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File: 1586017367792.jpg (961.53 KB, 1401x1315, 00457.jpg)

No. 87873

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous narcissistic skin-walking trend-squatter who is a self-proclaimed mental health advocate. She severely shoops all of her frequently posted, same-faced modeling images despite multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Cannot handle any criticism and blocks and deletes any "haters", refusing to apologize for any of her cow antics.

> The epitome of an airhead “has-been” e-cow who has never really been anything

> Entire aesthetic/home decor lifted/skin-walked from previous roommate Tilly Dinmore (Tillywinkle/Amelia Nightmare/Demonpuff) and Audrey Kitching
> Has breast implants, botched lip-injections/fillers, botox, and is poorly liposuctioned
> Lays claim to several mental and physical illnesses including depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder, and Hashimoto’s; none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed (often throws self-pity parties on Twitter, crying about said illnesses)
> Is anti call-out culture, yet publicly calls out fans constantly
> Has unsuccessfully attempted to join communities such as emo/scene, goth, Lolita, otaku, gamer/nerd, BDSM, and table-top gaming; was a LARP thot and is a fake gamer girl
> Has penchant for "collecting" accessory friends (with rainbow hair); dubbed former friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow"
> Known to lurk, possibly post on threads
> Doesn’t shower/claims consistent dirty feet are her “brand”/wears wigs to cover dirty unfixed hair
> Claims to be “financially stable” despite constant whining about student loans/how poor she is for sympathy/money to spend on shopping trips, vacations, plastic surgery, etc.
> Known to sell sponsored items she got for free at a large markup
> Can’t be bothered to properly promote brands sponsoring her
> Didn’t address lipo for months, let fans believe weight loss/new body was due to “hard work” at gym, until video about lipo experience was posted; now offers promo codes for lipo/other plastic surgery procedures, (I.e. laser tattoo removal)
> Has a Society6 store where mugs/other merch with stolen art are sold; has been called out for it and refuses to acknowledge it


> Spray painted grandmother's old tea set heirloom shitty pastel colors

> New Swedish roommate moved in
> New boyfriend Stefan moved in, has been lurking/posting/WKing in thread
> Made fake happy video about FoTR downfall while continuing to bitch about them at any chance gotten
> Got DBZ friendship tattoo removed; claimed it was for “aesthetic” sake, while sister Madi bitchily confirmed otherwise in comments
> Made cringy Instagram stories with dolls about own traumas while subtly shading others
> Badly dyed hair patchy purple; immediately went back to pink right after Courtney went pink
> Claimed to be making a Team Rocket skit, begged for costumes; never happened; continues to scam people on Patreon
> Selling expired makeup on Depop
> Made shitty art piece that featured stolen design (Hysteria Machine)
> Endorsed scammy claw machine app; got mostly negative feedback, then removed video
> Complained about being dropped by company for being "too sexy"
> Continued to tweet, complain about being severely depressed
> Tried to sell busted trashworthy boots for huge markup on Depop
> Commissioned $5,000+ pink stove while continuing to complain about student loans; haphazardly spray painted around it
> Has been posting poorly slapped together uninteresting videos on YouTube with overly saturated ads on them for money
> Listed severely overpriced multiple horribly done new paintings and overpriced prints


> Turned 30, roommate Phi moved out

> Did ex-boyfriend tag video, had ex-fiancé Davey Suicide shade former FotR friends despite asking people to stop asking about them; deleted old ex-bf tag video with him
> Deleted/privated all videos featuring former friends, sanded down/painted over portraits she did of them
> Posted ads looking for new roommate, severely overcharging for one room ($1,260)
> Posted ads on AirBnB, rents out bunk beds in apartment for $270/night
> Rents apartment out for shoots on Giggster for $125/hour with a 4 hour minimum
> Has a new greasy suck-up fanboy boyfriend, Stefan
> Has been hanging out with/sticking up for serial cheater Leo Camacho/Leo Zombie
> Tweeted essentially telling people to buy a home instead of pay for college; got lots of backlash for it
> Posted (horrible) severely shopped photoshoot photos on Instagram, blurring botched stomach
> Continues to wear wigs, is beginning to bald
> Built an obnoxious pillow fort with boyfriend in parking lot of apartment building; hung up period stained sheets, both slept in it for multiple days
> Had a very short lived semi-racist Spanish accent mostly in videos with boyfriend
> Drama with DavedScissorhands; Kelly claimed she herself dyed a wig with Splat, Dave actually made wig himself and dyed it with Overtone; Dave called out Kelly, Kelly never apologized, removed any trace of him from her social media
> Continues to beg for video ideas on social media
> Continues to claim she just naturally has a “fat ass”, despite getting lipo on thighs
> Continues to post several work out videos at gym, suspiciously right after posting about visiting her plastic surgeron's office
> Continues to post (dirty) items she got for free from sponsors at large markup on Depop/Poshmark
> Continues to pity-seek by tweeting about depression/vague-tweeting about betrayal from FotR
> Continues to scrape bottom of barrel for “friends”/content (see: Leo Zombie, forgotten Azusa Barbie, Tiffie Starchild, Cherry Dollface, Davey Suicide)


> Went to Japan for two weeks, caused drama with group of “friends” there, got “sick” and stayed at home; walked around in underwear in front of friend’s and their boyfriends; complained about being single and alone, constantly hit on new friend Jamie’s boyfriend Taylor, threw tantrum over Lindsay’s boyfriend not buying her pink beer, went entire trip with tits practically hanging out, brought down the general mood of trip with constant whining and obnoxiousness

> Sudden obsession with Pokemon despite claiming to not like it in the past
> Went on Depop selling spree to make money for useless items from Japan trip (that will end up on Depop anyway like previous Japan trip); sold lots of free PR items at huge markup (from Dolls Kill, Chotronette, Black Milk, Doe Deere, cosplay clothing companies)
> “Quit” cosplay, claimed “cosplay brings up bad memories”; listed old cosplays/unused cosplays on Depop
> In attempt to be “edgy”, started wearing fake nose ring and painted bloody “meme” pentagram behind fridge
> Dyed Toshi pink (again) in a bath after being called out here for keeping him dirty and matted
> Posted Happy Birthday video for childhood friend, is shamelessly monetized
> Rumored bedbugs in the home, spent a lot/all of her day in studio around this time
> Latched on to new (now forgotten) “friend” Azusa Barbie, suddenly was obsessed with Barbie again for a short time
> Profile found on Japanese dating and "like" apps
> Adopted new “picnic” pastel vomit color scheme following her minty pastel vomit color scheme
> Covered fridge at home with tacky wallpaper, covered Twitch setup in studio room with tacky gingham wallpaper
> Spray painted entire Twitch setup (including computer monitors, cords) as form of “OCD from childhood trauma”; recently obsessed with spray painting everything in studio room including sink and fridge, never uses mask for protection, complains about feeling sick/tired the next day
> Streamed on Twitch for a week, dropped it despite adding Twitch as employer on Facebook
> No time to LARP anymore because she “can't find a dogsitter”; goes to LARP for 12 hours anyway, hides then leaves early (potentially related to multiple former friends being active LARPers/ex LARPer “boyfriend” Sekril)
> Put Amazon Wishlist in bio; wishlist features very expensive streaming items amongst other things (i.e. candles, toys, etc.); claims they are equipment/tools she “needs” for streaming/art, despite having all streaming equipment needed (that she got for free); made pity-seeking depressed post right after
> Advertised Smile Sciences, claimed “yes I use it”; meanwhile frequently sells Smile Sciences Kits on Depop
> Listed new, overpriced flower crowns for sale; previously known for horrible quality
> Listed marked-up items on Depop as “new” despite being clearly shown being used in previous videos/posts; listed Betsey Johnson dress she “traded” for with an antler crown from previous fan (that she blocked) for $400
> Listed sponsored Technisport chair (received for free) for sale on Facebook for $200
> Posted video sponsored by Splat hair dye ft. a patchy blue-green dye job using Pulp Riot dye; Splat only used poorly on extensions; immediately posted after about “missing pink hair”, still wears full wigs anyway
> Hairdressers asked not to be shown in Splat video, Kelly still left a ton of shots of hairdressers in video; appeared to destroy hairdresser’s sink with Splat for her extensions
> Posted happy Instagram stories with Molly McIsaac’s chickens/baby chicks; animals visibly stressed in videos/photos
> Got lipo on thighs, subsequently wouldn’t shut up about how “big” her pancake butt looks; posted gross butt photos on Instagram
> Got more fat-burning injections on areas that were already lipo’d
> Revamped Patreon after not delivering on any promises for two years+ (most notably skit videos); no more physical rewards
> Whined about wanting pink stove because black stove “doesn’t fit dollhouse aesthetic”; made Ko-Fi for sheep to donate to (instead of just buying one herself); later changed Ko-Fi to “art supply funding” (has only spray painted studio fridge ugly pastel colors since then)
> Posted new, overpriced poorly done art for sale on bigcartel; titles of art seemingly shading FotR
> Tweeted then deleted about being “betrayed and abandoned six times in a row”; referencing FotR
> Had been scraping bottom of barrel for friends (see: hanging out with seamstress Lindsay, Claire Max, Molly McIsaac, LARP randos, and continuing support for controversial ex-Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere); rest of FoTR hanging out together, sans Kelly
> Made lighthearted/“fun” video exploring abandoned Nazi camp with cousin Jimmy who was sporting red arm bandana while she cracked Nazi jokes
> Friends/fans flamed her for insensitivity; eventually took video down after deleting all negative comments about it on any posts
> Posted “apology” on Twitter typed up in notes, which doesn’t feature an apology whatsoever
> Little sister Madi poorly WKed her on Twitter and made it worse; is just as bad as Kelly, if not worse
> Went completely dark on social media for a week, came back as though nothing happened; still won’t apologize/acknowledge the fiasco
> Had been wearing awful wigs instead of dyeing hair again/investing in good wigs because “it’s easier”; too lazy to fix or wash hair
> Claimed Bob Ross isn’t considered “fine art”/his techniques are “cheating”; was using same techniques in new painting and makeup videos
> Went from being an “empath” to a “psychic”
> Hopped on Michael Jackson documentary trend by claiming abuse by “someone famous”
> Was pushing LARP/D&D videos until recently; fans greatly expressed they do not enjoy those
> Was spamming videos with empty content in light of drop in views/engagement on YouTube (didn't improve viewership at all)
> Lifted traits from Jillian Vessey/Pixielocks (milk bath photos, attempting to create word for her stolen “style”, etc.)
> Posted cringey "thirst" videos/stories on Instagram/YouTube, where she listens/gets turned on to kidnapping ASMR videos
> Had fetish for clowns (most notably Pennywise from IT); seems to have disappeared, mostly due to falling out of trend
> Posted a lot of poorly done shibari; often features poorly donned undergarments and severe chestne
> Made “Ask Kelly” videos where she talks about herself and her problems disguised as “giving advice” for 20+ minutes
> Got free expensive computer equipment from companies; would never stream on Twitch despite repeatedly promising to
> Removed stretched/faded tattoo of mother on arm, replaced with a poorly done tattoo of Sailor Moon fanart of Human Luna (by a Chinese artist which she never received permission from to use)
> Lost a cousin to suicide and milked it for all it was worth; $10,000 GoFundMe to fund funeral (which was also used on shopping/lip fillers/vacation to Mexico after his death), made monetized videos to garner sympathy in his room where he died, etc.; has now turned his room into mini-version of her home for when she visits family in Colorado
> Got liposuction after not “seeing results” after one week of working out and still eating junk; never corrects fans who praise her for “looking great after working out so hard”
> Claims to have been going to therapy and being on meds, despite bashing meds as treatment in past
> Made a (now deleted/privatized) video with her ex-boyfriend/fiancé Davey Suicide; skreeeeee'd at him for 50 minutes/demonized him at every turn
> Tweeted anti-Semitic meme then played dumb after being called out on it
> Was featured in Splat campaign ad wearing dyed wig not dyed with Splat
> Former roommate Dre got start on Kelly's channel, moved out after drama; Kelly shaded Dre, threw fit over not getting “credit” for Dre’s success
> Lost ex-boyfriend Kyle Pavone to accidental overdose, sad-tweeted/milked loss in Labyrinth of Jareth video; Kyle's girlfriend Allie reportedly livid about Kelly's Tweets
> Constant flirting with Jake Munro in front of girlfriend Kaya Lili/Toxic Tears when they were visiting the U.S./staying with Kelly and Dre
> Regularly sends sheeple to harass professionals into sponsoring/collaborating with her (see: Gallery Nucleus Final Fantasy art exhibit fiasco)
> Former Kawaii Ambassador, despite pronouncing words such as “kawaii” incorrectly
> Major debacle with attempt (and eventual success) in returning $1000+ Angelic Pretty dress in Japan (that she was too stupid to read the price of); didn’t apologize and in turn accused the store of “doing poorly”, pushing sales
> Dyed accessory designer dog Toshi pink to fit her “aesthetic”
> Used sign sent by fan as a ramp for dog
> Sold art in tacky "shabby chic" frames for $500+
> Bought her Secret Santa an air horn while she got a pair of Angelic Pretty boots
> Threw self-pity party for being single/lonely at (former) best friend Stephanie’s wedding; couldn’t fake being happy for one day
> Got (now former) friends to babysit her for a week straight at home after getting elective liposuction for the first time
> Whinefest over Hello Kitty for not sponsoring/partnering with her; listed all HK merch on Depop (marked as sold despite still being seen in background of videos)
> Stole dad's ashes from family to mix into self-portrait painting
> Had reputation for selling horrible quality antler crowns that would break easily/reviewed as selling dirty items on eBay (username edenromance); swapped an antler crown for a Betsy Johnson dress with a fan, fan never received crown after mailing dress, was blocked after complaining
> Whines about “wasted” time in art school/as a tattoo apprentice
> Previously(?) friends with dubious characters such as Dahvie Vanity
> Posed smiling, flashing a thumbs up in front of homeless person sleeping on ground in L.A for a photo on Tumblr
> Used to claim she’s a “gypsy”




No. 87895

New thread finally ! Omg I love the thread pic

No. 87896

I have briefly met with Kelly and Leo (on separate occasions), I found Kelly to be a tad obnoxious for sure. Leo met with me at a con for a photo (we were in similar cosplays) and he hit on me despite having a GF.

No. 87898

does anyone know why she stopped hanging with everyone from the fellowship??

No. 87906

File: 1586040870986.jpeg (66.12 KB, 530x530, BAFED94A-65F1-4914-BBB5-93361E…)

They used to be room mates, one of his victims mentioned his pink haired room mate

No. 87936

Dude u new here? Maybe go back the last two threads make yourself a coffe and read through it

No. 87939

Interesting. Do you have the link to that?

Kelly probably had some idea of what he was doing then, right?

No. 87960

File: 1586107302297.jpeg (469.02 KB, 828x1013, 5EA83A28-0612-4665-AB20-F8F972…)


Evelyn mentions the pink haired room mate

No. 87967

Gotcha, thanks. Maybe this is the "famous" person that Kelly talked about being abused by here: >>39016 ?

No. 88131

File: 1586238671823.jpg (83.07 KB, 1077x833, 129251.jpg)

lol did kelly accidentally upload her sephiroth makeup tutorial and then immediately private it?

No. 88159

File: 1586272928333.jpg (386.29 KB, 1366x2048, EVAkhxjUMAYPE2D.jpg)

Ew why are her clothes covered in stains fur and dandruff?

Nice leaning forward and sucking in to hide your lipo fails too

No. 88177

I don’t see any stains or dandruff? I guess I see a stray hair in two places. people shed and she has a white dog, so that’s probably the answer to that mystery.

No. 88184

I see two faded stains on her tit to the right of the picture, one on her arm to the left of the picture, and two on her pants around her belly area. Zoom in and you can see the dandruff on her top.

And sage goes in the email field.

No. 88185

Ah, thanks, sorry. I honestly forgot to sage.

I’m squinting and trying to see it, but all I see are a few hairs. It might just be me though….

No. 88187

Are you serious? Look at how stained and dirty her top looks at the boob part. Enlarge the pic.

No. 88188

If other anon has a lower res phone screen she won't be able to see it, but yeah lint ahoy on this pic.

She looks good tbh but it's literally a Myspace angle, Kelly is firmly stuck in the 00s.

No. 88221

File: 1586345600964.jpeg (175.74 KB, 828x828, B05ABD5C-4B23-41D1-AC05-68B1E4…)

No. 88232

I mean, there is literally a global pandemic where millions of people who actually had jobs (that they actually worked at to earn their money) don't have income anymore. People can't pay rent or buy food, but you know what's really important? A narcissistic youtube has been getting oil paint to make another giant, useless, wonky painting. That kind of art could save lives!

I wonder if scarecrow bf regrets his decision to move in now that he is basically trapped in that crusty dollhouse apartment with a grifting psycho 24/7. Maybe she will catch something from her steady stream of postmates and make that her new personality.

No. 88238

Oh she deleted that. Probably got backlash for it topkek

No. 88252

File: 1586372951802.png (2.37 MB, 828x1792, B6357469-64C4-47FD-9D67-24568F…)

It’s still there.

No. 88268

My bad, thought the gif was part of her tweet.

No. 88277

Considering she recently posted an image where she emptied out entire tubes of paint onto an excessively large palette before starting a painting, she is literally asking people to buy paint for her to instantly waste

No. 88285

Asking for paint while people are dying? Classy. Also I’m pretty sure she could sell some useless shit if she needed paint that badly.

No. 88344

File: 1586466594136.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200409-220911.png)

That's kota right?

No. 88352

O lord, she's doing it again. You can…just buy a new canvas.

No. 88357

Stephanie. She could just buy a new one but it’s funny to watch

No. 88380

But anons she is a starving ~artist~

No. 88412

What the actual fuck is wrong with her. This is literally serial killer level shit. she is as blatantly melodramatic as those freaks who Post themselves burning pictures of their exes.
It’s so excessive to show herself putting a fucking Dremel/electric sander to the FACE of her ex friend.
This is literally making me tard rage, she’s so immature.

No. 88428

I think it’s hilarious, that’s some hatred she’s venting

No. 88465

you need to chill out. it's just a painting. i think it's kind of a healthy way to deal tbh. seems therapeutic. and she's not destroying it entirely like burning an ex's picture… she's recycling the canvas. if you're really that upset over it, you're def projecting.

No. 88469

the issue isn't what's she's doing but more so how she's sharing it. knowing you have this highly publicized relationship with certain people that people still ask about to this day and then taking out a sander and posting you which is effectively cutting up a picture of someone else is really messed up. she is entitled to do this, it's her canvas and her relationship but what's fucked up is it broadcasting that to her followers who most likely followed when she was friends with stephanie.

No. 88517

Sure, it’s totally healthy to post a picture of yourself taking an industrial sander to a painting of your ex best friend’s crying face to your thousands of followers.

No. 88713

File: 1586806931698.jpeg (327.01 KB, 828x1142, 9E61517F-5053-433B-AE01-955A0C…)

Found this old post from 2012… looks like she stole the baroque style frame idea from another artist. Can she think of anything without stealing ideas? There’s a difference between inspiration and straight up copying. Saged for no new milk.

No. 88719

Off topic, I'm sure, but the painting (photograph?) here reminds me of Suzi 9mm's work from back in the day.

Also… are you really surprised to learn that absolutely everything that makes her super quirky and interesting is stolen from someone more talented/interesting than her?

One day, she'll have an original thought, which will likely be followed immediately by an aneurysm from the shock to her system.

No. 88860

Lots of artists use these frames its not copying, it's just a frame.
You guys nit pick at such minor details, who cares if there's a stain on her shirt or that she used a pink frame.

No. 88921

Care to give a few examples of artists who use baroque pastel frames? Since there’s so many you shouldn’t have a problem. This is right around the time she started stealing ideas from demonpuff. She is a serial copycat to the point where it’s almost an illness. Feel free to retreat to the castle from which you came, WK.

No. 89202

File: 1587217137539.jpeg (359.35 KB, 1124x1474, 7BC54373-D787-4245-8E27-CB7FDA…)

Most famously Mark Ryden (I’ve attached a pic from his “Gay ‘90s” show.) Frames like this have been a big deal with most of the California pop surrealists aka Low Brow movement. E.g. Camille Rose Garcia, Marion Peck, Todd Schorr etc etc You know, the sort of people who get featured in Hi-Fructose or Juxtapoz magazines.
It’s why she moved to LA I think… tried to get in with them but she’s just not quite getting to that level of skill.

No. 89214

File: 1587235754314.jpg (176.41 KB, 1830x530, paymyrent.jpg)

She's been streaming on Twitch a lot, Animal Crossing and FF7, currently doing a storytime about some guy which I can't pay attention to as she's too hyper

Anyway check out this random lil thing here. She's asking people to pay her rent.

No. 89215

She's also suggesting her rent is 600 when she charges around 1200 for the much smaller second bedroom. Is she splitting with Stefan now?

It's so odd to be begging for rent money when her life has changed 0% because of the 'Rona.

No. 89216

File: 1587236876484.jpg (15.41 KB, 340x229, troll.jpg)

This guy trolling the chat, I wasn't listening but pretty sure this was directed at Kelly…

Kelly chats like a drunk person that cornered you on a night out to talk passionately about some random thing, it seems really impersonal, though I think she's trying to be as friendly as possible on Twitch.

No. 89217

Amazingly this person wasn't banned, even though it seems like very obvious trolling to me

No. 89225

That looks completely different from the frame she copied. Nice try wk.

No. 89236

Notice how she's silent and only ever streams on Twitch when she needs money at that exact moment. She literally does not care anymore and only puts out subpar content whenever she needs money.

Did she dye her hair a weird shade of orange also?

No. 89241

…did I white knight by saying she ripped off more popular & talented actual working artists? Should I have sperged a bit more about how she copies other people or something? Called her ugly and old for good measure? Learn to read. Ps google is your friend. And maybe a dictionary?

No. 89268

It looks like white knighting by saying it’s common in the art world. And let’s be honest, Kelly’s knowledge of art is surface level. It’s doesn’t go anywhere psalter what she was force fed in Denver school of the arts. The only artist I’ve ever heard her mention having a connection with is basic ass Van Gogh. My point is she saw the art piece she posted on her Instagram that one time and stole their idea. That seems far more likely than her even being aware of the artists you mentioned especially considering her frames mirror the artist she posted and look nothing like the example you posted. Art is a shallow personality trait she flexes to look like she’s unique, just like the rest of her “hobbies”.

No. 89281

She's up to $140 now, in a short space one person donated $100 and she got a few subs and follows. I think because she seems calm and sane today+Animal Crossing involves a lot of purchasing imaginary shit which might influence viewers. She streams for several hours at a time and usually doesn't get much.

No. 89305

NTA but Mark Ryden is pretty well known, along with quite a few other of those artists. It’s really no reach that Kelly would at least be aware of them. And I’m pretty sure that anon was agreeing with you in beginning, even stating that Kelly can only ever imitate them and hope to be as good, so I’m not sure why you even started infighting. Chill out it’s not that serious. We all agree she sucks and rips off other artists.

No. 89345

File: 1587417577400.jpg (273.93 KB, 1080x1718, 20200420_141855.jpg)

This teeth jewel thing just makes it look like she needs to floss.

No. 89414

File: 1587466938727.jpeg (103.37 KB, 828x775, 5C2945A9-7A1A-4DBC-B22F-343FF1…)

Why Kelly?

No. 89474

I am sure other people have copied the "God's timing is always right". But from Kelly, it was actually really annoying to see her copy someone YET AGAIN

No. 89812

File: 1587752321387.jpeg (168.21 KB, 828x795, 95B6FC9B-017C-4612-AE4B-234802…)

For someone who wants people to stop asking about it and move on from it she keeps making the Fellowship fallout a relevant topic of conversation.

No. 90094

File: 1587964096625.png (11.12 MB, 1242x2208, 84F4AA1A-CB0D-4104-8917-BEF200…)

She gained all of the lipo weight back. When will she learn

No. 90109

Sooo… we're back to Crayola hair again?

No. 90126

ok kelly i think its time to finally drop the washed up sponsorship. i mean, does anyone at this point actually believe she uses splat…?

No. 90178

File: 1588034207770.png (117 KB, 383x560, ?.png)

Saw her tweet the same thing at 2 people I follow a while ago & forgot about it. I just remembered today & went back to screengrab the tweets & saw that she tweeted similar things at multiple other accounts too?

Is she using a bot to tweet? What was she trying to achieve? So strange.

She's been acting very off lately. I wonder if she's on new meds. That would explain the weight gain & staying off camera from her shoulders down too.

Her stories showed that it's a wig but yeah she's doing Crayola hair again. I noticed that Stefan has been editing her pics lately & he probably did the video for her wig dyeing job too

Agreed! If you look at the comments on her Insta post, most are negative abt Splat & giving Kelly crap for still sponsoring them. & she's defending them

No. 90224

wtf…I think it's just her lazy way of sucking up to fellow influencers, but looks pretty weird.

No. 90342

So Stefan’s responsible for the monstrosities that are her most recent selfies? They’re SO obviously blurred and liquified I couldn’t believe it even from her.

No. 90545

Now there’s so much heat on Dahvie Vanity does anyone think she will come out and talk about it? Especially with the I don’t care attitude of her tumblr post in regards to it. If you google her name and is there’s a shit tonne of pictures and some videos of them together

No. 90565

I came across an old stickam video where Dahvie was going on about how he wanted to take her on a date? Don’t know if they actually dated but they were at least close friends. It was more than just a makeup gig. It blows my mind that she could associate herself with someone so vile and disgusting.

No. 90597

I think her silence is more telling. You just know she would be blasting it all over social media for sympathy points and attention Kelly Eden style if she wasn't still friends with him.

No. 90624

Yup. I hadn’t even thought of it that way, but think about how much she publically processed her feelings after the Fellowship drama. She’d 100% be crying something about deception or how you can never really know someone or abuse or something right now if she had severed that tie.

No. 90659

Did you save it or have a link for other anons to save it? That should be saved for prosperity so anons can reference it without it being just hearsay.

No. 90661

I noticed Verabambi and Kelly Eden no longer follow each other, however Vera still follows Vivka and Stephanie.

No. 90710

Here ya go. Don’t know what the time stamp is but Kelly’s cousin is in the chat and brings her up leading to Dahvie to gush about Kelly.

No. 90723

8:20 onwards. Wow!!

No. 91034

Steph posted on her IG story that Vera just got her IG page back. Kelly and Vera are still mutuals. Her page may have just been temporarily down.

No. 91086

I just will never forget when Vera came onto the threads to talk about Kelly's house being filthy & her getting bites kek

No. 91226

File: 1588719301369.jpg (52.96 KB, 442x792, EDUM-1.JPG)

Looks like more people are becoming aware of her association with him.

No. 91227

File: 1588719338977.jpg (57.59 KB, 456x791, EDUM-2.JPG)

Part 2

No. 91235

In true Kelly fashion, she will never acknowledge her wrongs or apologize for ignorant things she has said or done. She’s be a lot more likable and relatable if for once she could own up to past faults and apologize for shitty things she has said. She claims to be a feminist but this tumblr reply is anything but. We all know how these kind of cases go in the American court system. Shame on her. It looks worse to not acknowledge it than it would to admit she was wrong for saying this, especially since more and more people are finding this post with his name being relevant again.

No. 91281

Yeah it'd be one thing if there wasn't proof or if there was evidence that it's most likely a lie but there seems to be actual evidence against him that cannot be disproven.

Also I'm surprised she hasn't been more annoying about the FFVII remake.

No. 91325

I think she's either going to stay completely silent on it or turn it into some big drama. I wouldn't be surprised if she went totally dark on social media for a while since there seems to be a lot of people tweeting about her and these threads right now.

No. 91393

She said somewhere she wanted to make a video on her reaction to FF7R but wanted to wait for Stefan to finish first to get his take on the ending as a first time player… bad decision. By the time he finishes the remake hype will be gone. She should’ve struck while the iron was hot and potentially earned new subs from people who stumbled upon her channel when they finished the game. By now it’s old news.

No. 91411

…so she's the biggest fan ever and Sephiroth's waifu, but she has to wait for her bf to play and beat the game to make content about it? Sounds like Kelly.

No. 91482

She is so boring now as she just wheels out dull opinions which are obviously recycled Stefan opinions, and he is incredibly dull

The fact she is now so whipped she can't even make a video of her "opinion" on her favorite franchise without knowing Stefan's first says everything (clue: nobody gives a fuck about Stefan's opinion Kelly, we don't follow him)

No. 91572

File: 1588809692427.jpeg (229.13 KB, 828x1508, C50EA2F9-B0FA-4D4E-BDE4-A2D53A…)

Kelly posted the old times commercial she did saying she was able to cast her “friends”, aka envy and dre. Why does she do this to herself? She’s about to be bombarded with tweets about the fellowship, I can feel it.

No. 91599

She does it when she's feeling she doesn't have enough attention from people and wants to bring up drama without seeming like she brought it up herself so she can play victim when fans ask her about it. Classic Kelly.

No. 91631

And she only mentions that Leo Zombie is her friend

No. 91652

She said friends. Plural.

No. 91822

They probably meant kelly didn’t tag the others. Only Leo

No. 91842

Even still, it was ‘check out the game @leo is playing’ Not ‘@leo is the friend i brought’. She looks dumb for posting this when she bitches repeatedly “stop asking about the fellowship!!!” and when people finally stop she posts a project involving them. By posting them she’s opening the door for people to ask about them. It almost looks like she wants the attention.

No. 91914

I also get the feeling like she wanted to show off how when she gets an opportunity like this commercial that little miss generous is the one who gets her friends hired too like wow Kelly big deal…anyone with any friends would have done the same, you’re not some special extra nice friend. Also I have a feeling like when they hired her for the commercial, that they even said to her to bring on a couple of her friends. It’s a tv tactic, it’s quicker and cheaper than having to hire each person. Again Kelly just wants to show off and pretend like she’s the bigger person but she’s not she’s just kicking a dead horse. Lol

No. 92108

That’s a great point and 100% accurate with Kelly’s Mary Sue personality.

No. 92140

File: 1589033650530.png (210.6 KB, 486x504, lol.png)

This showed up on FB, saged because it's been discussed before. It's still shocking Kelly insists on endorsing it.

No. 92160

I mean, it's not like she has much choice. What good, reputable dye company would want her shilling for them?

No. 92248

Genuine question because I've never used splat but isn't that what you fucking want from a permanent dye..? When I started dying my hair, there were no unnatural shades as a permanent, only shit like LaRiches Directions which were demipermanent at best, and all of them bleed onto fabrics and washout ugly, as well.

Really what I'm asking is, is her endorsing Splat in itself milk or isn't it just the way she does it, as in, the whole wig debacle.

No. 92333

File: 1589069796661.jpeg (125.84 KB, 828x527, 1D49BCA7-0FC0-45E9-B177-BC5FEB…)

When they say it doesn’t come out, they mean it will never come out. You are literally stuck with that color until you cut off the hair or grow it out. No amount of bleach will completely remove the dye so if you want to change up the color, you can’t.

No. 92338

Idk for me that seems like a selling point. I hate that my hair dye washes out

No. 92343

It does wash out, onto your towels. It stains your hair a leftover color that is not appealing. Can you at least sage your ot.

No. 92344

You know they sell colored shampoo and conditioner in vivid colors, right?

No. 92439

It’s because color removing and correcting is a pain the butt and it’s also expensive af!!!
Does Kelly actually uses splat in her hair or just on wigs?

No. 92461

She doesn’t even use it on her wigs like she claimed. Davedscissorhands outed her for claiming she dyed and styled a wig when he commissioned it for her. Read previous threads.

No. 92464

Kelly taking credit for Daveds work here:

No. 92648

If you really want to insist that staining absolutely everything is a selling point then go ahead and use the dye, but there's a reason Kelly takes the splat ad money without actually using the product, even on a wig

No. 92862

She had a video on Ig using splat on a wig but she deleted it. I remember people telling her how awful Splat was and how it was fabric dye.

No. 93465

File: 1589526622345.png (3.61 MB, 750x1334, ACD6F373-C072-45C6-A2D2-4B153B…)

She's posting a room tour on her tiktok and people are really sucking her dick over it.. She's completely reveling in the positive attention. She even brought up her grandma's tea-set.

No. 93468

Shit, that is actually really smart of her. The scene look is coming back into style with hints of the aesthetic and unfortunately kids will fall in love with her pastel puke home and her scene girl goth look. If she gets popular again I'm going to be shocked, but tiktok could and possibly will have the effect.

No. 93484

File: 1589540210126.jpeg (237.23 KB, 828x1521, D52BE7E5-507F-4D26-BD5C-EA79AE…)

No. 93505

They pushed you away because you treated them like accessories, Kelly. You never loved them other than for what they could do for you.

No. 93519

Did they leave her or did she leave them? She can't even get the narrative straight.

No. 93680

Pretty sure they all left her and she made a huge deal about that online

Which in turn makes her look bad and embarrassing right now while tweeting stuff like that

Kelly, just.. stop.

Noticed that her tik toks about her house blew up too. When is she going to realize that people don't give a rat's ass about her and only care about her house? That's all she has going for her to be honest

No. 93730

Honestly I used to really like the videos with the fellowship going out and about to fun places but now all her videos are of her in her house with skeletor and they’re like one a month. It’s boring. She privated a lot of old videos which is disappointing because they were fun to watch while folding laundry or doing makeup. She could at least keep making money off the older better videos by changing the privacy back to public instead of making nothing off the new boring videos that come out once in a great while. Her channel really went down the drain. She may be a shit person but her old videos were interesting when she was with her friends.

No. 93761

>"I will not feel guilty for painting myself as a victim and my friends as monsters because my behavior constantly hurt them and I made no effort to change or properly apologize."

>"It's okay to remove all memories of them in a dramatic way like showing yourself manically painting over their portraits, making videos shit talking them, and tweeting passive AND aggressive messages about how everything was all their fault while taking no accountability. Do not feel guilty, my friends. <3"

No. 93906

File: 1589675198253.jpg (169.89 KB, 1078x1786, 20200516_192624.jpg)

She just posted a decorative montage of the doll house. It was a nice place before she went and threw up on it.(namefag)

No. 94381

File: 1589829599261.jpeg (291.3 KB, 828x1117, 6E0953CB-5F19-4FB6-9494-5F953A…)

Stumbled upon this fine piece of art

No. 94413

Showing the clown she is

No. 94786

Eww, is she gonna become one of those juggalo weirdos, i feel like it honestly suits her at this point, she's definitely trashy enough.

No. 94935

>>94786 No, that fan art is not representative of what’s happening to her in real life.

No. 95055

So I was watching the new Chris Hansen video and one of Dahvie’s victims said he made her call of his roommates and call herself a liar. This was in the time frame of Kelly living with him which potentially means she has had contact with one of the victims whilst she was being assaulted by Dahvie!

No. 95074

Is anybody surprised? Kelly is 100% the type of person to overlook the shitty treatment a terrible person dishes out to others if that terrible person can do something for her (like her Tumblr post proved)

She's an extremely shitty person herself and I'm glad she has been focusing on her "art" and shutting up on social media more recently. Guess we can thank her ugly ana chan bf for keeping her occupied.

No. 95087


Watch from 1:11:00 onwards. Dahvie kissing Kelly. Any guesses as to how long it will take her to turn her involvement with him into a victim story?(imageboard)

No. 95090

someone should make a webm of that clip and upload here, the video might get removed.

No. 95112

File: 1590089831672.webm (2.12 MB, 992x558, ezgif.com-crop.webm)

listening to these people talk to each other for any amount of time is a serious cancer risk

No. 95195

No wonder she was violently defending him. Gonna go throw up now

No. 95199

this is just weird because i've used splat for the past 9 or so years and it always comes out fine, even washes out way sooner than I would like it to. you're attached to nitpicking such a random cow.

No. 95232

nta but Kelly herself has complained about how bright and longlasting Splat dye is, back when she had pastel pink hair and got a job where she dyed her hair with a bright Splat pink, (the box photoshoot iirc) she basically complained about it for months until it faded.

No. 95238

Not to mention all the bad reviews on Splat literally everywhere on the web

And always under Kelly's Splat posts too topkek

No. 95241

This sadly proves not only was she involved “professionally” with a kid diddler and chose to ignore it, but she was involved romantically as well. This is just awful.

No. 95242

File: 1590158631546.jpeg (189.27 KB, 642x446, 9D76767A-F8B3-4484-93F9-A6A3D9…)

Omfg I bet she was one of the many women Dahvie got to pretend to be his girlfriend to look like he wasn’t into kids. I hope she acknowledges it. She was around him on tour…… where he molested and raped most of his victims. Fuck

No. 95276

File: 1590165823826.jpeg (186.76 KB, 750x412, ED16975D-3454-4F89-B169-CCBBC0…)

It appears Kelly was around near the time of the Ash Costello assault! She must know something which she isn’t letting on about!

No. 95277

My friend said they heard years ago on twitter or somewhere that Davie Vanity has written a song about Kelly, I think it was called Lovestruck or something.

No. 95292

File: 1590170550294.jpeg (354.57 KB, 900x1200, B05C3381-F8AF-4DAB-8FB2-2D0406…)

Yep totally just a makeup artist who only cared about him paying her Kelly is a liar and she is starting to get exposed for it.(emoji)

No. 95502

I think someone said above that she was around when he was assaulting one girl and getting her to say she was a liar on the phone to his room mates. But I think Kelly was also the girlfriend Dahvie was ‘faithful’
to before his attack in Elizabeth (see the new Chris Hansen video) I think Kelly is a hell of a lot more tied up in this whole Dahvie Vanity/BOTDF situation than she wants to be.

No. 95508

File: 1590269384092.png (2.76 MB, 1473x1156, kelly dahvie.png)

I wanna see her try to defend herself. She and Dahvie were 100% dating and he dumped his gf for her while doing the pedo shit on the side. I remember the drama way back on Tumblr about it. I remember her posting pics of him sleeping too

YT vid of them doing the fusion dance in her dollhouse here (can't link it and add a pic at the same time) :

No. 95548

There’s also this vid, made in her home. Woof, this dude looks rough.

No. 95549

Even if this dude wasn’t a kid diddler I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. He’s extremely unattractive and he comes off as a pretentious douchebag. Wait… Kelly does have a type.

No. 95579

File: 1590289441300.jpeg (183.49 KB, 828x1290, 3A41B92E-AABE-42D3-8EF9-8D5E5B…)

No. 95609

So I guess this means all the fun and interesting stuff is gone and it's just videos of her and the beanpole now.

No. 95611

From a skim, the ones I notice missing are the ex boyfriend remake video, nearly every video featuring a fellowship member, and even a couple of her first Youtube videos are missing. Oldest is from 4 years ago.

No. 95612

Very wild idea, but I'll bring it up anyway.

What if Dahvie used to/is paying Kelly to stay silenced? And tgat's how she has managed with her rent and stuff?

I just wonder how he treated her sexually and why they broke up.

No. 95624

I’m sure she used to have a video on her YouTube too……. probably the reason for the clear out.

No. 95635

File: 1590317516466.png (666.69 KB, 1440x1638, favorites.png)

Kelly is so good at building her brand

No. 95636

File: 1590318099877.png (315.56 KB, 1440x1010, distancing.png)

I don't remember any Dahvie videos (not saying there weren't any, I haven't watched all her stuff) however the timing is suspect.
Most of the deleted stuff isn't that old, 2-3 years ago. I think the Fellowship started falling apart in 2017 (don't quote me on that) but I consider this might be a symbolic move as proof of how "different" she is now. The channel comes across as more sponsor-friendly but less varied in topic now.

No. 95642

Not sure if it is still in her twitch but on yesterday’s stream she mentioned the Swedish roommate is moving out and when someone asked if she had a new roomie yet she said Stefan wants it to just be the two of them from now on and that it will be “the next step in their relationship”. She mentioned turning the extra room into a lemon coffee room or something weird like that? So get ready for some serious ebegging y’all!!!

No. 95643

Oh shit, he's moving fast. I wonder what the plan is here, she doesn't have enough money to buy a house and neither does he. It will just put a greater financial strain on things. Also Sweden didn't last long, even without being put on Youtube.

No. 95647

Yeah he said it didn’t make sense to stay because he was here for school but with coronavirus his scheduled classes got cancelled and it would be a waste of money.

No. 95674

File: 1590334727962.png (2.87 MB, 1507x1397, dahvie kelly 2.png)

Dropping some more screengrabs from Kelly's Tumblr page in case she deletes them and denies involvement with Dahvie

No. 95675

File: 1590334864317.png (189.66 KB, 826x577, limecrime.png)

Saw this reply from Kelly regarding Doe Deere and Lime Crime while looking for Dahvie posts

Thought it was interesting. She loves to defend and support shitty human beings doesn't she

No. 95677

I think it’s hilarious that she’s seated in between the two guys she starfucked in the photo on the bottom left. We’re just missing skrillex.

No. 95705

Don't forget Dave Navarro, Matt Good, Johnny B., and Kyle Pavone and a bunch others.

Kelly is a throwaway groupie.

No. 95714

Wow! That many? Kelly is gross! How long before her new skinny greasy ass boyfriend isn’t ‘famous’ enough?

No. 95722

She got rid of every video featuring the Fellowship and Phi.

No. 95732

There’s still a bunch of vids with Courtney, Kota, and Disneyland Princess. But Steph and Dre are pretty much gone. And all of the fotr stuff. Kind of a bummer.

No. 95755

Basically her biggest money makers and attraction to her channel. Not a smart move on her part.

No. 95962

I wonder if she deleted all those videos to take away from the BOTDF situation

No. 95992

Poopmates is still up, the one video kelly should have deleted

No. 96023


Lmaooo i was thinking the same thing! I cant believe theres a photo with the three of them

No. 97655

So I had know form browsing here that Kelly and Steph had work done on themselves but i just say before photos of them and I didn't know that fucked themselves up to that degree, Steph even more so than Kelly.

I would have cried if I was Steph's family and she came home that fake and different her lips and Breast are not sexy its scary.

No. 98087

File: 1591220364207.png (6.95 MB, 3128x3195, dollskill.png)

Miss Kelly Eden retweeted a "Fuck Dolls Kill" tweet so I compiled this collage of her working for them.

There's more but people have been calling out DollsKill to her under comments for years and telling her not to work with them and she has ignored them. She removed her Dolls Kill haul videos off of YouTube too.

Did they forget to send you some PR packages that you can make money off of by selling them on Depop, Kelly?

The owner Shoddy Lynn is currently being called out all over Twitter by a lot of influencers too and it's trendy at the moment so she hopped on the bandwagon.

Here's a video of Kelly and Steph working with them too.

No. 98096

Samefag. Forgot to crop the pic, my bad.

I noticed Stephanie Michelle has removed all traces of Kelly from her IG as well. I was trying to look for the screengrab of her post and it was gone. Had to grab it from a previous thread along with the screengrab of her SugarThrillz story and Dolls Kill haul video

(Sugar Thrillz is a DollsKill brand for those who didn't know)

I also meant to say she privated the haul videos, she didn't delete them. The links still take you to the video but it's only set so she can see it and nobody else can

No. 98114

File: 1591221465979.png (4.09 MB, 2794x1869, dollskill2.png)

Here's some more including one praising Shoddy Lynn in case she tries to delete them and pretend like she never worked for them and isn't friends with the owner

In typical Kelly fashion she's never going to apologize for it and act oblivious

No. 98117

File: 1591221610447.jpeg (162.54 KB, 828x1041, 969AAF5D-D9B0-4E62-9A14-427A4F…)

And classic Kelly. Even during the BLM movement Kelly has to make it about herself. “He weaponized my dads death against me” shut the fuck up Kelly. I’m willing to bet this didn’t even happen.

No. 98135

Y'all notice how she remembers her black friends only during times that she can use them? She's been kissing ass to Miles Jai and Tiffie Starchild again, probably trying to get them to give her attention. Fake ass ally. Fuck you Kelly, you fake cunt

No. 98218

Hmmm did this supremacist follow you after your Hitler vid kelly. You can't just bash a fellow member of the armband club because it's trendy when you refused to apologize in the first place.

No. 98243

Posting the message or posting a Tweet about the message, same difference

No. 98244

Top second from left, back when siamese cats were her personality cause her roommate owned two cats

No. 98254

She really has no personality of her own huh

No. 98255

File: 1591268790527.png (3.33 MB, 828x1792, 01BCA10A-84D3-495D-A9F1-E635D9…)

Tiffie posted videos answering questions on her insta story and in one she says she sees certain people posting BLM for clout and that she doesn’t call them out because it still spreads the message but hopes karma will get them. HMMMMM.

No. 98384

File: 1591299089672.png (102.12 KB, 574x505, ?.png)

No. 98413

what the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 98417

Love to casually share rape stories on Twitter.com

No. 98426


No. 98571

I’m thinking so too!! He has videos of him frequenting there and is close to his mom. Kelly if you are reading this please speak up and help put him away

No. 98613

I noticed there's a shitton of scene girls speaking up about this on Youtube. It's a good time to speak up for her and might lead to more followers.

No. 98634

Exactly! Not only did Kelly defend him but so did one of his over victims, Kerry. Her defence video is still on YouTube now. I think there is more to this situation than meets the eye!

No. 98650

She lost her ability to speak up when she defended him over a paycheck. Fuck that traitor.

No. 99455

File: 1591718491774.jpeg (647.14 KB, 750x1027, C893DDC8-CEDB-4FE9-8508-DBDF70…)

I thought Kelly liked Lisa Frank?

No. 99477

I mean, most people Kelly's age grew up with LF and had her note books, etc. But maybe even Kelly sees the injustice in this. That poor women was evicted because of LF, so i'm glad she is being called out on it.

No. 99629

I live in the same city as LF and she is locally know as a crazy awful bitch. We call her factory the “Rainbow Gulag”.
Kelly is shit but good on her for making the right judgement for once in her life. Honestly shocked she didn’t just ignore this for the sake of her aesthetic.
Polite sage for no contribution.

No. 99981

File: 1591923693611.jpg (408.14 KB, 1080x2165, 20200611_180133.jpg)

Get yourself to Old Navy and spend the $2 on a new pair of flip flops. This is so gross.

No. 100077

The whole video was so gross. She looks homeless. Especially with her sad deformed ass hanging out of her shorts.

No. 100117

I'd go fucking ballistic if i looked like that, she literally has no shame whatsoever, why wouldn't you want to at least look somewhat nice and decent ffs.

No. 100172

InShOt is really cheap to pay for the watermarks to be off. It's $3.99 or something. She doesn't have the money for that?

No. 100184

File: 1591988404655.jpeg (145.43 KB, 828x943, 0077FCA2-5ECB-4C91-A3CD-E1A678…)

Someone’s been lurking their thread again

No. 100186

Where is this video? I don’t see it on any of her pages.

No. 100187

I think she is referring to people forcing public figures to make BLM statements right now and less about lolcow tbh. This is a huge thing that influencers have been vocal about because it's a no-win depending on your platform because if you do, you're doing it for clout. If you don't, you are racist.

No. 100190

Whew, I can't stand the word salad she spouts after getting together with the stick insect. It's obviously not her "real" personality (as evidenced in the thread)
I wonder if he even writes her Tweets.

No. 100202

Her toes are so dirty eeeeewwww
Her tattoo looks so tacky and ugly too

Seconding this. She always becomes whoever she's around. She has no personality of her own. What an empty shell of a person.

No. 100208

She's leaning forward and it's causing the toes to be red slightly from the pressure and the lightly makes them darker from the highlighted top of the foot. Her toes aren't dirty??

No. 100214

File: 1592005516059.jpg (527.51 KB, 842x1536, Screenshot_20200612-164320_Ins…)

This isn't lighting. Her feet look like they haven't been washed in months.

No. 100216

she's at daiso kek, does she have any idea how much she's disgusting any japanese people around her? she's a huge weeb who has been to japan, she has to know how they feel about dirty feet.
it's not even a nitpick it's genuinely disgusting.

No. 100217

Anon, please. Kelly's feet are always black with filth. She even tweeted once "My feet are always dirty"

No. 100278

>”dirty feet are my brand”

No. 100690

File: 1592184891328.jpeg (141.59 KB, 1242x612, A5535082-E84A-4924-88AD-1F660A…)

Why do I get the feeling this is taking shots at her ex friends and not at her ex bfs

No. 100831

I get we hate Kelly, but why are you shaming someone for sharing their negative experience dealing with police after being assaulted? Especially given the current climate regarding police accountability?

No. 100837

probably her constant defense of a child molester

No. 100948

>violating your own emotional boundaries

Literally nobody even on Tumblr is this full of shit. She's a walking, badly-written self help book now.

No. 101036

Where else has she defended Dahvie besides the 7 year old tumblr post?

No. 101056

You don’t think it’s shitty that in all the years he’s been a pedophile and a sexual predator she hasn’t made one single statement about it (other than the tumblr one)? She’s asked quite often and instead of jumping on her usual sjw soapbox like she does for everything else to get clout she’s stayed SILENT. Her saying nothing at all screams volumes to me. It tells me she is on his side.

No. 101066

There are multiple 1-2 hour videos on Youtube from people who probably had less of a relationship with Dahvie than she did, so I agree her silence speaks volumes.

No. 101335

File: 1592488074212.jpg (639.96 KB, 1426x2022, 20200618_145215.jpg)

She recently "liked" this on Twitter
What do you know Kelly?

No. 101339

I never said it wasn't shitty, but anon said "constant defense" and one Tumblr post 7 years ago and complete silence since is not "constant defense".

Also, silence doesn't mean she is on his side. My guess is she is probably horrified she didn't believe then back then and chose to continue working with him, and also doesn't want any association with him. Which is obviously really stupid, since many people know they were friends and coming out in support of the victims/apologizing would be far better for her career than keeping her head in the sand.

No. 101351

I mean liking that doesn’t mean she knows something, especially since that tweet most likely has to do with the Chris d’elia accusations that just surfaced. We can all agree she knows more about Dahvie and had a deeper relationship with him than she lets on but the speculation in this thread is getting out of control.

No. 101616

Let’s just face it Kelly is shady and doesn’t care about the victims of Dahvie. All she cares about is the coin in her bank and trying to be the internets sweetheart. She fake!

No. 101743

File: 1592715283791.jpeg (483.66 KB, 1240x1993, C323BDF6-9EC0-4536-9897-60B27F…)

Ew, this is from her tagged posts…someone had a music video recorded in her house lol

No. 101744

Nobody has ever sub-let their house more, I wonder if her profits ever exceed her rent each month.

No. 101759

I just can't with her grandma floral wallpaper juxtaposing with the twerker

No. 101761

File: 1592725075283.jpeg (274.25 KB, 750x404, 1EE20DCC-09E3-4C70-BE47-9346E3…)

Have random people in your house and in your bed. No thanks!

No. 101765

I'd be more worried for the people than for Kelly.

No. 101771

I wonder why Kelly deleted all of her house tour videos. Those seemed to bring her the most traffic to her channel. Her house and the fellowship were half the appeal.

No. 101772

Maybe she didn't want her house to be as recognizable now she's renting it out for porn and low budget rap shoots.

No. 101929

File: 1592850318898.jpg (577.48 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200622-142219_Chr…)

I think she's getting ready to ditch YouTube

No. 102051

Maybe she's just going to be white trash with her boyfriend in her creepy dollhouse. I think this is growth for Kelly.

No. 102103

She posted her third video on Instagram using the same footage of her shopping looking like a drowned rat.

No. 102112

I genuinely wonder how she makes money at all.

No. 102131

Is her patreon still a thing? That and pimping out her dollhouse to anyone with $$$. Maybe a tiny amount of ad revenue? Honestly I have no idea, but maybe the lack of content lately has a lot to do with her not being able to give off the impression of living a luxurious ~influencer lifestyle~ without pr boxes and random shopping. She also can't got to random kawaii/anime/game/general weeb events for content because there are non lol. She's no better off being in LA than the middle of nowhere during covid times. Though I guess there's always a chance of a masked Disneyland vlog lol

No. 102178

I had been on her twitch for a while now and I always thought it was weird she had people lying for rent. And now she’s gonna delete her youtube? How is this has been garbage groupie gonna earn money?

No. 102265

That whole collab was hilarious. Maybe EA didn’t pay her a lot/don’t care but “here’s my eco friendly craft - buy some cheap plastic crap that was definitely mass-produced in a Chinese factory, cover it in aerosol spray paint fumes and stick a shitty sticker on it!! So kawaii desu”. It was embarrassingly bad content.

No. 102307

Has she ever even played the sims?

No. 103320

She started making tik toks

No. 103329

File: 1593450101912.jpg (426.09 KB, 1072x1980, Screenshot_20200629_095631.jpg)

Nta but it mostly looks like cringe animal crossing voice overs and her yt content remixed for tiktok. I'm surprised and yet not surprised that she has a switch capture card or was willing to even put in that much effort.

Like look at this rapid cut of all my cRaZY irregular choice shoes! My personality is owning cute and ~quirky things XD!! Her face is looking… interesting these days.

No. 103330

File: 1593450647546.jpg (385.23 KB, 1078x1968, Screenshot_20200629_100329.jpg)

It's so uwu adorable when my designer dog chews on my designer shoes ~tHeY're mAde out of CAKE LOL

Like Kelly you are an unemployed 30 year old woman, wyd on tiktok? Get a job? That isn't collecting ad revenue and patreon money?

No. 103424

Almost all those stupid shoes are on sale on her depop. Anything to get views.

No. 103442

File: 1593533620873.png (3.68 MB, 828x1792, FB8FB003-08F8-4883-B1A2-8FB2DB…)

>“whoa what happened to these ones?”
>also has them on depop for $30

they’re disgusting just throw them away!!! No one is gonna buy your trash.

No. 103444

Wasn't a lot of the sailor moon and gachapon type stuff on her depop gifted to her by fans?
Is it really necessary to insult them by selling them for a few bucks

No. 103572

File: 1593655908591.png (3.85 MB, 750x1334, 0C4882E5-2F51-49AC-9BD5-E74822…)

Imagine getting fake tits and they end up lookin so floppy and saggy? Why did she do this to herself who wants saggy boobs she got botched

No. 103583

Eh. Some people’s boobs look like that, with or without implants. A lot of times it’s just a body type or, with plastic surgery , people ask for a more natural style over the bolt-on look, which no one has naturally. Boobs sag eventually no matter what.

No. 103589

This is totally OT but it pains me that she has the same favorite band as me (The Midnight). And it's probably unlikely she likes them based on her own taste, since she has none. Her entire existence is a patchworked monster of traits she siphoned from other people, held together with pink duck tape.

No. 103832

File: 1593849394191.png (10.14 MB, 1242x2208, B18CC1F8-D2C1-4034-9879-6756B0…)

Did her roommate from Sweden move out?

No. 103834

Yeah the Swedish one moved out because he was only here for school and Covid changed things for him.

No. 103893


"planty" room? who dedicates a room to plants? it this a new uwu plant-lover persona brought by her hippy dippy bf?

why doesn't she turn this room into a photo/painting studio instead of renting out the other flat? it would save her money to beg for on twitch.

No. 103904

Ive never understood why she kept that studio after Phi left and the fellowship broke up (didn’t they all kind of share the studio?). If she can afford both halves of rent then couldn’t she afford her entire apt’s rent alone?

No. 103909

Now that it’s been long enough and dre is milky enough on her own here’s some speculation thats actually truth.
Did everyone notice how dre got thinner when she lived with kells and was defensive about it, but gained the weight back when she moved out so she could keep marketing herself as thicc?

Does everyone remember how kells was chonking up and gaining weight at this same time?

It’s almost like those things are related. Especially when you consider that room mates buy their own food but keep it stored in a communal space…

not saying kells stopped gaining weight after, but this is when she really ballooned before lipo for muh dysmorphia

saged for no hard proof that would satisfy the farmers who scream endlessly at us about pRoOf Or GtFo and then when proof is provided still insist it isn’t good enough.

No. 103911

I mean, yeah. Friendships and living situations can contribute to weight loss and weight gain.

No. 103912

Definitely! Especially when your room mate eats your food.

No. 103946

I don't think that Dre is happy about being "plus-sized", evident by her aggressive comments whenever someone her size looks for support in her or someone compliments her. I guess it's either too hard to lose and maintain a lower weight for her or she recognizes it's one of her traits to get modeling jobs.

I guess Dre felt pressured being surrounded by the Fellowship and she just started getting used to being on camera so much, being groped into Kellys Videos and starting her own channel at the time.

If Kellys weight gain was related to Dre I guess you could explain it in that she got too used to being the "skinny one" of the pair and let herself go too much.

No. 103953

Speaking of Dre, I'm surprised there wasn't a bitch fit thrown when Dre surpassed Kelly in followers on IG

No. 103958

I’m telling you - dre IS happy about being plus sized. She sees that as her niche and her “brand” . When she lived w kelly, kelly ate all of her food and she lost weight. That’s why she was snippy at anyone asking her “how” she did it. She didn’t want to lose weight and she didn’t starve herself or anything to do it - kelly did it for her.

As for her being rude and entitled whenever someone comments on her body period, girl just has a bad fucking attitude. That part belongs in the calves thread I know, but I’ve never understood how she comes across one way and then is a total twatwaffle to anyone asking her anything.

No. 103964

Wait what is this theory? Kelly ate Dre's food so she got thinner? Pretty sure Dre was working long hours every day as a makeup artist at that time, which would contribute to weight loss.

No. 103965

This comment is like they were puppies eating from the same bowl and Dre didn't get any food? She could just buy more food if Kelly ate it?

No. 103977

It’s not a theory. It’s straight from the cow’s mouth (dre).

Ib4 “OMGPROOF” - it was a verbal conversation. Believe it or dont, but it’s the truth.
Also, if you’re on a budget and your room mate eats your food, it’s not as simple as buying more. Not saying her job didn’t contribute but not having anything to eat in the House was a big factor

No. 104001

Dre has such a shit attitude and it says a lot that friends of hers still come to this thread to throw out random conspiracy theories. Belongs in the fellowshit thread but I'll never get why Dre has fans that think she was a victim of Kelly. They both treated eachother like shit and Dre has gone on to prove she's an abusive toxic clout chasing cow on her own. How many friends has she gone through, used to pretend to be gay for brownie points, then screamed at fans daring to ask? The idea that Dre tried to sell herself as a victim that got her food eaten is laughable. They're both shit people.

No. 104031


its easy to believe someone when they tell you a story in person like this but if you step back and seriously think about it, this sounds fucking absurd. dre is seriously suggesting that kelly ate dre's food so regularly that dre lost pounds and pounds of weight? lol. that's some of the stupidest shit i've ever heard. kelly probably stole some of dre's leftovers a handful of times or ate some snacks and dre decided to victimize herself and claim kelly was some horrific abuser. please. they fucking deserve each other, lmao

No. 104119

I was gonna say, kelly would’ve had to be eating ALL of Dre’s food to cause that kind of significant amount of weight loss. >>103909 be honest… are you mentally challenged? And no, Dre is still not ‘milky’ enough. If she was she’d have her own thread.

No. 104175

Dre bitches and moans all day on social media. She uses people to get clout. She pushes her body all day in her posts then throws a fit if something positive is said about it. She skinny shames out of obvious envy while claiming to be body positive. And her whole relationship fiasco is another thing.

She IS milky, a whole ass cow. Just not consistently enough to have a lively thread.

No. 104248

Go post in the calves thread anon<3 no one cares about her in Kellys thread kthnx

No. 104571

File: 1594329247938.png (24.38 KB, 594x183, O75XPV9.png)

No. 104703

She’s for sure gonna transition to stripping/sex work if she’s moving to Portland

No. 104821

Im not from the us. But how expensive would it be to ship all her furniture and collectables to portland?

No. 104825

She'll probably rent a huge UHaul truck and have her bf drive it to Portland. So probably a few hundred for costs of renting and gas.

No. 104828

so… she has no friends left in LA who're willing to put up with her?

No. 104865

In another comment she said they were looking to buy (?!) a house in Portland because “it’s cheaper than LA”, but it’s definitely not cheap to live in Portland and it’s a way different vibe in Pdx, people would find her Obnoxious and word travels fast around town so …

No. 104901

File: 1594645089957.jpeg (321.02 KB, 1125x915, 8D6B4A33-0A01-4015-9368-4E9720…)

Seems like she's also trying to change up her aesthetic without actually changing anything. Saw another comment on a different pic saying she hoped the cottagecore community would accept her, unlike the mean lolita community. Lmao

No. 104903

Isn't cottagecore just an aesthetic like lovecore etc.? Both Kelly and Jill act like it's a secret club they need to shoehorn their neon hair into kek

No. 104905

Exactly. It's the name of a specific aesthetic, more of a visual thing than a fashion thing, even. The "cottagecore community", if there even is one, just consists of people on Twitter and Tumblr who reblog/retweet images that fit into that aesthetic. Nothing more.

No. 104915

If she's trying to be "cotfagecore" now moving to portland makes sense. Lots of greenery to post with.
Also, everyone there will hate her guts.

No. 104918

>Doesn't put any effort in and poses in her plastic bedroom.
>"You guys hate me bc I'm a tattooed bimbo :,("
Glad to see she's still an attention seeking dumbass

No. 104928

File: 1594671789793.jpg (862.57 KB, 1080x1603, 20200713_222154.jpg)

Not so much "cottagecore" as "crazy eyed hoarder fangirl."

This looks exactly the same as her usual aesthetic.

No. 104933

Absolutely tf not. Portlanders hate Californians moving for cheaper rent, especially during a goddamn pandemic where half of the town is closed or limited. Housing is also comparably expensive to LA anywhere that she would want to live. Though I guess there is kind of a ghetto with a cemetery, strip malls, and Asian food nearby if she wants to feel more at home.

No. 104934

Has Kelly ever shown interest in things like baking, natural living, or the outdoors? Nothing wrong with being a beginner at things, but I don't get why someone at 30 needs to be reinviting their identity or thinking about moving every time they want to pick up a new interest.

Also, Kelly has no professional, social, or familial reason to be moving to Portland. She seems like a trainwreck who is declining in her career after peaking at a time when she should be doubling down.

No. 104949

She had that period blood fort that one time! It was outdoors. She is also asking about the LARP scene as if her name isn’t a google search away from this thread detailing how she ruins every group she is involved in.

No. 104953

In her sponsored EA instastory she talks about buying pottingsoil for "vegetables" and then proceeds to plant herbs, which she buys pregrown from the supermarket. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that living off the land will not come naturally to her.

No. 104965

I mean that albanycope is a cottagecore (shooped) big tiddy hoe, as an example. It's more about neutral colors, picnics, the outdoors, farm animals, etc

But Kelly's aesthetic actually isn't big tiddy hoe anyway. It would be interesting to see if she really ditches the dollhouse.

No. 105001

File: 1594724594293.jpeg (331.91 KB, 828x1380, A49EB198-E62E-417A-A5B5-D723E9…)

>But guys, I’ve been cottagecore this whole time!!

I don’t understand Kelly’s need to constantly smash her way into different communities only to drop them a month later. Why is she so desperate to label herself? She’s done gamer girl, Lolita, LARP, and now cottagecore. It’s never subtle either. She’s like a bull in a china shop when it comes to experimenting with new hobbies and aesthetics which makes her come off disingenuous. Posting on every social media platform repeatedly about how you’re so cottagecore makes you look like a poser.

No. 105002

File: 1594725023202.jpeg (50.69 KB, 828x415, 1425BAF6-73C9-4AB3-8538-353BBD…)

Like holy shit Kelly just stop
Also I’m sensing some boob job regret

No. 105003

Note how she never talks about elements of cottagecore she likes. No "I enjoy baking and gathering and pressing flowers and I wish to own chickens one day." Just "am I cottagecore yet? Look how cottagecore I am you guys!"

Everything about her is so shallow.

No. 105087

Good maybe she'll remove them and not look like a saggy overinflated oompaloompa anymore.

I'm so sick of her pity nosing her way into every community. She's like one of those girls in hs who copy somebody else's entire identity then claim that everybody is copying her.

No. 105130

Oh my god she's literally regretting her boob job cause she wants to be all natural cottagecore now. That is fucking hilarious, god she's so desperate.

No. 105131

Yeah it sounds exactly like classic narcissism.

No. 105222

This is a thing with Kelly. Not only does she jump on every new trend, but she has to insist that she invented it or has totally been doing it this whole time!! It's okay to like a thing because it's trendy, Kelly.

No. 105416

File: 1594934660979.png (414.04 KB, 828x1792, 1686DD7E-EC88-4D9C-980A-911E95…)

Comments on Kelly’s most recent selfie that says “living my best cottage core life” aka just her in her studio with her weeb shit

No. 105418

File: 1594934783557.png (3.62 MB, 828x1792, 21D002E5-658D-4169-BD25-546420…)

The original post

No. 105425

Exactly. It has fuckall to do with body type and everything to do with an aesthetic that absolutely none of her decor, clothing or colour choices fit into. Now that she's joined tiktok she realises that the trend gets a tonne of clout, I'm guessing way more than her "kawaii" which honestly just feels like it had its hayday on tumblr 10 years ago, and she's trying to make money off of a new young audience. Really sad how it's just not sticking, lol.

No. 105426

I agree she's being an annoying attention whore about this cottagecore thing, but it's pretty obvious this post was a joke. Like I think even she can tell being surrounded by obnoxiously pink plastic fandom merch is the literal opposite of cottagecore

No. 105431

You're giving her too much credit anon, she's not bright enough to realize that on her own

No. 105432

How long until she complains that the cottagecore community is "mean" and "bullying her" like she did with the Lolita community when she tried to shove her nose in there?

Side note she's already selling the Target "cottagecore" dresses on her depop and I have to laugh

No. 105435

This might be old news - but she deleted all her LARP videos?

No. 105572

She’s been deleting a bunch of stuff lately. I think someone asked her about it, and she comfirmed that Larp and Dacien Brats was privated.

Also, ah yes, cottage core is all a out video game controllers, battery operated Furby’s, and anime characters. All very Victorian era nature vacation, tbh. /sarcasm

It’s a cute pic otherwise, though.

No. 106143

File: 1595379291317.jpg (521.08 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200721-205339_Ins…)

The nose just seems really off to me. I just don't know what it is about it.

No. 106154

File: 1595383530665.png (11.31 MB, 1242x2208, 64E0F031-F63B-4FBA-8D9C-410986…)

Here comes the shift of daily content to prove “I’m so cottagecore guyezzz”. She posted a pic on her story a week ago(?) about how she uses a basket now instead of a purse…it didn’t make much sense to me before but damn she is constantly desperate to get into whatever community she is newly obsessed with.

It won’t let me post a video so here’s a screenshot pt 1 of her walking barefoot in a flowy dress

No. 106155

File: 1595383742029.png (9.91 MB, 1242x2208, 01A51CAF-9885-40AD-8A0B-8F75BA…)

Pt 2 panning up to show wherever the hell she is. She does realize this “cottage faerie” aesthetic doesn’t really work in LA right? Her lifestyle is literally the complete opposite of simple life and one with nature lol

No. 106163

Looks like Griffith observatory. Definitely very Victorian countryside to have a giant construction crane visible in the background d lol

No. 106165

File: 1595392481265.png (481.7 KB, 587x561, topkek.png)

The third picture is sending me

Cottagecore with those ginormous balloons? Think again honey.

Stick to your pink pastel anime vomit trash aesthetic, it's where you belong

No. 106166

File: 1595392543433.jpg (393.21 KB, 2048x1366, 3-3.jpg)

Larger photo for viewing purposes.

No. 106168

File: 1595392664868.jpg (228.6 KB, 2048x1366, 2-3.jpg)

This is the only nice pic because you can't see her godawful tattoos and her tits look a bit normal here

No. 106169

File: 1595392786064.jpg (470.3 KB, 1366x2048, 1-3.jpg)

Cottagecore for hobbits. This picture would have been nice if not for her sleeve

No. 106175

I've met Kelly at cons twice now and she is unbelievably stumpy and frumpy in real life (even more so than some people think), this photo does a pretty good job of showing it off

No. 106180

File: 1595400217506.png (143.63 KB, 322x266, Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 11.4…)

Am I crazy or are the bottoms of her feet black as fuck???? Nasty Kelly

No. 106184

The most authentic aspect of cottagecore in her style kek

No. 106194

I get that ppl are complaining about her damn feet but here she’s literally in nature and walking barefeet. Anon has never been to nature

No. 106196

Except you know her feet were filthy before she took off her clogs for nature content.

No. 106206

synthetic wigs are SO cottagecore

No. 106207

Do bedbugs count as barnyard animals?

No. 106216

Honestly if she just lost the giga boobs she'd look so much more proportionate and the dress wouldn't look like it was swallowing has as much.

No. 106217

That wig is horrible

No. 106231

Kelly: guys I bought this dress from target. I’m totally cottage core. My island in animal crossing has been cottage core this whole time too

No. 106244

Because the bridge is super wide between the eyes and then tapers off towards a teeny narrow tip. Which is not what a nose looks like.

No. 106262

The eyes look two different sizes and the crescent looks wonky as well.

No. 106265

We used to see dirty feet pictures from her just walking barefoot in her house, and she's walking on grass here, its not like its a dirt road. Besides, she's not on a 'nature walk uwu' she's posing for a photoshoot for 15 minutes.

No. 106274

Kelly is clearly at a manicured park of some sort? I hardly consider this “nature” my backyard has more wilderness in it. How do your feet get that dirty walking in fresh cut grass?

No. 106285

Kelly's feet are always absolutely filthy. Nobody knows why. They always look like that though. She even tweeted about it once, saying "My feet are always dirty" and it was screencapped in an old thread. She doesn't seem to mind.

No. 106292

It's actually kind of impressive how she manages that consistently. Her floors must be a nightmare. The poor dumb fools who bought her shoes on depop.

I remember one time she got a new rug and posted about it. When it showed up in a picture a month later it was just discolored with grime.

No. 106294

It's because she walks outdoors with no slippers on. She's shown that a lot in her vids like the period stained bedsheet fort ones. Then she walks into her house, eeuw

No. 106299

So now she wants to do cottagecore (and badly at it too)? She's so boring.

No. 106348

Her neighborbood is incredibly filthy. Fucking gross. You spend so much on shoes Kelly. Put them on before you step on a crackpipe.

No. 106359


The long blonde wig is admittedly very nice on her. But I suspect this is Kelly pivoting to tradwife mode in order to settle down with the dull stick insect.

No. 106366

Oh god. That implies breeding.

No. 106369

She doesn't even look cottagecore. She looks like a tradwife youthpastor who is trying to connect to the kids by telling them SHE was a rebel once, and now gets wild over jesus.

No. 106370

No. 106435

I was thinking offbrand princess at a roadside "themepark" that's just her, a junglegym, and a decrepid pony.

No. 106436

File: 1595537042073.jpg (614.36 KB, 1080x1695, 20200723_224309.jpg)

See, I was doing whimsical nature stuff THE WHOLE TIME!

This is just pathetic.

No. 106439

Kek I love it

No. 106448

She looks like Carole Baskin With that awful crown.

No. 106456


No. 106461

she's trying to retcon and say she was doing cottage core but really flower crowns were just basic bitch festival wear. and anything "cottagecore" was just her trying to fit in with lolita/kawaii culture. she has no roginal thought or personality

No. 106660

File: 1595646546869.jpeg (470.16 KB, 1242x1849, 40E5DC81-0475-4B59-AF2D-B74291…)

Okay, I know this isn’t 100% Kelly related, but due to her new obsession with cottagecore and the possible milk that may come from this I felt it deserves to be in this thread. Posted on IG 4 days ago is also Stephanie’s apparent new obsession with cottagecore…Part 1

No. 106662

File: 1595646670166.jpeg (435.45 KB, 1242x2208, 287CB082-4664-422F-83BD-B756FE…)

And part 2. I literally almost spit out my water when I read these captions. At this point idk who is copying who anymore.

No. 106664

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Steph tweeting about Cottagecore a few days before Kelly's obsession with it began?

No. 106677

These are just sad and grotesque. The caption is hilarious, though.

No. 106680

File: 1595656103233.jpg (541.57 KB, 1077x1339, Screenshot_20200725-154430_Ins…)

She looks like she's straining her neck too much, all though at least it's not as awful as Stephanie's pathetic attempt

No. 106681

I honestly wonder if she ever has deep regrets about how she's completely and utterly destroyed her self worth and dignity and overall appearance

No. 106695

It's not so much "cottagecore" as it is "truckstop prostitute in bumfuck town" core."

Also, anyone who thinks beekeeping is a simple hobby is entering a world of pain. Though she already looks grotesquely swollen, so who knows.

No. 106696

She looks like Beverly D'Angelo here. I mean Beverly now, not when she was young and hot.

Why did she even post this? It's a very unflattering pic. Wish she'd get her plastic bags removed already, they look so bad on her and make her look heavier.

No. 106697

no, opposite actually for once. kelly's been talking about cottagecore for a few months on twitch and liking tweets from a few of her friends who are into it now. she's just following them. steph only recently started talking about it though.

No. 106701

Not to WK either of them. But cottagecore has been all over social media for a while now and is especially popular with white women who have a limited experience of the actual countryside, disposable income and time, and like to construct their personalities around "aesthetics." It's basically the new "vaguely witchy and really into crystals."

So these two might very well just look to the same trend to fill the vacuum of their lives independently of each other.

No. 106726

This is so beyond Steph's actual personality from the videos I've seen. She's definitely a drama queen, high maintenence, fake plastic city girl. I dunno what has infected all the cows that they're posting about cottagecore now.

No. 106733

It's weird when you are in your thirties and you are contemplating moving to another city to fit your aesthetic.

No. 106799

can't wait for these cottagecore dipshits move to a rural town in bumfuck nowhere.
As someone who lives in the woods it's not as luxurious as it may seem.

No. 106805

I can 100% back you up on that, people like Kelly who are mainly city based are not going to adapt well to that kind of lifestyle, she would eventually start to feel isolated and become homesick really quickly

No. 106855

Kelly’s house was used in this uhhhh, TikTok rappers video. I know she’s just renting her house out for these shoots but man that’s your bed…

No. 106870

One word: ticks.

No. 106877

I feel like her house keeps getting rented by low budget LA. Like don't these people recognize the set when it keeps showing up in other nonexistent budget content? Or are they all just social removed enough from each other to not notice or do they not care?

No. 106905

That shit is fucking terrible. I wish this didn’t exist.

No. 106960

Makes me wonder if Kelly is into DDlg (wouldn't be surprised if she jumped into that wagon too)

No. 106995

Kinda hard to sub when you can break your twig partner just by sitting on them

No. 107016

File: 1595861993456.jpeg (297.13 KB, 1125x836, 0C336BE0-54CA-4D9D-95EF-8D438B…)


No. 107022

So curious how she would ever be approved without having steady income.

No. 107061

Trust funds

No. 107098

How are those student loans coming along Kelly?

No. 107138

File: 1595928229454.jpg (180.71 KB, 1456x1456, ava.jpg)

Straight up thought this pic of Ava Phillippe was Kelly at first glance. Wonder if she'd look like this if she didn't mess wiht her face so much and take care of her body.

Do you think it's weird to her that she went from Steph to Stef? Kek. Read she's trying to move to Sacramento or stay in LA. Really bad of her to be trying to buy a house with a guy she's only been with for a year. It's going to blow up in both of their faces

No. 107141

Kelly has always looked like Reese Witherspoon. Both a blonde blue eyed white women with gigantic chins.

No. 107158

Jesus Christ this was painful to watch. Wonder when she'll hop on the ddlg trend when she realizes neither lolitas nor the cottagecore comms want her

No. 107368

File: 1596077461275.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1125x2010, 5662ADF4-BD6B-486C-A3B2-84E4BD…)

I guess all that Liposuction on her legs has gone to waste she looks the same now as before

No. 107372

As expected. Everyone knew she would gain the weight back and be left with a fat, lumpy body

No. 107405

Is that her arm?

No. 107438

File: 1596130236712.jpg (224.71 KB, 1367x2048, EduHTfmXoAY2Mwd.jpg)

Is she prego?

No. 107441

Looks like a pretty normal stomach fat bulge (exaggerated with the dress's waist) but for the sake of any potential baby, I hope she's not.

No. 107456

Yoooo wild card. Maybe that’s why she’s in Colorado… to tell her family. Also would explain why they are house hunting right after putting in all that work finishing that room.

No. 107459

Pregnancies dont ride that low. That's the ruffle of the dress. If anything shes visiting family to get that $$$ to buy a house

No. 107464

those are obviously yoga pants

No. 107468

Dude no
>>107456 You’re pretty desperate huh

No. 107470

Nah. Just gossiping on a gossip thread lmao

No. 107474

Looks more like weird editing, look at that wibbly forearm.

Though baby with stick insect is not such a wild theory if you remember his Instagram pick-up line was something about wanting to put a prince in her belly?? I can't be bothered to dig that up but it's in an earlier thread around the time they first met.

No. 107521

Nitpick but she's wearing the wrong bra size.

No. 107522


Shes also wearing the wrong boob size lmao

No. 107531

Its a sundress with layers and its windy.

No. 107627

File: 1596272633479.jpg (470.02 KB, 1080x1263, 20200801_110327.jpg)

She looks straight up terrifying here.

No. 107636

Unless her stickly boyfriend loves those fake tits, she should get them removed - all they've done since she got them is make her look stocky and chubby.

No. 107642

Looks like one of those awful toddler and tiara edits aged up. kek

No. 107654

She really looks like she belongs on a cheap airbrushed romance novel cover, no wonder her picture did get used for one. This photo looks like it was taken in 1982.

No. 107664

She looks like the ghost of dignity past.

No. 107684

I'd watch the Witch movie/tv series she's starring in here.

No. 107690

I've noticed that she doesn't shill Wave anymore. Probably because she butchered herself and gained the weight back anyway.

Agree. They really weigh her down and make her look heavy no matter how much lipo she gets. They don't fit her frame.

No. 107714

File: 1596321675738.jpg (936.2 KB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20200801-154124_Ins…)

Nasty ass rug

No. 107757

I get why she wants to move. Her nasty ass crib works as a backdrop for trashy photoshoots and music videos. But I could see it getting depressing to spend years in a place that looks cute from a distance but is actually grungy with shitty paintjobs everywhere. Kelly's eternally black feet on everything probably doesn't help. I wonder if she still keeps Toshi in that paint fume nightmare box.

No. 107798

Yes. But any new house she and the lovetwig move into will be just as bad in a matter of weeks.

No. 107859

i stg if she moves to sacramento she’ll get eaten alive. she’ll be completely out of place here. too fake, nasty, and obnoxious.

No. 107862

ugh i forgot to sage fml

No. 107878

Why are there globs of red paint on the bottom of the table? Is that supposed to be like nail polish? It makes it look so trashy omg

No. 107890

Toshi looks so dirty smh poor pup

No. 107910

Kelly’s new video about Cakeland (an art installation in la’s Chinatown) has the comments turned off. At first I thought maybe she did it because she didn’t want people calling her out about Dahvie, but as I finished the video, she talks about getting high off of attention. So now idk why this has been turned off the comments lmao

No. 107911

This is an image board.

No. 107912

No. 107913

Damn chill I didn’t put the video because it’s boring, the only interesting thing was that the comments were turned off.

No. 107916

LA is a covid hotspot. She probably didn't want to get called out for taking frivolous trips.

No. 107917

Naw. The art installation she is seeing is promoting racial equality and Kelly "red armband at a nazi camp" Eden doesn't want people pointing out her own actions.

No. 107931

File: 1596483434321.jpg (379.06 KB, 1080x1488, 20200803_213645.jpg)

Comments are on for this video. What are you even talking about?

No. 107936

They were turned on literally 2 hours ago.

No. 107937

Anon, she posted this video early this morning and she must’ve read our speculation. Go white knight someone who cares.

No. 107998

What is so funny to me is how toned down she is in this video. She really is a chameleon and acts like the people she is around. Now that she is isolated with lovetwig she speaks all philosophical and at a normal tone than before when she was constantly screeching in public places and making obnoxious airhorn sounds, disturbing everyone in her presence. I wonder if kelly even knows who she is anymore?

No. 108001

When did she ever know? She's been mimicking and leeching off those around her forever. Kelly Eden doesn't exist as her own person. That's why she tries to latch onto something and force it on everybody so she can make that word or thing associated with her. Latest example, cottagecore. Take a shot everytime she's used it in the past two weeks and you'll be dead. It's also why she was highly threatened by anybody wanting to dye their hair pink in her friend circle and why she keeps going back to it when trying new colors. It's the only thing she's managed to associate with herself, even though she totally ripped it from Audrey Kitching and Jeffree Star. Look at how many times she's claimed to be copied by anyone who dared draw or use a pink haired girl in anything and you'll see (e.g. the Disney fiasco)

No. 108362

Kelly’s tattoos get reviewed by Inked. The artists love them. One artist talks about how he loved her paintings back in the day and would like to see more art from her. Interesting video.(imageboard)

No. 108377

Obviously they’re going to kiss her ass considering they put her on their cover multiple times. How is this milk?

No. 108380

seconding the fact that of course inked of all places is going to hype her up but also it really felt like they were talking about a person who doesn't exist anymore, a tattoo model who did 'good' paintings and youtube videos. what resemblance does that bear to her now

No. 108391

They are talking about her career, which no longer exist. She’s holding to the last scraps of it. Can’t understand how people consider her an “influencer” if she barely has people to influence besides Lina.

No. 108392

one of the guys said that she must be “making numbers” (I think???) on YT. she WISHES kek

No. 108425

File: 1596886270919.png (2.73 MB, 1792x828, 7A68F037-78D8-43EE-9FE1-508809…)

I know it’s been discussed that she has dirty feet always and says it’s her “brand” but holy shit.

No. 108469

HOOOOW do they get so dirty??? she does walk barefoot to the grocery store?? how many weeks have to go by without cleaning your floors or washing yourself have to go back for your feet to be BLACK?

No. 108484

She walks around barefoot outside her apartment as shown by many of her vlogs most notably the period sheets fort

No. 108494

She has wood floors that she never mops and she doesn't wear socks or slippers inside.

No. 108525

She also has a dog. I love dogs, but they drag a lot of dirt inside. Especially longhaired dogs, even more so if you don't keep up with their bathing and grooming.

Toshi is supposed to be a white pom. But in a lot of photos you can see how dirty he is. Not saying dogs need to be perfectly spitless all the time. They should be allowed to run around and play in the dirt. It just means some extra work for the owner. Clearly, Kelly isn't doing it.

No. 108604

No wonder her white/pink rugs are BLACK. They look like a used rug in a frat house.

No. 108625

I have a dog and a garden but I also wash my feet, like that's 1-2 days of literal dirt just sitting there. Kinda gross, Kelly.

Kelly has a studio AND a high-ceiling apartment, I don't know why she doesn't just make some huge paintings as she did in the past, to get some attention. She could even go viral nowadays. Her main income seems to be renting out the dollhouse.

No. 108838

Yup, it seemed like she wanted to lean into "fine art"/gallery standard content and just…didn't. Her Cakeland review was a weird tryhard attempt to make connections without fully rebranding from the tattoo dollhouse crap. She could do painting tutorials via Patreon and make bank.

No. 108883

She’s lazy.

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