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No. 816534

MikuMiku Ebooks is a twitter account that is known for starting drama for no reason.

>capitalizes off of pride, the lgbtqqwertgh+++ as a way of gaining clout

>shitty art
>gets off to pretending to be a fictional character
>tries to present herself as the actual miku account

she also started the whole "hatsune miku created minecraft" line as a way to cancel notch due to him supposedly being problematic


https://ko-fi.com/mikumikuebooks(shit thread)

No. 816548

Uh any screenshots? I had a little scroll through but didn’t see anything even close to milk.

No. 816579

She's a child.

No. 816582

Not OP but the person running the account is 18+, their twitter is https://twitter.com/cybershoujo. There isn't much milk other than unfunny forced memes though.

No. 816603

File: 1559444569981.jpeg (746.28 KB, 1536x2048, F0C2E7A4-EE49-49F8-A4C4-8FED8A…)

Ebooks is absolutely a cow. What a terrible OP though.

They’re a mtf trans and basically otherkin some school girl from Bang Dream despite being 18. They called their hrt pills “anime girl pills.” Their private Twitter is @cybershoujo where they retweet anime school girls making out. They attack anyone who says Miku is not trans.

The license holders of Miku recently contacted them and told them if they didn’t stop the “Miku is trans” bullying they’d shut down the account. Adri complained about this on their personal twitter.

No. 816607

File: 1559445479745.jpeg (193.63 KB, 768x1024, BF758692-02A7-469F-9948-AAE169…)

Their curiouscat. They admit to “accidentally” retweeting anime incest there.
Total autogynephile who has a huge fetish for being a lesbian anime school girl and forces this on whatever they want. Spends a large amount of time harassing men who also like anime school girls on Twitter. It’s okay for them to like anime school girls though, because they’re a uwu soft girl lesbian.

No. 816609

File: 1559445530039.jpeg (282.08 KB, 1125x1462, 0BA4A964-B3F8-486E-9B50-3865C7…)

No. 816611

File: 1559445578801.jpeg (607.78 KB, 1125x1260, 6E30AECC-9D4C-4EF3-A131-3BD8DE…)

All (female) characters are trans. No exceptions. If you disagree then you’re a transphobic bigot.

No. 816612

File: 1559445604048.jpeg (617.45 KB, 1125x1424, A2034B07-5D53-42CA-95B1-299BCD…)

No. 816617

File: 1559445982691.jpeg (209.04 KB, 1125x536, 9E7D8158-CFE4-47E3-B409-DF7B53…)

No. 816618

File: 1559446103962.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1514, 84DDD715-ABAF-4489-9D3E-36337A…)

No. 816620


>The license holders of Miku recently contacted them and told them if they didn’t stop the “Miku is trans” bullying they’d shut down the account. Adri complained about this on their personal twitter.

Do you have caps of this?

No. 816621


of course they don't want to lose their ko-fi tugboat and clout

No. 816622

i was in her zine and goddamn was it badly organised…no discord or communication at all and non of the zine contributors got to see the zine in the end..

No. 816626

File: 1559447124808.jpg (79.98 KB, 789x607, cfm said stop.JPG)

nta but here you go

No. 816627

File: 1559447195125.jpeg (472.14 KB, 1125x904, 15EB0813-B880-466F-BC3C-9FE5A0…)

They’ve deleted some of tweets they did about but yeah. “Miku says trans rights” except when her copyright holder tells you that the trans shit is harmful to their brand. Then you bend over and obey so you can get that sweet clout. I hate the Miku is trans shit and even I am shocked how quick they sold out just to hold onto an irrelevant shitposting fetish account. They’ve had a number of other “ebooks” twitters turn on them for this.

No. 816636

File: 1559447759181.jpeg (303.42 KB, 1125x667, F73EBE38-7A97-4271-95A0-733F46…)

The Bang Dream character they are showing their tits as and write Yuri fanction about is a first year in high school so about 14 years old also. Remember, lewding underage characters is only okay if you’re an uwu transbian.

No. 816642

this thread is so boring, the only interesting thing was >>816620 but weak caps

No. 816648

File: 1559448345619.jpeg (209.34 KB, 1125x777, 800144A1-1D74-49E4-A067-519BA3…)

Yaoi = objectifying
Yuri = soft uwu wholesome lesbians

No. 816660

This is all really standard Tumblr weeb shit. Can we keep this in the Vocaloid thread?

No. 816666

If he's MtF at least pick a pronoun, please. Usage of "they" makes annoying posts to read. Also makes you sound like a tumblr snowflake.
It's a dude.

Also makes it really easy to identify your posts.

Agreed. It seems like only 1 anon really gives a fuck about this person.

No. 816680

Why don't we just make a general for twitter character accounts that break character to talk about hormones and politics every 10 minutes? there are so many of them

No. 816690

btw if anyone wants a personal cow @everykemono / @onekemonofriend is a hilarious trainwreck who can't do anything right

No. 816703

what the fuck

No. 818961

pretty sure if that was done, you'd see tons of "this person should have his/her own thread"

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