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File: 1533783873101.jpg (1.28 MB, 1058x1397, IMG_20180808_1.jpg)

No. 660175

A Tradthot can be defined as: A woman who claims to hold traditional values while living in a modern way, using the concept of traditionalism as a method to gain an online following that typically consists of angry misogynists who don't recognize the hypocrisy of the girl they follow on social media/donate money to.

Tradthots enjoy modern freedoms and are often childless career women who pander to their male audience by showing cleavage, camel toe, and other revealing body shots while also posting pictures of aprons on Instagram and yearning for a 1950's way of living. These kinds of girls typically hate other women, as it is common for them to hold a "I'm not like other girls" attitude to suck up to the niche of men who also hate women. Many of them, in additional to sexist views, also have racist and anti semetic views to appeal to alt right and more radical men.

Some notable tradthots (there are many many more):
>Lauren Southern
>college drop out who now travels the world full time on money donated to her from her male fans doing journalism
>got her start from jumping on the anti feminism bandwagon that she has taken credit for pioneering
>came under fire for wearing heavy makeup and bleaching hair, having black friends, a black ex boyfriend, pictures of her clubbing and dressing up as a sexy cop
>shocked when alt right and white nationalist men are sexist, addresses some of the issue in her "Why I'm not Married Video"
>has previously mocked women for wanting to become doctors
>video "What Every Girl Needs to Hear" tells girls to save themselves without citing any credible sources, even cites wikipedia (and can't give personal testimony)
>now know as the biggest hypocrit and largest tradthot
Website: https://laurensouthern.net
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurencheriie/
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCla6APLHX6W3FeNLc8PYuvg
Twitter: @Lauren_Southern

>Stell Bell

>16 year old girl who got her start on YouTube for pandering to racists
>fakes country accent and deleted old videos to destroy proof, constantly talks about how proud she is to be southern (despite just being white trash)
>sent ass and bra pics to an actual nazi
>dates around and shames other women for being promiscuous
>has said she has natural dirty blonde hair and green eyes despite being a swarthy white girl to appear more "Aryan", also dyes hair blonde and wears blue contacts
>brags about being "full German"
>gets angry if you compare her looks to Anne Frank and is openly anti semetic
>has daddy issues
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/virginiangoddess/
Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/user/stellagirl408

Ashton Birdie/Ashton Witty
>got her fame from jumping on the Trump bandwagon and working for Infowars
>is now fucking Paul Joseph Watson on and off
>Infowars fired her and Paul dumped her, had mental breakdown then deleted the video
>constantly pulls down shirt and pulls out tits and talks about women needing to be more traditional
>has autism
>has dated women and says she is more attracted to women than men but is willing to put that aside for traditional family
>desperate pandering in crop tops and MAGA hats
>still obsessed with InfoWars and Alex Jones
>brags about how hot she thinks she is
>is currently unemployed college dropout
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashtonbirdie/
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRUhJlurBdyGwVyyaAdwS9w
Twitter: @ashtonbirdie


>rose to fame as nazi girl on YouTube with the channel name Evalion
>whines about getting banned after calling for the death of Jews
>now makes less than minimum wage and lives in her autistic husband's parents' basement
>has had her nudes leaked
>angry at feminists for whatever reason
Website: http://www.eva-tips.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sparkledemon/

Other Tradthots:
>The White Rose
>Cam girl turned "traditional"

>Blonde in the Belly of the Beast

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpbyOgUSjTSPpvVUAT2OyHw

>Lauren Rose

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOv4uZ2t8lil5pf_DNqqYP0Q2v2AFDsIf

No. 660186

File: 1533784503880.jpg (Spoiler Image, 475.44 KB, 1074x776, Screenshot_20180808-221235_Sam…)

The White Rose used to be known as "Mystic Mel" when she was a cam girl.

She is now very critical of porn
Now that she knows she can get orbiters for it

No. 660190

No. 660192

Stell bell archive of her pandering to foot fetishists and showing her ass in sheer leggings:

No. 660202

>now fucking Paul Joseph Watson on and off
there's no way Paul Joseph Watson is straight.

No. 660226

her story is such bullshit i'm crying laughing hahahah

No. 660230

File: 1533786881090.png (668.3 KB, 1195x659, gay.png)

This guy is basically the new Naked Ape. Does she actually think he's some straight alpha male to bear children with?

No. 660233

Phyllis Schlafly was the original tradthot. These other hoes will all be irrelevant 2 years from now.

No. 660246

File: 1533787459517.png (45.14 KB, 582x529, 1524454545423.png)

No. 660250

File: 1533787626327.png (3.71 MB, 1242x2208, 1525913680488.png)

not sure you watched the same video I did…

No. 660253

File: 1533787720469.png (693.2 KB, 1242x2208, 1525913758321.png)

austists have trouble lying and often reveal personal information inappropriately.

No. 660261

Oh my god what. This girl is double digit IQ if she thinks people are going to believe that as a 10 year old she gave her 5th grade she fought her teacher on Native American genocide to the point that she was sent to the principal's office. LMFAO.

No. 660264

File: 1533789121160.png (41.07 KB, 617x315, 412424114.png)

No. 660265

"My entire persona was around my grandfather who was a WWII veteran, punk rock and Alex Jones."

How is that even possible.

No. 660267

This Ashton chick could have an entire thread just on her own. Holy cow. She apparently tells people she was an anorexic toddler.

No. 660273


Holy fuck I didn't realize Birdie was on anyone elses radar. God she is one of the most braindead reps I've ever seen. Her fucking outro "hate thy government" … has she ever criticized Trump or anyone close to him? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills…how the fuck does she hate her government?

No. 660276

File: 1533790537995.jpg (359.83 KB, 1242x2208, 1525914628491.jpg)

No. 660277

File: 1533790640353.png (102.2 KB, 597x1081, 1532835548111.png)

No. 660280


Of course thots like Birdie think they don't need feminism. Because she was born fuckable she doesn't need

-social skills
-critical thinking
-ability to create original content
-work ethic
-common fucking sense

She just post vapid selfies and thirsty males will send her money

Her only hope in life is to get married. She will literally starve if she doesn't get a male to commit to her before her looks fade.

No. 660281

>Can't get a job b/c of racist info wars trash


No. 660283

File: 1533791594041.png (851.31 KB, 930x594, magaland.png)

This is the first I've heard of her and I've watched that alt-light movement for a while now. I guess not everyone can be Lauren Southern, the tradthot flavor-of-the-moment.

I guess it's also because I don't watch Alex Jones because it's widely known to anyone who does their homework that Alex is not who he says he is and has even admitted to putting on a character. Everyone around Jones really has that vibe, PJW and her included. Just reading into her posts, she keeps posting over and over what a victim she is and how she gets death threats.

No. 660285

File: 1533792291179.png (9.37 KB, 527x78, 1524525908111.png)

No. 660288

File: 1533793146672.png (209.56 KB, 635x444, lauraloomer1.png)

Lauren just eclipses her and it's so sad. She really is just following the Lauren formula and this seems to be a thing among tradthots. This really just proves there's only so much market for dumb suicide blondes with MAGA hats antagonizing protesters and they can't be told apart.

Birdie reminds me a lot of Laura Loomer and how she tried to fill the gap Lauren made when she left Rebel Media. She's absolutely fucking crazy and needs to be here too.

No. 660291

File: 1533793304321.png (279.01 KB, 528x300, Jew vs non Jew.png)

No. 660293

Oops, meant to reply to this anon. Here's a video of old Laura Loomer hitting on young guys in their 20s and they're scared to death. The fact she says they'll have aryan-jewish babies and she has "big tits and an Ashkenazi IQ" and that's why they intimidated of her.

No. 660295

File: 1533793841499.jpg (105.47 KB, 1366x662, 1501657574632.jpg)

I like how she takes digs at people she is desperately trying to emulate.

No. 660297

A video from Metokur that sums up Laura drama really well. Laura Loomer is just an old Jewish version of Lauren Southern. A great spat between the Lauren vs. Laura starts at 5:20. I still can't get over the fact their names are so similar.

No. 660439

She looks incredibly plain to me. Like not in an ugly way, just that she’s attractive but there’s nothing memorable about the way she looks.

No. 660479

It's funny because the average woman > attention hungry trash like southern > disgusting bitter hag loomer

No. 660543

Lauren Southern has her own thread

as does Stell Bell

not sure why they're included here

No. 660566

Lauren southern is also in the alt right general, in addition her own thread that has reached the post limit. Cows can appear in multiple threads if they fit into multiple groups.
This thread is to focus on the traditional aspect of them/their interaction with other tradthots as opposed to other topics.

No. 660601

File: 1533834272649.jpg (270.77 KB, 1200x1200, 1514730666271.jpg)

so what you're saying is that there's now 3 concurrent Lauren Southern threads. lot of threads for so little milk. just because a cow with their own thread cosplays doesn't mean they should be posted about in the "irrelevant uggo cosplayer" thread, the same should apply here.

No. 660604

File: 1533834352472.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x1080, 1524449183365.jpg)


No. 660608

File: 1533834479503.png (34.62 KB, 532x206, alt right girl fight.png)


No. 660609

Stop whiteknighting your free speech waifu. She's relevant to tradthots, she's like their patron saint.

No. 660615

I hate this potato face bitch, she thinks she's better than all the tradthots.

No. 660617

they're starting to cannibalize each other I see…kek.

No. 660625

I think lauren rose gets the most love out of the tradthots because she's so dumpy looking, plus she's a ginger anglo-saxon waifu. In the long run she's still too loud mouthed and opinionated for these white nationalist types.

No. 660652

She's Celtic, most of dissident twitter hates anglos.

Yeah, it's hilarious how rapidly she fell out of grace with altright guys the moment she dared to voice an opinion on Patrick Little, a fucking obvious FED. She's not posted anything since June and ended up quitting the Public Space.

No. 660770

File: 1533848410501.gif (1.64 MB, 245x284, B935DD51-B795-434B-B77A-114443…)

Kek this is all I see

No. 660810

This. She's arguably the most well known tradthot

No. 660832

File: 1533854848896.jpg (943.63 KB, 1287x2607, tt.jpg)

Here is a list

No. 660857

When has Laci Green ever claimed to be trad? I don't like her but she's always portrayed herself as very left wing and untraditional as far as I know.

Also, pretty sure Brittany Venti is just a troll (and never claimed to be trad either as far as I'm aware).

No. 660893

Laci has come out as "redpilled".
Venti is a troll but she buys trump merch and enters debates that are hours long with points that seem unironic, so I would believe it if she was riding the alt right bandwagon

No. 660923

I can't believe Laci Green tried to argue to me about the existence of an asexual community on tumblr and now she jumped to the other side. I am really sus about people who change their opinion like that.

No. 660941

File: 1533865791830.png (24.99 KB, 531x211, babies.png)

this is just weird

No. 660951

Jesus those gums
That skinny fat physique

Can't believe this girl wasn't born in Mississippi

No. 661276

True, a lot of tradthots have previously been the other extreme. Stella talked about previously being politically left leaning and then getting "redpilled" then shortly after starting her channel in an interview.
The white rose used to make porn now she's "based and anti porn!!!".
Lauren southern was a civic nationalist less than a year ago, she talked about it with tara McCarthy and brittany pettibone.
They just hop on what's convenient.

No. 661363

sis did it for that chris ray gun dick. Man either he is really hung or something because he even had anisa making a scene once she found out he was with laci. But tbh I dont think laci is that "red pilled" she still has her ideals if you look at her twitter you can still see she is pretty much a liberal.

No. 661500

Has she really? As her recent videos still seem to be pretty left wing/feminist. I don't understand what is exactly meant by her being "redpilled", apart from her dating some controversial guy.

No. 662109


Laci is still left-wing, it's just that the anon you're responding to is an SJW so it skews the perspective. Laci has changed very little as far as I'm concerned

No. 662136

>changed very little
>makes video talking about the "redpilled" and becomes cozy with people in the alt right

No. 662138

Who does she cozy up with from the alt right? Chris is middle of the road edgy "skeptic" tuber.

No. 662240

No. 662243


I don't think she's as extreme as the other ladies mentioned here but she's being warm to the "redpill" trend simply because it's popular

No. 662244

Venti likes to hide behind the ~it's just an act~ thing so she doesn't have to own it and cop everything that comes with that.

if she was pointing out that tumblr is fucking cancer, and that most (if not all) of the 'asexual' community are people who do not fit the definition but need a label to feel special, then I suddenly love Laci.

No. 662251

Yeah, venti claims it's ironic even though she's bought trump merch and gone to rallies lmao

No. 662268

File: 1534011770075.png (16.7 KB, 589x149, bv.PNG)

even though she's spoken ironically about being called "trad," if her being on the right is really a troll gimmick it's a convincing one.

No. 662307

Everybody calls Laura Loomer an old hag, but she actually just turned 25 this year wtf

No. 662308

I thought Laura was like 35 and that Lauren southern was like 28 jfc

No. 662348

HOLY SHIT I had no idea. I thought she was 35~40 years old.
With women like her and Southern it's no wonder the men in their movement won't stop sperging about "the wall" and how women look like shit after 25.

No. 662356

>Desi-Rae tradthot

Wtf when?

No. 662386

File: 1534023988410.jpg (134.89 KB, 1024x1024, 14240938_178818319214188_67901…)

Loomer is actually younger than Southern iirc

No. 662400

Since she was in the chart above, what do people think about Blonde?

No. 662470

She is literally just repeating over and over "omg lead a healthy lifestyle" nothing more

No. 662474

This girl is so bland and her opinions are so predictable

No. 662484

Being a fat fuck is as red blooded murica as it gets tho…

No. 662569

Funny how people who go after obesechans are always such plain uggos themselves. Low hanging fruit to make themselves feel marginally better I suppose, not saying much though…..

No. 662596

File: 1534052146483.webm (2.13 MB, 1280x720, PepeLePew.webm)

I wonder why she left.

No. 662601

Didn't she date like hundreds of guys? Now she's married I think, at the trad age of 30

No. 662635

Brittany has outright said she hates dirty liberals and can't stand people on the left. Did anyone watch the two "Shoe's career is dead" or whatever streams? She would say things like Shoe is an obvious lefty, as if it were ever a secret and as if June claimed to be right. Anti-feminist doesn't mean you're left or right, but Brittany isn't very smart.

No. 662640

Shoe isn't left or right, she says shit to people on both sides that they want to hear, to keep followers, to keep her friends, and especially to keep her longtime trans friend around.

She'll never take a hard stance on anything unless shes got support either from a large group of followers or a close person to her shes afraid to lose.

Both sides have people that will say whatever, to get popular and keep views on their youtube channel. They want to be a somebody.

No. 662646

June did actively pander to /pol/tards for a while and is still ""friends"" with a few (i.e. her and rob still follow eachother on twitter). She only quit when she started sucking tranny scrote.

No. 662656

I'm convinced this person is trans, everytime I see them my radar goes off

No. 662666

No, Lauren is even younger, she just turned 23 lol

No. 662681

She looks like a psycho and I have a feeling she's the worst person out of the tradthots.

Where did you find info on her? I searched once and couldn't find anything.
She had an askfm but it has been disabled and I couldn't access it. All I know is she has a patreon for e-begging (https://www.patreon.com/blondeinthebellyofthebeast), and a boring gab (https://gab.ai/Blonde_Beast).

No. 662691

File: 1534071208555.jpg (70.77 KB, 1000x500, loomer.jpg)

Food for thought.

No. 662696

> them
Anon come on.
Looks like a guy indeed

No. 662714

What is this supposed to prove? Do you have a particular timestamp where she speaks about the alt-right? Dave Rubin himself isn't alt-right, as far as I know. More like an opportunistic jerk.

No. 662797

What I find confusing about Laci is - wasn't she attacked far more by the right side of the political spectrum than the left-leaning people or SJWs? I remember a lot of pretty nasty slandering videos made by right-leaning trolls. Not saying that left wing people/SJWs are without issues, there obviously are problems there, but from her interviews, it seems like she only speaks about the left wing issues and doesn't mention the behaviour of the right at all or is now forgiving these people who said some truly revolting things about her. Doesn't seem to be balanced at all and I agree that there's definitely some bias there. Might because of the "skeptic" community she's now associating herself with and that it's an obvious trend for them to attack some over-the-top SJWs that are an easy target than thoughtfully criticize anything the right does.

No. 662872


Blonde definitely has a sinister air about her personality and way of speaking. Just look at the unnatural looking smile in this thumbnail. She strikes me as one of those "queen bee" types who would convince several of her friends to bully a targeted girl to the point of suicide in high school and claim she was "weeding out the weak".

And what's the deal with loads of these women dying their hair blonde and making the fake color part of their identity? Lauren Southern gets hyper-defensive whenever someone points out her dyed hair.

No. 662965

In her older videos she talked about her numerous guys she's dated in various cities all dates that kept failing after a week or so. She doesn't really reveal too much about herself but you're right she seems nutty (and sex obsessed, idk something about those stoned looking eyes…)

No. 662982

Probably because some of them are of Jewish descent. When their hair is blonde, it lightens up their facial features meaning you won't see how obviously Jewish they indeed are. Lauren Southern is a good example of this, even though she's a diluted Jew, she panders to the white nationalist crowd now. And now those idiots are acting as if she didn't say she had Jewish ancestry, her grandparents were in the holocaust etc.

This chick and Lana Lokteff (whatever her last name is) has a sinister air surrounding them. Idk if Lana has been mentioned here, but if you don't know about her, she occasionally interviews self hating POC on her white nationalist podcast and in turn, her fanboys harass them. It's pretty obvious what she's doing, she also has a very fake nice voice she puts on while talking to these people as well, and that creepy smile, lol.

No. 662995

File: 1534101461970.jpg (530.83 KB, 900x1200, 1516573000659.jpg)

Lauren isn't Jewish, that's strictly /pol/ making shit up about her.

No. 663021

They did? I remember those tweets that came out of her saying her grandparents were holocaust victims. However no one saw them actually on her account, just pics from an unknown source (most likely from /pol/) I'm going to assume it's because she was crawling on top of that black dude they didn't want to crown her their ~*Aryan Kw33n*~ and shooped her tweets and made her Jewish.

No. 663024

Her grandparents weren't holocaust victims, but they did flee Denmark when the Nazi's invaded, make of that whatever you want. I remember she tweeted about it before. If I can find the tweets I'll post them as proof.

No. 663029

It wouldn't be good for her image to openly claim to be Jewish (considering the identitarian groups she hangs around) so the denial of it means very little. So don't believe everything /pol/ says, but also don't believe everything straight out of the horses mouth so to speak.

No. 663052

because they're desperate to pander to the pol type who see blonde hair and blue eyes as absolutely perfection in women. seriously, almost every trad thot and even general token conservative woman has bleach blonde hair and they always pretend it's natural/ avoid the question.

No. 663055

i mean she's still insecure enough about her jewish sounding last name (simosen) that she uses southern instead. even if she isn't jewish, she clearly aware it sounds jewish and actively hides it.

No. 663062

all these tradthots are sinister by fucking default. Especially that bitch from Red Ice Lana Lokteff

No. 663064

Didn't she claim she was on twitter?

No. 663066

Yes, Lana is disgusting she was the one who had that teacher on their podcast and got outed (thank god) as being a public school teacher and claimed it was just 'satire'. Can you imagine what she would be telling those students? Kids, who already are insecure and look to teachers for guidance and approval. I feel sorry for any black child that was in her class.

No. 663075

>her jewish sounding last name (simosen) that she uses southern instead
you mean the name that her grandparents changed when they moved to Canada? she's not the one who changed the last name. again, this is shit /pol/ made up.

No. 663079

File: 1534108203909.jpg (108.93 KB, 750x568, 1533737245224.jpg)

>they did flee Denmark when the Nazi's invaded, make of that whatever you want
and my Lutheran grandmother left Norway when the Germans invaded, doesn't mean she was a crypto Jew. knock this shit off, this isn't /pol/

No. 663091

>all these tradthots are sinister by fucking default.
Idk. Most tradthots like Lauren, Laura Loomer, and Ashton Birdie just seem to be stupid, self-centered and opportunistic attention whores.
BlondeBeast and Lana look like they would torture kittens in their basement if it could make their hair blonder. They give me the chills, seriously.

No. 663122

File: 1534111393951.png (269.69 KB, 500x428, 1cfafc29fc5015fe3d38ae5f4dcf53…)

No. 663123

File: 1534111476941.png (643.5 KB, 555x768, cKWFALjZnk1V22rHZgg9wZzfESkt2b…)

No. 663125

you must be a moron if you can't tell that's photoshopped.

No. 663139

File: 1534112633852.jpg (63.56 KB, 750x522, 7b2fe84e51bad9d46926e51c78d7af…)

I browse and post on /r/the_donald and /r/conservative.

I quit going to /pol/ after it was raided by stormfront and Nazis

No. 663141

I wonder if theyre just a guy larping on twitter as a red pilled woman to gain more followers. /tinfoil

But the message for girls under 25 to just pick out a guy, have kids with no money (relying on 1 income) and no hobbies outside of the home sounds reckless and irresponsible. Also
>works a 9-5 job that no one cares about
A boring 9-5 > no job kek. They have to be young to sound this stupid.
Thought guys hated gold diggers too? But so long as theyre tradthots, its fine?

No. 663147

my bad, I deleted it because I wasn't sure if it belonged here. I legit thought it was a dude too, but she did a livestream and sadly she's a woman. It's tragic. She's upset because her mom told her she had to go to school.

No. 663156

File: 1534113860307.png (997.5 KB, 1188x1440, fdrb57gevn.png)

No. 663160

Does this creature even show her face? I've always noticed how the Twitter tradthots will even hide their face, or filter it to the extremes, or only show half of it (that chick, Elisabeth from Denmark aka moderatefiend aka swanlisabeth or whatever) comes to mind. She's ugly as hell, and has some weird obsession with Asians while calling everyone else "niggers" or "spics"

No. 663169

She talks as if being ugly is something you choose or control, and here's why I'm bitter and post nonsense on other boards. I need a break

No. 663171

The upside is that no matter how attractive she is right now, she will inevitably age and resemble the older, unattractive women she hates. Just imagine her world crashing when her skin starts to sag, her estrogen production lowers, she gains 15 kilos, and her redpilled husband loses interest.

I wonder if these handmaidens ever think that the attention and affection obtained through the pandering of misogynistic males has an expiration date? They'll get their karma.

No. 663180

So this girl wants to be a lazy leech off a man while telling other women who have their own money and lives that theyre useless unless they are uneducated breeding stock for men like her. Misery loves company.
But so long as she stamps a 'Sell By' date on herself and tell other redpill guys exactly what they want to hear about women from a woman, she thinks shes safe. Hope her mom puts her foot down on school or work or a fucking hobby outsie. This girl sounds so bitter and miserable.

No. 663195

Lauren southern is literally made a propaganda video that got millions of views about 'muh poor whites' in South Africa. Stop downplaying these people.

No. 663204

File: 1534117171587.png (541.23 KB, 588x1396, jbVYtc6d67f.png)

Battle of the tradthots

No. 663210

Farmers are getting killed in South Africa? How is that "propaganda"?

No. 663293

it's not propaganda, it's unreported news that is very true and happening right now. The Farmlands was one of the few things she did well that wasn't pandering.

No. 663368

File: 1534132636915.png (886.56 KB, 1024x768, 4b384db312948ffd0c1168411fd36b…)

No. 663384

File: 1534135046589.jpg (134.95 KB, 953x720, 1534132968348.jpg)

>gotta get the tits out, people will watch the video if I show cleavage

No. 663400

File: 1534136551396.jpg (89.12 KB, 640x640, 10597346_1470850693164101_1850…)

No. 663419

Fucking kek, now I understand why Shoe0nhead follows her. Makes perfect sense.

I can’t imagine being this fucked in the head and so hate filled to take pictures of random women and commenting on their bodies/faces for your male audience. Because remember, women only exist for one thing: being appealing to men! And if they’re ugly…what’s the need for them? It’s not like they’re human beings with feelings?

I would love to see what this hag looks like. I guess there is a reason why she doesn’t show her face. My god far right/“””conservative”” women are fucking insufferable.

No. 663487

This reminds me of that one HIMYM episode there Barney Stinsons says something along the lines that you can forget about women once they turn 30, but men are just going to get better starting from that age. Guess she takes it even more to the extreme and thinks of 26 as too old and useless…yikes

No. 663575

Stop blogging about yourself and sage your shit.

No. 663578

If her mom is telling her what to do with her life like go to school, she has to be another Stell Bell. Young and trying to use that only attribute to attract a red pill guy to trap with kids. But how you get them is how you lose them and once shes old at 26 (according to her), he'll upgrade for someone younger. All these tradthots put an expiration date on themselves thinking it'll help them find a husband lol. Its hilariously ironic that they can only offer their pussy in the relationship, the very thing men in trp hate about women and relationships the most

No. 663585

I always wonder what these type of women are going to do once they ''hit the wall/''/or become their definition of ''too old''? Do they forget that they age just like everyone else?

They're in for a fun surprise once they hit their 30s and have spent years promoting the idea that women are ''used up'' at a certain age. They'll see what type of men they've attracted.

No. 663905

How old is this girl? Do we know it's a girl and not a tranny or a man? Those older women don't look bad at all and look pretty happy. That buff girl has a great body.

I'm getting this really weird vibe from this person like they're projecting a lot, especially with physical appearances. I don't know anyone that spends this much time picking apart women other than incels and MGTOW types. Really makes you think.

No. 663908

This is fucking gross. Imagine hating on women for aging– something every living human naturally has to go through. Women are already put under an insane pressure to never age or have wrinkles, even in their late 40s/early 50s.

Imaging hating other women this much to cater to men. This is really sad

No. 663915

This is a tranny. Just listen to this voice that's already low, but they talk as though they're struggling to keep it high. You can definitely hear it compared to the other woman in this interview. You only need to listen in until about 2 minutes to hear what I mean.

First minute into the interview:
>Redpill tranny voice: I swear I don't live in my mom's basement and I'm not a guy. I promise you.
>Guy: …Right.
Fucking cringe.

No. 663933

File: 1534203376229.png (53.81 KB, 593x528, 6cGPZYk.png)

She's 22 according to her cringey blog. So she's only got 4 years until she's "old" in her worldview


No. 663935

This is actually a thing.

She is nowhere near educated enough to talk about it but my friend ran away to Australia because his family almost getting shot in his own house, I doubt bimbo mcfuckaredneck gives a rat ass about people that won’t support her patreon but still pretends to care about all whites.

Cherry picking other people’s misery to further her agenda

No. 663937

File: 1534203802297.png (38.04 KB, 1269x345, vocalfry.png)

The comments are having none of it.

She has the audacity in the interview to say she wants to write a book on being more feminine, then the first male comment immediately calls "her" out on having a suspiciously deep voice. The other person compares her to her arch nemesis Lauren Southern kek.

Also, no actual women are listening to her. She really is depressing.

No. 663938

She stuffs her bra so much it's hilarious

No. 664043

Read through a couple of posts
>men wont cheat on women if women just stayed feminine and submissive she says
Apparently cheating never happened to feminine women. And if it did, it was her fault

>sofia vagara is ugly and postwall
She really hates women aging doesnt she? I think she really believe she will never turn 25+

>let girls be dumb
>let girls live off their husbands because women with careers are ugly and no man likes a smart woman with a job

RPC is a mess kek

No. 664067

oh yes, tell this to all asian countries where marriage/relationships are basically for show and men cheat with multiple women at a time.

No. 664078

File: 1534219571933.jpg (120.24 KB, 731x1200, Cxhcys7XUAQT4Aa.jpg)

No. 664079

File: 1534219765622.jpg (419.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180814-000922_Sam…)

No. 664084

OOF. My theory on this is she's pretending to be white online nowadays, she doesn't want her loyal fanbase of white incels/MRA to know she's actually an Arab Muslim girl.

Just noticed she's deleted thousands of tweets, what a weirdo.

No. 664087

File: 1534220528302.png (514.17 KB, 720x888, Screenshot_2018-08-13-23-18-41…)

>all women should be youthful feminine submissive dumb moms, you're ruining the world if you wanna get a job women!
>you're are stupid fat masculine roasties who hit the wall with no man and now you wonder where all the good men gone, unlike uwu youthful feminine me lol

No. 664093

Lol holy fuckin shit, she's making fun of other women for aging when she knows her skin will sagging worse than a fat girl's tits by the time she's 30.
Also wow so feminine with that mustache

No. 664099

You mean to tell me that this isn’t a male? Holy shit. Looks like a dude.

No. 664102

>muslim girl

holyshit, this just got crazier than expected.

No. 664127

>deleting thousands of tweets
Someone start archiving. Also, her blog needs to be archived. There is so much cringe she can never live down there.

No. 664137

A muslim pandering to all these white supremacists lmao, the self hate is real

No. 664180

>weh bitchiness/unnecessary personal attacks :(
>everyone who disagrees with me is an ugly old hag!!

Gosh I wonder why it’s so hard for her to get civilised discussions going.

No. 664186

File: 1534234843186.jpg (542.46 KB, 831x699, q5l9Kmy.jpg)

>''LOL Sophia Vergara is so hideous and post-wall''
what a mess. gave me a good kek.

No. 664193

File: 1534236152024.png (330.4 KB, 738x832, lol.png)

the transition of her twitter bio makes her self-hate so obvious. wonder what happened to that boyfriend.

No. 664194

File: 1534236222824.png (56.68 KB, 775x545, lol2.png)

also, apparently she made a post about being muslim but deleted it, but it still shows up on google

No. 664197

File: 1534237064918.png (97.1 KB, 594x702, autism.png)

She deleted it because she's now Christian, even though I've never seen her mention Jesus ONCE on her Twitter. She only speaks about God.

I explored through her Twitter some more just to see if she has any female friends, unsurprisingly, all her female friends are self-hating WOC who wish to have their own white supremacist kang.

No. 664202

The thing that both tradthots and sjw have in common: they love shitting on white women. Either they're 'feminist roasties' or 'privileged'…

Did 4chan find her already?

No. 664203


>The first time I showed up to the games, I was shocked that there were not really any females who came to play. Well, there was one but she was way older than me and she wasn’t someone I really could connect with. She had been playing the sport for years and was okay with playing with one of the boys. Heck, she blended in with them better. I wouldn’t exactly count her as a “female”.

>On the other hand, there was me blossoming with cute naiveté. I mean I wore my Chanel perfume to this thing. I even wore a cute, bright pink tank paired with Lululemon’s and perfectly color-coordinated Nike sneakers.

>I did not go to the game thinking I had to run and sweat. I came to the game thinking I’d have to compete against the other girls. I mean we’re just tossing a disc right and stand there for fifteen minutes, right?

wow, this shit is a goldmine.

Thanks farmers, I finally found myself a new cow

No. 664205

Oh fuck there is more:

>I was not fast enough. I could not play well enough. I could not throw hard enough. I could not run and keep up. No one would throw the freaking frisbee to me. It was annoying to have to be play against an old man or a little boy (who by the way out ran me and scored multiple times).

>I wanted to bake an apple pie and put my hair tied up in a chignon. I wanted to do ballet at a dance center. I wanted to watch makeup tutorial videos and figure out whether I should buy the Morphe palette 35R or 35OS.

>I wanted to do girly things. I wanted there to be some shade of pink involved. I wanted it to be cute and fun not aggressive and sweaty.

>I did not sign up for that.

I'm dying fam

No. 664208

LMFAO she’s literally a parody of herself

No. 664209

Imagine this face saying that
>Matt Forney wouldn’t date her because she’s Indian and she probs smells like curry LOL
You could pass for Indian as well?!
How dumb is she??

Honestly looking through her twitter really pains me, that there are men and women who really regard us as something so low…
I hope to god her parents or somebody manages to intervene and stop her.

No. 664210

She hates white women because she wants to be one, literally all the "tradfams" she posts are white families, the examples of "trve" femininity she posts are all white women. And the majority of her Twitter enemies? White women.

No. 664214


>We force women into male-dominated environments with the expectation that they will retain their natural, feminine submissiveness while performing like a man. We want women to have sexy, long hair and look sexy in a pencil skirt without being aggressive and manly but still have to get shit done.

>We reward women for being like men but we get mad at women for acting bitchy.

Oh hey, she seems to be onto something here…

>Women turn into bitchy cunts when you make them do things that are against their nature. Leave women alone. Let them be in the kitchen. Let them make food for you. Let them get married young. Let them play with dolls. Let them wear pink and stop lecturing your daughters to wear a t-shirt that encourages them to go into STEM. Let them keep their hair long. Let them get their nails done. Let them study whatever their idealistic heart desires. Let them go to church. Let them laugh. Let them be “dumb”. Let them rely on their husbands for money. Let them take care of the kids. Let them shave their legs. Let them dance. Let them have a hundred girl friends before worrying about getting a boyfriend.


No. 664215

That article was so dumb. She somehow concluded that our inability to compete against men in athletics means we should all be stereotypically girly girl tradthots. Or, at least, her inability to compete when she clearly hasn't trained.

No. 664216

Her schtick is literally ''I'm a pure muslim feminine trad waifu, white guys let me show you how superior i am to your women uwu''
you've gotta be a special kind of desperate to be a Persian/muslim woman and try to appeal to far right white men.

>Let them rely on their husbands for money.
I was wondering when this would come up. kek.

No. 664217


>Taken 3/4/17 <3

What happened to her boyfriend?
I thought she was the ~perfect woman that keeps her man happy~

No. 664218

File: 1534238883792.jpg (216.53 KB, 617x1350, XjBlrtY.jpg)

>why y'all so mad just enjoy your life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 664221


What does she have against horse lovers?

No. 664222

File: 1534239314544.jpg (47.29 KB, 1040x510, yy58mx3.jpg)

>men peek when they are 40!

No. 664223

lmao, the girl she's making fun of look so much cuter and more youthful than she is. She must be angry.

No. 664224

probably just bitter that women who have interests/hobbies exist or she had to came up with something to fill the list.

Ironically, if she's so ''trad'' she'd know that horses are often associated with femininity and grace, plus little girls adore them. There's a reason why girls' cartoons/movies/books/etc involving horses are immensely popular.

No. 664226

She linked this: https://heartiste.wordpress.com/dating-market-value-test-for-women/

1.  How old are you?
15 to 16 years old:  +5 points
17 to 20 years old:  +10 points
21 to 25 years old:  +8 points
26 to 29 years old:  +3 point
30 to 33 years old:  0 points
33 to 36 years old:  -1 point
37 to 40 years old:  -5 points
41 to 45 years old:  -8 points
46 to 49 years old:  -10 points
over 49:  you’ve hit the wall.  waysa?

Because 17-year-olds are hotter than 21-year-olds…

No. 664228

>over 49: you’ve hit the wall. waysa?
Oh, now the wall is 50 y.o. and not 30 y.o. anymore? They're getting complacent.

No. 664230

> A 15 year old girl is more compatible with a 30 year old man than she would be with a 16 year old boy

What are women supposed to do with this information?

No. 664232

And how does our 22 yo redpillchick feel about being uglier and less desireable than those sexy teens?

No. 664234

For men: https://heartiste.wordpress.com/dating-market-value-test-for-men/
So much easier, do you have a car, yes or no? Being over 30? Still good!

No. 664237

Women should just surrender themselves to pedophiles while they are still young and then kill themselves once they reach 25.

Don't question this logic dumb woman, it was made by a superior rational male who totally isn't a creep locked in his basement that faps to anime loli porn.

No. 664238

A women being between 41 and 45 years old: -8 points

A man being arrested for child pornography or public exposure: -1 point

Not so sure if this is how the "marketplace" works…

No. 664241


It's funny because there is plenty of dick for women to choose for if they want (regardless of age). Dick is abundant and low value.
While at the same time there is tons of angry virgins who can't get a woman and gather around sites such as PUA and TRP.

So going by that, men have a lower "dating market value" in general.

No. 664242

"This man has been arrested for detention of child pornography and flashing his dick to schoolkids but I'm 41 so I'm less attractive than he is!" said no woman ever.

No. 664248

File: 1534242066674.png (425.98 KB, 984x588, uh.png)

why is she so salty though

No. 664255

>only shows her face in avi (warning sign)
She doesn't even show her face, or a face. She shows another woman's lips (and a white one when she's actually brown, at that), and all she posts is bitter anti-feminist shit. Do the rules not apply to her? This question is my thing with all "trad" figures, honestly. Shouldn't their social media be composed of cake recipes and how to shine your man's shoes, if they even have it at all? The rhetoric they push out ultimately leads to women not having any political voice or presence, but they want to dodge that somehow and get shine from policing other women. Isn't that unladylike behavior? Her husband (if he exists, and if he doesn't, tsk tsk) should be running her page, and the most we should see of her is in his "happy traditional life" photos every holiday. According to the rules she pushes, women need to be seen and not heard.

They don't even subscribe fully to their own backwards bullshit. They just want to leech off men, and are mad because they think women who actually want to work are blocking their blessings.

No. 664257

She wants men to read "chick" in her username while she regurgitates bitter male opinions. The idea is, they'll think "Wow, she agrees with my opinion! What a catch! Not like the other girls. I want to love her, support her and give her all my money", slide into her DMs, and she can pick out the most handsome/rich one. She'll still continue this schtick even if this works to reap more benefits from orbiters. If her Patreon account doesn't already exist, it's because she doesn't have enough of a following yet (or because she's scared they'll eventually demand a face reveal, see she's a brown woman and walk out).
She's probably jealous of Markle because despite being older, half-black and having a history of her own, she married into the royal family and is set for life without having to use such cheap tactics.

No. 664267

Because she knows she has nothing of value to bring, so she desperately cling to redpill values like youth or not being divorced which allows her to put down objectively more interesting and accomplished women if they happen to be older, enjoy working, are feminist, etc. It makes her feel better about merely being a semi-decent looking girl with no skills or hobbies beyond 'femininity'.

So seeing Prince Harry go for a divorced 36 years old woman completely destroys that world-view and bring out her insecurities to the max. You can practically hear her going "Oh, but it's not faiiiir!" in these tweets.

See this post: https://redpillchick.wordpress.com/2017/07/29/let-girls-be-girls/
In this one it is pretty obvious she feels insecure about being a girly girl with not much beyond that.

>The first time I showed up to the games, I was shocked that there were not really any females who came to play. Well, there was one but she was way older than me and she wasn’t someone I really could connect with. She had been playing the sport for years and was okay with playing with one of the boys. Heck, she blended in with them better. I wouldn’t exactly count her as a “female”.

See? There is one woman with frisbee skills, but it doesn't count because she's older and not really a "female".

No. 664269

>They just want to leech off men, and are mad because they think women who actually want to work are blocking their blessings.
I don't get why they're so obsessed with policing what other women do considering this. Surely they'd be glad for less competition and being less like ~the other girls~? It just makes them look better to the MRA dick they're chasing in comparison. But I guess they enjoy the ego boost of acting superior and lecturing others, and they can use the faux concern to disguise an internet presence dedicated solely to bragging about yourself and sucking up to men.

No. 664292

File: 1534252366013.gif (929.79 KB, 320x240, mjl.gif)

>Sometimes, a girl like me just wants to talk about girly stuff like who the cute boys in my class are, what color I should get for my next manicure, and whether I should adopt a lamb or a pig because baby animals are cute. Is this a thought crime? Nah. I’m not apologizing for anything.
She's so brave.

>I was feeling crappy today. Didn’t want to get out of bed. Woke up with the sniffles. The last thing I wanted to do was wear my nude Steve Madden heels. But I did it anyway.
>Got into the elevator. Girl next to me looked slightly intimidated but impressed.
Not just brave, bud badass! This girl had the sniffles but wore her nude Steve Madden heels regardless! I'm impressed indeed.

No. 664297

>They just want to leech off men, and are mad because they think women who actually want to work are blocking their blessings.
This is what I don't get. ''Red pilled'' men and MGTOW constantly bitch about ''women leeching off of them under the disguise of marriage''.
Wouldn't her ''rely on ur man for the income, stay at home and bake cookies uwu'' shit be frowned upon by redpill standards?

No. 664306

>You are on a second date with a girl. You go to kiss her. She turns her cheek to you and says “Slow down, I’m not that kind of girl.” You reply:
>(C) “This could be trouble ’cause I’m that kind of guy.” smirk
>If (C), add a point.
Christ, this is painful.

No. 664336

>men and women are equivalent not equal
is this supposed to be some kind of gotcha?

No. 664338

>Please please won't a man notice me already! Look at how feminine and traditional I am!
Girl if you have to posture this hard just so you could get a guy to notice you I can't imagine what level of mean-spirited goblin you must be.

No. 664344

Why are redpillers so obsessed with smirking?

It makes them even more autistic than they already are. Do they think it makes them look cool like Sasuke from Naruto?

No. 664372

>I guess, not everyone is as lucky as me but I’ve been wearing heels since I was 13-years-old. I started off with one inch heels and can now easily wear heels that are four to five inches in the daytime with zero issues. Even in high school, I wore boots with three inch heels while the other girls came in with flat boots or Doc Martens and they thought i was crazy.

>I was on the wait list for Wellesley, a liberal feminist’s wet dream, but in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t get in or this blog would not exist. Who knows? Maybe, I would be ten times uglier or even have short blue hair. Even thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

>Coming from NYC, the women and men here are not as attractive nor try to be. Girls here care more about the white man killing off Native Americans than what’s on sale in the makeup section at CVS

>When Kanye West made fun of Amber Rose for sleeping around a lot, her response wasn’t “Hey, knock it off, bud!” or “I’m not a slut!” (even those are mild compared to what she actually said). Instead she went on to insult Kanye’s masculinity. Bad move! Very unfeminine!

> Lots of American women fight for pointless things like feminism and climate control. I don’t know if it’s my generation but whenever I hear women who are passionate about these causes, they end up stop taking care of themselves to devote their lives to their “passion”. It just all seems so weird to me when a girl who is my age cares more about having men and women be equal than something like finding their future husband, starting a family, looking nice, doing well in their classes, and believing in God.

>Bad thing about modern women- Most of them believe that they have to be independent after they turn 18 and take care of themselves typically without the support of their families so a lot of them work and are focused on their career.

I think she needs her own thread. Prime lolcow material.

No. 664376

File: 1534265127899.png (19.48 KB, 585x171, SSlibIe.png)

>post wall slut

No. 664382

Why does she call sofia vergara hideous? Sofia is 46 but i guarantee you that anyone would think sofia is much more attractive than redpillchick herself at 22. jealousy

No. 664383

I'd imagine she must be a trap or something, how can someone be this damn insecure about their femininity

No. 664398

File: 1534266689642.png (30.07 KB, 573x315, xnWiXeW.png)

No. 664402

does this idiot even know what shes saying? "just because Im a POC and disagree with you doesnt mean my opinion is invalid"

Uhhhh just because another woman disagrees with YOU and isnt your ideal, doesnt mean their opinions are invalid either.

"Lots of us are sick of being victims"
Then attacks other women for existing? You're not the victim sweetie. You're just an attention seeking whore with access to the internet.

No. 664403

because she didn't get to marry the prince. Its clear "she" is jealous of every woman on the planet.

No. 664405

She got dumped for someone younger and dumber, thats why shes so mad and focused on age. (probably)

No. 664408

I'm shocked that she started this account like this, taking red pill and being ethic and mixing them together isn't going to go well. I guess she learned that but yikes if she thought nobody would remember or find out eventually.

No. 664426

File: 1534268861344.png (599.51 KB, 1190x1122, 2rsKQBK.png)

>I honestly have very few female friends
Gee, who would have guessed that

No. 664430

File: 1534269227578.jpg (55.57 KB, 778x711, klk.JPG)

She graduated college and lives in a shared house with her boyfriend.

I guess finding a job so they can find a place for themselves would be so unfeminine!

No. 664434


>Never understood women who think they are happy and "have it all" when they are 30, single, earning 100k per year and live in a big city

>I'm totally happy living in a shared house in the middle of nowhere, earning nothing while my boyfriend probably is dead tired of working his ass off on a shitty paying job.

hahahahha oh wow her shit is goldmine

No. 664437

>youre not gods gift to the world you postwall ugly single slut
>im a good christian(shes still muslim lbr) trying to spread happiness uwu
>being single in your 40s is her worst nightmare
She seriously belives she cannot offer anything to society but her pussy and womb. Ironically shes the caricature of a woman mgtows and most other men hate the most

No. 664441

File: 1534270171350.png (106.13 KB, 580x876, 07FZEVq.png)

No. 664448

File: 1534270747370.png (23.84 KB, 650x257, 1.PNG)

DAE think that Rest d Pill Chick is just coping because she didn't get into medical school? She seems to always bring it up and seemed to want to go. Maybe she couldn't make it and that explains her seething hatred for "career" women?

No. 664449

>all the guys in the family
>her cousin
Lol maybe she shouldn't go for Muslim misogynists who hate women because they don't dedicate their life to them, also isn't that incestuous? If its even true, I assume its because shes family not because she "hit the wall"

No. 664450

>even all the who are lawyers and doctors want someone who is younger and prettier
yeah not you though huh

No. 664455

>all the guys want someone younger so they can grow old together
lmao, I guess you can't grow old with a partner your own age.
That doesn't make any sense and yet she's typing this as if she was spreading gospel. Imagine being this retarded.

A lot of tradthots hatred for "career" women, feminists, or just women with hobbies beyond pleasing men is due to insecurity. Like when Lauren made fun of a girl studying medicine.

No. 664458

>No guys in my family want her because she's too old for them
What? Is she trying to marry within the family?

Anyway, 30 is when people get married nowadays anyway. 30 isn't a death sentence, and you can look pretty good at 30 as long as your lifestyle is good. I worry about these girls who freak out about this stuff.

No. 664461

I swear I've seen another tradthot tell this exact same story, right down to the details about Facebook and having a cat.

No. 664463

This is too moronic to be real. It has to be a troll.

No. 664464

File: 1534271872013.png (189.13 KB, 1188x838, gSifUo7.png)

No. 664489

File: 1534274760439.png (208.2 KB, 1518x943, maximum cope.png)

after giving up on med school/heart surgeon, she tried to go to law school/be a lawyer.

i guess thats just more evidence that she couldn't make it to professional school and so now she spends all her time raging at women who could.

it also explains why she thinks that female doctors/lawyers have "no time" for men and end up single. most professional women i know have long term relationships and definitely don't have a lack of time.

it also explains her weird fan fiction about living with a female law student.

No. 664491

File: 1534274909723.png (42.42 KB, 646x335, 6 months of mcat studying.PNG)

sorry for the double post but lol, the juxtaposition of these two tweets made me laugh.

No. 664525

tinfoil - redpillchick is a liberal pretending to be a redpilled woman to make anti fems look bad

the whole "women should worry about whats on sale than cvs than white men killing natives" is oddly sus

No. 664528

i mean tradthots always take their ideals from the 50s so it's not that far off.

No. 664529

i was going through her twitter account and i think her boyfriend is a former republican congressional staffer, who moved from DC to Kansas City… also he (and a few other people) call her nadia, and before that holly grant.

No. 664532

File: 1534278893803.png (64.52 KB, 590x304, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 3.31…)

now I'm not calling her fat (she has a nice body tbh) but I highly doubt she wears an xs.
What's with tradthots obsession with being uwu smoll. So many beauty icons from their beloved fifties era were bombshells.

No. 664538

i'm heading down this rabbit hole further and i'm really confused. at first he calls his girlfriend (redpillchick) indian multiple times. then he calls her an arab?

that and this post >>663915 make me wonder if its a guy trying to catfish people

No. 664539

File: 1534279383915.jpg (89.59 KB, 500x333, noni-nelson.jpg)

She's probably a midget. (So sm0l and feminine uwu!)

Pic related
>Female law students are hot….said literally no one ever. This isn’t the actual lawyer chick btw. 
She definitely originally wanted to have a normal career and life.

No. 664541

Her boobs won't fit an XS based on that photo, and neither would her ass. Her waist might, and her height, but that's about it.

That aside, I wear small sizes and I don't think they are "sold out" but rather there's just… not as thoroughly stocked. There's more of a need for mediums and up because those are what sells more/that's the typical body.

No. 664543

or a troon
explains their hateboner for women who don't dedicate their lives to men and think femininity is all about makeup, heels and animals

No. 664544

because “American woman are so fat and unattractive, unlike me, I’m a tiny XS size uwu”
All tradthots and right-wing pandering women are absolutely o b s e s s e d with being “smol, young looking and submissive :3”

No. 664545

File: 1534279893558.png (196.49 KB, 1196x926, cLi8PHK.png)

Anyone know what business~ she runs?

No. 664547

She’s muslim, and In some muslim communities it’s common to marry within the family (i.e cousin marriage).

No. 664548

probably none, or just using daddys money to sell computers on ebay and now thinks shes a business savvy inspirational uwu

running a supposed business isn't very uwu feminine of you rpc
I'm guessing it doesn't apply to her but all other girls should be submissive baby makers who only think about makeup and heels or else they're feminist roasties who cause the downfall of society

No. 664551

>become financially independent
>starting my own company
>got a job
The hell is she smoking?
I thought women should financially depend on their husbands, stay at home and let their men take care of them according to her? She spends all day bitching and moaning about “career women” for having 9-5 jobs but it’s suddenly okay for her to have a career related aspiration?

No. 664552

File: 1534280642356.jpg (47.35 KB, 751x241, gradschool.jpg)

You don't have to be a feminist to realize this logic is fucking dumb. If men prefer in their late teens-early 20s, why become entirely financially dependent on one who's going to dump you once you go past that age? It's hard to get hired once you're old, uneducated and have no experience; it's not just dating that has an expiration date. She's more concerned about that than surviving lol, her parents must be pretty well-off for her to be so out of touch with real life. Of course both of them have higher education.

No. 664553

File: 1534280779446.png (491.17 KB, 620x886, lol.PNG)

More lauren southern salt from RedPillChick.

Here she accuses LS of being jewish and getting a nose job, after some guy she follows gushes about her.


No. 664554

that's it
I noticed all these trad thots are almost always spoiled brats who come from rich families

No. 664560

File: 1534281457123.png (168.41 KB, 1174x678, 8ydy3f2.png)

She's def from a rich family

No. 664562

File: 1534281645690.png (37.14 KB, 480x272, v9b2jgl.png)

No. 664563

is there anything she hasn't contradicted herself over? I mean if she wants her dad to treat her mom awfully once she gets old and put an expiration date on herself thats on her

No. 664565

she is so similar to shoe

No. 664567

So her mom made 50k more her than dad and he changed careers so there's no way she can make as much as him, which implies that the mom works, and but her dad supports the family/there's just one income? This chick is lying to support her own agenda.

No. 664568

File: 1534281966791.png (716.85 KB, 1440x671, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 4.25…)

she made her twitter private

No. 664569

let me guess, she's going to cry and blame this on mean, catty female boolies :(

even though she says worse stuff about women on a daily basis >>663156

No. 664570

she's been lying every step of the way, also 20 yr old who married a 40 yr old and her dad is magically still alive somehow while her mom has a career and questioning if he wants to marry a 25 or 30 yr old magically right in front of her even though she doesn't live with her parents?

her entire twitter account is a mess of lies, I lowkey wanna find her boyfriend and parents and send this to them to see if half the shit she claims about her family is true or not, and if it isn't she sure as FUCK ain't trad at all

No. 664571

She's a bully, if that post about the female lawyer roommate is any indication. Yeah, that roommate sucked, but it wasn't very feminine of her to write a post about a girl you don't like for the whole world to see. And such language! Wow. If she tries that, she's a hypocrite.

No. 664574

I've noticed a lot of tradthots talk down to girls with 'daddy issues' a lot. I think a lot of them have 'mommy issues' IG why they (performatively) hate women so much.

No. 664576

Her bf is on twitter she doesnt hide the relationship, _hollister_99


archive from his twitter in 2015 says his name is bruce hollis

No. 664578

wait how do you know it's her boyfriend?

No. 664579

>be trad fellow women and just get married and don't work or you're a dumb thot
>lol bitches are so bitter they think I'm uneducated and are jealous I have a company
She really just has deeply rooted misogyny, doesn't she? It's so fucking annoying that she thinks she's the exception to every rule she herself makes. She also breaks them at will.

No. 664581

Not only she wrote post about that roomate, she also posted her picture where she's sleeping drunk, 100% without her roomate's consent.

No. 664583

File: 1534284353716.jpeg (111.53 KB, 750x725, A9B6BF66-7C61-4C0F-9B95-D3D99F…)

Lmao of course her boyfriend is a trump supporter and supporter of Eric greitens, the former governor of Missouri who had to resign because of his sexual abuse scandals.

No. 664586

File: 1534284505070.png (656.79 KB, 716x893, drunk.png)

Is this the pic in question?

No. 664588

Is this actually the girl? She was calling her fat, and I don't see much of a difference in terms of body.

No. 664589

File: 1534284835299.png (306.77 KB, 644x1076, 6q8VDtx.png)

Used reverse image search it's just a random internet image.

But up thread you can see she posted a picture of a woman at the beach without her consent. She's so similar to Shoe.

No. 664592

this is so fucking creepy what the fuck, it looks like some shit on some fetish blog about abusing a uni student would post

No. 664596

megan looks unironically younger than the girl in the picture

No. 664602

File: 1534286563962.png (547.34 KB, 676x617, crymore.png)

>but at times it's too much
>stop making fun of good little muslim girls, white boys
Aww, but I thought you were a 10/10 trad white girl, RPC? Why does it affect you?

No. 664603

File: 1534286602265.png (45.73 KB, 1136x318, Screenshot_2018-08-15 applying…)

No. 664605

File: 1534286705896.png (62.61 KB, 1118x490, Screenshot_2018-08-15 applying…)

"I use red pill as a joke, I'm not retarded I swear, hahaha"

No. 664606

File: 1534286723101.jpg (28.2 KB, 300x450, 1870791_nigella-lawson-v0.jpg)

cursing isn't uwu feminine nada
neither is whining about who a prince chooses a date just because she's a "mans leftovers" whatever that means

don't you get it anon? it's womens jobs to remain youthful, virginal, dumb, quiet,unemployed, feminine models (except for obnoxious ass ms man stache business owner here) just to get dumped for a younger girl when you turn 25 or whatever
men however, they can be the fattest, ugliest,cheating, pedophile pieces of shit ever and it's okay if he makes a lot!

No. 664607

>was a college thot and now magically wants to harass women who don't follow her "rules for women" and men who date those women who aren't her

No. 664613

Hes white. Isnt race mixing a big no no in trp? "save the white race" and all that?

>well I AM well educated, came from a rich family, and had the opprotunity to go to a nice college BUT NO other woman should. Its better for all women to be uneducated and financially dependent uwuwuwu

>hit the wall and decline in value at 25
25 is when you're fully developed as an adult. But keep pandering aamina.

No. 664615

She unlocked it

No. 664619

call off the marriage? how un-trad of you, uwu, women don’t have a choice

No. 664624

File: 1534287444181.png (50.89 KB, 1535x588, Screenshot_2018-08-14 How far …)


She deleted the post but judging from the comments she wanted to get into competitive fencing 2 years ago.

She also mentions fencing here: https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/anyone-to-americorps-would-love-to-chat-with-you.1201061/#post-17770089
So it's definitively the same person.

I thought competition wasn't uwu feminine?

No. 664628

File: 1534287636926.png (74.35 KB, 1177x789, Screenshot_2018-08-15 What mak…)

No. 664632

>fencing making me diverse
imagine being this desperate to be special

No. 664641


That shrek ass neck isnt fitting into a small anything

No. 664642

File: 1534289199550.png (124.58 KB, 1822x930, RPC GM.png)

Apparently she and George McIntyre were assaulted for wearing MAGA hats back in '16.

No. 664644

File: 1534289273542.png (119.91 KB, 1778x796, RPC GM 2.png)

No. 664646

File: 1534289355645.png (669.39 KB, 1846x860, RPC GM 3.png)

The tweet found on the Wayback Machine.

No. 664650

JFC this level of deflection she uses is almost exactly the same as shoe0nhead. she's like shoe on steroids.

No. 664663

lol this lying bitch. I am an XS and what that usually means is you're super twiggy or just small and petite. She is neither. You also get told all the time you "look anorexic" by types like her who love to scrutinize other womens weights to death.

Also, if she was really some XS, she'd realize they often don't make XS sizes or when they do, they usually are on discount or unpopular like the XL and XXL ones. It's almost like she has no idea what it's like to buy outside the "normal" range of sizes because she is a probably a typical medium.

No. 664667

she legitimately sounds like a trancel.

No. 664670

I'm a s/m and she's a lot bigger than me and wider, I'd say she's a large, but vanity sizing in different stores and whatnot

She probably went to torrid or lane bryant and now thinks shes an xs petite uwu and everyone else is a fat masculine troon

I feel like a lot of trump supporters are only obnoxious about it to piss people off, without actually listening and take into account what trump actually says, hence why you ONLY ever see typical trump type "lol i wore a trump shirt and see what happens" type things,never at any point of history, even when other presidential candidates are widely hated, these people must be severely mentally ill if their entire lives revolve around pissing people off

No. 664673

This is the "woman" telling other women how to be more feminine, no thanks lmao

No. 664680

File: 1534292067369.jpg (18.54 KB, 1223x369, DForiOgW0AMz_Yn.jpg)

I'm convinced that most of the people who talk shit on Lauren Southern are jealous purity-spiraling women.

No. 664687

File: 1534292670695.png (413.28 KB, 718x1044, Screenshot_2018-08-14-19-20-35…)

The most ugu feminine woman in the world ladies and gentleman, take her advice on how to be ugu feminine and not think about anything other than makeup and heels! Anyone who disagrees is an ugly lesbian whore!!

Does she have roast beef pussy, assne or deformed tits or something? Why is this damn insecure lmfao

No. 664688

A lot of them are mad at her tradthot-queen status. She's still the most popular out of all the tradthots after all.

No. 664715

The tradthots really remind me of the costhots. Lauren Southern is sort of the Nigri. Doesn't matter if she's the "best" or not. She's not a very good looking fake blonde, she's loud and annoying, and she's not very smart. It's just because she was first and was sort of a lightning strike in the right place at the right time. Rebel Media threw her into the public eye when a lot of Trump lovers were watching that channel. She absorbs a huge amount of the attention and the paypigs money from all the other girls because if it's not Lauren, it knock-off Lauren.

No. 664734

>I'm not bitter about other womens careers, but fuck Lauren Southern for managing to live off just Patreon money
>career women are okay, but I'm trad
She has some incredible cognitive dissonance. She manages to contradict herself between just a few sentences a lot.

No. 664735

File: 1534296846050.png (496.55 KB, 1186x864, BmFecdy.png)

No. 664737

Can’t wait until her husband leaves her when she’s washed out for a 20 year old, according to her logic. Also what a creepy controlling dad, what the fuck? What world is she living in???

No. 664738

File: 1534297322473.png (371.5 KB, 600x459, Screen_Shot_2017-08-03_at_12.3…)

Guessing you partied a lot you man-faced hag smh
Its always the ones who shouldn't be talking

No. 664743

I'm sorry but judge jeanine looks like a burnt piece of leather, what is she talking about

No. 664746

it is called "coping"

No. 664747


Ugh she can get in line behind all the other uggo man hating femenazis like Kunis, Portman, and Johannson

Wasting away peak years on their careers, they'll regret it one day when they want to start a family…oh wait…

No. 664749

These psycho trad thots seriously think women should dedicate the peak of their life to breeding and shackling themselves to a marriage, regardless if the man is good for them or where they're at in life themselves. These are the same people who call single mothers leeches when a marriage goes wrong and looks down at them, as if it were the woman's fault for divorce.

No. 664751

RPC is going psycho on twitter right now claiming she doesn't lie etc. also that she had the option to go to med school and law school but chose not to (ya right) lol

No. 664754

File: 1534298492560.png (17.16 KB, 601x206, 0bitterness.PNG)

"I have zero bitterness towards any woman who wants a career" LOL

No. 664755

lol this was what >>664734 my reply was to. She's having a meltdown when getting called out.

No. 664756

File: 1534298972995.png (68.58 KB, 598x564, TBwXseA.png)

She also keeps claiming that she doesn't judge women at all and that she doesn't pander to men. You know, even though her entire blog is dedicated to tearing women down and pandering to the lowest of men.

And of course she calls the people against her "catty" As if it's not catty to make fun of old women, take a woman's picture without their consent, publish the details your cousin's dating life online, etc.

It's been said before, but she's Shoe on steroids. She pretends to be sweet and docile when she's really a bully. Other women are always at fault, never her.

No. 664761

oh please
if she just wants to be a girly girl but has no bitterness towards women who don't feel that way what's with her attitude here? why didn't she just think "hm, that event sounds like a lot of running around getting sweaty. not my thing" and stay home or go get her nails done with the girls? instead, she knew what kind of event it was and got buttblasted that the women there weren't like her.
i'm honestly sympathetic to the fact that women who want to be "traditonally" feminine get mocked endlessly and treated like gender traitors. i think it's gross that women who just want to have a simple quaint lifestyle get treated like their existence somehow makes all women look bad. but the whole point should be that there's room enough for women to have all kinds of tastes and lifestyles. she's the type that needs all other women to cooperate and be like her because otherwise the task of taking on an unfashionable lifestyle on her own is too scary.

No. 664764

"I don't care if you want a career and don't want a family!! you're just mad I want to live a life style you don
t approve of I-I swear"

does she have a memory loss issue?

No. 664770

File: 1534299676752.png (247.81 KB, 694x958, MargaretsBelly.png)

Yeah, some other girl with the username MargaretsBelly is calling her out on Twitter (using the some of the exact same screencaps as some of the posts above…)

Anyway, again, she's contradicting herself by saying her mom works, despite being shown evidence of her own tweets.

No. 664773

What countries are you guys living in? She probably won't fit an XS but it's not really that small at least where I live.

No. 664774

If all women would suddenly drop their lifestyles and become "trad" like these girls want, the first world work force would seriously get halved and we'd get a ridiculous population boom we wouldn't be able to deal with. People like this don't understand what they're actually asking for.

No. 664778

hi redpillchick
she has no ass and deformed boobs, her waist is normal and she looks 5'4, which is normal height

No. 664781

File: 1534300226718.png (29.12 KB, 576x314, pF48YdI.png)

No. 664782

Lol you're retarded. Also go read the rules. Her boobs are bigger than mine, that's why I said that is all. It really just depends on what sort of top you're getting if you can pull off an XS if you have any real boobage.

USA. XS usually fits 24-25 in. in the waist, with like a 32-33 bust, depending on where I shop.

No. 664784

there'd be no teachers, no nurses, no mental health workers, no hair stylists, no beauty specialists, the medical industry would have a downspiral of workers

without a lot of teachers, a lot of people wouldn't be able to get degrees, so there'd be a downspiral of ~male~ jobs to as well as a death rate going up and the suicide rate going up to

if women popped out babies, it would get overpopulated, more wasted resources, more waste, more sewage, less homes and residential spaces sold more traffic

No. 664785

File: 1534300351876.jpg (87.43 KB, 1080x1080, 16123136_234197183701630_70882…)

Margaret is a tradthot herself.

No. 664787

>Her boobs are bigger than mine, that's why I said that is all. It really just depends on what sort of top you're getting if you can pull off an XS if you have any real boobage.

they're not that big though and you can tell she's using ultra push up bras, the photos in the red top anyway, I wear an XS and my boobs are a full C, but I also have v narrow shoulders and she is NOT an xs around the waist, her waist is way bigger than mine

adding the whole "and her ass wouldn't fit!" made it more sus since even in skater skirts she has no ass

No. 664788

Is Margaret in this thread? She really is using a lot of stuff from here.

No. 664789

File: 1534300622146.png (222.25 KB, 1184x916, pYAJVQG.png)

No. 664790

She's like venti in that she's a farmer and confronts cows so whatever for now.

No. 664793

nta but while a lot of different women can sometimes fit into XS depending on the cut and brand, someone who insists they only look right in an XS, calling it "my size", would probably be very petite and skinny to the point that a size up looks baggy on them. Kind of like how many types of women could fit an XL top, but someone who needs an XL and never smaller is probably a bit big. so maybe that's what those anons meant. not that it's suspicious that she could ever fit into an XS, but suspicious that that's her go-to size.

people never fucking learn from history do they? there's no middle ground. how hard is it to realize that having a rigid set of stereotypes and expectations that you apply to all members of a sex is always harmful, no matter what way you swap it? instead, we go from
>what's that? you want to be an accountant? but you're only a girl! you should be at home taking care of the children and braiding your hair!


>if you're not a full time badass career woman you're a worthless trad stereotype. women who like makeup and girls who play with dolls are all brainwashed idiots falling for a patriarchal trap!


>muh femininity is oppressed now. lipstick is empowering. i LIKE being called stupid. it's actually the tomboys who are all brainwashed idiots falling for a trap.

like jfc how many times do we need to do this before people feel comfortable actually, honestly, doing what they want? never?

No. 664805

File: 1534301469212.webm (718.61 KB, 718x404, margaret.webm)

uh huh.

No. 664810

Marg if you're reading this pls debunk her "I never shamed women for having career claims">>664764

also, pls mock her for trying to be the epitome of femininity while looking like this >>664087

No. 664812

Venti really shouldn't be free from criticism. A ton of crazy events have happened with her ex-boyfriend recently.

She also blatantly self-posted her and her ex to show off in an older Shoe thread to brag that he was a "Chad" compared to Greg lol. Actual farmers said he looked like a twink.

No. 664816

I posted a pic of him, I just said he was better looking than Greg, not a chad. That twink talk must have gotten to him cause he seems to have sever body dismorphia like a bitch lol.

No. 664827

>A ton of crazy events have happened with her ex-boyfriend recently.
What happened?

No. 664832

I had no idea Margaret was a farmer. I remember her from, I think, old Skeptic streams long ago. It's sort of wild now, but skeptics and alt lite types hate each other and they don't mingle anymore. Skeptics like Shoe and Sargon have boxed themselves off.

Anyway, thanks for beating up RCP, Marg. I'm watching the tweets as they come in.

No. 664834

File: 1534302918554.jpg (143.72 KB, 1258x593, 1534107092513.jpg)

No. 664835

File: 1534303146572.png (310.27 KB, 619x569, brownskinned.png)

She's mad.

No. 664841

the milkest thing about her is that she has saggy boobs? like damn, why are these dudes surprised? if tits that big aren't saggy gravity ain't done it's job, god forbid these men ever see average boobs

No. 664842

don't know what she expected when she tells everyone they need to be more feminine and talk about how horrid it is women aren't worrying about whats on sale at CVS while looking like a man in a wig

No. 664846

File: 1534304246950.gif (589.76 KB, 231x253, 1501821131336.gif)

she posted a bunch of caps from /snow/ at the height of the shoe0nhead drama

No. 664848

ah i see, so 4chad's just another manchild who uses redpill and muh fax to compensate for the fact that he lacks emotional depth and couldn't intimidate his way out of a paper bag.
>bruh she was ugly and saggy the whole time i was just using her bro!!

is exactly the same as those girls who are absolute doormats and idealize the fuck out of some lameass guy and then become the most outspoken misandrists when they get dumped.

in fact i'd say this is more pathetic because he either pretended to find venti hot when he really didn't, or he's talking shit just to impress his bruh when he really did like her. cuck.

i'm still curious about what other "crazy stuff" there is with them, even if it's not that milky.

No. 664850

>going out and partying
>browsing 4chan with her boyfriend
she actually think the latter one is the better option?? lmao

No. 664851

IIRC brittany dumped him, so this response ("she had saggy tits") is the equivalent of "he had a small dick" bitterness

No. 664853

is that supposed to be a gotcha? im from scandinavia and that's a common surname here. not trying to defend lauren or anything but why is simonsen "worse" than southern?

No. 664854

File: 1534304854228.png (82.44 KB, 989x227, no1curr.png)

Pic is why. Lauren isn't of Jewish descent, though. She's just like 1/16 Danish and mainly Spanish I think. (Which is why she bleaches her hair blonde rofl)

No. 664855

File: 1534304881623.png (11.07 KB, 528x95, eceleb1.png)

/pol/ thinks it's a Jewish name. Loomer mindlessly parroted /pol/ talking points for about a year, in exactly the same way /pol/ claimed Lauren did.

No. 664856

File: 1534304967203.png (478.38 KB, 639x1290, 1510700876476.png)

here, I have some of the relevant tweets

No. 664865

File: 1534305650509.jpeg (54.04 KB, 500x370, 1530645669871.jpeg)

>Venti really shouldn't be free from criticism. A ton of crazy events have happened with her ex-boyfriend recently.
More milk on this?

No. 664867

File: 1534305885705.png (44.21 KB, 671x584, simonsen.png)

They think it's a Jewish name. It's really stupid, because if you look that name up on Wikipedia, it recommends you a bunch of Danish pages, pic related. Lauren herself is legitimately pretty Spanish, though.

For those that don't know, the alt right is crazy paranoid because they believe the Jews control everything, especially media. It's considered the alt lite/alt right e-celeb career death knell if you have even a smidge of Jewish in you.
Speaking of which, what the fuck is Laura doing? She is a self professed Ashkenazi Jew.

No. 664870

File: 1534306026476.jpg (48.83 KB, 634x423, 434756BE00000578-4793438-image…)

having fun is for liberal feminist masculine thots! how dare people like socializing with friends, clearly staying at home and browsing a dead image board filled with child porn, gore and revenge porn is the most ugu feminine of it all, so not like other girls

are there ANY tradthots that practice what they preach at all?

No. 664875

File: 1534306409045.png (328.89 KB, 1305x864, 1509900147932.png)

something I always found suspicious was that the craziest anti-Lauren troll was pro-Loomer.

No. 664877

She's another self-hater. I think she was trying to ride Lauren's huwhite nationalist thingy for a while until she eventually gave up. Is Laura still active in the conservathot thingy? nvm, typical Jew whining about Muslims lmao.

No. 664878

she probably considers her twitter account to be a business

No. 664881

File: 1534306708907.jpg (83.79 KB, 801x1024, 1500720742183.jpg)

Loomer is a real piece of work.

No. 664882

File: 1534306805299.jpg (105.39 KB, 1024x891, 1500720676279.jpg)

No. 664883

File: 1534306914616.png (440.42 KB, 1042x797, NoseJob.png)

>Jews should get a nose job to integrate into white European society
God, that person is dumb. Maybe that is Laura. She really did get plastic surgery to fix that awful nose of hers.

No. 664884

File: 1534307044023.png (749.1 KB, 1349x3826, lauren sperg 1.png)

if is is Laura, she's schizophrenic.

No. 664887

File: 1534307536001.jpg (103.88 KB, 1200x630, great value lauren.jpg)

I wonder if she used Lauren as a reference pic for her nose.

No. 664893

File: 1534307773357.png (150.13 KB, 575x331, 1500497279526.png)

No. 664894

This is actually really creepy. I haven't checked her stuff since she's gotten her new nose. She is trying to wear Lauren's skin with surgeries like this.

No. 664895

File: 1534307846811.jpg (135.42 KB, 1200x1043, DMyDL8IVQAAWtn9.jpg)

No. 664897

File: 1534307912070.png (519.07 KB, 553x526, 1499662327860.png)

Venti has a good eye for milk

No. 664899

I see she speaks from experience.

No. 664903

venti explains it here on the killstream at 1:01:00, it really shows how sensitive these 4chan guys can get

No. 664904


She talks about it here too at 53 minutes.

No. 664914

File: 1534311122104.jpg (182.56 KB, 768x1024, 1510188295333.jpg)

I'm at the body dysmorphia part, wow. he's a /fit/ fag.

No. 664917

File: 1534311399586.jpg (46.61 KB, 474x632, th.jpg)

Here's a link to Brittany's Ex, 4Chad giving his side of the story. (Warning, long af).




Here's my take on the story: Brittany was upset with 4Chad after he got drunk and got a little too flirty with a male bartender on his 21st birthday. They both got into a drunken argument which neither of them fully remember, but lead to them breaking up.

After the break up, they both go full scorched earth and lie their asses off (with a tiny bit of truth mixed in) in order to make the other look as terrible as possible.

Brittany claims 4chad is a lazy autistic faggot who abused her and used her as a beard for his possible bisexuality.

4Chad claims Brittany is a filthy psycho bitch with an apartment full of catshit and roaches.

No. 664921

Double posting, but 4Chad's major amount of gay face does not help his case.

No. 664925

>first video
So, you date a girl with cats who shit on her bed with both of you in it. You don't break up with her or leave the bed, you just lie in the cat shit beside her. And somehow, you too are not disgusting?
I really, really don't like Brittany, but her ex sounds like a piece of work, too.

No. 664929

>Brittany is a filthy psycho bitch
this would not surprise me at all.

also, maybe a dumb question, but does she have fetal alcohol syndrome or something? she reminds me of miranda quite a bit.

No. 664933

>Let them study whatever their idealistic heart desires
But not STEM right? What a dumb ass.

No. 664945

wew, what a twist. i don't like brittany, but out of all the psychotic racist right wing panderers, I think she shows the most promise and is most willing to disagree or argue with the faggots that follow her. amazing that he turned out to be a little queen, though it was literally so obvious from that face, body, and his obviously compensatory politics. brittany has a better sense of humor than most of these women and has a chance at being likable. she really needs to put down the self-hate and retard pandering. she has the potential to be better than this.

No. 665001

File: 1534321365034.jpg (591.01 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180815_100841881.j…)

A bit late to the topic, but top is what RPC wrote in her article about living with a "drunk whore" that just had a tinder hook-up, bottom is the reply to a comment calling her out for living with guys. I too feel always horrificly sad for married men who cant get tinder dates.

(sry for ugly picture, never done this before)

No. 665042

ew, these people, saying "everyone will forget you pushed her into traffic" to her ex then spending ages consoling him about those mean women when it sounds like he was clearly fucked up and abusive even WHILE BRITTANY IS TALKING TO THEM, so gross.

No. 665066


>men will fuck animals, food items, furniture, vacuum cleaners

>this is somehow women's privilege


No. 665092

Jesus Christ she looks like a fucking tiki statue. So feminine uwu

No. 665113

>I can't believe she decided to leave

I would have left too if I had to be around this psycho, and she admits her AND the male housemates were taking photos and making fun of her. Jesus this poor woman.

No. 665229

How fucking creepy and masculine of her, this sounds like some weird fetish blog shit, not very feminine nada

Anyway, she was probably the one who made living with other women hell, because just like other redpill dudes, they can't be in the presence of a woman and be mentally stable about it, the fact she did this literally proves she was the problem in the house, not women, but of couse the big stronk men came in and made everything better, and because 1 girl fucked a guy of tinder it means poor men are oppressed and evil women are privileged

No. 665265

File: 1534350977782.png (48.11 KB, 597x567, Untitled.png)

No. 665273

do these stupid cunts not realize they're setting themselves up to be dumped by their husbands for a younger hotter girl as soon as they turn 30, jesus christ apparently any and all personality traits are masculine

No. 665298

"But you know, men are the ones with the "privilege", right?"

According to this dumb bitch, yes, since men are desirable and fuckable till their deathbed, and women are fuckable only while they are 15-25-yo. Is she so dumb because her parents are cousins and her grandparents are siblings or something?

No. 665313

women who say this bullshit really piss me off. Yeah guys deal with your crap because they want to have a chance to get into your pants. Other straight women aren't going to stand for another woman's crap because they don't have ulterior motives. To seriously think men are without drama and "always chill" and funny is just…immature. Anyone who says this is either 16 or extremely sheltered socially.

No. 665324

So far she's claimed that humor, intelligence, athleticism, passion, and ambition are for men only. I wonder if she's threatened by sex bots, they offer everything she does without the looming threat of hitting the wall.

No. 665335

any personality trait is masculine to her because according to her, women only exist for breeding, pleasuring men and housework, kek.
i guess having an interesting personality and having more to offer than your pussy is unfeminine uwu take notes ladies

No. 665365

File: 1534358526098.jpg (91.14 KB, 510x510, CyzWWAd.jpg)

No. 665369

double post but this is her entire existence summed up in one picture, basically.

No. 665383

File: 1534359506101.png (46.76 KB, 531x464, 1534353464111.png)

not a tradthot btw

No. 665405

this is hardly a tradthot opinion, a lot of people dislike casual sex

No. 665415

this, you don't have to be trad at all to be against that.

No. 665453

>I'm painfully boring, not funny and desperately insecure so other women don't tend to like me, please accept me!! I'll worship you even though you're below average!

No. 665751

File: 1534378707807.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, girls-laughing.png)

>Lots of American women fight for pointless things like feminism and climate control.


No. 665796

>humor is a masculine trait

Imaging believing this utter trash

No. 665808

yeah, but who is she talking about with 'hoar'? unlikely to be men, but i'd be pleased to find that she calls men whores, if she does. fairly sure she's shitting on other women with the 'hoar' remark, specifically

No. 665831

Oh geez I went to listen to this to get the drama and the Australian caller at 1:06:45 sounds exactly like my brother. Pretty sure he visits /pol/ so…. Embarrassing.

No. 665849

File: 1534383417789.png (49.36 KB, 728x356, CExyLTx.png)

She's talking about Mason her ex who's "bragging" about fucking tinder women.

No. 665863

Well, I find her whole shtick quite laughable, so I disagree.

No. 665885

I remeber seeing shoe say something like this awhile ago kek

No. 665907

Nice equality from Brit!

Why do all of these dudes sound so fucking weird? One sounds like Hank Hill, 4Chad was crying when that dude called in, and another dude on there sounded like Napolean Dynamite, beautiful.

No. 665928

I dont see anything wrong with this

i was closely following his twitter after the breakup and he seems like the stereotypical hypocrite neo nazi woman hating alpha-wannabe. hope she finds better in the future. her ED page shows some pretty disgusting screenshots of stuff he said about her post breakup.

as a girl who used to talk to these sorts of men i relate to her frustration at how we're supposed to be pure trad virgins who have never seen a penis but they can brag about 'fucking whores' on tinder

No. 665929

That was hilarious. Ralph and the rest of the people that stream are so un-self-aware.

No. 665934

oh thank goodness. i actually kind of like brittany, tbh, even though she shills for terrible shit, i really think, unlike shoe, and redpillchick, etc, who are basically bottomless pits for misogyny and mistreatment, she MIGHT eventually get sick of the hypocrisy, racism, womanhating, as she gets older. she is pretty young. also kek @ his name being 'mason', that's literally the singlemost twinky babygay pron star name

No. 666062

She is actually part black. She got the most unpleasant looking facial features of both races.

No. 666097

File: 1534409788791.jpg (69.24 KB, 558x588, 55.JPG)

>Woman having short hair likely means she's a slut roastie who just got bamboozled by a chad!

>But I wear my hair short because that kind of style looks best on me considering my hair type!

>Get extensions, stat!

No. 666102

File: 1534410676205.jpg (296.54 KB, 1261x1689, t2VSFyx.jpg)

she has the weirdest obsession with short haired women. it's so specific that it's almost funny.

>her talking about women ''looking like dudes'' because of short hair

>her talking about other women being catty/bitchy

No. 666105


>aposematic hair coloring

what is this bitch smoking lmao

No. 666106

File: 1534411024570.jpg (57.13 KB, 643x643, 4qBbatg.jpg)

>women don't just cut their hair short because ''it's cute''
>short hair is so masculine reee
>the new VS models look unfeminine because they have short hair
>most girls cut their hair short when they've been dumped by guys!! (lol what?)
yeah, audrey hepburn looked like a manly dyke with her pixie cut! she probably wore it that way because guys kept dumping her since everything women do is in some way related to men, i guess.

No. 666110


Why do I feel like redpillchick used to be a huge slut in high school?

No. 666116

File: 1534411772049.png (198.69 KB, 297x447, Lavash.png)


she has masculine features like that shrek neck and square jaw which probably means she has high testosterone = high sex drive

she can shit on other girls for being fat and having short hair all she wants but at least they can change it. she can't change her bone structure

pic related, her

No. 666129

I wonder what tradthots think of Audrey Hepburn. She's super feminine, feminist, a career woman who's funny, smart, and charismatic, and also one of the sexiest women in recent times. The definitive woman of the time and universally loved, yet everything they hate in women
I think the paradox would kill their minds

No. 666131

Isn't Brittany kind of a tradthot too. She likes talking a lot about how feminism is evil and likes dragging other girls (that said, they deserve it) and being a pick me ass bitch. Also she is right leaning but I am not sure about how conservative she is.

No. 666132

exactly, plus she did not confirm to ''what men like'' and loved to wear flat shoes with pants and a pixie cut, contrary to long, curly hair and petticoats of the 50s, yet she's still seen as one of the sexiest women because she was unique and interesting.

redpillchick/tradthots in general forget that what makes a woman sexy/appealing is not limited to mundane shit like long hair and wearing heels. you're a boring shell of a human if you have nothing to offer to someone beyond your pussy and your appearance.

most men (and women) want a partner who is confident, witty, ambitious and caring. they want someone who is interesting and can help you grow as a person. how is that supposed to work if every personality trait is ''masculine'' according to her and women should only exist to be an accessory for their man? sounds so fucking depressing lmao

No. 666134

Some girl with short hair probably got with the guy she had a crush on back in Jr High.

No. 666148

she sounds salty there are women feminine enough to still look feminine even with short hair, she would look like a man with short hair

probably why she obsesses over femininity so much and tries to go out her way to make every woman who isn't like her to be masculine

No. 666210

File: 1534427317068.jpg (107.16 KB, 735x900, wow so MANLY looking.jpg)

Yes Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, and the rest of the endless list of beauty icons that had short hair in the 30's-50's where all manly masculine women. RPC comes across as really sheltered and 'uncultured'. It's really sad to see a women in her 20's be this dense and vain.

No. 666234

File: 1534430803058.jpg (94.08 KB, 558x879, 77.JPG)

Aamina Mubarak gets butthurt over a 30+ woman choosing to stay a virgin.

No. 666242

File: 1534431688547.jpg (474.88 KB, 1596x2648, wew.jpg)

No. 666246

>this article reeks of ''wow look at me guys, I'm a virgin but that's okay I don't need to worry about finding a guy. I'm a christian but I'm a feminist''
the article doesn't ''reek'' of that, that's literally what it seems to be about. is she slow or something? why does she have such a problem with this, since she whines about women sleeping around all the time.

>trying to rationalize her singleness

>she chooses to be picky with men
what the fuck even is this statement. i swear this bitch is from a different planet, lmao. legit crazy.

No. 666247

You'd think she'd praise virginity as a tradfem tenet. It really seems like she's a bitter former "slut" proselytizing to women who have more going on than she ever will.

No. 666252

>this girl isn't even smiling
because they are fashion models and you're supposed to focus on the clothes instead of them. they're not supposed to smile, usually. that's what they're told to do. none of the other girls are smiling either but i guess she's gotta push that agenda somehow

this picture just screams ''NO FUN ALLOWED''

No. 666275

"If a man is single its by choice and hes a brave mgtow warrior, if a woman is single its because shes a picky whore"

>women who dress for cold weather are all masculine sluts unlike feminine me uwu

>no guy would date tough or goth girls

Lmfao,men fetishize "tomboy" and goth women to hell and back, the fuck is she on about

No. 666276

File: 1534433481543.jpg (527.32 KB, 2109x1609, tradishunal.jpg)

No. 666280

I really wish they'd stop using the word traditional to describe what they're doing when they're only trying to appeal to /pol/tard basement dwellers, quite obviously so

No. 666288

File: 1534436006852.jpg (59.87 KB, 500x341, image.jpg)

I actually feel bad for the young girls that follow her. All these "trad" women are just ridiculously insecure and project it onto other women.
"I keep my hair short because it flatters my natural hair"
"Ummm why not just damage your natural hair with excessive products and heat treatments? It's the only way to be feminine."
I've never had a problem attracting a man, and I've tried out just about every hair style and color; and a lot of the men I know (including the conservative ones) are with women with short hair. They're not hideous manly beasts with low sex market value of whatever.
I wish Redpillchick would start larping like she has superior principles to other women, when her entire platform is used to tear other women down so she can seem like the most special trad unicorn. It's not traditional or classy at all, it's pathetic and trashy. If she was really secure with her feminity and worldview she would be comfortable with other women making choices for their own lives that don't effect her.

Sage for blog posting.

No. 666291

File: 1534436651905.png (189.92 KB, 1182x996, not like the other girls.png)

It's so hard to be a sophisticated and feminine women when those catty bitches are keeping you down.

No. 666296

File: 1534437046443.png (99.92 KB, 778x876, Untitled.png)

Another idiot who thinks lifting weights once turns you into the Hulk. No wonder she gave up on being a doctor.

No. 666298

Sounds like someone is just having a breakdown because their ex is sleeping with other women

No. 666307

>women are so catty and evil to one another :( why can't we all just get along, why don't i have female friends :(
>you ugly, masculine, old bitches have no values, are trashy and no one cares about your careers, accept the fact that you only exist to be a breeding mare and to pleasure your man. how dare you have interests and ambitions of your own. back in the kitchen, bitch. also get some extensions, men don't like short hair.
she's like a parody of herself.

No. 666309

File: 1534437641861.png (56.41 KB, 783x386, someone think of the men.png)

>these women were killed for rejecting men
She definitely deserves her own thread.

No. 666312

Well where is this big squat butt and thin waist you claim to have no booty judy? We've seen your body, you're average, not thin, no big butt, sorry

No. 666313

>Also, we're catty. We compete all the time. If we see another woman getting more attention if it's male, we go wild.

Good lord, the projection is real. Your own insecurities =/= an overall ''women's issue''. Looks like someone just exposed their true intentions.

>She definitely deserves her own thread.

No. 666319

File: 1534438181504.png (167.22 KB, 784x1077, Untitled.png)

What do you mean, trad women don't talk about tranny dicks? She's so creepy.

No. 666324

the self-awareness is in the negatives.

No. 666328

Nagle isn't part of the alt-right, she doesn't even profess any of the "trad" beliefs…
The book was just an analysis of internet culture in the recent years (I think? didn't read it), anyway it didn't advocate for any of the shit the alt-right talks about.

No. 666330

Did she forget how she looks

No. 666332

Why are most trad thots pro tranny?doesnt seem to match well with their traditional Christian beliefs

No. 666333

File: 1534439626433.png (373.11 KB, 1782x1126, assorted gems.png)

>he's a cuck XDDD amirite /pol/?

No. 666335

File: 1534439995446.png (80.01 KB, 564x726, ZbuZI0J.png)

No. 666337

>canned peaches
This bitch don't even know that this is a no no in baking gives you a soggy bottom. Oh I mad

No. 666338

She probably started pretending to be pro-tranny after Shoe followed her. It's funny how passive aggressive she is about it.

No. 666340

>that one tweet in the top right corner
''he's a real man. no wonder his wives are all models''. fucking golden.

i like how she's talking about ~going to church~ as if she's not muslim, kek. if you're that disgusted and triggered by female pastors/lgbt support, maybe check out your local mosque.

No. 666341

this is the most disgusting peach cobbler recipe i've ever read. wtf who would eat this. also its not that hard/time consuming to make a peach cobbler

No. 666348

of course this cow thinks blair white looks feminine. they're both masculine af, RPC herself could pass as a MtF

No. 666356

this girl is on some next level bitter indian auntie shit, which makes her white republican boyfriend all the more hilariously hypocritical. it almost seems like she's trying to make up for disappointing her parents by trying to assimilate into incel "culture." anyone know if her siblings are any better adjusted?

No. 666358

The trans narrative actually fits quite well with “trad” beliefs. See >>666333 and >>666335
>homos are gross
>feminine men are gross
>non-feminine women are worthless
>men and women have different brains (and female brains are inferior and shallow teehee)
Trans activism relies very heavily on strict gender roles and erases gay people. Does your son like makeup better than math? He must have a female brain! Better a straight, feminine trans daughter than a flaming gay son. Does your daughter like trucks more than Barbies? She has a male brain! Better a straight trans son than a dyke for a daughter. They’ve realised that praying away the gay isn’t working, so chemically and surgically converting nonconforming gay people into conforming straight people is the next best thing.

No. 666367

Lmao at this humble brag, so she’s literallt admitting she’s skinnyfat…soon to be just fat.

No. 666379

OT but why is it so many cammers have grubby, messy rooms?

No. 666417

File: 1534447878953.jpg (313.6 KB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20180816-092028_Ins…)

Anyone else find it funny how lauren has dyed her hair different shades of blonde and claimed multiple of them are her natural hair color? Now her hair is a totally different color on top than it is on bottom but she claims it as her natural color. It looks like an ombre

No. 666422

File: 1534448153223.jpg (38.56 KB, 690x385, ingalls.jpg)

>if a woman says beer tastes good, she's probably lying unless she's a slut

Can you imagine a trad mother/wife like Caroline Ingalls running a twitter account where she complains about other women being catty hoes, or calling a man a cuck because his wife is 3 years older than him?

No. 666425

This is pretty accurate. It's probably why you ever become a transperson in places like saudi arabia or die.

Trans people focus heavily on traditional gender roles and set both women, gay people and feminism back 100 years.

No. 666432

File: 1534448607377.png (102.19 KB, 572x942, Ytti0i2.png)

Surprise, surprise. Her hatred of women drinking beer comes from her roommate. Here's some bonus roommate salt

No. 666435

File: 1534448729412.png (61.32 KB, 566x512, wtf.png)

No. 666438

File: 1534448845375.jpg (51.61 KB, 1280x720, bs.jpg)

Eh blonde hair changes a lot depending on sun exposure, so some differences in shade or even the appearance of outgrowth can be natural. In her case it isn't though because not even the darkness changes, but the actual tone. She hops from cool to warm tones all the time and a while back even used a semi-permanent dye that made it almost light ashy brown. She can't bullshit people saying she never dyes her hair and that everything has been natural.

No. 666447

uwu snitching and coercing someone who hasn't hurt anyone, so gracious, so feminine, truly Audrey Hepburn's successor here.

#femininevalues #girly

No. 666451

>girls these days are so weird, i literally walked into my home last night to four girls drinking a beer
women have been drinking (and brewing) beer for thousands of years, the fuck is she talking about? this is such a weak, nonsensical and sad attempt at virtue signaling how special and different she is uwu

No. 666452

wtf is wrong with her

No. 666453

These women were KILLED for rejecting men yet she had to turn it around to make sure no men were offended by violence against women. Because their feelings will always matter more than womens safety. Im so glad she isnt in med school. She'd ignore domestic violence victims if they were women and then blame them for it.

>"Leftovers are women at 25 and single! Do you love me now /pol/!! Im not white but ill shit on all women for your validation!!!"

No. 666454

File: 1534449853049.png (125.88 KB, 587x612, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 3.04…)

No. 666460

I was wondering why anyone would bother pandering to redpillers for free but I think I get it now. Being "trad" gives her an excuse to be a bitchy NEET with no redeeming qualities.

No. 666468

File: 1534450601728.png (50.83 KB, 598x422, DzQ35op.png)

>making fun of her for being a "post-wall woman"
>making fun of her for not being thin and having a kid
Time to delete her entire blog and twitter then

No. 666477

she seriously has issues

No. 666479

File: 1534451222081.jpg (13.27 KB, 569x126, pEBI6ZV.jpg)


No. 666480

Dear god she sounds like an insufferable cunt. No sane or decent guy would want to be with a girl who complain 24/7 and talks shit about other women all the time. Imagine having a whole persona based around having a stick up your ass like omg drink a beer and have fun every once in a while

No. 666481

I want to create a tradthot twitter persona and troll these bitches tbh. RPC needs her own thread

No. 666483

KEK, bih, your 'fans' would be calling ICE on your ass if they even saw how dark you were, regardless of literal immigrant status. holy shit, what a nasty-ass. she's going to end up poisoning some 'feminist's beer. she's so fucked in the head.

No. 666484

File: 1534451664367.jpg (937.52 KB, 741x2285, XUZx4OZ.jpg)

She sounds like the most draining and hateful person to be around.

No. 666487

File: 1534451773668.png (112.88 KB, 1174x546, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.32…)

>build an empire with your husband
>career ambition is wrong

I can't wait for when these girls' husbands dump them for a younger hotter girl and they're left without an education/job/property/money. Big wake up call

No. 666489

samefag but it also makes me crack up that they don't realize any POS man who is married to them just because they're hot and submissive will leave them in a heartbeat for someone hotter and more submissive

No. 666491

The "relationship goals" tweet is literally just a guy cooking for his girlfriend. Your boyfriend isn't going to start craving dicks the second he picks up a frying pan, calm the fuck down.

No. 666493

File: 1534452098807.jpg (296.48 KB, 574x454, 3juxC6r.jpg)

sometimes I wonder if she's trolling, pretending to be a white woman or just forgets that people in 1950s USA weren't very nice to non-white people lmao

No. 666494

Even better if they already have a child and become the dreaded single mother they loathed. Of course they would have signed a prenup before marriage because that's the redpill thing to do.

Don't you know? Only trad girls know how to bake a fucking pie. Feminists and girls who like beer just eat instant ramen.

No. 666497

File: 1534452260206.png (67.66 KB, 590x640, ots1oFy.png)

she's absolutely miserable

No. 666498


I wonder if the reason why she doesn't have any girl friends is because she's absolutely rotten to be around.

Girl friends support each other; all of my friends are there to cheer each other on, through both our accomplishments and our failures. I can't imagine any woman out of high school who believes that all girls are just "catty bitches" who are waiting for your downfall.

She could never grab a coffee or a beer with a girl friend and talk about their lives together. She could never have a friend to go camping with, or get their nails done together, or even just watch a movie. She could never bake a damn birthday cake with a friend because she'd probably use it as an opportunity to drag the girl in her blog. Her lack of female companionship sounds so depressing, and points to her obvious and deep seeded issues with femininity and competition.

Her life sounds like an absolute bummer.

No. 666501

funny bc they always try to use top male chefs as a reason to justify male supremacy. so, what is it? men are just super better at everything than women, even in our 'own domain', or we need to limit their potential for fear of them becoming prissy little flamers the minute they pick up a double boiler?

No. 666502

File: 1534452464962.jpg (40.56 KB, 562x437, 001.jpg)

No. 666503

Women who say women like catcalling have probably never been catcalled in their lives, or they are just that self hating that any bit of validation is considered a god-send.
The last word I would use to describe being harassed would be cringey.

No. 666512

Everything she does and recommends here is bad for your hair. Extensions long term destroy your hair. Excessive or even daily heat, destroys your hair.

Idiots giving "advice" like this always triggers me I STG.

No. 666516

File: 1534453103716.jpg (22.72 KB, 709x225, nPgDa50.jpg)


No. 666517

>"sad that some men in America won't experience this in their lifetime."
Experience what? Their wife (or "God" forgive, girlfriend) cooking? Does this bitch never cook or something? Yeah sad to know that women desire more and don't want to be basically home-slaves–cooking, cleaning, raising kids while their husband sits on the couch scratching his balls watching TV. As if he is actually there to witness the effort she's putting into cooking. Sad to know that now women expect more and men (in REALITY) don't mind sharing the load!

Also I'm pretty sure the requirements for weight were mainly because you want to keep less weight on an airplane, especially of this time period. There's a weight limit. Back in the 50s most women were thin, being curvy was the exception. Hence why Marilyn Monroe was so popular and seen as a bombshell. This cunt is seriously so uneducated, uncultured, and sheltered it hurts.

I honestly feel like she's been raised with these extremely rigid and orthodox Muslim ideals, because it's exactly what you'd expect from them. But she wants to have the best of both worlds, i.e. be able to wear feminine things but also be super traditional uwu…and since poltards hate brown Muslims she acts like she's super Christian.

>She MADE the entire congregation hold up a "We support gay marriage" poster and take a picture of it.
TOPKEK ! how fucking stupid does she think people are? this never happened and I don't need to explain how fucking ludicrous it is.

No. 666518

File: 1534453185763.png (81.34 KB, 600x752, 8UJdruC.png)

No. 666521

File: 1534453325787.png (26.73 KB, 724x233, sure.PNG)

No. 666522

you're forgetting, if you're a woman, in this crazy bitches eyes there is no winning. You can be EXACTLY what she says a woman should be and she will still find flaws because shes a jealous little cunt who has such deep rooted hatred for her ugly ass self that she is threatened by an entire gender as a whole.

No. 666526

>get a disc

Wha.. what is she even talking about?

Self hatred alert.

No. 666533

File: 1534453662262.png (50.74 KB, 753x447, oke.PNG)

"my OLD 30 yo successful lawyer cousin (DID I MENTION SHE'S OLD?) called my dad to ask if he knew any men, but no guys in my family want to fuck her, because she's too old!!!"

is this… are we… supposed to admire your family's stringent standards of only fucking their super young relatives, orr? this bih is literally talking up inbreeding just to shame her successful cousin

No. 666535

File: 1534453731768.png (21.05 KB, 687x67, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.07…)

'no girls aloud in the boys club hmmpf BOYS ONLY'

No. 666536

File: 1534453752547.jpg (246.04 KB, 1462x1200, lessolivemorewhite.jpg)

>I'm like really light olive

No. 666537

>Wha.. what is she even talking about?
the article was about a Frisbee game iirc

No. 666541

>she definitely deserves her own thread

No. 666542

Remember this a girl who wanted to get into competitive fencing when she had already been "redpilled" >>664624
I guess she dropped fencing because it didn't fit the uwu feminine hands image.

No. 666543

>has a nice cat

This girl might be autistic

No. 666544


>only wants ages 21-26

This is really gross and creepy…

No. 666551

blackmail is a crime.. being a criminal isn't very uwu feminine

No. 666552

File: 1534454819714.png (33.75 KB, 735x410, Stop being better than me.png)

That's funny, I can't seem to find any tweets of her calling out "super toxic" women.

No. 666553

Do any of these women realize that actual trad women dont go on 4chan and half them dont even know what it is?
Actual trad women dont have time for memes and pandering to basement dwelling woman hating virgins.
Actual trad women go on facebook and run their cute little cooking blogs where they spend 30 mins telling you about how their husband LOVED this recipe. That is the extent of their time online, because they're busy, actually taking care of husbands and children.

These attention whores give me such a headache.

No. 666554

running is for boys not girls

No. 666557

File: 1534455023172.png (257 KB, 1242x1289, IMG_4295.PNG)

No. 666559

File: 1534455133906.png (375.67 KB, 700x518, 1524798251570.png)

Jesus did you nail it.

These men aren't interested in them for their political rantings, in fact, it's quite the opposite. They constantly rag on these women or involving themselves into the political sphere.
Why do they try so hard to please these types of men when they hate them and literally consider most of them subhuman?

No. 666560

its hilarious, they're not even good at being a housewife.

No. 666561

File: 1534455184075.jpeg (383.5 KB, 1125x1488, C485410D-69CF-48D7-8EAE-1BDFA9…)

>women who date around are whores, have standards you sluts!
>actually you uptight bitches need to find a man already, date everyone who asks you

her interactions with shoe are pretty milky

No. 666563

But traditionally, a gentleman will carry the ~heavy~ purse for their woman.
These bitches preaching shit they know shit about.

No. 666564

she makes shoe sound reasonable

No. 666566

Holy shit, is she retarded? Redpill men hate makeup BECAUSE it radically alters appearance. She's even worse than Shoe at making an argument.

No. 666567


Your life has zero meaning beyond pandering to men who will turn on you in a half second and think you're worthless.

You live for nothing but pandering to men who would turn on you in a half second and will gladly try and have you deported when they learn you're pretending to be white.

You will leave no mark on the world, your stupid twitter will be lost in oblivion with the rest of them in no time. And you'll only be brought up again as something to laugh at from the past.

Get over yourself.

No. 666569

She's using girls with discoloration and acne… Come on. Of course these girls will look different, as they are covering up skin issues.

No. 666570

File: 1534455724381.png (351.22 KB, 593x637, kek.png)

No. 666571

shoe did not reply lmao

No. 666572

did shuwu respond? these women have obvious skin conditions, them using make up to hide it is equivalent to shuwu wearing wigs to hide her hair pulling. she's a giant hypocrite if she agreed with her.

No. 666573

Well at least someone told her

No. 666577

i really hate that this hoe is making shoe seem likable in comparison. that's an almost impossible task.

No. 666578

lol, no, shoe is still unlikable as fuck and at lease RPC was honest about that plate lmao.

No. 666580

wtf i love shoe now

No. 666581

File: 1534456338830.png (308.83 KB, 596x604, llLYY8g.png)

No. 666583

But it's ok to wear a wig to hide her bald head?

No. 666588

>She was grossly thin and looked like a teenage boy
Translation: She was skinnier (and probably more attractive) than me, and it triggered me

No. 666589

RPC went from shitting on Shoe to being nice to her the second she started responding. She's disingenuous as fuck.

No. 666590

>Skin tone totally doesn't matter. Btw I'm really light
>Btw btw, when I exfoliate, I almost look white

No. 666596

holy fuck. please make a thread for this disgusting cunt. she is the most delusional, insecure, pandering grown ass woman i have ever heard of in my life. i've never come across anyone with this much self-hatred. i can't even wrap my head around how her white knights don't see her hypocrisy and toxic insecurity. it's sad that anyone agrees with this woman, imagine having a young daughter who reads shit like this and starts hating herself. i swear she makes shoe seem reasonable.

No. 666607

File: 1534462244818.png (14.81 KB, 640x169, Screenshot_2018-08-17 Red Pill…)

>I think I come off as masculine or hyper aggressive

kek, did she come to this epiphany by herself?

No. 666617


lol someone should tell rpc about shoe wearing a wig and see how much she turns on her

No. 666620

I feel like if RPC really had a boyfriend, she would tweet a lot more about what a great girlfriend she is, what she does for him and what he does for her because she's such a perfect submissive waifu, etc. Tradthots like her use bragging in arguments all the time. Her tweets about him so far have been really unconvincing. There's either no bf at all or their relationship is far from amazing.

No. 666624

I used to believe femcels didn't exist, but there's no way rpc isn't going to live and die one. wonder if she'll change her handle to blackpillchick once she realizes no white man who isn't a neet, basement dwelling neckbeard with mommy issues would date her.

No. 666633

File: 1534464777687.png (59.53 KB, 600x530, 1.png)

No. 666634

File: 1534464942555.png (93.24 KB, 600x755, 2.png)

suddenly the all knowing RPC wasn't able to bestow her wisdom upon a lowly woman after finding out that she doesn't live for the approval of strangers

No. 666641

It's so obvious she never interacts with actual people in the real world and spends all of her time online pandering to old fat white dudes
Has she ever talked to an actual guy (outside of a Trump rally)

No. 666644

Her hair is literally half brown. It's obvious she's claiming she's natural blonde and she's not. She's had roots for years now.

No. 666648

File: 1534465941395.png (96.6 KB, 703x620, Untitled.png)

This is unintentionally hilarious.
>I care about red pill stuff because I believe everything I see on the internet

No. 666650

File: 1534466301740.png (1.47 MB, 1176x1322, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 8.37…)

she has to be trolling with this shit

No. 666675

File: 1534468062408.png (353.3 KB, 793x649, 1523889093949.png)

she used to bleach the fuck out of it, but I think it's naturally a sandy light brown. I dunno, I tend to think of brunettes as darker than this.

No. 666683

No. 666688

That's with her ombre hair, in that pic she has dye in her hair lmao

No. 666689

God, imagine this woman as your doctor or lawyer. Convincing her to drop out might be the best thing the red pill movement has ever done.

No. 666691

Also who called her brunette? I said brown and you literally said brown back, retard.
She's not a natural blonde, like I just said

No. 666692

File: 1534468896661.png (1.25 MB, 1258x1184, ok.png)

No. 666694

File: 1534469058889.png (243.15 KB, 1234x1022, hobbies.png)

>Don't be a bitch who has zero hobbies and nothing to bring to the table.

No. 666698

She would drop any hobby or interest the moment a man implied it doesn't make him more attracted to her. She sure as fuck gave up her interest in being a doctor for men and she doesn't talk about fencing. Her only hobby is boasting about herself online and lecturing other women.

No. 666699

She's right, you can't be a high value woman if your hobby is bitching about other women on twitter.

No. 666700

File: 1534469591041.png (35.4 KB, 1294x130, engaged.png)

I'm curious as to when she went from Aamina Karim Mubarak → Amina Mubarak → Amina M. → Holly Mubarak → Holly Grant → nameless

No. 666704

am i the only one who thinks this isnt a woman?

No. 666710

Is there any tradthot at all who practices what they preach

No. 666711

She also had a Nadia Karim phase in 2016.

No. 666716

I think her being a muslim (and insecure enough about it to try and hide that fact/let people think she's a white christian) rules that out, a larping trad man would definitely pick a white girl.

No. 666717

File: 1534470477768.png (38.25 KB, 554x394, tLIVHE3.png)

so she was engaged, but now she only has a boyfriend? breaking off an engagement doesn't sound very trad to me.

unless it's the same dude and they've been putting off the marriage for years. that also doesn't seem very trad

No. 666721

It seems she's "another man's leftovers", kek

No. 666725

There is something a bit LARPy about the whole gimmick.

No. 666730

An anon said earlier that she could be a lib larping as a redpill to make redpills look even worse than they already do

No. 666732

I thought western white women in big cities were all evil feminazi amina

No. 666736


her 'backstory' is way too elaborate

No. 666742

File: 1534471788771.jpg (113.35 KB, 820x1024, Dbd8f2zVwAA2r3E.jpg)

no reason to get cunty.
the braids are definitely dyed/highlighted. she looks better with darker hair, she doesn't take very good care of it and when she was a bleach blonde it would get really brassy.

No. 666752

She still has bleach in her hair in this pic though

No. 666763

File: 1534474465296.jpg (442.65 KB, 2048x1993, DIRXqiaXUAAdtNG.jpg)

I meant the color, "bleach blonde"

No. 666765

Pretty much, you can tell she's bullshitting all the way through

Her family, im assuming is Muslim, according to her is
>well educated rich parents
>when mom started making 100k moving from a 50k job, which makes no sense because who the hell gets a 50% promotion as a psychologist, especially in ny where an average psych makes 75k
>her dad completely changed his career path to be the main maker again, which is impossible, especially considering his supposed age ie
>dad being 40 and marrying 20 yr old mom (???)
>living in a shared house despite her parents being rich, claiming when it was all women it was bad, and from my experience women who say stuff like that are often the problems themselves
>her mom apparantly asks her dad if he would rather marry a 25 yr old or 30 yr old,but she claims to live in a shared house so how would she know, even then what supposed well educated woman asks her husband that
>going to med school and claiming to own a business, which I highly doubt because she refuses to go into detail outside of making claims about how she did x y and z
>the story about her cousin wanting to marry into the family ie incest then gloating about how its a shame because shes 30 and no one wants her, and from my experience even Muslim families arent that damn obsessed with womens age as she is

I wonder if her family knows about her twitter and all the claims she made up, probably why she stays anonymous

No. 666776

She looks like Lorena here wow

No. 666781

wtf is that thing she's standing next too? wew

kind of an insult to lorena… she doesn't look as bad as lauren imo

No. 666862

File: 1534486802776.jpg (153.54 KB, 390x833, 8675.jpg)


if she is a real woman and this is her genuine worldview (which i don't really believe at this point), her life must be sad as hell. all women are catty bitches and can't be your friends, all men want sex from you and can't be your friends either.

No. 666881

File: 1534489995388.jpg (169.73 KB, 494x816, 999.jpg)

ok i'm now convinced that's an incel who desperately wants a brazilian/asian/eastern european mail bride but can't afford it.

No. 666883

I wonder about this too. There are probably plenty of SAHM housewives who have recipe blogs and complain about the lack of prayer in schools or whatever but do any of them have the kind of following that these hypocritical thots do? For as much as “trad” guys cry about women not marrying and popping out white babies, it doesn’t seem like they’re actually interested in women who practice what they preach.

With the cousin thing, if it is true at all which I doubt, it could be that she’s looking at the other side of the extended family i.e. people she’s not blood related to. Like I could date my uncle’s wife’s nephew and it might be kinda weird but not technically incest.

And she can’t even have a cat because cat ladies are icky, too.

No. 666886

american women who hated men, and she hates American women for having careers and not looking """feminine"""? No wonder she hates herself so much lmao

No. 666890

This thot cares so much about femininity but cant be asked to remove her mustache

No. 666893

I wouldn't be surprised if she was actually a guy posing as a woman.

No. 666896

This is exactly what I'm thinking, this shit all reads like an attempt at satire to me. Also didn't she use a pic of a stranger and say it was her roommate? Who's to say she wasn't doing the same with those pics of the Arab girl that are supposed to be her?

No. 666902

Part of me thinks that this account is a troll/satire/fake as well. Everything sounds so artificial and over the top, but then again who would spend so much time on a troll account without making any $$$ off of it? People like her certainly exist but, I know, but I also have this thought in the back of my mind that it's not genuine for some reason. Some tweets just sound way too insane.

No. 666904

Not trying to be rude here but RPC genuinely sounds autistic. She takes one experience with someone and thinks this is how the rest of the world operates.

>''My russian friends are feminine. That's why I like russian girls, because they're feminine.''

>''My female roommate that I didn't like loved to drink beer, therefore all women who like beer have issues/are sluts.''
>''I can't be friends with men because in my experience it does not work, therefore most women are this way.''
>''Some girl I knew cut her hair short after being dumped, therefore all women with short hair styles have some kind of issue with men.''

It comes off as if she does not understand how social interactions work. At all.

No. 666910

Yeah most Trads I've seen at least try to make their ideas sound reasonable and palatable but this twitter acct is pretty unhinged even for an alt right tradthot.

No. 666912

I believe she is real. She's been doing this for a quite a long time and she mentioned somewhere that she stumbled upon the red pill theory by visiting bodybuilding forums when she was 18.

She seems to be one of the "pick me!" women and I guess when she got into TRP, she saw it as an opportunity to prove how she's the proper red pill girl, "not like the other sluts" etc.

As a way to get positive attention from these type of men, she spends her day looking at other women and nitpicking what they do so she can use herself as the good example.
I don't think she truly believes what she preaches, but is playing a role for positive attention and validation. She probably got some major daddy issues.

No. 666915

Why didn't u guys say who you orbit? I orbit Linday Kantha Souvannarath.

They're pro tranny and pro faggot. They hate lesbians, tho. Remember when they were all worshipping Milo until he said that pedo shit? "OMG Milo! A dangerous faggot! See, gay guys can be based!!!"

No. 666917

nah they hate gay guys too, but i agree that they hate lesbians more.

No. 666920

> Also didn't she use a pic of a stranger and say it was her roommate?
She finished off every paragraph in the article with a random photo off google images, I don't think she meant people to think that was actually her roommate.

Anyway I do think she's real, just has no original thoughts in her head and actively avoids having a personality in case it offends men. She parrots basic red pill shit but in the most simplistic, unimaginative manner possible because she has no purpose but impressing men.

No. 666923

Um, aren't hobbies and interests what she said women can't or shouldn't do?

Tinfoily but if she's from Pakistan and decently good class of family (or at least from a family with ambitions to get their kids higher up), I have a theory of what happened. In upper class families both men and women are expected to be well educated and women basically must be either doctors or lawyers to be well wanted as wives (in that culture you have servants to do the cooking, it's not exactly a novelty there). My guess is she had an engagement but it fell through once she stopped going to med school (the engagement is usually partially based on future jobs/education and arranged before or during university). After that she got mad, found incels who actually want a useless woman, and decided to obsessively pander to them since she will have trouble getting a good husband now. She likely hates herself for not being white because that's what they want, plus the unfortunate part of her being rather dark skinned from a culture that prefers light skinned people (there is a race of people in Pakistan that are almost as white as Caucasians). If this is the case then what she has yet to figure out is she's better off with a desperate Pakistani man because incels don't actually have the successful career they act like they do (or will have). Granted a low class Pakistani guy willing to take anyone would likely not be the best husband in the world but neither would the incels who will certainly treat her like shit as they really don't know or understand what they want

No. 666925

she's persian iirc

No. 666928

She claims to be Persian. Kinda funny, but, I thought she looked Pakistani too. I also think that's why most of her friends are South East/East Asian women, she wants to be them because they're the "next best thing" and the alt-right dudes she's pandering to have a fetish for them. But ultimately she just wants to be white, I mean look at the dudes she's pandering to, the majority of her followers are alt-right men who're all like "save da yt raiss".

No. 666936

Pretending to be Persian kinda fits. The light skinned people in Pakistan are Pashtuns, and they are likely ethnically Persian (it's kind of a mystery but the culture itself is very Persian and is considered to be). She looks Punjabi and looks to have Indian blood mixed in her too to me. Not really the standard of beauty there unfortunately so she'd really need a good education to make it worth it
Of course it's all tinfoil, and she'll likely never admit her actual ethnicity or heritage, but it's fun to wonder

No. 666939

I think they’re semi-accepting of gay men who agree with them because then they have a Token Gay to point to to themselves look like the good guys, like how Fox News occasionally showcases black people who parrot their talking points as proof that “See, we’re totes not racist! Even the blacks think we’re right!”.
Lesbians they cannot stand because women who don’t want or need men don’t fit into their worldview at all. Hence why they always try to demonise lesbians as ugly hairy fat dykes who are only into other women because they can’t get a man to like them, because women who don’t care if men like them cannot possibly exist. At least men who are attracted to other men reinforce their belief that men are the most important and valuable sex.

Honestly I think they still respect gay guys more than women because deep down they think that men are always superior to women no matter what. They might orbit and throw money at redpill women who tell them what they want to hear for a little while, but as soon as she says or does something they don’t like they’ll rip her to shreds. Lauren has experienced this and I'm sure that every other tradthot will too at some point.

No. 666946

Most of the successful mommy-and home bloggers are Mormon women. They really do practice their traditional ideologies. Examples:
They sell it like fuck.

No. 666947

I should add that Kinfolk magazine is kind of a trad endeavour as well. It was started by young fundies and mormons to promote old-timey traditional values.

No. 666954

>that picture
>"blonde hair is magic hair and changes naturally depending on the sun and darkness"
>unnatural milky brown with no depth or natural highlights to it
>flat warm brown clearly put over her bleach blonde
>dark roots showing that look really dark brown
Do you not know how hair works here? You sound like those girls that would say "my eye color changes in the mood and sun". No, it fucking doesn't.

No. 666955

File: 1534503545939.jpg (97.1 KB, 807x611, IMG_20180817_125739.jpg)


She mentions Indian parents and Indian food, along with mentioning how she can make gol roti in her bio.

No. 666958

lol you hit the nail on the head, I've always hated the kinfolk aesthetic and now I know why. The only people I know who are into that crap are conservative hipsters (yes they do exist and are awful)
Eh this just shows me that she can't keep her story/ethnicity straight. I still think she's a guy trolling.

No. 666959

i mean, i'm not knowledgeable about this kind of stuff but all of the LA persians i've known and met don't look as indian as her. she does look really indian

No. 666962

File: 1534504257510.jpg (147.19 KB, 809x922, IMG_20180817_130653.jpg)

After posting few tweets abouz being tottally sowwy for being a bitter catty bitch, she is back at it.

Why would a guy pretend to be a muslim brown woman pretending to be white and christian redpill woman? I'm pretty sure she tends to lie about details in her life to make herself look better, similar to shoe0nhead.

No. 666965

I'm guessing because they're hoping to be "found out" or "exposed" for maximum drama? I'm probably reading too deeply into this whole thing but I wouldn't put anything past bored people on twitter, especially these days.

No. 666967

Also I'm baffled as to why an actual tradthot would admit to being non-white, isn't that basically social suicide in the whole trad movement?

No. 666969

There are different types, the conservatard types (I'm guessing RPC fits there) and the alt-right types who usually end up being huge thots. (looking @ you karmapolitical) Totes not trad!

The white nationalist types are usually crazy, like wifewithapurpose who is actually a lesbian, but since she's Mormon she's now with some weird atheist dude and they have kids. If anyone is wondering, yes, apparently wifewithapurpose did suck on some coochie.

No. 666972

I thought for sure she was a guy, too. She just is such a dead ringer for an incel, but she's clearly tried to hide her brown girl appearance and posts so many white women on her blog as examples of "trad girls".

I think her religion might play a part in it. I think any Muslim woman probably has a lot of internalized self-hatred with how horribly male focused it is. I really wonder and almost kind of worry what her upbringing with the men in her family was like for her to write such things about her own gender. She talks a little too glowingly about the male figures around her, especially the patriarchs of her family.

No. 666979

>like wifewithapurpose who is actually a lesbian
holy shit do you have more milk on this?

No. 666980

WWAP's husband is an atheist? I haven't lurked her blog in forever so either I missed her mentioning that or forgot. Isn't marrying an atheist when you're religious "unbiblical"?
Also damn she's still ugly, shame she's passing those genes on to her kids. "Master race" lmao

No. 666982

The way she openly posted about how her 60+ year old dad (if we believe he married her mom at 40 and before RPC was born) would “of course” rather marry a 25-year-old than a 30-year-old is pretty creepy. Even the most self-hating women would be at least somewhat uncomfortable with their father (hypothetically) marrying a girl their own age and probably wouldn’t brag about in on Twitter. She’s either a roleplaying man, a troll, or painfully brainwashed.

No. 666984


There was a whole blog about it, I can't find it now but after she got exposed by said blog she came out and said she was in a relationship with a woman at one point.

For lazy anons:

>Stewart once identified as a "Mormon Green Witch, Gnostic Mormon Wiccan, Deep Mormon, Reform Mormon, Joseph Smith Mormon, Early Mormon, Folk Magick Mormon, Universalist- culturally practicing Mormon-Witch, Shamanic Mormon." She was the administrator of a website known as "New Age Mormon Pagans".

>Stewart claims she was a former liberal and pagan. She is an anti-feminist and mother of six children.

>Stewart is a former supporter of LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. In 2008 she wrote that she "dated a woman who loved to dress up". She was once in a relationship with a female but now identifies as heterosexual. In 2017, she commented on this:

>We barely did anything physically at all, so don't go thinking it was some scene from a porno movie, it wasn't. I thought I would enjoy being with a woman like all the media pushed (this was at the height of the TV show The L Word about lesbianism) but I hated it, I hated every second of it. I was scared to break it off because I didn't want my husband to lose his best friend but after about 3 months I couldn't stand it anymore and I broke up with her.

>Although Ayla claimed to hate every second of her lesbian affair, she also wrote in her blog, Mother Lover Goddess, when questioned about her last homosexual relationship, during her baptism, that she responded to the pastor's question: "'Two years ago.' I replied thinking to myself - most recent anyway." This directly contradicts her 2017 comment, but affirms her previous blog about dating a woman who loved to dress up.

Hope I didn't mess up the greentext

To the other anon, her atheist hubby is better than the evil dyke gf, because he's trad.

Some of these trad types think men should marry girl 14-16 years old and impregnate them (because, trad!). She'd probably be proud of her father if he married a woman around her age or even younger. "Thank God my father is with a YOUNG woman and not an ugly old hag who's 30 years old, ew!"

No. 666991

RPC is real, she was on a Gavin McInnes podcast under her Amina identity, I think? And also has speaking videos above. As well as interacting with her boyfriend posted upthread on twitter for two years. And having multiple accounts on med school forums talking about being a doctor that go years back. Seems like a long charade to pull.

Pretty sure it’s a real, mentally unstable cow.

No. 667024

I concur that RPC is real. Some of you anons are underestimating how broken some women are in the head. I've had irl interactions with a woman who is strinkingly similar to RedPillChick with the fake trad rhetoric and is always bullying and putting down other women. All her 'convictions' are hypocritical and shallow and despite being engaged to a guy 5+ years younger than her (so trad uwu) she still tries to be the centre of attention in male dominated circles and hangs out with other men without her fiance present.

No. 667034

File: 1534517964851.gif (2.98 MB, 305x220, 1411095861106.gif)

All these girls still pandering to /pol/ for attention is so embarrassing. They should've been doing that shit in like 2013-2014 when it wasn't taken as seriously but, now we have dumb cunts willing to attach their names to sexist, racists shit unironically. It's no longer just about attention, they honestly believe stuff coming from the board that made zimzam memes. They're going to have lots of fun applying to jobs in the future with their terrible internet history.

Also, guys who want a "traditional" wife or w/e would not want to be with some crazy salty bitch who just tweets hurtful, spiteful shit all day RPC. Stay mad, you've already reached jealous hag status.

No. 667037

sage because retarded but does this make-up artist strangely look like Lauren Southern to anyone else?

No. 667041

It's funny that most of them seem to have ambition outside of family, pink peonies has a fashion like iirc. I'm guessing RPC harps on not having ambition/job/education because she's too boring to have a good personality and experienced massive failure with school/work. Maybe didn't get into med school or something.

No. 667051

File: 1534520727273.jpg (74.11 KB, 574x823, 2323.JPG)

do i smell some white boy fever?

No. 667061

File: 1534521738419.jpg (27.46 KB, 400x400, Q-JLVroD_400x400.jpg)

If it weren't for those dastardly white wimminz she wouldn't have the white dudes she craves.

And apparently, the dude on the right is her Aryan daddy. Such a cutie! Look at that athletic body, wow!

No. 667064

This reads like a sales pitch and just adds to the LARP speculation tbh

No. 667071

File: 1534522832073.jpg (Spoiler Image, 331.86 KB, 1067x1600, LOVE-TAZA-9HF44.jpg)

Yes these women have businesses and jobs but their husbands are involved with the business also. They are not the kind of women to put off having babies for a business; the babies ARE the business. All their daughters are being raised to become married babymakers at the first opportunity. I just wanted to highlight that these women do at least exist. Typical blog pic related.

No. 667076

File: 1534523651771.png (178.35 KB, 1260x748, lmaowut.png)

No way she isn't a troll

No. 667079

Besides cooking, isn't the most "trad" hobby knitting/crochet? Have any of these bitches touch a hook in their lives? I feel like if they did they'd be posting their projects all over their social media for male attention.

I only ask because a lot the crochet groups I follow are mostly liberal/feminist leaning women, not any of these wannabe tradthots and it's kinda ironic considering it was so popular and important for women to knit in the 50s, they were taught how to as young girls in school because it was such a useful skill for housewives to know.

But all of them only seem to focus on cooking, probably because they only date lardass baby men who want a second mom. And that's it, not because they are actually interested in food but because they want to seem like the perfect servant to manchildren. And I guess fiber crafts don't offer that to them? That's my only conclusion but, I find it really interesting and I think it shows how transparent they really are.

No. 667086

File: 1534525548104.png (65.36 KB, 605x449, pot meet kettle.png)

No. 667092

File: 1534526899861.jpg (49.03 KB, 500x502, tumblr_okszacusW41ueyqfeo1_500…)

>Besides cooking, isn't the most "trad" hobby knitting/crochet? Have any of these bitches touch a hook in their lives?

the only women in my life I knew who knit/sew/cook or whatever were tumblr cozy cat lady type girls, you know, the ones they make fun of for "ruining femininity and western civilization"
while RPC is screaming on twitter about the women she claims aren't feminine enough, while they are doing actual feminine hobbies lmfao

No. 667093

Even being as cray as she is, she could do better. This dingus isn't even remotely cute.

No. 667096

Those blogs seem so liberal compared to amina's. Barefootblonde just sounds like another hipster blonde girl with a family. Pinkpeonies is just another fashion guru you can find on youtube. No bitchy insults, no posts demeaning women who arent apart of their lifestyle. Its almost as if theyre just happy and sharing that with others. Like what rpc wants. And yet that isnt pandering enough.

Sewing too. Its pretty useful but those hobbies arent cute enough. Tradthots only use cooking because thats what their audience see then as being only useful in. Trying to replicate 50s american aesthetic housewife posters

No. 667102

>I don't consider myself a woman
>Taking care of the kids

Why does she try to paint this 'young, innocent submissive female' stereotype next to being a mom? Its so creepy and I doubt she approves of teenage moms. She probably thinks they are trashy.

No. 667107

She makes Shoe look like a goddess of common sense

No. 667121

I'm not sure why there is even a debate about if she is real or not. She just hates herself and she's a compulsive liar.

>Tell me, what's at stake more than friendships and relationships with fellow human beings?

This man slapped pure wisdom into her and her stupid incel pandering brain couldn't even understand what he means by this.

No. 667128

>RPC is screaming on twitter about the women she claims aren't feminine enough, while they are doing actual feminine hobbies lmfao
Ikr? What's worse they'd probably call a guy a cuck for liking a feminine hobbies that they don't know how to do.

Also the more I think about it, tradthots couldn't be capable of knitting/crochet cause it requires basic math skills and patience.

No. 667129

File: 1534530102875.png (359.28 KB, 1788x1040, e1SYioC.png)

No. 667142

>Make me and my followers some sammiches
I can't believe she's on this level of "not like other girls!!!!!"
And saying that in 2017 as of that's still a relevant joke - is she that desperate for a man??

No. 667147

If she's satisfied with playing house all her life then that's fine, why does she have to shit on women who have careers? I don't see them hating on housewives/stay at home mothers. Why force one life perspective onto others just because they share your gender? How can someone be mad about people working 9 to 5 jobs? So everytime she goes grocery shopping and sees a woman cashier does that trigger her? Who has time to be this mad about everything?

No. 667150

File: 1534531511413.png (500.95 KB, 588x1412, 1534109543339.png)


No. 667153

this, I don't understand the logic of how redpills/blackpills/incels/mras/mgtows live

it lowkey makes me paranoid I'll run into a customer like so and they'll throw a tangent because I'm a woman and I exist, fuck the fact there are women who need to support themselves, fuck women who need to support parents or pay for medical bills, college or whatever

like how the fuck do they even exist when they're so fucking triggered about half the population not living to serve men? are these people even able to walk past women on the street and be mentally stable about it?

No. 667159

Haha, I'm pretty sure that picture is from /r9k/. Someone should call Shoe out on dumping Lauren Southern but following an obsessive misogynist who talks about reporting her roommate's girlfriend to ICE.

No. 667161

File: 1534532067147.png (94.64 KB, 836x302, uwuw.png)

Let's not get crazy here. Shoe may not be an autistic conservatard like RPC, but she surely believes in some of RPC's paranoid ramblings since they both hate women so much.

At the end of the day, both of them still think feminism is some Illuminati-esque power that controls the government, schools, media, etc.

No. 667163

what's with tradthots or redpills making up arguments from the side they're against before they even make those claims?

I swear, I've seen more tradthots or redpills talk about how "you're gonna hit the wall and wonder where all the good men gone you thot!!" more than I ever seen a woman, even the sluttiest actually say that, my aunt was a major thot in hs and is divorced and even then, I never, in my life, heard her say the words "where have all the good men gone"

the best part is, it's actually them who run around asking where all the good women are, biggest projectors on the planet

No. 667196

I have NEVER heard a feminist say that women absolutely need to have a career, since feminism is all about women being able to choose what they want to do (obviously there are some feminists that are hypocritical like that, tho). Brown Mustache Chick just sounds like a very lazy attention whore who is envious of cute white (feminist) women who have nice careers and who can get men who will appreciate them for who they are, not only their pussies or make up skills. What a tragicomic existence.

No. 667211

Is she really unaware that the republicans and democrats switched platforms around the 1930’s and used to be complete opposites?
God she’s an idiot.

No. 667220

File: 1534538746921.png (27.92 KB, 580x234, r7v84b4.png)

No. 667239

jfc, RPC is a horrible human being. I think many people can sympathize with the other user that wearing clothing that is comfortable over 'being attractive' is what people usually do. Unless there are plans after work, no woman is bring a second set of clothing to impress randos on the street.

No. 667242

>White men
>treating women well

In what year?

No. 667245

In the 50's of course!

No. 667252

File: 1534542236023.png (44.25 KB, 584x300, uh huh.png)

No. 667257

That's a great deduction, Aamina! May we see the source?

No. 667258

>black men
>treating women well

No. 667262


won't anyone as ~ * ~ feminime and trad girly ~ * ~ as her teach her that those two colours don't go together AT ALL

No. 667264

At least she said correlation and not causation…
Also kind of funny that she's accidentally saying that a huge number of the female children of the Trad women of the 50s are depressed haha

No. 667274

File: 1534545277456.jpg (823.83 KB, 1200x873, 1967_Serax_Ad.jpg)


If she actually read history books and not the twitter accounts of women she hates she'd know that drug use was very common among American housewives in the 1950's and 1960's. Valium, Serax, barbiturates, and Mellaril are just a few of them. Psychiatrists discussed a widespread problem of women feeling depressed or empty. Turns out being cooped up inside all day while doing the same simple repetitive chores for a man who thinks you exist to serve him isn't conducive to happiness. Drug overdose deaths among housewives happened commonly enough that everyone was aware of them and you can find frequent "jokes" in 50's media and literature about women trying to commit suicide by sticking their heads in the oven and turning the gas on.

As the advertisement attached to this post shows, these drugs were also marketed towards husbands to keep their wives "manageable". Part of the reason the stereotypical 50's housewife is shown as happy all the time and a little ditzy and dumb is that they were often in a drug-induced stupor.

No. 667303

Do you just live life comparing white people to black people at all times? Are they always on your mind? Are there no other races on planet earth except black and white? Fucking chill.

No. 667319

File: 1534549808787.jpg (556.79 KB, 1075x1340, Screenshot_20180817-184803_Ins…)

Her hair is so damaged it doesn't move

No. 667320

>Arab men treating women well
>japanese men treating women well

No. 667329


More like granddaughters.

No. 667335

Thank you for this post. I had no idea about that.

No. 667402

File: 1534560374607.png (293.58 KB, 500x719, 1417200308501.png)

you're the one who chose to write "white men" instead of
>any man
>treating women well

No. 667406

>you can find frequent "jokes" in 50's media and literature about women trying to commit suicide by sticking their heads in the oven and turning the gas on.
literally how Sivvy Plath died.

No. 667416


Not only this but antidepressants as we know them today didn't even exist. Before 1951 amphetamines and opioids were used. Barbiturates, Quaaludes, etc aren't technically antidepressants. They're for anxiety and insomnia. They get you high as fuck. SSRIs didn't come to market until 1988 ffs. It was way more common to be pumped full of drugs even if you were just discontent. If your husband thought you were too naggy he could get you locked in a psych ward for the rest of your life. Which I'm sure is exactly what would've happened to her if she was living back then.

The reason it increased is because people abused the hell out of barbiturates and it really doesn't treat depression. Tons of people died. Addicts abused them. SSRIs were discovered and became favored. Plus Reagan came with the war on drugs which demonized such drugs.

No. 667475

I only watch her to see how much more damage she does to it. Gigi Gorgeous and Trisha should rec her some weaves/wigs.

ABitofBritt and LaceyLynn should be added

No. 667482

Mmmm looks crunchy.

No. 667483

Her argument is the same as those who say that autism rates are going up. Like yeah? Until very recently they didn't even know women could have autism so that obviously doubled the amount diagnosed right there. Plus the fact that people are more likely to go and get diagnosed before they are past a point where they can't hide it anymore because psychiatric care has gotten much better now (still pretty shit, which really says something). There are new medications, there's less stigma in getting diagnosed plus women can go and talk to their doctors confidentiality without their husbands knowing all the details of it. Even if I totally trusted and loved my husband I wouldn't want to discuss my whole medical issues with him in the room

No. 667489

It's what mgtows claim women say because mgtows ask themselves where have all the good women gone, but mock imaginary women for doing the same
Hell just look at most mgtow shit, it's debunking imaginary arguments that they literally just pulled out their ass, is that even considered a strawman if there was no argument to begin with and they made it up?
Handmaidens like RPC and June are just mirrors and exaggerate what mgtows or mras always say in order to cater to them

No. 667610

This is really sad tbh. It makes me furious so many tradthots want to glorify the 50s when women had ZERO rights and had to pretend to be happy all the time for their husbands…

No. 667624

Context for that picture of Lauren southern with her tits out in the thread pic?
I thought she was some conservative political girl I don't get what she is now.

No. 667647

She was cosplaying Catherine from the game of the same title. Think that character is a succubus or something.

No. 667669

Oh lol, I didn't think thay sort of thing fit the image she was trying to go for

No. 667697

Red Pill Chick chose to write "white men" as seen in >>667051
Did you even read the thread at all?

No. 667751

>treat women well
no, they tend to be dicks, plus don't slavic men have a stereotype of beating their girlfriends? maybe in nordic countries, but white men everywhere else, especially western white men who pretty much own mgtow and incel shit who hate womens guts and scream about them all day? ehhh
>very nice
no, american white boys are known for shooting up shit because other white boys were mean to them, a lot of them treat girls awfully especially in school
no, but again, maybe in nordic countries, not america
men in general tend to be leaders regardless of their race (not good ones but the world sucks mens dicks so even if they're bad they still get praised, take trump, if trump was a woman the world would be nitpicking and alienating her every step of the way)
>good facial features
no, white men tend to look feminine, yeah some can look good, but most white guys look more feminine than nada ever will lmao, probably why she loves them so much
>athletic and adventurous
maybe, but it's not a white only thing, especially since black men tend to be more involved with sports in the western world(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 667770

topkek! no wonder she has such a problem with white women lmao

she's def talking about american white guys, europeans and white americans are like two completely different groups. not even comparable.

No. 667785

File: 1534622486417.jpg (38.04 KB, 706x261, CUbpItS.jpg)


No. 667788

most men I know love tomboys or alt style what is she on about? where tf does she think goth gf or tomboy gf come from if no men want them lmao

even then, I doubt most men want to be with women who live to impress men

No. 667794

File: 1534623197623.jpg (380.39 KB, 2024x2460, 5k1YN8c.jpg)

>most of the trends promoted on instagram that is liked by most women is absolutely horrifying and I cannot imagine most men being into that

yeah, totally. I imagine most men find this absolutely repulsive!

Does she not understand that IG fashion is for the most part very revealing/sexy? whether you like this type of fashion or not or you think it's trashy, I highly doubt many men would describe it as ''horrifying'', lmao.

No. 667804

File: 1534625598894.png (113.13 KB, 604x886, makes ya think.png)

No. 667810

File: 1534626763294.jpg (41.57 KB, 601x379, JJDy0c6.jpg)


No. 667814

File: 1534626950590.jpg (61.19 KB, 606x498, ROWQsmB.jpg)

>associating with men like this
love yourself holy shit

No. 667816

File: 1534627027002.png (28.32 KB, 577x167, wtf.PNG)

yo so this chick is legit crazy. I've been following her for a while long before the dasha stuff and because I leave twitter open while working I catch some of her…unguarded tweets like this. She deletes them after a while but she does stuff like this a lot.

No. 667821

nah, a lot of guys on frog twitter are into asian and brown women. her being an e-girl would probably be more of a deal-breaker than her indian heritage.

No. 667830

Men already do this, especially the mgtows they support, but god forbid even 1 woman do what hundreds of men do

That's not very uwu feminine

Just like her all her other friends are married and feminine, or the friend who got drunk when she came home and she took pics of but those same pics were also magically on a porn site, or all the friends she helped start businesses with, if shes gonna lie about having friends she could at least make it believable

No. 667831

A few months later she posted >>664203, where she talks about going to a mostly male frisbee meet up in a tank, yoga pants, and Chanel perfume. She can't keep her lies straight at all.

No. 667835

What the fuck

No. 667874

File: 1534633255812.png (350.5 KB, 602x946, 6Y3jwTL.png)

No. 667875


"she" talks so much like a man it's insane. she even got the entitlement down

No. 667877

>schoolgirl miniskirt outfit
KEK, what the fuck. she sounds like a creepy neck beard. so weird and random.

No. 667892

Is redpillcoach a real person?
>uggos arent the same species and should knkw their place
To them 99% of women are uggos who arent up to their ridiculous standards. Jfc

No. 667957

File: 1534642217100.png (866.27 KB, 1216x1206, XZnGQ9U.png)

what a nutjob

No. 667964

I hope she goes full /pol/. It'll make it funnier when her followers find her photos.

No. 667984

Lol so she's saying her friend should've been a gold digger and married a guy she didn't like instead? Why do I feel like she probably has posts yelling at girls for dating guys just for their money… damn she's a hypocrite.

No. 667985

nothing says trad like mental instability and paranoia, right ladies? uwu

No. 667999

wait…is she really that upset over a male cheerleader? Are they really that simple minded they're going for the "ew so gay!" shtick? Do any of these lazy manchildren realize the core strength needed to be a male cheerleader? Some of the strongest male athletes you'll ever see and amazing(hot) bodies. The only reason this pic upsets them is because the guy is a little effeminate looking. Big fucking deal, why do they think everything is some alex jones conspiracy? They actually believe the ((them)) /pol/ shit? Fucking amazing.

I doubt RPC even watches football but, def the type to fake that she does to men.

No. 668029

Jesus christ I hate self-hating women of color

No. 668030

It's because she failed to succeed in her career plans. You see this trend in trad/ incel circles.

>fail to get job/ professional school/ etc.

>blame already disadvantaged minority xyz and "affirmative action"

Rise and repeat.

No. 668031

File: 1534648542249.png (335.57 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20180819-051314~2.p…)

Not sure if she fits here

her account is a cesspool of trad crap

No. 668039

>being a male cheerleader is embarrassing

Imagine being this small minded. That's like saying male dancers and ballerinas shouldnt be a thing when it has zero to do with sexuality. I'm guessing this is a 'omg so gay hur hur' joke by these homophobes. They all have to train very hard to get those bodies.

No. 668042

>the couple rarely fights

That's the mentality of an abused victim. The husband makes the calls and the wife must agree or else. jfc, these people are insane. They need to stop glorifying traditional and outdated gender roles from the 50s.

No. 668053

do these people actually watch sports? male cheerleaders are nothing new - a lot of stunts require their extra strength. this just looks like they've stumbled across cheerleading for the first time.

No. 668064

state with one of the highest
>murder rate
>homeless people
>natural disasters, just to be fucked over by FEMA
>domestic abuse
>female murder rate

but he draws the line at a male cheerleader lmfao

No. 668069

So what is attractive to men, then? 50s housewife dresses? Twee modcloth shit? Floor length denim skirts?

No. 668073

Now I'm legitimately wondering about tradthot fashion. wtf do they wear other than MAGA hats?

No. 668075

File: 1534655230098.jpg (399.62 KB, 1797x2506, incredible-lovely-tomboy-hairs…)

she thinks men think like her and are a hivemind

didn't she even say in the interview she was salty fat girls can get men but she "had to put on makeup and everything for men to like her"

it's extremely obvious the only reason why she writes novels on femininity is because she's salty she still looks like a damn man despite going out of her way and obsessing over every word she says and every move she makes having to be feminine
she's pissed there's women out there who don't have to do all that and can live comfortably, doing things they enjoy and still get quality men

No. 668077

well in rpc case, a skater skirt that would get her harassed in the 50s she loves so much, hell even june claims her skater skirts are "modest" despite most school not even allowing them

what's with trad thots and skater skirts anyway? I know most of them have no ass but you'd think women desperately trying to be not like other girls would choose something less basic

No. 668082

File: 1534655700051.png (448.11 KB, 590x1042, D5GV7fL.png)

No. 668083

…..So she paid attention to a woman taking photos….for 2 hours….I don't really think she realizes how crazy and bitter she sounds.

No. 668086

File: 1534656221559.png (86.4 KB, 616x708, bitter.png)

No. 668087

it gives them the illusion of a waist lol

No. 668089

high fashion models serve the purpose of showcasing clothes. they're basically walking mannequins. not for your uwu 5'5" diversity so oppressed

Imagine if someone said "I think the fashion world could be more diverse. It would be nice to see some plus size girls on the runway. Too bad no designer wants that." She would flip

No. 668094

>full on photo shoot
>one girl casually taking pictures
>everyone saw it and cringed
>no one else facing her direction
She can't even relax on a beach vacation due to her crazy redpill filter. I can't imagine how miserable that must be.

No. 668095

File: 1534656824026.png (316.11 KB, 644x1460, s3YOOZB.png)

No. 668100

lol to be fair most fat girls pile on the makeup too so rpc is equal to them in that regard.

No. 668103

Modcloth lmao of course. She probably stopped shopping there once they started featuring plus sized models.

No. 668108


so it's okay men wear fugly jorts and sandals but GOD FORBID women wear atheleisure because it's comfortable and doesn't take the poor men's tastes into account

No. 668115

might as well roll

No. 668134

RPC will never find friends or the husband she so desperately craves simply for the fact she is a horribly unkind person.

No. 668142

iirc he has a youtube channel, and as his twitter profile pic suggests, he's hideous.

No. 668202

>russian dating women
…This bitch really used photos of escorts and mail order brides, and touted their appearances as what all women should aspire to. Like she wouldn't be negging them for things like wearing "too much makeup", being "slutty" for wearing their dresses too short (something she complained about in one of her blog posts), for having plastic surgery or daring to tempt innocent males with their cleavage. I am deceased.
Nothing she says is even halfway consistent.

No. 668204

I will sage this because I don't know how milky it is, besides confirming what we know, but according to hosts this is RedPillChick's first live stream (22.07.18)
I don't know anything about this Hapa Supremacy people I just looked for redpillchick on yt to hear her opinions and voice.
I'm warning you - this is extremly boring, her voice is monotone and slow. I can't give you full recap because after 10 minutes I had to skip around, nothong with value, only vague bs about 'yeah you know femininity, children, I don't know… blahblah buzzword'. And her internet connection is shitty sometimes.
The little I gather is - in the beginning she is saying that she wants to write more articles and maybe a book (lol) to guide young women, because there is void in the market and only feminist and wrong stuff about how to be a woman, I assume 'true red pill woman'.
Funny moment for me - confirmed mommy issues lol about 28:20 - my mom was a career woman, it's her fault that i can't cook she didin't teach me. Is this a thing in US that young people can't cook?I have a lot of doubts. And she claims women are stil better than men with it, except stake. But women totally made society fall.
They also talk a little about how woman are destroying each other and allow themselves to be fat and sill get a guy, a lot of complimenting herself (her aunt says she has sooooo light skin) and she encourages people to read Rollo Tomassi, I don't know who he is.
It's basically her twitter but more boring and watered down.
If sameone feels like transcripting all please do, this video bored me to tears.
And comments in the chat about how to be true man and woman are golden.
Also, just an idea - maybe she plays character, you know, persona for social media to promote certain ideology (even if she don't understand a lot about it) and that's why it sounds so extreme?

No. 668208

>I need to write a book on being effeminate because there's too many feminism books out there and "ungirly" books for girls
It is WAY harder to find a book about making a woman androgynous or masculine. Traditionally feminine books directed at women are basically everywhere. What an absolutely backwards, unreality thing to even infer.

No. 668210

File: 1534676890500.jpg (154.96 KB, 643x1534, 0HnSMaY.jpg)

>she wants to write more articles and maybe a book (lol) to guide young women
>''if you want my advice grow up and listen. I'll help you become better.''
>''You need guidance.''
Why are tradthots so entitled that they think they are in ANY position to teach or ''help'' other women? Lauren does this as well.

They're 22 or even younger, they're barely considered adults in society and think women, including older women, are supposed to listen to them?

They don't even have degrees, life experience other than college and high school and their ''research'' does not go beyond 4chan.
What world do these girls live in?

No. 668249

File: 1534689354308.png (108.55 KB, 904x743, redpillchickentp.png)

Not a very feminine MBTI type. ENTPs tend to be argumentative, not submissive at all.

No. 668253

Honestly she seems too aggressive for even ENTps. More like scornful ESTj attracted to redpill /pol/ shit who thinks everyone should follow her same values/morals(Te/Fi).

Assuming she actually believes anything she tweets and isn't just desperate attention seeking.

No. 668257

File: 1534691272148.png (97.08 KB, 1194x430, trad nazi uwu.png)

Saged for kinda off-topic, but the lambhunting girl she's replying to here is batshit insane and one of my personal cows. She met some guy she described as being "full 14/88 like her" in March and they were engaged in April, and then suddenly two weeks later weren't together anymore. It was hilarious watching her talk about her perfect trad relationship, engaged after one month only to have it crumble. One Google search of the dude's name shows an article where he stole a weapon and broke into cars. A perfect trad husbando! She also used to work at a daycare and would constantly bitch about it on Twitter, going as far as to call it a baby gulag and she wrote a whole article about it.

I can share more if there's interest.

No. 668262

File: 1534691802300.jpg (51.76 KB, 592x484, wj5Svfa.jpg)

everything about this is wrong on so many levels

sorry to burst your bubble but not every woman is a doormat

No. 668279

Does she have any original thoughts or is she just spouting Heartiste?

No. 668327

>They also talk a little about how woman are destroying each other and allow themselves to be fat and sill get a guy
These types always blame women for men not having any standards lel

No. 668344

Now I really want her to write a self help book with great advice like "flaunt your insecurities on social media" and "let men know you won't leave them if they cheat on you."

No. 668568

Tradthots like RPC and Southern, especially RPC, don't seem to think of children as actual people, the way they talk about them, they don't realize just how much work a kid actually is, how hard it actually is, especially when all the responsibility and pressure is on the woman to do everything. They talk about kids with the same passion as a cat or dog, like it's just this thing you have to feed and clean up after and it's that easy. They're so immature.

And as for having a job, do they have any idea how much it costs to give one kid a good life, let alone several? That's why most houses have both parents working, that's why so many people sacrifice that time and energy, because you love your children and instinctively need to provide for them and give them the best lives you can. These girls are so selfish and attention whoring, I don't buy that they want to be mothers and give a shit about something besides themselves for a fucking second.

sage for pissy rant

No. 668581

I think Varg made a video about that (Yes, I know, no1curr), like none of these tradthots have children but they're always telling other people with their views what they should do. They don't practice what they preach. "HAVE WHITE CHILDREN" Yet none of them have any. Like, the only "tradthot" I can think of who had a child is Sinead McCarthy, I wouldn't even call her one because she's made tradthots and altright fags mad multiple times, for really silly shit too, or just telling the truth in general. Like her saying Andrew Anglin is a pedo. Does anyone know what happened to Sinead, anyway? Last time I heard anything from her is when she said Lana Lokteff lied about being pregnant for 2 years, and then Sinead got fired from her job and disappeared from the internet.

No. 668673

They're probably terrified of getting pregnant, they might gain weight and lose favor with their incel fan base

No. 668679

Wait, Lana Lokteff doesn't actually have a kid? Who tf is that baby she holds in her videos? Her nephew?

No. 668695

Idk, anon. They never talk about children unless it's someone else's and they haven't confirmed if they have a child or children in general. It's probably her nephew, and she's also probably trying to pass him off as her son. Neither Lana nor Henrik will say or deny that they have kids, it's really weird.

No. 668749

It can be a collab with shoe0nhead!
>never let ur man go to bed angry, hungry or horny
>buy him all the Star Wars toys he wants because he’s a big boy and you’re his mommy footstool
>don’t listen to the roasties, putting other women down does make you more beautiful!

They’d probably defend guys who cheat on their heavily pregnant/recently post-partum wives because ~men have needs~ and shit on any woman who gets stretch marks or doesn’t bounce back to her pre-pregnancy weight immediately. Honestly, I hope none of them ever procreate.

No. 668773

From my experience coolgirls who let their bf cheat are often cheaters themselves and very good at hiding it, especially considering their obsession with male attention

No. 668776

tradthots and their worshipers: femoid– I mean women having pets??? eww you must be an ugly feminist career woman. why not have a kid instead?? not like they're two different worlds of responsibility

they also seem to sperg out at the word "furbaby" kek

this is why I have no sympathy for shoe when greg publicly lusts after camgirls. her mra pandering is basically jerkoff material/flirting for them and she gets attention from it. LOOK IM SUCH GF MATERIAL!! Don't you wish I was your perfect antifeminist loli gf? :3

No. 668783

I'm interested in who her fiance was because I noticed she stopped being engaged in the month or two gap between visiting her twitter. Did she ever really explain why they broke up?

No. 668838

Post more about her, I'm interested in the breakup milk.

No. 668959

File: 1534791281815.png (17.21 KB, 579x172, what.PNG)

Seems like RPC is back at it, screeching about career women yet again.

She goes from "uwu i'm so nice here is a peach cobbler recipe" to screaming about how every other woman is useless in a matter of days

No. 668964

File: 1534791614483.jpg (50.94 KB, 938x477, 601.jpg)

>"there is nothing envious about that lifestyle"
>constantly brags about running several businesses
>brags about her SAT scores/school ranking
>used to brag about wanting to go to med/law school

Even with all of her trad posturing it's still obvious that she desperately wants to become a career woman and is envious of them. Maybe she'll be able to admit it one day and stop taking her anger out on other women.

No. 668974

File: 1534792428058.png (149.9 KB, 608x1436, gHowbgi.png)

No. 668978

Whats with the mra catch phrase "you wonder where all the good men gone!"? I still have yet to see even the sluttiest career women say this

No. 668992

>women will still cheat but never men they are sweet hardworking angels women are so evil except me uwu
Amina and june are one in the same wow. Wonder what she thinks about Scott Peterson or Chris watts and the countless others. Men killing their pregnant wives and kids. Does she think that those men are poor victims of their horrible wives? Because according to amina, those women were doing the right thing. Gotten married and had kids and still got murdered

No. 669006

>I'll be 30 and leaving a legacy behind
Why does she keep saying this shit? Her twitter is full of ''if you don't choose family over career, you will never leave a mark on this world!'' Like what fucking legacy will you leave behind, there are billions of people on this planet and you're not special for reproducing, lol.

Also I love how she's saying this as if ''career women'' don't have kids/families. Does she not realize that most families NEED two incomes to survive?

No. 669021

File: 1534795715476.jpg (148.31 KB, 659x1480, c8fKi1z.jpg)

She's 100% the type of person to blame the woman if her man cheats on her. Probably because said woman has short hair and isn't feminine enough uwu.
Or because the evil women keep emasculating the poor men :(

Seriously though, if a man is so easily emasculated because a woman(who according to them, are the weaker sex anyway) tells him things he doesn't want to hear or chooses to pursue a career instead of family, he's not gonna be a strong leader anyway.

No. 669034

>women staying in abusive relationships out of fear of their husband getting the children would be more beneficial to society than marital counseling
What a nutjob.

No. 669043

rofl this is a life guide for why men are the weaker sex though. Fragile masculinity is the all time high.

OT but i work in a clothing store and this man (no lie) did not want to buy adidas pants unless i confirmed with another guy they were indeed men's pants and not ladies. it was really pitiful to see.

No. 669137

File: 1534807098625.png (2.32 MB, 1862x1184, superior genes.png)

She never explained why they broke up but from what I can tell via a post her friend made on Facebook and some of her Pinterest boards, he either faked who he was or something along those lines. Which makes sense to me. Googling his name gives his criminal history and some of his old social media profiles where he seems opposite of how he presented himself when he was dating her. He was a bartender as well… so trad. He proposed to her with a personalized Bible. He has scrubbed himself off of social media so I don't know too much about him. She has not deleted any of the tweets relating to the engagement or said anything on Twitter about the breakup but on Facebook she deleted everything (sadly I have no caps) and is listed as single now.

Also, they met on Tinder. Pic related of the beautiful newly engaged Nazi couple!

No. 669172

His face and his last name are sooo Aryan!

No. 669178

Come on, that's "her boyfriend" role-playing as "her". There's no other explanations. Only a literal loser dude would think that. Hasved you ever noticed how handsome, successful men don't have such ridiculous b/w demands in a relationship? That's because they have real life experience and don't need to fantasize about having a partner on twitter.

No. 669181

Lol, I was about to comment the same thing but decided not too. Dude also has a strong case of gay face.

No. 669214

There's really no excuse for any of these trad thots not to be married. They're all young and ok looking. They keep screeching about marriage a fertility but aren't married or even trying lol

No. 669218

Yep, they have the looks and want to get married but they aren't… it's almost like their personalities are the problem or something! But they'll never figure that out or they just don't care because they love all the male attention they get. They would rather take credit for appearing as trad than do the actual work it would take (working on a relationship/marriage, bearing and raising children, housework, etc.) to be a real Trad Wife™. They literally just want the credit (and they get it!) for aspiring to that kind of life.

No. 669220

They'll set rules for women but then turn around and pretend like they're some special exception to the rule, the alt right/ mra men do the same, they're honestly bigger hypocrites than alt lefties, at least the alt left tries to hide or change their hypocrisy though, alt righters and MRAs just are straight hypocrites and don't even care that their entire life is a contradiction

No. 669221

File: 1534813379544.png (107.84 KB, 604x1226, 4hN32F0.png)

>I asked her why she couldn’t stop going from dick to dick. She said she didn’t know how.
i cry evrytiem

No. 669237

How many tradthots are even virgins? Not very trad to have so many failed relationships despite saying women should save themselves.

No. 669240

Is this the same roommate she took pics of that were also magically on a porn site years before she posted them? Or all the supposed foreign friends she has that are married? How do people keep believing this?

No. 669256

File: 1534816643465.png (84.01 KB, 1062x320, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 11.5…)

Thanks for the milk anon. How did you find her facebook and pinterest may I ask? Do you know her in real life?

I looked through her twitter history and found a response to a tweet that is now deleted and was most likely about the proposal breaking off. From this reply and a couple others responding to the original tweet,
it sounds like he wanted her to prove she could get pregnant via another man before marrying her? Because he didn't want to marry a barren woman. Sounds whacked.

No. 669268

File: 1534817655416.png (842.15 KB, 1402x1082, ew.png)

Oh damn, I missed that! Wow, what a nutjob. But I mean, all the RPW talk about "vetting" men yet she couldn't be bothered to Google his name and see he was arrested beforehand, and not just on some minor thing?

I believe she linked her Pinterest before, or at least one of the other tradthots on Twitter did and she was following one of them. She had her full name on Pinterest along with a picture of her. Easy to find on Facebook and everything was open. Her Pinterest is /dactylic in case you're wondering.

Also, I love this article she wrote. It's so revealing in such a terrible way, I don't know what she thought this article would accomplish: https://medium.com/@lambbhunting/why-i-became-a-white-nationalist-49889e73786c

No. 669279

Why'd she have to write an entire article on this, she could've just did the typical "we yts have da rite to luv our race!"

I doubt she Googled anything on him because, ya know, jews.

No. 669297

There's a reason lauren southern didn't speak about herself when she lectured other women on not sleeping around in one of her videos lmao. She was a party girl and used to frequently talk about going out on dates and getting drunk, etc which is fine but not "trad".
Hell even stell bell isn't pure.

No. 669301

how does she even know anything about the effectiveness of marriage counseling? is she divorced?

No. 669379

So he was an actual cuck? Lmao

No. 669384

>Step it up ladies. Let's make things more competitive.

The fuck? I'm convinced she's a man now. I thought women were supposed be to be feminine, submissive, and not like competition? I mean she thinks frisbee is so harrrrd :(( Only a man would want more competition and catfights between women over them. It makes them feel like they're actually worth something kek.

She's next level neurotic if she wants more competition. You would think an attention-addicted girl like her would love her competitors (read: all females ever including underaged ones) to be fat, short-haired, feminist wildebeests like she always describes them to be, cause it'd make her uwu stand out more.


No. 669389

File: 1534829417827.png (650.77 KB, 985x759, yC2nOc2.png)

No. 669393

Shes lying, not that her being dishonest and making up tall tales is anything new however

These keychains are sorta new, knowing her age I doubt they wouldve been made way back then and magically only given to a compulsive liar who hates women and asspats men for one
2 - I don't see anything wrong with the first quote, its not a man hating quote, it's the truth if anything, any woman who's ever had to work hard knows this
3 - the last one was an obvious joke, anyone with a brain could've saw that, however, I think the fact that women are expected to deal with being bombarded with woman hating jokes but GOD FORBID a woman ever make a joke about men because then they're somehow brainwashing little girls to hate men or something

No. 669395

That article is totally embarrassing
"The menfolk taught me the way uwu"

No. 669398

>it's almost like their personalities are the problem or something!
As garbage as their personalities are in general, I'd pin it down to their undoubtedly high standards. The whole reason they obsess over being perfect wives is because they want perfect husbands, they think so highly of themselves and consider themselves better than other women so of course they expect men who are better than them. They're obsessed with maximizing their appeal but it's not so they can lower their standards and marry the first loser who comes along, it's so they can get a rich, handsome man they love. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, they just refuse to practice what they preach and seem to lack the self awareness to realize that's what they're really expecting out of life even if they think their standards are fair.

No. 669407

File: 1534832079206.png (167.72 KB, 1060x760, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 4.11…)

You are likely right with this analysis.
Rachel acknowledges 'hypergamy' and seems to give an indication that she does it herself. A lot of fundamentalist Christian women fall into this trap actually, because they grew up on romance novels, had little romantic interaction with real men and believe in a prince in shining armour. They have high standards that reality can't match up to. So many end up struggling to marry.

No. 669443

The funny thing here is that these have been said for years and the second one I could see as a joke in a 50s sitcom. They always made the man a basically bumbling idiot while the woman was the mature one taking care of the house while also laughing that women always had "needs" (ot but no shit they need your money if you won't let them work). She'd probably cry feminazi sexism if she watched one without knowing the time period

I'd love to ask what legacy she thinks she's going to create. If I didn't know her I'd read this as a super career woman going beyond a basic cubicle job and shitting on women who are fine with their 9-5s. No woman was given a legacy for raising a kid at home, and the only women who are given a legacy for supporting their famous husbands were the women who actually did most of the work for their husbands and their work is finally being properly credited today

No. 669525

The fact that she interpets the quote as just feminist propaganda just shows how out of touch she is but the whole twitter does read like some maga tranny larping a trad thot.

No. 669541

Lectures like this one always make her seem even more obviously hypocritical. She can't even come up with a reason for not taking her own advice except "well, I will someday uwu" despite the whole point of her video this lecture was about being that sexual market value decreases with age and women should settle down sooner rather than later.

No. 669612

No. 669634

I kinda feel bad for the waitress
All that just to be used as an example for one of the most masculine looking hoes on the internet to be telling women they aren't feminine

No. 669648

>Total plain Jane. Her hair was up in a bun and she was dressed simply

Even when she is using another woman as a positive example, she has to shit on her.

No. 669649

She like other girls talk about their hypothetical babies/legacies like buying a new accessory. They remind me of the type of women who cant handle their kids growing up past infancy when the babies are completely dependable

>women arent choosing shitty guys whats going on
And maybe thats good thing. Less shitty genes the better, right?

Tradthots ive noticed hardly ever talk about partners and women especially who look into, want to adopt or have adopted. There are thousands of kids already born that can have a good shot at a good life if they have the right parents. But tradthots never acknowledge this

No. 669655

File: 1534867901985.jpg (48.63 KB, 553x494, 7878.JPG)

hurr durr

>There are thousands of kids already born that can have a good shot at a good life if they have the right parents. But tradthots never acknowledge this

Because tradthots are all about pandering to creeps. These type of men don't care about actually raising kids, they only care about passing on their DNA. They are huge egoists so they probably think adopting kids is a form of "cuckery" or something. Trathots pander to that kind of thinking so they can get beta bux and have a status of "cool girl"

No. 669656

File: 1534868010038.jpg (51.37 KB, 535x410, 13.JPG)

>many of us don't have fathers

lmao what's this

No. 669665

Lmao sounds like the red pill chick doesn’t have a father, which explains why she’s so desperate for beta attention.

No. 669760

File: 1534879474070.jpeg (128.02 KB, 640x396, D6E35CCD-FF42-49DC-8992-36E597…)

I was skimming through random RPC articles she’s written, and Jesus Christ she’s such an idiot

No. 669764

I swear she's autistic

No. 669765


If this bitch didn't already post her pictures on her account, I'd tinfoil it to be shoe0head 's alt account.

Thought they do follow each other and interact soo….

No. 669778

how can you tear women apart for not being feminine enough when you type like this?
>there's no space to fucking recycle
>it's fucking garbage
the most basic femininity/class tip is to not curse, use ''foul language'' or gossip. how do you mess that up?

No. 669820


oh yeah I saw that too! Guess our trad queen is above recycling!

No. 669900

It must be so exhausting to hate everything

No. 669981

hating on recycling and people who recycle is some insane mental gymnastics.

No. 670015

Does she not know that other countries BUY our recycling? They're literally selling garbage to foreigners. Conservatives should be all about that shit, but noooo don't want to look too much like a brainwashed libcuck better say some mean things about every trivial habit my hugbox might perceive as leftist~

No. 670079

can RPC please get her own thread
she’s too milky for her own good

No. 670157

glass and paper are inefficient to recycle, unless the glass bottle is being reused as is. aluminum, plastic, and steel are the only things you should bother recycling.

No. 670204

I don't really see how this is entirely relevant cause she never gave a reason for not recycling except that it's supposedly a stupid thing that stupid people do. I doubt she actually knows or cares about how efficient it is or she would have mentioned it instead of basically saying nothing
Also, ot but at least in Canada you've got it backwards for paper and plastics, some plastics are more expensive to recycle than its worth but it used to be offset by the serious cash saved on recycling paper (but now paper isn't as much of a thing which is making us reconsider recycling certain plastics or at least how we do so)

No. 670243

File: 1534921464982.png (48.42 KB, 615x457, myxjRIG.png)

I really wanna hear this ~evil~ roommate's side of the story just to see how miserable RPC was to be around

No. 670251

>Recycling and reducing waste is for feminist liberal hippies
Imagine reaching this hard.

No. 670257

File: 1534924746993.jpg (43.69 KB, 530x337, bio.JPG)

She was a biology major too?

Women do, in a way, seek "high value" males. But what these tards don't understand is that "high value" is more of a subjective thing than objective. It depends on person's personal preferences which can also be influenced by external factors such as parent's pressure, societal and cultural influences etc.

Red pillers think everyone is just hardwired to love the same type of alpha, super masculine, rich and sociopathic chad. Yes, there are certainly women who are into it but it's far away from general rule.

This whole red pill movement is based on nerds projecting their butthurt feelings because Stacy didn't choose them in high school.
Or as in RPC's case, Chad didn't choose her in high school even though she is better than all the other girls!

No. 670258

Me too tbh
She tells so many tall tales that are so obvious she's lying from how poorly she contradicts herself
Im surprised no one else called her out yet, I wonder how long it will be before she starts claiming her "roommate" is stalking her or whatever

No. 670263

Appealing to nature when talking about sexuality and reproductive habits is ridiculous anyway, they vary so greatly from species to species that you could use it to argue for or against any kind of sexual activity you wanted. For example, female hyenas have a psudeo penis that they penetrate the males with as a form of foreplay. Does that mean that women should seek men who are into pegging? Or what about the fact that most species don't mate for life? Does that mean that women should avoid monogamy? I'm sure these types would rage at the mere suggestion.

No. 670266

She would probably cheer on and encourage men who demand 16 yr olds with perky G tits, 24 inch waist, 50 inch hips, kpop skin and a baby face in the name of fertiltiy, but then yell at a woman who wants a decent man because its evil and misandrist women want men who make them happy and not fuck the first man they see just so it doesn't hurt their feefees women aren't living to serve men

They cry about double standards all the time but love double standards when they revolve around men

No. 670315

Orangutans are a species of great ape who live semi-solitary lives where adult males and females only come together to mate and offspring is raised by single mothers and occasionally older sisters/aunts. Funny how nobody ever brings them up in this appeal to nature argument.
Bonobos, our closest living relatives, are matriarchal and engage in lesbian sex. They‘re hardly ever brought up either.

Chimpanzees and gorillas are patriarchal but non-monogamous as the Silverback Chad monopolises all the females while the Beta Incels get smacked around or exiled if they don’t behave. Monogamous species like gibbons do exist but I can’t think of a single species that is monogamous only on the female’s side while every male, regardless of fitness or status, has access to desirable young females over his entire lifetime. It simply doesn’t work.

No. 670362

She panders so hard.
Off topic but I hate how she doesn't have a top lip

No. 670400

File: 1534954469742.png (57.18 KB, 599x575, don't be mean uwu.png)

No. 670401

File: 1534954580443.png (95.17 KB, 604x814, eJgINbI.png)

No. 670406

kek, and he still hasn't asked to marry you. i love that these girls are so hopped up on marriage when they're being strung along by boyfriends that can bail at any time. they haven't even proclaimed intent to marry these girls. it's hilarious, seeing as how i know a handful of evil harpy feminists that have been proposed to in shorter periods of time, when not even desperately trying to get married.

No. 670420

>I'm living life on easy mode
>I'm set for life
These women just want to live the NEET lifestyle without being looked down upon by society. She doesn't even bother to pretend otherwise, lol.

No. 670422

Aamina, I'm concerned for your sexual market value, you haven't shaved this morning and your stache is showing. Have you been using your fair and lovely cream? I want to be sure you're okay.

hows that RPC :^)

No. 670431

Red Pill Chick needs her own thread at this point tbh

No. 670439

and yes this picture
except edited with all her posts about being feminine and youthful around it

No. 670440

until he dumps her when she gets old and frumpy and she has no resume or career or anything to fall back on, and she’s hit the wall and her misogynistic Muslim family wants nothing to do with her lmao. how short sighted is she?

No. 670443

Say what you will about ppl who post positivity, but that last comment basically epitomizes "bitter".. How does she not realize this? Guess it's a combo of only being 22 and also having a thick skull.

No. 670449

it's so funny that she has the nerve to call other women "plain janes" when she's a mannish looking indian girl that no one ever looks twice at
let's make this the next thread picture when her and her incel looking boyfriend break up kek

No. 670461

wait how old is she now? is she seriously only 22 thinking someone she met last year is most definitely going to have her "set for life"?

jfc i thought modern liberal loose women were supposed to be the ones being that delusional and naive about marriage

No. 670616

File: 1534974102359.jpg (131.47 KB, 1200x488, DlO2VAkXsAUZcnu.jpg)

I wonder how much it would upset RPC to realise she is more like 'The Becky' than 'The Stacy' in this meme.

No. 670871

Sorry but I don't see how someone should be taking care of somebody else's kids, especially when we know for a fact that at a certain age they'll wonder about their biological parents and all that it entails. Tradthots are hypocrites but I really can't blame them on that.

No. 670877

I have a feeling this evil roommate doesn't exist kek

No. 670879

Not to mention humans have more developed brains than apes and have the capacity to choose partners based on more than size and mating call. It's almost like we've evolved or something…. do redpillers believe in evolution or are they creationists?

No. 670883

It depends on which one you talk to. Creationists wouldn't liken people's behaviours to that of animals or talk about pscho-evolutionary babble because they see everything as from God or from Satan.
RPC seems to buy into that pseudo-evoultionary pick up shit that doesn't even make sense so logically she should therefor 'believe' in evolution. Not sure how that conflicts with her supposed religious beliefs though.

No. 670941

File: 1534997787734.png (68.57 KB, 603x547, uXQvud4.png)

No. 670954

File: 1534998544071.jpg (64.26 KB, 600x600, 79074a9800e883de13cfc8e6e48ec7…)

isn't it convenient how one second women are the most privileged people on earth because men are easy, next minute all feminists are bitter evil ugly girls who are made men won't fuck them, can't they at least get their own memes straight or at least have some sort of self awareness?

and now this dude thinks he's tfw too intelligent because somehow women liking good men (even though we all like criminals or tyrone or whatever) is the end-all feminism???

I swear, the mental gymnastics these people do, how the hell do they work out in their minds this shit? men are oppressed because women can just spread our legs and men will fuck us, but also we're all ugly and no man will fuck us if we aren't redpilled handmaidens, we all like white handsome bad boys but also all like tyrone and now we all end feminism (???) if we like high value men, what the hell goes on in these peoples heads?

No. 670963

File: 1534999543595.png (370.58 KB, 599x1672, 1534999354432.png)

Ashton Whitty threatened suicide again and deactivated her twitter account

No. 670965

File: 1534999565302.png (1.16 MB, 597x3196, 1534999401543.png)

No. 670966

File: 1534999592364.png (468.46 KB, 602x1482, 1534999444434.png)

No. 670967

File: 1534999608033.jpg (52 KB, 756x732, DlPZj-aU8AApF7l.jpg)

No. 670991

File: 1535003273368.jpeg (447.02 KB, 983x1836, B7DA5AEE-CF85-4210-82EC-9F002B…)

She posted this on Instagram 12 hours ago
She’s near a national park. Yosemite or Lake Tahoe are the guesses apparently

No. 670992

File: 1535003283645.jpeg (319.57 KB, 821x1445, F09F734A-AAE1-41A4-BA59-6526DA…)

No. 670998

So sad :(

Jk lol bye bitch

No. 671020

>now fucking Paul Joseph Watson on and off
Where did this piece of information come from?

No. 671095

Look at the OP discription
CTRL+F and search Paul Joseph Watson on the page
Or on iPhone- click to add page to favorites, it should show “find on page” then search his name

No. 671102

Well, she clearly needs help and is mentally unstable. From what I've seen, I think she might be bipolar or something (sorry for armchairing). I doubt that her family cut her off just because of her political leaning, there are definitely other reasons there. I watched her breakdown videos and she claimed some ridiculous stuff, such as her getting raped made her change her views to become pro-life, etc. - how does that even make sense? She would like to carry and give birth to her rapist's child? She's definitely quite disturbed.

No. 671109

File: 1535027633085.jpg (41.65 KB, 600x373, histoiresuffragette06.jpg)

Ah yes, the classic "if a woman is a feminist it's only because no guy wants her". Never gets old!

No. 671110

the tweet about not having Alex Jones' approval, kek

No. 671113

Fuck, I actually feel sorry for Ashton. She's an idiot but I don't think she deserves to feel depressed and suicidal.

No. 671120

Can you imagine someone wanting to die because fuckin Alex Jones doesn’t like you. Dear god.

No. 671130

File: 1535029523847.jpeg (231.85 KB, 1242x912, 6800F518-3223-41BD-8082-6374E3…)

What a surprise
Who could’ve guessed? Lol

And she’s being a bitch to him after he was worried after she attention whored out her fake suicide threat to everyone

No. 671132

File: 1535029534365.jpeg (184.91 KB, 1242x1043, 54FC7CEC-3FE5-404D-8152-A0A2DC…)

No. 671133

File: 1535029545711.jpeg (294.42 KB, 1242x1146, A0E25141-B4B4-4937-89DE-5046D9…)

No. 671135

File: 1535029555685.jpeg (186.01 KB, 741x984, ACBBBD6C-DB2D-4249-9A7C-6E49B0…)

No. 671154

File: 1535030897239.jpeg (365.96 KB, 1242x1652, AD1608B9-73FD-480D-AE51-3C403A…)

Incoming dump
Saging for obvious reasons

No. 671155

File: 1535030917761.jpeg (41.08 KB, 640x362, 4E97B932-D4CC-4E53-BAEF-2C96B3…)

No. 671156

File: 1535030963991.jpeg (270.57 KB, 1242x1088, 1D929F51-E152-49E9-A17D-5506E2…)

No. 671158

File: 1535030979618.jpeg (295.04 KB, 1242x1575, DF4FC639-D330-4D20-A96E-BF5DA7…)

No. 671160

File: 1535030998380.jpeg (264.08 KB, 1111x1562, 5910A69B-7869-42A8-875D-8DDC34…)

No. 671162

File: 1535031011558.jpeg (279.3 KB, 1089x1576, 23FB8BCE-1C16-4BED-9C1B-4666A9…)

No. 671163

File: 1535031029020.jpeg (368.53 KB, 1242x1588, 3C468A77-4FFE-4214-8D7B-AE08B1…)

No. 671164

File: 1535031045028.jpeg (186.11 KB, 1242x1267, 70C38033-CA1E-4F9B-994D-E56EE0…)

No. 671165

File: 1535031061063.jpeg (164.71 KB, 1242x803, 4857DB87-52AB-46EE-B9E9-BB7856…)

No. 671166

File: 1535031073945.jpeg (221.21 KB, 1242x989, 6C55FA1B-B45B-4656-932B-083079…)

No. 671168

File: 1535031087178.jpeg (214.09 KB, 875x1573, 4749DFA6-ABB7-4B20-AB1B-FA2998…)

No. 671169

File: 1535031126299.jpeg (324.27 KB, 1241x1114, 0293D5F8-3626-4BA1-9662-78909A…)

No. 671170

File: 1535031144112.jpeg (152.56 KB, 1242x700, 514EE160-B4CC-43C2-BEA3-5EDCA9…)

No. 671172

File: 1535031182242.jpeg (229.7 KB, 1242x1201, C0EE738E-E0EE-413C-B71D-192BF7…)

No. 671173

File: 1535031194963.jpeg (124.84 KB, 1242x1014, 7D20FF05-7AD7-4D98-BE10-A0943A…)

No. 671177

damn it feels like these infowars cucks took a very vulnerable, emotionally unstable girl with a shitty family situation, pumped and dumped her and led her on.

isn't she only like 18? i know she says really vile shit but she's at an easily impressionable age and is obviously mentally ill and needs help, not a group of manipulative men abusing her and alienating her from her real family/friends. i hope she grows up and finds peace

No. 671184

….she’s 22 years old, turning 23 in October
She knows what she’s doing, she’s an adult
And and attention whore

No. 671211

How did she "didn't want this public"? She PUBLICLY tweeted about wanting to die, for christ sakes. How is that private? This girl is a mess.

No. 671212

I suspect she might also be drunk tweeting, so possibly an alcoholic. Threatening suicide and then deleting everything the next day would suggest that.

No. 671223

She says really stupid shit, but at this point, I doubt she's just attention whoring. She wouldn't delete the tweets if it was just for attention. I think something is seriously wrong with her and she needs to get help. Also, what is that about her being in an "abusive situation"? I know she tends to lie, but her constant breakdowns suggest that something bad may be going on in her personal life.

No. 671287

File: 1535038056769.jpg (64.13 KB, 639x646, 1534688182091.jpg)

She kinda has a whoville face, not as much as shuwu though.
She has little beady eyes though, that's why she wears eyeliner 24/7 lmao

No. 671355

We’ll all her previous “suicide attempts” she’s done the exact same thing.
Tweeted about it publicly
Text everyone telling them over and over
Then deleted everything, act like she’s a victim, and shitted on her friends for helping or calling the cops or trying to find her via friends and family.

So it’s not the first time shes publicly threatens suicide then deleted them the next day or days later, after everyone’s already seen them.

I know it’s good to be sensitive about this just in case, but she’s done this so many times. People are saying she lied about taking an overdose as well. Since she didn’t go to the hospital and was texted people within 8-10 hrs. You sometimes have to take this stuff with a grain of salt because it can end up enabling them.

No. 671406

clever, and how did OP acquire this info?

No. 671410

I don't know anything anbout that guy but it's a common Swiss surname.

No. 671423

File: 1535048504216.png (134.8 KB, 500x599, paul-joseph-watson-following-p…)

again, I say there's no way PJW is straight.

No. 671428

File: 1535048770296.jpg (246.15 KB, 1200x768, DAyZWjqW0AAf4Xv.jpg)

though it's entirely possible Ashton is too autistic to pick up on the social cues that suggest he isn't interested in women.

No. 671449

File: 1535051015790.jpg (641.49 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20180823-140234_Ins…)

K bitch

No. 671512

File: 1535055330615.png (77.04 KB, 617x517, aLx9Rwi.png)

No. 671514

File: 1535055425134.png (196.35 KB, 601x605, ZFJj6vu.png)

I thought she said she wouldn't be catty anymore?

She sure turned over a new leaf

No. 671517

isn't that the incel eggy??? it is a man, is that the joke or am I just autistic?

No. 671525

File: 1535056042681.jpg (146.28 KB, 925x1200, CQRH1fGUcAEWKtF.jpg)

lmao you know what, I think it is.

No. 671540

holy shit, irony. the way she speaks is so masc and her voice isn't even feminine. have you guys noticed literally like, none of these tradthots have feminine voices? lauren doesnt, this one doesn't, shoe doesn't (while she isn't a tradthot exactly, she does pander), etc. is that tomi lahren? she at least actually sounds like a feminine woman

No. 671553

Yeah, but what normal person does this? It still points to her being disturbed in some way.

No. 671557

all these hoes have BPD

No. 671620

File: 1535062891014.jpg (735.88 KB, 1078x889, Screenshot_20180823-171817_Mim…)

No. 671689

Yeah she's old enough to know better, she's not a fucking child.

No. 671690

Also she looks like Kronk from the Emperor's New Groove

No. 671713

File: 1535068544308.png (189.02 KB, 1052x764, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.55…)

No. 671731

Do any of the tradthots in this thread have long term boyfriends, ones they have been with for at least 1 year? June/Shoe is literally more "trad" than basically all of these chicks - she might talk openly about her kinks, but fuck, at least she's in a LTR and is actively practicing being a waifu.

No. 671739

Why don't these thots just find someone to do bdsm with them? As pathetic as June is she's so much more successful at this nonsense than any of them.

No. 671746

File: 1535071221563.png (124.45 KB, 608x1092, z1Beei3.png)

>I don't believe in divorce

No. 671747

the funniest thing about this pic is how flat her ass is

No. 671755

File: 1535071469338.jpg (365.84 KB, 583x1057, Screenshot_20180823-194404_Ins…)

Yeah she has no ass lmao

No. 671761

Funny how she talks down on other women for being aggressive yet can't help but be extremely aggressive towards other women when disagreeing with them. Maybe she should work on actually following her own values first before lecturing random women on twitter.

No. 671765

Has she ever mentioned what her boyfriend does for a living?

No. 671778


an elections analyst. someone upthread said this is her bf and they interact on twitter a lot, so…

No. 671786

File: 1535072988105.png (64.14 KB, 548x584, iHKQFCT.png)

No. 671790

File: 1535073176286.png (99.61 KB, 626x776, O7co0Eu.png)

No. 671872

File: 1535079396761.png (44.26 KB, 618x483, HtjJoytlrR.png)

wow what a catch

No. 671886

This guy has no room to talk about anyone being a cuck when he has a GF who looks like she's got a bigger dick than he does swinging around under her skater skirt.

He's probably LARPing as RPC though let's be real

No. 671895

I think the tradthots think BDSM is below them/too "degenerate" because they wanna be pure mommies

No. 671939

Most guys that are successful and/or well educated will typically marry someone there age, give or take a few years. Additionally, they usually won't get married until their late 20s to early 30s. The youngest girls I've seen successful men marry are usually 25 or 26. It's lower class, lower caliber men who marry when they're young, or marry exceedingly young women when they're post 30 (under 23/24). It makes sense, because humans don't fully mature mentally until we're 25 - why marry someone when you or they are still maturing?

Also it just makes me laugh that all the tradthots who push the whole WOMEN EXPIRE AT 25 or whatever are literally the types of women who will only go downhill from 25. Not that it actually fucking matters, but another reason guys prefer to marry girls who are at least 25/26? It's because by that age you can tell if someone will age gracefully, or age like a chopped salad. Tradthots are the chopped salad types and they fucking know it.

No. 671963

>He's probably LARPing as RPC though let's be real
it's especially obvious when the two accounts interact

No. 671965

File: 1535092078050.png (357.01 KB, 1292x484, looool.png)

tfw your 21 year old boyfriend makes you get a real estate job

No. 671966

File: 1535092107006.jpg (148.5 KB, 956x959, 17883595_408937422820075_22005…)

tfw you only own one skirt

No. 671971

>I'd have a career in medicine and be able to stand on my own feet, absolutely miserable!

Have fun either being stuck as a single mom with no career options when your mediocre marriage falls apart, or being miserable 24/7 with someone you only got married to because you got scared of being too old.

No. 671982

She looks like she's trying to repress a fart

No. 671984

File: 1535093294580.jpg (104.99 KB, 597x800, BkF_S7ZIAAAsYDQ.jpg)

Why is it always tranny looking bitches who say this kinda shit?

No. 672016

File: 1535101109242.jpg (31.24 KB, 620x400, laura-loomer-onyx-truth-2-620x…)

Just read this thread a little bit and you can't tell me that this person was born female. Someone should try posting her into the tranny thread in /ot/ and see everyone saying that she doesn't pass. WTF. No wonder she has to hop on the trad bandwagon.

No. 672018

File: 1535103121806.png (556.52 KB, 826x607, Happy #Pride.png)

Loomer really isn't "trad" in the slightest, nor does she pretend to be

No. 672024

Your comment brings up a good point. Some feminist contemporaries are married and have children. Jessica Valenti comes to mind. I wonder how they feel about their political enemies succeeding in that regard?

Oh I know. The men they married are low-T soyboys unlike their master husbandos like this: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/03/13/white-nationalist-leader-matthew-heimbach-arrested-for-domestic-battery/?noredirect=on

No. 672031

This cunt looks like she got stung by bees.

No. 672036

File: 1535107755672.png (867.46 KB, 1233x991, nadia zaman.png)


So I googled her name with her uni and got a picture of her co-ed fraternity.


I guess these are all the "roomates" and "women in her uni" that she constantly shittalks.

No. 672042

her boyfriend looks like a fat baby.

kek, how trad. why isn't her "set for life" bf already supporting her?

No. 672048

File: 1535110064302.png (626.43 KB, 558x493, Capture.PNG)

truly cant believe this bih thinks she can critique other womens appearances for being "too manly" every four seconds.

that having been said, i think she's lying about being persian. on her FB, someone jokingly asked her "where's the rishta?" in response to her looking 'pretty' in this pic, which is apparently the indian name for a marriage proposal. she then says "idk i haven't posted it to shaadi.com yet", which is apparently some indian dating site.

No. 672053

No wonder she doesn't use her own pic as her icon on twitter. She's not hideous, but I bet nobody would look twice at her at the street. The trad community on twitter would disown her in a second. How can she larp as a feminine trad with those brows?

No. 672059

Not to mention as many times as she's brought up, retweeted, and basically boasted about how white America used to be and how the old trad ways only hired white women - you can tell she REALLY hates her race and herself lol
The fact that most feminists are white women probably upsets her more than anything

No. 672060

Oh shit anon, I found her Facebook too. So this means she's an Indian Muslim girl and not the Persian Christian girl she claims to be on Twitter.

No. 672067

It probably kills her that she's not even slightly white passing, lmfao

No. 672072

A self hating indian woman? I can see it. Most of those poor women there are brainwashed to hell and back. She's still a piece of actual shit regardless.

No. 672074

I wonder when she'll stop talking shit on Twitter for a second and invest in some skin bleaching cream and blond hair dye so she can finally look like the white alt-right trad housewife she RPs as.
This "catfishing by omission" shit just isn't it. It's not going to work out for her once her audience finds out what she really looks like, lmao.

No. 672076

Wait, so her name isn't actually Aamina Mubarak, but Nadia Zaman? How did you find this out? And why does she go under several names?

No. 672082

Not that anon but found her Facebook too; given the fact she was browsing 4chan she prob new that eventually she'd be found out and try to set a false trail so no one could
The only posts of her available are her public ones. Ironically enough she had a public post saying she wanted to get rid of all homophobes lol

No. 672092

I now understand why she hates cute short hair girls, because they can pull off the look while she's stuck with a giant head and manly features, if she didn't have long hair she's pass as a guy.

But, what really makes her ugly is her personality, it's just so typical that she would project her own flaws onto others.

No. 672126

File: 1535120343613.png (117.62 KB, 155x304, persian princess uwu.png)

No. 672206

File: 1535126920059.png (1.96 MB, 1186x1154, kek.png)

OP who found her real name, I found her boyfriend's facebook lol and found her thru that

No. 672211

File: 1535127085163.png (339.24 KB, 330x930, I love white boys onlyyyy.png)

She's definitely one of those girls who think having your hair as long as possible is the most flattering style, but 99% of time super long hair looks disgusting and dead.

No. 672213

File: 1535127131468.png (69.82 KB, 702x352, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 2.04…)

tfw you browse /pol/ too much

No. 672214

File: 1535127192541.png (2.07 MB, 1866x1198, potato sack chic.png)

nothing interesting on her ig, she follows kim kardashian though. doesn't seem very trad..

No. 672232

Obviously she was very into pre-med, she was in a fraternity for it and even has a published article she co-authored with who I'm assuming was her professor.

My guess is she became tradthot once she met her boyfriend. His family has $$$, his dad started Hollis Law Firm which does hernia mesh lawsuits
https://hollislawfirm.com and he died in a boating accident in 2013. His mom has donated a substantial amount, not a ton, to republicans (looks like she maxed out to Ben Carson and Rudy Giuliani kek, also weirdly gave to the DNC).

Her bf donated 5.4k to Ben Carson (clearly he knows how to pick 'em) so seems like they have some money but they're aren't super loaded. Only work record I can find for her bf is internships and the extent of him being a "political analyst" seems to be posting wikipedia screenshots on Twitter.

sage for campaign finance sperg

No. 672291

She's really trying to lecture women on how to dress more uwu feminine while wearing the ugliest sporty spice potato sack ever, huh?

No. 672317


>claims to be light skinned

Bitch where

No. 672336

File: 1535136269765.png (359.38 KB, 1234x1222, 5DQx5FY.png)

No. 672338

File: 1535136293306.png (143.55 KB, 586x300, breakdown.png)

she's trying so hard to play it cool it hurts

No. 672343

File: 1535136576051.png (46.59 KB, 455x378, mDX92HS.png)

Cow crossover

No. 672344


No but see she's wearing heels

No. 672350

File: 1535137061213.jpg (21.85 KB, 600x634, LAbotrT.jpg)

>devotes her entire twitter to tearing other women apart under the disguise of ''trying to help'', calls women whores, bitches, trash-talks her former roommate and her cousin for ''not like other girls'' points, posts pictures of random women to degrade them and nitpick their appearances to death, insults and belittles women who have jobs
>''having a bad attitude takes away from your beauty uwu. why are women so catty :(''

No. 672355

So does RPC actually ever post actual housewife stuff, like dinners she's made or doing household chores? Or is she one of those social media thots pretending to be "not like the other girls" for bullshit good girl points?

No. 672363

It's white! Just like she is! Such a beautiful pale princess!

That kewpie doll looking guy on the far right of the pic, lol

No. 672370


She makes fun of a black man being a "chimpanzee" even though she herself is brown?


No. 672373


So she found out this thread?

No. 672375

File: 1535138744592.png (574.93 KB, 933x598, 0000.png)

Lmaooo, looks like she's been on that skin bleaching regimen. That picture is from 2016, while this is from 2017 (on top of her lightening her skin with filters in this pic. >>666536 aren't as edited).

No. 672383

I'm guessing. Didn't she also make her twitter private (and then public again lol) a few days ago when we first started talking about her?

No. 672384

File: 1535139202478.jpg (101.69 KB, 680x752, Poo in the loo_ec1a00_6257784.…)

>tfw you spend so much energy pandering to /pol/, trying to be their ultimate woman…and yet they will always consider you a poo in the loo

No. 672386

She did, but that's because some woman named Margaret started calling her out: >>664770

I don't think it's because she found this thread herself.

No. 672404

this outfit triggers me so bad

she spends hours each day pandering to people that see her as nothing more than a shitskin lmao

No. 672426

Skin bleaching? No, no, no, you see, she exfoliated her skin >>666521
No she looks less olive, more white!

No. 672451

Same, the two shades of burgundy are close but not close enough and it looks horrible lol

No. 672468

Woah she's really dark, how tf does she think she's "light olive"

No. 672479

File: 1535146268174.jpg (80.34 KB, 802x584, IMG_20180824_232532.jpg)

i lmao'd at replies

No. 672496

File: 1535147008387.jpg (84.44 KB, 610x656, 0tvEPUh.jpg)

>it's not necessary to be friends with men
>i can't be friends with women because they're all catty

then who are all of these immigrant friends of hers that get married early?

No. 672509

Wtf. With such a poor understanding of human relationships she legit has to be autistic. It's obvious she think of people only in binary ways.
She does not seem to realize you can be friend with someone over common interests and hobbies that "Chad" might not share with you, and even if he does, some of these hobbies can be appreciated in groups.

No. 672545

Tfw beautiful black women btfo your self-hating brown ass.

No. 672558

>doughy babyman in chinos and reefs sandals that mooches off his dead dad's money
lel, imagine trying to shill this guy as 'chad'. embarrassing. june and greg 2.0 tier.

No. 672750

He looks prepubescent, like if you were to hear his voice he'd sound like an 8 year old.

No. 672795


She's lying though. If you look at her social media (unrelated to the RPC persona she's playing) she seems to have a number of female and male friends.

She just has a need to pander to these sort of trash men, obviously out of a big insecurity.
Also all her friends seem to be from NY and her Washington uni days… now that she is stuck in some midwest shithole because of her bf, she probably doesn't have much of a social life.

No. 672838

why do these insecure thots have the absolute worst fashion sense? they dress like trannies

No. 672891

Because tradthots and trannies dress to impress/get attention from men. Most women dress to impress other women

No. 672990

Glad she admitted men are nothing to her except fanboys to give her attention, that will sure make her mra followers happy

No. 673164

File: 1535229110765.png (79.52 KB, 611x581, zqiBpPb.png)

Because Kim is the alpha female, duh

No. 673497

File: 1535265891812.png (80.62 KB, 1200x398, Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 2.44…)

No. 673499

File: 1535266109096.png (144.5 KB, 1204x866, Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 2.47…)

what the fuck lol

No. 673506

>minimize cheating
>not prevent cheating
Was she already cheated on? Is that why she's so crazy?

No. 673508

What man could enter a relationship with this cunt and not cheat on her at some point? She seems genuinely insufferable.

No. 673520

This reads like she's trying to reassure herself that there are alt right nazi types that will find her attractive

No. 673536

No doubt. It's obvious because she said brown instead of asian, which might actually be true.

No. 673537

Fingers crossed that she can still land the aryan nazi prince of her dreams!!!!

No. 673539

Her boo probably browses Tinder while she's gone.

I wonder when will he tell her that he wants to have white babies with a white woman to secure the future of white race or some shit like that.

No. 673541

But Nadia! You ARE the brown chick.

No. 673547

She wants to be.

No. 673658

>being attractive

also, she's doing exactly what men are. Valuing women at only a base attraction level and then tosses them when they're 'too old' at 30 years old. bitch, please

No. 673695

lmao exactly, I was thinking the same thing.

No. 673768

File: 1535308403839.jpg (96.69 KB, 800x600, lauren_rose3.jpg)

Lauren Rose.

Who is she, does anyone have proper info on this tradthot?

No. 673781

So does she pretend to be Persian because those are the OG Aryans? I can't follow this spergy race stuff

No. 673789

Persian is definitively more glamorous to right-wing people than Indian/Pakistani. It's not uncommon to see positive sentiments towards Persians coming from right-wingers. They also tend to be lighter pigmented than South Asians. I don't doubt it's for these reasons that she pretends to be Persian.

No. 673795

idgi, of those two Stacy is clearly the feminist

No. 673810

She was being groomed by JF Gariépy a few month back, but ended up getting away.

(starts at around 3 mins in)

No. 673830

I mean, how old is she, where is she from etc.?
That girl is a total mistery, came out of nowhere and now is basically gone from that scene.

No. 673845


Isn't she like 19?? It's so unfortunate for these girls that their teenage phase is getting posted on the internet forever. Damn if I posted all of my dumb thoughts on the internet I'd be mortified. Can't wait til they realize how fucking stupid they are

No. 673858

File: 1535314914869.jpg (38.21 KB, 450x319, 1488163505964.jpg)

I can't believe faith goldy isn't a troon. her voice is so fucking deep

No. 673885

I don’t think she read the text.

No. 673893

Lauren Rose disappeared because she criticised Patrick Little, a white nationalist whom many suspect to be secretly a fed due to his constant sperging about Jews. A bunch of whignat retards got triggered and she ended up taking a break from youtube (as you can see with anon's link in the thread, she used to co-host a talk show with J F Gariepy, who's pretty milky himself).

Video on the Patrick Little incident:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SadAHL5WAkc (it's pretty long)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLX1ZHn_XDw (more succinct)

Lauren Rose is probably the most level-headed of the tradthots, though she's more politically radical than Lauren Southern and more self-hating as a woman (like when she went on Milleniyule and went on about how women are worse than men at everything lol).

No. 673953

sage bc irrelevant but him donating 5k doesn’t mean he couldn’t afford more, it’s because in the USA if I’m correct private individuals can’t donate to campaigns more than 5 or 6k Ish, anymore more and you go through lobbying groups or pacs.

No. 674032

File: 1535329249416.jpg (151.17 KB, 960x502, RenaissanceRebel.jpg)

Lauren Rose is an overt white nationalist. Lauren Southern is alt-light at most.
does anyone have the video where Gavin McInnes made her cry? I saw it once but never saved it before it was copyright claimed and taken down.

No. 674139


Yes, I know lol. However that's the only candidate he's donated to. Typically I see wealthier people (Like the Beals for example) maxing out to a candidate and then giving to PACs, like Club for Growth or the NRCC, which he hasn't. These would go through the FEC. I suspect he donated to curry favor with Carson's campaign and try to get a job with them. Clearly didn't go as planned. There are ways to get around the limit.

No. 674163

File: 1535343165442.png (74.74 KB, 600x642, qLR5cNN.png)

No. 674164

File: 1535343223159.png (73.99 KB, 606x782, MG514gT.png)


No. 674166

Won't somebody please think of the poor white men?!
The self hatred is stronggggg with this one, wow. Must suck to be that brown and worship whiteness that much

No. 674173

let me see if i got this right:
gender roles are so biologically inherent that everyone, not just people that enjoy them, should follow them and anyone who breaks them is just brainwashed and going against their true nature
yet gender roles are so weak and easy to shed that all a woman needs to do to topple the whole structure is to get a job and an interest in pop feminism?

gotta love when the mental gymnastics of reactionary bioessentialists is just as good as genderspecials

No. 674184

File: 1535345125369.png (75.51 KB, 616x586, M9Ibj2j.png)

No. 674201

the book blamed the rise of the alt-right on "le sjws" without any concrete logic behind it. it's just an idiotic premise bc fascism has obviously existed way longer than blue haired tumblr freaks. either she's fucking braindead, or she favors the alt-right.

No. 674215

Holy shit, is that Shoe's tranny stalker? Nice trad friends you got there, RPC.

No. 674219

I thought being into video games as an adult is totally not a trad thing, so why is Nadia suddenly into defending necbeard (tranny) gamers?

No. 674227

File: 1535353302331.jpg (259.93 KB, 1472x1061, Bad.jpg)

They say I did something bad

No. 674231

File: 1535353586533.png (1.55 MB, 1494x1050, Really bad.png)

Most fun I ever had

No. 674232

Would you do it over and over and over again if you could?

No. 674234


It just felt so good

No. 674236

File: 1535354493158.png (99.19 KB, 1296x864, sadness.png)

Well fuck, now I feel bad. I interrupted the milk train. SrY gUiS(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 674238

Stress isn't very feminine :(

No. 674249

I can't be mad, I know its a form of tipping but honestly it feels good seeing these people quake in their boots cause truly they think nothing wrong can happen on the internet because they use a psuedo name. Kek

No. 674253

The only thing that would probably freak her out more is being exposed as a manly looking dark East Asian girl

No. 674255

some anons have assumed her bf tweets from her account, what if he's a tranny chaser? kek