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File: 1492669183725.jpg (51.99 KB, 482x594, ember.jpg)

No. 295008

Reviving this since I got permission.
>Former ""ana"" chan
>Known for her feud with emilyologist
>Both have been found guilty of self-posting on here
>Subsequently both were banned topics due to attracting underage anachans

On to the milk.
Ember has recently had a personality transplant. She now pretends to be some sort of hoodrat a la casshh me ousside girl. It's especially funny if you followed her at all before this sudden personality change.
Well, I at least encourage everyone to watch this video if you want to cringe.


No. 295010

oh my god i forgot about this bitch. good to see she still hasn't sorted her damn eyebrows out.

No. 295012

Forgot the links;
https://www.instagram.com/embersrecovery/ (this one is mostly abandoned, she's moved on at least)

No. 295014

Holy fuck, I forgot about this girl.

Wasn't she a Killstar wearing Wiccan goth before?

Those fake freckles are so bad.

No. 295016

No. 295019

File: 1492670506996.png (457.5 KB, 405x590, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 4.10…)

i'm dying over that fucking face

No. 295024

File: 1492670799080.png (321.72 KB, 342x584, emberlol.png)

What the actual fuck is she doing.

No. 295025

Is she suddenly trying to look deeply tanned now too?

No. 295026

File: 1492670938270.png (484.07 KB, 434x537, txtxtx.png)

You forgot: https://www.instagram.com/temporarygoddess/

Also, can we talk about her tattoo that looks like a brown ghost and the thing she's wearing in her mouth?

No. 295028

lmaooo what the FUCK. I feel like she has to be trolling. She's too much of a caricature of what a "hood rat" girl would act like. I either can't or just don't want to believe someone could flip their entire personality so quickly.

No. 295029

samefag, but isn't she also from Connecticut? like…girl

No. 295030

She's trying to be "ghetto" now and "act black" while harassing 14 year olds on instagram

No. 295034

God,I looked her up in ig not long ago since I missed her thread and I'm so happy it's back.

I'm so curious where the new ghetto persona came from it's gold.

No. 295035

Her tattoo is a poorly-done Hannibal Lector mask.

She's been abusing the skin tone feature in meitu/beauty plus for quite a while now.

No. 295036

File: 1492671586342.png (565.28 KB, 535x538, txtxtx.png)

Nope, she's from Rochester

She started doing it after seeing the Cash Me Outside Girl and you know who

I know, but it's just looks like a brown ghost/stingray lol

No. 295046

File: 1492672726168.gif (566.57 KB, 295x207, leaving.gif)

>Personality transplant

No. 295058

File: 1492674107030.png (16.7 KB, 722x671, likesomekindofregectpokemon.pn…)

Now I can't unsee it anon…

No. 295065

lol I'm still blocked.
Either because I was following Emily or because I would get annoyed and unfollow her and then be bored and follow again.

No. 295076

File: 1492676184483.png (581.39 KB, 535x540, learn to iron bitch.png)

Idk how she picks who she blocks, but I used to follow her and other cows, she even followed back for a while but I still didn't get blocked? idk

Can also someone finally tell me what that thing in her mouth is? I know it's not braces and it's golden? Looks like her teeth are rotten

No. 295084

Have you seriously never seen a grill before? I mean, I thought they've been out of style for a while now, but maybe ember is just that out of touch and desperate to seem "hood".

No. 295107

not…really, no. At least not in the last 10+ years so I might've forgotten.

She's trying everything under the sun to look like it

No. 295154

That's an ogre face If I've ever seen one

No. 295166

Lmfao thats not a grill, its a cheap hunk of plastic one of her "fans" sent her, probably someone trying to make her look as stupid as possible and shes just eating up that cheap bait

No. 295175

how many years has it been since she started shitting up the internet? her eyebrows are still. awful. why.

No. 295180

Her livestreams are fucken hilarious, someone ought to record them pls fam

No. 295196

You can find some of the videos on the tumblr blog thats in the description

No. 295199

Dear god ember watch a few eyebrow tutorials.

No. 295246

the fuck is up with that makeup like chill on the highlighter, fake frecks, poop lipstick, and poop smeared sharpie brows. theres also something not right about the combination of her skin colour and hair colour in the op picture. she looks dirty like mud.

No. 295343

It's supposed to be a grill, but imo it looks like the thing they use to hold your jaw together if you break it.

No. 295355

File: 1492720255755.jpg (72.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

this bitch, I swear to god.

No. 295384

She looks like James Charles only worse

No. 295450

File: 1492728613426.jpg (27.35 KB, 217x559, Capture.JPG)

Wow, this is very tragic. More than being fake ana. At least her giraffe legs have morphed into normal no thigh gap ones. How can she look so much older in less than a year?

No. 295453

File: 1492729066924.png (157.55 KB, 640x999, IMG_5834.PNG)

No. 295456

File: 1492729261094.png (136.36 KB, 640x977, IMG_5835.PNG)

acrylics/blunt picture is such a typical "instagram baddie" post. caption is "??"

No. 295457

File: 1492729482014.png (130.38 KB, 639x987, IMG_5843.PNG)

No. 295458

Oh for fucks sake is she still trying to go at it with Crocker? Both of these girls are past their internet infamy prime, I can't believe they would still be bitching about each other.

No. 295459

File: 1492729601038.png (118.84 KB, 640x972, IMG_5841.PNG)

No. 295460

She should pretend she's DID. This is like that Cassie girl posting when she's the teenage hoodie kid.

No. 295464

This is so embarrassing and pathetic.
Not trying to racebait here, but why is she even doing this? Why is this a fad right now, anyway? Cool kid points for acting like a retard?

No. 295466

File: 1492730019045.png (116.24 KB, 640x829, IMG_5845.PNG)

she looks like a greyhound

No. 295469

She looks like if Starbucks and Instagram fucked and had an abortion.

No. 295472

File: 1492730414687.jpg (24.51 KB, 323x454, 1477776428614.jpg)

Why would anyone shoop themselves like this?

No. 295485

Big-ass heads are not couture

No. 295499

holy fuck that cringe-inducing caption. so bad ass ember!!!! so hood rat!! emojis!! god she is such a lost soul. i dont even think she knows who she is anymore :\ she's tried to be so many different people and none of them are her. she tried to be goth, wiccan,'witchy' pageagan try-hard. she tried to be ana-chan instagram famous. she tried to be crystal loving faux-hippy. now this. what next girl, what next.

No. 295500

"ember ??? yea its rlly me again hoe ??" ember shut up you don't talk like that. how embarrassing. the word poser comes to mind

No. 295502

File: 1492732421115.png (628.47 KB, 769x542, ick.PNG)

can we talk bout her fedora wearing neck beard boyfriend? lmao.

No. 295503

sick cargo shorts bro

No. 295538

No. 295543

No. 295548

this cannot be real life top kek

>fake ass "hood" accent that disappears after ten seconds

>ugly grill on bottom teeth (?)
>sharpie brows
>rap music in the background
>thot braids


No. 295577

Lmao this bitch tryna figure out how a dab works

No. 295627


How can you fail this hard at everything? I'm actually impressed.

No. 295632

Why is she photoshopping her body to look like Claire Hartley?

No. 295660

why is her normal speaking voice so goddamn nasally?

No. 295723

I'm watching those clips on tumblr, and there's legitimately a moment where she goes from "cash me ousside, skeet skeet on theze thot azz hoez niqqa" back to suburban caucasian girl in two seconds flat. Such a sad, hollow existence it must be to not have any personality of your own so you hop on passing trends in order to compensate.

No. 295739

This is gold. Thank you admins for allowing this.

That fucking grill and her ghetto talk.

No. 295740

ember really is the gift that keeps on giving. holy shit. ive never seen someone so embarrassing with such a punchable face lol

No. 295743

Omfg that was awful. She doesn't know how to fucking dab but think she's cool. Also she sticks out her tongue constantly, it's nasty. She's so fucking ugly and retarded.

No. 295744

File: 1492761228985.jpg (455.45 KB, 810x1364, Screenshot_20170421-175141.jpg)

I guess being an 'ana wintergirl goddess' doesn't fit with her whole stoner hoodrat chic vibe so she dropped it.

No. 295747

Not really, she's still trying to hit that she's an anachan with those poses and her food diary, she's just not constantly talking about it

I wonder how long it'll take her to see the thread

No. 295751

File: 1492763676174.png (1.01 MB, 1640x1214, Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 09.0…)

This doesn't count as milk (hence the sage) because it's from so long ago, but I've been wanting to talk about it since she posted. Girl never has and never will understand basic human anatomy for as long as she photoshops.

I'm legitimately thrilled this thread is back. I wonder at what point in her life is she going to settle for an aesthetic that fits her. She'd do well as a pop punk tumblr gal. She wouldn't have to force her personality and she'd be able to wear her ugly killstar dresses etc. But that's outdated and pop punk isn't cool anymore.

No. 295773

Wtf is a pop punk Tumblr girl?

No. 295792

whatever it is she'd suck at it too. She's white trash and finally embraces it.

No. 295843

>Also she sticks out her tongue constantly, it's nasty.

Yea what is up with that?

And why does her face always look so dirty?

No. 295845

Probably crappy contouring and filters

No. 295848

File: 1492784123771.png (419.82 KB, 600x724, 69b.png)

>she looks like a greyhound
holy shit lmao

double keks. i can only imagine the contrast in personality when shes around him irl vs when shes posting on the internet. he looks autistic and terribly bland which makes me laugh how she thinks she's hood rat. it shows you who she's really compatible with.

>stretch muhks
>dropping stems
why does she always stick her nasty ass tongue out?

the new "scene" kids of 2012-2013 and only lasted for a year because it's so boring. pretty much consisted of shitty, whiny music, kids who pretended they skate, and pizza because lol so randumb xDDD

No. 295884

Wasnt she engaged at some point? It's been a while since we talked about her. This isn't the same guy is it?

Maybe they broke up, she started dating this dude, and then conformed to what she believes is "his type". I've known girls to do that after a break up because they're desperate to not be alone.

No. 295895

She cheated on her ex and claimed he was abusing her

No. 295896

Oh, and she was dancing and showing her underwaer on some live video website and he cicked her out

No. 295899

File: 1492790749360.png (98.04 KB, 275x234, 1444689105964.png)

No. 295947

File: 1492796179164.png (77.27 KB, 1079x307, 20170421_193414.png)

This is old and not very milky, but she followed me on tumblr a while ago and I just thought it was funny.

No. 296407

Why is it funny?

No. 296723

File: 1492886904733.png (569.11 KB, 531x960, image.png)

Ember recently tried to be an internet thug and call this girl out (obvs out of jealousy) but her followers turned on her (and she lost 200 of them)

She kept saying she wanted to fight but when the girl sent her the address to where she was ember stopped replying and never showed up lol

No. 296724

File: 1492886976786.jpeg (62.03 KB, 640x291, image.jpeg)

Sage for second screencap

No. 296739

lol ember sounds like a tryhard wannabe even when she's trying to act ~tuff~ online
while I have no doubt she'd get her ass handed to her in a second, i don't think anyone would recognize her IRL w/o all the photoshopping, image stretching, and excessive filters lol

No. 296756

File: 1492890231716.png (345.13 KB, 702x343, Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 3.42…)

she also pretended that she was facetiming danielle (cassh me ousside girl) but really she was just watching her live lmao

No. 296765


Her nails are so badly done that they look like press ons.

No. 296809

Rofl those brows are hideous

Least authentic flake ever

No. 296894


No. 296896

Her gravitation towards teenage girls makes me uncomfortable.

No. 296897

the worst eyebrows of /snow for sure.

No. 296911

oh yeah, ember has displayed predatory/grooming habits towards younger girls FOR SURE. its really creepy and a bit pathetic tbh

No. 296927

To be fait, she IS around that level of maturity

No. 296936

Back when she was pretending to be anorexic, someone noticed that she was following a whole bunch of really young cheerleading club accounts.

No. 297085

I think she still is? And she keeps following young girls like 13-16.

Does she even follow anyone her age?

No. 297130


No. 297225

File: 1492956786785.png (708.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170423-160947.png)

It looks like she has a mustache

No. 297226

File: 1492956855603.png (416.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170423-160806.png)

She looks greasy af

No. 297236

File: 1492957701961.png (431.66 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-04-19-14-29-54…)

No. 297244

That's an Instagram story, not FaceTime. Who the fuck is she trying to fool?

No. 297248

Is this another "throwback" to when she "facetimed" with that chick?

No. 297372


And even more Ember should stop using her cheap apps to edit the hell out of her face. Everyone with basic photoshop skills can tell that she desperately tries (and fails) to give her face sharp lines and features, she simple doesn't have because she is nowhere near skinny.

She sucks in her cheeks and then tries to sharpen them with tools - ROFL

No. 298315

Out of all the things you'd adopt from black culture, why the flying fuck would it be grills?

No. 298343

I eager to see how far she takes this little shit show. Ember in cornrows and fake buttpads when?

No. 298558

It's ~cool~ anon
She always seems to go for stereotypes

omg buttpads
She started wearing a pushup bra already, who knows how long we'll have to wait

No. 298582

Wait Ember threads are allowed? Oh my god I'm so excited, she's my favorite trainwreck.

No. 298619

Yeah because she is now a wannabe hood rat.

No. 298736

File: 1493140798760.png (102.27 KB, 750x1089, IMG_5066.PNG)

"How does it feel to appropriate black culture?"

"Do you cry yourself to sleep knowing everyday you live a completely fabricated personality?"

"Where did you get your hood accent? From the streets that you grew up on?"

No. 298777

She's not going to answer any of these lol

No. 298790

She did learn it on the streets. On the ghetto, in fact.

No. 298798

File: 1493149635522.jpg (127.65 KB, 500x685, emberw.jpg)

so ghetto much hood

No. 298929

i love watching this girl change her identity every few months. kinda of feel sorry for her but its a train wreck i can't look away from. she seems so lost. like the worlds biggest try-hard, so desperate to fit in but she has no real identity of her own

No. 298930

lol does she only date bros who wear cargo shorts? so hood!!

No. 298939

File: 1493169753345.jpg (244.15 KB, 750x1100, IMG_4597.JPG)

No. 298941

she literally never looked like she ever gained or lost an ounce. the only difference between these photos and her post IP hospital pics are the push up bra

No. 298954

I found her her perfect match, yo.

No. 298971

What's going on with the wall behind her

No. 298979

Tiles and a colourful shower curtain, Anon

No. 298996

They meant the warping inside the shower corner.

Looks like there's a little rubber strip going up the corner of the tile to prevent water from getting in the crease, but it's peeling off. Kind of gross not to fix tbh and could lead to the wall behind it rotting is it is left like that too long.

No. 299123

the wrinkled shirt triggers me, bitch do you not know how to iron?

No. 299203

File: 1493217233390.jpg (85.66 KB, 437x421, IMG_20170426_092905.jpg)

She should see a doctor about the two different sizes of her boobs
Top kek

No. 299223

Uneven boobs are normal

But yes that's a big difference. Maybe she shooped something and made one bigger/smaller

No. 299226

It's from shoppin her forearm smaller TBH

No. 299266

Her boobs are shopped unevenly, she's an idiot

No. 299289

I love that she used to pretend to be a ~published author~ and now she's pretending to be illiterate.

No. 299319

File: 1493234487484.jpg (119.37 KB, 750x1130, IMG_4629.JPG)

that small frame, huge boobs look is soooo gross on her

she could have had a decent following if she marketed herself as a normal white girl stoner. probably no one would have even questioned her ED claims if she stayed in the realm of possibility and hadn't exaggerated everything. so many failed attempts at having a personality

No. 299354

sage no screencaps i assumed someone else would have, but Ember posted yesterday "wondering how old her followers are" they hadto comment with a different colour heart corresponding to their age and so forth… you wont believe how many children under the age of 16 follow Ember. It's actually disgusting and Ember is engaging in the definition of early pedophiliac stages like it's frightening to watch.

ember is a pedo, her followers are 12-15 y/o, and she gonna get real creepy real soon probs

No. 299359

I was going to mention this too. None of the comments I saw were from people older than 17… she has always had a weird thing for hanging around younger people. the older ember gets, the more uncomfortable and weird it is

I have a few theories:
- ember is insecure (duh) and is intimidated by people her age
- ember knows she is too socially inept to make friends her own age
- or a combination of those two things
- possibly still hung up on finding her "little ana sister" (what is that even about?)
- something sexual?? Idk, ppl keep saying she's a pedo but I can't tell if they mean like child molester pedo

No. 299364

I do think she might be a pedophile. Not all pedophiles are child molesters. I don't think Ember would actually molest a child, but I feel like she gets gratification from being around them.

No. 299366

I think she's done with the anorexia thing, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was looking for a little stoner sister. The girl she's modelling herself after, Daniella whatever, the Cash me Ousside girl, is only 13.

No. 299570

File: 1493275323282.png (316.3 KB, 400x363, ickh.PNG)

wtf are those brows?? god i think they've gotten worse. also, cringe at her face.

No. 299577

wtf ok guys calm down, y'all are crazy sometimes seriously… she is not a pedophile. she is a sad, pathetic grown ass woman desperately seeking validation from pre-teens because she knows they will give it to her. that's it. she's not a kiddy diddler. she wants attention and praise from young idiot teens on the internet. Everyone her age and older can clearly see she is pathetic.

anyway i can't believe she is what, 21 yrs old? her instagram account looks like its run by a 13 year old girl. She has no style, no originality, no personality. she acts and talks like a pre-teen :/ wonder if she will ever grow up and be a normal adult woman with a job who doesn't parade her pathetic life all over the internet for teenagers..

No. 299584

I have to agree with this. It's most likely one of the first two reasons anon stated >>299359 still creepy tho

Probably not. She's going to be one of those 30-40 year olds still trying to be "cool" on social media.

I wish she'd get them done professionally, they're so damn blocky

No. 299599

She looks like an old man in drag

No. 299827

File: 1493320797733.png (494.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170427-211434.png)

I guess messing with children isn't giving her enough attention so she's still trying to get pity by reminding everyone how sick she is

No. 299829

File: 1493320897218.png (116.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170427-211830.png)

Lmao sure. Every single personality she had was to get her attention, she's still trying to be relevant

And the eyebrow one lol

No. 299844

>eyebrows are sisters and not twins
Are her's inbred?

No. 299861

Didn't she claim a while back that she had narcissistic personality disorder? That's one diagnosis I'm willing to believe.

No. 299878

She wishes she had NPD. Girl fucking hates herself.

No. 299899

She also claimed anti social personality disorder after she got into Hannibal lmao

No. 299903

I missed this cow. She looks like she needs a good shower.

No. 299917


I like how as soon as someone said she dropped the Ana schtick, one day later she suddenly is in trouble with her doctor now

imagine her trying to fake getting readmitted to IP while also maintaining her new hood rat persona……….

No. 299920


this is so fucking funny, i'm dying anon.


didn't she just recently post that she's "feeling her weight gain?" too? like pick one

No. 299927

File: 1493332086707.png (82.13 KB, 540x779, Screenshot_2017-04-27-15-18-29…)

No. 299931

File: 1493332238688.png (560.41 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

"None of your business" a day later on Instagram

No. 300005


She's the type of asshole who acts all noble and moral outwardly but freely shares her "sickness accomplishments" for brownie points and compliments and sympathy. It's the most pathetic thing ever.

Also the hood rat thing is soooo awful. It's giving me such bad secondhand embarrassment. I hope when she moves on to her next personality that everyone brings up her hoodrat thing haha

No. 300055

didn't ember claim to be 5'7 in the past…. emily is saying she is 5'5 as of late.

No. 300061

she also claimed to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder too

No. 300085

OMFG she would be bashed within a day if she ever went to prison, I bloody well swear to it.
Then she'd be sent to protection for "her own safety" and no one lives that down kek
I love how tough and ~gangsta~ she's trying to be when she would seriously shit herself if she got raided or anything
sage for no contribution and blog posting

No. 300097

Theory: Ember has aspergers.

No. 300267

no anon, she's just really dumb and attention seeking.

No. 300269

File: 1493360767735.jpg (50.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

She looks like this.

No. 300284

Maybe her face, but not the body

No. 300294

True that

No. 300642

Why does she always wear pigtails? It looks fucking weird, especially with a baseball cap. wtf kind of look is she even going for with that? Like we always talk about how shitty her makeup is, but whats going on with her hair??

No. 300768

File: 1493433409119.png (104.95 KB, 750x1183, IMG_5102.PNG)

Pretty sure she's asking herself these questions.

No. 300771

She's absolutely asking herself. She barely gets any attention on Instagram like people are going out of their way on a totally different site to ask inane questions about her fake anorexia she doesn't even address anymore. Plus all the questions are written the same.

No. 300881

File: 1493456931866.png (575.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170429-110608.png)

Guess who noticed that being a hood rat doesn't bring in attention?
Her thighs look different sized in every picture she posts

No. 300906


Not only that but ever since Lolcow mentioned that she dropped her Ana spiel, she returned to it. In all her glory, with her badly altered pictures and 'recovery' doctor stories and papers

Rofl hi ember, you are such a fake

No. 300976

Nice wide gangsta hips kek

No. 301067

Shawty's looking thicc, as the kids say.

No. 301968

Still hadn't had a bath since she was last allowed to be posted on here.

No. 302276

Here's some reasons that contribute to how Ember is a pedophile:

-I have never seen Ember "look up" to an older person (except Emily). The only people Ember ever copies personas from are underage girls, such as Dana the 8 Year Old Anorexic, and Danielle the Cash me ousside girl who is 14.(and face it Emily looks basically like jail-bate so toss that in there).

-Ember is so hyperfocused on “Dana the 8 Year Old Anorexic”, she incorporated elements of the film to pass as her own life and pretty soon tried to sound exactly like this little girl right down to her backstory and got caught word for word copying Dana's story from youtube.

-Her most recent obsession is cash me ousside girl Danielle Bregoli who is a whopping 14 years old. Ember is trying to make herself look more tan, dress like her, talk like her and pretend she has an accent like this ho, she's acting like she's from the ghetto, hanging out with younger girls who if you look at their instagrams (Ember tags her friends bc she t0tallyz haz friends) they have children which is shocking but also a little nerve-wracking considering the situation we have afoot of Ember being a creep and preying upon the young.

-Religiously watches teenage Danielle Bregoli (only 14 years old) dance around on IG live in tight little yoga pants or booty shorts, tank tops, in her bra, etc… twerking and what not, screencaps it and saves it, and photoshops herself to make it seem like she was facetiming her while she was half naked basically dancing around???

-Something that fits so on point it's jaw dropping is her obsession with Silence of the Lambs. A reasonably educated person knows it's based on Buffalo Bill and Hannibal Lecter, where Hannibal helps authorities catch Buffalo Bill. The story behind Buffalo Bill, is that he murders young women and sews their skins together to make himself a womans suit to be inside of. PING PING on no personality ad legitimately wearing other people as a skin suit but also euphimism for wanting to be inside other women/girls or possibly she could be a boy wanting to be a girl in disguise lol who knows have fun with that one.

-Ember has had this bizarre obsession with making sure everyone know's Mckenzie imskinnybeautiful is a ~~pedophile~~ most likely to take the attention off herself being the creep

-Rack your noggins a bit here, remember when she ran the hate blog Maddieatsdicks about another ED/gossip blogger on tumblr named Maddie, who on their blog, refers to themselves as 17 years old. And this fiasco happened over two years ago which would make the poor child 15 years at the time of Ember harassing a child.

-(Forever wishing someone screencapped her asking how old her followers are as proof of the age range she aims on targeting)

-All of Embers past recorded “anonymous” hate–always traced back to her because she's terrible at covering her tracks–is to younger (thinner) girls.

-Ember has had this bizarre obsession with making sure everyone know's Mckenzie imskinnybeautiful is a ~~pedophile~~ most likely to take the attention off herself being the creep

-The pictures Ember posts of her and friends are only younger girls

-The outfits her and boyfriend wear (especially together) looks like the outfits couples on Law & Order SVU wear that are the ones that kidnap children and run CP rings

-Ember acting out in such a manner (such as attention seeking, changing personalities, obsessing over younger girls) didn't happen until she hit puberty and physically matured. Mentally that is a whole different story, but Ember's story didn't start changing until around age 17 when she was thincapacitated.tumblr.com copying Emily @ thinsignificant.tumblr.com and that's when she went off her rocker. Somewhat implying that she has an odd fixation on specifically girls before a maturing age.

-The majority of SFS instagram promotions Ember gives are to adolescent girls.

-The way how she refers to her 9 year old little sister as “baby girl” is unsettling.

-Ember's “edgy fanfiction writing” is geared towards pretty much 13 y/o children.

-70% of the likes and comments – basic interactions – on Ember's page are from children 12-15

-The overly unnecessary use of the word “cunt” gets uncomfortable and fixation on using and calling people words usually used (i'm puking as I type this) by older people that describe younger genitalia is quite disturbing

-A lot of peadophiles' signs are able to be recognized when you look upon the past; people often say “why didn't I see this before?” well um let's catch this predator before it preys upon another nest.

Not all pedophiles are child molesters.

She needs to stop putting on a show for a bunch of teenagers and grow up.

Damn near a research paper here, let me site my sources just in case:

No. 302278

File: 1493673061461.jpg (393.81 KB, 3400x1864, DA.jpg)

sage double post pic spam

No. 302280

File: 1493673089480.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, tumblr_ooofhlYau91vsgcomo1_128…)

No. 302282

File: 1493673108442.jpg (700.75 KB, 3268x2000, PicMonkdey Collage.jpg)

No. 302283

File: 1493673114597.png (106.21 KB, 400x400, tumblr_opacitCAH71vsgcomo1_400…)

No. 302290

Wooow the reach. Yes Ember is hyper fixated on young girls, but I'm pretty sure it's because of things such as her being emotionally stunted to such an age. Not because she fancies little girls.

No. 302294

dont pedophiles only like pre pubescent children?

No. 302513

jesus christ stop reaching so hard!!! she isnt a fucking pedophile, none of that shit has ANYTHING to do with wanting fuck minors! Ember is a lot of things but she is not a pedophile. like YES she wants to look young, she is obsessed with youth, she seeks approval from younger people because they are naive as fuck. still doesn't make her a pedophile. now shut the fuck up about this topic and lets talk about actual bullshit she is guilty of?

No. 302535

Nah man, I really think Ember is a pedophile. Anon was reaching, but I get mega creepo vibes from her anyway.

No. 302543

How so? She's just immature and stunted, nothing points to any sort of sexual attraction towards kids at all. Also she's straight and has a boyfriend, she just wishes she were young and ~ana~ or hip like those girls.

No. 302548

File: 1493694840818.png (487.17 KB, 1280x482, tumblr_n5fjnkYLRE1ta2moho1_128…)


tbh she looks the same size as always just better at showing off her bones/using make up to enhance them

No. 302549

to be fair, while ember does have a boyfriend and seems to identify as "straight" as far as i'm concerned (although it's never anything she's mentioned), pedophiles do show signs at young-er-ish ages just like serial murderers who start when they're young by torturing animals in various manners. while ember may not show signs of wanting to molest young girls, she is certainly obsessed with young girls which is a heavy warning sign.

No. 302576

No… it isn't though. In a way I sort of relate to her because I used to be a bit obsessed with girls younger than me but I wasn't a pedophile. It was just a missed childhood/adolescence kind of thing. I think that's all it is just taken to an embarrassing extreme.

No. 302603

I swear to god she's never lost or gained more than five pounds throughout her entire 'ana queen' phase. She's never looked any different besides an awkward pose or makeup to look bony not just typically slim.

No. 302610

Well that much is obvious at least, she was always slim, and has been for the past idk how many fucking years. At most she has disordered eating and I'm only saying that because she's in her her 20s and most people gain a bit of weight by that age.
It's kind of pathetic though with a bit of effort she could lose 10-15 lbs and actually look a bit sick.

No. 302619

Samefagging but it's actually really sad how she dreams and jills off to being so sick and anorexic but she can't even lose 15 fucking pounds, and how many years has she been trying? Just fucking eat less for a few weeks and you'll look just as you always wanted to Ember…

No. 302632

I think she never wanted to lose any weight and never did more than a day or two of weird dieting based on tips from tumblr and MPA. She just seemed to like the idea of having people fawn over her poor sickly little persona the way they did over people like shmegeh and felice. She's grown up with "the troubled girl" as the coolest character and she's emulating this damaged badass thing in every form until she finds something that pays off. She doesn't want to be sick, she wants the attention and lack of adult responsibility that very sick people sometimes get.

No. 302636

>I have never seen Ember "look up" to an older person (except Emily)
>Emily looks basically like jail-bate


And I think the word you're looking for is hebophile. As much I dislike her, stop trying to make it happen, there isn't much evidence to prove that.

However I do agree that she is predatory-ish, no real doubt about that.

I suppose the reason why she constantly tries to befriend younger girls is because they're easier to impress and some of them have something she never had: a pretty face and fame/attention. She can't hang out with people her age because she didn't amount to anything, she's a loser. Put her to any famous 20-somehting year old and it's extremely obvious.

She dropped out of high school, so I guess what you say makes some sense.

Yup. Even her self-harm was the fakest shit. She's too much of a coward to actually hurt herself.

No. 302682

File: 1493719411284.png (48.94 KB, 937x635, 1.png)

If I remember correctly, she did once blackface, and the vegan story was bull anyway - she stopped being vegan before going "IP". She sucks so bad at keeping her stories straight.

No. 302684

File: 1493719481180.png (124.91 KB, 953x569, 2.png)

Did any of you guys tell her the first ask about YT? Would love to see it happen just to laugh my ass off

No. 302699

Oh god this woman is deeply disturbed?
She has fun creating herself e-personalities based on what she thinks is 'cool', hence this sudden ghetto girl change. She basically has no personality of her own.. and no life outside of the internet. Do some of you know her IRL? Have seen her IRL?

No. 302782

not that i care what this dummy does or doesn't eat but being a vegan is more than just a diet, but i don't think she ever gave a shit about owning/using products that are cruelty free and/or vegan.

No. 302858

File: 1493744964812.gif (814.87 KB, 200x150, 1449021571319.gif)

>3 jobs

No. 302913

So…what are her other two "jobs"? We know she works in that catering service, what are the other 2?

No. 302962

Acting and modeling.

No. 302993

Smoking weed and stuffing her face

No. 303020

She works at a mall bubble tea stand

No. 303039

Acting like an idiot and modelling for those pamphlets you get at the optometrist where they inform you that constant squinting is a sign of needing glasses?

No. 303147

File: 1493774089457.png (911.8 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-02-17-56-17…)

Dirty hair, dirty sheets
She's just gross

No. 303152

Maybe she's gonna end up another Luna, only with a fake ghetto vibe instead of an off-brand Courtney love?

No. 303163

Typical first of the month IG bullshit.
"Oh I gotta pay rent but gonna snap a photo so people think I'm a boss with lots of random cash"

No. 303179

Wow a whole 500 dollars

No. 303182

I laugh every time I see people do this, because it's such obvious/desperate bullshit. If you really had money, we'd know, but hey, good on you that you have enough to pay rent this month, I guess?

No. 303326

man few things are cringier/more pathetic than people posting photos of cash on social media. reeks of desperation/seeking of approval. classic try-hard move.

No. 303331

File: 1493802479011.png (Spoiler Image, 446.67 KB, 728x535, 76.png)

The only thing cringier that that is her face and the money

Spoiler because she looks disgusting

No. 303332

File: 1493802530579.png (Spoiler Image, 412.74 KB, 725x539, 54.png)

I also think that confirm that she lurks here

No. 303333

looks like a little kid trying to fit in with the big girls :/ this look is soooo forced and contrived and just awkward on her. wonder if she'll ever stop trying to be someone else. probs not. sips tea

No. 303347

she looks like a drug-addicted prostitute

No. 303357

that would be a compliment to her.

She stopped doing dumb shit so I guess she's lurking here and waiting for the thread to die.

No. 303367

ember did u scam your poor grandma again

No. 303401

when will she learn that holding her cheeks in makes her look worse than she already has made herself look

No. 303439

File: 1493820206253.png (318.64 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-02-17-34-56…)

Makeup tips anyone?

No. 303441

Why is there highlight on her forehead like that oh dear

No. 303459

File: 1493823730229.png (2.99 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Anyone see this "fan art"

No. 303460

I wonder if she realized highlighter goes on the high points of your face or else it just makes you look like an oil slick. She already looks like a greasy crack baby. Also eyebrows are supposed to taper off and she's using her eyebrow pencil like she's filling in a part of a coloring book.

No. 303513

Someone should draw a caricature of her and send it to her as ~fan art~

No. 303543

File: 1493831082359.gif (604.02 KB, 500x234, mean-girls.gif)

I can't wait for Embers "50s housewife/possibly Meghan Trainor" aesthetic. Or will she become a "cool mum"? No matter what, it's going to be amazing (in the worst possible way).

No. 303554

I'm waiting for the omg so randum XD phase à la 2006, to be honest

No. 303557

Nah, she'll go for anything that's trendy on instagram or tumblr, then once she hits her 30s she'll be just like that mckenzie chick she hates so much

No. 303571

the mckenzie chick that she always posts about being a pedophile lmao

No. 303595

File: 1493837242044.gif (40.96 KB, 273x400, Cruella_de_Vil.gif)

Wash your fucking hair girl.

No. 303599

McKenzie is a pedophile. I wish lolcow wasn't so weird about talking about her, because she's pretty fucked up.

No. 303647

She's old news and I guess because she is associated with Ember she a bit of a topic that's avoided

No. 303671

why is everything backwards…

No. 303677

and your face, it's greasy as fuck.

No. 303854

kek at the one benjamin. must feel like shit being a broke bitch pretending to be money.

No. 303894

File: 1493858375526.png (190.77 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-03-19-36-09…)

Girl. You know you can't fight. Only talks shit to people in other states

No. 303897

'Member when she was ember Allen Poe and gonna be a writer? Her language has changed so much in the last few years it's like a totally different person.

No. 303904

goffik is out. wigger is in. ofc shes going to morph into something else

No. 303925

mannn how old this bitch? this the kinda shit 13 yr old post. like honestly what adult posts this passive aggressive high school bullshit on social media its so embarassing

No. 303927

lol also remember when she she tried to do a 'fairy lock' in her hair and be all into crystals and refer to herself as a gypsy witch? and she wore those dumbass hippy head band things. haha the girl is so lost

No. 303942

Her recent pictures remind of that too poor girl, or holliquinn (spelling??) just the "trashy but glam" crackhead try hard thing. Yuck.

No. 303950

Omg yeah. She was mad into tarot and Wicca and psychics. Was she the one who claimed some psychic power? Predictive dreams or something?

No. 303951

She had ghost hunter listed as an occupation on several profiles too, well into the whannorexia phase.

There needs to be a betting pool on her next persona.

No. 303974

I'm picking alt-right 3edgy or fake heroin chic. She's already played around with posting pull porn and saying she's abused downers before.
Ooh or or some neon raver disco-biscuit nightmare.

No. 303975

Pill porn*

No. 304059

Apparently shes talking hella shit about emily on her instagram story. Can someone screenshot it please? she blocked me, otherwise i would have just lurked instead of coming here.

No. 304061

Apparently shes talking hella shit about emily on her instagram story. Can someone screenshot it please? she blocked me, otherwise i would have just lurked instead of coming here.

No. 304068

No one cares about their stupid feud.

No. 304073

Im just curious fuck you

No. 304074

File: 1493872534460.jpg (406.89 KB, 960x1280, 17-05-04-00-32-02-910_deco.jpg)

It's just more cringe. One sided beef isn't beef ember, it's just you being fucking obsessed. I wanna know what Emily is supposedly​ doing to her. She claims Emily's doing all this stalker shit but never shows proof.

No. 304075

Damn, I fucked up. The last pic is supposed to be 3rd I believe.

No. 304094

Thank you!

No. 304155

I think her first blog, before she found out about Felice and co., was about drugs and weed, so it's very possible

Oh god the cringe.
Ember how do you plan on fighting anyone since you're a fragile little ana girl? Remember, you're still sooo emaciated…and what happened to "good vibes only"?
Lol, she made a 180 turn in less than a year

The two of them are still having imaginary beef after what, 4 years?

No. 304195

Oh yeah she's always used her occasional drug use as a major part of her persona. It's why she needs everyone to know every time she smokes a joint. If she doesn't Instagram it did she even get high?

Drugs are a staple in her 'damaged goods/badass/MPDG' thing so they'll probably be featured heavily no matter what character she climbs into next. I'm sort of hoping she goes back to her Hannibal phase where she was going for some 'genius sociopath so untouchable very cultured look red wine' mess. It was the same week she claimed to have NPD and ASPD. Really it depends on what tv shows she's watching and what albums and clothes are trendy. She's still 16 and trying to be the coolest girl in school lol.

No. 304202

I remember that. It was cringy but waaay better than the hood shit she's trying now. I also miss her "witch" phase, it was when she was the most peaceful.

No. 304215

I noticed she posted her unicorn frap picture about 1h after Emily posted hers. I didn't post it because Emily deleted it soon after and I wasn't sure I was allowed to post about her anyway.
Just saying. I actually think Emily is a bigger cow than Ember for other reasons but that was really embarrassing, she's lucky Emily deleted that post. It's like she saw Emily's post and immediately ran out to buy one too.

No. 304218

I actually believe she is a regular stoner, I'm surprised she hasn't played it up even more really.

No. 304221

Ughhhhh do we really have to do the whole Ember Vs Emily: who copies who showdown? That shit was boring a year ago when it was established that neither of them have their own personality/style/approach to attention whoring.

No. 304222

I second this, it's boring and annoying, just like it always was.
Let's not discuss her unless it's actually funny and related to Ember

No. 304223

She smokes but it's all for the look. She doesn't give a shit about how it's used medicinally or anything, she just wants to fit in and have a bob Marley poster like the other kids in year 10 did

No. 304225

It was also discussed in the last thread how she doesn't know how to smoke, whatever than means (non smoker here) so no one would be surprised

No. 304226

For the best tbh. Cigarettes are retarded and needing weed to be normal and not an angry little cow is a shitty way to be. Last thing that kid needs is any sort of addiction (even behavioural ones like weed) on top of her personality void. She'd be worse than Luna with the junkie chic business.

No. 304230

Sorry, I just laughed when I saw it.

No. 304231

>She doesn't give a shit about how it's used medicinally or anything
Neither do most stoners unless they're defending themselves from their nasty habit though.

No. 304235

Actually loads of them do. Some just enjoy getting high, but there's a few like ember who only care about being able to tell/show someone else they have been high. Most stoners I know (including myself) might smoke daily but live normally without making it a big deal. Unless they're smoking next to you or your kid on the bus or street their 'nasty habit' doesn't effect you and you sound bitter as shit.

The point is, ember took up the habit as an aesthetic thing not because she uses it medicinally, for fun, or as a coping mechanism.

No. 304237

Her first blog username was chanel-cats-and-thc, so I think she might've been into it before all that. Bu yea, I get your point

No. 304251

Well yeah she's been smoking for a while. She was also posting way more things related to smoking pot then because it was her brand new character trait.

She does it every time she adds one, like making a DnD character.
One photo of a blunt = +3 stoner
Apply stick on bindi = +10 magic pts
Fake doctors documents = sneak ability

No. 304259

Oh my god lol

Anyone knows if/what blog she had before that? If any

No. 304763

what the fuck is this post

what website am i on

No. 304767

that anons reach was the highlight of Ember threads being allowed again. I kinda hoped it was Heather posting it

No. 304963

She's an old edgelord but I don't think she'd write an essay about Ember

No. 304971

Oh it wasn't her, I'd bet my left labia, but for that fleeting second I was back on tumblr soaking up more milk than I could handle.

Seriously though, the pedophile comments are disturbing. Yeah she's immature and shit but she's not a child molester. People will accuse anyone of anything to make a point these days.

No. 304981

I honestly wonder how long this anon has had that shit written up in a .txt document just waiting for the day it might be relevant. If this was 2 years ago I'd cry emily because honestly who is this obsessed with ember of all people? I worry for their sanity

No. 304982

Saging because I'm a retard and have no idea how social media works. How do I watch Ember live? Like that video in the OP? Is that instagram or snapchat or what? I apologize again for being a dinosaur

No. 304986


No. 304987

No one would be surprised if it was her and if she was still posting here.
Idk how long they had to write their name in in order to post, but maybe don't have to anymore so they're slefposting again? Emily also wrote a long ass post a while ago, about how Ember still stalks her etc. which I guess caused this >>304074 (I'm only surprised Emily dropped the hood speech in that text, showing everyone that her persona was fake all along, as we all knew.)

No. 304988

Thanks anon. I'm guessing I need to follow her? Can I view it on pc?

No. 304990

Her profile is public, so you can watch her videos, as for live stuff I think you do need to follow her. Just make a throwaway account.

No. 304991

It was ages ago, it's not that hard to change IP etc. I actually don't think it's her but at the same time don't see who else it could be.

No. 304992

Thank you.

No. 306504

ok ember

No. 306587

Omfg I just read through all of this and literally cried from laughing who tf would have predicted this what like right after her "rich girl" phase bc of that basic white girl show???????? This is literally the last thing she could attempt to pull off, does anyone remember when kreayshawn was a thing/clickbait? Like god damn I know everything is recycled now but it's too early please no

But it's p hilarious that both these white trash girls Emily/ember live for each other. After reading that tumblr with the ember videos, it's clear Emily is still scary obsessed with a girl that reeeeally shouldn't be on her radar. If you boil it down, if Emily stopped acting like a literal idiot prostitute, she could delete her Instagram and go to school. Get a therapist and have a good life - she's always been at least middle class and in an affluent place. I genuinely don't get why she does this to herself when she has every opportunity to be better.

Ember might actually prefer the hate over no attention? Which is pathetic and low. It's like she watched bad girls club once and decided those sad transparent women were her new role models.

Also fuckin "catch these hands"??????????????????? You're supposed to be frail with severe scholiosis how does any of this make sense ember please never change

No. 306989

Ot but what the hell is wrong with her nose ring? Is it fake? Because if not, it's pierced waaay too high on her nostril, that huge ring looks ridiculous on her

No. 307050

It's fake

No. 307131

Ha I'm super late to the party on this, but this one gets even more pathetic - she posted these photos with a little story about some imaginary cute movie date with her boyfriend….but the pictures were actually almost a year old, and this boyfriend of hers barely gave a shit about her. And she still managed to downgrade to a neckbeard manlet.

At least the hayseed high school bro matched her wannabe-earthy persona somewhat. I don't know how she can post pictures of her current guy while trying to play insta-thot, other than some deep need to prove that men want her (and he's the best she can do).

No. 307132


I think this is EXACTLY why she went so psychotic over McKenzie/ im_skinny_beautiful2. She knows that's exactly where she's headed.

No. 307142

Yuuup. Emily hopped onto Holli & Lilith's dicks a while ago, and Ember goes wherever Emily goes. She's got layers and layers of personalities at this point.

No. 307143

Her mother is a legit drug abuser and those are the bait asks she won't touch, she portrays her mom in a very positive light on social media. I think Ember is a pretty lowkey stoner now, but she likely has real problems in her future.

No. 307153

File: 1494224588465.jpeg (15.31 KB, 275x206, 1449276598231.jpeg)

>legit drug abuser
Where did you get that from?

It's funny how much she looks like her mom

No. 307689

They both have the same downy eyes.

No. 307916

and thin ass lips

No. 307923

File: 1494310187057.png (520.8 KB, 722x538, jk.png)

How dose she manage to make herself look so greasy, cakey and dirty at the same time?

No. 307942

>That color difference between her neck and face

No. 307966

severe cake face using a foundation that clearly doesn't work with her oily skin. and caking highlighter on top doesn't help at all. too much highlight just emphasizes pores and texture.
also she needs to tweeze those brows… fuckin raunchy.

No. 308054

I watched her put makeup on instagram live and the order was: foundation, 2 layers of powder, contour powder on top then concealer and then 6 lbs of highlighter thats why she looks so gross. You cant watch one makeup tutorial or one episode of drag race Ember are you that lazy and stupid making up your shitty personalities.

No. 308073

i wish i could see what she looked like with all that make up in daylight. soft light and angles can do amazing things at making people look great but jfc if you look THAT bad in forgiving circumstances, she must look like an old wet trash bag

No. 308077

An ex-close friend of Ember's with a little social engineering.

No. 308079

Anything else we might not know and you wouldn't mind sharing?

No. 308090

File: 1494338734655.png (393.7 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-02-17-34-26…)

No. 308091

File: 1494338802422.png (310.93 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-02-17-32-47…)

Can't wait for the next tutorial kek

No. 308104

It looks like she's wearing a mask ew

No. 308106

she looks ridic but honestly does the extreme highlight trend look good on anyone irl? the only times i've ever seen it look good is in super filtered and carefully chosen/angles instagram shots from makeup fiends. they can kind of trick you into thinking it looks okay but irl everyone looks approx as stupid as this aka like they dumped glitter on their noses. not a fan.

(sage bc non contrib and do not want to be mistaken for excusing her shitty makeup in general. her eyebrows continue to make me question life)

No. 308108

she looks like a 12 year old from an english housing estate

No. 308117

Nope, it never looks good, unless it's extremely subtle, but even then you can see it, esp with contouring

It's not even funny how she doesn't know how to take nice pictures of herself

Oh hey remenver when she tried to use british "slang" or whatever they have there to sound like shes from the uk during her writer phase lol

No. 308120

Why is her face jagged below her left ear

No. 308130

Shoop a doop. It looks like she has a mustache or something. Why is her upper lip crease so pronounced damn. Also, her jaw is so badly edited.

No. 308134

File: 1494343573044.jpg (125.79 KB, 1024x1024, 9b9aa52e389469101d5c6bacd302d6…)

Maybe she put white eyeliner above her top lip/around them to make it/them "appear bigger"

She looked better when she shooped her eyes bigger and jaw smaller imo

No. 308143

nah, there's no shadow around the crease it's just the same color without definition like her the rest of her face. also, that pic related didn't help whoever that is, damn.

No. 308204

that fucking stingray tattoo

No. 308209

She's doing makeup live on IG rn

No. 308244

Still lying about facetime with Danielle "cash me"
This bitch can't stop

No. 308275

Her teeth look rotten when she wears that ridiculous grill.

Subtle highlighter looks ok. But it looks like she smears it all over her nose and forehead.
She's also wearing a highlight color that looks better on darker complexions.

I bet she looks like a total dumpster fire in real life.

No. 308289

Girl's on live saying she was 118lb when she got out of treatment last year, but her body hasn't changed at all (apart from shooping) throughout every single personality she's adopted.

No. 308296

File: 1494352365824.png (331.3 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-09-12-44-43…)

No. 308299

this is the first time ive ever laughed out loud at lolcow, but god dammit her fucking wonky ass face got me good. look at those shitty brows oh my god

she looks like someone shooped a normal pic of her to make her extra ugly

No. 308302

Thank god for LIVE, this made my day!!

No. 308314

Oh snap! She looks like she had a stroke! I also can't fathom how ridiculously aged she looks, is this due to her anorexia?

No. 308319

she was never anorexic

No. 308321

File: 1494353743051.jpg (18 KB, 542x540, 1485579043022.jpg)

God damn, she's hideous

No. 308372

File: 1494357691440.jpg (135.75 KB, 900x675, super_sailor_mars_t65_5646_by_…)

She really looks like Peacockfeather.

No. 308472

she looks like a chain-smoking anorexic 45 year old

No. 308479

More like heroin addicted not anorexic

No. 308487

faces of meth

No. 308488

Her dad is a total creep, and barely has anything to do with her even though they don't live especially far apart. He's a grade-A skeezbag, he sort of has Jon Gosselin vibes. I actually spoke to him once via FB. I just added him with my fake profile out of curiosity, and hoping to find a candid or two of Ember - I didn't even really expect him to accept. He not only added me, but personally messaged. I told him I knew Ember from a job and he made it sound like he basically had little to no contact with her, and then instantly started coming at me flirty ancient-fuckboy stuff. I didn't respond but it was the kind of stuff you know a guy will quickly get sexual with, if you encourage him at all. I wish I still had the messages, but it was over a year ago on a throwaway account that I've deleted since. I didn't include my real identity on that profile, but I used my real picture and it was obvious that I'm at least 20 years younger than him.

No. 308491

Poor genes, bad hygiene, and terrible skincare. Plus she's smoked since she was a teenager, and she eats like shit.

No. 308493

Oh, and according to his profile he was in a relationship, so I guess that's where Ember learned to be a cheater.

No. 308498

her tattoo is supposed to be hannibal lecters mask from the movie. so edgy

No. 308519

Omfg yes she spent like two weeks insisting she had always spoken like that and then dropped it entirely. we need a list of all her phases that totally weren't phases you guys

No. 308535

It's just an ugly image to begin with, but she didn't even get the artist to do anything interesting with the design. Like, why?

No. 308542

Her first blog was a "mean girls" stoner-type, then a Forever 21-boho hippie phase, her witch phase, then tumblr grunge, nu goth, some kind of shitty health goth basic bitch amalgamation, and now this ghetto insta-thot persona. Her "writer" thing finally ended around the time she got with her current boyfriend.

No. 308582

Sometimes I go back to >>48811 when the milk is flowing slowly on lolcow and it never fails to put me in a great mood.

No. 308596

Hannibal was her personality of the month, and she just wanted it to be super visible. There was no planning or interest in making it look good or work with future pieces. She just wanted an edgy tattoo in a place that is obvious and hopefully says 'I'm a badass with a chest tattoo'

No. 308603

So she's had (so far)
Regina George
Autumn whatever (her psychic witch personality)
Ember Allen Poe
Reclusive mentally ill savant
Weepy winter girl
Competitive thinspo queen/ana coach/predator
Bad Hannibal remake
Bleeding heart tumblr liberal
Crystal powered ghost hunter and psychic
Recovery and veganism warrior
Instagram gangsta

Holy shit you guys I actually feel bad for her now

No. 308605

I forgot her grunge phase and her two seperate attempts at 'smoked a big weeds' stoner personas oops

No. 308621

>>308603 omg Autumn Holly!! How could I forget.

No. 308634

Does she even pay rent? I'm pretty sure she & boyfriend live with his parents. Every time a bit of their home shows up in the background of a picture it looks decorated by someone's mom, definitely not Ember or a nearly-30 neckbeard. In fact, I'm pretty sure the only time she's ever been out truly on her own was the < 1 year she shared a house with her ex and some other people.

I guess that's how she's always been able to buy followers and so much tacky shit.

No. 308652

This girl is fucking hilarious, where are her old threads I wanna know more about her

No. 308662

Just Ctrl+F the catalog for "Ember," and go here >>48811 to see all her self-posts.

No. 308663

there's also some of her more ancient drama archived at http://home--truths.tumblr.com/ewmp (sage for samefag)

No. 308675

File: 1494375880096.gif (3.79 MB, 498x280, IMG_7131.GIF)

I have no words for this

No. 308678

why did she highlight between her caterpillar roadkill brows since when is that ever an area u highlight

No. 308679

It reminded me of when you click Randomize on sims characters

No. 308691

She probably thinks she looks like the hyperglow ultra-soft focus instagram MUA's.

No. 308742

holy shit how have i never seen this tumblr before? that's a wild ride

sage for no contribution but everyone should take a look at that. it's stuff from like 2 or 3 years ago.

No. 308899

And it ended up looking like an angry stingray lmao >>295058

Yes, I think she said on her ask.fm that she lives with him and his parents. What I find odd is that she moved in with him once she was kicked out of her exes house. Why so soon? Isn't that rude af? At least in my country it would be so idk about the US

I kind of miss her old phases and the shit she pulled, it was way funnier than what she's doing today

No. 308911


Maybe his parents were under the impression that they were already in a relationship and didn't know she got kicked out for cheating on her ex with him. She's never really lived on her own, I don't think she knows how. She lasted less than a year sharing a house with people her own age. I'm sure that's why she moved in with him so fast.

I think his parents enable immaturity, since he's still in his late 20's and living with them. In the US most people are expected to start living independently by their early 20s. I think they must be rather indulgent of him, to allow him to still be there, with his girlfriend, even though he has a college degree and they both have jobs.

No. 308914

sage for samefag but, on that note, I don't know how she doesn't have a TON of money saved up. She does seem to work at least close to full time, and can't be paying much for her cost of living. Where is all that cash going? Weed and makeup isn't THAT expensive.

No. 308930

She probably spends most of her money at sephora. Thinking if she buys everything that makeup "gurus" use, she'll look just like them. Sephora isn't cheap. I bought three things once and ended up spending $120.

I'm also guessing she buys into a lot of Instagram crap. She uses one of those worthless selfie ring lights and probably buys FitTea and those gummie bears for your hair. And likely buys a lot of clothes to stay on top of trends.

No. 308937

Maybe? She posts extensive photos and swatches EVERY time she buys a mid-range beauty item though, her collection isn't really that big, and she doesn't have any high-end items. She wears the same crappy leggings, sweaters and jackets all the time. She's super materialistic but nothing she has is high end, she shows off Too Faced palettes and the same ragged faux-fur jacket she's been dragging herself about in for years.

How expensive is it to buy followers, anyway? That's my main guess about where a lot of her cash is disappearing.

No. 308941

File: 1494401754905.png (31.48 KB, 854x357, 14922264c1102099a6c66faf7db61f…)

This is the first result that showed up. Who knows what site or app she uses.

Like anon said, if she were really buying that kind of stuff she'd be constantly bragging and posting about it

No. 308943

Also Sephora has a really good return policy. She could just be doing that

No. 308950

File: 1494403936723.png (49.88 KB, 861x225, 8989.png)

She's not smart enough to do that lol

Anyone knows why she's promoting that girl so often? I mean, she seems to be a nobody?

No. 308952

File: 1494403959237.png (807.26 KB, 956x554, 7878.png)

No. 308954

So here's what I'm thinking,
She probably pays a share of her rent/utilities(she lives in NY right? Isn't it fairly expensive for even a shitty place?), pays for her phone bill, she seems to take cabs and uber a lot which can slowly bite away at your money, she smokes cigarettes which are another unnecessary cost, weed, probably pays for followers.

I work two jobs and I live in California. Almost all of my money goes to my living expenses. Rent/phone bill/utilities/gas for work/ insurance/groceries.

My savings account has like no money.

No. 308957

She's from Rochester, not actually NY city if that's what you meant. (I'm not from the US so I don't get the whole state things, apologies if I misunderstood you)

She also seems to hitch rides with her bf. But are weed an phone bills that expensive? not saying you're wrong, you could be right of course, but in my experience it doesn't seem like that much money?

No. 308962

Each state has a different cost of living, of course higher if you live near or in big city's. A pack smokes in NY is like 8 to 10 dollars (maybe even higher now). Other states its like 4 to 6 dollars for a pack of smokes. Just an example.
(Smokes = cigarettes)

No. 309019

Anyone else remember when she tried to pretend her little sister (who is prob about 8/9 now so would have been like 6 at the time) was transgender lol

No. 309022

Yea ,there are probably some caps in the old thread

Oh man, her sister will be soon old enough to use the Internet on her own…imagine her seeing all this about Ember?

No. 309030

File: 1494419443680.png (654.4 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

From her Live video last night. Her face looks wet.

No. 309036

Ohhhh yeah that was so weird. I just remembered when she was scamming money pretending to be taking donations for her grandmas business. It was right in the beginning when she said she was a published author just before she became the anorexic poet.

No. 309037

she literally always looks like she's sweating bullets

No. 309102

File: 1494425630542.png (1.04 MB, 696x1018, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.12…)

I found it, you guys. The best picture of Ember's boyfriend on the entire internet.

Look. at. that. shit.

No. 309112

It's already established that she lives in a nice middle class home with her boyfriend's family, if she pays any living expenses it has to be minimal. I doubt the girl is even buying her own toilet paper; she may contribute to household bills, but he seems to be of at least middle to upper-middle class jewish family, so I doubt they need Ember's tip money to make ends meet. Phone bills don't cost that much, good weed is like $60 an 8th, tops. I think it has to be going to followers, she has 26k+ with a minuscule like ratio, and she gets fewer comments than I do on my private personal account. I don't know why I'm sperging so hard on wtf this bitch is doing with her money I'm just baffled.

No. 309124

>when you first find out about highlighter and you rub your face in the pan

No. 309237

File: 1494432521459.jpg (51.42 KB, 600x656, 1419541615496.jpg)

She's been huffing spray paint

No. 309238

Oh my god anon, my sides!

No. 309239

She's claimed that his parents just upped and left their own house and let their irresponsible 30 year old man child and his retarded high school drop out mall food court working gf in charge of paying their mortgage. Like who would really be that stupid to put their livelyhood and credit in the hands of two inept stoners? And then leave EVERY THING they own behind (furniture, decorations, pots and pans, etc)

Please ember just because you're a clown doesn't mean the rest of the world is.

No. 309369

Yea, because that's very likely to happen. How can she suck so much at lying?

No. 309842

She has zero life experience re: how to adult in the real world, and has lived in a grandiose fantasy since at least her early teens, so she has a poor concept of what is plausible. She gets away with most of her lies because her "audience" is a constantly-changing circle of girls younger and dumber than she is.

No. 309861

holy shit man, i was talking about embers little sister that wants to be a brother today at work (she's a running joke here at the market). i wonder how Lily/(boy v of lily) is doing. i could always visit thou farmer is only a 2 hour drive from rochester ?

No. 309862

sage samefag i also wonder what Lily's boy name is. Or is he a man now? i wonder if ember will go for him. they're whole family is incest based.

No. 309901

Well that was unnecessary. I actually think her mom is kind of cute too.
I think Ember is milky and immature as hell but mostly she's harmless. We don't even know whether she's saving or not, at least she IS working which is more than 97% of cows have ever done for more than 2 weeks.

No. 309958

She looks like King Tut's death mask

No. 309960

Are you ok? lol
She never mentioned it again, so the kid is most likely okay and not trans.

She honestly looks like an average 50 year old, but Ember looks a lot like her

No. 310197

File: 1494529794660.png (379.64 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-11-14-04-08…)

No. 310205

File: 1494530027378.png (269.58 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-11-14-03-56…)

Why am I not surprised this is what her pillows look like. I can smell the layers of sweat and dirt from here.

No. 310220


No. 310225

Now she's imitating Luna? Gurl.

No. 310242

She literally put on powder, foundation, powder, more foundation, more powder, and more powder. Then she used the same one brush to do her eyeshadow (using multiple colors).

She also claimed to have an NG tube (feeding tube) when she never did. The biggest lol was when someone called her a prostitute and she claimed that "no one could afford her" but she gives it away to that tubby lard ass hairy dude for free.

Just a note because it was discussed: all her make up except foundation and eyeshadow was ELF lol she's not spending any money on make up.

No. 310249

File: 1494533052124.jpeg (107.53 KB, 627x1113, image.jpeg)

Sage because it's not worth shit but her new accent kept fading and coming back and she said "lit" every other word.

No. 310292

File: 1494537633151.png (343.54 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-11-14-05-42…)

Cake face

No. 310313

her tattoo looks like Manray from spondgebobs mermaid man and barnacle boy

No. 310342

How can you look so fucking old at her age jfc

No. 310348

File: 1494542871862.png (509.17 KB, 977x635, dumbass.png)

For someone who now loves makeup, she doesn't know which shades to get her highlighter in for her complexion. She's using a pure gold one that is meant for people with deep tans or deep skintones. Ember, if you're reading this, since you love JSC you should get Siberian Gold. That pure gold is doing you no favors. And stop highlighting your whole forehead and your whole nose tip. It looks gross in pics and irl. Watch a Nikkietutorials video. Learn.


No. 310363

She doesn't care. She doesn't love it. She likes and does anything that props up her persona of the week without ever feeling any satisfaction or enjoyment or whatever.
She has no personality or interests besides whatever the most popular social media platform says is the most popular trope for a girl at the time. I've seen more emotionally developed 11 years olds ngl.

No. 310516

Ember is having a meltdown on IG what the hell is going on what is she flipping out about

No. 310523

File: 1494554162187.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4951.PNG)

No. 310524

File: 1494554176666.png (518.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4952.PNG)

No. 310526


Emily posted a pic of Embers face from lolcow to her instagram making fun of her and promptly deleted it once Ember noticed

No. 310575

Doesn't that proove Ember is keeping close eye on Emily, how else would she know?

No. 310579

Holy shit those two are still obsessing over each other?!

No. 310582

anyone got caps

No. 310585

My memory is a little bad, I know Ember was caught self posting here but was Emily too?

No. 310594

File: 1494558824054.png (1.23 MB, 1435x2021, 20170511_212227.png)

No. 310597

File: 1494558925896.png (789.04 KB, 1408x1995, 20170511_221128.png)

No. 310602

File: 1494559058081.png (934.04 KB, 1434x2067, 20170511_221103.png)

No. 310603

File: 1494559064872.png (230.63 KB, 534x812, Screenshot_2017-05-11-20-40-15…)

No. 310606

Can these two ugly shits just bang already and get it out of their systems? Their obsession with one another is weird.

No. 310607

These two are unbelievable. They need to just fuck already.
It's depressing to think that this is the highlight of the month for both of them.

No. 310792

Damn, Emily is still trying to make herself somehow relevant

Yup. Who knows, maybe she started the thread again or posts here

Why do they keep using that retarded phrase "catch these hands" jesus it's not like any of them even know hot to fight, not to mention they both pretend to be speshul fragile ana butterflies

No. 310817

Cause they both jumped on the instathot wagon, which requires you to speak like a poorly written token black American character on a reality tv show.

No. 310853

I'd hardly be impressed with her just for having a job. She's always HAD to work because she's a poorfag, and other people always get her the gig - before it was always through her mom, now it's her boyfriend. She's never done anything related to her interests or personality, even at the entry-level. She doesn't even try.

No. 310905

I'm pretty sure she has said on multiple occasions that his parents died

No. 310923

She never said or mentioned that anywhere?

No. 311238

She said in a live show once that his mother passed away and his dad couldn't afford the house anymore so he took over his parents house payments

No. 311466

Why the fuck does she have those freckles? When did that become associated with hood? I have freckles and they look disgusting. She looks even more like white trash with them.

No. 311481

File: 1494626394246.png (482.46 KB, 1440x2329, 20170512_165837.png)

Shut up Emily you're just as obsessed with ember as she is with you.

No. 311506

Tbh I think natural freckles are cute. Ember's look like she just poked at her face with an eyebrow pencil though. It must be part of her ~sunkissed tryhard aesthetic~

No. 311607

I just searched this account, and it's followed by less than 200 people. 178 to be exact. It's the first time I've seen mention of it, and whilst it's not exactly unheard of for farmers to follow venting accounts in the description of the account she says she's pretty picky with who she lets follow her.

Tinfoil hatting/reaching to say: Emily, stop trying to make yourself relevant. It's very coincidental that suddenly Ember and Emily have some boring shitty rivalry that's sparked back up the moment Ember's thread is re-allowed on here. Jesus christ it's such a slow thread too, barely anyone knows never mind cares who either of you are anymore.

No. 311615

actually, their "feud" is endless because they are both mentally underdeveloped girls with too much time on their hands. they never stopped with this shit and probably never will.

but that aside: I would bet anything that both Ems lurk here.

No. 311624

They hadn't had some kind of blown up altercation like this in some time, unless I'm being a sperg anon. It's just sad more than anything that both of them are so fucking dependent on one another for some drama and excitement in their lives.

No. 311632

They're probably both posting by this point.
This is why the last round of their threads died. They're both relentless self promoters.

No. 311726

File: 1494648344166.png (2.2 MB, 1429x2218, 20170512_230512.png)

She just posts gross thinspo with cringey depressing captions

No. 311750

Oh god, it's the girl with the teeth.

No. 311752

File: 1494649545813.jpg (60.96 KB, 740x716, Capture.JPG)

how are her boobs like this…?

No. 311840

oh god, why? they are both disgusting pro anas, I can't believe people support them anymore. well, mostly Emily, I don't think people really care for Ember tbh, but evrn she has a few asskissers who are prolly blinded by her fake subscriber count.

it's the good old push-up bra and probably pressing your boobs together with your arms. I don't think she contours since she would definitely fuck up and paint her boobs in gold too.

No. 311858


these girls are embers new role models

No. 311891

Yes, we established that quite some time ago

No. 311917

Ember is such a cunt on instagram literally orgasming over emily "relapsing" ya no one who ever suffered would eish a ED even on thier worst enemy. I know she never had a ED anyway but that just proves what a insufferable rude cunt she is. Arent you a witch ember kinda going against the cardinal rule of caising bad karma but your whole life is affected by bad karma cause your a liar and theif. Apparently she also contacted police about ember i wonder how that went after they found out she made false reports to DFACs and scammed her followers and grandma

No. 311919

Fuck i meant ember contacted the police about emily** ^^^

No. 311929

File: 1494679430891.png (456.28 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-13-00-21-48…)

This fat cunt lies about everything

No. 311938

File: 1494681773515.png (145.01 KB, 540x680, Screenshot_2017-05-13-07-28-16…)

Forget the novel and post screenshots anon

No. 311939

File: 1494681799749.png (201.27 KB, 540x803, Screenshot_2017-05-13-07-28-42…)

No. 311945

Sounds a lot like Emily is selfposting again.

No. 311955

File: 1494684597104.gif (949.44 KB, 500x254, 1494459665297.gif)

uff, ember deleted this so quick after posting, I guess she knows that most of her followers wouldn't appreciate someone as nasty especially since most of them are in the ED-community. pretty weak for someone who claims to be a badass hood rat.

anyway, their act pretty tired already.

No. 312054

Wow that's a gross lie. This girl has some fucked up fantasies. (sage for non-contrib)

No. 312060

I'm honestly shocked Emily has managed to avoid having her posts marked for so long. She's completely retarded, how has she not gotten caught violating a global rule??

No. 312253

>ocd kicking in
>needing to do things in threes and sixes

go fuck yourself emily

No. 312256

No. 312350

Oh she was caught right before her topic was banned and it was pathetic


No. 312357

i'm super sick of their feud and both of them, but tbh it's slightly disappointing that emily never had her posts labeled bc of the timing (her getting outed right when all the ED threads were getting banned altogether). i find it weird how many times she's tricked people into thinking she has "changed" or was a "victim" in any of it. so many of the ~truth bloggers~ used to kiss her ass when she was equally as wannorexic and self posting as ember and others who were called out.

and then adding to that, that she was finally called out but never got her posts labeled bc of the timing…just kind of lame tbh bc i'm tired of people acting like she is any different from ember etc

No. 312393

File: 1494731083025.png (132.57 KB, 750x1019, IMG_3585.PNG)

(banned cow)

No. 312394

File: 1494731097681.png (170.56 KB, 750x949, IMG_3586.PNG)

No. 312400

File: 1494731669017.png (2.15 MB, 1436x2070, 20170513_221240.png)

Omg these two need to stop provoking each other. Also yeah ember kinda hard to relapse from something you never had in the first place :/

No. 312407

it's actually pathetic to see emily relapse and ember obv keeping her on post noti like when will ember stop crying

No. 312411

Probably never, ember feeds off this drama. She'll always cry like a itty bitty bitch when she isn't getting attention like she wants.

No. 312436


Can we not post about Emily unless it's actually relevant to Ember? She's boring as hell.

Besides, her ED and sudden ~relapse are just about as fake as her alcoholism, which is to say nearly entierely.

No. 312440

Seriously, this isn't an Emily thread. Dumb bitch is up in here trying to make her ass relevant again.

No. 312446

Hi Emily

No. 312451

File: 1494734928073.png (118.12 KB, 750x510, IMG_3593.PNG)

No. 312470

Fuck off.

No. 312501

Bahahaha that is so fucking forced Em.
Seriouisly who the hell is even following that account anyway? Isn't it like her super private speshul account? I'm drunk as hell and evne I don't type this badly lmao

No. 312504

I bet all of the screenshots of Emily's venting account were posted by Emily herself. She said she is super picky about followers so I highly doubt she allowed any farmers to follow her and she also lurks here religiously and has always been an obvious self poster. She can't stand the fact that she is fading from relevancy and will do anything and everything to stay relevant. She is nothing but a liar.

Sage because this turned into a rant.

No. 312505

Of course they were. She's so desperate for attention that it hurts.

No. 312574

I am emily, you are emily, we are all emily. You idiots seriously dont remember last thread emily and ember were banned topics cause you guys wouldnt shut the fuck up about every post being one of them. You look stupider than these no life losers. And yes i am both emily and ember and also luna and milliedollgraves to just to toss in some other options for you drooling retards to grasp onto

No. 312597

It was banned because their retarded followers kept selfposting and shitting up the site

Basically. I woldn't mind talking about her but there's no milk at all. She's boring and unless she comes up with new shit, she should be avoided

No. 312609

File: 1494766662943.png (787.99 KB, 1080x1655, 20170514_075553.png)

No. 312610

File: 1494766792928.png (156.06 KB, 750x1103, IMG_3601.PNG)

Literally 30 seconds after Ember's post of the same pic. You can literally see her profile pic cut off in the corner

No. 312615

If these two were really gonna fight they would. As much as I would love to these two chickens fight, it'll never happen lol ember could just as easily go to Emily and fight, but ember is just as much of a pussy as emily is. Theyre just gonna talk shit and do nothing.

No. 312616

To see**

No. 312627

they're both so cringy, I'm getting second hand embarrassment and I don't even know them.

No. 312658

They are in on it together for more attention and you idiots are falling for it.

No. 312687

Lol I thought the same thing

No. 312693

Not smart enough to dream that up

No. 312733


legit. their fake feud is the only thing getting either of them attention anymore tbh. i just wish we could see which posts were theirs tbh bc i suspect it's like half the posts on this thread

No. 312962

Suddenly I remember why mentioning these two was forbidden. They're like beetlejuice.

No. 312971

Link to the threads and not your own blog, tumblrfag.

No. 312973

Stop self-posting, Emily. This isn't your thread, you're actually not even cringy enough to be interesting. Take it as a blessing and GO.

No. 312975

Taking this Worldstar is the only hope of actual internet fame either of these two fuckups have, at this point.

No. 313283

File: 1494862628987.png (415.08 KB, 540x754, Screenshot_2017-05-14-20-31-55…)

From yesterday, wtf is your hair done the night before graduation? And can you please buy a fucking iron you dirty bitch

No. 313285

File: 1494862773569.png (605.87 KB, 540x842, Screenshot_2017-05-15-10-37-42…)

Still ready 14 hours later? She's looks like one of the Beverly Hillbillies kek

No. 313290

I seriously hope she won't go like that…I mean come on…
The dress looks like 1-2 sizes too big or like a bath robe, not to mention it needs to be ironed. And that hair doesn't go well with the dress at all.

I'm starting to think she braids it, then leaves it like that for a couple of days

No. 313295

@laruecos on IG apparently did it for her last night

No. 313299

>Two angry skeletons flailing at each other
Hell, I'd watch it.

No. 313301

If you can see the hairbands it's not fucking "done," for a formal event. Ugh this hog disgusts me.

No. 313308

>angry skeletons
More like two sloths trying to fight

No. 313312

Who uses hair ties for braids? I literally want to vomit. Just buy a 99 cent pack of clear bands.

No. 313313

Since when is getting your GED certificate a graduation looool

No. 313317

When it's the biggest accomplishment of your 20 year old life I guess.

No. 313332

Lol exactly like honey…if that's full-glam for you…god I'm sad I can't even finish the sentence.

No. 313386

File: 1494870735753.png (175.09 KB, 640x1073, IMG_9344.PNG)

Ember sending herself anons again… pretending to be emily, while making multiple references to her "severe anorexia" lmao when will she give it up?! Being a fragile wintergirl doesn't exactly go with her new thug image

No. 313388

It's always so easy to spot when she sends stuff herself, I mean this is literally what she wishes she was lol

She'll never learn

No. 313436

File: 1494874246562.png (413.02 KB, 537x812, Screenshot_2017-05-15-13-46-40…)

This shit keeps getting better and better.

No. 313439

It literally looks like she's wearing a costume.

No. 313536

Girl looks casket ready.

No. 313543

All that warping tho

No. 313549

Is she wearing a grill to graduation

No. 313577

OH GOD SHE DOES. I can't with this girl, she's the definition of the word tacky.

No. 313578

learn to fucking iron your garments.
1970's thug, a look that hasnt and shoulnt be done. ever.

No. 313617

Looks like she got her dress off that wish app for $5

No. 313639

File: 1494888980792.png (1.28 MB, 781x2266, 20170515_175435.png)

You can really tell she slept on those braids, God damn ember. As if you don't look ridiculous enough.

No. 313649

File: 1494889520836.jpg (54.27 KB, 600x800, a chav.jpg)

Chav hoop earrings.

No. 313658

Wouldn't even be surprised if they're actually friends and both using this childish shit to further their 'brands' tbh

No. 313663

I don't recall Emily becoming an un-banned subject, Admin or mods, care to settle whether she's allowed to be talked about in this thread?

No. 313679

If people want to talk about Emily so badly, ask an admin if you can make a thread about her like someone did with this thread. I agree Emily does some things worth talking about, but it's OT to talk about her when it has nothing to do with ember on this thread.

No. 313684

This is the ugliest fucking dress I've ever seen.

No. 313685

imo it'd be cute if
a) not wrinkled
b) on a girl with a bust/curvier figure
c) with longer, let-down, more starlet kind of hair

not the worst garment, just not for her at all. the whole look for her is just yikes in general though, that makeup and tied-back hair does her no favors

No. 313714

it looks so cheap but i'd still hate to see all the makeup she'd get on it taking it off. her skin is so bad that there's no doubt she sleeps in her makeup.

No. 313717

I hate that she's still wearing these ugly ass fake nose rings.

No. 313719

I don't understand why anyone who already has an ugly nose draws more attention to it with jewelry.

No. 313742

Because if you're focused on one ugly feature, you won't notice the rest or their hideous sum.

No. 313787

OT but this is literally what Shayna/shay-gnar/dumdolly does lol. She leaves them for like 3-4 days, I wouldn't doubt ember does too. She and ember are the same level of cringe

No. 313798

Anons, please report and ignore any post you suspect to be Emily.

No. 313870

I second this.

So uh, is prom before or after official graduation in the US? Is she even allowed to go considering she only took the test and didn't actually go to school?

No. 313878

No, what ember did was pay money to take a few classes to take an 8th grade equivilency test and get a special certificate that says she passed the state test for a general education degree. Aka she has the education level of the most basic grade 8 student.

She didn't attend a high school where real high school kids attend prom, which is almost always a few weeks before graduation (where actual real high school graduates get their diploma) and is basically a good bye and good luck ceremony for upper classmen . This "graduation" ceremony is just to make the teen moms and drug addict idiots who dropped out of school feel like the accomplished more than they did (and most likely to choke money out of them). The fact she's in her 20s and bragging about walking across the stage to get her knock off diploma is the definition of depressing.

No. 313907

NGL her startedatthebottom hashtag gave me a chuckle. she's never been homeless, never even gone without all her tacky little trinkets. Her wardrobe is bottom of the barrel shit but she herself hasn't even seen 'the bottom' from her apartment window.

No. 313916

Personality wise she is still at the bottom.

No. 313919

Personality wise she's a living Mary-sue who reflects only bad trends and YA fiction about anorexia. That shit never made it into the barrel.

No. 313933

File: 1494922313604.png (798.34 KB, 623x615, pšll.png)

She actually went like that lmao
She also seems to hang out with black people for her ~aesthetic~ Bet they laugh at her behind her back.

No. 314000

ngl she looks like a legit little hoodrat in that top left picture. It's not a good thing though.

No. 314004

Did her family and boyfriend not attend? I wouldnt either, what a joke

No. 314005

If she had actually achieved something I'm sure they'd be there to celebrate with her but all she did is get a certificate saying 'yep you're probably as smart as normal 14 year olds by now' and maybe a few extra stickers for not having a meth problem or seven babies like her classmates.

No. 314009

Are wiggas still a thing?

No. 314019

She doesnt post family photos on instagram anymore, I'm sure they probably attended, she posted several snapchats with family in her graduation outfit yesterday

No. 314025

She looks like a 40 year old meth addict


Her mom

No. 314027

Hi Ember, lurk more?

No. 314030

File: 1494945426429.png (1.48 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Lol forever 21. She's always posting all Thad cash you think she'd spring for something not ten dollars made of cheap ass acrylic material.

And forever 21 vanity sizes like a mother. A small at forever 21 is a big medium most other stores. It's not that the dress didn't fit, it was an ugly, cheap, poorly constructed garment that I wouldn't give to a charity shop. Poor people deserve better.

No. 314040

S? But Ember I thought you were a fragile lil ana butterfly, how are you wearing only a size S? Lmao
No one forced you to wear that ugly shit, you could've gotten something else instead of that bathrobe

And everything you said about F21 anon

No. 314042

File: 1494946903471.png (60.51 KB, 694x421, Screenshot_2017-05-16-09-58-15…)

Nobody said that shit was ill fitting but us because its a cheap ass dress. Stop lurking and go get a real job and buy some real clothes with ur GED.

And here's the size chart fatass

No. 314043

Wow she's so anorexic. A normal sized sack shaped dress looked as in her so she's gotta make it suit her narrative.

The criticism isn't about the fit Ember, it's about the dress being ugly, cheap, and badly made and her shitty styling.

No. 314129

why do the people she hovers around always looks significantly younger than her?

No. 314165

Maybe they are younger?
It's probsbly because her shitty makeup makes her look like she's in her late 20s

No. 314168


No. 314199


I didn't even know they did ceremonies for GEDs but Jesus that's​ alot of venom you're spitting right now.


You keep saying that word but I don't think you know what it means.


Probably because she looks like a 27 year old hooker most of the time. The girls in the picture are probably close to the same age as her but that tacky ass makeup and her boney face age the fuck outta her

No. 314220

File: 1494967079175.jpg (351.15 KB, 1277x1277, quicksquare_2017516152743481.j…)

Where are the bones Ana queen?

No. 314221

Where did her boobs go?

No. 314236

Her hair is wavy from her braids so she obviously didn't shower.

No. 314241

This is a normal size, especially for someone of her height. She's so desperate to seem tiny.

I love how she hasn't realised how obvious her sucking in is. If we can literally only see the bottom ribs and the rest of them are padded out with body fat, it's obvious you're sucking in, Ember. Anybody can make their belly look hollow.

No. 314248

>cheap unironed dress
>ratty coat
>ugly braids
>bad makeup
>hoop earrings
>layer of grime

She's gone full chav.

No. 314250

ember's obnoxious and had no reason not to stay in school and get a regular diploma but tbh there's no reason to be this pissed off about everyone who gets a GED. of course it's not truly equivalent, everyone knows that. but for people who dropped out it's better than nothing and there's no reason to bitch about people who get GEDs in general. a GED can be the first step in getting your shit together for people who came from shitty backgrounds or fucked up as a teen. GED can get you into trade school or community college so you can eventually get a job that requires some skill and pays more than minimum wage and maybe even go on to a pretty solid career.

idk i just see no reason to hate on the GED in general just bc ember is an idiot.

sage bc obviously

No. 314254

File: 1494971279535.png (460.19 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-16-16-15-29…)

No. 314256


Her fake nose ring is too big for her. She needs to find a smaller one because this just looks bad.

No. 314370

I'm ready to bet that she deliberately looks as shitty as possible in order to provoke any snark about her she can get. It was the golden nose and forehead that gave it away, nobody would do that seriously.

No. 314501

She's not smart enough to be a figure of satire, which is a true loss because if she learned self awareness this would be comedy gold. You would think after all the valid and deep criticism/ridicule she received she would have learned some damn humility by now.

And on that subject both Ember/Emily are so fucking embarrassing it's mind blowing. How could either of them, at this age, not understand that the one who wins is the one who cares the least and actually succeeds in life?

Ember is clearly a lost cause. If she didn't "get it" by now, she never will, and these phases are becoming more and more pathetic. What life goals does she have, what could she even POSSIBLY do to stunt on Emily? Fucking nothing. Best case scenario is she cleans her style and stops literally cosplaying, learns to actually love herself, and develop some goals involving a career. But we all know she never will because it's obvious how she's convinced herself that deep down she needs an entire circus act as a personality to gain any attention - even if it's something as worthless as people making fun of her online. Know she's a piece of shit, but she's still a human being and I just feel bad.

Emily on the other hand may actually be worse because she's desperate and stupid enough to fuck with substance abuse for "cool" points - and no one outside of underaged kids thinks alcoholism is edgy bc alcoholics are sloppy as fuck and beyond annoying. No one wants to drown with you Emily. This girl also grew up as an upper-middle class white girl in new england and was ACTUALLY in school but threw it away to pad her online resume with fuck ups and failures that she chose. If she wasn't addicted to the internet and being such a lame ass victim, she had real opportunities at her fingertips. If she stayed in school and wasn't the most self-conscious person ever she wouldn't even have time to acknowledge Ember.

What I don't understand is how dense these girls are. They provided thinspo at one point but in reality people only followed them at all to laugh at them bc of how much they bit Felice Fawn. Now they're full grown adults and still doing this?????

Fucking sorry for the novel, my head is spinning trying to make sense of these monkeys. I know those two dumb asses read this so I hope they passive aggressively provide some insight.

PS Should Emily be allowed in this thread? I thought only Ember was unbanned as a topic? Would be hilarious to force a silence about Emily to see what ridiculous new storyline she comes up with for attention.

No. 314516

File: 1495004529281.jpeg (110.67 KB, 640x992, image.jpeg)

So ana, so skinny xxs

No. 314520

Ah, yes, embracing her trashiness. I have to wonder if this is partially who she really is. Just plain white trash. At least she looks happy.

Tbh they both kind of grew up like that and had a taste of internet drama early on, so they wanted to keep it up. Both of them are uninteresting so it never lasted.
But why they're still clinging on to it - I don't know. I feel a lot of second hand embarrassment for them because we're almost the same age. Just…terrible.

Tbh Emily shouldn't be allowed unless she does something hilarious, which hasn't happened in almost a year or so. The last interesting thing was her wearing Felices shirts, and that's about it.

>force a silence about Emily to see what ridiculous new storyline she comes up with for attention


No. 314525

On her Instagram she says she's relapsed so she's clearly gunning to be the star of this thread imo. She always conveniently relapses when she loses something stupid.

I don't think either of them have anything else in their life that's as exciting and validating as stirring up petty drama to get mentioned here and on tumblr snark blogs. Either that or some seriously arrested development.

No. 314527

Does something stupid* not loses.

No. 314596

Someone please save the video where she's on stage, it's hilarious

No. 314611

She actually posted a video of THAT dance skill!! TOP KEK! LIFETIME OF LAUGHS!

No. 314668

No. 314730

File: 1495042348039.gif (4.47 MB, 380x500, fun.gif)

No. 314741

I deadass thought that was a klansmen for a second

No. 314742

lmaooo please gif the end of the video where he pushes her off the stage and back to the floor

No. 314752


I mean…at least she looks happy, that's kind of cute

Buuut uh, didn't she claim to have anxiey? And now she was on stage? Riiiight

No. 314756

File: 1495046395202.jpg (9.73 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

The quality's so bad though.

Why is she doing the rock devil horns? I thought rappers did the Illuminati pyramid thing.

No. 314763

What an attention whore.

No. 314766

I really think Emily should be ignored, if only because it's hilarious to see how hard she tries when she thinks Ember is getting something more than her. It's like an extreme version of "but she got a bigger piece of cake than me! -stomps feet-"

No. 314778

File: 1495048509539.gif (3.67 MB, 360x450, ember on broadway.gif)

No. 314787


What the hell is she doing. Someone please find a way to make this into a banner

No. 314804

She's flapping her arms like a spastic duck.

No. 314813


I have never been more embarrassed for another person. I give her 6 months until she's wearing clown paint and saving up for the gathering of the juggalos.

No. 314815

Jesus this gave me a good laugh, thank you anon

Ember, never change

No. 314827

File: 1495051567646.gif (2.07 MB, 185x226, Dancing.gif)

All I see is this

No. 314840

He shoves her off stage!! Classic loser!

No. 314853

Omfg she looks like such a retarded this is gold

No. 315026

File: 1495068489993.jpg (483.02 KB, 796x1096, 20170517_204707.jpg)

Lol look at this thirsty bitch

No. 315044

possibly looking to be a too poor? lol

No. 315100

She's just spastically slapping her thighs not even dancing what the ever loving autistic fuck

No. 315108

He will never read your DM. He gets thousands per day.

No. 315111

I wish I could animate because I'd love to make an animation of her dancing like this.

No. 315116

File: 1495075033680.gif (2.04 MB, 320x240, Dancing_little_chinese_kid.gif)

No. 315142

File: 1495078668760.jpg (30.65 KB, 261x275, 1448240492912.jpg)

No. 315167

Looks like she had fun at least, most people would look like idiots too in that situation.
I was invited on stage years ago by my favourite band at the time and I just froze up clasping my hands to my chest and grinning like a lunatic. Still cringe about it at night. Thank god no one filmed that.

No. 315241

>outfit for the concert
Lmao, and yet she's wearing a giant tank top in those videos.
Maybe I'm old but I'd prefer the opposite. I wouldn't mind going to a concert in a bra, but I wouldn't post a picture of myself online like that.

No. 315279

she's wearing it to appear smaller, like all the ananchans do

No. 315296

Looks like she needs to do a wee but the line to the ladies is too long.

It's at least less awkward than her sexy dancing/ass wiping videos from a year or two ago

No. 315416

Tbf I think the t-shirt is merch that she bought at the gig?

No. 315449

I dont think so i think the shirt belongs her gross land whale bf, caribou lou came out 7 years ago ive never seen a band sell shirts that old unless it was at the who reunion tour and those were actual vintage.

No. 315494

> 7 years ago

lmfao that song came out in 2006. not to blog post but I was obsessed with tech n9ne in high school in like 2009 and even I knew I was late to the game back then. he's like almost vintage now so it cracks me up that ember is into him

he's not a terrible rapper but he attracts white trash for some reason (which is why I stopped listening after hs)

No. 315498

No. 315502

sage this shit

No. 315510

Why would she post something THIS embarrassing online?? She looks like she's shat herself.
This is so bad I almost feel sorry for her, it's like social suicide…

No. 315518

File: 1495116750418.gif (812.25 KB, 260x360, tumblr_inline_mpkew9Xj9j1qz4rg…)

No. 315522

How can she keep lying about face timing that catch me bitch?
She keeps posting the screenshot on her story and its ridiculous

No. 315648

I'm not even shocked that this grown ass adult woman would lie about facetiming a 14 year old girl, Ember you are beyond pathetic you creepy fuck

No. 315705

i spat out my drink, anon. god bless you and cwc

No. 316484

The one groupie that runs on stage and has to be pushed off! Top kek

No. 316593

File: 1495213688650.png (244.97 KB, 1242x1354, IMG_0016.PNG)

No. 316596

I wonder if this is true or just ember crying for attention. Wish she would post proof of Emily harassing her.

No. 316637

She never posts proof of it, this is the 3rd or 4th chick she claims is harassing HER family. When its her every time

No. 316640

File: 1495215716023.png (245.74 KB, 540x463, Screenshot_2017-05-19-11-50-35…)

Why she keep changing the comment? Dumb fat ass bitch

No. 316673

Heated much, Emily?

No. 316745

File: 1495224843760.jpg (74.63 KB, 640x836, 31f1c84c-0f91-4c89-adb1-5477d6…)

This is a few days old I think. Seems to me ember is the only one being obsessive now. Emily isn't saying shit about ember anymore and ember has made at least one post almost everyday since Emily went to hospital. Ember you don't look cool kicking someone while they're down even if it is crockpot.

No. 316759

"listerine drama queen" sick burn ember wow

No. 316917

Doesn't Emily have an iphone as well as Ember? Wouldn't the messages show up as an imessage or blue instead of green meaning ember faked the text…

No. 316920

It shows up green if the other person has your number blocked

No. 316929

Stop posting about Emily holy fuck.

No. 317019

Normally I'm not one of those anons who thinks every post is Emily or Ember - but seriously, is this one Emily?Are you saying Ember is actually the one doing the harassing? how do you know?

No. 317320

File: 1495298385977.png (312.49 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-20-11-37-08…)

Provide proof you're outside or it didnt happen dumbass

No. 317329

File: 1495299397625.jpg (54.44 KB, 634x427, article-0-1DA17BF400000578-710…)

her talkin about fighting jus makes me think of this

No. 317334

The fact that she's suddenly typing like this is so retarded. This crooked faced crack whore looking hoe isn't going to do anything. Ember can't fight. How is she not embarrassed by her very existence oh my god

No. 317420

who is she always trying to fight? why? even the hood rat girls I know irl don't do this

No. 317436





No. 317445

Her nose ring needs to be smaller but tbh compared to what she used to look like she actually looks good here, maybe I just appreciate her eye make up or how she's starting to drop the fake anorexia shit and Emily is just spiraling into humiliating (fake???)alcoholic hoe aunt territory.

If only she would just drop the fake hood thing and stopped fucking with children then Emily would lose her goddamn mind.

No. 317507

uh hi ember?

No. 317508

Ember stop yelling you're embarrassing and ugly enough

No. 317509

This thread was a mistake and should be locked. Ember is back full-force begging for attention, and now Emily is too.

No. 317515

You have no room to talk about Emily when you look like an actual rat. You look a crack baby that's struggled with a lifelong meth addiction. Your makeup is busted, your mouth looks like a paper cut, and your body is so jacked I don't know where to start, you assless nutcase.

No. 317527

OP here. I agree, this thread was a mistake. Now it's just both of them flinging shit at each other, it's boring and embarrassing.
At least let's ban discussion about Emily.

No. 317606

No. 317617

idk, in my opinion she's trying way too hard to create meaningless drama. every second of that snaps shows how insecure she obviously is.

No. 317723

I would pay money to see this string bean fight someone.

No. 318059

File: 1495377149590.gif (2 MB, 437x318, UMeweSh.gif)

No. 318067

Absolutely off topic but does anyone know the context of this gif? Keking so hard right now

No. 318070

here you go anon

No. 318085

Basically what ember looks like to the rest of us

No. 318147

Yes! EXactly what I picture her fighting like

No. 318156

File: 1495389333371.png (114.23 KB, 640x1136, 1260BB66-6A72-47E9-9EE8-3679F8…)

oh…. honey….,,,,..,,,/

No. 318158

File: 1495389402815.png (54.13 KB, 155x275, IMG_1519.PNG)

No. 318177

I…is she throwing shade at herself or…?

No. 318181

Thank you, kind anon!

No. 318192

File: 1495390564942.png (325.55 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-09-12-58-19…)

No. 318197

File: 1495390721975.png (393.97 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-21-13-17-10…)

No. 318230

She looks like one of those white kitchen garbage bags thats been stuffed to full and left in a hot sunroom till its covered in condensation.

No. 318260

File: 1495394582735.jpg (5.55 KB, 272x199, 457845.jpg)


No. 318261

No. 318321

Girl looks like a smashed pepperoni pizza lel

That girl is 14…

No. 318322

This is obviously on purpose she clearly lurks here… I just don't get why. To provoke a response?

No. 318326

She wants attention. She's an unattractive mousy white girl with the assets of a soggy pile of pancakes. Her face looks like it's melting off. She has no talent, no ambitions, no real life–she's an empty vessel. We are all she has and even we don't want her ugly plain ass lol.

No. 318387

Dirty dirty bitch. Guilty of all the things she calls everyone else out for

No. 318412

Just proves ember truly is a pedo like everyone says

No. 318420

She'll try and claim she was hacked again

No. 318433

Pretty sure she was calling her "gorgeous ass" not saying her actual ass is gorgeous. You people reach too much

No. 318442

Of all the genuinely hilarious shit this girl has put out there, anons still gotta reach more than stretch Armstrong and call her a pedophile.

No. 318457

For real, smfh

No. 318484

Even if she seriously meant that it's a real stretch

No. 318494

File: 1495411925554.jpg (60.94 KB, 600x800, 137593505136.jpg)

In what world do y'all live in that it's okay for an adult to be looking at videos of 14 year olds with their tits hanging out, pointing the camera at their butt, then leaving comments, saying "gorgeous ass" though?

Ember isn't a pedophile but regardless, it's fucked up and not appropriate at all for any adult to be okay with a young teenager exploiting their body like that, let alone encouraging it with positive feedback.

No. 318502

I didn't say it was okay, but I read it more like a friendly compliment than a sexual thing.
And well… it's Danielle, she's kind of famous and "gorgeous ass" is probably one of the least lewd things she gets on a daily basis.

No. 318506

Oh so now it's okay since the minor Ember is sexualizing is "kind of famous".

It's not like she left that comment on a selfie. It was a video of her showing off her body while wearing skimpy clothes. I'm just gonna stop here because the shit you're excusing is gross.

No. 318514

Like I said I don't think her comment was really sexual. Inappropriate sure.

No. 318519

File: 1495413881155.png (705.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1529.PNG)

> "gorgeous ass"

lurk moar ember

No. 318550

What world do you live in where this is pedophilia? Trust me, this isn't it. embers saying she misses 'this gorgeous ass' the same way friends might say 'miss this bitch' she's not actually saying she misses being in close proximity to a teenage girls buttcheeks because she finds them sexual. You reach any harder and you're gonna need surgery anon, stop.

No. 318561

I said she isn't a pedophile.

My point is that it's disgusting for an adult to encourage a 14 year as they post sexual content, showing off their body. Why is this so hard to understand.

Regardless of how controversial they are, at the end of the day, it is a young teenage girl who just turned 14. Not 16, not 18. FOURTEEN, and Ember is validating her as she takes videos of her barely clothed body and shares them online.

Am I the only one who remembers that Ember pretended to be a 15 year old to the admin the first time she became a topic on this site, as a way to have the images of her showing her underwear, butt, and body removed from this website? She obviously knows that it is inappropriate for a supposed 15 year old to posts images like that on the internet, so why is she okay with a 14 year old to do the same?

No. 318565

Its not literal, the point is publicly encouraging and praising a very young girl to basicly shake more ass and show more tits is extra inappropriate

No. 318567

She's gross and innapropriate yes, and nobody is saying that it's okay. Theres no need to twist things around and make it sound like anons are okay with kiddy fiddling or embers unhealthy interest in teenagers, when all that was said is that she isn't a pedophile. Who do you think is defending her?

No. 318569

That anon literally just explained what Ember meant, it wasn't sexual at all.
It's kind of a term of endearment the way she said it.
I mean it's already bad enough that she's faking being friends with her, and sucking up to a 14yo. No need to read anything more into it.

No. 318622

well. even if that were true (which it isn't, don't make excuses for ember) that doesn't change the fact that it's still fuckin gross.

No. 318645

Oh calm your hate boner ffs. Nobody said it's good and nobody is defending her. Why are you so obsessed with forcing this stupid pedophilia thing?

No. 318662

you don't get it. scroll up a bit.
she commented "gorgeous ass multiple heart eye emojis" on a 14 year old's ig post. this is not some other usage. she's literally referring to danielle bregoli's 14 year old ass and calling it gorgeous. creepy as shit.

couple hours after she is called out for it, she uses "gorgeous ass" in the context of "this gorgeous ass" referring to her friend. SHES BACKTRACKING and it confirms it to me at least that she meant gorgeous ass literally @ danielle bregoli.

i'm not saying she's a pedo. she's just obviously trying to not look creepy and it's confirming that she is. like i can't believe i have to explain this

No. 318669

Can we get back to the milk and stop sperging out about Ember possibly being a pedophile? Last time I checked this was an image board thread about Ember, not Danielle, nor was it a place to armchair diagnose Ember. It's a weird obsession, but so is her recent personality transplant. Can we stay on Ember's milk without sperging this thread?

No. 318672

i said she wasn't a pedophile.

fully sorry for sperging out, i'll stop, it's just frustrating when people don't read the thread

No. 318677

File: 1495433892516.png (1.11 MB, 636x1098, IMG_3866.PNG)

Kek…… Ember really thinks they'd want to sponsor her when she looks like >>318158

No. 318683

Wait until she comes up with dumb shit again like her "marketing degree" or whatever she used to say to make shops send her crap

No. 318701

For someone who supposedly had anorexia nervosa - a disorder characterized by body dysmorphia and self hatred, Ember sure seems full of herself these days. She's really blossoming into that NPD (or was it ASPD?) diagnosis she gave herself a few years back.

Same anon. Personally, I cannot wait until she truly goes into the munchie realm and starts faking diagnoses and disorders.

No. 318718

Oh yeah from way back when she was running that publishing company and was also a brand ambassador. Those were good times.

No. 318719

Nobody cares about your personal pizzagate where Ember plays Hilary. Move on and reach elsewhere.

No. 318720

inb4 she posts a rant about how she's still insecure on the inside and how we don't know her lol
She's one of the few cows that actually responds to us

It was NPD, I think. She claimed to have quite a lot of illnesses. I'm waiting for her to start doing it all over again once she notices that no one gives a shit about her being a "bad bitch"

They sure were, I miss when she was actually hilarious

No. 318723

She briefly claimed both at different times. NPD was after one of her threads, ASPD was after she watched the shitty Hannibal Lecter remakes.

No. 318729

She claimed it once, she'll claim something new. I'm surprised she hasn't latched onto the tumblr woe-is-me BPD/self harm poetry shit. Yep, I can't wait to see another collarbone popped out post about how insecure she is and how ~hard~ recovery is. Oh wait, that would go against her whole hoodrat/thug lyfe persona. Kek.

Lol little did she realize that NPD was more fitting. Oh right, and then she got that awful spongebob manray tattoo.

No. 318735

File: 1495442172345.jpg (37.8 KB, 500x281, IMG_1384.JPG)

BPD is the one thing I'd believe she legitimately had tbh. She's a great candidate considering her personality void and total lack of friends.

I'm never gonna unsee her tattoo as man ray now omfgits perfect.

No. 318736

File: 1495442698892.png (452.22 KB, 1080x773, 1440344969424.png)

I went back into the old threads and yup.

She sort of did that already? With the whole recovery/positivity instagram


No. 318738

Oh god and she made it so obvious she doesn't get NPD any more than she understands how highlighter works with her answer.

No. 318963

Emily is still a banned cow. Don't post about her.
If this thread continues to be cancerous, it'll be locked again.

No. 318985

I don't know, anon. BPD is typically self loathing territory, and (at least right now) seems entirely too wrapped up in how she's hot shit. Although these rapid personality transplants could be her covering up her insecurities but I like to believe she thinks she's hot shit, and thus the NPD diagnosis. Kek, I know. I can't unsee it.

True, but she also likes to repeat herself with these phases.

No. 319098

if ember genuinely has bpd then i'm the queen of england

No. 319116

File: 1495482246785.png (67.41 KB, 1136x640, IMG_6898.PNG)

ember's snapchat story

No. 319120

she keeps calling herself out… oh no baby what is you doing

No. 319123

kek… she spouts that she's not broke yet she's spamming/begging zooka cosmetics to be a promoter. her lack of self awareness astounds me.

No. 319171

man this thread is not as busy as i thought it would be. i bet ember is gonna switch personalities again soon or people are gonna forget about her. any thoughts for whose skinsuit she'll wear next?

No. 319175

I don't follow what trends are in or out but she will jump onto the newest or or go back to being "sick"

Oh, can you imagine? Ember jumping on the transtrender wagon? Lmao

No. 319200

I'm gonna second this. Or she'll jump on the DID or munchie bandwagon. I'm still surprised she hasn't claimed she has POTS or EDS or whatever. I'm waiting for that day though. It's become really popular lately and she cannot resist switching it up to whatever is the latest fad. Maybe even being a camgirl. Who knows. Girl is desperate for attention.

No. 319206

File: 1495488164125.jpg (472.11 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_5310.JPG)

No. 319217

fuck, i'm laughing so hard it hurts. thank you for that side by side anon. i can't unsee it.

No. 319282

Nah, her severe scoliosis thing never took off how she liked it because she doesn't understand what a humans back looks like to photoshop it. I think she's gonna keep heading towards instahoe/yeezy/please let me into the black friends club/nail painting emoji sort of thing she's got going and then jump into a newer trend once this one is tired. She failed at the sick persona a couple of times

No. 319290

I'd love to see Ember become a transtrender, but I think she's way too girly for that. Femme lesbian Ember would be cute. Fairy-kei Ember?

No. 319296

She mainly picked something that's hard to fake. Scoliosis is pretty hard to prove. I wouldn't be surprised if she pulls a an ~easier to prove~ diagnosis. I'm still betting on a new round of "I'm sick, give me asspats"

I could see the whole transtrender thing going for her. Especially with her makeup being so goddamn awful. She'd pull the "you're being transphobic!" card for any criticism.

No. 319312

I mean, she did try to convince everyone that her little sister was trans.

No. 319315

Yeah but she also ran that fan blog for herself and made fun of trans people. She won't last long enough on that train for it to be worthwhile.

Maybe Ember azalea, the even worse, whiter rapper will emerge

No. 319323

true enough. maybe she'll try the alt-right edgy or gothic heroin chic persona next.

No. 319328

I bet she'll go weeb/loli next. She loves being talked about on here so maybe she'll try to get promoted to /pt.

No. 319360

Oh mannnnn. She should go HAES ala Beccabae.

No. 319418

God forbid someone you don't like shares the same very speshul illness you have :(

No. 319432

Talking about Ember will always create a cancerous thread. This isn't even milk anymore.

No. 319496

I wanna see ddlg daddy kitten ember next

No. 319515

OH god I don't. Ddlg is vomit worthy enough without this girl oiled up, naked but for a pan of highlighter and a daddy choker. That's too gross to handle.

No. 319550

i would pay money to see that. never ending milk

No. 319586

That would be hilarious but I don't see her doing that at all.
Ember seeks attention, but also admiration and superiority. Even her anorexic phase was based on that which is why it was so clearly fake.
I don't see her being a "little one" or a spoony at all. That and she just doesn't strike me as a sexual person, I mean her ass shaking video was decidedly unsexy and weird.

No. 319603

That sexy/asswipe dance was the most autistic thing I've seen any cow do ngl.

No. 319623

Which makes me wonder what she will try next. She's quite limited.

No. 319653

I agree here, she's always tried to come across as some sort of boss bitch despite being a regular tacky bitch. Even way back when she was cats-Chanel-thc she was trying to look high fashion/expensive/important with her Kate spade bag and knockoff designer stuff. No matter the character it's always a power trip.

She's like the kid who compulsively lied at school to seem impressive even though everyone knows it's a huge lie. She seems like the kid who said her dad was CIA or she's a model in Japan.

No. 319721

Yup, this is exactly what she's going to do. She's always about 6 months-1 year behind every social media trend, so next she'll likely be trying to emulate Too Poor's crowd, and attempt the goth hoe look.

No. 319850

File: 1495560160229.png (380.02 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-23-12-13-16…)

No. 319872

Damn she looks fucked up. She's not trying to say she's recovering, is she?

No. 319873

her tubular titties are trying to escape.

No. 319878

just said on her live "i wanna go to college to be a phlebotomist or a mortician"

No. 319881

Recovering from what?

No. 319886

OOO so edgy because ~blood~ n ~death~ lol I'm pretty sure that they don't let people as fucked up as ember enter the medical field in any capacity

No. 319899

File: 1495564293627.png (415.65 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-23-12-13-11…)

Like a hobbit kek

No. 319902

File: 1495564483088.jpg (17.4 KB, 416x441, 1467858005281.jpg)

What an edgelord. I'm sure she has no idea how much math is involved in mortuary science. There's no way she could even pass the first semester of college for that.

No. 319905

Makes me wonder if >>299570 really is a shoop or if one tit is really smaller.

She wouldn't get in. Especially if they saw that tattoo. Edgelords don't get far in that field.

No. 319920

File: 1495565490753.jpg (317.29 KB, 1063x1070, IMG_20170523_124826.jpg)

No. 319927

the placement is so slapdash!!!

also i would like to think that ember would make a total fool of herself the first time she sees a dead body/cadaver. she would be one of those people who drops out as soon as they have their first practical lesson because they can't hack it.

No. 319928

that's not very cash me outside of her!

No. 319932

Lol look at that big ol moon face. Much ana.

No. 319972

that's because she's already thinking of going on to her new phase: edgy goth blood heroin-obsessed chic. i give it a week before she starts playing around with fake blood and wearing fishnet stockings. she isn't getting the attention she wants from trying to be a hoodrat.

No. 319980

Looks like a drooling manta ray.

No. 320016

For some reason I can really imagine her trying to do hijabi Muslim convert.

No. 320109

she put on her snap story "so glad i've never felt the need to get a nose job" and something about loving your natural self. she does, however, feel the need to cover her squidward nose with a cat snapchat filter.

someone's been reading old threads agaiiiin

No. 320130

Lmao how can she recover from being plain and terrible at makeup? That's not a disease. Everyone and their dog knows she was never anorexic.

No. 320138

I wouldn't be surprised if this comment was from the grease machine herself. Girl, everyone and their mother (including this thread) knows you don't have anorexia. Just like your fake scoliosis. It's as plain as the sky is blue.

No. 320216

File: 1495587279596.png (478.03 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-23-19-24-52…)

No. 320305

She should go for the alt-hippie animal rights vegan roadkilltaxidermy collecting bones in the forest thing that seems to be popular right now. She already looks the part.

No. 320310

Lol I hope she shells out the 5-10 grand for a 5 month phlebotomy class just to realize she entered an incredibly underpaid and over saturated job market. Blood centers don't even hire certified phlebotomists to draw blood, they hire medical assistants because they're more qualified and have more practical experience. Phlebs get stuck stickering the samples and filing patients paperwork for 10.00 an hour

No. 320312

OMG her eyeliner isn't even touching her lash line she needs to hide in a hole.

No. 320314

File: 1495593042358.png (649.42 KB, 639x1094, IMG_4003.PNG)

the irony of her posting this yet entering 2 giveaways isn't lost on me. it may not be milk but this cow is amusing as always.

No. 320418

No. 320450

This was awesome tbh I hope she beats embers ass and posts the video

No. 320457

How old is she?
I hope ember isn't having beef with a minor lmao

No. 320473

>>320418 that was a thing of beauty, Ember must be shitting herself knowing that other people think she deserves to get her "ass beat" bc of her wankster gangster act

No. 320598

Nah, she tried to be vegan but only made it a couple of months. We all know that she's incapable of restricting her food intake in any way.

No. 320638

i hope she does so she drops the whole wigger act. i think it'd be the only thing to scare her into dropping it at this point.

No. 320651

File: 1495642075622.jpg (791.39 KB, 1430x2053, Screenshot_20170524-110545.jpg)

Ember need to drop the Ana pose. She looks retarded.

No. 320668

GTFO of the shit stained handicap stall and go back to your minimum wage job

No. 320776

This looks all sorts of weird with that cleavage
She's beeing less careful with her ana poses. It was often obvious that she's leaning forward but in this picture you'd have be a retard not to notice it.

No. 320785

this is so obviously and badly skewed. her shoulders are like 3x the size of her lower half. it looks like she's a football player. how do these wannarexics not realize that people can tell when their photos are contorted?

No. 320805

It's obvious she took the photo at an angle, you can see how tilted her phone is in the photo, it's easy to take pictures like that without photoshop

No. 320916

did ember get one of those pop things for her back of her phone like emily has

No. 320934

Hi Ember.

No. 320949

She's had it for a while

No. 321005

Sage for not contributing anything major, but a lot of people mischaracterise BPD as just generally being all over the place/immature and inappropriate.

As someone who used to have BPD (but now no longer fulfils the criteria thanks to therapy) the only thing she obviously (as in, I only know her through social media) fulfils is constantly adopting new personalities.

It's a common misconception that people with BPD don't have any friends, which would make it difficult to diagnose seeing as the disorder is pretty centred around "abnormal" interpersonal relationships - she doesn't really have any to be abnormal about. She maintains a steady boyfriend despite all of this drama, and has no obvious friends, unhealthy or not. That does not sound like a BPD person at all.

TLDR; my "armchair diagnosis" is plain old attention-seeking due to not pursuing anything of value in life, rather than actual mental health problem. She acts like a 14 year old, and teenagers tend to adopt/drop personas pretty rapidly as they try to "find themselves".

(Hope I saged correctly!)

No. 321006

> She acts like a 14 year old, and teenagers tend to adopt/drop personas pretty rapidly

That's the only lulzy thing about her really. It's legit strange that someone of her age flip from one phase to another and then it's not as extreme.

When you're 12 or 13 you might be into one thing then find something else you prefer and maybe that's the one you stick with because you find a crowd into the same thing. To be over 15 and try hard to seem to be a member of such-a-subculture is really sad.

Yes, you did sage correctly >>321005 and now I do the same because this is a non-contribution.

No. 321065

No bc her bc is a fuckin old ass troll who still messages his ex, he's some townie deadbeat just like her that's not healthy or an accomplishment at all

No. 321118

No. 321140

I highly doubt she has BPD she's just stunted

No. 321142

>like everyone has

No. 321177

I don't think she has BPD either.
I honestly don't know what her problem is. I guess we don't really know her, since her online personalities are all fake and she lies constantly. It's not normal to be this immature at her age. She's a drama queen, but only about online stuff.
She rarely brings up IRL stuff like family, work, boyfriend issues. I don't follow her that closely so I might be wrong. I highly doubt she acts like this irl, maybe this is just a sort of outlet for attention. I don't know. It's weird.

No. 321209

Maybe she's not mentally ill at all and is just a shitty boring person.

No. 321213

Yeah, no interesting or trdendy mental anything for her.

I think ember just has really bad gas? Like hard gas, all the time? Sign are there.

What a personal hell it must be for her.

No. 321214

Trendy I mean. Sorry was so shook by her personal hellish prison of sulfur and what I assume abject regret,

No. 321234

Basically. The fact that she never shares anything like that makes her more boring than the fake personalities. If you want to be interesting, people need something to be able to relate to you. This is why her ana "friends" stuck around. She's not pretty enough to be considered interesting.

I think there are a few reoccurring things in a few of her personalities so those things might genuinely interest her. Then again, who knows.

No. 321284


I don't think I said he was an accomplishment, just a steady boyfriend, and him being a guy you wouldn't personally date doesn't make the relationship itself unhealthy. Tbf I'd be surprised if someone like her had attracted a real catch?

Saged again for pointless clarification, because people are desperate to make her more interesting than she is for some reason.

No. 321286


Exactly. That seems to be the common thread between most of these cows tbh - they want to emulate the greats (like Felice Fawn) by building a huge fanbased by being seen as both achingly cool and ethereally beautiful. But none of them have the looks, so they just flip from persona to persona looking for The One.

You'd think they'd just grow TF up instead of constantly failing at having strangers on the internet admire them, lmao.

No. 321308

File: 1495714845115.png (47.32 KB, 772x162, 76.png)

Yup. I mean, even Felice realized that it's not getting her anywhere and grew tired of it all. (of you put aside the scams)

Anyway, Ember is back at being a ~promoter~
How many small companies will she scam this time

No. 321348

ok but, she's also almost a full 90 degrees bent over, so explain that ??

No. 321457

File: 1495736827291.png (448 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-25-13-04-24…)

Smoking is doing her no favors

No. 321466

they can't, because that's her white-knighting herself. why else would someone defend an extremely bad skew like that? this thread is cancer now, mostly ember self-posting, and then simultaneously white-knighting herself. hardly milk at this point.

No. 321525

She doesn't even inhale though

No. 321641

File: 1495751338082.png (452.62 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-25-13-03-14…)

That bra

No. 321648

Damn girl cool it on the facetune smoothing tool. We all know you have the dry, awful skin of a 40 year old smoker and 20 cats, even blur can't help you.

No. 321649

File: 1495751989794.gif (231.27 KB, 500x281, npk0z3SJrb1rpv9zk_500.gif)

What the fuck is she stuffing with golf balls??

No. 321678

That's IG live screenshot

No. 321684

Do my eyes deceive me or has she actually put contour on her neck and collarbone?

No. 321701

Its just the cup sitting funny because of how she's turned to the camera. Calm down there.

No. 321740

File: 1495758261930.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.9 KB, 619x412, IMG_4104.JPG)

no, that's getting a bra that's clearly too large in the cup. regardless of how you sit, a bra should not be that big. she's not the speshul ana she pretended to be, and is certainly not underweight, but she's also not the huge breast wigger she thinks she is now. the cup size is too big.


No. 321744

Stop promoting your blog, jesus christ. Your identity is obvious, and you're supposed to be banned. If you want these threads to exist, stop bringing cancer here. It's that fucking simple.

No. 321763

Can you chill? You've pushed so hard to call her a pedophile and the obsession is getting too much. You're as bad as Ember herself, kid.

No. 321768

Make up your mind. It's stuffed, her tits are too big for it, which one?
Everyone and their grandmothers dog knows she isn't anorexic and never was, and everyone knows she's a scumbag but you're obsessing too hard between this and your creepy blog.

No. 321786

Is it maybe down to Ember having mis-matched boobs? In this photo >>320651 One seems smaller than the other here too, so I don't think that this >>299570 was just bad shoop.

No. 321794


they meant the cup is too big… Too big for her boob.

It's still obvious she stuffs/ contours

No. 321833

This thread is absolute cancer. It should be locked again, this isn't milk this is just tumblrfags self promoting and Ember white knighting.

No. 321839

The owner of that blog is 16 and if they're posting here, they should be banned.

No. 321867

This whole thread should be banned. This is just garbage

No. 321937

different anons. i'm the one who thinks her bra is just not fitting her properly and not the one with a blog lmao.

anyways, as i've said previously, this whole thread is utter cancer at this point. it's literally exactly what >>321833 and >>321867 said. this thread should just be banned. no milk left.

No. 321949

Report them whenever they post.

No. 321967

The owner of that blog isn't posting the links to Ember's videos on here, as far as I can tell. I've posted 2, OP posted one as far as I know, and others have also posted a few links. I wouldn't be shocked if they were participating but you can't assume that every anon is the same person, like most do. Also, if that blog is sharing videos from Ember's livestreams that contain milk, why is there an uproar? It isn't like any other blog or posts are being shared.

No. 321974

I also linked the blog and I'm not op or the owner.

No. 321976

>why is there an uproar?
Some(one) doesn't like that this thread exists.
I think we can guess who, but I'm sure there are other anons who are annoyed by it, for some reason.

If people are suspecting slefposting or anything like that, report and move on. Screeching "cancer cancer cancer" isn't doing shit besides you being annoying.

No. 322425

i second this, especially considering they got me mixed up here >>321768 with that anon. sage for non contrib.

No. 323156

File: 1495927451814.png (448.7 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-27-18-23-09…)

No. 323317

what/who isn't she talking about

No. 323369

I'm the op of this thread and I posted a video of that blogger to get discussion going, I'm not them either… I just don't have a better source.

No. 323907

File: 1496011539206.jpg (131.68 KB, 572x859, tumblr_oqljv4G6TV1vsgcomo1_128…)

No. 323911

File: 1496011595198.jpg (152.95 KB, 870x742, tumblr_oqljv4G6TV1vsgcomo2_128…)

she liked this meme on instagram so someone made her their own version of it with ember and the girl she has beef with kek

No. 323990

i hope to god she's seen it. i'm dead.

No. 324011

File: 1496018074792.png (407.2 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-05-27-18-28-34…)

These two tards look like they belong together

No. 324018

Where are her bed sheets?!

No. 324021

File: 1496019093559.png (122.17 KB, 640x1041, IMG_1753.PNG)

yikes ember's making a mini-ember

No. 324028

that mattress reminds me of luna's duvet.

never thought i'd see the day where i say that ember's fake nose ring looks better than her friend's. looks like ember is going grey though. girl, dye your roots, stop buying makeup that you don't even know how to apply properly.

No. 324073

File: 1496022883216.png (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_2017-05-28-21-51-34…)

>loses a shit ton of followers because no one is interested in her new ghetto bitch persona
>queue a relapse

No. 324223

File: 1496036033416.gif (5.48 MB, 311x438, ember whann.gif)

i think it's funny how she never used this highlighter again after so many people mocked her for her overuse of it lol

>inb4 she wears it again after lurking this thread

No. 324233

File: 1496037150371.gif (4.07 MB, 291x409, ember whann 2.gif)

No. 324234


No. 324237

Oh god her highlighter pisses me off so much

No. 324238

fuckin tin man lookin bitch

No. 324240

Jesus wash your face please

No. 324252

Every single thing going on here is bad. How can she still be this unskilled with her makeup when she wears this shit every day? How do you fuck up lipgloss so badly?

No. 324253

it's hard bc i don't want to judge someone this young but she's such a monster of a person that she looks like utter shit in this yet it's the best she's ever looked since it's not her doing some fake thinspo shit to trigger underage girls.

it's fucked up to think that when she starts aging even more into a grown woman she'll probably still be doing this low-key scary shit.

who in their right mind highlights the entirety of their forehead but not the tops of her cheekbones, literally fucking smearing that shit everywhere but where it belongs oh my god

No. 324259


How can someone be so full of them self and smug when they look like that? What a fucking try hard haha.

No. 324273

you're suppose to highlight areas like the bridge of your nose but she straight up just skip it. you would think that someone who follows hundreds of make up accounts would at least take tips from them instead of just winging it. it really looks like she applies her make up in the dark, using super dim lighting, like she did with her lip gloss here >>324223

No. 324276

even her eye shadow was applied incorrectly, wtf. she has spent well over $100 on make up and over 100 hours lurking make up artists' accounts yet still doesn't have a single clue how to use any if the products she has.

No. 324381

Buy some fucking sheets and shampoo, dirty trailer trash

No. 324594

Now claiming her "copying" is making fun, right Ember. More like fail, at everything

No. 324769

File: 1496099200715.png (163.4 KB, 750x1074, IMG_8379.PNG)

I swear her editing skills are actually regressing.

You can't be super skinny and have balloon tits, Ember. Pick ONE, if you insist on doing this shit.

No. 324782

File: 1496100386535.png (2.99 MB, 1800x1155, IMG_4476.PNG)

this is such horrible shooping (or stuffing). each "tit" is literally the size of her face. plus, it makes it look hilarious going through the rest of her feed. yeah ember, your tits are so huge.

No. 324791

whats especially funny is the collar of her shirt is all distorted from her editing lmao

No. 324804

what's funny is this mismatch of sizes all through her instagram. no one ranges from an A cup to a badly shooped DD in the range of a few photos.

No. 324814

File: 1496103159133.png (583.76 KB, 1080x1634, c65eb0d3-7604-4a57-abe8-ad3efe…)

No. 324834

the second video, where ember says she was making fun that girl instead of copying her


No. 324837

oh my god, fuck off. no one gives a shit about your blog.

No. 324848

You can tell how insecure she is with her face because nearly all of her recent photos are this stupid Snapchat filter.

No. 324856

again, that's not my blog. it's just the only place that has recordings from Ember's instagram or snapchat. chill out and enjoy the milk.

No. 324883

different anon, but it's still not even really milk. nobody cares about ember's petty little fights or who she was copying or whatever. that's not milk, especially when she has so many feuds with so many different people it's just white noise at this point.

No. 324899

Anon, im just curious, what would you consider to be milk then?

No. 324956

her horrible shooping, begging for promos, weird new personalities, her lies, her begging to be liked on insta, etc.? she can sit there and try to fight with people all the time, but she never does it. i mean if you consider that milk, cool, but i personally don't. it's the same shit different day. she's all ~catch these hands~ to pretty much everyone, and then hides in her room badly shooping the hell out of herself, pretending to have anorexia one day, and pretending to be a thug with massive tits and poorly applied highlight the next. to me that's more milky than a girl threatening to beat people up and never doing it. maybe that's just how i grew up (sage for mini blogpost) but i was surrounded by a lot of those wannabe thugs all through my life and it's pretty boring.

No. 324979

you said lies are milk worthy but her lying about copying a girl she hates by making a cringey video about it isn't considered milk to you?… gotcha

No. 324996

tbh i didn't really check out the video because of it constantly being spammed in here like mad, and the fact that you summed it up without me having to watch the video. it's literally third grade bs about ember copying someone, so explain to me where the milk is beyond that? so they get into a feud, ember tells her to "catch these hands" or whatever she's saying these days, she threatens to beat someone's ass, and then never does. yeah, omg that's definitely milk. until someone beats her ass, it's boring and yesterday's news, just like her boring feud with crackerjack (she-who-is-banned).

No. 325163

File: 1496143924678.png (635.64 KB, 1080x1449, IMG_20170530_132601.png)

here's proof that ember is… again/still? trying to insert herself in the ED community despite her newest personality change.

sage because not that relevant but she still pisses me off so, so much. manipulative bitch.

No. 325196

this is Amy/stonedlittlecat or whatever her name was. lol why censor her?

No. 325226

because a) she isn't relevant to this thread and b) she's actually sick.

No. 325243

Is this a self post and she already changed her IG name?

No. 325331

she likes a lot of peoples post in the ed community. you can tell she hasn't chosen which personality to go with yet because of shit like this and because one day she pretends she's a frail lil ana with A cup tits and the next she's pretending she has tits the size of her head. she's obsessed with pretending she has anorexia. i wish she'd just pick a personality and commit to it. if she's going to be this try-hard wigger with massive tits who can fight people, then go for it, but this simultaneous badass wigger while also fragile anorexic bullshit is stupid at best.

No. 325357

She's just trying to maximise her audience. It's pathetic.

No. 325405

she's a banned topic, jfc. admin already made that pretty darn clear. read the board.

No. 325410

She's pretty much the only person posting in this thread tho

No. 325411

that's a pretty huge assumption ember.

No. 325412

I'm not her and I've posted. Stop assuming and stay on topic

No. 325431

Confirmed for not understanding the point of an anonymous message board.

No. 325618

wrong but good try ember :)

I think #Admin can confirm if that's true.

No. 325676

File: 1496193919860.png (1.15 MB, 852x1393, Screenshot_2017-05-30-21-21-16…)

And that's how you end up with mildew/mold in your hair.

No. 325698

No, she was a brown witch. Anyone remember that? My favourite ember was the deluxe-whoreshipping Ember

No. 325749

Damn it….felice worshipping

No. 325755


Ember's review. No comment on the content so I don't know shit about makeup, but that is honestly the worst website I have ever been on. Those text bubbles… jfc.

No. 325795

Ok then, reupload them somewhere actuallly permanent, not a blog Ember can DMCA in five seconds, and repost them here. Crossing the streams with Tumblr is always bad.

STOP LINKING TO TUMBLR, PEOPLE. The thread gets derailed every time. If you want it to stay unlocked stop acting like faggots.

No. 325798

Lol what, Amy was one of the biggest ED attention seekers around for quite a while. This isn't PULL, why play fake nice like that? It's unnecessary. Farmers don't randomly harass everyone associated with a cow, that's Tumblr and Kiwi shit.

No. 325801

The only one derailing this thread about tumblr here is you.

No. 325811

Nope, not just me, multiple people have said to stop posting that blog here, I'm definitely just one of them.

Reupload and embed is standard procedure because it's a fucking image board. Integrate or gtfo.

No. 325818

The point is you're the one(s) causing drama about a fucking source. If you don't like it ignore or report or gtfo of this thread instead of throwing a tantrum about it.

No. 325827

there are multiple people telling you to stop posting that blog, not just one anon, jesus fucking christ. this is an image board. reupload and embed ffs.

this thread is actual cancer because of newfags like you, and ember who's either selfposting or derailing about other cows like crackerjack and that amy girl. admin can check but i can bet money on it that a lot of these anons are ember, yet again. i remember why i avoided ember threads before. i wish she'd be fucking banned from this website already.

No. 325834

Why would I go through the trouble of somehow saving someone else's videos of Ember, uploading it to some site that can avoid having a copyright claim sent to it, then posting the link to it here when I can just copy and paste a tumblr link instead.

Think about what you're suggesting us to do because the word "tumblr" triggers you. Just fuck off, you're wasting posts to bitch about the dumbest shit.

No. 325838

Oh for fuck's sake.
I agree this thread is fucking cancer now for multiple reasons, but you're a huge part of it and so am I at this point.
I'll bet the 2 ems are posting here too but there IS milk and plenty of other folks are posting.
You're fucking sperging out because of evil ~tumblr.

No. 325851

god everyone just shut up and post milk

No. 325853

File: 1496206946395.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_2017-05-31-01-00-55…)

jesus christ i see why she's been using filter so much lately, what is happening to her face

No. 325856

File: 1496206984651.jpg (59.84 KB, 482x601, uwh.jpg)

No. 325858

Oops, too late.

No. 325859

File: 1496207078295.png (740.2 KB, 636x829, IMG_4597.PNG)


in other news, is ember trying to pretend that zooska actually made her a promoter, or am i just reading it wrong? why do people like her thank brands for coming out with stuff? hon it's not like they made it personally for you lmao.

No. 325864

Her face is getting so… round? She looks different, idk.

No. 325867

Poor hygiene and grooming habits, that's what's happening.

Tick the box by your post, you can delete it within 30 mins of posting.

>>325859 Definitely trying to sound like a promoter, kek.

I think she's putting on weight. She has been for quite a while, though.

No. 325868

File: 1496207281685.png (159.62 KB, 750x1221, IMG_5330.PNG)

Is she transitioning into a "beauty guru" now? It's painful.
I hope she does pay a shoutout page to post her horrid make up so I can watch everyone roast her.

No. 325871

annnnnd she deleted this selfie lmao

No. 325872

File: 1496207567646.jpg (207.78 KB, 636x829, IMG_20170530_231132.jpg)

No. 325873

She spent $70 on the brushes and shit make up pallet, I know girls who use cheap ass make up who can apply it better than her. most expensive make up is a rip off, honestly and only suckers waste their $$$ on it, like Ember.

No. 325875

The company is brand new or just super small. I wouldn't be surprised if she really was a promoter (probably not paid) because she asked and the company doesn't notice she has mostly bought followers.

No. 325877


She's been trying to focus her "influencer" attempts on beauty brands for a long time, ever since she started buying up Kylie lip kits and posting pictures of them over and over. Almost a year now, I think? And yeah, in all that time she -still- hasn't gotten any better at applying makeup.

No. 325878

she can't pretend she's a tiny lil ana anymore. it's not like she can even pretend (and by pretend i mean REALLY badly shoop) herself curves she doesn't have. it all looks so weird.

because she stalks these threads. i could bet $1000 that she sits on here scrolling, looking for every attempt to whiteknight herself and derail about other cows.

fucking kek i wish she would try because she would get flamed.

no word of a lie i was seriously doing the same thing just then.

No. 325879

Ember spends all of her money on shit make up and drugs which is why she lives in her boyfriend's brother's basement.

No. 325884

She keeps going live while applying makeup and it's so boring and awful. She has no charisma at all, even if her makeup skills aren't that great she could at least be interesting to watch if she was funny or had an engaging personality. She's so monotone and doesn't know how to talk to other people, though.

No. 325892

**sorry, meant to say: she can't pretend she's a tiny lil ana anymore. it's not like she can even pretend to have (and by pretend i mean REALLY badly shoop) curves she doesn't have. it all looks so weird.

it's so weird because she has zero personality, which is probably why she flips through different personalities like clothes. which will it be today, anorexic? shitty instagram beauty guru? instagram wigger?

No. 325898

She doesn't even have to have a personality, she could just talk about basic shit like work or family or her boyfriend. Rather boring but she must have some funny stories about being a waitress at least.
But she just blabs on about stuff she knows nothing about like makeup and fashion and fake feuds with other instahoes who are probably in on it too.

No. 325917

>>325898 Her real life is just a basic white trash existence and she knows it. She has to construct a personality because the truth isn't glamorous.

No. 325921

File: 1496209488471.png (151 KB, 741x1226, IMG_5331.PNG)

Her Ask.Fm is dead for nearly a month, then 7 hours ago she got an influx of questions about herself. Sure Jan.

It's kind of sad she is asking herself these questions because literally no one cares.

No. 325929

i love how it sits vacant for a MONTH and then some anon randomly brings up lolcow? ok, sure ember. nice to know you've confirmed you're still stalking these threads.

No. 325935

Why does she think it's better to falsely convince people her spine is hella fucked up instead of just not doing a lame pose anymore

Will she blame covering her entire face in highlighter on anxiety next

Sometimes I question why there's a thread about a backwoods upstate New York white trash nobody like ember then this shit happens and I'm too confused to argue

No. 325940

You know it'd be cool if she just went with it. Yeah I'm bending over so what?
But she insists on lying and making an ass out of heraelf.

No. 325944

because that would mean letting go of the anorexia bullshit and sticking with one personality, but it would also mean that she's saying "yep i lied", so she's trapped herself on this field where she has to simultaneously pretend to be some recovered ana and IG tryhard wigger. i'm always laughing at the fact that she had that "fall risk" wristband on her IG, but she deleted that, because she realized you can't be someone who's threatening to beat other people's asses when you're a fragile lil ana with muh suhvere scoliosis.

No. 325948

I honestly admire her in a way, like her face is plastered everywhere calling her out for her lies and shit and she's still around bullshitting forever.
I mean I would've deleted everything way before that hit the fan but I guess people like her thrive on that shit for some reason. It's pathetic.

No. 325964

i don't. she's never going to have a professional job outside of that banquet shit she does, especially if she wants to be a phlebotomist. anyone who ever searches her name will find so much stuff about her, and none of it makes her look employable. then again, she only has her GED anyway so i doubt she'd really go far. that's probably why she's trying so hard to be an instagram beauty guru or whatever her next personality is.

No. 325965

forgot to add that that's not to say that i disagree with you entirely. i also would've deleted immediately but she really let it all accumulate. that's because she really thrives off attention.

No. 325969

I think that, too. I honestly hope they'll notice that they're not getting any new followers from her and drop her

It's a common name. what?

And if she had scoliosis (as bad as she claims) her hips wouldn't be even.

No. 325993

The "beauty guru" thing is never going to happen, she's too below-average in appearance. I'm no makeup genius, but I'm pretty sure there's not any combination of techniques and products that could transform Ember into someone you could describe as "pretty."

Are there any real makeup artists here who would want to share how they'd make-over Ember?

No. 326013

I've never heard the name used for a person before this Ember. It's my cat's name, though.

No. 326050

I'm a cosmetologist and the first thing I'd do is change her god awful hair. She needs a good cut/color/treatment and maybe even extensions (done by a professional) to add fullness to her fried noodles. I'd give her face a good cleaning before putting any makeup on that. She needs more neutral/natural makeup. She has strong features in her face that she only makes look worse with her makeup. The winged liner doesn't suit her eyes, and her lips are often too crusty looking for any sort of lipstick which will only draw more attention to her chapped dried out white girl lips. Some clear plumping gloss and soft eye makeup and NATURAL contour would suit her wonderfully. For extra I'd probably curl her hair to add the illusion of fullness around the face for a more youthful appearance. This girl is my age (maybe a bit younger) and looks like a got damn granny.'

No. 326059

File: 1496227138432.jpg (Spoiler Image, 837.89 KB, 4000x2930, BeFunky Collage.jpg)

Here's some cringe for you anon, I tried lol

No. 326131

File: 1496239169094.jpg (548.16 KB, 2048x2048, BAFCB5B6-B165-44BF-AF51-F78FDB…)

I've been silently observing for months, I decided to make an edit for those desperate to see what Ember would look like if she looked after herself and wore her makeup to actually flatter her face. Behold, before and after!

No. 326137

Ok, I admit it, I changed her entirely, but she could look kinda like this if she dropped her hoodrat image and watched a few more makeup tutorials… i almost feel sorry for her… almost.

No. 326141

Stop talking to yourself and who gives a fuck, she's an ugly chunky trail trash whore, there's no fixing that

No. 326143

It's my first time posting, give me a break. I was literally just replying to my post because it's obviously a shop not a make over, not talking to myself, but you're trying to start beef over nothing? Lol.

No. 326157

We can all see it's terrible newfag stop posting

No. 326168

First time, need to lurk more not post. This is about milk not about you sitting at home on summer break doing virtual makeovers on your phone. we dont give a fuck

No. 326182

'First time posting' so then what do you call all of those other shop attempts in Luna's thread that have very recently just started?
The app you're using is shit. Stop.

No. 326214

this actually isn't that bad. i mean she's still seriously ugly, but the makeup looks good.

what the fuck is this lmfao? are we sure this isn't ember? this is some seriously bad shooping

No. 326262

Honestly, i wouldn't/won't buy from any company ember "promos" these companies really need to start googling people and not just go after people who look like they have a large following. No one from that company is probably reading this, but just in case they google themselves and happen apon this thread: @/ zookacosmetics or zooka cosmetics i will never buy from you ONLY because you're stupid enough to associate with Ember Lee Whann. Same goes for Dirtea (@/ getdirtea) and teazy (@/ teazyteatox) (not like id buy that diuretic shit anyway)

No. 326286

i think there's an anon who's just found out that meitu's a thing. They've been spamming a couple /snow/ threads

No. 326292

I can assure you it is not me posting in the other threads, but from what I've observed of this community, none of you are gonna believe that so, eh. ya'll sure are an angry bunch, oh well. I tried, back to silently observing. :)

No. 326310

File: 1496254689800.png (235 KB, 750x1181, IMG_5333.PNG)

Yea glitter lip gloss all over a blunt wrap is super ideal. Especially in a garbo flavored swisher for your garbo flavored weed.

Thinking about her rolling and licking a blunt wrap with that gloss on makes me want to vomit. Girl has no idea what she is talking about.

No. 326315

This bitch really needs to invest in bedding. I start itching thinking about her bed bugs

No. 326335

Hir lips are thin af, where's gonna put that glitter lip gloss?
It'll look bad, just like >>325856

No. 326352

she buys the worst pallets. that pallet is literal shit and not practical whatsoever. should've invested in a pallet that was actually worth something instead of dropping money on this shit. it's not like she works a job making bank. quality over quantity.

No. 326364

Kinda OT, but her face reminds me of jillian/pixielocks. They have the same kind of smug smile

No. 326380

File: 1496260937577.jpg (678.79 KB, 1080x1080, 2017-05-31_16.01.25.jpg)

I wonder when she's gonna start getting lip injections lol

No. 326385

File: 1496261372823.jpg (601.16 KB, 1080x1080, 2017-05-31_16.08.46.jpg)

last one

No. 326387

File: 1496261492194.png (1003.74 KB, 996x812, Screenshot_2017-05-31-04-12-10…)

here's a simple tip that could go a very long way for ember

No. 326404

it's most likely she doesn't have an angled brush or spooly for feathering her eyebrows. but she's fucking hideous anyways so fixing just the eyebrows wouldn't do much.

No. 326406

File: 1496263898422.png (91.26 KB, 488x471, IMG_4634.PNG)

imagine a potential employer looking at these threads but seeing photos like this. also, still laughing so hard at how round her face is when she isn't shooping. can't claim muh anorexia when you look like this irl.

No. 326416

This isn't better and you suck lmao

No. 326417

She should just leave them alone entirely, that kind of look is very unflattering on her.

No. 326424

She legitimately looks like that strung out 40 year old "cool mom" of one of your childhood trailer park friends that wore bell bottomed jeans and talked in a really raspy voice

No. 326471

that's the same type that smokes in the house and breathes it all over her children's friends and tries to pretend she doesn't do drugs and isn't addicted to smoking.

No. 326530

she looks like a turtle every time i see this pic i laugh

No. 326857

File: 1496319497344.png (58.49 KB, 576x640, kjkčl.png)

On todays episode of thing that never happened…

Ember, you forgot to add that you were shaking your pancake in front of the camera for strangers and he kicked you out.
Your ex literally doesn't give a shit anymore lmao

No. 326940

File: 1496328233700.png (413.18 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-06-01-09-39-29…)

So unfortunate to be this ugly

No. 326972

Fuck, she looks rough in half of these, especially top left. She's not hideous but the girl knows how to make herself look forty-three.

>he was just my coworker
>ive loved him since the second i met him

No. 327102

File: 1496348108576.jpg (54.37 KB, 599x389, IMG_3360.JPG)


> mfw fake abuse story

No. 327117

i can't wait to see her embellish it more and add to it. fake abuse, fake anorexia, fake scoliosis, what's next?

No. 327153

Fake death

No. 327157

File: 1496355378506.png (670.15 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0439.PNG)

No. 327170


honeyyyyyy stopppp you're just making it harder for yourself

No. 327172

she's going to harass crockpot over this one and blame her, i'm going to lay money on it. she can't let anyone know she's so obsessed with herself that she stalks these threads hourly and she can't handle it that a lot of people dislike her. i'm waiting for a "you can catch these hands" and 8 dozen stupid emojis.

No. 327187

The thing is not a lot of people care enough to dislike her anymore. She's faded into obscurity with bought followers and faux internet beef with shitty instagram wannabe models. I get fed up of anons being para but I honestly don't get the feeling there's a whole squad of different people replying in this thread. Not consistently, anyway.

No. 327198

i wish i could know how many of these posts in here are self posts. i'm a slight newfag, can't she just be permabanned? they've gone that to other cows before, right?

No. 327247

Here's the link to her "abuse story" for archiving purposes


No. 327290

Ember posted a series of videos on her snapchat earlier, saying she saw her super duper abusive ex boyfriend with his new girlfriend and her kid and instead of minding her own business, she actually went up to the couple, and caused them to fight.

And before anyone sperges out because of the source, just watch the damn video. You won't burst into flames for visiting some tumblrfag's blog.


And here's the text below the video because they say it better than I can about why Ember doing this is fucked up if he really did abuse her as badly as she claims and why he probably really wasn't ever abusive towards her if she actually was "thrilled" to know that she made them have a "huge fight".

>Ember, if your ex is seriously as abusive and crazy as you like to pretend, why would your first instinct to seeing him with his new girlfriend and her daughter is to go over, and cause them to fight? If you know someone has a history abuse, why wouldn’t you try to at least warn the girl, especially if she has a kid? Why would you purposely start a “huge” arguement between the two if you “know” he can be abusive and that there’s a possibility of him hurting her or her child?

>Probably because he never abused you and you two broke up because he discovered you were showing your ass on the internet for strange men while he was sleeping then kicked you out of his house and seeing him happy, with another girl makes you insanely jealous.

No. 327293

File: 1496364810417.jpg (308.48 KB, 900x1407, 2017-06-01-17-12-39-136.jpg)

It's fucking hilarious that her lips were edited to look bigger. It looks like someone else's lips were cut and pasted on.

No. 327304

File: 1496365560817.png (1.05 MB, 1280x835, 5f0fe36c-c3d3-4f6e-814f-6d8908…)

She's copying Janessa or whatever her name is again

No. 327309

her friend is so hideous

No. 327323

That's not how archiving works fam.

No. 327344

File: 1496368671673.png (82.26 KB, 637x487, IMG_4733.PNG)

it looks like conte$$a or whatever is actually letting her be a promoter now. unbelievable. i wish some of these people would actually google her and realize the kind of person she is.

No. 327352

sage for being a petty bitch but like… homegirl could fit quarters in those nostrils the way she flares them in her pictures. sorry but i had to say it

No. 327355

ok ember, good to see you still love making fun of your friends online

No. 327356

nice try but let's please not do this shit again

No. 327364

Because she lurks obsessively. We just talked about her dumb ass thin lips and then this

No. 327370

I feel bad for companies like zookacosmetics, they'll probably only gain 5 followers at the most from ember (and thats being generous) 2 of those 5 are definitely embers irl friends. Not much of a promo. They would do better using promoters with a smaller but more active follower count. But i guess actually researching people you pick to do promos is too hard for them.

No. 327439

Don't feel bad for them. Doing their due diligence should be a priority. When you own anything, You should know better, don't let thirsty thin lipped whore huffers shill your basic shit lippy.

No. 327486

We had fake suicide, so that's close

If you suspect it's a slefpost, report it

I already did that lol

What the fuck? I'm pretty sure her ex was alright, she used to post how much she loved him, how happy they were (and engaged), how he "helped" her get over her "self harm" (lol) etc.

I bet 5$ she just walk past them and said "hi" and somehow in her mind that translated into "they totally started a fight" because his new gf probably asked who she was. Or they were arguing already and she just passed right next to them lol

It's been like what? a year or two and she's still not over it

They don't know her name to actually google her

No. 327497

She looks pretty good here. Maybe she takes that promo stuff serious now?

No. 327500

That photo was photoshopped by the person who sold her that product, just look at her lips and the background. I really doubt she is bring sponsored by them.

No. 327504

as much as I'd like to believe it myself, she never showed any kind of responsibility or anything to "take stuff more serious"

How do you know it was shooped by them?

No. 327505

nvm I'm a retard

No. 327516

i don't know. if you go to that person's profile they look like they own that brand. "poppaxzooka", poppa zooka? zooka cosmetics? i don't get why she gets so much attention. with her bought followers, duck lips, awful shooping, and just as awful history and makeup, you'd think people would steer clear of her or at least do their research.

No. 327533

Has not mentioned him in a year, and this gets posted and then she runs in to him and harasses him within 24 hours of post. STFU Ember, such a liar

No. 327665

File: 1496419882378.jpg (109.71 KB, 492x617, thingsthatneverhappened.jpg)

two weeks ago she posted this on twitter. idk about anyone else, but if an abusive ex tried following me on social media i'd block their ass. also pretty sure she never mentioned that situation until now b/c for some reason her ex has to be a part of her latest personality.

No. 327674

Ember claims that nessa girl was at the same club as her, saw her, but didn't do shit. The way ember talks 90% of the time you can tell what. Liar she is. Dumb bitch.

No. 327691

Fucking liar! Its all lies. This bitch is killing me.

No. 327692

Is she that embarrassed of herself she can't record video without a filter?

No. 327697

of course she is lol

No. 327701

Nessa posted in her snapchat story about seeing Ember

No. 327710

No. 327720

File: 1496424898466.jpg (61.59 KB, 540x725, IMG_20170602_133254.jpg)

I hope she doesn't answer this and just stops using the fucking filters . She's bad enough without the squeaky voice and stupid floating animal ears and glasses. Fucking cringequeen.

No. 327729

File: 1496425556494.jpg (90.88 KB, 540x640, IMG_20170602_134406.jpg)

n doesn't she work in catering? Five bucks says these things have bits of weed, highlighter and dry skin under them ugh ew

No. 327735

Sorry, the video isnt loading now. I'm going to reupload it and repost the link

No. 327738

She will keep using the filter because it makes her face look skinny without needing to suck in her cheeks. She is gettig lazy.

No. 327739

No. 327744

Oh okay, I don't have her added on Snapchat so I didn't know lol

No. 327750

Another cow tipped her

No. 327789

Because Embers all talk she couldn't confront Nessa herself? Pussy

No. 327793

What are you talking about?

No. 327795

File: 1496430273475.jpg (33.4 KB, 811x314, Capture.JPG)

I think anon is talking bout this?

No. 327799

She's fully aware of the thread and has been for a long long time, no one really tipped her
But thank you for the ss

No. 327821

wouldn't be surprised if that was her sending herself that message. we all know she stalks these threads 24/7, and more than likely have been self posting in here.

No. 327822

She said she didnt see Nessa though

No. 327838

And you believe everything she says kek

No. 327878

OH MY G O D her snap story makes me want to kill myself.

when will she realize that she is a complete joke? she always comes back with that "hah gurl why you so obsessed with me" ember, get over yourself and realize that we are laughing at your sad life because you make it too. easy.

No. 327899

It made me want to barf listening to her brag about being a piece of shit. But honestly, it also makes me feel like we should stop giving her the attention. She wants this shit.

No. 327938

dont do these kind of replies no one need your opinion on every post jesus christ this thread really is cancer

No. 328008

in her snaps trying to say she didnt see that janessa girl and didnt know she would be there when one look at that girls Insta shows she works at that club …

No. 328011

So does Embers friend she went with its on her insta too

No. 328057

this is a nightmare thread now; half of this is derailing and i'm willing to bet a majority of this is just ember talking to herself.

No. 328086

Ember was banned from posting on this site due to her attempting to have her previous thread removed by posing as a 15 year old despite posting a photo of her ID days earlier, proving she was 18 at the time.

and like many people have already said, if you really think a post is her, report it to the admin. these threads hit post limit so fast because it's 25% complaining about tumblr links, 25% accusations that every other anon is ember or the girl-who-i-wont-name, 25% of people calling the thread cancer, 15% post like the one I'm typing right now, and then 10% are genuine milk.

No. 328112

File: 1496460010789.jpg (2.12 MB, 2048x1366, IMG_1828.JPG)

woof. definitely photoshopped

No. 328152

Why would he plump up her lips but not clean up her eyebrows too?

No. 328166

It wasn't edited by her. They probably didin't know how to save the brows lol

No. 328174

does her bf not know what she's like online how can she write this bullshit omfg

No. 328189

those are short and stubby and goddamn i've never seen hands so dry, especially in the summer.

does she buy likes for every one of her stupid ass pictures or does she still have somewhat of an underage following still? i legit thought they were p much all bought, she doesn't post fake thinspo so i can't imagine wannarexics keep her around.

No. 328214

I said 'he' for a reason, I know she didn't edit it.

No. 328217

Yes and no. It's not hard getting a few hundreds likes if you have a few hundred people who engage with you. It's just the followers/like ratio that is funny. She has over 25,000 followers but can't break over 500 likes on a photo, even after begging for them.

No. 328263

File: 1496477167307.jpg (266.65 KB, 1080x965, 693479456858.jpg)

apparently ember talked about how she escaped her horribly abusive ex boyfriend a during livestream a couple weeks back and some tumblrfag recorded it then compared her story to the one she posted on ask.fm the other night and boy, how different the stories are

the video is cut up into two parts so thats why im posting two different links



also sorry for the tumblr links, theyre just not posted anywhere else

No. 328329

this is boring as shit there was maybe one contradiction you need to shut that tumblr down before you become one with your sweaty desk chair anon

No. 328415

When was she banned? I thought old admin just banned her as a topic and if she wanted to post here she would have to identify her posts with her name.

No. 328420

Then please explain why you decorate like tasteless under-60 grandmas, Ember.

No. 328421

Emily is a banned cow, autist. STOP.

No. 328424

she was only banned as a topic. pretty sure she isn't banned from posting.

No. 328427

She keeps calling it "my ex's house" to refer to where she lied with AJ at the time she ran off with Andrew. She swore up and down they had their own house with some roommates. Nice slip.

No. 328430

caption says the photo was edited by the owner of zooka. Girl is too naturally ugly and makeup skills are too shit-tier to be featured on his page without him having to fix her face kek

No. 328446

She was banned as a topic and banned for posting, and all her posts were revealed. She broke the global rule of trying to deceive staff to have her threads removed or altered by claiming pictures that were posted of her were from when she was underage. Look through her old posts in the catalog.


No. 328530

>you decorate like tasteless under-60 grandmas

That is my new go-to insult.

No. 328624

>What I really believe happened is AJ was tipped off that Ember was camming while he wasn’t around and saw the videos of her showing her ass and underwear to strangers then probably caught wind that she was hanging around this Andrew guy a little too much while they worked together, since she admitted that they both had feelings for one another before she left her ex. So AJ started to call her out for what she did and Ember couldn’t handle the consequences for her actions, so she made up the claim that she was actually being physically abused by him as a way to get Andrew’s sympathy and for him not to suspect that she was nothing more than an attention seeking liar. though I really think she’s telling the truth about him calling her a whore/skank and telling all of their friends that she cheated on him because she did.

Sounds about right.

No. 328642

>i wish we lived in my boyfriend's brother basement

is their house that shitty that she would prefer to live in someone else's basement?

lmao jeez ember. maybe you should focus on saving your money instead of wasting it on drugs, paraphernalia, poorly done manicures and make up you don't know how to apply so you can one day not live in a slum with a 30 year old midget that has worked as a waiter for most of his adult life.

i seriously wonder if this girl will forever be dependent on other people? she still can't drive, can't afford to live on her own, and doesn't seem to have any sense of how the real world works, nor she it seem like she'll ever stop doing drugs long enough to get a better paying job or even attempt to go to college to further her education. what would happened to her if Andrew decided he's tired of her and kicked her out? couch hop? move back in with her mom? run back to AJ, begging for a second chance? or find a new sucker to leech off of until the process repeats?

No. 328683

File: 1496541031484.png (373.13 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20170603-214936.png)

Why is she wearing a bdsm cock sucking gag lol

No. 328687

This is just an ugly group of girls.

No. 328688

I'm more concerned about the fact that she seems to have forgotten to put on a shirt. Also, charge your phone, jesus.

No. 328689

The one chick has never met a toothbrush in her whole life, the middle chick contours with actual cheeto dust and ember, just ring leading the shovel face brigade.

No. 328700

Nice little pot belly peaking thru that stupid jacket

No. 328701

I know Ember looks pretty miserable in her own photos, but it really takes a good candid of her to convey just how much she looks like a middle-aged single mom who's had the same cashiering job for a decade and spends all her wages on smokes and Michael Kors. Jeeeez.

No. 328703

File: 1496544435817.png (1.55 MB, 1024x1358, k234dghjkffff.png)

I found where these images were posted and both of these are from the same night. Here's the site I found them on.


You can find multiple photos of Janessa and Ember's picture is at the veeeery bottom of the page lol

No. 328704

File: 1496544474454.png (2.38 MB, 1684x2770, chin.png)

I'm hung up on her massive chin and severe lack of tits lol

No. 328706

Tbh that girl looks hot.

No. 328707

File: 1496544897353.png (477.98 KB, 952x733, Screenshot_2017-06-03-22-53-25…)

Ember looks like a frog and I am unnerved by how yellow the girl on the far left teeth are.

No. 328720

File: 1496547360646.png (144.24 KB, 1080x656, Screenshot_2017-06-03-23-33-12…)

Ummm Ember you said during your livestream that you never reported him to the police? You gotta get better at keeping your lies straight.

No. 328726

My favorite thing is that ember sucks her cheeks in when she poses so she looks skinnier, but it's super obvious and you can tell by her lips (or lack thereof)

No. 328727

File: 1496550226770.png (61.15 KB, 500x375, 1478872218063.png)

No. 329055

Never, phone always low battery. But yeah between the lack of shirt and gag collar, I wonder if she's trying to go into the whole spank me daddy thing. Another personality change mayhaps? I kind of really hope so cause the thought of her calling her cross dressing bf daddy is amazing to me.

No. 329088

She's had it for a while she's worn it in other photos on her IG

No. 329098

He cross dresses??

No. 329106

File: 1496610380318.png (214.04 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20170604-170342.png)

Like I doubt he legit cross dresses on a regular basis but yeah lol he has before for whatever reason

No. 329160

File: 1496616429293.png (Spoiler Image, 375.17 KB, 540x540, Screenshot_2017-06-04-17-42-41…)


No. 329171

File: 1496618170584.jpg (335.66 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170604_191506.jpg)

Awwww she's being bullied womp womp

No. 329180

File: 1496619268023.jpg (322.29 KB, 1080x1080, 2017-06-04_19.22.25.jpg)

THAT'S ME! I changed my username and blocked her just so she would think she got me deleted lol

ive been logged into a different throwaway account and had no idea she messaged me back until I checked this thread again lmao.

I think I hit a nerve guys

No. 329200

get any milk?

No. 329285

File: 1496628834395.png (277.41 KB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_2017-06-04-22-12-07…)

uhhh perhaps. she asked why i "hated" ember and I mentioned the scams and lies she has told then she asked for proof, so i sent her what i could find and after looking at it all, she went silent on me.

i'll post an update if there is any.

No. 329308

File: 1496632124988.png (268.29 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_2017-06-04-23-03-59…)

i sent her friend the links to the gifs and video of ember being a cam whore while she was with her ex since she tells everyone she never cheated on him or did him wrong, and it seems like her friend is actually starting to see the light.

No. 329331

That's not milk anon, that's just you being a twat.

No. 329355

sorry but this is super autistic. why was that necessary

No. 329359

exactly. i mean god, we all hate the girl too, that's why we're here, but intentionally isolating her? that's pretty fucked up, even for lolcow, and even to do to a cow like ember. stick to actual milk dude.

No. 329364

File: 1496639621827.png (84.38 KB, 1080x739, Screenshot_2017-06-05-01-06-31…)

ah I guess a little context would help.

Embers friend messaged me, asking me why I was "so educated" on ember and that I apparently had details about her, and I asked her why she was saying this so she sent screenshots from janessas snapchat, with my ig name listed in her DMs. I originally just milked her for info until she explained how she knew I sent the messages to her then after a shit storm of hate messages, she asked for more info and now she knows that Ember did cheat on AJ and isn't as big of a victim as she pretends to be.

I didn't reach out to her. she contacted me first and just happened to ask the right questions.

No. 329369

okay but like…. where is the info you milked from her………

No. 329390

In case you, or other anons didn't know - contacting a cow, or her friends to get some milk can get you banned.

Anyway, looks like she's trying hard to jump on the mua wagon; https://www.instagram.com/temporarygoddessreviews/
And her arm looks off in the pictures on the account?

No. 329393

Her photoshopped arm reminds me of a shaved dog leg.

No. 329558

Well, I didn't contact her. She messaged me.

No. 329559

File: 1496678301408.png (853.8 KB, 1080x1179, 2017-06-05 11.56.46.png)

the basement in which ember lives

I wonder of she purposely took a photo in front of it or did it on accident lol

No. 329631

WHERE IS THE INFO YOU """MILKED""" jesus christ

No. 329660

File: 1496692486501.jpg (25.55 KB, 570x363, embersarms.jpg)

Right here!

No. 329732

File: 1496698970882.jpg (55.26 KB, 640x496, IMG_1846.JPG)

so… you were so excited that this absolute nobody messaged you that you came to lolcow to post screenshots and brag about it? and contribute literally nothing? oh my god

No. 329735

There's no new milk, i can guarantee it

No. 329784

I never claimed to have gotten any milk, at least not the kind worth sharing. Someone just posted screenshots of her and ember attempting to have my throwaway account deleted so I just added context.

No. 329849

>"I originally just milked her for info"
get out

No. 329862

you forgot the rest of my sentence
>I originally just milked her for info until she explained how she knew I sent the messages to her

Once I got that info, I sent her this message >>329171 then logged out of the account until I checked this thread again, and saw she attempted to have my other account terminated.

Why are some of you anons so salty about this? lol

No. 329875

File: 1496714901343.gif (1.98 MB, 271x276, IMG_2926.GIF)

>get any milk?

>uhhh perhaps

>Why are some of you anons so salty about this? lol
Sage your shitposting

No. 329887

whoever called wannabe mua as ember's next personality, you win. she made a makeup review acct.
i don't have caps but in her snap story, her cringey """ghetto""" accent is nowhere to be found
>inb4 her next snap is a ghetto one

No. 329905

she's been trying this for a while now tho. like she had that opalknife ig for makeup until it disappeared and now she has another one that will probably go the same route.

No. 329913

p sure she just changed her username to opalknife? i may be wrong

No. 329932

how in the fuck is that milk.
and yeah, that is a bannable offense.
quit derailing the thread with stuff no one cares about.

No. 329960

No, it's there, just private (and 0 posts)

No. 330064

What exactly is against the rules?

No. 330068

(different anon)
Contacting a cow(s,) friends or family is bannable. Read the rules.

No. 330325

I did read the rules, which why I was confused. I did not contact them, I was messaged first and asked a series of questions by them. I don't believe it's against the rules to reply.

No. 330388

File: 1496795640135.gif (288.9 KB, 600x571, em.gif)

got the original and compared it to the edited version. not only were the lips enlarged, her face was slimmed and her frizzy hair was tamed.

No. 330472

The animation makes it look like she's enjoying a boiled sweet.

No. 330526

the best part of this is the editing on her 3 day old braids. yikes

No. 330530

they also made her ear smaller lol

No. 330544

Love that they tried blending her makeup better

No. 331404

You need to find your chill, Meghan. You're a psycho.

No. 331482

File: 1496955499541.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_2017-06-08-16-45-44…)

>in OUR house

>you decorate like a grandma

Picture related is a photo Ember posted to her cats instagram page

and just check out that decor
>quilt hanging over couch
>photo of a solider in a uniform worn during ww2 times
>antique lamp
>antique roll-top desk
>a framed stock photo of a flower probably both at a flea market
>multiple photos of relatives in tacky frames

There is no way someone as ~edgy~ as Ember would decorate her house like this. She probably is telling the truth about not living her boyfriend's brother's basement, because they're really living in her boyfriend's grandma's basement.

No. 331512

Didnt they inherit this house from his parents? That would explain the decorating

No. 331513

are you really going off of what Ember said? because I got bad news for you if you think she doesn't lie about random shit lol

No. 331654

>Implying she wouldn't sell all their shit and redecorate with tacky garbage even if that "inheritance" story was true.

No. 331714

Ember wouldnt have "inherited" anything, anyways. It's her 45 year old boyfriend's family. And I really doubt that douche bag would keep that house looking like an old lady lived there if his grandmother really was dead. He wears fedoras ffs.

No. 331760

File: 1496984714056.png (453.54 KB, 715x663, Screenshot_2017-06-09-01-03-25…)

damn Ember, remember to breathe lmao

No. 331800

never understood why if she's into fucking old dudes she doesn't just get sugar daddies or cam or something

look, she's busted, but she's in what bumfuck upstate new york? far more busted bitches make money doing stuff like that. i just hate that her creepy old bf who openly hit on his ex is still with ember, she's an asshole but no one deserves a guy as scummy as him.

and i want a new personality change this one isn't funny anymore and she's too fucking boring to have her own thread. is the Crock losing her mind yet not being mentioned?

No. 331802

>just get sugar daddies or cam or something

She like to do the most low effort things that will give her instant gratification
Camming and finding a sugar daddy is too much work for her

> i want a new personality change

Same. But I guess she's using exactly that to stop people from talking about her

And we don't talk about the other one.

No. 331889

File: 1497022973527.png (374.58 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-06-09-10-13-07…)

Round ass face. No chest bones. Guess she's fully recovered now kek

No. 331927

please tell me someone recorded that live video. people calling her out left and right. it was glorious

No. 331934

They called her out on what?

No. 331956

File: 1497034435632.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-09-14-52-26…)

maybe this? but idk. she posted this to her IG story.

>10 viewers

No. 331958

File: 1497034758328.png (91.55 KB, 237x349, Screenshot_2017-06-09-14-57-50…)

No. 331959

looks like she did her eyebrows backwards

No. 331962

File: 1497035496233.png (169.45 KB, 1080x820, Screenshot_2017-06-09-15-07-15…)

mayonnaise is not a good source of protein? but I really can just picture ember spooning mayo straight into her mouth tbh

No. 331965

Like Honey Boo-Boo

No. 331969

Mayonnaise is Ember's main source of protein - only the purest form of nutrients for the ana goddess

No. 331971

I don't think so? This is about that nessa girl, no one is calling out Ember, if it was she wouldn't have posted it


No. 331975

dont remember everything but at one point she was going on and on about how she "doesn't care about how many followers she has" (the lady doth protest too much) and then someone reminded her that she bought followers before and that there are receipts. she flat out denied it

No. 331985

File: 1497037318399.png (736.16 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_2017-06-09-15-40-06…)

>like and comment on my shit or get BLOCKED

well that's a tad bit manipulative miss i-dont-care-about-my-follower-count

No. 331988

So she's going to block around 21k accounts? Just delete your account kek

No. 331990

File: 1497037645607.jpg (777.3 KB, 1080x1080, 2017-06-09_15.45.45.jpg)

I can see why she's threatening to block people if they don't interact with her lol
She's been struggling to break 200 likes on her posts for a while now.

No. 333255

As fake as her eating disorder is, can we please stop pretending she's chubby?
I get why it used to be funny but she mostly gave that act up. She's clearly just naturally slim, even in candids. She abused that to fake her ED but since she dropped that who cares? She sucks in her stomach, so does literally everyone.

No. 333277

I used to follow her and was a ghost but she never deleted anyone. It's just some regular attention seeking again.

No. 333342

No. Its a fact KEK

No. 333400

File: 1497112239017.gif (1017.24 KB, 500x260, IMG_1935.GIF)

ok ember, we'll stop now, sorry to hurt your feelings

No. 333439

There's no reasoning with EDfags.

Hopefully Hellweek will weed them all out. Enjoy your autosaged thread :^)

No. 333652

oh my god, you're right. just swap Ember's eyebrows around, and they're almost normal looking.

No. 333660

Please let her next phase be munchie, it would be the most perfect fit for her as a permanent adult special snowflake role. Munchie is her true, natural final form; she'll get attention and drugs and hospital selfies, and there's such a huge community to tap into and so many diseases to move through that it doesn't matter how many times she gets caught, she can just hop on to the next disease that's trending. Plus she could not have a job and collect disability, and get SO many promoter points from all the little do-gooder IG "spoonie warrior" accounts…and the sympathy. My god, such an outpouring she could have, just mentioning a flare up, posting a random picture or medical equipment, or vagueing about being terminal once in while. And the money-making potential with gofundme's and charity giveaways? She was born for it. It's literally everything she wants. It's only a matter of time.

No. 333677

Lol those triangular Asian guy brows.

No. 333684

>Killstar wearing Wiccan goth

literally the worst aesthetic

No. 333690

I know an annoying edgelordy cunt who can't stop talking about how she just became a PLEBotomist and how 'sexy' and 'edgy' blood is so that's comforting to know :^)

No. 333965

She didn't become a pHlebotomist, just said she wants to, one of eight million different ambitions she's announced over time, it's not interesting, your joke is not clever, and if you're going to be an annoying cunt at least sage your shit.

No. 334013

I don't believe they're referring to Ember.


No. 334409

Thank god this thread is going to autosage soon and no new ones are going to be allowed. The level of autism is unbearable.

No. 334808

File: 1497328658778.jpg (387.48 KB, 667x1000, IMG_8801.jpg)

No. 334826

what is wrong with her knees

No. 334849

Just think…at their age, this is probably the hottest ANY of these girls will ever be.

No. 334861

File: 1497338065861.jpg (593.91 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170613_031227.jpg)

I can't stop looking at that mug and that bald spot.

No. 334884

File: 1497344118383.jpg (587.04 KB, 1068x950, 2017-06-13_04.52.56-1.jpg)

I can't stop looking at the massive size difference going on with her titties compared to last week's picture

No. 334885

Push up bra vs no bra

No. 334931

>extremely padded* push up bra

No. 334958

Thats the only way to make her waist look skinny

No. 334965

This whole "Ember is so chubby" schtick is not milk

No. 334966

Fuck off Ember and go make some more cream cheese creasant rolls

No. 334985

This is exactly why this thread is autosaged and soon to be banned again kek no milk just sperging out

No. 335035

get ready for spoonie ember… shes already on snapchat saying shes sick and the doctors dont know what's wrong and she needs a bunch of tests… w e w

No. 335864

can you believe she STILL sucks it in this much, lol after all of these years of ppl telling her we know she's doing it

No. 335905

File: 1497546062646.jpg (82.42 KB, 779x1036, 2017-06-15-09-54-50-628.jpg)

At least she isn't photoshopping her ribs like this anymore. Can you imagine her trying to make her body look like this while a photographer tried to take her and her friends pictire? She is so embarrassing.

No. 336927

File: 1497692101193.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-29-20-47-49…)

posting this since no one has yet

she uploaded this about around a month ago

No. 336978

Who cares, she's got thunder thighs, what's new, where's the milk?

No. 337399

This thread is dead, can we all just agree that ember is plain and boring??

No. 338803

File: 1498026310385.png (102.63 KB, 640x1013, IMG_2261.PNG)

>taking care of my body

No. 339564

File: 1498157937631.jpg (74.89 KB, 625x465, 8abc88b60a63343995d3e61857381d…)

No. 342138

I'm surprised no one here has jumped on her Q&A post

No. 344131

No one cares anymore

No. 352047

File: 1499987845705.png (271.33 KB, 1440x2208, 20170713_191428.png)

Emily will literally grab on to anyone that antagonizes ember like I cannot tell between her ember and Nessa who is the most starved for attention.
(Nessa is another try hard ugly instahoe trying way too hard to be part of embers drama for those not knowing)

No. 354437

File: 1500352300390.png (968.1 KB, 576x1024, IMG_2532.png)

No. 354439

File: 1500352325529.png (1008.61 KB, 720x1280, IMG_2531.png)

No. 354542

Literally no one cares

No. 356094

File: 1500558922055.png (28.53 KB, 627x426, ember whann whore.png)

Yeah yeah, no one cares anymore.

But at least the whore is now beginning to admit that she was showing her ass and tits on cam behind her ex's back.

>i did it to get back at him for abusing me ;-;

If you were so vengeful, why not just break up with him? If he was forcing you to stay, why didn't you leave while he was at work instead of being a whore on the internet? Why not call the cops?
Why was your first reaction to being abused was to shake your disgusting ass on camera for strange men?

Probably because she wasn't being abused but is simply an attention whore who needed validation at all hours of the night, from anyone she could get it from.


No. 356223

Honestly no one cares. You're talking to yourself at this point

No. 358387

Unpopular opinion: The Internet caused Ember's fake eating disorder to grow into a real one.

No. 358602

Yeah, thats why she hasnt lost or gained a single pound in ever. Because the internet totally caused her to have a real ed. Lol it doesnt work that way anon.

No. 358608

File: 1500845676625.png (164.42 KB, 849x617, 4chan.png)

Looks like Ember has been sharing her and Nessa's snapchat on 4chan.

No. 358609

She has posted several screenshots of posts like that on snap recently saying its not her

No. 358610

You obviously understand how eating disorders work and that definitely explains why she looks like a crypt keeper compared to normal sized girls. Thanks for the input, anachan.

No. 358612

File: 1500846265048.jpg (205.07 KB, 1242x1530,