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File: 1560342079752.png (399.7 KB, 591x490, shoe00.png)

No. 821211

Last time
>Shuwu moved to a new place and it isn't her fiance's apartment. Preg still won't marry her.
>Wishes Lauren Southern farewell and to have many babies
>On the other hand still tries hard to get into leftie circles, references copmala
>Nobody wants to accept her though so she has meltdowns daily

Summary of Shoe’s past:
>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school
>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances. (Note: The sword and door pics are not her.)
>Befriended a unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet. Also cheated on this guy with Skeptic.
>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".

Summary of Skeptic’s past:
>Blamed (still blames) his parents for his intellectual failures and his general stupidity because, in his words, “they weren’t smart enough to raise a genius.”
>Goes to a community college and majors in art. Shortly after he fails out.
>Made a shitty web comic for three years that was on the same level as Sonichu from ages 19-21. (he was willing to make more of these comics in 2015 when he was 31)
>Becomes a Messianic Jew, first cult he joined, and goes into debt from doomsday prepping. Believes in crazy conspiracy theories, like “The Simpsons” can predict the future.
>Becomes an atheist because of Amazing Atheist videos. Joins Atheism+, his second cult. Atheism+ guys can’t stand him and eventually dox him to make him go away.
>Spent loads of money on man-child toys and would hide them from his wife.
>Cheats on his wife with various women (Shoe0nhead, Jenny McDermott, and a catfish who went by River, including a few other unknown women). His wife found out and sent messages to these women telling them to not contact him anymore. Shortly after, he gets a divorce and immediately starts publically dating Shoe.

Present situation
>Shoe: 27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.
>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit and spends all her money on bing bing wahoo toys - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form an argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy gothic nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guidette with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly. (this includes looking through posts and tweets with the word “shoe” in them)
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Has nothing to put on her resume except "dunking on terfs xd"
>Got dragged by Brittany Venti and some of her former alt-right chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans and leftist brownie points. Venti later went and made Shuwu Saga vids, one of which was taken down twice.
>Still never made that video with Lauren Southern because her fans have the memory of a goldfish and she didn’t need to appease them anymore.
>Tries to make an LGBT artist’s suicide attempt about her. Acted like he already died for pity points.
>Goes on to say she was friends with him when she barely ever talked to him and was planning to make a video about him, but never does.
>Goes to Vidcon wearing obvious butt pads and was laughed at online for it.
>Brought up in a ‘would you rather’ video that people believe her bf has Jacob’s Syndrome (aka a retard). However it doesn’t seem like she realizes it says more about her MENSA IQ dom daddy than it does about those who believe that.
>Even though she said she would only make LGBT videos for pride month, she goes and makes an extremely low effort (even lower than usual) video on Gorillaz. In it she “””debunks””” a religious zealot who thinks rock-and-roll is the devil with an argument that boils down to just “yeah.”
>After Vidcon, her bf released a 40-minute long vlog packed to the brim with cringe and disgusting close-ups of his face.
>Soon after, Shoe released a video where she goes to a gun range with Blaire White, and lies nonstop. Claims to have only gone to a gun range once and being afraid of guns in the video despite the fact her gun nut ex took her to gun ranges all the time and owning a gun.
>Threw a few temper tantrums on twitter because people gave her the slightest criticism.
>Deleted her ask.fm, as well as unlisted videos on both her main and side channel. Wouldn’t want anyone seeing she’s not a ~thicc smol pwecious uwu~
>Shits on women who joke about drinking wine, then proceeds to make chicken tendies REEE xDDD jokes
>Posts one tweet that's somewhat pro-woman (criticizes r/theredpill for being manipulative and abusive), gets shit on by her fanbase hard so she quickly goes back to defending MRAs
>Lately has been shitting out bad videos faster than usual, obviously in need of quick beta bux
>It's been noticed that Mister Metokur (Jim) has been avoiding to criticize her and Preg even though he has no problem with criticizing whatever thing skeptic community does.
>Trying to start an internet fight with a radfem church, failing miserably.
>Tries to suck up to Shane Dawson, James Charles and Jeffree Star but fails miserably >>739113
>Greg gets scammed out of $1000 for a Darth Vader mask >>732346
>Gets thrown under the bus by Contrapoints again >>733857
>Sneaks into a pedo dm group and calls their pedo convos "just basically creepy fetish talk" >>748153
>Unlists Ghostbusters vid where she called Leslie Jones a gorilla >>746617

Last thread

No. 821212

File: 1560342148442.jpg (20.93 KB, 464x155, bn.JPG)

No. 821517

Why does this woman get hundreds of thousands of views? Who is watching this shit?

No. 821523

It's baffling to me as well. Even accounting for male thirst

No. 821536

A lot of it is definitely "uwu I'm not like other girls" views as well, aka girls who are equally as thirsty for male validation as her

No. 821586

I'd say it's mostly kids who like her watch getting spastic over "wamyns rights xDD"

No. 821597

her audience is just a bunch of retarded incels. something i noticed was many youtubers have made videos about pedophiles and i haven't seen a single one that got as much backlash as shuwu. her videos on pedos got way more dislikes than other people's, multiple creeps who used to be shuwu fans made response videos. tells a lot about her audience.

No. 821739

Checking back in
Did they have a wedding yet or even get married? Is there any talk of the wedding at all or anything related to the next step of their relationship?

Their relationship is a joke, June pls love yourself

No. 821747

Of course not, they're never getting married. Preg doesn't even want to live with her, he clearly doesn't want to marry her.

No. 821757

>Has Armoured Skeptic lost his damn mind?

what mind, Kevin? what mind?

No. 821805

File: 1560455730291.jpg (383.86 KB, 1409x2168, IMG_20190613_215518.jpg)

It's been 1.5 years sunce they got engaged, no marriage in sight.

Have this old preggy tweet for lols.

No. 821884

What's the point of even getting engaged if you have 0 plans to marry or even move in with each other? The immigration shit isn't an excuse, he can sponsor her on a spouse visa.

No. 821999

My guess it was just for good ol' trad image lol

No. 822055

Now I'm stuck with memory of Greg calling someone girl.

No. 822102

File: 1560501056164.jpg (55.6 KB, 640x640, 8df50f8c06869da37eef1a97f87c21…)

sorry for blogging
but I've dated a guy like him, it's this game they like to play where they see their SO as nothing but sex/money/emotional punching bag, whatever instead of like an actual partner

the trick is to just ignore them and distance themselves from you so that you chase them because they know their partner is emotionally vulnerable and has low self-esteem, when their partner starts to get a grip and realizing they ain't shit they'll love bomb (ie engagement) to reel them back in, and start the process all over again

it gets emotionally exhausting and ruins any self-esteem you have, june self-esteem was already in the gutter I can only imagine what emotional issues greg has caused her, the thing is the emotional abuser is the master manipulator so he's pretty much convinced her "it's not emotional abuse I'm just busy/it's the law/whatever excuse he can find"

as many issues I have with June, the best thing to do is leave ASAP when he keeps playing games, don't wait for him to lovebomb, don't even let him, call him out and go, Greg is NOT worth the emotional trauma and she can easily do better if she tried(blogpost)

No. 822128

Does this dude ever even lovebomb her? I can't recall him doing so.

I think you're projecting a bit. Sure, he's stringing her along. But to call it emotional abuse is a leap. He probably just went with the engagement to indulge what he thinks of as her silly feminine fantasy, and then forgot all about it.

No. 822206

>Does this dude ever even lovebomb her? I can't recall him doing so.

Most likely not publically but we all get little glimpses into their life, one week "I love you so much June you beautiful princess here's a ring" next week she's a fade of his memory, he takes her out his bio and she's trying to get his attention on Twitter which tells me he ignores her randomly and often

I consider the engagement a lovebomb from him

>But to call it emotional abuse is a leap

Is it though? We only see so much of the relationship on the outside and that enough is concerning to others, like how the BDSM guru was worried for June if she was being abused

No. 822223

not seeing much of the relationship online is concerning? sorry but that's fuckin dumb

No. 822225

nta but that's not what she said, asshat. she's saying their relationship looks fucking terrible enough just from the small snippets they share, there's no telling how much worse it is one on one.

No. 822229


Reading comprehension is important friend

No. 822245

Looks like the strawman baiters are out again today

Go back to your ice cream and Tumblr Bertha

No. 822250

File: 1560540414248.png (198.66 KB, 733x1347, ;uyohjkhlnhmjl.png)

No. 822462

Greg is so easily butthurt, I love it. He always looks so damn childish whenever he goes on these tirades trying to defend himself.

>she's trying to get his attention on Twitter

No. 823635

File: 1560884745629.jpeg (329.5 KB, 2048x1534, D9OP6RGXkAQf9cB.jpeg)

So she's basically gender-bent version of her father.

No. 823767

File: 1560899766135.png (310.29 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20190618-191202~2.p…)

God he's such a cringey sperg.

No. 823830

File: 1560909940792.png (88.77 KB, 730x578, dad bod.png)

No. 823852

File: 1560913585178.png (210.45 KB, 1666x854, Untitled.png)

So I saw this thread on pol yesterday and was surprised to find most were defending chad and saying the people who did the study were fat guys (like pregory) and it was based on the opinions of fat sluts (like shoe) so no surprises she agrees with this kek.

No. 823954

when will she let this go, jesus christ
i would have thought it literally impossible for someone to be THIS obsessed with people's appearances, and then she takes it one step forward and defends the appearance of an absolute tub of lard. i'm so sure going off the kind of things that she's said in the past, calling average chicks landwhales and whatnot, that if she wasn't trapped in this baseless relationship with preggy she would be railing on his body type day in and day out.

No. 823995

What would happen if they break up?Your suggestions?

Though I doubt that will ever happen because it seems like June has a really low self-esteem and is completely being controlled by him…. And he wouldn't want to break up with her because he can always use her 'coz she's 2 dumb

No. 824018

>dad/bod/beer gut/beefy arms
how hard is it for her to just say she's attracted to fat men? Like why does she need to use colorful terminology that is equivalent to calling a fat women thicc/curvy/large chest etc? Is it to make herself feel better? It's so obvious she needs to keep voicing this because she has a giant insecurity in finding Shreg attractive, she has to keep "justifying" it and prove that it's normal.

What's actually not normal is how obsessed she is with talking about it, everyone is aware of most women preferring men "bigger" than them, whether its through being tall, fat or fit. The differences, being attractive to fit men means you also prefer someone who is willing to maintain their looks compared to guys who just eats a shit ton or was just born tall.

No. 824019

File: 1560959224512.jpg (76.9 KB, 825x969, shoe0nhead_and_armoured_skepti…)

There is a lot of things going that prevents them from breaking up, and love certainly isn't one of them

June's side
- Built her entire brand on being a cool girl, to the point of pretending to be a bisexual ("but only for threesomes with septic tee hee!")
- Having a fat daddy dom bf is another part of her brand too
- Breaking up with him because he's unfaithful would portray that she has minimum expectations of men she dates and that wouldn't sit well with her fanbase
- Nearing 30s and still single - she makes fun of women like that
- Shit self-esteem
- She probably finds it endearing to be a mommy to her retarded bf

Though, seeing that she's trying to portray herself as leftist and have liberal audience might make her get rid of septic and turn her brand around. Except nobody on the left/liberal side is buying it.

Preg's side
- His career is failing, through June he still gets some exposure
- Same with money, she sends her earnings to him because she's his submissive babby uwu
- She lets him cheat since she can't risk losing her cool girl image
- Since he's career is dead and he's also fat, ugly and retarded, he probably has harder times finding women who will give him attention (like that camgirl)
- June is cucked enough to be fine with moving close enough so he can fuck her when he feels like it, but at the same time he doesn't let her move in with him even though they've been engaged for more than a year now.
- Basically she is his paypig and fuckbuddy and as long as he doesn't have to live with her 24/7, he benefits from the relationship.

No. 824024

lol is this fan art???? who made this

No. 824060

Like you I also doubt it would happen but imo it would be the opposite, I feel the ~submissive bean~ really is just an act because shes shown before she can get triggered and go on massive rants about the most inane of things. She would have an army of neckbeards defending m'ladys honor if they did break up so it could go either way imo.

No. 824215

File: 1560999037507.jpeg (92.82 KB, 750x750, 72604DF7-1B7F-4E97-BD2E-BCBBE9…)

No. 824216

File: 1560999071880.jpeg (367.84 KB, 828x990, 85F1396E-53A3-47F3-81B0-1E92C2…)

No. 824217

Imagine being this thirsty for incel outrage attention

No. 824225

Confirming what we all knew, that she has zero attention span and is the exact type of reactionary carrier virus who spreads fake news.

Tho I'm a bit stunned she didn't delete the original tweet per her coward mo.

Also how how how is she still going on about shit like this, get a fucking life June please.

No. 824285

I really hate when she sticks her nose into things she has no interest in besides for the "gender war" buzzfeedy social commentary pandering news around it. Has she played ff7? Has she even watched the new trailer for the remake? She can't understand how fans of the game actually feel about a character redesign without having been a fan herself. Her opinion is literally "people complain about big boobies? I angry because I bi and I totally looove tits look at me!".

No. 824330

No. 824333


I think they could break up if one of them can trade up and find a better someone with a higher status in the skeptic community to bring more subs to their channels.

No. 824338

File: 1561045399325.png (167.88 KB, 350x467, FruFru_Wedding_Dress.png)

I was just scrolling, and I realized her face reminds me of the Italian rat from Zootopia that was based on Snooki, but far less cute.

No. 824341

I don't think she really finds fat men attractive, she just likes how fat men make her look better in comparison. She also knows that most of her fanbase is fat men and she wants them to fantasize about her, so..

No. 824362

File: 1561052716984.png (89.75 KB, 801x445, hate speech.png)

No. 824375

File: 1561054779975.jpg (78.89 KB, 746x506, PDJ4iRt.jpg)

No. 824382

File: 1561055529289.jpeg (199.19 KB, 828x438, 02DEA42A-4993-4D0B-9400-DD4D88…)

how can someone manage to look so different

No. 824430

I noticed this immediately and it's so bizarre I think it's the filter or lighting making her look such an odd colour?

No. 824451

She's an italian.

She has a natural olive skin tone.

Oh and italians aren't "white"(not raceb8ing btw)

No. 824471

File: 1561066280449.png (636.07 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190620-232833_Chr…)

When Americans talk about Italians not being white, they think of descendants of south Italians, or more likely Sicilians and Sardinians who have darker skin since, historically, they had contact with North Africa.
If you visited North Italy, you wouldn't see a difference between regular "white" Europeans and "non-white" Italians.

Anyways not to go too much off topic, Shuwu is going on a crusade against YouTube for flagging her video as being anti-LGBT. Now I'm having flashbacks of Shuwu calling herself "YouTube employer" and blocking someone who told her she isn't one.

No. 824489

File: 1561069124798.jpg (425.32 KB, 1438x2250, IMG_20190621_001803.jpg)

Some tea from kiwi

No. 824500

>wahmen have to have big perky tits, wide hips, a big round butt and an itty bitty waist or else they're fat, gross and lazy
>dad bod on guys is hot though uwu
>healthy strong men are gross

notice how it's always insecure women who admittly only like guys with dad bods because you don't have to worry about cheating (kek)
attractive and secure women know their worth and that they can obtain someone they genuinely find attractive and not jump through hoops to convince themselves that lazy skinny fats are superior

No. 824548

Just fucking retire, old man

No. 824740

can they stop pretending that shuwu is bisexual? she has openly said that she would never date a woman and is obsessed with male attention. she's straighter than dry spaghetti.

No. 825284

Highly doubt the nudes part actually happened

the rest seems plausible

No. 825401

File: 1561250562857.png (371.78 KB, 519x318, juwu.PNG)

No. 825682

Um logicked proved that Greg not only didn't come first but that he has copied others loll

No. 825752

File: 1561324995411.jpg (108.55 KB, 747x776, joirpjfwbjreknlfd.jpg)

No. 825753

File: 1561325044306.png (351.25 KB, 624x706, cancer_burn.png)

No. 825792

I'm not understanding. what's wrong with cancer signs?

No. 825840

pretty sure they mean it in a double entendre way, like she's a cancer sign/she is cancer.

No. 825854

File: 1561350476604.png (343.29 KB, 1018x567, shoe.png)

No. 825871

Tbh having sex with Preg would turn any woman gay

No. 825884

File: 1561360491813.jpg (25.71 KB, 521x216, Capture.JPG)

No. 825890

File: 1561365039011.png (100.24 KB, 504x493, U_Wot_M8_Feels.png)

>his looks
>which is all June has

>her looks

No. 825919

Why does skepdick always looks like he needs to shit?

No. 826062

File: 1561401469768.png (37.82 KB, 277x307, 1559568283815.png)

…..people buy this….

No. 826066

File: 1561401767420.jpg (216.18 KB, 1779x1100, shubu.jpg)

Also she got called out again recently, her fanbase defending her like crazy in the comment section

>B-but I was only 25 when I tweeted this you dumb piece of shit!!!!

You'll never be accepted in the left/liberal circles June

No. 826220

File: 1561424687198.jpg (78.43 KB, 719x633, tlmpm0A.jpg)

she'll make any excuse to complain about women huh

No. 826251

womens issue literally means "affects women", nothing deeper or political about it except for anyone looking to be ~offended~. it doesn't automatically mean that men are not also affected. likewise muh suicide stats is a mens issue as it predominantly involves men, but this does not mean women are excluded or dont commit suicide, men just do it more therefore it's a mens issue

dont know why shoe and every altliter gets mad over these semantics, especially when "mens issue" exists as a term yet they never cry about that

No. 826280

what is enby?

No. 826293

gender non binary uwu snowflakes

No. 826329

easy to give your shit opinion when mommy and daddy paid for her film school only just so she could drop out of it in the final year

No. 827280

Did anyone watch Dusty absolutely destroy shoe0nhead? I loved when he called out her using a quote from a book character as evidence of how evil feminism is. It was wild.

No, because then they'd have to give up on the sweet money they're milking out of the LGBT community.

No. 827723

No. 827767

No. 827894

File: 1561639893084.jpg (39.48 KB, 432x395, d.JPG)

Shuwu streamed NBC on her channel and got struck with a copyright 90 day ban.

No. 827895

File: 1561639918176.jpg (59.6 KB, 450x486, 002.JPG)

No. 827916

genuinely curious, how does this happen? did she get copyright-striked one time too many?
(i mean it's definitely possible seeing how lately her videos are 70% footage from the actual material she's responding to)

No. 827926

I guess her boyfriend’s retardation is rubbing off on her.

Get married already June, not even the low-quality camera is enough to hide the fact that you’re BASICALLY 30 and when you’re older, people aren’t very nice to you anymore.

No. 828008

yes, it starts at 48:35

No. 828382

File: 1561685263953.png (165.28 KB, 473x885, junee.PNG)

June is livetweeting the debate right now. It's not interesting, just cringy.

No. 828407

Reminding you all that for like, 8 years this retard said her content wasn't political. Also "vs corporate hacks" while she refuses to criticize any corporate hacks on the right. Amazing. I think she's worse than Tim Pool.

No. 828632

Why does she act like she is 12?

No. 829276

File: 1561842728232.png (89.04 KB, 713x475, Untitled.png)

No. 829465

File: 1561868301735.png (531.02 KB, 1080x879, Screenshot_20190630-000803~2.p…)

Preg back at it again liking pictures of random girls.

No. 829531


She’s trying to move to Canada though. How does that make her super invested?

No. 829544

Wait, doesn't she already live in Canada?

No. 829579

Preg does. She lives in the US

No. 829599

I hate to say this but she's somehow looking more and more like a troon as the days go on? Also the fetishization of Tulsi makes me so uncomfortable

No. 829735

>Super invested
I literally tried to watch the election video and it was just her repeating herself and screaming outdated memes and then just using obvious phrases to describe everyone. She has no fucking new material. It's so sad kek.

No. 830157

it says unavailable. did she delete it?

No. 831275

File: 1562165294569.jpg (132.26 KB, 960x960, 1562041330789.jpg)

Not only she's fetishizing Tulsi, she's getting inspiration from 4chan too so even her cool girl shit is just copypasted from anonymous 4chan posts.

No. 831500

pretty much, and its been confirmed all the yang and tulsi threads on /pol/ were made by shills too lel.

so she pretty much only supported tulsi because "4chan" liked her, but it wasnt actual 4channers to begin with

No. 831652

File: 1562205105193.png (319.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190703-214913.png)

Screenie from KF

No. 831660

Put it back

No. 831676

Pls spoil this next time barfs

Has she talked about her engagement or any plans for a wedding? Lol knowing shreg it ain't happening anytime soon

No. 831688

>dat sucking in hard and still fat as fuck
>zero muscle tone whatsoever

she lets this hambeast "dom" her? a strong breeze could knock him over.

No. 831721

File: 1562215969396.png (89.54 KB, 300x350, 1561669313364.png)

I feel like the reason she gets so many views is that even though her critiques of feminism are crappy, it's still a rare sight amongst anti-feminists, who hold girls like these up as a shield.
She has no brain. It's simply the anti-feminists trying to find some sort of credibility vicariously though her. And since she's so retarded, it's pissing into an empty bucket.

No. 831724

File: 1562217139709.png (28.49 KB, 607x361, Moreshoeonhead_22.png)

Was it this exchange on Twitter?

No. 831776

xyy alpha male confirmed kek

No. 831992

he has a very feminine kind of body lmfao jesus i have a more muscular torso than him what the hell is he doing all day

No. 832100

Doesn't he though? I find it very sus he literally has a curvy waist and a bigger chest

No. 832122

Is Greg transitioning? Looks like he is taking estrogen or something. Also sad that this pic was not deleted immediately and actually uploaded? Lol

No. 832136

he's curvier than June lmao, he looks liek a rubenesque woman kek. also you can just feel him straining to suck in that gut. AND the dreamworks face! all in all, an extremely cursed image

No. 832163

His waist is more defined than June's

No. 832251

File: 1562323414811.png (51.9 KB, 586x458, adderall man.png)

also dusty:

>she is the number one speaker on feminism in the world right now

No. 832462

Maybe that's why june thinks she is bisexual

No. 834142


lol. I hate misogyny/ageism but in her case it will be KARMA once she's on the other side and she recieves hate from both men and younger women for being a worthless 30 year old 'female'. The next generation of tradthots and redpilled gen Z female tards are gonna have a blast with her.. before it's their turn to hit the wall and the repeat until eternity.

Patriarchal/"traditional"/antifeminist women are just so fucking sad.

No. 834341

I have discovered the term "pick me" and holy shit does it fit the bill perfectly lmfao


No. 834384

My guess would be it's a symptom of his Jacob's Syndrome.

No. 834447

Is this disgusting couple going to Vidcon this year?

I’m kinda hoping someone finally takes the plunge and snatches her wig.

No. 835517

File: 1562835027640.png (537.7 KB, 1892x796, 45.png)

So Preg and Juwune are trying their hardest to show how they are not centrist anymore and have gone full left.

Preg took the political compass test 3 times in one day to show us all, as expected of a tard.

No. 835522

Meanwhile Shuwu made a whole video about it on her new political commentary channel named "Brainlet".
Of course her test also turned out to be same as Preg, totally a lefty now so no more fenceshitting right? (Result at 6:28)

Maybe Contra senpai will finally notice her now uwu

No. 835545

wait judging from the background, is shoe living in Kingston, Canada now?

for non-Canadian anons, Kingston is university town with no prospects if you aren't going to school there. most people living there that don't go to school are either over 50 years old or are deadbeat. it's only notable because it's famous for one of the largest prisons in Canada lol.

No. 835563

No, that's where Skeptic is from. He's always lived in Kingston during these threads. June lives in upstate NY.

No. 835870

It's so weird how a woman who built up her online presence by bashing feminism and social justice could be considered a lefty progressive by anyone. I guess she's more or less the stereotype of a Bernie bro now lol

No. 836462

File: 1562952496812.jpg (132.94 KB, 713x642, height.jpg)

No. 836466

Guarantee that if armoured skepdick was short this would be the June & random Internet personality thread.

She’s just as shallow as any other girl, otherwise she’d be dating that fat fuck who leaked her nudes.

No. 836470

>Bullied random fit men because she was mad she's stuck with pregrory
>But but poor oppressed short men
So the fence sitting continues

No. 836518

My ex was and probably still is obsessed with her, I should have realized that she'd be mentioned here oh this is delightful.

No. 836558

File: 1562959616367.jpg (196.21 KB, 884x1111, I'M A SMOL BEAN UWU.jpg)


if preg was 5'6 or under, their pictures would be so much funnier.
>june why are we sitting on the ground?

No. 837513

man i am sad she wasn't able to butt herself into the beauty community even though it wasn't ever a possibility
one message and drama channels would be all over her, at least her milk would be known by the masses lol

No. 837526

The absolute envy on her face gets me everytime, she looks so fucking petty lmao, like she's go out her way to snitch on every girl who's prettier than her

No. 838327

caller on the David Pakman show says shuwu and preg were his gateway to molyneux and lauren southern.

No. 838850

File: 1563259775760.png (113.14 KB, 546x744, 34.png)

So Bianca Devins, an e-girl who posted herself on 4chan (something shuwu used to do in the past) got murdered and pictures of her dead got leaked by her murderer. He posted it on her own discord, 4chan, instagram and not only that but 4chantards are spamming the pictures everywhere (please don't search bianca devins related tags on instagram)

What does Shuwu do? Instead of expressing condolences or maybe warning people that exposing your identity on anonymous message boards can be very dangerous (remember Kenny shuwu?)…..she decides to whiteknight nice guys on 4chan because Bianca's murderer "was a friend, not a stalker"

They met only 2 months before he murdered her, and even though her family got to know him, he was still a 4chantard, he was still a "nice guy" (aka a sick piece of shit).

It's disgusting where her priorities are.

No. 838857

Sameanon, I also forgot to mention that her murderer was a /r9k/ poster and so was she.

Juwune is a piece of shit

No. 838859

Does she think it's impossible to be stalked by someone within your social circle? The creepy thing about Nice Guys is that they worm their way into a woman's friend group by acting "nice" and nonthreatening, then become angry and resentful when she treats them like any other friend(ly acquaintance) instead of hopping on their dick right away. An actual, normal friend wouldn't have done this.

No. 838875

Holy shit what about her having sort of known him for two months makes him not be a nice guy TM its a behaviour, its a pattern, characteristic etc
WHO HEARS ABOUT A MURDER AND DECIDES TO WHITE KNIGHT PARTS OF THE SITUATION? Like she died but hey he wasnt a NiCegUyTM, even though he literally did everything that describes the trope. The world would literally be better off if Pregory could suffer a "niceguy" attack tm and maybe just take them both out of this universe cause they do nothing but harm.

No. 838905

especially ironic since she rt'd news about a woman molesting her student with 'bye pedo' as a caption. How about you rt all the men who do that same shit every fucking day? How about you purely show condolences for a girl who was murdered and her life was taken away? She truly is fucking disgusting. It's beyond me.

No. 838914

File: 1563278332454.png (105.37 KB, 856x539, shoe.png)

does anybody know what was said to her?

No. 838928

It seems like she’s trying to blame the deceased teenage murder victim for befriending this guy in the first place.

No sympathy or remorse for the victim and the loss of this girl’s family and friends… just standing up for the r9k incel who murdered her because they had gone out on dates before he did? They still met on r9k discords and there’s even chatlogs between them where she talks about how she didn’t even want to meet him the first time. It’s obvious he was an overbearing “nice guy” taking advantage of a dumb teenager and weaselling his way into controlling her (meeting her family).

No. 838941

I think that she's trying to "protect" /r9k/ incels from being scrunitized by claiming he was her family's friend and unrelated to 4chan and its cancerous culture where women get their lives endangered if they reveal their identity. Basically /r9k/ is full of fucked up men and tons of psychos post there but Shuwu is still trying to baby them.

Which baffles me because she herself had bad experiences with these fuckups. Posted herself on /soc/ and /r9k/, befriended few of them and met them IRL. She was just lucky enough that they weren't psychopathic enough to kill her, "only" stole her phone and leaked her personal shit to everyone. Probably much more shit happened that we don't even know of.
She could have used her own experience to warn other girls what type of predators lurk there but noooooo, she decides to defend those shitheads instead.

(Also I'm aware she got her orbiters mostly on unichan but it's the same shit, if not even creepier than /r9k/)

>dying wife


No. 838956

>Sh0e thinks a "friend" can't be both a Nice Guy and a stalker

This retard needs to shut her lucky whore mouth and be thankful out of all the times she's hung out with her Nice Guy "friends" from the internet and hosted those meet and greets that an incel never decided to slice up her arrogant throathole too.

No. 838967

>"lucky whore mouth"
>"slice up her arrogant throathole"

step away from the keyboard, you unhinged weirdo

No. 838977

File: 1563292507308.jpeg (315.54 KB, 1125x1248, D4FAD45F-6586-404A-84AE-E4379F…)

shuwu can’t rub her two brain cells together to realize that “met her family” does not mean it’s true that he was a “family friend”. if Brittany and shuwu use this girl’s death to throw cheap insults each others way that’ll be a new low for them both.

No. 838985

File: 1563293774066.jpg (150.38 KB, 1434x1262, IMG_20190716_181525.jpg)

Someone already pointed it out and got blocked.

No. 838989


Anyone finds that "Bianca's friend" account strange?

">He was a family friend. He met her mom"
Doesn't mention they met 2 months prior to the murder.

>"He was not an incel"

Was proven to be a /r9k/ poster

>"He frequently fought with her"

Uh…and that proves what exactly?

Sure he wasn't a stalker, he was still a /r9k/cel with psychotic nice guy tendencies.

And June jumped on defending nice guys first, who cares about the victim right?

No. 838997

You built your entire “career” on pandering to alt-right men, Shuwu..

No. 839024

She is trying to protect these guys because they still make up the majority of her fan base. She’s also probably happy that she doesn’t have to deal with more competition for their attention if these girls keep getting murdered. That’s just the sad facts of how Shoe operates

No. 839040

No. 839127

the replies to that tweet are atrocious
'do the people who are saying you're pandering to men realize how sexist towards men that sounds?'
how exactly????

No. 839160

This whole "they were just normal friends" thing from Shuwu et al is disgusting since a 21 year old incel who meets teenage girls online for sex and a groomed and abused child can never be "just ordinary friends." Why does everyone overlook that the guy was a pedo?

No. 839164

The woman who posted that reply is a real piece of work. Her own twitter timeline is full of idiotic takes on feminism and women's issues, so it's no surprise she likes shoe

No. 839213

Just matching the tone of current affairs, it ain't that deep sis. But sure, let's play your game that "whore" and "throathole" are the worst words that get thrown around on lolcow.

No. 839324

File: 1563345662600.jpg (61.04 KB, 1438x499, IMG_20190717_084027.jpg)

I feel bad for her mom

No. 839325

No. 839412

>that girl's death
>i corrected the story
>i'm "pandering to men"
careful shoe, your rampant hatred for women is showing
i legit can't believe this bitch would sink so low. as if somehow the fact that this guy "totally wasn't a stalker or nice guy TM or anything of that sort you guys it was a trusted friend" makes this whole situation any less tragic. like this "correction of the narrative" takes precedence over the insane crime the man committed.

how dare she use someone's death - a heinous murder, no less - to suck neckbeard chode.

No. 839417

samefag but an article on the incident reads:
>This was the fifth murder in Utica this year and the fourth female victim.
put that in your uwu narrative correction shitsoup, shoe

No. 839556

File: 1563397510416.jpg (34.84 KB, 534x261, dfdf.JPG)



No. 839561

What kind of response is that to a hate crime? What the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 839629

It's natural to be alarmed when something like this happens in your town but 'I'm screaming' is unfortunate wording, it sounds like a humorous expression. Definitely unintentional though.

No. 839647

File: 1563411705317.png (8.58 KB, 478x144, that's just how i am uwu.png)


saw this in some screenshots supposedly from Bianca's discord. immediately thought of june.

No. 839695

"I know this girl! She's my sister's friends cousins best friend! Wig SNATCHED!"

No. 839746


It's fine to be alarmed but she used the tragedy for twitter attention.


No. 839749

File: 1563431931483.jpg (165.71 KB, 1433x1400, IMG_20190718_083847.jpg)


No. 839759

You know if someone falsely reported that a woman who killed a man was a feminist or something she'd run with it an wouldn't even apologize for sharing it after getting called out and claim that "there are still crazy feminists who would do that" or something.

No. 841287

No. 841290

File: 1563663140395.png (138.51 KB, 432x413, Screenshot_20190719-183355(1).…)

bridal dresses bookmarked

No. 841309

I thought that was milanoo bookmarked next to it for a sec.
why is she bothering to show a static shot of her twitter profile if she's not going to interact with it?

No. 841341

has she shown her bookmarks in previous videos? i want to know how long she's had that bookmarked.

No. 841409

She has those bookmarks for a long ass time now lmao

No. 841491

Lmao Shoe's getting rekt. She's never gonna get married, it'll be a miracle if Greg even says anything about the marriage by the end of this year.

No. 841521

Why does she like to hint things on her computer? Why can't she just be straight up? At least this isn't as bad as when she "conviently" left her European Wax tab open

No. 842040

Because it'll get her extra comments and attention and she lives for that sort of thing. You know, kind of like an insecure child. The hilarious thing is she must think it's subtle.

No. 842149

File: 1563796141742.png (122.71 KB, 547x743, Untitled.png)

No. 842450

i saw some shitposting on a 4chan thread about her about how she is cheating on skeptic with vaush. came here to ask, is it true?

No. 842623

She's such an insufferable cunt… Her argument didnt even make sense

No. 842740

…so how old is june? how long until she hits the wall?

No. 842814

>Are you sincerely saying that Greg is sexually attracted to children, or is that a joke?

>I sincerely think Greg is sexually attracted to children, and dating Shoe is a great solution. I'm not being sarcastic.

No. 842975

File: 1563916203546.jpg (190.96 KB, 826x388, 000734.jpg)

This is from years ago but I was watching a video where Jaclyn, Arielle Scarcella and another girl were talking about figuring out your sexuality and Shuwu was in the comments. I still don't understand why she calls herself bisexual, and idn't her ex friend say that she would give blowjobs to her boyfriends? Was she lying to her friend or was she lying in this comment?

No. 843040

this reminds me of the whole “i don’t like anime or video games” argument she would never let go of despite posting pictures of new games (even recently with let’s go eevee for the switch lmao) and wearing girly loli shit to (as always) pander to her orbiters.
she’s so gross and disingenuous it’s actually starting to hurt. i bet in a month or two from now she’s going to post a picture of her reading one because she completely lacks in personality and original thought only to compensate with the incel neckbeard praise she gets on her shooped body and her obsessive misogynist tendencies. can this bitch hit menopause already?

No. 843136

File: 1563934163577.jpg (147.32 KB, 735x773, crossover.jpg)

No. 843151

Good catch. Her boyfriend, blowjob, first kiss, and virginity stories change constantly. Shoe is a pathological liar who can't keep her stories straight.

No. 843653

File: 1564010849767.jpg (110.87 KB, 738x850, OVZmrmu.jpg)

No. 843760

This dumb bitch
"The LGBT need to talk about this"
According to yourself shoe, that includes you. Instead you're too busy 'dunking' on those dumb women to notice tranny freaks like this. Besides that the Lesbian community has been super vocal about this shit but that makes us terfs. She's gone the brain the size of a walnut

No. 844330

The twist of a century that would be hilarious

No. 844350

June wants to slime her way into the left while keeping her anti human rights sentiments lollll

No. 844452

No. 844514

File: 1564178547938.jpeg (119.84 KB, 743x836, 256750D7-8FF8-4938-8995-C3CB5F…)

Wouldn’t surprise me since he is one of her loyal reply-guys on twitter anyways.

No. 844562

it would gain her a whole lefty audience and she might even get married lol

No. 844626

>was a stacy and had a lot of boyfriend drama since she was in high school
>i actually was an asexual who liked women until my boyfriend turned me into a nympho uwu

I wonder how many ex boyfriend's she told that too

No. 844711

shoe was legit bullied by stacy in middle school. In HS she became the bully.

No. 844845

File: 1564248174257.jpg (90.53 KB, 1199x944, EAT_XVSU4AEb0NW.jpg)


nah, he just got cancelled for tranny-disrespecting.

No. 844946

File: 1564266353749.jpeg (257.28 KB, 750x707, 3B39BAF4-5947-4D14-9714-17C022…)

Shoe is at it again, claiming to be the president of “breadtube” meanwhile everyone is actually laughing at her


he sperged out pretty hard and banned his own girlfriend from his discord, it was funny and pathetic to watch

No. 844956

>he sperged out pretty hard and banned his own girlfriend from his discord
I know it's not entirely Shoe-related, but details? What happened?

No. 845014

Holy shit I'm interested to know more. I think we have a breadtube forum in ot so post the details there.
Lmao shoe actually thinking she's part of breadtube, she doesn't even say shit that comes close to the breadtube groupthink.

No. 845030

File: 1564281673564.png (256.11 KB, 611x1912, ian miles cheong's favorite tw…)

>twitter and it's "this tweet is unavailable" nonsense when it's very available if you just click the link to the tweet.
REEE etc


No. 845102

the sad thing is though is that out of all of this, shuwu will only be triggered over being called a WOMAN and not a ~13 year old looking girl~ kek.

No. 845165

File: 1564319119642.jpg (65.72 KB, 559x786, 67.JPG)

"It's SJWs fault I was a /pol/ pandering pick me whore tee hee"

No. 845281

File: 1564345727887.jpg (122.08 KB, 747x649, KABLSHJ.jpg)

No. 845512

>the more mentally ill I am
>the better my content is
Um yikes.

No. 845622

Imagine having no original personality that you depend on mental illness to give you one

What kinda Tumblr bullshit is this

No. 846644

File: 1564595598677.png (921.26 KB, 1078x1213, Screenshot_20190731-125234(1).…)


No. 846677

how long has their engagement been? this is sad. even people on 90 day fiance & 90 day the other way get married quicker. wtf!

No. 846850


January 1, 2018 (technically Dec. 31, 2017 I guess). engagement party was in June 2018.

No. 846852

File: 1564624625558.png (233.47 KB, 578x524, engagement2.png)


doubleposting to confirm that it was still 2017

No. 846864

File: 1564625182861.png (1.1 MB, 571x2286, demdebatesround4.png)

cringy YAAAS KWEENing Tulsi and Yang, of course

No. 846931

File: 1564628528360.png (443.95 KB, 555x1615, yas kween slay kween.png)

no idea why "take a screenshot" insists on putting the search twitter bar in the cap

No. 847410

File: 1564711636987.png (781.78 KB, 740x657, ft2JpQx.png)

No. 847801

File: 1564790471755.png (56.48 KB, 584x376, political june.png)

people who "stan" meme candidates shouldn't vote.

No. 847883

This tweet is surprising, is this the second or third time he's called her fiance on social media?.

No. 848090

Wow, amouredskeptic threw shoe a few crumbs, what a great guy, a real catch imo.

No. 848149

File: 1564863649534.jpg (5.36 KB, 122x108, outedbyskebtic.jpg)

holy fuck skeptic outed her so badly in this one picture lol. looks nothing like how she looks in her 360p youtube videos where she tricks her orbiters into saying "you literally look 13 oh my g o d loli dream girl" in the comments, she looks flat out 30 there. also her eyes are basically touching each other kek

No. 848370

File: 1564895358932.jpg (103.97 KB, 1200x800, Dnz0d4tWsAET6no.jpg)


original pic from mythcon, before he cropped it and tweaked the contrast/saturation

No. 848822


some people here love reaching. I honestly dont see anything wrong with that pic, she doesnt look bad to men, just very normal. Looks like a very normal woman in late twenties, which is what she is

No. 848823

I'd rather have my eyes touching than have them far apart like brittany venti. She looks fine imo.

No. 848836

File: 1564987930820.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1626, Screenshot_20190805-015210(1).…)

Fucking shit

No. 848854

agreed. lolcow is serving up some dryass powdered milk rn

No. 848862

Keep in mind that the way June does her makeup accentuates her close together eyes. If June pulled her head out of her ass and watched a makeup tutorial for close set eyes, then they would look fine. But our loli BDSM princess is a lazy fuck, so that will never happen.

No. 848899

well it was said that shuwu looks her age and just not the whole uwu 13 year old thing she and her orbiters push

they both look like shit in terms of their eyes i'd say lol

No. 848998

how are they not a meme?
they look like ridiculous cariactures here
like the fat ugly stinky kid who wears nothing but monster energy drink hats and cookie monster shirts and I love boobies bracelets grew up, picked out the cheapest suit pieces and glasses at goodwill and threw it on

June looks like that annoying girl who constantly begs for attention but pretends to hate it and relies on hair and makeup to look good because her face structure is shit, also stuffs her bra/ass, annoying sits with the biggest groups of guys and copycats them to fit in because she has no original personality

he hates her and bitches to all his side hoes and bros about how annoying she is but only stays with her for her money and doesn't wanna admit it

No. 849002

I hate how the cariacture for June is not inaccurate at all. That reminds me, she still wearing ass pads?

No. 849161

I've never really thought she looked bad, it's her personality that makes her annoying. Him on the other hand…that smug face gets worse and worse

No. 849391

File: 1565059211845.jpeg (114.18 KB, 750x753, 211733F7-B703-43ED-B9E0-38DC38…)

No. 849392

File: 1565059360258.jpeg (88.72 KB, 750x786, 08BF2E71-0C24-460A-8A6F-6B2D95…)

No. 849433

File: 1565066041782.jpg (24.75 KB, 625x353, FB_IMG_1563628082589.jpg)

I feel so OSTRACIZED from the LEFT because I say FEMINISM is DOODOO

No. 849444


shouldn't it be fiancée? unless he is trying to say "to the best engaged man a man could ask for"

mensa level iq, you guys

No. 850082

File: 1565205325151.png (90.07 KB, 1030x545, screenshot-kiwifarms.net-2019.…)

June might've been disliking posts in her thread on kiwifarms lol

No. 850133

It's probably just one of her incels

No. 850144

She just posted some new shit on her Twitter about begging people to believe she treats her rabbit humanely.

No. 850157

File: 1565221021233.png (17.06 KB, 592x182, uh when.PNG)

It's cause Brittany Venti made a callout post about her not fixing Ollie in response to June calling out the girl who hit her dog for views. The responses to Brittany's post are a wild ride though, I fail to recall when June "responded and annihilated her" last time.

No. 850160

File: 1565221538197.png (1012.11 KB, 750x1334, 2F2CEE8C-4237-4505-94AE-E6B840…)

I have no opinion on this neutering non issue but I will say I fucking hate bunnies, they are the go to favorite animal/pet of almost every scrote pandering special snowflake slut I know of. They are pest animals who should be killed.(no one cares what your opinion on rabbits is)

No. 850167

you sound more demented than the e sluts tbf

No. 850171

File: 1565223623942.jpg (73.24 KB, 728x546, aid7113714-v4-728px-Care-for-H…)

rabbit sperg but ollie might get a respiratory infection and or testicular cancer if he isn't neutered. the longer june delays his neuter his risk for testicular cancer goes up every year she delays it. same with females except is a bit more crucial. from what i can remember shes never taken him to a vet specialist to get him tested for infections, illnesses ect. shes not a responsible owner. if she was she would've gotten him neutered, and not gotten a hamster cage to let im live in. if june says hes 8 then hes growing older and starting to reach the end of his lifespan, i cant imagine the conditions and pain hes suffered through.

No. 850172

It was a bit of hyperbole.

No. 850177

I think shoe uses the cage as a home base but let's him free roam. Why even have the cage in the first place idunno but as long as he roams all day who cares. About the neutering it's a personal choice. There's risks involved with not doing it, there's risks involved in the surgery. Why exactly Brittany Venti would get so worked up over it is beyond me, considering the unsanitary and horrible conditions her cats lived in. That apartment of hers with Mason was a disgusting mess and she let catshit sit on her bed without cleaning it up.

No. 850178

june's retarded for giving brittany the attention she's desperate for.

not wking june but brittany's cat shits all over her house too.

No. 850180

anyone else get sad just looking at ollie?

you can tell that rabbit barely gets out of his cage unless its for twitter photo ops, probably hasnt been outdoors in months. he always looks so disheveled, he's got no playmates and is stuck watching the histrionics of some 30s something woman larping as a 16 year old "goff" online for money.
ollie deserves better

No. 850182

thats a bit better? but she should elly ditch the cage. considering june used a forum post as her source for not spaying her rabbit i don't really have any faith she knows anything. https://www.rabbitsonline.net/

same anon i hope june is at least improving…

No. 850246

Ollie should be spayed simply for the reason that bunnies need at least one other bunny. But of course he will never get one because then he might care more about his partner than Shoe and how dare anyone not give her all their attention?

No. 850455

greg spent 50k on a new car

No. 850457

Looks like Shoe's not the only one who'll never get married.

No. 850464

where do you think he got all the money for it from though? not watching the video so sorry if he says something about it in there lol.

No. 850593

File: 1565306782299.jpeg (102.53 KB, 750x660, 6F97A50C-576D-4A4D-A6CD-A09516…)


No. 850661

> well it was said that shuwu looks her age and just not the whole uwu 13 year old thing she and her orbiters push

I have to agree that she does look her age in the photo but she doesn't look like a 13 year old and I'd hope people stopped saying that or just saying it as a joke because if they honestly believe that… Dumbasses

> also stuffs her bra/ass

Well we already saw she stuffs her ass with those hilariously bad padded underwear that she most likely got influenced by Blaire White who wore a similar pair (and looked a mess)

Agreed. I hate to say it but she doesn't look ugly. It's her fugly personality that makes her annoying as shit.

I don't know about the current situation with Ollie but yeah no, chick is delusional because Shoe didn't "annihilate" anyone. She simply just kept ignoring Brittany's videos until the attention died down and went about like nothing happened.

Really it's gonna take a lot for people to turn on Shoe because so many people believe she is genuine and it would take something really incriminating that would make her lose support. At the most she's just a "Not like the other girls" walking caricature who has no real personality than regurgitating memes. I really do think it's gonna be the age thing that will end her "YT career". Can you imagine a 40 year old June still making these kinds of videos?

No. 850700

Pathetic, June.
We all know the BDSM relationship is a gimmick. She doesn't even act like her servant to Pregory anymore, that was so short lived, now she's just his sugar mommy and helping him pay for Star Wars toys and now probably the Jeep.

No. 850714

File: 1565326288103.jpg (131.62 KB, 1280x720, preg's new car.jpg)


that thumbnail. jesus.
whatever's in the back seat, my brain is filtering into a bunch of empty dorito bags. also I bet he has an AXE-scented air freshener.

No. 850741

File: 1565330781407.jpg (204.69 KB, 1412x684, 3BpA5Ay.jpg)

No. 850790

>Bad hygiene
>Bad personality
These are all indications of things that are universally unattractive, why are shoe and other women romanticizing this? Talk about buyers remorse, love yourself ladies

No. 850989

>imagine having such low self-worth that you put a fat cunt like Preggory on a pedestal

No. 851021

He blames his ex for his own shitty decision of buying an expensive Audi, haha. This retard omg, it's around the 3 minute timestamp. He's a legit MRA guy still.

No. 851710

File: 1565555091299.jpg (84.69 KB, 592x630, the world's ugliest canadian.j…)

No. 852716

File: 1565747424574.png (49.18 KB, 626x300, hihi.png)

No. 853074

KEK did Pregory just find out image boards exist or what?

No. 853748

File: 1565920700347.jpeg (351.33 KB, 750x1054, 1EB6EC93-6CB1-4B67-AB5A-D3BB7D…)

No. 853749

File: 1565920731471.png (66.53 KB, 623x358, shuwoops.png)

No. 853796

hilarious considering she's the female Tim pool but is trying to shit on him now bc the left doesn't like him

No. 853821

New video, anons

No. 853827

File: 1565939494593.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, shuwu pool.jpg)


their lack of self-awareness MHHHM what a tasty meatball mamma mia

No. 853836

>XDD my stolen from r9k genius metaphor was misunderstood, so sorry, sometimes i forget i'm special and quirky and not like the normies and other girls, i go on 4chan XD

this is as close as we'll ever get to seeing shuwu's true thoughts and personality

No. 853840

She used a dead meme to make a point and then refused to elaborate when asked what she was trying to say, just fucking beautiful

No. 853861

June's a fucking hoot. Her only form of communication is speaking in normie memes. I noticed when someone jokes around and it's not in a common meme format she gets fucking salty because she can't point out they're joking.

No. 853886

I’m getting secondhand embarrassment lmao

No. 853896

Isn't this the same cow that called BLM a hate group? Now she doesn't like cops?

No. 855711

File: 1566322575179.jpeg (270.19 KB, 799x878, Screenshot_2019-08-18-08-39-11…)

No. 855712

File: 1566322602375.jpeg (208.37 KB, 799x682, Screenshot_2019-08-20-08-17-46…)

No. 855713

File: 1566322653926.jpeg (74.39 KB, 799x337, Screenshot_2019-08-20-08-18-41…)

No. 855719

She is s fucking stupid

No. 855962

But…the stuff she was yelling at buzzfeed about was political. I've never understood how anyone in the anti-sjw crowd sees what they talk about as non-political

No. 856001

Probably yeah.
But then John L. Dicc does seem like the sort of alias that June L. Pine would use.

No. 856074

June always does this. She'll make a response and when someone takes on her opinion and she replies with a stupid meme which then gets responded to, she has nothing to say.

No. 856508

He still has a need to talk about his ex wife and how she did him wrong wow

No. 856665

dunking on ~wine moms~ yet again

No. 856666

File: 1566495119618.jpg (115.22 KB, 750x722, EClujwsXYAANen0.jpg)

No. 856687

File: 1566498510230.jpeg (345.61 KB, 828x759, 4084581D-81F2-4BE2-B029-FBE138…)

why does he constantly remove then add her from his bio

No. 856688

File: 1566498536079.jpeg (360.34 KB, 828x775, 06EDF0C1-041B-493D-AABB-A623EB…)

No. 856699

disappointed, i wanted to see june squatting beside every other girl there to look shorter

No. 856715

i know there's some times where an @ possibly won't show up shortly after editing it in, but just the @ not the text surrounding it. so if it was an actual glitch you'd only see the "manager of" text.

No. 856737

Her own fiance putting "Manager of shoe0nhead" instead of nothing at all is almost sadder. My tinfoil on this is that since he's Like'd/flirted with/retweeted girls he thinks are hot in the past, maybe he takes June out of his bio when he's trying to actively bait an e-girl.

No. 856828

most likely playing mind games and trying to manipulate her, or they get into fights, he removes it to make her apologize and she begs for him back like the desperate turd she is

sage for tinfoil and all, but something about it to me seems mad childish, this is something I'd expect from middle schoolers, not 30 yr olds

No. 856968


>not starting a gofundme because "antifa are terrorizing me uwu"

she can't even grift

No. 857073

tinfoil: what if the reason there are no concrete plans for the wedding with june is because greg hasn't finalized divorce? greg gave her the ring is to keep her on the hook indefinitely

No. 857078

Did she chicken out because people wanted her to debate "mega murph"?

>personal problems

Pregman funneling her money to camgirls while postponing their wedding again?

No. 857083

samefag but

A year and 9 months have passed since their engagement.

It's been more thank a year since June's parents threw (and funded) them an engagement party in hopes they get married soon.

It's been half a year since June moved to a new place so "they could get their immigration papers done quicker" and nothing has happened.

No. 857139

is there a way to look up divorce records in canada? i'm curious to see if greg's really that lazy. his ex-wife looks like she's happy for now being unmarried and looking after her horses.

No. 857160

i cant believe greg has people that watch his content. he has 497k subscribers. i always saw him as her failson being that he's so retarded and pathetic, but he actually has a really sizable fanbase and it's freaking me out

No. 857274

File: 1566608586436.jpg (85.76 KB, 612x792, ECpTCJnVUAAol2b.jpg)

No. 857290

Is he ten years old? The only crybaby I see is him.

Not that people should call in arson threats to venues, that’s shitty.

No. 857304

>Did she chicken out because people wanted her to debate "mega murph"?

This is probably closest to the truth. Also having to explain to people why they've been engaged for almost two years. They are both complete cowards so it is fitting they'd bail.

No. 857311

love how even when something more serious involving arson and an event getting canceled happens, shuwu and preggy still say shit like "lel crybaby feminazis dumb" and when shuwu's family friend was fucking killed she responded with "OMG my family knew her ftyuiju sksksksk wig SNATCHED, here's the tea!"

No. 857362

I know this is kinda older but god, you’re evil for saying that, probably one of June’s beta orbiters

No. 857373

>i have absolute faith that the mythcon guys will provide a safe environment
>not enough to attend myself. we are too scared lol

just say you guys don't want to answer questions about moving together and go lmao

No. 857376

File: 1566627797991.png (14.03 KB, 591x185, I can't take her.png)


>I can't take her to be my lawfully-wedded wif- I mean to mythcon.

No. 857382

LMAO this is hilarious! preg is putting on such an act. the dramatic "…i can't take her."

No. 857386

File: 1566631738819.png (19.84 KB, 454x199, take your girlfriend.png)

"I have absolute faith that the Mythcon guys will provide a safe environment"

No. 857422

>I get a pain in my stomach
It's all that junk food you got there Preg, not you actually worrying about June.

No. 857599

>my little fiancé

I am puking. This guy is definitely into some pedo shit.

No. 857623

File: 1566683262949.jpg (258.18 KB, 1403x1720, IMG_20190824_234744.jpg)

hahah this clown

No. 857627

that entire tweet made me want to puke lmao it is cringy as fuck. preg needs acting classes to comvince everyone he cares deeply about june

"clearly i'm being unfairly treated" um preggy.. you realize this could all be because nobody else likes you/your videos? only 500k people are tolerant of you, accept this.

No. 857655

>Did she chicken out because people wanted her to debate "mega murph"?
that was immediately what I thought of. I'm pretty bummed, Megan would have murdered her and it would have been glorious.
>my little fiance
vom. Gregory, she's a grown 30 year old woman. It's not much of a contest, but between the two of them she seems more like an adult that he does.

No. 857770

"i deserve to have my videos seen"
NO ONE deserves to have your videos inflicted on them preg

i'm surprised he's not losing subs faster, his videos are more boring and less effortful than peppa pig marathon compilations

No. 857779

File: 1566725792680.png (168.68 KB, 582x389, are you going to do another co…)

No. 857803

>and i'm losing my mind

Why is she always so over the top over nothing?

No. 858055

File: 1566774719789.png (556.8 KB, 720x764, Screenshot_20190825-180936(1).…)

June looking her age

No. 858056

> that was immediately what I thought of. I'm pretty bummed, Megan would have murdered her and it would have been glorious.

I had no idea who Megan Murphy was until I heard Shoe mention her in her "Terfs" Video. I looked into her and holy shit yes, Megan would've mopped the floor with Shoe. I think deep down Shoe knows this and that is why she never debates people like Megan or before her, Magdalen Berns. She knows that these two would actually put up a good fight and most likely beat her while opening the eyes of some of her audience.

No. 858064

>good girl
He so cares about what she's saying, clearly. "Ok" and that late response to her being scared of a wasp.

Not mocking her for freaking out over a wasp though. Those shits can be evil. But the "uwu he seems sad" shit is embarrassing and so is Greg. ..Wait, he's on her Skype as "Skeptic"? lmaooo
(also ew lightmode)

No. 858069

File: 1566776339529.png (34.39 KB, 155x282, ojcEue4.png)

Was replying to this and by the time I posted the post w/ pic related was deleted.
Only managed to save the screenshot for ants but it is still readable.

Why delete it though?

No. 858075

Where was this originally posted? June self posting? Orbiter from secret group?

No. 858078

I was wondering the same thing. I actually have a tinfoil that June posted it here, maybe to be petty about Greg, idk. She would probably post this kind of shit publicly though. No idea where it was originally posted, I just was able to save it once I realized the post had been deleted.

Additional tinfoil is her projecting (sub)conscious sadness onto the wasp in attempt to get Greg to pay her more attention than a mere "Ok". That would explain a selfpost a little.

Selfpost or not, though, we know how much they boast about their "24/7 bdsm lifestyle" which this also "shows".. except obviously not really bdsm, just their idiotic personas.

No. 858090

Nvm it's on her twitter https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead/status/1165323167793070087
(The 2 images are obviously combined since the layout of the first bit does not align with the other part)
I still don't get why anon deleted the post though??

No. 858095

File: 1566780120712.png (499.44 KB, 503x396, shoo.PNG)

nitpick, but this angle is awkward. is she trying to show off her cheeks?

No. 858104

i used to think june's face really wasn't that bad but her giant cheeks freak me out. i'm probably just used to her filtered low quality pics tbh.

truly a who from whoville

No. 858130

Is she trying to skinwalk Belle Delphine now that Boxxy orbiters moved on?

No. 858136

i hope i never have to see june attempt ahegao

No. 858200

File: 1566797347964.png (5.23 KB, 292x145, stealherstyle uwuhego edition.…)

No. 858204

a hundred dollars blown on a wig this ratty? it looks like it's fucking soaked in oil, and it's just so… flat??

No. 858206

holy shit it's so fucking cheap and ugly. she really wasn't kidding when she said she spent all that money on wigs. guys… she's been massively overpaying for taobao tier shit. no wonder her real wigs look so ratty, and she pays like, $600-5000 on them, allegedly or something. i think every dollar she makes goes right back out because she has no idea how to gauge quality and worth. it's sad.

No. 858260


And she filmed an actual video without a 2007 shitcam.

She looks much more like her sister than I thought.

No. 858273

why so triggered at pedos lately june? is she realizing her uguu baby daddy vomitfest with preg is only a few steps away from literal pedophilia, and this is her way of "omg i'm totally different from those weirdos out there, i only talk about being treated as a child so it's less bad"

>she looks much more like her sister

she looks balloonfaced lmao, i'm also loving how she's just straight cropped the top of her head off. why june lmao

No. 858285

File: 1566820330697.jpeg (171.76 KB, 581x446, AFFAEAB3-C146-4470-9567-60F41B…)

No. 858290

She has some mannerisms in this that seem very Blaire White style.

Also the comments are filled with people licking her ass over how good her "hair" looks. Always using the word hair. Even though she says around 6:45 that she is wearing a purple wig. I'd 100% bet it's due to her audience's lack of hearing comprehension. Well that and beta orbiters (who tend to only hear what they want to, anyway).

Also of course she feels she should make a video about female pedophiles/ephebophiles. Because #notallpedos??
Yeah we all know why.

No. 858306

literally was about to say whats with the blaire-white impersonation, the hand gestures/editing makes her seem less of a feminine woman and more like a twink somehow. she can't emulate anything properly lmao.

No. 858409

lmao from the tiny little video player on here i thought "wow it really is way better quality now! i can see shuwu's true appearance!" but when i actually opened the video on youtube desktop it still looks like a much lower quality, fuzzier 1080 than every single other youtuber out there. she's still hiding her real age from her comment section "you literally look like a loli" orbiters

No. 858583

Yep and especially her cutaways to her looking at her phone and screaming/throwing it/giving a look to camera.
Agree, I was expecting much better quality when anons said it was HD. It's still better than her other shit, but it's not good HD and what's with the black borders on the sides?? And the final bit looks even worse.

No. 858619

i think when shuwu films her videos she spends hours and hours just meticulously editing and finding the parts where she gets the angles right like "ah yes perfect i'm looking all the way to the right, smiling and my face is tilted upward, i look young and cute here" and compiles all the parts where the angles and positioning are the best to create what is ultimately her videos. she hasn't had a job, ever, and does nothing all day in her parents house so she has endless time

No. 858698

>ah yes perfect i'm looking all the way to the right, smiling and my face is tilted upward

She moved out of her parents' house semi recently though anon, unless you mean 99% of her life was living with them doing nothing, then yeah. Now she lives by herself and does nothing. She's also still in New York, so she's not even that much "closer" (her reasoning) to Greg.

No. 858715


How does she manage to have such weak arguments agains lowest hanging fruit imaginable- a fucking pedophile??

Also interesting how many known youtubers have made anti-pedophilia videos but Shuwu is the only one I know that got such huge backlash. Says a lot about her audience.

No. 858788

File: 1566925343741.jpeg (375.25 KB, 782x594, B711282F-6FE4-4115-99BF-00BE7B…)

No. 858790

oh my god he's such a tasteless asshole

No. 858815

File: 1566929886391.jpeg (516.89 KB, 828x1179, B47E8A7F-6624-4E32-86DD-A519C3…)

“I have no money” yikes.

No. 858816

Mystery solved as to why they didn’t go to the conference. Literally can’t afford it

No. 858829

they spend money like children. literally on overpriced toys and dress up and they have no self control

No. 859081

right now she hangs out in her parents vacation house wasn't it? still has no job and does nothing every day but has more privacy i guess lol.

haha shuwu exposed preg. these two jobless fools will waste money on anything, then again it's funny how even june sees how preg is an idiot for throwing away money on expensive pointless tacky shit/children's toys

No. 859380

File: 1566966110784.png (308.96 KB, 1374x582, greg chair.png)

No. 859488

Does June do this shit on purpose to try to spite people who don't think their marriage is going to work out? The reason why he divorced his first wife was because he'd spend money on random shit and she would try to make him limit his spending. June showing off her "See?! I'm not like HER!" act just seems so dumb.

No. 859524

it's so tacky i puked a bit.

No. 859541

File: 1566993696528.jpg (45 KB, 551x558, shuw.JPG)

No. 859607

that looks like a very creepy looking Belle Delphine

No. 859979

lmao i love when her fans do her subtly dirty like this

No. 860061

She might be trying to prove it to Greg, kek.
Also in general, yes. She was the one who spilled the beans on her discord a long while ago, mocking his ex-wife for not buying poor bb preggy his pwecious star wars toys.

This might be the first fanart I've seen of her that actually looks like her. (and ngl I do unironically like how this person did the skin on her face)
I still agree with this, though. The fact it actually resembles June (eyeliner around tearducts making her eyes close together, whoville nose, nAsOLaBiAl FoLdS which aren't fundamentally bad but tend to make someone look less young which she'd hate, giant nearly-buck teeth… and of course that damn pose).
And while I complimented how the face was done, the wig looks like shit, which is also accurate. The philthrum could have been enlarged slightly though.

I REALLY hope they don't buy this. $2k for two chairs (like he wants, unless the throne is for him only, which is entirely possible knowing them) and that's on their discounted price (might just be "discounted" from a fake price to encourage impulse buys though because this is crazy).
If they do get any chairs, I hope to god that June isn't paypigging him as usual. As much as I can't stand her, I think Greg is an absolute unreasonably egotistic manchild.
Plus unless it's findom, June being in control of the wallet goes against their "24/7 bdsm dynamic." And if I had to pick one of them to see actually improve as a person and do things in life, it would absolutely be June.
Greg has had his chance with actually having been married and is nonetheless a failure of a human being. Also his literally buying into cult shit.

Idk how much she realizes he is 100% the one benefiting from their relationship, not her. It'd be sweet schadenfreude to see her kick him to the curb. But I won't hold my breath.

No. 860192

File: 1567091904977.jpeg (162.69 KB, 1242x1191, EACCFCDC-44B7-4D13-9B65-EE9673…)

did june tweet something about magdalen berns deserving cancer and then delete it?

No. 860221

Do you think Blaire is annoyed at shoe now? Like, I wonder if this was a mean girls moment between them bc shoe seems like the type of person to eat someone’s ass in the hopes of getting them to like her. Blaire seems like she forgot about shoe a while ago and is barely trying to keep up appearances at this point

Saged for tinfoiling

No. 860260

Sounds like it.. Which is just beyond shitty, didn't even think June would be capable of that level of cruelty and heartlessness.

No. 860294

File: 1567104820024.png (612.94 KB, 737x716, bbHKLi5.png)

No. 860307

just when you think she can't sink any lower she transcends herself. june is really a disgusting person with no sense of empathy.

No. 860323

File: 1567108208455.png (106.49 KB, 576x579, political uwus.png)

also shuwu gets donald trump election ads on her videos

No. 860496

File: 1567131195166.png (40.74 KB, 1062x432, hi preg.png)

looks like preggory found the KF thread. (assuming it's preg based on the grammar/spelling.)


No. 860498

File: 1567131567528.png (11.61 KB, 612x123, or thicc secret #42.png)


although there was a twitter account named zanthuraa, which has since been suspended.

No. 860527

Can anyone dig up that tweet somehow? I wish it was archived.

No. 860597

>what if the reason there are no concrete plans for the wedding with june is because greg hasn't finalized divorce?

this is tinfoil.

>greg gave her the ring is to keep her on the hook indefinitely

this is not.

No. 860609

File: 1567144878951.png (51.15 KB, 825x309, chrome_D6phNqhRAk.png)

Shoe tweeted about her cousin dying tragically and then made a tweet memeing about how he was long island stereotype and told her fans to "press f to pay respects", another tired old meme. She deleted it tho. She doesn't respect anybody. I think she has a problem emphathizing.

No. 860610

possible tinfoil, but does anyone ever wonder if shoe flirts with/talks to other guys and is just more secretive about it than greg?

No. 860644

File: 1567151436850.png (108.87 KB, 1035x677, junef.png)

>told her fans to "press f to pay respects"

I couldn't believe she could be that autistic/heartless so I checked the replies and found all the "F" replies replying to a deleted tweet..


I wouldn't be surprised, always felt like her relationship with Preggory is for her "brand" more than anything.

No. 860648

>sister's friend gets assaulted
>magdalen berns is in her deathbed due to a brain tumor
>shows no sense of empathy
>cousin passes away
>"press f to pay respects"
genuinely starting to think she is an actual psychopath. the only deaths i've seen her mourning for were transgenders.

No. 860649

File: 1567154364412.jpg (57.31 KB, 470x605, syren cove.JPG)

Preg's thicc secret made a "joke".

No. 860650

She legitimately has sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies, it’s scary. This is so beyond fucked up and it explains a lot of her viewpoints.

No. 860674

Actually, no. It was a tweet from RadscumTakes that had crab emojis with brain emojis in the middle over and over, with attached screencaps of the tweets about Mag's status from her twitter. (For those who don't know, those emojis are a crab rave reference which is basically celebrating the brain cancer.) The tweet was swarmed with outrage.

Shoe quote-retweeted it and made fun of it. She may have deleted it because without the context of the original tweet, it looked like SHE was the one talking about celebration of cancer, so in a favorable light I guess? But she was legit calling out this page.

Not trying to WK, I was just infuriated by that tweet from the "meme" twitter because it's a deplorable thing to joke about. Of course some people had to chime in with "But transwomen aren't women is hate speech!" and the like, but the vast majority was disgusted, even the trans folk and terf haters.

June is dumb but she's not that dumb. Blaire's tweet was in agreement with her.

I only know this because I'm >>858090
and was checking her twitter for that post, and this was before anything got deleted.

No. 860699

good to know. i was the anon who posted the screenshot and asked the question. i wasn’t trying to say she definitely said something about mag deserving cancer, i was just asking, because you’re right, that’s exactly how it looked. june’s always bragging about ~dunking on the terfs~ so between that and the deleted the tweet, i just sort of assumed. wonder why she even deleted the tweet.

No. 860776

Find it funny how June's constantly shilling for a democratic candidate that went to Tucker Carlson show to complain.

No. 860822

remember the performative freak out she had about the gay artist from a homophobic country getting outed and wanting to commit suicide? she still hasn't made that video she promised him has she? she was talking about him like he was already dead. it was weird.

No. 860956

I mean she actually believes that Islam is a huge threat

No. 860987

File: 1567216313295.png (45.84 KB, 886x133, ölköl.png)

No. 860988

from this vid. looks like she already deleted it

No. 860991

Yep! Just good to make sure to clarify since some anons started calling her sociopathic etc based on their assumption that it must be true.

I think she deleted it because like I wrote, her retweet may have looked like she DID support celebrating cancer. I know at first glance I actually misinterpreted it as such before reading the 2nd line she wrote and what she was quoting.
Without the quoted tweet, her tweet would be much more easily misinterpreted.

Either that or she just didn't like it or its comments anymore maybe.

I know hella people reported that "radscumtakes" tweet, myself included, so it's no surprise it's gone now.
Maybe she just stopped caring once the tweet was gone, even though she COULD write a new tweet speaking about those disgusting sentiments in general, since a few people hold them.
Lmao yep. Performative 100%.
Yeah she's posted pics of gays being killed more than once, which is… not really considerate to post without any kind of warning/censor.

tbf she is right about Boogie, though I doubt the part about him actually caring/self harm. Boogie is a notorious fence sitter but he also seems genuinely like a potential sociopath.

No. 861104

>stand for something!
>stop caring about shit!
Rich coming from someone who flipflops views to appease whatever the flavor of the month is when it's convenient for her, and acts like she gives serious shits about issues that she seemingly drops within a week. All the time.

Hey, Boogie is another fat atheist YT personality with some money who fantasizes about being a dom. Maybe Greg has a contender…

No. 861189

she had made a video on islam but i think it's gone now? i mean it's better because that video was an obvious attempt to pander to her autistic alt right viewers and she had no idea what she was talking about.

No. 861641

yeah she was just repeating shit she's heard from Lauren and all those other tradthots.

No. 861662

New video about Twelve Forever's creator Julia Vickerman.
Does she just have phases like every year where she seethes about pedophiles? I mean, pedophiles are disgusting and should be jailed forever, but she's turning this into entertainment.

No. 861758

It’s cause she does ddlg 24/7 roleplaying with skeptic and really thinks pedophelia is a “side kink”, notice how she never mentions she said this? it’s not cause she wants to hurt pedos or anything, or else she’d call out skeptic for being a daddy dom.

No. 862944

Did she really make fun of magdalen berns??? is there any receipt for this?

No. 863006

Lurk more and sage.
This post covers it: >>860674

No. 863096

Julia (And shadi) are quite cows themselves. It’s always interesting to see
Cows collide

No. 864081

File: 1567636866215.jpeg (60.94 KB, 526x448, F7EB0E32-936F-4EEA-8679-CAADAE…)

Why do her wigs all look so fucking ratty

No. 864111

I've seen Halloween Walmart wigs look better

No. 864559

File: 1567721828068.png (371.14 KB, 606x1149, tfw june wouldn't buy me shitt…)

preg's throwing a temper tantrum

No. 864634

When isn't he? He's always so hyper focused on what other people think of him.. which is no way to live. It's crazy he is in his 30s and still hasn't realized this.

No. 864787

File: 1567770397943.jpeg (416.19 KB, 828x1069, 123AAFEC-A0B5-4759-9D82-0209BA…)

How are they so insanely pathetic and embarrassing? If you have to publicly beg your 34 year old fiancé over Twitter to stop acting like a moron, you might want to consider your future. Greg is going to turn into Boogie2988 and I cannot wait to see it

No. 864825

UwU totes BDSM dom/sub relationship

No. 864869

Does anyone else find this weird? Why does she tweet it to him instead of telling him in person, text, or on the phone?

No. 864914

Probably because social media is the only hobby they have in common. Think about how little they actually have to talk about. Neither of them have jobs, neither of them have hobbies outside of YT and Twitter. No skills or interests in common. Twitter is all they have going

No. 864919

For the same reason she does most of her shit-attention.

No. 864945

File: 1567795045454.png (17.99 KB, 599x141, q2MAEcY.png)

No. 864947

File: 1567795599119.jpg (63.75 KB, 750x413, EDyxeAHXsAEmA6c.jpg)

No. 865000

She’s has some autism where she can’t communicate except by memes.

No. 865016

>It was DANGEROUS to speak out about feminism back then
In what conceivable way??? it was dangerous to BE a feminist on the internet back then. It still is. She's delusional.

No. 865041

fucking kek

No. 865139

Oh god June stay out of the cartoon commentary community

No. 865172

I saw the tweet before it was deleted. Surprisingly enough, she showed (very basic) human decency, calling out the trans "activists" for gloating over Magdalen.

No. 865173

Seriously. There have always been large parts of the internet consisting of misogynist guys and cool girls who hate feminism/social justice, and that's who she pandered to for e-fame. No amount of pretending to be a progressive lefty will change that. And lot of the so-called "authoritarian feminist-types" had pretty reasonable viewpoints about female portrayal in video games and other media. It might have been a first world problem, but they weren't wrong imo

No. 865176

Siding with cringey sexist manchildren to own the fems

No. 865178


Nice revisionism, shoe. Was she even on the internet back then? Let alone youtube? Every single youtube atheist/skeptic had been relentlessly bitching about feminists for at least half a decade. Rebecca Watson was their first major target, for having the gall to say she was uncomfortable to be cornered in an elevator, in the middle of the night, in a hotel, in a region she was unfamiliar with, and daring to suggest "guys, don't do that".

This was in 2011, a few years before gamergate. She, and every subsequent feminist or "SJW" channel they could find after that were dogpiled with threats and downvoted to oblivion. The only explicitly feminist channel that stayed sizable and wasn't totally submerged with trolls is lacigreen.

No. 865188

Would love a thread about Julia tbh.

No. 865224

She is acting as if she stopped uprising of Nazism by making anti-feminism meme videos.

No Shuwu, you didn't fight against authoritarian and dangerous feminists; you were making fun of chubby women and calling black women gorillas while trying to convince your fanbase how much you love being a handmaiden.

No. 865268

File: 1567861998841.jpg (38.09 KB, 450x800, CNaZFODWcAAALai.jpg)

>this is what chad looks like

No. 865280

My vagina is quivering with fear! What a man with XXY chromosomes! That MENSA level IQ really shows.

No. 865520

i thought it was XYY but i don't clearly remember what june said, and who knows if she even got the "scientific" terminology correct.
just know XY is male, XX is female. so i figure it must have been XYY but that's just a guess.

No. 865599

File: 1567902517338.jpg (108.24 KB, 800x982, armored chromosome.jpg)

No. 865747

>> XYY

>> symptoms of XYY syndrome, per NORD:

“Affected individuals are usually very tall. Many experience severe acne during adolescence. Additional symptoms may include learning disabilities and behavioral problems such as impulsivity.”


No. 865871

June released a brand new rap track.

No. 865887

>Under 100 dislikes

No. 865979

Do any anons have any hope that shoe might mature at some point in her life

No. 866294

Hope? Yes.
Expectation? No.

No. 866445

pol's opinion about shoe:


Someone (most likely june herself) asked why no one gives a fuck about her anymore.

>I like how she keeps repeating how she is obsessed with her fat boyfriend and how he treats her like a dog on her daddy-daugther dom/sub relationship. Degenerate bitch should shut the fuck up desu. Shit is disgusting to have to keep hearing.

>I dropped her when she was shilling for that app. I can't even remember the details of the controversy.
>People realised she had zero convictions and absorbed the political stance of whoever she's in the presence of. i.e. like most non-aspie women
>She looks like she's 45 now.
>She's probably a guy with androgen insensitivity disorder and that's why she's so weird and yet so pro trans.
>she's a degenerate lesbian and a leftist go fuck yourself onion boy

No. 866447


i bet she felt so proud of this kek

No. 866979

File: 1568134124109.png (563.03 KB, 724x558, JoB5SiI.png)

No. 866992

It literally means greg is retarded and shouldn't be a trusted source.

No. 867060

at least he's somewhat self aware…. or just dumb

No. 867078

Fishing for compliments (though he does look like the one on the right).

No. 867254

File: 1568187233518.jpg (74.93 KB, 724x558, if you can't handle me at my m…)


preg wishes.

No. 867336

File: 1568204871128.png (71.27 KB, 624x824, realdoll man thinks june is cu…)

june made friends with a breadtuber

No. 867599

kek @ 'realdoll man' i hate that the left is accepting him now when he's actually a racist misogynist fuck. awful bc baby but 'toilet nigga' was a hysterical name. not surprised coffin is buying her 2bit shtick, same with vaush. predictable. all ugly incels

No. 868799

File: 1568515599830.jpeg (667.94 KB, 828x1347, 0E8A81B2-D732-4031-930E-F4BE8E…)

How do these false lashes not cause permanent sagging eyelids at this weight

No. 869041

File: 1568584723209.jpg (64.41 KB, 749x890, EEiSgRaXYAYIrlA.jpg)

>I'm unsure of the single-issue candidate's single issue but I support him because I get all of my politics from memes uwu

No. 869051

they do that's why her eyes are so beady and she has to shoop them

also, despite her eyes and shortening face/nose and shortening her philtrum, did she photoshop another fucking pair of lashes on her already bat wings? lmaaoooo. I live in the ghetto and even I see eyelash sets that look less ridiculous. June clearly has money, why doesn't she get more professional shit done instead of cheaping out? or is she that dysmorphic that she thinks a traditional eyelash set isn't enough and her eyes have to look like ridiculous overexaggerated uwu anime eyes

No. 870051

File: 1568804265451.jpg (185.09 KB, 1270x590, june has a new twitter banner.…)

someone is Mad Online.

No. 870053

File: 1568804416389.png (249.24 KB, 625x1478, shoe0nhead is a nazi.png)


the twitter thread that sparked that. can't ignore engagement numbers like 3 retweets.

No. 870077


i just love how she switches her political labels more often than her disgusting wigs while remaining an I'm Not Like The Other Girls(tm) woman, pandering to the neckBs.

No. 870095

do people still actually believe that she's bisexual lmao

No. 870703

File: 1568933817188.png (525.47 KB, 720x1024, Screenshot_20190919-175347(1).…)

June has a wasp infestation in her apartment kek

No. 870745

"Look how quirky I am guise!"

No. 870792

File: 1568952711476.jpg (410.29 KB, 608x2844, pregger tantrum.jpg)

june's pet ogre is having a cry over not being as youtube famous as he thinks he is

No. 870869

Ugh maybe people are just tired of you and your boring videos, Greg

No. 870912

I really doubt youtube "wants [them] gone", I just dont think they want their platform associated with skeptic and his retarded opinions

No. 870923

File: 1568992271197.jpeg (467.72 KB, 828x734, 052BEDEA-70DF-46EB-818A-1541AC…)

He took her out of his bio again lmao

No. 870924

i think they're both getting tired of each other

No. 870993

File: 1569005681931.jpeg (58.25 KB, 565x394, CDF1CEA7-77DD-4275-B926-7E94F9…)

the lashes are so fucking hideous.

No. 871045

She's starting to look like an adult actor dressing as a teenager as a spoof these days. She really can't let this uwu smol loli thing go even though she's pulling it off less than ever

No. 871070

New video and it's sponsored.

No. 871107

imagine making your money by defending men who think you're a whore anyway.

No. 871137

suddenly it makes perfect sense how he was in a doomsday cult

No. 871143

Ok so I know this is old but is this the same cousin she was throwing shade at for being fat?

No. 871158

Another video today. She's dressed very casually in this, it's so jarring.

No. 871223

She is dysphoric so she believes one or two eyelashes isn't enough and piles them on in hopes of enhancing her tiny eyes

No. 871243

she looks really terrible here. are we supposed to buy that she actually cares about politics?

No. 871307

Jesus, does she ever look like a fucking horse in this video.

No. 871309

He probably does that when he wants to show his profile off to some camgirl

No. 871317

I honestly cannot believe him showing off his Twitter to a camgirl to try to impress her is a thing he would think of doing. It's too retarded… But he IS retarded and obsessed with being popular… Why does June stay with this guy? She's got a perfect opportunity to just break up with him, he's not even living with her. I forget June's retarded too.

No. 871324

>short kings
ew please do not call shorter men that, it sounds just as bad as calling him a manlet.

Her trying to claim she totally wouldn't have cared if preg was shorter than her is rich. she constantly gloats about it because it makes her feel uwu smol and its the only "masculine" quality about him.

No. 871333

The funny thing is that she actually looks just like the type of feminists she makes fun of with those obnoxious glasses and the weirdly coloured hair.

No. 871335

It's so funny that she demands we as women date shorter men. I'm very tall myself and went on a date with a shorter man and I was completely turned off. You can't help what you're attracted to.

No. 871337

the new wig makes her pass for zoe quinn's sister

No. 871339

couldn't she find any other comparison to height other than race… autism

No. 871379

They're both partially responsible for someone's suicide, so they do have something in common…

No. 871434

June is literally bored out of her mind. I wonder, if anybody tries to go to her about her politics, is she gonna try to pull the "I just have opinions! It's not political!" card again?

No. 872773

File: 1569375264264.jpg (95.28 KB, 608x805, me, a liberal.jpg)

>Trump's getting impeached.

>Tulsi makes it to the next round of this dumb fucking reality show.


No. 873741

File: 1569604651812.jpeg (61.19 KB, 543x434, 9BE0F9F1-323B-4B24-9B4A-1A296A…)

Did she miss out on part of her childhood or something? Why the reverting to dressing like a child?

No. 873753

… That's a plain, black shirt, anon. That's the most mature piece of clothing she has ever worn.

No. 873771

I think they're referring to the hot pink plastic barrette placed in a typical middle school style, anon.

No. 873810


"DDLG isn't pedo"

No. 873830

I think she's going for the Ramona Flowers idea, with the hair, eyeshadow, lipstick and clip all in shades of pink. She knows her audience.

No. 873835

Because she peaked in high school/middle school and can't handle she's old now, so believes she can pass for younger if she dresses like it but doesn't understand that it only emphasizes her aging

No. 873837

wait, she has a landlord? I thought she was living in her parents vacation home? why would she move out, and move somewhere on her own and not in with her fiance?
I think that cousin was female?
why doesn't she use a mic? This is almost unlistenable. Her 2007 yootube stylings just come off as unprofessional and lazy.

No. 873840

Greg can't stand her and only wants to milk her money as long as possible without actually moving in with her, he just keeps feeding her the whole "law" bullshit

No. 873890

File: 1569631698601.jpeg (138.57 KB, 545x271, 2752A042-1967-419A-962A-4969CC…)

I think she may be trying to channel Belle Delphine, same demographic she’s always been after

No. 873893

File: 1569631735856.jpeg (132.57 KB, 540x255, 86C28821-4974-4D74-BA63-19AA99…)

No. 873897

Eh, Belle didn't exactly invent women wearing ridiculous amounts of makeup, wigs, and anime expressions but at least she fits it more where as June looks like a 35 yr old mom desperately grasping onto her youth

No. 874367


From poor man's boxxy to a poor man's Belle Delphine

No. 874373

This may be unpopular but i think she looks better here. She looks a little more mature rather than being perpetually stuck in teenager styles

No. 874418

File: 1569757234671.jpeg (427.07 KB, 828x777, 3D1D78CC-7DDC-4770-8CA0-97BC1B…)

hes out of her bio; breakup announcement in the works?

No. 874421

Ehhh if anything June is the poor man boxxy and Belle is just another e-thot

No. 874435

Maybe she just got tired of looking like a loser when he kept taking her out of his bio. I doubt June the professional doormat would actually break up with him, so unless he left her it's unlikely.

No. 874452

They're both p childish so what most likely is going on here is June and Greg always take each other out of their bios when they get into arguments, and knowing Greg and June they most likely don't communicate and just ghost each other and do childish shit like that.

No. 874567

you're probably right. they sound so pathetic and exhausting.

No. 874696

File: 1569804491486.png (12.93 KB, 312x137, skepskep.PNG)

I really hope so, God Bless America.

No. 874776

File: 1569854881419.png (61.01 KB, 579x250, muh video games.png)

nope, preg's still her "bf"

No. 874778

File: 1569855170952.png (143.6 KB, 622x547, stupidpol.png)

No. 876926

File: 1570327088641.png (676.3 KB, 414x578, rennfare.PNG)

June and Preg went to the New York Renaissance Faire

No. 876927

File: 1570327158615.png (643.57 KB, 463x577, fuckinggng.PNG)

There's a video at the end where she tries to shoot an arrow

No. 876948

of course she wore elf ears because she’s a stupid fuck

No. 876958

Nasty. Also Greg is so gross ugh.

No. 876971

File: 1570343917490.png (1.91 MB, 1080x1319, Screenshot_20191006-013713(1).…)

I literally cannot handle Septic's Assassin's Creed cosplay

No. 876979


Take the picture while I do a cool pose, mom!

No. 876983

holy shit lmao that is so cheap and ill-fitting. woof.

No. 876984

doublepost, but why the fuck is he staring right into the camera while she kisses him? it's unnerving.

No. 876990

File: 1570357759464.jpg (Spoiler Image,202.46 KB, 960x1280, youngerelf.jpg)

The anons saying she was impersonating Belle Delphine got a w. Classic shoe, she's impersonating another "teenage" cock pandering sloot. And here I thought she was changing for the better, with the more mature style, no more downward angles in the videos thing…

No. 876999

File: 1570360847250.jpeg (28.88 KB, 480x600, 1502541F-F2AB-46CD-8AC8-A5F1BA…)

She is so obviously trying to. The wig change happened around the same time too. She probably caught Greg jerking off to Belle or something

No. 877005

>jerking off to
Sending money to. He's probably gargling her bathwater as we speak.

No. 877010

I wonder if she'll still be trying to impersonate popular teenage girls when she's in her 40s, or even her 50s.
She gives me Baby Jane Hudson vibes.

No. 877013

she looks so much like a Who

No. 877030

File: 1570373025560.png (153.48 KB, 452x240, junes baking company.png)

Was she going for frumpy and cheap? Because that's how you execute frumpy and cheap.

LOL he didn't!

Why bother getting dressed up if they don't understand how to dress for a Renaissance? I think we all know they weren't in character either and just expected people to appreciate their wit in snark and jokes. They might as well have worn normie clothes, or did a costume rental at that faire if all they had was their cheap cosplay.

How could someone who calls himself the "armoured" skeptic not own any period pieces?

Ehhhhh she was trying for Belle but she achieved Amy from Kitchen Nightmares.

No. 877033

I know I'm not supposed to laugh at mentally handicapped people, but this pic made me laugh out loud. He looks so serious and proud of himself, it just makes me feel second hand embarrassment

And shuwu looks like a mousy, almost middle-aged tard handler that can get enjoyment only from special events like this where she can dress up and pretend she's not a tard handler for even a few hours, while the tards run around in their cosplays

No. 877036

Their costumes look like they took them out of whatever bag they came in the day before

No. 877039

She looks like a Hobbit/hafling bar wench tho all she needs is hair on her feet and arms

No. 877123

File: 1570389106104.jpeg (371.13 KB, 537x755, 6BF83BE1-7FFA-4679-8156-2170ED…)

No. 877132

wew, he can't handle the cosplay either. I'd be amazed if he can feel his legs with that belt cutting him in half.

No. 877133

idk what's worse. June's shitty purple wig, or THIS.
this is just pure cringe I can't deal with this thread anymore. These two are trainwrecks. I can't believe they're in their 30s.

No. 877145

Are his fans patting his ass and telling him this is a good look for a man in his 30s?

No. 877156

File: 1570394443151.jpg (30.34 KB, 640x360, sorryjavier.jpg)

No. 877228

Everyone's favourite arseassin creed where you play as fat dude with skinny arms fighting a buffet

No. 877253

His face looks like he just sniffed one of junes stinky farts kek.

No. 877296


>I studied The Blade

No. 877316

June is still around 27-28 I believe.

There is nothing inherently wrong with cosplay into adulthood imo, but Preg and Wig are just terribly cringe in pretty much anything they do or touch. Why they post pics like this is a complete mystery.

No. 877323

>That 3 inch layer of foundation
>Spider clumpy lashes
>Ugly lip bite and crazy look in eye
>AliExpress outfit and wig
>Same dumb hair part hiding most her face

No. 877350

File: 1570439007586.png (1.01 MB, 786x970, Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 2.30.…)

my fucking sides her wig

i am in awe at the amount of shoop going on with her face jesus lord

the most underrated comment in this thread kek

No. 877352


this is fucking depressing

No. 877357

these look like sad aliexpress review photos.

Genuine question, does anyone think greg has autism? Doesn't it occur more often in people with dyslexia? I can not see a non autistic adult wearing that monstrosity in public. June's dress is fine but her wig, makeup, posing and pasty white elf ears are horrendous.

No. 877574

File: 1570474267331.jpeg (95.92 KB, 512x753, 87B24C2C-B2DF-46FF-A245-4DB97B…)

his hands and arms are unusually small and dainty

No. 877684

Is the XYY statement actually true? KEK

No. 877862

She ruined such a good beat… hope she didn't buy exclusive rights to it.

No. 879740

God, June and Greg are so fucking sad and pathetic. It's like a trainwreck, I cant help but look away.

No. 879874


What's that whole "! untrustworthy" thing?

No. 879876

Moviebob is a retard.

No. 880623

File: 1571189529274.png (314.04 KB, 587x374, shuwu has opinions.png)

>i'm a smol leftist uwu
>here's a project veritas bideo!
>yaaas mommy tulsi

No. 880801

File: 1571229999557.png (17.66 KB, 496x479, shoeb0t.png)


botsentinel, although it's the more subjective part of their network/plugin

No. 882572

oh no

No. 882580

That thumbnail is fucking repulsive:

>"uWu" Shoe holding that poor rabbit

>of course he's dressed like that probably thinking he's hot shit "I'M THE JOKAH BABY"

No. 883213

File: 1571729206366.jpg (15.02 KB, 542x94, toughen up bucko.jpg)

No. 883275


Preg literally calls people to RISE UP


No. 883295

He looks like someone you'd see a Juggalo gathering

No. 883304

File: 1571764838162.png (493.79 KB, 745x621, joker.png)

No. 883308

omg haha, stop, I can't handle so much alpha chad-ness

No. 883309

If that thing is supposed to be a chad then i can only wonder how betas look like.

No. 883423

We need to turn this into a meme.

This isnt the joker, this is just a joke. He looks like a dollar store scary mask.

No. 883590

That's because he mistook a tall stature and a girthy waist for actual strength, so he's never been to a gym. Then again, he probably prides himself on being an "intellectual heavy weight" - a perpetual state of arrested development - his coping mechanism for explaining away why he only leaves the house to get drive through McDonalds

Bet he couldn't do 20 pushups in a row if his life depended on it

No. 883596

Preg looks fucking greasy as shit. His hair looks atrocious, even with spray dye in it.

No. 883627

i wonder if the reason he doesn't is that he has no chin at all.

No. 883646

Why does he look like someone's juggalo Uncle at a Halloween party? Does he think this is badass?

No. 883952

File: 1571877355034.jpeg (58.66 KB, 618x343, 5A2806EA-4636-45E7-ACE4-4F944C…)

Hideous look

No. 884112

File: 1571920678938.jpg (130.53 KB, 579x1384, please don't vote.jpg)


hideous look for a hideous take

No. 885899

>Feminist Wine Aunts vs Bernie Sanders

She went back to the old 2007 webcam

No. 885901

File: 1572296306682.png (65.86 KB, 727x293, big titty rey.png)

No. 886047

File: 1572316106381.jpg (359.55 KB, 2048x2048, shoebingo.jpg)

June just posted her own bingo card

No. 886063

>not photogenic

kek. sure, THAT'S the reason you look totally different in candid photos than you do your own selfies…

No. 886094

More "look how quirky I am guise!"

Just give it up already, gotdamn

No. 886174

File: 1572356459648.jpg (396.69 KB, 2048x2048, EIBAjTwX0AAa2OX.jpg)


"okay here’s the hard one"

No. 886405

Fascinating.It's almost like she's trying to pander in every direction.

No. 886430

ive never seen someone so fat have such skinny arms

No. 886543


No. 886598

File: 1572429287802.jpg (17.51 KB, 598x512, little faggot dog.jpg)

I was just skimming past and realised what preg's face in the thumbnail reminded me of

pic related

No. 886599

>Bernie 2020
>pro gun
She's really all over the place. Also didn't she claim to be against guns as her whole setup to do that thing with Blaire?

No. 886606

June calling herself a leftist while simultaneously supporting and defending (enter famous, rich person here) is so rich

No. 886645

Bernie is pro gun (which makes sense as he represents hunting and farming Vermont).

No. 886938

I thought she was shilling Mama Tulsi Gabbard nonstop a few weeks ago? Did she realize she has no chance? June jumps around subjects like she's playing fucking Frogger.

No. 887245

File: 1572572786617.jpg (77.43 KB, 598x512, little faggot greg.jpg)


will never unsee.

No. 887644

God that is terrifying

No. 887651


No. 887745

Bernie is pro arming the working class, he just has to downplay it to appeal to Dems and Libs.

No. 888905

File: 1572899900521.png (428.82 KB, 586x2708, eyy I'm deletin' tweets over h…)

shuwu is fighting with Kristi Winters.

No. 888916

File: 1572900879755.png (223.73 KB, 582x599, screenshotting your own delete…)

>burned to the ground in minecraft
"how do you do fellow chapos"

No. 888921

File: 1572901190784.png (316.49 KB, 577x599, i literally can't even.png)

oh no somebody said mean words about mommy tulsi!

No. 889032

>June, I've told you often that your ignorance is a public embarrassment.
This is great. I also love how June's just tiptoeing around KW calling her out on her racism.

No. 889161

Kevin Logan livestream reaction/response to a shuwu video about Kristi Winters (trigger warning: long)

No. 889474

>She says "wine aunts" cause June's COOL YOUNG GIRL unlike those "boomer wine aunts xD".

yeah, why "wine aunts", why doesn't she namecall the men, just the women?

"She drink wine and she's old xD". This dumb bitch is almost thirty, she shouldn't be throwing stones, just because other women don't have peter pan syndrome like June does. How hip and BASED june knows the online culture, she's BASED. Long live Kekistan!

No. 889501

File: 1573000878140.png (41.97 KB, 810x349, qHmdpnw.png)

No. 889502

June’s looks are nothing to get by on, but agree that her intellect is even less impressive.

No. 889503

File: 1573001076447.jpg (14.85 KB, 319x243, YouMad.jpg)

Look at the time. Let's party like 2-0-0-8

No. 889505

June is an internet grandma.

No. 889510

File: 1573001802320.png (35.44 KB, 518x462, animotion - obsession(dot)mp3.…)

live from uwu york, it's tuesday night!

No. 889511

File: 1573001894446.png (14.87 KB, 578x212, live june.png)

("Kevin addressed this" sung to the tune of Animotion's "Obsession")

No. 889518

File: 1573002981525.png (42.08 KB, 576x306, EYY I'M STREAMIN' HERE.png)

oh boy, three hours of pausing the video mid-sentence to yell "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?", "SHUT UP BOOMER" and something about middle-aged moms.

No. 889735

>June gets by on her looks
Not ever a decade ago.

No. 889822

I don't know, I think she's unfortunate looking enough to look attainable to incels and other men like that, just like momokun. Hot women aren't as approachable as uggos who act and dress like they're hot, so the uglies always get the most obsessed wks and fanboys because they can imagine being with an ugly so-quirky-xD-RAWR-girl where as the actually attractive girls feel unattainable to them

No. 889825

File: 1573062960471.jpeg (73.47 KB, 629x598, D3408681-962B-4159-8318-ADA61B…)

No. 889857

File: 1573069508338.png (316.88 KB, 598x848, vNSJIWw.png)

No. 889896

File: 1573076706752.png (239.5 KB, 579x600, reee feminism reee.png)

still going
still unable to communicate without may-mays

No. 889964


She 'gets by on her looks' because she caters to retards

No. 890104

"Her looks" which dissolve as soon as you see her in any candid photo or video and not her thumbnails lmao.

No. 890418

File: 1573172284873.png (266.16 KB, 816x763, Q8qRQf6.png)

June: Debate me 1v1 is so stuuuuupid.

Also June: her and followers pester Kristi Winters to tell them why she doesn't like Bernie

No. 890419

File: 1573172312398.png (385.14 KB, 821x753, lOrsPDj.png)

No. 890491

File: 1573185884205.jpg (17.32 KB, 400x400, 31hyPNMF_400x400.jpg)

at least her new profile picture is appropriate

No. 890504

How many times is she going to bring up that she is “””hot””” damn this b is pathetic

No. 890548

It really makes you wonder if this woman can have a mature conversation without using memes.

Eh I'm not surprised she wouldn't actually debate her position because her views are shallow.

No. 890567

File: 1573204767007.png (139.38 KB, 604x674, delicious drama is delicious.p…)

No. 890571

File: 1573205530568.png (169.91 KB, 619x1583, peter coffin nods respectfully…)

No. 890580

Isn't that the same guy who catfished as his own Asian girlfriend to make a shitton of racist comments, and also tried to parade an actual sex doll as a real woman? He's a joke. Probably accusing that user of lying about being a Patron because it's the kind of lie he would tell.

No. 891005

File: 1573285815962.png (106.2 KB, 259x360, 1 2.png)

No. 891384

I thought "in minecraft" was a bloodsports meme.

No. 891740

Yes, that Peter Coffin. Except he’s not a he anymore, he’s nonbinary! uwu

No. 891766

File: 1573468964326.jpg (225.1 KB, 1428x1929, IMG_20191111_113911.jpg)

This is in her liked tweets.

No. 891768

All anyone would have to do is reply to her with an image of Preg with his mantits hanging out, an image of one of his cringy comics, and one of his embarrassing Dunning-Kruger posts about actually "being a genius", all side-by-side, to invalidate whatever edge that image would have.

No. 891795

What a surprise, not being vile towards men actually increases your chances of being in a long relationship!

No. 891799

oh yeah shuwu, tell us all about the hunk who picked you and everything he does for you and how he's married you
tell us

No. 891809

The man who is marrying her who left his previous wife for Shuwu while he was still married? That man? KEK

No. 891810

File: 1573479944307.jpg (103.16 KB, 674x1024, DaHa_YaWAAAP1PL.jpg)

>tfw you will never get picked by a winner like preg

why even live, fellow spinsters?

No. 891814

I just feel sorry for her, tbh. She's not exactly a winner either but why settle for some ugly retard like preg who doesn't even want to marry her.

No. 891821

File: 1573481695234.jpg (240.98 KB, 1200x1533, rod_serlin.jpg)

See's not even a proper pick-me tard, If she was married to an actual traditionally masculine chad then this meme might work but she's not she's dating some fat degenerate pseudointellectual who will never marry her

No. 891828

She's coping again. There's a reason why cold and headstrong women are in fulfilling relationships and pickmes are in relationships with ugly men who cheat on them

No. 891848

Pick me‘s end up with spoiled worthless man babies 100% of the time, because nobody worth their weight in shit wants a partner who degrades themselves willingly.

No. 891877

Oh wow she really is still stuck in 2015-2016 when she peaked in incel, neckbeard attention for being the designated anti fem talking head, she still gets off on that, that's actually really sad.

No. 891934

File: 1573503684608.gif (256 KB, 500x378, 1549988040210.gif)

>tfw no fat retard bf to cuck me and spend my money on star wars toys

No. 891979

Freckled liberty sounds like a cow herself. Defending her tweet by saying she's already picked uwu but alot of those alt right girls twitter profiles are just men larping so

No. 892119

How does this even apply to her when she’s not even married yet?

No. 892222

True, although what counts as man-hating these days seems to include any stance that doesn't just pander to men
Yep, despite all her progressive signalling, the mask still slips off a lot lol

No. 892225

Anon it's only been 23 months since the engagement!! He will marry her any minute now

No. 892251

File: 1573552797051.jpg (70.04 KB, 760x535, 14956568_1091701147594216_1998…)

No. 892302

It's cope like always

No. 893532

File: 1573764992384.jpeg (410.14 KB, 828x1100, 27401AE8-D7AE-42D5-84BA-15B75E…)


No. 893562

What's crazy is being strung along for years by Pregory is "being picked" in Shuwu's eyes. Uh, wouldn't someone who got picked actually be living with their fiance and planning a real wedding instead of pretending over the internet?

Actually this situation pretty much sums up the experience of pick-me girls in general. They don't have a clue that they're fighting tooth and nail for a booby prize and think they're superior to girls who chose not to even play.

Sure, Shuwu. I'm sure he'll pick you some day for real.

No. 893714

File: 1573803097535.png (611.91 KB, 593x562, oh boy.PNG)

incoming milk

No. 893741

Greg is fucking annoying but by now I actually hope he gets sick of her bald ass and leaves her

No. 893806

I despise them. They are so fucking annoying and I cannot wait to see them fuck up their lives permanently. Two unemployed dropouts that shill for bucks on YT think they’re authorities on “muh wage gap”

No. 893809

Video is up

No. 893850

Can someone watch this and summarize? Sh0e is too cringe for me to handle.

No. 893858

I cant watch these fat anti women idiots. Brave anons, who can give a power point of this shit?

No. 893925

she's been trying so hard to brand herself as a true lefty but she's still stuck making the same ol anti sjw vids for clicks.

No. 893934

Why is she even bothering? She dug her own grave and she should just accept it. I don't deny that she's left-leaning but this is just sad that's she's trying so hard to be pretty much a "breadtube" channel minus the thought-provoking topics.

No. 893943

File: 1573848112301.jpeg (43.81 KB, 429x385, 5341F652-24FF-4BBA-A33C-67F519…)

Why are his hands so tiny

No. 893955

It’s not the perspective or anything, he really does have very dainty little hands.

No. 893977

why does she keep wearing this raggedy cosplay wig? Even in this low res screenshot it looks awful.

No. 893991

Cause she wants to skinwalk Belle Delphine

No. 894011


Not a Shuwu fan but in her and Preg's defence, that game is quite sexist toward women.

No. 894066

I didn't bother watching all of it because these two are unfunny and terrible, but they basically make fun of it for half of the video before even playing it. June, as usual, can't seriously and intelligently discuss any topic and Ogre is sitting there barely explaining shit and thinking he is God's gift to mankind. They discuss how the wage gap is a myth and how more women are educated than ever and getting paid more, and that more women should go in STEM fields (stem is the best amirite gamers)and Ogre implies that because the majority of teachers in the US are women, that the US education system is fucked. June also suggests $15 minimum wage and Greg cringes at that, and then says that this game is bad and he would never get it for his daughter because it teaches girl that they have a right to things because they're women, but instead it should be teaching girls to work for things and not have things handed to them. Both of them thought this game was a parody.

The game's tagline is that women make more money than men. Some of the cards are like "you get to see a superhero movie with a female lead" or "you buy a pair of heels, but bad news, it was probably made by a man." When they play the game, June says the game is boring and giggles most of the time. They complain that it's condescending towards men. Greg also jokes that this game will finally teach June to "learn how to count." June gets a card that says she gets a flat tire on the highway but, good news, she knows how to fix it, and Greg cries "no way! You know that's not true." June says, "did you know that the military industrial complex is run by women? Yay feminism!" They also play it incorrectly for a majority of the time and they don't even finish it.

No. 894079

It's hilarious that manchildren who love self identifying as doms and/or daddies almost always have tiny baby hands.

No. 894119

I don't get what handsize has to do with dom/sub shit

No. 894132

Guys who use dom or daddy as a label usually trying to compensate for their lack of masculine/"manly" traits. Preg does this a lot whether it be him doing those cringe cigar photos or just having shuwu constantly claiming he's totally a hunk for just being tall and fat. So it's funny he has tiny little hands in contrast.

No. 894172

File: 1573874796006.png (287.5 KB, 583x389, i'm too stupid to play candyla…)

No. 894291

It's exactly the same video that the Reagans made a month ago, except worse in every way.

No. 894298

Yeah the game is pretty ridiculous & was obviously made by someone who knows nothing about feminism. June did bring up a few points, such as the original game made by a woman but was stolen by a man, but she ends everything with odd faces and sounds, it just ends up sounding non-serious and mocking in a way.

No. 894325

how do you get to 30 years old in north america without ever having played monopoly? that's honestly kind of sad.

No. 894343

seriously, especially knowing she was mostly friends with her cousins in school. that's shit you eventually do with your cousins when you hang out long enough, play fucking board games sometimes.

No. 894503

June has an extremely unlikable personality so while they were "friends" they probably did stuff like that in their own time. I couldn't imagine how unbearable she must be to be around, especially other female friends

No. 894665

File: 1574032395565.jpeg (486.51 KB, 800x1007, B1804553-F381-4D75-A03F-6C1130…)

So cringe. Does she think it’s hot when he talks about her like this?

No. 894715

File: 1574036900845.jpeg (43.76 KB, 480x480, 9738AE29-C0AF-429B-8C2E-3BB547…)

Yet he lets her live in another country by herself for years meanwhile simps on 90 Day Fiancé literally travel to third world countries to bring their fiancé’s over to their country and marry them. What a chickenshit beta loser bitch boy. I can’t stand them. They’re so fake.

No. 894718

Yeah it's really sad and telling that she puts up with that longterm. I get that it's their super hot UwU 24/7 bdsm lifestyle~ but surely it's draining to be takes about that way PUBLICALLY. At least pretend to have some self respect. Doesn't she have trich? Real cool to treat a mentally broken woman like an object. Im sure that's great for her.

No. 894751

In the Ms. Monopoly video, June refers to Greg as her fiance. That was the first time in a long time I've heard her refer to him as that. When was the last time Greg did the same?

No. 894793

File: 1574045551579.jpg (699.16 KB, 3000x2405, EJhZDU5UYAAZqdD.jpg)


>this fan art

I can't tell if she's being trolled softly with that facial expression though

No. 894840

Muh ADHD would be part of it. It's hard to imagine a 30 yr old June even going 5 minutes without throwing dice at people, let alone a rambunctious child June.

No. 894887

At least they nailed the fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 894899

I guess degrading her as a person is part of their shtick, but isn’t he the stupider one of the two? June is an idiot don’t get me wrong, but there is something so obviously wrong with Greg

No. 894900

He really thinks he's being clever and badass saying that.

Also June literally looks retarded lol

No. 894903

I've been saying this for a while now. Even if shoe has to be a gross kinkster, couldn't she do better? Greg is really nasty and greasy looking.

No. 894907

It's hard to say, really. They're stupid in different ways.
June is stupid because she can't think about anything for more than 15 seconds. Were she able to she'd have dropped him. But then Greg is stupid because he's never entertained the possibility that he's wrong. Like he thinks that so long as she keeps shitting on her the sugar mama gravy train is gonna last forever. If not for him being a piece of abject human garbage that chats up strippers in front of her I'd say each was the best that either could ever do.

No. 894917

What also pisses me off is they act like women who actually want respect are bitter old bitches

No. 894962

I mean realistically probably not. She has absolutely nothing going for her aside from not being fat or really ugly and some internet clout that's been waning for some time now. She's a NEET with poor social skills and a lot of mental health issues. I doubt any really attractive successful or even just like, average normie guy would choose her over an actually hot girl or someone who has ambitions or talents or interests. The only kind of guys who are into women like Shoe are either complete morons who also have no personality or goals or complete psychos who want someone they manipulate and play games with.

No. 895060

Because in his mind he knows on her part it's wishful thinking lol. It's been a year now and it's not like they're hurting for cash so I think they would've married or mentioned wedding plans about now.

How come June never dogs back on Gregg? If he has all the jokes for her, why doesn't she do the same?

No. 896688

Time to dismiss critiques of female characters being constantly over-sexualized with the same old tired anti-sjw talking points

No. 896689

I never thought we'd see another Shoe thumbnail without that shitty Chinese eBay wig but here we are.

No. 896730

File: 1574477309173.jpeg (60.66 KB, 624x439, C769EB0B-FBE7-4BE4-9BD7-964A83…)

No. 896930

This was such an uninteresting video, dear Lord June. This didn't even have any of the more popular examples of "where are her organs?"

No. 896936


Back to full time neckbeard pandering I see. I guess now that Hontra is MIA, June doesn't have a need to make babby's first leftie videos in attempt to gain his attention.

RIP Nick Parrott. If you only hadn't trooned out, you'd be Shuwu's Flynn Rider.

No. 897014

File: 1574543830878.jpg (66.43 KB, 603x630, EKAgRA3VAAA9_qY.jpg)

i regret to inform you she’s at it again


No. 897138

I hate to agree with Shoe but there is a female character in that first episode. She’s in armor and a mask but she does speak and is obviously a woman. I don’t know how she managed to miss that

No. 897210

File: 1574598282510.jpeg (674.27 KB, 828x1364, 9B9DEBB1-2329-4B51-A98A-2BA754…)

To what depths does she name search

No. 897211

File: 1574598316136.jpeg (621.78 KB, 798x1146, DEED22DE-7F96-4697-BDBA-B14969…)

No. 897219

"i posted a screenshot of a checkmark who made a hot take."
Imagine being basically 30 and talking like a series of fucking memes.

No. 897232

Anita specifically said “speaking female character”, can’t you read? A silent female character model just standing around doesn’t really mean anything for female representation if the only people who have any semblance of a story are only men.

No. 897237

>how DARE a game critic critique a game!!1 won't somebody please think of the men???

No. 897255

But she does speak, she’s fairly important.

It’s a television show.

No. 897312

File: 1574623674811.gif (Spoiler Image,188.38 KB, 228x137, 1574623096052.gif)

i was lurking on /b/ on 4chan and i saw a "youtuber you want to fuck" thread
i saw this gif and i haven't seen it before
selfpost? i mean, she's been fading out and she has posted nudes on /b/ before

No. 897351

File: 1574627915547.png (158.34 KB, 586x1016, june vs anita.png)

No. 897352

But she speaks. She’s been in two scenes so far, both very significant and she’s not named but to be fair, hardly anyone in the show has been named, not even the main two characters right now. I found her character interesting, she’s a female blacksmith of a warrior race and she’s not in sexualized armor. Considering the way other Mandlorians defer to her, she might be a high up person in their society.

Star Wars sperging aside, Antia making glaring mistakes like that gives fuel to idiots like Shuwu who froth at the mouth to discredit any kind of feminist criticism. No media is without criticism, but making incorrect assumptions makes people less likely to address actual problems with the tv show.

No. 897357

File: 1574629654893.jpeg (445 KB, 807x930, F7416F64-2CC9-4E14-843F-7DD2A5…)

June would have killed herself if she got even 1/4 the harassment Anita got. I dont like Anita either but she objectively received a shit ton of harassment but poor wittle wig gets called out on raising pitchforks and now “this is why we are anti-feminists !1!1!” They are both so fucking stupid and annoying. “It’s scary” are you serious? Why can’t she take her own advice and close her eyes and walk away

No. 897358

>*how DARE a media critic critique a television show!!1 won't somebody please think of the men???

No. 897359

File: 1574630126684.png (266.26 KB, 598x496, uwued to death.png)


that might explain why the guy from these tweets >>897351 protected his account

No. 897370

>Them bolt ons

No. 897431

at least she's finally out of that god awful purple wig

No. 897433

Damn those titties look like rocks

No. 897446

>this is why june and i are anti-feminists
sure it is pregory, sure it is.

No. 897594

File: 1574673863530.png (36.96 KB, 581x512, armored skepteesian.png)


at least there's some pushback against preg 'n' june on this.

No. 897595

File: 1574674029537.png (60.9 KB, 582x909, armored winters.png)

No. 897629

So shuwu can criticize people all she wants, but when people criticize her, it's scary and bad and bullying? That's nice, cucktic. Imagine being as brain dead as onision.

No. 897682

This is so standard for them. Spend your “”””””””career”””””””” mocking other people for money, sending your hateful army of neckbeards and skin walkers after them, criticize people for making videos and plug your Patreon, and then cry and throw a fit and pull hair out after someone turns around and criticizes them for it on Twitter

No. 897696

Kek, like hell June will be up to debating. She'll chimp out right away and go "it's just low hanging fruit! I'm not political!"
She cannot speak about anything unless it's in meme form.

No. 898448

File: 1574846405923.png (370.38 KB, 582x518, preg's posting cringe again.pn…)

also, that poor horse

No. 898483

File: 1574862249394.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1334, E549F113-182E-4CEB-BA17-E6204D…)

What the fuck does he flex in his photos as if he actually works out
Being fat doesn’t magically make it look like muscles

No. 898484

I thought there was a 200lb weight limit on horse riding? Not even being shady just genuinely feel bad for the horse

No. 898492

holy shit this man has no fucking muscles, this is the body of a guy who lifts probably 30 lbs max on a bi-daily basis
>more bitches
wasn't he married in 2009 lmao

No. 898500

He should invest in some fitting jeans, jesus christ

>wasn't he married in 2009 lmao
I guess his ex-wife wasn't as big of a bitch as shoe is kek

No. 898514

He meant more bitches by mass.

No. 898606

June was gonna have a talk with Vaush but she couldnt make it because of thanksgiving

No. 898659

Yeah preg we know shuwu is both a bitch and a problem lmao

No. 898665


Sounds like a cop out. Not that I'm a fan of Vaush, but he would have destroyed her in a debate. It would have been funny to see her resort to meme speak every time she's challenged, but I guess shuwu realized this first.

No. 898687

He's so disgusting looking and his personality just amplifies it x1000

No. 898703

Literally anyone could destroy her in a debate

No. 898713

Why does he type like a 13-year-old boy just discovered AAVE

No. 898716

File: 1574910384239.png (1.26 MB, 581x1912, armored nword.png)

No. 898788

>>898665 >>898606

What were they even gonna talk about?

True. It's the reason why she doesn't debate anyone because she knows she'll lose because her politics are shallow base level at best.

No. 902199

Oh my fucking god this is disgusting what the actual fuck

No. 902360

It's been months and I'm still salty about not getting to see meghan murphy destroy her.

No. 902420

New video. She rolls her eyes anytime someone says woman.

No. 902430

Wait what? Did Shoe actually get into it with Megan Murphy?

No. 902436

No, she backed out of going to the MINDs conference which we highly suspect it's because of Megan Murphy's presence and she knows they were bound to get into a debate.

No. 902452


No. 902621

I think HC said something anti trans so of course June will cry foul. She has to oblige to all her incel and mgtow followers that the word women is eyeroll inducing.

But just imagine being shy of 30 with no education, no marketing skills in the workforce and no life experience besides Twitter memes. Doubt she'll get married. Pregs stringing her along until there's a younger girl more impressionable to lure and she'll tossed aside like his ex wife while spending her money.

No. 902639

He won’t marry her but she’s dug her hole so deep trying to prove she wORShiPs his d1ck 24/7 ddgl shit that she would never leave him and give everyone a chance to say they knew it’d never last
They both repeatedly call women in their 30s old wine moms so you know her man child bf will see her that way. They deserve it for all of the shit they’ve spouted for years

No. 902863

Shuwu said a long time ago that she was going to make a video on Meghan Murphy and called her "the final boss of feminism" or something very cute like that. She knows that she has nothing meaningful and informative to say in response, Murphy is eloquent and more educated on the subject of feminism than Shuwu's hack ass could ever hope to be. Debating or making a video will just prove that she can't argue against anything that isn't a clickbait Buzzfeed article.

No. 903050

Oh right, yeah I remember that video. It was her "Chromosome Crusaders" video and she says that about Megan Murphy towards the end of it. I actually never even heard of Megan till that video because this was back when I was a Shuwu fan -gag-. I ended up checking Megan out and I was pleasantly surprised. While I don't agree with everything Megan says, she's definitely a competent speaker and I can see why Shuwu never followed up because frankly, Megan would destroy her in a debate.

No. 903481

File: 1575845947132.jpg (91.27 KB, 581x1000, uwucast.jpg)

No. 903518

saged for no milk but holy fuck shoe looks like a 50 yr old mom playing dress up in her christian teen daughter's clothes

No. 905549

So shoe and greg dont follow each other and they removed each other from their bios

No. 905587

File: 1576341442107.jpg (179.51 KB, 1436x1969, IMG_20191214_173545.jpg)

Oooh interesting.
He does follow her still though but she stopped following him.

Maybe it's just to see how much attention will it get so she can brag how people are obsessed, or maybe there really is trouble in fupaland.

No. 905659

I get the vibe that they probably argue a lot behind closed doors and that's why he puts her at a distance. I think shes probably frustrated that she was moved hours away from her family with the promise of getting married, but over a year has passed and nothing has happened and greg still continues to like pics of other girls on a daily basis

No. 905661

I guess it's kind of sad if she really fell for his "inmigration is so difficult, you can't move in with me yet. Why don't you just live closer by so I don't have to drive so long." crap.

But I guess that's what you get for being a pickme bitch.

No. 905678

It is sad but she brought it on herself really and there's only so much sympathy you can give. I'm sure she's still close with her parents and she could probably move back home or find a place closer to her family. I's been a year and they still aren't married nor is she a Canadian citizen so what's the point?

No. 905679

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. If she was smart she would dump him and get with someone better but she’s dumb as rocks lmao

No. 905682

File: 1576359711149.png (575.75 KB, 1018x754, qTUAeMF.png)

this was posted just a few days ago though.

No. 905695

I bet they’re not broken up. It seems like they just unfollow each other/remove each other from their bio whenever they argue, which is so pathetic… They’re a couple that’s in their 30s (pretty much), and that’s something that 14-year-olds do.

No. 905738

Seems like they fight a lot and use unfollowing each other on social media as a gotcha. They literally act like me when I was 13 in a childish relationship with someone from my school

No. 905797

Canadian partner visa is a fucking cakewalk compared to some countries and it seems like they haven't even started the process despite being engaged for like 2 years. June needs to wise up before she wastes all her childbearing years waiting on this fat retard - I mean according to tradthots she's already well past her prime, right? Better snatch up a husband before she becomes a 30 year old spinster after all.

No. 905841

Such skinny arms on such a lardass

Also, is it supposed to look like she's showing his penis size with her finger pinching? What is that meant to indicate?

No. 906193

Remember this is the man that spent his ex-wife’s income in Star Wars toys and his side chick thought it was adorable.
Years later they continue to screech on Twitter and have nothing to put on their resume except professional grifter. Such train wrecks but it’s so entertaining.
Even Jenny McDermott got married and had a child… what are June and Greg doing reliving the 2010s?

No. 906197

File: 1576501155747.jpeg (180.19 KB, 828x675, 2DB7CC07-E598-4A85-B31B-08ADD0…)

Does she just search for every possible iteration of her name? Holy fuck she actually does not have a life outside social media.

No. 906217

She moved to a small place where she doesn't know anyone and her "career" doesn't require her to go out of the house. Her fat fiance keked her into thinking he'll marry her once she moves closer but that ain't happening. She probably spends all day at home alone, staring at laptop screen. At least when she lived with mommy and daddy, she had someone to talk to.

Getting money for being useless seems nice but her current life is quite depressing.

No. 906292

File: 1576524968272.png (11.84 KB, 525x125, replies like this.png)


>i worship his fupa 24/7

No. 906623

File: 1576584437604.png (220.86 KB, 587x749, the judge of what makes a femi…)

Saw Shuwu in the wild when OP's tweet ended up on my timeline. Of course she needs to chime in as if she even believes there are "good" feminists, then adds some of her retarded gotcha articles about how men are oppressed. Then her fans start swarming below the tweet attacking the OP's other tweets in the thread, like one that says women don't bear the responsibility of curing that loneliness in men, and attacking the op for being a feminist period.

No. 906681

Oh my god, women are no longer forced to be financially reliant on men and can afford to have standards? That’s terrible!

I bet June is so happy to be a manbaby’s sugarmomma when he wastes hundreds of dollars getting scammed over Star Wars toys on eBay.

No. 906724

File: 1576607631504.jpg (81.65 KB, 678x677, DpAAdIiXsAAehBN.jpg-large.jpg)

She made a political compass out of her own discord posts and put it on her Twitter.
It's really sad how tryhard she is.

No. 906744

June… Your fans are supposed to make and share this for you, not yourself. Jesus Christ, she's so lonely.

No. 906792


She's so self-absorbed and lonely. Honestly it would be quite sad if it wasn't so goddamn funny.
Also many of these don't even make sense.

No. 906825

>and apparently they're being rejected for being "too poor"

yeah fuck those whores who don't want to live in poverty with shitty men! they should be grateful to be married before they hit the wall! everyone should be more trad like shuwu and be the breadwinner for your manbaby boyfriend.

No. 906904

>and nobody really talks about it
Lmao I see people bring this stuff up all the time, especially whenever a feminist dares focus on women's issues.

No. 906918

I love how this goes against her ideals. It's because she knows Preg is poor as shit, he needs to get a real job. Someone on KF mentioned the reason why they're having such a hard time getting married and living together is because Greg makes less than 25k a year, which is the requirement to marry a non-Canadian and help them immigrate. Totes BDSM guys!

No. 906989

Canadafag who has dealt with marrying a non-citizen and can confirm this is almost the only reason they could be having such a hard time as no other part stands out as being especially hard to overcome. Pathetic, considering the minimum wage in Ontario is $14 and he could sponsor her by getting almost any fulltime work, but doesn't care enough to do that to get her there. But he's such an alpha daddy uwu!

No. 907005

It’s super pathetic to see her be this cringe about emulating a teenager

No. 907010

“We spend 20 minutes scrolling through videos to watch while we do chores and that’s why I’m so behind on my chores”
Holy fuck HOW CAN THEY BE THIS SHITTY. You need YT in the background just to listen to while you clean? They must fucking loathe each other

No. 907023

is it just me or they appear really fucking fed up of each other kek

No. 907194

This video feels so depressing. No chemistry between them

No. 907488

File: 1576761348974.png (22.27 KB, 591x307, present uwu.png)

what, no "mommy!" tweet?

No. 907491

File: 1576761679350.png (13.87 KB, 589x160, lol permanent record uwu lol.p…)

>being marked forever as one of three presidents in history who were Very Naughty "doesn't matter lol"

No. 907522

File: 1576770845979.jpeg (249.39 KB, 828x508, 7C631ABF-DA54-4EF9-9145-BBEF7E…)

Big yikes

No. 907537

Is he aware he sounds retarded? Is he honestly trying to troll people?

No. 907542

File: 1576774658890.jpg (57.06 KB, 650x488, I foster an audience that like…)

No. 907574

File: 1576780542761.jpeg (411.81 KB, 828x1146, BE4D8B2D-E2E3-470B-9C02-1B254D…)

It’s embarrassing but I don’t think he’s trolling
June seems to take it seriously

No. 907595

A waste of time for what? Why do pseudo centrist fuckwitts like Shoe always say trying to hold Trump accountable "is a waste of time". Like sorry you spent the last 4 years developing your opinions from the vastly knowledgable archives of political reddit posts but having a president impeached by the house is a fucking big deal? It's why theres only been 3 fucking presidents (Nixon if he didnt peace out) who have the honor of having that title next to their presidency.

Shoe is a fucking fool who tries and acts like shes smarter than the mainstream but she only comes off as insecure and trying to appeal to her incel tier fanbase she acquired shitting on feminism while trying to remain "woke" so she can get those breadtube points and not be looped in with smooth brains like Sargon. It's a shame YouTube gives empty headed, attention starved people a platform that makes them feel like their opinions are important.

No. 907689

He doesn't know that "galaxy brain" is a meme meant to refer to nonsense/retarded takes huh? He sure does have a lot of real galaxy brain moments though, so he isn't wrong

No. 907742


fits right in with thinking having an extra Y chromosome makes him an "alpha golden god" or whatever

No. 907859

her response is awkward as fuck. she's still not following him either ctfu

No. 907902

Shoe had a conversation with Vaush yesterday.
They talked about her old drama (Leslie Jones, Lauren Southern) and politics.

No. 907922

I was wondering if June tweeted something about the JK Rowling fiasco but I guess she took a night off from dunking on le terves xDDD because she doesn't want to upset the troons. Very uncharacteristic of her.

No. 907963

Shoe just continues to make excuses for herself and explain why the things she has said aren't actually that bad. She also claims "she never went after intersectional feminists" and that she was never the type of channel to say "The left has gone crazy!". She also pokes fun Jeanine Anez, and when when Vaush asks if she "stans Evo Morales" June asks "Who?"

Man, she is such a phony. Vaush is an idiot too.

No. 907984

2 and a half hours of Vaush handeling her with kid gloves because anything closely resembling a female makes his peepee hard

No. 908077

they seemed extremely flirty. i honestly hope she cheats on greg with vaush, that would be a shitshow

No. 908083

Maybe she can jump on that fupa whenever Greg gets bored of her.

No. 908085

I was thinking she was going to wind up leaving Greg for a lefty transwoman. Now I am thinking you're right.

No. 908255

File: 1576914889806.jpeg (275.33 KB, 640x581, 646D40E9-066C-4E90-B0BD-471A55…)

No. 908258

>never went after intersectional feminists
That's like if Pewdiepie said he was never a gaming channel. Who is dumb enough to actually believe this?

No. 908484

Yeah can someone be a lamb and post the cliff notes not gonna watch that for boring flirtatious denial lol

No. 908916

Basically vaush told shoe how she felt about certain things and shshe agreed out of obligation.

They both flirted the entire time too. I've never seen vaush smile the way he smiled while talking to shoe.

Idk I kind of ship it. At least vaush wouldn't manipulate shoe or treat her like a fucktoy

No. 908929

>At least vaush wouldn't manipulate shoe or treat her like a fucktoy
lol, what?? vaush is worse than preg. he disrespects his gf like mad, he comes onto autistic little girls and doesn't let up, talks to autistic little girls about fucking them against a table and all kinds of graphic shit (i believe he did this while he was in a relationship as well). he seems like he'd be incredibly abusive in a relationship.

No. 908949

>talks to autistic little girls about fucking them against a table and all kinds of graphic shit
wtf has he ever been called out for that shit?
I'm so out of the loop with this guy but how the fuck does vaush have a gf in the first place

No. 909092

File: 1577120885471.png (60.26 KB, 606x543, unknown.png)

Vaush was called out multiple times for this and still gets called out for it today. He was extremely pushy (to the point of sexual harassment) towards an e-girl in Destiny's discord server. Said e-girl is also known for causing drama.
About his gf, he does disrespect her a lot. Even his chat tells him to be nicer to her. Tbf, she does interrupt his streams over stupid shit, however, she doesn't do it a lot anymore. Vaush's temper hasn't improved at all. He'll throw a hissy-fit because she tells him to stop sperging out before twitter cancels him for thousandth time. Or he'll throw a hissy-fit because she offers to bring him food while he's livestreaming.

I'm not saying this as a meme or to defend Vaush, but he is literally autistic and bipolar. God bless his gf for putting up with his constant meltdowns over picrew pfps wokescolding him.

The best part of that is, Vaush and his gf are poly lol. Who knows what will happen…

No. 909178

that's not really starting drama though and i don't buy the autism thing. she was underage and so uncomfortable and he kept bringing up fucking her over and over. the convo obviously didnt call for it any of the million times he brought up his dick or having sex or sending her nudes out of nowhere. i've had plenty of men talk to me just as he did that weren't autistic, just cumbrains. difference is that they weren't professing to be on the left and about justice and fairness. he's just a retarded and inconsiderate horny basement dweller. no different from any of the rest of them.

No. 909196

I don't disagree with you anon, I'm just saying he's autistic.

Also, the girl is notorious for starting drama. Still doesn't excuse Vaush's predatory and aggressive behavior towards her.
And I don't think she was underage, unless I'm missing a part of the story. I do know there was another girl, but she wasnt underage either and she threatened to kill herself if Vaush stopped talking to her.

No. 909352

Well dang anon, hearing all that makes me sad for his girlfriend since she's trying to be attentive. Didn't know they were poly though, well then shoot, it's no wonder he's flirty with Shoe and other E-Girls, maybe he's trying to add one to their mix.

I just think it'll be funny if Shoe ends up leaving Preg and gets with these two kek.

No. 909353

File: 1577172881659.png (250.5 KB, 1077x939, Screenshot_20191224-013306(1).…)

>IF I marry you
Fucking KEK
they've been going on 2 years since the day of engagement? No wedding plans in sight!

No. 909367

How likely is it for any father to “go ballistic” when his daughter’s boyfriend proposes, though? Even in conservative rural areas fathers aren’t usually that protective of their functionally adult daughters. Unless of course the daughter isn’t a functional adult…

Does this happen often, Greg?

No. 909376

Yeah, sugar mommy's fat genius boy is proving the OP tweet right. If her father had any chance of going "ballistic" if she were to get married without his knowledge, that means he views his daughter… as fucking property to be traded between men. Way to 'dunk' on the libtards, I'm sure it's much more fun than planning the wedding that's totally gonna happen one day.

No. 909394

File: 1577194560523.jpeg (475.47 KB, 828x865, EA0FAA8A-37A5-45F3-89F5-4B36CE…)

How are they so constantly fucking cringe

Didn’t her family throw an engagement party for them already? Which implies they already “got permission”

Everything always has to be about them. If there is any opportunity to “teehee I’m not like other girls” she will take it

No. 909420

I wonder how her parents feel now that year and half passed since the engagement party.

No. 909426

they're probably hoping it never happens.

No. 909530

It probably won't. Pregs been married before and panders hard to the anti-marriage/anti-cohabitation-with-women mgtows now. He'll string her along, not even live with her, until she's in her 30s then the relationship will fizzle away

No. 909531


This bitch will mock women if they even as much as hints at being oppressed in anyway but men dropping out of college of their own free will is somehow an issue of male oppression.

No. 909559

File: 1577229321306.jpg (291.49 KB, 2048x1536, EMleTqYXkAA5LJ6.jpeg.jpg)

No. 909573

Nitpicky, but I thought you're supposed to avoid picking up rabbits as much as possible? At the very least he could be supporting Ollie with both hands…?

No. 909616

June's parents are extremely liberal. She's had videos with her mom and dad in them briefly. She's honestly still trying to play up the tradwife fantasy, but it ain't gonna happen. I also think it's hilarious Greg's parents haven't really done shit to acknowledge June being part of the family. They have no hope.

No. 909709

It would be hilarious if June's sister got engaged and married

No. 909710

That Joker poster in the background really seals the picture.

No. 909723

As someone with a rabbit that bothers me too but it's obvious june only sees it as an accessory anyway

No. 909781

>>909710 holy shit I didnt even notice that lmao

No. 909823

Not even 15 seconds in and June asks Septic with her little girl voice "What do you want for Christmas uwu?" and Grep replies with "Two chicks at the same time." and then asks her what's her New Year's resolutions and Shuwu says "Two chicks at the same time".

Congrats for getting picked, sis!

No. 909886

You can see the pain in June's face and voice having to put up with Greg's autistic shit. Girl, you can only pretend for so long.

No. 910039


Lmao imagine your boyfriend always bringing up publicly how bad he wants to fuck other women.

No. 910041

They are both such disgusting people who deserve each other

No. 910046

your soon-to-be husband, anon. someone you chose to marry kek
all of this shit reminds me of >>891766 again. so happy you must be, june, to be picked this way

No. 910054

LMAO imagine doing all that for a guy that's NOT EVEN A LITTLE HOT, not by absolutely no one's standards. Motherfucking vest-wearing, fedora-tier ass virgin.

No. 910068

It's even more sad when you find out that a lot of youtube skeptic fans used to call ArmouredFupa "the handsome skeptic", the bar was THAT low.
Wig actually thought she struck gold.
But then again, we always forget how her fans look like. Anyone has that pic from her Discord meeting?

No. 910164

>soon-to-be husband

They are never ever getting married.

No. 910219

File: 1577388885028.jpg (30.17 KB, 374x351, this fucking ogre.jpg)

No. 910343

What >>909426 said, probably thankful and hoping it hasn't happened yet. But on the other hand if they were genuine, they may be wondering when they're finally gonna tie the knot, especially since June moved out and away from them.

I just can't kek I mean I know it's most likely a joke (or is it?) but just… Man the cringe.

It makes me wonder how Greg would react if June talked about the kind of men she wants to fuck. Why is it always women? Is she that pathetic that she can't play up her side of the coin and "play" back. Because I'm more than sure June has men that she would fuck if the opportunity struck.

No. 910674

Every time I see his arms, hands and torso in the same picture, I get unreasonably upset at how small his hands and spaghetti his arms are compared to his pot belly. But I have to say I admire his confidence, not everyone would be so smug while looking like that, and it's pretty nice of June to humor the tard

She would lose most of her fanbase if she ever talked about men like she talks about women, especially if she talked about attractive men. She could get away with talking about men who look like jabba the hut, but she gets more attention if she pretends to like women, so…

No. 911046

>She would lose most of her fanbase if she ever talked about men like she talks about women, especially if she talked about attractive men. She could get away with talking about men who look like jabba the hut, but she gets more attention if she pretends to like women, so…

Eh you're probably right. Perhaps that's why when she playfully flirts back with Vaush who is another kind of aesthetic similar to Greg (Fat, hairy, and not conventionally attractive), her fanbase doesn't freak out but if it was an actual conventionally attractive man, she'd be roasted. Still pathetic though because if she really was the "cool girl" she desperately tries to portray herself as, she wouldn't care what they think.

No. 912234

File: 1577849879668.png (338.6 KB, 580x405, engagement1.png)

happy 2 year anniversary to june & preg's totally real engagement

No. 912280

Just out of curiosity, how did this tweet not ruin the surprise for June? Somehow I can't really imagine her away from Twitter for an extended period of time.

No. 912982

File: 1578024375676.png (150.72 KB, 583x1012, jihadi june.png)

classic june!

No. 913026

I assume he just asked her not to use her own phone for a while or said it was a very special date.

No. 913035

They've been engaged for 2 years and they don't even live in the same COUNTRY yet. I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such a terrible person.

No. 913039

File: 1578037805417.jpeg (395.88 KB, 828x1123, 7E8F5576-EE37-46EF-97FB-08D8B8…)

June comparing Bernie to the Happy Merchant on Twitter. At least she didn’t actually post a picture of him but her followers did in the replies so anyone who insn’t a 4channer can also be in on the joke.

Anti-Jew humor is one thing on an anonymous troll site like 4chan but when you’re someone with a visible face on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of followers posting it publicly, it’s pure cringe. I’m curious to see how fast Shoe gets fired from her first actual job just based on her tweets, if she ever gets one.

No. 913073

I think she's more pointing out the fact the articles are intentionally using these photos when talking specifically about money and being Jewish. There was another article by Washington Post that used a photo of AOC in a similar pose and the title was about her mentioning her Jewish ancestry.

No. 913559

Hontra mentions June in his newest video. Talks about how back in 2017 he met a youtuber named June (doesn't mention her going by shoe0nhead) who made a ton of videos mocking nonbinary people. During the brunch, he had a talk with her and she agreed with all of his points and deleted all those videos later.
Hontra says he doesn't regret that brunch and then awkwardly sips out of his cup while looking to the side.

Starts at 54:16

No. 913740

So it only took June 2+ years of desperate twitter pandering to get that sweet, sweet Nick acknowledgement she's been craving

No. 913753

Too bad he's throwing her under the bus, but any kind of acknowledgement is good enough for her.

No. 914728

Eh I doubt it's gonna affect her that much. This is the woman who said that Leslie Jones looked like a Gorilla and most people didn't really say anything about that.

No. 915169

File: 1578487352060.jpeg (218.88 KB, 828x596, EFE05F82-5F58-4A47-8327-8E04D9…)

Is she not capable of processing thoughts without her memes or is it because she’s so fucking retarded from not having a job for the last several years and her brain has been stunted

No. 915407

File: 1578538116952.png (534.61 KB, 1077x1207, Screenshot_20200108-204832(1).…)

Cow crossover

No. 915580

I think it's the latter (Not having a job for the last several years). When you have to interact with other people on a regular basis, you just learn to jibe with people in at least somewhat normal fashion. Shoe is pretty much a NEET who never leaves her house unless it's for food or seeing Preg so it's like her mind is warped through prolong days end Internet meme humor.

But I agree, it's like the bitch cannot function without the use of memes and it's annoying and reeks of insecurity if she can't use her own words and not need to use memes to get her point across.

No. 916059

File: 1578690569073.jpeg (177 KB, 828x1137, C0BBA2EB-81FF-44ED-8247-B26987…)

She looks eerily like Kailyn Wilcher

No. 916085

kekking along with matija

No. 916086

it's too bad he phrased it like that and she wont know what it means

No. 916102

the older she gets, the cringier and uglier her tacky pink toddler style outfits get. it looks utterly ridiculous at this point (plus the awful plastic wig and glasses). imagine her at age 40, still dressing like this and still having no job crying and moaning on twitter about how uwu oppwessed the poor men of america are lmao. shuwu is a pathetic joke and i feel like she'll never grow up

No. 916190

There's photos of kailyn's pink walled room and it gives off the same energy as shoe's old room during her boxxy ski walking days.

No. 916283

Honestly I don't know what it means either, can you explain please?

No. 916302

she gained weight. european countries say "stone" instead of "pounds"

No. 916331

No. 916335

It's really only the UK that uses stone and pounds (14 lbs to a stone), the rest uses metric ie. kilograms.

No. 916337

>Gets thrown under the bus by Contrapoints again >>733857
I wonder if Contra felt invalidated by shoe who obviously only perceives men as human beings and treated Contra like any other male she leeches off from. Maybe that's why Contra dumped shoe.

No. 916414

Sorry, but how is Hontra throwing June under the bus?

No. 916538

sleepy Pete almost deserves his own thread.

No. 916566

He's trying to act like he attempted to stop her from being an alt-lite and go full commie, by enlightening her about non binary people during vidcon. Basically him going "I did my best to save her, I went far lengths, but she would not change!"

No. 917346

June sounds incredibly uninterested in this video holy shit

No. 917348

Another video. What the fuck is with the mic being bumped every 10 seconds?

No. 917355

File: 1578914571069.jpeg (264.79 KB, 828x641, B2032B46-EC84-4DAE-83F7-1D5E50…)

Three ring lights seems overkill. How hot does she get in that wig with all that heat

No. 917378

I could swear he had one, though maybe that was back on SR. He still has a banner.

No. 917381

Lmao nice catch. I would assume they don't generate much heat, probably LED lights.

No. 917432

Three ring lights and she still looks bad….

If anything the overexposure of all the lights emphasis how bad she’s looking.

I’m wonder if Preg is finally going to marry her this year since the family threw another engagement party. Probably not but one could hope.

Maybe if she wasn’t eating nothing but takeout because she can’t cook she wouldn’t be constantly getting bigger. Peep that soda in the left corner of the vid

No. 917465

I wouldn't place any hope in Greg marrying her. They're going to be engaged for about ten years and she'll dip once she realizes she's wasted so much time.

No. 917511

There is a fat chance they’re getting married. They’re at the height of being bored with each other. There was a higher chance of getting married when they were making cringe photoshops on Twitter
But Greg is a fucking idiot if he lets her go because she’s his meal ticket as the years go on. Guy in his mid 30s with no work experience? Good luck with the competition

No. 917614

Greg's been married before. He panders to mgtows, mras and red pillers that think marriage is awful and cohabitation with women is the worst mistake. He probably won't go down that road again and keep stringing her along using country borders as an excuse

His family's rich enough that he could go back to school, earn a degree and get into work that way. Same with June but these two won't do shit that's productive.

No. 917633

If he has a learning disability he would probably strike out with the degree route. And doesn’t June have one too? But even that doesn’t guarantee them work. 10 years of making shitty low quality YouTube videos isn’t going to look good on their resumes as their only recent work experience no matter what degrees they would possibly earn. I think the best thing they could do for their futures is get jobs but that’s not happening lol

No. 917643

I hadn’t checked this thread in a while… when is this bitch getting married, pregnant, or breaking up with her boyfriend?

If she had any self-esteem she’d at least guilt him into marriage to guarantee she could at least take what little money he has and any of his action figures in the eventual divorce, just out of spite.

No. 917957

No, no, and no. And she never will until she gets real ugly.

No. 918006

File: 1579005868228.jpeg (444.71 KB, 828x1094, A284BE46-9B8C-48E0-BB21-F84368…)


Not “long distance;” “ONLINE DATING.” That is so fucking embarrassing

No. 918015

he’s “online dating” his fiancée. jesus june love yourself

No. 918104

when i read this i assumed he meant like tinder or fetlife. i wouldn't be surprised if one they're like "~~We'RE pOLy gUISE~~". preg seems like he's bored and june is getting "chunky" and not in a flattering way like his "thicc secret".

No. 918127

File: 1579025172527.jpeg (187.49 KB, 828x1281, 955AFBD4-E56B-4331-8E02-B333C8…)

I assumed it’s about her, at least she responded to it. Would be sad if he is talking about someone else tho and she is trying to save face

No. 918133

File: 1579026146813.jpg (42.41 KB, 682x348, nltog.JPG)

Did nobody notice her twitter cover photo?

No. 918139

can someone please explain this meme to me? does it make fun of girls that don't play Pokemon but collect the plushies anyway?

No. 918162

Girls that don’t game = ew
Girls that own a plushie = interest piqued

No. 918239

Gotta amp up shitting on women more so her audience won't turn on her

No. 918278

It's more about being of the opinion that the millitary industrial complex is inherently problematic and the neoliberal approach to obfuscate that is by adding 'diversity' and 'wokeness'. Common meme among lefties being ' needing more female drone pilots' etc
Regardless, her only being able to communicate her political views via memes is very fucking cringe.

No. 918295

File: 1579049427361.jpg (49.37 KB, 940x530, gm-8266f879-602f-40fd-9968-e3b…)

Shoe looks like this video game character. sage for no contribution, just wanted to share the eerie resemblance

No. 918380

She's one of those people who will cling at a cringe narrative, but do so in a way to further validate her hate for other women.
Slight sperg, I remember Dave Chappelle saying he knew which people laughed at his racial jokes for the wrong reason, this applies to June.

No. 918416

It's just… Why? Why can't she just function like a normal fucking person and communicate her political views in a concise mature way. Can you imagine if she keeps doing this when she's in her 40s? I enjoy a good meme every now and then but fuck, you have to wonder if she's not braindead without them.

No. 918439

coffin absolutely has like 10 threads, it wasn't on sr, iirc. i know it's terrible but i do still laugh when i think of the name "toilet nigga".

No. 918451

>And doesn’t June have one too
June dropped out of college iirc

No. 919811

She looks like she just finished crying 5 minutes beforehand

No. 919813

File: 1579295168742.png (1.59 MB, 1615x1080, Screenshot_20200117-150347(1).…)

KEK I honestly cannot believe she's wearing Bernie merch and just shows it off in the middle of the video. Like I honestly don't care for two shits about Warren she's being a dunce, but her Bernie support is exceptional. To be fair, her support for literally anything is cringe and halfway serious. It's hard to tell if she's doing it to fit in or if it's genuine.

No. 919880

is this from siege?
i can only see it because of that god awful elongated philtrum

No. 919892

ngl, that's a cool sweatshirt. too bad it's not his official merch. also she does it 100% to fit in.

hate that warren did this. she really is a snake. it's too bad this is like the one time june's criticism can be considered legitimate and deserving of ire. though let's be real, she doesn't give a fuck about the actual implications of warren's behavior, and domino effect of this stupid bullshit, she just wants a reason to be a misogynistic ballsucker. she's so transparently apathetic about the actual effects of things women do and just wants literally any reason to draw up hate against them.

No. 919907

Jesus christ why is she treating politics like it's being part of a fucking tumblr fandom.

No. 920066

File: 1579352048301.jpeg (221.89 KB, 549x651, 606DB3F0-4A49-4574-8087-304004…)

The false lashes are so tacky and cheap

No. 920085

I guess her eyeshadow and lashes are growing in proportion to her age and waistline

No. 920270

She has ALLLLL day to practice her makeup… and this is what we get.

No. 920444

Roughly 90% of her audience is younger than 17.

No. 921762

unrelated but… I have had the suspicion that she uses Snapchat filters to film her youtube videos. Then she downloads it to her computer and uses them as raw footage. That's why she looks so different when she records "Knight at the Movies" or gets her pic taken irl, she looks so different.

No. 921803

She uses 3 ring lights in her videos. Her bad features are washed out because of the blinding light. I don't know which specific filters you're describing, but YouTube also has a couple.

No. 923231

Pretty much >>921803 stated the truth, the magic of ring lights to drown out her features but yeah, you're also right that YouTube's editing program does have a few filter effects you can use.

A big reason about why she's pulling such trickery is because I remember back in either 2018 or 2019, she filmed a video using HD quality as opposed to her usual 480p quality and she looked quite noticeably different (older). I think it was mentioned in an older Shoe thread here because after like 2 videos, she went back to using her 480p quality and I'm pretty sure she lurks here which is why she became aware that the HD was showing her look her age which she doesn't want.

No. 923255

File: 1579899101034.jpeg (303.41 KB, 505x985, F815F63D-8266-4B6A-B408-3D206B…)

No. 923257

File: 1579899245999.jpeg (498.86 KB, 818x1193, AAC269FF-FD3C-41C9-92A6-B6605F…)

Do you think she’s finally getting tired of this old shtick

No. 923333

Lol it gives the impression that greg is struggling to assert his dominance

No. 923335

preg really thinks hes as hot as video game characters lmao.. the ezio cosplay and now this??? he looks like an overweight dutch with down syndrome

ezio and arthur sweetie, im so sorry

No. 923873

So he's one of those people who just writes major spoilers in the comment section like that, huh.

No. 923882

Is this the equivalent to morbidly obese girls who compare themselves to models or refer to themselves as sex goddesses?

Greg is a bigger cow than shoe is tbh

No. 923883

Imagine how violated you must feel if a woman calls you cute and you get a comment from her weird ugly boyfriend saying "you have to ask permission"

No. 923909

Does anyone have a link or copy of the video?

No. 923915

honestly what is preg even trying to say here? i don't get it

No. 923955

He implied Shoe's compliment was meant as a pickup attempt, and so publicly reprimanded her that she needs to ask his permission before inviting any new girls to their bedroom. Just more of him being the world's douchiest fiance. Sorry, more of their 24/7 BDSM roleply that only vanilla normies can't understand.

No. 923988

Most guys who are dom in the bedroom are actually submissive IRL, they call it a fantasy for a reason lol.

No. 924028

File: 1580035168418.jpg (216.99 KB, 1080x804, Screenshot_20200126-203728_Twi…)

Why does he tweet stuff like this? Does he forget hes engaged?

No. 924033

My only wish for 2020 is to see Pregory cucked by Wig, I’d honestly cry tears of joy.

No. 924037

KEK, love yourself, wig. he's a fucking barrel of jello donning a soulpatch in 2020, that daydreams about hoeing around with anyone but her. this shit could not be more sad.

No. 924039

She could do so much better, she’s fairly attractive even if she does have trich and isn’t a ~smol uwu~ like she wants to be. i don’t know wtf she sees in him. He’s a mentally retarded, ugly, fat POS and she just lets him degrade her publicly even though he doesn’t even have his own fans

No. 924040

Please God let this happen. Give us the Vaush and Shoe or Contra and Shoe ship.

No. 924061

File: 1580043566065.jpeg (264.51 KB, 828x741, 38A60E3B-83E6-4A5E-8BE4-F32574…)

Wow her response makes it all the more depressing.

No. 924063


that she has to ask for permission to be a hotgirlforbernie regardless of the other girl saying "a n y o n e"

No. 924064

I would love to see greg get hurt like that because it doesnt seem like hes a good person at all. Memes aside, I really do feel sorry for shoe. He is incredibly possessive, has her on a leash metaphorically and literally, but refuses to actually commit to her. An engagement ring means nothing unless theres an actual wedding planned after it. She needs to dump him. Shes waiting her young life with this loser who is taking her for a ride

No. 924074

Honestly I think she’d flourish without him, if she just fucking dump him she could find some other retard to be a cringelord with on the internet all day no problem, plenty of people think she’s hot and funny. Even without a bf, she was popular before him and can be popular after. Do her fans even like him? I find him truly sickening in all aspects.

No. 924078

I haven't watched one of her videos in years, but from memory the fans were absolutely on board with his power fantasy and memeing all day every day about him being way too hot for her.

No. 924080

She probably doesn't really love herself much either, so any guy that didn't treat her like she feels would come across as disingenuous.

No. 924081

Ain't that a mood.

No. 924127

couldnt you put a disclaimer or some shit ffs

No. 924292

The fuck? Is she trying to say it sounded like a rape comment at first? Either way it's a retarded tweet

No. 924527

She was worried about him publicizing his rape fantasies that she’s already aware but after realizing it’s just him wanting to fuck random girls (also aren’t they getting a little old to call other women girls?) she then cucks herself into approval of his daydreams

No. 924549

File: 1580137350053.png (67.22 KB, 592x853, owned by moviebob.png)

preg's getting owned on twitter by moviebob

No. 924552

File: 1580137489356.png (52.88 KB, 593x665, triggered by SNL.png)

also he has "owner/manager of shoe0nhead" in his profile again, for those keeping score.

No. 924583

File: 1580142977032.jpeg (160.69 KB, 828x401, FC7D088C-71ED-4A44-A5A5-DE8C89…)

LMAO he did add her back, just checked and she added him too. Wonder in how many days they’ll remove each other again

No. 924597

File: 1580146512215.png (128.17 KB, 395x488, 463.png)

Wait how the fuck can leftism be used to oppress the poor?

No. 924608

File: 1580149462578.jpg (60.37 KB, 690x569, Capture.JPG)

Septic retweeted this.
June got shat on yet again.

No. 924609

File: 1580149755962.jpg (118.47 KB, 634x459, gulag.jpg)


Gee, I don't know, Anon. When HAS leftism ever been used to oppress poor people? Not to derail/defend Preggo (believe me, I really don't), but you've got to be functioning at a sub-optimal level to think things are as simple as "Left wing think poor people good, right wing hate poor people!"

No. 924649

seems more like preg agrees that the picture is stupid, not that he's discounting June's (non-existent) importance in his life specifically

can we not poli sperg this is retarded

No. 925230

File: 1580255913553.jpeg (Spoiler Image,525.2 KB, 584x1142, E3AB857B-9FF2-4DE4-B84A-406771…)

No. 925255

This shit is so embarrassing oh God kek

No. 925256

File: 1580262048969.jpeg (562.76 KB, 1585x1768, 100908D4-12D8-404B-82F2-FA2B88…)


Some fanart from KF for us anons to enjoy.

I have a hard time figuring out if he shares this ironically but tells himself "it's kinda true though"

No. 925656

Lauren southern got married and had a kid in the short time she has been away. Lol(offtopic)

No. 925694

Saw that on her ig. Married with a baby and finished her school to be a full time religious mom. I don't remember her dating anyone so it must have been a quick desperate relationship lol

No. 925750

Why post that here instead of the tradthot thread? Also why is that milk? For as long as she's been online she's been called a hypocrite for working instead of focusing on family. Now she's actually gone and done that, so really, good for her.

Maybe when Lauren's son is Pregories age Shoe will be married as well.

No. 925948

although I don't agree with her politics at all good on her for doing all of that.

No. 926040

The balls on the blonde are a nice touch.

No. 926182

File: 1580445453070.jpg (52.99 KB, 640x651, the cringe is real.jpg)

He got people whiteknighting this saying hes not being serious, doesn't stop it from being cringy as fuck kek.

No. 926209

So basically Wig knows that Preg will cheat on her eventually, but she doesn't want to seem like a 'typical vanilla normie' who hinders her man's sexuality or some shit, so she just plays along and pretends she likes it? God that's so pathetic.

But of course she's so uwu bisexual sub

No. 926312

To make fun of june for still not being married. You know like you did in your response.

No. 926324

Wasn’t she for a while pushing the trad wife thing? And simultaneously doing the DDLG BDSM kink? Both contradict each other. I don’t think she knows what she actually wants. Probably becomes whatever Preg is in the mood for

No. 926326

File: 1580489752607.jpeg (320.39 KB, 804x649, 1C605858-C344-477F-B02D-78E850…)

How is she not embarrassed by this

No. 926327

File: 1580489776431.jpeg (209.76 KB, 828x498, C7C22723-8A8D-41A1-AFC2-260970…)

No. 926329

Even wig must realize how cringy this is

No. 926397

I feel like wig is prepared to leave him at this point. Considering she has been lowkey flirting with Vaush for a while now.

No. 926492

These are the worst tweets I have ever read with my own two eyes. How is she not humiliated beyond belief to be associated with this guy?

No. 926507

I used to dislike her, but with this kind of stuff coming out I now mostly just feel sorry for her.

No. 926546

Thinking of starting with three wives when he hasn't even tried to get married to wig, the retard

No. 926606

Imagine being June's mom and reading those tweets…

No. 926614

I would die of embarrassment and shame if my fiance posted this even without the 3 wives part. I hope she's really enjoying that subby cuck queen lifestyle right now, because no ring will transform this despisable creature into a prince.

But hey, at least she got picked sis.

No. 926623

Imagine being June herself and trying to reply to the tweet in the most "Okay fiance, you're always right!" way possible

No. 926639

File: 1580547365608.png (349.58 KB, 1440x2560, 1492095399410.png)

"Land of misfit toys" isn't even a cringy quick thought that came up recently, he's been thinking about it from at least 2017.

No. 926644

i'm so sick of their pseudo relationship. can she just come to her senses and dump this piece of shit.

No. 926652

File: 1580552268451.jpg (29.67 KB, 569x234, Capture.JPG)


No. 926654

File: 1580553010130.jpg (36.35 KB, 649x309, capt2.JPG)

No. 926688

File: 1580563224036.png (719.86 KB, 728x806, 403E8F78-FE5C-4F13-82DE-CE9607…)

Why the hell does he have such a big ego? Is he blind?

No. 926705

When you have the queen premiere pickme and a bunch of trannies telling you that you look JUST like Flynn Rider, who needs a mirror?

No. 926713

maybe june already dumped him and that's why he is going on about this stupid fantasy island where he doesn't have one but THREE WIVES.

No. 926724

His tits to arms ratio is making me queasy

No. 926748

Well, this is what June wanted so she could stick it to the uwu haters. She made this bed for herself, so hopefully she enjoys laying in it.

No. 926762

>mfw preg has fuller breasts than ive ever had
they look distinctly feminine. this is what it's like when the klinefelters hits i guess. this relationship would be embarrassing even if kept secret. i cannot believe this woman with 1 million subscribers is very vocally self owning herself on a daily basis by continuing to link herself to this effeminate sasquatch with half a brain

No. 926824

What does that even mean?

No. 926918

Preg is always going on about the ideal 'waist to hip ratio' for women, but don't men also have something similar for their waist and shoulders or something? Like ideally a man with a thinner waist and wider shoulders is healthier/stronger? And clearly Preg does not have a masculine frame - his girly shoulders are smaller than his gut.

No. 927226

File: 1580658767101.jpg (263.29 KB, 1080x1104, 20200202_165127.jpg)

This is ironic right. Please tell me it's ironic.

No. 927496

Shoe if you are reading this tell Greg that the Joker character in that movie was mentally ill not mentally handicapped.

No. 928952

Please someone kindly explain what this is

No. 929258

File: 1581086093183.jpeg (742.84 KB, 1242x1715, 4F0C6FB9-4B1C-4FB6-8C69-DB663E…)

Black History Month - the one month where June pretends not to be racist.

No. 929303

File: 1581095792374.jpeg (705.66 KB, 1315x1487, 1272BB04-6BBD-4AA6-9A83-8A5C0F…)

Holy shit, is this why its taking them so long to get married??

Also “marry that american chick”. You guys are ENGAGED have some fucking respect, this is just sad.

No. 929308

I guess it makes sense June no longer wants to move to Canada considering how invested in american politics shes been lately. But the fact that Preg doesnt even know if he should “just marry her” and move in together or move somewhere else blows my mind.
Like how little do you care about her that you dont even consider closing the distance before moving to the states….

No. 929313

“Or if it’s smarter to stay where there’s healthcare”
the hypocrisy lmao

No. 929317

Imagine shuwu's parents seeing their future son in law talk about their daughter publically that way.

Oh but we're all too vanilla to get this is all part of their 24/7 totally healthy bdsm dynamic uwu

No. 929321

Preg thinking he looks like Jigen from Lupin the 3rd despite the fact Preg is obese. Just like what he does for Archer and Flynn.

No. 929325

>"that american chick"
I mean, I know it's probably a joke but I don't feel like it's a joke that passes well in front of thousands of followers. Why even ask them where to move, in the end only his and wigs opinion should be important. What a guy, honestly.

No. 929400

holy fuck i love how preg is just casually asking where he should move pretending like him and shuwu haven't been engaged for 200 years, then at the very end remembers "oh yeah i'm "engaged" lol" and tosses it in, only very mildly entertaining the idea of ever actually marrying her. i'm 100% calling it, they'll stay engaged for another year or so and then they'll call it off and either make up some lame excuse for why or they'll just break up entirely.

No. 929417

So he proposed to her yet he sees marrying her merely as an option? Wtf?

No. 929597

So he would consider moving to the US because he has friends there - but the fact that his FIANCEE lives there is only mentioned as an afterthought.
And then he goes on to tastefully ponder if he even wants to marry 'that American chick.'

How does a fat, useless retard become so entitled and self absorbed?

No. 929615

Preg needs to be aborted from his engagement. These are things he should be talking to June about, not some randos and camgirls on the internet. It doesn't baffle me this is most likely the reason June is nonstop sperging about politics.

No. 929806

No matter how bad Greg gets, June bends the knee and passes every cool girl test with flying colors. She's the kind of girl every PUA bases there game on, she's so insecure she'll take every humiliation he throws at her publicly while smiling.

"It's fine that you've invested your time and money into a dead end career, I'm not a good digger, I'll even be your pay pig hehe"

"It's fine that you spend unreasonable amounts of money on star wars toys instead of saving for our future, it's your money I'm not your horrible ex-wife."

"It's fine that you like porn and cam girls on your public Twitter account, I think they're hot too!!!"

"It's fine that you're unkempt and out of shape, I'm only attracted to dad bods anyway!!! Unless it's an egirl hehe I'm so gay!!!"

"It's fine you don't take me out on nice dates and just want to ogle women in the park! I think it's fun too! uwu"

"It's fine that you speak to me disrespectfully in public that people think you're abusive, they just don't get our kinky dynamic!"

"It's fine that you want to fuck other girls, I want to play with other people too!"

"It's fine that you said you only want to marry me so I can get a green card to move in with you!"

"It's fine that you have no plans to marry me yet, I can just move closer so I don't inconvenience you."

"Oh… I mean it's fine that you want to move farther away we'll be married then so we can move in together! Oh what? Probably not? Oh that's okay, I'll just get another apartment close by! Yeah I know, you're afraid to get married because of your mean ex-wife! See you Friday? Oh you have a girl coming over? That's hot!!! I have a video about Bernie to make anyway!"

No. 929902

This is all probably pretense for an upcoming breakup. “We decided that given our geographical complications” something like that. Hopefully so because she is going to be a fucking idiot if she marries this loser.

No. 929970

So essentially Wig's thought process is, 'haha you idiots, Preg only acts like a selfish jerk 99% of the time! You wouldn't understand, he's a great daddy dom uwu during the other 1%. I pity all you normies for not understanding lolasdfghjkl'

No. 930331

File: 1581320288342.png (76.42 KB, 1024x453, Screenshot_20200210-013846(1).…)

No. 930338

Oh my god you retard, you don't look cool

And you 'respect' men more because they would actually be able to beat your pathetic fat ass

No. 930362

i love how shoe doesn't engage with these weird sexist posts anymore. back in the day she would have replied, but it's obvious she's over it lol. it's like he's publicly trying to sabotage his relationship.

No. 930364

This is a man in his 30s making jokes a 12yo boy would find funny.. How is June not embarrassed by him? Am I underestimating June’s lack of self respect/awareness?

No. 930369

File: 1581331051439.png (1.02 MB, 1075x1541, Screenshot_20200210-043754(1).…)

>white male rage
June is turning into a SJW right before my eyes

No. 930394

Is she actually getting sick of him?

No. 930403

>what is a joke?

No. 930406

I was being sarcastic, calm your tits. I posted the photo and, my mistake, she's referencing the Joker video Greg made a couple days ago.

No. 930440

This is so gross. he's legit making sexist teenager jokes that no one but assholes finds amusing

No. 930443

The way that he speaks about women like they're literally objects is so sickening. i know those type of men wont go away but it still grosses me out to read this posted so publicly… and people responding to it.

No. 930459

okay so the comment was preety dumb imo and Im sure was only said to get woke points from dumb libs and cause minor outrage, but it definitely didn't warrant a fucking half hour long video

No. 930695

Didn't she already make the same video over a year ago?

No. 930780

>Young adult women fucking late teenagers isn't seen as literally as evil as men raping 10 yr olds? Female privilege!
Doesn't she hang around men who run around screaming about how fucking teens okay? Hell her own boyfriend is a pedo/ebe himself and faced no criticism for openly encouraging sexualization of teens and she got the nerve to claim there's some weird female privilege going on when a woman got arrested for doing what her boyfriend encouraged ? HA

No. 930864

sage for toplic, My husband admitted to me that he was molested by his own aunt and that it had a negative impact on him, but he's not some MRA antifeminist loser, infact he always believes victims of sexual abuse(male and female) and sticks out for women because he knows what's it like be a victim

No. 930899

File: 1581441532713.jpeg (234.4 KB, 790x576, D8D39647-3A95-46A3-877A-1B2B4A…)

Are they polyamorous? Because if not, June needs to dump his ass. This is so fucking cringe for your fiancé to talk this way about how he treats women

No. 930910

Nah. June is trash. She deserves him. Thats what june gets for having a fanbase that hates women.

No. 930935

I wonder how June is feeling with the big 3-0 looming …

No. 931010

Obviously already in denial. Probably pulling more hair out than usual.

No. 931258

That's very sad, and lots of men/boys have been sexually abused by women and people don't take it seriously. But of course wig would use this to make women seem evil and biased, as opposed to actually offering a sympathetic view on the issue

No. 931263

June panders to the crowd that don't care about victims either. They'll only bring up male victims to tell women to o shut up about sexual violence. So she doesn't care really either

Do you think she'll just stop posting online? Break up with preg and ghost the internet.

No. 931298

If they break up, I think wig would play the 'uwu heartbroken' angle and say that it didn't work out but she wishes him well (to prevent her fans from turning against her) and then begin scoping out for new dick

No. 931387

File: 1581525381363.jpeg (58.27 KB, 741x741, EQgjvS7WAAII1un.jpeg)

No. 931388

I read this and now I want to kill myself.

No. 931397

Will he seriously go to fucking eastern europe

No. 931412

Driving a couple hours to see June is a chore, but I have zero doubt he would travel all the way to Eastern Europe just for the opportunity to star in a PUA game and hit on Eastern European women.

No. 931420

File: 1581531282121.png (14.89 KB, 610x170, J8tkol5.png)

No. 931427

honestly hope he does it so he can get completely mocked by everyone on a large scale.

no one takes super seducer seriously, even after the second game where the creator tries to make himself look self aware by being a "living meme" he's still just seen as a wannabe Tommy Wiseau.

I can literally see preg's ugly ass on there and streamers/lpers vomiting from cringe.

No. 931439

at this point preg's cow tendencies have completely eclipsed june's
did she have anything to say about this on twitter?

No. 931457

Agreed. What could've been a good message is just polluted by her toxic way of using it to shit on more women. I'm not defending what those women in the video did, very messed up regardless if it's man or woman but it just sucks that it has to come from someone like Shoe.

>Do you think she'll just stop posting online? Break up with preg and ghost the internet.

I feel like her disappearing without notice off the internet is the most plausible. She'll just stop uploading or going on Twitter but maybe make a second account with none of her pictures in it. I'm just curious if she's been saving money because she's been out of work for like 3 years now? And it doesn't look like Preg is marrying her anytime soon (ever). It's gonna be interesting.

Priorities lol

Most likely not anon because remember, June is cool and not like other girls who would get bothered by something like that

No. 931479

I know June is a walking doormat, but there's no way she'd let him traipse off to Eastern Europe to embarrass himself in a PUA game after making her move to be closer because he's too lazy to marry her or travel back and forth???? I'm stupid to expect her to have dignity though, if he doesn't do it she won't be the reason.

Didn't some breadtubers make videos criticizing Super Seduce? At this point he's not just a terrible partner, but detrimental to her rebrand.

No. 931494

File: 1581542989992.jpg (209.06 KB, 1079x937, Screenshot_20200212-223003_Chr…)

Did they cast him as a bridge troll?

No. 931505

Breaking up with him while he's in Eastern Europe working on a PUA game would be the most hilarious thing she could do. Not happening, though.

No. 931517

Kek talk about dodging the question.

No. 931548

I hope he appears in the game, I can't wait to see the result.

No. 931570

How does he manage to shit on June with every tweet? It's like he is purposely baiting her into breaking up until the deed is done

No. 931625

That actually seems plausible. He does tend to shit on her a good amount of the time and she never seems to retaliate and makes jokes towards him. Though I think this is because June is insecure and maybe doesn't want to be single again. I mean she's already moved to be closer to him so she probably doesn't want to rock the boat.

No. 931662

Ah, trying to pull an onision? Well it hasn't worked for him and it won't work for preg lol

Honestly sometimes I wonder how wig reacts to this stuff. Does she just repress it further to be uwu submissive or does she ever get pissed/cry when she sees this shit?

No. 931798

File: 1581622462093.jpeg (605.5 KB, 658x1457, 0A1C8C0C-AC94-4AAD-82EA-944D56…)

No. 931808

Is… He just looking at the bottom of the barrel to insult June? We all know June is a doormat so it's not like someone is holding a gun against his head to discuss politics, even then just stop talking about them??? He really does live just to spite June

No. 931824

Does anyone think it's weird to have a tweet thread with ur gf or am I just out of it because I don't use twitter

No. 931843

It’s weird to have a one sided argument/put down your SO on twitter for sure.

No. 931883

They really hate each other huh.

No. 931898

"My favorite people are people who aren't political"

Ouch. What a thing to say after your fiance has been non-stop posting about politics for months.

He had a wandering eye from the start and now that marriage is looming he's getting more and more depressed and desperate. He obviously wants out now, tweeting about moving away and how his dreams are ruined because of her. Not that his stupid fantasy of being a film making knight (lol) would ever come true, but he's clearly very bitter at her for getting in his way somehow. Also name dropping Sargon, the person who hosted the stream where they met. I bet he regrets it now.

No. 931901

God, I hate these two so much. I'm waiting for Shoe to realize she is better than this completely autistic and fugly douchebag and move on but I don't think it will ever come. She truly deserves his fat, smug ass.

No. 931919

File: 1581643023259.png (110.63 KB, 760x480, Screenshot_20200213-201604.png)

No. 931921

man. what a compliment to "that american chick i can possibly marry"
why is preg ramping the insults up lately? i'm starting to agree with the anon who said he's really looking to break loose and june instead just keeps putting up with every last thing he throws at her kek

No. 931923

KEK, this is classic. you're the fools that wanted to keep his company… i love how public opinion turns on carlgon and suddenly it's like they were duped by him or something. like they didn't know who they were dealing with, as if they're any better.

she is a dog that will predictably come crawling back for more abuse and mistreatment. this is so disrespectful and unfunny.

No. 931935

File: 1581646542758.jpeg (254.42 KB, 795x742, 11E4330A-EDFD-4B15-A90D-E77909…)

Damn shameless

No. 931943

holy fuck shuwu btfo. preg is done with her. i love her pathetic desperate "haha preg you're so dumb.. just joking i love you so much please don't leave and please at least type out "i love you" back" and instead all she gets is preg insulting her and telling her it's all her fault and that he vastly prefers non political people to her politics obsessed self and then preg trying to cheat on her with some other twitter chick. they are NEVER getting married and probably won't last more than another 6 months-a year of online "dating". i also strongly believe preg has cheated numerous times with other women online

No. 931959

Holy shit and right before Valentine's day too.

No. 931961

Jesus he is a piece of garbage, and he is escalating too. Shoe bitch gtfo

No. 931967

Have you all forgotten shuwu is the cuckqueen? No way she's ever going to leave Preg, she's exactly like Lainey with Onion, they think being a doormat is a personality and are too codependent on them. What makes shuwu somehow worse though is she actually makes way more money then Preg but, has him manage all of it cause she's #trad goals and thinks it's all part of their 24/7 BDSM dynamic.

Greg's retarded ass can still manipulate shuwu. Let that sink in, she's literally that delusional despite only being a year away from 30. It's pathetic. This is what happens to women who pander to anti-fem/mgtow manchildren, they have literally no standards and allow their boyfriend/husbands treat them like shit while they try to justify their actions constantly.

No. 931968


These girls must be literally lobotomised to be flirting with this nuggie munching know nothing know it all . He is like an 80s cartoon character . Two dimensional and predictable . June must have brain cancer to be putting up with this shit . He is a nobody . He has no original ideas . His humour is derivative. He treats her like garbage. This is all very milky but at some point she has to wake up to herself and find herself a neck beard that will treat her better . I mean , there is no shortage of them . Yikes!

No. 931969

>he doesn’t even say “i love you” back

No. 931984

File: 1581667580508.png (92.67 KB, 216x249, 1477867719336.png)

the amount of confidence preg has is mindboggling. motherfucker calls himself "the armored skeptic" online what kind of audience was he expecting to garner?

he can't even get a shitty film degree to at least have an ounce on what makes a good movie or even any of the technical bullshit.
how does this clown feel he was gonna achieve his dreams? how?? when he's done absolutely nothing to pursue them and has the vocabulary of an angry middle schooler.
how do you get this far in life not being able to hold yourself accountable for anything?
i guess he's a narc but i'm sure preg might think that makes him some kind of genius.
also fuck june, i feel no sympathy for dumb bitches like her who set themselves up like this. enjoy licking preg's asshole for another 10 years while he cucks you with internet trannies.

No. 931989


>I regret getting into politics

>It's your fault stupid wig
>I want to die
>Hey random lady wanna be my housewife? I've been engaged for so long but I can totally call it off lol


No. 932005

>>931984 >>931798
>trains as a knight on the side
and who's preventing him from training as a knight on the side? shoe?
he could definitely use some training the fatass

these 2 are the perfect couple, both are absolutely spineless

No. 932012

okay I’m new to this whole drama, but Jesus this is crazy. Shoe needs to learn to make boundaries cause everything preg does is a red flag
> being engaged for TWO YEARS and not making any plans
> not living together with your fiancée, but making her move closer to him so that he can have sex with her when his e girls are offline
> flirting with (much younger) girls online (just imagine what he does offline)
> publicly insulting her on a daily basis
> cropping her from every picture together
> denying her her needs as a part of their so called BDSM dynamic

Also sorry for formatting, this is literally my first post on such types of forums!(namefag)

No. 932016

protip : don't namefag and don't add your email ffs

No. 932019

>how does this clown feel he was gonna achieve his dreams? how?? when he's done absolutely nothing to pursue them and has the vocabulary of an angry middle schooler.
Based on those comics of his from his early 20's that surfaced a few threads ago I feel like he probably has a genuine mental disability in addition to having an inflated ego. He doesn't seem to grasp that his "dreams" are fucking impossible and that he's just a greasy retard.

No. 932035

He has me almost feeling bad for Wig. Almost.

No. 932042

IIRC he has a learning disability but actually believes that he did badly in school because he was too intelligent to do well in school, and that his parents and teachers simply didn’t know how to handle someone so gifted.

No. 932053

File: 1581693481356.png (122.46 KB, 760x470, Screenshot_20200214-101521.png)

I think she felt weird about his come on because she mentions Shoe and third wheeling and he stops replying. Total turn off to mention that American chick.

No. 932054

honestly this isn’t even funny or entertaining anymore, it’s just fucking sad. you really think he can’t top the blatant disrespect but then he goes and flirts with another girl on twitter and gives june another backhanded insult. jesus christ june, grow some fucking balls and leave his ass already

No. 932065

His learning disability is due to his chromosome imbalance. XYY has side effects like a hormonal body,lack of intelligence,autism,etc. I think he's incredibly insecure and tries to come off as this intelligent manly man who gets all the women.

No. 932076

It's hard to feel bad anon. He's literally doing all this and has been doing it for like a year and Shoe is just a spineless dolt who just accepts it because "Teehee I'm not like those other girls, I'm the cool girl". She's pathetic but she brings it on herself. Even though hey, maybe we could be wrong and Preggory isn't as crass offline as he presents online but with how frequently he shits on her, you have to really wonder.

And this wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so one-sided. Like if it's supposed to be all fun and games, why doesn't Shoe do the same and "joke" with guys she finds attractive. It's not like she has a lack of male attention since they comprise most of her fanbase and there's bound to be a few that would intrigue her enough to be flirty with. Just saying that if Preg can do it and expects Shoe to be complacent with it, it should be the same for her.

No. 932088

its just karma. June treats women like shit and her retarded fanbase has bullied women over these years. She deserves him lol shes not any better.

No. 932105

This, pretty much. It's eye opening that anons feel differently.
In any case, don't feel too bad for poor June. I'm sure her parents will throw her a third engagement party later this year.

No. 932125

File: 1581705782258.jpeg (50.54 KB, 339x622, 94162D37-871A-4522-BC20-D7D215…)

Self-fulfilling prophecy

No. 932134

I hate Greg so much, I actually wish that June would dump his fat retarded ass and live her best life, go out with a guy who doesn’t have a weight problem and a sub 90 IQ and leave him to fester in his parents house orbiting e thots forever. I want Greg to know how repulsive he really is, as June only likes him because she’s fucked in the head and almost (but not quite) as mentally retarded as he is. June is the only half decent looking woman in the whole world who is degenerate enough to let this flabby pig slam his pathetic chode into her. June please fucking dump him, you have potential, you really do. You can do so much fucking better. Just go back to your pare