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File: 1531229119125.jpeg (439.74 KB, 2048x2048, A8A0143B-F311-4631-B137-09A150…)

No. 5268

Last thread reached the bump limit. >>550456

What's recently happened
>Finally got her boob(botch) job that looks horrible

>Was humiliated up and down Twitter by men laughing at how bad her breast augmentation turned out

>pretending to be half Japanese

>lies about going to Michelin 5 star restaurant and was caught

>cannot stop lying

>lightening skin tone and extreme photoshop

>Fetishizes underaged asian girls and is pretending to be Asian

>Escort website was taken down

>Posted a long statement about Amina accusing her of running every blog or post against her, just came off as catty.

>Tried to work 6 days after her breast surgery until other escorts called her out.

>Claimed to take work off but is currently in Nebraska Hoeing

>Moved to Dallas with fellow scammer hooker called Kitty

>Photoshopping her skin tone and nose more and more often lately

>Changed escort name to Daisy B but used to be called Bunny Spears , Himeka, Momo

>Actively catfishes and scams her escort customers but changes her name to evade being caught

>Falls for men head over heels and becomes bitter from it.

>met a dom on fetlife who she almost gave $3,000 but he dropped her because she wouldn’t lose weight.

>Fell for Simon Benson but he dropped her because she couldn’t lose weight.

>has been a lolcow since she was a teenager, posting CP of herself. Claiming anyone saying anything was ~jealous~

>Was caught here multiple times by admins doxxing herself to make lolcow look bad, talking trash about her younger sister and came here to try and ruin Amina

>lies and calls herself a porn starlette despite her only claim to fame being an ashy parody porn she begged a Japanese company to make

> claims to be a ~whittle girl~ but is ballooning by the day and is nearly 200 pounds now

Social Media

http://candygirl1997.tumblr.com/ (nsfw)

http://twitter.com/br4ttitude (private account for shit talking)

Escort website:
http://Meetdaisy.net (Now defunct)


She tends to change the names of her pages often so be sure to keep an eye on this thread if you can find one of her pages

No. 5269

File: 1531229161510.png (69.74 KB, 260x275, 8BFD2B24-4592-4BF8-9B59-37FE3C…)

Second contender for thread photo

No. 5270

File: 1531229362564.jpeg (20.88 KB, 179x275, 287A1FF5-322A-477A-B270-7B556D…)

No. 5271

to the anon in the last thread who asked if her nips were ripped off and sewn back on

when they do lifts they have to change the placement of the nipples, so yeah they basically did https://www.plasticsurgery.org/cosmetic-procedures/breast-lift

that's why it's so important to do proper aftercare and why angela's gonna regret being so retarded about it. she fucked herself over. anons weren't being flippant about them rotting off it could honestly happen https://www.plasticsurgery.org/cosmetic-procedures/breast-lift/safety

No. 5272

Here's a far better summary. I usually post the new threads but I wait until it's at about 1190 before making a thread. Added all of her names too

Aliases: HoneyKittenMomo, Hime, Himeka, Bunny, Bunny Spears, Daisy Baby

Real Name: Angela Williams

What's Happened So Far

>Posted a wall of text bashing Amina in Micky's thread

>Made a tumblr blog to try and make Amina look bad

>Posted said blog on her own thread

>Got caught red handed shitting on her sister and creating the fake Amina blog in her thread when the Admin revealed which posts were hers

>Was kicked out of her mother's house when her sister told their mom about her nsfw blog

>After moving into her Grandma's broom closet her delusion of grandeur got worse

>Traded nudes for people to do her homework for her. Even though she claims to be super intelligent.

>Claimed to be dating a "super important, super handsome, super rich" guy but never posted his face

>Rich guy most likely never existed as she continued talking about other guys she was fooling around with despite him being "her man".

>Posted a picture of some random dude fingering her yeast infected vagina.

>Says her dad gave her a mansion but it turns out she's living in a rental vacation home

>Was "employed" under Simon Benson

>Filmed one AV in Japan before being booted by Simon

>Moved from Miami to back to her mom's her place

>Started an escort website to try and make money

>Failed to get clients and had to sell herself for cheap on Backpage

>Claimed to have another video coming up with an American porn company

>Turns around and then claims it's not happening

>Desperately seeking money to get augmentation

>Was tricked by a Dom to give him money and then promptly dumped

>Moved to Texas to live with her friend

>Her and said friend try to get clients via Twitter

>Seemingly have failed

>Friend came to Whiteknight and got banned

>Bought views for their lives on Periscope

>Periscopes were boring and they barely engaged their audience

>Flew to Florida for breast augmentation surgery

>Claimed it was going to be done by a highly rated surgeon

>In reality it was done by a back alley quack

>Both return with Frankentits

>Angela's looks far worse but depsite this she tries to advertise for more clients

>Get blasted by various people on Twitter

>Ignores everyone who says to wait and sue for the botched job

>Runs off to her locked Twitter account and Tumblr

>Says some shit about Amina on her locked account

>Amina finds out and blasts her

>Angela gets salty and acts like she has dirt

>Her evidence is Amina warning Kitty about Angela's bullshit and Angela repeating shit Jrcach said about Amina

>Deletes it all out of fear

>Is now lying about her ethnicity and existence of a Sugar Daddy to get clients in Nebraska.

Other Things About Her

>Amina is her trigger

>tends to try and whiteknight herself or derail her threads

>backstabbing is her favorite hobby

>besties with Micky, despite Micky calling her a cheap whore

>loves to lie about any and everything

>can't type properly for shit and has abysmal spelling

>thinks creepy DD/LG shit constitutes as "cute porn"

>doesn't care at all about victims of sex trafficking is only concerned with trying to make money from Backpage posts

>went bat shit when her blogs got deleted because tumblr is her life

>not beneath throwing friends and family under the bus to make herself look good.

>has been posting nudes since she was 14

>claims to have been sexually abused by her father

>claims everyone here are jealous haters, even though there's nothing to hate.

>considers everything posted here to be "made up stories"

>likes to Photoshop herself

>lightens her skin in photos

>wears foundation ten shades lighter than her actual complexion

Social Media

candygirl1997.tumblr.com/ (nsfw)


https://twitter.com/br4ttitude locked


Escort Page
https://www.meetdaisy.net possibly deleted

She tends to change the names of her pages often so be sure to keep an eye on this thread if you can find one of her pages

Just like Micky, Himeka likes to delete her posts to cover her tracks. Be sure to archive and screenshot everything

No. 5273

Still fucking love this so much

No. 5274

Should someone remake the thread with this as the OP instead or no?

No. 5275

I'll do it.

No. 5276

Move the discussion here


No. 5277

I’m sorry but the “what’s happened so far” should have recent things that have happened in the beginning. I don’t see the point in posting the same thing for the past three threads

No. 5278

I'm not changing it. People prefer it that way. Easily summarizes the important stuff without having newbies needing to sift through several threads.

No. 5279

The thread is fine as is. New threads should have minimal old drama in the OP and new drama point by point with a link to the previous thread (or links to all previous threads, it's up to the poster).

No. 5280

Ok so this is the official thread

No. 5281

Yeah, unfortunately. The OP could use some work. The twitter is outdated, her eros page is missing and some of the noted stuff could be removed. Just use >>5272 or the link for the other thread.

No. 5282

No admin said this is the thread. We don’t need shit from 3 years ago in the OP right away

No. 5283

I'm talking about reading the OP of the other thread or reading >>5272 to catch up. Pretty sure nobody wants to wade through all the unnecessary posts in the previous threads just to read the new one.
Also that stuff isn't from 3 years ago. Like I said, they neglected to put her info for her locked account and main account on Twitter. As well as her eros account.

No. 5284

quit sperging the links are already in this thread

No. 5285

No one is sperging. And the links were added after the fact.

No. 5286

File: 1531358651295.png (95.33 KB, 608x556, uUqf5M1.png)

>going 2 an posh hotel
>im 2 generous

Spot the lies.

No. 5287

Posh hotel, sorta like the "5 star" restaurant, right?

Wasn't she outted for hoing in Omaha right now? She's probably just in the public hottub at whatever middle grade holiday inn her "sugar daddy" is staying at for his "business trip".

No. 5288

She lost 60% of her twitter followers to the bot purge. Just more proof that she buys followers ( twitter.com/xodaisybaby)

No. 5289

What was her total before the purge ?

No. 5290

File: 1531572227937.jpeg (523.27 KB, 2048x2048, 1523697073597.jpeg)

from the last thread

No. 5291

14K. Now it's 7,066.

No. 5292

Summary of Angela right now.

Catfishing on her escort profiles by saying she is BLASIAN

Also seems to be copying Amina on her escort profiles by saying she

1. can speak Japanese
2. is ''highly educated''
3. is a ''pro submissive''

Maybe the third is a reach but didn't she always portray herself as a sex-mad bimbo? Now she's all submissive uwu… kek

Finally realised her boobs look like shit and deleted every pic of her frankentits off her twitter.

No. 5293

File: 1531664779333.png (189.07 KB, 415x527, 04935409530.PNG)

No. 5294

File: 1531664828669.jpeg (74.63 KB, 640x985, 1531171376280.jpeg)

No. 5295

File: 1531664841109.jpeg (128.25 KB, 640x824, 1531171439647.jpeg)

No. 5296

she's def a catfish but not by lying about her ethnicity, a lot of black escorts embellish their ethnic background to sound more "exotic" and also bc a lot of men are only interested in mixed-race black women. it's not really catfishing just a poor marketing strategy imho but she's gotta do something looking like she does. isn't she nigerian? like girl embrace that, west african women are gorgeous. so sad to see her trying so hard to imitate the culture and style asian women but never she shows any appreciation for women from her own culture smh

No. 5297

Nah. Plenty of white dudes and non black dudes have fetishes for black women and find dark skin women 'exotic'. Angela could take advantage of that and make soo much money. But instead she's finna lie and copy others doing this kawaii weeb shit that doesn't even suit her.

No. 5298

and as true as that may be, men who are prejudiced against black women, esp. dark-skinned black women are still much more common. guys who fetishize black women will always be a minority group and they are even rarer in the escorting lifestyle. i agree that she should take full advantage of that niche and pick a market in which she actually has value but she's really not business-minded enough to know how to navigate this industry as a dark-skinned black woman, she desperately needs to rebrand

No. 5299

Tbh though, who is going to give Angela the time of day even if she claims to be part-Asian? We can all see her face.

No. 5300

Lying about being mixed only works if you actually could pass for mixed. A lot of Asian escorts lie saying they’re white and Asian or if they’re Chinese they’ll lie and say they’re Japanese for marketing. Again this only works if it’s believable. Angela is 110% African and cannot pass for anything but it. She’s the darkest shade on the scale so lying about being asian is just stupid. A lot of black escorts lie about being Native American which also looks just as dumb. This only works if a girl is brown skin or light skin with “different” features. Angela just needs to market herself as a dark skin chocolate ebony escort. Yes it’s cringe worthy but she’ll most likely get more black fetish white guys and it’ll help her business.
She’s shooting herself in the foot because of pride. It’s not shocking though considering she hates being black herself. 99% of the girls she posts are blonde skinny white Girls, she claimed Amina only got chances in japan because of “affirmative action” and she called black men niggers and said she hated them on Tumblr. Angela is delusional but sadly she doesn’t want to be black and thinks she can pass as Asian.

No. 5301

If she was business minded she would DROP the teen bimbo shit and market herself as a big titty sex minx black dark girl. Plenty of men will like this esp in the south. The thing about business isn’t “doing what you love” it’s learning what a market demand is based on your body type and looks and supplying it. The reason why she’s broke is because she’s trying to force a niche nobody wants.

No. 5302

>Amina only got chances in japan because of “affirmative action”
Fucking what? Any receipts of that? I'm dying, holy shit. Affirmative action for idols uwu.

No. 5303

File: 1531743171283.png (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 640x1136, 4E9EFDC1-6B64-4C64-BEAE-58940F…)

Someone asked for a no makeup photo and she posted this lol. She’s obviously stopped posting photos of her horrid tits because this is an old pic . Also if you thought she was ugly with makeup look at her face now. She played herself by posting this.

No. 5304

You never saw that? In her recent “drags” as well as other posts about Amina she said she only won some shit weeb awards and was in an actual idol group was because “Japanese don’t wanna seem anti black” and because of “affirmative action in japan”
Angela is racist as hell and has serious self hating issues. Someone needs to tell her that Japan doesn’t give a fuck about being PC. Her comments don’t sound far off from a racist hillbilly or jrcach. Not shocking she has so much self hate, same as kitty who uses makeup 10 shades lighter and claims to be Latina. I’ll try and find the post

No. 5305

File: 1531750683299.jpeg (86.66 KB, 640x803, 28054C9C-2708-4B66-89A7-0F10E0…)

Someone record this cringe fest

No. 5306

Honestly, she probably got that info from jrarch himself. Even though that clearly wasn't the case. The fact is ok with saying that about another black girl is sad, but not surprising. She's the type who doesn't like to share the spotlight. Even with Kitty, she still tries to best her.

No. 5307

I second this. Someone record it.

No. 5308

why is her nose so greasy?

No. 5309

File: 1531788841884.png (74.81 KB, 599x616, classy.png)

Looking extra busted without makeup. Even the filter can't help.

I wonder how bad her tits have gotten that she has both deleted all the photos off of twitter and is only posting old photos now?

Also fullkek at this recent post. Her "safe place" is CVS or Chili's. High class escort material right here.

No. 5310

File: 1531812601786.png (35.73 KB, 589x299, tRvCZds.png)


No. 5311

lol what big things does Angela have going on? Going to Nebraska???

No. 5312

File: 1531845547276.jpg (164.69 KB, 1079x666, Screenshot_20180717-123530_Twi…)

I wonder what she's talking about this time. Also, her main page has taken another dip in followers. She's down to 6,950. I wonder how far down it'll go before it hits real followers.

No. 5313

sounds like they're talking about underaged anime characters?? maybe?

No. 5314

Weird considering Angela always posts gross ass lolicon shit on her blogs.

No. 5315

File: 1531862007513.jpg (972.23 KB, 810x2733, Screenshot_20180717-171211_Tum…)


Their breasts look like botched pecs now. Lol

No. 5316

File: 1531862031146.jpg (324.52 KB, 929x1278, fe4c16ac-9eeb-4589-870d-493b25…)

No. 5317

File: 1531862044953.jpg (289.93 KB, 758x1280, 41852167-60c8-48a7-80b4-bd5683…)

No. 5318

her poor boobs

No. 5319


How the fuck do you look at this shit and go "yes that looks sexy I'll post this on the internet". Like, how absolutely unhinged from reality do you have to be.

No. 5320

File: 1531862763431.png (558.07 KB, 460x455, acne.png)

Honestly, Kitty's boobs don't look horrible here, they look like they've dropped now and aren't so weird, round, and hard looking? Angela's though, we all know about the horrendous scars she's hiding and the shape still isn't much better. I wonder if she's salty that Kitty's boobs are now so much bigger than her's?

They both are looking beefier than ever too, did they put on more weight?

Also, can we pause for a sec and acknowledge the grotesque amounts of chest acne Angela is exposing here? Her cleavage looks as bad as Shay's vagina.

No. 5321


Imagine how bad that must look in real life if it's visible through like ten layers of filters.

No. 5322

Is…is that a bald spot in Kitty's wig?

No. 5323

It's an overplucked part. She should watch sone youtube videos on making a wig look natural because she looks goofy af right now.

No. 5324

Probably talking about the She-Ra reboot and the people complaining about the redesign.

No. 5325

File: 1531888358443.gif (230.18 KB, 220x180, backrolls.gif)

jesuschrist angela buy some clothes your size for once, this looks beyond horrid

No. 5326

My god, they're awful
Kittys are somewhat passable, but Angelas are an absolute wreck…

They look waaaaaaaay too much like a body builders pecks than actual tits and they seem to be breaking out all over. They're not settling down, they're just stuck like that looking..botched. She seriously ruined her tits which were the only thing she had going for her

No. 5327

I don't know if I would go as far as to say her previous boobs are the only thing she had going for her. They weren't great either, but at least they looked somewhat feminine and weren't covered in horrific looking scars.

Crazy to think her old flapjacks were way better than what she has now paid thousands to have.

kek. Remember when she was claiming recently she's a size XS?

No. 5328

lel lookin like the jersey shore meatballs here

No. 5329

they wear the tackiest, ugliest shit they can find. how did she suddenly have a flare up of acne on them so soon??

lol was kitty looking ugly in the first pic, what's with the sticker?

No. 5330

Is it just the angle or do Angela's bolt ons look like they're way too high? Not dropping at all and obviously her body's angry with all those zits all over them.

No. 5331

They both have the same refrigerator body type. Bulging torso, linebacker shoulders, flabby chicken wing arms, and stumpy fat legs. Same hip out pose to give the illusion of curves.

Except Angela has horrible Frankentitties with festering, leaking scars and sewn up areolas. At least "Kitty"'s plastic breasts have dropped and look more proportional.

No. 5332

Yeah, they both have similar, unfortunate proportions. Short, stocky, with little natural curves when they aren't throwing their backs out to fake an ass. You would think being as chubby as they are, they'd have some kind of booty, but neither of them have much in the way of a decent hip to waist ratio or an ass to thigh/hip ratio either.

I think Kitty could be alright if she lost some weight? Angela really fucked herself with those botched bolt ons though, I don't think there's any fixing that mess.

No. 5333

File: 1532004080031.jpg (343.03 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20180719-083812_Tum…)


She's going to get clowned for her gross breasts once she starts to cam. I can't wait. Lol

No. 5334

i already feel sorry for her tbh

No. 5335

This bitch brought that outfit from dollskill kek Why is she trying to be a lolicon wtf?

No. 5336

She's always trying to be some erokawaii black Britney Spears oppai loli or whatever. She needs to simmer down, and lose some weight. It'd be best if she just did the IG baddie dark skin girl thing, and maybe incorporated small amounts of "erokawaii" and early 2000s inspiration into her look. Can't she just go to Sephora or MAC and let one of the stylists there work on her so she understands her range?

No. 5337

if Kitty was a real friend she would tell her the same thing

No. 5338

In a few years her tits are going to look like Tiffany Pollard did on that episode of botched. They’re wayyy too big for her and since they were already saggy before it won’t be long before they’re past her belly button.

No. 5339

When did she get her tits done? It looks like her stitches may have spit around her right nip and that’s whats making that scary scar, and it doesn’t look like she’s been staying in her post-op bra?? Like…that’s supposed to be essentially 24/7 for the first 6 weeks. But ok Angela. They also don’t look like they’ve dropped much despite tumblrites saying they look “natural already” it rly doesn’t look like it’s been long at all - hence the “botched pec” look. She should have just gotten a reduction/lift and major lipo.

No. 5340

She was back to escorting like 2 weeks post op

No. 5341

Sage for ot, but it's funny that you treat prostitutes like celebrities lol

No. 5342

>and it doesn’t look like she’s been staying in her post-op bra??
You're correct, she told everyone straight up right away that she hasn't worn it at all.

No. 5343

She’s been notorious since stamina rose days though

No. 5344

She didn't start off a prostitute, read the other threads.

No. 5345

So does anyone remember how Angela said Amina supposedly contacted her school and told them she was selling child porn as a minor? I don’t know if Amina did that but am I the only one who doesn’t see the problem in that? Like if my kid was a minor and selling porn of themselves to pedos I’d want someone on the internet to tell me. Does everyone remember the post I’m referencing?

No. 5346

File: 1532033761653.jpeg (96.72 KB, 640x770, DEBE554F-5374-4BB0-931E-9256C0…)

Stained clothes? Busted unit? Has she seen her latest wig? Her mutilated chest? Lmao these bitches have such a strong vendetta

No. 5347

Why is she camming if so many porn companies want to work with her?

No. 5348

funny how in this post she doesn't sound like the ~uwu kawaii loli bimbo~ she's so desperately trying to be

No. 5349

She still hasn’t said anything Amina has done to her other than supposedly tell her parents she was selling porn to pedos. She’s totally bitter tbh. Everything Angela has attempted she’s fell flat on her face

No. 5350

No. 5351

File: 1532045441238.jpg (115.65 KB, 720x1113, _20180720_011002.JPG)

Wow at this Photoshop…

No. 5352

File: 1532048128071.png (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 998x1346, frankentits.png)

I remember when she was all like ~*~ uwu waiting for them to drop and fluff!!!!~*~ but here we are a month later, and the best images she has on her prostitution site still show her rotting nipples and frozen, hard, breasts that look like he-man's pecs.

guess the dropping and fluffing didn't happen. bitch is botched as hell.

No. 5353

I don't understand why she wanted to show them off so quickly wit the scars. She should've at least worn lingerie to cover the incisions while they healed if she still wanted to take pics.

No. 5354

And think. The photos are after layers upon layers of intense photoshop and filters and lighting and angles. I would hate to see what they look like IRL.

Her and Kitty both were off twitter for a while. Wouldn’t be shocked if Angela had a major break down. They also stopped doing twitter streams because everyone called Angela ugly lmao

No. 5355

She should copy Aminas escort page and just take pics in nice underwear to cover the scars at this point. Esp if she wants to do the whole "cute submissive, highly educated" escort thing. Does she really think those pics look good…

No. 5356

File: 1532050216675.png (120.01 KB, 275x275, E3C58780-4035-48E8-92D5-4BB44A…)

Every professional photo she’s had looks horrible so she would never.

No. 5357

She’s also camming now because she can control lighting, angles and catfish easier than IRL escort meets. Her website has been shut down for a while so not surprised if she gave up after her botch job. Only a matter of time before she fails at camming. It’ll be hilarious tho

No. 5358

Lol she's projecting real hard. Amina doesn't have stained clothes and her hair is ok, even if she wears a little too far back. Angela is making her jealousy real obvious.

I know what you're talking about. She blamed Amina when in reality it was a PULL user. I think their name was Pancake or some shit. It was on PULL 1.0 iirc.

No. 5359

Aside from that stupid face and the back rolls this honestly looks better than all the selfies she's put on twitter with the dumb weeb clothes and makeup four shades too light

No. 5360

I don’t believe in cow tipping but I don’t understand why she’s saying contacting a minor’s guardians if the minor is in danger is “toxic”??? Even though it didn’t do anything I’m personally glad that PULL user contacted her family and school. Shame on adults who let children sell CP. why does Angela think this is ok? Or was ever ok?

Her face looks unattractive in this photo. With makeup she’d be a low 6 at best. Definitely not worth the $300 an hour she charges when you can get a thin pretty girl with a good attitude for probably the same prices. A rich guy isn’t gonna go for her, she knows that which is why she catfishes with selfies and lies about being mixed.

No. 5361

Angela said she hasn’t done porn despite “being asked by oh so many companies!!!” Because she “doesn’t feel ready” yet she was ready to make the ashy Japanese bbw porn, ready to go back to hoeing after 5 days a major surgery and ready to do camming with her frankentits. Sure jan

No. 5362

She could finesse rich white men tho by taking advantage of white men who have fetishes for bbws and black women. She just stupid. Why would anyone want a mixed blasian that just looks like a fat black? Might as well go for the guys that DO want fat black women.

No. 5363

Exactly. She hates black leople though and called black men niggers many a times. She rather portray herself as an underage Japanese tiny gravure Loli lmao

No. 5364

That shit didn't even work for Amina who could pass as mixed with something. That's why her escort site is all in your face "EBONY ESCORT, BLACK GIRL ESCORT" now to appeal to old white men. Not trying to derail just wondering how tf Angela thought his would work for her when even Amina has given up on the weeb/idol aesthetic. She needs to stop being stuck in the past. 2014 is over

No. 5365

I'm actually mad at Angela bc she could make so much money. Do u know how many white boys lust after bbws and black girls in general. Especially in the South! She could be making bank but she's too stupid to use her damn brain.

No. 5366

She hates being black anon. She went to an all white private school most of her life and got made fun of for being super dark. That’s why she’s obsessed with old white men and teen white girls. Plus she’s African and looks down on black Americans. She won’t ever market herself as black because she hates being Nigerian and dark

No. 5367

Omg she went to private school and this is how she's ended up in life?

No. 5368

Going to a private school when 99.9% of the population is white while you are black does some shit to your psyche.

No. 5369

File: 1532153485336.jpg (80.12 KB, 1080x317, Screenshot_20180721-020001_Tum…)


Angela, your breasts shouldn't look like pecs and the scars shouldn't look like they do after a month. Your shit is fucked up and inflamed. You need to fix it.

No. 5370

Kek what did SHE expect. Is she really delusional to the point where she thinks her mutilated titties would win everyone over and she'd stop getting ~haters~?

Anyways, it's just downhill from here. There's no fixing this disaster. Nice self-sent asks though Angela.

No. 5371

I feel sorry for her, she's being so foolish and delusional. She basically got a boob job for likes, shares and attention and is mad it backfired.

No. 5372

File: 1532166750800.jpeg (24.36 KB, 634x250, 4BAA52C3-7DEE-42FC-82BE-8F1DC7…)

Basically she’s lying about being asian and fetishizing asian children for profit

No. 5373

Angela, I don't think you realize some of us have had procedures done to our breasts too, me being one of them. No, after a month they are not perfect. But yours are botched and you took care of them poorly at the most important time where you literally had 0 space to mess around. The twitter and tumblr likes should have been the last thing on your mind. You shouldnt have been letting them loose to take pics or baths or whatever else you were doing and now you'll have permanent damage because of that. Overall, your own vanity actually made you uglier in irreversible ways.

Your tits look like pecs with the most unnatural scarring possible and it's entirely your fault. At no point will they ever look natural again.

No. 5374

Sage for slight irrelevance, but given that she's apparently not been wearing her recovery bras and fucking soaked in a hot tub the day after her surgery, how has she not gotten a huge infection yet? Is she out from the clear from infection now?

No. 5375

I thought she was fully Nigerian

No. 5376

"I shouldn't have shown u my tities"
No shit Angela.

She should have laid low and recovered. Then when they were healed she could have shown them off. She legit must've been pressed about the saggy boob comments on here so instantly wanted to show off as a 'fuck u' to this thread. And look how painfully its backfired for her. I pity her at this point.

No. 5377

Doesn’t matter. She’s 100% Black and not asian

No. 5378

I want to pity her but her ass got herself in this mess. She always does. She never listens to anyone and watch in a couple of years when she's on Botched. She's gunna whine about how no one told her about aftercare or about what she was doing was wrong. Just like she said about sending nudes while she was a minor.

No. 5379

It’s kind of disgusting. I hope her tits don’t rot off or something.

Either way, she’s a horrible person tbh. So I don’t feel bad for her much. She has serious mental health issues and general toxicity she needs to fix before going out and being botched

No. 5380

File: 1532253977622.jpg (251.58 KB, 1278x1197, f46c0307-f28b-40b7-a2ec-b3f50e…)

No. 5381

File: 1532254300383.jpg (1.77 MB, 2560x1920, 18-07-22-06-09-48-192_deco.jpg)

Compared to a genuine candid of her, it looks like a totally different person.

No. 5382

She’s getting really fat too. She wears makeup three shades lighter and abuses the blur tool so not shocking

No. 5383

What the actual fuck. She paid all that money for man-pecs and left her shnozz so bad that she photoshops the shit out of it still?? If you hate your nose that much, shouldnt that have been the bigger priority over tits you didnt even need? She's literally catfishing with how different she shoops her face

No. 5384

Girl……… even in her own picture right here >>5303 shows that she doesn't look like this jesus.

No. 5385

She could have used the money she spent on boobs for a nose job and skin bleaching, not saying being dark skin is a problem but it is for her. The tits would have sorted themselves out if she would just put down the fork. She also needs to stop with this escorting crap, she's young enough where she can still bounce back from this and get a respectable job.

No. 5386

>> Bounce back
I-I don't think so. She doesn't have a stable home, her mom kicked her out and disowned her. I doubt Kitty will keep her for that long. And her doing 9-5?? And showing up on time and dressed accordingly? Never.

No. 5387

She has no education, no respect and has a horrible attitude. There’s no 9-5 she would be able to do that would pay as much as escorting even if she barely gets customers.

Kitty only keeps her around because Angela has some leverage on her. Everyone in angela’s Life stays around her because she has some leverage or something on them.

No. 5388

File: 1532267283064.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, 71ED5DEA-EFF0-4C87-B59C-031CEE…)

Even with the photoshop she doesn’t look attractive. She’s decent but not cute. Her nose is super wide and her face is starting to remind me of her fat sis Bibi

No. 5389

At least we can all agree compared to her sister she is the cuter one. Which really doesn't say much.

No. 5390

Also she has makeup on her lip and wearing super light ashy foundation…..

No. 5391

Her sister is obese though. Besides that her and Angela are nearly identical and considering she’s packing on the pounds won’t be far

No. 5392

>her nose is super wide
Not really? Even in her candid, her nose is perfectly normal. Really, aside from the grandma tits, she could have been passably cute if she just worked out and took care of her body.

No. 5393


No. 5394

Yeah her face is fine. Anons act like she's black as coal and looks like a racist cartoon stereotype lol she honestly would look good if she lost weight and started wearing age appropriate clothes. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening, she's most likely going to end up an obese single mother to some "dom".

No. 5395

She’s dark skin though, like the photo in the OP. Look at non shopped candids of her and she’s very dark. It’s not a bad thing just a fact. As for her nose, it’s flat and not feminine. It’s not horrible but if she wants to appeal to more people as attractive she should’ve gotten a rhinoplasty. Kitty’s nose is far worse though.

No. 5396

Her actual face is on the right here >>5381. Honestly, her face is not that attractive. She's definitely a solid 5. The potato nose and the beady eyes don't help her at all, it makes almost gremlin-ish. Rhinoplasty would greatly improve her appearance. Slimming it down slightly would work.

No. 5397

Shocked Kitty didn't get rhinoplasty too. Though, when you really think about it, it would likely put Angela at a disadvantage with getting cilents.

No. 5398

Tbh I think I like Kitty's nose more

No. 5399

File: 1532276001351.jpeg (31.44 KB, 640x480, AE03310C-1493-425B-B2E2-04CC39…)

Tried to find an early photo of Kitty aka Usagi Rini as she was in the Oishii Ichigo weeb group. The photo has a shit ton of over brightening but you can see her nose shape unphotoshopped. It looks horrible.

No. 5400

File: 1532276217161.jpeg (10.39 KB, 139x118, A6E10C0A-4092-4B6C-B130-CBE853…)

Another photo where her nose is clearly shown. Also proof she isn’t “light skin” and is wearing makeup far too light for her.

No. 5401

File: 1532276376980.png (479.68 KB, 800x600, 5646D4A2-B610-4CC8-9F7D-5CA42B…)

I hate Angela but Kitty’s nose can’t be beat with how bad it is. Angela has a flat masculine face in general but Kitty’s nose looks like KRS-One

No. 5402

Speaking of Bibi, is she still active on Tumblr? I honestly hope she's learned from Angela's dumbassery and straightened her life out. She should be like 19 now, I think.

No. 5403

If I’m not mistaken Angela said she just had a son

No. 5404


No. 5405

File: 1532296157121.jpg (653.37 KB, 1079x1585, Screenshot_20180722-174833_Tum…)

No. 5406

If you need gas station arousal pills, maybe you shouldn't be a sex worker

No. 5407

File: 1532308914229.jpg (160.96 KB, 1080x573, Screenshot_20180722-195516_Twi…)

No. 5408

Bibi has a son not Angela. A few weeks ago she said she was talking on the phone with her sister who just had a son.

No. 5409

File: 1532329299211.jpg (204.61 KB, 1077x631, Screenshot_20180723-025951_Twi…)

Someone has been busy with buying more followers.

No. 5410

Don't they have older sister(s) too though? They both have talked about em before.

No. 5411

why didn't she get her 'sugar daddy' to pay for an elaborate bash for her birthday?

No. 5412

I was saying where did she say her sister had a baby. I wasn't saying that because I thought Anon meant Angela.

No. 5413

File: 1532350015558.jpg (120.23 KB, 720x1280, 0864563434678.jpg)

I think she's copying Amina because I've seen her do that as well. They do it to make their lips seem smaller but it looks so tacky imo

No. 5414

wow do you save old photos or what

Also I don’t think she’s copying Amina to be honest. I see lots of girls do that in ulzzang weeb stuff or cosplay makeup.

No. 5415

this was reblogged by her recently so i though it was new, my mistake

No. 5416

Big noses are attractive/feminine too self hate chan. You act like her nose is the size of two boulders. A dom can careless if she has a big nose, he just there for sexual gratification.

No. 5417

Hi WK. Most people don’t see big wide noses as attractive features, especially not for women. Your nose can really impact how the rest of your face looks. It’s not feminine or beautiful. get over it. Also stop with the “self hate” SJW bullshit. We talk about plenty of noses on Lolcow. She’s not exempt because she happens to be black.

No. 5418

Also its “couldn’t care less” not “careless”, retard. This sounds like kitty.

No. 5419

nta but you're just being catty for no reason anon chill

No. 5420

File: 1532374240085.jpeg (114.53 KB, 571x400, A6E268C1-2B1E-43FC-9235-8310BA…)

This is what Lolcow Farms aka white and Asian women find to be the most ideal among women: (do not forget the extremely pale paper skin. They find all dark skin black women and their features as undesirable).

No. 5421

TBH yeah, I can say that's accurate. There's a lot of nitpicking on this site when it comes to appearance.

No. 5422

I agree. I personally don't find anything wrong with their noses. Wide, large noses can be attractive too.

No. 5423

Stop race baiting. There’s an entire thread here about pro Ana girls and everyone laughs at them. We also laugh at fat girls. Angela’s nose is flat and she obviously has a problem with it which is why she wears her glasses low or covers her nose. Kitty’s nose is huge and she photoshops it. Like… stop taking everything personally.

No. 5424

Show me a woman who is considered beautiful by the average person who has a huge nose. I’ll wait.

No. 5425

Seriously though, every other post on her thread is always about her skin being too dark in a way that sounds negative. Or her nose being too big, which I don’t know many black women walking around with MJ noses like it’s the norm, but from a black girl’s perspective her nose ain’t that big. And I mean, yeah she’s out of shape but she’s not morbidly obese just because she’s not emaciated. It’s not even about race baiting more than it’s about y’all race baiting more.

No. 5426

Um nobody says her skin is too dark. I’ve only seen people say she photoshops it way lighter and she has obvious issues with it. I’ve also only seen people say kitty might be more popular with tricks because society still favors lighter women. Nobody is being colorist to Angela. Stop bringing your personal issues ITT.

No. 5427

Also she’s fat. She’s pudgy. Nobody is claiming skin and bones are hot, but she’s fat. Get over it.

No. 5428


I’m not bringing my personal issues. You say not to race baiting, but you all do it in the most subtle ways. And, of course never get barred from the website because again this site consists primarily of white and Asian females who desire anorexia or already have it but won’t always admit to it.

I said she was definitely out of shape, but not morbidly obese. Take a step outside away from your computer and we there are people who far exceed her on the scale. I’m not defending her and honestly I find she is highly immature and has a disgusting personality to boot. But, this nitpicking is too much.

No. 5429

Nobody has called her morbidly obese but she’s obviously fat. Also I have no idea what race has to do with this. There’s plenty of healthy sized cute black girls with good attitudes. She’s not one of them. This isn’t tumblr and users aren’t banned here for being insensitive.

No. 5430


That comment was more about the comments of her dark skin.

No. 5431

Literally nobody has said that dark skin = ugly. Only that she lightens her skin via photoshop. Get a fucking grip.

No. 5432

No need to be so hostile. I also agree she uses much PS to lighten her skin tone.

No. 5433

File: 1532380055231.jpg (75.79 KB, 540x675, tumblr_p3bwufQlot1t5k5e4o1_540…)

There are girls who are fatter, darker and have wider noses than Angela, but are still pretty (and aren't a tragic mess). It really is just her, all the criticism is not inherently some kind of dig at all black girls (unless you're trying to imply all black girls resemble her, which…please, no).

I do get what you're saying, though. I suspect a few anons in these threads are just racist white chicks here to pick at a trashy, dumpy black girl to get their fix of superiority, even if they themselves are just dumpier, uglier and even more fucked up versions of her without the melanin. But that's typical Lolcow fare. It's better to wait for them to get a little too comfortable and let their true racism slip before calling them out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 5434

Then what’s your point???? Because nobody has said anything but that.

No. 5435

Stop arguing about skin color

No. 5436

Different anon but you tried boo. You written her nose was wide like fucking three times we get it. You don't consider it desirable so stfu no need repeating it.
Stop being so hostile and just because someone disagree with you kid doesn't mean their kitty dumbass.(derailing)

No. 5437

stop bringing your personal insecurities and politics here. this isn’t tumblr(derailing)

No. 5438

Why is she obsessed with her anyway?
Stop derailing the thread.

No. 5439

Direct this to Angela and Kitty anon, they're the ones using apps to ps their noses smaller or covering it with stickers. And if anyone is self-hating it's them, just look at Angela's recent selfie.(derailing)

No. 5440

File: 1532383627626.png (92.05 KB, 610x780, jeezusangela.png)

Nayrt but wide noses do not equate to not looking feminine, are you okay? Wider noses always remind me of the button noses of babies and so I think they are cute - but see, that's an opinion not a fact. Just like your opinion on wide noses isn't a fact. Just because some anons don't agree with you, doesn't mean they are wks. If anything, the nose hating anons sound like Angela herself since we all know she hates black people and thus hates herself/her feature. She hates her nose and covers it constantly but most farmers don't.

Back on topic, she reblogged this reply to her cheating post. What is wrong with these girls? It's not "nonmonogamy", it's called being a cheating slut. Stop acting like you chose this life, Angela.


No. 5441


Your punctuation and spelling are impeccable when you try, Angela

No. 5442

File: 1532609362792.jpg (317.31 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20180726-084752_Twi…)

Great, more boring lives filled with lolcow rants.

No. 5443

File: 1532733977459.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.17 KB, 640x863, B3DFE3C0-0927-4EDB-B83C-D6B1A1…)

She said she did a live show on chaturbate. Any anon get screenshots? Also she’s getting fatter by the day

No. 5444

Her boobs are looking a better shape at least.

No. 5445

File: 1532752475716.gif (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 298x298, tumblr_pcjoisVE8I1w2bmcao1_400…)

No. 5446

Oops spoke too soon about the boobs.

No. 5447

Christ she looks like she's 6 months pregnant here

No. 5448

she looks like an african woman squatting about to give birth

No. 5449

If she did a cam show on chaturbate dressed like that she probably didn’t make more than a few nickels. Why would anyone pay her to take her clothes off if everything is already hanging out (literally)? Clever of her to cover up those horrendous scars that way though.

No. 5450


It really looks like they stitched some obese dude's tits onto her body.

No. 5451

show this to the next fat activist who says you can be fat + sexy, yikes

No. 5452

Woah she really ballooned up..

No. 5453

File: 1532854192736.png (53.73 KB, 515x415, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 1.49…)

looks like camming is already another failure for her

No. 5454

Her escort website is down so I’m not sure how she will make cash. I thought camming would be a good fit for her. She won’t get rich but can manipulate the camera and lighting. Looks like another failure on her part.

No. 5455

File: 1532870130280.jpg (129.48 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_20180729-091143_Tum…)


>there r legit people who think i walk arnd luxury hotels n resteraunts in skool girl micro minis and twintails lolz.

Bitch, you said yourself that you did. There are screenshots of you saying so. So now you're outing yourself as a liar, dumbass.

No. 5456

someone correct me if i'm mistaken, but didn't she literally get banned from a hotel for indecent exposure?

No. 5457

That's what she allegedly said happened, but some of us doubted it. Which we now know is a lie.

No. 5458

I doubt she lied. She really got banned from a few hotels for her thot like behavior

No. 5459

>believing she's actually banned

You know she makes all that up to seem like she's living the ultimate bimbo lifestyle, right?

No. 5460

Not…really. Prostitutes get banned from hotels all the time. Not being able to go to a major hotel impacts her business and she’s publicly stated on her website she prefers not hotel

No. 5461

She's not banned from any hotels. If she says she is, she's lying. Just like how she lies about everything else. Her redneck clients only fuck her in cars anyway.

No. 5462


I doubt any of her clients would even take her to hotels. They probably just fucked her in their cars like >>5461 said or she did sketchy house calls.

No. 5463

This isn’t something she would lie about though. Being banned from a hotel isn’t a good look to customers or marketing as a “high class escort”. I’m not trying to in fight but I really doubt she’s lying. Especially since she wears booty shorts, super skimpy tops etc I’m not shocked she didn’t get banned sooner.

No. 5464

*im shocked she didn’t get banned sooner. Also I don’t know what being banned from a hotel has to do with ~bimbo lifestyle~. Angela is a consistent liar but being banned from hotels is probably the only thing she’s told the truth about. I’m really surprised nobody called law enforcement on her.

No. 5465

>très chic
Lmao bitch, there's nothing chic about blue jeans and a crop top. She has such poor white trash taste.

No. 5466

She's not banned from any hotel. Trust me. The girl is definitely trying to make her life look more dramatic than it really is. That's why she deleted her website and her Eros page. She doesn't really get any clients. The only ones she gets are poor, ugly rednecks. And like >>5462 said, they ain't taking her to any luxury hotels. The best she gets is a sketchy, bedbug filled motel. The only time we've seen her in hotels is with Kitty. Which happened all of two times. Lol

Don't forget this is the same girl that claimed she was going to live in her own penthouse in Miami, had several offers with big name porn companies, said she was getting ps done by the top plastic surgeon in Miami, and claimed to have fortune 500 CEO sugar daddies. Lol Don't be so gullible.

No. 5467

File: 1533113906798.jpg (101.04 KB, 1078x560, Screenshot_20180801-045328_Tum…)


>super jiggly and soft

She's kidding right? Those things can barely bounce and look like they feel like rocks. Plus, they still look like man pecs. The fuck is she on about?

No. 5468

The lollipop line will never fade.

No. 5469

Over time, lollipop scars do get flatter and lighten up, but they don't go away. That must be ehat she means.

No. 5470

Ugg, she doesn`t just look fat, but incredibly bloated like a starving Ethiopian child. Are were 100% she's not pregnant?

No. 5471

I feel like she'd be flaunting the baby in everyone face if she was tbh

No. 5472

I don't know, the scars on her one boob definitely looked like they were keloids at this point. Her other boob might be okay eventually though.

No. 5473

File: 1533731283105.jpeg (57.71 KB, 640x496, 80AFC861-4B07-486D-AB1B-E70405…)

Why is she pretending like she didn’t use seekingarrangements and she didn’t brag about every Splenda “multimillionaire” that responded to her profile?????

No. 5474

With the 2 pills and the note specifically of the double ended dildo, is she implying she's going to try these with Kitty? Disgusting

No. 5475

Probably tag-teaming her ugly, fat, splenda daddy with Kitty.

No. 5476

What happened to Angela? I wonder if she's ill because of her boob job.

No. 5477

Her escort website is shut down, her Eros is down and she made no money at all camming. My guess is she’s trying to be a sugar baby again since she’s flopped so hard at every thing else. Her and kitty both are super quiet on twitter though which is weird.

No. 5478

Oh God my eyes.
Why didn't she get one that's actually suppose to fit her?

No. 5479

File: 1533872441635.png (51.83 KB, 599x436, lies.png)

Yeah, who knows. She's claiming to be "taking a break" from escorting, but was seen on different sites trying to advertise herself while in Utah. Not sure if she still is and just isn't having any luck or what.

She's claimed on her tumblr that she only has the one "sugar daddy" and sees him only once a month. She also previously claimed that they rarely do anything sexual? Seems like a lot of lies stacking on top of each other tbh.

She also claims to only eat veggies/meat, rice and eggs? Which is laughable given her obvious weight gain.

No. 5480

File: 1533937250275.jpeg (113.82 KB, 640x747, FBFD27CF-42E4-48E2-8738-F8A57E…)

If she made real money from camming she would’ve kept doing it lol

No. 5481


I looked up the Eros website and it's mentions on Twitter and it looks like it got more expensive to advertise on, which might be why she's less findable.

Personally I think she's so quiet either because her tits are getting worse or she decided to just scrape by until they do since no one wants her frankentits.

No. 5482

I think she’s trying to hold out so people don’t be laugh at her about her botch job like how she was dragged up and down twitter

No. 5483

File: 1534004285851.jpeg (106.84 KB, 640x924, A0C003AA-7BA1-4F05-B5ED-24F4AE…)

Angela is trying to wipe everything of her escort pages. Her twitter is private with no more information indicating she’s a pro hoe and her website is down. Seems like she’s quit because she didn’t get enough work. She probably just decided to rely on the sugar daddy guy she’s with lol wonder how long this will last.

No. 5484

I have a feeling he left her while ago and she's just mooching off of Kitty at this point.

No. 5485

I thought that too but wtf is kitty doing? Is she still stripping or escorting now? Also when will she finally kick angela’s sorry ass out?

No. 5486

Kitty is a stripper doing escort work on the side, iirc. She's likely more successful too since she's more "attractive" than Angela. She also seems to have an actual SD too.

No. 5487

File: 1534008700037.jpg (354.08 KB, 1074x1070, Screenshot_20180811-133025_Tum…)


Lol She must think we're dumb. We know she's flopped hard and probably looking for a regular job at this point.

No. 5488

god she talks like a 12 year old myspacer

No. 5489

i like how she's still trying to convince herself it's only a handful of people who think she's a complete fucking sad sack with absolutely nothing going for her.

No. 5490

i bet she's deleting everything and staying low key bc she's preparing to go through another name change.

No. 5491

File: 1534083081875.jpeg (94.82 KB, 630x701, CEA82167-190A-4D83-A230-673708…)

So she quit escorting for her Splenda daddy. Goes to show she wasn’t making much money in the first place.

No. 5492

no she's probably lying to cover up the fact that the boob job she has been trying to get for years was a complete failure. now she doesn't have to post selfies or explain very much because she just conveniently got a sugar daddy. yeah right. she couldn't make it as a camgirl much less a sugar baby.

No. 5493

how was she even making money as an escort? they'd have to guarantee a minimum weekly number of clientele for that to happen.

No. 5494

She barely got any clientele which is why every so often like every 6 weeks she would post that she had a “huge emergency!!!” And needed people to buy nudes from her or was begging randoms to live with them in Chicago or NY. She couldn’t even afford rent in NY which is expensive but if she had real money it would’ve been easy to do. She’s a fraud tbh lol. Can’t wait until kitty kicks her mooching ass out. Angela is also dirty as hell and doesn’t clean up at all from what I’ve heard.

No. 5495

At this point, she should just become a stripper. I know that it's against her ego to do it, but it's quick money.

No. 5496

This girl has been sucking redneck dick for $25 a pop. Being a stripper would be a career upgrade for her.

No. 5497

She won’t do well in a strip club. Darker girls usually get treated bad in clubs. The only way she would do well is if she was in an all black club which she won’t do. She also has a fat waist and is stumpy so yeah I doubt she would do good stripping. She’d make SOME money though because now everything else has failed for her like porn, escorting and camming and sugaring.

No. 5498

shes wayyyyyyy too fat to be a stripper

No. 5499

Sucks at being a cam girl, wont commit to porn, ruined her already slim chance of being a successful escort/sugar baby with her botched tits, and she’s too fat to be a stripper. Looks like shes stuck sucking off old men in publix parkling lots for $25 a pop.

No. 5500

Too high class for her. She's a Piggly wiggly hoe for sure.

No. 5501

At this rate she could probably take home more money every day from working for $7.25 per hour at Mcdonalds.

No. 5502

Walmart pays $11 per hour minimum and they will hire just about anyone. I could see this being her route when she finally realizes she will never make it in sex work.

No. 5503

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how someone fails at doing sex work, jfc. It's kinda pathetic and sad.

No. 5504

She could’ve done decent as an escort if she had reasonable prices and lived in a good place. She was in Florida and Dallas which are two hubs so the fact that she couldn’t even get business there shows she will mostly not even get business in NYC or LA. She also shouldn’t have tried that “2000s babygirl teen bimbo” niche. That’s not how running a business works. When you have a business you supply a demand. There’s zero to no demand for a fat short Nigerian woman trying to be 90’s Britney Spears. Maybe in porn she would’ve did better but the fact that no studios will shoot her and she made nothing by camming shows there’s no demand for her. She should just do a normal job and strip or sugar or high class escort on the side. Obviously what she’s putting out nobody’s buying. Her frankentits were the nail in her sex work coffin.

No. 5505

Also she could’ve done good in sex work if she didn’t force her stupid bimbo shit. She should’ve tried to be as elegant as possible to get high class customers. Instead she was constantly broke begging to be a live in slave on fetlife.

No. 5506

Any theories why Angela has a million and one twitter accounts which she will lock and start new ones? Shes been doing this for years on twitter and tumblr but I’m curious why. I know a lot of it is to change her online persona since she’s scammed and screwed so many people over, she leaps from online community to community. But why does she lock her twitter account? So far here are the active yet locked accounts she has
@xodaisybaby (recently locked like the others, public account that has recently lost 75% of bot followers)
@br4ttitude (private account which she shit talks on).

Why not do a clean wipe of your tweets(which is possible). Why keep starting over and buying more followers? Is it because her xodaisybaby account is associated with all of those guys trashing her new frankentits?

No. 5507

>I know a lot of it is to change her online persona since she’s scammed and screwed so many people over
Who has she scammed? I don't remember anything like this.

No. 5508

Back on her tumblr days she used to use her parents credit cards to scam websites like bodyline or that defunct site cosmates to charge a bunch of stuff and when they sent it for shipping she would cancel it on the credit card. the guy from cosmates said that one order was $1000 or something. I have to find the post because cosmates is out of business now but it was a lot of that going around when she was honeykittenmomo. she would also sell nudes of herself which was illegal not scamming but illegal.

her recent scam mainly is her cat fishing escort profile sites. she’s gotten beat up a few times by johns because she looks nothing like her photos. She posted about it on tumblr a few times

No. 5509

File: 1534635432165.jpeg (Spoiler Image,46.95 KB, 586x856, F8B09FFB-23DF-4B23-A2A5-9C8B4D…)

No. 5510

File: 1534635452122.jpeg (80.79 KB, 640x399, 3C7804C1-7732-43D3-AAD9-3D50F1…)

No. 5511

Damn this is ugly. It looks like her though lol

No. 5512

File: 1534995771758.png (55.69 KB, 592x522, gross.png)

Apparently Angela is hooking up with chubby-crybby in public pools?

Did Kitty drop her yet? What a huge downgrade.

No. 5513

File: 1534995825729.png (Spoiler Image,435.41 KB, 496x787, chubbycrybby.png)

Sage for samefag, but this is chubby-crybby. Disgusting.

No. 5514

I can't even begin to comprehend using the jets in a public pool to get off on, let alone bragging about it to the whole world (or at least whomever's bored or blind enough to browse her shit)

thank the lady for chlorine.

i can picture it in my head so clearly, too. especially the revolted people nearby desperately pretending these creeps aren't publicly masturbating. considering it's a public pool, the odds are disturbingly high there were children present, as well.

i know this is lengthy, but this is… how pathetic and lacking in anything resembling morals does one need to be to brag about this?

No. 5515


Kitty is fatter and is a stripper. Pregnant women and women with bullet holes on their bodies strip too ya know.

No. 5516

She WAS a stripper. It obviously wasn't working for her.

No. 5517

You guys must really hate fat people. I get that she’s inherently a terrible person but so we have to promote society’s strict beauty standards in the mix??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 5518

This is Lolcow not a charity. Fuck off fatty.

No. 5519

Also we were talking about strip club culture. Strip clubs aren’t wholesome safe spaces. They’re fatphobic and they follow societal standards. Darker girls, fatter girls and disabled girls don’t do well in clubs. That’s reality deal with it.

No. 5520

You must be new here, are you oblivious to the other threads?
Doesn't matter if you're a skinny or fatty chan.
if Angela was skinny and farmers were saying ew disgusting put on some weight, would you care?
Stfu with 'promoting societies strict beauty standards' that's laughable.
Rhetoric questions, dnt bother answering. Won't be taking the bait again.

No. 5521

Angela ahs been pretty quiet on her social media pages lately. I wonder what fucked up shit she's planning now. I also noticed that her follwers have been dropping like flies on her main Twitter account.

No. 5522

She’s probably planning on changing her name and persona. I always find it weird that when Angela goes quiet, so does kitty.

No. 5523

Yeah, that is pretty weird. She's probably about to do the same thibfbas Angela. That or they're on the verge of falling out.

No. 5524

Agreed. Either that or her boobs aren’t looking any better and she’s finally realized she’s screwed.

No. 5525

She hasn’t uploaded any tit photos either even though she claimed they dropped

No. 5526

I’m honestly shocked because shes the type to show them off every chance she gets. They must be that bad.

No. 5527

I really think Angela might be in the hospital with an infection. She hasn't used ANY of her social media in days and Kitty is being very quiet as well.

No. 5528

File: 1536098565650.jpg (253.2 KB, 1080x742, Screenshot_20180904-180010_Twi…)

You think so? I see she's been posting to her locked account. Who knows what bullshit she's blabbering about now.

No. 5529

It’s been 6 days with no posts from her private account, escort account which is now private, kitty’s account or twitter. I think she’s finally decided to flip burgers. Not shocking she flopped though. She refused to adjust to a realistic marketing plan nd kept pushing down the Britney Spears Y2K aesthetic that nobody asked for

No. 5530

Honestly, good riddance. Hope she stays off the internet forever and gets her life together. Who knows, maybe one day she can afford to get that botched job fixed.

No. 5531

She scraped up enough to have the botch job thinking it would get her more clients but all it did was make her a laughing stock on twitter and ruin any chance she had of being in porn or an escort. I have no idea what she's going to do with her life now.

No. 5532

File: 1536449783683.png (18.87 KB, 720x121, 0987654567890.PNG)

Is she pregnant?

No. 5533

I think it’s weird that whenever Angela is active on Twitter so is kitty. Why is kitty so quiet when Angela is quiet? It’s weird as hell. If there wasn’t pics of them together I would’ve thought Kitty is a catfish

No. 5534

Holy shit I think you may be on to something anon

No. 5535

Kitty has been online for a long time so she’s obviously a person but if it weren’t for the selfies they had together I would think it was one of Angela’s many lies. In reality kitty is just as mentally fucked as Angela. Only thing is she’s decent looking (which is an overstatement) where as Angela is hideous.

No. 5536

Tbh I think if she got pregnant she'd get an abortion. A baby doesn't fit with her 1998 Britney bimbo aesthetic and we all know how she likes parading around how wild she is. A baby just doesn't fit the look she's going for imho unless she was trying to force tie down a guy to call him a sugar daddy.

Honestly I think she got a titty infection or some other kind of infection. Most likely her tits though.

No. 5537


Also tinfoiling, but maybe they casually converse on Twitter because Angela's in the hospital.

No. 5538

I really hope this damn girl didn't get human trafficked, and Kitty just isn't saying anything online is because she's happy not to have a paperweight on her finances anymore.

As much as Angela makes me eye roll, she's not the best or the brightest, and I know her street smart skills are as advanced as a newborn child. I really, REALLY pray that nothing terrible has happened to her.

No. 5539

I don’t know. Pregnant makes more sense to me. That would explain why she looked so bloated last time she posted on Tumblr. She’s looking a lot more pudgy especially in the tummy area. Besides I’m sure Kitty would be throwing a fit on Twitter if Angela was in any real danger. My guess is she’s either pregnant or it’s an infection like another anon said.

No. 5540

you say that like she could afford an abortion

No. 5541

File: 1536718123065.jpeg (71.21 KB, 640x531, BFB6F01F-FF56-4175-8BD7-268DEA…)

She mentioned her sister and she and kitty haven’t talked or mentioned each other online for over weeks. It’s safe to say she couldn’t afford Dallas and moved back to Florida

No. 5542

Kitty doesn’t follow Angela’s private twitter acc anymore @br4ttitude meaning Angela either blocked her from it or she unfollowed her. Either way I think Angela is back in Texas.

No. 5543

*back in florida

No. 5544

So this >>5528 must have been part of their argument.

No. 5545

Angela is back to posting on Tumblr again. It’s IMVU characters. Why the hell is she 21 playing IMVU? For someone whose life is so amazing she sure does love not living it.

No. 5546

I bet Kitty is happy to finally have an excuse to drop her. If she's pregnant she can't help Kitty scam rednecks 'clients' anymore. Kitty's dropped her and she's gone back home to beg her family for help with the baby. Why else would they take her back in after all the shit she has done?

No. 5547

>lil sis

Pretty sure kitty is older so it must not be about her

No. 5548

She's probably sitting in the hospital and that's all she has for entertainment

No. 5549

She has a sister named Debbie who was a big cow a few years ago but she’s in Florida. I think Angela moved back

No. 5550

Don't Debbie and Angela hate each other though? Since Debbie told her parents about her being a prostitute and getting her kicked out in the first place.

No. 5551

That was like two years ago. I think they made amends. It’s obvious kitty doesn’t talk to Angela any more though.

No. 5552

File: 1537158140984.png (280.33 KB, 600x923, zMia.png)

Is it possible that she moved in with that chubbycrybaby (Mia) girl? She was with her less than a month ago as seen in >>5512 . Which is interesting given that Mia lives around Arkansas as far as I can tell?

In >>5512 she seems to refer to Angela as "goth gf" which is weird. Is Angela changing her style? Is this recent post by Mia referring to Angela again or is "goth gf" someone else?

No. 5553

File: 1537158572392.png (621.34 KB, 639x869, zmia1.png)

Additionally, Angela reblogged this post by Mia that mentions a room mate gifting her these stickers. It's all speculation, but they've definitely met in person at the very least which seems to put Angela in Arkansas roughly a few weeks ago.

No. 5554

goth gf is definatly referring to someone else.

No. 5555

File: 1537459674499.gif (5.32 MB, 174x320, SmartSelect_20180920-120554_Ch…)

>money shots r so tacky but i cudnt help it. thx daddy
(Sorry for the low quality I tried posting the gif in better quality but it was too big.) What do you guys think this means?

No. 5556

what even is this

No. 5557

Welp that’s about only $2,000 right there probably all Angela has to her name. It’s a damn shame she thinks 2 grand is big money lmao

No. 5558

honest to god from what i've heard/seen/talked about with sugar babys (like… REAL ones) 2k is like… one night most times, that dont even cover like the 'extra' costs or anything thats just to take them out to dinner and make you look good

like come on girl i though escorts and SB'd where supposed to rake in big cash because they need to pay those fucking school bills

No. 5559

thought SB's* im tired fml

No. 5560

Thinking $2000 is big money is hilarious actually, my friend who is an SB got paid $700 just to walk around the store with her daddy. $100 just to talk to her. Like?? Angela what is you doin.

No. 5561

Sexworker here. 2k is a nice enough sum I guess but it's really not flex material. I've made that much in a day on my phonesex line sooooooo…..

Yeah. Adorable.

No. 5562

I was never high class or anything, but I used average about 4-10k/week. 2k is a nice amount, but how long did it take her, what did she have to do, and how often does she see anything close to that?

No. 5563


But how does this all line up with her disapearing? It's so weird this is what she randomly pops back up with

No. 5564

Probably flaunting her life savings right there tbh thats why it took her so long to reappear

No. 5565

File: 1537508850894.png (20.82 KB, 565x293, 6854.PNG)

Wonder if she realized she's a failure and won't make it in escorting, porn, and camming and is trying to get a regular job. Though this probably has to do with her getting roasted on twitter for her botched tits too.

Well she did make a post a while back asking how to get money out from paypal and since this Angela that's probably true.

No. 5566

This is like a first step towards not being a cow. She's clearly realised camming/sw etc isn't going to work out for her so she's not completely stupid.

That being said her tits could just be severely botched and beyond hope at this point and THAT is why she's quit or she's pregnant like anons have suggested.

No. 5567

Her future prospects are pretty much fucked tbh her name is connected to prostitution and online tantrums

No. 5568

Doubt it. No employer is going to care about online drama. As long as she doesn't have nudes on any of her public profiles under her real name she'll be fine.

No. 5569

She has her real name tied to her botch boob job and prostitution stint

No. 5570

Either way she has no marketable skills. Did she even graduate college?

No. 5571

File: 1537654406606.jpg (367.89 KB, 1076x1816, SmartSelect_20180922-181222_Ch…)

Not sure if these are new blogs or not but I'll leave this here regardless

No. 5572

The nymphette one looks like a copy of Amina's blog lol

No. 5573

Her and Micky have zero originality

No. 5574

Far too much free time on her hands

No. 5575

File: 1538252361387.jpg (506.53 KB, 1072x1055, Screenshot_20180929-161808_Twi…)

Looks like Kitty locked her page. I wonder why?

No. 5576

Her and Angela are beefing. Most likely she’s afraid of Angela posting revenge porn like she’s done to other people.

No. 5577

File: 1538253883701.jpeg (106.69 KB, 640x952, 5CBAE24C-C014-4479-95B1-C6FC97…)

Angela has been active on tumblr again
On her candygirl1997 account

No. 5578

File: 1538254016043.jpeg (190.43 KB, 640x972, DABC695A-29DF-417B-A279-D7CBE0…)

Her escort account has also been shut down in Dallas so it’s safe to assume she’s in Arkansas (kek) as some farmer predicted.

No. 5579

So they're no longer friends anymore? it's official?

No. 5580

File: 1538339289600.jpeg (81.96 KB, 640x493, 09A8C36B-BB32-40E4-ADEA-CFB784…)

She’s calling out a tumblr catfish yet this girl has been scamming and cat fishing as an escort for years and is pretending to be half Asian. Someone on tumblr needs to call this bitch out

No. 5581

They unfollowed each other on all accounts and Angela has moved from Dallas on to more scams.

No. 5582

File: 1538339478148.jpeg (99.78 KB, 640x654, A15950D9-84F7-4F31-9972-ED1A6D…)

she’s a fucking hypocrite. She’s fetishizing Asian women, photoshopping from hell and back and catfishing/culturally appropriating by lying saying she’s mixed. Someone clock this hoe seriously

No. 5583

File: 1538340411773.jpeg (156.49 KB, 640x904, 983BE5EA-8906-4CA9-A710-FBC186…)

No. 5584

File: 1538340440036.jpeg (240.67 KB, 640x995, B4F996D1-3986-4C72-9B7B-F12CB4…)

No. 5585

I don't doubt for a second the girl she's calling out is a catfish too and her reaponses have been pretty lulzy (it's easy to say "oh I can prove its me and then not do it) but yea Angela has so little room to talk

No. 5586

File: 1538344305843.jpeg (204.26 KB, 640x860, 2015E3BB-B4D6-4FE0-9E2C-E6CEAF…)

She’s triggered. >50% Trinidadian get it straight

So African from a Carribean island. Aka 100% african pretending to be half Asian for gross fetish reasons. Fuck off angela

No. 5587

She literally admitted to lying about her race, KEK. Notice how she didnt say anything about being a scammer, toxic, fetishizing asian people or bullying? Or even about being jealous?

No. 5588

File: 1538346246369.jpg (219.77 KB, 1080x830, 20180930_182409.jpg)

Holy shit guys she still stalks her own thread

No. 5589

File: 1538353342048.jpg (215.81 KB, 1070x787, Screenshot_20180930-201838_Tum…)


Angela is 1000% toxic. She should be axed from the sw community for her bulllshit.

That's been obvious. Angela has no life outside of being a catfish and lying about being half japanese.

No. 5590

I really thought Angela was being so quiet because she was trying to do something with her life but here she is back to her old bullshit lol

No. 5591

I'm just waiting for Kitty to drop the tea on Angela.

No. 5592

File: 1538505572737.png (Spoiler Image,422 KB, 640x1136, 8AD73684-3806-4B4B-86BD-3E286B…)

Posted a photo of her boob jobs and her scars are HORRIBLE. They sag so badly too. Her breast lift was a waste of money. She looks botched as hell

No. 5593

File: 1538505766801.jpeg (114.89 KB, 640x676, AC7BC72E-6DF0-4EB3-BA47-46849E…)

“I retired because I wasn’t making any money at all because I’m a catfish, fat and ugly and trashy”
Also what does FOSTA SESTA have to do with anything? That law was purely about backpage. The upscale escort sites like Eros which she was still using in Nebraska and Dallas a month ago is still up and running. FOSTA has nothing to do with her flopping so hard lmao. I guess $2k a month from an old red neck is enough for her to retire and what she thinks is a lot of money. Most upscale escorts make 2k in a day though lmao

No. 5594

My >>5592
Her titties look better but the scars are just really dark..

No. 5595

The scars ruin it completely and her sagging made the procedure worthless now

No. 5596

File: 1538512619953.jpeg (102.23 KB, 639x603, 291BFD33-B851-47CE-87B7-147A8F…)

Delandra Barbie Junior lmao

No. 5597

Her nips look like the ones of some German low tier vip who also got her tits botched nd then her nips just rotted off her boobs

No. 5598

Holy fuck that's bad.

No. 5599

Are you blind anon? They look so sad and and droopy now. The scars make them look like burnt pepperonis the way the edges are ridged like that. I can’t imagine any real sugar daddy paying to look at that botch job.

No. 5600

Notice how she cuts the photo off right under her areolas so you can’t see her lollipop scars

No. 5601

Comparing >>5303 to >>5592, holy shit.
A-are they dead? Are her fucking nipples dead? Even if she just scarred dark, that wouldn't have changed the color of the whole nipple. That would just leave a line around them.

No. 5602

The left one looks like a fucking scab

No. 5603

File: 1538517093795.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.65 KB, 540x354, tumblr_pfzrbvurJG1u9wk8w_540.j…)

she showed them

No. 5604

wow, she should really just wear cute lingerie instead of showing those

No. 5605

It's funny how she claims >>5593 is the reason that she retired and not this mess >>5603 that is her boob job. Let's be real, she was very active, bragging about her boob job and "vacation" with Kitty, came back with these and when they didn't heal right, got roasted on twitter for how bad they looked, she ran off the internet and her already strained friendship with Kitty died too. I guess that last ditch effort at escorting when she visited Nebraska with her "sugar daddy" flopped and was the final nail in the coffin.

Her before boobs were kind of sad and floppy, but these things look hard and saggy at the same time. The scars/discoloration are just horrific. I can't believe she's still pretending like she's happy with these. >>5596 She sounds exactly like a Barbie pt.2. I can't wait to see how much these cows butcher themselves in the next 5-10 years with bad budget plastic surgery.

No. 5606


Wtf to compare the color of post botch with her natural nipples and areolas.

The color is literally like, necrosis grey, and look like scabs that should be picked off.

Besides the zombie nips, they're low hanging, plastic filled bags that are creased in half with scar tissue. Jesus Christ.

Angela, how could you do this to your body???

No. 5607

She’s lurking again kek. The nipples are so botched an uneven it’s scary. Funny how she thinks she’ll end up in Gangdam after she got this back alley boob job. Angela, do yourself a favor and stop while you’re ahead. You’ve already ruined your body, another boob job won’t fix anything.

No. 5608

Wow. Ok, so she really fucked up hard.
Because she didnt listen to a single word about healing, she did way more damage to her tits just like I and a few others tried to tell her she would lmao fucking idiot. But the more worrying thing is her nipples/areola.

I'm similar skin tone as her and has a breast surgery too. There's no way in hell they're supposed to be that dark. That is legitimately dead dark. Not only that, but they're flat. Exposed nipples on large breasts get hard annoyingly easily, so for hers to be out and still flat as a pancake is more than alarming.
Even in a professional setting, they warn you in addition to never being able to breast feed again that there's also a chance that your nipples will lose all sensitivity. That even with their best efforts this is a thing that could still happen.

So I have no doubt in addition to have STILL saggy tits making her lift a complete waste of money, but she probably also has serious nerve damage to her breasts. She probably can't even feel them being touched properly anymore. What a dumbass.
Korea wouldnt touch her with a 20foot pole, they don't do surgeries that risk their career

No. 5609

This is fucking scary. I feel bad for her.

No. 5610

Why would she even post this picture and embarrass herself.

No. 5611

Ikr. Why doesn't she have some self respect and just wear lingerie?

It looks like her nipples have been stitched on in the wrong place, they look off-center. The scarring is awful but I don't think her surgeon is to blame. She fucked them up herself by not following proper aftercare.

Remember when she replied to an ask saying she didn't need to go back to the surgeon? I be she couldn't afford to.

No. 5612

File: 1538580771503.png (Spoiler Image,630.05 KB, 627x690, gah.png)

I remember she said the doctor she saw was very prestigious or whatever, but this is the end product? At least they looked perky (albeit scarred) in the initial stage, pic related. Now they're back to being floppy, and her nipples are destroyed. If I were in her position, I'd cry every night for a fucking while.
So many people warned her to take proper care of them so they'd heal and maybe look better, too, but she just told them to piss off. Now, this is what she gets. When you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite.

No. 5613

could you imagine being so irrationally stubborn that you'd rather permanently mutilate your body instead of taking advice from others?

No. 5614

Her scars were so inflamed here and I assume that's from her not protecting them and cleaning them well.

Instead of taking time off to heal and wear her protective bra she was busy on the internet taking selfies in tacky clothes and partying in hot tubs (unhygienic).

She was so excited about the boob job because people on here would make fun of her previous saggy boobs. It was supposed to be her Khloe Kardashian 'revenge body' on us. But she was too eager and impulsive and ended up fucking herself over and giving us even more dirt on her.

No. 5615

The fact that she already wants another boob job not even a year later is proof she knows how bad it is. These aren’t the perfect blow up doll bimbo tits she’s dreamed of for the past 3 years.

No. 5616

She also wants rhinoplasty which shows she has insecurity over her nose that she said she didn’t have in the past. It’s hilarious. Even more hilarious when her splenda daddy blocks her

No. 5617

She took a video on her Tumblr. Her tits barely moved when she jiggled them. They have got to feel hard as a rock. That poor naive girl ruined her body.

No. 5618

it literally looks like her nipples are necrotic lmaooo good job angela, you look like even more of a busted crackwhore than you did before, what an achievement

No. 5619

that right nipple literally does look necrotic. this is scary. she needs to see a doctor NOW.

No. 5620

No. 5621

No. 5622

That double chin though

No. 5623

File: 1538594870960.png (156.39 KB, 420x377, dbl.png)

Good eye anon, I was too horrified by the zombie tits to look away.

It looks like she still has those braces in too. How many years has it been? How fucked are her teeth going to be after leaving these unattended braces on for so long simply for the ~aesthetic~?

No. 5624

how the fuck do you get a boob job, and not only are your nipples fucking zombie-like, your tits are floppy again? whew talk about a waste of money + ruined body… i know she didnt have a great body before but this is not an upgrade

No. 5625

she said something about wanting the boobs of a Japanese (of course) adult film performer. said performer had a droopy boob job where they looked like alarmingly swollen man tits so she pretty much got what she wanted

No. 5626

that's cause japanese porn stars enlarge their breasts with hormones and don't get implants.

No. 5627

I suspect another reason we haven't seen any recent photos of her in months is due to weight gain? She's been extra dodgy in photos/videos, always covering her stomach and her double chin is definitely more prominent than before.

Losing/gaining weight would make even fake boobs look droopy, wouldn't it?

No. 5628

is that true? source?

No. 5629

nta but japan anon here, and i have indeed heard of this. apparently taking estrogen and human growth hormone grows them naturally, and it's not illegal in japan so i think they can get prescriptions. i'll search around on the web.

i know some beauty clinics give "beauty iv" for breasts so maybe that's it.

No. 5630

sage for samefag but i also know they give hyaluronic acid injections which i don't think the US does.

No. 5631

File: 1538625785884.jpg (101.35 KB, 1080x558, Screenshot_20181004-000024_Tum…)


The fact people constantly lie to her like this is probably why she doesn't much of a problem with her breasts.

No. 5632

File: 1538625829958.jpg (126.18 KB, 1080x512, Screenshot_20181003-235929_Tum…)

No. 5633

File: 1538683893384.jpeg (52.57 KB, 640x448, C77334F3-07E3-4775-A2F2-A8BE7C…)

No. 5634

If she was making anything near even 1k an hour, you know we'd be hearing about it. She probably would have gotten those horrific frankenstein titties fixed at the very least by now.

It's funny how she was constantly posting about and hyping up the smallest things like going to a public pool (saying it was a private pool her and kitty rented) and claiming that the one little breakfast place they went to was a "five star restaurant" or whatever. She was constantly, desperately, trying to lie and pretend she was living some glamorous lifestyle. Suddenly she's "made it" and she stops posting? Sure Angela.

No. 5635

There's no way in hell she's getting 1-3k an hour. She probably didn't even make $100 an hour. Why don't these girl ever put actual effort into what they do? If she tried hard enough she could actually make decent money if she had a website and made herself more suitable to what clients want and got rid of the teen bimbo aesthetic.

No. 5636

She must be really bored if she has to keep lying like this. If she was worth even 1k an hour why doesn’t she ever post photos of nice restaurants, traveling, shopping, etc. like other escorts? I know she doesn’t go for the high end escort aesthetic or whatever but if she had that kind of money she would have more to show for it. All she has is a botched boob job and cheap clothes/shoes from Claire’s.

No. 5637

Just incase she deletes it https://streamable.com/a47b7

No. 5638

Fuck it was deleted

No. 5639

What was it anon?

No. 5640

Just the video of her jiggling her 'boobs'. I still have the video recorded on my phone but i don't know if that video was reported or if streamable just deleted it, but because of the video was deleted it terminated my account on there boo. I'll find another place to upload it.

No. 5641

That's the thing, she clearly isn't living the life. She was constantly over-hyping and lying about every little thing before to try to make it out that she was living in luxury. All of a sudden, she's claiming to be worth 3k an hour, but we don't see shit. She clearly retired because she wasn't getting any work. If the old, fat, "sugar daddy" is still in the picture like she claims, she's probably making just enough off him to scrape on by, but clearly not enough to pay off Kitty to let her stick around.

No. 5642

She needs a complete style overhaul and attitude adjustment. Not to derail but look at Amina's escort profiles. She went from lame weeb to ~luxury pro-sub~ and is legit making bank off of that. Of all the things Angela has copied off Amina she won't copy a good business plan? Lol.

No. 5643

File: 1538846418716.png (1.39 MB, 640x1136, C618917E-48A6-4814-B502-246411…)

Sorry for OT but I pulled this from Amina’s escort advertisement. She’s definitely got fatter but it’s good she jumped off the loli jailbait bandwagon and is presenting herself as high class. I don’t think she even charges as much as Angela. Angela really could benefit for an image redo, new hairstyle. This photo isn’t even that great composition wise and looks like it’s from an iPhone but it still has some elements of class. What is Angela doing??(derailing)

No. 5644

Stop bringing up Amina, she's basically irrelevant. Himeka hasn't mentioned her in a long-ass time, and Amina herself never followed through on that lawsuit she claimed she'd put on her and Micky.

No. 5645

Wow wtf happened? Amina used to be so tiny(derailing)

No. 5646

File: 1538856443811.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1820, 1CBFD573-20EB-4482-B0A8-45B36E…)

so. is she or is she not stripping?

No. 5647

Probably. She’s been stripping since she met kitty. But probably doesn’t make much from it

No. 5648

y'never know - she could luck in to a regular with more money than sense or taste.

someone out there's gotta be in to dumpy, botched, delusional, spiteful, lazy girls with about as many brains as a rock and get by being a leech.

… guess not, huh?

No. 5649

File: 1539097731451.png (300.94 KB, 1080x1563, Screenshot_20181009-110547~01.…)

it took you three whole days to get all two of your remaining brain cells to type up a summary about amina and then in your fit of rage you type this.


No. 5650

Wow. This is embarrasing even by Angela's standards.

No. 5651

in case the thread gets deleted, angela made a very obvious vendetta post about amina >>>/snow/707439

she updated it within 3 minute intervals until i bumped this thread and then it stopped. i'll upload caps once its baleeted though.

sorry for the samefag.

No. 5652

She's only doing this because Amina is doing better than her. Angela's jealousy has reached its peak.

No. 5653

>unsaged, off-topic BS
>no proof of Angela making those posts
>also posted this nonsense in the Micky thread

No. 5654

Not to wk either of them, but those posts were probably made by amina or an amina wk. I'm sure a lot of the posts in these threads are. She's no less of a cow than they are.

No. 5655

This. I'm glad all 3 of them have threads now, they're all fkn cringe-worthy

No. 5656

Here you go WKing Angela and Micky even though they both been outed for posting here before. Especially after that tweet Micky made about Amina, saying she'd be happy if she died. Not mention threads about Amina are banned. It's been pointed out by the admins as vendettaposting. Take this shit to PULL.

No. 5657

Saying there's no proof someone did something is not wking them, what the hell.

No. 5658

fuck off, amina

No. 5659

It is when it's been prove before that they vendettapost here. Nothing's change. They still talk about her and they still try to post about her.

No. 5660

Why has this thread come all of a sudden? It’s obvious Amina lurks here and she’s posted about googling herself in the past I’m just really curious why this thread has popped up when all of this tea is old. She was exposed as a hooker years ago on here and even then it was proven to be vendetta posting. She’s also a banned cow so I thought.

No. 5661

Everyone don’t take the bait. I’m pretty sure Micky and Angela are trying to cause I’m fighting in their own threads to have them locked. They’ve done it before. Try and ignore the samefags and trolls. The admins will probably take care of it by tomorrow.

No. 5662

She is, but don't forget this happened before. Usually something big happens in Micky or Angela's thread and then suddenly there's an Amina thread even though the Admin said to stop posting threads about her. It should have been locked the moment it got posted.

No. 5663

Exactly. I’m tired of the same two retards yelling “white knight” when one of them admitted to be that one PULL troll and got scared shitless when her username was brought up here. The threads have been locked at least like 3 times now because of doxing, vendetta and samefagging. Angela even posted CP and past It off as Amina. This isn’t some wild conspiracy or Amina dick sucking thing

No. 5664

Something happens to Amina. All her wks come to cry and throw blame in Angela and/or Micky's threads until and derail. Same old, same old.

No. 5665

Why was she banned in the first place? She really is as big of a cow as micky and angela.

No. 5666

Angela and Micky have been exposed in the past. If either of them created this thread the amins will know and lock/delete it. So quit whining nd stop ring up all the times poor Amina was a victim. Nobody cares.

No. 5667

It's not baseless assumptions though. Angela has definitely made it known she posts her and about her. So ofc it's highly likely she or Micky would do it. They still push the same bullshit reasoning for hating her. This the only time they show some consistency.

No. 5668

The admin said it was samefagging and vendettaposting.

No. 5669

Give it a rest dude.

No. 5670

Admins said an old thread was samefagging and vendetta OK let's wait till we have proof on the current threas. Now stop spamming this one.

No. 5671

IMO, Angela and Micky are too dumb to make Amina look like a samefagging sperg, or like she has an insane WK all to get their own threads locked. Everyone here agrees they're cringy embarrassments. We just also see no issue with an Amina thread, because she is, too. It's been discussed before,
It's probably Amina herself or her WK attempting damage control and shitting things up in a bid to get Amina's thread locked again. This poster only just figured out that you're supposed to sage milkless posts after bumping both Micky and Angela's threads for 20 minutes and yelling at people to read previous threads.

No. 5672

Amina's threads haven't smelt any more of samefaggotry/vendetta than micky's threads have, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.


lol enjoy your ban, retard

No. 5673

File: 1539109083261.png (18.96 KB, 504x77, lol.png)

So, you not only derailed threads, but purposely broke the rules to "quickly post". Fantastic job.

No. 5674

You gave yourself away by even replying to that lmao

No. 5675

File: 1539110177107.jpg (427.25 KB, 1080x1744, Screenshot_20181009-143347_Tum…)

No. 5676

File: 1539110276670.jpg (147.38 KB, 1074x670, Screenshot_20181009-143248_Tum…)


I still highly this is true. Especially if Kitty and her still friends. Her bum ass is definitely still sleeping on Kitty's couch.

No. 5677

File: 1539110768297.jpg (295.17 KB, 1077x989, Screenshot_20181009-144424_Tum…)


I find it funny she reblogged this considering how she went out of her way to bully Amina. Does she just repress those memories to further her victim complex or something? Like, she threw her own blood sister under the bus for it.

No. 5678

I’m not caping for Angela or Micky but it genuinely might not be either of them. During amina’s Idol stint there was a lot of fat black weeb girls who had an issue she did sexual stuff like gravure. It does look like Angela did it but there’s a few PULL users who have a fixation with her as well. Timing is weird though considering the photo of her bf grabbing her tits is from over a year ago and she’s been open about being a sex worker for at least a few years. I feel like this is a last resort for the desperate anons who always want to bring her up. It’s funny to me how polarizing she is even though she’s completely an irrelevant flop these days.

No. 5679

Right when the thread was back on track someone just had to bring up Amina.

No. 5680

If you want to talk about Amina she has her own thread.

No. 5681

I thought samefagging was against the rules

No. 5682

Becuase there couldn;t possibly be more than one person in Angea's thread who is tired of people bringing up Amina. Retard.

No. 5683

She posted on twitter and tumblr about her going on vacation today then deleted it. Anyone has the post?

No. 5684

Amina’s thread now supposedly has her legal name, a private Facebook page etc. I honestly think Angela is behind this shit rather than Micky. Who else would know the full name besides a former friend? Also I remember Bibi doxxed her before. There’s genuine people who hate Amina but who else would know all the personal stuff.

No. 5685

You still haven't given up? After implicitly admitting to being either Amina herself or an obsessive WK, and openly admitting to purposely breaking the rules of the site so you can derail as fast as possible in >>5673?
Nobody forgot, Amina. You fucked yourself over. Don't even try that "Wasn't me" shit, either. Only one sperg would come into this thread again and bump it with more dumb speculation about the Amina thread after it's just getting back on-topic. Also, I'm pretty sure you know lots of people have your social media and know your legal name as a result of you being involved in the community and being a public figure for years (especially in the Detroit weeb scene).

No. 5686

I’m not that anon or Amina. I’m really just relying on facts and patterns of past proven behavior. Why are you wking Angela?

No. 5687

I’m just using common sense. None of this information has been brought up in 6 years but only by Bibi and Angela on tumblr when they both sperged out here. Why are you so triggered at anyone suggesting that Angela made the thread?

No. 5688

Nice try. The fact that you still refuse to sage like an actual, non-vendettafag user gives you away. I'm not WKing anyone, I'm telling you to stop derailing and shitting up the thread by bumping it with unrelated BS. Provide actual proof, or wait for it to come out.

No. 5689

No one has been triggered but you since yesterday (and today, to the point where you replied to the same post twice. At least you're actually saging now, but you're still derailing). Come out with some actual evidence for your claims, or just give it a rest. No one is convinced.

No. 5690

I noticed some of the things being posted are things she posted or talked about before in regards to her. Not sure why she's doing this now. Like the last thing she said about her was that she heard Amina smell bad.

Honestly convinced it's her at this point. The last time this shit happened it was her. Probably been samefagging the whole time to make seem like multiple people suddenly hate Amina. Nothing's changed.

No. 5691

Exactly. I’m sure there’s others posting but the threads are filled with twitter posts and stuff from 2 years ago. Nobody has ever mentioned her full name besides Angela and her sister before. Even during the black girls Kawaii saga none of them did and she lied about her name for years. I really think Angela got in her feelings about her escort scam thing not working out and is venting on here like she’s been proven to had done before. You can tell by angela’s past posts that she really despised the girl.

No. 5692

Micky went to shool with Amina not Angela so it's more likely Micky did it. Micky knows her real name as well.

No. 5693

Micky and Amina were never friends. They just both are from the same area. Amina and Angela were actually friends which is why when Angela originally came here she knew so much info on her and had an underaged nude blog to pin on her. Angela even said herself they had mutual friends who told her stuff about Amina. Just by the typing, focus on shit that happened years ago, doxxing personal facebooks I really think it was Angela. Micky constantly brings up Amina in her live streams and on Facebook though so it could be her but I vividly remember Angela and her sister leaking amina’s name before and her full school.

No. 5694

Also Angela is in Nebraska right now with splenda daddy and she posted about going there then deleting it. Her IP location will change so in case the admins traced the IP it won’t be her normal one it’ll be wherever she is on vacation. It’s a weird as hell coincidence this happened the same exact date and time she posted about leaving texas.

No. 5695

in Micky's thread there's screenshots of her being dragged about bullying Amina and in her replies she spells her name 'Aminah'. Would not be surprised if it was her that posted her real name in that thread.

No. 5696

No. 5697

Amina’s thread is weirdly focusing on her height and lying about her height. Call me a wk but this reeks of Angela just because nobody else has gave a damn about her height before. Gonna look for the posts but on her tumblr call out of Amina she brings up height a shit ton. Not saying all the anons there are her but she’s controlling the narrative.

No. 5698

Sorry for OT but is Ami’s thread in autosage now? It’s active but not being bumped

No. 5699

Only reason they started talking about her height is becuase wks came in saying 'amina is petite and has eurocentric features that's why she made it in japan and ppl are jealous' and then argued with people saying no she's tall. She's literally 5'7 not a smol kawaii bean.

No. 5700

Stop derailing the fucking thread. Post proof of Angela doing stuff and stop wking Amina. Jfc.

No. 5701

Go back to Angela’s first thread but Bibi and Angela both focus a lot on her height. Keep up dumbasses. Nobody is white knighting it’s obvious she posted it and trying to cause infighting to get the thread locked

No. 5702


>angela did it to get her thread locked!!!

People say this everytime somehting happens to Amina and it never happens. Angela is too milky to have her thread destroyed because of a dumb post about Amina, I doubt the mods care about their drama that deeply. Amina wks ruin every other thread in defense of Amina, it's annoying.

No. 5703

In other news does anyone know why she’s in Nebraska?

No. 5704

Continued derailing over Amina will result in lengthy bans. Focus on Angela.

No. 5705

God bless you, farmchan.

No. 5706

Is kitty with her on vacation?

No. 5707

File: 1539268226741.jpeg (71.86 KB, 637x520, 368DB123-3358-4D61-B202-2894AC…)

I doubt we’ll get any pictures from it tbh

No. 5708

File: 1539298046846.jpeg (105.36 KB, 640x528, 26038B58-519E-47D9-A977-D8D987…)

She must read here because she’s suddenly posting non selfie random pictures. Who wants to bet this upscale restaurant was some Dominican beach shack?

No. 5709

File: 1539298192407.jpeg (109.67 KB, 640x495, B9BAAED7-1DED-45C3-9F49-177CB5…)

Sorry for double post. I bet the uber driver kicked them out because she’s disrespectful as hell.

Isn’t she a super rich exclusive sugar baby now? Why is she going to DR / PR for budget deals on nails?

No. 5710

She always exaggerates her stories to the point where they aren't even believable. Uber driver kicked you out because the car was going to explode? Being allowed into a upscale restaurant while your underboob is showing and wearing booty shorts? Ordering/affording the most expensive wine on the menu, but settling for spaghetti which is arguably usually a rather cheap dish? Yeah okay Angela.

No. 5711

It’s funny how we never get pictures from this. I wonder if we’ll see any thing of how ratchet she looks there. That’s if she’s even there

No. 5712

She only does that to try and make her life seem better than the people she hates. In reality she's at some basic ass tourist spot and just walked over to a basic ass restaurant filled with normal ass families and whatever without any extra shit going on. Especially since she doesn't provide pics. If her life was even remotely better and exciting as she claimed, she would have been posting videos and pics all the time. It's like when she lied about owning a house when in reality her dad just booked her an Air BnB. It's honestly pathetic.

No. 5713

She used to post photos, but anons kept catching her in her lies and providing proof she's full of shit. Sort of like the "5-star restaurant" thing.

What a sad life to live though.

No. 5714

File: 1539380746373.jpeg (161.09 KB, 640x876, 22982210-3043-4F75-8B8B-06040A…)

Things that never happened

No. 5715

File: 1539395790702.jpg (148.41 KB, 498x299, hotlocals.jpg)

No. 5716

LOl does anyone know what island she’s on?

No. 5717

She said this is because the site she used got overrun with cheap men and how she didn’t want to lower from $400. If she could get enough guys to pay her $400 she wouldn’t have quit. The fact is she couldn’t get any johns

No. 5718

File: 1539477322038.jpeg (796.22 KB, 3464x3464, 81A20364-21E4-4397-B47A-04BDDC…)

>taking applications now!

>not taking applications until 2019

This dumb bitch.

No. 5719

No. 5720

I’m more distubured with the incest thing

No. 5721

i really hope she doesn't have any actual brothers

No. 5722

File: 1539892648356.jpeg (49 KB, 640x432, 080CCE05-2A3A-4C9E-B309-1364A9…)

She can post this nonsense but not any photos at all from her ~luxury five star island vacation~ ?

No. 5723

File: 1539912463458.png (35.21 KB, 598x261, s-camming.png)

She said she's considering camming again, but finds it boring.

>crackheads worship me
Her "sugardaddy" is a crackhead confirmed. Seriously though, this is probably one of the only accurate things she has ever said. We already know she can only pull fat rednecks and crackheads.

She said she was going to post vacation pics over a week ago.

No. 5724

Only a crackhead would worship Angela.

No. 5725

So basically, she's going to try camming again because she knows she can't prostitute herself or strip without men being horrified and disgusted by her dead looking floppy zombie tits. Sorry Angela, but you're not in the slightest bit attractive enough to make it in camming. To make matters worse, you have Frankenstein stitching all over your droopy tits now.

To get anything she'll have to really throw herself out there pulling out all the stops for any tiny attention she can get, meanwhile the most attractive girls can just sit there with their boobs slightly out and have hundreds of pay piggies lined up and begging.

It's probably time she submits her Mcdonalds application already. That way she can brag about all the hot dads she meets in the drive-thru who tip her $100 for sticking her ass out the drive-thru window and somehow magically fucking all their dicks as they remain seat belted in their car.

No. 5726

Imagine being so sad in your life that you brag about crackheads worshipping you.

She might as well apply for McDonalds. She probably would make a ton more. I guess at least with camming she can crank the brightness up to 11 to hide her zombie tits.

No. 5727

File: 1539931418125.png (39.63 KB, 590x374, 755765.PNG)

She mentioned that ad where she claimed to be black and asian.

No. 5728

I wonder how she would feel if some white girl lied and said she was black and tried using that exact same logic. I bet she honestly wouldn't be too happy with that. She really needs to think really fucking hard before she spews out dumb shit like this.

No. 5729

>idc about being actually Asian

>changes her name to Himeka, a Japanese name

>lightens skin drastically to appear mixed
>reblogs Japanese women and porn considerably more than black women
>has blog set in Japanese even though she can’t speak it fluently
>idolizes Japanese models
>Used a Japanese model as reference for what she wanted her boob job to look like
>has only ever filmed one legit porno with a seedy Japanese Producer even though she claims to have been approached by tons big name American agencies

Feel free to add more if I missed anything

No. 5730

white girls do dumb shit like that all the time, like tagging their cam rooms in the ebony tag to gain more visibility on cam sites>>5728

No. 5731

True, but that doesn’t mean that every white girl who does it literally wants to be black. Even if they do it’s no different than what Angela is doing. There’s no denying that Angela wishes she was Asian.

No. 5732

True, but that doesn’t mean that every white girl who does it literally wants to be black. Even if they do it’s no different than what Angela is doing. There’s no denying that Angela wishes she was Asian.

No. 5733

True, but that doesn’t mean that every white girl who does it literally wants to be black. Even if they do it’s no different than what Angela is doing. There’s no denying that Angela wishes she was Asian.

No. 5734

>I speak enuf Japanese to fool old white men

She’s super dark skin, has all black features and her Japanese is absolute shit even for a non speaker. This bitch is delulu

No. 5735

>look, i'm a disenfranchised black girl who lied to widen her scope and totes not some greasy weeb who got caught like a rat in a trap uwu


No. 5736

I'm gonna fucking hurl. Could she get any more degenerate?

No. 5737

Theres so much you can do for scarring post op and you can tell she did exactly none of it. if her surgeon is actually reputable i wonder how he feels about her walking around with these things

No. 5738

Angela is a straight up catfish. It's no wonder she couldn't keep clients. I imagine they see her heavily shooped photos with extremely lightened skin, edited facial features and body, etc. Then she appears, zombie tits and all, looking nothing like her photos and clearly not half Japanese.

No. 5739

Gurl buy a bigger bra you ratchet, stop being delusional cuz you ain't uwu. The fucking band of your top should lay against your ribs. Ouch.

No. 5740

this has to be micky or kitty

No. 5741

File: 1540514296748.png (51.42 KB, 598x407, 5645.PNG)

Funny she linked to that site because it says on there that exfoliation is one of the things to avoid yet she was doing that weeks after her boob job.

No. 5742

>steal healing
It’s been almost half a year

No. 5743

her bra is too small. likely due to her band size (meaning she thinks she's thinner than she is as per the usual) her boobs probably hurt cause it's too tight.

No. 5744

Healing!!! That's a riot
It's been months, Angelina angelica-whatever her name is. It does not take anywhere near that long. Your tits are fucked and botched and that is how they're always going to look now. I know you probably tell yourself you're healing to sleep well at night but that is not the truth. That is your reality for the rest of your life. You'll probably suffer painful consequences later down the line as well-so this hell you're in right now is nowhere near as bad as it could and probably will be.

No. 5745

Any boobjob anons know the health implications of this? Besides how gnarly they look now?

No. 5746

File: 1540797311626.jpg (357.04 KB, 1079x1300, Screenshot_20181029-015014_Sam…)

Probably capsular contracture. I don't think she actually has any kind of serious infection left in the incisions, though it's pretty obvious the wounds healed very poorly resulting in the horrific scarring and discoloration we are seeing now. I definitely do suspect she's already experiencing early signs of scar tissue building up around the implant though.

She really didn't follow any of the guidelines when it comes to the dos and don'ts of healing after a boob job. She was "back to work" bouncing on her supposed SD right away according to her posts, which definitely goes against the physical activity limits at the time. Then there was her talking about taking hot baths immediately after, and her talking about "exfoliating" the wounds to help them heal? It's really no wonder they look so bad. Even if the doctor wasnt a complete hackjob, she would have botched the healing process. Though, given that the doctor didnt provide them with a checkup after the initial surgery, it's likely the doctor is shady too, or Angela figured she knew enough not to go. Either way, healing takes roughly 6 weeks. She's way beyond that point.

No. 5747


Yep. She spent her (prob) life savings on a breast lift as well as an implant. The days/weeks following the procedure were the most vital in determining how the wound will heal and how the scar will form.

She totally fucked up, and childishly underestimated the grave seriousness of having your body cut open, stretched by a foreign object, and sewn up again. She will have to cope with those scars for the rest of her life.

I hope for her sake that her wounds just look grey and don't actually have any necrotizing tissue. It's very unlikely she will be able to breastfeed – if she has any sensation is iffy.

The doctor probably offers the service of a follow up consultation, but Angela was not responsible enough (or too broke to fly to?) to visit him again.

No. 5748

According to her Tumblr she’s only on break from escorting and will be starting again. So Splenda dropped her?

No. 5749

My guess is Splenda never existed and she’s still blowing guys for $25 to get by. She just says she gave up escorting so that she doesn’t have to keep up a social media persona after her botch job.

No. 5750

File: 1541095370832.png (53.7 KB, 603x390, 8766.PNG)

I wonder how long she's gonna claim she's still healing

No. 5751

All she can do is link random articles that she probably didn’t even read before she got the ask…How lazy do you have to be to wait until people are calling you out to do research on a serious procedure? After saying you didn’t need to visit the surgeon again for months NOW you care about what the internet recommends? She deserves all of the scarring she’s got.

No. 5752

File: 1541488406478.jpg (242.64 KB, 1078x916, Screenshot_20181106-021002_Tum…)

No. 5753

File: 1541488436137.jpg (160.29 KB, 1069x673, Screenshot_20181106-021040_Tum…)

No. 5754

she's just so… stupid
it physically pains me to see her trying to sound like she isn't dumber than a bloody rock.

No. 5755

Dozens of men on twitter flamed her and called her botched which is why she ran to her tumblr hug box. I have high doubts someone paying to fuck those

No. 5756

File: 1541525027905.jpeg (515.23 KB, 1540x1525, 6481F3F6-A469-49CE-9BEC-0E9F93…)

So I was watching Jerry on my off day a few days ago & I stg these chicks were Angela & Kitty lol. I tried my best to get good shot, but I don’t have a dvr to pause. Sorry for the shitty quality, but I couldn’t help myself.

No. 5757

at least sage your nonsense

No. 5758

Neither of these girls looks anything like Angela or Kitty. What kind of crack were you smoking anon?

No. 5759

Why would she openly post about how not one man has said a single positive thing about the results of her surgery.

No. 5760

what are you on about? she's claiming she hasn't had a single complaint, not a single compliment.

she's full of shit and types like a retarded toddler, but jesus.

No. 5761

The one in the first pic looks like kitty ngl

No. 5762

sage your inaccurate assertions, please

No. 5763

Any updates besides her and kitty still living together?

No. 5764

neither of these girls are obese. i understand all black people look the same to some of y’all but sheesh

No. 5765

Did I miss something? When was it confirmed they still live together?

No. 5766

They still live together but angela was in Nebraska with her sugar daddy and went to Arkansas with other tumblr thots

No. 5767

File: 1542323345132.png (11.75 KB, 586x107, 8553.PNG)

I don't think so

No. 5768

File: 1542323524739.png (454.48 KB, 574x559, 97869i87.PNG)

Mean't to reply to >>5766
Also looks like she gained a lot of weight.

No. 5769

Holy hell shes huge. Also not shocked she moved back to Florida she was broke in Texas. Even with stripping and escorting I doubt she could afford more than kitty’s closet. Is she back in her grannies broom closet in Florida then??

No. 5770

File: 1542325400064.jpeg (128.71 KB, 1125x507, 3DAA724E-F2F5-4487-BC9A-382922…)

What about taking shitty Asian app selfies is exhausting?

Her and kitty unfollowed each other. Safe to say kitty booted her

No. 5771

Where did you get this information? Smells like a selfpost.

No. 5772

Translation: I got even fatter and my tits are still a disaster and on top of all this I can't even sell myself for 2 cheeseburgers on Craigslist anymore since personals got taken down so I gave up and moved back home

We all knew that would happen anyway Angela, you flop at literally everything you attempt. Looking in the mirror tells you that every day. Now get an actual job like an adult and stop peddling your ass to strangers. Only thing that awaits you in the world of street walking is more fat sweaty hick feet on your face and death.

No. 5773

From tumblr. But as twitter shows she left Texas because she couldn’t afford it

No. 5774

File: 1542407941424.png (9.26 MB, 1125x2436, 3CFA965A-4E10-4FC0-A6B6-CAAE6D…)

She’s huge

No. 5775

Everyone's saying she's huge but she looks the same level of fat she's always been to me

No. 5776

File: 1542526213328.jpg (92.98 KB, 540x720, 1441262612795.jpg)

Have some vintage Angela when she actually used to be thin, what a change.

No. 5777

File: 1542526324616.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 1920x2560, 1447486626984.jpg)

No. 5778

File: 1542526408129.png (Spoiler Image,305.47 KB, 390x641, bibi.png)

Shes at least, if not more fat than Bibi was back when the shitstorm happened. Also never forget this video lol


No. 5779

so this is the botched, failed Frankenwhore's sister?

wew. can only imagine what rest of the clan looks like…

No. 5780

How long have you been hoarding this link lmao

No. 5781

anon, pls. That pic is like 3/4 years old.

No. 5782

Read. That anon said these were old pics >>5776
But shit this is just awful >>5774
How does she get herself into these clothes that are clearly too small for her

No. 5783

File: 1542570736719.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x1920, 18-11-18-14-50-41-211_deco.jpg)

Had to do a side by side just to show how big she's gotten. She really let herself go. Then again, she was living off Popeye's and junk food.

No. 5784

I was taking a stroll down memory lane. It's all in the very first thread about these two.

IIRC she was still living with her rich family and doing cheer at this time. Her parents probably cooked for her but shit went downhill when she got kicked out since she doesnt know how to do shit for herself so she just lived on take out her pimps would buy her.

No. 5785

Not to be racist but why do all the black weebs end up as fat hookers?

No. 5786

>rich family
I thought she was just middle class
2 out of thousands isn’t “all”. You can find plenty of white weebs who are cam girls or selling snapchat nudes. Nothing to do with race or weeb status

No. 5787

Kek I didn't mean all literally but most of the popular ones I've seen end up getting fat and turning in to thots. Angela, Micky Melody, Aminyan, Delandra I'm just saying. Don't get so butthurt.

No. 5788

Don't plenty of popular white weebs end up fat thots too?

No. 5789

>Angela, Micky Melody, Aminyan, Delandra

No. 5790

These girls are well known cows that’s it. Aside from lolcow no one gives a shit about them and their boring lives. There’s tons of other popular black weebs who are actually decent people.

No. 5791

Her mom is a lawyer, dunno about her dad though. She has like 6 sisters and one time she posted a picture of her sweet 16 celebration on her Twitter, it was a ton of balloons on a stairway in a house that looked pretty nice IIRC. Maybe rich is pushing it but being able to afford 7 kids and have a house that nice is definitely quite well off.

No. 5792

This. Weebs in general (esp cosplay ones) tend to just be lowkey thots.

No. 5793

She isn't ugly….She needs to go after European men apparently they have a thing for black women who look like her not asian guys.

No. 5794

Stupid race baiting hoe, two isn't all. Stop generalizing -_-

No. 5795

Please stop detailing with unrelated people

No. 5796

Aminyan isn’t fat??

No. 5797

Sage for derailing but Amina is fat now, check her thread.(derailing)

No. 5798

Please stop derailing unrelated threads to get people to visit a dead thread. Stop trying to make fetch happen. The admins already told you fuckers to stop doing it in the Micky thread.

No. 5799

NTA but
>you fuckers
It was pretty clearly the thread's subject themselves derailing by falsely claiming Angela and Micky made that thread in a bid to get it locked/removed.
Come to think of it, said subject also didn't know how to sage, and was warned by a moderator.

No. 5800

Stop. Derailing.

No. 5801

Stop dragging this out for multiple posts. You're only prolonging any derailing going on with this back and forth.

Anyway, I wonder how Angela is reacting to Tumblr's purge of NSFW/CP blogs. If they're serious, her account is definitely in trouble.

No. 5802

the thread isn't dead kek

No. 5803

Her blog is still up

No. 5804

Not the same anon in both those posts. I’m just sick of people bringing up irrelevant other threads to derail this one and micky’s thread which they did before. I’ve reported and will ignore anyway. It’s bait at this point.

No. 5805

It’ll be gone soon. She has like 20 blogs anyway so she’ll probably reinvent herself for the 10th time

No. 5806

It hasn't been deleted yet

No. 5807

File: 1543860011345.jpeg (69.17 KB, 553x329, 3C768728-E369-428D-B17B-652CF4…)

Angela is fucked considering any relevancy she has is on tumblr

No. 5808

This is going to be a massacre of cows

No. 5809

File: 1544115780742.png (6.28 MB, 1242x2208, F9461FE2-226A-4E56-9B90-0D3381…)

I think she really did go to Mexico to get her titties done. She’s following this tag on instagram and its a surgeon from Mexico

No. 5810

File: 1544116132810.jpeg (424.58 KB, 1242x941, 1F1404E8-37BB-49A3-AF25-C87E9A…)


No. 5811

all of his work is horrible, oof.

No. 5812

File: 1544118356429.png (45.74 KB, 600x219, lkmkl.png)

I feel like she first got them done in the USA, and since she knows no right-thinking surgeon will work on her to give her what she wants (especially knowing that she can't take care of them), she's doing it in Mexico now.

No. 5813

File: 1544124024628.png (42.65 KB, 578x463, 5789.PNG)

Her boobs are gonna look even worse if she goes to that surgeon. Also she said she bought skin lightening cream but claims it was only for scars and hyperpigmentation.

No. 5814

File: 1544124147807.png (6.79 KB, 575x140, 57789.PNG)

No. 5815

>I luvvv my color alot
Sure bitch, sure. Whilst what she's saying isn't wrong in terms of why people bleach, it's really ironic coming from a black girl who wants nothing more than to look like a Japanese porn star, who usually have much lighter complexions than what she has.

No. 5816

So next time we see her, she'll be skin bleached.

No. 5817

File: 1544788103904.jpg (144.87 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20181214-064429_Tum…)

No. 5818

Her Splenda daddy must’ve dumped her

No. 5819

File: 1544799470277.jpg (263.49 KB, 764x551, may i PLEASE hold your massive…)


No. 5820

imagine being a failed sex worker at 21

No. 5821

She barely got any fucking work. Is this a joke.

No. 5822

She couldn’t even get enough money stripping on the side and after her botched tit job it’s no wonder she got no business. She should’ve spent her money on lipo and a nose job. Just a few weeks ago on Tumblr she said she would come as an escort again and now she’s “retired”. For someone who talks mad shit about everyone (Aminyan, Blac China, actual high class escort girls) she’s doing horribly in life.

No. 5823

Did her tumblr get deleted?

No. 5824

either deleted or changed her url again.

No. 5825

would she have lost it on the 17th? I doubt she made it porn-free.

No. 5826

File: 1545538569570.gif (854.94 KB, 500x281, 1511890504218.gif)

>i'm literally a virgin again

No. 5827

Do you think she's got a regular day job now or she's just living at home mooching off her parents again?

No. 5828

Probably back at her grannies house or scraping by stripping which is what she was doing before.

No. 5829

File: 1546703636732.jpeg (Spoiler Image,226.12 KB, 1125x1667, 17BF7B64-F4D6-42AE-9453-AF3342…)

She’s active again on twitter guys and her account is @candyangel_6
She’s also posting ancient pictures from over 5+ years ago because I guess she got too lazy to use meitu and shoop her huge stomach and botched tits

No. 5830

File: 1546703664667.png (4.58 MB, 1125x2436, 568A783A-71D2-4768-9500-06E4A5…)

That wig oh lawd

No. 5831

Imagine paying for a boob job only to use old nudes of your sad pancake tits.

No. 5832

She can’t even admit how botched she is

No. 5833

She posted old pics. Must be missing her old scarless tits.

No. 5834

After twitter roasted her so bad on her botch job she wouldn’t dare. That’s why she was ousted out of being a hooker too nobody wanted her after she got outed for cat fishing and scamming Johns.

No. 5835

File: 1547832795103.jpg (103.54 KB, 1076x551, Screenshot_20190118-035837_Tum…)

No. 5836

Glad she found something to do with her life that isn’t giving BJs to randos from Craigslist for $45.

No. 5837

Exactly. That definitely wasn't working out for her at all.

No. 5838

Called it. She’s keeping quiet because there’s nothing ~ kawaii uwu~ about working at McDonalds. kek

No. 5839

>working a real job
you know what, I'm happy for her. Maybe she'll be able to live a more stable life

maybe she'll even stop acting like a cow, who knows

No. 5840

Wow she couldn’t even make money stripping…even after she said she would never get a real job

No. 5841

Honestly, I hope so too. Wonder if Kitty is going the same route.

Reality humbled her real quick.

No. 5842

I find it funny that she makes it out now like she’s so above using social media when she spent the last few years buying followers, doing any and everything for tumblr likes and being messy overall. Maybe she realized that no matter what she does she’s not cut out to be popular.

No. 5843

File: 1547910308749.jpeg (102.45 KB, 575x787, 9ADC8FCE-CDD0-4507-A9DA-C275C9…)

Doubt it. Only reason she got a real job is because she isn’t attractive or smart enough to make real money stripping.

Kitty is still stripping while wearing struggle wigs and cartoon tits. Doing the whole ddlg thing too while stripping.

No. 5844

File: 1547913289051.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, IMG_20190118_035435.jpg)

Kitty isn't that cute herself. It's honestly likely she's only still able to do because she's light skin. Black dudes tend to be a bit more ok with average or uggo light skin girls. Just look at Micky.

Then again, I feel like Kitty might end up working a regular job once she's utterly out of shape and her tits completely deflate. She looks like she well on her way to it.

No. 5845

Are these her tits post op? Wow these girls really did spend thousands to ruin their bodies as well as their slim chances at a successful career in sex work.

No. 5846

Yeah six mo post op

No. 5847

Looks like she’s trying to sh00p herself into cardi b.

No. 5848

hopefully she stays off the internet and gets herself together. but somehow i doubt it.

No. 5849

She might be able to. She's been pretty quiet lately, so this leads me to believe that maybe now she's finally realized 1. She's not conventionally attractive enough to live off of her looks alone and 2. a life of sucking and fucking strangers is actually a very empty and dangerous life to live anyway.
Don't mean to sound grim, but Kitty will probably go off with the wrong john and never come home again anyway. Girls like her disappear all the time and it never even makes a splash on the news. That's the very cold hard reality of what she's doing. You can be as sex positive as you want, it's not going to stop some monster from dragging you off one of these nights.

So in that regard, Angela might actually be lucky. Her ugly face will ultimately save her life. All she has to do now is go back to school and get a real job and career. If she calms down, she'll end up with a nice average guy who hopefully will be sympathetic about her botched tits.

No. 5850

Fucking hell, sorry for not saging

No. 5851

File: 1548548744784.jpeg (184.29 KB, 1117x1024, 41338FBB-F855-43D9-8078-156D50…)

Seems she hasn’t learned from her first hitch job. btw her new twitter is @br4ttitude and private is @lollipopgirl, she also locked her escort twitter as well.

No. 5852

Kek not even a year later. She’s a fucking idiot. Another boob job won’t fix those scars, Angela. You’ll probably neglect those too and only make it worse.

> somewhat believable

Bitch please they don’t look remotely believable as is.

No. 5853

File: 1548550326959.jpeg (46.97 KB, 1125x232, 2EC61F71-379E-4EA5-8AB9-184FCF…)

Anyone got the caps from last summer where she said tons of porn companies like brazzers was begging for her? And she was just waiting until she was ~ready~ by having her surgery? Ofc that was a total lie. She’s still trying to be a porn star though and thinks she’ll be invited to AVN kek

No. 5854

I see she deleted her old tweets on the brattitude account. Man I wanted to see her aminyan hate tweets.

Also she follows thinspo accounts. Like that's going to help her.

No. 29691

File: 1548759497990.jpeg (751.57 KB, 1242x2024, 0E3F3A2F-3DE9-4484-93C1-3F5E46…)

Hm… sounds like advice EVERYONE was telling her since day one

No. 29692

File: 1548759872545.jpeg (519.26 KB, 1242x2019, 63F8FBA3-1739-4990-B456-33E43D…)

No. 29693

She’s definitely only saying this because when she was younger she was obsessed with being “barely legal” and all the attention she got for being as young as legally possible. Now that she’s older she’s no longer as special or desireable. As well as all of the new 18 year olds who join the industry every year and are probably cuter and doing better than she ever was.

Kek now she’s trying to be a anachan. Good luck with that. You’re body is already ruined with those frankentits

No. 29694


If she could go back and tell her 18yr old self anything it would be to put down the cheeseburgers and not to go to mexico for a boob job.

No. 29697

Since she was 15 anons have been telling her that. She’s insane.

No. 29704

Funny how she’s acting like she want to save young girls from porn but she’s been reblogging borderline CP and fetishizing child like things for years.

No. 29735

File: 1548793549906.png (18.42 KB, 758x134, Capture.PNG)

I checked her twitter and I think the reason she posted this is because she feels old compared to the young girls/new competition that.

No. 30385

Duh. That’s what happens when you place so much value on your age as if she’s never gonna grow old. Imagine having 1-2 years of a mediocre “career” in sex work because you can’t give up the teen bimbo aesthetic.

No. 30478

File: 1548884718590.jpg (572.32 KB, 1071x1741, SmartSelect_20190130-164114_Tw…)

Not sure if these pictures are recent but, I didnt see them here.

No. 30479

File: 1548884900178.jpg (508.56 KB, 1064x1638, SmartSelect_20190130-164741_Tw…)

Also, shes still on about this

No. 30480

They’re old. From when she was staying with kitty and escorting out of hotels.

She says this but we all know she secretly misses it. She probably wishes she could be 15 dating 35 year olds forever. Why else would she make being “young,dumb, and full of cum” her entire brand?

No. 30490

Literally nobody says this is right. This is what people warned her about for years and she called them problematic for doing that… like…who tf is saying it’s ok for 15 year olds to date grown men?

No. 31338

File: 1549101619284.jpg (529.88 KB, 1065x2017, SmartSelect_20190202-045813_Tw…)

I guess she thinks she looks like this, kek. Oh, angela…

No. 31346

I wanna feel bad but /literally/ everyone has been saying this since day one. That's not an exaggeration. Since DAY ONE everyone has been saying 'Uh wtf you're under aged stop before you get someone or yourself in trouble'. All she did was block those type of people and whine about having haterz. Why the hell do you think you kept getting your blog deleted smh. Of course she has regrets now her looks have faded and she has a botched body now and she isn't getting as much attention as she used to. Is it because she's older? Maybe or it could be she's reckless with her body and now she looks like a mother of two that not even her mom wants to look at now. If you had taken care of your body maybe you wouldn't be so depressed lol.

No. 36100

File: 1550367304368.jpeg (587.83 KB, 3464x3464, 3CBDD0A6-039B-4FF7-8EAF-6AED2E…)

wannabe anachan confirmed

No. 36136

File: 1550407475637.png (1.12 MB, 747x833, cali.PNG)

She's in California for some reason.

No. 36166

She’s been talking about moving to LA or San Fran

No. 36382

Angela talks a lot about stuff she’s never done/ never will do. She couldn’t afford rent in Texas there’s no way she can afford rent in Cali.

No. 36405

She's just gonna end up making herself depressed. The standards there are different from Florida and Texas.

No. 36419

She's already depressed anon

No. 36454

She didn’t even make money in Texas or Miami. Doubt she’d make anything in California outside of streetwalking on Hollywood Boulevard

No. 36461

That's what I mean. Like, she stands zero chance making it there. Especially with her fucked up titties.

Fair point.

No. 36469

File: 1550543208996.jpeg (351.9 KB, 1125x1569, EB179A8C-E995-49E9-822E-DB654D…)

She’s forever trying to start shit or overreact to shit that doesn’t even involve her just to argue. She’s so filled with hate and seems like a total negative bitch 24/7. Reminds me of Azealia Banks

No. 36567

Bitch bye the OP is right plastic surgeons makes bank on insecure people it's a well known fact.

No. 36591

Angela your titties are botched, pls be quiet.

No. 36610

OP didn’t even diss people with plastic surgery angela is such a fucking retard

No. 37379

File: 1550968273694.jpeg (204.13 KB, 1118x1041, 6C1D7C13-463D-4B3D-A283-DA36C4…)

Kitty is trying to be a gravure cosplayer.

>five followers

No. 37390

Couldn't even get "Neko" in hiragana right, but somehow japanese is okay

Slightly OT but what apps besides snow do all these "gravure" girls use anyways?

No. 37396

Don't they know japan only likes japanese gravure models? It's not like she's gonna be Gemma.

No. 37582

Is anyone following Kitty and can post updates? Curious to know if her bolt ons ever “dropped.”

No. 38693

File: 1551739010774.jpeg (648.31 KB, 1125x1192, 8274F631-D378-4B4D-856E-998D71…)

she thinks she’s conventionally attractive….. she can’t right?

No. 38701

File: 1551742954665.gif (422.01 KB, 275x207, 1518648243176.gif)

>financially secure


No. 38752

If you peep the user icon in >>37379 I'd say they "dropped" pretty low. Kitty's new boobs look like Angela's old boobs.

I guess after sleeping on kitty's couch for months on end and trading bjs for burger king, living off your parent's and working a min wage vanilla job must seem "secure". kek.

No. 39318

File: 1552155793470.jpeg (268.48 KB, 1125x1514, 97CF864A-3366-446A-96CF-3B103C…)

looks like flipping burgers at Wendy’s isn’t paying the bills anymore

No. 39321

Oh so she's back from her cali vacation?

No. 39345

has she shown her tits in the last month or so? i almost pity her, they looked so horrible

No. 39363

No she hasn’t posted pictures of them in like 5 or 6 months. She’s just been recycling old pictures.

No. 39394

Can't wait to see Mickey in Angela's dirty old clothes. At least they'll be nice and pre-stretched for her girth already.

No. 40037

File: 1552625739973.png (1.06 MB, 1159x598, 01.png)

No. 40045

Back in St Pete in her grandmas house I guess. Gives her more time to spend on Tumblr lmao

No. 40089

Bibi is back on Twitter posting pics of her ass, guess she's trying to follow Angela's footsteps kek

Her twitter is choco_kitty22

No. 40105

File: 1552703645104.png (2.71 MB, 1686x1264, b.png)

It looks like she's lost a lot of weight since her Tumblr/YT days. Too bad she's ashy as fuck in her other photos.

No. 40120

Weird. Never thought she'd be the better looking/thinner sister and yet here we are.

No. 40121

I think it's just because those pics aren't saturated enough. Crazy how much cuter she is than Angela. That has to annoy Angela, I bet.

No. 40123

File: 1552712062652.jpg (450.35 KB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20190316-004930_Twi…)

Hmmm, I wonder who this is about?

No. 40124

lmao somebody sounds jelly

No. 40125

Honestly wouldnt be surprised if it was about her sister. I think if it were anyone else it would be valid xrit or advice but it's Angela we are talking about here. She's always said she doesn't care what people do as long as they're of age 18+ even though she tried to pull the Yukapon route when she was hardly even a teenager, it's weird hearing her say this when this is exactly what she did.

No. 40137

I mean I'm glad she understands that "sex work" isn't this amazing dreamy "career" now and isn't willing to yaaas queen every girl who wants to do it

No. 40142

Those fake Gucci boots are fucking ugly tho

No. 40143

File: 1552741152137.jpg (Spoiler Image,134.61 KB, 900x1200, D1qo7R6WoAEAFg7.jpg)

I wonder if Bibi got a boob job or she's just holding them up?

No. 40146

Honestly, we never saw her tits like we did Angela's, so they might be naturally like that.
Angela might just be the unlucky one out of all her sisters. It happens.

No. 40153

File: 1552750690140.jpeg (Spoiler Image,181.13 KB, 956x1275, 742B3308-6BD4-4925-922F-6244D7…)

Definitely looks to me like she’s had some sort of plastic surgery. She tagged this with #barelylegal kek. We all know Angela is fuming.

No. 40162

Oh that's what those are? They're so random honestly

No. 40171

She looks like a mother of 3

No. 40174

YOOOOOO this milk is good. Angela came here years ago and talked so much shit about Bibi her own sis. Bibi actually looks really cute and if she did her makeup like foundation she could make decent money. Plus no botched tit job and no nudes floating everywhere like Angela. She’s fuming. She’s already a toxic and shitty person so I wouldn’t put it past her being jealous of her own sis.

No. 40175

Also if it’s ~~~so dangerous~~~ all of a sudden, I can understand her warning Bibi but a real sister would say “look don’t support you but given I have experience and you’re set on doing this I’ll tell you how to be safer.” Not “fuck you bitch!!!”. Angela is crazy.

No. 40177

She’s got lipo and most likely BBL. her ass looks too lumpy and I’m wondering how she got the money for it. Probably financed it or when to DR or Mexico like Angela did. I don’t get why she uploaded these pics without makeup????

No. 40178

Lmao I can't wait for Bibi to do everything Angela wanted with a body she could only dream of having. Even without makeup she's way cuter so she's several steps ahead of her bitter ass sister.

No. 40179

I just don’t get how the hell shes sub tweeting her own sister and blood.

No. 40187

Wow new angela milk appears and a thread about you-know-who is made when there’s already a thread. Almost as if there’s a cycle now

No. 40193

What are you talking about

No. 40197

I peeped that too. She's super bitter. Her former friend and her sister look better and are doing better than her. Wonder if Micky feels the same since she and Angela are so similar.

No. 40200

it’s super obvious with the amount of spamming being done and the timing. Angela is insane.

No. 40208

Honestly. I do wonder if it's a team effort though because her buddy Micky retweeted her post about selling nudes again. Odd timing. Won't be surprised if Angela follows suit.

No. 40211

Angela is selling nudes now??? Or just Micky?

No. 40222

I feel sorry for the parents. You cut contact and disown one child and now the second one is following suit.

No. 40224

At least with Bibi it’s online only for now

No. 40228

anyone else noticed the other threads have been deleted and the spam posts in the galaxy thread was deleted as well. not by a farm hand but by someone who posted it most likely trying to cover tracks. this really smells like angela now.

No. 40231

The parents must’ve did something wrong though. at least Bibi is actually in school and working towards something and not flipping burgers or sitting her fat ass at a desk all day…cough

No. 40251

File: 1552798747550.jpg (189.85 KB, 1440x1016, 20190317_005221.jpg)

I didn't delete the posts and I not Micky or angela. A mod did and I was banned for a "unspecified reasons"

No. 40252

I am not bibi,Micky or himeka*

No. 40253

File: 1552799296154.jpg (16.04 KB, 379x374, 1459222574102.jpg)

I can confirm that this wasn't "angela" or whoever the fuck that is. And the thread WAS taken down by mods. nice try though; everyone knows Amina is a whore (literally). She put that out there herself.

No. 40255

The mods banning me I'm such a shady way just proves anima posts here kek. Even more funny that she tried to play it off like the mods didn't do it.(ban evasion)

No. 40272

So she’s a mod now??? you broke rules by making a new thread that’s why you were banned idiot.Why are you posting this in the himeka thread? Go sperg somewhere else.

No. 40275

>pretending not to know who angela is.

This is her thread anon. No matter how many times you try to change the way you write so that you can samefag yourself or play coy it’s obvious who you are. Go post in the aminyan thread.

No. 40592

File: 1553048766123.jpeg (Spoiler Image,148.58 KB, 1125x1107, 168A099F-5592-4CAD-B5CD-53E9AB…)

Boobjob confirmed. This time she tagged it with #jailbait and #lolicon.


No. 40596

File: 1553054860634.jpg (Spoiler Image,170.23 KB, 900x1200, D2D3HoqWsAIYR8i.jpg)

>#oppailoli #jailbait #lolicon
When does this shit end? Fucking gross.
Besides that, I can imagine Angela seething right now over this, lmao. She looks so much better than her in the face alone. Her boob job clearly isn't as botched, either.
This reminds me of the whole role-reversal with Kiki and Dakota. Unfortunate that instead of with modelling and popularity in Japan, it's with trashy sex work and pedo-pandering on Twitter, though.

No. 40599

A couple of well-raised young ladies, these two.

No. 40600

Bibi is slowly becoming a lolcow herself. It’s creepy how she’s following Angela’s footsteps after Angela ended up a complete failure. Doing the same poses, sex working, the messy boob job, using the same gingham hearts to cover her up ugly dorm room, and tagging with pedophilic hashtags just like her sister. She’s a skinwalker. Only difference is she’s not lying continuously like her older sister did about the luxury life they both supposedly live.

No. 40608

Bibi should go into modeling. She's cute enough. That or being a video girl. Either way she's cute enough that she can get further than her sister.

No. 40616

Honestly, it seems like it's always been like that with them.
They had similar blog aesthetics on Tumblr, both tried to be kawaii dancers/aidoru, etc. I wonder if Angela is the one who first got her little sister into her interests, then became a bad influence as she started slutting it up.
By now, she should have her own path and identity. She's actually pretty, so she might not end up going down Angela's botched, broken-down trailer trash route, but I can't tell at this point.

No. 40628

Bibi is not cute by any means. I don’t know what some of you are smoking. She may not be a fat blob anymore but she’s still ugly in the face. She couldn’t pull of a modeling career but maybe a video vixen since all you need is an ass to shake.

No. 40636

File: 1553112777996.jpg (32.08 KB, 472x459, IMG_20190318_035438.jpg)

>Bibi is not cute by any means

Dude, you are tripping balls. She's definitely cute. Unlike Angela. And yes, she could be a model. Especially considering some models look like ayy lmaos.

No. 40641

Of course she looks good when you compare her to Angela. This girl looks 35 at the age of 18/19. And no, she’s could not model. Porn, sure but real models aren’t pumped full of plastic. You can see keloids around her nips just like her sister so she probably has the same nasty lollipop scars.

No. 40649

She’s cute just needs makeup

No. 40674

Exactly. Not sure why they're acting like she's hideous like Angela or Micky. Then again, when Angela was here before she went out her way to shit on her sister and call her ugly. So, idk.

No. 40677

>Then again, when Angela was here before she went out her way to shit on her sister and call her ugly. So, idk.
Good point. She's so pressed about her sister being younger and better-looking than her, wouldn't surprise me if she's coming here on a sour "Stop clapping!" rampage.

No. 40687

Yeah. Really wouldn't put it past her. Angela always been a petty, bitter bitch.

No. 40699

Lord tell me she didn't go to the same doctor as her sister.

No. 40704

The scars around her nipples are proof she had a lift, so there’s definitely lollipop scars and those probably didn’t heal any better. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.

No. 40705

File: 1553138961653.jpeg (389.27 KB, 1125x593, ABA1F652-258A-4D8E-86FF-F72CF9…)

Yep. Bad editing. At least she learned from Angela getting dragged on Twitter. To bad she didn’t learn that a cheap boob job and poor aftercare wouldn’t help her.

No. 40712

Bibi is def the cuter version of her sister. Still a hot mess, but I suppose she's not a squat, lumpy, fat mess at the very least? Her boobs might be just as botched, but without the shoop I guess we'll never really know.

No. 40725

Where did Bibi get the cash for surgery I wonder

No. 40743

That’s what I was wondering. She’s already followed Angela’s footsteps in more ways than one so we probably know the answer to that.

No. 40791

Why do these thots want giant tits if their whole schtick is being uwu loli jailbait

No. 40819

Intelligence must not run in the family

No. 41371

File: 1553488680554.jpg (390.49 KB, 810x1673, Screenshot_20190323-143613_Twi…)

This bitch is a whole fucking weirdo for this shit here.

No. 41377

Angela you can barely fit a XL

No. 41401

Saw this. Pretty disgusting

No. 41472

Ok but who gets this for their kid even ironically jesus fucking christ

No. 41905

File: 1553820614971.jpg (515.54 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20190328-204750_Twi…)

No. 41906

File: 1553820712286.jpg (385.05 KB, 1080x1316, Screenshot_20190328-204832_Twi…)

No. 41908

File: 1553820907623.jpg (381.18 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20190328-204925_Twi…)

No. 41916

She’s done absolutely nothing.

No. 41946

It's wild how salty she is about 18/19 year olds, and constantly talks like her being 21 is so old. She has such a warped idea of age, I can't imagine how bad it's going to be when she hits 25 or heaven forbid, the ripe old age of 30.

She moved to Texas, let some fatty step on her face for rent money to sleep on kitty's couch, and got one of the worst botched boobjobs I've seen in a while. She's achieved something, I guess? Nothing good, but it's something.

No. 41992

She's acting like people weren't trying to warn her for years (IIRC she's literally been doing "sex work" since she was 14 and using Tumblr, it's just as gross/skeevy as it sounds) and she didn't just block/ignore them, lmao.

No. 41995

I really hope she feels fucking stupid and she obviously regrets not listening to people at that age years ago. Lol everyone tried to help her and she sounded exactly how she's complaining they sound.

No. 42135

File: 1553982565280.jpg (455.34 KB, 810x1564, Screenshot_20190330-174617_Twi…)

Angela's just mad because she was dumb enough to go out and fuck old rednecks just for burgers, 200 bucks, and trips to Walgreens instead camming or making a "premium snapchat" like most of these girls do.

No. 42136

File: 1553982596313.jpg (343.67 KB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20190330-174654_Twi…)

No. 42192

The only time I feel even a modicum of compassion towards angela is when she posts shit like this cause atleast she owns up to having fucked herself over by buying into the "sex positive" tumblr brand and trying to become a paid mega slut before hitting 20. That being said its really funny to see her wax poetry when back then people tried to convince her not to whore herself out, she would sperg out because its "her right to act like a human flesh light if she wants to."

No. 42220

She conveniently doesn't address that she was in the shoes of those younger aspiring SWs and a way a lot worse off because she tried it when she wasn't even legal, especially having been there herself you'd think she'd understand why she's getting that response.
I warned her personally when she was both underage and an aspiring aidoru and when she became of age and her response was basically to the effect of "mind your own business I know what I'm doing" when that was clearly not the case.

No. 42230

She hasn’t learned at all. Her entire justification for hating Amina is that she told her to stop being a SW while underaged

No. 42646

File: 1554209481248.png (918.91 KB, 1182x1238, a.png)

Her family are really tired of her, aren't they? I'd almost call it sad, but she made some awful choices on her own.

According to those old messages she showed a video of years back, Amina was an underage SW too. They were both into findomming, and even swapped clients. They're both gross trash, kek.

No. 42674

Why are y’all obsessed with bringing up washed up amina and in and every unrelated thread. Stop derailing. Admin already said you’re a vendettachan. Get help.

No. 42694

Are you stupid? I mentioned her in passing after someone else randomly brought her up and uselessly bumped the thread (probably you). I'm not sure what your problem is, but I'm far from a "vendettachan", and admin has never mentioned me in relation to that autosaged flake.
>didn't even sage their unrelated post
At least read up on board culture before coming into WK, you look embarrassing.

No. 42714

Calm. Down. Sperg

No. 42723

As soon as you stop derailing, autism-chan.

No. 42730

Calm. Down. Sperg.

No. 43181

File: 1554513316878.jpg (392 KB, 1064x1586, Screenshot_20190405-211235_Twi…)

This is coming from a girl who literally fucked a dude for some fucking McDonald's, sold nudes for Line stickers, and went on a date to fucking Walgreens. Angela, please take several seats.

No. 43182

File: 1554513379305.jpg (217.35 KB, 1078x901, Screenshot_20190405-211318_Twi…)

She's really jealous of this chick. Like, damn girl, sorry you weren't smart enough to think about doing that when you had the chance.

No. 43184

File: 1554513483945.jpg (231.11 KB, 1080x799, Screenshot_20190405-211333_Twi…)

Also, she doesn't realize that fucking for "free" has always been the damn norm. Angela, everything isn't like those wack ass porns you like to watch despite what you like to believe.

No. 43187

I love it when sex workers get all riled up on this shit. A lot of them literally use porn as a way to get attention from men, so seeing a woman get the attention they desperately desire for nothing in return would obviously have them pressed.

No. 43200


are angela and bibi the two youngest? What the hell went wrong with them lol

Bibi is at least fairly cute, but if she insists on sw she needs to drop the jailbait loli shit and market herself differently.

No. 43598

File: 1554871761452.jpg (501 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_20190409-165219_Twi…)

Just say you want to bleach your skin, Angela.

No. 43645

Oh my god this bitch is stupid and depressing. Angela I just wanted to say bleaching your skin will not make your life (or appearance) any better. You should have stayed in college. You'd be happier now if you did.

No. 43885

I mean as much as she is trash, shes allowed to not want broke men.

No. 44003

This woman needs a therapist and a fucking job jesus

No. 46454

File: 1557113995832.jpg (286.15 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20190505-232947_Twi…)

So she's still posting dumbshit on her Twitter. I think she's gone back to doing sex, but not too sure.

No. 46455

File: 1557114062936.jpg (236.54 KB, 1076x655, Screenshot_20190505-233316_Twi…)

That's the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 46456

File: 1557114172729.jpg (329.55 KB, 810x1390, Screenshot_20190505-233731_Twi…)

She also openly displayed her absolute lack of understanding how mental illnesses work. She claims to have one, but very clear that's not true at all.

No. 46460

I think it's obvious Angela has a mental illness. Just look at her life, her behavior since she was a kid, the shit we know she's been through (prostitution, porn, underage grooming, etc) and how she acts overall. This is not the behavior of a sane person who's just a little stupid or spoiled. She's been fucked up since she was like 14. Not to armchair, but there's clearly something going on.
She's just too stubborn to seek actual help, and not self-aware enough to accept takes by those who actually prioritize wellness and improvement.

No. 46469

She is severely mentally crippled/challenged. She used to openly talk about having 50 year old online bfs when she was 13 14 years old and anybody that tried talking sense into her faced her fury online. She went on anon to try and harass so many people, has lied so much about her life it’s obvious something really bad must’ve happened to her to make her this crazy.

No. 46470

Yet on her sex work blog / tumblr she continually shit talked, harassed, talked about getting scammed out of 3k by a scamdom, whines about Simon benson for months, lied about being half Japanese, lied about being a porn star, lied about being scouted by Brazzers and Spiegler… yeah ok girl

No. 46471

just looked at one of her tumblrs…does she post photos and has she since her botch job? She was basically ran off of Twitter for her botched zombie tits, but thought she would’ve gotten over it by now.

No. 46664

I don't think she posted any pictures of herself since she got roasted on twitter. When she does its old pictures from before she got her boob job.

No. 46680

I’ve only seen years old pics she’s posting

No. 46791

File: 1557362763380.png (6.76 MB, 1125x2436, 101A744C-F010-4946-A5E2-590DA3…)

Kitty is trying to be a big tiddy Twitter gravure thought. She’s gotten huge and lumpy lmao

No. 46938

Is losing weight that hard? damn

No. 47310

File: 1557703859492.jpg (658.67 KB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20190512-192734_Twi…)

Something tells me this is a lie. Even if she had a "Sugar" Daddy. Every time she had one they could only afford trips to Wal Greens and splurging at Claire's. Shit, she couldn't even afford to get proper plastic surgery with her sex work schtick.

No. 47311

File: 1557703920405.jpg (400.8 KB, 1080x1371, Screenshot_20190512-192640_Twi…)

Kitty abuses the absolute fuck out of the blur tool.

No. 47312

It's obviously a lie cause why are they just pictures and not a selfie?

No. 47315

You can get a three course lunch there for as low as $29 and it’s even cheaper for breakfast. This place is nothing more than an overpriced tourist attraction. She may be fooling somebody but it’s not me.

No. 47352

File: 1557719908302.png (171.95 KB, 698x923, menu.png)

Exactly as >>47315 said, lunch there is actually really affordable at only $29 for a "three course meal". Here's a cap of the lunch menu for reference. It's cute she's still trying to flex though.

No. 47362

Lmao this bitch is a total scammer

No. 47396

You’d spend more money for dinner at Red Lobster.

No. 50076

File: 1558627795119.jpg (264.37 KB, 1080x915, Screenshot_20190523-120805_Twi…)

Angela (and Micky) just mad she's shaped like a fridge. That's the only reason she said anything.

No. 50077

File: 1558627864018.jpg (351.15 KB, 1080x1487, Screenshot_20190523-120820_Twi…)

She also doesn't seem to understand the actual argument at all. Which further proves she's just salty as usual.

No. 50097

She’s talking about Bunny Ayumi who looks ten times better than her lol

No. 50133

She’s basically saying what she thinks about girls that look better than her. She can’t keep her salty thoughts to herself. For someone who unironically saying uwu, I’m shocked she’s not self aware at all.

No. 50143

SSSuccubus and Bunnyayumi's reply to the post was cringy as all fuck, acting like "oh no we won't get representation :(" and they both act like cringy costhots with butter faces anyways but yeah they are still better than Angela somehow, and Angela's hot take comes from a place of jealousy not because she legitimately cares at all.

No. 50558

What's the issue with mei?

No. 50561

Mei has a new design where her stomach isn’t bulging but she still has a fat ass and chubby legs. It’s such a moot point.

No. 50573

Supposedly its an error with her model. I still like how all the people commenting on the person's post with "but I look like this!! uwu" are still fat/have fat stomachs but pull the sides of their panties high enough to tuck in their fupa.

No. 51305

File: 1559132928382.png (68.57 KB, 783x682, ok.PNG)


No. 51314

Yeah she’s been claiming ace for a while

No. 51321

Why is she pretending to be ace?

No. 51385

Bcoz nobody will fuck her free or not

No. 51386

Bcoz nobody will fuck her free or not

No. 51413

she doesnt have a pony does she

No. 51418

Sure she does just like how she lives in a mansion etc etc

No. 51423

To be honest i don't find it too hard to believe that her family is well off (supposedly her dad is, probably one of his horses or something)

No. 51465

If you’ve followed her for a while you’ll know she’s a pathological liar. Her family is probably middle class. With that said actual rich people don’t brag about being rich all the time. They just are. That’s how I can tell she’s insecure.

No. 51491

Her dad does have an actual farm with horses and ponies. She posted about way back. It's one of the few things she doesn't lie about. The asexual things totally bullshit though.

No. 51494

Owning a lot of land in Florida doesn’t make you rich. Outside of Miami it’s cheap as fuck there

No. 51497

Not saying she's rich, just saying that her owning a pony is true because of her dad having a farm.

No. 51593

File: 1559296369118.jpeg (166.89 KB, 1125x1122, 23955628-012C-4ACD-9BA7-5854CA…)

Any details on what she said?

No. 51596

She likely was talking about doing cocaine. I also doubt she's ever done that, it's not some you can just drop cold turkey. It's pretty addictive.

No. 51601

File: 1559310291412.jpg (274.01 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20190531-093652_Twi…)

Sure, Angela. Sure.

No. 52546

File: 1559870464830.jpeg (369.79 KB, 1087x1697, 2544CBCB-4C4E-4914-949A-32E2DF…)

It’s confirmed she’s on drugs right?

No. 53098

File: 1560198932047.png (501.18 KB, 659x259, kinkfriendlyroomie.png)

>I'm very flexible with rent
aka she wants someone to pay most of it kek

No. 53099

Isn’t this old anon?

No. 53102

she posted it in the group yesterday

No. 53166

Oh damn guess she still broke

No. 53170

Funny, she was claiming to have "retired" from sex work. Obviously that was a lie.

No. 53174

I’m guessing she works at a strip club or escort service and lives at home still so she wants a roommate

No. 53534

She got a boob job. You can see where she tried blurring the scars out.

No. 53588

This was already confirmed. >>40705

No. 62998

File: 1566232659852.jpeg (284.45 KB, 1094x1115, F85A6B50-15F0-41C3-A5D1-CB3D82…)

she’s still pressed over amina

No. 63022

I like how she conveniently forgets all the drama she's started over the years. Like when she came here and posted about her sister. Or when she made that tumblr with some random's nudes and claimed it was Amina. I see why her and Micky ended up being friends.

No. 63057

I have a feeling this is about the Micky drama that happened semi recently. She's one of the few people who has stayed by Micky's side during her drama and vice versa. And they both hate Amina just the same too.

No. 63167

The reason why nobody fucks with her is because she went on anon for years to harass people and got mad when people told her to stop selling child porn. She has zero real life friends because she’s mentally ill and crazy as hell. Remember when that anon saw her on the beach in tampa with some old fat black man?

No. 70265

File: 1571635854103.jpeg (419.01 KB, 1536x2048, 58F625B3-DDDA-4E30-A7CD-22A13C…)

No. 70266

File: 1571635988698.jpeg (540.92 KB, 1536x2048, E5D4C00F-DA49-48BA-A1F5-4AD498…)

No. 70267

File: 1571636057625.jpeg (514.11 KB, 1536x2048, 599F4D09-F1F6-4C33-8C9C-1AE087…)

I’ve never seen implants so saggy

No. 70268

File: 1571636089160.jpeg (637.81 KB, 1536x2048, 012DB7AB-0602-4BD2-B48C-D466D9…)


No. 70328

Her foundation in combination with her tits are SENDING me

She wasted her money and time to get a different version of pancake/granny tits lmao.
Like, she legit looks like a fuckin wannabe 40 year old cougar here.

No. 70334

no one gives a shit about her tits. its not milk

No. 70335

File: 1571681414724.png (406 KB, 630x834, ba2.png)

Damn, I completely forgot about this girl.
As for these pictures, I don't understand. If plastic surgery is available to her, and she's vain enough to go for it, why not start with a lift? Why is it always implants?
Also, she has "p.e.a.r." in her Twitter bio now. For those who don't know, it's some pedo shit popularized by diaperfag 4Lung that stands for "pro expression, anti regression". Real classy.

No. 70337

File: 1571681646760.png (151.97 KB, 1140x648, gf.png)

>shipping child siblings from a cartoon

No. 70341

They look natural. And honestly I think far better than what she had before.

No. 70342

Where did you get that photo anon its not on her twitter

No. 70343

she deleted it shortly after it was posted here

No. 70469

I thought she was over this shit because she’s „old“ now

No. 70470

Also isnt she like 22? Why does she say shes 20

No. 70473

Tinfoil but maybe to compete with her sis since she's doing camming shit too and likes to tag it as #barelylegal iirc??

No. 70480

I agree. They look like big natural boobs. Far preferable to Kelly Eden's big bolt ons

No. 70484

It means that she's over the age of 20 (there's an arrow up). A lot of people on Twitter put this in their bios so they don't have to reveal their real age.

No. 70518

Where is her sister’s twitter

No. 70531

Keep in mind this is with them partially covered up. She still has burnt pepperoni nips and lollipop keloid scars.

No. 70552

So? You insulted her boobs without surgery. She gets surgery and you insult the surgery scars. I don’t give a fuck about her tits.

No. 70555

>I don't give a fuck about her tits
>angerly defends her flapjack tits

Her boobjob is botched, but I'll agree it's old milk. I'm surprised she's still so chunky. I wonder what she's been up to since her social media hiatus? Not shocked she's resurfaced as a pedo tho. Her old tumblr was covered in borderline cp.

No. 70561


She's just really short and broad. It would take a ton of work and training for her body type to have a small stomach.

As much as she wishes otherwise, she does not have the body shape of a petite Asian waifu, instead that of an African mammy.

Anyway. I wish her the best.

No. 70574

Her stomach is super big too

No. 70578

>African mammy
And Momokun and PT have the bodies of typical childless white women lol

No. 70600

You sure are mad people don't agree with you about her tits huh lmao

The posts are sage for a reason dumbass

No. 71170

File: 1572196877471.png (594.84 KB, 741x514, pedochan.PNG)

Looks like she's still a pedochan.

No. 73774

File: 1574655331464.png (385.49 KB, 1242x974, B339C9D6-7A04-41CE-B621-43BF3C…)

Sounds like she’s having another little melt down

No. 73779

These girls are so lazy they can't stick to a diet plan or exercise routine for more than a week, huh? Just like Shayna, crying about gaining weight and not doing anything about it beyond week one.

No. 73784

Anon post more. We already knew her self esteem was hella know that’s why she needed validation from Craigslist randoms

No. 73785

Is she a stripper now?

No. 73789

File: 1574666682400.jpeg (630.71 KB, 1242x1686, 0FEA899A-707A-4250-8F26-AAC412…)

She applied to be one but didn’t get it lmao

No. 73791

If she was skinny, had a good personality and the exact shame she would be hired lol

No. 73792

>Naomi Campbell
Is this bitch really trying to compare herself to Naomi Campbell? Like OG supermodel Naomi Campbell? How delusional can someone be? Literally Delandra's chunky hump having ass is a stripper. Even before all the Columbian lipo. Just how fat did Angela get in the past year? And she claims she's only 130lbs? Doubtful. She was always pretty chubby and struggled with her weight, so I can only imagine where she's at now if she's "gained in the past year".

I've only passed through a few clubs in my life, but the less "elite" ones definitely have at least a couple chubby girls on their roster. Black girls too? Kind of curious which club she tried to get hired at, some places have really have no standards.

No. 73797

Anon bless us with more

No. 73812

I watch a lot of stripper youtubers and they're all black and even kitty is/was a stripper. Your weight and frankentitties are the only things holding you back.

No. 73822

Even though kitty had a huge ass nose and wore makeup like 5x light she still acts more normal and looks prettier than Angela to most people. A lot of strip clubs don’t take dark skin girls so add on dark skin and fat and a horrible personality and short as fuck and well… delandra was a stripper but even she has to scam to make rent.

No. 73885

There's plenty of dark skin strippers, Angela's real issue is that she's honestly cringy. She probably tried to get them to go with the whole "im just a little girl uwu" thing. Which is not what most dudes want to see at the club. Doesn't help that there was a timeframe where that image of her with the name Simon written all over her went viral and her showing off her fresh Frankentits. Club owners don't want that hot mess.

No. 73890

Theres dark strippers but lets be real anon, most "elite" clubs will take one or two black girl and if they do they will be naomi campbell types…super skinny, model, elegant whether or not they are dark skin. A regular dark skin girl with a gut is not going to be hired at an elite club no matter how she presents herself. if she presented herself as a baddie/thicc or whatever she couldve easily gotten a job at an urban club but since she hates being black and hates black people she would never. if she wants a job at an elite club she needs to lose a shit ton of weight and present herself as high class which again she doesnt.the teen jailbait thing doesnt work in strip clubs but it can work on snapchat etc. just look at belle delphine. she doesnt realize that when she does this shit she looks like a stumpy ogre. when these weird guys look for jailbait they aint looking for a fat black girl.

No. 73969

Yeah, but Angela was saying that even Naomi Campbell types wouldn't get hired which is a boldfaced lie.

I agree with you though. She's just too entitled to admit she got turned down because she's frumpy, fat, and obnoxious. We've all seen how she tried to squish herself into kid's clothing before she gained even more weight. Not sure how big she's actually gotten, but there's def clubs with lower standards and "BBW" nights. She needs to face reality that she's not the "kawaii uwu tiny half japanese loli" she tried to pretend to be on tumblr and learn her market or get a regular day job.

No. 74044

File: 1574886137990.png (318.89 KB, 1080x1080, E72D265F-51D2-43B6-AE81-A00D06…)

Apparently she’s going to now

No. 74076

what's boujie about stripping for creeps lmao

No. 74082

>im boujie af
Says the girl who lived on her stripper friend's couch and peed in public streets for male attention. Says the girl who doesn't have $250 to invest on her "look" and ran around in ill fitting children's clothing for years. kek.

She obviously thinks she's better than "hood" black people. She's always had a bizarre sense of entitlement for being such a trash human being and has lied about being mixed in the past. Can't wait till one of the "hood" chicks she works with gets sick of her shit and sees her outside.

No. 74106

File: 1574914958118.jpeg (149.95 KB, 1125x748, CEA435B9-E711-412B-A8E1-791CD0…)

she’s drunk and embracing her inner pedo on twitter

No. 74107

File: 1574914987991.jpeg (130.65 KB, 1125x657, 0A1DDDEC-72E3-4E88-85FD-3055FC…)

No. 74108

File: 1574915107847.jpeg (246.45 KB, 1125x1672, 10A6ADE8-52B3-4357-A224-80571F…)

No. 74112

Pedo and incestuous? She's nasty. Hopefully this sick bitch is never allowed around kids or has any kids herself.

No. 74117

That account (cinnamoangel) was just recently suspended from Twitter.

No. 74176

one of her "friends" mustve reported her then lol…

No. 74194

Angela, Micky and Aminah are the same. They each think they're boujie kawaii internet celebrities too good for other black people or anyone for that matter. It's funny that they all ended up as overweight failing sex workers.

No. 74225

its still up

No. 74233

Aminyan has a thread anon don’t start derailing

No. 74236

Lol holy shit I love how she's saying the black clubs have NO STANDARDS and will certainly let her in. I can't wait to see how that goes. If they deny her is she gonna say because they hate her for being """boujie""" and are just jealihs?

Like she's not pretty, and she has more than a lil bit of chub. Fuck even the club Kitty worked for wouldn't let her in.

She hates being black so much and other black people notice it right off the bat which is why most don't fuck with her lmao. She's her own worst enemy

No. 74288

Anon black clubs are more lenient with weight stuff

No. 74347

You sound autistic

No. 74583

File: 1575434975284.png (681.41 KB, 1080x1623, 910D7243-083F-440D-A6FF-36D495…)

She’s crying about not being Bunny Ayumii

No. 74584

File: 1575435326048.png (665.52 KB, 1242x1559, C290A01C-8F5A-43AB-9BCB-6C30EE…)

She’s talking about going back into escorting too

No. 74586

She sounds utterly miserable, just get a normal job that doesn't revolve around your body ffs

No. 74595

Imagine wanting to be like bunnyayumi just because she has gravure nippon clout.?
Bunny doesn't look like that irl, and Non (the other girl in the pic) would be called a man faced thot if she wasn't Asian.
Get some better idols girl..
Also unfortunately black girls really don't do well among the weeb audience these other hoes cater too

No. 74619

They’re both chubby/slightly fat with a busted face that they try to cover up with a ton of blurring. Bunny has a lot more clout than her but I’m not sure what she’s so jealous of when they’re actually quite similar.

No. 74634

Even through it's after black friday seasonal hiring are still going on, Angela. It shouldn't be too hard for you to get a retail job.

No. 74654

At least she is realistic about escorting being gross.

No. 74754

She has a normal job anon she’s a secretary

No. 74761


No. 74769

lol its not an issue of "reciepts" she's mentioned it on twitter and earlier in the thread. Go back and look, shes had a normal job for like a year now. After the botch tit job she was ran off of twitter and had to.

No. 74822

File: 1575605835515.png (499.84 KB, 1242x1804, ECAFAD90-CEEF-4D44-A5BF-054960…)

Remember when everyone tried to tell her this would happen but we were all jealous and she knew better?

No. 74844

File: 1575634343297.jpeg (Spoiler Image,312.4 KB, 944x2048, 45E9F9DD-D5C2-4574-8D13-4E3E2E…)

New pic(spoiler nsfw)

No. 74845

Nice, maimed breasts for life. Was it worth it, dummy?

No. 74846

She should stick to taking pics in lingerie or with clothes on to his the scars.

No. 74848

Oh my god.

I knew that when they healed, they would look bad, but I didn't know it would be this bad.

Her breasts are literally destroyed for life.

No. 74852

File: 1575642671725.jpeg (301.04 KB, 1139x713, 9FBD8151-61F1-43F9-8483-4E36DB…)

She should of never gotten it tbh

No. 74858

Her tits are completely botched. Can you even fix this?

The sad thing is people were telling her to be careful and that she could get really bad scarring. Her head was so far up her ass she didn't listen now her breast look like this.

No. 74860

God. Why did she have to get implants and a lift, and do escort work when she should've been letting them heal? It's like she set herself up.
Notice she's holding them up in that photo to make them look better, too.
What can even fix this? A reduction/implant removal, intense weight loss and another lift? The scars will probably be there forever, but that's all I can think of to make this look less awful. The "thicc"/"cute chub" thing clearly isn't working for her, and she's always been into lolicon shit, so maybe that'd help. Then again, she might just end up looking like a decrepit grandma/skinwalker from Pan's Labyrinth like gimpgirl555 does if she tries to be thin instead.

No. 74873

Remember when anons told her to let them heal and even gave tips. Imagine if she listened.

Honestly she should have just lost weight and saved her money.

No. 74875

She could get them redone one day and basically have the doctor cut off the scarred skin and re-sew her boobs back together a second time and if she focuses on healing properly it could turn out better. But some people are also prone to developing thicker or darker scarring so it probably wouldn't ever look fantastic, just somewhat better than this.

No. 74880

I can’t find the tweet( maybe she deleted it) but she said she was going to get her tits redone in Feb

No. 74932

jesus christ… i mean she literally did not take care of them the way she was meant to. and people told her this time and time again and she just ignored everyone because she knows best…

they look 5000x worse than her original boobs… they have the same sag as before now and her nipples are COMPLETELY botched… just yikes

No. 74946

File: 1575709445230.jpg (82.5 KB, 1024x1002, 1538187000887.jpg)

She's really gonna sit there and blame the doctor when it was entirely her fault that they look like that. She was stupid enough to exfoliate her then healing scars,despite being told by said doctor not to do it and rest.

I swear she's too old to being that kind of shit.

No. 74962

The thing is she blames the doctor when she was the one who went to the first budget back alley surgeon she could find. Regardless of the aftercare I don’t think they would have looked much better. She probably has bad genetics for healing and another boob job won’t change that.

No. 75004

Maybe she could get on Botched? If she's enough of a Personality™ lol

No. 75026

this is fucking tragic.

No. 75071

God her left nipple…that's just horrific.

No. 75087

she really should've known better considering she's dark skinned and when you get any deep scaring you're at risk for keloids and hyper-pigmentation up the wazoo that will take years / almost never heal.

No. 75104

she should have listened to people's tips about aftercare but she only rushed into the surgery because she kept getting dragged for her pre-surgery boobs. it's kind of sad, i feel sorry for her

No. 75200

>> I feel sorry for her
I dont

No. 75785

Has to bring politics into a botched tit job????

No. 77015

File: 1577727166944.jpeg (459.74 KB, 1242x1456, 45B26EB3-BA32-4F39-B1E5-3B98E5…)

Well being a stripper and being a prostitute are two different things

No. 77016

File: 1577727228027.jpeg (385.9 KB, 1242x1167, BE0B2FA2-5806-44C2-B632-3928A8…)

Didn’t she already said her body was literally just like bunny’s lol

No. 77095


Wow Angela don't you get it? You have to value yourself more than the outward appearence of your body. Have you invested in your education? Hobbies? Career? Family?

Hell no. You have a chip on your shoulder because you're black, but other dark skin girls are THRIVING.

It's you that's the problem..

No. 77118

Her family disowned her because she was posting nudes underage and fucking random people and acting like a bimbo in public and online 24/7. And she has nothing to show for it. Her sister is younger, not whoring herself, making money and obviously using it wisely if she bought a car already.

No. 82621

File: 1581735045719.jpeg (Spoiler Image,413.49 KB, 1622x2048, 6986233F-FDB3-4B10-BBA6-0B6B2E…)

She posted new pics on Twitter they’re golden

No. 82622

File: 1581735082703.jpeg (Spoiler Image,134.26 KB, 854x1278, 50F52D33-D2B2-44BE-B66A-2885B7…)


No. 82623

File: 1581735137865.jpeg (241.08 KB, 1242x603, 25B15C4E-DE42-41CD-90BE-722A17…)

She’s actually putting this on her new escorting website I’m done.

No. 82773

File: 1581817987929.jpeg (Spoiler Image,105.6 KB, 576x1024, D6FE9285-4D6D-42D0-BF93-A6CD80…)

Incoming more photos.

No. 82774

File: 1581818075419.jpeg (Spoiler Image,335.69 KB, 1152x2048, 3EFDAD16-47F7-4551-9018-F53652…)


No. 82775

File: 1581818242954.jpeg (317.02 KB, 1152x2048, 2B410C1B-23CD-46FE-9958-C6C9F7…)


No. 82776

File: 1581818418530.jpeg (Spoiler Image,213.2 KB, 1152x2048, 8CBD8A16-E79D-49A9-A0A5-737B3F…)


No. 82778

File: 1581818586133.jpeg (Spoiler Image,262.12 KB, 1152x2048, 43C6A743-C0D6-4919-9432-693FD7…)


No. 82780

File: 1581818682034.jpeg (Spoiler Image,277.55 KB, 1152x2048, 334DC0B3-84EA-4A05-994F-39294B…)


No. 82781

File: 1581818798720.jpeg (Spoiler Image,343.24 KB, 1152x2048, E0E7CEAE-4463-4C77-8F4D-CE6BB6…)


No. 82820

She's reaching Shay levels of delusion thinking that tiny skirt fits her properly. It makes her look dumpy af with that weight gain

No. 82939

Those crispy scarred nips, oh my god. I almost feel bad for her. Vitamin E them, holy lord.

No. 83461

are her nipples crusty due to a boob job?

No. 84274

she posted an unlisted video on her new sw site

No. 84351

Don't feel too bad, she fucked up her own aftercare by jumping in a hot tub right after surgery in a string bikini.

No. 84389


Guys she is in a escort website and her tits are a blurry mess in all pictures.
Sorry I couldn’t take a screen shot right now but it’s sad how scammy she is lol

No. 84395

Damn imagine this being your daughter

No. 84423

File: 1582736161887.jpeg (Spoiler Image,14.95 KB, 183x325, 25C82FCA-ACDD-48E7-8C6E-C2DB29…)

Where are the anons who said her boob job was fine cause it looks natural

No. 84451

They seriously don't look a lot better than they did before, actually they're worse now because of that horrendous scarring. One day when she's older she's going to regret all of this.

No. 84453

She already does regret it, she talks about it on Twitter all the time.

No. 84521

Which twitter is she complaining on? I can't keep track of her.

No. 84524

post caps anon

No. 84668

Here >>74852 I think there is more but this what I found so far.

No. 85483

File: 1583710279193.jpeg (Spoiler Image,744.61 KB, 1242x1201, A4F44181-BC06-4E57-8140-949F92…)

She’s posting this old af picture again that she posted for Simon

No. 85484

File: 1583710327587.jpeg (454.91 KB, 1221x947, C87F66D4-9B90-4421-81F8-01483F…)

She’s so insecure i almost feel bad for her tbh

No. 85485

If you really believe she was 110lbs in those pictures you're almost as delusional as she is.

No. 85486

iirc haven't anons confirmed that Angela is pretty short, so 110lbs might look a little heavier on her than on someone average/taller
she lies about everything so who knows

No. 85490

File: 1583717024772.png (86.74 KB, 1248x805, 1482024151355.png)

She's either lying or remembering wrong. She definitely weighed more than 110, although I cannot find her weight in past threads, he was asking her to get down to 7.9 stone which is 110-111.

She was quite a bit smaller then, although still a little chubby. She was trying to make it through the initiation into this Simon Benson guy's petplay porn site, but in the end didn't make the cut. She did go to Japan and make one low budget AV via his "connections" there when she was still only 19. He was supposed to buy her the boob job too, but when she couldn't keep up with his rules and dropped out of it, she went through with the boobjob anyway. I don't know who was telling her who boobs looked alright, but anons here were warning her about the boobjob situation from the start. She had keloid scars on her chest already from other things, so those gnarly looking lollipop scars were definitely foreshadowed.

Also, she was making posts about going into a hot tub and exfoliating the wounds/scars early on and anons here, myself included, were straight up saying "don't do that". She's admitted to reading here in the past, but was too cocky to take any advice. I'd pity her if she wasn't a self admitted pedophile because she's clearly an idiot, but trash is trash.

No. 85493

I never said that I believed she was that weight I said i felt sorry for her. I meant about how insecure she is.

No. 86723

File: 1584816728939.png (74.33 KB, 745x282, stillapedo.PNG)

when cows collide

No. 86724

File: 1584816775006.jpg (265.07 KB, 1358x1900, ESfFYcgXsAAE20u.jpg)

also "loli bimbo"? That doesn't make sense

No. 87624

File: 1585695079960.jpeg (828.06 KB, 1242x1560, D92A21B3-8AB8-424C-9738-0823F5…)

No. 87626

File: 1585695130826.jpeg (367.79 KB, 1242x1792, 88E79B71-2816-4B5A-A0FC-F7593F…)

No. 87627

File: 1585695232317.jpeg (385.16 KB, 1242x1864, 1EC11169-FA7B-40D3-95F5-32CFDB…)

No. 87629

File: 1585695333547.jpeg (504.57 KB, 1242x1822, 8DBE6CC9-4E73-4D66-AE89-78B702…)

No. 87630

File: 1585695436380.jpeg (428.88 KB, 1242x1690, 49ACE142-7C7D-4D4E-AEF6-F83015…)

No. 87647

But also?
Anyone who argues that literally pretending being a child getting fucked isn't pedophilic in nature is absolutely delusional. You are still getting off on the thought of a child in a sexual situation, Angela.

No. 87671

But didn't she admit that she's a pedophile once?

No. 88499

File: 1586649903698.jpg (599.13 KB, 810x2191, Screenshot_20200411-200255_Twi…)

I think so. It's likely in one of her old threads. Would make since, considering how angry she is over people openly voicing their disgust with loli/shota art.

No. 88502

File: 1586650383248.jpg (1.2 MB, 809x4077, Screenshot_20200411-200845_Twi…)

No. 88527

File: 1586677545145.png (47.68 KB, 892x154, 876y8798.png)

>defending, following and retweeting Aggy
When cows collide.

No. 88612

File: 1586725347672.jpg (464.03 KB, 810x1590, Screenshot_20200412-165959_Twi…)

No. 88616

File: 1586725519232.jpg (604.14 KB, 810x2134, Screenshot_20200412-170159_Twi…)

The fact that not only did say that Tezuka & Miyazaki were loli/shota pedos but that she's on par with then, is fucking disgusting. God she needs her ass beaten.

No. 88651

I'm just gonna write off her botched frankentits as pure karma at this point. She's such an absolute piece of trash.

Her argument of "they draw cute child characters, must be lolicons" is absolutely pea brained. Tezuka is a reach, but including Miyazaki is just brain dead. She's a whole pedo and trying to hide it behind "trauma" and "anti-censorship". If you get off on the concept of a child, fictional or not, being in a sexual situation, you are a pedophile sis.

No. 88662

Its really annoying when pedos like her try so hard to defend it, just admit you're gross and fuck off

No. 88797

File: 1586886844394.jpg (158.72 KB, 1080x731, Screenshot_20200414-134915_Twi…)

She really using this as an argument for drawing cp? I'm pretty fucking disgusted honestly.

No. 91067

File: 1588621168529.gif (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 332x332, 2423fde4-168c-4643-a6ae-63dbb6…)

Was curious about how her sister was fairing and she looks fair better than Angela. She also started one of those internet boutiques.

No. 91071

Does she still go by bibi bunny or something like that? God I know Angela must be seething

No. 91075

She goes by lily dior now, and yeah, she's definitely seething.

No. 91087

Out of Angela, Micky and Amina the only one that has any success thotting is Angela's lil sis. I'm crying at the irony y'all. I know they all wishing they'd been nicer to her now.

No. 91114

Oh my god she has 200k what the fuck >>91087
I’m crying who saw this coming? She was so fat like, I considered her an NPC in the game of underage hypersexual black weebs but she’s actually so popular. Why didn’t Angela just ask her sis who her surgeon was lmao

No. 91117

Almost positive she got lipo but yeah it's funny how she's bigger than them all now following wise
Betting she learned a lot about what not to do from Angela, surgeries included

No. 91126

File: 1588651866008.jpeg (Spoiler Image,111.23 KB, 768x1024, DD924C1F-4714-4263-8E4F-EEAC48…)

I cant believe her younger sister is hotter than her lmao

No. 91128

File: 1588651913428.jpeg (Spoiler Image,177.95 KB, 1322x1985, 6E79A612-EC22-44B3-89EA-5EEBD8…)

Just posting recent pictures she has posted on Twitter

No. 91130

File: 1588655375837.jpeg (552.66 KB, 1125x1641, 04FDF037-7242-4515-A335-4C903F…)

Unless I’m looking at the wrong insta she has 17.000 followers and most are fake or weird foreign people. She also looks a mess and pedo pandering like her sister. it’s kinda weird someone randomly brought her up here though Hm……….

No. 91131

that’s from Simon benson days not new

No. 91132

>I cant believe her younger sister is hotter than her lmao
Anons.. cmon now… >>91130

No. 91133

File: 1588656169361.jpg (487.87 KB, 1078x1207, Screenshot_20200505-012156_Ins…)

This is her actual page. With the most recent pic. She has videos there too. She looks quite cute.

No. 91135

She looks better then her sis but its mostly fake bot followers. remember when bunnie came here to call her sis ugly though lol

No. 91136

Her lipo looks really bad and saggy on YouTube…it’s better than her sisters though. She barely has any followers on platforms outside of insta so yeah bought followers she’s cute though

No. 91141

Angela hasn't had lipo. Just a really botched boobjob.

No. 91150

File: 1588675781789.png (Spoiler Image,2.31 MB, 1864x1196, nmj kn9.png)

The amount of blurring and increased brightness that was needed to make this photo look halfway decent. Fucking hell.
Anyway, it's kind of sad that Angela's sister followed in her e-thot footsteps, but at least she's actually pretty, and is trying to run an online store/brand besides that.
The surgery on her breasts and ass are pretty bad, though. Don't get me wrong, she's clearly in a better position than Angela, but some of these pics/vids look painful. It's a waste of her face.

No. 91173

File: 1588694352998.png (888.76 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20200505-115716~2.p…)

The sister has had lipo. She has the lipo belly, and the scars for it.
So she got way more work done than angela, or it was more successful.

No. 91275

Her sister was only bought up as a comparison. Quit bumping this thread with nitpicks about her.

No. 91459

Her sister has used lolcow in the past and it’s suspect as hell someone brought her up randomly after years. How did anon even find her

No. 91802

I posted her. I was checking the thread to see if there was any updates in regards to Angela. Then her sister popped in my head. So I looked up her tumblr. Thankfully she hadn't changed her blog name. And now we're here.

No. 93004

File: 1589345487461.png (9.8 KB, 595x316, chrome_2020-05-12_23-48-35.png)

From the screencaps earlier on in the thread, I'm pretty sure this is the right name… did she get banned because of all this? >>88612

No. 93018

File: 1589347603197.jpg (767.01 KB, 1075x1993, Screenshot_20200513-012442_Twi…)

I wanna say yes, but her page still shows up for me.

No. 93023

What the fuck? I have no idea what's going on, then. I'll sage for that, sorry.

No. 93043

the l in her username is a capital i

No. 93050

Nta but, I believe she changed it so she could avoid getting deleted.

No. 109339

File: 1597556956364.jpg (Spoiler Image,101.92 KB, 670x1195, 20200815_231047.jpg)

No. 109340

File: 1597556991213.jpg (Spoiler Image,360.73 KB, 1152x2048, 20200816_004810.jpg)

No. 109454


No. 109462

File: 1597636160350.jpg (Spoiler Image,316.72 KB, 1152x2048, 20200816_224652.jpg)

looking as haggard as ever

No. 109463

File: 1597636194663.jpg (Spoiler Image,413.15 KB, 1952x1699, 20200816_224654.jpg)

No. 109465

jesus she looks like a fucking titan

No. 109469

and this is after 50 layers of shoop imagine how she looks with no shoop no facetune

No. 109470

File: 1597650289080.png (686.42 KB, 653x358, pathetic.png)

didn't see this shared but
>i'm terrible at holding myself accountable
no shit Angela that's why you're a fat hooker

No. 109483

so instead of just putting down the pizza and going on a proper diet she wants someone to lock her in a room just to lose weight? that's a new low even for Angela

No. 109512

is a guy gonna respond to this and just straight up starve and kill her? or make her fatter? this is so retarded.

No. 109521

File: 1597695690660.png (71.99 KB, 664x798, degenerates.png)

just a couple fat cucks asspatting her and telling her she doesn't need to lose any weight kek

No. 109532

>"This is an amazing idea…message me would love to talk"
>beer belly in full view
The audacity of males, lmao.

No. 109617

File: 1597846994450.jpg (Spoiler Image,110.73 KB, 719x1279, 20200819_092319.jpg)

No. 109618

File: 1597848117382.jpg (Spoiler Image,267.95 KB, 1080x1869, 20200819_094155.jpg)

now that her boobjob settled they look so sad i almost feel bad for her

No. 109619

Jesus, the left one looks like it has 2 botched nipples. Is this the girl who hopped in a hot tub the day after her surgery?

No. 109622

Holy fuck her nipples are destroyed. She would have been so much better off going for a side-insert than putting the implants in through the areolas, I doubt she has any feeling in them anymore. That being said she still would have been botched if she went in through the side since she didnt take care of them.

No. 109625

File: 1597858280601.jpg (Spoiler Image,603.3 KB, 1079x1921, Screenshot_20200819-093049_Vid…)

No. 109626

File: 1597858660236.jpg (Spoiler Image,206.15 KB, 1076x1911, 20200819_123711.jpg)

No. 109646

karma is real and this is gods punishment to angela for being such an ungrateful and vindictive person
like her parents are well off and she had so many opportunities to become something better but decided fucking crusty old married men was a better career path + all the hell she's put amina through

No. 109648

she got a lift too, don't forget. they're only so botched because she was a tard and did everything you shouldn't do post surgery.

No. 109677

File: 1597908604649.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 2560x2560, 965912D6-2BB2-4AEA-A783-269ED0…)


They look like Trisha paytas Tits

No. 109722

Jesus fuck, every time her tits get posted in here her nipples look even worse than before somehow. She's just got the same boobs she did pre-boob job, except now she has gnarly mutilated nipples.

No. 109776

omg does she know how fat she is ??? shes fucking huge

No. 109835

File: 1598042775648.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.06 KB, 655x1164, 20200821_005858.jpg)

apparently not

No. 109842

The gag is Amina is doing the same thing as Angela and fucking crusty old men for cash.

No. 109863

Don't start derailing

No. 109864

is this old? she looks bigger now from the onlyfans pics

No. 109866

File: 1598067481965.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.78 KB, 850x1024, 20200821_154921.jpg)

No. 109870

Where did you find this? shes as big as her sister now. her bdsm profile has a bunch of old pictures too so shes a catfish too

No. 109872

>shes as big as her sister now
Her sister lost a lot of weight, as seen in >>91173.
So, now Angela is the fat sister.

No. 109978

Over a year later and her scarring is as prominent as ever. She can lie all she wants and say that doctor fucked her up on his own when she literally refused to wear her compression bra.
No wonder she keeps pandering to incest loving pedos she they're the only freaks that'll accept her lmao

No. 110395

She didn't wear the compression garments, hopped in a jacuzzi shortly after surgery, made posts about how she was "exfoliating" the fresh scars, had a "date" with a client shortly after and made some post about being worried about her fresh boobjob bouncing about but did it anyway. It's really no surprise her implants dropped out and the scarring got so horrendous. I remember the worst nipple looking really infected at one point too.

No. 110457

File: 1598552949840.jpg (273.28 KB, 1080x1664, 20200827_132853.jpg)

she's known as the girl with the fucked up nipples on twitter

No. 110458

File: 1598553011087.jpg (261.45 KB, 1080x1307, 20200827_133059.jpg)

No. 110461

What’s weird is that she RT’d this

No. 110462

Is this a self-post by a farmer?

No. 110465

It’s definitely a farmer bc they went on to mention how she was friends with Micky.

No. 110469

File: 1598557235631.jpeg (390.3 KB, 828x1313, BEB15086-E1D1-4C64-899F-6D2DD6…)

Samefag but I went ahead and took caps before she deletes. 1/4

No. 110470

File: 1598557267921.png (29.64 KB, 599x255, 4413C1A2-72A4-432F-B9A0-018256…)

Def a farmer. 2/4

No. 110471

File: 1598557296226.jpeg (337.99 KB, 828x1196, DA728B19-F469-4A3A-85C4-5AEF1B…)

No. 110473

I'm not the op on twitter but i agree it's probably farmer. the screencaps look like the ones posted here

No. 110474


How cringe

No. 110478

File: 1598560030146.jpeg (256.7 KB, 828x916, 5C5DE21E-0F9A-4FD6-858C-B8467A…)

Repost. Forgot to sage. But yeah forgot the last cap. Def a farmer. Both parties are pathetic

No. 110497

People will always find ways to start drama with themselves for attention. The whole screen caps may be a farmer but JFC it feels like bad bait coming from her

I wouldn’t be shock if it was herself starting some drama for a Twitter clout sob story

No. 110651

This sounds like a reach. The account is 2 years old and looks legit, I doubt Angela made it.

No. 110750

My bad. I didn't look into the account because it just felt baity. Some cows stoop to levels like this: creating some cringy drama and posting caps to their own threads

No. 110969

She's starting to look like a botched Precious. She really needs to stop taking those legs up pussy shots because to be frank she just doesn't look clean enough to being doing it. I don't know if its all the extra weight or what, but she looks like she definitely reeks. Like you can smell the yeast infection from here. If she can't even handle taking care of her own tits to save their lives, there's no way she takes good care of her cooch. Fat smelly slob with nothing valuable to ever say. Such a shame she went through with that stupid surgery. Her entire body tanked within months after that. I'm sure she's learned absolutely nothing from it though.

No. 112475

File: 1600193486366.jpeg (Spoiler Image,429.55 KB, 655x1164, 62130BA8-C9C6-4F6D-9F02-F0F903…)

I tried photoshopping her into not having a fridge shaped body, she should get a bbl or something jfc, why does she think any guys would want to fuck what she’s got going on rn(fanart necro)

No. 112593

Because men would, don’t underestimate their grossness. She had quite nice proportions when she was petite, it probably absolutely kills her to be a hambeast.

No. 144074

Yeah man we're gross we're the ones looking for the tiniest margin of error in someone else's body to make ourselves feel better about our lives(necro)

No. 146046

is she still alive/active? what happened to her?

No. 148860

File: 1620271434072.png (11.5 KB, 596x481, suspended.png)

No idea, Twitter suspended her last account though.

No. 152435

dam she do be hiding mcdonalds $1 patties in her bodysuit, ima order up

No. 168308

Sometimes I want to feel sorry for her but then I think about how she is a dumb useless cunt who sticks up for pedo troons and men who buy sex.

No. 302953

File: 1688809162751.png (371.72 KB, 1079x1199, Screenshot_20230708_124010_Chr…)

i somehow managed to stumble upon her new twitter. she has interacted quite a bit with Shayna, which is how i found her. a lot of her likes/retweets are drawn CP..

No. 304730

looks like she quit sex work fully and is working at a restaurant. she's still in florida and doesn't post pics of herself anymore

i guess the botched boob job and humiliation on twitter really was a wake up call

No. 310305

File: 1697761758812.png (101.63 KB, 1052x1252, byebyenonce.png)

Update; she's gone. She has been actively using her Twitter every day up until this happened. Her tweets were about her dogs, her father mistreating her dogs, shitting on other women and her reading and loving books by a moid who writes gorefests, as well as starting to dislike her job. Her RTs included lolicon, Japanese porn actresses, official Sanrio tweets, J-idol group video tweets that went something like "on this day x years ago idol group y released z". Her likes included the same things as her RTs, but also a lot of porn of the main character of Into The Spiderverse (Miles iirc?), tweets of a relatively popular tranny shitting on women/evil TERFs, more Japanese actresses, some Japanese woman's brands and e-girl " oomfie" tweets, as well as picture tweets of a famous anorexic ladyboy/sissy.
Here's hoping she doesn't ever show up again.

No. 310313

File: 1697765626696.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1427x1816, IMG_4192.jpeg)

she just changed her handle I think, anon

No. 310379

you know its her, bc she still has loli/pedo posts in her likes. And random onlyfans women.

No. 310383

File: 1697833670935.png (18.43 KB, 592x196, Untitled.png)

She wants another one now.
The botched boob job, the humiliation, and clear constant rejection and degradation she endured from all those disgusting Johns have turned her for the most part anti-men now. Think she realized no matter what she did, she would never have the blonde bimbo sugar baby life that she imagined she'd have.

No. 310560

File: 1698043969499.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 1290x2059, IMG_5947.jpeg)

To whoever said she doesn’t post herself anymore… I just found this image she posted.
There’s no hope for her


No. 310572

File: 1698056451760.png (101.07 KB, 1080x332, Screenshot_20231023_131934_Chr…)

to all nonnas who thought this bitch changed; she didn't. from her likes i gathered that she likes furry porn too.. she's also still pro-prostitution and gets upset at those who aren't, she still posts and retweets grotesque shit. and she's still fat, wow.
i think you're giving her too much credit; if she were against men she wouldn't post dumb shit like picrel which is basically an admission of still thirsting over the same fucks who humiliated her.

No. 310573

File: 1698061755898.png (589.68 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20231023_144546_Chr…)

samefag but kek at her taking Macon's side. they've both shown to be like scared animals, lashing out at anyone (in Himekas case both men and radfems.. even though i don't recall radfems openly mocking her botched tits on Twitter with male profile pictures and names) when they can't get their way. it's curious how in some tweets she's like "dumb bitch if you don't like feminism go close your bank account" and then there's tweets like this..

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