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File: 1529415186144.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, screenshot.png)

No. 614952

Previous thread

>Sharla revealed her husband's face at last

>Taylor is slowly becoming a pro at clickbait
>Mimei is as miserable as ever
>Bii and Kim Dao are busy staying irrelevant
>and Micaela ~totally doesn't shoop at all!~

No. 614967

sharlas husband is super good looking. why does he married someone like sharla?

No. 615239

Was this the same guy with the chest tattoo? He looks like an idol. Is this legit?

No. 615765

No. 615774

Are you joking?
He's average compared to the actual idols she put in the video. It's super insulting sharla even thinks her husband looks anything like them.

No. 615786

you are mean

No. 615787

File: 1529494021550.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1200x1598, D4E0DA34-DF9A-447D-ADA0-633D0E…)

Are you ok? Do you need something for your yellow fever?

No. 615788

>He's average compared to the actual idols she put in the video.
Honestly, to a non-Koreaboo all of them are rather average lol. His face is too feminine imo (his style is great though), but still way above Taylor's sd

No. 615859

Her husband is a lil bit below average for western standards. In my country he would be considered unattractive but that's because asian men aren't seen as sexy here. In South Korea he is definitely above average. His face is a lil bit off for my taste though. I think they are a cute couple and complement each other.

No. 615864

Western standards? I don't have yellow fever, I'm from Germany and I think he's pretty attractive.

No. 615870

Agreed. I'm not attracted to Asian men, but I think he's attractive objectively. Nice skin, symmetrical features with good proportions.

No. 615872

I don't find him unattractive either just a lil bit weird. We had a few pretty attractive Asian guys in my uni but they had problems finding girlfriends. And those guys were 6'2 tall with model features and muscles. Just because you find him attractive doesn't mean you represent an objective opinion on someone else's attractiveness. It is always subjective. The same is for me, except I tried to analyze the overall perception of Asian men in western countries. And yes I wish the stigma would disappear but as long Hollyweird casts blue eyed dudes as the ultimate sex symbol and Asian men as ugly nerds, nothing will change.

No. 615890

yeah it's Hollywood's fault that hot azns can't get laid. Maybe they're shitty people? Naaaah. It's white people's fault.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 615898

Nope they were cool and sweet. Of course there were a few girls who were into them but those were obviously koreaboos/weaboos. Literally with circle lenses, frilly clothes and fake cute personalities. But I guess the hot Asian guys wanted to be single instead and always ran away from them lol

No. 615899

so what was your point about hollywood then? so what, who cares if some of your HoT AsIaNs GuYs didn't get laid? still trying to figure out what you're bitching about when it had nothing to do with the thread at all

No. 615923

You should train your brain then.
I said regardless of how attractive an Asian guy is, he will be considered less desirable in western countries than Caucasian guys. This is mainly because of Hollyweirds poor representation of asian guys. Sharlas husband is therefore mediocre at best in some western countries and attractive in South Korea because he has indeed a good height, clear skin etcetera. Get it now?

No. 615994

>it's hollywood's fault that white girls in white countries prefer white guys
…then why do asian women in asia prefer asian men as well…? Why is that allowed? And who's fault is it?

Maybe you should "train your brain" a bit anon kek

No. 615999

I heard white guys have it easier in Asia than Asian men themselves. Even the ugly ones.

No. 616000

Go cry newfag. It is just an opinion and nobody is nice here

No. 616060

Stop derailing.

No. 616455

File: 1529553698534.jpg (38.96 KB, 450x441, Arashi.jpg)

Never said I found him attractive, anon. He just gives me some early 2000's Japanese idol vibes.

No. 620635

I think its funny that taylors bf is frumpy and gross while shes always put together, while sharlas husband is always dressed well while she frumps around in unflattering oversized clothes.

Also seeing her act like some Korea know it all after living there for like 2 months is cringy. Nobody wants to see a 30 year old woman fawn over korean boyband members 10 years younger than her. She basically killed her channel lmfao

No. 620656

She’s still gaining subscribers.

No. 622145

Taylor is far from being put together. She's like a walking collage of instagram trends. And she's worn her share of unflattering oversized hoodies and overpriced sweatshirts.

No. 623231

File: 1530152387631.jpeg (673.47 KB, 1242x2152, B7E6C452-F126-4250-BA14-6A58DB…)

Texan in Tokyo? More like Tokyo came in Texas! Badum tsss

No. 623256

Did you hear that on /r9k/?

No. 623285

Wtf kind of name is Nelda?

No. 623799

Better question yet, why is it Ryosuke but he signs with Rio?

No. 624196

This, most of her recent vlogs look like a complete downgrade from her Japan vlogs. She insists it's clean there but she still had to explain air pollution days. A lot of locals in her vids are either unfriendly/uncomfortable or uncannily friendly because they know they're being filmed.

Maybe it's just me but I also wonder how stable of a relationship you can have with someone where you both talk to each other in a second language instead of your own. Sharla's learning Korean for her husband but her husband's not learning English for her lmfao. Inb4 he dumps her frumpy ass for whatever else he can get and she ends up either stuck there or attempts to move back to Japan.

No. 624386

File: 1530293856790.png (776.42 KB, 482x1200, Rio_-_1st_edition_-_01.png)

No. 624420

Some people with the name Ryo/Ryosuke use Rio

No. 624459

I thought this post was about Taylor at first and I was in 100% agreement. I don't watch Sharla so I can't say, but Taylor's videos in HK are boring af and borderline cringe. I can't believe, in retrospect, how much better i found her casey neistat ripoff daily vlogging in tokyo, wtf

No. 624552


I think he's kinda cute, but is anybody else getting a "male host" vibes from him .. ?


I can't watch Taylor. I ended up finding out that it wasn't even her filming or ideas I disliked, but rather her mono toned voice and scripted sounding humour. She always sounds so forced when trying to express any type of excitement or personality. ( I also I don't her different or interesting looking, but rather just bland )

No. 625142

Shartla has been ‘learning korean’ for like 4 or 5 years now, and can barely order food kek. They’ll be talking in a mix of shitty japanese and shitty english until they are old and grey.

Its her dead grandmas name. Still feel bad for the kid though. Nelda Mineta sounds like a rare disease.

No. 625143

Her weird man laugh is what did it in for me

No. 625214

File: 1530338343687.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 484.93 KB, 1242x1823, A2A0ED22-0FBA-4293-ABF5-458607…)

Look. I understand that it’s wrong for people to touch you no matter what you are wearing. Completely wrong. And it is difficult to be black in Japan. Those high school boys shouldn’t have touched you. But for fuck sake you have to cover your nipples up even a little bit in Japan. I don’t think you have to completely cover up to Japanese standards because in the summer time they don’t sweat, but COME ON.

No. 625228

This girl is so punchable. She’s all over the place. Shes one of those annoying girls who claims shes got every mental problem in the book. Bitch said the reason she whispers in her videos is because she has social anxiety lmfao then why tf you making videos about dick then if you so anxious.

No. 625237

Isn't this the girl who bragged about sleeping with 50 different men in less than a couple months?

She seems pretty crazy and desperate for the attention.

No. 625240

See I thought parts of one of her videos were funny (“they say eat it eat it but it only goes to my molars”), but she seems to do this clothing stuff just to push the boundaries of Japanese people and make them feel uncomfortable.

No. 625241

>claims she has extreme social anxiety
>shows her nipples in public
>brags about banging a new random dude every other day

No. 625357

Don't forget: she's also a law student and thinks she can get a legit career in Japan kek

No. 625360

Sharla has only been living in Korea for what? 3 Months or so? And she's already getting her teeth fixed (which I think was nothing wrong with at all???). I know it's no big deal, people do it all the time but I can't help but wonder if she already starts to crumble under the pressure of how much looks matter in Korea.. and this might just be a first step. From all the kvloggers I watched so far, all of them got plastic surgery sooner or later, usually after living in Korea for some time. Kinda hope for Sharla she doesn't go that route.

No. 625361

Taylor has just gotten too boring for me lately. Her food videos just remind me of EYK. It feels like she likes the food, but is only doing it to get more views and it's the next "logical" step, not because it's something she really wants to make videos on.

No. 625390

> Nelda Mineta sounds like a rare disease.
not to mention she will be hafu and be subject to all kinds of bullying if they go back to Japan

No. 625392

Have you ever even been to Japan? Japanese people 100% do sweat. Why do you think small towels/handkerchiefs are sold absolutely everywhere, and people are constantly mopping sweat off their faces with them? I'd go as far as to say they sweat MORE than foreigners, I've never had sweat dripping literally off my face.

There's really no excuse for wearing this at all, and if she really wore this out in Japan I don't know how she didn't get arrested, considering 1. She's already a black gaijin, perfect police bait, and 2. there was a story a while back about a woman being arrested and charged for stripping down to her underwear in public. This is 100x worse than that.


Oh Lord, I was literally talking to a Japanese guy today at work and he said there's so many lawyers in Japan, that there are absolutely no jobs left, and their average salary literally HALVED and is pretty shit now because there's no demand. Several law schools even CLOSED in the past few years because nobody wants to go to law school now obviously. And that's not even considering her foreigness or blackness

No. 625543

I have been LOL and I was always the sweatiest gaijin there. The handkerchiefs, fans and umbrellas helped but I was still always dripping in the summer. Asians genetically have smaller sweat glands, they don’t sweat as much as other races.

No. 625659

Lmfao its not “the pressure from korean society” its because shitty clinics always sponsor kvloggers for free surgery.

No. 625840

She also bragged about getting into every japanese school she applied to because of her ‘amazing application’, when everyone knows that japanese unis will take any foreign student with a pulse and enough ¥¥¥¥¥ in the bank.

No. 625869

File: 1530392402067.jpg (51.26 KB, 1024x632, 08.jpg)

Sharla's husband kinda looks like Key from SHINee

No. 625968

>calls herself a hoe
>has a patreon to give tips in hoeing
>claims to have anxiety because she is whispering

wth is wrong with her??

No. 625972

No. 625974

Keys eyebrows look fucked in this pic, but I agree

No. 626056

she isn't even traditional black. she appears Guatemalan. she is just calling herself black. she seems to lie about everything. just long list of lies. >>625392
is she even still in japan.

No. 626127

"appears guatemalan" anon get off the I'm not black I'm dominican type shit because this girl and other people like her always get read as black by white and asian people

No. 626191

File: 1530431934979.jpg (14.05 KB, 500x333, effbf76f93f0779189dc34c934114c…)

He looks more like Jeonghan to me, though I think it's just the hair

No. 626821


i tuned into one of her lives a few weeks ago and she was ranting about how men are useless and she doesn't think any person she gets with could be as smart as her. she was also saying shit about how bad capitalism is

No. 626848

Dunning Kruger.
Also what is it about cluster B messes and Japan?

No. 626926


God, not this bitch.

I watched gimmeabreakman's videos on her where she commented on both trying to justify herself before promptly having an argument with Victor about the use of the "n-word" and basically pointing out how he wasn't black enough to use it or some shit.

I can't even begin to talk about how entitled she is. Part of me feels like she's just acting the way she is in Japan for the sake of standing out and getting attention since god knows that being a slut back in America is way too common and basic now.

No. 626938

Its not even that he said it as himself anyways. He just quoted her and now she has to act all high and mighty lmfao

No. 627851

it looks like taylor and elbow-san are engaged

PULL have spent a long time saying he'd never marry her and she was just a sugar baby and she was wasting her time so they must be shitting themselves now.

No. 627864

I think they’ve had a genuine relationship for a while now but it’s PULL

No. 628046

File: 1530647214206.jpeg (907.72 KB, 1242x1125, CEDDA925-BC06-4B3C-8798-6D6BEA…)

Kek @ sharlas body in her friends vid. She always looks so different in other peoples vids compared to her own

No. 628072

I wonder if this will lead to a sperg-chan revival from Kiki.

No. 628125

File: 1530652532207.png (2.48 MB, 1850x1136, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 2.13…)

I feel really bad for her. Elbow-san seems kind of shitty towards Taylor. In her latest videos when she says "Carly had her baby!!" he responds, "Who?"
Clearly she previously talked about her SISTER having a child and he doesn't even know who/what she's talking about.
Every time he's on camera with her the only thing he says is "Babe…" in a disapproving like "come the fuck on" tone, to whatever Taylor is doing (singing in public, dropping something, dancing, literally anything she does).
Even in their engagement video he says "she's so dirty" when Taylor simply dropped a napkin on the ground. Idk it's like listening to a father scold their child, not a boyfriend talking to a girlfriend.

No. 628131

It just seems like humor, anon. They seem to poke fun at each other, it's not just him.

No. 628137

Honestly the “who” thing sounded like a average language barrier thing. If my boyfriend isn’t paying 100% attention to what I’m saying/looking at my mouth he’s not going to catch it and I’ll have to say it again so his brain can quickly translate. I give him a pass because he was driving and sounded happy to hear it

No. 628148

I don't see how that's funny or humorous at all? It seems 100% like he's always scolding her. If anyone spoke to me like that constantly I wouldn't like it.

He can speak English obviously, he speaks a lot in her videos. It's not like he had to translate a word, it was her sister's name.

No. 628184

Anyone else remember when he said that he preferred her weeb style to her current normie-ish look? That struck me as odd.

No. 628210

File: 1530659222587.jpeg (4.36 MB, 2448x1836, FBB2E3CF-D93B-4980-B218-FC48B4…)


Don’t get my hopes up ! My god it’d be like an early Christmas as Taylor is having everything kaka ever wanted.

However, I don’t agree with most of what pull says, besides the fact that Taylor probably did agree to the relationship due to the money and not because she was attracted to him. Honestly I alway found him hideous and boarder line retarded/ face transplanty looking.

No. 628279

File: 1530666147791.gif (2.11 MB, 498x344, 17A86C16-76CB-44A7-AF2E-DCE0B8…)

No. 628292

I really don't think he treats her bad, anons. She finds that stuff humourous and leaves it in. She likes living in HK.

She already said they moved back to HK with the plan to buy a place together, you know it had to be serious with the price of real estate there.

No. 628293

She herself has made fun of this, and encouraged him to do it. Don't clutch your pearls too tight.

No. 628304

The 'babe' thing to me comes off as a insider joke the two have tbh. Or maybe when he started saying it Taylors viewers found it so funny and now they do it on purpose. Like not scripted but being aware.

Some ppl are honestly so exaggerating about his looks. Just because he doesn't look like an asian idol and that's always what people seem to expect. He looks VERY average, that's it. Not ugly, not handsome.

No. 628312

lol right? if he was younger and skinnier people would be all over it.

No. 628314

how old is he again? 40s?

No. 628316


Isnt that the point people are making though? Obviously they would be all over him if he was thinner and younger but he isnt. Honestly he just looks like he needs a better haircut if anything.

Hes not the ugliest man out there for sure, but lets be real, he’s lucky af to snag somebody in Taylors league.

No. 628346


People can call him average, I still think he's ugly af. That doesn't mean I expect people to look like kpop idols ( I don't even listen to kpop or know any bands lol) I'm just pointing out that she only said yes to the first date based on his money ( like he chose her based off of looks only ) She would have probably rejected him if he was a minimum wage worker, anons would have probably said she deserves better rather than calling her lucky if he was broke. Money plays a huge roll in what makes this relationship work. Taylor has always had a eye for luxury and all things beautiful, and has always been surrounded by beautiful people and objects.

Agree, he is lucky because she is def out of his league. No doubt she probably could easily snag a more attractive rich guy, just maybe not another high roller like Tom. He's also lucky in the sense that she is pretty materialistic, but at the end of the day also a good person, unlike other pretty faced girls who'd only use him.

No. 628367

I'm excited if this means a kaka meltdown. Spergchan was an amazing time to be alive. Pity that he's old and looks like austin powers, even if he has coins to spend on the wife.

No. 628399

Princess Taylor is back!

He doesn’t like her cutting her hair either.

No. 628673

I’m chomping at the bit for a full blown engagement video. The hotel they’re staying at is really expensive, that pre engagement dinner wasn’t cheap, and the box looked like it was from Tiffany’s. When the vid comes out I’m sure we’ll be able to hear kakas teeth gnashing around the world. She’ll have to sit through Taylor living the dream engagement, wedding, and getting a fancy customized house in HK.

No. 628718

don’t forget she never has to work again

No. 628746


OH GOD, I hope Tom lets Taylor go fucking NUTS, and have absolutely thy most beautiful mouth dropping wedding, that'll leave Kaka with no teeth left to clench.


She hasn't had to work since the day she met him, anon. Don't forget she had hardly a following when entering Japan, and had constant designer goods, a fancy expensive apartment, taxi rides everyday, eating out at expensive vegan cafes and shopping everyday. She worked like 1-3 gigs per year while in Japan. It was obvious than that he was financially supporting her weeb dream. That was why PULL started speculating sugar daddy, because they never actually knew who or if she was dating. Just that she had a bunch of shit she couldn't afford on a basic catalog model salary.

( It was obvious when it was her paying because she'd shop at cheap places that anyone here would )

No. 628762

Sometimes I feel like certain anons lived in an alternate reality when it comes to Taylor.
>had constant designer goods
No she mostly shopped fast fashion (109 brands, Style Nanda, Zara, ASOS, Forever21 etc). She has some bags that are obviously gifts, plus a couple of Kenzo pieces that she got when she was paid in trade. And Comme des garcones tshirts which are overpriced but not unaffordable.
>taxi rides everyday
Agency pays for that
>eating out at expensive vegan cafes
Cooked more especially during her first year and half
>shopping every day
Not really
>catalogue model
Not according to her book. When she was in Hong Kong she did a lot of editorial (pays shit) and advertising (usually pays ok). She did some high end catalogue (most models do. It's the industry's bread and butter) but it was hardly the only thing she did.
>worked like 1-3 gigs per year
True. Although Maybe more like 4-5 during her first year. But the ones that she did probably paid pretty well.
But you are totally right that she couldn't afford that 2LDK in Minato-ku on the money she was making. Having Tom certainly helped with the basic aspects of comfort.
I guess I'm just in the minority in that I didn't find her initial lifestyle in videos that expensive or luxurious. But then I also don't find her family's lifestyle in Canada to be special.

No. 628772

Samefag to add. Catalogue can pay really well. It's not as glamorous as editorial or doing a campaign but depending on how often and how long you work, you can make bank. You can make more than $2000 dollars a day and thats not even just famous models but regular working commercial girls.

No. 628831


If you worked 3-4 times a year.. Why would your company pay out of pocket for your personal taxi rides ?( Thats what ? 16$ per 3km without traffic) She wasn't going to work. She's not some A lister or royal that'd get everything handed to her. Taylor never walked anywhere.

No. 628860

Anything designer, the now garbaged lolita stuff, business class travel and general lifestyle was bankrolled by her the guy. He owns a beauty company and got her most of the work she ended up with.

Modelling does not pay that much after deductions and is not constant enough. She knew what she was going for with this guy. She has aspirations for expensive things, not class kek

No. 628884

Ffs she was a working model for 7 years before she even met him. But sure he took a time machine and retroactively provided her with all of the work that she had been doing since she was 16 (when she first got signed in Toronto).
Her only jobs that have had anything to do with him were the beautyexchange events. He runs a new media company with a beauty emphasis (like an Ameblo for people who want to show off their new lip gloss). It's not he's the CEO of Lancome.
The reason she even got signed to Satoru was that she had a great book and a good reputation in HK.

No. 628920

that’s what I was saying. them being married secures her situation indefinitely.

No. 629030

Everybody is mentioning kaka, but I bet Mimei is salty af too lol

No. 629081


Almost forget about that sea witch.

Is she still being salty about Taylor ? ( was it actually proven she was ? ) I feel like Mimei hates everyone, thus is salty about everyone. Like I remember she didn't even speak or talk to Dakota and got salty towards her in no time. Everyone doesn't just drop being your friend for no reason. Taylor doesn't seem like the type either.

No. 629160

Isn’t it funny how most people who come into contact with mimei and her annoying boyfriend end up never talking to them again.

But yes, its THEM who are the big fat meanie bullies to poor delicate Mimei

No. 629207

Nobody is arguing with your strawmans anon. The point is she was never independently earning enough for the lifestyle she has.

No. 629231

How is that a strawman? It's the truth. Anon said Tom got her most of her work. That's objectively not true.
>The point is she was never independently earning enough for the lifestyle she has.
And I'm not arguing that she was. As far as I'm concerned those are two separate topics.
1. Did she earn enough for a lavish lifestyle? (No not at all)
2. Did Tom get her most of the jobs during her career? (also no).

No. 629246

Isn't Mimei married for years already? Why would she be salty about Taylor getting married too?

I swear, too many of you here are still kissing her ass. She's a gold digger/sb, and he's old and ugly - anybody who believes otherwise probably has yellow fever.
I saw a short documentary about Russian models in Japan; those girls land multiple jobs a day and still only receive a couple hundred bucks per month. There's no way Taylor ever made enough to support herself. Hell, there are even models doing shoots for big mags like Vogue for free, just for exposure. The small stunts she had are basically just poket money.

No. 629258

I don't really see how not hating her means that people are kissing her ass. I don't see anyone here gushing about her. It's mostly anons who are curious about what's going to happen next and hoping for a sperg-chan renaissance.

No. 629387

Mimei and Duncan openly mocked Taylor for flaunting her boyfriend's money. I don't really see how getting married makes that any less comical to them. They both come from working class families and Taylor was probably the first person in their friend group who is upper middle class. They clearly thought she wasn't genuine and made fun of how she just showed up in Japan one day and was desperately trying to become an influencer/youtuber. Even Taylor now makes fun of her videos and personality from 2-3 years ago.

Duncan literally has entire channels dedicated to mocking generic youtubers, he's more of a counter-culture YTer if anything. So when they made that vlog which was clearly mocking Taylor, I honestly don't know why their friends were surprised? Like as a viewer I expect that from them? Their humor style is bitter and jaded because they both deal with depression. That's common for comedians like Duncan? What comedian isn't depressed and bitter lmao? And Sharla said she was a huge fan of him for years and kept up with his content - was she only saying that to get on his good side so he wouldn't publicly trash her (like he eventually did)?

Idk maybe this is off topic but I just never understood why the conclusion to the drama according to farmers is: "Mimei is unrelatable bc she's sad and just jealous of Taylor who is perfect". Even if people are poor or depressed, they are capable of having thoughts or opinions other than jealousy or envy.

Like I really don't think Mimei is sobbing over a girl she barely knew or never really liked, all because she's getting married.. in a different country.. when she probably has no contact with anyone involved.

No. 629390

File: 1530802442992.png (1.38 MB, 1334x750, 4879E523-7D85-40D9-BC08-D9625F…)

The vid has been uploaded and the rock is huge. Eat your heart out kaka.

No. 629394

She’s always been childish about Taylor’s wealth. I’m not surprised.

No. 629404

They’re just not very funny in general, and I love dry humor. Just bitter at things. Their channels are also boring and unoriginal as well, although not to the extent of Taylor. PDR is on annoying customers 38 if I’m correct. Their personalities are probably a reason why everyone they befriend drops them within a few years.

And no I don’t think Mimei is crying or truly upset. But she has no contact with Taylor or their old friend group, yet still makes fun of her in videos. I liked the old jokes when they were all friends. But now there is clearly bad blood between them and of course most people are going to role their eyes when they see that Mimei still gives a shit about Taylor.

No. 629409

sage for not keeping up but when has mimei recently mentioned or alluded to Taylor? Any links?

No. 629427


I second this >>629409

I'm not the biggest fan of Taylor's ( not a hater either) but I genuinely don't understand why she always has these holy fuck obsessed people like Kaka ( probably some pull tards) and possibly Mimei go ape about her. She's just a really boring bland girl that is spoiled and lucky, not some snotty,rude,malicious or a huge scam/liar.


Thats a big rock, but also kinda think it looks a little bulky and ugly. I kinda expected something cuter with more design than a simple band and giant rock.

No. 629428

Was there ever a definitive reason why Mimei had a falling out with everyone/why everyone dropped her?

No. 629429


No, not as far as I can tell. Both parties stayed very hushed about it. Mimei probably knew if she spoke and trashed them they probably had dirty on her to hit back with. ( Plus a larger following combined )

No. 629431

if anything taylor's done less modelling work since getting with the guy, they met in 2012 and the vast majority of her modelling portfolio is from before about 2013. she wouldn't be able to afford the lavish holidays or the places she lives now but she definitely wasn't a struggling model being funded by a rich guy getting her jobs. the main reason i never thought she was just a sugar baby is that she's kind of annoying, not necessarily in a really bad way. i just thought guys who only want tall, thin, blonde models as a status symbol would prefer someone who acts more like a silent model. taylor seems a bit… dorky? annoying, eager? the kind of person who's endearing if you like them, but not somebody you could put up with if you only wanted them as an accessory

i wonder if she'll try to milk the sharla and taylor thing over this though. when was the last one of them mentioned the other in a video?

No. 629438

Honestly it is safest to go simple with the design. She can very easily swap out the band to something else if she wants to.

No. 629445

I agree with all of this. Even in this video where she shows that clip of her portfolio, it's totally full of tear sheets from editorials and advertising. And that was just the book she left behind in HK.
Also it would seem that Taylor is a hopeless romantic (emphasis on hopeless).

No. 629464

>Also it would seem that Taylor is a hopeless romantic (emphasis on hopeless).

No. 629486

File: 1530810825258.png (8.32 MB, 2208x1242, 9C5A0D00-415F-46C3-AFB3-7F6E94…)

“It’s so good I love it” says Mimei lying on Taylor’s floor

No. 629523

File: 1530815724874.png (196.75 KB, 500x522, 0AD29609-972B-4E72-B8FC-7BC8E3…)

Can we all stop bringing up sperg-tard Kaka like she’s going to come back. I miss the good milk too, but face it, we lost the drama years ago, and it’s not coming back.

No. 629524

Why does she always dress like a soccer mom

No. 629529

File: 1530816159353.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x2079, B3BA5B6F-C23C-4943-8AFC-A9C462…)

Honestly if he just got rid of the weird mullet perm, lost a fee lbs, and maybe switched to contacts he wouldnt look so weird.


No. 629755

lmao kiki btfo

No. 629816

jfc what does he do??

No. 629851

CEO and owner of about 2 separate new media companies.
Beautyexchange- one of the most popular beauty/lifestyle blogging platforms in China. Predominantly female and female moderated.
Menclub- sort of the equivalent for men with a bonus dating app.
EIG Limited- Which seems to be the mother company for the other two and focuses on site building.
And it seems that all of them are successful. In short, he's very comfortable.

No. 629859

I laughed at the ring with all that money he gave her that basic tiny ring. Kek

No. 629866

Wtf anon. >>629390 is tiny to you?

No. 629870


anon…that ring is easily over 10k

it makes sense its a "simple" solitaire type, it fits her aesthetic.

No. 629876

No. 629885

Plus we dont know his family history either. There could be more money tied up through inheritance, a bigger family company, etc.

I wonder how long after the wedding they’ll pop out a kid.

No. 629889

thanks sharla
(jk idk if this is true but must be an insider)

No. 629894

Lol. Not an insider at all. Believe it or not all of this is available just googling his name and looking up the companies. And thanks to Pull all of the info is on the first page.

No. 629911

If they do have babies, I wonder if she’ll go down the route of naming them weird names like all small town North American white women do. Names like Lex, Jaxton, Paizley. All her sisters kids have weird names like that too lol

No. 629967

From links posted on other forums, this ring is easily $30,000+. I'd love to know your standards if that's "tiny" and "basic".

No. 629985

Yeah with all the money anons "claims" he has he could've gotten a better ring or something similar to kim k ring size. I thought he would atleast buy it from ritani but it was "tiffanys."

No. 630009

Kim’s rings costs millions of dollars. Are you a child? Because I don’t think you understand how money works.

No. 630010

They're clearly trolling.

No. 630014

Yea and this dude as you guys say is worth millions so? Are you a "pleb" if so then yea this would seem big to "you".

No. 630019

So if someone has a different opinion than you they must be a troll right?

No. 630022

I've been following Taylor for a few years now. At first, I wanted to see ow bad of a train wreck she'd become by copying someone like Dakota. When I saw her pre-Japan days where her actual beauty could be seen, I was surprised quite frankly. I found her so pretty prior to her changing her aesthetic and I couldn't understand why she'd do it.

With time I realized she was trying to gain popularity as well as finding an identity for herself on youtube because she didn't know any other way to sell herself.

I've come to like Taylor more now, she's much more genuine than before. And yet, I can't help but always wonder about Tom. I too have thought to myself that she's out of his league looks wise. However that isn't all their is to a relationship.

Many people can grin and bear through having to be intimate with someone for cash but expecting to have to do so for an unforeseen amount of time would drive someone crazy. Thats why it never felt right to me to accept that Taylor has been with Tom for his money. We don't know what her past boyfriends look like, she might like guys that look like this or she doesn't care about looks at all and finds personality more important.

Also, some people say that Tom only approached Taylor because of her looks and think its fucked up. If thats what made him want to speak with her and get to who if her personality appeals to him as much as her looks, there is nothing wrong with that. A lot of people end up falling in love that way, not upon first sight.

No. 630023

No, anon. Your ideas were so ridiculous that I couldn't believe they were real. But if that's what you actually believe continue as you please.

No. 630030

You might want to proofread my statement over because I never mentioned ideas. I'm just in awe at how many anons actually think this is "big" but it's understandable some of you are lower class. Anyway thanks for the laugh kid.(infighting)

No. 630037

Taylor is uneducated, has no job prospect and isn't very interesting. she's 30yo and has the maturity of a teenager. I find it weird when people say that Tom is way out of her league, he's a very successful and smart man. Being an average pretty girl has nothing on what he have to offer.

No. 630040

>she's 30yo and has the maturity of a teenager

I guess it depends on what each person finds to be immature. What is it about her that you find immature?

And while Tom does have cash to offer, what else is there? He seems to be just as boring as she is, and maybe that works for them.

No. 630061

>What is it about her that you find immature?

Not that anon but I watch teenagers on yt who have better content, vocabulary, insights, varieties of interests and critical thinking in their vlogs. Heck even kids have reactions better than Sharla or Taylor's "that was soooo goood" for everything.

Tom is def more intelligent than her and takes care of the bills but I'm sure this is the intended dynamic they both want.

No. 630165

given her herbal medicine and natural birth control history, she could turn out to be a hollistic obsessed, essential oils, pinterest anti-vaxx mom

No. 630248

At least we can know she can’t go anti vax if she ever wants her children to see her family in Canada or travel anywhere outside of HK. But who knows, she might be the type to convince the pediatrician to write off that her kid has “allergies” or an autoimmune disorder in order to avoids vaccination

No. 630309

I totes see her being the type to not feed her healthy kid gluten

No. 630331

>natural birth control history
can you give details? I don't remember her talkig about this at all

No. 630332


I don't think she's that fucking mental. She's been on accutane twice and I truly don't blame her for looking for other ways to treat her skin problems. Whether its herbal or not. Thats that only thing she's treating herbally that I know of. To tie that to her "totes not getting her kids vaccinated" is ridiculous.

The only thing I agree with is she will probably try to push and have them eat vegetarian. However, you have to remember her soon to be hubby isn't vegetarian or into "herbal" "gluten free", so he's likely going to have a say in what happens. I mean, he is paying for everything.

No. 630392

There's a thing I don't get, so I could be missing something. Taylor eats fish/meat now… Wasn't she a vegan when living in Japan??

No. 630409


No, and she made a video about it stating she is on a plant based diet. Enjoying vegan food doesn't make you a vegan, or mean you're claiming to be.

No. 630411

i don't remember which video and there's too many to search through, but around the time she started looking for help for her acne she went on the pill for the first time. her family and some commenters told her that the pill is evil and makes you infertile so she stopped almost immediately and pays for overpriced chinese tea for her acne now. don't get me wrong, birth control pills aren't for everyone and some can have bad side effects for people, but she very quickly accepted that the pill was terrible without much time or research of her own

she was never completely vegan, she called her food vegan a lot but usually said she had a 'plant based' diet, so just mostly vegan. usually that means the things excluded from a vegan diet that are usually still usually considered healthy, like eggs. it's also usually more about health than ethics, since a lot of people would say you can't be vegan but have leather bags

No. 630430

I thought she went off the pill because it made her feel crappy mentally?

No. 630431


Eh, I truly don't think its that big of a deal that she gave up on the pill early. Most nurses I've spoken to are against it ( not so much doctors if they are promoting and making a cut of the sales ) And honestly, at the end of the day its her choice and her body. I don't understand why so many people were making a big deal out of it.

Lets not turn this into PULL though. Nitpicking about what she eats or what medical treatments she chooses or how she lives her boring life. Its not milk and there is no drama.

No. 630528

I find it really odd that she was all into eating only vegan in Japan and after moving back to HK there's no mention of vegan food whatsoever

No. 630559


Because like everything else she does, she was just following a trend. Vegan isn't as popular anymore I guess. Taylor's a trend hopper, and thats the only reason she hopped on the living doll trend when it still had some life left in JP.

No. 630565

She stopped eating vegan while in Japan.

No. 633738

I’ve always thought it was weird that Taylor doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram. It makes it seem like she thinks she’s too famous to focus on anyone besides herself on insta. Even the Kardashians/Jenner’s follow other people

No. 633749

I kinda get it, this way you're safe from allegations that you don't follow someone because you're throwing shade, or you follow a person that's problematic, or "why aren't you following fans!" or shit… She probably has a private insta to follow her friends

No. 636008

I agree, its super common for the people behind famous or even business insta accounts to have one account for posting and one account for scrolling. I know a lot of artists or instagram models who do this, like they are ashamed to let other people know they follow kylie jenner or worldstar

No. 639745

Its kind of necessary in this day and age to do this if you’ve got a large following. We are in the times of people throwing tatrums over somebody following politicians that don’t align with their own views.

No. 639749

There was a time where she followed fans if they posted in her tay tay tag. That was during her kooter clone days then when she moved to her current persona she mass unfollowed everyone.

No. 650529

Does anybody watch Toph (amadofu) on Twitch? He is kind of irritating and his “community” is garbage. He’s clearly in it for the money. He previously said that he had the money he needed to buy a gaming PC for his channel but at the time he was still intending on moving to America so he was waiting until that time. However he decided to stay in Japan and asked his viewers to donate money so he could purchase his PC. One of them was so dumb and donated $500 how can he live with himself when he knows he has the money? Disgusting.

No. 651024

File: 1532957918341.jpg (799.73 KB, 907x582, LbKSSn6.jpg)

so she's in the hospital now?

No. 651034

>back in the hospital again
anyone know why she was in in the first place? has she mentioned health troubles in the past?

No. 651052

I went to look on pull real quick to see if they knew but I don't think they do, I did get to read a bunch of stories about how they were all in the hospital tho lol

No. 651098

Bless their hearts

I don't follow her too closely but I feel this has come out of the blue?

No. 651378

Taylor has her own thread, post her there.

No. 651531

So where is it?
Cant see the fucking thread(use the catalog)

No. 651563

in asia, especially if you have money, they keep you in hospital and give IV even for very minor things so it could be that.

No. 651574

Looks like this might be it, seems to be autosaged >>>/snow/331466

No. 651618

sorry but you sound old. people have finstas that they keep from the public

No. 663836

This is an old video but I feel like I saw more of Korea in Mimei’s 17minute vlog than Sharla has shown the whole time since moving there. Sharla had somehow managed to make Korea seem empty and boring almost.

No. 668897

Rachel’s style is so tacky

No. 668928

If you are young and pretty nearly anything will look good but she is in her 30s and she needs to invest in some quality items. I don't understand how both of them are so cheap and always thrifting because we know they earn a butt load of money from ads. Nothing is wrong with thrifting per se because you can find some gems but all I saw in this videos are literally ugly leftovers. Plus she is stuck in the midst 2000.

No. 668929

What's the milk with rachel? I looked through the last jvlogger thread and didnt see that much on her. I only found out about her through her husband by watching his cooking videos. Didn't know there was more milk behind the scenes.

No. 669058

File: 1534798498951.jpeg (525.61 KB, 1920x2560, 1468881393744.jpeg.1d3ca5ad9a1…)

there's not much milk tbh.

a few years ago kanadajin3 (miranda has a thread in /pt/) harassed her on sockpuppets, got called out, and now she and rachel are not friends.

she got a nosejob two years ago and said it was because she couldn't breathe well.
after the surgeon had given her the perfect nose, she said she was shocked and spent months in regret that she agreed to the rhinoplasty in addition to the (supposed) septoplasty. it was a great procedure though, it's completely changed her face. she looks much more delicate now. she was almost kind of dowdy before?

she's at least open that she had the procedure done, which is more than you can say for some youtubers that get work done and never talk about it, ever.

her style is absolutely tragic and awful but that suits japan because most fashion there is similarly terrible, so…

that's about it.

No. 675127

She had one of the best nose jobs I've seen a while. It looks great, and you wouldn't even think she had one.

No. 679729

i swear to god, i know when speaking japanese your voice goes a little higher and there's intonations but mimei is so fucking cringey. her whole persona is so fucking fake. i don't understand what she's thinking, whether she's trying to be likeable or she's doing this out of spite because some people (me included lol) called her boring. drop the annoying cutesy schtick retard, least you can do is be yourself.

No. 679747

she really overcompensates to sound young and cute like the other jvloggers which is pointless because they've all moved on from that anyway

No. 679921

isn't she almost 30 also? like doesn't she ever watch her videos objectively? this kind of behaviour is so embarrassing. she can stan bts or fucking whichever kpop group she wants but at least check yourself once in a while. i do like her earlier vids so this is a bit frustrating, clicking her videos and expecting some kind of good content but seeing this "making-fun-of-jvloggers-but-not-really-bc-i-have-no-spine" kinda content.

No. 679972

You’d think after 9 years her Japanese wouldn’t be so bad. Her accent is terrible and so unnatural.

No. 680000

She's 31.
She desperately wants to look like a member of kpop girl group these days. It's fucking embarrassing.

No. 680092

I think the weird intonation is her biggest problem. It just doesn't sound "right".

I sometimes watch her husband's videos and whenever mimei is with his friends she's so goddamn awkward…
Skip to 0:43, they only include her out of pity. But I can't help but feel like it's her own fault, she's just not charming at all.

No. 680627

Yikes. That kind of behavior I would expect from a teen/someone in their early 20s, but she also looks super aged with this style. Horse faces do not pull of this look well.

Also wtf is her actual name? It is really cringey that she still calls herself Mimei.

No. 685867

when the cows collide

No. 685872

Daniel has his own thread but wow lmao

He is obsessed with deen

No. 685978

I vaguely remember her name being Josie(?) a few threads ago

No. 688587

why the fuck did sharla comment on his video lmao?

sharla confirmed for constantly searching for her name on youtube

No. 689208

File: 1537072336135.png (10.6 KB, 467x81, wtf sharla.png)

No. 691654

I just worked really hard! Hehe!

No. 695503

File: 1537752040833.jpeg (768.54 KB, 1242x1842, A60A462D-95CA-4549-BA23-4FF156…)

No. 695550

What does she mean with crumbling? I saw her last vlog and everything seemed to be going well for her because she is moving out into a nice apartment. Maybe she has trouble finding a new roommate idk

No. 695921

Did she get fired from Wishtrend? Does anyone know the story behind that? Her shill posts were extra cringe.

No. 695974

Why can't she just visit Japan then? She obviously has money

No. 696694

She has no money because she was saving up to move out from her parents home.

I think she is desperate for some attention. Her channel doesn't grow anymore, it's literally stuck at ~50.000 subs. Her Japan friends have more subs/attention than her and it really helped her then a few years ago when she was with them. I bet she misses the old times.
I think she should make her own thing and let Japan go or she will be miserable forever. I miss the old happy Bii. She has a lot of potential and she could be a very successful youtuber if she would upload more frequently and show different facets of herself and life in general. She is a little bit too vanilla right now. I really loved her when she was with Emily because she was funny and sassy.

No. 705669

File: 1538876033759.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1846, 0D07B359-9A82-4414-97E3-A28EE1…)

No. 705714

Cringe worthy potter-tard

No. 705734

Interesting she gets engaged shortly after Taylor lol

No. 706664

File: 1539011508813.png (306.07 KB, 281x500, IMG_8248.thumb.PNG.f697b2d6af1…)

I think at one point she said that she hated her given name and wanted to go by Mimei.

Morena In Japan recently went home and got a tattoo that says I am God to spite the people who talk about her here and on PULL. She wants to get a face tattoo too, and still thinks she'll be able to find a job in Japan after she graduates.

No. 706671

hope she gets the facetattoo

No. 726956

Sharla is surprisingly likeable in Chris' videos. They have great chemestry, better than her and her husband, from the little snippets we've seen.
I'd actually think they were a couple (or at least, interested in each other) if I didn't knew better.

No. 726959

She's actually kinda cute even in these. Also the way she looks at him js

No. 726987

shes gotten a lot thinner good for her

No. 731020

Over the summer, “Tokyo Lens” Norm was on You wa Nani Shi ni Nippon e (Why Did You Come to Japan), a very popular Japanese TV show. It was a while ago, but I do remember him completely lying about his history in Japan and talking up all of his “skills.” He said he moved to Japan five years ago to become an apprentice to a shamisen master (one of the Yoshida Brothers), when he’s just said he moved to Japan in 2007 in his latest youtube video and according to PULL, worked at an English conversation school for years.

He talked about his videographer career, but strangely never once shared the name of his youtube channel, which would’ve brought in more viewers and subscribers than anything he’s ever done. He never brought up his wife or kid, even though the TV crew visited his home and the show would usually work up the Japanese family angle.

His segment was mainly about how he had a big solo for an important shamisen concert. But his performance was actually for an outdoor fair sparsely attended during the day (I think it was Yasukuni’s Mitama latern festival when the main event is after dark) and it was a group performance where each person had their own little solo. Norm made mistakes because he was too nervous, but it was also obvious that he was just a beginner. He also came off as rude and arrogant in Japanese because of his inability to use polite speech, despite living in Japan for over a decade.

TV show: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/plus/entertainment/entry/2018/017771.html

No. 731107

That entire programme is absolutely ridiculous and I have zero respect for people who live in Japan and still go on it. Like the only people who shouldn't be absolutely ashamed of appearing on there are tourists.

No. 733712

File: 1542470826983.jpg (88.99 KB, 917x594, tay.JPG)

Tay got married yesterday.

No. 733714

File: 1542470909013.jpg (84.68 KB, 916x446, tay2.JPG)

No. 733729

that's what she wore? wow congrats tay you're set now

No. 733732

I'm guessing they'll have the ceremony in Canada.

No. 733733

I'm guessing they'll have the ceremony in Canada.

No. 733761

Wow that was fast! They got engaged in July and got married in November. I think she will get pregnant very soon. Congrats Taytay!

No. 733775

i love the suit but the headpiece makes it look like she's going to a funeral.

No. 733795

Kinda surprised she got married so quickly and informally, but good for her? She always seemed like she wanted a big traditional wedding like her sister had though.

No. 733807

Taylor has her own page guys


No. 733823

What exactly are you complaining about? Tokyo Lens isn't a lolcow. Those type of shows urge the guests to play up one NIPPON BANZAI trait. For example, Solid Gold Aquatics, someone who got mentioned a tad in the petubers thread, got on 'Who Wants to go to Japan,' and she explained they made her act only interested in Japanese goldfish when she really collects all sorts. It's likely the show you mention only had the schedule for that concert in his segment. It's also likely he wanted his family to remain private, and there's nothing wrong with not mentioning a dumb little youtube channel, if he would've even been allowed to.

No. 733880

If you haven't been following his thread on PULL, he's constantly been lying about his work history and life in Japan, harassing and gaslighting other youtubers under different handles, showing up on threads under different handles to defend himself, private messaging strangers to ask them why they unfriended him on IG and an egomaniac in general.

No. 733978

Oh, found the speculation you're talking about. What a shame, his videos are rather boring but I like how informative the ones I pick to watch are. As long as he doesn't bring that rude personality to his channel I'll still probably watch his videos that interest me since they contain good info for locations. There are of course nicer (I hope) J-tubers that do the same thing like Cake with Faces and etc but I like Norm's video quality.

It's a shame that Mimei, who bought a good camera and could've been pumping out the same type of content, became a Kpopboo like the rest and mainly does boring BTS videos with that nice camera.

No. 734280

Its called a thread, newfag.

No. 739494

Bitch stfu and educate yourself, people in Guatemala do not look like this, unless they’re from Izabal or Livingston, close to Belize… you’d be far better off saying she looks From Belize. Smh(necro)

No. 745479

Did Sharla divorce or in the process of getting divorced?

No. 746463

Why do you think that? Any proofs?

No. 749546

Are all vegans this childish? Get over yourself

No. 749582

Yes. Vegans are irritating no matter how 'chill' people say they are.

No. 749595

You're not allowed to be upset when a place serves you something that you morally object to while they expressly said it is cruelty free? Just imagine eating a meal and finding out it contains dog meat or anything else you arbritrarily object to but think it's silly if a vegan doesn't want to eat beef.

No. 749643

Haven't watched the video but my problem with vegans in Japan is that they moved over there and expect everyone to cater or adapt to their needs, but they should know it's hard to request any changes to the menu item in Japan. There are some vegan restaurants, but they're better off cooking for themselves if they're that adamant about it. And it's not like they have an allergy to meat…

No. 749796

This is exactly it. It's irritating that these fucks come to other countries and expect others to adapt to them and not the other way around.

No. 749818

Kek at the bf’s response of “well my chicken was cooked perfect and actually really juicy and delicious” as she was having a vegan “yucky meat” meltdown.

No. 749824

yeah let's go ahead and ignore how entitled you yourself are.

No. 749826

with this attitude of yours nothing in the world would be done or changed lol.
also this whole argument sounds like weebs being angery over people not acting like Japan is some holy ground. How dare they treat it like any other country.
Get over it, it's about time.

No. 749831

Can you just chill? I'm really disgusted at anons behaviours here on lolcow lately. It's just a simple opinion and nothing controversial. Go to Tumblr with your sjw and edgelord shit.

Anon >>749796 just said that she's annoyed that some people don't want to adapt to foreign countries customs which is indeed fucked up if you live in this particular country. As a tourist you don't need to adapt but be polite. That's it. Calm your fucking tits.

No. 749846

Pretty obvious none of you watched the video and are getting triggered for no reason.

1. She's vegetarian, not vegan.

2. She ordered something that was labelled vegan on the menu. She didn't ask the restaurant to make her something special or change anything. She pointed at something on the menu, ordered it, and they brought her the wrong order. She pointed out their mistake and they just lifted the beef patty off and put the vegan one on and ended up leaving random bits of meat in the salad.

3. Vegetarians/vegans are relatively well catered to in Japan because of the Buddhist tradition of shojin ryori. But yeah, these evil gaijin invading glorious nippon with their dumb western ideas are such a problem.

No. 749915

>They moved over there and expect everyone to cater
Firstly, there are many Japanese born vegans. Veganism is not a western concept. Secondly she ordered a meal explicitly from their pre-set vegan menu. You're basically saying "I ordered noodles but got soup, but as I'm in Japan I must respect their culture and eat this item I did not order"
Also some people cannot physically digest meat. You weebs are fucking ridiculous. This is a restaurant giving someone the wrong order, but because its ~in Japan~ its somehow offensive to complain. Fucking weebs man

No. 755146

What are your thoughts about PeachMilkyTea and Kimdao? I found this year to really expose that both of them are not that genuine at all.

Peach - Quitting YouTube to basically gain money and gifts from men through lewds on patronage and Twitch. I find it so strange how Luke just smiles creepily from the corner of her broadcasts as the money racks in from his gf going almost nude in cosplays for $$. Also, am I the only one weirded out that she has Kim take some of her lewd shots? It’s funny how she seems dead or annoyed on Kim’s vlogs, but the second she’s on Twitch, she’s doing questionable poses/things to get her shopping sprees and trips funded.

Kim - She seems to be very fake to me lately…none of her YouTube friendships seem genuine. Especially after she told Sunny she would not be her bridesmaid because she couldn’t do all the work she needed for the wedding. Sunny opens her house to her each year/cooks for her/buys her gifts/takes her out. Sunny even mentioned how Kim rarely replies to her texts when she’s back in Perth. I just think Kim really uses people just for views and a place to stay. Also, the nonstop complaining about saving money each vlog is becoming annoying. I’m not sure if her fiancé gave her a hard time, but I don’t get why she can’t just at least show the new fashions/makeup in Japan/Korea rather than going to the Pokémon store for the 100th time.

No. 755150

Holly shit, Peach is doing lewds? I don’t much read this thread but I saw her name and I’m shocked. I know she used to do makeup reviews and blogs and stuff, and she seemed so uptight in an effort to keep her kawaii princess persona. Lewds seem a far way off from what she used to be.

No. 755156

File: 1545985667705.png (453.68 KB, 804x549, 68790p.PNG)

I was surprised too, I think she started this year.

No. 755171

good for her? She has this "cute" face that goes really well with a certain cosplay uwu style and going even further into lewds and Twitch must make her very good money. As long as she doesn't spread her holes on camera, it's fine for me

No. 755202

Lmao i swear to god why is it that majority of weebs who get popular online have so little going for them they always thot around and pander to the lowest common denominator.
Literally hell will freeze over the day one of these chicks choose a BA over slumming it as a wannabe 'idol' doing progressively more explicit soft core porn until they get uncomfortable and quit or go full on escort/porn. Social embarrassment is apparently worth any and all attention/clicks/views.
It would be such a nice change if one of these women moved because they had actual bussinesses, conferences or anything interesting that isnt a failed attempt at just getting generic brand popular for fifteen minutes through any male pandering window you can find no matter how small.
(Besides it shows that no matter what following they originally had, the female side of their audience means nothing for what you can gain in static one off monetary value from men cause who cares about having a sustainable fanbase when you can whore it out for some neckbeards for a couple of years before you either turn into shayna both in relevancy and income or force yourself to take a shit tier educatiob/job)

No. 755221

Everything is cute and aesthetic. I have no problems with this at all. Peachy should milk those thirsty men as long as she can until they are dry. I don't know if Luke is cool with this but in the end he is her boyfriend and the others can just look at her.

Wasn't she a legit teacher in Northern Ireland a few years ago? I wonder if she will return to her old job and if her sexy pics will have an impact on it since she is working with children…

No. 755231

My thoughts exactly, it's pretty pathetic and sad.

No. 755290

Real businesswomen dont want to be in the spotlight nor do they have the time
Youre seeing whats being broadcasted the most and that will be attentionwhoring losers with no skills and too much free time to be able to parade their boring lives on social media.

No. 755424

I have nothing against girls doing lewds. But, something about Peachmilky just irks me. The way she responds to criticism is very childish and her overall personality just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know if anyone else gets that same impression from her?

No. 755687

File: 1546065273231.png (139.53 KB, 1166x566, Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 1.32…)

she is really pandering to the thirsty dudes

No. 755688

File: 1546065325355.jpg (57.56 KB, 934x990, Dvhh9_2XcAItmYj.jpg)

No. 755691

That is so sad. I remember her being this holier-than-thou kawaii sailor moon princess, and she always gave off that air that she’d never do this kind of stuff. I guess her plan to move to japan and become a super famous model never worked out. Hey, at least now she can model for neckbeards on 4chan and twitch. I’m sure she’s making bank.

No. 755696


Is she really happy over her pictures being referred to as fap material by neckbeards? It's even more disgusting it's a loli character.

No. 755721

That’s the impression I got as well from her when I first discovered her. Looking at her responses and her attitude on Twitch, she’s starting to become very arrogant. I wish she would be more careful with the route she’s going though. One of her mods/top followers had really questionable content on his Twitter and has been showering her with very pricey gifts (ex: new camera)

No. 772821

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