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No. 823089

Jake Munro & ToxicTears
It's Black Friday
Avelina de Moray
Adora Batbrat
Kat von D
Dracula Makens
Of Herbs and Alters
Sebastian Columbine
Dre Ronayne
Erin Micklow

Latest milk
> kaya e-begs for new electronics
> Jake is trying to rip off Marilyn Manson (who ripped off rozz williams)
> kaya and Jake are planning on moving to Barcelona
> Ibf's mom continues to harass Matthias
> ibf and Matthias are friends again
> ibf is living out of a suitcase because all her stuff is in storage
> sebastian Columbine talks about how goth was just a phase for her
> Dorian reminisces on her anorexia and addiction in a romantic way
> Dorian is still a NEET

No. 823098


>Dre Ronayne

Misspelled in the last OP.

>Of Herbs and Alters

If you copied the last OP, why the misspelling?

No. 823156


>Dracula Mackens

You had one job, OP…

No. 823165

Ah, fuck my phone. I should have double checked for auto correct.

No. 823176

File: 1560767225670.png (360.94 KB, 477x1463, ig comments.png)

The top comments on IBF's Matthias picture kek

No. 823181

INB4 she bawleets them or makes a crying video about it

No. 823184

No one cares bitch.

No. 823186


Hi Freya!(hi [cow])

No. 823190

Its not tennis. One all. 2 marriages 2 divorces. Game set and match. Until the next social media embarrassment.

No. 823195

Speculation: maybe Freya was obliged to say her and Matt are now "friends" to call off the very recent harrassment of him on social media from her mum and probably from a few rabid patron sponsors as well(?).
Fewer of her fans are thinking the break up was as totally one sided(with Freya as a poor victim) as did think that before. Yes,if he were an "abuser" no way should she have anything to do with him. I think her BS about Mattias being the devil,and the only cause of the marriage break up is blowing up in her face.

Clearly it was a holiday romance only and they weren't suited for each other. Marrying someone you think is sexy but barely know is unlikely to work out. She liked him and his look, but ultimately it was all about the Visa.

She doesn't NEED Mattias any longer,(except possibly for translation help or some other favour related to her cats/ furniture in Germany?)
I don't think it's a genuine friendship, she doesn't seem capable of that.

Is she not filming at WGT? What the f else will she do a video on if not that? It's mad people continue to send her money. More speculation: she is only doing videos for Patreon now, as her you tube tanked and it's harder every year to make money off and sense.

No. 823205

>Marrying someone you think is sexy but barely know is unlikely to work out.

This is obvious, but Freeza has too much pride to own her fuck-ups. doesn't want to hear it

No. 823207

doingtheunstuck is nailing it. She is annoying her fans with her wedding rinse and repeat crap. If she was a grown up she would shut up and marry like everyone else, without begging her followers for money.

No. 823253

File: 1560794765033.png (714.2 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190617-190441.png)

They both can't stop wonting freebies.

No. 823262

File: 1560795750505.png (753.94 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190617-192100.png)

Has she got a flat any milk

No. 823303

That’s her Leipzig flat which she needs to leave empty, clean, and not painted black.

German flats usually don’t come with kitchens installed, so you have to take yours with you or get rid of it when you leave.

No. 823306

I've begun to wonder, how did she gain/keep so much weight with all the stress from the situation? Physically moving all of her items to/from storage, redoing the entire apartment by herself(I presume including repairs from hanging stuff, priming, painting, etc)…

Like..how is she still chubby? Trying to move from Germany to Edinburgh would stress me to the point of not eating, plus physically doing the activity to fix the apartment, PLUS going to festivals/walking a lot…am I just underestimating how much she ate in NZ with Mr Owl?

No. 823308

Some people comfort eat.

No. 823332


She's stress eating junk food between energy drinks and energy drinks are just caffeine and sugar

Would make anyone fat

No. 823347

File: 1560807620950.png (914.38 KB, 1093x573, jake.png)

I can't deal with this guy anymore. he must be a laughing stock in Belfast. He can fly to Barcelona too and he won't be accepted there either.
does Kaya not get to use her attic anymore? Jake wouldn't help her fix it up but is fine using the space for his videos

No. 823376


Kaya is lazy and took her /months/ to clean the attic to a state that was filmable only for Jake to hijack it.

doesn't he have his own filming room??

No. 823402

40-some MomRaven

No. 823436

he used to film in his room when he wasn't doing outside stuff, idk why he couldn't just keep on with that. like i get wanting a solid background but i agree, he did fuck all to help kaya and i guess has his own computer to edit on while she's still having issues. what a great partner.

No. 823483

There're sugar free versions of energy drinks.

One day he's going to look back on these videos and be deeply embarrassed. Saying that, it's usually when we're finding our own identity around 13 years old we're supposed to look back and cringe.

No. 823493

As other anons have stated,Jake is totally cynical and calculating, regarding his moronic, cash in, cringe video content. A less sincere person than Jake would be hard to find.

Jake not helping Kaya speaks volumes, he is all about growing his brand.

He has found his niche now and is going for the lowest common denominator "goth"/horror fans.
Jake isn't especially bright, merely slightly less dim than the likes of " mom raven" and his mostly young fans.

Very naive and undiscerning people do exist in every age category and Mom Raven is a prime example. She genuinely thinks Jake's content is fantastic (hers is very mundane, videos of her driving to hot topic and Tim Hortons..but genuine)
Her channel has low views so I'm sure she hopes for a shout out from him.
Jake ain't about supporting/building community or making online chums.

I feel a bit sorry for "mom raven" she is probably feeling lonely and out of touch and is likely doing YT to make friends,not as a "career".

At first I thought her video praising Jake was a parody by a much more interesting Canadian goth " miss E" as they look/sound a bit similar.

No. 823521

File: 1560850968934.png (755.77 KB, 901x579, fffff.png)

does anyone know that annoying girl on tiktok that cosplays as different anime characters and then moves like a cartoon in her videos?
it really seems like Jake watched her stuff and tried to copy it. why is he always so weird animated

No. 823525


All I can think is "his hands are going to age SO BADLY if he continues putting body paint, latex and other aesthetic shit all over them"

No. 823527

File: 1560852843437.jpg (279.55 KB, 2000x1333, gettyimages-52173498.jpg)

who I think of everytime he does that weird slouched back pose in his videos

No. 823528

Omg so dire

No. 823539

That's so embarrassing

Almost 50 year old woman:

"Idk, like, (giggles) Jake is so freaking awesome! Like, he does this thing, and his like, looks, and stuff and like, everything he does is, like, so me! giggles SO freaking cool! He's, like, so cool." Over and over for nearly 6 minutes.

I have to say, this kind of people makes me feel embarrassed to look like a goth sometimes, because I am completely aware that that's how almost everyone sees us, even other alternative people. Our image is the worst… our subculture was hijacked by a bunch of stupid people who liked the "dark" look (and not even the same look as we do), discarded our music and went about substituting everything they didn't like to fit their tastes, leaving only the name goth and a vague association with """heavy""" music. The media helped spread this view, new people came thinking this was the real deal and here we are, the most unorganized, inconsistent, bastardized subculture of all. We came to a point where we can't even point these shit out or we are accused of being gatekeepers and elitists. We have to behave as the most caring, understanding, etc with those who shit on the whole thing.

Which reminds me of that pathethic comment the Count left at one of TTs videos trying to be nice to her after talking shit about her channel (and rightly) lots of times. That's what I'm talking about: we can't even dislike people who bastardize the subculture, we have to extra nice and caring to everyone. Which other subculture is like this? None. You just have to like the stuff associated with it and follow a few "rules" (more like standards, maybe".

No. 823576

>That's what I'm talking about: we can't even dislike people who bastardize the subculture, we have to extra nice and caring to everyone. Which other subculture is like this? None.

I'm so happy someone finally fucking said it. We have to kiss these people's ass or say "w-well at least they're nice" when they're shitting up the scene. When we call them out, other goths call us elitists and ~gatekeeperzZz~. It's ridiculous, metalheads freely call these people out, rap fans freely call these people out, but goths? We're automatically elitists, bullies, and whiny.

>this kind of people makes me feel embarrassed to look like a goth sometimes, because I am completely aware that that's how almost everyone sees us, even other alternative people. Our image is the worst… our subculture was hijacked by a bunch of stupid people who liked the "dark" look (and not even the same look as we do)

They all look like shit too, it's inauthentic. It's why they have to go overboard with their look because they so desperately want to be seen as a goff. It's why I don't believe goth fashion exists, the "look" is brought on by the music, it evolves with it as well. It's why brands like Killstar exist, they have to have what they think is goth in a box because they don't have the music to influence them as they all hate it.

Anon don't worry, most other alt people know these people are fake and call them out for us. They shouldn't have to, but they do.

Mid-life crisis is truly a bitch. I bet she was one of the Mansonites from the 90s and could never fully kick it to the curb because she has no real personality.

>Marilyn Manson (who ripped off Rozz Willams)
I thought I was the only one who noticed this, it's well known he got his look from some dark alt guy who used to be in his band, Manson acted way too similar to Rozz onstage, It's also interesting that Manson's band only got popular once he adopted themes from Christian Death.

>Why is she still chubby??

Her fans are probably feeding her lmao, they were begging her to live with them so I wouldn't doubt they would be buying her food.

No. 823957

>That's what I'm talking about: we can't even dislike people who bastardize the subculture, we have to extra nice and caring to everyone.

probably the most absurd conversation on that topic online:


No. 824057

Of course he hijacked it. He's seems like such a narcissist/user, and I feel bad for Kaya (not that she's perfect either). I sincerely hope she gets away from him and gets some professional help to deal with her self esteem issues, because it's clear Jake is just using her.

No. 824102

Yes there are sugar-free but instead of sugar they have shit sweeteners that have been shown to be just as bad. Especially in someone who drinks them like mad and also eats garbage food.

I remember IBF saying before that she is a stress eater. She also has a very unfortunate body type where all her weight goes to her boobs and stomach. Her arms and legs stay pretty average yet her breasts and torso get huge. She drinks a lot too, despite what she tries to lead people to believe. And she drinks those fruity sweet drinks…full of sugar. Combine all this with the fact she's lazy and """broke""". She's shoving her face with cheap easy-to-make junk and booze and energy drinks. Painting an apartment (which isn't nearly as hard as the dramatic dumbasses in these threads make it seem) isn't going to make her lose her gut which she's had for years. All this stress is just making it worse.

The thing about IBF that makes me so angry is that she just creates her own problems. She's on benzos and she's always talking about how she has a panic disorder. Bitch you have a panic disorder because you have ZERO stability and fly by the seat of your pants. If you actually stood still and planted some roots and dealt with your problems ya wouldn't need to shove your face with valium and chocolate.

No. 824103

jake moans about the lack of a goth/metal scene in belfast which is bullshit. there are countless bands and gigs for both scenes but he doesn't involve himself or support other local artists. he could easily arrange gigs for his band anywhere in and around belfast but he doesn't. maybe he knows that he won't get smoke blown up his arse from real life people in the way that he does from teenage goth girls.

No. 824210

> What the f else will she do a video on if not that?

Well H A U L Videos of course! /s

Thank the stars some of her fans are wising up a little bit. Looks like the charade is starting to crack a bit.

Stress eating and drinking. We know she has a sweet tooth and it can spring up more likely when you're under stress and with her failed sham marriage, moving deadlines, and the traveling, she was/has been probably eating some not so good stuff by the dozens and it's not like she was all that active before. It just looked that way because she would use certain camera angles to mask her true weight.

Oh anon you're so on the money with this one and it hurts the soul lol However personally, I don't bend over backwards and accept all this bullshit. I used to want to be super inviting and patient with these people who bastardize what Goth truly is but as soon as they started calling real Goths "Elitists" and "Gatekeepers", I put my foot down. I'm still relatively patient but I don't tolerate bullshit anymore. I will call a spade a spade and don't care if I get called an elitist because I know I'm not one.

I'm especially disappointed with The Count for being that spineless. It's not like what he and he others said during the Gothquisition segment wasn't true because It totally is. Toxic Tears, Jake Munroe, and all the others like them make a mockery of our subculture and they bloody know it. They aren't Goths, they never were Goths and all they do is bring second-hand embarrassment for real Goths.

As far as I know, he's the only one who did that and I just hope the others who were on that segment don't keel over and do the same.


> I'm so happy someone finally fucking said it. We have to kiss these people's ass or say "w-well at least they're nice" when they're shitting up the scene. When we call them out, other goths call us elitists and ~gatekeeperzZz~. It's ridiculous, metalheads freely call these people out, rap fans freely call these people out, but goths? We're automatically elitists, bullies, and whiny.

FFR, The Ruadhain 1334 situation was a great example of this. The moment an actual Goth steps out and calls these people out on their bullshit, in come the swarm of "You're a jealous bully" or "Elitist!" comment storm.


They all look like shit too, it's inauthentic. It's why they have to go overboard with their look because they so desperately want to be seen as a goff. It's why I don't believe goth fashion exists, the "look" is brought on by the music, it evolves with it as well. It's why brands like Killstar exist, they have to have what they think is goth in a box because they don't have the music to influence them as they all hate it.

Exactly. I look at these people and "Goth" is not the thing that comes to my mind. At this point, I have a certain image in my head when I think of "Goth" and certain placeholders that make me think it. Simply having dark eye makeup, unnatural hair color, wearing pentacles or Baphomet, white eye contacts, and/or looks that are "in a box" sorta speak, "Goth" isn't what comes to mind. It's usually "Alternative" or at the worse, a "poser" if these people are calling themselves Goth and show they don't like actual Goth music.

And it's true that most real Goths don't go out of their way to look over the top in day to day life. We're comfortable showing our nod to dark fashion and actual Goth fashion (inspired by the music) without going to the extremes. To give some context. When I look at someone like Black Widow Sanctuary, my mind thinks "Goth". When I look at someone like Kaya or Jake, I think Poser MallGoth. One looks refined and put together (Black Widow Sanctuary), the other looks mismatched and doing so for the sake of it.

No. 824251

I’m one of the people in the screenshot of IBF’s comments. Ruadhan followed me not long after and wow his page is full of potential milk. I get that we are all critical of IBF but I honestly think Ruadhan needs help, he has whole “highlights” just dedicated to screenshots of his comments on her stuff & people responding to them. It’s all he posts about. It’s kinda sad and he really does need to go back on his medication by the looks of things

No. 824264

just as others on this thread have mentioned, she eats lots of sugar. We get a glance at her eating habits in her vlogs and snapchat posts. In one video, she had a mocktail, shaved ice, and a tall sundae all in one dinner.

As a wise woman once said: "Black lipstick isn't a personality!!"

agreed. I admire that Ruadhan had the guts to call out the gOFf qUeEn herself, but he seems very emotionally unstable. One time he got really triggered over the fact that I said people should get a job if they really need money. He wanted to debate about the automation of jobs and I was like …bye! I'm not trying to argue online

No. 824282

Ruadhan is a complete and utter nut case. Who could possibly say otherwise,after viewing a few of his videos?
He is trans (f to m) and most people in the medical field are scared to say the fact that a very high rate of trans people have serious mental issues( comorbidity with bi polar, paranoid ideation etc). What medication is he on? Psychiatric medication? He mentioned he has ADD but that can't be the only issue he has.

Im sympathetic to Ruadhan and prefer him as a person to IBF, TT and Jake tho. I love the underdog,but this " dog" has problems. His videos are too long and rambling and lack focus. Little appeal in most of them unless you are his groupie.

On the up side he is absolutely a Goth and doing You tube to express himself,sound off about his many interests and possibly make new friends? And make a little cash selling badges and Ebegging to pay for an exterminator.He does certainly have a unique take on life and is intelligent which helps, however he has a bit of an attention whore side which isn't amazing. You get the feeling he wants to "get big" but Ruadhan is far to self indulgent to rein himself in and focus on developing his channel.

No. 824287

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Ruadhaun is a nutcase. I remember when the goth drama went down, I tried watching his video but couldn't make it halfway through because he kept on rambling about stupid shit or needing his mail or something. I thought he went about the video the wrong way and he came across as completely unhinged to me. I figured it was an unpopular opinion so I never said anything, but I'm sure he's a cow in his own right. Well the fact that he is trans cements it for me.

No. 824290

Yeah I think Ruadhan is a cow. I personally won't go hard on him
(Unless he starts acting more like the people he slams,entitled and so forth) cos he was the first to call out the HAUL channels as misrepresentation of what Goth is about. I admit that I feel sorry for him ,but that's what he wants so people donate. ( tip jar).

Other videos that followed his ( radically darks video comes to mind as an excellent example)addressing materialism in goth should have gotten more views really. She discussed the same topics as Ruadhan w/o naming anyone and in a much more thoughtful, focussed mature way.

No. 824302

Fuck I didnt know who this was so I looked him up and hes literally living in Michigan and puts all his shit in Irish and its literally all completely wrong and he responds "YES I KNOW" to any comment correcting him. I am legit so secondhand embarrassed.

No. 824308


>What medication is he on? Psychiatric medication? He mentioned he has ADD but that can't be the only issue he has.

He's mentioned health problems which I think are related to his height. I always take it that it's some kind of pain medication.

No. 824336

Hm I see. I haven't seen many of his videos outside of the call out video and his contribution to the Project Playlist Music tag so I don't know a whole lot about him. I was just using him as an example of what happens when someone calls out the big 3. It turned into a shit show, even Dorian's attention-whoring ass got in on it referring to him as "The little angry man".


I will admit that he really did ramble in that video and it didn't help it any. He really should've scripted himself or something because rambling in topics like that is something you absolutely don't want to do. I guess I just let it slide because I watched that video as background noise picking up on the important relevant parts and I thought it was cool that someone actually stood up to them even if it was in a unfavorable way. Because no one else would call these people out. The only time there was any fight back was the Snowy Lowether situation where Angela Benedict responded back to her video which caused a mini storm but people were supporting Angela (thankfully). I feel like if Angela called out the big 3, it would be better received but she's not a drama person and it's for the best that she doesn't.


I think what doesn't help is his thumbnails aren't eye-catching at all. If you want to increase the likeliness of having someone watch your video, a good thumbnail goes a long way.

No. 824337

He was also self-posting on the other thread about himself. Literally no one knew he was a troon until he came in there talking about "So and so knew Ruadhan before he was transgender". 99% of the retarded unsaged posts were Ruadhan.

No. 824349

Ruadhan is quite similar to Dorian( herbs and altars).
Not just because both are trans, well Dorian's a trans trender and Ruadhan had the gender reassignment surgery.
Like Dorian he is very confident about himself and his opinions and views, loves the sound of his own voice and can't take any constructive criticism, and wants sycophants to send him gifts.

Just like Dorian, he has that borderline pompous, superior air, comes off like he has the game of life totally figured out. I see little to admire in his life style /situation. He over rates himself and his talents as does she, not a good look.
He is an emotionally unstable train wreck and a potential cow. What makes Ruadhan potentially NOT a cow is the fact that he is more deserving of a pity party(genuinely not able to work,living on low rate benefits) than IBF or TT.

No. 824380

I don't think Ruadhan's life is an easy one, but he's living it on his terms and he is a goth. His casual and rambling style means his channel is probably going to remain limited because it can't scale. It truly is for goths only and he doesn't give a good goddamn about expanding his base. Hats off to ya, Ruadhan. That said, he IS milky kek.

No. 824446

Ruadhan's just a turbo autist and IBF is his latest hyperfixation, nothing surprising there tbh

No. 824552

Autist or not, at least he's not afraid to speak up on IBF's stupidity. The only thing that would look bad on his part if he actually started kissing her ass.

No. 824615

Yeah I couldn't make it to the end of his video, I had him as background noise too, but he started shouting about his mail being late, and something about his meds and other random shit. He reminded me of a rabid dog in that video and I couldn't take him seriously. When I started checking this thread more regularly I was surprised that he isn't one of the lolcows talked about here.

I did happen to try and watch a few of his videos after that, because I thought he had some interesting info and opinions about music and stuff. When he talks about music and hobby related stuff he sounds sane and has some good info. But other videos you can see he is clearly unhinged and drama-filled.

There is actually one video where he complains about TT. I guess YouTubers were doing a goth tag or something and he basically complains that he didn't see anyone else doing a goth tag when he decided to do it. Then complained that TT made a video doing a goth tag some time after he did. He said in TT's video she said that it was an idea or something she hadn't seen anyone else do. He basically implies that TT stole the idea from him and decided to use it, and now a bigger channel is hurting a little Channel like his for stealing or using the idea and claiming it as their own. It was something along those lines.

I think that maybe he has potential to be a better Channel, but he's got bigger mental issues to worry about.

No. 824694

“… but he's got bigger mental issues to worry about.”

Don’t they all?

I wonder if any psych researchers are studying the weird personality traits that seem to affect almost every vlogger/influencer. I would love to read that paper.

No. 824730

Can we just all laugh at the fact that Jake has no idea what ASMR is, or what he likes to call it, "goth ASMR"
talking normally into a mic and telling a cringy as fuck story isn't ASMR jake.
he can't even do that correctly

No. 824766

Calling it now…he's going to try and get his fans to somehow pay to get their names featured in one of his stories

No. 824873

Again, not disagreeing that he really came off unpolished and scatterbrained when he rambled on unnecessary things that had nothing to do with the topic *the mail and the meds" but yeah, he was pretty good in the Project Playlist video talking about Rozz Williams (even if it too was a long video). He just needs to stay on topic and not ramble, that would help his content if that is a regular thing he does.

And I just watched that TT video. I'm not sure if he was the one who really started the tag but I don't think TT was the first one to come up with it neither. That outdated tag was around even before TT was a thing on YouTube. I remember Kill Natalie did it and she was around much before she was.

No. 824880

Can't say that hypefixating on someone is a cute look for anyone, brave or not, but go off

No. 824899

I think he's more than just autistic/ADD (or ADHD)- there's something unstable about him, and he has an arrogance that I find unappealing

No. 824966

There is absolutely nothing ASMR about that video.

But whats new? Not like he hasn't used incorrect tags/titles before for view grabs

No. 824977

File: 1561153198247.png (1.35 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190621-223905.png)

No. 824979

File: 1561153267840.png (2.33 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190621-223856.png)

Need to watch .he need helpe .

No. 824990

>they both look so great!!
This person should get their eyes checked

No. 825014

imo OP should have put Ruadhan in the "featuring" section.

No. 825081


Found its friend

No. 825109

Thanks to everyone 'oh' I mean the person who sent this plant to me. Really?!? Seriously??!??! Has anyone noticed her subscriber count hasn't changed in like a year………

No. 825127

Jake is already giving up on reading HP lovecraft. That lasted a good, what one month?

No. 825128

HA I knew that was gonna happen, also I didnt think it was even a whole month

No. 825147

dude can't even read properly lmao
He has the stamina and attention span of a toddler.

No. 825148

Hahahaha I wonder if Jake lurks here, anons? If he starts asking his fan girls to pay to have a story written about them then we will know for sure. I bet " mom Raven" will be the first to sponsor this "absolute legend" and his " ASMR" talents LOL.

How can we "scientifically" determine if Ruadhan 1334 is a cow or not? Yes, he is unquestionably a Goth, but wasn't IBF at least in her early YT career once considered
a sincere Goth, even by the likes of grand poohbah ,the count? Before IBF got spoiled by all her suck up fans and totally sold out and became a shilling machine. Conversely, Kaya was probably doing YT exclusively as a business from day 1. Because she appears ( an act?)more " sweet and vulnerable" she got off lightly in all the drama about goth sellout channels.

Everyone has their own opinion on how to define a cow and I'm all ears. I don't have all the answers on the birth process of a prize cow. By any standard Ruadhan is super milky. A lot of his cow traits could be down to turbo autism, but conversely Dorian is also an autist and no one don'ts she is a cow with bells on.

IMHO it tends to be about 3 factors: does the potential cow clearly want to be an underground celebrity(rather than just doing an embarrassing, cringe fest YT channel to have someone to talk to a la mom raven), 2) does the potential cow have a smug or arrogant attitude and 3)do they ebeg heavily? These traits can take time to develop as the person gains subs and butt lickers as well as loads of free merchandise which emboldens their sense of superiority.

The para social relationships aspect is key too.Does the cow seem to be making FANS rather than equal friendships?

Ruadhan has stepped up his Ebegging recently, saying he will publish a birthday wish list. He is keen to increase his subs too, stating he wanted to get back up to over a thousand.
It's early days but if he isn't a cow now he could start growing udders quite soon.

No. 825213


This is freakishly astute and accurate. Jake has recently uploaded a video (Kayas Birthday and a tragic and cringe worthy ebegging rant). He attempts to entice viewers into paying him $50 to sign off his videos and to pay extra money on twitch to have their comments pinned. He truly is a pathetic human being fixated on subscribers, clout and staying relevant. He definitely lurks on here as he has introduced a brighter light to over expose himself, so as not to show his forehead wrinkles off.

No. 825224

so what are his patreons getting now? is he looking for shorter books to read?

No. 825227

File: 1561222294108.png (996.4 KB, 1009x583, prick.png)

Jake really thinks he's pushing boundaries or being so unique dressing this way.
We get a lot of people like Jake and Kaya in Ireland. Young kids will sometimes stare and might say something but for the most part no one gives two fucks.
Jake seems to think he's brave by stepping out while looking like this.
He looks god awful but that's because he's style is all over the place

No. 825248

Like I said, I haven't watched any of his other videos outside of the IBF rant, TT rant, and the Project Playlist Tag video. But since this is on IBF, has he made other videos on her since that rant? Because then I would consider that hyper-fixation but if he just did like one video on her, I don't see how that would count unlike say someone who makes like 15-16 videos on someone like Onision (I mean the amount of videos being made on one person).

Would anyone really be surprised that it hasn't changed and may in fact start dropping? She makes shit content, nothing more nothing less and no one is gonna wanna stick around watching an aging poser who keeps whinging about things that are in her control.

> How can we "scientifically" determine if Ruadhan 1334 is a cow or not? Yes, he is unquestionably a Goth, but wasn't IBF at least in her early YT career once considered
a sincere Goth, even by the likes of grand poohbah ,the count? Before IBF got spoiled by all her suck up fans and totally sold out and became a shilling machine. Conversely, Kaya was probably doing YT exclusively as a business from day 1. Because she appears ( an act?)more " sweet and vulnerable" she got off lightly in all the drama about goth sellout channels.

Hmm I think you may be right but for all we know, maybe IBF was always a cow but not many people picked up on it because of her look. I discovered IBF back in 2013-2014 when she was with Mr. Owl the first time and they seemed like a simple, cute little Goth couple. They played Goth music in the background and hey would do harmless little challenges. But towards the end of their relationship, her channel spiked in popularity and when she went to WGT where she met Matthias and announced her move, this is when the downfall started in my memory. The wedding scam, the e-begging, the self-victimhood (The Louvre incident, The French graveyard, being detained in the UK, etc.). It's just hard to know if IBF was always a cow through and through but just didn't have the resources (fans) to let her cowness show early on.

And I think personally that the requirement to being a cow is being a constant e-begger, refusing to take responsibility for your actions, arrogant/smug attitude, and/or lack of social awareness.

And you're right that Ruadhain can easily become a cow if he doesn't get a handle on himself. I'm hearing so many people ranting about him in this thread so something must be up. But it's funny because they say that fame can go to someone's head and make them into a cow yet Angela Benedict recently reached 60,000 subs and she still seems more or less the same. She doesn't e-beg, she doesn't come off as arrogant (just nostalgic for the past), and she's not whoring herself out to the Goff brands or signaling to get free stuff (considering the giveaways. TT & IBF have never done giveaways). Do you think it might be because Angela has a full-time job and doesn't need to rely on e-begging?

No. 825253

IMO someone has to be "hurting" people othen than themselves to be a cow. It's not enough to be a cringefest or arrogant, I think it has to be combined with being an ebegger/ a scammer/ someone like for example Kat von D, an antivaxxer whose decision will hurt her kid. Those are my "standards" at least lmao

No. 825264


is 2? 3? vids in 6 monts hyprfixting?

No. 825281

I'm sorry I tried to slander Ruadhan's good reputation by using incorrect terminology, won't happen again anons!

No. 825305

Rudahan accused IBF of racism - what was source of that accusation? Was it disclosed in video?

No. 825308

File: 1561237085508.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190622-215634.png)

No. 825324

File: 1561240216195.png (1.65 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190622-224817.png)

No. 825358


Thays nicr, freyia(hi cow)

No. 825477

could still see them, lel.

the way he edits the thumbnails/ig pix versus when you actually see the look in the video is hilarious. he's also mentioned wanting to do ~goth~ versions of characters and is already planning to do the joker, like that hasn't been played out. he wants to stream on youtube and have ppl use the superchat, so that's another way of getting his idiotic viewers to give him money, they needs it for the move.

meanwhile kaya is complaining on twitter about how much effort it is to film. like, that's what you do for youtube, it's not that fucking hard. she doesn't even have to get super dressed up, just put on decent clothes, don't film the face and get shit done.

t-shirts eh, i bet it's going to be his stupid face like anyone outside his little follower circle would recognize him.

No. 825525

Kek I wish, would be nice to live off that sweet Patreon money and doing fuck all in return

No. 825531

Jake is definitely the worst for herding idiotic followers into paying him, using every avenue available. No shame, total snake oil salesmen. No different to those tv evangelists back in the 80s who would emotionally manipulate lonely, low income folks into sending them cash by appearing to care about them and their problems.

Jake's money grab video was just painful, he has the entitled arrogance side more than covered.
He mentioned a "cool, new YT feature" that he can't access yet. He is referring to the "join" feature, I believe it's $25 a month(?). Not sure how it differs from Patreon. Anyway to grab cash that exists, Jake will jump on it hard.

I can not stand Kaya or Freya, but both are just coasting now as sad, stupid people continue to give them money/ gifts and look up to them. It's a different world: one that exploits naive, not very bright, vulnerable people, a world that I don't want to think about as it's so depressing.

Any of these cows fans reading this( unlikely but, you never know),FFS make a friend and/ or find a bf IRL, give a gift of Jeffree star lipstick to them, not Jake. He isn't your bf or friend and never will be. Build mutual friendships. That goes for any of the cows, even the smaller channel cows ( Ruadhuan), stop sending them gifts. It's ALL about them gaining fans, supporters ,followers. They are milking you.

There is the small goth community minded channel YT world ( example channels: the kilted goth, mom Raven, midnight owl, diy darkling, probably many others that I don't know, any recommendations ?)where people do communicate on a mutual friendship basis. Lots of equal communication possible in comments section, rather than fawning fans. From what I've seen it seems a very different vibe than the folks trying to do YT as a career. These community oriented channels would suit people who might be tempted to reach out to these supposed goth influencers with gifts/ cash.The small channels do have meet up with others and their goal is to communicate, and socialize.Not to become underground celebrities.

Start a small channel and make friends that way if there is no one locally that floats yr boat.Rather than wasting yr hard earned money on ingrates like Jake, TT, IBF.

Angela hasn't ever been a "full cow" IMO. I think Ruadhuan and Dorian come off bonkers at worst/totally self involved autists at best and aren't very positive examples of a goth individual over 30.Angela is. Other than shilling for Shein a couple of times(got to have been for a cash payout, as well as the free clothes.Shein clothes are super cheap to buy and she isn't broke.)

As the other Anon mentioned a key point is there is often a clear difference between cows who have other sources of income than YT. They are more likely doing YT for fun etc.

No. 825537

Mom raven was just mentioned here as a jake lover.
No one should be watching that shit

No. 825552

There were some racist comments from some IBF fans among her videos. The content of the comments was negative about refugees. When I find the comments, I post them here anonymously as screenshots. IBF kept out of the tenor of the comments, never said anything about it. Also, her mother, Karen, often pro-trump and anti-refugee issues post on her own Facebook Time Line, which can be seen publicly from the outside. (Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Karen would change her profile to private after my comment.)

No. 825553

File: 1561293310183.png (Spoiler Image, 792.69 KB, 853x779, Karen IBF Mum1 pro trump jokes…)

And many more of these so-called funny pictures.

No. 825554

File: 1561293353537.png (Spoiler Image, 1.66 MB, 1367x845, Karen IBF Mum1 muslim bashing.…)

No. 825567

What the heck has her mother's political views to IBF? No one was asking about her mother here. Question was about Ruadhuan and their sources on supposed "racism of IBF". So at now I understand that sources were never disclosed. In many countries after making such video with such accusations without stating base of accusation one can be taken into court by accused.

No. 825580

Anon: I am not suggesting anyone here watch mom Raven as a source of information or entertainment.

I'm not endorsing the small channels I named as a fun watch. Some are better than others, obviously.

My interest in mom Raven channel is sociological. Character study and analysis.

I'm attempting to understand why anyone who claims to be goth would suck up to the likes of Jake. She is probably an outlier, can't imagine he has many fans over 18.

My idea stated above is that ppl feeling isolated and doing small goth/alt channels ( good or bad content, doesn't matter, like attracts like) are far more likely to support each other, and be up for making friends in real life.
Most small channels don't ebeg or attempt to become underground celebrities. It is sad people like her aren't focussed on more sincere channels.

No. 825596

She's stupid and immature. It unfolds lots of different causes but this is the root

No. 825621

I've never been a fan of it's Black Friday, despite disliking her I don't think there is any proof provided that she is racist.

Who cares what her mum's moronic views are, this doesn't mean Freya shares them.

As far as a few of IBF fans spouting off in YT comments about " deport the refugees not darling Freya" , that perspective is the view of the person commenting. IBF ignored 99.9% of the YT comments when she was actually putting up YT videos. Ignoring the comment section shouldn't be taken as agreement with the commentor.

No. 825728

File: 1561321219808.png (954.11 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190623-211936.png)

No. 825750

File: 1561324570591.png (809.88 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190623-221401.png)

No. 825756

If there is no proof of IBF being racist - then why accuse her? That makes no sense. If that was made up - someone owes her an apology.

And about comment section - it's a strange idea to me to suggest that grown up people need to be watched by channel owner for what they post in comment section.

No. 825833

He never actually said. When IBF confronted him about it he said something like "Oh, you know what I'm talking about, and so do your Maori neighbors" (might not have been his exact words but pretty close). No one knows what he meant by that, if he's saying that white people in NZ are generally racist for living their because Maori already lived there, or if Freyja specifically said something racist about Maori people, Ruadhan never elaborated on what he meant (as far as I know) so we will never know.

Another person on this thread accused her of being racist because she uses a DIY skin scrub that contains lemon juice which can bleach your skin- mostly so it will get rid of her freckles, but also she wants to look pale like a corpse to be goff. I think that's a massive reach to say anyone who does any kind of mild skin lightening is racist, especially because darkening your skin is also considered racist.

And I don't like Freyja, I think she's a two faced scamming turbo cunt, but there really is no hard evidence that she's racist.

Yes, because people NEVER get accused of things they're not actually guilty of, right? Especially when it's someone they don't like, and would want to hurt their reputation! I mean that never happens. It couldn't happen. It's impossible!

No. 825873

Like Rhuadan is a perfect unbiased person in regards to IBF hahahah
How on earth this dude will know her relationship with neighbors back in new zealand? Possible? Technically someone could have told him but he has such a hate boner for her that it just seems like he is seeing too much in something she's said that has nothing to do with race.

If she really is racist, which I have never see her be, then he should spill the beans. If he actually knew anything, he would have said, the guy just can't stop talking

No. 825883

Self Righteousness Is The Modern Plague

Of Herbs and Altars
67,525 subscribers
Published on Jun 15, 2019

No. 825887

Ah yes, Dorian the queen of humility teaches the internet to be less pompous.

No. 825889


The funniest part about your comment is you kinda illustrate the point of that talk.

No. 825918


Every time she puts up a rant all I can think of is how she's in her mid-thirties and still living with her mother and doing nothing with her life. She might want to sort her own life out first. Give that priority over rants and hair dying. Try and be a functional independent adult yourself before thinking you know it all.

No. 825921

art imitating life? so much dirty laundry. no one cares bitch.

No. 825927

Did IBF actually call out the people commenting on her video with racist anti-immigrant views? Or at least pin a comment stating she doesn't agree with what people are saying/they should stfu about it? Because that speaks volumes if she didn't

No. 825941

> Because that speaks volumes if she didn't

TBH it says nothing.

No. 825944

File: 1561383439404.png (2.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190624-143611.png)

No. 825957

Yeah, >>825941 is right, it says absolutely nothing.

Do you really think youtubers have to read every single comment on every single one of their videos and moderate it like a forum? Every comment section is the sewage of the internet, you'll find the worst of the worst there. If you had hundreds of comments on a video you'd done, would you read every single one?

I think Rhuadan took this out of his ass and now people are grasping at straws to prove it (maybe is rhuadan himself?)

No. 825959

Only one Anon seems over keen to say(with zero proof) that IBF is racist. Anon, are you Ruadhuan or a mate of his?

So she didn't flag up 1 or 2 racist comments on 1 video. Seems like she very rarely interacts or even reads the YT comments. Too "fragile" an ego I suspect to take even mild question or critique.

No one here likes Freya and her attempt at pity parties. FFS she learned when moving in to Leipzeg that white goods aren't provided in German
rental flats, why acting so put out?
Anyone moving out of a rental in Germany must take washing machine etc with them or sell it. You weren't treated worse cos you are a Gothic, Freya.

As for Kaya, words fail me. She needs a hobby or a job, who is interested in her self pity and navel gazing?

No. 825971


Ffs anon, this is weak sauce and has no merit. How does ignoring racist drivel make IBF racist? Why should she have to ‘call out’ anything? Honestly acknowledging those people/bots encourages them to continue spamming her comments. She’s doing the right thing by not feeding into the troll mentality.

No. 826019


'Do you really think youtubers have to read every single comment on every single one of their videos and moderate it like a forum?'

Jake certainly does

No. 826050

Hahaha.yes, Jake's does that because he is desperate to build up his number of fans/sheep so he can fleece them for more cash. First he has to give them attention so they think he cares and is their friend or online bf.
hahahaha he cares, about getting those sweet superchats/patron bucks.

Freya has been coasting for ages, maybe in her early days she engaged and faked an interest in the comments from fans. But once she blew up she stopped bothering.

No. 826126

He tried to claim Freyja is racist because she's white and from NZ, which obviously means she's stealing Maori people's land. He's fucking insane, I don't know why people take that tranny seriously.

I wouldn't doubt he is jealous of her, also don't know why that video got hyped up in the thread when it came out. All he did was regurgitate what other anons have been saying for years on YouTube.

No. 826149

File: 1561410990930.png (206.66 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190624-221537.png)

No. 826150

File: 1561411101607.png (135.57 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190624-221727.png)

These people need help .

No. 826153

File: 1561411361621.png (1.95 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190624-222150.png)

No. 826212

File: 1561423166466.png (1.25 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190625-013756.png)

She wonts this for free .get a job

No. 826278


For the most part, well said Anon. Jake, Kaya, and Freya don't deserve the fawning and adoration they get from young, impressionable, and maybe even lonely people whose acts of generosity will never be enough to these selfish, lazy, self-absorbed ingrates. Their money and gifts are better spent on friends, family, or the smaller channels that do make an effort to reach out to those that watch them and treat them as equals instead of pay-pigs or meal tickets.

Yeah… And the fact that she thinks he's Goth kek. I'm willing to bet she is a mallcore person just like they are. If I'm wrong and she's actually a real Goth (I.E listens to actual Goth music) please do let me know and I'll take that back but I don't know any sane Goth who actually praises him or Kaya.

Agreed. IBF is already unlikable as is, there is no sense in piling on things that aren't true of her (racist). I doubt she is and racist by association is stupid.

Yes and as IBF continues to age and make stupid decisions despite better judgement, the cash-flow is gonna cease and whatever hundreds she is making from Patreon will dry up to maybe 60 bucks a month and she will start moaning "whoa is me" about her life (if she doesn't jusut get with Mr. Owl and use him for his financial security).

It blew up because even though everything he said (minus the racist shit) has been said here, no one had put her on full blast on YouTube. Yeah she was mentioned in Cemetery Confessions but not like this. That is why it blew up.

No. 826287

Y'all, this is an image forum.

Stop blogposting and upload visual sauce for your gossip

No. 826304

expecting the attention whore ReAL GoThS to stop talking about themselves and what they consider to be goth and instead adhere to board culture is asking too much, anon. don’t you know that real goths never follow rules?

No. 826412

No. 826466

sure, right after you stop typing novels about how you’re the only real goth in town.

No. 826560

There is only one way to do so

No. 826561

File: 1561490727106.png (1.61 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190625-202355.png)

Poor cat

No. 826624


cats arnt always tird


Angla saz she do


No. 826644

No one is doing this, it's interesting these autistic comments come after someone says they don't know any goths who praise Kaya and Jake. I don't know why people bother trying to defend themselves/their "faves" here. Just ignore the thread. There's an option to hide the entire thread, in fact.

Angela is wasting her time, a lot of her fans just seem to be drawn to her 90s goth nostalgia videos, and ask her stupid questions all the time instead of Googling.

No. 826661

About CC - what do you think about last posts shared? It seems to be turning more into semi-political (of course USA centered) than goth subculture oriented.

Not like I'm opposed to many topics presented there - but seriously we are subculture centered around music - not politics and such derailing from the music honestly does not improve bringing focus to what is a main accent - the music.

Why everything from the USA must turn sooner or later into political manifestation? Like last London After Midnight concert at the Wave Gotic Treffen obviously had to have a song with bashing Republican voters - like anyone from outside of the USA care and wants to see n-th year in a row cries over "spilled milk" in the USA. Especially considering that most of these people from the USA don't give a fuck about situation in a country where they present their political masturbation. You don't like president that most people in your country voted for? Neither I do like choice of people in my own country - but I don't tour Europe with songs and multimedia presentations about that.

Yes - there is many political criticism in many goth songs - but mostly much saner and more generic about problems of society much deeper and problematic than win of a single man in democratic election in the democratic country.

There is so many fucked up things in the world (Human rights in China and Middle East (like death penalty for LGBT people and atheists), Russian warmongering in Republic of Georgia and Ukraine) - yet I see tendency in the people from the USA to whine yet another year that

>"Trump won T_T He literally totalitarian dictator ;_;"

like it's the biggest problem in the world and Hillary would be any better choice (nope - i'm not a fanboi of Trump - neither I see him as "literally Hitler") and literally everyone in Europe has to listen to that for yet another year. Damn. Maybe stand for rights of LGBT people in Russia to not get beaten and killed by far right thugs tied to Kremlin instead when you visit Europe? IMHO that's a much more serious real life and real world problem here in Europe.(no1curr)

No. 826668

It took me like 5 minutes thinking I was crazy because I didn't understood a thing of what you are talking about, who the fuck was CC, etc. Before I realized

How will anyone know you were talking about the last (i assume) ep of cemetry confessions. You just look like someone barged into a room giving an opinion/rant on a topic no one was talking about

No. 826674

I didn't yet listen to last episode of CC. I was referring to things shared on their FB. But some undertones in podcasts indeed also fit here. I see them as going systematically deeper and deeper into politics and kinda see their tendency to say that "goth is more than music" as a tool of further politicization of podcasts. It could be problematic direction as goth people are highly diverse politically.

No. 826678

Oops, didn't read this lmao. On the podcast it was also heavily political. Some rivethead guy saying if you weren't a political goth you're a poseur. Despite him not being goth at all. I get it, goth is music-based and sure there is more to it but that evolves with the music. No1curr about their politics. Even by listening to that podcast you can tell the people he's interviewing are wannabe communists. I don't know where these people get this idea that communists were hippies who loved everyone they were racist and anti-LGBT.

No. 826697

>Angela is wasting her time

Eh who knows? I feel like she genuinely likes interacting with people. I went into one of her last livestreams (one before the 60k one) and she was responding and chatting with everyone. She seemed to be having a good time.

Same anon. One thing that always annoyed me about Cemetery Confessions is how he tries to make Goth to be this political and philosophical thing. Goth is about music, it's really not that deep lol.

I don't think it's a big deal that he wants to talk about politics but stop tying it to Goth because it's just stupid.

That's obnoxious. A Non-Goth trying to school Goths on how to be Goth, it's poetic lol.

No. 826699

>On the podcast it was also heavily political. Some rivethead guy saying if you weren't a political goth you're a poseur. Despite him not being goth at all.

I don't see how being political is a requirement to be goth. I also wonder if being political means to him sharing exactly his political views - or do he accept some at least minimal diversity there.

>I get it, goth is music-based and sure there is more to it but that evolves with the music.

And that evolution differes depending on the part of the world. European scenes are very different in every country.

>No1curr about their politics. Even by listening to that podcast you can tell the people he's interviewing are wannabe communists.

I wouldn't call all their guests communists, but certainly you see among them people more to the left than center-left is.

>I don't know where these people get this idea that communists were hippies who loved everyone they were racist and anti-LGBT.

As a person from former Soviet Bloc I can confirm that - I even dare to say communist times actually made LGBT situation worse especially in Russia. Also see Western communists icon - Che Gevara who was sadist, murderer, rapist and homophobe. Also Karl Marx in his articles mentioned at least few times that introduction of communism requires violence. But let's be honest - how many of wannabe communists actually read works of Marx?

And fun fact - huge portion of goth music from communist era Eastern Europe (and my dear goth music was huge there but music of scenes there are mostly unknown to the Western goths, which is sad as they created many true gems of goth music) has numerous ant-communist messages more or less openly presented in lyrics. But you can also get "not so left wing" christian themes in western goth bands. I wonder what political influences has goth music in Asia and Africa. It's not like one single political ideology owns (or ever owned) goth music. Negation of that fact is deluding yourself.

Many people listen to bands whose members happen to have different political views that their and can still enjoy their works if they are creative. People often don't use political key in liking art. We often don't know views of many artists we enjoy both in music and outside of music.

No. 826705

>Same anon. One thing that always annoyed me about Cemetery Confessions is how he tries to make Goth to be this political and philosophical thing. Goth is about music, it's really not that deep lol.

It was certainly sound that brought many people to the music. Especially in countries where many people don't understand a single English word.

>I don't think it's a big deal that he wants to talk about politics but stop tying it to Goth because it's just stupid.

Yes, he has right to have his own views (I hope they are his own, not mindless repeating views of other). But I would rather deny him (and everyone else) a right to tie just a single political movement to the goth. It would be a shameless kidnapping of diverse subculture. I don't mean here all goth is political - just some songs have occasional political content in them. Political stuff is just one of many themes. Exactly like in most art related creations.

No. 826727

I only meant wannabe communists on that particular episode (the most recent one), everyone else he interviews is your typical liberal or apolitical person. Which is why I'm surprised Daniel didn't say anything to that guy, "If you claim to be goth but you're not into politics, you're a poseur says me, a rivethead! Now watch me use Throbbing Gristle as an example!" he was just silent like he knew it was dumb but didn't want to start an argument.

No. 826885

I really wanna see this woman in normal makeup and normal hair, she would probably be unrecognizable

No. 826911

File: 1561522066428.png (859.35 KB, 799x865, Screenshot_2019-06-25-21-04-29…)


Dorian regularly posts pics and videos "looking like a potato".

No. 827039


Think she'll make a video about Etika?

No. 827061

File: 1561540692328.png (33.38 KB, 645x341, 41314343.png)

Some of the comments under Dorian's new video.
Her subscribers are clearly enabling her.
I get it, it's nice that she's happier nowadays than she was before and doing better in general, but lately her behaviour is downright manic.
I genuinely like her as a person despite all of her flaws and I was really concerned for her last year in the midst of all the drinking and weight gain and angst, but while she seems happier, she doesn't seem better mentally at all. She appears erratic, random, even more rambling than usual and I am concerned again for polar opposite reasons.
God I really hope she gets help. She appears to be a smart and interesting person, but this is just sad to watch.

No. 827114

File: 1561548774232.png (765.46 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190626-122906.png)

As if we give a fuck Jake .

No. 827132


Well, she is of the contingent of English who are nutty about observing the Solstice. Look at Stonehenge. But yeah, riding a manic crest.

The fashion show continues on her Instagram. I can't imagine more than twenty percent of her wardrobe making it outside her house.

No. 827168

Oof I forgot what she looks like when she has no full makeup on, the no eyebrows thing always irks me lol.

I have a good feeling she will at some point since a big contribution to Etika's death was his mental illness.

No. 827192


She appears to have enablers both in real life and online. The amount of whiskey she drank during her bloated alco phase had me wondering exactly how she could afford it. Bottle of J Daniels a day?? No going cheap on the brand even. Who paid for all that waste?

I honestly think that if she had to live independently away from parents she'd be forced to see what real life is and either get her shit together or learn some hard lessons from it. She's been manic the last few months and there's nothing cute about it. God help her long suffering mother who'll never get that empty nest. What does the step dad make of living with miss nocturnal-mania? She talks about meds all the time but they obviously need adjusting

No. 827245

what muscle mass kek. can see why he would mention this so that there aren't a ton of comments/questions/concerns if he actually appears slimmer in future videos, but it comes off as a humble brag which is on par for him.

No. 827426

File: 1561577077711.png (1.56 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190626-202340.png)

No. 827525

one of her better videos in the whole last few years

No. 827549

File: 1561586212198.png (2.11 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190626-225529.png)

No. 827593

I find her sort of likeable in this for the first time in a long, long time. Ugh drop that fucking cringey leech and sort yourself Kaya.

No. 827617

For real kek. There was never any extremely noticeable overt muscle to speak off because he hardly ever cuts and had a layer of fat over his muscles so uh yeah, no need for that exaggeration.

No. 827740

she rambled on about things here and there but agree this was a nice video and she should do this more often, even if she can't always go outside with the final look.

meanwhile jake has another video talking about being goth when he's not. seems to be going for quantity with this upload schedule b/c he likes to hear himself talk.

No. 827769

File: 1561616302505.jpg (1.12 MB, 1439x2213, 20190627_072035.jpg)

No. 827833

Jake seems like he would be gay to me, like he just gives off gay vibes imo…

No. 827864

he mentioned at least twice during the years that he is not 100% hetero
and was also cracking a joke in one of old makeup tutorial more or less that way - "now all boys are yours because girls don't really like men in makeup"

No. 827890

File: 1561639439890.png (619.99 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190627-134226.png)

Theses people need help .

No. 827891

File: 1561639465486.png (735.2 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190627-134212.png)

No. 827934

> meanwhile jake has another video talking about being goth when he's not. seems to be going for quantity with this upload schedule b/c he likes to hear himself talk.

I never watch his videos these days but I'm surprised he's still farting out this stupid notion. How is he justifying his "gothness"? And yeah, I keep seeing his videos pop up in my feeds so he seems to be uploading as much as he can.

Betting it's going to be another haul, unboxing, or makeup video.

No. 827969

It's probably another haul, but didn't she "have" to go to WGT for her YT channel?/eyeroll

No. 828001

For those who don’t read German, IBF’s latest post on her personal Fb page is a plea in German for someone to look after her birds because she’s only allowed to stay in Germany for a few more days. She claims to be applying for a UK visa but doesn’t know how long that will take.

No. 828173

File: 1561660309089.png (2.08 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190627-192924.png)

Look other free hat from killstar

No. 828194

FFS IBF shouldn't be allowed to buy pets at all. Her actions all scream animal neglect, she is garbage.

Reposting brown nosing fans and circle jerking, Jake started digging after hitting rock bottom.

No. 828278

File: 1561675222352.png (1.02 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190627-231624.png)

No. 828280

File: 1561675291725.png (430.38 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190627-231436.png)

No. 828299

The best part for me is the comment on there, someone saying “it’s too stressful for the birds to have a long time babysitter, you need to give them up permanently” (loose translation i’ll admit) and getting zero positive response because they’re talking sense.

No. 828345

>that tragic lace front wig without the lace glued down

No. 828346

He's wearing totally normal clothing but with extreme makeup

>wow, so brave

No. 828362

isnt't 800 euro kinda cheap for such big apartment in Germany?

nitpicking/10, would you prefer 100% killstahr?

No. 828499

That’s a normal rental rate for the city she was living in. It’s not Berlin, Munich or Hamburg.

No. 828536


I find it so strange that she gets sent a ridiculous amount of free clothing from killstar and yet, rarely wears any of it. TT sticks to the same horrendous outfits (all of her “pink phase” looks haunt me).

No. 828610


I feel like a 35 year old man would have commenters asking when he's moving out but as a 'ooh quirky girl' she gets to talk about make-up and gloss over the fact that she's a leech. There are people her age with their own adult children by now.. time to leave the nest woman

No. 828624

Now that comment received likes. At least a few people have some commonsense, a rarity among her braindead followers. Ngl, l'm really sad for all her pets.
Why did she wait until she's on the brink of getting kicked out of Germany? Again, WGT and other goff festivities are her top priority.
She's such a ~responsible adult~

No. 828644


>don’t have a country to live in yet

I think this is the first time IBF has irked me a lot. Isn’t she a citizen of NZ? She does have a country to go back to. I really don’t understand why she’s so determined to live in Britain, with no real clear goals in sight. It’s not like she’s moving there to work or go to university. I know some of her fans got on her about meeting up with Matt but they don’t say a lot about her irresponsibility and immaturity. Sorry for blog posting.

No. 828662

Exactly my thoughts, anon. Some people genuinely have no longer a place they can call home, but the pampered goff princess needs to always cry about everything online just for attention and also, to receive sympathy and help from her White knights.

No. 828714

Freya needs to stop crying for sympathy online.
She never learns.
Finally some of her arse lickers are catching on that she is the source of her problems.
Any particular reason she NEEDS to be on Scotland? She had a holiday there recently and was lucky to get back in( she massively overstayed her visa when she lived there).

She has a country to go back to, NZ, where her FIANCE lives.
Count your blessings that Mr.Owl is still around, Freya.

No. 828781

The woman who wrote the comment also lives in Leipzig, so she may actually know IBF in person and be seriously done with the drama. I’m glad there are a few likes for that one.

No. 828924

>>828173 Kaya in a veil s much less objectionable than Emo Joker

No. 828984


17 years olds with kids hve ben on the low sense see was 17 tho



Karen mum is a scotish nationalist. freyia is a 1 hrself

is why Fri usid a fem prfix on hr Las name(pure autism)

No. 828990

>>828984 What do you mean 'Scottish Nationalist' - do you mean saltire-waving supporter of the SNP demanding Indy Ref 2, or do you mean obsessed with Scottish heritage to fill in an identity that seems bland without some old-world ties?

No. 828993

It's only taken THREE YEARS for people to see this stupid woman is an emotional cripple.

No. 829015

What's interesting to me is that shortly after posting the "chat" video where she talks about her passport and the UK government reviewing her status, she took a weeks long trip around Ireland and Scotland.

So whatever happened they clearly re-evaluated her status and at the very least are permitting her to enter as a tourist. In theory this means if she can prove she can contribute to the economy/actually find legit work in the UK she might be allowed back in. Shit she might even try the study route if she has any braincells left - NZ is a part of the comomnwealth so I can't imagine it would be too hard for her to explain "I studied in NZ, I want to further my film education in the UK"

as far as her animals go, I'm livid about the poor things. I took ownership of my brothers' bird when he left for college. There's NO WAY she would have survived the stress of being "baby-sat semi long term". she would have died from stress impacting her eating and potentially self harmed(feather pulling is a real danger with stressed out birds). Those poor Budgies deserve a stable life with someone who cares for them

No. 829066


No. 829080

Same. And then she has the gall to complain about lack of closet space. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Killstar fan but even I can see that the clothes are going to waste since she hardly wears the stuff and they just collect dust. She could easily just sell the stuff she doesn't need and make some side income but muh hoarding lol.

It's kind of a double standard when you think about it. If this were a guy her age doing the same thing, people would be asking the "when are you moving out" question but if it's a woman… Not so much. I'd understand if she had something going for her at least but she doesn't.

This is just a good example of why she shouldn't have pets. If she's going to be handling/treating them like this, she shouldn't have them and the pets deserve better.

Because they know if they even question her, they'll get dog-piled on by her enabling super fans.

> Count your blessings that Mr.Owl is still around, Freya.

This is the thing that really irks the hell out of me. How in the world is Mr. Owl this patient with her? She left him once before and she's trying to do it again. Either he's a hopeless fool in love or he's that much of a doormat. No sane person would put up with a situation like this for as long as he has.

No. 829091

I'd love to know what IBF's real beef with NZ is. She says she wants to marry Owl and have kids soon… NZ is one million percent the best and easiest place for them to do that. Sure, living in Hip Cool Scotland and being near Goff Festivals is a bonus but you don't want to be poor and a non-citizen in the UK with a dependent. If they think they're going to be able to raise a child over there they're mad.

No. 829111

Have you seen Mr Owl? At 45 hes still wearing crow metal makeup. Anyone with half a brain would sense loser. They deserve each other.

No. 829127

File: 1561803900880.jpg (12.78 KB, 512x256, fascinating.jpg)

>At 45 hes still wearing crow metal makeup. Anyone with half a brain would sense loser.

No. 829139

This implies Mr Owl has talent or a career. Maybe his aesthetic is all he has.

No. 829160

File: 1561816950363.png (2.91 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190629-150114.png)

No. 829164

Someone needs to teach this woman some basic lawn care; mow semi-regularly but not too short, rake out the moss, water it. Rake up the straw, too.

No. 829188

45? Holy fudge I thought he was in his mid 30s lol. My bad haha.

No. 829255

File: 1561840304757.png (1.22 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190629-213114.png)

No. 829299

Yay, celebrating ebegging and douchbaggery

No. 829306

Like he's any bit of an authority on goth. Vomit.

No. 829338

I wonder if it's because of her overbearing mother.

No. 829343

>Because they know if they even question her, they'll get dog-piled on by her enabling super fans.

The tide has begun turning. Once those fans become actual adults, they'll begin to notice how pathetic this 32-year-old and her country-hopping is.

Reminds of people from San Diego CA. They'd rather be poor and living in their cars than moving to a cheaper city, because sAn dIeGo. Same thing with Freeza. She's rather be struggling in a country on the opposite side of the globe over having the stability she claims she desires in NZ, because g0Ff

No. 829357

Notice how even a fan puts "goth" in inverted commas.

No. 829360

Please don't bring San Diego into this.
I know you mean a different analogy but we have an awesome goth/alt scene here going back a long time. I wouldn't want these types to know and try to move here!

No. 829389

…You kinda just spilled the beans lol

No. 829701

Are these people fucking serious? Jake an expert in "Goth"? Lmao. These people are just as delusional as he is and they are gonna learn nothing.

> The tide has begun turning. Once those fans become actual adults, they'll begin to notice how pathetic this 32-year-old and her country-hopping is.

I suppose you're right. I think her younger fans who treat her like an idol or role model are gonna see just how self-sabotaging she is when they move from home and begin working or going to school and will realize that she's nothing but a lazy cow.

> Reminds of people from San Diego CA. They'd rather be poor and living in their cars than moving to a cheaper city, because sAn dIeGo. Same thing with Freeza. She's rather be struggling in a country on the opposite side of the globe over having the stability she claims she desires in NZ, because g0Ff

Hm fair point but at least the people who struggle in that situation at least do things to try to help the situation like get a job. Not saying it's any better and the mature thing would be to live within your means and if that means moving to a cheaper, affordable city, then it should be done but IBF isn't even trying to develop stability with the refusal of getting an actual job to support herself living in an expensive city.

She needs to face it. Her Goff Queen days are over and she's gonna be lucky if she's still relevant in may 2 years tops.

> Jake and Kaya in 2020

"We're thinking of moving to California!"


No. 829884

Lol I guess, though we were in the news not too long ago (vice maybe?) so not just me. I'm optimistic though. It's a good community, with history and noone cares about these youtube goths if they even know them at all ('tis my dirty secret). Not IBF's kinda goff anyway: Lotsa sun, few old cemeteries to be kicked out from, she wouldn't be the centre of attention by herself (especially this time of year with ComicCon)…

TT and Jake mentioned moving to CA but have no clue how expensive it is to live here nor what it takes to immigrate to the US in general. They'd move to LA anyhow… I hope! x'ing fingers!

No. 829944

Off topic but has anyone noticed Reeree and her husband aren't following each other on instagram and he's unliked all her posts. She's deleted most pics with him and its just kinda strange maybe I'm tinfoiling idk just wanted to see what you guys thought.

No. 829976

File: 1561983867719.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190701-132019.png)

No. 829996

File: 1561986733979.png (1.97 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190701-140944.png)

No. 829997

nitpicking but why do so many people do that with their lipstick, ie not joining them at the corners? it looks fucking stupid

No. 830031

OT but some people's mouths just can't hold makeup there properly, like if they have an overbite.
Or they just don't know what they're doing

No. 830156

Sounds like they broke up to me. Let's fetch popcorn and keep watching.

kek IBF can't do shit by herself and complains about it online… again. Some banks even have machines, you just dump your pennies in them. Guess everything is hard if she is too lazy to learn a tiny amount of German.

No. 830191

File: 1562013771435.png (1.79 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190701-213852.png)

No. 830249

File: 1562018065428.png (1.03 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190701-225330.png)

Watch IG

No. 830269

File: 1562019905317.jpg (89.42 KB, 610x468, D-BFnibW4AAQu-I.jpg)

someone teach Jake about skin care.

No. 830271

File: 1562019976323.jpg (85.77 KB, 640x640, D-V6S0tXkAAZAfT.jpg)

I can't believe Jake wastes so much money on makeup and liquid latex just to sit inside all day wearing it.
he honestly looks like he smells like shit too

No. 830287


Inb4 he keels over from latex allergy induced anaphylaxis.

No. 830312

I am laughing so hard at Jake saying he will never do a video showing his tattoos because he thinks people will steal his tattoos. He thinks having a dragon and a Phoenix tattoo is original or having a silent hill sleeve. He has tattoos of the monsters from Silent Hill that he took from Konamis concept art and he seems to think he's the only person on the planet with those

No. 830326

At least his shirt is telling the truth.
He looked so much better without the shit makeup, the only upside about his black neck body paint is that it looks less fat. For somebody that thinks he's fit he looks so dough-y

No. 830333


In one of her most recent videos she is out shopping and mentions that her daughter is with her father that day. The way she says it implies that they've split up.

No. 830334

File: 1562026242303.jpg (260.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190702-010527_Ins…)

The anon who talked in the previous thread, about mai magi receiving an inheritance to buy the house was spot on.

No. 830386

laughing so hard that he had a reaction to it so hasn't been wearing it.

these extensions or whatever he's been sporting look really cheap, and i was not prepared for the unshaven, little makeup look for today's video.

No. 830389

told you so.

new scoop:
manic moth's clothing store is a trainwreck behind the scenes. The supplier she complained about dropped her for being a nasty customer who yells at them. Plus rumors about lawsuits.
It's gonna be fun if a fraction of this is true.

No. 830399

Thanks for the laugh, anon.
I previously read here that she was well known for her anger management issues, so if this turns out to be true, l wouldn't be surprised. At all.

No. 830454

>lets fetch some popcorn and keep watching
Yeah, I love watching peoples marriages fall apart. There's nothing funnier.

No. 830455

Any milk on Avelina Dr Horseface? Haven't heard from her in quite a bit.

No. 830473

Avelina's bag collab failures seem to continue. She has sent broken bags (or damaged in transit) and does not replace them. I've seen at least one example of someone I know and trust and another person I don't know complaining. Probably she doesn't care since the paypal buyer protection period isn't 2 years like her bag turnaround. She's also trying to have more kids with IVF but it hasn't been working out and ending in miscarriage. That's sad and don't wish it on anyone, but she does have a family she can try to be content (or adopt!). Seems like she's dealing with the emotionals the usual way: hauls and show-offs.

No. 830495

>She has sent broken bags (or damaged in transit) and does not replace them
Holy shit, she doesn't even bother with customer service though she sells overpriced crap? Both restyle and shillstar sell better looking bags for a third of her price.

No. 830524

The thing about this that make me so mad is they definitely do take change. Places that use the Euro (like Germany) are used to using coins more often. Just like in the US, and likely NZ, banks don't just take your bag of change. You have to roll the coins to get them exchanged. They're not going to do the work for you. IBF is so fucking lazy and entitled it's insane. She's probably accustomed to whining at NZ banks until the nice teller just takes her change so she goes away.

No. 830576

No-one cares…..

No. 830646

I'm german and already went to the bank with much bigger bags of coins, this is absolutely no problem (just a bit embarrassing). You don't have to roll them up neatly or put them into the counting machine yourself either.
People working in banks do speak english too, so my guess is, that she didn't receive help immediately/didn't know what to do and quickly ran off again like the chicken she is. (or maybe they thought she's a beggar kek)

No. 830682

No1curr about your comment either, so learn to sage

No. 830826

When I met her, I started speaking german with Matt and she shut down and ran off to the bathroom. She's a really timid person. But, like, how does she not speak German conversationally yet?

No. 830836

File: 1562095334038.png (1.74 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190702-201621.png)

No. 830839

File: 1562095455316.png (2.29 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190702-201757.png)

He not to broke for this ..

No. 830884

Maybe that's just her "thing" and maybe not everybody is bothered by it, especially younger people (?), but her excessive usage of crying emojis irritates me so much! Like, can't you say that shit without making it over-dramatic lol

No. 830949


Wow, tickets are £40 each so x 2, x2 sets of flights and hotel room….

Thanks Patreon!

No. 830951

Doublepost but I just saw Jake has 190 Patrons - he celebrated having over 200 a few days ago :S( :S)

No. 830969

hahahaha that burns
I was a former patron of him and stopped when I came here found out how much money they actually made through twitch and how they said they were going to go on a "graveyard date" for 500$ and then never did, yet kept whining on youtube about being broke.

No. 830977

Ah okay, that's what the problem was. I've never personally converted different currencies in person so I wasn't exactly sure what the problem was but woof, it's just another case of IBF being a fucking lazy cow. She has no job or prior engagements so she could find the time to just roll the coins or use one of the machines to do it.

Because she never bothered to learn how to speak it competently. It's obvious that because she would only go out mostly with Mattias, she would just have him be the translator.

190-200+? Holy mother lol What a bunch of suckers the fans are but eh… I suppose his fans are getting their money's worth since he does somewhat varied content (even if it's shitty content).

Better late than never to see you were wasting your money on two ingrates who don't need nor deserve it.

No. 831062


I follow this seller on Etsy - their hats are works of art that are NOT cheap. TT & Jake disgust me with how shitty they treat their money.

Budget software is a fucking thing. People are (sadly) paying you for your shitty content. At least budget and use it appropriately.

No. 831067


This anon has it right >>830977
She relied on Matt to do everything and after they split she basically became a shut in. She comes across as potentially conversationally fluent online because she uses google translate or deepl.

She is an extremely anxious person who needs therapy and some adulting skills, not benzos and handouts from mommy and her fans. Yes, she’s a cow who uses people and treats her pets as fashion accessories, but I really hope she doesn’t end up under a bridge or in jail due to immigration violations. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

No. 831082


>but I really hope she doesn’t end up under a bridge or in jail due to immigration violations. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Me too Anon. Unfortunately, at this rate she’s going to end up like Margo, festering in detention, homeless, and broke, if she doesn’t get things in order and stop trying to magically live in another country.

It honestly makes me wonder sometimes what deeper issues she could be dealing with. Is it her mother, like one anon mentioned? Or is she just stupid?

No. 831098


A part of me feels bad that Freeza doesn't know how to act 32 instead of 16, but then I remember how she ebegged for her wedding that never happened. Has anyone been keeping track on how many times she's said "i'll it up to you guys somehow" ?

No. 831112

…hmmm..Angela Benedict just released an annoying shilling video for the witches moon box.She opens 6 boxes in the video. Tries to justify that these boxes are all about helping people "find their path" Bullshit, these boxes are extremely surface level.

Companies like this exist to make money off silly poseur wanna be witches who want to buy shit rather than actually learn about witchcraft/occultism and do simple basic daily magical practice which requires no crystals, oils and trappings…check out quaria course online ( free) and Reddit forums for all the books/info you need ( free).

I'm convinced Angela gets a cash pay out for doing these. These tacky " witchcraft in a box" cashing in on the " witchy" fad(hoping it packed by now?) Are analogous to " goth in box " from killstar. Notice it is never anyone remotely serious about witchcraft who actually practices who shills for these boxes.

No. 831153

can I ask why you ever gave him money? how could you watch his videos and not see an egotistical prick? I'm just so confused how someone like him could ever have fans

No. 831157

You’re absolutely correct. They are the laughing stock of Belfast. There is a “goth scene” in Belfast, despite what they both protest, as If they are some how the only alternative people who “dare” to be different que long eyeroll Jake and kaya haven’t been to one alt event since 2011, if not, before that. They don’t go to pride marches, gigs, local events such as “Meltdown” or to Voodoo for any alt events or music events, they don’t support their local scene at all nor involve themselves in it in any way. Both Jake and kaya contribute nothing to the scene and yet complain and belittle the alt community of Belfast by telling people that there isn’t one. They don’t have a following in Belfast (or anywhere else) of viewers over the age of 18. Kaya hates going out with Jake as there have been occasions he has been slimey and flirtatious with other girls, it’s embarrassing how kaya is impossibly jealous of other women. Kaya is not a girls girl, hence why she constantly complains of not having friends or knowing anyone here (remember Vox? Gone. What happened to the skinny pretty girl who Jake laughed with more and gave more attention to? Clearly kaya had a hand in her no longer being their editor). Throughout kayas life she has picked fights and copied alt girls of Belfast and of vampire freaks, including tattoos which I posted a few threads back and people were shocked by the similarities of the tattoos she supposedly “drew up herself”. Also, kayas recent viewing figures barely reach 10k so her following is slowly but surely waning, which she deserves for boring , half assed content she produces. I honestly do hope they both leave Belfast because I’m sick of them both running it down when they barely leave their fucking houses to see the real Belfast, were alt people hang out and socialise.

No. 831159

Also, Jake and Kaya won’t last in bareclona. I give it a few months.

No. 831228

File: 1562159462074.png (673.29 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190703-141022.png)

No. 831330

At least she's actually selling something from her hoard instead of just adding it to the pile and leaving it there

No. 831424

File: 1562179640924.png (687.89 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190703-194602.png)

He getting lazy other of Jake's bingo .

No. 831542

File: 1562193669626.png (785.97 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190703-234030.png)

No. 831573

hi, I'm that anon
I used to watch their gaming channel way back in the day when John was still on it and I really enjoyed it. then more recently Jake was trying to start a band and go touring and stuff which I thought seemed really cool even though I didn't think his music was very good, I thought he could improve, but I know how expensive it is trying to be a musician. I only watched them on youtube and didn't follow them on any other platform (twitch, twitter etc) and one time I looked at his twitter and realized how much of an ass he was, he was really rude to someone who nicely asked him about goth clubs or something. also he says in his videos that if you pledge even 1$ to his patreon he will put your name in the end of the video and he never did that for me although I was a patron for about 3 months. I don't really care about having my name in the video but he shouldn't promise something and then not deliver it.

No. 831712

While the thought of picturing a washed up, dumpy looking Freya under a bridge is a mildly amusing picture (mainly because right now she feels her fans are gonna keep throwing her money and her refusal of getting a job or some sort of actual income), I also would rather not see her homeless. She's annoying, she's vapid, she's a lazy ass but I don't think she is an evil person and it just seems like she needs to take control of her life before things get really bad.

You know I don't understand these boxes. Instead of selling this useless crap that is just for shallow attention-whoring, why don't these boxes actually come with some actual useful shit like little booklets that touch up on what Wicca is about?

They are just so gross. Also not shocked that Kaya's viewership has been waning, that's what happen when you shit out shit content. It does seem like her and Jake are swapping where his channel is growing while her's is dying. Though his will die just as fast when these impressionable teens wise up and see how shallow and idiotic he is once the teenage angst infatuation wears off.

No. 831731

The sad thing is that some of them aren't teens. Some of them are in their 30s and 40s..

No. 831742

Sage because this video may have been posted here before (I know this youtuber has but can't remember if this specific video was)

This is "Heavy Metal Momma" yet another metalhead youtuber who claims to be goth. She is doing a "goth snob" tag and at the 6 minute mark in this video she literally says you can be goth without liking goth music which is just bullshit. I myself mostly listen to metal and don't consider myself goth- WTF is it with all these metalheads wanting to wear the label goth soooo bad and then getting outrageously butthurt when told they can't be goth without liking the music? I seriously don't understand. It's. Not. That. Deep.

No. 831763

Just watched it, I'm kind of surprised she made it. Angela typically shills for affordable cheap Chinese clothes, but in this video she decided to shill for Witches Moon. I notice she didn't mention the pricing,

>$45.00 + $9.00 Shipping. (US)

>$45.00 + $24.00 Shipping (Canada)

>$45.00 + $33.00 Shipping (International excluding Canada)

Funny when she said "You don't really need those books!" makes no sense to me, get a free book online, read through it, create a list of the things you'd like to work with that resonate with you and you're done. But that's being creative.

I personally find these people funny, there are no excuses they can use at this point. They know what goth is, they want to be goth because they like the look goths usually have, but seem blind to the fact that the "look" all comes from a goff's favorite genre of music (wonder what that could be?). I'm willing to bet she's one of those "goth mindset" people like Leahmouse was. None of them ever explained what the goth "mindset" ever was either, all they do is sperg about how they liked horror movies and Tim Burton growing up which of course, makes them born goff. Also, these people look like clones, all seem to exclusively wear Killstar/PunkRave/Dollskill.

I think they shit on the scene in Belfast because neither of them are alt anymore. They seem to have (and I hate to use this term) grown-out of it. But cling onto being alternative because they know insecure kids will throw money at them, they do nothing for their local scene because they just don't like it and it shows. Compare both of them to their 2011 selves, they seemed perfectly fine being alt but now they are just wearing costumes and acting like how they think alternative people act it's so very inauthentic.

No. 831782

>I'm willing to bet she's on of those "goth mindset" people like Leahmouse was
yeah, although thankfully Leahmouse stopped calling herself goth a very long time ago.

And even if someone tried to argue that goth should be a fashion based subculture or something like that it would make more sense than this chick, because if anything can be goth why bother labeling anything goth?

No. 831920

Right? A label is to differentiate things. This is indie music. Those are skater clothes. Course lines can be blurred, but if you remove them entirely it's counter productive to use the word you want to remove. If "everything is goth" you don't need to point it out all the time.

Well that also applies if you know what goth really is, but people like the toxic two are insecure about not knowing so point it out loads. Their whole selling point is being alt and brave to be themselves, their fans eat it up and throw money at them. Yeah use your own cash however you want. It's just they're not getting their value for money at all.

No. 831994

File: 1562269437494.png (1.89 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190704-204002.png)

No. 832011

It could be better (especially shoes, oh my god they suck), but at least it suits her more than pink mess.

No. 832058

I thought the shoes were fine til I realized they were those sweater boot things, at least thats what they look. I dont think those ever look good tbh.

No. 832069

File: 1562278043322.png (1.75 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190704-222424.png)

No. 832071

File: 1562278069009.png (1.2 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190704-222432.png)

No. 832073

File: 1562278267110.png (823.26 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190704-231018.png)

No. 832076

File: 1562278335109.png (1.28 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190704-231033.png)

No. 832095

> Some of them are in their 30s and 40s..

Oh God.

I think someone posted this in a previous thread but yeah this chick is as dumb as the rest of these metalheads who think they're Goth just because they like to wear Black, dark makeup, and like creepy stuff.

The funny thing about that tag is you just know she made it because she's butthurt that actual Goths don't consider her a Goth because she doesn't listen to Goth music. Metalheads get pissed when people wear Metal Band t-shirts when they don't listen to said band, it's literally the same thing only instead of a shirt, it's a whole subculture.

The so-called "Goth mindset" nonsense is about "Appreciating the beauty in darkness" and blah blah something else. They're ridiculous and they know that no matter what they say, they will never be considered "Goth" by actual Goths. Normies can think they're Goth all they want but to the people who really matter when it comes to the genre, we know the truth. It's the very reason why Kaya and Jake don't interact with the Belfast Goth scene. I remember once that Jake said the Goths there were "pretentious" and "Elitist cunts" and it's like nah dude, they just saw that you and your girlfriend are pathetic posers.

> yeah, although thankfully Leahmouse stopped calling herself goth a very long time ago.

I haven't watched her in a good while so if this is true, FINALLY. Just accept you're alternative. No harm, no foul. You don't need to be Goth to be into tattoos and Alternative music.

And it doesn't help that their "fans" are either just clueless Normies, Young Alternative people who don't know shit about actual Goth, or older people who bought into the "Goth is a mindset" nonsense.

Agree, it would look better with a nicer pair of shoes. Stompy boots could go well with that look.

No. 832104

File: 1562283732488.png (995.32 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190705-004116.png)

No. 832111

File: 1562286463431.jpg (14.25 KB, 215x235, AnneGwish.jpg)

Reminds me of this

No. 832118

Yeah I can't remember when exactly leahmouse stopped calling herself goth, but it was at least a few years ago.

No. 832128

>metalheads get pissed if you dont wear metal t-shirts
I've been a metal enthusiast for at least a decade and I've never seen this happen.
What I have seen happen a LOT though is metal heads telling you the music you listen to isn't "real metal". And then the people who accuse you of not listening to real metal will then get accused by someone else of not liking "real metal" by someone who likes something even more obscure and so on. No matter how obscure and hardcore the metal you listen to is, theres always something even more obscure and supposedly more metal. Metal heads are just as elitist and snobbish as Goths if not far worse.

No. 832202

I don't think you read what anon said correctly:

>Metalheads get pissed when people wear Metal Band t-shirts when they don't listen to said band

It's alright. Let it all out anon, in fact I'll let something out too. I hate Lebanon Hanover, terrible band!

it's in one of her older videos, where she says "You know what, I'm not goth I'm much more than goth!" these people make it sound like a cult, rather than a subculture based around a music genre.

I feel like she's bragging here, if not I don't understand why she hasn't gotten over this yet. If you're wearing an OTT look no matter if it's alt or normie styled, people are going to stare at you. She's been dressing this way for years, you'd think she would have gotten used to the stares by now.

Oh yeah, did anyone know Angela was interviewed by some alt-right neckbeard?

No. 832216

That looks vile

No. 832217

No one cares bitch

No. 832218

JFC. Short on content? Lets get attention by posting how I'm getting attention. Or not accepted.

Grow up.

No. 832221

Freya needs to come down off the cross. She thinks she is a Martyr to the cause of Goth and A very special woman cos she wears extreme makeup in her mundane life.
Such a teenage attitude and/or seriously mentally ill.

She is beyond a joke with her pity parties. Yeah, normies will look at anyone wearing over the top makeup/ clothes..in whatever style. Ask your drag queen mates about this, Freya.

It isn't like the hostel refused her booking or treated her badly for being a Goth.If she can't handle people looking at her after all this time, simply tone down the makeup or (gasp) skip wearing white grease paint except for nights out.

I skimmed thru that Angela interview, WTF processed her to agree to it?? The interviewer is such an obvious dick. She must be desperate for publicity.

No. 832254

has anyone else noticed that Jake has uploaded 4 youtube videos since asking people to pay him to say "I made it a great day" at the end of his videos and not one person has been at the end of any of his videos?

No. 832270

Freya and Mr Owl share face paint sticks. NZ bogans. Its a pity Europe dont understand how scrubber she is. Redneck from hell.

No. 832336

Hahahaha thanks Anon. LMAO that that especially low effort cash grab didn't quite bring home the bacon for pig face Jake.

Boo hoo, poor Jake. He might have to read more Lovecraft stories now..such hard work, poor lamb.

No. 832338

> I've been a metal enthusiast for at least a decade and I've never seen this happen.

I see this more online but you have to search out the topic. It's true that you don't see this in real life (at least I haven't) but I have seen it online on particular rant videos on how band shirts for Slayer, Metallica, and Iron Maiden are popular enough to where people who aren't into metal will wear the shirts because they think it's cool but don't listen to the band. That's all.

But yes I have heard of what you said as well with how Metalheads can be dismissive of certain sub-genres of Metal because it's not "heavy" enough or something and I think it's dumb lol.

It's alright. Let it all out anon, in fact I'll let something out too. I hate Lebanon Hanover, terrible band!

Hey it's alright. I do like some Lebanon Hanover but I understand that they may not be for everyone lol.

>it's in one of her older videos, where she says "You know what, I'm not goth I'm much more than goth!" these people make it sound like a cult, rather than a subculture based around a music genre.

You're so fucking right on that. These people are so obnoxious when they say they are no longer Goth when they weren't ever Goth to begin with and with the case of Sebastian Columbine, she did it to herself because she got so wrapped up in trying to be popular that she ended up burning herself out.

>Oh yeah, did anyone know Angela was interviewed by some alt-right neckbeard?

Yeah I watched it. This was that guy who did a piss poor call out video of her a couple weeks ago saying how she's a pretentious elitist or something like that. I don't understand why she bothered with this guy. I'll admit some of the questions were good but half-way in, I knew he was just trying to be spastic attention-whore since it's obvious he wasn't actually listening to some of the things she was saying.

>It isn't like the hostel refused her booking or treated her badly for being a Goth.If she can't handle people looking at her after all this time, simply tone down the makeup or (gasp) skip wearing white grease paint except for nights out.

Agreed. She would have something if the Hostel refused to let her stay there but nope. And yeah, maybe if she stopped wearing that tacky white grease paint in her day-to-day life, it wouldn't be so bad.

No. 832427

what but why did Angela do it? were her brain cells on vacation or what's her fucking issue?

No. 832450

File: 1562350729292.png (356.85 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190705-191653.png)

No. 832471

does it have to be a certain tier on patreon? but yea, he's been doing all the outros and seemed to still be complaining about doing audio books on his ig story. he didn't upload a video on schedule b/c he didnt like it, but put out all those others where he's basically saying the same thing in different ways. i sense that the schedule will start to slip and he'll find something to blame it on.

No. 832475

How is she a redneck when she’s from nz? What makes her a racist and where’s the proof? It’s legit never been posted.

Fucking so over you americunts throwing bullshit accusations without proof and not even sageing your shit. This thread has become a massive joke

No. 832523


It's not even like she has any fun shocking the normies. The boomerang could be her laughing or making a funny face "everyone stopped when i came in! Lol!". She makes it seem like her look is like a burden.

I mean, you know you look super "weird", and I don't say that pointing a finger at her and suggesting she can't look weird all the time like some anons do. I dress super over the top 90% of the time and I know why people are looking at me. I look different, they get curious, some think it's cool, some think I'm crazy and/or an idiot… It's not rocket science…

A lot of people will treat you badly or make jokes about you, some will even tease you and that's annoying and disrespectful. Of course it shouldn't be like that and everyone should dress more creatively and break the rules but unfortunately, this is not how it is, at least in the present moment we live in.

Some days, you feel tired of the attention (positive, negative or neutral), you're not feeling like dealing with others' reactions and judgement about you so you just go out dressed in a simple way. You put something black and simple, you don't go crazy on the hairdo or just put a hat on, you either don't wear makeup or wear a cool makeup look that it's still you, still goth or at least dark but it's not the super dolled up look, you know?

It's not about going out in a normie costume or not dressed like yourself, in the things you like. Not at all. Freya seems to think that it is. That she's only herself when she is hyper-absurdly-extremely-mega gothed up. Which is super weird, because (actual) goth, even when simple is already pretty different and characteristic.

I find it weird that in her day to day life she doesn't wear, say: a simple (ie not ruffled asf) skirt or pants, a nice black blouse (go crazy here), a leather jacket or trench, like 2 or 3 belts, black boots, hair slightly teased but mostly down instead of the huge nest, and more day to day makeup like: normal skintone foundation, a cat eye that says goth but doesn't reach drag queen status like her usual one and any lipstick you want, even black.

People mostly look at her not because she looks goth, but because she looks super duper overdressed. The fact that she is also super anxious and shy must make her walk around super weirdly, so it's not just about the looks.

It seems like her looks are causing her more anxiety than happiness and this is sad. It shouldn't be like this. If the looks are contributing to make you socially anxious, tone it down sometimes, at least on days when your anxiety is already skyrocketing.

No. 832543

Back water, redneck, bogan its all the same thing. Stop splitting hairs. How about common? Thats probably more succinct.

No. 832598

Ruadhan started the rumor she was racist, he even explained why she was racist. Apparently it's because she's white and from NZ and is "stealing" land from Maori people. Using that same logic, he's just as "racist" as she is as he's also white and from the USA.

She's very insecure about the way she looks, she's mentioned before she didn't want to be found dead without her makeup on. I think that's why she's always wearing super fancy stuff, to distract people from looking at how she actually looks. It sounds sad, I mean the woman can't even go to the grocery store without dressing up.

She claims she agreed to the interview because she wanted to erase the misinformation surrounding goth. That would be fine if this were the 90s and the internet sucked ass, but what is Google? Honestly if he were curious he could have just read the Wiki article, or the definition online. Came off more as he just wanted to talk to a goth girl IMO.

No. 832609

As a person freya isnt interested in anything or anyone else in the community unless its about her or attracting attention to herself. She's so egocentric that yes she does laugh when she scares normies or small children. When she made her NORMAL video with that orAnge wig which wasnt normal in the slightest she complained people weren't staring at her. Attention in Paris and for dressing up in ugg boots and drinking starbucks was another example of her attitude about appearance. For someone SO insecure sweet and ADORABLE according to her idiot fans shes not interested in being nice. Shes a fraud and full of shit. Isnt dressing normie belittling everyday people and a sense of bullying and prejudices within the subculture? Shes a clown and an embarrassment.

No. 832631

>they act like goth is a cult and not a subculture
I'm a non goth who used to call myself goth when I didn't know what it meant. I liked the goth fashion (mostly black clothing with lots of laces, fishnets, black and white striped stockings, lots of black eyeliner, pale face makeup, that kind of thing) and I liked the "gothic" literature/poetry like edgar allen poe (I can't think of any others). I liked "gothic" art and photography like black and white images of graveyards and cathedrals with crows hanging around. And I still do like that stuff. I just thought goths were people who liked that kind of aesthetic/motif whatever you want to call it, and listened to gloomy/dark music about graveyards (usually metal). that's just what I thought it was from watching TV and stereotypes. I didn't even know until quite recently that goth was its own genre of music and what it sounded like. I'm embarrassed and cringe at myself for that, and I think a lot of people who call themselves goths are under the same impression I was.

No. 832640

File: 1562373832444.png (566.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-07-05-16-38-38…)

Who the hell finds this sexy?

No. 832643

Whoever thinks this air-brushed mess is real needs to high five himself with a chair.

No. 832666


Ruadhan is a fail and I hope eventually he/she/they (?) will disappear back into the periphery of YouTube where they came from.

Other than that, I agree that it wouldn’t hurt Freya to tone down the crazy makeup if she’s uncomfortable being stared at, which I thought she wasn’t. In the past she has always portrayed herself as unbothered, but awkward, and she never seemed to get extremely frazzled when people approached her. I was honestly kind of surprised how upset she looks in that screenshot, she legit looks like she is about to cry.

No. 832714

jesus, jake seems like such a douchebag. drop the goff act and just admit you're an edgy metalcore dudebro.

No. 832746

Hey anon, don’t be hard on yourself. As you describe your interests I would label all of that “gothic”, as in macabre and dark, all of which I love, love, love. Let the silly Swillstar Goff-cows keep their goth label.

I’d rather watch something about actual dark topics presented by a (oh horrors!) non goth, than have to suffer through one more haul video.

No. 832769

That hair, as my mum would say, looks like he's been dragged through a head arse-end backwards. As much as I dislike Jake, I much preferred his 'plain' self when he thought he was a musclehead. This outlandish make up and ratty hair does nothing for him. And I'm sick of how he's now talking in so much more of a ridiculous accent. Like some weird Sweeney Todd Captain Jack mash up. And the hand waving is and gesticulating is nauseating.

No. 832788

It is. Don’t listen to these weirdo elitists stuck in the ‘80s - it’s a broad thing that existed before even then, that’s just how it got it’s label.

No. 832794


Please don’t use the word bogan as it’s clear you’re not an Aussie. A bogan is a centre link bum that usually is drunk/on drugs. Not even close to being the same as America’s redneck.

90% sure you are the nut bag Ruadhan, back here trying to push racism without proof.

And fucking sage, cunt

What’s with the lacking of sageing in this milkless thread?

No. 832814


It's two of them, one who refuses to sage and the other one who's all #NotLikeOtherGoths both are annoying as shit. I don't understand why they refuse the hide the thread, before they were whining because people were being "mean" to Jake upwards in the thread.

I'm pretty sure the un-sageing anon is Ruadhan, probably mad no one is kissing his ass anymore. Not like he was saying anything new.

No. 832831

I am an Aussie and IBF is usually drunk and she's unemployed. Jesus get with the program. Shes a bogan.

No. 832836

What part of ''sage your shit'' you don't understand? Just type the word sage in the email section ffs.

This fucking thread has turned to shit, we all fucking know IBF loves drinking to run away from the problems she created herself and that she's avoiding getting a proper job because her dumb fans are enabling her bullshit.

No. 832858

Yeh, bogan, not redneck. The two aren’t the same, dumb cunt.

Sage YOUR posts and “get with the program”. Read the rules and lurk more before posting sageless non milk with a dumb ass opinion.

IBF is a train wreck of an adult and would love to see this shit go down. Anyone at half a brain would’ve gone back to their home and gotten their shit together by now.

No. 832863

File: 1562420112453.png (913.62 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190706-143434.png)

No. 832875

>IBF is a train wreck of an adult and would love to see this shit go down
Yeah it's like she partly lives for the drama and problems she creates for herself. It's even gotten he free shit when she cries to her fans like the Louvre and graveyard thing, so that's kind of an incentive. Plus she's impulsive, doesn't know what she wants in life much, her fiancé is a doormat and her mum is a right shit stirrer. When she gets kicked out of Edinburgh I wonder where she's moving next cos she's going to do this for a while. Until she burns out, or runs out of e-cash.

No. 832886

yea it looks greasy and cheap. if he does wind up getting fake dreads he'll be even more of a budget ~goff~ captain jack, and it's super cringey that he calls his viewers/subscribers "tasty snacks".

No. 832919


No mathaias did.

He'll tell anyone willing to listen that when he and Freya were in NYC that she was "disgusted" by all the blacks and latinos and that she's always slurring aboriginals.

No. 832923

Do you have a source you can post? Screenshot, a chat with him, texts, something?

We've all seen the accusations flung around - we just want some actual proof.

No. 832931

This Mathias claim is pretty new. Before it was people who were close to her and they didn't want to expose them (what is blocking out names/pics?). Now it's Mathias exposed her as being racist lmao, I highly doubt there's any proof. Just people looking for another reason to dislike her, like that anon in the previous threads who kept calling her a poseur and hoping it would catch on. There's many reasons to dislike the chick, but damn.

No. 832974

I hope someone reports Jake to Anne Rice publisher for making patron bucks off her writing.
IF he gets round to actually reading one of her books to his loyal idiot fans.
She isn't out of copyright.
Recording unauthorized audiobooks of a well known living writer is asking for trouble Jake.

No. 833007

>I'm at a friend's house
Someone is too broke for a hostel kek.

I doubt you'll get any written proof. Was IBF ever seen with black or latino friends? That's what bothers me. She has people she can mooch off from but when are actual friends featured on her instagram or facebook?

No. 833013

Matthias never went to America with her. He couldn't afford the ticket and she refused to buy him one.

No. 833055

Rhuadan, it's getting pretty pathetic by now. The "IBF is racist" things will not catch on.
You can't even spell mathias, who are you pretending to be friends with

Have you seen her with friends pf ANY color? No, because she doesn't have them. I don't think she's racist because she is never seen with black or latino friends, she only has mr owl and a girl or 2 in pics as friends on her instagram. The rest are pics with fans

Exactly!!! This thread really has became a joke. We don't have any milk and any discussion is mudded by stupid people always trying to make something up about IBF.

First it was that she was secretly meeeaaan as fuck and would belittle other goths when with friends. No proof, no evidence, nothing.
Then, someone was hellbent on a make believe story about how she had been conning matthias all the time and mr owl knew. That matthias had showed them all the screenshots. Nothing ever appeared and people spotted 450 holes in his poor constructed plot.
Now, the last rumour is that she is racist. Again, no proof, no indication at all, nothing. But this time we know who started it. It was Rhuadan, in his rant video about her because he has a major hate boner for her.

I can't believe I'm sounding like a WK. But really, all this bullshit is ruining the thread.

No. 833056

>I can't believe I'm sounding like a WK
You don't. Pointing out bullshit doesn't make you a WK.

Honestly though, this thread has been a freakshow the last few days. It's low milk season, yeah, but that's no reason to samefag rumours (unsaged and unproved, no less) like it's going out of style.

No. 833095


Oh, just fuck off would you!?

He NEVER went over with her! She never stated that in one of her videos!

What is with these scrubs?

Yes, this is a bitchy forum but you need PROOF in IMAGE form to state your claim.

SAGE or post if there’s no new milk.

I’ve seen some milkless threads lately but at least they have passable speculation and not just a right out debunked lie

No. 833103

Matthias asked her to fund his ticket? Where does this bit of info come from?

True. Not sure what's more pathetic: not having friends at all or choosing to hang out exclusively with white breads.

No. 833118

Watch her America vlogs. He's not in any of them.

No. 833128

File: 1562456954477.png (1.88 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190707-004841.png)

No. 833156

I thought he didn't go to America with her that one time because their marriage was already ending/over at that point.

No. 833180

This was before that. It was October of 2017.

No. 833185

He didn’t go to America with IBF. She states that he didn’t go, multiple times through the damn vlog. Also on twitter and Instagram.

Why is old stuff being rehashed I’m a way that isn’t true at all?

Who let the fuckwits in?

No. 833186

I'm 99% sure her marriage was already ending/over October 2017.
She uploaded her "why I've been sad lately" video November 2017 annohncing her separation from matthias. Marriages don't usually fall apart overnight so I think its safe to assume that they were already separated/separating at that point not to mention people had been speculating marital problems long before she announced the separation.
That being said, I don't know when the tickets were bought, could have been long before that.

No. 833204

Probably Ruadhan, that anon comes out when the thread is good to start some shit. It's better off ignoring them completely, I can already tell whoever that is is crazy.

Perhaps if she did something with her life instead of drinking and eating all day it wouldn't be exhausting. People would respect her more if she got a job and a stable living situation. All she wants to do is go to festivals and eat.

No. 833218

I think people are getting confused with IBF meeting up with that guy from NYC who is a DJ for Mento Mori. Malefic - he's got a pretty generic look. Who is actually latino but I'm pretty sure she was latching on for goth points.

No. 833220

you can really see those thin non existent lips when she's not over lining her foul mouth

No. 833240

Ruadhuan is definitely a cow, no matter if he is behind posting the baseless IBF is racist accusations here or not,
the guy is a totally milky nutbag.

I wanted to like him as I loved ( at first)his call out video of IBF and on the plus side he has some cool hobbies and is very into actual Goth music and culture.

I tried getting into his videos but
his affected manner grinds my gears, he acts over the top self involved, condescending and rude(similar to Jake).
Also similar to Jake modesty isn't his strong suit. Ruadhuan really thinks his shit experimental music is ammmmazing, rather than average at best. Compare Ruadhuan's massive entitled attitude to sane, modest and actually talented goth you tuber accumortis.
Ruadhuan is a pro at playing on people's sympathy and is a massive ebeggar especially considering he has less than 1000 subs. People constantly send him gifts and he has a long Amazon wish list.He did a go fund me and raised a lot of money for an exterminator. Wonder what his next trick will be?

If his channel grows I could see him becoming

No. 833248

Jake calls himself a goth but says the only goth music he listens to is Lacuna Coil and Evanescence… :S

No. 833250

>only goth music
>lacuna coil

kek anon

No. 833251

he said spotify calls them goth rock so theyre goth music xD(xD)

No. 833279

File: 1562506703856.png (1.74 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190707-143742.png)

No. 833303

the grain of the wood behind his arm seems warped in the same direction as the shape of his bicep??

No. 833339

She was nice enough to me (half Mexican) and especially nice to my full Mexican friend. My friend was much shyer than I was but a real fan. Ibf's not racist or mean, just a mess and lazy.

No. 833348

Kek it sort of does. If he really is editing himself, looks like the ~goff fitness god~ isn't so fit after all. We'll, he never was, but at least he's (seemingly) more physically active than kaya. She's said once or twice that they work out together but then shows nothing.

No. 833381

Jake is doing a live YouTube stream in 2 hours. Itll be his first one.
I'm pretty sure he can't delete comments he thinks are "hateful" during the live chat.
I'm going to ask him why he keeps taking hundreds of euros from people in exchange for video ideas and not deliver

No. 833385

File: 1562526956064.png (2.1 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190707-201520.png)

No. 833386

File: 1562526991598.png (1.81 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190707-201511.png)

No. 833439

TT hiding under a blanket isn't milk.

No. 833546

>if his channel grows I could see him becoming
Becoming what?

No. 833554

a cow.(unsaged autism)

No. 833578

At around 1:10 he literally says about his childhood "I'm so proud I was the only one in my town brave enough to look different." This is what tweens think, and i thought that's what he meant like "yeah in the past that's i thought" but no he's still proud of being an attention seeking narc.

It's very likely he wasn't the only one. It's also likely he wasn't ~brave~ cos even though people were less accepting back then he calls himself brave now too when people are more accepting. You're not deep, edgy or misunderstood Jake sit down.

No. 833579

Samefag but he says right after that he didn't like Manson then and didn't copy his makeup or anything …well you skinwalk him hard now kek

No. 833724


I mean I do agree because sometimes I can look a bit OTT myself but I have my days where I like to look more simple. It's not hard to look dark while still looking simple. I think IBF did one simplistic look outfit-wise (it was when her and Matthias took a train somewhere). Her outfit was pretty simplistic what with skinny jeans, graphic shirt, necklace, belt, and her winkle picker boots. It was just her makeup that looked over he top. So I mean, she can look simple but it seems like she just wants to look super overdressed because it gets her the most attention but then it backfires with her seeming anxiety hence why she should just dress simplistic for awhile.

> She's very insecure about the way she looks, she's mentioned before she didn't want to be found dead without her makeup on. I think that's why she's always wearing super fancy stuff, to distract people from looking at how she actually looks. It sounds sad, I mean the woman can't even go to the grocery store without dressing up.

Oh right, I remember her saying that in a Q&A. Yeah that really is sad that she's that insecure about herself. Because wearing huge amounts of makeup like that all the time is gonna wreak hell on her skin.

> She claims she agreed to the interview because she wanted to erase the misinformation surrounding goth. That would be fine if this were the 90s and the internet sucked ass, but what is Google? Honestly if he were curious he could have just read the Wiki article, or the definition online. Came off more as he just wanted to talk to a goth girl IMO.

I mean, I get that she had good intentions and that reasoning makes some sense but yeah, the guy could just google what Goth is actually about, it's not 1995 anymore. It does feel like he only wanted to talk to a Goth girl. The questions were kinda ridiculous.

Very good points. I can't exactly remember all that happened in the orange wig video, it's been too long but I do remember her saying that she felt weird that no one was staring at her (Which is ironic because she still looked out there with that wig). It does seem like she thinks she's nothing without her appearance because she has no actual hobbies or interest. Yeah she talks about how she wants to write a book but she hardly ever talked or talks about it so it can't be that important to her.

At least you learned now rather than much later about what Goth is truly about. You can still like dark things and not be a Goth, that's something we always try to tell people who just can't get into Goth music. Though another thing I should correct you on because I actually learned about this myself from a friend who is way more knowledgeable on the Gothic medium than I am, it's that Gothic Art is very specific. It's not depictions of grveyards with ravens around it or skulls and all that jazz, actual Gothic Art is stuff that came from or is inspired from the 12th Century Art movement. The art of dark graveyards with skulls and ravens and/or roses and so on, that's actually not Gothic Art, it's just Dark art. Just thought I'd share that.

Would you stop with that? Goth never existed before the late 70s. Gothic and Goth are not the same. And you're also wrong thinking that those of us who do speak up on that fact are stuck on the 80s. A lot of us know and even love that so much more Goth music came after the 80s, I actually really love a lot of Goth bands that have come out since the 2010s from She Past Away, Draconian Incubus, Night Sins, and The Rope to name a few and these bands are not 80s. Yes it's true that there are some Goths who are 80s elitists but they are actually a minority.

I have a feeling that she doesn't really have any friends. Even before she went to Germany, you mostly saw her with Mr. Owl. I mean maybe she had friends but just didn't talk about them on camera but I can't recall her ever talking about having any and obviously in Germany, the people she was hanging out with were mostly Matthias' friends.

> Perhaps if she did something with her life instead of drinking and eating all day it wouldn't be exhausting.

Why does it feel that IBF is gonna look practically morbidly obese when she gets to her late 30s, early 40s? It's gonna be like what happened to Toxic Tears.

Are you fucking kidding? Like did he say that recently? LOL I mean I like those bands but fuck no they aren't nor have they ever been Goth. But I'm not surprised, this is coming from the guy who said that Goth music sounds like shit.

Dead lol

No. 833731

Ree Ree Philips talks about what happened with her and Mr Philips in her new video. Not gonna post it cos it's like 20 minutes and she addresses it for 1 minute.
>they split up a few months ago
>legally now divorced, will never be together again
>they still talk, for their daughter
>she doesn't want to say any more on it

No. 833740

Also she's dating someone new, she mentions it real briefly later in the video

No. 833773

File: 1562606147497.png (1.55 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190708-171605.png)

No. 833811

File: 1562611709941.png (58.85 KB, 572x323, wp_ss_20190708_0041.png)

Yep the world should know this Freya. Kek why does she do these weird non-event life updates, instead of idk, addressing why she dropped YT again? Last time she said, omg sorry I had a legit problem now I'm back with fresh stuff! Then shits out a few hauls and leaves again.

This time, again no explanation, though she owes one to her fans cos she's done this before and promised she was back, she shares a lot of her personal info online so don't bring shit up then leave people hanging, and it's obvious she's moving. At least say you're on hiatus so subs don't drop - ah but only someone serious about their job would do that. Then when her YT/Patreon money drops she'll say "ugh I just don't know why i'm so broke you guys!"

No. 833834

She's cute without makeup and actually looks way better with these softer eyebrows. I wish I could do a softer goth makeup look on her face so she could see she can look good without all the costume makeup. Leave it to special events

No. 833896

File: 1562623334208.png (63.65 KB, 720x476, Screenshot_2019-07-08-14-00-25…)

What ever happened to the video we were supposed to get?

No. 833936

Well I mean, that's good? If the feelings aren't there anymore, there's no reason to stick with each other and be miserable. It's good that they're keeping things civil for their daughter, it'll be better for her in the long run as opposed to if they were estranged.

> Then when her YT/Patreon money drops she'll say "ugh I just don't know why i'm so broke you guys!"

If she really says that, I seriously hope someone is blunt with her saying "Because you don't have a job" or something like that. Her content is shit but obviously she has an audience for it and she will only be able to blame herself for not doing her "job" (a.k.a. making her haul videos).

That's why I like Angela's approach to makeup. She can still make a striking dark look while not looking so costumey. Costumey looks are fine but for every day, it's just tacky and it will only damage your skin in the long run. She should try some more softer looks and give her face a rest from all the harsh costumey paint.

Oh yes, Gotta get those haul videos out! /s
I know I'm mocking it because I find them so stupid but is it really that hard to fart out a haul video of the quality she does? She does voice-overs on the clothes, it's not that hard to just put your camera up, walk or dance around for like a few minutes and then get up close for the close up shots. Eugh… lol

No. 833990

File: 1562632677410.png (357.84 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190709-013605.png)

No. 834021

>definition of perfection

yes, over editing/filtering his ig pix and looking like a haggard gargoyle with bad hair is totes what i would label as perfection

the 'quality vs quantity' video did not have to be made, but thanks for lurking jakey boy. it was just him rambling that could've been made into ig vids or something, but get them yt bux to move to another country where you can complain there's ~no one like me~ around. and look, he finally put a patron at the end but couldn't even be bothered to say who it was, that's real nice.

did anyone catch his live stream on sunday?

No. 834035

I think Angela's look are so simole, tho. I didn't even mean that simple.

I really can't understand this shit. Like, be horny for extreme looking guys, by all means, but Jake looks STUPID. He doesn't look like a goth or a metalhead or nothing, just like an edgy teenager. It's embarrassing. HOW can you find blackened teeth sexy?

No. 834041

she looks younger like that tbh… and better with her eyebrows in the correct place instead of 2 inches above her real eyebrows.

side tangent; I hate how black friday does her makeup exactly the same for years. I don't see anything wrong with doing your makeup the same every day, but she has to go so over the top that you'd think she'd at least try to change it up once in a while.

apparently in elizabethan england sugar was so expensive that only the wealthy could afford it, so blackened teeth was considered beautiful because it meant you were rich/royal. no idea if that's actually true or not.

No. 834115

That's true about elizabethan england but what the fuck that has to do with Jake being an edgelord mansonite? You think those teenage girls are attracted to him because of historical beauty trends? What? We live in a completely different context now, where black teeth, coupled with the rest of the look just equals edgy.

No. 834125

it has nothing to do with jake, I just thought I would give a random funfact

No. 834153

In which Jake already starts making excuses and lays the groundwork for not sticking to his schedule.

No. 834158

Someone wanted to know about ReeRee's marriage. They are separated months ago and filed for divorce.
She explains in the first minutes of the new video.

No. 834216

File: 1562675418995.jpg (339.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190709-132849_Ins…)

I don't even know if this counts as milk, but apparently Sebastian is jumping on the spoopy e-witch bandwagon.

No. 834259

File: 1562685099020.png (1.38 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190709-160820.png)

No. 834260

File: 1562685128593.png (1.74 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190709-160804.png)

No. 834269

I'm the most diy-encouraging person I know, but wtf is that supposed to be

No. 834283

At least she's being creative for once and not just buying another fast fashion item just to toss it on the musty hoard mountain.

No. 834285

Look at the fucking filth on their carpet

No. 834301

It seems TT tried to go for a goth forest fairy look and it went horribly wrong.

No. 834318

File: 1562691224008.png (1.87 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190709-174856.png)

No. 834369

she gets sent so much free pretty clothes…and yet she wants to wear this hideous thing

No. 834498

She also says later on in that video that she considers herself alternative now instead of goth.

No. 834501

The Herd of Black Sheep: Goth's Conformity Crisis

Of Herbs and Altars
67,658 subscribers
Published on Jul 9, 2019

I've been Thinking a lot lately - often after blazing up the Good Stuff - about the motivations behind why it is that listening to a certain type of music, should make people decide to adopt such a specific style of dress - it's strange & interesting, & as such, this shall be the first of two-to-a-few videos delving into some theories as to our true motivations for certain modes of gothic style, & the different tribes & mindsets within the community - this video, obviously, being the fact that some of us see goth clubs as a place to let loose & dress up, with no rules at all, while others clearly take the opposite stance, & see goth clubs as places full of rules, with strict dress codes nearly amounting to a uniform, & I find it very interesting… But yes - I didn't use a single picture of anyone here, who I thought looked anything other than fantastic…until you realise it's not self expression; it's a uniform. I went to my first goth festival at just 16, & therefore realised from the very beginning that a 'classic' goth look only works if you're The Only Goth In The Village - fill a whole town with Classic Goths, & you can't tell anyone apart. After that, I realised dressing 100% Classic Goth wasn't the way I wanted to be, & that's especially important in the internet age; social media WILL crush your ego if you dress identically to every other nu-goth or deathrocker; you WILL compare yourself, & get overly self-critical. For me, my ears stick out too much to really rock a deathhawk, my feet are too long and narrow already to look good in winklepickers; if I tried to stuff myself into that box, sure, I'd be Deathrock af, but I'd also look like a jug-eared clown-footed 'other one' compared to all the 'hot ones' who actually suit that style.

tl;dr - I really recommend moulding your style, to your own physical strengths & weaknesses, just like Black Friday with her very trad look, that she's customised into such a beautiful cartoon character that fits her facial features & body type so beautifully, ditto Adora Batbrat with the makeup & eyebrows that suit her so well, but make me look like an angry crazy person when I tried them out, lol, & the clothing that flatters her long lean body, or Psychara with her drapey nature-witch aesthetic that looks so pretty on her delicate little frame, or Antistorm.png with their endlessly original spins on androgynous extraterrestrial makeup - a customised look will always flatter you more than trying to fit someone else's uniform at all costs

…& yes; don't fear the reaper–uhh, the elitists! XD That video is On My To Do List - I ain't heard anyone really that pop that bubble yet the way I see it, soo…wotch this space C;

No. 834569

This is just sad. Why?
My unsolicited advice:
1- get measured for a bra
2- buy said bra
3- wash and try on all clothes
4-sell what doesn’t fit
5-fuck off to Barcelona
6-moan about how you can’t get anything done because it’s too hot.

Step 6 optional

No. 834574

Her face is always blown out.
Most everyone seems to like her here, but I find her boring as fuck, she’s a shit actress too.

No. 834618

You can't even see IBF's nose. You sound salty AF kek.

No. 834634

I love reeree's jaw line, it's so chiseled

No. 834652


Chick wasn't Goth to begin with but finally just like with Leah Mouse. Just accept your alternative and move on, no big deal, you can still like dark things without being a Goth.

> about the motivations behind why it is that listening to a certain type of music, should make people decide to adopt such a specific style of dress

I mean, no one says a Goth has to dress a certain way, it's all just for fun a lot of the time. And the only LOLcow who actually pulls from actual Goth fashion is IBF or rather, she used to anyway. The rest of them don't look Goth a all to me.

Angela's content won't be for everyone but the main reason why a lot like her here is because she's not an annoying e-begger and has things going for her that keep her from becoming like IBF or the Toxic Twosome. She's also one of the bigger channels that you can actually say is a Goth channel so that kinda helps too. Boring videos or not (I personally enjoy them), she was a breath of fresh air when she came along. I mean you gotta admit, what other big channel calling themselves "Goth" could you actually call a "Goth" channel?

No. 834689

I agree her content isn't always my taste but she does provide content that isnt endless hauls, unboxings or e begging. I like her story times the most.

No. 834911

Lol, I thought this video was pretty decent coming from Dorian. However, where the hell are these invisible elitists claiming you have to look like you're wearing a costume/uniform to be considered goth?
People keep saying these false things, I only see goths say the same thing Dorian is saying: Go back to creative looks that reflect you as a person instead of being a clone of (insert online goth personality)

I also hate seeing jackets splattered in bands you can tell the person doesn't even care for. Many of these people can't even name one album by Bauhaus and Alien Sex Fiend but shove them on their jackets because they feel like they just have to do that.

I like her videos too. I think some are just looking for a reason to dislike Angela. Yeah she's had some flops, but who doesn't?

No. 834925

> However, where the hell are these invisible elitists claiming you have to look like you're wearing a costume/uniform to be considered goth?

Exactly. I don't see these kinds of people these people love to complain about. In the Goth circles I run in, no one is demanding people to look a certain way, it's just that a lot of them like to wear 80s inspired garb because they like it, that's all. There's no rule that you have to.

> People keep saying these false things, I only see goths say the same thing Dorian is saying: Go back to creative looks that reflect you as a person instead of being a clone of (insert online goth personality)

Agreed as well. Because I don't see these "80s elitists" that so many of these people bitch about for example. They're just putting words in people's mouths when they hear them say that in order to be a Goth, you have to like the music and these whiners think they are saying just 80s music when that isn't true. So many of the Goth channels on YouTube like Accumortis, Kai Decadence, Sweeney Deville, and Angela don't talk about 80s all that much, I see them suggesting all kinds of post 80s bands.

> I like her videos too. I think some are just looking for a reason to dislike Angela. Yeah she's had some flops, but who doesn't?

I think so too. At the most you can say her content is boring but again, I personally don't because I like her story-time videos but she hasn't done anything appalling like scamming a bunch of money from her fans to have a sham wedding with no refunds to or not delivering on the content people are paying her to do because of laziness. She's a respectable person and in the alternative YT scene where a lot of them Lolcows, she's a breath of fresh air.

No. 835022

File: 1562782960849.png (2.61 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190710-191909.png)

No. 835091

Stay mad, herd conforming uncreative stagnated elitists. Write a novel next time, why don’t you.

No. 835155

File: 1562791730026.png (2.34 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190710-212911.png)

No. 835170

It’s the same two anons in this thread constantly writing book posts about what real “goth” is like nobody in the whole god damned world knows anything about goth or the history of goth except for them. True autism.

No. 835259


Equally surprised this anon isn't banned for blogposting. Let's laugh about cows, not discuss about goth definitions please.

Wow that's just vile. No.

No. 835270

Yeah, I never seen or heard anyone act like those famed "elitists" people talk about. People are just insecure and project what they think the 80s looking people are thinking about them with absolutely no reason to do so.

Saying people have to be creative and listen to what they like is being an elitist? This anon wasn't being elitist at all!

Honestly, I don't think it's "the same two anons", it seems like there are at least some people who write long posts and occasionally discuss the elitist shit.

Don't like it, don't read it, skip it. I'm not the original poster but I'm interested in what they said

No. 835274

it doesn't matter if you like it or not. blogposting isn't allowed on this site. try pull.

No. 835289


It's almost as if Dorian is reading the thread and couldn't resist chiming in…

No. 835326

File: 1562805436066.png (1.91 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190711-013642.png)

No. 835335

Right? We’re here for the cows, not some “expert opinion” on goth definitions. Bring the milk or stfu.

No. 835384

And for those of us that do not want to watch her boring voice and woe is me attitude, what was the reason for divorce/split?

No. 835405

Nah I'm confident in the sense that I know what Goth is really about and don't need to feel insecure about it as far as myself is concerned and can just laugh at the people who are so desperate to be considered one when they really aren't for one simple criteria.

Nah, I've met a lot of people (both Goth and not Goth) who know what it's truly about so hard miss with that one. But yes this thread isn't the best place to be making long comments like that so I'll try not to do that anymore and focus on the cows.

Thanks. Wasn't trying to be a know-itt-all, I was trying to speak on Dorian's video but I got a bit too carried away.

She didn't give a reason, she doesn't want to talk about it anymore.(no one cares how goth you are)

No. 835408

Their relationship seemed toxic and co-dependent(he also has an eating disorder and problems w/ depression; this was mentioned in one of the old threads) they also got together young and I get the impression that they only got married because he knocked her up.

Seems the marriage was already lurching to it's death, seeing that she's already hopped on the next dick that came her way.

No. 835420

Dude I like your posts, but it's best not to respond to that unsaged anon. They're clearly salty and trying to start an argument.

She takes her channel too seriously, most of her subs are awkward alt kids who are probably being bullied and look up to her. Upload unedited videos, do a livestream and interact with your fans. No one wants to see another haul, but that's most likely what she's going to upload.

>Don't like it, don't read it, skip it. I'm not the original poster but I'm interested in what they said

Same, and they mix their opinions in while discussing the cows at the same time. I don't get the people complaining either, how is saying "o mah gawd, Jake copying Marilyn Manson and Kyo1!!1" and "Kaya's not goth and looks horrible!!" over and over milky either?

Probably why people are writing longs posts, the cows are just boring as shit now. We need new cows in general, and they should be actually alternative not yet another poseur of (insert subculture)

No. 835488

So you have any suggestions then? There is the possibility that there are just no more cows. Someone brought Kady Rae a while back. Not sure what even made her "alt" aside from being haveily tattooed but lots of cows are heavily tattooed and they're not considered altcows.

No. 835520

I think that was someone's personal grievance, but we'll have to wait and see if admin reveals them one day.

No. 835526

Not to mention there's already a thread (long dead though) that talks about heavily tatted/body mod cows. I really don't have any suggestions, I was hoping someone would drop some. Every time a new person is mentioned it's either a self-post or Raven posting yet again because someone looks better than her.

No. 835532

File: 1562837451165.png (900.88 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190711-102708.png)

No. 835537

You are speaking my mind. Jake isn't even copying Kyo or anyone, for his make up skills are shit poor. He is putting random colors on his face and his fans wet their panties. What the hell.

No. 835538

No one is saying he asked her to buy him a ticket, just that she went alone and didn't buy him a ticket.

Jake the problem isn't that you look "different" or too OTT. It's that you look bad.

No. 835752

this was such a boring video. puts on makeup, puts on $30 ~real human hair extensions~, puts on hat, puts on jewelry. rambles on about nothing, ig pic looks nothing like end result in video. then kaya chimes in from off camera to remind him that she showed him how to "fuck up" clothes. fucking riveting, so 'badass and inspiring'. the person who did the outro was also super cringey.

No. 835806

File: 1562873522764.png (288.94 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190711-202956.png)

No. 835817

Did something happen to Avelina DeMoray's Twitter? I can't get it to load and wanted to surf and see if she's made comments to IBF recently

No. 835861

File: 1562878483696.jpg (553.34 KB, 1080x1714, SmartSelect_20190711-202117_In…)

Interesting comments on Mai Magi' s latest post about friends not being competition.

No. 835863

>>835817 twitter was down.

No. 835872

File: 1562879896561.png (220.23 KB, 475x635, Chuckula.PNG)

Has anyone brought up the racist, Trump-loving, cross-dressing, Goth fetishizing wannabe vampire yet? Because this guy may not be very well-known outside of a few online Goth circles but he's definitely a cow in his own right.

No. 835877

If this is vagueblogging about Psychara (and I hope it is, I'd love to know wtf happened), it doesn't surprise me. Even when they were friends all they talked about was how much more witchy and cool they were from other people, it's not that great a leap to start wondering if they're witchier and cooler than each other at some point.

No. 835907

omf, this doesn't need a video, you just explained it, anything for $ tho.

forgot to mention that in the grwm video he talked about how he got a staph infection in his ear holes that was somehow related to the rash from wearing liquid latex. how does that even happen? also gross b/c he and kaya apparently share some makeup.

idk who this is but would be interested to hear more.

No. 835928

Wait wait he calls his fans "snacks?" That seems very weird and not in a good way. Like he's trying to be cool but doesn't understand what being a "snack" means.

No. 835976

File: 1562890289109.png (703.2 KB, 855x599, Screenshot_notcompetitionlol.p…)

srsly both Mai and Manic Moth are full of shit. Mai is obviously social climbing through Manic Moth after she has done the same with Psychara. She also chose to skinwalk both since she was never as fashionable as the other two. She'll never be by copying others but she is too vapid to understand that. Manic Moth is a hypocrite sperging about ~honest people~ while she is in rumored legal troubles. Despite what she comments on Instagram, Manic Moth always uploads pictures where Mai looks uglier than her. She does the same with every single person, it's a miracle they didn't catch it.
So much for it's not competition hurrr durrr~

No. 835984

Spill more. Trump-loving sounds like a good cow.

No. 835991

No. 835993

No. 836001

IBF is soooooo far behind in her “job” it’s not even funny at this point.
She left that place ages ago and has been a hopeless lump over on another country.
When is this trash bag going to get her shit together?

Like honestly, what is wrong with NZ? What could be so horrible about it that makes person want to walk around in misery in countries that do not accept you?

No. 836021


Yeah she made this back when her apartment was furnished, she could've had it out ages ago. Guess she was busy whining and country hopping. YT isn't a normal job but it's still a job, if you know you'll be gone from your job so long, explain why. Or make an apology where part of it is Patreon-only, like last time…

As for what's so bad in NZ a few anons have speculated that it's her helicopter mother.

No. 836030

File: 1562894518143.jpg (675.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190712-112341_Ins…)

Not only is it kind of gross and a good way to give each other eye infections, but it's a good representation of Kaya and Jake's relationship. He's such a goddamn leech.

No. 836048

yea it's super cringey. sometimes he says 'tasty little snacks' and i'm just waiting for one of tween followers to say 'eat me'.

that is a lot of stuff, i guess she threw it all into storage and is going to leave it there while she pouts about not having a place.

No. 836097

She probably filmed the video right before she had to rush to take everything down, rehome her possessions, and repaint/repair all the walls. Plus, she was only out of Germany 10 days ago. To be honest, it's a pretty fast turnaround time for her. She couldn't even really consistently put up videos when she wasn't being kicked out of the country so idk why anyone still considers youtube her "job." At this point, at most it's a side hustle while she figures out what she's actually going to do. I wouldn't be surprise if she just quits youtube forever sometime in the near future and just move to instagram or streaming live so she can still get free shit from shillstar and donation money. Even if she was consistent on youtube, she probably wouldn't make much since youtube ad revenue have gone down the drain and goth clothing brands only pay her in clothes since no one in the subculture has the backbone to request real payment. I doubt many other brands besides shitty teeth whitening kits companies are also willing to work with her. Her youtube career is dead, and I think she knows it too.

The real reason why she probably doesn't want to move back to NZ is probably because she has all this stuff in Europe she can't easily move. Imagine putting so much weight into material things, that you're willing to give up your family, your engagement, your chance at having a stable life, etc.

No. 836194

That is not why she doesn't want to be in NZ. That's honestly the dumbest take ever. Also doubt it has much to do with her mother like another anon mentioned.

She doesn't want to be in NZ because it's not goff enough. It's far away from all the goff culture and festivals she's obsessed with. Nobody wants to see a goff in NZ (in her mind, I think people would enjoy it seeing as NZ is very different from what we usually see). They wanna see goff in cool clubs in Edinburgh and Berlin and Warsaw.

She seems to be the type to create these wonderful fantasies in her head about all the possibilities of living in a super goff neighborhood with amazing goff friends and going to cool goff places… Yet reality is never that good and whenever she tries to manifest these dreams she falls right on her face because she's lazy and has no skills. Instead of hunkering down and fixing things she escapes her anxiety about her current situation by imagining the possibilities of the future in another sooper spoopy goff place (and stuffing her face with food and Valium). Then the cycle repeats. She's addicted to the fantasies she creates in her head and she will never be able to achieve any of them if she keeps this cycle going.

No. 836209

File: 1562910032566.png (22.45 KB, 747x176, Chuck sucks Trump off tweet.PN…)

Holy shit are you in for a show, this creep has been making his rounds on the internet since around 2009 and even has a (surprisingly short) Encyclopedia Dramatica article about him. He goes nuts over any female wearing black in sight, acts like an edgy 14 year old trying too hard to be a "gothic vampire" and will happily rant about how he hates every non-white race under the sun. It should be noted that even VampireFreaks didn't want him and ended up kicking him out.

No. 836210

File: 1562910056915.png (13.77 KB, 735x112, Chuck hashtag.PNG)

No. 836211

File: 1562910101285.png (21.68 KB, 655x240, Chuck mad at Goths.PNG)

No. 836213

File: 1562910172506.png (10.04 KB, 514x168, Chuck on the middle east.png)

No. 836220

File: 1562910236416.jpg (46.13 KB, 480x299, Chuck on Mexicans.jpg)

No. 836223

File: 1562910666882.png (83.29 KB, 742x590, Chuck on blacks.PNG)

No. 836224

File: 1562910694722.png (97.18 KB, 744x682, Chuck on blacks 2.PNG)

No. 836225

File: 1562910860578.png (85.79 KB, 743x619, A Look Inside the Mind of Chuc…)

No. 836263

>if they're witchier and cooler than each other at some point
you are closer to the truth than you think

No. 836302

She has a decent home aesthetic, if not over the top. She just needs to get her life together and stop worrying about how her living space looks. And refund the people who donated to her first engagement with Mr Owl.

No. 836313


*Had. She's living on somebody's couch/in a hostel now.

No. 836321

Eh much of it looks very tacky to me. She could do less of the cheap skull shit and more actual artwork. These videos were more of an excuse to show off her ever growing hoard of shit. Not impressed.

No. 836330

Decent home aesthetic? She couldn’t even be arsed to clean the place before making that video. There was a film of dust and cat filth on everything.

No. 836365

File: 1562941349693.png (995.31 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190712-152142.png)

No. 836366

File: 1562941415016.png (1.59 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190712-152058.png)

No. 836373

You can still HAVE a decent sense of aesthetic even if you don't have a home or flat in your name.

No. 836377

She's ridiculous and makes a mockery of YouTube being a job with those who actually do deliver content. She needs to face it, YouTube isn't her job, at the most she is just a squatter because if this was actually her "job", she would've been fired a long time ago.

And she's not gonna get her shit together until life really hits her when she gets to her 40s and her fans get tired of her shit. And the only reason I can think of for her not wanting to leave NZ is the lack of GOFF events. I mean what else is there?

All that or the person makes a good few videos beforehand and uploads them while they're out. And even if her mom is the reason why she wants to leave, she does understand that she doesn't have to live with her right? That her and Mr. Owl can move to a different town in NZ.

She has to accept that she doesn't have the funds to live in these expensive places, she's gonna end up homeless in these places.

Well sure but while YouTube doesn't really pay, people who watch and enjoy her videos support her on Patreon, that's where her income mainly comes from. But with her lack of uploading consistently, that is gonna go south in a year, maybe 3 years tops.

> She doesn't want to be in NZ because it's not goff enough. It's far away from all the goff culture and festivals she's obsessed with. Nobody wants to see a goff in NZ (in her mind, I think people would enjoy it seeing as NZ is very different from what we usually see). They wanna see goff in cool clubs in Edinburgh and Berlin and Warsaw.

I honestly feel this is the actual reason. I mean is it any coincidence that she chose Germany and now Edinburgh of all places to live? In Germany she barely even knew Matthias before hand and made such a rash decision to move their. She just wanted access to it's Goff scene. And now Edinburgh is known for it's Gothic styled architecture and plus all the Goff festivals (including Germany).

And you're right, she lives in her fantasy world in her head and it's only gonna blow up in her face in a few years and all this could have been avoided if she just wasn't lazy.

Sounds like a real piece of work.

> And refund the people who donated to her first engagement with Mr Owl.

That's never gonna happen and I think people need to accept it. The solution for them is to not support her next wedding, if she wants to get married so badly she can either pay for it with her own money or have her mom do it. If her fans fall for the BS again, they only have themselves to blame.

LOL She's using an old picture to show, how cute /s. That was back when they were younger, it's obvious they don't feel like that anymore. They only stay with each other now to be a GOFF couple.

No. 836379

>That's never gonna happen and I think people need to accept it. The solution for them is to not support her next wedding, if she wants to get married so badly she can either pay for it with her own money or have her mom do it. If her fans fall for the BS again, they only have themselves to blame.

I didn't donate to her, and don't know anyone that did. But I would be more open to her growing up/getting her shit together if she did the right thing. (And also didn't ask for anything for whatever the hell they plan to do in future).

No. 836394

File: 1562944899520.png (169.51 KB, 500x398, Retarded_Goth_Jerks_Off_While_…)

Alert, asylum inmate on the loose. The Encyclopedia Dramatica article is funny as well:

>a racist, sexist, cross-dressing virgin and a self-proclaimed Christian vampire goth alternative model

>unemployed for over four years, most time spent playing video games, sucking up taxpayer money, jerking off while sobbing
>actual video on Pornhub called "Retarded Goth Jerks Off While Crying"
>alternative known as "Chuckula's sexual tears"

Kill it with holy water ffs.

No. 836416

He looks mexican as fuck

No. 836439

that random kvd tweet among all that trash.

haha, maybe ppl think this b/c you're hardly ever affectionate towards one another. like, you don't need over the top pda but they don't go on each other's videos or in each other's pictures, so if someone hasn't been following long it's reasonable they wouldn't know you're a couple.

No. 836456

Honestly, these two look a lot like housemates or old friends who live together because they split the rent or something. They seem like they don't even want to touch each other most of the time.

No. 836508

Exactly, don't be so smug about it, Kaya. There isn't much chemistry and affection between the two of you, at least from what we see in your videos.
I think she showed an old photo to emphasise her statement (that they've been together for 9 years) but I bet she doesn't have a recent one where they kiss lmao

No. 836549


Even in the lipstick challenge they did pecks on the mouth, no tongue. Much passion. wow

No. 836639

Painting the house black is just cheap. Overall the ideas are ok but shes so lazy and sloppy it just looks tacky. The toys and skulls are pretty juvenile. I think she will always be living in a state of arrested development. Its al over snd she will disappear as fsst as she arrived. That flat was filthy.

No. 836653

I would not be surprised if she was doing peepshow work or something else like that to make extra money. What else does she do to afford to travel. It must be awful never having your owm place. Sleeping in hostels and couch surfing is lame.

No. 836697

I wonder if he's kissed her like that since she got fat

No. 836801

Wait a minute, wasn't "Retarded Goth Jerks Off While Crying" part of the Filthy Frank porn title rap?

No. 836823

File: 1562976001171.png (481.28 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190713-005910.png)

No. 837091


Honestly they’ve been asskissing each other a lot since they split off from Psy. I’ve been so busy with uni I haven’t been keeping up with them a lot, but the few times I’ve peeked at their socials, I think to myself how petty they are. They act like your average catty bitches, not the enlightened transgressive witches they try to market themselves as.

No. 837509

She trawled buzzfeed for normie followers but shes a one trick pony. Her channel hasn't hit 650k so its looking over. Festivals. Bad romamce. Rinse and repeat. Not much else. There are plenty of channels with bigger followings and content much more interesting. Bye bye IBF.

No. 838013

File: 1563124087674.jpg (68.89 KB, 600x510, ef283ee84cd58940c80a42080a1023…)

Thumbs up. I wonder how long their "friendship" will last for I see a lot of similarity between Psy and Manic Moth. Both have a proven track record with best friends that dropped off the face of the earth suddenly to be never mentioned again. Psychara used to be best friends with Senn, who was later replaced with Nina. The similarity between her two best friends is striking, they could be sisters. Manic Moth used to have a best friend called Jelena. They were so close that they were skinwalking each other all the time. Makes one wonder what happened and why these ultra close friendships didn't last. I suspect Psy and MM have major personality problems that become evident after some time, which is the reason their best friends left.

No. 838014

File: 1563124317141.jpg (62.26 KB, 500x577, tumblr_mycvyg6Lop1sn8o3fo2_500…)

No. 838029

File: 1563126227493.png (2.02 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190714-183328.png)

No. 838051

File: 1563128677147.jpg (319.71 KB, 755x547, Untitled-1.jpg)

haven't been in these threads in a while now but here are some recent asks from IBF's tumblr regarding her animals,mattias and a bonus ~edgy~ reply

No. 838105

Psychara even erased her shared tattoo with Mai (a rune) in a very public way and made a video with her new best friend when she did that. I kinda support Mai, but i honestly don't fall for her "i'm an starving artist" schtick, both Psy's and Mai's parents are rich, and no one gets a house out of the blue.

No. 838186

File: 1563143439052.png (1.73 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190714-221805.png)

No. 838211

that edgelord reply
>murder someone and eat their flesh
>totally not in a fetish way
Someone is masturbating furiously.

No. 838216

>>838051 >>838029 >>838186

This is so strange, I've never seen anyone so active and so passionless at the same time. She travels a lot, made life-changing decisions on a whim (quick marriage, changing countries often), and at the same time she throws so many things on others, things like taking care of her pets, whines about cleaning apartment, expects someone to humour her and spend time with her because her idea of fun is eating sweets and complain about being sick or hurt or dream about another place to live. And it seems so shallow and meaningless even to her.
Most people will do anything to reunite with beloved pets, or don't have any if they plan to travel a lot, tie loose ends with relationships and collect their beloved items. But she drops everything and try again the same formula, you cannot find perfect place and better life if you only produce more baggage and want everyone and everything to bend to your wishes.
I wonder, maybe if she will be online for next 5-10 years she will become someone like Raven, maybe with less dead animals?

No. 838416


Is she out by herself essentially having two desserts in one sitting?

No. 838418

Is Dorian herbs' real name, or did she change it to that because she's gender queer? Just asking because I thought Dorian was usually a man's name.

No. 838435


She changed it by deed poll. She was talking about gender and feeling male alot at the time and it seems like she's not as bothered anymore, rarely mentions it and isn't doing any androgynous looks anymore

No. 838463

File: 1563199208910.jpg (377.92 KB, 720x1142, 20190715_145707.jpg)

Looks like they're still friends though (Senn is following her). Maybe Psy doesn't post pics of her just because she looks relatively normal now?

No. 838511

She made a video about that? I didn't even notice they weren't even friends anymore, but well…. they all seem kinda bitchy and bossy so no real surprise on that

No. 838560

There are female Dorian's as well. It's not a common name, but Julian Cope's ex wife is Dorian as is a character on a Brit sitcom from the 90s. But yeah, erb changed it.

No. 838724

File: 1563237559312.png (1.83 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190716-013757.png)

No. 838816

Ugh why do I find him sexy in this video… Kill me

No. 838838

Please do go put a rope around your neck and hang.
His skin isn’t even clean from all the crap he shits on to his skin because he’s too lazy to remove it properly.
And why come here just to post that?

No. 838845

Why come here to post anything?

No. 838854

Poor Jake has run out of $50 endings already it seems

No. 838902

hi jake, kek

No. 838957

Are your standards THAT low or are your talking about Momoa in the thumbnail?

No. 838975

this is a nice makeup look, the video was boring and useless. skipped around the livestream he did which was the same. there were moments he just sat there staring at the screen.

No. 839017

File: 1563297611505.png (589.04 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190716-181559.png)

No. 839060

If Senn had self respect she wouldn't orbit Psy after she has been abandoned. Psychara dropped her for Maimagi who is more photogenic back then, and went on to Nina once she fell out with Mai. Nina isn't hardcore goth looking either but Psy still chose Nina over Senn. Senn is looking desperate trying to regain Psychara's attention, it's kinda painful to watch.
As for Psy, she can't tolerate anyone stealing her limelight, her friends must always be the fat comedian type of girl otherwise she will quickly feel threatened.

someone necromanced the no 12 thread saying they have met Psychara and she's a bitch. Not surprised at all since she even treats her close friends like trash.

No. 839114

File: 1563310866057.png (2.1 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190716-212228.png)

No. 839115

File: 1563310904122.png (1.82 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190716-212240.png)

No. 839150

I met senn a while back and she's a nice person,I was only watching the momokun thread back then so I didn't know that us dutchies have altcows as well. I don't know about psy personally but having seen her vf modelling she looked almost pro ana skinny.

No. 839153

I wonder what size ibf is as she can squeeze into her goth clothes.
But wasn't she supposed to be on a diet? Thats like 3k calories for one meal

No. 839210

I dont keep up with IBF's socials much, does she post multiple large meal pics like this a lot? If so why does she also then complain about not affording stuff and freeloading off fans.

No. 839234

Herbs' new video.

I've only watched 10 minutes so far but she basically says that elitism in Goth culture barely exists and that people kind of play up the idea of elitism to make it feel like it's harder to be accepted as Goth.

I have no idea if this is true or not, it's an interesting video though.

No. 839319

I don't know, maybe if you went the fuck back home to NZ you wouldn't have to take yourself on dinner dates and eat your feelings away Freezer.

No. 839336

drac is really into posting about her tiddies on insta these days

No. 839362

I always thought she was a vegan? Or at least vegetarian? Now I am confused.

No. 839368

I don't remember hearing anywhere that she was vegan or vegetarian. I'm not her biggest follower though.

No. 839371

She has never been vegetarian. She just writes that edgy caption ''cannibal for the animals''.

Fucking yes. That's just her being a crybaby as usual. She doesn't know what she wants. Tbh l hope Doormat Owl will realize he wasted too much time with her, and won't marry her, ~at the end of the year~ , as she said.

My exact thoughts, anon. She has the money to go back and forth between several countries, treat herself to meals in copious amounts… And still being bold enough to pretend she's poor. The audacity.

No. 839418

wouldn't call two pix in clothes "really into" but ok. i do think it's funny she turned off comments though.

No. 839517

Since this is an imageboard, how about y'all start posting some pics instead of just talking about it?

No. 839767

File: 1563436352361.jpg (86.47 KB, 640x640, D_tTJtLWkAYnzeN.jpg)

Jake thinks he hasn't aged since he was 17.
I am cackling!! the guy is in desperate need of a skin care regimen

No. 839770

Jake makes me laugh for all the wrong reasons. Belfast currently has an opoid problem with loads of homeless people shooting up in parks and places. I swear he would not look out of place down in Oremau in Belfast ODing with a couple of tramps. He looks as weather beaten as them.

No. 839785

Oh yeh, he’s so hot. I’m so attracted to him
/s for the other anon.

He needs to stop. Why do people find this good or attractive? Who is feeding his ego

No. 839827

this was a lazy video, he couldn't even tone down the look to make sure the different filters worked.

No. 839945

File: 1563478457205.png (1.8 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190718-203234.png)

No. 839964

File: 1563481027226.png (856.38 KB, 1080x1759, 20190718_211633.png)

No. 839971

Kaya actually looks kind of cute here

No. 840004

He has such a fatboy face

No. 840018

Awesome content…..

No. 840082

Any goth non-cows worth following on Instagram?(ask somewhere else)

No. 840264

File: 1563509424448.jpg (755.1 KB, 2560x1920, 19-07-18-20-14-54-724_deco.jpg)

This must be about Adora's ex-husband Mr BatBrat! I remember someone wrote he dated her, and then not any longer. I tried to find that thread but it was too long ago. Sorry.
This makes me wonder even more about the divorce since she mentions abuse. Someone heard any rumours?

No. 840319

lmfao oh wow. His profile is awful. No wonder he contours his big moon face with all that stupid black make up.

No. 840334

Are you on crack or just mentally retarded?
This has NOTHING to do with adoras ex. They were like family, she wasn’t some random woman she needed to find like she writes about.

No. 840335

He has a fat boy face because he is a fat boy.

No. 840377

File: 1563536728960.jpeg (907.55 KB, 1242x1559, E6CF6C7F-D291-4690-BA04-7E4AC4…)

I’ve been thinking for a long time her drama had something to do with Simon as they stopped hanging out for good months ago. Last few summers, Adora would travel with him. This summer he is adventuring with other ladies.
She and Sireplague are just friends. But something is going on.

No. 840387

She’s always posting photos with sireplauge in bed. There’s one from 5 days ago. It’s the top of his head in bed again

No. 840495

File: 1563557152471.png (2.05 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190719-182356.png)

No. 840639

I swear some of these people are so lonely it’s kind of sad. Like you can talk to 1000 people on your selfie stick, And I’m not saying there aren’t any genuine feelings in either direction, but at the end of the day, all of these postings from gother than thou IBF, or past her prime at 25 TT and Jake or super sexy/edgy 4eva Adora… they all just lead to a feeling of loneliness despite their popularity. That’s my impression anyway. ( all the lonely people , where do they all belong etc….)

No. 840731


No. 840733

Adora posting a picture of herself in a shirt that says “I’m a black girl” is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in awhile. How do you get to be 40 years old and yet have no awareness of how to engage in a society

No. 840740

Adora broke up friendship with her and another girl (or more) a few years ago.

Absolute shiny tinfoil, but perhaps Cas started dating Adoras ex, him with a sob story about his marriage, cas doing so maliciously in order to annoy Adora.
Cas finds out he cheated with unknown third person, makes friends with this other girl.

Adoras post makes sense "karma comes in three" and that these people hurt her before. Who is the third person, I wonder?

No. 840762


No. 840808

That's what I got from it too. The post is definitely about adora's ex.

You are the crackhead or mentally retarded. The "other woman" is not Adora, you dumbass.

Mr batbrat dumped Adora to be with this chick. Now the chick realized he was cheating on her with another woman, who is not adora.
Adora is happy that this girl was cheated on, probably because he cheated on adora with her.

Reading comprehension

No. 841029

File: 1563620244042.jpeg (85.74 KB, 640x640, D_3i5RrXoAEFO_Z.jpeg)

Jake talking about the worst things that have ever happened to him: one which is not his little sister actually having leukaemia,but the fact that he had to 'share' his game consoles with the other kids at the hospital

No. 841032

Not once does he actually say how his sisters actual illness affected him or even how/when she recovered. It's literally just about him and the fact he had to visit a hospital with all these sick kids and how much he hated it tbe selfish dick head

No. 841112

worst things that have ever happened to Jake

-Had to move from England to Wales

-lost all his friends when he went to High School.
thought he was never bullied because he looked strong.
never fit in with the goths at school either.

-his sister got cancer and he thinks that what turned his mother into "a complete cunt". he had to leave all of his video games behind and stay in the hospital with his sister because she was going through a very hard procedure. He played video games with other kids there but he hated sharing with the poor cancer kids..he never mentions if she sister got better or not..

-when he worked at a call center he didn't like taking negative calls. had a breakdown after 7 months. He attacked his manager and got fired.

- found a really nice apartment but got kicked out

No. 841119

Thanks anon. Couldn't watch that whole crap.

Spending his summer in a hospital and sharing games with sick kids is ofc muuuch more devastating than receiving intensive care for leukemia. What an absolute cunt.
Looks like he has always been a whiny prick, on top of being so self-centered.

Looks like he hasn't learned from all the rashes n irritations that he got, so he still uses his liquid latex that makes him soo goff n makes his ''snack'' drool over him.
(They're still kissing his ass so hard, it hurts my eyes.)

No. 841138


you forgot the first one being how after his sister was born, his mom "left her" at the house and she would cry, b/c you know, that's what babies do.

this video shows how much of an insufferable cunt he really is, these were all so first world problems and i get to a teen they could be "the worst thing" but come on. admitting you had such anger issues that you punched things, i actually feel for kaya having to be around him.

this looks was garbage, the fuck was with the hat with that ratty ponytail and sunglasses indoors.

No. 841189

He is so narcissistic it is disgusting. Someone please help Kaya leave him.

No. 841228

File: 1563658115043.png (2.33 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190720-221018.png)

No. 841251

File: 1563660596833.jpg (30.79 KB, 587x500, kaya.jpg)

just found this old pic and kaya used to be sexy if you ask me… you can look like this again kaya, come on girl we know you can do it

No. 841336

Simon has stuudied abroad for one semester, the first thing he did was basically getting adora a ticket.
Lots of other girls, pictures was with his best friend. He's back now, guess we will se what happens at mera Luna, both usually go. Adora is at amphi now, not sure if he is going.

Sir strikes me as a social climber, first married to a fetish model, after the devorse starts hanging with adora a lot…

No. 841359

What is this bitch complaining about? She hardly does anything during the day that would be that strenuous.

As much as it pains me to admit, she actually looks good here.

No. 841362

As the other anon pointed out, adora was in bed again with sire plague. You can see the top of his head and it’s definitely him. Safe to say she’s officially with him, again?

Honestly, her jumping from guy to guy makes it hard to see who’s she’s actually with and who’s cheating on whom.

Does anyone know if cas was with adoras ex for sure?
If adora was with Simon for awhile, and now is with sire, what’s not to say her karma post was about him? Especially since she had another Instagram melt down about him last time she was with him.

Someone dig harder and find out what’s happening!

No. 841366

Being so nice you'd let assholes walk over you ain't healthy for anyone. Psychara is definitely anachan like Manic Moth.

>sister got cancer
>Jake whines about being inconvenienced
god tier level of entitlement from Jake. Yo momma ain't a cunt, she's reacting to your callous ass. I hope his family cuts him off, he is just toxic.

No. 841385

He's already not on speaking terms with his family. He talks about it in this video.

No. 841489

Its no more gross than sharing other body fluids when your in a long term relationship with someone.
When your sucking someones dick, I'm sure you dont care about a little gold powder in your eye. Kek

I watched the whole thing.
She was absolutely right about the illusion of goth elitism. It's all bullshit. She made some good ass points in that video.

No. 841492

They can call all just be in a open friends with benefits situation. No need to be "official." With their age gaps it doesn't make sense for her to "date" Sir as they are in different places in their lives.

No. 841493

Assuming they are still sexual kek.

No. 841496

File: 1563693135095.jpeg (371.5 KB, 614x806, B02383B1-86C3-4C73-A099-BC4D65…)

Looks like that hoorible photo of IBF is on the cover collage of Orkus’ WGT Special Edition.

No. 841577

File: 1563718921364.jpg (83.95 KB, 960x960, 66643537_10156801629658096_325…)

No. 841619

File: 1563726830414.png (1.63 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190721-171759.png)

No. 841623

File: 1563727148173.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190721-173824.png)

No. 841630

> I watched the whole thing.
She was absolutely right about the illusion of goth elitism. It's all bullshit. She made some good ass points in that video.

She did make some good poitnts though she peetered out towards the end when she started ranting about how some people say what is Goth or not. Pointing out if a band is Goth or not is not being an elitist asshole, it's just pointing out to someone who may be curious if such and such band is Goth or not because some people don't really know what actual Goth sounds like. Aside from that though, I'm just glad she acknowledged that the whole "Goth elitism" thing is a myth.


Eugh… After all this time, she still doesn't know how to dress for her body shape. That top is not doing her any favors.

No. 841688

File: 1563734929802.png (1.73 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190721-193123.png)

No. 841689

File: 1563734986905.png (2.57 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190721-193140.png)

No. 841701


She posted this again?

No. 841745

>>841029 Jesus this video is BAD. And I found out he used to live really close to me and now I feel like I need to be cleansed somehow

No. 841782

There are rumors about Adora with Simon being the reason of her divorce but it’s hard to tell as they have been very careful not to show anything in public.
I think that she was with Simon for sure, at least before her marriage was over, I mean, she is always fooling around with guys (flirting, probably not always sleeping with them), but with Simon it always seemed as if there was something else going on, him buying her tickets all the time, visiting each other pretty often, the videos where you can see how he’s really into her.

I don’t think Cajsa dated Mr Batbrat, that would make no sense. In some posts that Adora has recently made, it’s like she wants her ex back.
Also Cajsa was Adoras super bestie (like what Victoria became later… wtf happened with her btw?) and they broke up over Victoria and Cajsas bf at the time.

The karma post is obviously about Cajsa. The guy is probably someone who was a common friend (ex friend?).

No. 841863

File: 1563756193487.png (427.76 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190722-014102.png)

No. 841864

Everything is boring lately, someone should start some drama. Unfortunately none of these people have friends or leave their houses. Even someone like Freyja who travels so much has no friends at all.

Why is she sitting on the ground??? and what dress is she wearing?

No. 842116

i feel like the more jake goes downhill, the better kaya seems to be doing

No. 842300

File: 1563817152367.png (599.35 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190722-183803.png)

No. 842310

File: 1563818186416.png (1.11 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190722-185517.png)

No. 842311

File: 1563818218420.png (411.83 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190722-185603.png)

No. 842312

File: 1563818360294.png (495.55 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190722-185850.png)

No. 842336


Isn't Simon gay though? I might be wrong, but from the vibe he gives, I always assumed he was.

No. 842388

omf, love yourself girl and just go outside, let jakey boy pander to all his tween ~snacks~ and get some fresh air.

No. 842456

No, he’s not gay. He said in many occasions that he was straight (in his Q/A on IG, I used to follow him).

But now that I checked Cajsas IG, she has a few photos partying with Mr Batbrat, there is a comment that was deleted and someone who replied to the comment saying something like “I wanted to ask but I didn’t”. Maybe they asked if they were dating and she deleted it because they were.

I’m surprised that there wasn’t more drama considering that Cajsa and Adora ended in pretty bad terms.
But Adora is probably happier with her young boys.

No. 842486

File: 1563833738673.png (592.91 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190722-231403.png)

No. 842488

File: 1563833876072.png (1.09 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190722-231744.png)

No. 842605

I agree. Why dont these cows do something utterly stupid again to keep the momentum going lol.

No. 842737

>There are rumors about Adora with Simon being the reason of her divorce
I don't know if this is the cause, but I have mutual friends with her and through them I know she's been cheating on her husband several times during their marriage. She's been dropping friends left and right because they're "too much drama" which is just ironic to me. Oh and they've told me she neglects her children and barely eats anything. Apparently social services are involved.

>I don’t think Cajsa dated Mr Batbrat

She did. And he had multiple girlfriends on the side, so she dumped him. His friend group are all a group of 50 year olds cheating on their wives.
Sadly I don't have any solid proof of this but you will have to trust me on this one lol. Both Adora and mr. Batbrat are dicks. I think they deserve each other.

No. 842744

Not the first time I hear this, I have also some friends in common with her (more like her ex friends) who say that she loves causing drama and has dumped friends over them not being “goth looking enough”. Also that she would cheat on her husband when she was traveling alone to parties. I think it was kind of obvious, at some point there weren’t many photos of them together and less bragging from adoras side on her husband and more about her “hot goth boys”.

Victoria is in Sweden and they haven’t even been hanging out, even though Adora keeps on talking about how she misses her “princess”. Too many of her sidegirls usually disappear quickly. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

No. 842794

File: 1563887102511.png (1.83 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190723-140029.png)

No. 842795

File: 1563887131192.png (1.55 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190723-140013.png)

No. 842798

File: 1563888018225.png (1.75 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190723-141953.png)

No. 842804

Yeah I've heard that too. Her friends are supposed to blindly adore her and dress exactly like her, probably why she always changes the band members of her "synth group". Friends of mine have questioned her and that's too much drama for her, so she breaks up with them. My friend says she's very manipulative, even though my friend had her own style Adora would sneak in comments about her appearance and try and change the say she looked.
Last thing I heard she threw out their middle child. She's definitely not the perfect mom she wants to appear.

No. 842807

this comes across as her just trying to rip off 'dark-mori' or 'strega' fashion now that it's getting more popular with people like manicmoth or whatever gaining traction on youtube.

No. 842824


She didn't even bubblewrap them what did she expect

No. 842830

How Emily Boo lives…

No. 842841

how is that in itself milk and not a desperate attempt to get any amount of views by posting on here.

No. 842853

Eh give it some time. I guarantee IBF is gonna bring in some funny whinging at some point.

And so it begins…

No. 842904

W.T.F this gets better but she needs to go back home …

No. 842905

File: 1563909365662.png (1.63 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190723-201206.png)

No. 842906

File: 1563909396212.png (1.2 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190723-201215.png)

No. 842907

File: 1563909425173.png (724.75 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190723-201221.png)

No. 842913

File: 1563910488236.png (1.23 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190723-202053.png)

No. 842924

File: 1563911435430.png (2.32 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190723-204938.png)

No. 842947

>wow, some plastic got broken while hauling my shit all across the world and back!

learn to pack with bubblewrap or better; GO H O M E

No. 843032

For fucking real. This wouldn't have happened if she actually bubble wrapped her stuff. Heck if she was too poor to get bubblewrap, she could've used old newspaper. That's what my grandma and father did and it worked just fine. It's like she has no common sense when it comes to transporting items.

No. 843069

File: 1563926727454.png (1.68 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190724-010503.png)

No. 843071

File: 1563926762610.png (1.58 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190724-010510.png)

No. 843213

Wrapping in clothes works fine too, and she has plenty of it, so it could help.

No. 843298


You can easily superglue those back together and you wouldn't even notice they were broken. How is she such a child

No. 843503

File: 1563990531658.png (494.36 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190724-184620.png)

No. 843505

File: 1563990561906.png (1.39 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190724-184818.png)

No. 843556

File: 1563996766863.png (2.38 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190724-203211.png)

No. 843592

Does anyone actually watch this anymore? His make trick seems stale now

No. 843603

the other post on his story he made thirsting over his own muscles was gross. let's guess what this new video will be, another smudgy makeup thing.

what happened to dressing up as different characters ~but make it goth~?

No. 843801

Her WORK visa fell thru. Thats because you don't work bitch.

No. 843811

If they had a migraine, they'd go lie down in the dark with strong painkillers, not doodle on selfies on a backlit screen. What's the betting it's a mild headache exaggerated for pity/attention?

No. 843823

are you gatekeeping migraines

No. 843838

>>843823 Only when it's everyone's favourite spooky drama queen

No. 843843


Woman, take the Universe's hint a go home! NZ requires the balance of your hoard since Raven vacated hers.

No. 843866

File: 1564060722025.png (455.66 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190725-141630.png)

No. 843871

File: 1564061991083.png (604.2 KB, 600x753, kekek.png)

No. 844001

File: 1564085084157.png (2.34 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190725-210422.png)

No. 844071


I actually thought she had been losing weight there with all the pictures. They’re clearly just shoops now, holy shit. She is still huge.

I don’t understand why people use photoshop on pictures and then post videos to show their photos are full of shit

No. 844169


You're really that surprised anon? She doesn't do anything for days on end. She's house-ridden most of the time and going off her tweets, it's always about eating and or being tired (which most likely means she naps a lot). These two factors do not a waste loss make.

It's funny because Jake and Kaya represent both opposites. Jake thinks he's this msucle monster yet he has a shit diet and has a solid layer of fat over his muscles causing him to look flabby and overweight with the only moderate definition is his arms. Meanwhile Kaya represents the laziness who doesn't have the fortitude to lose weight and thus will keep getting bigger as she gets older.

No. 844218

To me, she always looked like she never lost one single pound.
Is that even surprising, with the unending cycle of sleeping, being lazy af & eating junk? I think not.

With all the money that she keeps throwing in her evergrowing pile of shit, she should consult a nutritionist & psychologist.

We're all tired of her constant crying & whinging and this applies to IBF as well.
That stupid bum needs to go back to NZ, now that her work visa has been revoked (kek how surprising). Ffs she can't take a hint & still lives in her goff fantasy.

No. 844343

Why did she even apply for a work visa, everyone including her knows she wouldn't actually work. Maybe it was the only one available after having problems going to the UK last time, but if that's the case, and she really wanted to move/visit, she would work right? IBF you lazy ass. You can freeload off fans all you want but they can't fix your life and your mess for you.

No. 844365

File: 1564161036046.jpg (500.6 KB, 1074x1173, Screenshot_20190726-125853_Chr…)

dude, your ig posts are repetitive b/c you do the same look with a slight variation in clothes and makeup. why he thinks being in a different environment is suddenly going to fill him with creativity is amusing. if they do wond up moving to spain, he'll eventually find things to complain about.

also that hashtag is super cringey.

No. 844400

File: 1564164627960.png (1.51 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190726-190352.png)

No. 844402

File: 1564164716008.png (2.74 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190726-190632.png)

No. 844403

File: 1564164745679.png (1.42 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190726-190730.png)

No. 844404

File: 1564164769217.png (720.32 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190726-190752.png)

No. 844421

UK including NI is currently in the middle of a heatwave, we've had great weather all week and the only showers are quick downpours because of how much heat and humidity is in the air. What the fuck is she talking about the weather took a turn. Her and Jake have had a week of uninterrupted good weather in NI and have they even been out in it? If one of them could actually drive they could film so much for their viewers. I take it GOT isn't goth or interesting enough to even vlog about that's easy content for an NI YouTuber just go film all the GOT locations.

No. 844470

IBF got her priorities straight: showcasing her shoes n bags is more important than going back to NZ, where there's a semblance of stability.

All she does is complain abt every damn thing, goddamnit.
She can do plenty of things indoors, like film a diy or makeup vid. even if it's simple/crappy af.
Heck, she could even talk about what she reads. At least it's a better than hauls.

No. 844495

No one cares about your boxes and your perpetual attention seeking. Its boring and tedious. Get a job bitch.

No. 844500

I find her bags and shoes really cliche. There's nothing unique about it. Those shelves look really stupid displaying shoes and dirt. A lot of people commented about the dust in her old apartment. Shes quite lazy.

No. 844510

>Her friends are supposed to blindly adore her and dress exactly like her
>she's very manipulative, even though my friend had her own style Adora would sneak in comments about her appearance

Narcs are so similar, it's horrifying. Stories I've been told about manicmoth are like yours, down to the detail about disparaging her friend's appearance. There's this girl from her clique who confided in her about feeling unwell becoming chubby, she spreads the confidential story immediately with malicious glee. She's a class act lol. The poor girl is seen on manicmoth's WGT photos, I feel kinda bad for her since she has no clue she's being backstabbed.

Keep the Adora stories coming. I always thought she's broken because decent adults don't show off their naked bodies on youtube. Both her family and friends deserve better than this.

No. 844614

from the way he calls himself daddy, calls his fans snacks, and
tends to share posts of his fans saying he's hot, he kind of strikes me as the type of guy that would try to chat up underage fans

No. 844617

This seems unhinged to make a challenge out of uh, sitting in your own garden

No. 844634

even if they weren't fans of the show, maybe their viewers are or in general would be interesting to show off the sites. there's probably a lot of things they could film but don't b/c it's not ~goff~ enough.

wouldn't be surprised since ppl his age or older would [hopefully] see thru whatever it is he's trying to do and younger ppl are eating it up.

No. 844682

I don’t know if you followed Adora back in the day but now it reminded me of when Cajsa was her side girl and she started to tell everyone about how she was helping her lose weight, she lost a lot of weight when she was friends with her. Adora was constantly making posts about how terrible it was to be fat and how to be anorexic skinny.
I heard that she was like this with Victoria too, trying to make her lose weight, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she developed an eating disorder, she used to have a bit more curves and after Adora she got so skinny.
Adora seems like that terrible friend that doesn’t let her friends be their own person.

It must have burned that her husband started to date Cajsa after all what happened between them.

No. 844799

File: 1564242923788.png (897.12 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190727-164112.png)

No. 844875

File: 1564253506313.png (1.36 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190727-195106.png)

No. 844877

She is really milking this dumb garden thing. Acting like it's a big challenge and ranting about the rain and now this pointless landlord update. I'm tempted to say its the only interesting thing in her life right now and social media is her """job""" so she has to whine about it. Come to think of it maybe that's why she makes a big stink/attention grab of any small thing that happens to her. That's… Actually kind of sad?

No. 844879

File: 1564254895925.png (2.05 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190727-201323.png)

No. 844913

She always needs to come up with excuses, for not doing the shit she blabbers about for aeons.
I'm especially fed up with the gardening bullshit. Srsly no1curr.
Is it that difficult, not to share every boring thought/event on the net?

Same applies to this stupid ass. Showcasing her shit, talking about food and booze. Also, crying over her poor life choices. No one gives a fuck.

No. 844941

I actually feel bad. By her own admission she can't drive, so she can't really go anywhere, and has no talent to apply anything to, the garden is all she has

No. 844947

Does she have anything stopping her from getting her driver's license, a skill or even a degree, except her mental health problems?

So many people struggle,but they keep pushing through cuz they don't have blind fans throwing money at them in livestreams or send them gifts.
Y'all shouldn't feel bad for her. Or maybe l'm the cold one. Idk.

Sorry if this sounds like blogposting.

No. 844955

She could get a fucking bus or walk

No. 844968

Nothing those two numskulls do is Goff anyway so they really have nothing to lose just filming the GOT locations. They aren't a Goth channel. They know it, actual Goths know it, I mean really. I think they're just showing more of their lazy ass mentality by coming up with excuses to not actually make content yet still want to keep their gullible fans paying for them.

Extremely sad. Could you imagine if you had her life and mentality?

No. 845007

TT and IBF talk about how they cant do things or had great plans or could be doing things but they have problems and anything else they can think of as to why they cant… try can for change. Try harder. Useless af.

No. 845103

File: 1564297788157.png (244.54 KB, 436x577, Screenshot_2019-07-27-23-08-05…)

How tf does Dorian afford all this makeup?

No. 845104

With her being able to drink jack Daniels bottles so often, back in the day, for her money is not a problem.
It's probably her parents who pay for the makeup, & for everything else. She's one big baby.

No. 845107


35 years old and it appears she's always lived rent free with her mom, that's 17 years she's been an adult and still not paying rent. That probably helps lol

No. 845212

File: 1564333479655.png (3.02 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190728-180342.png)

No. 845217

Moan, moan, moan she never fucking stops. Watch these two idiots move to Barcelona and then moan about the heat.
There’s buses, she doesn’t seem to have a problem taking taxis everywhere, she could just go out and stop winging.

No. 845225


Is she on a disability payment or what is her source of income? Having watched so many of her vids I've never once heard it mentioned. Her alcoholism, drug habit days, current meds that she takes, make up and clothes.. all adds up

I don't even know if she'd qualify for disability payments just for aspergers

No. 845238

She did a "responding to haters" type video once about living with her parents. Don't remember what she said and cant find it now, maybe it's deleted or just doesn't have many views - but if it's still out there well there could be some answers in it.

No. 845291

File: 1564346880255.jpg (173.41 KB, 1150x966, 6a0f413cff7b9cfb8c5d40b65b1793…)

Jesus. She says she loves being able to have these chill me-time moments where she can unbox stuff. Uhhh thats your job? Some people work 40 hours a week of hard labour Kaya. You like in bed and complain about the rain.

No. 845317

File: 1564352017566.png (1.25 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190728-230829.png)

Feel sorry for me time ..was not friends with this person for years ..going be milk this .she just hateful person..using dead

No. 845322

Adora always seem to pick a side girl who is thicker than her, so she can showcase her bony ass. Putting down her "friend" constantly by telling her to lose weight under the guise of helping her, it's a toxic bitch move.

>It must have burned that her husband started to date Cajsa

At least her husband is lucky enough to break away, unlike the doormat dude manicmoth is dragging around like a prop. She started bragging about his family being loaded shortly after they started dating, his parents would buy a home for them… the home failed to materialize lol. They were also overheard thinking up lies to tell his family to keep the alimonies coming, since two almost 30 year olds can't fend for themselves, jesus christ.
Pretty sure they'll end up like Dorian in a few years.

No. 845469

If anything its raven posting about her

No. 845491

In the UK you can get disability benefits for Asperger's if you can demonstrate that the condition affects your ability to work or means that you struggle with certain aspects of life.
The system is fucked though and it can take someone at least half a year of appeals and effort to actually get it, even when they do actually need it, so it wouldn't surprise me if they weren't receiving any benefits.

No. 845537


I know some get it for aspergers but she doesn't strike me as needing a lifetime on benefits because of hers, she way too high functioning but comes off as lazy and self absorbed

She's like the female version of the 'loser guy living in moms basement' stereotype

No. 845540

Of course Dorian is on UK disability, she qualifies 10 times over..don't forget she was severely anorexic, has had various addictions she was treated for,it's all on her medical record.as well as a serious psychiatric history.

I think it's also possible TT gets housing benefit and a disability cheque for her depression. She doesn't seem to be faking it for ass pats.

BTW it isn't bad money (125 quid a week,),plenty of cash for Ali Express Goff tatt, makeup, wigs, booze, weed, whatever.
I doubt her mum askes for contribution toward bills/ household expenses. Plus Dorian has a car or use of one at least, seems like an easy life really, especially compared with doing a basic job for minimum wage, the only kind of jobs that are "easy to get" without knowing "the right people".

No. 845544

kek I thought this too. raven is one to talk, the literal trailer trash hoarding hambeast she is

No. 845546


God love the stepfather who took on this eternal child, she has her own car and goes clubbing, has tried every drug out there and gets fucked up on whiskey but the poor thing can't move out or get a fucking job. The mother could live to be 90 and never get that empty nest

No. 845553

I would really love to see Kaya do a "day in my life" video so we can see what exactly she does everyday.
"can't go out in the garden because of the rain"
"can't go out in the garden because there's a dog barking somewhere"
"can't go out in the garden because I'm feeling sad"

okay but what exactly does she do?? we all know she doesn't read, exercise or do anything worth while so what does she spend all day everyday doing?

No. 845563

We know she drinks does she take any recreational drugs like weed? She could lazily waste days smoking in her house, that's what I envision, pretty sure she hangs around with smokers.

No. 845594

At this point I wonder if her mother wants an empty nest because don't you think she would've had her move out by now?

My guess is that she sits at her computer most of the day, eats, and then takes long bouts of naps. I mean it's clear she hardly leaves the house unless she's going somewhere with Jake. I feel like if she actually did a "Day in my life" video, it would be both boring and also show her fans how lazy she actually is so of course she wouldn't do it, gotta keep that Patreon money rolling in.

No. 845595

the video she made taking a walk was kind of nice, except for all of the complaining, she seems to do that in every video and it's really grating. but yea, she has all the time to do anything she wants and just mopes. i get she has depression but doing nothing won't help, and being dependent on jakey boy to just go out isn't good for her either.

his live streams seem boring, he sits there saying/doing nothing for a few minutes in the beginning and it's really awkward. can't wait to see what garbage he puts up this week.

No. 845597


Yeah most adults take the initiative to move out themselves and wouldn't dream of staying put forever, but we don't know much about the mother or their dynamic. Can only guess that she's wrapped around Dorians finger, maybe even feels some responsibility for all of dorians various issues and addictions?

Makes me wonder if the mom died would the stepdad just continue to house her indefinitely. Weird situation to be in

No. 845607

don't forget "can't go out in the garden because the neighbors have the audacity to actually use their own garden"

Doesn't she claim to not be much of a drinker? I think she just lounges around all day eating, napping and taking selfies. the good life kek

No. 845741

I get she's depressed but if she doesn't get that in check it's not going to end well as she gets older. She has all the time in the world to be doing something, she has a cushy life thanks to her gullible fans and I'm assuming parents so she should be taking advantage of it and doing something worthwhile. And yeah, Jake isn't helping. I haven't seen his livestreams except for the one where he was ranting about Goth and why it's elitist (it isn't lol), i can't imagine he is interesting to listen to for an hour.

Mmm you may be right. Maybe her mom feels bad because Dorian has bene through a lot with the anorexia and the drug addiction (granted it was of Dorian's accord). Maybe Dorian had a near death experience from like an overdose or something and that is why the mom may be more clung because she doesn't want to lose her.

As for if she passes away, it's hard to interpret if the stepdad will continue to support her financially. She doesn't really talk about him so it's not easy to think about what their relationship dynamic is like.

No. 845759

File: 1564444528100.png (195.95 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190730-005359.png)

No. 845762

File: 1564445274292.png (320.46 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190730-010755.png)

No. 845817

exactly, i kind of feel for her and then get annoyed b/c it's like, she's an adult and had to take care of her health since no one else isn't going to do it. you're missing nothing, i just skip around to see what he does, this last one he was wearing uv makeup and it was painful to look at him so i didn't even listen to anything.

No. 845848

I don't know what to feel about Jake to be honest. I met him and TT once and he seemed really sweet and genuine. That was before his style change though. In his recent videos he seems oddly animated to me. It comes off as a persona he puts on and I can't figure out why. I used to enjoy his travel vlogs because they were different, and not the usual in-your-face, loud YouTube content. This feels far too fake for me somehow.

No. 845852

I agree. I feel like every person Adora is with has to be a little fatter and a little uglier than her. She's sweet to people she hangs out with, but you can tell there's more under the surface, she takes any chance at passing a back handed compliment and then act dumb about it.
I mean just look at one of her recent insta posts with the "I am a black girl" top. She knows damn well it's going to spark controversy. Her excuse is some bullshit about racism not being a thing in Europe and again, acting stupid as if she doesn't know better.

On the note of Adora, how does she afford to travel that much with three kids? She's divorced, she doesn't work, I doubt she has any money saved up… And welfare money in Sweden won't make you rich.

No. 845862

I dont know why but something about jake reminds me of milo yiannapoulos, be it his voice/accent or his mannerisms or something else

No. 845960

Usually there's a person before and after the social media fame. The one afterwards is routinely a fucking asshole because people develop delusions of grandeur about themselves based on their popularity.
Jake will be no different.

No. 846082

File: 1564513745986.png (1.3 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190730-200634.png)

Still friends been with each other all weekend ..

No. 846085

File: 1564513807017.png (1.77 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190730-200416.png)

No. 846114

File: 1564517778802.png (1.54 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190730-211408.png)

Belfast better watch out as only goth in city is out ..he's one who say they have no money and have save to move to Spain ..

No. 846202

File: 1564524859209.png (1.71 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190730-231248.png)

No. 846213

File: 1564525679110.png (723.78 KB, 736x579, kaya.png)

Kaya looks HAGGARD in her new video. am I crazy or does she look like she gained a lot more weight??

No. 846214

File: 1564525863160.png (347.59 KB, 642x572, cccccc.png)

No. 846217

File: 1564526009548.png (643.59 KB, 961x574, ddd.png)

I don't know if it's because of Kaya' body shape but this dress in particular was hideous

No. 846220

I think it's the makeup

No. 846231

Yep for real and she doesn't realize that losing weight gets a lot harder as you age and by the time she may finally get that, it's gonna be too late. not impossible but if she thought it was hard now, wait until she gets to her 40s. And ah okay, Jake's stream sounded just as I expected.

That's fair enough. There was a short moment when I did like Jake but this was like way back in the day before he started calling himself Goth and shit. And then I started noticing what wanker he was lol. But I get why you would use to like his travel videos, I felt that way about IBF when she was traveling (and then the Louvre incident happened… lol)

It's already happening now. He's literally showing tweets and messages of his fans saying how attractive he is when the dude has a girlfriend. I'm not saying that couples can't find other people attractive but damn lol.

It's not just you, I kinda see it. It feels like as more months pass, her head is sinking lower I.E she's developing that look where it looks like you have no neck.

No. 846235


Her lip jewelry looks like dislodged surgical staples.


What a 90s home ec nightmare.

No. 846236

File: 1564527218158.png (1.89 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190730-235123.png)

She out in Belfast tonight …

No. 846336

not to defend the douche, but it is possible to go out and spend little to no money. i find it funny he didn't stick to the upload schedule this week and hasn't mentioned anything about it yet.

it literally looks like someone cut up a basic black dress and stuck some pieces of pink fabric on it. also she's kind of on the tall side so the way it falls just doesn't suit her at all.

No. 846340


Damn, how is she capable of posting a video looking like an actual demon? I don't know if its the lack of brows or the hair, but this look is giving me nightmares.

No. 846376

I'm so sick of that cow getting all the credit for every post about Emily. Stop giving that bitch so much power and attention here. I made the post about that fat mess and I'm definitely not Gravey. This is the trouble with this site. I want to talk about different cows, like Emily and her clothing hoards, messes, "everything is soo goff", talking about her bodily functions poseur "stay weird boobies" fucking cringe milk or Chuck Stegall and his "every goth girl is hot" racist and sexist treasuretrove. He has so much milk he could have his own thread! Any time anyone new is brought on all anyone does is say it's flippin Raven or ignore potential milk because either Raven hates them or you all want to keep talking about how homeless Freja is or how fake Jake is or what a slut Adora is being or how fat Kaya is or how Dorian still lives at home. Even "lovely girlfriend" Isa had her thread shut down because it was flagged because Gravey has it out for her but that didn't make any of the info false. I was enjoying reading about Raven 2.0 but no. We have to repeat the same tired shit and then bitch because there's no new milk. I was certain at least Chuck would have filled these pages.

No. 846381

that's a lot of emotion for such a low effort post you made about Emily

No. 846402

Wow chill lol

No. 846465

how healthy… she strikes me as the type who eats a load of junk but then has one salad and thinks that makes up for it. "Hummus chips" aren't any better than normal chips, Kaya

She reminds me of Ryuk from Death Note… anyone else? kek

No. 846469

chill and make a new thread for worthy cows. Also sage your shit.

No. 846473

File: 1564573153816.png (593.49 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190731-122337.png)

No. 846511

File: 1564578400090.png (723.72 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190731-140630.png)

No. 846513

My guess too. She was with this Ras right after Amphi, where she was seen with another young boy. So apparently she is still dating Ras at least. Not any comfirmative rumour on any of her boys tho. Friends or very secretive.

No. 846606

> She reminds me of Ryuk from Death Note… anyone else? kek

Don't insult Ryuk like that, at least he's interesting lol.

Who knows? Maybe she's gonna do a meetup with Toxic Tears? The two cows come together to graze. I mean they have a good amount in common and the views they'd get because two big GOFF youtubers are collaborating.

No. 846661

Jesus Kaya, you're half an hour away from strangford lough. Go the Newtownards side to the harbour and there's a bit where the rocks get heated in the sun and when the ride comes in it's heated. Or get the train to the beach idk Wtf NI is easy af to get around and we've abundance of water.

No. 846685

File: 1564601961509.png (2.33 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190731-200624.png)

No. 846689

I don't know if I'm misunderstanding your comment or what, but… that story is BY Toxic Tears lmao

No. 846736

File: 1564609213501.png (573.31 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190731-223919.png)

No. 846822

but then she has to go on public transport and maybe be alone b/c jakey boy is doing who knows what, wah wah wah.

burnt out from what? making/editing/posting videos is so hard, need a whole day of pampering to reward self, fuck.

No. 846886

23 videos already of Witches Moon whatever unboxings and Kaya still looks at the things and say "idk what's that i think i will put it in the wall" ???? Is she fucking retarded? Even we all know the witch thing is fake and just for the aesthetic she should have learned something by now just from reading the tickets wtf

No. 846948

>I'm sooo burnt out by decorating the attic a little bit! Need a whole pampering day to recover!
No wonder she's so lazy with videos if she's tired from this tiny effort. But of course don't fix the underlying problem kaya, just fix the symptom of feeling burnt out and the cycle will go on until your health is at an all time low and your haul channel is irrelevant.

No. 846972

Holy fudge you're right, my bad lmao. I was on my phone ar the time and multi-tasking, though it was IBF. Sorry about that lol.

I laughed in my head reading this but WTF 23 videos already? Yeah you're right, you'd think the dumb cow would actually try learning about what she's reviewing. It takes like a few minutes to read up on what the basic symbols are and what they mean. L A Z Y.

No. 847057

>Does anyone know any lakes in NI?

Bitch. Lough Neagh is the biggest lake in all of the British Isles. Is she for fucking real? I can't believe anyone could be so fucking dense. It's not even that far from Belfast ffs!

No. 847059


Adora anons, what's the deal with her children? She kicked out the middle child, neglects them in general and social services are involved, that's what I understood. Who is taking care of her kicked out child? Are the social services taking them away or are they staying with her ex husband?

No. 847061


Is there any proof that she kicked her middle child out? The poor thing, I feel really sad for her. I mean, her children not even teenagers yet, aren't they?

No. 847091

File: 1564665681610.png (1.76 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190801-141723.png)

I think it's all here say about her and kinds ..

No. 847098

File: 1564667586976.png (220.43 KB, 424x333, 1564665681610.png)

Her son's face is priceless omg. Just two kids and they all eat off small ass plates, which is typical for anorexics. Damn the guy's hand is bigger than the plate! Someone call the CPS on Adora if it's not already the case.

No. 847145

Yeah Adora, how dare you feed your children reasonable sized portions instead of huge 'Murican sizes.

No. 847156


Fuck off ana-chan if you really think that's an appropriate portion size, especially for a growing boy. Always this "murica" bullshit when even in Sweden that would be an oddly tiny portion. T. Not Swede but another Northern European

No. 847238

Jake dropped from 202 patrons to 182 overnight - guess nobody wanted another month!

No. 847262

I read somewhere else that she had inherited some money but I don't know if that's true. What I know is that she kept the big apartment and it was her ex husband who moved out. I imagine that the kids are a lot with his dad, as it is usually how it is in Sweden, both parents have to share custody unless one of the parents is unfit… now, I don't know her personally but last year she even missed some special school day of the kids to be at a festival and it was her husband who put up photos of the kids in his account.
If she gets some money due to an illness (like mental illness or some other shit she might have) then she should be able to live ok with it, if she owns the house and gets some money from the state it could be enough. And don't forget that many of her trips are paid (when she gets to dj at events, model or be with Simon kek even though that relationship between them seems to be over)
yes, but do you remember how lovey dovey and extra smiley Victoria was in their pictures together? She looks annoyed AF on the latest photos with Adora, so much for the super best friend.

No. 847271

Kaya makes me so angry. most people work 40 hours a week, go home and cook and clean etc and you know what? we feel burnt out too but we have to keep going.
Kaya edits one shitty witch unboxing video and then goes watch netflix for the rest of the day and thats her idea of hard work. she's going to get a major shock when her popularity fades worse than it already has and she's forced to work an actual job

No. 847272

I don't think he delivered the audiobooks he promised. a lot of people subscribed for those. people are going to learn fast that he's a lazy fucker

No. 847276

Kaya's latest video might piss me off the most ever. She whinged about this product earlier, obviously convinced the company that her channel was worth PR, receives a £300 gadget and once again, has done NO research on it!! She just sits and messes around for a full 27 mins with plants that she clearly doesn't know how to care for, just repeats "I don't know what these words mean" throughout the whole video, with a screenshare of an app she explains nothing about. If I'd sent her this product for free I'd be livid. YT is her "job" but at somepoint she's got to admit she's actually fucking terrible at videos.

No. 847279

File: 1564693241445.jpg (106.56 KB, 696x1024, EAGBH0TWsAE2nVB.jpg)

When Jake tags himself as #Daddy, judging from his fan art how old are his viewers….

No. 847389

I really hate how mumbley kaya is. it's very annoying.

No. 847400

>they all eat off small ass plates, which is typical for anorexics.
Yeah, because you never heard of people taking seconds? They don't look starved to me.

Adora did say on her story her kids were at computer camp in Stockholm. Perhaps the third kid didn't wanna go? It can be that simple. Or she is with but off camera as Synthia used to be and everyone thought she was never with.
But bring the milk if you have any. Personal speculations can be either way. I want milk!

No. 847406

>Adora always seem to pick a side girl who is thicker than her, so she can showcase her bony ass.
I can imagine it would be difficult to find someone as skinny as her. Even her sister was jumped on for being "fatter than Adora" long time ago. Poor girl got anorexia, and not because of A, but by her followers comments. Adora just seems to have a different body type. She could be a few pounds more though.

No. 847430

This clothing is horrendous (especially that dress that looks like it has pink tissue bursting out of it). One of the dresses is also hardcore ripoff of an old Ovate design.

No. 847433

File: 1564716286138.jpg (53.72 KB, 570x855, Ovate.jpg)

Here's the Ovate dress:

No. 847437

>poor girl “got” anorexia because muh mean internet comments

that’s not how real life works.

No. 847485

File: 1564740909544.jpg (861.24 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190802-111335.jpg)

This bitch is always e-begging also. Freaking annoying

No. 847488

Look at this triggered ana-chan. If I were you I would go see a shrink. The amount of excuses you bring here is unhealthy.

No. 847491

The only one triggered is the blob who wants Adoras family to eat oversized portions lmao. Healthy eatings is not pro ana, don't ask yourself why you're fat and miserable again if you really think eating such portions is considered starvation. Did you know that many people even eat small portions regularly? Are we all anorexic for not stuffing our faces with excess food? Hate Adora all you want that's fair enough, but those portion sizes do not mean her family are starving or anorexic, that's too much of a stretch in a sad attempt to replace milk. Get real.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847505

File: 1564748105802.png (543.45 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190802-130957.png)

No. 847506

File: 1564748206593.png (1.6 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190802-131018.png)

The sun and is out today she to lazy to go out .

No. 847510

It's 21°C today in Belfast lol

Literally where she lives. She's a train away from seaside town Bangor. NI is dotted in abandoned castles you can walk in old cemeteries. Cathedral Quarter Belfast has small pubs, cobblestone streets and there are forests everywhere. She has to be led everywhere; that would get so fucking annoyed to deal with.

No. 847542

>implying tiny portions on tiny plates are healthy portions
>everyone saying otherwise must be fat blobs
>borderline thinking there's only tiny or excess murica portions
>overly emotional rant despite claiming not being triggered

Calm your tatas, pro ana nut. If you keep up you'll be more milky than most people mentioned in this thread.

No. 847614

I'm a non-american person who eats small potions because that's how much I can handle naturally and when I saw the picture I thought "holy shit that's small-ass portions".yes they can get another plate and they indeed look ok,but you can't deny these are small portions.those portions would only be acceptable in a gourmet restaurant.
Not everyone who thinks this is an obese blob so chill defending this shit so passionately

No. 847616

File: 1564765472239.png (1 MB, 1242x2688, sing.png)

Avelina posted this god awful video on IG of her "singing" the pretty reckless. Makes it obvious that her band is just paid for by daddy to make her oh so famous.

No. 847641

Avelina's face is so god damn unfortunate. It like a blend of Sarah Jessica Parker and a rough collie decided to masquerade as Morticia Addams for halloween.

No. 847680

File: 1564772844448.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190802-200230.png)

She never happy .

No. 847681

File: 1564772928993.png (2.07 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190802-200027.png)

No. 847682

File: 1564772978047.png (480.21 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190802-200114.png)

No. 847683

File: 1564773006064.png (380.71 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190802-200130.png)

No. 847684

File: 1564773665643.png (1.3 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190802-202014.png)

No. 847688

not surprising, he doesn't keep up with rewards, hasn't uploaded any videos this week since the live stream and has been quiet on ig since he and kaya went out the other night. hasn't followed up with releasing merch either and there was supposed to be a live stream on yt just for the ~snacks~ which i don't think happened.

No. 847694

File: 1564776044001.png (732.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-02-12-00-20…)

No, you're not cursed, you're just a lazy entitled cunt.

No. 847708

Oh god she’s staying in my hometown. I’d be worried about going out in public there dressed in all her usual greasepaint and frills.
Paisley is NOT a nice place to be if you’re alternative.
I can’t wait for her posting about how people there are mean to her and heckle her for how she looks.

No. 847772

File: 1564787016430.png (653.73 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190803-000058.png)

No. 847773

File: 1564787080526.png (1.11 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190803-000119.png)

No. 847775

File: 1564787112113.png (984.05 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190803-000203.png)

No. 847795

Randos? She's so rough.

No. 847796

This screen shot confirms she has no class.

No. 847798

I couldn't get past 2 mins. Those piercings are so crusty and disgusting.

No. 847799

No one will hire you until you don't look like a horror story. Get over it.

No. 847812

Honey if you can't buy a house in NZ then you have no hope in the UK.

No. 847821

She has no idea what she's saying. So out of touch.

No. 847864

Exactly. The insulting thing about Kaya is that she has an opportunity that most of us would only dream of having where we could still work on personal projects while delivering this content to people who are interested in it and being able to work on it full-time. She is such a lazy ass and is the worst example of a YouTuber and makes a mockery of a freelancer with her crap work ethic. I agree that she better enjoy it while it lasts because if this kind of fallout is happening to Jake who is only a smidgen above her in terms of content upload, it's gonna be worse for her when her popularity fades as well.

It's already been established that most of his fans are around the age of 12-17 with the exception of a few older people though they are edgelords just like him.

Are you fucking serious? Northern Ireland has at least like 8+ castles and plenty of the other stuff she was moaning about. If she actually got off her lazy ass and actually went to these places by bus, train, or even Uber, she could see these places. I would say drive but even if she could, she'd just whinge about how she's too tired to drive or some other BS like that.

Eugh I don't even want to hear her crap music. I already tried one of her "Angelseed" (I think that's what the band was called) and it was terrible.

> Unless I find a UK work sponsor

Bitch that is never gonna happen because you refuse to get an actual job. She already does a piss poor job of doing her "YouTube job". Gurl bye.

Qualified for what exactly? She hasn't done any actual work with the degree she did get and she really thinks she has experience?

Cursed my ass. You're just a lazy ass who wants everything to be handed to you. Well tough titties, it's not 2015-2016 anymore and she's started losing relevancy as more actual Goth youtubers hit the scene and actually deliver content relatively consistently. Her gravy train is on its set of wheels.

> "There are no career opportunities"
> "There's nothing fun to do" (AKA no GOFF events)
> "Everything is really expensive"

And traveling to other places trying to live in nice parts of Scotland or the UK is any cheaper? What is wrong with this girl? Does she really lack this much self awareness of the reality of her situation. No job and apparently no savings (or she used all the savings for expensive clothing, traveling, and eating out), no support network outside of NZ.
I mean come on now.

And sorry if all this comes off as blog-posting, it's just this girl really irritates the hell out of me with her woe is me attitude that is self-inflicted. Has she ever gotten any comments or questions that actually call her out or does she delete them?

No. 847898

So IBF finally wants to put that film school degree to some use, but only after years of having a job making videos where she used none of those skills? She could've done some cool editing or cinematography stuff or even made small films, but she just lazily fell back on hauls.
And trying to get hired by spamming who you want to work for, via your minions… Yeah that's really gonna convince the bbc.

No. 847916

She wouldn't take out her piercings or tone it down to get a job because shes too immature to assimilate. Its not about the clothes and being uber…. you want stability? Grow the fuck up.

No. 847917

Why is being shy and awkward some sort of badge? God shes so pathetic.

No. 847925

right? How crazy will she look to the BBC having a bunch of emo followers of hers tweet them to give her a job there?! She is legit mental

No. 847932

There’s people who have spent years working towards a career goal and learning about a particular industry and she feels entitled to be handed a job because she has some online followers. I hate shit like this.
She is some what articulate however I don’t know if she could be around normies considering she gags at the sight of denim. But then again if a camera is on her and she’s getting attention she will be happy.

No. 847944

Scotland isn't particularly great in the job market either unless you work in finance or tourism. Most of the real opportunities are down in London.

No. 847980

File: 1564841968956.png (1.04 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190803-150734.png)

No. 848104

File: 1564856650427.png (1.77 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190803-192244.png)

More to make his big fat head bigger.

No. 848118

Shine ya shoes guvna

No. 848133


Not that he's my type of guy (since he seems rude and self-centered) but Jake looked soo much better back in 2017 (~late 2017, early 2018).

This ~edgelord~ look is just disgusting. He looks so dirty as if he doesn't shower like… at all. His hair is bad, his skin is bad and don't get me started on his ""makeup skills"".

No. 848147

All I can say about this pic is - stop using your girlfriends studio space when you have your own studio space.

JFC, Kaya has a lot of shortfalls but I'm positive if my BF had his own studio room in our house for like ~3 years, and I started to work on making my space usable(FINALLY) I would be so pissed if he thought it would be cool to use my dedicated space for videos/vlogs/photoshoots.
Not just the encroaching on space making it difficult for her to clean/film/organize if she suddenly gets the mood to and he's up there - but actually FEELING as if you don't have your own personal, un-encroachable space. She needs to stand up to him and tell him no. It would be one small step to feeling more her own person and making better choices overall.

No. 848156

underrated comment kek

No. 848160

File: 1564865870930.png (1 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190803-215436.png)

No. 848164

I found this girl, I tought it's Psycara for a sec. Maybe not milky but seems like a skinwalker to me

No. 848170

So she thought filming her soap ppera life was a career move for tge last 5 years. The last video with her filthy house and fur all over her clothes…. crying for being kicked out of national heritage places. I think people at the BBC would hire her immediately. Who is she kidding lol. Entitled and NFI.

No. 848171

…is that he looks like a stupid dwarf who stole his gf's workplace despite not helping her at all with it, as >>848147 said.

She's also constantly kissing her ass with stupid comments, buying her shit, just to get noticed.

No. 848172

Keep applying that WHITE FACE PAINT you hypocrite. No wonder young people are so confused by these standards she sets. So wrong.

No. 848179

Yes tweets from your dumb ass followers make excellent references. A job in the real world requires adult behaviour and real credentials that you can demonstrate professionally. Fans tweeting about you doesnt count. I wonder if her Tumblr account is listed as a skill on her CV? Or maybe her selfie taking… Works well under pressure? Omg stop. Just stop.

No. 848451

When kicking her out she said the child wasn't allowed in her apartment anymore so I guess the husband takes care of her. Social services are involved, but Adora is putting on a show to try and get full custody. I dunno how that's going especially since the middle child is apparently hanging out with older kids who smoke & drink. They ran away from home at some point too I think

She inherited a ton of money from some relative but refuses to touch it. She's trying to make the husband pay for everything atm. I'm honestly not sure how she had enough money to keep the apartment and travel so much. Welfare in Sweden is okay but not that good.

No. 848465

File: 1564923495217.png (2.23 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190804-134805.png)

No. 848467

File: 1564923537204.png (1.97 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190804-134822.png)

No. 848470

Would it be that hard for you to tone the fuck down your look, for the sake of your own fucking safety?? At this rate she's gonna get real hurt.

She's already getting shit, just like you said.

All her kids are better off staying with their dad, let her live her electro-goth queen fantasy & running after guys in their 20s.

No. 848474

File: 1564925008217.png (450.41 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190804-142125.png)

I think there's a lot of fake milk going on ..

No. 848475

File: 1564925043650.png (463.27 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190804-142154.png)

No. 848501

maybe don't go out looking like you're in a bad costume then? She complains about it but we all know she loves the attention, good or bad. Such a bad image for actual goths

No. 848648

The worst kind of example. Childish and always filled with drama. She shoukd try reading the law of attraction. Shes a shit magnet.

No. 848662

I went to Paisley for ONE weekend, not half as elaborately dressed as Freya, and did not have a good time. As much as I'm all for people dressing the way they want, and not letting street harassment get to them, in some places it's a matter of personal safety. She's better off toning it down at least a little when she's travelling late at night and in rougher areas. At least clean off some of the make-up with wipes, switch into shoes where you can run if you have to… I think Freya's a whiny bitch, but I don't want to see her get beaten up.

No. 848671

> Would it be that hard for you to tone the fuck down your look, for the sake of your own fucking safety?? At this rate she's gonna get real hurt.

I feel like she wants this to happen because then she can whine and moan about it and maybe get an article written about her and make more people feel sorry enough to throw more money at her because "she's oppressed".

Exactly there are some places where you need to suck up your pride and choose your safety over personal satisfaction, especially at night in a rough neighborhood.

No. 848684

Or make a video crying about her bad times in Scotland as a whole, cuz we all know she loves blowing things out of proportion.

If she keeps pulling these OTT lewks in not so friendly environments, she's gonna at least have one of her massive meltdowns in public.

Already happened when she went to Amsterdam, & someone slipped her drugs (tbh didn't bother with the vid cuz the whining was too much for me to handle).

She's a complete idiot, but l hope she realizes that her safety is at stake here, not her goff queen status.

No. 848835

I'm really intrigued as to why she went to Paisley. As an outsider I found it pretty and historically interesting (some family came from there) but all Actual Scots I know are like "ugh God it's a terrible place that is both boring and scary nobody would choose to live there now".

No. 848903

I understand Paisley is known for cheap property to buy so maybe the rents (I assume she has an air b and b or a short let?) are also more affordable/ available, especially compared with Edinburgh.
(Nothing available this time of year,because of the festival)

Paisley is also close to Glasgow airport (many flights to the continent)so that could be a reason she chose it if she plans to stay in Europe country hopping(staying with fans or in hostels til the big wedding.)

A friend visited Paisley and said it is dodgy at night with fights etc and a very poor area but there are lots of historical buildings and a fascinating history there.

No. 848970

lel, white face paint is in use since like at least the early '90s.

No. 848971

>I’ve been thinking for a long time her drama had something to do with Simon as they stopped hanging out for good months ago.

If you have checked his accounts and yt channel you would know that he has been good few months in another end of Europe. You like to fantasize about what's happening and you don't even do that basic thing. LOL

No. 849105

I wouldn't say using white foundation/face paint is "racist" or confusing to POC who are interested in goth, but her skin lightening video is problematic. How to MAINTAIN a pale complexion? fine, that's fair. But to have a video up actively encouraging lightening the skin IS confusing to someone of color who doesn't feel like they'd be accepted into the scene because of this. I understand people lightening their skin if they have actual issues with it, but lightening just for the sake of it doesn't send out a good message

No. 849156

Light skin was valued among all cultures - as a mark of rich people who don't go outside to work manually in fields (no sun exposure - no sunburn), hunting, building etc. Also dead body happens to be somewhat lighter in tone after blood stops flowing due to gravity and lack of blood pressure. Also same shit with long nails - you can't do too much manual labor with long nails. Symbol of status.

No. 849234

PaisleyOP here.
There’s a good reason why I moved away from Paisley and Glasgow, I’m barely anywhere near as alternative as Freyja and I had a pretty rough time growing up there.
She needs to get her shit together and tone down her look or she WILL be in big trouble.
I’m not surprised at all that she’s getting harassed, Paisley is not a nice place to live and there’s a lot of not very nice or tolerant people that live there.
I do feel bad for her but some places just aren’t safe and sometimes safety needs to take precedence over your personal expression.

I am looking forward to going home to visit my family now even more though, maybe I’ll be able to spot her in the wild while I’m there.

No. 849308

File: 1565042822044.png (1.14 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190805-230551.png)

No. 849335

>need a more sensible outlet

guess jakey boy isn't one, that's kind of sad. then again, he's not very reliable what with already changing his yt upload schedule b/c he couldn't figure out how to come up with content for 3 vids a week plus a live stream.

No. 849343

I had a look at the viewing figures on toxic years channel, after so many astute comments from people saying that her content and general lack of activity will affect subscribers etc. It seems to be true, her views have plummeted over the last 3 years, she’s lucky if she makes even 20k views on some videos, compared to some videos that reached several hundred thousand.

No. 849361

Skin lightening videos are problematic? Are tanning videos problematic too or are you a total fucking moron?
Seriously lets stop pretending that goth aesthetic has nothing to do with paleness, they do it to look ghostly/dead. That's not problematic, that's some peoples preference, nobody has to wear pikes to look goth the same way nobody has to be pale to look goth. Is this where some idiots get the "Freyja must be racist!!!1!!1" ideas from? She might be a total cow but some of you are conjuring some colossal amounts of bullshit.(sperg)

No. 849390

Sage for question but dorian has made a few recent videos on anorexia claiming that they are an ex-anorexic, but are they really?

No. 849393

Some people still suspect they are still ana, but I haven't seen any hard sauce on it.

No. 849412

maybe not ana physically but their recent videos decrying it and yet using pro-ana language in their videos (according to the comments)

No. 849442

What's with the tacky bead necklace? It looks like a four year old made it.

No. 849451

File: 1565073596021.jpg (345.46 KB, 1070x1888, SmartSelect_20190806-073957_In…)


No. 849452

>Cobblestone streets
given the shoes she insists on wearing, it's clear to me she's never walked down a cobblestone street. It's absolute hell in platforms. Same goes for forests.

No. 849474

So, there's a comment in ibf apartment tour vid (part two) from someone saying she owes them money for putting her things into storage and she hasn't paid up? They even posted the name of the street she's located on in Paisley…

No. 849478

File: 1565083897935.jpg (43.04 KB, 729x1297, 0.jpg)

No. 849490

Is this what Goth has become now? This chick is all kinds of cringe. Check out this vid https://gofile.io/?c=fEujmN. Here's her profile https://www.facebook.com/shelbee.howard.98 and she happens to be Chuck Stegall's ex. They online dated for a few days and she dropped him and then had a cry in one of her namy live streams. She posts vids of herself staring at the camera, sucking a paci, making baby noises, and in one when they broke up she made a live vid of herself crying because someone called her a slut only she was fake crying and would stop to read the comments and reply and then start fake crying again. Not sure how much is considered milky here with this crowd but definitely cringey

No. 849492

She never got that much on average. The videos that hit that amount were anomalies that went 'viral'.

No. 849505

What video is this on?

No. 849521

File: 1565096068296.jpg (167.85 KB, 719x830, 20190806_135310.jpg)

Now there's this comment too. Looks like Ibf is a pro at running away to another country with people's money.

No. 849522

File: 1565096236111.jpg (147.78 KB, 385x1111, 20190806_134925.jpg)

The removal man posted on both videos (l also added a selection of comments who have some common sense kek).
Sage for double posting.

No. 849525

Adora is such a lying shit kek. I remember when she was giving evasive responses about her ex not being with her anymore, or how she said her tits were fake like 5 years ago but now insists that they are real. And no, they are not real.
Not long ago she made a post about that middle child of hers being messy so she went and threw garbage on the floor in her bedroom and made her clean it "to teaxh her a lesson". Mature parenting, one would expect more about a 46 year old mother.
And now she says that the middle child didn't want photos, and says in some other posts that she didn't join… I would be embarrased of that freakshow of a mother to be honest. Putting Friday boobs posts and ridiculous "I'm a black girl" jokes. Not to mention the obvious being into 20 year old kids. Her oldest is like 16 right now ffs. The husband seems more centered.

No. 849526

I don't doubt fairlight went to Gothenburg. But Adora has a long history of lying and tweaking the narrative to fit her perfect mother-image. I wish she'd break the facade every once in a while.

That's what I'm saying. I honestly hope she loses custody. She's too lazy to work, and far too lazy to take care of three kids going into their teens.

No. 849557

thankfully I'm not that fragile and understand the connection between white paint = vampire, dead, doom blah blah. Get over it.

No. 849584

Anon is right. The only ones that hit a substantial amount of views were her "Goth" reacts videos. Aide from that, she never really raked in that many views and it's not surprising that they're going down even more because her content is just shit and she's boring as heck and at worst, ignorant (going off those stupid "witch" unboxing videos). There are just better alternative channels out there.

Same. As a person of color myself I was never bothered by the white face paint/foundation as it's pretty obvious what it was a nod to. But POC can still dress darkly look just fine. I think some people are just looking to get offended for the sake of it. IBF is huge tard but racist doesn't apply.

No. 849611


I can't seem to find those comments on both the apt tour vids. Do you think she might've deleted them?

No. 849621

>struggling to get on top of things
On top of what? Your bed? She always says stuff like this when she barely puts effort in her only source of income, and acts like going to the garden is a huge task. Well it could be about Summer in the City but she's been to that a few times now. I think she just likes to make something out of any thing for the sake of an Insta story.

No. 849683

Pick the ''newest first'' option in the comment section, n then you'll be able to see them.
Also, the ''Removal man'' posted in many other vids. God IBF is such a crook.

Such a pampered princess. She sure doesn't know what it means, to struggle for real.

No. 849687

File: 1565126267747.png (2.48 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190806-221252.png)

Toxic two be in London . this weekend .

No. 849689

File: 1565126301069.png (1.19 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190806-221156.png)

No. 849690

File: 1565126341655.png (956.75 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190806-221205.png)

No. 849749

> Such a pampered princess. She sure doesn't know what it means, to struggle for real.

Give it another few years. When people get tired of her crap and stop supporting her by the hundreds, then she'll know the meaning of truly struggling.

No. 849760

File: 1565135318794.jpg (209.43 KB, 708x944, 20190807_004643.jpg)

I was honestly going to say smth along those lines.
I really hope this will happen soon,because l'm tired of seeing lazy bitches not doing the bare minimum to deliver proper, scheduled content, but spam with shit excuses n endless complaints.

This applies to both TT n IBF actually.
Talking about that dumbass, l found this while scrolling in the comments of her DNA vid. Just wishing more ppl will wake up, especially those patrons.
Sage for old milk.

No. 849811

This is some heinous sjw bullshit.

First of all, she was never encouraging skin lightening, just showing how she does it. Second of all, one of the reasons she skin lightens is to fade her freckles. Third, skin lightening is not racist, it literally hurts no one. Because she dyes her ginger hair black, does that mean she's encouraging gingers to dye their hair black, because she thinks ginger hair color is inferior? I highly doubt it. But hey what do I know, I guess in 2019 putting lemon juice on your face makes you a Nazi.

No. 849819

Fucking yes, finally more of them are getting the big picture and seeing the truth behind this lazy parasite of a person. Extra props to Reverie for speaking the truth because you just know that she might get dog-piled on by the fans who are so up IBF's asshole that they can't see or refuse to see through the shit. I wonder if she'll delete her comment lol

> I was honestly going to say smth along those lines.

I really hope this will happen soon,because l'm tired of seeing lazy bitches not doing the bare minimum to deliver proper, scheduled content, but spam with shit excuses n endless complaints.

Well if I were to wager who's gonna get this first, it's most likely gonna be TT because she has a smaller audience compared to IBF and the content she does upload is boring as shit and when more people realize what a dumb ass she is when she's doing these unboxing videos that are already crap anyway because she never knows anything about what she's reviewing so you're not entertained nor do you learn anything neither.

For IBF it may take a little longer though maybe the tide will turn if she tries to pull one more huge scam that affects her fanbase. Might be the wedding, could be tricking her fans into giving her a lot of money through some small or nonexistent problem like she did with the wedding scam and used that money to travel for a good half of 2016, or another YouTuber who doesn't care about exposing people puts IBF on blast laying out all the problems with her. Kinda like what happened with that Leafy person when he got called out by Idubbz and after that, he never bounced back and his channel died a slow death.

Either way I can't wait to see this as well because these two need that wake up call. They already squandered their opportunity to be well respected freelancers and it's time for them to get that reality check.

No. 849823

How many scams has IBF pulled at this point?

-Fans pay for wedding with owl, she cancels and uses the money to travel
-Makes such a stink about being kicked out of a French graveyard they give her free tix (or was that the Louvre, she cried about it too)
-Lets fans pay to see wedding with Matthias but uploads publicly
-Using Matthias for a visa

And obviously smaller stuff like no real Patreon rewards, no consistent uploads after promising there would be, freeloading off fans and now this thing with not paying for her furni in storage. Any I forgot?

No. 849827

>it's most likely gonna be TT because she has a smaller audience compared to IBF and the content she does upload is boring as shit

True but I also think TT has a much more likeable- or at least seemingly likeable- personality than IBF and I think that's mostly why some people still watch her and will continue to, rather than for her actual content. Although IBF had more interesting content in the past, she hasn't uploaded anything interesting in over a year and probably never will again. TT gets views because people think she's sweet. TT is entitled and lazy but at least hasn't scammed people like IBF has,that I know of (except for the graveyard date thing but that was also Jake)

No. 849893

File: 1565155733070.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1916, 20190807_062746.png)

No. 849932

File: 1565171719731.png (129.29 KB, 991x531, Screenshot 2019-08-07 at 2.53.…)

Surprisingly, IBF stans haven't dog-piled Reverie. The comment is still up as I type this.

No. 849936

Lmao, what were they trying to raise money for exactly?

No. 849964

File: 1565182984464.png (290.91 KB, 1080x1000, 20190807_140215.png)

What about his FrEaK VlOGs? And his 'not caring what people think' videos? His hypocrisy is astounding

No. 849977

Lol, wise up Jake you and Kaya are not the only 'dark inclined' people of Belfast, but you are two dicks that are known for being Belfast YouTubers who do nothing but talk shit about where they are from?

And homogeneity and conformity is not the same thing. One is an evolutionary goal that most species are heading towards by actually widening the gene pool and one's sang about in a song by Sum 41. Thick cunt

No. 849993

Hm okay actually good point, I agree with you on all this. Putting aside my grievances with TT, she does portray herself in a more likeable way so that may help keep her in the scam game a little longer. When I say "scam", I just mean her ripping off people for poor content and constant e-begging while playing on people's sympathy.

IBF is for the most part inactive and her relevance is fading by the year because she doesn't upload all that much anymore and is offering lots of excuses and dodging important things about her personal life like the furniture thing so I take it back, it most likely will be IBF whose channel will die first.

Mmmm no I think you got all of them lol
Oh unless you count the one where she stayed with one of her fans during I think Christmas while not paying anything and seemed like she was just using a fan for her own lazy selfishness. But I think that one is more speculating if anything.

Oh that is so good to hear and YES to RT's reply haha.

That be the mystery lol Do they even make videos on that channel anymore?

No. 850017

They wanted money for a new camera and a drone along with various other things for a series. Which never surfaced and no explanation was given. Wonder if anyone received any of the perks?I doubt it.

No. 850063

File: 1565203038425.png (2.26 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190807-191820.png)

No. 850072

No one cares…..

No. 850075

I definitely think her personal life was never personal. It was always a video idea. Her grip on reality and youtube is clearly massed up. Serving just drama that was so contrived. So predictable. It was doomed before she started. Im not surprised shes dropped off because in her wee brain she thought she was going to be this long legacy of goth history. Internet time dates back muuuch longer than 4 years of IBF. Bye gurl. Cant say I'm surprised its over.

No. 850089

teaching his young viewers to call ppl cunts and pick on school kids, that's nice.

in his recent live stream, jake mentioned that the house was getting messy and he's the only one that cleans but didn't have time for it. um, wtf are you doing besides making shitty videos? him and kaya are so fucking lazy they'd rather let the house be in disarray then help each other and themselves out. neither have such a tasking schedule that they can't get simple chores done, and then they turn around and ask their viewers/followers for money and for what, a seconds long shout out in a video.

those ~rewards~ are as shitty as what they offer on patreon. i like how they were going to also use the camera for their personal channels, which is probably why they wanted it. he got that drone and hasn't used it in idk how long, what a waste.

No. 850106

File: 1565209458456.jpg (181.04 KB, 720x1100, 20190807_212246.jpg)

We lost another one y'all (highkey heartbroken cuz l loved their style)
It was kinda obvious that they dropped the whole thing. Guess it was just a phase for them.

No. 850145


Are these actual names of Adora's poor children? WTF

No. 850159

The girls are rather lucky in comparison kek. I have heard the name Synthia more than once, spelled with a C though.
But Teebee… Tf does it mean kek

No. 850181

They are named after synthesizers

No. 850201

File: 1565228820113.gif (394.35 KB, 305x185, f9e.gif)

Idk if this is rad or cringe af tbh

No. 850234

Oh bummer, I actually liked him and he was one of the few people who actually was Goth or I guess in this case, went through a genuine Goth phase.

You're probably right and since she is such a boring person who has no personality, she really ran out of ideas to make videos on even though she could've potentially made some like talking about what made her want to pursue film school and her favorite movies or just, IDK, SOMETHING.

And something tells me she will be regarded as a legacy Goth icon until someone spills the beans on just how awful she actually is and how she doesn't deserve a title of prestige with Goth.

No. 850273

File: 1565252078149.png (1.72 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190808-091120.png)

No. 850282

I can't wait to see the photos this time around

No. 850304

who wants to bet he'll be dressed normally like at his shitty gig before? Or just very minimal makeup at the most kek

No. 850313

This has to be his worst look. Imagine finding this shithead hot, l'm glad l can't relate. Or even worse, bothering to go n meet him.

Good point, she can really talk about a few books n movies, n show how she's ''a qualified film maker'', not spamming corporations with stupid hashtags claiming so.

But she probably knows this will get her less views, so nothing beats an unboxing or a crying vid.

No. 850358


I mean, is he trying to conjure radioactive vomit? But don't stare or sneak photos!


His change in aesthetic identity (was it ever deeper than that?) has been a change in gender expression, too.

No. 850363

Maybe no longer so gender speshul, but still speshul. I'm exhausted just reading the description.

Graysexual? Answering the Awkward Questions

Of Herbs and Altars
70,589 subscribers
Published on Aug 6, 2019

So this shall be Waffle No.1 on the subject of graysexuality, there are two more waffles under the same umbrella that I still want to talk about, regarding the way a lack of sexual attraction changes the way you see all of humanity, & also the depressing tale of losing the closest thing to a soulmate I suspect I will ever have, not just once, but TWICE, all due to greysexual tendencies that I didn't yet understand O__O Feel free to subscribe n shiz if you want to hear more on those jolly topics! XD It's awesome to have finally found a label, at least, that explains what I've been trying to put into words my entire adult life - people have previously asked whether 'demisexual' applies to me - that would be a hell no; sex & love aren't particularly intertwined for me, & honestly the more I know someone, the more flaws I see & the less I fancy them :-/ Circa 2011, before really considering myself any sort of asexual, I did decide 'This is ridiculous, personality matters most, so just find a guy who's basically nice, push through, & see if he grows on you'. That experiment was disastrous, & served only to teach me that NO sex is far, FAR preferable to bad sex! Greysexuality has meant there've been numerous occasions in my life where I've slept with people I no longer found attractive, & the "ewww get OFF ME!!" factor was so strong, it took every ounce of self control not to get physically violent with them - I think we've all had experiences where someone's invading our personal space in a mildly repulsive way; bad breath in your face, spit-spraying talkers, etc - having sex with someone you're not attracted to takes you immediately from neutrality towards them, to outright disgust, rage & hatred; I absolutely do not recommend the 'lie back, think of England, & hope they grow on you' approach to sexual partners; either having an open relationship where they get sex elsewhere, or coming to terms with a future forever alone, is IMO far preferable!

No. 850372


What is this fuckery? I have never heard of this but why am I not surprised that she would use a word like this? I'm guessing this is another sexuality thing that came out of the smelly toilet bowl of the Internet tumblr because I have never heard anyone use this term elsewhere. Furthermore the definition for it, I mean this happens to people all the time. Some people grow apart when in a relationship or can lose attraction for each other or one party for whatever reason. This doesn't make you special.

No. 850375

File: 1565277976411.jpg (186.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190808-162503_Chr…)

Sums it up perfectly kek. Never heard of this bullshit either.

No. 850376


As always she's going through the same phases that maladjusted teens go through even though she's a woman in her mid thirties

I mean she was a trans trender in her fucking 30s and now she has a special made up sexuality. In reality she's a straight woman with too much free time on her hands

No. 850379


ffs plenty of people (especially women) are just not very sexual or go through long phases of not being bothered about sex, it hardly needs a special name and attention seeking vid

Call it what it is dorian: a low sex drive

No. 850394

I watched the entire 34 minute video, and basically "graysexual" just means she has an extremely low sex drive but is still on very rare occasions attracted to people and therefore not asexual.

No. 850417


Yikes, she could've reduced the whole vid down to three words

I'm rarely horny

No. 850466

File: 1565292849131.png (1.14 MB, 1076x582, scumbag.png)

I can't believe that Jake went to a friends birthday party dressed like this.
everyone else was dressed up nice and the guy's parents and family were there and then jake titles the vlog "freak vlog"
I just think it's so disrespectful.
to make matters worse Jake gave his friend a toy gift that you can buy in the pound shop.
God forbid jake spend some of his streaming and patreon money on someone else

No. 850485

> It's awesome to have finally found a label

At what point did ~alternative people~ go from stating they don't want to be labelled/don't want to be pigeonholed to wanting every. single. aspect. of. their. life. to have a label?

Seeing how she took her name from an Oscar Wilde character, here's a quote from The Picture of Dorian Gray:
"To define is to limit".

Slapping a label on the fact you're picky about who you fancy and you're not really into sex doesn't make you any less dull, Jenn.

No. 850488

File: 1565294545805.png (1.55 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190808-210005.png)

No. 850489

File: 1565294617043.png (810.37 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190808-210011.png)

No. 850493

They have no money and saving to move but can be out in London .

No. 850494

File: 1565294772604.png (1.79 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190808-210026.png)

No. 850497

The poor boy is the one that must go through the worst like who the fuck wants to be called TeeBee? I think she said once that they had like three names; hopefully these are not the ones they go legally by, I can’t even imagine how pissed I’d be at my mother for putting some pet name on me.

No. 850517

File: 1565296604329.png (27.04 KB, 593x247, blargh.PNG)


Her kids' full names are:
Synthia Viola Lezzy Eila,
Fairlight Oktavia Ester Monroe,
TeeBee Valentin Charles Emil

No. 850519

Lezzy? How unfortunate.

No. 850561

Oh lord, the wig looks like one of those kid's Halloween wigs you get at a Dollar General.

No. 850578

Jake looks like an edgelord version of titanic sinclair kek. His looks and habit to call his mostly underaged fans ~snacks~ are just gross.

No. 850586

that one side of her face looks terrible, does she do nothing to address it? also the worst traveler, why even go anywhere if you're just going to be a mope.

the funny thing is it's meant to be a ponytail but it's probably the only extensions he has so he'll wear it like this to make believe he's got longer hair and it looks so bad as if he's got super thin hair, lol.

No. 850591

I just hope that Teebee is short for something like Thorbjorn or some other name that consists of two names that begin with T and B, otherwise this name sucks

No. 850653

Sounds about right lol You know the sad thing about Dorian is that if she wasn't so lazy and actually brought more of her writing ideas to light, she could be interesting but no just like these other attention whores who don't have any real interests think if they use a Tumblr sexuality or "gender", that makes them special and unique.

And he wonders why people think he's a twat? You know you can still look alternative while looking nice for a special occasion.

Well said.

The cringe is just too much.

I won't be surprised if her son ends up changing his name when he gets older. What kind of name is "Teebee?"

> why even go anywhere if you're just going to be a mope.

You don't understand anon, she needs to catch up on her multiple naps lol.

This is why it's important for parents to actually think about the names they give their kids lol.

No. 850704

He deadass pulled out the camera on a quiet garden party for his friend. Does Jakey boy even know what makes a vlog? He does vlogs cos he wants to be famous off it (remember when he wouldn't shut up about Casey Neistat?) but puts no work in it - most of them are about him doing chores. His channel will die out soon after Kaya's.

No. 850754

File: 1565335567141.jpg (353.24 KB, 1080x1520, IMG_20190809_092509.jpg)

Mother of the year

No. 850756

It's embarrassing that he thinks a quiet gathering for family and friends is worthy of content

No. 850759

>I guess in 2019 putting lemon juice on your face makes you a Nazi.

People who see nazism in everything belong to psychiatric ward and not deserve treating them like they are representatives of majority that they wish they are. It's mostly the issue with people from the USA.

>At what point did ~alternative people~ go from stating they don't want to be labelled/don't want to be pigeonholed to wanting every. single. aspect. of. their. life. to have a label?

Since not labeling everything became a mainstream, so opposite to that became alternative. It's like shaving body hair clean - it was alt back in the '80s and the '70s, now it's mainstream and not actual shaving is alternative.

But I would not call people who love these labels a dominant part of the scene - they are the most visible part because of social media, but there is far more people who don't follow such trend and in general are "silent online". The scene in real life is really different from what is seen online.

And even these who are keyboard warriors online are mostly just introverted functional autists in real life. They would often rather die painful death than criticize you for something in eye-to-eye confrontation. Occasionally more brave ones would just stare at you like you killed their mother and ate their dog but won't dare to speak a single word to you.

Teebee is a synthesizer. Roland TB-303 to be precise.

No. 850765

what the fuck? why would you so publically announce that you've barely spent your daughters birthday with her? i'm embarassed for that poor girl

No. 850769

and mention that her birth made you miss ML… what the fucking fuck who cares she's your DAUGHTER

No. 850787

Adora has her priorities straight hahaha. I really feel like she used her kids as accessories when they were little, they just must be used to her not being around these past years I guess.

No. 850792

It's not short for anything, it's just TeeBee. Lol

Yes, I remember when her kids were about 3-5 years old and she'd just take them on walks wearing those god awful hats she used to make… I get she wants to do the whole goth mom thing but it seems she's gotten tired of them now when they're not cute little dolls anymore.

No. 850798

File: 1565350103692.jpg (Spoiler Image, 207.03 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20190809_132729.jpg)

On the note of Adora, why does she insist posting pictures like these?

No. 850825

Ask her - I wonder what would she answer.

No. 850827

File: 1565356242816.jpg (175.38 KB, 720x914, 20190809_140747.jpg)

It's not even about missing bdays only, she's too much of an absent parent, all year round.
Too busy posting abt deep throating bananas n all that jazz.

No. 850840

File: 1565358259287.png (1.87 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190809-143141.png)

No. 850924

Has anyone noticed how cold and unromantic Jake Munro is as a partner? He doesn’t mention kaya at all in his bios, when do they ever do actual dates together? When Jake talks about his past, not once does he give kaya credit as someone who has supported him and stayed with him through those dark periods. Instead, he is overly keen to call himself daddy and post topless pictures of himself and encourages sexual responses from followers. It’s as if he doesn’t have a girlfriend at all. Honestly the same goes for kaya. Also, when they are in blogs together she may as well not be there. He is just so respectful. I would also say that behaviour and demeanour extends to kaya, the way she speaks to him is really demanding and faux cutesy but comes across as manipulative and annoying to deal with. At the very least, she occasionally talks about him on twitter and cute moments they have together. They seem more like frenemies to me, that low key resent each other.

No. 850939

yea he's too into himself to be romantic with her. in the old vlogs they actually used to do things together but have rarely been in each other's videos and occasionally retweet one another. like i don't want overly done pda but for ppl who have been together as long as they have, it would be nice to see them do their version of bf/gf tags on yt, or even come up with some of their own.

No. 850943

File: 1565373850138.png (1.42 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190809-190022.png)

Oh dear he needs help …

No. 850948

File: 1565374508558.png (1.24 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190809-191419.png)

No. 850997

What the fuck are these boots? Why is she wearing them here? How can you have a bazillion things in your wardrobe, dress like a goth for so many years and still have absolutely no taste? You have pinterest for refs, or tumblr, or goth hashtag on instagram for fuck's sake. It would be very nice look if there was literally anything else than this 2000s newrock abomination. This look makes me so angry

No. 851008

He has been this way for as long as she's been fat, it's obvious to everyone but kaya that he only stays with her for the youtube $$$

the boots themselves aren't terrible but they don't go with the outfit at all… in fact the outfit itself is very simple, which is fine, but I find it strange that she goes so OTT in her videos but dresses minimally at special events. Same goes for her tool of a boyfriend

No. 851025

Mother of the year can't be bothered with her first born's sweet 16 celebration, shove her off to the grandparents instead.
>slow clap

No. 851050

But her face doesnt look like this at all. Its all make up, fake eyes and contacts and lipstick over her features that look nothing like this. It must be sad to never be yourself. She might be able to say this is who she is but its all fake. I wonder if she is going to pay that poor man who helped her move her shit. She is a user and a fake person. Inside and out.

No. 851052

Ever heard of vegetables? That pink dinnerware is revolting….

No. 851054

Shes a user. A scam artist. Pay your dues bitch.

No. 851094

File: 1565397467581.png (706.75 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190810-013354.png)

Toxic two IG Jake put this up on his feed can't post video but I hate to be in this hotel with the music and singing ..this is person who's never happy always sad.oh there friends all all normal …

No. 851096

File: 1565397512345.png (954.61 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190810-013451.png)

No. 851098

File: 1565397540668.png (872.29 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190810-013456.png)

No. 851099

>"omg sorry i was away! I ot kicked from Germany. I'm back on YT now."
>straight after, goes almost inactive again this time with no explanation
>"anyway here's pics of me eating out with the cash my patrons (who i dont reward) give me!"

No. 851101


I'm starting to notice a pattern here…

1) She used her engagement with Mr. Owl to get money from her fans that wasn't for the intended purpose. This is the first time out of many that she says "I'll make it up to you guys somehow."

2) She called off the engagement with Mr. Owl to get with Matthias. She claims that she did not use Matthias for the German visa but this is bullshit. If she married Matthias in good faith, she wouldn't be surprised pikachu over the fact that the divorce revoked her privilege to live in Germany.

3) Uses her wedding with Matthias to get money from fans again.

3) shamelessly collects $1k monthly income provided by her room-temperature iq patreon supporters. The last time she posted Patrons-only content was April. She's clearly not using the money to make more content and pay for things besides food (the fan that she stayed with and Colin, next point).

4) ColinKAnderson helped her move her furniture to storage 3 months ago but this disrespectful womanchild hasn't compensated him for his time and efforts.

I'm no psychology expert but IBF uses people and has no shame about it because there are no consequences. The most negative consequence she's faced is the whole German visa fiasco, but she clearly hasn't learned from it and continues to be dishonest with people. I'd really like to hear Matthias' pov. IBF says he cheated but I feel like there was so much more to the story (and no, I don't condone cheating).

No. 851111

not to defend her but that's the dinnerware she has in her house, she's eating junk at home

No. 851131

You're also forgetting having 'fans' DM her so she can crash at their houses when she's 'poor and traveling'. She's done that numerous times and she knows she can couch surf her way around. I don't mean to sound racist, but isn't Scotland and Scots in general known for being pretty lower socio economic? Thievery as well as scam artist. I mean, isn't taking money from people without using it for the intended purpose just like stealing? She's living proof of her heritage.

No. 851141

my guess is they're too lazy for doing better looks or are afraid of how ppl will react b/c it's just them at home so who would say anything negative. i actually like kaya's oufit [minus the shoes], it's an improvement from the pink messes she was doing.

can't wait to see pix from their meet and greet.

No. 851164


When you say that Adora threw out her middle child, do you mean the child went to live with the dad or is he/she in foster care or something of that nature?

No. 851165

>i actually like kaya's oufit [minus the shoes], it's an improvement from the pink messes she was doing.

I agree. She's all about the witch fad now, but that looks a million times better than her ~kawaii uguu~ pink phase.

No. 851194

Scotland also has an obesity problem. She fits right in.

No. 851198

She must probably be living with her dad, the dad seems to be the one that took over them the latest years. There was some school ceremony last year and Adora was there getting drunk at a festival, and it was the dad who was there posting pictures of the kids and stuff. However they must talk to each other still as she posted a picture not long ago where she was in the background.
And she has this ridiculous need to show how hyper sexual she is so the 18-24 year old guys want to bang her. How else would you catch their attention?
She’s well known for being always flashing her tits at parties too. She always says that this is because in Sweden people do that all the time, but this isn’t true. It’s more like a trashy 18 year old girl thing and she’s way too old for being doing that shit.

No. 851213

File: 1565426160199.gif (667.93 KB, 500x375, homer simpson .gif)


Well…like Australia, NZ has many people who are descendants of British convicts. That is all.

no chill kek

No. 851214

my bad, above gif was response to >>851131

No. 851234

File: 1565434337122.jpg (850.45 KB, 936x1349, Miyavi-sdfdsfdf.jpg)

really late to this but …

No. 851250

File: 1565442369083.png (891.13 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190810-140517.png)

No. 851257

She probably still receives a good share of money from her collab with Avelina, with all the wallets n bags.
I remember Avelina showing in her story (more than a year ago) sending her more than 1k.
So the bitch saying she only has yt+patreon money is a flat out lie.

No. 851305

Is she fucking serious? She can't take at least one day to spend with her daughter for her birthday?


Do you think when her kids get older, they ate going to resent her when they look back and see how their mother was such a fame whore?

> I get she wants to do the whole goth mom thing but it seems she's gotten tired of them now when they're not cute little dolls anymore.

Which is funny since she was not Goth to begin. Just another poser who was around at the right time when Goth wasn't mainstream and people were labeling anybody who wore obsessive amounts of dark makeup and black "Goth".

>>850939 , >>850924

It's most likely because she's not his type anymore. Didn't someone post that he likes skinny GOFF" girls and that he was thirsting after ReeRee Philips? I mean seeing old pictures of Kaya, she looked to be his type but now? Not so much.

That actually that bad of an outfit, the part that throws it off are the boots. A pair of simple black boots that don't have too much going on with them would look a lot better imo but aside from that, it's not that bad I must admit lol.

> He has been this way for as long as she's been fat, it's obvious to everyone but kaya that he only stays with her for the youtube $$$

Nailed it. I think that's why he's trying so hard to get E-Famous so he can rake in enough attention/money and will be able to leave her because he won't have to rely on her money anymore.

It's just frustrating that her fans are so blinded by her manipulation. She's a lazy selfish cow who's using them to pay for her lifestyle which she's not even giving back anything of value or actual entertainment in return.

Pretty much got it all but you left out how she also used that scam money to travel. That's why she was able to go to so many different places in the half of 2016. Yeah she was traveling by train to a lot of them and staying in Hostels but she had no job and it's obvious she didn't make that much money though YouTube alone. Plus all the eating out. Gotta put 2 and 2 together there lol.

It's obvious she's trying this BS again trying to have her fans hook her up with a job at BBC so she can get that UK Work visa to stay, nevermind she has no actual experience in said field but you know, GOFF QUEEN gets what Goff Queen wants.

Enjoy it while you can. For every one decent outfit, she has 5 other hideous ones with no coordination or attention to uniform detail lol.

Oh right, I forgot that she collabed with the fail bag. The plot thickens about her oh so big money woes if she's getting residual.

No. 851313

File: 1565455954624.png (2.09 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190810-175048.png)

No. 851320

File: 1565458538287.png (715.3 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190810-183314.png)

This off toxic IG clip and it's about brands won't work with her as she a goth …

No. 851334

Someone was defending Adora hardcore on the comment section saying that she’s working at Mera Luna. All comments have gotten deleted now, a lot of people were agreeing to Adora being a shit mother kek.
Friday’s are not even that huge at Mera Luna, if she was a half decent mother could at least spend the evening and then take a flight from Stockholm to depart in the morning, but no, deepthroating bananas and putting the peel in her pussy is more important.
I think it would disturb me deeply to see my mother thirsting after dick this much online. Like okay, she’s got a nice body but this is just getting old. She could be a classy goth woman like many others that are around and do some actually nice content, not this cheap garbage.
And even if she was part of the “synthare” on the 80’s she’s just on this because of the looks, she is the one who made the Upper class goth tag thing.

No. 851355

yea that's too many necklaces kaya, less is more for you. jakey boy looking like a right mess, the blacked out neck does him no favors from a front view and what are those pants.

boo-fucking-hoo, you get sent plenty of free stuff but want to whine about brands that won't work with you. maybe it's b/c your content is lazy or you don't have enough of a following. even it was true it's due to her being goth, maybe that's not their target audience, not everyone has to cater to alternative type ffs.

No. 851363

File: 1565465914271.png (1.88 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190810-203703.png)

No. 851364

File: 1565466000322.png (1.56 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190810-203637.png)

Dear god ..with one of his snacks..

No. 851382

File: 1565469294225.png (2.08 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190810-213325.png)

No. 851385


Next thread photo PLEASE.

No. 851387

I never realised that jake shoops himself slim hah holy fuck. Can these two be more pathetic?

No. 851407

File: 1565475501496.png (1.64 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190810-231631.png)

Got to laugh if she had real job .

No. 851413

No brands wont work with her because she sounds like a babbling IDIOT

No. 851416

Aaaaand you still whine why people and brands dont see you as able or professional. Keep posting this shit and Im sure a major brand would love to pay you. Girl. You've got nooooo idea.

No. 851429

File: 1565480608488.png (1.85 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-002045.png)

This is shite outfit why .when she gets so much free stuff that she gos out like this .she don't know how to dress .

No. 851435

We were too quick to praise the upgrade from the pink monstrosities. Guess she needs to throw that shit in everything.

Why the fuck does the harness have frills?? Never saw shit like this before.

Such a hard worker… Ofc no one would contact you, you whiny, lazy bitch.

No. 851451

they both look like they've been eating green snocones.

girl, that harness is just not for you. maybe without the ruffles, but the one around her waist isn't doing her any favors.

No. 851512

>daughter coming out of my vagina made me miss goff festival:(
>welp gonna miss her birthday again so I can party at goff festival
What a flagrant narcissist

No. 851531

That pink harness is so unflattering. This chick is clueless.

No. 851537

Not sure why, but I was reminded of this quote:
"Nonconformity, right. I can't remember the last time I saw a twenty-something kid with a tattoo of an Asian letter on his wrist. You are one wicked free thinker. You want to be a rebel? Stop being cool. Wear a pocket protector like he does and get a haircut, like the Asian kids who don't leave the library for 20-hour stretches. They're the ones who don't care what you think. Sayonara." 'House M.D.'

No. 851541

I was watching this Dorian video from a few months back and at the 14:50 minute mark she mentions a male goth youtuber who was saying all europeans are racist and accusing her (or someone) of tax fraud. Is she talking about Ruadhan?

No. 851542

To be fair, she did say Scottish….

No. 851556

File: 1565523046329.png (2.43 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-122959.png)

No. 851559

Kaya crying about certain brands not working with her is the most privilaged thing I can think of
"waah why won't this brand give me free stuff?"
"I already get sent soo many free items from alternative brands but I just throw those in my living room and never wear them again"

kaya really thinks running her shitty channel means that everyone should give her handouts. she needs to get a proper fucking job and wake the fuck up.
Barcelona is going to eat up and shit this girl out and I can't wait

No. 851564

yes, that's something that always bothered me about kaya, how she thought she deserved sponsorships just by virtue of being youtuber. sponsorships are nice, but brands are not obligated to give her- or any influencer- their money if they don't want to. if a brand is giving someone money or free shit for advertisement, shouldn't they pick someone they want to represent them? if they don't want it to be kaya, then that's their choice. especially because in her few sponsored videos she doesn't always do a great job of showcasing the product, like that plant thing from a week or so ago.

No. 851567

She back to the pink .I wished killstar and punk rave wake up and stop giving her free shite ..

No. 851568

File: 1565526944313.png (2 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-133123.png)

No. 851600

looks like he's been tea bagged by the Grinch.

No. 851604

that babydoll dress makes her look huge.
maybe she has some kind of body dismorphia and sees herself way thinner than she is? but even if that's the case the outfit's still horrible.

No. 851620

Nothing goes together in this goddamned outfit. She can't style herself for shit.