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File: 1524600485024.jpg (10.44 KB, 320x180, oopss.jpg)

No. 564575

16 year old girl obsessed with herself and getting nazis to like her
Her showing off her ass to her old man followers: https://archive.org/details/youtube-it7zHL6B1Q8
Yet she's obsessed with being "modest" and shaming other women.

Just another girl obsessed with the 50's to the point that she's playing a character, especially with her ever-changing, exaggerated southern accent.

Also shames women for wearing makeup that "ruins their skin", yet wears it in every video and bleaches her hair and claims she's naturally blonde.

No. 564584

File: 1524600838338.jpg (38.34 KB, 978x273, sure.jpg)

i mean… theyre brown and thats fine but she always says shes dirty blonde with green eyes

No. 564585

File: 1524600879086.jpg (16.46 KB, 535x203, suresure.jpg)

brown, really

No. 564586

Girls use their "trad" ideas to make fun of other women and disguise it as "Im just looking out for them!"

No. 564594

>already looks like a jaded 34 year old Stepford housewife from the 50s who smokes and drinks herself into a stupor when hubby's not home
So, this is the true power of the trad aesthetic…

No. 564612

File: 1524603650323.png (217.3 KB, 345x292, Screenshot_1.png)

Of course she needs to point out that she has german ancestors
>Much superior Aryan girl
>Wears blue contacts and bleached her hair

No. 564629

>"A video dedicated to my little sister's 2nd year of life"
>Spends the entire video flaunting herself and forcing a ~cute elegant trad lady~ act for the camera
>Barely any shots of her little sister

No. 564682

Someone ought to forward her a PDF of Dworkin's 'Right Wing Women.'

Women that do this pretend trad roleplaying are just operating from a position of 'privilege' in that they have never had to face the reality of male violence. Notice that none of them are actually subservient housewives with children and have very active media presences. I wanted to write more about this but I am getting too upset just thinking about this to continue, my god.

No. 564744

Who the fuck is she fooling with this natural blonde hair, blue eyes shit? Her complexion is so incredibly fucking dark, not that of someone with fair hair at all.
Those are clearly blue contacts that look so dark and muddied because she's placing them over a brown canvas. And that hair….wew lad. Somebody bring this bitch some self esteem so she can learn to accept what she is.

No. 564752

>in that they have never had to face the reality of male violence
Most people haven't experienced it…

No. 564818

Most people in the first world who live in upper and middle class are sheltered from male violence usually.

My family are immigrants so they are actually trad. this shallow woman pretending she has any values that don’t involve just obtaining orbiters is just a womanchild seeking validation like most tradthots

No. 564982

The trad women movement is full of cows, its like a ranch.

No. 565096

Even the title of the video shows how self absorbed she is.

No. 565114

Can't hide that giant Jew nose lmao

No. 565119

That's an extremely Irish-looking potato nose, Jews have big noses but they aren't bulbous potatoes.

No. 565124

>Notice that none of them are actually subservient housewives with children and have very active media presences.
That's the main thing that always gets me with these "trad" types. It's one thing if they're real housewives and stay-at-home-moms who are walking the walk and just post the occasional opinion piece to their recipe/craft/mommy blog or channel, but practically none of these women are actually married let alone mothers. Why do they think they can tell other women how to live when they aren't even following their own advice? Do they secretly realize that the subservient housewife role isn't as fulfilling as they make it out to be? As much as they complain about feminism and "female privilege", they sure enjoy the kind of lifestyle it allows them and are clearly loath to give it up.

No. 565369

16? That's a joke right

No. 565377

The red lipstick really isn't doing her any favours drawing attention to her gigantic mouth and awful teeth.

No. 565564

it's. So. Creepy.
She calls herself a white nationalist and to her, her dark brown hair and eyes make her less white. Which a) is untrue and b) shouldn't be a concern.

It's some Lauren southern "I bleached my hair and now i still dye it blonde I'm a Nordic princess" level stuff

No. 565565

She had a weebly blog where she bragged about men at her church calling her attractive and complimenting her blonde hair, but she deleted it. It used to be yourstrawberrysweetheart

No. 565568

I speak with a southern accent and mine is consistent :/ it doesn't come out more when talkin bout the ol rebel flag or change over the years like hers does.

No. 565577

File: 1524689796990.jpg (226.28 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20180425-155558.jpg)

Modest and traditional.
Also dyeing your hair every month is natural

No. 565588

File: 1524690236987.jpg (370.71 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20180425-160257.jpg)

When the exposure on her videos isn't super high she really isn't all that pale, but that's what she always brags about.

No. 565593

File: 1524690443027.jpg (297.4 KB, 858x533, Screenshot_20180425-160658.jpg)

No. 565600

File: 1524690671711.jpg (109.51 KB, 1129x747, trad.jpg)

No. 565608

File: 1524690953370.jpg (140.47 KB, 671x727, Screenshot_20180425-161446.jpg)

Yes appeal to foot fetishists with tacky shoes like a good green eyed southern goddess

No. 565618

How is she 16? She looks like an uglier Anna Paquin.

No. 565621

File: 1524691545067.jpg (389.81 KB, 1280x1439, anna.jpg)

You're a mind reader. I was just about to say that she looked like Anna.

No. 565702

File: 1524698161757.jpg (542.12 KB, 1936x1272, uhm.jpg)

a sampling of thoughts from her fanbase

No. 565707

16 years old? She looks around 30.

No. 565717

That one guy accusing her of being Jewish is a nice touch, lmao. Idiot /pol/ak paranoia.

No. 565718

Since she's lying about being a natural blonde green eyed girl, I think she is lying about being 16 too. She wants to give off that traditional white submissive jailbait persona that the alt right loves.

No. 565730

File: 1524700632499.jpg (83.06 KB, 1223x652, sad.JPG)

I don't think she's lying about being 16. If you look through her channel it becomes pretty obvs that she's a teen, albeit a teen with some very unfortunate genetics, pic related. Her entire family appears to be insane.

No. 565731

File: 1524700761181.jpg (49.09 KB, 982x595, whateven.JPG)

Also, this was her 15th Birthday celebration. Her entire family is singing to her. It's next level, dangerous idiocy.

No. 565851

They look like straight up Hillbillies.

No. 565886

She supposedly took a 23andMe test but the results got messed up so she never posted them. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't get a hundred percent European so she didn't want to show it. Her Instagram @Virginiangoddess bio says "german heritage" like… yeah you win millions of other white people plus if you're American you're not just one thing lol so why I only mention the one?

No. 565890

*You with millions of other white people.

It's funny that she's so caught up on being German when she's most likely largely mixed.

No. 566096

But anon she is so much German.
Why can't she get over the fact that she is just a white american?

No. 566307

Oh wow the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 566317

as a 3rd generation immigrant on both sides i hate when people pull this shit. come back when both sets of grandparents are from their home countries.

No. 566320

Imo Paquin has a charm and cuteness that this broad does not in any degree

No. 566322

How is hazel not brown and equal to dark green? She's beyond stupid.

No. 566370

Right and green eyes don't look brown hahaha, I don't understand why she would make a lie that bold.

No. 566374

File: 1524765775744.jpg (2.22 MB, 1701x2335, 20180426_130224.jpg)

Honestly this is cringy

No. 566377

File: 1524765999350.jpg (2.71 MB, 3024x1847, 20180426_130619.jpg)

We can tell.

No. 566394

Ignoring the cringe, dark hair actually suits her nice. Unlike the yellow mess and tacky blue lenses she has now.

No. 566481

File: 1524774171260.jpg (171.83 KB, 1123x637, stellkek.jpg)

Kek she deleted a pic where she's with a black girl from her instagram.

It's more than cringy, it's retarded.

No. 567339

She blocked me on Instagram because in one of her old posts when she had brown hair she had it in flowers and I said she looked very pretty, almost Latina (She also didn't overexpose the picture lol). I got BLOCKED for saying she looked Latina!!!

No. 567479

Omg I'm SO GLAD someone made this. I get she's only 16 but when she's older she will regret basically coming off as a racist on social media.

No. 567504

>That shilling of an Adolf Hitler documentary

No. 567544

Why would she regret it? She has a harem of thirsty men to choose from and live as a housewife forever. She is set.
It's not like she's going to be a career woman or anything. I'd say coming out as a racist probably did more good for her than bad.

No. 567556

It's funny because stell has said she's seen the documentary called greatest story never told. It's something Nazis like to use as a way to ease into the movement

No. 567561

File: 1524873611800.jpg (940.09 KB, 1079x1577, Screenshot_20180427-185932.jpg)

So much for her recent video on modest and shaming other women

No. 567564

how the hell did this woman get exposure in the first place
she looks like every other pinup/burlesque rockabilly chick out there except politicized?

No. 567578

Every documentary takes a side. This one was sympathetic to Hitler and the National socialists. I don't think it's a bad documentary in itself.

No. 567582

File: 1524876042826.png (44.17 KB, 661x705, la creatura de amarillo.png)

No. 567609

Absolute perfection

No. 567627


Yeah every documentary “takes a side,” and it’s usually good to take the side against literal Nazis. A doc on the side of Nazis isn’t a good doc. Are you being serious, anon?

No. 567662

These trad attention whores have standards as high as the rest of us, she isn't going to settle for one of her beta orbiters. She's going to keep holding out for a perfect guy and she'll be lucky to find one.

Plus she's only 16, she could very well grow out of this shit.

No. 567665

Oh it's not good because of the message anon, but that doesn't disqualify it from being good in the sense it is well put together and has good cinematography.

Example: Birth of a Nation (the 1918 KKK movie) was horrible because it was promoting a racial terrorist group, but pretty much all critics and film scholars admit that it was a technical masterpiece compared to other contemporary films.

No. 567739

Realistically, the type of idiot man to fall for this skin deep tradthot aesthetic might dump her for another woman after she hits the wall and then it will be harder to get another. What’s with this take anyway, you a tradthot in denial lol.

No. 567740


She seems to think that acting like any other attention whore on the internet but in retro clothing = trad.

She doesn't seem to do tutorials on cooking or sewing or anything in that vein, just styling videos and opinion videos.
Surely she should keep her mouth shut and let the men do the talking if she wants to be a submissive pure 50s housewife uwu

No. 567848

So till she's 30 at best. Then daddy dumps her for a submissive Filipina bride.

No. 567923

You know the Germans had reasons to do what they did. They aren't cartoon villains. Americans and the soviets committed the same kind of atrocities and people don't seem to care.
Sage for unrelated.

No. 567928

How is that different from any other man, though? To me she just casted a wider net with her internet persona.

No. 568259

File: 1524946863856.jpg (240.16 KB, 712x784, Screenshot_20180428-211925.jpg)

Taken from her other instagram

No. 568272

This girl hates herself so bad. She looks Latina/Spanish and not the German white girl she wants to be and she needs to learn to love herself.

No. 568307

File: 1524949352440.jpg (122.76 KB, 800x960, bb8fc0b1fd83ef0f6016987681733a…)

>She has a harem of thirsty men to choose from
Yeah, but these are mostly mentally ill, angry men who have little going for them in life, not rich, handsome suitors.
Who wants a harem of these fuckers? She'll be lucky if she doesn't end up doxxed and harassed by either her own unhinged fanboys, or by an internet vigilante who will put her online racism on blast in real life, potentially causing problems with colleges and employment options (though I guess a woman getting education and working isn't very trad, so maybe she's given up on those things).
More likely, though, she may end up like that Evalion girl and her life will tarnish on its own: She'll get fat, pregnant and be forgotten (as per the typical "country girl" lifestyle).

No. 568400

>too masculine in the way one has to think for it

She's giving away the fact that she's critical and that requires reflection. So she's selectively capable of cognitive functions? That won't work out so well when she happens to disagree with a man after promising blind obedience. She certainly has some twisted ideas about life but she's bad at playing dumb.

No. 568624

>science is manly
>understanding how organisms function is manly
>understanding the very earth we inhabit is manly
>learning about female organs would be considered manly to her

Since when is science gendered at all? It's super broad and I bet the gender divide in chemistry is not very severe, or biology, not like the divide in like aerospace engineering or something.
She's literally just trying to act like a sterotypical 50s woman. She's playing a role.

No. 568633

I was just thinking of Evalion, she's gonna end up just like her.
Having a bunch of mentally ill freaks jerking off to you is not something to be happy about. It's actually pitiable.

No. 568724

File: 1524970598572.jpeg (338.53 KB, 549x659, 43A19E25-04E1-40DB-ADA2-78BCFC…)


No. 568727

Seriously this girl is a child, going though an awful phase. We all go through phases. I think she’s awful right now too, but so obviously misguided, young and unsure. She’ll probably ditch the act by 17. Y’all can be so harsh

No. 568731

At 16 I was old enough to know that Nazis are bad. Going through a neo Nazi phase doesn't deserve a "oh she's young it's just a phase she'll grow out of it."
A harmless teen phase is being emo. She's old enough to know better than this disgraceful shit.

No. 568734

I don't believe for a second that she actually thinks that (or has bothered to think about it in any depth), it sounds too contrived and she contradicts herself by mentioning that she did well on her test. She's just parroting what men say because she wants to impress them.

No. 568749

Agreed, even evalion grew out her nazi stage

It's harmful behavior to be encourage but I hate how many white girls are going throw a racist stage nowadays

No. 568765

I mean, realistically a lot of people are in a permanent state of being somewhat racist. But being passionate about it as an ideology is a stage white men are currently going through, and white women are pandering to them. It's depressing but I don't see it much differently to whatever other shit girls do on social media to get men's attention. Only self esteem can cure it.

No. 568778

Maybe it’s because nowadays being born white is treated like some sort of atrocity. And god forbid you don’t hate all white people and try to pretend you’re not white. I think it makes sense that people are acting this way now. You can’t just reverse racism and expect people to just take the abuse because we’re “oh so sorry we’re white and our ancestors were awful, we are so sorry we hate our race” I mean c’mom. It makes sense.

No. 568779

File: 1524973882603.png (934.49 KB, 800x861, DnD.png)

somewhat OT but you inspired me to make this anon

No. 568839

There's a pretty clear line between "I don't hate myself for being white" and "Diversity = white genocide. Hitler wasn't even a bad guy btw, the jews are evil!!!1". I think all non-autistic white and non-white people realize this.
Also, being that sort of person only justifies SJWs' shit, it makes you just as bad as them (arguably worse because you end up being an actual genocide apologist), and makes all white people look bad at the exact same time. Not very bright.

No. 568841

It's beautiful, holy fuck

No. 569056

They're friends so probably

No. 569128

Nayrt but it's not unreasonable a child would lash out against anti-white discrimination and hate by just being a total racist. Not all people immediately jump to the reserved, "rational" conclusion, especially teenagers.
It's not suprising that white people are becoming more openly racist as society becomes more openly anti-white.
Stell and thousands of others like her are a product of the times. They don't exist for no reason. Stell herself is pretty milky but her sentiment isn't completely off the mark.

No. 569179

If her sentiment isn't off the mark, then neither are Tumblr SJWs. They're feeding each other and pointing fingers at the other yelling "They started it!!". Both schools of thought are hateful cancer born from victim complexes, the only difference being who you may personally relate to more (a very subjective, personal thing). Most SJWs have also personally experienced racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc in their lives, and the current hostility in society is a very direct backlash against that, but that doesn't make their rhetoric acceptable, it just exacerbates relations between groups. The same applies here.

No. 569424

Society is becoming fragmented and polarized. Evidently diversity is not a strength. The American "experiment" has failed, honestly. All of these extremist groups are an expression of it, among other things.

No. 569469

Calm down, holy shit.(derailing)

No. 569618

lol give me a break.(derailing)

No. 569774

You've either slithered too far out of the "gender critical" threads, or you're uneducated.
Either way, that's no one's problem but your own (and can easily be solved with Google), and OT anyway. Have a good one.(derailing)

No. 569776

>children and mentally deranged (wo)manchildren screeching on the internet means the American "experiment" has FAILED, diversity is NOT A STRENGTH
I think you're taking it a little too far there, bucko lmao

No. 569890

I was being pretty dramatic but it's dumb to think that radicalization problems are just focused on anti-sjws and sjws. There was a whole post-modern cultural shift that happened in the west.

This is not like a play-fight between children. The multicult left and has been a thing for almost 100 years, and have been changing society for a long ass time. It's not like anti-sj and sjws were born in a vacuum.(derailing)

No. 569896

'Transphobia' is literal fucking nonsense and could only logically refer to sane people not indulging their delusions. The legit discrimination and hate they experience is just a mix of homophobia and misogyny. Straight dudes don't beat up guys in dresses because they're dirty terfs who reject their gender identity, it's because they hate fags.(derailing)

No. 569956

cancer like this shitting up every thread is why we need to purge the terfs(derailing)

No. 569962

Save it for the gender critical thread, gross mutant abomination.(derailing)

No. 569968

File: 1525086314360.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.88 KB, 500x375, you.jpg)

get back in your hugbox, freak(derailing)

No. 569985

nobody else gets away with this much derailing, and it leaks into almost every thread on /snow/. you can have your opinions on your own like a normal fucking person, instead of dragging them into threads about pathetic people that don't even talk about this shit.

No. 572223

Anyone follow her 3 instagrams?

No. 572369

handles please

No. 572580

Virginiangoddess is her main,
Stellavonplaten and yourcherrybaby are her sides

No. 572585

Her still being a teenager and acting this cringy obviously shows she is going through an embarrassing phase.

What's sad though is that adult men love this shit and encourage her this is "the right way" - meaning she will have a hard time getting out of it.

No. 572590

File: 1525346746277.png (181.08 KB, 463x442, 1496518145291.png)

As a real German I can confirm, looks pretty Jewish to me… kek

No. 572597

Looks like Emma Watson's retarded sister.

No. 572686

Maybe that's why she won't share her DNA test. She said she took one and said they didn't send it out but I bet she wasn't as German as she wanted to be… or she's not 100% white. Heaven forbid.

No. 572793

File: 1525371470283.jpg (88.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I waited for this thread for so long, I had enough seeing this trad thot bait middle aged /pol/ wankers. Hypocrite and the face of a troll, her ugly insecurity comes up as often as her not so dirty blonde but brown rootage, if you pay a little more attention you can see and hear the fakery coming through her baby teeth. She's like a girl version of the beta nazi larper. She gives the usual sob story about being different and an outcast because tHe eViL fEmInIsTs dEgEnErAtEs bUlLy mEh

No. 572818

kek her facial features look melungeon. i bet her backwoods family is. where is she from in the US?

No. 572853

I think she was born and raised in Virginia. Her dad was a drunk I'm pretty sure, she said he wasn't in her life much. All of her sisters (2 or 3 girls) have different fathers.

No. 572875

Lol she does not look anything like a typical latina - not even like a white latina. She looks like your typical white Southern US resident with a slightly inbred twist, could possibly even have Jewish ancestry or something like that.
It's sad that she's probably spitting on her heritage by pretending to be full German but don't get carried away.

No. 573053

It was more because of her makeup and the way she did her hair. She deleted the picture and all of the comments though.

No. 573096

File: 1525390265924.png (28.05 KB, 683x217, anglo saxon goddess.PNG)

She frequently mentions how she's from Appalachia so lmao you're probably right. No wonder she wears blue eye contacts and puts her ~German heritage~ in her Instagram bio.

No. 573920

File: 1525473613966.jpg (506.25 KB, 1080x1303, Screenshot_20180504-173916_Ins…)

I'm sure she thinks she looks like a nazi Germany propaganda poster, but she really looks like Anne Frank

No. 574113

File: 1525491397230.jpg (658.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180504-223632_Ins…)

She knows

No. 574120

>that leg hair

No. 574122

She needs to stop lurking and get married or whatever her life goals intend

No. 574124

I can't take screens but on her insta story she took pics of left leaning political books and then pics of The Diary of Anne Frank and Night by Elie Wiesel….Hmmm seems like the nazi is self conscious about the fact she looks like the most jewy jew girl that ever jewed not even her whole blonde hair shtick helped

No. 574126

she doesn't even deny that she'll be scared about not being 100% European kek just stfu and pump out some babies I thought women were supposed to be seen not heard

No. 574141

I think that's just part of the hay that didn't get blurred

No. 574155

File: 1525495918035.jpg (517.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180504-235147_Ins…)

So she obviously hates this

No. 574156

File: 1525495939960.jpg (771 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180504-235133_Ins…)

Does that mean she hates this too??? On the same story

No. 574202

Thats what I was thinking here >>574124 because the only books she posted beforehand were left leaning political books or books on diversity so its safe to say she hopped onto the neo-nazi inbred bandwagon to compensate for her new darker hair making it even more obvious she probs has jewish heritage

No. 574203

she's just posting shit that'll make the 50+ year old racist dudes that follow her cream their pants

No. 574263

File: 1525511249999.jpg (566.38 KB, 1200x1783, 3f5dcc157aa3b53497dccb0a386956…)

If she's really such a traditional, german 16-year-old, then why is she dressed like a divorced american housewive in the 50s?
That's something those "Germaboos" don't get, but back then a girl her age wouldn't have been slathered in makeup and would have never been allowed to even think of dating are marriage yet lol

No. 574277

She reminds me of Brittany Murphy, which is mostly southern european.

No. 574363

File: 1525531058904.jpg (473.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180505-093702_Ins…)

I'm about 70% german but I don't brag about it or consider myself a german because just like her, I'm American:)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 574369

File: 1525531464226.jpg (517.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180505-094303_Ins…)

"Laughing at you" means she won something, is she saying "Haha I'm not Jewish" like… it's a bad thing? I'm also certain a lot of her skinhead followers are disappointed she's like 2% African and native American haha

No. 574373

Doesn't matter much when you still look like a kike gypsy cross. RIP.

No. 574374

I-im 40% german! I totally look like it, too! Just look at my black hair and eyes. I'm Hitler's ideal!

No. 574378

She is so much German but does she know anything about Germany? Does she speak German or knows anything about its traditions and culture?

No. 574391

Anon she knows they were the master race that's all she need to know, oh and that the holocaust didn't happen but it totally should have

No. 574424

She looks like Communismkills

No. 574431

She's a redneck Appalachian thot, I'd be impressed if she could even point to Germany on a map. The only German culture she knows about is looking at pictures of "sexy" Nazis on Pinterest.

No. 574453

with even darker features

No. 574460

As a cough-cough gypper myself she has a lot of similar features as my family members (close and distant) because they range from really dark skin to really light skin so even if she's not one she looks exactly like one lmao she was really sweating over not being German when that doesn't even matter when all she looks like is a professional Anne Frank impersonator

No. 574493

I bet she freaked out over that little drop of African, haha I would have liked to see her reaction to that

No. 574562

Holy shit she has an Evola quote in her bio. Is she going full nazi?

No. 574578

Her new video is gold lmao

>I'm predominately german!

>test literally says she's more British

Larp larp larp

No. 574592

File: 1525552916506.jpeg (83.27 KB, 640x420, ABC2739E-7C16-42B3-AC95-39EDBE…)


The test doesn’t seem to distinguish between French and German. So why is she just claiming German? Also, idk how that test works but you can be British/French/German and also Jewish. Does she not know there were Jewish Germans? It was kinda a big deal and caused a whole war situation. Many Jewish people fled Europe to America because of that whole World fucking War situation. So it would make a lot of sense that she’s descended from European Jews considering her test result, birth country, and looks. She also could have no Jewish ancestors but that’s less fun.
All this proved is that she’s an idiot.

No. 574613

German Jews are their own ethnic group (Askhenazi Jews) and are ethically different from other Germans.

No. 574618

But does the test account for that?

No. 574620

Yes the test has markers for both Ashkenazi Jewish and Sephardic Jewish.

No. 574629

The tests aren’t verified and their accuracy is dubious
>the companies selling these services—and there are close to 40 of them—don’t share their data, and their methods are not validated by an independent group of scientists and there are not agreed-upon standards of accuracy.

>Each company offering these services uses its own proprietary database of DNA samples called ancestry informative markers (AIMs) from current populations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

They might have markers for them but there’s no way of knowing how accurate they are.


>"would be most accurate at the level of continental origins, and as you go to higher and higher resolution, they would become less and less accurate."

They’re only really useful for giving broad geography, not ethnic groups or specifics

>The 23andMe reports results with a 50 percent confidence interval — they're 50 percent sure their geographic placement is correct.

>Let's say a piece of your DNA looks most like British and Irish but it also looks a little bit like French-German. Based on some statistical measures, we'd decide whether to call that as British-Irish or French-German, or maybe we go up one level and call it northwestern European.


Her taking the test does not prove she isn’t of Jewish descent.

No. 574630

Why is their a sudden influx of Germaboos (is that even a word)? Nobody outside of the US cares about those tests, she's still American.

No. 574678

Honestly she looks way better with her natural dark features. That awful bottle blonde color clashes with her skin tone.

No. 574688

Stop lurking and back to the kitchen woman. Such traditional women shouldn't waste their times away from pleasing their husbands and tending kids. Clocks ticking, time to get married fast before you end up as old maid.

No. 574697

>40.6% British & Irish
>I'm totes German guise!!
Lmao she's a European mutt just like most other white people in America. The fact that she jerks off her German "heritage" this much is laughable.

No. 574729

I mean, you're right but I don't think the milk here is whether she's jewish or not. It's that she's desperate to not be jewish and bases her identity and self esteem on being german, it's weird as fuck.

No. 574730

Isnt it against the rules to discuss minors?

No. 574754

no. read the rules. only 16 and under is disallowed and obviously her real name isn’t stell bell.

No. 574824

Stellbell had made a video with Evallion (the racist nazi girl)The video I think has been deleted.

No. 574830

uhhhh it shows on the map african, middle eastern and asian, she just cropped out that latter portion of the test

w-white pride?

No. 575003

She looks exactly like Anne Frank with this new hair. How ironic.

No. 575456

File: 1525652736320.png (335.09 KB, 1600x759, jews.png)

Hi, I'm a bit of an anthropology/genetics geek. Ashkenazi Jews, while a german speaking group, are genetically closer to South Europeans and Near Easterners than to Northern/Western Europeans. Therefore Jewish ancestry will not come out as German in a genetic test.

However, like >>574629 said, these tests are not always super accurate, therefore minor Jewish ancestry can come out as "South European" on such a test, but at 80+% Northern/Western Euro ancestry and no Ashkenazi identifier she can't have significant Jewish ancestry.

No. 575814

Pretty much this, if you're European you're bound to be some form of jewish even if in small amounts, there's Jews everywhere in the continent even the Balkans and the Baltic states to Nordic countries like Finland, this seems obvious to me due to them fleeing country to country during occupation, similarly how many Baltic countries have high concentrations of Russians due to the occupation during Soviet era.

This girl would be forgivable since she is a zygote in age but she should be fucking old enough to know that it's wrong to advocate the murder of 2 million humans based on their race.

We're all mutts. Its just not realistic to argue retarded pol tier racial purity when race mixing has turned race into what your most dominant phenotypes are.

I'm assuming these commercial genetic tests like 23 and me analyse ncRNAs from mtDNA from matrinal line or y chromosome DNA from paternal of a cheek sample.
I've done some in second year genetics class they give you haplotypes from associated haplogroups which are sets of genes common to a geographic population.

They're hardly bullet proof evidence of "racial composition" and in my experience only a moron would take them seriously, they're used to demonstrate how SNPs work in genetics classes and that should be it none of this racial supremacy shit. If idiots want to make videos about them on YT it's cool but no eugenics shit plz.

Also I'm not surprised she has high English/Irish considering she's amerimut not german, and the English and Irish are a large part of colonial history to the U.S.

No. 577131

I need her to do a collab video with Evalion or Richard Spencer or something lmao, I need that milk in my life.
Talk about nazis pls Stella I know you're reading this

No. 577166

Jews are a rather endogamous culture/ethnicity and if I remember correctly it's much more likely for gentiles to marry into a Jewish family and convert than the other way around. Many people I know of diverse ancestries have done 23andme and the only ones with Ashkenazi and Sephardic ancestry are the literal Jews. Due to the cultural isolation these groups seemingly did diverge genetically enough that they can be easily traced through ancestry informative markers.
The rest of Europe I don't trust as much, German & French seems a bit arbitrary.

No. 577372

Wait, why'd this anon get banned farmhand? Usually wouldn't ask this shit but I'm genuinely confused.

No. 577409

Didn't this little hoe use a 30 year old man to make her channel popular?

No. 577432

Who?? She used to be flirty with styx but I don't have the screencaps

No. 577543

Provide some details

No. 577685

Didn't she get in trouble for using/dating some guy into politics on YouTube? She even made a video about how it wasn't true but there is plenty of evidence that proves she's a liar.

No. 577893

He commented on literally all of her videos (since deleted) and they would comment on each others facebooks. He's styxhexenhammer666 and he's commented on some other underaged girls YouTube stuff. He seems to do that a lot. I'll snoop for some screencaps if I can.
A little milk on styx- his Mexican wife divorced him for a greencard and his fans make jokes about his dick being 10 inches, which they've made on stell bells videos

No. 577912

I just looked that guy up. Jesus fucking Christ, is he hideous. She must have REALLY wanted YouTube fame to flirt with that gargoyle.

No. 577939

File: 1525926929957.jpg (163.3 KB, 887x687, styx.jpg)

I gotchu, bb.

No. 577952

File: 1525928535970.png (Spoiler Image, 135.09 KB, 886x1488, Untitled.png)

Archives with Stell Bell caps: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/115301910/

this dude's a fucking creep. jfc.

No. 577975

any others?

No. 577976

File: 1525930265817.png (892.41 KB, 813x678, osoWMVt[1].png)


No. 578008

File: 1525935882660.png (863.57 KB, 956x666, 89F18A4C-5C5A-46E0-9FC8-42360E…)

Of course this guy flirts with teenagers. Even without proof, I’d have believed it

No. 578151

It'd be creepy if she didn't look like a 30+ year old… But she honestly looks older than he does.

No. 578161

File: 1525968149527.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.74 KB, 450x600, 1487118666464.jpg)

Jesus, that thread. This man is a rat/human hybrid.
Imagine this spouting "14/88" at you and going on about how the "lesser races" must be fought off and exterminated.

No. 578214


Seriously… I'm not trying to be a bitch, especially since she's a kid, but damn. I honestly thought people were just joking when the said she was 16. She looks like she's pushing 30.

No. 578292

Plot twist: what if she is actually a Jew with a Nazi fetish who is turned on by the idea of being dominated by an SS officer? Like, in addition to having secret Jewish ancestry that
she is ashamed of and tries to hide, she also has a kink for being sexually exploited by Nazis.. Nazisploitation was big in the 60s and 70s, and the fetish isn't non-existant among Jews, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's into that crap.

No. 579317

File: 1526046956388.jpg (563.43 KB, 1076x1398, Screenshot_20180510-214316_Ins…)

I love to see the kinds of pictures she likes, she's so thirsty

No. 579367

File: 1526052815761.jpg (504.39 KB, 1219x1080, Screenshot_20180511-103223_You…)


Her accent is so inconsistent, obviously she's exaggerating it here. It's literally Amberlynn Reid tier

No. 579390

Jesus fucking christ she’s only 16, this whole thread is fucked. At least it’s not tied to her real name

No. 579431

Lmfao! I can't decide what's worse, her exaggerated, horrible accent or that bright red lipstick that looks awful on her skin tone.

No. 579731

You know, for someone claiming to hate promiscuity and glamorizing being a virgin and "pure", she sure wants the attention of a lot of dudes and seems thirsty as hell.

I bet you $100 she's not even a virgin lmao.

No. 580191

Jesus Christ this spoiler needs a spoiler.

No. 580845

File: 1526171857073.jpg (10.38 KB, 206x245, images-2.jpg)

The first time I saw this chick I literally thought she was in her mid to late 20s.

The fact that she's an uggo and has dark hair/skin doesn't prove she isn't german, in fact to me it's the best proof she is German as most Germans have heavy masculine features irregardless of gender and a very large sector have dark hair and olive skin. The pic on the right was a popular german band in the 80s, the one who looks turkish is 100% german and I've seen other germans who look like that.

No. 581311

File: 1526225941165.gif (3.32 KB, 452x523, 1504041338502.gif)

>most Germans have heavy masculine features irregardless of gender and a very large sector have dark hair and olive skin
Yeah, right… lol

No. 581446

I think they're confusing someone being german by nationality with people who are ethnically german. Sure they don't all have blonde hair and blue eyes but they don't have features like they described lol

No. 582027

File: 1526264208908.jpg (55.87 KB, 761x912, Screenshot_20180513-210801_Ins…)

The queen of natural beauty and clown makeup and dyed hair is going to do a review of an all natural foundation she didn't like. It's funny to me how she advocates for natural skincare but slather her face in makeup.
I saw her recommend her foundation (some physicians formula stuff, they usually have terrible shade range) to a fan and the lightest shade was rather dark for pale skin. That was humorous to me since she brags about being snow white and how she has to maintain her "vampire skin". She really just overexposes her videos and wears black. She's fair sure, but there are plenty of people paler than her that would look like trump if they wore her foundation color. Muh pale princess and queen of natural beauty

No. 582643

File: 1526319343378.jpg (83.94 KB, 459x604, IMG_9262.JPG)


The debate is if she has german heritage, not german nationality.

And yes german people are overally masculine with large features by global standards, actually go there and look around you.

No. 582647

Fuck off with your hateboner for germans, nobody cares, it's not part of the discussion

No. 582760

god damn i hate people like this, acting like they have some sort of claim to europe because their last name is fucking schneider or something

if she were to set foot in germany she'd be treated the same way a black american would - like a tourist

No. 582763

Yeah until she hits 30 and her husband dumps her for someone younger, traditional girls are delusional if they think parroting back alt-right catchphrases will help them in the long run

No. 582785

Are you the same anon from the Dasha thread that kept saying central Europe was cultural insignificant? Because kek dude

I really hope in some years she will have her shit together and not start posting her pussy on the internet for 4chan losers.
That seems to be the way most of these edgy teenagers end up nowadays sadly

No. 582850

File: 1526334896699.jpg (708.85 KB, 1080x1272, Screenshot_20180514-165411_Ins…)

Her skin isnt very pale when she doesn't filter and expose the shit out of it. Also she has natural concealer lips lmao

No. 583164

File: 1526351746157.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.59 KB, 250x250, helen_thomas_thumb_250x250.jpg)

When I see her like this, all I can think of is Helen Thomas (pic related)

The aesthetic she's trying to pull off is sultry-but-modest '50s housewife meets Nat-Soc Aryan milkmaid, but it's not working at all. Not with those hoops and that dye job. (And concealer lips? Wtf is it 2007??) She looks more like some trailer trash chick you'd see at Walmart at 11pm grabbing mountain dew for her kids. If she truly wants to channel her values and favorite time periods, she really needs to improve her look. Otherwise she just looks backwoods as hell. (And alt-right dudebros will probably complain she looks like she fucks black guys.)

No. 584372


Seriously, who dyes her hair? They do a really bad job if you can always see the roots.

Also, with the hoops and makeup, she definately looks Latina.

No. 584459

File: 1526442145033.jpg (462.75 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20180515-224108_Ins…)

More thirst.
Also, anyone else hate when girls call themselves goddesses? So cocky.

No. 584515

Says in a video: I'm really shy and insecure.
Also her: has goddess as a username "Everyone who isn't trad like I am should be judged"

No. 585281

Maybe despite her ideal of wanting to be a Nordic Aryan milkmaid princess, she also wants to pass as being a little more exotic. Which would make sense since a lot of alt-right white guys wife Latina and Asian chicks to spite white women for being ~*FeMinAZI rOAstie WHOres. And, you know, her purpose in life is to end up barefoot and pregnant by one of these guys, so she needs to make sure she can appeal to all of their tastes ;)

No. 585914

Look at those bumpy jew nose! Although there's a girl I know who is germanic (I think she is norweigan descent?) and she looks like a jew or a goblin. If this girl is serious that she's germanic, I can believe her although she has unfortunate genetics and doesn't look like a typical aryan woman like she would want to be.

No. 586139

She's mostly british so that could be why she doesn't look like a ww2 propaganda poster.
She looks like the kind of person they would want to breed out lmao, short and swarthy (it only offends her because she's kissing nazi ass)

No. 587903


That's Goldenone, a altright/fitness youtuber from sweden. He should have this own thread, he constantly feuds with other youtubers and keeps trying to find a middle ground between altright politics and swedish feminism. Also his weird roman colosseum LARP

No. 587919

File: 1526686949730.jpg (56.98 KB, 1080x246, Screenshot_20180518-183910_Ins…)

>its in my feminine nature!
>that's why I need instructions on how to be a submissive wife
>so what if half the tips are about sex? It's totally run by a submissive trad waifu just like me!

No. 588786

File: 1526771190844.jpg (83.78 KB, 435x325, Screenshot_20180519-180556_Ins…)

>my eyes aren't brown!

No. 591485

File: 1527033919498.jpg (447.64 KB, 1080x1989, Screenshot_20180522-190330_You…)

New video
>says american culture isn't blend of different cultures
>when describing american culture can only name hamburgers (not kidding)
>fakes a heavy southern accent despite being from Virginia

I hate her fake accent so much. She's not from the deep south and Virginians (even the rural ones) dont have her amberlynn reid tier accent

No. 591525

You can find hicks in Virginia but you have to go FAR west. I’m pretty sure she’s from around Elkton. It is about 20 minutes east of JMU and an hour north of UVA. It’s by no means rural enough to warrant her accent.

No. 591549

Especially since her accent is so inconsistent

No. 593252

"tropical tan look"

Is this her way of saying exotic while still appeasing her Nazi fanboys?

"new glowly bronzed skin"
I thought she was so proud of being pale and having super white skin?

No. 593583

Maybe she heard people calling her out on overexposing every video and figured she might as well fess up to not being a pale princess uwu

No. 593587

The number one thing that bothers me about her is her teeth. Anyone on the same boat? It's so easy to fix gaps like that and it looks so awful and distracting.

No. 593591

I think little gaps can be cute but Stell Bell's is strange and off putting. I think it might be due to her giant mouth and odd lipstick color choices.

No. 593594

agree but i cant really blame her since shes underage and its her parents fault if they didnt elect to get her braces

the lipstick really does not do her any favors

No. 593889

File: 1527284450418.jpg (198.96 KB, 1080x2069, Screenshot_20180525-163836_Ins…)

How can someone be so self absorbed when they look like this?

No. 593913

File: 1527285133386.png (298.85 KB, 353x359, gs.png)

She looks so much like Gaston.

No. 594029

That trailer trash aesthetic though.

No. 594031

Actually, she said either on a post or in a video that her family gave her the option of getting her teeth fixed, and she chose not to.

No. 594043

File: 1527295550172.jpg (183.59 KB, 578x749, Screenshot_20180525-194330_Ins…)

Ay shure am a pritty lil southern belle! Whyte folks need not mess with them there color'ds. Shure am glad I aym 100% pure german. I aym the pure embodiment of femininity yall

No. 594083

>>578161 is that nuxed?

No. 594097

FUCKING CHRIST she looks like she's 30-40. By the time she is actually around that age group, she'll look like someone's great grandma.

No. 594196

She’s probably lying to cover up how white trash she is. She needs to save all the betabux she gets and fix her teeth. I don’t think she’s that bad looking it’s the horrendous teeth making her look so haggard.

No. 594230

she has the most unfortunate nose shape. it’s so bottom heavy. poor thing is going to age so quickly with her features.

No. 596207

I agree, I wonder if she's lying about her age

No. 596384

File: 1527562476571.jpg (1021.32 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_20180528-215344_Ins…)

She looks like a 30 year old single mother who yells at her kids when they misbehave in Walmart

No. 596465

kek she looks like a single mom shopping for a new dad for her kids at their football game. The kids are named Brantley and Weston. When she's done, she's dropping the kids off at her mama's house and going to Chili's for 'ritas.

No. 596471

File: 1527572085921.jpg (11.13 KB, 168x299, download.jpg)

Jeans, a tank top, a ponytail, and a hat never fail to make any girl look like the watermelon rapping lady. The perfect inbred hick combo.

No. 596482

File: 1527573918659.jpeg (92.59 KB, 640x649, C334D0CB-75CC-43BD-8E6A-4848F2…)

epic sh00p skillz. look to the left of her also where she fucked up and accidentally liquified the tree in a perfect circle.

No. 596720


No. 596965

File: 1527623173988.png (223.44 KB, 522x369, stell.png)

I guess her tiny woman brain is too stupid to learn how to shoop herself lmao

No. 597460

those sad floppy bra-less tits

much trad such modest wow

No. 597646

that's not her

No. 597655

File: 1527697463123.jpg (344.03 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20180530-112349_Ins…)

She posted this haha

No. 597675

hahaha whoops someone's angry

i don't know why she posted this, most of the men she panders to hate women who touch up their photos (or even wear too much makeup) because it's "false advertising"

No. 598226

on one hand, been waiting for this thread for like over a year. otoh, you guys are sort of relentless. she's a teen. she probably has some trauma.

she probably reads this. i've tried as a woman who's gone thru similar shit to help and she doesn't want to hear it. she'll learn her lesson.

No. 600160

No. 600162

File: 1527958269266.jpg (506.63 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20180602-114944_Sam…)

The New York Times has identified her pandering to neo nazis. What a good look.

No. 600164


Her video title mentioned in the article

No. 600165

File: 1527958587263.jpg (846.99 KB, 1078x1749, Screenshot_20180602-115507_Ins…)

Who the fuck cares that she's nearly (not even) fully European.
Big deal. Her side profile has a huge nose, not anything to brag about.
Is she trying to hint to her white obsessed fans that just because she's swarthy and dark doesn't mean she isn't white? She had a blonde hair blue eye complex for a while

No. 600214

>tan Europeans don't exist

No. 600219

Y'all gotta stop saying she looks Latina because she's starting to believe it. Lmao. This is insulting to us.

No. 600272

This. Stell Bell looks like a wonky old english guy.

No. 600281

Why is she THIS obsessed with her race/heritage? It doesn't even seem racist in this one since she's so happy about looking Latina. It's just weird to be this fixated.

No. 600322

I tried to watch this video and sweet lord this girl has an iq of a hamster

With all the praise from creepy ass 'redpillers' I'm not surprised she panders to the right. I wonder how long her Lana Del Rey/Marilyn Monroe RP will last

No. 600325

Lol, she does looks more Latina than German though.

I don't think she's really happy, more like 'See guys, I don't care what you think at all, I totez don't have a problem with being mistaken for a Latina!1!1'

No. 600747

>very European profile
What does this even mean?

No. 601338

She's so obsessed with appearance but she sounds like every other American who's like "I'm totally german guys", without realizing how dumb that sounds.
She's a euroboo

No. 601382

She's just a teen, and I don't understand what's so bad about her. It's not like she's hating or Jews or anything. I feel bad for her after reading this thread, knowing that she's reading all of this as well.(whiteknighting)

No. 601409

She perpetuates harmful misogynistic ideas of womanhood. She has a video literally titled
>reasons I like the patriarchy
Her mom makes weird comments like
>you made a big transition from black to white
While talking about her hair color and giggling, as though black and white is a punchline.
She’s symbolic, too, of bizarre white and European-obsessed Americans upholding outdated and idiotic ideas on YouTube. The fake accent and bad styling just make it palatable and not straight up depressing.

No. 601577


No. 601578

This is like Vicky Shingles:europa edition

No. 601587

She's an annoying trad thot. Reminds me of Lauren Southern who desperately clings onto her 12% danish heritage and dyes her hair blonde, just to appear more ''northern'', kek. They're some of the most self-hating women I've ever seen and they can stay where they came from. We don't need them here in Europe.

No. 601714

We need a second Lauren southern thread

No. 602092

Part of her is probably happy that she looks somewhat Latina because she probably reads /pol/ and a lot of other alt-right outlets, and has noticed that a lot of white men aren't dating their own women in favor of Asian or Latin chicks because "hurrr durr they are more virginal and domesticated". Thus it's another tool to make herself more appealing to her future alt-right husbando.

A lot of people in this thread are saying we shouldn't be so hard on her because she is just a teenager, and I kind of agree to some extent… She is entitled to her beliefs, I also think her '50s housewife larping is a phase that will wear off. But she needs to be aware of the consequences of leaving this footprint of content on the internet at such a young age. And the consequences of using the desire to be a housewife and leech off of her husband's support as a safety net from having to pursue a career.

No. 602355

On her being 16 (basically 17 at this point): yes 16 year old are dumb and immature etc etc, but they're still held responsible for their actions and in turn, their beliefs. It's not a cute phase to go through pandering to the alt right and genuinely racist and sexist anti semetic people, she knows what she's doing.

She said she's not going to college because she's larping as a housewife with no husband or kids. She'll probably just work a low paying job and live at home well into her 20s.

No. 602399

File: 1528212421808.jpg (435.35 KB, 1080x1308, Screenshot_20180605-102552_You…)

She clearly puts on lip liner and eyeshadow and possibly powder but doesn't mention it to seem like she's wearing less makeup, hahaha.
Also that foundation is not pale at all, for someone who brags about her snowy white complexion pale girls would not be able to wear that without being orange

No. 602407


i agree. if people don't call her out on this ridiculous behavior, how is she gonna learn? teenagers are still forming their personalities. but if you hang out in racist places and no one in your life tells you you're being a piece of shit. well, chances are you're gonna get older and think that's okay and normal. even if you get older and realize its all bollocks, what's gonna happen when your employer googles you and founds your name attached to crazy shit like (obvious sarcasm and escalation) you posing in a nazi uniform at 19 or some shit. if your teenage phase is being emo or whatever, that's fine you can grow from it easily. but if your teenage phase is being /pol/'s girl… yeah its not gonna be as easy to distance your self from that shit. this is why we as a society bully horse girls too, its for everyones good

No. 602418

Is her mom a midget?

No. 602422

Hah nah, she's a white mutt just like Lauren Southern. Nobody thinks she looks hispanic.
Does anyone else remember how much Lauren tried to cling to her Scandi-land heritage when she found out she had some Iberian blood?

Nothing wrong with being a white mutt if these American girls would quit acting like it's such a slur. There's nothing surprising about white Americans being mostly from European countries.

No. 602430


Lol generally agree but what's wrong with horse girls, they're a bit weird maybe but usually turn out pretty wholesome and they can actually make a living out of knowing everything about horses (working as a vet, riding instructor, etc.) Can't say the same about spending your teen years online being edgy and ass kissing alt right neets. Probably can't even get a "career" in fast food with that reputation kek.

No. 602539

Tbf, nobody would like being called a 'mutt', anon…

No. 602571

I'm pretty mixed for a white person and idgaf because I'm not insecure about it, and got nothing to prove about being ~pure uwu~ Most Americans are mixed.

No. 602629

What I tried to say was that there are nicer words to call a mixed person other than 'white mutt', nobody would call themselves that, nothing to do with being insecure about what you are.

No. 602637

Aren't Latinas known for being promiscuous?

No. 602881

Girl looks like a vampire in this video and not in a good way, how did she think this was flattering? Hilarious how this video about how she "totally doesn't do anything" to keep her "pale unblemished skin" is still out there while she now claims to love her golden Latina look.

No. 602892

If many white people dyed their hair black, sat in front of a window and overexposed their videos they would look that pale. Even in her old videos she's not that pale. Pure aryan girl uwu

No. 603241

File: 1528283936840.jpg (62.88 KB, 346x504, Ulla_Hitlermadel_PT_1.jpg)

If she actually studied something about "her heritage", she'd know that true Aryans were all about doing sports, working and fighting outside and therefore a healthy glow + red cheeks were sought after, not "look how ugu pale I am" lol

No. 603243

File: 1528284038509.jpg (31.87 KB, 349x480, 2ba67ef8c4038158f53ea8b1d45f9b…)

No. 603299

Maybe she gave up because rather than looking like a young German girl, she looks like an old british man with her giant nose dead eyes and fucked up teeth

No. 603310


This showed up on my youtube feed and it makes me laugh. She is so obviously wearing makeup and the video contrast settings up in this video, yet she tries to convince us that her skin is naturally that white. It's sad that some people in the comments actually believe it.

She also gives terrible skincare advice. She says she is afraid of aging and wants to stay young as long as possible, yet she also says she never uses sunscreen because it can cause cancer. She admits there might be some good sunscreens out there, but she doesn't want to wear it anyway. Listen, if you don't want to age, sun screen is absolutely essential. Sun damage is cumulative so if your goal is anti-aging, the sooner you start using sunscreen every day, the better.

Instead, she wastes her money on a bunch of "brightening" serums, masks, and exfoliates.

No. 603332

Sun screen is essential for any good skincare routine

No. 603422

Her skin is white though, it's just that she has warm undertones and that's where the redness of her face comes from

No. 603427


I like how she's come to defend herself. Or maybe it's one of her beta male orbiters.

Hi, Stell and/or beta male.

No. 603431

And black people never call themselves niggas. Lol come on anon.

No. 603709

Red/pink is cool undertones

No. 604073

The video is gone. She definitely lurks here.

No. 604096

IIRC people with warm undertones tend to tan while cool undertones tend to burn in the sun too. If she's going for the "is the whitest whitey who ever whited" look she's probably better off claiming to be cool undertoned. Though the people I've met in Germany were a mix of both and most weren't Scandinavian levels of white. But I guess it doesn't fit her idea that being white (caucasian) means you must be actually the colour white.
(Also I really don't get this hatred of blood mixing in these people, all of Europe is mixed, just look at their history, conquests, and former borders. Isn't mixed blood a good thing? Because it represents the lush history of Europe?)

No. 604102

>all of Europe is mixed, just look at their history, conquests, and former borders.
Huh? No, actually not at all.

No. 604159

lmfao you wish.

No. 604172


It's possible but for example, my skin is quite red-ish, yet my veins appear to be green

No. 604175


If your not going to provide any evidence to the contrary than your both fucking idiots for denying a pretty obvious fact.

In fact the reason why organ transplants and tissue donations are largely rejected by bodies is because the donor is uduallybmixed blood despite matching a specific blood type.

Your a fucking idiot if you think europeans all live in their own bubbles of countries and never leave them throughout history, Switzerland was home to many Jewish people fleeing persecution which has impacted the gene pool there, Italy was in part founded by Sicilian Greeks that relocated the culture to mainland Italy where Rome was founded. Many Russians still live in the Baltic state countries from the post USSR collapse in the late 90s. The Nordic countries are mixed with different Scandinavian people due to past conscription and war efforts on the half of the country

And yeah the former borders even in a short time span since WWI compared to present
day are a pretty solid example of this heterogeneous mix. I pray to Allah y'all are just ignorant murican.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 604178

If having ancestors from different countries over a 1000 years ago counts as 'mixed', then you're probably right anon, but other than that they're are many Europeans who haven't had a single foreigner (much less a person from a different race) in their blood line for centuries and imo that means you're not mixed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 604182

File: 1528382269392.jpg (24.78 KB, 500x285, what.jpg)

No. 604311

>When in doubt how to respond, simply post a meme!

No. 604382

File: 1528394191406.gif (2.7 MB, 360x182, derailed_by_isthedodge-d4jjx5p…)

No. 604953

she lurks but it was also posted to reddit yesterday so it might have been getting put in the youtube suggestions of people outside her alt right fanbase

No. 606529

do you guys think after she inevitably screws up and /pol/ starts hating her she'll do a 180 and become a sjw?

No. 606539

I'm really hoping for that saga. She was an edgy emo goth before so I wouldnt be surprised if she does a 180 again.

No. 606551

Lmao anon this post: >>600165 was meant for you

>people have brought this to my attention and I have noticed it myself

Yeah….after blocking and baleeting them….

No. 606557

File: 1528604474898.png (122.54 KB, 500x500, teef.png)

Her mouth is keeping the white picket fence dream alive, though

No. 606560

the year is 2018
the 'how come my brother can stay out that late but not me' argument persists
the ones that end up pregnant before the end of highschool are the "See, mija, that's why" butt of the joke

No. 608166

okay. so. i’m a rising senior in high school. she is in my grade at my school, but she is a very young person in my grade, so she is 16. she straight up told me i was contributing to “white genocide” or the “extinction of white people” because i’m dating an asian.

No. 608204

tell her she's contributing to the extinction of white people for being so damn busted that no man would knock her up

No. 608248

I can hear the "yeehaw" through this picture.

No. 608729

I want some more stories and details and just general information pls

No. 608778

are you a guy or a girl? cause if you're a guy with an asian girl she's probably jealous lol

No. 608908

fucking savage

No. 608925

Can you tell us how she's doing in school if you know? I'm partially curious if she's fully playing up the dumb woman act/if the act started up because she's actually a moron with no hope of a future anyways

No. 609169

File: 1528856918638.jpg (413.18 KB, 1080x1132, Screenshot_20180612-212810_You…)

No. 609172

Trad girl been dating since age 14! At least

No. 609173

File: 1528856986558.jpg (370.83 KB, 1080x1114, Screenshot_20180612-212825_You…)

No. 609295

guys how does she look latina? at all? she looks like she's part jewish, not even remotely latina. and yeah, the retarded boys who unironically think latinas are more virginal than white girls are so delusional, i don't think she's buying into that. she clearly wants to look as white as possible. she craves all the pure white she can get.

No. 609365

claiming racist white women would be jealous of an asian.

No. 609655

I feel so bad for her. She won't talk to people (online, at least) whom she doesn't deign as alt right.

Styxhexenhammer (whatever his name is) is also like… such a creep, outside of his Nazism. Remember when she was posting a lot of Lolita pix and stuff and referencing "something" going well in her life? Remember when her parents or whatever discovered her alt right persona?

She's clearly so insecure. Stella, if you're reading this, I know it feels like you're making the right decisions and you've found a niche, but you haven't. You're clearly an intelligent young woman. We're living in a tribal world. This can and will be held against you and getting it erased from the Internet will be nigh impossible - I speak from experience.

<sigh> Don't limit your choices because you feel acceptance now.

No. 609714

Idk it make sense to me. Pretty sure anon meant Stell would be jealous of the guy and the girl because the (white) guy is dating a not white girl instead of fawning over her

No. 609724

you dont need light hair and eyes to be genetically nordic though js

No. 609760

File: 1528921007209.png (450.36 KB, 794x538, a3mmox.png)

But the majority do.

Also, saged for ot, but why are we 'allowed' to have this thread even though she's still a minor?

No. 610041

17 isn't really a minor in most places of the world.

No. 610118

What is that even supposed to show? There’s no key.

No. 610158

She's still 16

No. 610225

We all know she aint 16.

No. 610258

wasn't she 16 a full year ago or so?

No. 610272

people UNDER 16 may not be discussed. stell is obviously fair game or else admin would’ve nuked the thread ages ago.

No. 610379

In some interviews from last year she says she's 15, I think the one from red ice is a year old? I could be wrong

No. 612894

File: 1529199201672.jpg (911.65 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20180616-203137_Ins…)

She has to use flash to make her dark brown eyes have a slight green tint, she knows in natural lighting they look brown ahahaha.
They're fucking brown they just look a little lighter when a light is glaring into them. Any other time of day they're brown. She's such a huge idiot.
Hazel isn't that dark or predominately brown, that's just straight brown. It's not even CLOSE to what green eyes look like.

No. 612899

File: 1529199542780.jpg (128.63 KB, 954x351, Screenshot_20180616-203704_Ins…)

She throws such a fit over having dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. She tried to say she had blonde copper hair and green eyes. On what planet???? It's not debatable it's fucking obvious. No one needs to shine a fucking flash in their eyes to show their natural eye color or filter the shit out of their pictures. Whenever she's in plain lighting it's clear she has brown eyes, big deal she's so autistic about it

No. 612900

File: 1529199583152.jpg (45.11 KB, 434x328, Screenshot_20180616-203635_Ins…)

Totally green guys

No. 613008


why is she so adamant lol. it’s just a fucking eye colour, stell. she’s making her insecurity her most obvious trait.

No. 613009

this is like when foreverkailyn kept trying to insist her baby’s eyes were blue instead of brown

No. 614090

File: 1529334540255.jpg (129.13 KB, 475x673, Screenshot_20180618-100846_Ins…)

No. 614093

File: 1529335308349.jpg (122.82 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot_20180618-102144_Ins…)


No. 614094

She reminds me of simply Kenna, could be her sister.

And, as a german myself, I don't get her german/Nazi thing. Freaking weird

No. 614096


because she wants to appeal to the lowest common denominator. it's clearly not good for her though since she gets triggered over people pointing out something as minor as her eye color


she looks better WITHOUT the contacts. i actually like how this looks, blonde hair and brown eyes is such a cute combination but somebody really needs to get this girl some toner if she insists on keeping her hair light for this persona

No. 614108

She looks better with brown hair tbh ber eyes are too dark for bleach blonde

No. 614116

yeah and her features arent soft or cute so thye dont gov ery well with bleach blonde hair.

No. 615502

File: 1529457649460.jpg (110.21 KB, 720x897, IMG_20180619_202005_840.JPG)

It looks like she settled for one of her beta orbiters after all.

No. 615513

I think that's her brother

No. 615517

She really is committed to the whole southern thing then

No. 615530

made me laugh, anon

No. 615546

how does she look literally 30 jesus, use some sunscreen

No. 615651

File: 1529473375263.jpg (70.97 KB, 681x960, 35720462_280496965827081_32746…)

No. 615777

He looks like a manlet and wasn't she supposed to be all pure and virginal? I thought she was into REAL manly men? This guy can't give her the housewife dream she wanted, he looks like a child.

No. 615800

this guy looks like a literal troll. gotta love it

No. 615803

Match made in heaven, I'd say. They both look like something you'd find in the middle of bumfuck Appalachia.

No. 621211

File: 1529953974738.jpg (145.46 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20180625-141247_Ins…)

Stella is 5'2 lol, how tall is this guy?

No. 621257

Birth of a Nation was not a documentary. That was propaganda.

No. 621276

This. If you don't call them out they will never learn and become more extreme.

No. 621606

File: 1529987634982.jpg (147.38 KB, 1080x953, IMG_20180625_233317.jpg)

Cool that she follows nazis!

No. 621956


Her eyes are clearly hazel, which is a mix of green and brown on the inner/outer parts of the iris, respectively.

How much of the green shows is determined by the size of your pupil, i.e., if your pupil is tiny (due to having a bright light shining in it) then more of the green will show. If your pupil is more dilated (natural light) then the pupil "pushes" the green parts out and they will be mostly brown. So what color they look like is dependent on the light.

This is why hazel eyes are said to be "color changing".

If you shine a bright light on actual brown eyes, no green will show and they might just look more amber if anything.

No. 621957


>Her eyes are clearly hazel, which is a mix of green and brown on the inner/outer parts of the iris, respectively.

Whoops, meant "outer/inner". The inner part is always brown and the outer is always green (or blue).

No. 621972

Imo, this is another case of crusadergirl (who was a lot more intelligent imo). At least Grace came out and said she was lonely and looking for friends and found them in the wrong place.

Does Stell understand that these guys are pedos/ephebophiles? A lot of the alt-right types don't believe the shit they say, they're there to groom young girls. Does anyone else remember Prussian Blue's documentary? Where that guy who was like almost 70 years old told their mother that they were ready to make a family (something along the lines of that) despite them being 14 years old at the time. The girls heard what he said, they didn't even react, they stood there like it was completely normal.

No. 622268

Okay stella. They're brown

No. 622287

In her post on her own eyes she said the outer was green and the inner was brown. So by your logic if her pupils are normal her eyes would look green. They look brown normally. Her outer rim is more green but only looks that way in extremely filtered and harsh lighting, like plenty of brown eyes do

No. 622291

File: 1530049654140.jpg (114.71 KB, 1078x257, Screenshot_20180626-164759_Sam…)

No. 622293

not really. there's a difference between hazel and brown eyes. real brown eyes, which most asians, latin americans, middle easterners have, are fully brown. brown eyes are fully brown. hazel eyes are not. her eyes are hazel, albeit the green is pretty indistinguishable from the brown.

No. 622326

Check the thread for pics of her eyes in natural, unfiltered lighting.

No. 622374

Her eyes are definitely hazel based on >>612894. This anon >>621956 seems to have mixed up which colour is on the inside and which is on the outside, but her eyes are still neither brown nor green.

Doesn't change how fucking embarrassing it is to care so much and be so desperate to convince people of how white you are.

No. 622423

The whole point is in one picture she had to use flash on her eyes look a different color. No shit if you use weird lighting eyes look a different color. Her eye color should be judged by what they look like every other day of her life.

No. 622425

holy nitpicking batman does it fucking matter

No. 622471

not really. again, as i said, if you take flash to a totally brown eye, it will be totally brown. lighting her eye fully doesn't change the color of it. she has a muted hazel color to her eye. it's not that drastic, but it's not fully brown. elizabeth taylor was said to have "violet eyes" in normal lighting. it doesn't mean she had violet eyes. violet eyes don't exist. everyday lighting doesn't accurately show what color your eyes are. filter aside, if straight on lighting shows a different color, that's what it is. i see green eyes that look blue in certain everyday lighting, but it doesn't actually make them blue.

No. 622507

>you have to shine a flashlight in your eye to see your real eye color!

No. 622509

File: 1530067965004.jpg (75.14 KB, 654x383, Screenshot_20180626-215155_You…)

Anyone on the street would say that they're brown. There wouldn't be such a debate if she obviously had hazel eyes.
Either way, she denies having brown hair and brown eyes to seem more unique lmao. It's pathetic. Calling her natural hair color blonde. Give me a break.

No. 622510

File: 1530068003600.jpg (342.28 KB, 985x1080, Screenshot_20180626-215045_You…)

She included this part in the video but not on her insta story hahaha

No. 622513

direct lighting shows your eye color fully, just like direct lighting better shows any other part of your body. are you retarded?

No. 622515

In this picture she's sitting in front of a fucking window.

No. 622516

Flash lighting doesn't. It doesnt show skin better it washes it out, it can make your eyes look a different color, etc. that's not the same as direct lighting, that's overly harsh overexposed lighting

No. 622517

File: 1530068895622.jpg (642.47 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20180626-220624_Ins…)

Who's gonna tell her

No. 622519

If someone has brown hair that looks blonde when they shine a flashlight on it, that doesn't mean their hair is blonde. Same applies to eye color.

No. 622520

File: 1530069190165.jpg (56.73 KB, 600x600, brown.jpg)

you need a better quality photo to see, not a potato cam 480p video. if you had any idea what you were talking about, you'd know that hazel eyes generally LOOK brown without being close up unless the brown and green are very distinct. hers is pretty murky, but they're not fully brown.

depends on how far away the camera is. flash can def overexpose the subject, but either way, "everyday lighting" doesn't accurately show what eye color actually is.

this is a fully brown eye with direct lighting on it. nothing will create green here except filtering or editing. she doesn't have this. yes, her eye color is pretty unremarkable, but they're not brown.

a flashlight is not flash, but read about hazel eyes.

No. 622523

Brown eyes can have a slight green rim or shift without being hazel, you know that right? If someone's eyes are brown 99% of the time and have a green tint with flash, they're not green or hazel lmao. Stella stop posting

No. 622531

this. that's like telling those people with blue eyes and yellow/grey in the middle their eyes are hazel or something.

No. 622538


No. 622546

No. 622547

that's still considered central heterochromia and most people don't consider that just 'blue' unless they never see the inner ring. they'll usually say stuff like "greenish blue" for such combinations. i know you guys hate her (for good reason) but there is a difference between eyes with the same or different shades of the same color, and a mixture of hues

No. 622548

If someone has gold in their blue eyes they still have blue eyes, retard

No. 622936

Stop fighting about eye color

No. 623170

She really needs to cut the obsession with having blonde hair and blue eyes already. Just because that one Norwegian criminal said that people with brown eyes are actually Middle Eastern doesn't mean you aren't white. She is of full European descent (excluding the junk DNA from other continents that most humans apparently have), and not Jewish. Which is plenty enough to be a white nationalist. She doesn't need to look like fucking Nazi Barbie to talk about conservative values. And if she wants to progress her career as a tradthot, sorry, trad-activist… Then she should actually post about politics and values, with aesthetics and lifestyle stuff mixed in. It would be better than constantly posting pics of her filtered skin and eyes and sperging out about "muh German ancestry." Because honestly she's becoming an anthrotard.

No. 623197

I don't get it, can anyone explain?

No. 623228

None of them have these "oh so pure" nordic genes.

No. 623249

She has dark hair and dark eyes, I highly doubt she'll have a kid with such light hair and eyes with her dominant traits

No. 623611

what are recessive alleles

No. 623613

>excluding the junk DNA from other continents that most humans apparently have

that's not true though. Her 23andme report possibly would even show how many generations ago her African, Asian and Near Eastern came into her pedigree, but she probably didn't show that in the video. She'd be more than happy to accept it as some artifact, but most likely she just isn't from pure euro ancestry. So banging on about that part of her imagined identity is just extra cringey.

No. 623616

Yeah that's very true. She didn't show the entire gene report or go into detail, she just cherrypicked the parts that proved she was mostly of Northern European descent. I think Lauren Southern and some other tradthots who did DNA tests highlighted their small Germanic percentages, but didn't even mention what else was there.

Yeah it's true, recessive genes are a thing and they can definitely pop up if she has kids with a homogyzous recessive blonde + blue-eyed guy. HOWEVER some people darken as they get older, so her blonde baby could end up having dark hair like hers when they get older. I have relatives that looked like Hitler's wet dream as babies/kids with platinum blonde hair, but grew into brunette, olive skinned adults.

No. 623624

File: 1530209104530.jpg (525.55 KB, 711x1036, mendeliantables.jpg)

>recessive genes are a thing and they can definitely pop up if she has kids with a homogyzous recessive blonde + blue-eyed guy

That's still not how recessive genes work, see bottom left in pic related. Only for eye color though, hair is more complex. You're right about most children darkening, she'd probably bleach her daughter's hair and insist her hazel eyes are blue.

No. 623631

She's not mostly northern European lol

No. 623737

Sorry my bad, it's been a while since I took biology. But god I hope she doesn't shoop her kids and dye their hair wtf

I meant north and central European broadly, not significantly southern/Med countries, at least according to her DNA test parts THAT SHE SHOWED US >>574363

Pardon my derping, I'll shut up now.

No. 623791

File: 1530222880818.jpg (488.21 KB, 715x920, Screenshot_20180628-225324.jpg)

"Im not racist I have a black friend"

No. 623800

File: 1530223303910.jpg (99.91 KB, 736x1034, 5f5e16e5cce0b2972d7fd3bf11847e…)

oh ew, her aesthetic.

No. 623801

Poor girl. I wonder if she is aware of her "friend's" online activity.

No. 623806

ummm you should only kiss your husband like that, not very trad of you stell

how sad, that girl is literally just a prop

No. 623813

"I can follow nazis on social media and make anti semetic jokes on livestream but I'm not racist"

No. 623814

Stella has said in videos she wishes black people never came to the states lmao

No. 623815

oh yeah of course, 'cause you, you know, slavery was a choice and all

No. 623830

Damn I was literally speculating last night if her next trend she'd hop onto was Lolita shit and she did this within a 24 hr period. Can you imagine an white nationalist tradthot + nymphet cross over aesthetic? (I'm some girls are already doing that)

No. 623831

I love how halfheartedly she just barely sits close to her "friend" and has her hands placed like she's simultaneously trying to put her on display AND try and push her away.

No. 623969

her new video will be with her black friend im calling it

No. 624440

File: 1530297881704.jpeg (720.29 KB, 750x963, A9DB9FEC-1347-4905-83AE-390D25…)

She's that type of American white girl who purposely seeks out obese/unattractive black girls to "befriend" just to make herself feel superior, and "prove" she's not racist, kek.
I'm not sure how she managed to fit such practices in with the Nazi stuff, but when you know you're a dumpy, unimpressive redneck and need an ego boost badly, I guess you find a way. I feel bad for the girl, hopefully she finds out her "friend" is a snake sooner rather than later.
The whole 1997 Lolita aesthetic is so lame and dated, too. I'm surprised she even bothered, considering it's not 2015 anymore.

No. 624636


Why is it surprising though? She has posted about reading Lolita before, and I'm pretty sure we all know she secretly craves older men.

No. 624781

File: 1530317229977.jpg (740.76 KB, 1071x1531, Screenshot_20180629-190550_Ins…)

No. 624859

I'm cringing out of my soul, I just realized that this girl lives like 20-30-ish minutes away from her. I probably know people who know her irl, gross.

No. 624861

I obviously meant me*, oops.

No. 625115

How exaggerated is her accent for the area?

No. 625122

To me, it definitely sounds like she's putting on more of a twang when she talks. I'm watching this video right here >>601409 and the way her mother speaks sounds more or less like what I usually hear.

No. 625123

Ok lol this is weird, I'm watching more of her YT videos and in some she sounds completely normal but in her newer vids she sounds like a cartoon hillbilly. She's absolutely bullshitting.

No. 625683

…the proof??? listen to yourselves. None of you here are as PURE as she is. WHEN A PRINCESS IS REVERED the sick come to BOO(no)

No. 625701

File: 1530384774382.png (742.79 KB, 1280x720, iur.png)

She as a lady shouldn't shame other women. That's not cute at all.
And of coarse Nazis like her. She's Caucasian.

No. 625708

as if she herself isn’t a normie

No. 626430

File: 1530465223312.jpg (646.46 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20180701-121331_Ins…)

No. 626431

File: 1530465238107.jpg (388.87 KB, 1074x1055, Screenshot_20180701-121340_Ins…)

No. 626481

Her bf is getting cucked

No. 626802

By her wet dreams about a 67 year old lol

No. 626985

File: 1530535585986.jpg (768.77 KB, 1080x1103, Screenshot_20180702-074555_Ins…)

She dresses like this and fantasizes about almost 70 year old men… her parents should check her social media

No. 627001

pure trad waifu uwu

No. 627004

File: 1530538371639.jpg (89.16 KB, 667x900, 1523075459029.jpg)

She's apparently "dating" styxhexenhammer666

No. 627006

Oooof that's disgusting.

No. 627034

File: 1530544577754.jpg (15.42 KB, 327x303, 1518036492941_zps3xj8qrpf.jpg)

>mfw poorly aging 16yr old thinks she looks like 12 yr old nymphet dolores haze
dude is this her new thing now? in addition to tradthot + nazi chic? what an aesthetic…

really? what happened to the younger guy she's been posting photos with recently?

No. 627115

Seriously? Do you have milk on that?

No. 627132

oh, fucking sick. are you sure?

No. 627164

No, they had a fling when she was like 15. they both erased all of their cutesy and flirty comments on each other's videos when people started finding out

No. 627206

That's even more gross and unsettling, ew.

No. 627673

She looks like a hillbilly trying to dress as a trashy, "sexy" farmgirl so she can be auctioned off to her cousins

No. 627675

this is just as luzly as shoeonhead thinking she looks 17

No. 628199

File: 1530657756661.jpg (142.36 KB, 564x846, 1ebe010ff34275008d1d5c9ec41c77…)

Is she trying to look like a German girl with that hair?

No. 628260


Yes. I find it a bit funny that she would look muck better (and more trad) if she dressed like the ladies in the picture you posted, rather than in lolita inspired (vintage degenerate) clothes.

No. 628295

She's not Bavarian so it would still look ridiculous.

No. 628321

Her face just isn't made to suit that hairstyle, it's not even ethnicity, it just isn't nice. As mean as it is her mouth is what really ruins it, she's got this smug look on and isn't all that pretty to begin with so it makes it worse

No. 628375


I was refering to the knee length, full skirt silhouette. It is conservative without being stuffy looking. That style of dress is easy to make, too, so it would give her something to put on youtube which would fit her 1950s housewife dream. Unfortunately, hitler's least favourite blow up doll has no buisness/pr sense and would rather pander to pedos. Though that may be better of society as a whole. The people who seriously watch her political videos are already lost, at least this way she isn't luring more people in with more innocent content.

No. 628553

American tradthots like her who ''appropriate'' (for a lack of a better word) German culture are the worst. No matter how you twist it you're still an American at the end of the day, no one gives a fuck how much your heritage percentage shows. Just enjoy your own culture since you only use ours to further your disgusting agenda.

Lauren Southern does the same shit with her ''muh danish heritage'' shit despite being like 11% scandi. When will white Americans understand that Europeans don't claim them?

No. 628559

Now that you said that, I think her mouth is one of the things that bother me the most, it's just so large and creepy.
Also, not that I'm feeling sorry for her, but it's rather sad that even older women still pull of braided hairstyles, while she looks already like shit with it even though she's a literal child…

No. 628565

File: 1530702070979.jpg (23.13 KB, 400x300, lolitalyne.jpg)

I don't think she was thinking that far, she's just trying to full on live that Lolita Nymphet dream uwu~

No. 629864

That's fucking disgusting tbh. Lolita does have a pretty aesthetic but she is dressed like a prostitot and that's as far from conservative values i think it goes.
Stella clearly has no fucking values and is just pandering to altright betas, i think that's obvious. Just another girl with GOTIS. I think she will grow out of it just like that girl Johanna did.

Also no offense to the politically conscious 16 year old girls, but anyone who watches political videos of a 16 year old and takes it seriously and as matter of fact is probably retarded.

No. 630260

so it's been about a month since she's uploaded a video, and i wish she would. there's not much to milk right now outside of her instagrams. wonder what she's up to.

(btw, has anyone seen her pinterest? https://www.pinterest.com/bloodybowie69/)

No. 630271

That pinterest makes me feel sad for her. She's really going to regret dating an old, racist faggot just for her Lana Del Rey aesthetic that died in like 2015 when she grows up a bit.

No. 630335

Going through her wartime pins was really odd. It was nothing but Nazis with comments like "the way it used to be" but then the last one was a Czech woman crying while being forced to heil the Nazis saying it was "haunting". I don't get it, up until her final pin it was nothing but nazi glorification and yet she clearly acknowledges the harm and terror they caused. It's like even she doesn't fully believe her schtick

No. 631052

ayy speak of the devil. what a perfect way to kick off the anniversary of your nation's independence, a video slandering immigration.

No. 631162

Ironic coming from a girl who is trying to pretend to be German (not one of the initial settlers)

No. 631245

I like how her us history one has a picture of white boys protesting imergration

No. 633560

New video with her sister

Lol, at the comments who say she looks like her sister, and her obviously saying she doesn't, because her sister is native american and she is totes 99% German

No. 633617

why is she putting her sister on her channel crawling with Nazis? honestly damn still that’s shitty to attach your sisters name to your insane shit you’ll regret in 5 years

No. 633619

i had a friend who did similar shit at 16. started dating an abusive 21 year old neo nazi, got brainwashed, was too scared to break up, and when he got killed and it became big news she got fucked forever basically, before even graduating high school. I pity Stella but she’s willingly thrown herself into it, but she can’t see this shit will ruin her life forever in the digital age. Sage for blog posting sorry

No. 633632

She looks like her sister's mom here. Not a good thing for a 16 year old, it's beyond just looking more mature or a bit older than you are, she looks 40.
Also her poor sister, I hope she doesn't look up to or imitates Stell. She shouldn't be exposed to this channel or life. As a side note, her sister actually looks really cute. Poor Stell got the shit genes, ironic for someone who romanticizes Nazis

No. 633681

she should've taken the compliment her sister looks so much better than her with her man jowls.

No. 633683

File: 1531296731230.png (366.02 KB, 669x279, muh aryan genes.png)

dropped pic

No. 633727

Her sister has such a cute and dainty feminine face. It makes her look tragic in comparison, can't believe she upstaged herself just to get her sister on her nazi channel.

No. 633736

Kind of gross to expose your sister(s) to pedophilic Nazis.

No. 633764

LMAO I can't believe she pulled the 1/16th Native American on her own sister

No. 634129

OT but I wonder if Stell is taking German in school. Not sure what the requirements are in Virginia, but where I live 2 years of foreign language is required and most students take Spanish (since it's the most useful in my state). I am just imagining her sitting in German class wearing a DIY '50s dirndl and pin curls or milkmaid braid, either trying to sound as authentic as possible like a true Aryan fraulein, or butchering the language with her forced Southern accent like "GOOTEN TAAWWGGG".

No. 634141

Anyone else feel extremely sorry for her sister? The entire video just made me sad for her. Don't get me started on the comments…amazing how many people look at that pretty face and go "LOL SHE'S NOT PURE ENOUGH" just because she's a sliver Native.

It's almost as if Stell brought it up to make herself look better by comparison…maybe she's aware that her sister looks way better than she does but to the crowd she's pandering to, she "looks" better because "LOL GUYZ I'M TOTES 1000000% WHITE! UNLIKE MY INJUN SISTER!!!!!"

Goddamn this bitch is cruel. She's making her own sister turn into someone as insecure as she is.

No. 634152

Stell is really disgusting for doing this. She knew how her audience would react to her sister's tiny amount of different ethnicity. She knows she's pandering to people who would even treat children badly for not being ~pure~. She needs a slap upside the head for this, and to go to a damn human decency class. I bet you she's reading these comments happily because she's thought of as prettier than her younger kid sister by Nazis. I hate this bitch so much

No. 634179

She definately lurks here. You know how everyone was comparing her to Amberlynn Reid or whatever her name was? In her "related channels" section, Amberlynn used to be there, meaning she was looking at her channel.

No. 634186

File: 1531374787161.jpg (464.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180711-225118_Chr…)

No. 634187

(Not that important or anything just an example of the comments, I glanced and saw like 1 blatantly racist comment and lots of compliments with backhand racism like pic related
no doubt her sister will see all of it and possibly absorb it b/c its worded nicely.

No. 634197

The sad thing is that even if she were 70% native she still shouldn't feel like she should be shamed of it, about not being the pure form of one specific race. And a blond haired, blue eyed person of that race no less. I'm glad she's not being shit on by Nazis, but that shouldn't be the case for her anyways

No. 634249

Not getting totally shit on but still people casually acting like her native-ness is a flaw or complimenting her for looking pretty white

No. 634252

It's honestly kind of a self-drag. The one with non-white ancestry has softer, more feminine features, and looks better than the "Pure Aryan Hitler's Nymphet 100% White" one.
If she were smart, she would've gotten one of her token ugly PoC "friends" instead of her prettier sister.

No. 634302

That’s the feeling I got too. She knows her sister is objectively daintier and more feminine than she is so she brought up that she’s ~tainted~ so the comment section would side with her and make her feel better about herself. It’s like an especially nasty, racist version of someone who only posts group pictures where they look good but their prettier friends are eating or caught at an unflattering angle.

I think she went with her sister instead of a POC friend (how does she have POC friends??) because her sister is the one she specifically wanted to knock down a peg.

No. 634320

File: 1531401314297.png (38.26 KB, 1136x432, what the fuck.png)

A small portion of comments on her latest video. Girl, how are you happy knowing all of your viewers are creepy neo-nazis who believe white people are going extinct?

No. 634323

Not going to point it out incase it counts as doxxing but I think her mother is in the comments too praising "her girls". Imagine being the mom and going into this comment section and just leaving a positive comment.

No. 634329

File: 1531402441474.png (30.61 KB, 654x275, what the fuck.png)

Another sample from the comment section, I am not even remotely catching everything questionable here. I don't know how on earth her mother is ok with this and she must be lacking all dignity to think having this type of audience is positive.

Time to rethink when the only people who like you are neo-nazis and white supremacists.

No. 634461

It's hilarious how her sister has such an adorable feminine face and she looks like an ugly man. Bet that stings.

No. 634475

You know the only reason she fucking introduced her sister as not fully white is because her sister is cute. If she's going to bring up 6% of someone's heritage and claim that it dictates the way they look, why can't we discuss the 2 or 3% African and stuff that stella has? Oh but that doesn't matter! I'm pure German hehe except I'm mostly not German! That's such a spergy thing to do and keep bringing up, "she looks more white after we've done her hair".
When the fuck did she not look white?

No. 634483

File: 1531413307381.jpg (236.42 KB, 1076x1071, Screenshot_20180712-183409_Kik…)

You'll never be as pureblooded as me… having a little bit of mixed ancestry is noteworthy for other people, but ignore my DNA test- I'm 100% northwestern European! Anyways… let's get back to talking about my 6% fully native American sister who is so much darker than me and my porcelain skin, green eyes, and dirty blonde hair.

No. 634574

Jesus, the comments on the video with her sister are so disturbing. The way Stell constantly talks over her and "corrects" her answers gives me vibes she's trying to get her involved in her fuckery.

No. 634710


Of all the possible outlets for her petty teenage sister jealousy, it had to be online white supremacists. What a good sister

No. 634731

“What do you hate about modern girls” “what do you think about modern girls” Jesus Christ. It’s all “I’m not like the other girls uwu I’m so innocent and trad” give me a break, so much hate

No. 635168

I really hope her sister never reads those comments, that sort of thing could really screw her up

No. 635201

Beautiful, anon

No. 635208

File: 1531463542614.png (1.39 MB, 1242x2208, 35D62B1D-6C62-493C-B01B-21E8BC…)

Her sister is literally so pretty in comparison to Stella
She sounds like a nightmare of a sister
The video consisted In her and not her sister except for like two minutes

No. 635387

Stella talks about herself so often, even when not prompted. Honesty she seems like a narcissist

No. 635396

When I first saw the two I thought her sister was like 19 or 20 and Stella herself was the younger sister. She lacks that maturity about herself, I feel bad for her sister.

No. 635518

Could be eldest child syndrome as I like to call it, she feels like the special one of the family. Though she's been feeding it and having it fed through the validation of internet "fame". It'd be interesting to see how her parents feel about her actions and behaviour online. If they support it or not (or even know the full extent of it)

No. 635590

File: 1531508892158.jpg (47.05 KB, 200x420, 1498191608701.jpg)

Sage for blog post, but this dynamic between Stell and her little sister hits really close to home for me. She reminds me so much of my aunt (my mother's older sister). She was always projecting her insecurities onto my mom and doing/saying shit behind her back because my mom was, and still is, the cute one. Also the way she puts her sister's partial Native American ancestry in the spotlight to feel better about herself fills me with rage. I also have a female relative who would put on a fake-genuine smile and dress me up and take me out to social events with her. When introducing me to her friends she'd keep bringing up the fact that I'm part black. She's super narcissistic and I know she was highlighting my ancestry so that I'd be deemed less desirable and she could be the pure white pretty one. She even wore colored contacts and bleached her hair like Stell, which makes the similarities even creepier.

I hope her little sis never internalizes the nasty YT comments or how her older sister treats her, because that kind of shit really fucked up my mother, and it fucked me up to.(blogpost)

No. 635609

Wish there was a way for her lil sis to see comments like yours (p much this thread has been very positive the last 2 days) without being exposed to lolcow as a whole

No. 636098

No one cares about your story

No. 636136

Hi, Stell.(hi [cow])

No. 638084

File: 1531747607316.jpg (72.62 KB, 1069x415, Screenshot_20180716-082454_You…)

She only likes comments talking about how her sister is native American.
>sister is 6% nonwhite
>MUH NATIVE AMERICAN SISTER, she looks so native! We look so different!!!

>stell is 2% nonwhite

>I'M BASICALLY JUST GERMAN, I'm so white! Such a basic white girl hehehe!!

Where's the line then? You can make fun of other people's suspected mixtures to make yourself feel better, and totally ignore the African from your 23&me?
Her sister is 94% white yet stella insists all of her looks come from 6% of her lmao.

No. 638092

seems like the kind of logic her type love to use.

No. 638221

File: 1531759776465.jpg (59.08 KB, 375x331, Screenshot_20180716-114850_Ins…)

New video on her Instagram… she's screaming and grabbing her bird, poor animal.
His name is rockwell, after George Lincoln Rockwell who led the American nazi party.

No. 638271

She had a picture up on her Instagram of Evola and nietzche books, and one of her fans asked about what she thinks of their anti Christian views and how they're praised by nazis and she deleted the picture haha. I bet she just bought the books to pander and didn't even read them

No. 638398

I can’t believe I’m using this word in this context but she’s such a poser.
Nietzsche was kind of a douche but he wasn’t pro-nazi. He ended relationships with people close to him because he couldn’t stand their anti-Semitism or nationalism, and even sent letters urging foreign powers to step in and stop Hitler before he went too far. His sister was very pro-nazi though, and she took advantage of his descent into mental illness to selectively edit some of his works before publication so that they’d better match her political ideaology. IIRC she’s been described as vapid and severely lacking in critical thinking skills. Remind you of someone? I’d bet real money that Stella hasn’t actually read any of those books. She just bought them to pander to her disgusting audience.

No. 638399

Exactly. Buys books, takes a picture with them, forgets about them. If it's not popular in the alt right she won't buy it, if it'll upset her fashy fanboys she won't buy it

No. 638603

File: 1531786395578.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20180716-191219_Ins…)

Sounds like she's some sort of fascist

No. 638609

File: 1531786458978.jpg (567.04 KB, 1078x1075, Screenshot_20180716-120310_Ins…)

Before she deleted

No. 638621

Poser is an accurate way to describe her imo. Like, I'm not sure how old everyone else is here but when I was her age it was the tail end of the scene era and it was cool to emulate that style and claim you were bisexual even if you weren't. I think the 'fashy trad wife' shit is the current year equivalent of like scene/emo shit. You can replace scene with any kind of fad that has taken place over the years.

The internet is infested with this shit. I'm sure a lot of the boys her age are into 4chan/cryptofash shit just because they see it as cool and subversive. I highly doubt any of them actually give a fuck about saving the white race or whatever, I highly doubt Stell has any idea what this ideology actually contains and what she is truly aligning herself with here. And even more, I doubt she would truly be happy if she lived in the world she pretends that she wants to live in. She would be treated like lower than shit and she may think she wants that because it's ~trad~ and feminine to get walked all over and treated like you don't matter, but I guarantee she would hate it and so would all of these other free girls in the west who promote this shit. Hope that makes sense.

No. 638803

it's so funny seeing a beat up paperback self-help book from the '70s ("the total woman") in between all these political and philosophical titles.

No. 638816

God her sister looks so uncomfortable. How is she okay just sitting there while stell talks down about her? And there's no way she's 17. She looks like a 40 year old with the mentality of a 6 year old.

No. 638949

File: 1531823747521.png (251.48 KB, 819x745, 1523491580353.png)

I wondered why Nietzsche is in there but read the books right to left and spotted the incel bible that Jordan Peterson wrote and realized why that shit was there. Who does this girl think shes fooling?

Also the Goebbels biography kek.

No. 640030

File: 1531923350927.jpg (321.75 KB, 1078x986, Screenshot_20180718-091356_Ins…)

She's so self centered. She makes people film her twirling around in a lake then puts lana del ray over it. She's wearing a fucking wedding veil. Has she ever thought about doing something else besides staring at her own face all day?

No. 640031

File: 1531923729218.jpg (324.98 KB, 1077x972, Screenshot_20180718-091714_Sam…)

(Aging like milk) & honey uwu

No. 640032

File: 1531923752122.jpg (631.37 KB, 1079x1758, Screenshot_20180718-092115_Sam…)

No. 640034

File: 1531924730659.jpg (13.84 KB, 271x254, 17e0e519-315f-4558-808a-0d8adf…)

This is such an unfortunate picture she looks like Gaston lmao

No. 640200

File: 1531939052166.jpg (56.12 KB, 1080x276, Screenshot_20180718-133643_Tum…)

Here's her tumblr

No. 640633

Nietzsche died in 1900, when Hitler was literally one year old. What are you on about?

No. 641177

File: 1532020146763.jpeg (82 KB, 640x554, 0F4A58DA-E8E4-4CA6-B0C3-43416F…)


No. 641753

File: 1532048667086.jpg (686.08 KB, 1079x1647, Screenshot_20180719-200307_Ins…)


No. 641755

This basically confirms that she's a fucking nazi or fascist holy shit

No. 642025

Ok, this bitch just announced that she's off the deep end. Trying to fit an ~aesthetic~ of being a submissive white housewife is one thing, hell, talking about pure blood is a thing I'll give a narc high schooler provided their adult self does grow out of it and realises the stupidity of it. But she just announced she's anti-Semitic, thinks the Jewish people are actually out to get white people (and are the only ones apparently), thinks white people are dying out just because a melting-pot country has a lot of non-whites and is working past its recent history of segregation and all that, on top of her nazi glorification and all that shit. All this together is beyond childish stupidity, someone at age 12 would fucking know better (exception being if they grew up in that kind of family, but given her sister it seems unlikely). She's a cow, and I hope her community treats her well because society won't unless she wakes up and scrubs her online presence clean before trying to get a job

No. 643252

She's probably not going to get a job and just mooch off of her followers or boyfriend lol. Getting a job and going to school isn't trad uwu
She mentioned that her boyfriend always buys her stuff in a video, plus she said she wants to be pregnant by 20 or something like that

No. 643422

I think she considers herself alt right.

No. 643427

File: 1532199838695.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, thot 2.png)

thots need to be curbstomped

No. 643428

File: 1532199880189.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, thot 3.png)

spic dick 2 quick
@Vexation on Gab

No. 643432

File: 1532199981207.jpg (525.78 KB, 1512x2016, thot 4.jpg)

thot patrol

No. 643433

File: 1532200035856.jpg (1.84 MB, 3024x4032, thot 5.jpg)


No. 643435

File: 1532200087090.jpg (427.96 KB, 1512x2016, thot 6.jpg)

purity spiral G A N GGG

No. 643437

These ones aren't very "trad" especially the boobs one but not sure about what's wrong with the others unless your purpose is just to share her rare personal pics.

No. 643438

File: 1532200299485.jpg (1.42 MB, 3024x4032, thot 7.jpg)

u made kitty sad b r u h

No. 643445

lmao didn't she have a bf? how long ago was this taken

No. 643448

September 2017. If you look at the video posted on September 4th, she wasn't wearing her usual "trad" wear because the day previous she was naked and sucking my dick. OP can confirm, we're makin sure that she is exposed for the tradthot she is.

No. 643454

File: 1532202136872.gif (16.66 MB, 640x434, SmartSelect_20180721-154125_In…)

She really thought this looked ethereal and beautiful enough to post… yikes

No. 643459


No. 643461

Hahahaha oh my god

No. 643462

So you dated? More info pls.

No. 643464

Back last year, middle/late August to late September. Left her ass because she cheated with some random faggot from her school. She was dating styx btw, not fuckin around. I was there when she dumped his ass after cheating on him with me lmao.

No. 643465

She took down the video claiming she didn't after I commented on her video letting her know that if she tried to deny it, that I'd make sure people knew the truth.

No. 643466

Chat logs? Any proof of dating besides some snapchat pics?

No. 643468

File: 1532203651067.jpg (26.13 KB, 507x676, Stella Me.jpg)

My soyboy lookin ass. Don't worry, I look way less faggy now lol.


No. 643470

No. 643471

File: 1532203689923.jpg (30.94 KB, 507x676, Stand.jpg)

Another for good measure

No. 643472

No one is concerned with how you look lmao.
So she physically cheated? As in she's had trad premarital sex?

No. 643473

How did you meet her?

No. 643474

Yep. Can personally confirm, and I can personally confirm she's not exactly a paragon of traditionalism. She made me delete a lot of the chatlogs for shit while we were dating to avoid being "exposed" n shit, so I don't have any logs, but ig you'll have to take my word for it. I hope the pic of her tits is example enough to show that she's not too virtuously inclined.

No. 643475

Met her over youtube. Was an orbiter for like a day and a half, then messaged her over insta and we started talking. Then we skype called the next day, where we talked for 7 hours straight. If I redownload skype I'm sure I can get some of the skype chatlogs.

No. 643476

How quickly did she give it up lol

No. 643477

I skyped her that first day on August 25th, I fucked her on September 3rd. Like I said, the day before that sep 4 video she was naked and suckin my dick, hence why she wasn't in trad gear. Bout a week between meeting her and fuckin her.

No. 643478

Thank you for the info. So yet another ~trad~ girl reveals that she really isn't trad at all. In fact, maybe even more "degenerate" than the normal women she shits on. These girls are insane.

This is gold without sound. Goddamn.

No. 643479


No problem. Yeah she's fucked in the head, is sexually attracted to her father, enjoys pedophilia, etc. Check out her tumblr (cherrysweetie(dot)tumblr)

No. 643480

That's so crazy. It's not traditional and it's even worse than normal girls who she would call sluts haha

No. 643481

For real bro, I reinstalled skype so enjoy some more juicy screens lol

No. 643482

Did she say any of that on her tumblr though? It's all cleared out. There's nothing under her popular hashtags, I think she deleted most things

No. 643483

>is sexually attracted to her father
Did she talk about this to you?

No. 643484

LMAO She cleared it out? Of fucking course.

Yeah, a lot. She constantly said the only one she's ever loved is her father n shit. She's seriously fucked in the head. She also wrote a fanfiction about Styxhexenhammer666 and sucking his dick in a restaurant, but I deleted that since it's degenerate as shit. Wish I didn't lol.

No. 643485

If she did all that for you after talking for such little time, I wonder if she is that easy for all her orbiters. Are you alt right too?

No. 643486

Yeah she started giving her tumblr out to her followers so there's no way she wouldn't have cleared it out first. Dang. I knew we were onto something with her praise of the book lolita though (not just liking the book, mimicking lolita style and act)

No. 643487

Not anymore, the Alt-Right is fucking gay. I've moved onto more legit Revolutionary National Socialism as opposed to this gay ass "fashy" bullshit. The Alt-Right is where all the larpers, discount kikes and dumb tradthots go.

No. 643488

So, just like Lauren Southern, she's going to now find out that her audience who previously held her up as "one of the good women" is now going to shit on her like they do all other women. I want to feel bad for girls like this when they start receiving hate but it is very hard when they peddle misogynistic shit themselves. I mean, they don't even live up to their own standards they set for women but think they can shit one very single woman who wants to get an education and be more than a fucktoy.

No. 643489

Oh dude, you have no fucking clue how bad it was. She was RIDICULOUSLY into the pedophilia type of thing. She insisted that I read that scene from "It" with the underage sex.

Yeah, all of the women in these circles are either complete degenerates and fucked in the head, or just desperate for orbiters.

No. 643490

File: 1532204781072.jpg (22.97 KB, 1080x279, Screenshot_20180721-152455_Tum…)

No posts under these but if I'm correct you can't delete the hashtag haha, oops stella

No. 643491

Gib weird stories or Skype screenshots

No. 643492

Whoops! I'm tempted to release her doxx too but I'm rather confident that's illegal. >>643491 With pleasure ;)

No. 643493

Are you saying you know the OP of this thread or there are two of you posting caps right now and you guys know each other?

No. 643494

Nah he was the one who posted those first pics of her, we're doing this together. He's posting the pics around since he's more popular on gab (Vexation) but I'm the one who actually dated her.

No. 643497

File: 1532205093786.png (3.46 KB, 149x233, Measurements.PNG)

Her measurements

No. 643498

File: 1532205113560.png (80.96 KB, 592x382, Cheated.PNG)

Lol this is the guy she cheated on me with. RIP.

No. 643500

File: 1532205122524.png (14.26 KB, 446x81, Love.PNG)


No. 643501

How did she cheat?

No. 643504

She told me that she let a guy touch her tits on the bus (that guy) and I told her she's a dumb thot and that we were done.

No. 643505

Nice rectangle, thisll age well if she ever claims to have a marilyn hourglass figure lol

No. 643506

Do you have screencaps of this too? She let him grope her on the bus or he just happened to touch them and she let him?

No. 643508

How many guys has she dated before you? And do you know how many after? Her boyfriend posts weird stuff about acid trips on Instagram. She said his name is noah and you can find his Instagram through her americandandelion

No. 643509


Nah, like I said at the end of shit she made me delete our insta chats.

At least multiple before me, and that guy she cheated on me with and then now Noah I assume. I think Noah was a guy she told me about, I don't remember tho.

No. 643510

And yeah she let him straight up fuckin grope her. She basically just said "lol some guy asked to touch my boobs on the bus and I let him, oopsie! (retarded cat face)"

No. 643511

sounds like a lie, bet she led him on

No. 643512

Has she sent a lot of nudes/other guys nudes?
I can imagine her making fun of women for that

No. 643514

Yeah probably to make me jealous or some shit. Either way if a girl tells me she let a dude she barely knows touch her tits… I mean I'm not sticking around.

Kinda notorious for it. I don't save nudes, that tits pic was the closest thing to a nude I saved, but yeah she sends her fair share lol.

No. 643515

Does she have any female friends? At all?

No. 643516

She's got her sister ginger who's cool, but not any more afaik

No. 643518

>have nice sister
>forced to spend time together since you're blood related
Wow so good at making friends

No. 643519

Lol she's fucking annoying. Doesn't stop being "fashy!" and showing off how truly based she is. Normies don't find that all too appealing.

No. 643522

Based and traditional cheating and premarital sex! Also sending nudes to guys without a long term relationship is super trad. Pure german waifu uwu

No. 643523

Yeah the reason I asked that is because it's a pattern with the trad girls I've known. First of all, they're never actually trad in lifestyle. They mostly use it as an excuse to separate themselves from other women and claim they aren't like other girls, so that men will think they're different and cool and they can shit on women together. Typically they have no female friends, typically because they see themselves as superior to other women and that the rest of us are below them. Their lack of contact and closeness with other women allows their view of women being vapid holes with no interests, talents, or aspirations other than cooking and having babies to go unchecked and unchallenged. Typically the only anecdotes of women hey hear are from the assblasted misogynists that make up their audience, so their view of women and themselves is distorted. Stell seems to fit this perfectly.

No. 643524

Seriously. She's in it for the patreon shekels and the orbiters and attention. It's fucking pathetic.

No. 643526

Yes. Fucking exactly, any guy who has actually dated any "trad" thots knows they're fucked in the head.

No. 643529

In my opinion it is literally a mating strategy. And it would be funny if it isn't so sad when they get the wake up call that hey - these men actually hate you too. You aren't special. And then you have to see them having a mini identity crisis online.

No. 643530

Pretty much. Trust me when I say that I am probably one of the most misogynistic people you'll meet, I'm full on Revolutionary Zero Tolerance Read Siege National Socialist. I don't fuck around with tolerance, but god DAMN are these women in our movements absolutely shit. It's like this is the only thing that gives their life any meaning because all they do is sit around masturbating to the amount of attention they receive for being so "trad"

No. 643535

>Left her ass because she cheated with some random faggot from her school. She was dating styx btw, not fuckin around. I was there when she dumped his ass after cheating on him with me lmao.

So you were dumb enough to get with a girl via cheating on her part, and then she cheated on you too and now you're dumping your salt in here. Cool story bro, maybe don't go for cheating hoes next time

No. 643536

That's why women shouldn't be involved in politics.

No. 643537

No. 643539

Oh here we go.

No. 643541

No. 643545

File: 1532206705514.png (113.07 KB, 232x350, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 3.57…)

>Trust me when I say that I am probably one of the most misogynistic people you'll meet, I'm full on Revolutionary Zero Tolerance Read Siege National Socialist.

No. 643546

Lmao. Like I said, I'm now moved onto hardcore tier Nazi shit, not just the bitch ass alt right scene. Either way you guys, I'm gonna dip. I'll check back periodically to answer any questions about Stella Ch La*. ;)

No. 643547

Props to you for providing some real milk but jesus, you two are a match made in heaven. You've both been drinking that /pol/ kool aid too hard.

No. 643548

Ay like I said, I looked like a soy boy faggot. I'm aware lmao.

No. 643549

watch out ladies this boy has a 5 O CLOCK SHADOW

No. 643550

I expect more milk. Don't let insults thrown around here get in the way or your personal clashes in belief with other posters. We all just want dirt on stell.

No. 643551

Dude you're even more of a bitch ass now. Grasping for some meaning in your life that you have to join all these little dead end movements. Bragging about being a misogynist on a board full of women and coming here dumping all this milk like a scorned wife. Funny as shit.

No. 643552


Lol. Yeah she's a larping retard, like most if not all of the alt right.

No. 643554

Don't chase away someone with so much material on our cow anon

No. 643555

LMAO, dude I came here to expose a dumb tradthot. If you're gonna call me pathetic for that then hey, fair enough I guess.

No. 643557

I don't know, there's a lot of terms I'd use to describe you, but "aware" doesn't make the cut at all.

You're a bigger cow than this girl, lmao

No. 643559

Fair enough. Anyways, like I said I'm gonna dip. Y'all might not like me and I probably don't like you, but I think we can both agree stella is a fucking tard.

No. 643560

What exactly have you been doing that is any less larp than what she is doing?
If you're going to stick around at least drop more Stell milk.

No. 643561

Keep to the milk and don't get in catfights

No. 643564

Do you have Instagram? I have some screenshots that I need to confirm and some potential milk on her

No. 643568

TL;DR nazi soyboy got cucked by a girl he knew was a cheater and attentionwhore and is now vendettaposting in this thread, yet no meaningful milk has been shared.

0/10 go back to /pol/

No. 643572

File: 1532207199135.png (249.54 KB, 480x472, laughing.png)

No. 643574

No. 643575

File: 1532207286885.png (81.39 KB, 204x207, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 4.06…)

Man they just don't make nazis like they used to. Sad!

No. 643578

>no meaningful milk

Some of the best milk thus far, especially the sex and nudes bit since she likes to shame "whores"

No. 643580

Ya'll are ruining our chances of getting those promised Skype screenshots and some more personal stories. Focus on the main cow here so we don't lose all the good milk

No. 643584

Late response, but I’m went to school in VA. Two years of the same language since I believe 2009 (before you could take two different languages as you took 2 years in total) languages offered are: Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese (depending on the school), and American Sign Language. Some schools might have Italian offered, but I think they stopped most of he Italian classes in 2010. So she’s definitely not able to take German unless she goes to a fancy genius magnet school (she doesn’t nor is she smart enough to get in). So she’s probably taking or took 2 yrs of Spanish or French.

No. 643587

no proof other than a tame cleavage pic sent to her boyfriend at the time (oh the humanity!!)
again, no proof other than some soyboy's word

Since this cuck already admitted he's in cahoots with the thread OP, what're the chances the majority of the thread is you two just samefagging it up? This flake could've gone into the alt-right thot general thread, looks vendetta-ish now. Farmhands pls

No. 643589

I don't think he has anything to do with the thread OP. I asked him that and he answered >>643494

The OP he was referring to is another dude in this thread posting caps. Plus you can tell there's another /pol/ tier male in here. I don't think this was originally made as a vendetta thread.

No. 643590

File: 1532207833255.png (505.3 KB, 1020x749, Screenshot at Jul 21 23-16-45.…)

I think this thread is about to get into the real cows here… lmfao

No. 643591

This is the guy posting dirt on her?

No. 643597

File: 1532207940949.png (5.06 MB, 1440x14300, screencapture-gab-ai-Vexation-…)

No. 643599

No. 643600

lmao fucking hell.

Stella needs to get some self respect. Imagine willingly associating with any male like this.

No. 643601

File: 1532208025090.gif (1015.88 KB, 345x352, Zki6LEk.gif)

Well hot damn, this thread has gotten milky since I was last online.

No. 643602

She follows nazis on Instagram so I'm not surprised

No. 643604

>tame cleavage pic
idk anon, i dont think underwear photos ar very trad-like. and you know she would shit on any other woman sending guys pics like that.¨

yeah this guy and his friend are obviously retarded but pls lets not turn this thread into a pol tier discussion

No. 643606

File: 1532208219844.png (872.98 KB, 2290x702, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 3.22…)

He taggged this person on one of Stell's pics, went to the youtube linked and look who they've recommended first lmao

No. 643607

If I remember correctly this guy is always in her comments on every video.

No. 643608

File: 1532208416620.png (466.67 KB, 2382x1402, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 3.26…)

Here's her ex who is posting in this thread

No. 643609

>can't even spell "Heil"

Of course.

No. 643610

post link

No. 643615

No. 643616

Dude where did we go wrong as a society where this is what 17 year old nerds do with their time now? Christ.

No. 643619

lmao, i know these poor girls are desperate for attention, but these guys are like literally the lowest quality dick ever. i feel bad for her, even with her harmful internalized misogyny. how old is this guy? he looks 12 facially, but lots of these white failures look 7,

tbh i think it was legit 4chan. too much 'ironic' racism made perfect breeding ground for cloaking real racism

No. 643621

File: 1532208916078.png (668.56 KB, 856x473, boyfriend.png)

stell really attracts some really lookers lmao

No. 643623


who is Styx though?

No. 643627

read the thread anon

No. 643629

File: 1532209378864.jpg (21.79 KB, 640x640, 1527018200731.jpg)

>tfw 45% bodyfat as a male
>tfw male pattern hair loss
>tfw you buy a faux office cubicle off amazon to put in your mom's wood-panelled living room to give your internet presence some semblance of you having a job despite said cubicle being littered with Marvel posters
>tfw sunken peasant potato facial aesthetics
>tfw absolute mental midget
>actually believes in white superiority

No. 643636

She skypes this guy, I wouldn't be surprised if she's shown him her tits too lol.
In one of her livestreams she was like "wanna videochat after this??" To him

No. 643640

Funny how the dude was scared of us thinking he looked like a "soyboy" when his looks would never come into the equation if he didn't think he was a big bad hardcore nazi, now he's ran off because a few anons teased him for it. To think that Stell chatted with this guy and had sex with him within a week.. you know how to pick em, Stell.

No. 643642

Also how he believes doxxing is illegal (lol) but still tried to namedrop by posting her censored last name. What a badass

No. 643643

He also posted her phone number immediately after saying that doxxing was illegal then pussied out and deleted it. Its still available on the thread for me but not if I open it up again.

No. 643648

How very vendetta of the soyboy nazi larper
btw was anyone really thinking Stell was some pure virgin? I thought it was implied she's not. Obviously she's hypocritical, but that's what we were making fun of the whole time. No great revelations here.

No. 643664

lmfao this boy is premature balding
she really knows how to pick the trailer park boys

No. 643666

Top kek. Grateful to this twink for both the milk and the laugh.

No. 643676

I want the skype screenshots plz.

No. 643682

File: 1532213932168.jpg (64.98 KB, 640x640, 1515130617450_zpsqzpdiawu.jpg)

i kinda believed the pure virgin act until i found out she had an edgy alt girl phase prior to her trad waifu phase. why else would she do a 180 like that? probably to cope with the guilt, lmao. also she posts things with a lot of sexual undertones, so she's not as naive as she acts.

No. 643695

Yeah I assumed she was a virgin, it's not unheard of for 16 year olds to be virginal and I thought she would use it to think of herself as better than other women. Oops I was wrong lmao

No. 643697

You really think a girl who agrees to have sex within a week is virginal and "pure"?

No. 643704

tbf, they could be. male sexual pressure is real. there are plenty of innocent, very naive, submissive girls that might think these boys will stay with them or like them, as long as they have some kind of sexual and emotional bond with these boys. i don't think stella is one of them, but i can see how an innocent girl wanting to be pure can easily be persuaded by men

No. 643709

*prior to today I assumed she was a virgin. I just said I realized that I was wrong

No. 643715

I thought you were the guy she dated because it was similar to what he was saying, sorry there anon. That's understandable but Stell always seemed to be putting up an obvious act to me.

No. 643729

Got any more milk on styxhexenhammer666? I keep hearing about him a lot when it comes to her.

No. 643787

Beside obvious Stell personality
this boy without proof, seems full of crap for me, to be honest.
we dont actually have proof of her having sex, or her letting someone touch her boobs in the bus, because there is no proof.
the pictures could be revealing but not suprising for a 16 years old.
meh, i call bs until proof is leaked. (not of her naked for course..)

No. 643811

even if this recent milk is a bunch of bullshit, and these guys are just trying to ruin her reputation or whatever, we can't deny that stell's trad act isn't genuine and she's probably much less of a prude than the steers everyone to believe.

No. 643901

I don’t give a shit if this loser is a soyboy-nazi-edgy-larp-er, this is a stell thread, he brought us milk. So for the only day in his entire life he did something useful with his shitty life. Cheers anons!

There’s no way she’s a virgin kek. And tbh I was always suspected that she had shooped her dna test results after she “lost/had an error with her test” the first time. She definitely resembles and has the nose and facial structure of someone whose Virginian Native American.

If she’s snap chatted her tits once, you know she’s done it many, many times before and after.
~so trad, much 50s housewife~

No. 643966

Notice how he doesn't have proof of the more salacious details. Yes this teen girl, this "thot" as you call her, "made" you delete everything from every chat. And you agreed to this after she cheated on you and pissed you off. Mmm hmm, sure.

Also clock that double standard where the guys in this woeful scene can be sluts but heaven forfend the girls enjoy themselves.

No. 643968

Have you sent your tits to anyone in private, anon? If anything she's being a normal teen. Notice the snaps are private. Dasha's a terrible person for posting revenge porn but this guy's getting into the territory here and you're cheering him on?

No. 643992

Anyway, it's funny that the guy is a white nazi, but he talks like he's from da hood™

No. 643997

ugh is stell doing damage control ITT

No. 644014

This is some sub-par whiteknighting.

>Have you sent your tits to anyone in private

No I’ve never. And there’s several anons who probably haven’t either. Did you really try to pull a “Haven’t you ever messed up once? Have you ever sent your naked tits online to multiple people?! Therefore EVERYONE has done it before and stell is just a normal uwu innocent teen!”

>clock that double standard where the guys in this woeful scene can be sluts but heaven forfend the girls enjoy themselves

Umm, then why are you defending stell? She literally thinks and says those things about other girls, all the time. She goes on other females for having multiple partners or having sex before marriage, while she’s over here fucking losers she’s only known for a week and sending nudes to dudes.

The point is that she’s a huge hypocrite. You can’t pretend/lie to be a “virgin” and this perfect pure modest 1950s trad housewife, and then do the complete opposite, when you’ve shat on other females for doing the exact same thing. No one made her lie for attention and brand herself as something she’s not.

>he doesn't have proof of the more salacious details

So that means they’re untrue? He dated her and showed picture proof. She hasn’t and has a tendency to lie. So I think anons are more inclined to believe him. He doesn’t really have a reason to lie, as much as she does, by a long shot.


Wrong thread m8

>you’re cheering him on?

Are you lost or something?

Lol why are you weirdly trying to convince everyone that they shouldn’t believe her ex, and that stell must be a ~pure virgin~ until we have video proof of her having sex, and that the pics he provided are not proof or somehow not true. “she just took pics of her boobs! that doesn’t mean someone’s ever touched her boobs! She’s still pure!!!1” TOP KEK. Are you the same anon trying to derail the thread by posting about how her ex is a Nazi and must be lying and how the pics are fake or misogyny (to derail from her tit pics)?

Stop this obvious whiteknighting bs

No. 644032

Get off your vendetta high horse. This girl is a cringeshow but sending an incredibly tame photo of her bra with barely any boob even visible, as a temporary snapchat, to her - as he claims - boyfriend at the time, is absolute non-milk even if she's trad. Everything else this cuck gave us was pure hearsay. Where's the proof they fucked? Where are all the saucy screenshots? Even the number he posted was private and could belong to anyone in Virginia.

>He dated her and showed picture proof.

Two selfies of them together arm in arm. Wow. I sure believe this guy fucked her good. He admitted he orbited her while she had a boyfriend. Out of all the screenshots he supposedly has and could have posted, none of them showed her saying something romantic to him at all. What's the point of sending him her measurements when he had countless nudes of her naked?

>He doesn't have a reason to lie

Yeah, little soyboys like him who get off on spouting insane nazi edge on imageboards tend to be reliable narrators.

No. 644070

No I’m not the same anon

You are extremely gullible to believe in a boy who suddenly came with two pictures of them and that’s all, the rest is text.

Wow boob pictures from a 16 yrs old, ~so weird~ obviously stell is not a trad wife she wants to believe, but “I let him touch my boobies ooos - cat face-“ sure thing, there is no proof (again)

you all are you gullible to “cheers!!11” over two screenshots and a wall of text by a salty dumped ex.
No milk until proven
Where are the Skype chat logs?
The rest of them?
No moar pictures?


No. 644076

Fuckers like you scared him away from posting Skype logs

No. 644094

Sure…. bc lots of straight-teen-highschool boy and girl friends, who take couple photos together, share snapchats in their lingere and underwear, sticking out their boobs and ass, totally don’t have sex or makeout or anything, right? Plz gurl.
If anything/at the least it shows she’s a massive hypocrite. She’s insulted girls who have done the exact same. Her entire channel is built on being “better” than that. Her fans comment on it daily. She publicly shames other girls for less. I don’t know why you skimmed over that part.


I didn’t say >>643787 was written by the same anon or samefagged. (I don’t know)
Just that >>643966 and >>643968 are whiteknighting stell… but it’s also very obvious those two posts were written by the same person kek. Posted 2 minutes apart and saying the same thing. Js

This isn’t PULL, it’s speculation and it’s the most obvious logical conclusion based on the info. If you think he’s going to have video evidence then youre SOL. And we’ve had cows before who have threatened, begged, manipulated their ex’s to delete texts, block people, delete photos, convince them that everyone’s lying, to lie, whiteknight, etc. so it’s not that outlandish. We’ve had many ex’s come and spill. He has posted enough to prove he had a close or somewhat of a romantic/sexual/dating nature relationship and knows her IRL and for a good period of time. We’ve accepted testimonials with less. She lies constantly. How is that vendetta?

No. 644102

This. Why does it feel like a bunch of WK came in here just after the ex? It feels like they were trying to scare him off to stop him posting or derail.

No. 644176


Because it probably WAS a bunch of white knights or the cow herself trying to scare him off.

Even if you don't think the evidence is milky enough, no one can deny she doesn't act as trad or modest as she would have you believe.

It's obvious she does anything/says anything for attention. I think because she feels "loved" in this one community, she keeps up the act even though it's quite obvious she doesn't believe in it.

I'm sure if anyone asked her family or friends, they would tell you she acts completely different. That could be why they all blindly accept her channel and social media. They all know it's fake.

The person who posted all the milk (her ex) should post anything he can really.

Even if he had the juiciest milk, even if he could show proof she fucked him, all these pathetic white knights would STILL defend her. Listen guys, just because you defend her so hard doesn't mean she'll fuck you too.

Seeing the milk though, she'll probably just suck your dick apparently.

No. 644189

Exactly. We. Just. Want. The. Milk.
Go somewhere else to defend her, we all know she's not traditional in the slightest and it's hilarious. We're missing opportunities for more milk thanks to people defending her

No. 644439

Considering she constantly goes on about how girls shouldn't be "degenerate" and how "traditional" and different she is, I think the boob snapchat is pretty significant even if the rest is without proof.

No. 644581


No. 644617

I'm not sure it was WKs (except the "uhh she's just a normal teen girl stop ur double standards" person, lmao), just anons who didn't take kindly to his Nazi bullshittery. It's still a pity because he was bringing milk. At least wait until after he delivers to have a giggle, for fuck's sake. It makes sense that anyone who'd associate with Stell would be a mess themselves. What did you expect? A regular guy who just slipped and fell into a Hitler bride's DMs by complete accident? Please. At least he was honest about his fuckery.

No. 644634

why pay for the milk in kindness when there's a cow right here getting triggered for free

No. 644722

Because the topic of this thread is stell bell

No. 644741

File: 1532316625952.jpg (75.96 KB, 1070x234, Screenshot_20180722-222929_Ins…)

She's too cozy with nazis to not be one of them

No. 646590

File: 1532487700533.jpg (587.32 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20180724-220030_Ins…)


No. 646606

this has to be a meme holy fuck

No. 646758

I've never posted here before, but I'm a "tradgirl" (as much as I hate that word) from the UK and I'm really sorry that happened to you and that you were disrespected and lead on by somebody claiming to have high morals. It's disgraceful

No. 646763

Kek, are you trying to talk to the nazi boy here >>643468?
>being that desperate for male attention

No. 646764

Omg how embarrasing. Quench you thirst for dicks elsewhere Tradthot.

No. 646808

Why are all trad girls like you and stella desperate for male attention??? Arent you supposed to be pure for one man uwu

No. 646820


Hardcore daddy issues

No. 647490

File: 1532569089683.jpeg (253.88 KB, 640x942, 8BE0444E-6FAB-4739-819A-F81362…)

Looks like her and the new boyfriend broke up. She made an indirect post about him.

No. 647639


No. 647646

Channel is blank for me too

No. 647671

good riddance

No. 647708

Anyone have her videos saved?

No. 647713

All her videos deleted.
Her second IG deleted.
Even an interview featuring her done by another youtuber deleted.

All it took to take her down was her ex coming forward and proving she's a total fucking fake.

I hope now people see she's nothing more than a fraud, and the dude who posted her pics was right all along.

I personally couldn't stand her, I hope she never comes back.

No. 647756

Personally I think her whole persona changes depending on what guy she’s interested. When she was dating Styx she was a semi goth girl obsessed with Marilyn Manson. Then she drops that after getting with the ex who exposed her on here who seems like he’s into the alt right/trad thing and since that got her views, she stuck with it. But she’s probably genuinely into the Lolita/Lana Del Rey type shit.

No. 647879

She's probably just going to start uploading new videos, I'm almost certain she'll "start fresh"

No. 647901

Placing my bets on her turning into a nymphet style channel. Anyone else?

No. 647915

Most definitely. She’s going to be like schyler reighn.

No. 647921

Ooh, I hope, personality-changing cows are my favourite

No. 647930

>kill your local nigger
Sorry for being late but how is the same person literally scared of the consequences of “illegal” doxxing of a white person on image boards, but is also openly advocating for the murder of all colored people?

What is law…

No. 647932

"White pride" types are not rational human beings.

No. 647972

tinfoil probably a big reason she deleted all her videos was to hide the progession of her completely faking her southern accent

No. 648261

if nymphet shit is her next avenue then honestly i don't care. it will be cringey and problematic in its own way, but at least she can be honest about her sexuality, and not have to hide behind a '50s housewife/pure aryan waifu facade.

No. 648267

Anyone archive some of her milkier videos like the light skin one? I wonder if her sister had something to do with her deleting everything considering her sister was being brutally torn apart by nazis in the comments and her mom did comment on the video and probably saw them. I can imagine it causing problems with her mom and sister pressuring her to stop.

No. 648330

i speculate this as well. also if her family lurks her channel and instagram, i can imagine they have found this thread by now too. just by googling her. maybe she got busted by her family after they read the most recent milk on here (and dug up past milk about styx too)? more of a reason for them to stop her from posting.

No. 648357

File: 1532645420598.jpg (225.57 KB, 1804x669, IMG_20180726_174203_127.JPG)

I don't think there was no way her family didn't know about her online activity or Styx.

The screenshot posted is from the video where she insist she didn't date Styx (yes, she made a video where she said it was a blatant lie, and her brain dead orbiters even said "it was all the leftists/Jew's fault) and says a evidence is Photoshopped.

As you can see, people knew they were dating. Apparently he even sent stuff to her house.

Didn't her parents ever question where she got stuff from? Are they that negligent with her?

No. 648396

If Styx was really sending her stuff in the mail there’s a chance her family just never saw it. Her mom seems like an enabler but I doubt she would let her underage daughter date a guy pushing 30.

No. 648583

Isn’t her mom some white trash virginian hick who had stell at a young age? Tbh a lot of those moms have no control of their children and have no idea what’s going on in their lives and don’t care if their kids date people 10+ years older, are single moms, have a current/past history of drug/alcohol abuse, and dress like a junkie at a 90s rock show.

Like the vast majority off them, I’ve seen pics of her mom and she looks like that. Also her mother does have a lot of features of Native American Virginians.

She didn’t delete her socials for nothing, when will anons learn that we don’t want to scare off people until after they’ve posted the milk? I wanted to see those Skype logs so bad

>What did you expect? A regular guy who just slipped and fell into a Hitler bride's DMs by complete accident?

Kekekek that made me laugh

No. 648682

File: 1532681172851.jpeg (87.17 KB, 640x399, 6D826264-CAA4-4D0C-9AF3-00A063…)

She didn’t delete her 2nd insta. She changed the username and removed followers.

No. 648683

File: 1532681465597.jpeg (102.41 KB, 640x516, 3F1905DD-D532-4F5F-BFE2-E37297…)

Didn’t she date this guy? I remember seeing pictures of them together. And there was a time Stell Bell’s 2 instagram username was called @wisenotfitgirl and the only person she followed on that one was this guy.

No. 648686

If a man in his late 20's is sending stuff to a 14 year old girls house, that is not "dating" that's blatant grooming…

No. 648687

As a German I find people like her really lulzy. Plus she looks like a gipsy or something, not like a blonde aryan nordic virgin beauty, makes it even funnier

No. 648692

I agree. I can’t tell if the comment in >>648357 is trying to defend this Styx guy or not. Was her “deceit” a very convincing claim to be 24 instead of 14? Because if this guy knew she was 14 and still pursued a relationship with her then he’s entirely the one in the wrong, imo. A 29-year-old man doesn’t get to “date” a child and then play the victim when she acts like a child. Stell is a mean little shit but these guys are something else.

No. 648734

All of her mom's children have different fathers. She's a single mom. Stells dad is an alcoholic who wasn't present in her life.
Whenever she shows one of her sisters they have a different dad.
She mentioned her dad in a now deleted video.

No. 648758

>plot twist
She never cared about attracting orbiters or others her age, this entire white purity act is to attract and bring back her Father >>643484

No. 649099

Didn’t her ex who was in this thread say she had a sexual attraction to her dad?

No. 649101

Yeah. wish he would come back with more milk

No. 649128

when was this, and do you have any caps of it?

No. 649183

I remember seeing pics of them together in late 2017. He posted a pic of himself with Stell. I think he was visiting America that time. He’s Dutch.

No. 649231

I think it's quite telling how quickly she went from boyfriend to boyfriend and how she needs male attention so bad.

No. 649324

I want more styx milk. In this video he comes in drunk and and acts like hot shit about the amount of money he makes says he will sue them. (He earned like 3k on patreon at the time, btw.)

No. 649330

No. 649523

newfag, but, can confirm, @wisefitguy started contacting me when i was 17. I've deleted the account and thus don't have screenshots, but he was a creep who asked if I was a virgin, had a boyfriend, etc. I was one of the few girls stellbell followed, so I believe he found me that way. It seemed to me things didn't last long with him and stella, wonder why?

But she has been a huge joke in the community for nearly a year now.

No. 649587

File: 1532797286595.jpeg (47.79 KB, 714x714, 8E08AD86-C16B-4584-BEA2-D8B3C5…)

look at the contrast between their side profiles damn.

No. 649607


Yeah, this proves that they at the very least had some weird online relationship. I can't believe I actually used to watch his videos, he's a creep.

No. 649730

I’ve unfortunately run into so many “trad” women like Stell and they always have the same attention complex. Any mildly attractive young female can get so much attention and money from spouting the basi shit like Lauren southern or stell, and it draws in the most attention hungry girls. They’re always so cognitively dissonant, like honestly Stell if you’re so trad and right wing, why don’t you drop out of school and get married and start having kids? isn’t that what you think other women should do? but I guess she’s excused from that, since she’s uwu special and can’t resist the attention from losers on pol. Any extremely right wing woman like Stell who ya sa big internet presence is doing it for attention or money, because if they really adhered to the beliefs, they wouldn’t even be active online or feel they have a place in politics. /rant

No. 649743

I’m surprised Stell even followed any women at all. all these women in these movements clearly despise each other and see each other as threats to the attention from their neckbeards. did she ever reach out to you about anything?

No. 649871

Virginianfairy is her new second insta. I've managed to infiltrate pretty well lmao, with a fake profile pic and posting pics on my fake insta, they think I'm a trad girl too uwu. I've even gained a decent following lmao, I didn't ask for it but trad girls are in such demand from neckbeards I guess. But anyways, I follow her second account and she purged it so I think I'll be bringing in a lot of milk since she's picky with who she lets follow her

No. 649900

i'm not following her but i have no issues seeing this account on my browser. she uploaded two short videos to this insta today; one about just wanting to be nice to everyone & hating vicious people, and another about how important it is to not take anything for granted (kek)

No. 649941

Dumb question but how can you see her private account without following her?

No. 649943

mind sharing a few posts?

No. 649958

It's public now.
Grab milk while it's still out in the open.

No. 649962

I like how on both accounts she's pretending like nothing is wrong LMAO

No. 649974

File: 1532833058138.png (738.31 KB, 736x737, stellbell.png)

flash and overexposure should do the trick…

No. 649998

She looks like homer Simpson here wtf

No. 650012

how does this 16 year old girl manages to look like every fat divorced suburban 35 year old mom on Facebook is beyond me

No. 650188


stop reposting non milky images and bumping the thread. could've just responded to the image.

No. 650387

File: 1532885509119.jpg (563.76 KB, 1078x1869, Screenshot_20180729-123021_Ins…)

>Everyone says I'm prettier than them and I just hate it! :)

>also i got freckles overnight

No. 650389

File: 1532885621210.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1242x1840, 882A42C5-C240-4F74-9B6E-28B978…)

Not sure what she will upload in her private account in the future to be honest
This is all she has right now

No. 650498

when i first saw this picture i was like "dang her eyes actually look green here!" but then i remembered she usually wears contacts or it's probably just the blue filter she used. nice try, stell.

>"hey guys look at me! no don't worry i'm not being a narcissist, i think my little sister is pretty too! oh and don't mind the way i treated her in that one video, i actually think she's prettier than me. but look at me though!"

No. 650512

You can still see a brown ring in her eyes, which would mean they were hazel if anything and not pure green like she claims

No. 650563

It's fun cos the light also turned her cleavage green

No. 650606

>supporting nazis
>wanting to be nice to everyone & hating vicious people

pick one

No. 650649

all her clothes look straight out of 2007 lmao

No. 650683

Lmao spot on anon

No. 650701

The 50s style went back into fashion around 07 so that explains it. I know she thinks she looks like a classic 50s housewife but she really just looks like a late 2000s basic girl.

No. 651070

Did she ever meet Styx irl or was it just an online relationship sort of thing?

No. 651150

aw, this profile would be kind of cute, if stell wasnt so fucked up

No. 653719

She told me she's not going to college- she's going to set up a patreon instead. Can't screenshot the dm or else she will block me. She also wants to be pregnant by 20.

No. 653754

Didn't she already have a Patreon?
What happened to it?

No. 653762


Good luck with the Patreon now that she's busted. Once word of her fornication comes out - the antithesis of what she built her YouTube following around - she'll have no choice but to abandon the internet.

No. 653794

Not sure– all of her plans to make money sound like she'll be at or below minimum wage. Evalion(her nazi friend) literally lives in her husband's parent's basement and makes less than minimum wage, maybe she'll end up like her. Evalion openly talks about being poor on Twitter, she's just too retarded to do anything about it. These are the kinds of people stell listens to

No. 653798


Isn't Evalion a communist now though?

No. 653799

File: 1533157073845.jpg (217.99 KB, 1076x852, Screenshot_20180801-155528_Ins…)

Her Twitter at @muststaysane talks about how poor she is too. She doesn't cook well at all either (can't make SPAGHETTI or POTATOES, fucking easy meals) and her basement is often dirty in the background. So much for being traditional

No. 653800

Strasserist i thought

No. 653804

>my transcription and paid surveys

oh sweetie

No. 653808

>i just want to mooch off of some guy and be a stay at home wife but evil feminism forbids this :(
kek, the mental gymnastics. shut the fuck up and get a job in retail or something.

No. 653811

>I'm not too stupid, lazy, and incompetent to get a job, I'm just trad, I swear

No. 654056

So about 2 months ago stell did a livestream on American dandelion with that styling and racially profiling guy and also some other guy from Virginia (mightve gone to school idk, bragged about having family in the warden SS). So the virginian guy was chatting with her first and she talked about being broke and made a shekels joke, and while he was interacting with the stream stella just started moaning. The guy was like "wtf" and she was like "oh sorry my sister is out of frame rubbing my back! It hurts but it feels soo good" and she kept making little whimpering and moaning noises lmao. Then she let the racially profiling guy in and promised she would Skype him later. Just a funny story, was wondering if any other anons were in that stream or remember it.
Also she did a grwm stream braless and walked away from the camera in mini shorts, she looks like a 30 year old divorcee and she did especially in that stream.

No. 654057

Waffen ss*
Too bad she probably won't stream anymore

No. 654174

damn this is even more pathetic than settling on sex work

No. 654273

give it time

No. 654695

I'd actually gain so much more respect for Stella if she addressed the rumours rather than just carrying on pretending everything is a-okay

No. 654712

What is there to respect? All she can do is lie and deflect at this point. She's a trashy, useless pathological liar/loser who wants to be supported by other trashy, useless losers who are ephebophilic, racist neckbeards. She deleted all her shit and is working on rebranding with a new persona because there's no hope left here.
The one thing these /pol/ freaks demand of girls/women is some semblance of "purity", and she couldn't even manage that.

No. 654795

Shes streaming on virginianfairy, get in

No. 654859

No. 654861

Done now, gimme a sec I'll post a rundown. Not too much milk

No. 654865

File: 1533241124985.jpg (204.66 KB, 1080x1795, Screenshot_20180802-134019_Ins…)

She complained that everyone in her life has betrayed her (specifically mentions sister and father)
Point of the stream was to sing, I kept the stream open and turned away to wash dishes and I heard her moaning so I went over to look at my phone and she said "I know that song is kind of sexual… haha"
She told 2 guys orbiting her that she would "call them later"
Talked in the stream about how she's going to flaunt her new skinny body at the beach, also bragged about not eating all day
Referenced the book "Revolt Against the Modern World"
Said she will come back to YouTube in 5 months or less

No. 654868

Also my stalker account is male and there were only males with me in the stream when she started talking about her body, lmfao

No. 654871

This cap is when she was having a breakdown, complaining about her father and all of her sisters and saying "nobody knows the full truth about me"
Also her followers are blatantly anti semetic and she giggles at it

No. 654881


What do you think happened; the family found out about her thotting?

No. 654886

Maybe her sisters did? Her dad is hardly in her life so I can't imagine he would care. She didn't mention her mom

No. 655487

Just deleted her second account.

No. 655758

I doubt it was the "thotting" they care about, probably moreso the blatant racism and mingling with pedophile nazis online.

No. 655770

you're putting too much faith in her family anon, people don't usually get that hateful without being taught to from a young age

No. 655771

At least the pedophile part should concern her parents I hope

No. 656306

She's a dingaling. Cooking is science!

No. 656458

clearly she's not as smart as she thinks. you're never meant to envy lolita's position while reading the book or watching the movie, she's clearly a child with a crush that's being taken advantage of. theres a reason why she ends up escaping.

No. 658143

well it's gone now or she changed the name.
she seems to be kind of laying low for now.

No. 658176

>household needs to two incomes

Yeesh, that tradthot capitalist model has got her brainwashed real gud.
Besides, she shouldn't be concerning herself with finding ways to make money. All she need be worried about is being as beautiful and obedient as possible and hooking up with the first man who will let her mooch–regardless if he's an ugly, slovenly pig–because that's what traditional women do. Stay at home, breed, and feed.

No. 658657

I know there's an alt right general but what about a trad girl general? A lot of them skip college and become mooches, hate other women, and are pretty milky in general

No. 658686

would be interested in that, tradthots are my fave cows

No. 658825

Tradthot general is a good idea

No. 659470

File: 1533737245224.jpg (108.93 KB, 750x568, 25036243_1601179836636123_7901…)

No. 659992

Tradthot general could include some alt right girls like lauren southern and ashtonbiridie, to avoid overlap we could focus on their trad larping instead of solely their politics. They're cows that keep on giving

No. 660080

Please do a tradthot general. I got some good stuff on Venti and Lauren really needs more attention. There's some new lesser tradthots that have been popping up the past year or two as well.

No. 660179

No. 661198

Her instagram description:

"🕊️ Virginian girl 🕊️
#1950s lover, exploring the #1940s & #1930s"

Looks like she's rebranded herself as a retro fashion fetishist. Has she admitted defeat or will we see an attempt at a comeback in the coming months?

No. 661274

Her old bio said something like "German" with a German flag lmao

No. 662921

"Exploring" the 1940s and 30s is a pretty diplomatic way to say she's still a Nazi. I mean, who the fuck else would like the ~aesthetic~ of the great depression? Adding in the German flag with that is a pretty sure indicator that she's still the same. Just maybe a bit more tactful cause she realised she eventually will need a career and people don't like Nazis except fellow Nazis who won't want her to work with or for them

No. 663045


Her YouTube career is over, there's no point in signalling her political views any longer since her tradthot brand was built around her supposed virginity. What we're seeing is a slow but sure deradicalization period that will eventually end with a proper exit out of her internet celebrity and a new beginning as a full-time Appalachian skank, a profession she has largely gotten acquainted with since 2017, judging by the content of this thread.

No. 663070

Those "normies" are more politically active than what this tradthot will ever be and get shit done. I can only hope it stays that way of poltards and tradcunts complaining about nothing but not having real initiative except to ruin their image in front of sane white people.

No. 665242

wow that haircut is awful

but aside from nitpicking I highly doubt she’s even watched more than two episodes of twin peaks. also Audrey Horne is like 17 or 18 in that series and still in high school, of course she’s romanticizing a grown ass man dating a high schooler. stell, for someone trad, you sure have a lot of daddy issues

No. 665460

She literally has dreams about being romantic with 60 year old men lmao.
And I think her hair is damaged to shit

No. 665600

Most “trad” chicks have daddy issues. Find an older man to take care of you so you can be a perfect little submissive housewife. It’s basically a more socially acceptable version of ddlg.

No. 665892

I talked to her personally about all of this and this is what she had to say: her ex who posted on here supposedly "manipulated" her into doing things with him (she didn't specify what those things were) and apparently he knew this would work because she's dealt with abuse in the past so it made her more vulnerable to manipulation, and when she wouldn't have sex with him he took revenge by posting false information about her on here. Whether or not this is true, I have no idea. Apparently "lots of guys" have gotten upset or broken up with her because she's "too traditional for them." She's planning on going back to YouTube around New Year's this year or January 2019. She had to have her phone number changed because she got so many harassing phone calls/texts. And she told me she keeps a very close but quiet eye on this thread. This was proven during the live stream she had on her virginianfairy account. Immediately after someone posted on here that she was live on IG, she got into a rage about it. I also talked to one of her Instagram friends (he's now blocked on all her accounts and he has no idea why) and he says she told him she'd be with a man 50+ years of age. Gross, if you ask me. Especially considering she's only 16. And that's all I can remember right now. That conversation was weeks ago

No. 665933

where the screencaps tho

No. 666037

caps or gtfo

No. 666790

Starting off strong with a thicker, faker accent! https://youtu.be/6uxbNExaAbg

So much for a 5-6 month break

No. 666825

did she remove the pictures from her closet walls recently or did i miss something?

No. 666973

Yeah she did. She changed her background and her entire personality

No. 666995


the whole video feels so sterile and staged. she's lost it, she has crazy eyes bad

No. 666998

File: 1534512929408.png (285.24 KB, 430x326, cuts.png)


did anyone else catch this? it could possibly be cat scratches but who knows

No. 667134

If it was true that that's self harm I would believe it

No. 667201

File: 1534536219142.png (139.88 KB, 366x197, ugh.PNG)

if you notice during the video she moves her arms around a lot especially the arm the cuts are on and she positions it so you can see it obviously a few times so if it is self harm. its attention seeking.
stell has finally lost it if this is her new angle for attention

No. 667367

File: 1534556584744.jpg (780.17 KB, 1078x1710, Screenshot_20180817-204001_Ins…)

Her parents must have some money

No. 667368

File: 1534556616452.jpg (415.46 KB, 1078x1574, Screenshot_20180817-204102_You…)

Most of her outfits are 70 dollars and up and she rarely repeats

No. 667486

Honestly I'd believe it if she's super rich. Most tradthots are which is why they can't imagine that some families can't survive on a single income where the mom sits at home all day making bland food from whole foods

No. 667588

Her fans are the most embarrassing bunch of 40-year old alt-righters drooling at her 16-y-old's idiotism from their mom's basements. It's funny but sad and creepy at the same time.

No. 667594

This. She would realize the value of a college degree or how difficult it is to find a stable, well paying job to have one of her "big trad families" (that she wants at 21 after a few years of living at home and selling shit on etsy) in today's world, and that sitting around waiting to be a housewife instead of going to college then being one may hurt her in the future.

No. 667718

No. 667781

File: 1534622038003.jpg (128.78 KB, 1080x2076, Screenshot_20180818-145204_Ins…)

Potato nose is ranting on Instagram. I think she has severe mood swings or something. She's mentioned in the past that she has anger issues

No. 667792

don’t know why she’s even trying to upkeep her social media/online persona, she’s the literal laughing stock of online trad thots and alt right guys. if that’s not rock bottom at 16, I don’t know what is. get a real life stell, because this one is pathetic.

No. 667823

Her teeth are so much worse than I thought.

No. 667866

They're the only southern thing about her at this point.

No. 667976

new upload.

>tells us how to be so uwu feminine like her

>says she has to try to repress her masculine urges to act like a hillbilly
>men are starting to become more hostile to women because they aren't uwu feminine anymore
>I only own one pair of pants! I don't feel like myself in pants!
>feminine women don't belong in politics
>goes on about how women should embrace femininity so men like them
>says a woman's value is how she's different from the men

No. 667986

Why is she so far away from the camera in her new videos?

No. 667987

I think my favorite thing about this cow is that she's literally like, "I'm not like the OTHER rednecks! I'm elegant and dainty."

No. 667989

She was and is heavily involved in politics? She follows women like brittany pettibone and lauren southern who have political careers???

No. 667996

she said that she is an exception~ because she "recognizes this fact" and she wouldn't let her "overly emotional nature make her make rash decisions"

No. 668026

File: 1534647966756.png (553.31 KB, 619x567, virginal tradwife.png)


does she not bother to edit her videos? if she's really trad like she says she is she could have at least cut this out

No. 668091

She was pushing her tits together in the other one too

No. 668093

She's the exception when it's convenient for her but heaven forbid women wear jeans.
She's so far up her own ass. I hate these "I'm not like other girls" types

No. 668105

File: 1534657999892.png (248.96 KB, 340x314, 1521461231453.png)

No. 668135

File: 1534661288649.jpg (22.38 KB, 647x480, yt princess.jpg)

sage for no milk but stell immediately came to mind after seeing the left one

No. 668595

File: 1534729406498.jpg (251.46 KB, 1080x2006, Screenshot_20180819-160033_Ins…)

Obviously she has light skin but she acts like it's paper white.
The difference between her skin tone and the other girls isn't that dramatic.
I know plenty of people more pale than her, she just wishes she was paler.

No. 668639

Looooove how the tan girls complexion is way nicer than hers go bitch flaunt those blotchy white girl legs

No. 668672

lol I'm non-white and my legs are paler than hers are. Also she needs to exfoliate those knees.

No. 668681

i dont feel sorry for her, but i legit cringe at the fact that she's only 16. she's gonna reach her twenties and look at what she's immortalized of herself on the internet and weep.

No. 668685

So glad social media and YT weren't a thing when I was her age. It's bad enough that I still have embarrassing fanfic floating around out there. Can''t find it mentioned in this thread, does she use her IRL full name anywhere online?

No. 668691

Lol my tan is paler than her

No. 668692

It literally just looks like she didn't go outside this summer and the other girl will be the same colour as her come December when her tan goes away

No. 668693

How would she find the time to go outside when she's so busy being a domestic trad aryan goddess??

No. 668730

that's what i was gonna say. she looks like any white person who's pale but then accidentally gets a blotchy tan if they start going outside a little. when i think of super pale/fair people i think of the type that can't even really tan because they just burn so they stay white.

No. 668842

File: 1534777590631.jpg (228 KB, 1080x2055, Screenshot_20180820-060235_Ins…)

She's so lazy

No. 668869

Wait, is her refusing to edit a thing? This is the first I'm seeing this. Does she have a reason for it? Or is it just something she doesn't want to do without giving a reason?

No. 668889

She just doesn't want to do it

No. 668926

Don't you know anon? Her overly emotional and feminine brain just can't understand the masculine subjects like computer programming and editing. It's a man's world and Stell's just livin in it.

watch her legit try to pull an excuse like this though

No. 669152

She will. She thinks her failing grade in chemistry is due to her being a woman lmfao

No. 669371

If she ever does outgrow this shit she's going to piss off a lot of nut job incels/alt right psychos. Im a little afraid for her. Who knows though, maybe she'll never "grow up".

No. 670206

Stell is such an extreme that honestly she needs to worry a bit more about fixing her social life and scrubbing the internet clean of all this for her future jobs than just some incels cyber bullying her. Yeah some incels go to real world violence but most will just hate on her social media which she can just delete and start over (this time anonymously). Since her full name is already public at least it's not like they can dox her

No. 671218

File: 1535033556345.jpg (513.6 KB, 1077x1275, Screenshot_20180823-090856_Pho…)

Aryan dishes princess 50's housewife hitler youth member here. I'm too trad for chemistry class, I can't wait to make a living selling clothes I sew on etsy despite never mentioning I have a knack for sewing. All of the female scientists aren't feminine. Anyways, I love animals guys so I'm going to pet my bunny and buy a new leather pair of shoes :) Sieg Heil! Hehe.

No. 672066

Looks like Stell Bell is back at it again. Seems to me that the leaker failed at exposing her, since the same neckbeards are back watching her videos in full force

No. 672081

are these circle lenses? if not, ngl, her eyes are really pretty

No. 672107

look like every other pair of brown eyes to me

No. 672131

I mean she might've edited it but they're just deep brown eyes

No. 672132

Most of her orbiters don't read lolcow

No. 672148

it's not the color, it's how large the iris is and how thick the limbal rings are

No. 672296

Her face is pretty shitty in general but sure go off on her pupils I guess

No. 673040

Her teeth are so british

No. 673115

not sure how complimenting her irises is 'going off' on her but ok

No. 673549

File: 1535276486367.jpeg (200.71 KB, 640x1136, 85AEE8E8-C578-464C-AD85-5DC4D8…)

No. 673550

File: 1535276510051.jpeg (112.45 KB, 640x1136, 323993DA-D939-4F5E-9201-199C47…)

No. 673559

Her instagram gives me a weird feeling. The whole normie/naive/innocent schtick she has going on, with the family pictures, typing style, etc. comes off as so.. affected.

No. 673646

hide your avi before stell's whiteknights come after you gorl

No. 673659

I literally can’t get I’ve how this 16 year old girl looks literally 30, ~feminine~

No. 673714

File: 1535303264744.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20180826-120550_Ins…)

>you're waiting your time if you spend it talking about people you don't know
>that's why I'm taking the time to address a website full of strangers

No. 673715

Obviously she's winning since her image is forever tied to her video of her see through leggings and support for nazis, duh.

No. 673878

Lol it’s fine, I actually posted those to show that they’re indeed green, not brown. This thread is so nit picky, I don’t dislike her at all.

No. 673972

Who the fuck cares.
They look brown in pictures she posted on her story a few days ago. Who cares if they look green on pictures she filtered.

No. 673973

That pic is straight off of her story lmao

No. 674052

File: 1535331451452.jpg (814.36 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20180826-195320_Ins…)

No. 674099

owch the edge

No. 675073

File: 1535478634027.jpg (316.75 KB, 1080x2061, Screenshot_20180828-122728_Ins…)

>almost gets hit by car
>stops story to switch sides "oops this is my bad side"
>calls herself a good person repeatedly

She's playing a sweet girl character now lmao, it's so weird and obvious she's still super vain.

No. 675074

Also she's the least humble person I've ever seen. She's constantly bragging about how nice she is in this video

No. 675153


What's up with the Victorian dress? Newsflash: you're still a redneck skank and you've been found out good this time.

No. 675161

She's so obviously Melungeon, lmao.

No. 675194

>victorian dress
Imagine if she tries to get into Lolita. I'd love to see that kind of milk play out.

No. 675299

as funny as it'd be to watch her be the hillbilly version of yumi king, i don't think the lolita community deserves any additional embarrassment.

No. 676056

File: 1535593419666.png (2.06 MB, 1242x2208, CCD37037-D9C4-493B-8226-FA5021…)

No. 676106

NO genuine/humble person would post this jfc

No. 676133

She's so self absorbed

No. 676453

Doesn’t seem so trad to have 69 in your username.


No. 676458

File: 1535655586107.png (445.52 KB, 969x611, TRADNATION.png)

>Do both.

How trad!

No. 676903

File: 1535685991427.jpg (262.13 KB, 490x1176, Screenshot_20180830-222536_Ins…)

Hahaha ew

No. 677138


I think that's a flower in her mouth, but with the shape of her mouth at first glance it looks like a pipe. Very trad (man).

No. 677474

>calls herself trad
>trying to emulate monroe, who was (and still is) considered a thot by trad standards
>probably also inflenced by lana del rey, who sings about drugs, money and rich men abusing her

self made joke

No. 678008

Stell literally has light colored warm-toned skin. I'd say she's probably a MAC NC20. So yeah, Stell really isn't that pale.

If she really wants to prove her paleness (lmao) she should take her hillbilly ass down to Sephora or Ulta and do some swatches. Oh, wait, she won't, that'd prove she literally has the skintone of a normal white girl.

No. 678014

Is she filming in a fucking rec center? I've never seen a private home with a ceiling like that, only public areas like schools/museums and shit.

Anybody know why she's wearing turn of the century pioneer clothes? Is she doing living history or is this cringe machine calling this a fashion statement?

Kind of off topic, but idk why these trad girls don't get into living history. There are so many confederate/civil war reenactment groups, ESPECIALLY in the South. You actually learn about the history in a hands-on manner. What's more trad than quite literally reenacting your roots?

No. 678073


History is too masculine for them, I'm sure.

No. 678108

File: 1535844064255.jpg (802.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180815-113019_Ins…)

She would overexpose the video or something too, or claim the third lightest shade was the lightest shade, etc. Or that she tanned

No. 678109

File: 1535844088540.jpg (769.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180815-113031_Ins…)

No. 678192

The amount of time she spends reading gossip threads about herself is probably the same amount of time that anons spend posting.

No. 678428

why is she so butthurt about spaniards and italians? they're white people too. this girl is so cringe, holy hell. with that big ass honky nose.

No. 678514

File: 1535899817042.png (135.16 KB, 406x379, hehehe.png)


how salty must she have been over those results.

stell, boo, overexposing your photos can't erase your non ~*aryan*~ features, potato nose and butt chin included.

No. 678579

I'll never understand her ''pale'' obsession.
The time periods she's fetishizing weren't favoring pale skin anyway. A ''healthy'' tan was desired in the 50s, even during the Nazi era in Germany. It wasn't fucking 17th century France when the rich wanted to look as pale as possible.
You can really tell that she knows absolutely nothing about what she's talking about and everything she posts about her skin tone is just so try-hard and cringeworthy.

No. 679967

She is influenced by Lana, I also think she likes Nicole Dollanganger as well but isn't open about it. Another one of her influences is the 1997 movie, Lolita.

She's mad she's Melungeon and she can't larp as German or Scandinavian so she will larp as a Mediterranean instead.

She's "secretly" an edgelord, which is why she wishes to be as pale as possible, it goes into her hot-topic-goth identity which is what she is deep down. I think underneath her ~*smol lolita housewife bbydoll*~ persona, she's most likely like Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, even down to the edgy looks. Personally, I want Stell to become one of the Tumblr bbydolls, they're all racist anyway so I doubt she'd be chased off. (remembers Jess calling everyone ugly darkies in the Dollanganger calves thread, ahh, the memories…)

No. 681749

File: 1536179695765.jpg (515.97 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20180905-153309_Ins…)

Anyone think she edits her eyes greener? In old videos they're the same shade as her sister's, in pictures she doesn't edit/ones on her Instagram story they're brown… of course she'll read this and start consistently editing them more but in videos and videos that have been deleted they're not this green.

No. 681751

I know how to do that with the tone tool on facetime lol

No. 681752


No. 681890

she doesn't look Mediterranean at all, that's an insult to us pasta anons

No. 682272

File: 1536234530100.jpg (530.65 KB, 1080x997, Screenshot_20180906-064423_Ins…)

She edited them less green lmao

No. 682531

File: 1536268076544.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20180906-160649_Ins…)

I am disgusted

No. 682532

Anyone have her modesty video archived? She slut shames women who wear above the knee shorts lmao.
Also she's wearing fucking rhinestone cowgirl boots

No. 682547


idk man, I know a greek woman who could be her twin sister. same nose, same mouth, same eyes.

not saying shes an attractive specimen of y'all but she does have them features

No. 682548

god can't this bitch exfoliate for once
like hun you just need sugar and oil I'm sure your mommy and daddys pantry is full of that shit

No. 682742

Exfoliating is for thots!

When is she turning into a sadbbydoll? I see it in the near future for some reason.

No. 683458

File: 1536362203718.jpg (956.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180907-190838_Ins…)

Posting in support of a couple who were allegedly part of a terrorist Neo-Nazi group.

No. 683459

File: 1536362224223.jpg (811.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180907-190852_Ins…)

No. 683786

Wait… she's literally a nazi now there's no denying it

No. 684875

File: 1536538763575.jpg (595.03 KB, 1080x3042, IMG_20180909_205548.jpg)

She needs to realise that it's pretty much illegal to be a nazi after WWII in most of the world. Mainly because nazi=potential genocidal terrorist and we now know the final solution. Her own damn Pinterest has a pic of a woman crying that the Nazis took over her country and she was forced to wave which Stell called "haunting". Why does she pretend/force herself to believe that all of this is entirely harmless?
(Posted picture inb4 she deletes it)

No. 684903

How do we even know this Pinterest is hers and not someone posing as her under her real name?

No. 684904

I believe if it was really the cow herself, she would at least have an updated profile photo

No. 685188


how about you learn how to sage and stop same fagging.

aside from this smelling like a selfpost, what would be the purpose of someone impersonating her irrelevant online presence?
"oh no, this anon is trying to destroy stella's image of a wanna-zi by posting anti-nazi content" ????

also: some people stick with a profile pic for a while. esp since she's still blonde in that.

No. 685216

She's talked about it in old videos

No. 685825

It was the Pinterest from earlier on in the thread that was talked about in her videos. As the other anon said, I see no reason why someone would impersonate her there, and if you checked the Pinterest out you'd see that it's a normal Pinterest. Her WWII board is filled with Nazis with kittens and then this one photo as well which I found interesting for reasons mentioned in my post. There are so many boards and none of them are defamatory to her (she is open about liking Nazis so for her this isn't some bad thing), I have no reason not to believe this is hers. And no reason to see why she wouldn't want this account out there except maybe this photo cause other Nazis may call her out for feeling sorry for this woman

No. 685828

File: 1536664638289.jpg (211.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180911-081338.jpg)

Double posting but I just checked her Pinterest and it's now gone. I wish I'd had screenshotted more from it but I can assume it's safe to say she lurks and >>684903
>>684904 Is likely her.

No. 685854

Bruises? I see like… two parts on the left thigh that could be bruises. Everything else just looks like literal dirt.

No. 686062

Am i missing anything from her Instagram?

No. 686211

File: 1536714295414.jpg (91.8 KB, 540x581, Screenshot_20180911-200315_Sam…)

>buys excessive amounts of plastic
>buys makeup tested on animals
What is she conserving? How is she eco friendly at all?

No. 686222

When she still had black hair she made a video about how environmentalism is still right wing because of “muh trad nature values” lmao. I’m guessing she really does believe it but, clearly isn’t following through with her use of plastics. I’ve also heard her talk about buying things in glass or whatever “cuz it’s more healthy” and how national parks are a good thing and we should keep businesses from polluting the earth and all that. Lmao this girl is a cringe fest

No. 686234

File: 1536716788105.jpeg (11.53 KB, 493x298, images.jpeg)


No. 686292

Supporting fast fashion and animal testing sure shows that she cares about the environment!

No. 690249

File: 1537200162234.jpg (40.38 KB, 926x223, Screenshot_20180917-110132_Ins…)

She should just say "american mutt"

She's American, her parents are American, I dont get this LARPing

No. 690347

I’m an Italian American and both my parents parents were from Italy. We are very in touch with our roots and I consider myself more than just American. What would you say to African Americans or Mexican Americans? I think it’s blatantly racist to suggest that people can’t identify with their roots outside of being American

No. 690377

She's white sis

No. 690583

I smell a white knight.

Don't you idiots have anything better to do than be on a board defending this thot?

No. 690600

And do you have anything better to do than talking about a worthless redneck thot who should be old news already? I’m over it

No. 690601

Quit giving her attention, it’s what thots want

No. 690607

Okay then dont post in this thread. Cool. Good for you

No. 690619

It don't matter cause Aryan empress Stell is Melungeon anyway, it's why she wants to LARP as an Italian or Greek, it's really obvious in certain lighting and angles.

Why are y'all (probably one person let's be honest) even here?

No. 690636

Did she change her bio from British to Irish because we made fun of her teeth and said she looks like an old British man lol

No. 690641

File: 1537230893496.jpg (201.23 KB, 891x896, Screenshot_20180917-193410_Kik…)

No. 690643

Wouldn't nazis be mad about this??

No. 690665

Saying she’s melungeon is an insult to melungeons lmao. She’s a simple European amerimutt. Take one look at her dna test, there isn’t anything special about her.

No. 690668

File: 1537236079000.jpg (423.81 KB, 891x896, 1537230893496.jpg)

Probably. This is common with "off-white" WN types. Evalion, for example, is literally Jewish but she lied about her race/ethnicity because it didn't match her appearance (uh, also didn't match the people she was pandering to). If anyone remembers her older videos when she would talk about her heritage she said "German, French, Irish and a little bit of Native American" knowing she didn't look like any of that, she switched from Euro-mutt to her newfound Polishness, which she still isn't. At least Stell is obviously Irish with some Native and black ancestry, she isn't lying. I think she claimed British (also known as English) because of that dude Oswald Mosley


No. 690670

She literally less that 1 percent nonwhite lmao quit insulting us minorities by attaching her to us

No. 690675

It's not attaching her to anything, I'm just mentioning it because it makes her mad, lmao. She obviously reads these threads, hence her Pinterest being wiped clean.

No. 690678

"Obviously some black ancestry" anon go home lol

No. 690685

Wtf is this shit. Do any of you got milk? If not then sage your shit and gtfo

No. 690687


The irony of this not being saged

No. 690691

>At least Stell is obviously Irish with some Native and black ancestry

There is no milk, tbh. We had that one dude who was whining about her having sex with him but he got chased away after an anon found his Youtube, where he spoke about "killing your local nigger" how nice. Even more of a fail considering the retard posted his own face here.

No. 690695


>At least Stell is obviously Irish with some Native and black ancestry, she isn't lying
>she isn’t lying

This has got to be a joke since shes dedicated so much time to lying about her race and has completely denied multiple times that she’s part-Virginian Native American. She’s claimed every European race under the sun, and posts constantly trying to convince people of lighting and tanning and “if you look at muh European eyes in a microscope on 1000 watt headlamps” bs. She’s never told the truth about her race and it’s ever changing based on the month and year, and I still think she fudged or shopped her ancestory.com results, esp after she made up a retarded lie the first time she took the test claiming she lost it, there was an error, etc.

>black ancestry

…..lol@wat ….did you mean Black Irish?

No. 690698

Every white person in America has some black or native american heritage, usually only like 1% but it make white nationalists rage anyway lol

No. 690702

That anon was definitely intentionally derailing and trying to scare him off, coincidently posting his milk within minutes of him saying he was going to post more caps, all while whiteknighting the fuck out of stell by claiming she was a virgin still and would never send nudes!!1 and continuously obsessing over maintaining stell’s “pure” image. Of course a Nazi is going to date another Nazi? No real farmer would have ever exposed that losers ass prematurely, we wait until after he spills the milk. WK anon just spoiled that 2% for no reason, and he won’t even get pussy out of it. Shame.

No. 690704

Good post, anon. I was going by what's in the thread. I said black ancestry because she got 0.4% Sub-Saharan African results on her DNA test. Has she ever mentioned that? And why does she shit on her sister for being part Native American when they literally have the same fucking parents?

>I still think she fudged or shopped her ancestory.com results

Were the results on her IG story the same as the one she showed on Youtube? If not, then you're probably right about that too.

I still don't get why he ran off, lmao. Like he posted his face in the thread, and then said he was a "revolutionary national socialist" why get scared of some anon posting his Youtube detail section??

She has a new video out btw, posted it yesterday, is she leaving Youtube and will tradthot on IG instead?

No. 690721

No. 690731

Um no, plenty of them don't

No. 690837

Not the same anon but it seemed to me at h time like he'd done his intended info dump and then ran off?

No. 690870

Sister is 6% nonwhite
>my native American sister!
>all of her looks come from that 6%, not the 94% of her white ancestry!

Stell is 2% nonwhite
>aryan goddess!
>purebred german hehehe

No. 690873

It's higher it's just not in the caps on here. It's around 2% still though.

No. 690882


i've just found it to be a thing about white-ish americans. they're full on MURRICA one second and that's the only culture and traditions they live but the next second they'll tell you they're this that and 1/16th euro-something.

talk about being insecure in your nationality…

No. 690883


you're american with italian heritage, cool.
she's a white american bitch who has no traditional rooting in her parental home to her "ancestral" countries. she's nothing to do with you, stop feeling attacked. shut the fuck up. get off this board if you're gonna white knight some mongoloid looking wanna be nazi hoe.

No. 691001

They have different fathers, she said so in the video where she was doing her sister's hair.

No. 691848

File: 1537368723579.jpg (506.63 KB, 1042x899, Screenshot_20180918-203747_Sam…)

Liquid eyeliner on the bottom yuck

No. 692030


if stell got plastic surgery do y'all think she could be actually attractive?

No. 692115

If she fixed her brows, got a nose job (or 5) maybe but her mouth is too long and that's unfixable. She could benefit from braces too. Her face is awfully masculine

No. 692489

File: 1537427629482.jpeg (578.18 KB, 1242x2208, 6851A7C0-0842-4B40-BF12-B7FAD5…)


No. 692490

File: 1537427660186.jpeg (466.43 KB, 1242x2208, 4038636F-A256-4B78-A596-E9AC06…)

No. 692564

She's not even from the deep south

No. 692566

File: 1537444495597.jpg (182.07 KB, 493x1482, Screenshot_20180918-070937_Sam…)

This is common for young women. To daydream. She acts like she is so special. How is sending indecent pics to guys sweet and innocent? How is dating around pure? She has been documented cursing on camera and having breakdowns but she's so ladylike uwu. She's asking herself these questions. Little girls don't talk about white nationalism and neo fascism.

No. 692567

File: 1537444528653.jpg (196.99 KB, 547x1532, Screenshot_20180918-071000_Sam…)

So pure and innocent and child like uguu

No. 692639

She needs to stop playing victim. You're unironically a fascist, stell. You're cozy with nazis. You don't get to feel sorry for yourself. You're self absorbed and narcissistic, you're the topic of all of your posts and videos. No sane person feels bad for you, it's only your grown man followers that you post videos of lacing up a corset and walking around in 5 inch heels for. You're not a sweet innocent lolita girl, just because you bake a pie doesn't mean you don't date around and send explicit pictures to boys. You're not naive if you spend your time researching white nationalism and claim the gene pool is polluted. Wear as many skirts as you'd like but you have a masculine face and anger issues. Claim you love animals but you had to give your own away because you couldn't take care of them and you squeeze and shake your poor bird around. You think you're the embodiment of a traditional woman yet you have your nose in politics. This is a guise to make yourself seem special since you're just a below average looking girl with no redeeming personality. You're not funny, you're selfish, you don't have any real talents. No one would care about you if you'd stop talking about yourself, but you'll never do that.

No. 692646

If she didn't want backlash she would get off the internet, but she's too self absorbed to do that and she constantly needs attention.

Kind people don't brag about how kind they are, Stella. Maybe you'd have friends that aren't related to you if you were so nice.

No. 693516

New YouTube is prarie faerie. So what's the new Instagram?

No. 693651

Like that's so cruel I don't see why you would say that lol like what's the point it won't make her take responsibility for her past racism

No. 693652

She needs a reality check tbh.

No. 693657

Is cherry-sweetie still her tumblr?

No. 693705

Can we get some more recent milk? It’s like all we have on her is shit she did when she was 14/15 lmao. That can easily be pushed under the rug as youthful naivety. Like someone uncover something recent that this bitch has done so we can truly expose her

No. 693708

No, honestly some of you guys are unironically really cruel. I’m not supporting Stell and I don’t like her, but she’s 16. I mean Jesus Christ. Lighten up on her and cut her some slack. What she’s doing/did wasn’t cool and we should call her out on it, but we should do it in a way that people can actually take what we say seriously. If we really want stell to see this and change her path, we can’t make this whole thread about how she’s ugly. I mean, really? We sit here and talk about how she’s really a bitch and that she isn’t as nice as she claims but look at us! I know this is essentially a forum for hating on people, but I think with Stell it’s a matter of getting a young girl off a dark path. Idk maybe I’m just too sympathetic

No. 693745

yas this whole thread is so unnerving and vindictively masturbatory. y'all Know that negative psychology doesn't work and she's aware of ur moral indictments but it's a coping mechanism for her i'm pretty sure and she doesn't want to give it up if she lacks hope for her future. that being said, are you all still going to be doing this in 10 years time lol

No. 693748

also much of her new stuff is legit harmless although granted she hasn't renounced anything. she's taken down her confederate banner. if any of u cared one way or another how her mentality is changing u would have picked up on this but you're literally never going to stop 'exposing her' no matter how she changes lmao because you get off on it

No. 693765

>some people become Nazis to COPE!!1
Holy hell. I haven't looked at this thread in a minute, but you're pathetic.

No. 693802

A lot of this is when she was 16 and 17, she's 17 now.

No. 693803

How do you know she's taken it down?
Stfu stell

No. 693806

Why are there so many white knights right now???

No. 693819

But that's not special enough anon

No. 693874

File: 1537573455509.jpg (417.53 KB, 985x1080, 1530068003600.jpg)

she literally does though

No. 693931

What's that south asian shes never mentioned?

No. 694462

It’s not even south Asian dumbass. Gee people like you make us look ignorant

No. 694498

The yellow part??

No. 694501

When you look at her overall percentage of euromutt and the rest it adds to 100 other than the unassigned so literally it leaves no room for anything else

No. 694507

It’s not white knighting to call out a thread that is dedicated to bashing a 16 year old girl for bullshit. Sure, there are some legitimate claims on here, such as calling her out for racism, but that’s not even what the vast majority of this thread is. If it was, it wouldn’t still be going. When was the last time she did something harmful? As far as I can tell she’s pretty tame now. We’d be done and this thread would be a hell of a lot shorter. This thread is predominantly dedicated to trashing her looks, her social life, and other superficial things. I feel sad for most of you because who the hell devotes this much time to your average silly teen girl making stupid mistakes? I’m over it already and anyone who isn’t is being creepier than all the old men following her waiting for her to turn 18 lmao. It’s like you’re obsessing.(unsaged sperg)

No. 694532

>wants the thread to die (allegedly)
>keeps bumping it
>so over it
>keeps WKing

OK then.

No. 694579

It wouldn't be highlighted if she didn't have it

No. 694580

She's not 16. You're not very informed for a white knight

No. 694907

Why still draw her with the Ronald McDonald lips and fake blonde hair? Make a new one with her ratchet damaged brunette hair, over plucked brows, freckles, and bad eye makeup job

No. 694931

In this day and age, you have to be absolutely retarded to be doing the alt-right/ conspiracy shit to be an un-ironic fascist nazi or to make money like alex jones if you think there wouldn't be irl consequences. Even high schoolers are aware of this.

No. 696879

Does her nose jiggle when she runs? That thing is huge, you can't even see her nostrils. It's literally a squidward nose

No. 697664

This seems quite selective.. it doesn't seem that they were defending her Nazism, only using her motivations as context for possible redemption in the future (separate from her present accountability). How could you answer the second post about her shifting mentality and your motivations? That seems to have been the crux of it I

No. 697665

But he's not wrong…

No. 698430

It's embarrassing that you agree with him.
Also, she's not 16, so he is wrong. Duh.

No. 698517

This is the same logic used in the past post in that one very narrow factual slant was taken as a rebuttal ('technically she is coping', and now her exact age) as a substitute for saying anything to address the wider point, presumably becaause the wider point is uncomfortable

No. 698570

Wondering the same. Can't find her Instagram anymore (?)

Is she on Twitter?

No. 698600

No. 698624

There's nothing wrong with commenting that disgusting behavior is disgusting.

No. 699045

I personally don't care about her edgelordism racism, or fake nazism, she's only racist because she's mad about her heritage anyway. Other than that, the milky things about her (to me, at least) is her pandering to ephebophiles and lying about her heritage and her "trad" values. The other stuff is just funny, considering she and her sister are part Virginian native. I wonder if she has daddy issues.

No. 699302

You’re uninformed too. She isn’t native like her sister, they have different fathers. God, the amount of misinformation on this thread is ridiculous.

No. 699322

Well she's like 98% white and bringing that up is enough to make her mad

No. 699436

Her sister isn't Native either, apparently, she's only 6% Native American. Stell's also lying about her heritage anyway, and since you're so "informed", surely you'd remember when she had to redo her DNA test because she "didn't know if it would work this time" as they "informed her that some people are difficult to test due to certain biological factors" whatever that means.

I'd say it was her, but seeing as they got her age wrong I wonder if it's our great revolutionary "local nigger killer" neo-nazi coming to see if he can have sex with her just one last time. If it's him I hope he just drops those messages he promised.

No. 699542

Her sister being part Native is just nonsense. Every American and their mother claims to be part Native, when in reality, her sister's swarthy appearance is simple genetic variation. There's plenty of ethnic Europeans who look like that without being Mediterranean. She's just mad that her sister's better looking than her.

With that being said, I have to point out to everyone's disappointment that Stell's so-called Sub-Saharan African ancestry (2%) is most likely noise and something that commonly happens when DNA is being sequenced and the computer has a difficult time making out whether a particular chunk of admixture belongs to this ethnicity or that ethnicity due to its commonality. If she ran her DNA through GEDMatch, she'd probably turn out 100% European. Again, a lot of Europeans get that, sometimes Asian, sometimes Oceanian etc.

No. 699589

She got African, south asian, and something else too though. Maybe she isn't 100% white, which also isn't shocking.

No. 700049


It doesn't matter, noise level ancestry at <3% can always be disregarded. There are Lapps in Finland who get small percentages of exotic ancestry despite living a tribal lifestyle for the past 2000 years. Stell's not racemixed, she's just ugly. I'd rather bet on her being inbred.

No. 700183

>it doesn't matter
>all white people are 100% white
Or maybe she's mixed, both are possible. It just makes her angry she's not 100% white and she has some African in her, so I go with it.

No. 700262

I wonder if her parents or her grandparents are cousins.

No. 700281

Is that true though? I know many Euro people with no known SSA ancestry who have taken 23andme and none of them had this kind of
"noise". It's absolutely not unexpected for someone whose ancestors have been in the US for a couple of generations.

No. 700285

File: 1538242867652.png (2.1 MB, 1277x719, Screenshot_19.png)

You're correct. I've known backwoods whites like Stell, and they get pissed the fuck off if you mention the fact they most likely have non-white ancestry. The actual damn near 100% white people in the US are claiming to have "1/16th Cherokee 'Injun' heriteeji" and they get upset after doing these tests finding out they're 99% white. Backwoods whites have black and Native ancestry, they just don't acknowledge it, even if it's obvious through their facial features. Stell doesn't look like your average potato-American. She also doesn't look like an inbred creature, here's an example of an inbred backwoods white. This is deplorable princess from Youtube, claimed Native ancestry but didn't even know what tribe. Easier to say you have black/Native ancestry than to say you're inbred, isn't it?

No. 700323


The whole "White Americans are racemixed"-thing is a myth and there are studies disproving this, despite this constant yearning for Native American ancestry. As for Euros, it's very common to see 98-99% European and then 1% SSA/Southeast Asian/Northeast Asian or Oceanian. You run the results through a different calculator and the exotic ancestry goes away.

No. 700376

She has more than 1% and it's not all from one area though.

No. 702565

This bitch must be rich as fuck. She visited a palace a couple of weeks ago, she's buying fucking $100 dresses and spent weeks at the ocean. How the hell could she afford all this shit? I work 30+ hrs a week and I struggle to make rent. Fucking white privilege in action

No. 702568

Lmao knowing her she fucking lives in that dumbass palace cuz she’s fucking the owner

No. 702569

Let’s all raid her Instagram with “THOT” comments(cowtipping)

No. 702572

Seriously. Like who even has time or money for that? A fucking palace, for real? Go back to Versailles bitch

No. 702574

There is only a very small likelihood of false positives for "exotic" ancestry in these kind of genetic tests, the markers used ascertained to be derived in the different populations. Any talk about noise in these tests you might read about mainly deals with only recently diverged populations (e.g. from within the same continent) or populations that experienced more recent gene flow. Think Greek vs Southern Italian or Scandinavian vs British ancestry.

No. 702580

its so embarrasing when americans try to claim theyre irish or german or some shit lol especially when their last ancestor from the said country immigrated to america 100+ years ago and they cant even speak the language

anon, 30 hours isnt even a lot kek p sure thats considered part time

No. 702587

Either way it’s two fucking percent can we get over this who the fuck cares let’s get into the real milk. Jfc you guys sound like her with all this obsessing over ethnicity

No. 702595

30+ hrs is a lot when you're in college man.

No. 702638

Here you anons had me thinking she actually traveled to go and see sights in Europe or something. In reality, she went to Swannanoa Palace.
>Entry fee $8.00. An optional guided tour is available for an additional $2.00
This isn't a thing only affluent people can do, like at all. She went on an $8.00-$10.00 weekend trip to a place close to home. What are you complaining about?

No. 702675

Ok she’s still a bitch though

No. 702739

Do you know her in real life? Cause you're really freaking out over her and you sound kinda young

Anyways, why are people saying she's changed? I haven't seen a change and while teenagers and even early 20 year olds can go through dumb phases and shit, Nazism isn't exactly one of those things. Sure we see kids being edgy or conservative to be different, but full blown nazi/white supremacy? That's a bit too far, especially considering she full out believed it and panders to those who believe in it too. Plus dated that pile of trash up thread (no way it was for looks)
Maybe I'm wrong and she's trying to ease away from being a neo-nazi that I haven't seen, but don't take away her agency in this because she's young. She knew what she was doing even if she didn't understand some of the future concequences

No. 702760

How did you find out? I thought she was off Instagram

No. 702810

Has her instagram

No. 703208

Yes I know her in rea life and tbh i fucking hate her. She goes to my school. First she was some random fat goth chick and now she’s some ~famous skinny girl~ that just hangs out with all the misfits. She wears the weirdest shit and literally came to school the other day in something that looked like a white shiney nightgown and her hair real high up on her head like a rats nest She’s like that awkward type of fake nice where they talk in a sweet voice to everyone and try to always console people but deep down you know it’s fake and that they’re conniving. I think she hangs out with the weird kids to make herself feel better, but I guarantee if you asked her she’d tell you she was trying to help them. I hate her because last year (don’t wanna give away too much info because she’ll know who I am) she broke my friends heart. She came into our friend group and started hanging out with him all the time in school and “working with him” on “energy healing” and “rewiring his brain” or whatever the fuck that means and then when he caught feelings for her NATURALLY when she showed up and gave him all this attention, she just totally broke his heart by saying she was into him. Soon after she quit coming around. Not gonna go into any more detail but I found out about this website because of looking up her YouTube name on google. I’m glad someone out there is coming for this bitch because my friend is still fucked up from that

No. 703209

I meant wasn’t into him

No. 703363

Lol you are totally into him aren't you?

No. 703409

What percent Irish is she?

No. 703420


aw man, Stell is really only good for petty high school drama atp

No. 703435

Tbh I hope she stays that way, she's still young enough to stop her cow behaviour and live a (relatively) normal life

No. 703438

idk man, pretty difficult to move away from being a literal nazi. it'd be interesting if she denounced her past and became a hardline SJW though. She seems more likely to go full SJW and deny her past, however, which would be delightfully milky.

No. 703457

Fake nice is exactly how I imagine her. She always seems like she's acting rather than being

No. 703463

>energy healing
>rewiring his brain

Okay wtf is wrong with her. She seems too stupid to actually be able to manipulate someone but what you just said makes me think she believes in pseudo-science shit which just makes her seem even more batshit insane. It puts things into perspective lol, she probably does seriously buy all the nazism beyond just doing it for attention

saged for armchair

No. 703675

not to sound like Ana Chan but Stella definitely isn’t skinny really. she’s average at best, fat by ~European~ standards. Anyway, she sounds like a psycho. does she ever spew her Nazi stuff in school or does she hide it?

No. 703784

Now anon, don't get ahead of yourself, Stell is a frail 100lb 5'2 smol bean.

No. 704253

Its funny because she always talks about how skinny she is

No. 704425

Where does she say how skinny she is? Sounds milky

No. 704446

How is she fat by European standards? Like, people in the US are fat, but europeans are not so chic and all like 17 bmi models, anon.

No. 705050

Yeah no I don’t think you understand like at the beginning of the school year when she came back I legit almost didnt recognize her because she lost a lot of weight. Like her face looked a lot different and the only way I knew it was her was by the tacky clothes and loser people she hangs out with. And it’s not the pretty type of skinny either, she legit has chicken legs that look like they could snap and her wrists look honestly sickening. Like honey do some squats so you can compete with the rest of us 😂

No. 705053

And no, I’m not into him you fucking retard he’s just my best friend

No. 705124

you have to be 18 to post here

No. 705211

lol, you got cucked by Stell Bell.

No. 705334

Is there anything else you know about her? Preferably in relation to her online persona instead of just her looks. Does she preach Trump logic? Claim to be super German? Talk of her plans to be a housewife, etc? Also how did you find this thread? This last one is more curiosity than anything else cause I wonder who else at your school has found it (please don't spread it around school though)
Also, for things that aren't new/about her, write the term "Sage" in the email section of the reply area. That way it doesn't unnecessarily bump the thread. Also we don't use emojis here. I'd recommend taking a quick look in the rules section

No. 705483

They already said they found this thread by googling her YouTube name

No. 705911

File: 1538918781798.webm (7.55 MB, 640x360, Berry Bloody - YouTube.WEBM)

finally found this vid I saved a while back, I think it was deleted. homegirl is a little kooky.

No. 705926


i love how this is an older video and yet she still manages to look likr a 30some yo desperately trying" to look like a 20some with her "innocent" blinking and looking around

No. 705946

The way she fidgets makes me cringe so hard. Also she's aged so much in just a couple years

No. 706266

Why does she literally have the mannerisms of an elderly woman? Also her goblina mouth is strong here, she shouldn't wear red lipstick

No. 706389

File: 1538965520821.jpg (423.91 KB, 1070x1040, Screenshot_20181007-212338_Ins…)

Nice forehead lines and stubble

No. 706391

qt “green” eyes, girl~*

No. 706474

something about the lower half of her face looks oddly masculine in certain angles.

No. 706594

I’m honestly convinced she’s a tranny

No. 706633

She has a manly jaw and mouth and nose (Gaston), and eyebrows if she didn't pluck them

No. 707188

File: 1539058565670.png (2.19 MB, 2400x1409, all american girl.png)

No. 707339

Updated drawing please.

No. 707629

File: 1539107980950.png (466.72 KB, 2400x1409, granny gown.png)

when you think you look like belle but you actually just look like gaston

No. 707752

Yes this is so much better lmao. I call for more

No. 707922

Next thread pic omg

No. 709072

I actually thought she was prettier during her goth phase.

No. 713279

File: 1539615880411.jpg (903.89 KB, 1080x2148, Screenshot_20181015-100225_Ins…)

Instead of saying "why are my eyes just sooo big? :(" she should talk about her gapped teeth, her male chin, her bulbous huge nose or her joker mouth. I didn't even notice she was asymmetrical until she pointed it out. I did notice her unfortunate mouth and giant fat nose though.

No. 713281

File: 1539616027520.jpg (221.88 KB, 1079x851, Screenshot_20181015-100624_Ins…)

And lip liner lipstick highlight on top of eyeliner mascara and lip gloss, but she lied about that in a makeup routine on YouTube lol. She also wears foundation sometimes and it's obvious, she just deleted the video where she talks about it.

No. 713345

sounds juicy, where’s proof? That she wears foundation

No. 713347

Didn’t she talk about her fat, ugly nose though?

No. 713590

It's in her old videos, she uses burts bees

No. 713592

Oh and recently physicians formula, but she deleted the post after someone called her out because physicians formula runs dark and isn't pale girl friendly. So she's not all that pale