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File: 1647930909444.jpg (156.7 KB, 715x861, stump.jpg)

No. 1476895

Most recent cows:
-Jake Munro, extremely unoriginal "musician", after his Casey Neistat imitation vlogs didn't take off he got famous from doing TikTok react videos. Known for copying the aesthetics of many musicians such as MM and Dir En Grey. Music is really unoriginal too, his most successful songs are covers. Has an obsessive cult fanbase of tweens and lonely middle aged women, calls himself "goth daddy" after saying all goths are cunts
-ToxicTears (kaya), alt youtuber, complains about everything, blames meds for weight while eating crap
-Kat Paines, married tattoo artist who Jake cheated on Kaya with
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Felvae, used to be a witchy instagoth, now an uwu tradwife who is actually the breadwinner
-Feigsfar (Adam), thinly veiled white supremacist on Insta, Felvae's partner
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), alt youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past, believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk like Avelina De Moray and Emily Boo

Some highlights from the last thread:

>Jake's nudes get leaked >>1450283 , >>1450297 , >>1450355 , >>1450336 , >>1450358 , >>1450366 , >>1450379 , >>1450331 , >>1450628

>Kat started an OnlyFans, charging $30 for implied nudes >>1460573
>Jake & Kat confirmed lurking >>1461061 , >>1461071
>Jake still posting nonstop about going out and drinking, and bragging about how he "doesn't get hung over"
>Jake's obsessive troon fan Reilly >>1449623 now he's jealous >>1476622
>Jake gets his neck tattoo'd, supposed to be an eye (I guess?) but it looks like a penis hole >>1457515
>Jake's streams are still member-only, Jude thirsting for him during streams >>1466740 his Twitter is still private as well
>Youtube commenter alleges Jake broke one of Kaya's ribs once >>1473380 anon digs up an old video where Kaya says he cracked her rib from "hugging her too hard" >>1473408
>Jude breaks up with her "daddy" >>1470522
>Dorian posts a thirst trap despite claiming to pretty much never have the desire for sex (except with ghosts) >>1442061
>Emily Boo is "gay" despite being married to a man >>1452439
>Kaya still house hunting, went to Melanie Murphy's wedding

The Jake & Kaya thread (was made a long time ago when there was no milk and anons got tired of hearing about them, mostly old stuff) >>>/snow/927531

Jude Bishop thread >>>/snow/1127197

No. 1476899

I want to thank the previous anon for the threadpic. I had to draw on a ridiculous pair of booty shorts that it didn't have to be spoilered kek

No. 1476907

Thanks anon! Hilarious.

No. 1476911

Thanks for the effort anon, I'm dying.

No. 1476930

That picture will never not be funny

No. 1476984

The threadpic is killing me kek

No. 1476986

The worst part about having to stare at that picture while editing those tiny boots on his knees was the knowledge that I would never be able to take public credit for it…I'm just glad it brings people joy. Also somehow the booty shorts weirdly work….

No. 1477069


Great choice for thread pic nonny!

No. 1477228

File: 1647964340947.jpg (131.51 KB, 1080x1043, Screenshot_20220322_164942_com…)

Trying to keep up with your "best friend" but even they don't react although you' re the only comment to their post…

No. 1477285

File: 1647969138881.jpeg (291.23 KB, 1125x1107, 5F30BD20-1553-48FE-9307-2DDD28…)

Possible drama in the Kat von D camp.

So this starts with Kat von D cancelling her U.S tour that was set for dates in March and April. She posts the cancellation with an updated photo of her band with Dave Parley edited out. After scouring SM, Rafael, Kat, and Dave had stopped posting about or including each other since November of last year. This indicates to me that some falling out had happened but I had no idea why. That is until Dave Parley made a post a few days ago.

No. 1477287

File: 1647969310943.jpeg (703.89 KB, 2048x2048, DC9E6B62-7547-4048-91AC-F0FB36…)


Edited band photos that now excludes Dave Parley.

No. 1477291

File: 1647969444392.jpeg (389.8 KB, 1125x2004, 1BC1C3A9-27E6-456D-8E9A-B653CF…)


Dave Parley’s post on leaving the duo Prayers and the Kat von D band.

No. 1477292

File: 1647969488581.jpg (486.32 KB, 1080x1359, Pipedreams.jpg)

K is starting to pull away.
None of this happened. K saw Billie Eilish without him. (Jake openly thirsts and simps for Billie.) He never went to Arizona. The epic videos with amazing people didn't happen because they don't want to work with him anymore. He was going to be collabing with Halocene, Violet Orlandi, or Lauren Babic. But claimed in recent stream the collab was cancelled because they "lost their voice." Even though they are all going on tour together next month. Guess Jake is no longer invited. He says he'll be traveling to Nashville soon to shoot videos for K, instead of insisting on being in them for once. We'll see if that gets cancelled too.

No. 1477304

File: 1647970189518.jpg (503.21 KB, 1080x1842, IMG_20220320_091308.jpg)

Bragging about long Island ice teas presumably with skanky Kat. Classy.

No. 1477305

File: 1647970210839.jpg (383.12 KB, 1080x1887, IMG_20220320_091328.jpg)

No. 1477306

File: 1647970249987.jpg (431.96 KB, 1080x1771, IMG_20220320_091353_1.jpg)

Ugh bragging about his drinking abilities.. how mature

No. 1477308

File: 1647970320641.jpg (680.37 KB, 1080x1891, IMG_20220320_193715.jpg)

And finally confirmed by Skat (skanky Kat)

No. 1477309


Apparently, Rafael went on his instagram live complaining about Dave not giving him beats for his new album that recently came out.


^The link to the full post from Rafael.^

It’s kind of hard to follow this rant and decipher exactly what is being said but he basically states that Dave Parley barely did anything in Prayers and it is mostly Rafael who does the music, lyrics, videos, and overall production. He also accuses Dave of abandoning(ghosting)people who have helped him, such as: Rafael who let him be part of Prayers even though he didn’t do anything, Sabrina who sponsored Dave’s green card(funny because KVD allegedly helped him stay in the U.S after he was almost deported for going to jail one too many times.)
He also calls out Dave’s new wife for basically being a Yoko Ono type and taking Dave away from Prayers to focus on Meldamor, a music duo of Dave and his wife. (Also funny since imo, KVD is the Yoko Ono)
I think I covered the key points in this now deleted rant.

No. 1477311

File: 1647970593204.jpeg (375.16 KB, 1125x2071, 41197824-EDC4-4DEA-9757-842ABE…)


KVD’s comment under that post.

No. 1477313

Skat Staine. Kek.

No. 1477323

File: 1647970989778.jpeg (612.75 KB, 1818x1818, 8B10A324-3D7C-44BB-B8AB-D2756D…)


Here is Rafael talking about a Meldamor song that references him as a leech who lives in a golden cage.

No. 1477328

File: 1647971364466.jpeg (129.63 KB, 1125x708, 3BEF714F-FCC9-4E49-9EC4-35B0E6…)

Here is an explanation from KVD when a fan asks about Dave Parley from a week ago.

Overall, I saw this coming when Kat poached Dave from Prayers as a drummer into her own band. It seems that she is hard to work with and loses professional and personal relationships left and right throughout her career. I won’t be surprised if down the road, some more band members leave.

No. 1477338

because he made onlyfans top kek

No. 1477402

what a bleak 'date night', and both of them saying "we" probably so ppl will be curious and then they'll bitch about privacy or whatever.

No. 1477424

Also makes you wonder what happened during tour cause he said he would vlog it and no video every came out

No. 1477539

Good lord man, you’re 30! Bragging about how much you can drink is really, really sad. He’s falling apart, drinking excessively, smoking, his channel is bombing.

I give it a month before he introduces Kat ‘properly’ as the new girlfriend and starts doing the kind of reaction things he did with Kaya. Fuck, he may even go down the goth step daddy family channel route if he keeps on haemorrhaging subscribers like he is currently.

No. 1477552

Love that!!!

No. 1477553

too busy being a fuckboy probably.
"losing his voice" and "totally not getting covid" and being unable to sing properly for the majority of the dates of his tiny little tour.
if he paid to fly K all the way out there "to film content" then honestly they got a pretty rad free UK vacation out of him for nothing. good for them.

No. 1477614

Even in your late teens you're over the thrill of getting pissed, let alone thinking drinking is brag territory. Same with smoking, especially in 2022 when most young people don't think smoking is "cool". What a sad little man. Saddest mid life crisis I ever heard. Speaks volumes about his new ~pussy~

No. 1477658

Ugh - Long Island Iced Tea is such a garbage drink. If you’re that desperate to get utterly fucked up, just go buy a bottle of PGA and be done with it. Extra points if Gnocchi-head and his boring new floozie end up in hospital with alcohol poisoning.

No. 1477736

Cheating on their long time partners, a sex video and bonding over Long Island ice tea. Sounds like true love!

No. 1477747

File: 1647992313149.jpeg (518.2 KB, 1284x1492, 6B72DF5F-E732-466C-B0D3-A6F459…)

Another small time YouTuber made an expose video. Not a large audience but the comments are nothing but people spilling all the dirt Fake has been trying to cover up or ignore. Even the cracked rib

No. 1477754


Link pls.

No. 1477761

Whoops! Here it is

No. 1477797

I'm the anon that brought this vid up in the last thread. The guy just slapped this vid out and didn't do much research, actually got some facts wrong like the living situation Kaya is currently in. He was all ~like oh they broke up, fans are overreacting~. He got all an earful, maybe there will be a follow up. ehh
But it is true, just about every Fake vid has been taken down or unlisted by the original posters, because the bulling from his dweeb fans is that bad. Actually some of those posters needed thicker skin.

No. 1477812

File: 1647995167640.png (1.29 MB, 798x984, Screenshot 2022-03-23 at 00.25…)

Is he really editing the jap's eye out of his tattoo? This is a before and after. LOL. here is the before

No. 1477813

File: 1647995181412.jpg (1.18 MB, 971x2357, 2252_Instagram.jpg)

I'm howling at this account that Jake follows. I finally realized who he reminds me of: my ex who used to make fun of egirls, but then secretly got off to them. If a man makes fun of something enough you can guarantee it's coming from a place of insecurity and he's hiding his true feelings.

No. 1477816

File: 1647995254533.png (1.5 MB, 992x944, Screenshot 2022-03-23 at 00.25…)

and after

No. 1477821

This came up in the previous thread, it's how we know he's lurking.

Hi Jake, your neck still looks like a piss hole

No. 1477822

File: 1647995341842.png (70.87 KB, 1178x244, Screenshot 2022-03-23 at 00.28…)

guess this isnt happening either

No. 1477825

The eye seems to be a stencil that was not finished at the time of that picture. He's said that it wasn't finished yet there. His most recent sitting added eyes to the other circles, but for some reason they are like jet black as opposed to the disgusting muddy mess of the rest of the tattoo. Still look like penis eyes. His work is so ugly and going to age so badly.

No. 1477827

I remember when he was talking about Vegas he said he was going to hit up strip clubs. That was before the "ya boy don't pay" for pussy.

He's constantly spouting grandiose plans but never does anything.

No. 1477836


If he doesn't get the big japs eye now we know for sure he is reading here

No. 1477843

We already know for sure he has been lurking hard since his weekend in Barcelona with Skat Staine.

No. 1477856

File: 1647996294328.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1926, Screenshot_20220322-174401_Ins…)

Jude… you have normal adult female hands. Weird pickme shit.

No. 1477873

They look like shit water, which is usually what happens when 18 year olds mix a bunch of spirits at home. Yikes.

Also, saged for autism but Kaya is taking questions for yet another assumptions/Q&A video. I know she gained some new followers after the break up but by god woman, how much is there to know? She just wants to read and talk about herself, it’s sad.

No. 1477874

>too busy being a fuckboy probably
Anyone remember how he was bitching about a fan stealing his shirt? And how they couldn't send it back because they were underage and had no money? This was brought up at the time, but that was before everyone knew about the breakup and cheating. But what if he really did fuck around with young fans on tour? It was pure tinfoil months ago but now it seems like more of a possibility.

No. 1477882

Samefag because I honestly cba to edit on mobile, but his bragging about arbitrary measures of stamina gives me the creeps. I wish I could put into words why, it’s just so off to be masturbating yourself for “going hard” - you can sit in pain for 6 hours and drink a normal amount for a portly 30 year old who regularly drinks, congrats? Work and the gym is one thing but he even makes those brags feel weird somehow.

No. 1477895

File: 1647997607209.png (698.99 KB, 582x726, J.PNG)

Speaking of Jude, I was reading through the last thread and someone posted >>1450126 and I decided to look at her ex's twitter and saw he changed his pfp to this.

No. 1478107

File: 1648006934613.jpg (798.33 KB, 971x1961, 43_Twitter.jpg)

Just me or is he cute? Hotties that don't feel the need to be popular online, dress OTT all the time, and constantly whore out their life on social media actually have the most main character energy imo.

No. 1478134


it's like an adios motherfuckers but worse. they can at least change it up with Blue Hawaiians.

No. 1478289

mediocre face and decent body, If his personality was nicer, I would

No. 1478349

Looks like a child. Or preparing to say he’s been on hrt in secret for awhile. Stay on topic anyway, kinda feels like a pathetic self post

No. 1478351

Looks like a fakeboi

No. 1478373

Literally the most boring man alive, 30 years old and still thinks drinking and smoking is a flex. Most people get past that at 15/16.

No. 1478397

I reckon there is a direct correlation between the dwindle in stream donations and the ‘abandoned’ trips to America etc. I don’t think he ever booked the tickets, he was relying on donations to pay for them, so he said he did, to big himself up, then quietly abandoned the idea when the cash didn’t materialise. He has severely misjudged just how badly his handling of the break up and his actions before and since come across. Turns out people aren’t willing to throw silly money at a cheater who broke up a family, booted out his long term girlfriend to live in an office in the middle of an Irish winter, thinks it’s ok to ‘physically educate’ children and charges a fortune for badly shot noodz of his weird dry looking cock. Who’d of thought it!

No. 1478398

You forgot his OF which no doubt turned off a lot of people, and by other people I mean the moms who were in love with him

Way too neotenous for my tastes, but anyone who has fucked Jude has automatically lost any potential to be sexually appealing imo.

No. 1478507

Makes sense. Fake isn’t even goth, therefore he probably isn’t attracted to goths. He probably just dated them to keep up his online image. He even said he wasn’t “wowed” the first time he met Kayla. Bet if he didn’t have any clout online he’d be dating a tiny blonde girl wearing cat ears.

No. 1478602

I agree. The first expose video that I remember that was done by an actual goth who was a bit on the younger side was actually pretty good because she used to be a fan of his so she knew more about his antics but she ended up deleted it after about a few months.
The only videos that can be good on this guy are videos done by people who were previous followers of his or ones who have been aware of his antics for years, if it's someone who has never heard of him, there's a good chance it won't be as well-researched.

No. 1479015

God this shit makes me feel ill. I’m sure he’d pass it off as “it was just recommended” or “its research for videos” but these all look like 15 year olds. I think he genuinely forgets he’s not only old but looks older.

No. 1479022

so true. it's really juvenile actually, like a boy picking on a girl at school when he actually fancies her. what's worrying and like >>1479015 said they all look REALLY young in these pictures, its disturbing

No. 1479050

Jake can't hold himself accountable for a single thing, he's all talk no action every time. I fully believe he was expecting to come out on top in terms of the breakup and I also assume he expected Kaya's video to tank or be less emotionally resonating. When she said " I keep getting homesick and then realize there's no home to go back to" it made my heart sink into my stomach, comparing it to Jake's " Yeah so we broke up no big deal here's all the plans and tour dates I'm so great" video I think any sane fan of them both would stick with Kaya. The lack of donations doesn't surprise me, it actually makes me glad there are less people funneling money at the prick especially since he's comprised of 80% broken promises and 20% narcissism. What was the last bit of content he put any actual effort into? His OF pics are obviously half arsed, it's easy enough to stream yourself badly playing your favorite game, and the tik tok content he can just keep churning out until it inevitably destroys him mentally and emotionally because it " gets the views". It's funny how much obvious contempt he has for the one platform/topic that's basically become his bread and butter.

No. 1479502


yeah I remember he said egirls and Belle Delphine make him vomit in his egirl tik tok reaction videos, but he put a whole lot of effort to make a "metal" senzawa cover. then he turned out to be into DDLG shit. all the pretend disgust for "girls who look 10" is protesting too much.

No. 1479550

Idk if I want to believe Jake is a pedo. He always gave me gay vibes. I've saw a video on a friends phone of Jake with peachmilky's ex bf and they looked like they were crushing on each other. Me and a friend were shit talking Jake and pm ex was all defensive and saying how cool Jake was and his hairline. Jake does seem to hate kids and teenagers. I can see him wanting a girl like Belle Dephine tho. Men have fucked up tastes these days. It's very confusing.

No. 1479607

I don't think he's a pedo either, most terminally online guys like egirls because that's what they're exposed to as popular/sexy/etc and most of those girls are 15-20 "jailbait" so basically all internethead men are damned by this one.

No. 1479630

Stumpy may be many things, but an actual pedo I don't believe. I think he does and says things inappropriate for someone with such a largely young audience, but I don't think he's a pedo. That's a stretch, unless info to the contrary comes out someday.

No. 1479638

I don’t think he’s a paedophile either. That’s a really serious word to throw around when there is absolutely no evidence to back it up.

For that matter, I don’t think he’s really into the DDLG shit either. I think he’s leaning into the ‘daddy’ thing in an attempt to garner views. Everything he does is for views. There isn’t a single original thing about him. He picks things up and puts them down based on how much money it can make him. He’s basic. In every sense of the word.

No. 1479780

He's stated many times he's into men as well as women catch up

No. 1479893

I'd figure he was "into" men insofar as he "just hadn't entirely ruled them out yet" but he's got the most basic straight whiteboy energy outside of vocalising a few times that he's found some guys attractive before.

No. 1480051

File: 1648149115509.jpg (210.17 KB, 1080x610, 4_Twitter.jpg)

So much for "Daddy is a good guy!" Lol, retard.

No. 1480054

I wonder what happened. think this dude was one of Jakey’s main sources of income kek

No. 1480070

Its just you, he has the face of a 12yr old asbo offender.

No. 1480106

Oh wow that was a real fast 180-turn lol

No. 1480108

They aren't wrong about him not caring but I'm guessing this is just an attempt at reverse psychology

No. 1480133

I think he does care. I honestly don't think someone who doesn't care would be lurking as much as he does. Deleting things and privating things doesn't say "I don't care".

No. 1480568


he will lose all of his slobbering fans because of his drunken "romance" with sKat stain. hormonal teens and troons and aging moms dont want to see he has a new girlfriend who is a "insta model" keeping him away from streaming with them or creating content for them. they dont want their dollars to go to buying this bitch drinks!
I hope it all backfires and we see more like Reilly decide that "daddy isn't a good guy" even though they're really late and stupid for not getting it before, it took their own personal jealousy to get them to stop funding this asshole's life.

No. 1480583

Oh wow I wonder if Fake said or did something to the troon. They absolutely slobbered over anything he did.

No. 1480647

"He didn't fall in love with me after throwing money at him and he has an irl gf, so I'm not a fan anymore"

No. 1480734

File: 1648193033048.jpg (491.06 KB, 1079x1564, Screenshot_20220325-002138_Twi…)

So K is non-binary they/them, except when it comes to an opportunity to advertise, then they want in women's space?

No. 1480741

they literally all do this, like how dorian wants to be called he/him but screams misogyny the moment she gets criticized. or like how a male troon got put on trial for getting in bed with a lesbian without disclosing he was trans but then he went to court presenting very masculine so that nobody would believe the lesbian actually thought he was a woman. "dysphoria" gets thrown out the window as soon as there's something to gain.

No. 1480815

File: 1648203923582.jpg (48.58 KB, 586x210, update1.jpg)

Looks like ol' Stumpy is gonna post to OF for the first time this whole month. Wonder what sort of horribly lit grainy pics he'll be putting up, as his only upload this entire month.

No. 1480829

I bet it is "hot action" from weekend, with "some" long Island ice tea to overcome the inhibitions…

No. 1480843


wow. the post asked for FEMALE photographers not "I want to be female for this opportunity." and secondly, they would be so annoyed/upset to be "reduced" to feminine pronouns because they want people to call them by their preferred pronouns, yet they apply to this like they should be automatically included. I guess they'll drop the bullshit for the right amount of $, but the rest of the time identity politics is the most important thing, worth seething and mutilating their body over. no wonder she was/is best friends with Jake, not a neuron between them, just opportunistic fuckers

No. 1480847


the only person in the world who wanted to see his ugly chode without being plied with alcohol doesn't love him anymore

No. 1481010

File: 1648220056634.jpg (816.42 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220325-142921_Ins…)

No you look like you'd wreck at the kindergarten lunch table. And not in a good way, before that ddlg weirdo takes that as a compliment.

No. 1481115

Jesus Christ, pick a struggle.

No. 1481158

I always get the feeling that she saw getting her tits cut off as some kind of edgy body modification.

No. 1481183

She cannot dress herself wtf… There is a way to wear black & pastels but this is not it.

No. 1481210

File: 1648233519567.jpg (296.73 KB, 1080x1151, Screenshot.jpg)

The way she badly shaved her sides just looks like a bald spot kek

No. 1481354

I might get roasted for this but I actually think this outfit is pretty cute. it reminds me of the 2007 emo style from hot topic when I was a teenager so maybe that's why. jude is still a terrible human though.

No. 1481378

I see what you mean, and the top is cute. But it'd look better if she styled it better e.g. tucked the top in, better shoes, fixed her miserable hair

No. 1481396

It’s always “don’t include me in women spaces” until there’s an opportunity for women.

No. 1481404

File: 1648248403038.jpg (563.09 KB, 1920x1959, jake1.jpg)

What could it be about…?

No. 1481405

File: 1648248445584.jpg (648.53 KB, 3141x1920, jake2.jpg)

He didn't like the answer, I suppose…

No. 1481794

Reilly also stopped following Jake on IG, I wish she would talk about what happened for her as a super fan to stop supporting him so suddenly.

No. 1481865

She also deleted posts/comments she made to him, including the 'daddy is a great guy' one. I'd love to know, too, honestly.

No. 1481871

Reilly is a man. You're on lolcow, you don't have to pretend.

No. 1481878


I saw that, and they were responding to someone on twitter saying how they're bored and have nothing better to do that talk shit about Jake and Reilly says, "I actually has room to talk." I wonder if Jake said something transphobic. these fans are only recently "disappointed" with him now. why? spill the milk, you baby cows/calves.

No. 1481893

Oh so you must disrespect peoples’ pronouns/identities to participate in discussions here or.. what? Am I gonna get expelled? lmao

No. 1481896

Reilly is dumb as fuck for thinking he has "more room to talk" than anyone else about Jake. He has only been around since Jake started OF. Jake has been creating content for a long time now and there are tons of people who feel fucked over by him.

Also, what's with the "after tonight nobody can tell me he's a bad guy" comment. Like, what happened that night to make him think he's so amazing, and what happened last weekend to make him change his mind?

No. 1481904

Spot the scrote.

No. 1481923

Since I’m not as terminally online as you appear to be I’m very sorry to inform you I have no idea what that means so.. okay? you really showed me I guess?

No. 1481924

Lolcow would be considered terfy to newfags. Majority of the users here don't buy into transgenderism bullshit beyond its an obvious fetish.

No. 1481927

nah there's not enough radical feminism (or even regular feminism) here for it to be terfy. most people here seem to be your typical run-of-the-mill trans skeptics and "terf" isn't the convenient stand-in term for them that you think it is

No. 1481928

That's why I used terfy. I don't know much about radical feminism to fit the label, but you get the point.

No. 1481935

How can you tell who is online more than you?

No. 1481936

Did reilly delete the comments or did jake block them?
What a strange sudden change reilly was all over jake suprised this happened. Reilly was probably his main source income too. Can someone who has Twitter message Reilly and asked what happened it must been something bad to do a 180 like this.

No. 1481939

File: 1648297239977.jpg (366.35 KB, 1080x1748, 20220326_051941.jpg)

Ew, we definitely don't claim it. Trans, brat, sub, mentally ill. Are those supposed to be personality traits? Just another fetishist.

No. 1481940

In this case I’m purely basing it off the usage of a word you probably wouldn’t know if you didn’t spend a significant amount of time online, at least on here. I might be way off, but since a quick google search of that term didn’t bring up any satisfactory results that fit the context I’m assuming it’s something you “learned” during your time here.

No. 1481941

Reilly deleted them herself. She doesn't seem to have direct messaging on.

Sorry, I wasn't aware you had to be a rampant transphobe to post here, I'm just here for the Jake milk, so I'll be continuing to respect people's pronouns and identities, whether most of you here do or not.

No. 1481944

I’m surprised but also glad to see I’m not alone with this

No. 1481945

It's becoming pretty obvious who you are based on your typing style. Learn to integrate, scrote. Also, scrote isn't even niche e-slang. Either you're playing dumb or you're retarded and don't know anatomical terms.

No. 1481952

Okay, so be it? I obviously know what a scrotum is but as I said, it doesn’t make any sense to me it that context. What a dumb discussion lol

No. 1481968

If 'integrate' means 'turn into a hateful, illiterate jerk with the vocabulary of a teenage boy' then I hope that I never do that. Just here to read/post milk about Jake, not to learn a whole new language.

No. 1481979

It means to type in less distinct way so that people can't figure out who you are.
Typing like a teenager is so beneath you, but you're down to gossip like one? Ok.

No. 1482004


Its a gossip board anon. Stop infighting.

No. 1482011

File: 1648304510534.jpeg (194.04 KB, 1125x1936, 320D6BB9-22A8-47D0-988D-93E271…)

It wouldn’t sneak up on you if you actually cared, did the work, and put out content.

No. 1482022

It’s likely the same old
>if it doesn’t affect me it’s unimportant
>if it does affect me it’s the end of the world
I’d put money on Jake invalidating Reilly’s genderfeels in some way. It could be something extremely minor considering how oversensitive these narcs are. Maybe Jake contemplated playing the new HP game or something.

It’s a shame, because I would’ve loved to live in the timeline where Reilly was the only paying fan Jake had left.

No. 1482065

Oh good another excuse to not put a video out. You’d think now that people are on her side she’s take advantage and do SOMETHING. It’s infuriating to watch her pass up amazing opportunities because she can’t get off her pale cow ass and fucking record something. She’s been going to a ton of places that she’ll whip her phone out for a few seconds of IG footage but she can’t deign to keep it out a few mins longer to get enough footage to cobble together a video for the people that are fund her?? At this point I don’t even wish the best for her. I hope she loses all her subscribers and gets a real job

No. 1482067

Saged for no milk! Reilly deleted all their fake merch of IG too. I’m dying to find out what happened with that whole mess. Reilly seems like the type to ignore transphobia as long as they can bask in the stump’s presence. I know there’s no cow tipping but I’m so tempted to message them on instagram to see if they’ll spill

No. 1482072


No. 1482097

Idk I just use they/them until proven a fetishist. Gotta give troons the benefit of the doubt here and there ya know

No. 1482112

can you relax?

No. 1482292

I totally agree and do the same thing.
I don’t think they’re all fetishists but a good chunk of them definitely are.

No. 1482308

File: 1648323953817.png (Spoiler Image, 343.27 KB, 639x322, ogre.png)

He is a man, don't ask me how I know this, let's just say that I can read it on his face.

No. 1482317

She looks like a fucking troon.

No. 1482417

She really just needs to give up YouTube or focus on getting a real world job and keeping YouTube as a side project. She hasn't made consistent content since probably 2015. Even the bigger influencers channels usually fizzle out eventually and they have to move on.

No. 1482521

This cunt says they get wet for daddy. He has a chick, he can’t get wet, he is the same as all the troons.

No. 1482588

File: 1648337757949.png (9.19 MB, 1284x2778, EC3F6542-DC3D-4EE6-8103-CF1873…)

Aren’t these supposedly almost impossible to get out of?

No. 1482667

Who knows, take it to the MtF thread. He thinks wwe is real and that his cock can get wet like all the other “girls”.
He may be alternative it look, but that’s all he’s got going for him. Can guarantee he found some “goth” chick he wanted to skin walk

No. 1482689

Lol do you know where you are? Reilly is a degenerate male fetishist like all trannies. Stop sucking their cocks, handmaiden.

No. 1483053

please get some counseling, you're way too upset about this.

No. 1483205

Stay on topic, but while you’re here you should check out the MtF thread. Those threads fill up within a couple days now lol

No. 1483425

West Virginia blobfish

No. 1483859

and how is reeeeing about the genitals of an irrelevant twitter weirdo "on topic," oh wise mini-mod? sounds like you'd be happier in the MtF thread yourself, where you can seethe peacefully into the echo-chamber.

No. 1483900

>>calls out Dave’s new wife for basically being a Yoko Ono type

If anyone's band is getting royally cucked by a Yoko, it's Rafael's.

Kat Von D has been trying to LARP as a rock star for years through the musicians she's dated or befriended. Now that she married one she dumps all her successful solo business ventures, starts her own band built purely through his connections, and becomes the ultimate muse for his shitty music.

I bet she screws up whatever creative chemistry the band has and they all find her annoying as fuck, but they can't say anything or they'll get fired. The dude is weirdly obsessed with her and would probably dump Prayers entirely to do nothing but shitty dark synthwave covers of Selena songs together.

Kat claims music is her "true passion" but was never passionate enough to try it on her own despite being more than able to for well over a decade. She was mega rich, had a massive mainstream fanbase at the height of her makeup line, and possessed basic music skills from learning piano as a kid that she could have built off of.

What she's actually passionate about is being a fucking narcissist, music is just a glorified hobby to her (and of course her retard husband is gassing her up so she thinks she's talented and good at singing, KEK).

No. 1484011

Clearly you’re retarded. I said STAY on TOPIC. This the alt thread. Fuck off already(infighting)

No. 1484704

File: 1648451912411.png (6.77 MB, 1242x2208, FB606F6B-480E-4361-A693-39C67D…)

Maybe it’s just because I’m in the industry but fuck her finger tattoos are gross. I can’t stand the fact she’s gone and got what we call in the shop “warped tour sleeve” where you get tattoos in all the obvious places first to seem edgy and hardcore.

No. 1484719

File: 1648452209528.jpg (590.44 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220328-082049_Ins…)

Of course she's a Nicole dollanganger fan

No. 1484724

Most of her tattoos are bad tbh. Random flash, and just straight up ugly like the fingers and the warped digimon palm thing

No. 1484984

File: 1648483308957.jpg (391.33 KB, 1080x1127, Screenshot_20220328-170045_Ins…)

He's going live if anyone cares, sometimes his streams have mild milk

No. 1484986

He said he was going to stream yesterday but did a "spontaneous getaway with the girlfriend", probably meaning the drinks with kat. So she is officially gf, now.

No. 1484992

File: 1648484129462.jpg (647.36 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220328-171232_You…)

It was a gaming stream and the start was him a answering the paying subs only chat.

>calls kat his girlfriend. Says they usually hang out in his house and watch movies etc.

>Both trips to US cancelled. Phoenix trip bc vocalist had to drop out so couldn't do shitty covers, rescheduled for june. Tour with K cancelled bc not in K's "budget" so maybe August. Also smth about going with k to dubai which won't happen.

>In May, travelling for his bday. Also thinking about going to Germany.

Then he started playing the game so I left, but not before seeing how much some stans are still willing to donate (picrel)

No. 1484994

Samefag to add jude bishop was in the chat immediately when it started to say hi to him, as always

No. 1485013

He's walking on eggshells with his wording to make it sound like his plans are cancelled because things are so busy. It's really because he's out of extra money and K doesn't want to hang out with him.
Example: "Lauren and Violet WERE going to be in Phoenix."
No, Jake. They still are. YOU WERE going to be in Phoenix but are no longer welcome.

No. 1485203

Lol wow. He's not gonna be able to keep his house and plethora of studios at this rate. So much for flying to Australia first class.

No. 1485261

watch, it is just going to get worse as the months go by. i kind of had a feeling this was going to happen but i was hoping jake dumping her would be the wake up call she needed to get her life in order and stop moaning so much. and yet here she is still a fucking blob several months post-breakup so she can’t blame anyone but herself at this point for being a louse. it is actually somewhat concerning that she has no sense of urgency whatsoever about getting on her feet and fixing up her life, it is like she thinks she has all the time in the world or she really just does not give a fuck what happens.

No. 1485324


in my experience/opinion, lacking a sense of urgency/motivation in a crisis is depression and fatigue. considering everything that has happened I cant really blame her. she should see a psychiatrist/therapist and get on medication and develop coping skills for moving on with her life. she wasn't really taught any and was around a very negative influence for a very long time.
a lot of us thought that her being away from the narc, exercising with a personal trainer, and having the social support of her friends would be enough, but it's not surprising that it's not. she has discussed having mental health issues before and they need to be addressed with treatment she can cooperate with (she needs to lose the idea that "meds will make me fat." if you have no excess food in the pantry to eat and you are exercising, they wont.)

No. 1485357

I'm trying to understand what more she could do, with such limited space to record videos, and having said many, MANY times she's putting apps in for houses all the time. Sure, she could do more content in general, but as her main content type is unboxings and makeup/outfit videos, and she doesn't have the space for those and probably doesn't have much to unbox right now, what content should she be making? If she does vlogs and storytimes, she gets shit on for complaining. And while tiktoks are fun, the friends she's going out and having fun with might not appreciate her actually vlogging, nor do those videos tend to go well on Youtube's algorithm, so again, I'm not sure what more she could be doing before she gets a place to live. Just because she's not showing copies of every place she's applying to, everyone assumes she's not doing much. Speaking from experience in a similar situation, you get apps in as you can and then have to just wait and hope to get a viewing and pass the background checks and so on.

Meanwhile, Jake is still making terrible tiktok content, living off of money he rakes in from streams, and doing nothing with his life, but he's mainly shit on here for cheating and being a rotten person. It's like everyone forgot how many months it took them to get the house he's living in now. When he loses that, and it's only a matter of time, will he still be doing more because he's essentially just a content farm?

No. 1485411


She needs to get a job, she will never get a place with no income.

To those defending her, most people cant just decide to not work for 6 months because of a break up. Shes just a NEET.

No. 1485452

she could also share a flat with a friend who has a job history or just look for a temporary room to crash in if she is still trying to sort herself out. there are many routes she could take to find someplace, she just doesn’t want to. her “mental health” issues are clearly not stopping her from doing the things she wants. she only has depression/anxiety when she has to act like an adult and be responsible for herself, then it conveniently disappears when she is dining out, having drinks, or getting another tattoo. she doesn’t have kids to fight for custody over and it isn’t like they’re getting some bitter divorce with him hoarding all their assets, so she can’t say he is holding her back in anyway other than him making petty jibes at her online. i am just getting tired of her and her moaning all the time because she clearly hasn’t and probably will never change.

No. 1485460

Agreed. Whoever that Kaya kiss-ass is is getting annoying.

No. 1485731

kaya wore a black dress to melanie murphy's wedding. is that considered rude? my mom always told me you weren't supposed to wear black, red or white to a wedding. I very much doubt melanie is a stickler for that kind of thing, but I'm just wondering.

No. 1485784


like a hundred years ago it was seen as a color to wear in mourning, not celebration, but you can absolutely wear black to a wedding now. I've never worn anything else to weddings in this century. it isn't the same as wearing a white dress or a showy red dress at all.

the main idea is that you dont want to take focus away from the bride by wearing a color she is wearing or anything that will put more attention on you. a conservative red dress is fine these days, too. white as well as long as it isn't a fancy gown, though I'd check with the bride personally to make sure there isn't an expectation that she be the only one in white. more importantly than the colors, is no skanky dresses showing off your body on someone else's big day. some brides act all "cool" about it, but it's seen as very self absorbed for obvious reasons and even if the bride isn't pissed, her family would be.

the dress Kaya is wearing with that bride (who is adorable and lovely by the way) in the picture on instagram is super conservative, she looks like her alt self, but not drawing any extra attention. if she went in an Elvira number or a corset and cybergoth hair, that would be milky. but kaya isn't like that. if anything she could have dressed it up but maybe it was a more laid-back wedding atmosphere and not cocktail/black tie.
sorry for blog answer.

No. 1485819

Can she even get a job without a home address or her years long gap?

No. 1485865

This. Getting a job can be just as hard as getting a house, when you're homeless/have no permanent residence, and little to no work history. Even if you're talented or went to school for something, places will turn you down for someone who's got a stronger work history. There's always call centers and shitholes like that, but they can be picky, too. Everyone who seems to think you can go out tomorrow and get a job and a house has clearly never been in that vicious cycle where you have to have one to get the other and are stuck without either. This is pretty common for people who were in long term abusive relationships basically right out of school/their parents house, especially since quite often the Narc doesn't let you work so they can control your time and money and freedom more.

No. 1485923

I feel like starting small could already help. We don't know where exactly she's applying but in her position, only looking into jobs that pay much above minimum wage isn't very smart. She should try retail or cleaning as a starter. Working minimum wage isn't fun or productive but it will get her farther than being a miserable NEET. It won't buy her a house either, but she could afford a one-room apartment or a shared flat, that's a start too.

No. 1485936

>I've never worn anything else to weddings in this century
I get what you are saying, but this makes it sound like you're a vampire and I'm here for it

No. 1485989


Stop WKing, she could easily put down her mums address on the job app.

No. 1485997

>Getting a job can be just as hard as getting a house, when you're homeless/have no permanent residence,

She could sell the Big Issue.

No. 1485998

How about make a vlog where she doesn’t complain the whole time? That sounds like a great way to start. She also has a working car so she could very easily go vlog and film all of the amazing things NI has to offer and if her friends don’t want to be vlogged than they can stay home?? I mean when I go to work that’s I what I do. Freya’s best and most highly viewed vids were her vlogs because normal people like to see how these “alternatives” live. They love a feel good “they’re just like us!” moment. All she would need to do is film herself be “goth” in a semi interesting place and maybe allude to some Jake dirt here and there and Viola! Views and sponsorships. At this point the only thing she’ll ever get off her ass to do is cry victim

No. 1486006

I've already said in previous thread I know of factories in NI crying out for production staff. I work at a company that has a referral program like I could hypothetically get her a job tomorrow. She has a car too so she doesn't have to limit a job search. She is just lazy. Other anons have already stated the obvious. She only does what she wants she obviously doesn't want to work. And if she comes back to YouTube after getting a house and only does unboxing videos that's so low effort. She really needs to figure out a career. Does she see herself living like this into her 30s? Her 40s? Is she wanting to marry rich, like what's her plan lol

No. 1486137

There is always agency work they will take anyone

No. 1486216

File: 1648583668685.jpg (891.59 KB, 1440x2369, Attnwhore.jpg)

Emily Moo having to go out of her way to overshare about her nasty tits as per usual

No. 1486218

…is she on the toilet…? and why is hr face edited to high heaven?? barf

No. 1486307

File: 1648589536852.jpg (135.19 KB, 1080x637, IMG_20220329_223054.jpg)

No. 1486308

File: 1648589565034.jpg (348.1 KB, 1080x1701, IMG_20220329_223143.jpg)

No. 1486397

File: 1648598040403.jpg (129.09 KB, 996x698, Screenshot_20220330-025002_Ins…)

Did Adora get back with her husband or is she just a good ol sport? I can't imagine calling your ex husband the most beautiful man in the world unless you're back togehter or have remaibed very good friends, and it sure didn't seem like they remained friends

No. 1486405

I do agree with most of this, but whilst the studio is a shitty living space, it is a HUGE filming space that most creatives only dream of. I get that it’ll be cluttered right now and some of her stuff is in storage, but my question is, what big plans for videos did she have before this happened? Seriously. Exercise routines with that big tv? Craft projects with all the desk space? Outfits like she used to do in the attic? I’m leaving out unboxings/hauls because like you said, what would she be unboxing right now, but if she had any real plans for that studio beyond just “a compulsive need to buy shit and decorate according to personality of the month”, she could be filming those videos now. Her fans would NOT care about mess or clutter given the circumstances. She did that photoshoot on her Instagram where the end table broke - why didn’t she vlog that? Why doesn’t she ask her new friends if they’d be okay vlogging an “adventure”?

As for all the replies about getting a real entry level job, it’s what she desperately needs to do but she’s just too much of a main character. Our Kaya doing something as normal as cleaning? But that’s not FUN and CUTE! The shit that’s happened to her recently is awful but it hasn’t changed her ego. I really was rooting for a big change but she’s still coasting by on the few compliments and fans she has.

No. 1486515

Prolly. Nasty git

No. 1486561

File: 1648609582017.jpg (139.76 KB, 1080x572, Beardless.jpg)

…because they can actually grow one? KEK you'd know why if you could grow one too, Jake.

And of course the pedo pickme prefers guys without beards that have weird baby faces like her ex. There's nothing very "daddy" looking about a guy who can't grow chest or facial hair.

No. 1486567

Tbh some look uglier with beards, though this makes it sound she just discovered what beards are. And ofc jake liked it, out of his paying subs she's got the most followers so he has to pretend to care.

No. 1486663

>Only does unboxing videos that's so low effort

You also have to wonder if the views will even stay consistent with that. I can't imagine those kinda videos doing well when she gets into her 30s-40s and most of the time she doesn't even know what the fuck she's reviewing. I just don't see that content lasting her for the long haul and that eventually the views will dry up and she won't be making much of any sustainable money from them.

No. 1486734

Why is kaya taking tiktoks in grave yards and photos her jumping in air basically doing photoshoots? Could of sworn she said before on twitter that is a disrespectful thing and dragged another person down for doing what she doing a few years ago. I have to hunt for the tweet

No. 1486857

I know i'm late to the party, but I have a question; I find it interesting how in my culture (I'm Chinese) that the bride wears red, so nobody else is supposed to. Why is it that if the bride wears white, nobody else is supposed to wear red in western style weddings? I've never heard of this before and Google isn't providing sufficient answers.

Sorry in advance for bringing up an old topic.

No. 1486869

it’s considered too sexy and attention-getting, but honestly nobody really cares anymore

No. 1486873

File: 1648649533737.jpeg (466.76 KB, 1143x1957, E1D81181-2075-4AB7-B5BB-A6D82F…)

Jake getting his penis holes situated.

No. 1486875

A dickhole covered in dickholes.

No. 1486893

Over on Instagram yesterday Kaya was posting stories, her and Grant were doing tiktok vids in a graveyard and apparently an old man approached them. Something happened. She described it as exhausting and may talk about it later. So yeah, playing around in a graveyard, at their age, and dressed as they are will get an older grumpy person on your case.

No. 1486924

File: 1648653505560.png (175.52 KB, 1080x883, Screenshot_20220330-161555~2.p…)

think I've found the thread you're referring to. a lot of tweets were deleted but it's something to do with someone "posing in a disrespectful manner" than just generally posing in graveyards that she seemed to have a problem with

No. 1486967

If this is the case I think it is, it was sexually suggestive photos literally on top of someone's gravestone. Just very much in bad taste.

No. 1487019

File: 1648660667581.jpeg (66.76 KB, 500x551, AB11E6FB-D53B-4DD0-BC26-92F316…)

Looks like mr hanky outline kek

No. 1487045

File: 1648662571097.jpeg (123.26 KB, 1124x865, 3E1C2831-9249-4967-BAF7-E6E9F2…)

Stumpy wants to go for a race tattoo next

No. 1487046

I meant face

No. 1487091

File: 1648664603390.jpg (79.63 KB, 641x960, e4aadb4a23f68268979b0b478b0b7b…)

What, like this?

No. 1487101

Btw if she can take tiktoks surely she can make videos too? Or even just compile her tiktoks and stick them on yt. Sure, the house hunting difficulty may have made her more depressed than she already usually is, but striking while the iron is hot with the rekindled attention on her with any kind of video could at least financially help her out bc this is the first time she's been independent from jake. But fuck that I guess?

No. 1487104

File: 1648665500939.jpeg (395.76 KB, 2048x2048, 8D6E664A-AD1E-46DC-8624-2B81B1…)

Diverting to Dorian for a min, found an uncensored picture of her and “Ash” (real name James) on Facebook. Saged for nothing new, just didn’t think it had ever been posted on here.

No. 1487148

I don’t understand why he insists on only tattooing himself for the chest up. I never realized how important balance was with body art until his god awful nudes leaked. It makes his upper body look somehow even longer and heavier, like he could topple over any minute. And with how undefined his tattoos are they end up looking like old pull on tattoo sleeves

No. 1487156

cause he's all looks and no substance. he has to get visible tattoos to prove how much of a bAdAsS he is. it's the warped tour bodysuit

No. 1487168

File: 1648669751089.jpeg (399.34 KB, 825x1437, 33CE5B64-B0F8-40C0-87F3-4ADFF3…)

Aaaand the penis holes now have accents. I’ve seen better eyes. I’m not digging these at all

No. 1487171

Am on Fake's stream right now, he's talking about MAG, how he was the only one working in it, etc.
Also, he said that he'd never, ever do videos about any drama (specifically mentioning relationship drama), because it wouldn't be good for his channel.
Also, apparently he's the only one telling the truth and other people are "spreading rumours", "making up lies and then putting it on these… farms" (once again, confirmed that he lurks on here)
"In order for everybody to like me, I'd have to stop being me, which I'd never do."
He specifically brought up John (former member of MAG) after one of the fans in the chat mentioned it, said that him and John splitting ways was a mutual decision.
"Munro has sort of entered a state of proffesional acquisition. Doing a bunch of things that will eventually pay of hopefully."
He claims that he kept the break-up video non-emotional and purely informational, just so people wouldn't wonder where Kaya is when they'd see him without her in the future. Agreed with one of the fans that "relationship drama is the worst".

No. 1487173

Wow, I bet girls must love that. He's a guy with like what… seven dicks? That's so cool!!(newfag)

No. 1487184

Is this sexually suggestive

No. 1487185

Was Ash the gay man that she was friends with who committed suicide years ago according to what she shared in one of her old vlogs?

No. 1487190

K is on chat and is INSISTING that she loves Jake and had a great time during their road-trip and I think she hinted at doing a tour for his bday?? Idk after so much silence from that camp it all sounds forced. Wouldn’t be surprised if he paid her to say nice things. Figures that he would need to buy friends.

No. 1487194

Members only with 9 people in chat, 186 watching and has been streaming for 2 hours. Too funny. Looks like he's only made $5 but I could be wrong.

No. 1487198

This photo being mirrors really makes the anatomy errors (around the eyes) on the opened mouthed vampire even more obvious lol

No. 1487209

She's literally lying on top of someone's grave though

No. 1487214

He mentioned how being away from his “girlfriend” for 3 weeks while he travels would be agony. Where was this energy where for his other girlfriend of 10 years? Kaya’s a lazy cow but at the very least her loyalty was never called into question. He hasn’t realized yet that often how you meet people is how you lose them as well. If she was willing to dump both child, hubby, and their shop what in the world makes Fake think Kat is going to stick around once his clout dries up?

No. 1487220

Ash is the boyfriend in this video and others: https://youtu.be/sl7qiglAoOc not gay, still alive and had a few very controlling girlfriends after Dorian.

No. 1487221

Watching now in two hours he had £28… compared to last month he was getting £100 every hour I watched in stream and he got over £800 with in a hour looks like lack of Reilly money will certainly be making jake panic soon. Glad Reilly stop giving him money for nothing. Even the chat is completely dead

No. 1487244

Yeah the chat is mostly just Jude riding his dick, a few troons and sprinkling of fa ex goth moms. Ew

No. 1487247

File: 1648674997896.jpeg (297.7 KB, 750x860, 78A95D5E-5A3E-449D-82A0-9F3E73…)

Funny how just ten hours ago he said he wasn’t getting any more visible tattoos for now, is the face suddenly .. not visible?! What made him change his mind (yet again), let alone so quickly?

No. 1487258

Ash was the guy that Dorian references as a fairly long term boyfriend they'd had as a teenager, that by all accounts was a rather intense relationship. Ash was a uni student at the time (20?) and Dorian was a teenager (16?) and initially Dorian lied about their age or omitted it and then I think after they broke up they lost contact after a while. "Ash" is apparently married and to someone not that great but who knows if that's actually true

No. 1487268


Yeah I mean we only have one side of that story and Dorian is obviously going to hate his new partner because of jealousy and wishing they were with him instead despite pushing him away all those years ago.

No. 1487275

It cracks me up how she's ALWAYS there. It goes to show what a boring life she lives. She only has 2 friends. Jake, and some dude that goes by daddy_noth on IG. It is becoming very obvious that the only reason Jake and Jude are friends is because they have clout to offer eachother and because Jude has nobody else so she is desperate. If it was anyone else, especially a woman, behaving like Jake, Jude would be shitting all over them for smoking and drinking.

No. 1487284

He’s said before he wants face tattoos. Stump also said he has the face for it. Kek

No. 1487294

I mean yeah but in that tweet she's talking about a girl basically humping a gravestone, there's a bit of a difference there imo

was about to say I thought ash was one of the older dudes she dated when she was highschool aged, there was also another guy in his 20's who was dating a 15 year old in one of her storytimes, I don't think that was ash though. but I don't know as I don't keep track of this shit

No. 1487295

God those are ugly tats, getting something that ugly so close to your face when your face already looks like Jake's was a risky move

No. 1487369

Yeah I know, that’s why I said “yet again”. He talked about wanting them, then said no more visible tattoos and then went back to planning on getting them. He just makes no sense at all

No. 1487392

I'm laughing so hard, he's ruined his career with OF. Kaya was the only one keeping him from ruining it all. Nobody will want to collaborate with him after showing his dirty penis all over the internet and the middle aged women that were dropping thousands on his channel Don't wanna see him no more. His whole shtick was that he was an untouchable goth God, not some dirty average alt guy showing his cock for 2$. He has ruined it all and there's no way to regain it. He was so greedy and stupid

No. 1487396

i reckon he thought kaya was holding him back so when they broke up he saw himself as "free" and went a bit crazy with it. It's fucking glorious lmao

No. 1487399

Majority of his fans don't want to date a spastic that posts his dick online. He's scored an own goal there. He's lost a lot of income with his vanity.

No. 1487446


wow, so according to him he was the only one working on MAG? so Kaya and John were holograms? my god he is the one who bends the truth and lies about random shit. and he IS going to have to change his compulsive lying and being an arrogant piece of shit ways to get people to like him or else he is never going to gain more fans. what an idiot. I'm so glad he lost Reilly as a top customer.

No. 1487485

Saged for tinfoil but I bet the “agony” from being apart from his new gf is based on distrust. After all, she wasn’t even loyal to her own husband…

No. 1487509

Yep. Relationships that start with cheating and alcohol are never healthy ones.

No. 1487594

File: 1648698408620.jpg (248.26 KB, 1080x1920, Slag.jpg)

I just can't with this bitch and her horrible makeup and lookit me everyone luvs me attitude

No. 1487617

This image is legit giving me anxiety due to how chaotic and visually incoherent it is.

No. 1487722

File: 1648703056870.jpeg (607.95 KB, 2048x2048, 64299B2E-CF11-418B-86F1-9AC940…)

It might be the filter on the video affecting the tattoos in the first screenshot but yikes!….the difference between the video still and the edited pic is huge.

No. 1487763

I don’t think he would be worried about her cheating, it would be narcissistic than that. It would be a case of he did it so easily with Kaya even though they lived together that Kat could potentially be doing to him what he did to kaya

No. 1487787

Maybe it's because his shoulders are so small and sloping, but all these pictures make him look like a Victorian tattooed lady in eveningwear.

No. 1487871

I wonder how ‘loved up’ he’s gonna be when the reality of a child really kicks in. The kids a toddler now, that’s the easy bit, once they start properly walking and talking properly and going to school that’s when the fun starts. At the very least she’s going to have the child 50% of the time, so if he moves in with her for example (and he has form for moving in with his GF’s quickly) the kid will move in too. He’ll fucking love that! He couldn’t handle a cat. Grubby little hand prints all over his shiny equipment. What if she decides little Johnny needs a brother or sister?

They are at completely different life stages and it started as an affair. It will end in tears. I guarantee it. It’s the poor kid I feel sorry for.

No. 1487882

I know we're on lolcow here, but does being here for some milk includes that ableist use of language? I'm relatively new here but the continuous use of "autistic", "aspergers" and now "spastic" as just derogatory and no way related to their actual meaning pisses me of.(unsaged newfaggotry )

No. 1487955

"no way related to their actual meaning pisses me of"

You are so not gonna enjoy it here

No. 1487976


I assume a lot of us who hang out on corners of the net have ASD ourselves (just a hunch) and so we use these words to mock others ironically, as we live in a society where it's still uncomfortable to tell everyone if you have ASD, and a lot of people still think you're supposed to just ignore disabilities and not talk about someone with a disability right in front of them. I don't see it as explicit or violent when making fun of silly people who probably are neurotypical, they're just ridiculous regardless. for me it's just a way of exclaiming in amusement, "this person is even more autistic than I am."

I've been on woke sites where you can't even say "crazy" because they think it's ableist. I've heard "stupid" is a slur, too. see how that would make this kind of space a little limiting given the subjects?

I like free speech and not being censored like a child. we are on an anonymous gossip forum trying to have a good time which includes cussing and using pejorative terms. it's not like we are going around insisting that neurodivergent people address each other with ironic ableism IRL.

sage for sperging about self-aware ableism

No. 1487984

This entirely
I feel like his own goal could've been avoided if he thought it through; Belle Delphine lost her allure and quit porn after doing PIV and BJ videos, Corpse Husband had a huge fanbase based purely on being mysterious maybe-hot untouchable goth boy, Jake managed to ride on a similar wave of attention and then made the same mistake as Belle. (Though at least Belle cashed out first)
You'd think an influencer would pay basic attention to these things and not ruin his own hustle.

No. 1487986

>At the very least she’s going to have the child 50% of the time

Absolutely zero chance the relationship (extended hookup) will last that long

No. 1487987


As if he is spending any time with the kid or looking after it. Reckon she gives the baby to her mum and spends the weekend at Stumpy's getting drunk.

I guarantee he hasnt spent any time with the kid.

No. 1487992

I know we complain about Kaya being lazy but I guarantee it was a case of Kaya and John turning up to do something fun with friends, Jake either offering to or being controlling about setting up a backdrop/doing the editing, and then martyring himself and bitching about doing all the work. John had a real job fgs and Kaya was a lot younger than they are now, you could tell it was always a passion project. He has such a toxic grind/hustle attitude without ever actually achieving anything.

No. 1488011

>Corpse Husband had a huge fanbase based purely on being mysterious maybe-hot untouchable goth boy

Corpse lost his allure too when his plain doughy face was revealed, and he made the mistake of not glowing himself up to salvage his fans' image of him, so people knew the leak was true.

Jake meanwhile is plain and doughy out in the open and we've seen what kind of people that attracts.

No. 1488013

Can't get over just how blatantly selfish it is for Jake to take sole credit for working on MAG when he had two other hosts as well as a editor all working on it and none of whom were specifically clipped or criticised for their on screen behavior like he has been,beyond fucked up and disrespectful. That should be such a huge warning sign to anyone wanting to collaborate or work with him that this is how he treats the people he makes content with, I feel terrible for his band mates- they could all do so much better, I'd bet they've had to put up with no shortage of narcissistic bullshit from him.

No. 1488019

I wonder if that's why we haven't seen any tour footage at all despite having K specifically over filming for him? Too much footage of Jake being an offkey untalented unpleasant narcissistic entitled piece of trash around his emotionally and mentally exhausted band mates that it's a struggle for it to be edited to make him look even remotely good.

No. 1488021


As an autist I don't care.

No. 1488024


Agree. Sparing the disabled because making fun is "ableist", actually gives the vibes that disabled people are fragile snowflakes. Which is ableist.

No. 1488066

File: 1648737568867.jpg (850.17 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220331-153730_Ins…)

Another get ready with me, because she couldn't cobble together anything else despite all the fun stuff she did and had enough time to post to insta for. At least this is something though.

No. 1488088

I don't know why people seem to still be expecting more from her.
She has no work ethic and never has.She expects to be paid for basically being herself which is moaning on the Internet and looking for sympathy.
She's almost 30 yet too immature still to realise people aren't going to pay her to be a 'pretty Internet goth' for the rest of her life.

If she hasn't used this opportunity to turn herself around now she never will.

She will end up on the sick for the rest of her life expecting free handouts simply for existing.

No. 1488100

That's Jazz you're thinking of.

No. 1488112

I was hoping that once her and Jake parted ways, she'd get her life together because I thought she was depressed because of how inattentive and neglectful Jake was being towards her but it's clear that even without him bogging her down, she's just as much of a lazy ass with or without him. You're right, she's got no work ethic and it's showing big time here and it's most likely gonna continue because people keep enabling her laziness.

I just have a feeling that she's gonna be one of those older bag ladies when she's like in her mid-late 40s to 50s once she loses her looks and hadn't worked a regular job in the last 2 decades.

There's still time to turn it around but with all the opportunities she has up and wasted, I'm just not sure.

No. 1488124

I would say because Munro is absolutely horrible live.

No. 1488296

What happened to raven?

No. 1488312

Didn’t think it was actually confirmed corpse. He just lost his fan base because of that egirl chick he’s been seeing

Really had hopes for Kaya but she legitimately has not grown at all. Unboxings and the most horrendous get ready with me videos when she could do content for when she goes out. She’s going to lose all those Patreon’s.

How did you even get here without seeing 90% of the thread names on lolcow? Don’t go to the munchie thread lol

No. 1488346

File: 1648758784683.jpeg (471.24 KB, 1125x1942, F4E9D4FD-7D70-4E2B-9A2E-B72F83…)

No. 1488370

I mean she married one so it's not a huge surprise.

No. 1488443

There's threads about it on here, anons found pics after finding his family's Facebook, his name, etc so it's very likely him and twitturd blew up with "omg he's ugly" when it was leaked.

No. 1488475

tl, dw: Kaya has been reconnecting with old friends but then is spending too much time with them instead of working. Also: studio payments have stopped and she's losing access to the one room she can heat and has reliable internet. She still has the other room. No leads on houses even if she offers more than asking price or double the deposit. Also, her vlog camera is broken.

No. 1488490

Only got halfway through this but she's just talking about and showing photos we've already seen of places she's been.
She's supposed to be a content creator. Use these opportunities to make VIDEOS or just write a blog instead ffs

No. 1488491

She also once again mentioned "bad things" that she "can't talk about here" and implied multiple times that Jake was holding her back from doing things she enjoys.

No. 1488544

Makes me wonder if stumpy finally had to give up some of his studio spaces because his stream donations from his harem of troons and horny soccer moms have dwindled so much

No. 1488586


I don’t usually watch her vids, but it’s really nice to see her getting her life back, sounds like she didn’t get out much for 12 years (she did drop a few unsubtle hints) and making up for lost time. Having said that, the situation she’s In doesn’t afford her time to dick around anymore esp since Stumpy is starting to pull the plug on the studios. Her friends really need to sit her down and have the “come to Jesus” reality check talk, she needs income and holding out for the perfect house aint gonna happen. The rental market is nuts right now all over the world. She needs to pull her big girl panties up, and find a flat w/ someone needing a roommate. She’s not going to survive e-begging forever…it’s not cute when you’re 35.
Sorry about blogpost, but someone needs to finally get through shake her & wake her TF
up, she can have fun later (or film it ffs). She needs a manager.

No. 1488587

Thanks Nons, here’s a full rundown because I have no life.

> “This is a really long video to explain my really long absence”

> Losing access to the studio. Casually drops that she sometimes sleeps in her car.
> In all fairness, having Covid in that building sounds fucking dire and the rent market is a shitshow. Doesn’t seem like her mom/friends have space for her and I wouldn’t want to be sick around other people so let’s not start that debate again.
> No way she can buy because of her12+ years of NO employment or income history, so mortgagers won’t touch her. If it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.
> Jake whiny and boring tag-along confirmed but she still isn’t naming and shaming him or his specific behaviours.
> Literally 3/4 of the video is her verbally describing her Insta posts. “what I did on my holidays” by Kaya Brown, aged 9.
> Didn’t vlog all those outings because she took her camera and then realized it was broken during. Admits she literally has another vlogging camera but itMs not her favorite one. thisbitch.png
> Considering going to Barcelona because her dad would fly her out. Fair play tbh, would give her something to film.

I think she looks great, her background looks good, but obviously the chatty GRWM is a super tired format, especially coming from TT. Exhausting lack of content as per but you can tell that Jake had absolutely zero concept of how badly and for how long she’d be fucked over by his midlife crisis.

No. 1488593

Samefagging but this. I worry that because her friends have “cool” jobs and are also goth/alt that she puts herself in the same camp as them, but managing a tattoo studio is not the same as 2011 YouTubing. So many people from her era of the Internet have moved on and she genuinely isn’t suited for her role. The alternative at this point is to become a crusty, completely non-self aware Shane Dawson megalomaniac like her ex, which just isn’t her.

No. 1488630

> Didn’t vlog all those outings because she took her camera and then realized it was broken during. Admits she literally has another vlogging camera but it's not her favorite one. thisbitch.png

She really seems to like finding tiny things to have a problem wit. But why would she continue that habit even in this situation? Was she really like oh my camera broke, cool I have another, but ugh its not my favourite so I refuse to film anything despite it being my job, and won't do my job despite it potentially making my situation a little less shit!

No. 1488647

Exactly. Being a Tattoo artist requires years of apprenticeship and skill. She didn’t go to Uni bc she was too busy babysitting a narc and being a YouTuber making unboxing videos isn’t exactly a skill…that’s not to say she doesn’t have skills. I feel like Stumpy messed her up so much she almost needs to take classes on how to “Adult”. She can’t keep making excuses that her cameras don’t work, it’s too loud etc. and take personal responsibility. Otherwise this is a hobby not a job. The only thing Stumpy has going for himself is consistency/motivation (altho at the rate he’s going, he’ll soon be asking people if they’d “like fries with that” or get Kat to support him like he did w/ Kaya)

No. 1488669

All of this! The way she said she was having to learn to say no going out with friends because she had to work - you know, like 15 year olds with their first jobs do. But her life has been literally in reverse. She got into a way too mature relationship with Stump in that they had no friends, totally codependent, moved out and had their own income (benefits) when they were what, 17? Started working at that call centre, still never went out (remember her 18th birthday was like a picnic in her parents’ back garden) and she’s only just now going out to do fun things with friends at nearly 30. Not saying any of that is a reasonable excuse but it’s crazy how much of a thing it was back in the day. So many tumblr goths had an intense adult relationship as teens and then crashed and burned when they were no longer cute enough to e-beg.

No. 1488674

Is there any more info/photos/SM profiles for this James/Ash dude?

No. 1488689

File: 1648783310473.jpg (126.4 KB, 1080x296, Screenshot_20220331-183243_Twi…)

What consistency? Jake's content is totally sporadic. He'll upload a bunch one week and then nothing for weeks on end. He's constantly saying he'll do things but doesn't. Like this recent tweet. He delivered the first video, but no OF post that weekend, and no new videos this week (unless he sees this, feels pressured, and hops to it before the week is fully over).
The week before this he claimed to have videos planned, but never delivered because he got "sick" (aka hungover from the homemade long island ice teas).

No. 1488740

she’s going to be sleeping in her car full time pretty soon at this rate. if i was her, i would just take the opportunity to fly to spain and maybe try to start my life over again and get out of ireland, since belfast isn’t working out for her.

No. 1488756

>Kaya Brown
Is that really her last name? Just realized that I've never heard/seen her actual last name

No. 1488769

I'm pretty sure it is. I've seen "Kaya Brown" for years (I was a subscriber many moons ago). I have no reason to doubt it's her real name but Idk. Also her mom had Brown in her screenname somewhere.

Unrelated but Jake's real name is Jake Elliot Munro Goddard lol.

No. 1488807

File: 1648796626675.jpeg (545.74 KB, 1170x1698, 4907AD02-3955-4A7F-9553-9CA58A…)

She said in the comments that she won’t be moving to Spain as she doesn’t want to leave all her friends behind. Also alludes to Fake being the driving force behind moving their in the first place and that she was very reluctant to go at first. I think it would be good for her to go and see her dad though. Get some distance.

No. 1488813

Definitely. I don’t think he’s anywhere near as flush as he was. What a shame. I do hope he thought to put something by for a rainy day instead of spending it all on bikes he barely rides and dickhole tattoos.

No. 1488846

Thought she had no heating at all when she did her breakup video…>>1488587 ah yes let dad pay for my life style of being a lazy slob

No. 1488850

she's talking about her space heater, the building she's in has no central heating

No. 1488854

She isn’t capable of going to the shop and buying a electric heater? Or another space heater? Trying to pull on the heart strings for more money Aye

No. 1488861

The thing about subletting or living in a houseshare is you only need to impress the people in the house, not a landlord who wants to see cash, subletters/roommates situation seems to much better for her since they prioritise/prefer single women, and she is obviously a pleasant enough girl, nobody would mind living with her.
Trying to get her own place is a relic of the past at this point, the housing market for couples, high income, etc is completely different than someone in her situation.
You can film a Youtube video or tiktok anywhere, she doesn't need more than a room and has plenty of patreon money to pay for it.

No. 1488862

Your pic is showing

Also, wtf? She has absolutely no priorities. Friends and cat over a home? Somethings not adding up or she is just that immature. Either way, I’m losing sympathy. In 5 months it will be a year of her not getting her shit together

No. 1488868

zooming in anon is cute, crop out your profile pic next time though

No. 1488883

As if those are the only things stopping her moving to Europe post-Brexit and in the middle of an economic crisis, come on now. Having said that, we all speculated that she was hesitant before, it makes me feel sick that she was just going along with such a big life change because she was scared of losing her relationship. Jake couldn’t care less about Barca specifically, he just doesn’t know how to be happy and thought she was his golden ticket to a different place where newsflash he’d be just as unhappy.

No. 1488885

Her full name is Kaya Lili Brown. She’s not particularly fussed about hiding it and it’s been publicised before. Newfrens please don’t use this for any weird cowtipping activities.

No. 1488890

She literally has no home. Her dad is offering to pay for her to get her over there and have a home till she can get something of her own.
She’s losing one part of her “living” space and that’s the one with the good internet connection, apparently.
On top of that, you can clearly see she hasn’t changed when she says she can’t blog because her cam is fucked, has another cam but doesn’t like it so won’t do her job?

Come now, in 5 months time is been entire year for her to do anything. She’s now being given opportunities to get out of her situation, fully paid, and she’s refusing it. Just like not doing her job because she doesn’t like her other cam

No. 1488910

it isn’t that difficult to travel to europe post-brexit anon, it’s the other way around. plus her dad lives in spain so she can get a long stay visa to visit family. you honestly sound like a burger who believes all the fearmongering on our news about britain leaving the eu…

No. 1488927

File: 1648818414075.jpg (601.55 KB, 1440x1318, Screenshot_20220401-090631_A …)

Can she be a bigger whore KEK

No. 1488929

maybe im old fashioned but this sort of thing just seems really disrespectful to her husband. like yeah you can't switch off finding others attractive when you're dating/married but comments like this are too far. I know i wouldn't be happy if my partner said similar things about other people. Have some respect and dignity, woman

No. 1488943

I thank you!

Thanks for the heads up! Changed it now. In my defence it was early.

No. 1488947

I’m agreeing with you on everything about her being a grifter, but her dad’s paying to “fly her out”. There’s a huge huge difference between paying for some easyjet flights and putting your adult child up for any extended period of time. Pretty sure her and Jake got their own airbnb when they were last out so he obviously doesn’t have loads of space or a guest room.

No. 1488949

And you sound like you voted Leave, retard.

No. 1488965


What is this revisionist history shit? I don’t ever remember us discussing her reluctance to move to Barcelona so I’d like to see some receipts on that. She seemed proper devastated when she talked about not being able to move to Barcelona so maybe she should get a job as an actress. Also, what friends? She didn’t have friends when she was still with Stumpy so I don’t know who she was sad about leaving behind.

No. 1488993

Plus she was born in northen irland? She can have dual citizenship and have an Irish one as well as a UK one. And with an Irish passport you are still part of the eu. Sooo.. yeah…
On the other hand, with adhd and whatever else, first have a big breakup and then country hop can be a lot. But still, passport is not the problem, she is.

No. 1489008

It's been a hot minute since I saw those MAG videos and I REALLY hate to be "that" person but did Kaya actually do anything in that project? I remember a lot of the time she would be pretty quiet and occasionally say something but it was usually Jake and their other cohost who were the most interactive. And as far as editing goes, with how lazy we've seen aya being with her own content, I'm starting to really question if she even did the editing in those MAG videos.

I'm sorry guys, I know that Stumpy is dogshit but as asinine as his content is, he actually is productive and when it comes to the MAG stuff, I just don't feel like Kaya really did all that much.

If I'm wrong and I'm misremembering, please tell me as again, I haven't seen those videos in years and I have only vague memory of what the gist of them were. I will say that if Jake is acting like it was only him in the videos though, I'd definitely disagree with that.

No. 1489023

TYSM anon for saying this, I agree with you 110%. Kaya has been coating by being a lazy glutton for a little more over a decade and she's lucky that she was able to do that but play time is over now.
I don't feel sorry for her not being able to find the perfect house or any house because frankly she doesn't deserve it and she brought the problem on herself. Of course mortgages won't want to touch her because of her lack of stable employment and income history that, WTF did she expect? She's a flight risk and in today's economy, no sensible real estate agent would even bother to entertain that situation. You can only sympathize for her too much. Yeah she was in a shitty relationship but that's not an excuse to stop being productive for 12 years, especially since she was not raising a kid or taking care of a family member.

She had so much free time to make content, to make her outing videos, makeup videos, etc. Just content in general but she became a lazy fat ass who whined and complained about everything. So no, I don't feel bad for her because she was being a lazy slob and wasted all the opportunities that went her way.

I really hope that what you said happens. She needs to have some sort of intervention by either her friends and/or parents, people in her real life to sit her down and tell her the truth that she needs to make a change. Find a flat with a roommate, get a job for stable income, and move on with her life.
Jake is not with her anymore so she can't use him as a scapegoat, he's clearly moved on and it's time for to do the same.

No. 1489032

Does Dorian fit this as well?

No. 1489034

If I remember correctly they hired an editor, Vox to take care of MAG. When Jake removed all of MAG she commented on one of John's tweet threads and they had a back and forth commiserating about how it sucks to see something they both worked on removed from the platform with no warning just because Jake was getting backlash

No. 1489035

At this point fuck her excuses. Who the fuck cares if it's not her favorite camera, she needs to STFU and just work with what she has. She doesn't have the money to buy herself a new fancy camera so she needs to get a grip and use the working camera because at this point, a camera is a camera and as long as it can record in at least 720p and function properly, it's really not a big deal.

No. 1489040

You know even if Kaya does manage to get a house which I highly doubt she will be able to, who's to say that the house won't turn into a stye? We've seen how lazy and inactive she is and has been for over a decade and I can't imagine she would be able to maintain a house on her own without turning it into a hoarder house with overgrown grass on the outside.

No. 1489047

Oh right I remember that Vox girl and how she was the editor for them. I vaguely remember the thread but thanks for context.

No. 1489059

I used to say “Stumpy’s content is shit but at least he’s productive” as well, but is he really? Other Anons have pointed out he’s fallen down the same entitled well as Kaya. Promising projects that never follow through, not committing to big things, can’t stick to a schedule, just wants to look at his own face and react to tiktoks to make the bear minimum easy money.

No. 1489066

So true about having no friends, but I fully believe that this was disappointment over something else falling through and Jake’s toxic narc rage rubbing off. This bitch gets obsessive and over every half-idea and then depressed when it falls through no matter how unrealistic it was. I believe she was sad, sure, but we all pointed out that she seemed reluctant and stressed out more than anything.

No. 1489067

Even though he looks like he only wants to do the bare minimum, it's more than what kaya seems to want to do in terms of her channel. Like how she didn't film because the camera she had wasn't her "favourite".

No. 1489077

Imho Jake seems to have a cycle of committing strongly then giving up on things e.g- vlogs, a streaming schedule, an upload schedule, is he a YouTuber or is he a musician, is his content about his motorcycle now? Wait nevermind he's starting an only fans etc, etc, etc. I don't really think that makes him much more productive than Kaya the person who is actually diagnosed ADHD. Kaya has aspirations to do many things and then doesn't manage to start them. Jake starts but then can never seem to actually commit ( surprise surprise commitment is apparently more than just a relationship issue ).

Neither are good or professional ways in which to run a successful YouTube or have an actual solid career.

No. 1489097

File: 1648831370761.jpeg (179.43 KB, 1246x2048, received_701203307225831.jpeg)

Bitch is very disrespectful and fkn gross. Why do ppl follow this train wreck? She makes me sick.

No. 1489100

Honestly, it's good to have friends but Kaya probably would have a better go of it in Barcelona with her dad. Idk much about her mum but her dad actually seems like he could be a guiding force and actual support with her. Her friends could visit, I mean as much as I'm sure they're cheering her up, they're not exactly helping her out. Some of them have their own businesses and could hire Kaya to even upkeep the work spaces and do admin things. It would help her be a more viable candidate for a place to live.

No. 1489103

calm down anon it's just a toot

No. 1489117

its so obviously raven posting lmao

No. 1489126

I thought the same thing and it made me go look for her channel again kek. her most recent video was a month ago, admitting there was no baby (no way?!? RIP Baby Samsung) and that she did it to own the haydurs (us), while partially blaming it on a visibly uncomfortable Josh. link because the embed probably won’t work https://youtu.be/2KIB2XGFrDw

No. 1489179

File: 1648837813953.jpg (308.84 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20220401-192817_Gal…)

She actually has very large hands for a female

No. 1489182

Random one but is Emily and her husband in a open relationship? She talks a lot about wanting to shag others, she mentioned how when a friend stays over they all shared the bed. Not that I’m shaming it I’m just curious

No. 1489231

Good observation tbh. This plus Jake’s rage issues mean he’s definitely got the stereotypical boy ADHD in my head tbh (I have ADD before anyone gets mad). He definitely has other shit mixed in, but I’m pretty sure he has undiagnosed ADHD. Not that he’d ever admit it or work on himself.

No. 1489236

It's just a case of her wanting her uwu small ddlg baby fantasy to be true when it certainly isn't

No. 1489262

People who have to talk about how uwu smoll they are are never really small. Same if your talking about huge your dong is most the time it isn’t

No. 1489287

File: 1648843458314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 417.14 KB, 1080x2220, 20220401_220351.jpg)

Did Emily Boo had an only fans before?

No. 1489292


Nah her/their/his/whatever life has been nothing but dicking around and going out with friends other than a year of trying to hack a real job and getting out of it by faking ASD.

No. 1489308

raven you need to get a life and stalk someone else or get help, your obsession with emily is worrying(hi cow)

No. 1489349

Not Raven. Just an anon.

No. 1489375

File: 1648846840419.jpg (555.03 KB, 1080x1518, IMG_20220402_074617.jpg)

Sooo kaya can buy this $300+ killstar jacket and go lingerie shopping at Ann Summers.

But a cheap shitty heater for the studio, or a stay in hotel room so she doesn't feel cold or scared simply can't happen why exactly?

People can argue "oh the tattoos/spa/gifts/nights out drinking are for poor precious kayas mental health" but to what extent? When in any way, shape or form does someone escaping dv think to themselves "yeah I'm terrified, I'm not coping, I need help, I should go shopping for lingerie when I'm homeless. This is fine"

No. 1489403

She already has a heater for the studio. Also hotels cost hundreds a night, she'd run out pretty fast. Did she just buy this jacket? Cuz she used to get sent free stuff from killstar all the time.

No. 1489415

Guessing she bought it as she would have had to feature it in a haul video if it was free and she hasn't done one of those for ages

No. 1489419

File: 1648849186355.png (1.98 MB, 852x1879, Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 5.36…)

I've been going through Gravy's videos and literally *nothing has changed* since they moved to Michigan a year ago. she's still depressed and wants to kill herself every day, and can't figure out why. Couchy isn't working either, and they seem to still be in a garage. she misses her mom and Dorian, and she's in sooOoOo much pain all the time. oh and she's 45 now KEK

No. 1489421

File: 1648849265131.png (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 1055x1860, Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 4.30…)

bonus. what the fuck is happening. imagine her breath

No. 1489422

holy crap josh looks drained to fuck and like he's aged 30 years, what gravy does to you kek

No. 1489425

How the hell can you wrap your arms around a woman and sit in silence as she admits to all this shit. Talk about no self respect.

No. 1489429

File: 1648849906264.gif (1.37 MB, 640x562, F7068219-3DF7-4292-982F-C260D3…)

No. 1489453

I could be wrong but I don’t think that’s Killstar. They’ve had a few pink studded jackets but none of them have had zips exactly like that. Again, could be wrong.

Also it’s super dangerous and also ineffective to leave a space heater or fan heater running in a big, cold, uninsulated room. inb4 WKing. Kaya is a grifter but we can’t keep rehashing these tired ass points lol

No. 1489454

Samefag - I’m a fucking dumbass who doesn’t understand mirrors, it is the Killstar jacket.

No. 1489456


Bahahaha I never thought I’d see KimK here but super relevant gif. Thanks for the laugh, anon.
Boils my blood to see her plug her Patreon; for what, for WHAT?!?!?

No. 1489484

File: 1648856202655.jpg (679.15 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220402-003359_Ins…)

I thought she didn't want to do a typing with her family because of addiction or something (but then supposedly sold drugs as a teen kek) or am I remembering the info in her old threads wrong

No. 1489486

Anything, not a typing

No. 1489492

File: 1648857216194.png (6.09 MB, 1242x2208, 75BBA320-E75A-4C7D-9094-1B4562…)

So, jake?

No. 1489533

File: 1648860857920.jpg (235.78 KB, 1080x1920, 20220401_174823.jpg)

Imagine having to stare at that retarded deformed Mulan whenever you do it from behind. She has the unsexiest tattoos I've ever seen. I can't even take her OF pictures seriously because that derpy Mulan is always there. She also listens to the most basic and normie music I've ever heard. Desperado, really? So goth. What does she and Jake have in common, really?

No. 1489668

KEk at Jake saying he is geting his stretch mark looking tattoo lasered off "this week". It takes multiple sessions, 8-12 weeks apart, for something that size will take a year. Then on top of that you have to wait 6 months before getting it covered up. Also costs hundreds of pounds.

No. 1489774

I don't want gravy clogging up this thread. Take it to hers

No. 1489780

Those tats are pretty bad. Why would you make them a focus? Lining and shading, and the blowouts. Come on now.

No. 1489801


what they have in common are their childish cartoon and video game tattoos.

No. 1489875

Oh my god he looks like the life been drained out him what the hell happened.
Geeze having your wife say they want to kill themselves everyday must be really shit to deal with. They must have a shocking relationship

>>1489421 >>1489421 meth teeth

No. 1489877

Honestly she's out of Jake's league. Some other Belfast alt man will take her soon enough

No. 1489890


Agreed. Shit on Jake all you like but Kat is hot, she's way better looking than Kaya and has her tattoo business. She's way more of a catch.

No. 1489924

Smells like selfpost KAT

No. 1489946

I agree that she’s more attractive, but presumably everyone knows about her cheating on her baby daddy with a guy who was also in a long term relationship and that’s not a good look to anyone who is looking at a prospective relationship with her later down the road. When she and Jake are done, she’s going to have a hard time finding another guy who has clout in the online alt community. It’s a small world, is all I’m saying.

No. 1489954

File: 1648908726256.jpeg (364.51 KB, 574x1872, C5B78DC1-DEF7-4321-9125-CD0E28…)

Kat is hot? Hello?

No. 1489974

What tattoo business? Do you mean her husband’s tattoo shop that she got fired from after she abandoned him and her child? The one she’s not welcome at anymore because she can’t be trusted not to fuck anyone with even a crumb of clout to their name? Is that the tattoo business you mean??

No. 1489987

She is hot. I agree with the others. what's not hot about this picture?

>>1489890 100% agree its not just looks but it's just having the motivation to do something & better herself constantly where kaya like to do nothing whine and act victim day in day out she doesn't even bother doing her 'job' let alone anything simple like makeup. Nothing is more unattractive then a sloby complainer who does Jack shit all day. Kaya would look better with out the shave sides imo

No. 1490004

Listen Kat being a hoe is just as unattractive as being lazy so let’s get off the high horse hmm?

No. 1490071

Gravy thread is locked chill out shes just as "goth" as these other fucks.

No. 1490136

Hard disagree. Skat is basic and her tattoos are hideous. At least Kaya dresses interestingly and has decent tattoos. Plus you can't even see Skat's snaggletooth in this shot.

No. 1490150


Have you seen Kaya's nose in side profile? Kaya only looks good with a ton of makeup slapped on her. Kat is way more feminine and attractive.

No. 1490153


Err, unless you own a shop most tattooists rent a space in another studio. She doesnt own the shop but she is self employed and being an artist is her business. Her insta is always posting so she clearly has a lot of clients, a work ethic and makes her own money.

No. 1490154

File: 1648920514359.png (226.78 KB, 1915x810, Screenshot 2022-04-02 at 18.10…)

Think our fave trad wife has a new account, anyone got added yet?

No. 1490166

File: 1648921428509.jpg (288.13 KB, 1077x1822, 20220326_135220.jpg)

Why are you so defensive of her appearance? Look at how big her nose is and janky her teeth are next to her friend.

No. 1490168


Still hotter than Kaya, and she works a job AND has a kid. Kaya cant even look after herself, let alone be able to look after a family. Not much of gf/wife material.

No. 1490178

A job that she sucks at and a kid that she neglects. What a catch.

No. 1490193


Why are you WKing Kaya, she is a cow? Kaya doesnt have a job or even a home.

No. 1490197

Why are you WKing Kat? She's a complacent homewrecking alcoholic.

No. 1490198

lol @ thinking having a kid makes any woman more successful like she has it all. Skank is a cheater, that's good mom material right. Kat is that you? Are you a simp for a trashy alt girl.
not that anon, they are both cows.

Can't screen capture, Kaya got any other tattoo…and so did her mom.

No. 1490207


Kaya has more length to her nose, but Kat has more width. Her profile has a slight bump too. Neither have "perfect" noses but at least Kaya's looks proportionate from the front, while Kat has a fat bulbous nose. Also I wouldn't say Kat is more "feminine," her chin/jaw is prominent like a masculine face. Kaya has a weaker chin which is considered a gracile feminine trait. And Kat has thin lips. She doesn't look good in black or dark purple lipstick whereas Kaya looks good in it.

I think it is just because Kat has a bunch of lingerie pics and now an OnlyFans, so people think her body looks OK and that she's "hot" but she's really a butterface. When Kaya was young and skinny, she had a tiny waist and lanky arms and legs like a model. Kaya is still unconventionally beautiful while Kat is averaged basic but doing her best to look like a sexy baddie.
and cheating on her husband with a man who was in a 12 year long relationship revealed how ugly she is on the inside. she's disloyal and a snake. someone who is "a catch" doesn't act like that.

No. 1490208

File: 1648923425327.jpeg (27.72 KB, 600x800, 2c165a305980a60e0fa741b36b6248…)

No. 1490221

Kaya has zero sex appeal.

No. 1490243

Don't you mean Skat?!(stop trying to enforce this shit)

No. 1490247

Stop self posting Skat!("hi cow")

No. 1490282

kek, you anons really like skat stain, huh? she might be more 'conventionally attractive' but she's worse of a person than kaya. cheating on her husband, abandoning her kid… yeah, great mom/wife material right there kek

at least kaya hasn't pulled any of that shit. she might sit on her ass and whine all the time, but at the end of the day, she's harmless compared to miss cheating alcoholic homewrecker anymore.

just because you have a kid and a job doesn't automatically make you a wonderful person. idk what crack y'all anons are smoking, but kat is fucking ugly inside and out. go back to your little skat stain fanpages and let the big kids talk, ffs.
(repost bc forgot 2 sage)

No. 1490298

File: 1648927254263.jpeg (586.35 KB, 1196x2037, 485F1DAA-E1FB-4639-926E-6601C2…)

Wait…is Jakes tattoo artist supposed to be the best In Belfast? Those eyes are horrid!! You would figure they would make them more realistic? They look like funky.

No. 1490316

File: 1648927911148.jpeg (477.45 KB, 1201x1781, 80905EF7-9C0B-4B18-A6B9-29D073…)

He says he lost his abs as he hunches over and looks more like a stump.

No. 1490331

File: 1648928685799.jpg (870.2 KB, 971x1295, Screenshot_20220402-124405_Ins…)

The stark difference in his recent pictures compared to his old "goth" image that he's pulling away from is crazy. It's like he's a different person.

No. 1490338

File: 1648928865658.jpeg (586.14 KB, 1178x1881, FE31D5FB-6354-4AFB-8F5E-BA57AD…)

Pushing shoulders forward while you flex. A bit better looking, good boy Stump.
( pat on the stump head )

No. 1490348


He's looking a lot more like his fat short alt guy days when he vlogged with the drone and wanted to be Casey neistat.

No. 1490368


No. 1490373

Right, his "normie phase" as he put it.

No. 1490401

I think Kaya could be as pretty as Kat. Kaya just always wears extremely unflattering makeup and hair. If you look at her videos where she does 'normie' makeup she looks so much better.

No. 1490512

She doesn’t even have to compile them. YouTube has that “shorts” thing now don’t they?

No. 1490547


Imagine posting those awful photos to your grid (most recent two) like can't he tell he looks terrible?

And yet again running his brand into the ground, the makeup was a big factor in the high donating simps he had. The Casey Neistat one nobody gaf about.

No. 1490560

>Not much of gf/wife material.

Yeah a woman who cheats on her husband while she has child sounds like great wife material!1 Kat's selfposts are getting more obvious

No. 1490632

She has been posting shorts on YouTube. Did you even check.

No. 1490722

the phrase "wife material" gives me an instant whiff of scrote

No. 1490725

File: 1648945263633.jpg (40.35 KB, 720x596, Screenshot_20220402-191744_Chr…)

I literally gagged when I read this. My god, there has never been a less sexy sentence written. He's so fucking cringe he should just be doing videos reacting to his own posts at this point. Uuuugh.

No. 1490826

he really thinks 7 inches is a blessing to this world kek now i see why he's so arrogant and acts like all that, he really is overcompensating for something.

No. 1490862

He wishes it was thick. What a moron! Kek

No. 1490935

The vampire is cross eyed lol

No. 1490956

File: 1648955041885.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.13 KB, 500x572, camp1.jpg)

Exactly Jake's type tbh.

Straight up looks like a blue pocket pussy

No. 1490960

Fucking KEK can’t believe the stump got a bussy tattooed on his gullet

No. 1490980

I don’t believe Jake’s “this is the real me” speech over his “goth” makeup for a second. He has always, always wanted to be accepted and worshipped as his basic ass self (his “chav” days like you said) but he’s never been quite hot or interesting enough.

Had the misfortune of stumbling across his “freak vlog” pics in an old thread, when he went out in neon blue lipstick with the snapback that was meant to be a J-rock reference but actually just made him look 2010 yolo swag. It’s all so fake with him, all the time.

I legit haven’t heard anybody advertise their dick size like this since I was in high school…

No. 1491081

Why am I not surprised? This guy has no originality. He even copied a pocket crotch to get tattooed on him. smh(learn2sage)

No. 1491097

Well, that’s just about the cringiest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

We’ve all seen the pictures Fake. It’s really not that impressive. Distinctly average.

No. 1491154

Wow. This is really unfortunate. It really does look like he has a bunch of pocket pussies on his neck. I can never unsee this!

No. 1491167

File: 1648977572466.jpg (27.25 KB, 192x172, face.jpg)

Omg I just noticed the wonky shading and shapes make a weird little jack o lantern face under the largest 'eye'….

No. 1491217

File: 1648985926972.png (Spoiler Image, 9.64 MB, 1125x2436, FC7F64CE-26C7-476F-B972-316925…)

No. 1491341

File: 1648998829083.jpg (814.66 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220402-172256_Ins…)

She says this but her last two exes really did not want to show her off kek

No. 1491344

File: 1648999127496.jpg (783.81 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220402-172451_Ins…)

She keeps banging on about wanting to be so tiny and smol, but what else could you expect from a pedo fetishist

No. 1491428

Yet she slobs over the stump. Kek what a pathetic clout chaser

No. 1491452

Where do you keep getting these images from and why are you so obsessed with her?

No. 1491518

lemme get this straight, she's like non stop with the IG stories but hasn't made an actual post on there since Dec 2020, the last post that was actually of herself and not a filler or BLM statement was May 2020.

No. 1491566

File: 1649012922728.jpeg (232.77 KB, 828x1497, 79538464-6988-4FD9-991D-3C0FE0…)

I’m convinced Stump posts horrid pics because he knows he will be talked about. His stomach looking a bit cringe.

No. 1491569

Yep. She's only active on her stories and OF. She went into hibernation after getting backlash for claiming to be such an activist bit silent during blm, and posting to OF during her claimed mental health break.

Sometimes she alludes to a return but mostly just does Q and As. She did them a lot when she was actively posting too, probably bc it's a lot less effort and gives fans an illusion she's interacting with them.

No. 1491573

Where is her top lip? I'd almost believe she was born with fetal alcohol syndrome if it weren't for the massive chin.

No. 1491617

Nitpick, but it looks like she has only one front tooth here.

No. 1491618

she isn't ugly but she isn't as attractive as some anons/possibly Kat selfposting kek are making out. She heavily edits her pictures, just look at "candids" vs her filtered to fuck photos

No. 1491722

Even in her candids she's out of his league. Hell Kaya is out of his league now that she lost weight. Jude is a better match for him.

No. 1491803

you may be onto something here, anon. stump deserves the worst and only the worst, kat could do better than stump and kaya is miles out of his league how that she lost weight.

No. 1491842

Basic af unblended makeup and shitty tattoos, and that’s without recounting all the physical shit she couldn’t change about herself. Willing to bet the posts about her being hot are just Jake getting drunk and posting here to desperately prove he’s better off without Kaya kek

No. 1492006

Ngl, can't wait for jake/kat's alcohol fueled relationship to burn out once the honeymoon period is over. Though kat seems pathetic enough to try to stick around for a while via sunk cost fallacy given she destroyed her entire marriage and threw away a massive portion of her career to fuck stump.

Would love a jake/jude era of milk, but his clout seems to have a fast approaching expiration date. Who knows though, both jake and kat are cheaters, I'm sure one of them won't stay faithful for very long.

No. 1492011


I agree, I don't think anyone else would be as invested in "is she hot" as a narcissist being SEEN with her.

no Jake, she makes you look like a legit Troon chaser. I kind of suspected it because you were into Kaya just because she was "tall and thin." but at least Kaya had a pretty face and slight frame and was too good for you.
it turned off Reilly your pay pig that you chose Kat as an actual "GF" out of all the skanks they presume are available to a GOOD GUY DADDY MEOW wannabe rockstar D-list influencer such as yourself. kek stumpy ugly loser. can't even keep a desperate fan base of troons, children, and middle age moms who still like Manson and Slipknot because you simp for the one ugly girl who didn't respect relationships, yours or hers. Hope she cheats on you soon when it's no longer a boost to her ego.

No. 1492030

Kat is an incredibly basic if not kind of dull "alt" girl, yes. But she isn't hideous and hardly looks like a troon nonny. I agree there's nothing really to like about her, but some of ya'll reach entirely too hard.

Don't doubt one of them will cheat in due time tho.

No. 1492090

File: 1649069423824.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.47 KB, 584x583, of.jpg)

Looks like Stumpy has posted a new 'early 2000's webcam pic' quality nude again. How the hell does he charge for doing 1-2 pics at a time a couple times a month?? He didn't even post at all for march. And why just a single pic, can he not keep it hard long enough to take 5-10 pictures? I cannot believe people are paying $35 a month for this shit.

No. 1492110

File: 1649073177356.jpg (712.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220404-135059_Ins…)

Does she really says she is frustrated because she now has to pay rent for the studio since Jake stopped paying???

No. 1492112

She’s frustrated from her situation that just got worse now that she had to cover the studio. Read it again

No. 1492118

File: 1649074160204.jpeg (145.15 KB, 828x733, 5F2B50C6-DB23-452F-A23A-887F73…)

From Kaya’s likes on Twitter

No. 1492119

File: 1649074206128.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.18 KB, 828x706, 075D58DF-1A3C-4AE4-8172-DA72BC…)

No. 1492130

Why is she so gutted about giving up the studio- she's had it for what like a year now and didn't actually record anything there and just played that stupid dance dance revolution game there anyway

No. 1492137

It was probably the one place she could go that Jake had no say in. She could make it what she wanted and do what she wanted in there and not have to worry about his narc bullshit controlling every inch of her space and her life. And now it's been the only space of her own she has -at all-, but it doesn't financially make sense to keep it and also be able to save money for a house/apartment when the rent for it is probably not cheap. That's my take on it, anyway.

No. 1492144

She could get a room somewhere in Belfast and continue her house hunt and have a safe place to sleep and wash and maybe have some company.

No. 1492176

It's almost as if he didn't think at all about the process of actually running a successful OF past the basic baby brain notion of " post dik pics, make profit" didn't research, didn't look at the conduct or practice or quality of other OF creators, just a basic shallow little man doing the absolute bare minimum and expecting everyone to drop trou and empty their wallets, he's genuinely so repulsive

No. 1492181

This - my first reaction to the announcement was a massive eye roll because she’s made absolutely fuck all content in there and basically just used it as a little hang out space, but I also understand why she’d be gutted for exactly these reasons.

No. 1492193

If she ever gets out of there and into reasonable accommodation how much do you wanna bet she’ll use the lack of studio as an excuse to not put out videos kek

No. 1492231

What boggles my mind is why is he not posting nudes in his goth make up and dark atmosphere. That's what he is known for. There are millions of naked dudes with tats, goth looking ones with elaborate make up are more rare. Why would anyone want to see his plain ugly face.

No. 1492274

But she didn't actually go there much anyway- if you look at the videos she released since she got the place they're all mostly still in the attic space

No. 1492281

170 Spare rooms in belfast

Ditch the cat. You shouldnt have pets while you are renting anyway.

No excuses.


No. 1492379

Fake’s lazy. He’s also pea-brained and thinks seeing a janky cock is all it takes to get someone off.
As anons have pointed out before, he has no idea what appeals to women.

No. 1492387


Can we just quit the bloody whining about her house hunt? So she rather hang on a bit longer to find something she can call home? So fucking what? She's not in a rush.

Why the fuck would she even abandon a studio she is sure to last to switch to a room with some stranger that can throw you out on a fucking whim if they decide they don't like you? If you are in a position like Kaya that's a dumb ass move of gigantic proportions.

You all are so ignorant about what it's like to be completely on your own, no normal 9-5 job and coming out of an abusive relationship it's fucking unreal.

No. 1492393


she has no shower, is squatting illegally in a non residential property, with no job?

That isnt a rush?

No. 1492405

So your brilliant idea is that she goes from one shit situation that is fairly stable into another shit situation where everything could turn into a bigger cluster fuck?

What happens to her if the roommate kicks her out? Or its some place with paper walls where every time she records a video they shout at her to keep it quiet? Or it's some girl with a creeper boyfriend that harasses her? Shit so much can go wrong with roommates.

Sometimes you need to wait a bit in an uncomfortable situation to get into a better one. She's doing okish for now.

No. 1492425

And you’re ignorant on what it’s like to pull ya big girl panties on and take control of your life. She is continuously putting her situation in other’s hands and that’s her fault. Saged for blog posting but I see so much of myself in Kaya it’s painful sometimes. Same age, same weight and acne struggles brought on by bad habits, same type of executive disfunction,ADHD like whoa and same fucked history of being railroaded and stomped down by narcs. Only difference is I shacked up early to get away from my awful abusive parents without realizing that I was jumping out of the pot and into the fire. It was awful and I can’t tell you how many weeks I spent frozen in place without any progress. I was too scared to confront my situation for long periods at a time so I would do bare minimum and then reward myself with outings, food and stuff I really couldn’t afford so that I could avoid my situation. Fuck I’m STILL paying off the debt my spiral caused. But eventually it’s sink or swim. You simply must pull yourself together sometimes. There’s just no other choice. It was brutal, I screamed, sobbed, drank and thought so many times about just ending shit but for me, like every other sad fuck out there, life went on so I had to adapt in order to keep up. We’ve all seen what Kaya can do. She simply chooses not to because it’s hard and she’s ignoring the true gravity of the situation and her enablers aren’t helping. She’s not special or unique. She’s not a main character. She’s not above working and taking her fucking medication to function normally like the rest of us. Enough with the victim mentality. It’s frankly insulting to both her and yourself. She’s better than that, she just hasn’t woken up yet(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1492427


uhhh most young ppl in the UK live with roommates, what you going on about?

No. 1492468

So you admit to being a dumbass by putting yourself in an even more shit situation by living with someone else and you think Kaya should just follow your idiot decisions?

Shes not you. She's 30. She's got the money to live alone. She's going out and having fun because she was stuck with Fakus Grumpus for 12 years.

She's doing better than you. Shes got time to figure it all out.

No. 1492478


Hi Kaya(hi cow)

No. 1492496

Mate non one cares

No. 1492512

Kek I’m 28. What part did you not see about being the same age? Detach your mouth from her asshole.

No. 1492513

Then filter out the saged posts numb nuts

No. 1492516

Mate either you’re kaya or you’re just as much of a loser as she is to be defending her lazy arse

No. 1492520

I suppose there is always time to be homeless. And by your own logic isn’t she also putting herself in this shit situation by you know, not doing anything. Like she has for years.

No. 1492526

File: 1649102429135.jpg (596.26 KB, 1440x2202, Eb.jpg)

No words KEK

No. 1492531

Who would pay to see this?? I cannot figure out why anyone would want to see a chewed up nip get even more mutilated

No. 1492559

Your only triggered cause no one cares about your poor life this thread isn’t about you

No. 1492569

File: 1649104793535.png (3.66 MB, 1125x2436, 2A4D91A9-D940-4DE4-B7DD-1C22A6…)


No. 1492572

And you’re triggered that you chose a cow as pathetic as Kaya to Stan. Get better idols kid.

No. 1492577

I have a hard time believing her friends are still comping her free tattoos. I wonder what occasion she’ll come up with to make us believe that these are gifts as well.

No. 1492584

…no1 curr

No. 1492595

Jesus those are fucking dear, and for places that are probably shitholes. I don't blame her for not jumping at the opportunity.

No. 1492619

not everyone who defends kaya idolizes her, genius. there is a worldwide housing crisis right now. just because some retard with reddit spacing (who probably isn't even from NI) found a list of spare rooms doesn't mean all of them are necessarily viable. when I was looking for an apartment shared rooms for often as expensive as renting one, and a lot of times there was fine print that made me not eligible. for example kaya has no credit history which is something people look at when renting to you. she should have been building credit all this time, yes, but I have no doubt that jake enabled her being a permachild and didn't encourage her to be more self sufficient. he probably liked the power he got from controlling all of her finances.

No. 1492639

She sure sounds like your idol. Why else would you be licking her asshole so cleanly and thoroughly? Jake may have enabled her before but he sure as shit isn’t now. So why no vids?also I don’t understand how a studio with random men coming in and out all night, that’s she’s illegally squatting in btw, somehow better than sucking it up and sharing a places like everyone else? She can’t live like the rest of us pleebs temporarily while she builds credit? I hope the studio owners find her and toss her out. Because they can since she’s not allowed to live there. Something a roommate or landlord cant do unless you’re retarded enough not to sign a lease. But no Kaya keep hiding in the car when your studio gets too scawy

No. 1492646

When fags defend Kaya more than her hanger-on ex bf ever did Kek

No. 1492658

didn't know mentioning that there's a worldwide housing crisis is "asshole licking". I realize kaya is a frustrating person but your hateboner is over the top. maybe it's time to take those meds.

>Jake may have enabled her before but he sure as shit isn’t now.

no shit, but if you ever had to build credit you'd know it takes time. years, even. she can't just get good credit overnight then move out.

No. 1492659

Double rooms with bills included for under 400 for most of them, seems fine to me

The anon upthread REEing about the dangers of roommates, just choose a household of mostly girls and you avoid most problems. Kaya doesn't seem like a troublemaker so I can't see her getting kicked out, and even if she did she can just go somewhere else. It's not a big deal. At least she'd have access to a real kitchen and shower and normal room temperatures, and not be locked out if she comes home past 11pm, never mind the place she's in could kick her out any minute since she's not actually supposed to be living there.

No. 1492665

Did anyone catch Fake’s stream yesterday? I got the beginning which was just him and Jude going back and forth of course then him babbling about the “girlfriend” and him making a bunch of cocktails. No milk other than his alcoholism and Jude being embarrassing.

No. 1492727

Idk, I hate to sound like a WK, but have you ever lived with girls? Kaya has hella executive dysfunction, no social skills, never went to uni and shared accommodation, I don’t think it’s within her realistic sucking it up abilitied. So many crazies live in house shares, you can’t have a lock on a bedroom door in an HMO and her hypothetical “job” hypothetically relies on her having a ton of very steal-able electronic equipment. She might have to just go for it but I can see it potentially being a disaster tbh.

No. 1492728

I’m with this Anon. Everyone going on about how easy it should be for her to find an apartment sounds like they live with their partner. There’s a reason she hasn’t moved out of that shitty studio and it’s not WKing to say so.

No. 1492730

Kaya would be on the streets if it weren't for that studio. If she got kicked out out by a roommate, no she can not just go somewhere else. Also doubt very much Kaya is able to live with other people without issues and it's not safe if you have expensive recording equipment. People who have roommates often aren't without issues tbh. I know some people who always have roommates and they are all bonkers.

No. 1492736


body good for someone who had a kid, face bad. maybe Troon is excessive, but he seems to like masculine women who are more handsome than pretty.

No. 1492738

I watched the start of the stream. Maybe its just a bias but he seems quite lifeless lately. I did not watch long his streams are so boring and his make up is so uncreative lately with that stupid x on his face and almost nothing else. It's like something in him died.

No. 1492742

He kept drinking something out of a mug and then chasing it with a can of coke. He said it was coffee but it was probably some kraken rum or something.

No. 1492743

I’ve got a question for the anons with Kaya’s dick in their mouths: what do you think she should do then? She has no credit history, barely a job history, and few life skills. In your opinion, how should she get her life on track?

No. 1492774


agreed, for the last time, Kaya's housing situation is not milk. arguing about the housing market in Ireland is so annoying and boring. please stop fighting about it.

No. 1492796


This is NOT true - of course you have a lock on your room in a HMO or house share. Every one ive lived in has had one.

No. 1492948

What is this, like 8th tattoo since the breakup.

No. 1492968

This is probably his most attractive pic (not saying much lol) doesn't show his face or his ugly dick

No. 1492982

I'm guessing they are just giving her tattoos for promotion and a fuck you to Jake

No. 1493006

Not the anons you're talking about, but those certainly aren't problems she can fix by ignoring them. It's up to her how she does it but as long as she does it. …Meanwhile, she's too busy not making content for her job because apparently her current working camera isn't her favourite one.

No. 1493039

Yeah she has some friends like Grant who are tattoo artists. It wouldn't surprise me if they're doing it for free at this point

No. 1493221

What's that hair tool?

No. 1493242

I think it's a crimper, maybe

No. 1493283

Sorry but tattooists can't be tattooing their friends for free all the time, renting a chair /studio costs money and I doubt they will be so kind as to give ber constant free tattoos after all this time.

She is banking on sympathy money from people and being so frivolous because she is irresponsible. She is riding this gravy train right tk the bitter end it seems.

She hasn't e-begged in a while though. Wait for all that to change when she finally gets somewhere though.

No. 1493284

it's a hair waving tool, that thing wouldn't crimp hair

No. 1493285

How are some of you this dumb? Most of the tattoos shes got are from Grant her friend. Not only do his tatts get a lot of views but his shorts with Kaya aswel because he is a gorgeous man. He is not just giving her free tattoos and getting nothing out of it. She is great promotion for him. Her comments every time he shows up are "who is that does he have an insta?" and ive already seen copies of his tatts. His work is amazing. He's getting a lot more out of this than she is at this point tbh

No. 1493303

I am very late with this answer but there is a tradition (at least in Hungary) where the bride changes into a red dress at midnight as a symbol. So that's why you shouldn't wear red because that's the bride's color too, just like white.

No. 1493376

Pretty sure it’s the third/fourth.

No. 1493406

File: 1649168634341.jpg (475.77 KB, 900x929, Untitled-2.jpg)

Since I had photoshop already open, here we go - all since January

No. 1493421


9 tattoos in 6 months, yikes

No. 1493493

God, I miss gravy’s thread.

No. 1493575


It creates loose waves. Hot Tools, and just about every company that makes irons and curlers have them. They’re like $50usd on Amazon…probably less.

No. 1493600

She also had finger dots/diamonds on each finger

No. 1493636


Oh, so the Kaya stans are quiet? You’re only here to wk her? If you’re going to argue as to why she can’t do this or that then you all better tell me the appropriate ways she can fix her life, according to you. I’m anxiously waiting.

No. 1493647

nah they're ignoring you because you're annoying as fuck, post something milky or fuck off already

No. 1493659

People here constantly suggest that she should get an entry level job like cleaning. Do you even read the thread, edgelord? All the posts about how easy it is to rent have been fucking stupid and don’t count as milk, it’s not WKing to say so.

No. 1493672

this and things like building credit (which takes a long ass time, you can't do it overnight). personally I think she should invest her money in some kind of skill that doesn't have to do with youtube or social media, but that also can't be done overnight. I can't give advice on getting a place to live because I don't know every single detail of her situation and I don't live in NI either so there's things I'm not aware of surrounding the housing market.

No. 1493679

I love how deluded kaya's fans are. I see comments like "Wow, Kaya has been so classy and the bigger person by not talking about Jake", when in reality she's just being passive aggressive and sneaky. She's liking tons of comments that bash him, and posts about abusive relationships. Not to mention the fact that she's constantly farming hate by posting "woe is me, look at this situation I was FORCED into by things I can't talk about". What an unsubtle hint at your ex, Kaya. Nobody would ever guess who you're talking about. She has to remind us constantly that she's still in the studio, as if we can't all use our deductive reasoning to figure that one out.

I genuinely want to know wtf her fans are smoking. It basically sounds like they just expected manlet to let Kaya live in his house with him this whole time? Do they not see how fucking weird that is to expect of somebody? If you feel comfortable doing that, good for you, but I know I fucking couldn't live with any of my ex boyfriends… Absolutely wild. Imagine if Kaya was living there while Jake is inviting Kat over. Who knows that Kaya wouldn't fucking snap and do something crazy? That sounds like the most stupid idea ever, but I guarantee you that's what her fans think was the correct thing to do after dumping her. As if anybody owes their ex anything once the relationship is over, excluding marriage obviously.

No. 1493686

Seen similar comments on Twitter and I'm absolutely baffled as to when anyone defending Kaya has said they think he should have let her live there??? She is SO much better off even in that studio for months then living with that narc. I think the closest thing that's been said by anyone was maybe he could have let her stay in the house while he was on tour/travelling. But I think everyone can agree that getting the fuck out of his house was the best thing for her mental and physical health.

No. 1493693

>Imagine if Kaya was living there while Jake is inviting Kat over. Who knows that Kaya wouldn't fucking snap and do something crazy?

Lmao what. Jake is the one with anger issues who would do something crazy. Also I don't get why it's "excluding marriage". They were together for 12 years and built a life together. All that was missing was a piece of paper from the government to be married. They were as good as married.

No. 1493718

Oh dude, you would be surprised. I saw it plenty in her original video announcing they broke up, and scattered in various comment sections of her videos since then. It's absolutely delusional. Any time she brings up having to live in the studio, people immediately blame manlet for her having to stay there, when in reality, no shit she is going to be in a bad situation when she saved ZERO money and stopped working for more than a year. I'm just confused wtf her fans thought the correct way to break up with Kaya was in terms of living situation? You obviously don't just continue to live together, for most people. Bu that's kind of how it sounds, and i've literally seen people say shit like "why can't he just give her half their JOINT savings???" and referring to Jake's new house as rightfully half Kaya's, even though it's definitely a rental, and if she hasn't been making money in over a year, she clearly isn't the one who paid the rent on it.

No. 1493731

I'm not arguing dude has anger issues, but obviously if you lived with your ex who had just dumped you, and they were bringing over the girl they cheated on you with, your mental health probably wouldn't be that great, and it's kind of begging for some shit to go down. Which is why I said it was a horrible idea.

About the marriage thing, common law marriage isn't recognized in Ireland.

No. 1493734


Gonna bet this post comes from Northern Ireland and your name starts with a K.
Kaya is not going to "snap and go crazy" have you seen the woman, she gets scared into inactivity by a stiff wind. You seem to be confusing her with the children-hating idiot you're dating who goes on tard tantrums smashing stuff in the house. Good to know you are no longer living with your ex husband though, wonder who got the kid in the deal.

You really must have a low iq if you believe Kaya is the violent offender in this situation, or that liking a few tweets means anything.

No. 1493746

I feel like most of these recent anons are Kat and Kaya/Kaya’s mates.. if only Kaya put as much effort into sorting her life out and Kat put as much effort into looking after her fucking kid instead of lurking this thread and getting shitfaced with Stump

No. 1493749

One, that's funny lol, and probably something she would do, but no. I'm just a person who is over the delusional parasocial fandom that comes with crying in front of a camera and saying you got dumped.

Two, I didn't say Kaya was going to do that, I said "who knows that Kaya wouldn't", because you never fucking know. Somebody else mentioned it earlier, but they've seen somebody on twitter saying similar things, because that's ME. It's an alt, so whatever. You're hard pressed to see any sort of different opinion that isn't kissing Kaya's ass on twitter, it's mostly an echo chamber of 'yassss queen". I myself had an ex partner who I never would have thought capable of doing harm, ended up killing his gf and then himself. So I guess i've just learned to never put some crazy shit out of the realm of possibility. Either way, people being butthurt that somebody doesn't wanna live with their ex is maximum fucking cringe.

No. 1493763

Lol I have no way of proving your wrong, but go off. You're not wrong that she probably lurks here. All i'm gonna say is I used to be a pretty big fan of hers back in the day when she made real content, but i'm pretty over it all after years of crying and whining on camera and victimizing herself. More than that, i'm over the delusional fans that circle jerk each other in the comment sections of her videos and pretend that Kaya is some holier-than-thou angel who is "taking the high road" and being "the bigger person" by not outright name dropping him, which is literally the bare minimum of internet personality 101 class.

No. 1493772

>About the marriage thing, common law marriage isn't recognized in Ireland.

No shit, I know. That isn't what I meant.

Literally who gives a shit if she takes the high road or not. If I were in Kaya's situation I'd be handling it worse than being mildly passive aggressive. It's like you're trying to convince us she's as bad as Jake because she liked a few tweets.

No. 1493774

Unpopular opinion but all 3 are just as bad as each other. They are all just chavs.

No. 1493780

>>1493772 Okay so then what was your point? Sounded like you were saying that they were basically married, which isn't a thing. There's no such thing as basically married, unless common law marriage is a thing in your country, which isn't the case here. Which means Kaya has no legal claim to any money from Jake.

Also, not sure what is hard for you to grasp here, but no, i'm not saying Kaya is exactly as bad as Jake. They're both stupid and shitty in their own respective ways, for different reasons. I also don't give a fuck if you hate Kaya or not, I know I don't hate her. I'm just extremely over the amount of ass kissing going on in her community, and the complete lack of awareness from the people claiming Kaya can do no wrong, and is being the bigger person. people can suck her ass if they want to, but god damn, at least be real and stop pretending she's being mature, instead of what is actually happening, which is that she's just stealth shitting on baby man.

No. 1493791

I said they were as good as married, and they were. I'm not talking about from a legal standpoint or anything like that. But if you've been in a relationship with someone 10+ years and lived with them and shared finances and whatnot, you might as well have been married. Like what's the difference, really? The only difference is that the government doesn't recognize it (depending on where you live). Everyone saying he "didn't owe her anything" because you "don't owe your ex anything" but they would feel differently if they had been married. I don't get that. Again, not talking about from a legal standpoint. And to everyone being like "oh well Jake paid for the house and this and that blah blah blah" yes he did RECENTLY but in the first years of their relationship she was the breadwinner and she and her mother took him in so he could escape is abusive household.

And yeah a lot of her fans are turbo asskissers but they have always been that way, it's the same with IBF. But I honestly wouldn't count liking tweets as being "sneaky and passive aggressive" but whatever.

No. 1493815

File: 1649198721455.jpeg (644.03 KB, 1125x1807, 2D9AFE34-BA33-4FFA-8E76-50E085…)


Ok, rude. Here’s your milk. Never ending tattoos. Are these still gifted for Christmas or is she using pity donations to pay for them? All I’m saying is that she should prioritize getting somewhere safe to live and put out content but I get told that I’m being unreasonable.

No. 1493823

I get what you're saying, but there IS a big difference. The difference is that you could actually have legal claim to some money back if you were married, whereas now, Kaya has fucked herself by not keeping her own personal bank account. Yes, they did shelter him and pay for his shit, but to be fair, you can't realistically expect to see that money returned to you just because they're no longer together. There was no sort of written or legal agreements, therefore nobody is owed anything, that's just the way it is, regardless of what is morally right. This is more of a big girl lesson for Kaya on why you keep your finances separate from your partner when you're not married. No matter how much you think you'll be together forever, never be so fucking naive as to not even have a safety net, in case it doesn't work out. Idk, it definitely feels passive aggressive to me, to basically insinuate your ex is abusive by spam liking a bunch of tweets about abusive relationships after being dumped. That's what passive aggressive means though, a pattern of indirectly expressing negative feelings instead of openly addressing them, but i'm not really trying to convince you to change your mind of anything, so it's whatever I guess. I'm more or less just venting about the annoying fans who pretend Kaya hasn't been indirectly stirring the pot, because you're not allowed to bring this up literally anywhere near Kaya or her fans form a human centipede of ass kissing and ignoring all valid criticism.

No. 1493830

>All I’m saying is that she should prioritize getting somewhere safe to live and put out content but I get told that I’m being unreasonable.

Lol that never happened. People had a problem because if you look upthread there are anons (I'm sure one of them is you) losing their shit saying they hope Kaya gets kicked out on the street and writing a massive personal blog post and then demanding us to give Kaya life advice, getting ignored then demanding it again.

No. 1493837


I don’t want Kaya kicked out. I want her to be safe and thrive but I’m not blind to her cow tendencies like some of you are in this thread.

No. 1493838

No one cares about your shit lady. Some of you need a damn therapist because the issues you all project on Kaya is just weird as fuck.

No Grant is using her as a free billboard since he only started at that shop in November or something. He needs to build a client base. Doubt Kaya is spending much money on those. And you are still annoying.

No. 1493843

No. 1493882

File: 1649203234611.jpg (805.51 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220406-004529_Ins…)

Jude is live but it's incredibly dull, mildly notable things before I dipped were her advising people on adult dummies/pacifiers, saying she's a princess but also one of the boys and it's such a hard combo omg not like other girls, and she's saving up to build a PC.

Apart from q and as and these random lives where she's looking greasy (picrel, and no zentithia isnt me) she seems to have given up the wannabe influencer thing, but she's also not doing anything except e-whoring and some job course she mentioned ages ago?

No. 1493890

She said in one of Fake's streams that she quit the course "because she knew everything they had to offer already" lmao

No. 1493976

> ok rude
You’re on lolcow. Learn what milk is and learn to sage.

No. 1493978

Your view on relationships must be depressing af. She’s an idiot for not having an emergency fund in her late 20s, but why would she essentially be planning for a breakup? I’m sure her and Jake talked about her not working but he offered to pay for half her shit. She obviously felt safe enough to accept and rest on her laurels. That’s on him, he’s a grown dude.

No. 1493995

Aye, you say depressing, I say realistic! I've been fucked over too many times to not at least create a safety net for myself. Yeah, she felt safe, but that's technically a personal problem. No matter how safe I felt in ym reltaionship, I would still have my rainy day fund for in case anything bad happened, not just in case of the end of the relationship. It's kinda all on her that she had no money saved. I feel sorry for her fucked up living situation, but also recognize she willingly chose to put all her trust in some little chode. it's not "planning for a breakup" so much as it's "looking out for my own wellbeing" in case of extreme circumstances. Those circumstances could have been literally anything, such as sudden health emergency, Sebastian getting sick, getting kicked out by landlord, etc, etc. Be smart with your money is the moral of the story here. Trust no hoe.

No. 1494008

Wow, what a horribly jaded cynic you are. Kaya was a teenager when she got with Jake, an abusive narcissist, who controlled her finances entirely. Thinking they'd be together for the rest of their lives and not being a bitter, paranoid person, she didn't think to have her own personal money stashed away for emergencies. I don't know why that concept is so far fetched for some of you, but most people in what they think are stable relationships, or especially someone in an abusive relationship who is too brainwashed or scared to leave, won't have some stash of money for emergencies. And a narc like Jake would probably freak out if they found out she did and accuse her of cheating or wanting to leave.

No. 1494047

Kaya? Is that you? Nah, but really… Realistic expectations =/= Cynicism

No. 1494057

Y’all have got to stop with the fucking Bible-long blogposts. Nobody gives a fucking shit about your personal life here.

No. 1494070

Not Kaya, just someone who is really irritated by all this bullshit circular debate, and people who just have zero idea what it's like to be in an abusive relationship and are real fucking judgemental about it. Good for you that you always have an exit strategy and back up money. Most people don't. Get over it.

No. 1494090

Cynics? So what? She’s pathetic and so are you for defending her as hard as you are. Sorry but the world doesn’t stop for her super special brand of victimhood. I realize that no one has ever gone through anything even as remotely hard as poor Kaya but that won’t stop her from getting thrown on her ass if the building owner gets wind of her living there. It’s illegal for a reason as it sets up the landlord for a world of liability. Now go ahead and respond 3 separate times pretending to be different people but realize that you’re putting in more work defending her than she’s put into her actual job in months

No. 1494116

>Now go ahead and respond 3 separate times pretending to be different people

Wow, you really are paranoid.

Can we just stop with this debate and go back to something more interesting and relevant?

No. 1494122


Oh, shut up. I called them out on their unnecessary rudeness. So why don’t you keep your side commentary to yourself and you bring in some relevant milk.(infighting)

No. 1494136

Kind of just want to compliment her tattoos to trigger the "reee kaya stans" anons ngl. kek

In all seriousness wish she'd stop getting so many spiders, but at least these are better than Jude's and Kat's I guess? The hand tattoos are definitely the worst out of the bunch she's gotten recently though.

>she's a princess but also one of the boys
Jude's such a massive boring pickme tbh. I feel like she's going to prove more milky as she ages out of being a "bbygrl" and is a 30yo with zero work experience and a power button tattooed onto the middle of her forehead. Real bright future for this one.

No. 1494140

>Oh, shut up. I called them out on their unnecessary rudeness

Go back, you're on an imageboard. This is one of the nicer ones, but who are you to police people's rudeness on an anonymous gossip board, go back to Twitter.

No. 1494152


> who are you to police people's rudeness

Tells me not to police

>go back to Twitter.

Then goes ahead and polices me.

No. 1494204

Has Jude always been into the bbygurl nonsense or just since Jake let out that he digs DD/lg shit?

No. 1494256

She’s been promoting and talking about it since the start of her online presence. She wouldn’t go for Jake anyways because he drinks and she’s only into straight edge. Don’t have a screenshot of it but in her last QnA she complained about not being able to find straight edge people when someone asked if she would date someone who drinks or smokes.

No. 1494310

File: 1649233888582.jpg (46.59 KB, 720x652, Semi.jpg)

Is he seriously bragging about having a semi chub? It's like he read a book on how to turn women off in a single sentence.

No. 1494316

If I didn’t know he’d been in a 12 year relationship and currently has a GF I would swear he has never spoken to an actual woman.

Ew. No.

No. 1494403

These subscribers deserve a refund for false advertising. That man boy has no girth.

No. 1494427

Theres nothing quite as unsexy as when men write shit like that. I just had to read the words "my fat semi" and was hit with instant disgust.

No. 1494430

File: 1649249264454.jpg (153.7 KB, 720x965, Screenshot_20220406_154339.jpg)

Mamie Hades looks absolutely stunning without that ridiculous makeup.

No. 1494439

pardon my ignorance but, wtf is a semi? english is not my first language lol

No. 1494442

a partially-erect penis. our tiny dark prince couldn't even get a full boner, but had to post a picture of it anyway.

No. 1494444

A semi hard dick, nona.

No. 1494447

Wtf i can’t be believe she looks decent under all that clown makeup. I’m assuming someone’s told her sucks at it? Even by goth standards

No. 1494457

File: 1649253491431.png (2.43 MB, 1264x1698, Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 9.57…)

wait. are we sure she's only 20? she looks twice that.

No. 1494459

It reminds me of something an anonymous degenerate scrote would write after they slid into your dm’s with an unsolicited dick pic. Gross, creepy and not a turn on.

No. 1494460

File: 1649254104983.jpg (187.5 KB, 1004x1255, 277854607_669355074349721_5835…)

aww, see my more (still slightly) innocent mind was thinking he was calling his ass a semi-truck…

>>1494136 - Yes I do have to say that Grant does really nice tattoos, especially compared to Fake's on going mess and Kat's boring disney stuff. I have never seen finger tattoos age well, Kaya's dots were not a good idea. Kaya's new one attached here, yes he's getting a lot of interaction and likes for this one. But this has gotta cost $$ and time.

No. 1494495

only a testosterone-addled brain could possibly think this sentence is hot. too bad he blocks his gay followers.

No. 1494498

thank you for explaining but also ew! whyyyy? he already has a subpar cock and he cant even manage to get it to its full mediocre potential before posting? who pays for this shit?

No. 1494499

Those breast defy gravity

No. 1494503

File: 1649259098367.jpeg (710.5 KB, 2450x3266, C9040897-C9BE-4481-AC4A-8CD408…)

Oh god oh no just when we thought it couldn’t get worse

No. 1494504

Grant is really talented. Honestly he lucked out though with having a friend like Kaya. She had almost no tattoos and she likes the spooky stuff Grant comes up with, he almost has got free reign to show off his talent and she's available 24/7 if he has an open slot. He has almost no likes on the tattoo place insta but Kaya's posts are giving him a lot of good advertising for just his time.

No. 1494516

More provocative than the penis holes on his neck?

It’ll probably be a nude woman, knowing Fake. Maybe even a nude portrait of Skat.

No. 1494552

She's always been into it but has been leaning into it more since starting her OF and her long hiatus. Like she's got discount codes with adult pacis now that she advertises

No. 1494572

They have no dependents together and both sets of their parents were fine since they were supporting themselves. I really don't get how Kaya can be babied so much and it's Jake's fault she never thought about her future earning potential or just being a normal functioning adult. Like tons of people, myself included, were with their high school sweetheart right into their mid/late 20s and still were aware like, OK this is life, I can't depend on my parents forever, how can I be secure? She made plenty of money before, I don't think it's a viable excuse that Jake made her share their finances. It was probably put on him to deal with all the bills and shit. I did the same thing with my ex. Bills and shit paid out of his account but I was smart enough to not give him all my fucking earnings. Her being this useless is not Jake's fault.

No. 1494583

Wtf does being married even have to do with their break up? Or the government fucking recognising it. I have mates that got married young and already divorced by their 30s. The ones that had no kids just did a clean break, no arguing over finances unless they had a house and it was sold to divide the assets. Jake and Kaya had no assets. Jake bought vehicles in the last year or whatever clearly with his own finances and he even bought Kaya a fucking jeep as her first car which she's still driving about in. He paid for her to do driving lessons and got her set up that way at least. Like some married couples end horrifically with cheating and horrible break ups because of legalities.

The worst thing that happened to Kaya is getting dumped by Jake and most people here can agree that her separating from Jake is a good thing. She even got a car off him and a driving licence. He doesn't owe her a place to live. I remember when I ended my engagement with my high-school sweetheart and we had pets blah blah. I had to wait a few weeks before I could take them back and I was bitching about my ex to my brother about something my ex was suppose to do and didn't, like a minor thing and my brother even just said "you broke up he doesn't actually owe you anything." and I needed to hear that tbh

No. 1494611

Tell me you're not an artist without telling me you're not an artist. No artist wants to be paid in "exposure."

No. 1494633

She probably started smoking at a young age

No. 1494642

How come she stopped with her makeup looks they used to be very unique all black and white. It was such a sudden unexpected surprise just dropped it completely a few years ago when that was her main reason for having follows (apart from the barcroft vid) she does look better with out makeup

No. 1494662

Man can't even be bothered to get fully erect for an OF post, his subscribers should file for a full refund, he's the polar opposite of appealing, that caption made me feel genuinely ill

No. 1494714


That's an old photo unfortunately. The makeup just keeps getting more and more exaggerated.

No. 1494725

She looks like what Charms wishes she still looked like kek

No. 1494726

NTA but that's not what they were saying. I've seen a lot of hair stylists who will do their friends hair for free and post it on Instagram to build their brand. Obviously if you're just some random person you shouldn't DM a tattoo artist and be like "I'll pay you in exposure" but you need to advertise your business too.

No. 1494747

I think she stopped it when she stopped posting. Did the blm backlash hit her so hard that it scared her into stopping kek or did she just give up on wanting to be an influencer? Or both maybe

No. 1494812

Well I can tell you're not an artist either, at least not a smart one. Exposure in thousands of views and likes doing art for a friend is different than a rando nobody.

No. 1494829

File: 1649283026250.png (551.65 KB, 658x900, Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 23.10…)

Kaya's 10th Tattoo since january

No. 1494974

Oh god please let it be something awful like a nude pinup of himself or kat. Honestly anything as delightfully cringe as the walleyed vamp on his titty or the pocket pussy on his gullet is welcome too.

No. 1495242

Why doesn’t he get the rest of his body filled out like his legs or back rather then everything being on the upper half his body it makes him look like he wearing a patterned polo neck crop top and top heavy but not in a buff way more chunky


No. 1495495

Why are all her tattoos of fucking bugs and teeth? So ugly. Funny people say Kat is ugly because of her body art, Jake and Kaya's tattoos are fucking awful too lol

No. 1495498

I agree, she's actually quite pretty. I don't like judging people's makeup styles because I know makeup is subjective but there's no question that if she did a less OTT style, it would flatter her a lot better but maybe that's her intention? That she wants to look OTT?

No. 1495540

File: 1649353601367.png (887.63 KB, 2056x1157, Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 18.45…)


Gahh I've never so much wanted to do someone's makeup. She is really cute, the drag make up doesn't suit her features at all.

No. 1495544

File: 1649353952819.jpg (32.09 KB, 388x468, sadboi.jpg)

WTF is up with his eyes, he seems like he's not doing well at all. Which is great

No. 1495557

File: 1649354986852.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1991, A737A305-9C96-4CF0-BDD4-DD1416…)

Mamie Hades talking on her IG stories about people on anonymous forums calling her make up ugly and bodyshaming her

No. 1495560

Stunning is a huge overstatement.

Then she should take her own advice and quit self-posting & lurking.

No. 1495582

drugs he's kinda looking like on a downward spiral lately

No. 1495587

She does look better, but she needs a fucking skincare routine. That’s a rough looking 20yo.
Also mamie, quit doing your own nails, they look like shit.

No. 1495627

I'm only shaming her for her nails. They make me cringe.

No. 1495637

looks like he gave a blowjob to a mime

No. 1495647


Crikey. He’s not looking good is he? He looks knackered.

No. 1495654

File: 1649364797650.png (513.09 KB, 720x709, Screenshot_20220407-125044.png)

Cuz she likes bugs I guess. I don't like bugs but I think the tattoos are well done at least. I do like her bat tattoos and the ghost(?) one that Grant did though.

I actually don't think Kat's tattoos are bad (as in badly done) either, they're just colorful and I hate color tattoos. They're also of faces which almost never look aesthetically pleasing IMHO.

Jake's tattoos are shit though.

No. 1495669

Fake has started streaming and the fat moms are already in the chat and ready to simp

No. 1495722

Eww I'm watching he looks like he's gained weight back in his chin

No. 1495727

It'll probably be a Silent Hill nurse with her tits out or something.

No. 1495744

Probably wrong because I honestly try to not look at his face, but are those grey circle lenses? If we didn’t know he was such a pussy I’d go as far as to say X because dude looks ROUGH.

Her bodytype looks so similar to Kaya post-recent weight loss here (small boobs, square waist, thicc in the legs). He really is dating his ex 2.0.

No. 1495918

Kek I can’t unsee it now. Change the tattoos and cover her face and I could totally see this being Kaya now that she’s getting into shape

No. 1496111

No idea what kind of music they play but I've noticed posts from this band with similar makeup style to Munro actively playing gigs in Belfast. Further proof that Fake is full of shit when he says there's no music scene in Belfast.

No. 1496113

File: 1649417363244.jpg (237.8 KB, 1078x1078, Screenshot_20220408-122500_Ins…)

No. 1496120

File: 1649419113646.jpg (553.79 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220408-125804_Ins…)


No. 1496126

I suspect Fake says there is no scene because no one on the scene wants anything to do with his boring, moaning arse. He’s such a fucking fun sponge.

No. 1496146

He’s just so out of proportion. I feel sorry for his little man syndrome like personality. Can we just spoiler all images of jake? Lol
Depresses me

No. 1496167

omg he looks over 40 (and not a well maintained 40, mind you) in this pic! and to think i had the biggest crush on him a couple years ago! ewwww leaving kaya has made him think he's hot shit when in reality he is just in a downward middle life crisis spiral. he was always a self aggrandizing twat but he used to hide it so much better. he actually seemed a very down to earth and cool dude back then. meh, scrotes gonna scrote i guess

No. 1496172

all that binge drinking is giving him quite the double chin

No. 1496225

Unappealing photo aside why is he pinching himself like that? Is it a fitness bro thing?

No. 1496240

File: 1649435764070.jpg (277.31 KB, 1079x689, Screenshot_20220408-093437_Twi…)

This is a 30 y/o man. I can see how posting something like this would be funny as a teen maybe but this is just creepy honestly.

No. 1496243

Willingly admitting to jerking off to DBZ hentai as a 30+yo man is so incredibly tragic omfg

No. 1496260

File: 1649438064715.jpg (451.07 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220408-175253_Ins…)

Speaking of hentai obsessed, I didn't know people pulled this retarded face outside of tiktok

No. 1496273

File: 1649438720243.jpg (193.38 KB, 1080x636, Screenshot_20220408-102342_Twi…)

Nobody sucks Jake's dick harder than himself. Sure, that's why people hate you. Whatever you need to tell yourself.

No. 1496279

File: 1649439401967.jpg (435.34 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220408-183357_Ins…)

Why does he want to start a podcas? In the story he doesn't even know what to podcast about and is asking for topics. Also the word podcast sounds funny in his Australian American wannabe accent.

No. 1496284

He is fully out of ideas and is leeching off them from his fanbase. He's constantly asking for cover ideas, video ideas, etc. Without Kaya his creativity is just gone.

No. 1496288

Because people like him think that they're so admired that they can do fucking anything and the world will worship them. They're so infatuated with being the centre of attention that it never even occurs to them if people even WANT to see them/hear what they have to say. It simply is not an issue to them.

No. 1496362

"Hardest working person in the room" is that why he didn't upload to onlyfans for an entire month and when he did it was just him in a dirty garage rubbing his dick on a motorcycle

No. 1496368

Jake copying his new American coattail K.. his podcasts will suck. With his matter of fact, he’s right everyone is wrong, bashing people better than him, etc. How to be a goth king wannabe. Lots of topics.

No. 1496373

Saged for tin foiling but I think Jake may have a secret desire to be dommed. He was simping over the spider lady boss during one of his streams too.

No. 1496387

If he's actually considering making a podcast and not just asking for recommendations then my eyes are about to roll so hard they're at risk of falling out of my face.

This guy just cannot pick a fucking lane and stay in it, sure- waste even more time and effort putting together a podcast, Jake. We all know after a month you'll abandon it to start a cooking channel or pivot to covering true crime or something equally stupid after putting out one episode. He's constantly grasping at straws to stay relevant instead of sticking to the content his fans are interested or explicitly actually asking for. You know the entire podcast will just be him preforming self fellatio or, much like that tweet, complaining about how hard he works and how all his old friends and collaborators were fake and lazy etc, etc, etc.

No. 1496471

>He's constantly grasping at straws to stay relevant instead of sticking to the content his fans are interested or explicitly actually asking for.

For his entire 'career' on youtube, this has been his brand. Starts a channel, posts like twice to it, decides it'll be a 'makeup' channel, posts like twice to it. Meanwhile, he's literally copying the Game Grumps' posting schedule/model and only playing 'popular' games on MAG but does nothing but piss and moan about said games. When they don't do well (because the GG are a hell of a lot more pleasant to watch play stupid games then he was and no amount of co-hosts could change that) he then goes through his Casey Niestat phase and started daily vlogging. Those videos were at least well edited, and more interesting then just watching him 'react' to stuff. But they didn't do well, and he abandoned those for the next phase. In between these phases he's constantly saying he's gonna re-dedicate himself to music, to his band, to touring, etc. Never does, or when he actually is working with the band a lot, its so small scale that its laughable to think he actually thinks they'll do well enough to get a record contract or fame. I mean, Jake was a decent guitarist when he played, but you can't toss a penny without hitting ten other guys with his generic voice, even after he started trying to be Chris Motionless.

Now he's gonna try the podcast thing? It's so clear at this point that if that guy ever did have an original idea enter his head he would have a stroke.

When did this terrible 'Mom cut my hair for picture day at school' cut become the trend for 'alt' guys???

No. 1496479

Jake really is looking horrible and haggard these days, holy shit hahaha. It's like he aged ten years in the last six months.

No. 1496520

Butch dyke. Chubby vagina. Old lady chintzy décor. If he's doing the drug thing, he should choose one speed. He's just useless at life.

No. 1496524

Exercised arms and soft middle. Tatted upper body empty lower. He's built himself up to only look good in a t shirt. So why does he insist on shirtless pics?

No. 1496536

Jake, you have no competition and nobody hates on the success you pretend to have. You’re just a douche. Work hard on what? Low quality pics and watching TikToks all day? You do work hard at copying everybody though.

No. 1496541

Bet this is about MAG. He really can’t stand to self reflect for even a second. “Am I a douchebag? No, no…it’s the kids who are wrong.”

As for that pic he’s still posing like he did as an anorexic 17 year old, when he might have actually passed as attractive to teenagers. He HAS aged about 10 years since dumping Kaya. Dude needs to move on. If he’s thinking of starting a podcast it’s probably because of his face for radio.

No. 1496558

This is the face of a man who fucked up his own life dramatically and there is no way to repair the damage

No. 1496559

This is Onision-tier "wisdom" - in fact people love hardworkers because it means less work for them to do, which begs the question wtf he's talking about.

No. 1496579

I was for real thinking this. I’ve never been in a group scenario after high school where people don’t admire or praise the hardest worker, even if it’s self-depreciatingly, UNLESS that person is actually being a sanctimonious dick at the same time.

No. 1496675

>he's literally copying the Game Grumps' posting schedule/model

Not only that, he would steal/recycle their jokes constantly. His Sonic impression is literally just Arin's Sonic impression except in a dumb accent. He wanted to be Game Grumps so bad with John and Kaya as bootleg Jon/Dan and Suzy.

No. 1496882

Late to the party here, but Daddy_Noth is one of Kat's best friends called Daryl. He's a compulsive liar and has told people that he has had brain tumours etc in the past, I think all of his friends cut him off bar Kat because he just boosts her ego constantly.

Also to the people thinking that Kat is posting here, no she isn't lol her spelling and grammar is so bad that you would know straight away that its her. She's also pretty hot IRL, she's probably around the same height as Kaya but does pole exercise so is really fit.

No. 1496912

File: 1649501341134.jpg (947.65 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220409_124838_com…)

Wtf is she gonna do there

No. 1496917

Jake's haircut gives me major boglin vibes honestly - it's so, so unflattering

No. 1496918

File: 1649502878111.jpg (25.23 KB, 339x300, hairy_flurp-1 (1).jpg)

Sorry, should have posted a boglin for reference

No. 1496931

Pole is for main character cows and fatties who think they’re too special for the gym (source: self awareness lol).

No. 1497079

she's just there as an attendee, not as model so don't shit your pants just yet anon.

No. 1497230

Fake is streaming. He’s got about 180 people watching and from what I can see he’s made $25 in 45 minutes. Gonna watch for a bit. Mostly he’s moaning about being unable to open a bottle of wine.

No. 1497246

File: 1649538308716.jpeg (629.48 KB, 2360x1640, 29D01E4A-DE21-4BC6-A95B-67948E…)

Hang on, I’m a dumbass he’s not made $25, the majority of the donations are in SEK so he’s made less than £20.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

No. 1497251

File: 1649538807766.jpeg (352.6 KB, 817x497, D41EED49-E8E2-4449-953A-36C8EA…)

Dude is looking ROUGH.

No. 1497269

He’s back to dough boy. And still trying to use goth as an audience catcher

No. 1497303

I took one for the team. Missed the first 45 mins or so but ‘highlights’ of the stream include…

He couldn’t open a bottle of wine.

He finished silent hill 4. E-fucking-ventually.

Man he can talk about Dragon ball z.

Admits that his make up looks ‘in the beginning’ were inspired by Kyo. He then found his ‘own look’. Pull the other one Fake. It’s got bells on.

Immediately goes back to talking about dragon ball fucking z. The more he talks, the more viewers he loses…Kek.

He is looking really rough. Those neck tattoos look terrible without make up. His attempt to chisel a jaw line with tattoos has not worked.

He keeps on looking off camera. I suspect Kat is there. If her vagina isn’t clamping shut listening to him go on and on and on about dragon ball z then she’s a better woman that I.

He’s doing a 12 hour stream tomorrow. Oh. The. Humanity.

Is amazed Prince Phillip has been dead a year.


Can’t talk about dragon ball z with anyone in real life. He had a friend but they aren’t friends anymore. What. A. Surprise.

Three new members, max of 200ish people watching and less than £25 in donations. Stream was just over 2 hours.

No. 1497305

why is he not streaming on twitch? did I miss something?

he looks like he gained weight itswhatshedeserves.gif

No. 1497350

that neck tattoo actually emphasizes his almost-double-chin even more kek. also, the eye already looks faded.

No. 1497416

Why would he stream on twitch? He’d 100% get less views. And most of his audience is already on YouTube.

No. 1497421

The world makes a little more sense now that he's tanking.

I just could not for the life of me figure out how that melted lump was making so much money. I spend admittedly way too much time on youtube and twitch, and once he began throwing cash around on the bikes, cars, multiple studios, garage rental, etc I was so fucking confused. Nobody else I follow with a similar sub count spends money like that. Especially not the ones who only came into their money recently.

No. 1497494

472k subs. I could have sworn that just prior to his tour last year he was pushing 500k.

No. 1497500

Neither of them actually have any idea how to be an adult and both have severe issues with self control. His old “I worked YEARS (to have this many subs)” tweet sums up how much he feels he’s entitled to. He can’t just be one dream bike - it has to be multiple customs with unnecessary imported parts - and the same goes for every aspect of his little life.

Partial tinfoil - I wonder if he secretly resented Kaya after he started paying the majority of the rent and bills, and buying all that shit is his retarded way of blowing off steam.

No. 1497560

File: 1649563599035.jpeg (368.92 KB, 1184x2108, 1E8361AC-670D-492F-AC27-B3FD69…)

This is a whole mess.Jakes Baphomet Is the worst. He says it isn’t done? Kek. It’s a bad sleeve. The whole thing is a mess.

No. 1497563

File: 1649563789543.jpeg (427.47 KB, 1181x2043, B00DA103-94C7-4F98-85DE-0F7F2E…)

Damn, he’s aged. He used to be fit.He’s not aging well. He has some arms as lots as men do but he’s aging badly. What happened?

No. 1497565

Isn’t he a staunch and vocal atheist? What’s the point of having a Baphomet then. Just something else to grift i guess kek

No. 1497569

why is he so orange in some places, like his face, fingers, and arm? looks like he's coated in cheeto dust. actually, all his photos make him look really orange.

No. 1497588

Because it's edgy. He only cares about the aesthetic.

>What happened?

Idk, but the constant binge drinking can't be helping.

No. 1497593

Isn't it from the final boss battle in Silent Hill 1? Considering Valtiel is under it from SH3.

No. 1497602

Baphomet is on the upper arm. Jake says he’s an atheist yet he has half assed tat of Baphomet. Disrespectful to those who believe in him. Below Baphomet he has a tat of Valtiel from Silent Hill. A creation of God.

No. 1497613

File: 1649573186690.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 991x1200, Incubus.png)

It's not baphomet. It's Sameal from Silent Hill, the deity the cult worships. Look up 'incubus' from silent Hill and you'll find the page on it and this image.

No. 1497617

>says he’s an atheist yet he has half assed tat of Baphomet. Disrespectful to those who believe in him.

No it isn't lol. Satanists don't "believe in him" as if Baphomet is a person. You can be a Satanist and Atheist. Anyway that's irrelevant because as someone else said, it's just another video game character.

No. 1497631


>You can be a Satanist and Atheist

Edgelord atheists like the Satanic Temple and Church of Satan aren't really satanists, nonnie, they just use the word to get attention and push their politics.


That tattoo is so much worse than the original artwork. Why would any artist send their customer such a washed out, wonky piece of shit like that? Send a line drawing if you just need them to approve the layout.

No. 1497704

He looks like if someone made one of those 2012 tumblr tattoo edits of Disney princesses but with Boris Johnson instead.

No. 1497739

No. 1497753

Makeup and filters, I assume

No. 1497788

Oh my GOD you're so right and I'm absolutely screaming, he even has the sad saggy Bojo eyes

No. 1497820

Oof. He even looks closer to Boris's age than his own.

No. 1497827

File: 1649601215917.jpg (133.32 KB, 959x720, Picsart_22-04-10_11-40-45-081.…)

Forgive me in advance, I just had to

No. 1497838

So incredibly sick of seeing this guy's vanity posts, I can't speak for all women but there's just something about his smug fucking face and his cringy gym douchebag flexing that makes me want to run a million miles away in the opposite direction, he just oozes bad vibes, he's a walking red flag. Kat being a homewrecker aside she could honestly do so, so much better than ..that.

No. 1497853

kek love u nona
I know it's early but nomination for next thread pic

No. 1497859

Watched a bit of Jakes livestream off and on . Just rambling about nothing important and no depth to anything he says. Talking about airplane seats and the dumbest shit.

No. 1497874


No. 1497903

Jake fixed his hair..he wants to show his receding hairline. What happened to this guy? I used to watch his videos. I actually liked his daily vlogs . He’s a disaster now..

No. 1497941

Ok cool. Sage your shit pls. He’s always been the same guy haha he’s just amplifying it more now. But still the same pathetic Jake.

No. 1498023

File: 1649621480918.png (470.48 KB, 720x1428, Screenshot_20220410-120922.png)

I don't know how you sat through that. Damn.

Went to go see if he was doing his 12 hour stream (he was) and found this gem. Reilly is gone but others are there to take his place.

No. 1498026

>please respect he is taken, thank
why? jake didn't care about that when he was with kaya. he's a cheater and always will be.

No. 1498028

Yeah and he has an onlyfans where you can pay to get dick pics. Idk what the logic behind please respecc' is.

No. 1498044

The woman he referred to as "pussy". He doesn't even respect her, himself.

No. 1498053

Tinfoil but I think Kat started feeling threatened by his sketchy behavior and pressured him into using the 'girlfriend' title before he felt ready. I honestly believe that is partly why Reilly is no longer a fan. I think Reilly was making Kat uncomfortable so she made Jake tell him to back off.

No. 1498068

What does the wrench icon mean, is that a mod or something

No. 1498069

Yes, that has been his mod for a long time now. She's an insufferable boomer but Jake keeps her because she's a total sheep to anything he says and works for free.

No. 1498168

God I hope this isn’t the main reason his fans are becoming disinterested. In any other circumstance this would sound like victim blaming and I don’t mean it like that but he’s so deliberate whipped them into a frenzy with “snaccs”, “Daddy” and all the lecherousness/flirting. It’s problematic on all sides tbh.

No. 1498209

File: 1649636160259.jpg (743.29 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220411-010521_Ins…)

Jude is live again, and looking greasy again, because apart from q and as that's all she does at this point. She did a spooky box unboxing, and was painted her nails when I left. Such content wow. Someone asked if she and Rosie are still friends, ssying they found her videos recently, and one of jude's stans said they aren't friends for a reason get over it. Jude saw and said haha I get this problem every livestream, my fault for having friends I guess. And it's not your fault that all your former friends left you kek?

For those who don't know, jude gained mild e fame off a Bancroft video with her aesthetic opposite Rosie, and jude cut off their years long friendship bc Rosie smoked weed.

No. 1498210


No. 1498250

File: 1649639289215.jpg (318.71 KB, 589x745, wannabewannabe.jpg)

Was scrolling through twitter…can't pass this one up. Here is a try hard using Fake as a hashtag and dressing like him in this one post. idk, kinda sad.

No. 1498256


SEK 20 is only £2 lol

No. 1498267


I think you may be on to something. if Kat is such a "hot girl" and catch IRL as she/Jake/certain anons keep insisting, she's not going to be OK with being strung along or in an open FWB situation. she probably said to define the relationship or fuck off because there are plenty of fish in the sea who will commit. Jake probably wanted to play the field a little longer, as a newly single fuckboy.
it is weird that he didnt have his chat room moderator protecting him from the advances of his "snaccs" while in a long term relationship with Kaya, but now fans can't even quote that stupid furry song to him. it's all kinds of stupid and backward considering the aggressive advertising of his Only Fans account. but I guess dick pics and flirty texts people pay for is all business, but flirting outside of that is "disrespectful"

No. 1498305

Yeah, the whole thing doesn't make sense. Why is "pounces on u OwO" crossing a line yet he can have an onlyfans where people can pay to see dick pics and get texts like "do you like daddy's big 7 inch dick?"

Something ain't adding up.

No. 1498531

Exactly this, how is it fine for him to post pictures of his dick smeared across various surfaces in his home/garage, refer to his fans as " snaccs" and drop the bokeworthy " Do you like daddies big peepee" captions but heaven forbid someone quote the actual song he covered, that's a step too far, you must respect that he's taken even if he blatantly doesn't

No. 1498554

This mod person is a cunt and yells if you use more than one emoji I suspect she simps for Jake herself so she wants everyone else to back off and not once did I see the simps get told to back off when he was with kaya and also those are literally just lyrics to that nasty song (I hate that I know that) they weren't even really flirting

No. 1498565


Nah. Kat is a basic bitch and is insecure as hell. You can see it in the goth bath bomb vid with Kaya years ago. All the girls are having fun except Kat who is trying to pose and is really conscious of the camera. Her husband was just a tattoo artist, now shes dealing with a dude who has fangirls simping after him and probably sending him saucy DMs.

She's probably being jealous and controlling and it's part of why Fake looks like shit.

Bet that is why his pet troon hates him now because he got told he was being inappropriate while Kaya didn't give a shit.

I think it's starting to sink in with Fake that while he thought Kaya was holding him back she was actually supporting him behind the scenes and giving him ideas.

No. 1498627

Honestly it's obvious how much support and advice Kaya was clearly giving him instead of concentrating on herself- curating his tik toks, doing his hair for him, advising him not to create an Only Fans, his content and alt appearance slipped significantly since their split and the absolute shitshow surrounding his making an OF and his aggressive advertising of it is enough proof to show she was absolutely correct to warn him against it. He lost a significant chunk of his followers and was kicked from his own discord over it.

No. 1498716

File: 1649693168435.jpg (701.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220411-180356_Ins…)

Kaya is answering questions om instagram.

No. 1498723

File: 1649693682020.jpg (342.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220411-181348_Ins…)

I guess it was not Jake who was the last person she kissed

No. 1498773

Right, it's interesting how much you can infer that she did work behind the scenes by seeing how much he tanked his career once they split. There's a reason people split finances in a divorce, generally your partner does provide support, advice and work, and it's only seen once they're gone.

No. 1498789

Kaya I'm sure hated it too but I reckon it was allowed because it brought them in income and Kaya evidently didn't see the end coming and felt secure.

Kat probably realises how her and Jake happened. That he's a desperate attention seeker and she'll try to moderate his behaviour. Personally I don't get how any woman would want to date a man that sells his nudes online. Probably the worst decision Jake has ever made in his professional and personal life.

No. 1498848

File: 1649704030833.jpg (540.02 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220411-195415_Ins…)

Oh, we know

No. 1498849

File: 1649704054909.jpg (761.17 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220411-195711_Ins…)

No. 1499064

File: 1649720046730.jpg (127.66 KB, 497x822, question.jpg)

This right here. They always said that they would never get married, and they got asked that question a lot. Jake in particular would be pretty vocal about his feelings about it. I always wondered what she thought about it, because she absolutely seems the type to be a sucker for a romantic proposal and a fun wedding. It's so sad that she had to share his cynical bullshit opinion, though I cannot help but feel like he never wanted to get married because that ties you down and combines your income and such, and would have made this whole situation much more complicated.

I bet at some point he and Kat get engaged. That feels like the type of progression their ridiculous, gross relationship is headed towards.

No. 1499302

I’ve seen so many situations where a man ditches a long term girlfriend for someone else and all of a sudden the guy who ‘didn’t believe in marriage’ or ‘didn’t want kids’ does one or both in pretty short order. I can definitely see him at the very least getting engaged. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t already moved her in or at least has plans too.

He’s so predictable.

No. 1499468

I've seen that a lot to. The result is often the same. It will last a bit but going to end in a really messy divorce with a lot of milk lmao

No. 1499550


Oh yeah, it will be gold top milk when he tries to boot out a woman and her young child. Where is he going to stick them? He may not have a studio to dump them in.

No. 1499663

Who cares?

Is he meant to marry someone he doesnt wanna be with just because they were together for a long time?

You're all acting like Kaya is entitled to anything

He doesnt have to stay in a relationship if he doesnt want to. nobody is entitled to date anyone, and if he wants to go and get married to someone else fair play to him

No. 1499671

I don't think anyone was saying that he should have married Kaya, I think people are speculating and discussing a pattern of behavior common in these kinds of break-up to re-bound relationships, don't get your knickers in a twist

No. 1499692

The point wasn't about him not marrying Kaya, it was that Kaya had to adopt his shitty toxic views on things like marriage, when in reality she wasn't really opposed to it at all.
He's said nothing but bad things about marriage as a concept, but no one will be surprised if he gets engaged now, because of how he constantly goes back on things he talks shit about. It's a pattern of behavior he has, much like the years of shitting all over goth music and now listening to it. And how outspoken he's been about hating kids and never wanting them, and now he's with a woman who has one. This was never about how he should have married Kaya, it was to show how he controlled her view on things with his own, only to change those views as it suits him.

No. 1499712


No one is saying that he was somehow obligated to marry Kaya, they were merely pointing out that it’s very common when someone in a long term relationship who has been very vocal about not ‘believing’ in marriage or not wanting kids goes on to leave or cheat and end the relationship they very often end up getting married/having kids quite quickly afterwards. It’s not that he didn’t want to get married, it’s that he didn’t want to marry Kaya. Which is totally his choice, no one thinks he owed her it or anything.

No. 1499851

It seems like he doesn't even know what he wants. Not long ago he was acting like he was stoked to be single, had "not so humble" plans for his band and future, tons of travel plans, etc. Now he shackled himself to some basic bitch with kids in the exact city he wanted to get away from. Reality will hit him like a ton of bricks soon enough.

No. 1499906

Can't wait til farmhands tag all Kat's posts because this is definitely one of them

No. 1499926



>someone insulted our queen kaya they must be kat

No. 1499989

At a certain point I feel like this attitude is just fucking stupid. Her and Jake went through all the pain of a divorce and he was able to leave her with nothing despite her contributions to their joint lifestyle over the years (this is not a gender thing, I’m talking about in terms of who was the highest earner at the time of their breakup). I do get why some people are opposed to the ~traditional institution of marriage~ but I don’t believe Jake or Kaya were smart enough to actually think of it that way, just too lazy and checked out to commit. They had no legal ties but also no legal protection. She should not be carrying this “free spirit, we’re just partners” shit into her next relationship if there ever is one.

No. 1500015


stop sucking off scrotes like a pickmeisha. no one is talking about kaya being entitled. the point is that it is a shitty thing that men typically do to mislead women they don't want to marry but still want to enjoy all the value they add to their life.
they string a woman along who has invested a lot of time as a long term partner and might otherwise want to get married and enjoy the security and benefits, insist they are committed to her but don't "need a piece of paper", but then they dump her and end up actually marrying the next person they date, no hesitation. the former partner wastes time with someone for a decade thinking they were as good as married and it was just that their partner didn't "believe" in the institution, while if their partner wasn't such a fucking user and a coward, they could have found someone less full of shit to date who would give them commitment and not just pretend to and use them for their emotional labor.

like even if you hate kaya, it's not ok for men to treat women like this and most of us have sympathy even if we haven't experienced it.

No. 1500101

File: 1649818768083.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.67 KB, 720x924, Ugh.jpg)

Because nothing is sexier then a dead eyed far away gaze and bad clown makeup. Wow. And the title on the OF post used the actual words "big goth dick". …how exactly is a dick 'goth'? And he's calling that nasty little average peen big…

The delusions never cease.

No. 1500130

is it just me or did he shoop out the alcohol bloat from his face? would be surprised if he put that much effort in considering his piss poor background and lighting

No. 1500137

It’s shooped.

No. 1500154

Nta, but the spacing of your post and the intentional misunderstanding definitely doesn't read like a regular farmer. You might not be Kat, but you do sound a little like a Jake stan.

Either shopped or he's biting the inside of his cheeks to hollow his face out on top of the "fat girl angle shot". lmao

No. 1500165

It astounds me that he will go to all that trouble to paint his face and suck in his cheeks but he’s completely un-arsed about the unmade bed and terrible lighting. And people pay $30+ for this?

And vom at ‘big goth dick’.

No. 1500188

knowing that he’ll put that much effort into his appearance and not anything else for OF i can’t help but wonder if his “goth” dick is slathered in white corpse paint

No. 1500240


I hope Kat likes yeast infections…

No. 1500295

I think it’s a shitton of grey eyeshadow as contour, which is equally grim. “Fat girl angle” really got me

No. 1500328

Bahaha, did someone lurk again?! >>1492231

No. 1500368

Had this exact thought as well! I can absolutely picture him drunk scrolling through this thread. I wonder if it's enough of a narcissistic ego boost to know that people are talking about him regardless of the fact that basically everyone here finds him absolutely repulsive in every aspect of his being

No. 1500415

>>1500368 I think every ego boost is welcome for him right now …
But I find it funny to picture him ranting on those "bitches, who badmouth him for nudes without make up just to badmouth him then for nudes with make up" …

No. 1500462

LOL when you put it like that he's such a fucking tosser. He clearly can't hack being single he's too much of a narc he needs constant validation and even his paying fans aren't enough for him lol. So much for his travelling plans, it's not like he went and dated a man with a kid, who tend to not have the bulk of the childcare, instead he's hooked up with a mum and he's vented about kids before. He's such a fucking fool omg.

No. 1500496

File: 1649870312573.jpg (472.2 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20220413-181658.jpg)

I really really hate to be a dick, but if Kaya got an actual job, she'd get taken more seriously. No landlord in Belfast is going to take her seriously with a YouTube job.
I can guarantee that, she doesn't even have to work full time, I worked part time and I was able to get a house! She's full of shite end of. Grow up Kaya.

No. 1500505

It might not even solely be a money issue, landlords might view social media types as tenants likely to have parties or be destructive in some way. I have a feeling people in Belfast would equate YouTuber to tiktoker and parties probably.

No. 1500579

'Nothing is actually wrong with my application'

Does she realise it's her job that's the problem?
Even self employed people have to, you know, do work not just sit on their ass and whine.

No. 1500596

It's a part time job at this point because of how she barely posts, and her patreon probably doesn't bring in much a month if she isn't posting.

No. 1500608

>No landlord in Belfast is going to take her seriously with a YouTube job.

But Jake was always able to get a place to live no problem even long after he quit having a real job. My guess is it's her credit.

I think her Patreon is monthly

No. 1500621

I live in Belfast city myself, I know for a fact it's not about credit, it will be because she has no job, rent is crazy at the moment. If I was a landlord and seen her application. I'd take people who are actually working. The place I'm in needed proof of my job.
I just know it's because she does not have a job, hence why I guarantee if she took a part time job, say 1 day a week, she'd get more interest.
She's not going to have a hope in hell.

No. 1500626

All these anons saying “no job”, then how the fuck did jake get a place? Answer that first and then continue to repeat the “no job” whine.
He, in your eyes, should be classed as no job as well. He has a house, not even a unit or flat and he has studios with his “no job” of YouTuber.
If anything, it would be her being single and her cat. It’s the only difference I can see

No. 1500653

So if you were a landlord, would you want someone who does "YouTube" to pay you rent? Not a chance, especially when there's people with actual jobs in Belfast.
And FYI, I've a cat in a rented house so yeah, I don't buy her bullshit.
She's lazy and pathetic for her age.
Will never get anywhere in life as shell always rely on YouTube.

No. 1500654

This, plus single is a red flag for landlords (again they think parties, multiple partners in and out or “worse”, a new boyfriend/girlfriend who sublets from the tenant). It’s ridiculous and as much as I hate her whining and grifting, she’s 100% right. Her best bet would be an HMO or A JOB.

When Jake began renting his house they were dating. I know he was supposedly the only official tenant but they definitely had to put Kaya’s name somewhere so they were a couple when the application went in, plus he did have a bigger income. Let’s not pretend that Jake is somehow morally superior because he managed to rent lol.

No. 1500657

None of the shit she’s saying about paying extra up front actually matters either, because it is a. possibly illegal/sketchy for the landlord to take what looks like extra fees (I don’t know UK tenancy laws well enough to really comment), and b. often just not the estate agency’s policy. I had a friend in college who’s guarantor could prove they had cash in the bank to cover a whole year’s rent if needed, but the agents wouldn’t accept their application because they needed proof of INCOME, not savings. They want to know you have a consistent, ongoing source of money.

No. 1500661

Belfast is mental right now for rent. I just know a landlord will not touch her because in there eyes she doesn't have a steady income. Comes with being self employed.
I just don't understand why she won't get a job, it would help her so so much and probably help her mental health.
She can't expect people to just pay her to sit round on her ass.(no1curr)

No. 1500668

>>1500661 >>1500653 >>1500621 >>1500415
sage your posts, put "sage" in the email space

No. 1500672

I'm glad he took my advice. Looks a lot better without his plain boring mug. Hey Fake i'll give you more advice for your only fans for a consultant fee bwahahaha

No. 1500675

File: 1649885460064.jpg (439.09 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20220413-223002_Twi…)

Kek. Guess Angela isn't a fan of the stump

No. 1500688

You failed to answer why jake has his job listed as YouTube on his rental, which is a house, and why Kaya can’t do the same thing.
And with your lack of saging, go back to throwing your money at jake

No. 1500691

She never has been.

No. 1500694

>Guess Angela isn't a fan of the stump

Are you new lol

No. 1500702

File: 1649888220707.jpeg (450.49 KB, 1325x1910, 9EFFCB5A-3C4C-4E4E-9572-9FB772…)

Anti-Jake posts

No. 1500708

I love Angela for just saying it like it is. It's a bit childish, but whatever. Good she's calling out that scumbag.

No. 1500723

I honestly don't understand how calling out Jake is childish. Jake is the one who said "all goths are counts" yet is happy to abuse the goth hashtag to promote himself. He deserves every bit of shit he gets.

I mean tbf in his last onlyfans leak he had pictures of himself in ridiculous "goth" makeup, but he just looked like a sad clown jerking off.

No. 1500731

File: 1649890157709.jpg (99.68 KB, 1080x832, Screenshot_20220413-234855_Ins…)

Was she always following her or

No. 1500739

I think so. A long time ago Jude was trying to cozy up to Kaya. It's obvious she was just always after Jake though.

No. 1500881

The main thing I dislike about Angela is that she for some reason thinks she is a spokesperson for all goths. She's like 40 but can't let go of her teenage years and uses that as a base for her entire personality and content.

No. 1500935


Jake would be flattered to be compared to MGK, he thinks he is an example of an attractive man. also the Marilyn Manson comparison. but Jake isn't at all like the "cool" young skinny Manson, he's like the middle aged bloated fat one that Trent Reznor referred to as "a dopey clown."

No. 1500962

Genuine question, what proof do you have that Jake listed his job as “YouTube” on his last tenancy application?

No. 1501018


She also has an obsession with screenshotting comments on her videos and tweeting them with snarky commentary. A middle-aged woman filling her time with this kind of behavior is ridiculous and sad.

I love how that second commenter was commenting about how shallow Jake's personality and image is, and Angela's reply highlights her feelings about Kaya. What was the point of that?

No. 1501027

>She also has an obsession with screenshotting comments on her videos and tweeting them with snarky commentary. A middle-aged woman filling her time with this kind of behavior is ridiculous and sad.

That is totally middle-aged Karen behavior. Angela is like a goth Karen.
I hate content creators that do this. It makes them look like they can't handle opinions and they should probably find a new job/hobby whatever they're using YouTube as.

No. 1501072

You’re clearly new. It’s in a few of his many whining vlogs and posted on the forums more than once. Go pay for more of his sick pics

No. 1501195

>I love how that second commenter was commenting about how shallow Jake's personality and image is, and Angela's reply highlights her feelings about Kaya. What was the point of that?

Can you read? The commenter said that Jake didn't have empathy for anyone including his ex (Kaya). Her reply made sense in that context.

No. 1501237

File: 1649919934680.jpg (177.49 KB, 1080x1173, 1620247575135.jpg)

He was complaining about not being able to get insurance with his job several threads ago, so it's most likely he didn't lie about having a real job on his renting applications or whatever because why not just do that for insurance too.

No. 1501257

File: 1649922785484.jpg (317.81 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220414-084819_Gal…)

Forgot to post this other day. She was on the 12 hour stream for almost all it basically making every message about herself and talking to herself it was annoying. one point she said she nearly drank baby lotion 'apparently'.She was chatting to jake but he wasn't even responding to any of her messages other then short one word answers. Didn't bother taking screenshots cause borning af. But looks like she slept over already.

No. 1501258

I personally can’t figure out why people never call her out for her shit she is so petty and straight up bitchy. No one ever points this out it like she can’t do anything wrong but everything she calls people out for she basically does the same thing. She has a pretty face but a ugly personality

No. 1501266

Oooh Kat isn't going to like this. Once a cheater always a cheater. lmao

No. 1501303


Yeah she seems pretty insufferable. Know it all, petty, passive aggressive. It's obvious she never left her 90s teen stage.

No. 1501305

It really doesn't tho. She's pointing out her own feelings about Kaya which have nothing to do with it lol

No. 1501322

Veteran farmer lol calm your britches. >>1501237 shows him FAILING to put “YouTube” or anything close into an insurance application (thanks for digging to find the screenshot Anon). He bitches about it NOT being recognized as a career, what proof do you have that the dude successfully managed to rent a house with “YouTube” written down as his job? Has he specifically said he managed? My guess is he got smart and started lying/twisting it into something along the lines of digital marketing or some shit.

No. 1501353

I vaguely remember him once saying something like he eventually put down "freelance videographer" or something along those lines… might've been on a stream

No. 1501541

She lives for being petty and is obsessed with drama
I’m in a goth discord server with her, she only posts in the drama channel - doesn’t participate otherwise

No. 1501557

I'm not sure what it is about Angela I just don't like her and it's not about the pettiness it's like in her videos she acts fake and not about being goth just the way she acts like she's afraid to move her face the wrong way she's to proper and snooty idk how to put it into words maybe she's just just very insecure idk

No. 1501567

Yeah I found her attitude feels a bit like 'mean girl but make it goth' like she wants to pose herself as someone who knows about the subculture and has been involved in it a long time but she comes over as super condescending

That 'Goth isn't your fetish' video I found super off putting. Like I agreed with her points but it seemed a bit unnecessary going and finding random people from insta, screenshotting them, then getting pissed when people said 'maybe you shouldn't have taken people's content without asking them/posting their handles' and then got in an argument with someone who found their friend had been posted in said video and pointed out 'No my friend is actually Goth'

No. 1501623

You are in a drama discord with her and complaining that she posts drama in the drama server?

No. 1501625

It’s a goth discord with about thirty channels
One of those channels is for drama stuff
She only posts there

No. 1501635

Holy shit, someone knew someone featured in her video and got into an argument with Angela?
I’m trying to look for it right now (goth infighting can be super hilarious to me) but I can’t find it, do you think she dirty deleted it?

No. 1501639

File: 1649962668845.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 517.4 KB, 750x998, 9EB8A725-4428-45DF-8A44-349D1C…)

He’s really out here getting his advice from lolcow kek

No. 1501644


>hunched over

>where is his neck
>dogshit tier waist shoop
>pallid color scheme looking like a corpse

moids really are a esthetically challenged but this dude is beyond help

No. 1501651

LOL he filtered the colour out of all his new eye tats except one. Blacked out the one on his neck.

Jake dude women like fantasy, having your messy bathroom as a backdrop aint it. Charging 30$ for this shit hahaha

No. 1501660

Seriously it's so fucking yucky, $30 for a badly edited last minute dirty bathroom shot? They always always look so lazy, like he's getting in the shower and thinks " well might as well grab a quick snap" and he has the actual audacity to charge for that? They have such unsolicited dick pic energy, it makes me want to turn inside out with cringe

No. 1501664

I can't tell if the waist is shooped or if it's just a really awkward angle

No. 1501677

He edited this photo some…but didn't clean up the razor burn stubble in the pube area…

No. 1501688

What is this even supposed to be? Garroting fantasy?
>Ooh, Daddy, murder me in your cluttered, badly lit bathroom.

No. 1501712

I believe it was in the original version of the video she had before she deleted it and reuploaded it with the identifying information of the instagram users she 'featured' blurred out

No. 1501721

May be a coincidence (tho tbh I doubt it) but after nearly two months of not posting on that discord server I mentioned, Angela started making a flurry of posts, outside the drama channel
I just find that funny

No. 1501722

Angela does seem very snooty. Along with screenshooting YouTube comments and posting them on Twitter, she’ll attack some people on her live streams and sick her viewers on them like a mob. It could be the littlest difference of opinion and she will go off angry and kick that person, not before everyone watching berates them too.
I used to really like her videos, but lately they have been boring. They all show her face very zoomed-in and she tries so hard to curate her expressions, her videos feel more like a “look at me” deal. I feel like she’s not as authentic anymore, and is trying way to hard to put up some all-knowing elder goth persona.

My thoughts exactly. If he was gonna edit the photo, why not color correct and hide that awful razor burn that looks like a rash?

No. 1501729

>she’ll attack some people on her live streams and sick her viewers on them like a mob. It could be the littlest difference of opinion and she will go off angry and kick that person, not before everyone watching berates them too.

I watch her live streams too and I have no idea what you're talking about. Do you mean when people come to troll her live streams, as they often do? She has them banned and the people in the chat will start dogpiling on them sometimes, but that's just kind of bound to happen, it's not just Angela's streams that happens in.

No. 1501735

File: 1649971283973.jpg (Spoiler Image, 367.98 KB, 1080x1604, Screenshot_20220414_231951.jpg)

>>1501664 it is a photoshoped as this one

No. 1501757

That hairline… legitimately looks like a poorly placed cheap wig placed on a bald egg head

No. 1501772

File: 1649974760281.jpeg (105.93 KB, 500x684, 99B62E2E-F873-4415-B84C-ED076A…)

Whoever said in an earlier thread that his tattoos were looking like the kind of little boleros Kaya used to wear was dead on KEK.

I’m thinking about the fact that Trisha Paytas has millions of followers/haters who would buy her OF but used to charge only $5 for full-on porn footage. Not that the world needs this dude to do porn but for someone obsessed with tech and production his dirty mirror nudes are so creepy and tragic.

No. 1501787

File: 1649976814430.png (602.01 KB, 720x1404, Screenshot_20220414-135248.png)

Will probably get banned for nitpicking lol but I'll take it lmao. Wtf is going on here, bro looks like he needs to see a doctor

No. 1501789

>>1501787 "core is looking better already"…

No. 1501792

my family runs a housing business and those reasons listed are exactly what my mom keeps an eye out for lol.

No. 1501800

File: 1649978407181.jpg (212.7 KB, 1078x1834, 20220414_161936.jpg)

If you get banned for nitpicking then so will I because Kat is literally balding.

No. 1501865

hopping on the nitpicking train kek
what the fuck is that expression supposed to be? her ~schmexy~ face? she just looks tweaked out and constipated. and those lips… her lips just look wrong. duck lips are disgusting.
also no wonder she's balding, it looks like she's constantly bleaching her hair (though her roots are so grown out it's absolutely disgusting). bleach your hair a million times a year, it'll start to fall out in clumps. she's so cheap and fake through and through, it's pathetic.

No. 1501867


wow! does she live near by or took a trip to see him? have they met up before? why was it so on the down low, usually he brags about the one friend he has at a time and making big plans with them. seems like they were up to something. also not sleeping for over 24 hours regularly sounds like mania or drugs. I wonder if this happened before Kat became his official girlfriend.

Kat if you're on here, please fill us in with what happened! you may be a lot of things, but you're not an idiot cool girlfriend who is going to be fine with your BF being "friends who sleep over" with an onlyfans e-thot who is ugly. go off we have your back.

No. 1501872

Looks like he photoshopped that area kek

No. 1502011

Her tits aren’t worth showing, they are on the small side(learn2sage)

No. 1502031

>>1501867 she wasn't at his place, she was watching him streaming

No. 1502037

Can you read?

No. 1502038

The idea that all men are just interested in big breasts is ridiculous (says a girl with big tits)

No. 1502046

He’s been shooping all of his pictures for months now, that’s why his videos are hilarious. Eventually he will start using some filter to make him the same his shoops when he goes live

No. 1502080

Ikr this anon clearly watches to much porn kek

No. 1502085

I really don't get how some actually think she is hot. She needs so much make up and filters to look decent and then like in this photo she still has a basic bitch horse face. That lipstick looks fake and sticks out so badly. Did she use a make up app for that?

No. 1502106

File: 1650024983521.jpg (377.44 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_20220415-131619_Chr…)

No. 1502108

File: 1650025029539.jpg (362.8 KB, 1080x1034, Screenshot_20220415-131523_Chr…)

No. 1502178

So she's using house hunting as an excuse for no content even though she literally lives in a studio.

Now the estate agents are closed over the long weekend she should be able to film loads by her own admission right? Right? ….

No. 1502179

Just shows how painfully entitled and unaware she is.
Most people who work 9-5 Mon-Fri are happy for the long weekend so they can spend time with their friends and families actually doing things or relaxing.

How dare they!

I suppose holidays mean nothing to you when every day is a day off

No. 1502245

>Used other people's pictures in video

Eh I don't think Angela was in the wrong to do that. When you post your images online, they are out to the public and it's not like Angela was badmouthing the individual specifically, just the message that they are inadvertently pushing to an already niche group of people.

I mean sure, maybe she could've done something like made up a character persona like what Cadaver Kelly did in her "Poseurs, Elitists, and Goth" video or maybe even drew out an example of the kinda people she was talking about but what's done was done.

No. 1502252

Fucking cry me a river Kaya. There are 24 hours in a day and some people have to fucking work real jobs and manage everything else.

No. 1502374


then what does "I had been up for like 48 hours before I slept at yours" refer to?

No. 1502376


not everyone can be a "big boobs tiny waist real life anime girl" kek

No. 1502380

I read it as "before I fell asleep at yours (=your life stream)"

No. 1502411

It has been confirmed many times during streams that Jude has spent time at his house.

No. 1502423

I can actually sympathise with it being inconvenient that shit is shut, especially when that shit is essential for finding a house, but THIS - shut the fuck up. You’re supposed to have been doing this for ten years.

No. 1502495

My patience with Kaya is running thin. She's been doing YouTube for what, 10 years now and and can't even get basic videos up. I know she is under a lot of stress as of late but even back when she was living comfortably she was always complaining nonstop and making excuses and barely uploaded. Maybe if you've been struggling that hard to make YouTube videos for that long it's time to admit YouTube is just not for you and cut the cord and go find something else.

Also the Easter thing really pissed me off. Like how dare people take a day off, whether it's religious or not. Fuck you Kaya.

NTA but has it? I don't watch his streams. I don't remember that being posted here and it seems like it would be pretty milky.

No. 1502526

This, the extra stress is implied, but it’s the way she worded these tweets. Cool, you’re almost 30 and know you’re diagnosed with ADHD, FIGURE THIS SHIT OUT. Stop tweeting about it and fucking do put work into actually self-improve on this critical brain thing that has been impacting her life and “job” for years. Even with executive dysfunction, time blindness and the weird “I have to dedicate a whole day to one task” symptom that ADHD people get, it’s not difficult to do two different tasks that require her to just be sitting on her computer.

There’s a huge difference between “I would struggle in a 9 to 5” and “I am continuously bitching about not coping the most basic facets of my overall very kushy lifestyle, even though I do fuckall to help myself”. I had a lot of sympathy for her in recent threads and it’s totally worn out again.

No. 1502541

I obviously missed that milk - when and how was it confirmed?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1502547

>I had a lot of sympathy for her in recent threads and it’s totally worn out again.

same. also not to sound mean but if she spent half the time figuring out how to use schedules, planners, the pomodoro technique etc to her advantage as she does tweeting and IG'ing about having ADHD she probs would have gotten somewhere by now. a LOT of people have ADHD and they can't afford to sit around tweeting about it all damn day.

No. 1502559

File: 1650060516630.jpeg (298.78 KB, 750x995, EFF677F2-18D0-4E1E-AC74-A2036B…)

“I NEED to help my friends finish painting”

Preemptively getting her excuses ready for not doing her job yet again.. If only we could all have that luxury Kaya! Wee girl is a fucking joke..

No. 1502565

All of Kaya's tasks could be done in half a day, like a normal person has a job and then does what Kaya bemoans about. Like people move homes, redocorate and have appointments outside of working 40+ hours a week.

She treats maintaining her aesthetic as a full time job and she's still not even good at it. So what she's got ADHD she's been doing the same things for years regarding her content and look how has she not got the routine down yet. If she was able to pass her driving test first time I very much doubt her lack of ability to focus.

No. 1502593

She's never gonna understand how little time working folks have for other things in their life so when we have the opportunity to unwind and relax, it means so much to us before we go back to the work grind.

No. 1502598

In the last few streams I've bothered to check out, Jude has been there, and of those times, she's brought up/referenced multiple times that she visited.
The last I remember was that she was talking about how they almost ran late for her to get her flight home because they were watching the Cube movies, I think?
It's not a secret, they talk about it all the time.
I can't place on a timeline though when exactly this happened. I'd wager after Jake kicked Kaya out, but before he gushed all his own (long island iced) tea in Barcelona about being there with Kat. Could have been in a brief fuckboy period before he ended up going public with Kat.

No. 1502682

honestly yeah. i put in more time and effort for my job in a week than kaya has in years, so the long weekend is an absolute blessing. it's nice to actually have time for myself. guess she's not used to actually working, at all, ever kek

i agree with you completely, anon. not to blogpost but i've been diagnosed with adhd for about a year and i got my shit figured out, and i'm almost 10 years younger than kaya. i work a 9 to 5, do art commissions on the side, and still have to manage my own schedule and be accountable for my own productivity. i also used to (kind of) do youtube and tiktok, and it honestly doesn't take that much time out of the day to make a video and edit it. i could still theoretically get home from work, sit down and record a video, and edit it that night and maybe the night after. it's not this horrible long process, it's ultimately just a few hours of sitting down and going through footage and putting together a video.
i lost all sympathy for kaya a while ago; it's honestly pathetic how she sits on her ass and whines online, getting treated to lavish trips and tattoos by her friends and family and patrons while i and a million other people in the world are working full time trying to provide for themselves. she reeks of entitlement and expecting life to be easy for her, money handed to her on a silver platter. it's honestly absolutely disgusting.

No. 1502688

A bit a of a blog, but honestly Kaya reminds me so much of some friends I have who struggle with ADD/ motivation but are lucky enough to have access to ressources/people to eke out a living without doing much. If they have one thing planned in a day, they consider it their whole day and won't even try to do anything else even if that thing only occupies an hour or two.

I do have sympathy for Kaya, but god it would even be interesting to see her vlog the house viewing process (doesn't even need to film the actual thing just the before and after: her dressing "down", her impressions, apprehensions, etc.). It really doesn't need to be that deep…

I do find that the less you have going on in life the more everything seems much of a bigger deal than it truly is. Even just picking a camera. She should really find different ways to occupy her time…

No. 1502887

Thanks for filling me in

No. 1503223

How dare normal, hard working people have a couple of days off to enjoy the things that she does every single day of her life.

No. 1503235

It’s not mean. This is exactly it. But I’d bet money on the fact that she tried all of these things literally once and then decided none of them worked for her so she’s just as well off doing nothing, somehow.

No. 1503325

Not to shit on yours or anyone else’s hobby, but I noticed literally all my favourite creators film on an iPhone now, and I’m assuming certain apps and software are WAY easier to use than back when everyone was using Adobe. I’d bet that Jake gave her a complex about the specs of her videos with his gadget obsession but nobody in her audience, not a single one of her fans gives a shit about 2016 pro-vlogger quality. Plus more DIY and intimate content is the fashion now. I don’t get why she hasn’t thought to streamline her filming process more, surely all it would take (ironically) is a YouTube search to learn how.

Saged for super autism. I’m so tired of Kaya, it’s incredible that her posts now that she’s in crisis sound the exact same as her posts BEFORE she knew all the drama was coming.

No. 1503334

>I’d bet that Jake gave her a complex about the specs of her videos with his gadget obsession

A bit tinfoil maybe, but this is actually something I've been thinking about, especially after something she reposted to her insta stories that outlined the various types of emotional abuse, that it's possible Jake gave her a huge complex about her videos. We already know how he belittled her interests and mocked how she played games, and he never really seemed to let her use his fancy equipment. I wonder if he constantly shat all over her content, from the type of videos she did to her lack of any real editing/fancy shit like he used to do, maybe even purposely not teaching her how to use programs or not letting her use his editing tools. Speaking as someone who lived with a narc who constantly made me feel like everything I liked was stupid and everything I did was shitty, it's possible she has anxiety about the quality and content of her videos due to Jake making her feel inadequate and stupid.

He probably encouraged her to take a long absence from content not for her mental health but so her views and audience tanked while he doubled down on the shitty tiktok react videos so his own audience grew. Then he dumps her when he feels he's gotten to a financially sustainable point, and her channel is basically dead.

No. 1503359

>her posts now that she’s in crisis sound the exact same as her posts BEFORE she knew all the drama was coming

This. In her initial breakup video she mentioned she needed to start posting to help her situation, and to her credit she did, but now is back to her old "uh oh the wind is 1mph faster than yesterday, cant film" which I'd thought was due to jake and hoped she'd snapped out of it.

She got a lot of support on that breakup vid and I don't know how much of it is still around. It may have helped her to retain that support by continuing to making content, any content, which may have meant slightly more income and looking better on paper to landlords (but i don't live in ireland so could be wrong, would still financially help her anyway). If she's concerned about her equipment she could film tiktoks or reels on her phone, anything.

No. 1503398

back when i did youtube regularly, i actually filmed on my iphone 7 for the longest time until i upgraded to a new phone. the camera quality surely wasn't the best, but it was more than functional. and i would assume kaya has a fairly current/up-to-date phone (she has an iphone? iirc) and the camera quality on iphones is pretty damn decent. i watch a handful of youtubers that vlog with both their phone and an actual vlogging camera and i can hardly tell the difference between the footage.

off topic but before i took a break from youtube, i was using my iphone 13 to film with and used imovie for editing and used krita (free art program) for my little graphics/drawings i would insert, drawn using the trackpad on my computer. it's honestly not that difficult to make it work with what i have, i don't need to go out and buy a fancy vlogging camera because my phone works just fine.

saged for major autism and blogposting but that's my two cents, it's literally not that hard to just record a video and post it to youtube. literally anybody can make a video using their phone, i don't get why it's so fucking difficult for kaya. but you know, her adhd is her main personality trait so she has to make everything about how ~difficult~ it is for her to do anything productive, ever.

No. 1503419


I'm sure Jake did shit on videos filmed with phone cameras, non-professional lighting, and sperged about sound quality and what gadgets everyone should be using etc. blog posting, but I've experienced that from my partner when trying the YT thing which I gave up because the joy was sucked out when I had someone pointing out how if only the quality was better I'd have a better channel… like people need to see deep into my pores and hear my saliva to want to subscribe to me.
I thought filming with my device was better, I like how I look better, his lenses make me look fatter than any device camera does, and I had more control to cut and clip the best takes together, instead of centering myself perfectly in front an expensive camera with crazy lights set up, filmed from an angle I just dont think looks like me with a tripod, that only lets me record for 30 min before it dies then I need to charge it again. then spending half a day fucking around editing the sound quality, when I can do that easily with the video I take on my MacBook, it lets me go louder or remove background noise quicker than the process my partner insisted on "helping" with.
it doesn't need to be that much work. especially someone like kaya where she is established, we know what she looks like, and she has a reason why she doesn't have a pro set up. low quality videos would be better than no videos.

No. 1503537

She should get herself assessed for adhd and finally get those stimulants

No. 1503541

she has already been professionally diagnosed with ADHD but doesn't want to take the drugs, I think because of side effects

No. 1503574


No, she says its because she cant take them at the same time each day because she sleeps in/has a weird schedule. Total laziness and delusion.

No. 1503591

That’s the typical ‘i want the label’ but I won’t do anything to improve or better myself. It’s so annoying she has life given to her on a silver platter and she still doesn’t even bother. I’m sure everyone on this site would love free equipment makeup clothes ect from brands and to be able to sit at home doing jack shit all day getting tattoos and partying. Yet she still complains.

As someone with ADHD it’s no excuse not to take tablets because you have a poor sleep schedule or fearing the side effects like weight gain like nah take them then workout set alarms earn a living it’s really not that hard

No. 1503613

Plus the fact she even managed to get diagnosed- I think she had to go private.
I know a few adults with suspected adhd but can't afford to be privately diagnosed and the process with the NHS can take years apparently. She is wasting her privilege of actually being able to take medication in the first place when plenty of people would love that opportunity to help improve their lives

No. 1503632

Yeah, it's valid not to take drugss if you are doing other things to help manage it, and are able to manage things ok without them.

Kaya's excuse is really bad. People with ADHD tend to do better with schedules anyway, and it's not like she actually "work", so there's nothing stopping her from forming a nice routine sleep schedule (other than you know, partying and playing videogames all night maybe?).

Is she not even entertaining the idea of roomates? because she really should at this point. Even just using airbnb might be better, she needs proper accomodation.

No. 1503634

She's just lazy anon. Kaya is not ignorant or illiterate. She knows rightly she needs to work to live she just doesn't fucking want to.

No. 1503689

I have ADHD and have been diagnosed since I was 9 and you know what helped me keep my job back when I was 21 and struggling to stay on task at my new job? I took meds and stuck to a schedule and the difference was night and day. Ive also tried most of the stimulants used to treat these sorts of issues before I found the brand and dosage that worked for me but I’ve NEVER heard of ADHD meds making you gain weight. They do the opposite?? They’re famous appetite killers. And there’s a great trick to making sure you can still sleep even when taking stimulants which is sticking to a schedule and getting up early enough to take the fucking pill. I have never seen someone as dedicated as making their ADHD as unmanageable as Kaya. She actively does shit to make it worse for herself and at this point I’m wondering if she doesn’t like the attention she gets from it. Saged for blog posting

No. 1503829

Kaya, is that you?! No I jest kek, sorry to hear all that. Totally agree as a fellow YTer - vlogging in 4k is rough. People were never supposed to be filmed in 4k imho, especially not at a selfie length, it’s deeply unflattering. I don’t think she really wants to do YT at all anymore, “sucked the joy out” is a good way of putting it. There’s people in these threads that put crazy work into art and content creation, but she only ever wanted to do it to talk about herself at length. I’d go as far as to say she hates YT. It’s not been a positive experience for her since she gained weight all those years ago, but she also can’t see herself in any other job.

This, and all the other blogposts about ADHD here are spot on. I was foolish enough to think that she’d actually turn her life around when she got a diagnosis because it was so much easier to identify her problems and coping strategies, but of course not.

No. 1503946

>It’s not been a positive experience…but she also can’t see herself in any other job

I was in a similar situation with a creative hobby I was trying to turn into a career. Took a break and it was hard to drag myself back in bc I'd lost passion, but I made myself continue bc I also couldn't see myself do anything else. Idk if it's kaya's adhd or her insistence on being defined by her adhd holding her back but either way I hope she's able to assess what she wants vs what she's making herself do right now bc if they don't align she won't be able to do shit.

No. 1503948


Was replying to >>1503829

No. 1503982

Oh wow, that is probably the worst excuse I've ever heard. If she wants to be more productive and whatnot it would be better if she had a consistent sleep schedule anyway. She really isn't willing to do the bare minimum.

No. 1504034

They broken up what 7 months ago now? October? All her excuses were always her. Even when she gave excuses he was daily vlogging going to shops with her running behind him. She is just to lazy to ‘work,’ there no hope for people like her

No. 1504053

File: 1650234163735.jpg (348.82 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220417-223943_Ins…)

No. 1504055

File: 1650234191945.jpg (548 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220417-224000_Ins…)

No. 1504062

File: 1650234602532.jpg (814.51 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220417-232830.jpg)

100% that is Jake lmao

No. 1504132

Sorry to really add to the blogposts lol but I used to be one of those people who always took afternoon/evening shifts because I could never wake up in the AM, and also loved a coffee and a cig when I woke up. Which meant not taking my ADD meds in the afternoon because they made me feel wicked sick. All my friends called me out on my bs and now I have to set an alarm and have a protein bar by my bed so I can actually take them in the morning. I remember when she said that she was really struggling with sleep because it was lockdown (which threw us all off let’s be honest) but that was ages ago. It really is that easy if you’re struggling that much.

“Oh my gosh I’m so late. Everything is going wrong today. So yeah, there’s like, all that and stuff, which was really annoying. This smells really nice but I can’t recall what it is. I haven’t decided what to do with my hair yet. So yeah, that was like, super fun but then flat stuff has been super super stressful. Okay, well, hopefully I’ll be filming another video later this week.” There, now none of y’all have to sit through the GRWM if there is one.

No. 1504162

god, i would fucking kill to be able to have the job that she does, do youtube full time and get sponsorship deals and get sent free shit and do fuck all otherwise. i was working on getting to that point with my channel (i'm the anon that talked about doing youtube and how it's not actually that difficult kek) and honestly? i kind of want to get back to youtube just to show how easy it actually is kek

also spot on tl;dr of kaya's grwm's, there's a difference between chatty and just liking the sound of your own voice kek

No. 1504224

Sooo instead of actually putting effort into the job that pays for her shitty little studio she’s just going to film a low effort GRWM as an afterthought to her social life? Seems about right. God I can’t wait for her to fade into irrelevancy and actually have to grind like the rest of us. She’s genuinely so undeserving of her “career”

No. 1504236

You could just film the things you do when you go out? I understand not wanting to make every part of your life into content but once in a while if you go somewhere cool, and she's been going to a few from the looks of her stories, just take a few snaps and then make a story time video with the pics to supplement. But nah yet another get ready with me ig.

No. 1504240

Samefag to add that honestly she could've even made a video about the walls she painted. A few shots of the process, make it a chatty DIY type video or a casual but instructional thing. You don't have to make every part of your life content but if you're really scraping for ideas you can make content out of a random thing in your life. Gonna stop sperging now jfc

No. 1504324

I was going to write this. She could have made a before and after video, even if she wasn’t the one painting and changing the carpets.

She could even film a bloody “clean with me” type video because we all know she’s living like a hoarder. Also, why not sell stuff for extra cash for a deposit or anything?

Was rooting for her, not anymore. Think more people will end up dropping off her patreon as she does sweet af

No. 1504327

Samefag, just realised that when I subbed she had over 900 subs to her patreon and now she has 755.

Everyone is done with her shit. She also doesn’t post there. She fully deserves her current living situation as she’s back to pulling her same old crap.

No. 1504380

File: 1650273753319.jpg (653.36 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220418_112157_com…)

Says enough

No. 1504381

So she is taking time off from her job to find a roof over her head to help someone else paint the roof over their head.
Shouldn't her friends be telling her to get some fucking priorities? JFC

No. 1504385

File: 1650274309283.jpg (2.96 MB, 1920x3331, InShot_20220418_112738220.jpg)

He posted footage from the walk too (you can hear a woman laughing to what he says). I get the feeling whenever they do something different from hanging out at his place they get so excited that they post both about it - yay, we made it for a walk once in a blue moon. Exciting life ….

No. 1504427

File: 1650284586050.png (596.59 KB, 612x680, psycaca.PNG)

… it's better than penis holes, I guess??

No. 1504492


Why would they? They’re getting free labour.

No. 1504503

I mean, must be shitty friends then.

No. 1504567

I said this at the start. As much as Jake is a cunt and unpleasant, could you imagine dating your preferred sex and they were like Kaya. They did nothing all day, made mountains out of molehills and was completely dependent on you. Plus she stopped taking care of herself, complained all the time but never changed. That would be extremely draining. Not that Jake wasn't draining. They both have shit to work on before becoming codepedent with someone again. Baffled why Jake went for a single mother but he doesn't make very good decisions. Have you saw his neck tattoo?

No. 1504569

Samefag, but maybe Jake went for Kat because she had a dependent and it showed proof she could take care of things. Like none of us know what happened to all of Kaya and Jake's other pets lol. A mess.

No. 1504598

This reminds me of a buzzfeed article I (unfortunately) read the other day about "couple aesthetic" - is she soft launching Jake here to she what reaction she gets.

>>1504567 he's planning a face tattoo too

No. 1504665

I’m not disagreeing with you or WKing Kaya, because you’re 100% right, but the irony is that Jake was definitely all those things in equal measure. Same thing different shapes, bitch. It’s incredible that neither of them have an ounce of genuine self-awareness.

No. 1504700

Jake was abusive and liked that she was so dependent on him. Narcs love having power over people like that. If he hated it all so much he would have put his foot down a long time ago. The fact that he also admits he has a "daddy kink" just kind of shows it even more.

No. 1504707

What’s that got to do with kaya being lazy now? Not putting out any content at all and making excuses?
She hasn’t posted on patreon at all and her YouTube is still as dead as ever. She’s lazy and it’s at a stage where she’s losing all the support she gained

No. 1504712

>What’s that got to do with kaya being lazy now?

nothing, that's not what we were talking about. anon was talking about "can you imagine being with someone as lazy as kaya" etc etc.

No. 1504840

File: 1650325795082.png (695.65 KB, 662x976, Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 00.49…)

How can her tits be so small for someone so big LOL

No. 1504915

Small tiddies are cute tho.

No. 1504961

Because real life isn't porn

No. 1504968

Genuine question, are you a 14 year old boy?

No. 1504985

Someone is well fed

No. 1504987


because that is her body type. she lost a lot of weight, too, so they're going to look small and at least they're not going to sag so she can wear outfits like this and look all right.

No. 1504989

I guess the comment about her "tits" hit a nerve nona?

I really don't get it, like stop doing this look, you look ridiculous, also stop drinking you already look older than you are, just go to therapy for christ's sake. I really don't understand why you all are defending this cow? What's changed?(sage your shit)

No. 1504993

oh my god if youre just going to nitpick her boobs for being “too small” and get mad at anons for implying youre weird at least sage your posts

No. 1505048

the eye is terrible and the rest is alright but unlike fake they can grow their hair to hide the mess.

No. 1505075

Kek this looks horrid.
I won’t lie- a lot of Psychara’s other tattoo work looks at least okay (especially in concept) but that eye… It looks terrible.

No. 1505357


It's 2022, tits of all sizes are great but if big honkers are your thing go back to Pornhub I guess I'd suggest saging and getting a little less butthurt that not everyone shares your specific brand of nitpicking

No. 1505375


leave Kaya's tiny tits out of this, you non-saging fucking idiot. they haven't done anything bad to anyone. they're cute. Jake himself seems to prefer women who are big and tall but with a modest bust.

No. 1505444

In wich world are they "tiny"? This is ridiculous. Y'all make it sound like you're a)13 year old boys b) almost incapable to reach your keyboard without your giant tits getting in your way…

No. 1505480

File: 1650383247705.jpg (670.37 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220419_174646_com…)

Stay classy Emily

No. 1505524

I thought that was a joke….I can’t believe anyone willingly let her put that on their head. Prison tats look better than that. Kek I could freehand with one eye closed and come up with something better. Her concepts are that of a 14 year old.

No. 1505529

File: 1650387764965.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 297.94 KB, 1242x1230, 94C6564A-EF5B-4FC6-AFED-7BBE24…)

IBF has a new vid up making black widow truffles. If she can squeeze out a new vid w/ a 6 mos old special needs baby on her hands Kaya really doesn’t have an excuse.

Frejya needs to get nail varnish remover and nail clippers, I don’t care how tired you are those things are revolting, nobody should be forced to look at those things esp when making food. gag

No. 1505548

More importantly why are her tits out like that? Is Kaya trying to be sexy now

No. 1505549

She's worn this look before, nothing new

No. 1505551

Why are there 20 people defending and simping Kaya's non-tits? This is a gossip forum, let people gossip FFS.

No. 1505554

Oh right it doesn't look nice. You can see with her shoulders and arm pit fat she can barely keep up straight. I can't imagine how she looked throughout the night like that.

No. 1505562


How retarded are you to think every woman has big breasts. Stop watching porn and touch some grass

No. 1505603

Stop watching porn, your idea of the female body is annoying. Gossip or not, those are not no-tits. Maybe you didn't see many women naked in your life or your own body type makes you count just lots of fat as boobs - we'll never know.

No. 1505614

File: 1650393759174.jpeg (30.1 KB, 415x567, sioupor61.jpeg)


small tits are cute and goth, also it's not gossip.

No. 1505760

True nothing new but where is she even going wearing these outfits? It was appropriate for the hobbit’s music video but i can’t imagine this being a good look anywhere else, barring festivals and stuff like that.

No. 1505789

I could not imagine wearing that out to bars unless you want creeps to give you attention all night.

No. 1505828

Exactly. Small or not, tits are tits and guys will be ogling her all night. If that’s the kind of attention she wants she’s going to end up with another alt-lite fuck boy

No. 1505858

She was at an emo party in a club and even in my small home town you could see more daring outfits at events like this. But y'all are fun at parties for sure…

No. 1505978

Tinfoil but Kaya showing off could be an attempt to make Fake jealous in some way. Or it could be a response to him dating Kat (who does OF), showing “hey I can be outgoing and sexy too”. Maybe even a response to Jake that also does OF, to say that she’s “not as uptight” as he thought (since he complained about that).

No. 1506180


I am one of the anons who defended her because she looks fine, but you're right, this is OTT and there's a lot of vitriol toward big tiddies which isn't fair as I'm not the one posting my udders like a cow. leave other body types out of it. it's asshole scrotes who sexualize our baby feeders, it's sad when women jump on the "oversized boobs are for porn or mean youre too fat" misogynistic shit. different body types are OK to have in 2022. move on.

No. 1506340

Nah, she’s done this look before when she was with Fake. I think she just likes the look. I don’t think she’s trying to impress stumpy at all.

Personally I think she looks great. Tits come in all shapes and sizes and hers are just fine. Yay for titties.

No. 1506540

Since we're all on the topic of Kaya's tits I'll never forget this one moment on MAG where Jake was making fun of her boobs. He was saying that they have no bounce to them. She was genuinely cringing and frowning the whole time.

No. 1506548

Wow, this is so narce-ish again. So glad she's out of this.

No. 1506568

Wtf. I used to be a watcher of MAG, I don't know how I missed that (well actually I do, I didn't watch every single episode cos there were hundreds) I wish someone would have nabbed that.

No. 1506572


What a treasure he is. Kat is so lucky to have bagged herself such a prince.

No. 1506584


what an asshole. and of course he desired her most when she was emaciated, and as other farmers have delightfully mentioned, boobs are fat, wtf did he expect?

No. 1506585

Maybe I can try to refresh your memory by being more specific. They were talking about r/tittydrop and Jake started talking about how Kaya's tits wouldn't bounce if she "dropped" them. He then made motions with his arm over his chest depicting like, a stiff board.

No. 1506683

Saged. Well stiff tits explains how she’s able to wear just 2 pieces of tape and still keep “decent”. I was wondering myself how she was able to keep the girls in line in line with so little but I guess that solves it.

No. 1506690

I’ve seen tons of bigger girls with small chests so I’m not sure where people get that you’ll only have big boobs if you’re fat or in porn. Just like Kayas small boobs, it’s genetic. You don’t have to be fat like at all. Why do we have to be insulting to other woman with big ole’ titties just to make Kaya look better?

No. 1506725

Saged, but could we just get over Kaya's boobs? Nothing wrong with any boobs of any size but I think it is enough now.

No. 1506771

So she went to a club with her tits on display but the wind or people witnessing her holding a camera outside makes her paralysed to do anything. Gee her anxiety really acts up at the worst time or whatever. Kaya I'm sure is so fun at parties, judging by her YouTube videos I'm sure a conversation with her is a laugh riot.

No. 1506786

To rile up the Kaya WKs,

No wonder people think she is trans with those wide shoulders and flat board of a chest

No. 1506787

You still sound like "But… but… but reputable girls don't show their tits!!!" stomps
Jealous for the attention, anon?

No. 1506793

Who think she's trans?

No. 1506795


A lot of people, check previous threads

No. 1506804

My shoulders are minimum as wide as hers, maybe secretely everybody thinks I'm trans. Good thing is I can fight them all physically and win the fight…

No. 1506811

But would your tits bounce while you did it nona, that's the real question

No. 1506816

File: 1650473020158.jpg (616.55 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220420-174237_Ins…)

His torso is giving pre pubescent child

No. 1506822

Good question at this point, nona! They would, since I'm a wide-shouldered bouncy-boobed person. But if a wannabee stumpy fuck boy goth entered the scene my boobs may freeze in shock to stiffness, then I would simply stab my opponent with them.

No. 1506824

Not really I think her tits look not flattering tbh. I think it's funny personally after it was mentioned itt she has zero sex appeal and then all the nitpicking about Kat started who, if we're comparing has the better tits. Kaya has fat shoulders, big arms and arm pit fat. I think she can look better.

No. 1506829

The whole outfit is a fucking mess truth be told. She looks like a highschooler yet she's nearly 30. The fishnets and those stripey socks look tragic. I don't understand the dress corset thing and why wear a bag like that. She just looks a mess after it seeming like she was getting the hang of not looking so clunky and juvenile. Whatever

No. 1506833


She just posted a story wearing the same stripey socks and boots combo saying she just dropped off an application for a house. Wonder why shes not getting them turning up like an absolute freak LMAO

No. 1506836

>Good thing is I can fight them all physically and win the fight…
kek a tranny would do this too. trannies like using their strength and male voice as soon as anyone defies them
yeah the outfit is unflattering. It makes her look more like a rectangle. for someone who is trying to make a YouTube career (which includes visuals), she has no idea how to dress for her height or body type. Could have at least gotten taller socks, they do specially make those, Kaya.

No. 1506848

>>1506836 Well, the party people again … I'll mail you a joke sign next time, OK?

No. 1506849

Sage your shit bitch

No. 1506853

>>1506849 sorry, I forgot it, bitch

No. 1506859

you got to be funny, first. there’s so many anons that screech about kaya not looking like a tranny because they “have the same body type!1!!”, it’s not even a joke. you don’t have to be a tranny to look like a fridge.

No. 1506865


Yup, so many fridges with no tits in this thread rn taking everything personally.

No. 1506872


not "a lot of people" think that, there was one post that said no wonder Jake pulls so many rabid tranny fans as maybe his taste in women makes them think they have a chance, because Kaya and Kat are tall with small boobs, broad shoulders, ruler bodies, etc. they also wear their makeup like female impersonators. some Kat defender said it was a "reach" to say all that, but it was hyperbolic, the way people say fashion models look like 15 year old boys because that's what gay men like.

No. 1506905

Here's a thought: stop infighting about tits.

No. 1506956

lmaooo love you nonnie, you made me cackle

No. 1506965

Is he sucking it in in this photo? He does look thinner but I thought he wanted to look ripped or whatever

No. 1506995

Her tits are fine anon

No. 1507027

Wouldn’t that just mean she has firm breasts?

No. 1507028

Jake's streams are so boring now. He looks so disenfranchised and dead inside. He used to put so much effort into streaming. The real cringe lately comes from his fake and forced laughter at everything Jude says.

No. 1507108

You are welcome, nonnie!

No. 1507145

Jake has put up a super cute story of Kat, they are giggling and obviously have great chemistry. I'm glad he's happy!

No. 1507148

And yet again the silly voice he is doing is copied from gamegrumps. He cannot do a single original thing

No. 1507184

I can't wrap my mind around the fact that somebody is so eager to slip from a long term relationship directly in to the next, including making it all official instead of waiting how it is going to play out on a longer run. But maybe that's just me.

No. 1507188

I noticed that too. He's constantly leeching Arin's jokes and impressions.

No. 1507192

Wasn’t he always the one complaining about Kaya being a messy slob? Away and clean your house Stumpy, you absolute stinker! And you can really get a good glimpse of Kat’s jacked up teeth in that insta story, ain’t no hiding them bad boys..

No. 1507194

Getting pussy for once in his life has him not thinking straight.

No. 1507208

This & the fact that he isn't able to maintain friendships, so a gf is his only companionship to hang out.

No. 1507209

The voice he put on just sounds like wannabe Mr meeseeks

No. 1507214

File: 1650493294269.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 75.19 KB, 828x458, DE17AEA1-0D71-4693-A564-820FE2…)

No. 1507219

File: 1650493566717.jpg (Spoiler Image, 204.39 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20220421_002256_com…)

What teeth?

No. 1507220

Very subtle dig at Jake(not really saged)

No. 1507251

Looks like she has a Tom Cruise middle tooth

No. 1507281

okay fake stan, no1curr about jake being happy kek

also jfc, chill it with the transphobia. just because someone is built like a fridge doesn't mean they're automatically trans. sounds like someone is insecure and projecting their insecurities kek

No. 1507320

Does anyone know exactly how old they were when they got together?

No. 1507336

She was doing her GCSEs so 16/17 and he was 18/19. I vaguely remember her saying something like that when she did her boyfriend tag

No. 1507337

that's not how you sage anon
You type sage in the email field
Read the rules before posting

No. 1507339



5:30 she says she was texting during her gcse exams(embed)

No. 1507345

16 is the age of consent in the UK and Ireland so not a minor like the post she reposted >>1507214, but I don't doubt that jake was creepy or pushy regardless bc of how he was eager to escape Wales and saw her as a way to do it.

No. 1507377

You’re on low cow, trans are hated, hence the 50+ threads that fill up within a few days.
In saying that, there’s one anon here, like the sims porn addict, that constantly has a troon boner for kaya. It’s just the one anon that says Kaya looks like a troon.

Also thought tit nickpicking was banned?

Jake is 2 years older than kaya and she was 16 when they “got together”. I personally believe it was younger simply due to the photos that she used to post on vampirefreaks

No. 1507504

Truly a prince among men, this is up there with "what do you love about Kaya? silence (I may be misquoting but that was the gist)

No. 1507506

This post is by Kat, ask me how I know

No. 1507519

get some reading comprehension dumbass. nowhere in that post did it say that “kaya looks like a tranny”. you can’t say she doesn’t have a rectangular figure though. also you’re on lolcow, no one is pc and it’s ok to say screw trannies, stop trying to police anons on an anonymous forum.

No. 1507539

I think it was just sarcasm because the story was cringe, but I mean you never know

No. 1507578

I can't wait for Jake to wake up from this midlife crisis and realize he sacrificed the career he was working on for nearly a decade for some poledancer pussy he that he only dated for a few weeks. Interesting decisions for someone who "doesn't simp for anyone". Men are so weak when they start thinking with their dicks lol.

No. 1507586

I don't think he simps for her, I think she fits better in the gym-tattoos-fuck-boy-aesthetics he is going for atm. Plus the point of companionship since he has no friends. I bet he exchanged her in a heart beat if somebody with more prestige in his eyes came his way. You're right about his screwed career anyway. BTW, nothing wrong with pole dancers.

No. 1507600

gcses you do at 15-16 so she could of been 15 when he was 18

No. 1507619

Jake's birthday is May 11, 1991

Kaya's birthday is June 13, 1993

They are only 2 years apart, age of consent is 16 in the UK and this age gap is super common, nothing strange about it

They started dating in 2010 - he was 19 and she was 17

No. 1507636


Or 18 and 16, depending on what side of their birthdays they started. Anyway, nothing predatory at all.

No. 1507639

Tinfoil but I'm pretty sure Jake is having a bit of baby fever, which wouldn't be the first time. That combined with the insecurity of being 30 has him acting hastily.

No. 1507640

It would definitely be the first time and of all tinfoiling this is the most absurd.

No. 1507642

It actually wouldn't be the first time. Kaya poked fun at him about it on MAG once and he got extremely defensive. Lately he has been saying some weird slightly suggestive jokes on stream about building a home/nesting. I mean that's why I call tinfoil, it's an assumption but not based on thin air. He left someone who never wanted kids to date a chick with kids.

No. 1507653


how are you able to see his or her stories? I dont see any mention of each other. do you follow them? I refuse

No. 1507656


maybe the very sensitive trans anon is Reily! hey, how are you doing?

No. 1507657

I'm another anon, but from time to time I also click their stories (without following them) for some milk.

No. 1507765

File: 1650547297165.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 1440x2283, Screenshot_20220421-081851.png)

Oh, now it's an 18+ discord. I can't imagine why that might be, kek.

No. 1507785

kek he cant even be arsed to make his own discord… just like the first time around! he had to hide his disgust sooo much because he originally wanted to put his discord behind a patreon paywall but the snaccs beat him to it and made the server (free and for free) as a surprise for him. this feels like deja vu

No. 1507787

He alienated more than half of his fan base by doing OF. I guess he didn’t realize how many young zoomers were following him.

No. 1507858

Not just zoomers. I think part of the appeal was that he was an unavailable goth loyal husbando with some mystery. Now he's just another cheating fuckboy with his dick out who can't even do his make up anymore.

No. 1507885

Best analysis!

No. 1507903

there were also lots of millennial goths that identified with him and his "fuck conventionalisms and social expectations" fake ass, at least when he first started gaining notoriety. now his mask has dropped and we see he is just another cash grabbing e-begging whore

No. 1507992

File: 1650566355339.jpg (Spoiler Image, 369.34 KB, 1080x2114, Screenshot_20220421_201238_com…)

We all knew that would come … hot collab… The music choice for this announcement isn't a coincidence for sure. And the exact title, well, me as one little anonymous amongst others feel almost a bit honored…

No. 1507998


You literally hit the nail on the head. Any friends he makes he inevitably burns. We rarely saw Kaya out with anyone than Jake. Kat seems like someone he can easily manipulate and gaslight the way he did with Kaya which is sad to say. Being the Narc that he is I wonder how long Jake is going to tolerate her son taking up any of her attention, and not be 100% devoted to him

No. 1508003

All of her advertisements look the same. Same posing, same backdrop, same expression, same makeup. There is nothing creative about her content. She should switch it up. Considering how much they lurk, let's watch them take my advice.

No. 1508015

Jake just started streaming. The chat is pretty dead but he's talking to himself like things are normal. He mentioned the collab going up on his OF tonight and there was no reaction from chat at all.

No. 1508016

True. Considering how uncreative they both are, the collab maybe them both rubbing their genitals on stumps bike …

No. 1508070

Considering he was about to release a full drunken sex tape when in spain, and then chickened out kek, I wonder if it'll be along those lines now that they're officially together

No. 1508072

Cannot wait to see the most distasteful video ever: Kat putting on the full pornstar act and Jake checking himself out in the viewfinder

No. 1508087


Good point Kaya simp, it's not as creative as the 50th spooky box triple unboxing

No. 1508099

Kat don't be so butthurt. It's good criticism and advice you should take it lmao

No. 1508100

Strange comparison since unboxing videos may not be the most creative move but also aren't meant to attract someone to spent good money to see more unboxing videos - other than pics that are meant to advertise an overpriced OF. Sounds a bit personally offended, anon…

No. 1508101

File: 1650574648125.jpg (95.11 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1650574092638.jpg)

I know this conversation is from the last thread, but how do you all feel about "Goth Dad" from the band Vision Video? He uses TikTok instead of YouTube because TikTok is more popular than YouTube nowadays, but he manages to wear goth makeup while still being masculine, he works out so has a decent body, and he's a fire fighter so he has a real career. He also seems to care a lot about protecting baby bats because he's a father himself. He can sometimes be a little too SJW-ish at times for my taste, but overall not so bad that I want to vomit. It seems a lot of women and baby bats are gravitating towards him lately, and I was interested in getting my fellow nonnies opinions? I'm a parent myself and don't see any red flags for me to keep my kid away from him or his music. I just know our scene is in much need of masculine role models who are actually men, and he's a decent start.

No. 1508109

Personally i really enjoy his content, Seems like an actual alright dude, masculine enough and doesnt seem like a nonce

No. 1508113

I’ve never heard of him. I don’t much fuck with tiktok. Guess I’m an old anon now. I usually prefer more long form content. I don’t care for spending longer looking for something to watch than it actually takes to watch the thing once found.

No. 1508127

It's not my thing. Maybe i'm just too old but the dad thing is just over done. Also it bothers me to no end that he looks uglier in make up. He's handsome without paint he should look like a goth god in make up but instead he looks like some rando who thought it be fun to be goth on halloween.

No. 1508129

Yeah a little bit sjw but not too absurd with it. Overall he seems like a decent guy, I think he's a good positive influence for the goth community

No. 1508138

File: 1650576455047.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.65 KB, 640x360, 22-04-21-22-26-44-438_deco.jpg)

No. 1508142

next thread pic PLEASE

No. 1508148

At this point I can't decide whether I'm so here for milky OF-leaks or whether I'm actually afraid of clicking on the next spoiler image.

No. 1508157


Same Anon. Same.

That is going to be some deeply unsexy shit.

No. 1508163

Never heard of this guy but I'm also not on Tiktok so there's that lol. At this point, I'm wary when it comes to guys like this. Does this actually listen to Goth music or is he just like Jake where he calls himself goth because he likes to wear black and dark makeup?

No. 1508176

Not on tik-tok myself, but my first find searching for him on ig was him singing a live cover of Cure's "pictures of you" on stage with his band. I liked it.

No. 1508183

I think the use of the word "collab" from both of them is quite funny. Old fashioned like I am I associate two creatives working together to bring a project to life with collaboration. Nah, you're just drunk shagging like every other saturday evening…