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File: 1536678905188.jpg (176.05 KB, 454x972, SmartSelect_20180911-110325_Ch…)

No. 685895

Previous thread >>637911

8chan thread


Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She tries way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

- Doesn't believe in bathing everyday and only bathes twice a week

- Doesnt like the smell of clean clothes

- Refuses to clean room unless forced

- Tends to smell terribly because of poor hygiene

- Tried to get a girl doxxed by using tumblr simply because she didn't like what she said

- Posts her nudes on 4chan's /b/

- Constantly looks for SDs on /soc/

- Tried selling nudes on FetLife while in a relationship with now ex-boyfriend Adam.

- Cheated on every single one of her boyfriends

- Continually starts shit with Amina simply because the latter is more likable

- Tried to play tough guy by picking a fight with Taylor online, only to actively avoid her irl, out of fear.

- Claims to dislike lolicon and ddlg while actively posting both on her blogs

- Only started to claim mental illness when she got into menhera

- Made multiple threads about Taylor and Amina on here

- Whiteknights herself and Himeka very often

- Tried to get her threads shut down by threatening suicide

- Got dumped by her boyfriend for lying and cheating. Claims he was abusive and racist after he dumped her.

- Tried to manipulate him into staying with her by faking a suicide attempt.

- It's been revealed her mother enables her shit behavior and knows she's had pedophiles for boyfriends. Despite this, Micky continues to claim her mom is abusive.

-Tried to sell nudes and get a sugar daddy despite having a boyfriend.

-Posted on her Twitter about how she would be happy if Amina died

-Claimed to have "tea" on Amina after being outed on Amina's Facebook for all the shit she's done to her.

-Former friend outed Micky's cheating to her now ex-boyfriend.

-Riding on the digital artist bamdwagon with trash artwork.

-Trying to sell her grotestue nudes again, including old ones, and settles for a way lower price than asked

-Currently trying really hard to prove shes bisexual despite constantly talking only about dick

-The constant photoshopping is getting more extreme, to Raychiel or almost Berry levels

Social Media






Menhera blog:

Main blog:

NFSW blog:
uwubondage-chan.tumblr.com deleted

https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/51-milk/ inactive

Make sure to screenshot and archive anything you find. She has a habit of going on a deleting spree.

No. 685905

File: 1536680229866.jpeg (130.39 KB, 750x831, DEA8075A-2B92-4087-BAD4-491B6B…)

Micky’s fashion sense is the equivalent of a five year old dressing themselves because their mother knows they’ll look horrid but it’s “cute” the same way they let their kids order for themselves aside from butchering their order, it’s learning.

Micky’s an inconvenient child and she might take that as a compliment but it’s not.

Micky knows she can’t fit/nor afford decent normal clothes at Forever 21 or even Target. She gets low tier quality shit on Aliexpress and calls it thrifting lol. Anyone asking Micky for fashion advice or sources needs to reevaluate their means of self esteem.

No. 685915

File: 1536681720487.jpg (337 KB, 1071x1076, SmartSelect_20180911-120022_Tw…)

Yikes. Shes INCREDIBLEY desperate. And two months? I recall her just a few weeks ago talking about getting dicked down

No. 685918

File: 1536681986565.jpg (275.9 KB, 1063x1065, SmartSelect_20180911-120323_Tw…)

I mean I guess you've got to have some pretty low standards when you look like she does

No. 685939

File: 1536685187340.png (20.38 KB, 716x202, 68076.PNG)

She is disgusting.

No. 685952

why make a new thread? the last one still had 100 posts left. these threads move extremely slowly now.

No. 685956

so op thinks only having a shower everyday is normal? wtf

No. 685965

Yeah, bathing that much will fuck your skin up proper.

No. 685983

I'm sorry but what the fuck?

You don't need to wash your hair everyday but you should shower/bathe everyday. Who raised you?

No. 685995

You realize that the part you're complaining about has said the same for three whole threads now? Why wait till now to bitch about it?
And its definitely necessary to wash your skin AT LEAST every other day. It's the steaming hot water that fucks with your skin, dont do that and moisturize & you'll be fine. >>685965

No. 686015

there's a new invention called the shower cap anon, you should try it

No. 686135

File: 1536707113217.jpeg (72.61 KB, 495x960, A6F59178-88A4-4561-BB1C-B3D1FF…)

She insists on wearing these onesies and they do her no favors? Why??

No. 686136

File: 1536707142958.jpeg (68.21 KB, 495x960, 29E44920-4149-4ED1-B6DB-A6919B…)

And she pulls the legs up really high so she has that b u l g e
Truly a fashion icon Micky

No. 686139

Holly Tea Time is a known scammer I’m not shocked Micky buts from a known drama whore

No. 686158

Not going to derail about this anymore but unless you're a gym bunny, a male, you have problems with body odor or hyperhidrosis, etc., bathing that often is complete overkill. Two or three times a week is fine.

No. 686162

I just can't with you people

No. 686165

Micky has problems with body odor, so what is your point?

No. 686178

is right. If you have access to a shower/bath, you should be washing yourself every day.

The rest of you must stink to high heaven.

She sure is vile. Does she do anything productive with her life? Clean your room girl.

No. 686235

Um anons ITT don’t believe in showering everyday? Sounds about white…

No. 686242

Ah, is this why black girls are so ashy? From showering every 5 seconds?(racebaiting)

No. 686254

ok wet dog

No. 686255

what is that even suppose to mean

No. 686266

>showering too often dries out your skin
>black girls tend to have very dry skin
really not that hard to grasp(race bait)

No. 686271


You’re all fucking retarded. Especially you. Just shower once a fucking day and stop derailing this post. Anyone who says otherwise is nasty as fuck and has no moral righteousness to judge Micky for showering three times a week. There’s 7 days in a week and she only chooses in between days and that’s nasty, especially since she’s a woman because her pussy must STINK like literal blood and shit and dirty sink water baths are unethical when you’re fully capable to take a shower every day.

I can’t believe this is an actual argument and we’ve lost perspective of one thing:

Micky’s nasty with yeast infections on the reg. The end.

No. 686273


aforementioned yeast infection because her FUPA can’t breath and is constantly caked in discharge and sweat. $10 says she doesn’t and cannot do her own laundry so that onesie has doo-doo streaks and is caked in discharge.

No. 686295

"ashy skin develops because the skin is actually dehydrated. … Skin gets extra ashy during the winter when moisture gets zapped from your skin, thanks to dry air."

but if you're fair skin then its most likely not noticeable.. but your still ashy

shower every day if you can

I also want to note
every skin is different
but melanin skin thrives on moisturizer than a person with little melanin. maybe not all melanin person experience vs others but, its a majority

while i understand your point "showering too often can dry out your skin"
yes, too much can remove you oils from skin

but what I believe professionals are saying is
if you shower 2-3 times in one day it will cause dryness


showing in 2-3 times a week out of 7 days of the week????

every once a day shouldn't be a harm
your skin sheds daily, you need to remove the dirt on skin, and your skin needs water

in the us its illegal to have poor hygiene in work spaces.
I mean, Mickey is constantly serving customers their food. she needs to smell decent and be clean

you can get fired from your job for having poor hygiene and smelling bad
making customers complain

perfume and deodorant is not shower

"If you live in the US, and you do not have a medical condition of some kind that causes you to smell, then you could be fired and probably would be fired. If the source of your smell is bad hygiene, failing to shower, dirty clothes and so on, clean up your act. … People get fired all the time for smelling"-

employment law

No. 686301

imagine that anon not showering during HER PERIOD. yikes
wet pennies and rain water for smell build up

No. 686311


This is Mickey we're talking about. Even if she showered daily, she'd still be disgusting.

Seriously. Not everyone needs to shower every day. If you're rank after one day and you're not working on a farm or working out daily or what the fuck ever, you've got the issue, not everyone else.
That's the extent I'm willing to indulge this retarded debate.

No. 686316

we already gotta deal with fucks who doesn't vaccinate their kids

measles outbreak again

Micky can go ahead and spread her diseases

No. 686321


Someone should report Micky to her work about her uncleanliness and how that’s possibly violating standard. I’ve worked in food service a few times and I KNOW you’re not suppose to have basic hygiene like brushing your teeth, smelling okay- even perfume can cause complaint but Micky probably never has perfume in her possession so we’re boiling down to her own musk. Every thread that’s been created has always referred back to the consensus that Micky stinks like the following:

Shit, blood and sweat. I’m sure her work wouldn’t like to know one of their servers is openly admitting to bad hygiene.(cowtipping)

No. 686338

>Not everyone needs to shower every day.

Go away stinky.

No. 686339

you lot are almost as pathetic as Onision.

No. 686343


They're not wrong actually. I do shower often because I practically live in the gym and need to get rid of sweat, but if you are sedentary you really don't need to shower every single day. If you feel offended by news articles, I can provide you with the specific studies.

No. 686356


We’re talking about Micky. Everyone’s losing perspective. She stinks and showers three times a day and that’s inarguably unsanitary as fuck. We can all agree that it’s disgusting, ye?

No. 686358

File: 1536728012197.jpeg (143.12 KB, 641x904, 1536638287561.jpeg)

In case y'all missed this in the last thread.

No. 686359

File: 1536728046008.jpg (435.93 KB, 810x2222, 1536643327940.jpg)

No. 686361

File: 1536728072296.jpg (718.43 KB, 809x3638, 1536706851151.jpg)

No. 686362


It’s always refreshing to see someone not be hive minded and call Micky on her inaccuracies. Even when given proof of toxic behavior Micky specifically asked her, including wishing death, she’s a classic case narcissist.

No. 686363


It makes no sense that the police didn’t further investigate when approach about underaged lewds. Wouldn’t they take the matter into their own hand for greater good or something? You can’t retract a wild claim of distribution of revenge porn/child porn, right? Idk

No. 686366

I gotta be honest guys, if shes so lazy she cant even get in the shower and has to wash herself in the sink, I highly doubt she even takes 3 a week. She probably just gave that overestimated number to make herself look better. By what people that know her/people in her community say, I'd say shes lucky if she can even fit 1 shower a week in her busy schedule of doing nothing and waiting tables.
I think you mean three times a week?

No. 686367


Ye. My bad I meant a week

No. 686370

No one was talking about mickey? Someone said "not showering every day isn't weird" and then a bunch of anons who disagreed started chimping.

No. 686381

She also said Angela showed her a screenshot where Amina was talking shit…Um where the fuck is it then? We all know if they had that it would’ve been released on 8chan, 4chan, PULL, Lolcow, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Nico nico Douga and where ever these gremlins can do it. The only screenshots we’ve ever seen is from 2012 where Amina said she was trying to get an SD at age 16. That’s dead it. Micky fucked herself by talking this much

No. 686382

She really made herself look like an idiot here, holy shit. She was running her mouth so much in >>686359 , but here you can tell she feels trapped cause she just got called the fuck out. Shes even offering to answer more questions so she can tell her narrative and try to make herself look better, kek. She didnt even do anything she said she would, like admitting to her toxic behavior if given the receipts. She also basically admitted that amina hasnt done anything to her since high school and she still just has a chip on her shoulder/major jealousy issues.

Did you forget this is micky's thread? You guys werent talking about her but you should be.

No. 686384

>take some scissors and cut that shit out
Damn this girl is lame as hell

No. 686445

That, and
>keep it lock it and put it in your pocket bitch
Makes me cringe because it's obvious she memorizes this stuff in her free-time in the hopes that when she uses them she'll come off oh so snarky.

No. 686455

She deleted her comment after they posted evidence of her being toxic and calling her out on her bullshit. Micky got caught lying redheaded and she knows it.

No. 686513

''she didn't do anything recently'' let's remember this the next time she says anything about Amina, which will probably be very soon.

No. 686514

Still waiting for Micky and Angela to post the proof of all the things they say Amina has done to them.

No. 686811

File: 1536789102722.jpeg (516.64 KB, 2048x2048, D670F9FB-913A-4E72-ABDE-D2D751…)

I can’t with this bitch

No. 686814

it's really obvious she sent these to herself. All the compliments are far to specific and over the top. Not to mention the use of emojis and exclamation points

No. 686822

Micky thinks nice comments online are the most important thing in life. When all the people around her grow up and move on from the ''kawaii'' trend she'll still be stuck in her parent's house with no car, a shitty job and only a special ed high school diploma to her name. I almost feel sorry for the bitch, let her post these fake compliments nobody else will.

No. 686977

File: 1536805092802.jpg (606.47 KB, 1076x1706, SmartSelect_20180912-221751_Tw…)

Wtf is this

No. 687004

File: 1536807445085.jpg (464.55 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_20180911-233519_Twi…)

She's trying way to hard to come off as lesbian. This is so gross and embarrassing. Pretty sure genuine lesbians are too focused on women they want to worry about men like this.

No. 687031

She and himeka sent themselves complimentary asks in the most obvious way (in their style of writing) for years on tumblr. They’re always these basic generic “omg that’s sooo cute how did you do it?!” “What’s your fave color?!” questions and “you’re soooo cute uwu” with the same emoji every time. For some reason they think tumblr/snap/ig asks are extremely relevant in 2018, and use them to shit on others and compliment themselves, multiple times a day, not knowing that no one cares about asks now-a-days.

No. 687063

File: 1536813525762.jpeg (204.28 KB, 607x533, B2A0FC8A-0F0C-4BE9-BF49-F35D17…)

What the fuck is going on with her hairline? It looks like she filled it in with eyeshadow.

No. 687079

File: 1536816412768.jpeg (119.81 KB, 545x960, C6F14504-F046-4E0B-9DDB-9F5262…)

What the fuck are these proportions

No. 687080

File: 1536816423760.jpeg (111.57 KB, 551x960, 9EE4F113-475C-47D3-8EE4-7484DF…)

No. 687081

File: 1536816432587.jpeg (161.06 KB, 720x960, 7E31A2F5-453C-4B95-98AF-544ACD…)

No. 687093

all I can think about is how grimey her sex toys are, but here she is….trying to fuck other ppl w her diseased toys. this is shaygnar level nasty.

No. 687094

Quality nightmare fuel.

No. 687106

Keep in mind she claims to be 180 and 5'6 despite images like that showing otherwise.

No. 687118

why would anyone want her moldy dildos inside them

No. 687186

File: 1536834647754.jpg (121.95 KB, 1080x2094, 40491356_131390437811333_30850…)

Idk where they were, but she looks ridiculous and out of place.

No. 687211

they look so fucking dumb holy shit

No. 687212

Micky's breasts are at her belly omg

No. 687230

File: 1536845960658.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_3387.JPG)

This really aint it chief

No. 687320

I'm surprised that seifuku she bought actually fits. Oh wait maybe its cause it's a 4XL, kek. Still a but surprised it's not snug though

No. 687323

I dont know much about emi but holy cow that orange hair does not do her any justice. They seem like they deserve each other

No. 687404

Emi has turkey neck on the top photo and perfect v-line jaw in the bottom. If these two are going to shop so much why don't they at least be consistent?

No. 687460

File: 1536868670504.jpeg (696.42 KB, 2048x2048, 38EEB84C-B643-4C93-B952-D806D1…)

No. 687488

I want this posted everywhere jfc

No. 687726

Is it bad I think Micky looks better than Emi? Like Micky doesn't look good at all but holy shit is Emi's outfit poorly colour coordinated. It's in Micky's nature to be around people that make her look slightly better, so I'm not surprised.

No. 687842

File: 1536895083370.jpg (709.25 KB, 809x2015, Screenshot_20180913-231624_Twi…)

This shit looks gross.

No. 687844

she probably used them

No. 687846

just like her moldy dildo
she left out and grew mold over time

No. 687851

File: 1536895579392.jpeg (155.04 KB, 720x1280, D6594F1D-D451-4475-815E-1CDE83…)

The interesting part to me is that Micky claims to be this fashion guru - she inspired every black girl who wears jfashion, she has all this "looks" and "fits", she's constantly getting mysterious anon asks about where she buys her clothes and uwu how good her fashion taste is. But the reality is her style is boring and basic shit. She gets everything from Aliexpress and just copies what she sees on Tumblr or from Chloe. Her outfits are bland - she wears matching sets of clothing, the same ddlg onesie seifuku and can't actually coordinate for shit. She looks better because she's safe. And a lot of editing.

Emi makes some messes of outfits for sure, and since she's gained weight she doesn't really seem to know how to dress for her body shape. But she's actually, genuinely interested in fashion and pursues it and tries to experiment with it, which Micky is terrified to do. It's wild, but if Emi lost some weight, coordinated a little better and did more natural/no makeup, she'd be far far prettier than Micky, naturally.

No. 687977

She looks like any other pale potato who went from scene/emo to jfashion and shes about as average as Micky, they suit eachother cause Emi isn't the only one of them who gained weight from their teens.

No. 688018

Don't follow her threads but is this real?

No. 688076

this looks disgusting and I'm sure she used everything instead of buying it fresh for her friend

No. 688119


Dollar store cosmetics with a (highly possible) used hand massager she dug up from under her bed.

That’s fucking disgusting and if I was her friend, I’d chuck this in the garbage. If they use anything used in that biohazard bag they’re just as bad as Micky.

No. 688128


Micky’s “sex positivity” will only be positive when she gets an STD. Instead of being a normal human being and ordering a new hand massager off of Amazon with packaging and sealant, she more than likely found this lying around and thought it was safe to regift. I think as a consensus, it’s unarguable that it’s used because it lacks packaging. I know porn shops sell damaged packaged product, but they wouldn’t do an unboxed vibrator. If they did, however, it certainly wouldn’t be used, either. She could’ve went about this better with packaging and a receipt. This is embarrassing.

I want to throw the fuck up.

No. 688604

Look at the state of her room. It’s clear she doesn’t care about hygiene

No. 688612

File: 1536992916652.jpg (207.84 KB, 1072x725, Screenshot_20180915-022735_Sam…)

No. 688613

File: 1536993152289.jpg (62.13 KB, 1080x2094, 40495002_499760400502784_49795…)

Her rap skills are nonexistent. Shit like this is seen as corny and dumb.

No. 688634


What the ever loving fuck is that last part? I don’t understand.

No. 688650

C.R.E.A.M stands for cash rules everything around me. But it still doesn’t make sense in the context she used it in.

No. 688684

bars? never heard of them.

No. 688698

Micky must be under 21 cause she doesn't own a single god damn bar, yikes.

No. 688716

The fact she used c.r.e.a.m instead of cream is hilarious. The girl knows absolutely shit all about hip hop and rap.

No. 688749

the part about cream as me hollering. what cash? her parent's cash that her parasitic ass uses up for clothes her honey ham body can't fit into so she can get validation on the internet from strangers? lmao

No. 688773

File: 1537020031363.jpg (479.74 KB, 1080x1499, Screenshot_20180915-095828_Sam…)

She's just salty because it's accurate to how her life is.

No. 688877

Accurate but mickys far too lazy, gross, and poor (for plastic surgery) to ever look a quarter as good as that girl in the drawing does. And her room is far more disgusting, I bet it's so disgusting even she would never be caught dead on the floor of her own room like that

No. 688878

reminds me of the pretty princess points drawings some farmer makes, does Micky have one of her?

No. 688887

File: 1537034737894.jpg (288.69 KB, 1055x1014, SmartSelect_20180915-135937_Tw…)

I bet shes going to bail on her plans/whatever she needs to do and do exactly what she said. If she even had anything she was going to do in the first place.

I cant stop laughing at her pretending like a lot has happened this week and shes so ~ drained uwu ~ as if she doesnt post about literally EVERY slight inconvenience that ever happens to her

No. 688893

Makes me gag how much she loves to broadcast that she's always masturbating, but takes fucking sink baths. Her cooch collects flies and shit its gross

No. 688965

Yep, if you look through her old threads there's pics from her fetlife of what looks like mold on her vibe.

No. 688977

File: 1537043902037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.66 KB, 1264x703, 1458122770231.jpg)

No. 689064

i know some people can be a little lax in rigorously cleaning their toys, but in all my years, I've never known anyone to have mold on their shit. That's disgusting.

No. 689088

She didn't think to take a picture of the other side instead of the side with literal mould?

No. 689098

There was probably way more mold on the other side kek. What I'm surprised about is that she didnt try to photoshop the mold spot away before she posted it… absolutely disgusting that she didnt care about showing that to the world, because since she posted that we know for a fact she doesnt ever clean it. black mold spots are perfectly fine in her eyes

No. 689137

I bet her room has mold and mold spores all in her room, on her plushies, bedding and carpet…

No. 689199

How…the living fuck can you be so filthy to let mold grow on a sex toy? Like, can a bitch get a wet wipe! That must mean there's just tons of gunk building up that mold spores can attach to it and grow.

No. 689218

File: 1537073813519.jpg (1.64 MB, 2560x1920, 18-09-16-00-55-06-474_deco.jpg)

Micky wants to pretned to be a beacon of positivity but turns around and posts some girl's Facebook comments without scribbling her name out because she didn't like what she said. What a fucking joke.

No. 689220

File: 1537074571224.jpg (77.16 KB, 1080x2094, 40623130_340526230026660_69763…)

Her eye makeup is straight up garbage.

No. 689257

she stole the base for these horrible lyrics from an ashley all day song called lean lol
>"Pussy sweet like Actavis, niggas they can't fuck with this"

No. 689358

I don’t know how to share videos but she uploaded a video to Instagram lip signing that Dojacat song. She’s trying so hard to act cool but she doesn’t even know half the words and it’s just cringy as fuck.

No. 689366

File: 1537096446114.png (93.05 KB, 530x310, 153709682081389850.png)

Here. This is free and easy to use. https://downloadgram.com/

No. 689381

then take the downloaded video to a conversion site like https://mp4towebm.online/ and you can then upload the webm file here.

No. 689385

File: 1537099786443.webm (5.86 MB, 640x800, 41573104_730931170607705_86301…)

No. 689474


for once id love for her to do a makeup look that doesnt include the color pink or winged eyeliner. she cant lol

No. 689633

her 'edges' look so crusty and stupid

No. 689806

File: 1537135426499.jpg (96 KB, 557x381, Screenshot_20180916-180042_Sam…)

She spent all that time trying to talk shit about other girls' edges and shit but is walking around with some fucking struggle edges. Lol Fuck her

No. 689840


She had the nerve to diss an anon claiming they have alopecia- funny how she also makes her shaming racially charged but totally regrets the “nigger girls” and “nigger nose” comment- yet has the audacity to make fun of other girls and their hair BUT SHE HAS THESE SHITTY CRUSTY EDGES.

They’re so thin and ugly. At least normal people that she tries to drag actually have hair lmao. Micky has no scalp to even talk because her hair is damaged by bleach, it’s nasty and musty from those microbraids and she has no edges. You can just tell she’s going to thin out in a few years.

No. 689854

How could she actually look at her edges and think they looks good? Micky please get some bangs or something.

No. 689868

But guys, her hair has grown out soooo much now that she isn't putting every box dye from the dollar store in her hair every fucking week.

No. 689881


fuck ur pale aesthetic me got edges booboo uwu

(Sarcasm) She’s really complaining about aesthetic like she has some.

No. 689893

It looks like her lip synching is off

No. 689926

Her hairline is on top of her fucking head and this girl thinks she can shit talk anyone else lord

No. 689928

File: 1537150017199.jpeg (797.31 KB, 1242x1667, CE22FB05-D533-41C6-A9DC-596BD3…)

Just like you openly prey on anyone who disagrees with you or has the nerve to speak out against you, and manipulate your nasty online groupies to blindly defend you…?

No. 689954


Blame your mother, Micky. She said it was okay to have older men in her home and have you do drugs. Your mother is your biggest problem because she didn’t protect you and let’s you leave the house without using soap.

She’s seriously going to say that no one tried to warn her when all she’s been shamed for is being a back stabbing, two faced cow since she spawned into everyone’s live and crawled into people’s suite parties, grown men’s DMs and asserted herself arrogantly into girl drama she created for herself when everyone, especially Amina, told her she was wrong and she needed to be safe. Dating a grown man without a blink of her eye, especially when the abuse allegations came out. She bullied Amina and she bullied anyone trying to give her genuine advice for being a teenager dating an adult who was in college at the time. Now she’s crying wolf, as usual. Some of us who had the misfortunes of recollecting this information knows she’s full of shit and when mentioned, she throws this tantrum.

I really hope someone who isn’t a cuck to Micky’s Internet lynch mob mentality asks her about Amina trying to help her out by saying she was being abused by aforementioned ex.

She should’ve known that bragging on Twitter about your predatory boyfriend wiping your dirty vagina for you as a D/L fetish quirk and being fingered at McDonalds was stepping into dangerous territory, especially when at the time they were living in a basement.

She’s not a victim and when called out she tried to be salacious calling someone a pedophile sympathizer because they hold her partially responsible for her part in her toxic predatory relationship.

No one can help you, Micky. Not even the police that were going to arrest you for distribution of child porn. Not even your own mother who gave you permission under age of consent.

Go blame your mother for why you’re fucked up instead of turning to Facebook for answers.

No. 690022

This. If the community could see what she posted there, they'd cut deep into her. There was plenty of people trying to keep her away from the creeps and shit. She took it upon herself to attack these same people when *she felt they were acting jealous and getting in her way. She ruined herself. I hope someone rips her to shreds over that post. It's been long overdue.

No. 690027

Another cringy tutorial. Also her edges look even worse here somehow.

No. 690030

I don't understand micky lmfao. its not the "Detroit anime community" (KEK) job to protecc u uwu from predators…besides knowing her even if they did she would call them h8rs and still end up dating the older dudes for edgy points ick

No. 690031

is she for fucking real right now? she wouldn't have given a fuck if anyone tried, and I'm sure they fucking did
you're the same song and dance, Micky. you do something and expect everyone to praise you for it 100% of the time, because you want a fucking hugbox. suddenly you're wondering if you would accept any opinion that isn't 100% approval?

poor me uwu noone even tried to help me against these pedos 8w8

fuck off

No. 690066

Fucking yikes. She probably filmed for over an hour, and this was the best she could come up with for a thumbnail? Her face looks extremely fat and her forehead looks ginormous. Even the blush looks hideous and fake. Shes not pulling that off even a little and I dont even have to watch the video to know that.

No. 690126

File: 1537185869124.jpeg (127.67 KB, 750x871, C9B583EA-957E-4A27-9C41-913AD2…)



No. 690233

i want this as every thread picture

No. 690246

File: 1537200045947.jpeg (96.47 KB, 747x773, 15AED0C8-AFAE-42B1-9A9E-99AA9E…)


As well as this one. Holy shit. She has thinning hair and no eyebrows.

No. 690250

File: 1537200367596.jpeg (422.44 KB, 2078x2078, 734A3300-1562-4BD4-B4E8-450386…)

A cow with different spots for each picture.

No. 690260

File: 1537201895085.jpg (726.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180917-122839_Twi…)

Cringeeeee. She literally just posted about not eating any fast food at all (except for concert days cause you guys know how hard it is to not eat like a slob) until Halloweens over or something too

No. 690267

Her eyes are extremely beady. Holy shit.

No. 690280

I'm dying this looks just like the edit anon did last thread >>682161

No. 690293

File: 1537204668343.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2880x3840, 743777AC-AEF7-44D8-AFDD-A37B7F…)

Talking about her outfit for next Youmacon. Apparently this look was peak super sexy fashion

I'm cackling oh my god you're right

No. 690303

Didn’t Amina try to warn her about the guy she was seeing at the time?
We all know how that turned out lol, this is why no one bothers warning Mickey about anything + she’s too stupid to listen.

No. 690320

She looks so busted and cheap, can't believe she sees herself as a fashion icon or something.

No. 690329

i want someone to compile everything she says and attach the corresponding screenshot/s or proof where she contradicts herself and just send it to her in one ginormous string of facebook comments for everyone to see. for every statement she makes there's feasible proof she's done/said the exact opposite, you could spend a week cross-referencing stuff and it'd all match.

No. 690500

File: 1537220294954.jpg (82.44 KB, 1080x2094, 41151187_154884358774538_31715…)

Way to make it obvious you don't have a mental illness, Micky.

No. 690503


Micky’s just retarded. Every meaning of the word.

No. 690552

wow Micky has thin af lips

No. 690555


She fills her Cupid’s bow very ugly to make it seem like she has cute plump lips lmao

No. 690557

no one tried to stop them but people tried to stop YOU and your ass didn't listen

No. 690714

Those beady ass eyes do not even look real. Like, her face is God's joke characture.

No. 690777

File: 1537248798718.jpg (375.38 KB, 1080x1870, 20180918_012659.jpg)

Saw this on mickys blog and cringed so hard. In a post about people sexualizing thigh highs or something. Just cause you have huge saggy utters that go down to your belly button does not mean everyone is always going to sexualize you? She says this so often and I cant help but laugh everytime. You look like a fridge with rolls and cellulite, micky. Theres not too many people that can look past that especially with such a trash personality

How is it actually humanly possible for someone's eyes to be that small? Shes got such a huge skull and forehead too wtf

No. 690789

File: 1537251504164.jpg (65.86 KB, 540x324, micky.jpg)

I think of this meme every time I see her.

No. 690876

>because of my body type people will sexualize me no matter what

Im absolutely screaming at the delusion, Sweetie. Hunny. Micky. You're a woman. No matter how ugly, fat, diseased and otherwise there will be men (and to a very smaller percentage women) all over the world who will sexualize you. Your body actually makes it so LESS men and women sexualize you, but you continue to seek out the attention and literally admit it under the pretense that "everybody does it to me so I might as well beat them to the punch" which is not an honorable mentality to have when all you're doing is giving fodder to the gross acne covered fuckbois who you also admittedly wanna sleep with, just admit you're an attention starved hoe who feeds on the simplest form of attention: sexual and MOVE THE FUCK ON.
"Im constantly sexualized" headass then don't do it to yourself.

You have ever seen a stoner get offended if asked if they wanna smoke a bowl and eat food, but some dry soundclout rapper tries to shoot his nasty shot through your blog thats 99% "this is my body and this is how much i wanna be fuuuucked" n you're offended they try to talk to you like you talk about yourself.

No. 690900

File: 1537275423149.jpg (135.63 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot_20180918-085425_Sam…)


Micky if there was any truth to your words things would be a whole lot different. Just accept the fact everyone knows you're a pathological liar.

No. 691009

So now she invented erokawaii? I’d say her aethetic is more along the lines of “crustykawaii” there is nothing erotic about her lizard shaped body.

No. 691187


>i'll fuck up anyone who tried to catcall me or put their hands on me

lmao sure Mucky

No. 691209

didn't she pussy out of a fistfight with someone she had beef w/online? there's proof in one of these threads

No. 691266

File: 1537304591019.png (20.7 KB, 592x209, ea2701768f3526f5fee879937cbcb9…)

RTed by micky. oh boooy

1) "eugenic cleansing" bitch you photoshop all your selfies to have lighter skin, what exactly are you trying to prove here? micky trying to act "woke" and knowledgeable is the most laughable thing ever. she probably had to go google "eugenics" after retweeting this because they don't use big-kid words in the soundcloud kawaii raps she listens to.

2) we fear her alright. i mean, have you seen this >>690246? she looks like something that'd stare at you from the corner of the room during a sleep paralysis episode.

No. 691345

>I don't care what you think
ok then why do you keep making the same posts about how you totally don't care if people think you're lying. If you really didn't care you would just ignore it.

No. 691379

File: 1537310859194.jpg (310.75 KB, 1065x1131, Screenshot_20180918-163831_Twi…)

Micky, you're one of those shitty people. Did you forget how you continually antagonized Amina instead of supporting her? What about the other girls you harassed? Did you ever try supporting them instead of being a bitch to them?

No. 691384

Looks like she bought a cheapo maid costume from Walmart and its been a washed so much its fading.

No. 691386

File: 1537311162403.jpg (71.9 KB, 1080x355, Screenshot_20180918-184955_Sam…)

She honestly deserves it. Being sexist isn't cute nor is supporting a sexist. It's gross Micky claims to be all positive and shit but is quick to be a bigot at the blow of a whistle.

No. 691436

File: 1537313616896.jpg (30.11 KB, 700x525, LA-Girl-HD-Pro-Conceal-Orange-…)

That make up video was so cringe. That weird hand dance she does is so embarrassing.

But also, this is the actual orange of the concealer shes using on her lips and under her eyes. Its so pastel in the video because shes desaturated it to hell and back; but shes real proud of being black. Absolutely fucking nuts.

No. 691453

Dont be silly, anon, mucky doesnt wash her clothes. Especially not enough to fade them

No. 691466

someone better versed in makeup correct me if i'm wrong, but wouldn't it make more sense for someone with her skintone to use purple as opposed to orange? i thought orange was better suited for darker skin colors?

No. 691473


I know at least someone else other than Taylor that’s challenged Micky. Micky has already stated she wouldn’t go to Youma assuming she knew the anon who said it. She’s a fucking pussy for pulling out of another fight. Following that a possible pull up, that’s when Micky got “gangsta” saying she was gonna run up on people at Youma on her live.

She couldn’t fight her way into a shower, so how the fuck is her stinky ass going to be able to be scare anybody?

No. 691489


>saying she was gonna run up on people at Youma on her live.

Lol What? When she say that?

No. 691513

File: 1537320275937.jpeg (208.19 KB, 1080x1467, F53E85D8-7C14-4183-B750-1C63A8…)

No. 691514

File: 1537320292366.jpeg (222.15 KB, 1080x1650, 58BF8943-E3CC-4250-8B21-8BBD83…)

No. 691521

File: 1537320599348.jpeg (179.35 KB, 1440x1224, 9B331798-43C7-4104-BDFB-982E4A…)


So ye, with old posts provided she said on live- I believe no one, not even myself recorded it; that she said she was gonna run up on people who talked shit about her. With the provided old screen caps of that timeline of when she was talking shit, she was trying to give an open challenge and she quietly forgot all about her tough attitude until it died down.

Hence what >>691473 was saying

No. 691550

I knew those. I was just curious about the live.

No. 691574

I think it's stretched out so much, that the cheapo fabric is looking worn the fuck out. Definitely not washed unless she bought it second hand, which is also very possible.

She's going to be at youmacon? I can't wait to see this human trashpile in person. Also good to see that Angela has managed to keep one "friend" now that Kitty finally bailed on her ass.

No. 691587

Lmao I wonder if I'll see this chick at Youmacon. Never seen her in all the years I've went.

No. 691594

File: 1537326157556.jpg (72.68 KB, 720x960, 42044843_1561614330652064_8945…)

She's so fat that, that shirt is now a crop top. How tragic.

No. 691595

File: 1537326169901.jpg (64.81 KB, 720x960, 41991812_1561614313985399_1071…)

No. 691609

Yep she even reblogged some of Angela's posts tonight. Can't wait to see if she says anything back.

No. 691623

File: 1537328248670.jpeg (65.23 KB, 432x724, EFD37798-0CB4-4CF3-A168-F12F7D…)


She’s very fat and she hasn’t progressed since this picture. I thought you were supposed to glow up naturally, not shoop?

No. 691626

File: 1537328365169.jpeg (67.72 KB, 750x659, F7D67B86-C557-4447-93E9-2236E1…)

Tsk, tsk. I know edge control can be flake free, but she’s going to recede in no time with her ugly hairline and unkept babyhairs.

No. 691655

What the hell? It looks like she has a bunch of hair on her stomach but I cant tell if it's that or strech marks cause of the 1000 layers of grain she added

No. 691659

how much do you want to bet that she leaves the same crusty edge control gel in her hair for weeks on end

No. 691804


I've actually seen this mess of a human at Youmacon, back in 2016. She and maybe two of her friends walked past me while I was sitting down waiting for a friend of mine. I didn't know anything about her at the time, just saw her on FB a few times, but I did remember hearing her voice when she spoke. It was deep and manly like you all said and it was…..bizarre coming for a chick. I haven't seen her last year but maybe I'll see her again this year

No. 691905

>those jagged edges from where she edited her chin/jawline

No. 691909

Was she close enough for you to smell her?

No. 691989

You're right but she doesn't know anything about makeup so I'm not surprised she's using the wrong products for her skin. We already know she wears the wrong kind of clothes for her body as well.

No. 691991


Who is taylor? How many threads back do I have to go to read abut this drama?

No. 692007


no but even from a good distance, she looked dirty as hell so im kinda glad i didnt get a whiff of her lmao

No. 692080

A black girl from Detroit who Micky fucked with. Taylor is ghetto as hell though so she ran on Micky and Micky started crying and threaten to call con security LOL

No. 692171

File: 1537393704896.jpg (360.1 KB, 1080x1559, 20180919_174809.jpg)

Why is this worthy of complaining about?

No. 692175

Because her life is empty and sad and she has no one to share it with. It’s not a big deal to us if someone gives us too much ice, but Micky’s days are filled with nothingness so this was probably the highlight of her week.
She basically screams every little thought she has into the void of the internet because she has no friends, no life, and she’s desperately lonely.

No. 692357

File: 1537413742235.jpg (117.78 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20180919-232052_Sam…)


Well, I can only assume someone's gonna jump her now that she openly invited that.

No. 692358

File: 1537413947288.jpg (148.48 KB, 1074x545, Screenshot_20180919-232500_Sam…)

No. 692393

So much for no fast food until October.

No. 692411

So she was ~uwu so gay~ for what… a week?

Poor desperate dude is making a huge mistake.

No. 692484

LMFAO wasn't she dating a girl last week??? god her fat cooch is ran through

No. 692496

File: 1537428782359.jpg (220.72 KB, 1080x909, Screenshot_20180920-032944_Sam…)


Micky there's more comments on how dirty you look and smell more than anyone else.

She wasn't dating Emi. She was just using her as a prop for her selfies.

No. 692500

File: 1537428986687.jpg (152.56 KB, 1075x798, Screenshot_20180920-033400_Sam…)


Of course you don't, Micky. You just straight up tweet about how happy you'd be if the person you're bullying suddenly died. Which is far worse than saying you hope someone's date goes bad.

No. 692504

"The other days"
We all knew she was special needs but holy shit I thought she could at least do basic math.

No. 692641

Ah yes. A princess taking her biweekly bath from her parents home, soaking in her own filth and smoking stale weed from a bong that’s equally as dirty as she is. Us peasants could never.

No. 692681

Who is she trying to imply wrote this? Aminyan?
KEK yesss. This. Obviously you havent truly felt that way either, micky. If that's what honestly makes her feel like a princess I pity her. Her standards are so desperately low, its pathetic. I bet her bathtub is disgusting too. Those things get dirtier than trash cans

No. 692696

"tbh I'm sure you've never felt that way a day in your life"….I love how Micky acts as though smoking a dirty bong and sitting in a dirty tub water for hours is peak luxury and ~uwu pwincess~ KEK she's actually delusional

No. 692709

File: 1537461358076.jpg (381.35 KB, 927x1888, SmartSelect_20180920-121913_Ch…)

It's getting so painstakingly obvious when she sends herself anon asks. Like shes really out here not even trying anymore… and also while this information isnt completely wrong it's clear this person hasnt done much research themselves. "Over-bathing" would be taking LONG hot daily showers, or showering multiple times daily. If you take a short shower daily or every other day theres nothing wrong with that and it's perfectly healthy.

No. 692724

File: 1537463180147.jpg (82.14 KB, 1077x536, SmartSelect_20180920-125402_Ch…)

What's with her and this thing with grills? Just her trying to be oh so ~kawaii uwu trill gang uwu~? Or just bad teeth? Shes going to regret that picture if she even ever gets her license before her brain fully develops and she sees how embarrassing this shit is and stops

No. 692746

This just goes to show she doesn't bathe as much as she's claiming to do. Probably only does it twice a week and it's likely just her washing in the sink. Not surprising considering she was fucking smelly as all fuck when I seen her once. Hell, she'd likely benefit from bathing 3 times a day.

No. 692747

File: 1537466555535.jpg (217.68 KB, 1074x970, Screenshot_20180920-140147_Sam…)

No. 692751

File: 1537466676861.jpg (152.88 KB, 1080x831, Screenshot_20180920-140316_Sam…)

No. 692752

File: 1537466808277.jpg (138.24 KB, 1080x758, Screenshot_20180920-140512_Sam…)


That kind of thing only happens if you take one 3+ times a day. Not once daily. Holy shit. Someone really needs to talk to her about proper hygiene.

No. 692765

Ot but normal baths aren't bad, it just depends on your vagina, if yours is really sensitive yeah it can throw the ph off, your vagina is self cleaning but that doesn't mean "don't take baths"

No. 692793

How much do want to bet it’s the same cheap Halloween store grill she got for her birthday last month. I thought the point of bling was to show off how much money you have? She really thinks it’s cool to wear a fake grill covered in rhinestones.

No. 692821

File: 1537469911534.jpg (291.16 KB, 1080x1179, Screenshot_20180920-145504_Sam…)

No. 692823

File: 1537469964778.jpg (184.23 KB, 1080x839, Screenshot_20180920-145231_Sam…)

No. 692828

Nobody is going to comment on the fact that she had an electronic item in the tub.

No. 692849

File: 1537471465167.jpg (264.19 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20180920-152304_Sam…)


>like there are some people i absolutely hate with all my heart but i got those people BLOCKED instead of obsessing over them and stalking them

This is the biggest load of absolute horse shit I have ever read.

No. 692853

File: 1537471543140.jpg (212.82 KB, 1080x960, Screenshot_20180920-152210_Sam…)


It's hilarious that she can't tell that anon was calling her a liar.

No. 692870

When did her parents suddenly become mellow? She's posted about them being abusive as recent as this year. Why is she so inconsistent with her lies

No. 692883

File: 1537473390426.jpg (519.15 KB, 1086x1920, tumblr_pfddrwiKtO1tzbme4_1280.…)


Her outfits are so tacky. Like, she really couldn't be arsed to make sure the pinks matched?

No. 692887

Don't understand the "i'm gonna shit/piss myself" pose she always does. Just really adds to the 'I'm a fucking retard' aesthetic

No. 692896


what an unfortunate body type

and i hate to nitpick but is it me or do her eyes look wonky as fuck here?

No. 692902

Her eyes have always been fucked up, they're small and far apart. She's always taken that as them being "azn eyes".

No. 692924

Calling security when you know someone wants to fight you is literally running from a fight
Repost forgot to sage

No. 692941

That damn skirt isn't zipped or buttoned in the back is it since it's hanging off her fat roll.

No. 692967

File: 1537477413407.jpg (88.6 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_20180920-170227_Sam…)



No. 692991


>Anon got that nasty ass dry skin, stringy flat hair and a piss poor personality.


when cows collide.

No. 693008

You know, she kinda looks like brittany venti here

No. 693101

File: 1537486819841.jpg (1.61 MB, 1920x2560, 18-09-20-19-39-51-203_deco.jpg)

Is this a joke or are you literally blind?

No. 693107

File: 1537487860687.jpg (455.56 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20180920-195543_Sam…)

No. 693111

File: 1537488208631.jpg (138.61 KB, 1076x757, Screenshot_20180920-195958_Sam…)


Micky keeps forgetting she did the exact same thing for years and openly bullied multiple people.

No. 693115

File: 1537488438593.jpg (151.14 KB, 1075x790, Screenshot_20180920-200506_Sam…)


Micky you're not doing better than anyone. By any stretch of the imagination.

No. 693117

File: 1537488514410.jpg (164.56 KB, 1066x846, Screenshot_20180920-200813_Sam…)

No. 693118

File: 1537488588307.jpg (144.32 KB, 1078x801, Screenshot_20180920-200931_Sam…)

No. 693123

File: 1537488963231.jpg (136.59 KB, 1080x717, Screenshot_20180920-201405_Twi…)

She's trying to hard to make it seem like she's bi. Lol

No. 693153

Shes definitely been lurking here lately. This proves that and I have some info from a friend that happens to be a farmer, that follows this thread as well. They told me that they sent mucky an anon ask saying something along the lines of her reading the thread. Mucky flat out ignored it. Seems super guilty to me, especially when shes always responding to all this other anon hate, and so comfortable with talking about her thread publicly as well.

No. 693190

She's a top uwu

No. 693229

File: 1537499648711.jpg (587.26 KB, 810x3273, Screenshot_20180920-231138_Sam…)

Micky and her friends are extremely ignorant to the reality of the world. Black people aren't the only ones with full lips. Pretty racist to assume so. Hell, some have thin lips. Seriously though, Micky's views on things are super warped and her little echo chamber helps nothing.

No. 693244


Micky has no lips to even talk shit. She just fills her Cupid’s bow to make her lips look full. A catfish too ugly and poor for plastic surgery is really going to judge a celebrity who at the very least can afford the surgeries they want.

Not to be completely OT, but Kylie J. getting her ass, cheeks and lips done are things Mickie shoops in her own pictures a lot of the time. She shoops her waist “snatched”, pinches her (in her own words) “nigger” nose and she does bad make up to look more ethnic anyway.

Face it, Micky. You’re ugly, a racist and a hypocrite.

No. 693245

>I love the bimbo aesthetic too much
I can already see her becoming a himeka - dollymattel hybrid

No. 693256

a dolly mattel clone would be funny but Micky's been trying to skinwalk internetslutclub with the whole owo daddy's bimbo aesthetic thing she does in her art

No. 693271


how old is she that she doesnt drive yet?

No. 693356

File: 1537518117682.jpg (318.37 KB, 1080x1142, Screenshot_20180921-042115_Twi…)

More bullshit stories from Micky.

No. 693400

Wow, a young woman being grossed out by men and male sexuality during early puberty, how original and different.
Also lol at her claiming that kids in school made fun of her for googling boobs like that's not a thing most kids would do because they're curious or think it's funny.
What a retard.

No. 693433

She said they made fun of her for being an early bloomer not for googling it

No. 693490

This is so gross. She’s basically saying that watching porn as a kid is what made her gay. That’s not how it works Mucky.

No. 693514

ok but we can't deny the fact that specifically the kardashians want to be black.

However, Micky probably thinks everyone wants to be HER

No. 693530

Shes 21. Still no car or license. She claims its cause she has a fear of driving or something but??? I think we all know that's bs as driving is basically a necessity in this day and age. Shes just a lazy piece of shit who would rather spend her money on ~aesthetic uwu~ clothes that dont even fit her

No. 693532

She could be doing so much more with her life and she knows it. That's why she gets so defensive on tumblr lol

No. 693681

File: 1537556203671.jpg (288.97 KB, 1069x1051, SmartSelect_20180921-145524_Tw…)

Lol at the lolita part when she said herself she doesnt even wear or support it bc the community is "too mean"

No. 693690

In other words, "I only like being 100% black when I can virtue signal."

No. 693699

Holy shit I don’t condone rude messages but holy shit did I have a laugh at that

No. 693861

File: 1537572966322.jpg (168.64 KB, 1080x659, Screenshot_20180921-191837_Twi…)

I can't wait to see this how shitty this turns out.

No. 693867

File: 1537573248192.jpg (739.67 KB, 1065x1510, Screenshot_20180921-193917_Sam…)

No. 693870

File: 1537573334587.jpg (103.69 KB, 630x1461, 42311857_1563954517084712_2083…)

No. 693871

File: 1537573345839.jpg (94.26 KB, 640x1316, 42249051_1563954443751386_2921…)

No. 693872

File: 1537573389861.jpg (131.67 KB, 1080x2094, 40797391_324697325018562_55105…)

Looks like she's hanging with Emi.

No. 693899

File: 1537576075037.jpeg (186.11 KB, 845x960, 30233480-CFE1-47BF-B5AE-3EF693…)

>sexy my melody and kuromi
>Micky and Emi
Can't have it both ways my guy

No. 693915


You smell that shit? I can smell this whole picture and it smells of sweat, rotten meat and a perfume shower.

No. 693957

She doesn't actually wear this stuff outside. . .right?

No. 694000

Obviously not the body but moreso the far apart eyes

No. 694054

File: 1537600053972.jpg (53.24 KB, 1079x540, Screenshot_20180922-030531_Sam…)

No. 694087

File: 1537607882750.jpeg (1.76 MB, 3840x3840, 8C40D803-8DE9-4A67-AF77-4C53AE…)

She really has the audacity to act like this is a genuine bag? The first edition came with actual straps, not a cheap cord. And all the ears on Esther Kim's rabbits are rounded and stiff, not big floppy squares. We all know you're an Aliexpress bitch Micky, it's okay.

This is what bugs me most. She acts like every damn thing in her life, every single person she's dated, it's all traumatized her. She wants to be the victim SO bad that she calls a boy not putting up with her shit "triggering". Putsey's a good dude. Pretty sure he started dating Micky when she was still in her spacekin uwu phase and he was understanding of THAT. I'm so suspicious that the only people who seem to constantly have shit to say about him are two of the most attention-seeking, ever-the-victim girls in the area.

No. 694113

Am I the only one fucked up at the aspect of Micky calling it teen bimbo barbie. Like how gross and pandering to men can you possibly get where the nasty obession over teens spills over into what you percieve as an aesthetic.
She can't say a damn thing about women or womens rights when she perpetuates all the things wrong with society lmao

No. 694118

without all the makeup she does look like she has a fetal alcohol syndrome.

No. 694265

File: 1537637541111.jpg (158.97 KB, 1080x831, Screenshot_20180922-132902_Sam…)



>thinking it's just one person

Micky, you need to realize that damn near everyone in your local community hates you and shits on you. That also extends to their friends that aren't in that local community. People don't actually like you at all. They really hate you and are likely waiting to drop the hammer down on you publicly.

No. 694285

File: 1537639611450.png (109.54 KB, 275x237, 1537327298579.png)

>Nothing I've been able to do about it
This made me flashback so hard to when she threatened to kill herself in attempt to get her thread shut down HOLY SHIT

No. 694305

>you can't have sugar and rain
I had to Google this because it's so dumb, SURELY it's some old hick phrase, but nope. 100% Micky.

No. 694359

she said it was something she and her sister came up with a few threads ago

just micky nonsense

No. 694361

File: 1537649105089.jpeg (184.92 KB, 1080x1440, CBE9B962-BFF0-4648-BB94-F5B50F…)

No. 694370

Gross, they look like twisted horror shows in a parody scary movie.

No. 694380

File: 1537650891416.jpeg (59.41 KB, 736x636, F76B43DE-22FD-4421-BB3C-AC156C…)


No. 694391

Holy shit when did that happen?

No. 694393

Did she forget to photoshop omg

No. 694412

File: 1537653328742.jpg (186.09 KB, 1063x1234, SmartSelect_20180922-175407_Ch…)

In other words, none. Or very few.

No. 694416

What. The. Actual. Fuck? Shes really fucking balding at 21? Is this because she doesnt know how to take care of her edges or what?

No. 694420

File: 1537653840918.jpg (690.01 KB, 1070x1900, SmartSelect_20180922-175841_In…)

This is old, but I never saw it posted here. She really thinks she looks like this KEK

No. 694421

File: 1537653935093.jpg (408.37 KB, 1065x1273, SmartSelect_20180922-180449_Ch…)

I gotta admit she did get the shitty piss poor excuse for makeup pretty accurate, especially the fucked up lips

No. 694432

Why does she always draw her lips like a Bratz doll character? You can't mimic the features of a plastic toy and expect it to look good on a human face

No. 694463

File: 1537656574422.jpg (118.76 KB, 1064x622, SmartSelect_20180922-175022_Ch…)

Why would you say something like this if you werent autistic?

No. 694597

File: 1537666780085.jpg (34.77 KB, 230x275, 201809223408975896050374148.jp…)

No. 694607

kek. looks exactly like her

No. 694659

File: 1537672266043.jpg (670.72 KB, 1080x1580, Screenshot_20180922-230605_Sam…)

She really needs to learn how to dress for her size and body type.

No. 694660

File: 1537672284041.jpg (82.45 KB, 608x1515, 42309016_1565011006979063_6035…)

No. 694661

File: 1537672297587.jpg (85.38 KB, 588x1567, 42289783_1565010960312401_2134…)

No. 694662

The way she throws on 5 different shades of pink makes me think of Dolly Mattel.

No. 694665

File: 1537672525413.jpg (86.02 KB, 1078x435, Screenshot_20180922-230638_Sam…)

What kind of dumbass shit is that to say?

No. 694667


Lmao. Her dirty ass sneakers and that 2 sizes too small crop top are tragic. She has the nerve to “drag” people tho

No. 694668


Too bad you’re a druggy, Micky. Your mom’s okay with it, too. So abusive amirite

No. 694676

>when your room is so disgusting you feel compelled to wear shoes in your own room

No. 694710

All that boobloaf, y i k e s
She needs to get a proper bra and stop buying asian-sized tops off AliExpress

No. 694741

her bag has the wrong type of fur, just from that you can tell it's a fake.
(also funny she posted >>694660 showing that the backpack straps AREN'T cords, after this comment was posted)

No. 694749

I wanna know more about this emi girl. She looks like she deserves her own thread, does she have one already? (also lol at mickys hair, it looks so nasty! Greasy and nappy.)
thanks for the chuckle anon. The best part is the crooked piercings cause you didnt even have to edit that part for her
Omg I was thinking the same thing. Lurk much, mucky?

No. 694758

File: 1537683028565.jpg (255.67 KB, 1080x977, Screenshot_20180923-020748_Sam…)

No. 694871

she said this about the last guy she dated and that lasted like two weeks

No. 694900

Why does micky always act like shes not the one fucking up all the relationships shes been in?

No. 694905

File: 1537708506962.jpg (352.74 KB, 1030x1819, SmartSelect_20180923-091136_Ch…)

Didnt micky said herself that its cringey and annoying when people mix Japanese and English? And has anyone ever heard her use any German? Lmao.

No. 694920

Whatever language crossover crap she's doing is cringey regardless. Surprised Mucky hasn't tossed in some Korean in there using oppa or noona or some dumb shit to sound cuter uwu

No. 694978

yeah right you know she banged him

No. 695037

File: 1537719535958.jpg (278.23 KB, 1076x1080, Screenshot_20180923-081018_Twi…)

Once again, she lies about this shit. Plenty of people tood her straight up how fucked up it was but she didn't want to listen and defended the relationship. It also doesn't help that her mom was 100% ok with it. If she's gonna drag anyone about that shit, it should be her.

No. 695100


When she’s held accountable for her bullying Amina trying to earn her and her own promiscuity while having a mother who grooms her behavior, she tries to slander them as pedophile sympathizers lmao

No. 695104

Amina literally warned her of this which started her shit tirade

No. 695307

File: 1537737036571.png (17.72 KB, 646x152, jap.PNG)

No. 695317

File: 1537738335801.png (303.64 KB, 649x481, 09876543321.PNG)

No. 695320

she was in special ed classes her mind is malfunctioning uwu

No. 695412

File: 1537745348662.jpg (92.29 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_20180923-192713_Sam…)


I am thoroughly convinced she is sending these to herself for sake of gaining more followers and shit. Nobody would really give that much of a fuck about mixing languages. Nor would they waste the time sending that shit anonymously.

No. 695417

File: 1537745582031.jpg (1.15 MB, 809x7811, Screenshot_20180923-193055_Sam…)

Micky is so tough and bad that she immediately ran to her echo chamber about the asks from >>695412 . Why does she continue to talk tough if this is how she reacts everytime?

No. 695423

someone should show this to the event organizers, and ban micky.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 695434

Half the people replying are fucking local messes and shitty people themselves lmao, trash supports trash.

No. 695450

File: 1537747791196.jpg (81.96 KB, 783x625, Screenshot_20180923-200621_Sam…)

Wreck It Ronnie really that eager to throw her whole reputation out the window for a girl who openly admitted that she would be glad if a girl she bullied died. She honestly should be cancelled for this dumb shit.

No. 695451

File: 1537747860270.jpg (95.34 KB, 1075x506, Screenshot_20180923-200458_Sam…)

These fuckers are stupid and delusional. Holy shit.

No. 695454

Do they not know what she looks like irl? Whatever trash outfit mucky comes up with is gonna attract attention at the con but not for those reasons kek

No. 695470

I wish we knew more about these "private" group chats… Peep those unanswered anon in the comments KEK. you can tell those ones really got to her cause she had to screencap them before she answered. She knew they were right and couldn't say shit to look all big and bad.

No. 695485

File: 1537750379387.jpg (59.3 KB, 1080x2094, 41450517_1962568480433136_6798…)

She even posted the shit to her Instagram. She's seriously that scared? Micky, what happened to beat up anyone that stepped to you?

No. 695557


Okay Kiara, you just said it yourself that for YEARS people have threatened Micky. That’s not a conclusion for you that she’s a terrible person, is it?

Last (Taylor) that evidently threatened Micky got con security called on them before she even arrived smh. So bullfuckingshit

No. 695561

Ronnie and Kiara are both drama queens themselves. All these girls flock around Micky because she kisses their ass, spouts vague "black girl power black girls are kawaii (don't forget I started that) yasss melanin QUEEN" statuses, in between talking about how attacked she is and how abused she's been.

No. 695563

Kiara and Micky have started another jfashion group

No. 695568

Link, screenshots? Name?? Anything??? You're the worst kind of anon lol

No. 695587

That hashtag needs to be stopped it’s not cute

No. 695589

>if you were talking about someone being a rapist you shouldn't say anything if you wouldn't talk about it to their face?

No, Micky, That isn't what she said. she said

>it's one thing talking about something that happened vs talking shit

If you're talking about shit that happened and they capped it, then that sucks. BUT IF YOU'RE GONNA SHIT TALK THEN NUT UP OR SHUT UP.

No. 695745

File: 1537787168573.png (1.4 MB, 1136x640, C913156E-3D68-4AE7-849D-5754F0…)

How has nobody posted this shit show of a tutorial?

No. 695746

File: 1537787238404.png (1.21 MB, 1136x640, 6D72E682-4CD6-49DE-B4FE-0348FD…)

No. 695757

"#murdergang" god even when she's being pathetic and terrified of getting her ass beat she has to pull some fake hard hashtag to show how "uwu black kawaii ghetto" she is its embarrassing ur just some shut-in weeb god

No. 695763

I can practically see the stink fumes radiating in the bg. How does she live like this it's gross

No. 695781


Angela has realised her online person is getting her nowhere, has deleted everything and hasn't been involved in any drama since Amina's callout post and her botch job backlash on twitter but Micky is still out here running to facebook and twitter to complain about meanies online from drama SHE started. She still thinks she's a lil girl that can play dress up in her room all day instead of actually trying to do something with her life like an adult. She literally acts like she's a highschool kid who is part of the ''kewl clique uwu'' when in reality she's a fucking bum. It genuinly blows my mind that she doesn't realise how immature and pathetic she looks doing all this shit.

She's a joke online and IRL becuase most people in Detroit who know her in the anime/''kawaii'' communities don't like her. How is she so un self aware. I'm dumbfounded.

No. 695827


Micky wants to be Mean Girls so bad. The only thing, though, is that she’s not attractive, her “burn book” aka Facebook shitposts are filled with people better than her friends aren’t remotely attractive, impressive or funny at all. She thinks she’s the coolest girl in Detroit and that doesn’t say much lol.

No. 695829


Micky’s make up is clogging my pores. Holy shit she’s greasy.

No. 695831

It’s called black jfashionista group on facebook

No. 695841

Anon the tutorial is right here >>690027

No. 695896

File: 1537804246292.jpg (622.74 KB, 2560x1920, 18-09-24-11-26-35-433_deco.jpg)

Micky's lack of originality is pitiful.

No. 695898

File: 1537804320829.jpg (382.17 KB, 1075x1759, Screenshot_20180924-115136_Sam…)

No. 695900

If I were you, I'd delete this.

No. 695910

If you don’t know her then why were so quick to comment on her thread?

No. 695920

Only one person mentioned the group and no one else paid any attention to it. We would have figured out she doesn’t own it. You involved yourself by posting your full name.

No. 695925


Once Micky figures out who you are, posting on here, she’ll send a witch hunt. She’s done it already to people she was wrong about and even accused someone of starting this all, because she thinks only one person can hate her guts.

So stay anonymous and just spill the tea carefully.

No. 696035

Can any anons fill us in on what was posted?

No. 696244

File: 1537834375813.jpg (555.62 KB, 1059x1395, SmartSelect_20180924-200654_Ch…)

Shes seriously trying to get her followers to buy her dumb shit now. What an condescending insufferable cunt. you have a shitty job for a reason

No. 696280

File: 1537836755547.gif (3.03 MB, 498x498, tenor.gif)

>I'm about to hit crush stage 2 where I start telling him to drink plenty of water and asking him what he ate for dinner

So I guess stage 3 is being a toxic bitch to him and calling him a racist neo nazi cheating on him and going lesbian again?

No. 696318


One of the owners of the black jfashionista page from Facebook posted twice to prove Micky wasn’t an owner. I think her name was Pierce Hall.

No. 696333

Don't forget accusing him of rape and pedophilia.

No. 696520

she's only saying this because she saw it on on one of those 'ideal gf' memes, how pathetic

No. 696521

File: 1537882015521.jpg (246.91 KB, 1079x962, Screenshot_20180925-092239_Twi…)

Wow, she tries too hard to come off as something she's not.

No. 696523

File: 1537882439446.png (29.86 KB, 693x269, 999929001293.PNG)

She thinks THIS is an achievement.

No. 696533

nice job anon

No. 696590

Yup nothing better than feeling and looking like a fridge sized sausage with casing 3x too small and fat rolls, right ?

No. 696631

I’m 100% convinced that she reads this thread like it’s her local newspaper. When she was getting shit for not bathing daily all of her WK anons sounded the same as the people posting here. The same ones saying things like bathing daily drys out your skin, etc. She’s always conveniently trying to justify the same things we talk about here.

No. 696713

Of course she does. She literally tweets about ~lolcow haters~ every few days

No. 696719

File: 1537906595744.jpg (145.69 KB, 1000x1108, SmartSelect_20180925-161212_Ch…)

cringeeee. I cant believe this happened. Trash attracts trash (and maggots), I suppose.

No. 696952


She’s so comfortable while the rest of us are nauseated and mortified by her ill fits and unflattering stature.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all that cheap shit she gets from Aliexpress doesn’t bust at the seams every single time she puts her clothes on.

No. 696956


Of course she does. This is her life lmao. She has no real life. No friends, thousands of followers consisting of bots, gross kink blogs, blind following from actual people and her circle jerk echo chamber of “friends” aka fans of her toxic abusive behavior.

In real life, Mikaila is taller than the acclaimed 5’6” she keeps spouting, she’s wide back, huge moldy milk utters, has no rhythm, can’t rap; she’s Walmart trash, a habitual liar, a misandrist, and a racist. In la, la Tumblr land~ She’s outspoken and misunderstood. In real life, we know her values are transparent and she’s already booted out of functions and when she does try to attempt them, I.e, Youma, she’s gonna get shunned away. Her next move is to move out of state or out of country if she ever gets two pennies to rub together.

The cow is trying to get SOMEONE ELSE to buy her cow thigh high socks to prove she’s so unbothered~ But she lives on here. So.

Mikaila, I know you’re reading this:

Get some deodorant. Get some help.

No. 697028

File: 1537932793439.jpg (750.19 KB, 809x2025, Screenshot_20180925-233120_Sam…)

I feel sorry for everyone who had to see and smell this mess.

No. 697032

>implying being a misandrist is a bad thing
you new or what?

No. 697036

File: 1537933612554.jpg (634.75 KB, 1080x1492, Screenshot_20180925-234308_Sam…)

She says there aren't guys like this near her, but that's a lie. Most just know to stay away from her abusive sexist ass. Like, she really underestimates how many people are aware of how shitty she is.

Please fuck off with this.

No. 697040


Micky loves dating white guys then calling them racist lmao. The only black guy I knew she’s been with she’s now claiming to be a pedophile.

No. 697041

She's only attracted to Soundclout dudes who namedrop bands they pretend to listen to, sad. She isn't attracted to black guys, she's friend with Himeka who said she hates them and that they're niggers. Why lie Micky?

No. 697211

A hot, confident black guy isn't going to want to date a self hating black girl who attacks other black people every chance she gets lmao

No. 697272

There’s plenty of black guys in the Detroit anime community that look like this lol. She would rather date poor white trash than a decent good looking black guy. Micky is essentially the black version of white trash though so I’m not shocked. She dates a few black guys before, when she was 14 she told them all she was 18 and now she calls them pedophiles despite lying herself.

No. 697377

File: 1537971611736.jpeg (232.62 KB, 750x1175, EA1CFC4D-E3E6-4814-AA07-24DA1B…)


She went as far as claiming a black guy from the Detroit anime community of being a predator only because he still continued associating with her after everyone found out she was 15. Since we can’t post names, I’ll allude to the fact this guy throws a lot of parties in Detroit and has (by now, probably) a 1-year old daughter. Once he introduced his daughter Micky started the allegations and implied he’d hurt his own kid.

When it went left in that accusation Micky buckled and dropped all the allegations.

The following screen caps is about a fraction of what happened, but I found the juicy roasted bits.

No. 697378

File: 1537971628771.jpeg (245.52 KB, 750x1206, 9FB5BB4D-CF5E-4A12-9434-516BB6…)

No. 697379

File: 1537971644454.jpeg (274.38 KB, 749x1177, 56734B33-5B50-4FE5-9743-C2019A…)

No. 697380

File: 1537971657550.jpeg (207.13 KB, 750x1212, 617131DE-E720-44E9-BDF1-F169B2…)

No. 697382

File: 1537971747695.jpeg (218.95 KB, 750x1146, 2113D35A-11B4-4E93-B5A9-A659F7…)

No. 697384

File: 1537971780494.jpeg (87.66 KB, 749x690, 200F51CB-4F3C-495B-8498-02FADD…)

No. 697387

File: 1537971864708.jpeg (184.06 KB, 747x1252, 95EE6264-D434-47CF-9612-3C5647…)

No. 697388

File: 1537971878137.jpeg (115.99 KB, 739x1112, CC6532A7-44B9-4B8C-A7F7-907DE4…)

No. 697391

File: 1537971936211.jpeg (93.58 KB, 664x898, 8EEEF05E-A456-45CC-BDBE-EABCBE…)

No. 697394

File: 1537972131938.jpeg (239.08 KB, 750x1090, 88F61A5C-D505-46A9-B553-EC9ABF…)

All that drama not too terribly long ago because she lied about her age and she’ll never get any Alt Black dick from anyone with common sense of who she is in Detroit. She’s racist, but she has to stop acting like she didn’t put her whole damn leg down her throat for no black dude to want to fuck with her. She’s Walmart trash and fucks white trash guys, go figure

No. 697395


Tfw you defeat your own argument by being playful and cordial about predatory behavior

No. 697429

File: 1537975319148.jpg (241.64 KB, 805x969, SmartSelect_20180926-112139_Ch…)

This poor guy must have been able to smell her

No. 697441

I'm shocked at how much less fat she was here. I know she's always been noticeably overweight, but she really ballooned up over time.

No. 697451


That’s why we call her on her bullshit whenever she tries to claim a certain weight class. She’s definitely over 200lbs at this point in life.

No. 697541

god i'm not anywhere near Micky but dam imagine ruining ur reputation that bad in a city where not even white trash normies wanna associate with you KEK Micky has no luck in dating a alt black guy or anyone respectable in general considering she'll try to date someone older for her ~kawaii jailbate little aesthetics~ then claim they're tAkinG aDvanTagE of mE (bitch ur grown lol)

No. 697567

>recycled nudes to a whole city or niggas


No. 697591

File: 1537988177199.jpeg (48.6 KB, 750x239, F9C033F5-6E75-4A44-B00C-EB78E4…)


Micky got scared at that point lmao

No. 697640

File: 1537990862757.jpg (487.08 KB, 1058x1952, SmartSelect_20180926-153704_Ch…)

>I didnt even wipe

No. 697645

what does any of the other stuff have to do with a spider?

No. 697654

File: 1537992557565.jpg (348.04 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20180926-154752_Twi…)

Micky making up problems to seem oppressed is hilarious.

No. 697658

File: 1537992953888.jpg (533.3 KB, 805x3713, Screenshot_20180926-161344_Sam…)

Imagine being so pathetic that you think gaining follwers on tumblr is a worthwhile accomplishment. The people she hates have likely accomplished far better things than that.

No. 697771


She means 20 legit anon hate questions that are pertinent to her shitty personality and 10 self-asks that kiss her own pancake ass

No. 697775


I fucking SMELLED this post.

No. 697788

File: 1538002665086.jpg (582.94 KB, 1077x1607, Screenshot_20180926-185549_Twi…)

Nobody is making you buy shit. You continue to buy shit you don't need. It's not hard to not buy something and save up for things you actually need.

No. 697796

File: 1538002849023.jpg (422.82 KB, 808x2056, Screenshot_20180926-185518_Twi…)

Micky continuing to be racist despite wanting to ~spread love and positivity~. What a sack of useless bigoted shit.

Oh, she's also gonna go live on Instagram at 930 tonight. Someone should record it and then put the juicy bits together for a video. The more evidence we have on hand gainst her, the better.

No. 697806

>paid promos
Damn, I have over 50k followers on Tumblr and I don't think anyone would pay me to promo them, who the fuck would pay someone with only 10k followers? Most followers on tumblr are bots these days so follower count doesn't really mean shit. Especially since her blog was created in 2015. Pathetic.

No. 697813

File: 1538003346300.jpg (366.81 KB, 1073x1071, Screenshot_20180926-190151_Sam…)


How is a property log proof of anything? They give that shit to people who stay overnight at the hospital, hell even therapy groups that visit have to get one of those. Plus she everything else she said about her stay was sus. Especially her claiming to have been able to take someone else's pills for rec use. You can't do that. The nurses make you take it in front of them and check to make sure you swallowed your meds. The other dead fucking give away was her still having her piercings. You aren't allowed to keep those at all for the sake of safety. Also let's not forget the lack of scars from her alleged attempt. I wouldn't be surprised if she only has the papers from visiting.

No. 697868

File: 1538005913327.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180926-132048_Twi…)

>look at what I found in my closet holy shit
EW OH god. I can actually smell this pic. nevermind the ugly sweater, theres so many things wrong with this pic. Her floor being too disgusting for bare feet confirmed.

No. 697873

Yall she said on Twitter shes going live at 9:30est tonight on ig.

No. 697874

The only good thing is that she's actually attempting to clean something. Now if would only bathe thoroughly and consistently.



No. 697879

File: 1538006527491.jpeg (93.89 KB, 750x1154, 6F915A03-9F5C-4FF6-B203-025B32…)

A e s t h e t i c

No. 697903

Remember when she lied about not having herpes? Look at the top right corner. HSV is an abbreviation for the herpes virus.

No. 697922



You’re more than likely right. This bitch really has herpes.

No. 697923

Is that what that is? Says, HSV: AD1. Is that how they indicated herpes in a patient?

No. 697928

So, that means the last few people she's been with have herpes now. Somebody better tell them. That's fucked up.

No. 697932

AD either indicates alzheimers disease or is a strain of HSV-1, according to google

not to wk but hsv-1 is very common - it's the type that causes cold sores

No. 697987

It's not as if it's that hard to get admitted, I don't think most people would doubt that, it's the fact all her stories from being hospitalised are so embarrassingly fake.

No. 698003

I tried watching her live bur hobestly shes so boring its hard to pay attention.

Exactly this. Her "all the nurses told me I was too pretty to be cutting and I made fwends wif all the cwazies <3 <3" is what gets me.

No. 698142

File: 1538026396124.jpeg (479.96 KB, 2048x2048, A4143F02-815E-43F3-8D34-1C9FEA…)

No. 698164

I will never understand why she shoops herself knowing damn well people are going to see her lives or in person. Also what the fuck did she talk about?

No. 698378

LMAO exactly. 10k on instagram or twitter would be a start to an ''influencer'' career, if you tried hard enough and were consistent, but nobody cares about TUMBLR clout. Especially for someone like Micky who shares borderline pedophilic content. Nobody would want someone like that repping their products. She's so delusional.

No. 698382

Imagine being stupid enough to post a document with personal info on the internet just to prove a point to some anons that said something mean.

No. 698473

File: 1538057757453.jpeg (85.74 KB, 750x1162, 32D1ECBE-14D1-4706-92D7-6C8D27…)


Nightmares ensue.

No. 698549

Her braids are so shitty jfc. They are too bulky at the top and they are already coming undone at the bottom. Yikes.

No. 698558


Very. Yet she has the nerve to try and drag other girls about their hair. Jealousy consumes her whole life. As Micky claims, it’s projection I suppose?

No. 698739

File: 1538078227414.jpg (103.96 KB, 1080x1440, 42675017_1568762493270581_8910…)

Micky we know you don't look anything like this. Stop editing your shit. Also, stop forcing your collarbones to appear, you're even remotely thin for that to be happening.

No. 698744

wtf is she doing with her hand?

No. 698954

File: 1538093290845.jpg (147.3 KB, 1080x712, Screenshot_20180927-160222_Twi…)

No. 699015


Like your racist boyfriend, Micky? Just like your pedophile boyfriend, Micky?

No. 699033

Stop giving your pussy away to “ain’t shit niggas” Micky. What happened to your body being your currency? The only thing you’ve gotten out of these men is a large fry and herpes.

No. 699136


that hand holy shit that hand is so warped from shooping

No. 699251

All that shooping and she still couldnt edit out the arm rolls. So disappointing. It's so obvious shes popping her collar bones out. You can tell just by how forward both her shoulders are. That shit looks like it hurts too. So pathetic. In an attempt to look smaller by forcing her collarbones out of her fat, shes making her neck look SUPER thick

No. 699330

collarbones popping on that fridge body, yes qween

No. 699489

File: 1538154947423.jpg (343.07 KB, 1065x1215, SmartSelect_20180928-131101_Tw…)

I was going to ask why shes been so quiet lately, but I found my answer. Guess she took some acid or maybe mushrooms. I really hope she really did some soul searching during her trip and took a long good look in the mirror. Shes way past due for some self revelations. Somehow I feel shes not smart enough to use psychedelics in that way though.

No. 699492

She's done them before and there's been no change to her shittiness. So no, she's not using them for soul searching. She just uses them to seem cool to her follwers.

No. 699561

So, now that I think about it…doesn't that mean she gave her exes and Emi herpes? Because that shit is clearly untreated and very contagious.

No. 699626


Knowing Micky, she doesn’t treat her cold sores. Ffs, she takes sink baths. You can smell her just by looking at her, same with Emi. Emi probably has a yeast infection along with her “fwend”

No. 699632

Well, I hope someone tells her exes to get tested because who knows how long she's had this shit. It makes me wonder if this herpes thing is why she's currently being so quiet right now.

No. 700016

Oh it definitely is. We all know she reads here like it's the newspaper so shes probably trying to come up with a lie to make herself look clean/some way to handle this to make herself look better before this spreads to her followers and exes, etc.

No. 700026

guys please, you can't really treat or cure cold sores. i know it's herpes, but it's a different strain. most people don't even realize what it is.

No. 700028

The gag is most of her local comm already suspected she had it before this. She really fucked herself over by posting that document.

No. 700030

Just because you cant treat or cure it doesnt mean were going to have any pity for the dirty ass refrigerator when she wasnt being careful in the first place. Herpes is herpes, doesn't matter how common the strain

No. 700125

You still get it from being a dirty bitch so womp womp

No. 700369

So she deleted this post >>697813 off of her tumblr. Lol Micky it's too late. We have evidence of you having an STD, you trifling fuck.

No. 700405

It was only speculation that HSV stood for herpes but her deleting the post kind of proves it

No. 700410

But it's not speculation, simply google HSV. The only thing that was speculation was what the "AD1" meant.

No. 700435

File: 1538254563178.jpg (838.22 KB, 1067x1839, SmartSelect_20180929-164539_Ch…)

For having 10k on tumblr she never gets very many notes at all. I understand this was just posted today but I'm sure it wont get much over 100 without her reblogging it. I mean shit she has half the following on ig and has much more engagement. I just have to wonder why shes so proud of her 10k when it's so obvious 90% of that are dead accounts or bots…

No. 700443

She acts like people have gone out of their way to follow her blog because they love her or something. People on tumblr follow people for what they reblog nobody cares about the personality behind the blog. Maybe in like 2011 people might have a bit of clout from being funny but all those slightly 'famous' humor bloggers moved to IG and vine. 10k on tumblr literally means nothing.

No. 700444

Did she get something done or gain weight? Her legs look thicker, maybe shopped?

No. 700645

No she’s just fat and photoshops her waist to look like she actually has curves.

No. 700751

File: 1538286182973.jpg (154.52 KB, 1028x708, SmartSelect_20180930-014009_Tw…)

Well you're right about one thing Mucky. Peep would never treat you like "that" because he would never associate with or waste time on you at all. Period.
Also I wonder if this is about the tinder dude

No. 700756

Did glasses-kun or whatever she was calling him hit it and quit it already? That was fast.

No. 701066

File: 1538329416074.jpg (116.11 KB, 1069x634, SmartSelect_20180930-134127_Ch…)

Unless this is some dumb copy of a post from something else, I think it's safe to assume glasses-kun hit it and quit it already just like everyone warned her, kek

No. 701071

All that but no apology to Amina, Adam, her other exes or any of the people she's lied about and/or harassed and bullied lol.

No. 701077

Those are Bright Eyes lyrics. Every emo faggot had those lyrics in their profile in 2005.

No. 701094

Taking Back Sunday, but same difference lol. The fact that she's still quoting it at 22 on her Tumblr blog is… Telling. And embarrassing.

No. 701183

Oops sorry I wasnt aware these were lyrics. Theres still got to be some sort of reason these specific lyrics were relevant enough to post right? And seeing how she hasnt posted much lately at all (which is seriously out of character for her) and nothing about glasses-kun since >>695898 I think it's safe to assume something happened with him

No. 701216

I wonder when shes going to get bored enough to turn her anon asks back on so she can continue to send herself a few and turn them right back off. That's always a good laugh

No. 701226


It’ll be soon because she needs constrast to comparison to claim she’s a victim and she’s being bullied for being a good person.

No. 701240

File: 1538343706302.jpg (121.75 KB, 1050x607, SmartSelect_20180930-173529_Ch…)

Holy shit, her future as an ugly fridge Dolly Mattel is confirmed. Micky, pls, I know you're reading this. You have no business being a camgirl, you couldnt even make it as a sugar baby. If you have to shoop yourself you clearly dont like your body. If you dont like your body why would you broadcast it to strangers? You cant shoop or edit your livestream, what are you thinking? You would absolutely regret it and you definitely wouldn't even make much money to make up for all the embarrassment. But go ahead and try to prove us wrong. Well be waiting for that delicious milk.

No. 701280


With her shit tier low quality tech and pimply ass, she’s definitley not cam girl material lmao. She won’t be able to cam for real. She won’t even make a quarter payment to shove a cucumber in her rotten flesh wound she calls a vagina.

Mikaila PLS. We’re giving you real advice in a very blunt, honest way

No. 701541

File: 1538376708005.jpg (98.49 KB, 1068x369, SmartSelect_20181001-024934_Tw…)

This is why you're obese micky. You dont have to put anything in hot cocoa, ITS ALREADY SWEET. Especially not creamer meant for bitter coffee.

No. 701645

File: 1538393747385.jpg (80.06 KB, 1073x460, Screenshot_20181001-073456_Sam…)

Funny she's talking about that considering she posted this on her Facebook.

No. 701679

Micky is so retarded I doubt she realizes that the high amount of calories in sweetened coffees counteracts the “no soda” rule

No. 701703

for some reazon i thought this was supposed to be sexual. great, she's conditioned me.

No. 701728


Micky’s retarded and can’t cook herself a meal. This won’t last long.

No. 701730

lmao anon
it was too smart for her!

No. 701731

and of course there's no mention of exercising.

No. 701749

You can lose tons of weight from dieting alone. In fact when you’re her size, you can lose 10lbs a month easily with no exercise. Of course obese Mikaila won’t stick with it though

No. 701753


Imagine living a life in which not eating like shit is a challenge

No. 701782

Sure, if you want to have a bunch of loose skin and still look disgusting. Take tuna for example kek

No. 701952

Even if she does this, she's going to eat shit tons of junk food, dairy drinks, etc, so it won't even matter. I imagine she shoves chips and cookies down her throat 24/7.
That's not necessarily true. Using sugar-free creamer and splenda would probably only give you 30-50 calories in a single cup of coffee, compared to the 200+ in a can of soda.
Not defending her obese ass and hot cocoa isn't coffee in the slightest, hot cocoa is way more fattening. That hazelnut creamer is probably full of calories too. But saying sweetened coffee has high calories is just false when sugar-free creamer and splenda exist.

No. 702043


You’re right. Besides, also Micky swearing off of juice is only gonna help her lose at best 5lbs if that’s what she consumes a lot. She refuses to even drink water unless it’s fruit infused. All she has to do is cut her shitty diet in half and with doses of the occasional cheat day, but everyday is “treat yo self” day and she’s an idiot to think she’s gonna cut it cold turkey for a whole month.

The hazelnut creamer in the cocoa really killed her own plans of being health conscious when she’s better off cutting down her calories, watching her sugar intake, get good sources of calcium and vitamins from dairy and drinking straight up water.

Oh, she can also do cardio to make this all worth her health plan but she won’t so this new attempt of being better is going in vain so she’ll forget why she’s even doing all of this and be eating Mcfries with a large frappe tomorrow like the inconsistent fat bitch she is. If she loves being a fat bitch so much, why is she even doing this? I thought those collarbones popped severely, sis?

No. 702048

File: 1538436707087.jpg (55.96 KB, 1068x398, Screenshot_20181001-193102_Sam…)


She does the exact same shit. Why is she getting on her high horse?

No. 702052

File: 1538436864487.jpg (699.63 KB, 1078x1380, Screenshot_20181001-193324_Sam…)


She could have got a slightly decent car with all the money she's wasted over the years. Yikes.

No. 702053


This is what Micky calls projection. She accuses anons of projecting themselves onto her, but this is exactly who she is. All the girls she hates actually have lives IRL. They have/had boyfriends, healthy sex lives and friends they don’t have to post about 24/7 to prove to this psycho that people live their best lives and still manage to hate her when she’s literally at home wishing death on people.

No. 702064


She could’ve also got a fitness membership a month for the amount she spends all at once but no she had to buy shitty Aliexpress bags and hazelnut creamer.

No. 702073

maybe shes talking about herself. thats all Mickey does anyway when shes not bitching

No. 702117

File: 1538441850897.jpg (122.42 KB, 1080x2094, 42003603_1992800224112274_2106…)

She's looking sloppy as all fuck in that cosplay.

No. 702119

WTF is going on with her hair

No. 702121

Her boobs are at her belly button

No. 702132

File: 1538443225678.jpeg (107.59 KB, 747x1248, F95B35CD-510E-432A-B3A1-D1BDF8…)

Her nappy headed ass really talks up her edges and mocks other girls but looks like this.

No. 702139

tell me those aren't visible flakes of dandruff in her hair

No. 702140

Is she using apps to stretch out her pics? I know her legs are slim in comparison to her fridge body, but they keep looking slimmer and longer in more recent mirror pics. I want to say that her cleavage looks looong and stretched out too, but I think that's au natural.

It's gotten worse since she started installing her own braids to save money. Amina's wig may have slipped mid bdsm shoot, which is embarrassing, sure, but what is Micky's excuse? She's got a full three inches of a fluffy fro showing with those sad, dirty, old braids clinging for dear life.

No. 702162

Why does she lift up her skirt like she's gotta pee? When girls want to look sexy they'll lift it up on the side - she paws at her vag and cups it, it's so weird and looks so awkward.

No. 702166


You can always fix a bad wig because at the end of the day, you got real hair underneath and that’s the case Micky makes fun of, however, her shit is raggedy because she DIY’d her own shitty dead hair.

When you clown around, the clown comes back

No. 702167

File: 1538446338080.jpeg (72.18 KB, 750x862, 91CDCA6F-BCF4-446E-911C-DEC60D…)

You can’t tell the difference between her cleavage and her ass crack.

No. 702170

She probably thinks it makes her look smaller. Also noticed how hiked up thata skirt is. She talked about how it fits her but I don't think so Micky…

No. 702190

File: 1538449062562.jpg (143.1 KB, 1076x799, Screenshot_20181001-225650_Sam…)

No. 702210

File: 1538450440360.jpg (481.86 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20181001-231927_Twi…)

I swear to god, I don't want her to say shit else about anyone's hair or edges. Her shit is extra busted.

No. 702211

File: 1538450469364.jpg (226.66 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_20181001_231907.jpg)

No. 702212

File: 1538450485894.jpg (202.67 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_20181001_231915.jpg)

No. 702230

File: 1538452955295.jpeg (370.53 KB, 2078x2078, AEB20FE5-60B6-445A-A102-FEE264…)

The nerve.

No. 702273

she shouldnt be saying anything about anyone’s physical appearance, specially not people’s hair lines… THE NERVE

No. 702317

File: 1538460091987.jpg (301.4 KB, 1065x1259, SmartSelect_20181002-015925_Ch…)

Its confirmed guys. Glasses-kun definitely hit it and quit it. Or hopefully just realized how toxic she was and got the fuck out of dodge. I would feel bad for the poor dude if he was now herpes-kun

No. 702384

I really am not a slut shamy kinda girl however when you gotta call it "crushes" and act like you're not just a thirsty thot after dick I have to put my foot down.
Not even the top tier crazy bpd bitches got 50000 crushes in rotation depending on when the next dick leaves, what the fuck even is a crush in her eyes like all tumblr hoes she applies her own meanings to every word she uses, its the complex jumping out. Can't make it seem like shes co-dependent, lonely and have tremendous body issues plus with her whole ero-kawaii fronting she tries to make her thotivities seem romaticised/"innocent". While she still reblogs and posts sexual shit of herself and others in text, image, audio posts etc.
Again this whole thing of you can't have your cake and eat it too but even that she ruined with her ever so intellectual take "you can't have sugar in rain uwu"

(Ngl tho i have never liked people ever trying to play up an innocence act when they're clearly sexually charged 'pick me' bitches, it gives off dd/lg vibes and nobody likes a pick me bitch, ever.)

No. 702459

File: 1538485866728.jpg (99.51 KB, 1080x658, Screenshot_20181002-090822_Sam…)


This dumbass really thinks those things are gonna eat up her edges. Wow. She really needs to stop with the games and realize she's giving herself a premature receding hairline. Which ain't cute, and gives her no room to talk about anyone else's edges.

No. 702834

File: 1538519261748.png (261.76 KB, 360x443, hair.png)

I'm not sure if any of you know how black people hair works but… thats babyhair. Not balding. And it can be styled into different shapes or bangs. Its a thin layer of hair that separates from the main hairline sometimes due to its growth. Google it for more examples of what I mean. Because thats all it looks like to me. Sorry if I'm wrong.

No. 702837

Don't try that shit, not everyone here is white. Micky has a big ass head and fucked up edges and she makes it all look worse by forcing babyhairs. She literally just brushes clumps of hair forwards and sticks half a tub of gel on it. WE all know her edges are fried

No. 702838

I’m black and the baby hair wig shit has gone overboard

No. 702845

Nah, actual black girl here. Micky's hair is completely fucked. It's traction alopecia, not baby hair. If she'd leave it alone for a while, it would grow back.

No. 702862


She’s balding. The end. Her hairline is receding and those poor baby hairs are getting crusty and are gonna flake bad.

No. 702864

File: 1538522378055.png (559.75 KB, 431x880, why.png)

Exactly this, it looks like she has traction alopecia which kind of goes with what she is even admitting in >>702459 . What I don't get is how are you going to admit to having a fucked up hairline (by your own doing) and then come after other girls for theirs?

I can't even imagine how bad it looks without that filter sticker hiding where the braids are installed. Just look at how dirty, frizzy, and undone these braids are. She needs to stop being a cheapass and go back to getting it professionally done because this is atrocious.

No. 702898

Exactly. They really tried to wk this bullshit.

No. 702901

It was probably Micky herself. The reference pic anon used looks exactly like how Micky does her edges irl. But the edges in the pic are 1) off a wig 2) photoshopped to hell and back 3) still ugly

No. 702902

she probably thinks none of us know how black girl hair works.

No. 702905

That's because she probably doesn't know how it works. This bitch acted like a white girl until like 3 years ago when 'wokeness' became trendy. No wonder she didn't know how to wear wigs/weaves and fucked up her hairline.

No. 702908

It reminds me of when she came here a few threads ago trying to defend how fried her hair was, claiming she was taking care of it and shit. She never learns.

That and she thinks that none of us are black. Which she's definitely wrong about. Especially since the local comm she kept starting drama with is mostly black. I'm sure some have posted here before. Goes to show how delusional she is.

This. Hell, she still doesn't use the proper products to take care of her hair. A part of her is still convinced she doesn't need black hair products. That's why her shit still looks raggedy.

No. 702922


Exactly. Back in the day, she kept claiming she was mixed so fucking hard and that’s around the time she dropped the “nigger bitches” “nigger nose” comments. She’s always been a hater and she still doesn’t like black girls because she tried to drag them for their wigs and hairlines in her echo chamber of greasy synthetic wig friends who screech at any diatribe Micky projects.

She doesn’t know how to invest in oil sheen, castor oil or a silk wrap. I’m not surprised as she can’t even invest in a bar of soap for a whole fucking dollar. This drag is juicy and I’m living for it after seeing her theatrics with other girls, especially when they’re better than her and I know this eats her UP

No. 702929

Samefag from baby hair post. I'm not really up to date on this Mickey chick. I was just scrolling on through and noticed a lot of anons talking about her hair. I thought you all didn't know what baby hair was. Geez. Don't assume that everyone is a wk or the cow herself.

No. 702933

Look at the state of the people posted on lolcow, it's not unimaginable some of them would lurk in their own threads. Just scroll on anon.

No. 702934

Also this is interesting to know. I had no clue you could damage natural hair so badly. I just thought she was nappy. I read through more of the thread and I understand things better now. Sorry anons! My mistake!

No. 702961

Mickey needs to love herself and care for her natural hair.

Too bad she won't.

No. 702963

This is the girl that calls darker skin girls derogatory names and mocks their hair. At least they can care for their skin and appear presentable. Being a lightskin won't save you mickey if you look like a smelly hambeast-like dump. No body wants a self hating mixed-black girl except white trash and white supremacist who want to act out their disgusting race-play fetish.

No. 702964

I am black, you are pulling a lot of hair in the front (past the hairline) to get this look. At that point, that isn't baby hair.

No. 702995

These guys shes talking about probably don’t even fucking exist.. I’ve had it with these lies she’s trying to pull.

No. 703009

I think he might have found out her having herpes and dipped. Good on him for that. No need to throw his life away for a botton tier dusty bitch.

A part of me feels that way too. Like, I'm sure they found out she's dieased and completely cut all ties. If this dude is real, he's gonna leave her too.

Exactly. Genuine baby hair is very short, fine, and wispy. It sits right at the front. Not having isn't the end of the world though. So I'm not sure why she's trying and failing so hard to have it.

No. 703052

It's because black women like changing up our style and that's what has been in for a while. Mickey follows because she wants to be "woke" and "involved in black culture" when the hypocrite racist gave no fucks before and prided herself on being part non-black. The funny thing is everyone in the detroit community sees it and calls her out every single time she tries something. The only black people who hang out with her are unaware of her racist past/ have anti-black/ self-hate themselves.

No. 703077

File: 1538546365507.jpg (592.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181003-015329_Ins…)

Look at the ~ uwu real life bbydoll princess kween uwu ~ in her bi-weekly bath smoking from her herpes infected dirty pipe. Us peasants could NEVER. Kek at how she doesnt even have the water past her legs, cause, ya know, wouldnt want to get TOO clean

No. 703234


Her bath water probably turns blackish after she leaves the bath and of course she won’t post that lmao. It looks and smells like shit.

No. 703247

I mean the water already looks a little off… but I wasnt sure if that was just cause of the 50 filters she put on it. How much you wanna bet she tried to clean her whole gross tub spotless before posting this to prove us wrong about how gross her bathtub/room was the other week? Kek, too bad she cant clean herself that well.

No. 703429


if i had no idea what micky looked like i would honestly assume that this person was white. how much is she lightening her pictures???

No. 703441


Yet she’s audacious to brag about black girls. Micky doesn’t like black women in general but it’s in to be black girl positive right now lol

No. 703475

Yeah wtf in this pic she looks like a light skinned latina. So much for paving the way for weeby black girls, mickey, or whatever she keeps claiming.

Also who tf is smoking weed in the bath? I would never set my pipe (a shitty etsy one no less that is apparently hot glued and falls off the glass according the reviews) down in the area I use to wash away germs and shit near. This photo is very grimy.

No. 703540

File: 1538603098701.png (672.69 KB, 482x893, filthy.png)

Out of curiosity I turned down the brightness of this photo and as expected, the water looks filthy, and there's visible specks in the water, on the tub, and all over the mess that is that cheap etsy pipe.

Yeah, looking at it, it looks like it's just some sculpty and dollar store gems hot glued to a cheap glass pipe? I imagine that shit is going to fall off in no time given she has it in the tub and the glue shifting as the pipe gets hot?

No. 703664

File: 1538614809729.png (266.39 KB, 1080x982, 20181003_205328.png)

How the fuck does bathing effect your posture?! It literally has no effect on if you slouch or not while sitting.

No. 703671

lol does she bathe so infrequently that she doesn't even know what epsom salts are used for?
>um liek must b for bones rite? uwu

No. 703697

File: 1538617788049.jpg (66.78 KB, 1074x614, Screenshot_20181003-214747_Sam…)


It's a known fact in her own local community that she smells bad. People there even comment on how dirty her clothes look and that she smells like piss. How is she this lacking in any form of awareness?

No. 703711

File: 1538618687814.jpg (86.24 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20181003-220226_Sam…)

And look, Angela in the replies trying to spread more rumors about Amina. It never ends, I see.

No. 703716

File: 1538619307836.jpg (315.74 KB, 1080x1492, Screenshot_20181003-214621_Sam…)

Why the fuck did she post this? She can't even acknowledge that she stinks. What makes her she's acknowledged how fucked up she is?

No. 703735

On the topic of being dirty, throwback to her reposting >>688977 with "whatever that black spot lol I have no idea"!! covered, because her nasty ass knows it's mold.

No. 703736

File: 1538621142632.jpeg (778.72 KB, 1242x1291, AD3030CA-5E96-46F0-8FF3-3D1629…)

Dropped oops

No. 703767

OMFG KEK she really tried to cover up the mold with a cute sticker. She clearly knows how disgusting she is. Tbh I think there must be even more mold on it now, because why would she not just take a new picture?

No. 703771

File: 1538625188211.jpg (77.21 KB, 1080x607, Screenshot_20181003-230412_Sam…)

No. 703773

File: 1538625321660.jpg (74.42 KB, 1080x418, Screenshot_20181003-235440_Sam…)


She's trying way too hard to make it seem like she cares about her hygiene.

No. 703868

I mean think about it. Everytime she brings up a supposed person she has a crush on it’s always “this guy” or “this girl” she’ll make up her own character like “glasses kun” And You’d think her attention seeking ass would want everybody to see who she’s with. but yet she posts no pics of them. just seems suspicious to me that all of a sudden she’s hanging out with “these guys” that she liked for a while apparently

No. 703896

File: 1538634653007.jpeg (100.69 KB, 540x960, BF7D613F-A46C-466A-913D-84675C…)

Bitch WHat is that overlining

No. 703898

File: 1538634664931.jpeg (83.71 KB, 540x960, 63F1C646-27CC-49A9-BCE7-A8CBD7…)

No. 703903

JFC her lips look like a prolapsed butthole. I really don't get why people overline the cupids bow into a triangle like that. What is it supposed to look like?? Human lips don't look like that.

Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine and Mikaila is the worst offender.

No. 703912

File: 1538637449061.jpg (51.13 KB, 1000x667, downloadfile.jpg)

I once heard someone refer to this style of lip liner as "Kim Possible lips" and now I can't unsee it. Every character in that show had lips drawn like that.

No. 703990


is that.. a cow bell..

No. 704027


Everything about this picture doesn’t equate to attractive, adorable or hot. It’s making me cringe from the piercings to the overlined lips. Yikes.

No. 704110

shit looks like when you adjust the saturation filler on instagram and max it to the top.

No. 704119

She looks like a grandma, she's got such saggy boobs.

No. 704131

File: 1538669153844.jpeg (89.54 KB, 750x805, 781C8C69-4E35-4C8A-B928-94FC0D…)

Her shoop makes it seem like she has no chin. She literally looks like a Mrs Potatohead in both pictures

No. 704135

File: 1538669280995.jpeg (87.02 KB, 750x809, 6F5C13E2-78E9-4BAA-8364-C7F760…)

What in the FUCK. Her DIY installment is bad, but holy fuck that’s leaving me speechless.

No. 704148

You can literally see the line right where her actual lips end. wtf she literally almost made them twice as big just from over lining. Like bitch if you're going to fuck up that bad you might as well just photoshop them that big, it would probably be less noticeable

No. 704158

If this is true, thats even more sad because according to people in her comm, this shit aint masking up her piss stink.

No. 704166

If she got her braids done professionally you would see little to none of her natural brown hair poking out. She thinks she looks so kawaii trill cyber ghetto but in reality she looks like a used mop.

No. 704196

Micky seems like the kind of girl to brush her teeth once a week or not at all

No. 704213

>every time I shower

so what… 2 times a week?

No. 704230

She looks like she is balding

No. 704233

jojo siwa lookin' ass

No. 704237

Anon I’m DEAD

No. 704322

I have this same shirt and it’s not a crop top at all. Also peep the armpit piss stains..

No. 704381

So really she's out here smelling stale piss, cotton candy, and garbage. Basically she smells like a hick carnival. How fitting.

No. 704383

File: 1538691989413.jpg (186.43 KB, 1077x874, Screenshot_20181004-182456_Sam…)


Two things Micky. One, sating a fact is not bullying. Two, being a grown ass woman with poor hygiene is fucking embarrassing and you need to fix that.

No. 704388

File: 1538692177441.jpg (364.68 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20181004-182755_Sam…)


Someone send Micky a fucking dictionary. Racism is prejudice based on race. Like, how the fuck did this dumbass manage to make it out of grade school??

No. 704418

I hope to god she sent that to herself and someone is not out here defending being a stinky ass bitch because "we're all animals". I don't know what kind of fucking bathing and deodorizing this person is doing but if you are keeping up with your hygiene you don't fucking STINK

No. 704451

File: 1538700240747.jpg (41.07 KB, 1071x285, Screenshot_20181004-204255_Sam…)

No. 704456

Someone probably just stated a fact about her gross lifestyle and she got mad

No. 704464

That was probably me lmao i sent her a message about her herpes, not surprised she won't post it(cowtipping)

No. 704493

>sending people anons to tell them they smell bad on the internet? wtf kind of high school shit is that? People try to bully me for the pettiest most childish stuff I swear to god.
Didn't Micky join in on bullying Amina for 'smelling bad" though?

Seems like a lot of what she bullies others for, she is guilty of herself (smelly, bad hairline, etc). That projection though.

No. 704512

Does she REALLY have herpes or are anons just playing doctor? If it's because of cold sores then… Wtf who cares?? That's just because of her lack of hygiene again. You don't get herpes from a lack of bathing. And with her imaginary boyfriends, we know she didn't get it from sex. So I'm a bit lost.

No. 704534

File: 1538710541315.jpg (102.68 KB, 1080x2094, 42003308_288496218431607_10063…)

Oh look, a load of bulllshit.

No. 704538

"eat lots of veggies" the closest thing to a vegetable you've ever ingested is white boy dick.

No. 704542

Didn't she say she was allergic to vegetables?

No. 704577

It's not too off the wall considering some people are allergic to water. All jokes aside I'm sure she isn't.

No. 704584

>two baths a week

Is she proud of this? I love a nice hot bath as much as anyone, but I always shower before one so I'm not just stewing in my own filth. Does Micky just.. bathe twice a week and then take baby wipe "showers"? Does she ever take a real shower? What about when she's on her period?

It's not the Middle Ages anymore Micky, you can bathe more than twice a week if you want to. It's not as though you have to boil the water yourself.

No. 704677

File: 1538721394660.jpg (179.29 KB, 1080x610, Screenshot_20181005-023526_Twi…)

What is she going on about?

No. 704679

File: 1538721681878.jpg (77.75 KB, 1078x369, Screenshot_20181005-023925_Sam…)


This sounds like some made up bullshit. I highly doubt this is an actual thing. Though, she'll try to prove it. Since she's making it clear she and her echo chamber read this thread.

No. 704704

Why does this sound like Angela low key?

No. 704711

File: 1538725955589.jpeg (827.87 KB, 2880x3840, B72BF96A-24E5-4F7E-8EB2-140183…)

She just makes up scenarios lol. One guy saying it is not "all my friends started calling me this because blah blah blah". She just thinks something sounds good and makes up a story to go with it.

No. 704712

File: 1538726084942.jpeg (891.12 KB, 2880x3840, A9C4A4FD-FF0A-49F0-B463-7F196F…)

Also I love this, when we've seen Micky's trash room with the floor covered in fast food remnants and her talking about how her keyboard is sticky with vaginal fluid and spilled ramen.

No. 704739

The projecting is ridiculously real consisering she has never taken a pic in a clean version or her bedroom and literally has had mold on her sex toys,
But keep talking micky because you're ugly ugly and no amount of anon death threats sent to amina is gonna stop that.

No. 704763

Also, is Micky not aware that asking to be come friends with someone is a very valid question? Like, that's quite normal. Plus she has no room to talk considering that she thinks everyone she has added to het Facebook is her friend. So she can fuck off with this.

She seems to be forgetting that she made posts on her own page showing off how filthy her room was. On one selfie she posted, she wrote in the caption acknowledging the filth she was surrounded by. Let's not forget that one horrid ass pic of all her trash in one big ass pile that she posted. Or how she admitted once that her parents forced her to clean her room and it triggered her. The bitch is definitely more trifling than people posting in the farms.

No. 704764

She deleted this post. Once again proving she and her echo chamber lurk here. Probably saw >>704711 and felt like a dumbass.

No. 704814

File: 1538747934973.jpg (437.64 KB, 1080x1853, 20181005_095120.jpg)


Is she really trying to claim she has an ed or is she just getting offended for other people? Like ya sure, micky, maybe you have binge eating disorder. Other than that your lard ass just gets triggered by seeing skinny girls cause you know you look like a fridge. The first half of this ask was complete bullshit so I wont bother posting that lol

No. 704817

She's such a hypocrite. She posts shit that triggers people with mental health all the time. Like that video of her spitting out pills. She's just pressed becuase she's a fat cunt that doesn't want to see girls who are thinner and prettier than her.

No. 704823

Right? She's posted gore and lolicon shit on her Facebook and Tumblr. Don't know why she's trying to act all high and mighty now.

No. 704843

Why does she keep going on about cucumber water and bubble baths? She’s trying way to hard to cover up the fact that she smells like hotdogs and can’t go a day without fast food. Micky, if you were really healthy you wouldn’t run and tell social media every time you drink water or bathe.

No. 704849


She’s really mad about the cucumber water thing because an anon awhile ago told her to just drink straight up water and she got super passive aggressive about it, on top of her being dirty asf

No. 704858

what makes me laugh the most about this is that she acts as if she's so "healthy" and "fit" for drinking infused water when it's clear as day she's just parrotting stuff she read on those basic bitch twitter threads abt "staying healthy!!!!". if she had half a brain she'd know the only thing that 100% hydrates you is water. JUST water. no cucumber water, no infused water, no sparkly bullshit water, no add-ons, JUST WATER! everything else will dehydrate you to a degree (coffee, tea, alcohol, juice). if you want to drink something healthy just drink plain goddamn water, it's not fucking rocket science micky.

No. 704887


Deadass. Just water tastes just fine. Cucumber water gets gunky and super potent after awhile where it’s unbearable to drink that stuff when you can just straight up eat a cucumber slice at that point or cook it with a healthy meal of chicken, etc. the water infusion gimmick is useless in the grand scheme of welfare when she needs to drink straight up water every day. Cucumber water is fine every once in awhile if you drink it immediately because of aforementioned problems of gunk, etc, but as regular drinking water she’s a fucking idiot and that’s why she’s a literal cow because she’s so fucking fat from these cheat codes of being healthy when she could just eat a lot of protein in meats and straight up water

No. 704891

She drinks oh-so-healthy infused water once in a while and has to immediately post about it instead of just drinking water everyday like a regular person.

No. 704897

File: 1538761751192.jpg (100.51 KB, 1080x2094, 41866897_271226853524398_77447…)

How the fuck does she expect anyone to be interesting when she doesn't properly engage them? Micky, you can't expect anything if you don't say hi back. A conversation requires both parties to contribute. This just tells me she's a boring bitch with smelly pussy energy.

No. 704899

File: 1538761976835.jpg (142.91 KB, 1080x2094, 41848709_542296626210478_84099…)

Micky goes on about the catfish being insecure, but neglects the fact that she herself is insecure. Lol Did youforget how heavily you edit yourself, Micky?

No. 704904

she's probably more mad that the person is posting ld pics with less editing and exposing how she actually looks

No. 704908


Micky is the most mundane boring person I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing.

No. 704909

You've spoken to her? How dry were the conversations?

No. 704938

This conversation is literally from april. Is her life really that pathetic and boring that she went back to screencap these messages from more than half a year ago just to post on her hugbox and shame men? Seriously pitiful

No. 704952

>Take some scissors and cut that shit out
I just can't get over how fucking corny she is. She tries to act like some hood bitch, but then she says shit that only black obsessed white girls on Tumblr think is clever.

No. 704988

File: 1538769280222.jpg (828.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181005-155345_Chr…)

Holy shit the balding is worse than I thought. It literally goes all the way back past her ears… and I'm sure those braids she doesnt clearly wash arent helping the cause

No. 705031

She’s half white, right? Mixed girls tend to have finer hair so wearing long, thick braids like this 24/7 is going to break her hair off.

No. 705034

Be careful. Anyone who even breathes that Micky is mixed or just might be gets crucified in these threads.
She's not half-white, though, IIRC. More like 1/4th.

No. 705038

she needs to stop wearing those god awful braids

No. 705040

Both of her parents are black

No. 705049

She's full black, but it's possible to have fine despite that. Though I'm sure her hair is thick. She just doesn't take care of it properly. She thinks slapping coconut oil on it is good enough.

No. 705078

File: 1538780620946.jpg (471.46 KB, 1080x2006, 20181005_190330.jpg)

So she posted and then deleted this tweet, then reposted it with just one of the pictures


No. 705079

File: 1538780641351.jpg (99.55 KB, 792x1299, IMG_20181005_190003.jpg)

No. 705080

File: 1538780665867.jpg (112.65 KB, 1080x986, IMG_20181005_185959.jpg)

No. 705086

She really expects use to believe she's not that fat when we've seen her rippling, droopy gut on her lives and in person? She's fucking stupid.

No. 705110

She's really forcing that lying down position so her boobs look less saggy. I can feel her straining her back through the photo lol.

No. 705139

They literally look like pancakes even when shes laying down LMAO

No. 705145

File: 1538789217909.jpg (442.52 KB, 841x801, SmartSelect_20181005-212540_Ch…)

I can respect this answer. I'm honestly glad she can at least sometimes admit when shes completely fucking wrong. That's a big step. Too bad she does and says so much other stupid shit. If she could act half this mature all the time, maybe her threads would die…

No. 705147

LMAO. Not buying it. She's lurked the thread for a while now and between getting dragged for not bathing, having herpes and balding she's knows she's unpopular as ever now and is doing something to save face.

No. 705150

If she could admit when she was wrong she would have apologized for lying about her exes being pedophiles and nazis, for bullying Amina out of jealousy and all the other shit things she's done. She's just admitting she was wrong this one time so people stop calling her a hypocrite for not posting trigger warnings. This isn't character development at all anon. An 'i fucked up my bad guys' on tumblr.com doesn't cancel out all the shitty things she's done in real life that have affected actual people.

No. 705215

File: 1538797280253.jpg (428.5 KB, 1077x1500, Screenshot_20181005-234000_Sam…)

Micky shouldn't share this knowing how fucked up her hair currently looks.

No. 705227

This bitch ain't even got hair to leave out.

No. 705807

File: 1538898200370.jpg (271.15 KB, 1078x1072, Screenshot_20181006-210925_Twi…)

What is she talking about? She dances exactly like Chris Chan.

No. 705811

File: 1538898405788.jpg (572.55 KB, 810x1342, Screenshot_20181007-034543_Sam…)


God this tacky and cringy. I feel bad for the people that have to be seen with this hot mess.

No. 705817


this isnt even an outfit. its just leggings and a crop top. do better, sis.

No. 705870

Her 'fashion' sense is so poor.

No. 705902

Those shoes though, kawaii bulky platforms with socks really round out the too tight shirt and leggings for the whole sanrio couture package

No. 705968

File: 1538927511053.png (598.98 KB, 473x494, rico.png)

Can we talk about how Mickey is such a cunt she even white washed her own "hero?" If you look at Rico Nasty's insta, she's not even remotely light skin. How disrespectful is that lmao

No. 706036


I like Rico Nasty. If she knew how disgusting Micky is and how she hates black women, Rico probably wouldn’t have given Micky more than 3 seconds.

No. 706049

i'm so uncomfortable with how long her body is

No. 706072

Why ungodly leg stretch?? Why tight pants?? Hey everyone look how unshapely I am!! Shorter legs with clothes that round out your hips will make you look like a fat girl with normal proportions Micky that’s leagues better than your delusional self image rn

No. 706127

File: 1538940777702.jpg (610.9 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20181007-153131_Sam…)

She edited herself into a different person. Lol This is some shit I'd expect from Raychiel.

No. 706198

File: 1538947738660.jpg (75.62 KB, 1067x400, Screenshot_20181007-172635_Sam…)


Is she implying that she isn't cleaning her piercings since they healed? This bitch is nasty.

No. 706214

you leave the good name of asmr out of the filthy gutter hole you call a mouth, micky.

No. 706244


She’s unhygienic as shit for saying that. That’s such a weird sensation. They tend to hurt, too. Blood crusties aren’t satisfying and I know this bitch didn’t clean her shit for awhile. They’re probably regressed in healing because she didn’t clean them right so she might think they’re healed because the time period is over

No. 706246

File: 1538952213518.jpeg (146.63 KB, 750x1162, C432CC8D-A7A0-437B-94FB-AA52DC…)


No. 706276

lmfao I love rico she's a sweetie but dam I never noticed micky lightened her by so much…KEK

No. 706283

File: 1538955798904.jpeg (953.17 KB, 3464x3464, 163A86AF-096C-4FD9-A209-7F43DD…)

Editing her nose smaller and her eyes bigger again kek

No. 706296

File: 1538956681774.jpg (264.86 KB, 618x828, micky.jpg)

everytime i see the left pic i think about this picture of a bratz doll who was given a makeover but they accidentally erased the eyes so they stuck magazine cutouts to replace them.

No. 706310


I’m literally petrified. This is accurate to how Micky looks without make up, though.

No. 706316

She wishes her nose was this small.

No. 706321

>I love being black, black girls are magic support ur black sisters melanin is love!!!!
>Meitu's her nose smaller and distorts her lips

No. 706326

File: 1538959222310.jpg (749.88 KB, 1078x1730, Screenshot_20181007-203918_Sam…)

No. 706331


Ahhhh yes. She’s back to the LGBT puns thinking she’s inclusive and gay af suddenly lmao. We know you’re straight and like trash dick lmao. That’s not a sexual orientation to be trashy and like trashy guys, Mikaila

No. 706332

File: 1538959701360.png (275.1 KB, 750x618, wendy-e1507765218692.png)

whenever I see this image all I can think of is Wendy

No. 706338

Lmao she has the body of a fat lizard

No. 706521

File: 1538983461052.jpg (272.77 KB, 1078x1286, Screenshot_20181008-032249_Sam…)

No. 706523

File: 1538983524834.jpg (94.58 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20181008-032517_Sam…)

No. 706524

File: 1538983584577.jpg (266.18 KB, 1080x1260, Screenshot_20181008-032624_Sam…)

No. 706537

id really rather look at her photoshopped face than her normal one, it makes me less sad

>>706524 potatos gonna potate fucking hell.
guess she cant steal souls at all

No. 706587

She turned anon asks back in just so she could send herself this shit and answer with even more shit. How does she not realise how obvious and pathetic this looks?

No. 706598

“riding the red gyarudos” her attempt at making her own quirky sayings is so cringe LMFAOOOOOOOOO

No. 706729

File: 1539017184063.jpg (269.01 KB, 1080x1112, Screenshot_20181008-124555_Sam…)

No. 706730

> i just put them away whenever i do laundry
so never, then

No. 706744

why did she even say this? this is what normal people do a regular basis

No. 706886


What’s there to feel overwhelmed by when you have no taste in fashion and try to rip off every girl you’re ready to back stab/envy that it’s sickening

No. 706899

File: 1539032251033.jpg (179.1 KB, 1080x965, Screenshot_20181008-165612_Sam…)

No. 706901

File: 1539032329204.jpg (247.36 KB, 1076x1166, Screenshot_20181008-165854_Sam…)

No. 706956

> innocence is not sexy
then WHY do you keep posing like a kindergartener who has to go peepee with your skirt up on every single one of your pics?

No. 707017

Why the fuck is she tolerating 14 year olds on her blog when she reblogs porn and talks about being a bimbo all the time? She’s exposing them to kink but has the nerve to tell them to stay away from others. Gross.

No. 707024

Because it’s her entire lifestyle. Kawaii gangster bimbo girl. she doesn’t care if she exposes minors to her sick fetish kink

No. 707050

File: 1539044805702.jpg (197.17 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20181008-202443_Sam…)


Everybody knows, especially in her community, that she posted that fake page to get back at Amina. I don't why she keeps pushing that bullshit story.

No. 707074

She's 20 now, why is she still going on about this?

No. 707135

>stay slim thicc
Micky legitimately believes she's "slim thicc"? When she's out here looking like >>706332 but with a gut.

My favorite part of this is that she straight up spelled Gyarados wrong.

No. 707176

File: 1539056958924.jpeg (107.39 KB, 747x773, 17ECEFF6-3F86-4CC4-B13D-316AB3…)


>skincare routine to steal men’s souls with no make up on

She’s definitely been getting bug bites all summer due to all that sweaty scented lotion she wears. Nothing worse than a musty bitch trying to smell like vanilla. All that glitter is also breaking out her skin.

No. 707186

eyes are not only far apart but beady as well holy shit

No. 707189

This 100% reminds me of Raychiel

No. 707199

is this a thing people do to their eyebrows now? i thought that 90's millimetre thin brows were stupid…

No. 707203

god she looks like a horror movie monster

No. 707223


Nah. She’s just losing her hair and she has thin eyebrows with no arch and tail. It’s hilariously bad

No. 707229

File: 1539063105713.jpeg (107.62 KB, 720x960, 334BF9D8-C363-4E86-9E76-CE79FE…)

Pretty sure she shaves the tails to draw them flat. Some beauty gurus (slightly more alternative ones at least) do it. But it looks super goofy barefaced.

Anyway the anons shitting on her braids got to her, she took them out. Boy she is shaped like an old woman.

No. 707230

File: 1539063159523.jpeg (122.89 KB, 720x960, AB36E846-1517-480C-8D66-E03C5B…)

Even when she knows she's going to cover her face with a sticker, she's using a filter. Where's that barefaced soul stealing?

No. 707237

Are those her breasts bulging under her shirt or her gut?

No. 707239


Fuck those leggings are incredibly unflattering. She has such an unhappy shape lmao. No wonder she tries to drag other girls, with her Wendy William’s headass

No. 707240


It also looks like she cut off all her damaged bleach ends but her hair still looks like very dry and brittle. She needs to get a can of Olive Miracle oil sheen BADLY.

No. 707293

File: 1539074368796.jpeg (65.8 KB, 800x1264, DA16000E-2686-492B-A039-CEBAD8…)

No. 707361

Her face is so masculine. That and how deep her voice is and how tall she is, she legit looks like a MtF

No. 707362

Why do her boobs hang so low at age 21, holy shit.

No. 707451

Gravity. Boob shape. Lack of muscle underneath

When you go over a certain size naturally gravity does its thing and you are more likely to have hanging boobs. It can also happen with smaller ones that is basically sad genes that give you that shape.

Looking at the size of hers tho its most likely a combination of gravity, lack of any muscle (muscle really only helps a little bit and she'd be smaller overall) and wearing shit bras. A good bra would do wonders for her, from the way clothes fit to how her back feels.

No. 707477


How much do y'all wanna bet Micky is responsible for this LMFAO

No. 707526

Ngl That Amina thread seems like a collaborative effort between her and Angela. It's just like all the ones they made before. The fact they're willing to violate the rules for some petty bullying is pathetic.

No. 707553

Why are you derailing the Micky thread with off-topic things, and not saging? Stop bringing up Amina here, she's completely unimportant. She, Angela and Micky haven't interacted in forever. Try again if (and when) that lawsuit she boasted of actually happens.

No. 707573

> She, Angela and Micky haven't interacted in forever

Exactly! Anytime something happens to Amina her wks flock here even though nothing has happened between them for months.

No. 707597

Have you not read any of the previous threads? Even the admin stepped in and said Amina's threads were just vendettaposting and said not to make them anymore. Not to mention Micky and Angela had talked about her recently. It's obvious it's one or both of them. Don't play dumb now.

No. 707601

Please stop derailing. Unless there is proof Angela made that post there's no reason for people to be going on about it or Amina in this thread.

No. 707604

It's not derailing. It's been talked about before. How about actually reading through the threads before posting.

No. 707605

Random posts about Amina have popped up in BOTH Angela & Mickys threads recently. They’re definitely up to something.

No. 707610

Yeah in the last hour since the Amina thread was posted passing blame on both of them with no fucking proof.

No. 707611

I wouldn't be surprised if Micky and Angela try "exposing" Amina on their pages like they've done before. Micky's probably half way through making her shitty sob story for her next live.

No. 707613

You need to read the previous threads.

No. 707614

Exposing her for what? They haven't interacted in ages.

No. 707618

The post about Anima getting fatter was posted in Angela’s thread a few days ago. I can’t find the posts on this thread but I recall someone randomly bringing her up.

No. 707619

Go read the previous thread.

No. 707621

>rEaD ThE pReVioUs ThrEAd


No. 707625

No, if you actually to the time to read the threads prior you wouldn't be currently WKing. It's not that hard to read and see where this is coming from. Hell, just look at the last threas at the very least before posting. Ffs

I saw that first one, but don't remember seeing it here.

No. 707627

On Angela's thread I assumed that was Amina or an Amina wk bc it was a really cringey ass kissing post. The 'yes she's a bit fatter BUT' is what made me think it was a wk.

Nobody has mentioned Angela on Micky's thread since the callout post tbh

No. 707628

Nobody is flocking here it’s just a bit odd because outside of the occasional stupid tweet she keeps a low profile. She isn’t an Aidoru anymore and isn’t really relevant. So to keep bringing her up, especially when admins have said it’s mostly samefagging will surely cause suspicion to Micky and Angela. I would suggest not taking the bait. I’m convinced these two are purposely causing infighting in order to get their threads taken down.

No. 707630

Who is wking aside from Amina's fans? Literally eveyone else is sayin 1) don't talk about Amina 2) don't clog the thread without proof

Nobody gives a fuck about Amina we jsut want proof that one of these bitches made the thread.

Until then nobody needs to keep repeating ''omg micky/angela made the amina thread''

No. 707634

Angela has been caught red-handed more than once posting about people. Micky is the same way. This was talked about before. It's not hard to put two and two together.

No. 707635

Stop derailing unless you have proof. Amina has had nothing to do with these threads and hasn't mattered to Micky for months. Literally anybody can make a LC thread about anyone. Ancient milk from old threads is meaningless in this context until you have actual evidence that it's happening again, and that it is indeed the people you've been accusing.
Also, sage your posts. They contribute nothing, and by bumping this thread without providing actual milk or anything but your meaningless speculation, you're just shitting it up (and making Amina look worse, honestly).
Amina remains irrelevant in Micky and Angela threads until you can show proof that they've been talking to or about each other recently.

No. 707651

It's not speculation.

No. 707652

NAYRT, but post proof, then.

No. 707654

Micky got caught saying she would be happy if Amina died and that was quite recent. Micky still hates the girl and is talking shit about her. Sorry you don't realize that.

No. 707667

That doesn't make her relevant in October 2018. When has she mentioned her this past week to warrant your claims that Micky and Angela teamed up to make a new LC thread?
Stop bringing her up here, she's irrelevant.

No. 707677

File: 1539109476081.jpg (119.96 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20181009-142345_Sam…)


I can't she has the audacity to use that false ass story as a reason not to go. Micky, just admit you were too dumb and lazy for college.

No. 707678

Who are you trying to convince? As much as I beleive Micky or Angela could've made it I also think Amina could've made it herself. I'm waiting for proof. Old thread and old milk isn't proof to me.

No. 707681

Translation: I couldn't stop myself being a hoe in highschool!

No. 707685

File: 1539109677334.jpg (50.95 KB, 1080x546, Screenshot_20181009-142648_Sam…)

No. 707799

File: 1539113365186.jpg (159.56 KB, 1075x904, Screenshot_20181009-152755_Sam…)


Micky is making it way too obvious she sent this shit. She's really grasping at straws to be popular.

No. 707801

I don’t get why she allows minors to read her blog where she sexualises minors herslef

No. 707851

Can’t drive because she has anxiety and now she can’t go to college because she was sexually assaulted. She uses trauma/mental illness as an excuse for everything now. I can’t wait until her parents kick her out and the real world punches her the face. There will be nothing kawaii about being stuck at home and broke because you have rent to pay and bussing tables won’t cut it.

No. 707862

Not everyone can afford college anon now you’re just being mean. I hate Micky but it’s not her fault she’s poor or isn’t privileged

No. 707864

What kind of backhanded wking is this? Lmao

No. 707883

Boy, if Micky was actually going to a therapist she would be outing that therapist as a real shitty one cause damn Micky hasn't improved on any of her issues in the year+ shes been claiming to go to therapy. Still too anxious to drive, hasn't processed any of her 'trauma' to begin to live a fulfilling life.

No. 707886

Don't forget the same therapist is straight up ok with her not taking her meds and doing recreational drugs.

No. 707897

File: 1539117522073.jpg (48.15 KB, 1080x270, Screenshot_20181009-163140_Sam…)


Yet it's ok for her to bully and doxx people she doesn't like when ever she feels like it? What a scary bitch.

No. 707965


You know damn well she’s not fucking poor. Her parents live in a decent neighborhood and she’s living off of them where she gets to do drugs and get “raped” so shut up with that cuck nonesense

No. 707974

you know what would be a GREAT way to save up for college, just a fantastic foolproof means to make and keep money to invest later??? saving the money she makes at her waitressing job instead of spending it all on chinese sweatshop clothes from aliexpress!!!!!!!!
now whowouddathunk!! micky would be GREAT at saving money, too, because she has this thing called LIVING WITH YOUR PARENTS AND NOT HAVING TO PAY RENT OR CONTRIBUTE TO BILLS/GROCERIES.

No. 707999


She only wants to spend her money on cucumbers, Aliexpress, glitter lotion and drugs. She surely is oh so poor and we’re so mean that she can’t save a penny to go to college. Boo hoo, whore. We all make choices and sacrifices for a passion, but it’s hard to go to college with no drive, no personal funds or talent. She’s out of options as to why she’d even go to college. She could even pick up the most common hoe career and be a nurse, but she’ll find an excuse for that and she’ll find a way to finesse her way out of being responsible for her own well being and financially stability. It’ll be daddy’s fault, her statutory rapist boyfriend (mom approved), Adam, etc, anyone who’s even remotely said something mean about Micky. It’s never Mikaila’s fault- so ye, we’re definitely the mean ones and she has no control over her own life.

No. 708043

the idea of micky being a nurse makes me cringe all the way down my spine. not only she'd use it to hype up her horrid "menhera" aesthetic but she'd be an active hazard to any patient that comes into her contact.

plus you need at least 2 functioning brain cells to become a nurse.

No. 708079

lmao inb4 she makes a 180 and tries to be a uwu "natural" haired black girl that's totes woke /s

No. 708526

File: 1539145508726.jpg (568.56 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20181010-001824_Sam…)

No. 708528

File: 1539145582628.jpg (329.48 KB, 1080x1440, tumblr_pgd1ckSBCj1tzbme4_1280.…)

New day, new face. She's slowly becoming like Raychiel.

No. 708530

File: 1539145613346.jpg (325.68 KB, 1080x1440, tumblr_pgd1cllpcr1tzbme4_1280.…)

No. 708590

What app does she use?

No. 708602

Looks like the SNOW app or Meitu/BeautyCam.

She’s so heavily filtered, I can’t tell if that’s a wig or not. It has to be, right?

No. 708717

That's 100% a wig. It's likely another cheap ass Aliexpress one.

Snow, YouCam, and Line Camera. Or Snow and Line Camera.

No. 708744

How come she never invests in expensive wigs? Doesn’t she live rent and expenses free?

No. 708793

She's a tacky bitch with zero sensibilities. Her buying cheap wigs that end up being a rat's nest within a week is the norm.

No. 708813

She needs to take advice from anima on what wigs look good. These bright ass colored wigs don't suit her.

No. 708816

Micky would actually look decent with black or brown long poetic justice braids. Not done by herself of course lmao.

No. 708817

stop. you didn't even spell the name right.

No. 709069

File: 1539197537555.jpg (130.26 KB, 1079x537, Screenshot_20181010-145140_Sam…)

No. 709094


Holy shit it’s been about 9 fucking days and she’s already losing it.

No. 709103

She mentioned coney island in the tags as if its a healthy alternative. Bitch this is the same as fast food. Its really shocking she doesnt have obesity related diseases yet. Shes a medical wonder truly

No. 709115

She definitely has something. She just doesn't say anything because she's trying too hard to come off as in shape.

No. 709123


I’m glad you caught that, too. She’s desperate and steps on her own toes on her welfare. She even blamed Doordash, but BITCH- you Installed the app. That’s the equivalent of blaming a fork for feeding you bad food.

No. 709128

File: 1539201638103.jpg (77.66 KB, 1080x434, Screenshot_20181010-155838_Sam…)


Micky there are pictures and screenshots with you that have zero editing and you look like a hot mess. You're not fooling anybody. But thanks for letting us know you're lurking here.

No. 709153

File: 1539203256175.jpeg (286.56 KB, 2078x2078, AC5C189C-3580-4E38-869E-C97057…)

>flex in real life and video

Uh Micky we know the results. That’s why you live in your own filth worrying about Doordash lmao

No. 709156

File: 1539203570513.jpg (91.46 KB, 1079x641, Screenshot_20181010-163227_Sam…)

No. 709173

micky, you're ugly from the inside and out, filter your face all you want but it'll never change the fact you look like a reject bratz doll.

No. 709644

File: 1539227111159.jpg (653.22 KB, 1080x1370, Screenshot_20181010-230454_Sam…)

Nobody wants to see that shit.

No. 709655

They do have the same saggy udders and sausage legs though

No. 709659

I just realized that almost every screenshot in the thread was taken and posted by the exact same poster. hmm… have the mods ever checked this thread for samefagging/vendetta?

No. 709664

So many people hate this dumb bitch so even if it was the same person making the thread, it sure as hell isnt the same person replying to themselves.
The thread is justified

No. 709668

I know and I'm not saying it isn't, but this does smell a bit like vendetta. that poster has been posting caps for the past 9-10 months, and right before her there was another poster who posted the majority of the caps (control f "~" in older threads and you'll see a pattern with the filenames). might've been the same anon with a different phone?

sage for blog, but micky's threads have always felt off to me and this would explain why

No. 709669

go back to amina's, you sperg. farmhands already warned about the derailing in angela's so they're obviously watching all three threads.

No. 709670

I really hope she does just to see how bad she would look.

No. 709674

There's multiple anons screenshotting her stuff, mate. Most of the friends-only screenshots come from me, simply because she posts some milky bullshit pretty often that I figure most people here won't get to see otherwise. There's other anons who pay more attention to her Twitter and Tumblr than I do.
I don't know why you're claiming it's vendetta to the point where you're searching threads for specific file names - Rules say a vendetta's posting when there's no drama or milk. Micky has always provided plenty of that on her own. And we don't dislike her for no reason. More than one anon here is local to her and has seen her bullshit firsthand.

No. 709708

A) how am I sperging? because I acknowledged the fact that 1/10 posts in micky's threads are made by the same anon?
B) how does a warning about derailing mean they check for samefagging?(take it to meta)

No. 709821

File: 1539238269145.jpg (16.51 KB, 221x319, 1479195435529.jpg)

Funny how Micky posts that and a /g/ thread with that image got bumped a day ago >>>/g/57461

Pretty sus when combined with the faggot who keeps derailing hers and Angela's threads.

No. 709830

File: 1539238670472.gif (445.4 KB, 294x342, giphy.thumb.gif.eec73df85a5ecb…)

mfw when this is the mong that claimed to start off the black girls are kawaii movement.
at least amina doesn't make you wish you were born blind

No. 709835

Oh Micky at least lurks no doubt. All the talk of filters today and she posts >>709128 immediately? She blames a lot of her problems on us and insults us but she's never been subtle about hanging out here.

No. 709869

Pretty sure this is Micky trying to start havoc and make it seems like she has WKs

No. 709870

I’m pretty sure she’s the one posting in hers and Angela’s thread trying to get people to look at Amina’s thread. The latters thread was spammed with old twitter screenshots last night too. I really think Micky is one of the main people in here. She’s probably trying to get this thread autosage by causing infighting

No. 709878

Stop derailing. Everyone knows "who" it was who kept spamming about the Amina thread, and "they" have already been warned.

No. 709911

This thread is filled with black knights

No. 710117

File: 1539272034364.jpg (599.39 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20181011-112949_Sam…)

Oh, a different face again and forced collarbones. Honestly though, her face looks pretty bloated. I really doubt she lost weight like she claimed. Especially 15 pounds.

No. 710150

Wow the WKS got told to stop derailing in Angela's thread so they've come to sperg in Micky's

No. 710158

wks were so sure it was Angela ow they're saying it was Micky, please shut the fuck up

No. 710223

that wk was talking about mickys threads not the other ones

No. 710298

Her lips look especially wonky in this one. They're so lopsided

No. 710299

File: 1539283969167.jpeg (586.74 KB, 1242x830, 93AE19FE-64B7-4318-868A-54C45B…)

No. 710301

can you file a police report against yourself? the photoshop jobs in your pics legally count as catfishing.

No. 710340

>its unfair because I'm struggling to make money
Lmfao bitch get a better job.

This is so damn stupid. You put your pics and nudes all over the internet, you can't get mad that someone else saved them and is using them. The best way to stop the catfish would be to stop giving them content but LOL that would require not begging for validation on the internet with over edited selfies

No. 710341


So how does her catfish know how to profit off of this cow? That’s sad her catfish knows how to market Micky better than Micky LOL.

The police doesn’t care about some small time farm animal. They have real crimes to attend to.

No. 710342


Micky believes reality tv is real. Catfish orchestrates their own outrageous stories and outcomes, so they don’t care about this bitch’s real life problems. Even if they did, Micky does realize she can’t use filters and contour her disgusting body to look 15lbs lighter? She’s opening the door to the Internet to not only roast her, but people will research who she is after the fact and find these threads. She’ll get rekt and waste everyone’s time.

Sweaty, give it up. You got catfished as a catfish and you’re mad you couldn’t profit first. Cry in your dirty bath water that you’re not smart enough to get money.

No. 710365

Why does Micky think anyone wants to buy blurry nudes with her dirty laundry in the background?

No. 710394

File: 1539290205767.jpeg (78.61 KB, 540x960, F88AF807-A7A7-4B83-8DFA-B6D3EE…)

She really does look like Wendy in this

No. 710400

File: 1539290396661.jpeg (101.93 KB, 540x960, 5751F333-A727-47E0-B641-F20C88…)

Samefag but what the FUCK is going on with her arm. She's trying so hard to avoid the curvy doorways and bookshelves that she used to have in all her pictures, now she's stretching herself so long to look proportional and shapely she doesn't realize what she's doing to the rest of her body.

No. 710409

File: 1539290766053.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x2134, E4AF416E-8228-4F17-82FE-4C4A7E…)

Also this shit, talk about when cows collide. If it happened at all, which is doubtful. Micky's the type to post an actual screenshot, more likely she saw Belle's name here and only wishes she could be a cuwute loli 2 uwu

No. 710437

Belle Delphine is a ddlg costhot who has braces for pedobait reasons and takes shitty photoshopped to hell and back "nudes" and ahegao pictures and videos where she thinks licking her teeth is sexy. Of course Micky is all over her.

No. 710503

lmao anon i highly doubt her braces are for "pedobait" reasons. no orthodontist would give someone braces because they just want them.

No. 710504

>who is angela

No. 710507

Orthodontists only want cash why would they give a fuck

No. 710518

I predict we'll be seeing Micky with braces in a couple of weeks.

No. 710525

No. 710541


Micky, you know DAMN well that ass is flap like a stack of IHOP pancakes. STOP

No. 710597

File: 1539306051316.jpg (250.84 KB, 1080x689, Screenshot_20181011-205806_Sam…)


>I hope all the people who've called me obese of fat or disgusting see these pics and cringe

Micky we've seen you on your livestreams and irl, you're definitely fat and disgusting. Fuck off with this edited bullshit.

No. 710617


>I hope all the people who've called me obese of fat or disgusting see these pics and cringe

oh, we're cringing alright.

No. 710621

>I hope all the people who've called me obese of fat or disgusting see these pics and cringe

I hope someone edits a screenshot of that tag over every candid of her that comes from youmacon

No. 710622


Her shape is unflattering and sadly disproportionate. Her back is going to give out if it already hasn’t started to. Her manly like physique can’t possibly handle those udders any longer.

We’re definitely cringing at the photoshop and how she’s shaped exactly like Wendy Williams.

No. 710682

File: 1539313695187.jpg (181.81 KB, 1080x1183, Screenshot_20181011-230804_Sam…)

No. 710724

>I hope all the people who call me fat see these pictures and cringe

Yeah, I'm cringing at that wiggly forearm and the fact that you abused the Meitu stretched so bad that your hand is practically reaching your knees. This is the worst shooop I've see from her in a WHILE.

No. 710726

File: 1539316791133.jpeg (257.69 KB, 494x762, BB827793-589F-4156-AD5C-BD32F1…)

Pic dropped

No. 710754


>ur body is total goalz

LOL ok

No. 710933

File: 1539328306922.jpg (1.57 MB, 2560x2560, 18-10-12-03-05-58-349_deco.jpg)

Fake braces are a thing

No. 710980

Micky is over 200pounds and is obese. Even if she isn’t considered obese she eats like shit. I remember her saying she doesn’t even drink water because she’s allergic to and it she’s allergic to fruits and veggies. She will get a weight related disease assuming she doesn’t have one already.

No. 711038

File: 1539349779452.jpg (216.77 KB, 1080x966, Screenshot_20181012-090736_Sam…)


First you say you want help, now you don't want help? Ok Micky. Just don't complain when shit doesn't work out for you.

No. 711043

File: 1539350161407.jpg (121.41 KB, 1080x712, Screenshot_20181012-091137_Sam…)


>178 lbs

So she wants us to believe she went from being 180 down to 178? She really wants us to believe there's only a two pound difference? Is she serious? Everyone who has seen this bitch knows she big as all fuck.


This is a damn lie as well. There was someone here before who said they were 5'9 and Micky was still taller. Hell, Micky was towering over Emi when they took pics together. I think I know why she's saying stuff like this again and why she posted those pics, but I'm just keep it to myself for now until I see how much further she goes with this

No. 711046

File: 1539350380656.jpg (291.06 KB, 1079x1220, Screenshot_20181012-091734_Sam…)

No. 711048

File: 1539350693573.jpg (195.89 KB, 1071x909, Screenshot_20181012-092059_Sam…)


Micky editing yourself until you're almost completely different is not what being "happy with my appearance" entails. If you were even remotely happy with your looks you wouldn't have to heavily edit yourself at all.

No. 711049

File: 1539350947260.jpg (529.4 KB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_20181012-092737_Sam…)

I think some of us know why she posted this. To me this confirms my suspicions about recent things here.

No. 711058

Where are all the people who yelled white knight? You can’t tell me she wasn’t involved in that thread and dark knighting this and the other thread to get people to go to it after it was autosage. She told on herself

No. 711062

File: 1539353632855.jpg (119.76 KB, 1080x773, 20181012_101321.jpg)

Lmao even if we're using her fake measurements this bitch ain't average. inb4 she gets an "anon" ask talking about how bmi is bullshit/doesn't matter

No. 711067

File: 1539354170218.jpeg (2.89 MB, 3840x3840, ED66B0FA-DFB6-47FF-B2CF-91D83F…)

Emi's not a great reference because she's pretty short. I don't think Micky's 5'10" or anything near there, judging by these pictures she's around 5'7" or so.

No. 711080

No wonder Micky thinks she’s thin look at the hambeasts she associates with

No. 711102

I'm about 5'7 myself and Micky is definitely taller than that. Like she's two heads taller than me.

No. 711117

Amina, stop posting about how great you are in other girls threads. Everyone has forgotten about you and you have turned into a COW yourself. Stop pretending it’s a fan trying to derail the thread when you are as obsessed with drama as these girls are.

No. 711122

Stop derailing the threads

No. 711123

No. 711303

They are still screaming wk too in that circle jerk thread when everyone left. Fucking pathetic

No. 711376

No. 711378

You can tell Mucky made the post in here saying “every notice how every screenshot is the same poster durrrr” and tried to get away with wk herself. There’s also been a ton of Micky/Angela wks popping up in the other threads. The mods really need to clamp down

No. 711412

Why does this type of fashion always seem to attract everyone that is everything BUT cute. All of these hambeasts look so uncomfortable with themselves as well. I mean look at all of their posture. It lacks any confidence. As if they know deep down that those clothes were not suited for them yet they are still trying so hard for this kawaii uguu delusional act that will never be real. Its so sad.

No. 711428

File: 1539385151722.png (1.45 MB, 640x1136, 40D2C15E-57EA-462C-ACF9-CC5DAB…)

They’re all slumped over because they’re big anon

No. 711430

File: 1539385211897.png (1.23 MB, 640x1136, 2B09CB55-C4EA-4FF2-8EA7-7D7B25…)

And she wants us to believe she’s under 250…

No. 711487

jfc, the whales on top make Micky look average.

No. 711495

There's like three well dressed girls in that whole group in the middle, and absolutely none in that top photo who I think are Micky's actual friends. No wonder they boost her up so much.

No. 711520

Some of the Lolita girls in the middle picture look really cute. The rest and the “decora” bunch not so much.

No. 711547

none of them look cute. every one of them looks old and weird and mousy or old and fat.

No. 711853

File: 1539437649229.jpg (169.39 KB, 1076x898, Screenshot_20181013-092958_Sam…)

No. 711937

lol since it's mostly herself in that ask box, i guess that person isn't wrong

No. 711980

>>I hope all the people who've called me obese of fat or disgusting see these pics and cringe

When it's time to make a new thread someone should add this on top of her unedited pictures.

No. 712153


No. 712186

File: 1539473783437.jpg (544.1 KB, 1076x1284, Screenshot_20181013-193450_Sam…)

Micky has yet to post a pic that isn't heavily edited and shows her without makeup caked on her face. Seems pretty insecure coming from someone who claims she's confident in her appearance.

No. 712213

Damn. Her pics have gotten so blurry that they now have less edges than her hairline.

No. 712258

can someone do a side by side with how she really looks?

No. 712268

File: 1539482468319.jpeg (817.53 KB, 3464x3464, FCD51361-7366-4C83-BD8F-D434E1…)

No. 712273

File: 1539483273693.jpeg (1.83 MB, 2880x3840, CB6FC62A-4DFA-4024-AD7D-6123AE…)

Tried my hand, tried to get similar photos but ofc she never takes head on selfies lol

No. 712276

File: 1539483416660.jpeg (504.26 KB, 2048x2048, 4A5F6E4D-57CD-417E-9768-17B332…)

Also an extra just for fun.

No. 712283

I'm honestly still amazed by how much effort micky puts on her shops, you would think that with all that time she would try to pursue a hobby or exercise

No. 712288

Her hobby is catfishing for likes.

No. 712376

It's so jarring to see the comparison. I think she's really cute in some of her shoops but JFC, why would she ever do a bare face tutorial if she's trying to keep this illusion alive? Does she not realize she's an ugly hog of a beast without the shoop? Idgi

No. 713167

File: 1539605603134.jpg (889.59 KB, 1079x1794, Screenshot_20181015-080725_Sam…)

So this bitch wants us to believe she's only 178 when her waist and bust are over 40+ inches? Those are the measurements of someone well into the 220+ plus range. She's fat as all fuck.

No. 713180

5 bucks says mucky is gonna put together another shitty 'fit' with her ass hanging out cause God knows she don't even know how to put together a Lolita coord.

No. 713221

She could literally buy used brand stuff for cheap and have nice outfits, she has an internet connection and knows about atleast three brands yet she keeps coming after Bodyline of all brands.
Why is she so deadset on all this imagery yet almost prides(?) herself on purchasing knockoff/faux/cheap brands that don't fit and will disintegrate after 3 washes.

I mean jesus the print looks absolutely hideous and so does the general fit and shape of it. Even though shes musty, nappy and the human version of uncooked cinnabuns she could save herself the embarassment of buying bargain bin brands. Saving money is great, but shes clearly going out of pocket for shit that costs double what it took to make it.

No. 713303

File: 1539618207519.jpg (79.92 KB, 446x750, dd943f1821c9ab314f66cac621c62b…)

Seagulls often talk about Bodyline being pretty decent. So it's not necessarily a bad thing to wear. Hell, the bear print is actually pretty cute, pic related. Though seeing how she coorded her brand salopette, I doubt she'll make it look good.

No. 713339

Ngl it looks pretty tacky and the only bodyline items worth purchasing are the accessories such as under skirts and some of their shoes.

No. 713372

Love how Micky acts like an expert on jfashion but knows shit about lolita, including something incredibly basic like using Lolibrary.
Because if she did, she'd know that the skirt only comes in one size , and the largest size of the dress (2L) is still too small for her. She should be embarrassed to even be asking this.

No. 713376

She almost certainly would not be able to fit into most brand pieces at her current size, so I imagine that's at least partially the reason why she sticks with bodyline. Straight up though, I think Micky doesn't understand the value of a high quality piece of clothing. It's why she keeps buying shitty Chinese wigs instead of buying one, high quality wig that will still look good after two wears.

No. 713421

At least we know her possible real measurements from this. Which tells use she's much larger than she pretends to be.

Sure, jan.

No. 713466

File: 1539631027491.jpg (80.45 KB, 1080x2094, 43913688_2028571380537872_5351…)

She posted this to her IG stories as well. She's being quite blatant at this point.

No. 713481

>100cm waist, 108cm bust
Jesus. Why did she just out herself? Her bust size is just barely larger than her waist, yet she's out here trying to sell people her shooped to hell pics showing a major difference. She also has the habit of lying about her measurements in the past, so I can't help but wonder if she's even bigger than what she's saying. That's like a 40" waist.

No. 713482

No. 713495

It’s obvious she has some WKs of her own in the other thread. She did this a year ago with BGAK. Idk why they keep acting like Micky isn’t apart of this shit.

No. 713724

I wouldn't be surprised if her waist was actually 5 inches more than what she says it is. Explains why she looks like she's about to burst out of her clothes all the damn time.

Probably because she's brainwashed them into thinking she's a victim. Ya know, typical Micky shit.

No. 713725


I’m tired of this soggy titty bitch trying to fit her obese ass in everything she sees someone else wearing. Suddenly teddy bears are her life and she’ll DIE without something related to them.
Wash your ass and lose some fuckin weight instead of spending money on shit you can’t fit, fast food and cheap wigs and makeup.

No. 713734

Mind you, she only started on the whole teddy bear thing because you-know-who liked them and wanted to use them as a part of their motif.

No. 714009

File: 1539676046391.jpg (344.96 KB, 990x1920, IMG_20181016_034610.jpg)

Who is she trying to copy now? This art style doesnt look anything like her other drawings. And not in a good way

No. 714426

The left shoulder and the tits lmao how is she confident enough to post this shit online

No. 714471

damn looks like tearzah

No. 714493

File: 1539735981509.jpg (126.86 KB, 1080x496, Screenshot_20181016-202508_Sam…)


>I don't anybody explanation

Actually, yeah you do. Micky, when debating with someone or educating someone on a subject you need to present facts and evidence. Otherwise, keep your fucking mouth shut and sit down.

No. 714501

File: 1539736280035.jpg (75.59 KB, 1077x349, Screenshot_20181016-202847_Sam…)

She's done this with every single dude she's been with so far. Why the fuck is she acting like she doesn't do that?

No. 714510

Be like Micky and constantly post about your ex instead.
But honestly I think she's bitter no guy wants to commit to her. She has all these "dates" and "plans" with guys but none of them actually want to stay with her.

No. 714536

it's almost as if she's constantly selling this image of herself online as a sex object/"bimbo"/cumdump and has a reputation for being a slut.
but then cries "objectification" and how no guy wants to have a relationship with her/only wants to fuck.

No. 714734

File: 1539751068796.jpg (159.83 KB, 1080x879, Screenshot_20181017-003746_Sam…)

No. 714756

>What would you like to receive as a romantic gift
>convenience store junkfood
And that, my friends, is why Micky is out here sporting a 40" waist. So much for cutting out junk food. Also, wtf type of "romantic" gift is a chew toy or a gas station twinkie?

No. 714923

File: 1539776465074.jpg (71.4 KB, 1080x753, Screenshot_20181017-073914_Sam…)


She works a job that she can get tips from. There's no need for her to e-beg. Like, she can easily work more hours and get more money instead of begging.

No. 714987

File: 1539784610967.jpeg (321.59 KB, 1125x1526, 625839CA-C978-4CCE-86C0-FAB48F…)

She must have lost it if she thinks she looks anything like this in real life.

No. 715003

This looks so bad. So fucking disproportionate, like someone who doesn't understand how anatomy works.

No. 715069

She can also stop spending her money on crap she doesn't need like cosplays and weed, but she never will.

No. 715096

That wig is already a mess too

No. 715718

So romantic a chew toy…

No. 715892

File: 1539858553960.jpg (76.11 KB, 1059x441, Screenshot_20181018-062625_Sam…)

This bitch doesnt go to therapy or take her meds. So why the fuck does she think she's in any position to say shit like this? Micky, take your own damn advice and take your meds, dumbass.

No. 716310

File: 1539900494883.jpg (1.13 MB, 809x2017, Screenshot_20181018-175947_Sam…)


I can't wait to see this garbage end up in a bad cosplay thread. It's so low quality. Also it seems like she lightened this pic up significantly to seem pale. What a shame.

No. 716319

Her stomach is huge and legs are so big. Bitch is built like robotnik dr eggman.

No. 716324

this is just a thotty aliexpress tier gloomy bear setup, could she have tried any less?

No. 716360

KEK the way she stretches her photos to make her look skinnier makes the shoes in the background look huge. She has big feet already but now they look like clown shoes.

No. 716380

Holy fuck that cosplay claw matches her real hand on the right.

And wtf, is that orange construction paper packaged with 3M Scotch tape around her thigh?

No. 716384

why is her skin literally white

No. 716418

literally looks like an orange ball sack. Everything on her looks so cheap and about 5 seconds from falling apart she didn't even put in any effort

No. 716420

File: 1539910609648.jpg (703.88 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20181018-205431_Sam…)

This is the sloppiest shit I've ever seen. She looks like a whole fucking bum.

No. 716421

File: 1539910630941.jpg (81.57 KB, 640x1315, 44342372_1586788731467957_5542…)

No. 716428

im assuming it's supposed to be like a blood splatter like the gloomy bear plushes KEK MICKEY U TRIED

No. 716432

When your 40"+ waist is too big for the elastic in your size XXL aliexpress pants, so you have to take the drawstring out. Wew.

>dream cosplay
Can't wait to see this trainwreck in person come November.

No. 716438

File: 1539912029429.jpg (523.69 KB, 810x1466, Screenshot_20181018-211902_Sam…)

This shit looks even worse without the damn filter.

No. 716441

File: 1539912129811.jpg (487.42 KB, 810x1473, Screenshot_20181018-211944_Sam…)

Emi looks even sloppier by comparison. Holy shit. Also, Micky is clearly towering over this stuffed sausage of a human being, so she's definitely 5'9 +. Yikes.

No. 716442

why do her pants always bunch up at the crotch!

No. 716445

She has them hiked up higher than they're supposed to sit so she can look curvy. Like, the top of her pants are legit right up on her rib cage because that's the smallest part on her torso. Sad and hilarious.

No. 716459

I don't get why she lightens her skin so much in pics, she actually has a really nice skin color here? Everything else is a mess though, the ratty wig, the clown makeup, the hiked up over her fupa satin and elastic pants, etc.

Emi looks like some sort of fusion between divine and pixielocks.

No. 716463

There is no excuse to be fat when you're 5'9+. How much does she eat??

No. 716464

>light up meme shoes for literal 6 year olds
>solo jazz cup pants
>awkward bondage straps
Is she literally retarded?

No. 716473

I know it's the "thing" to attack her looks, but she honestly could be pretty attractive, and even look like some of her shoops IRL, if she'd just lose some damn weight. She's not a lost cause. 5'9 (or taller) with naturally big tits and a decent complexion? She's kind of blessed, and would shit on half her fellow Tumblr weebs at 120-140lbs. She really wastes her potential.

No. 716474

Not to nitpick but her hips are much smaller than her waist like an upside down dorito. It doesn’t matter what she wears she has a fat camel toe in everything because she has no hips.

No. 716477

With eyes two miles apart and a nose big enough to land a plane on? Are you blind anon?

No. 716478

I've seen far, far worse. She's not a goddess, but she's not as deformed as some people like to LARP.
I'm assuming her facial features will even out a bit if she actually becomes slim, too. Obesity usually fucks up a person's facial aesthetics hardcore and makes them look just as potato-ish as their body does, even if their actual bone structure isn't bad.

No. 716479

Her skin is not nice at all. Don't let the caked on makeup and filters fool you. Also she has gross ass grandma tits and she's built like a linebacker. She cursed.

No. 716482

I mean being fat isn't giving her a colossal sized head and pea sized eyes anon lmao

No. 716490

emi legit looks pregnant here i-

No. 716492

I'm the anon who said she has a nice skin color, but I think you are buying into her shoops a little too much. She's tall with big tits, sure, but she has weird wendy williams proportions and those tits sag literally to her bellybutton without any kind of bra. Losing weight would definitely do her wonders, but at this point, a lot of damage is already done, and her boobs would just deflate farther. I can just imagine her getting boobjob advice from her buddy Angela/Himeka if she could ever scrape up the money to afford a lift and we've all seen how that horrorshow turned out for Angela.

I do think she has potential to be a awkward sort of cute though. Honestly, her biggest flaw isn't her appearance, but her entitled, lazy, bratty attitude along with all the drama mongering.

No. 716503

Loosing weight will never fix her bad edges, Down syndrome eyes and her poor hygiene.

No. 716628

They’re light up sneakers. You’re welcome.

No. 716630


lmao i just deleted my comment bc i scrolled up and saw and honestly felt ashamed. but not as much shame as micky should feel for looking like a retarded 8th grader

No. 716646

It’s okay anon, Micky always dresses worse than anyone could ever imagine.

No. 716701

File: 1539930640156.png (7.08 MB, 1242x2208, 1BCCF08B-6442-4ED3-82FE-5816F4…)

So kawaii uwu

No. 716705

the caption makes it sound like she was waiting so long to do this cosplay because she had to make it. She literally just bought everything, she could have easily done this years ago.
Emi honestly makes Micky look like a beauty queen

No. 716721

File: 1539932955245.jpg (112.07 KB, 1070x718, Screenshot_20181019-030826_Sam…)

No. 716907


She has no right to hate men when she’s the one lying about her age, catfishing then and inevitably spreading a nasty rumor to defame them unbeknownst to them until she’s caught online and twists the truth.

Men should be scared of Micky for being a psycho.

No. 716911

Just tryna be edgy like always, you know she worships straight guys n their attention

No. 716927

tbf, i think the pants and shoes are cute but her the bondage top is stupid and is just part of her pushing the whole cringey and weeby ero-loliiiii uguuuu edgy desu~~ nonsense

also it's really no wonder micky thinks she's hot shit when her friends look and dress like this. the outfit and lighting are 100% unflattering for the poor girl. i would not be surprised if micky was hanging around her just to look better by comparison

No. 716953


Micky’s skeptic facial expression just confirms to me she lets her friends look like legit shit on purpose so she looks better by comparison. In that picture, she’s way more tolerable than Emi. Emi looks dirty bubblegum on the sidewalk with all those unflattering colors and a beer belly. Micky made sure to wear a girdle it seems because that photo looks hella slimming.

No. 716990

Doubt she’s wearing a girddle. She’s hiding behind Emi’s fatass and it looks like she’s a little farther away from the camera, so of course by comparison she looks thinner.

No. 717001

Looks like she's hiked her pants about a mile past her navel too

No. 717026

She says this now but next week she’ll be talking about the next “glasses kun uwu”

No. 717041

she says this yet she's one of those bitches desperate for male approval and dick. micky just admit you worship men and need their validation get over it

No. 717062

File: 1539978108868.jpeg (226.91 KB, 960x1280, B1F06C03-CCCD-406E-868E-135761…)

No. 717070

This photo has more grease than a Little Caesar’s pizza.

No. 717079

This image makes me feel sticky and I can imagine them having to fix their hair every 10 seconds because it keeps getting caught in their necklaces, eyelashes, chokers, and lipstick.

No. 717082

File: 1539980113442.jpeg (83.66 KB, 1242x253, 2EC13173-1F08-4E01-9885-37B65D…)

The best part.

No. 717086

if this >>717062 is a "10" i reckon a 5 would look like an aborted fetus

No. 717093

To be fair, their greasy faces would reflect light in the darkest of clubs, blinding anyone temporarily. Which is convenient for them because their bitchiness could be harvested into them being blind leading dogs.

No. 717097

If that's what a ten looks like, then I'm like a 100. Lol

Micky is highly delusional. I bet I could find pics of better looking girls that were there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 717111

File: 1539984460890.jpeg (150.01 KB, 1242x501, E4DA48BE-A334-4A90-B235-623896…)

Micky constantly goes on about bringing other girls up and supporting each other (>ω<) but tears them down every chance she gets. How does a girl who constantly lightens her skin and refuses to take an unfiltered selfie convince herself that she and her mentally stunted friend are the hottest girls in a club full of attractive girls?

No. 717133

File: 1539986516119.jpg (276.52 KB, 1080x706, 20181019_180117.jpg)

Don't forget the shitty caption. Pic related.

They really lie to themselves like this. Lol How sad.

No. 717140

Fucking, zoinks. Not in this universe. Not even on this plane of reality.

No. 717170

Sage for nitpick but I like how on her IG story she had a clip of her favorite song by yung bae and I thought to myself "it's probably selfish high heels" and when I went to actually listen to it again sure enough that's what it was. probably their most popular song. kek

No. 717174

How can you serve looks when you look like a Claire’s store threw up on you lmao

No. 717186

Based on these comments, I'm guessing everyone else was dressed normally or even stylishly, while they looked like a couple of ghetto clown Tumblrinas, and people appropriately side-eyed them.

No. 717245

File: 1539998816361.jpg (224.69 KB, 1080x1000, Screenshot_20181019-212551_Twi…)

Looks like she's found another victim. Hopefully the poor guy doesn't get herpes.

No. 717278


Because you’re a catfish and you stink. This will be another one and done cumdump.

No. 717299

Thanks for letting everyone know you dress like a 12 year old boy discovering facebook ads for the first time.

No. 717549

The only thing Micky has for her is that she’s light skin which black men will always see as beautiful no matter how fucked her face is.

She has a horrible shape, fetal alcohol syndrome face, wide eyes, huge nose, fucked fashion and smells bad. Even if she lost weight she would have a fridge shape and horrible sense of fashion.

No. 717562

>why am I so nervous and insecure
Probably because you’re a nasty person inside and out and you’re afraid they will see you for you really are and realize you’re not the photoshopped bratz doll in your photos.

No. 717565


If Micky humbled herself with that black wig with the bangs again, dressed appropriately for her shape and stopped sneak dissing other women she could be attractive. Just a little bit. She’s ugly as fuck, but she could carry herself better for an ugly chick.

No. 717658

File: 1540058930185.jpg (454.97 KB, 809x1447, Screenshot_20181020-140837_Sam…)

No. 717659

is she trying to copy tearzah?

No. 717683

Damn, this is a bigger mess than before. Muckys bad taste just has to explode in everything she touches cause those rainbow thigh highs are tragic

No. 717732

>because I'm attractive uwu

No. 717737


Jesus Christ. She takes small talk as an insult and thinks she’s being obligated to be a bitch to anyone who breathes her direction. Not everyone wants in your pants and the ones who do are bottom, basement dwellers like her ex.

She could just be decent and make conversation- shit, even ignore the DM’s. She only responds for clout and the agenda to say straight men are toxic to society when it’s actually cows like her who has no lack of behavioral skills when they’re even seen as remotely attractive.
Micky, you’re a cow and you have a vagina. Congratulations. You have the one thing any straight guy wants out of someone; a fucking vagina. That’s it. It’s not your shallow personality, your awkwardness and lack of deodorant. You’re one of those fat chicks who needs to be humbled really quick.

Trust me, no one decent enough actually wants you and if they do, they want everyone because they’re losers just like you who want attention.

No. 717795

you have to be a very sad individual to want to copy tearzah of all people.

No. 717973

File: 1540107049872.jpeg (150.03 KB, 1242x333, AF3CDC00-C54C-4098-AF5C-A4FCB3…)

"Why do men sexualize me"
"What do guys expect when they're in my DMs"

No. 718027

Ngl not every spiky lashed weeb drawing is tearzah derived, considering its super generic and theres more than one art cow on lc who you could say Micky is copying atm with that art, she really is a devout lurker.

No. 718057


You need to have a booty to look good in booty shorts. Stop it, Mikaila.

No. 718165

It’s so off putting for the skin to be shaded and then the clothes to just have.. nothing

No. 718239

Unrelated but, Who?

No. 718294

File: 1540153718666.jpg (965 KB, 1920x2560, 18-10-21-16-26-38-903_deco.jpg)

Micky is so fucking stupid that she doesn't even realize the girl is basically talking shit about her unde the guise of "it's just in general". Like, that post describes her perfectly.

No. 718366

Jfc she really lives in her own little world

No. 718390

That person's response has me ded

No. 718400

when i saw mickey comment i literally said out loud "its literally about you dummy" lmfao and she knows it!

No. 718403

Micky straight up worthy an r/woooosh post

No. 718410

God if I could submit it there, I would. Lol

Same! Micky is too fucking dumb for her own good.

No. 718419

god… that literally is about her, down to the "uwu"

No. 718427

god this is embarrassing….lol

No. 718448

File: 1540171981821.jpeg (231.12 KB, 750x750, 1BFB3B80-98E4-48CC-8141-6F5E69…)

Trust me no one is asking where your clothing came from Micky

No. 718449

File: 1540172056576.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 115.72 KB, 750x790, 0F365534-8554-4E2F-9C9E-A69708…)


No. 718480

I literally hollered, Micky that's you sis

No. 718485

mucky lurks here so i hope she sees this on the thread, realizes puri is talking about HER and then makes cringey vagueposts all over tumblr and facebook abt "fake hoes".

for such a self-proclaimed "badass" micky sure is dimwitted. at least the retarded bimbo aspect she desperately tries to pull off is true to some degree.

No. 718491

Mucky dresses in the latest Tumblr weeb fashions, there's nothing alternative about your style you Aliexpress addict

No. 718494

nah shes stuck in 2012

No. 718508

File: 1540179831342.jpg (330.18 KB, 1074x988, Screenshot_20181021-234235_Sam…)

Once again, she seems to miss that this heavily applies to her as well.

No. 718528

File: 1540187437300.jpeg (134.83 KB, 1242x277, E9CF735E-C018-4129-A7A7-C6455F…)

Is she implying that she's such a stunner that she can't trust people, and that everyone else is so lucky to be ugly?
Jesus lmao, the level of ego this girl has just always amazes me.

No. 718569

how very uwu positive and supportive Micky is of her insecure friends lmfao
What a cunt.

No. 718710

File: 1540225875799.jpg (187.48 KB, 1077x591, Screenshot_20181022-123025_Twi…)

The fact that Micky is a-ok with being openly racist is fucking absolutely pathetic.

No. 718808

why is she acting as though its that hard just to link someone to an item??? also her style isn't that unique she needs to get her head out of her ass all her stuff is mainly ripoffs of actual brands like o-mighty and more she finds on aliexpress for cheap KEK

No. 718872

>i can think of five different hoes
it's her and her five alt accounts

No. 718880

I'm dead. Lol she's got like, six accounts on Facebook so far, right?

No. 718991

No. 719062

She’s so proud of this status it makes me mad

No. 719615

File: 1540318116687.png (368.92 KB, 811x536, Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.08…)


No. 719632

im pissing myself anon this is golden

No. 719737

File: 1540330539259.jpeg (402.26 KB, 1125x1562, 6EC000CE-9004-4F68-97F3-0D1129…)

I’ve never seen Micky’s posts organically come up on my Facebook feed, and I gasped when I saw this. It’s like seeing a cryptid.

That pose in the first picture though. It looks like a little kid has to pee.

No. 719743

I'm not a micky but come on anon

No. 719757

WHY DOES SHE DO THAT POSE? I don't understand how it would even convey sensuality or eroticism which is what I think she's going for.

Micky, please, if you're reading this: lift up a corner of the skirt if you want to flash some leg. Hell, even pull it up along your thigh. Stop bunching it up in your crotch because it doesn't make it seem "lewd" or "tease uwu", it just makes you look retarded.

No. 719758

she's straight up white in this picture. girl who do you think you are fooling???

No. 719804

It's so she can prove to "da hayterz" that she is skinny and not a fat cow with literal udders and an ass that looks like a stepped on pancake.

Pro-tip Micky, no matter how much you stretch and shoop your pictures, and squeeze your fat legs together, you will always be a fatty in real life.

No. 719845

File: 1540339890075.jpg (116.24 KB, 749x1126, CwJjkRdWgAAiPxG[1].jpg)

Yep, because as we've talked about before, she has a literal Wendy Williams body. Her legs are long and "thin" (comparatively), which is why she tries to show them off with that stupid pose.
But she has no actual curves and is disproportionately top heavy. She's still very overweight, but her legs are the smallest part of her so she tries to trick people into thinking she's smaller than she really is by showing them off. Kind of her MO.

No. 719868

is she 'subtly' trying to ensure she gets an official pic taken of her in her aliexpress cosplay or something?

i can't imagine her messaging someone with her pictures attached and not wanting something out of it.

No. 719907

File: 1540348012661.jpg (30.03 KB, 500x421, tumblr_inline_p7j3kpXDZM1qaybx…)

yung bae sucks, his music sucks, just another edgy ugly white dude making bad, lazy music - no wonder micky likes him, he's exactly her type
sage for getting a little ot

No. 719911

He’s just her type

No. 719934

OT but i thought this was that family guy meme. That is legit the saddest body type for a woman next to reserve triangle/sh0eonhead type.

No. 719980

File: 1540354693212.jpg (56.73 KB, 1080x357, Screenshot_20181024-001757_Sam…)

No. 719982

File: 1540354795364.jpg (90.51 KB, 1080x347, Screenshot_20181024-002000_Sam…)

No. 719986

File: 1540354918259.jpg (49.25 KB, 1065x265, Screenshot_20181024-002106_Sam…)


Looks like she's pulling the "i have ptsd" card again. I wonder who she's about to fuck over now.

No. 719991

File: 1540355368491.jpg (508.49 KB, 1080x1732, Screenshot_20181024-002854_Twi…)

Why does this bitch constantly talk about not wanting kids like anybody fucking cares?

No. 720012

File: 1540358139303.jpg (237.23 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_20181024-002501_Sam…)

Micky, you don't have anything close to a good body.

No. 720013

File: 1540358191417.jpg (473.47 KB, 1080x1416, Screenshot_20181023-150204_Sam…)

Yet, she has no problem with bullying and harassing people.

No. 720040

It’s hilarious she used this because Khloe lost weight and got a bunch of work done but she’s still ugly. The same would go for Micky.

No. 720076

File: 1540373977758.jpg (726.39 KB, 805x1862, Screenshot_20181024-053828_Sam…)

This is something I expect a kid would put together. Not a grown ass woman who should know how to coord her outfits and match colors properly.

No. 720140

File: 1540388040055.jpg (665.1 KB, 950x1922, SmartSelect_20181024-093352_Ga…)

Sure, gma. I'm so sure that you get objectified while wearing your stained potato sacks, with your lumpy potato body and face staring back at them. Who wouldnt sexualize a beefy grandma body, ya know??

No. 720151

The sad part is this could be somewhat of a cute outfit but she doesnt know how to coordinate for the life of her. She actually looks like a child with autism in those rainboots. Like micky, why would you even put pants or shoes on anyways? We all know damn well you didnt go outside because you announce it everytime you do.

Ps her floor is fucking disgusting. She really cant even clean the trash and gross shit out of that one little corner for pictures?

No. 720224

>ludacris alternate timeline

No. 720343

She’s only had that wig for 2 weeks and it already looks so ratty

No. 720362

File: 1540411132627.jpg (216.23 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20181024-155720_Sam…)


>a victim of domestic abuse and sexual assault

The fuck is she talking about? She is neither of those things. This is insulting to real victims of those crimes.

No. 720366

>I dont give a fuck
>sent a rando gore pictures instead of just ignoring her or blocking her

No. 720460

>i'm nothing more than a cumdump

No. 720636

She needs to take her own advice

No. 720735

File: 1540447980589.jpg (159.81 KB, 961x873, SmartSelect_20181025-021029_Tw…)

Wtf is this dumb shit even supposed to mean

No. 720745

"Daddy gimme the cummies"

Your resident "im a slut, my persona is a total sex nymph, i revolve major parts of my existence around sexual themes….BUT dont sexualise me! Watch me complain about the same straight boys I suck off/cater to like 99% of tumblr girls"

No. 721133

File: 1540497461002.jpg (216.62 KB, 1060x747, Screenshot_20181025-155715_Sam…)

No. 721167

replacing letters other than C like a white latecomer dumbass
or what, is doing the blood meme wrong ironic now?

No. 721174

replacing any letter with that stupid "b button" emoji was a thing like last year, it is a thing tho.

No. 721229

People send her encouragement and she calls them selfish. Cute.

No. 721298


Another stunt to get attention. The good ol “breakdown meltdown” until two days later lmao. Can’t wait to hear how unbothered she is after this.

No. 721437

File: 1540527717895.jpg (487.76 KB, 810x1500, Screenshot_20181026-002035_Twi…)

The amount of editing done to her face is insane. Lol

No. 721451

more like the 'succubus' that appears during sleep paralysis at night

No. 721470

she literally blurred out her entire nose and replaced it with a spot of highlight I cannot handle the AUDACITY

No. 721621

I just vomited inside my stomach honestly.

No. 721740

File: 1540582258105.jpeg (865.81 KB, 1242x1973, D49D91C7-35C0-402F-9946-12B5FA…)

The absolutely irony I can't. How does she not realize she's calling herself out

No. 721785

She's like autist level unaware these posts are 100% about her. (RIP in peace skullet BF never forget)

No. 721804

File: 1540588672960.jpg (324.01 KB, 1064x1060, Screenshot_20181026-171247_Sam…)


>older men preying on me as a teen

>Older men publicly preyed on me but no one else was there to try to protect me

Micky, you lied about your age to everyone and then when people did find out your age you tried to defend being with pedos. Not to mention your mom was fine with that bullshit. If anything it is your mother's fault for not squashing that shit when it happened.

No. 721811

File: 1540589505408.jpg (475.85 KB, 1638x2048, IMG_20181026_173021.jpg)

She posted this trash coord to Twitter.

No. 721817

probably one of her better outfits, which doesn't mean much tbh.

No. 721819


at least the pinks kinda match from what i can see? but then again filters

No. 721820

this isn't a button down skirt so isn't the button supposed to be on the side. it looks like she's about to burst out of it otherwise.

No. 721880

Those pinks do not match by any stretch of the imagination.

Someone should have called her out on that because she de