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File: 1496953688251.jpg (106.85 KB, 834x960, 0c1096d2e3ad8eec524887525fc409…)

No. 331466

New Taylor R. Thread because person in the jvlogger thread is to stupid/lazy to make one themselves.

Elbow-san's name revealed. Taylor remains boring and not really worth a thread of her own. Recently took copy-cat pics of herself in Kardashian style. No one liked it. People with hate boners still whining about cheek fillers (which no one cares about)

That's all the "milk" from her recently.

Previous thread: >>222185

This is a containment thread. It does not move to the top when posted in. Please report it if there is any actual drama worth letting the thread bump.

No. 331471

Reeeposting from the last thread

No. 331488

Shes still boring as ever i see

No. 331496

gotta milk the kardashian name and buzzfeed copycat vids

No. 331503

She is plastic like the kardashians

No. 331504

>not really worth a thread of her own

Admin specifically asked to keep taylor discussion in her own thread, why bother making a new one if you're going to post a bitter summary with no links.

No. 331523

mods autosage threads that have no new milk, you are evading the rules by creating a new one

No. 331524

While watching this (cringy af) video I was thinking "elbow-san must love her a lot" and then she said "how many times did you want to leave me?" He was completely silent lol so awkward

No. 331528

OP description is shit, at least say what she is: a literal whore.

No. 331538

Somebody capable make a new thread pls, so I can hide this shitty one

No. 331539


If there is nothing new or interesting then don't make a thread. In her case, just use the Jvlogger's thread instead?

Relevant new rules:

>- Proposed: In times of zero milk, when a thread is mostly speculation, it could be put on autosage until a moderator undoes this when there's fresh drama.

>- Nitpicking, armchair psychology, and absolutely baseless speculating must be saged and kept under control. Endless tinfoiling about e.g. Taylor's or Dakota's income or specific shade of hair color must stop and will be punished.

>- Hellweek starts tomorrow. This means strict moderation and lots of temporary bans.

>- For example, all posts that only consist of "hi [cow]" or "lol" or "underrated post" will be removed and punished with a short ban.

No. 331552

Taylor really doesn't need her own thread imo, but she really needs to ditch the Kylie lip kits. Those dark brown colors are hideous.

No. 331706

worst video yet. but it is getting views faster than usual. that clickbait title does work i guess.

No. 331711

calm down sperg-chan

No. 332038

This is a containment thread. It does not move to the top when posted in. Please report it if there is any actual drama worth letting the thread bump. No further discussion about the necessity of this thread is needed. If you have complaints, make a report, don't shit up the thread.

No. 334034

File: 1497219625285.png (794.78 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170611-143312.png)

Moneybag-san is my new hero

No. 334045

Taylorrr's French is so laughably bad. Can't Taylor get one of her admiring fans to check over her script, or is she too lazy even for that? Quelle for "What?" Turned it off immediately. So lazy.

No. 334046

That's the whole point of that character…

I do really like her new hair though.

No. 334048

those were subtitles for rosies barking

No. 334051

I thought the point is for the character to have a terrible accent but occasionally use French words/phrases that a French person would use. A French person would not say "Quelle" if someone called out to them or asked for help. It makes no sense.

No. 334086

I hope that her getting her hair dyed is a dig at Kaka.

No. 334094


if youre that bothered by taylor's stupid french jokes that youre thinking about them that analytically and willing to correct her google translate french then you need something funner than lolcow, its just a joke

No. 334222

She's so witchy looking in normal lighting. Like one of those vegan white girls who still get acne in their 40's.

No. 334315

Holy shit, she's from Canada, where French is a common second language, and does fuck-all every day. I think anon's point is valid. She could fucking ask someone instead of looking yet again like an airhead.

No. 334339

Hey hey hey. You don't need brains when you've got looks.

No. 334343

File: 1497272787359.png (474.66 KB, 472x602, Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.01…)


I reeaaallllyyy don't see a difference, or much of a difference in her hair … How was this a huge change ? huge risk ? She went even blonder then that in her HK dolly days..

She's like a 13 yr old from the 60s where showing belly button and mildly dying your hair was "edgy".

No. 334433

I think you're missing the joke, it's supposed to be bad

No. 334600

could she stick out her chest any further

No. 334624

There was a point in her one vlog where she kept her camera focused on her chest for longer than necessary.

No. 335149

I will never ever understand why a girl who started out as pretty as Taylor would want to turn herself into some disgusting goddamn ugly weeb doll.

Fuck anime and fuck Japan.

No. 335298

She doesn't eat plant-based, and yes, hormonal acne is a thing at any age.


Well, she is doing that because she wants to prioritize her health and show her viewers how to do it in a foreign country/ encourage them

No. 335401

Do you view all the people by their color and origins?

No. 336124

She looks like every basic white girl, I've seen prettier she's average.

No. 336228

I know. But you know, when she can't do as well in her home country where there are plenty better than her, she goes to a place where they put her on a pedestal(Asia).

Failed whites go to Asia to model lmao. I mean even Kooters is getting gigs and she's really not much to look at.

Actually I think it's genius. There's no way she'd get an insanely rich guy with her average looks in Canada but in Asia where they're thirsty and do have a lot of money…

No. 338326

I'm so confused at her newest video, why she insists on doing skits/scripted "funnies" it's beyond me. She's not good at acting, it's so forced and the second hand awkwardness is unbearable :/

No. 339313

Some parts were obviously scripted, but the parts that weren't were painfully awkward (like when she suddenly jumps on that girl for a piggy back or when she leans back in the swan boat).

No. 347718

File: 1499409002388.png (577.2 KB, 1038x354, ddddddddddddddddd.png)

As a fan of Taylor's videos her content changed drastically since the Kim K viral blow up. It's become more buzzfeed/clickbait/American humor when I originally followed for chill casey-like vlogs. Casey's vlogs suck now so I really looked forward to hers and it's just disappointing.

No. 349556

Same here!! I don't even want to click on the videos anymore because the titles suck so much and the content in the past ones was terrible… And she's not even uploading daily anymore, why can't she put more effort into them? Such a let down.

No. 350180

in her recent video she mentioned that her bc(she's taking to counteract her acne) has been messing with her daily life so that could be a reason for it.

I think she, in her own mind, is putting more effort in to her videos with these special videos but I just miss her chill vlogs

No. 351802

I agree, even back in the day I only ever watched her vlogs and never her "main videos" as she calls them. I loved her vlogs up until this last vlogmas started (so like 7 months ago) and then her videos started going downhill for me. Didn't even bother watching the relationship now/then or whatever video she just put up. I don't find her humor funny, personally. Depending on the next video she might finally get an unsub from me!

No. 354258

File: 1500329561397.png (840.25 KB, 1625x680, Untitled.png)

I don't see anyone mentioning this but what's up with her instagram profile pic? Considering her aesthetic, this is very weird and kinda gross.

No. 359664

It fits her aesthetic because it fits her humour. She's not trying to be a model, she's trying to be funny.

No. 359874

Samefag but this video was good imo. She's being very honest about her contact lenses and that she turned down any modeling offers where she wasn't allowed to wear them or do her own eye-makeup. She also mentions that it really hurt her eyes over time etc.

She looks so much better this way.

No. 359889

It's from one of her videos

No. 360690

It's the end of her dolly era, kinda savage how she's openly reading all the things her early fans liked about her
She pretty much admitted she killed her modelling career, I wonder if she hopes to keep up earning as this new comedy sketch persona or if she has something else in the pipeline?

Same anon, OT but are there any other youtubers with that chill Casey vibe?

No. 360737

I'm glad she realises and talks about how ridiculous, fabricated and toxic her doll phase was. What she doesn't seem to realise is that her sketch/comedy persona is just as much of a facade/character.

The "I'm intelligent" and "I've got things to teach you" bit made me laugh. While I can enjoy her vlogs for their relaxed, carefree vibe, intelligence isn't one of her assets. Remember when she tried to get philosophical after going to a Yayoi Kusuma exposition? It was like a balloon slowly deflating. Just empty air. Her "deep conversations" always come off as empty. She stays on the surface of things and can't seem to go deeper. She isn't a critical thinker either, she just gobbles up what she reads and see.

Granted, she isn't the dumbest around, but I would definitely not try to brand myself as intelligent if I was her.

No. 360774

I stopped watching her vids for a while but decided to click on this one to see if it was clickbait. I think this definitely makes her a more likeable person, her only problem now is being cringy

No. 360803

Killed what exactly? Her bf can just get her jobs, she doesn't need any look or skills or whatever.

No. 360846

In her video she says people won't work with her anymore because of how difficult she was with her contacts and make up.

No. 361705

I typically love her Canada vloggs as I find her brother both funny and really cute … But is it just me or are they really annoyed with her in this vlogg ?

Also, it would seem her cheek fillers have made a unwanted return. To bad those couldn't have been apart of the old her she would give up.

No. 361706

File: 1501184858868.png (304.33 KB, 555x431, Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 2.06…)



She needs to stop.. They look like shit.

No. 361999

Ironic how she stop wearing contacts once kooters took hers out? I give 1 month she stop doing ageyo sal and wearing natural makeup.

No. 362072

File: 1501220510198.png (295.22 KB, 928x410, 1500811851014.png)

Nothing to do with Koots. Why would it.
It's not like either are competing with each other anymore.

No. 362937

Didn't someone leak the adress where Taylor and TomLip-san are living?

No. 362948

How about we mass spam her video comments with:


No. 363004

What's wrong with you?

No. 363019

Her latest video is horrible, her sexualising and exploiting her brother and all the 13 year old viewers are commenting "Oh he is so hot", "I think I have a crush on your brother".

This makes me so uncomfortable. :/

No. 363102

Lmfao her brother is not a minor and an attention whore, he's clearly into it. Remember the last time she was there how he kept showing his crotch?

No. 363120


He rather seems annoyed than enjoying it this time.

No. 363140


I think this is fair tbh, to wake up her followers who still belive every shitty lie she tells them.

No. 363191

So much fucking autism.

No. 364171

Anyone else get who thinks the Canada vlogs are so boring and much worse than the Japan vlogs, in terms of quality and content?

No. 367213

No only a childish, no life, and obsessive person would do that. Nobody cares enough for tay to waste their time doing that.

No. 367215

yea its been boring, just look at the view counts, its lesser than her japanese vlogs.

No. 370612

He's so awkward and out of place lol.


No. 370677

>Posting an url instead of an image on an imageboard
How dense are you, motherfucker?

No. 370719

i dont understand how he is out of place, he's just being silly like rest of them… ugly as hell, yes, but not out of place

No. 370899

To be fair, anon linked to a gif

No. 371804


He looks like an asian dad… and she looks like a 18yr old.


Fucking ugly indeed.

No. 372135

I just don't get why she vlogs about the events she gets invited to because of her bf as if she's done anything to legitimately be invited to so many big fancy events. Most of them are BE which tom's the CEO of. Far from legitimate if you ask me. I also don't know why the topic of BE's promotion of her brand in general went without being brought up. He used his platform on several occasions as you can see by simply googling beauty exchange with Taylor r's name in the query. Yet she still pretends to be so independent. I feel as though this is the real reason her and tom don't wan't people knowing what he looks like, or his name. But I may also be interpreting this wrong. Just a thought.

No. 372246


People know what he looks like, just not his name. He is also the owner of BE, not the CEO.

Man, I just never thought home girl had it in her, to fuck her way to the top and sleep with her boss.

No. 372249

Home girl obviously has it in her X'D
I mean I'm not one to judge I don't blame her, but lie about it? It didn't even get her to the top, thats the ironic part, Just got her a middle rate youtube career, and you can tell the girl is more money hungry, and not content with having more than enough already. I call it privilege, others call it what they will.
Also we know his name, but she did make a point to keep it hidden, thats what counts.

No. 372253

Unless Tom Lip is an alias.

No. 372449

Try to lurk more.

No. 372470


He looks like her dad holy shit. Taylor never struck me as the type of person to date someone who looks so much older than her. Honestly looks like a sugar daddy/baby type relationship.

No. 372560

anyone know why Elbowsan's holding a baby in his linkedin profile?

No. 372639


She didn't get huge fame, but she found a sugar daddy ?? rich bf to pay her bills and filler replacements. Besides she does get a decent amount of attention ( 300k IG followers and 625k subs )


They're all about shitting on her, but rather not tarnish his name or job so they keep his name off their site. To an extent I get it, but I also highly doubt a tiny gossip site would even put a dent in his rep/career.


Money is all she wants so why wouldn't she date uggo ?

What materialistic bitch wouldn't fuck and date a 40yr old uggo for a 5k purse and yearly trips to paris. Girl is hella pampered, and probably hung onto her ugly dolly look in fear he'd ditch her for another girl. ( Though with his money he could prob find better )


Probably his sisters/families kid. Taylor has made vloggs of visiting his family in which they had kids.

No. 377838

Work hard at sucking the right dick for your dreams, darling~!

No. 379223

How old was Taylor when she started the dolly style? she said in her circle lenses video that she's been wearing them for "5 or 6 years", but that's gotta be a lie. pictures of her show she looked completely normal until 2013 when she went full blown kooter overnight.

No. 379310

2012 was when she started wearing them. Maybe not for jobs but probably in her personal life and definitely on camera. But she had been doing Liz Lisa style since late 2010-2011ish I think.
This article is from 2012 and she's clearly wearing circles in it, albeit not giant ones.

No. 379528


Sooo… She actually did the dolly thing before Kooters ? Or roughly the same time ?

I always thought she started long after Dakota started with it, since it was always insinuated that she copied Kota.

No. 379831

File: 1503713004272.jpg (104.8 KB, 505x1010, 03bz17pz.jpg)

I don't know. I certainly think in 2013, she went full throttle with the dolly look, but there was nothing really that different from what gyaru had been doing from 2008 onwards. Getting into Liz Lisa (which was available in HK) and brands like that, it's not that surprising I guess. I doubt she she was consciously thinking "dolly" at first, but naturally gravitated towards girly styles.
This was in a report from 2012 and here she definitely wearing Liz Lisa style. She's also wearing circles here.

No. 379925


She kinda reminds me of Kaka here with the resting bitch face and terrible makeup. She looks like she wants to cut a bitch.

Perhaps they both started liking the same fashion at the same time unaware of one another, but once Kota's popularity took off and went national .. maybe thats when Taylor decided to copy. Not in a malicious way like Kaka liked to imply though. Taylor's always seemed to be a sponge absorbing and copying whatever is trending at the time ( Kardashian's, Kota ect )

I kinda miss her old fashion even if childish looking. As of lately it just looks like she is wearing the same few tops and I swear to fucking go the same bloody jeans every day… Its just not very eye catching or flattering for someone with her body shape. ( flat all around )

No. 379938

Well It's a candid, basically a paparazzi shot. She really doesn't look anything like Kaka. Like I said, all Taylor had to do was look in a gyaru fashion magazine or even Vivi to find that look. Sorry but it really bugs that Koots gets credit for a look that was popular among gals when she was still doing shitty scene make-up. Not saying Tay is original (she's absolutely not) but Koots isn't either.
Yeah I'm not a fan of Tay's current look at all. I wish she was more creative. Personally I'd love to see her do a kind of modern mod look. It would be girly which suits her, but also grown up enough to be sophisticated. Or even Larme style might work for her.

No. 380095

File: 1503754353262.jpg (1.22 MB, 1600x1199, IMG_9381.JPG)

Damn, even though these images are heavily edited they look so so much more normal. That operation to change her jaw shape and all the fillers make her look so inhuman now.

She should stop before she looks like Michael Jackson.

No. 380113


Regardless there still was a point where it felt like there was some copying. I never said the style was Kota's, but Taylor sure af went hard on it once Kota's popularity peaked. Then there was the weird video styles she started cranking out with her stiff as a board on a bed with a high pitch voice wit pink bed sheets.

People didn't start assuming she was copying until she cut her hair(straight bangs),moved to Japan, made stiff videos in a small apartment, high pitch voice, After effects, went full out dolly. Everything Kota does..

No. 380155

I swear there is this one samefag who keeps casually mentioning Taylor getting fillers as a proven thing in unrelated threads, and now they are trying to make it seem like she even had jaw surgery. I swear it's the same anon who wanted to spam her videos with autistic shit. Vendetta much?

No. 380226

Oh yes, the copying was really blatent and obvious: some of it was creepy as hell. Poses, hairstyles. She did a copy of Kota's banner pic (the one where Kota shooped off her ears). There was a period of time where she was trying to show that she was better than Dakota.

I even suspect she started her PULL thread (on the oldest version of PULl, she was in the "pretty girls" section). The initial post was about this amazing dolly girl who was just like Dakota but ~nice~.

Given elbow-san's industry, he may have encouraged her to copy Kota. He certainly knows about marketing young women to a waiting audience.

No. 380325

Yup. I've noticed that too. Won't comment on the fillers but the jaw stuff is just stupid. In her most recent pictures her jaw looks the same as it always has in candids. She naturally has strong jaw and a small chin. It fits her face.

No. 380326

>I even suspect she started her PULL thread.

Being this fucking stupid.

No. 380352


No, Tom wouldn't encourage her to copy Kota, and matter of fact encouraged her to make dance videos and leave the house unlike Kota. As a business man he's smart enough to know not to copy someone else's image and ideas down to a T.

Taylor being as uncreative and boring as she is just copies who ever is trending and most popular. Like her blatantly copying Kota, then Casey, Buzzfeed and many others. She's a leech that depends on others ideas, and gets away with it only because people think she's pretty.


The jaw comments make me think they're from PULL. Only place I've seen the mention of her having possible surgery like that, though, I do think she probably gets Botox.

No. 380498

Hm I am undecided on that topic. Do you think she usually edits her face to look slimmer or more pointy?

No. 380519

File: 1503798879155.png (142.51 KB, 269x270, Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 10.2…)


Not the anon your talking too, but she has used After Effects if you remember her video from when Rosie first arrived in Japan and how holy fucking wobbly her face was. PULL from my understanding speculates that she still occasionally uses it, probably when she feels her jaw looks to noticeable in videos. ( where its harder to control the angles.

Her face is significantly more meaty in person/candids. ( pic related )

No. 380522

She wasn't in the snowflake section of pull in 2013-2014. Everyone loved her then, no one even mentioned fillers or jaw crap. Really different vibe.

I don't think she started her thread, but the theory isn't completely crazy.

No. 380556

Pretty recently someone on PULL admitted to making the original thread and it was pretty long time poster. They also said they regretted it.

No. 380728

I smell selfpost for controversy. Calm down and don't attack people who believe in her having something done. Some believe it some don't, get over it. This is obsessive.

No. 380738

I was rather asking everyone, not a specific person. And I really cannot put my finger on it but something her face seems to have changed, maybe it is the makeup, maybe After Effects. But I really do not know how to tell the different indicators for editing, makeup or some beauty procedures apart.

No. 383025

2012 is the year Dakota blew up and touched her peak. it's also the year that Venus, Valeria and Anastasia did too, and the "living doll" trend was born. if there's no prior photos of Taylor wearing circle lenses, then I guess 2012 is answer for when she started. maybe she got the years mixed in her video when she said 5-6 years, and it's actually been 4.

No. 383026

she would have been posted eventually anyway. PULL always had that "kota clones" thread for any and every girl who had light brown/blonde hair, blunt bangs, circle lenses, dead stare and jfashion. And Taylor.. (i'm not a regular her threads so sorry if this a controversial thing to say but) she was the biggest fucking kota clone of all time. the only one that could legit be confused for her in some photos/videos until you did a double take. and that's saying a lot considering she doesn't look anything like her when neither are wearing their fake crap.

No. 383064

File: 1504096956601.png (639.51 KB, 903x594, Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 8.40…)

What do people think of Taylor's hideous Merch ?

No. 383176

File: 1504108687351.jpg (190.5 KB, 980x737, 1408712071532.jpg)

2012-2017 is 5ish years depending on when in 2012 she started doing it.\
>she was the biggest fucking kota clone of all time
Really? Even compared to this chick?
Picture related.

No. 383227


dif anon, but holy fuck yes it was creepy when KittyPhina ( Sarah ) popped up.

I'm actually shocked that Kaka didn't sperg about it, unless she knew Sarah wasn't a threat. Regardless, Sarah apologized and then changed her shoop style to something much nicer.

Could it be that they all just stole looks/styles/shoop/ideas from one another at some point ? and maybe leave it at that. They're all now starting to branch in their own directions.

No. 383619

This is some of the ugliest merch I have ever seen. I can't believe people are gonna buy this shit… and it is so overpriced.

Is this an inside from one of her sketch bits that are just too cringey for me to go through? Or is this just Taylor yet again copying memes like the "are these x or x" pictures (corgi's butt or loafs of bread)?

In her last vlog she seemed so excited and made such a big deal about her so called "clothing line". She is delusional. I always thought she was a bit childish but as of lately I feel like she's a 10 y/o. Her jokes, the way she talks (especially when she tries to get into those "deep conversations" yet can't leave the surface) and acts just comes off as incredibly childish. I guess that's what happens when you haven't come across any hardship, not even a low level job, in your life.

No. 383735


dunno why she calls it a clothing line when its 2 hideous over priced pairs of PJs and nothing else.

She said it was doing really well and people are buying like crazy in her recent video…

Are people actually buying that shit ? or is she once again over exaggerating ?

No. 404859

File: 1508203198415.jpg (37.35 KB, 275x185, 1425781458149.jpg)

month late, but yes, even compared to her. Even Taylor (much respect) pretty much admitted to the whole thing without specifically saying Dakota's name. Once in her circle lenses video and the other was her "reacting to old videos" one.

Sarah might have re-constructed her photos, but Taylor reconstructed her life, even moving to Japan and admitting to losing modeling opportunities because she wanted to stick with her new "look".

No. 405054

Is it true that Taylor is leaving japan too? I saw a post in the JVloggers thread that said she was leaving along with a few others.

No. 405604


she's expressed eventually she well, but they are at the very least in for another year because of her lease

No. 409151

I have a real issue with how Taylor edits her videos and walks around doing nothing when the title is "Why Am I Leaving?" I watched the whole video and didn't get anything of substance her previous video didn't already state. It's just a lot of looking at Halloween decorations and then awkwardly packing to ~sad piano tunes~.

No. 410156

I'm subbed, but I get so bored when she doesn't address her title or just talks to the camera for ten minutes. I really wish she put more work into her videos. Her fashion ones are kind of decent work, but not enough of it.

No. 416891

she moved to Hong Kong!

No. 418595

I think she lives in or around Tai Koo (I recognize the mall where she was recording). Her place is spacious for HK standards.

No. 419528

They're only there temporarily tho, the house they bought is not finished yet

No. 427334

She got a lot of attention after the nose eyelash extension video and her views grew but I think she's getting more and more boring. Also I don't comprehend how her boyfriend stands her.

No. 427486

She was smart to not mention this until she moved away. Someone was probably trying to confirm her address and hoped she would mention the tape on her door in a blog or tweet.

No. 427672

Well, at least shes honest about how ridiculous she can be, im rather lost for words

No. 427764

As someone who has been to those limited edition events, I can relate with spending a ridiculous amount of money on shit you don't really want. It's a high-school like pressure for fitting in and you end up just feeling bad regardless.
She can turn a big profit on those items, tho. At least in the Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt.

No. 427847


i can understand it to an extent, peer pressure happens, buyers remorse happens, but those numbers are still madness… hope she sells them and gets some money back

No. 433189

I googlet Tom Lip and found his facebook page, and you can search from his friends to find that there's one Tay For there with the same birthday as Taylor actually has. So it's quite possible that the fb page actually belongs to him.

No. 437610

Her vlogmas intro is the scariest thing I've seen in 2017.

No. 437779

I thought itcwas cute to be honest

No. 437930

The dead, soulless eyes? Lack of any smile? Weird, unnatural movements? Rosie looking like a furry football? Uncanny valley feel throughout?

At least her cheeks were accurately represented.

No. 438621

I saw people on PULL praising her for this as a unique idea but she just edited the recent feather and crown eyebrows that were making their rounds on Twitter. I wish she would stop trying so hard to go viral, I miss her Casey-clone days.

No. 440453

File: 1512764959554.png (541.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171208-202702.png)

Saw this today, and they completely credited her.

Its such a ugly trend though…

No. 445296

She finally admitted her age

No. 450604

That is really good. She is still cringy af but she is being a lot more honest about those things, I can admire that. Although, I'd think one would be proud to look like her at 29.

No. 456619

Dafuq, she doesn’t know that WWIII hasn’t happened and about (the Canadian involvement in the) Normandy.

I guess when your sugar daddy is a millionaire you don’t need basic education. Worshipping the Kardashians is much more important anyway. /s

No. 468932

File: 1515853609679.png (474 KB, 610x652, asdfsf.png)

I don't understand why she insist on dressing like that. She has a nice body..

No. 470681

It looks comfortable and expensive. I hate athleisure but she pulls it off. But, as people pointed out, it's probably for some upcoming godawful video.

I thought her boyfriend looked pretty ancient in the holiday snaps. I know he is older, but they really almost look like father/adopted daughter, partially because of Taylor's style.

No. 471141

Saw this while searching for lash extension "results" from a place in London.


Let's guess whether Taylor actually got her lashes or eyebrows done there or is even associated with them…hmmm

No. 501957

She's gotta be way underweight. Hell my BMI is in the underweight range and I'm not that skinny.

No. 509737

Oh definitely, she looks like a BMI 17 or so
But she models in Asia so that's not surprising

No. 514986

It's ok to be borderline anorexic as long as you're a model

and yeah, I mean, she admits it's not natural. I hate how often she talks about herself as flabby or big or whatever. It was even in her 2017 rewind.

No. 519660

File: 1520096957531.jpeg (7.64 KB, 225x225, ceo.jpeg)

Anyone else notice that Tom owns beauty exchange and basically gave her the bulk of her exposure? I went all the way back to when she first moved to hong kong and there Taylor is, in a massively popular BE article promoting her. Seems more likely that's the reason she doesn't want people knowing exactly who her bf is since he helped her career so much it doesn't fit with her "work hard for your dreams" persona when you're dating someone with so much social media influence before you made it yourself. Also all those events she gets "invited to" personally as a part of her modelling career are just basically business dinners she's attending along side Tom… so clearly she's purposely bending the truth in her favor to look more hard working and successful than she really is and to promote her "brand" This could be old news though i just couldn't find the energy to read the entire thread LOL(read the rules & usage info)

No. 519987

She finally admits it was all a lie. Makeup, lighting, camera that alters your face shape in real time, facetune, etc.

No. 520841

She's the most respectable cow imo

No. 521586

No. 522496

Taylor finally got an assistant.. for what exactly? She doesn't even run errands, just holds the camera (and sucks at it thats why they had to buy an stabilizer). How lazy can you be?

No. 523478

Subtle dig at lolcow when she says she knows who made the gif? I enjoyed her honesty and the nostalgia in this video

It's weird hearing her assistant talking from behind the camera, especially when they don't seem to really know each other well, it makes the assistant seem more like the blogger and tay is the Sharla-like friend on show

No. 537772

File: 1521945390745.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.65 KB, 750x1201, girl.jpg)

She took picture with this girl who happens to be the editor of beauty exchange who was at the paris event she was just at. Just kinda tells me that BE is who got invited to the event as a company hence why tom was there. Not sure why she'd lie and say "omg i have no idea why someone like me would be invited to a beauty guru event" when she wasn't she was the businesses +1 just like the editor girl was.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 537910

think its interesting how she has gotten a comment under her newest instagram pic (the one in the red thing "Last Night") saying sth like "the way you're showing your wealth gets out of hand taylor…" (sth similar like this)and a day later it has been deleted. Seems like she rly tries to hide this topic in fornt of her fanbase

No. 538436

I think it's more like BE is the team documenting her on that trip. One girl was there to take photos of Taylor and the rest of the HK "influencers" No7, etc.

Comment's still there. It just got lost in all of the others.

No. 544661

Why can’t Taylor just be a part of the Jvlogger threads? Everything has died down now.

No. 545564

Because she's not a jvlogger anymore.

No. 557958

Once again Taylor fakes cutting her hair. She's been wanting to cut it for a couple years but won't because her sugardaddy only likes long hair.

No. 558585

6:55 "I don't care what people think, I wear what I want to wear"
Then go ahead and cut your fucking hair taylor

No. 589364

boyfriend is 40 years old, found an interview from 2010 and he was making $600k HKD (~$76k USD) income a month back then… who knows how much now… if anything Tay is

Chinese name is 聶x134子〇y明 (added gibberish in the middle to hopefully reduce the odds this will come up in a google search– I don't wanna ruin this guys rep or anything, just enjoy a bit of delicious youtuber gossip)

Weird she said he was Korean before, dude's 100% HKer, went to HKUST even.

No. 628849

It amazes me how she's still using his bf for money even for her supposed to be sweet "proposal" in her latest video. Like seriously, all these years, living off your 40 years old money is not enough and you need to use him for views (Since she knows when she post anything about Elbow-San, the views will be high compared to her other boring videos) and getting money from it on Youtube for this special occasion..wow Taylor, you must be a true definition of a first class gold digger. I adore you! From now on, you're my idol. LOL

No. 629382

A little bit of backstory, and she confirmed publicly that his name is Tom and they've been together since 2013

No. 629386

LOL as expected. Still using the sugardaddy for the money. She should give credit to the "fiance" for filming it (so she can use it for her youtube income) and also she needs to give him credits for A LOT of things in her life. He basically gave her everything. Career, house, her luxury travels..basically her whole life. You go girl!

No. 629397

Lol why are you so salty… Youtube is her job, she vlogs every boring thing in her life, she was obviously going to show her engagement. And her fiance was the one who filmed the proposal, not her. People throw around sugar daddy all the time, her relationship is not like Yumi Kings

No. 629426

Hahahahaha that comment “true definition of a first class gold digger” I can’t. So funny 😂😂

No. 629430

Why are you people blaming her for being a gold digger. It’s a good thing. We need to find Moneybag-san for ourselves too. Taylor, can you find us a sugar daddy too and what are the tips to get one since you’re great at it. Thanks.

No. 629823


tbh the difference between Taylor R and Yumi King would make for a fascinating comparative case study for a sociologist focusing on AsianXwhite interracial relationships

No. 629824


socioeconomic status. use of language. racialized standards of beauty. could go on and on

No. 630790

Not sure and don’t really care about the sugar daddy thing,but he is definitely ugly as hell.Stop trying to take cute pictures, you are FUCKING 40 YEARS OLD!

No. 631126

Taylor R = Katharine McPhee.

No. 631519

he is older than 40 actually. definitely mid-40s if not older. I remember seeing his birth year somewhere and was a bit surprised.

I'm sure her family is a bit surprised by this pairing, but he made her career, so I guess they can't complain.

No. 631520

also kek at that childish note she wrote him
how many times did she write soulmate in that 3rd-grade cursive? She almost misspelled it once too. Imagine their early relationship.

No. 631792

the fucking proposal video looked like something a 3rd grader would do on a windows movie maker back in 2009, wtf taytay.

No. 632563

That Jackie Chan lookalike must be into girls that looks like a 3rd grader with 3rd grade cursive handwriting 🤣🤣. Creeeeepy

No. 633478

I remember the first time she talked about her boyfriend in her channel. At the time I thought she was dating a hot dude. She was really proud of her boyfriend somehow. Looks like I was wrong

No. 636126

he looks nothing like jackie chan.

No. 636751

Yes, but worst.

No. 638447

just don't know what kind of person you are to call any random chinese guy jackie chan. It's probably something you shouldn't do in real life.

No. 650971

File: 1532951309342.png (796.16 KB, 944x611, Untitled.png)

No. 651547


Eh, maybe she's getting work done again. Last time she became secretive and wore a mask she got cheek fillers. She always did express wanting larger boobs, so maybe its her pre-wedding gift.

No. 651575

But she's saying she has a health problem anon. If it was a breast job she could hide it in other ways.

No. 651590

File: 1533005724756.jpeg (809.12 KB, 1242x1095, B769050B-D209-4129-ADF1-E1E44B…)

Elbow san aint too shabby looking though compared to what she could have gone for. Its not like he’s some grey old grandpa.

No. 651927

File: 1533037042278.png (70.04 KB, 591x591, Untitled.png)

No. 652203


gotta milk it for money of course ! with a click bait title for them views. " I almost died and went to the hospital : gallbladder stones/ removal" …. Why are weebs so dramatic and extra about everything ?

No. 652692

Why don't you wait to hear what it is, before declaring it click-bait. Besides, I would imagine that after having emergency surgery she probably doesn't have the energy the write a long mult-tweet screed to detail her exact medical conditions.

No. 652832

It takes two seconds to say what the problem is, but by doing so it ends all the traffic and sympathy that youtubers get from speculation alone.

If it was truly serious, you wouldn't see so many gleefully vague updates.

No. 652931

She made 1 update since surgery anon, chill. No one said it was serious but surgery of any kind knocks you out and makes you feel like shit.

No. 653052

My money is on appendix removal. Wonder how much clickbait videos she’ll be able to stretch this into.

No. 653064

>surgery of any kind knocks you out and makes you feel like shit

OT but this is not even close to reality.

Not all surgeries require patients to be knocked out, and not all anesthesia will make patients feel like shit.

No. 653261

She don’t care. All she want is views, likes and money. Lol

No. 653876


She updated IG saying she has what looks like three stab marks on her tummy and feels "bad ass".

I'm sorry, but she probably saw the huge view count Venus got from talking about surgery and health problems she just wants a piece of them views . Sounds exactly like gallbladder stones, its more likely than appendix removal. My sister had the same and described the same problems with the same scars.

I mean we are talking about Taylor, the girl who cried on camera 13 years later about being chubby/skinny fat in grade school for sympathy. The girl who cries on camera because of a few pimples. She cries wolf for everything for them views and sympathy.

No. 657863

File: 1533562837671.png (351.23 KB, 713x877, Screenshot 2018-08-06 15.39.05…)


No. 658802

“I started this year saying I wanted a ripped 6 pack, i always sought after the “perfect stomach” and now I’m lying here with 3 permanent scars on it & I can’t exercise for 3 months”

Get over it taylor. Other people are dying but never complains, still trying hard to live their life to the fullest. They don’t just sit there, complaining like a baby on twitter and instagram like you.

No. 659405

she probably has three tiny laparoscopy wounds. Mine were nearly impossible to see after 6 months.

No. 663071


LOL, she's never had any muscle tone to begin with, and has always had an ugly boxy waist line.

No. 663501

I dislike Taylor a lot, but I think she had some muscle tone. I tried her (ripped-off from some ballet fitness youtuber) workouts from 2015-2016. They require a certain amount of muscle strength. I'm sure she filmed those in segments so she could stop & rest & look kawaii, but she had the strength to do them.

I do not think you can lose all your muscle and "butt" (if she really built muscle over months) in a week or two. That's ridiculous.

If you think her waistline is ugly, I wonder what you think of practically every other person on earth. She's got a straighter body type, that's all. You won't see this shape )( because her hips are fairly narrow. There's not much she can do about that.

Her disordered perception of her body and food - and her marketing of this perception as normal - is what makes my blood boil. She's fake & is obsessed with going viral. But her body is fine, or it would be, if she stopped trying to make it into something it isn't. (That includes her restriction diet and the butt obsession.)

But again, she's an incredibly pampered woman who doesn't have to worry about paying bills or having a roof over her head. It's very deceptive that she tries to come across as normal while having almost no job. And if Youtube is her job, then where are her videos?

No. 663921

In HK and Japan they tend to stay in the hospital for longer than in N America, it's just part of their protocols. That being said I had appendicitis in N America a couple months ago and the whole thing was over within three days. Surgery and was ready to walk again. Milking something as average as appendix removal for longer than a week, while it seems like something she would do, doesn't seem like that's the issue. And they don't do exploratory surgery like that.
My bet is that she has fibroids or endometriosis because she's always had problems with her period and now that she's ready to have kids you have to get that shit sorted out.

No. 664023


She needs to work on her mental health and body image issues before having kids seeing as a couple of pounds and 3 little scars have set her in a spiral. I can't imagine what she's going to do when she is pregnant and can't even see her toes.

tbh I think she's just being a giant piss baby and it probably was something simple that she's now milking it. Were talking about the girl who cried 13 years after the fact about being a little chubby in grade school. She literally click baits and milks every little thing, and whines constantly about having 3-4 pimples on her jaw and about how rough her life is.

No. 664057

her going on about being chubby in grade school drives me nuts. she wasn't even chubby and "took" care of it by the time she was 14. no one really makes fun of chubby girls until they're well into their teens anyways. her sister looks fucking great while pregnant/post partum, hope she can take a hint from that.

No. 664263

She was really young - in elementary and middle school (not even a teen). It's shameful that she went on a diet at that age.

Imagine if she hadn't, and she had just waited to grow out of this phase like a normal kid. It's very possible she stunted her own growth by dieting in puberty. She could have grown taller and been a ~vouge model~ like she always wanted.

I still laugh at that misspelling of Vogue after some farmer pointed it out in her draw my life video.

No. 664266

File: 1534246412123.png (253.54 KB, 916x697, Screenshot 2018-08-14 13.32.10…)

No. 664504


I'm doubtful she even dieted at that age as she always has the tendency to make herself sound like a hard worker. It was probably one of those over summer things, or gradually over a year type of thing. Taylor's a lazy shit that makes everything sound hard and rough.

Her whole I was fat once video was really deceitful too, notice how she only used pictures of her looking unhappy to give the impression she had a miserable childhood. Yet when she bought pictures up in her best friend's wedding video it was FULL of really happy pictures of her living her life and being a silly happy child.

I have never seen someone so desperate to seem average and coming from a rough/hard working life. Every other gal is desperately trying to seem luxurious and rich. (Tooter's and every intathot )

No. 664974

>I'm doubtful she even dieted at that age

given that her family are all "perfect rich blondes" wouldn't surprise me if her mom gave her a hint towards "healthy options"

No. 665124

File: 1534338588670.png (1.04 MB, 1490x973, Screenshot 2018-08-15 15.06.28…)

Her fat video is like the height of fakeness. If you rewatch it, you'll discover new gems. At the end, she has a single tear (or maybe some contact lens solution) running down her face as she reminds her followers, "And remember, I'll always be here."

I know Taylor is not (really) a true cow most of the time, but there's something really pathetic about her thirst for fame and attention.

No. 665360


The thing that ticked me off the most with her wasn't even her fakeness. Its her fucking pity parties she throws for herself. Girl is always playing that tiny violin, like everything in her life is tragic and was a big ordeal to overcome. Like when she talked about speaking with Venus and made reference that she's been thru so many similar experiences as V. She really wants to be seen as this victim that came out strong, when in actuality she's this lazy spoiled turd that got even more pretentious and spoiled.

And kek, that image/screen shot is when she had hardcore cheek fillers, and had to film at specific angles and lighting. She was just as stiff as Kota was.

No. 669643

kind of messed up for her to milk this as much as she did tbh

No. 670152

I'm probably late to say this but she probably noticed how much attention Venus' hospitalization got and decided to bandwagon.

No. 674949

I seriously think it’s time for her to stop making videos at all. All she did was click bait videos and video with rubbish contents. I used to love her vlogs but these days she looks like she’s trying so hard. It’s so annoying to look at her to the point that even her crappy ponytail with weird hair on the face annoys me. Sorry Taylor, it’s time. Goodbye.

No. 674997

Her stare-at-the-camera-with-big-eyes, creepy smile, horse ponytail and to be honest, disgusting looking bangs…..

I thought I’m the only one who hates looking at it.

No. 675034


Can someone TLDR this please?

No. 675156

She started to have a lot of pain in her lower stomach/pelvic region and was afraid she had appendicitis. She had an ovarian cyst and one of her ovaries twisted itself because of it. She was scared she would possibly have a huge Caesarian section style scar but they only needed to make 3 little incisions and everything was fine. She was triggered by the swelling because she couldn’t fit any of her clothes and had to wear pjs.

No. 675279

File: 1535500962948.png (997.41 KB, 1385x650, naamloos.png)

Small conspiracy theory but I think she's getting married this week.

In her "What Happened" video she mentioned that she felt SUPER IN LOVE DESU with Elbow-san because he sat in her hospital room all day, and that she wanted to elope and have his babies right away. She showed a text from her mother telling her to do it, and now she's in Canada according to her most recent video. She recently got her nails painted in a white colour and casually mentioned she's "never had white nails before". She also said in her most recent video she wants to get pregnant soon to prevent herself getting more ovarian cysts.

I think she's going to speedrun the whole wedding/early marriage/pregnancy part due to her nEaR DeAtH ExPeRiEnCe with ovarian cysts and she's going to get married while she's in Canada.

No. 675301

Is it just me or she sound sooooooooo thirsty in her hospital and newest video. Chill woman. We get it that you just got engaged. No one is taking Moneybag-san away from you. No need to be so desperate and thirsty all the time.

Maybe she’s toooo happy that finally she’s gonna have Moneybag-san’s money to fund her forever (well IF they’re together forever 😂)

No. 675308

She always say that she’s working on something, creating videos, planning this and that….but wait. Where is the videos then? What videos? What project? All she did was following his “fiance” to meetings in other countries to eat and shop. No wonder people call her a goldigger and he is her sugar daddy. Cause i’m sure he paid for everything, she just have to look like she’s working hard on something when she doesn’t even do anything. All she did was complaining. You should stop complaining when everything was given to you and you did nothing at all.

No. 676396


How many friends does Taylor actually have? How big is her extended family?

On the other hand, I'm having a hard time imagining Tom being okay with that. Ethnic Chinese families tend to be huge and Asian weddings tend to have hundreds of guests, especially for a prominent businessman he would be expected to attend his associates' weddings and then invite them to his.

Maybe they'll do a small Western style service in Canada followed by a wedding banquet in Hong Kong? I've seen that pattern for lots of friends in cross-cultural marriages. Even Jay Chou did something similar i think

No. 676399


Lol these posts unwitting come across as salty or jealous.

There are men that like spoiling their gf/wife. Especially in Chinese cultures, it's a point of pride that you make enough money that your wife doesn't have to work. Being able to have a beautiful white wife, who is much younger, and respectful and interested in the culture, that doesn't have to work a "real job" is like living the dream of success for some Asian men.

Here's a video about wealthy Hong Kong housewives :

No. 676973

You mean marrying a lazy ass and a spoiled brat white woman?

Maybe that’s why they marry them (a beautiful white woman,much younger, and doesn’t have to work), because i think many Asian women wants to be independent and work hard on their own instead of just looking pretty, lazy and being spoiled easily like them. LOL

No. 677259


>i think many Asian women wants to be independent and work hard on their own instead of just looking pretty, lazy and being spoiled

…You don't know many Asian women do you

No. 680120

>spoiled brat
It's funny how many times this assertion gets thrown around with out any proof. Taylor may be spoiled by Tom but she's never been a brat.
You've never lived in Asia have you anon?
Looking pretty and not having to work is still considered the ideal in a lot of east asian countries.

No. 680507

I started watching her videos since last year, i only love her vlogs when she’s back in Canada. Because she is always happy and putting an effort into her vlogs. But i must say, i agree with the anon, she’s probably used to be given a lot of things by her rich family or rich fiancé that she doesn’t feel the need to work hard on anything she do like other youtubers. You can see from her videos that she’s just doing it without any effort and most of her videos are boring and contentless, or clickbait videos. Such a let down. Sometimes she only complaints in her videos too, which kinda sucks to watch..it makes me don’t want to click to watch it anymore. But it is understandable when you don’t have to worry either you’re getting income from the videos or not,since she have rich family and fiancé who can just support her financially. I’m saying this as a viewer about her as a youtuber not as a person. Who knows, maybe she is a hard working person outside of Youtube. Maybe. Who knows.

No. 683798

Taylor isn't very young though, so she will probably have kids soon. That video is very sad, wouldn't be surprised if Taylor's husband cheats on her eventually as well.

No. 686521

anon are you 12?

No. 687128

All her videos are not worth watching anymore. It's either clickbait videos, her being boring or videos of her showing off his fiance's money. Not worth watching at all.

No. 688809

File: 1537023908167.png (5.46 MB, 2208x1242, 0498DD23-84A2-4EE4-840A-0D3C62…)

This time it wasn’t clickbait. She got an uneven haircut, patchy color with no dimension. Apparently she wants to go even shorter. Brace yourselves for future videos where she complains and regrets it all.

No. 689253

She really doesn't suit this look at all, yeesh.

No. 690049

Two videos about a Mimei looking haircut and dye job, really?

No. 691011

Lol maybe she is desperate. The sugardaddy doesn’t like the new hair so might have cut down her allowance. Need to earn more money from youtube from now on lol

No. 692084

Indeed. He said he likes long hair better on her last video. Not a smart move cause now sugardaddy is not pleased.

No. 692320

He liked the dolly look too, which says a lot about him.

Her current hair isn't the kind of hair you'd get when you're about to have a wedding or have kids, so I expect it'll be a while for either.

No. 692448

File: 1537419493852.png (5.82 MB, 2208x1242, E4C5BCDF-BE9B-473A-BCD0-C7EFC5…)

I wonder what he thinks of this homeless style

No. 692522


she really does not have the face for this hairstyle. at least with normal hair she looked normal pretty, this edgier look just makes it clear how plain her face is.

No. 692533

Is it just me or can you guys see how desperate and how she tried so hard to look cute and loving whenever she’s with him in her latest video. I mean, with her age, it’s uncomfortable to even look at her try-hard to-look-cute attitude. Major cringy!

No. 692540

I just hate how she always make fun of the duck tape on the window that Hong Kong people always do in her new video. If you don’t believe in it, you don’t have to make fun of it. So disrespectful of other peoples’ beliefs. Shame on you.

No. 692552

actually that's a common gag in HK now, she probably copied it like everything that goes viral - some HK people were buying every masking tape and then reselling it at a higher price. Some HK people started mocking these tape resellers and putting tape on their phones or watches, claiming to protect what's important to them.
What made me annoyed - aside of her behavior - was her talking about the shelter that she didn't bother to visit for last few months, and when they needed the help after typhoon she didn't even go there to help them out. I know her fans will donate some money, and that's great, but she has all the time and money and the world to actually help them out, yet she prefers to sit at home, watch netflix or youtube and ask others for help. PR stunt, that's all it was.

No. 692585

So many people are doing volunteer cleanups and helping their communities out, but she doesn't even bother to integrate into the country. She's too busy saying she's 'stressed' over superficial problems that aren't even hers.

So I'm not surprised she doesn't help anyone out. This attitude is why she wouldn't have close friends beyond her own family.

No. 692750

Apparently for pulltards she was absolutely respectful but I thought she wasn’t. I got kinda of upset too but she lives in her own little bubble so what does she care. She made herself look like an idiot at the beginning when she had no idea what the tape is for.

No. 692875


There have been so many times in her videos that I've been astounded at how dumb/sheltered she is, and she doesn't even seem to realise it because she doesn't edit it out of the video. For someone that's done so much travelling and lived in various countries, you would think she'd pick up an open mind or an interest in other cultures, but she really is as thick as a plank of wood.

No. 692953

I sometimes wonder if she was less pretty would she actually be more intelligent and less ignorant? Literally the moment she hooked up with Tom she gave up her studies in Hong Kong, but then when I come to think about it I think she only did it for visa… I don’t wish her bad but does she even have a plan if he leaves her? Obviously the flat they are getting will be only under his name as 1. She won’t get the mortgage as she doesn’t have stable income 2. As a non-permanent resident she would need to pay additional tax - that would leave her with no place to live, no education, long gone modeling. Is being a YouTuber her contingency plan just in case?

No. 692981


Her family has enough money that I don't think she's ever been worried about what would happen if everything failed. She knows she could just go home and start again with support from both her parents.

And also, I don't think her looks caused her ignorance. There are good looking people who are smart. And it's not just that she isn't 'book smart' (like good at maths or passing tests or whatever), it's more that she doesn't seem to have any kind of appreciation or curiosity for new things. She's very one dimensional.

No. 693200

>she was absolutely respectful

I thought it was messy asking her fans, most of which are poorfag teens, to donate to a pet shelter in HongKong while she literally does the least.

No. 693401

but if you noticed how her sibling lives, they do not seem to get that much financial support form the family. I know they are wealthy and she definitely wouldn't be starving, but I don't think they would be thrilled to help a 30yo ex model youtuber at all the time. And let's face it - if she moved to Canada she most likely would lose plenty of subscribers as her content is very boring, all she has to show now is her wealthy. She wouldn't even be able to do all these stupid DIYs as she probably wouldn't have spare money to spend on art supplies.

On a side note - I wonder how Elbow explains to his business partners the weird videos his fiance shoots. I know he's doing beauty exchange and that's not really an industry that requires strict behavior, but in general, does she even consider how it affect his image as a businessman? I used to like her videos, more or less, but now she behaves like a 12 yo it's just so annoying.

No. 693500

File: 1537537328751.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1242x1855, 7FA01557-01AC-4CBD-A434-04C9E9…)

She’s always creepy af when it comes to her “assistant” “I hope to keep laughing with you forever” it’s just too cringy.


This is true however doesn’t even care to keep her sugardaddy and main source of income happy which is not smart at all.

No. 693580

what on earth is she wearing? plus those hideous LV sneakers … well, money won't buy you good taste

No. 693607


… How do you know she didn't do anything? If she donated and told people about it, everyone would be moaning about her showing off, so she's damned if she does and if she doesn't. The roads were cut off by trees, how could she even made it there? This thread has gotten so salty and nitpicky and whiny it makes me miss Kiki.

No. 693620

somehow other volunteers got there to help - I guess they have a flying carpet or something. asking for money is the easiest way to get some good PR without doing much which she mastered. perfect image without doing much. I'm not salty about her staying nice and cozy at home and not helping out, but by the fact she uses these animals as a PR stunt.

cool she donated money (if she did, not just asked others), but so are other people. even the lady who runs the place crosses the boarder every day while princess taylor is being lazy at home and giving out to people how you need to work hard to achieve your dreams (which makes me laugh every time she says this)

No. 693876

Yeah stop excusing her and go back to pull.

No. 694170

File: 1537625177180.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2048x1972, 9E9502AF-F340-4E7D-9B8A-713E2D…)

Hanging out with her poor friend lol

No. 694389


sage for tinfoil but both the outfits she's wearing in Sharla's instagram story have baggy tops. That grey sweatshirt pictured and then a green tracksuit.

Wonder if she's hiding something under there?

No. 694948

I doubt it, she has been liking baggy tops for some time. She had the surgery tho, so she might feel more comfortable wearing things that don't touch the scars if the scars feel weird still or something?

No. 695431

>… How do you know she didn't do anything?

And how do you know that she did? She already overshares that she does nothing all day.

These pics look too staged to seem natural at a glance.

No. 695877


To be fair she doesn't speak the language and doesn't have practical skills that would be helpful in a disaster. We don't know how much of their income they are contributing to relief efforts.

Also as someone who lived in the region before: typhoons happen every year. Yes, this one was a particularly bad one, but there were no deaths in Hong Kong, so it's a lower scale tragedy than you might think.

In a disaster scenario, the worst thing is when well-meaning foreigners barge in and try to "volunteer". Between their basic needs, translators, training them in the necessary disaster relief skills, they end up doing more harm than good. Cash is the best thing people can do

No. 695879


A flat can be in both people's names even if only one person gets the mortgage/pays the mortgage.
Also, aren't they buying a flat in Toronto too?

No. 695901

>And how do you know that she did?

I don't, and neither does the other anon, so hating on her for possibly not doing anything is fucking stupid and makes the anon seem like a salty teenager.

>she did x in her video so obviously she is y! reeeeeeeeeeee!

Come on now

No. 695940

it can be but then they would need to pay extra tax just because she is a foreigner - I don't think he would be OK to throw money away like that

No. 695941

for someone who shares their reaction to IG post on a toilet in her video, I'm pretty sure she would share if she did anything. she's just lazy and you can't admit that.

No. 696042

Taylor stans are wild af taking things personal.

No. 696131

Did you notice where you are?

Aka pulltards

No. 696585

Sorry, I thought I was on lolcow where nitpicking and tinfoiling is usually discouraged, not Salt Sperg City.

>no hate boner reaching for the stars - must be a stan

You act as if she shares things on Momokuns level, when she barely posts on instagram and makes one video a week at most. She's not smart, do you really think she could have done anything at the sanctuary? To me it's obvious that she donated too, so I really don't see a reason she should state that "yeah, btw, I donated". She also said that you don't have to donate and it's enough if you would just share the news, so it's not like her fans will feel that they absolutely have to give their pocket money. True, she is lazy, and donating is a lazy persons way to feel accomplished, so I really don't see a problem with this.

No. 696587

>To me it's obvious that she donated too

Not that anon, but you're stanning and projecting big time.

No. 696600

She's rich and lazy and knows the people who run the shelter, so I think it's more plausible she did than that she didn't. Not mentioning your donation or the amount is pretty standard because mentioning it seems braggy. We will not know whether she did or didn't donate, so anons crying about what an awful bitch she is for not donating are cringy speculators. Why is everybody so offended by me saying that there is a possibility she did donate? Everyone does something nice every once in a while even if they are total bitches, so it's not that far fetched.

No. 696636


My guess then would be that the Hong Kong flat is in his name and the Toronto flat will be in her name or both of their names

No. 696637


>On a side note - I wonder how Elbow explains to his business partners the weird videos his fiance shoots.

I feel like her videos are totally acceptable? The older ones where she is weeaboo cringy are kinda cringe, but if you go to her channel now it's her being cute and eating Hong Kong food and talking about dogs.
I think she makes a pretty good accessory for him since she's super pretty and obviously into the culture.
Would like to see her learning more Cantonese though.

No. 696670

I don’t talk about vlogs or travel videos, more like those cringy nose hair extensions

No. 696701

It’s not about donating or not, it’s about her making two videos to get good PR (lady who helps the shelter provides her with her dog food: look up furry kitchen), then she didn’t even bother to go a single time in meantime. She will mention it once every three months if sth happens, but won’t move her lazy ass to actually make a change like she said she will - she has all the time and money to do so, yet she’s fake like always and using animals as PR stunt is disgusting to me. She did some good, but it’s not that no one knew that place before - they were pretty known in HK already, without her input.
You can disagree with me but you won’t change my mind about her actions

No. 697285

Lol i doubt that he is okay with it. That’s why he never appear in her videos on Youtube or pictures on Instagram much. You can totally see and tell that he is not interested about her videos from her latest video. He doesn’t even want to be in it. Well I can’t blame him. It’s just going to affect his image as a successful businessman.

That’s the point of having a beautiful wife when that’s the only thing you can show off about her. Obviously that’s the only thing he can show off, since smart, hardworking or a successful youtuber is not on the list.

No. 697435

I believe he doesn't appear on her stuff too much since East Asians are often very private and shy about that stuff? He seems to be fine with her content and they seem to have a similar sense of humor too. If he only liked her for her dolly look he could easily drop her, since Japan and Korea are full of blond, cute girls. I don't think Taylor is a total bimbo, she just seems a little awkward and silly, and most of her videos are just fine. If they really have a sugar relationship and he isn't okay with the videos, he can just tell her not to do them, but I'm not really buying the sugar daddy theory that much since they seem to really like each other.

No. 697521


this. I've been in a similar relationship and while yes the looks-money exchange is real, the people often also develop feelings for each other. For all we know Elbow also goes to see prostitutes or has other women on the side but the fact that he's proposed to Taylor and allows her to be public about the relationship pretty much indicates he does care about her. Nobody puts a ring on a sugar baby lol

No. 697578

It's not really a "looks-money exchange". Most men are embarrassed of being seen that way. But they just happen to shower affection (including in a material sense) on a woman who is young and pretty. And the woman adores him in response.

It's like the never-ending argument of whether cats really love their owners or if they just view the owners as a source of cat food tins.

No. 697899

Don’t go too hard saying the truth about her, taylovers may have a seizure.
>For all we know Elbow also goes to see prostitutes or has other women on the side
Lmao what? How do you know this? Just curious

No. 697933


just describing some typical situations in which Chinese guys have sexual relations with many women but still have a wife (正妻)
seems tay is the 正妻 in this scenario

No. 698021

I think she deleted most of her old weeaboo vids now.

She has so little going on that she literally got a haircut she doesn't like (nor does anyone seem to like) and buys things to have content. Donating, such as even showing a walkthrough of how to donate as she does it, and helping out is content she would have used without hesitation.

No. 699332

File: 1538137285095.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, 44025094-0588-49CC-91DE-2E48C3…)

This is now Taylor should be styling herself.

No. 701084

File: 1538330127977.jpeg (401.18 KB, 1242x1727, 269456E3-B5D6-4096-9707-339345…)

While her fiancé works hard this is what she does for a living lol

No. 701123

I always giggle seeing people WK her and saying she has money because ‘she works hard’ - nah, think again
I agree YT can be a job for someone, but to her it’s just a hobby - have it or not, won’t make a difference. She just wants to get viral - AGAIN.

She’s pretty and thanks to Tom she doesn’t need to worry about anything when it comes to finance - is her only ambition is to be YouTube famous? She could do anything with her life yet she chooses to do half ass videos every now and then for YouTube

No. 701646

Close but not quite with those eyebrows.

No. 701840

Her videos are rubbish. It’s fun to watch how she use her stupidity to be famous. Well it worked, she did look stupid in all her videos.

No. 701847

No wonder she follows him around like crazy, she looks like she has no own life. Always following him to business trips. Probably she’s afraid that the sugar daddy will find another baby daddy while he is away. But it’s embarrassing to watch how she never work on her own in her life and always depends on the guy on everything . What a shame to live like that.

No. 702158


Who said she works hard? She's obviously aiming for the housewife role. I imagine after the marriage she will have kids and focus on that.

They're engaged, I'm pretty sure that means she's been upgraded from sugar baby to trophy wife

No. 702174

She had many videos where she says she works hard but never shows it. She stopped talking about working hard to acheive dreams~ after people revealed the sugar daddy.

When she has kids, she'll pay other people to raise them while she works harder on maintaining a youthful look and gets rid of her pet. Expecting her to end up similar to Xiaxue in terms of content, but less original.

No. 702327

Of course she have to maintain herself after she have kids, because if she don’t, do you think the baby daddy will still like her if she’s no longer pretty? I don’t think so. Because other than looking pretty, she got nothing else that she can be proud of. If baby daddy is gone, she’done.

No. 702527

File: 1538492790612.png (4.21 MB, 1242x2208, 8CC100C9-A54C-48BC-B67D-C31326…)

Are they in love tho? More like conveniently together

No. 702921

I know that anons want desperately for some reason for their relationship to just be a sugar thing, but judging by what we know now, it just doesn't seem like it to me.
After all if that's all Tom wanted he could easily land a girl that's prettier and more normal than Tay. For better or for worse I think they love each other.

No. 703109

I think they love each other now, but it started as sugar daddy thing. I mean, if he owned a noodle store or be a regular salary man who cannot help her in career in HK to stand against so many other white models - would she even bothered to go out with semi attractive older dude? Doubt it.

No. 703162

No one is desperately looking for a reason. Because it is the truth, everyone can see this is a sugar thing. What annoys me is that how she always try to show that this isn’t and say that she works hard for everything she earned in her life. Like seriously? Bullshit. Even the most successful girl on YouTube (Zoella), you can see how she work so hard in her daily life and put an effort in every videos she uploaded to live luxurious like she is living now. But her? Did she even work hard or put an effort in her videos besides just looking pretty, complains on videos, do stupid things on videos and follow her fiancé around like a crazy jealous wife. She is a lazy ass and spoiled giant baby.

With that face and age (no offense Tom) do you think she will like him if he is not a rich businessman? I bet she will already make a video about an pervert old man that creeps her out (about him) if he is not that rich lol

But it’s a win-win situation for them, he might like a bimbo that is also an easy girl like her who he can show to his friends and be proud of (this is very common in Asia), and she needs a guy who can support her financially and spoiled her with luxury things when she doesn’t have to work to earn money.

No. 703196

Thank you anon!!! Finally someone said it.
Even a millionaire like Zoe work 100 times harder in her life and put effort to every of her videos than Taylor lol if she work just half the effort and be hardworking just like her, no one will be able to say anything about how she just depends on her fiancé money to support her financially….

“Lazy ass and spoiled giant baby”
Omg so mean but so true at the same time…LOL

No. 703318

What do you expect with Taylor stans…
it is obvious Tom is her sugar daddy for the reasons you have already said. That’s why when I saw the wedding card that says “brilliantly in love”, besides being cringey af it sounds very off.

No. 703343

Not even her wedding is going to be original. She says she wants a dress like some Italian woman and bridesmaid dresses like Kate Moss wedding. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an original wedding instead of copying from other people?

No. 703378

Not agreeing with salty weebs =/= stanning, anon. I don't remember ever seeing a thread with so much reaching and saltiness about someone so uncontroversial, drama free and bland. I really don't get how she can raise such an anger out of some anons. I wish there were two threads for her - one for salty, jealous weebs to circlejerk in, and one for actual discussion without crazy fanfiction by underaged people. Not that she's in any way milky, but she does some annoying and cringy things sometimes that would be fun to talk about.

No. 703490

Agreed anon. Taylor's an airhead who's often cringy af, but the shitty ESL fanfic that some anons come up with is just goofy.

>it is obvious Tom is her sugar daddy for the reasons you have already said
What reasons? That anon didn't give any reasons. They just went into a weird invective about "work hard" and Zoella.

I don't think she's a sugar-baby because she doesn't live the life. All of the girls that I know that sugared would not be content with Taylor's lifestyle. These girls had expensive apts in NYC paid for them -that they lived in alone. They were given Hermes Birkin bags. They had a 5-10k monthly allowance that they spent freely. They shopped at Gucci/Chanel/Balmain on the regular. They traveled to St Tropez and Dubai. Not one of them married their sugar daddies.

No. 703562


he will want to ensure his "genetically superior" (barf) halfie kids have a good upbringing.

I think the bigger question is whether or not Tay can be that mother. Canadians don't have the crazy stressful mothering style Chinese moms do.

No. 703565

I'm in a relationship with a man who is older (about a decade older) and much wealthier than myself, and he's not conventionally attractive.
Money is definitely a factor but I can also say I genuinely love him. Looks aren't everything. Think about it when you get old everyone looks bad but the personality remains.

No. 703748

It’s not like the idea of her being his sugar baby is totally crazy. Besides not all sugar baby and daddy relationships are the same.

No. 703754

It is if you have either sugared or know people who have (which you clearly haven't and don't).
Taylor and Tom have been together for 5 years and their relationship has had a fairly ordinary organic progression.
-internet friends
-irl friends
-dating not living together
-dating and living together
I have never met a sugar baby whose sugar relationship had that trajectory.

No. 703897

You forgot

-promoted her youtube career though partnerships and paid outreach
-connects her with agencies and gigs through his company to keep her busy and even pays for a manager to escort her around so she never has to learn foreign languages
-pays for her beauty upkeep on top of rent
-will throw a lot of cash at whatever she needs to follow viral trends

It might not be straight forward sugaring, but the relationship dynamic being advantageous to both is there like >>703162 said.

You don't have to be a weeb to think something is off about the two. Even a normalfag just looking at their pics would wonder why the couple is together with such a gap.

No. 704016

And you're just making things up to suit your favored narrative.

>promoted her youtube career though partnerships and paid outreach

He promoted her through Beautyexchange which she blogged for. He has also promoted other beautyexchange bloggers. I think given their relationship, he probably shouldn't have done that but it's not really a red flag to me.
>connects her with agencies and gigs through his company to keep her busy and even pays for a manager to escort her around so she never has to learn foreign languages
What agencies? She's not signed at all now and when she was it was long before she even met Tom. Satoru was her Japanese agency from the beginning (from her earliest trips to Japan). While she was there, it was her booker at Satoru who escorted her and that made sense with what she was doing. Her being at BeautyExchange events is mutually beneficial because whether you like her or not she a relatively popular youtuber (especially for her market).
>pays for her beauty upkeep on top of rent
Rent for the home they live in together.
What beauty upkeep? Before this year she was only coloring her hair 2-3 times a year. She wears mostly middle tier makeup, and she doesn't go to the aesthetician for cool-sculpting or anything. And since I don't believe she had anything more invasive than fillers, that's not much of an expense either.
>will throw a lot of cash at whatever she needs to follow viral trends.
Most of her viral videos have been DIYs. A sugar-baby would have actually gotten real Vetements or Saint Laurent.

And that's the point I'm trying to make. I don't think what he does for her is beyond what a person of means would normally do for their partner who they support and love.

Newsflash: rich people have relationships. Attractive people have relationships. Sometimes they have them with each other. She would hardly be the first model to choose someone who wasn't conventionally attractive but treated her like she hung the moon. And judging by his actions, it would seem that he does. (Dude was out with her at ass-o'clock in the morning to film her flailing around to the Yokai Watch theme twice-if that's not devotion, I'm not sure what is)
This anon summed it up nicely.

No. 704834

Anon, human relationships are complex, they don’t always fit your mould or any other.
Only they know what kind of relationship they have and we can only speculate. I think they’re just used to each other now but they are just together out of convenience.

No. 705833

Agreed. It's quite blatantly not a sugar baby thing. It's a normal/traditional format of a relationship. Note her family are also rich, and she will have her own money and savings from working. The only issue I have with their portrayed relationship is he is very short/aloof when speaking to her in English. I'd like to see them converse in Cantonese to see if that is more organic.

No. 705856

I just wanted to say something similar!

I just cannot understand how they can hold a deeper conversation when he seems to have problems explaining simple things - I’m not sure if that’s just him being stressed out knowing whatever he says may be in a video and people would judge him or simply his English is OK for simple conversations but it’s just not good enough to have a dynamic normal talk.
He seems very slow when responding to her and his sentences are short and simple.

I’m not a native English speaker, neither is my husband, we do not speak each other languages so we have to speak English to each other and I don’t want it to sound like bragging but our spoken English is much better. I wouldn’t be able to be with someone I cannot communicate normally - doesn’t matter in what language, I just wouldn’t be able to stand the way Tom speaks.

As for Taylor learning Cantonese - forget about it. She couldn’t learn Japanese which is much easier (even for speaking only), she lived for 4 years before in HK and even with already being with Tom she didn’t bother to learn.
Like even in recent videos she asked him at the airport how you pronounce Toronto in Cantonese - she should know this by now.
She can get around HK with English only so she won’t have motivation to do so. She also has her ‘assistant’ to do translating for her. I don’t see that coming.

No. 708272

Yes, same anon you replied to and I agree. If their only conversation together is in English, it seems sorely lacking based on the videos. However his understanding of English is very good, but he seems unconfident speaking it for sure.
Every ESL person I've ever met had better spoken English than what we've heard from Elbow-San. But they do seem very happy together so maybe he's just extremely shy on camera.

No. 709503


Yeah, as someone who has spent quite a bit of time in HK, Tom(or should I say 子明)'s English accent is shockingly bad for someone who is reasonably internationalized as he is. That said, it's also puzzling that he has relatives in France, rather than UK/Canada/USA. My best guess is that Taylor is being honest when she says he is a self made man, and that he genuinely was from a poor or middle class Honger family that was aspirational af and that's why they have the wealth and internationalism without the trappings of "old money" HK elites…

No. 709558

I would assume that they speak a kind of Canglish. Like Tay probably understands more Cantonese than she speaks and vice versa for him.
That makes sense.

No. 709846

I highly doubt she understands anything aside of which thank you to use and names of dim sum - at the end she asked him about how to pronounce Toronto in Cantonese despite being there for so long.
I think one of the main reasons to move to HK was that she doesn’t need to learn the language, she couldn’t get around Japan much as she wouldn’t actually learn the language aside of how to pronounce her dialogues in drama.

We talk about girl who thinks WWIII was a thing.

No. 709974

Ah it's you.
That's not necessarily how it works. It's totally possible to suck at speaking a language and yet be able to understand it when you hear it. They aren't mutually exclusive; especially if you are -like Taylor- uncomfortable and self conscious about making mistakes. The reason that they moved to HK is because that's where Tom's primary business is and Taylor's modeling career is over. She even said that Japan was never intended to be permanent for them.
And it's honestly completely feasible to live in Japan with almost zero Japanese. Expats there do it for decades. I think that it's sad and a waste, but there you go.
>We talk about girl who thinks WWIII was a thing
Pretty sure that was just a stupid mistake. Taylor's an airhead, not a Mira-tier moron.

No. 710110


-> Pretty sure that was just a stupid mistake. Taylor's an airhead, not a Mira-tier moron.

Mistake she should have edited, but she had no idea it's incorrect so she kept it.
She's not the brightest - not a complete moron, but learning was never her thing. She didn't even finish the degree she started in Hong Kong.

I don't say everyone should be 'book smart', but I often get stupid-girl vibes from her. I would like to believe she does that on purpose to be more 'relatable' to younger viewers, but you can clearly see there's a big gap between her and people her age when it comes to common knowledge.

No. 710209

About Tay learning Cantonese, I'm familiar with Hong Kong and my grandparents speak Canto so I'll try to give some sociolinguistic insight.

First of all, English is an official language of Hong Kong, and due to the colonial history, it's considered the most prestigious language. That's why I said well-to-do old money family kids would speak proper English. This is particularly true for someone around Elbow's age because HK was still a British territory when he was a schoolkid. The British colonizers, even if they lived in Hong Kong for years, wouldn't bother themselves with learning Cantonese as they saw it "beneath" them. There are a very few exceptions – for instance, missionaries tend to learn the language because it helps them reach more people, and I even met a white girl who was born and raised in HK and spoke Cantonese (as well as English) natively because her father was a missionary that preached in Cantonese. But that is the 1% of white people in Hong Kong, even now expats from rich Western countries like UK and Canada and from poorer countries like India and Philippines alike generally don't learn more than rudimentary Cantonese. Taylor is a wealthy woman who would mostly associate with people who can speak English and thus doesn't have much need to learn Cantonese.

On top of that, HK was handed over to China on 1997, and with that a lot of schools started focusing on teaching Mandarin Chinese (Beijing dialect) even over English. There are a TON of tensions because Hong Kong people don't really like mainland people and thus don't like Mandarin, but at the government level there is a big push for Mandarin.

In Canton (Guangdong) province in China where Cantonese originates, Cantonese was always both the most widely spoken language and also always viewed as inferior to Mandarin or as not a "proper" language again due to the reason that the main government spoke Mandarin.

A lot of immigrants from Hong Kong and Canton to Canada and the USA don't teach their children Cantonese because they view it as an "informal, less prestigious" language vis-a-vis English.

There are people pushing for standardization of Cantonese and taking pride in Cantonese, but these tend to be politically oriented people who don't like the Chinese government removing their freedoms and view themselves as separate from China. Elbow is a businessman who probably does a decent amount of business in China so I doubt he would make waves like that.

That said, I do think it would be good for Taylor to learn Cantonese. From Elbow's accent, we can obviously see Cantonese is his native language and the one he's most comfortable speaking. Taylor's videos usually have Chinese subtitles and I imagine either Elbow writes them himself or requests that they be added so other Chinese people can follow along with the videos. His websites are in Chinese and his fellow contacts are mostly Hong Kong people. Speaking Canto would definitely help bring Taylor closer to both Elbow and also to being integrated in Hong Kong society. I can imagine at many of the modeling and business events, everyone around her chattering away in Cantonese while she stands around awkwardly…

It's just an uphill battle for her to learn Cantonese. Everyone will tell her "Why learn Canto? English is better!". I bet even if she speaks a few words of Canto to people, they will see she's white and switch to English to accommodate her.
By the way, it's an incredibly challenging language to learn, with the traditional character set, the 8 tones, and the lack of good learning materials when contrasted with Mandarin.

No. 719057

This was very interesting Anon, thanks for posting. It gives good insight. And I agree that it would benefit her to learn Cantonese, despite social pressure not to. Especially as she is heavily hinting at getting pregnant soon. Her children should learn both languages to ensure a good bond and understanding of their heritage.

No. 723785

File: 1540893239761.png (859.38 KB, 552x581, Capture.PNG)

I dislike her style change so much.
With such a figure she could rock more flattering clothes.

I know Tom loves her, but I wonder what he honestly thinks about the change. He said in one of her videos he fell for her as she was different from other 'white models in HK' (I don't remember which video exactly, tho)

No. 725231

It seemed to have happened pretty gradually so he probably got used to it. I mean let's be real, if she tried to do that uber girly look in earnest nowadays it would be cringy af. That ship has sailed for her I think. Case in point: Kota's trying to do it for some photo shoot and the cringe is so strong I want to jump off a building to escape.
Anyway, I wish Tay had found more of a middle ground than just going full insta-style but c'est la vie.

No. 725285

totally agree it would be creepy!
but she had that lovely phase in between when she dressed up so nicely - like the jeans skirt and boots, long long time ago.
now it seems she tries to pursue insta trends too much. I know things can be 'trendy', but have she and her WK heard about term 'fashion victim'? like those ugly furry gucci shoes - they were 'trendy' at some point, but no one aside of super rich people showing off wouldn't ware them - this is how I feel about her recent outfits

No. 725550

Agreed. I also wish she had more originality. She honestly looks best in more feminine styles because her features are so soft and delicate. I'd love to see her in kind of an updated mod-style or I even think that she could probably pull off soft toned down larme. Maybe a vintage-y look. Honestly there are so many styles for her to pick and choose from.
But this trendy thing does her a disservice.

No. 727498

Everyone seems to think her hair before looked a lot better, especially when the kawaii shit was tamed. When there were more friends like the jvloggers in her circle, she seemed to dress better.

Now she's a mix of kardashian, ill fitting hipster and fast fashion instathot. At her age and access to resources, she should have already developed a sense for what looks good.

No. 728041

Taylor and Elbow-san address questions posed by people on the internet about them and their relationship. Around the 15 minute mark they talk about the age difference and whether or not elbow-san considers himself a sugar daddy (he says hes not and talyor makes her own money and she agrees). Elbow-san of course does not want to show his face on camera as per usual

No. 728395

Unless she has another job we don't know about, Taylor doesn't make enough money to be able to buy all of those luxury goods even if she isn't contributing to rent, and her youtube and model work is so sporadic now that she has to make far less than the average Canadian her age. I have to wonder if the video was made because Tom is starting to get embarrassed about the age and economic gap now that they're getting married and people in his life who don't follow youtube will be meeting Taylor at the wedding for the first time and judging or laughing at him behind his back. Tom also looks older than 42, so their age difference looks bigger than 12 years if they are telling the truth.

No. 728438

Ever since the dude was outed as her lifestyle provider, Taylor no longer pushes the "work hard for your dreams" lie as much.

>I'm quite mature

>I provide for myself
I've seen enough. I remember he lambasted her for running up phone bills and getting cards declined like a teen. She can't even buy her own business class tickets if she wanted.

No. 728761

>all of those luxury goods
What luxury goods? She buys mostly fast fashion. The luxury items she has are gifts for the most part. You act like she's buying Saint Laurent and Gucci every week.
>she has to make far less than the average Canadian her age
Look at the end of the day, we don't know jack about her finances and what she does or doesn't have in the bank.
> I have to wonder if the video was made because Tom is starting to get embarrassed about the age and economic gap
I doubt it. Her followers have been bugging her to do it for ages. He didn't want to do it. He didn't seem embarrassed at all. And newsflash, Taylor isn't some kind of dirty secret for him. She already knows his friends and family. She's been to his friends weddings and baby showers. She's been to his work parties. She spends holidays with his family. They seem to be fully engaged in each other's lives.
He was the one who called her mature first. Admittedly I raised my eyebrows at that, but I figure that he knows her better than I do. What we see in her youtube videos is only a tiny fraction of her whole. And one where she often doesn't present herself very well.

No. 728901


She said "I support myself." Supporting yourself means paying for your own living expenses, including travel, rent, food, and phone.

Tom didn't show his face on the video. His immediately family and company employees have met her, but now she'll be meeting distant relatives, business contacts, former colleagues, classmates, people who don't follow their social media and don't know about her.

No. 729010

>Look at the end of the day, we don't know jack about her finances and what she does or doesn't have in the bank.

Not the anon you're replying to, but the way everything money or adulting related is a mystery to her at 30 shows that she is being carried.

If she was living below her means and had credit history, she would have had an easy time getting approved for the condos. She and Tom wouldn't have had to reel in dad for help at the 11th hour and have meltdowns over an imagined entitlement.

No. 729561


Sorry but the discussion towards the end of the video gave me a mental image of them having sex (even though she's trying to be coy about it) and i did not need that in my mind.

I'm picturing her slowly teaching him the correct english expressions for during sex and it's just cringe

No. 731193

Elbow san is chomping at the bit to get tay tay preggo probably because he’s fucking ancient (talk about having a baby doesn’t start until literally a minute or two before the video ends)

No. 731285

Who is running Elbow san’s IG? “Per” “epic” “breathless” just don’t seem like words you’d find in his vocabulary. It's also really weird that a super wealthy CEO started up a new IG for his fiancee's tween fans.

No. 731374

File: 1542088917668.png (130.49 KB, 459x231, tb.png)

I find the way she chose to change the thumbnail and title interesting, wonder if she changed it to get more views or if Tom didn't like it?

No. 731503

why do all her fans tell her how young Tom looks? He looks older. I wouldn´t be surprised if they fudged his age a bit, honestly

No. 731506

Lots of assumptions here. She has some incredibly expensive stuff mixed into her fast fashion. She also seems to wear things once or twice, tops, except for a couple comfort outfits. (Based on when she used to vlog everyday.) This white knighting is obnoxious.

No. 731853


Dude, his fiancee is a native English speaker from Canada, it's not at all surprising he would pick up on some basic white bitch slang lol

These recent videos…urgh. I honestly had a better image of their relationship when Elbow-san wasn't talking. He shouldn't have let Tay talk him into doing videos.

Also his shit English in a former British colony is more than enough proof that he grew up poor, yet the hags on PULL still think he comes from a rich family kek.

No. 732032

it's funny how they try to suck it up to her by saying he looks so young - no, he doesn't. he looks his age, if I've seen him on the street I would say he's in his early 40s.
he seems all right, he works hard, but what's the point of saying 'I wouldn't guess his age' when he does look like a 40 yo guy?

No. 732123

Girl just bought a painting that costs in the thousands. Then again, those same fans are already excited about her getting pregnant because it’ll give her content.

I don’t think “breathless” is part of her vocab, either.

He looks older than early 40s for a Chinese guy and he's soaking up the compliments and attention seeing how often he’s been updating. But what’s a smart, hardworking guy like Tom doing with Taylor? If he just wanted a young pretty thing, he could’ve easily gotten a more beautiful and successful model with his wealth and connections, unless something's off. He pursued Taylor on Facebook (don't give me that "they were just friends" crap), so it’s not like he was attracted to her personality. They were both in relationships with other people. Maybe we’ll finally find out.

No. 732233

I visited HK many years ago after the Brit occupation just ended and there were many people with poor English. Being a self-made man is just as good as family money.

They obviously spent a lot of time getting to know each other before they even met. Imo they’re pretty open about that. Is it so far fetched they like each other for personality first?

No. 732576

In a video from January she has got a package in the mail and he teases her about it only being her third package…today which really implied that he was paying for it. She does make Youtube buxx but she also shops a little too often to be covered. He is definitely paying for some things.

I think he doesn't like the white hair as much as she looks more like a trophy wife/gf and makes it more obvious.

No. 732579

The title is now "fiance Tag part 2 and Tom's Birthday"

Lead with clickbait and change it later scribbling in notebook

No. 732648

He contacted her on Facebook after seeing a photo of her on a mutual friend's page and if it was just because he wanted her for work, he wouldn't have been messaging her privately. Her work for his company was being handled through her agency and without his presence.

That's because it was pointed out on PULL. Just like the HK and dog shelter vlogs and sudden metal straw.

No. 733097

The day the fiancé got attention from other people/girls (on his Instagram) is the best day to marry him lol how desperate. Must lock him inside the cage before it’s too late. So scared he might be interested to other girls. Typical Taylor. Everything must be about her lol

No. 733104

to be fair for her - you cannot marry so quickly in Hong Kong, it's very easy to get married, but you need at least one month of 'cool down' period between booking your ceremony and the actual wedding day.
I know it's always about her, but in this case it means they planned it for a while now.

No. 733105

I was so surprised to see on IG that they got married like that. I thought it was going to be some extravagant event with Taylor looking like a princess and having everyone fawn over her all day. I'm assuming they will still have a wedding to celebrate but not for months. I wonder why they rushed things, even if they had to give a months notice, that's still rushing. None of her family around, only her assistant? weird.

No. 733118

I had weird vibes in Tom's bday video that she was giving hints she's pregnant, but don't quote me on that!

No. 733199

Well everything you just typed there is wrong but…
Also tone down the a logging. Some girl having a low key wedding isn't worth the venom.

No. 733204

I actually felt bad for him. He always lived in the shadow of her. I mean look at his instagram, she should’ve just let him use his name. Those elbowsan xx, tripod san etc names are all just stupid. He is a successful businessman, and i think many people would learn, appreciate and respect him more if he actually post and talk about his business instead of posting all those rubbish contents about his relationship for her obsessed teenagers fans all the time. I mean, come on Tom. You are far more better and worth it than just being known as Taylor’s “elbowsan”.

No. 733211

I have to agree with you on this one anon……let him shine as him….he is very hardworking and successful…..he should’ve known as him for his hardwork….not because of her all the time…everyone know he is your fiancé (well husband now), you don’t have to make it all about you all the time…..geez it amazes me how some people crave for attention these days smh

No. 733237

She will probably have proper ceremonies in Canada and France. She's probably preggers and I can't wait for a kaka meltdown.

No. 733242

It might just be for visa reasons. It's common for international couples to get legally married and have the ceremony later.

No. 733297

You guys act like she runs his instagram and makes him do this and that. He seems to be in on the elbow joke, so what's wrong with him using that name and wanting to be a part of this side of Taylor's life? He posts about cars and food and his life, which Taylor happens to be a part of, how is that her craving attention? This thread has the wildest anons is2g, one day Tom controls Taylor because "he is her sugar daddy" and the next day Taylor controls Tom because "she outshines him and is jelly". Makes me really nostalgic for that kiki milk >>733097 like wtf

I hope they don't get another dog that has been bred to be so unhealthy when they move into their new house, I feel bad for Rosie because she always has her tongue out and I bet she has health issues.

No. 733407


Since he runs a business he already has successful social media accounts with his name or brand. It's not like that account is his first ever. He works in digital marketing. It's just a fun account on the side and marks him becoming closer in her digital/Youtube life now they are married. She probably asked for this as a stipulation of the marriage, since him hiding in the shadows was gonna look weird once they were married.

Basically it's a good thing and I see no problems with it.

Yeah there's no way that dog's healthy.

No. 733737

Well she straight up said he wants to have a baby by next year. But if she were pregnant I feel like they’d be way more private about it until 12wks and then do a big surprise video. Not give it away by talking about it in a video but even then it was my first thought as to why

No. 733762

seriously? go take a look at menclub.hk and you'll get a pretty good idea of how he makes his money. Their website and FB is full of girls showing tits and ass.

The cake Tay bought him has a phone with MC on it. It's the menclub logo. Taylor used to make little vids and interviews for them too. Most got removed once she announced she had a bf.

No. 733798

Amazing find, anon!!! Is this why they were in Japan? So Tom could recruit some "models" for his Menclub video?

Interesting staff: blog.menclub.hk/home.php

No. 733799

"Tom Lip" is identified as the CEO of Menclub HK on official sites and documents, so there's no doubt.

No. 733811

Yeah he's a successful businessman, why would he want his wife's goofy content and personal stuff to come up when you google his name? Staying "elbow-san" is the smarter move.

No. 733832

Yikes, this is beyond sketchy.

No. 733835

Now we know why he is so coy about his business…sexygirls.com

No. 733836

File: 1542492672617.png (655.71 KB, 720x827, wp_ss_20181117_0025 (2).png)

It's like a view into elbow-san's mind, including Taylor lookalikes

No. 733842

File: 1542493074333.png (938.06 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20181117_0027.png)

"Tell us more about your business Tom"

"It's uhh. In digital marketing."

No. 733845

File: 1542493325352.png (131.79 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20181117_0029.png)

I wonder what is here in this "Private Zone"???

This is amusing me too much anons

No. 733850

There are so many porn stars and gravure models on that site. Businesses from that industry are usually connected to criminal elements in some way.

Why was Taylor working for Menclub and were those her first jobs with him?

He messaged her directly. Who's to say he isn't contacting other girls.

No. 733863

So basically.. escorting service and prostitution? GFC

No. 733985

File: 1542513654630.jpg (346.01 KB, 1115x712, taylormarriage.jpg)

They got married and everyone is shocked that it was so quick and informal.

No. 734000

She was blogging for BeautyExchange along with a bunch of other female influencers at that time.
This Mensclub thing looks like a digital Chinese Maxim. In addition to the creepy pics you posted, there are also lots of pictures of cars, motorcycles,games, tech stuff and other presumably "manly" things. It's just another sausage site.

No. 734004

File: 1542515966880.jpg (103.17 KB, 1081x602, rrt445t.JPG)

Cherry-picking is fun, huh.

No. 734082

Someone said she did work directly for Mensclub in the past and I wasn't the one who posted those pics, although they're all from the front page of their website.

Did you actually look at their website? Check out the "Girls" page.

Look at their page on the "Under-18" girl. It's not just "manly" things.

No. 734087

How is this creepier or worse than what other "men's" magazines post? Maxim has a gallery of barely clothed girls that their readers can vote on right this moment.

No. 734093

Those two sisters, Erika and Marina, are still in high school.

No. 734094

Those two girls are still in high school.

No. 734113

Age of consent is 16 in HK so for them it isn’t breaking any laws. Like other anons said it’s like a Chinese maximum. Kinda questionable but not illegal

No. 734132

Moving the goal post and normalizing trash sites doesn't make it "okay".

Tom giving business advice to teenage fangirls atm while this is how he gets rich is a joke.

No. 734140

File: 1542542666721.jpg (117.17 KB, 850x850, 10511356_676564519059765_30984…)

I was the anon who brought up menclub above. I actually don't know that it's any worse than Maxim, honestly. But I have a hunch that many of Taylor's pseudo-sexy schoolgirl "bedtime" pix were for menclub

No. 734142

File: 1542543090246.png (1.03 MB, 1807x924, Screenshot 2018-11-17 21.25.08…)

this is creepy though

No. 734144

This is the only evidence of menclub she left on her page: https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.R.Official/photos/a.542894092426809/589962937719924/?type=3&permPage=1

The comments are predictable

Unfortunately, only the text of the so-called interview is archived:

No. 734146

Did some searching. So, um, when did she say she started dating Tom?

No. 734159

eww that under-18 thing is like super softcore porn.

Just looking at these pics and having all of these adolescent girls looking at me just feels gross.

No. 734160

Do you remember when Taylor talked about an event where there were mirrors on the floor, and so everyone could see up the models' skirts?

Menclub helpfully linked to the press release with uncensored pictures from their FB page, tagging her and writing ~oh my god~

No. 734204

this is an imageboard. post the pics

No. 734209

That's true it doesn't, but let's be real you wouldn't give a shit about this if you didn't have a hateboner for the owner's girlfriend/partner. So spare us your moralizing. You're on a fucking chanboard.

No. 734308

Just because porny photos of 16-year olds aren’t illegal in HK doesn’t change the fact that it’s messed up and gives new perspective to Taylor’s dolly phase and the wholesome image her fans have of Elbow-san.

Maxim is trashy but they don’t entice their audience with actual schoolgirls and talk up their under-18 status. Maxim almost looks classy in comparison.

No. 734320

So this is just one of the several businesses he owns or what? Doesn't he also own BeautyExchange?

No. 734322

yes. and Studio54. and CChannel.
all of which employed and promoted Taylor.

No. 734323

girl in the middle was 14/15 at the time of the photo.

No. 734324

Wait. So both Taylor and Kota were pedo pandering gravure-esque weebs who both got Asian husbands from dressing kawaii and acting softcore and cutesy. Meaning that even though Tay was copying Kota she still made out with a better deal than Kooter. She got what Kota wanted in HK while Kota was licking muff trying to keep working while she was also married to stay in the country. That entire time Tay had Tom funding his personal real barbie.

So Tay married a Chinese Kota fan who owns the kind of site that probably would have featured viral era Kota's hideous clevage shoops and spread eagle poses to get creepy guys fluffed up to schoolgirls. Say what you guys want and I think she does love him bc of how easy he makes her life but he's obviously attracted to her because she's immature and spoiled in addition to being pretty and white. She became the trophy Kota wanted to be.

No. 734325

Did you really go through that many FB posts to find this? I'm looking through them and there's way too many posts to sort through. At least share the link, anon.

No. 734326

MC IG follows Taylor and… Peachmilky.

No. 734329

This makes me think Tom went after Taylor because she was a kota clone. He had dozens of girls employed who looked just like Taylor but he chose to DM her over all the others? Although I guess none of the other girls had a kotaphase.

No. 734333


Here's the link.

I searched their FB posts for Taylor to find stuff about her.

No. 734334

No. 734337

File: 1542571260890.png (567.38 KB, 558x783, Taylor and Tais.png)

Here's another classy post

No. 734345

What's her name? I mean, you're sure she was 14/15?

No. 734348

This post is so over-the-top, but Taylor did copy Kota's gross poses. I guess she saw how they could benefit her.


"I’m proudest for not changing to fit the media. It would be a lot easier to be bigger if I just went that route and posed in a bikini. I don’t think I’m there yet. But I’m working hard to get there doing it properly."

kek Taylor ok

No. 734385

100% sure. Kana Hashimoto is a famous Japanese idol/actress. That photo is from a commercial she did, not something Menclub took.

No. 734491

This so much. It's not edgy to be okay with something that's exploitative. It goes against the wholesome "hardworking and never slutted it up" image the two put out.

As the owner of the companies, he had pick of the litter to message and years to take out girls until one was dtf.

No. 734508

Tay was probably not his first white model gf. She was just one old enough and plain enough to need a backup plan and guarantor to take her where she wanted to go.

No. 734514

Wasn't she living with him and being supported by him before she ever moved to Japan? They met after she started copying Kota in HK but Taylor never worked enough as a model as a Kotaclone in JP to support herself on just youtube. When Tay announced her BF she qas already living in a house with him for like a year. He might not be her sugar daddy now but he probably was at first.

I love how Taylor ended up getting everything Dakota wanted from her viral fame. If she had chosen to stay in Japan she would have all Dakota and Kiko's wishlist boxes checked off.

No. 734532

In her kotaclone days she had tons of burando she wore once at best, high end makeup just for the girly packaging, and a fully decked out dolly room.

This was on top of translation and subtitling services, all to follow a temporary trend. None of that comes for free and it all got trashed as she moved onto instathot trends.

Meanwhile Koots is still reusing her VW knockoffs from taobao, kek.

No. 734546

Remember those kawaii LE Pullips she bought just to throw in her closet? Those were like $500 or more each.

No. 734568

Inb4 her next video is all about how they kept their relationship ~secret~ at first to avoid sugaring suspicions

No. 734580

I remember a thread where people freaked out over how she tossed those dolls around. People treat things poorly if they didn't work to pay for them in the first place though, she probably had no idea how much it was worth.

No. 735125

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