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No. 163459

Before posting: Read lolcow.farm rules and follow them. Sage your non-contribution, tinfoil and non-milk. Don’t rehash old milk discussed in previous threads. No appearance nitpicking unless you have something new to add (new fillers, plastic surgery, etc). Don’t hi cow, not everyone that disagrees with you is a whiteknight or Nicole, the same way not everyone is vendetta posting. If an anon is breaking the rules, report them instead of infighting. Complaints go in /meta/

Previous Thread (#3): >>155594
(#2): >>95156
(#1): >>82304

Nicole Evie Davis is a cosplayer who amassed over 400k followers on Instagram and 1.8 million followers on Facebook. She gained popularity for her shoops of looking like an anime character and a “real life elf”, often blowing up on sites like 9gag where these comparisons would be made.
Her first thread existed because anon(s) went to great lengths to insist she has never done anything wrong, having meltdowns at even the mention of her name in the costhot thread. Now they lurk in silence as more evidence piles up of her homewrecker saga, faking homelessness and poverty, misleading anyone who donates into believing they’re supporting her livelihood, when really, it’s for $2k+ face injections. She also advertises her masturbation porn as a way to support and feed her family when they are wealthy (as described by Nicole herself) and are in fact vintage nerd collectors.

Recent Milk:

>Had a falling out with a girl she recorded Only Fans content with, goes on a public rampage about her all over Twitter >>157393 exposing her name and socials while accusing her of sending herself death threats with no proof whatsoever >>157394 >>157435 while the girl in question remains respectful towards Nicole throughout these entire accusations >>157406 >>160636

>Accuses the same ex friend again, this time of sending a hate comment to her current friend >>163068 making this drama public for all 400k followers to see to the point where this girl privates her account (and again, with no proof it’s even her) and the girl she’s publicly bashing still remains cool and collected >>163099 , Nicole ends up deleting her post claiming it “served its purpose” >>163124

>Makes her life seem busier than it is during periods of utter laziness >>158130 only working three days a week selling Pokémon cards while completely neglecting her Patreon >>160940 and Kofi donation promises, failing to give out any rewards despite having active patrons, failing to fulfill any of the promises listed on her Kofi all the while taking unannounced breaks from OF

>She has a tendency to post the same photos on social media she does on her OF, to the point where even leak site scrotes are noticing >>158316 her paypigs are essentially purchasing a $15 OF subscription fee to see photos she already posts on Twitter, meanwhile the nudity and porn people actually want to see cost a heft $220 pay-per-view >>159395

Anyone scrote calling her out on this gets instantly blocked >>161250 and her response is because her OF description says she won’t do nudity, any and all nudity is an extra fee. >>161258

>Queerbaits as a lesbian >>158436 with a preference for women >>158437 despite only dating the most emo Myspace fagboys imaginable

>Photoshopped her ex boyfriend to the extreme >>161025 and made him look much skinnier while preaching about body positivity and self-love

>Conveniently needs a new car the same day her friend doxxes her license plate on a livestream >>158957 which is a car she claimed to have bought on her ‘last dollar’ despite being over $20,000 >>158983

Gets into a car accident for the third time while adding a narrative about swerving to avoid hitting two dogs >>159126 while claiming it was a pot hole, despite her friend’s story mentioning them hitting a crazy bump rather than a pot hole >>159020 which then turns into another e-beg saga >>159127 and resorting to masturbation porn >>159865 as a way to make quick money. Uses emotional manipulation tactics for donations: “If I miss this opportunity, it will crush me”.

>Has a meltdown over someone in the Twitch chat disrespecting her pedophile friend, ahoynateo, with his girlfriend standing right next to her witnessing Nicole gush about him being the greatest person to ever live and having a deep connection to him >>158989

A summary of the autistic livestream: >>159308 >>159583

>The money she so gracefully begged for to support her livelihood was, in fact, spent elsewhere. Within the same week of begging for money to purchase a new car her and her friend have spent thousands of dollars on filler injections >>160045 >>161114

>Uses the character creation site Picrew while not giving credit to any of the artists and essentially making her followers think she drew the artwork >>161351 >>161913

>Cries about scrotes leaking her OF content, says she uses the subscription money to provide for her family as an attempt to get them to stop >>161640 despite using the money for anything but her family >>161646 , talking about how wealthy her family is >>161678 , all the while showcasing her family’s expensive nerd collection >>161704

>She screeches at anyone who calls her by her first name (Nicole) but will happily use incorrect pronouns when talking about her friends >>162412

>Nicole’s e-begging cycle: >>162494

>Claims to have PTSD from multiple car accidents >>163189 but still records Snapchat videos while driving as recent as three days ago >>162576

>Nicole destroying other girls’ relationships and cheating on her boyfriend drama: >>162814 >>162827 >>162833 >>162851 >>162877 >>162885 >>162893 >>162899

>Instagram: https://instagram.com/nicoleeeveedavis
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicoleEeveeD
>Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/nicoleeeveedavis
>OnlyFans: https://www.onlyfans.com/Nicoleeeveedavis
>Linktree: https://linktr.ee/nicoleeeveedavis/

No. 163520

Thanks for creating the thread.

I have a few additions:

>Add summary to her e-begging saga


>cheating and destroying others girls cycle with her using the same method of lovebombing the girl, infiltrating, man snatching and twitter trashtalking same girl every other year or couple of months.


>Repetitive usage of people like tools, depersonifying friends for her purposes and dropping them if they don't function as Narc Nicole intended


>cloutchaser Nicole sports a big deal of faked popularity through fake-gift showers she either bought herself or makes them look like they are hers while they are someone elses and mass bought following


>Compulsive moving saga


>Incapable of streaming saga


No. 163522

Thanks you two, sincerely appreciated. It feels like Nicole’s milk was overflowing in the last thread, can only imagine how difficult it was to try and summarize altogether.

No. 163530

File: 1627035251906.jpeg (926.71 KB, 828x1628, DB4E7822-6619-42C2-ADCC-454554…)

Inb4 Nicole accuses Heather of making this account too, lol. No but seriously, who would go out of their way to make a fake OF page for a girl with less than 2k followers, who barely posts?
The thought of Nicole and Cassie making OF content together is a little disturbing

No. 163539

Cassie is amusingly dumb, nice photo of your screen Cassie.

Also very weird that someone made that account…

No. 163546


I saw this story this morning and thought exactly the same, Cassie is widely unkown and has under 2k followers on instagram, nobody would ever make a fan account or fake account of that identity. It reeks of selfposting. Maybe she was inspired by Nicole.

Funny how these people relentlessly start to pump out drama as soon as Nicole enters their life. I bet it's a lot of pressure to "stay interesting/relevant" when you are in a friendgroup with a narcissist that constantly has to be the center of attention with every thing she does or "happens to her", so the others resort to fabricating drama around themselves to keep up.
Like kids competing who mommy will favor.

No. 163550

Same. It’s a little too ironic, uncomfortably so. Either way Cassie looks far too desperate to follow in Nicole’s footsteps, not just with this but the hair and makeup too. It’s only a matter of time before she ups the ante.

No. 163555

Nicole is a trainwreck. How does she still have friends as this point is beyond me. On top of being a horrible person, she seems like a really shitty friend to have around

No. 163573

The reason she goes after fellow nerdy/weeb women who aren’t as pretty as her is because no one without self esteem issues would want to be friends with this narcissistic cunt

No. 163577

That’s true, she surrounds herself with ugly/obese women and ugly men who want to have sex with her because that’s the best way for all the attention to go to her

No. 163578

I'd agree but in my subjective view I think Cassie is actually more attractive than Nicole. Of course this is only once instance, and just an opinion.

No. 163585

File: 1627050049222.jpeg (45.99 KB, 400x273, 229530D5-BB4E-483C-A3D2-10359C…)

Because of this comment alone Nicole will sperg accuse Cassie of being her skinwalker-stalker-hater who is in charge of making all her LC threads and online hate accounts

No. 163586

Hence why all of her boyfriends have been ugly groomer looking motherfuckers. No attractive, mentally stable man would want to date someone who lives their entire lives online/shoops to oblivion/runs an onlyfans.

Like that one anon told Cassie, I think Cassie was more gorgeous when she had her own look going. How she can deny that she’s trying to copy Nicole with her makeup and even the fucking red hair with the white streak is beyond me.

No. 163612

It's because they are all scene emo kids. That's why they are ugly lol

No. 163616

An anon contacted her and told her?

No. 163620

Someone on IG did. It’s in the previous thread

No. 163657

File: 1627071390280.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1800x1800, 0B6D0923-421B-42FE-B858-7FEA48…)

One month with Nicole and she’s already doing the shitty Picsart weeb edits and slowly turning her IG into Nicole’s

No. 163659

File: 1627071462476.jpeg (73.52 KB, 828x341, 2EE38B15-C02D-48F7-82E9-1568A3…)

I’m deceased, what I said here will now become a reality.

No. 163662

Nicole is a horrible influence. She encourages her besties to degrade themselves on OnlyFans so she can feel a little better about being a online prostitute.

No. 163664

It’s creepy to imagine Nicole taking advantage of Cassie’s blatant mental illness to slowly turn her into a carbon copy. One month with Nicole and she already has fillers, is causing drama on social media, and is planning on creating an OF.

No. 163672

You feel better about doing drugs when you’re surrounded by drug addicts, same logic applies here.

No. 163676

Cassie can make her own decisions. Nicole is a manipulator, sure, but Cassie is an adult who can make her own choices. I don't see Nicole whispering in her ear to put a streak in her hair and stuff. Maybe nudging to do onlyfans, but probably after Cassie saw the money Nicole made in the small frame she was able to hustle money from simps. Money always piques interest.

No. 163677

Nicole is already building her usual sabotage setup. She will urge Cassie to start OF, do parts of it together, then suffocate on her jealousy (willingly!) and create reason to trash her and get rid of her in the most humiliating way. Heather was just a successful trial run. Now here are the possibility branches:

1. Involve Connor in some accused loyalty issues with Cassie and back it up with Nycoles statements of him being a liar, even tho that was about Nicole herself. Use the poor mental health card on Cassie and combine both, if played right, Connor is therefore done too and she can have Nate peacefully, with Cassie and Connor out in one go.

2. Push Cassie into Skinwalking (was predicted and completed) then label her psychotic, dangerous or a stalker and use that pre-work of the skinwalking push as proof.

3. Using Nate as a chessfigure to get rid of Cassie as soon as Nicole has him wrapped around her fingers. Nicole will pull something along the lines of Cassie is truly the bad person for not accepting Nicole and Nate discovered they are soulmates you know, and how can she be so selfish to not support Nicole in that?

Now the narc rolls the dice. K.O through Connor, Nate or Cassie herself, all puppetmastered by Nicole. I personally bet 1 or a mix of 1&2, because the end goal is obtaining Nate and get rid of the other two. (Connors bf status was already almost denied once on stream (he was mad about it logically), Cassie is well sunk in Nicoles narc strategy and Nate is already lovebombed from the distance (stream sperg)). How ever it goes - Cassie will lose in any scenario.

No. 163678

lmao nonnie, please elaborate how you would see anyone whispering in anyones ear anywhere.

When you are around a narcissist there is no such thing as own choice. You will be massively micro managed, manipulated, pressured, gaslighted, emotionally blackmailed, coerned or "trained" in your words and actions with a system of severe praise and punishment to function how the narc wants, while slowly being isolated from anyone who could interfere. They don't pray on mentally unhealthy / insecure young people for nothing.

No. 163680

Didn’t Nicole accuse Heather of having a “manipulative mentality”? Nicole accuses others of manipulating her when really she is the orchestrator of the shitstorm about to come.

No. 163683

back at it again with the denial of skinwalk, welcome home wk. I was the one who predicted Nicole would push her into it and it will get worse when Nate arrives. You had a meltdown about how she makes HeR oWn ChOiCe, even after
>several clothes
became fucking identical to Nicole. Up to her name on youtube apparently, so… smell my fart and take your infighting to meta.

No. 163686

I don't think she's been around Nicole long enough to have her brainwashed like that. That's ridiculous. I think Cassie is trying to look like her because she's insecure about her being an ex. Seems more classic jealous skinwalking if anything.

No. 163688

File: 1627078024418.jpeg (98.3 KB, 828x224, 5D322D9C-6276-49BC-A6B0-46CD67…)

Why are Nicole and Connor lying about when they started dating, for anyone that doesn’t know those roman numerals are for 5/4/2021 even though we have proof they started dating last year

No. 163689

Are they counting their 'break'?

No. 163690

I think they purposefully did this so followers don’t connect Nicole to being the girl mentioned in Darcy Nycole’s tweets about a homewrecker, as well as for Nicole to look better since it’s public knowledge she dated Destery last year, this way it seems like she “waits”

No. 163691

I don't think her followers for the majority of them care aside from her photos.

No. 163692

They do, anon, read the previous threads where followers were asking her questions about dating Destery and Nate, to the point where she said she doesn’t like people asking intrusive questions. Shocker, she’s now trying to be more careful about her relationships/drama

No. 163702

File: 1627080527235.jpeg (233.25 KB, 831x1800, 7B84C3B4-A09E-4BB6-8730-10BEF3…)

Here’s a little collage of some followers being suspicious of her relationships, and as an added bonus Nate flirting with her a couple years back. Now the thought of his girlfriend and Nicole doing porn together is truly uncomfortable.

No. 163710

>Nicole doing porn together is truly uncomfortable.
Cassie is taking Nicole's bait to go into competition with her (spoiler alert: it's rigged) which will amount to a twisted desireability contest towards Nate. Yet Cassie is not doing it due to confidence, but desperation to keep up.

No. 163712

I really hope she isn’t stupid enough to expect instant success with her OF. Nicole has been around since like 2014 building an audience (albeit some are bought) of 400k followers, meanwhile Cassie only has 1000 and is a “literal who” in the costhot world, there is no scrote demand for another Nicole skinwalker as Nicole already does porn herself. Even if Cassie decides to do content on Nicole’s OF, as we’ve seen with Heather it will likely just turn into another ugly mess of a public smear campaign and realizing she has her porn on the internet forever with only 1k followers to show for it.

No. 163716

File: 1627083022669.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1429, IMG_20210724_012035.png)

It's indicated Cassie first met Nicole here on the walk on march 17th this year. That's 5 months. It takes a narc merely a few weeks to turn someone around, their entire life consists of nothing but these shitty cycles through people.

>Lure them in as much as possible, so I can exploit as much as possible, so when I destroy them it hurts as much as possible, before I throw them away as burned as possible.

Looking at cassies instagram I also noticed that Nicole often comments, only really not, when either Nate has a compliment towards Cassie in the comments or the post displays Cassie romantically with Nate lmao. And in many others, despite the posts showing Cassie, Nicole makes it about herself (comments only about her) if she was there too.

No. 163717

Anon, Cassie can make her own decisions, period. She is a cunt, anons have pointed it out, and without Nicole's help. She's clearly making choices herself and Nicole self inserting herself is her own problem too. Cassie is just jealous of nicole for some reason. Probably going to use her for clout and follows by asking to collab on onlyfans.

No. 163718

You're not in Cassies head last time we checked.

>Cassie is just jealous of Nicole

No indication whatsoever, more likely the other way around. Cassie got fillers with her, with Nicole being the one having announced to wanna alter her looks, she wants an OF only after seeing Nicole's success and brag with it, skinwalks her intensly only after having met her in person and spending time, and now even started the same shitty edits. "without the help of nicole" looks differently man.

>being a cunt

most certainly. and the clout thing is as well, "coincrazed" is their middlename.

No. 163720

very interesting predicitions, should keep an eye on that.

Is there any informatiom whatsoever when Nate is supposed to move there too? They're all keeping weirdly silent about it.

No. 163721

File: 1627083935345.jpeg (71.51 KB, 828x216, 04BAA1EC-3782-46B1-9FFC-C33E66…)

Lol at this tweet to Nicole 3 days before Cassie confirms she will make an OF.

No. 163723

File: 1627084246758.jpeg (354.37 KB, 817x608, F9B9677A-5677-4E3F-9F26-AA813F…)

He’s been staying in Idaho but according to Cassie in a few weeks they will probably go to live in their new place. Weird how Nate wants to completely leave the internet (privated all accounts, hiding all his content, deleting tweets, etc) but is moving in with three narcissists hungry for e-fame that broadcast their entire lives online.

No. 163728

We really normalized random scrotes asking for your nudes and getting a polite confirmation in reply, I miss the times when we shamed men for being perverts online and sexually harassing women.

No. 163731

>which will amount to a twisted desireability contest towards Nate.

It really looks like this, the turn-into-Nicole skinwalking >>163683 is competitive, the sperging about Nate (on livestream, while directly next to Cassie) is Nicole making her interest clear, the public nudity (Nicole's Onlyfans Twitter) while being in Nate's orbit is clearly at least partially for his benefit/for his eyes, and this new possible scenario of competing (or even sharing) with their fucking onlyfans content seems increasingly likely. Nicole really creates a hellscape for the people around her. Not just Cassie but this seems wildly uncomfortable for Connor and even Nate, not that I feel sorry for the groomer, but this must be odd to witness all the same.

No. 163734

File: 1627089447886.jpeg (228.76 KB, 1119x1800, 3348C275-B293-4E02-B7E5-E0132E…)

I love the Nate ass licking that occured when he confirmed grooming on multiple occasions then said he’ll leave the internet as if that’s some heroic act. P.S, he’s still very much active on a smaller scale and doing commissions

No. 163736

File: 1627089577624.jpeg (177 KB, 828x772, A38C47CE-8F0C-430D-86AE-7C4ECF…)

In case you’re wondering how much of a degenerate he is

No. 163737

File: 1627089761016.jpeg (228.72 KB, 828x847, AB903A73-0ED0-4728-8C0A-E8E024…)

KEK, Nicole herself ass licking Nate in a review

No. 163746

File: 1627091102771.jpeg (451.46 KB, 828x1409, 8D91A267-E2DE-4246-9F8D-A9D766…)

Samefag, I noticed this from the previous thread >>160901 that Nicole commissioned “a friend” to turn this artwork into stickers and a trainer card, that friend is Nate and I see they’ve found a way for him to make money without being in the spotlight. That is, if Nate is going to get a percentage of the earnings

No. 163754

Everything besides the filters points to cassie being jealous and following after Nicole and if like anons said before, Nicole has been getting these fillers for a while now, she'd still be following her.

No. 163755

Yeah, not going to shame making coin on fictional NSFW art. That's something that's been around for decades and isn't really a measure of someone's degeneracy per-se.

No. 163760

File: 1627095066448.jpeg (194.56 KB, 828x570, 45DEE396-2514-4795-B772-99A4B9…)

>not going to shame making coin on fictional NSFW art
If your point to defend it is that it’s been around for decades, then wait till you hear what the oldest human job is, lmfao. I could care less if some rando wants to draw furry/cartoon porn but this man really made a full apology video admitting to pedophilia saying he will leave the internet for good, only to be hiding in the shadows taking NSFW commissions like a loser.
Also, I realized Nate was friends with Cassie when she was a 17 year old and he was 22. (I wouldn’t be surprised if she was groomed by him too and that’s why she’s so touchy over this subject and extremely defensive of him).
Extremely weird she also admits to being a “huge fan of Leda’s” back in the day

No. 163773

Imagine being Nate and having chicks who still want to be Leda a decade later, lusting after/dating/trying to impress you simply to fulfil their Leda larps. life on easy street for this guy. He wouldn't have nearly the approval and dating success without that Leda connection. Both Cassie and Nicole are having an (entertaining for us) pathetic Impress Nate competition, meanwhile Cassie admits she doesn't even love him, kek. He's sorta a weird status symbol for regressive women stuck in the Myspace/Scene years.

No. 163778

File: 1627099669207.jpeg (277.3 KB, 831x1800, B88C1A45-2AA8-44A2-AD93-A4680F…)

Oh my god we get it Nicole, porn and shallow friendships isn’t the way to happiness

No. 163810

Because she is incapable of happyness. There is just instant gratification and then the black void again.

Maybe this is also groundwork for "claiming Nate as her soulmate" saga and he is the one to supposedly fill that emptyness.

No. 163811

I wouldnt say Cassie seems jealous, but definitely feeling inferior to Nicole and trying to keep up.

No. 163812

File: 1627120166650.png (104.16 KB, 1080x676, IMG_20210724_114259.png)

Connor is no prize either.

Nycole: Talentless white guy in unsuccessful band living in his dads basement
>I just played the show downstairs

Colors his hair red to simp harder for Nicole, sometimes does his makeup to match her too
>I dont make cosmetic adjustments to please others

>Made up shitstory to brag about his hyper cool character

No. 163817

the funniest part is this degen coomer will always have some equally pathetic and clout-thirsty thot on his ass, whether it be a post-leda skinwalker like nicole or a nicole-via-leda-skinwalker like cassie. the whole drain circling clusterfuck is not only hilariously predictable but so, so sad that these actual retards getting PAID to be this cunty and dumb and narcy. because filtered pussy is that good in our great year of 2021. and who the fuck encourages their NEW FRIENDS to get into internet sex work with them.

(sidenote for tinfoling but reminds me of dasha trying to get mina into sex work just to destroy her. same skinwalker/destructwalker vibes)
e-girls and e-boys are a curse, pass it to the left.

No. 163823

>huge fan of Leda
>doesn’t know her age
Yeah fucking right kek. I watched Leda when I was younger as well and it was pretty clear she was a teenager. Talk about a total cope.

No. 163834

Doesn't help when people who don't do digging, like you anon, who go off of looks alone. Especially when girls dress sexy underage which Leda did do some goth GF sexy outfits.

No. 163835

Pretty suspicious how some anons in the last thread was running the narrative that Cassie was skinwalking Nicole, when in actuality Nicole is intentionally molding Cassie into her.

No. 163846

Don’t do digging? She literally had a video of her graduating high school nonny.

No. 163852


Yes, and Nicole is doing that as the pre-work to later play the mentally instable/stalker card against Cassie when she needs it in her strategy to trash Cassie and obtain Nate.

No. 163854

File: 1627140876662.jpg (1.5 MB, 2160x719, pt2021_07_24_17_27_52_mh162714…)

Adding to this point, it's not evrn just any shitty edit, (sorry for the nerding) Cassies decisions feature Eevee, Aquana, Umbreon, a Skyrim Dragon and minecraftlike Beefly models, that are all corner stones to Nicoles self-identification through Pokemon and Gaming. This is not a coincidence, this is a fucking How-much-can-I-be-Nicole Where is Waldo compilation.

No. 163855

It dawns on me Nicole might have chosen that Eevee name as well because it's the only pokemon that looks so innocent, but faced with a sparkly gem, can turn into any type it has to, to come ahead in the game. Uncanny resemblence to Ms.Hundret-identities who adapts to whatever style and personality to get what she wants from others.

No. 163906

This. I don't see it being a manipulation thing. It's her competing with her. Cassie is insecure as fuck and you can tell

No. 163907

Good for you. You did digging. I'm talking about people who follow for her looks and pays only, not people who care about drama. The same idiots follow Moo for looks and don't gaf about her sexual harassment.

No. 163915

Yet you have to question why and realize that its not normal among friends that pose as close as them to compete in that way and openly hate each others guts - Cassie just goes into competition because Nicole needs her to and fabricates reasons (bait) for her to go further and further into it, up to excessive skinwalking, copying etc. She will manipulate her into it because she needs it as a vehicle to throw Cassie out the group later. It's her upfront work that comes in handy later.

No. 163916

You're really giving Nicole too much credit to be puppeteering everyone in her life like some serial killer who hasn't been caught on Dexter. Let Cassie be a vindictive copycat because she's worried she will lose her boyfriend. We don't know exactly whats going on between them, for all we know it could be because they have an idea planned for TWINSIES on Onlyfans.

No. 163934

And I’m saying if she was a big fan of Leda and followed her, she would have seen this video on her YouTube when Leda still had her account. If Cassie was a huge fan, and followed Leda, she would have seen plenty to surmise that she was a teenager. Leda was a YouTuber. She posted videos. Lots, and lots of videos.

No. 163948

File: 1627171052349.jpeg (182.56 KB, 1011x1800, 4E7A22FA-23EE-4FEB-8545-E1CA9C…)

Exactly. She is even following some Leda fanpage that hasn’t been active since 2015, fyi. She seems to be a really ex-obsessed Leda fan, you can’t really go to the extent of following fan pages without knowing their age

No. 163952

File: 1627172421621.jpg (588.17 KB, 1000x2366, pt2021_07_25_02_16_38.jpg)

If you dont think such things are possible, you should research narcissistic personality disorder and the experiences survivors of it told, that's a level of master puppettering normal people would never believe to be real, just saying.

Nicole's wannabe cryptic tweets that all pose subtle blows against connor or indicate her longing for something deeper are so obvious. She lays groundwork for Nates arrival lmao.

Yeah, but we also agreed that Cassie is really dumb as fuck. She is not a smart person. AND due to her crippling mental health easily manipulatable/influencable. The fact that Nicole stopped her lovebombing a while ago just makes things worse. You will not find any nice words from Nicole to Cassie anywhere lol.

No. 163955

She might be stupid but it’s near impossible for her to not know. Leda was popular because she was a YouTuber, with videos like this that straight up show she is turning 16. Apologies for sperging about this, but seriously, she would have to be mentally retarded not to know. In retrospect this goes for Nicole too. Truly classy.

No. 163959

File: 1627174835707.jpeg (634.71 KB, 1800x1800, 4B10C21A-105B-4FD6-843B-1378D1…)

The hypocrisy with this cow is always astounding. The tweet she quoted is deleted but it’s Nicole sperging out over a neckbeard calling a cartoon child hot, telling people not to jerk off to drawings of 10 year olds. I personally don’t care for this debate but the level of autism Nicole displays throughout her social media is severe, producing cosplay porn of characters that are all under 18.
For some bonus keks, Nicole’s mom liked every single thot post of hers involving OF. (Not going to dox her mom by showing this)

No. 163964

File: 1627175474839.jpeg (152.13 KB, 828x652, 7C600589-2BE5-4CC1-8315-2AA251…)

And in case anyone still thinks she’s using the OF money to feed her family

No. 163966

Well that’s all quite fucking awkward… Why any mother would be proud of her daughter being a thot is beyond me too.

Not even hiding it. I’m sure she wasn’t worried about it because it’s in her comments and isn’t a whole ass speech to her followers.

No. 163974

File: 1627182740501.jpeg (374.56 KB, 1800x1800, C35290A1-5AE0-4C3A-8776-B22CAB…)

It’s also very strange how male friends she has in real life are subbing to her OF under the impression of “supporting” her, when she has over 6 other ways that don’t involve viewing her literal porn. I can see why she dates cucks, so they don’t get upset over this. What’s next, her parents tipping her on OF?

No. 163975

Raphtalia is not 10 years old. She is a demi human and in her world demi humans age by level. She's 18…(derailing)

No. 163978

File: 1627183512419.jpeg (164.47 KB, 1000x1000, 11E20443-BE07-489E-820B-3F9A29…)

Nigga if we’re going to argue about one of the five child characters she makes porn for, sure, why don’t I just correct you real fast. She ages as she levels but even in the novels she was always depicted as mentally a child/10 year old, physically an adult. And it shows she doesn’t care since she will gladly do the same for characters like Marnie who are 13, while telling others the sexualization of child characters is sickening, lol

No. 163980

Mentally a child because she's innocent but she is in fact an adult lmfao.

No. 163981

Learn to sage your autism. In the show and novels she has childhood friends and by the end of the season the friends she had before her village was raided are still children, and the same age as Raphtalia, the only difference is they didn’t go through the levelling process. Learn2sage your derailing shit

No. 163986

But anon how else will they circumvent their questionable attractions with minor technicalities

No. 163991

Lol, it was funny to at least watch the mental gymnastics. The point still stands that Nicole goes “ewww these men are jerking off to underage characters, disgusting” and that’s the exact same type of people she caters to with her OF.

No. 164003

File: 1627190631596.jpeg (317.73 KB, 828x940, 1AF5BA7F-7959-40AC-B793-BA42BF…)

Imagine the breakdown that will ensue when her scrotes end up giving more attention to other girls. I was confused at first why she would do such a -selfless thing- for other ethots then I saw the mention of sfs and her gaining something. The vote is around 80% for yes btw

No. 164005

What's the bet due to her need for validation she hoping the scrotes would opt for the "keep it my content only" option and now it's totally backfired.

No. 164008

File: 1627191705558.jpeg (231.59 KB, 828x883, 7335A51C-A032-4E70-B477-A2C952…)

If that’s true she really overestimates the loyalty of horny men.
>I always sub back to mutuals
Yikes, imagine how much money that must be on a monthly basis to subscribe to every OF mutual ever. (The site has a minimum sub price of $4.99 and a maximum of $49.99, so she’s essentially throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain monthly for ethots she probably barely knows.

No. 164016

So in other words she's begging other sws to share her content but doing it in a ~selfless inspiring~ way as usual

Things going bad over on OF? Those three pixels not doing it for the scrotes?

No. 164017

If OF girls really sub each other and that's not just more nicole grandstanding, it reminds me of the NFT situation where it's all artists buying and selling each other's stuff. Very pyramid scheme.

No. 164018

File: 1627201737801.jpeg (240.84 KB, 828x914, 7CFB0638-0210-4816-94EB-C9FE7D…)

>Those three pixels not doing it for the scrotes
Crying because that’s exactly it. After 6 months of operating that site she’s still using the same excuses. She alwaaays blames the sites she’s uploading on for the quality. She does it for instagram, FB, twitter, now OF, hold on let me compile a quick collage in a min

No. 164019

>free uncensored tease on the house
>to the people who paid $15 a month to sub her of

Free in that it's not PPV, but they are still paying to see her feed, so it's not free, it's the content they paid for by subbing. I don't feel sorry for scrotes but this must be annoying to pay an "entry fee" and then be told the content you're seeing is free.

No. 164020

File: 1627203678373.jpeg (240.52 KB, 831x1800, A98502AF-C544-4699-8FFE-42D161…)

Too lazy to look through all her shitposts and find a FB complaint but how is it this hoe seems to be the only one who mysteriously has quality problems with completely different platforms?

No. 164022

File: 1627203913089.jpeg (Spoiler Image,337.09 KB, 828x870, 9F978480-2536-4951-80F3-2BCEE4…)

Right? It’s not “on the house” or “a gift” when you’re literally paying for it already lol. There is so much confusion with what content she actually posts on her feed because seemingly she is just reposting the same stuff on her Twitter calling it a preview but it’s still censored on your OF feed. Meanwhile the uncensored versions are $70
It’s like a trap for scrotes.

No. 164023

File: 1627204862023.jpeg (329.75 KB, 1800x1800, 4C2969BD-C71B-4016-AA32-1C9EE2…)

Pretty sad to pay for eyelid surgery and then talk about how you like your eyes. Not to mention the extreme risks with that kind of surgery. Yes the candid is real, it’s from Dennis’ FB

No. 164025

File: 1627207238166.jpg (1.65 MB, 2000x1000, pt2021_07_25_11_59_25_mh162720…)

I bet she publicly poses as the big supporter just to take the free sub and never look at it again behind closed doors.

Her usual humblebrag that amounts to another dose of thin air

Sorry for the autism but anons kept sperging about how much prettier Cassie is than Nicole (Nicole is hideous) but she looks like a fucking mountain troll with makeup.

No. 164026

File: 1627207507835.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1797, IMG_20210725_120438.png)

Cassie is ugly as fuck, but so is everyone of their selfpraising jerkcircle group.

Nicole again throwing a soulless smile while filming behind the wheel.

No. 164028

File: 1627208541405.jpeg (298.79 KB, 1800x1800, 326C1A3A-9961-4F1D-A984-8AF556…)

They are top tier catfishes without makeup/surgery/filters. The only difference is Cassie is upfront about it and shows herself without all of that, talks about getting any work done. We only get blurry glimpses of Nicole without any filters and makeup and deleted videos (like the bottom photos here)

No. 164029

File: 1627208872498.png (724.67 KB, 1080x753, IMG_20210725_122410.png)

Still Cassie looks always bloated and deformed imo. Makes for a perfect butcher lady at the supermarket in 10 years.

You forgot the video where Nicole makes out mouth to mouth with her cat and talks about forming a "sexual" contract. Pedophilia is not enough if you can throw a subtle hint of bestiality and furry fetish in.

I find many of her old videos disturbing jerking her kittens around, placing bunnys on her head and poking at chickens…

No. 164033

Nicole has an extremely retarded video complaining about “selfish people” and insults people who live off welfare and people who accept handouts and don’t work for their money/leech off other people. 2021 Nicole should really react to these videos man.

No. 164036

The bottom ones are fucking terrifying, where is that from?

Cassie is genuinely pretty imo, but trying to look like Nicole is not working for her like in this post. >>164025
She has soft features and all the garish drag makeup and shitty two tone hair just looks silly on her.

No. 164037

File: 1627212405840.jpeg (585.22 KB, 828x1430, 4F53454C-A5EB-421E-8976-ED4100…)

Lmao sorry for not spoilering that shit, it’s from an old autismo post of Nicole’s


No. 164052

File: 1627225548583.png (1.1 MB, 1069x980, IMG_20210725_170434.png)

people from her past probably dont recognize her anymore by now.

No. 164062

The people in her life now won’t recognize her in 2022 when she sports a new face again

No. 164065

Nicole has been saying "uwu sry for the bad camera quality minna~" since 2016. She was first mentioned in the costhots thread from ages ago when she asked her followers to donate to her so she could buy a DSLR to take better quality pictures. I believe she deleted that post right after she got called out for it on the thread.

We all know Nicole will never have good quality photos because of how much she relies on Photoshop and photo filters.

No. 164066

She looks like that dead tranny cow Remelia

No. 164070

File: 1627232958682.jpeg (681.18 KB, 828x1457, 296A8D88-3F82-45F8-A67B-E2924E…)

The lovebombing Heather before the shitstorm (I found an archive site so I’m just now noticing all the BS on her old stories)

No. 164071

File: 1627233337474.jpeg (527.09 KB, 1800x1800, 79721A2E-8D32-4196-AE11-A80277…)

Also why does this thot keep (purposely) ordering insanely large costumes and then bitching about it? If this is some sort of ana-chan type thing, it’s an expensive way of body checking for sure lmao.

No. 164075

She wants people to think she's anachan sized by posting fake measurements and weight pics, photoshopping herself thinner, using her hair to cover her arms, and now she's taking pics of her wearing over sized clothes??? I'm dead. Everyone knows you're chubby Nicole.

No. 164076

share the archive site anon.

Its astounding that she is not embarassed of herself. The anachan pushing and years of lying about quality issues just to keep filtering are pathetic, and she should know.

No. 164079

File: 1627236053558.jpeg (632.45 KB, 828x1083, 1B3FA8AF-1BE9-4BA7-B1B3-17FB36…)

She deleted a post complaining about the quality, lol. Probably also because it looks nothing like the character so she needed to edit the eye color too.
I thought cosplay was about having skills and more importantly, fun. Nothing fun about shitty store bought oversized costumes and photoshopping makeup on instead of actually doing it

No. 164081

File: 1627237377613.jpg (754.84 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_25_20_21_49.jpg)

Jesus, Nicole is completely untecognizable in these?! How can she upload that shit with a straight face while evidence like Cassies stream is up where you see how she actually looks like?!

No. 164147

File: 1627268482451.jpeg (216.67 KB, 1011x1800, 17FB323B-B814-4A83-800B-D1DAB1…)

I can’t with Nicole’s minions man. I was looking for videos speaking up about Nate and in all of them Cassie is in the comment section reaching out to every single victim. The girl is one of the people included in Nate’s apology video and she confirms he slept with multiple 15 year olds in his twenties and that this was public knowledge in their home town. Kind of sad that Nicole and Cassie go full attack bitch mode on anyone that doesn’t have anything nice to say about him, even trying to silence the victims. What an amazing human being according to Nicole, a grown man who is a coward and encourages his girlfriend to reach out to the victims while sitting next to her and telling her what to say. He’s 30, fyi

No. 164152

File: 1627271258483.jpeg (252.05 KB, 828x1217, 2DBD63D1-DD7D-445D-95BA-6B6B04…)

Nicole has no concept of what free is, again. $15 is not free, also who the fuck talks like that? “My finger was in me” that’s probably the least sexy way of talking. It’s really making me cringe

No. 164163

File: 1627274007926.jpeg (311.15 KB, 1585x1800, 3A3EE5C5-0E8B-4244-A8BE-0B0AFD…)

Her plastic surgery is botched. This is nightmare fuel.

No. 164166

File: 1627274579448.gif (18.5 MB, 730x960, BB41F963-E046-44FC-BA5C-585907…)

In case anyone thinks that’s an edit, it’s via her snapchat

No. 164170

Not Cassie trying to take the authority position with her phrasing, leave these people alone bih. Imagine wanting to be some pedo scrote's attack dog in 2021 because he dated a minor you were a fan of ten years ago.

No. 164198

At this point cassies behavior seems genuinly psychotic to me, sorry. what the fuck is wrong with you to work through the entire internet invalidating any and every victim to your grooming piece of shit manchild? The fact that she is an enabler and associated directly with their abuser, yet asks them to contact HER if they wanna talk, is fucking twisted and sick. Would you call your rapist to talk about your "feelings"? Bitch you're fucked in the head if you think this is appropriate.

Nicole looks genuinly batshit crazy by now. Alien nose, botched, boney features, she is becoming more and more hideous. The dead look in her wide opened eyes is serial killer material. A vain narcissist that is addicted to external validation and excessive self-sexualization. And probably the worst personality I've seen in years, no plastic surgery can make this rotten humanoid garbage bin beautiful anymore.

No. 164199

The worst part about it is that what Nate did to them is serious and likely traumatized many minors. How Cassie can just tank into these comment sections, without any cell in her body that actually wants to HELP or solve something, but instead fishes for detail in hurtful memories and when the details contradict her delusional reality about Nate, she bashes the victims, is beyond me. Already traumatized young adults who have their culprits fight dog coming after them years after the abuse, that is some next level human garbage. How can she not get in her tiny nut brain how dangerous that is? Neither is she qualified nor entitled to privately interact with impressionable, suffering abuse victims. A girl that is mentally instable and dating a mass groomer and minor fucker. God how I hate this clique. Nicole always picks the lowest of the low for her satanic life.

No. 164201

Could not agree with you more anon. Cassie is turning out to be her own kind of sick. Not exactly like Nicole (though the skinwalking is top tier kek) but her desperation to make Nate look better and in turn herself for dating him is cringe worthy. It doesn’t matter how much she tries to “support” Nate’s victims, she looks severely fucked up to even try in the first place. How tone deaf can you be to think that’s anywhere near okay? Jfc. Honestly I can’t wait to see how this plays out between her and Nicole.

No. 164204

File: 1627293897484.jpg (793.63 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_26_12_02_51_mr162729…)


No. 164215

She’s acting like she looks hot lol.

She looks like she’s on drugs, and the overdone face fillers + 4 video filter combo she got going on is a hot mess. I’m starting to believe Nicole has a fear of being seen in HD

No. 164218

I’m still so confused why Nicole, Cassie and Connor were going to stream in a hot tub? Like why? Doubt Miss body dysmorphia queen would love that anyway.

No. 164224

File: 1627309798840.jpeg (280.17 KB, 1800x1800, E5742D32-FBB0-4BF2-AEF6-8BAD24…)

Anyone else notice these weird arm warps in most of her pictures? I circled a few here. I know her arms are tubby but to not cover your tracks is a little embarrassing lol. It’s something Facetune does if you try to warp something at the edge of a photo, I’ve noticed it with other costhots too

No. 164267

File: 1627327742697.jpg (763.63 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_26_21_28_10.jpg)

Apparently in the weeb world being as white as possible and cringe as fuck are some sort of desirable achievement. Nicoles taste in men never ceases to amaze me.

No. 164320

File: 1627348151965.gif (5.76 MB, 519x960, CED22FFF-2782-4BFD-AB06-E7E966…)

My sides, her new OF videos are just completely taken in the dark. What the fuck is this?

No. 164322

File: 1627348583980.gif (1.79 MB, 524x960, 1B55D0B3-0B94-4E29-8E9C-4E61B1…)

These have to be troll posts, right? This one is just two seconds of her in shorts in a dark room.

No. 164328

>how to destroy your crumbling fanbase
Wonder what her scrotescribers think of this

No. 164329

File: 1627353768696.jpeg (140.93 KB, 1011x1800, 512B8B08-3452-485D-ABD8-82A516…)

It’s actually insulting what she considers a thank you to her moids

No. 164331

File: 1627354097217.jpeg (77.44 KB, 828x786, 7036E0F2-770D-4D6B-B022-5C5727…)

Also “lots of booty videos” and they’re all fully clothed like this.

No. 164342

File: 1627359551687.jpeg (374.25 KB, 1528x1146, CE874D37-0374-49DC-9F3C-602BB9…)

I’m wheezing man look at these one-sided interactions I found between Connor and Leda

No. 164348

What booty? KEK

Wew Connor just had to be a Leda fan too. Creepy as fuck. Wonder how Nate feels knowing the other three people he’s going to be living with are fans of one of his victims. Would not be surprised if he tried to make some sort of fucked up power play.

No. 164351

File: 1627363619942.jpeg (323.14 KB, 1800x1607, 13400040-5033-4F84-A2B4-B3A56B…)

How uncomfortable to exist as a groomer and know you’re about to move in with three minions who idolized your 15 year old ex. Also, I edited Nicole’s “coming out” tweet to be more realistic.

No. 164353

Honestly starting to think he purposely picked both Nicole and Cassie based off of this. They melt at his touch because they were obsessive fangirls. If he can’t fuck underage girls anymore, then at least he can snatch up some girls obsessed with one of them! They’re catering to his tastes, and with no sort of reluctance at that. Also accurate af edit anon kek.

No. 164368

File: 1627373482998.jpeg (430.17 KB, 828x1132, 2FF93050-9AA4-4BD4-AFEF-9A34D9…)

She can’t be serious, right?

No. 164426

File: 1627403679598.jpg (1 MB, 1500x1500, pt2021_07_27_18_30_23_mh162740…)

Ever more tattoos, piercings and fillers, the hardcore ruining body saga continues, because you know, excessive artificial alternating is what "selflove" looks like.

Lmao the darkness, Nicole has no ass to show, never had. No real tits, no real ass, morphed waist. she cant decide wether she wants to be flat lolicon uwu or busty succubus, so she shoops her entire frame every other week.

No. 164430

File: 1627404771637.jpg (546.03 KB, 786x1038, pt2021_07_27_18_40_35_mh162740…)

That is her in the same fucking mirror, yet the waist magically disappears and appears as it pleases kek. wow her shoops are bad .

Some anon suspected Nicole was lying about stuffing Doons house with these retarded picture and had really only one, I found the proof anon was basically right - she had only two of them and pretended she had dozens.

And what's even worse, is again how she treats her so called best friend. Nicole makes a backhanded remark about Dawns face scaring her, then posing to show off how pretty she is, right before she puts Dawn in frame to grin and expose her red face without makeup, clearly unprepared to be filmed, to then get her hair done, while Dawn literally hides and doesnt feel comfortable showing herself anymore, yet Nicole smiles sweetly into the camera, completely oblivious to the disrepect and pain, thriving in narcissistic bliss. What a fucking piece of shit. This is like the horrific bitch in some high school series that steals the protagonists boyfriend.

No. 164433

File: 1627405353544.gif (4.42 MB, 828x458, 6D3CDAA2-C8F9-415E-948E-37E385…)

It’s so fucking awkward to watch Nicole shove a camera in her friend’s face even though she’s visibly uncomfortable/hiding. Nicole herself should know how it feels considering she kept god damn hiding her face every time Destery put the camera on her in that video.
She did the same thing to her ex too fyi. So so embarrassing.

No. 164441

File: 1627406168802.jpg (597.3 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_27_19_12_09.jpg)

And the time Nicole busted Dawns wall with her stupidity and did nothing about it.

No. 164444

File: 1627406359612.jpg (801.6 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_27_19_08_50.jpg)

Dont fool yourself over her doxxed licenceplate, I assume Cassie was in on that retarded move, because Nicole had busted her own identity herself already (from a video) Maybe she just needed a scapegoat to get a new car back then. They are all stupid as fuck.

No. 164446

Eww are you kidding me? This is Regina George material.

Yeah, I remember, Nicole never gave a shit about filming and uploading consent of the people around her, despite them clearly not wanting to be part of any of her cringy shit.

No. 164469

Can’t wait for her to start busting her face and body up when she officially jumps into the plastic surgery bandwagon for her Scrotes.

No. 164474

File: 1627412079502.jpeg (388.39 KB, 1800x1800, B9FFBAE9-7FAF-46DF-8701-5F0A2F…)

RIP to these pets Nicole hoarded that mysteriously fell off the face of the earth, despite turtles having a generally long lifespan. It seems the only animals Nicole can keep alive are cats

No. 164485

Didn’t she also get an axolotl, a lizard and a few other reptiles? Or was that just Leda?

No. 164504

Her smile on the top right though. That really is some Regina George shit. Imo this is the bitchiest she’s looked yet, and it’s only half of her face. Yikes.

No. 164532

The way Nicole looks before she purposely swings the camera on doon, knowing damn well she is buried under makeup and styling, while doon is bare face and red and obviously uncomfortable, is almost as bad as her diabolical grin. Nicole doesnt give a shit how much she has to hurt and humiliate people to feed her superiority complex and get attention.

No. 164568


Nicole has to be the only cow that actively befriends ugly people to look better, who stoops this low?

Has she ever made ugly faces like this with her friends? It seems like she only does these stupid ugly faces when she’s alone.

No. 164582

File: 1627442256942.jpeg (248.66 KB, 828x899, 68F7C616-991D-4A9A-A991-9A2D3C…)

Of course Nicole is only ever active on social media to fight the trolls/haterz. Her ego can’t take it when a scrote calls her a whore.

No. 164584

File: 1627442389231.jpeg (38.58 KB, 387x233, A5E20810-8FC5-4BBC-92D7-1E558D…)

Also I checked the account Nicole accused of being “freshly made” and it was created a few months ago. Of course this paranoid bitch thinks anyone and every scrote who makes fun of her is a stalker/obsessed with her/trying to come after her “womanhood”.

No. 164595

Tell me more about your feminine dignity as you post full nude porn on your onlyfans and sell sexualized images of your body to strange men. I'd love to read a thesis from Nicole on this subject which she is an expert on.

No. 164601

File: 1627446400192.jpeg (207.83 KB, 1800x1800, 13B03B87-FDF3-4F09-B54C-A7E87A…)

Lmao I’m speechless. When it’s someone Nicole doesn’t like that’s doing porn it’s undignified and dirty, but when it’s her then it’s feminine dignity and womanhood. She sure seems entitled to what other women do when she has a vendetta. Just look at the content she sells, it’s pure shit

No. 164617

File: 1627454180908.jpeg (278.78 KB, 1201x1800, 49E3103A-4BCE-4595-8859-BB30C6…)

Quality hasn’t improved at all

No. 164629

lmao, she is finally upgrading because her fucking fillers and surgery healed off. Guarantee she will still filter the shit out of herself. She looks hideous and really creepy by the way.

Yeah, of course everyone with a different opinion - which YES, they in fact are entitled to - is a "freshly made account of a stalker!!1!" It's so funny how she always pushes the narrative how every person on the planet is secretly obsessed with her, while really, no one gives a shit.

No. 164631


>she is finally upgrading
No anon, the funny part is she said that she upgraded months ago (that tweet was from March). These shitty low quality selfies ARE the upgrade. Hilarious, I know

No. 164635

File: 1627460708698.jpeg (350.81 KB, 828x1240, EB0215B5-18C0-4842-B4C7-C651F1…)

Okay yikes, when I said Cassie was unemployed indefinitely I take it back KEK, she’s a “virtual assistant” for Nicole.

No. 164639

File: 1627461426841.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1525, IMG_20210727_182456.png)

oh lord this is to much LOL she is paying cassies sorry ass existance as the ultimate powerplay. Well well, in which scenario would it be beneficial for Nicole to have the sole power over Cassies financial stability? Oh yes, when it's time to kick her out of a shared house when the moment is right, because she cant afford it then :')

Nicole is the laziest person in history, what the fuck does she need an assistant for anyways.

This week Im gay but to women I say nay

No. 164641

File: 1627461743165.jpg (752.05 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_28_10_31_29.jpg)

The manipulation and lovebombing really shows if you keep an eye out for it. Everytime (in video stories mostly) Nicole is about to shade someone, humiliate them or attack them hurtfully in any way, she says "I love you" right before, to gaslight the damage into questioning. Well she loved me so much, so she must mean it well? She says she loves Doon before calling her face scary to her followers, she says she loves her before trashing her interior taste publicly, she says she loves and colleagues and their laughter, while throwing a judgemental dead look at them. This woman feels nothing but contempt and a god complex. Her enablers are brainwashed scrotes and hags.

No. 164642

File: 1627462067029.jpg (484.89 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_28_10_43_57.jpg)

Reminds me of this, in this video she wants to borrow a stuffed toy from her little brother, but ends up manipulating him into gifting it to her (which frankly, he seemed used to and jumped to quickly to avoid drama), just to then sit in her car back home an hour later and sperge about how "this is why my grandma is the best" holding up the exact same stuffed toy. She was not even able to remember who she got that from, because she doesnt give a rats ass about people, she only pays attention to the material. Her brother must feel like shit now, that stuffed toy looked expensive and was big.

No. 164645

File: 1627462663895.jpeg (345.57 KB, 831x1800, EDED5E15-7928-4358-9DA7-8FF37E…)

Can we talk about how many phones this bitch buys on a yearly basis and then claims she has had the same one since high school?

No. 164646

File: 1627463023152.jpeg (217.19 KB, 828x647, EE5A03F6-6B47-4063-BA42-5F9EF9…)

She used to have a social media “manager” back when her stalkers were active, I figured it was someone like Doon monitoring her accounts and didn’t think much of it but now that she hired Cassie, her roommate, to be her “virtual assistant” I’m just in fucking awe of how retarded that job sounds.

No. 164648

hiring someone for that kind of position just screams "I am incapable to do the easiest things myself, yet wanna look important".

Nice comp, but again, it's common agreement Nicole has been lying for years about her too bad quality saga, which is her necessary excuse for excessive shoops going mostly unnoticed and opting out of streaming, because HD pictures and stream would reveal how ugly she really is. She knows. The fact that she had i Phones and Samsungs, vers much capable of good resolution, doesnt matter to her, as its a blatant lie anyways to maintain face. (no pun intended)

No. 164655

Just read Nicoles bodylanguage, she gets off on the humiliation of other women and when she can stand next to their awkwardness looking like a self absorbed e-thot.

(as usual, lolcow wont let me upload imgur gifs and just sperges about "invalid image", I havent found any fucking way to fix this yet)


No. 164656

File: 1627466129358.jpeg (329.44 KB, 831x1800, D615528E-AD0F-453B-9119-D764E4…)

Yikes. She uses all her friends as “tools”. First Dawn to make all her costumes (and who is she kidding crediting herself next to Dawn’s name), even uses her boyfriend to record her OF for shit like pouring milk on her, and now having Cassie as her personal “assistant”.
We can all tell the only skilled one at making anything is Dawn, not Nicole

No. 164662

I like how her image quality gets significantly worse with each phone upgrade

No. 164666

File: 1627471047287.jpeg (267.17 KB, 831x1682, A18E3137-D9B4-41C9-9FA1-0A6243…)

Never can forget how Nicole made her friend e-beg for a phone replacement only to still be producing garbage quality content

No. 164668

and lets not forget nicole took a cracked front screen as the explanation why her back camera couldn't take good quality pictures facepalm

No. 164669

File: 1627473716534.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210728-102303.png)

imagine stepping back on your own things for a narcissistic thot that trashed your ass on twitter shortly after. Funny how non of them wants to pay for anything themselves, how can you be so shameless to live your entire existence off of strangers scrote handouts?

Nate slowly turning from bookworm look into the faggy emo version Nicole is already preparing her hooks for.

No. 164670

File: 1627473928301.jpeg (219.17 KB, 945x1800, 7DD60F37-330D-46EC-B2E4-6CECD1…)

Why am I not surprised, Narcole Davis recorded a tiktok while driving and looking at the screen instead of the road, even Tiktok themselves added a warning to her video. She brags about how she’s never going to get married or have kids, and that she risked her life by going to a stranger’s house alone just to buy a Pokémon card.

Here is what she said in this shitshow video:
“And let me tell you why today is a day I’m going to remember for the rest of my fucking life, you know, it goes up there too. Getting married? Laughs not gonna happen. Kids? I would fuck someone up. Jesus. No. But today, booy, let me fucking tell you. Did I drive three hours? Yes. To a stranger’s house? Yes. Alone? Yes. Could I have been killed? Possibly! But would I have died with a fucking first edition Charizard in my pocket? Yes ma’am, K would have, and I would have enjoyed it as well.”

No. 164671

File: 1627474340912.jpeg (242.3 KB, 1011x1800, 616EC201-3DB7-4631-9168-740D4F…)

Also she basically says a big “fuck you” to scalpers in this tweet here (a person who resells shares or tickets at a large or quick profit) but gets accused of essentially doing what she claims to hate,

No. 164672

File: 1627474769418.jpeg (259.21 KB, 828x410, 29F78A20-618D-413D-B3C2-D8481D…)

Connor must love seeing this comment about Dennis

No. 164673

The filters are so overdone here I thought this was a picture of a woman

No. 164676

File: 1627476217437.jpeg (83.49 KB, 1280x720, CFACD461-3210-4747-938C-FEEBA8…)

>why wouldn’t you get married?
>because the love of my life got away </3
Yeah.. cause you fucking CHEATED on him???

Even Narcole knows that no one is dumb enough to settle with her crazy narc ass

No. 164679

File: 1627476890120.jpg (912.22 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_28_14_45_54.jpg)

Serious question Nicole - you talking about Dennis or Nate??
HOW can you write such a thing when you know your current boyfriend is gonna see it? Just plain cruel.

But I'm not surprised. Cassie shoves her relationship with Nate in Nicoles face every chance she gets, and Nicole is never to be found under those posts. At this point it's hard to tell her apart from Nicole anymore, which makes it even more hilarious.

Cool to bust that out on a tiktok for strangers but not communicate it with Connor. Maybe she understands that being tied up with a narcissist is a life ruining descision and likely to raise children in a way developing the same disorder as her, but usually if she gets a new "soulmate" target, she will just pretend this tiktok never happened. She will die old, lonely and hated.

No. 164680

Hahaha that ZERO accountability tho? Yeah, he got away. Its not like i cheated on him for years and did the same to the guy i cheated with, with yet my newest possession.

No. 164684

File: 1627478445162.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1610, IMG_20210728_151956.png)

A degenerate and threat to society, we could be glad she doesnt intent procreation, whatever demonic turds involving ritual that required.

>I'm doing OF to provide for my family

Breaks in their house while they are gone to empty the fridge off energydrinks, icecream, burritos expensive booze, all without asking and all for herself.

No. 164691

File: 1627480357091.jpeg (223.65 KB, 1066x1799, A93E09D2-3143-41BE-89D9-356430…)

She paid thousands of dollars for the card mentioned in >>164670 btw. Very shady she won’t say the exact price and dodges questions but here she said “a few” when asked how many thousands of dollars she paid.
Also stuff like >>164684 shows she takes from her family and not the other way around. Lol.

No. 164696

It’s weird how Nate is wearing the same jacket from years ago that he wore in pics with Leda. Like he’s stuck in time.

No. 164697

File: 1627481850772.jpeg (572.11 KB, 1800x1800, CA22F7E2-5321-4750-8F25-883483…)

What’s even creepier is Cassie trying to recreate their photos from when they were a couple (sorry for the blurry Nate+Leda pic, they’re all from 2011)

No. 164699

File: 1627482011712.jpeg (549.7 KB, 1800x1268, F9E15BD3-CA2E-429D-887C-E03ACA…)

I cannot make this shit up

No. 164700

File: 1627482237013.png (1.01 MB, 1440x1703, charizard.png)

Pokemon original set cards have maybe tripled in value in recent years. I happen to have most of the base set in Japanese and US edition, so it's of interest to me. A Charizard used to be around GBP £50 for one in VG condition maybe three years ago, now £150 for one in played condition. In only a few years. So she's probably bought this as an investment. If it's M/NM it is likely to have been around USD $2000 based on this recent UK sale on eBay.

>mfw I have a charizard in VG condition

No. 164701

File: 1627482778380.png (1.8 MB, 1440x1947, Are pokemon fans ok.png)

These literal empty packets sold for £80. I do have an empty packet? Are pokemon fans ok? Is it time to sell my collection?

Honestly this is bizarre but also funny that now is the time Nicole is buying, when the prices are particularly high. She is so shit with money.

No. 164702

File: 1627482966519.jpeg (994.9 KB, 828x1402, 138164C9-88DB-4345-81D4-C9C136…)

She said it’s off center so around a 6 or 7, not sure if she got it graded but she got it signed by Post Malone, Unless this is a different card?

No. 164703

File: 1627483146423.jpeg (210.61 KB, 828x785, E7839B5E-40DE-41E0-854D-C7B064…)

So much to dissect with this comment.
3 months is plenty enough time in subscriptions, tips, PPV, etc to be earning a shit ton of money especially when she had the most subscribers when she first started.
Whenever someone asks how Nicole can afford such pricey cards she goes “MY CARD JOB” as if that bitch can earn much from being a retail worker and hoarding cards

No. 164709

That was from April 29 (https://www.instagram.com/p/COQf1XplFF0/) and I guess they are products from the card shop, not her personal collection. This was her driving to buy a card for her personal collection

(aside, sharpie vandalism surely would decrease the card value)

No. 164711

>Nicole: sub to my onlyfans so I can buy Pokemon cards
>Also Nicole: gets offended when someone suggests she spent her sub fee on Pokemon cards

Starting to think she's addled in the brain

No. 164712

File: 1627485347729.jpeg (639.2 KB, 1800x1622, 3D548B67-087C-4AFD-A7EC-CE65A6…)

She bought the card even earlier in April

No. 164713

File: 1627485798273.jpeg (121.78 KB, 828x356, 2B07DAEA-ACD8-4DB6-85E8-AB2EC6…)

I wonder how many mental illnesses her therapist unearthed, and what kind of medication she’s on

No. 164715

I can't figure out if that's the same card getting signed (also now realize it's just the protector which is signed, thus no vandalism) but I think not based on the caption. It was some sorta event in the card shop.

No. 164717

So bizarre on multiple levels
>Cassie skinwalking Nicole
>Cassie also mimicking Leda photos from 10 years ago
>Nate playing along with both the Nicole skinwalking (which he's bound to have noticed) and the Leda mimic by wearing the same/similar jacket and taking similar photos

Dating while mentally ill: the movie

No. 164718

File: 1627486369234.jpeg (873.52 KB, 828x1419, 9E9AC54B-0763-4473-B248-EB12EA…)

It’s hers. She brings her binder to work. Also the “event” is Post Malone visiting the store and her and her coworkers getting their shit signed

No. 164724

Nicole works 3 days a week, what kind of money is she making? Card shops pay min wage. Narcole needs to stop acting like she’s not ~that~ financially dependent on her sex work.

No. 164735

It seems unwise to bring several thousand dollars of cards to work, but this is Nicole. If it's grade 6 or 7 it's worth more like <£400 based on my research (I think the one I have might be grade 7 or 8 and was wondering if I should sell it)

In which case she overpaid if she really spent several thousand on a grade 6-7.

No. 164736

File: 1627492508631.jpeg (203.66 KB, 828x347, E921B32A-BC8B-4227-A795-0F7394…)

It seems she’s really not as professional as she thinks she is.. wow.
Also she lied and said she drove a total of 6 hours for this card but the seller works at the same place she does..

No. 164739

File: 1627492914826.png (2.09 MB, 1440x1744, Shadowless.png)


Samefag, the Charizard she drove to collect, and is shown with her binder is shadowless, which is worth more. The signed card has a shadow (right hand side of frame around character) so the signed one is a different card. She may have multiple Charizards. Picrel is a Shadowless Grade 7 which gives you an idea how much she paid for that card. Sheesh.

Sage for card sperg

No. 164755

that guy points out she is spending all her OF money on cards and she gets pissed while the exact same shit is written by herself in her OF bio… to spend it on cards. Is the retarded? And what's with that card vendor bragging, bitch you work 3 days a week at minimumwage and pay rent for a shared house in proximity to L.A. your ass is broke without simp coin.

No. 164756

>Dating while mentally ill: the movie
Nailed it.

This is getting more and more creepy. How can they live without all that individuality? just skinwalking into retirement i guess.

No. 164770

File: 1627502225231.jpeg (261.08 KB, 831x1800, EACFE3B1-393F-4C84-8C2C-AF655E…)

Nicole probably can’t stand seeing Nate and Cassie together, I can’t wait to see that on a livestream. I mean just look at the way their mutual friends would describe Nicole and Nate, art says “I’ve only known (insert name) for a day and a half, but if anything happened to her I would kill everyone in the room and then myself”

No. 164806

She definitely cant, she neither comments nor likes any of the posts cassie shares of them, if its other stuff nicole interacts. that lady orourke chick is all over cassie's instagram nowadays, how the turntables.

But seriously, if I think about Cassies and Connors standpoint, however shit people they obviously be, I always feel bad how much hurtful BS they have to read under all these posts and tweets and whatever, of their partners sperging over a different person, subtly shading them in favor of that person or have their followerd clearly ship them despite knowing of their actual partners. Just how little can your self respect be to stay in such a toxic relationship.

No. 164809

On his facebook Connor put Nicoles and his relationship status on public and with their date. Nicole, meanwhile, has only her fake marriage with that regularly love bombed Yuno Zatti up, where nobody really knows who the fuck that bitch is. Nicole was pretty public about Dennis and also about Destery (that tree will have that carfed N+D heart forever lmao) but Connor she almost hides. Wonder how that makes him feel.

No. 164854

File: 1627526756730.jpeg (14.66 KB, 270x360, EMKxGMHUYAAq5po.jpeg)

Gross. I've seen Leda doing the face Nate is pulling countless times, I've never seen anyone else doing it.

No. 164860

I wish there was an archive for Musicaly, it’s a gold mine for footage of Narcole’s pre facial filler face.

No. 164867

File: 1627536880908.jpeg (372.46 KB, 831x1800, 23A2AFE9-8F85-4C6D-96AA-8BC1A5…)

I noticed on top of Nicole neglecting/ignoring her friends >>162703 she also expects them to fight for a place in her life when she pushes them away. She doesn’t consider the draining mental effect it has on people to constantly deal with her bullshit, and if they stop fighting for a spot in her life she says they’re “giving up” on her.
I can only imagine how poorly she treated her family members and friends when having meltdowns over the Dennis/Destery/Nate drama.
She mentioned her mom’s full name on her public FB and it’s a public profile so I figured why not show this too: her mom liking all her posts from when she claims she didn’t have any parents to help, albeit her mom might just be autistic but liking someone’s posts is a sign you’re on good terms with them. What’s more awkward is her mom liking the post where she complained about her parents/family. Awkward.

No. 164881

Maybe her mother is a dense narc too. I'm pretty sure the first tweet was referring to Destery tho. He dumped her and she got pissed and tweeted this, it was discussed in the previous threads.

Though overall, yes, in typical narc fashion people have to fullfill functions and beneficial positions to be allowed in her life, otherwise Nicole inflicts punishment or cuts them off as discussed here:
That's also the reason all her male "friends" are basically friendzoned cucks who sub to her OF and pay for her shit in hopes to be thrown a bone. Everyone fights with gifts, money and attention to be her pickme, that is the state the Narc is going for, as it's way more lucrative then to just have one dude by her side for everyone to see. She rather hides Connor a bit and collects scrote sacrifices to her succubus flat ass.

No. 164883

File: 1627544846804.jpg (436.99 KB, 1080x1604, IMG_20210729_094227_mh16275448…)

You are in for a ride then.

No. 164886

File: 1627545776244.jpg (185.46 KB, 1080x896, pt2021_07_29_09_58_17.jpg)

>Thank you, but we're just friends
Your relationship status and a pissed off cheated on exgirlfriend of Connor told us otherwise.

We heard that one before a million times, Nicole sperging in comments that Nate and her are "just platonic" will evaporate into nothing as soon as he arrives.

No. 164889

File: 1627546828361.gif (9.86 MB, 519x960, E5E4FE0F-230F-4720-B99B-F6F2C1…)

Nicole is acting really fucking deranged in these snapchats, she said Connor shit his pants and then pulls these faces

No. 164890

File: 1627548143283.jpg (629.65 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_29_10_37_11.jpg)

Not only her snapchat, I saw some of her tiktoks for the first time recently and couldn't believe how genuinly degenerate she is. That is so cringe it was hard to look at.

No. 164891

File: 1627548489712.jpg (662.15 KB, 1600x1129, pt2021_07_29_10_45_45_mh162754…)

Or the queerbaiting where she says she "wants a girlfriend, but looks like this" showing off her flat body, and the other one lip syncing about how she ate out another guys girlfriend on the couch. All while already being with shit-in-my-pants Connor.

No. 164892

So, if my facts are straight, Nicole's past two relationshits are the direct result of shady behavior. Not just keeping them under wraps for privacy reasons, shady female betrayal bullshittery.
…… and Cassie isn't being cautious? Seems kinda dumb.

No. 164893

Nate probably convinced Cassie that Nicole is a great person and totally not a homewrecker

No. 164936

Destery lied to his then girlfriend all the time about Nicole, so yeah, I guess. I remember Nicole claiming she talked with Amber and they "were cool again" though I highly doubt she told her the truth, probably gaslit the shit out of her to cover her tracks and put all the blame on Destery, otherwise, there is no way anyone would be "cool" with what she has done to her. Amber is a sweet person.

No. 164938

Amber unfollowed her which is the best part, they were “friends” for years and I’m so glad that girl found a social life outside of the typical Myspace emo fags. IIRC in Cassie’s stream Nicole said she wanted to turn their apartment into an “emo house” and invite Johnnie Guilbert lmao jfc these people are sad

No. 164969

File: 1627592719578.jpg (747.97 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_29_22_50_50.jpg)

Dennis seemed to be a cuck, but at least he wasnt even close as shit as Nicole. She used to sometimes upload posed lovely dovey shit, but remained oblivious to the amount of serious hitting, kicking, insulting, side eyeing and other forms of physical abuse she inflicted on him being out there as well. It must suck so much on so many levels to be in a relationship with Narcole.

No. 164970

I remember the middle one where she threw something right into his face full force.

No. 164972

What the fuck? Wow. I see now why she said they were more best friends than a couple. That’s likely how she treated him the whole damn time.

No. 164973

File: 1627595725878.jpg (354.42 KB, 1080x1410, 20210729_145253.jpg)

interesting how she basically only has her cool card vendor job thanks to Dennis help. Photo from his facebook 2014.

No. 164974

File: 1627595792806.jpg (185.12 KB, 1080x1202, 20210729_145326.jpg)

guess we can throw racism into her milk too

No. 164977

Narcole did Dennis a favor by cheating and dumping him. A guy like him does not have the guts to end things with someone as crazy as her.

No. 164979

File: 1627597379324.png (843.77 KB, 1047x903, IMG_20210730_002135.png)

When she is the narc, Dennis was likely the co-dependant. It's indeed a blessing he got thrown out the situation, likely is in therapy now or at least should be.

Helping out does not equal getting the job because of him, but it's a total shit move of her to exploit his freetime because she is a lazy fuck and cant even do the job she is paid for without his handouts.

Nicole being a racist while pushing to not look like a racist. She has made racist, vulgarity and disabled/disease jokes her entire life. Wholesome my ass.

No. 164981

File: 1627598894551.png (1.65 MB, 1080x803, IMG_20210730_004607.png)

Adding to her filthy ass room saga, I always wondered how fucking disgusting that permanent pile of plushies on her bed must be. All the dust, crumbs and dirt collecting on them is unhygenic and a huge turn off overall, I can't imagine ever sleeping in so much filth. And that pile just got bigger over the years.

No. 164984

File: 1627599173842.png (2.11 MB, 1080x1478, IMG_20210730_005209.png)

Nicoles phones of thriving narcissism. I wonder how many pictures of herself she collected over the years, but me multiple ten thousands.

No. 164987

>the lighting is so good!
Distorts photos with filters

No. 164989

File: 1627600359257.jpeg (150.54 KB, 828x454, 32388FEE-D763-4B01-BE04-64A786…)

She knows she’s narcissistic too, big yikes

No. 164992

Narcole can't get a job on her own because she has 0 skills on top of being a lazy fuck and she won't be able to find another normal job in the future after her venture with sex work fizzles out.

No. 164997

File: 1627605884023.jpg (858.84 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_30_02_39_13_mr162760…)

I wonder what she did about those massive under eye bags? These pictures are from her moms instagram BEFORE Nicole had editing on her hands. (Btw. her parents barely have pictures of her up compared to their other kids and in the more recent collages Nicole clearly shot and edited her photos herself lmao everyone looks normal while her shots pull dramatic tumblr faces)

No. 164999

File: 1627606236062.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1813, IMG_20210730_024925.png)

God beware anyone in this soulless clique of sweaty testicles ever developes an own identity.

No. 165002

It's called under eye fillers.

No. 165005

I wonder if this is why he didn’t want to come with Cassie before. Had to sharpen up his image first kek.

>when you know you’re a narc but try to play it off jokingly as some sort of quirk

Whenever I see unedited pictures of young Nicole it makes me a bit sad. Not for her by a long shot, but that it’s a reminder of all of the girls who cannot accept their natural beauty and go to fillers, ps, and the like to fulfill their unobtainable ideal of beauty. Makes me sick to think Nicole always preaches to love yourself, when she looks nowhere near how she looked in the past. She’s the absolute opposite of what she so “lovingly” conveys.

No. 165009

Narcole edited her arm so it looks skinnier than Cassie’s
She has her whole face filled with filler and she still looks average and forgettable. Like all the other thots she’s turning to plastic surgery to look like her edits.

No. 165032

File: 1627631435447.jpeg (279.25 KB, 1201x1800, 66B076BA-445D-4202-8274-89B776…)

Here is one of the shittiest things I’ve noticed Nicole do. She has an autistic/disabled “friend” I noticed on social media named Ash who Nicole would string along making her think they’re friends and all, but it’s just one of those things Nicole does for face to show she’s such a nice human being, when according to Ash she neglects her/ignores her

No. 165034

File: 1627631606883.jpeg (388.45 KB, 828x1181, 0C664A7E-8530-4EFE-B62D-B984BE…)

This Ash person changes accounts every few months (probably due to mental illness) and here Nicole is lovebombing her publicly and making her think she’s super important in her life when in actuality she ignores her privately.

No. 165040

I know this is so disgusting, but this is honestly how Nicole writes about all her tools, sorry, friends. They all get lovebombed like insane, of course publicly to make Nicole look good and to coern them into being whatever serving tool she needs at that time, while in reality she could watch them have a car accident and would drive along without batting an eye. People mean nothing to narcs, I knew one in reallife and they were exactly the same.

Every new person they encountered was their "best friend forever" after 5 minutes, then slowly exploited while talking shit about them already behind their back, then thrown away to never be heard of again. Nicole is no different.

No. 165041

File: 1627637737890.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1509, IMG_20210730_113534.png)

Publicly guilt tripping someone isnt really great either. Nicole is shit tho.

I'm not sure if they are filled, but she definitely edited them for years. I guess tho she had them removed a while ago.

No. 165048

Someone posted her mom upthread and natural Nicole really does look just like her. I wonder how that would feel to be the mom and see your daughter surgery and edit all your shared features away.

No. 165049

Aw I feel bad for this person, they seem too sweet for a shark like Nicole.

No. 165052

Lol this is a good example of her lovebombing, she really goes all out, declaring people are perfect and she loves them, when they are barely in her life and soon to be forgotten.

No. 165065

Same, anon. Nicole saying “I’m always here for you when you need me” is probably the most cruel thing to do if she doesn’t actually mean it. When she’s going through difficult times she expects her friends to drop everything and go above and beyond to cheer her up and spoil her with gifts. God forbid friendship be equal with these e-thots.

No. 165066

Thats typical narc behavior tho, they will serenade you with all the epic lovingness you wanna hear to get you to be puppets in their hands. Love of my life, soulmates, always here for you, you mean the world, nobody is like you, you are the best, kindest, important yada yada I eeeever met… and all that shit. And it means absolutely nothing.

No. 165102

File: 1627658634085.jpg (654.85 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_30_17_22_52.jpg)

If Nate and Nicole start living together, they will produce content of degeneracy that shouldn't even be possible.

No. 165105

File: 1627659681994.jpeg (998.19 KB, 1467x828, 20D2139C-B48D-488D-A71F-A28B52…)

It was already a fucking nightmare when they were streaming games together, I don’t even want to imagine that. Also in their stream together Nate says he sounds gay and Nicole goes “when don’t you? The sass is so apparent. You’re just like ‘hey y’all’ .” Gay stereotypes are so quirky!

No. 165106

They will kill someone one day while filming a dumb video for Tik Tok. Narcole will fake cry and blame it all on Nate. I'm calling it.

No. 165108

File: 1627660236289.gif (12.36 MB, 590x960, 4EF7A4A6-1A9A-4432-A798-598745…)

They were parked somewhere so although they’re not as stupid as Nicole, Nate is still the most retarded person I’ve ever seen. Keep in mind this is the man Nicole bootlicks and called the wisest person she’s ever known.

No. 165118

File: 1627662290248.jpeg (352.09 KB, 1800x1800, 7DBF5774-FD67-4BE2-9D1F-071C55…)

Nicole’s ears and nose resemble this character much more than an elf. I noticed she calls herself a gremlin a lot, something Lori is also guilty of, is it some sort of quirky egirl thing?

No. 165133

It’s a quirk thing, the egirls want their scrotes to say nooo kweeen ur bootiful<3

No. 165182

The tism is strong. I don’t think we’re ready for all of the incoming sperging ladies kek.

No. 165184

I think you mean goblin, a fantasy creature known to hoard treasures, Nicole likes to compare her to it because of her amassed weebshit.

Nate is not only absolutely brain damaged (which makes him a perfect match with queen of stupidity cassie), he is also a groomer, pedophile, hardcore cringy, a faggy emo, lanky, ugly and completely immature/vain, so yeah "wisest and kindest person I ever met" is just another of her many lovebombs as seen in
that have nothing to do with reality and just try to get nicole to her goal.

No. 165187

File: 1627683150634.jpg (1.12 MB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_30_23_59_50_mh162768…)

Cassie using the same tactis she learned from her master of manipulation
>on stream "You guys know im such a broke ass bitch!"

No. 165208

File: 1627692328203.jpeg (271.32 KB, 831x1800, 5CDC49FB-F1E2-4004-AC30-97E114…)

Poor Connor, he probably never even realized this photo he commented under was Nicole at Destery’s house

No. 165233

kek imagine spending any amount of money on plastic surgery or makeup and still looking so unfortunate.

No. 165237

She looks so fucking awful and the last thing her absurd abundance of highlighter, lip color, and lashes do is give her any favors at all. Imagine forcing these soulless, fake smiles for photos to appear likeable only to have your narcissism take the wheel and push any actually meaningful connections far away and to leave your face scarred with wrinkles. Funny how the only relevance any of these people have is thanks to some disgusting run of the mill pedo degenerate.

No. 165239

File: 1627715387945.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, ABE1C52F-C515-45A0-8D1A-84D7AA…)

She is disgusting for being so frivolous. She really thought she was untouchable.

No. 165244

File: 1627716876346.jpeg (704.69 KB, 828x1505, 24A95E60-ACB4-4C4F-906E-485CE5…)

What exactly does Nicole do on a day-to-day basis she claims makes her so busy? Because all I see is random fuckery with her friends (this man in the snapchat of course was in Leda’s group too, in case you were wondering)

No. 165251

It must be bizarre to be Leda (who must still be lurking online, just not posting) and see people still orbiting you and everyone you've ever met so long after you went AWOL.

No. 165254

File: 1627722351785.jpeg (524.5 KB, 1439x1800, D898C2CC-6E8D-454C-842F-7746CD…)

When you realize Nicole has wasted over 7 years of her life in the shadow of another girl. All Nicole’s friends are either following Leda fanpages or have connections to her personally. P.S Nicole was a literal who in 2013 so I’m laughing that one anon tried to pass it off like Nicole and Leda met through mutual friends/same circles.

No. 165261

The hard denial from the wk was hilarious. It's so clear that Nicole has been skinwalking Leda in every single way possible. I don't think I've ever seen skinwalking at this level, Nicole is literally insane. She's worse than Oli London and the Ariana Grande skinwalking stans combined. I still can't get over her lying about her past and life to mirror Leda's, Nicole is the ultimate stan.

No. 165263

File: 1627730178826.jpeg (371.61 KB, 828x1209, 75B80698-3BFD-4DDF-ADE2-C0D9F3…)

Suddenly all Cassie’s posts on her FB are set to private after anons found out about the fillers and being hired as Nicole’s assistant, suspicious af kek, got to hide the evidence ig

No. 165264

Nicole was always so obsessed with Leda she - most literally - tried to emulate her entire life down to the tiniest aspect. narcs have no own identity and cherrypick from the statuses around them, so Nicole made a (retarded) choice a long time ago.

I know someone with narcissistic personality disorder in real life, and that person hovered up to 6 years over every movement and upload of the ex's new partner copying and skinwalking anything and everything they could find about them, up to stalking to the same locations no matter how far away. You have to understand that these people are deeply mentally ill.

well yeah, this might sound a bit "big talk" of me, but it's still the sad truth: people like Nicole do not change, contribute, enhance, support, develop or grow anything or anyone in their lifes, incapable of adding value or be of any matter in society. Like a useless match burning down quickly and that's all the impact there was. She also can't feel or understand love, as narc brains only can do infatuation or lust. People like her will leave this incredible planet with a life that amounted to absolutely nothing, besides gigantic tracks of destruction, exploitation and pain in the lifes of others.

No. 165265

File: 1627732856202.jpeg (225.07 KB, 1528x764, FF18BB0A-9A04-4665-89AE-D446FF…)

Part 2 to this is Nicole’s online friends who all miss Leda and want her to return, of course them befriending Nicole is a coping mechanism since she’s the closest thing to her

No. 165268

Which yet again underlines how these people have zero value for an actual person, but rather the "fetishized fantasyworld idea" of them. Anyone who emulates it is good enough. Tragic people.

No. 165275

It's especially creepy how Nicole is very happy with this and doesn’t seem to mind at all.

She sought out Leda's exes and friends so they would see her as Leda or her carbon copy replacement. I'm surprised her ass ain't on my strange addiction or truly for how obsessed she is and the lengths she’s gone through to be Leda.

No. 165305

File: 1627743946848.jpeg (730.25 KB, 828x1628, 72BC470E-59B0-4EB8-AD85-BEA5F8…)

So Cassie privated her FB, deleted her Twitter account and posted this on Insta. Looks like someone found this thread?

No. 165325

Lol no, YOU are dumb as fuck Cassie, being an adult person who didn't know any of the evidence in these threads, or, after all there is about Nicole, Nate and Connor still act in such a hardcore level of denial in such lengths. You must be mentally damaged to allow people like this STILL in your life, but i'm not surprised given you became one of them yourself. Y'all have the maturity of 15 year olds and non of you know how "being a healthy, moral and responsible" person would even look like.

No. 165330

She definitely shouldn't do onlyfans if seeing a few comments about herself on a women's gossip forum spooked her.
She isn't ready for the depravity of coomers, I'm sure Nicole doesn't mention the messages they send you but her notice about not replying to OF messages suggests she gets a lot of awful shit in her inbox.

No. 165339

File: 1627751388820.jpeg (539.55 KB, 828x1607, 97253637-5E2B-4D44-9E70-32627D…)

Before she deletes her tumblr too, it’s like a goldmine into the psyche of the mentally ill

No. 165374

File: 1627758779938.jpg (840.09 KB, 1500x1500, pt2021_07_31_21_12_30.jpg)

Yup, someone like her totally should be around a narc now, what could possibly go wrong.

No. 165384

File: 1627760886087.jpeg (293.05 KB, 1242x1605, B30AE703-F9B0-4646-9B96-D48EAA…)

Well that was quick.

No. 165385

Dont know why people are coddling Cassie. She's a nutcase with or without Nicole. She's always been edgy uwu.

No. 165390

Lmao I was right. She is lurking hard.

No. 165392

File: 1627762785848.jpeg (249.45 KB, 645x1652, 2DC7A441-8C97-46B4-AD77-116649…)

Nicole and Dennis are being autistic liking these same dance gavin dance lyric tweets, I became suspicious when I noticed Nicole kept retweeting and liking stuff about her ex so I checked Dennis’ liked and he’s doing the same retarded shit, even liking the same lyrics three times. Wtf

No. 165398

Are you kidding me? She honest to god can’t be in a committed relationship. Always needs another dude on the sidelines, hell it’s probably more like 3, with a good dose of simps. Attention whoring must be so fun for her.

No. 165399

She is a narc, what do you expect? There is never, not at any given point, only one guy in the picture. It must be as much attention sources as possible. When they are not meeting up, it's via text or call.

Save to say she found the thread. What took her so long?

Im starting to think Nicole is using her friends as a distraction for us to post about, she is suspiciously lowkey right now.

No. 165405

File: 1627765428104.jpg (998.31 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_31_23_03_01.jpg)

Lmao, welcome new lurker. Imagine getting 2k fillers and still looking like a fucking troll. But hey, Nicole got it even worse.

No. 165407

File: 1627766061548.jpeg (188.96 KB, 828x789, 291C5457-D0AD-4A6E-BB9D-087423…)

Managed to screengrab this before Cassie deleted her tumblr. So yeah let’s not sympathize with this bitch anymore lmao

No. 165408

Wouldn’t be surprising. If she’s talking to Dennis out of all people again she probably wants that shit low key as possible. Right time at the right place, etc.

Reminds me of how insensitive she was trying to hit up victims in an attempt to “help”, all the while commenting under Georgina’s video about Nate minimizing her abusive experience with him. >>162391 It’s not fault my animals died, and it’s not my fault I’m willingly dating a pedo. It totally doesn’t paint me in a bad light at all.

No. 165411

File: 1627767337301.jpeg (282.02 KB, 1800x1800, B26DB246-DA7C-4423-A03C-761FE4…)

Forgot to add that Nicole liked a comment calling Leda an annoying scene queen. The cope is real, this bitch has been jealous and salty since day 1

No. 165412

File: 1627767768169.jpeg (Spoiler Image,363.61 KB, 1800x1800, C2237065-8AF0-4BB1-B76F-79FAD1…)

Apologies for bringing up such old content but Nicole’s slut shaming posts aged like milk.

No. 165413

anon, this shit is literally DISGUSTING. Who writes shit like this? How can she take zero responsiblity for it? Animal abuse always makes me pretty fucking mad, for fuck sake, they died because of her neglect and stupidity and all she has to say for herself is that people need to get over it and "shut the fuck up"? I hope you get a fat load of karma for that you coldhearted psycho bitch.

No. 165416

>My chinchilla died while I was gone due to heat stroke

So she abandoned a Chinchilla in hot weather and thinks it wasn't her fault somehow?

>Rats fought to their death

Sounds like she separated them then put them back together like the ignoramus she is. And they were stressed enough to be fighting which suggests improper care or habitat.

How ever will Nate's grooming victims be able to reach out to Cassie for that much needed support (gaslighting and downplaying) she kept offering to them now? A completely psychologically untrained girlfriend of their abuser who is likely sitting next to her while she replies? What a shame they will miss out on that extremely helpful experience now she's panic-deleted her accounts.

/s(integrate better)

No. 165418

>who is likely sitting next to her while she replies?
The fucked up part is she admitted that she’s speaking on behalf of him as he sits next to her and tells her what to say. He’s so creepy

No. 165427

Neither is she in any way qualified nor entitled to interact with traumatized, impressionable abuse victims. Like WTF? A girl that is mentally instable and dating a mass groomer and minor fucker poses a huge danger to already suffering young adults.

Oh PLEASE, all these descriptions of her animals dying point towards wrong care/habitat in big blinking vegas letters. She had as usual no idea how to deal with them and just wanted something cool to post on
her socials about. fucking animal abuser.

No. 165431

I think Cassie is on a paranoid blocking spree right now. I followed her with one instagram account some weeks ago and another just to watch stories, both my accounts were absolutely unrelated to each other and never interacted with her - today, I see both accounts are blocked by her. Wouldn't be surprised if this happened to several anons. She is crazy though if she thinks this is how she will get rid of us lol.

No. 165433

File: 1627772892254.jpg (328.14 KB, 865x736, pt2021_08_01_01_03_24_mh162777…)

>Onlyfans from Destery
Subscription will come with a free bottle of bleach, either for your eyes or to drink. Jokes aside, this is probably the most unattractive man on the planet, for the love of god, DON'T.

>He is happy

With a 24/7 drugged bitch that sports the lesbo eating out pose. This person must be a paid professional or on hard meds, otherwise there is no explanation why anyone would still date this piece of dogshit stuck between satans toes.

No. 165439

File: 1627774600140.gif (2.22 MB, 498x328, 8B75AEAB-5D33-4EF1-9BF5-EF0370…)

Brb vomiting. How fitting if he does. Maybe him and Nicole can collab somewhere down the line when they inevitably start talking again kek.

No. 165494

File: 1627802814538.jpeg (745.26 KB, 828x1498, 43C45486-AF8F-4AE9-B876-4F6B1F…)

So Cassie has another insta page that’s for being a “virtual assistant” to moms who are too busy and need help with their business.. not sure how Nicole ties into this since she has fuck all to do in life and probably more free time than all of us combined? The website is down so I’m assuming she quit this job to help Nicole now instead

No. 165496

File: 1627803145429.jpeg (333.55 KB, 831x1800, C6DBC94A-E235-4CD4-8616-9BF8D8…)

Kind of fucking weird to have trauma from a prior serious relationship and jump into one with a pedophile directly after that..

No. 165500

File: 1627806877938.jpeg (337.94 KB, 701x1093, AD996F6B-D1B2-43BD-A3C5-902501…)

And here we have Nate grooming Cassie. She had just turned 17 in 2013 and was a minor, Nate is 5 years older than her so he’s 22 at this point, he was interacting with most of her posts, following her, and complimenting her (you can’t see his tweets because he’s on private, but you can see Cassie’s response). There we have it, folks, Cassie was groomed by this man since she was 17.

No. 165502

File: 1627809090620.jpeg (88.17 KB, 1242x372, 86E240C6-5089-44AB-AF3A-645681…)

Really makes you think.

No. 165504

She is just another groomed one, very obviously.

Well, regarding the "Im going nowhere in life" narrative she fits perfectly into Connors and Nicoles middle.

Its kinda common knowledge that people who take literally zero time to process/mourn their prior relationship and simultaneously jump right into the next barely knowing that person and still not over the other, have serious emotional problems.

No. 165505

File: 1627810546386.png (140.74 KB, 1080x1187, IMG_20210801_113509.png)

Pff, in what fucking world Cassie? This is almost Nicole level lying.

No. 165506

File: 1627811111989.jpeg (98.28 KB, 828x624, 681F0FB4-C9A5-4367-9786-811924…)

If she really is Nicole’s social media assistant then I bet she already has seen the nasty scrote dms on Nicole’s OF (as part of her job description)

No. 165507

File: 1627811190723.png (835.23 KB, 828x1792, BF2954C8-E9AF-4C2E-AA38-9F8142…)

Cassie just posted this.

No. 165508

“They have gotten ahold of me” nobody has been cowtipping her as far as I’m aware, either she found out through Nicole or googling Nicole.

No. 165509

Update: she deleted the story after her meltdown

No. 165511

Okay, first of all, her being Nicoles "virtual assistant" i am more than surprised it took her THAT long to find the thread, as Nicoles name is all over it on google.

Second, why on earth does she share this to her entire audience and even lists what the thread is saying publicly? Why does she draw so much attention to something she apparently doesnt want to exist? Does she expect whiteknights now? Or pity points by humiliating her herself with such a post? Or is she too dense to understand how counterproductive this action was?

And last, instead of maybe looking at the masses of EVIDENCE in these four threads about narcissist Nicole and her demonic groupies, maybe understand that this is what happened and it was proven by multiple sources, she just goes "mi mi mi they say my friends are shitty!" well, believe it or not, because they are. Measured by healthy standards they all behave horribly and have serious problems, all ahead Nicole.

No. 165512

Ah, i see, so, Nicole's year long spree of manipulation, cheating, compulsive lying, extortion and faking incidents of her followers, her repetitive neglect of rewards for patreons, excessive photoshopping, trashing ex-friends reputations, stealing and powerplays with females was just all in our heads then? despite fucking FOUR threads of screenshots and statements claiming completely otherwise. Read Cassie, read.

No. 165513

Maybe this is just another attempt to harness as much attention as Nicole, because these threads are normally just really about her and just recently focussed on Cassie. I have no other explanation why someone would share this site in their own story.

No. 165514

Lol, one anon called it, maybe this was Nicole's plan all along, stay lowkey so we focus on her minions.

No. 165518

>Untrue and hurtful
If it was untrue it wouldn’t be this hurtful to her
>Calling me a shitty human being
Well, Cassie, good human beings don’t let their pets die of a heat stroke and fight to the death instead of separating them
>Claiming my bf groomed me
He did groom you. Being your friend when you were a minor while he was in his twenties and complimenting your appearance and stalking your socials when you’re a child is literally the definition of grooming
>Calling my friends shitty
They are shitty. Read the threads
>Saying my bf and friend are gonna run off and cheat together when I move
Nicole has destroyed relationships for other women in the past. This is just a predicted statement
>It’s a site for bullying
Then why are you mentioning it by name for Nicole’s followers to see? Afaik you’re bringing people to a site full of proof that Nicole is a shitty person
>I’m a nobody
You were until you decided to date a known pedophile in the scene community and befriend a literal cow and document your life with them publicly

No. 165520

Tbh I want to know what her and Nicole are discussing now kek. Assuming the general tinfoil is true, and Nicole has known of this thread for a nice long while, I can only imagine how she’s trying to explain away these threads to Cassie currently.

No. 165522

File: 1627814129847.jpeg (217.18 KB, 828x694, 1E5557A1-16FF-4F9F-B164-1322EA…)

I always believed the speculation that Nicole was a farmer and that she knows of these imageboards long before her threads existed. She even used 4chan “>be me” greentext post formats for her posts that I’ve never seen be used elsewhere. And coincidentally she also was brought up on 4chan and later bragged about it.

No. 165525

It seems far too coincidental overall. In example, the continuous whiteknighting for Nicole has seemingly stopped now, and there’s legitimately no anons trying to stick up for Cassie.

No. 165530

It was suspicious how she started getting defense posts on the dot when people started talking about her on the Costhots thread. Plus she followed other cows and snowflakes. Nicole is definitely a farmer.

No. 165531

Oh lord Cassie, I hope for your sake Nicole and Nate don't run off together or this post will age very poorly. And most/everything in this thread is true, alas.

No. 165534

>Using greentext on Facebook in 2015

Most definitely a channer.

No. 165538

File: 1627821735590.jpeg (522.89 KB, 1800x1800, F7717789-7096-4522-B46D-029C01…)

Cassie knows she got groomed by Nate, why else would she lie about the dates? She lied and made it seem like he befriended her when she was 18 in 2014 (legal adult) but he was interacting with her posts and being all buddy buddy (dare I say flirting) when she was younger than that. He was even responding to many of her tweets that had nothing to do with him, not even interacting with him.
Absolutely none of the evidence here is a lie, Cassie.

No. 165541

This explains why Nate was mass deleting so many of his old tweets >>>/w/158649 and one anon was trying to brush it off like he was just getting reported by vendetta chan, lawl. Over 50 tweets deleted, checked today. Got to hide the evidence he groomed his gf!

No. 165542

>>165407 this bitch cant be serious… i have had rats my whole life, yes they fight, so i house them separately. boom! they wont "fight to the death" if you fucking keep them separate what a fucking idiot. sorry not sorry. she does not deserve to own pets.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 165545

I love how this has paid off. A shining example of the streisand effect in cows. Even in the first thread description it mentions that it was only created because of the insistence on muh proof. Lay in the bed you made Narcole.

No. 165548

Let me get this straight, Cassie wants to/is making money off the internet and plans on Twitch streaming (as well as being an online assistant) and soon creating an OF, but as soon as she finds criticism on herself she resorts to calling herself a nobody who doesn’t deserve it? Sorry but it doesn’t work that way. She is ALL over the internet if you look at videos and comment sections about Destery and Nate’s allegations, trying to reach out to her boyfriend’s victims and gaslight them/silence them. Someone who attention whores themself this much doesn’t get to complain about being in the spotlight

No. 165638

File: 1627849525018.jpeg (411.26 KB, 828x867, 49F769B5-28D2-4AA3-BB82-59A9AC…)

Not sure if anyone has watched this Destery callout video but it essentially covers this girl’s point of view while Destery was still dating Nicole, he mentions the relationship is rocky because he “can’t trust her again” which aligns with anons showing screenshots of Nicole two-timing Destery and Connor

No. 165653

>Someone who attention whores themself this much doesn’t get to complain about being in the spotlight
This. Cherrypicking doesnt work on the internet. Same method as with Nicole and her money. If she is with friends she is bregging, if she posts for followers she is suddenly poor again eyeroll

I see Cassies behavior even in reaction to this thread as manipulative as fuck. What do you wanna achieve with that guilt tripping? You made this bed yourself. Don't give us the breakdown uwu chan when you know damn well this is all just reciting and analyzing what you actually did and said yourself. If you wanna get some simps head pats on Instagram, go ahead, publicly whine about how people inevitably point out the shit behavior of you and your "friends" without acknowledging any of the evidence. But don't pretend you are the victim here and this is all news to you. Lying and denying your accountability does not make one any less guilty.

No. 165654

Tbh i know that sounds crazy but i really would have liked to hear Destery's side from the stories of 2018 and 2020 with Nicole. It's just a pity you would never know what about it is truth or not as he is a person that got proven to constantly lie about things.

No. 165655

Is there actually not aaanyone in nicole's former life that can spill the tea about who she really is? I mean there are plenty of mad tweets and board messages of people feeling disappointed, betrayed and lied to by her, but I mean more in a sense of "I'm fed up with this bitch I'm gonna expose this now". She seems to keep most of them gaslit and still in close enough reach, as if she wants to avoid losing control over anyone, so i guess all the witnesses of her are still being "stockholm syndrome'd"

No. 165656

There might be some costhots in the cosplay community with a bone to pick with her. She has a history of lashing out at anyone who says she doesn’t look like her photos, but that’s really low level compared to the other shit she’s done. Absolutely cannot wait for her to piss off the wrong girl one day she finds a new relationship to destroy

No. 165657

File: 1627858807370.jpg (132.92 KB, 592x532, pt2021_08_02_00_58_06_mh162785…)

Gotta love she still tries to push the "selfloving and wholesome" image when her shit is literally listed on places like thotbook under mega thot pack.

No. 165659

No. 165660

I felt my IQ shrink looking at this shit man.


I guess she is just not relevant enough yet. Maybe in the future if at all.

No. 165664

File: 1627859962993.png (591.53 KB, 751x910, IMG_20210802_011808.png)

"Nope and very happy" - did he say while wearing still the same beanie he took from Nicole after fucking Nicole. This guy figured out true romance.

No. 165666

File: 1627861068399.jpg (884.63 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_08_02_01_34_53.jpg)

oh come on, you know Destery is the biggest thottish faggatron in the world, we could fill 5 threads with his cringe posting alone without milk. And he has narcissistic personality disorder as well, which one of his friends confirmed before he mass deleted his shit. Thats why he goes so great with nicole. He lovebombs, lies and destroys equally.

No. 165669

In shannon’s video she said he’s in an open relationship with that current girl and they pressure girls into having a threesome with them. Nicole’s taste in men..

No. 165670

This needs a spoiler warning for my soul alone, dear god.

Connor started to delete some of his instagram posts too, I guess he is in the picture about the thread.

No. 165689

I mean the other two (Conner and Dennis I think) seem normal enough, also didn’t she leave Destry when the stuff about him sexually assaulting children came out?

No. 165695

Thank God we need milk to post. No one wants that.

No. 165733

something about you doesnt seem right anon, because if you know these threads no one in their right minds would assume dennis and connor are "normal" enough. dennis' dirt is managable but he aint a saint and connor has almost enough milk to open his own thread man, so… tf you talking about? No, she didnt leave Destery because of this, she made it look like it afterwards to hide her cheating tracks and jump on the bandwagon. We already discussed this.

No. 165736

File: 1627890928006.png (176.65 KB, 1080x1241, IMG_20210802_010155.png)

Yup, Connor deleted pictures and blocked some recent accounts, he obviously knows about the thread which again implies the minions are talking about it with each other. As if that magically stops them from doing shitty actions. If nobody points out how manipulative and fake i am, i magically am not anymore, yay!

Does anyone knows whats up here?

No. 165739

They didn’t sage and that’s enough for me to agree with you anon. Fingers crossed it’s not going to end up being more WK shit.

So is it safe to say everyone in her current circle knows now, since Cassie would end up making Nate aware as well? Guess we’ll see how this new housing situation turns out now kek.

No. 165745

Anon, there have been allegations against Destery and Nate since 2014. It’s public knowledge that Nate dated a 15 year old when he was 19 (girl Nicole skinwalks) and that they both fucked children in their 20s. Believe me when I say that isn’t a dealbreaker to Nicole, only cheating is because she’s selfish and only cares about how a relationship directly affects her.

No. 165748

File: 1627896608272.jpeg (161.44 KB, 828x1576, E1172B6D-0191-40A4-A93D-E9E58B…)

I really thought Nicole would take a hiatus on social media after her friend’s meltdown about discovering this thread but she’s just spamming videos of her side profile on Snapchat. Remember to thank your plastic surgeon for that nightmare fuel nose, Nicole!

No. 165749

File: 1627897530669.jpeg (302.41 KB, 1800x1800, 12966B84-47A7-4600-B7E8-36A3B5…)

What’s with the ugly cheek fillers? She’s starting to look like that Ukrainian woman addicted to cheek injections.

No. 165750

File: 1627897726935.gif (12.4 MB, 573x960, 0F32A97C-2E15-4B2D-AE1B-02E920…)

In video form:

No. 165751

Are you fucking kidding me? ಠ__ಠ
She looks like she ate a bee hive for breakfast, big yikes. This shit is completely deforming her. And why does that video look like she is strangling herself, what is the point of these things?

No. 165754

File: 1627901610942.jpeg (265.04 KB, 828x570, FD64FFEF-9F23-4B03-9D5E-74E7D7…)

Nicole’s liked posts/tweets is a peak into the mind of a narcissist.

No. 165755

File: 1627901667156.jpeg (336.09 KB, 828x747, 12FE6A1A-FC31-4753-B67D-34C520…)

Also if you had any doubt Nicole isn’t a farmer, she liked this tweet referencing the recent Chris Chan shit

No. 165760

Ah, it's almost like larping as an anon on social media for "not like the other girls" points has backfired.

No. 165764

Just narcissist posturing and probably delighted Cassie is upset about the thread. I wonder if any more harsh anons might in fact be Nicole, since there's been no complaints and wks from camp Nicole since Cassie got brought up
>yes time to anonymously shit on my friend, thread is good now

No. 165771

File: 1627910052663.jpeg (1.14 MB, 828x1628, 05253B93-19DA-4383-A9A5-C6039E…)

Sage for tinfoil but, it appears like Nicole has been neglecting her job too.. at a peak busy hour she is nowhere to be seen. Because having four days off every week isn’t enough?

No. 165777

It’s not just the cheeks, her whole face is nightmare fuel. This is why you don’t get fillers for your whole face.

>great tits
Her tits are sagging down to her stomach lol.

No. 165779

I have actually been noticing the same, in all of poz recent stories, streams, posts etc, no matter what day it is, nicole is nowhere to be found, contrary to shoving her face into the camera every chance she gets. On the other hand, maybe she took two weeks off or so, because she can't possibly handle working 3 days a week AND moving uwu

No. 165780

she looks like an entirely different person from scratch. not only did she already manage to distort her appearance through photoshop a great deal, now she used a real life liquify tool and altered herself even further away from what she actually is. That bitch must internally hate herself so much.

No. 165782

Her tits aren't saggy. Cope. Anything that isn't plastic isnt saggy.

No. 165786

Nta but calm down. It is possible to have decent looking tits that don’t reach your stomach in your 20s without the help of plastic surgery. Just some food for thought.

No. 165795

Coping for what? You clearly have not seen her only fans photos. Sorry to offend your sagging bags too anon.

No. 165798

File: 1627915582525.jpeg (200.09 KB, 831x1800, 10CB4F3F-6C97-4AB4-8261-516AF8…)

I’m confused why she added a costume to her wishlist that she already has? (Weeks after she already had a costume). She really thinks scrotes are going to pay for the same exact cosplay she’s already done?

No. 165804

File: 1627917067379.gif (19.56 MB, 480x476, C4D8F915-9401-4E0C-93A7-57FD9F…)

It really is kind of sad. Just look at this video of her from nearly 10 years ago.

No. 165810

Still a narc using animals as props, so…

No. 165811

>Size: X-large

No. 165812

File: 1627918309815.jpeg (430.51 KB, 1800x1800, F28863CA-17A1-4F15-8A34-9325C8…)

Body positive anon should go back to their hole. Nicole’s tits would mostly go unnoticed if it weren’t for her excessively shooping them bigger, trying to convince everyone she has 32 double Ds (KEK) and acting like she wants to swap with smaller sized women. It’s almost unbearable to watch this cow brag about the large boobs she doesn’t have.

No. 165822

File: 1627921127020.jpeg (85.99 KB, 640x1138, 1DA5D6C0-5C30-47CE-987A-750AD5…)

Her arm shop is hilariously bad in this pic

No. 165831

t. Saggy tit anon

That's the most thinly veiled humble brag story that never happened I've ever read

No. 165833

File: 1627924056732.jpeg (181.82 KB, 828x1355, DACCB3CD-7508-486C-84D3-F35ED2…)

Sadly it’s a true story, she recorded the whole thing as if it’s something to be proud about. Her boyfriend publicly humiliating her, shouting her name and (fake) bra size out the car window just because she wouldn’t kiss him: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=523007024528149&id=100004565681409
She dates neckbeards, shoops them to not look like neckbeards, cheats on them, and then tells everyone “the love of her life got away.”

No. 165838

Post where the original is from

No. 165839

File: 1627924618172.gif (9.81 MB, 540x960, 6948EEC4-0DE2-4B4D-8EB4-3928D1…)

Is Nicole pretending to jerk off with a dick in this Tiktok? Fucking disgusting, she looks scary.

No. 165840

Please, please tell me you anons are women so you are joking. Big tits /=/ Automatically massive alphabet letter. She might actually be that size according to where she shops. Standard sizes and actual measurements do not go hand in hand.

No. 165842

These run small for white people

No. 165843

They both look legitimately insane here. The internet was a mistake.

No. 165844

Anon, we already showed you evidence of her editing her boobs much larger and how she tries so hard to convince people she has a massive chest size, enough derailing

No. 165847


I noticed her onesie/kigurumi Tiktoks are the most depraved and insane looking of all, and possibly it's because she's unable to sexualize herself while wearing one so she goes massively overboard acting out for attention, like this fake jerkin' and the friend having a seizure and it seems imitating something sexual. There's another video of them crawling around like cryptids. It seems like her kryptonite is anything that removes her ability to show off her body to coomers so she goes insane on the spot.

>I die without attention!!

No. 165849

File: 1627925688329.jpeg (223.76 KB, 831x1800, 77365B9A-049F-4EC4-873B-6A9F0C…)

A part of me thinks Nicole was leading Heather on into thinking she wants to date her.

No. 165852

No. 165854

File: 1627926445687.jpeg (240.76 KB, 831x1800, 9DE618DA-EAE2-4B6E-8449-03E7A8…)

Same day too. If Nicole seriously made this girl thinks she had a shot with her only to trash her entire existence publicly she truly is a pos.

No. 165858

File: 1627926607337.jpeg (379.87 KB, 828x940, D49D3579-DF61-49B6-9943-98D525…)

Was Nicole on drugs for this vid? Her pupils are abnormally large


No. 165861

It's not even subtle, the friend had a crush for sure. Yet another person Nicole lovebombed then dropped.

No. 165893

Okay, but I'm talking about how a 32DD is possible for someone her size. The DD isn't only for huge tits. Its about placement and shape too. Most women know this already.

No. 165894

>Most women know this
Uh huh. And most women know the difference between band and cup size. Of course Nicole would pick a small band size but giant cup size (as opposed to the equivalent of 36C, for example) because she wants to give off the impression of a tiny figure but giant tits.

No. 165898

File: 1627941905391.png (288.47 KB, 414x588, IMG_20210803_000442.png)

can you stop sperging about her tits? I have an E cup and can confidentl tell you, NO, nicole is not even close to a DD, she has maybe B-C in real life at best, she is clearly not an A cup, but these massive shoops are not reliable in any way, her candid shots show how little she has.

No. 165901

they be smoking weed for sure, but harder drugs are not communicates or shown so far, doesnt mean though they are not taking any. Or abusing hard meds.

No. 165905

I dont trust whatever the fuck nicole is doing right now, she has been more silent this past week than her last entire hiatus.

No. 165906

well, heather was a tool nicole wanted to use. so what better could she have done than pull her standard simpify routine on a bi woman then?

Agree with this, definitely over reaction to lack of oversexualization opportunity. she has to be the center of attention even if she looks like an utter denegerate doing so.

No. 165909

Having the productivity level of Nicole means neglecting all your responsibilities (job, patreon, OF) by taking month long breaks and telling everyone you’re extremelt busy. She needs 2 months before moving to prepare for some reason and two months after I’m guessing to do whatever the fuck she’s doing now.

No. 165910

File: 1627943431175.jpg (881.02 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_08_03_00_29_40.jpg)

I remember someone who is exactly like that… humiliation paid with pity attention.

No. 165917

File: 1627944842337.jpeg (338.05 KB, 828x1196, 384DF546-AFE6-4D7E-98BE-5892C7…)

She’s back to posting cringe Tiktoks and snapchats of playing video games

No. 165922

Looking back at this Nicole should’ve just kept getting her brow, nose and chin filled. She looks like a freak now that she’s filling out her whole face.

No. 165924

You sound familiar nonny >>158395

No. 165927


as someone with a 32DD chest she looks like someone with a natural 32DD chest. Mine are fake and with a bra they can look gigantic on my frame but without a bra they look very average size.

if she had a 34 band she'd be a D cup and a 36 band a C cup just to show how not-large a 32DD size is.

sage for bra sperging but this thread really shows how women don't know jack shit about bra sizing.

No. 165929

File: 1627949324990.jpeg (878.03 KB, 828x1517, FFFDBF45-E82C-4F7A-BFE2-570F59…)

>this thread really shows how women don't know jack shit about bra sizing.
You’re just repeating what was said here >>165894 about 36C being an equivalent. We clearly know exactly what you’re talking about. Now can we get back to Nicole? Ignoring her friend’s meltdown over this thread is hilarious, I wouldn’t be surprised if she asked Cassie to take it down before it directs people here. Also what a busy life with moving, playing random games!

No. 165930

File: 1627949853845.jpeg (272.27 KB, 1800x1800, FF234526-6CDA-4760-BC3F-13CD53…)

Let the paranoid blocking saga begin

No. 165931

I was thinking the same thing. A 32 band wont have the same cup depth as a 38 band and that's not even talking about sister sizes. A 32DD /=/ 38DD. 38s will have the bigger cup and the band adds to that. Saging too for brasperg, but its such a nitpick when it's actually not inaccurate technically.

No. 165933

File: 1627951806618.jpeg (90.8 KB, 828x275, 3E5E8C45-98D1-4447-87BA-A34DB5…)

I bet her scrotes don’t even know she has a boyfriend, Connor is just going to be forever referred to as a roommate or friend

No. 165950

Why do they have to know?

No. 165955

It’s basic e-thotting 101 why are you acting dumb?

No. 165957

Lol no way you make more monry hiding it I also don't think most guys care. There's the randos who think buying nudes means you're dating,but that private and a lot of thots keep hush about their SO

No. 165992

Can you stop your insufferable smartassing in which you act like the only woman on the planet being an expert on bras? Here, I stick a sparkly gold star on your paper, maybe we can move on now.

This will likely affect a lot of accounts, as Instagram introduced a new IP/device based block feature, meaning no matter how many accounts to build there, they are automatically all blocked.

And here we are again, busy bee wasting time on games


at this point i have no idea why connor still is with her lol

No. 165994

Just take the L and let it go if you don't care so much. Correcting info isn't detrimental to the thread.

No. 165996

This one was Snapchat, I don’t look at her stuff a lot but still peek from time to time and I remember thinking the same about the tits here but it was timestamped and not from camera roll so maybe it was a filter?

No. 165997

There are leaks from her onlytrash posts here and even though I hate to disagree, they’re clearly edited to filth, but seeing her without a bra on you can tell her boobs are bigger than a b. I don’t think she’s lying about the D/DD part, but she’s clearly still editing them regardless

No. 165998

Who is he?(sage)

No. 166002

Hey samefag, learn to sage your shit.

No. 166003

Cow def has to be stalking because an anon pointed out a hand full of the friends she used to post with a lot and be oh so close with not being reoccurring in her life anymore then all of a sudden she’s hanging out with them again saying “I missed my far away friends” or some shit.

No. 166005

File: 1627984346723.jpeg (714.7 KB, 828x1505, E36BC99E-78BF-43A2-9788-E45761…)

So she brought her boyfriend to meet the man who buys her OF that she’s been ignoring up until now?

No. 166007

No a shocker, she doesn’t seem to hide anything like that so she can’t possibly care about their feelings. he’s obviously aware or this thread too so he either has no balls or they’re in an open relationship of some sort where he’s okay with it because it’s all very obviously public. Really though to date thots who do OF and cam stuff you have to be a cuck anyways.

No. 166009

Calling it now, I bet reading this thread is pushing her to her anachan shit again seeing as how everyone is eating and drinking yet she has literally just a glass of water in front of her kek

No. 166011

File: 1627985801841.jpeg (289.67 KB, 831x1800, F300630E-0B03-4E74-A82F-E678EC…)

Just noticed Nate gave her his necklace that he’s had for years, lol.

No. 166015

I love how these "open relationships" always amount to one partner who wants monogamy and does not really do anything and one incapable of keeping it in their pants or die without sexual external validation lmao.

No. 166016

File: 1627989233621.jpeg (217.28 KB, 831x1800, EEAA469F-908D-412C-A518-05B3AE…)

Can anyone fill me in on this “everstonetcg/eevee” shit? It seems to be something Nicole’s ex is using for his socials and I don’t understand it. They don’t even work at the same place so from my understanding it’s not a business thing.

No. 166017

File: 1627990186733.jpeg (208.46 KB, 656x1798, 4CDA1ADA-C78E-47E6-99F1-7D64F5…)

>Why do they have to-
Because it’s disrespectful to your partner. Most people wouldn’t enjoy their relationship being kept a secret or at the very bare minimum not have their partner single bait and post about wanting a girlfriend while you’re still using your boyfriend for your comedy skits.

No. 166020

I think that is a remains from back in the day, he "secured" the tag on Instagram for her when they were still together. simp move, but what ye gonna do.

No. 166021

whats with that "cute guy at work" thing when she shows dennis?

Connor is a cuck to keep up with all her bullshit.

No. 166022

File: 1627992422231.jpeg (505.81 KB, 1800x1800, 4DD037A1-E723-42F2-B86F-BFEA81…)

I wonder if Connor knows this is the man he and Nicole met up with last night. Spoiler alert: there’s more than these

No. 166025

File: 1627993058364.jpeg (Spoiler Image,387.51 KB, 722x1421, 5EF030C1-9DCA-4737-9444-6FADBC…)

Just normal friendship stuff, this man wants to balance a drink on her ass

No. 166037

Funny she was completely ignoring this stuff then suddenly invites him over, gotta keep those simps on a short leash

She reminds me of someone in a community I used to be part of. She'd sleep with every guy in the community, date some of them for a while, cheat on them all. One guy spoke to me and said there was a point when he just didn't care anymore about the cheating, and just broke up. She'd also relentlessly bully some of the guys to tears, treat all the women like shit and SJW bully them all, with backup from all the scrotes she'd fucked.

Cut forward ten years, she still has a neckbeard boyfriend but has lost all her social capital and looks like a boring librarian.

No. 166044

File: 1627998180545.jpeg (377.44 KB, 831x1800, 1E56AC55-C2EB-4598-9AF0-06A3B7…)

Haha holy shit, this makes me wonder what’s going on behind the scenes with Nicole and her simp friends. This thread is only scratching the surface.
Also if you look at that guy’s instagram it’s full of these really cringe posts that really aligns with what he tweets Nicole here >>166022

No. 166064

It's common sense online for even nonthots

No. 166066

It’s common sense to say you want to date other people also while cheating on your partner? Nah, it isn’t.

No. 166071

Do we have any screenshots of someone saying she cheated on them personally or saying she did/said something they were uncomfortable with relationship-wise at any point or are we only concluding this from time stamps? Trying to put something together here

No. 166072

File: 1628008440104.jpeg (728.79 KB, 1521x828, 8172A939-A220-4415-83D2-88F364…)

We have HeythereI’mShannon’s YT video about Destery where he says he can’t trust her again, which corroborates with her cheating on Dennis, Destery and Connor throughout the years (picrel) There’s also Dennis suspecting her of cheating and asking for the timeline of when she started dating Destery in 2018. Read the threads, there’s plenty of evidence she cheated on all three men she dated and it doesn’t need to be rehashed again unless she does something recent.

No. 166075

I see that, I mean like anything actually saying directly or confirming with hard evidence “Nicole lied to me” or “Nicole cheated on me” not a maybe or seems like it must have happened based on xyz. Destery is also a proven pathological liar and an avid cheater himself brought forth by multiple parties with evidence so I want more than his whole leading Shannon on with an opening of “can trust her” text. cheaters are the most suspicious people but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility, I just want to see a real statement from a party involved

No. 166076

Really all I’m seeing in this thread is she posted a photo with (guy), commented on (guy’s) post, was hanging out with (guy) when with (guy) and assuming none of them were okay with it but she’s public about it, which I agree is shitty and I’m not a wk, I just want to see someone actually saying outright that she cheated or lied

No. 166078

Then you have to wait a really long time, because besides Destery's claims to not trust her anymore and their relationship having been rocky (which i dont doubt one second) and Dennis wanting to sit down with him because he as well didnt trust Nicole about the cheating anymore (she lied about the timeline) both, Dennis and Connor are still in contact with and "under simp control" towards Nicole right now. So there is no way they unpack the dirt publicly, unless the codependance and manipulation stops from Nicole. Having read all 4 threads and all the screenshots its undeniable she cheated on all of them, (while Destery and Connor ALSO cheated their partners at the same time) but Nicole keeps eagle eyes on everyone to not spill anything. She is the only one trashing people online of course. You never get the other side, only hers.

No. 166079

You’re not going to see a “real statement” from a nobody who doesn’t even use the internet (Dennis), a pedophile who remains silent (Destery), or the man she’s currently with (Connor). Sorry but going back and forth between the same two men and anons finding overlap between the dates is proof enough of cheating imo. Who knows, maybe Connor will make a statement after they break up.

No. 166081

And we also have the statements of Nycole, Connors ex, validating that he lied and cheated on her before he left her for Nicole, her knowing damn well he was in a relationship. Same with Amber, Nicole didnt care.

No. 166082

Nta but if you can't connect the dots I don't except any party to willingly spell it out for you on social media. Believe what you want, it's inconsequential on this Mongolian basket weaving forum, but please sage and don't samefag.

No. 166083

Right, I don’t doubt it for a second, just wanted to see if there was anyone at any point in this outright saying she hurt them or betrayed them directly that’s all.

No. 166084

There are many tweets, comments, DMs and board entries of people who openly say they feel disappointed, betrayed, left behind and manipulated by her, they are all in the threats, but no one came directly forward to spill their heart over the cheating, one, because they cheated themself and dont want that to be public knowledge and two, because Nicole still has actively control over them.

No. 166085

Nicole and Cassie are both good at silencing victims. We’re not going to spoonfeed you information (and for the love of god write “sage” in the email field so you stop bumping this thread nonstop, you’re asking for a ban) but as you can see from Cassie messaging every victim of her boyfriend and trying to silence them, deleting all her old accounts, Nicole deleting her old ask.fm and hiding shit, they have been playing this game for too long to outright get caught and have someone publicly speak out about them. They are master manipulators.

No. 166111

File: 1628021328730.png (10.44 KB, 540x134, lol.png)

*correcting: you CANT proof shit to anyone Nicole, because you are the culprit.

No. 166112

That's the thing, it's not one way or the other, no, Destery cheated AND Nicole cheated, just because Destery is a piece of shit, does not mean he never says the truth ever. Yes, he is a compulsive cheater AND so is Nicole. These two things coexist peacefully.

The video about Destery is honestly disgusting as fuck. And I am not surprised Nicole is, yet again, off the hook and praised for being oh so wonderful, as was pointed out even in the comments of this video, that she manipulated shannon into thinking Nicole was just another victim, which is proven, she isnt, she was just as much part of the entire cheating saga. That ice cold bitch always takes the swift exit and gets away with it, I pray for the day her shit gets blown up like Nates and Desterys did, otherwise this just wouldnt be fair. Remember all the damage this narc has already done. Then look at the army of simps kissing her feet, telling her every single day she is the most wonderful person on the planet, while she is literally out there ruining one life after the other. While actual decent and kind people get overlooked and even bullied through their lifes, someone like Nicole gets warshipped for being a demonic piece of shit. what sad world do we live in man…

No. 166124

The biggest difference I’m seeing (and not to defend either party, their both terrible excuses for humans) but all the people on destry’s end (and in every other cheating fiasco on social media) people came forth publicly saying destry cheated on them and lied to them, yet nobody had publicly accused or said Nicole directly cheated on them even though it’s obvious. it even seems even her ex’s are friends with her still so I’m really confused by what the fuck is going on. Are they literally THAT manipulated and whipped by her to excuse it and overlook it all? That just blows my mind. It feels like there’s so much more we don’t know and it drive me crazy.

No. 166127

Ok vendettachan you can calm down with the whole “she’s ruining one life after another” shit. She’s a shitty narcissistic cow as we’ve all determined but it’s not that deep.(SAGE)

No. 166139

>Then look at the army of simps kissing her feet, telling her every single day she is the most wonderful person on the planet, while she is literally out there ruining one life after the other.

Damn, you sure you're not someone scorned by her personally? You sound hell bent on making sure lolcow hates her as much as you do.

No. 166144

Who is this autist that can’t sage? Nta but you don’t have to be someone involved in her life to think she’s a shitty person. Read the OP every time you feel sympathy for her.

No. 166145

File: 1628029358853.jpeg (355.57 KB, 813x1162, 28806951-CFD5-4926-A2B8-B262BD…)

Are you sure this isn’t directed at your thread, Nicole? Really?

No. 166151

File: 1628030291654.jpeg (374.46 KB, 1201x1800, F00168E6-5714-4A25-866B-A81316…)

Guess she didn’t like her thread image of toy hoarding (samefag)

No. 166155

Dont get the complaining, anon points out that the principle behind it is fucked, which it is. The gap between how Nicole is treated online vs how she treats people is bigger than your momma and tells a lot about society and how fucking easily people are gaslit.

Lmao, what a move to big mouth about how speculating is so dumb, yet she would never ever come out with anything clarifying or remotely minimizing the damage she has done. She has nothing to say for herself, yet makes it seem as if people who dig for the truth are the pathetic ones. You are laughable Nicole.

No. 166156

lol, try getting manipulated and cheated on by a real narcissist for years and then being told "its not that deep" people like nicole and her scummy gang are eternal shit stains on santa's list.

Well, the women that where in the relationships with the men Nicole cheated with, have adressed it more or less, but rather behind closed dms than posting it all over their socials. Which I think is understandable, because who really wants to go around letting the world know they got cheated on.

Don't forget that this just "doesnt happen" by impulse. Nicole plans it ahead, which was already discussed but I can do a comp of it tomorrow.

No. 166167

Highly doubt you had something to do with it anon.

No. 166168

Love how she posted this at around the same time as the sperg who couldn’t sage here.

Did that touch a nerve?

No. 166211

Nicole is proof-chan, confirmed

No. 166216

>”asking for proof”
>consistent requests for proof throughout all of these threads
She made it obvious just by tweeting. Big oof.

No. 166221

I love how whenever she’s aggressively tweeting about something directly involving her she has to add the disclaimer that it’s not directed at anyone or anything, lawl. She does this a lot when she’s talking shit about former friends. Sadge for her that those tweets gained no traction, not even a single reply from her followers, Nicole is just shouting into the void.

No. 166225

File: 1628077493979.jpeg (325.43 KB, 828x1310, 51F9C1D3-DCA6-4E5F-A36C-A4B39C…)

Looks like Cassie took down the stream, probably realized how retarded it was after reading about it here.

No. 166281

File: 1628106623492.jpeg (552.73 KB, 828x1569, 4682D96F-802A-45A1-A00E-45896F…)

>Move houses
>Neglect jobs and social media presence
>No OF presence in 10 days, nowhere to be seen at work, claims this is all due to moving homes
>Suddenly announces travelling, most likely for a con
The Nicole productivity cycle. What even.

No. 166291

I dont have any money guys, oh my god I need a car and I need to pay for moving and the new house, please please help me or it will crush me!!1!
>let's get 2k fillers, a fucktard expensive charizard card and fly through the country.

No. 166293

File: 1628110586093.jpeg (931.7 KB, 828x1430, E314C3F4-0930-4B08-A3C0-F97728…)

Mfw just uploaded from her photoshoot with Heather and probably had to crop her out of the background for these

No. 166296

love how the snow on her face is fake and her features filtered af but that hand be blissfully shriveling along.

No. 166303

File: 1628115744436.jpeg (241.69 KB, 1800x1800, EF8B57D8-84C8-4C18-AFB7-792C6E…)

Imagine the irony of two bisexual women competing after Nate.

No. 166306

I wonder what fake sob story she will make this time to drum up donations

No. 166406

File: 1628199076909.jpeg (Spoiler Image,344.62 KB, 1800x1800, 4DD6C7F6-1237-4D90-9B76-075880…)

Apologies for sounding like a moid and critiquing her OF but does she take scrotes for fools? They may be idiotic but they’re not blind. Not only was she not putting her finger inside but you can clearly see her hand hovering over her underwear in this 2 second video she uploaded with that caption. Taking videos in the dark, unannounced weeks of hiatus, withholding information about PPV prices, and this.. it’s all so misleading. On one hand I don’t pity the scrotes she’s scamming, but on the other she has to be braindead to be doing this.

No. 166410

The image quality is abysmal, the aliexpress ill-fitting $2 outfit is so low effort, the caption is awkwardly phrased and misleading as you said. Definitely worth the sub fee.

No. 166411

>does she take scrotes for fools? They may be idiotic but they’re not blind.
Are you ok anon? Scrotes who simp for sexworkers are absolute retards who don't notice even the most obvious of shoops. What makes you think they notice or care if an OF thot put finger in vagina? They are the ones who are braindead, mindlessly coomsooming their wank fodder. Why do more than the bare minimum for them?

No. 166412

File: 1628203673856.jpeg (153.86 KB, 828x632, C8A09AA0-87B5-4584-9E25-E69B28…)

Oh trust me, I only discovered it skimming through the leak sites. They notice for sure.

No. 166414

Exactly lol let them get scammed. If they want to spend the money on a thot, still, who has a history of teasing vs showing, that's their fault.

No. 166421

Her outfit looks so tacky and cheap, she looks like a truck stop stripper from Alabama.

No. 166427

You forget she’s also creating porn for her friends and all the mutual ethots subbed, lol. Speaking of, she’s been really quiet about doing a shoutout for other girls. Guess she chickened out

No. 166452

That's to be expected, don't know why you need to mention them unless she's doing customs, its not specifically for someone though

No. 166464

File: 1628252373514.jpeg (113.69 KB, 828x446, C998D67F-3996-455E-919B-59D7EE…)

>That’s to be expected
Then maybe don’t act like she’s only punishing scrotes? Other e-thots and women as well

No. 166468

well that is nothing new, big mouthing about something to enhance her image and then never following through with it ever again…

No. 166473

Punishing? Lol anon its not that deep holy shit Stop feeling bad for retards who sub to thots and, btw, she can give free passes for up to 30 days, repeatedly, so who knows if those "other thots" are even paying and who is even subbed to be concerned about this? Anons don't care if it's men or other women subbing. Those women are retarded as well then just like scrotes.

No. 166474

Calm down. It’s not that deep to be critiquing this bitch’s OF. Not my problem she doesn’t know what fingering means.

No. 166509

I keep seeing posts about her getting expensive fillers but I can find the reference post she made about it here, can someone post the screen cap? Twitter or IG?(sage your shit)

No. 166514

Learn to sage, we’re not going to spoonfeed you old milk. You can find pictures of the bruises and the prices her friend mentioned if you lurkmoar.

No. 166515

File: 1628296665902.jpeg (356.48 KB, 828x950, 6E3C69B5-91C0-4F9A-B92E-4924FA…)

Why would Nicole need a fake septum if hers are real? I noticed this in her Etsy favorites and it looks like the same one she normally wears.

No. 166519

Yeah you scrote I can see that, that’s not what I asked. I’m asking for something being spoken of and seen that’s either been deleted by now or at least not posted on her medias that I can see. what I’m getting in the timeline is that Cassie got them in Michigan and that’s why they were so expensive because research on Google shows plastic surgeons are charging way less for cheek filler or fillers in general in California. The bruises she has are different and im trying to figure out where from.

No. 166521

Imagine bumping the thread to hi scrote anons and requesting proof for old milk. What even. Also Cassie posted the location as LA, we’re not stupid and we know Nicole got them with her. She even complained about the bruises and her face changed overnight. Your anger is hilarious.

No. 166522

Before WKing me like some imbecile, I’m not saying she’s never had it done or saying she isn’t full of plastic already, just this instance I’m seeing posts like she admitted to it for the first time yet only Cassie is talking about hers

No. 166523

Her face looks just as botched and filtered as before any of that, who’s to say she didn’t get them in that car accident or got smacked up for being stupid

No. 166526

I’m don’t expect anyone to know the difference on here especially after Cassie promoted the thread to her following kek.

No. 166527

File: 1628301431973.jpeg (153.99 KB, 821x398, CFA719D5-8040-4FD1-85FD-2A8353…)

Posts like these make me genuinely worried for Nicole’s poor animals. She already doesn’t exactly treat them well and with her constantly going on vacations she’s probably leaving them in the care of her roommates (aka Cassie). She recently favorited a bunch of stuff for bearded dragons so who knows how many exotic animals she plans on hoarding that Cassie is going to eventually kill with her stupidity.

No. 166528

File: 1628301728042.jpeg (189.34 KB, 428x480, 1C4561E4-7116-49A9-904C-F690BB…)

What I mean by her interest in owning a bearded dragons, an example of something she favorited (picrel)

No. 166531

These are little rings you can pinch into anything like during Halloween. Probably for alt looks. Stupid nitpick for theatre accessories clearly meant for OF dress ups.

No. 166540

File: 1628313525060.jpeg (166.45 KB, 1242x1542, 3CD81497-6FFE-4136-A8C1-E9171C…)

Nicole had worn septum jewelry like this in the past, though. Couldn’t say if it just closed on her, or if she’s been wearing a faux one this whole time. Personally speaking, having had this piercing done as a teen, it’s stayed open since then even as an adult that no longer wears jewelry in it. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible for it to close though, so who knows.

No. 166548

Your utter rudeness and retardation is infectious anon, I almost didnt sage my post, insulted anons for no reasons and demanded old milk. Phew, that was close.

Maybe the fake one isnt for herself, but just another "be my clone" gift for some of her friends.

Great, more exotic animals for popularity clout, because god beware you develop a cool personality without living like jake paul.

No. 166549

no one stalks their pets like this, she just needs posts like this as a tool to make animals look as obsessed with her as much as people do. Her level of self proofing how every being in this universe only exists to miss and adore her is pure insanity.

No. 166550

Pet cameras are incredibly common.

No. 166570

Maybe, and here’s some food for thought, don’t travel so fucking often for leisure if you will miss your pets this much? Especially if she’s going to leave them with a stupid animal murderer like Cassie.

No. 166575

We all know Narcole doesn't actively miss her pets, it's just as this anon said
>self proofing how every being in this universe only exists to miss and adore her

No. 166578

Accurate lol. I’m just worried for those poor pets. I didn’t get to see Cassie’s full tumblr before she deleted it but I’m sure she has killed more than those three pets. We can only assume she is the type of owner to leave her pet inside a car with the windows up on a hot day, hence the chinchilla dying of a heat stroke.

No. 166580

Aren't a lot of instances of her pets dying from others watching the animal (pet sitting)? You can't control the life of the animal if you aren't there. That's like saying you can't have a dog and have someone pet sit because if something happens it's all your fault? Unless we get more than just her saying she lost pets, I don't think she's going out back and putting them in the heat to die.

No. 166581

It's a camera, anon. Calm down.

No. 166585

She let her rats fight to the death, anon. That’s definitely on her.
We’re not talking about the camera. We’re talking about Nicole constantly travelling and leaving them in the care of this stupid girl who ended up killing all her pets. Lol.

No. 166596

Rats are territorial, most rodents are. There a big difference between putting animals together in pride to fight to the death and two rats being territorial in which they fought to the death. Not even trying to WK, but the pet stuff seems like forced cruelty milk. I know those are her words, but thats kind of what you'd call it due to territorial fighting. I'd blame her for not putting them in seperate cages though, but seems like shitty luck on her part mostly.

No. 166601

What confuses me about Cassie’s statement is she said she tried to separate them, like what does that mean? Did she end up putting them back together after already seeing them fight? I don’t think Cassie is some evil animal abuser but she’s definitely a bit of an airhead, from (accidentally) having multiple pets die, leaking Nicole’s license plate, agreeing to be her online assistant, reaching out to her boyfriend’s victims, skinwalking Nicole and impulsivey posting about this site only to delete it 20 minutes later.

No. 166609

Cassie's main struggle is the room temperature IQ, I agree, I don't think she's an evil or bad person. But she definitely lacks common sense, which I think leads to things like repeated pet deaths and being the handmaiden of a pedo scrote.

No. 166617

Cassie is just an idiot. Tbh, she seems worse than Nicole.

No. 166644

File: 1628373599821.jpeg (758.42 KB, 828x1490, E628078D-BBF5-4D36-8309-F6F543…)

I think Nicole travelled to meet Connor’s family for the first time. In one of the snaps you can hear a middle aged woman’s voice call him “Connie” as a nickname and he answers, and they appear to be at someone’s house. I wonder what his family think of Nicole, especially with their on and off again relationship last year where she juggled two men kek.

No. 166650

If they were broken up, she can fuck other people. Anons in here are such puritans when it comes to dating and sex.

No. 166655

Except that you don’t know if they were broken up. All we know is that she’s a pathological liar about the dates/stories/reasons and her stories never align with what her friends say of the same event (i.e the pothole vs bump thing). Either way it’s funny as hell she has a backup list of other guys to fuck the second things go south. For example, rough patch with her 6 year long boyfriend? Goes to fuck Destery! (All the while tweeting about Dennis being her boyfriend during this time and posting about him). Break up after decade long relationship? Immediately fly out during a pandemic to fuck Destery!
That’s not healthy and it’s a little concerning you think the anons criticizing this are the strange ones. Nothing mature about jumping from one serious relationship to the next to the point where they overlap in time and story all the while tweeting “fuck relationships!” “My bestfriend Doon is all I need!” for the seven seconds she’s single.

No. 166672

Cursed digits - cheating confirmed kek

No. 166674

If no one knows then why do you keep calling it cheating? That's speculation.

No. 166680

Because muh dates. As you’ve seen, dates in correlation with posts have been requested many times. Go look at the collages, there’s plenty of little clues to lead into the conclusion that there was at least a little two-timing. Sure it’s not confirmed, but does anyone involved want to admit cheating was a factor? Because I’m pretty sure most would prefer to keep it to themselves. It might be speculation, however it’s not as far-fetched as you might think.

No. 166708

I can't believe we literally have four threads full to the brimm with screenshots, messages and dates showcasing overlapping timeframes and clear as day cheating, and people still call it speculation, as long as Nicole doesnt step forward introducing herself with a big red nametag of "Hi, I'm a cheat".

i actually DO think she is a bad person, given the way she treats nates victims, the rotten people she associates with,her incapability to take accountability for anything she does and says to hurt people (or animals) combined with an undying sense of entitlement and vanity, or even annoyance when her shit behavior is pointed out to her. she is used to being an irresponsible fuck up in everthing and pulling the victim card instead of owning up to anything.

No. 166718

Just because she visited Destery doesn't mean they slept together just because she has photos of sitting on a bed.. I did go through the screenshots and theres nothing really proving cheating besides she hung out with other guys and thats somehow enough to confirm cheating. I'm all for cows being exposed, but at least have real shit to back it up than just whats convenient for anons to believe. It's like anons demanding Momokun slept with that tattoo guy when there's nothing to back it up but a photo of them at a wedding alone together.

No. 166719

File: 1628434403675.jpeg (412.85 KB, 1800x1800, BCA35944-DAFC-46CF-A9E9-9865B8…)

Nta but she spoke about this herself in her callout tweet. She said after Destery cheated on her in 2018 she “resumed” her relationship with Dennis. Like they put it on “pause” when really her boyfriend had no idea she was seeing other men. As you can see here Dennis dumped Nicole in February 2020 and in December 2020 he asked for a timeline of when she dated Destery. Man definitely dumped her due to being cheated on.

No. 166720

File: 1628434723406.jpeg (495.13 KB, 828x1106, F78B417C-8D23-4AD5-9EAC-634A17…)

Also she was still contemplating a long distance relationship with him months after she resumed her relationship with Dennis.

No. 166721

Lol this says he cheated too because he wouldn't let Nicole sit down with his break fling too. Yeah, no remorse for either of them. Everyone cheated.

No. 166723

Samefag really quick, but wouldn't it mean they were on a break, they both slept with other people during, but Nathan is the only non-remorseful one because he's too pussy to tell Nicole who he slept with, but she's open about her fling during the break? Nathan should not be of the hook if he's a shitty cheater too.

No. 166724

Nicole never dated Nathan, Destery told him he will set them up but betrayed him and set Nicole up for himself. Lol. I doubt Nicole even knew Nathan was interested im her until after the fact. But yeah Nicole was still contemplating a long distance with Destery even after she resumed her break from Dennis. That in itself is cheating imo.

No. 166726

If they agreed to certain terms while on a break, it's not really cheating. Thinking about being in a relationship isn't cheating lol

No. 166728

They clearly didn’t agree to Nicole seeing Destery if you read >>166719 lol. That’s why Dennis dumped her. Nicole calling cheating “sensitive information” doesn’t exactly help either.

No. 166729

File: 1628437616973.jpeg (317.69 KB, 1011x1800, 40BC7A24-6351-4BF7-877A-5AA108…)

Since this collage wasn’t made before, here is all the times Nicole changed the reason for why she won’t date Destery. The fact that she was still contemplating a long distance relationship with him after already rekindling things with Dennis and learning that Destery cheated on Amber says a lot about her.

No. 166730

Is this whole argument a 2018 thing?? Really??

No. 166731

Controlling who you can see in a relationship is cringe as hell. That's not an indication of cheating either.

No. 166732

Because that’s when she cheated on her boyfriend. Don’t ask (beg) for proof day after day and then wonder why you’re receiving proof. If you have nothing left to contribute you can fuck off lol.

No. 166733

The mental gymnastics you’re going through to justify cheating. He dumped her because she cheated on him, plain and simple.

No. 166734

She just keeps repeating she won't date him. Where are you getting the sleeping with while dating another dude from? There's nothing backing it up. I get timelines, but if they weren't together, were on a break, its not cheating. All her posts say she isn't dating when thinking about dating anyone in general. No one is asking for proof, so calm down. It just doesn't make sense to call cheating. Suspicious, sure, but like being between relationships doesn't mean you cheat if you are hanging put with other people. It's convenient, but didn't mean it's actually what happened. Their breakup was pretty mutual, so that's another strange thing to say it was one side from cheating.

No. 166735

Their breakup wasn’t mutual at all kek, she was tweeting about him leaving her and being abandoned by him for MONTHS after their breakup. And as you can see here >>164672
And yeah, there’s a nonstop newfag constantly receiving bans that’s been asking for proof of old milk if you scroll up. You need to calm down. It’s not that deep.

No. 166736

Also an ex close friend of hers (Chase) who literally spent time with Nicole and is Destery’s close friend confirming she cheated definitely backs up that she cheated. So.. she’s a homewrecker for multiple women and a cheater. You shouldn’t be this surprised.

No. 166746

how often do we need to go over this, i swear, ever other week some degenerate tries to justify or negate her cheating saga, chase confirmed that nicole had sex with destery while STILL officially with Dennis and Destery posted cringy "her sex is so good" posts on twitter, while she was already back again with Dennis and clarified they were about Nicole. She cheated with Destery and with Connor, end of story, the evidence is there, look it up yourself.

No. 166747

It’s got to be bait at this point.

No. 166751

Is this proof-chan who expects us to have secret spycam footage and audio to prove our claims and then complains when we don't? The proof will be screenshots and Tweets and photos and whatever else, since that's what's publicly available for us to discuss on this gossip forum about lolcows. Asking for anything else is unreasonable, but what else would you expect from a narcissist. Please never procreate.

No. 166752

It's called not dating its milk without backup. Suspicion isn't exactly proof. That's why anons keep bringing it up. Get over the fact that it's all speculation. Being this mad that anons are pointing it out a bit of an arm flail tactic.

No. 166755

File: 1628447611023.jpeg (228.88 KB, 1011x1800, 949BC4AF-0EFD-4799-AAE2-F17072…)

Funny how you’re probably the same anon who had a meltdown at an anon getting Chase to confirm she cheated to now saying it’s all speculation. Sorry but the only one this obsessed with so-called speculation is you. It’s one of countless things that she’s done to others that make up her shitty personality. This man she hung out with is an inside source into all this drama and I think he knows more than you or any anon does. Maybe stop refreshing the thread to argue the same thing over and over again wondering why these threads are filling so quickly?

No. 166766

>what I've heard

Yeah, really good grapevine evidence and the fact that it's someone who's friend contacted him to get milk. Definitely trustable cowtipping. He's not even giving hard evidence. He said he's heard that and the DMer leads the convo with bait for milk. This is so illegitimate its not even funny

No. 166769

Destery’s close friend saying he heard her cheating on Dennis AND Destery is proof. Stay mad lol. You’re acting like he’s a random hobo they found on the street. No. He’s Destery’s literal best friend and roommate, no shit. And Destery saying he can’t trust her is just the final nail in the coffin.

No. 166771

File: 1628456517775.jpg (359.43 KB, 894x1092, pt2021_08_08_23_00_03_mh162845…)

its such an easy solution anon, just keep telling that to yourself in your dreamy spergworld of nicole who cant do anything wrong and never cheats, while we in reality can all move on with the thread, sounds good? everyone wins!

Anyways, found some fun stuff about Connor and his ex Nycole, her posts unfortunately aged like fucking milk, because it's basically what happened and she was already paranoid about him kek.

No. 166772

Des saying anyone isn't trustful is worth nothing coming from a pedophile and known cheater who was rejected. Of course he'd say that about her. He's a complete incel. Of course his friend would back it up with just "I heard.." vs saying it. He doesn't want to incriminate himself in a lie for some shit friend's revenge. It doesn't add up and that's why all threads have anons asking. This isn't proof at all. It makes her story better, but not even the cheated on guy said he was cheated on. Believing Des and his friend isn't worth spit.

No. 166773

How insecure do you have to be to police when your boyfriend was last online? Darcy is embarrassing.

No. 166774

File: 1628456760545.jpg (437.35 KB, 1080x799, Screenshot_20210808-225406_mh1…)

She wanted to do that retarded hair dye thing like cassie and nate, but connor thought it was too cringe and rejected. Sounded all weird but seemed stable, until Nicole entered the picture. Think it's a nice detail that it took Connor 1,5 months longer to accept facebook officials than his gf. Now someone plays the non committing with him, ha.

No. 166775

File: 1628456804726.png (442.3 KB, 1080x533, IMG_20210808_225701.png)

And she just replaced him with another retarded band guy clone.

No. 166776

File: 1628456907267.jpg (736.15 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_08_08_22_52_53.jpg)

Anyways, look at this pathetic cuck. She goes rampage for his whimpy ass while he just doesnt do anything for him to pose the big man afterwards. Insulting some dude who didnt like his eyeliner, great gesture man. yikes, this is so embarassing.

No. 166777

>perfect women like me
filtered OF thot in aliexpress lingerie that dates unsuccessful band fags?

No. 166778

Maybe she needs a calves thread like Momokum. No one needs 2018 spoiled milk not about Nicole. This thread isn't about some irrelevant ugly thot.

No. 166779

Was she wrong though? He did end up cheating on her with Nicole. She’s a homewrecker, it’s what she does.

No. 166780

>Believing Des and his friend isn’t worth shit
Are you braindead? That’s where the cheating milk COMES FROM. That’s WHO she cheated on, that’s the ex boyfriend she was unfaithful to. This is getting ridiculous. You can’t keep defending a narc thot despite all the homewrecking, lying and cheating. You are the one making assumptions and trying to counter-argue people in this story. Sorry but Destery and Chase know about a thousand more percent about Nicole’s cheating past than you, a random insignificant anon.

No. 166781

Damn, let people take responsibility for their actions. Not everything is Nicole. If a dude was going to leave, he was going to leave anyway. These are grown adults.

No. 166782

your whining is boderline depressing anon, these things do not exclude each other: fact 1, destery is a compulsive liar, fact 2 Nicole is too. Fact 3 Des cheated, while fact 4, Nicole did too. That's it. Destery being a known manipulator does not mean the people around him cant be as well. on the contrary it makes it way more likely. And Dennis hasnt said anything, not because it didnt happen, but because he is not on the internet and never said anything about anything ever regarding Nicole. how dense must you be to proclaim his silence as evidence, instead of actual history of screenshots… get help.

I think this tells us a lot about who connor is tho. relevant enough.

No. 166783

Nicole is approaching 30 years old and still doesn’t act like an adult. You’re getting your hopes up.

No. 166784

please not this retarded gatekeeping again, the history of connor is now relevant too, because nicole was already in the game back then and seeing nycoles suspicions makes it so much worse (accurate) what was already posted.

No. 166785

File: 1628457648543.png (451.66 KB, 1080x590, IMG_20210808_232101.png)

No. 166786

>you look like a dried up scrotum
real classy, suits nicole.

No. 166787

This bitch is insane. Everyone knows that. She's her own cow. Dude was already one foot out the door. Look how smothering she is and tagging him, embarrassing the fuck out of him publicly with her obsessiveness.

No. 166788

File: 1628457980596.jpeg (67.39 KB, 828x286, 79BF803D-9153-433D-847A-DD88C0…)

Note that Darcy’s mother was calling Connor her son in law. Their relationship was serious and of course just another one of Nicole’s conquests kek

No. 166789

That’s on him for dating mentally ill women. Now he’s dating a womanchild (Nicole) approaching middle age and still larping as a teenager.

No. 166790

But Nycole replaced him asap. Signs point to her being the problem, not Nicole here?

No. 166792

Nycole took over a year for that, reasonable time. Connor took Nicole while still being with Nycole…

No. 166793

>Nycole replaced him asap
Yeah because he fucking cheated on her, who is this autist villainizing everyone in the story except Nicole. Lol.

No. 166794

She replaced him in under 2 months here though >>166775 no one in a serious relationship does that. Who even is this bitch and why are we posting about her as if she matters at all right now?

No. 166795

File: 1628458893370.jpg (1.2 MB, 4000x1000, pt2021_08_08_23_39_44.jpg)

Nycole sounds shit, but at least she was faithful. Connor was a piece of shite their entire relationship, but we all know Narcole basically has a thing for fucked up and cheating emo fags.

No. 166796

This is August 2018 and July 2021 you genius. She caught him cheating in August 2020.

We talk about it because it tells us more about connor who is currently with nicole. it makes predictable how they gonna fuck things up.

No. 166797

Keep that in their own thread. It's not worth it to bring up stuff that old just to cross post. Just link the thread.

No. 166800

Holy shit, the Facebook messaging at night…

No. 166801

File: 1628462608077.jpeg (373.06 KB, 831x1800, 66692574-663A-474D-A5EA-30747D…)

This shit is nauseating

No. 166802

Her routine is so insincere. She honestly acts like a fuckboi doing the same routine on every guy.

No. 166803

Getting mighty triggered to see these posts with Connor's ex girlfriend, why is that?
>person posting about their boyfriend of 2 years is obsessive

Be less obvious.("hi cow")

No. 166805

Lol too true, as if it isn’t blatantly obvious Darcy is mentally ill but was still right to have her suspicions as she literally got cheated on. Let’s not forget Nicole waited for her boyfriend to fall asleep to snoop on his laptop and blamed it on a ghost. Sorry but what the fuck?

No. 166806

Because its old shit, anon, and you have a containment thread already for this chick and people related to her. Not everyone is the cow just because you don't like an anon.

No. 166807

Nta but it sounds like a you problem if you interpret that as hi-cowing. They could just be saying you have a vendetta, which in my opinion is pretty blatant.

No. 166810

File: 1628465920222.jpg (123.29 KB, 859x1185, E7g6VBxWUAUdeNl.jpg)

>asks for proof
>anons post proof
>you crying

Here's a photo of Nycole since you find it so upsetting. She seems to be prettier and with a nicer body than Nicole imo.(derailing)

No. 166818

File: 1628469823234.jpeg (111.53 KB, 828x1233, 51EF4BEB-FEF9-4974-B9E5-59E18F…)

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on fillers only to end up looking like the bloated version of your old self without makeup. What even?

No. 166820

File: 1628470247076.jpeg (142.59 KB, 828x1211, C993D226-9D01-43DA-A024-CBA446…)

Keep in mind this already has a filter that slims down your nose and face, so it’s even worse than this.

No. 166824

Jesus, why…it's like she was intimidated by Cassie's round face and turned herself into that cat-man in her efforts to copy her.

No. 166825

Kek true as fuck. She’s just as much of a thot as Nicole, but still says a lot that she had her suspicions he was doing weird shit at night.

Same shit, different dude. The love bombing always ends up transparent.

No. 166861

She honestly looks like a goblin now. Nose, outer eye, cheeks and upper lip, so much got done yikes.

In typical narc fashion, the cycle just gets repeated, as guys are interchangable af to her and not even worth coming up with new stuff.

I wouldn't be surprised that Connor recently read the thread and got so fucking insecure about the part of nicole running off with nate, that they now visit his parents lmao.

No. 166877

Team Narcole have been going crazy reporting posts especially pertaining to Connor's ex, it seems to be a sore spot.

No. 166891

You sound retarded trying so hard to make Narcole a thing. Just say Nicole, anon. Posting about Nycole doesn't help with confusion. You don't need to be this autistic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 166896

File: 1628526670967.jpeg (348.66 KB, 1011x1800, F8D7EF08-7C4D-457C-81E0-0B5DA8…)

I love how public Nicole is and how easily accessible all her information is about where she works, despite having dealt with such batshit stalkers. Frank & Sons is large enough that it has hundreds of booths and to never even know where Nicole is, but to have the booth number there from an account she links on all her posts is mildly retarded. She shouldn’t come crying to her followers for financial aid for the next time she has to move for whatever creepy reason because she did this to herself.

No. 166901

I'm not the anon that came up with Narcole, it seems to fit so I'm using it too.
Things to keep posting about to piss off team Narcole (as long as it's on topic):
>Calling her Narcole
>Any milk relating to Connor and his ex girlfriend

No. 166910

Why do you care this much what anons use as a nickname? If anything Narcole helps with the confusion since it’s a nickname specifically for the narcissistic cow. It’s already confusing enough that Cassie uses the name Nicole for some accounts to argue with people anonymously (like on YT). Nicknames help differentiate, they don’t add to the confusion.

No. 166928

If you havent noticed, man anons use that nickname from time to time because its meaning is fitting and no one besides your nut brain gets confused. guess the wk is back, someone has been derailing this thread again for days now.

No. 166934

Its a booth not where she lives

No. 166936

By move I mean move jobs. She’s been so “paranoid” these past few years about the possibility of attending the same convention as her stalker, yet she will publicly show where she is working every day for hours and make herself a target to any future neckbeards and fatties that want to stalk her irl.

No. 166937

File: 1628546694067.jpeg (371.39 KB, 831x1550, 41DBCDFD-AC8D-4FB4-B223-CD66B1…)

Darcy confirmed the girl Connor left her for is Nicole. Anons who claimed no name was mentioned in Darcy’s tweet can sleep easier knowing the cheating saga is in fact true.
I forgot to mention the text message in Shannon’s video Destery wrote about Nicole was in January 2021 (New Years), since in Nicole’s tweet she lied and said they officially broke up in 2020

No. 166938

File: 1628547651343.jpeg (507.53 KB, 1800x1800, FA6EFBD7-1990-427F-B61E-0DAC18…)

“I don’t know how this got over a million views”
Because you used clickbait, Nicole. And then you sperged out all over the comment section salty af.

No. 166939

File: 1628548148142.jpeg (300.7 KB, 1800x1800, 1B95BF0C-EA4E-4410-8725-6E4597…)

Nicole: agrees with some woman that all the comments are mansplaining Pokémon cards to her
Also Nicole: “these are my favorite people!!” bootlicking the neckbeards

No. 166951

File: 1628559587438.jpeg (919.93 KB, 828x1530, A553D096-6CF7-4A3E-B98B-A5C68F…)

Nicole must be so sad that her minions discovered this thread because now Cassie is going back to looking like her old self again after not even a month of the orange hair with white stripe. Lol. No more skinwalking queen bee?

No. 166953

>purposely clickbaits to get views
>omg! How did I get so many views!?
Classic Narcole.

No. 166957

File: 1628562554448.jpeg (242.36 KB, 562x1596, B5B84CE6-108F-4862-B350-B5B72D…)

Apologies for the giant photodump but I didn’t expect Darcy to answer this many questions about Connor and Nicole. Might be considered lowkey bannable for interacting with a cow but she’s not even in contact with any of the cows in this group, at least not anymore.

No. 166958

File: 1628562580402.jpeg (197.15 KB, 545x1798, A3911771-8C5A-4D31-A46E-8860AC…)

No. 166965

Whoever kept insisting on needing a solid answer on cheating must be shitting themselves now. Amazing.

No. 166967

File: 1628567515207.jpeg (471.45 KB, 1800x1800, 0E95AE1A-431E-47E0-AF51-F1358D…)

So it seems Connor and Nicole were in some sort of agreement to try setting her up with Johnnie Guilbert. Anon wasn’t kidding when they said Nicole wanted to fulfill her Leda skinwalk fantasy. According to Darcy Johnnie wasn’t interested in her though.

No. 166970

File: 1628569726077.jpeg (697.67 KB, 1800x1800, B379692D-7D62-4BC3-AA2E-98530A…)

For those that don’t know Johnnie used to date a Leda skinwalker for many years (Alex Dorame). Understandable he doesn’t want to date another psycho Leda imitator.

No. 166994

Mighty kek anon, I've been thinking the same thing.
She has seen the light, good for you Cassie. Nicole is not someone you want to imitate.

No. 166995

ily anon for getting these. Connor seems like such a timewasting little scrote.

No. 166996

I used to lurk Alex's page while Leda was still active, she would copy her photos 1:1 as soon as they were posted. Derangement.

No. 167002

Maybe her finding this thread had at least one plus for her. She looked better before skinwalking came into the picture anyway.

Holy shit this a total blast from the past. I had forgotten all about Alex, especially after her and Johnnie broke up. Jfc.

No. 167017

File: 1628612835099.jpeg (361.95 KB, 828x1082, 7EE81C60-3516-451D-84B7-2DD978…)

You’re not the only one to notice this kek. But according to Nicole it’s just “indoor lighting”.

No. 167022

File: 1628621290398.jpeg (122.17 KB, 828x443, C3DF6AF3-3B2F-4582-93F5-7A1F40…)

Moar people noticing (samefag)

No. 167028

File: 1628624289923.jpeg (297.2 KB, 828x941, 9000F719-1C15-4E5A-9770-FEAB5A…)

Talking about time wasting, she said he has been trying to date her since she was 19. I think she’s around 26 now so that’s 7 damn years. (picrel). It’s always when Nicole is involved that long-term relationships end swiftly. Same with Amber and Destery living in peace since 2013 until Nicole showed up. Notice how weird Nicole’s relationships are, it’s always some guy trying to set her up with their friend only for her to end up dating the guy who tried setting her up. Same shit happened with Destery and Nate.

No. 167036

I'm wheezing, you cant make this shit up. So Nicole repeated the exact same thing with Connor and Johhny, as she had with Destery and Nate - Destery was supposed to get Nate to her, instead grabbed her herself and now Connor pulled a Destery, to get Nicole instead of leaving her to Johnny. What a fucking shitfest. and AGAIN we have varification Nicole attempted to date someone off Leda's ex list again, when she realized Nate is not available due to Cassie now.

This cringe ass incest pool around Leda is just insane. I dont care that Nycole might be a crazy girl, I feel sorry that she feels so defeated by Nicole and cheated by Connor, who is an even bigger whimp than we already knew and she is just a psychotic, leda obsessed narc hoe on the loose.

We already noticed that in the stream, she must be on meds or drugs, this shit is NOT normal.

No. 167039

Man this shit is too cringey to watch, in Cassie’s livestream Nicole was begging Johnnie to live with them and he didn’t seem interested at all in that idea. The thought of Nate, Connor and Johnnie all being in her orbit is just too much. Having one man isn’t enough for this narc, she needs multiple men lusting and simping after her.

No. 167041

Imagine how fucking insecure you must be to alter your looks solely based upon what people think about you. What a loser.

Looking back its so cringe and fake how Connor sperged after Johnny, after taking the girl he was supposed to date as if nothing happened pff. At least that guy seems normal to not wanna date Leda skinwalkers forever, unlike Nate.

No. 167043

File: 1628630602253.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1715, IMG_20210810_232239.png)

I love how she tries to sell this as "matching colors" going through his thin hair, just to balantly keep the camera on his bold spots lmao. She is so evil man.

No. 167044

File: 1628630781165.jpg (977.12 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_08_10_23_25_06.jpg)

Their faces, especially Nicole look worse and worse by the hour. Notice how she is the one constantly shoving a cam in his face and dominating every frame, while he just stands there crooked and cant even be arsed to smile anymore kek.

No. 167046

File: 1628631054364.jpg (887.54 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_08_10_23_28_04.jpg)

I mean, look at his body positioning and figure, this whimp be looking like a 11 year old child with the head of a 40 year old with faggy hair. His eyes look dead inside too, while he shakes his ass although an adult is talking to him and fights with children here. Based on Nycoles and Tannis experience, I wonder how long it takes to scout out a new target for him, or rather, go back to an old one. But I guess Nicole will be faster with Nate after the move is completed. What an interesting race.

No. 167048

File: 1628631456125.jpg (806.75 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_08_10_23_36_20.jpg)

Compare her nose to mouth ratio and her eyes. Bitch is pumped to the max with fillers and still filters the shit out of her face. why even bother throwing 2k out the wallet, when you still look like blurred roadkill afterwards?

No. 167051

File: 1628631667454.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1738, IMG_20210810_233857.png)

I'm so tired of people pulling this fake shit and pretending they are oh so funny, this is david dobrik behavior that needs to go. Connor sprays his dirty laundry with febreeze and Nicole sperging and fake laughing for the camera, about something not even primary students find funny for more than 2 seconds. It's such an irritating try hard move when couples rehearse that crap and upload it thinking they are comedic geniuses, while all it does is lowering the average global IQ with every view.

No. 167052

degenerate cringe like this does not deserve any attention, let's keep it that way. I feel second hand embarassement.

the eyesize I cant :')

No. 167053

That fucking cheek on a right angle tho

No. 167054

He looks like a homeless bum, can't believe multiple women are fighting over his average ass. The head to body ratio he has going on is so unappealing too? Like an old man with the hair of a 2004 teen.

No. 167057

She's weirdly obsessed specifically with having a pretty face, less bothered about body and clothes and everything else. Maybe to compete with all the desperate 16 year olds on social media covered in makeup and filters.
Connor looks repellant here, maybe after reading Darcy's messages posted here I have a better idea of what a waste of oxygen he is to the women he deals with.

No. 167060

File: 1628633687995.jpeg (341.99 KB, 828x1473, CF39B5E2-CC0D-40E2-8B0B-334BA8…)

I found Nicole in the comment section of Repzilla’s video on Destery. She clearly ignored the parts of the video about Nate having CP and having sex with minors but okay then

No. 167062

There goes the WK’s claim about Nicole never saying she supported Destery’s pedophilia. She is supporting it by ignoring, and pretending it never happened on top of defending him.

No. 167064

I think you mean Nate but yes. The fact that Nate only talked about Destery sleeping with underage girls and Nate only admitted to his own pedophilia after he got called out is so so sick. As Nicole said, “we are only scratching the surface.” She will still worship no matter how many children he slept with.

No. 167072

>only just scratching the surface of how evil
Sounds like she talks about herself, this is literally how everyone outside your minion circle sees you as well Nicole.

She is such a fucking phony when it comes to situations like this. as if she is ANY microscopic bit better than any of these fucked up psychos. Bitch be pointing fingers at people she topped 10 years ago in their rotten-ness.

most certainly, and i doubt he is a big dick man as nycole said once, he looks like his head is so massive, his tiny dong hardly delivers a counter weight for that.

No. 167082

This same anon cow tipped countless times on Facebook and Twitter, contacting cows and people involved including chase, Nycole, Dennis, Destery, and interacted with Nicole herself cowtipping. Possibly Cassie too. And this is allowed?? ##farmhand ?? Hello

No. 167084

>This same anon
Never spoken to Dennis, Destery, Nicole and Cassie in my life. Are you retarded? Are you worried that Darcy is actually speaking up about Connor?

No. 167085

File: 1628643865364.jpeg (415.46 KB, 828x761, 8C96CBA9-BE05-4B37-9F93-9B777D…)

Nicole feeling a little insecure in her relationship after lurking and reading what Darcy wrote?

No. 167086

Why is that worrying? Also you’re absolutely lying and it’s against thread rules to do what you’re doing. Are you not the same anon Nicole tweeted at to stop harassing Dennis, Chase, and Destery? Notice how literally nobody else is going out of their way to message the people discussed in this thread?(ban evading sperg)

No. 167088

File: 1628645322278.jpeg (24.88 KB, 800x450, 47F0302D-4622-4149-9DD0-3CA583…)

I don’t have a Twitter so you have to be fucking retarded to think every and any anon is a big vendetta-chan. There was one anon that talked to Nicole before the thread even existed and posted it there, in the 1st thread, that’s not cowtipping nor is that me. Darcy isn’t a part of Nicole’s thread nor does she lurk on lc. You’re the same anon ranting about old milk being rehashed in meta despite none of this being old at all. Maybe keep this in meta instead of bumping the thread to infight, mods will hand out bans if they feel the need to. Also I don’t see any mention of Nicole asking twitfags to stop harassing Destery and Chase (nor does she ever mention them in any of her tweets) unless you are Nicole herself and lurk this thread you would not see Chase mentioning her cheating. Chase and Destery want nothing to do with Nicole so they wouldn’t go to her and inform her if some retards are interacting with them. That doesn’t make sense.

No. 167092

It would be considered cow tipping if anon was messaging Nicole (or Cassie), you know, the actual subject of the thread? In this case it’s an outsider adding to the narrative of Nicole and Connor being sleazy. You don’t need to get so assblasted about it kek.

No. 167093

They did though that’s the exact point

No. 167096

It’s okay, they’re just a ban evading sperg. See >>167086
The irony. Who’s the vendetta-chan now?

No. 167097

File: 1628647293476.jpeg (472.88 KB, 828x1070, 1210E660-4750-4E08-865D-078EB8…)

Farmhand sama coming through to defend me. Kek. My intention was never to cowtip any way. Darcy is an outsider in all of this.

No. 167098

As I just said in /meta/, it's not cowtipping to post conversation with Darcy that actually provides milk. Quit sperging out and reporting posts every time someone posts something on this thread you personally don't like. Go outside and touch some grass or get a hobby that doesn't involve Nicole.

No. 167099

Ily farmhand ♥ bless.

No. 167102

File: 1628650357870.gif (147.33 KB, 220x123, 45FA0559-234E-4AC8-AACD-5BF49C…)

Thank fuck. It’s about time Lord Admin calls out the obsessed Sperg. They’ve been trying to ruin any and all threads talking about Nicole ever since she was first mentioned in the Costhots thread. The direction of the posts were always juicy then some schizo always comes in to fuck it up. It’s so apparent if you reread the threads.

No. 167104

File: 1628650746005.jpeg (434.8 KB, 624x1316, B547CE23-D68F-4038-B13F-DDFF20…)

Why is Nicole lying about when she started dating him? She decided to take a chance with him NOT 3 months ago but indeed a whole 12 months ago when Darcy was still with him, as confirmed by Darcy herself. >>166957 I can’t with the lies.

No. 167105

Right?! It’s super hard for us anons not to hi cow this obsessed sperg since they’re literally always active in this thread the moment Nicole is active on social media. I get having a similar timezone but like, that doesn’t mean it’s not weird to be posting within the exact hour just to get shit removed/banned.

No. 167110

Bless you farmhand. I can only imagine how many posts end up reported in this thread, plus all of the meta sperging… Goddamn kek.

And let’s not forget how ironic this tweet was within context and timing >>166145

No. 167115

File: 1628659129817.jpeg (480.91 KB, 1800x1800, FFAEC86D-59D9-4A8D-8A45-B651E8…)

Interesting. 3 months my ass more like juggling multiple men for years

No. 167119

File: 1628659751373.jpeg (314.11 KB, 828x1074, 662A69BD-A21A-4677-BD57-3E9146…)

Also what a swell guy Nicole picked

No. 167120

Well isn’t that just disgusting. Good eye anon. Destery is a pos but it looks like he wasn’t exaggerating when he said he can’t trust her.

No. 167130

This is hard to watch, phew. She was cheating on Destery with Connor already in may, and then again or up until august. the way he handled it with darcy is disgusting, what an ice cold piece of shit.

LMAO Nicole fished random phrases out her 101meaningless-narc-BS box and arranged them prettily for twitter.
>Denies his existance and cheating throught the stream until she sees this thread
Oh my lovely partner!

>Connor sperging about other people and makes her insecure af on stream

So healthy and open!

>Relationship is going nowhere, Connor seems already uninterested and bored

I'm liberated and motivated!

Bitch pulls Uno Reverse Card for reality and is convinced everything is dandy now.

No. 167131

Sorry but these empty tweets scream narcissist haha. Everything in their lifes must always be on top of their game, perfect, motivating, life changing, pure, fantastic and the best, coolest, loveliest, etc no matter how fucking SHIT reality actually looks like at that point. And trust me, it does.

No. 167133

File: 1628670965164.jpeg (227.45 KB, 828x1331, 1DB04CD5-7FE9-47EE-BC47-8DCD5D…)

The fact that after a 2 week hiatus from OF she probably took a nude video in Connor’s family’s house. What a classy guest man. I wonder what video taken in the dark the leak site moids are going to reveal next.

No. 167137

Just like connor shaking his ass for Nicole's tiktok while an adult is trying to have a conversation with him and explain something. Imagine how that guy felt.

No. 167167

File: 1628708686584.jpeg (572.15 KB, 1800x1487, FDF92D8C-437D-41BF-BD94-516A94…)

RIP to people like Darcy and probably many other girls who think Nicole is skinnier than them. This one isn’t recent but it shows how she can upload something completely different to the truth. Left is at a different angle and what her friend posted

No. 167171

yeah, that one was uploaded in a thread before and red circled where she photoshopped, as you can see the distortion already here by the background graphics on her waist and between her legs. so fucking embarassing.

No. 167172

I mean, it's so weird that all her real life people see her upload this shit and nobody is saying anything. They all know she was a shooped fat fuck, Nicole must have zero shame.

No. 167175

File: 1628712277375.jpeg (266.64 KB, 1201x1800, AED2E2E3-9327-4CA4-8445-3706FC…)

Same day. Good position in life my ass

No. 167177

File: 1628712411555.jpeg (371.58 KB, 828x1086, B99079AC-9DE7-4403-AE09-069FAB…)

Also liking these tweets. We get it, you’re still not over Dennis.

No. 167186

>im so blessed and have the best family and friends to help me grow and thrive and im constantly motivated to get even better
she's been posting the same and same shit since she ever started on social media and all these years her pathetic existence contains of nothing but low empathy minions and friendzoned simps as "friends", distant, dysfunctional white trash whales as "family", no real jobs, constant moving, nonstop cheating, manipulating, hurting, demeaning, stealing and lying, while not developing one inch as a person, because she has narcissistic personality disorder and is incapable to ever do so. Plus, the lowkey tweeting and captions about her chronic misfortunes, illnesses, robberies, crashes, stalkers, melancholy, pain, self-hate, identity lack and depression.

What a clown.

No. 167189

P.S Cassie is blocking people (including me) because I viewed her IG stories without following her, which I’m sure she realized is people hate-watching her. Keep in mind she will block you if you’re a random account viewing her stories, kek.

No. 167202

File: 1628720532274.png (45.29 KB, 583x792, Capture twitter.PNG)

So I had no idea ya'll had seen my twitter comments calling Nicole out on her BS. Hopefully it helped prevent some poor soul from giving her money. I'm gonna post some of the conversation on IG of me calling her out.

No. 167203

File: 1628720566471.png (134.68 KB, 581x794, Capture twitter 2.PNG)

No. 167204

File: 1628720615205.png (41.4 KB, 585x799, Capture twitter 3.PNG)

She just keeps saying to read the disclaimer. The disclaimer that says ABSOLUTELY nothing about paying extra for nudes. In fact, it says she doesn't do nudes.

No. 167206

File: 1628720641482.png (39.46 KB, 569x797, Capture twitter 4.PNG)

Of course she blocked me right after this.

No. 167207

File: 1628720745251.jpeg (157.67 KB, 440x1798, FA3223C3-E688-4B0A-8C9F-A7BE88…)

Conversations with Nicole about her misleading OF prices + “no nudity” rule were posted by a subscriber in the old thread. >>>/w/167187
Nta but I’m reposting it here as it’s recent milk. Nicole getting a little too defensive in dms when moids find her to be a little misleading. Well isn’t that confusing.

No. 167208

File: 1628720826326.jpeg (15.78 KB, 311x156, DCA17D6A-B835-4818-B116-4E41B0…)

Message to all Nicole’s paypigs. Lmfao

No. 167210

Yeah sorry I posted on an old thread. I'm totally new here. I had called her out on Twitter a while back which thankfully you guys caught before she banned me. Seems like everybody that calls her shit out is instabanned.

I had to LOL at the "pornhub is free". I was like, Bitch can i get my 15 bucks back then!?

No. 167212

File: 1628721662703.jpeg (141.99 KB, 809x482, B38DC7B3-BE56-45FB-9FD3-F5FAD6…)

Do you have a full picture of this? I’m wondering if it has any information like number of subscribers, tips, etc

No. 167214

File: 1628722021484.png (282.55 KB, 528x809, Capture twitter 5.PNG)

I'm trying not to be biased, but do any of you see anything about having to spend up to 75-100$ for her nude content?

No. 167215

File: 1628722631901.jpeg (160.53 KB, 828x608, FCCF5F81-3737-43DA-9550-F900DF…)

While most of us think her OF content is nightmare fuel, yes, it is misleading as hell. She is a liar by saying she doesn’t upload nudity to her regular feed. She is full of shit considering she posts the same stuff on her porn twitter that she posts on her $15 subscription OF. She thinks the $15 sub is a preview of the uncensored sets, which in itself is scamming because nowhere does she mention this.

No. 167218

Exactly!! I'm all for PPV content…that's totally fine. But make that shit clear in your bio or your posts. She very clearly knows how to word things to scam people who don't know OnlyFans. Too bad I was banned from the free twitter account but her stuff is all over the web with a simple google search

No. 167219

File: 1628722863648.jpeg (346.8 KB, 1800x1800, 30BAAA19-1111-4937-8BAB-108C74…)

No. 167224

It's so intentionally misleading, she wants to give the impression to anyone who knows her (colleagues, etc) that the onlyfans is more like patreon. The same thing she initially announced on Instagram. Cosplay and implied nudes.

Then, post porn secretly on PPV and think her irls won't know about it when it's leaked all over the internet attached to her real name (she's not the brightest crayon in the box)
Then, the disclaimer, which is only really there to mislead her irls, she falls back on when subscribers complain about her misleading previews/advertising posts which make no mention of PPV.

If she made a straight announcement of high PPV prices in the bio disclaimer, she could no longer mislead irls as to the extent of her content, and her sub count would drop since many subs are unaware of her high PPV rate. I think she has every right to charge high prices, but that must be clear at the door.
Not often I feel bad for scrotes but ripping people off during a pandemic is pretty low.

No. 167231

File: 1628728437468.jpeg (418.38 KB, 1800x1800, 2BEB60EA-1670-47A8-A2BD-AFB4B3…)

Expectation vs reality: Scammer edition

No. 167249

File: 1628735939618.jpeg (478.12 KB, 828x875, 9884CB25-4E01-43D1-B17B-AE0D04…)

So in this video (and a couple of others) Johnnie says he’s afraid of being hurt/cheated on and his breakup with Alex Dorame has been one of the worst things in his life since it was his first and only relationship, he explains that he’s been single for over two years and isn’t looking for a casual hookup or short-term relationship.
Jfc he dodged a bullet with Nicole.

No. 167285

But that's the thing, as much as it is understandable that anon wants to call her out, there is nothing but time wasted. She is a narc, she KNOWS. She knows exactly what she is doing, and pointing blatant manipulation out is just going to lead to more manipulation, lies and robotic repetition as a response. She is aware of the false info and bait, that's why it's there

And she constantly puts up claims she then contradicts entirely, because in her fucked up perception of reality, this is how she can get porn coin and still maintain the pg-13 saint. Posting nude and not posting nude are both things she wants for money vs. image and a narc is incapable of forming that condradicition is his head, instead of utilizing it as a means to stay both at the same time, until someone notices. Which people with healthy brains do and pity.

Well, so far he dodged it. He is unknowing of Nicole's protocol, in which she will morph completely into the woman he needs and is looking for. The soulmate imitation is her specialty to get what she wants, all the while it has nothing to do with who she really is once she drops the act.

No. 167291

File: 1628752666069.jpg (898.53 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_08_12_09_06_54_mr162875…)

Well lookswise he is just up there with the other cringe emofags, that all sit their flat white asses at the same tumblr 2008 hairdresser.

honestly think it tells alot about these thots that instead of properly adressing, acknowledging and understanding, god beware even changing their terrible behaviors when openly called out, they block, deny and move on as if nothing happened. They want to live in their pathetic little dreamworlds where them constantly hurting, manipulating and exploiting others does surely no harm whatsoever so then can continue being filler pumped pieces of shite to society.

No. 167293

File: 1628752939179.png (153.31 KB, 1080x843, IMG_20210802_010127.png)

And he STILL wears Nicole's beanie. Big yikes.

>They want to live in their pathetic little dreamworlds where them constantly hurting, manipulating and exploiting others does surely no harm whatsoever so then can continue being filler pumped pieces of shite to society.

Sums up the entire friendcircle.

Cassie is an insecure crippling shitstain on the map of life, who is easily influencable and amounted to nothing in her career. No wonder this made her weak to Nicoles lovebombing.

No. 167332

This is honestly really embarrassing for the customer as PVPs are described to them as extra fees if they receive DMs with them. The whole concept isn't some new thing on Onlyfans and has been implented for 3 years now. PVPs are known to cost money and that's the most basic thing about using Onlyfans as it is promoted by Onlyfans to use as extra privacy as anyone can see a feed which can make it easier to steal content. Most people don't even mention that in bios because it's basic to the site and how it functions.(ban evading sperg)

No. 167334

The point is not that she does PPV, it's that she doesn't disclose in her online advertisement like Twitter that all nudity and porn will be on PPV only and her main feed on there, which they still have to pay $15 for, is essentially the same as her Twitter feed. They're getting scammed by paying to see essentially her Twitter again, while her PPV are very high (70-100 dollars for a few seconds of blurry footage)

No. 167338

File: 1628793375267.jpeg (170.77 KB, 1011x1800, B15297D0-110F-4764-8FA9-AB6F61…)

The point is that she’s charging $15 for content you can already see on her Twitter. Learn2read. “Customers” spending $15 to see previews/posts they can essentially see for free on her Twitter while the uncensored content costs hundreds of dollars is a retarded scam. Most thots use PPV to cater to specific fetishes or longer videos and more content, not sending the same shit they post on their feed but uncensored. She’s just lazy >>>/w/158316
It’s embarrassing for her, she’s losing money and to the point where her leak site posts are going to surpass her OF in likes.

No. 167341

Ignore them. It’s the same ban evading sperg as >>167086
This is so embarrassing for them holy shit

No. 167355

It's so deeply pathetic how blatantly on purpose you keep entirely missing the points with your infight posts that accomplish nothing but derailing and stirr shit up that everyone else understood 3 threads ago.

You are either a missed opportunity for a condom or Nicole herself. Amounts to the same actually.

No. 167356

>You are either a missed opportunity for a condom or Nicole herself. Amounts to the same actually.
I’m wheezing, anon. It doesn’t help that Nicole kept repeating “it’s not misleading, it’s not misleading” to that guy while contradicting herself a thousand times. This ban evading loser stupidly explaining how PPV works aligns with Nicole’s views thinking she’s not misleading anyone. Maybe if she’s this salty about it she should just stop the confusion, backtracking and contradictions by going publicly saying “Hi, I’m a narc thot. I produce porn and if you pay $15 to subscribe you’re just going to see previews. My actual content is hundreds of dollars.”

No. 167363

File: 1628809080391.jpeg (230.33 KB, 828x639, 66D0DC67-94EA-41D8-AA3A-99790C…)

Moar lesbian tweet-liking. Even though she makes women around her miserable and feel like shit

No. 167368

File: 1628809319358.jpeg (323.86 KB, 1011x1800, 68BFBB23-BA52-4456-BF7F-033985…)

By that I mean making girls like Amber and Darcy feel depressed and replaced. Nobody ever showed Amber’s miserable tweets after she got cheated on but here they are, keep in mind Nicole follows her on twitter for years now but no remorse or guilt, she just continues with her fucking Destery mission weeks after she and Destery sent Amber into misery

No. 167386

File: 1628818467019.jpeg (512.78 KB, 828x1395, 97B54A7B-1A08-4D38-808D-F992DC…)

Well isn’t Nicole just pleasant. Connor was holding their dog who is clearly trying to escape and she goes “Shoot her to me. We’re playing pass the Wrigley (name of dog).” And the video cuts before we can see Nicole aggressively toss him

No. 167389

Connor needs to stop sitting in that position, it really highlights the lollipop head he has going on.

Did she really get him to throw the dog or was that meant to be a bad joke?

No. 167391

File: 1628819795904.gif (13.54 MB, 402x666, ECBEF8B9-ED79-4626-AFDD-903FD9…)

Connor thankfully just released her rather than throwing her. Nicole, on the other hand… I’m wondering what happened after that video cut. She looked a little too aggressive with her.

No. 167392

File: 1628819861063.png (2.18 MB, 1440x1441, manhandling.png)

Samefag, she seems to have an interest in manhandling animals based on this video in her likes. It's someone aggressively holding their cat's head to the sink while it laps some disgusting sink water with hairs floating in it.

No. 167396

File: 1628821441274.jpeg (690.04 KB, 828x1546, E66D5EEA-0106-426D-A18C-83FD84…)

You cropped out the worst one kek, someone putting mustard all over their cat (bottom right)
>>166957 also after posting this dm with Darcy it’s interesting she is liking stuff about being a jealous woman. This tiktok she likes goes:
>”I’m not obsessive like other girls”
>”I’m worse”
>”Don’t worry I never get jealous!”
>”I’m jealous right now”
Post liked exact same day of the Darcy conversations. Lol.

No. 167402

Their dedication is both cringe inducing and impressive. Imagine still sperging after a farmhand put you on blast lmao.

Fucking six days in between. Nicole is repulsive. No shame.

No. 167452

I love how narcissists always pose all cuddly with as many animals as they can grab onto, as if accessoirizing them somehow is a safe token how "good of humans they must be if they are so liked by animals, see?" knowing damn well they are the ones with no remorse forcing, throwing, pinching, neglecting and torturing them the very next second if they don't deliver the desired content or make their likable image more believable.

No. 167464

File: 1628853334890.jpeg (448.99 KB, 1291x1608, 69CB79FE-BA7B-4501-928A-5E5057…)

The irony

No. 167468

Your post would be better if you had the Proofchan posts together with Narcole's post

No. 167469

I’m primarily on mobile and couldn’t make as big of a collage as I wanted to unfortunately. Can any anons help in this pursuit?

No. 167471

If you scroll down a bit she liked a love spell video. So which one she will do it for, Connor, Dennis, Nate?

No. 167497

Nicole and her minions ask for proof, and then freak out and try so hard to shut down the thread when people like Darcy give proof. It’s hilarious

No. 167510

File: 1628888321780.jpg (234.58 KB, 677x921, iu.jpg)

Proof-chan is basically this meme:

No. 167520

File: 1628892897589.png (2.02 MB, 1358x1908, The sad tale of Proof-Chan.png)

Samefag, I improved it

No. 167528

File: 1628898123961.jpeg (364.29 KB, 1201x1800, 2B47D5FD-0DB5-4035-993C-C60D0C…)

Because the world totally needs to have these similar cringey as fuck edits (via Nicole’s twitch and Destery’s facebook). Also I’m pretty sure anyone who isn’t a n3rd can deduct the pun of Nicole as Nicol Bolas.

No. 167537

>the sad tale of Proof-Chan.png
Kek amazingly accurate

No. 167538

File: 1628900811627.jpeg (575.66 KB, 1800x1800, E1917ABF-B5BD-4F0E-A2D0-968064…)

Interesting. According to Destery’s ex friends Nicole is attention hungry after all

No. 167539

File: 1628900889416.jpeg (361.29 KB, 1448x1800, 848856BE-573D-4C8B-A51D-30472A…)

Also despite Nicole claiming she waited for Amber and Destery to break up in 2018 they were absolutely already a thing a whole year prior.

No. 167540

Show dates, these are all before and after screen caps, already shown in thread

No. 167541

Also a before and after, show dates when posting milk

No. 167543

File: 1628901906245.jpeg (443.78 KB, 1800x1800, 0A183005-BDA1-4791-9461-9E883F…)

Destery’s ex friend sent one of Nicole’s tweets where she flirted with Destery. This is also the same time she made that “boyfriend appreciation post” for Dennis. Full of shit

No. 167570

File: 1628917711911.jpeg (306.35 KB, 915x1800, A039B99D-E348-4F32-AC10-2462F4…)

I think Nicole is a top tier idiot for trying to convince emo faggy men not to cheat on her. (Another message from witchnghour)

No. 167571

File: 1628917891593.jpeg (205.16 KB, 612x1191, CB22FE86-8451-4BC1-AD69-C36C3D…)

Here is what she sent witchnghour (Destery’s ex friend) shittalking Destery, yet she can be seen talking to Destery the very next day and continued dating him that up until December.

No. 167572

File: 1628917989288.jpeg (168.11 KB, 828x564, 0F0F6D7A-3C9B-4AF9-85B5-ABA92E…)

(Continues talking to Destery after sending those messages on Jun 27 2020)

No. 167573

File: 1628918025216.jpeg (347.93 KB, 650x1232, CC199267-5CB7-4E08-99D7-7D1D78…)

No. 167606

File: 1628944406249.png (311.4 KB, 773x733, IMG_20210814_142818.png)

I think this part is really important, because regarding that description, Destery and Nicole are exactly the SAME. They both have mental issues and crippling self-worth/identity, both gaslit and manipulated each other, cheated (hello connor & dennis two-timing!) and then posed the victim. While in reality, as they are both narcissists which rarely deal with another, they hurt and bullshitted each other equally.

This photo was actually what started the entire thing for me (seeing Nicole for who she is back then) because I knew full well that she knew Destery was still with Amber, and decided to latch onto him as close as possible, pulling this pseudo-innocent cutesy face, while clinging onto a taken man. Thriving on the hurt and attention it got her. I couldn't believe how disgusting that was, like the evil bitch in a romance movie that ruins the other wifes lifes.

No. 167610

File: 1628947374922.jpg (641.68 KB, 1000x1828, pt2021_08_14_15_23_15.jpg)

And mind that timestamp, at that time, Nicole was
1. still with Dennis
2. Already writing Connor
3. Had eyes on Nate
4. cheated with Destery while knowing and ignoring about Amber.

Who posted on twitter how much she loves him and Destery saying he misses her.

Nicole knew absolutely what she was doing and no gaslighting in the world can negate all this evidence.

No. 167667

File: 1628981830788.jpeg (364.11 KB, 828x1148, E1DA5422-9D4F-44FD-82CA-E069E4…)

I’m wheezing, Nicole always finds ways to talk about her thread without actually referencing it. Hey Narcole, none of the anons here are stalkers just for calling out your bullshit.

No. 167668

File: 1628981907799.jpeg (336.44 KB, 828x1129, 05D04A9F-C356-496C-9452-2A88EC…)

Also her trying to give others advice on what is healthy or not, girl.. you let yourself get cheated on by the same man for 2 years also while cheating on your own partners >>167606

No. 167680

The twitter OP is not wrong tho
This here is really unhealthy.

No. 167688

File: 1628999837611.jpeg (400.64 KB, 1800x1800, 841489C7-E386-4D81-B8FF-C1F472…)

Ah yes because giving up being a licensed pharmacy technician for retail work is something to boast about. Selling cards is not a profession Narcole, it is not something that requires a formal qualification or any sort of training. Literally just last year she was complaining that she barely makes any money from it and works paycheck to paycheck, what a “profession”

No. 167691

She was never licensed and she was working at the pharmacy illegally thanks to mummy. I still don’t understand why she was patting her ass and praising herself when she didn’t get that job from her own merits.

No. 167695

Hide the thread bro, why are you using this "unhealthy" gossip site if you don't like it?

Anons digging up Nicole's lies is in fact endlessly amusing.

No. 167697

File: 1629003938475.jpeg (59.05 KB, 587x293, F47F066F-223C-4E7F-ABDF-D4136E…)

I think anon meant it was unhealthy for whoever made a thread for that girl (emmaskyeward), since she has what, barely any followers and seems milkless so it may be a vendetta. But yes Nicole thinking using sites like these are “unhealthy” is the most hilarious attempt at a cope. As we’ve seen she follows too many cows to count on my fingers and lurks other sites like 4chan and uses imageboard greentext lingo so it’s pretty pathetic she has to publicly act like she’s above these type of sites.
She also has a history of trying to diagnose others with random disorders, she’s a piece of shit lol

No. 167705

No matter how much she tries to throw shade or "elevate" herself above her thread, non of it will change the fact that she herself is a horrible human being with a massive track of destruction through her pathetic narc life. She can't discredit anything here, because evidence is true wether she likes it or not.

No. 167707

And how does she react? Does she acknowledge her behavior, get professionel help and stop manipulating/destroying everyone in her life? No. She posts salty, passive aggressive tweets about it, continues the denial and stays one of the biggest cunts on the planet.

Who has really too much time on their hands, Nicole?

No. 167708

Connor deactivated his FB after the Darcy conversation stuff was posted here. Lol.

No. 167713

Meh, who cares, we all know the lolcow spiel.
1. freak out the thread exists
2. talk shit to cope
3. private, paranoia block and deactivate everything
4. time passes and they realize their stupidity is damaging their numbers
5. Reactivate and move the thread to denial
6. life goes on

Rinse and repeat.

No. 167714

File: 1629021651285.png (952.36 KB, 1080x1274, IMG_20210815_115713.png)

This is a compilation video of minors who where groomed by Destery, this girl in particular was 14 years old when he had sex with her multiple times. He told her older girls needed to provide him paperwork that proved they were STD free, but as she was a virgin, she "was special" and didn't need to. He would also talk a lot about hoe "crazy his ex was" (based on tomeframe referring to Nicole) and that he warned he only had a very small dick.


No. 167715

Imagine losing your virginity to a mass pedophile. Good god, she was 14, that's a kid. Funny how he talks about his dick being tiny and how crazy Nicole is kek.

No. 167754

Can we please have a seperate thread for his own drama? Nicole dated him or whatever, but this is a while other saga that focuses on him and his victims. Not really about Nicole.(ban evading sperg)

No. 167760

>this girl in particular was 14 years old when he had sex with her multiple times. He told her older girls needed to provide him paperwork that proved they were STD free, but as she was a virgin, she "was special" and didn't need to.

Disgusting, this is the man Nicole was still mooning after and flying to visit as recently as mid-2020

No. 167762

Oh lemme just check my meme, >>167520
yep third panel activate

No. 167796

I thought anons already separated that she worked for rite aid before her mom so she would have had to have a license to work with big corp or was that mentioned in another thread? Because on her Facebook is shows she worked for pharmacies other than her mom’s until 2017

No. 167800

No? Still up(sage)

No. 167804

Genuinely curious if it’s confirmed (post,story, etc from her) she lurks or not because it seems she hasn’t gone and deleted milk after being exposed or gone on the victimized deleted/deactivate/cry spree like most cows do after getting outed. Seems weird to me and I can’t get a read on it but I see # hicow so much in the thread so if I’m wrong oops

No. 167811

File: 1629051580250.jpeg (51.22 KB, 144x275, A3122C6F-9B00-4228-B61E-C35F11…)

Sage your autism. It is quite literally obvious she lurks, her roommate found the thread. Her and her minions have been deleting evidence and milk since day one, read the thread newfag. >>165507
She also deleted her ask.fm and multiple posts, hid all unlisted videos, including this FB post after it got posted in the first thread of her publicly bullying a man for his job.

No. 167812

File: 1629051779154.jpeg (212.03 KB, 1011x1800, 86D4231B-730A-4F92-9B2D-FC58B2…)

It’s not up. He literally deactivated.

No. 167813

Her mom is the one at the rite aid, sage your autism.

No. 167818

“Can we-“
Who’s we? You’re banned. Stop ban-evading and get the fuck off Nicole’s thread.

No. 167853

She worked at ride aid with her mom and took 3 years or so to get her licence, there was a Facebook post in the thread, we've been over this.

give your sorry spergfest a rest, will you? nobody needs your tengants in this thread, just leave already.

Can confirm, Nicole deleted lots of called out milk and mass blocked people.

No. 167913

File: 1629093517031.jpeg (649.39 KB, 828x1484, 89EA82FE-9D54-472E-A13B-53F877…)

I wonder if Cassie and Nate are having second thoughts moving in with Nicole. It’s mid August and I’m pretty sure they were supposed to move in months ago when they got their keys. They’ve just been camping out at Nate’s parents’ house for almost a month now.

No. 167924

Considering Cassie is fully aware of these threads now, it would make sense for her to discuss it with Nate. That would inevitably lead into talking about Nicole and the questionable nature of moving in with her. Fingers crossed they steer clear, it would be the huge fucking blow to Nicole’s ego to be denied living with Nate kek.

No. 167930

It's all been a relationship mess and absolutely doomed plan to move in together, and as soon as they found the thread, suddenly Nicole and Connor camp out at his parents and Cassie and Nate camp out at his parents. While neither actually moves into the fucking house they fought over for weeks and otherwise would have crushed Nicole.

I can't stop laughing man, this is like a badly written comedy.

Given she is a narc, nicole is so incredibly easy to predict, but I'd guess as well that she is forced to change plans now, because Nate has been smelling the trap for quite a while now and his discovery of the thread won't help at all kek.

No. 167932

I’m getting second-hand embarrassment from this. Cassie already quit her job and left her life back home and is now depending on Nicole financially. With no plan for OF or Twitch in sight she is quite literally doomed if Nicole decides to kick her to the curb, or if she finally grows a brain cell and decides to leave that toxic friendship.

No. 167940

File: 1629123013864.png (203.55 KB, 1080x953, IMG_20210816_160843.png)

We all know what the true haunted house is that awaits y'all.

>unfog my brain

code for second guessing the stupid ass idea alltogether? I thought she just sperged about how much clarity and motivation and health the trip with connor gave her… for two seconds that is.

No. 167944

File: 1629125036874.jpeg (633.75 KB, 828x1430, 6F4AE88F-1EF8-421D-8C29-011F3B…)

Last time she used that “fog” metaphor to describe how she felt she cheated on Dennis with Destery. Might just be code for her planning to cheat on Connor.

No. 167958

File: 1629135628868.jpeg (890.89 KB, 828x1582, F3F86362-7984-44B5-8739-F1ECD9…)

Nothing says transgender pride and love wins like a hetero relationship with your emo boytoy!

No. 167962

File: 1629136003063.jpeg (530.53 KB, 1800x1800, ED28BBF3-EACA-4080-ACAB-DB301F…)

Also I didn’t think much about her referring to Connor as her “partner” that one time but her doing it multiple times now instead of just “boyfriend” coupled with these LGBT posts seems like a weird attempt to be ambiguous about his gender identity so her followers think she’s pansexual as she claims and not just dating another man.

No. 167964

File: 1629136521932.jpeg (632.98 KB, 828x1329, 609AF832-76A7-4B8E-91AB-0C9177…)

Also forgot to mention she thinks kissing her boyfriend is some sort of “screw you” to a homophobic church. Cringe.

No. 167966

File: 1629137303105.jpeg (285.33 KB, 1439x1800, 094D8CF6-A11F-41DD-B144-42438E…)

She must be a sociopath if a man running in front of moving cars made her day.

No. 167970

Since connor kept talking about kissing boys on that livestream, I assume this is Nicole trying to get woke points by dating a bi man, despite the fact every scene man is bi and this is still a heterosexual relationship

No. 167971

I kinda feel good about the fact us anons accidentally blew Nicole's whole plan apart and it's probably not going to work now, Cassie might have a better outcome than she would prior them all seeing this thread. I wonder if Nicole directed them towards the thread herself thinking they'd wk for her, and it backfired.

No. 167972

File: 1629139139830.jpg (1.33 MB, 1600x1200, pt2021_08_16_20_34_32.jpg)

I wonder how the guys feel about the fact that once they let Nicole onto their life she encourages them to buy shitloads of expensive weeb trash just like she does, and when she's gone, they are stuck with useless masses of clutter and empty wallets.

I'd also be interested how Destery still wears Nicole's beanie and his chicks after her being fine with it. I wouldn't be surprised if he used it as a red flag against other girls once they get too clingy to him.

No. 167985

It’s crazy how deranged Nicole is becoming. I’ve always thought Nicole was ~just~ a Costhot and nothing more.

It’s either she’s been hiding it all this time and the lid just burst causing her insanity to be more apparent, or she slowly turned crazy.

No. 167991

She has always been a rotten psychopath. Looking back on her instagram boomerangs from 2013-15 or something, she already looked and acted insane and only ever wrote bullshit, so yeah. But she used to be more concerned with comcealing her lies, until they became so many she couldn't keep up and ultimately just enhanced her denial skill.

No. 168008

File: 1629166672821.jpeg (583.9 KB, 828x1533, 40F46CDE-17DD-4E9C-B9D5-4031F3…)

She’s definitely becoming more open about it, as if she’s proud. Here she shoves a pickle rick play dough in front of Connor’s face while he’s driving and makes him kiss it, he looked away from the road just for Nicole’s weird as fuck meme. Also note the caption “I’m mentally deteriorating from this drive”

No. 168016

File: 1629169231647.jpeg (200.54 KB, 828x735, CC0CDA05-342B-42C1-962D-567226…)

Again with the “partner” and LGBT bait. Also notice how whenever a moid is insulting Connor she replies nicely (last time it was when someone said he works on his hair too much) and doesn’t really do much to defend him. Remember that spergfest with Nate where she went apeshit? She doesn’t care when someone insults her boyfriend, only when it’s that pedophile manchild she’s in love with.

No. 168017

His face ahaha. He is completely done. Bearing in mind how annoying he clearly is himself, that gives you an idea of how much worse Nicole is to be around.
It looks like Destery raided a children's library.
Surely perpetually wearing Nicole's beanie is a very unsubtle message to Nicole that he's still keen on her.

No. 168018

File: 1629169386445.jpeg (319.74 KB, 741x870, 02ADBC48-5FDA-427F-9231-AFC76F…)

What I mean:

No. 168019

File: 1629169895893.jpeg (324.98 KB, 828x1025, E212742D-BA09-43A8-84BD-B5DC62…)

Notice how she feels the need to have fat, unattractive female friends that lust after her. There was Heather who kept posting about wanting to see Nicole’s nudes and how in love with her she is, and here we have Doon wishing that Nicole would kiss her.

No. 168044

How she again makes it sound like she did it, while in reality both go to hairdressers for their hair and also posted about it…maybe she meant the styling, but of course she is not clear about it to make everything look like "her work".

Doon is literally talking like she is a property of Nicole, yikes. The constant lovebombing codependance is so apparent.
Nicole is a typical groomer herself, just with adult, fat women.

Yeah, it's so cool endangering the life of her so called partner as if him and her survivals are worth nothing compared to a pickle meme.

No. 168046

File: 1629188222042.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1437, IMG_20210817_101357.png)

>we have to be fast to get this house!
better road trip across the country

>I need a new car quickly, I have no money!

Stops at every fucking card store throughout the country.

>We can finally move!

Let's spend a month randomly elsewhere and pretend we didn't maniaclly post about getting a house the last months.

Nicole "Simpcoindestroyer" Davis.

No. 168048

Box breaks in every state… That bitch must have blasted out hundrets of dollars on this. I love how her scrote army keeps funding her egocentric, indulging shopping trips after being baited into yet another sob story.

No. 168050

File: 1629189191259.jpeg (604.03 KB, 1800x1387, 380AFB86-5E65-4E41-81AA-4EA3A2…)

If you look at Connor’s old posts he never splurged this much on Pokémon cards before, Nicole just encourages her boyfriends to spend as much money as possible on this crap when they (Connor) makes minimum wage.
Also I’m wheezing, I know we already have hundreds and hundreds of evidence Nicole and Connor cheated (confirmed by Darcy) but imagine posting a photo in Destery’s house the same day your other boyfriend is posting a picture of your nerd couple mat you commissioned an artist for. Imagine having a fake anniversary date (5.4.2021)

No. 168051

File: 1629189525824.jpeg (251.22 KB, 831x1800, C2DFE2F7-CFF1-436D-AD4A-DB1B51…)

She loves messy men who hoards toys (picrel)

No. 168052

Imagine spending thousands of hard earned dollars on cardboard and then not even taking care of it, but keeping them in a pile of filth.

>posting a photo in Destery’s house the same day your other boyfriend is posting a picture of your nerd couple mat you commissioned an artist for.
Meanwhile fantasizing about Nate.

No. 168083

My god what a fucking psychopath. She will go any length to get attention from men, no matter the cost of their wellbeing or feelings, not that it matters in their case, but still. I feel second hand shame from this. And she is not even subtle, she literally uploads that shit to the internet for everyone to see she hovers over multiple men* at once.

*faggy emo hoes.

No. 168086

File: 1629208545778.png (129.92 KB, 1080x870, IMG_20210817_154234.png)

>I appreciate when you reach out to me uwu
After I lovebombed you relentlessly, then drop you out of nowhere off my life, so you can come online and beg for my attention, making me look desirable to others and let me feel missed and praised :>

>distant person

who will publish a fucking married status with you on facebook, but won't call for two years when you are of no use to her.

No. 168093

File: 1629211765501.jpeg (146.59 KB, 828x414, 5D50BB11-9E1D-4CBF-A621-06AE17…)

It’s funny how the e-fame got to her head and suddenly she’s too good to reply to her friends. She should remember her roots kek, when she first starting posting on social media she used to beg (demand) people to send her messages saying she better wake up to 100 in her inbox. Fast forward 8 years later and all the friends she collected are just ignored and trashed aside

No. 168139

This is really disgusting, it's not even a cutesy use of the word hoarder. This is an actual hoarder.
She's living up to the OP meme very nicely, all her desperate claims (car crash, moving house, so urgent) amounted to nothing as always.
Absolutely classless.

No. 168194

File: 1629258137800.jpeg (288.89 KB, 719x1133, C54D7560-E01F-4123-B8BA-6D292B…)

Why the fuck would anyone be offended a white, heterosexual couple are kissing? Nicole is so cringey for thinking she’s the same as LGBT couples that can’t even show PDA in public without bible thumpers bothering them. She wants to be speshul and oppressed so badly.

No. 168196

File: 1629258600200.jpeg (286.88 KB, 831x1800, 316E2B92-A735-42B7-81F0-004FA0…)

Ah yes the fictional heart complications. So in one post she manages to bitch about anxiety, “periodic” back pain, heart issues, adhd and depression. “I was out of town longer than expected” she’s acting like someone held her at gunpoint and told her to drive through every state splurging all her money on Pokemon cards instead of being at the new house she just e-begged for. Bitch what?

No. 168197

File: 1629258889595.jpeg (377.87 KB, 828x1121, 25B57D80-AFBF-4866-9FEA-31508E…)

“I’ve been in a relationship since May” you’ve been in a relationship with this man since May LAST YEAR as Darcy confirmed. Also again with neglecting one of her old friends who clearly has no idea she’s in a relationship

No. 168224

File: 1629276858893.jpeg (484.5 KB, 1800x1800, 5494A9C1-48C2-4CD9-85AF-627EF6…)

Update: so Nicole is bitching about not having any of her ADHD and anxiety medication while staying at a hotel of her own free will and says she won’t stop buying Yugioh packs until she gets the one she wants.

No. 168226

This made me laugh so badly, oh my god. How she hands out this array of conditions NOBODY even asked for, but she has to make sure to sprinkle them in so she is speshul and right on trend, even tho there are absolutely no indications whatsoever. Remeber the thread I pointed out she is lowkey looking for a gateway justification to drugs? Now she is looking for "alternatives" like CBD and likely smokes THC anyways.

>fluctuates heavily in weight

>drinks and drugs regularly
>eats crap & energydrinks nonstop
>stands a lot in her job, moves boxes, lifting, works out
I have a heartcondition!!1! Sure, Nicole, this is how to live with one.

>Can spend hours reading and sorting cards

>non ceasing concentration at work, in conversation
or in study situations
>no downs after social interaction, which she activly seeks out
I have AdHd! Which I never mentioned before, nor ever shows!

>Displays every sign of Narcissistic Personality Disorder down to the details.

>Interacts regularly with people, displays emotion, dresses up, works, no periods of bedtime, downs, inverted aggression or lack of energy and purpose
I have depression! I control and destroy everybodys life around me, drown in simpcoin, get all the men and toys that I want and report constantly how motivated, thriving and happy and healthy I am. Living my best life, but you know, while "sad" uwu and being a narc incapable of selfrefleciton, I mistake my raging suicidal selfhate for depression to get edgelord sympathy points :)

>Stands, sits and moves regularly

>works out
>no adjustments to back problems on her chairs, bed, couches or workplace
>no indication of massage, therapy or awareness from people around her
I have backpain!!1! From carrying my shitload of lies through life that is.

>Poses confidence and entitlement nonstop

>is condescending and arrogant
>has a huge audacity to demand money, attention and praise
>seeks out multiple men to wrap around her finger
>seeks out public interaction through work and panels
>public socialmedia and Onlyfans porn all over the place
I have anxiety! While being the most non axious person in history, but you know, still. My bois need to know I'm fragile petit princess hihi.

What a garbagefest. Narcole is mentally ill and a compulsive liar and attentionseeker, that's all it is. Great advocate for instrumentalising serious conditions people suffer from worldwide, instead of using it to gain pity points and edgy coolness from it.

No. 168227

Bless you for the summary. I’m just so fucking confused why she’s suddenly bitching about her heart condition again, I thought that shit was fixed and left in 2019 (unnamed mysterious condition). I remember all she complained about with it was having heart palpitations, which aren’t serious at all. It’s a normal thing that happens to everybody so sorry, unless she can actually properly explain what’s going on with her heart the next time she e-begs for some surgery to help her condition I’m calling bullshit

No. 168236

File: 1629286068633.jpeg (152.73 KB, 983x1800, 9F9B35C8-FC29-44B7-BF43-F64EAA…)

She checks OF every single day but unsurprisingly, one (1) post for a whole month. She had a list of excuses since January for lack of content/shitty quality which won’t work now:
1. cracked phone screen (? That doesn’t even affect a back camera) but she got a new phone so can’t use that excuse.
2. Moving (already moved last month and she already has all the time in the world which is why she’s on a road trip+vacation).
3. Technical issues (might delay content for a day but not an entire month, which is how long she’s gone without posting).
All she has been doing is wearing aliexpress lingerie and posing in front of a mirror and calling it content, and she can’t even do that more than once a month.

No. 168301

File: 1629318777441.jpg (1.24 MB, 1500x1500, pt2021_08_18_22_20_32_mh162931…)

>only wore aliexpress lingerie and did nothing
Except blow money like an addicted gambler on expensive as fuck trading cards, in obsession to find her retarded black rose shitstain pull. Which logically amounts to nothing so far except burning through her simp wallet.

She said she got a "couple of" boxes Lighting Overdrive, which go for around 72$, don't know why she would use that term if she really just got 2, so I assume it's even more, then the Prerelease 40$ each: and that is just the haul of ONE state, whereas she buys shit in everyone she passes (and connor pays for his own stuff). That's 300+$ in this alone, probably the gas & food money of the entire trip for two people.

I'm broke my ass. Filler filled filthy fraud.

No. 168324

File: 1629324752319.jpeg (882.3 KB, 828x1524, 7997CE88-8E70-4BB4-B7B7-0F2D83…)

Now they’re gambling.

No. 168326

File: 1629326040124.jpeg (237.43 KB, 1243x1800, 5EEDF64D-3FC4-4791-9215-4C0197…)

Anon in the first thread wasn’t kidding >>>/w/86221

No. 168328

Can I just say holy fuck, her face has changed completely. This is mental illness

No. 168331

File: 1629328051900.jpeg (876.42 KB, 828x1528, CC0EC8F5-4B50-41E9-9018-A56DE4…)

They just won’t stop splurging.. this is what happens when two air-headed adultchildren date.

No. 168348

File: 1629337689204.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, 2766B54A-2335-414B-B167-4841BD…)

With the amount of money she has spent trying to pull this card, she could have very well bought it. Or traded some of her other

No. 168349

She must get a rush from being a total retard with her simpbux. It’s actually a bit appalling to see how she readily shows off her frivolous purchases only to later come back to beg for more free cash for whatever “poor me boo hoo” reason she comes up with.

No. 168351

Right, I guess US doctors hand out meds like candy because how the fuck did this woman get diagnosed with adhd and depression when she shows signs of neither?

No. 168360

Honestly there are plenty of doctors who do. Some people go to a general physician instead of a psychiatrist which doesn’t help the matter, because obviously they aren’t equipped to properly diagnose a patient. They just write a prescription for whatever antidepressant and off you go. Psychiatrists can be like this as well too, and some people will even fake symptoms to get what they want. Knowing Nicole that wouldn’t be very hard for her to do since she’s as fake as can be kek.

No. 168367

File: 1629354567966.jpeg (246.29 KB, 1011x1800, 2D00EA39-8B89-46C2-840A-36CB54…)

Interesting that Nicole is getting back into World of Warcraft despite all the allegations against Blizzard about all the sexual harassment and women being treated like shit at the company. This is so, so recent and to the point where California has sued this company. Amidst all the victims coming forward it’s sleazy on Nicole’s part to be publicly supporting them.

No. 168370

She's a pickme, if course she is unbothered by the terrible stories coming out about these companies.

No. 168374

File: 1629356541883.jpeg (157.62 KB, 666x371, 5C5FC373-3153-4ACB-A54B-43E26A…)

It’s kind of sickening that she says she was already suspicious of Destery dating and grooming minors but can be seen talking to him as recently as December 2020. “Previously exposed to” meaning she knew of all this shit prior to the allegations. Yuck. She only cares about women and girls being treated like shit if she was personally affected by things.

No. 168375

Adding onto that is her blatantly knowing Nate dated Leda when she was underage yet saying absolutely nothing about it, even here where she comments on a video that not only discusses Destery, but Nate too. >>167060 Instead she showers him in compliments for the world to see, even in front of her own boyfriend. Connor looks more comfortable with being cucked, but I can only image how Cassie felt since she was likely thinking nothing of it at the time with her stupid ass.

No. 168377

File: 1629361225612.jpeg (215.4 KB, 1201x1465, 3580AACE-35E0-420D-9DC9-425EE6…)

Connor is definitely a huge cuck, nobody can put up with cheating, saying they miss their ex and that’s why they will never get married, liking tweets about being lesbian and “fuck having a boyfriend” type of posts. She’s so mentally ill and she hasn’t been single since she was 15 years old.

No. 168378

She’s only for women supporting women when it helps her justify creating porn

No. 168393

File: 1629371354956.jpeg (264.23 KB, 831x1800, 9F94852E-31FA-4536-BAC9-F2F1F3…)

I don’t know which couple is more unbearable with this meme.

No. 168395

File: 1629372828675.jpeg (909.58 KB, 1800x1800, 73BC1D65-51C4-412E-BF81-510C77…)

Seriously though, this is all in the span of a couple of days. She probably spent thousands in total on Pokémon and Yugioh

No. 168438

File: 1629392227094.jpg (865.9 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_08_19_18_43_38.jpg)

sorry for the minor derailing (no pun intended) but I looked into Desterys new hoe and couldn't help but notice some stuff:

1. first of all, can anyone verify how old this kid is, she looks like she's fucking 13? Hard to believe she entered the 20s even, I hope this is not a teen.

2. I think it's hilarious she looks like a carbon copy mixture of Nycole and Nicole in her retarded photos. With just the right amount Belle Delphine wannabe.

Same unbearable cringyness and face as Nicole, just half the age.

No. 168439

File: 1629392273193.jpg (525.21 KB, 1000x2579, pt2021_08_19_18_46_16.jpg)

3. The comments are of the same highly degenerate quality as Nicoles, 3D girl, anime, fairy, uwu princess shit, not even real, goddess, a one way ticket through the typical simp dictionary. And never short on embarassing selfpraise.

She oversexualizes herself and then gets pissed people do the same.

No. 168440

File: 1629392295431.jpg (1.36 MB, 1200x1600, pt2021_08_19_18_40_43.jpg)

4. Seems mentally like an absolute nutjob. Not well, not stable and potentially deranged. No wonder with that backstory.

Just think about the fact that this is the kind of women Destery goes for and what we can conclude about Nicole via this.

No. 168441

File: 1629392364947.jpg (401.97 KB, 807x736, pt2021_08_19_18_45_15_mh162939…)

5. that's it. pretty uncanny similarities if you ask me. Just paints Destery as a bigger piece of shit and Nicole as just his type if this is what he is into.

No. 168444

oh look, a pre-teen flashing her tits, great! She is not wearing any clothes in the pink wig either i assume. what the fuck.

what the ACTUAL fuck?!

She really kinda is a Nicole clone. Just in minor mode. This is such a sad find anon.

glamorizing dicks and alcohol, classy. Give her an Onlyfans and Nicole can take her under her wing.

Jokes aside, this is a mentally deranged bitch, it kinda does say something that he picked her right after Nicole. Yikes.

No. 168446

File: 1629392893912.jpeg (228.3 KB, 828x715, 81A02F5F-735B-44F4-8B11-0BF7E7…)

She’s a camgirl/sex worker too and they’re in a really weird open relationship (confirmed by Shannon Taylor’s video) so she doesn’t mind him dating other people aka dating kids. She is probably a child herself, at MOST in her late teens. I think it’s weird that Nicole claimed Destery isn’t okay with her creating an OF when he seems completely okay with it kek. Also lmao at “supporting us financially” meaning she was probably splitting her money with Destery

No. 168450

File: 1629394037164.jpeg (463.84 KB, 828x1303, CF1D6EE1-E23E-4BAE-9F6F-79A976…)

>Give her an OF
Sadly she already has one

No. 168451

"if selling feetpix would help us financially" I'm sorry, but what utter bullshit. I bet you she never splitted anything with him, it's just her standard "im a good citizen supporting my loved ones" lie, she posts everytime before going on a begging spree for her weeb crap.

"Us" yeah right, they didn't even live at the same place. Doubtful he blasted her for OF, being a giant manwhore himself and never publicly saying dismissive shit about sexwork.

holy shit man, she does look incredibly young, way too young to be with a 30+ pedo fag. where are her parents?! ah yes, fosterchild with a princess complex sporting a love for penis and drugs, terrific choice for a partner. but apparently she is just a tool for a threesome hunt, so… didnt he mention (via this youtube allegations video) that she was "in his friend group" too? how does a child end up regularly in a circle of 30 year old emo men?

No. 168453

File: 1629394964530.jpg (461.76 KB, 1000x2037, pt2021_08_19_19_39_58.jpg)

This child is disgusting and not safe. She gives the same excuses on onlyfans as Nicole does, for why she always lacks content (the only thing different is, she still goes to school ಠ_ಠ) and based off one of her comments, it looks she even has the same birthday as Nicole lmao (not the same year, but date)

No. 168455

File: 1629395457080.jpg (Spoiler Image,941.76 KB, 1200x1341, pt2021_08_19_19_48_41_mh162939…)

I made the mistake of looking her OF up on google pictures and I got traumatized. If you dont wanna projectile vomit to (hopefully not) a minor doing hardcore porn, dont click. This is insane. And she even used to look exactly like Nicole! Please dont let this be a child.

No. 168457

File: 1629395768161.jpg (Spoiler Image,608.78 KB, 2000x1000, pt2021_08_19_19_54_31.jpg)


Holy shit she really looked exactly like Nicole when she started dating Destery. But that explicity, good god, who finds this appealing?! My anatomy course in biology studies was hotter than this puke

Well, but doesnt OF have a minimum age of use?

No. 168460

kek her face is different in every photo

No. 168463

the horrifying shoops are just another similarity with Nicole lmao. It's so bad.

No. 168470

File: 1629401685088.jpeg (529.24 KB, 1800x1800, 36623D14-9EBA-4065-8AB3-818CDF…)

Someone should break the news to Nicole that a life of daily energy drinks and lack of sleep is bad for the heart. She’s seriously an idiot.

No. 168482

Seeing her face candid, she does look a little older. As the other anon said, she has a different face in every picture kek. Could just be pedobaiting?

No. 168487

That's what I meant with her yearlong use of energydrinks

She has myriads of pictures all over her socials of excessive energydrink use in the background or even directly bragging how she baught a fucking fridge for it to put into her room, next to eating crap food, sugary drinks and sleep too little. This is the worst you can do to your heart, she would be strictly prohibited from this lifestyle if her condition was actually real. But she just ruined her circulation all on her own and now calls it "complications". in the real world its called "consequences" for shitty diet.

I remember Tana Mongeau getting rushed into the ER at 16 or something, because she would drink 1-3 redbull daily and her body went into a state similar to cardiac arrest.

It's the taurin Nicole, you dumb, reckless bitch, not the organ.

No. 168489

With a body type and wardrobe choice like that, she sure as fuck has daddy issues and is grandpa baiting the pedos out the crowd.

yet another sorry as nicole clone. at least she looks like a different version of shit now.

>same birthday as Nicole

No. 168494

File: 1629410073613.png (1 MB, 1237x1782, Onlyfans ban.png)

Better rinse those simps now Nicole, time is running out. Only non-explicit nudes will be allowed to be posted after October. (Onlyfans want investors and payment providers and banks won't touch 'em with how the site currently is)

No. 168497

File: 1629410778722.jpg (50.99 KB, 640x360, iuH19SSJSB.jpg)

Me: how bad can it be
Me after clicking the spoiler:

I think she's a heavily shooped 18-19 year old pedobaiting, you need to be 18 to have an OF (ID required) but it certainly reflects well on Destery and Nicole that this depraved girl is his girlfriend now.

No. 168498

Another thot with the goatse-tier images, who jacks it to this??

No. 168501

File: 1629411368754.jpg (349.79 KB, 898x801, pt2021_08_20_00_13_27_mh162941…)

Big yikes, it's a new arc of the Cha Cha Cheating saga all over again. Will this fairy tale ever end?

kek, the withdrawel of a power source will inflict narc rage, grab your popcorn.

No. 168556

File: 1629434454427.jpeg (645.88 KB, 828x1341, 2F6291D7-AF6C-4A52-AC6A-81602C…)

How has it been over a month since they moved and Nicole’s shit is still in boxes and a clutter? Also peep that Shein logo, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where she buys all her cheap OF lingerie sets.

No. 168557

File: 1629434976896.jpeg (353.4 KB, 828x941, D22D045B-4C4A-4D3B-AA28-AD67C4…)

Sadge that it’s just clickbait

No. 168559

The customer service people there won't know anything, that's just the canned response. I'd say it's definitely true but the site wants to make a boon in the Aug-Oct period and doesn't want sexworkers to jump ship just yet, The reality is it was always on dodgy ground in regard to the laws against brothels and prostitution in the respective countries of popular use. Sexworkers are just coping right now and hoping it isn't true.


No. 168566

She will look so dumb with her denial once the changes go through jek.

oh man… so he has been a whopping 8 months with another girl already, while dating and fucking Nicole… who was actively ripping Connor out of Nycoles claws at the same time. Just how many overlaps between Dennis, Nicole, Destery, Connor and Nate are possible in this game?
It's really never enough for these people, they need jesus.

No. 168567

How can Connor have a bodyshape that off center man. He starts with feet size 4 and ends in a marsian balloon head. a balding one.

you are clearly the expert at damaging rumours, Nicole.

Oh NO, and another one bites the dust! How many two timing hoes and assholes does this arc contain? Every other month new cheaters enter the game lmao.

Yup, Nicole has birthday 13/03, Bao has 14/03 lmao how much of a clone did Destery need?

No. 168568

File: 1629442742944.jpeg (223.28 KB, 828x800, 05BF4D44-E0BF-475C-9344-31F42B…)

You can tell based on her retweeting and posting about OF new guidelines she’s having a breakdown. But Narcole, I thought you don’t need OF to fund your n3rd collection? Also she should really stop referring to herself as a professional, she is an idiot when it comes to making profit off of cards, she purchases them when they’re at a high price and also spends hundreds and hundreds on packs hunting for a card she could easily have bought for cheaper.

No. 168572

File: 1629444058508.png (465.59 KB, 1080x1294, IMG_20210820_085559.png)

"So proud how far I've come this year!"
>E-begged relentlessly on several occasions
>Published queerbaited, full name porn of horrendous quality
>Publicly supported a pedophile
>Published a fake anniversary date to cover up multiple cheating incidents
>Blasted an ex-friend all over twitter and ruined their reputation
>Wrecked her tuned 20k+ car
>Wrecked her ceiling fan
>Wrecked her face with hideous 2k+ fillers
>Baught multiple thousands worth in collectable cardboard and weeb trash
>Gambled, with money she wasnt suppose to have
>Broke into her parents home for booze and snacks
>Neglected and ignored all her currently useless tools, to a point they complained publicly
>Manipulated and lied
>Got an expensive, ugly tattoo with a person she no longer wanted to associate with merely weeks later
>Rented out an entire house with people she hates to get to one of their grooming boyfriends
>Underdelivered on any of her paid or nonpaid plattforms
>Made some new health conditions up
>Sperged over skinwalkers, relationship issues and jealousy, but let us know constantly how much she is doing well and thriving

Oh yeah, what an irreplacable addition to society you are. You are the kind of person that could take a big shit after thai food and post on twitter for three hours about how proud you are of yourself.

This bitch is such a joke.

No. 168577

>Just how many overlaps between Dennis, Nicole, Destery, Connor and Nate are possible in this game?
Don’t forget how she initially tried to date Johnnie Guilbert first. All in the same year. lol

No. 168581

Love that people are calling her out. She makes it apparent enough. Muh job pays so much, I definitely don’t get much money from my abandoned patreon, or from my deceiving OF!

It wouldn’t be surprising if there were other potential candidates for the both of them too. Such a shame they didn’t stay together, they deserve one another kek.

No. 168592

File: 1629463292620.jpeg (836.96 KB, 828x1289, B5B426FE-D0DD-41BD-AAB4-A3D1EF…)

Nicole just shared this memory on FB. Guess who was on the trip with her? The person she’s smiling at? Destery.

No. 168618

File: 1629478172401.jpeg (249.37 KB, 828x899, 9A6E8AB2-0FE9-492F-8F12-BE8C48…)

Nicole is shouting into the void and fuming. Also a cow who scams calling another person a scammer. Interesting. I don’t even want to know how many innocent minors/girls she herself has scammed into thinking they’re donating to help her livelihood when it’s for collection funding. I know we always joke that her fanbase is 90% scrotes but there are quite a few goodhearted people who fall for her donation trap, many actually being young girls I notice in the comment section.

No. 168725

Her hypocrisy truly knows no bounds. It’s fucking sad to see her manipulate her younger audience. She’s heartless. Imagine taking younger girls money for your own stupid card game collections, etc. For everything she preaches it certainly doesn’t go very far for her personally. All talk and no action.

No. 168727

Weird she’s so defensive about people calling it not a real job. It’s not even a real job for Narcole, she posts once a month and treats it like a hobby with no schedule

No. 168781

File: 1629580287646.jpeg (259.8 KB, 828x747, A1EFD4BD-DECC-46C9-8208-AA8D97…)

What the fuck does being called dude or bro have to do with sexuality? It’s not you being bi or lesbian Nicole, it’s you being a pick-me “I’m not like other girls, I’m one of the bros” thot.

No. 168791

That post is such embarrassing pickme shit, clearly not about sexuality or gender, and she actually highlighted it for her followers.

No. 168822

painting meaningless "my friends address me however" pickme bullshit as "a sexuality cry for help", bro, how can this lunatic take herself seriously, dude? this is how the high of "not like otha gurls" looks like - mentall illness.

No. 168823

love how Miss wholesome kindhearted uwu fairy writes salty as fuck insults to strangers, when not enough shit in her life is going her way.

No. 168825

Don't know if anyone noticed, but since Connor and Nicole found/were reminded of the thread, all they ever share on their facebooks (the last 4-5 posts) are "memories" from whatever the fuck years back, is if they are too afraid to post recent shit that could be milky. And Cassie privated it alltogether.

No. 168827

File: 1629608696714.jpg (477.67 KB, 930x1004, pt2021_08_22_06_53_00_mh162960…)

Sometimes I can't help but wonder if majority of her "fans" are just either fake accounts or young, impressionable teens with no own identity besides what they consume from this degenerate clique of Nicole and her "friends" online. (Just like Nicole herself is just a collection of looks and traits she saw elsewhere and deemed worthy to imitate)

Imagine you are Doons sister and no matter where you are with Nicole, all people ever do is sperg over her and spam your comments with how great she is (although they never met her), as if you don't even exist in these photos too. Fat friend saga pays off again, I guess.

And then still imitate whatever they see in Nicoles or her clique's proximity (necklace) or even date people that sound like their bfs. This is just one example of many, where people copy the same wigs, filters, accessories, clothes, hobbies, poses, names, personas or whatever, to look as if they belong to the most shitty group of people on the planet. God beware these people forge a personality beyond what Nicole spoonfeeds them. Imagine being that obsessed with a group you don't even know made of people who are worth nothing to society or let alone themselves. Woah, so cool.

No. 168828

File: 1629608943570.jpg (829.7 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_08_22_06_55_10.jpg)

And checking these "marked" photos from a camera guy at anime expo, Nicole looks fucking nothing like what she posted about it on her social media. Her body is wonky and chubbs and the face wrinkley and boney. Let alone the busted buttcheeks quality of her costume.

No. 168839

Her styling is really sloppy because she thinks she can just edit everything afterwards, why bother to actually look good irl

No. 168845

File: 1629614514663.jpeg (428.14 KB, 1136x1799, 789E825E-ED4C-4DBE-9622-1EB00F…)

To back you up, look at the shit her fangirls write. Judging by her profile she’s a minor and I pity these young girls jealous of every aspect of Nicole’s life that doesn’t even exist. Whenever young girls write things like these Nicole just feeds them the speech of “looks don’t matter” instead of being vulnerable and letting them know every aspect of her life is fake, especially her appearance.

No. 168847

File: 1629615248429.jpeg (221.99 KB, 828x605, B9C258D3-6DF8-4CB2-996A-A81BEA…)

She even retweeted “let’s be nicer to each other we’re all trying our best” and if you scroll 2 seconds you can see her mercilessly insult someone.

No. 168856

Texts like these are fucking heartbreaking to read, because this hits exactly two things a narcissist wants as his higher goals: people display a feeling of inferiority to their superiority and a public jealousy to a successfully fabricated image of the perfect life they lead.

I made experiences with narcs in real life, and I can assure you they go to incredible lengths to build this gigantic castle of imagination around them, that displays the perfect beauty, job, friends, partners, money, things, whatever it is, while, they have literally nothing going for themselves and it's all bullshit. All their recourses and energy go into that lie and must be maintained at all cost, because without their artificial identity, a narcissist is no one but a mentally ill tank that rolls through peoples wellbeing.

Nothing of that theatre is ever REAL. They dont get loved, they provoke possesive obsession through empty lovembombing. they dont even love themselves, they loathe every aspect of the self. They are miserable with money, cant keep friends or form real bonds, constantly lose or wreck their and others belongings and amount to nothing and nobody in life. No, she has no impact besides narcissistic destruction. Nicole changed nothing in the world, contributed nothing and will go with nothing in the end.

It's infuriating how young people fall for this and feel bad about it.

No. 168857

File: 1629622361160.jpeg (182.7 KB, 828x659, 7FFF3043-F32E-4742-AC42-8AC21F…)

>They provoke possesive obsession through empty lovembombing
I’m surprised how many of Nicole’s friends fall for this trap. She even expects her friends to be afraid to lose her which is just a pitiful thing to expect from loved ones, she wants people to feel anxious and worry about losing their spot in her life. Narcissists love emotional manipulation.

No. 168858

your comment nailed it anon.

Just an example:
"Jealous of your beauty"
>2000$+ face filler surgery
>daily false lashes
>false acrylics
>false hair extentions
>tons of makeup and product
>drawn on freckles
>always filtered
>always photoshops face shapes, hair volume, eye size, nose size and entire body weight in all media

And now take this principle about her excessivly fabricated "beauty" and apply it to literally EVERY aspect of Nicoles life. Her achievements and plus points in life are not real, non of them.

No. 168859

File: 1629623779668.gif (13.12 MB, 600x1143, FCEBACD4-9D9F-43F1-9B14-E9B16C…)

Nicole is becoming more and more unhinged, no? In this snapchat compilation she introduces her cat to an insect and says they’re “friends” to which the cat starts attacking the insect and Nicole says “you took its leg” and watches this all happen, does nothing and the cat continues attacking it. Then in the most monotone voice says “baby I know you love him, but we have to bring him outside, you’re going to hurt him” and the cat attacks again and she does nothing. I’m not an insect/bug lover by any means, but what the fuck did I just witness?

No. 168861

File: 1629623999047.gif (10.73 MB, 600x1143, 05872344-566D-41EE-9778-5F59E9…)

Part 2 of the snapchat: The funny part is Nicole pretending to care about bugs while watching this happen with little reaction

No. 168864


Imagine walking into her house, realistically, right now. What would you actually see?

A badly aged, bloated, filler botched LA whore, with irregular clipped in extentions and chubby roles squeezing out her polyester shein shorts, who greets you with 3 inch plastic lashes on, with which she can barely open her tiny hooded eyes. If you manage to look past her horrendous contour to the left, you will see boxes over boxes of filthy, cluttered children's toys, in which she invested all her finances of her late 20s and now hoards that trash in the size of a house, which she rented with 3 people she barely knew: 1 which openly hates her guts, 1 who is only interested to get into her pants to cheat on his girlfriend and 1 who is her "partner", a skinny, balding manchild in an unsuccessful band with a terribly dull personality and major loyalty issues, who she attained through cheating. Then you take a look to the right at the open tabs in her laptop, just to see all the ignored messages of her negging and begging "friends", identify them as either overweight lonely girls or simping scrotes all fighting for an empty bone of attention being thrown their way, next to "no messages" from her family, complaint emails from her pathetic onlyfans pornsite, a secretly self managed fan account, a DM from the third faggy emo serial cheater that week and an open tab from a lolcowthread, before you leave this utter fucking nightmare through the driveway, where there is no car.

Oh yes. The perfect life.

No. 168865

>and worry about losing their spot in her life.
Exactly, to keep them on their toes tied around her and ready to jump to her every wishes, so they can keep her empty, agenda fueled attention and approval coming. It's like an emotional junkie she creates to groom for her purposes later on.

I think this is the best comment in his thread, hands down lmao

No. 168867

File: 1629625961457.jpeg (282.88 KB, 828x907, 49C4FBB5-464A-42FE-99E4-B60D27…)

Tfw even her scrotes are catching on. “Hypocrisy” in Spanish

No. 168871

The fact Nicole just reposted that facebook memory of faux-nursing a butterfly >>168592
before posting a video of her cat torturing an insect mere days later. Her visage is so faltering it's amazing poor saps like that girl >>168845
on Instagram fall for it.

No. 168878

File: 1629637104246.jpeg (Spoiler Image,858.11 KB, 1800x1800, F05D6B4D-06B8-433B-899D-79DF2F…)

One of Nicole’s scrotes has been turning her porn photos into weird gore edits, what the actual fuck lmao. I’m disturbed and amused at the same time.

No. 168881

Holy crap…somewhat proves the point you shouldn't pander to creepy scrotes. Letting strangers see sexual content of you should never have been a trend, too many insane men out there.

No. 168882

Samefag, did he fuckin' tag Nicole and Connor in these? Imagine waking up and checking your notifs only to see these

No. 168886

Yes, I’m actually terrified of this person lmao. If you go to their account they only have two tweets and both of them are tagging Nicole and Connor in these. I’m sure she expects to wake up to kaweewee elf fanart of her bur instead it will be mutilated naked horror.

No. 168905

File: 1629649754642.jpeg (446.88 KB, 828x1021, 90FFA9A1-98B1-4F1C-A938-942A70…)

Update: she actually complimented them. What the fuck.

No. 168908

Any form of attention suffices. Any.

The perfect summary of her life, I absolutely enjoyed reading this kek.

No. 168916

File: 1629660347952.jpeg (336.03 KB, 828x932, 0E4A9F84-8C33-491D-8324-1A6CC2…)

I’m wheezing, she actually expected a decent outcome after interacting with this scrote, look at his response. Once again, he tagged her boyfriend in this tweet too.

No. 168931

Lol Narcole’s feet pics must be disgusting if a moid like him is not into it

No. 168956

>Actually interacting with this fucking terrifying account
>He replies to complain about her feet

No. 168968

File: 1629694271758.jpg (Spoiler Image,289.44 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20210823-144705__01…)

This the same Persephone that used to be obsessed with Belle and her clone Kitty Sophie back when pull was a thing. I vaguely remember her sperging out in one or those threads. I'm not opposed to her commenting but she's probably a farmer, and this is a cowtip. She had/has a habit of involving herself with cows.

No. 168969

Being a fangirl for social media whores must be a weird experience, like have they heard of music and art? Try liking something that actually contributes meaningfully to the world?

No. 168979

File: 1629703088678.jpeg (296.05 KB, 1201x1800, 91AA7C84-23A7-44A6-8B6A-4F655D…)

>”I think feet are cute”
I mean each to their own but I think what the man is trying to say is hers look disgusting.

No. 168981

File: 1629703520806.jpeg (266.72 KB, 1011x1800, 155397BB-DB38-4F06-9DC8-C9BCEE…)

Someone complained about seeing a car full of naked anime stickers and while most agreed it is disgusting, Nicole liked the one comment saying they’re a man of culture for having such a thing. Yes, because having porn on your car on full display for children and innocent pedestrians is such an epic gamer move.

No. 168984

are those her feet??? damn i dont even intend to nitpick but i have never seen the pinky toes located there

No. 168999

typical narc move: someone said i should tone down on feet? (filter of my own reality activated) oh cool, people want my feet!

How desperate for an own identity must you be to shove your porn habits into everybodys face you drive by, because you think this makes you cool. Grow up.

It always baffles me how many mentally ill people with zero consistency or reliability in their lifes decide to get social media to share their sporadic outbursts of drama, nudes and tantrums, to disappear for weeks or months again. How about you take therapy first, get better and form a minimum sense of wellbeing, instead of going to the internet to document your miserable state of mind and disappoint any potential follower in the process of it?

There are people having their tits plastered over OF that cant hold a common conversation irl, people suffering from insomnia who rather have breakdowns on stream instead of getting treatment and those who stirr up drama they cant even remember the week after, due to their depression it triggers, but will do it a day later again anyways instead of logging off.

My god people are stupid.

No. 169000

File: 1629711394519.jpeg (513.4 KB, 1800x1800, 90072626-6F53-4B05-96C0-CA0C54…)

I’m also 100% sure she’s the one with the foot fetish, and not the other way around. Just look at the shit she posted even before she had an OF

No. 169013

File: 1629724298972.jpeg (342.82 KB, 828x858, F2BF80BC-6320-4C0B-A423-D6C73F…)

She keeps engaging with him back and forth being polite despite the fact that he created horror of her boobs mutilated off and entire body being turned into gore, and then said he doesn’t want to see her feet lmfao. She’s truly a pick-me because she sucks up to moids. Also, does this bitch only sleep 2-3 hours? I remember she would also make posts about not sleeping for days to prepare for cosplays (all made by her friend and not her) and she wonders why her heart is suffering? Dumb bitch lol

No. 169017

File: 1629725283250.jpeg (278.65 KB, 831x1679, 1F62DF13-8651-41B9-A3B6-9DF029…)

What I mean:

No. 169020

She should stick to posting pics of her droopy breasts and vag.

No. 169063

File: 1629739814490.jpeg (681.69 KB, 1800x1800, 29B359B7-F7BD-4DC0-A585-06C7F7…)

Tinfoil but I think Nicole got fired/quit her card shop job, for many weeks now she isn’t in any of her coworkers stories and while they’re working she’s just slacking off with Connor at home. That would be fucking retarded if she did quit, considering just last week she sperged about how she’s in the perfect career path for her.

No. 169101

I keep scrolling by and thinking that's a pic of Lori's inbred Kevin from the thumbnail yikes

No. 169103

it would be more likely for the store to have fired her if your theory is right. It would be a stupid move for her to quit her part time job right after OF announced their no porn policy.

Narcole brings nothing of value to the shop anyways so they don’t lose anything by getting rid of her, the fact that she’s part time with 15 hours a week show how much she’s needed kek.

No. 169137

Actually a disaster for her if she's fired since OF are cutting down on most profitable content, and she spends like there's no tomorrow.

No. 169138

Didn't she move away from the area?(ban evading sperg)

No. 169254

File: 1629837877675.jpg (603.12 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_08_24_22_41_43.jpg)

Didnt she clarify in a story that she just took a vacation time off? If she is actually fired or let off, I would have expected pozjokergames account to post a goodbye thing or something, given her face in known to be plastered over their feed.

One half, of what must be the ugliest couple on the planet, copied Nicole with that gremlin thing again. Still not uwu, just cringe.

No. 169255

>A badly aged, bloated, filler botched LA whore, with irregular clipped in extentions and chubby roles squeezing out her polyester shein shorts, who greets you with 3 inch plastic lashes on, with which she can barely open her tiny hooded eyes.
Should be her next description.

Maybe they do it in hopes someone days Oh no, you are so cute! while in reality, they indeed look like fucking gremlins.

No. 169258

File: 1629838668971.jpg (1002.59 KB, 1000x3079, pt2021_08_24_22_56_26.jpg)

Here you have the "Goblin" again

Seriously, just looking at the last posts Nicole uploaded, if I wouldn't know any better, I'd never believe this account belonged to someone older than 14. Talking about peter pan syndrome…

No. 169259

File: 1629838921517.png (474.36 KB, 1080x840, IMG_20210824_225444.png)

>WoRlD TrAveLeR
- Drove to another state in same country by his girlfriend once
- Flew to another state in same country a handful times on behalf the decision of the assjuice band he's in

No. 169262

File: 1629839278798.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210731-180133.png)

Gotta love how Cassie adopted Nicoles resting bitch face style with the blatant self praise about every ever so insignificant bullshit thing. They make picking up the mail from the doorstep look like a pride inducing nobelprize achievement praisable for a years worth of a normal persons work their entire family needs to be called about.

No. 169263

File: 1629839500715.jpeg (226.95 KB, 828x1472, C143CBF6-6512-4FB1-BF08-E33759…)

He’s extremely narcissistic, more so than Nicole. She posted a video of their room tour and you can see Connor’s proudly displayed merch of his own band. Vomit.

No. 169302

Yeah, its his merch. Lol(ban evading sperg)

No. 169347

File: 1629878106967.jpeg (299.13 KB, 828x1004, C0DF4F7D-0E1B-405C-867B-6E18A9…)

Tfw even her followers are starting to notice all she posts every single day is just her cat. Must be nice to just sit at home all day doing photoshoots with your pet instead of contributing to society.

No. 169376

stop shitting up the thread with non-milk. you getting ass-blasted over girls posting headphones and cat pics it makes you look like more of a cow than they do. wait until they actually do something before you bump the thread ffs

No. 169388

Calm down mini mod, 2/3 of those are saged. Third is bumped because it’s not about “cat pics” but neglecting her job(s) for over a month to travel, splurge on card games, gamble. Not posting on OF for a month, neglecting Patreon for over a year, Ko-fi for two years, not showing up at her irl work and sitting at home all day creating photoshoots for her pet instead of actually doing her OF or attending her job.
>Wait until they actually do something before you bump the thread
The milk is that she’s neglecting all of her responsibilities and posting cat pictures all day err’day.

No. 169446

Nayrt but it's not "neglecting your responsibilities" to not make wank material for moids. If people are paying her to do nothing and they don't like it they should stop sending her money. Being a thot isn't a real job and the simps who pay her aren't her employers.

No. 169447

Lol imagine reblogging a cat means neglective responsibilities. Her page says she has no schedule. People continuing to pay after seeing that, are just dumb. Not really scamming if they are sticking around themselves.(ban evading sperg)

No. 169455

Kek tell that to Nicole then after she sperged that her job is real and gets angry when people say OF isn’t a real job. Also saying you don’t have a schedule doesn’t mean you should be a lazy ass that posts only once a month. Just because her audience is moids and young girls doesn’t mean we can’t critique her shitty posts.

No. 169458

What’s with the random Cassie hate? I thought anons think Cassie is more likeable than Narcole.

No. 169461

We like her? Where have you been, anon?


The only logical reaction to Cassie is hating her fucking guts.

No. 169469

I don't interact with cows and neither should you. Who cares what she says? Sex work isn't real work.