the fuck are you thinking.

No. 9895

They literally do. See: Christianity, Islam, Bahaai, Mormonism, Buddhism……

No. 9896

Can't believe I forgot Wicca.

No. 9899

>Men aren't made better or worse by the belief systems they inherit.
Yes they are. You have obviously never experienced muslim moids IRL.

No. 9903

oh it's retard pakichan again

No. 9906

>They literally do. See: Christianity, Islam, Bahaai, Mormonism, Buddhism
no one person who created these religions though(with the exception of Mormonism and Bahaai)
A popular Jewish preacher was executed, his followers refused to accept his death and claimed he had risen from the dead, his cult grows and expands and suddenly Jesus becomes a prophet for everybody, he can be a simple man, a god, the son of god, the manifesto of god, a spirt and basically whatever you want, then the Jewish Roman wars creates a large Jewish/Early Christen diaspora and from then on the further spreads to the regions of the Roman Empire and again it starts gaining followers
Islam likely started out as an Arab-centric sect of non-trinitarian Christianity, like the Quran's one and only claim against Chrisantiy is the exitance of the trinity and that belief in the onesies of God is what separate Christians from Muslims but both are considered part of one group Mahmans(believers), however during 7-9th century as Islam expanded through military successes due to various factors, Islam's identity started seeing its self above and wholly sperate from the Abrahamic faith and the introduction of the Hadiths basically sealed Islam to being what it is today

I'll do the rest later(its late and I'm sleepy)

No. 9919

>move to iRAN or Somalia, if you truly believe that's the case
Ok, but you move first. Move to Zimbabwe or South Africa where men rape babies under the excuse that it's meant to cure HIV. I mean why not, they're 80% Christian so it must be ok, right? Move to anti-religion China where the one child policy was implemented knowing full well that the culture would prefer boys and lead to mass female infanticide. The gender imbalance there is not an oversight, they just didn't care.

I never said the shittiness is evenly distributed. Quality of life is real. I said it's related to power, not magical ideas. Power will brand itself however it needs to with whatever is at hand. You have to be so ignorant of history to think Islam has something inherent to it that worsens men rather than just being malleable to the interests of power, as though the Arab world would be a peaceful progressive utopia nowadays if only Buddhism had caught on there instead. And you can't claim that hardline Islamist regimes have always reflected the will of the people; when secular or moderate governments have failed to serve Western interests, they've been taken out either by the US or with US backing. The US preferred to fund jihadists than to allow socialism to exist. It's very much in the interest of Western power for the Muslim world to be poor, repressive, and brutal, and it won't be allowed to "evolve" as long as that is the case. Even in the West women's rights have tended to progress when it has been economically expedient and regress when it's not.

>okay do you genuinely believe that people just create religion

If you ever go offline and talk to real people, most of those who would claim to be Muslim or Christian or whatever pick and choose what in the religion suits them. Religion is their justification after the fact, not their motivation.

No. 9924

I said the west is an exception, those regions are filled with retarded morons as well

>You have to be so ignorant of history to think Islam has something inherent to it that worsens men rather than just being malleable to the interests of power

where are your getting this information from, I genuinely wish to know the origins of your shit takes

>okay do you genuinely believe that people just create religion

If you ever go offline and talk to real people, most of those who would claim to be Muslim or Christian or whatever pick and choose what in the religion suits them. Religion is their justification after the fact, not their motivation.
There it is, you actually believe it, you are an actual fucking sheltered moron, let me tell you something you privellged Idiot I live more in the real world day then you have an entire life, I have had relatives die for the sect they followed, family members crippled and have seen what Islamism can to do family and communities
I hate Islam more then you can imagine but I know for a fact it exists and people believe in it, cause they are afraid for their eternal souls and the souls of their families, ONLY AN IGNORNANT MORON LIKE YOURSELF would ever think of applying their very specific post-religion secular bubble on to the rest of the world

No. 9928

File: 1676017555659.jpg (180.21 KB, 720x620, 20230210_083849.jpg)

It's crazy to me that the reaction to recent protests sparked by harassment against women from unvetted moid refugees is to… mock working class mothers. A majority of the victims have been women from lower income areas since the refugees in question have been placed in the same areas by our social welfare system. In my opinion, we should only have ever accepted women and children. We would have far more resources to help women/children if we limited it to them + refugee women don't make it their mission to terrorize women wherever they go

No. 9929

File: 1676018045944.jpg (223.42 KB, 720x603, 20230210_085138.jpg)

The majority of protesters are women. What's bizarre to me is that that #IrelandIsFull has been pretty much spearheaded by women and the reason why it even became relevant again is because of violence against women rising, bit it's not at all being recognised as a feminist thing. It's being perceived as just white nationalism

No. 9930

File: 1676018419579.jpg (207.96 KB, 970x2048, IMG_20230210_090122.jpg)

These are the genocidal nazi Irish according to Irish leftists, just so you know how to spot them

No. 9948

Considering evangelist US is becoming a christian version of Sharia, you don't have to travel too far for it.

No. 9949

thanks for bumping, fuckhead.

No. 9976

File: 1676188927967.jpg (99.99 KB, 1080x1060, 166172.jpg)

>If you ever go offline and talk to real people, most of those who would claim to be Muslim or Christian or whatever pick and choose what in the religion suits them. Religion is their justification after the fact, not their motivation.
by god you actually believe this don't you, you are so disconnected from reality that you believe that genuine faith doesn't exist, cause some pig brained gender studies professors wrote about it in the 1970's

No. 9977

File: 1676188928241.jpeg (159.13 KB, 750x419, 67073867-381A-45DC-9864-A5CB2E…)

men laugh at women owning firearms. all the more reason to own them imo. Fuck these disgusting moids.
Good for the women of Ireland!

No. 9979

Nta but they are 100% correct. You have to be coping hard believing moids don't mold religion to suit their desires, such as Christianity incorporating paganism to shill Christian beliefs to the pagans they conquered, and ignoring that moids regularly do not follow the religious morals they claim to because it does not suit their hedonistic desires. We also regularly see scrotes online who claim to be some denomination of Christian saying shit like sharia law is based because it fucks over women. Men don't have beliefs, they have goals and create religion and belief systems like political parties to shill their beliefs to the masses, but the beliefs are always based on acquiring coom and status while trying to masquerade it as something noble because being openly selfish defies their narrative of being the superior sex.

Paki-chan just hates muslims because she has to deal with them irl to the point of deludedly excusing all other religions as less harmful because she doesn't know shit about history and ignores the barbaric persecution of other religions against innocent people, like Christianity and the witch trials, the spanish inquisition, etc. because it doesn't affect HER, therefore it isn't real in her eyes or as bad kek.

No. 9981

You are deluded if you think Western men, who are mostly irreligious, are worse and could EVER be worse even given the opportunity which they never will be. Immigrant men from different cultures where women are nothing, especially Muslims, are an existential threat to the institutions and social/political environment through which women's interests and rights are advocated. What has been developed out of an intellectual tradition built on European Christian sensibilities literally for a thousand years to get to this point of liberation. I say a thousand years because that's around when the church started seriously advocating against slavery and eventually removed it from Europe where it never returned. Further liberation and equality follows. There is no where else this happened. Just as there's no where else ANY notion of women's rights, or simple concern for women's reality, ever developed. These things don't go away just because things start being favourable to Western moids who mostly support women's rights as they stand anyway and even if they don't, they have no way of changing it because doing so means toppling the system and culture that they themselves are defending. Internet incels, who are mostly not Westerners btw, are not an argument. You are so deeply unwilling to concede these things that you will roll over and die for some muslim rapists.

No. 9982

Also, can you explain why you believe sharing an opinion with Western moids who are mostly irreligious and moderate is just as bad as silencing or denying any criticism of violent and rapey men from other cultures and worse inviting more in? Because I don't understand how one follows from the other. Or why enlisting mainstream support means things will have to be just as bad so that means muslim rapists are good now?

No. 9990

Nta but western men still traffic women and literal kids, go to asian countries to rape kids and babies, abuse their wives and groom kids online etc. They can't rape women in their own country easily because of laws but they still try their best to hurt us and I think they're now trying to oppress their own women since America is forcing women to keep rape-babies and such nowadays. All men are shit and pretending like atheists are somehow good men is bering ignorant at best.

No. 9991

No one is saying western men are good, we are saying that muslim moids are worse. This is clearly observable.

No. 9992

I absolutely agree anon and I think it’s a common sense for most women to observe that.

No. 9997

Yeah but the argument of muslim men being so inherently different from other men that no other could turn out like them coming up whenever someone complains about western men is tiring

No. 10002

I disagree. I believe both western and Muslim men are shit, though that's maybe because I'm originally from a country western men traffic women from.
Yeah that's my complaint. You'll bring up sick shit western men have done and a random anon will come say xyz group of men is worse. It's so weird that complaining about western men isn't allowed at all.

No. 10004

All of them are equally shitty I'd just kill a radical Muslim by slowly dismembering him, starting with his dick and balls, then gouge out his eyes :)

No. 10008

Well said nona.
This is definitely true, but white and/or western men have at least a modern culture where the majority disagrees with those behaviors. Western Women can and should beat these western men to death for doing those heinous things to women and children of other nations. However, many non western countries and non-euro men simply do not have a culture where a majority believe rape, domestic abuse, and child abuse are as heinous as they are. So yes Western men aren’t exactly ideal but they are more than ideal when compared to other men.
Sub Saharan African men as well.

No. 10014

>So yes Western men aren’t exactly ideal but they are more than ideal when compared to other men.
Jesus, what? Just because they don't grope you out in the street, like that other anon described they still travel to other countries to rape children and take advantage of the desperate women there and go online to groom and abuse children. Literally the only thing keeping them from being apes is the law, and they're more than willing to take away female bodily rights if the opportunity rises like we saw with the abortion bill. It's not a contest of "who has it worst", this genuinely is starting to sound like Paki-chan levels of white Nigel bootlicking.

No. 10018

>It's so weird that complaining about western men isn't allowed at all.
It's because right-wingers don't have a genuine interest in feminism except to find ways to pipeline women in with false promises. To do so they have to coax you into thinking the problem is not globally men (global in both senses of the word) so they can offer solutions based on race/ethnicity, religion, anything but sex-based rights. Leftist feminism was hollowed out by liberal trans nonsense and now the remnants are being attacked with this. It's genius and I expect it to work just as well.

No. 10019

I mentioned that Western males at least have western cultural values that exist to adhere to (though yes, they do not follow them well and can be also degenerates who prey on others) compared to other males whose cultures don’t exactly promote humane treatment of women. Western civ is ideal, western men are not. I do not expect them to get their shit together either, nor do I think western women should bother with them unless they are decent. I’m not a separatist, but I respect those who are. Het women have a higher shot of finding a decent western man that isn’t pornsick and thoroughly misogynistic than they would if they went to a Latin American country, Asian country, or middle eastern country. I think this is pretty commonly accepted as women from these nations also seem to prefer literally any men except their own, and no, it’s not just because of finances/wealth but I can understand that it may be part of why

No. 10021

Western men created western society. In western society the concept of women being human and deserving of rights and protection happened over time for various reasons. There are still western men that do evil like engage in sexual abuse of children and human trafficking. These men are a minority and what they are doing is considered wrong and is punishable by law.

Compare that to muslim men who are raised in a religion that teaches them that muslim women are their property and that it's a holy act to rape non-muslim women. An example of this is what happened in Afghanistan when the US military pulled out and allowed the Taliban to retake the country or what is happening in Iran with women being murdered for protesting.

Anyone claiming that western men are as bad as muslim men does not a firm grip on reality.

No. 10023

File: 1676281865547.jpg (124.67 KB, 826x871, 1669697834263.jpg)

like I'm not trying to be mean but you have to be doing a bit or something, like you literally can't acknowledge that people believe in stuff
like my grandfather used to fast for days or go towards steep mountain valleys to pray(again this had nothing to do with Islam but this is what he was taught when he was younger as a part of his culture) and he used to do this stiff cause he genuinely believed that they doing would bring god's favor towards his family and make life easier for them, it was obviously wrong and he almost died trying to climb a mountain but he went again anyway when his leg recovered cause he believed in it
I'm losing hope nonna, like I don't get what mental function is wrong in their brain, is the writings of gender studies professor really that important for them when in reality they didn't matter

No. 10027

File: 1676299388105.webm (16.06 MB, 640x360, The Whirling Dervishes Of Iran…)

So off-topic discussion, I don't wanna talk about Muslim or western men or whose better or worse, rather about the power of belief

there are two users here who are very insistent that religion is simply a choice and men pick and choose what they want and women are just brow-beaten into accepting it, that's a narrative that goes back to Focault and many post-Marxists in the west regarding religion but its fundamentally wrong, its not how belief works, religion gives people power and strength cause they genuinely believe in it, and its stupid and its incorrect but for them it exists and you can't just not think they don't truly believe cause you and your circle of university educated pseudo-intellectuals don't believe in religion

and most importantly gives these people strength, as much as I hate Islam and Muslims I can't deny that genuine faith gives them power I wish I had, it takes away their fear and gives them full confidence, like vidrel(NSFW) these men beat and mutilate themselves to prove that God has given them strength, faith becomes a conduit for will its self

No. 10033

This. For many women it's a very hard pill to swallow that there are no men who put female rights first or would bother to do even the bare minimum if they weren't punished for it, so they try to reason it so that it's only the men in shithole 3rd world countries corrupted by their race or culture who commit atrocities and that's why white supremacy is acceptable and all of this could be fixed if you just supported ethnocentric right wing ideals. Men didn't decide to give women equal rights out of the sheer good will of their hearts, women had to climb the ladders for decades to reach positions where they could have a voice and even had to resort to blackmailing and holding the society hostage to get equal rights. Just because men finally said "fine then" means nothing, especially seeing how we've witnessed that they won't hesitate to jeopardize all of our achievements if they become able to.

No. 10035

so in your logic how does that explain why every other group of women in the world outside the west not were able to get the same level of rights and freedoms(like the right not be stoned to death in public or to be raped before executions or the night not to have your genitals mutilated)

are you that blind to your relative freedoms

No. 10052

100% agree, but I would also add that Western Women added to the advancement of Western Civ through bravery whilst enduring their forced subservience; ie hiding as men and pursuing education, having their original thoughts and ideas stolen by other men and published by their husbands, championing advancement for females even while knowing fully they would be met with mockery, etc. western men could not have built western civilization without women, and they also are indebted to a lot of women’s intellect.
Above all I value female intelligence and solidarity around the world And I am disgusted by men of any culture who chooses to stifle our natural curiosity, inquisitiveness and intuition

No. 10053

You might like the book “The Skeptical Feminist”. The author discusses her knowledge of the ways in which humankind used to worship female essence over male dominance. Faith is a very important tool and arguably a very core concept of being human, we could do without too much mysticism and superstition but faith is valuable and returning to more female-centered religiousity would do many women some good.

No. 10054

File: 1676347533110.png (265.55 KB, 504x627, Destruction_of_Leviathan.png)

>You might like the book “The Skeptical Feminist”. The author discusses her knowledge of the ways in which humankind used to worship female essence over male dominance
no offense but I have seen this claim by a lot of women/gender women study academics and its fairly baseless most of the time (for majority of the world at least), but there were definitely societies with esoteric mother goddesses and Iron age Hebrews had a mother goddess as well
just like all the other Semites, Hebrews had many gods and goddesses, but the most important one would have been the divine mother goddesses(Inanna, Ishtar, Anat Astarte, and Asherah) but a series of events happened where the Hebrews war god(not even the head male god who is usually associated with the ocean) became their head god, Yahweh the Abrahamic God is kinda tragic in a sense, he's a War God that was meant for the purpose of war and not much else, and he got burdened with so many extra roles that never fit him

>Yahweh became predominantly an imperialistic, expansionist God of Hosts, who fights for his people as fiercly as the gods of the Iliad.

>he is a god of war because he has to be; it will take centuries of military defeat, political subjugation, and moral development, to transform him into the gentle and loving Father of Hillel and Christ.
>He is as vain as a soldier; he drinks up praise with a bottomless appetite, and he is anxious to display his prowess by drowning the Egyptians: "They shall know that I am the Lord when I have gotten me honor upon Pharaoh"· To gain successes for his people he commits or commands brutalities as repugnant to our taste as they were acceptable to the morals of the age; he slaughters whole nations with the naive pleasure of a Gulliver fighting for Lilliput.
>Because the Jews "commit whoredom" with the daughters of Moab he bids Moses: "Take all the heads of the people, and hang them up before the Lord against the sun";" it is the morality of Ashurbanipal and Ashur. He offers to show mercy to those who love him and keep his commandments, but, like some resolute germ, he will punish children for the sins of their fathers, their grandfathers, even their great-great-grandfathers."
>He is so ferocious that he thinks of destroying all the Jews for worshiping the Golden Calf; and Moses has to argue with him that he should control himself. "Tum from thy fierce wrath," the man tells his god, "and repent of this evil against thy people"; and "the Lord repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people.""
>Yahweh was not the only god whose existence was recognized by the Jews, or by himself; all that he asked, in the First Commandment, was that he should be placed above the rest. "I am a jealous god," he confesses, and he bids his followers "utterly overthrow" his rivals, and "quite break down their images."
>The Jews, before Isaiah, seldom thought of Yahweh as the god of all tribes, even of all Hebrews. The Moabites had their god Chemosh, to whom Naomi thought it right that Ruth should remain loyal;'· Baalzebub was the god of Ekron, Milcom was the god of Ammon: the economic and political separatism of these peoples naturally resulted in what we might call their theological independence. Moses sings, in his famous song, "Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods?" and Solomon says, "Great is our god above all gods."
>Yahwism was immensely superior to the other religions of the time in majesty and power, in· philosophic unity and grasp, in moral fervor and influence. This intense and sombre religion never took on any of the ornate ritual and joyous ceremonies that marked the worship of the Egyptian and Babylonian gods. A sense of human nothingness before an arbitrary deity darkened all thought.

No. 10059

You’re right. Retards who didn’t pay attention in history class shill the idea that moids in the west respect women and support their rights when that has only been a recent development aided by women fighting for their rights and new technology. Men didn’t decide women were human, they were forced to see them as human under threat, which is why you still have scrotes in the west at any opportunity that suits their goals denying womens humanity and demanding their rights be rolled back because they are “too humanized” aka not subservient enough for the men (abortion ban, redpill/incel movements rising because women aren’t forced to date men, etc.).

No. 10060

>every other group of women
Nta, but every other group of women doesn’t have the same access to technology. There’s a reason moids seethe about women being armed. Do you seriously believe westerners are genetically nicer? Did you just not learn history in school?

Never forget friends, paki-chan claims that medieval europe was better for women than modern day pakistan because there were no muslims. That’s how deluded this belief is that western scrotes have always humanized women. They didn’t suddenly see the light, tech progressed enough and women became connected enough to force them to humanize us in the west, while not as technologically developed countries did not have that opportunity, and those more newly developed still struggle to have women humanized.

No. 10061

>Western moids respect women more
Western moids don’t even respect the concept of women being a unique class kek. You have scores of western scrotes that thin being a women = sex object from a porno that they can transition into. What psyop is this?

No. 10062

File: 1676361586426.jpg (521.13 KB, 1200x1200, 2048.jpg)

your serious aren't you, you are a level of moron I just can't grasp
listen we have guns here as well, more guns by % then the US and many women know how to use them(fuck I know how to use them), many women fought against the Taliban with guns and you know what happened, they lost
cause men had guns as well and they were better at using them, there are accounts of women in 19th century Tsarist russia going to Iran for diplomatic mission and being disgusted by the treated of women there

>, while not as technologically developed countries did not have that opportunity, and those more newly developed still struggle to have women humanized.

ah yes Saudi Arabia, Japan(not as bad as the other nations but still pretty bad)Qatar and the UAE, beacons of progressive for women cause they are technologically developed

so you literally just won't ever admit that some men are a little worse then other cause of their civilization differences, I can feel the Foucauldian coming from your posts

No. 10063

Guns are not the only technology being referred to, so it's not really a gotcha.

No. 10064

>why do women in 3rd world countries not have the same freedom
Because they are like you and part of the problem, sperging about men creating society which is observably false, discounting womens work towards their own goals, and the deludedly believing their is a subset of men that if you pander to them hard enough they will see you as equal, when all men at some time in history have refused women their rights, from western to arab kek. Even wokey western scrotes still sperg about feminism that doesn't coddle men.

No. 10065

I genuinely think Paki-chan just has created this perfect white Nigel inside her head who can do no wrong and will treat her like a human being and western bitches just don't realize how good they have it for having genetically superior men, thus completely ignoring the amount of work women had to put into reaching the rights they now have, and how much work it takes to preserve those rights. If it literally wasn't white western men in power who started wars in the middle east and archetypal muslim countries women would have it better over there, in an unstable environment where various basic needs go unfulfilled it's hard to thrive towards a more humane society. If the US was ravaged by war for 4 to 6 decades straight then you bet women wouldn't have the access to positions of power they do now.

No. 10066

File: 1676367003541.png (137.79 KB, 1364x565, Screenshot 5.png)

your actually blaming us for our state, are you that Idiotic
ay barbara, I blame America and England for fucking up the middle east and what is now considered the middle east like every other week. In fact I just posted just that literally yesterday(also the ideological cancer that America unleashed did more long term civilization then bombing Iraq)
also I'm the opposite of self hating, I love my ethnicity, I love my family and my people
I have more pride in being a Jatt then you can imagine, I'm thankful for being born in a Jatt and that's why it pains me to see the men and women of my group demean themselves for the words and sayings of a selfish Arab statesman

my arguments are not based on race, but state foundations and civilizations(I know concepts that you refuse to believe in, cause all men and civilizations are the same in your shithead logic)

No. 10068

All of you keep saying right wing ideology (favoring western culture over multiculturalism) is better than accepting trannies, but you fail to realize that many of the trannies are from the west. A lot of gender culture (no matter how much TRAs want to larp it’s akshually pre-colonial) is western. Many languages don’t even have strictly gendered pronouns (which gendies are obsessed with). You have a problem with immigration, I can understand. But it seems many so-called feminists want to leave non white women in the dirt, and then get mad when those non white women rather have allegiance to their moids, as if they have a choice. Also a lot of you fail to realize a lot of traditionally women’s work (garment making, cooking, cleaning) that allows a lot of white women in the west to have careers and such, are being fulfilled by immigrant women, and women in the global south.
Even if, hypothetically, you decide to only liberate western women, what will happen, and already is happening, is that western moids will go into non western countries, and get vulnerable women and marry them instead, and perpetuate a lot of the misogyny onto those women. I’m not saying that women of color aren’t too race reductive (because they are, I agree and that can make things worse) but it is a hard have any allegiance with white women if the first thing that comes out your mouth is “let’s deport you back to the misogynistic hell hole of your country where you can be subjected to the misogynistic violence I don’t want to deal with”.

No. 10070

Damn, even on lolcow, on a "femonationalism" thread, there are still people complaining because for once it's the Muslim moids that are criticized instead of the evil wypipo like literally everywhere else on the internet. No, Western moids are not "genetically" nicer, it's time to stop seeing racism and white supremacy everywhere (also, "did you learn history in school" is not the argument you think it is because virtually all peoples have waged war, practiced slavery and other barbaric practices, maybe you only learned the history of European countries but that's a different thing). What matters and allows for progress is democracy, education and repression of crimes, and it's deeply ignorant to pretend that it doesn't and that women have more rights in the West simply because of "technology" (?), as if every other country out there is still living like in the Middle Ages. It's the mind that needs to be educated (and of course with education/democracy comes science and technology) and as long as moids are brainwashed by religion and other extreme misogynistic ideologies in non-democratic countries they won't evolve and women won't be able to join forces and be heard.

>western bitches just don't realize how good they have it for having genetically superior men
Again genes are irrelevant but Western women do have it better, how disrespectful do you have to be to act like they don't? Their interactions with moids and living conditions are not comparable to that of women living under sharia law for instance. And it's true that Western women still have to fight to preserve their rights, and if you're from the US I understand that the main threat may be right-wing Christians, but in Europe it's the Muslim moids. Go live in a Muslim neighborhood in Europe where women barely have rights anymore before lecturing others on how all moids are equal no matter their background and culture. As deviant as Western moids are, it's possible to be even worse, and no, it's not a race thing.

No. 10071

samefag but I don't wanna talk about western and muslim moids being better or worse(like I really don't) but this comment just confused me
>in an unstable environment where various basic needs go unfulfilled it's hard to thrive towards a more humane society. If the US was ravaged by war for 4 to 6 decades straight then you bet women wouldn't have the access to positions of power they do now.
like have you never read a book about other countries in your life or even just watched a documentary? cause again Fucking Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar are famously wealthy and stable, no on is starving, struggling or facing hardships
even in Pakistan where corruption is high the Punjab the most religious populations in the Pubjab are food secure

like I get what your trying to say(Its a sentiment I see a lot from well meaning liberals, even one's I like) but its as ignorant a comment about the middle east as most trump supporter comments
the region of MENA has many many complex factors and groups, all of whom wye for power and influence to various extents
>Iran wants to be the regional Hegemone of west asia and the middle east
>Saudi Arabia and its gulf allies don't want that
>The US is primarily concerned with its financial investments(the Invasion of Iraq was influenced by the $)
>Assad is fine ruling his empire of dust as long as he gets to rule it
>the kurds though divided among ideology can still stick together to fight back against everyone else
>Iraq the government just wants 5 minutes of stability and not have everyone(Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, kuwait, USA) try to carve them up
>Israel wants everyone pacified
>and lebanon is a mess

and every side in this web if conflicts use western and eastern states powers for their own will, Saudi Arabia and the US have a parasitic relationship, Russia allies with the worst pariah states cause those are the only one's who accept their help and China is the only great power who stays out of it

No. 10073

>men were forced
By who? If western society is a patriarchy where men hold all the power how were they forced to do anything?

Medieval Europe was Christian, which preaches that all humans are equal under God. I'm not saying that it was good for women but it would have been an improvement over Islam. Women were at least given an escape from men as becoming a nun was an option. Many of these nuns would later be venerated as saints. It's also the time that slavery was banned within most European countries.

No one in this thread has advocated for deporting women. Multiple posts state that only female asylum seekers should be allowed because it solves the problem. Women and children are given safety in western countries free from the moids that abuse them and make their countries unsafe and western women don't have to deal with rapist muslim moids.

No. 10075

File: 1676370284145.jpg (53.92 KB, 615x789, riot.jpg)

Samefag but there was also a riot in Liverpool because muslim moids being housed in a hotel would not stop sexually harassing teenage girls.


No. 10076

The issue is that the people repeating "western women have it better" like a broken record are using islamic religion as a scapegoat to explain male behavior while religion has nothing to do with innate male behavior and men will always return back to being violent apes if we let our guard down. It's taken centuries to get to this point, we're constantly struggling to keep what we have gained and it's only due to sheer luck of not having a colonialist power take advantage of them setting the society back.

I'm an European living in a big multicultural city with tons of immigrants (yes even in my neighborhood) and during the big refugee crisis of 2015 I had to watch the populist right-wing conservatards weaponize immigration as a diversion from their own misogynist, homophobic and racist views. While the biggest right-wing political party representatives held the record for violent crimes and rapes.

>Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar
Congrats on naming at least one country that wasn't a city state built by slaves meant for oil billionaires to tax evade from, but Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian state with problems caused by the patriarchal monarchy, not the religion.

No. 10077

>All of you keep saying right wing ideology (favoring western culture over multiculturalism) is better than accepting trannies, but you fail to realize that many of the trannies are from the west.
(it's not something i've personally said but) trannies are pushed by the left (as is mass immigration), not the right, so there's no contradiction here. also, being against mass immigration doesn't mean that you're against multiculturalism. in my country most asylum seekers are men and they're not even actual war refugees. some of them do bring their families once they managed to settle and find work but most of these families still hate the west and don't want to leave their misogynistic communities. which is understandable to some extent but it's not fair to expect western women to be pro-immigration if immigration results in a degradation of their living conditions and if immigration mainly benefit men who aren't even refugees.

No. 10078

Many of the women here agree with closed borders. I see your point, but I think there is a definite anti multiculturalism sentiment here. Also, many trannies are ex conservatives so being only fine with right wing moids (or I guess traditional moids) is not a guarantee that there will be no trannies.
I’m not asking western women. I’m saying that if you want to identify with feminism, a category of political ideology about the liberation of women, then do feminist things.
No one has addressed the issue of most women’s work being exported to the global south, and women of the global south.

No. 10081

>global south

No. 10082

that's the thing I'm not anti-immigration(as long as its legal) I just think that men and women could coming to european nations should assimilate and learn to give up whatever backwards traditions they bring with them

No. 10083

>while religion has nothing to do with innate male behavior and men will always return back to being violent apes if we let our guard down
> but Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian state with problems caused by the patriarchal monarchy, not the religion.
okay you have to be doing a bit or something

No. 10086

Look, I will call the area of South America, Africa and Asia whatever you want to me to call it. But my point still stands.

No. 10087

nta but yes call South America, Africa and Asia over that dumbass term
the point I have repeated is that well meaning liberals being just as ignorant as rightwingers, like WTF does global south even mean ?

are Japan and Korean part of the Global South, what about the gulf nations or pre-crisis lebanon, its ju

No. 10089

>I'm an European living in a big multicultural city with tons of immigrants (yes even in my neighborhood) and during the big refugee crisis of 2015 I had to watch the populist right-wing conservatards weaponize immigration as a diversion from their own misogynist, homophobic and racist views. While the biggest right-wing political party representatives held the record for violent crimes and rapes.
Any thoughts about this >>9563 ? Assuming the situation is analogous in your country.

No. 10094

>why every other group of women in the world outside the west not were able to get the same level of rights
But women outside the West have gotten comparable rights and freedoms at times, they just haven't been successfully retained. For example, women's rights were constitutionally enshrined in Iraq from the 70s (pre-Hussein) but lost post-Hussein. The tyrant Saddam himself predicted that toppling his regime would lead to the rise of Sunni jihadists, which in turn has been devastating to women. The CIA knew this but rather than develop a strategy to provide regime change without destabilising the region, decided that the economic and geopolitical interests were more important. The CIA also knew what would happen to women in Afghanistan on withdrawal. Obviously the West or the US are not solely or completely responsible for the extremely complicated politics of any of these regions, but there's a clear pattern of movements succeeding thanks to the support of the West (like the Taliban benefitting from US support of anti-soviet forces) and failing when they're not expedient to the West's economic interests.

No. 10097

>men will always return back to being violent apes if we let our guard down
Yes, but how is that an argument in favor of letting men who are currently at the violent rape ape stage immigrate in our countries?
>It's taken centuries to get to this point
Which is why it makes zero sense to lose all progress by accepting thousands of religious uneducated men inside our borders without expecting them to integrate. Of course Islam (and religion in general) alone isn't responsible for male behavior but as of today it's definitely the most violent religion and the biggest threat to women's rights (and beyond) in a lot of European countries. It's crazy to see people especially women accept the increasing insecurity and ignore the elephant in the room in fear of being considered "racist" for speaking out or because "islam is not the only issue". In my country any political party that has some vague nationalist ideas will immediately be considered racist and fascist and compared to Nazis, it's ridiculous. These parties are not even trying to backtrack on the right to marry for gay people or abortion for women like in the USA, they mainly focus on the immigration, judicial & cultural issues, but MSM are incredibly biased. At the end of the day we have to pick the lesser evil for now because it's not tomorrow that some radfem party comes to power and frankly I don't see what can be worse than radicalized Muslim moids everywhere perpetrating sexual assaults and terrorist attacks left and right. Women's rights are not even a thing in these people's minds.

No. 10100

Neither of the posts you link say the things you accuse them of. No one is complaining that Muslim men are getting dunked on. The complaint is the explanation for why they're so bad. No one is saying Western women don't have it better. Again, the disagreement is over why. What anon was saying is that "Western women have it better" isn't a sufficient argument; this whole fucking discussion is about why they have it better. Scroll up to >>9878 and someone, possibly pakichan, actually says it's because of "the inconsistencies of Christianity", and later that "Islam is a perfect religion and that's why its scary". Beyond that, everyone just keeps repeating dumb gen z replies of "omg you must be doing a bit you moron" and not really addressing the counter arguments.

I'm honestly disappointed in this thread, I thought it might be interesting but it's the most frustrating thing ever.

No. 10102

Do you ever read my posts(I know my English isn't great, its my third or fourth langauge like I can understand but it gets hard to express it at times)

I post this topic literally every other week cause it still makes me mad, how the US(and UK I'm not letting them off the hook) and its pathological fear of Socialism destroyed any potential for what is now termed the Muslim word
the advancements of women's rights came from dictators, even in my country Yahya Khan and Musheref ended disgusting practices and laws, not because they were representing the people but because they could, their political authority was that they were the one's who controlled the army and thus had all the power

during the Cold war in the mid 20th Century, Islamism or political Islam was irrelevant in terms of wider politics, people were still Muslim in a nominal way but most of the Muslim world had secular nationalist authoritarian leaders, delusional Islamists did exist, but they were led by molvis and mullahs with no sense of military tactics, rather they had complete blind faith and they were crushed with in weeks, with barely a mention in most newspapers
The reason Islamists couldn't enforce their will wasn't cause they lacked the capacity for violence but cause they didn't know how to fight
but cause the US was so terrified of "communism" they funded, worked with and helped spread Islamist ideology, they helped facilitate Jihadist networks and gave them training and tactics and most deleterious gave them the ability to enter the mainstream politics Take my country for example, the CIA helped remove our elected secular socialist prime minister, now mind you the was a tyrant mind you and also did have some planned ethnic cleansings of minorities but the guy they got to replace him with a man who was even worse then him

No. 10103

Pakichan just stop. No one cares about your shithole

No. 10105

some people are trying to come up with possible explanations but it's useless if all the answers are "omg but western men are still rape apes, do you really think that X has helped??". i don't get why someone who thinks that all men are the same no matter the culture, religion, etc. and that no progress is possible would even come discuss in this thread.
>Do you seriously believe westerners are genetically nicer?
>Did you just not learn history in school?
>Paki-chan just has created this perfect white Nigel inside her head
idk but it's obvious that some anons here just can't help making the discussion about race and specifically western men when nobody is trying to rank men depending on their "genes". plenty of men and cultures manage to be even more misogynistic than western ones and they are a threat to women's safety everywhere. it's okay to talk about it without the constant reminders that "actually whities are worse or just as bad, the west is the root of all evil" etc, it's not like we're going to forget anytime soon.

No. 10106

you are one willfully ignorant person

No. 10107

a lot of radfems are unknowing foucauldians, every thing is "relative" to them and there is no actual truth, so they can cheerypick and creative narratives they want

Either way, its obvious that the central narrative here isn't about race but more the foundations of civilizations, either they change over time or are forcefully changed, either through outside influence or a leader who can extend their will and ideas towards the state its self, Iran used to Sunni once but the safavid rulers over generations forcefully converted them and now that faith is the foundation of their state

No. 10112

> Medieval Europe was Christian, which preaches that all humans are equal under God.
Except it doesn’t? Have you read the bible? It does not pose that men and women are equal at all.

No. 10113

> Medieval Europe was Christian, which preaches that all humans are equal under God.
Do you honest to god believe men and women were treated equally in medieval europe? Do you realise television and movies set in the past is not an accurate depiction of medieval europe?

No. 10115

OG bible said men were below women and women were below God. Any retard can figure this out by looking at the y chromosome. The misogynistic shit was added later when patriarchy picked up

No. 10116

Genesis 1:27
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

No. 10118

What really baffles me is that the people sperging out about western nigels being superior are supposedly right-wing supporters since they post in this thread, yet also hate the men who come from very conservative countries that mirror what right-wing scrotes in the west want. They want women to be subdued and live only to serve as tradwifes for men with no bodily autonomy, that's what conservatism literally is about, but hate it when muh immigrants practice that kind of backwards shit culture. They whine and whine about left wingers being nothing but tranny supporters and causing the deterioration of the western society, yet are envious of the equal rights people supporting democracy and modernization, i.e. "left wingers", have reached for women. It's one of the worst forms of cognitive dissonance I've seen.

And for the anon who was asking "how women got the rights if western society was ran by the patriarchy" - a major reason why women in the west managed to get their foot in the door was because during World War 2 all the men were sent to the battlefield while women ran the country's industry jobs. Once the war stopped, they refused to return back to being simply bangmaids for men and having gained enough power and skills of trade men had no other choice but to allow it. It wasn't thanks to some chivalrous conservative group of scrotes who grew a heart one day and decided to let us move in. Who knows where we would be if that didn't happen.

No. 10121

File: 1676412966156.png (84.66 KB, 437x254, 647BF77C-7B6D-4913-B30E-78AFD7…)

This is a diagram. From Wikipedia, because it’s clear none of you know how to google.

No. 10126

>What really baffles me is that the people sperging out about western nigels being superior are supposedly right-wing supporters since they post in this thread, yet also hate the men who come from very conservative countries that mirror what right-wing scrotes in the west want.
This is hardly true outside of some specific online circles, honestly. The average male conservative voter does not wish to emulate the third-world's treatment of women at all. If anything, he will argue against it.

No. 10127

I will add that I'm referring to European conservatives here.

No. 10130

>people sperging out about western nigels being superior
>They want women to be subdued and live only to serve as tradwifes for men with no bodily autonomy
That's not what people are saying and you clearly have US politics in mind. Right wing ideology in the US is not representative of the right in every other country. Some European countries are much less religious and the right is associated with: regulated immigration, harsher repression of crimes, nationalism. They're not against democracy and women's rights. Whereas the left is promoting mass immigration, islam and gender identity which is literally misogyny and homophobia repackaged and ultimately results in a regression of women's rights. Where is the cognitive dissonance in distancing yourself from this BS? If you disagree with everything that this thread is about why are you even here, the constant infighting is annoying and it's clearly in the OP that it's not the point of the thread.

No. 10137

Nah that was a decent reply to what I said

Yeah this is exactly what I'm talking about. I would add to the part about dictators that not only did they have the power to make it happen but they were motivated largely by the economic benefits, how it helps a nation develop away from poverty and reliance on being exploited for cheap labour towards having a competitive, skilled and educated workforce. They knew women's rights were necessary to industrialisation and general socioeconomic improvements. That's also why the West doesn't particularly mind if those rights are eroded, because their wealth is built on cheap third world labour.

Nta but I would be receptive to understanding what these parties offer beyond those points. So far what I'm seeing missing is addressing the causes of the refugee burden; it's weird to complain about it while being silent on the foreign policy that creates it.

The same goes for climate change: not only is it set to dislocate record numbers of people but there have been right wing environmentalist philosophies before that have been drowned out by lobbying from globalist corporate interests that many conservatives have championed. The right wing who were resisting the centralisation of capital and power have been drowned out by these shills in much the same way the anti-bourgeois left has been drowned by gendies.

No. 10142

File: 1676437528827.jpg (593.53 KB, 1400x1631, 1676437351334.jpg)

okay so Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are part of global north, but Turkey isn't?
also what is the cut off between Japan and Korea(Yeah I am aware that Japan did fucked up imperialism in the past, but as of now its very netural in most affairs and both Japan and Korea have similar export based economies)

Also I guess Israel and Saudi Arabia are also part of oprsssed global south nations, this is so utterly bizarre and I can't imagine anyone that isn't a retarded western liberal who believes in this

No. 10144

File: 1676439134201.jpg (44.75 KB, 321x376, 56c57142c064e11ba1f0451eeaa986…)

I have to ask what is the "west" to you, cause the concept of the western world is a "meme" in a literal sense
"Western civilization" was invented after WWI as a way of explaining to British and later American soldiers that they reason they fought, died and were crippled in Europe was to stand up for the common values of their "civilization", in this case against the Germans
The term "Western civilization" was an idea that was first taught at Columbia University in 1919 and then spread from there as a way of teaching the history of democratic values, to basically creating a "narrative" that linked Greece to Rome to Britain and then America, In fact during these early stages, what we now call the “Middle Ages” and parts of North Africa were considered part of the cultural West until about the 9th Century AD.

and more specifically it would be Idiotic and unfactual to blame every Government in western europe and even the USA, and it would be even stupider to lay blame on the average populations

The Swedish state doesn't have to deal with Moroccan refuges cause American bombed Iraq in the 2000's
I also think that cultural relativity is stupid, come cultures are superior to others and have to be changed either internally or by the state, if left wing parties in Europe want to have a future they have to least try to modernize the backwardness of people who follow the religion of the Arab pedophile, try to assimilate them so they won't chimp out
a nation and people will devolve without strong enforced values to keep them in line, yes some extreme degenerates will always exist and try do wrong but the majority of native men and women matter more

No. 10145

>So far what I'm seeing missing is addressing the causes of the refugee burden; it's weird to complain about it while being silent on the foreign policy that creates it.
I'm an ESLfag so I'm sorry if the words are inappropriate or if I misunderstood but, those who are pro-immigration and exploit 3rd world countries are the unregulated economic powers (people at the head of banks, multinational corporations, the 1% if you will). The political parties of smaller nations barely have a say in this (though of course some politics are put in place by these economic powers themselves). Unless you're okay with stopping all trade, you can't escape these powers especially when you're not the USA (who impose sanctions on other countries if they dare disagree with anything). Europe reeks of white guilt, their politics are highly scrutinized which is in part why these countries try to help/send resources/barely ever deport illegal migrants etc., but they've lost a lot of sovereignty with the European Union which is now doing whatever they want on the economic side of things. And of course they don't care if people live or die, they're just thinking about their own benefit and what is the most profitable under the guise of multiculturalism, humanism and other BS. In the meantime, why should the peoples tolerate the consequences? For now, they're just keeping their head down, repeating that it's what they deserve for what ""they"" have done in the past, but there will come a time when it will be too much violence and people will start making choices that are labelled "fascist", as in, you know, saying no to backwards ideologies and religions making a deadly comeback, trying to leave Europe or be more nationalist etc. to rely less on imperialist economic powers and their brainwashing. It's already too late in some countries like France imo, reading >>9563 is depressing as hell.

No. 10146

Samefag, I meant trying to leave the European Union* but I guess that leaving Europe is a much radical and faster solution on an individual level

No. 10148

wow jeez oh wow zoinks that changes everything…..!!!

1 Corinthians 14:34-35
34 Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.

No. 10151

if there's new users here, what you all need to understand is that the reason people are fed up with pakiretard isn't because everyone here just loves defending muslim moids so much, but because she does this retard shit every thread. some evil western radfem bitch dares to complain about moids in her life? pakichan throws a martyr tantrum over how her life is so much shittier and awfuler and all the western radfems have it soooo good and should shut up (anf fantasize abour varg)

repeat this 1000000000 times over the years. pakichan isn't entirely wrong but she is a manipulative, attention seeking, misogynist bitter little shit

No. 10152

I agree, there are limits to what a people can take, though its usually economic crisis that end up becoming the catalyst for nationalist movements to take over
a lot of western liberals are very severely naïve. they turned away from anything deemed practical(thanks to CIA influence) and live in a bubble of sorta, a polish nonna was talking about how the left wing in her country only exists in academia, journalist spaces and twitter and they end up severely alienating the majority of the population with "abolish borders" "repression for non-white minorities(they eve organized a BLM protest)" "drag queens for kids" rhetoric and they don't even seem to realize how awful they come across

No. 10155

nta and obviously no religion is feminist but in christianity initially there isn't this idea of a "chosen people" who is above others and/or must kill unbelievers. of course all religions lead to atrocities when uncontrolled but it's still an interesting and important difference with other monotheistic religions.

No. 10157

>B-but muh US politics
You really need to stop using this as a crutch, it isn't some magic spell that makes all the points brought up disappear. As an European I can vouch that the right-wing parties in my country and other ones here are notorious for being misogynistic and not having female safety in their minds as a priority, conservatism will never do that and that's the end of it. Voting right-wing will never end well for women and being so stuck on immigration and identity politics while the entire political ideology is about "traditionalism" (i.e. hand white straight men more power) and gives birth to obviously fascist movements like alt right and neo nazism is beyond unbelievable. Do keep in mind that right-wing politicians don't exactly oppose immigration because it means more cheap labor to exploit for them and it's the conservative millionaires in the medical industry funding the trans movement behind the scenes. They're two faced snakes who say one thing and do another.

No. 10158

She says a lot of dumb shit (if it is even a she, but benefit of doubt for the retarded) including celebrated women having their rights removed in the west while being from some rich military family and a privileged retard herself kek. Not to mention commenting on the west when she obviously knows nothing about it…

No. 10159

>rich military family
literally 1 and half generation ago my family were dirt poor farmers, my dad got lucky that he ended up finding a job that paid well thanks to a friends recommendation of him
I shared one bedroom and bathroom with 3 siblings till I was 17, I'm better off then a lot of people in Pakistan but I definitely didn't grow up rich, you have a right to dislike me but don't make up shit about me, now go back your neoliberal fantasies in the other threads we have here

No. 10160

You can afford being online literally 24/7 arguing on an imageboard and blogging about your life, that's more privileged than most people in the entire world.

No. 10161

Congratulations on proving that being anything other than a leftist immediately leads to accusations of fascism and comparisons with the Nazis. This shit is ridiculous, especially when the left controls all mainstream media and has become an expert in censorship. I don't know where you live, there are exceptions but most European countries are left-wing compared to the U.S. It's simply a lie to claim that if you're more to the right of the political spectrum in Europe, you're voting for/enabling "fascist movements, neo-Nazism, etc!!!1".
>right-wing parties in my country and other ones here are notorious for being misogynistic and not having female safety in their minds as a priority
Ah yes and I'm sure that the parties supporting trannies and islam totally have female safety in mind. How can you be against conservative moids but somehow defend or at least ignore the mass immigration of even more violent conservative moids and call it "identity politics"?
>right-wing politicians don't exactly oppose immigration because it means more cheap labor to exploit for them and it's the conservative millionaires in the medical industry funding the trans movement behind the scenes.
And here we are, everything that you hate is done by the right wing politicians, the millionaires are all conservative, and the left is nowhere to be seen. Come on. So now the fascist conservative right-wingers are actually in favor of mass immigration and gay men in dresses? How do you reconcile that with the fact that they are also accused of wanting to get rid of migrants, are in favor of protectionism/nationalism, and want to pass "bigoted" laws against gender identity? The far right is retarded and misogynistic but so is the left and they are the ones openly pushing for open borders, gender identity and libfeminism, which are ideologies much more mainstream than "traditionalism" at the moment in Europe. And yes economic powers and US politics do play the main role in the brainwash surrounding gender identity and "multiculturalism", don't know how you can confidently say that it doesn't and that people use it as a crutch when your only argument seems to be the eternal "omg fascist/Nazi".

No. 10162

>Ah yes and I'm sure that the parties supporting trannies and islam totally have female safety in mind. How can you be against conservative moids but somehow defend or at least ignore the mass immigration of even more violent conservative moids and call it "identity politics"?
Because they're not actively trying to take away my rights as someone who's a woman and not heterosexual but preserve and improve them, unlike right wing parties. They're also more concerned with environmental issues on literally every metric there is. I don't know what cherrypicked conservative media you follow to think that leftists generally love the idea of foreign moids raping and killing western women and brainwashing kids into being drag queens but you need to read an actual newspaper for once.

>And here we are, everything that you hate is done by the right wing politicians, the millionaires are all conservative, and the left is nowhere to be seen.

Yes, that's exactly why I hate right wingers. Do you really think it was "le leftists" who were in charge of letting all the refugees of 2015 in Europe? No, leftists were simply the ones calling for the humane treatment of them because they're human beings who deserve dignity and right-wing politicians weaponized that for their own political goals accusing them of being the root cause for the humanitarian crisis because they saw their chances of growing their influence via manipulating the emotional state of voters. Left wingers didn't say let's take 1.3 million people in and let them pillage the entire country. The crisis was caused by Turkey, a conservative right-wing state, using refugees as a political weapon against EU who were required to take them all in due to the union-wide asylum law (which has since been adjusted). Being completely unprepared for they didn't have enough resources to take care of integration.

And as for muh gender identity, you're free to read the essay explaining how Trump-supporting millionaires funding the US Republicans lobbied for more trans activism. Here I'll even link a mirror for you but I doubt you'll even give a shit because it's mostly about lesbians being erased and not just out of context screencaps screaming about gay degenerates ruining the western civilization. https://xn--mujeresencampaa-crb.com.ar/inauthentic-selves-the-modern-lgbtq-movement-is-run-by-philanthropic-astroturf-and-based-on-junk-science/

No. 10163

I hope that one day accusations of racism will cease to be paralysing and that people will admit that the behaviour of those who denounce racism is far worse than that of those who are accused of it. Third-world immigration in Europe is not a single-issue problem, but it is an objective disaster in every respect.

No. 10166

>The crisis was caused by Turkey, a conservative right-wing state, using refugees as a political weapon against EU who were required to take them all in due to the union-wide asylum law (which has since been adjusted).
The main initial cause was in fact NATO interventionism in Libya, which allowed many so-called "refugees" (it became a joke to refer to Black Africans as "Syrians") to stream through the Mediterranean after the Libyan state was destroyed and the country turned into a civil war which is still not resolved to this day.

No. 10167

I'm a basically live in nanny and caretaker for my brother and mother, I do this cause of my family's situation cause of my father's work
I'm basically a mother, driver and delivery person without pay

No. 10169

>The main initial cause was in fact NATO interventionism in Libya
Correct, those lovely western Nigels caused the entire catastrophe along with Russia, a non-muslim conservative right-wing state that as we all know is a paradise. Turkey was the one who let the refugees pass and kept threatening the EU with letting more than they could handle through.

No. 10170

I mean, are you surprised that in a right-wing feminist thread there are some women that are at least somewhat anti-multiculturalist? the only way multiculturalism would work successfully for women is if there were worldwide separatism and only women were emigrating and immigrating. multiculturalism means not just one moid, but 50, and all of them with varied levels of degeneracy and misogyny targeted against the women of the established culture/ethnic group and their own on the same shared land. btw, closed borders is inherently anti-multiculturalist also. it's "pro" unified, homogenous culture. Cultures should be extremely similar to one another for multi-culturalism to work smoothly, but it often does not. See: Sweden and the large amounts of Sub-Saharan Africans and Arabs

No. 10171

Because you think "multi-culturalism" is synonymous to "sub-saharan Africans raping Swedish women" and refuse to accept anything but fearmongering right-wing propaganda as the definition. No country can remain homogenous and survive as a prosperous one, even Japan that people claim to be so has to import workers from poorer South Asian countries to fill in for jobs their dwindling population can't do anymore. And in order to accommodate these people coming in from other countries, learning the skills of cultural exchange is important. There's no going back to the imaginary white-bred world of yesteryear that never really existed in the first place and people should learn to accept it instead of eating up right-wing populism about how they will stop immigration (something they won't do anyway) and give their misogynist asses their support just to own the trannies or whatever.

No. 10172

>Because they're not actively trying to take away my rights as someone who's a woman and not heterosexual but preserve and improve them, unlike right wing parties.
is this a joke? you think that letting in thousands of muslim extremists and rapists is not actively harming women's and gay people's rights and safety? you don't see how gender identity is homophobic and misogynistic? again you're trying to act like any nationalist/right-wing party in the EU is trying to abolish women's rights and it is simply not true.
>what cherrypicked conservative media you follow to think that leftists generally love the idea of foreign moids raping and killing western women
leftists can't fucking help talking about the victims of islamophobia two seconds after an islamic terrorist attack has occurred, or the hardships of migrants whenever another woman is raped by illegal migrants. leftists are busy defending and victimizing the migrants and being against severe prison sentences and deportation, all of that from the safe comfort of their homes where they never have to face the "multiculturalism" they promote.

funny that you would mention japan of all countries because yes they import people but they are very selective about who they import, and if you cause any problem you will promptly be expelled with no discussion. if the EU dealt with immigration like japan does, no one would be complaining about multiculturalism. in japan you have to integrate and they prefer people who don't have a dramatically different culture in the first place. in europe, asking people to integrate and show an ounce of respect towards the country that host them is literally considered racist and white supremacy. there is no country that is as self destructing and self hating as the EU.

No. 10173

>leftists generally love the idea of foreign moids raping and killing western women
In Rotherham the Labour party knew what was happening and instead of stopping it, they covered it up and allowed it to continue. Labour MPs that spoke out against it were fired from the their cabinet positions. Labour also had MPs that were members of PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange, such as Harriet Harman. In the UK at least the "left" party is the pedo party.

You are blindly condemning women for supporting "right wing" parties without considering what has happened in their countries and what is happening currently. Neither the left nor right truly cares about the rights of women because the political system was created by men for men. As a woman your only choice to achieve anything is pragmatism. If I need to vote for the right to end the threat posed to women by rapist muslim moids, I will because in my country it's the biggest issue currently impacting women. Another country may be different such as in the US were women face losing their reproductive rights.

Unconditional support for either the left or the right is retarded.

No. 10174

nta but do you at least believe in assimilation and the concept that some cultures are better then others
>There's no going back to the imaginary white-bred world of yesteryear that never really existed in the first place
what the fuck are you talking about

No. 10175

>fearmongering right-wing propaganda
This has to be a troll, especially after what's been posted before.

No. 10176

File: 1676458435453.jpg (730.69 KB, 1602x1520, Yahweh.jpg)

Christianity is the most theologically inconsistent faith on the planet, it was a honestly a genius move by the Arabs to make a new holy book instead of trying to add on to the bible
it's honestly fun to examine the Bible, which was obviously written by different scholars over a period of hundreds of years, and see how these different scholars ascribed seemingly contradictory motives to the Biblical God, resulting in an extremely schizophrenic character who constantly defies his own intentions. Some examples I thought of:

>In Genesis, God forbids mankind from attaining a divine status by eating from the Tree of Knowledge, yet puts the Tree of Knowledge directly in the Garden of Eden in easy reach of humans, and also endows humans with the curiosity to want to try the fruit.

>There is of course the famous example of how God sacrificed himself on the cross so that mankind would be saved from Hell, even though he not only created Hell to begin with but is also the sole being who decides whether people should go to Heaven or Hell.
>In Leviticus (I think it was Leviticus) God tells Moses to cut off the foreskins of all the Jewish males. But if he doesn't want males to have foreskin, why did he create them with foreskin in the first place?
>Another good example of God's schizophrenia is in Exodus, where God promises to free the Jews from Egyptian captivity, but he does so by "hardening Pharaoh's heart" so he won't free the Jews.

Picrel is Yahweh btw, Tribal war god of the Jew and how the earliest Jews saw him, he even had sickass epithet "Yahweh the cloud rider"

No. 10179

not a trad or even religious but did god actually create hell or was it satan/general forces of evil? and i think hell wasn't part of the so called original lore but basically the idea was just that by not believing you will spend eternity dead/far away from god and believing in god means eternal life. like nothing like this dante shit.

No. 10180

samefag and i guess every other point can be answered with "god gave people free will/god is testing people" or whatever which i wont deny isn't retarded but like for whatever reason christian god is just this omnipotent being who likes putting bunch of little skin apes through all kinds of tests and stuff to see if they are true believers of him or not and if they are they get to hang out with him for all eternity or they stay dead forever.

No. 10181

Extremely based and well put, thank you nonna.

No. 10183

> you're trying to act like any nationalist/right-wing party in the EU is trying to abolish women's rights and it is simply not true.
NTA. Isn't abortion still illegal in Poland because of right wing policies? Groups like Ordo Iuris (which is supported by high-ranking Polish political figures) also target LGB people. Abortion laws stricter than even some ME countriess, but they're not abolishing women's rights? Be real.

No. 10184

File: 1676466007591.jpg (79.58 KB, 933x787, abortion-europe.JPG)

yes congrats on picking that one convenient example to pretend like the biggest threat european women face as a whole is the loss of their reproductive rights. like the other anon said, not all countries have the same issues, and poland is one of the most religious countries in the EU, definitely not representative of what people in "multicultural" and "progressive" countries have to deal with and what the left/right mean there.

No. 10185

>but did god actually create hell or was it satan/general forces of evil?
okay so first to thing to understand is the fact that Hell as a concept didn't exist in early Judaism and even some sects of early Christians, the Hebrew afterlife was similar to other semitic afterlife's in that everyone went there, even the Gods if they managed to die, you just knelt forever and ended up a zombie
The Christian(and later Muslim) concepts of Hell came from localizations by early Greek Christians, in the Greek afterlife there were several separate divisions for the good and bad people,

>christian god is just this omnipotent being who likes putting bunch of little skin apes through all kinds of tests and stuff to see if they are true believers of him or not and if they are they get to hang out with him for all eternity or they stay dead forever.

cause he was never meant to be a creator God, he was always a war god and he likely wasn't even the head male deity like in other Semitic religions, he possibly took over the original responsibilities of the previous head male god and then took over the epithets of his new consort(the queen mother of heaven and creator deity)

No. 10186

thank you nonnas for attempting to talk some sense into the brainwashed losers in this thread

>complaining about the alleged thousands of arab/islamic pedophile gang rapists in europe
>they should be like muh glorious nippon empire instead!! totally no pedophilia or sex crimes going on there since they don't have any immigrants!
uh huh.

No. 10187

nta did you even read the post, all she said that was that immigrants should be deported if they commit a crime, there's nothing wrong with that, like the men who shot up charlie hebdo all had prior convictions

No. 10189

>I-It was just one country! It's only okay when I generalize all of Europe, you can't just point out holes in my claims
Sure. Anyway, right wing politics are inherently against feminism. The goal is to keep men on top and use women as cattle/private property because it's considered "tradition".
The foreign rapist moid you fear is just what happens when your Euro moid is allowed the control you so desperately want to give him. Hope that helps.

No. 10190

its literally considered a form of Jihad if you rape a kaffir woman, do you genuinely believe that someone whose religion allows belongs in any society

No. 10191

>pointing out the nature of moids means you're defending one kind of moid
What political ideology do you think that abusive Muslim moid will agree more with? Right wing or left wing? You know the answer. Now, which one are you insisting is better for women?
It almost feels like you secretly want every single one us in that position of subservience and abuse. You just want a different race of moid doing the same shit. Fuck off.

No. 10192

Lmao yeah okay none of you is arguing in good faith, using Poland to prove that the right in Europe is worse than in ME countries, and now bringing up pedophilia out of nowhere when the topic was literally immigration policies. Grasping at straws.

What is even the argument here? Yes you are grossly generalizing if you take ONE country to make a statement about all of Europe and to disregard any criticism of mass immigration. Several anons have acknowledged that the main threat is not the same everywhere. Clearly you live in some rich neighborhood in a country that isn't doing so bad because fucking read >>9563 before being so condescending, you have no idea what some women have to live on the daily, the fear, the assaults, the rapes are very real. Literally whining about the end goal of nationalists in Europe supposedly being the use of women as cattle, to defend the mass immigration of men who already think and behave like that, holy shit that's some retarded take. Keep bullshitting and ridiculing women, I'm sure you will convince them that the trannies and muslim moids are actually their feminist allies.

No. 10193

You're projecting so fucking hard. You tried to claim right wing moids aren't against women's rights because YOU probably live in a nice, rich neighborhood and country, then got angry when you were shown that's not even true (since apparently, even listening to what they say and think somehow doesn't have you convinced of what they want). I don't live in a nice place at all for women's rights, that's why I don't fall for any of the stupid romanticization of the right that you're trying to push lmao.
You will never be able to shake off the truth that no matter how much you only want to focus on one group of rapist moids, the rapist moids at home won't stay down if you give them an inch. You think they'll back down after blocking out their fellow scrotes? Delusional.

No. 10195

So I'm guessing you live in a religious country where women still have to fight for certain rights(?) and I live in a secular country where women have those rights but where immigration is uncontrolled and a threat to women's safety. We don't face the same issues but it doesn't mean that mines are imaginary. Not all parties that are nationalist or considered right wing oppose reproductive rights and gay marriage where I live. The religious far right is not the only option besides the far left. I'm still waiting for you to explain how importing thousands of violent religious moids is helping in any way.

No. 10196

its not about right or left wing though, the Soviets burned the niqabs publicly and banned the traditions of boy fucking and bride kidnapping in their muslim regions

its common sense, only post-Marxists(from where your bs ideas come from btw) try to even make this argument

No. 10197

File: 1676474644332.jpg (86.16 KB, 754x512, bathsheba baby's death.jpg)

some other examples, best one would be in Numbers

>King Balak sends messengers to summon Balaam(a diviner) so he can curse Israel

>Balaam consults Yahweh first and asks if he can go
>Yahweh replies no
>Balaam doesn't go
>King Balak sends messengers again to insist he comes
>Balaam asks Yahweh again
>Yahweh says "If the men come to call thee, rise up, and go with them; but yet the word which I shall say unto thee, that shalt thou do."
>Balaam leaves
>"And God's anger was kindled because he went: and the angel of the Lord stood in the way for an adversary against him."
Literally gets mad at someone for doing what he told him to do.

>the time he literally repented that he had created human beings and wanted to wipe us out

>"And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them."
>another instance where moses had to convince god to not erase the Israelites cause other people might trash talk Yahweh
>"The Lord said; "Now then let Me alone, that My anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them; and I will make of you a great nation."
>But Moses sought the favor of the Lord his God. “Lord,” he said, “why should your anger burn against your people, whom you brought out of Egypt with great power and a mighty hand? Why should the Egyptians say, ‘It was with evil intent that he brought them out, to kill them in the mountains and to wipe them off the face of the earth’? Turn from your fierce anger; relent and do not bring disaster on your people…. Then the Lord relented and did not bring on his people the disaster he had threatened

last one is most tragic
>So David(guy who killed the giant and became king) took Bathsheba(the wife of king Uriah the Hittite) for himself
>God found this a grave sin but he didn't punish either David or Bathsheba for this
>Yahwed said, "Nevertheless, because by this deed you have utterly scorned the LORD, the child who is born to you shall die.”
>The Child doesn't just die either, the kid suffers in agony for Seven days, while David and Bathsheba fasted and begged God to forgive them

now I personally think Islam is worse then Christianity, but the Christian god is still a batshit insane violent schitzo, like the God in the Quran barely appears and the most "awe inspiring" thing he does is make a spider web appear in a cave where Muhammad was hiding in so that the his don't try looking for him there, but either way Allah doesn't do much in the Quran's narrative, he just sorta tells Muhammad to do something and Muhammad always does it and that's it

No. 10206

>muh grorious nippon knows how to put gaijins in their place
Yes by exploiting them like cattle and silencing their voices so that they can never ask for any basic rights. The Japanese agriculture industry was shitting in their pants during covid when borders were closed and they couldn't get their cheap slave labor imported from South Asian countries so their crops were literally rotting in the fields.

>muh rotherham incident
Yes politicians are corrupt nevermind their political stance and pedos will be pedos everywhere. It has literally nothing to do with left wing ideology. Right wingers murder and rape women too and fund or take money from questionable causes. Kremlin funneled 300 million into rigging the 2016 presidential elections to get Trump elected. In my European country there are well known cases of right-wing politicians doing Putin's bidding for money. It's a greedy scrote thing, not something you can really put on a political axis.

Paki-chan has many times brought up how she hates western women and wants a western Nigel who will treat her right and rescue her from her 3rd world country. She doesn't give a shit about actual female rights, she only cares about her personal benefit.

No. 10207

>Not all parties that are nationalist or considered right wing oppose reproductive rights and gay marriage where I live
This. The other anons are probably American and have brain rot from years of red vs. blue and are unable to comprehend the unique politics of different countries. In my country most gays and lesbians vote conservative and it was the conservative party that legalised gay marriage. For many of us in Europe right wing parties do not threaten our reproductive rights and while not perfect their manifestos align more closely with the interest of women. As I've already stated, in the current time pragmatism is the only political tool women have to protect their rights.

>muh rotherham incident
And the mask is off. You don't care about women, you care about being right. Just another mentally ill leftist that's too intellectually degraded to see past their own political bubble. Imagine dismissing the horrific rape, murder and torture of over 1400 children and teenagers as "muh rotherham". You are fucking sick in the head.

No. 10209

>Paki-chan has many times brought up how she hates western women and wants a western Nigel who will treat her right and rescue her from her 3rd world country
Will you give me a example of me saying this, cause you often state that I repeat my points
so show me one example where I say this(other then that one shitpost I made that on the varg thread)
>She doesn't give a shit about actual female rights, she only cares about her personal benefit.
rich coming from a fatsoc like yourself, you don't care about material benefit of any woman that doesn't believe in your focualtian worldview

No. 10210

jfc the pro-left anon brought up japan herself in the first place as some kind of argument in favor of immigration. except immigration is extremely regulated in japan, so any comparison with europe is laughable. in europe we haven't even reached the point where migrants who commit crimes are sent back to their countries, but yes keep going about silencing and exploiting foreigners.

>politicians are corrupt nevermind their political stance and pedos will be pedos everywhere

>It's a greedy scrote thing, not something you can really put on a political axis.
why can't you apply this logic to nationalist/ring wing parties then?

No. 10211

You seem like a demoralizing shill or just a troll. It is human nature to want to be among those who are your kin, and that is expanded upon through cultural values, customs and beliefs. However, feminist women critique a lot of these values and customs and many of us agree that a lot of them are harmful to women and archaic due to the male construction/obstruction of many of them. In an ideal world rid of male dominance and destruction I can see an Israeli woman, Palestinian woman, and a Syrian woman sharing a residence in China with a Korean woman. We could see that now, but it would be very rare, and not without immense difficulty and prejudice due to male-dominated cultural influences. Even in this ideal world btw, most women are going to want to stay in their homeland. Most women would probably want their homeland to be the same ethnic groups as they are, and if they are different, to assimilate at least with the idea of manners and social behaviors (again, many of these imply female submissiveness so I think in this ideal world a lot of that wouldn’t be that necessary) such as a woman from Denmark bowing to a Japanese woman while in Japan. I think a lot of the necessities of the world are structured around protection from moids inherent destruction. I cannot imagine a world where strict borders would be needed if there were not violent males instigating most of the crime, drug peddling, etc. and it was just women of all various socioeconomic backgrounds going to and from various countries either for free exchange of ideas with other women after now being able to travel without fear and labor without prejudice. A bit of a ramble but I digress

No. 10212

File: 1676482389336.jpg (1.57 MB, 1987x5803, EmMANrqyxC8J5e.jpg)

guess for the neo-liberal radfems in this thread, what is the cut off for left and right wing in your superior opinion
is Bashar al-Assad the leader of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party right or left wing in your opinion

No. 10215

Why'd you do the crap-chan biracial larp if you have other things to worry about, by the way? Spending a year calling black women low iq subhumans doesn't sound like a good use of your precious time.

No. 10216

>For many of us in Europe right wing parties do not threaten our reproductive rights and while not perfect their manifestos align more closely with the interest of women.
Absolutely bullshit. Poland banned abortion, Hungary added the heartbeat rule under Orban which is one step away from banning it altogether. The right wing party in Italy wants to ban abortions completely as it's already restricted there. The right wing party in Spain wants to ban abortion. You know which country is looking to include the right and access to abortion in the constitution? France. Guess which party is in charge? The socialists i.e. the left wing party. Name one right wing party in Europe that actually lists female reproductive rights as one of their interests. You can't.

Also get off your high horse, you're the one weaponizing the suffering of those teenagers to drive an anti-immigration agenda when it has nothing to do with political parties being corrupted to begin with. Sad to tell you but moids will be moids, human trafficking exists everywhere and it's not exclusive to the Pakistanis who groomed those teenagers. Who do you think is the main clientele is for trafficked girls anyway?

No. 10218

>Poland banned abortion, Hungary added the heartbeat rule under Orban which is one step away from banning it altogether. The right wing party in Italy wants to ban abortions completely as it's already restricted there
Which is why I specified "For many of us". Europe is not a country, it is made up of many countries with their own politics. The countries where abortion is either unavailable or under threat are Catholic majority. It's actually similar to the issue in the US as the US supreme court is also majority Catholic and no shit Catholics want to ban abortion. I live in majority Protestant country where my right to abortion is not under any threat of being removed so why would I vote for the left when they refuse to put forth sensible legislation on immigration and trannies both of which are an actual threat to my safety and well being?

>you're the one weaponizing the suffering of those teenagers to drive an anti-immigration agenda
I brought up what happened and is still happening in Rotherham as a well known example of a left wing party allowing the abuse of children in favour of immigrants. I grew up near Telford which is another area where muslim rape gangs operate and I am well aware of what it is like to be a teenage girl with the constant fear of being raped every time I went outside. It's a legitimate issue that the left refuses to acknowledge. This refusal is driving more and more people to look to the right for a solution.

>human trafficking exists everywhere and it's not exclusive to the Pakistanis who groomed those teenagers

Sadly this is true but in Europe is it exclusively muslim men that do this. Native European men do not organise in gangs to facilitate the rape of children and teenagers, neither do Hindu men, Sikh men or Christian or irreligious immigrants from Africa.

>Who do you think is the main clientele is for trafficked girls anyway?

Other muslim men, the police and Labour politicians. This didn't just happen in Rotherham either, it happened in Sheffield, Rochdale, Oxford, Keighley, Bristol Newcastle, Plymouth, Oldham and many more towns and cities.

No. 10219

didn't uk have some tv personality moid who was fucking kids for years and nobody did nothing because he was the funny tv guy. like maybe letting moids fuck kids isjust general uk thing

No. 10223

>>human trafficking exists everywhere and it's not exclusive to the Pakistanis who groomed those teenagers
>Sadly this is true but in Europe is it exclusively muslim men that do this. Native European men do not organise in gangs to facilitate the rape of children and teenagers, neither do Hindu men, Sikh men or Christian or irreligious immigrants from Africa.

have you never heard germany being called the bordello of europe? amsterdam? fucking christ is it the muslim men who made prostitution in those places legal? and that had increased human trafficing to those places, you believe that the traffickers check that every single eastern european girl they traffic there is 18?

No. 10224

samefag but you know what your precious native (western) european men think of me? i was born in this country, but have eastern european roots, and look very much eastern european, and the sweet woman respecting native western men assume i am a prostitute. that's what they ask me, assuming i don't speak the language, where i am from, how much do i cost. because they are so fucking used to women who looks like me being trafficked here for them to fuck

No. 10225

>You know which country is looking to include the right and access to abortion in the constitution? France. Guess which party is in charge? The socialists i.e. the left wing party. Name one right wing party in Europe that actually lists female reproductive rights as one of their interests. You can't.
The governing party is in fact centrist as the socialists are in a more lefty coalition. Also, the "far-right" mostly voted in favour, only a handful of MPs abstained or voted against.

No. 10226

Btw, since you seem interested in that, just a few days the leftist coalition welcomed back with cheers in the Assembly a deputy who beat his wife.

No. 10227

Without even going into detail, no one is claiming that there are absolutely no problems in Europe. The question in this case is: why add to it from elsewhere? And not minor problems, on the contrary. In all those countries outside, such discussions could not even be imagined. Indeed, making the comparison is ridiculous. So is calling daily assaults and rapes by dozens of immigrants mere right-wing propaganda. This is something that exists and partly explains why women here vote at least as much to the right as men. There is an UNFATHOMABLE difference in insecurity between the neighbourhoods composed mainly of Europeans and the others. In some areas, women have completely deserted the public space. When this is addressed, the left-wing ideologues use rhetoric already read here: "it is xenophobia, racism, fascism", etc. Incapacitating anathemas that ignore reality to satisfy their political interests. Which, by the way, are perfectly in line with those of the employers and the rich who covet this potential workforce. Hence the fact that (in my opinion at least) this thread is dedicated to right-wing feminism; the left has totally capitulated on this issue, and others (gender etc.), even though, as others have pointed out, Europe is not a country. In Denmark, for example, it is the ruling social-democrats who are anti-immigration.

No. 10228

> no one is claiming that there are absolutely no problems in Europe.

>Native European men do not organise in gangs to facilitate the rape of children and teenagers

?? to me this sounds like pedophile rings aren't a thing for native european men?

i am not even claiming that immigrant muslim men are somehow all good and nice and pose no threat to women at all, what i claim is that saying that native european men pose no threat to women whatsoever is retarded

No. 10229

stop replying to pakichan and the white scrotes who inhabit this this thread. I honestly dont even know why you retards keep replying to this bait thread and bumping it, this was a obvious bait thread.

No. 10231

NTA. There are 100% pedophile rings in Europe. England & Belgium have a history, and I believe Germany does too especially since it has extremelt high rates of sex trafficking.

No. 10234

>literally defending Islam
what's the difference between libfems and radfems again ?

No. 10240

Turkey has a lot of refugees, I honestly hope they let those refugees pass to Europe so westerners can have their lives ruined like how they ruined easterner people's lives. Causing chaos on other countries and being shocked when it affects you is what westerners have been doing for decades.

No. 10241

Men will forever cope that it isn't being male that equals degeneracy and try to pin it on any other ethnic group or religion or whatever, when the commonality between all the degenerate groups they are trying to pin the blame on is that they are majority or outright only male. Men really never take responsibility for their actions kek.

No. 10243

>implying that recognising all men are guilty of degeneracy and hating women in different ways throughout history and modernity is defending muslim scrotes becaus you want to cope about muh special superior western scrote being muh self identified morally righteous godking
Cope and seethe failson, women recognise the male cope of trying to shift blame of male behaviour on to other groups. It's never the women in any group tradfag moids cope about that's the problem. Scrotes are upset that their own actions and behaviour destroys the narrative they try to peddle, so they chimpout like retards as we see here kek.

No. 10246

Scrotes come to these threads because they think they can psyop women into being tradfags just because we recognise trannies are degenerate men who hate women. But they also seethe when we recognise them as degenerate men who hate women.

No. 10247

Many right wing scrotes defend and are attracted to trannies because an obsession with masculinity and men being better than women is common in some types of gay men (not all, but its a big subtype of retard in the homosexual male class). It's why men in many cultures, including in europe and the 'global south' (kek) will cope about fucking men not being gay as long as you're the top. Just think of all the rightwing moids who have been caught looking at tranny porn (Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, Andy Warski, etc). It's just like when conservative politicians are caught fucking rentboys while claiming homosexuality is evil in their public life.

No. 10248

>They both hate brown right wing moids but like white rightwing moids.
It's because pakichan is attracted to white men (because she finds them the most attractive? Because they are considered as 'looking' richer from descending to better-off-financially countries and she is from some upper class military family? Who knows). It's just coping over a fetish like paki-chan spergs at the fujos for doing (not to say the fujo cringe thread fujos aren't annoying spergs as well).

No. 10249

100%, world war II made it necessary for women to be allowed to run society while all the scrotes were away dealing with the drama that occurs when men run society (aka global chimpouts and retarded invasions).

No. 10253

>saying western scrotes are bad is same as saying non western scrotes are good
Except no? Maybe for men saying western scrotes are shit is the same as saying non western scrotes are good to men because to men everything is an either or situation because they have autism and the retard compulsion for everything to be a competition with a winner and a loser, but women don't kek. Saying shit like this doesn't make it true, tbh you sound like a tranny with the way you declare your position observable against reality. No wonder tradfags have such a reputation for being closeted homosexuals… You are just nationalist, not feminist if you have a problem with women recognising oppressive behaviour in all men rather than just the subset you deem 'evil' like scrotes who ree about the jews, black people, etc. while being pedophiles and rapists themselves. Male degeneracy is male degeneracy. I get that you like degenerates as long as their your degenerates, but that's not really 'feminism' when you're excusing one group of men who also hate women because at least they aren't this other group that hates women. It's like when lefty moids are thought of as good even if they hate women because they don't hate women the same way righty moids do, when both hate women just in different ways.

No. 10254

>Noooo, you guys can't say the problem is men reeeeee
Moids will forever cope and seethe and try and shift the blame when the problem is recognised.

No. 10255

If islam was the issue, muslim women would be raping women more than western men do. The issue is men. Regardless of religion and race.

No. 10263

These are two very different problems in two different cultures with a similar outcome.

The cause of trafficking in Eastern Europe is caused by demand due to legalised prostitution in other countries. The men doing it are motivated by profit. It's a failure of the German and Dutch governments to regulate their own sex industries. It's been a problem in Germany since at least the Weimar Republic.

In the UK organised prostitution is illegal as is procurement and solicitation. The issue of sex trafficking children and teenagers did not exist on a large scale until the arrival of muslim immigrants. Muslim rapists are motivated by islam. They believe that because they are muslim they do not have to obey the laws of the kafir and that raping kafir women is a holy act.

All forms of sex trafficking are abhorrent but these two instances are not directly comparable. One is a problem that has always existed and the other is a direct consequence of uncontrolled muslim immigration.

No. 10264

File: 1676575817316.gif (179.32 KB, 498x498, CBF58205-454B-43D3-8D3F-D498B9…)

I love this schizo infighting don’t take your meds nonnies.

No. 10265

how the fuck is it not comparable you slimey piece of shit.

One are mainly being trafficked for white men to fuck them and the others are being trafficked by brown men. Thats the main difference. Color.

The anons who said that the ''anons'' (lets be real its mostly pakichan and other white men posting here) that they are hypocrites are fucking right considering they give no shits about misogyni as long as its coming from someone who has the same skin color as them.

YOU A WHITE SCROTUM WANT TO TALK ABOUT MEN GOING TO OTHER COUNTRIES? Do you even have the right to post your bullshit psyop considering white men are keeping sex tourism and trafficking alive in poor countries.

Parts of africa are literally filled with white men and African children, Philippines, Thailand , nepal etc etc You have no fucking right. Your men go to poor countries to rape children. Kill yourself.

No. 10269

How did the UK's royal family become famous for pedophilia if all the child trafficking is done by recent immigrants?

No. 10270

This is beyond pathetic. There was a post earlier with dozens of cases in a single European country which occurred in one week. You're purely arguing in bad faith. What are you even trying to defend here? The case of brown men flooding Europe?

No. 10272

i really don't get it, you have the rest of lolcow and the entire internet to talk about white men, why can't you leave just ONE thread for the anons living in european countries filled by muslim moids assaulting women on the daily and making their lives hell? why one thread on this specific issue is too much to ask? the fact that you think that only white men would be on here complaining about this is delusional. and stop it with the whataboutism, we know that ALL men are misogynistic POS, but tell me how bringing in more violent religious uneducated scrotes is of any fucking help for women?

why are there so many wks for literal rapist moids on fucking lolcow, are you THAT scared of the big R word? wtf is wrong with you

No. 10274

We have an islam hate thread? No one cares that you shit on muslims, only that you’re trying to excuse western moids who do the same, including celebrate sharia, as somehow different because they are christian.

No. 10276

You are a hypocrit with no rebuttal about how it is different kek.

No. 10277


No. 10278

>Why can’t I ree about how western moids are superior race/culture reeee!
Many anons have proven how paki-chan is wrong about the Bible being about equality and western men being good, but they must sperg because it is defending a fetish for foreigners. Actually address how it’s different in a way that can’t be disproven instead of just reeing that it doesn’t count because you hate foreigners only, not evil moids.

No. 10279

"nobody cares", you say as the whole thread is constant infighting no matter what is being said, even when people bring up rotherham and weekly attacks in their countries. again yes western men are capable of the same horrors but it doesn't mean that migrants don't add to it, and anons are specifically talking about the shit being done by the scrotes immigrating en masse. they make things worse. they are way more extremist in their religion than christians are in most european countries, come on now.

pathetic, "paki-chan" is literally your only argument to dismiss everything else even when it's irrelevant, nobody else is talking about western men being "superior". you really don't care about women uh, just making sure no one is talking about your precious little foreigner rapist moids. don't read this thread then.

No. 10280

I don't know why so many replies are being willfully retarded. Yes, it's better to have the option that causes the least amount of harm, so choose that one.

If the rapefugees were all high earners or filled tough jobs natives didn't want, didn't commit crime, and didn't leech of welfare everyone would want them in their country but that isn't what's happening.

No. 10282

>Actually address how it’s different in a way that can’t be disproven instead of just reeing that it doesn’t count because you hate foreigners only, not evil moids.
No one has said white men good, brown men bad in this thread. It's more white moids bad, muslim moids worse. I don't understand why that is a disagreeable statement when it's observable reality.

As has been repeatedly stated in this thread, muslim men are worse because the concept of women being anything other than property or rape fodder doesn't exist within islam. The problem is not racial as Christians from the middle east do not have the same attitude towards women, neither do Sikhs and Hindus from South Asia. Other religions have the same issues with muslim men as Europeans do. In Islam there is the concept of "love jihad" which is the spread of Islam through rape and forced marriage of women from other religions.

White men do commit horrific acts of abuse against women, no one is saying that they don't. The difference is that their behaviour is not condoned by western society and there are laws in place to stop them. In Islam it is openly condoned, considered normal and even encouraged.

No. 10283

>thread for /pol/tards to huddle
kek alright

No. 10285

You dumb faggots ignore every rebuttal that proves you wrong ->>10148 and say the most retarded shit like "Medieval Europe is better than modern day Pakistan" >>10073
and chimpout when it's pointed out that western scrotes are human traffickers and consume trafficked women. You seethe even when anons say both kinds of moids are bad because we are shitting on western scrotes. Cope, seethe, dilate you dumbass tranny lover. Thinking moids are superior in any way when they are the shit immigrants, not the women, no fucking female 'rapefugees', and coping when this is pointed out is so fucking embarassing. Sorry you retards identify as smart. No wonder you degen retards caused trannies with this fetishistic hyper fixation on muh arian chad. Further proof of the muh-arian-superior-race-incel to troon pipeline kek. Men are rapefugees, never women, but you have a mental breakdown when the problem is recognised as being men, not foreigners.

No. 10286

* >>10148 instead of ->>10148 and reply is meant for these two tards >>10279 >>10280 who keep posting cope with no rebuttal.

No. 10287

"Rapefugees" you mean scrotes? No female refugees are going around and assaulting women. It's almost as if men are the problem and not one religion, race, or culture (especially when other religions, cultures, and races are guilty of the dehumanization of women and not just the non-western ones).

No. 10290

Rebuttal of what? Did you even read the comments you're replying to? Even if all moids are degens, why the fuck should women be in favor of MORE degenerate religious moids immigrating from countries where there aren't even laws against their degeneracy? No one answers that question. Anyway, with this comment you just made it clear that you're seething and coping because you feel attacked, even though anons repeatedly explained that this isn't about race, this is about moids being uneducated violent religious extremists. Many also said that European countries should take in actual women and children refugees, and not mostly men who are not even fleeing from war.

And the biggest cope, "religion and culture have nothing to do with it", of course, which is why all of you would totally pick an islamic country over a western one to live in? Stop BSing for a second. If you truly hate the west then just fuck off elsewhere then, it's that simple.

No. 10294

Anon i agree but dont bother arguing with pakichan in this thread considering most of her posts here are hers, she is singlehandedly keeping this shithole of a thread alive.

Daily reminder that pakichan:
1. Worships white men, and not just any but bottom of the barrel hideous nazi obese tradfag men like Varg who even has a thread about him.
2. Hates white women and views them as competition, constantly degrades female victims if they are a white woman because in her eyes white women cant face sexism.
3. Hates black women.
4. Pretended to be a black mixed woman so she could get away with racebaiting and posting deranged shit, until she got exposed.
5. Posted ch1ld prnography once and then said she posted that on accident (HOW DO YOU POST SHIT LIKE THAT ON ACCIDENT?)
5. Has a weird deranged hate-obsession with fujos and women who consume bl, spends her free time harassing women who like yaoi when pakichan herself also looks at gay porn which makes her a major hypocrite.

Also shame on the mods for keeping this thread considering everyone was mass reporting this thread when it was first made but i guess the inactive slow as shit mods dont care.

No. 10295

Muslims keep 15yo girls as sex slaves in Sweden
Muslim quotes Quran while raping a woman in France
Muslim quotes Quran while raping a teenage girl in the UK
Two muslims film the rape of a teenage girl in France while praising Allah
Muslims kidnap an Australian women in India and rape her for two months while attempting to convert her to islam
Muslims rape a 12yo Yazidi girl in Iraq for not being muslim
Muslim man kidnaps a 14yo Hindu girl, rapes her for month and forces her to read the Quran
Muslim rapes and threatens a Christian women in Pakistan for not converting to Islam
Muslim man forces a 13yo Christian to convert to islam and marry him
Muslim throws acid on a Christian woman for refusing to convert to Islam
Four muslims rape a 15yo girl
Muslim attempts to rape 13yo girl in France
Muslim rapes 13yo in a car park in the UK
Muslim man in the US rapes children as young as 5
Hindu woman gang raped for refusing to convert to Islam
Muslim man repeatedly rapes 12 and 13yo girls in Austria
Muslim men rape a German woman and then urinate on her for not being muslim
Muslim men film the gang rape a Hindu woman and send it to her family
Muslim rapes Hindu woman at gunpoint while his sister records it
Five muslims rape a teenager in a playground in Sweden
Muslim rapes 11yo girl in Greece
24 muslim men charged with repeatedly raping a single teenager in the UK
Muslim men rape and murder two Hindu girls
Muslim rapes American tourist in a public toilet in France
Muslim men drug, gang rape and murder a 13yo girl in Austria
Muslim rapes a 11yo girl in Germany
Muslim rapes a 9yo girl in Sweden and attempts to murder her
Muslim rapes his own 8yo step-daughter in Belgium
Two teenage girls in Italy are sexually harassed by 100 muslim men
Muslim man in Germany sexually assaults two Ukrainian children
Four Muslims rape a 16yo girl in Austria
Muslim men rape a teenage boy and his mother in Italy
Muslim men attempt to gain access to women refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine
Muslim man rapes Ukrainian refugee
Muslim men film themselves drugging and raping a women in Germany
Muslim man rapes 11yo girl in Germany
Muslim man rapes 95yo woman in Spain
Muslim sexually assaults 3yo girl in Virginia
Muslim rapes 19yo woman in Czechia
Muslim in France rapes 15yo girl while screaming "Allahu akbar"

Please show me another religion that commits rape against women on such a scale while using their religion as justification.

No. 10302

you grew up around pakis? i did. their women are raised to condone it. they are raised to view kaffir women as meat whores, and they laugh as you are being molested by their brothers.
theyre victims, yes. but after a point they become accomplices.

No. 10303

>claims women are oppressed by these men
>but aslo tries to claim these women are responsible for/condone their mens actions
How are they condoning it if they have no choice because they are controlled by the men? You make no sense. By that logic, you condone evil shit your men do, as well as the westerners you simp for that do horrible shit in foreign countries.

Women are responsible for building western civilization but their contributions are ignored. You can use computers because of women kek (Lovelace, Wifi's inventor, etc) as tech was thought of as 'secretary work' until it became lucrative and the women were forced out as happens when women build something great and men wish to steal it for themselves.

No. 10304

No one is saying they aren't rapists you fetishistic retard. I can collect a bunch of links detailing how western men are rapists and pedophiles too you know kek.

No. 10305

>paki-chan poster cp
At this point I assume paki-chan is a larping pol fag incel tranny with a fetish for arian men.

No. 10310

>By that logic, you condone evil shit your men do, as well as the westerners you simp for that do horrible shit in foreign countries.
A lot of the anons in this thread unironically do. This is the quiet part they want you to infer on your own and somehow tolerate, because they are cowards and know their fake feminism will be exposed.

No. 10312

Then do. Please show me where men from any other religion use it as justification to rape women and children.

>because they are cowards and know their fake feminism will be exposed
Are you mentally ill or just a troll? You are the one that has disrupted a thread of women trying to discuss a very real problem but apparently were not allowed to do that because it means we're nazis with wrong think or some shit.

No. 10313

Go back and answer >>10303 instead of crying about "being called a Nazi". You can't.

No. 10314

I'm not the anon that made that post.

No. 10315

Thank you for this. It's crazy to accuse others of not being feminists, just xenophobic tradfags, and conveniently ignore all the violence that is a direct result of mass immigration and affects so many women and children. Again, no one has said that all the violence would disappear without the mass immigration of Muslim men, just that this immigration contributes enormously to it. The projection here is off the charts imo.

No. 10316

It’s not immigration, it’s immigrant men only. It is male problem. Many men from their own home countries also commit the same violence.

No. 10318

So why make an existing problem worse by allowing the uncontrolled entry of moids that are known for violence and abuse against women? Why are women's rights being sacrificed for the sake of men?

No. 10319

Men will never take responsibility for their actions. They are ultimately children. They would rather try and shift blame to any other group than allow the problem to be named and face the burden of having to not be complete hedonist degenerates that destroy society with their selfish violent behaviour. Scrotes are beyond parody.

No. 10320

go back and answer to
>Even if all moids are degens, why the fuck should women be in favor of MORE degenerate religious moids immigrating from countries where there aren't even laws against their degeneracy?
>And the biggest cope, "religion and culture have nothing to do with it", of course, which is why all of you would totally pick an islamic country over a western one to live in?
you can't. moralfagging and accusing others of muhh racism, nazism, is literally all you have.

but in europe without the immigration of muslim men we don't have islamic attacks, jihad etc. so it add new forms of violence. and the immigration of other europeans, asians, whoever you want does not have the same consequences. it's also a religious and cultural problem.

No. 10321

Muslim moids also make Europe unsafe for genuine refugees. Ukrainian women and children have been raped by muslim men in immigration centers. It also happened to Yazidi women. In Germany they had to deal with what they were trying to escape.

No. 10323

this. it's horrible. how anyone can convince themselves that they are on the side of women by being pro uncontrolled immigration is beyond me.

No. 10326

>implying saying western men are degenerate is pro immigration
>pointing out that the foreigners that are women aren’t rapists, proving it is because they are men, not one religion or culture that is bad but men who warp things to indulge in degeneracy, is bad because…
Failsons simply identify as correct and non-violent.

No. 10327

This point is simply ignored because it’s true. Men hate foreigners because they think they are taking their women, not because they torment women. Often western men who also hate women praise this torment, as you see with promoting their ideals of punishing women because of mens lack of control as a good thing the west should adopt.

No. 10328

Nta, but the anon never said they were in favour of degenerate moids immigrating, only women if any at all, since the only degenerate ones are male.

Also, you claim "it doesn't have to do with religion and culture or race" is a cope, but can't explain then why is it only ever men being violent rapegang retards? That proves it isn't the culture/religion/race, it's men. You simply chympout when this is pointed out and loop back to sperging about foreigners. You act as if these points haven't been addressed when they have, you just have no explanation for them so you pretend they haven't been kek.

No. 10329

Western moids do this shit all the time, an aussie moid recently did this sort of fucked up shit in poor 'global south' countries recently you dumbass fetishist. YWNBAW, only men collect links to sperg about foreigners like this while chimping out about western scrotes never being degenerates and Christianity being pure and good and medieval Europe being better than modern muslim countries when in reality it was closer to them, and women weren't even fucking buried with their own name.

Aus scrote predator: https://www.news.com.au/world/asia/depraved-aussie-child-predator-smiles-as-he-gets-life/news-story/e93f97493efb1c8ec09e9872405f7b63

>inb4 "W-well that's only one guy, it doesn't happen often"

Once is more than enough, and it happens more than once anyway. Not everyone's a moid and wants to search the internet for hours collecting links detailing horrific crimes to help sperg about their fetish on a Mongolian basket weaving forum.

No. 10330

Tell me retards, would you rather be lost alone in the woods with a christian troon, or a muslim women. If religion was the problem, the christian would be the safe option, right, since being christian = not bad?

No. 10332

I'm not even that anon, ctrl+F and find where you were ever called a "Nazi" or where anyone said Muslim moids are good, or keep victimizing yourself and strawmanning whenever you get called out.

No. 10343

Is this the 90% of violent crimers cope thread? Kek.

No. 10344

I've been saying this. There's a reason a Christian man will rape you but a Muslim woman won't, it's because being man is the issue. There's a reason muslim women don't host child trafficking chains but Christian men do. A reason why Muslim women aren't the ones who took American woman's rights to abortion away.

No. 10345

Moids sperg when anons say "western scrotes also bad like muslims because scrote, no religious women bad, and men made/bastardised religion to justify male depravity" because all they hear is "one less opportunity to coom". Since they are autists, as well as genetically designed to compete among each other for womens attention, they compartmentalise this rejection in the form of women recognising universal male depravity, as being based on choosing someone else over them (think of moids sperging about the jews, black people, etc.), thereby removing any personal responsibility to help cope with their failure and loss of coom opportunity, as we see materialised in the "you're saying there better than me/good?!!". They literally can't comprehend basic language due to evolutionary flaw, which is why women out compete them in most realms, including communication. Ultimately the y chromosome causes mental illness, which is why autism is often referred to as extreme male brain (KEK), and why the y chromosome is deteriorating.

The hypocrisy of refusing to acknowledge universal male depravity reminds me of when moids bring up the race-breakdown of crime statistics to sperg about black people, but then chimpout when applying the same logic to men as a whole (because they commit 90% of violent crime), claiming doing so is an evil marxist plot to fuel depopulation. They are just retarded.

In truth, comparing a group of one thousand muslim women, and a group of 100 christian men, the group of men is much more likely to have a rapist in it. Hell, christian priests are known to have molested children by abusing their power and position in the community.

No. 10346

there was a tiktok, it was so disgusting that i didn't even save it.
It was a video of a african woman going around filming her beach to show the huge amount of white men with African children on that beach, she was begging the government to do something because the locals stopped going to their own beach because of these sex tourists….it was so disturbing and this is in the year 2023.
Very RARELY for those men even go to prison either, after they are done sodomizing children in poor countries they go back to their western countries and pretend to be upstanding citizens.

That Andrew manlet who runs that popular right-wing site has also engaged in sex tourism with suspiciously aged south asian women/girls.

No. 10347

Catholic church literally engaged in sex-trafficking during the middle ages. Im not even joking look it up its is a historical fact, there used to be brothels financed by the church.

No. 10348

Okay so will radfems will finally admit that they are liberals at the end of the day ?

No. 10349

File: 1676730089922.jpeg (43.07 KB, 545x539, FpOA7jMXwAICwX6.jpeg)

mods can check my IP, its been the same for 3 years now
nationalism doesn't mean advocating for tarfag, every true communist and socialists were nationalists as well
I'm not attracted to african, east asian or dravadain men that is true, but my attraction is not exclusive to white people, just tall men, with flat stomachs, who have proportional faces and can grow proper facial hair
what are you on about you fucking moron, I literally mention that the bible is a beyond stupid book, its inconsistent, badly translated and has been misinterpreted since its inception, my point is that you can create meaning you want the bible cause its that fucking messed up and that's why its easy to disprove

No. 10350

>Posted ch1ld prnography
I posted a pic of an Indain boy paining on his mom, I posted it regarding a discussion of mama's boy culture in south asia and how its borderline incest how close south asian men are to their mothers
so I had heard of that story before and looked it up and posted the pic without spoilering(that was my mistake) I did not post CP, hate me all you want but don't fucking lie about me cause I make you point our your ideology is factually neo-liberal

No. 10352

You are so brainrotted from spending too much time online that you didn't even see how posting a weird nude photo of a mother and her underage son would be weird to others, do you even have a job? other than spending all day here.

This is why i wish the other anons stopped bumping or replying to this thread since its obvious you make up the majority of posts here.

You can keep simping for moids like Varg all you want but they will never want someone like you.

No. 10354

>with flat stomachs
Unless they're murderous neo-nazis with massive beer bellies and bald heads ofc. Then you'll "shitpost" to us about how you wish to be their wife lol

No. 10355

I will only speak on my behalf since you answered to a previous post of mine by quoting someone else; what I was saying is that I don't think the flood of violent, rapey brown men in Europe is a good thing. You answered by saying White moids also suck in many ways, and I don't disagree with that at all, I specified that early on. Notably, RW scrotes especially tend to blame women for all their problems, it's really obnoxious. I dislike Christianity as well, although I acknowledge that at least some saints were women. I am keen to welcome women refugees, apostates especially, but they represent an extremely small amount of the current total. What comes to Europe is an endless stream of African and Middle Eastern men, with disastrous consequences. That is all.

No. 10356

Among the first posts in this thread was literally someone promoting eugenics and saying that STERILIZING indigenous women is improving the human race.
Paki-chan you can pull the ''oh but i dont think the same way about poc females'' card all you want when the people who you hold the same values would call you degrading names like sandn###er and hate your guts.

No. 10357

Also I'm curious "her"(I'm convinced there's one radfem whose acting in good faith she just dislikes me which I think is fair, the other is probably a baiting bunkertranny) regarding Sikhs, cause they are the exact same race as Pakistani's in the UK, not in the way that they are both "brown people" rather they are both in thr exact same ethnic and linguistic subgroup, like Germans and Austrians

There have never been Sikh rape gangs, there have never been sikh crime waves after someone insults their faith and yes there are problems with in thr Sikh community, Alcoholism, addiction and suicide but they don't ever take those issues to act like victims and harm innocent people

So I have to ask the "All men are equally bad cause a fat moron who supported Israeli colonialism said so" what is cause of this ?

No. 10358

She calls others low iq niggers already. She doesn't care about women who aren't a part of her tribe which makes it all the more annoying having her talk about false flagging pedo-god worshipping fatsoc radfems.

No. 10365

File: 1676746329488.jpeg (361.33 KB, 1544x1111, 23C2083C-C89C-4435-.jpeg)

>care about her tribe
of course I care about my tribe, its who I am and who my ancestors are and who my children will be, you can't understand what its like to lose everything and get screwed over, first colonizers and then urdu speakers
the men of my community are losing virtue, many are weak and flabby and more importantly are losing their self, speaking urdu and becoming Arab/Turk worshippers like the rest of this godforskaen British colonial Frankenstein nation

If I have start my people from scratch, I will do it, even when I die, my ideas and my will shall extent through my children and what I have taught them, you neoliberals can't ever understand that, my takath and Jaan shall create something that is actually worth something in this world

No. 10366

You when you realize %90 of Christian men support sex trafficking by purchasing escorts or supporting porn and keeping on doing those practices even though they know women get harmed.

No. 10367

you did not reply to a single point I made, its very obvious you are a bunkertranny troll

No. 10368

oh man pakichan has found 2x. fuck off retard

No. 10371

You can't even stay on a Pakistani forum with your tribespeople

No. 10372

File: 1676751645284.jpg (79.3 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-474291176-612x612.…)

all of them are muhajirs or urdu speaking punjabis, they are as foreign to me as you are technically but that won't be the case for nephews
Assimilation to the Pakistani identity is almost becoming unavoidable, I will not like seeing my people become pathetic skinny fat arab worshippers like other pakistani's

Do you want to know why I always emphasize that I wish for a man to have a flat stomachs, its because I say without exaggeration that the majority of urban Pakistani are skinny fat(no one exercises and oiled up desi foods are the norm) so everyday when I go the market or my brother's school I see men with wobbling little bellies, weak arms and some with chests larger then mine
its a disgusting and I see it everyday, that and their pube bears and its worse in Sindh cause they are all manlets as well

but that's my reality, seeing men with flat stomachs is a privilege for me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 10373

F in the chat for women who's race moids have devolved so far that they either look like rats or hambeasts. Inbreeding really caught up to them.

No. 10375

This thread has been mostly Paki-chan blogging and simping for white men and Seal-chan being an ethnonationalist for at least a month by now.

No. 10376

Is there any reason why mods won't rangeban her?

No. 10377

I wish 2x hadn't been made a public board again. board quality has really gone down. Also both the sealfag and pakichan should have been banned long ago, fucking personalityfags

No. 10378

> pube bears

No. 10381

I had used this thread 5 days ago and then I stopped for 2-3 days, its very clearly not just me
>simping for white me
I mean pube beards, many south asian men lack the genes to grow proper facial hair, so they end up growing facial hair that can only be described like pubic beards(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 10385

It truly has been the monkeys paw. More traffic, but only from scrotes and paki/seal tards.

No. 10398

My nonnie this post is so based it makes me want to cry.
>The hypocrisy of refusing to acknowledge universal male depravity reminds me of when moids bring up the race-breakdown of crime statistics to sperg about black people, but then chimpout when applying the same logic to men as a whole (because they commit 90% of violent crime), claiming doing so is an evil marxist plot to fuel depopulation.
This. They will jump through numerous mental hoops to make those other foreign scrotes be the bad guy to avoid taking responsibility. Like sure they will still rape and kill you and play the victim doing so but at least they aren't forcing you to wear a headscarf!

No. 10400

shit wrong thread, sorry for that

No. 10425

File: 1676912927182.png (1.7 MB, 841x1607, 8hf0wz69w5o61.png)

I think most people are sheep in a sense, The bolsheviks lost the 1919 elections against the social-democrats and the nazis never won an election. Social studies show most people just accomodate to whatever ideology is in power, no matter how extremist or insane is. People just want to live their lives and if they have to throw their neighbours under the bus, they're fine with it. That's from where the term collective guilt came from,
The only reason both managed to take power was cause in Germany all the communists and socialist parties refused to work each other and constantly formed splinter groups based on ideoglical differences while the social-democrats tried to appease everybody at once and lacked a proper leader to rally under

a lot of mainstream left wing parties political incompetence will have consequences(not necessarily either fascism or communism but something extreme nonetheless) if they don't get their shit together

No. 10430

The communists everywhere in Europe were only obeying Moscow's orders. It's obvious they would not work with classical German socialists. It did happen in France later on however but it crumbled after a while.
Also, the nazis, while in a nationalist coalition, did indeed legally access power and suppressed opposition legally as well.

No. 10437

File: 1676962937687.jpg (2.79 MB, 2000x1349, 93a0f7aa-457f-4b0c-bb96-2b264b…)

tbf the soviet was its own unique phenomena that could only happen
>The Revolution had to adapt itself to its environment, and Stalinism provided the adaptation. In it the alien socialist idea was wedded to the outlook of the barefoot and benighted Russian muzhik and to the primitive tribal mentality of the Georgian highlander and the Kirghizian nomad. The marriage was as unnatural as it was inescapable, and its grotesqueness was reflected in all the antics of the Stalin cult. Marxian socialism, whether one likes it or not, has its highly modern inner logic. tribal politics has its own poetic integrity. Stalinism, that mongrel of Marxism and tribal mentality, has neither; it is a prodigy of incongruity.

No. 10438

File: 1676963263262.jpg (37.26 KB, 860x481, EbDYL50WoAI5HgU.jpg)

>Is racism inherently a right wing thing?

Not at all. Pic related.

>Is it possible to be anti-racist and right wing?

Very much so. Civic nationalists consider culture to be more important than race.

No. 10439

That quote is from a diary entry before he became a communist. Guevara's writings after he became a communist expressed very different sentiments. I'm sure someone has found a way to make a leftist defence of racism and it may be not be necessary to rightism but racism is hierarchical which means it definitely fits in with right wing ideology more so than with the left. So far in this thread right wing feminism has had to rely on that racial hierarchy to supplant the gender hierarchy but I guess it could instead propose a matriarchy on the basis of female supremacy. Or maybe hierarchy isn't a sufficient value to make something right wing, maybe it has to be a hierarchy that already exists and is defended against progress, hence why female supremacists haven't made an appearance in this thread yet.

No. 10441

Least racist “leftist” man be like

No. 10443

that statement was made by a Polish Marxist Jew btw(Isaac Deutscher), and yeah it goes into weird racial allegory but its not completely without merit, Stalin was a thug from the mountains and he brought the mentality and type of rule that someone from that region would bring
his policies(the deportations of entire ethnic groups, Order No. 227, have the people refer to him as "father")

No. 10445

File: 1676975100791.jpg (3.5 MB, 6704x2946, q2AgsVluLOeadS.jpg)

This is the problem, the political compass is a fucking lie and American-era cold war dichotomy has ruined people's ability to perceive the complexity of politics

The principal ideological difference between Fascism and Communism is that Fascist ideology sees history as a conflict between nations, whereas Communist ideology sees history as conflict between social classes in which the working class (the proletariat)
many Arab nationalists were inspired by Fascist movements, they literally never changed their position and during the cold war The Soviets financed aid and gave various aids to those Ba'tthist states, Hell The Economy of fucking Nazi Germany with Communism Yugoslavia then a capitalist state

and many Socialist and "left wing" states ended up embracing Nationalist imagery, one of the most famous Soviet Historians(Lev Gumilev) literally argued that the Soviet Union was the continuation of the Mongolian and Russian Empires

No. 10450

Admittedly it is very nebulous and it's frustrating how people treat it like supporting football teams. There is a sense of somethings you'd expect from left wing perspective vs a right wing one but maybe that's a self-fulfilling prophecy, where people mould their values to fit into a particular niche that they like the sound or aesthetics of.

No. 10452

File: 1677035739354.jpg (67.09 KB, 640x640, 504cb0e5bcae1bd7bb5a2aa822667e…)

So it's interesting how abortion rights are deemed "Feminist" to me.
I see them more as a crutch abused by the irresponsible.
Now if it's a rape baby then yes good God get the fetus deletus but I want to see a trial and the rapist smeared in the mud. But I also understand we live in an imperfect world where we can't have nice things so if abortion were to be restricted by trial the baby would be due before the rapist can get his nuts cut off.
And in general I think birth control pills/the arm thing should be widely avaliable because it would prevent most accidentally babies.
But I also heavily believe the day after pill and actually logging your period/ovulation would be a great step as well. (Almost every woman I've met who had an "irregular" period either didn't actually count it and when they used an app I suggested they found out it was just a funky number of days and it kept trying to synch with their roommates/coworkers, or they used birthcontrol so of course it's not on a schedule anymore)
That should be what is freely available to the poor who can't afford another kid, along with proper sex education.
But casual abortions because of casual sex is horrendous, even though I do believe that potential child would be better off not existing to such a irresponsible mother. Sure her body her choice, but her choice was to have penetrative sex before one of the literally only 12 days a year a human woman ovulates and not even bother to take a medical miscarriage pill afterwards.
Like don't put a penis in your vagina if you don't want a child, just fucking 69 and call it a night, you'd probably cum way faster too.
Anyway it took me 8 years to conceive a child so I have no sympathy for anyone who "accidently" got one after willingly having sex and most right wing women I've met irl and talk about this too believe in most of these points about abortion. While I'd struggle to call them Feminists, they definitely do not take misogynistic shit from their husbands as they have them firmly by the balls. I grew up in a community like this so for years i didn't understand how misogyny was even real until I briefly stayed in a big city and realized that it was real. It was a big culture shock

No. 10453

please don't, this isn't a tardthot thread this is a thread for feminism with nationalist elements

No. 10454

Hope I don’t get banned for this again but I said something similar to this back in April and was immediately given a 2 day ban kek. This isn’t even an outrageous take? And it’s somehow considered classist or egregious to allege that it’s one’s own responsibility to wear a condom or invest in some birth control that’ll either wreak havoc on your immune system, a metal rod that’ll scrape your uterus, or even (big shocker incoming) Don’t have sex with some disgusting dick cheesed scrote?

I cannot imagine why someone would subject themselves to sex with a male, if not to procreate.

No. 10455

I think its nuanced, some level of absitannce should be advocated for

No. 10456

File: 1677036318389.jpeg (286.21 KB, 1170x1597, 608C28D2-CAFE-47BB-8175-2D40E1…)

Nta but I’d love to know what’s tradthot brained about saying “don’t be irresponsible”? I forget that a lot of you are literal kids who don’t understand that there are people in this world who do actually consider life experiences such as having to make the decision to receive an abortion as some kind of badge of honor.

No. 10457

File: 1677036446489.jpeg (344.41 KB, 1170x1699, F5731D4D-A34B-4EB6-BAED-DF6AD7…)

Here’s the rest of that particular thread by the way. Posting evidence as a seal of approval that you actually had to submit your body to abortive treatment is too absurd for me to comprehend right now

No. 10458

that pic is very tardthot related and I don't want the fatsocs to screech and sperg out over this

again this is a feminist thread and right to abortion(with in reason) is a feminist cause

No. 10459

File: 1677036683335.jpg (658.73 KB, 940x1646, 165247890432.jpg)

oh I remember you, that skellyclawed weirdo who thinks non-procreation sex is evil because you lost your sex drive or something(infighting, vendetta)

No. 10460

It’s alright if you only saw the picture and decided to start sperging but it sounds like you didn’t read the part where she said

>Now if it's a rape baby then yes good God get the fetus deletus

Which sounds reasonable, unless it somehow doesn’t.

No. 10461

Very weird and obsessive to have photos of a woman’s hand all because I have a reasonable and realistic opinion. Someone’s suffering from a bad case of internalized misogyny.

No. 10462

>Someone’s suffering from a bad case of internalized misogyny.
says the one who reeeeeeeed about other women being "whores" for several hours kek

No. 10464

The topic at hand isn’t even about me however I find it laughable that there are people who think of me when the topic of reasonable abortion security being in place is brought up. Hope you can forget about me someday and maybe learn a new skill or something? Maybe a new language? Good luck to ya youngin

No. 10465

Why can't you retarded bitches just not get abortions if it bothers you that much? Full control of fertility, including abortion, is a feminist issue and will always be one since we face the reproductive burden. There is nothing "irresponsible" about deleting a fetus that is either unwanted in the early stages or deleting the fetus because it has some fucked up condition where it would be DOA later in the pregnancy. Tradthots and some feminists (pseudofeminists depending on how you see them) want women to be bubble-wrapped 24/7 to prevent them from making potentially uncomfortable decisions

No. 10466

>however I find it laughable that there are people who think of me when the topic of reasonable abortion security being in place is brought up.
because you literally identify yourself every single time. sex strictly for procreation is not reasonable btw.

No. 10467

File: 1677037363681.jpeg (365.85 KB, 1170x1156, 0B2F7619-543F-44A4-82E0-06A2E7…)

Similar energies…
>want women to be bubble wrapped 24/7

The problem is that nothing was wrapped, Stacy. That’s how they get into the ‘issue’ of getting pregnant in the first place!

No. 10468

Sex does only exist for procreation, though. And before you bring up intimacy and bonding through giving each other and sharing orgasms and physical touch, obviously all of those things feel so good and you desire to do them because it’s in your body’s nature to want to experience closeness to someone and reproduce. Even if you don’t want children, your body likely still ovulates and wants those children for you. It’s just biology. Have fun sperging to your monitor over it.

No. 10469

Right, now the E-girl who may not have bothered with condoms or birth control in the first place is getting an abortion. She won't be burdened with an unwanted child nor will a child be subjected to potentially poor parenting. If she is pleased with her decision, great. If she regrets her abortion, too bad so sad because no one forced her into it. Peace and happiness on Earth

No. 10470

I'm sorry for the image, it's the first thing I thought of when I think Right-Wing. I feel after having read the thread that a lot of people in general have developed their own cultural meaning of what "Right-Wing" means.
Why? Are you going to roll up to a car lot, fill out the paperwork to get a new car and then get mad when the process goes through exactly as it's intended when you have a car you never wanted(because you just wanted the fun part of filling out paperwork)? Because that's what penetrative sex without wanting a child is. You literally did the steps for it and then get mad that it worked and justify abortion after the fact instead of not being retarded and just having sex that doesn't involve having a penis in your vagina, like oral. (I've heard from someone that women had gotten pregnant before from cum dripping out of the ass after anal but I don't believe that shit because they had no source to back it up.)

No. 10472

I'm curious, what is it exactly about abortion that chaps your ass so much? Why does this shit bring you to tears?

This is the fun part about these right-leaning women that are tired of classic conservative approach to gender politics which is just "woman inferior." They come flirt with feminism a little bit, but there is always abortion that they lose their shit over. Is it the fact you think abortion is literally killing baybees? Or is it that you think abortion being legalized and treated like its nothing will cause men to devalue motherhood and pregnancy?

No. 10474

Didn't you admit to sleeping eith old men and getting an abortion yourself in past threads

No. 10476

Well if you were to have read my actual post it's not abortion that I'm actually against as I clearly support most justifications for it and that we dont live in a perfect world so banning it outright isn't the best path forward.
It's irresponsible women having sex that I take most issue with because as I've stated previously, it took me 8 years to conceive a child. My community is quite literally what most would consider bumfuck nowhere and I still found the information on how to have and avoid having a baby easily with internet access so it boggles my mind how women accidentally get pregnant and demand someone remove their responsibility to the consequences of their actions. But I do understand that legal and avalible abortions are a necessary evil to stop this infantile women from being irresponsible mothers.
And most right-wing women I know agree with me on these justified abortions but if they are religious they go for the forced adoption route most pro-lifers choose in the case of casual sex casual abortions.
And I myself would still probably roll up to the pro-life side of a debate simply because their is no third side for responsible sex and justified abortions. Hell I want it to be called a medical miscarriage if it's before a certain time so actual abortions can be illegal but the key would be to catch it early, and we don't live in a perfect world.

No. 10477

NTA but I don't really understand how women having irresponsible sex or sleeping around or whatever effects your ability to conceive a child.

No. 10478

Sweetheart it's quite concerning you assign random anonymous posts to a parasocial relationship you formed in your head and accuse said random posts of being someone you have previous beef with. My only posts on the entire /2X/ board has been today in this thread because I've been lurking for months and had nothing to say and you are definitely justifying my previous silence.

No. 10479

No more fucking abortion sperging or I'll write a 5000+ word essay on the history of Islamic law

No. 10481

My former inability to conceive (it was my husband's prior job, we concived immediately after he got a less stressful one) affects my empathy towards irresponsible sex.
I brought up abortionnto point out that in my community these thoughts on abortion and irresponsible sex ad common right-wing views, which this thread claimed to be about.

No. 10482

So your husband failed to get you pregnant for a while and that made you hate… Checks notes… Women who sleep around?

No. 10483

Anons have repeatedly acknowledged male depravity but are asking WHY should women be in favor of the mass immigration of MORE religious depraved males? Can you answer that question? You conveniently ignore the list of weekly attacks and rapes caused by these men (as well as all the terrorist attacks) only to whine about xenophobia and whities being scared of "foreigners taking their women". Come back to real life for a second, there are real victims behind all this. Do you really think that the women (and even men) who wish they could walk in the street without the fear of being mugged or attacked are in fact seething about being cucked? Women do their best not to have to interact with the ""refugee"" moids, let alone date them. This really shows how out of touch you are with all this, maybe stop talking out of your ass or transposing the only issue you know (black americans vs. white americans) to a completely different population and country ffs. You really think you're the better feminist by dismissing women's arguments with "lmao only white moids seething itt"? There's a reason why more and more women have resorted to vote for the parties which address the immigration issue, because literally everyone else reacts exactly like this (dismissing, shaming, virtue-signaling). It's also why we can't even have one thread about this. Oh well, keep posting whatever helps you sleep at night (I'm pretty sure most of you aren't even affected by this IRL, just coming here to feel better about yourselves), in the mean time women in these countries keep getting peaked by, you know, their every day lives.

Tell me retard, if religion and education have nothing to do with it, would you go live in some Islamic country over a Western one? Would you go live in a neighborhood invaded by illegal migrants over your average neighborhood somewhere in Europe where this isn't an issue? Nobody said that men and women are the same, nobody is even talking about muslim women, that's what you have to hold onto to have a semblance of an argument left and hide your hypocrisy. Or maybe you feel attacked and are defending your community/religion, which would be hilarious considering that anons here have also been accused of defending white moids or being bigoted christians simply for wanting to deport rapist moids. Projection as usual.

No. 10484

No, my distaste for anyone sleeping around has always been there (the sex posititvity movement always sounded like bullshit a man made up to get women to sleep with him), the difficulty I faced when wanting a child justified my feelings.
It's interesting how immigration seems to be universally disliked by anyone who's ever had to see their culture (or a culture they follow and enjoy) get torn apart by immigration. I've seen smaller shockwaves on a town scale where new people move in with different values and the regulations and laws shift to accommodate them, sometimes wrecking the former inhabitants way of living. I would definitely put
>against immigration
firmly under both Right-Wing and Conservative, at least where I'm from.

No. 10489

File: 1677054013093.jpg (1.51 MB, 2386x3918, American Society.jpg)

I don't think they will ever be willing to see, radical feminism is based on post-marxism(that's a fact they choose to ignore)
and post-marxists don't believe in the idea of cultures or civilizations, basically they should go outside touch grass, read a book that wasn't a written by a fat moron who ate herself and blamed men for her obesity, watch a documentary
realize that the world is really more complicated and they should thinking they know about the world based on the writing of gender studies professors from the 1970's

I'm not saying that radical feminists were bad people mind you, they were just soft and couldn't comprehend the world outside liberal academic circles and in the end radical feminism will always be a fundamentally neo-liberal id9oelogy

No. 10490

NTA. My problem with abortion is not that it exists because it should, that choice should always be available to women, it's that it is treated with such flippancy and irreverence. Regardless of if you view a fetus as being alive or not, from the moment of conception, the clump of cells is a potential life, it could become another human being like me or you. I don't see abortion as murder but it deserves to be treated with at least some amount of respect for the sake of both the woman and the potential child.

The availability of abortion is good, the situations that lead to a woman needing an abortion are not. While abortion should always be a choice, the need for it should be minimized. The majority of women find being in a situation where they need to consider an abortion to be traumatic. I know women that are still upset by it decades later, even if they think they made the right choice, they still mourn the loss of their child and wonder what sort of person that child would have been. Imagine being a woman and your choice is to keep the baby or abort it, knowing that the only life you would be able to provide for it would be so bad that the child not existing at all is the kinder option. Women should not be in that position where they are forced to make such a difficult decision.

>There's a reason why more and more women have resorted to vote for the parties which address the immigration issue
This is the bigger picture that the left fails to see because none of them have ever read a history book.

No. 10491

Another crazed pakichan chimp-out, just in time!

No. 10494

Cause abortion is traumatizing and recovery after one is uncomfortable as all fuck? Do you think it’s fun and painless to have your uterus dyson’d?

No. 10495

Nta but it actually looks more like she was incapable of conceiving and she’s jealous of women who ovulate normally and irresponsibly get pregnant just so that they can abort their offsprin? That’s just how it sounds to me

No. 10497

Please unironically do it, I hate these debates.

No. 10503

>Anyway it took me 8 years to conceive a child so I have no sympathy for anyone who "accidently"
it's always you retards. sorry about your broken pussy but it really isn't other women's problem. and no i am not sorry for using harsh language because you manipulative martyr assholes need to hear it. your personal problems should not affect women's rights as a whole. your sob stories and holding-a-gun-to-your-head ("i'm gonna shoot!! i really am!! i'm gonna shoot if you don't do as i say!!") type arguments do not matter for womenkind a a whole.

No. 10504

File: 1677083628298.jpeg (115.66 KB, 2048x1454, 9BA83B59-AD93-43DC-8C33-EAF02A…)

can't believe we have some "uwu the fetus is a potential human! abortion is for loose women!" retards on 2x now. opening it was a mistake

No. 10509


No. 10510

>Should not affect womens rights as a whole

Not being able to waltz into PP and get your pussy vacuumed up isn’t really a “right”, so it being taken away doesn’t really effect your freedoms at all. If your idea of “freedom” is based around if you can get raw cream pied by some random dude, then there’s absolutely something maladjusted within you. Not sorry for using harsh language but if you’re gonna run around having unprotected sex, what are you expecting? If not a baby? All these goddamn zoomers thinking sex only exists for making porn missed the part in Sex Ed where you’re informed that sex exists for reproduction.(infighting, baiting)

No. 10516

I'm so sorry for having empathy towards other women and for trying to understand what it must be like to be a horrible situation. It was very un-feminist of me.

No. 10519

NTA but you’re an obtuse idiot. Yeah there’s plenty of women and teenage girls who are irresponsible or lack sex education. Super trashy people who get abortions back to back, I’ve seen it. But why the fuck do you want to force these same dumb as shit women to have babies? You think that will magically fix them? You think addicts will stop smoking meth while pregnant? No. I met one who ATE meth while pregnant and killed her fetus at 7 months. Abortion is the most humane option regardless of if people abuse it or not. And don’t give me shit about adoption. Just shut up and stop being a traitor.

No. 10524

If you ever force me into a pregnancy I’ll start shooting up heroin and force all of you retards to pay for its disability medication via taxes. Get real fatty

No. 10534

The most humane option would actually be just not having sex. I already said rape/abuse/incest babies should be aborted, but if you’re a drug addict and you decide to get pregnant, have fun with the consequences of your actions! There are millions of Americans who’s parents are both heroin babies, but because they grew into sober adults, their progeny turned out healthy and normal.

How is you choosing to have consensual sexual knowing that you’ll get pregnant being “forced into a pregnancy”?

No. 10535

it's incredible you think the government body overseeing what qualifies as sexual assault would get it right, believe victims and not run their own agenda. such a faith you have.

No. 10545

Lol you don’t know any drug addicts or maladjusted adults. They DON’T deal with consequences. You won’t get the punishment boner you desperately crave when you think about women having sex for enjoyment. They throw their babies in dumpsters, drown them, dump them on the grandparents, use in front of them and leave needles and all types of shit. You’re a fucking idiot who has been privileged to see little of the suffering in this world that makes abortion humane. Be glad you live in a bubble of ignorance.

No. 10546

What do you think about pregnancies that come from when hormonal birth control fails like the IUD?

There's going to be more women on welfare, more future criminals, and more single moms if abortion keeps being attacked like this. Is banning abortion worth it?

No. 10548

You’d have to be retarded to think a huge metal rod inside you is gonna somehow prevent you from getting pregnant. That type of “science” is bound to be faulty kek

Who said anything about the government deciding what is and isn’t assault…usually when you’ve been raped by someone and the sex was unprotected, and you have the freedom to get yourself an abortion, you (more than likely) can easily go get a rape kit done and have the sample of the attackers DNA saved for the police report.

You’re allowed to assume all you want about my lived experience but the more incorrect assumptions you make the easier it is for me to continue hiding my identity kek

No. 10550

You’d think feminationalism would want to create more female children and not abort them

No. 10551

Autistic man spamming multiple threads with retardation. Ignore him

No. 10558

This is what I mean when I say that tradthots and some pathetic flavors of feminists think women as a whole need to be covered in bubble-wrap and need to live sanitized lives with no conflict. There is a lot of yammering on about "taking responsibility" but what exactly is abortion? It is taking responsibility for an unwanted pregnancy. I don't give a shit that some women regret it and cry about their so-called baybee decades later. I don't care if it was "uncomfortable" to have their uterus "dyson'd." It is also "uncomfortable" and so much more to experience childbirth, but I don't think I'm responding to anti-natalists, now am I? Women's rights are more important than the feelings of some women who regret their abortions because of muh baybee, and crying about how icky and scawy a routine medical procedure is childish, grow the fuck up.

Thank you nonnie. They never think about these potential children being born. They live in a deluded reality where pregnancy and motherhood is a magical experience that will turn the most irresponsible woman into Mary, mother of Jesus, herself. Of course, concern about "muh baybees" goes out the window kek.

Honestly, with how retarded gender politics have become with this strain of pseudofeminism where conservative worldviews are being painted pink and getting girl-powerified, it very well could be a retarded woman.

No. 10559

they're also just useful idiots that serve corporate interests by promoting the excess flood of people that are disadvantaged into the system that is propped up by said class of people. less people around in general, and those that have been more invested into properly/reared well begin to cripple the system.
but they've been had, and are taking female socialization to the nth degree by clutching pearls about the babies… that no one is actually taking care of. the males are after using people and profits and the females that cape for their causes have been trained into leading with their emotions first by excess care over infants that are not their own - and that is married to the zealous urge to punish "bad" girls/women.

No. 10561

True it could, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy who kept posting bait defending deepfake porn like a week ago. Same off the charts autism levels.

No. 10564

It would be taking responsibility to just not have sex in the first place, if you don’t want children so bad. That’s nor even being “bubble wrapped” or “sanitized”, that’s just being a normal human being who doesn’t have sex if you don’t want a child. Simple as that. I’m very familiar with the fact that men will stick it into anyone, but my God some of the women on this website will tear their ACL looking for an excuse to have raw consensual sex while ovulating.

And not only this, but this specific thread is literally called “feminationalism”. Which insinuates, to me, the desire to live in a matriarchy which absolutely won’t come into fruition if we all get abortions and stop reproducing female children kek. You want the last generations of women to be these zoomer and gen ‘alpha’ toddlers who mouthbreathe over their moms greasy phone all day?

Cause I’m pretty certain that you don’t actually want to see that happen.

No. 10565

>You’re a woman who doesn’t understand why I feel the need to get my cervix sprayed with some random guys sperm on a regular basis? You must be one of the pedophiles who is pro-deepfake cp!

I feel like it should be obvious that if an individual is anti-nonprocreative sex, she’d also be anti-pornography, but hey! A lot of the users on this website have actual autism and I guess I’m responding to one of them!

No. 10567

>They never think about these potential children being born.
Ok ngl I have been one of these potential children who was unwanted and my parents agreed to originally abort me because they already had other children and basically just didn’t need me. Fast forward 21 years, now my parents can’t live without me, I have a husband, a normal life, and career. You act like every single pointedly unplanned or unwanted child out of the almost billion that are born yearly are all gonna end up in some total refugee ass Cormac McCarthy The Road type of abuse situation when that’s just not real life. That’s a fantasy about suffering/persecution, which I’ve pointed out several times before and somehow no one has been able to come up with a valid disagreement for it kek.

No. 10570

What the fuck are we even arguing about? No one has said abortion should be banned. The point being made is that not having sex with men reduces the need for abortion, so stop having sex with men.

What is their to disagree with? Sex with men is a disappointment and casual sex with random men is even worse. Risking an unwanted pregnancy so you can stare at the ceiling while a man comes inside you is never worth it. Bad sexual encounters with low value men should be discouraged because the low value moid is the only one gaining from it.

No. 10571

Why can't you just let the evil whores have their abortions?
Jfc the whole ass argument becomes a non-issue when the laws protecting their rights to options to address an unwanted pregnancy stay in place.
Women having abortions for whatever justification does not matter.

We don't have to worry about how much sex we choose to have with men or not as long as the consequences for either are reducted as much as possible, and that is easy and harmless to you.

No. 10572

No one has said abortion should be banned or even restricted. Again the point is that the need for abortion should be minimized by not having sex with men because sex with men is never worth it.

An abortion is not a fun experience. Early abortion involves taking a teratogenic substance to destroy the fetus. Teratogens are often mutagenic in other ways, many teratogens are also carcinogens. It can also make the woman feel unwell and she has to go through the unpleasant and uncomfortable experience of bleeding caused by the abortion. Later term abortion is a full surgical procedure that has all significant risk of surgery.

Unwanted pregnancy is harmful to a woman regardless of if she aborts the child or not.

No. 10575

I love how it’s always
>You shouldn’t care what other people are doing if it causes no harm to you
and then the moment everyone stops caring about what you do and you start to suffer the negative effects of your own actions it turns into
>Why is everyone so selfish? Why does no one care about the struggles of women? Hurrr Durr why me!!!

No. 10576

What’s obvious is that you’re a man. If I assumed you were a woman at all I wouldn’t have suspected you to be the pro-deepfake guy. Now go rub one out to the fantasy of women being forced to give birth as punishment like the degenerate you are.

No. 10577

If you think I’m a man that just makes it harder for you to find out who I actually am kek. Go rub one out to the fantasy that you’re a victim and that women with brains are somehow nonexistent

No. 10578

So does Right Wing in America mean the same as Conservative? Because I've seen people use them as synonyms.
But I also don't see how Conservative in the year 2023 means anti-feminist. Like Conservatives mostly want to "bring back the good ole days" but they are definitely always talking about with the rose-tinted glasses, not like the shitty parts like Vietnam vets getting spit on and other actual shitty things. But that definitely includes feminism in the things they want to keep. The suffregettes were more than 100 years ago and while 2nd wave feminism was a mere 60 years ago it also had its merits like allowing easier divorce and i havent heard of any Conservative groups trying to undo that.

No. 10580

are you American or are you asking because you’re not? I’m american and what you just said sounds crazy to me based on what I’ve seen and experienced in my life. In no universe I live in do conservatives who pine for the good ol days value feminism or think fondly of the women’s movement, and I have absolutely seen conservatives advocate for making divorce illegal in this country.

No. 10581

Literally not a single soul alive cares about your identity you pathetic loser kek

No. 10582

> anti-nonprocreative sex

No. 10588

Expect statistically most abortions are by married and in relationships women. Sex should literally just be for procreation unironically yet media and social engineering and non spirituality has led to sex being seen as a right and harmless adult fun time. These women being rawed don't even know what's going inside them, semen is full of tranquilizers seratonin parasites bacteria etc since men's immune system doesn't touch the balls.

No. 10604

It's pretty depressing that life is so bleak and meaningless that sex with males (casual or not) has become one of the defining features of women's lives.

That even after our ancestors fought for our ability to vote, act in society as an actual citizen, the majority of women still rely on men for survival. And when you rely on men for survival, sex and consequently, abortions always follow.

If women actually took control of their naturally eugenic nature it wouldn't be so bad (just through selecting the best possible mates and refusing to have sex at all if it weren't an option), but instead they want it both. They want independence and the luxuries of being a fully formed citizen, but continue to degrade not only their direct genetic line, but the general genetic pool of women around them by selecting horrible mates, or engaging in casual sex producing unwanted children (which may or may not be aborted).

I really just don't get it.
Males are notoriously bad providers in this day and age anyways, yet women continue to breed with lower and lower quality males to desperately cling to a decreasing quality of life instead of just not having sex and resource maxing.

We are literally breeding to the bottom of humanity at unbelievable rates, and yet the primary concern is not WHY, but rather how can we keep doing this and try to erase the mistakes along the way.

No. 10605

>Sex should literally just be for procreation unironically
what about lesbians

No. 10606

what about lesbians
>Sex with a functional penis into an unprotected vagina should literally just be for procreation unironically
There ya go

No. 10607

so its cool to have non-procreative PIV sex with a condom too?

No. 10609

You think nowadays scrotes would go along with this? Kek.
Ok 5head in the past women did just that, run society and passed around the few non insane males to reproduce with. Monogamy was a deal that was struck between 99% of males and the 1% of males who wanted to betray the matriarchy, that each scrote no matter how vile got 1 woman. In nature a 50/50 split isn't even natural, males are short lived and their biology is literally a half put together genetically engineered parasite that deformed a female body in the womb. Instead of accepting their place they run around trying direct evolution, genetically engineer and eugenic humans and reproduce until humans turn into 80 IQ molerats. That's why most are going to die off as global warming speeds up.

No. 10612

>global warming speeds up
Global warming isn't real. Climate change is real but it being caused by human activity isn't. The earth naturally cycles through warmer and cooler periods because the main influence on the climate of the earth is the sun. Carbon dioxide it what plants need to breathe, it's not toxic or harmful. Without it there would be no plants and because plants produce oxygen from photosynthesis which animals need to breathe, there would be no life on earth without carbon dioxide.

No. 10622

Please remain quarantined to your containment thread until all your symptoms of retardation are clear, and don't forget to wear your tin foil hat if you must interact with others, in order to avoid spreading your disease

No. 10630

Apparently you do, if you wanna imagine that I’m a man so badly instead of accepting the reality that there are billions of women who disagree with unnecessary abortions from consensual sex.

Has lesbian sex ever resulted in getting pregnant, though? Because I’ll be honest I really don’t care what gay people do as long as they don’t try to drag children into it, and usually it’s the gay men who do that. Not lesbian women.

If you’re gonna waste your time trying to conceive a baby (sex), just to have your male counterparts phallus wrapped in plastic, what exactly is the point of even having sex? Because the feeling of being horny, cyclically, is just your bodies hormones telling you that it’s time to try to populate with your mate. Sex is substantially better when it is consensual, unprotected, and intentionally procreative on both the mother and fathers end. Non-procreative wrapped up sex just sounds uncomfortable and like it would only benefit the moid in that moment. That’s like getting used as a flesh light, basically. Cause how many women are really orgasming just from penetration alone? And how many women here, who still have sex with men, receive any other attempts at pleasuring you that isn’t just blindly rutting it inside you until he makes himself excrete his genetics into some gross plastic bag. Sounds horrendous, no idea why anyone would subject themselves to that, but it’s better than creating a pregnancy that you’d abort. So yes, by every single mean, wrap it up but don’t expect for it to be any fun

No. 10631


I'm sorry sex doesn't feel good for y'all. Sounds bleak as hell. All moids are selfish lovers but the key is, you find one that has a fetish for seeing women orgasm. But tbh, that's too much work so I personally end up mainly sexless as well. But idk, penetration feels good for me personally.

No. 10632

Go back to tinfoil thread. And yes rising temperatures mean sperm will die easier, they die at body temperature that's why they're literally hanging off the body exposed to all matter of physical forces and radiation damages. We're going back to parthogenisis.

No. 10633

>find one that has a fetish for seeing women orgasm
Oh my sweet nonnie, they will just button mash and then get mad you arent experiencing nirvana like in their porn vids.

No. 10634

Women aren't the ones who have trouble not having sex. After the abortion ban and rumours of a sex strike started going around in the US, men chimped out. Men want to have it both ways were they can be a hedonist degenerate who uses sex to increase his social value/standing, while also wanting to control women and prevent them from having sex with anyone but him since they see women as property. This shit just looks alien for anyone outside the US.

This whole:
> Well I think it's bad so it should be banned, muh consequences (from the XY sex that never takes responsibility for it's actions ever, including in this debate by refusing to mention the male partner as also being responsible).
Then don't have one. If it's legal, you can choose to have one or not. Wanting to make it illegal is because you don't want other women to have one either because you're a scrote, it's about control not 'protection' and as >>10558 said, abortion is taking responsibility, it's fixing the situation.
Men for thousands of years did their best to prevent women from having any sexual choice kek. The opinion of 'use your power of eugenics to only make good people' from >>10604 tards stands in the face of mens actions throughout history.

If you think having meaningless sex with lots of men is bad, surely you think the same about men having lots of sex with women, so we need to stop scrotes from being degenerates, right?

Most righty faggots who ree about the evils of abortion, suddenly change their mind when it's them having to pay for a kid kek.

No. 10635

This is the most autistic thing I’ve read in a while. Like the stereotype of autistics acting like aliens trying to understand what it means to be human

No. 10636

Women aren't the ones who have trouble not having sex. After the abortion ban and rumours of a sex strike started going around in the US, men chimped out. Men want to have it both ways were they can be a hedonist degenerate who uses sex to increase his social value/standing, while also wanting to control women and prevent them from having sex with anyone but him since they see women as property. This shit just looks alien for anyone outside the US.

This whole:
> Well I think it's bad so it should be banned, muh consequences (from the XY sex that never takes responsibility for it's actions ever, including in this debate by refusing to mention the male partner as also being responsible).
Then don't have one. If it's legal, you can choose to have one or not. Wanting to make it illegal is because you don't want other women to have one either because you're a scrote, it's about control not 'protection' and as >>10558 said, abortion is taking responsibility, it's fixing the situation.
Men for thousands of years did their best to prevent women from having any sexual choice kek. The opinion of 'use your power of eugenics to only make good people' from >>10604 tards stands in the face of mens actions throughout history.

If you think having meaningless sex with lots of men is bad, surely you think the same about men having lots of sex with women, so we need to stop scrotes from being degenerates, right?

Most righty faggots who ree about the evils of abortion, suddenly change their mind when it's them having to pay for a kid kek.(infighting )

No. 10638

> Wanting to make it illegal is because you don't want other women to have one
No one is saying that abortion needs to be banned. I have no idea why you keep acting like anyone is arguing for that when no one is. Again the point is that the need for abortion should be minimized by not having sex with men because sex with men is never worth it. While access to abortion is good, actually having an abortion is not. Even if it's necessary an abortion will never be a pleasant experience for a woman.

>If you think having meaningless sex with lots of men is bad

Yes. Having sex with low value men is bad because the woman gets nothing from it except a potential unwanted pregnancy. The man can just fuck off and never think about it again after blowing his load. I have no idea why you are trying defend having sex with men on /2X/ of all places.

>Most righty faggots who ree about the evils of abortion

But no one in this thread is and it is you that is arguing for having sex with men.

No. 10639

lel I'm not against abortion I'm advocating abstinence and celibacy and actually no I'm advocating breeding a generation of Überfräu for the matriarchy, it's not about stopping women from getting abortions or controlling women but I do want women to have the type of babies I think are good though –oh my god give it a rest you are so bad at arguing!!

No. 10640

> No one is saying that abortion needs to be banned. I have no idea why you keep acting like anyone is arguing for that when no one is.

> Not being able to waltz into PP and get your pussy vacuumed up isn’t really a “right”, so it being taken away doesn’t really effect your freedoms at all.

These are both you. Stop arguing in bad faith. We get it, you hate sex. Nobody cares. It’s so cringe when people go on psychotic tirades about how everyone should live in the same way they do. You do you, and please shut the fuck up.

No. 10641

I'm not the tradsped. I'm just wondering what the fuck I am reading.

No. 10643

Now now there's a perfectly good solution to their y concondrum: just have sex with other men and transwomen, and leave women the fuck alone

No. 10645

Why is this thread a thing? Just because people on here hate trannies and this brings the trad thots? Sickening

No. 10648

Yeah, that too. I've only met one moid who actually knew wtf to do. Hence why even though I love PiV sex, I don't have it very often and when I do it's a designated sex moid.

99 percent of them are sexually useless to a woman.

No. 10649

Would you like to point out how? Because scientifically our (female) bodies feel the most horny when we’re releasing eggs/ovulating, so being horny is really just your body telling you that it’s ready to breed, because we are, at the end of the day just other animals.
These are things we learn in 6th grade sex ed. If you think it’s supremely autistic to say that sex is for making babies and you should probably use your better judgement when it comes to purposefully consenting to it, then slap a propellor hat on my head and cover me in puzzle pieces, ma’am.

Get real. Sorry you’re so pornsick you think sex/the sensation of orgasming is just for fun, but even then, masturbation exists for both sexes which doesn’t include direct crossbreeding.

No. 10650

I never once said abortion should be banned…I said not everyone should be able to pop all the misoprostol tablets they want and have their uterus sucked up with a straw kek. Unless that’s how you’d like to die! Then it’s your right to exercise that as a suicide method

No. 10654

Yes, everyone and anyone should have the ability to abort. That’s the point that everyone here is arguing with you. You’re retarded for thinking the government should dictate who true rape and incest victims are. Also you sound heavily like a virgin so you really shouldn’t talk about things that you have no experience in

No. 10655

It’s to quarantine the most retarded among us

No. 10658

Can you tag the part in the post where I said “the government dictates who true rape and incest victims are”? Because I’m pretty sure I’ve said more than once if you’re an American woman who’s been raped by your husband or brother or even a random man on the street, you can still very easily go get a rape kit done before your abortion and boom, there’s physical evidence of the attackers specific DNA.

And even if you somehow never see an attackers face and have no idea who or where he is, the United States is one of the most heavily surveilled places in the world and 98% of adults all carry an ID and tracker in their pocket (their phone), so when he’s eventually seen on the subpoena’d security footage or a street camera trying to make an escape, the police will eventually be able to find where he landed after running off. Millions of rape cases yearly are solved via direct evidence such as the actual sperm itself, but also direct video evidence and locational history on your cellphone, because it is always tracking your location.

It’s not the middle ages. Women aren’t perpetual victims. There is far more due process today than there used to be, and instead of being grateful for that, white women love to throw it out the window and pretend that they’ll be so persecuted even when all the cards are stacked against the rapist. It is completely ridiculous.

No. 10665

> rape kits
> all the cards are stacked against the rapist

This has to be bait! Please say sike. Must be nice to live in a fantasy world where this is common and tens of thousands rape kits aren’t left untested. You’re arguing out of your asshole and you’re delusional if you think there is any system that will effectively help pregnant rape victims in all cases. Did you forget that the people in charge are all men and rapists, the ones you’re telling us to stop sleeping with at all? Your arguments are trash sis.

No. 10666

This is the scrotiest post I've seen in a long while. Almost as bad as the one claiming that most rape accusations are false.

No. 10667

Rape kits take time, like many months to be processed. There is a long backlog in the US. This isn’t time that can be wasted in cases of pregnancy and abortion for obvious reasons.

No. 10670

Literally nobody has said "please bring more islamic men en masse in my country". Nobody. You're putting words into everyone's mouths by using the tired old conservatard fallacies and forcing people to agree with you by bringing up something nobody was in support of to begin with. What is being discussed is "are islamic men inherently worse or are all men just having their male depravity being held back by the law", not "should we funnel people from islamic countries to wreck our country".

>if you’re a drug addict and you decide to get pregnant, have fun with the consequences of your actions!
Ah yes, punish the child with a lifelong trauma of being born to drug addicts, now that's the humane option. This is why you don't vote right wing, it's only to penalize and abuse those who can't afford to exploit loopholes in the law to avoid following it.

No. 10672

>all the cards are stacked against the rapist
Those poor rapists, oh no, the cards are stacked against them. lol

Seriously though, cops most of the time won't do shit even if they have all the evidence on their hands and the suspect name. Men get away with rape all the time because of incompetent cops.

No. 10673

File: 1677198480858.jpeg (28.84 KB, 495x619, images (13).jpeg)

>Be me
>Posted some rebuttals to strange shit ITT in the past
>A French anon makes a really decent post about immigration that alters my perspective, decide to give the thread a chance again despite mass tradthot brainrot. French anon makes a good case that nationalism and skepticism of brown moids isn't synonymous with tradshit and is common sense
>Be me
>Haven't checked the unhinged right wing feminist thread in a while
>Consider excellent post by French anon as a motivator to check out the thread again
>Now they're scroteposting about how women being raped is somehow actually they're own fault
Make it stop

No. 10675

>punish the child with a lifelong trauma of being born to drug addicts
Nonna, can't you understand that we need people like Luna to laugh at? What are we going to do when she dies? We need more messy addicts that spawned from other addicts and had their lives ruined from the beginning to observe.

No. 10676

And that's why you don't trust right wingers. They start with "sensible" rebuttals that always consist of hyperboles, whataboutism and strawmen carefully hiding the complex nuance of the entire issue, then suddenly they're blaming women for being raped, calling for the gassing of gay people and banning of abortion.

No. 10679

Ma'am, respectfully, I don' give a fuck about you or your parents nor did I paint a specific picture being the end result of an unplanned pregnancy. The point is, there is no guarantee that there is some little happy ending in store. If there is a woman who is self-aware enough to know that pregnancy at a certain point and time is not for her, and has enough pragmatism to go through with an abortion that is a win for the world. Could it end in a happily ever after? Could it end with being the progeny of some druggie parents? Maybe some emotionally abusive parents? I don't give a fuck. Although assuming your blog is true, that would explain further why you get your panties in a twist about abortion kek."Waaaaahh what if I was aborted??"

But looks like the pseudorad tradthot-chan(s) in this thread think abortion needs to be de-emphasized, probably because of the neuroses associated with the ideology they came from but also because men bad and thus we need to stop casually fucking them and only choose the worthy to have missionary sex with while we are ovulating to produce a (hopefully) girl child? This is honestly so adorable. It really reads like a confused and sad tradthot who got her heart broke by some retarded groyper, and now she's lashing out and joining the radfems for a temporary misandrist phase kek.

Idk if other nonnies feel this way, but if you are going to have the mentality of men-bad-full-stop, then it only makes sense for full separatism or bust with the next-gen of humans being made with sperm banks kek. Stuff like what the sperg(s) are doing in this thread is the stupidest fucking copium method disguised as girlpower. These dumb hoes want you to do the same old shit, but instead of approaching it with reasonable caution and advocating for safeguards in society (i.e. birth control, all forms of it, and abortions), they instead approach it very clinically (reeeee don't have non-pocreative sex with men!) and use the same fear-mongering talking points as the average idiot against it, "I think it should be for rape victims BUT….[reeeees about sluts and whores and not taking responsibility]"

No. 10681

File: 1677202382485.png (510.27 KB, 930x762, say sike.png)

No. 10687

File: 1677205605743.jpg (45.12 KB, 634x405, article-2073525-0F28D052000005…)

So I'm an oldfag, and in my life I have seen a lot of well meaning feminists fall down the RW/Neo-nazi extremist pipe-line, it happened more then you'd expect in the punk community
because no matter what happened it always went to the "Jews" whether it was porn, objectification of women in Hollywood, or even just plain obesity, even if they didn't become racist or weren't white themselves they would still be vehemently anti-Semitic, the detractors of this have a right to be concerned, no one is immune to political propaganda

No. 10689

not that nona but I get most horny right before onset of menstruation… I'm not on birth control either…

No. 10690

look at this retard that doesn't understand the kit backlog and actually is stupid enough to trust the powers that be.

No. 10699

>white women love to
ah there it is, the classic
>"if i put 'white' in front of 'women' they won't think i sound like a misogynist"

No. 10702

Those people are looking for a cause and an identity to fill the perpetual void they have in their lives, so they latch on to any ideology that evokes a lot of emotions. In the case on feminists to RW/Neo-nazi pipeline, like >>10679 described it's often women who haven't actually realized the grooming and conditioning they have been subjected to all their lives and are just lashing out at mostly other women for not being picked during their feminism phase, then proceed to be a full on nationalist tradthot writing think pieces how they grew out of the toxic misandrist feminist cult and now appreciate the nuclear family and birthing white kids to their white Nigel who chivalrously wants to protect them from all the raping and pillaging "rapefugees". Even if that "protecting" is just sperging about how evil feminists want to ruin the western society and women should be put in breeding farms to be controlled.

No. 10704

You're missing that the left at this point holds white women in contempt and this is a major driving force of women embracing right wing ideology. It's a mistake that has been made in the past and will no doubt be repeated in the future. The left is always looking for the next oppressed group of the week and by doing this they often discard the people that they formerly supported.

This can be seen all over America and Europe. Right wing populism is the politics of the working class in Europe because left wing parties prioritize the needs of immigrants over the native population. Even gays and lesbians are voting for conservative parties because they either see the threat posed to them by islam or because they do not support encouraging children to troon out.

It's also worth noting that in Europe many right wing parties are led by women.

No. 10705

>Right wing populism is the politics of the working class in Europe because left wing parties prioritize the needs of immigrants over the native population.
Do you hear yourself? Populism the oversimplification of a complex issue and offering quick fixes to it in order to grow your appeal amongst the masses. I.e. Right wing parties accusing "le leftists" of ruining their country with refugees and "prioritizing the needs of immigrants" to make the left look like a bunch of treasonous cucks who don't care about their issues while in actuality the left has calculated these risks into their actions and are looking for a humane middle ground. For example people keep reeing about social security and how their hard earned tax money shouldn't go into fixing other peoples' problems while not considering at all the fact that giving underprivileged people stable lives financially and a roof over their heads prevents more severe consequences like the crimes or dangerous lifestyle they would resort to if they had no other way to fulfill their basic needs. The right would just rather have them gathered up and be shot because they want a quick fix with instant results and a top-down model where the privileged class never has to compromise. Scroll up and see that one anon saying that "druggies should just deal with the consequences" because abortion makes them uncomfortable they would rather have them birth a child into a desperate situation where they had no chance of growing up stable and healthy. That's how right wing ideologies work, god help you if you ever lose your privilege (like health or finances) due to circumstances out of your control, they won't help you out.

Also I don't care that many right wing parties are led by women. Despite spazzing out about leftists using token representation it's a calculated strategic move to make a tradthot your public avatar because it allows you to deflect all criticism of misogyny and puppetry by claiming "would a sexist party have a female leader??" and "so you think women can't be leaders on their own huh???".

No. 10706

Neo-nazis convince people by pointing out some things that are true, and interpreting them in an almost entirely wrong way that aligns with their own values, reaching entirely wrong conclusions, and making it out to be a reptilian Jewish conspiracy or whatever the fuck those nuts think. After you bite the initial bait, it's just a slippery slope. Those people are experts at cherrypicking the right information to make you fall for their whole ideology. And they are everywhere (Stormfront started to infiltrate 4chan as early as 2010; now their ideas are mainstream on YouTube).

No. 10707

>the left the left the left
NTA but it sounds like what you're complaining about is actually just centrist capitalists like the Democrats in the US. Those are the ones who push for uncontrolled immigration because it benefits rich people if they can pay those immigrants less, and they obviously don't give a shit about the locals suffering the consequences as well (the more angry those locals are at the immigrants the better because it's a distraction). They are the ones enforcing tranny ideology everywhere and accusing the average white working-class person of everything that is evil. That's not the actual left, it's just the "left" of mainstream politics, a lot of people conflate them with actual left-wing politics (also a calculated distraction).
>It's also worth noting that in Europe many right wing parties are led by women.
Doesn't mean much considering that it's obvious as fuck that those women are promoting an ideology that goes against their own interests (which a lot of people in general do, that's how propaganda works)

No. 10711

like >>10706 stated, the fact is that extreme RW types do point out one objective fact that most people are a bit "iffy" to acknowledge, cause of its nature and associations, that is the presence of Jews leading certain industries and especially a lot of social movements and media
and we can't simply ignore it and say its false because it does give the RW's power but we have to acknowledge without devolving into anti-Semitism, I have many Jewish comrades who have talked about it and even they get worried about the implications if left ignored, there is a rational explanation, the reason for Jewish overrepresentation in a lot of industries is that those industries were considered "dirty", like film, porn, comic books, record music, etc., and the less respected academic disciplines (at the time) like psychology and sexology and the rest was pure nepotism, so its not some grand Jewish conspiracy but its something that should be acknowledged without accusations or devolving into anti-Semitism

No. 10712

It's also funny how anti-Semites fail to address overrepresentation of other ethnic groups in different countries or industries. Or how this supposed Jewish conspiracy for world domination doesn't reach many, if any coutries outside of the western/first world.

No. 10713

>Populism the oversimplification of a complex issue and offering quick fixes to it in order to grow your appeal amongst the masses
That's exactly what it is and why it resonates. Populist parties offer a quick solution to problems that are ignored by the left and mainstream parties. It's unlikely that these parties would be able to deliver on their claims but the fact that they acknowledge and openly speak about issues that other parties don't, is enough to make them appeal to voters.

>the left has calculated these risks into their actions and are looking for a humane middle ground

Do we live in the same reality? The left is both hysterical and incompetent. There is no middle ground with the left and that is the problem. You either support everything the left does or you are a right wing bigot.

You are assuming that I'm right wing and I'm not. All I'm doing is stating the issues with the current left and why there is increasing amounts of right wing sentiment in both America and Europe. If the left was addressing these issues then there would be no right wing resurgence.

I agree. For lack of a better term I am using "the left" to describe mainstream left parties such as the democrats. It's already been discussed in this thread that the terms "left" and "right" don't have their original meanings and both sides in mainstream politics would be better described as globalism, oligarchy or neo-conservatism. I also agree that it's a distraction. The elites were terrified by the unity of Occupy Wall Street and have sought to infect mainstream politics with division which has been successful.

No. 10716

Exactly, there's even a term for this "the mercantile minority" for e.g The Chinese in South East Asia are vastly over represented in every field, the economy, academia, banks and the media, like the Chinese in the Philippines are only 1.2% of the population yet make up more then 50% of the upper class in the Philippines
in my country the muhajirs make up less then 7% of the population yet dominate academia, business, the banks and have a disproportionate role in politics as well

the reason for this is simple, the vast majority of Pakistani's were illiterate farmers, while the muhajirs were urban city folk usually from the middle class, as the country developed due to their getting their first and nepotism the muhajirs now run the country
its the same thing with Jewish people
By your Logic Stalin, Castro, Nassir were all secretly "right wing" cause they used populism frequently

No. 10718

Schoolgirls protesting in Dover as four Afghan teenage boys "refugees" whom just arrived at their school raped a girl.

Far-right moidish propaganda, according to some people here.

I could quote dozens and dozens more appalling cases since my last post here.

In France, an immigrant assaulted a 13yo girl on the street and forced her to perform sexual acts, he only served eleven MONTHS in jail.

I work closely with a certain media outlet so I'm confronted to this every single day and not a single soul in the police, justice, media, politics, etc. can ignore this "trend". It's depressing to be so powerless against all of this, and worse, seeing so many people arguing in its favour.

And the retarded RW claim that it's mostly women who promote immigration is absolutely wrong.

No. 10719

I'm usually pretty appreciative of people who aren't over the top degen coomers but declaring that sex should only be procreative and not understanding why anyone gives into such urges is the most out of touch shit I have ever read on here. Also it's weird because we all know that lesbians don't have to fuck a man to have kids, there are other means, so sex isn't even needed for procreation. As a catholic I find this rhetoric familiar. I continue to be convinced this is tradcath psyops to either destroy or coopt radical feminism.

No. 10721

not suprised, those inbred moids a nuisance ever here in Pakistan
some of those bastards abandoned their own sons and daughters and basically sold them to get raped

now I'm not a RWer, I am a progressive socialist but the liberal parties in the west have to decide whether their self handicap morals are above actual material harm that is being caused by migrants and pointless wokeism or just choose ignore it, demean anyone who opposes them, cause this will hurt them politically in the long run

No. 10736

>If there is a woman who is self-aware enough to know that pregnancy at a certain point and time is not for her,

Then she would simply not have sex! Glad you were able to come to a more reasonable conclusion and didn’t waste your time writing out a whole novel that no one’s gonna read

No. 10737


If you think it’s scrotish for someone to say “get a rape kit done” then you clearly have never met a man because he would influence you to do the opposite, so

Anyways the backlog is because detectives and attorneys make the case that DNA evidence is not required, OR because they simply can’t detain the man and get him to provide a sperm sample. They don’t have some semen database where they test it and it comes back with their name or some shit, they have to get the moid and force him to provide a sample in order to complete it which is also a huge reason why so many peoples crime DNA kits have sat idle. Not only that, but…it’s also only like 100k out of the millions that are probably done monthly. So in reality, if your rape kit “goes missing” or doesn’t receive testing it’s either because you haven’t filed a report with the police, which will allow you to a order a subpoena to have the rape kit completed with the attackers sample, OR your legal team is so shitty they think they can win the case without DNA evidence which definitely isn’t true in every case.

Anyways, nothing that I’ve said has been unrealistic
>Don’t have sex if you don’t want a baby
>Don’t have sex with men you don’t want to have a baby with
>Get a rape kit done if you’re victimized in that way
>Male on female sex exists solely for procreation
These are all just facts and if that really presses you, then maybe it’s time to take your head out of the computer, blow out the flames on those 32nd birthday candles, and grow the fuck up into an adult who is vigilant about their behavior and takes responsibility for everything that happens in their life.(Happy 32nd Birthday, nonna.)

No. 10746

File: 1677257024501.jpg (108.67 KB, 559x691, De8NvjpVQAEdKhl.jpg)

So I'm curious about your opinions on this, do you believe a state has a responsivity to make its people in strong, like through mandatory physical fitness and promotion of moralistic values
I have actually seen a lot of people split upon and claim its automatic fascism, but I personally don't see it that way, men and women need rules and guidelines to evolve
without them we have fat and lazy and weaklings who can't look after themselves or others

No. 10748

so long as it's married to other areas, such as doctors no longer brushing off female patients and all slop-tier food getting removed from stores, I think it could work if done right.
not going to make much difference if the medical industrial complex continues to not bother to understand the female body's health needs and there's soy/corn syrup/added sugar/gluten/seed oils/"flavoring" in our foods. you can run a mile but if what's legally allowed on the shelves to fuel the body is engineered slop then you're prompting a populace to run themselves into the ground.

No. 10753

>mandatory physical fitness
If you mean making physical education important coupled with promoting healthy diets and removing junk food (which is largely a product of capitalism*), and not literally requiring everyone to be fit or else they'll be shot, yes, promoting a healthy lifestyle is a very good thing for society as well as individuals (no, not just because they become "weak" but also because it affects their quality of life).
I don't know what you mean by "moralistic values" but in my opinion we need to promote certain morals to protect certain groups of people from other groups of people, like protecting women from men, by, for example, stigmatizing the objectification of women. We do need some kind of morality to maintain social order and peace, and of course to protect those who need it. Without "moralistic values" pedophilia wouldn't be treated as a big deal even though it hurts children. Morals are not inherently authoritarian or reactionary.
No idea why you posted in this thread and not in the left-wing one though. Those things by themselves have nothing to do with fascism, authoritarianism, nationalism or right-wing values.

*Fascism and right-wing ideologies are capitalist. Junk food is also not the only consequence of it that would happen in such systems, not by far. Women would also be treated as property, perhaps even more than now.

No. 10754

It’s up to individual personhood and personal incentive to become strong and healthy but no government should ever encourage fatass behavior the way the US government does

No. 10758

I believe the state has a responsibility to provide adequate physical outlets for its people. Public gyms should be numerous, free to use, and meticulously maintained. Voluntary community service programs should be made available, communicated to residents, and compensated for. Public meeting spots should have breakfast/etc. events where members of the community can come together to prepare, serve, and eat healthful food. Programs that promote health and give people something productive to do with their bodies should be readily available in any community that demands payment from its people (taxes, HOA fees, etc.) We pay taxes and other fees to live in places, and yet most of us receive few public services in return.

No. 10760

>No idea why you posted in this thread and not in the left-wing one though.
Because going to gym is fat phobia, lifting weights is literally killing POC and anyone that goes on a diet is literally emulating Hitler.

To be fair to Americans, what their government does to them in regards to the availability of healthy food should be considered a crime against humanity. Everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and socioeconomic status should have access to affordable unprocessed natural food.

No. 10770

I like the idea of mandatory PE for all years of school and not just walking the track/sitting outside but weightlifting, HIIT, and sports. I would even go further and require intramural sports games and training for all students in middle and high school. I also think we should go back to cooking from scratch in the cafeterias, now its all from a can, freezer, or in a bag. The kids can take an elective to help prep and cook in the kitchen. Cooking simple healthy meals should be taught in school. Everyone should know how to cook chicken/beef/fish/pork and cook vegetables even if its throwing it on a pan and baking it.

No. 10771

You sound like one of the nerds who ran the whole mile in PE. Yawn

No. 10786

If you force it then there will always be contrarians who push against it just for rebellion's sake. Imagine if obesity became the new punk rock, the new bourgeois countercultural statement. Gross.

No. 10789

obesity is already pushed by the mainstream and is unnatural asf and fundemtally disgusting

No. 10800

How is it? I mean in the real world, outside twitter. I see lots of mainstream examples of the opposite.

I guess the main promotion of obesity I do see is glorifying ridiculous work schedules like 996, which leaves no room for health, and the global spread of abhorrent American-style sprawling badly planned unvegetated medium density residential areas with their hostility towards cycling, public transport and pedestrians. Everyone seems to happy to be forced to rely on a car but the Oxford attempt to dissuade people from that has been met with a big backlash, understably because of how they're enforcing it.

Hence my point: forcing people to not be lazy produces backlash that could be avoided by instead making it easier to fit the desired behaviour in the average working person's lifestyle. If you forced people to exercise then you'd get some Jordan Peterson equivalent idiot encouraging resistance and you'd have a bunch of Don't Tread on Me tards loudly celebrating bacon and beer bellies and there you go, obesity glorified. If you make it easy, the trend of fatness reverses naturally, the extra lazy stragglees stick out more because they become rarer, the stigma enforces itself.

The reason successful empires like the US use propaganda and subterfuge instead of handing down direct transparent decrees is because when you aren't subtle in influencing behaviour, people act like teenagers being told what to do. Tard wrangling is an art.

No. 10801

doesn't what you said make more sense for why the state should promote physical wellness, people can't be left to themselves

No. 10805

Nta but how is wanting kids to be fed healthy food and get taught to exercise a nerdy thing? Nerds are usually the ones who sit and do nothing, that's why they're usually either fat or at least skinnyfat.

No. 10806

What are you taking about

No. 10812

Deport all Muslim men and do not let others immigrate.

No. 10813

what about Muslim women?

No. 10814

>some of those bastards abandoned their own sons and daughters and basically sold them to get raped
Afghanistan has the most fucked-up 'culture' in the modern world, maybe outside of North Korea. They marry and have sex with little girls, they use little boys as child prostitutes (look up 'bacha bazi'), a woman is not a human being, they execute people for 'immoral' acts.

No. 10815

I specifically said men.

No. 10816

good. I've seen right wing "feminists" say they would also want to deport Muslim women which literally goes against feminism.

No. 10818

you don't have to tell me, I am aware of this
one of my cousins was almost kidnapped by pashtuns and another time a group of men were whistling(not at me who was wearing a veil) but ay my then prepubescent brother
there's an afghan saying that translated too "women are for babies, boys are for pleasure" and that's the mentality

No. 10819

Nta but you're right. Hating on a random group of women for what their man has done isn't feminism and hating Muslim women randomly is usually out of racism.

No. 10860

File: 1677438290011.jpg (135.63 KB, 1600x1005, mary-daly.jpg)

I remember a quote from I think Mary Daly who talked about this (specifically in reference to communist feminists) and in her opinion neither the state nor any governing body should ever have authority over another human being, even if the governing body is made up of only other women. it would still be wrong and lead to oppression,
like what gives you the right to decide what is wrong or not and to impose your will on others

No. 10883

No. 10887

My friend sucessfully launched a new local right wing feminist group. I gave a small lecture about the meaning of being a woman and the necessity of protecting our own against troons, immigration-related problems (I do think most immigrants are decent people but the culture clash can be a bit overwhelming) and hypersexualized culture. An older woman came to me and asked to share her domestic violence story next time. I hope we'll be able to do nice things, not only for white straight women but for immigrant and non-straight women too. Also I called out my country's feminist icon as a pedophile.

No. 10893

good job making your feminism only about straight white women, nonna, I hope lesbians being raped doesn't bother you.

No. 10902

>for immigrant and non-straight women too.
Nta but did you read the entire post before replying?

No. 10905

This is what people mean when they say that radical feminism was/is always a Neo-liberal ideology, it doesn't exist outside high academia

No. 10916

Stop with the turd gaslighting you bozo.

No. 10921

Yeah, that doesn't make it better. If you care about achieving anything, you do things WITH immigrant and non white women, not FOR them.

No. 10934

you make the white straight women protagonists and whoever else comes second with no intention of working with them, you'll get a tradthot meetup where everything else is secondary but the needs of white straight women, then you will have shit like >>10658 and what >>10673 experienced because they will say things that make sense for XX only until it's conservative drivel and bullshit.

No. 10937

NTN you're responding to but can someone please walk me through this? I want to understand.

No. 10938

I'm not the nona you're all responding to that made her post but sorry, this kind of reaction just sounds unhinged.

No. 10941

Wait I think I know exactly which group you are referring to… I won't say too much here, but godspeed nonnie.

No. 10945

Most of the political movements formed in the 20th century with advocacy for the marginalized as their core principles are based in Marxist political thought. It's literally just Marxist philosophy applied to identity instead of class, and sex equality was one of Marx's planks.

Feminism and right-wing ideology are diametrically opposed. The hostility the left has for women isn't engrained in its political thought; it's just a bunch of retarded scrotes using empowerment as a false pretense to exploit women. Remove the scrotes from the political left and you have core principles that align with women's rights. Remove the scrotes from the right and you're still left with an ideology that fundamentally hurts women.

Also this thread and the other faggoty recently-made threads (former Radfems for instance) were probably created by Blaine or some other scrote trying to gay-op us.

No. 10948

Marxism seems anachronistic in many ways.
If what we call right-wing feminism exists today, it is because it has a reason to exist.

The contemporary left not only denies the very existence of women, but also promotes the importation of millions of males from all over the world under humanitarian pretexts and at the expense of the women of the host country as an absolute necessity.

In the face of these two movements combined, and other things, many women now claim to be right-wing, while being feminists (even if some claim, through ignorance and pickmeism, to be anti-feminists - I'm not even talking about the religious ones, that's another level of subservience to moids).

In my case, I don't identify with what many so-called right-wing moids say, especially on the internet. I don't even know if I'm really right-wing, in fact. It's not something I'm deeply interested in; what I see is that this divide is shifting, and that within the two camps there are sometimes viscerally opposed groups. In any case, it is clear is that the "left" in its almost totality nowadays is anathema to those who express what I said above, while in certain circles on the right, all or part of this discourse is audible.

Of course, other parts of the right, most of them in fact, take a frontal position of total opposition to feminism as such. And I oppose them just as much. But the point of right-wing feminism is precisely to cement feminist ideals permanently in opposition to the ravings of today's left, and to offer politically errant women a place to discuss away from the omertas of leftism.

It may sound silly to those who are versed in political ideology, but I indeed think that some right-wing feminists, myself included, are more in opposition to the left than out of any real right-wing convictions, although there are some actual right-wingers too. I also tend to believe that you can't be a "traditional" right-winger and a feminist, in fact it seems totally obvious now that I write it. Although I have also heard that some feminists and suffragettes of the last century became fascists; fascism which itself claimed revolutionary and socialist aspects of the left… but that would take the discussion a bit too far and I don't have enough knowledge to go deeper.

I hope that wasn't too muddled.

tl;dr i'm struggling with the whole left and right thing nowadays but the left appears overall more insane and hostile

No. 10955

despite all the talk about "radicalism" and how radfems are so more actives then libfems, at the end of the day radfems will stope vote democrat and never do anything that actually disturbs the neo-liberal status quo other then write some books

No. 10957

The issue with that statement is that "successful" leftist movements didn't use Marxism, they either heavily modified it or used Marxist Leninism or Maoism and that was a thing
you have to alter your ideology regarding your environment, its basic facts

No. 10958

That's why I said the principles were based in Marxist thought. They're an extrapolation. Pretty much all real world applications of Marxism have been.

>promotes the importation of millions of males from all over the world under humanitarian pretexts and at the expense of the women of the host country as an absolute necessity.

If you're buying into this moral panic, congratulations, you've been played like a fiddle by increasingly extreme populist movements. I don't know if you're a burgerfag or not, but let me tell you how that thinking played out in the United States: An aggressively paternalistic view was taken of white women under the false pretense of "protecting" them from the supposed risk posed by nonwhite rapists. This was a false pretense, of course; the moids screaming about it had zero intention of making any systemic changes to meaningfully protect women from rape. They just wanted to find a way to vilify men of color (while also treating white women collectively as the "property" of white men.) The result? A bunch of innocent men of color lost their lives or were imprisoned while actual rapists walked free because they were white.

We're seeing the same thing play out in Sweden and Germany. It took Germany, the country that basically legalized sex trafficking, until 2016 to prosecute rapes that doesn't involve use of force. The law was clearly passed not as an acknowledgment of flaws in the legal system, but in response to the "immigrant rape gang" moral panic. They'll pass whatever law makes it easier to persecute brown people, regardless of whether it actually helps women. If they really cared about women, they'd roll back their retarded decision to "legalize" prostitution.

There's a reason MENA families send their young adult sons first, and it's not just because militants target and recruit young men. Family reunification policies and smuggling networks are set up in such a way that the safest course of action is for the sons to come first, then bring everyone else along through more conventional means once they're established in the new country. A lot of immigration policy is tied up in whether dependent migrants can be supported financially by an existing resident. To all the anons wondering why they don't just turn away all the males and accept women and children only: that's why. Many of the women in these families have ostensibly been housebound their entire lives, making it considerably more difficult for them to create careers for themselves in destination countries. This is before you factor in the fact that smugglers are notorious for sexually assaulting women they transport, and also that migrant women from MENA are way, way more likely to be sexually assaulted than their white counterparts.

A female refugee is way more likely to escape a dangerous situation in her home country if she has someone financially stable to live with in whichever country she's moving to. This crusade on behalf of white women willfully ignores that. You're prioritizing the moral panic of paternalistic white men over the safety and lives of actual women and children of color.

I hate trannies. I hate the normalization of porn and "sex work." I hate creepy soymen who pose as "feminists" or "allies." But I hate the damage right-wing political thought has done to the world so, so much more. I'm appalled by what they've done to the environment, to abortion rights, to democracy, and to women of color. I'm sorry, but I'm just not willing to sacrifice those things over my dislike of trannies and porn.

No. 10960

nta but why are you so willing to defend the religion of the arab pedophile above all else, no one is saying this towards Christian Arabs and Asian refuges but specifically Muslims, why do you think that's the case
>But I hate the damage right-wing political thought has done to the world so, so much more. I'm appalled by what they've done to the environment, to abortion rights, to democracy, and to women of color. I'm sorry, but I'm just not willing to sacrifice those things over my dislike of trannies and porn.
you are an ignorant person, neo-liberalism allowed Jihadists to take over large fractions of my country, it was what some might call "right wing" military dictatorship of my country to put those rebellion down and I asked you this question before but do you anything about the world other then what was written by Judith butler, like can you name a country in the middle east and describe the ethnic groups and the political issues its facing

No. 10967

To me it just sounds like you care more about PoC than anything else.

No. 10968

>how that thinking played out in the United States
Not relevant to current events in Europe. The racial dynamics of the US are extremely complex and do not apply to Europe where slavery was banned in the majority of countries in the medieval period.

>legalized sex trafficking

While abhorrent the legalised sex trade in countries such as Germany is not related to muslim men raping women in the street. Muslim men raping women and children is something that happens in countries without a legal sex industry.

>"immigrant rape gang" moral panic

A moral panic against something that is actually happening? Muslim men are raping European women and children, this is a fact and people are rightly angry about it. Your contempt for women and your attempts to dismiss what is a very real issue for political points is vile.

>But I hate the damage right-wing political thought has done to the world so, so much more

And by dismissing the very real concerns of women you are furthering the ascent of the right. If the left will not do anything or even acknowledge that muslim men are raping European women, women will continue to look to the right. You honestly either sound underage with zero real world experience or are mentally ill.

No. 10977

File: 1677692004864.jpg (105.77 KB, 862x486, thumbs_b_c_34ea28fe2b23abbe86c…)

The fact is politics require practicalism, you can't have credible base while only appealing to alien minorities and the few wokies(no matter how much they persist in academia) who support them
The best example of this would be Turkey
Erdoğan has been in power for a decade and not one liberal party was ever able to oppose him, they either focused on trivial issues(slut walk and gay and troon rights) or fundamentally disagreed with each other(kurdish autonomy and what to do with afghan and arab reggaes) and now the only people left opposing him are the nationalist party in Turkey, that allied with smaller nationalist parties and even some centrist parties and they probably have the best chance of winning

The thing is this "right wing" nationalist party runs on platform supporting women rights(opposing arab, pakistan and afghan misogyny further corrupting Turkey) and religious tolerance(to oppose Edrogan's) that's how arbitrary terms like left and right are

No. 10978

Imagine my shock when I saw Meral on lolcow homepage.
Anyway, erdogans strategy is simply appealing to poor uneducated people and helping them earn nearly as much as people with higher education. He's literally a leftist and the fact that %60+ people in our country earn minwage and even the ones who earn more live in very similar conditions just prove that.
He's also against nationalism, he says he's Georgian before he is Turk. So yeah, although he claims to be rightist and traditionalist, he's an anti-nationalist leftist who praises Arabic values knowing full well arabs hate us.

No. 10980

This is what I mean, concepts like left and right are very arbitrary at times, especially nowadays
The Major "left wing" liberal party in my country is basically a bunch of business owners and exploiters who ruined the economy, the Islamist supports healthcare and public housing and all the socialist parties are actually ethno-nationalist but also have socialist economic policies

with regards to most Islamists they cannot be classified as "nationalist" like in other nations of Europe, Africa and Asia, cause if you are a true Muslim you believe in the concept of a global ummah, you believe that Arabic is God's perfect language and the perfect society was 7th century Arabia

No. 10981

>There's a reason MENA families send their young adult sons first, and it's not just because militants target and recruit young men. Family reunification policies and smuggling networks are set up in such a way that the safest course of action is for the sons to come first, then bring everyone else along through more conventional means once they're established in the new country. A lot of immigration policy is tied up in whether dependent migrants can be supported financially by an existing resident. To all the anons wondering why they don't just turn away all the males and accept women and children only: that's why. Many of the women in these families have ostensibly been housebound their entire lives, making it considerably more difficult for them to create careers for themselves in destination countries. This is before you factor in the fact that smugglers are notorious for sexually assaulting women they transport, and also that migrant women from MENA are way, way more likely to be sexually assaulted than their white counterparts.
These are some great points and explain why women and children aren't being allowed rather than men, thank you anon. It is bizarre how this whole debate seems to pretend only European women get assaulted by scrotes.

No. 10982

ntayrt but um we def had slavery in the UK much more recently than medieval times and I would guess most of western europe was similar. Like still happened in the last couple hundred years. Mostly children and poor people in the UK but we had plenty of plantations in the carribean etc.

No. 10995

I'm differentiating between chattel slavery and indentured servitude. Serfdom is also not chattel slavery. The feudal system in medieval Europe is an entirely different topic.

Bans on chattel slavery started in Europe as early as 922 when the selling of Catholic Church banned the sale of Catholic slaves, the trade of slaves was banned in England in 1102 and 1315 in France, Louis X declared that any slave that set foot in France was to be freed. The exception to this was in Eastern Europe where Christian slaves were taken for the arab slave trade and in Spain where prior to the Reconquista, Muslims and Christians frequently captured each other to be used as slaves.

>we had plenty of plantations in the carribean etc.

Chattel slavery still happened in European colonies, I'm not in any way denying that. My point is that racial relations in mainland Europe are not comparable the US because chattel slavery of Africans was never a wide spread practice as it was in the US.

No. 11040

>erdogans strategy is simply appealing to poor uneducated people and helping them earn nearly as much as people with higher education
That's not a "leftist" description that's a description of a populist. Populists can be of any political persuasion; "left" and "right". Assuming what is leftist and right leaning is dependent on your country entirely, there is no universal definition of left wing and right wing, additionally many parties may be leftist on social issues but conservative on economic policy. In my country the "leftist" party is progressively pseudo-anti immigration neoliberalism, while the right leaning one is pro immigration, aggressively fiscally obsessed neoliberalism.

Very often this is the case for most EU countries as well with some outlier countries with unstable, shit house politics completely taken over by populism like Italy, Poland and Turkey.

No. 11042

Leftist means communist, rightist means capitalist. You can be leftist and conservative and vice versa, leftist or rightist aren't cultural terms, they're used to define economic values.

No. 11043

That would make the Democrat party in America right wing and the National Socialist Party left wing.

No. 11044

Of course you hate poor people, it's always like this with you right wingers.

No. 11045

>Anyway, erdogans strategy is simply appealing to poor uneducated people and helping them earn nearly as much as people with higher education
Wouldn't this also apply to Trump?

No. 11046

Left and right are used to define economic standpoints, conservative and liberal are the words used for cultural views afaik.
Yeah it definitely does. Appealing to the stupid majority and telling them you'll make them richer while draining their money always seems to work.
If you pay educated people the same money as uneducated people, those educated people will leave your country, especially if the money is barely enough for basic living expenses. I don't hate poor people, instead I'm simply upset %70+ people in Turkey are poor because of the current economic situation.

No. 11052

>I don't like what he says so he is a leftist
don't rightists have another argument besides "everyone I don't like is a communist"?

No. 11058

tell me your american without saying your american

No. 11061

At no point did I advocate interventionist military actions, nor did I defend Islam. Learn to read, retard.

No. 11062

Making it so %70 people in your country earn min wage regardless of their education is communism by definition. I'm guessing you don't know what erdgoan has done but onr small example would be that he's specifically stopping the legislation of a law that'd protect women and minorities because he thinks it's against our cultural values which means men can just keep killing and abusing women just to get a few years of jail sentence and be free.
Those are the definition of those words, if I were American I wouldn't argue about turkey's politics.

No. 11063

and they wrong and outdated, right and left are genuinely a retarded american way to view politics

No. 11064

I love how you totally ignored the middle part of my post, where I explained why the system is the way it is, and how refugee women are much more likely to be sexually assaulted than the women in their destination country.

I don't disbelieve the European victims of rape involving a refugee perpetrator, because it obviously happens. However, the media gives a great deal more attention to these cases than those with non-refugee suspects and/or refugee victims, which makes it seem like it happens more than it does. There's a big difference between the rapes that get reported, the rapes that get prosecuted, and the rapes that actually happen. Which case do you think authorities and media are going to take more seriously, a woman being accosted on the street by a random refugee, or a woman being raped by her white, middle-class, christian husband? You know damn well which, and the latter kind rarely even gets reported in the first place.

Remember that across all cultures, the vast, vast majority of rapes are perpetrated by someone the victim knows personally. While it's true that Sweden and Germany have seen upticks in reported rapes, it's very important to note that these increases happened after each country expanded the legal definition of rape. To attribute that increase entirely to refugees is to confuse correlation with causation. Again, I'm not denying that it happens; I'm saying that the attention it receives is disproportionate to how common it is, and that the non-refugee rapists who already get away with it most of the time stand to benefit from the diversion it creates.

>If you disagree with me, you're underage and mentally ill!1!!!

I've recognized in political discourse a pattern of scapegoating those who can't defend themselves to distract from the crimes of the powerful. You've allowed yourself to be radicalized by right-wing scrotes peddling propaganda about the dirty browns raping helpless white women. The latter sounds a hell of a lot more like underagefaggotry to me.




No. 11066

>the media gives a great deal more attention to these cases than those with non-refugee suspects and/or refugee victims,
nta but the police and media literally hid the fact that those rapes were occurring so one would upset precious arab pedophile worshipers, no one is radicalized here is expect for you who denies reality its self

No. 11074

File: 1677826473567.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, padeira-de-aljubarrota.png)

Admittedly, i am in a curious position where i hold views that as a whole could be accurately described as being a sort of ethnonationalist feminism. And i am sure to many this will sound like a completely incompatible set of tenets to possess, i sincerely believe otherwise. Sorry for the wall of poorly punctuated text in advance, for it is early and i am about to go slaving away at the wagie camp.

For context, i hail from a small, ancient European country thas has historically been constantly the target of domineering foreign aggression from our much larger eastern neighbour. Ranging from meddling in our internal affairs to full-blown invasions, it is a small miracle that this country still exists as a formally sovereign nation even after a litany of very close calls. All one has to do to be reminded how exceptional this unlikely survival was is to look at the autonomous provinces of our neighbour, almost all that used to be their own nations with their distinct cultures and peoples. While many of them still retain their culture and people to a varying extent, all of them have been oppressed and suppressed heavily. No wonder our national culture is considered fatalistic and melancholic. An almost millenia-long existence of being forced against a wall will inevitably leave you like this.

We are also the poorest country in western Europe. The economic model of our nation is very dependent on tourism, which i consider to be the equivalent of prostitution at a national level; A dead end incentive trap mockery of an industry that solely relies on the wealthier and more powerful (typically scrotes) to take carnal pleasure in all that is dear and close to our hearts without a single worry of the locals. An economic model of pathetic servitude with no prospect of advancement and self-improvement. Further combined with a regime of high taxes and pathetic wages, our decent education system goes to a waste when all those newly graduated choose to leave for somewhere with better pay. Add to that the influx of American expats buying up all the property in the cities, causing tremendous inflation in housing prices leaving locals without adequate housing. The only way i see to end this vicious cycle is to force change via ending, or atleast severely restricting, tourism and immigration. And on immigration…

Most of the immigration comes from eastern Europe and the former colonies. None of these groups have made any real, conscious effort into adapting nor respecting our customs or way of life. While the eastern Europeans along some asian groups form their own isolated communities and rarely interract with the population at large, the groups from the former colonies are the exact opposite in this manner; They without a fail move here from whatever destitute theocratic and start mouthing off about how they are the oppressed victims of it all, and how our society has to change to accomodate them and their constantly shifting goalpost of privileges and special rights the more people give into their evergrowing demands. They have infiltrated every single leftist and feminist space in the past decade, and while the women of these groups might claim to be all for female liberation, you shouldn't be fooled; they all inevitably carry water for the hypersexual and hyperaggressive moids of their kin. Every single damn time an Ukrainian moid carjacks some poor woman and viciously beats her, an Angolan scrote viciously rapes and murders a young girl, or a Brazilian mouthbreather robs an elderly woman in her home, it's always our collective native fault for letting 'the system fail them' or 'forcing them into this situation where they have no other option but to rape and murder.' Of course when the offending scrote is one of ours, it's totally acceptable to call it what it is, an XY problem. All the talk about women's unity in the face of moids is a cruel joke, when it is blatantly obvious that it is all an infiltration movement to paralyze, cut up and eventually destroy us from all directions.

I don't see any other way forward than to continue on our own. No foreign 'feminist', ranging from the obnoxious Californian expat demanding all her woke pro-tranny, pro-porn and anti-consent insanity onto us, to the openly usurpist Brazilians and Angolans constantly backstabbing us while screaming 'racist' at the top of their lungs. While these groups are not only hostile, they also benefit moids by de-valuing native women by not only increasing competition, but giving moids alternatives to bettering themselves and playing into their racial fetishism. By getting rid of this dead weight, and forming a strong unified front against this attack against both our country and it's women, i believe we will have the leverage to force this nations moids into the negotiation table.

While many of you will inevitably think advocating for nationalism is playing into the hands of the so called 'rightoid' moids, i genuinely believe that's not the case, for scrotes as per usual haven't thought through the full consequences of enacting these ideas. Suddenly, the moids have less options and will have no option but to not only improve the societal frame of things and by extention themselves, or give up on ever having any relationship with the opposing sex. And speaking of same sex relations for men, it should be heavily cracked down upon too. Gay moids are perhaps the most disgusting, carnal and pedophilic group of moids in existence, and a scourge on women. Without other options, they will change, for their sex-drive is the only thing that will not. Of course given the opportunity, they will eventually revert to their past, hedonistic selves, but under a regime of no choice, they will bend the knee. And while all this might sound like the beginnings of an authoritarian hellscape, it doesn't have to be that way. One doesn't have to live in a tyranny to achieve societal harmony; just a unified and determined people. A castle town with high external walls but a free and flourishing town on the inside. That's what i desire.

No. 11075

honestly the failures of your government have to do with failures of neo-liberalism, Morality itself requires limitations on freedom. Any moral person necessarily renounces liberty to a greater or lesser degree.
Scrotes especially need the state to build them to be semi-decent human beings

No. 11078

Are you located in the eastern part of some western europe country that makes lots of cheese ?

No. 11081

Is your country greece?

No. 11082

File: 1677838195727.jpg (35.78 KB, 488x460, 1602907349628.jpg)

I'm not partial to commenting on the argument you're making, I'm just here to laugh at you unironically linking snopes. Godspeed anon.

No. 11085

don't use 4chan tier memes but your right, linking to snopes is beyond idiotic

No. 11086

>I love how you totally ignored the middle part of my post
Because importing rapist men is not justifiable for any reason. They not only make Europe less safe for native women, they make it less safe for any woman that is trying to escape violence in her home country.

Yazidi woman who was taken as a sex slave finds the muslim man that raped her in Canada
Former Yazidi sex slave encounters her rapist in Germany
Reminder of what these men did
Yazidi sex slave recalls how she was captured and gang raped

What these men continue to do to muslim women once allowed in Europe
12 year old girl is taken from Denmark to Pakistan for forced marriage to a 75 year old man
Muslim man threatens to rape and kill his own 14 year old daughter for having a boyfriend
Two muslim women in Spain are murdered after being sent to Pakistan to marry their cousins
900 children in Sweden have been taken back to Islamic countries for marriage and female genital mutilation

>However, the media gives a great deal more attention to these cases than those with non-refugee suspects

False. The issue of Muslim rape gangs targeting children and teenagers was ignored and intentionally covered up in the UK.

Muslim men just don't target vulnerable white children, they do it to Sikh children as well

The UK government refuses to release the report that it commissioned because it's findings were so bad

>While it's true that Sweden and Germany have seen upticks in reported rapes, it's very important to note that these increases happened after each country expanded the legal definition of rape

So rape isn't rape even when it's legally defined as rape?

>the non-refugee rapists who already get away with it most of the time

The opposite is true as is already shown by the articles above.

>If you disagree with me, you're underage and mentally ill!1!!!

Mental illness is denial of reality. The tranny thinks he's a woman, the anorexic thinks she's fat etc. You are mentally ill because you are denying the very real reality of threat posed to all women by muslim men. Failure to acknowledge threat is also a sign of mental illness.

>You've allowed yourself to be radicalized by right-wing scrotes peddling propaganda

I could make the exact same accusation of you being radicalised by the left to point that you are defending muslim men and dismissing the concerns of women on a board dedicated to feminist discussion.


Opinion discarded

No. 11087

don't bother, they genuinely don't care about other women, its about virtue signaling and being correct in her religion of neo-liberalism

No. 11091

Newfag, you do realise the userbase of this imageboard originated on /cgl/ right? And that any memes posted here that aren't twitter tier SpongeBob emojis originated there too?

No. 11092

I was thinking Slovenia.

No. 11096

I really, really appreciate your effort anon but these people are too deep in the "b-but the brown apes will rape us and based right wingers will save us from them" discourse to even consider the fact that they're being manipulated by the moids they trust so much. No matter how many studies, articles and other sources you post they will cry fake news and refuse to even look at them because it's the ultimate cope to dehumanize a certain group of people to distract yourself from facing the ugly, painful truth that you're much more likely to be raped by the conservative, misogynist scrote you know than some random refugee on the street.

No. 11097

refugee= more man
more man = more rape

No. 11100

>"b-but the brown apes will rape us and based right wingers will save us from them" discourse
It's happening daily. Acknowledging reality is not being manipulated by right wing moids.

>No matter how many studies, articles and other sources you post they will cry fake news

She posted a fucking snopes article and two others in response to numerous posts of links detailing crimes committed by muslim men

>to dehumanize a certain group of people

Refusing to acknowledge or believe women when they have been raped, denying that they were raped and dismissing their concerns is dehumanising women. It's a known tactic of abuse against women and is used to silence them.

No. 11101

Nta but why? I once heard that Snopes sometimes starts rumors for the take of writing articles disproving the them, but that's all I know.

No. 11102

Wouldn't it be a lot more effective and efficient to just mandate abortions for all male fetuses? The number of male babies born in your country is much, much greater than the number of male immigrants entering it.

No. 11103

I was thinking that sort of thing too. Like if these guys are rapists and you don't allow them to go somewhere else, they're just going to rape the women in their home country. Seems like we're just trading one set of women getting raped for another. It seems to be more of a scrote problem than a refugee problem.

No. 11110

Looks like we've circled back to the conclusion that right-wing "feminists" are mostly just racists who hate foreigners more than they care about women
oh well

No. 11111

You like foreigners more than you care about women, clearly.

No. 11112

Ntayrt but you do realize there are female foreigners, right? These scrotes are theoretically going to assault women regardless of where they are, so why do you care so much more about women in your country over women elsewhere? Does a woman being victimized matter less based on her geographic proximity to you?

Criminal justice against rapists sucks basically everywhere, but ideally, you'd want rapist moids living in/moving to whichever country has the most robust anti-rape laws and strongest enforcement. Where that is, I don't know, but I feel like it's probably not going to be a war-torn country with an unstable government.

No. 11126

I wish anons realized most of the rape victims of refugees are also refugee women or children but it seems like you really don't care about any woman unless she's white middle class and from your own country.
Being rightwing isn't about being racist and pretending your own right-wing men who have been raping your own women for decades and taking away rights to abortion so you have to birth the rape babies are somehow better than Muslim men because the God they worship is named differently.

No. 11128

Because it's spreading the problem. If every country on earth is full of muslim moids, muslim women will have no where safe to escape and it makes the women in the countries that muslim moids are immigrating to unsafe for the native women. It's already happening. Yazadi women are being threatened in Europe by the same ISIS men that enslaved and raped them, Sikh and Hindu girls are targeted for rape just like they are in South Asia. Where ever muslim men are, they will commit rape because it is condoned in the Quran and Hadith as a righteous form of jihad and is a holy act. Muslim moids read the Quran to women as they are being raped because it is an innate belief within Islam that God has given them to right to rape non-muslims and raping kafir women and children increases their chances of entering heaven.

Europe has increasingly weak laws and enforcement against men that commit violence and harm against women, so now importing men that will commit rape adds to an existing problem. Do western women lead better lives and have more rights than muslim women? Yes but that does not mean that European women deserve to be raped because they were born in Christian country. No women deserves rape.

>I wish anons realized most of the rape victims of refugees are also refugee women or children but it seems like you really don't care about
There are totally zero links or discussion in this thread about the harm muslim men do to women in their own countries and how they continue to harm immigrant women right? I don't know if you're genuinely retarded, suffering from some form of mental illness or are being disingenuous.

>because the God they worship is named differently.

Have you ever read the Quran?

No. 11132

Tell my why isn't anyone complaining about chinese, or Indian men, just Muslim men across cultures who think they have a right to tape you cause your a kafir, seriously just go any area with Arab pedophile worshippers and you'll see for your self and again this isn't your thread

No. 11133

I don't get it my self, I literally tell them the exact theology of Islam and they still say "um sweety, all religious are equally bad" and your right more "poc"(i hate that term mind you) are in danger from Muslims then anyone else, in my country alone every year there are 5000-9000 conversation marriages where Muslim men rape Christian, Sikh or Hindu girls and then force them to marry them and once you convert to Islam you aren't allowed to leave, and its not just groups of men who take part of this, the man's family, his mother, friends and community all take part in this process cause its considered a form of Jihad, to purify the land of non-Muslims

the detractors of this thread don't actually about "pocs" their religion works on the scale of supposed oppression, they don't care about Yazidis, Sikhs, Christians, Ahmmeidyah, even though they face the worst state oppression and humiliations on this planet, they genuinely believe everything liberal media tells them

No. 11135

Okay, but women give birth to moids, and people generally have the same religion as their parents. Even if you only allow women into the country, more men are going to crop up anyway with the same set of values. Muslim women also generally have more children than the average woman (2.9 vs. 2.2) which is why Islam is the fastest growing religion on Earth, and why 24% of the world population practices Islam in some capacity. Trying to keep every male adherent of a certain religion in one place is like trying to piss in one corner of a swimming pool. Trying to keep certain demographics out of your country is like that in general.

I don't know what the solution to this problem is, but trying to micromanage who goes where based on their gender or religion probably isn't realistic.

No. 11137

Probably because Indian and Chinese men tend to be better behaved at least in my country (Commonwealth). Indian and Chinese moids are far from perfect with swathes of shit that comes from their moidish cultures just like all moids, but they generally won't literally assault you on sight and permanently alter crime statistics circa 2016 onwards Syrian refugee crisis Sweden.

No. 11138

I thought it was haram for Muslim men to marry outside of Abrahamic religions. Like it's okay to marry a Jew or a Christian, but not a Hindu.

No. 11146

Isn't abuse and rape towards women extremely common in Asian countries where islam isn't common such as Korea and China? I've seen one statistics state that %70 of Korean women get physically abused by their Korean husbands but weirdly enough, none of the anons ever speak up against those men. It's as if you're justifying your racism against brown people while excusing stuff other men do because you view them as more attractive or more well behaved outdoors even though they're just as abusive indoors.

No. 11151

They are forcefully concerted and once yout converted you can't leave Islam, if your an ex-Muslims then legally you should be dead

No. 11152


No. 11154

>Muslim women also generally have more children than the average woman
Because they are forced to by men. Once women in the west and elsewhere were given rights and control over their own reproductive health, women were able to choose to have less children.

>Trying to keep certain demographics out of your country is like that in general.

We have these things called countries and borders.

>it's as if you're justifying your racism against brown people while excusing stuff other men do
Please show me where Korean men force children to undergo FGM, honor kill their own daughters and or enslave non-Koreans for sexual purposes.

No. 11155

that also has to do with culture, east asian society had something just as bad as Islam dictating life, Confucianism
even early Muslims praised Confucian's teaching and thought he was Allah's protect

No. 11156

I find it kind of funny (not in the literal sense) how the day before you posted this an Iranian scrote went and stabbed a ten year old girl and her grandmother in broad daylight in one of the busiest areas of Gothenburg. The scrote had already gone to prison once for robbing a jeweler for 2 million SEK and while he was in prison he beat up another prisoner, he was in prison for just 3 years.
And I do agree with you that immigrant women are most likely being harrassed and assaulted more than native women, but the thing is that the increase in rape isn't the only type of crime that has increased here in Sweden.


No. 11157

Female genital mutilation isn't common in Muslim countries, it's common in African countries because of their culture which isn't related to islam.
Rape, sexualization of children and distribution of cp is very common in korea. You should look up how short the sentences are for men who kill or rape girls in korea, china, japan, etc. Since you weebs love them so much, you obviously ignore cases like junko furuto a minor girl who was cruelly tortured and murdered by four men who got 4, 6 and 10 years of imprisonment only.

No. 11162

I’m pretty sure it’s Portugal.

No. 11169

File: 1677941022538.jpg (309.04 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20230305-013915__01…)

All moids are a threat to women. Bringing up EA moids doesn't make Muslim scrotes any less predatory. Is defending the religion of the Arab pedophile really the hill you want to die on?


No. 11173

File: 1677944464746.jpg (120.64 KB, 1479x398, fgmpercent.jpg)

>Female genital mutilation isn't common in Muslim countries
See image

>Since you weebs love them so much

What the fuck are you even talking about? What does this thread have to do with anime or weebs? This is unhinged.

No. 11175

Yeah all men are shit but I find it ironic anons only talk about brown men as if other men don't commit similar crimes and get away just as easily. Also the example you gave, the woman wasn't tortured for 44 days and then buried with her dead baby still in her womb unlike Junko. Getting raped for a while and being tortured for a month to get killed afterwards isn't the same.
The only countries that have documented percentages are literally in africa, retard. Female genital mutilation has nothing to do with Islam. The reason why circumcision is so common in Muslims is because Mohammad was circumcised, probably because of Jewish influence, and he's the example,female circumcision isn't written or spoken about in Islam. Male circumcision was advised because of health and hygiene conditions of that given time meanwhile the only countries that practice female circumcision do it so women have a harder time getting pleasure.

No. 11201

>The only countries that have documented percentages are literally in africa, retard
Did you fail high school math or something? You can not be so fucking stupid that you don't understand fractions.

>Female genital mutilation has nothing to do with Islam.

If it's nothing to do with Islam why is it prevalent in Muslim countries and why is it spoken of in the Hadith?

>because Mohammad was circumcised, probably because of Jewish influence

You know so little about Islam that you lack even the most basic understanding of the religion. Islam is an Abrahamic religion.

No. 11208

NTA but FGM is typically performed by women in the countries where it's most common.They've been indoctrinated to believe that it makes their daughters "cleaner" and "more marriageable."

FGM in Africa is pre-Islamic, but was exacerbated by its intersection with the Islamic principles dictating female purity. Africans were already doing it, and later used their newly adopted religion as justification. However, there are plenty of majority Muslim countries where it's uncommon, so it's not really fair to blame Islam entirely for FGM.

No. 11215

She was brutally gang raped with objects by 200 moids in broad daylight anon. This brazen attack is symptomatic of the level of predation and disdain Muslim men have for women, especially foreign women as a whole.
>W-well in my example her and her baby died after being tortured!
I can't believe you percieved this as some sort of competition when the suffering of both women at the hands of moids is disgusting regardless of outcome or circumstances. Thank God other women were there so Lara wasn't dragged away by the moids to meet the same fate as Junko. Honestly I'm assuming at this point I'm just responding to bait.

No. 11219

>Female genital mutilation isn't common in Muslim countries, it's common in African countries because of their culture which isn't related to islam.
It’s common in Malaysia and Indonesia.

No. 11230

Are you genuinely retarded? Did your Muslim dad hit you in the head one too many times? I'm not going to look at a statistic that doesn't give me a number and go, "yes that's a common practice in that country even though they obviously did t survey enough people! "
FGM has nothing to do with Islam and >>11208 is right, even though it may have been more common after Islam, Islam isn't what started it.
Malaysia and Indonesia are just two shitty third world countries and just because two shitty countries perform something doesn't mean you get to generalize the whole group. If it had to do with Islam, Turkey, Arabia, etc. would also practice is commonly but they don't. Your country's culture derives from torturing little girls sexually, don't blame it on your religion blame it on your own men.

No. 11239

File: 1678005752236.png (256.22 KB, 1280x621, Madhhab_Map3.png)

as much as I hate Islam (and I really fucking Islam and think all the retards defending arab worshippers moids should be forced to spend a week here) most muslims don't practice FGM, so >>11230 is correct(if she had been the one defending Islam throughout this thread then this would be the one thing she's been correct about)

in my country only one sect practices practices FGM cause of the hadiths they follow, Islam is divided 4 major schools/sects and in one of those sects, The Shafi'i school(in South East Asia and East Africa) practice FGM

No. 11241

I'm the anon you're accusing of being the "Islam defender" and I've only defended Islam on the fgm topic. Not all anons upthread are me.

No. 11242

This "Right wing feminism" thread being 100% about immigration and muh rapefugee strawmen really is an actual standing proof of right wing politics being centered around nothing but diverting attention away from the crimes of the rich. Let's say a right wing party stuck to their promises for once and actually deported all male refugees out. Now what? What do they have to offer? Taking away abortion rights so that only privileged women with connections can go abroad to get them? Banning topics about homosexuality from school so that a lesbian teacher mentioning "her wife" can get her fired or a kid with same sex parents has to stay quiet about her home life? Downsize public health care and schools to avoid raising of taxes so that lower income families become bankrupt and have no chance in life? Not everyone can become a doctor, lawyer or a STEM major, if everyone did their salaries would crash down as well. What exactly do you seek from right wingers that isn't making things worse for anyone who wasn't born into money or at least social capital and belongs to the ethnic and sexual majority?

No. 11244

File: 1678012740855.jpg (121.76 KB, 652x526, 714iu-flxVL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

I shouldn't have Titled this "right wing feminism" thread cause that term is dumb, right and left are very very retarded ways to view politics
The State run Economy's of Fascist Italy and Communist Yugoslavia were very similar, the Traditional Catholic Fascist aligned Dictator Francisco Franco and Cuban nationalist and Communist Fidel Castro were state allies and the When Franco died, Castro had a very long speech saying that he admired him greatly and arranged a 3 day period of mourning for him
One of the minister of Franco, Manuel Fraga(who created what would become the main right-wing party of Spain) was a personal friend of Castro as well(picrel is them playing Dominos together)

No. 11245

You can have what are considered "conservative" beliefs without actually indentifying with the party, policies, or what they currently stand for. I imagine it's the same for a lot of "progressives".
Agreed anon, they're two sides of the same coin that keeps the collective masses divided. We should all be punching up instead of sideways.

No. 11247

the fact that the mods allowed this shithole of a thread made by pakichan to stay up or the fact that he posted that questionable picture of that child… and all she got was a small ban……makes me think pakichan is part of the mod team. Because why isnt he permbanned?

No. 11248

that's wrong as well, people do have political beliefs, I just that there's not truly a right-left dichotomy

No. 11249

moids are a threat to young males too. they turn them into a moid.

No. 11250

File: 1678022066308.jpg (207.1 KB, 1042x1600, 8kqa7ba5p9151.jpg)

I'm an extreme Islam hater and I agree with you, I have brothers that I love(older less so) and I would give anything to escape to the west with my younger brother but I'm glad to know that he's safe with my family and that type of "perversion" isn't found with my family but you do see it in others and I've had friends who talked about it(these families are also the one's that usually treat women like broodmares btw), and I can't imagine any mother would ever willingly give up her young child,
as I have stated multiple times its not about race, its culture, European Governments should take initiative and help assimilate these mothers and their families, civic nationalism should be the focus, all races are equal but cultures aren't and a nation state has to enforce its own cultural identity as well as a set of moral ideals to strive for, that's what I believe in a nutshell

outside of Europe, other nations should have leaders who emphasize the positive aspects of their culture and identity and suppress the bullshit, my nation had a leader like that once, a democratically elected socialist and nationalist who did a lot of good and bad(ethnic para-military militias) and was removed by the CIA(not cause of the militias) but cause of their paranoid fear of Communism

No. 11252

> I'm not going to look at a statistic that doesn't give me a number
Did you know that percentages are equivalent to fractions?
1/10 = 10%
1/4 = 25$
2/4 = 1/2 = 50%
3/4 = 75%
10/10 = 4/4 = 2/2 = 100%
"more than half" means "over 50%"

>FGM has nothing to do with Islam

FGM predates Islam and is not a universal practice within Islam. However it is exclusively carried out in majority Islamic countries because Islam is used as justification for it's continuation. As has been stated it is mentioned in the Hadith and is practiced by certain sects within Islam. I raised the issue as an example of muslim men continuing to harm women once in Europe because muslim girls are sent back to Islamic countries for the purposes of FGM.

>was removed by the CIA
I agree that the evil actions of the CIA and other three letter agencies can not by understated. They have removed democratically elected leaders and funded terrorist groups because US neo-cons operate on the basis of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". It was done to protect US hegemony without any consideration for population within the targeted countries. Al Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS were all created by US funding.

The Chinese government recently released a paper that details what was done by the US and what the greater consequence has been
>The United States has developed a hegemonic playbook to stage "color revolutions," instigate regional disputes, and even directly launch wars under the guise of promoting democracy, freedom and human rights. Clinging to the Cold War mentality, the United States has ramped up bloc politics and stoked conflict and confrontation. It has overstretched the concept of national security, abused export controls and forced unilateral sanctions upon others. It has taken a selective approach to international law and rules, utilizing or discarding them as it sees fit, and has sought to impose rules that serve its own interests in the name of upholding a "rules-based international order."

No. 11253

Still waiting for someone to tell me what the problem with using Snopes as a source is, especially when it wasn't the only fact checker to rate the "rapefugee" shit as mostly false.

No. 11260

listen I hate Islam more then you can imagine, but other Muslim sects don't practice FGM, The Shafi'i school is a major school in africa and SEA but its not the only school
>I agree that the evil actions of the CIA and other three letter agencies can not by understated. They have removed democratically elected leaders and funded terrorist groups
The thing is the leader that the CIA removed was a horrible person, drunkard and womanized who had his political opponents jailed and framed, he won the elections "democratically" cause he had removed all competition, he did do some good in office but also set up ethnic militias for nefarious purposes, but he wasn't removed by the CIA for all the actual horrible shit he did, it was because he was a socialist and wanted to ties with the Soviet Union and China, that's it
Snopes is owned by the RAND corporation, The RAND Corporation is a “think tank” that "researches" on economics and military policies towards other countries

No. 11261

Pakichan has been ban evading for years.

No. 11265

Why is the entirety of Western Europe not "essentially never"? The graph is already just wrong

No. 11268

I have been redtexed a couple times but I've never ban evaded(plus I can't afford a VPN)

No. 11273

With Islamic immigration, we now occasionally have ads preventing against women genital mutilation on the streets…

No. 11275

some vpns are free tho, and even without that u can just switch to ur mobile data or put airplane mode on & off to change ur ip address

No. 11276

>Yeah all men are shit but I find it ironic anons only talk about brown men as if other men don't commit similar crimes

That's the thing retard, I've never heard of a woman in America being publicly raped by 200 men. So obviously, I'm going to think of the men who don't do that as better.

No. 11284

i noticed the last few years in my city we have ads in multiple languages that say along the lines of: slavery is illegal. if you are being forced to work without pay, have your passport taken from an employer, or forced to have sex for housing or employment, report it to this number

it caused me to wonder how big this is. i know it exists in all countries to varying degrees, but how many immigrants are being taken advantage of? typically it is by people of their own culture. like the Indians that scam young adults in india into thinking they will have a job or accepted to a university in Canada or elsewhere, they act as a mediator between the YA and the school or company. they move there and find out it was all a lie, and their family is out sometimes thousands of dollars. these people put a lot of trust in them and go to a new country, and get screwed over, sometimes literally.

No. 11285

No. 11286

>Obviously has never heard of Russia's exploits in WWII or literally any history prior to current year tm.
Not true, moids have done the same shit across centuries, brown, white, whatever retard colour you like.

No. 11288

nazi moids being raped by the "groids" they hate so much would be so funny kek

No. 11290

I think why it's percieved as so eggregous is as women we've come to expect it (as sad as that is) regardless of who invades during times of war. Everyone's heard of atrocities such as the rape of Nangking. It doesn't at all excuse the moids, but we've seen it time and again through history we know to be on guard. The fact public mass gang rapes can even take place while not in an active warzone where societal norms have gone out the window is a frightening prospect for the average woman.

No. 11304

Post proof that a woman in the USA has been gang raped by 100 or more white men in public before. Because you haven't so far. The fact remains that I feel safer in some countries than others because of their cultures. Sorry if you are from a shittier culture and want to protect it, I hope you escape and experience the veneer of civilization that men put on in better countries.

No. 11308

IDK exactly how many of the men actually raped her but Mary Turner was gangraped, hanged, had her still-living baby cut out of her belly and stomped to death on the ground, and was then burned alive. The smell of her burning flesh made everyone hungry so then they had a community picnic.

No. 11310

NTA but I've heard about that. Fucked up and disgusting. You could probably fill textbooks purely with the shit white moids did to these women during antebellum slavery (and that's just talking about the things they even bothered recording).
The truth is, if men want to, and you're vulnerable/unprotected, they will. No one thought American women would lose their rights to abortion, and there are parts of the US where child marriage is still legal, but I'm supposed to believe there's something special about white moids that makes all women naturally impervious to their acts of evil? Fuck off. Most rapists still walk free under most of the world's legal systems, including burgerland. The illiterate rapist Indian moid is just the rapist white moid when given free reign, and as long as people keep getting poorer and conservatives keep getting their way (with thanks to the help of brainless tradthots and some morons trying to claim their agenda is feminist ITT), they're on their way to getting it.
Before paki-chan and "NotAScrote555" reply to this and try to deflect by accusing me of thinking rapist moids should be allowed in any country, I don't give a fuck about the immigration argument. I just see this for what it is.

No. 11312

if certain races of men are inherently superior, they wouldn't be bringing their degeneracy to foreign countries. But they absolutely do. "Developed" men from everywhere openly joke about going to poor countries to predate on women and children.
Arguing back and forth about which races of men suck the least is a stupid distraction. All races of men have the capacity for evil if they think they can get away with it. The only thing that works is creating and actually enforcing harsh laws and penalties against sexual assault.

also add the brutality they inflicted upon Native American women and all other native women from colonized countries.

No. 11316

File: 1678127975306.png (205.7 KB, 640x427, scream_cat.png)

Please for the love of God, you two morons stop your race sperging

Nonna number 1) stop sperging, its obvious she's a dumb ass libfem and will never change her mind and yeah the west does have its issues, I have always admitted that

Nonna number 2) Just admit your a neo-liberal and leave this thread already

No. 11318

You are a libfem who wants to worship moids

No. 11320

>inb4 get out the thread burger
That's a really stupid way to go about things. Most of you in this thread are european and from homogeneous areas being invaded by rapefugees, right? Some of us spend our lives around many races of men and have been harassed and assaulted by all of them. Even the white ones! But since it wasn't 300 all at once I think they're just splendid now.

No. 11322

This post is just a distraction to paste over the fact that currently, some men are better than others. It's like that thought experiment about your daughter having to be watched by a stranger. Would you rather have your daughter alone in a room for an hour with a random woman off the street, or a random man? And of course everyone picks the woman because we're not stupid and know what statistics are. But then, would you rather have your daughter trapped in a room alone with a random native guy from Britain, or a random native guy from Iraq? Because we all know the answer to that too, because again, we're not too stupid to recognize statistics. But that's not a conversation that most people are ready to have.

No. 11323

Holy shit. The argument is that muslim men are worse than western men. This has nothing to do with race because Islam is a religion and not a race. Many different races have Islamic faith, just as many different races are Christian. Within South Asia alone there are many different religions, including the various sects of Islam, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. Yet only one of these religions preaches that rape of kafir women is a holy act. This has been stated multiple times in this thread.
Men = bad for women
Islam = bad for women
Men + Islam = really bad for women
The constant ad hominem and whataboutism cope so you can sycophantically garble muslim cock is completely schizo, it's like watching the LC equivalent of Barneyfag.

No. 11325

I think people are just asking for some sympathy in how different creeds of men hurt them. A "right wing" nationalist thread in a female politics board doesn't lend much comfort to anyone who isn't like you

No. 11331

nta but you still haven't given an effective counter argument, why do Punjabi Sikhs who share the exact same genetics as Punjabi Muslim men aren't involved in grooming gangs or mass rape scandals
Why have there no cases of Yazidis mass raping women in Germany

No. 11338

to be fair this is a "right wing feminism" thread so anyone who is a "right wing feminist" really just wants to hear an excuse to hate muslims more than white men because they probably choke on white cock and couldnt give less fucks about muslim women. I do agree with you though, radical islam is inherently bad for women and so is radical christianism but neither the left or the right are ready for this talk.

No. 11343

Like fucking clockwork it's the deflection game. Someone asked to see examples of white scrotes being rapist pieces of shit, they received it, and now it's back to "Y-You're all just defending muslim men!!" and trying to pretend this wasn't framed as a racial issue. Don't backtrack and pretend to be reasonable now, you tried something and failed.
>The constant ad hominem and whataboutism cope so you can sycophantically garble muslim cock is completely schizo
You're using degrading language when we're discussing male depravity because you have a hideous, tiny chode and you're malding that we collectively reject it. You will die an incel.
>it's like watching the LC equivalent of Barneyfag.
Mask off moment about being from scrotechan. "Right wing 4chan femonationalist" kekkk

No. 11345

No, "she" knows perfectly well that no one ITT they've argued with defends either Muslim or Christian rapist scrotes. Literally no one here has said "Yes, we should bring in more Muslim misogynists!".
What these people want us to do is believe that rape is okay if it's coming from white, Christian moids. This isn't a tradthot hellhole, so it won't happen, so every time, they get triggered and default to claims that we think allahu akbar moids are tolerable.

No. 11347

I really think mods should delete this thread because right wing feminism is not a thing and "tradthots"(scrotes) just want to talk about how much they hate muslims and that everyone who disagrees with it is fine with being raped.

No. 11350

I would agree if it was organic and spontaneous, only it isn't. It's brought up as a counter to stop other women talking about muslim men. All men do bad things to women and examples of this should be discussed, not used as a counter point to defend another group of men.

I think you're replying to the wrong person. I agree with you that it isn't race, which is why I brought up other religions in South Asia.

>excuse to hate muslims more than white men because they probably choke on white cock
But no one has praised or even defended white men in this thread. The point being made is that men bad, muslim men even more bad.

>Someone asked to see examples of white scrotes being rapist pieces of shit
No one has denied that they aren't. All men are capable of rape and extreme violence. Where muslim men differ from other men is that other men live either as part of a religion or in a society that has the concepts of rape and violence towards women being wrong, this doesn't exist in Islam where rape and violence against women is condoned in numerous religious texts.

>You will die an incel.

Everyone who has a different opinion than you is of course a scrote because women having different life experiences that lead to them forming different opinions is something that could never happen.

>Mask off moment about being from scrotechan

Barneyfag predates the existence of LC, he was also a lolcow. Reminder that LC was originally founded as a site to discuss cows from /cgl/ so at that time nearly all of the userbase would have been from 4chan. Also if you are not from 4chan, how do you know who Barneyfag is?


>is believe that rape is okay if it's coming from white, Christian moids.
No one has defended white Christian men in this thread.

>cries for censorship from a higher authority

No. 11354

File: 1678200233372.png (52.44 KB, 212x250, male moment.png)

No. 11396

there's no difference at all between this thread and the islam hate thread except for the occasional anti-abortion misogynist

No. 11841

File: 1678852779392.webm (11.1 MB, 480x270, K5JeGdp8FKngMzH0.webm)

repost from another thread but Julie Bindel recently appeared on GB News(British equivalent of FOX news) to promote The Lesbian Project, this along with posting articles UnHerd.com(a British conservative news outlet) is genuinely concerning, this isn't someone like posie parker whose always been a regular conservative, Julie Bindel has been a prominent lesbian radical feminist since the 70's and now she's directly working with the Right-Wing and claiming that pedos are in the lgbt community

No. 11852

Her perspective on how lesbian women were butch and sexual predators is interesting, also that she didn't feel comfortable identifying as lesbian and identified as gay instead. kek at "minor attracted moids"/pedophiles and heterosexuals sex abuser moids /"kinksters".

>claiming that pedos are in the lgbt community

I mean they are though, have you seen the troon thread on snow lel. Moids will groom children regardless of their orientation but troon moids have a reputation of doing so just like ordinary moids.

This woman seems quite based in her opinions conservative platform or no. Her opinions are anti-moid rape/strangulation anti pedophiles etc. Its no surprise that feminists would be critical of moid LGTB+ gendies and libfem spew. What's the problem with this?

No. 11853

nta, but if you can't see why a self described radical feminist going on a right-wing platform can cause actual harm, then you are incredibly naive.

No. 11858

GB News is hardly a right wing extremist news channel, it's right leaning at most. It exists because it covers stories that the BBC won't and an increasing number of people want to see the BBC die. Gay people supporting either the conservative party or other right wing parties is not new or shocking in the UK. In many parts of the country it's normal, probably because it was the conservative party that legalised gay marriage. Labour also openly supports troons and calls for more muslim immigration, both of which are a threat to LGB.

No. 11866

Something Americans/Canadians often don’t understand is that conservatives in other countries are less religious, and less likely to be homophobic.

No. 11880

Muslim man stabs his niece to death with a metal spike in honor killing
Muslim man urinates in court while screaming that French law will not stop him from beating his wife
Muslim man rapes 73yo woman
Muslim man attempts to rape 10yo boy
80 more girls schools attacked with chemical warfare in Iran
Muslim man beats woman to death
Muslim man stabs five women in Milan
Muslim man stabs woman in supermarket in front of her 3yo son
Muslim man beats wife for photographing herself without hijab
Muslim man commits multiple sex offences against children including rape
Muslim man murders his mother with a hammer

No. 11884

They're only anti-pedophiles as long as these pedophiles are in the LGBT community, if they belong to their local church they turn a blind eye and pretend to not see it.

No. 11898

Do you not think that the main demographic gender critical people should be peddling anti-troon propaganda right now to is to everyday lefties who only support trannies because they want to be nice? Imo, going on conservative platforms is a complete and utter waste of time. They already hate troons, evidence or not. This issue need to be presented as one that is politically neutral, idgaf if it's mainly lefties who support troons in the first place, i know there are some who have yet to see evidence to change their mind or are too scared to be honest about their thoughts. Also, being anti-pedo is hardly controversial to most normal people. It's only the most extreme people on both sides who turn a blind eye to it.

No. 11903

I've seen some nonas at the range, it wasn't it… owning firearm(s) is nice, training with them is better.

No. 11917

Paedophilia in the UK is rampant issue with the left, especially within Labour. Labour politicians were even involved in organaisations such as the Paedophile Information Exchange. In the 70s and 80s PIE was supported by both academics and left wing organisations, including the National Council for Civil Liberties, Gay Left and Campaign for Homosexual Equality. Today it continues with antifa protesting rallies by CSA survivors and the muslim rape gangs operating in Labour controlled areas such as Rochdale, Rotherham and Sheffield.

There have also been several sexual abuse scandals involving children's homes within Labour held council wards such as in Islington.

You are making broad statements that do not apply to the country you are talking about out of ignorance. Sexual abuse within the church happened on a large scale in Catholic countries. England has been a Protestant country with it's own church since 1537.

No. 11921

File: 1679072139551.jpg (187.71 KB, 1509x2000, 1626912277190.jpg)

The American Maoist faction on male Homosexuality

>"Homosexuality is a response – consciously or not – to a male supremacist society. Because it is a response to oppressive institutions and oppressive relationships it is not necessarily a progressive response or one that challenges the power of the monopoly capitalist…. As our relationships become unstable, people – particularly the petty bourgeoisie, which has more leisure time – scramble about in a desperate attempt to find some meaning in their lives. Today people are grasping at all kinds of straws, at exotic religious sects, mysticism, drugs, pornography, promiscuity, sex orgies, trotskyism, etc….. In posing an individual solution to the contradictions of monopoly capitalism, homosexuality is an ideology of the petty bourgeoisie, and must be clearly distinguished from proletarian ideology…. While gay people can be anti-imperialists, we feel that they cannot be Communists. To be a Communist, we must accept and welcome struggle in all facets of our lives, personal as well as political…. We feel that the best way to struggle out contradictions in our personal lives is in stable monogamous relationships between men and women based on mutual lives and respect. Because homosexuals do not carry the struggle between men and women into their most personal relationships they are not prepared, in principle, for the arduous task of class transformation

>When homosexuality is raised to a principle, when the banner of 'gay is good' is raised as a strategy for defeaing imperialism, then it becomes a reactionary force retarding the struggle of the working class and of the people as a whole….The only real liberation, the only road to real happiness for homosexuals – like all people caught in the mire and muck of bourgeois decadence – is to eliminate the reactionary, rotting system that drives them to homosexuality; and to build a new society, under the rule of the working class, that promotes working class culture and ideology…in opposition to selfishness, self-indulgence and the decadence of individualism and exploitative relations."

this is unironically true, lesbianism and hetrosexulity are the only valid forms of love

No. 11924

Women can give and take unconditional love. Men can’t. Simple as, no political rambling necessary.

No. 11940

Lesbians are homosexuals so this would apply to them too lol

No. 11944

The white scrote who spams this thread arguing how great and trustworthy white men are and pakichan should date and fuck off this website. They're both the only ones who use this thread and at this point, I'm shocked mods haven't locked it because instead of right-wing politics, this thread has turned into racebaiting competition.

No. 11971

Looks like the UK and EU governments finally reached the same conclusion as their citizens.