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File: 1566189511364.png (968.6 KB, 893x577, 1565879716927.png)

No. 855132

General thread for alt-cows, cows in the alt scene who usually use that to fuel their cow like behaviour.

Jake Munro & Toxic Tears/Kaya
It's Black Friday
Adora Batbrat
Kat von D
Of Herbs and Altars

Minor cows:
Sebastian Columbine
Dre Ronayne
Erin Micklow
Avelina de Moray
Drac Makens
Jude Bishop (big cow but minor here as she has her own thread)

Previously on alt-cows:
-Jake dresses like a 5 y.o. for attention (pic), tried audiobooks and lazily gave up, continues dull vlogs
-Kaya still whines over nothing. Attended a SitC panel, said brands don't sponsor her bc she's goff (it's really bc her vids are subpar)
-IBF moves to Paisley, Scotland, to escape past bad impulsive decisions, all goes wrong but she won't go home
-Adora stopped stringing along coalcandy, still parties and posts lewds despite being a mother
-Kat still raising Leafar antivaxx silently after getting hate for it
-Herbs' mental health apparently improving, still lives with parents, responded to Eugenia Cooney
-Seb still fake lgbt, Dre has been without toxic friend Kelly for a while now, Erin still a poseur, Avelina still pushing her totally goff band, not much activity from Drac

Last thread: >>>/snow/823089

No. 855157

I'm watching Jake's playthrough of Silent Hill. He says it's his favourite game, right? Because he's using a walkthrough on his phone to get around. He gets really high donations too which is really depressing

No. 855181

That thread picture legit disgusts me.

Kaya in her latest video thinks "YouTube's algorithm" is what makes her haul/unboxing videos more popular than other types. kek no love it's because most of your subscribers are just as shallow as you who are into that crap. And the videos she claims she finds "fun and interesting" but "don't get many views" is because they are also shit. The plant video for example, she proved she can't show off a product given to her for free at all. Why does she THINK that and other similar videos perform poorly by comparison? This bitch is completely lacking in self awareness

No. 855189

No. 855199

>youtube hates my channel
>youtube is killing my channel

No, your boring, lazy content is killing it.

No. 855200

Haven't watched the video yet and am hesitant to but yeah bitch is delusional if she really thinks that. No love, you videos are boring and stale as fuck. That stay may have flown in 2014 but with more alternative creators on the site now who make much more interesting content, you had your time.

No. 855208

a year ago Kaya was averaging about 25K views per video

now she averages around 15K per video while Jake's views increase with every video.

I've been watching TT for a few years and I just find her boring now. I know from reading her posts online that she's a lazy slob but it really comes through in her videos and why would anyone want to watch that? she also complains SO much. she complains about having to make videos and set up the camera and edit and whatever else.
as well that that, this will seem really harsh but Kaya has really fallen off the wagon and just doesn't pull off the goth look anymore. there's so many better youtubers who do what she does but way better

No. 855213

>>855208 agreed. And the thing is normally somebody not pulling off the goth look wouldn't be a problem at all. But in the case of Kaya it's what she's built her channel around. She's not talking music or doing diy. The look is all she went for.

No. 855214

Agreed. You just know she's not, and never has been, genuinely into goth. She always looks like she's in a costume.

She only created a channel to get free shit, hoard it, and get more. She and Jake act like they're owed everything for doing nothing and complain about every little thing like they're sooo hard done by. They're both going to struggle when they're older, fatter, uglier, and even more irrelevant. They might actually have to get a REAL JOB

No. 855216

And before that, she had even more views. That's a dying channel for ya.
Trying to be as unbiased as possible when watching her, but damn, even with a pop up streaming app, l lasted a few mins only.
I lost interest in her channel years ago because no one wants to see repetitive videos of a disinterested youtuber, who fails to be engaging & actually enjoying making videos.

No. 855221

I'm pretty sure Kaya doesn't enjoy doing youtube at all anymore but she also doesn't know who she is without it. without calling herself a goth and doing unboxing on youtube all kaya is is a sad woman with no job and no plans for the future and that can be pretty scary to face so she continues the cycle.
Connie Glynn (noodlerella) made an interesting video about it and how she had an identity crisis because she believed she had to look and act a certain way online to keep her viewers and I think that's kaya's big problem too

No. 855227

that's hilarious, yes he says it's his favorite game - or at least one of them - so he should know how to play it.

yea, agree with the other anon that she complains about making content, but also complains that she can't do things b/c she feels like she should film and doesn't always want to get dressed up, which she really doesn't have to if she leaves her face out. she could do vlogoween or a drawing challenge, something more creative than taking things out of a box or occasionally going outside. like she's already forgotten about those ppl she did a video with and acted like they were going to do so many gothy adventures.

when you choose to do something creative as a job, you have to be consistent with content or ppl will lose interest and move on to something else.

No. 855291


Absolutely. The reason why there aren’t any more photos or vlogs of kaya and her “goth friends” is simply because they aren’t friends with her anymore and cannot stand her. What ever happened to Vox? The “editor” for metal ass gaming? Pretty sure all she did was 1) unintentionally look far better than kaya 2) drove them to the 24 hour gas station for energy drinks, candy and cookies? I’ll bet she got sick of their entitled, moany fat asses and realised she could surround herself with more respectful and considerate company. Kayas channel is dying quicker than I previously thought, but you’re completely correct anon, her viewing figures have plummeted especially this year. I’ve never watched a more beige person claim to be goth.

No. 855298

File: 1566249383761.png (1.69 MB, 704x1171, picc.png)

Jake's selling tshirts and holy shit
could he not have touched up these photos with some photoshop or something? he looks like an old haggard man

No. 855303

Why the fuck is this guy proud of painting himself up like a clown? He looks more and more ridiculous daily. I feel bad for people they trick into buying these ugly shirts and sending them money and shit, ugh.

No. 855306

File: 1566250006904.png (144.29 KB, 1080x595, 20190819_222616.png)

Wants to work with a LARP company
Doesnt actually want to LARP, just wants the free stuff

And she wonders why most brands won't take her seriously

No. 855315

she is legit the laziest person i've ever seen on lolcow

No. 855317

This is hilarious! This is the attitude she has for everything she “likes”, LOVES Harry Potter but has never read the books, LOVES goff but doesn’t listen to the music, LOVES the basic “witch” style but knows nothing of actual witchcraft, LOVES the forest but boo boo it’s raining! God this bitch

No. 855322

Maybe if she wasn't so vapid and shallow she could generate some fulfilment and happiness.

No. 855388

this is absurd. Just after >>855214 said she looks like she's in costume, too.

No. 855397

>BrAnDs DoNt TaKE mE SeRiOUsLy bECaUsE iM aLtErNAtIvE
Lmao gorl no, it's because you're a hoarder and your content is low effort, you openly admit you just want the clothes for the aesthetic and not the actual purpose

No. 855401

legit looks like he has a skin disease with that purple stuff all over his arms/neck. he actually sold the shirt he wore in the video for almost $90 and someone bought it. also funny he can edit his pix for ig but for promoting his own merch he looks a mess.

right, if she wants to incorporate certain things into her looks, just fucking do it and stop dropping not so subtle hints for free shit when she doesn't seem to appreciate all the stuff that has been sent to her.

No. 855402

I'm just now watching Freyja's new video, not even half way through and I'm already fuming

>I fucked up my apartment, then had to repaint it, my life is so hard

>I knew something HORRIBLE would happen when I was at the airport
>my bags were lost bc of plane crash
>all those people died, but my bags were lost, poor me:((( Im cursed:(((

Literally how does this fat, lazy, stupid, narcissistic, freeloading, overly entitled cunt have fans let alone financial supporters? I really hope all of her tween patrons wake up and stop supporting her and she goes broke living on the street. She should have been on that plane crash.

No. 855423

File: 1566265820943.gif (990.47 KB, 245x294, giphy.gif)

I'm sorry to disrespect Rumpy like this

No. 855474

File: 1566273832037.png (29.31 KB, 483x658, this bitch.png)

I don't follow her on youtube but clicked the video of her woe is me song.

Bitch, dark humor IS NOT saying a plane crash where people died is karma for your bags full of shillstar being accidentally lost in transit. PEOPLE. FUCKING. DIED.

No. 855477

To add to that, I swear she's mentioned chest infections before. I'm guessing all her patreon money goes towards garbage food.

IBF's pride amazes me. She doesn't want to leave a crappy situation (one that she admitted was her fault in the song but later edited it out) because she thinks going back to NZ would be proving people like all of us on this thread right kek

An airplane crashing and killing people is karma for her bags that got lost? Really gives you insight into the type of person she is.

reminds me of something onision would post

No. 855478

>how does this fat, lazy, stupid, narcissistic, freeloading, overly entitled cunt have fans
I used to be her fan about year and a half ago, before i discovered lolcow. She kind of wasn't like that, at least she posted videos almost weekly, it was entertaining to watch. When you don't think about details, she seems to be an actual adult goth who still can dress however she wants while traveling a lot, finding goth love in another country, and for many people younger than her it seems like a goal.
Then you learn that she is a scammer, has no job at all and charm starts to fade away - all of that i learned here and this musical video is the first one where she provides so much detail about her actual life. I think a lot of people will see now how stupid and entitled she is

No. 855519

File: 1566282240182.png (93.64 KB, 500x277, barnacles.png)

I wonder how people STILL support her while she barely uploads,always complains,doesn't keep up with patreon etc.Unless they are newer fans,I doubt the people who were there from the first time she asked money to marry are still watching her

I havent watched the video about her bags and the plane crash but this must be one of the shittiest things I've read.She does sound like onision justifying her shitty humor

No. 855527

Also, @nosebleeds and another guy she befriended during Jake's rip-off of 7 Rings and Tainted Love. They posted pics, and even a vlog or two, hanging out on different occasions. Now, nothing.

Don't know if it's just a coincidence but Kelly Eden, the girl Jake thirsts for, got into LARP just to dress like a slutty elf. Hmm.

Freya dark humour still has to have taste. Maybe yours didn't because you were improvising, save it for when you can plan. Ah but you don't care about planning, like not posting for weeks and then your first vid back is a list of excuses.

Same here I was a fan when she made content. Her visa wedding, and lying about the wedding being paid-view and keeping the cash, got me thinking. And she just went down from there.
When's the last time she made content? Her patreons should leave. It'd make her realise her fans are real people her job is to make content for. Them blindly throwing cash makes her think she can use them to fund her shit life choices, and then dramatises the fallout from those choices for views/money since she's too lazy for real content now, cycle continues. Or just quit YT. "I want stability!" Mmkay.

No. 855557

I was a fan too. I even did a transformation to IBF video on yt, bc I adored her so much. Ugh. Lolcow opened my eyes too.

No. 855566

Ah, the old I said something shitty that people didn't like, I better tell them it was just a dark joke and they didn't get it because theyre too sensitive tactic commonly used by assholes.

I fail to understand how saying you have bad karma because OTHER people died is even a joke in the first place.

No. 855568

I believe most people watching her were fans at first(me included).Then she started doing shit like her sham marriage(s),dressing up as a "basic white girl" and making fun of them while she is ~cool and alternative~ and yet expects normies to act respectful around her.and the list goes on of course

No. 855569

Luckily the top comments on her video are mostly telling her to go home and figure things out. Here's hoping her impressionable tween stans are finally waking up to her bullshit.

No. 855578

File: 1566301360154.png (887.17 KB, 800x1071, Screenshot_2019-08-20-04-40-58…)

Stop overbleaching your hair before i-

Too late.

No. 855593

>Agreed. You just know she's not, and never has been, genuinely into goth. She always looks like she's in a costume.

And this is exactly why she's losing followers online. Her fans are no longer young tweens/teens. They're in their late teens to early 20s now, and eventually researched what goth actually is and dropped Kaya. She was merely a gateway into dark shit for them. This would also explain Jake's sudden popularity despite him looking like a pastel juggalo, he looks weird and that's enough for alt kids. They'll eventually grow out of him too.

>I really hope all of her tween patrons wake up and stop supporting her and she goes broke living on the street.

Same, but I think her emo fans will just defend her in the end "real goffz understand darque humor!!", There was a small rumor going around that she talks shit about her fans. The day she gets on cam and does that will be the end imo

No. 855595

>>855568 That "basic white girl" video was the turning point for me. That and her "sorry if you were offended" disingenuous apology video she did about it, which showed that she really didn't feel bad about it at all but was just doing damage control. I didn't watch her super often before then, so I didn't know about the wedding scam for instance. But that video convinced me that she was actually an entitled nasty person, rather than a basically good person who just made dumb and rash decisions sometimes.

No. 855605

You pretty much got it. She's such a boring individual who has no real interests outside of complaining to make herself seem more important than she actually is and eating. You know I worry because eventually all this is gonna collapse as hard as when she got buried under her hoard of clothes lol. Like what comes next?

Not sure if you saw the last thread but some of her fans are slowly seeing this. Frustrating though, they still aren't outright getting it. So many of them were jumping through hoops to defend their gross entitled brat by saying things like "I hope you're not serious" and the like. No, this is who she really is. And with how she's not listening to reason even from her fans who are telling her to go home, she very well may end up homeless in Scotland if her fans finally get the memo and stop supporting her ass when they see her for the

> fat, lazy, stupid, narcissistic, freeloading, overly entitled cunt

that she is.

Dame. Used to be a fan and thought that she was a respectable person and would always tune into watch her videos even if it was a topic I didn't care about but then I discover this site and find out about the Wedding scam and then it all made sense why she was able to travel despite not having a job. And it just got worse from there including looking back on Louvre incident and seeing that she really brought the situation on herself because she can't dress down and so on. I didn't want to believe it because around this time I was already so over Kaya because I thought her content was boring but when she made the video where she said she doesn't listen to Goth music, that was what cemented her being a poseur and I tuned her out. Lolcow just made me more aware of how much of a lazy Goblin Kaya is. So I really wanted to like IBF to make up for this fallout but now I'm just disgusted by her.

All I can say is thank goodness we have better alternative YouTubers out there these days from Cadaver Kelly talking about actual Goth topics to even someone like Ready to Glare who talks about controversial or weird current events.

So in a way Jake is becoming the new Kaya. Kaya is almost gonna be irrelevant and now Jake is the new taste of the hour for poser, cringe Goff for the alt kids until they also grow up and see how much of a poser he is.

And yeah her emo fans are a trip with the lengths they'll go to defend their Goff queen. It really is gonna take a slip of the tongue in video form for them to see her for who she really is like with that one girl who forgot to edit out herself abusing her dog.

No. 855607

I feel extra dumb n gullible for finally discovering who she really is until Ruadhan dropped his vid, and landing here on lolcow.
To think she was still my fav youtuber a couple of months ago. Shoot me already kek.

I unsubscribed from all of her shit after the crash karma bullshit, and she has the guts to post this >>855474 . I wanna slap this bitch so bad.

Exactly. At some point you realize that it's just an unboxing channel of spoopy things, while occasionally doing smth else, & tbh not worthwhile cuz personally l hate lengthy videos.
Also, rambling vids. I think no one is interested in listening to someone's fake problems.

No. 855608

Hey it's better late than never. While Ruadhan kinda spiraled down a bit I will give him props for having the guts to put IBF on blast like that (he just should've left out the racist bit, there's no proof of that). But despite how some people tried to twist the point of the video (coughtDOORIAN "ANGRY LITTLE MAN"cough), it seemed to have an effect on some people to see the truth about her so that should count for something.

No. 855634

I still feel bad for not dropping her earlier, despite noticing quite a few weird things she did:not wanting to tone down her looks to visit some places just for the sake of her goff queen status, being a total attention whore in her orange wig, dropping doormat for über grufti deutsch dude, and going back to him when everything went to shit. (I feel extra bad for obsolete pleasures man)

Let's face it, doormat is also a manipulative shit, so they truly deserve each other.

She should have never left NZ, and as l read in a couple of comments, even kiwis think she's full of shit, especially with the no opportunities part, when someone like shaaanxo (a mua) is doing quite well with her 3.2m subs.

No. 855650

Jake is reading interview with a vampire for his patreons. what's up with goths and that book?
Ann Rice is an awful awful writer and that book was only okay when I read it when I was 14.
I guess that's the only "goth" book jake knows but if your fans are goth there's a high chance they've already read IWAV..maybe pick something else

No. 855653

Won't he get done for copyright infringement anyway?

No. 855656

It's cliche goth shit.

It's still under copyright so he could get bollocked for that.

No. 855702

Anne Rice is notorious for strictly applying copyright law. She won't even allow fanfic. And he is financially profiting off this. If he gets in trouble over it he will probably just complain about how edgy goffs like him get singled out and persecuted, and how he's just too much for people to handle.

No. 855708

Jake hasn't even send out the prints that people ordered a week ago (he said they would be sent out at the end of the month) and hes already selling tshirts he doesn't have….

How predictable is he stops filming or doing his patreon perks because he is too busy with all his merch because hes so far behind? lol

No. 855714

Someone paid £80 for the sample shirt he wore in the video too

No. 855723

is there any way to let Ann Rice or her legal team about Jake profiting off of her work. she seems insane enough that if a message was sent she'd crack down on it straight away

No. 855731

I don't know who manages her official ig account, or if they actually respond to dms, but there's this email address : anneobrienrice@gmail.com that l found in her website.(Cowtipping)

No. 855733

Jesus Christ, it looks like he(?) just ate a Smurf's ass. Did Goth just end up turning into a 'who can look the most ridiculous' competition because dressing like a moderately freakish person stopped attracting enough attention?

No. 855754

File: 1566327569908.jpeg (20.74 KB, 365x244, cs.jpeg)

>Did Goth just end up turning into a 'who can look the most ridiculous' competition because dressing like a moderately freakish person stopped attracting enough attention?

what do you mean?

No. 855756

File: 1566328130204.jpg (168.98 KB, 480x360, sadface.jpg)

>dressing like a moderately freakish person
are we going to have another thread with 3/4 of about look/makeup/frequency of washing hair?

No. 855760

Don't disrespect cinema strange, by comparing them to a clown like him.

Those are actual artists, not some metalhead fool labeling himself and everything he does as goth, when it clearly isn't.

Again, you don't like what is posted here, just ignore it, or even better, leave.

No. 855806

>Again, you don't like what is posted here, just ignore it, or even better, leave.

And vice versa

No. 855814

Kaya seems to be actually slightly more genuinely into this nature hippie stuff than her other 'interests' - she seems genuinely happy in some of the recent videos. It's just that they're a) pretty basic and b) not spoooooky goffic edgelord stuff that appeals to the teen/tween babybat demographic like Jake's crap, nor does it have enough depth to appeal to adult goths, and it isn't actually witchcrafty enough to appeal to the witchy/occult-trend demographic. It's very clear she's only in it for the ~magical aesthetic~ and some of her videos like the terrarium one are actually half decent for that, but most of them are just too basic and mundane. She either needs to up her game and really put the effort into her videos, or get a real job and let YouTube just be a hobby, because she's not going to be able to financially sustain herself off YouTube for long with decline views - which will also mean less and less free stuff for her (probably a good thing as she's a hoarder). I feel like she's at least getting out a bit more these days, and as I think her depression is genuine (even if she aggravates it with poor lifestyle most of the time), she's at least doing something positive for that.

Honestly, the best thing for her would be to get away from Jake, get a job so she's forced to learn to be an adult rather than living like a teenager, and to pay more attention to what she actually likes rather than being vapid for the internet.

No. 855822

Agreed. I think she would do a lot better without count chavula. Kaya is lazy and entitled, and a general cow. But she also shows obvious signs of depression. And being with a narc who considers her a mealticket at best and a burden at worst is doing nothing for her. Breaking up with Jake won't make her some kind of creative genius or anything. But it will at least get her out of the pointless stasus that she's in. Any change is good change at this point. And if she dumps him she has more of a chance to get her shit together, rather than being blindsided if he inevitably dumps her for a new, thinner, goffgirl.

No. 855857

I doubt Jake will leave her any time soon as she is his ticket to moving to Barcelona…

No. 855867

Interesting that she went to steiner, a private school. Guess she does come from a good background while Jake ran away from home and has been leeching off her ever since.

No. 855884

I think Steiner schools have a reputation as a bit 'hippie'. Maybe the hippie thing is why she's currently listening to trees. (Which, to be fair, is pretty harmless, if a bit woo.) I wonder if Kaya's parents support her, and thus if Jake's mooching off her family as well as her, especially as he's now more popular on YouTube.

No. 855907

Please don't insult metalheads either. Jake's band is some weird nu-metal/mallcore sounding shit, stuff to be played for edgy teens as they shop in hot topic.

No. 855912

Oh absolutely. I used to feel bad for Mr. Doormat until I saw how he dropped Obsolete Pleasures so fast when IBF's sham marriage fell apart. That is just a dick hing to do because it feels like he never really cared about her and the only person who would drag someone through the ringer like that is an asshole so yeah I agree that they deserve each other.

IWAV is Gothic Literature, not Goth but eh that's not really the issue here. Anyway it's not gonna make him Goth and just watch him get bored of it real quickly and not bother finishing it lol.

I just vomited in my mouth a little because I can see this happening LOL

Nah, real Goth is still here and there are genuinely real Goth YouTubers carrying the torch and doing it with grace. Try not to pay attention to the Smurf's creepy cousin.

I notice that people keep saying she needs to get away from Jake to be a better person but are we sure about that? Look at IBF who wasn't with Mr. Doormat after the sham marriage fell through. She was still an entitled brat. How do we not know that it won't be the same for Kaya as she'll still have her good number of fans who kiss her ass and enable her whining and complaining?

I feel like Kaya is getting support from her family. I just can't see her realistically being able to pay for her rent and utilities solely just on Patreon Money and YouTube Adsense.

Okay, just some shitty mallcore that people are gonna look back on and go "How did I think this sounded good?"

No. 855922

Sorry kek. Noticed way too late that what he makes doesn't even belong to metal either.
Your description though. +1 for the laugh.

No. 856015

I seem to remember her attitude to tge NZ muslim bombing recently and her only concern with that was not that muslim people were killed but that THINGS LIKE THAT dont normally happen in NZ. This shallow fake shell of a human being is the biggest and most narcissistic misrepresented GOTH FAKE we've ever known. Just fuck off. Your teeny fans are just stupid. 650k subscribers are definitely not watching your 45k average. Make another video so we can just bury you.

No. 856016

Lol l doubt she'd care about the pennies hed make let alone bother to sue him. What for? He's nobody lol.

No. 856018

A BIT? Steiner schools are the most hippy schools known to humanity. They don't have to do anything.

No. 856028

A lot going on? Aaahhhaaaa. Don't make me laugh.

No. 856062

She's issued cease and desists to writers of fanfiction so she definitely would if someone is actively making money from her work

No. 856063

update on the on-going conflict between psychara, maimagi and manicmoth:
it seems the conflict has spread out, as felvae has been reportedly cut off by manicmoth for hanging out with psychara at the last castlefest. catinawitch's latest suggestive remarks were probably hinting at this.

No. 856080

>>856063 does anybody actually know what started this petty shit? I thought these girls were in their mid-twenties. They're acting like tgey're fifteen.

No. 856083

Idk if that's really true, since she's still following manic moth, but not following mai. Shit idk why they're all into these elliptic insinuations, spill the milk already!

They're too busy growing their online followers and caring way too much abt stupid aesthetics, instead of growing up and being better people.

No. 856084

imho mai since there are stories floating around from her ex mutuals saying she is a two faced petty brat who starts shit for little reason other than perceived narc injury. manicmoth is 29 according to her tumblr ffs.

No. 856106

I thought this was contrapoints at first glance

No. 856165

>a lot has been going on
Right? Like a busy day for her is making 1 video. And "a lot going on" is usually just her whining about the same 5 things all the time without doing something about it:
>i want this thing, and i need my fans to buy it for me
>I feel so unmotivated to do youtube, my only job
>ugh the weather
>I'm not sponsored cos I'm too goff for brands
>there aren't any goff people and events in Belfast

No. 856171

Add a 6th one:
>>l want to lose weight but l don't want to give up on junk food

No. 856335

File: 1566433073987.jpg (961.27 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20190822-011717.jpg)

She can't make a new video and apparently has no money, but she can afford to travel to a different city, not bother to check train times, then moan she can't get back and could possibly get lynched.

No. 856336

Then wear sensible shoes you dumb hag. Part of me feels like she's dying to get beaten up or something so she can milk it for views

No. 856342

100% thats the angle she's going for. She needs something big enough to warrant media attention again so that she can lure in more subs and money with her victim act

No. 856345

Calling it now, she's planning to try to be the next Sophie Lancaster. The idea is honestly sickening enough that it's probably the case knowing Freyja.

No. 856347

Lol remember when she had drama with the Sophie Lancaster foundation? Also she DOES know Sophie was murdered right? This dumb fucking cow..

No. 856351

That's what I'm getting at, I really think this crazy bitch is fame-hungry enough to try and get herself raped/killed/both for the sake of a permanent "gawf icon" status like Sophie

No. 856394

GO HOME FREYA!!! You made the deliberate choice to move to a dangerous area but still have the gall to whine. Stupid bitch. P.S I bet she still hasn’t paid the moving/storage guy yet.

No. 856400

Let's face it. He is never getting paid.

No. 856409

Can this bitch like just shut the fuck up already? All this is her own damn fault. If you're too assed to not check train times, why the fuck would you wear heels when you think you're gonna be walking for a long period of time? And YOU fucking chose to move to a rough neighborhood and you expect us to feel sorry for you when you have the option to just go home and start fresh? Fuck Off.

I can see the title now. "GOTH HATECRIME"

FFR. She is beyond the state of pity, now she is just a pathetic idiot.

No. 856412

She villianized him in her pity party musical. Saying that he’s an asshole for demanding money for 15 minutes of work and that he asked for too much money? Then he said that he was going to ruin her life by posting on all her social media. Some bullshit like that. The poor guy is not going to get paid because the narcissist doesn’t want to give anything she only takes.

No. 856413

File: 1566442130131.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, F38413AE-BF0D-4C2F-B5D1-ADCFD3…)

It gets worse. Her pathetic faaans came to rescue her. This is beyond fucking pathetic.

No. 856414

File: 1566442157757.png (965.92 KB, 750x1334, 7A248836-2F99-41FC-AE9B-B76883…)

No. 856430

Her fans are gullible and Freya uses it. She isn't the brightest either, the heavy bag, heels and area she chose to live are her fault. But when she makes a woe is me post in the hopes a fan will come running, a lot of them sadly do. I think that's also why she posted her fixing the German apartment, hoping a fan would offer to help. Otherwise she would've done it silently like most of the things she did after Germany, she did them silently cos she knew fans can't help her with them e.g. legal stuff.

But of course she still needs to milk them in a big pity party video, she monetises her whole life. And I think that's why she still makes bad decisions, like "oh if it doesn't work out, at least I can cry to my fans for sympathy and/or money." Her patreons literally need to stop donating. It will wake her entitled self up a bit.

No. 856436

>Scotland's most dangerous city
laughs in American
If she doesn't have enough money for emergency bus fare at least then she shouldn't be traveling to places that require transport to get to
>Her patreons literally need to stop donating.
Unfortunately there's always going to be someone willing to pony up for an 'influencer' no matter what horrible shit they do, and freeloading is on the 'normal' end of the spectrum for influencers

No. 856447

Another shillstar haul.

Literally where does she even keep all of this stuff? I have like 1/4 the stuff she has and I'm always running out of space.

No. 856460

Will these people ever fucking learn? See this is the shit, this is why Freya is the way she is and at this point if they seriously throw money at her for her next big scam and then get pissed when the money disappears, they really have no one to blame but themselves.

At this point if her fans an't see how much of a user she is, the only thing that will finally wake them up is if someone does a big expose' video on her and highlight all the shit she's done. Because you would think by now with her refusal to go back home where she would be safe and not listening to reason, they would see how she really is the creator of her own problems.

Most likely in a closet that if she tries to open again, she'll get buried like she did the last time lol

No. 856501

You don't wear heels darling. You wear plastic chunks of made in china synthetic crap. No one cares anymore bitch. Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 856502

this is so good. cheap, nasty and downright leech evidence. why don't you pay your own way Freya? i bet she never even gave the people she stays with anything at all. not even cooked a meal for them. she's the biggest scammer. i hope you enjoy being with people who think you're amazing but are too stupid to know you are a living on the basis you are an eternal victim.

No. 856505

i bet she only wears that oversized hat because she's to lazy to wash her hair. imagine the smell.

No. 856507

they're not kind. they're stupid.

No. 856513

It's really unfortunate that the only youtuber brave enough to call out Freyja by name had to be fucking insane.

No. 856520

Does anyone have a link to the Louvre incident?

No. 856521

No. 856524

File: 1566475501343.jpg (47.46 KB, 485x600, get better eyeliner.JPG)

and here's the instagram post.

No. 856542

I saw in her story that she attended a drag show too, & she has the nerve to cry about being broke.
Wtf is wrong with people giving her support and going as far as to invite her. She's by no means in need!

No. 856562

When was this? Was it covered in a previous thread?

No. 856574

Yeah. I wouldn't go with "insane" but just wasn't really all there. This is why the person who makes a big expose video on her would have to be someone who is more put together.

Wait she did? (I don't follow her on Social media anymore). Then fucking hell man, bitch could've just called an uber or a taxi to haul her lazy ass.

It was back in 2017 if I remember correctly. IBF got into it with the woman who was doing a Sophie Lancaster fundraising project for the organization. They release a Calendar ever year and all proceeds go to the foundation. I can't remember the specifics because it's been awhile but Sophie Lancaster's mother reached out to her asking if she could spread awareness about the charity through a tweet and IBF ignored her and later snubbed her saying "guilt tripping" won't do anything to make someone do something or something like that. Personally I think she declined it because she wasn't gonna get paid or be the center of attention considering how fame hungry she is. This was also after the fallout when she did that transformation video poking fun at normies.

I skimmed back a bit and here's the thread, it took place in thread #2.


No. 856591

Thanks anon! Holy shit, it's amazing (and honestly scary) to me how quickly this was swept under the rug, deleted comments and all. You would think that, as someone who so willingly broadcasts her experiences with "discrimination", IBF would be supportive of SOPHIE. But I guess it's not in her best interest because she wouldn't be in the center of attention.
This really does make her current shenanigans in Scotland seem highly suspicious, as if she's willingly putting herself in harm's way to garner attention and sympathy. What the fuck.

No. 856599

Oh for sure anon. I think this was the first ripple that showed what a selfish person IBF was. Because a tweet only takes like 15 seconds and it was going to be for a good cause so the fact that she couldn't even do that showed a side of truth to her. And again it's ironic that it happened after her normies transformation video that received a bit of backlash.

No. 856626

I think it was that plus she wasn't featured in the calendar. The woman who organized the calendar had made comments about TT and IBF beforehand so there was also that "drama" which probably made her not want to share it. Selfish bitch.

No. 856646

File: 1566492745193.jpg (408.64 KB, 605x1134, 20190822_174838.jpg)

There's this too. I hope it isn't too blurry.

No. 856669


It’s pathetic honestly to see how these girls tear each other down. Life goes by so quickly. They waste a lot of time talking a lot of BS about veganism and saving trees for internet points, but have little respect for one another. I doubt whatever happened was worth all this immaturity. It was probably something retarded like hair dye and shit.

No. 856682

She said she has an eye infection, soo she probably gives them a nice eye infection. Poor fans. Kek

No. 856689

File: 1566498542159.png (696.27 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2019-08-22-20-29-12…)

No. 856734

Honestly I would love to see a Content Cop styled video on IBF (funnily enough one letter short of IBS).

No. 856782

File: 1566509167259.jpeg (584.46 KB, 750x1046, 3D29F22C-1F92-4C32-AD1B-A9A88B…)

Why waste your talent on this? What does the actually achieve? They are all so willing to enable her shitty selfish behavior. I wish they could see how she is just manipulating them.

No. 856783

she has an eye infection but she's wearing a ton of eye makeup?? i was always told that's the worst thing to do

No. 856801

It is. It also contaminates the makeup you use and can keep it recurring. Disgusting.

No. 856818

This is the person who says she wears her makeup to bed in case she dies in her sleep and they have to find her. Don't know if she still does it, but the fact that she did it at least at one point is pretty telling that her goff image is her priority. Sad.

No. 856827

are these idiots aware that IBF said a while ago on her ig that she's having a wedding soon and planning to see Mr. Owl in NZ? she clearly has money stashed away.

No. 856838

Hey most recent vid tells us that her mother "sent her the wedding money" to help hey stay afloat in Scotland.

So… Most of it is gone, if not all of it. The wedding was either a pipe dream or claiming the money is "gone" is a manipulative tactic to get $$$ from supporters

No. 856848

another thought that occurred to me is that IBF said in her IG stories a few weeks ago that she doesn't have a residency visa to stay in Scotland, so why are these idiots going to raise money for her? What is she gonna do with the money? Fly back to NZ for a few weeks and then come back to Scotland, with all that money going down the drain??? Stupid girl. I really can't stand her at all.

No. 856899

Ah okay, I didn't know that part. But I'm guessing this person had her reasons not to include IBF or TT in the calendar (especially TT who was already on her downward spiral in 2017).

Haha yeah I really do think it's a matter of time. I don't think she'd get an actual Content Cop by Ian but maybe someone who is within the online scene who knows of her bullshit.

I am just lost for words on this. I'm… I'm speechless LOL

Fucking idiots.

Either they didn't see it or they're just that mindless.

It's just so fucking pathetic how these blind fangirls/fanboys can't see they are being played.

No. 856946

He's been in IBF WGT videos before - he just wants to suck up to her and have other fans think he's a super-fan

No. 856970

Fucking seriously?! Not only is her life "pretty hard" BECAUSE OF HER OWN BAD DECISIONS, she has the money to go to gigs and shows, get trains around Scotland and eat out, she's clearly got the money to FLY TO NZ and back soon for a visit..
There are ACTUAL needy people in the world. I'm fucking gobsmacked.

No. 856994

Omg I remember this. How and why would you film this of yourself? Ive been to that cemetery tonnes of times and you would have to be doing something really unacceptable to be kicked out. I heard she was posing on graves and acting like a twat. It seems too OTT that she gets kicked out of everywhere she goes. I think she has a problem with creating unnecessary attention and it makes content for her. All she does is negative and not give a good example for others. Shes a nightmare.

No. 856996

Oh dear. Raising money for a bum.

No. 857000

bitch really loves the attention and will complain if people don't stare at her. watch her Basic White Girl transformation video where she said that. she wants drama and stands out, no matter where she is or how inappropriate the setting might be. guess the cunt didn't get much attention growing up as a basic boring bitch in NZ. she's quite dull and has no personality at all.

No. 857023

Curious, has anyone called her out in the comments section? I know we most likely won't ever see a content cop style video on her anytime soon but perhaps some people are calling her out in the comments?

Yeah I remember this as well and I felt pity for her at the time because I was a stupid fangirl who thought she could do no wrong but when I looked back, the bitch really brought it on herself. I wouldn't be surprised if she was posing on the graves while snapping selfies/pictures.

We also saw confirmation of this in her "Normal transformation" video (the one where she ore that orange wig). She said she felt weird that no one was staring at her or making comments. At the time young me thought "Oh maybe she means it in a way where it's kinda nice to not be stared at" but in hindsight, this most likely made her insecure because she wants to be stared at and the center of attention (considering she dresses OTT all the time. Even when she tones down the clothing, she'll go dramatic on the makeup and/or hair).

I know that you're right about her being dull and having no personality. The bitch never talks about anything of actual substance. She doesn't even nerd out about the things she does likes. It's just clothing & makeup or bitching and complaining about how shit her life is when she has no one to blame but herself.

No. 857032

>>857023 she keeps going on about her "writing." She's supposedly working on a fantasy novel, but has never talked about books she reads or authors she talks about. She will sometimes mention interests like history or mineral collecting. But she doesn't actually seem to engage with any of it. All she talks about is clothes and products, and how she's just to goff to function in this oppressive normie world. I'd say this is because those things are more suited to attracting a larger audience. But I really think that's all there is to her.

No. 857035

Remember when her collarbone piercings were infected and she kept smearing make up over it anyway, then wondering why it wasn't healing. Fool.

No. 857036

thanks for linking to thread #2 - wowzers. That's just cold. Also read where Kaya was mad because someone copied her tattoo. Copying like that's not cool at all, but, funny she was so ragey over stealing when it was an unattributed quote by Charles Addams kek. Don't see him cryin'. oh, wait he's dead.

No. 857074

File: 1566580626856.jpg (136.01 KB, 586x383, whopee.jpg)

this was not a flattering video for her, she mentioned on twitter about "chonking up" and it's like, you're just noticing this now? and she got all this stuff sent to her but is whining about putting together an outfit and not having a dress for it b/c she has a need for it to be so specific. just pick something out of your fucking hoard.

meanwhile, jakey boy is all chuffed about his shirts selling out, which i'm sure isn't hard to do when you make a specific amount. he's planning on doing a halloween themed one, releasing new pins and even putting out jewelry. is he going to buy a bunch of cheap ones and just resell them lol.

No. 857130

File: 1566589838752.png (985.98 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190823-205048.png)

No. 857134

Avelina posted a story of her No Doubt cover and I wish I'd never heard it. I would rather listen to anything else, it is horrific. I can't wait to see IBF and her other money making hogs tell her its "good"….

No. 857142

File: 1566591250328.jpg (177.59 KB, 720x747, 20190824_060841.jpg)

Fresh steaming bullshit

No. 857163

File: 1566592664001.jpg (82.43 KB, 720x405, 20190824_063726.jpg)

No. 857165

File: 1566592756947.jpg (122.87 KB, 714x683, 20190824_063640.jpg)

Good question.

No. 857169

Repay!! Give me a break.

No. 857172

If they 'seriously' don't have to do this.. stop making sympathy videos you dumb cow. If they do give you any money fucking donate it to someone who needs it for once in your self centred narcissistic life.

No. 857182

I think the point is that she said she was goibg to do something for the charity of her own but never did. I see a patterof Freyja saying a lot of things and never follow through. People may have short memories but it gets old real fast. Her 650k sub count with only 1k comment averaging is not that high these days. There are obviously people who still like her but seriously the people who don't can't be bothered paying attention. She's always been a fake. It's only a matter of time before she gives up because of the lack of big YouTube fame she craves. Give up. You're boring as bat shit.

No. 857186

I'm still wondering how IBF was going to walk from Glasgow to Paisley overnight in the 21st century. Doesn't that entail walking on a motorway? In black, in platform heels, in the dark?

No. 857194


Seriously. It’s like she’s looking for something bad to happen to her. I don’t understand why she’s putting herself in these kinds of situations, broke or not.

No. 857234

I find it interesting that the artwork included the cat she abandoned. Isn't Moon Moon still stuck in some cattery and Freyja still hasn't announced when she plans on reuniting with her cats?

No. 857236

lol is that plasticnproud

No. 857265

I'm surprised nothing bad has ever happened to her , remember when she got drugged , or when she was staying with a guy the first time she went to Germany and he started to act agresive towards her for no reason. Or when she slept Whit her ex husband after like 3 hours of meeting him , I really hope or wish nothing bad to happen to her , I wish she would mature and stop doing all this risky things, and when something goes bad she thinks , maybe I shouldn't have done that and learns from it , but she doesn't learn shit. I remember when she used to bitch about her being depressed , and at the same time getting drunk as fuck while taking depression pills. She has education in cinema or something like that I wish she would get a job in something like that instead of getting money from her "fans"

No. 857289

Remember when he made his first pins and it was just a black square with "make it a great day" in white text. Like those blank "insert text here" meme templates. Can't think of anyone more uninspired but up his own arse at the same time. Except Kaya maybe.

Let's be real she would monetise the shit out of something dramatic happening to her because that's how she makes her money. Like the Kardashians except on YouTube and as a one-woman show.
And yeah she has a film degree and has a job making videos on YouTube, you'd think she'd put the two together. But her content is just low quality hauls because she wants that easy money.

No. 857341

yea the spacing on them was really weird and he probably got the lowest quantity possible to make it seem like ppl wanted them when they all sold.

that matrix video was pointless, he had time to do his makeup but couldn't iron that vest. the thirst comments give me second hand embarrassment.

No. 857385


yeah.on this >>838051 post she says that she will get Moon Moon "when she finds a home to bring her to" which doesn't seem to be happening soon

No. 857417

>>857385 In her last video she also mentioned that her birds were with a "longtime babysitter." So despite people having told her how stressfull moving them would be, she apparently still plans to.

No. 857429

Or when she got in some dude's car who offered to drive her to a nearby office, in the "getting back moon moon" vid. (that should've never happened btw). Many comments warned her about such reckless behavior, but we all know she doesn't listen to anyone.

No. 857432

I'm always curious about that film making degree. Are any of her productions etc. available on the internet? I'd really like to see what she's (probably) able to do since her videos could have been made by someone with Windows Movie Maker and a decent iPhone camera.

No. 857436

Trust me, despite IBF’s delusions, the people who took in all of her various pets know exactly who & what she is. The pets are all safe in new and caring homes and that’s where they’ll stay.

If Freyja can’t even manage to secure a visa for herself, there’s no way she’ll manage to get animals she abandoned out of Germany.

No. 857448

File: 1566651472013.png (669.76 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190824-134939.png)

No. 857517

Lol looking for pity points since she knows people are speaking out against her. Also that cunt who’s raising money for IBF called this site “hateful.” Bitch must be a cow too.

No. 857535

So IBF lurks here? Good she can see that a lot of people are not buying her bullshit and can see that there are people who have sense. Her and her minions can call this place "hateful", others can see it as a gateway to critical thinking.

No. 857551

Maybe if you didn't make traveling your priority you could have spent more time with her. But no, you have to country hop. Selfish.

No. 857645

Just checked the comments on that post. Yeahhh right, in a thread where actual screenshots n receipts are provided, there's still room for doubt.

Since y'all lurk here, IBF has a good track record of using people's money for her own sake.

Started with a gofundme to go to bats day (how self centered is that), to getting away to Germany by using the donated money to her marriage with mr. Owl.

When it all went to shit, now she wants to live ''her new dream'' by living in Scotland, and spending the cash for her upcoming wedding.

We all know she'll start asking her braindead fans for funds. And ofc they'll provide.

If bluntly exposing the truth is seen as hateful, then be it.

No. 857672

Hey IBF, seeing as you lurk here, maybe your nan dying is karma for what you said about that airline losing your plastic tatt

No. 857719

How about not being as low as her in your comments. Awful thing to say, as were her original comments about the airline. RIP her nanna.

No. 857731

File: 1566706148757.png (344.76 KB, 750x1334, 08F34065-9F8F-4F97-B9A2-41ED74…)

Never stops complaining or ebegging. God, she is so pathetic. Wonder how long before a fan gives her money for internet.

No. 857733

Maybe those fundraising artists can give her money for internet, as well pay for her wedding and her flights, they should give her all the money. I like how they said they met her a few times and that she is sweet. I mean… duh? Liars, scammers and thieves are known to be charming.

No. 857780

>>857719 Agreed. IBF may be a serial scammer and an all-round shitty person, but that doesn't mean her nan dying isn't sad. Try to be better than her.

No. 857786

File: 1566729671839.png (59.1 KB, 946x198, UTTERLY BRAINWASHED.png)

all of IBF's stans in one comment

No. 857836

Exactly. Of course she's gonna put on a face when she is out in public at an event but just because someone is "sweet" at an event doesn't necessarily mean they're the same way in day to day life. How can these fans look at her as this awesome person when she is constantly moaning and complaining about money which she could get on her own if she had a job. Can these people not see her as the lazy cow she is? She hasn't even made a proper video in months that wasn't her moaning or whinging about her own self-inflicted problems.

No. 857946

File: 1566761113659.png (1.51 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190825-202535.png)

No. 857947

I can't mcfreaking believe how I was ever a diehard fan of IBF. I went from "She's always so nice and kind, and she's making such an effort about her appearance while I'm such a slob, and she's always so mature (that was when she called Onision out LMAO)" etc etc etc to "lol dis bitch tho"

No. 857949

File: 1566761302752.png (796.36 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190825-202827.png)

No. 857980

File: 1566765025237.jpg (26.48 KB, 400x300, 8ab6737b1a4e569945549ffcd7fded…)

Don't worry anon, same here and I think a lot of others here may have felt the same way years ago LOL. But as we've learned, not all is what it seems. We only see what they want us to see and hope we don't catch on to who they really are.


YES. Fucking YES. Not sure if you're following this but be sure to post the response this person gets, I'd love to see the mental gymnastics that are gonna be used to defend IBF's shitty behavior. The only thing Candi forgot to mention is the Patreon donations as well, that's another source of extra lazy income she gets (Lazy because she hasn't done a proper video in months and yet expects them to still support her).

No. 857985

I believe most of us, if not all, were still fans until she started pulling too many stunts. I was a pretty dense bitch for a very long time too, so you aren't alone in this.

I'm so glad many people are finally waking up, hopefully her patrons will leave too.

Aesthetics above everything else, as usual.

No. 858038

I was never a fan, but I thought she was nice, pretty and harmless and found her videos interesting.

I think the massive hiatus made me think she was a loser - you can even edit and upload a video from your phone. To somehow be incapable of uploading a single video for months made me think she was a loser. Plus the obsession with living in Scotland without a job or visa lined up. She needs to get organised and do something with her following.

No. 858046

https://youtu.be/QCVbu7fQulw new Angela Benedict video talking about younger goths and vaguing about TT again

No. 858054

Her rant starts at 13:36. I think she’s talking more about IBF than TT.

No. 858058

Or both. But I'd say IBF because her ebegging has been very prominent recently.

No. 858059

I haven't watched the video but I have to agree. IBF has been very vocal with the E-begging lately. TT has been as well but not as much right now.

No. 858066

Especially with the recent video. Also, while IBF also looks like a mess, I wouldn’t consider TT to be the “ultimate aesthetic” kek

No. 858068


Embed Youtube videos.

No. 858071

No. 858074

Dorian posted a haul video with a nice amount of ass showing on it. It was all ok for me tbh. I was surprised about the ass checks showing but I remembered she also had vids with only cross tapes covering her nipples.

No. 858085


No idea bout Moon Moon, but she gave away the other cat to someone in Germany

No. 858098

she gave the other cat to her "totally abusive ex husband that she's still friends with" if I'm not mistaken?

No. 858103

Nah, she gave him to a grufti guy called Martin. Poor Moon moon's whereabouts are unknown.

No. 858113

It's annoying how she considers herself to be this amazing cat mom, she even made merch with Moon Moon's face on it yet we hear zero updates about her cat. She could at least shipped Moon Moon back to New Zealand to be with her insane mom or her doormat fiance.

No. 858123

Don't forget the fucking ig acc for Moon Moon. Poor cat should have never left NZ, cuz now she keeps being dumped in catteries, probably still stuck in one as we speak.
IBF can't even take care of herself ffs, so owning pets isn't an option for her.

No. 858132

ahh thanks for that.

I maintain IBF would best be suited to a pet rock.

No. 858182

File: 1566794244812.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3264x2448, EAC4A23E-31D1-4205-8EC8-C3EF51…)

Not in a cattery. Outing myself, but MoonMoon is safe, still in Germany. I just fed her breakfast and I promised her she never has to get on a plane ever again.

No. 858186

Wait, is this Matthias? Are you permanently keeping Moon Moon?

No. 858192

No, not Matthias

No. 858196

Thank you for looking after this poor baby. DO everything you can to make sure she never has to go back.

No. 858210

Whoever you are, I hope you're Moon Moon's new permanent mum or da. I hope Black Friday takes down the tacky Moon Moon merch, she doesn't deserve to profit of of her.

No. 858228

Pic/screenshot? This is an image board after all.

I appreciate the speculating about situations, but I'd anyone has convos or images with juice please bring them in it's getting kinda stagnant

No. 858236

File: 1566803437196.jpeg (444.25 KB, 640x883, 104465D4-4682-47ED-A645-F5B027…)

Last pic of Thanatos on this guy’s Facebook. He’s a good guy and it looks like that cat is living his best life.

Last mystery to solve is where did the birds go? I hope that cow didn’t just set them free.

No. 858251

Thanks Anon. That made me feel a lot better! Glad to hear Moon moon is doing well.

No. 858258

Never going on a plane again aka never going to leave Germany because freezer isnt allowed back in. Good riddance!

No. 858261

Its annoying how she considers herself at all. Period.

No. 858262

I wonder if Freyja even likes goth music. I have the feeling she is mostly in it for the look. But I could be wrong.

No. 858263

No one needs to see that. No one.

No. 858264

For sure.

No. 858266

File: 1566816421945.png (1.24 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-26-02-27-24…)

The way he refers to himself makes me cringe. "Daddy" "metal boi"

No. 858269

It would be fun to tie him to a chair and toturr him.(r u ok anon)

No. 858272

>>858269 could we not wish physical harm on people please? I agree that he's a piece of shit. But lets just hope his life falls apart because people realize what a narc mooch he is.

No. 858296

We need more people like you, l was really worried and sad for the cat, thanks so much anon, l wish you all the best.

Don't be like that pls. Just hope people will discover will catch up on his bullshit, just like IBF.

No. 858302

You know anon that's a good question. Looking back, sure she may have played a few Goth songs in her videos but it's intereting how she never made a video talking about Goth music outside of her old 2014 introduction to Goth music video where she touched up on the basic bands. Something tells me it may all be for show as well.

Also good to hear MoonMoon is in good hands and hopefully will not be moved around ever again.

No. 858312

It could also be possible that she's still into the music, but knows her current fans are not and that a music vid would tank. Let's be honest most of them are emo tweens (dk how that happened though). Freya said in one music tags that some of her fans think black veil brides is goth but it's not, and she's personally not into them either way. Fast forward a bit and she does a video reviewing their new album and vlogging the premier of American Satan that bvb's singer stars in.

No. 858314

Same fag to add that although she did try to please her fans with those videos, fast forward some more and she doesn't care about them at all now. Freya, quit YouTube. You don't care about real content anymore, your fans are throwing cash down the drain, and you're dramatising your life for views to make up for it which also means your dream "stable" life will never come true - you'll always have in the back of your mind that you need drama for videos. And then you don't make real content. And fans throw cash. The cycle continues…

No. 858321

IBF while living in Germany made a video about attending a cradle of filth concert(she got free tickets naturally).
They aren't goth, and yeah it isn't uncommon for goths to also like metal.
But in her case attending the concert seemed to be more about gaining views from cradle of filth fans, and probably she was being paid to review it..rather than Freya being a massive fan of their music.

Can't see Freya ever interviewing or filming a small local non famous bands gig, it won't bring her many views/new subs.

She wants to "partner" with well established and/or hyped up acts with money behind them, which likely won't be Goth music.
Their management will pay her to promote them, or certainly would do so in the past.

My issue with Freya is she did a video review of a black veil brides cd(!) And she isn't even remotely into their music and she knew that before she even listened to the cd, she likely made the video cos she was paid to promote them. Why focus on bands you don't like? $$$$ payout. Total whore for cash basically.

Same with interviewing motionless in white, she did it for the
payout and to get their fans as subs, Not because she particularly likes their music.

Thankfully these days plenty of smaller actual Goth channels passionately review small bands, that are goth rather than metal or emo..these you tubers are a breath of fresh air compared with IBF and TT.

No. 858337

Has IBF vague-responded on her social media about Moon Moons new mum posting on lol cows?

No. 858338

I met IBF last year at M’era Luna, one of her alleged, favorite bands, Merciful Nuns, went on stage just as her meet and greet started. She told me she was completely oblivious they were a part of the lineup. She shows up looking uber goff, waving her selfie stick around , snapping selfies with other “influencers”, all the while while stuffing her face with food and booze and spending excess money on clothes and accessories she doesn’t need. IBF may like goth music, but it’s clear she’s much more interested in the vanity aspect of these festivals and probably goth itself.

No. 858349


Thank you! Thank you!! I'm so glad Moon Moon is ok and so well looked after!

No. 858361

Same anon ( >>858302 ). Yeah I remember that and I thought it was pathetic because even if a music video would not rank in as many views as her haul crap, it would show she's not trying to use the scene just to make a quick buck (which I mean… She is but still lol). There were (and currently are) plenty of modern Goth bands making music today so I mean, it wouldn't have to be a worry of reviewing something old.

This most likely will keep happening until someone calls her out and that video gets a good amount of attention.

But see that is why IBF is such a fucking joke. She's such a money whore that she can't even bother to show herself as a real person with real interests. It's always me, me, my "HARD" life, and money, money, money. She just blows but yeah I think it's safe to say that like TT, her fanbase doesn't really have actual Goths in it either or if there are, they aren't a big number.

But I agree that it's not as bad as the smaller Goth channels actually remind me that there are actual Goths who care about what the scene is truly about and aren't farting out haul video after haul video. If I remember correctly, Cadaver Kelly reviewed the new She Past Away album this year and it was so refreshing to relate to someone reviewing a band that is relevant in the scene and makes great music. And then there's the Project Goth Playlist Tag which a good many people have participated in so yeah you're definitely right anon.


> She shows up looking uber goff, waving her selfie stick around , snapping selfies with other “influencers”, all the while while stuffing her face with food and booze and spending excess money on clothes and accessories she doesn’t need

I'm just picturing this in my head and it's so fucking hilarious to think of lol Eh I guess so but if Merciful Nuns are one of her "favorite" bands, you'd think she would round up some of her fans and go see them play together or something. But hey, what do I know? lol

No. 858378


No. 858379

I've seen her at M'era Luna a few years in a row. She's always creating this circle of people snapping selfies with her. She usually just sets up shop on the tarmac, and pretty much spends her time posing. I've never seen her there where she didn't look like she was performing, rather tgan enjoying herself.

No. 858386

Really depressing. doesn't she have any friends?

No. 858401

>>858386 maybe she doesn't keep them? She's shown friends in vlogs. But not lately. I think a lot of them met her through Matthias.

No. 858419

another boring video of him opening stuff ppl sent to him and not seeming to be genuine in thanking them, or maybe that's just his usual attitude. i like how he's going to try to do 'vlogtober' after mentioning that kaya could do that to make her channel more interesting. lurking much?

No. 858695

File: 1566895048089.png (153.63 KB, 1080x1232, Screenshot_20190827-103344.png)

As if it really happened… Isn't she "antisocial", "shy" and "awkward around people". And I think she said before that she hates kids.

No. 858710

that girl was Albert Einstein (can confirm I was her lack of self-awareness)

No. 858711

of all the things that didn't happen, this didn't happen the most.

No. 858712

>>858695 didn't she say she used to be a nanny too? Bet those parents feel good about paying someone who "hates kids" to watch theirs.

No. 858716

Jake posted another bathbomb video. Who'd want to buy bathproducts promoted by someone who looks perpetually grubby. Is that why they don't give these boxes to Kaya?

No. 858735

If this isn't the most /thathappened story. No one talks like this.

No. 858762


and then everyone clapped kek

No. 858764

it seems weird to be covered in liquid latex while sitting in a bath. not sure if insecure or there's that much need to be ~edgy~. the wet goth hashtag on twitter was also cringey.

No. 858767

Like everyone else on here I think that story about IBF having a tiny fan/ being some kind of role model for kids is total BS.
She had to post something that isn't e-begging or complaining,and she has nothing going on in her life, hence her little fable.
Freya posted for damage limitation, to counter word leaking out that she is a shit person..too little, too late IMHO.

I didn't hear about IBF being a nanny, seems like the sort of work where she would have to tone down her look to GET the job, let alone keep it, so if she did this work it must have been before she wore clown white face paint to go to the corner shop.

The 2 jobs I know she had( ghost tour guide in Scotland and pizza delivery for " hell pizza" in NZ) were for companies where an OTT goth image would likely be a plus.

Hell pizza has a kitschy devil/Halloween
theme, " normies" must have got a kick out of Freya turning up with their pizzas.

No. 858769

She also interviewed the guy from motionless in white, which isn't even remotely goth. She just did it because they're famous.

No. 858834

File: 1566931553937.jpg (622.01 KB, 1080x1781, SmartSelect_20190827-194158_In…)

so yesterday, Mai Magi put on her instagram story something about how someone she thought was a friend has stolen a bunch of her designs with the intention of selling them.

Lila Chris just made a post saying she is about to start a shop… I remember these two hanging out at past M'Era Luna events and WGT etc. I also see that although Lila follows both Mai and Manic Moth, neither of them are following her back…

Makes me wonder because wasn't that why people thought MM and Mai stopped being friends with Psychara - "stealing" designs etc?

No. 858838

She had already said that she hated to work for them because she couldn't dress the way she wanted, she was always without make up

No. 858944

Professional contentccreator right here.

No. 858945

No. 858951

File: 1566939272941.png (1.77 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190827-215440.png)

No. 858959


She’s really driving me crazy with the constant woe is me bellyaching. Where the fuck are her glasses?

No. 858967

Source on IBF saying she hates kids? She's a drama queen, but this is an image board and the polling is to produce sources and images for potential drama, not just bash on people for things we THINK they might have said at some point

That being said, her tweet about that child is clearly made up lol

No. 858995

File: 1566941619558.jpeg (249.68 KB, 1242x1199, 53423D5F-91C1-4F83-A5C2-76A00D…)

I haven’t found a single positive thing to come from this cow. At what point in life do you choose to make life miserable

No. 859026

yea I find it hard to believe she hates kids when she has always said she wanted to have them

also agree the tweet is bullshit kek

No. 859043

File: 1566943578963.png (1.32 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190827-230629.png)

No. 859091

Oh wow LilaChris is a part of this circle too? I used to watch her videos and even though she was another one of those girls who thought that because they wore black and listened to Marilyn Manson and HIM or other Metal bands made them Goff, I thought she was alright (just not a Goth).

Why the fuck didn't she bring her glasses then? We've seen her wear them before. Where is this chick's common sense? Does she really lack it that much?

Whnge Whinge Whinge. Bitch you chose this life, accept it or tone the fuck down a bit when you're going out on a daily basis. It's not rocket science.

No. 859095

>Why the fuck didn't she bring her glasses then?

Because image > common sense, anon.

No. 859123


I feel bad for laughing, but she seems desperate for someone to slap her upside her head. She’s already gotten her hair pulled, and had shit thrown at her. I’m just waiting for the inevitable ‘I got mugged’ 2 am Snapchat when she goes wandering outside in the dark again.

No. 859160

yes she is. I even think >>844510 is about her or runa.jold. Does she know Manic Moth is backstabbing her lol?

No. 859237

Does she seriously dress to the nines just to go food shopping? If that's true, that's proper cringy. Does she not have a "can't be fucked" hoodie and trackie-Bs day at all?

No. 859312

File: 1566960119243.jpg (709.01 KB, 1920x1080, 1558597313825.jpg)

No. 859321


Anon may be referring to this video. At the one minute mark she says she hates these kids who are terrified by her appearance. Her edgelord ass says ""I love children…. with gravy and potatoes."

She does say she wants to have kids with Mr Owl and dress them up all goth.

No. 859322


She’s always been weirdly insecure about her appearance, and I notice she goes through phases where she relaxes, goes outside with her ‘normal’ face, and acts surprised that people treat her nice. Then she immediately reverts back to smudging charcoal dust all over her eyes and acting like the world would end if someone were to see what she really looked like underneath 15 layers of white stage makeup.

No. 859352

You beat me to it kek. I remember that she was always interested in having kids ( she said that in a past q&a)

It's true,l was the supermarket aisle.

Yeah she does that often, there are a couple of old "groceries outfits" on her ig. But she does have her lazy days too (proof on ig as well.

I remember mai posting a story around wgt, saying she broke down in tears because she saw some girl stealing and selling her " designs", and confronting her didn't solve anything.
Maybe the bitch thinks what she makes is too speshul n unique, so she declares war to anyone making Smth remotely similar.

Still wearing makeup despite the eye infection? N now not wearing glasses cuz Goff lewk above everything else? She needs to get her brain checked.

Any milk on that? Runa.jold seems rather chill. The two MMs are going wild lately, not smth you'd expect from ~friendly faeries~ .

No. 859391

I don't get if she's so broke and moneyless, how does she afford this much makeup? A lot of women who wear a normal amount of makeup even feel like they spend too much on it.

No. 859401

she gotta spend that patreon money on something besides food and music festivals and shit. that and i think she just hoards it

No. 859453

>>859391 and she's been sent free makeup in the past.

No. 859495

I mean. She was invited to Kat Von Dickless' 10 year anniversary as a makeup company. Got loads of free stuff. Pretty sure some indie brands have sent her things here and there also. Usually featured in her "favs" videos from time to time or her eye look videos.

No. 859509

>>858834 I'm not sure about people "stealing" Mai's designs. A lot of the stuff she does seems pretty standard. Especially her knitted belts. I'm glad she's using reclaimed materials and such, but belts like that were super common in the 70s. They're all over old craftbooks you can find at any thriftstore.

No. 859510

>>858834 I'm not sure about people "stealing" Mai's designs. A lot of the stuff she does seems pretty standard. Especially her knitted belts. I'm glad she's using reclaimed materials and such, but belts like that were super common in the 70s. They're all over old craftbooks you can find at any thriftstore.

No. 859513

>>858995 Agreeing that she needs to tone it down if she's travelling at night in unsafe places, but she really should be able to just sit in the gardens dressed however she wants without threats of violence. The ned is out of line, even if Freya is an aesthetic try-hard trying to get a reaction. I know Freya thrives on drama, but that doesn't put judgemental neds in the right.

No. 859593

What drama did Freyja have with the Sophie Lancaster foundation?

No. 859597


sorry! Just seen it linked to further down the thread.

No. 859628

I think there may be some truth to this. Maybe she is hoarding the money but playing the pity party to keep getting more to add to the hoard and then when she has enough sucker money, she'll be able to live life without having to work a day in her older age. It's tin-foil hat material but we've seen that she can be manipulative to get what she wants so is it really that much of a farfetched theory?

No. 859651

>>859628 do you think she has enough impulse control for that? I think any money coming in will be spent on "aesthetic" shit.

No. 859664

Same ano (>>859628 )

Eh you're probably right. Maybe I'm giving her too much credit but I just can't help but feel that something is amidst because the gravy train won't last forever and there's just something in the back of my head that IBF is hiding something but I guess we'll just have to see as time moves on.

No. 859725

File: 1567016907185.png (9.53 MB, 1242x2688, A05E517D-628D-44F6-8A8E-008D4A…)

Pretty speechless. You can see how wrecked her skin truly is.

No. 859740

What is she going to London for? Let me guess, she's going to the money that she scammed from those artists, fly home to NZ to see Mr. Owl for a few weeks and then waste more money coming back to the UK without a job lined up?

No. 859748

Meh, it’s hard to tell with the photo being so blown out. I’m curious as to how someone so plain looking has managed to land decent looking men.

No. 859765

Yeah you can't really tell, I can just eye a few "spots" but otherwise it doesn't look awful there

No. 859774

Why does she always wear New Rocks with OTT outfits? they should be paired with a simple look, it looks dumb

No. 859781

Has she… drawn on ginger eyebrows? Why?

No. 859784

yasss another TT unboxing. haven't had one of those in so long. the pastey white foundation really covers up her acne

No. 859790

It could be staining from 'permanent' eyebrows with henna?

No. 859870

Isn't Freya a natural Ginger and she simply shaved her eyebrows off and draws them on? I remember she said in her "Normal transformation" video (not the Kylie Jenner one, the first one) that she was a natural redhead.

For real. New Rocks are designed so OTT that if you wear them with an OTT outfit, it's just gonna look like a mess. She really should just use her simple boots when doing these OTT looks.

No. 859878

Not being funny guys but I thought we were all fellow goths here? Doesn't matter what Freya has done, none of us should be wishing physical violence on somebody for the way they are dressed, no matter how OTT they might be. Remember Sophie Lancaster please. Also anyone who does actually wear "goff fashion" may, like me, still have been heckled and threatened even when dressing down in a t-shirt and leggings on the way to the shop with no makeup on simply because you're the local "weirdo".

No. 859901

I don't think anyone is wishing violence on her directly: it just seems alot like she's going out of her way for something to happen so she can be a victim all over again

No. 859936


I feel the same about the design stealing. Everyone in the witchy goth circle look and dress pretty much alike. I’ve yet to see them do anything that isn’t braided, woven, or distressed in some way.

No. 859939

She's naturally a ginger, said it in several videos. Like in this really old video where she's talking about her hair and what kind of dye she uses.

No. 859992

No one is wishing her violence but it's a fact that she currently lives in a rougher area now and dressing so OTT is not the best idea. And it just feels like what >>859901 that she's intentionally doing all this so she can have something bad happen to her to turn into a media outlet headline.

Right, I thought so.

No. 860044

I don't wish IBF any physical harm, and if anybody were to harm her for her appearance, that would be very wrong. The fact that she would shamelessly milk it for attention wouldn't make it less wrong. Ideally nobody should have to dress a certain way to avoid harm being done to them. I think most og us have toned down our look because we know we'd get into trouble, and potential danger, if we didn't. And that sucks. But we still do it. I also think that if you decide to dress OTT, you can unfortunately expect a certain level of stranger-related bullshit. It sort of comes with the territory, as fucked up as that is. And Freya certainly seems to dwell on that sort of thing a lot. I used to be like that when I was a sulky teenage babybat. But I, and I think most of us, outgrew it.

No. 860087

Not to WK but she's probably charming and likeable, and her real looks have a kind of charm of their own. Her eyes are a beautiful colour and she does have a prodigious bosom.(prodigious bosom)

No. 860118

Then why are you on here anon? Go praise your queen somewhere else. She is only “charming” and “likeable” in the sense that she can manipulate many people into pitying her and giving her cash. She’s scum and a narcissist.

No. 860134

This. >>860118

Of course she's gonna put on a "charming and likeable" front in front of her viewers but it's called reading between the lines. Look at how much she is whinging. Look at how she's choosing to make things harder for herself when it's not even necessary (and even dangerous). Look at how much she e-begs and refuses to just help herself by getting a proper job (she could've gotten the work visa if she got a job, it's not rocket science). Consider the fact that even though Mr. Owl is a doormat, Freya up and left him for another man who she only talked to for a month (and ended up trying to use to sneak her way into Germany and didn't even bother to do the bare minimum like learn the language).

So no, if you actually put 2 and 2 together and read between the lines, that is when you begin to see IBF for who she really is.

No. 860164


Try reading the comment >>860087 was replying to in the first place, you've both entirely missed the mark.

No. 860213

>Ideally nobody should have to dress a certain way to avoid harm being done to them
wow, no shit? ideally nobody should have to lock their doors at night because people should be decent enough not to break in, but you probably lock your at night anyway right? and we're also not saying that her assault would be "not as bad" if she milked it for attention.

i think i speak for most people in this thread when i say that my issue with freyja is not that she wants to dress like that per se but that she puts aesthetics above EVERY THING else in pretty much all situations. she cant go out and do anything without getting goth'd up to the nines, and she cares more about how she looks than anything else she does- and not only that, but then she has the nerve to whine and bitch about the way people treat her for it.

for example, she went to paris and got snubbed at the louvre because of how she was dressed. that sucks BUT literally all she would have to do would be wear a little less makeup/edgy clothes/edgy jewelry. come on, is it really THAT hard? tons of people (like me) would kill for the opportunity to see the louvre and this whiny selfish cunt cant be fucked to tone down her appearance just a little bit to experience it, and then on top of that did her ~woe is i~ spiel. sorry but getting discriminated for the amount of makeup you wear is a first world problem. i dont feel bad for her in the least. also, she whines about the attention she gets and acts like she hates it, but if you watch her """transformation""" videos where she goes in public and people aren't staring at her, you can tell she hates it. i for one believe she dresses the way she does as a way of making herself the center of attention rather than because it's actually how she wants to dress. i know that's a cliche thing to say about goths/alternative people, and i didnt believe that at first (was a fan of her for years) but after following her, that's what i believe now.

No. 860217

Her fat belly sticks out further than her so-called "prodigious" bosom

No. 860226

Pretty much said it all. And the sad thing about the toning down for certain situations is that you can still look dark in a self-satisfying way. I remember that one fashion blog called SophistiqueNoir and she would do some work-appropriate yet still dark and mature styles and any of those looks would've been fine at the Louvre without causing a commotion. And it's just the fact that Freya can't even tone down for certain situations shows how much of a attention whore she is. So much so that she'd put her appearances over sensibility.

No. 860326


Can someone post screenshots?

No. 860333

File: 1567109787043.png (1.11 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190829-211625.png)

No. 860334

File: 1567109792230.jpeg (170.22 KB, 737x995, 172CAD1D-C58B-4543-9036-B3A9AC…)

Adora is at the hospital. I love how she NEEDS to sport the skank look even at the emergency room. Speaking of people who are unable to ever tone down. Who the fuck goes like this to the emergency room/hospital appointments?

No. 860342

god she's a broken record. How can you be constantly uninspired/depressed/demotivated but never even consider that you should probably look into alternative career paths?

No. 860344

Jake back on his clickbait bs, and it's an all together unremarkable video, but what the fuck is going on with his accent? He sounds like some poorly voiced American-British hybrid cartoon character? I know he's been hamming up the weird queen's english since he revamped his "look", but this is a new level of grating

No. 860359

she even got dressed to the nines, in full makeup and clothes while getting on a long haul flight to the UK and she got detained at the airport in London and questioned for hours before getting deported to NZ. Kek.

No. 860371

>>860334 Oh wow. Adora just can't pass up an "aesthetic" opportunity like this.

No. 860372

Is it me, or is thehauntedbat a hoarder?

No. 860398

File: 1567118310868.jpg (1.2 MB, 1440x1716, 20190829_234117.jpg)

She isnt milky, just so annoying.
Aswell as being a hoarder, she super drags out her unboxings. Can't quite stand her, she is a teacher too; can you be a teacher and a Youtuber at the same time?
Norwegianhalloween is another hoarder

No. 860404

Wouldn't surprise me, all her videos are hauls and unboxings. I find her really annoying too, just the way she talks and drags out her descriptions of items we can clearly see the details of. A succinct description will do, but she just goes overboard

No. 860408

>>860372 not gonna lie, I usually get a few things around halloween. But this is pushing it. She's proud of herself for only buying 3 snowglobes so far this year, and she'd bought five by this time last year. That's a lot of halloween tat.

No. 860509

She's gonna find that virtually impossuble because she has no real interests. Let me guess, that list has "haul" in the title somewhere or "unboxing". Whooppee because she hasn't already uploaded millions of those. Just sad.

For real anon. She's already burned out when she hardly uploads any worthwhile content. That's not gonna fly with her viewers forever (or maybe it will, they've stayed with her this long).

Oh right, that happened. Just another example that if you simply tone things down in appropriate situations, you can stay out of this kind of unnecessary trouble. Again, you can look dark and goff in a subtle way.

Kinda. But remember she's a big fan of Toxic Tears.

Holy Halloween lol. Why does she need so much Halloween stuff?

Also gotta add that she's another one of those posers who thinks that because she likes Halloween and spooky shit but not the music makes her Goth. I think she was featured in that cringy alphabet Goth A-Z video…

Same here anon. Halloween can be a good time to get a few decorations but there really has to be a limit before it can turn into clutter.

No. 860516

jumping on the bandwagon to try and get those sweet views. he could've at least watched a few ppl play to get a general idea of things. hopefully this won't be a series b/c him shouting constantly is irritating and his commentary is just a snooze fest.

No. 860518

Exactly. It isn't about looking 'dark' for Freyja. It's about looking extreme. If she wasn't a goth I bet she would find some other way of looking extreme/over the top.

No. 860536

I hate Freyja but I also hate how people feel so bad for Mr Owl. I understand feeling bad for him at first but after he dropped his new gf to get back with Freyja how can you feel bad for him? No one forced him to do that.

No. 860571

And he started dating Nadia when she was 17 while he was 40 so Mr Owl is kind of a cunt himself.

No. 860589

Wasnt he like 40 at that point? Ew.

No. 860663

>>860536 Don't feel sorry for Mr Owl at all. Started dating a 17-year old, dumped her as soon as his hag was available again, and was clearly in on the wedding fundraiser bullshit.

No. 860666

I wonder if he dated this girl only because IBF was saying that she copied her (was this before the whole Mathias thing?). Like, a form of “revenge” getting together with the girl that IBF didn’t like/hated. In which case would make him even more of an ass as then it would be clear that he definitely used that poor girl.

No. 860677

>feeling so uninspired right now
>right now
….When are you NOT feeling uninspired, Kaya??!

No. 860681

File: 1567163914133.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190830-002406.png)

No. 860683

File: 1567164546693.png (1.55 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190830-122926.png)

No. 860689

File: 1567166245895.png (706.44 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190830-125644.png)

No. 860702

At this point I'm almost hoping the artist is keeping part of the proceeds and is running a scam of their own. But that's probably wishfull thinking.

No. 860711

>a lazy day at home
So any day for Kaya.

No. 860717

I was a fan of IBF and TT, however while watching their videos recently, I started to really dislike them. I thought I was just being petty, so had a look online to see if it was just me, and came across you guys! You nailed exactly how I have been feeling about these two, and I'm a little embarrassed to say I was ever a fan!

No. 860722

I think that's a common experience for a lot of us Anon. Just take comfort in the fact that you had the good sense to apply critical thinking. A lot of people stick to stubbornly supporting them no matter what.

No. 860732

This is honestly ridiculous. There are people who are truly deserving of our help that get nothing, and these fans are willing to throw money at someone who is capable of earning her own.

That aside, the issues that IBF has, don't appear monetary. I am very understanding when it comes to depression, and mental illness, but there comes a point, granted a very difficult point, where you have to own up to your problems, and do something about it! Continually throwing money at her, and supporting her poor decisions will not actually help in the long run.

No. 860742

I would happily donate to a fundraiser for her if I could be sure she would use the money to get mental help, and would follow her therapist's advice. For all her spending and travelling and attention-seeking she doesn't seem happy at all. The reason she's doing all of this is because she has serious issues. That's not an excuse of course, and she owes it to herself, and the people she victimises, to get help.

No. 860750

Exactly, this was clearly attempt at that socially awkward OTT ragequit cartoon character style humour, but he’s not bad at the game in a funny way, he’s just bad in a way that means absolutely nothing entertaining happens. You’re right in that if he should’ve done some research or played before and picked a game that not literally every gaming youtuber has played to death for the past 10 years, but he and Kaya are point blank terrible at their “jobs”, so I’m not surprised it was a lazy shitshow.

No. 860752

Almost same anon. Like for the amount she spends on crap she could definitely afford a few therapy sessions if she budgeted for them. Imagine what a potential difference it would make in her life. I think I’d ALMOST respect if she crowdfunded a sincere attempt at getting help rather than all the other shite.

No. 860753

EVERY time she literally asks for video suggestions she has a shitty response, what is she expected to her? People request less unboxings and she composes an essay about how few unboxings she really does, people lovingly request other content and she says she’s done it or complains that it’s hard/wah the algorithm. What?? Why ask??

No. 860755

You're probably right. If it wasn't Goth, it would be something else.

Guilty. I used to feel bad for him because I thought he was just some poor sucker who didn't realize he was being taken advantage of but then when Freya's sham marriage fell apart and Mr. Owl was so quick to break up with Obsolete_Pleasures just like that, that's when I knew he really was a doormat and I just could not feel bad for him anymore.

This too. I keep forgetting that Mr. Owl is in his 40s and it's just… Not in good taste to be in a relationship with a teenager who is still in high school. I don't know if it's different in New Zealand but yeah, just inappropriate.

Giving the biggest mega sigh. Yep, enablers.

What >>860722 said. Try not to worry or beat yourself over this, most of us were fans of one or the other or both at one time only to catch on at some point how manipulative, narcissistic, lazy, and/or just plain awful. I'm sure most of us didn't want to think these things but when you look at things with a critical eye, you just can't ignore the issues anymore.

You could be right and that >>860742 said could indicate she uses her careless spending and traveling as a way to cope with some sort of depression but at the end of the day, you have to help yourself because she's had so many opportunities to get help and there's only so much one can do.

No. 860774

File: 1567185745091.png (845.92 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190830-182039.png)

No. 860775

File: 1567185776306.png (765.77 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190830-182159.png)

No. 860777

File: 1567185802074.png (728.91 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190830-182233.png)

No. 860780


I bet other people have told her to get help throughout her life, especially if we see it, someone else has to acknowledge that she’s got issues.

Unfortunately she would never use the money responsibly, she would just go back to galavanting across the world and drinking cheap liquor, running back to NZ when she fucks up somewhere, crying on her mom and Mr. Owl, hoarding money, and then immediately jumping back on a plane when her life becomes too settled and normal.

No. 860800

File: 1567189114705.png (508.04 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190830-191841.png)

No. 860807

Seems like more and more people are waking the fuck up. It's true, the best way to help IBF is to tell her to do one and help herself. She has a home that she can go back to anytime, her excuses are bullshit, ignore her for long enough and she'll do it.

No. 860850

right, it's not her followers' jobs to think of ideas, that what she wanted to do and i'm sure that one can use google for ideas. or heck, just jump on the trends that are already happening and make them ~spooky~, that would be better than showing off more clothes or taking things out of a box.

do some of those five minute crafts or whatever hacks and put your own spin on them. it's not that hard, and maybe if you stopped whining about everything ppl would be more prone to wanting to watch your content.

No. 860884

Jake played minecraft for his metalassgaming channel. he dedicated 3 videos to it alone so him pretending to not have a clue what he's doing in this video is so cringe

No. 860891

File: 1567202395609.png (596.77 KB, 637x581, gg.png)

in what world is this considered a good look?
I wonder if kaya still finds him attractive

No. 860893

Good. Last thing someone like IBF needs is more enablers willing to throw money in the bottomless dark pit that is her coping mechanism (reckless spending habits). She's in serious need of tough love, coddling and "support" will only keep her diving deeper and deeper into whatever shitty state she's in.

No. 860896

Dear god, he looks like a clown. And not like a sinister killer clown either. He looks like the kind of clown who gets bullied by the kids at the childrens' parties he performs at, and drinks himself to sleep on his dingy couch afterwards.

No. 860900

Yeah same, it's about time more people are wising up to her BS. I think the fundraiser was the breaking point or "peak Black Friday" moment for some people as they're starting to notice the reality of IBF's situation where she really is making her own problems and disregarding common sense and logic (I.E go back home and get things together).

No. 860902

File: 1567203767135.jpeg (160.82 KB, 750x787, D12F0FB6-9DFF-43FA-82F4-1C4459…)

As if she would ever actually do it. We all know she is just going to lay around in her hoard pile, eat junk food and whine about how “difficult” her life is.

No. 860904

File: 1567203874772.jpeg (80.78 KB, 750x465, 80AAA223-C5EC-4968-9DC9-950939…)

(Same anon)Yep, knew it. Gorge your face with ice cream you fat, lazy, entitled cow

No. 861005

File: 1567218772540.jpg (559.43 KB, 1280x1405, n7l3wotKH31rrue9uo1_1280.jpg)

Is maimagi a retard? she used to be a frumpy pasty gosurori before she met psychara and started skinwalking her bff, she ain't the one to complain about copying.

No. 861007

File: 1567218901925.jpg (382.79 KB, 1145x1639, n8gau76mJf1rrue9uo1_1280.jpg)

No. 861008

File: 1567219020004.jpg (158.72 KB, 680x960, mx3qghPdqD1rrue9uo1_1280.jpg)

No. 861009

File: 1567219121358.jpg (360.07 KB, 1280x1864, mqv37htB9j1rrue9uo1_1280.jpg)

No. 861010

File: 1567219287892.jpg (527.08 KB, 984x800, nc5t5nJ8AZ1rp1dgdo1_1280.jpg)

when maimagi met psychara, suddenly she's a goth and witchy af overnight. fuck her, she's a fake bitch.

No. 861011

File: 1567219429552.jpg (163.95 KB, 900x600, nilj2tb4uG1rrue9uo1_1280.jpg)

doesn't get more obvious than this example

No. 861024

She literally had "witchy" tattoos in those pictures. Looks like she was going for the weeb garden witch look to me.

What's with the vendetta?

No. 861065

Where are the “witchy tattoos” on the pictures posted?
Cuz that looks like a straight up skin walk for the people that don’t follow these mongs

No. 861092

File: 1567224987018.png (411.94 KB, 677x1205, 1.png)

No. 861096

Woah, this is a way better look for her too. What a shame.

No. 861107

Does her dumbfuck mum not realize we can see that Freyja currently has 350 patrons on Patreon and how many views her videos acquires per month. She may not be filthy rich but if she uses her money responsibly instead of constantly traveling, eating out, drinking, etc she can live a comfortable life without ever doing real work. 'Many hours of work' bitch where???? What has she done recently to deserve more money?
Gosh, her mum is delusional. That's why I don't believe anything she had to say about Matthias.

No. 861113

File: 1567226540503.jpg (321.29 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_20190830-222334_Ins…)

Someone finally told her off. I guess the comments are being deleted though. They should just take down the stupid fundraiser

No. 861121

diva.destruktion, if you lurk here, just know we appreciate you.

No. 861132

These comments are giving me life I feel like this will bring milk and kaya is so fuckin stale rn

No. 861143

What parent wants their kid to be living on the bones of their arse, miserable in a foreign land with no security, when they can come home, live with their beloved soulmate, apply for work and visas together overseas while saving enough money and getting healthy and happy enough to make their dreams come true?

Something is not right.

No. 861144

>>860896 He looks like a bad drag Kelly Osborne impersonator on the verge of declaring a trans identity.

No. 861145

>IBF's mum telling people to mind their own business
Take your own advice you overbearing nutjob.

No. 861163

File: 1567232307436.jpg (181.67 KB, 592x813, 20190831_161755.jpg)

Stage mom is back… Karen needs a hobby.

No. 861165

She is such a dreg of a person. She could be having a "fulfilling and productive life full of creative projects and meaningful experiences" but she's so fucking lazy to do it. She's in a position that a lot of actual creative people would kill to have but she just farts it all away to be a lazy glutton.

Free clothes don't pay the bills but with all the shit she's accumulated over the years of getting it, she could've sold the clothes she doesn't wear anymore for extra money.

Exactly. Her mom is not being the sharpest tool in the shed when you can clearly see the context of her earnings (Patreon and Social Blade estimate of YouTube videos). The reason she's struggling is because she's terrible with money.

Fucking yes, thank you Diva.Destruction It's true, it feels like her mom really is trying to live vicariously through her daughter and it's pathetically sad. Like seriously stop enabling your daughters horrible lifestyle.

Do you think this will get out on YouTube?

Like seriously shut up. Diva.Destruction wasn't implying that IBF was rich. The point was that she does have some money but she's clearly mishandling it.

No. 861166

File: 1567233411963.png (358.92 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190830-233624.png)

Doesn't seem like IBF knows her friends posted here about Moon Moon

If she did if expect a vague passive aggressive calling out which she hasn't done yet

No. 861167

File: 1567233600140.png (5.37 MB, 1242x2688, C0EFF99E-CF1B-4FA3-A2E3-65FB15…)

Just some more begging from IBF for someone to house her. Than she can justify spending money in London

No. 861168

So which one is it Karen? Travel is cheap therefore she should have Patreon money saved up? Or. Freyja is broke from her move and needs a large sum of money right now?
Pick one.

No. 861170

I hope her 'friend' just directly tells her she'll never get Moon Moon back. She was bold enough to post here about Moon Moon never having to go on a plane again, may as well tell the cow that.
Perhaps Freyja does knows she's not getting her back but is playing it off like they'll get renunited soon so her fans won't turn on her for bringing a cat into another country just to ditch her.

No. 861173

File: 1567234447299.jpeg (355.8 KB, 1237x2155, 68170D6B-20AE-4C02-AC9E-550FF6…)

How does this horse face have a heap of followers? Her singing is beyond shite, looks terrible and won’t dress her age, tacky house decorations and doesn’t post anything interesting.
This one baffles me and I really want to know how she’s popular

Photo is of her trying to cover some song from HIM for her Patreons. I’ve never cringed so hard

No. 861177

I lowkey hope they won't tell her that Moon Moon is staying with them forever because I feel like if she acknowledges that, she will try to get her no matter what conditions she's living at the moment.

No. 861195

File: 1567239671915.jpg (619.81 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20190831-041929_OGI…)

So many great points being made and happily no bids

No. 861199

imagine having your mom fight your online battles for you when you're a grown ass adult.

No. 861206


She’s given different answers for where the cat(s) are, since most everyone asks about Moon the most. First she was at a cat hotel…then she was staying with a ‘friend’ who had several cats… She’s constantly vague posting because I think she did honestly give most of her pets away permanently in the first place, and the stories about them being on loan to others is total deflecting BS. She isn’t planning on getting them back.


>Something is not right.

Something really isn’t right. I wonder how Freya is ever going to recover from this. She’s pretty much given up on actually doing her ‘job’, she’s just floundering in the UK like a dolt, she has no prospects or future. Karen is trying way too hard to deflect from her daughter’s stupidity and epic fail of an existence.


I liked this look on her better than her current phase. But I think it just highlights the fact these girls are followers, even though they try to give the impression they’re so unique, special, and individualistic.

No. 861209

File: 1567244278594.png (109.27 KB, 523x328, ugh.PNG)

No. 861219

This is fucking embarrassing.

No. 861221

I can't see the long badass reply to Karen from diva.destruktion
Is there censorship happening?
Also Karen clearly is a narcissist in the disorder meaning of the word. You can't make them see reason, ever, it's pointless to argue with this type of people. You can have every evidence on a table in front of them and they still would deny everything.

No. 861226

Sagefag, but how does Karen not know about this place? Now that I think about how she runs to fight everyone on the internet who has anything less than stellar to say about IBF, I'm surprise she hasn't raided these threads yet

No. 861227

Well done to those calling out IBF on those fans art auction page.

Her mum is dreadful, can only guess she doesn't want to return to NZ
cos she will have to live with her mum and not mr Owl( possible break up? Or his place is too small/ some other bs other excuse of why they can't live together until after the wedding).

Yeah, sadly some idiot's continue to kiss her arse but overall
I do think more and more people are waking up to Freya's laziness & entitled attitude.

Freya continues to make a decent amount from AdSense and especially Patreon. Yet she expects some fan to pay her travel down to London..London edge is TOMORROW.fact is if you book a couple weeks in advance that trip is very cheap indeed on Megabus.
She lived in UK before and knows travel is only cheap here if booked far in advance.

Freya is supposedly an important alt influencer, you'd think she would have booked her travel and lined up a fan to stay with weeks if not months ago.

No. 861228

I'm surprised the toxic twosome haven't reached out to her. Weren't they going to london edge too? It would be a good opportunity for shameless self-promotion.

No. 861231

Yeah hope that happens Anon, it will be good for some very cheap laughs.

TBH, Not sure Jake would do a collab video with IBF, not room enough for both their massive egos.

All she needs is to get some suckers to pay her travel and she can doss down with Kaya and clown boy and their chums wherever they are staying.

No. 861237

I got the impression that Owl still lives in the flat the two of them shared back in the day. So that wouldn't be the case. I'm not even sure that her mother lives in the same city as her and Owl were living in.

No. 861241

Would that flat accomodate her hoard though. Heaven forbid she leaves behind or sells any of her skull-encrusted crap.

No. 861242

I don't think he does. He lived with Nadia, they moved into a new apartment together. I don't know of he still lives in this same apartment he shared with her, but it's not the same IBF lived.
Also, now it seems, from IBFs video surprising Mr owl that he lives in a house now

No. 861244

He and his barely legal BF were living together when he dumped her as soon as IBF snapped her fingers? What a scumbag.

No. 861246

File: 1567253726962.png (1001.78 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190831-125635.png)

No. 861248

File: 1567253808887.png (755.58 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190831-131707.png)

No. 861249

File: 1567253833108.png (1.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190831-131724.png)

No. 861257


Oh boy, anybody watching momma IBFs profiles? I don't use social media but I'm curious if this'll ruffle Freyjas moms feathers.

Also, as someone who has had to live on $0.50 ramen for weeks to survive/make rent it rubs me the wrong way that IBF whines about having "no money" but still wants to go to London Edge. Does Owl send her money or something on top of her patreon/views cash???

No. 861266

That person is being way too polite.

No. 861294

I screenshotted it too. I’ve never smashed a mute button so fast. How is she not embarrassed? She can’t actually think her covering HIM sounded like anything other than a dying seal.

No. 861300

A. We are not a list of things
B. How about you fix yourself?
C. Stop talking in quaint verbage. You're rough as. Don't try to fool anyone that you're not.

No. 861303

Oh Karen she just has to be heard. Bitch your daughter was a joke from day 1. Recent events have only made things blatantly obvious to those on the slow side see this now. Regardless of whether or not she gets paid for videos or other bullshit… she is a liar and a scam artist. She is an embarrassing emo who needs to grow the fuck up. Think about it. What's the difference between asking for money on the street from strangers and asking for money from other people online? it's pathetic. Get a job. Learn some life skills. The goth scene is horrified by her. There are genuine people actually suffering and her whining is a disgrace.

No. 861305

Does she actually think she's helping? Because she has to know she's making IBF look worse. Or maybe it's a narc thing and she just wants to be noticed no matter what.

No. 861312


I think she enjoys the fifteen minutes of attention and raging at people on the internet. I don’t think she cares what happens to IBF, since she doesn’t seem to be overly concerned her daughter is bumming her way through the British Isles.

No. 861316

There are exceptions but NZ folk are a bit on the rough side. Its a weird country and seems to spit out ferals.

No. 861317

Some parents are just Like That. They will helicopter around their kids no matter what, trying to influence their every decision, fight every stranger and would never notice how embarrassing they are for their kids. I'm sure that some of IBF's issues come from a parent who cares way too much, thus making becoming a normal-functioning adult a hard challenge for Freyja even in her thirties.

If that's the case, no wonder she'd rather live on the other side of the globe but nowhere near her mother.

No. 861331


Speaking of dysfunctional family dynamics, remember when Freyja posted this video last year when she was forced to go back to NZ? I was watching it last night just to see what her frame of mind was at the time.

No. 861467

File: 1567277351124.png (703.34 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190831-194929.png)

No. 861481

Bravo waningspirit. She doesn't even make the scene look good. She used to talk about disspelling negative stereotypes by being nice. But she's a nasty, overly dramatic, abbrasive entitled bitch.

No. 861510

I don't know much about her outside of her shitty wannabe metal band but I feel like maybe she got more of her following when she collaborated with IBF with that tacky bag?

Yeah considering that IBF is like 33-34, it's pretty sad considering that IBF is not bothering to try to defend herself and is having her mum do it for her. Maybe it's because deep down IBF knows these people are right.

> All she needs is to get some suckers to pay her travel and she can doss down with Kaya and clown boy and their chums wherever they are staying.

Considering how some of her fans are still vert quick to throw money at her, I can see that happening already.

I mean this is cool and all but I have the feeling she's either gonna puss out because of the inevitable backlash she'll get or she'll go way to light on her to the point where IBF will just disregard it.

Politeness is fine but with narcissists like IBF and her mother, they need to hear the full extent of problems. Like I said, I knew the girl would go too light on IBF. It's so sad that the only one who gave IBF a no-nonsense response happened to not be all there in the mind a bit (Ruadhan). And we saw how that turned out.

>If that's the case, no wonder she'd rather live on the other side of the globe but nowhere near her mother.

If this is really the reason why she doesn't want to go home, either suck it up and get a job to support yourself so you can live or suck it up and go home temporarily and get things back in order, then leave. FFS couldn't she just stay with Mr. Doormat? Seeing how he was so fast to drop Nadia the moment IBF's sham relationship ended, he would more than likely let her live with him.

I'm sorry anon but even if her mom is batshit insane and that is why Freya doesn't want to go home, wondering around a country you don't know and putting yourself in potentially dangerous situations is not a better alternative.

Kudos to both Waningspirit and diva.destruction for speaking up on this trainwreck. Waningspirit was totally right

>What has she contributed to the gothic community and to her followers? Why does she "deserve" to be given money for doing absolutely nothing? This is a fucking joke.

Right the fuck on. She really hasn't contributed anything to the actual Goth scene. She doesn't talk about Goth music, she doesn't feature new or local Goth bands on her channel, she does donate to charities, she doesn't hold giveawats to give back to her followers, she doesn't make Goth music, she doesn't do fucking anything. And yet those dim artists think she is so deserving of money. Bitch for what? Wake the fuck up.

No. 861535

Basic Witches boc. Seems appropriate.

No. 861550

In NZ a flat is usually in a house. Or even a whole house. Only modern expensive "apartments" have locked front doors etc that you have to go through to get to your own place.

No. 861567

File: 1567286514024.jpeg (271.2 KB, 828x653, 2745A66B-A72C-466D-9B7B-B7D0E4…)


No. 861570

File: 1567286873495.jpg (194.92 KB, 642x763, 20190901_072737.jpg)

No. 861573

Is this her content for the next 6 months? Freyja looks for a job but gets rejected because of her appearance or whatever…. seriously just fuck off.

No. 861575


She could probably get a good job in production, they like weird looking/quirky people. I just wonder if she’s disciplined enough to actually work as she seems allergic to consistency, routine, and schedules.

No. 861576

>even if her mom is batshit insane and that is why Freya doesn't want to go home, wondering around a country you don't know and putting yourself in potentially dangerous situations is not a better alternative.

Of course it isn't! I'm just saying that it's sometimes very hard to be an independent adult who relies on themselves with invasive parents. Especially if they offer financial help all the time, which seems to be the case.

No. 861588

I honestly think they haven't reached out because they're intimidated by her. The toxic twosome are straight up posers and while IBF is a little bitch, she seems to (?) actually like goth music so Kaya and Jake would be out of their depth with her

No. 861597

She is too flaky to show up on time… to work with others… its always a drama. I would be surprised if she was to pull it off consistently for a year. 6 months tops.

No. 861604

File this under "believe it when I see it".

No. 861623

File: 1567296717013.png (1.81 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190901-011210.png)

No. 861663

She should be filling out job applications for this but eh… It's a start I guess? Let's just see if she follows through.

Bringing up some more realness.

Oh god anon, just when I thought that maybe she is gonna turn things around, I can totally see this happening… I hope she doesn't though.

(Anon you're replying to). I get that but still, she's not making things better. Like what happens if she's wandering around at night and gets abducted or something? You see what I mean? At the very least she could at least go back to Mr. Owl's flat or even rent a small apartment for a short period of time or just, something. Anything where she's not putting herself in danger in a place she doesn't know.

No. 861664

Samefag, when I said "Rent a small apartment", I meant back in NZ where she's around a support network.

No. 861825

No. 861833

I think this is the point Angela Benedict made in this video. DON'T VLOG YOUR PERSONAL SHIT.

No. 861855

This woman is in her forties. This is embarrassing.

No. 861856

What difference does it make how old she is? Being horror based is so MOR now. Im bored.

No. 861873

File: 1567328170109.jpeg (211.45 KB, 960x960, 873B33C5-0DE6-4A12-9379-DAEC4E…)

Aside from the occasional looking-like-a-busted-drag-queen, IBF’s Matthias was actually…kinda hot?

Nice jawline, pretty eyes, decently tall.

No. 861884

Without the makeup he looks really quite good.

No. 861892

wasn't this the woman who made a cringey video about jake munro and how he inspired her?

No. 861919

I dunno. I think her not being a teenager maked it worse. She's old enough to know better. Worshipping a tool like Jake when presumably you have enough life experience to spot a narc like count von pudge is really sad.

No. 861924

dear god this woman talks so slow, she takes 8 minutes to actually get to the point. all she really did in this video was recap the IBF drama (pretty well imo) and thankfully admits that IBF's problems are caused by herself and her impulsivity, saying that IBF needs to get her shit together. but other than that she was way too nice, and even though she admitted IBF should have toned down her look to get into the bone church that she wasn't allowed into (because of her goff appearance that the church deemed as demonic) it was still "unfair" that she would have to tone down her look. I say this is bullshit, since it's literally a church built by catholics for catholics, if they don't want someone in there that they deem demonic, how exactly is that unfair? stupid.

I thought he was generally considered attractive.

No. 861929

I agree. But I also think it was nice that someone who didn't come across as unhinged made a video directly addressing IBF. Angela only obliquely referred to it, though I don't blame her for doing so, because nobody needs IBF's rabid fanbase to deal with. And Ruadhan had some good points, but really undermined his own credibillity with the unfounded racism accusations, and generally came across as slightly unhinged. This made him easier to dismiss. I think this lady did a good job. I think if she'd been too harsh it would have created backlash, and would have made IBF look like a victim.

No. 861933

File: 1567336465333.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 612.99 KB, 1241x2074, 8529B1A1-263F-443D-8CB6-EDD82C…)

Spoiler because it’s horseface trying to be sexy?
Blurred the shit out of her face but not of her sun damaged skin or tit sag. Whyyyyyy?

No. 861935

yeah i suppose everything you said is true, it's nice to have a sane person criticize IBF even if they're more polite than I would have been. Ruadhan is not all there and probably made people have even more sympathy for her and just made himself look like a nutjob sjw with the racism accusation.

>my grandpa just died, here have a seductive titty pic
what the actual fuck

No. 861936

File: 1567337307567.png (26.78 KB, 720x203, Screenshot_2019-08-31-04-35-28…)

Dear god why

No. 861937

She's even more of a horse face than SocialRetard…. Imagine if they had a kid together.

No. 861946

Pewdiepie is a screeching racist. So high praise indeed.

No. 861951

the triple moon motif. sometimes you see it with a pentacle used for the 'full moon' in the middle but it's a really popular pagan/witch-related symbol.

No. 861952

File: 1567340773253.png (687.55 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190901-132638.png)

No. 861965

Everytime I see her face I have to remind myself that's a real human and not a joke edit

No. 861969

Right! I keep having the same thought. She really looks remarkably unfortunate. I really think she's trying to be "goth" because it beats being known mostly for her horseface

No. 861992


I was looking at the comment above the one about Karen, and I am wondering why the IBF defenders keep trying to pull the ‘it’s a nice gesture! Kindness!’ card. Several people have used that excuse to justify blindly helping her/defending her choices.


I know everyone grieves differently, but she doesn’t seem to be too upset about it, lmao.


Personally for me, I felt like Ruadhan was just trying to go viral, I don’t think he was genuinely frustrated with IBF. He knows racism accusations are the easiest and cheapest way to get people worked up these days, and I think he was exploiting that angle hoping some triggered SJW would take the bait and cause a shitstorm so that he could get asspats for ‘taking down IBF’. He’s clearly apart of the oppressed snowflakes club.


Matt is really handsome. He just seems a bit immature.

No. 862012

Oh absolutely. When I said Ruadhan made some good points, I did not mean to imply his intentions were noble. He was obviously trying to go viral. At tge time he was also plugging his gofundme to pay for an exterminator, as well as a patreon, amazon wishlist, and "buy me a coffee." He's a shameless self-promoter, and it was hilarious when he made that video about ofherbsandaltars "creating drama for attention." Obviously Dorian is an overly-dramatic trainwreck. But pot, meet kettle…

No. 862017


I also noticed he only picks on female goth tubers. I don’t think he’s said diddly squat about any men. I knew he was trans but I had no idea he was female to male until recently when I was going through his videos and he had posted this recently complaining about being ‘misgendered’ and whatever.

No. 862028

Ah. A paypal tip jar too I see. His amazon wishlist is all dairy alternatives and black pasta. Is there any milk on him, or is he just generally cringy?

No. 862050


Ppl on here keep sayig noone knew hes trans or whatever, esp sence that 1 cmt a cpl threds back, but rudahan brings it up ALOT




Mayb 1/2 his stream i catch, he say smthing bout it

And other ppl talk bout him being tran to:


Plus than massive chest scar n weird nips. It's rly obvious.

No. 862061

I think he transitioned very convincingly. I did not know he was FtoM before he mentioned it.

No. 862068

File: 1567360944275.png (2.07 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190901-190242.png)

No. 862072

File: 1567361180160.png (432.72 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190901-190223.png)

No. 862073


I kind of thought he may have been female to male when we first started talking about him in the previous thread, but I didn’t want to make any assumptions.

No. 862120

No. 862127


Lmao where is he getting this £900 from?! Are they trying to go first class and stay at some fancy hotel?

No. 862140

Friends with wifetodarkness on fb.she tried her own ebegging a few years ago and failed miserably

No. 862141

I couldn't tell you. Travel within the UK is fairly cheap all things considered and finding accommodation in even the largest cities can be surprisingly affordable. Travelodge is literally everywhere and costs £30 a night.

No. 862142


He is pulling the 900 quid out of his arse so people will donate.

Reckon that lonely housewife heather will be donating as we speak

No. 862150

oh boo-fucking-hoo, not everyone gets to do all the things. either learn how to save up or get another job beside youtube, patreon and selling merch to gullible ppl. ya'll took a twitch donation for a cemetery date that never happened but want to bitch about not going to an event, first world problems.

also, if they do wind up moving to barcelona, is he going to bitch about being all the way there and flights being five times as much lol.

No. 862171

File: 1567368773285.png (1.88 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190901-211319.png)

No. 862185

This is the first time I've seen a full explanation of IBF being "deported" and "jailed" and I can't believe she a) had no visa arrangements and b) told them she was there to work. What did she think would happen?

No. 862192

Matthias has a saggy double chin on some candid photos. There are tons of more handsome goth guys than him, but each to their own.

kekeke tit pic for grandpa's funeral announcement, fucking cringe. Mrs Horseface being a tone-deaf dolt again.

the tattoo just proves how much of a poser mai is. She never fully transitioned to anything close to goth before psychara came into the picture. Her tumblr was full of sweet lolita reposts before that.

No. 862195

Can you share the milk on this? I haven’t heard anything about wifetodarkness.

No. 862238

File: 1567374659091.png (1.46 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190901-225024.png)

No. 862258

it costs AT MOST £100 to fly to london, travel lodge is about £50 a night last minute. he just wants peoples to hand him over £900 and he'll pocket most of it

No. 862266

Or ferry-bus or train like normal people.

If they hate NI so much why don't they move to England? It's not like they've got jobs.

Besides at this rate they'll find themselves living in the Republic and then life might actually get genuinely shitty in Belfast again.

No. 862298

wifey got a lot of surgery or is dat chin supposed to be naturally pointy? I'm betting on cheek fillers and plastic surgery.

I'd love to hear her ebegging stories, spill the beans.

No. 862310

So… like a house

"Eat a pie". Not a slice of pie. A pie.

He is! He seems to be pretty tall and big too. But this is nothing new, everyone is saying this for ages

I have nothing against trans people in general, but honestly: how can you complain about being misgendered if you walk around looking like a woman? How will people even know?

He has said on reddit that he was a very ugly woman with gigantic tits. But I think he's convincing too. Maybe people misgender him thinking it's a dufe trying to be a woman, so mtf? He dresses so ambiguously, no one knows wtf goes inside your head

Yeah! It took me 10 fucking years to be able to go to a festival I wanted sooo badly to go to. It was only this year I got to. It's life. I felt sad and frustrated but not like this fucking asshole thinking the world owns it to him.

I think it's naturally ugly

No. 862334


It's kinda creepy how alike they look.

No. 862341

wait, so he was born a female? that explains the high voice and his height.

lol you said "dairy alternatives" and then asked if there was milk and i thought you meant literal milk

they really don't look alike at all. they sort of have similar lips but other than that their faces are totally different.

is this bitch ever not complaining? does she ever do anything besides bitch and complain? i usually hate those people who say things like "stop complaining, lots of people have it much worse than you and they don't complain" but with this cunt i think it's appropriate. her life is nothing but laziness and if you ask her why she doesn't do anything productive she'll say "muh depression". i do believe she has mental health issues but i still don't have sympathy because she lives in a country where health care is free yet hasn't tried to get help all these years.

No. 862347

File: 1567393216236.png (655.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-01-19-00-26…)

No. 862350

First world problems. I think she's trying to empathize with other lazy followers. Wouldn't it be more positive if she stopped being an eternal cry baby?

No. 862360


Yes. I agree that it makes the height and voice more understandable.


>Maybe people misgender him thinking it's a dufe trying to be a woman, so mtf? He dresses so ambiguously, no one knows wtf goes inside your head

From the video, it seems he has (or had?) an alleged troll who thought he was a “badly transitioned m2f”. His words, not mine, lol.

Like you said, he dresses so ambiguously and there are days he looks more masculine than others. He looked really femme in earlier videos but now looks a little more male.

No. 862382

>>"Eat a pie". Not a slice of pie. A pie.

Are you in US anon? Eating a pie in the UK is normal. There are single serving ones like chicken&mushroom or steak&ale, it's a normal meal item. Staple of Scottish cuisine, hence why she felt the need to bring it up.

Saged for piefag

No. 862393

Also a staple of NZ cuisine. For IBF not to eat a pie would be more noteworthy.

No. 862435

Mai Magi just uploaded a video announcing she'll be selling thrifted items. I think it's a nice initiative, but her prices are really high, even for items that she doesn't seem to have done any modifying on. She's phrasing it as an altruistic gesture for those poor souls who cannot go thrifting themselves, but it looks loke she's raking in a tidy profit. $35 for a thrifted sweater…

No. 862443

> keep it affordable
> high street prices

yeah… what? i honestly don't mind this idea at all, but everything in her store is extremely overpriced. i mean good for her if people wanna pay that price, the items actually look nice… but 30$ for a scarf is gonna be a yikes from me

No. 862446

Especially if she herself paid $5 for it at most. If it's stuff she's upcycled at least I can understand charging for labor.

No. 862466

Mai Magi is really shameless. She is likely plundering local goodwill stores to resell cheap items for profit. It's in no way altruistic, it's blatant money grubbing at the expense of the poor. Goodwill items are envisaged for people who can't afford new clothing, not for a sucker like her to finance her poseur witch lifestyle. I'm barfing.

>bitch thinks what she makes is too speshul n unique, so she declares war to anyone making Smth remotely similar

This. Mai has been targeting Catinawitchhat, accusing her of skinwalking without evidence and sending nasty worded messages to her. She and her unhinged friend Mareridt also orchestrated a smear campaign against Catinawitchhat in real life, literally calling her a bitch in front of third parties. Manic Moth jumped the bandwagon to accuse Felvae of copying her, she also pretended to be Catinawitchhat's friend when she actually supported Mai in slandering her.
The story comes from a very legit source close to the drama. I might be outing myself but IMHO people deserve to know about the true nature of the toxic MMs.

No. 862468

I have to go to work so I couldn't watch the video but I'm not surprised she went too light on her. I think that's going to be the case if people make videos on her about this for fear of being dog-piled on by her ass-kissers who will flood them. We've already seen what happens when someone is really aggressive when Ruadhan did this so I think some people are just being cautious.

All this. At the very least this lady isn't unhinged and that will make people take her more seriously. I don't know anon, if you were to do this, how would you have gone about it?

> yeah i suppose everything you said is true, it's nice to have a sane person criticize IBF even if they're more polite than I would have been. Ruadhan is not all there and probably made people have even more sympathy for her and just made himself look like a nutjob sjw with the racism accusation.

Especially when Dorian (OfherbsAndAltars) butt in.

Fucking idiots.

To be fair anon, which Male Goth YouTubers could he even go for? There aren't very many of them unless you mean him maybe going after Jake (who isn't even a Goth anyway). I mean the only male Youtubers in Goth I know are Sweeney Deville, Accumortis, and Kai Decadence unless I'm missing someone?

Most likely.

No. 862470


Seconding this. She’s not exactly doing anything to the clothes to justify charging that much. I guess her belts weren’t selling out fast enough, and Psychara apparently is a collaborator on a clothing line…gotta compete somehow right?

I also think she’s being disingenuous. A scarf at Zara costs less than what she’s charging, so if she wants to compete with them, she needs to adjust her pricing. All of her outfits looked frumpy and dumpy - does she not own an iron or steamer to press her clothes? Are irons not ~sustainable~ now? Plus everything was a shapeless blob. Who wants to look like a baglady?

No. 862492

oh fuck off freya you fat bitch, like you need any more ice cream look at your pudgy arms, that bracelet will be cutting through your skin soon

No. 862493

File: 1567442459214.png (681.47 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-173307.png)

No. 862495

File: 1567442930022.png (1.71 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-174853.png)

No. 862496

File: 1567442973813.png (1.36 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-174834.png)


No. 862498

File: 1567443624794.png (1.15 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-175113.png)

No. 862502

Yes Jake. Clearly you don't care….

No. 862505

The annoying thing is, I really do believe in the importance of thrifting in order to be more environmentally concious. And in the past I think Mai has been helpfull in spreading that message, even if she's always been a snooty twee cunt. But one of the main problem people have with "sustainable" fashion is that it's seen as elitist and non-attainable for most people. And guess what, this kind of shit isn't helping at all. What if people actually think these are reasonable prices to ask for thrifted items?

No. 862530

OML, this privileged, greedy cunt. I've always thought she was snotty and stupid, but this is the final nail in the coffin. Bitch needs to go down and get a real job instead of this shit.

No. 862581

Maimagi and manicmoth are modelling for celtic fushion design based in Clare, Ireland. The owner Regina Tierney insists her products are sustainable and ethically sound, but it's all greenwashing talk without any official certification to back up her claims. She claims she spends 3 months per year in India where her whole range is made, but she doesn't share photos or ISO workplace safety certifications of the workshops involved. Imho a shady case of buy low sell high scheme paired with clever marketing, buyers beware.

No. 862592

saged for blogposting

>major brands pay Indian textile workers 11p to 35p per hour

>one in five home-based garment workers are aged 17 and under according to UC Berkeley study
>the youngest person they interviewed was 10, researchers witnessed dozens of younger children
>it's fucking child labor
>one in 10 people in North Indian trapped in forced labour aka modern slavery
>two thirds of child workers are out of school
>no trade unions or even a written contract

All reasons why you should only buy from certified brands and workshops. No cert means someone doesn't know or doesn't fucking care, which is borderline criminal.

full text source: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2019/feb/01/major-western-brands-pay-indian-garment-workers-11p-an-hour

No. 862602

File: 1567456557062.jpg (138.51 KB, 1200x876, collage.jpg)

I know the "after" pic is pixelated but she's really catfishing people now

No. 862603


Why is her content SOOOO boring

No. 862605

File: 1567456864838.png (788.15 KB, 988x583, kpop.png)

I really prefer kaya's k-pop look to her goth look
she really played herself with this one kek

No. 862610

Shes never mentioned anything remotely to k pop on her channel before. Guess she's just trying to catch some of Safiyah Nygard's fans she did something similar

No. 862618

kek heavily shopped, you're not fooling anyone fatty! The after photo looks like the old pics of her as a "living doll"

this bitch has no real interests of her own she just copies what's on trend, pathetic

No. 862620

File: 1567457971116.jpg (314.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190902-215618_Chr…)

I really don't wanna sound like a wk, but apparently thrifting in Danemark isn't cheap. l don't think she'll gain much from selling stuff. I may be wrong though.

I do think these prices are exaggerated, just like for her ''oh so speshul designs''.
I realized even more that she's money hungry, when l saw HER anklets/chokers that even a toddler can make. She's bold enough to sell them for 16 bucks. This ain't surprising at all, but unfortunately we all know she'll sell them like hot cakes.

No. 862632

Anyone else think its weird Jake and Kaya never shout out or promo each others videos etc?

No. 862636

I think it might depend on where you go. I know thriftstores in Copenhaven are expensive, but fleamarkets and streetmarkets not so much. One of my Danish friends who was with me said it was cheaper outside of the city though. Does Mai live in copenhagen?

No. 862654

File: 1567460276299.jpeg (248.77 KB, 738x1106, 2C1F2A1D-3F61-4982-9D60-2AD7FE…)

He looks like Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love’s retarded chavgoth baby. That’s not a compliment, and you’re not a fuckdoll, Jakey. Gross.

No. 862666

He looks like somebody has their hand up his ass and is manipulating him like a muppet. Does he think this is what "sexy" looks like? Because, apart from his ugly physique, looking too goddamn stupid to consent is not a huge turn-on for most people.

No. 862674


Everyone has brought up such good points about Mai, I wish I could respond to each one.

I find her really annoying, and all of the Green Peace Goths with their fake woke personas and manufactured consciousness. It’s all a bunch of drivel. They are truly a bunch of privileged rag wearing elitists, sipping tea and tying their hair into dreads. But I’m sure they see themselves as outside of the ‘establishment’, despite being pretty shallow themselves.

I apologize for being a bitch but they all leave a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 862675

Yeah, I also find it strange that they don't seem to share filming equipment, Jake's videos look and sound like they were made with much better gear than Kaya's.

No. 862683

I really hate the fake "blissed out" tone of voice mai uses. She always sounds like she's talking to small children.

No. 862684

File: 1567461581369.png (1.07 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-225909.png)

Any milk if it sold .

No. 862695

I've seen Kaya mention one or two of Jake's videos in the past, but it certainly wasn't a "shout out" or any kind of promo. Jake absolutely wouldn't promo her as he wants more subs and likely wants to branch away, leave her and not be known as simply being her boyf.

This is disgusting. His looks always make me feel sick.

Am i the only one seeing the contour as a side burn..? Also she gave up on Moon Moon so why include her in the drawing?

No. 862732

There's this too. Trying to sound nice and wise like a monk, when we all know she wages vendettas for the pettiest matters, & charges outrageous fees for plain shit.
It's sad to see dummies throwing their coins to this kind of people, when you can totally make smth cool yourself.

Exactly, top kek. I see many flaws in this drawing too, especially the unaligned eyes.

This is what we call an ''influencer'' nowadays. Him seeing himself as a sex symbol is the thing that annoys me the most. Pls stop, this is embarassing.

No. 862766

As other Anons have mentioned, this is such a transparent pathetic attempt at jumping on a current trend and playing dumb for cute points, but damn, the “normal”/“k-pop” makeup makes her look the least haggard she has in literally years.

No. 862808

She's SO much prettier like this, I didn't even recognize her. She kinda looks like Melanie Murphy here.

No. 862823

The after pic is a japanese filter she used in the video.

I cant believe I'm saying this, but he was so much hotter as a basic chav..

I wouldnt have known this was a kpop look, it just looks like normal makeup to me.

No. 862860

File: 1567479256514.png (506.75 KB, 720x954, Screenshot_20190902-225228~2.p…)

Comments on this art "auction" to buy IBF's friendship now all deleted and disabled. Any1 get anymore screens before the delete?

No. 862894

No. 862896

Haven't seen the video yet but the text in the thumbnail is already making me go "wut"

No. 862905


I hope this is click bait. Are all alternative youtubers batshit insane, lazy and flat out wrong?

No. 862917

what is this from?

the irony of him commenting on other ppl's makeup in this video when his looks are questionable and he always edits the pix he puts on ig.

No. 862937

File: 1567487370413.jpg (746.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190903-000614.jpg)

Yeah as much as I have loved Mia in the past, I am starting to really believe this.

No. 862971

Angela wanted to do something similar half a year ago. She said she wanted to sell thrifted clothes for cheap to help out beginners, but a lot of commenters weren’t happy that she wanted to do bidding wars for the items. The store never opened and I wonder why? She’s deleted most of the comments criticizing her.

No. 862981

It probably never opened because everyone did bitch about it. If it’s a bad idea, coming from the internet, Why would you continue it?

No. 862998

I wonder why she didn't just take down the video about it then.

No. 863002


I genuinely enjoyed Mai's message and aesthetic, but could never warm up to her. She always stuck me as pretty, but very vapid, and I never wanted to hang out with her (not that that is likely to happen, but when someone's personality is genuine and fun, you think 'yeah it'd be cool to have a pint with this person').

I'm glad it's not just me being bitter, and that others find this high-priced, elitist lifestyle, something not to be praised!

I work at being eco-conscious, but it isn't always possible, and each of us can only do our best, if we wish to. Influencers like her make it difficult for people who can't do much, but still want to live more sustainably, because they can't achieve the level of perfection these girls try to portray.

Very dis-heartening.

No. 863019

I think the thicker, more "normal shaped" brows balances her face out a bit.

She could do that with the black/dark brown if she really wanted. Growing her shaved sides out would help make her face look less large also.

Has there been any more word on their supposed move to Barcelona? Or did that fall into the ether like everything else the toxic twosome say they'll do?

No. 863061

Mai really grits my nerve. Always adorned in new crap all the time going "it's okay, it's ~sustaaainable~. Bitch you know what's sustainable? Not buying shit every day. I don't care where it's coming from, she's still an over-consuming tool who uses buzzwords to make herself feel superior, like she's Mother Nature's personal spokesperson… really grinds my gears

No. 863076

Angela should delete the video. That or make an announcement that it’s not going to happen. I still see comments asking about when it’s opening. I didn’t think she was the type to quit on a project.
I thought the eBay bidding was a stupid choice too if Angela did want to keep it cheap , but there wasn’t that much backlash when the video came out, unless she filtered a lot of it.

No. 863079

File: 1567513646861.png (825.77 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190903-132747.png)

No. 863083

Ugh, the fucking ego on this absolute twat.
I sincerely hope no one's watching his videos thinking that's what "goth" is, what a low blow for the community it would be if he were to represent "us" at a convention.

No. 863086


I have never, and will never watch Jake's videos, so I tend not to voice an opinion as I am ill informed on him…BUT…this is so cringe worthy!!

No. 863087

Why does he keep referring to himself as goth when he obviously isn't?

No. 863090

Exactly. Especially when he's consistently shittalked the subculture. I know he thinks it's good marketing, but it's just sad. Just call yourself a metalhead, or "darkly inclined" for all I care. It just seems so silly to continuously claim an identity that you in no way represent, understand, or even seem curious about. Also he is so fucking arrogant. I really think he might be a narc. Not just because of the megalomania, but also because of the c onstant digs at Kaya.

No. 863095

>floor of vidcon flooded with goth kids there to see me
Bold of you to assume more then two dozens would show up to see you. Even if you ever get "big enough"

No. 863097

Oh fuck off. He's such an insufferable, arrogant fat shit. He's a metalhead at most, actual goths would laugh at him.

Didn't an old friend post on the older threads saying he was this arrogant years ago? Believing he'd be the top male on Vampirefreaks and shit. the delusion is real…

No. 863103

File: 1567520109693.jpg (146.11 KB, 1050x524, maimagi mai agerlin christense…)

I was wondering too because I think she can't afford a house in Copenhagen, even with her dead grandpa's money, her boyfriend's wage and that big ass bank loan they took. This is what I found on Google. It's in Jyllinge. The house fits what I saw on Youtube and Instagram. What do the rest of you think?

No. 863105

File: 1567520662134.jpg (73.13 KB, 480x351, IMG_20190903_152344.jpg)

This aged out emo is cray. He didn't even seem to enjoy spending time with these 'goth' fans

No. 863120

Wasnt that last year? Only about 5 people turned up to their 'meetup' this time around

No. 863131

Don't be creepy.

No. 863146

Because there weren't any tall, thin goth girls kek

No. 863147


I see cognitive dissonance as well in the things Mai does. She talks a lot about nature but she never seems to think about how her thrifting affects people who thrift out of economic need, not choice and ideological reasons.

No. 863152

File: 1567523930502.jpg (65.02 KB, 379x408, creationsbymagi.jpg)

yep it's Mai Magi's house. Creations by Magi is registered at the same address.

It's the second result in Google if you search for her full name, which she has published voluntarily many years ago.

No. 863153

File: 1567524045552.jpg (142.25 KB, 828x595, RP8nIPt.jpg)

his fans

No. 863159

File: 1567524585401.jpg (68.77 KB, 822x482, maimagi1.jpg)

first result in Google for Mai Agerlin Christensen

No. 863163

accurate, except for that one chick with the blue hair that he's been frothing over.

he doesn't even care about the fans, just that they're into him and he thinks he deserves to be flown out to vidcon for what exactly. he has the same ego about his band yet they barely get any gigs and i'm willing to bet it's b/c of him.

No. 863168

File: 1567525534275.jpg (130.93 KB, 805x616, maimagi2.jpg)

>I'm fluent in English
>can't write a very short English text without mistakes
>sounds like a high schooler writing his first CV
>be stupid enough to put this shit on LinkedIn

I hope Mai's future employers find out about her cyberbullying other upcoming influencers and her fake woke green attitude. She tries to act nice and mature, but she is indeed very vengeful and jealous of others because she thinks she is an extra special snowflake.

No. 863172

Somebody needs to give this clown some mushrooms, or LSD. He needs to experience ego death and see how silly he looks. How on Earth does dressing up like a fool give somebody such an inflated sense of self worth.

No. 863175

File: 1567526256417.jpg (71.6 KB, 788x585, maimagi3.jpg)

Mai hasn't been studying in university for two years, she's currently on leave and only working a small part time job at Ramboll. Explains the quick cash grab, she is broke.

It's a joke that she calls herself CEO of a sustainable brand. What is she even doing the last two years?
- frumpy braided belts from old craft books
- stealing thrifted clothes from the poor to enrich herself
- cheap jewelry that look worse than Aliexpress china crap for $1

No. 863224

File: 1567530439493.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 7E227322-41F0-4F1A-AD5E-BEC66A…)

Psychara has also deleted pretty much every video on her channel that featured Mai/Annika. Now it looks like Nina is her closest friend.

No. 863225

File: 1567530497030.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, F773CC8A-16E9-409F-A1E7-DD8BD4…)


Some other caps. I’m on mobile so I apologize for the wonky sizes.

No. 863237

File: 1567532214835.png (1.17 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190903-183428.png)

No. 863249

File: 1567532830568.png (1.05 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190903-184715.png)

No. 863258

Mai still has videos of the two of them up. If psychara is working on a fashion line, how long do you think it will take Mai to claim she copied her?

No. 863307

This is insane tbh. Having met Jake several times, watching his videos I feel like I'm looking at a completely different person.

No. 863336

Her acne is sooo bad

No. 863337


I wonder how she’s paying for her house then? Unless the home was apart of her inheritance? It would explain why she up and moved so quickly.

No. 863348

Does she ever give her face a rest? Or just not clean her skin?

No. 863351

I am cackling that she pretended to be shocked by the apps liquify. 1) We all know you shop. 2) You were mates with Peachmilky an avid user of them you probably live for those face slimming sliders.

No. 863352

Ironically if she just chilled on the goth cake makeup and went with something like her not so kpop look her skin would likely scream from joy.

No. 863372

how maimagi paid for the house has been discussed here, she confirmed it herself on instagram:

No. 863375

File: 1567544103555.png (582.7 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190903-215416.png)

No. 863388


I remember those posts anon. :-)

I still have questions though lol. I got a feeling something is up.(emojis)

No. 863409

I think these tweets really sum up jake as a person. he doesn't particularly love what he does. he doesn't really care for his fans.
he just wants to be worshiped and adored and given everything for free.
Narcissists truly believe they deserve everything just for being them.

No. 863414

File: 1567548334486.jpg (151.55 KB, 675x1200, D85PKz-UIAA2vc2.jpg)

In jake's head the crowd of goths that go to vidcon to see him are all skinny, goth versions of Kelly Eden.

this is the reality

do you think it majorly bothers him that none of his following are attractive and he will be stuck with Kaya forever

No. 863415

And they tend to violently lash out if anyone threatends their ego. And put other people down to make themselves feel better. And use gaslighting and manipulation. Kaya is a shallow, vapid, lazy cow. But I do pity her for being with Jake. Especially since leaving a narc can be very difficult, apart from her being a passive blob to begin with.

No. 863418

here are some traits of a narcissist, I think they sum up jake pretty perfectly

- Grandiose sense of self-importance
- Lives in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur
- Needs constant praise and admiration
- Sense of entitlement
- Exploits others without guilt or shame

I think it's all pretty spot on.
I should also like to point out that Jake never mentions Kaya in any of his goals. "I want everyone to come see me"

No. 863426

Sorry Jake, all the hot goth girls are at the clubs you don't go to.

No. 863430

File: 1567550846571.png (942.72 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190903-234646.png)

No. 863434

File: 1567551558238.jpg (93.31 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_px9uhdVgUu1qikgkto1_128…)

kaya uploaded the unpixelated version of her picture.

No. 863435

File: 1567551582553.png (423.27 KB, 675x532, coll.png)

a still from the actual video

No. 863449

IBF just announced on her cummunity tab that she'll be uploading an interview with Amanda Palmer. I love Amanda Palmer and will be seeing her live tomorrow. But again, IBF isn't promoting (local) goth bands. I guess she isn't doing a hall for once, but I don't really see the point.

No. 863451

not the best picture but she still looks way more endearing and lively like this. like a sort of a cute dorky girl? it's her choice to dress however she wants but the goth look isn't doing her any favours, especially when she isn't putting much effort into it anymore.

No. 863453

It really bothers me that she didn't do the kpop straight eyebrows, it's the most stereotypical and clichéd part of kpop makeup. Nothing about this reads kpop to me.

No. 863458

File: 1567553693264.png (968.97 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190904-003518.png)

No. 863467

In the edited pic, the rosy cheeks, lip tint and eyeshadow are kinda good. But Kaya has a problem with brows for any style kek.
I agree though, the screencap looks like a normal soft look.

From the time she posted the Sk trip pics and vlogs, I immediately thought she's into kpop, just like the whole kawaii and Japan thing.

It's sad that she clings so hard to her goff youtuber persona.
With her ever declining audience, she should really stop giving a damn and drop the act. And leave jakey boy in the process.
Let his paranoid ass dream of goth babes worshipping him.

No. 863468

Goth has always looked like a costume on her. She would be better off dressing as a ‘normie’.

No. 863502

File: 1567558147536.png (952.37 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190904-014937.png)

No. 863512

Oh my god stop…. LOL No they fucking didn't. Goth and LGBT are like total different things.

That's true. She obviously saw it probably wasn't a great idea and decided not to go through with it. I don't blame her. At the very least she has done giveaways which is something you can't say for TT and IBF.

Believe me OP, I seriously doubt actual Goths watch this twat or his boring ass girlfriend. All the Goths I've met don't watch them (though some do watch IBF). But yeah fuck Jake, he's not Goth and he can fool clueless normies but he can't fool actual Goths and the people at Vidcon who come to see them will be like what >>863153 mentioned here lol.

For fucking real. He's a fucking joke and no actual Goth likes or thinks highly of him. At the most he only attracts aforementioned "Expectation vs reality" or edgelord teen girls who think they are Goff and Deep for wearing Black and being a bitch.

Oh yes this is the pinnaacle of Goffdom right here lol.


With some of the posts she's made about being tired, I feel like she sometimes sleeps in her makeup forgetting to take it off.

Someone pass me a barf bag lol The amount of hilarity and vileness is too much…

I used to be into Amanda Palmer though not so much anymore (nothing negative, just kinda don't listen to her music much anymore) but yeah you're right, the fact she still is not interviewing or giving attention to actual Goth bands s still disappointing as this doesn't help the scene at all.

I swear if she calls this woman's music goth…. lol

No. 863517

how pathetic it is for your tween followers to bother a con online to feature you when you haven't really done anything. granted idk what vidcon is really about, but what would this twat talk about, how awesome he is at everything and anyone else's opinion is wrong?

the video he made about turning popular youtubers ~goth~ just reinforced the stereotype that it's about looks and nothing else. he also seems to have a crush on sniper wolf and was very complimentary of both the girls. when was the last time he said anything like that about kaya, lol.

No. 863520

Jakes ego is showing big time HAHA


A doughy idiot who puts on clown makeup and has a shitty band. Sure.

No. 863623

idk much about this amanda woman aside from the fact she had one of the most sucessful kickstarters of all time and had a ted talk about it. but when it came to paying the people who worked with her she payed them with "exposure" and used the kickstarted money to pay personal expenses

i dont remember this video well but it seemed scammy to me

No. 863630

OMFG Amanda Palmer has eyebrows. Actual ones made of hair. No wonder she looks so different.

No. 863631

File: 1567578593514.png (135.26 KB, 1340x472, 175745eb0f08aad9001cb1e03490ee…)

The amount of cringe and delusion on Jake's discord is hilariously sad

No. 863632

Jake's snaccs are tweeting him to get a spot at London Vidcon.

Meanwhile, Jake is tweeting that he's got an outfit for LA Vidcon…. LOL. He's in for a shock.

No. 863638

4 ads in BF's latest video with Amanda Palmer… need I say more?

No. 863639


Do you have more juice from their discord? I'm pretty sure its patreon only and I would love to know what goes on in there.

No. 863641


I tried to watch, but omg she's such a terrible interviewer. She's so awkward and it's painful to watch. Also, I hate to nitpick on her looks, but she really looks awful here.

No. 863660


Used to be an Amanda Palmer superfan and she's gotten so fucking sanctimonious and pretentious in recent years it's unreal. She's practically a cow in her own right. Hard to think of another "celebrity" (she's not super famous but well known enough) who is so self righteous and absorbed. Ew.

No. 863662


It's public, I joined to just see what happens and its as dismal as you can expect lol. Jake is never there, its just the weirdos that turned up to his meet and greet (like that green mouthed girl)

No. 863696

I don't think we should be exposing people who are not cows like this. She doesn't know how to dress, look cool etc and is exactly the kinda person we know is a fan of Fake Munro but she's no one of interest, also looks really young. Idk man, seems wronger than what we usually do here…

Wtf. "Legend"??? Goth? Jake should be doing therapy and on meds, he is absurdly dellusional.

No. 863712

She can't interview. I'm bored.

No. 863717

yeah patreon is for people who create art. freyja doesn't create art. she's a slob. if I have to listen to amanda talk about neil gaiman one more time, i'm going to puke.

No. 863722

The thing that pisses me off about Jake is that he hasn't actually accomplished anything. You can't just declare yourself a "legend."

No. 863728

I just can't believe that she is filming it on a fucking selfie stick.

No. 863749

Yeah this even got brought up a few threads ago, someone staunchly defended her and said Amanda Palmer milk is none existent. By all means post a million screenshots shaming Kaya for her acne but don't you dare criticize Queen Amanda.

No. 863752

To the Anon who posted the video laying it on the line about Amanda Palmer's Kickstarter, thank you.

Yeah Amanda's fans are rabid, tried to speak to one of them about her not playing musicians back when this fact blew up and the guy bit my head off.

Amanda's been pretty quiet last few years, she had a baby and then did a collaboration with the guy from legendary pink dots. I bet she wants to ramp up her fame back to how it used to be, like Freya she is an obnoxious attention whore full stop.

I do think Amanda and Freya are both completely up themselves bitches to say the least.
Yeah I know Amanda has musical talent but that doesn't mean she is a decent person.
Both her and Freya have very damaged reputations. Interesting that they are coming together.

I do wonder how this interview got arranged, did Amanda's "people" reach out to Freya? Or possibly Freya has management now, it's definitely an orchestrated move, unlikely Freya came up with this gambit.

No. 863761

AP has friends/collaborators in NZ and Aus, as does IBF, so it could be through that.

Or, maybe AFP was just wandering the streets of Paisley as you do and happened to bump into IBF and IBF was all "OMG AFP I should totally interview you come into my flat".

No. 863791

File: 1567600007975.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.04 KB, 570x570, 67385561_10156458705419033_240…)


Tinfoil but it was probably arranged by Amanda's UK assistant, Alex. I know him IRL and his personality boils down to basic boring gay guy with bright hair who likes music. He's dull, not very nice and a complete whore for any kind of attention relating to celebrities (he basically stalked Palmer for years until she rewarded him with a job as a glorified merch seller). Definitely strikes me as the type of moron who would gravitate towards IBF.

This image kind of sums up just how attention seeky he and Amanda are, taken about a month ago at a pub in London on a weeknight.

Saged for slight offtopic.

No. 863801

Freya has been tagged in multiple photos and statuses by Clare and hasn't even liked/commented, so much for such a good 'friendship'

No. 863805


I wanna give y'all high fives. I used to like Amanda Palmer but she always reeked of narcissism. When she scammed the musicians it was the last nail in the coffin. These days I refuse to support this blood sucking leech, no matter how much talent she has.

>Yeah Amanda's fans are rabid

these people are brainded

Amanda needs a thread of her own. Who's gonna make it?

No. 863821

Well, Mai has already sold all of her (cougj) "pre-loved" items. Her fans are really guzzling down the kool-aid and handing over the cash.

No. 863831


I'd love an Amanda thread too anon, but is there really enough flowing milk? I'm still on her mailing list and it's not hugely plentiful. She's just a self-absorbed pretentious twit with an insane fanbase.

No. 863846

File: 1567610791068.png (600.29 KB, 824x542, 2019090401.png)

Maimagi is going to burn it fast because she is really stupid. In one of her YT video she claims buying a house when you aren't flush with cash is a good idea, because once it's paid you can live in there indefinitely. Bitch has never seen the maintenance expenses of an old house. Times change, suddenly you need to meet new statutory provisions. Or the roof needs repair, it's damn expensive. She is going to fall flat on her face.

Some followers are noticing, here's a woke one interrogating Manicmoth on their joint greenwashing scam.

No. 863854

File: 1567611195916.png (69.87 KB, 330x436, 2019090402.png)

You notice how pissed Manicmoth is by the question and how she doesn't want to answer it. She tells a straight-up lie in the first sentence. Polymer clay is made with basis of PVC resin and a liquid plasticizer. It's common plastic material and not sustainable.

No. 863857

File: 1567611483350.png (71.96 KB, 332x439, 2019090403.png)

The woke cookie keeps pressing her, then Manicmoth says the item is in Maimagi's shop, it's her fault and tries to dodge responsibility. She made it, how can Mai answer this question for her?
The customer is lovely: she stays polite but keeps poking.

No. 863870


>In one of her YT video she claims buying a house when you aren't flush with cash is a good idea, because once it's paid you can live in there indefinitely.

This is what confuses me sometimes about Mai…she seems really naïve at times about the real world. People aren’t stupid, and there’s no way she can just live in a house free without paying bills, maintenance, etc. as you mentioned anon. Idk she is something else lol.

No. 863924

File: 1567619151188.png (2.3 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190904-184446.png)

No. 863927


Can somebody spill the tea on why these cows (manicmoth / mai) had a beef with psychara? I always hated them, since they have that higher than thou air about themselves, while psychara seems more down to earth. On the other hand, psychara always seems to drop their sidekicks… remember Zombiesenn?

No. 863928

exactly, all his ~snaccs~ keep saying he's iconic and a legend, but of and for what. he's twenty something, has a band that barely plays gigs and dresses up to post content online. he hasn't really spoken out against anything besides ppl who look at or make comments about his appearance, nor has he raised awareness or funds for anything but himself. he slacks on patreon rewards and comes up with new ideas to push aside the old ones he's too lazy to put effort into. metal covers, audio books, ~goth~ looks of various characters and whatever else he ditched b/c half assing merch made him money faster.

if he ever did get to a vidcon i hope someone would call him out and knock him down a few pegs.

No. 863940

File: 1567620411422.png (812.38 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190904-190731.png)

No. 863952

Psychara? Down to earth? That bitch once claimed that she's living "from her business", those Psypuff plushies kek, and failed to mention that her mommy and daddy fund her entire lifestyle

No. 863989


Anon, I recommend starting with this post >>804531 and following the gravy trail. It’s a really long, complicated mess as to why they broke up but it’s a good one. I’m sorry I couldn’t do a really good, concise tldr version, but it seems there was tension brewing for some time, and it looks like something Psychara did or said recently went against Queen B Manic Moth’s ideals, so she and Mai have two timed her and have been systematically cutting off anyone who supports her (comme Felvae). A couple of insiders into the group have been infrequently spilling milk into the situation, but refuse to divulge the complete truth.

No. 864007

Adding to this, from what I understand their "friendship" just ended up being a huge who-is-the-goffest competition, because apparently that's the one quality you should look for in a friend

No. 864022


I actually found another post I was looking for but got buried in the IBF drama.


>Psychara is now jumping the clothing upcycling train with Nina Hexna, effectively stealing Maimagi's project from last year.

No. 864030

since you peeps keep asking…
it's exactly the childish petty bullshit everyone suggested. It was almost always about taking fucking pictures. maimagi and manicmoth took offence because psychara allegedly didn't want to take their photos at one time. Instead of calling it out they were stewing, minor stuff became trigger for fights. mai claimed psychara's photos were only better because of her new camera, she went and bought the same model. In return psychara mocked her, the MMs flip out on her. A lot of crying ensues, people blocking each other, yada yada yada.

I have a headache retelling this crap. Initially I didn't believe the story until it was confirmed by another person in the know. maimagi and psychara both claim the respective other has terribly wronged her, manicmoth clearly sided with mai.

~happy gossip xmas everyone~

No. 864086

File: 1567637231760.png (1.21 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190904-234722.png)

No. 864091

"This is goth, right? This is a thing goths do? Read gloomy poetry to classical music while putting on makeup?"

No. 864100


The fuck is this post?
This isn’t for gossip without screen caps.

If no one is going to post caps or actual milk on these loser, piss off already. Sick of seeing gossip

Has anyone called jake out in comments before? Or does he just delete everything that questions him

No. 864127

File: 1567640824492.jpg (47.75 KB, 468x600, kelly_osbourne_02.jpg)


Thank you, anon. Can't unsee.

No. 864152

his twitter followers seem to be planted firmly up his ass, don't pay enough attention to his ig to see if anyone does. i think he's said before that he'll delete negative comments on yt, and apparently he mentioned overpopulation in one of his recent videos and someone said that sounded racist but i couldn't find where it happened.

No. 864157

I never knew all this about Amanda Palmer, it's quite sad to hear. So now I have to ask… What about Emilie Autumn? Is similar to Amanda Palmer?

Just gross…


Not that I'm aware of. I don't follow him either though so who knows though knowing how big of a egomaniac he is, he most likely deletes the comments that aren't kissing his ass.

No. 864161

What do you mean is Emilie like Amanda Palmer? Are you asking if she tried to scam people like Amanda did? Not that I know of. She really seems like she has a personality disorder though.

No. 864164

Is it just me or did Jake used to seem way nicer? I wonder if he became more of an asshole after a tiny bit of fame or if it just brought out his true self.

No. 864169


He seemed happier, if that makes sense? He just had a light in his eyes and a less pinched expression on his face you don’t see anymore in his recent videos. Nowadays he tries too hard to be edgy sex dark boi.

No. 864176

You’ve shared the photo of an actual child to insult her for no reason whatsoever. So gross.

No. 864223

If that’s a child, holy shit!
That’s also a hellova long way back up the thread just to comment on that.

I think it was the more fact he was trying to be nice to fit somewhere to feed his ego. Now that it’s being fed, we have this asshole. And why stop being a narcissistic pos

No. 864233

Off topic? This is much more like alt cow drama than Kaya'd video with different eyebrows. Keep it coming!

Funny because any of them seems like goths to me. Just darky fairy foresty types

Yeah but I just CAN'T for the life of me understand why! He is not even handsome at all! If you want a gorgeous fake goth in bad makeup go for Caligo Bastet, for fucks sake! At least it makes an ounce of sense to me

Emilie Autumn is a fucking GEM in terms of milk. She is absolutely batshit insane, did and does the most fucked up shit you can imagine. That's why Amanda Palmer seems tame in comparison. She's narcissistic and scammy but Emilie's milk is wild. Go for it, you won't regret it. She is a true snowflake if I've ever seen an alt one. She'd be the queen of altcows if we didn't have Raven, but since the milk is not flowing as much as in the past, it seems we never mention her. She lies so fucking much is shocking. She has claimed to be a direct descendant from Alice Liddel (alice in wonderland's inspiration), insisting that was her real last name but it isn't and she's not a descendant. She lies about her age, she glamourizes mental illness, she's a mess. Her fans are pathetically obssessed with her and assign themselves a number as fake interns in a fake mental hospital… just go search it already

Up on the thread or not, it's still a shitty thing to do. I bet 70% of teenagers idolize stupid people while looking stupid and then regret it. Why humiliate this girl? She's one in a million, let her have her cringey teenage years without hassle and hopefully she'll get over it

No. 864236

Exactly. Autumn also claimed her parents died in a fire when they didn't, and then flipped out when her sister called her on it. She sells cheap aliexpress jewelry for $100 on her website, has accused the writers of "suckerpunch" of copying her, and viciously bullies any fans who dare so much as question her. She's an impressive cow.

Also, I agree. Leave the kid alone. We all like cringy xxx hit as teens. I doubt many of us materialised as fully formed goths with impeccable taste. Besides, shoot the organ grinder, not the monkey. Jake is old enough to know better, a nd is exploiting gullible teenager for the most part.

No. 864241

He was so cute and skinny too!

No. 864242

The "my whole family died in a fire years ago" thing was supposed to be taken as sarcasm. It was a way of saying "stop asking about my family because it's none of your business". I used to read her diary on her old website and she used sarcasm/dry humor like that all the time.

No. 864243

File: 1567670951232.jpg (937.76 KB, 2576x1932, image0.jpg)


If you are going to be such a snowflake, heres a pic of an ADULT that an ADULT posted in the selfies channel of Jake's discord. Enjoy.(off-topic)

No. 864248

Yeah. Fucking hilarious.

No. 864259


One of his fans wearing heavy handed eye makeup and dark lips is hardly milk from the cow.

Also can y'all learn to sage when you don't have milk?

Anyone have milk on IBF apparently going back to NZ soon? Her "looking for work" post makes me wonder if long term? Any friends/acquaintances lurking willing to spill some?

No. 864267

Anon you know all the stuff you mentioned happened 10+ years ago right? What has she done recently that's milky? She doesnt even compare to raven in terms of cow-ness.

No. 864277

1) shes 22 not a child
2) do you know where you are? Don't act all high and mighty while also taking part in this site.

No. 864279

Not the same anon who objected, but you're right.
I'm out.

No. 864282

>whining about no caps as you don’t post caps
>sick of seeing gossip on a gossip board
>lol what

it's actual milk and it has been demanded several times, don't bitch at me because you want to be spoonfed with caps. haul your lazy farmer ass to mai's doorsteps and demand their text messages if you desperately want them. not gonna post any written communication because it would give away people's identities.

No. 864287

File: 1567683290963.png (1.11 MB, 1080x2129, mai.png)

Oh boy am I glad this entitled bitch said this. I always thought she was unnecessarily abrasive and only pretended to be poor, but she's a disgusting person in many more ways. That was enlightening.

No. 864289

I agree, having incel fans isn't milk, we should leave them alone. It's just funny because jake thinks he's a sex god and he'll get his hands on hot goth girls vs the reality of his fan meetings. >>863153 is so on point.

No. 864301

File: 1567685780866.png (59.93 KB, 138x275, 1.png)

Apologies if you guys have already seen this, I know it's a few months old, but this is my first time coming across it, and I am speechless! Are they for real!? Have they no self-respect, no shame??

We all have to ask for help at times, and there is nothing wrong with that, but to beg when you are perfectly capable of fending for yourself, it's disgusting.

No. 864302

Yeah, In the next post he said YOU FORGOT THE DRINKS to the mug who sent them food.

No. 864303

File: 1567686802325.png (68.18 KB, 138x275, 1.png)

This one?

I don't know who is worse, those begging, or those giving?

No. 864308

( >>864157 ) Yeah I was asking if Emilie Autumn had scammed people or was just found to be a narcissist as well. I heard she had a personality disorder but I never actually looked into it. But I guess >>864233 explained it all lol That is so sad to hear.

>Emilie Autumn is a fucking GEM in terms of milk. She is absolutely batshit insane, did and does the most fucked up shit you can imagine. That's why Amanda Palmer seems tame in comparison. She's narcissistic and scammy but Emilie's milk is wild. Go for it, you won't regret it. She is a true snowflake if I've ever seen an alt one. She'd be the queen of altcows if we didn't have Raven, but since the milk is not flowing as much as in the past, it seems we never mention her. She lies so fucking much is shocking. She has claimed to be a direct descendant from Alice Liddel (alice in wonderland's inspiration), insisting that was her real last name but it isn't and she's not a descendant. She lies about her age, she glamourizes mental illness, she's a mess. Her fans are pathetically obssessed with her and assign themselves a number as fake interns in a fake mental hospital… just go search it already

Holy shit anon, I had no idea LOL Yeah I'll look more into this, thanks for the tip off. I used to really like her music and I still kinda do (still like her First album "Enchant") but I can't say I'm surprised, something about her made me think she is a narcissist. Shame.

No. 864320


>not gonna post any written communication because it would give away people's identities.

Anon, I want to thank you for sharing what you know, but I will say you don’t have to be afraid to share anything here. As long as you cross out names and other identifying shit in the caps and such, we probably aren’t going to expose you or anyone else unless you’re one of the cows yourself. You’re making me even more curious now lol.

No. 864325


Sorry for samefagging, but it’s these kinds of vaguely cryptic remarks that are really making the whole situation seem so weird. I don’t get why they are acting like it is some sort of UN top secret that they cannot reveal. Mara and Mai were literally inseparable…Mara has pretty visibly wiped any signs of their friendship from her socials, and I’m just waiting for the day when Mai and Annika have a falling out and then we get that drama too.

No. 864328

Has anyone got a link to the video where Psychara got Mai's tattoo covered up?

No. 864360

No. 864403

EA hasn’t done much nowadays to be cow worthy, so most of her horseshit is around 5-10 years ago. She seems to have grown up and learned, so sadly there’s not much milk there. Although she’s still obsessed with making her Asylum Musical a thing, which, meh.

No. 864420

IBF has money for flights from Europe to NZ, festivals etc the past few years and still doesn't have a tripod. You can get one for $20.

No. 864434

She used to ask for those in her amazon wishlist. Just checked it and surprisingly enough, she changed it all and added relatively cheap things.
I mean, there was a fancy bed and gramophone in the previous one. I'm glad no one offered her those, and she had to buy them herself.

No. 864441

IBF posted a patreon only video and mentioned it on her IG. Anyone know what bs lack of content she posted?

No. 864502

Well Anon, she is studying, isn't see…? It is not uncommon for parents to help support a person while she's studying. At least she tried to find a way to get some extra income, instead of just seating on her parents money. And I meant down to earth personality wise, more humble.

Thank you anon, i´ll follow the rabbit hole.

Anon, what a fucking mess. These people really fight over the most petty things. Get this is what you get, when you're shallow as fuck. Thanks for sharing, completly understandable that you don't have screencaps, given the situation.

No. 864507

File: 1567714290996.png (1.8 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190905-211132.png)

No. 864509

File: 1567714363939.png (1.58 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190905-211147.png)

No. 864519

File: 1567716290605.jpg (80.75 KB, 475x560, bitch.jpg)

"these are from a local pagan store in Kansas City called @oraclekc. They receive their furs ethically and no animal is killed for the purpose of fur. I'm sure they would be happy to answer any questions you have."

This bitch never seemed particularly bright to me. I used to really like her content for aesthetic reasons, but always thought she sounded dumb af. Who does she think she's fooling with that ethically sourced shit? Fuck off. Stopped paying attention to her when her channel started to be about her terrible music, but this bitch actually believes it is ok to kill animals to look all pagan and viking. Dumb cunt

No. 864524

It's just a fucking simple dress with fishnets

sure jan


No. 864530

Or you can find an artist that specializes in making life-like faux fur animal capes??

Cause, you know, no animals harmed, supporting independent artists, etc?

No. 864533

Sorry, who are you talking about here?

No. 864540


Kazlovesbats aka The_Goblin_Queen aka Esoterikmusic. Former popular alt/goth youtuber anon.


No. 864549

File: 1567721000069.jpg (65.53 KB, 400x590, realfur.jpg)

People promoting real fur as "ethical" are absolute shitheads. Someone remember this manicmoth outfit? It seems to be real fox fur.

No. 864550

People promoting real fur as "ethical" are absolute shitheads. Someone remember this manicmoth outfit? It seems to be real fox fur.

No. 864555

File: 1567721329756.jpeg (58.84 KB, 680x383, EDuhxqIXUAIAHQJ.jpeg)

She's actually draped a Pound Shop Halloween table cloth over her shoulders

No. 864556

File: 1567721392002.png (1.17 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190905-230931.png)

No. 864558

File: 1567721687948.jpg (48.97 KB, 229x657, reality.jpg)

>instagram vs reality
love it when I run across these. where's her neck lmao

No. 864566

I xan see people making the case for vintage or antique fur. But anything new means an animal was killed specifically for its fur. It's not a byproduct, or something like taxidermy that can be done using roadkill or things found dead in the wild. In order to get an undamaged pelt, an animal has to be murdered for it. The only "etjical" fur is fake fur.
The frustrating thing is, the_goblin_queen has blathered on about how foxes are her "spirit guide." Unless they look better dead than alive of course, then fuck 'em.

No. 864574

Dressing in a girly goth fashion for under 20 pounds is probably doable but this outfit looked so bad it almost convinced that it was not possible.

No. 864579

You could absolutely put together a better "gothic" outfit for £20 or less, she clearly only did this video to pander to people saying she only does expensive hauls, but she could've made this so much better

No. 864583

File: 1567724500627.png (1.87 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190906-000202.png)

No. 864587

Charity shops. Back in the 80s that's how we found our clothes. Add some bits from haberdashery. Barnardos do every item for either one or two quid. This week i saw black velvet dresses and tops. Kids must have zero imagination, it's really pathetic. You can get a new outfit for a tenner tops and it looks more individual than mass produced brands.

Can't stand to watch her, but seems she's late on the OMG i cant be a goth it's too expensive bandwagon?

No. 864614

You can say a lot about these cows, I think they are seriously lacking in the personality department, but both her and Mai are beautiful (specially Mai). This is just a picture taken from afar and a bad angle.

No. 864627

sage for nitpick but you seriously think Mai is beautiful? She looks like she's carrying most of her body weight in her jaw, and to me I always assumed she was fat from the shoulders down because of it! It's so weird how different our perception of beauty can be, that comment caught me so off guard.

No. 864628

File: 1567727971703.jpg (28.3 KB, 304x351, maimagi.jpg)

This picture allegedly very old, early 20s. Ouch if you look like this in your prime. Bad angle doesn't explain it, I think her posture is bad in general and the face is unremarkable without make up.
Mai's random picture is also rather horrible.
In my opinion all their instagram pictures are enhanced with asian apps like snow or meitu, on top of wearing a shit ton of make up.

No. 864630

I´m not talking about instagram, they all have youtube channels, therefore this is not a question of editing pictures. I think they both have good features, but I find Mai specially pretty. Makeup helps, but I find her eyes mesmerizing. Looks aside, I think they both seem like they feel like they are superior to everyone else and are complete airheads.

No. 864636

File: 1567729377984.jpg (32.29 KB, 780x520, yq-c4-01082019.jpg)

There are face filters for live videos, and many powerful tools for face editing especially if you have time to revise them. Recently a female chinese vlogger was exposed to be a granny during live stream because her filter malfunctioned.


No. 864639

this vlogger demonstrates various live face filters

No. 864644

This is a must see. It's funny and horrifying at the same time.

No. 864645

At least Mai's teeth are nice. Manicmoth has very unnatural looking veneers stuck on top of her teeth, once I noticed them I couldn't unsee the rabbit mouth.

No. 864650

lol akidearest. cow crossover.

No. 864653

so I just went to her instagram and she's definitely bought followers. 49.8k but 900 likes max on each post.

No. 864664


Vegans gtfo nobody cares about your weird virtue signaling.

No. 864676

Ah okay. Well I mean she may not be milky but wouldn't that be a good thing? That she actually matured and I assume became a better person?

Jeez where does she get her laptops at? She always has problems with her laptop so it just makes you wonder if she doesn't know how to shop decent Laptops that are still affordable.


I try not to judge but yeah… I just don't think it's great to kill an animal for an outfit when faux fur can look just fine. Let the animals keep their fur, they need it more than we do.

Okay I'm just gonna ask. Does anyone here think that TT's holey tights look good on her? Obviously taste is subjective and she should wear what she likes but I just can't help but think in my own mind that the holey tights just ruin a lot of her already bland to tacky looks.


Eugh, Angela Benedict does these examples much better justice… But yeah it really isn't hard to dress dark (not gonna call it Goth) and not break the bank, Goths and other alternative people have been doing it for years and can still look good.

I didn't know that about her but yep… Makes you wonder if she really likes Foxes or just likes them around her neck…

Can we actually be sure about that? Even in expensive clothing she still manages to look like an OTT mess with no uniformity. I feel like maybe for her this is the best she can do.

Oh my god… DAMN. I see what you mean. Filters have come a long way haven't they? lol

No. 864686

You can see the line between her makeup and her double chin.

Her outfit looks like it could be less than £10.

No. 864701

All these comments on Mai and MM's looks are so fucking catty. Yeah they are not gorgeous, they are like average pretty. Willing to bet most of you are the same. To Jump on someone's features for being slightly larger is pretty desperate. Unless there is actual proof of them facetuning to save their life, this is pointless and kind of sad.

No. 864714

Very pretty but without makeup, nad light, bad angle, bad expression…


No. 864725

Plus are they the only pair of ripped tights she owns?seems she has been wearing the same pair for years and they look awful anyway

No. 864740

I'm one of the OPs you referenced. I'm not vegan. So I find it funny you assume we are.

I just think it's better to support artists that use fauxfur, or directly support a taxidermist who can certify any animal remains they work on were not 'fur farmed' animals.

No. 864746

About her laptop, I think she just doesn't care for her stuff - I mean look how she treats brand stuff sent to her even though she seems desperate for brand deals. And that includes her laptop. Probably doesn't clean it, etc. But her entitled and lazy ass thinks its find. The toxic two have also broken 2 TVs, one of their own and another TV a fan sent them (you read that right). Makes you wonder.

No. 864747

*thinks its fine, oops

No. 864748

Another TV a fan sent them???

No. 864764


Kayas recent video was the most painfully lacklustre yet. If I ever needed any further proof she hasn't got a single ounce of imagination or creativity, this is the agonising proof.

It’s pretty evident that if killstar didn’t send her boxes upon boxes of clothes (some of which don’t fit her and others she could straight up donate to fans who have given her so much over the years or even sell to buy her own fucking laptops/tv) she wouldn’t be able to look the way she does. She just isn’t authentic or helpful to babybats either.
Just like most anons here, hunting through charity shops for midi skirts, dresses, boots, even band t shirts (again, kaya wouldn’t have a clue because she’s a mall goth or has had everything handed to her included stealing people’s style or look. I still laugh at her attempts at a cutesy look after meeting Kelly Eden) evidently she doesn’t leave her house to go to any charity shops or attempt to be thrifty in a way that isn’t embarrassing (a ripped up table cloth from pound land? Ripped bits of lace? A shapeless black dress? Really?)
Her viewing figures are plummeting each year and if she keeps churning out the same drivel I imagine her YouTube channel will die altogether.

No. 864775

I cant believe how delusional Kaya is. Even in her hay day she didn't get a ton of views except her 'viral' videos yet she actually thinks being a youtuber is a viable career path for her. She hardly makes any money off it and she clearly doesnt have that much passion for it because most of her content is drab. She really needs to start persuing a career path or going to uni, which she will probably do in 10 years and wish she had been doing it now.

No. 864783

File: 1567769583298.png (19.42 KB, 376x154, 2ba8b296d14291248442efbaa79dfe…)

That gotta hurt

No. 864788

File: 1567770785553.png (155.85 KB, 246x314, 9P236SJV.png)

>Unless there is actual proof of them facetuning
>they are like average pretty

My sides. They are below average and pretending to be hot shit all while being smug. Mai has a square face with tiny beady eyes which she enlarges. Manicmoth has no lips and no neckline if she doesn't overdraw them and use a certain angle to shoot. It's very obvious for someone knowledgeable in image manipulation but people really love to drink the koolaid. Jake is literally the male version of these mongs and we make fun of him every day, but you want to whiteknight them because they are uwu girls.

Have a candid pic, I'm going to mock every cow equally because they are all fucking cows.

No. 864793


I think everyone is beautiful, and everyone is ugly, to someone.

I have no issue with their appearance, the problem is their hypocrisy. They promote 'loving yourself' yet post only perfect pictures, and deny their use of image manipulation software.

As you rightly state, there also seems to be a smugness, a superiority complex, that turns me off.

The perfect image they portray, and the smugness of 'I'm pretty, so therefore important' can be very damaging to easy influenced people.

An ugly personality will always be revealed:

“If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until you can hardly bear to look at it.

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

No. 864809

File: 1567776522684.jpg (369.06 KB, 1070x725, SmartSelect_20190906-142551_In…)

Hope this image works.

So if Mai bought the buckle from here, and is selling her belt for $79 which in GBP is £64, then that means that Mai is charging £46 for the woven fabric and labour.
I have a degree in making clothing so I think I'll just do it myself thanks very much!!!

No. 864813

File: 1567776890457.png (1.82 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190906-143506.png)

No. 864823

Same as every day, in other words

No. 864827


I pity Kaya. In 15 years she will be a 40 year old with no career, a manchild who dresses like a clown, fat and wrinkly and poor with no prospects but a hoard of Killstar she cant fit into and nowhere to wear it to.

No. 864841

Fascinating Kaya. Think we're all on the edge of our seats wondering you're going to get out of your bed at 3pm on a Friday. Her next update will be the sun has set and she didn't have enough time to step outside.

No. 864851

Anon, are you literally retarded? Or you just can't conceive that others have opinions that differ from yours? I think they're pretty, PERIOD. It´s my personal vision. I´m not whiteknighting them, I agree that they are massive cows, and shitty persons. Jake is in a whole different league, the league of clowns. But if your personal vendetta is so important, take the trycicle, by all means.

Anon, gtfo out, i´m not even vegan. Don't confuse food with vanity and fashion. I just think killing animals not for survival, but for the sake of wearing them, is dumb af.

No. 864861

Not vegan. I just don't think it's okay to kill animals because they are more aesthetically pleasing dead than alive.

No. 864903


$79 for some woven yarn…plus shipping?

Well, she never said her clothes were technically affordable, just ‘sustainable’ (in her eyes).

No. 864913

This pic shows a waaaay above average girl. Im honestly curious about how you look. Are you the most gorgeous woman to ever grace the earth or a bitter actually average girl? Hm…

This is straight up depression

No. 864929

Sorry, I didn't mean to steer the conversation completely into appearance with my initial comment about Mai and questioning another anon's beauty standards, it really wasn't meant to spark an argument but merely bring up how different we can feel seeing the same face. I don't think they're hideous by any means with my original comment either. However I think Mai Magi is not a good knitter based on tension and creativity. I think making items out of 3D plastic with ManicMoth while still claiming "sustainability" is funny, because it neglects the idea of something being infinitely sustainable without permanently impacting the future. Just all around very up-their-own-asses people regardless of appearance at the end of the day.

No. 864946


I feel like they’re reaching for some sort of ecological ideal which just doesn’t exist. There will always be some sort of cost for producing an item, no matter what you do.

But a part of me also believes they’re really trying to go down the uwu snowflake spesharu route. I think they just want to be different and weird, they don’t want to work and pay bills, they just want to live in their little cliques with people who look like them and agree with everything they say and not have to work at contributing to society. Because once you strip away the goff aesthetics and fakecraft, there’s really not much substance there. If they were really committed to the environment, you would hope they’d work in ecology or something, instead of drinking dragon blood mead at festivals and painting dots on their faces.

Sorry for potential autism.

No. 864953

File: 1567796766771.png (1.11 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190906-200551.png)

No. 864962

Psychara graduated a long time ago, she's currently a tattoo apprentice (which she's been for a while) https://www.instagram.com/psychara_art/

No. 864978

She also does work for attitudeholland. She's designed some shirts and does the animations for their website. But I can't imagine that would ammount to a lot of money.

No. 865026

You said it all anon. Spesharu though. Top kek.
Remember the screencaps of Manic moth's blogpost, how she thought she was too unique and no one undrstood her? It was posted in a previous thread.

No. 865033

File: 1567806398970.jpeg (206.09 KB, 1772x1472, EDz-wS0W4AIPq8m.jpeg)

No. 865059

How original. Someone is really struggling for content ideas.

No. 865060

This seems like a return to form for IBF with just the right mix of self awareness, sad history and suggestions of personal growth. Fans will really like it.
I do wonder how much self esteem damage Mama put into play with those cracks about her looks.

I believe the flirting without akey stuff too. She's living in a rough town in a nation of gingers, sans scary face she probably looks like everyone else.

No. 865067

he is so dramatic, and idk how yt works but why not put up the video for weekend views instead of "letting the channel breathe", whatever that's supposed to mean.

No. 865074

She enjoys making people scared with her looks. Shes scary. For sure…. Freya grow up.

No. 865106

Not sure what point your trying to make here, it's just a YouTube trend.

No. 865130


In the video she mentions that her mom said her eye color 'looked like piss holes in the snow' when she was young. With backhanded shit like that, I could see why she wants to run away from her mum. Pair that with her blog post about her asexuality and how her mom made her go to a therapist because she felt like it was abnormal for frejya to not want sex. Hmmmm.

No. 865137

People have been saying her mother is 1 root causing IBFs emotional issues for like 8 threads now.

I wonder if she's finally starting to admit it to herself though. Putting something like that in a video you KNOW the mom will watch would be pretty intense for some people.

No. 865155

She needs to know disowning narcissistic mothers is an option she can choose. But she probably enjoys Karen fighting all her online battles for her (or she fucking hates it but is terrified of blocking her from social media?)

No. 865186

A YouTube trend that’s over 2 years old. It’s super fucking lazy and unoriginal, she couldn’t be bothered to focus on current trends for more views/subs even though YouTube is her “career”

No. 865213

At first that sounds silly (being terrified of someone on the other side of the globe from you) until you remember that the wedding is supposed to be in a few months and it probably wouldn't be wise to stir the pot within the family. It's also not in IBF's best interest to burn that bridge with her mother considering how much the latter helps the former.

No. 865259

>working tirelessly
To Jake that means he just woke up an hour earlier than usual. Bet this video will be as unoriginal as the last. And if it's a cover I wonder how long it'll be before it gets striked like the last one was.

No. 865264

Ibf also said that now she tries to go for softer looks, by using powder and drawing orange brows.

She's really trying to be relevant again, by recycling an old makeup trend.

No. 865363

I wouldn't call ginger in terms of hair color "orange". There are plenty of red toned browns out there that match ginger hair.

As someone that also has issues accepting their body, I can somewhat empathize with IBF on that front. However, she's still opting to -at least regularly - go out and about in full costume. And then complain when people in a town not alt-friendly say mean things. You have to be more realistic about your surroundings, honestly…smh

No. 865393

Fuck. And they wonder why people don't send them stuff lol.

Exactly. It would be one thing if she actually was making worthwhile content that was at least decent but she doesn't, it's boring drivel that doesn't even bring her in money unless it gets a certain amount of views. I think at this point she is only getting money from her Patreon or Fan donations on Twitch and that won't last forever.

That's her most days.

It's a grim image to look at to be honest and IBF is headed there as well and she's older so she'll be getting there before TT does.

You know considering how she wears this dramatic makeup almost every day, I can only hope she is actually taking care of her skin…

Probably because he didn't finish it lol.

Have to agree, Sebastian wasn't the first to do it, it was just a trend going on in the makeup community for years now.

Whether she does or doesn't, it's no excuse for the lifestyle she is living now. Okay fine she doesn't want to go home to her mum because she's a narcissistic loon, backpacking off of donations with no stable income is not a good alternative and instead of husband hopping, she could at least go back to Mr. Doormat for awhile.

Is her mom paying for the wedding?

No. 865419

Maybe this is tinfoiling, but do you think it's possible her mother lied about sending IBF the money to get her to come home?

No. 865441

File: 1567889591249.png (1.26 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190907-215347.png)

No. 865555

She must be bored. Honestly apart from drama and soap opera adventures she's so meh … imagine surrounding yourself with strangers all the time. Doesn't she have any rral friends?

No. 865564

When is she actually leaving Scotland ? She has to be gone by the end of the month right? I mean I know she should probably just go back to New Zealand permanently but like cant she just leave Scotland for a week every 6 months then come back? Or does it not like work that. I honestly dont know a ton about it. That's ignoring the fact she would just be like living off YT/patreon and not being able to have real employment to gain residence.

No. 865573

File: 1567899995247.jpg (393.89 KB, 700x525, glen_freyjamountains.jpg)


A reminder of her older, softer looks (and how she looked on her last visit). Her "softer looks" just look haggard now.


More oldies:



No. 865614

File: 1567903589664.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190908-014638.png)

No. 865866

File: 1567938395665.png (56.05 KB, 714x420, Screenshot_2019-09-08-02-24-01…)

Yes, Kaya is the first one to have this idea.

No. 865880

Wow I thought she said she was always "Uber goff" since she was like 6?
Those photos are pretty emo/lolita. So not goth.

No. 865902

she was bullshitting. i have a hard time believing freyja is really a goth at all and probably just has an affinity for dark-ish things but is mostly in it for the shock value. also, do you not know how to reply to specific posts?

No. 865907

Hmm, I wonder what all the punks/goths in the 80s did before all these brands came along… thinking emoji

No. 865908

Personally l don't think she's faking the interest in music, it's just that she goes overboard with every style she tries. The goff one takes the cake.
She's just a massive attention seeker who relies on OTT looks to appear interesting, that's all she can do anyway.

No. 865915

File: 1567947208446.jpeg (145.54 KB, 750x427, 147EBA7B-A84E-451D-8C3A-898982…)

Hmmm I thought you were struggling financially and owed people money?

No. 866020

Agreed, the fact that a few years ago even her most boring videos would get easily 100k+ views and now she stretches to hit 15k is fucking painful - I can’t believe that’s not told her it might be time to go back to school/work. Nobody in their right mind would stay in a job where they’re clearly miserable, uninspired and losing money.

No. 866037

Exactly. And she's in her mid to late 20s now. She could still learn a skill and make something of her life. She could use Youtube as a sidegig while going back to school. I doubt she will thougj.

No. 866045

File: 1567964750980.png (2.2 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190908-184503.png)

No. 866047

File: 1567964797232.png (2.64 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190908-184515.png)

No. 866071

Obviously she was lying. Let's be real here, unless you grew up with parents or a family member who listened to Goth music and let their child hear it, no one is a Goth when they're a kid. Can a kid be darkly-inclined? Absolutely. But Goth? No not really unless aforementioned background. IBF and others like her who say that obnoxious crap are just trying to be edgy or deeper than they actually are.

It's a mystery anon…. kek

But think about it anon, when was the last time IBF ever talked about a Goth band?

Oh my fucking god. I really hope her fans are keeping note of this. If she can afford to rent a car, she's not hurting for money so they better not fall for another scam (though let's be honest, they will). I hope Diva.Destruction calls her out if she does.

Does anyone know if any of her fans ever said this to her in a comment or a stream?

No. 866177

Jake is so unoriginal he actually thinks he invented spooky Christmas.
jesus Christ her poor face. is there not more serious actions she can take to fix her acne?
it seems to be getting worse to me

No. 866182


I just want to know when she’s going to go back to NZ, if she doesn’t try to overstay her welcome again.

And of course her gullible fans will continue to feed, clothe, and practically wash her ass whenever she croons on social media, not realizing she’s laughing all the way to the bank with their pity dollars that could be better spent on themselves.

I don’t get life sometimes.

No. 866190

Yes Jake, you invented spooky christmas. You should sue Tim Burton.

No. 866206

File: 1567978008665.png (1.12 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190908-222719.png)

No. 866221

At this point she legit needs a dermatologist to prescribe something, whatever she's experimenting with at home clearly isn't working.

No. 866234

File: 1567979920948.png (630.22 KB, 745x881, skin.png)

no wonder Kaya's skin looks worse! she's literally just applying so many products on her face randomly. can she seriously not do any research? can she not get help from a doctor or a dermatologist.

No. 866238


Fuck all that shit. All she needs is Retin A which she can get on ebay. I can't stand Kaya, but that's my one tip for life. Believe me or have acne for life.

No. 866239


She’s seriously going to cause more issues in the long term and damage her skin. Why is she so lazy?

No. 866258

File: 1567982373107.png (57.49 KB, 759x398, 90999.png)

No. 866270

She's delusional. After seeing the candid photos of her, she's not merely chubby, she's fat. It's not a big deal unless you make it to be but being in denial about it is not healthy. And what does she expect? She eats like crap while living a sedentary lifestyle, of course she was gonna get bigger.

No. 866272

File: 1567983149507.jpg (242.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190908-235202_Chr…)

At first l thought she was talking about lolcow.

No. 866297

File: 1567987805688.jpg (155.54 KB, 720x659, 20190909_005828.jpg)

This is from 2010 at the earliest. Find a proper goth rock band on the list.
She was 24 at the time.
(source: https://www.blogger.com/profile/03862606121132090073)

No. 866302

how do you take a break from doing nothing lol. so she let the attic go to shit and wants more asspats for getting in order again, yawn. no wonder jakey boy hasn't done pix there in a while.

is this going to be his next video, just stop already.

No. 866332

All she needs is Cetaphil, if they sell that over there. It's cheap and actually works.

No. 866343

:/ There are loads of skin care blogs available online if she's too depressed to see a dermatologist in person. A good blog will have research on ingredients, actives and how to use actives, how to determine your skin needs, and - importantly - what order to use your products.

It's not a sub for a proper derm but it will help get you on the right path without damaging your face even more if you're capable of retaining basic information backed by studies.

But what do you bet she'd try to convince her patrons to fund a super expensive skin care rabbit hole obsession if she discovered skin care blogs/routines…

No. 866352

and let's not forget she used to fat shame other girls with the "you're not plus sized, you're just fat and using the term plus sized to glamorize obesity" etc.

No. 866358

"This is senn, I´m taking over the vlog, yes we're still friends."

Somebody has been lurking massively…

No. 866369

I’d really like to call her out on that but don’t have any proof to back it up, like no screen shots or old pull forums still up.

No. 866370

I’d really like to call her out on that but don’t have any proof to back it up, like no screen shots or old pull forums still up.

No. 866388

Adam Lambert!!! Hahahahaha…

No. 866422

I am native to NI and work in Belfast city centre. I used to see Jake nearly every day walking through town or on his skateboard doing vloggs. I would post where I work but I know that kaya and Jake lurk here for a FACT

No. 866423

… sorry I posted that sooner than I intended. As I was saying, I would post where I work but I know that they lurk here and would attempt to get me fired. If you saw the both of them in real life it would shock you. They are much bigger in reality especially kaya. They came into my work a few times and it’s sad how little he speaks to her or is interested in her. They haven’t been in town together for some time, at least not in or near my work. I found this forum from a mutual coworker. My coworker is alternative and showed me their YouTube channel as they both were often the topic of conversation. It’s hilarious to me that they think they are celebrities, act as such but Jake treats kaya as if she’s a second class citizen, they just sit on their phone unless they are filming, which Jake was almost every time. Kaya is not what she looks like on her instagram photos at all, she certainly isn’t chubby… she’s obese. Jake is far shorter and has really, really short legs. Any way, every one here seems really clued on and it’s really refreshing to read that people aren’t duped by these people. They are also both extremely tight and don’t tip so there’s that too.

No. 866424


One of the reasons I can believe your accounts of their behavior, is the fact that they don't go to goth clubs, or gigs. As a baby bat, sneaking into pubs and clubs, I learnt manners, I learnt how to act in a respectful way. These two would be laughed at if they tried to act that way around people with a genuine interest in the alternative scene.

No. 866426

Yeah. I wish they'd spill the tea on the M&M drama though.

No. 866427

Out of curiosity, I assume you've seen her since they came into your workplace, how does she look in person? Like, is her skin even worse in person than pics show? You say she's obese, is she like…legit land whale?

Honestly I'm asking out of sad curiosity. She does look overweight in her vids/pics but not the worst I've been around. In pics/vids at least it looks like if she lost 30 lbs she'd be in decent shape again

No. 866430

Sorry Kaya but you are fat. I'm surprised she's come this far with accepting her body (wasn't she quite the ana-chan?) but she's still in denial, it's just done a 180 instead kek

More milk please! Always fascinating reading about these two in the wild

No. 866432

For someone with 125k followers on Instagram shes pushing 20 comments per post. I think she needs a job. Social media is not working for her….

No. 866434

Yes. But she has no skills, and no motivation. She needs a good therapist. I really think depression is a major part of her laziness. And I think she owes it to herself and the people supporting her lazy ass to get help.

No. 866438

I've only seen her critical SBC unboxing, I think it was for the mermaid themed box? apparently she was blocked by the company and her subscription canceled. Just further goes to show Kaya fakes her enjoyment of those boxes

In general luna lily ooks like yet another unboxing/haul channel

No. 866441


Are there are screen shots of this? I really don't want to believe it, but a part of me feels it's probably true…

No. 866442

Not that anon but sadly no. She WAS a member of PULL and did used to fat shame people, stating she could eat what she wanted and never gain, etc. An old friend also posted in previous threads saying Jake and Kaya would fat shame the women on America's next top model (I think that was the show) and act disgusted at anyone even slightly larger than them. Jake would also encourage kaya to lose weight. Yes this is only from an old friend and there isn't legitimate proof of this nor the screenshots from PULL, but judging by both their attitudes, especially Jake, it's easy to believe and seems entirely plausible. a lot of people have said kaya was a member on PULL talking shit on fatties (now she is one, kek karma) so that too seems believable

No. 866451


I think there’s been two factions related to the witchy goth club drama coming here lurking and posting. There’s either really negative posts all about Psychara calling her a bitch and accusing her of sponging off Mai, or there’s these weird overly detailed candid posts breaking down Annika or Mai’s personal life and drama only someone close to them would know.

I also suspect one of the cows has been posting here, Psychara mostly, as she seems to have the best written English out of three girls and she’s obviously pretty bitter about what happened.

No. 866460


I'm so new to these forums, do people actually 'lurk' here? What makes you think they do?

No. 866463


Posts like these.

No. 866464

Lolz! 2 years later IBF would make videos for babybats telling them to listen to Christian Death, hilarious!!!
I just knew she's a giant poseur. These girls with OTP 24/7 looks (never leave the house without heavy make up and a corset) always are. I know some people are late to the scene but this is just taking the piss.

No. 866465


Haha, same anon here, as soon as I posted that I thought 'shit, that's suspicious', but I genuinely am curious, has anyone ever been caught out, or is it that individuals social media tend to address the issues discussed here?

No. 866466


Found this forum trying to work out what happened between them, as I was so used to seeing them together.

It all seems very childish, and the 'not discussing for personal reasons' is bullshit. I mean in reality all you have to say is we fell out, and move on, ignore the questions.

They are simply stroking their own egos by pretending to be the bigger person, and 'not discussing it publicly'.

No. 866469

What this anon said, except I happen to agree with her in the whole spooky box club deal. I don't understand how anyone subscribes. I understand they need to turn in a profit, but the amount of money they charge for ebay shit plus ugly stuff made poorly in china appalls me. Plus, they charge like 15 pounds for a shitty enamel pin, that costs like 60p on ebay. Insane!

No. 866470


So she was 'banned' for calling them out on these issues?

I know nothing of spooky box club except what I see TT share, it does seem a little over-priced, especially some of the more recent boxes.

No. 866471


The fact that they keep deflecting about what happened makes me curious. They’re all flexing on social media with their respective cliques, talking about how great it is to have their friends, omg look at my squad bs, cutting people off for hanging out with Mara, Mara’s deleting everything off of her socials related to their friendship. They’re being so public about their animosity but then getting upset when followers understandably want to know what the fuck happened between them. 16 year old girls say stupid shit about “never addressing drama” and “what happened between us is for us only”, not nearly 30 year old grown women. Like you said, if they had any maturity, they would have addressed it in a sensible way, and moved on. They’re not over it, and it’s sad and funny at the same time.

No. 866472

They banned because she criticized the box, merely. Granted, most criticism was "i don't like it", but there were some valuable points like poiting stuff came from ebay sellers and cost 50p and made of cheap plastic. This is the video in question, complete with the description where she says that afterwards she was banned.

No. 866473

Oh no I agree, I think their stuff is tacky, pound shop Halloween level quality for the most part and insanely overpriced!! The only things I've ever liked from them have been their pillow cases, but again overpriced and I imagine you can get similar ones from independent sellers on etsy. They've also stopped the gourmet lollipops and just include cheap sweets like fizzy sherbet and parma violets

thanks anon, I was just about to post the video

No. 866477


Thanks for the video, I can't say she's may fav to watch, but I'm interested in this.

I don't buy any subscription boxes, but like to watch some of them, the ones that promote indie brands which I might not come across otherwise.

No. 866479

amy nekrotique has done a few indie unboxings including a very honest one full of cheap tat

No. 866482

Here’s the vlog of the Ireland trip that Annika and Mai went on recently.

No. 866487

File: 1568045165793.png (293.17 KB, 1080x2220, 1551759244152.png)

Not from PULL sadly, but there are some from her tumblr (got these from an older thread)

No. 866489

File: 1568045250848.jpeg (194.75 KB, 750x1334, 1551815866651.jpeg)

No. 866490

File: 1568045273567.jpg (53.26 KB, 537x495, 1551818586668.jpg)

No. 866496

KEK! brilliant. karma's a bitch, eh kaya?

No. 866504

All of this wouldn't be so terrible if Kaya had adressed this, had admitted that she used to have a fucked up view on bodyshaming, and knows better now. I think many people have said stuff when they were young that they now realize is wrong. But the key there is to awknowledge that you were being an asshole, and promise to do better. She is in a perfect position to do that. But no, she just tells people not to comment on her weight, without reflecting on her own past behaviour.

No. 866505

i like how he ignored the point of the message to insult the anon, never change lol.

No. 866511

File: 1568049670203.jpeg (339.17 KB, 1117x1893, B2158882-3648-42FD-B3B3-E02B2E…)

No. 866512

File: 1568049704356.jpeg (155.94 KB, 1115x682, 65C82575-7CEE-4F95-98F0-02BA09…)

No. 866514

File: 1568049759999.jpeg (245.85 KB, 1119x1231, 3B7C1914-494E-49BB-B571-754BBC…)

No. 866515

File: 1568049781846.jpeg (645.38 KB, 1121x1908, A81446DA-C567-46C5-A4B6-71F2D9…)

No. 866516

File: 1568049802894.jpeg (306.74 KB, 1120x955, C4CF681B-85F5-4B8F-B3B4-CC3F0F…)

No. 866517

If you search “fat” or “obese” in kaya’s tumblr it’s post after post about kaya spewing hate for fat women (always women, never fat men).

No. 866518

File: 1568049918324.jpeg (260.26 KB, 1123x1013, CAF01FFC-4716-4034-887C-265E71…)

And then more recently when she became fat:

No. 866520

She hasn’t learned compassion or empathy, she is just pissed off that she’s fat now and has no excuse. Years ago someone asked her if she hated people who are obese for medical reasons they have no control over and she said they should be more aware of their circumstances and try harder. Jesus Christ, woman.

No. 866522

File: 1568050308155.jpeg (966.2 KB, 1115x1894, BF55F739-006B-4AFC-BDEB-D76D54…)

No. 866527


Just watched the video, and although I am not sticking up for spooky box club, this girl is deluded.

You don't like the items in it… you're buying a mystery box, you're not going to like everything in every box, if you only want to receive things you like, buy things you like instead off paying a stranger to guess for you.

If she had made valid points about the quality of items I'd be on board, but unfortunately she didn't.

I watched a couple of her other unboxings, and it was all the same, unenthusiastic, I don't really like this theme, maybe the next one will be for me.

Will not be revisiting her.

No. 866535

File: 1568051499884.png (110.2 KB, 1156x454, 3485d72c3251d01c970117cd24c64b…)

LOL. Everyone knows you and Jake have no sex life. There is zero chemistry or romance in your videos, you are housemates at this point.

No. 866543

File: 1568052590472.png (1.31 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190909-190114.png)

No. 866545

To add to this, on the occasion that Jake mentions anything sexual Kaya just looks disgusted. I can only assume they have just as little sexual chemistry as they do romantic chemistry, why are they even together?

No. 866549

Hasn’t kaya mentioned on their gaming streams before about being disgusted by dd/lg stuff? Can only imagine how she feels about Jake calling himself “daddy” on Instagram now.

No. 866575

I'm weirded out about so many wk comments from either fans or friends from Psychara, MaiMagi and ManicMoth. Why aren't you spilling the tea while you are at it?

No. 866577

all those posts that Kaya made about fat people is exactly why I don't feel sorry for her for being overweight!
she admitted herself that when she and Jake got their dole money every week they'd spend it all on sweets and hide out in their house and gorge for days straight.
this post in particular is hilarious
she does everything she says she's against. she's a hypocrite and always has been,
now her face is exploding with spots and her views are declining and soon she'll have nothing.

No. 866600

exactly, she deserves this. She can't even accept she got fat because she's a lazy slob that overeats, not because of the anti depressants she was on for what… a few weeks, months tops?

No. 866617

I think she still sees herself as "a thin girl who just happens to be going through a fat phase" rather than someone who needs to make significant lifestyle changes to get her weight down.
Or don't do that. Decide that you are happy with your body, and that you choose your current lifestyle over losing weight. That's an option too. But stop complaining about it. And own up to your fatshaming past before appealing to others to not comment on your body.

No. 866626


I’ve been wondering the same thing.


They’re so used to each other’s bs. No one else is going to put up with that, and they both know it.

No. 866628

Yeah. Kaya can't survive on her own and Jake needs a constant audience to validate him. They're stuck together. I still think she should get the hell out of there though. He doesn't even pretend to care about her anymore. Being alone might be better than having someone constantly negging you. Not that she will leave, that would require effort.

No. 866642

So the big thing he waited all weekend for to build suspense was an ad for a crap website?

No. 866652

Yup, literally an ad for a horror themed Netflix.

Not much to say about the video itself, a pretty standard description of the service with a fair share of cringe. Though these days most of the cringe is just his makeup… it's so unpleasant to look at, especially in motion.

No. 866660

Yeah and she turns down nutrition and diet advice from people saying the she knows it all already but gives up on diets because she doesn’t see results after only a few weeks, kek.

No. 866667

File: 1568066824972.png (671.47 KB, 981x576, glove.png)

wow that screengrab looks fucking stupid
and then you click into the actually video and he looks worse.
the big hype was over him getting a promo code for a stupid website that shows b-rated horror movies?

No. 866672

File: 1568068690672.jpg (1.01 MB, 1440x2126, 20190909_183813.jpg)

So about those short legs(emojis)

No. 866690


Ahaha! That’s what I was trying to describe in a picture. He has the most awkwardly short legs I have ever seen on a human body. In real life, kaya I do feel very sorry for kaya, she comes across as really self conscious, looking over her shoulder a lot and fidgety while Jake is loud and obnoxious. Their videos make it seem as if they are enjoying themselves and each other’s company but that’s not how they are.

No. 866699

Haha. He's stumpy and she's lumpy.

No. 866718

Wearing drop-crotch trousers does not help with the stumpy leg look.

No. 866721

What is it with short little men like that and their obcession with getting swoll? He either looks cube-shaped when he's bulking up, or potato-shaped when he's letting himself go again.

No. 866722

I'm with you on the childish remarks such as not liking the watermelon lollipop.

But l do think she made some good points. I mean, the hair chalk looked cheap even before she tried it, and the plastic blue mermaid is really smth for kids.

I also checked kaya's latest SBC unboxings, and they contained a lot of cheap shit. Even the comments on the videos point that out, and how the boxes are significantly lighter than before.

No. 866747

right, and he made a point of saying he wanted to wait to put the video out, he could've just as easily announced it on ig/twitter or even that fan created discord.

worst part was scrolling down to the comments, seeing someone say they lowkey wanted him to choke them and having to quell the urge to vomit.

probably to compensate for being short but it just looks wrong. him wearing long/baggy clothing just emphasizes it too.

No. 866758

I actually like Shudder, especially when new episodes of Joe Bob Briggs are coming out, but this is cringe.

No. 866799

File: 1568099118772.jpg (423.05 KB, 1110x1128, 2def24c9caade59f310cc3d547f32c…)

Talk about how not to dress for your body type. Stumpy ass corgi.

No. 866811

He looks homeless.

No. 866812

I thought Kaya was meant to love wildlife and nature but when shes not screaming at bees shes keeping spiders in glasses for hours on end. She should have put the poor thing in the garden ages ago.

Why is Kayas house infested with those large spiders? I'm from Ireland and I don't recognise what type they are

No. 866814

What ever happened to Tonks
Kayas little pet? Did she die?

No. 866827

I don't think those are drop-crotch trousers…

No. 866833


I scrolled way back on Insta and it seems she has been bigger than what she'd like for a long time.

I do agree that even a short course of medication can alter your bodies metabolism, however she needs to accept this. She needs to realise that her body has changed, and if she wants to maintain a slimmer figure, she will have to work harder at it than she did previously.

Some of the posts linked here are really ugly though, I think it's quite evident she has some kind of body dismorphia, even before she put weight on.

No. 866838

Those aren’t, but it’s a style he wears frequently for some reason.

No. 866848

I’ve gained weight quickly from antidepressants before, enough to get stretch marks. But I worked hard to lose the weight. Kaya tries a “diet” for a week or two then gives up because she hasn’t seen enough results. She is delusional. There are a lot of pro-ana posts on her tumblr from when she skinny, she needs professional help but she won’t see a shrink. She doesn’t want to do the work herself and she won’t get help from other people. I want to feel sorry for her because she clearly has some issues but I just can’t.

No. 866851

Hey. Corgis are cute. And can be taught to behave themselves. Unlike stumpy Jake.

No. 866853


New to Jake, has he always looked a bit cringey???

I can't say that his new look is any worse than this to me.

No. 866861


I knew he was short but his proportions are awkward. He has such a small frame.


This is one of the reasons why I never jumped on the subscription box bandwagon. They deliberately make one or two really good boxes, to reel customers in and hype you up, and then once they sucker you in they start mailing you crap in the hopes you’ll continue to subscribe waiting for the next great box.

No. 866867


I live in Ireland also and its likely a "wolf spider" or something. I haven't seen what she has been posting, but I see them often during spider breeding season (typically September-October time), male spiders wander indoors for a mate.

Alot of wolf spiders or brown recluses find their way inside homes, (and they frickin terrify me) and it's not a direct result of her stanky living conditions, though they probably don't help.

No. 866927

File: 1568125033424.png (756.22 KB, 1448x912, 402345b587e5bcb606aeffde32eb44…)


He needs to watch this video

No. 866949

Agreed. If she actually just admitted to who she used to be and has matured, no one would have an issue with her (for the weight stuff, there's other stuff to criticize that isn't her weight).

Ah so this is the post. I'm not gonna lie though, I am of the same opinion whenever I saw morbidly obese girls calling themselves "curvy". The only difference is that I never said just because someone is morbidly obese doesn't make them a bad person or anything like that.

Okay I'm gonna be honest, she did speak some truth in this post until she got to the bottom with the whole "I don't hate fat men, just fat women thing. Why do fat men get a pass but Fat women can't? If you're gonna be saying that about Fat women, it should include fat men as well.

>>866518 Practice what you preach dear. If she was allowed to talk about other Fat girl's weight, how come she is off limits? Just shut up Kaya, you don't get a pass just because you're now obese yourself. Suck it up.

>she admitted herself that when she and Jake got their dole money every week they'd spend it all on sweets and hide out in their house and gorge for days straight.

You know it's interesting that she became what she criticized. So yeah no, no one should feel sorry for her weight gain because it was self-inflicted by spending their dole money on junk food and living lazy sedentary lifestyles. Weight gain was inevitable and now that she's approaching morbid obesity levels, she doesn't want to hear it from others when she was doing just that to other people? Fuck off with that noise.


Oh wow his legs are short… Is he not sagging his pants? How tall is he?

Why feel sorry for her? She was very critical of people in the past. Even if she did speak some truth in it, she did layer in other unnecessary things and now she's anxious to get comments on her because of her growing size? No dice.

No. 866952


This rant is very poorly worded. Although I agree with some of the points, did this girl ask for Kaya's opinion?

No. 866955

This outfit would look okay on a tall and skinny dude, but he looks like a hobo hobbit here.

No. 866960

Yeah. I think he wants to look like a mysterious imposing wizard. But he looks like the wizard's poor helper dwarf instead.

No. 866991

>Oh wow his legs are short… Is he not sagging his pants? How tall is he?

I could be wrong but I think Kaya said they are the same height, so about 5'10 or 5'11… he's not even that short but his stumpy ass midget legs make him look like a legit dwarf kek

No. 867008

He looks straight up stunted. Maybe that partly explains thr gigantic ego. He's compensating for his stumpy build.

No. 867021

pretty much, he showed a bunch of older pix in one of his videos and used to look like a dollar store version of jeffree star. for a while he was doing a 'toned down' thing but looked like a chav wearing all black. seems like he's also had that 'better than thou' attitude for a long time when he's nothing special.

No. 867024

I have to see these photos. Please.

No. 867029

Maybe this one? I'm not sure.

No. 867115

File: 1568153482110.jpg (40.74 KB, 400x300, 6mTXEli.jpg)

No. 867134

File: 1568156941765.jpg (66.43 KB, 518x778, 4e315d0bd22d4.jpg)

Its crazy how slim TT used to be. She's totally unrecognisable, she must have gained over 100 pounds. How can she make it out like it just suddenly happened and a temporary thing…

No. 867148

I wonder how much of her weight gain is just a result of her teenage metabolism slowing down. It happens to all of us. You either change your diet and exercise pattern, or you accept it as a logical part of aging. But either way you deal. I know there's a lot of pressure on women to be skinny, and this can give them some real body issues. But Kaya has dispos a ble income and very few obligations. So she could either see a therapist to get herself some help and accept her body, or see a nutritionist and work on your weightloss. The NHS might even cover some of it. Either way sitting at home binging on sweets and feeling bad about herself is doing nothing for her. Wouldn't surprise me if she's an emotional eater.

No. 867149

Karma is a bitch.

No. 867157

So Aurelio Voltaire posted a new and semi interesting video about the goth scene in Mexico. I´ve never visited, but it seems pretty complete. What turns me out is his sense of humor, I find it cringy as fuck.

No. 867163

File: 1568162311411.png (683.49 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190911-013913.png)

No. 867168

Geeez, I´m so sick of this sad e-begging. Sleep on the fucking car if is raining, and stop nagging and playing the victim.

No. 867171

Damn, some younger goth youtubers can really learn from this. What a great way to show off a local scene and the people/businesses that make it happen. I also like how he adds commentary afterwards rather than awkwardly talking at a camera while walking around and not really showing anything.

I've always been disappointed with how superficial goth youtubers can make goth feel, so this is very refreshing.

No. 867175


>is in Scotland in early autumn/late summer

>pointlessly drives north for no reason
>acts surprised it’s raining

Lmao it’s almost comedic at this point. Did she expect sunshine and endless blue skies? I guess this beats her being ‘attacked’ in the city so…

No. 867176

I did another impulsive thing I technically can't afford, and it mildly backfired. I am now inconvenienced somewhat, which is a result of my own actions, but I'm going to blame bad luck. Also can somebody bail me out again?

No. 867181

File: 1568166011678.png (639.27 KB, 640x1136, 85F04DB6-6C1B-4FF6-8858-3F7D7F…)

No. 867183

File: 1568166033301.png (412.64 KB, 640x1136, 68ECFC58-BA27-4933-91CE-3AA088…)

No. 867184

File: 1568166072591.png (310.15 KB, 640x1136, F8735168-D37F-44D1-8B4E-62E9FB…)

No. 867195

Is it even safe? Did she put her tent on top of a puddle?

No. 867196


How is she not freaked out to be alone like that?!

No. 867198

Because this is s ploy for her followers to give her more money/ place to stay/ food. She’s being stupid and I don’t pity her. She is making poor decisions almost in hopes that something bad will happen to her so she can milk it for more than its worth. Pathetic.

No. 867202


I don’t pity her either. I am just shocked at how much she keeps pushing her luck.

No. 867206

I cant be the only one who doesnt like Voltaire, there has always been something off putting about him to me, even though some of his content is good. But yes the humor in his videos is typically kind of cringey.

No. 867207

or just took a closeup of a tarp with a flashlight and are really sleeping in the car, or even a hotel.

No. 867208

Why is she even doing this? I thought she had a place to stay at, does she have a deathwish? Must be for some idiotic blog for youtube.

No. 867209

He is a total lech and creeper. But he is charismatic and good looking and talented so no one cares.

No. 867226


Fortunately in Scotland you can legally sleep in your car. A quick Google of somewhere safe to pull up, and the issue is solved!

No. 867228

How is he a leech?

No. 867232

A lech, not a leech. He comes into anything with tits, including his fans.

No. 867240


Never liked Voltaire either. He is so smarmy, touchy feely, and will sleep with pretty much anyone as long as they are of a vaguely female humanoid shape. I think it was an IBF video that I saw him in first and he was literally breathing down her neck and pushing up all over her breasts like a weirdo. But like >>867209 said, he’s got a lot charisma and isn’t fugly, so he can get away with it by smiling and being charming. He’s a stereotypical rocker with a goth façade working his way through his groupies.

No. 867242

a letch

No. 867243

She’s on the Isle of Skye and not the middle of Chicago…
Been lurking here for a while but as more and more misconceptions come up about Scotland, I couldn’t hold it anymore. While Paisley is indeed a rough area, actually a place with the highest crime rate in Scotland, the Highlands and Islands are extremely safe. I’m an alternative looking female myself, and I go camping on my own regularly, hitching from one place to another and hopping on ferries. I also live on an island on the west coast, and believe me this part of Scotland is extremely safe.
I hate the picture she paints about this beautiful and extremely friendly country, despite claiming it’s her ‘dream home’.

No. 867245

pretty sure it's lech, short for lecherous

No. 867255

Voltaire has always made me profoundly uncomfortable. He's done a lot for the scene, and has been around for a long time. I remember him being very prolific in the early 2000s. But a lot of his material, like his comics, has characters drooling over "hot chicks" and it always seemed sleazy to me. I'm also a little ambiguous about his "gothic homemaking" webseries, and the crowdfunding for it. It's not low effort content and well produced. But it was described as being a DIY show when he was crowdfunding it. And in reality it turned into him buying ornate $3000 couches online. He can do whatever he wants I guess. But if he wants the show to be an inspirational thinf people can apply to their own home, it would help if his decor ideas were a bit more attainable to most people.

No. 867263

This is so passive- agresive, being alone wouldn't imply her friends and boyfriend would be more concerned about her trip? I don't get it, why would you post something like this? , She always does the most unnecessary dangerous shit …. She posted on Facebook she rented a car for her trip , wasn't she struggling with money ?

No. 867282

I think IBF was having some sort of panic attack, she needs actual friends and family around to support her if she has that severe anxiety issues and so little self reliance to camp alone for a night in beautiful nature w/o freaking out. She travelled by car, so she could easily sleep in that, she isn't doing to die of exposure or get attacked in such a low crime area.
It's ridiculous her low level of coping skills.
She is probably playing for sympathy donation as well, but who is falling for her histrionics?
Oh I'm camping alone in a famously beautiful spot, save me. Do fuck off.

Yeah Voltaire's latest video is interesting but everything else he has done has been sponsored crap( the supposed diy homemaking). Hate his smarmy, fake ass persona.
That mental health video he did with IBF and ReeRee well he certainly was letching in that. It's well known he is a sleaze ball.

No. 867284

Why would anybody be concerned with her trip? She's not a little kid or disabled. Don't buy into this retarded propaganda that woman can't spend a time alone in countryside without being murdered or raped. Going alone on a mountain trekking trip is stupid, but a car trip and camping in a safe, popular touristic area is not an dangerous activity.
Europe is not dangerous, there's no muslims gangs everywhere raping women left and right like in neonazi propaganda and the most dangerous places are less dagerous than safest areas of USA. Also, theres practically no dangerous animals here.

No. 867290

File: 1568197681872.jpeg (152.42 KB, 640x907, 0497B9DE-24E3-44B3-B16F-F48478…)

Blessed place tbh

No. 867302

Oh wow shes at her own meet and greet. Baaaaaaaa….

No. 867324

Seems pretty relaxing. What is she freaking out about? I live in Europe, and often go camping on my own. It's not a big deal.

No. 867325

His house is just a retail graveyard. Its not anything worth aspiring to. His apartment is the lovechild of Joannes and Michaels lol.

His shitty pseudo celebrity on CNN was just a plug for his book. Its all cheesey af.

No. 867331


i love how he gets ~10k views on his videos but from his demeanor you'd think he hangs out with Johnny Depp on the regular…

No. 867339

They're so cute! I would love to wake up to this. i cant tell if she's complaining or not

No. 867344

Saged for blog-posting, but agreeing; also Scottish here, and most of Scotland is pretty safe - even Glasgow, which has the worst rep, is fine for the most part if you stay out of the rough areas and avoid the worst of the drunks late at night in the pubs/clubs areas - it's probably safer than London. IBF is just being a drama queen because she has no situational awareness and lives in Paisley, which is admittedly pretty scummy. If she was in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, she'd probably mostly be ignored, maybe get the odd compliment for being 'artistic'

No. 867345

File: 1568206754783.jpg (85.17 KB, 966x640, amazon.jpg)

Or Mai bought the buckle from Amazon, it's only $10. It's very likely the Etsy shop is also importing them cheaply but claims they made it themselves. In general Etsy has an epidemic problem with fakecrafters for years but they refuse to tackle the issue.

No. 867350


If you think that’s bad, try watching this without gagging.

No. 867351

I actually don't mind the "cringy" humor, it's not the central focus of the video and easy to ignore if you don't like it. This video is otherwise very interesting in my opinion, I appreciate the fact he showcased small businesses and events in a way that invites people to try them out themselves.

No. 867353


Thanks for the research Anon. Even if she was buying the items sustainably, there's no way she would be able to sell them at the prices she is, without the following she has.

I wish she would practice what she preaches. That sustainable living should be affordable for everyone…

No. 867367

Wow someone is thanking me. Last time I posted stuff I found via Google I was picked on by at least two anons who were strangely triggered as if I was criticizing them and not the cows.

I also think she should do what she preaches. I'm curious if she bought CO2 compensation for the recent Ireland trip like a decent LOHAS would do, but I doubt it.

No. 867371

IBF used to live out of her van (on her own) for months on end back in NZ while working in orchards/around the countryside. Just keep that in mind next time she's crying that she has to go camping alone.
This is another passive-aggressive ploy to get more money out of her fans/sponsors.

No. 867376

I'm a bit iffy with Voltaire but I'll give it a watch for sure since it actually looks like something for some real Goth content.


I'm shocked she's going through these extremes but then not at the same time. Look at all those fucking photos, if she really had the balls, she wouldn't be posting frequently at this time and just went to sleep and slept it out. It's obvious she's fishing for money, a place to stay, pity or all of the above. She's the one who's making these terrible choices, she's doing this to herself and she expects people to feel sorry for her?


Well that's cool. At least you don't have to be worried about being bothered by the police, she should be taking advantage of that.

Lmao that made me laugh harder than it should've.

I wonder if it worked because knowing how some of her fans are, they would send her some money.

No. 867420

Someone who has no money would not travel to london and short after that rent a car to do a highland trip. Life in the UK is not cheap.

A lot of things a more expensive for example in comparisson to Germany. If I'd have a lack of money,I would not even travel around Germany or rent a car here. I'd buy my food at discouter supermarkets and I'd not going out a lot to bars for drinking a lot of alcohol and eat expensive junk food in restaurants!

And I don't believe in "the Bank lost my money"-STORY

No. 867436

Also Scottish. I don't understand why she's so keen to stay here when she doesn't seem to think much of the place given her constant moaning about it. She doesn't paint Scotland in a very good light, which really pisses me off.

Also, a recent BBC news article stated that approximately 1 out of 10 properties on Skye are listed on Airbnb or other short term holiday letting sites. Skye is a prime tourist spot so had she been truly concerned for her safety, which she wasn't, she would likely have found a place, or as others have said, slept in the hire car.

Out of interest, do any of the other Scottish goth anons know if she's been going out to clubs such as Bedlam in Glasgow or Ascension in Edinburgh since being back in the country?

No. 867443

File: 1568229671150.png (1.84 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190911-201500.png)

No. 867465

damn what a difference tho, do u have more of her old photos? the fucking neon hair omg

No. 867466

File: 1568236916665.jpeg (83.14 KB, 640x372, 7A1FDB59-02B7-410A-85C6-751EDA…)

The hashtags lmao

No. 867472

File: 1568237618981.png (1.15 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190911-223405.png)

No. 867473

File: 1568237666685.png (2.32 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190911-223414.png)

No. 867487

I think this is the likely issue with IBF's finances. She's been having such a BAD time of it lately with all the drama of moving etc and losing her money etc and not being able to afford anything etc… so to cheer herself up she hires a car to drive off into the country for a spontaneous holiday.

You end up with bugger all when you do that all the time, for sure.

I'm wondering where the car hire money came from. Did the Lost Wedding Cash turn up?

No. 867495


Lurk the old threads.

No. 867533


Honestly you could ask why she travels anywhere as she somehow manages to make every city or country she visits look like some intolerant hellhole.

She’s not the only goth who gets picked on and harassed for their appearance, but she is pretty much the only one in the YT gang to make a big deal out of the negative attention she receives. Every vlog she has to make sure at least she gets in one or two shots of someone screaming at her, kids running in terror, or her crying about being kicked out of somewhere.

Plus, I believe some immigration officers now look into your social media accounts when you’re applying to become a citizen depending on the country, and anyone who reads her recent tirades about Scotland would not be impressed. If I had never been to the UK, you would think it’s some backwater country with people living in the Stone Age going by her tweets and shit. Why live somewhere if you’re not happy?

No. 867606


Poor service is always a bummer, but whatever; the 'I…I felt I needed to say something' is utterly pathetic. Like she's so damaged by this experience she's whimpering.

Maybe you wouldn't have been so 'hangry' if you planned your trip properly, made some pack up, googled somewhere to eat, read some reviews, or any number of other things which make journeys such as this run smoothly.

No. 867608


>i have a monopuss. i do. it's like an octopuss but it only has one tentacle. but it still has that big weird wrinkly sac.

>IBF giggling like she's Stacy being hit on by Chad

why did i click. thank you anon, i cringed so hard it gave me scoliosis.

No. 867609

File: 1568276423904.png (151.64 KB, 509x1305, ab1.PNG)

No. 867610

File: 1568276451759.png (881.62 KB, 531x800, ibf.PNG)

No. 867619

She actually looks prettier without makeup, but those roots… geee.

No. 867623

She looks good, but why these roots, and why her eyebrows are orange if most of the hair is black? Anyway, that's better than OTT look for everyday life.

No. 867624

I swear her name gets more pretentious every time I see a new screenshot

No. 867625

Dont get sentimental. Shes a cunt.

No. 867627

Hungry to the point of anger? Freyja hasn't clearly seen any third world starvation footage recently. She is foul. Gross. Gluttonous. Disgusting and shallow as fuck. Youre not cursed. Youre a terrible person.

No. 867628

She's naturally a ranga. Obviously can't be arsed to maintain her hair even though she made a whole video about it.

No. 867638

She should go back to ginger it suits her mich better with the softer makeup. Or like at least blonde or white or something if ginger isnt 'edgy' enough. She looks better with less harsh shit.

No. 867647

File: 1568292298167.png (704.68 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190912-133818.png)

No. 867672

don't these people have any sense of aesthetics, class… anything? he literally looks like a steaming pile of shit

No. 867678

>my sixteen year old daughter is a bitch on her period
Adora is so hardcore cringy! She's oversharing and inappropriate! She reeks of desperation each time she tries to paint herself as a good mother, Jesus.

Like her old pictures only worse.

It is. Everyone in the witchy goth circle is obsessed with these stupid accents or rune fonts, it's not "speshul" anymore, just annoyingly 3edge5you.

No. 867731


therealclown of the toxic two circus

No. 867769

File: 1568312781210.png (1.75 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190912-192653.png)

No. 867787

Yes Kaya, cause you need more tacky shit. When would you even wear that? It'll just be absorbed into the hoard.

No. 867801

In Jake's recent video he says he doesnt like the Cure's music and calls the lead singer Eddie………….

No. 867805

This doesn't shock me. Why would Jake like good music? It's evident by his own garbage sound he has terrible influences. Eddie Smith wishes he was more hard-core goth like Jakey boy

No. 867807

Don't be stupid, I´m merely commenting on her looks.

No. 867820

He said in a video years ago that goth music “is shit,” so no surprise there.

No. 867822

Gee. I wonder why the goth scene rejects him. Must be all those mean old elitists right?

No. 867840

>>867610 I'm guessing ginger brows are her natural ones coming through or maybe tattoo brows to match her natural hair colour?

No. 867845

Yep that's why he and toxic don't interact with real Goths and if you look at their fanbase, you won't be seeing much of any actual real Goths who watch them. The video you're referring to is I believe a livestream they did where he came out and said he thought Goth music sounded like shit and Goths are elitists cuntbags.

It's just gonna sit her hoard and gather dust.

No. 867846

I think he was saying "eighties" but his stupid fake accent makes him hard to understand. And he's such a great music producer and has so much knowledge on the subject that a whole entire decade of music sounds shit to the point it's unlistenable, sure Jake you dumb fuck

No. 867894

it was definitely "eighties music" not "eddie's music" but he's still a prick

No. 867939

File: 1568332339598.png (1.02 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190913-005239.png)

No. 867950

never mind the fact that their most commercial success was in the nineties..

No. 867971

His fan looks like kaya.

No. 867989

Wait, is she out in public doing things without being goth'd up to the nines? That's actually pretty amazing

No. 868009

Nah they are drawn on. She has observed before that her lashes and brows are basically white irl.

No. 868042


Good for Jake and making his shirts in XXXXXL

No. 868043

Never realised Spooky Box Club is £26.50 a month, for delivery in the UK. This seems over priced for some of the boxes I've seen recently, but they are also selling the individual items on their website, some for £30 or more.
I understand that people need to make a profit, and that buying/selling in bulk is cheaper than one off pieces etc etc, but it doesn't add up to me.
I also don't like the mass-produced 'spooky in a box' vibe I get from a lot of subscription boxes. It lacks substance, and creativity.

I don't know; thoughts on Spooky Box Club and similar?

No. 868057

This is the thing about Adora, she actually doesn't share enough. In these small ways yes, but she never mentioned anything about her divorce, about why her eldest daughter Jenny was raised by Adoras parents instead, or about why Adora herself was raised by her grand parents. She says she has never received negativity for the way she looks and acts, that is completely unbelievable.
She has so much milk but keeps it to herself.

No. 868064

They're all scams imho, they all did the same thing: start with something really good to sucker people in, then start filling the boxes with cheap shit occasionally doing something worthwhile to keep people subscribed.

If people enjoy it, then that's fine, but I doubt anyone would buy these things outside of a gift box and definitely not for the individual prices listed on their site.

No. 868065

Do you mean the "sister" who is suspected to be her daughter, or is there another one?

I agree, she seems to overshare yet keeps all this private. Which is probably for the best.

No. 868122


I briefly subscribed but stopped after a few as they weren't worth the price they were then. Most of the stuff went straight in the bin. Even the 'gourmet lollipop' was the exact same flavour just a different colour each month.

Each to their own though, just not something I wanted to spend any more money on.

No. 868159

>Adora's "sister" who is suspected to be her daughter
WHAT THE FUCK?! What's the story?!

I would love to get recommendations for a box to subscribe if there's anything good. I was under the impression they are all scammy.

No. 868174

File: 1568397221405.jpg (396.84 KB, 1152x2048, 1560570041950.jpg)

Guys, meet Jude Bishop. She started on alt cows but for some reason got her own thread (>>>/snow/822456 is the most recent, its description also links the first one), she's too stale for it now but still qualifies for altcows.

Her description:
Jude's social media debut was a Barcroft TV doc with her roomie [Rosie] and then got IG and YT for the first time ever, and lolcow debut in the Altcow thread.
-vegan, straight edge, holier than thou
-"soo uncaring", also 24/7 triggered
-is a cunt to seem hardcore n cool
-DDLG little
-faux bi, and hates porn but posts lewds
-will "save the world" - never acts on it, just says it to sound fake deep
-claims to be "goth" but says its not about the music (it is) [and loves nothing but sound cloud rap]
-wants to be an influencer with no effort or even a YT schedule
-followers must conform to her opinions or fuck off

Recent milk is her moving out from living with Rosie, starting cos Rosie did weed. Also she has a calf/skinwalker/friend called my sad boi account.

No. 868187

You've left out her refusing to use the preferred pronouns of an underage person she was fueding with and laughing about it, but also claiming she was super inclusive and an ally because she has trans friends, and only used the wrong pronouns on purpose because she was angry. Also a shameless E-begger.

No. 868191


Supposedly she had Jenny at 16 and passed her off as her sister for years…it’s really confusing and she doesn’t explain it in a coherent way. She posted two videos talking about it, here’s one of them.

No. 868203

File: 1568400430728.jpg (356.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190913-194700_You…)

Thanks for the link.

No. 868206


Is she on drugs? Why does she act so strangely?

No. 868209


Kaya can't go to the gym unless someone buys this bag for her!(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 868213

Just pick a bag from the hoard. Digging through her piles of crap to find one will only be bonus exercise.

No. 868220

Jake's "original" look is copied directly from this guy


No. 868223

Ew… isn't that Jude Bishop's "daddy?"

No. 868248

File: 1568404698136.jpg (320.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190913-205728_Chr…)

Always active with her hoarding tendencies.

No. 868258

File: 1568405823899.png (586.26 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190913-210420.png)

No. 868261

File: 1568405958743.png (1.12 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190913-211939.png)

No. 868266

The word "tasteful" doesn't come to mind. Everything about her is tacky.

No. 868279

I think it's been alluded to that she has Asperger's Syndrome. She named her band "Asperger Synthdrome" and someone asked if she has Asperger's and she answered very vaguely, neither confirming or denying.

You might have to do some digging for the source on this, it's just something I remember.

No. 868291

Ooh, listening to marilyn manson in a halloween store, soo gothy!

No. 868293


Ah ok, still weird though, she's acting like a complete tweaker

No. 868295

There was one made along time ago on here, of both AP and EA. Both are pmuch dead except for the crazy fans.

No. 868350

File: 1568418055068.png (1.4 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190914-004110.png)

No. 868374