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No. 389915

Prev thread >>>336569

Go wild , notorious peado defender, mental unhinged, and biggest victim complex(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 389927

Bless you, Anon.

No. 389934

this is the worst thread ever…

you couldn't even be bothered to name any recent stuff. god you people really are running out of ideas

notorious peado defender
really.. mt.. the guy who i DONT defend
mental unhinged do you mean "mentally"?
"biggest victim complex" with nothing to back it up

ugh inb4 inevitable thread lock(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 389950


You are bringing multiple cosplays to your next con. You even made it clear your going to be half naked. Yeah that's more attention seeking. So are you getting desperate and trying to use your pancake tits for sex appeal?

No. 389958

its a fact not a ploy. i was writing.. oh god.. this cosplay is gona have me half naked ..in fucking october.. wtf am i doing omg kill me

not omg boys line the fuck up..

No. 389960

if i wanted to abuse something for sex appeal being half naked isnt the way to do it..

less is more you fuckwad

No. 389961

wait what
more is less
idfk you get the idea

No. 389967


No depends on the man really.

No. 389968

File: 1505929999258.jpg (40.31 KB, 640x640, 41494011_0_640x640.jpg)

>>Read this post before starting a thread.
You must include all of the following:
Subject name
Summary of drama
Social media links

OP before berating Sindy, at least follow the site rules.

Sindy is dried up. There was no point in a new thread

No. 389970

^ shes right you know

No. 389972

i wouldn't be interested in any man who wanted me for my body
for one they're probably insane or a rapist knowing my luck

No. 389974

Well, that and blind. Dating a blind person can be quite challenging, you really have to rethink your hobbies.

No. 389977

I'm surprised Sindy has not done stuff for cosplay deviants. Would certainly get her more attention.

No. 389978

oh wow i think the last time i heard somebody say that to me was when i was 14

is this what were dealing with

No. 389979

stuff like what!?

No. 389981

She already got rejected from AL Girls, look how well that turned out.

That's seriously embarrassing, the entry standard for AL Girls was NOT high. Even Mike's fuggo new fat girlfriend got in, and she literally looks like a wild boar.

No. 389982

sigh i didn't get rejected. i just didn't apply

No. 389985

What's the point in lying about it? Everyone knows,Obie is very generous with his screecaps. You only make things worse by lying, go check out the Kelly Jean thread to see a prime example of that.

No. 389986

wait obeyed has screenshots of me applying for al-girls?. lol let me see this. this sounds hilarious.

No. 389987

You're really not worth the effort of digging through 5-odd months of chatlogs to find it.

No. 389989

so youre not going to prove yourself right.. the only way i can prove it is by posting a screenshot of my last message between me and towers being a least 4 days before algirls was announced.. and as for duggen. i asked him about it and he directed me to mike. who i didnt feel like messaging after he threatened to hit me

No. 389995

File: 1505932221925.png (130.51 KB, 640x1136, 1505921789153.png)

not really something to be "pissed off" about. if people wish to cosplay more than one character in one day of the con, then let them be. its none of your business anyways if they do or not, so its a stupid thing to get pissed off about :\/

No. 389996

File: 1505932237058.png (24.16 KB, 208x800, mike.png)

why would i ever work for this scumbag
it was this very comment that ended my association with him..

No. 389998

File: 1505932298413.jpg (50.04 KB, 624x960, 21616017_1575499035872771_3928…)

woops.. wrong screenshot

No. 390000

wa wa wa..
does it trigger you.. i elaborated below why i dont agree with it.. unless you're also an offender.. why do you even care. cosplayers look like a joke on here because of those kinds of people

No. 390002

personally i woudlnt have the energy to do more than one cosplay a day unless it was a casual one for an afterparty, but still its nothing to degrade others about. you really are such a cow.

No. 390003

how did i degrade them i just said they obsess over it.. dont take it so personally anon

No. 390005

you called someone a psychopath, merely cos they have cosplayed more than one character during 1 day of the con.

No. 390009

Fyi Sindy this post was referring to you have a go at that lassie for no real reason. Some people only have limited time and might be working on a portfolio or shoot.


No. 390016

Beth is a psychopath tho. She posted a fucking picture of a girl collapsed in a fucking corner getting medical attention. And captioned it she dead with all her friends smiling and pointing…

Alao rip thread

No. 390017

Though I'm pretty sure this IS you beth.. both those comments reak of your handwriting…

No. 390018

nice try but it aint beth lol

No. 390138

Ah, of course she deleted the post after getting backlash.

No wonder some of your "friends" are getting sick of your shit.

No. 390141


But that Karl guy is REALLY thirsty. White knighting this girl over fucking nothing.

No. 390146

Kai is a prick anyway.
Most of the English community hate him, same with the Scottish community. Of course he's gonna be friends with Sindy when no one else likes him.

Especially after he threatened to assault a female cosplayer next time he visited Scotland.

No. 390157

File: 1505955581765.png (120.58 KB, 640x783, IMG_2760.PNG)

No. 390158

File: 1505955609548.png (89.24 KB, 640x762, IMG_2761.PNG)

No. 390174


BULLSHIT. Sindy you even admitted you deleted some of your posts… My god you can't help but lie.

No. 390311

So what's the milk on this kai about… I must have missed this drama

No. 390332

It's stuff from a while back. Saw the person he threatened post about it.
Also remember being at an English con and the Fire Emblem cosplayers he'd been hanging with were standing bitching about him. Along with friends in the English community saying no one likes him.

No. 390520

File: 1506014459932.jpeg (295.56 KB, 640x863, CAF6B307-6E22-415F-8259-3EA0BC…)

No. 390554


Honestly I don't think nobody would care if some did pick a real fight with her.

No. 390968

he's threatened loads of folk. Someone posted a screenshot when he threatened her after she was trying to help out his girlfriend at the time who claimed he was being abusive to her smh

No. 390970

one smack would be all it would take for her to be ragdolling on the floor

No. 391098

Sindys complaining about monster being westernized more and included in more products… Fucking weeb. She's one of those people who starts moaning about a game being ruined just because things where changed. No sindy if you had been paying attention all this stuff is what people asked for in monster hunter. Fans have been asking for all these new changes for years.

She can come screeching about how shes not a weeb all she wants but she even wants to make her own manga. Like fuck that would take off.

No. 391382

File: 1506158018736.jpeg (392.62 KB, 640x927, 398EB1C0-3AA0-440E-B256-067C10…)


No. 391432

does she think having legs that aren't literal bones makes her thicc by default or some shit? then again even board-shaped bony girls are calling themselves thicc nowadays

No. 391439


That's not thicc… Also the fuck is she wearing granny panties? Knowing sindy she probably doesn't shave either.

No. 391440

Someone better get a load candid shots we need some new material.

No. 391457

Yeah you're thicc like a brick

No. 391745

Wow are you actually shaming people for not shaving public hair…

Wtf is wrong with you is that's an expectation you have of woman(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 391777


No one said pubic hair or was shaming.

No. 391782

And Cindy returns. It's like a bad record never fails to repeat itself. She just keeps coming back for more

No. 392144


She got banned pretty quickly. Oh she will be back no doubt.

No. 392368

Apparently Sindy and Amber the foot fetishist are best buds again and were all over each other at MCM with footsie's creepy boyfriend.

Anyone got any more deets?

No. 392420

Amber was nowhere near Sindy the whole weekend so whats with the bullshit? She was with Katy and her boyfriend the whole time lmao stop trying to lie :^)

No. 392421

Sindy was by herself the whole weekend looking like a lost puppy

No. 392424

I don't speak to amber. Try again hollie

I was by myself for some of the con because I couldn't find people. But I hung around with Lauren who lent me her cosplay, ryu who I went back to his flat with
And friends I met at sunnycon who I could never find. Mcm is a mother fucker to find ppl at

No. 392465

You were by yourself basically all of Saturday.

And if you really wanted to find people, you could have messaged them and told them to meet you somewhere like the CEX or Tokyo Toys stall, or at either of the food seating areas.

Might be a pain to find people at, if you don't care enough to actually put effort into finding them.

No. 392470

Asumony you know where those stalls are or where the hell you are in comparison to said other stalls.
Add on that those fucking painful platforms and yea, finding people can be a hassle. Also people take up to 20 minutes at a time to reply to messages.

No. 392471

CEX is always easy to find in the main hall, anyone with half a brain can remember where it is, and pretty sure you can SEE the giant inflatable/balloon they have above the stall every year from almost anywhere in the main hall.

Plus, the food areas exist, it's not hard to know where the outside one is at the very least. And if you were wearing such painful platforms, it would afford you a place to sit down, too.

You're just making excuses now.

No. 392482

Deets from someone who saw them together. Maybe on the Sunday? She was definitely with some fat cow from the source. Unless you all followed her around the entire con every single minute she was there kek

No. 392483

billy nae mates

No. 392488


No. 392489

What's wrong. You mad I'd rather have a select few friends than associate with your lot anymore.

Let's not forget who told who where to go, and why(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 392492

Well looks back and managed to unban themselves.

No. 392495

Anyone notice she shared her dark magician girl bootleg she bought saying it cost the earth and then saying in the comments it was €25?

No. 392497

Didnt she used to claim she got it for £40? Now she says £25 (not €25)

No. 392525

not thicc, normal but this post man.. fucking underagers

No. 392528

File: 1506372418794.png (341.52 KB, 1242x1988, IMG_1239.PNG)

Yea she agreed with the €25 here

No. 392764

I'm really surprised she was hanging around Ryu, he hates her. Slagged off her thirsty ass to me many a time. See here's the thing Sindy, when you try to surgically attach yourself to hot guys, they just come and complain about you to the women they actually do want to bone.

No. 392782

She probably wasn't even hanging with him, she probably saw him once, said hello and then spent the rest of the time alone.

I passed her a few times frequently throughout the day, unfortunately for me and my eyes, and she was alone every time. Doubt she was actually "hanging out" with anyone.

No. 392800

TFW two different sources claim to have seen Sindy with two different people yet others reee that they saw her alone therefore she MUST have been alone the entirety of MCM lmfao

No. 392825

Seeing someone with others briefly doesn't mean they were hanging out. Unless any of the people who saw her were following her the whole time, they won't know for sure. But I suppose if you see someone alone at a convention multiple times, it would seem like they had no friends to actually hang out with.

And, Sindy herself said she wasn't hanging out with the people that the others claimed to have seen her with, so.

No. 392861


What I want to know is why she went back to his place.

No. 392865

File: 1506435757869.png (595.67 KB, 1215x2747, 20170926_152038.png)

Apparently she was an absolute pig

No. 392869

And yet she complained about Caitlin being a bad house guest? When will the hypocrisy ever end with her?

No. 392883

We were in a rush because ryu made me miss my train. So I was never told any crumbs were lying around. I had 1 pizza and that was it lmao. Hardly being an absolute pig. Caitlin came to my house, stank up my bathroom. Stank up my bed sheets. Stank like a cattle farm. Ate like a farm animal. Washed nothing, took up fridge space. Stole half of my art crap, had a really nasty tone every time she couldn't work something on her ps4. Was stuck up about everything. I mean we've been through this. Read my original post about her. She's was a fucking chatty bitch. But you already know this lmao. Because even you won't touch her with a 10 inch pole. But wasn't that long ago you were hovering around my group x

No. 392884

To piss you off

No. 392885

The fuck why would that piss me off?

No. 392899

I love popping into this thread every few days because I always know it's going to be a complete fucking shitstorm

No. 392907


Always going to be something with Sindy. She can't help but feed this place.

No. 393151


sorry but i cant let you just write shite about me and get away with it.

i do not eat like a damn farm animal, YOU told me it was okay to put some of my food that i bought with me in your fridge. also i didnt steal your art stuff, you said i could have a few of your old promarkers that you said you werent going to use again. you're the one whos being a bitch here.

No. 393163

Of all the stuff I say and that's what you're defending… okay. No word about the shitty attitude, poor hygiene, horrible family, and lol you fucking did bump my art shit. Every time I was downstairs in my old house you just helped yourself.

Nobody's saying you have to stand here and admit to being this way. But if you deny it I'll only further point it out.

Because you were 15 when I met you. I let a lot of it slide. But now your 18.. and you act like 9… you really have to grow up.

No. 393189

Says the person who is 25 and acts more like a 5 year old throwing a temper tantrum most of the time

No. 393389

Annnnnnd she's back

No. 393392

Cindy is an art thief Caitlin is a thief. Fitting that these two are friends.
Also Caitlin is that fat girl right? All fatties do is eat, so expect a food mess. Most fatties have poor higine too because they can't wash properly

No. 393444

LOL I stopped being an art thief months ago.

No. 393445

And we're anon 'were'

Have you been paying no attention to thsee threads

No. 393451


Don't you go lecturing people about grammar. Yours is so bad I would swear English is not your first language.

No. 393452

You didn't admit to it until very recently, to get at Caitlin, though.
You were super insistent you hadn't traced all that art up until Caitlin was defending another potential art thief.

No. 394296


Honestly admitting she was tracing lying or not was beyond stupid. I have no idea why Sindy would take herself down a few pegs and ruin what little rep she had left.

No. 394349

Probably to make herself seem better like "oh at least I admitted it".
Like, yeah, but it doesn't change the fact you did trace and lied about it for so long, even going as far as to SELL the traced work.

No. 394394

File: 1506635152167.png (18.59 KB, 499x377, Untitled.png)

The fact you think £10 on veg isn't "expensive" shows how out of touch you are with actual money. You can buy 10 Rustler burgers for the same price, and that's more filling than just veg.
And, £2 on bread? Really? A white loaf in your average supermarket, even brand stuff, tends to be £1.
And why on earth do you need 4 litres of milk? How much fucking milk are you wasting?

The best part though, £2.50 when you get water,out of a tap, free? Really?

No. 394400

Also, since you've spoken about shopping at Asda before, went and looked at their website and you're buying 2 bottles of cravendale for £3 when you'd be cheaper buying 2 bottles of Asda own brand milk for £2, and having more milk too. (since 4 pints is 2272ml, so having 2 bottles would be 4544ml, ie, 544ml more than your cravendale bullshit, for £1 less than it)

No. 394427

File: 1506637861596.png (15.23 KB, 610x348, welp.png)

Did a quick check of Asda prices and compared. Excludes veg because it'll fluctuate.

If that's what's she's spending, she's spending more than double what she needs to. If you're gonna make a point about how inexpensive eating healthy is, at least pick the cheapest options, otherwise you look like an idiot. And even then, it's still cheaper to buy processed foods (£1 burgers and 89p tins of spaghetti, anyone?)

She's probably wasting most of that stuff anyway.

No. 394724

Considering the fact most of the shit she eats is pre-cooked or pre-made she's got a cheek to talk.

I can vouch for eating fresh homemade food being cheaper than frozen. Make a meal for 4, freeze the other 4 portions. You have your own ready meals. I've lived on my own for long enough and tried different ways to save money and eating fresh is way cheaper than most packaged food. Plus if you go at night to shops with their own deli sections, the already cooked meats is reduced waaaay down cos they can't keep it past the day they've cooked it. Plus there's loads of reduced food anyway, even fresh veg and fruit.

No. 394725

File: 1506684394120.jpg (35.69 KB, 700x423, IMG_1247.JPG)

Jenny and Caitlin

No. 394754

You've shown this screenshot like 50 times this isn't new.

No. 394771

No wonder Sindys cosplay sucks she wastes to much time procrastinating. She's always doing other shit like watching anime or trashy tv, shit posting, starting up arguments for attention.

Seriously if your going to put in the bare minimum and say its good then your getting nowhere. What exactly is goal? Waste money on making crap tier cosplay and going to events everywhere and getting nowhere in terms of popularity.

No. 394774

Sindy, if you are reading this.

Stop cosplaying, just save money for a plastic surgery to fix that fucked up face.

No. 394874

That's fine if it's one person living alone making 4 portions and freezing them, but when it's less well off families who have to feed more than one mouth, healthy food because less accessible.

Also, find it funny she deleted the post anyway. If she was so right about it, why delete it?

No. 394878

Today in this thread - cows debating Sindy's shopping list

gg top tier thread

No. 394879


stfu newfag

No. 395080

Sindy I know your still here. Whats wrong we couldn't keep you away before.

Like I said your cosplay career is going nowhere. No really you have done nothing to promote yourself lately and you focus mainly on facebook. I have not seen any new cosplays. If you want to get somewhere then you have to try better and show off more of your cosplays. Your stuck in a fantasy thinking you can get anywhere.

The only way your getting more fans is if you did nudes.

No. 395090

Ug gross don't give her ideas
No one needs to see that

No. 395190

Her tits did come out on a facebook stream ages ago. She took down the stream instantly after Darren told her. Only 2-3 people where watching though.

No. 395216

Well Sindy quit procrastinating and actually fucking work on your cosplay.

"oh woe is me I will never get my cosplay done in time… better watch anime, or argue with randoms, or play games, etc"

No seriously how many hours a week do you actually put into making your cosplay? When your not making cosplay what do you to actually promote yourself?

Your the one who has no fucking clue what they are doing. You just do the bare minimum and expect that to magically make you famous.

Do you even have portfolios of your work? How you design, plan and work?

No. 395218

Dude you care way to much about my cosplay career. It's like you NEED me to work harder at it… even if I did completly dedicate myself to it.. what's the benefits… constantly making things to make other people happy… that's no what cosplay is about. It's about fun and progressing. I've made more progress doing it for enjoyment that I ever will doing it for a career. If it's meant to happen. It will. If not. It won't. I'm not chasing anything when I'm not even at the same level as the people at my locals

No. 395225

Just let this thread die for fucks sake.

No. 395228


Then why even bother giving yourself a fake stage name then Jennifer? But finally you make it clear on your goals.

But no its not if its meant to happen that's bullshit. You either do good or or fail.

Well fine waste your money making crap, going to conventions and making zero benefits for yourself. It must have been real fun for you being at mcm alone. You can't even sell your art because you outed yourself as a tracer.

No. 395258

I mean Lauren literally give me her fucking costume to wear…

But even if I WAS alone… why would cosplaying more professionally change any of that? Are you really the kind of elitists who pick friends based on skill on cosplaying . Says it all… was the exact reason I abandoned beks. And an even greater reason I would never be friends with the likes of karli (not that she's even good to begin with)

also as for the art thing. We have all traced. All people do it. Only difference is I used to do it and pass it off as my own. But I wouldn't out myself unless I was dead serious about going legit
Which I have been since January.
If pexpletives like towers dowthe want me selling aRte because they're scared of the negative reputation I have. They're the idiots. They're cons are full of bootlegs… so is Deecon. And it looks like from what I've heard the new venue is killing them anyway XD

If cons with dying lifespans don't want me in it. I'll stI'll not loose sleep over it. Plenty more ponds to fish in. New cons pop up every day.
And the only reason they could hypothetically rejet a table would be based on previous ofdfenses. And given the nature of me live drawing most of my work now. They'de habe hard time saying it was for legitimate concerns and not just for holding a grudge, like deecon

No. 395260

Or of course if you and your little 2 person army go threatening them with pulling out. Which you wouldn't anyway because they're doing you the favoure. Not the other way around. Any conventions that give into that kind of peer pressure are weak and know it.

No. 395263

I can imagine a convention wouldn't want you selling art at their convention because you're known to have sold traced work in the past, so what is to stop you doing it again?

And, for the most part, no, DeeCon isn't "full of bootlegs". Not in the way that MCM and Alcon are. For one, they don't allow the likes of TokyoToys and other large outfit bootleggers to sell at their conventions (MCM still does it, even after being told multiple times that basically every plush TokyoToys sell are bootlegs).
If there's been bootlegs at DeeCon, they;ve been very few and far between.

But forget facts when you still have a raging hateboner for DeeCon, right? Saying they have a grudge is like the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 395264

And I don't use sindy as a cosplayer stage name. It's who I am. It's who I want to be called. I tell everybody I meet its my name. Because I hate my birth name. It's boarding and uninteresting. And I'd rather not be associated with that Jennifer Hopkins either

No. 395266

Pretty sure Jennifer hasn't done or said anything to you in years. Hateboners galore.

No. 395267

More like an observation. Because they clearly are holding a grudge. But things change.

Again. I live draw everything I produce. And if the work I produce is better than the work I faked. Why in God's name would I ever go back. Cons that think I would do that are clearly not intelligent enough to be running… just look at alcon

No. 395268

Doesn't mean I have to want anything to do with her

No. 395269

First name included

No. 395270

Then why even bother namedropping her?

No. 395273

Did you read my comment. It's 1 of a lot of reasons. She just managed to put me off it alltogether

No. 395274

Because the stuff you're livedrawing is considerably worse than the stuff you traced? Your anatomy is way off (the legs on your DMG drawing are terrifying), you suffer from good old same-face syndrome, to name a few issues.

No. 395275

Besides it would be no fun to change my name back now. That mean old Jennifer doesn't exactly have the same ring to it now does it

No. 395276

Doesn't explain why you namedropped someone who has had nothing to do with you for ages though.

Sounds like you still have a hateboner over nothing. Otherwise you'd just have said you didn't like your name anymore, instead of dragging people in as usual.

No. 395277

Unless you haven't been looking at my newer work it's not hard to see why would think that
But wait. Now you're encouraging me to go back? Some sad excuse for an artist you are. I'd rather have anatomy mistakes than pick up the bad habit of other artists.

And meh. I'm sure iLl get by with SFS… considering if you strip all the yugioh, dbz and naruto characters down they look the same too.

No. 395282

You really aren't reading are you. She's part of the reason. A big enough part. And if I did hate her. She has only her own snide actions to blame

No. 395283

She hasn't spoken to you in years. Grow up, get over it. Stop holding grudges like some petty bitch.

No. 395286

Now let's descend off those pedestals youve sat yourself on shall we. 7 threads in 4 years for nothing short of Facebook bickering and a false a ligation of me taking my underwear off. Honest question. When was I last looking on your profile? Really. Who's the one with the hateboner here

No. 395287

That's still not going to make me change my name back

No. 395288

If you hadn't made that thread this time last year, the other threads wouldn't have come to fruition.

No. 395292

I never made any of them.

No. 395293

Evidence says otherwise

No. 395294


No. 395297

the evidence on a trail by social media is heavily subjected to opinions. For example. I could pick apparent and destroy your spreadsheet pdf if I hadn't already done it. And you would still refuse to admit you're evidence is flawed

No. 395302

I mean, can you explain why the file name for that photo of you that was posted showed it was taken by the phone that posted it? And taken before you posted the picture on Facebook?

No. 395303

Could always ask Caitlin if she knows, too. After all she did send you the pictures that were used, too.

No. 395433

love how you have to namedrop all these folk to try take the heat off yourself kek

'look at me, all these people were sooo horrible to me'

when 10+ people who you have claimed at some point to have been your 'friends' have the same story of your bullshit maybe you should check under your shoe for the smell of shit

No. 395770

I never claimed my real friends were bad to me mcfucker nuggets. I claimed I got fucking sick of there 1 dimensional personalities and cosfame starvation/desperation
Notice ever since I left I don't talk about becomming a famouz cosplayer? It's a fucking delusion.

No. 395774

Pretty sure none of the people you name dropped in this thread care about becoming 'famouz cosplayer's either. Karli, Beks, Jennifer etc. Your hate boner for people who don't put up with your toxic nasty ass attitude is so blindly apparent.

No. 395775

>1 dimensional personalities
>literally exists as a facebook meme

No. 395820

Sindy I doubt even the best psychiatrists in the world could fix your head. Your a sociopath, a pyscho and you act autistic also judging by your awful spelling you seem badly dyslexic.

No. 395830

File: 1506871631570.jpg (58.7 KB, 526x440, IMG_6968.JPG)

I haven't been in the Cindy threads since the first and second one bc she's boring, dull, spells and looks like a retard. Since then I've every now-and-then just glanced at a Cindy thread and I am so damn sick of her coming into her own threads and WK and defending every little tiny comment or criticism that's posted about her. She treats her own threads like a fucking Q & A. In all my years I've never seen a cow or snowflake post so much in their own thread. Like what? It seems like she is thriving off the attention she's getting from her threads here. And she's not the first (previous cows/flakes have been permanently banned and talk/threads banned about them to starve them of the attention they so desperately seek). So why the FUCK does this shitstorm of threads keep occurring. Cindy seriously just GTFO. Your threads are not ment for you to post in, they're not some fuckin platform for you to bitch, complain, defend yourself, shit talk people you don't like, play the victim, respond to stuff, talk to anons, etc. like just leave. It's like your in here every fucking day responding to every post and WKing yourself to death (w/ no responsibility/ownership of your own fuck ups, just trying to explain and blame everything you do away). Do you just sit there refreshing this thread every 10 min hoping someone will post so you can defend your own ass? Fucking pathetic. If one of your main hobbies is coming to your own thread (where discussion of you and your shit belong, not YOU yourself belongs) and getting butt hurt and posting every other hour then you need to get a new hobbie (that's not about you being obsessed with yourself or what others are saying about you). Jesus these cindy threads drive me insane, look at ANY other thread here and in /pt/, no one else (who are the subjects of threads on lolcow) comes here so often (esp on namefag) to post in their own thread and on a daily basis. So fucking leave. Your not going to change people's minds or opinions, you're making shit worse for yourself bc in your posts you come off EVEN WORSE as a hypocritical rude victim-complex illiterate bitch. And the fact that you're even trying to adopt anon-speak and our sites lingo makes me internally cringe. You're even worse than Loonie Luna. This isn't a Reddit AMA. This is a place to discuss your BS. Not you to poorly defend your BS and in doing so make you look 10 times worse all while commenting on RANDOM anons posts wildly paranoid-like pointing "I know this is you [insert person Cindy hates]!!!111" & "you can stop posting here [insert random who Cindy has probably pissed off]!!!!11". You look retarded and nervous when in reality it's just some random anon, because you're hated internationally (not just the people you piss off IRL post here). Like you don't belong here, don't tell anons what to fucking do on our own site, Get a fucking life, stop complaining that everyone's "lying" about you and trying to be a victim while in the same breath insulting and saying some nasty shit about someone else, while you explain away the same actions you did, that you're accusing others of. Get a hobby, get off you're threads (bc you just shit them up with you defending your own gross self), get some self-awareness, and maybe spend on all this time that your using to refresh your thread on actually learning to create better quality cosplay and makeup skills so you don't look like you have FAS. Holy shit. /end rant

No. 395844


I totally get what your saying. Sindy these types of threads are not meant for you. They are to talk about you. Oh and stop playing victim on your profile page and only taking parts of what people say about you to mislead others.

If the people on your page actually read these they would see how much of nutcase you really are. Not to mention how you flat out lost against Caitlin and Darren. No seriously after they struck back at you you had nothing to say and zero evidence. That's a loss to me.

If you had just stayed the fuck away maybe their would not be 7 boards! But nope your autistic ass won't have you need drama to live. Even going as far to shaft your own friends.

No. 395855

Why are people responding to this? It was clearly Sindy herself who made the thread. Just let her roll in her own shit if she wants and ignore her.

No. 395866

If the boards bother her so much, she should close up her Facebook, make it private or friends only, and stop responding to what's said on the threads, and just ignore it.
But she keeps coming back for more, like the drama hungry cow she is. Was surprised she didn't involve herself in the Eli drama way back when, really, given her past track record.

No. 395878

she tried to, no one bothered/responded to her attempts to direct the attention onto herself so she dropped it. Still occasionally brings stuff up about other peoples' drama acting like she's cosplay senpai and must have an opinion on everything, of course

No. 395883

How ironic you insult me as autistic after this pathetic display of winning.

These boards are made about people. And usually. It's for good reason. Said person might be a youtube icon. With a large amount of followers. That person might have a very long history of financial scamming, criminal actions the list goes on. Usually the people on here are also painfully deluded… like pixi Teri…

However I am just a small time cosplayer… in a very small time community, yet it you're petty chanons who keep making such a big deal out of me. Who keep winning and complaining about everything I do. When it was about the quamity of my cosplays. I understood… because I played my skills up often… but I don't think I've seen you bash them since dmg.

So this thread now. Iso nothing but personal attacks and complaining and winning. And it's so fucking pathetic. If I had £1 for every lie or misinformed peice of information I could afford to never answere your sorry ass's back, or even live in the same country.

How dare I defend myself…
How dare I expose and exploit you're lies.
How dare I learn the lingo of this place. Anon sweety. You have no idea how long I've been on these and similar threads under your noses, just acting like another anon… I will keep comming back here. For as long as you will keep acting like 8 year olds and bitching about me. Because that's all this is.

And my friend. I did not make this thread… because even I could do better. And I have privatised my timeline.

You won't see any posts from me I don't want you too.

Now why don't you both pipe down. Or make me leave…

And what kind of prival devices are you using if these pages don't auto refresh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 395885

And I have no idea or fucks as to who eli is

No. 395907

>However I am just a small time cosplayer… in a very small time community

Coming from the person who made a thread about Jennifer Hopkins over a year ago?

>How dare I expose and exploit you're lies.

What lies have you exposed?

>You won't see any posts from me I don't want you too.

Ah, sure, assuming we aren't already in your friends list, or there aren't spies in there either.

No. 395930

My god can you even fucking read?


No. 395988

Sweety, you're retarded if you think being here since your first thread/your lame "friends" threads is a long time, fucking newfag kek.
And if you've been here for SUCH a long time you wouldn't be reiterating the same drivel nonsense that's been spewed out of every cow/flakes mouth since the beginning of time, you're just recycling it.

Such as:
"All the other cows/flakes are here for a good reason, but not me!! I'm posted on here out of spite by haters! I did nothing wrong! Everyone else posted here did! But I'm the exception! Lolcow only cares about criminals and scammers!! Right? Right?! And I'm not a criminal or scammer so I don't belong here and the only possible reason I was posted is bc of my shit cosplay skills and jealous spite from muh enemies!"
"You won't know what I post unless I let you know, I'm a mastermind blah blah, anons won't know anything I don't intentionally let them know! I've been playing you guys the whole time and have you all wrapped around my finger! I posted a buncha times and you didn't even know it was me! Mwahaha!!!!11"
"I'm DEFENDING myself! Against these lies! I'm sperging out daily with no fucking evidence! Obviously all these people spreading lies (aka actually proof) are personal attacks against me! So of course I'm going to obsessively come here to WK myself! You would too!! you pathetic 8 year old bitches!!!!"
"Barely anyone knows me, im a nobody! Why would anyone want to post about little old me? So just take these LIES down bc I'm in a small community and not known soooo therefore you shouldn't ever talk about me!! ???? Profit"

And my personal favorite:
"Then why don't you just make me leave!"

FUCKING KEK gurrrl was the "USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO THE PASTURE" in bold ass red beneath your posts not a clear enough sign??

Literally every cow/flake says the exact same thing, so you fit quite perfectly on the catalog along with the rest of them. And honestly, if anyone really cared that much about you or you were that big of an annoyance, the admins could just mark all your posts, regardless if you were on anon or not, regardless if you used a vpn. So all your bragging about blending in with anons or being an autistic chameleon or whatever you said is completely foolish.

No1curr about your auto-refresh, it's still sad that you actively come here, hourly, to check for any and all new posts and then proceed to actively post and respond multiple times denouncing these "personal attacks" like the act of you writing text is someone solid physically evidence that these criticisms/accusations are untrue. All while shoving some insult about some other random person in the exact same post, completely unaware about how hypocritical of you that is.
>anon posts meanie thing about you
>you respond to the one post 3 different times in a row
>defending yourself and saying anons post is untrue
>"oh but Caitlin is a fucking messy bitch who used me, what a fucking bitch whore!!1"
>but it's totes cool if I lie and say mean things about others, but shaaaaame on you for doing it to ME!

Fucking please. Gtfo.

No. 396573

File: 1506943967800.png (18.39 KB, 508x242, IMG_3629.png)

Seems she's still lurking, at least on the Tower's thread.
But to point out to her, they can promise Monica Rial, even if she's going to be at DigiCon the week after, because she's said herself on social media that she's attending, because she missed Alcon due to the hurricanes and family. They have her booked.

But hey, anything to involve herself in more drama she shouldn't have stuck her nose into to begin with

No. 396622

God why does she care so much about Towers? She really needs to get laid. Towers might be willing because he can pretend she is under age with how flat her chest is.

No. 396710

Probably for the same reason she cares about everyone else she namedrops and attacks - hateboners and the thirst for drama

No. 396725

File: 1506970985880.jpg (74.71 KB, 655x651, chindy.jpg)

Still photo shopping your chin and trying to act sexy? If your so desperate for attention just get nude for all the thirsty fucks on your page. Its all they want.

Hell you even said in the last thread you would give nudes if someone messaged you. Guess you didn't have the balls.

No. 396862

Sindys such a retard. Lets show off where I live. She left an mcm ticket thing up that showed where her last house was almost exactly.

Also yes she confirmed shes still lurking here.

No. 396864

Oh and sindy your neighbours would take anyone over a psychotic sociopathic autistic weeaboo 25yo virgin crazy cat lady.

No. 396898


Virgin? She said she was raped, more than once if I remember correctly.

No. 396903


I don't think she even knows what sex is. As far as I know she has claimed she has been raped but never had intercourse in anyway. Guess we won't know for sure unless she shows off her hymen.

No. 396994

She previously claimed she does still have a hymen because she gets her period from it monthly. Girl is like one of those hick Americans that probably think you can get pregnant from the toilet seat

No. 396998

Gonna have to remind you all, having a hymen is not proof of virginity, and lacking one doesn't mean you're not a virgin, since it can be torn from things like putting in a tampon, horse riding, sports, girls can even straight up be born without one.

We went over this the last time it came up.

No. 397008

Yea after anon explained this is reaserched a lot and discovered hymns are not supposed to tare. Instead stretch… my stupid Catholic school educated us that hymns were things that tare when you have sex. Yea if you have rough sex with no lube it will (go in dry) but it turns out that Farley bleeds and instead blood comes from injuring the vaginal wall.

Also I have NEVER claimed to have been raped. I'm still waiting for those screenshots.

No. 397010

It doesn't stretch, either, Sindy. Tear is just the word used for it being rubbed away. It can bleed from well lubed sex too, it just depends on each individual girl.

Obviously you didn't do as much or as in depth research as you though.

No. 397069

I mean, she also takes videos and records the neighbours' children playing beneath her window because they're annoying her. But if it was a guy taking videos of young kids there would be an uproar (especially since she defends pedos)

No. 397070

how sad your life must be that you can only defend yourself via lack of screenshots because you've lost track due to the amount of shit you spout on a daily basis

No. 397089


Oh so now you claim you where not groomed as a child? You made a big deal out of it as if you where raped.

No. 397092

So grooming = rape

Please, never work for the legal system.

No. 397095

It tears if you tare it
The process of taring a membrane is to create a small rip in it

The hymen does flex and and stretch it's fucking deigned to do that. It's not a full sheet that covers the vaginal entrance otherwise you could never have a period.
It's an elliptical shaped membrane

FUCKING Christ children educate yourself
Bleeding during sex isn't some trophy that you're now a woman. It's a sign you've just been Sexually assaulted

No. 397097

Yeah, it's a membrane that lines the edges of the vagina. You can still tear that, you moron. No one except you in the past said it was a sheet that covered the entrance.

Also, a bit of bleeding during consensual sex = sexual assault now? Maybe it's you who should never work for the legal system.

No. 397098

Context now no longer matter to you? If it was a grown man taking videos of kids vandalising his property or trespassing it would be trrated as proof.

Taking videos of kids running around isn't the same as being a pedophile. Fucking Christ your mindset is actually dangerous. Pedophiles are peopleased Sexually attracted to children <14. And unless you have serious striking evidence i am.. from First hand accounts you really can't prove that…

Taking video evidence of my neighbours kids smashing glass in my pathway is not sexual based.. it was sent so I could get the tenants notified of there vandalism and fly tipping

No. 397100

File: 1507047249646.jpg (101.27 KB, 640x480, 0a41d7c.jpg)

>educate yourself


No. 397101

You can still be abused in a consensual relationship.

Never heard of a guy being too rough… well thats usially what tears it. It should Stretch

I bet none of you fucking idiots even knew you could stretch it

No. 397102

>bleeding during perfectly consensual sex is RAEP because OMG BLOOD

Sindy throwing out stupidity as per always. Guess if someone did take the plunge and shoved their dick in you WITH YOUR CONSENT and you bled, you'd cry rape and ruin their life

No. 397104

you are a fucking idiot. Most girls will bleed their first time, especially if they're with a guy who is also inexperienced. That doesn't equate to rape you mongoloid

Just because your own vagina is a gaping mess from fisting yourself to kiddie porn, doesn't mean people with normal tight vaginas (even when aroused, vaginas will still be quite tight especially virgins) are being 'sexually assaulted' from a little blood


No. 397105

I'd cry rape if a guy I was with rammed his hard dick inside me bone dry and forcefull and yes. Did assault and damage me… against my will. And yes I would say stop

No. 397107

bled during my first time having sex. Was perfectly consensual but now knowing this I better go to the police and get the guy charged for sexual assault 6 years later. Thanks for your 'good medical knowledge', Sindy!

No. 397108

I know plenty of people who haven't bled there first time. I very much doubt I would bleed either.

If the hymen were so easy to tare people would bleed after every fuck.

It stretches

No. 397109

Hey if you enjoy dry sex that's you're kink, not mine

No. 397111

>consensual sex is rape if it's rough and dry

I mean that's not rape, it might be considered assault, but it's not rape.

No. 397112

Today in Sindy thread 56

People trying to argue with Sindy over her ''guud medical knowledge''despite the fact it's been proven time and time again she's a complete waster who couldn't even get a piss easy qualification in fucking art for years

Also mods/farmhands, why is your banning system so poor? How many times has Sindy been kicked and she just switches her IP or whatever and is back in here sperging again within hours.

No. 397113

Correct me if I'm wrong but I did say assault

No. 397117

Hnc level art.. I left because it's a worthless qualification
And since the scottish government only funds 1 Hnc i chose to get the hnd and instead use it on something better

No. 397118

Eh, more than half of that video, you can't even see the kids, it's just noise from them. And the times you can see them, they aren't vandalising any of your property, they're just sitting on the ground under your window.
There's nothing showing them smashing glass on your pathway.
If anything their parents could get you done because they didn't consent to you filming them, nor did you make it known that you were filming them.

No. 397119

You also said you would cry rape if it happened. Rape and sexual assault aren't technically the same thing. Rape is non-consensual sex, sexual assault is basically everything else.

No. 397120

omg Sindy learn what fucking abuse means. I swear you just say shit to try to sound smart. Just because someone is to rough during sex that's not abuse.

Hell some people enjoy bdsm. Is that abuse? No. Why? Because they consented and they know its going to happen.

So what is abuse? Well it differs from the type. But abuse is a pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors used to maintain power and control over a former or current intimate partner. Abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual or physical and can include threats, isolation, and intimidation.

Basically its anything with out consent where a person tries dominate, neglect, etc another person/animal.

No. 397123


Then chose the right guy you spaz! The vagina is designed to get wet naturally lubed when you get horny. Also it does not hurt that much. After you first time its done and over then it feels good. Hell it should even start feeling good less than halfway through.

If your doing it right it wont hurt that much. I know people who said they have not felt a thing.

No. 397125

Oh my Christ. .. this misconception is real… hymens recover unless you destory them

No. 397127

Sweety. I've been fingered enough time to know how it feels and if or not it bleeds. Jesus Christ.

No. 397128


A finger does not compare…

No. 397130

Lmao I could argue otherwise

No. 397131

Maybe not to a fucking BMW

No. 397132


Yet you have never had cock…

No. 397133

Sounds like you're admitting to fisting at that

No. 397134


Clearly shes to afraid to hurt her precious vagina.

No. 397138

What cock do you know that's the sie of a clenched fist

Ikr so crazy… who wouldn't wanna tear and cut there sexual area. .. it's a riot

No. 397139

Yep. I have never had the D

No. 397141

Ok then Sindy lets hear your argument. Let see what little virgin Sindy can compare fingering to with no other sexual experience and certainly not deep enough to give her any real pleasure.

No. 397144

I mean… the vaginal entrance is only so fucking deep…

No. 397146

I'm more shocked you still consider me a Virgin if I've been fingered… who's logic is flawed now.

What makes a cock so special

No. 397147


Already we are off to a great start… Please do go on.

No. 397148

File: 1507049448231.png (486 KB, 502x465, Untitled.png)

Assuming any of us are actually christians.
Also you're no pagan, you're a joke to the community. And satanic, eh, if you're wanting to follow satanism, you better change shit around because boy are you breaking those teachings all the time.

No. 397151


Like I said a finger does not compare. Seriously you are trying to argue shit with no real experience. That's like trying to be a chef that can only cook a few dishes.

Go try some different sexual pleasures other than fingering yourself vaginal entrance deep then come back and argue.

No. 397158

I'm only ever gona fuck Asians so it compares just fine

No. 397167


If you go saying shit like that no asian will want to fuck you. Not all asian men and women have tiny dicks and tits. Where this myth comes from I'm not 100% sure it sounds like ww propaganda.

Besides with a face like yours you should be grateful that any guy finds you attractive. I'm amazed people don't think your a trap after seeing outside of your photo shopped pictures.

No. 397174


No. 397178


Erm fail?

No. 397179

Most of your maletter friends have wanted a go at some point or another ;)

No. 397182


Probably only for a practice fuck. Is Ian, Towers and Lewis really worth boasting about?

No. 397186


You're friends with those cucks?

No. 397189


No but who can forget what classy men you have been friends with. Just because you forget whats on previous threads others don't.

No. 397191

Don't worry Mel. I'm not after your precious mikey-poo

No. 397195


Bwahaha your miles off! Here we go folks its the Sindy guessing game. Where will her hateboner point to next?

No. 397196

Ah yes. I remember that time I traveled down to England. Called up Lewis, Ian and Towers met up in a motel and had a good old 3some

No. 397198


No. 397199


No. 397201


Your the one who is triggered dropping random names again.

No. 397205

You fucking clown you're not supposed to take my name drop seriously

No. 397208

Sense of humour starter pack.Jpg

No. 397210


Nobody takes anything you say seriously.

No. 397216

This is thread says otherwise

PM me and I'll send tits
You're friends have all offered
OMG you liar

No. 397217

It's like you've never been on the fucking interwebs before

No. 397219

Or is it because your a fucking autist

No. 397222


No that's to see if anyone would take the bait. Plus you crave attention that bad your literally not far off of questionably doing that. No one here would put i past you eventually flash your tits for attention.

No. 397224

Datsh nut funny sindee it's a real condition n sum ov yuur frenz hav id

No. 397228

To bad your won't live long enough to see that. If you wanna see em so bad just lift my shirt at a fucking con

No. 397229


Ah so Sindy does hide as anon on here?

No. 397230

The great fucking sherlock Holmes here

Nah I just forgot to reset it

No. 397233

Legit question
Did you guys develope your autism from a flue jab

No. 397234


No I bet you come on here to stir the shitpot yourself. No drama? Better make some. We have known this and its been addressed in this thread above.

No. 397236


You have lost so badly now your not even making sense. Your like a child throwing random insults.

No. 397237

One of thems eventually gona land

No. 397238

I just come here to get oiled up(goodbye sindy)

No. 397438

>i've been fingered

So David swooped into the crusty v? or any of those asian dudes she drags on dates to sate her weeb lusts

No. 397439

Girls can finger themselves, y'know?

No. 397440

anon please i don't want that image :'(

No. 397674

1. Fucking christ half the guys go mental over the thought of sharing a room with Sindy.

I thought she was banned from Digicon?

2. No Sindy friends are not like the fucking seasons. Unless your a sociopath or have good reasons. Real people talk out their problems in PRIVATE.

I have been friends with my group of friends for over 10 years. We are normal humans who if something goes wrong we take a breather and make up.

You on the other hand are a sociopathic freak. You use people then take them down when you need drama.

3. For once I hope its not you hypochondria and you really are dying .

No. 397734


You claimed you were raped, you said it to me in person. There are no screenshots for that…

No. 397737

I feel like I want to scoop my brain out reading this fucking train wreck of a thread.

No. 397758

Sorry I've never had a conversation with anybody involvingredients the words I was raped. And I've never had a conversation with any of my cosplayer friends about being abused either…

No. 397759

I have taken breathers and made up… with people I can stand to be around

No. 397762

David has never touched me. Please don't make shit up.

And I went out with and bumped into ONE Asian dude

Where are you getting this guys from

No. 397763

Why would I be banned from digicon? Where the fuck did you pull that one from… I had only went once last year?

No. 397792

this is honestly my favourite thread but i can only look at it every few days because its so batshit insane. shine on sindy, you crazy diamond

No. 397822

This was years ago you said it. You also said "it wasn't that bad" when someone said they were going to report it to the police.
I'm not a cosplayer, never have been.

No. 397849

Yea it's fine lol. I know exactly who you are. I know youve taken information somebody gave you twisted it and changed it. Hunny why are you still sniffing around me 5 years after having anything to do with you. Don't you understand you're a psychopath nobody wants to know….

No. 397856

Also flaw in your argument here
- it wasn't that bad.. it's rape.. if I said I got raped it wouldn't have been possible to say it wasn't that bad

-somebody wanted to report it to the police… again nobody ever threatened my ex with police lol. You've even messaged holly about this and she told you to fuck off.. nobody cares about you're revenge.

No. 397864


basically when I met my ex I used to stay at his house all the time
One night we shared the same bed. And the same morning he started touching me up. Halfway through this he stoped and said. No I want holly. And by this point he had already touched me up and shoved his fingers inside me. I left his house later that day. And called you crying. You turned around and said. That's horrible what he's done. You need to go to the police. I never once said he raped me I was on a no 11 bus ffs… people wouldn't have heard me. You told me to leave his ass and get away from him. Which is advise I should have taken. But I didn't and I stayed with him. I called holly up that same day and she just thought the whole damn thing was funny. Again. You advised to leave her sorry ass. And I didn't. 3 months later he cheated on me with her

I never said once he raped me. You were the one who made it out like that. And it was you who got bitter and jealous once I started seeing him. And it was YOU who kept messaging and threatening holly all through college. The same course my sorry ass got you in.

Glad weve cleared this up. Now fuck off back to your hole

No. 397871


What part of stay the fuck away from this thread don't you understand? Someone just blacklist her already.

No. 397872

It wouldn't work

No. 398036

You are so fucking sad. Have fun being the only one keeping your own thread alive. Fucking attention whores. It's a shame when ugly-faced chicks get a serious case of GOTIS. All your post are so embarrassing and sound crazy. Random finger pointing, sperging about your fucking vagina, "I'm never going to leave I'm having too much fun! I'm just getting started! These threads don't bother me at all! Super #notbothered! Don't you NOOBS know how to fucking use the INTERWEBZZZ?!?!!!11"

God damn your just a train wreck trying to defend yourself with anything you can think of. Just sitting there coming back every 10 min to see if anyone posted about her and rushing at light speed to give some autistic response.

TFW those autistic people who are so fucking autistic that they reach that sad desperate point where they start wildly accusing others of being autist. When, in fact, no one is as autistic as they are.

Plus top kek at Sindy trying to be educated when her grammar is atrocious and she has no study or higher education and even more lel-worthy never even had sex to the point she thinks FINGERING is the exact same as ACTUAL sex. Wtf

No. 398189

Wait the lolcow gif for the page was that sindy in amongst all those other people? In the Ryoku cosplay.

No. 398235

lezzer here
if you consider it sex and one of you had an orgasm, it's sex
penises are not the centre of the universe

No. 398504

pics, can't seem to get the sindy banner myself despite repeated refreshing

No. 398548

Just go to the banner thread in /meta/ if you're so desperate

No. 398563


lol I'm not the person you think I am. I have never had your mobile number, but keep guessing. I love the stench of paranoia

No. 398675


Ah Sindy will never win the spin the hate boner game.

No. 398730

File: 1507254555939.jpg (30.89 KB, 540x434, 1490752941135.jpg)


No. 398872

Well I give my number to all my friends so you were never my friend and the only non cosplayers I know we're previous friends so you're a liar and we have never spoken. You're just getting this info off somebody else

No. 398874

IP bans are easy to fix.
But I'm not even trying at this point.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 398959

You are actually trying really hard

No. 399099


Hah lol never said I was your friend either, so not lying.

No. 399343

Holy cow it just gets better and better

No. 399394

So who does Sindy get off to then? Ian, Towers, Lewis, Darren or even Caitlin?

No. 399579

who is this cutie and why is she a lolcow?

No. 399605

File: 1507402977311.jpg (65.36 KB, 614x960, 22141089_1501750293246660_8479…)

Are you blind or a troll anon?

Anyway here's a tl;dr rundown in the offchance you're a newfag.

Art thief, tracer, peaedophile/hebephile defender, thirsts for drama and shit stirring, narcissistic personality disorder textbook study, has to have some sociopathy in there too given her complete lack of empathy, remorse or general negative emotion about any of her actions (which includes lying about being groomed, telling people to kill themselves for having autism amongst others), thinks you get your period from your hymen and that women can get cancer from hysterectomys and finally, the most evident; her frequent need to come back here and bump her own threads when she's no longer getting attention.

She's not so much a lolcow as a classic schadenfreude case

No. 399802


Don't forget she photoshops all her photos to look somewhat barely good.

No. 399806

how old actually is she? she looks like she's in her mid/late 30s here

No. 399818


She is 25yo.

No. 399890

Except Nobel if this is true?

No. 399894

Aet is legit - check my liveds peaedophile (Connor isnt a pediphihebephile, dont defend towers)thirsts for drama and shit stirring (no proof), narcissistic personality disorder textbook study (no evidence but let's see your psychology degree), has to have some sociopathy in there too given her complete lack of empathy (because you havery esp and read minds (, remorse or general negative emotion about any of her actions (which includes lying about being groomed [I have never lied it went to court I was 12)
, telling people to kill themselves for having autism amongst others) (twisted with context removed. Told a guy making fun of autistic people to consider hanging himself), thinks you get your period from your hymen (sorry what) and that women can get cancer from hysterectomys (it increases the risk of a large number of health complications) and finally, the most evident; her frequent need to come back here and bump her own threads when she's no longer getting ( better than letting you make shit like this up. Jesus you guys are dangerously stupid)

No. 399895

Because nobody else on line uses apps to improve photos
>old threads "sindy use an editor
>uses editor
>so fake

>can't win

No. 399936


Yes but no one else removes half their face.

No. 400004

Man she lives on this site

No. 400079


>>Aet is legit - check my liveds peaedophile (Connor isnt a pediphihebephile, dont defend towers

Connor dates and sleeps with underage teenagers despite being in his 20s. He’s a Hebephile.

You vehemently defended Towers earlier in the year until he did something that personally insulted you like, then you turned on him. You went so far as to claim that the girls coming forward were lying and the ones who weren’t could have just said no.

Here is both an example of you defending known pedo/Hebephiles and also your sociopathy. For someone who claims to have been groomed as a child, you certainly have little to no empathy for other young victims of grooming and instead opted to take the abusers side.

Caps begin here >>>/snow/259701

>>thirsts for drama and shit stirring (no proof),

Literally every one of your threads is proof enough. Some go weeks without a post and you swan in to bump them before running to Facebook to whine “those bullies on lolcow are still obsessed”. You namedrop completely random people for no reason to drag them into potential drama, you threw a strop and decided to lash out at a random girl on a convention committee because you didn’t get a table. Just a small selection of Sindy stirring the pot but the caps and proof and overabundant in these threads.

Screens of a random call out on a girl who did nothing >>>/snow/223142

>>narcissistic personality disorder textbook study (no evidence but let’s see your psychology degree),


Have a read. Anyone that’s ever witnessed any of your antics would be inclined to agree that you check pretty much all the diagnostic markers

Again the sociopathy is evident in how you interact with and treat others,how you respond to situations with a complete lack of empathy and how you drop relationships as soon as they’re no longer beneficial to you (college friends, Cosplay friends, Caitlin, Towers. All dropped as they were no longer useful) And that gem of a post recently about how friendships are like seasons and change constantly. No they don’t. Normal people retain friendships across decades not seasons.

Caps of you backtracking on your defence of Towers as soon as he was no longer useful


>>telling people to kill themselves for having autism amongst others) (twisted with context removed. Told a guy making fun of autistic people to consider hanging himself),


Context. Guy trolls Sindy, not autistic people. Sindy retorts he’s “autismo” as an insult. Guy responds that he can’t help some things as he has Aspergers Disorder.

Ergo Sindy told someone to kill themselves after they tell her they have autism. Not much more context needed. Was he being an asshole? Yes. Is Craig a bigger asshole and also making fun of autism? Yes. But you didn’t tell Michael to hang himself until you pulled out the autism “humour” and he acknowledged that he was indeed on the spectrum.

>>thinks you get your period from your hymen (sorry what)

You literally told people on FB you were still a virgin because you still have a hymen and you know that you still have one because “other than you bleeding from it every month you’ve never bled so it’s intact”. That’s not how periods or the hymen work you dumb cunt


>>women can get cancer from hysterectomys (it increases the risk of a large number of health complications)


It has the same complications as any major surgery. Long term effects include early onset of menopause and potential bowel obstruction caused by scar tissue but it’s uncommon.

So much for that advanced medical knowledge when shaming trans people out of transitioning.


here’s where you specifically said it causes cancer. Hint. It doesn’t.

>>( better than letting you make shit like this up. Jesus you guys are dangerously stupid)

Except I have blatantly just provided evidence of said things you’ve done and backed myself up when proving you’ve been wrong.

Bonus screenshots of vintage Sindy condoning violence and then telling an Asian girl to suck up racism as she’d love to be Asian to be pretty and have Silky hair


In all the threads you’ve had, the only proof you’ve ever provided is Mike Towers and your falling out and even then, it was after he stopped being useful to you in getting a convention table.

No. 400081

Need to make a correction. Paul not Connor.
Proof here >>>/snow/196755

No. 400086

File: 1507450960397.jpg (864.12 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171008_092024.jpg)

Also to address this.
Yes people edit their photos. People might smooth out their skin, remove some spots, slim their face slightly using the meitu apps in built features amomgst other minor edits. But they're still recognisable IRL. Because Minor edits.
You shave off half your chin, smooth your skin and distort your face so badly you look like your eye is melting off your face and are generally unrecognisable compared to your actual appearance. That's what the issue is. Noone would care if you edited like pic attached but you don't. There's editing to your face via smoothing, tone correction and slimming your chin but its still a reasonable and realistic expectation of what you look like IRL. The chin could be explained by a flattering angle. Your edits are unexplainable IRL.

No. 400100

What are we the fb police now
I don't need to justify myself to you. If I want to edit a photo so it looks better that's up to me. It's not a fucking crime. Unlike stalking

No. 400101

I don't take anything to do with paul

No. 400103

You literally told people on FB you were still a virgin because you still have a hymen and you know that you still have one because “other than you bleeding from it every month you’ve never bled so it’s intact”. That’s not how periods or the hymen work you dumb cunt

The way you ripped this out of context is actually so retarded lmao. A few years ago I also believed the hymen was a sign of virginity I don't know and yet as seen above some ideas believe your only a Virgin if it's torn. I bleed from my fucking womb which passes my hymen that's what u meant you retard

No. 400106

Context. Guy trolls Sindy, not autistic people. Sindy retorts he’s “autismo” as an insult. Guy responds that he can’t help some things as he has Aspergers Disorder.

Ergo Sindy told someone to kill themselves after they tell her they have autism. Not much more context needed. Was he being an asshole? Yes. Is Craig a bigger asshole and also making fun of autism? Yep. But you didn’t tell Michael to hang himself until you pulled out the autism “humour” and he acknowledged that he was indeed on the spectrum.

It's like you never actually saw that conversation

Guy shows up on my public Facebook
Starts shaming me sad my cosplay
(Might be ok here but it's suicide on facebook)

Guy brings his friend in
I retort autiso is in town.
Not really that ofensive since they are autistic.
Guy retorts
I have asburgers*

Sorry lol in what way was that guy not making fun of autism himself…
And I sent a picture of a noose never once saying the words
Kill yourself

So try again

No. 400115

You only belive this garbage because your on the outside looking in. You don't see all the tension and problem building. Would you call a woman a psychopath for ending a 12 year marriage?

Have a read. Anyone that’s ever witnessed any of your antics would be inclined to agree that you check pretty much all the diagnostic markers

Again the sociopathy is evident in how you interact with and treat others,how you respond to situations with a complete lack of empathy (again you're never gona see empathy on fucking Facebook via text(
and how you drop relationships as soon as they’re no longer beneficial to you (as soon as I can't deal with the person is the more accurate definition)
(college friends, Cosplay friends, Caitlin, Towers. All dropped as they were no longer useful) And that gem of a post recently about how friendships are like seasons and change constantly. No they don’t. Normal people retain friendships across decades not seasons.

Caps of you backtracking on your defence of Towers as soon as he was no longer usefu

Any friendship that lasts decades is clearly special and I would cinsider rare

I left towers because he started threatening me, baker, obayed and because he launched Algirls.
He revoked my table AFTER I released shots. He did it to punish me and. Towers is a known blackmailer

Caitlin..m well I've explained. But what I never explained is that I have chats with beks, amber and jem thathe go back to 2015 where i explained how taxing caitlin was. And her dad. When he barged into my house swearing and cursing at me. That was the last straw

Beks - was too difficult to retain a friendship with a shallow coshungry snowflake who cared more about her makeup than anything else. She messed so many of her exs around I really didn't feel like being next. Self centered beyond belief. Nothing was ever good enough. Took her out, got her gift . Bought he tickets. DI'd literally everything for her. Wiped the tears off her facell at Auchi when you weren't there. And I never once got anything back. No gifts or anything. She nevery made any efforts for me.
I had to get out
Now she's telling David shit about me I never said
Like she's jealous of our friendship Wtf is that all about

Darren - never met the guy, never meant anything to me. Just a kid who wouldnt me who wouldn't take no. Had to get shot before his behavour got worse

Amber - constantly complained about being alone
Amber K- never really spoke. Beks's friend

Now as far as I'm concerned beks and caitlin are the only genuine friends I built proper friends hips with. Everyone else came with beks
And since I've only ever gotten away from those 2 people that's should be enough to justify why I wanted away

No. 400121

tl;dr no one cares
now gtfo

No. 400127

The screencap provided says otherwise

You used autism in a derogatory manner when a lot of your "friends" have autism and are uncomfortable with it. Michael told you in a reasonable manner that he has Aspergers. You told him you had a cure and linked the noose. Telling him the cure for his Aspergers was suicide. It's literally in the post linked.


We're not talking about the uneducated morons above. We're talking about you who as shown in the cap claimed you bleed from your hymen once per month, you who frequently claims that you have an advanced medical knowledge and were claiming these things within this year, not "years ago"
(I also note that you ignored where your were proven wrong about hysterectomy)

You can edit your photos however you want but don't get pissy when you're called on it or try to act like your edits are what you look like and your unflattering photos are the edited ones (I believe it was in the /manure/ thread you were claiming people were editing you to look bad.

>>Any friendship that lasts decades is clearly special and I would cinsider rare

Most people are able to keep friendships for years and into decades. It's not a rarity. Look how many people from Cosplay Scotland are still regularly keeping in touch and friends after 5+years.

No. 400141

"A few years ago"mexcept that screenshot was from earlier this year so what you talking about "a few years ago"?

Another example of your twisted sense of time.

No. 400142

Have to agree on the fact that normal friendships do last a long time. What about elderly people who have friends from their early adulthood or even childhood? Those must be special and rare in Sindys eyes too, right?

I have friends who I've known since Primary and Secondary school, there's a bunch of them, and none of those friendships are special or amazing, they're just normal friendships that both parties put the effort into. You don't lose all your friends all the time and make new ones constantly only for them to get tossed aside too. If you do, you aren't friendshipping right.

No. 400229

Aw man why'd Darren's response to her lunacy go poof?

No. 400236


Eh I decided against it and deleted it. thought no one saw in the ten minutes it was up.

No. 400356

No one mentioned either of the Ambers so why you namedropping them for no reason?

No. 400483

For the same reason I mentioned beks and caitlin?

No. 400486

Nobody would have seen it either
Except maybe your sister you told I was messing you around

No. 400495

Unfortunately I grew up in the early 90s and most of the kids at my school were neds/chavs so I didn't form friendships with them
I still have friends I've known since 15 but I wouldn't consider it a friendship unless we actually hung out and talked all the time otherwise they're just an aquintense

But you know . Not everybody is the same
Some people like you guys are insecure and need people around you 24/7 and some people like me are quite content with there own space. So regardless of say. Being alot for some of a con, don't mind and still do their thing.

No. 400501

Durr I have assburgers = reasonable. And the noose was aimed at Craig btw. Who isn't actually autistic

No. 400510

If you can't see how what he said is offensive let me change the context for you

Guy: oh I have depression
Other guy: my friend is an attention seeker too
Guy: dude kill yourself.
^ that's OK because sjw hypocrisy!

Guy: you're acting autistic
Other guy : I have assburgers
Guy : dude kill yourself
^ somehow not okay?

Hypocrite lmao
Just admit it

No. 400513

Also wow some trolls on the Internet got told to kill themselves
Crime of the century.
Asspats all around.
Tell the little faggot to play an mmo sometime. If he's that fucking unstable he shouldn't be online

No. 400514

>She messed so many of her exs around I really didn't feel like being next
Implying you ever had a chance of being more than a friend to become an ex in the first place.

>Took her out, got her gift . Bought he tickets

Because gifts = friendship, right? You realise you didn't HAVE to buy them any gifts? That was your decision, and if you're acting salty about it now, then it just looks like you were using the gifts to try and buy your way into being their friend. Which is pretty pathetic.

No. 400520

If gifts for her birthday hadnt been the only time then sure if I was only doing that then yea. But like I said and you just quoted. I took her out and did everything fuckig else for her.

And hey lol I never said I had a chance I purposely never told her I liked her that way because I didn't wanna ruin the friendship.
You can still be messed around in a friendship. Like I was with her

No. 400525

But you also didn't NEED to take her out, or buy tickets. And "doing everything else for her" like a friend should anyway without expecting special treatment in return?
Blake put you before a lot of other friendships, gave you too many chances, cut ties with people because they bad-mouthed you, but hey, it was you that was messed about, right?

Although, define "messed about", because I'm curious what was so bad that turned a friendship into an everlasting hateboner because it's so clear you can't get over them.

No. 400533

Caitlin was mentioned, and Blake falls under cosplay friend, but you yourself said you weren't friends with Amber K, and no one else mentioned her, so why did you even bother if she wasn't your friend?
Or is this another namedrop in the attempt to show either an unrequited hateboner, or to stir up more drama?

No. 400536

I actually don't hate her and only have a problem with her for her recent actions regarding David

I never said I expected special treatment but I also didn't expect to just be tossed aside wile she hung around with all her other friends and ditched me half the time I was never good enough and neither was anything I ever did . My cosplays, my company. Nothing was ever good enough. I never got anything back. Except that she answered my pms.

No. 400539

Because you might have drawn the conclusion so I chose not to chance it. If you don't like me saying people's names
Get a silencing order.

No. 400540

> I never got anything back
The fact you were expecting something back says everything.

No. 400544

Depends what you think I was expecting back. I literally got nothing back. Not even her full fuckig attention

I was 3rd wheel friend the entire trip

No. 400549

You're basically saying I didn't need to give her anyour fucking attention what so ever.

That's not me hun.
I spend time with my friends
And we rarley got to hang out so I went out every chance we could(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 400552

You spend time with your friends, and then use that as a thing to whine about when they are no longer your friend. GG

No. 401006

Sindy still plays runescape… That is really fucking sad.

Go play some good games.You bought a new computer to do streaming and such you gave up on that lightning quick.

No. 401073

Nothing inherently wrong with playing Run escape, but yeah, seems she's flaked on another "get online famous" project after spending money on it.

No. 401079

After flopping more like.
She doesn’t get enough followers within a week she gives up. She thinks that lining her tits with very obvious brown eyeliner is what makes people famous. Along with that horrific fake accent she puts on to sound less Scottish.

No. 401101


She had one stream where she had her bathrobe on reverse with nothing but her bra on underneath to show more cleavage. Why her bathrobe was on reverse I don't know.

Sindy is that type of girl who would get probably her tits out for attention but she thinks she is better than that and has more sex appeal because of a few thirsty guys on her page.

No. 401102

Mind you this was also after she slated booby streamers and said she would never use her body like that.

No. 401132

Why anyone would want her to use her body like that is beyond me. Who would be that desperate to want to see that mangled mess?

No. 401135


The half a dozen people on her facebook page?

No. 401464

lol someone did fan-art of her already ripped off character Sinder

No. 401510


Lol lame as fuck name and generic looking as fuck. Only a complete fucking weeaboo tries to make their own manga and think they have a chance.

No. 401568

Hur hur you play runescape

Yea and at one point so did 200M other people. Go G.E and buy yourself that childhood you nevery had. And a gf

No. 401571

In all fairness tho 07 rs is too intense and grind heavy for newfags and casuals.

No. 401573

Guess that makes monty a complete fucking weeaboo.

Life is like runescape. If it gets you money. Then you're the one who gets all the good shit.

Enjoy your discount eggs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 401580

Are you in your own thread talking about life being like runescape?

No. 401611

Monty who?

No. 401621

What the fuck just happened

No. 401678


Yeah at one point! Runescape was a fad. Monthly high scores from 2016 pointed at 160k player base and its been dropping.

But that got you real TRIGGERED.

No. 401784

Actually it's been rising ever since jagex improved skilling and one mobile rs comes out osrs will be in the top 5. A lot of players will come back for nostalgia ect

No. 401785

Guy who created rwby

No. 401786

And dude, bro, nublet… rs was never a fad… maybe when you were 12 and playing it at your school lunch
But just like cartoons from the 90s rs was an integral part of many people's hl childhoods. Many people grew up and learned valuable math and accounting lessons from this game. As well as learning to be efficient at skilling so you can still study ect. Many people played it back then for the social aspects.
And while yes, that's pretty much gone now because most of the players are 14 and new to rs, they just flood the chat beith garbage like I fucked your mUm or get gud. Most of the 25+ players just turn fuckig chat off. But mobile will introduce new players and fix this. It might be temporary like a fad but tbh it had something about it that makes people stay. Me and 1m other active players. So the new players should stay too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 401790

You mean Monty Oum? Right because a big budget company having one of their employees make a 3D animated series they imagined up is totally the same as some nobody trying to make their own trash manga.

But hey, I thought we weren't supposed to speak ill of the dead.

No. 401820

Rwby? That's pure trash.

No. 401891

the rwby manga is by Miwa Shirow (with montys credits ofc) so it isnt directly made by monty, drawing wise.

>>401820 atleast rwby will always be more popular than sindys trash manga lmao.

No. 401898

After the sperging in thread Sindy has been confirmed to be fucking mental

will gouge her next 'friend's' eye out with a spoon, guarantee it

No. 402285

i took. a big fat shit on sindy poops face and she licied up it like she the cunt whorebshe is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 402298

not this again…

No. 402301


Oh crap is this Katy?

No. 402306

I wouldn't put it past her tbh. Funnily enough saw stuff about her being kicked out of Facebook Sales groups (like for wigs and cosplays and other nerd shit) for sending items that were damaged and not resolving any issues people had. Them and their friend Archie?

Although for someone who insists on being called Jethro and having male pronouns used, it seems hella fucking weird that she has a second account using her actual name, Katy Addison, too…

No. 402327


Same reason Sindy had something like 4 accounts.

No. 402734

because she's a special snowflake who's pronouns are bullshit? lmao

No. 403332

Sindys pretty much bragging about how she has maxing out levels in a 16yo game that next to no one plays. Hey whatever happened to the cosplay you where working on?

Once again you procrastinate far too much. No wonder your cosplays turn out crap.

No. 404455

Sounds like sindy is having moving hell. I hope her stuff goes missing or ends up getting damaged.

No. 404462

She's complaining about there being no furniture. Only scatter flats/temp homeless accommodation come with furniture unless you rent privately and they state part furnished (and a lot of the time it means white goods and maybe a table or sofa). But she's in a council house. Permanent council houses are always stripped bare before moving in.
Stop being a scrounger, grow the fuck up and buy your own damn furniture. Ikea is dirt cheap. You can kit a house out with basics like a table, chair, tv stand and a chest of drawers for about £200 until you're able to save for better quality ones.

No. 405411

Why would you use ebay? A lot of reasons. Its cheap and tacky for starters. Also you never know when your going to get ripped off. Like the loose chair leg that's not mentioned or the fact it might have done up on photoshop so the fabric does not look faded.

Oh and sindy you where saying you where not giving out your dress but you gave out images of the house… dumbass. If you did not move town then it could be really easy for someone to find you if they put in a little effort.

Oh and we know your lurking here.

No. 405415

Sindy your friends prostitutes might fit in with you. Because you look like one.

No. 406269

You did give out exterior shots sindy you retard. Oh and bolt latches cost fuck all. Seriously get you ass out to b&q you can get cheap ass ones for under £5.

No. 406270

She's been spouting a lot more shit recently.

Yeah a person called Jesus was real whether he was the son of god is another question.

What the fuck do you mean latex chest? Are you trying fake you tit size in you next cosplay or do skin tight latex cosplay?

No. 406271

Going through her photos not even that far October 3rd you have 5 pictures of your new house retard.

No. 406474

File: 1508528645529.jpg (112.98 KB, 446x556, IMG_2352.jpg)

By fake latex chest, she probably means the muscle ones for men, since she's asking for open shirt cosplay hacks for women.

Although, those are fucking easy if you've got small tits like hers, anyway

But yeah, >>406271 is right, she did post pictures of her new house/flat. Pic related.

No. 406512

Since it's against the rules to post detail of address I'll refrain from doing so but no Sindy, it was fairly easy to find your address via the numerous images you posted. All you have to do to see you live in an Avenue is look at Kilwinning (it's not that big) and click on a few housing estates until you see one that matches the property type. 2 minutes it took me

No. 406538


Exactly my point if you wanted to find it you can do so easily.

No. 406713

Did she just doxxx herself….
What a dumb bitch

No. 406942

Judging by her post about guys with spiky hair sindys taste in men is trashy douchebags or anime characters.

No. 407480

Besides I thought sindy said she preferred women. Oh and she said she does not judge people purely based on appearance. Yet she does… hypocrite.

No. 408712

Sindy has been unusually quiet for 3 days. She's also been not posting much pics of herself in general. Normally she's in her underwear or something else like a nearly see through night dress.

No. 408719

She's probably set to friends only on most of her posts. Which is fine too,me hen you've got spies on the inside.

No. 408730


Odd not like her to back down from the drama and attention.

No. 408921

Give it a month or so, she'll be back at it

No. 408924

File: 1508872318526.png (13.51 KB, 457x211, or.png)

Or there's this.
She probably got her ass banned from an account again and went running to one of her back ups.

No. 408941


So much for that account being stolen Sindy? Your a lying little bitch.

No. 408942

Oh and sindy it was not Lewis who said that. geez your such a spiteful bitch that holds grudges and jumping to the first conclusion. But then that's half the fun watching you randomly lash out at others.

Also why are you keking? Going through the photos of you its true you have a lot of photos of you half naked. Stop acting like you have any class.

No. 409050

Sindys got her hate boner out and reeeing about Towers again.

No. 409085

I mean, Lewis did admit to saying the rape threat, but he also apologised for it.
And just making a threat doesn't actually make him a rapist, unlike your old friend Mike, who committed statutory rape.

Someone you used to defend. Who's the thot now?

No. 409113


What was this rape threat?

No. 410553

File: 1509148571974.png (29.65 KB, 453x377, whichisit.png)

Which is it? Either you gave the account away and nothing posted on it was you, or, while you did give out the login details, no one actually did anything with it and you were using that as an excuse to possibly harass people with that account under the guise of "it wasn't me" when in fact you've still had access to it the whole time.

No. 410633

Sindy you where defending Lewis pretty well not long ago. That's when he got banned form a con for those indecent pics he sent that girl (or two).

Then you start posting pics of you in your underwear and suggestive shots like the one where you bent over in leather hot pants asking if they would ban you too…

No. 410640

File: 1509155303825.jpg (64.16 KB, 620x616, sindy horse.jpg)

Good god sindy your new profile pic looks like someone spliced a monkey, with a horse and Michael Jackson.

No. 411068

Yet Again Sindy you yourself where defending Lewis Falcon Williams pretty hardcore last time. Your a fucking bandwagon jumper. You just have to be the center of attention.

"Oh look everyone's hating this person now. Time to get involved!"

Seriously did he start harassing you? If so provide sources.

No. 411071

Also learn fucking English because this makes zero sense

"The people who say they havent had a problem with this guy therefor he isn't a bad guy really need to wake up"

What does that even mean Sindy? Therefor what? Its like your missing half a sentence.

No. 411159

Not defending her or anything, but seems more like you need to learn English anon. It makes perfect sense.

>The people who say they haven't had a problem with this guy therefor he isn't a bad guy really need to wake up

"Therefor" fits in perfectly. She's trying to call out the people who are essentially saying "I've had a problem with Lewis, therefor he's not a bad guy". She's just quoting what other people have been saying. Or, did you only use half your brain to read her post?

If you're going to trying and pull her up on her grammar and spelling, maybe try a little harder next time?

No. 411189


No it still makes zero sense.

It sounds like she was going to bring up a reason of why he's not a bad guy then she never does. You can't just add therefor randomly. Also can you prove that was what she actually saying?

I did read the entire post because that's all she put in it along with with screen cap of what Lewis posted.

Your defending Sindy awfully hard. No need to insult me. We all know she has terrible English from her past posts.

No. 411197

But she's not the one saying that he's not a bad guy, it's other people, and she's just quoting them.

And yeah, I could prove she was probably referring to that, seeing how she's done a 180 and is now attacking Lewis, and the fact there were girls defending him with that same kind of statement on the Summer Knight post she shared.

It doesn't sound like she was going to give up a reason that he isn't a bad guy. The therefor is connecting "I've hand no issues with him" and "he isn't a bad guy". Your argument would make sense if it was used after "he isn't a bad guy".
If you take out "the people who say" and "really need to wake up", the sentence still makes sense, that's what she's quoting, after all.

I'm not defending Sindy, just pointing out you're trying to attack her over some bullshit thing you're wrong about. Trust me I'm the last kind of person to defend Sindy.

No. 411199

File: 1509239558293.png (44.14 KB, 444x556, Untitled.png)

Samefag but the kind of defending I was referencing, if you're too lazy to go look, can be found here, in the comments:

No. 411328

>>411197 is right.
She should have used quotation marks to make it clearer but it makes sense without them. You're grasping at straws here.
Here I'll add them in and see if you're able to understand it. If you still can't then maybe you and Sindy can take a Standard Grade English class together.

>>The people who say they "haven't had a problem with this guy therefore he isn't a bad guy" really need to wake up

What you should be calling her out on is openly admitting to using fake identities to get around conventions knocking her back for AAs due to her history of tracing and her general attitude to people.

No. 411341


Fine it was late at night and I was tired so that did not help me understand her.

No. 411373

File: 1509283795523.png (22.56 KB, 508x304, IMG_7124.png)

Pretty sure using a fake identity would be pretty illegal in this context, due to the fact it's a contract you're signing, and because of the insurance the convention has to take out for vendors, too.

But hey, maybe the conventions aren't getting back to you, not because they don't like you in general, but because they think your art is mediocre and won't sell well compared to other, better artists who have also applied for tables? There could be a plethora of reasons outside of just "you used to trace" or "we dont want you at our convention".

No. 411400


She never should of admitted she traced in the first place.

No. 411432

>should of

And yet ya'll have the audacity to complain about Sindy's English skills.

But no, she should've admitted to tracing, just, a lot earlier than she did. As soon as she was first called out for it, she should have admitted it, instead of fighting against it for almost a year before deciding to admit to it to make herself look better against Caitlin.

No. 412151

Sindy can you stop assuming all artists traced at one point? Some people just have artistic talent others learn it. You do know you can learn art other ways than tracing? If not give up being an artist.

However I doubt their are people who would even admit to be trace artists if they wanted to make money or career.

No. 413331

Has Sindy gone and been blocked on her other accounts on facebook? Or is she making yet another alt?

No. 413407

She's still posting on the Jennifer Grindy account

No. 413444


Her last post was on the 28th and the 30th on her Jade Lousie Mcgoogan.

No. 413475

Doesn't mean she's banned from it though? She could just, oh, I dunno, not be posting on it? Or not be posting publicly on it?

You're grasping at straws, anon. At least sage when you don't have any real milk to share.

No. 413963

She is like a cockroach that just won’t die. She keeps coming back. Conventions would recognize her so changing her name isn’t gong to help

No. 415014


Well this thread has been out of milk for weeks. I'm trying to get more but I can't do that if she does not post anything. So either be helpful and figure out if she has a new account or is banned. Or be useless and try and cause fights with anons.

This page is to slam Sindy not random anons.

No. 415157


It’s a good thing this thread is dying.
Who cares about her pathetic life?

No. 415162

At this stage it's the same handful of people posting. The milk dried up ages ago.
She's not banned as she's still posting about MH; you can see it if you have mutual friends but the girls probably just finally put her profile on private. You laugh at her but look at you, screeching because you can't look at her profile anymore.
Move on. She's been boring for months, the only reason this thread is still active is for 2 reasons. 1 that, like >>413963 put it, she's a cockroach that keeps coming back to life on here. And 2, a few of you just won't stop talking about her. She's a narc, ignore her and she'll shrivel away without the attention. Which is exactly what's been happening these last few months until you harpies start up again.

No. 415638

She has neither been banned nor does she have a new account. There's no need to "figure it out".

You're the one still bumping the thread without any actual milk to go with the bump. If you have milky screenshots, post em, otherwise just wait for her to come back screeching or for her to fuck up again.

No. 424409

File: 1510741522342.png (92.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-11-15-10-17-40…)

For fuck sake. Can you inbreds not go a week without trying to start shit up about me. You think I'm fucking stupid and can't tell what this shit is. This is fucking pathetic. And if you keep making fake accounts to stalk me on
I will just report it to the police.
Fuck off and stay out a my face. You will never again see my content, unless like last night I accidentally set it to public.

This is fucking pathetic
Get a series fucking life

No. 424412


No. 424497


Oh you found my alt I made? I was going to message you about blocking me. Your acting like a child. I was only going to try and fix things.

Remember Sindy you said all that shit about me and you could not prove any of it. I gave you the chance to be friends again.

Nothing wrong with trying to be a grown up and try and talk things out. Your the one acting like a stupid child.

No. 424498


Fyi that is not stalking. Its also not pathetic. I like to try and fix up things with all my old friends. I have forgiven far worse than you Sindy. I thought after 2 months you would have grown some balls to say sorry.(namefagging)

No. 426259

No. 431997

I couldn't read this thread and not reply to this, as I don't think I read anyone else calling her out for it. Apologies for it being an older comment but wanted to note this for anyone not Scotland based.

In Scotland you get 4 years free tuition. An HNC is the equivalent of first year of university, HND second and so on. If you fail an HNC, you can try again and still do so for free.

Or if that's too difficult, you can do ND's on top of that 4 years.

Either are incredibly useful if you actually want to learn, work for a living, improve on your art and work hard. So I can see how Sindy would find it useless.

No. 432238

It's all been kept well under wraps between the girl and event organisers, but Lewis told a girl who he was buying a cosplay off that he was going to rape her if she went to expo, because she had to cancel the cosplay purchase for whatever reason.

No. 432933

Sindy we know your still lurking. Now let met make this as clear as possible.


This is about you completely different things!

If you just shut the fuck up about it and leave it alone it would go away. Seriously you have nothing better to do than grab than tiniest of morsels left behind.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433620

Seeing the posts she's made recently about Darrens level of stalking her, trying to get her back to being his friend, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if it actually happened.

Albeit I would love to see screenshots of the supposed 3 months of him messaging her on her Sindy page as proof, so if you have them (And are still lurking here, which I can guess you are), post 'em. If he was that creepy kinda stalker, screw him over with those screenshots. Prove to us what a creepy scumbag he is.

No. 433640

File: 1511885114570.png (34.95 KB, 632x523, sindy chat.PNG)

Fuck it I will do it myself. I only messaged her 4 times.

So yeah hardly 3 months. I gave her a chance and I tried being civil then I gave up completely. To be honest I was I hoping it would all blow over. I just don't like leaving things on sour notes.

No. 433747

August to November is "hardly 3 months" now?
But wow this makes you look desperate regardless. Making fake accounts to message her, messaging her on her cosplay page…
And over that length of time, definitely creepy and stalkerish, not to mention bordering on harassment.
You just made yourself look pathetic.

No. 433776


Actually no that was main. My alt account was around for ages. I tried to patch things up twice. So no I would not say pathetic.

As I said I thought it would blow over and gave her two chances. Then I gave up the other message was telling her I canceled going to mcm.

Not my fault if she ignored me and I tried to be the bigger person.

No. 433783


You also make it sound like I was stalking her for 3 months solid. Yeah no I still have a life. I pretty much dropped a message once per month. Sindy made it sound like 3 months solid.

So no I did not make fake accounts to message her or stalk her. But yes I was still depressed and maybe made a bad judgement call to try and fix things. But I'm done now.

No. 433839


sigh you know what well done. ill bite… ill fucking take the bait. but this is the Last fucking time I will ever garner you with a response. go it

I never made you out like anything. I simply stated the bare facts, the you had messaged me, several times. over the last 3 months. I never said constantly. you are the one interpreting it as constantly. because in your mind Darren, you are constantly thinking about me.
this is actually frightening now… I've never had somebody as persistent as this continue to show up and keep tabs on me. I'm actually amazed you messaged me, instead of just outright stalking me.

you were removed the first time Darren. because you would not give me any personal space. your actions were by no mans friendly. you really don't understand that you were always just a guy who added me on Facebook. told you from the beginning it was never going to become sexual. and that I couldn't look at you that way. And I genuinely believed you when you said you understand. but the minute I gave you access to my skype. you showed me the full extent of your mental illness. regret giving it to you because if I had known you would become this obsessed with me. I would never have done it. I don't even want to say I led u on, because I had… numerous times, said I wasn't into you like that… but I really feel like I just entertained your nonsense far to much. I understand you have cognitive behavioural and development problems that mean you cant understand what people are saying very well. but when you actually agree to what I've said… that you at not into me, and you continue to partake in behaviour that is going to upset and frighten me.. I'm sorry but you can no longer blame that on a childhood condition.. you know what you re doing.. and you are not making any efforts to stop.

so I'm going to ask you 1 more fucking time. and please just fucking try to read it slowly so you understand. STOP…MESSAGING..ME
I am NEVER going to have you back in my life. It's just toxic.. you aren't well. you need help. and I cant help you Hun, I just cant do that for you. I cant be your rock, or your soulmate or whatever it was you thought we were, please,. join a Facebook group.. or get a hoby.. and try to make some fucking friends.. because you're really channelling everything on to me and its unbearable. I know in responding to you, that I am continuing to feed this illness. but you're just not understanding., so case in close.

stop now. Its not going to happen. and it can never work. you are manipulative, obsessive and borderline sociopathic. you need help.

No. 433854


Constantly thinking about you what are psychic? No not even close.

I have a mental illness? No that I know of.

Cognitive and behavioral problems? What the actual fuck?

Blame it on a childhood condition? The actual crap am I reading?

Look stop staying stuff you can never prove you just come off crazy.

Sindy I was using skype to try and help you with twitch. I asked if it would be ok to call you the next day and you said it was.

I got over you the first time. I already had like 4-5 girls in mind I knew where single and pretty decent friends of mine I even told you this.

Stop messaging you?… I did. All I did was give you a chance.

I have friends and I have hobbies.

Manipulative, obsessive, borderline sociopathic? Do you need a mirror?

No. 433857

How have farmhands not perma banned these fucking losers in 2 months?

No. 433859

I don't need to rove it Darren. he post of you acting like a fucking creep is on m wall for everybody to see (august 9th)

and yourself already posted he screenshots. is time for you to uking go away if yo realy don't care that much. youre spending all his fucking time trying t get back at me, then acting like ishould fel bad and take you back..and you ont understand how that's sociopathic.. yore trying to emotionally guilt trip me just so ill return your obsessive feelings. amd saying you have 5 girls in mind. isn't making ou look better. considering you lirally said o me in Dms that one of them you didn't even know, but inseated just saw in ada, and wanted to sk out. I'm sorry but that's fucking creepy.

you obviously fucking don't have any hobbies I mean yu literally told me on skype you have nothing to fucking do and are bored all the time. and I fucking told you to get a hobby. its not hard Darren. just move the fuck on and stop lurking on this thread.. why do you even care about my life if you're so over me and have 5 or more girls on the fucking list

No. 433862

and why the fuck are you bleeding your heart out to a bunch of fucking internet trolls who cant eve sum of the fucking balls to reveal their names… these people aren't on your side., they don't care about you. they don't care about anybody. they have no compassion for you. your just entertainment for them. they'll drop you like a fucking led weght when they want.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433866

and I didn't make this clear in the last post. but I'm going to right now. you can go to whatever events you want. n I encourage it. I will never do anything to stop you going unless this behaviour continues/ worsen.

but do not approach me, do not talk to me, do not fallow me after the event. do not sit near me. do not bother me. because you don't have y permission. and most of all. ever take any pictures of me.

No. 433867


That girl in asda I kind of knew from school and we where getting along fine. I'm not trying to guilt trip you at all. I'm only countering you claims.

I collect manga, games, collect stones, collect amiibo figures, I cook, etc.

No sindy I know all that. I'm here to defend myself.

No. 433872

those things aren't hobbies.. theyre just shit you buy. we al buy things to fucking read on a train home.. when I said a hobby Darren I meat doing something that involved getting out of youre fucking basement and having a life.

and youre not defending yourself. youre barefaced lying. and you cant even lie properly s you wind up partially admitting it…

why do you even care either.. if these cows mention your name. whydo you care respond. what can you just fucking go away and get on with your life. why do you keep checking thes threads…

No. 433875

you know wha. do whatever you want. I'm done feeding this obsesson you have. stop fucking messaging and harassing me. don't make any more fake accounsto follow me on.. and then act like I allways knew about it.. go check again dumbass. youre removed on it.. because I want nothing to do with you in my life.

and I swear to fucking god dude. stop saying shit like I'm being childish and need to take you back
you have fucking caused all of this.

No. 433876


Ranting and raving again. You caused this. No go back and check. You started on me then somebody asked to speak to me on so I replied. then you attacked me again when I said I would consider giving her another chance.

I'm guilt tripping you? You just guilt tripped me. I don't recall saying need to take you back.

No. 433887

Darren. these are onision level tatics right here. this is why I call I said youre a sociopath.. youre just trying to make the people here. whos opinions don't fucking matter. look down on me like I'm a sycho. this iswhy yo can never come fucking back into my life.

No. 433888

In fact hold on


No. 369501

Is where the sindy shit show starts on me. I come in.

No. 370521

Done. That is definitive proof you started this.

No. 433891

see this is so typical of a sociopath. ive tried to fucking help you. but instead of listening and actually thinking about it. you just turn into into a weapon and then say. oh but ofcours I'm s over you, this is all you. this is happening because you keep fucking messaging me and commenting on this site. you're making yourself look bad.

No. 433896


More guilt tripping. You tried to help me? How?

No. 433899

read the firs comment I posted to you. ive tied so fucking hard to help yo by telling you to get hobbies, to go to conventions. to join groups. and ive tried to help you by tlling you I'm not into you thatway..

I'm sorry I cant literally drag you to a fucking therapist.. I'm not youre fucking mother..

No. 433905


Yet again you go on like a crazy person with more guilt tripping. insisting I still liked you. I have hobbies and I mentally and medically fine. Asides from dyslexia.

No. 433906

Yet again you go on like a crazy person with more guilt tripping
More guilt tripping.
Is where the sindy shit show starts on me. I come in.
Ranting and raving again.

you see this shit darn, can I ask you. who you literally fucking think you are flling with this? this is emotonall bullieng. ot that its not 1) working 2) transparent as everloving fuck

I can see what youre doing and so can everybody else. youre urning a situation youv created. a problem you've fed by not taking no for an answer. and turning into a weapon.

talking down to me like this doesn't upset m and make me want t take you back out of pity. it makes me want to run a fucking mile.

No. 433907

i mean you must think I'm pretty fucking fickle to actually try this shit with me. you're deluded. g and get help

No. 433908


Jesus Christ she just never stops. Emotional bullying? When you caused it? Sindy look in a mirror your doing exactly what your accusing me of.

No. 433909

its not going to fucking work. take your pathetic ass and fuck of out of y life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433919

You realize this is an imageboard for well meaning banter right?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433925

If you are having an arguement on an imageboard IDK who is tje mature reasonable party in such a case.

No. 433927

Don't respond to bait. We'll keep banning, just ignore them. Users will receive temp bans for continuing to interact. Let them scream into the void.

No. 433931

Speaking of void, can this thread be autosaged?

No. 435714


Or better yet, ban Sindy threads altogether so that it can actually die.

No. 466557

Fuck all you slick cunt hind by anonymously writing bloody shit to peple you don't even know Fuck off(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 469781

File: 1515931453989.jpeg (187.76 KB, 1242x530, 66594FA8-E02B-4CD8-B4E5-511D77…)


No. 469782

File: 1515931714046.jpeg (558.97 KB, 1242x1554, C879A88D-41C6-416C-A542-7583C9…)

Maybe you should ban yourself from facebook then.

No. 469815

No one cares anymore, anon. Nothing had been posted in a month. It's time to move on with your life

No. 469862


why do you still care. and why revive this thread for status's like this.. this is how sad the need for drama about me has gotten that something as simle as a friendslist clear out, is what you consider top tier drama fit for this kind of website. you must be starving for attention at this point.

we couldnt even go 2 weeks into 2018 without somebody trying desperatly to revive this thread.

Whatever. im glad nobody cares. do what you like. im glad your not in my life.

No. 469866

and darren. i know you are reading this too. i saw the message you left on my witch channel last week, where you said you will continue to watch my videos. i dont want to have to report you to the police, but if you continue to message me and interact with me, i am going to . you clearly have not been living on this planet, if you think its ok to send me a message like that, after the horrible way you talked to me on here. why cant you understand, you have truely driven me away. and no amount of begging or appologising will change the way i see you. you horrible little boy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 473153


That was months ago around when we first fell out. You have not been on i ages and they just showed up. Twitch does not use time stamps.

Jesus I'm glad I had some friends of mine report you where still going about me on fb. Yes I left some friends of mine to check in on you to see if you would start shit again on here and look here you are… You where so desperate you did.

No. 483821

Someone please tell her you can stream from your PS4 without needing OBS. It’s literally one of its best features. Recording it from a phone is just so bad

No. 514941

File: 1519651354414.jpeg (353.6 KB, 1242x2208, 1957AF74-D154-4044-A9C0-900C82…)

Another fake Facebook profile, lame!

No. 515069

The thread has been dead for a month, plenty of people know about her other account, no one cares anymore. At least sage your crap instead of bumping over something as minuscule as this.

No. 516711

She was having a right little tantrum over being rejected by Deecon this year.(necro)

No. 520380

From what I hear she hasn’t posted in anything for quite a while because she gained a ton of weight. Those abs she photoshopped on don’t quite work with a pot belly.

No. 524371

Pics or it didn’t happen

No. 533469

File: 1521518361981.jpg (66.02 KB, 720x960, Sindy Pop‎12717736_10420579025…)

No. 533471

File: 1521518374210.jpg (73.14 KB, 720x960, Sindy Pop‎12717798_10420568658…)

No. 533473

File: 1521518388941.jpg (71.27 KB, 720x960, Sindy Pop‎12745818_10420565192…)


No. 533539

File: 1521524393989.jpg (43.7 KB, 590x295, C2WEj8CUUAAJDqd.jpg)

No. 533697

can someone get this MtF person a well fitting bra

No. 535625

Complains about topless maids yet takes photos of herself in her underwear.

No. 535704

These pictures are over 2 years old

No. 535705

Context is a thing.
The person hiring a topless maid was quite clearly a pervert looking to take advantage of some girl to satisfy his sick fetish

Taking a consentual picture of you self in your own bedroom Is completely different.

No. 535829

If you're going to necro the thread, at least use new drama, if it actually exists, not 2 year old crap. And use sage, ffs.

No. 537256

Where are these abs you're seeing photoshopped on. This picture set is over 3 years old. She looks fatter and more unfit here. Definetly not healthy or thin. If she had gained a tun of weight since then then these pictures posted in September would have her be fatted. But she's even thinner than before.

She has been posting on her Facebook just as much as ever and still posts herself. But she's said numerous times that she isn't doing underwear shoots anymore. Her words not mine

No. 537259

Wait you mean these lines on the sides. Those aren't photoshopped on. Those lines separate her ribs from her stomach. Abdominal muscles appear on the front and the body looks very slim and built. This just looks like the normal lines on a person's stomach.

The better question is why are you posting 2 year old pictures and trying to make up fake rumours to create drama. If you need drama on her that bad look on her time line. You missed a goldmine with the deecon stuff

No. 540015

Am I the only person who wants to see her thread more active again. There's loads of drama around her and she still posts horrible status 's and selfies. I don't think I the drama died I think people just stopped caring

No. 540032

no one really cares enough about sindy anymore. She wants the attention so desperately that people just dont bother. She'll only show up to her own thread again in a matter of time making up drama about herself. Give it time.

No. 540812

What else have I been missing out on?

No. 540813

File: 1522315388980.jpeg (123.1 KB, 656x369, 1F4B1806-0BC6-4623-89F5-925516…)

I feel like if she did her makeup right and stopped the weird facetune shit she could look a lot like the chick from altered carbon

No. 540981

File: 1522346746545.jpeg (253.17 KB, 1440x810, 613C90DA-717B-4F7D-AEC3-975D64…)

This bitch went to A&E for a broken nail?

She needs a dose of reality.

No. 542707


Fuck off Ashley

No. 546000

Doubt it. They have completely different face shapes.
This chick looks nothing like her

No. 556092

So has sindy stopped being a cow or is there just no drama on her.

No. 557754


Check her facebook page. Plenty to find. I think everyone just gave up or got bored.

No. 558304

Anything in particular

No. 558583

Seen her and her mum in Ayr yesterday and they were both absolutely reeking and she looked like she got dressed in the dark. Good to see living on her own is working for her hygiene…

No. 558620

So you can smell based on long distance sight? That's like a fukin world record, right?

The jacket I wore is worth £50 quid.
Everything else was brand new. So at least try to be consistent. You're exploiting your jealousy more than anything else here.

And hey I'm no longer underweight, so it is actually Is working out for me.

No. 558623

Also how can a person wear ALL BLACK clothing if the got dressed in the dark. Jw…

Logically it would be imposible to see?

No. 558822

post moar undies

No. 558849

Use photoshopped you degenerate cuck

No. 559305

I heard she is creating more artwork recently and she no longer uploads on her deviantart pages. Is there a new place to find her new content?

No. 559828

I'm starting this week. Fuck your on that shit fast… my paper only just arrived

My Facebook page is where it goes

Tempted to make a Da but the community is just cringe
Wanna do twitch but bitrate is abysmal. Plus I really need to get better first

Im getting from a professional illustrator I met at ecc. So expect better work especially in the colour department

No. 559830

My old Da is dead jn. Might revive it if I can unlock it. But I'm watermarking the shit out of it.

Your critiques are welcome just don't troll or you'll get ignored and made an example of.

No. 559833

File: 1524124336162.jpg (41.5 KB, 523x523, 1520341285591.jpg)

>The jacket I wore is worth £50 quid.

No. 559835

Actually no I was pretty close to you (:

Also wow a whole £50 for your jacket? I forgot that’s probably a lot for you. Bless

No. 560009

Maybe by your Shitty lolita standards.

Also next time say hi instead of breathing down my neck like a fucking stalker.

No. 560023

but hypocritical considering your pissing and moaning about what I should and shouldn't be spending my money on, 50 is a lot for most people. Asuming you were in ayr you're likely at college? So your ass isn't even getting half of what I get a month (again thanks for that) yet how much of your money are you wasting on brand while your parents pay your fukin bills… least I loom after my own ass(bye again sindy)

No. 560052

File: 1524156476979.png (30.21 KB, 128x128, 1519668088488.png)

keep bumping your own thread Sindy you mess
£50 for a sweaty jacket lol nice

No. 560355

Deviantart is too much cringe for her? The site might be a magnet for fetish porn but even that isn't as cringey as her.

No. 560610

File: 1524210428534.jpg (30.45 KB, 436x960, Sindy Pop30742640_178477088161…)

Needs a shot of the back of this

No. 560675


You seen the other outfit?

No. 560698

File: 1524228467464.jpg (30.36 KB, 474x960, Sindy Pop30743177_178477092161…)

swiggity swooty
i need the booty

No. 560736

You mean "she needs a booty".>>560698(samefagging)

No. 560787

File: 1524239236680.jpg (211.06 KB, 600x922, 1517014028313.jpg)

No. 560951

I’m not in college and I make a lot more than £50 in just a single day, nice try though ;)

No. 560977

lol anon not sure why you replied to her reply to me. Either way, true for me also lol

No. 561633

Was me that seen her in Ayr and I just assumed she can’t even reply properly. Love how she thinks everyone earns so little money and just lives with their parents, at least others actually work for their money unlike her

No. 561687

She's started on the Maid Cafe again, does she never give up?

No. 562260

Why is Sindy in a cringe shitpost group when her whole existence is cringe?

No. 565220

Sindy begs for attention then makes her facebook page private when she can't take it.

Also she is still obsessed with her Judar cosplay.

No. 565291

anyone know if shes going to SunnyCon again? I'd love to see her wandering around like a smelly tramp in the flesh again.

No. 566102

Yes I'll b at sunnycon.
Come say hi thus time and don't b a stalker

No. 566103


I literally just said I missed it. Hardly the same.
Also that isn't drama. Please bump this thread with Actual drama

No. 566105

Not everybody is fit for work and embodies your tory ideals. Though my spine may not look like it prevents me working. It doesn't even look like it's curved. When you get a degree in skeletomusclor biology then you can complain

No. 566106


Stop Dm'ing me.(bye again sindy)

No. 566284

Kate Beckinsale eat your heart out

No. 566516

No. 567046


Take your meds sindy your making no sense. Where did the tories come into this? Also you bring up your scolios again when no one mentioned it. Oh and its Musculoskeletal System. I swear she just makes up words sometimes.

No. 571047

The woman from Underworld who wears a full Lycra suit.

No. 572788

/cgl/ Britfag discord vs Sindy. Absolute mirth.

No. 573124


Nobody cares

No. 578300

File: 1525981212914.png (267.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180510-203059.png)

No. 578305

File: 1525981252168.png (267.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180510-203103.png)

Feel sorry for whatever hapless chucklefuck she's projecting a crush onto.

No. 578311

Worries that someone is making a pass at her? Nice story, tell another one

No. 579215


Sindy is well known for freaking out and turning ant hills into mountains. Anything for drama I guess.

No. 579218

I had no idea who sindy was when she tried talking to me at sunnycon. She has the worst death breath ive ever smelt, like a mixture of shit, cabbage and onions. Ive had protein shake farts which have smelt better than her breath. After i was gagging she eventually walked away and my friend told me all about her

No. 579242

Considering I don't eat any of that.
I'm questioning if this is just a low tier shitpost

No. 579243

Trust me if it was for drama and not a legit concern I wouldn't have gone about it this way. When I'm trying to create drama I usually do PUBLIC callouts.

I get you don't think your friends are into me but it's time to admit they've asked or are currently messaging me. (And no I don't reply)

No. 579245

I know this is shit because

*) I don't just walk up to people regardless of the cosplay.

2) I don't get close enough to smell.

It's more likley this is what happened >
You shouted me up to say hi because you either knew who I was or liked my cosplay. I said a few thing in regards to it then left.

Then your friend being the dramacow and outright pussy she us (like if she had a problem I was right in front of her…)

She then proceeded to shittalk me to you with 3-4 year old out of context drams or some shit that isn't accurate

You bought into it
Then waited till now to make some shit up… over 11 months later.

Seriously. This is obviously bullshit

No. 579256

Well, looks like anon >>579215 hit the nail on the head.

No. 579632

Didnt say you did eat those food, its just what the smell reminded me of. Im betting alot of people noticed the death breath that weekend

No. 579641

She didnt want to say anything to your face because its obvious you have issues . Atleast if we see you this year we can avoid you (probably smell you before seeing)

No. 585895

File: 1526541050791.jpeg (61.26 KB, 528x960, 6E5DA547-EEC2-4B7D-9C50-937E29…)

These boots…

No. 585897

… + this outfit and I’m sold


No. 586446

I charge 500 an hour ben

No. 586449

I think you're mistaking me for the smell of your ass given how far up it your head is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 592057

File: 1527098207843.jpg (81.88 KB, 478x422, ginyu.jpg)

If she stopped acting like a brat at every con she attends then maybe her page would actually have fans. Also cosplaying ginyu must be easy with her manly weird looking face.

No. 594025


Cell and Ginyu would be too much effort for her. She does not have the skill to pull it off at all.

No. 594852

looks like shes shit stirring at mcm london again

No. 595167



Watch me.
Alot of my page following is art.
Tho I'm hoping to stop that after next weekend.

Nobody really comments on cosplay plans espesh when they don't cosplay or even like dragonball

Maybe stop stalking my page?(bye again sindy)

No. 595488

File: 1527463718947.jpg (39.94 KB, 510x383, chindy.jpg)

all the crap and drama she was starting today on facebook got her banned

No. 595510

Report that account for the fake name.

No. 595642

Did anyone get caps of the drama she was starting?

No. 596631

File: 1527597046180.jpeg (366.98 KB, 1209x1227, E87C8ABE-B1B2-4F51-869E-2BD31B…)

No. 596663

She is like a leech when it comes to drama. Lots of shit has nothing to do with her but she has to make a big deal out of it for attention

No. 596701

Nah fam

Says the person on a drama posting website

Legit how many of the people here are the Og 14 year olds from gcc?
And how many are obayed khan fangirls?

How many anons do we have checking this thread and bumping it besides myself? 2?

I don't even need to criticise this thread. It's a shit show failure anyway. Mods are so sick of it you'll be lucky to pass another one when it's gets to the limit.

Tho at the rate that's going 100 years will have passed. Can just picture you as grannies shit talking me because your pension didn't come through.

Bye for now.

No. 596803

it's a meme at this point, any drama happens this beast shows up and sucks all the life out of it "I-i had a problem with this guy too!!!111!!! I never said anything before this recent drama but IM INVOLVED!!! GIVE ME ATTENTION"

btw sindy, are you competing at sunnycon?

No. 596822

gotta love her victim complex. Also i wonder if shes planning on selling her traced drawings at sunnycon?

No. 597080

Instead of samefagging just keep your shit in 1 reply. Everybody can tell you are the same person . Way to avoid my question. You seam pretty interested at what I plan to do at sunnycon. Why do you care if I'm competing? Why do you think you're entitled to an answer.

You know I haven't been tracing for over 18 months now. Again why do you think your entitled to this information ?

If you are trying to make friendly small talk with me then get your ass of this place and message me in fb like a fucking normal person.

Until then your entitled to NO information about what I'm doing t a con you have a habit of following me around at(bye again sindy)

No. 597391

??????? its not the same anon sindy, if it was we'd be banned for samefagging. There's more of us here than you think.

good luck competing at sunnycon with kenny judging by the way, have fun.

No. 602283

File: 1528186069460.jpg (158.33 KB, 531x889, IMG_20180605_020402.JPG)

Screencap in the post is for ants but Sindy baws again about how Deecon "hurt her feewings" 3 years ago yet when other people bring up her old drama it's suddenly a crime.

No. 605224

You can bring up old drama if you want. It just depends if that drama is a lie like saying I took my underwear off or saying I said I was raped. " I heard it on the grapevine" isn't really solid

How's the 14 year old I apparently touched up at sunnycon btw.

No. 605226

Also I have spoken up lewis loads of times in the past, even confronted him and he just lied saying he was hacked.

No. 605231

I think we should start a new relivent thread because this 1 is a disaster. It never updates with anything solid and nobody gets much of a response. It's the same 2 fucking anons posting every time and the decription is stale and outdated(No)

No. 606847

File: 1528653153743.jpg (35.6 KB, 510x492, sindy.jpg)

she is a complete bitch to other girls and cosplayers then wonders why she has no female friends.

No. 606850

File: 1528653463875.jpg (22.38 KB, 506x158, chindy.jpg)

i really doubt anyone is asking to date her

No. 606854

File: 1528653765725.jpg (85.07 KB, 507x518, chindy3.jpg)

good luck to anyone at sunnycon sharing a boat with her

No. 606855

File: 1528653788809.jpg (47.16 KB, 507x486, chindy2.jpg)

No. 608511

So sad
Guess you won't be joining me then.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 611376

Lol when have I ever been a bitch to girls. I love you attune my interactions with few small bitchy girls like you as me being a bitch to all girl cosplayers.

But then that's typical of these shit holes. You attune every big of negativity I put at you (knowing full well why) to how I treat everyone. You don't listen to my explorations. Like with beks, instead you just coil into an offensive position and scream bloody Mary as soon as one of your friends gets a thread or name dropped and blame it on me (when the admins can tell you I didn't make the threads on her)

If your goal is to convince me your an autistic little fucking child trust me hunny you've long succeeded. Sort your own flaws out before you pick shit at mine.

Sorry that turned into a rant.

No. 612188

File: 1529125113372.jpg (18.82 KB, 511x105, chindy4.jpg)

everything here is a description of yourself. I hope you get banned from sunny when you inevitably start shit you scottish cunt

No. 613225

Keep hoping.
I'm not going to get banned from a con I've not caused anything at. And don't bother trying to start shit with me at the afterparty(s) because you won't get away with it, even if you follow me into unfilmled places like you did at 2014 nanashi.

You can't just ban people because one fucking idiot doesn't like you. See you next weekend.

No. 613489

File: 1529264680144.jpg (45.32 KB, 533x960, isthiscosplay.jpg)

her finished "cosplay" . Good luck to those unfortunate enough to see her in this, try not to vomit.

No. 613507

File: 1529266994903.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-06-17-21-22-24…)

Your peers disagree
Get cucked

No. 613516

File: 1529268080008.jpg (76.62 KB, 975x1062, DISGUSTING.jpg)

No. 613522

Fucks wrong with elves

No. 613566

>>literally says Goblin Sketch

No. 613573

File: 1529271673627.jpg (137.7 KB, 1768x992, chindy.jpg)

>chindy posting a screenshot with all her tabs and having her lolcow thread open at all times

fucking KEK

No. 613574

File: 1529271734762.jpg (3.29 KB, 145x135, FB_IMG_1525379644469.jpg)

Aren't they essentially the same thing in certain mythos

Also who even cares it's still inaccurate to the images.

Plus why does anon even have that picture in the first place

No. 613578

Actually it was open to check back. I'm fucking here ain't I

No. 613579

Why don't you say hello on the group instead of being a creepy stalker

No. 613581

File: 1529272021502.jpg (32.21 KB, 267x274, ohno.jpg)

jesus christ if i have to smell this at sunny…

No. 613588

Don't go sniffing half naked chicks at cons maybe

No. 613593

I don't have it saved, I literally googled "goblin picture" because it was the first thought I had when I saw you, you look like a crippled goblin.

Maybe get a shower and some mints to hide that shit breath you have a reputation for.

No. 613595

was mentioned by one person 11 months after meeting me


No. 613598

I'll take pride that you wasted 1mb on that image just to compare me to it

No. 613599

File: 1529272927454.jpg (67.31 KB, 990x1024, 21993102_1813021502059615_3279…)

anon im crying here holy kek

No. 613601

shame you don't take pride in your appearance

No. 613604

Don't mistake me for you. Or anybody else for that matter.

No. 613606

You're trying to hard to trigger me anon. I'm way beyond caring for the personal insults of fat depressed con slags who can't even own up to what they say

No. 614084

because its fun watching your pathetic attempts at trying to make friends. Everything obayed said about you leeching onto others for friendships is so true, eventually they realize you are a cunt and cut you off lmao. I wonder if you will be caught giving blowjobs in disabled toilets again hahaha

No. 614110

again man I swear these rumours about me get wilder every fucking g day.

And lmao you would take everything obayed cunt says as the gospel spoken. Why don't you go suck his rusty little Dick and stop making shit about me up?

No. 614139

Well he is my god so technically every thing he says really is gospel.

No. 614144

Lol she gonna need butt pads or a whole lotta leg days to pull this one off, scissor stick legs not so sure

No. 615007

mad because obayed has hundreds of friends and everyone loves him while you are alone and hated. OBAYED ARMY GONNA GET YA <3

No. 615846


Is she cosplaying or going to work the street corner? Either way this makes her look desperate for attention to her cosplay. Remember when she was screeching she was against sexualiztion in cosplay?

No. 616737

doubt she'll get into the venue dressed like that tbh

No. 616756

File: 1529591305250.jpg (209.45 KB, 810x1145, 20180621_152652.jpg)

Looks like she's on another back up account lol

No. 616811

File: 1529597395664.jpg (103.89 KB, 637x805, sin.jpg)

Looks like Gollum wearing a wig, also she is still trying to find friends lmao

No. 617008

File: 1529608375545.jpg (356.05 KB, 810x1507, 20180621_200943.jpg)

Seriously? Defending X? A new low for sindy lmao

No. 617012

File: 1529608523926.jpg (561.28 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20180621-201153_Fac…)

I think you need to learn what the word doubt means, Because it certainly doesn't mean that you won't definitely get in. Idiot.

No. 617316

god damn she is ugly, needs throwing overboard at the boat party. I know towers is a weirdo but I honestly don't know how he managed to fuck her.

No. 617515


Yeah and that's after she photoshops her face.

No. 617823

Nah you're just back peddling because you loom like an idiot now.

This is satire right? You know me and towers have never met
Also as much as that was clearly a joke. I wouldn't even dare try it unless you wanna spend 15 years in jail.

No. 617945

"beyond caring" yet you are here on a daily basis..

No. 618918

Obayed army reporting in, walked past sindy yesterday and can confirm she stinks of piss

No. 620131

File: 1529869799771.jpg (69.55 KB, 640x233, shitbreathsindy.jpg)

she really lives for drama

No. 620142

File: 1529870158134.jpg (96.03 KB, 641x711, Disgust.jpg)

You can just tell that she got no attention so decides to post on facebook pretending she had trouble with guys all weekend

No. 620143

File: 1529870182576.jpg (31.21 KB, 641x172, thingsthatneverhappened.jpg)

No. 620147

File: 1529870356098.jpg (90.17 KB, 641x524, doubtful.jpg)

No. 620783

Literally you're an embarrassment to obayed lmao.and jess didn't seam to mind when she hung out with me ALL NIGHT at the first afterparty (friday)

And she's the one who came and found/sat with us.

Last I checked she's the one obi actually WANTS to fuck so where the fuck does that leave you?

Don't come crying to me when he tells you to fuck off

No. 620804

It's no secret they're side fucking

No. 620862

jealous just because obayed would never touch you. The only guy that would was towers and hes already pumped and dumped you lmao

No. 620920

So I've seen her comment about it on the Kai drama she inserted herself into and now with her tl;dr about Mike Towers - does Sindy genuinely not know that Rebecca Black Tech is just a 4chan archive and not a separate image board? She talks about it as if it's a separate entity when it's just a backup of /cgl/, /mu/ and /g/ posts because they autosage and vanish eventually

No. 621052

File: 1529944699034.jpeg (193.33 KB, 911x1620, E5BE24ED-8A20-4F61-8E57-979AB5…)

Either she edited in cleavage or it’s 2 thirds of the way to the side of her chest

No. 621076

I wonder if she told Jess all the bad shit she chats about Obayed

No. 621199

I don't think she even gives a shit lmao. She tried to tell me he was a nice guy at the after party and that I'd like him but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't.

Hahahhahaha fuck no
I wouldn't want the slippery little Dick within 5 feet of me. Not a curry fan if you get the drift. Unlike yourself who probably accepts all callers

No. 621298

Sounds like Jess is better friends with you that she is with him

No. 621427

Well that's not what I'm saying or implying. However given jess doesn't really know me I highly doubt it.

People just take this sindy vs obayed grudge FAR TO SERIOUSLY unlike jess. She and I get along but I wouldn't call us friends.

At this point hun you're the only 1 who is shit talking the wine before you've even tried it and jess clearly likes it.

No. 621442

File: 1529971775053.jpg (61.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 621503

File: 1529977798801.jpg (80.16 KB, 539x960, chindy.jpg)

Probably edited like all her pictures, heres a non edited pic and you can see how fugly she is, flat as a pancake too.

No. 621519

unlike jess? she is a drama queen and grade a bitch, you two deserve each other. Wow what a surprise the Scottish cunt is racist also, just wait till obayed gets you banned from every con in uk, then you can wear your shitty skimpy cosplay to street corners instead

No. 621790


I'm surprised they even let her in looking that. Its so skanky it looks like something off of cosplay deviants…

No. 621801

>Sindy that's racist"
>Scottish cunt

You're not very bright are you?

Jess is a really fucking nice person and has been one of the only people to go out of her way to try and come level with me and obi putting how I feel about him aside.

Literally the only 1 who looks like a fucking cunt here is you. You accuse me of racism then use my nationality in an insult. You're a fucking imbicile.

>wait till obayed gets you banned from every con in the UK

Holy fuck how can you be this fuckkng delusional. Is this fucking satire at this point.

You can't use "influence" to get people banned from cons. Especially if neither they or thier friends go. Because for a con to ban somebody they need you to be attending to fill that ticket space up. You don't understand cons are not clubs. They're public events and they cost money to run.

I feel at this point that unless you're literally 13 theirs no fucking way you can be this dumb. Goodluck getting me banned. Also you can't prove anything written on this forum is my handwriting or what I think. So you're going off the replies of somebody who could actually just be a top tier fucking troll.

No. 621815

I'm sure once con organisers remember that you brought the smell of piss into their halls they will decide to not let you in lmao

No. 621851

If you're obi’s friend though you can not get banned if you decide to take a piss in the corner at con?? 👀🤷🏻‍♀️

No. 621868

File: 1530017884924.jpg (19.7 KB, 480x360, 184278341.jpg)

>>When you have the bad luck / timing to share an elevator with her and all you can smell is shit

No. 621882


I remember getting jn the lift with you guys, you were in a group of 3 and all wearing lolita shit. Either that or league of legends shit. You were the girl who stood literally right next to me on either the Saturday or Sunday. I remember the dirty looks you kept giving me lmao. I was internally pissing myself because you gave yourself away from the way you looked and I heard you all giggling when I got out.

I think it's just kinda rich that you were alone with me for over a minute and did and said nothing to my face

Idk. Doesn't make you look good, just makes you look like a pussy

No. 621883

Your free to go message them and see what they say lmao.

No. 621887

Hopefully next year if I see you I'm not carrying anything that I could spill all over your fancy little costume

No. 621888

Why not get Obi to speak for himself instead of speaking for him? Oh wait, you can't lol

No. 621890

I never once claimed to speak for obayed unlike you who claims you can get him to ban me from events.

Let me ask you a question .
If he had to decide between you and jess who do you think he'd choose? Cause the answer is obvious to me. From what jess told me it looks like your on your last legs with obayed. So enjoy it while It lasts.

Pretty sure he won't take you shit talking his best friend well. And hiding behind anoninity won't protect you either.

No. 621893

Woops sorry, I mistook that for a reply to myself. Ignore the first part

No. 621894

it's been well over 3 days, I don't think he will pull any kind of jesus resurrection soon or anything

No. 621900

I wonder if she'll be at Amecon now there's more tickets to leech off people to get some Obi dick

No. 621909

I have other plans like digicon at the end of august

No. 622001

calling others a pussy when you awkwardly walk away instead of saying something when we laughing at you? lmao

No. 622062

The elevator door shut as I was walking out, by the time I heard it I was right next to the security guard. And I didn't entirely realise what they were all about. But I did know that girl was shit talking me.

No. 622846

File: 1530117594384.jpg (47.36 KB, 613x215, hahah.jpg)

pathetic hahahah

No. 622872


You better hope nobody name drops any of you 3 cause the second I find out who you are you bet I'm gona publicly execute you and you're Shitty little mates.

No. 622978

good luck proving it, you are a joke lmao

No. 622984


You've already indirectly admitted it 2ce.

Once by asking why I never said anything and a second time by showing me looking for you bothered you. I don't need to prove it now

No. 622985

Here's a little tip for you. Next time you choose to get in a lift with somebody you don't like, don't sit and aukurdly stare at them and burn the image of your face into thier memory… you gave yourself away from the very beginning and looked more afraid than grossed out.

No. 623520

>>publicly execute

looks like she bottled it and changed all her privacy settings to hidden

No. 624187


That was a stupid thing for her to do. Trying to find details on other cosplayer's and harass them. That sort of shit could get you banned from some cons.

No. 624484

so was this katy the girl in the elevator? at first when I looked at katy's profile I thought it was sindys real one as they look identical. Its quite funny watching them cause drama with each other, like two monkeys fighting over a banana.

No. 624514

No, katy wasn't at sunnycon
Sindy is fighting with her because katy has been harassing her friends on Facebook about hanging out with her. The usual katy shit

No. 628187

File: 1530656750754.jpg (89.31 KB, 552x656, karma.jpg)

She tried to get a vendor spot for next year sunnycon but got rejected hahah

No. 628674

File: 1530719641802.jpg (78.14 KB, 637x346, plants.jpg)

>>plants more intelligent than humans

well maybe they are more intelligent than sindy, but normal people? no

No. 629020

Don't suppose there is a way to revoke her art degree now we have proof written and posted by the cheat herself?

No. 629324


Does she even turn a significant profit when she does sell her art? At this rate she has little options to make money. She could always do patreon. But no ones paying for her nudes lol.

No. 630809

No. 630810

Yes about 50%

No. 631546

File: 1531052629596.jpeg (292 KB, 749x1252, 74FEF738-360F-4294-A7FC-589BFF…)

This train wreck of a post

For anyone who knows Monster Hunter in the slightest, Stygian Zinogre is not a Cerberus, it has one head.
DalamAdur probably is the Jörmungandr but it’s definitely not a Hydra. Again, it has one head.
Also, why did you start off using the Japanese names and then move onto the English names in the third paragraph?
And watch where you’re typing you thick bitch.

No. 631593

its funny that shes jumped on the momo hate bandwagon when sindy has the exact same toxic personality and behaviour. The only difference between the two is that sindy is so fugly no-one would ever give her money on patreon.

No. 631902

There was one time a few years ago where she made £90 at Deecon (I think it was) and bragged about it.
I'm not an artist but I know people who have tabled before and they don't brag about their earnings.

No. 631956

That sucks…oh well it's probably for the best.
Last thing needed is to have the college called out for letting a cheat pass and having the establishment and the former & present student's names dragged in the mud because of one fraud.

No. 631983

does she have autism? because this isn't a normal thing to post

No. 632317

Why? Am I supposed to be afraid of you or something?
You should know I've been playing monster hunter for 12 years and just arranged a sunny con monster hunter meet.

Are you going to share All my monster hunter posts here.
Also why didn't you comment on the group? Why did you have to post it here? Why are you hiding like a little bitch?

No. 632321

how can you say others are hiding like a bitch after you said you were gonna publicly execute those at sunny, then you went under your rock and hid all your posts haha

No. 632322

It was me that said no you daft cow and i said no because you can't prove anything. A 1 way conversation on the fb page of a girl who may or may not be me doesn't prove anything

And the thing about college work is most of it's done in the class

If you attempt to contact my college(s) and get personal information bout me ill have you done for harassment

Tho its funny you think the college wouldn't even answer the phone to you

No. 632324

I had to seal my profile up from Katy while we got enough information on her to post a beware.

No. 632326

You could allways send me a friend if you wanna see my private posts

No. 632329

I do think seam to have a history of stealing cosplay
Sexual harassment
Soft core port


No. 632332

you both are shit at cosplaying, you both bully other cosplayers and girls, you both are disgusting, pretty much the same personality

No. 632335

Telling you what I think of your shitty opinion of me isnt bullying hun. Belive me you would fucking know if i was bullying somebody.

No. 632336

why would i want to be friends with you? you are a creep who stinks of shit, you know who i am but too scared to say shit lmao, cant wait to see you at sunnycon again

No. 632337

So you stalk me again?

No. 632339

Why would you want to see somebody you didn't want to be friends with and said smells bad. Is this so kinda tsundere bullshit here

No. 632341


Unless by see you again you mean
Actually tell me to my face what you think of me then I welcome that. Would be nice to make a cut out of you infornt of everyone

No. 632342

think about it really hard and you will work it out lmao, also if you keep causing shit on sunnycon group like with min earlier today there is gonna be a lot of people looking forward to seeing you next year…

No. 632343

Literally who.

No. 632344

Vague threating… truly a sign of advanced intelligence.

I hope thier are a lot of people excited to see me again. Would be nice to watch them all do literally nothing because that's all the community is good for

Shit talking.

No. 632348

the girl you tried to bully but bottled it and deleted your posts…
says the one who got scared and walked away awkwardly last time lmao

No. 632349

I feel bad for the dumb fuck that actually does try to touch me. I wonder if they realise I will literally get them done for it

Oh boo then you won't be able to go to cons and piss and moan here anymore.

No. 632350

I deleted the post. And I never tried to bully her. She came at me first

Really. Really. This is pathetic. It's like you think you have an ounce of dignity left

You stood thier with me alone and did nothing like a fucking puss. I had no need to act. You're already below me

No. 632352

File: 1531153999014.jpg (80.01 KB, 960x720, ray liotta goodfellas laughing…)

holy shit the victim complex

No. 632353

That's the different between me and you hun. I don't fight those weaker than me. What would saying anything accomplish? Would you stop shit talking me? Not really. I don't find enjoyment in using pay oxalate brawn to force people's opinions of me to agree with me own. I respect your regardless of how worthless it is.

I've stated in the past. I only fight in self defense.

No. 632354

I'm a victim of having to listen to this shit.

No. 632355

I want compensation

No. 632356

>>I'm a pussy who shit talks then cowers away

Ok sindy, go back into your cave you gollum looking cunt

No. 632357

You know you've lost when low rank insults are all you have left.

No. 632360

So, do you gas light because you're desperate or do you actually think that's an acceptable stratagy…

No. 632362


"Shittalks and then cowers away*

Kinda like what you did in the lift at sunnycon? Eh

No. 632367

Why is it allways the ita fucks that's are stuck up and bitchy? Like do they actually think thier little pwincesses and the rest of us are peasants?

Genuinely fucking curious

No. 632432

when one "low rank" insult triggers 4 separate responses hahah

No. 633250

>>tries causing drama and bullies people in the sunnycon fb group
>>makes a post about how water is bad for you and people shouldn't drink it
>>admins finally have get sick of her and delete her posts and removes her from the group

Its wonderful, guess she wont be at sunny next year

No. 633260

File: 1531251624286.jpg (112.52 KB, 1972x644, byebyechindy.jpg)

No. 633272

File: 1531252409318.jpg (75.98 KB, 535x571, autism.jpg)

the meltdown is hilarious

No. 633276

and in usual chindy fashion after shit talking she cowers away and makes her profile posts hidden

No. 633293

File: 1531253167481.jpg (15.2 KB, 268x268, 268x0w.jpg)

She's prattling on about how this cunt is apparently posting about her on 4chan which is utter bullshit.


As shown by the live archive, the last mention of her was Sunday where someone equated Autistic screeching and excuses with Sindy instead of Moomoo.

No. 633300

File: 1531253839669.jpg (195.54 KB, 1768x992, whiteknight.jpg)

she posts a screenshot showing some whiteknight telling her she did nothing wrong, but has lolcow threads open in tabs of herself and her former lover towers, I'm done its just too funny

No. 633307

File: 1531254077054.jpg (54.57 KB, 594x594, chindylol.jpg)

also sunnycon group is open despite being banned, shame she cant properly see the post inside mocking her

No. 633429

Oh Liam. You can and you gave without taking.
But they sent you away oh Liam.

No. 633486

File: 1531269039760.jpg (125.92 KB, 643x511, hahahaha.jpg)

she went and started her own facebook group hahahah, she really messed with the wrong person this time

No. 633718

File: 1531304301189.jpg (85.35 KB, 663x452, manylikes.jpg)

Is there anything more tragic than liking your own posts?

No. 633751

File: 1531310973583.jpg (56.49 KB, 640x480, Tuxedo-Obama-laughing-AFP-640x…)

oh sindy when will you learn, after being toxic as fuck shes on her way to being banned from yet another con

No. 633869

I'm not banned from any cons

And I won't be banned for making a fb group either.

If you want me banned making up fake shit about me sneaking booze in wasn't the right way to go about it.

No. 633871

How is Liam the wrong person. He's a 30 year old guy who's literally stalking my profile and shit posting about me here

Fuck sake Liam you really think you're all that. You're just an autistic little fuck boy

No. 633916


>You literally have no chin

>You think water is poisonous, and ignored actual health professionals in the original thread
>You think every dude wants to fuck you
>The majority of the people in your group are there to laugh at you

No. 633968

loving the comments about her in sunnycon fan group. SaltyPop is an amazing name for her

No. 633974

insulting staff, bullying regular attendees. You then cause disruption by creating groups just for drama. I would even go as far to say that you could be a danger to staff, attendees and guests considering how mentally unhinged you are. I really don't see how you think you wont be banned to be honest

No. 634013

File: 1531346350510.jpg (207.71 KB, 2048x909, chindywhiteknight.jpg)

>>gets a white knight to defend her honor and screencap group posts
>>puts a black marker over his profile pic to hide identity
>>forgets about all the previous pics of the dude

My god shits hilarious

No. 634026

File: 1531347609474.png (55.42 KB, 477x602, chin.png)

hearty kek

No. 634028

File: 1531347738169.jpg (158.1 KB, 527x886, malady.jpg)


No. 634033

be cute if this information of you planning/threatening to ruin someone's costume made its way to Sunnycon staff

>inb4 sindys delusion reee thats not what i meant i wasn't threatening anyone at all

No. 634042

I think Sindy should do a One Piece cosplay for next sunnycon, she could use her foot of a face as a type of devil fruit

No. 634071

26 actually tho

No. 634236

The thing is Liam right. You've kinda made this really personal now by involving Nathan.

You're also bullying kane when he was just concerned.
After this sunnycon staff have just been loaded with complaints
Not about me tho. About you and Nathan. If you think sunycon are going to cover for your ass like you threatened me with in pm. Your wrong. Because your behaviour has upset the group and the cons reputation .

Like i said. They've been literally bombarded with complaints
So i would start writing your last bs excuse up.

Myself. I'm filing a harassment complaint about you. Which I'll get them to Re review closer to the con. Where they will pretty much tell you that if you come at me again. You'll be removed.

I kept trying to warn you dude but you wouldn't listen. You and Nathan are now in serious shit because you just didn't like me. Way to totally tarnish your best friends con

No. 634262

>>Like i said. They've been literally bombarded with complaints

Yes they have, but the complaints are about YOU. Are you really that delusional that you think you have power and sunnycon are on your side? You can back track and play the victim as much as you like, the damage is already done, the entire sunnycon community is aware of how nasty of a person you are.

No. 634265

Are you will to bch that up.
Because the appears to be a few posts light

No. 634266


No. 634270

Oh you simple minded fool. Yet again you think you have the control here because you are friends with them. But you've embarrassed them

All of your posts about me are gone. And it's a shame you tricked Nathan into join back after it was you who kicked him out for nothing. You're literally using him.

You've brought shame on yourself my dude. Nobody else. You can threaten me all you want. But you have nothing to go on

The entire sunnycon community? The same community who hate Nathan. .. who are messaging me…

No.. yup are unfortunately wrong my friend. If anybody has self harmed here its you.

No. 634280

holy shit the delusions, the fact that you only get 2-3 likes or comments on each of your rant posts should show how little support people have for you. This isn't Sindycon, you have no power, none, zero, nil. Does that make it clear for you? Or maybe you prefer to believe that everyone loves and supports you, your the victim and you are about to be promoted to sunnycon manager

No. 634283

I can only imagine the beautiful shade of green you are right now

Like a spoiled kid who's lost thier dummytit

I'm am sorry your master plan to lie and slander me using a pervert was not a success.

You think because I know when you've overstepping your mark that I am being a victim? I've posted evidence. Where is Nathan evidence?

No. 634498

The evidence is with the right people ;)

No. 634500

oh fuck off sindy you sket there's plenty of threats and info on this thread anyone could send to the sunnycon staff.
as a bystander no one is on anyone's side but it doesn't mean people like you Sindy, you're still a laughing stock no matter where you go.

Keep threatening to ruin peoples costumes, gives me more content to send over to the staff.

No. 634536

>>Hopefully next year if I see you I'm not carrying anything that I could spill all over your fancy little costume

Threatening to ruin peoples costumes, just ban the bitch

No. 634537

You seam to be the only 1 mentioning this incident

Yet nowhere have you posted a single piece of proof.
I've been at the event 2 years in a row. And nothing has happened except your crue following me around.

I'd honestly very much watch yourseld because what your accusing me off is assault. And without proper evidence that is a police matter. The convention staffed have also assured me they will cooperate with any investigations that happen. So unless you can prove without a doubt that i h e attack people at cons, stalked people, hurt people. Just going off. He said she said. Really isn't a good idea. And the comittie are also aware of what you've been posting about kane and me. Kane didn't send me anything. I say that group myself from my own Facebook. Kane asked me to edit his face out because he knew you would attack Him. You've already had your warning from the event. If you don't let it go you know what is going to happen.

No. 634540

File: 1531418663363.png (20.37 KB, 550x164, sindypop.png)

ok jennifer, play the victim, you done nothing wrong right

No. 634541

You know self defense is a thing right?

No. 634542

Shocker but if somebody is being agressive with you you are allowed to fight back. It's not a crime lol.

No. 634545

My friends and I are working with staff about all of these incidents and we're doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our events. We work for another con based in Scotland. But we've been following this closely.

We're thier ever any incidents where sindy attacked a person at a convention, were thier ever any times sindy got refused a ticket for an event?

Any events that will speak up?

No. 634554

File: 1531419504212.png (34.4 KB, 491x678, deecon.png)

Shes banned from deecon, mcm and alcon, probably more. Her encyclopedia dramatica page has a lot of her drama and screens

No. 634559


Actually, you can't retaliate against words with violence. You don't need to defend yourself against words with fists.

No. 634560

she racially abused obayed, theres even racist comments in here from her, im sure he would be willing to help if you speak to him about it

No. 634561


Its not self defense to break someones nose over being given shit. That would be assault.

No. 634567

That was me that posted that you incompetent fuck tard.

I'm not banned from ANY of these events… I've been at every mcm in my local every year. Where the fuck do you get off lying like that. I'm not banned from deecon either just trading. And Alcon never banned me either. They declined ONE stall.

You're such a fucking liar

No. 634570


If you think a person is acting agressive to you then you have right to defend yourself

I never said I would go out find and hit them . So your pulling at fucking straws here. If I told you to stay away from me or I'd use self defense. Maybe fucking do it. >>634560
Saying I'm not attracted to Indians isn't racist. What kind of fucking moron are you

No. 634572


How do you break a nose without hitting someone?

Again, you defend against words with words.

And legally? You can only push people back if they're being intimidating, not punch them in the face.

And yah, saying you're "not attracted to INDIANS" is racist, you're not attracted to an entire race? How? Like what specifically about this race puts you off?

No. 634573

I think you'll find its your precious obayed who is banned from Alcon. And yourself

And half the cosplay community

Saying so and so is banned from Alcon doesn't have any weight since nobody gives fuck about them anyway

No. 634575

OK HAHAHA get me banned from sunnycon because I don't like men or a certain region. I'm not attracted to them because I'm not. That doesn't men I have an issue with them. My specialist is Indian… holy fuck.

Look. I know your hungry for obayed cock. But we don't all like that type, ok.

No. 634576


Tbh I think they'd be more interested in the fat shaming/blaming you were posting in the group thread the other day since thats relevant to the event being in that actual group and all.

Plus all the other disability and health comments you made. Pretty sure you started calling that girl you lost the argument with something or other too.

No. 634577

>>says she doesn't like curry dicks
>>says she isn't racist

she is just a mong to be fair, she has like 10 facebook profiles because she keeps getting bans for abusing people. Eventually there wont be any cons that she isn't banned from, which is when we will see Sindycon haha

No. 634578

I said I don't like curry, not curry dick.

The post is in this thread so stop changing it. I genuinely don't like curry, either the food. That's what I meant lol. Your so easy to fucking wind up

Are you going to show evidence of this or.. just claim it

No. 634580


Right now thier aren't any I am banned from. Unless you count Alcon. But let's be real kiddies

Thier won't be any Alcon left by the time these other cons cave to your harassment XDDDD

No. 634584

If you wanna wire me about 6 GRAND OVER ill make sindy con a thing by Christmas

No. 634586

because its not like you will ever work for the money right? benefits for life right? ;)

No. 634587

Our Lord Obayed will be stepping in to contact the right people and getting her banned don't worry guys #ObayedArmy

No. 634593

Hahaha I heard he disowned you after last time.

No. 634597

So ladies. What have we established here

I'm banned from a total of Zero cons
I've assaulted a total of Zero people

I've threatened harasser with self defense.

I'm racist because I prefer men who are not obayed: ie, every other man

The obayed army is lying thier assessment off to get me banned from sunnycon.

Hey, that's not a bad idea. Maybe I'll quit college and think about it.

No. 634599

she says everyone hates Nathan but hes had a few posts up recently and had nothing but support from the community. When he told his side of the story and how sindy treated him there was dozens off messages of support, Nathan is a great guy and now the people know it. I think every sunnycon attendee now knows how toxic sindy is, so she will most likely find another con and group to go to lmao

No. 634608

File: 1531422791178.png (414.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-12-20-13-39…)

nathan is a great guy

Except when he isn't

No. 634609

You known he was previously banned from the group right.

Because of this shit.

Nathan is a pathological liar and abuser.

No. 634611

File: 1531423016917.png (268.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-12-20-16-56…)

He blames this behaviour on his autism

No. 634633


Posts random screen caps of a guy called shiho. Is this your evidence? hahahahaha

No. 634661


He's face is in the fucking picture
And the girl specifically named him.

No. 634662


He's face is in the fucking picture
And the girl specifically named him.

No. 634666

Saying you're not attracted to a race isn't racist. That's preferential. If she were to say she was not attracted to them and add in some slurs or derogatory terms, then she'd be racist. If she was a black woman saying she wasn't into white dudes, there'd be no issue. You're desperately grasping at straws just to have more to shit on her when there's already a shitload of content to use.

No. 634685


It's the fact she won't say why - so how does anyone know its not down to colour?

If she said something like 'oh, I just don't think it'd work out because of the culture differences' or something, fair dos, but that's not the case here.

No. 634779

No I did say, you chose to not listen to me. I said I simply wasn't. The way way lesbiens simply aren't into men. Thiers no attraction for most men to me. I have a preference which is well groomed Asian men, and as a result of that I'm genuinely not interested in the other cultures or races. It has nothing to do with the colour of thier skin and more to do with me being mostly asexual

No. 634780

I love the autistic rants she goes on, its a new person every two days or so aswell, this week alone shes done mindless posts of katy then moved onto liam, then Nathan. She truly is deserving of the name SaltyPop

No. 634783


I mean you have no idea what's going on here. At Is an ongoing issue slowly being dealt with but it's not just me involved.

I belive Liam has finally been sent to bed like the 8 hear old he is. And as for nathan. My of us are unhappy with his behavour

No. 634790

Obayed is also an ugly little cunt and I wouldn't touch him with a 40 foot pole.

No. 634792

sindy, i advice you read
i mean, thats more than enough, its not self defence, police wont do anything about it when youre the one threatening to ruin someone's costume because they said you smelled like shit in a lift. Come the fuck on, are you that delusional this is litreally school level drama you're making of yourself.

No. 634796

also kekking at the fact she thinks im someone else when she has no idea who i am. I'm a lurker, i've never interacted with you online outside lolcow so whoever you think i am sindy, isn't right.

holy mother of keks

No. 634803

>>when youre the one threatening to ruin someone's costume because they said you smelled like shit in a lift.

To think all this drama wouldn't have started if she actually bothered to shower lmao. Although doesnt fix her bad breath

No. 634806

Did you just call a lolita dress a costume?

No. 634812

its literally your own words lmao what a mong

No. 634814

File: 1531434221811.png (288.47 KB, 742x509, 25498328_1986580104915810_7343…)


>I'm banned from a total of Zero cons

not physically but you sure are banned from selling at cons for fake goods. So that counts

>I've assaulted a total of Zero people

Not sure if this is true as i've never met you in person so im inclined to believe there hasn't been sindy showdown at mcm, on the other hand you've threatened to punch people in the nose>>634540 and throw drinks on people >>621887 which would be assault if you actually did them.

>I've threatened harasser with self defense.


>I'm racist because I prefer men who are not obayed: ie, every other man

Defining people of darker/brown skin as "curry" or anything of the sort is in fact racism. Go ahead and google it if you really can't wrap it around your head, jesus.

>The obayed army is lying thier assessment off to get me banned from sunnycon.

i've never spoken, met, or even seen obayed at any con, i've heard of his online shit but i stay away from it.
not so much when all the proof is above.

sindy you need to understand that this is a thread, on the internet. With the internet being a big thing there's going to be people here you don't know. This isn't the sindy conspiracy files, you don't in fact know everyone on this thread. although i'd agree that you know a decent handful.

No. 634815


And how is spilling water on it (by accident) ruining it? What kind of flimsy fucking stuff are you buying? Paper tissue? Don't be getting into me in the lift if you don't expect me to spill my drink. Holy fuck this is a level of pretty I can't even.

No. 634819

delusion 101

No. 634822

File: 1531434396039.png (274.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-12-20-06-01…)

They literally called themselves the obayed army and decided to name drop drop him drop him again drop him again by drop him again by saying. He'll get yiu banned from sunny. No. No he fucking won't. He doesn't even go to sunny.

No. 634825

I never said it didn't happen, i was just trying to explain not everyone here is involved with obayed

No. 634829

To be fair I don't think she would attack anyone in person, shes a little bitch when it comes to real life. Online she shouts off her mouth but when you see her in public she awkwardly walks away from you lmao. The definition of keyboard warrior with empty threats, when people pull her up on it she goes back into her cave until she decides to start new drama with someone completely different

No. 634830

You know in all.my life I've never seen a more incompetent thread and set of posters

You girls aren't cut out for this. You twist everything and grasp at paper straws for dear life. Your evidence is paper machine, just based on, well banned from selling means she's violent and racist, right?

Like holy fuck. Nobody and I mean nobody can take this thread seriously. You call your friends dresses costumes, think water is acid that rots clothes.

You think not wanting a particular race is racist.

This is literally a huge fucking disaster of a thread. Why don't you just take what you do have, about trading, and past drama ad just go with that. Because i have done shitty things in the past i can't change. But thiers nothing to go at here anymore it's vandetta. It's obayed sama look what im doing for you, can we fuck now?

I mean the fucking thread doesn't even have a description

No. 634832

Nah, got bored

No. 634834

Of course you're into Asian guys, weeaboo

No. 634835

That's low key racist

No. 634837

heres the breakdown because i proved facts and she can't comprehend them.

Think of it this way Sindy, if you made you costumes, as you have in the past, and someone dumped water/juice/whatever onto you while you were at the con, how would you feel?
Not so good right? Yes water wouldn't harm clothing but it would ruin your day.

and before you twist this into a threat, its not. I'm simply trying to explain your own logic.

No. 634838

>>sits with her own lolcow thread open
>>checks it daily

B-But it doesn't bother me and this thread sucks!! #psycho

No. 634840

Liam lol. You gave been. I've seen your post in the group.

Do you know how creepy this is. Your a grown man stalking a girl who's never bothered you before now

Do you know how this looks? Not good. It looks creepy. Like it's being motivated by lust. I'd genuinely stop before people point fingers to you. You're not supposed to come out and admit your harassing girls you fucking idiot

No. 634843

I do make costumes. They can usually cope with a fucking spill. I'd go to the bathroom and dry it off. Like a fucking grown up.

No. 634844

File: 1531435067649.png (241.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-12-23-38-16…)

Holy shit I actually chuckled thier.

Who the fucks day gets ruined by a wet shirt. Oh my god.

No. 634845

its pretty creepy how you are stalking Nathan, posting about him constantly just because you want to fuck him, its harassment really

No. 634846

How can I stalk him. He's blocked me on all media. Where is your proof I'm stalking him

No. 634849

Shes an uneducated scot who lives on benefits and looks inbred, ofcourse shes not going to understand any logic

No. 634850

where is your proof liam is stalking you?

No. 634851

Sindy, real talk. The stuff got old the moment you decided to drag other people in, at which point it stopped being fun.

I'm not "harassing" you I kicked you out of a facebook group for being an irritating presense.

I couldn't literally be less intetested in you, your life or lusting after you. You're a non-existent speck that temporarily provided some laughs when you spiralled out of control infront of me.

I didn't even know who you were until Tuesday night lmao

No. 634855

so youre saying if someone threw water all over you at a con you'd just go to the bathroom and clean up and not be phased by it at all?


(again not a threat before more delusion kicks in)

No. 634861

If by your logic a post in stalking. Then Liam your not in a very good position right now

How many harassing posts have you used a group that's not for drama to make about me.

Why makes you think that's was the right fucking thing to do. Nathan post shouldn't have been allowed.

If a person is not in your group. Thier is no need to keep posting negative content when they can't even answer for it. That's not legal, that's cyber bullying and that's why sunny took it Down

You went to far Liam, and you got off easy. Again if you had been anybody else. You'd have been banned

No. 634862

Yeah but it's not hard to try, the sindy chronicles are a fun thing to read. Shits like a SiFi book considering her face.
I love watching her trying to twist words into her being a victim kek >>634849

No. 634864

If some throws anything at me they'll be reported to security. An accident isn't throwing.

No. 634865

its hilarious that she thinks every guy who has a problem with her is actually lusting for her. If I had to choose between shagging sindy or death, id choose a slow painful death everytime

No. 634867

Well what do you want me to say, that you contribute so much to this planet. Cause you don't.

No. 634868

Breaking news. Water is hard to dry and ruins lives. This is why I suggested alternatives in the op

No. 634873

defo sounds like an accident waiting to happen, not planned at all. It's almost as if she wrote and posted it on the internet >>621887

No. 634882

At least you're admitting I'm more than your average guy.

Sunnycon nor their committee dont control my group and any posts that have been removed/closed were to stop me having 10,000 notifications and fifty messages.

Youre still spouting unsubstantiated claims dozens of people are coming to you about me. I know how many complained to sunnycon about me (spoilers it was 2, you and one of your close friends)

How many messages do you think they got about you?

If you want to have an actual civil conversation about why your behaviour is unacceptable my inbox is always open, maybe it can be a good teaching moment for you.

However the posts in this group suggest thats unlikely.

I've never denied that im a smug dickhead. Maybe one day you can learn to admit the type of person you are too.

No. 634884

Liam do you know npd is? It's when you have delusions of grandeur but really your dying inside because you can't control every 1 and everything around you

You were told to remove them. I have confirmation of this. Stop lying

No. 634886

File: 1531436188918.jpg (76.43 KB, 468x532, scots.jpg)

my god she is so butthurt hahaha. I actually hope she doesn't get banned from sunnycon, shes annoyed so many people that she will be a laughing stock if she tried to attend

No. 634889

Your inbox might be open. But mine isn't. You can go and fuck yourself. Preferably by removing your head from your arse first. After the lies you've made up about me your lucky this wasn't closer to the event otherwise you'd be having a conversation with some men in inform, they control what you post hun, not who you kick in and out. And that 1 complaint from that friend was obviously enough. But it wasn't just you getting complaints. Thing is hun. We had evidence of what you were doing and that it was bullying. A few complaints that I'm racist cause I won't fuck obayed has no foundation.

You caused all of this. And you stressed tour friends, peers and con mates out with it. I know I'm a dick Liam. But I'm not a fucking psychopath like you.

No. 634890

File: 1531436363469.png (307.12 KB, 600x550, 1512529018633.png)

for research purposes do you know how many have complained? I'm wondering if it's worth putting my own in compiled of all the evidence of threats and defamation of the con.

also this, it's so funny watching her hobble around like a fucking runescape goblin. It's like one of the seven wonders of the world

No. 634891

And see the best of it is.

I'm this little girl with no fucking per to you. But look how much it's fucking getting to you. Your a narc Liam. And you have no power.

No. 634892


Someone with a lack of empathy wouldn't be offering to try and help make you realise where you've gone wrong.

Honestly the last thing I want is to control people cause that's like… A looooot of effort. I'm more of a chaos reigns kinda guy.

As I said to your friend Daphne, I'm one capricious motherfucker.

No. 634893

7 non your literally just an ass clown he never mentally grew pubes.

What a fucking joke of a grown ass man you are

No. 634894

File: 1531436456083.png (281.1 KB, 534x534, laughing.png)

>>I know how many complained to sunnycon about me (spoilers it was 2, you and one of your close friends)

And that's her shutdown, biggest laugh ive had in awhile, we all kind of knew she was full of shit anyway as usual but to get it confirmed is just too funny

No. 634895

It wasn't lol. It was about 7 people minimum. Liam could have gotten off scot free. Most of the compliants were about nathans post and past antics.

No. 634897

I I mean you can. But without evidence and proof you yourself attend the event Your just wasting time. The staff has no care for a witch hunt. They have a con to run.

No. 634899

Liam. Stop asking me to message you. I'm not fucking into you you creepy little fucker

What are you gona slam me to a wall and fucking make me talk to you.

No. 634900

As i said, my inbox is always open. If you wanna discuss things im open as a lot of things have been reported from people who aren't the victims.

No. 634902

shes been using the "ill get the police onto you!" line for years now (You can see the same type of posts on her twitter from 2016). She even mentioned one time about involving her local MP which is hilarious. Police would actually have a field day with her chat logs considering shes been toxic and bullying others for all these years. I mean she even defended towers when they were fucking, imagine how funny all those chats logs would be.

No. 634903

It's shit like this that makes me legit scared about you. You literally seam abusive. Like you force people to do what you want. It's for these reasons you might just wind up in police company.

No. 634905

File: 1531436849746.jpg (30.59 KB, 624x641, 23754705_163662100904261_47475…)


also a hearty kek that she thinks anyone in this world would be into her when she looks like she asks for 20p off stranger at bus stops

No. 634906

Again, i have actually spoken to the organisers as spoilers, i used to help run the con before life stuff got in the way.

Also apology, i replied to the wrong posts with the wrong message

No. 634907

An incident was actually logged in February 2017 b when you harassed my mum and brother. And the messages you sent them were given. You know what they said. But the thing is. Once you log something. The more of this s hit you do and I can add to it. The more it shows the picture here if you harasing my family.

No. 634908

Im like solidly down to provide my address on a silver platter if you want, I've got a day off work tomorrow and would love a chat with the local pigs.

No. 634909

I have really low standards but I honestly don't even think I could get an erection for her, the most unfuckable person ive ever met

No. 634910

You think police are pigs?
By all.means Liam contact them. .
I'll happily tell them everything you've posted here

Now get out of my sight.

No. 634911

Proper oinkers ye. Follow through on your threats lass.

Otherwise gtfo man, you're whack with poo brain

No. 634913

Are you on crack? I don't even know who your family are, and in February? I didn't even know who you were until I smelt you at sunnycon and you started causing drama with people. I literally googled your name and it brought up lolcow threads and dramaticas of all your bullshit, shows the type of person you are really

No. 634915

Pm me
Pm me
Pm me
Pm me



Gtfo you lowlife scum

No. 634916

Why do you think everything is aimed at you peesonally. Holy fuck are you boyant or just dense(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 634921

well you tagged my post and used the words "you" , I know your dumb but come on…

No. 634926


I dont even want you to pm me mate, I want you to simmer the fuck down and stop harassing people in my local scene. You wanna go toe to toe in a battle of words howay man let's go, you want to threaten to go to the police be a big girl and do it

But you're all empty puffed up wind mate, and you're eventually gonna realise it was pointless lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 634927

Stop taking the bait.
Don't respond to the cow.

No. 634929

File: 1531437639924.jpg (76.35 KB, 400x564, chindybottledit.jpg)

And to the surprise of no-one when she gets called out she bottles it. Now she probably hide away and then start some drama with katy again or some shit

No. 634931

Sindy can I be up front with you?

This situation is obviously causing you a lot of stress, you've said yourself you have health conditions.

You said you've contact the police and the organisers, good, let them do their jobs, they'll investigate your complaints fairly and try find the best resolution for you.

You've been in situations like this in the past and you know usually with internet drama it dies down in a week if you leave it alone.

You've got a few options here, you can continue to engage people and get more stressed out, you can inbox Liam and try to resolve things like he's offered, but I understand why you don't want to do that or you can stop stalking this thread and tighten your privacy settings on social media to stop giving them ammo.

I agree with you that Liam's gone a bit far, but I think it's dangerous to armchair diagnose someone over the internet. The same way you wouldn't like someone to question your health conditions or throw a mental diagnosis at you.

Take all the screenshots you need, put them in a google doc then don't think about this for a week, find something to take your mind off this.

No. 635050

Stressed out?
She lives for this shit.

No. 635125

The fuck are the screenshots about a levi and rant about? They even relevant?

No. 635162


She thinks it's evidence that Nathan is a bad guy.

In reality he's an autistic kid who doesn't deal well with being second best and feeling pushed out, so he tells them about it since they're friends at the time.

No. 635307

Think I know who that is, isn't it cause Nathan is buddy buddy with someone called Katie?

No. 635322

Apparently they were dating someone which is surprising in itself

No. 635370

She needs the drama, without it no-one would even know who she is. Causing drama is the only way she can get attention. Shes been doing it for years and never learned so I doubt she will change anytime soon.

As predicted shes already moved on from Nathan drama and is now bashing and ranting towers/alcon again

No. 635514

That and getting others to show out of context screenshots

No. 635693

I heard levi was causing rumours about Nathan to cause shit, he has the potential to be just as much trouble

No. 636416

apparently shes had her ticket for next sunnycon cancelled? wonderful news if true

No. 636428

File: 1531604366757.jpg (55.65 KB, 639x391, hahaha.jpg)

SaltyPop gets what she deserves

No. 636473

For fucks sake I thought she'd settled down

No. 636486

File: 1531608142869.png (78.55 KB, 250x275, 1479697055490.png)


i hope to god this is true hahahahaha

No. 636488


I think shes talking Bout spooner being banned, i havent heard anything about her being banned from anything.

No. 636489

why would spooner be banned from sunny? I don't think he's ever been

No. 636493

Maybe he's been banned from another event, id of heard if she'd been banned from sunny

No. 636540

different liam, looks like some perv she knows who got kicked out a con for literally lying on the floor infront of the stage taking photos of girls panties

No. 636542

File: 1531612934119.jpg (66.16 KB, 540x960, pervy.jpg)

No. 636576

Seems like Levi vess is like Sindy's number one fan, and they are known to cause shit

No. 637554

File: 1531696060083.png (665.86 KB, 1080x1830, IMG_20180716_000732.png)

Here she goes craving for attention

No. 638317

When is this whole thread gona get hakai

No. 644302

File: 1532283340748.jpg (52.16 KB, 643x309, byechindy.jpg)

No. 644303

File: 1532283366316.jpg (102.29 KB, 645x690, byesindy.jpg)

2 hours later LMAO

No. 644332

So she's actually making it then

No. 644351

She's just an attention whore

No. 645923


Oh this will be a train wreck. Whatever happened to her ginyu costume?

No. 645931

Time constraints and luggage space. I'll be lucky to even fit cell

No. 645947

File: 1532435327533.jpg (99.28 KB, 643x776, cosplayLOL.jpg)

yep you called it. I wonder how long until she just buys her cosplay again lmao

No. 645950

That's not a cosplay you can buy. Besides. I already have all the patterns done. What your showing off rn is suitable. Give or take a coat of sealer and paint

No. 647905

File: 1532609330288.jpg (148.78 KB, 638x772, notsoperfectcell.jpg)

Its almost like she has never seen cell before haha

No. 647907

Listen. Why don't you just can it. You've done nothing but sneer at it from the moment you saw it going up. It's obvious regardless of how it looks you aren't going to like it. So why don't you just get fucking over it already. I'm not making it to impress you so shut up already

No. 648420

Why don't you and your bum chums fuck off? You're clearly after attention. This is why people don't like you

No. 648729

And who might they be lmao

No. 649026

Whoever the dickhead using out of context screenshots :')

No. 649031

Oh right. Because everything's out of context when it doesn't suit your agenda. Try the FIVE people who sent them. Also why do you think nathan was originally banned from the sunnycon group. He's like the male version of momokun. He tries to touch people's feet without concent and sexually harasses girls when they won't go out with him. He torments them online and even after they hate him he still gets in thier faces at cons. He's banned from Newcastle meets and was due banned from the other Newcastle con before it shut he's a prick. Sorry

No. 649044

You're so triggered it's hilarious. Get off the Internet and learn to be a better person, Nathan has what's coming to him

No. 649046

firstly. I'm not triggered in the slightest. Just setting an idiot rigjt.

Secondly. Noh.

Lastly. Yikes what's that meant to mean

No. 649056

I'm the idiot yet you crave attention, typical woman. And no one likes Nathan and he's on his last legs at it is

No. 649134

any more context on this nathan situation

No. 649402

I heard on the grapevine that nathan was stalking a cosplayer from the college he went to

No. 649463

>tries to touch people's feet without consent
sounds like one of your ex pals who you defended but, of course, now you've gotta change tactics to get as much attention for yourself as possible

No. 649465

>not triggered in the slightest
>also sits on lolcow constantly ree'ing at the slightest mention of her name because you hunger so much to be a fame whore it's laughable

No. 649477

your friends defended her too ;)

God you're so far off you might aswell be in Australia. I have no interest in cos fame. That's too much responsibility.

No. 649683

File: 1532805963434.jpg (159.99 KB, 1080x832, Screenshot_20180728-202200_Fac…)

No one invited you because no one likes you. Dipshit

No. 649711

You know what else people don't like…..


No. 649771

And everyone who liked your status is clearly idiots who don't understand that weather Is uncontrollable and there was a con

No. 649903

• their were 3 cons on
• I'm talking about a local cosplay meet

No. 650103

Nathan was banned from the sunnycon group cause he posted too much in there and Liam found it cringey

Literally the only reason lmao

Then you decide to try and use it as evidence he's a creep

Try harder lmao

No. 650450

File: 1532890392149.jpeg (155.64 KB, 912x1224, F5406AD8-6553-4988-8A55-5E36C2…)

Dat ass doe, hot damn

No. 650451

Clean your mirror though
Try vinegar or baking soda

No. 650477

File: 1532893091279.png (126.22 KB, 640x1136, 79AFA1EE-AC19-49E8-8977-86D814…)

She’s right about 1 thing
Dat ass is out of control

No. 650521

asexual =/= no one would touch you with a 10 foot pole with shit on it

No. 650565

Listen. I might be wrong and correct me if I am. But don't you have a partner… Stop looking at my fucking ass you degenerate scum

No. 650577

Yeah they need to try harder than old screenshots from Groups with irrelevant drama

No. 650580

So ugh 2 questions.

One. If this shit with nathan is irrelevant then by stature of limitations so is mine.

Two. If your such a genuine nathan appologist why don't you hang around with him

No. 650695

Because you're drama. You've caused much more than he has, and it feels like you and your goon squad try to divert it to him when he's already under check

No. 650698

You literally crave attention because you've got nothing better to do with your life

No. 650834

She always makes these kind of posts as if she is being swarmed by male attention. In reality no guy would go near that thing, she is the most unfuckable girl i have ever seen, looks like gollem with a wig on. Also her cell cosplay looks like shit, she literally just copied from kamui monster hunter tutorials thats why it looks nothing like cell, he doesnt even have shoulder pads like that

No. 650881

>I might be wrong and correct me if I am.

Yes you are wrong, I’m just a fan lol

No. 650920

Kamui? Really?
Firstly. Kamui is thier to reference. It's kind of her job to help. Secondly. Dude. Hun. It's not even finished and you hate it. I think the only part of kamui I might have referenced for this was how she layers? Because other than that kamui nergigante cosplay is no help.

I'm well aware it's not a 1:1 copy but how many fucking times do I need to tell you I'm trying to stylise it.

Aah "she looks like gollum" I don't know if you realize this but saying the same insult over and over and over again. .. It kind of looses it's value.

Oh and here's that cosplay you said looked nothing like the character…

No. 650921

File: 1532943665206.jpg (2.21 MB, 3264x2448, 20180729_221509.jpg)

No. 650923

You know I don't think I appreciate you slamming on my friends. And I don't think you realize how many people are backing me here with him. Nathan is only in check for now. Until he can't help himself again. The kid has problems and instead of being an actual friend you choose to ignore them. You literally don't give a shit about him

>> the same fan who posted my ass before in a group? How did you even find this place..

No. 651120

I'm not even his friend, I just watch. Yet you could of helped him when you were his "friend" yet you didn't, and used him to get your self more attention cause that's what you crave. And they are? I only see just you

No. 651125

You can't help somebody who throws you to the curb when it's convient.

You're not his friend but you think you can apologise for him and defend him. Why don't you start by actually being thier for him and nor passing the blame around. Your just as much at fault and no marter. The petty get back at me game is transparent and childish. I thought we were all adults here.

Then again if you really are a petty child. Maybe you and Nathan would make good friends. Just keep your shoes on

No. 651179

"all adults here" yet you're the triggered bitch who keeps reeeeing and caused all the drama to begin with.

No. 651236

Holy shit her cosplay is terrible hahaha, she will get laughed out of con wearing that shit

No. 651242

Are you for real?
Like do you actually believe that shit?

No. 651467

She has a ok ass that's about it. Other than that she's a Thot

No. 652814

I actually saw her at the weekend, she stinks of piss so much you can taste it. She should get banned from cons because of hygiene.

No. 652892

Oh realy. Where did you see me?
What was I wearing?

No. 652898

Genuine question
Where do site admins stand on making shit up for thread bumps
Because anon here is lying through thier teeth. I wasn't out at the weekend past my front door due to working on my costume.

I'm not sure if they think they saw me but given how vague this is its clearly the former that they're just straight up lying.

No. 655116

Well its a pretty well known fact you stink, i know personally from being near you at sunnycon

No. 655254

That's what the smell was? It was foul.

No. 655721

What did I tell you before? That's the smell of your head being stuck up your ass.

You say I smell bad but then you say you saw me in town only you didn't we live nowhere near each other. So its probably due to all that shit you've been talking.

I don't get this level of playground insulting to be honest. Why be this childish. It's totally fine if you want to hate me for not finding obayed attractive ( me and the rest of the human race) but why get jealous of me. It's obvious all this shit you talk about me is self projection. How hard it must be existing and being as pathetic as you.

> I'm prettier than you

> funnier than you
> fitter than you
> smarter than you
> more mature than you
> A better cosplayer than you
> I look better in stuff than you do.
> a better artist than you
And I do all of this with a mangled spine. What's your fucking excuse for being this pathetic of a human being. God even at 13 I was more intelligent and coherent than you as an adult.

Consider suicide

No. 656736

Inflated ego much? Provide some. Sort of proof and we'll talk. And telling people to. Kill themselves? You are truly a. Sad pathetic human being

No. 656985

holy fuck, how someone this full of themselves exists is beyond me

>"more mature than you"

>proven to be constantly lurking on own thread to fight everyone who triggers her

fucking kek, keep contradicting yourself Chindy

No. 657097


Sindy people hate you because your an offensive sometimes borderline racist idiot. your also a horrible person who uses people for her own attention.

Prettier? Please don't oversell yourself. If you ask me I would say your a 4.5/10.

Funnier? No you are not. You do nothing but shit post and rant.

Smarter? No. Just no. We have so much evidence of this. You think water is bad for you think every time you have an upset stomach its food poisoning.

More mature? No you just told people to consider suicide. As I also said you fight people over nothing, you think every guy wants to fuck you and you use people. not to mention your always playing the pity game with your back issues.

Better cosplayer? Your cosplay cold do with some work. I would say some of it is barely passable. If you wan't to go pro don't skimp out on good material, equipment and picking up new skills.

Better artist? Your a known fraud. Should never have admitted you where. That was really stupid.

I'm sure other people could go into much greater lengths of detail.

No. 657197

Holy shit she actually thinks she is pretty? She has a massive chin, fish eyes, dirty pale skin and ears which are literally side ways. Everyone always comments about her hygiene issues aswell. Dont know how anyone can put their dick in that, you just know she is probably infested with std aswell.

No. 658641

That would imply people would want to fuck this dumb bitch

No. 659055

4.5/10 is a bit generous anon, 4.5 in her shopped pictures, yes.

she's a solid Crackhead/10 with no question

No. 660001

It's amazing how much of an ego one person has. I'm legit surprised she even has friends

No. 660486

File: 1533822781357.jpeg (83.48 KB, 720x960, 5E2D6AA2-8424-4CE8-A83D-C8EB1A…)

Still trying to work out what’s going on in this picture.

If there were better pics then maybe but right now it’s just a big wtf

No. 660831

She should just quit cosplay, her stuff looks retarded

No. 661145

I just don’t get how it’s supposed to work. Is she going out covered in a bunch of green flaps? I don’t get it.

No. 661270

The only thing you are is more deluded than anyone I’ve ever encountered in my life.
Before the internet, the only way people like you would get noticed is if they became a serial killer.
Crawl back into that delusional cave you clawed your way out of. You’re literally the ugliest, dumbest, boring person I’ve ever met.

You should be the one considering suicide, you utter waste of oxygen.

No. 661703

She doesnt, thats why she is always wandering around cons by herself. Last sunny was the first time she had company in nathan and looked how that turned out

No. 661705


It looks like she is wearing a diaper.

No. 661729

Even she must know her cell looks like shit which is why shes moving onto a bulma cosplay which is literally just a wig and dress she bought, buying cosplay is more her style

No. 661789

File: 1533945507873.png (261.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180811-005619.png)

Oh boy we got some news for you. Cindy trying to get a large group to activate troll and harass a 8 year old Child streaming

No. 661791

File: 1533945577823.jpg (415.11 KB, 1080x2251, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-56-32…)

And heres more

No. 661798

File: 1533946127957.png (376.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180811-005656.png)

She legit thinks you are mentally ill for not harassing a child.

No. 661806

File: 1533946737732.png (265.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180811-011727.png)

No. 661809

File: 1533946862967.png (149.74 KB, 1080x868, IMG_20180811_012042.png)

But isn't she the one that's triggered? Lmao dumb cunt.

No. 661811

File: 1533947096957.png (354.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180811-012354.png)

To the brave soldier who is spreading her bullshit, God speed

No. 662042

Yea she is triggered, within 10 minutes of something posted here she has seen it and starts getting mad, its hilarious.

No. 662044

Could explain why she stinks of shit and piss in person

No. 662206

Loving the post about her on mcm expo by our lord obayed, everyone just shitting on her its amazing

No. 662418

File: 1534027289471.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180811-231010.png)

It's mecha frieza not cyborg you dumb bitch

No. 662509

File: 1534038328923.png (217.04 KB, 1080x1516, IMG_20180812_024451.png)

But isn't the one that used to harass others?

No. 662849

im fucking SCREAMING anons holy mother of keks

No. 663149

Dunno what's more Cringe, the fact she's using a fake name or the fact someone who's last name is apparently "Vessalius" fucking anime weebs

No. 663914

File: 1534202385562.png (550.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180814-001823.png)

Seems like her main account got banned.

No. 664285

File: 1534250655671.png (436.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180814-134059.png)

Yes Sindy cause reporting someone that's harassing you makes you a bitch. Your a pathetic bully

No. 664521

Cringe, utter criiiiinge

No. 666952

Does she actually even do cosplay anymore? All I see is pictures of “work in progress”, no photos from the last few cons, never any pics of her actually wearing a finished product, never showing how pieces actually look on her. Just half finished shit on a mannekin. Does she actually do cosplay or what?

No. 667155

She does it for attention

No. 667158

File: 1534531876643.jpg (985.8 KB, 1080x2833, Screenshot_2018-08-17-19-48-52…)

Oh look, here she is, commenting about art where she copies other people

No. 667160

File: 1534532049651.png (223.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180817-195254.png)

This is so rich Lmao

No. 667345


Is she comparing herself to Toyotaro?

No. 667352

Seems like it

No. 672062

File: 1535111686088.jpg (35.56 KB, 638x152, chindyhaha.jpg)

it seems even she has realised her cosplay looked like complete shit, explains why she never posted pictures of it fully completed. She will probably go and buy a cosplay now like she usually does

No. 672836


50kg? The fuck is she taking?

No. 673271

Shitty art prints

No. 676561

Her diapers

No. 680412

File: 1536036270102.jpeg (181.16 KB, 750x856, E67B3933-ABCD-425F-9424-06E9AE…)

oh no

No. 681401


Is she trying to look more like a gremlin? A half bald and green sindy is not something the world needs.

No. 681559

So, Obayed started a charity boxing match against Towers at MCM, and Sindy, not realising it's a joke, decided to swoop in and threaten him at MCM come October.

Will try and find the screenshots, if she hasn't dirty deleted them ofc

No. 683805

So she’s not a cosplayer at all any more right? She just makes outfits then doesn’t wear them. Or wears one bit for a “teaser” or whatever. So what does she actually do now? Just argue with people online? Lol

No. 683807

File: 1536418873976.png (537.57 KB, 640x1136, 04E1FC77-07EB-430C-8AFD-0C0B07…)

Lol we were referring to your flat pancake ass you fucking dolt

No. 684146

her ears are pretty much sideways to start with so she wont need to bother with the elf ears
Its because her cosplays are so shit she never wears them and moves onto something else

No. 684147

File: 1536447214023.jpg (60.59 KB, 689x491, chindypop.jpg)

Shes not even worthy to be in our lord obayeds presence, he has many willing servants to bitch slap the cunt for him

No. 684153

File: 1536447554901.jpg (71.36 KB, 690x615, chindypop2.jpg)

No. 684154

File: 1536447647393.jpg (132.99 KB, 960x1124, chindydrama.jpg)

No. 684427


You would think with the posing in her underwear and skimpy costumes she would go on to do nudes. But no one needs that.

No. 684599

She has nudes? I'm a degenerate I'll Take those Lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 686096

File: 1536703812855.jpg (66.28 KB, 684x289, hahaha.jpg)

because she has no talent her cosplays were shit so now she is back to buying her cosplays hahah

No. 686231

forget obayed vs towers charity fight, sindy vs rei_lark at next sunnycon?

No. 686832

File: 1536790999054.jpg (30.55 KB, 691x193, sindy.jpg)

rei has alot of fans that would put sindy in her place if she even looked at rei the wrong way

No. 686877

>inb4 "I'm disabled pls no bully"

No. 687742

File: 1536885708730.jpg (93.4 KB, 1200x675, Steve-Buscemi.jpg)

she legit looks like steve buscemi in drag, same bong eyes

No. 688436

File: 1536968711819.jpeg (210.9 KB, 1072x1440, 3A75646F-7839-4ADA-BEBF-64D39F…)

Nice hairy legs there, lol

No. 692209

Does she literally just pick a series to be obsessed with for a month because where the fuck has this Dragonball obsession come from and can she please not

No. 693037


It comes and goes. She's been obsessed with dragon ball more than month.

No. 693060

She must have high levels of autism to be obsessed with dragonball super, its complete shit.
Also why does she always pretend that guys are flooding her inbox asking why she is single or boyfriend proposals. No-one is buying the "lol guys please leave me alone" posts she makes. No man wants to get near that stench.

No. 695923

Don't worry Sindy I think your safe on not having kids. Someone has to put their dick in your smelly, hairy cunt first.

God she makes such a big deal out of not having kids on facebook. If your not having kids big whoop your doing the world a favor and it ain't for over population reasons…

No. 696592

James robson v sindy at mcm? The battle of the inbreds

No. 698581

So chindy is in a long distance online relationship with a guy she never met and is getting mad because the dude isn't messaging her, dudes probably 50 years old.

She is also being reported to mcm because of her threatening behaviour, with screencaps of bullying chat messages. Although I doubt she would follow through threats or even turn up because we all know she bottles any confrontation in person.

No. 698945

She doesnt seem to grasp how popular our lord obayed is. She trash talks him but it just makes everyone see what a cunt she is, if she even looked at lord obayed the wrong way she would get slapped. Last time i laughed in her face and she awkwardly walked away, she is a true keyboard warrior lmao

No. 699450

Sindy is jelly that everyone wants his cummies and not hers 😭

No. 699604

File: 1538165111245.jpg (74.68 KB, 810x821, herpes.jpg)

Herpes is for life

No. 700059


No. 700062

Fuckin slithery cunts how u like that

No. 700066

Bitch fuckin slag whores AND SHIT AND POOP

No. 700067


No. 700069


No. 700070


No. 700072


No. 700073


No. 700078

Oh so now I’m not allow to have interests lol

No. 700108

stop referring to the guy as 'lord' for fucks sake, he's probably ashamed to even be associated with people who do this cosplay messiah worship bullshit. He's someone who shitposts online. Get a grip.

No. 700332

Did Sindy just unleash one of her self-ranting episodes on us?

No. 700351

He's the kind of God you wish people saw you as, made obvious by how you keep posting about Zamasu

No. 700451

all yall are a bunch of cowards tbh.. how bout you come meet me irl and then we fuckin talk oh wait you cant cuz your a fuckin pussy

No. 700452

id love to see yall try throw a punch at me fuckin weak cowards :P

No. 700454

lmfao maken a website about internet bitches its rich comen from yall when yall havent been out side a day in ur life fuckin drama whores

No. 700508

File: 1538259227368.jpeg (55.58 KB, 800x450, 1_nJh1M2MDhkNtEhWeAy363g.jpeg)

Who writes "yall"?

You are not an American ghetto mama, Sindy.

No. 700597

your dumb as hell and putting a meme on the post lol

No. 700598


No. 700601

i shoved a lamp up sindys intact hymen and she fuckin squirted every were

No. 700602

yea who the fuck are you bitch

No. 700603


No. 700605


No. 700608

POO POO CRAP AND BITCH AND >>700603(autism)

No. 700616

You call me "dumb" but at least your speaking to someone who is trying to add to the conversation. Unlike some immature brat who's parents should be aware lolcow & 4chan isn't a place for those who haven't experience having "teen" at the end of their age.

No. 700617

No. 700676

>>700616 you know what you know FUCKIN NOTHING. You act like you know shit but really your just a bitter ass cunt

No. 700677

>>700616 oh btw i been on 4chan for years im not underage un like you and the rest these bitches hating on random cunts

No. 700680

and you know what i bet the most of you are hackit looking bitches and looking for Drama LIKE THE SLITHERY SNAKES YOU FUCKIN ARE GO BACK INTO YOUR FUCKING HOLES BITCHES(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 700700

File: 1538275852081.jpg (8.68 KB, 206x275, jadelouise.jpg)

ohhh sindy your too damn sexy

No. 700828

assuming I was Sindy because I have an ounce of self respect not to gush over some random dude who shitposts on facebook for a living. Lol ok.

No. 700830

her post about Momokun has gotten a shitload of shares (probably in the hopes she notices her). Now we'll never hear the end of it.

No. 700858

Grow a pair and come back when you have some self respect.
You are acting worse than Sindy.

No. 704149

How fucking old is she really? She's trying to look like the Kawaii teenager 50 year old goblins from the MCM facebook groups love to sexually harrass. But she actually looks like a 50 year old goblin woman with concealer on to hide her wretched green skin.

No. 704724

File: 1538729326487.jpg (110.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-3.jpg)

She's in her mid 20's, 25 nearing 26 I believe.
Yes she's got an unfortunate natural facial structure but if she got a flattering hair cut (or even conditioned and maintained her frizzy hair) and learned to style it in styles other than that ridiculous half up side ponytail she does, learned to apply makeup properly and dressed in actual clothes and not cheaply made eBay clothes, she could look not half bad. Styling can do wonders for most people.
She seems to think she dresses in a kpop inspired look but she dresses like a gypsy traveller.
It's easy to coordinate Korean street fashion inspired outfits in places like H&M and Zara without breaking the bank if she really wants to follow that kind of look

No. 705443

Doesnt matter what she does, she still looks like a typical scottish crackwhore who asks if you have 50p when you pass her on the street

No. 717673

File: 1540060419440.jpg (35.23 KB, 588x166, sindy.jpg)

Luckily shes banned from sunny so Erica mendez doesn't have to see those saggy pancake tits hanging out of her shit cosplay.

No. 718540

She isn't banned (sadly) yet

No. 720355

File: 1540409824218.png (159.98 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0361.PNG)

>>people hate me because they find me attractive!

Yea its got nothing to do with her being a horrible cunt who looks like gollum. She is in the same catergory as lewis and towers, maybe if she doesnt like her reputation she should make ammends and stop acting like a cunt everyday

No. 722766

I honestly thought people were joking about her being smelly. I was in hotel lobby waiting for a friend before we hit con, suddenly smell something rotten. I turn to the direction of the smell and to my suprise its chindy in the flesh. Does she photoshop her pics? because she is even more hideous in person. Smells like she doesn't shower and eats shit or something

No. 753525


Are you trying to be sexy again?

No. 763515


She deleted that pic.

No. 774031


I may have posted in a locked thread, apologies.

Obayed is a creep who sexually harasses multiple girls via DM when he's bored, I'd post caps considering I'm one of the countless girls he's pestered and tried to put in his weird harem but he'd immediately know who I am if I did. He's a fuckboy who thinks he can have any girl he wants and his Facebook is just him constantly whining for attention and causing flame wars for fun. Fucked up guy. You ignore him and he just spams you and begs you to have sex with him and date him.

No. 775292

Fuck off no one cares and sage this old-ass shit.

No. 776314

Hi sindy, bumping your own threads to try and stay relevant?

No. 776391

File: 1549712905913.jpg (87.8 KB, 565x425, exposed.jpg)

No. 776698

Definitely smells like a self post. Must have been salty that her thread was dead considering it’s the only attention she gets.

No. 776703

File: 1549810697678.jpg (37.92 KB, 454x960, exposed.jpg)

He shared the post himself and people are exposing him by posting screenshots of all the things he messages them with

No. 776837

Wait where are they being posted?

No. 777767

His own profile, all this has really proved is that he's actually really nice and very supportive of his friends.

No. 778899

What did I miss?

No. 779110


she posted an image like right before Christmas on here. She was posing and saying something like lets all put this behind us for Christmas.

No. 779298

Sindy is a creep who sexually harasses multiple girls via DM when she's bored, I'd post caps considering I'm one of the countless girls she's pestered and tried to put in her weird harem but she'd immediately know who I am if I did. She's a fuckgirl who thinks she can have any girl she wants and her Facebook is just her constantly whining for attention and causing flame wars for fun. Fucked up girl. You ignore her and she just spams you and begs you to have sex with her and date her.

No. 780145

File: 1550737800965.jpg (948.92 KB, 810x3521, 20190221_082721.jpg)

She has two new twitter accounts which she's using to get up to her whole "attack sexual assault victims" antics again.
One has been banned already.

www.twitter.com/zamasusmeatyabs - banned
www.twitter.com/zamasumeatyabs - current. She dropped a letter.

Also just for old times sake
>"I traced in my teens"
>current art is suspect and seems to be redraws of official art in the official art style
>was still tracing a year or so ago
>was in her mid-twenties at this point

No. 780158


She was retarded to even admit it. Good way to end any career in art.

No. 787874

File: 1552899300041.jpg (76.42 KB, 810x817, sindy 1.jpg)

Back to posing again are we Sindy? Oh this time you have shirt undone. "I swear I don't do it for attention".

Look if you want show your tits just do it already.

No. 789643

Sindy its a sarcastic suggestion. Learn to read.

Also you are too easy to bait. How often do you come on this page? The last post before was like a month ago. Are you here every week?

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