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File: 1587264292302.jpg (100.06 KB, 980x653, Titanic-Sinclair-Poppy.jpg)

No. 961466

Last Thread: >>>/snow/581474

Thread Summary
>After much back-and-forth and vaguing (and some false counter-accusations launched by Poppy involving Josh Moran), the lawsuit is settled - Mars keeps the right to all music and videos she made with Titanic, Titanic has to delete any and all nudes of Mars, and they are not to speak of or interact with one another (online or offline) outside of court
>Titanic reportedly attempts suicide while Poppy is on tour, he messages fans about it
>Poppy and Titanic break up, Poppy makes her new relationship with Ghostemane public
>Poppy posts a statement on Twitter essentially calling Titanic abusive and attention-seeking, disavowing him and accepting no responsibility for her role in attacking Mars
>Poppy fires her entire band and puts out a song indirectly attacking Mars
>Titanic's brother, Alex, pops up to defend his brother on Reddit, then on YouTube via Edwin's Generation. He can't seem keep Mars out of his mouth despite Poppy being the main subject, makes several claims about both women without much proof, claims Mars "traumatized" him, then moves to defend Titanic some more on Twitter
>Maggie Levin makes a film about the Mars/Titanic/Poppy situation, titled Into The Dark: My Valentine
>Mars Argo friends and fans react negatively, Mars unfollows her (former) friend who starred in the film
>Titanic gets with a new girl, Chelsea, aka @nobodysdreamgirl on IG
>Poppy stans trick Chelsea into openly shit-talking Poppy in a group chat with them, leak screencaps and also that she made a Twitter account to argue with them
>Titanic spergs in his own IG comments, responding to negative comments with long rants, insults interspersed with "love and light"

New updates
>Poppy enters fan Discord, starts answering questions, talks about Grimes
>starts venting about Titanic and says she “apologises to his past victims
>Mars teases new music, posts lyrics on her blog
>Poppy fans that paid money for the “church” site have basically been scammed out of $14k

Essential Information:
Titanic Sinclair is the stage name for Corey Mixter. Poppy is Moriah Pereira. Mars Argo is Brittany Sheets.
Titanic and Mars dated from 2008 to 2014. They created GroceryBagDotTv together, and then transitioned to making their own music. They only released one album, Technology is a Dead Bird in 2009. They then began Linden Place, which was canceled after their lead single was released. Most of their videos were deleted but can be found with a simple search as fans reupload them.

After their breakup, Titanic began seeing Poppy. Subsequently, Poppy’s looks completely changed from alternative, semi-Punk brunette to “kawaii, barbie, child” bottle-blonde. This look was strikingly similar to Mars'. Recently they achieved moderate fame for her strange youtube videos and Japanese-inspired pop music. The Poppy videos were directly inspired, and sometimes complete copies, from GroceryBagDotTv videos (such as “Delete Your Facebook”).

Poppy has intense, mostly unhinged fans who call themselves “Poppyseeds.”

Titanic and Poppy have recently split up, both personally and creatively. Poppy is now reportedly dating Ghostemane, and Titanic is dating Chelsea (@nobodysdreamgirl) on IG.





Imgur Links
Tweets https://imgur.com/a/oMTMItH
Photos https://imgur.com/a/2ahgfOH
Leaked Conversations https://imgur.com/a/BpX5cYO
Lawsuit https://imgur.com/a/8qVPBMd
Reddit https://imgur.com/a/MClEphk

Related People

Josh Moran: Poppy’s alleged ex, during the lawsuit Poppy tweeted a video of him smashing Titanic to the ground with ease
Debby Ryan: Disney actress who was friends with Poppy, and then Titanic
Alex Mixter: Titanic's brother, has publicly spoken out against Mars and Poppy
Max Landis: Friend of Mars, tweeted in defence of her in 2016
Tony Katai: Film maker who released the “Everybody Wants it All” (3:36) video of Mars with a gun, took Titanic’s side
Chelsea Wise: Titanic's new girlfriend, they've been all over each other's IGs
Ghostemane: Poppy's new boyfriend, a rapper who's friends with other abusive rappers (see: some of the names in the soundclout thread)

Other Links



Lawsuit uploaded by TMZ: https://tinyurl.com/ybw6orfg
Official lawsuit settlement document: https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/55/2019/01/Sheets_Settlement-Signature.pdf

No. 961468

File: 1587264534033.jpeg (57.03 KB, 671x680, EUr817GX0AEVx-6.jpeg)

Poppy in her fan's Discord server, talking about the situation with Grimes with the song "Play Destroy".
>she never touched a computer, guitar or synth the whole session
I can't help but notice that both she and Titanic like to accuse women they dislike of not knowing how to make music.

No. 961472

File: 1587264730498.jpeg (22.1 KB, 680x314, EUr817xWkAAmXG5.jpeg)

These are all taken from Twitter, to be clear. The caps are reportedly from the "We Are Poppy" server.
Her referencing Elon Musk.

No. 961473

File: 1587264770799.jpeg (17.44 KB, 760x269, EUr817eXgAArJ_u.jpeg)

No. 961474

File: 1587264831414.jpeg (22.37 KB, 680x427, EVlQ06iWoAA994N.jpeg)

Her venting about Titanic, under the name "germ".

No. 961475

File: 1587264934424.jpeg (37.79 KB, 680x368, EVlQ1OrXkAAKcPM.jpeg)

No. 961477

File: 1587265038005.jpeg (47.58 KB, 1200x417, EVlQ1kjXsAE2bT1.jpeg)

No. 961478

File: 1587265188724.jpeg (27.06 KB, 1440x256, EVlQ1_fXQAgRe7q.jpeg)

These might be out of order, sorry if they are.

No. 961479

File: 1587265240979.png (242.24 KB, 679x578, EVlQ2SqWAAQibEX.png)

No. 961480

File: 1587265311213.jpeg (41.36 KB, 680x522, EVlQ2peX0AESMmu.jpeg)

And here she reveals Titanic pulled a suicide attempt in the past (jumping off a bridge) to get Brittany's attention.

No. 961481

File: 1587265341751.jpeg (33.29 KB, 680x423, EVlQ3MhXsAAYouj.jpeg)

No. 961483

File: 1587265505095.jpeg (30.6 KB, 1200x316, EVlQ3cpWsAIKAI7.jpeg)

No. 961484

File: 1587265597987.jpeg (26.62 KB, 1440x350, EVlQ32lXQAA8hmK.jpeg)

No. 961485

File: 1587265701072.jpeg (24.19 KB, 679x332, EVlQ4DRWkAAz9SO.jpeg)

No. 961490

File: 1587265956943.jpeg (26.6 KB, 1440x248, EVlQ4YwX0AEqahz.jpeg)

Last one. The "Leave me alone" was said right after one of her fans typed out a long message saying they support and want the best for her.

No. 961495

File: 1587266373897.jpg (45.58 KB, 640x640, ijnbysgn9hs41.jpg)

Mars Argo's new lyrics.
She also confirms they're lyrics here: https://marsargo.tumblr.com/post/615586956152356864/have-you-been-posting-new-lyrics-or-just-random
>have you been posting new lyrics or just random poems??? they’re amazing nonetheless


No. 961496

File: 1587266416746.jpg (30.66 KB, 640x419, s9382ip775t41.jpg)

No. 961498

File: 1587266466049.png (59.8 KB, 1322x352, b53kjonlkg2612.png)

No. 961499

File: 1587266621436.jpg (11.4 KB, 775x560, e8rqppyn39o41.jpg)

No. 961502

File: 1587266880557.png (239.67 KB, 960x1228, ca.png)

There might be a class action lawsuit against Poppy over people's money not being refunded with the closure of the "church".

No. 961504

File: 1587267279708.png (399.48 KB, 1206x1186, n48929jkbdg219.png)

This guy paid a shitload of money ($1000) on the church site to have Poppy make a custom video "for the greater good". He's still struggling to get his refund.

No. 961505

File: 1587267337793.png (376.73 KB, 1188x1108, hu4892iswui318913981.png)

My mistake, it was over $1000. Literally begging them.

No. 961506

File: 1587267375216.png (330.82 KB, 1202x1354, yi98428sknvj89301ncksj.png)

No. 961509

File: 1587267617556.png (43.29 KB, 540x302, EQjTFVuWAAEiyLp.png)

He even sent an apologetic "Please respond" message after being brushed off by her management.
He still doesn't place any blame on Poppy for this, by the way.

No. 961510

File: 1587267835126.png (265.3 KB, 958x1124, 402svnkjs0942092.png)

He got ghosted again, and then was hit with a cease and desist letter.

I got the $14k figure from the Edwin Generation's video detailing this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs_MsXho4Lo), but I can't find a secondary source for it.

No. 961516

File: 1587269117900.png (855.47 KB, 760x1520, EVl_1p-WAAEZpCq.png)

In other news, Chelsea got a tattoo of Corey's name. She's only two months into dating him and she's already making regret-worthy decisions.

No. 961518

Well if the old relationship tattoo cruse is to be believed she just doomed them bad

No. 961522

File: 1587269886933.png (1.05 MB, 1196x1074, seeds.png)

Poppy fans are fucking insane.

No. 961526

File: 1587270133003.png (298.6 KB, 1386x1232, jhb05208kiubui32131.png)

Same guy was also a regular on the church. A pedophile who faked his own death.
Apparently, there were a lot of pedos on that site (and within Poppy's fandom in general). Not the least bit surprising.

No. 961531

File: 1587271993996.png (102.71 KB, 1324x358, iygtfycv654545657tfcfg.png)

Extra, Poppy claiming to have PTSD.

No. 961584

She didn't claim to literally have ptsd, it looks like it was an exaggeration

No. 961733

that's the same as saying "I'm depressed" when you're feeling down for once, pretty sure she meant it figuratively.

No. 961746


how did this person prove that they're poppy on this discord? or are people just buying all this without any evidence that it's her?

No. 961829

She sent a photo of herself with her username and the date to the server moderators. Their bot also traced her invite link back to her twitter since she posted one for about an hour before deleting it.

No. 961843

Looks like she meant to say it's triggering which is believable but she seems p dumb

No. 961914

Oh. He surely attracts crazy (probably because he's crazy himself).

No. 962946

File: 1587485492507.jpeg (495.93 KB, 1125x2055, B186A25A-6B4F-4DD0-A424-7B2A63…)

There’s also been allegations that Titanic cheated poppy, theres a comment posted from him into his new girlfriends page the same day poppy unfollowed him.

No. 963099

No doubt that probably he did. His new gf kinda looks like Mars in this pic tho, he definitely has a type

No. 963252

File: 1587527050063.jpeg (765 KB, 1242x1536, A5D08458-B002-4324-A962-C66257…)

She tries too hard to be edgy nowadays

No. 963708

she wants to be grimes so badly she even developed an eating disorder to try to skinwalk her.

No. 963715

File: 1587594852171.png (1.36 MB, 1307x840, 147CE8E9-7A79-40D3-8DBB-7E1A55…)

Yes, I suppose she had to find someone else to copy now that she can’t copy Mars. Speaking of skin walking, Chelsea has known at the least Mars since 2015, there’s an old comment of hers that someone on reddit found on Mars Instagram. She apparently unliked and unfollowed her stuff when Poppy fans noticed. More than a little weird.

No. 963728

File: 1587596141136.jpg (65.36 KB, 450x676, tumblr_mdhx2jr2bh1rl83v4o1_500…)

She can only do things every girl on Tumblr did at least 4 years ago, and she never even does them well. It's sad.
This one is almost like she tried to blend early Creepyyeha lingerie/aesthetics with pic related.

No. 963798

File: 1587601715634.jpg (13.14 KB, 596x137, sure jan.jpg)

There was that one weekend Poppy and Nicole Dollanganger spent over at Grimes' new house and they tweeted about food, as if anyone was eating besides Claire's tagalong brother Mac.

No. 963891

I personally think she should have stuck to her plant based diet, having a organized diet even if its restricted is better for her eating disorder than eating any random thing.

Disclaimer I'm not a doctor and I understand sometimes the restriction worsens it

No. 963910

she's the opposite of sexy

No. 963924

Claire/Grimes literally admitted on video that she ate nothing but processed food and no actual veggies while she was vegetarian.

No. 964581

Titanic Sinclair released a new single titled, “Broken Boy.”

The song’s lyrics sounds like it’s him making himself out to be a victim.

Is he referring to his time with Poppy or his time with Mars or both?

Also, notice how the video length is close to 3:36.

No. 964606

Yes, I think that ones about the situation in general then on bandcamp he has one specifically about poppy called: viral kind of love.

From the beginning I knew this was all about you
You recognized me in the car
With the man you thought would take you far
From you

I was there from the start
When he molested your heart
You turned your attention to me
So I put you on a silver screen

I told you “Little girl, I know you’ll make it in this fucked up world”
She told me I was “too good” to gas myself in the desert like I thought I should

And then we made a viral kind of love
Until we spiraled from that famous drug
We made a viral kind of love
Until we spiraled from that famous drug

The happy years that we had only make me feel sad now
It feels like a dream
And people stuck in the past tore into us
With a venom that just wouldn’t leave

It poisoned you and it poisoned me
They poisoned themselves just like a Hollywood scene
And I knew
When you met him it was already through

But I can feel it in my bones, girl
The memory is far from leaving you
But now I know what it means to have a woman
Who finally loves me too

Because we made a viral kind of love
Until we spiraled from that famous drug
We made a viral kind of love
Until we spiraled from that famous drug

It was a virus living in our blood
It was a viral kind of love

He claims he’s changed but he’s doing all the same things he did when he split with Mars. Except these songs are more self pitying than the horrible stuff he wrote about mars.

No. 964626

I wanna see more of Brittany's music and I like her Mars Argo style (don't wanna call it a persona because it seems natural to her) but it's sad how the name is now associated with and maybe even defined by her relationship with Titanic. I wonder if she'll carry on under that name or rebrand herself. Best case scenario is that it isn't a painful reminder to her and she'll make music so good that the lawsuit and the abuse doesn't matter to the wider public.

so basically "sorry you're offended but here's all the reasons I'm right"
fuckin lol at calling himself a man after doing nothing to prove he's a changed person and singing in his whiny bitch voice.
>He claims he’s changed but he’s doing all the same things he did when he split with Mars. Except these songs are more self pitying than the horrible stuff he wrote about mars.
I think he's cunning enough to be doing that deliberately because he knows Poppy is too big with enough white knights to attack her 'safely'.

No. 964655

Yes, it’s a stark contrast to his leaking her old music and threatening to release 11gb of files of her on Instagram (just like he did MA, it now makes sense why she specifically asked for the termination of sensitive pics of herself in their settlement). I’m no poppy fan, but I like the Mixters even less. Remember when Alex shamed MA for drinking alcohol like it’s a big deal at all? Or claiming she drunk before shows cause she had stage fright? When there’s a radio interview where she says she doesn’t drink before shows cause of her vocal coach, and a vid where she rants about people scared to perform? And people accept on face value that everything Alex said is true despite plenty of proof that says he’s a bullshitter.

No. 964662

He seems to want to be famous and respected more than anything but jesus fuck, he just can't hear himself can he.

No. 964700

this is the most boring video i've ever seen and he's ugly af. i hope he just fades into oblivion and no one remembers his bullshit ass name in five years.

No. 964721

Great fucking songs, Broken Boy is inspired. Better than all that poppy shit and a more mature sound than what he had in Mars Argo.

No. 964837


Singing through that filter to make himself sound more feminine so soon after Porter Robinson released his two singles doing the same thing… is sus.

No. 964854

you deaf or something?

No. 964884

Processed animal products aren't any better either, but she seems to be eating again so the restriction being off is better for her

No. 965081

Dude what?

No. 965086

amen brother, cant wait to here the rest of his new stuff!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 965087

brother? You a guy or assuming you're replying to a guy or are you one guy replying to yourself?

No. 965091

God, even if ignoring everything else the lyrics sound like shit.

No. 965127

Titanics last two braincells talking to each other.

No. 965165

go circlejerk on twitter or learn to integrate scrote

No. 965255

Poppy is literally just a puppet for ugly white guys who does literally anything she can for attention. Her music is bland and basic, I truly don't understand how she got famous just for being a cockwarmer to some cringey midwestern beanpole.

No. 965307


lol is it just me or is that statue bust one misshapen as fuck too

No. 965603

>What’s real? It all depends
Nice gaslighting, Tits lmfao

No. 965610

not just men, women too!
when poppy met:
sam pepper - i'm a youtuber! look at me vlogging from my bath!! i'm so relatable with my taped up boots!
megan ryan - cutesy disney channel, twee pop
titantic- reiteration of mars argo project
Diplo- electro pop dance music
Marylin Manson- boom, now she's nu-metal and SUPER edgy
Ghostemane- dark hair, lingerie, guns and acting sexy, something shes NEVER DONE before

if you've see her youtube videos from when she first moved to LA (before the 'poppy eats cotton candy' video), you can tell she's a shy and honestly quite boring person. i think the only way she can be interesting is by playing a made up character and poaching styles and ideas from her close associates. its sad. she makes her art by stealing from other people. she's basically the richard prince of the music industry

No. 966284


Hivemind attacks two people who don't share the some opinion. "OH GO CIRCLE JERK SOMEWHERE ELSE" Don't you see the irony you god damned NPC?

No. 966308


Calling someone an NPC as a serious insult has to be the most embarrassing thing I’ve read all day. Try making your point in a more constructive way and understand when you come to a thread here specifically on poppy and titanic your talking to a lot of people who have already made up their mind. If you want to cream over Titanic he’d probably appreciate it more on his page.

No. 966336



"hey this is a circlejerk, not a place of discussion or information, I do like being part of a hivemind" NPC describes you to the dot, I'm not sure why you're whining. Just pathetic.(derailing, infighting, nonstop autismo posts about your boner for titanic sinclair)

No. 966404


we're here to laugh at cows, not talk about how much you like them and their music. which, even removing the aspect of corey's character, his music is objectively not great. learn to integrate.

No. 966499

According to the lyric website genius Tits new girlfriend directed his new music video. What a bizarre role reversal.

No. 966565

When he used to shoehorn himself into every project, you could tell he really wanted to be the one at center stage.
Chelsea has to learn to edit around his crippling lack of charisma since there's no helping that voice.

No. 969930

File: 1588791277474.jpeg (93.73 KB, 1242x653, EXV5_yFUYAAgf1m.jpeg)

Titty has leaked some photos of Poppy and a Pokemon theme song demo. She's now released the song on her channel. She also popped into her fan dicsord to say 'love you guys'

Pokemon cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTyELKw1DpI

No. 969931

Titanic also suspected of leaking this previously unreleased Poppy video featuring Grimes, presumably filmed in order to promote their collab Play Destroy

No. 969935

File: 1588792491557.webm (5.65 MB, 1920x1080, claire-b85N7UvdAHQ.webm)

Mirrored for when it's inevitably reported. Also holy shit that was some of the worst "acting" I've ever seen, on par with Kiki's horror movie.

No. 969937

This is the shit teenagers are into these days? What? That's major cringe.
Also lol at people thinking poppy didn't already have an eating disorder. I posted about her very obvious chipmunk cheeks in the previous thread. Maybe now shes gone full ana though.

I also have a very hard time pitying poppy, she doesn't take responsibility for any harm she did, if she even acknowledges it at all.

No. 969946

two grown women who still act like they are 15. yawn embarrassing.

No. 969948

dat editing

are the continuity errors supposed to be deliberate? ~ironically~ sloppy?

No. 969957

titanic is truly shit at directing and editing, it amazes the mind how he got even as pseudo-famous as he managed to. i think it's supposed to be "ironic" but it is not 2007 anymore

No. 970014

File: 1588799699045.png (1.69 MB, 1422x1366, Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 7.14…)

No. 970015

File: 1588799767035.png (1.9 MB, 1214x1160, Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 7.15…)

I think she looks fine, there's nothing really ''exposing'' about this. I can see how she's upset though, having someone post bad photos of you publicly is most people nightmare.(namefag)

No. 970037


where are these photos from?

anyway anyone who thinks this looks "bad" has never seen a woman without makeup before. i hate her music but come on…

No. 970046

i hate her but she's adorable, tits is such a petty freak. has he seen what he looks like without makeup?

No. 970069

File: 1588806503234.jpg (55.92 KB, 640x972, 6w0a2wg9w5x41.jpg)

Poppy's comments on Tits leaking things.
By "very personal demos", I think he's referring to him leaking her cover of the Pokemon theme song, but that seems pretty irrelevant.

No. 970070

File: 1588806534616.png (132.27 KB, 1176x752, Screenshot_2020-05-06_at_17.15…)

From her Twitter, but she deleted it.

No. 970074

Also, this is where the leaks came from: https://boards.4channel.org/mu/thread/94993884/is-grimes-better-than-poppy
Tits sure likes running to 4chan to post about his exes. He did something similar about Mars, too: http://archive.is/ouVIu
He admits in the second thread that he would've leaked her nudes and other content if she hadn't deleted them all, so I guess this is normal behavior for him.

No. 970083

Tits, Poppy, if you want to air each other's dirty laundry, you can always do it here. You know from experience that DMCA claims or legal threats won't wipe anything from this site, kek >>>/snow/385849

No. 970100

hell, with makeup he looks like a 45 year old rodent
those good Mixter genes

No. 970167

Titanic is such a fucking freak. Poppy’s pretty and honestly right here she just looks tired and I imagine she was, constantly carrying around that emotional leech man child.

No. 970890

File: 1588953386661.jpeg (149.92 KB, 828x1792, EXgQRcjXYAINoO3.jpeg)

Chelsea went blonde, because of course she did.

No. 970894

So now Poppy gets to experience what she helped Tits put Mars through. Fun!

No. 970924

geez she looks like a normal tired girl/woman. Her skin is actually really nice without make-up.

Titanic probably doesn't realize that leaking these photo's because "Look how ugly she looks without make-up, she shouldn't be seen without it" is basically telling all of his female followers that they're ugly without make-up aswell. Because this is how a normal woman looks without make-up.

No. 970925

What are these "personal demos"? Is there more?

No. 970932

File: 1588958783087.webm (1.09 MB, Poppy - Pokemon Theme Song (Sh…)

I'm down for this. Tits is obviously the worst, but Poppy has been a major asshole too. Reap what you sow

I saved the one I found

No. 970959

but this is on her channel
or did she upload it after it was leaked?

No. 971025

Yeah, it's hard for me to feel bad for her given that she was his doll to bully Mars through for years. Tits is still definitely the worst and I do hope it eats him up inside seeing Poppy take everything he's worked for and go on without him, in the end he deserves the worst of it.

It is funny to see how much she's bruised his ego. Resorting to leaking pics of her without makeup or with her natural roots slightly grown out? kek. It seems so desperate and pathetic. I hope Chelsea enjoys being Mars ver 3.0

No. 971039


It’s just embarrassing at this point. Like, sure, nobody owns copyright on blonde hair but you think with the connotations it has to your boyfriend you’d hold off for at least a little bit. Like a year even. Not days after he’s leaked stuff from his ex. I’m not even a poppy fan but I hope she succeeds if only to rub it in his face. It’s actually wild how he has fans defending him while he does all the exact same things all over again.

No. 971049

I wonder how long it will take until she's in a heinous blond wig because her real hair is breaking off from all the bleach?

No. 971261

I wonder what he had to tell her to made her go along with it? Three times in a row isn't a coincidence, surely she must know she's just bleach blonde clone #3. Maybe he promised her fame.

Just wait and watch and they'll start uploading video's and music

No. 971342

This is definitely a clout situation she willingly jumped into. Hope it lives up to her dreams.

No. 972319

if you scroll down her timeline on ig she's been light and platinum blonde before multiple times though.

No. 972402

ok but the fact that she went back to blonde as soon as she started dating corey is sus, especially with the connotations.

No. 972518

I mean, they've been dating for months so thats not it. Maybe he likes blonde girls, plenty of girls dye their hair to suit their partner's preferences. But, it is odd that she chose to bleach it RIGHT around the time Corey sperged on 4chan.
could be she bleached it bc she just wanted to and triggered him to go and be a cunt on 4chan

No. 972758

that's the 'sperging out' people've been talking about? Literally two pics of her without make-up (which are honestly fine) with no further relevant text, that's it. This is so boring and tame for Titanic's doing.

No. 972774

Pictures, a video with grimes and her singing the pokemon theme song. Since she’s trying to be seen as hardcore these days I think he’s trying to ruin her image and probably send a message to her more than anything. He said on insta and Twitter that he had 11gb of files ready to expose of her, she also stated he’s been using those files to try and extort money from her. Both him and her have said that he isn’t loaded. Besides if that’s not enough he pulled this shit on Mars on 4chan.

No. 972805

Were those posts deleted then?

I get Poppy didn't want those things leaked but the content itself is literally just boring content. You don't ruin her current 'hardcore' image by leaking more of the same old content she did previously.

But you're probably right on the it's a message to her thing.

No. 972904

>Both him and her have said that he isn’t loaded.
I honestly think he's broke right now. Poppy stans found out that he went directly back to his parents after he and Poppy broke up on tour, and he lived there until he moved in with Chelsea very recently. He's still unemployed and presumably living off of Chelsea's wages, as she has multiple jobs according to her Instagram. If he's trying to extort Poppy for money, it could be because he has no money. Would make sense as he talked about being poor and broke in various Mars Argo videos (delete your facebook, etc.) and it seemed like the Poppy project was his main source of income.

No. 973089


Makes me wonder what he wasted all his poppy paycheques on considering how much he used to brag about being paid ‘way too much to do whatever he wants’ since both have confirmed he’s broke. Unless he was peacocking that whole time to come off as being more rich and successful than he really is. Like, I get the impression Poppy must have got some money out of this, so why is he broke?

No. 973147

male gold diggers are the most pathetic

No. 973180

He probably spent all the money back into the project. Poppy’s costumes were often rare, sought out clothes from popular brands or custom clothing. Nothing about That Poppy was cheap looking.

No. 973301

File: 1589366799278.jpeg (623.96 KB, 828x818, 73E0F677-65F3-42FB-818A-93CE43…)

> Nothing about That Poppy was cheap looking.
I’m a Poppy stan, but let’s not act like she didn’t have tragic wigs for a good while.

No. 973369

yea but LOOK at that outfit. it's clearly some designer shit

if titanic is broke its because he's shit with managing his money, like he always has been

No. 973374

at the end of the day, if titanic really is as broke as he claims to be, its because he keeps pursuing a career in la and it's not working out for him but he won't quit

after all his hard work he's ended up being famous for abusing women and…..being mean to people on twitter. time to pursue a new career mate

No. 973444

it worked out with poppy he just screwed it up for himself

I won't be surprised if we're going to see new performance art video's and/or music from him and beach blonde baby 3 soon.

No. 973839

>it's clearly some designer shit
The negligee looks like something you'd find on Ebay or Etsy for a modest price by searching "70s peignoir negligee retro, and the dress or top underneath looks like something you can buy from an elderly/plus size clothing store for $15.
It's even more tragic if that is actually expensive and designer. She looks like she's cosplaying as a rotten salad, the two of them have no taste whatsoever.

No. 973984

I don't know about this outfit specifically a lot of it was definitely designer. There is/was an instagram account (I don't remember the handle) that searched for her outfits and lot of it was indeed designer/exclusive brands and labels. Very expensive.

No. 974001

samefag, but found it: @poppyscloset_

No. 974252

If he contributed half as much to the musical content as he claims he did he should be getting something in royalties as a songwriter. But either way he's going to have to move on from the Poppy project and figure out something else for himself, he can't hang off of his current girlfriends creative endeavors for eternity.

No. 974322

this is hilarious. i know ymmv but i've heard a lot of men say they prefer women without makeup so of course tits is the opposite. who tf dates someone they don't find attractive anyway? i'm sure for him it was all about finding someone he could mold into his mars sequel but it sure does say a lot about him. i don't feel bad for moriah because she contributed to a lot of the bullying of mars and even tried to cast doubt on her story. but she's obviously been abused too and it's almost sad.

it's possible the designer pieces were either found in a consignment shop or borrowed from the designer. i wouldn't be surprised if tits had connections to weasel some of those pieces for their project especially once poppy started gaining momentum. they had collabs with popular brands so that probably helped quite a bit too. or they did one of those rent the runway/the real real type deals.

you'd be surprised. narcs never let shit go. he will hang onto this forever. he won't receive profit from it but he's going to continue to claim it as his own and give himself asspats for it. he'll find some way to benefit financially since he has supporters for some reason. it won't be quite the poppy money he had but he'll find a way to survive because he's like a damn cockroach.

No. 978965

She's already convinced that people care about her mediocre makeup tutorials

No. 979103


Her and poppy releasing weird make up tutorials at the same time is a bit of a laugh, almost ironic. Hopefully Chelsea and Titanic fade back into obscurity and he can work in actually changing and not just pretending to.

No. 979114

File: 1590459242296.png (939.69 KB, 978x650, chel.png)

She would be so much better looking without those almost pnp tier plastic lips. I'll never understand why cows think this looks good.

No. 979131

i thought this was kylie jenner…i mean chelsea would probably take that as a compliment anyway.

No. 979192

File: 1590483697175.jpg (168.59 KB, 1632x1632, 1501237_882679511748337_890762…)

This is her old profile. She has a pretty small head and over the years she has been getting her lips bigger and bigger, it looks so out of proportion.

No. 979238

That neck shoop tho, kek. All she managed to do is make her eyes look smaller, and her chin look weaker with those overfilled lips. She doesn't look far off from developing that awful toothless granny look that pnp has from botched lip fillers.

No. 979252


Really hoping the neck thing is bad photoshop otherwise I’m not sure how it’s holding her head up.

No. 979334

kind of sad she feels the need to go for fish lips when she's clearly attractive. maybe I just don't get the aesthetic.

No. 981970

File: 1591021605725.jpeg (943.45 KB, 1125x1922, D1643ADB-11E1-44B2-A633-A38F0A…)

Poppy made a statement on reddit.

No. 982043

I mean, what does she expect with the sort of content she makes?
If she's so mad about people making theories, she should set the record straight, or get out of the limelight so no one will speculate on her.
Video from Tits on police brutality. Remember, this is the guy she worked with for years.

No. 982058

She keeps saying "you don't know me" as if her actions don't speak for themselves? She's trying too hard.

No. 982461

what's the context?

No. 982599


People assuming she’s a Trump supporter.

No. 982624


Lol Poppy’s family is of Brazilian descent (her actual name is Moriah Pereira) her being a trump supporter wouldnt even make sense, unless she wants to get her relatives deported.

Tits and his brother are bad even at coming up with rumors to trash her.

No. 982661

nta, but there are plenty of immigrants who support Trump. Just saying.

No. 982665

President Bolsonaro says olá

No. 982681


if you look up public voter records in California and type out her government name, it shows that she registered as Republican and voted for Trump in 2016.

No. 982692

this is the most wild accusation ever. if all non-whites voted for hillary then trumb wouldn't have won, but there was a substantial amount of POC who did vote for him. with her lack of action and fear/hesitation to set record straight is just proof of what everyone is implying. if what >>982681 says is true then that's proof she still believes in what she voted for to this day.

No. 982696

To be fair, Cali's records only show party affiliation. Not the actual votes.

No. 982701

there are multiple people named moriah pereira in ca, & some websites apparently say she's not registered with a party, so idk. wouldn't be surprised if she actually is a republican, tho.
this doesn't make any sense lol. plenty of poc support trump.

No. 982712

she and corey have such nasty attitudes. these idiots think they can throw fits like charismatic figures such as kanye or mariah carey do. the public isn’t going to tolerate talentless brats with the personality of a corn chip for long. their 15 minutes is about to run out

No. 983299

File: 1591297137394.png (144.77 KB, 556x354, screenshot.png)

moriah's not a republican. in the description of her latest youtube video she says she hates the president, and there are photos of her at blm protests. it's obvious alex just made it up.

No. 983559

File: 1591332165974.png (583.63 KB, 1294x603, bootygurupoppy.png)

Poppy is a beauty guru now. She doesn't apply the makeup herself, it's done by an MUA named Jem. I guess at least the videos aren't 28 minutes long?

No. 983567


No. 983575

anon those are curves

No. 983609

I doubt he entirely made it up, especially since she was registered as one. She's probably been one, hardened in part due to Corey's influence, but I've seen quite a few right-wingers decry recent events in a rare change of heart, and she most likely knows it's basically career suicide for anyone famous right now to stay silent on this topic (especially when she's already been branded a Trump supporter).

No. 983640

I feel bad dragging Moriah now but oh my god. No wonder she always wore the wig. Her hairline is so tragic.

No. 983642

File: 1591350278826.jpg (119.41 KB, 978x432, edges are LAID.jpg)

All I did was remove her edges but DAMN

No. 983646

File: 1591356130256.jpg (79.77 KB, 652x1084, 99b48c688ca6e895549b5d01115b62…)

Some new inspo for her. At least it'd be unique.

No. 983670

Mfw you're a white girl who creates imaginary baby hair in order to paste 'em down and cover your traction alopecia

She should make a "Why I quit wearing wigs" tell-all.

No. 983709

Poppy released a cover of "all the things she said" by T.A.T.U and it's sad seeing all the people in her comments thinking it's her song.

She should have never worn blonde lace front wigs if this is how it woulda turned out.

No. 983749

>t.a.t.u.'s biggest song
>poppy's song

Zoomers are the worst.

No. 983982

She also said it was a tribute to lgbt when it’s a factory made song by some dude and one of the singers who’s not really gay and hates gay people. Ok “totally not republican and gay” poppy…

No. 984011

Tbh her make-up "tutorials" don't serve its purpose. One, the distorted voice that mentions her products is inaudible. Second, her lighting is totally not for a make up video–I can't see the real color of what she puts on. Are her make up videos only for aesthetics purposes? If so, I don't see the success of it.

No. 984062

weren't the tatu girls fake-gay for publicity? that's her tribute? I don't give a crap either way but it's kind of ironic

I think zoomers can be forgiven for not knowing just another shitty popsong that was released when/before they were born

I'm pretty sure they're just for aeshetics purposes like you said. I think it's just to keep her youtube channel going with more than just music like when she was working with Titanic.

No. 984083


It’s funny how her new videos are everything she was making fun of before with Titanic, he’s probably spinning somewhere livid that she’s sabotaged their old brand so much. Her new stuff still isn’t that genuine.


Not sure why everyone cares so much what her political affiliation is, she’s still the same person either way- whether you think she’s a good person or not.


Those wigs really done her dirty, her hairlines gone the way of jojo siwa.

No. 984396

It rubs me the wrong way how her wording is so clearly looking down on Alex. I know he's not the greatest, but neither is she. Poppy just seems like a narcissist to me. Guess most fame-hungry people are.

No. 984448

She really has that ugly personality. She looks down on people. Remember her throwing jabs on Mars Argo on her "desperate grab for fame," and saying not everyone can make it to hollywood. I swear her arrogance makes up for her tiny voice. If not for her connections on semifamous people, she's just a normie indie singer. Titanic maybe a little nuts, but c'mon, if not for him she won't get the attention she still enjoys until now. I belive Titanic was also the brain for her metal image now (which I think was also inspired by Mars Argo's obsession for Japan, and her supposedly released dark/heavy pop song Mama). Her transition was X and Scary Mask, and Titanic was heavily involved with it. Oh well, at least Titanic got what he deserved in a form of an arrogant pop star he made.

No. 984489


Yes her narrative is pretty funny proclaiming to be directly involved with the creative direction yet somehow not responsible or exonerated from torturing Mars. Now that Titanic is gone she has released x2 cover songs like before she met him and basic make up tutorials instead of shallow commentary videos.

Mars has been posting some good lyrics to her tumblr. She had a tumblr for her guppy group ages ago that hinted she was going to do that sort of baby metal style.

No. 984496

>a little nuts
Kek. I agree Poppy is over without Tits unless she finds another daddy to run her career for her. I'm laughing so hard at Poppy stans believing I Disagree is a proof she is capable of being a solo artist.

No. 984522

They can both be terrible people, anon. Alex thinking this whole thing was his claim to fame and deciding to pop up on every callout channel without taking a shower or having anything coherent to say was pretty hilarious.

No. 984616

He did the same with Mars. She comes from a wealthy family, they funded the Mars Argo project. I doubt Tits has ever worked so hes got a pattern of leaching off his girlfriends.

No. 984642


Alex comes on these interviews with zero evidence, shit talks MA for drinking alcohol with her friends (lol wtf?) and drama channels lap it up. Like that Edwin tosser who has been licking around the Mixters and giving softball interviews with no real evidence in hopes of (I’m guessing) scoring an interview with Corey to boost his YouTube career. Doesn’t matter if he helps perpetuate more lies as long as he gets a scoop. I reckon that’s why he’s going hard on Poppy at the moment since he knows he’s never getting one from her. If she showed interest his tune would soon change.


Yes, he was happy enough mooching off them until he was cut off then suddenly he has an issue with her being a ‘trust fund baby.’ He’s a scumbag, but very talented at the poor me act.

No. 984683

File: 1591575337952.jpg (114.29 KB, 750x1334, DlVGab-Z.jpg)

alex apparently told poppy stans that she had an abortion during the bb era??

No. 984691


Jesus christ if that’s true that’s such a personal thing to put out. If it’s false then what is he hoping to achieve by saying that?? Unless he’s a pro lifer who thinks that makes her bad somehow. Either way Alex is a prick. All the legitimate angles he could come at her for and that’s what he chooses?

No. 984764

Funny, he tried to come at her for "publicizing Corey's suicide attempt" (even though he literally told fans), but then he (allegedly) publicizes her having had an abortion.

No. 984820

there's literally no grounded reason to believe this bs

No. 988831

Please, Moriah is obviously only doing this to stay relevant. People are getting canceled for not saying anything about BLM, it's her "duty" as an influencer.

Even if it is genuine there are plenty of centrist Republican types who are protesting. Most right-wingers are post-Trump anyway (see Ann Coulter, she's been telling people to vote Democrat for a while now because she wants the Republican Party destroyed).

There is absolutely no stigma against leftism in her industry, don't you think she would have spoken up about her views sooner. She is a Brazilian-American from MA, she definitely grew up Republican and I doubt she would deviate that far, no one really does.

Given what we know (I’m not even considering Alex's shit-stirring), she's possibly a slightly homophobic, apathetic conservative with a strong belief in hierarchy. I could care less about her political views but the image she projects is totally disingenuous and she always just conforms to whatever benefits her at the moment.

No. 988832

This. I find it hard to take the stans or Alex seriously.

No. 989238

>I doubt she would deviate that far, no one really does.
not trying to self-post but changing parties can happen over time. i was raised as a republican in a republican area and registered as so, later moved to a liberal haven, changed my views and have yet to change my registered party affiliation. i am definitely not the only one who has. she probably won't speak on it because even saying you changed political parties will incite pitchforks that you were ever a republican to begin with.
and i can see why she's a republican because lots of immigrants (including brazilians) hate anything remotely left-wing and think well of capitalism with democracy (aside from america's many, many faults).

No. 989239

*why her family would be republican, i mean.
republicans are not protesting for BLM, believe me.

No. 989251

yea she might of been an idiot and voted trump the first time, realized what a fuck twit he was by now, and changed. I know a lot of republicans who are like that now, or straight up aren't republicans anymore. I don't think that specifically means anything towards her, I think that her being an egotistical, mudslinging bitch towards mars and the obviously extreme narcissism should mean more lol.

No. 989383

(Sorry for the essay-length)

I mean statistically. It's incredibly rare to switch, even over the course of decades. Your case is pretty exceptional and just one example. I could give you anecdotes of conservatives who have moved to liberal areas and became MORE conservative because they are constantly confronted with the other side and have to develop stronger justifications, but that also doesn't say anything about Poppy. I am not claiming with certainty that she is right-wing, but Poppy has always seemed like a very headstrong person and not open about her views, which is rare in Hollywood.

I also have no evidence of her family being Republicans, I think I read it in the old thread and it was believable since there are a lot of Latinos (especially "white-presenting"), such as, Cubans, Brazilians and other South Americans, that tend to be right-leaning/small government due to their unique socio-political backgrounds.

You are absolutely right her actions should speak louder to how shitty she is as a person rather than her speculative political beliefs, but I still think it gives us insight into her.

If Poppy is an egotist or a narcissist, why would she ever be open to change (other than for public image). Just because your political affiliation changed doesn't mean your core values changed. Not to turn this into a politics discussion, but I wouldn't call anyone an idiot for voting Trump, at the time he presented himself completely differently. He's held up to zero of his promises, actually he did a 180 on most issues but his dumb rhetoric and optics would make you think otherwise. Basically, conservative-Trump unity is a thing of the past unless you are talking to Q-Anon boomers.

No. 989543

I don’t think her protesting photos are set up for publicity, it here are many more easy obvious and overt ways she could have shown support. The picture doesn’t make it obvious it’s her at all. Personally the politics and what she supports is a pretty moot point in the grander scheme of things. Considering her complicity with regards to Titanic, lying in her first statement defending him then waiting a few days before her new album to come out against him, her videos directly mocking mars (remember the stay away video? Or the one with the coded ‘fuck you bitch’ message?) Not to mention her lying about her ex boyfriend and his court case which had nothing to do with MA. If she’s a scumbag it’s nothing to do with who she votes for, it’s a bit of a strawman argument. And yes, Titanic is still a prick too.

No. 989594

i know republicans who voted trump and have gone to protests, it a minority of them but still. plenty of ideological reasons to support defunding police as a libertarian & honestly some white women are doing it because out of the perceived "social pressure". BLM unfortunately has been reduced to a corporate platitude in a lot of people's eyes, just like how Pride™ became corporate.

No. 991776

File: 1592857793042.jpg (49.85 KB, 587x704, poppymars.jpg)

Poppy's soundcloud, promoting Mars?

No. 991786

File: 1592858890140.jpeg (540.98 KB, 1125x1491, 29DEC5DF-6B9F-4EDA-BB59-C83CBB…)


Beat me to it, she might be hacked cause she also commented ‘my inspiration’ which I can’t see being from her. Great if it is, really funny if it isn’t.

No. 991808

File: 1592861096901.jpeg (218.4 KB, 1125x1895, 1E866323-481C-42AD-9AD6-0BEF2E…)

Definitely hacked

No. 993934

So Titanic released a new song, called "Scorpio." It seems like it's dedicated to Chelsea.

Several people in the comments have pointed out that it sounds just like My Smile Is Extinct by Kane Strang. The fact that he's still ripping off songs today is yet more proof that he was never the one pulling the weight in his work with Poppy and Mars.

No. 993996

Lmao, this is what he'd have Brittany singing if she was still in his life. It's so palpable.
>Put a gun to my head
>Because I like it rough
>Everyone’s a little crazy when they fall in love
He really tried to recreate "Using You" and its theme of self-destructive/crazy love. This is the kind of music that people can only fall in love with if a cute girl is singing it.
He knows that, but I guess he's given up. That, or he's waiting to establish new, fresh ground so when he has Chelsea sing his shit, no one will believe she's creating anything.

No. 994157

File: 1593048483715.jpeg (583.84 KB, 1125x1109, D3DB646C-EB36-4CA4-80F2-E24D98…)

I really wish he’d hurry up and fade into obscurity, photos where he’s smiling just come across as him trying to imitate what actual humans are like. The timings weird with Poppy’s soundcloud hack and his music release, I didn’t have it pegged as him but the timing is fucky.

No. 994914

File: 1593090499173.png (41.71 KB, 1203x44, Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 14.0…)

I was curious so I checked what his tags where for the new song in the pages source code and he drops poppys name in it to leach onto her in the algorithm. While hes trash talking her and leaking her private stuff. Just thought it was a funny thing to note.

No. 1003782

Mars's SoundCloud is down now too. Would it be too much of a stretch to think Titty logged into both?

No. 1004588

File: 1594270779394.png (2.61 MB, 1125x2436, 70D4F564-E80F-44B9-9A62-C9B806…)


No. 1004623

Are they getting married now? Imagine getting married while being on your eDgY phase.

No. 1004625

I used to do my nails like that in middle school

No. 1004677

Maybe her and Titanic could have a joint wedding.

No. 1004777

Are those… toes on the left? Or some serious clubbed finger fuckery.

No. 1005081

File: 1594381853907.jpeg (150.98 KB, 1125x655, B70B7F96-5400-4DA5-9371-D446E3…)


Looks like your right

No. 1005135

They look like normal, albeit slightly stubby fingers. Calm down, nitpick-chan

No. 1005266

it's just a generic sparkly nailpolish

How long have they been together?

I saw that ring on stories before, and I didn't realize the tagged handle was GhosteMane. I thought it was merch or something, the ring looks kind of tacky.

No. 1005386

>How long have they been together?
Around 10 months I think.

No. 1005387


Less than a year unless you believe Alex who says they’ve been together aince before her break up with Titanic. Also I’ve heard people say Tit is also engaged to his new girl??

No. 1005389

File: 1594431848016.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x2229, 519AC239-48C7-438C-A3D2-4493D3…)

Off topic but look at the summary for Poppy’s new comic ‘Poppy’s Inferno’, but heavy handed metaphors there about her Titanic and Mars situation.

No. 1005558

yeah, before i enlarged the photo i was completely expecting it to be tits' new girl's post. i definitely could see him proposing to her soon too, though, he's obviously creepily intense so

No. 1010966

File: 1595401227209.jpg (15.55 KB, 644x134, byevegan.jpg)

Guess veganism is over.

No. 1011078

I feel like everything about her is fraudulent, like a skinny dasha. Fake vegan, fake bi, fake “not republican” I don’t like titanic either, she just seems like such a flip flop

No. 1011276


She’s like most artists these days, pandering to the kids for $$$$$ by adopting whatever the popular thing is.

No. 1011979

That’s just who she is, hopping on whatever’s cool. Remember when indie music was cool back in early 2010s? She released the same type of music with her fakeass indie voice.

No. 1016045

File: 1596367168919.jpeg (32.69 KB, 1024x190, 6BF4D6C5-17E9-4934-9C35-11086D…)

Seen this floating about the place, people are claiming it was Titanic. Not sure how much a believe that though? He has done it in the past though.

No. 1016387

I was watching a video, cant remember who it was by and it was when they first broke up. It claimed that Titanic had a history of posting stuff like that on 4chan and that was where he originally tried to leak the "no makeup" pics that Poppy posted with the long drawn out story about how she was posting them before he did or whatever.

No. 1016651


Yeah, the pictures where definitely him. This post though reads like a super villain monologue, it’s funny. We’ll see if anything happens over the next few weeks though.

No. 1019886

File: 1596914311452.jpg (357.34 KB, 1864x3264, 75aeraxuktf51.jpg)

More 4chan screenshots from reddit. Notice the "me" slip up in the second last sentence.

Link to the thread: https://archive.is/WtISI

No. 1019909

>Give her a guitar or keyboard and ask her to play any of "her" songs.
Didn't he say the same thing about Mars? For someone who spergs so hard about his "creativity", he seems to have none. Really drives the point home that he has trouble seeing people as humans instead of weird little tools to stroke his ego, or feed him attention when he's playing the "broken depressed boy".
I don't like Poppy at all, but Corey's definitely the main shitheap in all this.

No. 1019984

Agree, crazy ego for someone so ragey and attention starved

Likewise I think he’s got trouble grasping the concept of collaboration. A project with two or more people involved equals a community partnership. Poppy pulled her weight, shitty sense of morals notwithstanding. He’s having a hard time getting his solo work up on the radar for a reason. The stuff he’s been putting out would’ve received even less attention as is if it weren’t for his past COLLABS

No. 1019997

i still find it funny that people on twitter loooooove and adore poppy and think she can do no wrong despite the fact that all the writing in the wall is there that she too, is a shitty person.

not defending tits btw, hes worse for sure, but i think >>1011078 was right in calling poppy a skinny dasha. she willingly dates these psychotic weird edgy men and uses them for notoreity. the weird off-beat republicanism, the fake veganism, constant style switching w no sense of identity (and btw the grimes skinwalking/larp after meeting her)

had she not had a court case that just automatically deemed tits the villain people would be so much more pressed on all of her passive aggressive and woman-hating bullshit

No. 1020002

Don't know which part of Twitter you're on because a lot of people are skeptical of her and she always gets a few people in her replies calling her out. The only people who act like she's a saint are obsessive stans.

No. 1020101


If it’s him why does he feel like slandering her on 4chan? It’s really pathetic. Plus he acts as though because they worked together she’s not allowed to go on her own and have a career without him. This is his karma, getting cheated on like he cheated on Mars and his work stolen with no credit attributed to him like he did to her.

No. 1020105


Lol yeah and it turned out to be a huge lie too considering she plays piano on multiple songs and his own brother admitted it.

No. 1020243

Is it a slip up or a very deliberate "slip-up" from a troll? If it's him I'd rather see him leak something interesting instead of bashing her for a paragraph, boring. Everyone knows he holds a grudge against her. Give us the good milk, Titanic.

No. 1020708

> Is it a slip up or a very deliberate "slip-up" from a troll?
I thought he wrote it because it sounds a lot like him (general sperging, use of the word "moron") and he's known to use 4chan anyway. But the "me" thing does seem like a weird mistake if it was actually him writing it

No. 1025414

File: 1597792948174.png (453.33 KB, 612x609, EdBDPS2U4AABboI.png)

I'd say so.

He an abuser and pedo?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1025424

If this is a self post you literally look 14 you should go back to your Roblox forum

No. 1025461

>8k Twitter followers, but almost no engagement on her posts
>photoshopped herself into multiple pictures with Titanic Sinclair
>copied an entire video
Girl, this is cringe.

No. 1025506



Superfan, possibly…

Found a weird pinterest with pins of Mars, lots of glam rock stuff, and in particular, an openly gay rock artist named "Jobriath".

For such a young teen supposedly anti-lgtb activist, a little weird choice of things to be a fan of.

No. 1025507


This one.

No. 1025508

No. 1025648


You should consider dropping the embarrassing super-fan copycat act and do something original, especially since the actual story involved real life abuse. Not sure making light of that is how you want people to know your name.

No. 1025655

Cringe Panda also hardcore skinwalked barbara4u2c from the tradthot thread. She made a video about it. Panda is an up-and-coming cow for sure.

No. 1025673

File: 1597841615225.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.44 KB, 720x1000, 20200819_145236.jpg)

That basic bitch type of a kid seems like nothing but a pickme shuwu troll to me. Her account is filled with badcalling women, saying that white privilege doesnt exist and etc. Screenshot related is her unnecessarily calling a obese in underwear woman a whale. Like what was the point in that?

If you scroll cringe panda on twitter by yourself you will see nothing but her trying to be "not like the other gurlz rawr" pickme and her talking shit about any random woman.

No. 1025675

Funny how Brittany Venti commented on this womans pic, shaming her too lol

No. 1025696

She's alt right pedo bait. It's obvious her parents are writing her scripts, she struggles to pronounce words and reads off cue cards. It's cringe as fuck but also super depressing.
Her obsession with titanic/mars doesn't fit her image. Maybe it's a rebellion against her parents

No. 1025706

That's a France Gall song. She was also a very young woman manipulated into a more sexual career than she was hoping for by a Svengali type man.


No. 1026295

Stop derailing the thread by giving this wig walker attention.

No. 1028735

File: 1598395694353.jpeg (198.35 KB, 808x1107, EB0E046C-8DC3-4621-959E-DDA300…)

No. 1028736

File: 1598395789687.jpeg (219.69 KB, 808x1103, E834941E-EBCB-419E-8FB7-5C8921…)

This was posted to reddit, either titanic or another bored poppy fan pretending to be him.

No. 1028851

File: 1598404436496.jpg (75.4 KB, 506x733, 1.jpg)

More comments from the thread. If this is a troll, they're hilarious tbh.

No. 1028852

File: 1598404458709.jpg (160.56 KB, 828x1370, 3.jpg)

No. 1028854

File: 1598404546381.jpg (38.74 KB, 828x504, 4.jpg)

No. 1028855

File: 1598404622185.jpg (175.78 KB, 828x1343, 2.jpg)

Also, OP deleted their account after they were getting backlash, which makes it seem more likely to be Titty imo.

No. 1028891

Whoever posted it, I'm sure they read that advice thread allegedly posted by Grimes and wanted to feel special, kek. They're so fucking late.
I'm glad he's getting blown the fuck out in the Reddit thread, though.
Also, who really gives a fuck if Poppy cheated? Even if you're the kind of person who cares, Corey is a cheater himself. His old text messages with Brittany about what he did leaked a long time ago.

No. 1029384

File: 1598492582346.jpg (193.24 KB, 1242x981, EgY4L3CXkAACQBT.jpg)

It's sad how much she wants to be Mars.

No. 1029400

Holy shit yikes you’re not kidding.

When I scrolled by I thought it was an old photo of him and Mars but nope

No. 1029435

Anyone who thinks this is Tits is a fucking idiot. It hint too strongly at things that make him look too much like the villain, points out the age gap and underage contact, emphasizes classic abuse tactics like making her feel not pretty enough, reading her texts and so on. It's too heavy-handed and transparent. He also wouldn't post things that make him sound more pathetic like that he's too broke to get a lawyer. If it was Tits posting, he'd say something like how this fraud was piggybacking off the success he made for his ex-gf, completely turned herself into his type to manipulate him into dating and promoting her, has now subculture-hopped onto the next trend to leech off another celebrity and so on. I'd wager this was posted by a farmer, similar threads have been made about Onision in places like /r/legaladvice. It also sounds kind of feminine in the choices of words and slang. Fake and gay

No. 1029476

File: 1598522090078.jpeg (601.54 KB, 2048x2048, CF4B22BA-07C2-46BF-B0C6-DA1170…)


Its super creepy.

No. 1029481

Their styles are so different, too. This person would have more success trying to copy Marilyn Monroe or some other basic bitch.

No. 1029517

What about this makes you think she's such a Mars-wannabe? She looks like she did before she even met Titanic and the picture is probably his idea. She also looks or dresses nothing like Mars besides the hair which again she had before they met.

No. 1029540


It’s true Mars doesn’t own blonde hair etc but when, for the second time in a row you can draw parallels between Titanics girlfriend and his ex it becomes a pattern, which warrants at least a little scepticism. We’ll see what their new project is but I’m not going to be shocked if the new girl starts getting more involved. Titanics shown time and again that he isn’t actually sorry or understands what he has done so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’ll continue on. It’s pretty clear he never got over Brittany, otherwise he wouldn’t continually try to relive their relationship.

No. 1029568

I dunno, newfag here and im not really seeing it. Laying on a bed in a black dress while being blonde isnt unique? The hair, dress, shoes, socks, are all different styles between the two pics - top pic looks like 2010 tumblr kinderwhore with the chunky shoes and pleated schoolgirl dress with a collar, bottom one looks like a current e-thot in a tight fitting dress?

No. 1029582

It's sad how much he wants her to be Mars.
Tinfoil that he's promised this nobody a Poppy-esque "career" because of his "talent" and "money" and "connections"… If she just dresses and looks a certain way, which happens to be exactly like his last 2 girlfriends, success is right around the corner. The fact that she naturally looks like Mars and Poppy's puffy-lipped lovechild is probably why they're together. He's crazy.

No. 1029592


kid, please get off the internet. you're going to make a huge mistake.

No. 1029999


Agreed and on its own no, but the fact he has already had a lawsuit against him for doing this exact thing to Mars in the past is what makes it more than a little suspicious.


Yeah, I think he does, he comes across as being a little obsessed. Or maybe he is just doing this cause he knows it will get him attention again even if it’s bad attention, who knows.

No. 1030110

File: 1598637054970.jpg (409.79 KB, 1071x1866, 7645321.jpg)

She got long hair now. Imo this establishes it for me that she doesn't want to look like Mars. Their aesthetics are nothing alike.

>he wants her to be Mars.

this could still be right though.

I like the long wavy hair on her btw.

No. 1030128

The long, wavy hair reminds me of Poppy’s older videos before her wigs became awful. I think Tit wants Chelsea to be his Mars/Poppy replacement, I wouldn’t say she copied if I saw her out of context but considering Tits’ pattern of dating similar looking girls, it’s obvious what he’s trying to do.

No. 1034673

File: 1599451869310.jpg (660.15 KB, 2444x2148, tits_gf_chart.jpg)

I made a chart of tits' girlfriends. hmm…

No. 1034716

This looks little like a real person and more what an AI would generate after being fed the most popular instagram pictures.

All these bitches start to look exactly the same cause they get the same procedures, wear the same style of make-up, use the same filters and photoshop the same way. Like a blonde Kardashian.

No. 1034841

Both Brittany and Chelsea are holding wine glasses. Probably a coincidence but still interesting…

No. 1034854

they just happened to be drinking wine retard

No. 1034855

omfg super creepy……….. not

this is a super normal pose everyone does… omfg she has a bed too and a black dress omfg stop sperging no milk pulltard

No. 1034866

yeah.. like the wine glasses Corey smashed when he broke into Mars' house?

No. 1034871

as if it isn't a fact that tits is known to recreate photos with his gfs

No. 1035583

File: 1599603354285.png (4.6 MB, 2436x1125, 55CB0C32-C280-43B4-9B2F-0BF647…)

her hair is so thin now :/(:/)

No. 1035611

I think her hair has always been like that, she’s just not wearing extensions or wigs for the first time in awhile

No. 1036029

She will never be Mars or Poppy with those balloon lips. Over inflated injections are not cute.

No. 1036363

She looks cute now.

No. 1036496

1 problem with this chart: v2 chelsea was bleaching her hair before titanic

they're posing with a fucking wineglass and I'm pretty sure that's a picture from before tits and blowup doll met. I'd get your point if they were posing with polkadot teddybears but they're posing with an item everyone has in their house, it's coincidence.

No. 1036617


>blowup doll

bless you, anon

No. 1041396

Titanic is at it again…

No. 1041402

Holy shit I hate her voice.

No. 1041407

She sounds like Shayna

No. 1041418

That's "cringe panda" who is obsessed with Tits and skinwalking Mars/Poppy. See >>1025414 and the replies upthread. Tits isn't involved with her shitty fanvids.

No. 1041436

My ears are bleeding

No. 1041438

Now that was sufficiently queer.

No. 1041442


She keeps selfposting in here it’s weird

No. 1041964

File: 1600582361059.jpg (108.91 KB, 1158x414, aboosecomic.jpg)

Poppy has a new comic coming out that is apparently inspired by her abuse from Tits. Link to full interview, milky parts are in cap. https://www.cbr.com/poppy-poppys-inferno-interview/

No. 1041965

I'm pretty sure this comic was made and put out while she was still with Tits, not new.

No. 1041979

File: 1600584615771.png (69.4 KB, 1632x244, 90u.png)

Delusional boomers in the comments, kek

No. 1041991

You're thinking of Genesis 1. This one is called Inferno, and it isn't out until October.

No. 1042030


Stop giving her attention, it’s what she wants.

No. 1042031


No. 1042218

File: 1600625864296.jpg (81.38 KB, 960x960, FB_download.jpg)

oh shit
look at this shades like really look at it

No. 1042233

looks like mars.. if she had downs

No. 1042234

That's photoshopped. Poppy had a video with a brief reflection of titanic in her glasses, she obviously stole the idea to get attention, just like her whole channel and persona is stolen. Can we now stop giving this cringefest attention?

No. 1042236

samefag but here's that particular video

No. 1042257

Imagine being a titanic sinclair fangirl.

Also it's weird how someone can be technically cute but come across ugly on video, she must have an ugly soul.

No. 1042794

I wouldn't put it past this girl to stare autistically into a photo of Titanic so she could pretend he was there with her through the glint of her glasses, lmao.

No. 1045255

File: 1601065579390.jpg (384.34 KB, 2048x1399, UZbLIY5N.jpg)

Tit was sperging out on Twitter in the middle of the night. It's all been deleted so I guess he came to his senses. He also replied to some Poppy stans with stuff along the lines of "we're all going to die and the world is ending", but I couldn't find screenshots of that.

No. 1045290

Doesn't he have a wife he can talk to, or did he wreck that relationship too?

No. 1045316

Uh oh, looks like he was drunkposting on twitter lol

No. 1045400

Imo this makes the Reddit post way more credible, having a meltdown and then deleting it all hours later.

No. 1045463

File: 1601092102573.jpg (483.16 KB, 1389x1690, moranmixterfight.jpg)

I thought they were credible because the tone and writing style match the ones he posted (then deleted) for legal advice when Josh Moran punched him.

Thought that had been posted here, but couldn't find it in either thread so here's a cap. Saged for old milk.

No. 1045531

In (one of?) the girls that josh was dating. Titanic was around us. Can confirm he’s a loser but I never saw anything violent

No. 1045540

I completely believe you that he probably hadn’t been violent or crazy towards you/ your friends. It seems like he has a lot of self-esteem issues and self-loathing and jealousy because he was told he’d be the next Johnny Depp/Jack White by his friend Børns as evidenced from that drunken rant of him cleaning up the broken glasses from Brittany’s floor. He’s upset that he never became as famous as his exes that he cheated on and wanted to ride on the coattails of his friends

No. 1045659

>I should delete twitter. My whole identity on here was fake and my life was a lie. I went viral on youtube for what?
Interesting, I wonder if that's why he hasn't resurfaced with a new project and a new bleach blonde clone.

I'm pretty sure he's never been married but he's in a relationship with that Chelsea girl. Correct me if I'm wrong tho

No. 1045965

Chelsea deleted her Twitter, new mysterious persona coming soon!

No. 1046306

>The new single from my upcoming third album “Texas Dream” premieres October 16, 2020.

No. 1046362

Orville Peck is blowing up, better ride his coattails while you can.

No. 1046483

Corey could only benefit from a mask tbh, the market for ferret men isn't huge.

No. 1052765

>Interesting, I wonder if that's why he hasn't resurfaced with a new project and a new bleach blonde clone.

He has. It's called Cringe Panda. Look it up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1052796

Can we ban this selfposter

No. 1053247

File: 1602022170225.png (436.24 KB, 754x459, evidence.png)

I'm pretty sure I'm also going to be called a "selfposter" for agreeing with the other post. But they're not alone, a lot of people do believe Titanic Sinclair is behind Cringe Panda and calling them selfposters isn't going to change that. Check it out on discord. Also this screenshot is from her latest video.

No. 1053255

What does this screenshot prove, she bought a sticker of the retard? I could go either way tbh, Titanic Sinclair is a pathetic freak who would definitely be glomming onto some dumb youtube girl for attention (he's done it before) but on the other hand this girl could be trying to get more attention for herself by acting as if she's working with the guy who "made Poppy". Whatever is going on its derivative and lame and Titanic Sinclair looks like an autistic bug.

No. 1053262

File: 1602023819281.jpg (696.81 KB, 1399x822, evidenceb.jpg)


It's his laptop.

No. 1053267


Skin walkers buy shit to imitate their idols all the time. She could easily get the same laptop and stickers and put them in the same place. Tits's victims are conventionally attractive, Cringe Panda is a dumpy loser, she's not at all marketable so there's no point in him trying to exploit her. She's even more of a nobody than he is.

No. 1053269

Isn't she/you like 15?

Also it's not difficult to uhh buy two stickers because you're a pathetic Titanic stan. Not to flatter Titanic, but her/your content is way too shit for him to be involved in. He does have an eye for aesthetics at the least.

Also he already has a MarsPoppy v2 girlfriend, why would he be chasing this awkward teenager? Stop selfposting and move on.

No. 1053271

Also if you're 15 you're too young to be posted here (per the site rules), and will regret your username being tied to lolcow.farm when you're older. Nobody believes you are connected to Tits, sorry.

No. 1053287

Cringe Panda is some alt-right panderer/wannabe Soph. Her name being attached to lolcow is the least of her worries, but let’s stop giving her any attention in general.

No. 1053353

Going to cease even reading her posts after this, but I'm sure Titanic doesn't want to attach himself to a wannabe who looks like a garden gnome and is mostly a alt-right commentary channel. Not only is it out of character for the image he upholds but also it's unrealistic, and if she's not selfposting and someone actually believes this is legit, you are delusional.

No. 1053459


You don’t have to look that hard to see that the stickers are slightly off. Try harder next time, I guess.

No. 1053565

I mistakenly watched three seconds of this awful shit and it’s clear the person behind it is an actual child. Regardless of how you feel about titanic it’s very clear he would have an aneurism trying to make something of this…. caliber

No. 1053734

Nothing about having a generic macbook with a generic japan flag sticker and a titanic merch sticker proves that is his laptop.

>a lot of people do believe Titanic Sinclair is behind Cringe Panda

God how fucking dumb do you have to be to believe that TS is behind shitty videos recorded in the bedroom of a literal child who raided her local carnival store.

>it’s clear the person behind it is an actual child. Regardless of how you feel about titanic it’s very clear he would have an aneurism trying to make something of this…. caliber
Hard agree

No. 1061508

On Titanic’s new song, the lyrics said “wife”. Does it mean he already married chelsie?

No. 1061512

Sorry for such a late reply but I think there could be a chance that it’s really him. But only because I witnessed him selfposting on lolcow and /cgl/ (and possibly /x/?)to promote Poppy multiple times years ago before I even knew who either of them were.

I don’t doubt he would have done this on /mu/ too but who fucking knows why.
I wish I had caps but that laptop broke, if I’m remembering right he did throw shade at himself or poppy in the threads he made which just made me more confused.

No. 1061574


I remember hearing he was engaged only a couple months after he got with his new girlfriend so I wouldn’t be shocked.

The new music video and song is a mess, that line about planting a seed then that crappy half cut off green screen edit of him naked/shirtless? Absolutely grim. He’ll never have a proper Poppy level singing career cause he’s so obviously not sorry for shit like singing trust fund, writing off his bullying as ‘it’s not me it was a character’ and being too self involved to see how he caused his own downfall. Even in his apology song he makes sure to add lines in to shirk the responsibility. And all his music and music videos so far just go to show he wasn’t as much of a mastermind over the poppy/mars stuff as he wishes he was.

No. 1065538

Since this is a poppy thread, she released a noise album and it’s awful

No. 1066272


Can that even be classified as music?

No. 1066858

No joke she slowed audio of her cat being harassed. It’s like she heard throbbing gristle once and walked into a guitar center and got a drum machine. It’s awful even for noise

No. 1071206

File: 1604092474481.png (532.5 KB, 813x590, 641086292951564288.png)

Chelsea is obviously referencing Poppy's Halloween costume from last year lmao

No. 1087863

File: 1605972158283.jpg (35.99 KB, 828x414, EnW14cxXMAca_aK.jpg)

Not again…

No. 1087923

the roots though. is it an "aesthetic" thing?

No. 1088159


I wonder if he was talking shit before when he said they wouldn’t be doing music together or if he realised he’s too unmarketable to make it alone at this stage. Either way her doing this knowingly is so grim.

No. 1088161

like clowns are so original these past years! "alt" ppl think liking clowns is a personality trait lmao

No. 1088188

You can tell she's doing this to make herself feel pretty. She has to go after the most unattractive caste of women (obese chicks) in order to feel hot by comparison. Where the fuck is this girls parents??

The sticker to laptop ratio isn't the same proportions

Yikes wtf?? I have to wonder if Chelsea voluntarily copies Moriah or if Corey plants these ideas in her head i.e. "you'd look so cute as a pierrot clown, you should do that for halloween"

not to whiteknight but these roots aren't that long. Her hair is so dark I'm sure it takes several bleach processes to lift it to platinum, so it would probably fry her scalp and the rest of her hair if she was doing it frequently enough to avoid this much root showing

No. 1089230

As if the noise album wasn't enough, Poppy is releasing a Christmas EP in the beginning of December. She put out a song from it called "I Won't Be Home For Christmas". The song sounds like a rip off of Observatory Mansions by Nicole Dollanganger (at least the beginning), and the album art looks like she's trying to be like if Grimes was conventionally attractive.

No. 1089238

Before I even read your post I was going to reply that it looks like bootleg grimes. Who the hell is even checking for poppy anymore?

No. 1090428

File: 1606239989796.jpeg (154.64 KB, 1242x379, 8B967E5B-1F7B-4F79-8DFE-761E8A…)

Someone check on Tits

No. 1090644

she got it for Bloodmoney which is actually pretty good, so good for her

No. 1090665

Tits is trying to take credit, of course.

No. 1090681

File: 1606253759190.png (56.25 KB, 750x1334, Ennk3GLXcAIyDB.png)

The nomination is for "Best Metal Performance." Tits name wasn't even on the nomination.

No. 1090704

He is unfortunately credited as a writer. Judging by his previous lack of originality and his tendency to leech off his more talented partners, I'm guessing he had less input than he pretends, but he did still snag that credit.

No. 1090817


It’s for best metal performance, that’s nothing to do with him. He needs to learn how to leave his ex girlfriends alone, I’m sure this is going to go down well with Poppy. The last time he opened his mouth about her it was to leak her private info and speak shit about her.

No. 1103416


old but i cannot stop laughing at his fake cowboy LARPing and acting like it's his true self while he throws a bale of hay for no reason. "living simply" lmaooo

No. 1103565

File: 1607507320431.webm (3.92 MB, 1280x720, 121307553_261296768556938_1802…)

Ily anon for alerting us to this but you should have reuploaded it as webm since it needs to be seen to be believed and IDK how long the link will work…
jesus fucking christ tits, nobody is buying your cowboy transformation

No. 1103577

File: 1607508640893.gif (6.87 MB, 450x253, gifntext-gif.gif)

samefag, I got inspired even tho I suck at gifs

No. 1103784

>working on a farm in all-black
>that eagle screech at the end

my sides

No. 1104110

kek i know this kid (not irl), when shes 18 she will for sure have a thread here lol

No. 1104159


People would need to give a shit about her first

No. 1104192

He looks like Kid Rock

No. 1104261

God he’s such a fag. I bet he thinks he looks like Orlando Bloom with that attempt at facial hair. The song sounds Owl City-esque, like a relic from that era of layered singer-songwriter synth-pop but much, much worse. Can you imagine seeing this LA-breed fancyboy at a Tractor Supply in rural Texas, on the day he decided to accessorize with a silk Saint Laurent bandana? Absolute fuckery.

No. 1104285

how old is she? she looks 12 and it's unnerving

No. 1104563

My favourite part of that whole video was watching Titanic shovel shit. Underrated.

No. 1105173

PLEASE turn this into a banner and submit it, it's magnificent

No. 1110540

really baffled by this one. like, why.

in the description he says "timothy 1:5", which looks like a bible verse but it isn't quite, there are two books of timothy in the new testament. i can only assume he meant 1 timothy 1:5, "Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned". whatever that's supposed to mean in this context.

or maybe he's doing more number shenanigans

No. 1110578

‘quirky guys’ and artfag dudes are always pedos, because they’re basically just incels/trannies in a band.

reminds me of how the emo movement was full of ugly pedos in bands who targeted their teen fans

No. 1111034


He’s such an unlikable and insincere twat. He can’t sing and he looks like a used sponge that’s had all the moisture sucked out of it. The only comfort to his thinly veiled ‘look I’m a down to earth cowboy soft boy’ act is seeing him have to humble up and kiss peoples asses on Twitter. I’m sure his ego is taking a beating right now. He’d almost be better off dropping the titanic name shtick, get off social media and be a producer behind the scenes for actual talented people he isn’t shagging or abusing where nobody has to look at or hear him, but he’s to egocentric to do that so he’s going to continue posting videos that get less and less views. Titanic if your reading this that’s free advice.

No. 1112184

This is getting more cringe as the year ends.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1112244


This is…fanart

No. 1112280

File: 1608595098817.png (51.04 KB, 669x250, cringepanda.png)

I don't really want to reward this idiot for selfposting her videos here that somehow manage to be even more uninspired and try-hard than Titanic's, but oh lord she's really trying all the avenues to get attention and when she wakes up from her edgy internet trip it won't be pretty for her

No. 1112320

That comment pertaining to her abrasive voice in here must've gotten to her. You can tell shes been practicing to emulate brittany's voice. I wonder if she is autistic
Reposted due to speech to text errors

No. 1112559

Posting about her even to make fun of her is giving her exactly what she wants. Besides she has nothing to do with the mars titanic poppy thing so do everyone a favour and stop responding/posting about her.

No. 1112738


This raises the question, if a lolcow WANTS to be a lolcow, does that mean they're not a lolcow? Hm…

No. 1112748

Anyway back on topic, I suspect that's Chelsea on back up vocals

No. 1112785

Another bleach blonde baby being groomed!

No. 1112796

That's what I was thinking. Idk if it was posted here or if I saw it on her ig story a little bit ago but I remember a "follower" asking if she will be releasing music with titanic and she said something along the lines of wait and see or it's in the works. So I guess they are dipping a toe by starting her out on back up vocals. I will say though, and this is just objectively speaking, his music sounds the same with or without Mars and poppy and both of them havent been able to maintain a successful music career after they cut ties with him so I do think there might be the slightest merit to a handful of his claims as far as that goes. Poppy hadn't released anything but a garbage noise album and mars still hasnt released anything despite vaguely hinting she will. Cory keeps pumping out songs that still have that same sound.

No. 1112814

I don't think that's fair to say when the reason Mars hasn't had a career since then is not that she lost Titanic's input, but that up until recently was still actively being taunted by him and coming back from such a public abuse story with so many details being out there just won't be easy considering she always seemed to be a very private weird person who made music for a very specific audience, compared to Titanic who tried to appeal to every audience- he had Poppy do vapid pop like Lowlife for radio friendliness, viral videos for the Twitter crowd, 4chan posting to get her /mu/ queen status etc. But even after he went away, Poppy, as much as I hate her and think she's a hack, won a Grammy, had a visual novel, and still has a huge rabid fandom. Tits has just been fading into obscurity and becoming a cowboy and nobody aside from some deeply psychotic crazies still care about him.

No. 1112822

Like I said, objectively speaking, his music is mostly consistent with a very specific sound. Poppy hasn't been able to emulate anything similar and all her solo stuff sucks. We dont know what mars has under her sleeve because she's m.i.a
My point still stands, and I personally adore brittany. I can tell that titanic had a huge influence on their sound though, this is his style. Still a pathetic strain on society nonetheless

No. 1112870

The thing is, Corey has always just been copying Cults, among other bands/musicians. He's hardly unique himself.

No. 1113294


It’s not a doubt he contributed, but the issue is his overreaching claim over his own contributions, like saying he wrote every word when Chris Greatti and his own brother vouched otherwise for Poppy and Mars, or that he played all instruments when there are videos of Mars playing instruments and mixing songs. He also touts himself as a director but didn’t direct half of their videos, that was digital twigs, Tony katai etc. He’d have people think he single handedly did everything but it’s demonstrably false. For the record I also don’t buy Poppy’s I’m an artist shtick, she leans heavily on more talented people. She can’t even do her own make up for her make up videos. But at the very least I believe she had a hand in writing some lyrics because songs like ‘anything like me’ only make sense coming from her.

No. 1113297

I agree with you there, and I have always gone back and forth regarding how much Tits REALLY contributed. I truly believe the best musician out of them all is Mars. Tits lied and said she doesn't play instruments but there are videos of her playing piano and guitar. If you listen to Mars's lyrics, particularly the later ones, they are so personal from her perspective and a lot deeper than Poppy's stuff. I don't think Titanic can write any good lyrics. He steals themes and styles and all the music he does alone sucks. If he was the true talent he would still shine but nope.

No. 1113710

The thing with Titanic though is that he lies all the time and his music isn't consistent. I wouldn't be shocked if all he contributed to either project was basic, stolen stuff. He's no musical genius and he has no passion. I've always had a thought that when he was with mars he eventually realized that she was a much better and natural musician than him, his ego was blown and he stopped idealizing her, then the emotional abuse to tear down her self esteem - then the lies to discredit her talent. Call a spade a spade - He's a hack. Sage for my tinfoil theory.

No. 1114202

>both of them havent been able to maintain a successful music career
I don't like Poppy but her solo music career is objectively successful (enough). I disagree charted, she got a grammy nomination, went on tour with big bands, she's signed to Sumarian. As for Mars, you can't say "she hasn't been able to" when she literally hasn't even tried.

No. 1114784

File: 1608917709568.jpg (145.18 KB, 1066x1731, 20201225_123043.jpg)

No. 1114797


If she’s doing music now that’s embarrassing. How can titanic claim to be sorry and pull shit like this.

No. 1115216

How did you find this?

No. 1115234


If you go on Instagram and find the post it’s actually a video, it sounds a little like Poppy’s choke sort of style. It’ll be funny to see how/if poppy reacts to it.

No. 1115337

File: 1609001925451.jpeg (257.33 KB, 828x1439, D0CAC0E9-E29F-4D6D-8D9C-EB270F…)

Did Poppy and Ghostemane break up? Photos are taken down and they are not following each other

No. 1115445


It’s probably a clear out before a promotional thing, there are still pics/follows on her alt accounts poponfilm and thenakedpi

No. 1116327

I feel like they both are fading further into obscurity these days but Poppy probably still has her own rabid fanbase to feed her for next couple of years. Tits probably had to get a job cause i don't believe anyone buys his new "sad boi" singles. Mars is Mars she probably won't make new music, i don't think she really wants to do this, probably music is now a side hobby to her.

I find it ironic how Poppy is basically a reverse youtuber now. "Bloodmoney video makeup tutorial", "funny party look tutorial", "cosmic girl eyeshadow tutorial", things that are posted usually by beginner or medium level youtubers. I mean she'll be fine just like Grimes is with her fans but all the major youtube and media attention is already past her.

No. 1116485

File: 1609150935038.png (228.25 KB, 760x494, Screenshot_20201228-042127.png)

she's doing music now lmao

No. 1116494

File: 1609152755109.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1910, EF83313B-6FA5-4C35-A773-AE6511…)


Titanic never learns, wasn’t it a few months ago she said she wasn’t going to start singing and that she wasn’t in it for a career, I’m sure his brother is out there tearing his hair out now lol. Hopefully Tits image is so bad her career stays a non starter too since he knows he’s not getting anywhere himself. Also poppy fans are floating this about, Tony Katai talking Poppy and Mars.

No. 1116577

That's a Real Housewife

No. 1116817

poppy stans never learn. How is shit like okay? What did mars argo do to poppy when she just wanted tits to gtfo harassing her? JFC

No. 1117019

File: 1609208005774.jpeg (197.81 KB, 596x1069, A02A15E7-D3BC-40C8-B7A7-46BDCA…)

No. 1117021

File: 1609208079396.jpeg (112.36 KB, 822x1461, B51F0348-9C67-453F-A872-F81A82…)

Katai who is friends with titanic and worked with mars and poppy is on a rampage still.

No. 1117022

File: 1609208413994.png (7.91 MB, 1125x2436, 4755BFB7-47C6-461E-9988-4BCC48…)

No. 1117023

I really do like Poppy's music but I always knew deep down she was a shit. This doesn't surprise me if true.

No. 1117954

> I'm sure she didn't mean it, enter blogpost
Imagine telling someone who knew Moriah first hand and then proudly posting the screenshot online, Poppy stans are delusional

This is humor though

No. 1118033


Poppy fans bend over backward to excuse her shitty behaviour, they treated mars like crap until Poppy came out with her statement about Tit. Her and Tit are objectively bad people, they both stole plenty of designs and concepts from more than just mars over the last few years, like those pink suits, ripping off another artists music video, leaking that shit with grimes and they bend over backward to cover for her.

No. 1119132

We know little about Mars's history but I think it's safe to say she wrote a lot of music. There is a video out there (I can't find it for the life of me) of Mars saying her favorite song of theirs is stuck on you, and he replied "your favorite is one you wrote"? Vid related shows that Mars is at least an intermediate pianist.
Also, Poppy was absolutely writing music (albeit not great) on her own before she met Titanic. It's logical that she would continue to grow as a songwriter. Titanic is just so shitty on his own that I refuse to believe he contributed even half to either project. Why would Mars own all the rights?

No. 1120460

I think Corey is a curator more than anything. He's very Online and knows how to make things very marketable and internet fandom friendly. Remember how he added the Reddit logo to the Using You video as an easter egg? That kind of stuff. It's their most mainstream-sounding pop song and he tried to give it more momentum by including that little nod to Reddit. I think Mars Argo was based on Brittany's personality and quirks and he made it have more "viral material". Poppy was based on Mars Argo to give her the middle finger and Titanic really put all his meme magic into that project, and it worked, but musically they don't have much in common. Mars Argo's music was cohesive while Poppy is all over the place. Lowlife is featured in an MTV catfish episode and every time I hear it I realize that her voice never sounded like that again, and she's been through a bunch of musical genres and sounds insecure and inauthentic in every one. Corey's old snobby shtick of "internet idols aren't your friends" was always disingenuous considering how hard he tried to make Poppy into a (literal cult) icon including mellow radio-friendly songs to get a foot in the door, he tried really hard to be an anti-celebrity, underground underdog, but it's so obvious how much he craves mainstream recognition because he believes he deserves it. I believe this drive is the majority of what he contributes to his projects - micro managing and directing and marketing to live out his puppet master fetish while stealing the thunder of the women he uses.

No. 1120549


Using you was directed by digital twigs, not Titanic, and I believe the Reddit logo was just included because they had a song go viral there before so you may be giving him too much credit.

On a side note someone hacked edwins generation and put out a public apology on his behalf to mars before deleting his account. Same hacker claimed Mars was behind a poppy hate account on Twitter called destinybehind though there’s no evidence to support that.

No. 1120700

Sorry, I didn't mean "direct" as in the cinematic director way, more like a general thing.

No. 1127604

File: 1610298070517.png (234.87 KB, 738x591, dL1R18K_.png)

No. 1128038


not trying to white knight for poppy but this is dumb. if you work as a songwriter, artists are gonna have their own connections to your work… like that's probably why she picked it? she drew parallels to her own life? we all know poppy is annoying but whining about this makes this chick's boyfriend seem pretentious

No. 1128227

How old is she? It's uncanny to see celebritites (at this point she's pretty well known) post like egirls on the internet. She reminds me of Erin

No. 1128527


What a joke, even Titanics friends acknowledge that Poppy did the song writing. Chelsea wasn’t involved in the process. She must be trying to drum up attention for her song with Titanic, it’s pretty pathetic. Must be sweating because people are moving on from this whole thing and her likes are down. I can see this ending in another lawsuit eventually.

No. 1128602

Wow I think Tits is obviously running her twitter now. She must have no redeeming qualities, who chooses to be with such a man child. He's so stupid and transparent, doing this shit all over again like no one would notice

No. 1129044

omg this is chelsea? same anon as >>1128038 i feel like such a retard. the way she separates "my boyfriend" and "her ex" made it sound like it was two different people. it's even more cringe now. she's such a fucking pickme thinking she's so special her creep abuser bf won't do the same to her

No. 1129448


Yeah thats Chelsea’s Twitter, she’s also used it to DM Twitter kids in the past and talk/make fun of Poppy’s eating disorder. If this is how bad she is at being unable to keep Poppy’s name out of her mouth then Titanic must be talking up a storm behind the scenes. It’s pathetic.

No. 1129937

Wow, if she really did that that's low. (Do you have caps? I know Tit's current gf is only tangentially related to the Poppy/Mars/Tits milk, but it would be fun to see a little more insight into the cow Tits has chosen to replace Poopy)
Also, "sknnylatte" reads like a handle that a pro-ana scumbag would choose … ironic, if she's making fun of people who might actually have an eating disorder.

No. 1129992

No. 1130206

Chelsea definitely has an ed and has posted about being in recovery. Seems like she's already back to disordered eating with recent tweets. Tithead has bragged about not eating for 3 days before on Instagram. I think he'll break this one faster.

No. 1130284


Agreed, it was only a few months ago she was saying she wasn’t going to do business with him now she’s releasing music and slandering his ex just like Poppy.

No. 1130757

She seems very easy. She doesn't show much personality, is clearly insecure and fame hungry etc. People like her are easily manipulated.
Nitpicky of me but I can't get over her sausage lips, they look so awful.

No. 1133990

File: 1610899539022.jpg (95.04 KB, 735x711, IMG_20210117_100348.jpg)

more cokeposting from tits

No. 1133991

File: 1610899568589.jpg (94.14 KB, 724x831, IMG_20210117_100352.jpg)

No. 1133994

File: 1610899712055.jpg (53.67 KB, 730x420, IMG_20210117_100357.jpg)

No. 1134131

Isn't he broke as fuck?

No. 1134464


I feel like I’ve just had a stroke reading this one. Wonder if he’s embarrassed that he has to resort to this for attention now.

No. 1136502

anon pls

No. 1137312

The hair thing can be excused because she's a hairdresser and seemed to change he hair often, but Chelsea's makeup has shifted to 2014-2019 Poppy style and she seemed to do a lot of glam looks before. This is too sad and weird. Everyone needs a lot of therapy.

No. 1156907

Anyone see Corey/Titanics new video where he sits in the dark throwing subtle jabs at Poppy? My personal favourite is near the start when he says something like ‘I pretended to be the bad guy in the past to make other people better by contrast, even if they where evil behind the scenes.’(imageboard)

No. 1157279

5 minutes in and I’m like, “SPIT IT OUT BRO”

Candid and completely unrehearsed. His struggling to get a sentence out shows how disingenuous his “real self” is kek

No. 1161556

post it.

No. 1162777

No. 1162858

here it is so you don't have to go to youtube just to view it.

No. 1165525

I was just going to watch this (it's an HOUR, anyone got a summary?) when I saw he premiered this < 10 minutes ago.

No. 1165535

File: 1613758663128.png (618.25 KB, 1292x483, ts.png)

TS keeps on recycling ideas

No. 1165577


There should be a content warning for having to see his disgusting naked body. Also he can’t help himself but put references/recycle ideas in his project.

No. 1165638

Nice! I've always wanted to hear Titanic Sinclair give a rambling mansplanation about nothing at all for an hour!
I absolutely hate the kind of man that can just KEEP. TALKING. about himself indefinitely. Seriously, this would have seemed less creepy if it were an interview of sorts. But he just goes. Reminds me of way too many dudes who think they're deep but are just self-obsessed.

Seriously, watching this is like being in a dark bar and accidentally getting stuck in a "conversation" with a drunk narcissist who just got dumped.
I wanted to do a summary, but … I just can't. Just don't watch it. If you don't wanna relive being on a date with "the intellectual guy who nobody understands," then just don't watch it.

Kek. This is crap. He can't sing. The music is insipid.

Tits never disappoints. This thread isn't very active, but this geeky little average dude who is somehow also an egomaniac is one of my favorite cows.

No. 1165666

Little bit offtopic but this post really made me laugh anon, like the fact Titanic thinks anyone wants to hear his thoughts when they are not being transferred through a pretty blonde vessel (Mars, Poppy) is the biggest joke. He really believes people liked him and not Mars and Poppy themselves.

No. 1165667

>Directed by Chelsea Wise

No. 1166289

Poor Charlotte, she looks so unimpressed. She's the real victim here.

No. 1166658

Here's episode 2 of his ramblings about himself. Is he trying to be a podcaster now?

This whole new cowboy simple living persona feels disingenuous and fabricated and the music has no replay-value. At least when he was putting out his David Lynch inspirated work with MA and Poppy it was something the average person hadn't seen before. I wonder what he thinks he stands to gain from going in a direction that he doesn't excel at musically nor is new or interesting from an artistic standpoint.

Good catch, didn't see that before.

No. 1166661

He wants to be seen as wholesome so he can go back to what he was doing before, but witch Chelsea. That's what it looks like, anyway.

No. 1166737

Outside of a few mentally ill girls on Twitter and a handful of IG clout-chasers, no one was ever interested in Corey musically or otherwise. It's a hard lesson to learn. Maybe it'll hit him by episode 3.

No. 1168225

Idk I don't really think so. Lots are girls dye their hair because their boyfriends said so. It very clear he isn't over his last two relationships, but imo all these side by sides are just memes. Chelsea isn't a uwu petite girl like the others and she's 27-28 yrs old not 19.

An other thing is that I don't think he really has much to grift off of her. She doesn't strike me as particularly rich or musically talented. With Poppy, Corey had her record label to grift off of, and with Brittany, Corey had "daddy's money", youth, and Inspiration.

Chelsea does photography and hair and afaik she's never done music. Honestly, they seem more suited for each other in that regard. Corey has always expressed more interest the videography, photography, and aesthetic of his projects rather than the actual music. He's compared himself to Warhol ffs.

There was one podcast (called SWIM) that had on Poppy and Titanic (out of character) and Corey admitted to being a lazy bum when it came to music. The straight-edge Poppy had to drag him out of his depressive, drug-addled stupor to make him do music daily. Corey is the kind of artist who thinks(/thought) that great art comes from the god Inspiration rather than grind.

No. 1168674

Question: Is he not making Poppy music now? I kinda liked some of her songs, even if they were a fucked up duo

Kinda weird looking at him hopping from girl to girl to ruin their lives

No. 1169319

No, TS and Poppy split over a year ago. Iirc the last work they collabed on is on Poppy's I disagree album but they had already split before it's release.

No. 1169763

File: 1614211128604.jpg (247.36 KB, 1080x1893, 20210224_185734.jpg)

Katai shitting on Poppy again. Has an AMA up on insta right now.

No. 1169806

File: 1614213906814.png (147.86 KB, 946x2048, katai1.png)

lol i came here to post this but anon beat me to it

katai is now posting abt brittany too. she's the only one i feel bad for in this whole mess, she hasn't said a word about these people in years…

No. 1169808

File: 1614213954083.png (58.18 KB, 946x2048, katai2.png)

No. 1169878

File: 1614219104556.jpg (1003.93 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210224-210520_Ins…)

Why do I get money laundering vibes from katai about this whole story? He's posted this story before and I think he's blaming Poppy for something titsinc did. Ts has a history of bad deals and those prints are from choke era so he was still involved.

No. 1169920

Yeah, why the heck does this katai person need so much attention all of a sudden? Maybe because Tits is vomiting up word salad all over the internet lately and he thinks it'll make ppl notice him again?
And I agree … Sucks that this (supposedly) happened to him, but I also sense that much of this assholery had to do with TS and he's just not saying it.

No. 1169962

I mean, he's right. She never shows any personality at all.

No. 1170046

I think we must watch different videos and read different interviews.

No. 1170047

He avoided my tit question only to focus on Poppy and Mars Argo.

No. 1184624

File: 1615758733034.jpeg (168.96 KB, 1125x523, 768ECB7C-C3EE-418C-90B4-6FAE19…)

No. 1184625

File: 1615758758453.jpeg (157.51 KB, 1125x494, 67BB0140-068F-49FE-A3CF-180A9D…)

No. 1184627

File: 1615758788121.jpeg (154.16 KB, 1125x498, 4A80B14A-6798-4DDB-AB3F-8AA02A…)

Someone’s not happy they lost the Grammy tonight.

No. 1184629

Good because whatever Poppy and Tits were doing, it was NOT metal

No. 1184646

It's called a greasy blunt bob, Corey. Signature style of men who can't fucking wash their own hair.

No. 1185378

sage for no milk but tit trying to be a podcaster is so embarrassing. i watched the one about the grammys and it's basically an hour of nothing. he just sits in the dark throwing out pseudo-deep "i am very smart" lines and talking bitterly about everyone who actually won while kissing up to phoebe bridgers for some reason. he also keeps saying "WE lost" even though the nomination was poppy's, not his

No. 1185672


His girlfriend needs to come collect him, it’s embarrassing how obsessed he is with his with his exes.

No. 1186171


>>kissing up to phoebe bridgers for some reason

she's bleach blonde and has a similar look to all his other gfs, anon. it's obvious he has a crush on her kek

No. 1189754

He's now doing paid weekly hour-long exclusives, he must be desperate. Uses a clip talking about the 1st grilled cheese to sell the membership, I think we can conclude this man knows how to market himself.

No. 1203480

File: 1617825312265.png (45.59 KB, 719x532, 20210407_155406.png)

People were talking about this account, is it his?

No. 1203551

pheobe makes fun of her interns for working for free and waited to congratulate the owners of her label for magnanimously accepting their employees union all while making the musical equivalent of gogurt, they're a match made in mediocre evil heaven

No. 1225264

File: 1620371659323.jpg (188.38 KB, 1080x1350, 157385154_439928767222599_3225…)

Sage because it isn't milk, from chelsea's ig

No. 1225265

File: 1620371680092.jpg (197.5 KB, 1080x1080, 121009161_336419377631674_2050…)

No. 1229271

File: 1620919462917.png (329.37 KB, 760x877, Screenshot_20210513-102310.png)

chelsea is making white background videos now…ofc

No. 1229273

File: 1620919580044.png (241 KB, 760x522, Screenshot_20210513-102502.png)

also poppy has a cat named kiki too, did she steal her cat's name?


No. 1229480

She's serving low-rent Jocelyn Wildenstein vibes

No. 1229606

They have zero self awareness. The Poppy shtick won’t work a third time anyway, especially with Corey connected to it.

No. 1229720


You caught her. She deleted it.

No. 1229989

Now I regret not saving it, did anyone?

No. 1229993

It looked like a "blooper", as if they were actually recording a video when that cat jumped on her shoulder. It'll be interesting to see if/when they release that.

No. 1230530

File: 1621055628393.jpeg (377.85 KB, 828x1437, BF54AD8E-208D-469E-A6B8-0621E0…)

why does it feel like titanic made this fan page because-

No. 1230556

I feel like his eyes still scream "mad about Mars Argo, and here's stand-in number two" but maybe I'm imagining it. Get over it dude.

No. 1230571

it's like when a trailer park guy can't get over his high school gf after the baby turned out not to be his, and then he spends the rest of his life knocking up truck stop waitresses that have the same haircut as her until he dies from alcohol poisoning

No. 1230577

Who would be a fan of her? And for what?

Fucking kek

No. 1230659

>until he dies from alcohol poisoning
We can only hope

No. 1235371

File: 1621630670701.jpeg (48.06 KB, 900x506, 33F285F1-C680-416D-A819-111FD4…)

just the clip remains on her Twitter

No. 1235945

File: 1621719671383.jpg (147.88 KB, 746x939, IMG_2545.JPG)

dumping some old tit tweets. skipping through one of those rant vids of his, i heard him say he only pretended to be this dislikable person or whatever. yeah fucking right. i get that birds of a shit feather will always flock together but you'd have to be mentally deranged to willfully believe that. anyway, hypocrisy and projection ahead

No. 1235948

File: 1621719807422.jpg (97.04 KB, 735x716, IMG_2544.JPG)

No. 1235949

File: 1621719840963.jpg (133.34 KB, 750x803, IMG_2543.JPG)

so bitter towards who funded his start

No. 1235953

File: 1621719920179.jpg (61.68 KB, 750x343, IMG_2542.JPG)

noticed that this was after he punched mars

No. 1235955

File: 1621720205031.jpg (496.15 KB, 1440x1152, IMG_2541 copy.jpg)

el oh el

No. 1236725

good find! also kek @ him dragging pmore when he of all people isnt one to speak about artistic integrity

No. 1236736

What's her twitter handle? I can't find it.

No. 1241227

just found titty's old photobucket page and he has a Poppy brand image from Jan this year, when his last post was 2008. Yup, definitely looks like he's happily moved on with his new fiancée.


No. 1247712

I bet he just planted that there to stir shit up. Afaik there's no reason to use photobucket for an image that's already readily publically available.

No. 1249104

his photobucket got hacked not that long ago, this is just someone fucking around

No. 1264572

is trying to cosplay the skeletons in her closet with the meth and the ED

No. 1266356


Hi chelsea/titanic.
Not getting enough attention lately?
Must hate to see her get so much attention for her latest ep.
She looks healthier and happier than ever but please keep hating. All attention is good attention in this view based economy. Stay bothered.(newfag)

No. 1266985

girl, sage your bullshit. and that bitch is quite clearly hated here, did you take a wrong turn? piss off

No. 1267340


fiancee? just how long have they been in a relationship, exactly, hasn't it been less than a year? mega kek if true

No. 1268258

They got engaged early 2020.

No. 1269750

Titanic is 34. He should not be dating teenagers anyway. He is only one year older than Mars and Poppy was 22 when they started dating. He is obsessed with 2008 Mars Argo but he is not an ephebophile.

It's weird girls are still willing to date Titanic. He will never get over Mars. It's been 7 years and he is still obsessed with her.

No. 1270181

Poppy is 26 as of this year. She was 17/18 when she met Titanic and barely an adult when they started dating in 2014/2015.

No. 1270191

21/22 is barely adult?

No. 1270204

No. 1270206

It's creepy for a ~29 year old man to date a 19/20 y/o (if she's 26 this year then in 2014 she was 19…), especially when they met when she was underaged, anon

No. 1270226

21/22 year olds are barely adults in the eyes of older people, let alone an almost 30 yo washed up musician. The brain doesn't even finish developing until 24/25. Sorry if that hurts your feelings anon.

No. 1270230

The only people offended are teenagers and fresh twenties that want to grow up too fast.

No. 1270444

how did they even meet? how does an almost 30 year old man run into a 17/18 year old? that's so weird.

No. 1270480

Apperantly poppy was in the same japonese class as mars, that's how they met, there's even pics of the 3 of them and boring ass brown haired no personality poppy. I hate titanic but he completely gave her a new persona, before him she was really plane. It's sad that it took trying to skinwalk mars to turn her into someone remotely interesting.

No. 1270481

Bro she was a fucking country singer before she started dating tits, she wasn't even alt(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1270524

Can you post those pics?

No. 1270659

File: 1625321236738.jpg (94.99 KB, 640x632, Dz25B5vWwAIoZtz.jpg)

That's not what happened. Mars was taking a class, Titanic found out about it and signed up for the class to stalk her. The pictures aren't of the three of them together, they're of poppy and that Debby chick.

No. 1270660

File: 1625321259798.png (461.44 KB, 1107x1132, 20210703_100548.png)

No. 1270747

Poppy was stalking her too. I hate how internet thinks Poppy is an innocent victim. She harassed and bullied Mars with Titanic for years and got away with it.

No. 1270979

Bruh she wasn't 21 or 22

No. 1270980

Her dad was in a punk band and she's always talked about her interest in all types of music. Her covers were all sorts of genres.

No. 1270982

How many languages schools do you think there are in LA?

No. 1270996

File: 1625360479587.jpg (119.05 KB, 1000x580, how-to-grow-sage-01.jpg)

No. 1271033

Sorry you were wrong, girl. What a stupid hill to die on. There are ~20 Japanese language schools in LA. Poppy and Titanic had no reason to go to that school other than to disrupt Mars. Mars was there because she was moving to Japan.

No. 1271212

People really think Poppy is a strong woman because she broke up with a guy after ruining his ex's life with him.

No. 1271251

I used to watch her back in the day when she was affiliated in the hipster scene along with meekakitty AKA tessa violet and the band heyhihello. Her genre back then is indie because it was popular around 2010s. The girl obviously doesn’t have a personality. Dated titanic—imitated Mars. Has a scary looking fiancé—becomes metal. She bases her personality and image according to whoever she’s with. Lol.

No. 1271257

Sage when you're not providing new information.

No. 1271393

File: 1625423536713.png (458.38 KB, 756x681, 222e0b848c.png)

> she was really plane

No. 1271405

Her new album was in production/came out before she got with the metal moid. Titanic controlled her image and persona for years.

No. 1272705

poppy released a new song that is pretty obviously about tits and the whole mars situation

No. 1272941

Unless she apologizes to Mars instead of saying passive-aggressively smug shit like "Well I wasn't a victim because I'm smart (unlike that other bitch teehee)", she should just shut up forever about her involvement

No. 1273232

this, the whole fucking video and song feel wrong to me for that reason. she was a bitch to mars and now wants to present herself as a fellow victim? gross

No. 1274874

That and she needs to stop milking the situation. I'm so sick of it, move on already.

No. 1284961

One of Brittany's new songs leaked.
What do you anons think?

No. 1285006

I'm glad she is back. But I also don't like that her creation is "leaked".

No. 1285453

I like it a lot, it's beautiful. But is it really new or just new as in newly leaked but recorded long ago?

No. 1285608

Not new. Asianivan referenced it years ago and I've seen 2015 thrown around a lot. Think it's guppy era.

No. 1285875

I love this sound, tits is such a prick for sabotaging this project of hers.

No. 1287227

File: 1627649311584.jpeg (486.95 KB, 1125x1317, 6F791087-8282-487C-92B6-6676D7…)


I really love the song. I think it also shows how talented she is on her own versus the stuff Poppy has made since splitting with Titanic. Mars’s stuff (IMO) is the best out of all of their solo stuff. Also I saw this on twitter, shows partly why guppy may have been scrapped. Titanic stealing her words and rushing them out before her to dunk on her.

No. 1287239

the guppy thing has been a common knowledge for years, pretty sure it's been mentioned in the past thread

No. 1287595


Yes but this song just leaked.

No. 1287655

Based from the leak, she definitely had a hand on Mars Argo’s music. The songwriting, melody, and instrumentals sounded like a Mars Argo song,

No. 1287665

Brittany is Mars you idiot. Don’t post again.

No. 1287713

Nta but I think she meant this was a confirmation that Brittany was contributing to songwriting and such for the Mars Argo project because Tits always says he basically conceived all of it and she was just a singer. Nothing new though, I think we all know he lied about that considering there's plenty of footage of Brittany playing instruments when he says she couldn't, and the lyrics she wrote after leaving Titanic, when she went by Guppy, definitely indicate she was writing lyrics as Mars Argo even if he pretends it was all his genius.

No. 1291911

File: 1628213236542.jpg (157.14 KB, 559x782, twitter.jpg)

from twitter, thoughts?

No. 1291937

No. 1292557

What the fuck is this

No. 1292689

File: 1628310056209.jpeg (146.32 KB, 828x1008, 12330785-F3CA-4316-8601-D4B174…)

okay am i the only one confused on chelsea commenting on brittany’s photo in 2015? theories ?

No. 1293031

Oh shit where'd you find this? I'm convinced Mars, Poppy and Chelsea all knew each other from way back

No. 1293362

chelsea is something. i don’t really see as a girl the appeal titanic has after breaking wine glasses and saying the n word, adding unto allegations with punching a girl - he’s a grown man. but maybe i just don’t have issues and/or bad taste in men at 30 still

No. 1293363

She's just a lower stakes Hailey Baldwin Bieber, blurring the lines between fan and stalker. She got her z-list authentic cowboy in the end.

No. 1294061

Wasn't it already known they knew each other from way back? They all had ties into the same circle(s)

Is this legit? A plain e-mail as their weddinginvitation, isn't that weird and out of character?

No. 1302920

I think Chelsea is extremely weird and creepy, but I'm biased because I despise her awful lip fillers and how dull she seems.

No. 1309315

New Poppy song/music video. Likely to be about Tits (again). She looks extremely greasy, but at the same time, the whole song/video almost feels refreshing compared to the older shit.

No. 1309333

she looks so aged. she's still trying to do the cutesy little girl thing at age 27 and it looks so gross

No. 1309365

Her face looks especially beak-like and weird here.

No. 1309658

File: 1630084015817.png (646.83 KB, 764x991, tbm.png)

idk why but the video immediately reminded me of The Birthday Massacre, maybe because of chessboard floors/pattern and Alice in Wonderland cutesy aesthetic. color-wise it's Celebrity Skin by Hole (pic related) Poppy feels very much like some relic of the past now imo. it's weird to think she was once on a pedestal, pretty much everywhere before entire fall from grace of tits. she seems to go on well with her kitschy cute-metal schtick but general popularity wise i feel like she's less in demand now. she's trying, but her metal/rock phase is similarly contrived and tired

No. 1310224

She looks fine. I don't like her little girl-/dolly outfit but she doesn't look "aged" whatsoever.

No. 1310382

I hate the way she's singing low here.

No. 1310523

>chessboard floors/pattern and Alice in Wonderland

Same old Monarch symbolism then.

No. 1310746

I think she copied Happy House by Siouxsie And The Banshees for sure, and Courtney Love ("How did she get so mean?" almost seems like a reference to the "How'd you get so mean?" line from "How Dirty Girls Get Clean").
Mostly I don't want to think she knows about TBM, lmao.

No. 1310917

lol she literally plagiarized everything this era from classic grunge and it's still bad

No. 1312486

The video kind of reminds me of the Mars Argo Using You video tbh.

No. 1334533

So did they get married? I only found one recent tweet which seems fake
https://twitter.com/poppys336/status/1441862803719999489?s=21(post screenshots)

No. 1334539

That's definitely fake, funny though

No. 1335348

nah, the blowup doll would've posted something. disappointed tbh

No. 1341637

File: 1633454529739.png (464.94 KB, 750x1334, 96F71721-EEAF-4DE3-9E77-B61AE5…)

is he throwing shade at someone in particular or is he back to his basic internet social commentary

No. 1344410

tits is coming out with…an "hour long special", whatever that means. is it a movie or what.

i'd say get ready for milk but his content has been pretty boring

No. 1344422

also what? at that whole thing

No. 1344424

forgot to sage, my bad.

No. 1344438

An hour long video with country music and titanic Sinclair sounds like a revolutionary torture device

No. 1344525

What a little bitch.

No. 1350678

Did poppy and ghostmane get married already? Weird that they don't have photos of each other on insta anymore, but still follow each other.

No. 1350823

Don't think so. Viktor and Rolf were making her wedding dress so I think we'll see a lot of promotion and pictures when it happens. They post stuff to instastories sporadically.

No. 1356113


hack shit(sage your shit)

No. 1359341

File: 1635734975035.png (530.46 KB, 868x900, cringe.png)

tits dropped a new album today

picrel lyrics to his hilariously badly written obvious poppy diss track

No. 1359372

holy shit this is worse than parody. middle school shooter realness

No. 1359386

>ah, she was just a girl
>I thought she was a woman
Didn't tits meet moriah when she was just a teen? He straight up knew she wasn't a woman.

No. 1359490

The threats in the last part tho, Jesus christ Tits, simmer down a little.
School shooter is right, he's got a serious affliction. Maybe at least he's leaving Mars alone while he pines and stalks Poppy instead.

No. 1361034

tits is a pathetic man child, but poppy wouldn't be anywhere without him, they are both snakes who suck people dry and thnk they are good enough artists on their own when they only work if there is other people pushing them along

No. 1376329

poppy and ghoste broke up? they unfollowed each other, deleted all their pics together on insta and she took down the fiancee does my makeup video. how long until she accuses him of abuse too lmao(sage)

No. 1376641

This is an image board. Also, who would be surprised if ghost is abusive? He's a loser too.

No. 1378675

Ghoste 100% is abusive to his partners. When he was with that suicidegirl, he attempted to push her off of a balcony during an argument, and hit her and pushed her out of his car, leaving her on the side of the road. There was a police report for the latter incident, but I believe he got that lawyered away. She was unable to speak about most of their relationship due to a strict NDA, but I mostly heard about it from his side of things, thru one of his friends, although she occasionally confided in me.

Not to mention the countless hours of emotional abuse that I heard about from all sides… He would go on tour, immediately block her, and start fucking girls of questionable age nightly. I felt bad for her. He's pretty sociopathic. He also did some significant emotional damage to another woman whose band toured with his briefly.

No. 1378686

Holy shit I used to be in the same circle of friends as Jackie. Had no idea about any of this because I moved and don't talk to any of those people anymore.
What an absolute piece of shit. I hope she's okay now.

No. 1378716

he has a restraining order on some other girl who is a personal cow so i guess people are toxic back to him

No. 1379051

He looks like a heroin addict and he probably is

No. 1379102

Confirmed. Tons of lean and heroin(sage or post proof)

No. 1379112

please post the cow or maybe some of her adventures

No. 1381915

she has already been mentioned but is such a loser the conversation never picks up. la music flop

No. 1395087

how hard is it to find an empty church to sing in

No. 1402089

Looks like the rumors are true and Poppy isn't with Ghostemane anymore. He's been posted on dome random girls insta.

No. 1402139

He seemed like such a sober and trustworthy guy too. What a surprise.

No. 1403620

Poppy has started posting Poppy videos like it's 2018 again

No. 1403621

No. 1403633

Am I the only one who always found this shit beyond cringe?

No. 1403646

No. It's definitely of its time too, so whatever she's attempting (the only promo she knows because professional wrestling fans don't give a living fuck about her) seems backwards and dated.

No. 1403657

damnit, wtf is that. she's biting her own tail at this point.
whatever she's trying to achieve, it's not working. i honestly cannot believe she won so much of "best album" prizes in alt/metal last year, cause nobody really cares about her anymore. her music is like listening to a Selena Gomez/Disney Channel starlet singing her disney channel melodies against a shitty "metal" backdrop made of computer presets. idk if that's because of Debby Ryan association or what but i really can't view Poppy as anything other than some failed Disney star who was just lucky to have an odd Youtube moment at the right time. very much doubt all that metal and rock music is what she listens to privately at home, and even if she does… she's still so unoriginal and bland, i don't get how she still keeps having crazy stans

No. 1403713

No. 1403722

The question is, will Tits get mad and shout "plagiarism" since he IS stupid enough to think he owns ""unsettling"" short videos with blank backdrops and a "creepy" girl doing nothing

No. 1404144

This won’t work anymore. Her “humanizing” poppy was a bad career move. It worked back then because she had an aura of mystery.

No. 1404215

Did she run out of ideas? She probably knows her fans will obsessively buy into literally empty content, so she's probably going to keep up with this for a while. That, or she wants to bait Titty. Maybe both

No. 1404408

Agreed. The mystique is gone now that everyone knows 'who she is' as a person and she came out with her metal album. If she stuck with the robot/computer/girl thing she might have been able to keep the shtick running for a few more years.

No. 1404642

It's a regression, musical, artistic, personal, no matter how you look at it. the robot persona was old and boring af already, but even more boring than that is Poppy privately. she can't recreate interest by making 1 minute clips of doing shit and turning on "creepy" music. very scary, very mysterious, wow.
honestly surprised to see fans in the YT comments hype this up, is that what her fans want her to do forever? "yay poppy's expanding the brand" wtf is wrong with those ppl

No. 1405746

File: 1640975014766.jpg (84.2 KB, 527x593, FB_IMG_1640974980040.jpg)

No. 1405816

This guy seems like an asshole ngl

No. 1406141

File: 1641024787637.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x1710, 337F33D3-C7C0-444D-9C56-E55073…)

Our boy Tits has knocked up his gf and is expecting a son. God bless that kid.

No. 1406146

Why does he have that look on his face, kek? He looks so unhappy

No. 1406151

lol so they chose to party in Vegas? Lovely.

No. 1406180

That kid is going to grow up to become a raging abusive misogynist like his malding dad

No. 1406260

fucking tragic, poor child.

No. 1406418

His face says Look what you made me do, Mars and Poppy! Pregnant! Jealous yet! I'm moving on!! while not even looking at his partner. He has serious "one that got away" syndrome, also wtf is that girl thinking to knowingly help this man spawn?

No. 1406637

imagine being a kid seeing that photo of your parents, knowing this was how they chose to announce that you were on your way

No. 1407672

Someone considers himself beyond criticism

You'd think they'd be more loving and passionate in a picture announcing her pregnancy. They look aloof and completely disinterested in each other.

No. 1408714

is he talking about his and poppy's relationship? I thought they were engaged?

No. 1410373

it’s the fact he has punched a women in the face and thrown glass but she thinks that’s father material. i would hope he’s a better person now and goes to therapy for his mental issues but after poppy he was so desperate and hopped in a relationship quick. but if she likes that then they deserve each other and he’s not bothering anyone who is like mars lmao.(learn2sage)

No. 1410454

i miss mars

No. 1411142

she'll never come back

No. 1412001

i wouldn't blame her

No. 1413546

she's everything that he'll never be. maybe the good guys can win in that way

chelsea truly seems sociopathic

No. 1413554

or at the very least detached from the regular range of human emotions? lol. would explain why she's not that successful with her work despite having potential. unable to connect well with others. and now she's settled down with a known abuser lolol wow

No. 1441140

titty just dropped a bizarre new song and it seems like he's trying to have a sexy era? imagine his child googling him in 10 years and finding whatever the hell this is

No. 1441201

I’m happy for her that she is able to make her own choices and live her own life.

No. 1441241

"she can't ever leave me if I knock her up!" is absolutely Tit's mentality with this, I'm 101% sure. Yikes

No. 1441657

Lmao this is hilarious. Also animation reminded me of games, it's straight out of 2010s shitty games like second life or imvu.

No. 1441732

God, what an unremarkable greaseball..He'd be totally unfamous if it weren't for his scandalous reputation as an abusive, overly emotional, suicidal control freak.

No. 1442034

something very reminiscent of onision, on multiple levels, about this whole attempt

No. 1442147

The song is so awful. Some of his earlier songs were decent. I thought years of experience made people better, not worse.

No. 1442187

the banana imagery reads as direct onion symbolism

No. 1442387

Yeah, and also reeks of that early 00s "im so random, BANANA" type humor that (much like being perpetually emo) Tits never grew out of.

No. 1442404

Thank god it's a boy but that poor, poor child.

No. 1442482

well, that, and onision also had a naked 3D representative of himself for a while. onision also does "songs" that are bad electronic crap.

No. 1443683

Can someone tell me why this idiot is STILL producing anything, as if someone cared? does he have any audience at all? the only time i could see him "coming back" would be if he hid his face/identity and started new project with a different nickname (like another abuser Dr Luke). >>1406141 358 likes, that's nothing. This girl is astronomically stupid to stay with him (and keep feeding and sheltering him, i suppose).

Question though: is he still an owner of Poppy music rights? does he take percent of her music sales money still? Totally forgot if he got excluded or not (i only know he was excluded from Mars music)

No. 1445494

what the fuck

No. 1445593

As far as I know Tits only had as much access to Poppy’s funds as she allowed him to while they were still a couple. He’s had no access to the funds from at the very least the time of their breakup, possibly even earlier. Unsure of the post # either but I’m pretty sure it was mentioned earlier that he bankrupted himself on several occasions. The man is definitely living on breadcrumbs at the moment and probably for the foreseeable future.

No. 1445600

my thoughts exactly lmfao

No. 1445617

His new video on youtube also has 358 likes (spooky!) and it's been out for almost a week. Ouch.

No. 1448299

i just saw this wth(learn2sage)

No. 1448412

"If you have anything negative to say about any decision I make, you're a simpleton"

The blatant irony

No. 1510961

Argo’s back.


No. 1510985

Shits bad sorry lol 2012 is where she belongs

No. 1511014

Still better than all of poppy's and tits shit combined. Hopefully she releases more music

No. 1511071


I like it, it’s really good. Obviously aimed at Tit too, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled that she’s now using that name and he has squat since Poppy booted him too.

No. 1511109

I remember this being leaked. It's pretty good, I'm glad she wasn't dissuaded from releasing it

No. 1511312

I know, sounds like it belongs with The Neighbourhood circa 2013 kek

No. 1511456

Not bad.

No. 1511517

ok tits

No. 1512070

Why does every narcissistic abusive male use this same pitch to sing? He sounds like Onision

No. 1512297

iirc, the song itself was made in 2014/2015, then leaked around 2017/2018. it has an older sound because it is older. She just decided to release it now i guess

No. 1517322

File: 1651445884883.jpeg (488.1 KB, 750x1029, D6F1B628-BEC0-4E4F-BCF1-EE6E99…)

tits and chelsea have had their baby. poor kid

No. 1517351

Lookin' like a meth dad

No. 1517499

There are bad life choices, and then there's having a baby with a known (all over the internet) abuser of women who's obsessed with his exes to the point of making other women skinwalk their mannerisms, hair, voices, and recreate their old content. Maybe this girl just really wanted to be a mom and didn't care about the father?

No. 1517510

Samefag but slightly later, it's so weird on his Instagram there's just the one single photo with him holding the baby, none of her holding the baby or her at all, the default photo of mother in bed in hospital holding the baby with the father lurking around in the background somewhere which you see everywhere with birth announcements, is nowhere to be seen.
On hers she shows the baby's face in closeup, but again no photo of her holding it, or of tits and her together.
His caption calls her a champ and then randomly praises all mothers?? Like he is distancing himself even in his caption, like props, lady, for birthing that child also props to literally all mothers. so impersonal.
It seems obvious neither of them plan or expect this to be a family long term, it's like a random baby appeared in a video game and nobody is really claiming it.
Also they didn't get married? She just calls him boyfriend in her captions. Idk choose better sperm donors, girls.
Also he looks very tired and busted for 35, just seems like one of those people who are permanently miserable regardless of what's going on in their life.

No. 1517517

File: 1651462673554.png (21.83 KB, 605x216, ts.png)

same thoughts here. she probably wanted a kid and couldn't care less who the father is. and it doesn't seem like he's into the idea of fatherhood at all - chelsea's been posting baby updates and pregnancy photos pretty consistently for 6 months & he posted about the kid like, once? he doesn't like her baby update posts or anything either. he probably agreed to be her sperm donor as long as he doesn't have to take care of the kid or spend any time with it. though part of me still expects him to milk his son for attention and content and try to rebrand as some family friendly parenting vlogger since his weird onision-esque 3d animation thing is obviously not working out (also noticing the onion/lainey/their children parallels as i am typing this)
it stood out to me that tits didn't tag chelsea in the baby announcement or even refer to her by name, just "the mama". i wonder if he'll leave her for a younger blonde when he realizes fatherhood isn't as good as he thought

No. 1518230

Mars Argo drops new song “Angry” which very much seems directed too or at least about Titanic.
Few Days Later ; Poppy announces something new is coming AND Drops a video, in the old style that copied Mars Argo ( granted she went back to this style when her and ghostyboi broke up) Titled “ Tea “ and is spilling tea.

Seems like poppy is either still harassing/copying mars, or is hinting at spilling the tea of the drama of everything involving mars, titanic chelease etc.

Maybe a stretch, or a far reach, but the timing, the similarities, the symbolism etc just seems odd and coincidental..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1518241

this is a reach, lurk more

No. 1518265

I can already sense the abusive and narcissistic father vibes. Yet another child brought to this world with a shitty father figure. sigh

No. 1518273

Wouldn't it be badass if Mars and Poppy collabed

No. 1518275

I feel like this is staged so when he and Chelsea break up he can show it to the internet to prove he made the baby all by himself.

No. 1518314

coquette/zoomer from tiktok spotted. re-read threads starting from thread one, or get your knowledge elsewhere. no, it wouldn't be badass if Mars and Poppy collabed. Poppy was on board, actively bothering Mars along with Tits back when stuff was happening. they both stalked her, frequented places where Mars also went and dedicated entire musical project to mocking and parodying her. doubt Mars would like to make collabs with her own fucking skinwalker, who additionally has done shit to her in thepast. and good, cause she can't - both sides are not allowed to openly mention, reference or contact each other. Poppy can only dream.

No. 1518361

underrated comment

No. 1518387

It would just be straight up bad. Poppy borderline harassed her. Yeah I'm sure Brittany really wants to work with some pickme ass bitch who harassed her for years just because she happened to be the ex of her boyfriend at the time. Damn wording it like that is making me see some parallels between Poppy and Creepshow

No. 1518636

Ew no. Poppy is a skinwalker, abuse enabling ghislaine maxwell tier bitch. Literally helped in the stalking and harrassment of Mars. Also to kick the cow more, Poppy mirrors and skinwalks any artist she associates with (grimes, ghostemane), she has no personality or anything unique about herself and her shitty music. Poppy continues to copy even after being dissociated with faggot titanic.

No. 1519106

i'm sorry, have someone mentioned about mars argo's new song? does it have something in the lyrics that seems to have to do with tits? https://youtu.be/2K_c9RGrlXI

No. 1521837

I just noticed that. Idk, it’s vague enough that it could be about anything. The lyrics are a little uninspired tbh but it doesn’t even matter, it sounds good and I’m just happy she’s releasing new music. I hope she puts more stuff out soon

No. 1524678

wow she really can't sing

No. 1539936

kek i called tits rebranding as a family-friendly parenting youtuber and now it seems like he is doing just that

he posted an hour-long podcast about fatherhood and also made a song about it (vidrel) and in the description he begs people to stream the song so they can afford coffee and diapers

No. 1540621

Wow, and no shots of Chelsea or including her in the song or video at all.

Like in this post >>1517517 how he didn't even mention or tag her and just referred to her as "mama". How romantic and supportive.

No. 1540676

Lol how ironic, look at the wife beater tank. maybe he's still reading this thread in hopes of finding inspiration how to beg for money, and he found it, lmao.
is chelsea chick poor or rich? did she have any job? rich parents? she's better off dumping that idiot and raising the kid herself. or finding a guy that at least has a decent money and truly loves her, not throwing some lame "mama" out of necessity.
>begs to stream so they can afford coffee and diapers
jfc just get a job, you moron. time to say goodbye to your dreams of fame.

No. 1540908

Though I won't be watching the video (videos of Tits talking remind me of being in a shitty bar trapped in conversation with a drunk narcissist), I am so deeply validated to know that he is ebegging now. It really has brightened my day.

No. 1540915

Hahaha, same.

>trapped in conversation with a drunk narcissist

That's what 100% of his interactions are

No. 1543275

Honestly I like it. It sounds like Wet Cigarette which I also like.

No. 1550040

Sounds like if a drunk person put kevin parker’s vocals over a yakuza disco song and then tried to make the visuals look like a knock off clarence clarity.

No. 1566591

File: 1655712259614.png (4.92 MB, 1242x2208, 8E99C257-8C30-4396-B7C7-7128F6…)

did she get a boob job?

No. 1573843

File: 1656358333360.jpeg (194.19 KB, 1200x1159, 963AB34E-4A31-42D1-9680-17929F…)

so hot

No. 1573901

dunno what you're on about, I don't like poppy because she's a terrible person but she looks 10000% better here than when she was anorexic and just bones. She's skinny but fit/toned. Scrote af take.

No. 1576554

holy fuck I come back to this thread and Poppy's suddenly fit af, she looks FANTASTIC. Good for her, honestly.

No. 1578976

the fact that poppy still has supporters disgusts me she doesn’t deserve anything good

No. 1610053

I believe Poppy is a semen witch. She takes the form of her "current" boyfriend. She has no identity.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1610080

>she takes the form of her "current" boyfriend, has no identity
>she’s a semen witch!!1!1!1
have you heard of BPD, namefag?

No. 1610083

you're right but why word it like a moid
>semen witch
are you just so coombrained you cant leave this nasty shit out of your sentence?

No. 1610113

scrotes making everything about s*men

No. 1610399

because it is a moid

No. 1614012

File: 1660323842743.png (814.65 KB, 1242x2208, E0BC0FC3-6E9A-4A10-AC21-24B45A…)

i completely believe this

No. 1614019

poppy is a shit tier person, especially for the throwing away fan gifts and crap but an ''artist'' having a coke habit is nothing new in entertainment. I'd be more surprised if they didn't have a coke habit, kek.

No. 1621673

unless she was trashing them in front of fans this sounds like pretty standard behavior, most celebrities dont keep or really care about fan gifts. this goes double for people on tour with limited storage space. its unfortunate but if youre the kinda fan who brings gifts to shows, 99% chance it went in the garbage

No. 1621678

It’s so funny imagining some self-important YouTube flop doing cocaine for their shitty little tour and then fading into obscurity

No. 1621725

I mean, 100% believable, and nothing new. Even back in her Tits bubbly pink Poppy era/last record before Tits was out, there were reports on her being fucked up onstage, and running every few minutes/every few songs backstage to do a line, and coming highly energetic. Tits was on coke too.

Also, her being a shitty person is no news, and it's not because she throws away gifts. She's a shit person because she actively participated in bullying Mars, and nothing can change how she behaved. she seems to be vain vapid bitch anyway.
Kek at her stopping the bus to do a line though.

No. 1621733

File: 1661104141159.jpg (638.08 KB, 1080x1399, discord.jpg)

It's probably the most believable screenshot from that account I've ever seen but after lurking in her discord for a while it seems like she has some deranged fans hoping to start drama just so she stops ignoring them.

No. 1621883

File: 1661115269952.gif (1.36 MB, 498x274, britney-britney-spears.gif)

>ah, she was just a girl
>I thought she was a woman


No. 1622071

well perhaps, but it doesn't even take to believe this particular post to know Poppy is a cokehead and that she has ghostwriters, and behaves rude to some ppl. even if that one completely made up "i worked for her" story, all else what he said is probably true. well, maybe stoping the bus to do a line was arguable kek

No. 1622079

Unrelated but it still makes me kek how Tits and Poppy used to play the part of protoplast Phenis O'Connel and Billie Eilish. funny to think they used to be everywhere, promoting "quirky creepy slash candy sweet videos" and being considered musical genius pair, just to flop completely. now Tits lives on his psychofan's cash and still releases angry vendetta songs about Poppy (that i guess only Tits is listening to and streaming on alt account), and Poppy runs around with greasy hair, travelling the bumpy road to nowhere and stops the bus in Nowhereville to do a line in peace.

No. 1622137

I wouldn't be surprised if some of these confessions have kernels of truth in them, Poppy was sloppy drunk at one of her shows and Titanic seems the type it all fits, but I just wanted to add that making up shit like this seems to be a "trend" with her fans to keep her relevant or get attention.

No. 1622143

>making up shit like this seems to be a "trend" with her fans to keep her relevant or get attention.
Well damn, the bar is really low. you know that your idol is fading into obscure, when you literally have to make up unfavourable things about them and start drama only to keep peoplet tallking

No. 1622149

There's something satisfying that tit's "new song" has only reached 16k views in 6 months. Meanwhile Mar's new song has 300k views in 4 months. You know he's seething. It's pretty obvious he made that stupid track/video with intentions of it going viral too.

No. 1622154

i can't believe he got ANY views at all. i honestly anticipated he got 1000-2000 views at most!

No. 1622178

It does have some truth to it. She once coldly told a fan who was being nice towards her to leave her alone after she went on Discord to bitch and moan about Grimes.

Her former classmates (whom she falsely accused of bullying her in high school) said she was quiet and very antisocial.

Basically she's Greta Garbo minus the talent.

No. 1622185

>Her former classmates (whom she falsely accused of bullying her in high school) said she was quiet and very antisocial.
where did her classmates say that? i believe it lol

No. 1622189

she seems like the quiet and antisocial type and it's funnier to think it's true

No. 1622192

More on the second thing? Also, what did she say about Grimes? I feel like she's seething in this thread kek

No. 1622247

This was years ago. They recorded two songs together.

Poppy said Grimes bit her, didn't write any lyrics or play any instruments on the recordings. She also said Grimes bullies songwriters into signing NDAs and takes credit for their work.

When the second song was released Grimes had Poppy's vocals re-recorded by another artist. She later briefly followed Mars on social media.

No. 1622287

the Mars following then quiet unfollowing when it was clear Mars wanted nothing to do with Grimes was so funny, Grimes commented "SHES PROBABLY NICER NOW" when asked about Poppy post Titanic and Poppy hasnt mentioned her since

No. 1622303

>Her former classmates (whom she falsely accused of bullying her in high school) said she was quiet and very antisocial.
I 100% believe Poppy is a bitch, but it could be former classmates that lie, you know. I've had former classmates treating me like shit and when teacher noticed they said "b-but it's not us she is isolating and antisocial!" That being said, she was 100% basic starbucks girl, and considering what she did to Mars she was probably more likely to bully. idk

No. 1622306

I didn't, true. Yeah she's a bitch, i wonder what else she lies about. idk how can people think she's "better now" just cause she got fucked over by Titanic and painted herself as a victim. tbh i believe these gossips that she's mean to venue workers etc.

No. 1622309

File: 1661162581817.png (97.47 KB, 740x390, 23444.png)

Jfc she's still making those stupid white backgroud 1 min shorts of her doing nothing? how much longer can you do this shit. why

No. 1622312

File: 1661162999691.png (1.69 MB, 740x1638, 32222222.png)

this is even worse

No. 1622322

She can’t let go.

No. 1622344

Extremely visible Brazilian phenotype.

No. 1622428


she’s a portuguese/spanish/irish white woman and calls herself latina because??? her ancestors colonized latin america???

No. 1622430

are you retarded? brazilians are far more mixed than your average american but even if she's primarily european, brazilians are still latinos. it'd an ethnicity not a race, her being pale doesn't make her not latina

No. 1622436

File: 1661181051310.png (817.75 KB, 3000x2100, 3F8C4B49-C029-4CA0-BEA2-92AD4F…)

tfw you need a basic ass history and geography lesson because you're such an imbecile you assume all latinos must look swarthy, you realize latin is an indo-european language right? you realize it's called latin america literally because the colonizers brought their language to the americas right? you realize i can have a lighter complexion than her and have light eyes and still be latina right? hilarious how ignorant you are while trying to sound woke

No. 1622572

where lol? i don’t think there are many irish in brazil it’s way more likely she has portuguese ancestry. even if she is primarily european she’s still latina because it’s an ethnicity not a race

No. 1622669

Just call her white, honestly. If anyone tries the "She's Latina not white" thing, remind them that there are white Latinas, and she's not a minority of any sort kek

No. 1623028

File: 1661224230607.png (516.26 KB, 596x541, ef6e0d467a3daa9674ca34c64e2f8b…)

except she is latina lmao? why are you trying to whitewash people of latin descent? again, do you know what latina means? people of portuguese and spanish descent have been discriminated against, white originally referred to people of nordic/north european ancestry. look up the immigration law of 1924. also, as i've already stated, brazilians are far more mixed than your average american, see picrel. i'm latina, more pale than her, have very light colored eyes and i still have considerably more indigenous and subsaharan african DNA than your average white american, my ethnicity is absolutely not the same as that of a white american of irish descent, and you can tell this by her phenotype. you people are literally braindead and don't get to decide another person's ethnicity for them because you think they're meant to have a certain ancestral background to be POC enough for your shit

No. 1623047

also my point isn't she is POC, it's that you're trying to erase her ethnicity and lump her in with a group of people who(if her parents are brazilian) she definitely doesn't have the same ancestral or ethnic composition as, and it makes you unbelievably stupid. just say you're mad she's not fucking swarthy, by US history standards she's nonwhite, she is however caucasian, latina and ethnic. by today's standards which have turned white and caucasian into interchangeable terms (which they never were for decades and this was used to discriminate against southern europeans) maybe she's white, but again those standards are retarded and plenty of middle eastern people have said they do not feel represented https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2117940119 even though they technically can cross off white too, because as i've stated, today's definitions are retarded politically motivated propaganda, and plenty of ethnic people do not identify that way. i will continue to look whiter than her by your standards and call myself latina and nonwhite too and you can die mad about it

No. 1623132

Not reading your autistic rant. Send in the Moriah Pereira AncestryDNA results if you're so invested. That's a white woman lmao. There are white latino people, burger. "Latin" is not a race.

No. 1623157

File: 1661238063766.jpeg (562.38 KB, 1242x1716, ED90F5F8-530B-4EDE-AD8D-E38ED1…)

she is not from brazil

No. 1623218

White as an egg mayo sandwich kek

No. 1623219

i'm one of the latin people you'd call white tho lol, you're trying to whitewash us and lump us into a retarded racial category that groups literal brown middle eastern and northern african people in as white too, click the study i linked. you're only posting one side of her family. she is latina, and i'm the one who said it's an ethnicity and not a race replying to an anon that was claiming she doesn't get to call herself latina, when if one of her parents is Brazilian she actually does, because that means she's got more south american and also nonwhite DNA (indigenous and african) which differs from the DNA of your average white American, who has little to no nonwhite DNA and is primarily northern european.

No. 1623221

Still not reading. Anyway refer to >>1623157, literally no one is wrong to call this white woman white, cry about it forever

No. 1623222

no one was wrong to call her latina either, cope seethe & dilate

No. 1623224

>writes racebait essays because a white person is referred to as white and not considered a POC to anyone on earth
Nah, I think you're the one who needs to dilate, that's some tranny lost identity gaping neovagina shit right there. Anyway, let the thread move on lmao

No. 1623225

literally in response to the low iq anon coping about the fact that she rightfully can call herself latina, imagine complaining about that as if someones skin isnt dark enough for you to think they can claim a large part of their ethnicity. poc middle eastern & north african people are valid in complaining that they don't fit into your bullshit racial category too

No. 1623231

This is a thread about two white cows. Your identity politics bullshit and getting triggered over white people called white doesn't fit in here, leave. Also keep MENA people out of your confused, American mouth please and thanks

No. 1623566

File: 1661279170204.jpeg (172.18 KB, 750x1334, 5E87A89E-1E9F-49F4-BDD5-F0F35A…)

wtf is going on

No. 1623572

currently there's some drama among poppy fans bc some of her new songs have leaked. i guess whoever leaked those songs has also leaked ~60 others. i'd be mad too tbf

No. 1623825

Fans of female pop singers are among the most deranged, who would care this much about unreleased poppy material to do phishing scams and shit to get it.

No. 1651977

File: 1663698508658.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1180x1463, 4DEF628F-EEC0-476F-99B7-4EDA67…)

poppy has a new boyfriend

No. 1652556

Are we sure? Hes a producer and ten years older than her, lmao?

No. 1652593

What happened with that Ghost whatever guy? Weren’t they engaged or am i misremembering?

No. 1652651

Ghostemane? They were then they werent, she didnt say anything about it but he freaked out about her "treating him like shit" while calling his fans simpletons for asking then got an onlyfans chick pregnant ASAP. TBCH it just seemed like he wanted kids and she didnt.

No. 1652688

wasn't tits also? She has a type I guess?

No. 1652698

Disgusting proprietary scrotish behavior seeing his love as nothing other than a brood mare. I'm not a Poppy stan or whatever they're called but thats fucking gross even if it happens to someone you don't like

No. 1652813

File: 1663734673425.jpg (163.91 KB, 1440x1800, ghostemane.jpg)

>then got an onlyfans chick pregnant ASAP.
Wait they both immediately got a girl pregnant after breaking up with Poppy?

Did some digging and she's called skyefires, baby due december 2022 and even looks a bit like titanic's post-poppy girlfriend. >>1406141
The poppy effect I guess, tinfoil but maybe she has the same conversations or arguments when breaking up and this is their dual attempts to prove a point. That or she is simply attracted to a specific type of to-be deadbeat unmarried father.

No. 1652978


he’s 40 and she’s 27 I think she just likes older men? titanic and josh moran were 8 years older than her

No. 1653011

File: 1663745810969.jpeg (604.04 KB, 1242x647, DC9EE348-EE86-4EA9-B8FC-A967F2…)

Poppy’s new boyfriend is Dua Lipa’s producer and Poppy already started copying her….

No. 1653259

ehhh this is kind of a stretch, they're wearing that shirt in two different ways and he hair and make up is very different, even if it's technically a 'braid'. I think people would consider that if there were more photos of her copying Dua Lipa.

No. 1653410

Ian has done three songs with Dua, hes not "her producer". Also that picture of Poppy is three weeks older than the picture of Dua Lipa?

No. 1654280

File: 1663856577182.jpeg (170.71 KB, 1242x680, 06457FD5-0B65-4B15-BCD1-86AA5D…)

she changed record labels AGAIN… for the 5th time lmao

No. 1654352

Republic? That’s a pretty big record label iirc, I’d be kinda surprised if someone like Poppy got a deal with them. She’s still on all of Sumarians websites, maybe it was added by accident?

No. 1655582

Latina/o is a fake category. It’s not even an ethnicity. Please tell me what “culture” unites a Dutch Chilean to a Black Cuban to a Mestizo Mexican to an Indigenous Peruvian to a Portuguese Brazilian. Not even language unites “Latinos.” To be Latino is simply to be born in/have relatives born in the part of the greater American continent that is not US/Canada.

No. 1655726

>Latina/o is a fake category

> To be Latino is simply to be born in/have relatives born in the part of the greater American continent that is not US/Canada

No. 1655760

>Please tell me what “culture” unites
Mocking chicanos?

No. 1655849

you got me there, anon.

No. 1657269

What kind of self esteem issues lead a woman to get impregnated with that bloated mf's kid? What could anyone possibly see in him? Is it the lyrics about slicing woman's faces open while he fucks them or lyrics about having a bitch in every city he plays shows in? That chick is retarded and Poppy dodged a bullet.

No. 1659805


I wonder if she keeps being dropped

No. 1661390

File: 1664417091399.jpeg (596.83 KB, 2048x2048, 65028BB1-4300-4A7E-BE0A-E0D2DB…)

Their not exact, but similar enough to speculate/reach/question.
Seems he has a type for picking rings.
( both give Coffin vibes )

No. 1661402

File: 1664418062279.png (3.39 MB, 1536x2048, 2F04E31B-7415-4AAA-8B0B-79F60A…)

Did they get married? Engagement was already announced and those look like bands..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1661633

she is pregnant and he is getting fat so i'm sure they are settled

No. 1661812

File: 1664465644771.jpeg (218.4 KB, 1242x976, 7F4BBC5E-D9C3-4673-B160-D1881F…)


Yeah they’re married

No. 1664630


What happened to Chelsea’s “Corey” tattoo?

No. 1680357

Titanic is 35 but looks 55 and Mars was the only girl he has dated so far who didn't look like a tranny.(necro)

No. 1683952

File: 1666673104015.jpeg (282.1 KB, 750x802, 9DFB9489-157D-4830-814C-EC23BD…)

not milk but

No. 1688791

The design on the right, the upside down V on top of a diamond is a common design anon. Also the one on the left is nothing like it.

I believe it, there's too many people speaking out about Poppy being a shitty person for it not to be true.

No. 1689186

poppy has been self serving since day 1. Tits was an idiot to even bother but who cares. Anyone who actually stans her is retarded.

I do wonder which one of them was more of a bitch in the whole poppy/grimes situation though.

No. 1695185

File: 1667735286553.png (1.18 MB, 1242x2208, ABF2ECE9-DC1E-4D2D-947F-39BDBD…)

Poppy cancelled her european tour for the third time since 2019.
“the current climate of the world” what does this even mean?? If she’s talking about Ukraine and Russia, she was only going to tour in Western Europe so that wouldn’t even affect her concerts. I live in Germany and that war doesn’t affect us in any way. She also cancelled this tour in like February just so she could go on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins, which means an audience that doesn’t even care about her and literally booed her is more important to her than her own fans.

No. 1695642

there's a rumor going around that titanic and chelsea broke up, is it true?

No. 1695854

i definitely believe NDA signing, this is what Grimes do. that being said, they're both petty attention whore anachans who are bland normies deep at heart, and who are jealous of others. Poppy probably didn't like NDA thing, and Grimes didn't like that Poppy looked better than her or something
100% believable. She even looks and talks like a bitch.

No. 1696819

I like Billy Corgan as a musician but I feel like he’s a huge creep irl. He dated Jess who is super tiny and skinny like 5ft tall and maybe 80lbs, now he’s in a relationship with and has kids with an Asian woman who is 26 years younger than him and always looks miserable in their photos together. Poppys schtick is acting like a strange little child and is known to have attracted groomers, so the fact he invited her seems weird.

No. 1696934

I don’t think so, she posts him on her story all the time

No. 1700020

She definitely got fake titties, wow.

And she’s wearing a cheapass lolita replica dress in this, kek.

No. 1701750

KEK he's so fucking lame, he's definitely not innocent in their breakup as he seems like a huge cow himself. Ghostemane had beef with Bones on twitter once and Ghostie's genius response was to brag about how he had a model girlfriend. Bones was and is married to a regular woman he clearly loves for a lot more than just looks. It was embarrassing for Ghostemane. He seems like a mega coomer who can't help but cheat and uses women.

No. 1701760

>He dated Jess who is super tiny and skinny like 5ft tall and maybe 80lbs
Damn maybe she should just get fatter and taller. The dating 26 years younger is creepy but just because he dated a petite woman, I don't think that automatically makes him creepy kek. I don't think him inviting her means much either.

No. 1701875

He's a strange one, always thought it was a bit suspect how his relationship with the suicide girl model ended up. Poppy staying silent on their engagement breaking off even after he accused her of mistreating him on his discord server seemed kind of strange too.

I know there was some rumors going around that he was the abusive one, not his ex, but he got some NDA involved and slapped a restraining order on her for good measure, but I'm not sure if there's any truth to that.

No. 1702108

sage because i can’t prove any of this beyond word of mouth but i know someone who was involved with eric and his brother and saw a lot go down. eric and poppy’s relationship had a lot of problems for a long time because eric would get pissy that poppy was gone all the time and also that she wasn’t ready for kids. eric sits in his house doing pills and occasionally playing playstation when he isn’t working or traveling and would apparently come stay at his mom’s house and just be fucked up for days and she would have to come check and make sure he was still alive. poppy didn’t do hard drugs with eric at first and she didn’t like that he did, he went to a detox program but he was using again as of december last year. also my friend said poppy seemed quiet and sweet when they met briefly. eric’s brother and friends are just as bad as eric is, btw, and they’re all raging misogynists. the brother (alec) totally traumatized his ex and threatened to make his ex disappear with his brother’s lawyers. eric and alec are like these black holes that drain all the women in their lives. also their mom is a trump supporter who will enable their behavior no matter what they do.
at the very least eric is abusive emotionally, if not physically, i don’t know for sure about ivory’s claims of being abused by him but i am inclined to believe her. eric is also a serial cheater.

No. 1703508

So Poppy cheated on Titanic with Eric & then left him for Eric, thinking she was going to have a lasting romance with Eric….only for Eric to dump her (I'm pretty sure it was Eric who did the dumping), and now she's alone, LOL

No. 1703925

I thought poppy broke up with him because he was abusive as well or something?

No. 1705254

Not surprised by this considering the underlying message in his "gotcha" tweet to Bones and bragging about having a model girlfriend as if anyone gives two shits. It just shows how he sees women and definitely only values them for their vagina. It's so easy to read between the lines with moids.

No. 1706273

Poppy got with some C or B list pop producer like a month ago, they've been pretty private which is probably good.

No. 1706929

Ian and Poppy definitely broke up, they unfollowed each other a few weeks ago

No. 1725825

File: 1670878341458.jpeg (310.37 KB, 1242x1436, 77AE2272-3FC7-4741-8959-5F7B9D…)

She’s blonde again.

No. 1739909

poppy is being cancelled by her own fans on twitter & reddit for going to marilyn manson’s party

No. 1788902

Mars Argo's New Song " I can only be me " not only is very clearly directed at poppy, buuttt sounds nothing like mars, but sounds exactly like what poppy's currently genre is. Good song, I like it, but yah, mars is now copying the copier. ESPECIALLY, after poppy has gone back to the old copy of mars aesthetic, but with grunge sounds. Now mars is copying the grunge sound. I wonder if this is a breech of the settlement at all?(namefagging)

No. 1788914

Nah. If anything, it shows her influence on the Mars Argo project. It has the same vibe as Wet Cigarette, Wasting Away, Stuck on You, Seventeen, etc. Their sound is very grunge-y on the latter years of the project. It was very evident on her fashion sense as well, look at her old posts on IG, and that was wayyy prior to Poppy's "grunge" project.

No. 1788922

If you're going to talk about the song at least embed it. seems like this one and "angry" are gonna be a part of the same ep/ or album.

No. 1789095

Nah, if anything it shows that mars changed her sound.
I'm very much a mars argo stan. I'm on her side with everything, so don't get my claims twisted. But it definitely looks like she is copying the copier, as her older IG posts that you are referencing, have more of a 90's pop meets 00's pop vibe, as well as her music. Her style and music was originally very light. Now she has some heavier grunge undertones. You know who started using grunge sounds to break away from the mold of copying? POPPY. Poppy has been doing it since 2020 now. All mars music before "angry" was super soft, melodic pop music, and now she is grunge. Don't get me wrong, both styles suit mars. But its funny how she's gonna claim "take my identity I'll create a new one" and the new one is a rip off of the new identity that her copycat made. It comes off as if she enjoyed the attention that having a copycat made, and wants to keep that flame of attention going. Everyone involved had their views & sales PLUMMET, after everything settled down. So it's not to far of a reach to assume that she is copying the copier for engagement.
My main concern tho.
The. Law.suit.
They are NOT supposed to reference, talk about or defame/slander each other.
This song is so easy to see its about poppy. Could this song violate their settlement ?(sage your shit)

No. 1789096

Also couldn't embed. My phone won't let me do so easily.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1789128

i also agree, brit defo is copying poopy back. Brits song is defo aimed at poppy(sage your shit)

No. 1789171

Your knowledge of music is very limited if you can't describe Poppy's latest music with any other word than grunge. (Her genre is not grunge btw) Both artist's latest songs have distorted guitar and that's about it.

No. 1789214

>All mars music before "angry" was super soft, melodic pop music
This isn't true lol. Never heard Doctor?

No. 1789216

Beauty is Empty also has similar vibes to this newer stuff. Plus, Angry was originally made in 2015. She's always had a rock sort of sound.

No. 1789388

Yep, you're right. I don't think she's copying Poppy at all. Pops has never even been able to nail down a consistent sound, genre, or look. Brit has her beat for originality and having a distinctive style. I'm glad she's got another song out.

No. 1789420

The person who is claiming mars copyinghas brought up ONE good point tho.
That settlement. Mars is violating that. That I can agree on. Everything else, nah.
But by definition of their settlement, mars is breaking it. Cause anyone who googles mars will see the situation/lawsuit , then hear this song and make the connection to poopy, which is good enough to sue for violation. Others have sued for less and won. I hope mars has lawyers, cause I wouldn't be surprised if poopy tries. Or h3ll even titanic might. She's got a lyric about stopping contact… if he's still trying.. this song might piss him off too.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1789423

I wonder if brit is gonna make a full comeback… something tells me with titanic being silent, chels not doing any projects, poppy attempting to be herself… she might.(namefagging unsaged )

No. 1789427

Stop agreeing with yourself poppyfag and learn how to use the farms before commenting.

No. 1789557

Dumb as a rock. Poppy's put out at least two songs with lyrics referencing/calling out Mars after the lawsuit. If she tried to sue, she'd just get it back.

No. 1790378

Felt such cringe reading all that. Just why? That anon hit low. Poppy stans are something else. I also don’t hear much similarity except that they’re both alternative. Which they’ve always been. I’d actually argue Poppy was more pop than alt hence her stage name…

No. 1790456

File: 1679095701117.jpeg (87.07 KB, 640x1015, FDD7C860-5B5D-45C8-B939-AE42B9…)

Poppy posting being blonde with caption "good motives" shortly after mars diss song release. Coincidence?

No. 1790508

she barely looks like herself

No. 1791258

File: 1679228081973.png (68.02 KB, 640x1136, 78059163-8154-419D-9D23-273DCB…)

Tittie Posting about poopys song "girls in bikinis" in 2023

No. 1791697

it’s been so long since i’ve seen this cow and she barely looks like the same person wtf. has she had work done?

No. 1792182

File: 1679338186842.jpeg (58.32 KB, 750x808, 7523F352-F69F-4C4D-A645-DC891E…)

Old milk but I want to dump some lyrics that Poppy and Titanic wrote around the time when they were harassing Mars around 2015. It was literally their whole shtick. Just to compile it all. Their entire compatibility boiled down to a desire for fame and a desire to fuck w her. I can’t imagine Poppy not being a mental nutcase after her actions

But this one Titanic wrote himself after Angry leaked referencing some of the lyrics

No. 1792184

File: 1679338262681.jpeg (29.79 KB, 750x321, AF91838E-47CD-46C1-8208-D19A15…)

Referencing that Katai vid featuring Mars playing w a gun

No. 1792186

File: 1679338428985.jpeg (87.05 KB, 750x1086, F361BC09-00EE-4434-AA87-05D391…)

Referencing beauty is empty

No. 1792194

File: 1679339001565.jpeg (14.74 KB, 750x140, E5C1D31A-9964-4507-BAB8-F5F605…)

Is it the cluster B team? No probs the Brit team. This might seem like a reach but I’d buy that this is still a ref to Mars

You have to understand Poppy was signed at that time so they had to churn out song after song. Encouraged even. Their product was her pain

No. 1792196

File: 1679339613421.jpeg (88.94 KB, 750x1000, 2E86E0BF-BE70-4FC1-A7BE-07F2D8…)

Last one former BFF Tessa Violet wrote this about Poppy before the suit, before they even started the creepy short clips that found them notoriety. If I remember correctly she liked a tweet asking for confirmation

Sorry to spam if this is uninteresting. It’s a shame for Mars that she’ll forever be linked to them in this way but I still hope they’ll be remembered for what they had to do to establish themselves into their super artsy careers now. Cows go moo

No. 1792872

These are interesting. What songs are these from?

No. 1792895

1) So Punk Rock ~ Titanic Sinclair
2) Guns & Gold ~ Poppy
3) Puppet ~ Titanic Sinclair
4) Crazy ~ Poppy
5) Small Lyrics ~ Tessa Violet

No. 1792981

It's interesting to see mars communicating with poppy and titanic in her music, communicating her anger and frustration with them.(sage your shit)

No. 1793870

Who here thinks we're gonna watch a flame war between poppy and mars?
I think we will be. Especially with the way poppy has to always release music or content directly after mars, as well as poppy making slight digs in her posts. "Good Motives" posted shortly after "I can only be me" and poppys back to blonde?
Too coincidental in my opinion.

No. 1793887

Ugh, coppy really jumped on the ugly botched lip filler train. She should've had work done on her jew nose instead

No. 1794036

File: 1679613853969.jpeg (22.74 KB, 889x352, 717BCD01-A689-4414-BC7B-CC8A5D…)

I just noticed Poppy finally enabled her sub count.

No. 1794407

Eh… i thought he doesn't get any money from Poppy streams?

she's really, really trying to bring up that "omg oldschool Poppy is back!1!1!" hype isn't she.

No. 1794411

It would be in their both best interests to never even allude to anything about each other. they're legally withheld from referencing each other directly and whatnot. Imo Poppy should be glad that it went how it went, bc in somewhat direct aftermath, she split with her abusive scrote (Titanic). If Mars never sued, she'd probably stay with him.

But… Poppy's a mean bitch and an airhead, so its quite possible she's bitter about Mars nonetheless. i'm sure Poppy is able to see that her career plummetted. really missing that "top Youtube mystery" status she used to have, lol >>1622309

No. 1794438

I thought so too! But why else would he post about it, trying to get it higher views? Unless thats his way of telling poppy he's still around? I know for a year after the split, titanic was trying to extort/bully/blackmail poppy with old files/demos etc.

They all should definitely refrain from mentioning of each other, as well as put a stop to the constant copies, digs etc.
Also, yes poppy is very much bitter about mars, and her career plummeting. and is very much trying to do the "old school poppy is back" hype train, especially cause it's also a dig and way to bully mars still. Wouldn't be shocked if she's holding on simply out of jealousy of mars. ~ unfortunately when a man causes you to be insecure and fearful of another woman's presence, or jealous of her, or hate her, etc. it's hard to come back from that/loose the feelings instilled about her.
I hope everyone can move on, they all (except titanic) deserve to be at peace.

No. 1794445

Why is Poppy so jealous and bitter toward Mars? She copied and helped harass her for years to get mainstream appeal, and it worked. After all this time, why is she still so mad? It's not like she's the one that got cheated on and screwed over creatively.

No. 1794451

I honestly thought Poppy doesn't have a problem with Mars after split with Titanic, but guess i was wrong. She must be jealous bc Mars is better, more charismatic and more well liked in every way. she was (maybe still is) angry that their whole intrigue came out, and Mars got her justice, while Poppy came out to be usable idiot. Popppy might have psycho fans and some shitty awards, but her reputation is shot. her reputation is "that one untalented grey mouse turned skinwalker". maybe she's pissed cause she thinks if Mars never sued, she'd still be super popular and loved, with Titanic formula that worked.

All probably same old jealousy and bitterness. also, Poppy is deeply touched and against abuse only when it affects HER. She had no problem partying with a known abuser Marilyn Manson just 3 months ago.

No. 1794670

Of course she is bitter! The girl that her ex held over her head, compared her too, tutned her into, and overall made poppy insecure about, is doing well, the ex is an ex. Unfortunately most girls will forever stalk the girl who they got cheated on with/compared too etc. In poppys case, this is the ex of her (now ex) man, who her man is obsessed with, doing well and being liked more. So it further pushes the insecurities that titanic gave poppy. Poppy is seeing the girl she was forced to skinwalk, come out about everything, taking the spotlight, destroying poppy's character, being popular and more liked.
I'm not saying this is great behavior, but it is common.

Also no one batted an eye about her friendship with MM till this year, she's been his friend and at parties since 2015. He was also cleared on 2 out of 3 allegations and the 2 he got cleared on said they were put up to making the claims by the 3rd. Personally we shouldn't cancel folks till we have all the details. Look at the rick and morty guy, he wasn't ever charged, just facing them, and his case was dismissed without charges, he was found not guilty… but that didn't stop people from canceling.

Poppy is a piece of work, mm is bad person, poppy has attended parties and nothing more. but let's not act like its news, or 100 facts yet.(sage your novella)

No. 1795062

Am I the only one noticing poppy is going back to being a copycat?

No. 1796415

3 is Double X Girlfriend but otherwise yep all correct

No. 1796420

By Poppy to clarify. From 2015 ish

No. 1796421

By Poppy to clarify. From when it all started 2015 ish

No. 1797172


She got way too much plastic surgery she doesn't even look like herself anymore. Fake hair, fake lips, fake teeth, fake boobs, Botox???

No. 1797348

her boob job is not it imo she looked better before, her boobs were proportional to her body

No. 1798601

Fake lips? Fake teeth? I dont see it. Her face looks natural to me(fake user input to put sage in apparently too)

No. 1798689

She definitely got veneers/caps whatever and her boobs were very different

No. 1798807

File: 1680182257713.jpeg (242.44 KB, 1242x2208, 19D1A279-4E4A-444F-88BC-1DEC72…)

she def did something to her teeth

No. 1798810

File: 1680182438521.jpeg (205.89 KB, 1242x2208, 16CAB73B-C6F9-4C56-A17C-E13512…)

and the boob job is obvious too. her fans are denying it so hard and saying “she just gained weight” lol

No. 1798847

Kinda awful when people fix things that were already perfect, like now she has little demon filed down nubs under her veneers, and scars and silicone in her chest, she was literally already perfect. Just goes to show how toxic the people around her are

No. 1798901

wtf why would she do that. her body was perfect before, now she looks disproportionate and just off.

No. 1798921

She got the implants when she was with Ghostemane, maybe he wanted her to do that for him because that’s his type? The girl he married after Poppy also has big fake boobs

No. 1799043

File: 1680206231565.jpeg (459.46 KB, 1920x1081, 25DAA85B-2681-475D-A420-A9C441…)

While we are picking apart peoples bodys and personalities..
Lets not forget chelsea, who each day starts to look like her own version of mars/poppy and her style even reflects it too.
She's done a music video, and makes music under the name " semanella " and " sofrine " online, using images of herself, titanic, poppy and mars, super edited, and uses their music super edited pretending its hers.
Its linked to her due to her and it interacting together. But that's beside the point here.
Chelsea is attempting to skin walk too, just not as obvious.

No. 1799044

File: 1680206257841.jpeg (303.85 KB, 1920x1081, 1CEE585E-03CA-4598-9A44-B59632…)

So.. While we are picking apart peoples bodys and personalities..
Lets not forget chelsea, who each day starts to look like her own version of mars/poppy and her style even reflects it too.
She's done a music video, and makes music under the name " semanella " and " sofrine " online, using images of herself, titanic, poppy and mars, super edited, and uses their music super edited pretending its hers.
Its linked to her due to her and it interacting together. But that's beside the point here.
Chelsea is attempting to skin walk too, just not as obvious.

No. 1799069

Semanela and Sofrina are the same person, and they're a troll account made by a Poppy Stan, that's not Chelsea

No. 1799126

that’s definitely a troll account and it looks like it makes fun of tit and chelsea. where has she interacted with it?

No. 1799477

chelsea changes her style & aesthetic every 3 months

No. 1800234

File: 1680316180867.png (210.94 KB, 640x1136, 3B86D38A-8C6B-457D-A9CD-0F5D3E…)

New "Copy-Poppy" post.
Back to the High Pitched, Mono Tone Voice, Bleach Blonde Hair, White Background Aesthetic.
Looks like she is in fact, going back to the poppy that harassed mars.
Wonder if she will continue to harrass mars indirectly…


(Link above ^ kept getting error when trying to embedd)

No. 1800269

the filler is not doing her any favors

No. 1800339

Oh my god what happened to her face

No. 1800431

I don't see it. Chelsea changes her aesthetic constantly and is currently on a soft/cottagecore look

No. 1800741

File: 1680395752399.png (814.33 KB, 640x1136, B93245E4-6904-4DC6-91CA-B31163…)

Looks like titanic does in facf, get royalties/commissions from the music he did with poppy..
But he's not credited on the song or album, so how is this possible other than poppy being nice? O.o

Also poppy has "church outfit" dropping april 4th. How much you wanna bet theirs gonna be a dig to mars or titanic in it?(O.o)

No. 1800758

File: 1680398014899.jpeg (179.54 KB, 1242x2307, 32043DDB-F7A2-4973-9901-BF1366…)

Not sure where you’re getting your info, but TS has writing credits on nearly every song Poppy released prior to their split. Looks like the only songs he wasn’t credited for on Am I a Girl were the interludes, In a Minute, and Play Destroy.

No. 1801984

File: 1680582771532.png (84.35 KB, 1536x2048, 8FD4A9A9-C8B8-4E33-AC9F-D4D32B…)

Pretty sure these lyrics are about titanic telling poppy she couldn’t be anything without him

No. 1801993

she's bringing back the church thing? i don't know if those lyrics are about titanic cause they're pretty vague, but if they are, she's kinda proving his point since she's going back to the bleach blonde/fake voice/cult leader image he made for her. maybe she realized she's not that interesting of a person by herself and she's hoping to generate the hype that the mysterious old poppy image used to create. especially right after brittany put out new music.

No. 1802008

Seems that way. She’s been transitioning into a darker/punker version of the copypoppy era. But yeah your right. Since late January she’s been going back to that “mysterious” cult leader, old poppy heavily. I think mars new music has to do with how fast tho, cause she was being all slow, and a bit more unique, then mars hints and drops music, and bam, she’s back to the old aesthetic but darker.
Honestly, she probably did realize she lost a lot when she split from him. She tried to do a different version with her ex ghost, that backfired, and now she goes back to what she knew got her famous.
Its kinda sad. She show’s potential if she were to be herself.

No. 1802362

>She show’s potential if she were to be herself.
Does Poppy even have an authentic personality?

>Since late January she’s been going back to that “mysterious” cult leader, old poppy heavily.

I don't believe this has anything to do with Mars. Scroll up the thread and read the announcement of the canceled European tour. Her explanation is bullshit. There was nothing preventing her from performing in Europe. It is more likely the shows were canceled because they couldn't sell enough tickets. She probably changed her style to get her old fans back.

No. 1802709

titanic AND poppy are horrible abusers and I wish they would both leave the internet forever, I truly don’t even understand how poppy still has a career. if any other artist did half the shit she’s done they would be full on cancelled with no defense from the fans(sage your autism)

No. 1804134

We do not get to dictate who gets to be on the internet. Cancel culture is gross. I agree they have done shitty things. But that doesn't mean I, you or anyone has the right to boot someone off the internet.
Cause then no one can be on the internet, cause everyone has a problem with someone online.
I wish my stalker wasn't online, but there's nothing I can do, other than put them behind bars.
If your that sensitive, maybe YOU should be off the internet.
Don't look at their content??(retard)

No. 1804462

Yah, she was being a bit more unique with "Flux" era, but even that towards the end started mimicking the copypoppy era.

It very well could be both. Low numbers, and being jealous of mars come back being popular. It def seems like she's doing re brand again, thats for sure.

No. 1804940

This makes her look incredibly stupid,because then, why all the "black haired metal poppy" change? Why the "I disagree with Titanic i'm so freeee i'm my own person i'm edgyy" phase then. went to waste, lol.

No. 1804948

How popular is Mars Argo now? Her streams are nowhere near Poppy's numbers. She hasn't even shown her face. One selfie doesn't count.

Poppy has no legit reason to be jealous of Mars or consider Mars Argo's sloppy comeback a threat to her career. They signed the NDA too. But who knows. Poppy might still be bitter about getting exposed. I doubt she feels guilty about tormenting Mars.

No. 1805041

The truth hurts, and yeah I kinda agree. Her comeback is kinda sloppy. She said she is going to show her face on the next song, thought it's going to be a mindblowing music video, turns out it's a phone portrait of herself. She needs to hire people for promo, and we know money is not an issue for her. Wasted potential.(sage your shit)

No. 1805286

I think her sloppy comback and not showing her face is out of fear of titanic and his rabbid fans. I fully agree that its sloppy ans we know money is not an issue… but if you were mars… where everything you put on the internet is either copied, mad fun of or used against you, by either your abuser or their fans.. you'd tread lightly..? Wouldn't you?
I'm not saying its right, or cool, or even the actual answer, just a thought as to why.

Only thing poppy has to be fear/be jealous of, is her fans turning on her and going to mars, the original robotic blonde. Which could be why she turned up the antics. Keep folks eyes on her instead.
Its sad to see tho, cause she was doing well with change.

Honestly can't wait for the day these folks stop their bs, and all go separate ways/let go.

Mars if she would actually drop music and show her face/content would go pretty far and do well.
Titanic could be a good dad if she stopped obsessing over his exes.
Poppy would do well if she were to find her own voice/aesthetic.

No. 1805922

Mars obviously had terrible experiences associated with releasing music, makes sense that she maybe wants to do this but she's lowkey and hesitant.
>not showing her face is out of fear of titanic and his rabbid fans
how Titanic still has fans? no way
>Titanic could be a good dad
press doubt

No. 1805950

Oh yes, very much agree. Do I wish she wasn't? Absolutely. But, I can understand where she is coming from on being lowkey and hesitant.

Unfortunately yes he still has fans. One of the most loudest ones was that weird cringe panda kid, who was posting on the old thread trying to convince folks shes part of the project. She slowed down, but there are a couple more like her, who are up titanics ass loudly online and its weird and sad.

I also highly doubt he'd be a good dad, but he would be a better one if he actually moved on

No. 1806237


No. 1806801

File: 1681199563020.png (64.96 KB, 640x1136, ADA66A3F-72C2-45F9-A24D-311B08…)

Titanic publicly posting about poppys sonf again. This time he didn't even hide that its a poppy song.
Can't help but feel like this is him trying to antagonize.

No. 1806802

File: 1681199621606.png (734.36 KB, 640x1136, 5E68D635-93DA-4B2A-8AFD-7F7D4F…)

and again, Titanic publicly posting about poppys song. Back to back story posts. This time he didn't even hide that its a poppy song.
Can't help but feel like this is him trying to antagonize.

No. 1806803

>Someone reads a deeper meaning into his shit
>no actually it's shallow I'm offended you think otherwise

I haven't heard this song but the theme reminds me of the joke song "boobs in california" from Kimmy Schmidt

No. 1806824

He must be running out of money.

No. 1807018

He is running out of money. All the dans of both him and poppy are even saying the same thing on twitter.
I'm not alone in the speculation that this is to antagonize poppy tho, given that in 2022 poppy had revealed he was still trying to extort her.
He doesn't quite till he is legally forced too, so its not a stretch.

No. 1807038

I wonder how he makes money? I don’t think anyone wants to work with him anymore, all of his songs are flops, he doesn’t have a real job but him and Chelsea seem to live comfortably. They bought a house last year and had a baby. Chelsea does photography but I don’t think she makes a lot of money either. She constantly posts the new clothes, house decorations, and the baby stuff she buys. Does she have rich parents who support them financially?

No. 1807047

Also I find it weird that he dated Mars for 8 years and Poppy for 5 years, but never had intentions of marrying or having kids with them, but Chelsea got pregnant after less than 2 years of knowing him.

No. 1807085

I honestly think they "make" money off the combination of all the above. The flops (like pennies) poppys streams that he is credited for, chelseas side projects of photography, the occasional real job chelsea has, AND her having semi rich parents. I haven't seen anything about her parents, but based off her old posts before titanic, I think she might, given she's always been living comfortably and semi lavishly.

That, I fully agree with. He never proposed, or had any prego scares with long term girlfriends that he was obviously using for money, but the girl he's spent the least amount of time with, he gets prego (now tying them together forever, and legally for 18 years) and proposes.. after BARELY 2 years?
It screams " Gotta Trap This One, She's Rich and Lets Me Do My Shenanigans, Even Helps With No Complaints! I Gotta Keep Her."
It looks very wrong.

Like if their happy cool, but it definitely shows he was using the others, and definitely gives off a "trapped" vibe.(Learn how to quote/reply)

No. 1807320

File: 1681271369820.jpeg (40.95 KB, 640x455, 93CC7D53-4C80-422C-96D7-6C6CBE…)


No. 1807700

Boobs in California is spot on kek.

You mind bringing some context? Some randos talking about Mars Argo's outros. Why post a censored screenshot?

Titanic ain't getting any younger. Why not tie the knot. He would be crazy trying to make a new Mars/Poppy. Third time isn't a charm in his case.

No. 1807811

Context for screenshot: fans are talking about how mars argos 2 newest songs outros copy poppys outro to sit/stay.

Screenshot is censored I figured was obvious as to why, but to protect the identity of the fans? Idk if they were
Minors or not, and their not in the "in circle" to poppy, titanic, chelsea or mars, so their identity is irrelevant. I'm sure some rando 17/18 yr old doesn't need to be cyber stalked by another rando cause they shared their opinions and it got re shared to a forum.

Twas shared here for opinions, sharing info, and opening discussions.(sage your shit)

No. 1807815

Why waste YEARS with people, if you weren't going to marry them or have kids with them?
Yah, he's getting older, no one's knocking them being together, but the quickness of the engagement and pregnancy, compared to his other relationships that lasted longer..
Kinda a red flag.

If you got with a partner, that you learned spent 10 years with someone as just a partner, and they proposed to you, wouldn't you question why they stayed with the other person for so long?
It's usually a sign of someone just using you/someone.

Your right, trying to do a 3rd would go badly, but that doesn't mean he's not going to subliminally try, or let go.
For the first year him and chelsea were together, she was making a lot of copycat things.
Like a photo of her on the bed in all black poloroid style looks identical to mars argos.
She's made a music video that she teased, and has pics from posted, where she is bleach blonde in, she got a wineglass tattoo shortly after being with titanic, cause fans told her about the wine glass incident. She even a
Made fun of poppys eating disorder in a discord chat that got leaked.
All that screams subliminal attempts at a 3rd, as well as still antagonizing etc.
he's not going to stop having the small subliminal digs/copys till forced too.

Like in current times, altho chelsea has a cottage core vibe, if you actually KNOW anything about the situation, you could see the similarities still, the digs, the subliminal things, hints etc.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1808194

File: 1681415427404.jpeg (612.09 KB, 1920x1920, 048D911F-187F-4462-990E-FFC7A8…)

Here are 2 side by sides of mars and chelsea.
Mars on left.
The bottom right of chelsea I had to flip, to show how similar it is.
There's more, but these were the obvious ones.
These are from like year 1 close to year 2 of titanic and chelsea being together.

No. 1808250

>Kinda a red flag.
Everything about Titanic Sinclair is a red flag. He is most likely a svengali. Mars Argo had to take Tit to court to get her nudes deleted from his phone. And to get the rights to make music using her own artist name. Fuck that scrote.

He still makes his partners skinwalk Mars Argo. Reminds me of Marilyn Manson who really likes the Dita von Teese look.

No. 1808279

Very. True.
He is walking scum.

Fully agree! No wonder titty likes being up his a$$ lol

No. 1809894

So, given we know poppy is going back to the cult leader copypoppy era ;
Who wants to bet her new album is gonna be full of digs to mars, titanic and chels?

No. 1809985

That's a given. Probably even more digs to Mars than Tits, ironically

No. 1810662

File: 1681777775486.jpeg (85.99 KB, 640x922, 8026CE73-AAB3-4DAC-83CA-3B5D63…)

" I think I'll Take This Hate and.."

No. 1812387

No. 1812594

File: 1682066816447.png (817.07 KB, 640x1136, 6BBCE97E-2C7C-4B62-9164-E33941…)

Poppy posting "there can be only one"
Possible collab with marianne (could be spelling wrong) or could be a reference/dig to mars given she has posted recently too.
Thought I'd share this update here.

No. 1812611

Marina? Marina has liked Poppy’s tweets before, so it is possible. It’s going to be interesting

No. 1812634

Nice profile pic you got there.

No. 1812636

Boss move using home videos from her childhood. Poppy can't steal those.

No. 1812642

strong "cottagecore grandpa Grimes whooshing plastic sword in he community garden for Genesis 20th anniversary" vibes here

No. 1812644

lol or shes referencing the field of poppies shes standing it? hence the comment on her post. there can only be one poppy.

No. 1812645

no matter what she writes, everybody will always get suspicious if isn't digging at Mars for like 10000th time, lol. She just can't escape this.

No. 1812648

It doesn't help that she keeps posting right after Mars puts out content, a big fat "what about meeee".

No. 1812724

File: 1682094820662.jpeg (204.97 KB, 1242x2148, IMG_5508.jpeg)

have you guys seen these screenshots?

No. 1812725

File: 1682094864630.png (203.68 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5509.png)

No. 1812728

File: 1682094953567.png (260.39 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5510.png)

poppy fans are ridiculous lol

No. 1812775

Who was this Katai guy? Anyways, i'd 100% believe Poppy said Mars should kill herself. she's a mean bitch and always been. Remember the way she talked about Mars (after Corey breakup)? Even THEN she made it sound that Mars was unnecessarily making a fuss, probably to gain fame, and Mars was abused too but, you know, was ~too weak~, and she that big great Poppy was ~strong~ etc

It's pretty apparent she still hates Mars guts, reacts to whatever Mars does and still tries to compete. This is ridiculous, but it almost looks like Poppy hates Mars way way more than Tits.

No. 1812790

File: 1682104998729.webm (1.15 MB, 720x818, 342704536_163600756641189.webm)

From Poppy's insta. This one is not subtle at all!

No. 1812794

Like another anon said, it's rad she used her own home videos for this. Also she was a cute little kid

No. 1812812

omg her face, what the fuck?

No. 1812821

File: 1682108047554.jpeg (49.07 KB, 640x902, 233C1BFF-8160-4EE0-A331-EA31A2…)

No. 1812822

File: 1682108108392.jpeg (51.21 KB, 640x907, DBA03E6C-A991-41DD-9FC5-646730…)

So right after mars drops video, poppy makes hints at her video for spit, a song all about hate, drops may 3rd

No. 1812847

I love mars new video! I just wish she didn't include technical child p0rn.
Her video features MANY videos of her as a baby or toddler, without a shirt on, and shows her nips.
That is child p0rn technically. and it made me uncomfy. I hope this doesn't bite any of her viewers in the a$&

No. 1812848

Sick-minded post

No. 1812852

You are allowed to use words like ass and porn here. Go back to twitter.

No. 1812854

It's a mentally ill Poppy stan. They also posted >>1789420.

No. 1812861

He was the Mars Argo YouTube channel’s cinematographer (????) and he’s a photographer. He used to be close friends with Mars and Titanic when they were together but after their breakup he became friends with Poppy and directed a few videos for her & did some photo shoots with her. In 2020 he accused Poppy of scamming him and called her and Ghostmane drug addicts

No. 1813019

Are Yall on drugs? ^^^(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1813051

Poppy gives me “pick me girl” vibes, like I don’t understand why she’d go this hard to attack mars when she literally got everything mars was supposed to get. Even Tessa violet made a song about Poppy’s jealousy towards Mars back then after her and poppy stopped being friends.(sage your shit)

No. 1813064

Whats the song?(sage your shit)

No. 1813077

File: 1682140719309.jpeg (30.32 KB, 824x215, IMG_9863.jpeg)

The song is called “small” by Tessa Violet. You should be able to find it on YouTube. Some people back then had theories that it may be referring to Poppy since they use to be close friends.(sage your shit)

No. 1813122

File: 1682149881166.jpeg (228.14 KB, 1242x1813, IMG_5525.jpeg)

Tessa liked a comment on YouTube asking if this song was about Poppy, a Mars Argo Fan Account on tumblr posted the screenshot I can’t find it now but I think it’s about her too, and the “blonde girl” is obviously Mars

No. 1813124

Also Poppy posted this video on Tessa’s birthday and everyone thought it was about her https://youtu.be/-SpYuhbYZnA

No. 1813126

File: 1682150263349.jpeg (78.62 KB, 1242x814, IMG_5527.jpeg)

No. 1813161

Damn, she looks horrible.
why is everything in Poppy's life revolving around releasing "mysterious" and "eerie" and not-so-subtle digs at everyone she hates (read: everyone who criticized her and/or everyone she rips off and then cries when the world discovered)

My question to more informed: how big is Poppy's fandom nowadays? her fans are psychos but i feel like 3/4 must have grown out/lost interest by now… right?

No. 1813209

As someone who used to be interested in Poppy during my tween years I pretty much fell out of interest after the mars Argo lawsuit. The videos and digs got to me and when mars came out with evidence it all made sense. If a tween knew what they were doing was wrong then there’s NO WAY Poppy didn’t know and was all “manipulated” majority of the fandom fell off when she went metal some still stayed then Eventually the split with titanic happened and they stopped doing the whole eerie videos which made people seem even less interested in her (considering there was a lot reaction videos and theories on her) I don’t really see much interaction besides the poppy confessions on twitter but even then they talk about how they kinda miss the old poppy. That could be why she’s trying to bring the blonde back. To hype the old fan base that left her went to Mars.(sage your shit)

No. 1813212

yeah i follow the confessions page too and her fans constantly complain about her not interacting with them and not posting on social media as often anymore, i was a fan of her in 2016-2019 and her fandom used to be so much bigger, her fans got so mad about the marilyn manson scandal this year but they forgave her when she posted a few photos to distract them and now they act like nothing happened

No. 1813286

This was posted literally the day after Brittany's birthday and after she posted her music video for ICOBM.

The dig & the video of poppy spitting into the camera is right in peoples faces.
Yet, her fans dare to say "ppl are reaching to make the connections to Mars- anything she says gets misconstrued" basically.
Brain dead obsessed fans.(sage your shit)

No. 1813311

I'm so confused, why does she hate Tessa? (I really enjoy Violet's music so I hope she's not a cow)

No. 1813332

File: 1682192117763.jpeg (64.04 KB, 1284x1036, Poppy_2021.jpeg)

nta but why she hate Tessa is explained literally 2 posts upwards from that post anon lol
Feels like she's gradually fading out… i couldn't believe when she was getting these Grammy nominations. Speaking of which, this was her only good look. The only time back when she had black hair AND her hair looked washed. Normally she always looked greasy like 2 months without shampoo lol.

No. 1813343

This woman's absolutely malding, lmao.

No. 1813356

disgusting, if she had branded herself as some sex symbol this vid would make sense, but shes known as the 'weird youtube clone/robot/illuminati' girl so this personna comes across as forced and honestly gross. she's giving off mean girl energy, not baddie

this new 'it-girl', sexy, baddie version of her does NOT suit her and just makes her seem entitled and stuck up her own ass. she's clearly trying to recapture the glory days of her youtube rise (but make it sexy) but doesn't even bother to interact with her fans which is how she got so famous initially. she's spiralling and it's not cute. shoulda stuck with black-hair, nu-metal era, at least that was her own brand and not a copy of tit and his ex

No. 1813363

Ty for the spoonfeed. I need to stop browsing when I first wake up

No. 1813416

File: 1682203554452.jpeg (38.04 KB, 1242x622, IMG_5541.jpeg)

why did diplo comment this on her post??? Is it actually about Mars?

No. 1813420

Isn't diplo just one of those verified accounts that comments under any celeb post? I don't doubt at all that her caption is about Mars though, it's uncanny to the name of her recently released song.

No. 1813424

"there can only be one" is a catchphrase from the film highlander. Probably just wrote it cause posing with a sword

No. 1813426

It's obviously about Mars. She keeps making these posts on the same days that Mars does anything, she's pathetic and so are any stans coming here to make excuses lol.

No. 1813431

Poppy and Diplo have a song together called “time is up”

No. 1813477

File: 1682211798658.png (346.39 KB, 1695x959, 20230423_033634.png)

One claim in the lawsuit was Poppy copying Mars Argo's make-up style. In this disgusting video Poppy's eyeshadow is completely white and the blue stuff coming out of her mouth is the same color as in this picture. Poppy's hair looks the same lenght as Argo's even though it's only because of the cropping. Poppy's hair is obviously longer. Spitting the blue stuff reminds me of the Everybody wants it all video where Mars is pulling bubblegum out of her mouth. But this is all just a coincidence, right?

The Grammy nomination happened after the lawsuit. Getting nominated is one of the biggest recognitions an artist can get. Yet she had to go back to whatever this is. Couldn't she stay relevant in any other way?

No. 1813566

Altho clearly a copy, this one, I’m sorry but you cant copyright a makeup look, especially one so simple. However, I do agree with you, its a little too coincidental. The makeup, the blonde hair, the spit/something out of mouth, its very coincidental, and the song she is covering, doesn’t help either.

Exactly. She was doing good with a different sound and look, and now back to old poppy, but more dark and adult? She honestly could be, she was for a bit, but now? Eh. As an anon said above, lots have grown out/ lost interest or learned of the bullshit and stopped supporting her.

No. 1813621

Meh, Grammy are shit these days. Just see the list of people who get nominated for them, and who win them. that's a big thing from the past, but logically thinking, it's no better than your plain hillybilly kerrang awards poll or whatever.
As for makeup, yes Poppy copies everything Mars but that makeup thing was always a reach. Millions of people do the blue makeup thing, nobody has the copyright to blue eyeliner/shadow. the song/video however clearly is a dig at Mars, as is Copy's recent image comebacks in a lot of ways.

No. 1813958

File: 1682291884569.jpeg (95.18 KB, 1242x752, IMG_5548.jpeg)

ghostemane’s new wife calls poppy a narcissist abuser? she’s getting harassed by poppy stans who think ghoste cheated on poppy on her every post.

No. 1813963

Titanic cheated too, but they supported him til the end of his natural career lol. They're ridiculous.

No. 1814197

what is the post or why did the comment she reply to say that?

No. 1814305


this is the post https://www.instagram.com/p/CjG8gnqsaUI/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

and the comments are hating on Skye because they think she's the reason poppy and ghostemane broke up(this is an imageboard)

No. 1814624

That’s cause she is? Ghost even said that yes he was abused by poppy, he cheated. He admitted it. Not only that, poppys not the only source that’s claimed he cheated, and if memory serves, the first pic of ghost and sky was dropped while he was still with poppy.
Regardless of everyone being shitty people, ghost cheated according to all the records we the public has. There hasn’t been a public statement, rumor or proof by anyone involved about poppy cheating at all. Just fans speculating since her and ghost had started immediately after her and titanic, but lets not forget that fans spotted titanic interacting with chelseas content first, some of which pre dating anything about poppy and ghost.

Untill anything public and from a reliable source comes out ;
Records show:
Titanic cheated first
Ghost cheated first

Which sucks cause poppy needs some karma in her life tbh.

No. 1814645


This is not true.
As much as people want to shit on Alex Mixter for being Titanics brother, he has specifically stated that poppy was cheating on Titanic after the lawsuit situation had happened and had been settled around her "I disagree" era. He did that interview with Edwins Generation about it and others can believe it or not but I found Alex's observations credible.

She was VERY MUCH ALL PDA with Ghostmane very quickly after "exposing" titanics role in the harassment of Mars and how she considered herself a victim of him too.
To be fair, Poppy was also seen leaving flirtatious comments under Titanics Instagram posts while he was still Mars as well.

All these people are getting their Karma honestly.

I do believe SkyFires when she says Poppy is Narcissitic abusive person.
Her outing Titanics suicide attempt for sympathy when her fame train was being ran to the ground after the lawsuits shows as much and especially her lyrics to "Anything Like Me" being dug at Mars shows her true feelings of hatred, loathing, and insecurity.

No. 1814693

Edwin shared on one of his videos that he has an interview with Titanic but he didn't post it.

No. 1814703

Edwin is a creep who likes to insert himself in victimized women’s lives, even if Poppy cheated, I take everything out of that scrote’s filthy mouth with a pinch of salt. It’s disgusting to see men get together and try to pin everything on a woman who left them in the dust. Poppy isn’t a good person, but those men are much worse than her.

No. 1814722

I do recall him stating he interviewed Titanic.
Unsure if it's helpful or regressive to post but curious as to the conversation exchanged. I'm not a fan of Titanics actions, although no one can deny he's made interesting art/ music with both mars & poppy.
Everyone should have their time to speak their peace..
Not including his terrible poppy diss track tho- that was.. uh.. bad writing and rhyming.

Ignorance is not bliss for those seeking the truth.

journalism/reporting on events doesn't mean one is "inserting one into victimized women's lives"..

What a cop out of a reason to dislike someone when all media practices this, including news outlets.

Get your head out of your ass! Argue based on merit, facts, & observations instead of irrational feelings with no proof.

No. 1814739

I used to watch his content often until he left a sour taste in my mouth, my head isn’t in my ass, I simply see a pattern with his stank. He’s a dick rider and would likely betray his own beloved girlfriend for another scrote for very little. Did you miss that part where I said Poppy wasn’t a good person either, or are you mad that someone rightfully pointed out the sausage fest gathering for what it was?

No. 1814814

Titanic cheated on Mars, Poppy cheated on Titanic, and Ghostmane cheated on Poppy. They’re all cheaters and they are getting their karma. Mars is the only one who didn’t deserve it because as far as we know she’s never cheated on anyone

No. 1814817

I only see Mars as the true victim in all of this. Poppy fans are delusional and really bought her trying to save face(sage your shit)

No. 1814823

Poppy was flirting with Titanic in instagram comments while he was still with Mars in 2014, there was a comment where she called him daddy lol
And someone posted pics of her and Ghostemane at a festival together like two months before she broke up with Titanic
I think she’s always been this way tbh

No. 1814889

This is the video. Edwin didn't release the interview because he wanted some receipts. Meaning he didn't buy everything Titanic said. Edwin is also critical about Poppy's statement.

No. 1814913

The most credible scoop for me was the AMA of Titanic's brother. His desciption of Poppy definitely matches Tessa's description of her.

I also high key believe his claim that Brittany introduced the drugs and alcohol to their relationship. Her music has always been trippy, even now. She is definitely the brain on the distinct Mars Argo sound.

I feel like on both projects Titanic would take the control on the videos, then his muse would be in charge of the music's direction.

The early sound of the Poppy project is quite reggae and indie which was the sound of Poppy before the creepy videos.(sage your shit)

No. 1819865

File: 1683143066817.jpeg (43.16 KB, 573x523, 781FF74C-322B-437D-B250-F3B3A6…)

who else noticed poppy released "spit" on the 1 yr birthday of titanic and chelseas son?(emoji)

No. 1819886

He looks like Chelsea

No. 1819949

Thank fuck for that

No. 1820040

I hope this kid experiences male pattern baldness at 17.

No. 1820440

Why? He is just a baby. What has he done to deserve that?

No. 1820524

the fact that she released it on fin's birthday just shows this song was a dig to titanic.

No. 1820584


why does she know when Finn’s birthday is, is she stalking titanic and Chelsea lol

No. 1820805

considering she stalked mars.. is it really a stretch to think she wouldn't stalk them?
especially being single..(assuming, haven't heard any dating rumors) and with the reverting back? Idk. speculation.
jealousy is a hell of a thing.

No. 1821029

Isn’t she dating Ian Kirkpatrick?

No. 1821291

I don’t know if this was intentional, if she was a heavy hitter for Sumarian I could see her deciding her own releases but she really isn’t. Don’t labels usually have a big hand in deciding dates? I don’t imagine they’d give her free rein after she ran off to another label only to crawl back an EP later. Plus this song was finished and ready to go a while ago, she’s petty and obsessed but she’s not Titanic.

I’m just kinda bummed Mars comeback isn’t being met with much attention, it’s been a month none of the videos attached to her new song have even cracked 100k. It’s petty to be so obsessed with youtube numbers but it stings to have Mars finally releasing music again only for Poppy to dye her hair blonde again and get three times more support.(sage your shit)

No. 1821529

it depends on the label, contract, and popularity. with poppy, its hard to tell, cause this release isn't the first coincidentally timed release.

I absolutely understand. but unfortunately mars dug a grave when she disappeared.
only the folks who saw her old content, actually know her, or her work. so now, anyone who only learns of mars due to the lawsuit, will more than likely think poppy is better and does the bit better, cause that's all they see & know.
I personally had to dig for hours to find more than what mars currently has posted.
unfortunately the public eye who doesn't know about mars will always think poppy is better, or will flock to poppy as she is the one actually putting out content, and has the bigger fan base.
I feel like if mars wouldn't have deleted things, but rather just stopped posting, things would be different. she should have allowed time for her old work to generate views, interactions etc.
if her old work was up, people could have a real insight into things, or would have allowed her fan base a place to gather and so on.(sage your shit)

No. 1821694

She deleted the old videos and someone else re-uploaded them. She made music, didn't publish it and it got leaked anyway. I guess she had her reasons. But it sucks she doesn't get the ad revenue on YouTube.

If she wants to go big with her comeback she is going to have to do more than what she is doing now. You know, marketing stuff. Uploading videos on YouTube and posting about it on insta and tumblr is not enough.

No. 1824877

File: 1683778893755.png (240.53 KB, 640x1136, 26BF6395-BCC6-486D-8308-3ABFFF…)

looking more and more like Mars..

No. 1825215

I'm glad you liked her story before posting it here. Including the timestamp is the chef's kiss.

No. 1825270

there's no way to take out the time stamp without cropping or editing, and unless i'm removing doxxing stuff, there's no point.
as far as the like goes, its a like? lol
just updating this site with her newish look, looking like mars.

No. 1825324

I mean she might be able to figure out who YOU are. All posters leaving identifying information in their screenshots (like their profile picture) get heavily mocked here.
Some cows e.g. Lillee Jean go through every profile viewing their stories and block them. Chelsea doesn't seem like a cow at all.

No. 1825326

What’s the problem, I’m sure many people like her stories not just one person, and she probably doesn’t even know this website exists

No. 1825392

I really hope she doesn't know about this thread. Her only 'sin' is being Titanic's partner. She is not a cow and doesn't deserve anons picking her looks apart and wishing baldness for her baby. Her baby daddy was caught selfposting on this site. Lurk more.

No. 1828641

she might know about it given titanic was caught self posting, and it appears at least in the beginning she was cool with taunting/bullying/stalking poppy and mars, cause why else would she have talked shit on poppy, and make eerily similar content? so I think titanic has mentioned the site to her, but she probably doesn't check it, or else we would probably see a lot more copies, or snarky comebacks etc.
she wasn't a quite one, or laid back. she used to reply to comments calling her or titanic out, used to interact with what she thought was poppy haterz etc.

No. 1829922

File: 1684445908332.jpeg (203.11 KB, 1102x1548, IMG_5775.jpeg)

Titanic also announced Chelsea’s pregnancy on Poppy’s birthday. They’re both so weird

No. 1830121

so then poppy's new release was probably revenge for that lmfao.
agreed. like move on already. all of them. its been 3 or 4 years? now.(sage your shit)

No. 1840343

File: 1685815785067.jpeg (135.38 KB, 1242x894, IMG_5835.jpeg)

Poppy betrayed Grimes

No. 1840370

poppy is a bitch but come on, it's extremely obvious that grimes doesn't produce her own shit. poppy wasn't the source of the ghost producer claim either, grimes's troon ex was saying that years ago. this has been discussed at length in the grimes threads.

No. 1840587

Yes this is slight derail but her ex said Grimes did produce Art Angels on her own which oddly wasn’t mentioned as a self production in the tweet lol. I personally think she buys individual sample beats which doesn’t require an NDA and mixes them all together

No. 1840730

anon, Grimes definitely uses ghostwriters (some were credited, some weren't). She might be able to produce some songs on her own, maybe, but she always had helpers. Her ex said some shit strongly indicating he was in fact helping her, but told the media she did it all on her own bc he wanted more strong women producers etc etc. It honestly sounded like her ex was posting in the thread himself, trying to hint he was involved ~but he can't talk about it~~. There was i think another girl she kicked out of her writer team and didn't credit, i can't remember details but it all hs been discussed in first Grimes threads. OF COURSE Grimes will tell you she ~wrote it all on her own no NDAs~

No. 1840876

not by any means wking poppy but check the grimes threads, grimes hasn't been honest for one minute of her life

No. 1841084

Yes, Grimes was asked if she really produced all her albums. And this is her weak attempt accusing Poppy of spreading lies. I don't know if she is also trying to make her fans attack Poppy. That would be lame.

No. 1843620

File: 1686336176260.jpeg (160.86 KB, 1242x1218, IMG_5864.jpeg)

she's starting to look like chelsea with those lip fillers

No. 1844450

very much agree. she's giving off jealous ex gf vibes tbh. going back to harassing/copying/etc of mars, and now is starting to look like a mix of chels and mars, and branching out into more stuff, like tv show appearances etc, like her ex and their s/o are trying too xD(learn to sage)

No. 1844462

Grimes makes her discord mods sign NDAs lol. Ofc she makes collaborators and ghost writers sign them too.

Other anon is right, Grimes has never been honest about anything in her life, habitual liar from the very start of her career and still lying about everything from her music production to the way she chipped her tooth to having blue light blocking sclera implants over a decade later.

No. 1846833

File: 1686804996466.jpeg (30.08 KB, 1242x360, IMG_5885.jpeg)

i knew this would happen.

No. 1846871

File: 1686812218027.jpeg (114.25 KB, 640x998, DFABA92E-1324-41CE-B777-2BD71C…)

not all are deleted.

No. 1846876

>Chelsea removed her pics with him
>Titanic deleted his instagram
What. Not very narcissistic of him. You would think his "work" is too precious to Tits. Temporary manic/rage quit before return? Completely disaappearing from the internet? Or will Tits come back with Stunt Girl No. 4?

No. 1846882

I wouldn’t be surprised if his next girl is… Poppy.

No. 1846934

File: 1686828146391.png (62.35 KB, 1080x947, 20230615_142153.png)

Mars made her account private. Hope it has nothing to do with Titanic.

No. 1846974

Can we get some commentary from his dumbfuck brother? Tits always uses him as his sockpuppet anyways so
The plot thickens.

No. 1846980

im waiting for poppys commentary too i just know she’s going to post some weird instagram caption like she did on mars birthday

No. 1847028

File: 1686843622494.jpeg (262.5 KB, 1170x1623, IMG_0151.jpeg)

I might be reading too much into this but her choice of words is interesting, “I’m currently renting a house”, “making MY house feel like a home”. She doesn’t say “our house” or reference her family, it sounds like separation talk to me

No. 1847033

at first I thought this was weird too but then I thought it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a sponsored ad

No. 1849047

File: 1687144074726.jpg (152.85 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230618_230903_Gal…)

blonde, white background, robitic like, monitone but high pitch voice, talking about AI

No. 1849052

kek i just came here to post the AI video. so much for her being "forced to make this type of video" and not wanting to do it anymore. she finally realized she's completely boring on the merit of her own talent and lack of personality and she probably wants to recreate the popularity of her titanic-era image. unfortunately for her it's been like 8 years and no one gives a shit anymore and this concept has been beaten to death.

is it even legal for her to be doing this? since she's going back to the style of content that is heavily copying mars argo?

No. 1849149

Tinfoil: she's already considering making up with Tits and hoping he will "save" her flopped career kek

No. 1849159

This might be a wild theory but what if Titanic and Chelsea broke up because of Poppy.

No. 1849223

Why do I get the feeling poppy is lurking 24/7

No. 1849227

She's so, so, SO late with the whole AI talk shit. AI is already very much happening, there's been waaayy more talk about Ai recently than needed, to the point you throw up every time AI, picture painting apps or ChatGPT are mentioned. You really don't need Poppy larping as computer and trying too hard to "scare you" with her AI prophecies lol.
Also very anticlimatic when you know she's already dragged out and murdered this washout concept 8+ years ago, then wore "goffic" clothes and talked to press how much human~ and ~real~ she is, and now what? she wants to cosplay computer again? yeah keep microwaving this yesterdays stale crap for another day. Good luck with that Poppy, no one cares.

No. 1849399

File: 1687195481980.png (381.72 KB, 1080x1450, 20230619_200659.png)

This is a collab. Some happening tomorrow in Cannes with AI artist.

The copyright part was settled privately. Who knows what they agreed to. Also, is this Poppy herself or the AI version? If it's the AI, it's not technically Poppy who's copying.

How is her career flopping? She just did a collab with Danny Elfman. Have you been listening to Titanic's new songs? Sounds absolutely terrible. Not sure if the Mai Tai guys project is a joke.

No. 1849513

>Also, is this Poppy herself or the AI version?
i think you misunderstand, it is actually poppy on a white background doing a high pitched mars argo voice, talking about AI. like one of her lawsuit era style videos

No. 1849581

Damn. I thought this was AI because the video is so awkward. Is she really going to lecture about AI with the CEO too? What would she even have to say about it?

No. 1850121

File: 1687282886367.jpg (183.53 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230620_112711_Ins…)

poppy IG story for 6/20/23

No. 1850174

File: 1687286121490.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1478, 20230620_213337.png)

This account uploaded videos too but you can barely hear anything due to wind. Arranging presentations on rooftop has its downsides.

No. 1850370

To be fair if I had given birth to some moid’s child and he wouldn’t stop writing songs and seething about his ex I’d be fucking done too

No. 1850728

She looks so boring and normie.

No. 1852573

what do you expect? she's literally just some heiress and they're all identical.

No. 1854856

Titanic reactivated his instagram

No. 1855273

File: 1688022747048.png (282.69 KB, 640x1136, 4658ED17-1B15-43F7-91D9-28A1F7…)

poppy story post telling people to be kind

No. 1855381

She should be more kind to her lips and stop with the fillers. There's something more eerie than ever before about her face these days …

No. 1855566

Wow she really is back to skinwalking Mars Argo

No. 1855682

looking real goofy here. what's with those dumbass brushed up eyebrows? such an ugly trend

No. 1857658

File: 1688420277716.jpg (720.05 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230703_173951_Gal…)

who knows anything about this supposed 5th studio album titled knock off?
who knows anything about this interview?

apparently according to the same account, mars argos ex, did an interview being upset people call them poppys ex?

is this account just posting fake stuff?

No. 1857684

File: 1688423460943.webm (4.43 MB, 321x570, about milk.webm)

Poppy posted this on insta. It's called About Milk. Are we finally getting some milk and is she lurking?

No. 1857954

File: 1688464553142.jpeg (686.13 KB, 1242x1525, IMG_5972.jpeg)

New video.
Mars has a song called Angry

No. 1858438

not only is she wearing mars's face again but she's mocking her song titles. i really don't get why she keeps doing this, isn't it bad for her image in some way? she would have gotten away with harassing her over the years if she kept doing what she was originally doing with changing her image to not resemble mars and blaming all the harassment on titty bc her fans would have kept believing she wasn't responsible for it, but now it's undeniable that she loves to do this and just can't resist poking at mars even more

No. 1858698

You've got to live it to learn
Get fucked to grow up and blow what you've earned
Yeah you know
You'll know when life takes a turn
If there's a hole in your gut and blood on your shirt

And you're sucking at the tit
Alternative milk
Don't care if it kills
'Long as you get your fill
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

You've got to learn to digest
This inference, it's not like they said
Don't you know?
There is no infinite life
It's just a roll of the dice
So keep your teeth in line

When you're sucking at the tit
Alternative milk
Don't care if it kills
'Long as you get your fill
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

The song is called Alternative milk . Insta caption said About milk.

No. 1858753

When she writes songs, do you think she presumes they’ll be classics? Also I assume tit is tits

No. 1858958

I want to believe this is some old unreleased video. Sounds like a teenager learning to play the guitar with three easy chords. The lyrics are teenage level message about drugs being bad. Very deep. This can't be new, right?

No. 1859365

File: 1688675485299.jpg (377.23 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230706_163145_Gal…)

its official. album or song, but something is in fact titled knock off.
cant helo but think its a respose to mars " try to take my identity "

No. 1859369

If Poppy just did her own thing I literally wouldn't care, but because she's skinwalking Mars again and being petty with her songs it just makes me think of her as an insecure,