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No. 389553

anyone remember this girl? I used to follow her Tumblr and Instagram pretty closely because I liked her style and she lived about an hour away from me. she destroyed her body by starving herself and consuming only sugar-free cranberry juice mixed with wine, former friends and SOs came forward with allegations of emotional abuse/manipulation and physical abuse, she went to rehab, then just went dark on the internet in around late 2013 or so. since then people have swarmed her Instagram (which is still up) speculating over whether or not she's dead.

anyway, I found this picture of her with her father at Universal Orlando. it's from around this time last year. she doesn't seem to have lost her old ways at all – in typical shmegeh fashion, she found a way to hide her body under a Hogwarts robe, but I think based on her ankles and face it's pretty obvious that she's beefed up.

I'm still trying to find more pictures, but I just lucked upon this one and probably won't find more. I remember the last time people could track her down, she was dating a girl under 18 and looked like she'd gained weight in those photos as well (but had, again, figured out a way to pose so that it was harder to tell).

crazy how she was once the Tumblr thinspo attention-whore queen to rival Felice Fawn and now she's just… whatever this is. am I so old and dusty that I still am interested in what these people are up to after they just drop off the face of the earth?? (yes)

No. 389559

She already has a thread in /snow/. Don't open threads in /pt/, only if a cow gets big the threads gets moved to /pt/.

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