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File: 1477276662668.jpg (350.24 KB, 1377x1600, IMG_5152.JPG)

No. 187297

The Hartley Hooligans are a pair of sisters, Claire and Lola Hartley, born with microcephaly, cerebral palsy, dwarfism, epilepsy, and tons of other conditions. This basically means they are ultra retarded, can't walk, talk, or even move their tiny limbs in any useful way. Their appearance is somewhere between human and weird space alien.

The sisters are semi-famous due to Gwen, their mother. She loves dressing them up in goofy outfits, discussing and analyzing their every minor facial movement, sound, and bodily function. She even had the second baby despite that the girl would be staggeringly messed up. Their home state spends millions of dollars on a parade of therapists and special equipment that have had no noticeable impact on their potato lives.

So anons, do you think retards should be not only allowed to live and leech millions of tax dollars, but also to be praised for shitting themselves, making ugly faces, and not dying? Is the mom wrong to parade them around for internet likes or is she doing a public service by giving the world so much material for funny memes?

No. 187307

Wasn't there already a thread in /b/ for these goblins and the fanatical psycho woman who bred them?
Honestly unless the brother escapes or those poor girls finally get to die there's no milk here.

No. 187309

That thread was active but hit the post limit

No. 187333

Its one thing to have a kid with downs or autism or cerebral palsy or any number of disabilities where they are compromised but otherwise capable of living pretty human lives.

this is just…something else entirely and makes me pretty sad. I especially don't like the mother parading them around in little costumes and making exhibitions out of them.

They're surprisingly old but I don't really think they have much longer to live, so that will be quite the shit storm.

No. 187346

Oh wow I didn't realise it had been active.
The way the mum parades these kids around is vaguely sickening. She's made these kids a spectacle so she can get asspats for deliberately not aborting some babies who aren't even capable of self awareness.
Once nature finally overtakes medicine and the goblins are allowed to die the mothers gonna lose her shit. I see divorce, a stint in a psych ward, and losing custody of her son within three months of the longest lasting girls death.

No. 187411

She recently posted a thing about how they finally got generic test results that identified the gene that screwed up their girls. Apparently the few people with the condition can live into their twenties or thirties but the health issues actually get worse. In some fucked up way it is the sanest she has ever come off talking about her daughters.

No. 187423

I wonder if she ever feels guilty about making such a selfish choice.

Maybe that's why she parades the poor little fuckers around dressed up and crows about all the progress she imagines they're making. Its as much about deluding herself as it is smearing her kids on any screen she can for attention.

No. 187448

holy shit i really hope those girls don't have to live another 10+ years, what an awful existance

No. 187472

Does she even pay attention to her son or ignore him in favor of 24/7 care and showing off of her daughters because he's healthy and therefore boring to her?

No. 187476


I seriously hope they have no sentience, I'm sure they are in pain 24/7. They probably gave up on screaming & crying and just wait for the pain to end.

No. 187515


I think what's more likely, since her son is 17 now, is that he will go to college and have as little to do with her as possible. The poor kid probably never gets any attention from either parent and I would bet he's hugely resentful of his sisters.

No. 187524

Imagine having those things with you everywhere. Blasting ass and shitting and drooling and smelling like a cow pasture and making goblin sounds. No wonder the kid is like class president and plays tons of sports, I'd love school too if it got me out of that house.

No. 187642

File: 1477350260983.jpg (391.03 KB, 1266x1080, IMG_5253.JPG)

No. 187880

Seems like choice-supportive bias to me.

No. 187883

But she totes the little gremlins to his games and forces the teams to interact with them. Can't even let her own son have any spotlight.

No. 187890

File: 1477355897233.jpg (120.45 KB, 720x960, cal-with-kids-20151222125634.j…)

I wonder what his childhood was like…

No. 187916

Imagine sitting next to the family as Claire and Lola shit and piss and explosively pass gas. Or think of being one of those kids who has to reach over and touch them.

No. 188016

>…ASNS typically involves cerebral atrophy and that it is progressive. That scares the fuck out of me. While I know the girls' prognoses have always been grim, I have become the queen of pushing it out of my mind – sometimes many times a day – because I am unable to process this harsh reality without it completely shattering me on a soul-level. I want to believe my girls are an exception to this rule because their heads are growing still & their development is progressing. Surely this cannot be a sign of atrophy or degeneration. I will hold out hope that they are setting a new standard for this diagnosis…

On one hand, she's finally being open about it. On the other hand, her bullshit about them "developing" is just that, bullshit. Their brains are atrophying as we speak. Oh and this spokesperson for microcephaly stuff is ridiculous given the circumstances.
>they both continued to progress developmentally!
>I got to hear Lola tell me ALL ABOUT why she DID NOT want to leave her BFF's & the game! MY GIRL COMMUNICATED WITH ME!

Also, ffs:
>homeopathic allergy remedies
>allergy-busting Young Living essential oils
>chiropractor/applied kinesiologist

No. 188017

>I am both giddy and nervous, all at the same time.
Your children are experiencing atrophy and ongoing damage of their brains. Keep feeling giddy though.

No. 188018

yeah no they are not going to live past 30 tops.

if they have ever had a memory capacity or ability to perceive things, its just going to worsen and all that "development" will be out the window.

The brain can adapt to many strange circumstances, but this isn't really one of them.

No. 188020

File: 1477377862098.jpg (295.79 KB, 2010x1286, 1-s2.jpg)

This is the data pool. It's really that small, and now researchers can add these two goblins to it. They literally have no future.

No. 188048


That will all look pretty impressive on a college application form too. I think he's probably been planning his exodus from that house for years.

No. 188183

Find out not only are your children horribly physically and mentally retarded but that since day one what little brain they have is rotting away!!
Cannot even imagine the hell that is their worlds with all of that.
But its not about those girls is it! As always Gwen has completely made it about HER!!
I wish a quick and peaceful passing for girls and I hope Gwen suffers for the rest of her vile awful life!

No. 188205

>that was the day Claire went hungry

No. 188206

So families C and D all had babies that died? awwww. I know it's for the best but it's still sad when it happens.

No. 188283

I like how she mentions that her, her husband, and her normal son all got tested to see if they were carriers….but only told us that her & husband are, radio silence on the son. Poor Cal, he's got the potato gene waiting to ruin his future too. Can you imagine living 18 years with these tortured things, finally escaping, then learning your wife is pregnant with another one?

No. 188292

Would anyone without access to an MRI machine be able to tell the difference? Neither one can talk, walk, or do pretty much anything. And despite Gwen's claims to the contrary there's no visible proof that either one so much as knows their name or who their parents are. Further brain atrophy will basically just take them closer to the end. Both girls have basically been dying a torturous death since the moment they were born.

No. 188494

Jesus christ, how could a mother force her children to go through that?

No. 188529

File: 1477437010865.jpg (191.16 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_5323.JPG)

No. 188541

I can't be the only one who thinks they look like Dakota's shoops

No. 188544



nah anon i agree with you

No. 188576

15 years… but close enough.

No. 188577

She says that both parents have to have the gene to produce new Claire's and Lola's so the kid's probably OK, but yeah, that would be some kind of awful fate if Cal had to spend nearly his whole life as a tard wrangler.

No. 188581

Well, at least the brother can have comfort knowing he most likely will not have to worry about taking care of his sisters once his crazy assume mom and enabling dad kick the bucket. Poor kid has a future after all

No. 188582

Assume = ass, damn auto correct

No. 188583

Ugh I wouldn't chance it. Get a vasectomy kid.

No. 188632

If Gwen and the rest of the family disappeared tomorrow and a random other person started taking care of them, would either girl notice?

No. 188768

File: 1477500473495.webm (1.25 MB, 304x288, 1455393042133.webm)

I think if a pair of seagulls swapped with that family as their caregivers it'd make no difference to them!
I also believe the girls have little to no awareness of each other, far from Gwen's "sibling rivalry" "westside dwarves" BULLSHIT….I think their poor atrophied rotted brains CANT FORM MEMORIES OR OPINIONS!
The older they get its very clear to everyone except GWen they are rapidly deteriorating.
Especially Lola who was clearly at birth more affected than CLaire.
God I just wish they'd die yesterday!
Poor mites.?

No. 188898

I was amazed how similar this woman's story was to the Hooligans. Except this mother thought of her children's quality of life & is not a exploitative monster:


TDLR: Had two girls diagnosed with microcephaly with simplified gyral pattern. First wasn't diagnosed until after birth and has lived at least 10 years. 2nd was was diagnosed while still pregnant & they aborted. Also have 2 healthy children.

I thought it was in informative read & may give a deeper insight to this Hooligan situation.

No. 188918

when he puts his entire fist in

No. 189608

No. 189902

File: 1477693030519.jpeg (741.12 KB, 1320x4000, 1477692766021.jpeg)

this woman takes pictures and adds silly captions to her daughter being in severe pain from having her tiny arm poked with a needle

No. 189906

File: 1477693093654.jpeg (544.26 KB, 1000x4000, 1477692920385.jpeg)

and poor lola had several veins blow…
i think it's safe to say they do indeed feel pain and fear

No. 189997

Pain and fear are probably just about all they can feel. Definitely not happiness. Contentment might be as good as it gets for them and I'm skeptical about that evening happening.

No. 190031

Fear might be projecting, pain definitely. I'm sure they feel the pleasure of a good fart too. Every day they live, their brains atrophy and their encephalopathy progresses. They get less aware, not more.

No. 190044

Their mom writes a lot about how Claire farts all the time as a form of communication. So Claire would make a suitable character for an Adam Sandler movie.

No. 190060

>farts as a form of communication
oh god it just gets worse

No. 190066


probably thinks that's her way to tell her "I love you mom"

No. 190102

I dunno about you guys but owning a Claire BSR sounds like a fucking riot.

No. 190186

what the fucking fuck

No. 190192

So Lola projectile vomits like a possessed demon to communicate with Gwen and Claire farts.
The new diagnosis makes more and more sense..they had no healthy or enough of brains to start but imagine already how much has rotted…leaving them as the world sees them and they are non sentient husks of human meat in stupid costumes and bows .
No wonder the parents add their own stories like "Lola's rubber chicken bok" it's because even the Hartley family the best puppeteers of meats sacks in Kansas know they can't make them look alive or human in any way.
That's because they're not and never were!

No. 190206

File: 1477740058705.jpg (75.52 KB, 790x700, hartley.jpg)

And yet she persists in sending these lies in a letter to her Dr each year. Walking… pfft.

No. 190208

>the healthiest member of our family

Has she forgotten about her son or does she just disown the ones that she can't pimp out for attention?

No. 190209

>Claire farts all the time as a form of communication
Wow, it's a stinky version of the Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

No. 190212

>No medication!!
I wonder if she gets medicine for her son when he's sick.

No. 190220

Those yearly "badass" "divability" "bittybadass" letters she send to a man at the top of his profession with most likely no idea or memory of this particular shit show is fuckin hilarious!!
Look at the comments under letters with Gwen and followers… Priceless

No. 190228

She says she's pissed that he told them Claire would probably die within a year, but ignores that nearly every other baby with these conditions dies quickly. It would have been aggressively unethical for him to tell everyone with a baby with this many disabilities anything else.

No. 190229

I guess she doesn't consider things like limb usage and a functioning intellect part of health.

No. 190230

File: 1477749477903.png (193.32 KB, 750x599, IMG_5447.PNG)

No. 190233

What the fuck. Imagine the kids at the son's school finding this blog and reading it, poor kid is going to made fun of - if he isn't already.

No. 190234

Seeing as Gwen makes his entire basketball team fistbump the gremlins at every game, I'm sure he already is.

No. 190235

"Westside dwarves"

This thread has given me a much needed laugh.

No. 190255

Why would you post this for the world to see? It's disgusting and borderlining on a fetish for her.

No. 190269

File: 1477756273353.gif (4.04 MB, 320x570, eZlzEuj.gif)

Growing strong!
Healthiest I know!
So clever!
They love rap and wedding shows….

No. 190323

Flush them!

No. 190335

Oh it's well into fetish territory. I suppose if nothing else Claire's bowels and colon work! Basically the only things that do from the sound of it.

No. 190349


She's like some kind of doughnut flavor.

No. 190353

special potato donut

No. 190356

>Lola's face here
Nothing's going on at all, just sensations, that's it.

No. 190363

they use essential oils

No. 190379

File: 1477777898023.jpg (38.3 KB, 847x207, hartley2.jpg)

They don't have anything to measure the atrophy against.

No. 190380

Why has no one made a "steamed vegetables" comment yet?

No. 190436

File: 1477786214025.jpg (62.76 KB, 640x713, IMG_3392.JPG)

No. 190437

Funny how she subtly admits that she doesn't want her delusions shattered with proof to the contrary.

No. 190472

It's so creepy how the little one looks like Golem.

No. 190482

File: 1477799798578.png (313.85 KB, 1280x696, owRdmsf.png)

Lola in that pot.

"They're not even sure if it is a baby".

No. 190486

File: 1477800545544.jpg (103.1 KB, 1200x765, hartley3.jpg)

Claire lost the ability to eat (this post is more than a year and a half old). And just as I thought, Lola gets tube fed as well. I guess hers gets pulled in and out.

No. 190487

or maybe she's just had it for some of the time. sage for samefag.

No. 190524


I've been following the old thread and was glad to see a new one on their circumstances. This is the most sentience I've seen out of all of their photos, even if it's only a little bit. Basing from the expressions it looks like the older one had some idea she's not in her usual environment and responds to the initial pain of the butterfly needle for the blood draw. All the other times in pictures and videos of them they seemed to have no idea what was going on around them. But this picture makes me wonder if there is slight bit of sentience.

No. 190526

there's this video where she's trying to roll over, like the first move a baby makes, 4-5 months old I'm guessing? and she does look around a little. but when you watch the 'walking' and 'crawling' pt sessions, she's not doing anything. she's has a young baby's level of sentience maybe? but then it's less, because even a young baby is quite interactive.

but also her brain is atrophying and getting more damaged each day, and she can't feed.

No. 190528

Watching the full "bubbles" video, Lola looks like she's having a reflex reaction to the sensation of the bubbles (or maybe she's having seizures?). When dad kisses her on the cheek she looks to have a seizure then for sure. Lola never appears to get used to the water or anything happening around her. She fails to notice Claire it seems.

Claire seems different, she does seem to have a sense of the people interacting with her and some desire to move her limbs. On what level, who knows? Does she recognise them as her parents?

I wonder who pooped in the spa after the shot ended…

No. 190537

samefagging but she does seem to be kicking in the pool here, and interacting as well. usually the therapist is doing it all but I'm not sure how she could be doing this.

No. 190578

File: 1477831194846.jpg (7.35 KB, 275x67, 1477777898023.jpg)

This is the single most disturbing and proof of abuse I've seen so far!!
The parenting equivilant of keeping your head permanently in the sand!!
That and then switch to all the zika interviews and letters to doctors about her thriving, normal girls with cheeky personality's….
I'm fucking speechless
This woman needs to be at least paid a visit by child services and mental health professionals!!
PS. On fb and YouTube 97% of comments under her microcephaly is fun you guyz interviews people say everything we are saying here!!

No. 190596

Claire might have something going on in there. In her various videos both in therapy and in the water she does try to move her legs, which isn't much but something. Gwen herself has said that she thinks the BSRs intellects to be around that of a 6-18 month old.

Even the video where Claire farts does seem like she might use her explosive ass to get a point across. On the other hand there's no proof at all that she ever recognizes anything other than pain.

No. 190608

This is so sad.

No. 190649

Ok so I stumbled upon this on youtube,another hartley style mother and terribly disabled child..the "creeping" at 49s oh god

No. 190652

oh my god anon, this is so unsettling.
creeping!!!! could she not just call it crawling or something.
it's even more disturbing seeing one this old. freaks me out, man.

No. 190653

5:32 the way she feeds her.

No. 190656

It's like a human sloth. It moves around like on and everything. It's so bad - I don't know if I pity both her and the mom or am angry that the mom would let that child be born…

No. 190658

What a miserable life for them both.

No. 190662

I can't..I just can't.

I do feel more sympathy for them than the Hartley's to be honest. This child was born in 1980 so the pre-natal diagnostics weren't as good as they are today. And she didn't go and had another one of those. I really feel for people who end up with a child this fucked up. But I will never understand the need to broadcast your misery.

No. 190667

In this case, the video is more educational than anything else. While the Hartleys are just parading their kids around, this woman seems super knowledgeable about how to take care of her kid and is explaining the reasoning for all of her care tactics. I imagine this kind of knowledge would be useful to other parents with similar children.

No. 190669

File: 1477857131886.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-30-19-46-07…)

That gilker woman is knowledgable but the same as Gwen and other crazy sped moms!
This thing is 24, wears diapers, non verbal,non mobile and horribly-as you can see disfigured!
Mom is all over her, constantly publishing very even for her unflattering undignified pics and telling people her daughter is such a normal sassy twenty something who's got a gtube and shits in her diaper….see a pattern with these moms

No. 190705

The Hooligans are partially "popular" because of their wacko mother, and partially because they're hideous but in a can't-look-away freak show manner instead of Elephant Man nauseating.

No. 190727

It's interesting how she colonises all these "awareness events / days": microcephaly awareness, dwarfism awareness, feeding tube awareness and so on. These goblins have a very specific condition and I realise it's only been diagnosed a minute ago, but things like microcephaly are just inclusions in that condition. She surely has realised that even when she didn't know the condition's name.

Her selling the wonders of microcephaly is the most disturbing to me. I guess she has to suffer, and subconsciously she'd like others to suffer too. Someone is going to keep a child alive despite everyone's best interest becuase of what she's currently saying in the media. If Claire could really operate that touch screen, I bet she would tap out "kill me".

No. 190729

sage for samefagging but:

how can she say the girl's heads / brains are "growing" if she never had them measured? also, Lola seizes constantly, how could you not get an EEG under those circumstances? she's been alive and seizing constantly for ten years.

No. 190738

this disturbs me more than the hartley kids… at least the potatos just sit there and do nothing… the way this girl moves doesn't even look human
she's like a fucking cryptid

No. 190744

File: 1477871193703.jpg (56.87 KB, 624x352, 8Ajpcdn.jpg)

No. 190751

>Gwen herself has said that she thinks the BSRs intellects to be around that of a 6-18 month old.
She lies a lot. I tend to think Claire is in the 0-6 month range myself, plus she has lost the ability to eat, which is telling that she's regressing. Lola's basically a plant. Sage for further samefagging.

No. 190759

When you see a video of that disgusting little gremlin Lola "eating" you can't help but wonder why they don't get her a feeding tube too.

It's weird, because when you look at earlier footage of Claire and then later, it really does look like she's progressing, at least in the sense that she's literally becoming more aware and capable. Perhaps it is possible that her brain isn't atrophying, or that it's. It doing so at a particularly fast rate.

Of course, hard to tell for sure when the mom doesn't get them the fucking tests. Seriously, what an asinine lunatic. If she thinks the girls are showing improvement, who cares what an x-ray says? And if the c-rays gave her good news, then she can brag about it. Kinda weird to call someone who slaves over two potatoes all day selfish, but it certainly applies to her.

No. 190784

WHat? who is that? Do they have a youtube?

No. 190795


I hate to be "that newfag" but what's a BSR?

No. 190796

Brainless sissy retard. As far as I can tell the term is only used to apply to the Hooligans

No. 190845


People judging her on this are shit.

>"I have been caring for my profoundly handicapped daughter, Bree, for almost 34 ½ years now. Some people say it’s not Post Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) that I’m experiencing. Others tell me that, because I’m her mother it’s not a job, but my responsibility to take care of her.

>As I look back in retrospect on these years, I am amazed that I am even still on this planet and the only reason I am here is because of my beautiful little daughter.

>My daughter fought to be here

She was two weeks overdue, and she was literally dying inside of me. The embolic fluid had turned green, she was totally wrapped up in the embolic cord and the Placenta was turning to calcium. Then when the C-Section was performed, it took her 20 minutes to breathe on her own.

>Within 2 months, we were told that our daughter had a syndrome call 4 P- or Wolfs-Hirschhorn Syndrome. It was not genetic, as both Walter and I were tested. It was just what it was."

No. 190846

This is the most disturbing part. Her denial seems to harm them more than help them.

No. 190888

Lola the gremlin has definitely been tube-fed before >>190486. It's through her nose so I wonder if they take it in or out, or if she's just feeding by mouth these days?

No. 190896

Gwen won't put them under anesthesia as she says they'll instantly die.
Same way she refuses them all medicines and PAIN AND SEIZURE MEDS.
Instead giving them amber necklaces and spices and herbs.
She literally has no reframing qualities.

No. 190907

Someone please .gif the creeping and post it to /x/.

No. 190938

Lola gets a nose feeding tube on occasion and Claire has been tube fed since she was 3. Since Claire sleeps a lot and is fed with a tube, she's the easy one compared to Lola, who doesn't sleep more than an hour straight and is usually spoonfed fruit.

No. 190973

i understand loving your child and not wanting to let go of someone special, someone you brought into this world…
but this just seems like torture for them both.

No. 190975

File: 1477926947129.jpg (13.77 KB, 217x255, 1471107656769.jpg)

Wonder what the yards will have forced onto them for Halloween this year??

No. 190984

Someone needs to go as the Hooligans for Halloween

No. 191004

File: 1477934271208.png (257.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-31-16-45-49…)

Piss pants funny!!
Head command?!
Nope! There's noons in either girl!
Never has been!
Maybe AHS "pretty girls" this year?

No. 191018

Whereas it's actually "Kill me now you demented bitch."

I bet Dr Dobyns just screams with delight when he sees her letters arrive.


>changing people's whole perspective on life & love
Sure, Jan. Whatever lets you sleep at night.


No. 191056

Doesn't it make Gwen sad to think that these girls will never know any human pleasure? The taste of a great steak, the thrill of a great fuck, the pride in earning an education or accomplishing a goal, a hearty laugh at a hilarious joke, the excitement of competition. All things completely out of reach for the girls. The tragedy isn't that they were born, but that they have survived.

No. 191060

Damn anon, that's sad… sad but true.

No. 191061

inb4 edgy..
i want to kill it. idk what it is, esp this picture. just wanna crush it until it dies. that would be more merciful than what gwen is doing to them so i dont feel too bad

No. 191070

They should just let her pass next time she gets sick. Even Claire seems capable of some movement and thought but Lola is just a wreck even compared to Claire.

No. 191081

You guys need to go check out her evidence of Lola trying to talk

No. 191083

I did as did many others.
Lola wasn't speaking just seizing and choking on secrections!!
Thanks for all the laugh Gwen!
You utter gutter cunt x

No. 191085

You mean the recording of Lola making incomprehensible baby noises? Nice try, Gwen, get back to us when she speaks an understandable two syllable English word.

No. 191089

File: 1477952114704.jpg (317.09 KB, 1115x718, Loli Lola.jpg)

Holy shit! Lola's gone from ugly goblin to legit QT

No. 191095

are you sure? still looks pretty goblin-like to me. tbh I find them weirdly cute in some pics. but everyone has flattering pics I suppose.

No. 191099

Once you remember that it's a human being any supposed cuteness flies right out the window

No. 191109

absolutely repulsive. on top of their disgusting appearance, their constant farting, shitting, tube holes, burping, vomit, and plethora of medical problems including being a sentient vegetable would make me physically ill. I wouldn't want them near me and if i HAD to touch them for whatever reason or Gwennie asked me to hold them, i'd decline or ask for a pair of elbow length gloves and a breath mask. VILE.

No. 191112

Nah son.

No. 191113

File: 1477954342240.jpg (47.67 KB, 934x960, FB_IMG_1477954283293.jpg)

Claire and Lola Halloween 2016
I'm disappointed tbh

No. 191115

File: 1477954528228.jpg (331.02 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_3222.JPG)

This is about as cute as Claire can possible get. They probably had to shoot hundreds of pics to get her looking this good.

No. 191116

Still in that pic she's wearing a shitty/pissy diaper and has no cognisance.

No. 191140

File: 1477958892992.jpg (244.83 KB, 1024x768, IMG_5602.JPG)

Cmon dude look at her Claire could teach nuclear physics at Yale she's a genius

No. 191185

File: 1477966806447.jpg (33.38 KB, 328x296, IMG_5738.JPG)

Good lord. The taters look even more miserable than usual. I think Gwen enjoys humiliating them.

No. 191193

why are the edges of her teeth so jagged, what the

No. 191201

They're called mamelons. Everybody's teeth look like that at first, but they get worn away by chewing, daily use etc. Sage for off-topic

No. 191215

File: 1477970003376.jpg (108.51 KB, 910x960, 14633059_830782450358622_46136…)

Yep, they look like they're in hell, even the dogs look depressed.

No. 191218

File: 1477970358159.jpg (99.53 KB, 910x960, FB_IMG_1477970041064.jpg)

Saddest desperate genetically fucked
Pathetic… And if claire and Lola are an absolute dictionary definition of ASNS(rotting diesed brain useless spastics)???

No. 191230

File: 1477971546962.jpg (363.24 KB, 1022x572, Wacky Gwen.jpg)

This is from Halloween 3 years ago where Gwen almost lost her shit on a 9 year old kid for saying Lola And Claire look like they're dying.

No. 191234

Somebody adopt the poor son.

No. 191236

God I hope her son gets the fuck out of there when he graduates

No. 191245

Wonder if the dogs view the kids as food

No. 191259

I wonder if that story is even true. I get the feeling that she likes making shit up to get as much praise as possible.

No. 191272

Idk much about this but it's all quite sad. I'm not sure if it bothers me that this is posted on here, but if she's clearly doing this for he attention, I almost wish the mother would find this thread and sperg the fuck out.

No. 191304

Decent chance she lurks. Lately some of the shit she has posted seems related to comments going on here. Could be coincidence, though.

No. 191311


Well, I'll at least give Gwen credit for accurate costumes here- both girls DO have that "dead fish" expression going on…

No. 191325

I'll never get over the time she dressed Claire like a chef and Lola like lobster. Lola was still recovering from chicken pox that almost killed her - she still had active sores all over her body but that didn't stop Gwen from dressing her up and cramming her into a stock pot. Lola straight up looked like a corpse that someone had dug up and dressed for Halloween.

On my phone and can't post the pics but here's a look at them in the previous thread: https://lolcow.farm/snow/src/1455292328220.jpg

No. 191328

that glassy stare.

No. 191329

are you having a stroke?

No. 191330

a friend did drop in to the last thread.

No. 191331

we also got a whiff of that one upthread >>190436

No. 191334

If there was ever a time to argue that Gwen is the world's most dedicated and devious troll, this was it.

No. 191402

File: 1477997366240.jpg (257.21 KB, 1360x2048, uD7n6sQ.jpg)

Sage for non-Hooligan but how come her daughter looks so severely worse than pic attached?

No. 191407

Some like spooligans and Bree have severe strains of disorder.
Aka they're monsters

No. 191415

If I went to their house for trick or treating and saw that…I would legit scream and run away.

No. 191416

Because the kids with Wolfs-Hirschhorn Syndrome have different levels of how affected they are. They can be really severely disabled, or less so. If you google it you will see everything from kawaii doll-looking kids who can go to school, to very severely deformed children who can't do anything.

No. 191417

the Hooligans have Asparagine Synthetase Deficiency, whereas Bree has Wolfs-Hirschhorn Syndrome.

No. 191425

Why in the fuck would someone choose to dress them up in outfits that show any skin at all? Amazing that the local kids didn't flee in mortal terror upon seeing the Hooligan fish.

No. 191428

Anybody notice how this year we only got 2pics of the goblins??
Every single year she gets professional photographers to take millions of pics of her Halloween gremlins which she delights in sharing on Facebook, Instagram and her stupid blog.
Why so quiet this year and so few pics?
Can you even imagine how many health crisis she hides from us?!
Hiw many time the goblins have been near death?!

No. 191432

Those sounds that the monster makes!!
We are expected to find monster cute and lovely.
Dispose of it

No. 191440

Agreed. Look at the two pics of them we see. Both look as dreadful as they can. Either their health is declining, they're both sick, or they actually are quasi-sentient and are fucking pissed about those dumb outfits.

No. 191456

Why is she so unaware that other people might not have been exposed to such deformed bodies before? She expects everyone to see them and treat them just like any other kid when in reality, I'm sure a lot of people feel awkward around them.

I agree with the kid, they literally are dying. What a scary sight to see two underdeveloped children with their skin hanging off their bones, their limbs twisted in unnatural ways, their eyes practically rolling in the backs of their heads and their faces twisted into expressions of pain. That would terrify me as a child.

What an inconsiderate bitch.

No. 191457

Thank you! I really found the girl in the picture to be quite cute, almost like a kind of fae.

No. 191463

She gets fed through a tube, and hasn't had a chance to wear her teeth down. I don't know if you remember when your permanent teeth grew in, but they were rough at first.

No. 191468

>>191230 doesn't she know it's a general rule for kids not to go into strangers' houses??

No. 191470

Doubt this even happened. what 9 or 10 year old can grasp the concept of death enough to tell someone else, a complete stranger, that their kids look like they're dying?

No. 191473

Uh any 9 or 10 year old of normal intelligence? They're tweens, not preschoolers. I don't blame the kid though. Everyone who sees them thinks the same thing, they're just afraid to say it

No. 191477

At that age, they can understand death and I dont disagree with that. The part that seems odd is when she said the kid looks like theyre dying. How do they even know what dying looks like?

No. 191480

It is kind of weird. I'm leaning towards the story being fake or at least very much exaggerated for attention, but it is possible that a child who has no idea syndromes like theirs exist would just see them as strange sick kids contorted in pain and think "oh my god, are they dying?"

No. 191481

File: 1478011401446.jpg (79.41 KB, 867x959, FB_IMG_1478011045360.jpg)

Just in

No. 191484

File: 1478011517773.jpg (79.94 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1478011169858.jpg)


No. 191491

Considering that Claire is the Bo Peep it's odd she doesn't post any close ups of her.

No. 191501

Claire doesn't look happy in these pics. I was reading about how her hips have slowly dislocated. Maybe she finds being on a knee painful even.

No. 191509

the girls look miserable af.

No. 191518

No. 191523

File: 1478016883663.png (57.17 KB, 344x578, IMG_5932.PNG)

That's certainly as good of an explanation as any. Here's Claire last Halloween, looking much less miserable.

No. 191527

Gwen wants to have it both ways with the facial expressions. She wants every face they have that could sort of resemble a smile be interpreted as a delighted grin, but their ugly, snarling faces are supposed to just be the result of their tard features and not a sign of discomfort. They can either express positive emotion with their faces or they can't. I'm thinking they can, which means the girls are in a near constant state of extreme discomfort or pain.

No. 191529


For some reason, the fact that she got her son involved in this has made me really mad. Dressing up in a sheep costume for some cheesy photoshoot would be embarrassing enough on its own for any 17-year-old, but to get him to do it to help prove how 'healthy and thriving' Claire and Lola are is even worse.

No. 191533

I hope he had another costume and wore it to go to whatever fun party his friends were doing.
Who am I kidding, Gwen probably made him stay home to take more pictures with the tots that she won't post because they look awful on them.

No. 191536

Gwen is gonna put the girls agonized expressions down to being moody teenage divas!!

No. 191544

File: 1478019720741.jpg (474.16 KB, 822x1122, IMG_20161101_170132.jpg)

No. 191552

If she actually saw them as normal girls like she claims she wouldn't still be dressing them up in these costumes like they are 5, I can't believe someone could claim they are functioning people and degrade them like they are cute pets.

No. 191565

This. If she actually said "These girls are like babies and I'll treat them as such," that would be one thing, but since she gets off on claiming that they are just like anyone else, treating them this way is humiliating.

No. 191567

Exactly, this isn't the way anyone treats teen girls so she should just stop claiming they are anything more then slightly overgrown infants.

No. 191577

what the fuck would you do then!?! scurry them away inside a house so the world never looks at them like they do with anyone slightly disabled in Japan? At least it's a positive image, otherwise it's just dark and depressing like that women in catfish

No. 191584

She can post about them in a way that accurately represents who they are while maintaining a piece of human dignity. There are other Facebook pages for severely fucked up kids that don't even approach the batshit insane delusions and casual bodily fluid talk of the Hooligans.

Personally, I think they should have put a DNR on the girls and let them peacefully die early on, but what they do looks like legal torture.

No. 191587

The kid may have actually seen some shit. I was about 8 and 11 when two of my grandparents passed away. We had to go into the hospices and say our goodbyes. Of course, sprinkle on some of that dramatic flair Gwen has, and it's even more exaggerated. I don't think it's too far of a stretch for a 9-10-year-old to know what it looks like.

This. I don't think Gwenners lives in the "real world". It's ironic how she's so holistic about treating the girls, but if the time came to resuscitate them, she would likely have it done.

No. 191611

I think humans instinctually know what death looks like, or he's seen movies or read books, or has seen photos of holocaust victims.

Poor kid probably thought these were normal little girls that the mother was starving to death.

No. 191624

Also, good chance the child was aware of them (they have to be well known in the area) and really was just making a kid-like observation.

No. 191651

Her son looks like he's dying inside.

No. 191666

I wonder if he and the dad both walk on eggshells around the mother, agreeing with her every moronic observation and demand for fear that she'll snap if they show the slightest sign of acknowledging the reality of Claire and Lola's situation.

No. 191669

I wouldn't doubt it. In one of the photos the only one beaming from ear to ear is the mother while everyone else looks like they're forcing themselves to fake it.
I can only imagine how awful it has to be to grow up being outshadowed by not one but two siblings that take up 99.9% of your parents time and the rare times you do get your parents attention, you're forced to have Claire and Lola tag along.

I mean for fucks sakes, he doesn't even have a hobby for himself. His mother has forced those little creatures into even that aspect of his life. If the parents want to devote their lives to Claire and Lola that's one thing but it's just cruel to force their son to throw away his childhood to do the same.

No. 191694

yeah, they're definitely the type of people to dress their dogs up for halloween

No. 191700

how much you guys wanna bet he supports eugenics

No. 191702


I think she's lying just on account of all the contradictions she makes about her emotions, like she has a Jekyll and Hyde personality. What does she expect from a nine year old who has never seen deformed, wall-eyed dwarves before? When I was nine I distinctly remember feeling uncomfortable being around severely deformed children and adults who had obvious problems, but even I had never seen anything like the Hooligan girls.
Sounds like she just needed a story to remind everyone, and maybe even convince herself, that she loves her little abominations.

They do look like they're dying here.

No. 191712

Like all normal teenager girls, Claire's mother has an internet post up about her daughter's explosive farts. Normal!

It's surprising. She can normally squeeze at
least one cute-in-a-totally-fucked-up-way pic out of Claire, but not this year. Gwen must have cried herself to sleep knowing that this year's Halloween bore such rotten fruit.

No. 191786

File: 1478048196307.jpg (80.19 KB, 586x960, 10nt8qu.jpg)

Imagine going to the grocery store and seeing this fucking thing

No. 191798

We'll, at least you could turn around and leave because you'd have lost your appetite.

No. 191823

File: 1478050414755.png (217.03 KB, 725x1199, IMG_5955.PNG)

What's really worse, being one of these things or having to take care of one?

No. 191834

Is the text something they wrote themselves? What… the… fuck?

No. 191840

File: 1478051241647.jpg (245.53 KB, 1167x1202, 1471997956005.jpg)

Yeah, maybe we're a little too hard on the parents. Imagine 15 years of having to clear up the puke, piss and shit of those two hideous goblins…

No. 191849

should have aborted. this isn't the fucking 60's

No. 191851

meaning in our day and age you can detect anomalies.. like they did with the second potato.. but chose to birth it into a life of defect, confusion, and suffering

No. 191852

I have zero fucking sympathy for these people. They knew they were getting potatoes and still went ahead with it. The only one in their family I feel bad for is their normal son who needs to get as far away from these nut jobs as soon as he can.

No. 191854

OMG is that actually posted on their Facebook!?

No. 191877

they can't express emotion. she deliberately catches the smile-looking expressions but they are just expressions. watch a video of Lola and she has some charcteristic moves, head goes left and right, siezing and so on. the 'smiles' are just transient moments of mving their faces. she's filtering a LOT.

that said, I back-reaf the whole blog last night (it's short) and I feel a bit sadder for them now. she's trapped in this position and it's too late, and she really does love them as her children - selfishly though, denying them painkillers and so on because she thinks raw foods and essential oils will be better. imagine the misery of Lola's chicken pox without pain relief or, it looks like, and relief for her itching. they go to the dentist without pain relief. Claire has dislocated hips.

No. 191880

she won't let them get into the situations where the DNR can come up. Lola's been on oxygen for the better part of the last week, but she does this herself at home. Lola's never had an EEG if you can believe it… Lola can't have anaesthetic because they know she'll die.

No. 191918

Part of me wonders if this crazy bitch is onto something re: not giving the sisters any actual medicine. Of course, it's torture for the girls, but seeing as neither should have made it to their third birthday, it could actually help.

Essential oils, chiropractors, all that shit? Superstition.

And it's crazy that she hasn't had their brains scanned. As was noted before, now they don't even have a point of comparison, so if the brains are changing in size, they won't know how much and how quickly.

No. 191928

I think this woman is much better than the hooligan mom, she's not in any kind of denial about the condition of her child, she seems well educated on how to care for her, and seems like a genuinely nice woman who got stuck with a severely deformed baby and didn't have the heart to do anything but love her. And she wasn't retarded enough to try and have another child afterwards. She's doing the best she can, short of killing her…

No. 191942

yes this is literally what she writes, regularly.

No. 191943

jesus my typos… sorry, I didn't' check them at all

No. 191944

Claire had scans early on, was assessed as pretty much cortically blind and at the level of a newborn. But Lola, who is noticeably worse, never got the privilege of a brain scan.

I'm with you, I think she's kept them alive by her own means. They constantly feed Lola raw fruits and veg and goats milk formula. Her body can hardly use all the food she consumes and she hardly grows, she just shits constantly. Even that seems a chore.

No. 191947

Do they even emote any kind of happiness? They definitely seem to emote pain or discomfort. The parents seem incredibly delusional, even if they don't have much thought going on, they seem to be suffering.

I feel pretty bad for this mother, though I feel like she's almost suffering some kind of Stockholm syndrome with her saying that he life got better taking care of her daughter. Bree doesn't seem to be in pain or suffering like the hooligans often seem to be at least, her mother seems to really know how to care for her? Sad that she threw her life away though.

No. 191949

Plenty of pics where Claire is "smiling" but never in the videos. Gwen might literally take 100 pics for each that contains a usable "smile" shot.

Shitting might be the only pleasure either of them ever get, but apparently even that's a colossal chore for Lola. Just look at the above pic of the dad "milking" her shit out. How fucking repulsive is that? She's so gross that I feel like an asshole admitting that she seems easy to despise, like a nest of roaches.

No. 191956

>Do they even emote any kind of happiness?
No, they just pull faces constantly.

No. 191957

or the blood test where it took five minutes to get only little sample… this kid's body just does not work.

No. 191959

fuck, more typos. I'm recovering from a migraine and it fucks with my reading. saged

No. 191966

I fucking can't. I honestly hope they are out of their misery -the sooner the better.

No. 191990

Seriously, is the mother getting off on this? Because it's like she's typing up scat porn.

No. 192010


This text has strange perverse undertones, am I wrong? Reminds me of those weird fetish image macros from the 90s with story-telling captions, if that makes sense. The flamboyantly awkward "mom" typing and the crude term, "asshole", in referring to her 'teenage' daughters anus, all make for some very eerie vibes. It wouldn't feel out of place if I saw this o n the deep web.

No. 192050

File: 1478101389818.png (70.58 KB, 695x525, IMG_5444.PNG)

No. 192075

B-but she always looks like that….

No. 192078

> that look of thinly veiled disgust behind the son's smile in the pic where he's holding them

holy shit

No. 192080

I figure Gwen is a world-class expert on the expressions severe tards make when they shit.

No. 192147

Scott seems to enjoy treating them like toys. Even the way he holds them makes it seem like he doesn't really think of them as living beings, which would be a pretty good coping mechanism tbh.

There's a video wherein he played peak-a-boo with the camera, using Lola. He'd hide her behind stuff, then pop her back into view. It seemed like he was having fun, but Lola gave zero fucks and it didn't look like Scott was doing it for her sake. It reminds me of the way people will play peak-a-boo with their dogs using a toy. Lola was the toy.

Gwen is so obsessed with their bowel movements.

No. 192154

I can't even fathom what these little fuckers smell like.

No. 192156

*must smell like

No. 192184

File: 1478108258883.jpg (39.78 KB, 276x400, 280.JPG)

Recently Gwen was asked in comments of a fb post if Claire had started or would get a period.
Gwen's response was" whatever happens that's something I plan not to share and keep to our family"
Still laughing at that!!!

No. 192207

lol of all the things she shares, THAT'S what she draws the line with.


No. 192211

She looks like gumby, and that's not a good thing. Those positions have to hurt…

No. 192388

File: 1478117051259.png (150.49 KB, 748x1035, IMG_6010.PNG)

This woman really is obsessed with their shit. And imagine going to Outback Steakhouse and having them next to you. You're already in a bad mood because you're at Outback Steakhouse, and then this family of vile gremlins sits next to you. Then the dad picks the ugliest one up and milks a rancid shit out of it.

No. 192399

No, it's definitely got perverse undertones to it. This is the kind of shit (no pun intended) that you'd read in really gross erotica stories.

No. 192420

File: 1478119397263.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-02-20-40-51…)

Whether its the goblins, the creepy creeper or this absolute minotaur of visual horror it takes a person of complete dedicated denial and narcissism to want,keep and care for these useless monsters.

No. 192423

File: 1478119610992.jpg (137.4 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1478000120452.jpg)

Check out KAylis KRusade on fb if you need more delusional spassie hooligansesqe lols!
Crazy mom
Kid makes a rock look like James brown!
Mom has tonnes of pics and bids of her miracle NORMAL NOT BRAINDEAD NON TARD…

No. 192467

Imagine someone knocking up one of these monsters.

No. 192488

Tell Gwen that you're in love with Claire and see if she'll let you marry the BSR. She already thinks the kids are complex geniuses who can do nearly anything so good chance she'll buy it.

No. 192500

they're sentient?

No. 192570

Wholetime, Claire would probs shit down the whole wedding aisle with mommy taking pics for IG saying "ha! Glad to have Claire marry a new 'shit-whisperer'! I love my genius totally normal typical edgy teen daughter! She farted during the 'I do's' SHES COMMUNICATING!!!! Progress!"

No. 192588

File: 1478127236760.jpg (78.27 KB, 609x640, IMG_6023.JPG)

What a beautiful affirmation of love that ceremony (and the honeymoon) would be.

No. 192726


No. 192749

This is not a general thread. It's about the Hartley parents, specifically Gwen Hartley. Fuck off to /b/ with your "edgy" posts.

No. 192757

It was time. I picked her up and held her above my knee, her diaper crackling softly over my hand. She opened her mouth ever so slightly and grunted, somehow both low and a whine, her bare feet chilly on my knees, her body odor a mingling of old cheese and sickly urine. I brought her close to me, her bald spots reflective underneath her stringy hair, and put my fingers across her stomach, a bloated tube covered by dry skin that hung loosely over her sharp ribs.

Her face contorted into a furious scowl as I rubbed my fingers in a circular motion across, her moaning getting lower as I moved, her belly rumbling as if waves crashed inside. I heard the wet beginning of a thunderous fart that turned into something as loud as a firecracker and much longer. The gastrointestinal fireworks continued, popping on and off, until her shit liberated itself with an angry, noisy surge, instantly giving her diaper a squishy, perceptible weight, filling the air with a sweet, enormously powerful stench that defied reason, a sulfurous aroma that seemed to contain all that was bad in the world. The shit poured out until ending with a lingering, dying fart, like the air leaving a balloon.

The Outback Steakhouse waiter nervously approached our table. The crowded restaurant had gone silent. "I'll take the check, please," I said as I mussed my daughter's greasy hair.

No. 192767

Why doesnt she massage the muscles in their hands and legs? Their limbs are so curled and gnarled, it has to be part of why they're in such pain and can't move. It looks so painful

No. 192777

She's said before that their hands smell like feta cheese, so, you know… there's that

No. 192800

lmfao anon

No. 192801

I'd 100% believe this came from the mother herself if you'd told me and just changed the ending to the entire restaurant applauding her brave child for being so skilled in the art of diaper shitting.

No. 192813


No. 192819

Yeah, and the manager would come out and comp the meal and patrons would compliment Lola on her rancid, ear splitting farts. Then Claire would get "jealous" and cut one to compete and everyone would have a good laugh.

No. 192827

File: 1478142860931.png (90.42 KB, 750x799, IMG_0032.PNG)

Lmao @ "sibiling rivalry"

No. 192836

File: 1478143517211.png (88.48 KB, 598x734, IMG_1221.PNG)

They should seriously leave the two alone for an hour and see if Claire can send Lola to that great fart cloud in the sky.

No. 192860

It won't happen. Neither of these girls has enough body fat for menstruation. Especially Lola. The poor child is so wasted away that a period would sap what little energy she has.

Her wasted appearance is frightening. It's like the pic of that African child who had collapsed from hunger in the middle of a village. Only this is due to being born horribly disabled.

No. 192865

I can't tell which one is the lifeless doll.

No. 192867

Imagine Lola on the rag. Would be nightmare fuel to say the least.

No. 192887

>yfw Claire has brief flashes of clarity and realizes this is her chance to end her sister's suffering

No. 192893

She used to call her son "Gaylord".

>Cal & Scott then went through a time – just the two of them – where they called each other "Nimms" and "Tibbs." I never figured this exchange out… but it didn't involve me, and I was calling him "Gaylord" or "Gay" at that time. I joked after watching Meet the Parents that we were THIS CLOSE to naming him Gaylord "Gay" Hartley. It IS a family name, after all… he still doesn't believe me. But it's a nice threat. HA!


No. 192896

Ugh I can't believe I just read that whole thing. That woman sounds awful, I'd hate to be seated near her in a restaurant.

No. 192900

The physical therapist does do it, to the extent they can. They each have hypertonia ( http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/hypertonia.shtml ) which is why Claire's legs are crossed (the muscles keep getting tighter and have dislocated her hips. They put the rubber chicken into Lola's hand to try and open her grip a bit. Besides… essential oils and all that…

No. 192902

I reckon Claire is menstruating, perhaps irregularly or minimally. I reckon she'd just outright say 'the girls don't menstruate' if that were the case. There was that insta post about dealing with a whole lot of stuff including PMS, but she didn't say whose. The pic was of Claire.

No. 192931

What the fuck? If you're in a restaurant and your kid starts taking a shit, you take them to the bathroom and hang out there until the kid is finished and cleaned up. You definitely don't sit there and take pictures of them squeezing one out.

Are they such dickbags that they don't care at all about the people around them that are trying to eat? Are they so used to the constant smell of feces that they've forgotten that other people don't enjoy it?

So Gwen's husband and son dared to have some father-son bonding that didn't directly involve her, and her butthurt response was to give her son an insulting nickname and pretend it wasn't offensive because it's supposedly a family name?

Gwen is such a self-centered bitch.

No. 192944

The mum at least seems like a definite type to scream about how her precious little beautiful baby angels deserve to enjoy Outback Steakhouse as much as anybody with a formed brain does, and demand an apology from anyone who complained for being prejudiced.
Personally I doubt social norms and politeness or consideration for anyone other than her agony-writhing gremlins and pity points. anything short of humouring her and coddling the daughters = potato hater

No. 192956

File: 1478163256476.jpg (101.37 KB, 1024x768, 121_zpsa56f4de5.jpg)


"For the record, YES, one of them DID just shit their pants.
God Bless Lambert's Cafe, Home of Throwed Rolls!"

No. 192980

Their poor son.

No. 193021

I've been to that restaurant, and if you don't get there early enough, youre going to have an hour+ long wait. I'd be pissed if I waited that long, only to be sat by this bitch and her quasi-sentient portapotties.

No. 193035

I've noticed at Outback Steakhouses they are either completely deserted or so packed there are people waiting for a table outside.
(sage for OT)

No. 193038

File: 1478187412051.jpg (64.77 KB, 960x720, 0192.jpg)

My friend just posted this
Didn't even know they have a fundraiser

No. 193040

It's for them to buy Eagle Eyes, a system for nonverbal people to communicate with their eyes. It will be interesting, since the system could prove her right on wrong on their sentience.

No. 193041

But I thought they were blind or something? Does the system work for blind people?

No. 193047

As long as they have control over their eye movements (and are actually sentient & understand communication from outside) it should work. Hypothetically.

No. 193058

They aren't blind, but their vision is questionable on a good day. They have vision impairment that has to do with the brain instead of the eyes themselves. Gwen claims that sometimes they seem to see well and at others not. But if either can see the Eagle Eyes screen and has enough brainpower to comprehend what is happening, no reason they can't express basic thoughts with it.

No. 193099

this seems like an attempt to prove to herself and the doctors that the disease is not degenerative.

It could work (highly doubt it will) but if it does, its quite certain that it will not be permanent as the atrophy gets worse.

No. 193108

File: 1478197727709.jpg (36.59 KB, 480x480, 549_zps05b64291.jpg)

Eyes are ok.
Brain is diesesed and rotting away since birth.
Sight awful and terrifying at best.
Also notice how Gwen curses all medical people, realists or anyone who disagrees with her ongoing denial.

No. 193184

someone put this thing out of its misery. if you killed one of the taters, would it even count as manslaughter? it would be like getting arrested for cutting up potatoes for soup in the kitchen.

No. 193216

Is it just me, or does Lola actually look like an evil little thing? Not just ugly, but a malformed creature with black bile in her deformed little eyes. At least Claire looks like a mere mutantation, but on a level beyond looks, Lola gives me the creeps.

No. 193226

ya she looks like some nocturnal creature that comes to your farm in the middle of the night and steals your crops

No. 193227

Doby is a free elf!

No. 193243

Fucks sake anon spoiler the close ups of them. I like the thread but nobody needs to see that unexpectedly.

No. 193249

I feel bad for laughing but fucking lel

No. 193282

They both have Cortical Vision Impairment (i.e. it's brain-related not eye related). Claire was assessed as almost completely blind, which Gwen furiously debates. I doubt Lola even got the privilege of being tested.

Eagle Eyes ain't gonna help em.

No. 193284

That kinda goes away if you read all of the blog. Gwen really does love her kids. Lola's just a suffering, plant-like thing.

No. 193285

I relate to the black sheep dog's expression on a spiritual level.

No. 193292


No. 193308

It's silly when one thinks of Lola as a person, because then she's clearly just fucked up and tortured beyond belief. If you think of her as slightly other than human, the evil hint his pretty hard. It doesn't help that the mother describes her projectile vomiting, grinning before aggressive seizures, and shitting like a fire hose.

No. 193346

I've had enough of all the Lola hate on this board. Lola is WAY more sentient than Claire. Lola eats by mouth, Claire needs a feeding tube. Lola makes all kinds of different facial expression, Clarie just lays there glumly. Lola has seizures and pukes constantly throughout the day, Claire rarely has a seizure. Lola can drink from a water fountain, Can Claire? NOPE. Just watch this video. Lola is clearly more alive than bug-eyed Claire. So, just stop with all the vitriol directed at Lola, when she is clearly the superior hooligan.

No. 193363

Team Claire Forever!

No. 193368

You make a strong case here, except for the facial expression stuff, because Lola can only do dead-eyed nothingness and demonic anger, whereas Claire can do both of those plus happiness and discomfort.

Claire has also been spotted playing with an interactive toy (a toy for severe retards but still), as well as kinda sorta pushing her feet in a walker when a state-sponsored nanny places it directly on the ground.

I'm still going with Claire as the #1 Hooligan.

No. 193383

nice try promoting that little goblin. #teamClaire

No. 193394

Claire farts like a champion! Lola can't do that

No. 193401

She's a ninja!

No. 193402

I like this version better

No. 193404


>"It would be a perfect toy for someone's daughter. It's like a BABY Born toy except you can really feed it and it takes real shits. It's like a real baby, but you don't have to worry about accidentally killing it cause it's already dead. Perfect for teaching kids responsibility"

No. 193419

Classic lulz. Never gets old.

No. 193467

>God, we're sick.

Yes, Gwen; yes you are.

Cal looks like the manifestation of the sufferings of Christ on the cross.

Not really, but it's a pretty profound expression and body language for a lad his age.

I love the one with the Pepe faces.

No. 193483

"Are they so used to the constant smell of feces that they've forgotten that other people don't enjoy it?"

Partially, but they also want to make everyone else share in their misery. That's part of the point of making their son and his friends interact with the taters.

No. 193487

File: 1478265764314.png (339.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-04-13-20-06…)

The comments on hooligans fb page.
I fuckin can't even

No. 193488

>Claire can do both of those plus happiness

Does she though? Or are you - and I hate to use this word - anthropomorphizing her? She might look like she's happy, but unless she's doing it as a response to joy-bringing stimuli, we have no reason to assume it's any more meaningful than a newborn sticking up its middle finger.

>Claire has also been spotted playing with an interactive toy


No. 193495

Facebook video for the toy. And it's safe to say that reading nearly anything from either of them is anthropormorphizing.

No. 193498

holy shit i didn't even notice that before

No. 193509

okay I see the toy one. she's fucking exhausted and passes out after pushing it for half a minute. she looks like she can hardly see at all. she heard that music and reacted with interest though. I still think if she could talk, she'd say "kill me".

No. 193523

the tater looks terrified and uncomfortable. these people are sick

No. 193539

I wish you guys would link more of the fb videos for people who dont have facebook

No. 193548

She rolls her head around seemingly randomly. Occasionally her head syncs up with sounds or movements that would catch a normal child's attention. It could be pure coincidence.

I'll concede that she might have been intentionally moving the toy, seeing as how she was moving that particular arm much more than the other, but I have to wonder what she'd have done if the toy had been moved so that she'd have to use her other arm to "play" with it. I mean, she and the toy were placed in those positions. She didn't crawl over to it and start playing it. For all we know, Gwen saw Claire's arm spazzing, so she shoved the toy there. Gwen is delusional enough to create her own "proof" that Claire is sentient and then convince herself that it's true.

It's like when Claire "crawled." All they did was prop her up like a poorly constructed chair and then cheer when one of her random movements propelled her slightly forward.

You can watch the videos without logging in. If they're too long, the screen will get really light, but the video will remain visible and keep playing.

No. 193556

It's hard to tell whether or not the girls have sentience. As you point out, even the pics and vids that seemingly show them doing things could be pure coincidence, a few seconds whittled down from thousands of hours of activity.

You give Claire too much credit for walking, since she only pushes when her helper literally places her feet directly on the ground. Claire does try to move around in water, though, consistently seen in at least a few vids, but then again, that could still be more reflex than thought.

It would be easy for Gwen to post several different videos at once demonstrating their capabilities, but she doesn't, which makes me intensely skeptical about either having any thought at all.

No. 193587

File: 1478285462861.jpeg (144.38 KB, 1080x1476, received_1312831625402607.jpeg)

Lola on her day off homeschooled.
Spitting and dribbling like the useless spastic spooligsn she is!
God she's probably even squeezing out a stanky turd too!
Love these girls o mine!
#teengurls #divability #shit #shizer #poop #asns #hollowchildren
Loving every laugh!!!!

No. 193659

File: 1478296858696.png (293.57 KB, 711x1132, IMG_6250.PNG)

This is Gwen talking about how realizing that Claire's hands have gotten worse and that any chance the girl had of using them properly is gone.

No. 193666

I thought disability tags for cars are for drivers who are disabled, not the children. But I could be wrong on who is eligible to get those.

No. 193668

You can get them if a household family member or dependent is handicapped. Claire and Lola never walk or travel a foot on their own so this handicapped sticker is basically a ripoff. It would be like giving one to someone with twin babies.

No. 193669

you could eat the denial it's so thick

No. 193685


No. 193689

Nope, you can be the parents of a disabled child and get a handicapped placard.

No. 193690

how can a kid with no sentience be happy? or know what happiness is?

No. 193702

Even if she can be happy, no fucking way she is. Happiness simply isn't a thing when you can't walk, talk, see properly, control your bladder and bowels, eat, or take medication.

No. 193709

I doubt they can. Sure they probably enjoy warmth, touch, and satisfaction of hunger in the same way a lizard might but happiness is a higher brain function than these girls are physically capable of. They don't have the part of the brain that holds personality or emotions or true thought . Gwen is so crammed full of denial she's almost a bullshit-singularity.

No. 193710

Basically they're capable of satiation. So is a plant.

No. 193713

More like a grub or a tarantula. It can't love or emote or anything but if you try really hard you can convince yourself it's capable of feeling things beyond physical sensations.

No. 193715

In some of the videos, like the jacuzzi one, the way they look around reminds me of a fucking hamster or something. Not a person.

No. 193726

That's pretty natural. As much as gwen hates it humans are wired to be repulsed by death and disease. The girls never developed the part of their brains that Are needed for functions we recognise as human. they're just floating around spasming and seizing, and grimacing with pain every time they have a bowel movement. There's nothing there. Claire and Lola aren't capable of feeling sad or happy or insulted by what's said about them. They don't love or hate anything. I'd be surprised if they can actually see and hear let alone be able to recognise a face or voice or respond to it.

No. 193728

I don't have facebook and I saw it. This page: https://www.facebook.com/TheHartleyHooligans/videos/ You can watch Lola allegedly twitching to the sound of rap music.

No. 193733

File: 1478304043449.jpeg (141.83 KB, 1080x1476, received_1312833792069057.jpeg)

How can they be courageous and brave when they had/have no say in the matter or the capabilities to even grasp anything at all!!
Do you really think Gwen will ever snap?

No. 193734

yes, totally. I agree there's a great deal of coincidence and "wrangling" going on. is she intentionally spinning the toy? maybe not but she can do the same arm movement again and again (maybe just out of irritation at having it on her hand?), and also was kicking in that pool video as far as I could tell. I reckon she's at the level of around a 6-month old at most (trying to turn, trying to move etc). she can't see for shit.

No. 193738

>they probably enjoy warmth, touch, and satisfaction of hunger
I kind of doubt it myself. I reckon it's probably sub that, just good sensation / bad sensation.

No. 193762

As soon as one dies or gets sick enough that hospital is no longer a choice gwen will lose her shit imo. Her whole identity became wrapped up in shit-milking, dressing up the spud harvest in silly outfits to invent evidence of their imaginary capabilities, and ignoring her son.

No. 193771

She must not even remember what being in a room untouched by the aroma of hyper-toxic excrement (she mentioned once in the blog that Claire and Lola's shits smell far worse than a normal person's).

If one of the spuds dies soon enough, good chance they go for another kid.

No. 193810

Ugh imagine her desperately hoping for another microcephalic baby and how upset she'd be if she got another normie baby like her poor son.

No. 193811

It's incredible easy to imagine. Who is she if not a potato farmer?

No. 193816

File: 1478315081947.jpg (14.16 KB, 456x307, FB_IMG_1477040375771.jpg)

Of course press potato Gwen was a fucking teacher and hubby too!
Up there with middle class and christians as biggest assholes in society.
Its like all these pathetic quotes she stamps on pics of goblins, one a contradiction in itself.
A pic of a glazed eyed, contorted, post pox Lola with quote-"if I loved you less I'd talk about it more"
Its all she shouts and desperately tries to convince the world, south America butost of all herself!
I've a bad feeling the goblins might make it to 18 maybe 21…wtf then?!

No. 193854

Lola would probably die if she got the flu, and she was on oxygen for four days in the last 1-2 weeks. She nearly died from Chicken Pox. I feel like Lola will die sooner than you're predicting.

No. 193859

underrated post

No. 193871

It's hard to say. Claire being 15 is borderline inexplicable. The doctors who told them the girls probably wouldn't love past a year were right. I can't imagine either hitting 30 but they could still be around years from now and I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 193914

>That's awesome you got answers! And you can hear her say love you very clearly at the end !
Gwen's facebook fans are as delusional as she is.

No. 193916

>We give them choices and they touch our hands with the sides of their head. So cool!
Yes Gwen, of course they do. Lola's just turning her head left and right all the time anyway, but sure, she's making choices.

The children with this condition have died at different ages. Allegedly some of them have lived till 30+ >>188020

No. 193920

>EagleEyes is an eye controlled device … It is a learned skill that requires some practice.
>An individual who can only move his or her eyes voluntarily is a great candidate for an eye control system like EagleEyes.
Yeah, nah.

No. 193927

Can someone post a link to this one? I can't find it

No. 193934

File: 1478348261988.jpg (77.91 KB, 1060x586, hooligans.jpg)

No. 193938

GUYS GUYS!! If you play it backwards you can VERY CLEARLY hear "end my suffering" and "kill me now!" It's totally spooky!

No. 193966

Honestly I think when the day comes that even they know the end is in sight for the girls no explanations, no anything. The fb page, blog all will dissapear.
Even now Gwen is getting shorter and more paranoid-she guarantees to communicate with ppl like us and trolls on her fb. You tube won't allow comments.
Its like fuckin Jim Jones but in Kansas!!!

No. 193978

File: 1478358118334.jpeg (125.99 KB, 1080x1476, received_1312839715401798.jpeg)

No. 193980

Has anyone ever attempted to shop these girls into looking normal? If people can deshop Kota I think they could do something similar with one of the hooligans

No. 193996

The most awesome thing ever would be if the girls get Eagle Eyes, learn to use it, but then all they do is spell out things like "KILL ME PLZ"

I can see Gwen now. "Hahaha my girls are so funny they have such a wicked sense of humor they LOVE their awesome lives!"

No. 193998

>I was a big, tough girl at the #dentist and didn't bite anyone
…D-Does it bite…?

No. 193999

jesus, it sounds like she took her to the goddamn vet

No. 194004

File: 1478363806285.jpeg (190.96 KB, 1080x1476, received_1312839158735187.jpeg)

Ttly normal teen gurl!!
Like whatever mom if I could communicate with you or had the brain matter to do so I'd sooi be telling you to leave me alone!!
She's 15 and everything that goes with that age!
Teething, non verbal, non mobile, diapers, seizures, tube fed, atrophy, microcephaly, spastic quad cp, cortical(she's blind ffs!!).
Here they are:


No. 194007

that last pic almost convinces me there's someone there. too bad she probably took 700 pictures to get a sliver of soul.

No. 194011

File: 1478364874810.png (290.34 KB, 482x487, 2n1v0uq.png)

You missed out the part where Lola shitted all over the dentist chair

No. 194013


Imagine one of those things screaming and biting you.

Shit out of a horror movie

No. 194014

File: 1478365072657.jpg (106.13 KB, 287x420, received_1312839715401798_2016…)

Imagine waking up to this ungodly creature screeching at the end of your bed whilst dragging its mangled body towards you on twisted, spindly arms.

No. 194018

it looks like someone sprayed Dobby with bear mace again

No. 194057

Same here. Claire is more photogenic but if you watch the videos with her you see her face twitches constantly so it probably resembles nearly any expression through the course of a day.

And taking these to the dentist is like taking an animal to be vet, except your average cat or dog is probably much, much smarter.

No. 194064

File: 1478373275470.jpg (Spoiler Image, 221.54 KB, 1050x1400, that man.jpg)

Shit anon, that's horrifying. Looks like SCP-106.

>pic related

No. 194068

Don't blink

No. 194076

I was just thinking about this the other day. If they'd look anything like their brother, they wouldn't be horribly ugly as normal kids.

No. 194167

no painkillers, remember. she's "allergic"

No. 194168

can they even feel pain? like, is that a thing they can do?

No. 194173

Yeah I'd say they can, or discomfort at least >>189906. Although with Lola I'll wager it's just a bunch of sensations 24/7.

No. 194178

Even a grub or tarantula has more sentience and personality than the Hartley things because they at the very least move and think on their own/react for survival, etc.

No. 194179

they can eat, which Claire cannot even do (she used to be able to but lost the ability).

No. 194182

How does a dentist pull a tooth from one of these creatures? I know it was a front tooth but jfc especially if they are "allergic" to painkillers…

No. 194184

They don't give Lola a feeding tube because knocking her out to put it in would likely kill her. The girl is just a sneeze away from her last fart.

No. 194192

Probably without lignocaine. Gwen thinks her goblins are smart enough to feel happiness, love, disdain etc but won't acknowledge that they actually can feel pain.

By the looks of the shit milking photos they feel a lot of pain.

No. 194203

They definitely feel pain, otherwise they would just be dead-eyed all the time instead of visibly distressed. And they're technically not paralyzed as they have some arm and leg function, so they can hurt.

Pulling a little tooth out quick might not be especially excruciating, especially if it's already loose.

No. 194230

File: 1478392776411.png (275.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-05-17-22-16…)

"A poets soul"

No. 194234

File: 1478392992341.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-05-17-17-48…)

Typical teens loving the latest fashions!
PS. One just squeezed a huge lumpy shit out its sweaty asshole

No. 194241

That poor fucking kid. I hope he gets out of there ASAP when he's able. He needs to experience a normal life

No. 194249

if farts were poetry

No. 194385

Hahaha, those grimaces of disgust. It's like they're not even trying to hide the "Jesus, these things are nasty" anymore. I wonder if Gwen notices and just ignores it, or if she's so deep in her delusions that she straight-up doesn't see?

No. 194473

File: 1478444842498.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.25 KB, 592x960, FB_IMG_1478444758933.jpg)

"Wanna see my pussy?"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 194486

Do the Hooligans ever do anything beside pooping? Because according to what Mama Hartley says, they shit all the time… How is it possible to have shit inside all the time ?

No. 194581

whats up with the little one's mouth? was she burned or something? older photos don't have that red mess on her lips/chin.

No. 194625

Ehh, don't sexualize kids it's weird.

No. 194629

Our culture is basically prolonging the lives of ill people for as long as possible. Lots of grannies and vegetables are being kept alive in hospitals because their families insist they want to stay alive even when it's obvious they're miserable. These girls are not enjoying their lives.

No. 194641

iirc she's in her 20s

No. 194643

take your edgy bullshit to /b/. this is a thread about the Hooligans

No. 194661

>not trying to be rude but like does she have cancer or a disease?

No. 194693

It's a birth mark. She's got another on her chest.

No. 194697

File: 1478478204061.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6398.PNG)

Claire is a stylish, smart, sassy teen! PS her piss soaked diaper is loudly filling up with a warm lump of shit

No. 194700

>What did you just call me, Mister Williams?

No. 194708

Nice tits. Can't wait 'til she's 18.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 194709

I think a lot of posters are confusing expressions of pain and discomfort with cerebral palsy.

No. 194720

Idk about the more severe cases but I've known a few people with Cerebral Palsy and none of them grimaced or scrunched their face up like they're crying uncontrollably. Even the girl who's face was affected just had a slightly droopy lip and eye. Is it different when it's hemiplegic or more severe?

No. 194723

oh weird how it's not so noticeable in older pics. or maybe i wasn't paying attention to it.

No. 194731

The girls are visibly crying in a lot of pics (and probably shitting, trying to shit, or are just coming off a shit). Can't be pure CP.

No. 194743

Cerebral palsy is just one of the things they have.

Think of this: if anons here are projecting onto them that these expressions are of pain (something I don't totally agree with) then Gwen is projecting just as hard with her claims of 'smiles'.

No. 194750

But pain is a basic function that even the girls brings are capable of processing.
Emotions are too complex but sensations aren't. Pain, cold, hunger, and satiation are all within reason for them to be able to experience though.

No. 194754

he's graduating this spring, and i honestly think he's going to go to school and cut off all contact with his mom because of this shit (pun not intended)

all of his posts on insta about them sound so forced and the exact same. "you've inspired me to be a better person"

No. 194756

No, I'm not saying they don't feel pain. What I mean is not every facial contortion can be read as something.

No. 194757

I don't believe he'll cut them off because she's raised him to feel very guilty. I hope he magically finds a college that is far, far away.

No. 194758

Nobody said every expression that happens to form on their faces means anything. People are even pointing out that most of the contortions are random twitching or myoclonus.
its pretty obvious that they're in pain in quite a few photos, usually Lola when she's trying to shit.
You specifically said people were confusing CP with random grimaces, it was pointed out that it's not a typical symptom of CP. What's your point supposed to be anon?

No. 194761

File: 1478493327307.jpg (370.37 KB, 1080x1349, 12912456_563216200518894_13386…)

he's most likely going to stick in kansas since that's where his gf is going to school too, but you can just see his discomfort when he's holding his sisters

pic related: him and his gf

No. 194777

>You specifically said people were confusing CP with random grimaces
I'm not that anon though.

No. 194780

And - I tend to think it's something in between, where they feel pain but sometimes just can't always control their faces.

No. 194804

At this point he'd just look better if he buzzed his whole head vs keeping it cut like that

That haircut is the third most retarded looking thing in that picture

No. 194810

He kind of looks like a young Macklemore.

Also, had he ever said anything negative about having Lola and Claire as his sisters? I've glanced at his IG before and pictures with the girls in them are just as wordy as his mom about how they've taught him soooo much.

No. 194811

If one of these were to fall off a bed or high chair or whatnot…would it die?

No. 194813

Gwen had a post about how as a boy he said "retarded" and her response was to humiliate and berate him. So no, not publicly.

No. 194815

No offense intended, but I see no proof that he despises his sisters, at least not to the degree discussed here. They are a part of his life, and though he probably does have mixed and negative feelings towards their impact on him, the odds that he carries some active, wearing hatred for them is low, barring proof to the contrary. If anything, he probably has Stockholm syndrome for them.

No. 194816

that's what makes me think he's gonna just cut them out when he goes to college, the wording on his posts sound just like stuff his mom would say

but other than the few posts on his ig and the "letter" that he was forced in to writing, he doens't do much or talk about them much

my friend thinks the letter is fake and gwen wrote it herself lol

she says it for a few reasons:
- it's written in cursive in 2011, but it was already being phased out and taught less and less in schools and by 2011 less than 12% of teachers even had the ability to teach it

- the handwriting and penmanship is way too neat for a 9 year old, especially a 9 year old boy

- the use of the word utterly

No. 194837

Woah. This is like Ed Norton learning that he is Tyler Durden.

No. 194840

Possibly but they're never allowed to be in those places. They're pretty much on beanbags 24/7, aside from token times spent sitting in various paediatric devices. What's the point of going in a highchair if you can't eat properly?

No. 194841

From a chair or bed onto carpet? Nope. not even if they fell from that little height into concrete. Unless they landed awfully and have very weak bones or a bleeding disorder. (Clearly neither of them have a bleeding disorder or bones that fragile because they're manually handled all the time without extreme delicacy)

If say, the dad was throwing one of the girls up in the air and didn't manage to catch her she could possibly be injured badly enough that it's life threatening but I really don't think falls are as much of a risk compared to viral infections or further atrophy.

No. 194898

Claire did roll off the beanbag and got stuck under the bed, once during the night.

No. 194904

I hate myself for laughing at this

No. 194914

File: 1478519885075.jpg (500.19 KB, 1600x1200, image.JPG)


No. 194916

oh my fuck.
He's even doing the hands.

No. 194928

Has Gwen ever claimed they're allergic to pain killers, or has she simply said they can't be anesthetized because depressing their nervous system would be extremely risky?

No. 195068


It makes me really sad and angry that Gwen couldn't even let his prom pictures be just about him and his girlfriend. Oh no, she had to get her precious shitting miracles in there too. I mean, I guess they're never going to have a prom themselves, but still.

No. 195083

File: 1478553449772.png (54.34 KB, 659x659, image.png)

The way the kids are treated makes me think about the way Walter ( dog with Mucopolysaccharidosis VI ) is treated by his owners. Of course the dog is higher functioning than the hooligans

No. 195084

Holy shit his GF looks sooooo uncomfortable. No sane woman is going to marry that kid because of his fucked up family

No. 195087

Looks like Beavis.

No. 195088

Who the hell goes in the #dentist tag even?

No. 195089

File: 1478554828789.jpg (218.75 KB, 1080x1080, 12362512_797198163743249_63155…)

every picture of him & his gf featuring the hooligans, the gf looks uncomfortable, and at first i thought it was just her face because she kinda has one of those faces, but nope there's a genuine difference between pics of her with the girls and then pics of her with just cal

No. 195090

File: 1478554893094.jpg (144.43 KB, 640x640, 14624778_1211747535553117_4694…)

pic of her & cal w/out the girls

No. 195108

File: 1478557157660.png (98.17 KB, 488x535, IMG_6433.PNG)

Just a couple girls who love their brother and are happy to pose for photographs with him before a beautiful prom night! In this picture a slurry of lumpy wet shit blasts out of Lola's sweaty asshole while Claire blasts a fart loud enough that a neighbor two houses over clearly hears it.

No. 195122

File: 1478559462760.png (1007.75 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

his gf has a truck driver body and she's wall eyed, but what's most obvious is the discomfort in her face around the gremlins

No. 195133

Looks more like just an awkward/ugly smile with overplucked eyebrows to me. I don't see a hell of difference when I look at >>195090 besides the body posing. In fact the way the boy is squinting and showing his upper gums he almost looks disgusted or uncomfortable that the bitch is sitting on him lol.
But see, when they're not holding the vegetables they have the freedom to sit on them instead and actually focus on themselves as a couple.

She's gotta be one of those ultra-religious famewhore girls anyway. Any girl with common sense and self-respect would do a 180 and nope the fuck away from this crazy family and their imposing shitdwarves.

No. 195152

>nope the fuck away from this crazy family and their imposing shitdwarves.

I love you anon. Topkek

No. 195161

probably some fetishist.

No. 195163

She says Lola is allergic to Tylenol. I think she just diagnoses this shit herself.

But the Dr doing the Gtube did say he wasn't comfortable anesthetizing Lola.

No. 195262

I don't know if she has ever said they were allergic, but she is into woo woo treatments and believes holistic stuff, essential oils and the like, are sufficient.

No. 195296

I doubt there was ever a firm medical opinion given, just anecdotal.

>Anonymous – yes, but the resulting surgery to remove adenoids & tonsils does require surgery & she cannot have that done. Not taking a chance of losing her.

>We cannot use medication with her either, as even Tylenol & Benadryl make her seize. I tried an organic tea with her last week that was for sleep & she seized for 48 hours. I just am so limited on what I can do for her – she is SO. SENSITIVE. Wish it were easier.
>PS – Lola has never been to a neuro before & we don't have any sleep neuros here in town. They told me they didn't need to see her unless I wanted help with meds, as there was "nothing they could do to help her otherwise." :(

No. 195339

This is so fucked up. It's the poor girl's prom night, she's all dressed up and Gwen forces her to hold a goblin renowned for puking and shitting everywhere…

No. 195948

File: 1478669451262.jpg (38.96 KB, 400x400, IMG_3390.JPG)

President Lola.

No. 195955

File: 1478674080796.jpg (80.69 KB, 800x852, hartley_2016.jpg)

I think Claire is more qualified for the job than Lola and I'm sure the American public will agree with me.

No. 195977


No. 195984

What the fuck is with her eyes?

No. 195997

Can't even let her son have prom to himself. This is just ridiculous.

No. 196025

What is Claire's stance on projectile vomiting?

No. 196027

free shitting and projectile vomits for everyone!

No. 196028

I hate myself for loving this thread so much. #underrated #favoritethreadofalltime

No. 196161

"Candidate Claire, manufacturing in the United States has long been in decline. Just last year another 50,000 manufacturing jobs were lost with expert saying is only gonna get worse. When you are president, what will you do to protect American industry and encourage the growth of new jobs?"

Claire sit in her beanbag with a microphone placed in front of it. "Ughhhennn loud lengthy fart"

The audience claps politely.

"Candidate Lola, what say you?"

Lola stares blankly head for 30 seconds. The buzzer rings and the audience claps.

No. 196487

I hate myself for laughing so much with every post in this thread.

No. 196521

File: 1478816519650.jpg (939.46 KB, 1366x2048, fb.jpg)

challenge accepted fampai

No. 196627

Gwen hasn't posted much for a while. Wonder if the girls are sick and difficult to get "good" pics of.

No. 196636

or maybe something serious happened? who knows.

No. 196655

File: 1478833406226.png (210.4 KB, 278x305, image.png)

When they know you're #teamClaire but make you hold Lola anyway

No. 196659

I'm fucking 30 and have less eye wrinkles.

No. 196668

At least you can see she always keeps her eyes on her prize #teamclaire one eye at least…

No. 196681

such great photoshop skills but you didn't even try to fix her gross teeth?

No. 196685

I was gonna ask earlier in the thread, does Gwen do the strong ones eyebrows? It kinda looks like it…ttly average normal teen girl and all

No. 196694

File: 1478838593856.jpg (84.45 KB, 612x612, 2011.jpg)

This picture's from 2011. I doubt Gwen was plucking her 9-year-old's eyebrows, so we can safely assume they're naturally thin.

No. 196726

Nice, but the real challenge would be trying to make Lola look human.

No. 196733

That's beyond photoshop. You need a sorcerer for that one.

No. 196736

File: 1478847210420.png (770.45 KB, 680x576, 9f9.png)

No. 196863

Well shit. This thing naturally has better eyebrows than me.

No. 196883

You know when Cal marries, Gwen is going to force him and his bride to hold the potatoes at the altar during the ceremony.

No. 196892

Can you imagine what is supposed to be the purest and most special day of your life being fucking ruined by your insane mother-in-law pushing in her deformed gremlin children in every photo and situation possible throughout the wedding day?

No. 196897

Imagine the wedding. The bride stands, holding Lola, while the groom holds Claire. As the minister asks the bride if she takes Cal to be her husband, before the can say "I do," Claire rips a thunderous fart that echoes throughout the church like a grenade. Then Gwen laughs uproariously and begins talking about what a smart girl Claire is for knowing that the bride was going to answer in the affirmative.

No. 196912

you'd age like her too if you were repeatedly made to hold and pretend to like those things

No. 196926

File: 1478898747656.jpg (604.9 KB, 1042x965, fb.jpg)

i don't follow this thread, but I assume Lola is the lesser cross-eyed one, again challenge accepted

No. 196961

next challenge is to make her look fucking ugly

No. 196970

That actually does kinda make her look like Cal!

No. 196977

Id give her a smaller chin
Usually children have small chins
Great work tho

No. 198384

File: 1479163072828.jpg (52.99 KB, 480x427, IMG_5977.JPG)

Caption This

No. 198407

When you're doing sphinx pose in hot yoga class and you let out a fart

No. 198411

ok so when is this thread going to get back to being a place to criticize that idiot mother of theirs and not a place to make fun of kids?

No. 198414

I hate myself for laughing

No. 198440

The first thread started out as that, but slowly evolved to just getting rebumped by probably the same guy sharing their unfunny shit about the kids. This thread has met the same fate.

No. 198444

Bullshit. Yeah, the thread makes fun of and criticizes the shit out of the mom, but obviously people get a lot of mileage out of laughing at the kids. Even the people who claim to be worried about the kids call them all sorts of names, cram that white knight shit up your ass.

No. 198447

When your diaper full but another giant shit on the way

No. 198538

Decided to take a look at their blog and post an excerpt from Gwen's most recent entry. If it's already been posted and I just didn't catch it, then my bad.

Oct 22.
"On Monday of this week, I got a call from Genetics in Kansas City saying they had a diagnosis. I almost couldn't catch my breath. A DIAGNOSIS, y'all!!! Should I say it a third time? THEY HAD ANSWERS!!!!!!! They told me they'd figure this whole thing out, and THEY FREAKIN' DELIVERED.

Scott & I were found to be carriers of this gene defect (it is an Autosomal Recessive gene, resulting in a 25% chance of this occurring each pregnancy, as we suspected), and both girls presented with the ASNS gene for Asparagine Synthetase Deficiency. It apparently causes most all of the girls' diagnoses, and the one picture I was able to see of another affected child could have passed for a Middle Eastern, male version of Claire at age 4. The newborn baby picture looked IDENTICAL to my girlies' noggins/faces/chins/ears/head shapes! This appears to be what we have been searching for all these years…

I will be curious to hear if the other lab in Boston confirms this result and/or finds anything else. It certainly feels good to know more, but it also feels a bit scary. There are 12 known cases of this in the world, though there are probably others who are still undiagnosed as our girls were prior to Monday. I am not aware of any other cases in the U.S. I read online the incidence is <1/1,000,000 worldwide. My girls are rare, yo. I already knew that, but holy shit. […]

I read that ASNS typically involves cerebral atrophy and that it is progressive. That scares the fuck out of me. While I know the girls' prognoses have always been grim, I have become the queen of pushing it out of my mind – sometimes many times a day – because I am unable to process this harsh reality without it completely shattering me on a soul-level. I want to believe my girls are an exception to this rule because their heads are growing still & their development is progressing. Surely this cannot be a sign of atrophy or degeneration. I will hold out hope that they are setting a new standard for this diagnosis & that they will be giving hope to other families who are diagnosed with this condition down the road. My online research found a family with 3 affected individuals with ASNS who lived into "the third decade of life." That gave me hope. Hope is literally ALL I NEED at this point. It is all I have EVER wanted & needed since day one. […]"

Make of this what you will. If it's been posted before I'll delete the post, just let me know.

Full entry: http://www.thehartleyhooligans.com/2016/10/weve-got-answers.html?m=1

No. 198540

why does gwen want them to live so long if they're going to be potatoes forever??

No. 198541

Gwen doesn't post much, so now we get the shitposting back again until we get something meaningful to talk about. I check the thread all the time…

No. 198542

Yes it has been posted but I think it was at end of the old thread. Leave it up here, I say. See also >>188020 which is literally the known data pool for this condition. These girls have brains that are atrophying and getting more damaged each day.

No. 198558

Well fuck me. I thought the whole "asparagine" whatever whatever deficiency that had been mentioned by an anon earlier on in the thread was a joke. Like … asaparagus…they're veggies…get it

No. 198571

Damn, you even made her arms look human. 10/10

>Lola takes a massive shit on the bride
>Gwen demands the bride stand there so she can take pictures
>Gwen gushes about how Lola shitting all over the bride was her way of communicating that she approves (or disapproves, depending on Gwen's opinion) of the marriage

No. 198574

I see. I was hoping it'd get some discussion going aside from image macros of the sisters by now. I don't lurk her facebook either.

Her denial is worse than I thought. I mean, they have seizures all the fucking time and they have cerebral palsy. How could what little is left of their brain NOT be wasting away at this point? It's just painful to read through that she wants them to suffer for decades more. She'd probably go nuts if they passed away and she didn't have any more ways to mommyblog about their bowel mishaps.

(Also no idea why my post replied to 3 different posts but w/e)

No. 198582

this thread did start more conversationally (scroll up). it's just a magnet for edgelords in between meaningful posts.

No. 198591

What happened to Claire's hands? She can't use them anymore?

No. 198603

could she ever use them?

No. 198639

Stupid, fat hobbit!

No. 199193

No. 199240

My cat would show more humanity if put in a walker and given "zoomies"
Jesus christ and claire spazzing out on that fuckin beanbag!!
1000% you can see how much they're deteriorating!!
Genuinely stumped

No. 199243

When the dogs licked her and her mouth started frenching the air….I gotta have a bleach shower…..
Those people are utterly inhumane to keep these alive forcibly which is what they are doing!!
Denying medical care, brain scans and medical non woo woo doctors!!!

No. 199247

Wow the girls are really coming along! Claire's just monging out on the beanbag. Lola as always is totally aware of her surrounds. And that eating instinct! How can anyone say these girls are not benefitting from all that pt and those essential oils.

No. 199259

these things look to be in a major state of discomfort and confusion at all times. if they do have some very small, minute ability of understanding, then it's extremely limited and all they know is pains, confusion, fear, loud noises, uncomfortable fabrics.
i say we make a petition to euthanize these poor things out of their misery.

No. 199260

They are like pets, watching that video. These two really seem to enjoy this. They're living dolls! They'll never have an empty nest as long as these things hold out. They get to parent deformities that are perpetually stuck at 5months old IF that at all.. forever. These people are sick. This is entirely unethical.

No. 199261

Lola clearly has either no consciousness at all and is in miserable pain and discomfort. Not to sound like an edgy dick, but that child would be blessed if she simply went to sleep and didn't wake up.

No. 199262

y does the potato (the one in the rolling stroller thing) have glasses on..? isnt she blind lol

No. 199263

Blind or not, she doesn't have the brain capacity to interpret anything. It is just pure madness how these parents treat their daughters.

No. 199265


So, I wonder how Gwen justifies doing this?

No. 199276

if she doesn't do it, she herself will go mad

No. 199277

pet rocks you mean.

No. 199278

the girls can't go to school so they get a shit-ton of pt and aids for free. never mind she is cortically blind for the most part, wear the free glasses - then it looks like therapy.

No. 199294

why tf did she tell the dog to give her a kiss after telling the dog not to lick the other dog's dick

like wtf you just saw it do that and you still want it to lick your child's face

No. 199303

my favorite comment on the fb page was "cash's kisses will make her stronger"

No. 199369

The dog looked like it didn't want to follow that command at all

No. 199389

There's all the supposed candid and loving pics that are tagged #CashandLola #myprotector #bff whatever, but the vid shows she's commanding the dog to do that. Gwen's revealing her puppetmaster status.

No. 199415

I keep imagining Lola as this poor thing that has no self awareness at all and if just in constant pain that she is unable to understand because she lacks the ability to use her brain to do anything more than reflexive actions. Imagine a life where you can't think, have no self awareness and are in constant horrible pain with no ability to express your agony. That's no way to live. I know it sounds cruel to some but I agree that her dying in her sleep would be for the best.

The mother is in denial so she gives her daughters the personalities she envisioned for them. She probably had this idea of what her kids would be like if they were normal and it's all she can do to keep from totally going off the deep end. She'd be better off with Reborn dolls. If her daughters die i wonder if she will go that route.

No. 199416

Wasn't she able to hold toys at some point? If she's lost the ability to grasp then she must really be going down hill. Something that Gwen won't even see because she's too busy pretending her kids are normal inside.

No. 199418

her hands are clenched due to hypertonia. they push the chicken toy into her fist to stop her thumb digging in or something. they just make it look like she knows she's holding a toy.

No. 199422

She claims that Lola loves wedding TV shows and Claire is into princesses. So yeah, she makes up personalities for them.

The girls look visibly worse than they used to. Look at the Halloween pics this year. Both faces contorted into miserable expressions. Normally she posts a ton of pics of them but this time no close ups, more pics of the dogs than the girls. Their lives are just pure agony.

No. 199424

>seizing for 48 hours

wait a second, wouldn't that render any regular human being completely braindead? i don't know anything about seizing but seeing anything seize for like a minute is horrifying, how can something seize for 48 straight hours?

No. 199427

She might mean that she seized frequently for that length of time. You'd think she'd like them having seizures since it's the only time they smile or make noises. That video of Claire "crying" is just a seizure for example.

No. 199515

I've watched most of this kids videos. He too is getting worse. What's with the hissing, burning and spastication all the time?!!
Truly I'd love to hurt and Jill this vile nonhuman.

No. 199540

Oh my god, I couldn't even get through this. He looks absolutely loopy.

This thread is so sad on all sides. Like, it's horrible for the parents to have brought kids like this into the world when they had a choice, but it's also clear that they're deeeeep in denial.
Like the Hartley mom ascribing personalities to her daughters when they're barely even sentient. She obviously wants to see them as normal girls, but it's ruining her non-fucked-up son's life. Sad all over.

No. 199554

Aww, bless his heart. Maybe he just wanted his hat.

No. 199566

When the dog licked Lola, she moved her mouth the same way she did in the video of her drinking from a water fountain. Ngl, I kinda hoped Lola had some degree of understanding that she was drinking water, but I guess it's just a reflexive response to having something touch her mouth, reminiscent of the rooting reflex.

He's severely retarded, but he's not pure potato like the Hartleys.

>Truly I'd love to hurt and Jill this vile nonhuman

Oh look, you're severely retarded too!

No. 199774

It's def a reflex

No. 199816

I also had at times looked at them and thought that perhaps there was something going on there. Between the Halloween pictures in this video though, I am now convinced that not only are they both complete vegetables, but they are vegetables in constant pain and discomfort. Not that the parents should kill them or anything, but if they cared more about the girls then themselves, they would just let them expire naturally the next time they have an issue, not that the parents should kill them or anything, but if they cared more about the girls them themselves, they would just let them expire naturally the next time they have an issue, which can't be long. which can't be long.

No. 199817

I'm no neurosurgeon but that looks like a mini seizure, esp the eyes rolling up and twitching

He can't draw a dinozaura while he's having a seizure lady

No. 199830

File: 1479336914508.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-16-23-54-05…)

Apart from the discomfort of hypertonia and stuff like that I doubt they're in constant pain

Seizures must suck but they probably aren't aware of pain, don't really have memories and can't think enough to fear, dread or dislike anything

Kinda a blissful potatoey experience. And they're better loved and taken care of than most kids.

No. 199842

I mean, maybe. But they have no value of life. It's an unfair existence. And their mother could have prevented this and didn't.
They're already here so killing them would most certainly be a crime which I don't condone.
But it should have never gotten this far to begin with. She knew they would be this way and didn't care. I'm truly sad for them.

No. 199854

Maybe. But in that last video Lola is clearly intensely uncomfortable at best.

Ask most people what it means to be be human and you'll get a lot of answers. To love, to think, to philosophize, to serve God, whatever. They are only human in the strictest technically sense. It's horrible.

No. 199869

>To love, to think, to philosophize, to serve God
now that's pitiful lol

No. 199871

File: 1479340149356.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-17-00-01-18…)

My fav part was when the dog started licking her mouth and she opened wide for that suckling reflex, effectively frenching it after he "licked the weenie"

No. 199879

File: 1479340710207.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-16-23-54-23…)

Well she didn't know the first one would be a tard, but indeed she chose not to scan for the second one. She left it up to god or something from what I remember, then had the scan when it was already too late (?) Someone correct me please I literally don't remember

No. 199885

whenever lola does that suckling thing it literally makes me sick to my stomach, i dont know why. these parents are fucking insane just tossing her around the living room like that, bumping her into furniture. it's like watching toddlers play with baby dolls

No. 199888

File: 1479341372089.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-17-00-47-10…)

Their humanity (however you wish to define that) is what holds their worth.In fact the hartley hooligan's humanity is the only reason they're being kept alive.

Dolphins are better able to love, think and serve seaman and yet we allow the japanese to eat them on the regular. Your humanity is not measured by how clever, loving or altruistic you are. It's just that you happen to be a human, and so have the legal privileges which come with humanity. It is illegal to kill them simply because they are human.

Furthermore, worth is a subjective thing. To their mother they are worth the world, and as sad as that is, that's enough.

No. 199889

Wish all of this crazy woman's stuff wasn't in Russian!!
Want to know his exact diagnosis which isn't far off hooligans.
And come on those sounds!! His burning and spasticated crazy mannerisms that hyperactivity cut in and out with seizures- he's like soneone really high on ecstasy and alcohol…..

No. 199892

Woo woofucking treatments on Russian spooligan!!
Also she's done "dolphin" "horse" therapy and made a career with her crone mum of begging and hassling people for tonnes of money to buy this vacant bio case minus brain loads of expensive "therapy aides/toys" no surprise he's getting worse daily and after one use mom is onto next toy that will in retard her son…parents of spastics of a law unto themselves….kill them

No. 199896


No. 199905

>His burning and spasticated crazy mannerisms that hyperactivity cut in and out with seizures- he's like soneone really high on ecstasy and alcohol
>parents of spastics of a law unto themselves….kill them

Are you edgy, retarded or both?

No. 199907

This was already posted
these don't belong here, this is a Hartley thread, not a general disabled children/adults thread.
pull it back.

No. 199912

The point isn't really whether or not they're worth something to someone. It's that they're so fucked up that they are completely robbed of the human experience. If people didn't innately recognize that, there wouldn't be a Hartley Hooligans thread bashing the mother here.

No. 199915

Getting spell checks from neckbeards…..yeah! This is a Hartley thread!! People who apparently want such a pure Gwen Hartley criticism thread with perfect spelling go outside moms basement try and socialise some. You're lack of skills comes across even here!! Uh oh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 199916

File: 1479342881044.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-17-00-01-26…)

This poor kiddo doesn't have what the hooligans have. He has microcephaly. From just watching him, he seems aware of his surroundings and the strange sounds you are reffering to are vocalisations. Microcephaly can range in severity quite a bit, there are mocrocephalic people who can even hold conversations, have jobs and learn to read.

He's nowhere near as bad as the twins, I would like to know why you think his parents (?!) should be killed. It's a very odd sentiment and I hope you're ok. At least explain your edgy opinion.

No. 199920

File: 1479343008018.jpg (101.09 KB, 540x500, 1455294812580.jpg)

Go to bed raven/kiki

No. 199921

They knew Lola would be the supreme spud but had her anyway cause uhhhhhh love? They aren't even real religious they're just weirdos at best

No. 200012

I think there is some pain response. See >>189902 and >>189906.

Also there is a vid with Claire kicking in the pool. But her life looks like shit, especially in the background of the latest fb video. Lola to me looks like she just looks left then right then left again all the time. Like, she jumps a little, and turns her head. It's like every stimulus is brand new to her and she computes nothing.

No. 200015

yes see also the 'eating' video (blergh) and she also has a moment in the spa video where she does it for a moment. it's just a reaction to them putting anything near her mouth. there's minimal swallowing going on.

No. 200016

correct anon, see >>190578 for the evidence post-birth, Gwen also writes about pre-birth and not getting any further scans after discovering her small head size.

No. 200023

Gwen pays more attention to Lola because she's even more fucked up than Claire. Partially practical but also because she clearly fetishizes the super fucked

No. 200116

Holy fuck LMAO

No. 200337

>the only part which sweats
holy shit. mammals except for monkeys have sweat glands on their soles only too. this is some advanced atavism right there

No. 200403

>epileptic here
In all honesty, seizures aren't painful. If anything, they would probably give the taters some kind of disconnection to the real world. You are pretty tired afterward, so it's probably one of the only workouts they get, other than the therapist coming along. It's kind of scary coming back to sometimes because people tend to move you to a safe spot and you get even more disoriented.

But pain? Nah. Sometimes I'm sentient (see what's going on, but am trapped in my body) and you get a weird feeling (known as auras). I too doubt they're in much pain when seizing.

Sorry for blog. Just POV from someone who sometimes seizes.

No. 200513

This is so adorable

No. 200584

Yeah, Claire writhing in pain and Lola zoomed out into space, but taking wet sticky dumps into their infant diapers. Adorbs!

No. 200588

if only Lola could even take a dump unassisted. she wishes.

No. 200591

This is still the best post in this thread

No. 200608

Here we see the potato in its natural habitat.

No. 200635

I… I actually thought that was sheena duquette…

No. 200716

File: 1479446817615.jpg (222.68 KB, 960x810, IMG_6669.JPG)

Just two normal girls, rooting for their favorite team with the fam!

Claire is currently enjoying a nice long piss after some rippling farts while Lola prepares to projectile vomit on the back of some soccer mom's head.

No. 200719

Cal's sneer.

No. 200720

They could be the footballs tbh.

No. 200739

Claire's skin is yellow. Her eyes are obviously yellow too compared to Lola's. That's not good.

No. 200743

Cal is even forced to wear a bracelet, tagged like an animal in support of these fucking things.

No. 200751

interesting point

No. 200755

She must be hitting the bottle pretty hard these days.

No. 200764

Jeezus fuck, the son's expression! His pain is emanating through the Net! Deep feels for this poor young man.

No. 200767

While Lola looks like a ghost, Claire does give off a slightly jaundiced hint to her face (her arms look as pale as Lola's tho). Maybe it's partly due to the refleftion of the yellow onto her skin? It seems rather bright for yellow.

Maybe they used essential oils that day lol

No. 200799

Didn't we all when we were typical edgy rebellious teenage girls? Totally normal, you guys!

No. 200828

Claire is showing signs of poor circulation. Hope she's doing ok.

No. 200837

Every time I see a family photo the son looks like he's ashamed to be there. Poor kid, I hope he gets a scholarship to a university out of state.

No. 200915

Has she ever been well? They're never more than a stranger' sneeze away from death.

No. 201235

File: 1479556372218.png (196.83 KB, 440x311, Cal got cuked.png)

Whos this bitch think she is cucking our Cal?

No. 201241

it's student voted pageantry. not cucking… yet

he looks like a smushed sculpture of Jensen Ackles, however.

No. 201242

I bet he doesn't have potato siblings.

No. 201246

That guy is so ugly in comparison

No. 201437

Imagine being dumped for a guy who's uglier than you because you got potato siblings and a nutjob mother… damn

No. 201452

I though the same. Nobody deserves that shit. Gwen already fucked up her prom pics lol but I'm kinda sad because isn't Cal fault, he is condemned

No. 201456

Considering they're all wearing yellow, it's possible light is bouncing off the shirts and onto her face. You can see it happening to the old lady behind them.

No. 201459


her and cal are still dating

No. 201514

>goes for Trump photoshop
>instead makes Brit politician

Well shit.

No. 201576

File: 1479613996853.png (79.04 KB, 426x543, IMG_6771.PNG)

Nothing quite like holding a disgusting, drooling gremlin squeezing out a lumpy shit before your fun high school dance!

No. 201578

>Claire's face
End her suffering

No. 201584

Claire looks yellow in this new pic as well. I think it's more than just a reflection.

No. 201586

>"Jaundice in … children is not considered normal. It can be a clue to problems with the liver, infection, or other illness"

No. 201587

Cal's lady looks perfectly fine holding the gathering this one. Maybe they're growing on her.

No. 201594

She's just getting better at acting

No. 201598

she looks like "don't vomit on me don't vomit on me don't vomit on me"

No. 201606

File: 1479622608935.png (49.98 KB, 750x304, IMG_8878.PNG)

>>when you wake up from a nap and have no idea what's going on
>>when you wake up
>>have no idea what's going on
>>when you have no idea what's going on

No. 201611

Yeah I'm definitely concerned about Claire now that the newer pic shows her still yellow looking. I mean, the poor thing should be put out of her misery but I don't think Gwen will do much about it. Probably will say the sunlight is giving her skin a nice glow or something fucked like that.

No. 201628

Oh my god this fucking picture. I cannot stop laughing. Gwen is so totally trolling her son.

When he gets married, he and his bride will be forced to each wear a Hooligan in one of those baby backpacks so everyone watching Cal exchange vows will also get to see Claire and Lola shit, fart, vomit and seize throughout the ceremony.

When Cal gets his college diploma, the Dean will hand it to Claire because really she's taught them far more than any college class. She deserves recognition, too!

First day on the job Cal will look up from his desk, sniffing the air. Wafting over to him is the smell of rancid shit and feta cheese and he will run to the bathroom to hide. He'll stay there until the coast is clear, or so he thinks. He returns to his desk to find Gwen has set up Claire on her beanbag in his cubical and is snapping pictures of her grimacing during a seizure.

When his first child his born both will be in the delivery room because who knows more about life in diapers than this dynamic duo.

If he is unlucky enough to die before them, say, in a car accident, both girls will be posed in his casket for the duration of the eulogy. When Lola or Claire finally bite it Cal will be dug out of his grave so his sisters can be crammed down into that hole in the ground with him.

Seriously, Gwen could not have made it clearer that her son is merely a prop in her veneration of her daughters without forcing Cal to tattoo both their names and faces on his ass.

No. 201645

I can't stop laughing anon

No. 201647

Claire looks very sick. This is so sad. Gwen makes me so angry. It's like Munchausens. She lives for the attention she gets for these girls.

No. 201649


lol fuck

get out Cal and cut contact with your family for your own good.

No. 201653


Can Cal even recognize the smell of shit anymore? After spending his whole life with the aroma of human excrement in the air he might be immune to it.

If he gets married during their lifetime, guaranteed the spuds will be part of the wedding. But he's 17 or 18 so if he gets married at 25 then decent chance he'll be an only child by then.

No. 201654

You know it's lucky she didn't force him to let his sisters tag along to the dance because "They deserve to experience it too!" and then force people to dance with them.
You should she'll drag them to his graduation and would probably try to force the principal to give the oldest one an honorary diploma as well.

No. 201673

and they can relive this scene right on the podium >>192388

No. 201675

like a wart

No. 201679

Sadly, the jaundice is almost a good sign at this point.

No. 201713

lmao, you know gwen has his high school friends added and his girlfriend and tags her in these pics for their whole group of peers to see, and also random folks on the internet (like us!). Humiliating! If i were this kid, i wouldn't even think about having a social life, forget it.

No. 201715

lmfao. she is the embodiment of "no clue where you are".

No. 201749

They'll special order tiny cap and gowns (with a special super tiny set for Bok) and put Claire and Lola in rollers and roll their asses onstage and the applause will frighten them enough to let loose their foul bowels and Claire's farts will ring through the auditorium and Gwen will post about how smart and happy her two little geniuses are and for the record Cal is OK too

No. 201785

Claire looks so frickin' yellow.

Has anyone thought what is going to happen if one of the girls dies? will ever Gwen stop? she is going to have another poor child?

No. 201821

There will be dozens of social media posts eulogizing the dead girl, with elaborate descriptions of how the surviving potato misses the departed one. 50% chance they go for another kid because Gwen isn't that old (late 30s?).

No. 201826

I can almost bet that she'll try for another sick child once the sympathy for the death of one wears off. People like her absolutely crave the attention once she has it and after one passes she'll push the other into the spotlight even harder to make up for it until she deems it 'ok' to announce that she's trying for another child (and secretly hoping it'll be sick as well). If she gave birth to a healthy child it would end up as forgotten as Cal.
After they both die, heaven help Cal because if she's too old to have kids she'll be pressuring him to have children no matter what his age.

No. 201836

fucking lol. It's amazing how much power this deranged bitch has; she knows it's basically impossible for anyone to refuse her anything with her crazy eyes and rictus grin, when she shoves the mewling, farting, seizing, shitting gremlins into people's faces. "You want to give us the best seat in the house and discount our bill, don't you? DON'T YOU???!!!! Claire will write a great Yelp review while Lola shits all over your chairs, tables and floor!"

No. 201840

We joke about this, but at the same time I see this all within the realms of possibility considering how crazy Gwen is. I can understand including the sisters in SOME things because at the end of the day they're still family, but has Gwen ever recognized her son's accomplishments? Has she ever written about how proud she is of him and about his life, or has she only written about him when she has to punish him for using the retard word or when he interacts with the goblins? I feel like Cal does care about his sisters, but I imagine he does have negative thoughts every time he is shunted by his mother and made to feel guilt to include his sisters in events that should be special to him.

No. 201843

Does anyone else think that Lola maybe has no memory whatsoever? The way she looks around makes it seem like she is discovering the world for the first time each second.

Imagine existing only for a single blip.

No. 201856

She does write some nice things about Cal, though the key note always seems to be that he's nice to the spuds. So his value is almost entirely related to how he factors into Claire and Lola's lives.

No. 201872

Children born to old moms are at risk for Downs Syndrome. Would she view a regular potato as a step down?

No. 201880

Definitely. If her child can do little things like walk and understand English that's waaaaaaaay too "typical."

No. 201892

yes I think this is pretty close to it. she seems startled over and over, like she's a newborn seeing something for the first time. it's only that scary 'eating' thing she's learned that she can do continuously. she even needs assistance to shit. she's never had any neurology done so who knows?

No. 201957

With her horribly malformed brain she is probably more or less hallucinating most (or all) of the time. Claire does seem to be a little more aware, though that could just be an illusion.

No. 201966

Lola needing help to shit is even worse in the context that her mother seems to have to brag about how much they do it, feigning that it's at least one thing they can do on their own(Similar to how she pretends they can walk or talk) but they cant even do that.

No. 201992

It really is depressing. I don't think I've ever seen either of them so much as blink outside of their "episodes".

No. 201994

I have thought this too. It is such a sad, truly meaningless existence in so many ways. Tramatizing. Imagine how awful it would be to be that way. Constantly afraid.

No. 202014

>Seriously, Gwen could not have made it clearer that her son is merely a prop in her veneration of her daughters without forcing Cal to tattoo both their names and faces on his ass.

No kidding.


>Claire's page on the HH site

>6 pics in total
>all show her clearly
>NONE include Cal or Lola


>Lola's page on the HH site

>5 pics in total
>all show her clearly
>NONE include Cal or Claire


>Cal's page on the HH site

>8 pics in total
>5 include Claire and/or Lola

Of the 3 pictures that DON'T include Claire or Lola
>1 is his shadow-blackened silhouette. You can't even tell that it's him
>1 is a fairly shitty picture of him playing basketball
>ONLY 1 picture shows Cal clearly and without the shit-monsters

No. 202021

File: 1479703442338.jpg (307.8 KB, 1600x1340, 5.JPG)

>that scary 'eating' thing she's learned

I'm pretty sure it's something akin to the rooting/sucking reflex that infants have. It's instinct, rather than a learned behavior.

I found this picture from when she was 4. She was doing the same "eating" thing back then.

No. 202066

Damn I fell for Gwen implying she learned it. I don't know much about newborns but your comment caused me to actually read, and:

>Rooting reflex – This reflex begins when the corner of the baby's mouth is stroked or touched. The baby will turn his or her head and open his or her mouth to follow and root in the direction of the stroking. This helps the baby find the breast or bottle to begin feeding. This reflex lasts about 4 months.

Maybe she had that, if so it's gone.

>Suck reflex – Rooting helps the baby become ready to suck. When the roof of the baby's mouth is touched, the baby will begin to suck. This reflex does not begin until about the 32nd week of pregnancy and is not fully developed until about 36 weeks.

She's got that- sort of, in that she doesn't seem to swallow much.

No. 202069

Also to say, she doesn't wait for the roof of her mouth to be touched (per the reflex description). Lola starts faint sucking motions even when someone's hand goes near her head, like in the snoop dogg video: https://www.facebook.com/TheHartleyHooligans/videos/vb.111342938969247/808589249244609/ or the spa video. Just maybe, there's an aspect of learning or adapting to repeat this motion when something approaches her face, but it's slender. Gwen tries to make it sound like it's only when the bib is on or the water fountain is running but that's not true.

No. 202096

File: 1479715770977.png (466.95 KB, 1072x728, Ugh.png)

How disturbing.

No. 202099

That's why I said I'm pretty sure it's something akin to the the rooting/sucking reflex, rather than saying that's what she's actually doing. I don't know what to call it, and "the - attempt to eat anything near your face because your shriveled brain understands on an extremely primitive level than you need sustenance to survive - instinct" doesn't roll off the tongue very well.

Even if it is a learned behavior, it's so imprecise, hence Lola continuing to make sucking motions even after there was no longer anything near her face, like she doesn't understand that something needs to actually be inside her mouth for her to eat. It's "There's a thing near my face, and I make this movement, and then my stomach hurts less."

>gifted at dwarf wrangling

Dwarfs are easy to wrangle if they're incapable of moving from wherever you put them.

>shitting myself

Gwen needs to shut up about her gross poop fetish.

No. 202109

But shitting is how the girls communicate! Claire, the family genius, farts in Morse code to fill out her calculus exams! Lola takes a nice slimy dump to talk and depending on how it smells you can know exactly what her brilliant mind is thinking about philosophy and politics and all sorts of intellectual pursuits!

No. 202116

Well-explained, and I missed the 'akin' first time around, sorry
>"There's a thing near my face, and I make this movement, and then my stomach hurts less."
What a life.

No. 202141

File: 1479728136263.jpg (121.9 KB, 1600x800, the-boy-still-1.jpg)

It reminds me of the film The Boy where this lady has to pretend a doll is a normal human boy. Have they ever had a babysitter?

No. 202196

>raising a typical child
Except I doubt she does much about raising her son and has she ever talked about him or shown photos of him when the two girls weren't involved some how?

No. 202197

Samefag but I missed >>202014 which just makes it even sadder. I mean Cal could just not want his stuff published on the website but even then that's still pretty sad to see.

No. 202216

This is so sad. I truly hope Cal gets some psychological help when he leaves Gwen's home.

Also, I was sceptical bout the girls expressing some kind of emotion but I saw this video and… that some real suffering. Wonder if Gwen feels somewhat guilty.

No. 202427

Claire's contorted expression probably is the only form of communication she has. She never is in that position so her spine and bearing weight on those noodle arms and legs must be agonizing.

No. 202433

This was horrible to watch. She became so scared.

No. 202436

Why are they torturing her like this? As if her sheer existence isn't bad enough.

No. 202480

I don't think she's that aware of herself or her surroundings, so kinda like a newborn but with less memory and awareness

No. 202498

Her arms don't have muscles! Why make her put her weight on them?

No. 202512

because the physical therapist is free in their state. also Claire's developing soooo much /s.

No. 202545

Good for her if she, as Gwen claims, is actually "working" at it. Fuck them if all it's accomplishing is torturing the spud.

No. 202547

Wtf, she's not "crawling" Gwen, you're moving her around.

No. 202557

That's terrible. At least the girl in >>190649 can actually move herself.

No. 202591

that's the physical therapist

No. 202617

File: 1479828113415.png (44 KB, 256x256, latest.png)

Imagine having a 200 dollar prom dress and you're just about to leave with your bf to your prom and then his batshitinsane mum shows up with the horrors. Your bf gets visibly embarrassed and whispers to you, once again, "I'm so sorry, Kaka…"
Then, his mum sticks a kid with no bowel or gag control on your lap drooling all over your new dress and makes you pose for a bunch of pictures.
You're there pretending to be okay with it, but in your head you're fearing for your dress.

This happening every time you go to his house or any noticeable event. Like when your neighbour has the christening of his new cat.

No. 202627

kek, fucking spot on

No. 202693

Something that concerns me is that if the taters were a result of poor genetics, it means Cal could carry the gene too, right?

This poor boy may have to resort to adoption if he doesn't want a tater of his own.

>(with a special super tiny set for Bok)
Won't lie, I giggled.

No. 202704

Could you imagine how his mother would rant about him online if he decided not to have children because of the risk? I mean she humiliated him in the past over his sisters so just picture what she'd say about him when she started pestering him for grandkids and he declined.
I mean, if this genetic defect ran in my family even if you needed two people with it to make a baby like them, I wouldn't risk it to begin with and go childless or adopt a healthy baby.

No. 202707

So Scott & Gwen are probably cousins, right?

No. 202718

I remember reading somewhere (maybe in the results post) that Cal does not have the gene or whatever causes it

No. 202723

They don't know if he has it or not, and to pass it on, he would need to be fucking another person with the gene.

No. 202728

Christ, imagine if Cal's partner got pregnant and they found out their unborn child was going to have the genetic defect and they decided to abort. Gwen would probably disown Cal, though that wouldn't be a bad thing.

No. 202758

Probably Gwen thinks abortion is bad whatever the case is. Makes me rage that she prefers to bring a suffering tator to the world

No. 202795

Lol.. what a fucking waste of time to give these girls "physical therapy". That was no crawl or attempt to crawl. That was Claire being held in an uncomfortable position while her noodle wrists bend different angles and she stares half-blind in mute horror at the shrill voice of Gwen, and the chill touch of the ham. No functioning memory makes sure that she will be confused (if she even has the capacity for that, truly) til her blessed end, and final escape from Gwen's wicked, sadistic clutches.
This is vile, indeed,

No. 202796

does anyone kno if they make facial expressions bc they actually feel these feelings, or bc its some kind of nerve damage or tic or something

No. 202800


They make facial expressions based on instinct. For example, there are photos of the older one "smiling", but as they have the self-awareness of a newborn infant (if that) the "smiling" was probably caused by farting or shitting.

No. 202820

Those pictures are also individual shots selected from thousands taken. The evidence that Claire has sentience is flimsy at best, nonexistent for Lola.

No. 202823

No, they don't know. For some "reason" they only sent his blood to one of the testers, and it;s the other tester who could tell him he has the gene.

No. 202947

This seems to be a theme with that family. They're more content to just ignore everything and keep the girls alive for FB likes than actually investigate their condition and how their progress is over the years. I mean, if it were my kid and I was getting all this shit for free, I'd damn well make sure they got all the scans and tests they needed to ensure my child had a full prognosis, not just "I have a sick child, they're totally fine though even though I haven't even gotten them scanned for brain deterioration."

This is the kind of thing that leads to one of them dying suddenly and Gwen just going "Well I had no idea it was coming!" until they find out the girls had been rotting away slowly after their autopsy… if Gwen even allowed one.

No. 203421

File: 1479981774721.jpg (176.04 KB, 960x740, IMG_6563.JPG)

They are in constant hallucination

No. 203922

I wonder what they see. When your brain is mush and you're not even running off hind brain instinct, it must be some /x/ tier ascension level shit.

No. 203974

File: 1480117472958.jpg (393.19 KB, 692x723, You_Doodle_2016-08-03T14_04_40…)

No. 204004


No. 204008

These meme macro shitposts are their own tier of unfunny

No. 204021

File: 1480130019163.jpeg (882.24 KB, 1167x1202, 1473286460664.jpeg)

No. 204114

Good grief that thing is a disgusting creature

No. 204125

File: 1480150963035.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, absolutely-disgusting.jpg)

Why in the fuck would they post this picture, Christ almighty. They're so desensitised to the absolutely vile shit these little imps expel every day that they forget how repulsive this is for any normal person to see.

The face scabs, the stringy patchy hair, the scrawny, spindly limbs and body…this is the most goblin-esque I've ever seen any of them look. Truly scary stuff.

No. 204136

File: 1480155895494.gif (432.97 KB, 320x240, dCSIK70.gif)

No. 204145

They really are Eraserhead irl. If something like Claire and Lola came out of me i would be horrified and tie my tubes.

You guys are so funny though. The maymays this thread produces has me in stitches!

No. 204182

Their faces legitimately look like they were blown up with the respective tool in photoshop, but that probably isn't saying much, considering their condition.

No. 204944

Gwen has cut posting back to a minimum. Claire and Lola, probably mostly Lola, are likely deeply ill (even by their standards). Might not have to wait too long to see what happens when Gwen is down to uno spud.

No. 204951

Lola has looked pretty yellow in the latest photos.

No. 204991

I'm kind of looking forward to it in a fucked up sort of way

No. 205444

that was Claire (the older one).

and given that, my money's on Claire going first.

No. 205452

Claire looked jaundiced before Lola so Death's about to kick down Gwen's door. No amount of mommyblogging will keep him away any more than it has the past decade. I wonder if she'll start using powder foundation to hide it like the Buell$ probably do with their spud Jaxon (Jaxon Strong to be specific)?

No. 205457

Same here. Partially to see the shitstorm, partially because those things have been tortured for 15 and 10 years and every second they're alive is inhumane.

My money is still on Lola because her health is much more fragile overall. She weighs less than half of what Claire does and needs oxygen if the windows are left open for an hour.

No. 205458

cool, I don't have to burn in hell alone here.

No. 205462

Wanting one of the Hooligan taters to die is no more immoral or wrong than wanting to put down an animal that is in agonizing pain from which it will never recover. The immoral part is keeping them alive and using their living hell for Facebook likes and shit fetish lit.

No. 205468

Oh, the older one is Claire? Damn, I thought she was Lola this whole time. Usually I just see them as "the sisters" because they make me really uncomfortable when I try to read up about them.

The mother on the other hand, lady is batshit.

No. 205473

It will be a blessing for the girls when they die. I'm no theologian - I don't know if we have souls. But if we do Gwen will have a lot to answer for because if these girls can feel to the degree she insists, then they've suffered.

Worse, they've suffered while being afforded zero dignity. Pictures of them naked and covered in shit are still out there on the Internet. Lola was near death from chicken pox but Gwen still crammed her in a lobster costume and popped her into a stock pot. They've been dressed up like dogs. I still want to punch Gwen in the face for that repulsive "Lola's Gonna Cry!" video.

Same with Scott for that littlest samurai video. They treat them like pets and Gwen becomes indignant when people online react to the cues they send out - that Lola and Claire are not worthy of the respect given sapient humans.

I want these girls to die because the best case scenario is that they are plant-like drains on Cal. Worst case scenario is they are in constant pain that they cannot process or assign meaning to, like when Christians insist suffering is God's will. Death is the kindest thing that can happen to them.

And my money's on Claire, too. That homecoming pic with her was dire. Girl is straight-up Simpsons yellow.

No. 205570

>>204991 and >>205458, I'm right there with you anons.
Fucking THIS.
This too.

No. 206374

Lola's the little seizing goblin.

No. 206401

Gwen has launched Operation Free Shit on Facebook and her suckers are apparently all in.

No. 206450

I know! Just make a cast of the friggin nipples you have, pour in latex. There you have your damn nipples!!! It is not hard, it is not expensive. The only point of ths BS hoopla is to "go viral" get more clicks revenue for her blog, more fame, and get more money thrown at her by her plea of "we can not afford the $50 nipple on ebay waaah waaah waaaah"

No. 206467

Perhaps Lola refusing to drink was a cue they should have taken.

No. 206474

>I promise you all a pic of Lola swimming in nipples (which just so happens to also be Scott's lifelong dream, ironically!)

No. 206477

Why does she care about having too many nipples? I mean, the girls are going to live till the third decade of life, right? Right?

No. 206481

No experience with babies at all; how many bottle nipples would an average infant need over a year? Is it something you need to change weekly or can one last a long time?

No. 206491

You use a clean nipples every feed but we never had more than five in the house with three children because they take less than a minute to wash.
Gwen doesn't need loads, two each for the girls would be plenty.

No. 206517

If Lola lives another 10 years and deeds at the rate of an infant, will 300 nipples be enough?

No. 206518

Claire hasn't fed on her own for years; they use a Gtube for her.

This nipple is out of production forever and ever, and her little monster can't feed from anything else. Lola can't survive an anesthetic so no Gtube for her. She has teeth as well. I just find it interesting Gwen's saying "enough nipples!", aren't her girls going to live forever?

No. 206523

Please post screen-caps from the FB page or at least links to the pics/post you're talking about.

No. 206525

Two hundred extra unless the gremlin chews them. Especially considering neither of those girls will have to face another two decades of this. Idk why they aren't fed via tpn.

No. 206527

She certainly seems to think so, in which case 300 is far too few.

No. 206561

File: 1480491009136.jpg (365.52 KB, 1546x1968, hartley.jpg)

not the same anon but

No. 206565

Lola's allergic to everything and might lack enzymes to digest certain things, so I wonder if they can even use a proper formula. She has goat milk from a local farm and pureed veg / fruit, and they can tube her nasally if they need to. Claire gets the same but all through a gtube.

No. 206566

>Lola is unable to "get ahold of" silicone nipples (even the exact same style as she is using now).
Lady, she's done for.

No. 206570

File: 1480494318627.gif (205.19 KB, 159x152, xxACGYa.gif)

TPN would be a major risk and I doubt Gwen could find a physician who would be willing to go there, given how she has been so vehemently opposed to meds and tests. First, she'd need a central line (Broviac), port or PICC line placed. A peripheral IV can't be used. It has to be a central catheter (a line going to the heart). A PICC could be placed at the bedside in some patients but NO WAY with Lola…have you seen the pic series where even a needle stick for bloodwork was complete and utter hell? She would be so likely to dislodge the PICC, and they aren't ideal for TPN anyway…so that would mean surgery for a Broviac or port placement. Now let's move onto the need for sterility…what can I say with this feta-handed shit goblin? She'd get sepsis faster than flies on shit. I don't even want to think about it.

No. 206574

File: 1480495427898.jpg (85.61 KB, 1162x860, blood.jpg)

yeah, she's so far off being able to participate in any of that. her blood flow for the sample wasn't even normal.

No. 206584

this is honestly disgusting. i heard that a pregnant older woman, like i'm talking about 40s-50s, has a higher risk of having a retarded baby because of her age. kinda makes me wonder about gwen's female cousins/sisters/aunts/etc.

No. 206594

These children's problems have nothing to do with the age of the parents. It's a genetic risk that both parents happened to carry (aginst all odds).

What you're referring to is the risk of having a Downs Syndrome baby, which increases with age. Educate yourself or at least~ read the thread.

No. 206595


No. 206604

Down, not Downs. Oops.

No. 206618

Why won't anybody let them fucking DIE?

No. 206635

Caring for them gives their mother a sense of purpose and twisted pride. She gets to congratulate herself publicly for her weird self-imposed hardships and be praised for it. They're also like having babies forever, or even dolls which she loves to dress up and play pretend with. Finally I think the guilt of letting them die despite their immense constant suffering would just destroy her. She's spent so long justifying the choices she has made to birth them and keep them alive all this time that she can't go back on it now. That's why she wouldn't abort Lola even after knowing Lola would be born absolutely fucked too–it would be admitting that Claire was a mistake, and she can't handle that. She'll never admit that all she is doing is perpetuating the suffering of powerless, hopeless children.

No. 206703

File: 1480526206947.jpg (311.08 KB, 1066x1600, IMG_0047.JPG)

Lola (the one on the left, I think) sort of looks normal here. This pic gives you a glimpse of what ~could've been.~

No. 206751

They both look more hideous as they age.

All of the above is why the smart money is on Lola croaking first. Tremendous feeding problems, needs to be put on oxygen regularly, sleeps only a couple hours a day, allergic to everything but goat milk and green vegetables, face contorted in a state of constant agony.

In contrast, clear sleeps all the time, doesn't always look like she is in the middle of hell, and simply takes her nutrition through a tube in a process that apparently causes little to no trouble. She will bury her sister, or more accurately, sit there farting and shitting while someone else does it.

No. 206899

Whoever outlives the other will be wearing a cute dress to the funeral though!

No. 206901

Haha, and staring blankly into space while balls and snakes of shit slither out of her asshole (which Gwen will interpret as weeping)

No. 206922

File: 1480553276065.png (427.71 KB, 463x571, image.png)

I feel like claire would look like Maddie Ziegler if she was normal

No. 206941

File: 1480556207447.jpg (454.41 KB, 1240x2130, 1480475990774.jpg)

No. 206995

Anyone else think it fishy that Lola can drink out of a water fountain while he Dan legs above it by can't drink out of anything but one very particular bottle nipple?

No. 207004

Yeah that seemed weird to me too. There could be two explanations for it. The fountain thing could easily have been a ruse. Lola could have been just making her weird mouthing gesture but not actually swallowing anything. It is also possible that her condition has worsened? I don't know.

No. 207006

I went back and watched a lot of older videos and it's her gumming reflex. she really has been doing it forever whenever something gets close to her mouth or chin. honestly I think it was her first time drinking out of a water fountain because they…just never thought about holding her to a water fountain before. Wait wait now that I'm thinking about it im pretty sure there's an older video of them on vacation when she does it in a park or at the beach maybe? of course for the likes it's he first time that or Gwen has a goldfish memory too.

My theory on the nipples is that Lola can't grip on to them because they're too slippery especially with all that spit and slobber going on. The ones she uses aren't as slippery looking and probably have more of a grippy outside that's easier to latch onto and doesn't slide

No. 207010

Yeah if you watch the Facebook vid with Lola drinking from the fountain (the Youtube one is gone). She does her mouth-open-close thing when she's waved in front of the fountain (something near her face). Then when the water makes contact with the inside of her mouth she clearly changes to swallowing mode. https://www.facebook.com/TheHartleyHooligans/videos/vb.111342938969247/767885709981630/

The bottles are used to feed her goats milk.

No. 207068

That goblin must be pure evil because no way something that deformed survives so long otherwise.

No. 207078

So when she's (possibly) drinking from the fountain and when she drinks for the bottle, does she suck or does she just swallow when it gets to her throat? I feel like sucking in the liquid takes some consciousness and isn't really reactionary.

No. 207110

Hard to say. Despite all the videos and pics and stories the various HH social medias are conspicuously lacking even moderate evidence that either girl has so much as an infant's intellect and awareness.

No. 207144

Infants consistently react to stimuli. They recognize faces. They cry when they're hungry. They reach for things and desire to interact with their surroundings.

These taters do none of that. They have the intellect of a potato.

No. 207174

Does anyone think that Claire or Lola could differentiate between Gwen or a pelican?

No. 207179

They sure react… They piss and shit.

No. 207207

Lola does her weird mouth thing when things are near her face, which is a reaction to visual stimuli, and both of them cry, though the crying is always weirdly sporadic, as you can see in the video. For several seconds they'll make weird crying sounds, tense up, and maybe tear up a bit, and then just… stop. Face goes slack. Sounds cease. Eyes dry. It's like there's no permanence. They don't need to calm down. As soon as the bad thing (physical pain) stops, their reaction stops.

There used to be a video of Claire "playing" with a toy, but I think Gwen removed it. Claire was making distressed sounds and movements that kind of lined up with the toy's sounds. It might have been coincidental, or Claire might have enough awareness to suffer from certain sounds.

Neither has ever shown any semblance of joy.

Their intellectual capacity is higher than that of a potato, but not by much.

No. 207222

The video with the toy you're thinking of is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHartleyHooligans/videos/vb.111342938969247/751862274917307/. It's also worth considering the pool one. I think Claire has some of the things that a very young baby has going on. She's built a bit different from Lola, e.g. she doesn't seize constantly.

No. 207223

Another flashback, the one where Claire tries to roll over and Gwen just watches. Thanks mom!

No. 207224

And what the hell.
Sage for samefag.

No. 207232

File: 1480634462970.jpg (66.25 KB, 900x900, lola.jpg)


No. 207303

File: 1480635601165.jpg (3.32 MB, 1990x3072, You_Doodle_2016-11-30T03_10_26…)

No. 207347

Imagine you've got kids or you're babysitting, and you take the kids to the amusement park, they get on the carousel, and Lola and her entourage pick the horse right beside you. How do you explain that one?
And then when the kids you're with say honest kid things about Lola, that she looks like a baby, is she ok?, etc, and you and them get chewed out by psycho Gwen.

No. 207354

That's definitely an experience she'll remember fondly years down the road.

No. 207357

Maybe Gwen is the ultimate troll

No. 207362

She kinda is. There are countless Facebook pages focusing on this or that potato but Gwen's is the only one making humiliating spectacles out of them.

No. 207387

Best part of the video is a guy saying "JESUS" in the background right before the video ends

No. 207526

Lola also does that rooting movement with her mouth and tongue even when there's nothing there in this video (from late 2011).

No. 207548

Imagine suddenly turning around and seeing that awful thing.

No. 207588

Imagine coming down some stairs in the dark and you see it at the bottom, it turns its head a full 180 before sprinting up after you, screaming all of the way

No. 207594


Is it a tard mom thing to talk to your suffering tater in such a patronizing voice? I have a typical 5-year-old girl and I couldn't imagine talking to her like that.

No. 207598

File: 1480706976536.png (2.18 MB, 1532x2100, mario macho madness.png)


No. 207630

In fairness, if the girls have any intellect, it is that of a baby. Also in fairness, Gwen also blathers about how they're "typical teens" and how treating them like babies is degrading to them. So I think it's more of a crazy cunt thing.

No. 207839

Imagine how many normal children, or even disabled children, could have been cared for with what has gone into these taters.

No. 208002

Dude. Fucking genius. Moar please.

No. 208022

File: 1480796466649.png (1008.28 KB, 800x926, lola harvey oswald.png)

Any time.

No. 208034

Oh my god, another huge win. Keep me coming!

No. 208071

I kek'd so hard anon, thank you

No. 208152

She started drooling a shitload towards the end, can they choke on their spit if they're left on their back?

No. 208183

Probably not.

No. 208282

I just realized she pulled this shit right after news about some dad looking for a cup his autistic son drinks from. Autistic kids do have obsessions like that but I highly doubt Lola can tell the difference between nipples.

No. 208292

File: 1480847145592.jpg (91.99 KB, 400x400, 1311947803699.jpg)


I thought the exact same thing. The neckbeard with the autistic son was originally a local news piece from the part of the UK I'm from- it made national news?! Gwen must have been seething with jelousy

if you're interested in this family you should read up about Jaxon Strong

No. 208841

It's questionable at best. Methinks Gwen just likes free shit and excuses for billions of likes.

No. 209603

File: 1481049475347.jpg (1.86 MB, 1200x1600, IMG_7342.JPG)

No. 209609

File: 1481050016257.jpg (46.05 KB, 307x281, BreadedCat.jpg)

Jaxon Strong's parents make this lady look sane

No. 209705

On the contrary, Jaxon's parents have parlayed their son's horrifying disability into a moneymaking machine. While Gwen does get free shit, she isn't exactly riding high off the taters. In most of her pictures she looks a little insane, Part of which is that Lola ensures that she never sleeps more than two consecutive hours.

No. 210434

File: 1481205479428.jpg (30.16 KB, 232x240, IMG_7431.JPG)

No. 210439

you seem to be quite edgy

No. 210495

File: 1481212748513.jpg (191.39 KB, 994x1024, IMG_7567.JPG)

No. 210813

Gwen just did a big post about her luxe Mexican vacations every year. For someone who wants the taxpayers to spend millions paying for her to grow vegetables she sure does have a lot of money for ritz vacations.

No. 210822

Someone should make a general thread, though. I'm shocked at how many of these vegetable puppeteers there are.

No. 210827

There are a lot, though precious few anywhere near the spectacle of Claire and Lola. Most are just sad.

No. 210864

And Jaxon's parents >>208060 are kind of evil. It's not as funny as Hartley land.

No. 211457

File: 1481362869443.jpg (124.29 KB, 1400x688, lolaclaire.jpg)

Looks like they raised enough money to get the Eagle Eyes. Let's see a legit video of Lola communicating then, Gwen.

No. 211468

I really want to know what they get from the glasses but I doubt gwen will say much since it'll most likely be random input from the girls eyes flickering about mid-seizure. I'm predicting that she will say the oldest one is 'refusing to cooperate like a typical teen'

No. 211479

I did some reading about them a while back. They're for people who are 'locked in' of course, which means you have to have something there to be able to communicate. You also have to have control over your eyes. I think Claire has a better shot at spelling out "kill me" than Lola ever will.

No. 211494

I reckon they're more likely to end up with gibberish from them if anything. Claire and Lola seem as if they've never deliberately done anything, ever.

No. 211615

The pic is taken by the Eagle Eyes people. This is probably the first pic ever took by someone that's not her or family.

And the spuds look terrible. Just awful, miserable little things. Bet that Eagle Eye crew was just like, wow, what a waste of time this operation was.

No. 211771

They say they have standards about who they'll approve them for. I think they just haven't been able to say no to Gwen's pleading.

No. 211830

File: 1481429724863.jpg (64.99 KB, 1121x400, comingalong.jpg)

No. 211833

They're probably honestly more curious about it than anything. what if they can communicate well? it'd be a big deal

No. 211886

Look at Lola in the above pic. Really, look for a moment. Then look at her in any other picture. She has the awareness of a gerbil, if that. There is nothing even resembling standard human intellect in that brain of hers.

Giving her Eagle Eyes is no functionally no different than giving a dog a piece of chalk and asking it to explain quantum physics on a blackboard.

No. 211895

Hang on. I thought Lola and Claire have cortical blindness. How the hell can this sort of facilitated communication work with people who cannot see.

And facilitated communication as a whole is mostly bullshit. For every locked-person FC manages to help, there are hundreds more whose facilitator is either manipulating the results or is too daft to realize they are manipulating the results. A good portion of them are batshit insane as well. For an excellent education into the motives and skills of a facilitated communicator, Google Anna Stubblefield and buckle up because she's absolutely gross, demented and deluded.

But yeah, this is a massive waste of time and resources. Even if the girls can see, they spend hours each day in various stages of seizures. Following eye movements in a continually seizing patient is a godless endeavor.

No. 211910

> I thought Lola and Claire have cortical blindness. How the hell can this sort of facilitated communication work with people who cannot see.

Cortical blindness can be partial.

Gwen says they've both had their vision tested, and they're both extremely near-sighted, Claire more so than Lola. But they're not blind. Supposedly.

No. 211915

Oh this is gonna be good…can't wait for the bullshit that will ensue now!

No. 211950

I thought I've seen somewhere Gwen wrote she really didn't know how much Lola could see, but I can't recall which page it was on.

There's a good explanation of cortical blindness on the Jaxon Reality page:
>although the eye itself may be fully functional, there is no way for the brain to translate that raw visual data into meaningful shapes and forms: the process we call "sight."

"CVI is brain based; there is damage or atypical structures in the visual pathways. Visual processing is compromised to varying degrees. The eyes get the image and the brain perceives it, however it cannot categorize the information or sort the information. The brain cannot label it or put meaning to it. This is why glasses do not fix the problem."
…But…but (you ask), Dr. Brittany said that oh yes he CAN TOO! see things because she watches his eyes "going back and forth and things" during Mickey Mouse! What is this heresy?? The issue with this observation, Lisa notes, is that "children [with cortical blindness] may look at objects, frequently. Looking at an item does NOT mean that they are able to interpret it."

No. 211953

I think the post I'm referring to is older, as I've found the glasses posts you are talking about. From the Jaxon Reality page (again) there are people saying it's common to give a cortically blind child glasses, because it can't hurt any and it may even help.

No. 211956

>Anna Stubblefield
I had no idea this case existed but I just spent my coffee time reading it.

No. 212051

Woah. Riveting stuff. And raises the possibility that Gwen will, consciously or not, simply spell out what she wants the taters to say. Since it's Gwen and not an upper-class professor, the girls will mostly want to talk about shitting and bad network TV.

No. 212175

Their vision impairment probably explains a lot of their expressions. They are probably tripping balls all the time.

No. 212184

What fucks me up about this thread is that 90% of of the discussion shits on these disabled babies when the only person worthy of criticism here is their narcissistic, munchausen by proxy mother

No. 212219

They're not babies, remember? They're normal girls minus the brains, ability to walk, talk, speak, control their bladder and bowels, see, take pills, or digest anything harsher than celery. You owe Gwen and her daughters and apology.

No. 212254

When you subtract the edgy or 'ewwww' posts, talking about the girls is a way of talking about Gwen, because she is the one broadcasting their lives. I personally can't wait for the Eagle Eyes fuckery to begin.

That said, since discovering the Jaxon Strong case here (300K+ followers, $200K+ scammed) I'm inclined to see Gwen in a more warm and fuzzy light. I think she acts out of delusion and that she does love her taters even when she's faking their milestones. Five likes on an Eagles Eyes post is nothing compared to what the Buells are doing.

No. 212331

Second this. Don't think Gwen is evil so much as a goofy, immature woman whose fucked up kids and a decade without sleep has made even crazier.

No. 212701

Still, what rubs me the wrong way about her is the massive amounts of wasted money and resources on these kids when there is no rehabilitating them. They're obviously very well off because of this

No. 212846

In their state, the kids who can't go to school will automatically get all that therapy. I wonder if you can even deny the kids that, like say "oh they don't need it", that might not be how it works. Gwen's husband does the glassblowing business and they sell wristbands to fund things too. They don't get the girls any real medical attention unless they have to, so they don't use so many resources that way (she uses essential oils and a kinesiologist). They do seem to buy a lot of bits and pieces (like the sound therapy chair, the pool), maybe they get discounts on things at times. I can't believe I'm white-knighting Gwen but you know, the Buells.

No. 213618

So is there some big cache of Hooligans pics that Gwen took down from the site and social media?

No. 213659

OOH good question! IDK but if so I would love to see it!

No. 213682

The pic of the dad holding Lola covered in shit is one and a few more are around but wondering if there's an archive somewhere

No. 213980

No. 213983

I guess I should explain this as it seems suspicious. I post on an obscure mongolian throat singing board and we found out about Lola and Claire and they pretty much blew up after that. Some guy is obsessed with them so he has a huge folder of their pics and this is it.

No. 214004



No. 214512

He should put them on Imgur or something.

No. 214523

The sad fact is they often get given up completely at that age. There are many parents who have children with major defects despite knowing before birth. They often raise the kids, and claim much love. Suddenly, the child with down syndrome isn't so cute when she's 12 and biting at her parent. These babies won't be so cute once they become heavier, harder to move, and more expensive to feed. They are getting bigger then the first photos taken of them. After 10-20 years of being cared for, many are completely abandoned. They live their lives in state institutions and the parents never, ever visit. It's sad.

No. 214525

They aren't as 'empty headed' as many people imply. They actually have the intellectual capabilities of a 6-18 month infant according to the medical doctors who work with them. They could very well think in the same way as a 1 and half year old infant.

That makes the situation worse. They are conscious. They just won't really ever speak or form memories or progress past the capacity a 1 and half year old child.

No. 214531

Last thing because I realize >>214525 may be confusing. There are people with microcephaly who are high functioning. The brain has an amazing amount of flexibility and will work abnormally to make ends meet. It will quite frankly rewire itself. These kids are absolutely retarded. They will never function. They do have the intelligence of a 6 month to 1 and a half year old child. They are conscious. They can feel their health deteriorate with age. They could live a life of conscious suffering into their 20's while at the same time never gaining the ability to function. It is so awful.

No. 214563

Only Claire had measurements and neurology done. She's the one you're talking about with the 6-18months estimate, and that's only an estimate. She looks and acts <6months. Lola has never been measured or scanned, ever. So there are no estimates at all.

>the medical doctors who work with them

Whose ass did you pull that out of? They don't work with any doctors. The recent doctor images on the blog are purely from the genetic testing they had done. They have a kinesiologist and they use essential oils for everything.

Sme of us have actually read the blog.

No. 214566

Their microcephaly is just an outcome from the ultra-rare condition they both have (Asparagine Synthetase Deficiency). So to compare with other kids who just have microcephaly isn't 100% fair. These girls have encephalopathy, ongoing.

No. 214640

The moral here is that the taters are likely in deep pain all the time and that they should have been allowed to die years ago.

No. 214735

Essential oils. So in other words, they get nothing when sick. I'll give these gremlins this much, they're resilient as fuck.

No. 214751

Have you ever met a 1 and a half year old infant? These girls are nowhere near that level of development. Even the stupidest babies I've met are miles further than the taters.

No. 214752

No, they get to smell like herbs and spices when they're sick.

Seasoned potatoes.

No. 214771

Encephalopathy or anencephaly?
I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

No. 214779

I heard the tape of Lola "talking". Maybe if she actually was saying words then it would be something to show to the world. But all she does is make weird noises during a seizure that make her sound like a drunk Teletubby.

No. 214819

That Gwen would even consider posting that video as proof that Lola can talk proves that she delusional. As irritating as she is I'm actually starting to feel slightly sorry for that woman.

No. 214859

Encephalopathy = ongoing damage to the brain (caused by the disorder they were born with). It's something that happens even as they grow. They'll never get smarter.

There's not much out there about it but
>distinct form of severe encephalopathy associated with congenital microcephaly and progressive brain atrophy.

No. 214885



>seasoned potatoes

No. 214989

> These babies won't be so cute once they become heavier, harder to move, and more expensive to feed. They are getting bigger then the first photos taken of them.

Claire is already 15 and Lola is 10. They're never going to be adult-sized.

No. 215062

If Gwen was swapped out for a duck billed playtupus as their caregiver, any chance at all they would notice?

No. 215264

Not a chance. But the family photos would be a lot more fun.

No. 215645

The blog quality would improve immensely and the son might smile

No. 217604

No. 217608

sucking on the titties like

No. 217811

She seems to be all but blind. Pity she can't get it together to take a bite, although at least she can swallow when it accidentally gets in her mouth.

No. 217814

I hate Gwens voice so much. God, what a nightmare.

No. 217858

>Pockey loves herself some melons!

She makes those motions if you put anything near her mouth. She's on video doing it to their dog's tongue right after it had licked their other dog's dick.

>(She gets that from her father ~ Ha ha!)

Is.. is that a joke about him liking tits? Ugh, Gwen has no filter whatsoever.

No. 217859

if you listen, they actually admit she's never encountered an actual melon like that before. they are indeed just taking advantage of her reflexive sucking.

No. 218141

File: 1482265010964.jpg (118.86 KB, 640x480, s_033.jpg)

Well I just finished reading all of this. I'm disgusted by the family, and the sisters invoke a natural human react of revulsion, but more than anything I feel pity.

These humans exist, but they're barely human. They don't have lives. All they seem to cycle through is physical pain, physical fright or fear, physical hunger, and the rest is nothing. Nothing at all. They're just one step above being fetuses, except fetuses have potential to become something sentient.

Can you imagine such a life? You can't, because it's nothing but a series of blankness, lack of consciousness, and negative sensations that come and go. How the fuck can you allow these beings to exist? I realize a mother's bond can make them delusional and they want to protect their offspring above all, but this is just horrific.

No. 218182

Awesome reference.

The spuds have had eagle eyes for a couple weeks and not a word from Gwen about Claire's awesome genius or Lola's sassy personality. Looks like they flushed $3k down the toilet

No. 218496

I don't know much about Eagle Eyes but how long does it take for an average client to master the interface? I expect a whole lot of nothing from the spuds but in general how long could Gwen say "but they're still luuurrrrning how to use them!" Jesus, I can hear her whiny voice in my head now.

No. 218505

They should be able to train on hitting a target in the first day I think? The thing is, it's for those who have enough ability and desire to communicate, and enough control over their eyes to find the target on the screen. Gwen will be making excuses about how Claire and Lola are just working up to it. I can't see how you can use one if you're blind?

No. 218602

I'm sure that anyone who has taken care of severely disabled children who are always on the brink of death for fifteen years is messed up.

No. 218619

If one were to defend Gwen I think that would be the best way to put it. The doctors told them that each spud had only a year to live so it's safe to say she never thought she was signing up for 15 years and counting of this.

Also, Lola never sleeps more than a few hours a day, which means Gwen is in a constant battle with sleep deprivation. I despise the way she treats those things like gross little dolls for her amusement but I don't totally blame her for being somewhat deranged.

No. 218634

Honestly I think it could be a lot worse than her being delusional about them. The constant stress of taking care of them and not sleeping could wear her mental health down in a way that causes her to be a danger to them. Hell, I know plenty of mothers who have perfectly healthy, albeit "difficult" babies who should not be allowed to take care of them because the stress gets to be too much and they can't handle it. At least she doesn't take any of this situation out on them. She genuinely loves and cares for them, even if it kind of seems like she doesn't see them as living humans at times.

No. 218833

They're only human in the most technical of ways.

No. 219855

>Honestly I think it could be a lot worse
Like the Buells putting Jaxon in a car seat for a 9hr drive that he can't cope with, then strapping a back brace on him so he looks like he can hold up his own neck for a TV interview. Gwen is mad, bascially. But she's not unloving.

No. 220552

What's the over/under on Gwen making Cal take one or both taters to his final prom?

No. 220626

very probable!

No. 220655

I'm sure it's been said before but what happened to Claire's hands? In OP's pic they look backwards

No. 220661

No. 220706

this kinda shows the difference between this woman and the hooligans, i think each mother has different coping mechanisms. on one hand, this woman is accepting the fact that her child is severely disabled, yet has traumatic experiences. on the other hand, the hooligans mom treats the disability as nothing, dressing them up and posting them on social media instead of having to do "tapping", if that makes sense. pretty sad.

No. 220969

File: 1482595044729.png (63.85 KB, 629x520, IMG_2255.PNG)

No. 222677

File: 1482864733111.jpg (128.47 KB, 960x960, 15741263_879180965518770_90754…)

The Hooligans will be on abc tonight. 12.27.16 ~ Just a heads up that our family will be on Nightline tonight on ABC at 12:35-1:05 am ET/11:35 pm-12:05 am CST!

No. 222726

I don't get ABC. Can anyone record?

No. 222755

I know it's only feeds that attention whore but I'm morbidly curious to see what they'll be shilling and if the taters are going to shit on camera.

No. 222760

I don't know if y'all saw but she posted on fb that their thing was moved to tomorrow (same time same channel) because of Carrie fishers death

No. 222780

Her son looks like he's been taken hostage. Poor kid.

No. 222816

they are definitely going to shit on camera

No. 222935

Did you catch the video of Lola and Her father opening a gift together. It was a onesie that said "Spoiled as Fuck" on it. Of course wonder mom is giggling her ass off as swear words, like fecal speak is very funny to her batshit crazy ass. She received some negative backlash from sever followers who found it to be an inappropriate gift for a child. Gwens response was that as Lola can neither speak nor read ( I know I was astounded that she had a lucid moment and made an honest observation about the gremlin) that it was ok. This begs the question whether she would find this gift appropriate for a normal ten year old or not. I love how she wants it both ways…whether they are typical or severely retarded depends on the situation and how it relates to Gwen. It is never about the kids!

No. 222944

File: 1482905543306.jpg (148.15 KB, 1688x1272, spoiled-as-fuck.jpg)

No. 222945

Dead on. Now only if she'd have another lucid moment and admit that Lola doesn't understand a word of English, much less a cuss word, then she could get started on the road to mental recovery!

And how can you "spoil" a disgusting creature that can't do anything other than shit itself and suck down fruit goop?

No. 222950

i feel so sorry for this family… i would not be able to take care of two vegetables like that

No. 222954

I don't think mental recovery is in the cards for crazy pants! She slid into deep denial the day Lola was born, and I believe her contract with insanity is non negotiable and she will remain there for all time…what could possibly pull her out of it. Let's face it, thing 1 and thing 2 are never going to get better…they will only continue to deteriorate and eventually die, at which point she will completely lose it and take a permanent vacation to the loony bin…end of story. On the bright side this may mean liberation for Cal.. even for Scott if he wants it too.

No. 223105

"The good news is, she can't read!"

Yes, your 10 year old daughter being illiterate is such good news.

No. 223380

Illiteracy is the least of her issues…she is "ill" everything …completely unable to do anything. If you caught the above video of her and Scott opening her gift you will note afterward that he was rustling the packaging of another gift, for quite a bit of time and that little tard wasn't even aware of anything going on around her. He could have had a bull horn in her ear and she wouldn't have even flinched. More evidence that those two lifeless bots don't have a clue. Amazing her idiot mother didn't notice that little faux pas and edit it out or at the very least try to make it something it is not. The topper is her making all of the grunting noises and it is absolutely vile…her mere presence is vile! Furthermore she was asked on her IG about the Eagle Eyes and what was happening there and surprise, surprise…no comment. Apparently she won't be the only one administering it, it falls on the various therapists, and without them maneuvering it (like a oija board) she won't get the desired results. Should be interesting. She will probably wish she had never mentioned it!…and the beat goes on!

No. 223391

Those things are gross. I bet that house reeks of shit and weird powders and essential oil dispensers. Imagine being Cal and having your girlfriend over to meet your teenage sister and the first thing sis does is take a gigantic shit accompanied by thunderous farts.

No. 223474

My money is she looks around randomly like that all the time. She's obviously not 100% cortically blind, apparently red is a common colour to be able to see and respond to. So I'm not surprised she noticed the red on the tshirt.

There is no way EagleEyes is a therapist-only task. Sure, the free PTs they have to have can use it with the girls, but there are no limits on who helps the child. In fact, a parent or sibling would want to be involved because there can be some actual communication between them.

http://opportunityfoundationofamerica.org/eagleeyes/main/ You'll see there are many examples of family members operating it with the child (video related).

Predictions for 2017: Eagle Eyes mentions diminish even further; Claire passes away of whatever is making her yellow; Lola keeps twitchin' along.

No. 223579

> Furthermore she was asked on her IG about the Eagle Eyes and what was happening there and surprise, surprise…no comment.
Okay Kiterunner.

No. 223584

I did not say that Eagle Eyes is a therapist only task, but that if it was Gwen operating it, she would manipulate the results. Eagle Eyes should never been an option for these girls as they do not have any eye control, and are not aware of their surroundings in any way so there is no possible way that Eagle Eyes would ever work for them. Anything she shows or mentions to the contrary is a complete fabrication and more delusion on her part.

No. 223600

File: 1482991969063.png (70.21 KB, 735x387, IMG_9289.PNG)

ok Gwen, was she wearing a top hat with tap shoes and a cane too? her words are always so misleading.


No. 223601

File: 1482992093405.png (79.61 KB, 750x497, IMG_9290.PNG)

another gem

>> "they really want to be here"

No. 223605

I watched the ABC segment. It was only a few minutes and you didn't miss much. It was everything we've heard before, except one thing that I thought Gwen was wrong about?

On ABC, she said the doctors told her that if they had another kid, it's be perfectly fine when she had Lola. Didn't she say before the doctors told her there was like a 75% chance another kid would have microcephaly?

And she said that when she had Claire (they apparently had no idea she would come out a potato?), the doctors in the delivery room said "There's something wrong" and Gwen said back "Oh, we'll fix it!". Ugh. It was all just cheesy inspiration porn.

Cal is apparently 17 and the president of his class and he wants a basketball scholarship - I don't know if they said that before or not. They asked him if he ever felt like Claire and Lola got more attention and he said "yes, sometimes." but he also said he didn't care…Poor kid.

No. 223666

The video's up on abc's youtube channel. Comments are open. https://youtu.be/WHzr0G-qZgo

No. 223671

> On ABC, she said the doctors told her that if they had another kid, it's be perfectly fine when she had Lola. Didn't she say before the doctors told her there was like a 75% chance another kid would have microcephaly?

Yes, she did and it's on her goddamn blog. That's one of the reasons why we all think her having Lola was even more selfish than when she had Claire. The balls on this woman.

> They asked him if he ever felt like Claire and Lola got more attention and he said "yes, sometimes." but he also said he didn't care…Poor kid.

Fuck, that's just heartbreaking. It's obvious he's so checked out now and is probably just counting down the days until he can move on from this hell.

No. 223676

I really feel bad for Cal. I know most people will look at the family and think the victims are Claire and Lola for being born how they were but honestly? The real victim is Cal because it's utterly miserable being the sibling of not one but two sick sisters. All the parental attention goes to them and very little is left over for Cal. He's probably raised himself more than he's been raised by his parents and probably has tried to get their attention with his achievements only to have his sisters shoved into every milestone he's made like joining the basketball team and going to prom. I really hope he gets that scholarship because I doubt his parents have set aside any money for his college because all the funds go to his siblings everyday needs. Poor kid.

No. 223678

Bullshit for ABC to let that go. Claire's "walking" is with the tater strapped into an elaborate device with her damn feet moved by the theapirst! She's no more walking than a man strapped into the seat of a jet is flapping his arms and flying.

Someone needs to photoshop top hat tap dancing Claire.

No. 223705

Her page is almost all Lola now so maybe Claire isn't doing so well

No. 223765

No thunderous farts and milking shit out? Completely unrealistic.
I feel so bad for Cal, hope he'll gets that scholarship and runs far away. There is thought a possibility that Gwen doesn't let him go because that would mean one tard wrangler less in the house.

No. 223785

Wonder if Gwen's keeping an eye on the video and is disappointed with the lack of attention it's getting her.

No. 223791


no, she said before there was a 75% chance of the child being normal and a 25% chance of the child having microcephaly…

No. 223793

Gwen, referring to Lola drinking from the water fountain: "It's like the most normal thing she's ever done."

Lola makes those motions when anything is near her face. She's on video doing it to a shoe, the dog's tongue, and Gwen's arm. So the "most normal thing she's ever done" requires only the most cursory understanding that [object near face] + [mouth movements] = [less pain in belly maybe]. Wow, so normal.

And fuck Gwen and Scott for trying to blame Cal for their decision not to abort. 7-year-olds are dumbasses, and you don't make life-altering decisions that will certainly result in a great deal of suffering for a newborn just because your naive idiot child wants to "meet" the baby.

No. 223795

Oh, oops. My mind must've switched the numbers around.

No. 223797

File: 1483042557483.gif (823.19 KB, 300x178, mhmm.gif)

bet he regrets that one, amirite?

No. 223868

Thank you for the comment that you don't leave life altering decisions up to seven year olds. They do not have the mental capacity to think that one through…that is up to the adults! Also in regard to her saying she has never regretted that decision I cry "bullshit". Her blog, Facebook, etc is her constantly reaching out for support and asspats that those two "have worth and value". It's unfortunate, for Clair, that she did survive past the first year and Lola should have never been born.

No. 223917

>having Lola was even more selfish than when she had Claire
Yes, she knew during the pregnancy although it was later than she expected to find out. That's when she shut out all the medical, asked for no neurology at birth, no more medical scans or interventions etc. For me, I believe this pregnancy was when Gwen really shut down and entered the "100% delusion" phase.

No. 224088

Wow. Claire has gotten so much worse over the years. She almost seemed aware as an infant.

No. 224211

Even pics and vids from a couple years ago make it look like she has infant level intelligence. The stuff from the past year she looks more like a gerbil brain.

No. 224322

Wonder if they'll finally attempt to get their own reality show.

No. 224387

I'm honestly surprised they haven't already got one. TLC would love these people.

No. 224613

Imagine the televised farts.

No. 224760

File: 1483163209333.png (645.57 KB, 657x447, Capture.PNG)

Graveyardgirl and hooligans, separated at birth?

No. 224764

She seems nice, but I find her so incredibly annoying that I just can't stand her. Sage for off topic.

No. 225051

would you guys be up for getting together to try to send Cal a gift or something like a late christmas present? I hate thinking of a kid being so neglected and obviously unhappy

No. 225061

I'm sure Gwen would intercept it.

No. 225084

>as far "gwen" treating them "normal" you've got realize that she's trying to have them live the most normal life a possible and she is determined to treat them as a people and not as freaks. she doesn't feel bad for them, it's just the cards they were dealt and they do the best they can with their circumstances.

Because shoving your kiddies into costumes for laughs is treating them as people?

No. 225104

Not to mention that a normal life consists of living relatively independently, experiencing lots of things, having relationships with people, developing a personality etc… How are we supposed to believe that these girls are capable of any of that?

No. 225199

she can look good when she isn't making stupid faces and packing on excessive makeup. shes just hamming it up like a crackhead for the audience

No. 225265

File: 1483226519201.jpg (543.98 KB, 1600x1600, H302.JPG)

>Because shoving your kiddies into costumes for laughs is treating them as people?

Except that it's only for Halloween?

No. 225280


Isn't one of them a teenager? How do you say she tries to treat them like normal people when she's dressing up a teenager each year for Halloween? That's not very normal is it?

No. 225308

Forget the costumes. Imagine being a 15 year old girl and having your mom blog about your farts and your diaper shitting.

No. 225313

I'm a different anon.
Anon, it's Halloween, look at the picture not only Lola and Claire wear costumes, it's the whole family, that's normal.

No. 225519

The normal humans are wearing graphic tshirts and shorts/jeans.

The girls' are on the same level as the dogs, costume wise.

No. 225542

Claire's only 15 physically. Neurologically she's close to a newborn.

No. 225753

I'm confused. Gwen has made it clear that Claire is a highly intelligent young woman who can understand literally everything said to her. In a few years they're going to strap her tiny ass in a roller and take her to Harvard, where she will double major in mathematics and music theory.

No. 225761

Went through their archives and not only is she obsessed with broadcasting her kiddies poop but her animals as well in graphic detail.

No. 225870

I can't tell if she has a shit fetish or is just trying way too hard to be funny

No. 226418

Their new Facebook vid is horrifying. Scott keeps cramming dice into Claire's deformed hand and making her drop them on the table. The whole time she stares ahead dead eyed, completely unaware of what's going on, no more sentient than a puppet. It genuinely made me feel a little sick. Keeping the girls alive and doing stuff like that to them is heartbreaking.

No. 226422

Why is it heartbreaking? They're plastic dolls.

No. 226533

Different anon from whom you're replying but like we already reached the general consensus that they probably only feel pain and fear. Why keep a veggie alive that only feels pain and fear and dress it up in bows and film it? The selfishness of the mother (and the dad for enabling the mom) does make me frown irl

No. 226542

What this anon said. We use terms like "veggies" and "plastic dolls" to describe them, but they are literally human, and it's disgusting to see two beings treated that way. It's like a sick freak show from a bad horror movie. The sight of it is profoundly wrong and unsettling.

No. 226546

Cause they're flesh sacks that can only feel pain, startled, hungry, and the cessation of those sensations.
Forcing a mindless meat puppet into human poses to fulfill your sick fantasy of having a real little girl who meets the criteria for a person is twisted as fuck.

No. 226630

Anonymous now No. 226629
Exactly. If they're going to keep the girls alive, they should treat them with dignity. A list of things that don't constitute dignified treatment:

1. Blogging about their bowel movements
2. Dressing them up in embarrassing costumes (i.e. any costume)
3. Forcing them to "participate" in games and activities they don't understand on any level
4. Describing their intellectual and physical capabilities in outlandish exaggerated ways that have nothing to do with their reality
5. Forcing your healthy child to shoehorn them into to his social and scholastic activities

And so on.

No. 226684

I'm surprised Gwen hasn't got into legal trouble after all these years. Or has she? I mean it's not like the blatantly abusive treatment of Claire&Lola is kept secret within the household; she put on her own public-access freakshow on the internet. Then again I guess child protection services wouldn't know what to do with the potatoes either so welp.

But I find it surprising to say the least that no one told her ever that giving out such explicit information about their children on the internet is like, kind of unacceptable. I don't know law stuff but I would have guessed that if a child cannot consent or disconsent something like that because they lack faculties or whatever, the default thing would be to assume no consent.

sage cause I sound like sperging but I'm just legit puzzled

No. 226710

You're not familiar with the world of mommy blogging I take it? There are parents putting their children's lives on the internet everyday, some of them for hundreds of thousands of dollars return per year.

You are speeding, definitely. There's no case for child protective services here at all. The children are I a clean home with clean clothes and organic food. They are not left hungry or dirty. Gwen's just insanely delusional is all.

If you really want to upset yourself read the Jaxon Buell thread here…

No. 226716

eh mommy blogging (unless the identity of the child is protected) is abhorrent but that's just my opinion I guess

No. 226735

Actually, Lola is hungry almost all the time. Some believe her chronic hunger is one of the reasons she sleeps so little and for such short durations. She needs a feeding tube like Claire but Gwen has refused because there is no way Lola could survive the sedation needed for the procedure.

Puréed veggies are not calorie dense enough for her to gain or really even maintain weight. If you've seen videos of her eating, she spends a lot of time working her mouth in that automatic gobble motion she does whenever anything goes near her mouth, and it takes a very long time for her to swallow even the smallest amounts of food. Were it not for the goat milk they get down her she'd have starved to death long ago. As it stands now she's so emaciated she looks no different than dead, starve children thrown into pits during the Holocaust.

This doesn't invalidate your response - Gwen isn't deliberately starving Lola and parents have the right to make complicated moral decisions about the medical care their kids receive. There's no abuse or even neglect. But Lola is hungry. Chronically. And since it seems to interrupt her sleep and since she spends a good portion of her days screaming, it's a good bet she experiences the pain of chronic hunger.

No. 226736

Yeah sorry I didn't make that clear. Mommy bloggers are abhorrent.

I had forgotten about the raw fruit and goats milk diet. Lola lacks enzymes to digest some foods though, or so Gwen thinks.

Where is the info from that she's hungry all the time? I thought her lack of sleep is neurological?

No. 226750

Seems like a guarantee that she's hungry since she's literally never been adequately nourished. Goats milk and a few sips of puréed fruit would leave even totally sedentary flesh wads like these girls hungry.

No. 226800

Woah. This never occurred to me but it makes perfect sense. If accurate, then it shifts the perspective of the whole thing, because in Lola's case, they really ARE torturing her (even if the intentions are "good") just to keep her alive. Positively ghoulish.

I don't know shit about medicine, so I don't ask this question in an "edgy" way: is it possible that Lola could have a feeding tube installed with little to no sedation? Obviously, the pain would be extreme, but they already take the girls to the dentist for teeth pulling with no anesthetic, and if she could survive a feeding tube installation, her quality of life would likely massively improve.

No. 227103

Claire is a severely disabeld child, but Lola is so much more so, to where she's only partially human in a way. She can't eat what you and I can. Apparently she can't even tolerate a Tylenol nor would she survive an anaesthetic. She seizes a LOT.

To me the things that are harsh are to leave her without pain relief during dental or while she's ill (like when she had the chicken pox for weeks). While I agree goat milk and raw veges and fruit don't seem like a full diet, Claire has made it to 15 and Lola to 10, very unexpected ages for their respective conditions. The goat milk at least is raw and it's fresh, they get it from a farmer. I personally think raw fruit and veg is really harsh, and cooking some of it would be easier for the girls to handle.

Your assumption that Lola is starving is projection just as much as when Gwen says she is smiling. Lola is in a constant state of neurological overload where her twitching and reacting never changes. She can't sleep because she has a barely human brain that is in constant motion. The mistakes were made in the decision to have a second child but the idea that Gwen is abusing her daughters, she certainly tries not to I think. She's just nuts and she stays awake with Lola round the clock.

No. 227147

The girls aren't beaten or molested. Their diet isn't nutritious or caloric enough imo, but they're not at risk of starving. Their bodies and home are clean. They're given physical therapy and taken out to restaurants and basketball games instead of being covered in pressure sores from being left in a crib all day. Despite Gwen's love of woo, both girls have somehow survived far longer than they were expected to. CPS has no reason to get involved.

>I don't know law stuff but I would have guessed that if a child cannot consent or disconsent something like that because they lack faculties or whatever, the default thing would be to assume no consent.

When it comes to pictures of minors online (not counting stuff like child porn), it's the right of the parent/guardian to invoke/revoke consent. It is fully within Gwen's legal rights to post those pictures and stories. To the best of my knowledge, even if the girls weren't borderline braindead and demanded that Gwen stop posting pictures of them, they'd have to prove to a judge that she was damaging them by doing so, and they still couldn't stop her from telling embarrassing stories about them unless the stories were false.

Anyway, it's not like it'll ever negatively affect them. You might as well be saying it's wrong to have a garden blog because plants can't consent.

No. 227198

Saying that Lola is starving isn't projection, but a reasonable guess of what is happening to her based on information available.

She is fed a few dozen calories of fruits and vegetables a day, and her face is in a constant state of agonizing pain, in contrast to the feeding tube equipped Claire, who just looks like a fucking brainless tard. Lola looks much more emanciated than Claire and her refusal to sleep could be the equivalent of an infant saying she is hungry.

No. 227205

Even severely disabled children need calories to live tho. It's not projection to say that a ten year old, no matter how fucked up, would need more than a hundred calories of raw fruit mush and milk to not feel hungry. A lack of most of her brain doesn't mean she can grow or be satiated on a diet lacking major nutrients and sufficient calories.

No. 227220

The operation itself is painful, as any operation involving inscisions are. But the real problem would be the aftercare and general care of the wound and tube itself. Even (relativly) healthy people can get terrible infections and burns from the stomach acid so Lola's very limited immune capacity will be probably be overwhelmed.

So as you can guess, there's a whole plethora of additional problems to the operation itself.

No. 227302

Lola's a dwarf, Drwalnut. She hardly grows bc her pituitary gland, among other things, is malfunctioning. But it's just super obvious to you that her parent abuses her through starvation tactics. Go back through the pics and blog posts and learn about how Lola has gained weight.

I don't see how the raw goats milk hurts her but I totally agree that raw fruits and veges are not the nutrition powerhouses some people assume they are. In fact they can be hard to digest. It's concerning that she never gets a legume, I wonder if Gwen has ever stopped to think about the importance of protein and EFAs and various minerals and what she's feeding the girls. While their diet is very 'clean' and the goats milk is grass fed, I still think there will be nutritional gaps. A proper nutritional formula at least part of the time might help them.

No. 227303

Also to add, Claire and Lola have the same underlying condition but Lola's version is far more severe. She has a much smaller and differently shaped brain that Claire. Claire does not have sisters while Lola has them often. It's congenital, not treatable.

These points would be known to you if you'd end the blog like some of us here have taken the time to do.

No. 227369

I don't think anyone is saying Gwen deliberately starves Lola, just that her fucked up condition basically means she's in a state of perpetual hunger and that keeping her alive does nothing but guarantee constant pain.

Go look through the vids featuring her. Not the pics, because by Gwen's own admission she takes dozens to get individual shots where Lola looks "normal". In the vids she is always looking like she's in awful pain, the exception being the one of her in the vibrating chair, and that's just because her deformed brain likes the feel of heavy bass.

No. 227385

Agreed. Also what people don't realise is that these potatoes hardly have any muscle tone, which makes them require even less calories and makes them look spoopy.

Although I do agree lola needs a tube. Can't they use localised anasthetic?

No. 227428

She finally posted a video of Clair using Eagle Eyes and it seems like a load of crap. Her gaze is stuck at the bottom of the screen on the first activity so she changes the screen and the cursor moves when her head is turned and not even looking at the screen. I don't believe this works for them since they don't have any eye control and like always Gwen narrates through the activity to make everyone "see" what is not happening. Make the craziness stop!

No. 227471

She was also doing that weird gnawing thing Lola does

No. 227529

Lola has had a nasal feeding tube on and off for years, but Gwen seemed to hate it. Not sure if it was even worse for her than spoonfeeding or if it just messed with Gwen's delusion that Lola leads a normal, happy life.

No. 227549

I don't think deliberate starvation was being implied, more along the lines of Gwens ignorance and refusal to accept modern medicine isn't providing the smallest goblin with great nutrition, regardless of their palsy and dwarfism.

No. 227577

The video is pretty sad. Gwen desperately wants her daughter to be able to communicate with the Eagle Eyes, but that peanut-headed retard just can't do it.

No. 227593

Apparently no, the dr said he wouldn't risk anything with her. I don't know if local is viable for a gtube instertion though anyway. Lola has had and still has a nasal tube at times. She is able to ingest by mouth most of the time unless she's sick I guess.

In the Eagle Eyes video, it obvious Claire has some consciousness and is not quite the vegetable she appears to be in other pics or vids. I don't believe for a second she is moving the cursor with intention nor does she even notice she has control, but she can see at least some colours and shapes. She seems upset and restless then she sees the puppy image and gets excited looking at its face, until she is tired again. Claire has something going on but I doubt she'll have the skills to articulate herself on that thing.

No. 227597

Anon said she's getting a few dozen calories per day, which is ridiculous. Gwen is misguided about nutrition I would guess but no one knows how many times a day Lola eats or drinks, it's probably as frequent as her naps. Lola is restless anyway because of her neurology, and to say that's "obviously" hunger is a random guess not a deduction. Lola can't even give a normal blood sample (remember the "trickle") or take a shit unassisted. She is very unusual.

No. 227598

I think Gwen should have started off with the puppy video and then maybe gone into some other activity besides paint. It would have seemed like she was doing more overall I guess? Claire did seem like she was moving it towards the top at the end but I think she was definitely bored/over the painting by the time the camera was on (judging by all the scribbles on the screen.)

the puppy part made me happy for her actually. It was the first time in the video she made it up to that corner and she finally got to be the ~*typical teen girl~* she is and tell her mom to fuck off ("touch it again and mommy will turn it off")

No. 227599

So the idea Claire might be at a six month old level could fit.

No. 227601

Yeah I think a few dozen calories was hyperbole. It's plausible that she's hungry and quite likely malnourished. She can't get a tube so I guess it's inevitable

No. 227610

None of us armchair tard wranglers know for sure if Lola is starving or not, but there's a case to be made, so it's an educated guess, not a random one. Her pained expressions could be the result of neurology, pain from her host of medical issues, hunger, or a combination of those.

IMHO Claire shows no sign whatsoever of understanding shit in the Eagle Eyes video. It mostly just proves that she isn't completely blind, something also demonstrated over the years by all the pics Gwen has posted over the taters staring at bright lights.

It's a nice thought that that machine could give Claire and Lola a "voice," but it just ain't happening. All these videos and pictures and not one has ever displayed evidence that either spud can understand a word of English or make a conscious decision of any kind.

If Eagle Eyes gives Gwen something to do, great, though I suspect that the EE people are mostly interested in testing the device on the most severely retarded kids possible.

No. 227669

The girls health has deteriorated immensely of late. I believe this is why she got the Eagle Eyes and the walker for Clair is a desperate attempt to prove to herself that they are not as bad off as they are.! They ar both physical disasters and if they survive much longer it will surpass miraculous. At one time Clair had more control of holding her head up, her vision, etc. and now she is a quivering spastic mess. She is not nearly as alert anymore either. Lola has been a mess from day one. If her khyposis continues to evolve her organs will be compromised as her rib cage closes in on them and crushes them and it will also be more difficult for her to breathe. I itch Cal headed to college and the girls immenent demise, Gwen is surely on her way to a complete breakdown.

No. 227771

Claire did seem to me to react to the part of the screen that had the dog on it, but with cortical blindness it could be the large amount of yellow in the dog image that is attractive. Claire has stacks more going on than Lola, which the pool kicking and rolling over videos do show.

Btw, Claire gets the walker and her physical therapy as in their state its provided in lieu of school.

Did anyone else notice the dark circles under her eyes? They look quite bad, the left one was black eye level.

No. 227817

Claire appeared attentive to the bright colors on the screen, especially from the drawing program, and kept turning to face Gwen, even after Gwen moved from one side of her to the other. Claire showed some awareness of the outside world. That's… weirdly heartwarming.

On the less heartwarming side, we've got

-Gwen pointing at the screen and making a clicking sound with her mouth in at attempt to make Claire look at the screen again. It's the same clicking you make when trying to get a dog's attention.

-"I think sometimes she looks sideways like that because she's using her peripheral vision." wat

-Gwen claimed Claire was smiling (she wasn't), and Lola was envious of all the attention Claire was getting and was impatiently waiting for her turn to use the EE (Lola was making her normal scowls and grunts).

-There was a game where you're supposed to look at a picture of a dog. All 3 times Claire supposedly looked at the dog, she wasn't even looking at the screen! But maybe she was looking at it with the eye we couldn't see? Girl is walleyed af.

No. 227825

Jesus, no one here thinks Gwen is starving her child with malice or that she even has better alternatives. Her best option was not to have Lola but since that's off the table, she likely has few options.

She loves Lola and I have to think that if she felt Lola would survive a stomach tube insertion or could tolerate more calorie dense food, she'd have a tube in her or would be pouring protein shakes into her. The girls' both have nightmarish digestion issues and Scott has to essentially massage poops out of both of them so it's safe to say that they don't have many options with a child this ill.

Lola, who is indeed a tiny dwarf, is around two feet tall. She does have very little muscle tone but her system burns glucose at a higher rate due to all the seizures. She may need fewer calories due to muscle wasting but her seizures may balance that out. A healthy two-foot tall child should weigh between 14-18 pounds. Lola ranges from 10-12 pounds. Let's assume she is no longer growing so she doesn't need as many calories as a healthy two-foot child, which would be about 50 calories per pound of body weight, but due to her seizures and inability to sleep that she burns calories at a decent clip. Let's say she only needs 40 per pound - that means she needs 400-480 calories a day to break even. It is very hard for Gwen to achieve that with goat milk and veggie purée, and if Lola can perceive hunger, then she likely feels hungry quite often.

But just because there seem to be few options, that doesn't mean Lola isn't suffering. She is. How much she perceives her suffering is unknown but Lola is a portrait of physical misery.

Are you saying Claire doesn't have seizures (looks like it autocorrected to "sisters"). She definitely has them. Gwen's video of Claire crying is really just a seizure. She had fewer than Lola, who seems like she has dozens a day, but sadly she does seize often herself.

Also, to address the notion that Gwen's excellent care has resulted in the girls living longer than expected. There may be some truth to that but there isn't enough data to say for sure. This genetic defect is so rare it's only been detected and tracked in a handful of families and two of those families had/ have children who are in their teens. Gwen's care cannot be said to be the reason the girls are still alive still, especially given her reliance on woo treatments like essential oils. It may just be the luck of the draw.

The CPS alarmism only has any basis in that perhaps Gwen shouldn't share so many details about her daughters online. Possibly so but they have zero perception of strangers' opinions. Gwen has a gallows sense of humor, is delusional and is very weird. But her daughters receive the best care possible within Gwen's desire to keep them alive at all costs.

No. 227827

Damn, I misunderstood that and I did think Claire didn't have seizures.

That 'peripheral vision' thing was a complete joke. This is really a toy for Gwen.

No. 227828

I do think Claire had at least some amount of focus on the screen, but it doesn't seem like she has great control over her eyes/head due to her cerebral palsy. Still, it does seem like she can see the screen.

No. 227832

Yes Gwens desire to keep them alive at all costs…it is all for her benefit. She has dedicated fifteen years of her life to those girls and when they go she goes…..TOTALLY off the rails. The only people who can communicate with her have to completely agree with her and her ridiculous observations. The state of those girls is most unfortunate, but let's face it they are not well. She has to exaggerate everything they do to make them appear normal, which they are clearly not. When she did the Nightline interview she ridiculed "spraying pesticides to stop the Zika virus so that doesn't happen" referring to her girls. Well clearly we don't want "that" to happen again. "That" is horrifying to any normal person and ropegation of the species, without defects is the ultimate goal. Sorry, Gwen.

No. 227833

Yes Gwens desire to keep them alive at all costs…it is all for her benefit. She has dedicated fifteen years of her life to those girls and when they go she goes…..TOTALLY off the rails. The only people who can communicate with her have to completely agree with her and her ridiculous observations. The state of those girls is most unfortunate, but let's face it they are not well. She has to exaggerate everything they do to make them appear normal, which they are clearly not. When she did the Nightline interview she ridiculed "spraying pesticides to stop the Zika virus so that doesn't happen" referring to her girls. Well clearly we don't want "that" to happen again. "That" is horrifying to any normal person and ropegation of the species, without defects is the ultimate goal. Sorry, Gwen.

No. 227834

Propagation of the species…

No. 227868

File: 1483607049066.jpg (143.98 KB, 796x960, IMG_8506.JPG)

"Lola is a portrait of physical misery."

Yep. I can't believe anyone outside of Gwen herself would contest this. Just look at a picture or video of her. There are tons of severely disabled kids out there without looks of hellacious suffering permanently plastered across their faces.

Just look at this pic. This is a 10 YEAR OLD GIRL. She weighs 10 lbs and her limbs are contorted into weird positions. She needs her dad to pick her up and rub the shit out of her guts. She can't talk or comprehend the meaning of any words. If you believed in reincarnation, she's the form you'd expect someone like Hitler to take upon rebirth. Gwen zealously promoting Lola's "happiness" and normality is itself looney bin level crazy.

No. 227882

>She needs her dad to pick her up and rub the shit out of her guts

Are you saying she can't shit on her own and they have to massage shit out of her?

No. 227884

They can do it on their own to some extent but Lola has particularly bad digestion and constipation issues so Scott frequently has to coax the shit out of her. See above posts in the thread

No. 227904

That's often an issue for brain damaged children, and since their condition is deteriorating, this aspect will too.

No. 227905

Aren't the twins cortically blind? Or am I wrong?

No. 227920

They not twins but yes the girls are cortically blind. From what I've been adding, it seem to be still possible for them to see and react to bright colours like red or yellow, but not to be able to put the images together in the brains.

No. 227945

I'm sure it wasn't Cal's idea to bring Lola into the world as much as it was Gwen and Scott's idea. These parents just HATE the abortion of disabled fetuses. In fact, I wonder what they think about the abortion of fetuses who are conceived through rape or are carried by teenagers. Would they want THOSE pregnancies to be carried to term?

No. 227987

Well according to Gwen "God" gave her the child she was meant to have. Since he gave her two severely retarded children he apparently has quite a sense of humor where Gwen is concerned, wouldn't you say? There is no doubt in any sane persons mind that Lola should never have been brought into this world. She has undeniably suffered from day one and her life has not nor will it ever improve.

No. 228024

In some defense of their decision to have Lola (and I can't believe I'm doing this) at the time Clair was not as bad off as she is now, and as they did not have an actual diagnosis to the cause, they didn't realize that her brain would continue to atrophy and her condition would be increasingly worse. I'm not saying she was well off, the CP was setting I n and contorting her limbs and she spent most of the time with the blank, dead eyed stare, but she was still somewhat cute. Of course they also probably did not expect Lola to be worse off than Clair, which she clearly is and has always been. She has never been cute and has constantly howled in misery and she has never had a decent quality of life. Gwen undeniably loves those girls, but sometimes loving them to the fullest extent means loving them enough to let them go, and that is the point they are at. I don't see how she can even stand to be around Lola. She is always screeching and squawking and she looks like a goblin of some sort. Not to be edgy, but it would be all I could do to not toss her down a flight of stairs just to shut her up. Lola's birth was supposed to be a healing experience for them after the tragedy of Clair, instead it was the funeral for Gwens sanity as that was the day she slid into complete denial and she has never returned. And Gwens sanity, much like the girls health will only continue to deteriorate and their ultimate demise will feed the bats in her belfry and if she is not committed Scott will spend the rest of his days caring for her crazy ass.

No. 228030

well put anon

No. 228033

Well said. It has also been pointed out that neither girl was expected to live a year, much less 15 or 10 and counting. 10 years ago they would have figured that both would be dead by 2017, and if they were alive, they'd likely have guessed that the girls would either have improved or just be quiet vegetables that sit around doing nothing. Instead the have hideous little gremlins that take sickening shits, projectile vomit, can't move, can't understand English, and, this is most important when you think about it, can't ever tell Gwen "thank you" or "I love you."

No. 228280

File: 1483664424883.jpg (21.95 KB, 246x222, Claire.jpg)

She looked like your average microcephalic baby. In their defense, they believed that she was going to learn and grow, not regress.

I grew up with a microcephalic kid and although he is definitely mentally retarded and will always need assistance, he can speak, cook his own food, wipe his own ass and even hold a job. He's still human. He has interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes.

Microcephaly doesn't automatically mean that you're a puking potato goblin. Gwen probably thought Lola would be okay.

No. 228282

Since Gwen and Scott are both carriers of this extremely rare mutation, how likely is it that they are closely related?

No. 228301

No. 228302

She does look relatively normal, not exactly sure at what age both girls started their rapid downfall. Lola def looks the worse!

No. 228303

More likely bad lottery genes!! It's like getting hit by lightning 100 times in your lifetime

No. 228408

Gwen has yet to upload a video of Lola using Eagle Eyes, even though Gwen said Lola was going to use it when Claire was done. Hmmmm

No. 228429

Lola's eyes are always moving opposite directions.. if you look at the pictures none of them are ever looking at the camera! They seem dazed and confused half the time… poor little things. That is misery!

No. 228446

If Claire can't use it then Lola has no chance.

No. 228521

That is one cute baby
Claire deffo seems to be able to 1-notice movement and 2-colours, like in the swimming pool video

Lola doesn't seem to see tho

No. 228546

In this video, we see Claire with a float/ring around her neck to keep her head above the waterline of the hot-tub.

Claire's face is normally contorted in a pained/open-mouthed gape and her facial expressions are seemingly random and fluid.

Here in the hot-tub, we can see that her mouth is clamped up and she's breathing through her nose to prevent herself from swallowing any of the water.

I'm not behavioral expert, but I understand that most newborn babbys have similar instincts when in water(?)

does this indicate that Claire has ~SOME~ level of awareness for the environment around her, and is able to behave accordingly?

Any other anon care to elaborate, or am I just projecting?

No. 228553

File: 1483717236742.png (599.99 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-01-06-11-40-02…)

I don't think she has awareness as in she has the ability to actually think to herself "i have to close my mouth i don't want to drown"

As far as I understand it's just a "reflex" hence why babies do it even though they have no understanding of death or drowning. Pic related

No. 228602

Not to burst any bubbles, these girls prob think moment to moment. There is no learning going on. Clare might have the understanding of a 2 month old. Lola will never be able to talk, walk or show any emotion other than that constant miserable constipated face. Her eating noises are that of some kind of rodent or pig. As someone stated before, she basically tried to suckle the dogs face when he licked her mouth. I don't think she dicsrimates the least to say!

No. 228832

They're essentially retarded goldfish.

No. 228835

File: 1483749968045.jpg (54.22 KB, 1013x801, October 15, 2001.jpg)

I'm not sure, but it almost seems like her eyes worked in her early years.

No. 228837


I saw some tv programme about babies swimming and how they can have their mouths open when they're underwater. I googled because someone else explains it better than I could:

"When a baby goes underwater the two main responses are the ‘gag reflex’, which is when water gets in to your babies mouth the epiglottis closes and stops water from entering the windpipe. That’s why you often see picture of babies swimming underwater with their mouths open. This reflex can last up until your baby is 18 months of age". It's called the Mammalian diving reflex.

THEN there's a site that says "simply a sign that he or she is relaxed, and instinctively, he/she will likely not choke on or swallow the water".

The one that's got her lips pressed tightly together might be experiencing some instinctual fear reflex thingy (medical term). She might've swallowed water in the past and it freaked her out.

No. 228838

edit: "…[swimming underwater with their mouth open is] "simply a sign that he or she is relaxed…"

No. 228846

At 1:15 the dad kisses Lola and she does that mouth again, Christ

No. 228922

The girls suffer from a genetic condition called Asparagine Synthetase Deficiency, and one of the hallmarks of the condition is that brain mass decreases the older the sufferer becomes. Eventually every little skill these girls may have - focusing their eyes, being able to move their limbs on their own, etc. - will be lost as their brains diminish. It will continue until even the brain stem deteriorates and involuntary reflexes go with it and they die. We've seen it with Claire - she used to be able to eat and swallow but lost that ability as she got older. They both looked almost okay as babies but the older they get the worse things will be and the worse they will look.

And yeah, when they had Lola, they'd had no idea that they were carriers for ASD and that ASD would result in even further brain atrophy. As of this time last year they were operating on the premise that one day Claire could be taught to move in a walker if she had enough physical therapy.

But now Gwen knows her daughters are never going to improve, will likely die before their 20s and will deteriorate badly before that happens. It's almost a form of torture to keep forcing Claire into all that physical therapy when any skill they manage to wrench out of that poor child's body will be lost almost as soon as it is learned. It will be interesting to see if Gwen ever permits herself to admit that her daughters are on a downhill slope determined by their genetic conditions and no amount of essential oil, useless light therapy, and assisted communication and physical therapy will change it.

I personally don't think that will happen. The day Gwen accepts her daughters' brains are slowly turning into vegetable purée is the day she buries them. I don't think there is any way she can continue to care for these children - Lola especially - without lots of hope for the future.

I personally think Claire is more sentient than we realize. Not by much but she reacts to situations in a way that indicates a small part of her is at the helm. When they took blood for the genetic tests, she was visibly upset until the needle was inserted. After it was inserted, she felt no worse pain, stopped reacting with fear and fell asleep. She has very minor situational awareness - she generally can tell when Gwen moves near and away from her. She also has an expression of mild anger or irritation that she displays independent of seizures. It's like she's baring her upper teeth in a sort of mini-snarl. It's not an expression of pain or a toilet grimace. She gets irritated and wrinkles up her nose and shows her teeth. But that's the extent of her sentience, if I'm even correct and not reading into her behaviors, and she'll eventually lose all of this as her condition deteriorates.

No. 228967

Gwen has admitted that regularly, actually several times a day she pushes the truth of the girls situation out of her mind. I can see how when they were younger, and still presented as somewhat normal, it would be painful to imagine them dying. But now, as they barely appear human, you would think she would rather that their painful existence not continue and they be released from this thing she refers to as a "normal" life. But since everything is about her, and not them she denies their reality and glosses over how they actually feel and needs them to continue to live as the pain of losing them is too much for her. Honestly, she has to have lucid moments where her view of Clair as a perfect, perky little teen and Lola as a sassy diva dissipates and she sees them as they really are, gnarled, twisted little goblins, who have no perception of their reality, to the point that it's almost impossible to classify how they feel. Most of the time they look agitated and confused. Sometimes fearful, which I believe fear is an instinct, so they could actually feel that as I believe they do have basic instinctual reactions. But as to them learning, retaining and remembering anything, there is no way they are capable of doing any of those things. Even Lola's gobbling is the basic newborn suckling reflex and nothing more. That is why it is so difficult for her to "eat", she can't take actual bites and chew, just suckle and swallow. That's why she appears to be starving, if you have ever watched her "eat" you will note that 90% of whatever she is fed ends up on the floor and she projectile vomits…Gwen has to shove the spoon half way down her throat, literally gagging her with a spoon. She is actually only capable of drinking bottles, but Gwen can't admit that, Lola has to have something else she is capable of doing, again helping her to be normal. If she could think of them and not herself she would want their suffering to end.

No. 228972

OMG she just posted an old pic of the kids around the time Lola had gotten over chicken pox and she looked evacuated and awful. Gwen goes on to say how grateful she is that today Lola is still here "and full of life, hair flowing, skin glowing"….kinda makes you wonder what she sees when she looks at those two. Clearly it's not what the rest of us see. If that kid is full of life, well I'd like to personally invite all of you to come watch me fly the space shuttle…and I will need a co pilot if any one of you would care to join me!

No. 228986

Goodbye point.. with the mouth at 1:15, some Pavlo dog bell shit happening. Maybe she thinks Scott will throw up some food in her mouth. She did the same thing when one of the whippets licked her mouth! I'm guessing it's bs when Gwen said that she could only use one kind of nipple. Lola looks like she would grab onto anything with her mouth.

No. 228999

Too cute. This is so sad. I wonder what they would look like now if they didn't have their condition

No. 229049

>Gwen goes on to say how grateful she is that today Lola is still here

Yet she didn't bother getting Lola vaccinated in the first place.

And no, it has nothing to do with the vaccine being risky for someone as unhealthy as Lola. For one thing, Cal contracted the virus shortly after Lola did, meaning none of the Hartley offspring were vaccinated. Gwen is opposed to the chicken pox vaccine, period. Secondly, chicken pox can fucking kill a child as unhealthy as Lola, and nearly did. She was almost guaranteed to come into contact with the virus at some point, so failing to get her vaccinated not only could have cost her her life, it also guaranteed she'd suffer from the rash and probably other symptoms like fever, and there was an added risk of infection from the blisters.

There was no reason for Lola to suffer like she did. Gwen and Scott can go fuck themselves.

No. 229065

Don't insult goldfish like that, goldfish are actually one of the smartest of all fish and demonstrate social and learning behavior.

No. 229091

I was thinking about how at-risk the girls are for catching bugs with strangers coming into the home for the Eagle Eye. Also Cal could bring home any kind of virus that is passing around the high school. Gwen really needs to vaccinate herself, Scott and Cal to decrease the chances that they become ill and pass the illness to Lola and Claire. A head cold will probably kill Lola. She lost almost all her subcutaneous fat with the chicken pox and never gained any of it back. She has no wiggle room anymore.

I know Gwen loves her kids but she really has set herself up as the brave mama who defied the evil doctors who told her to abort or that Claire would die as a baby and now has a mellow teen and a sassy preteen who love life. Such a woman cannot defer to medical science and vaccinate herself or the healthy members of her family in order to keep the unhealthy members safe. She knows more than anyone else. She best thank god every day for herd immunity but I bet she sees all the people who passively keep her kids healthy as being sheeple for getting vaccinations.

Poor Cal, being sick when Lola was sick. You know no one had time to care for him much with Lola being a non-stop pox gremlin for weeks.

No. 229127

Its called the rooting reflex, when you touch an newborn's cheek they turn and suck to try and find food. That's all they are tho, their brain cant handle much else.

No. 229162

Didn't she also take the girls when they had chicken pox and dress them up for stupid photos as well?

No. 229230

File: 1483813414171.jpg (348.82 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_8657.JPG)

In costumes that suggest Lola's imminent death no less.

No. 229277


This is all wrong; you don't need a spatula to cook vegetables.

No. 229309

She does actually appear to have slipped on over to the other side. You can barely distinguish whether she is dead or alive. She actually presents that way much of the time, even when her eyes are open, she just has that dead eyed stare, where she doesn't appear to focus on anything, nor to be at all aware of her surroundings. Is she dead or alive?

No. 229311

A lobster has more intelligence than Lola, she loooks like dead here, but at least Gwen got a picture!

No. 229315

These girls don't even have a crib or bed, they are always on the sofa. Claire basically has a dog bed to veg on! She's not even eye level with everyone, although her sight is very limited, its prob painful to stare at the floor.

No. 229337

Yes Clair is always on her beanbag, and the diva , I mean beast, Lola is usually being held as that is one of the only times she isn't screaming and screwing her hideous face into a contorted mess. Some times Clair "babysits", which means she is propped onto a chair and Lola is propped up against her. Be careful cause that's when Clair acts like an annoyed teenaged,big sis and puts the little goblin in a headlock…or more accurately when she somehow slips under Clair's armpit and her arms, which are always locked and extended, due to the hypertonia, come together,'making it impossible for the beast to get away. We should all have the imagination of Gwen and the ability to project. Imagine what a magical place the world would be if none of us was in our right minds?!

No. 229340

File: 1483827741482.png (43.82 KB, 521x550, IMG_0470.PNG)

Gwen still has yet to post a video of Lola using eagle eyes! I can't imagine, her eyes are all over the place! It's kinda scary to watch in the videos how they roll back in her head or they just roll around like a cartoon character.

No. 229382

They are always rolled up in the back of her head, again, like a dead person. There was the IG post where Gwen had the mermaid leggings and she has Lola on her lap and her eyes are rolled into the back of her head, but of course her idiot mother says "look she's looking up at me, she's so smart and curious…." at least one of them is smart, it's like haven't you noticed that her eyes are always like that and it's not because she's looking "at" you or anything else. That's just where they end up because her tiny, malformed brain DOESNT WORK!!!!!

No. 229426

File: 1483843213639.png (113.23 KB, 632x625, IMG_0471.PNG)

She really is your typical 15 year old! I certainly wouldn't want to get on her bad side, in this picture she looks like she is ready to bite Gwens hand off.

No. 229470

Why are her teeth so jagged? Does she only eat nipples and melons, they look like she's been gnawing on rocks

No. 229474

They're mamelons. All adult teeth start out with them and get worn down over time. Hers don't wear down because she's tube fed.

No. 229493

File: 1483848513057.png (110.98 KB, 669x729, IMG_8664.PNG)

Just your typical healthy American preteen girl! 10 lbs, two feet tall, cortical vision issues, can't speak, can't walk, can't hand properly, has gigantic pants shitting episodes at Outback Steakhouse, projectile vomits, only eats purred veggies and goat milk, bald spots, seizures. How nice of Gwen to keep her alive!

No. 229502

I'm still trying to figure out why the lolaa hands smells like feta! That's how Gwen describes the smell of her hands. The mom was nice enough to disclose that both kids also have a nice b.o problem. I guess she can't exactly put them in a tub. They probably can only handle a wipe down with baby wipes.

No. 229523

Imagine how their house must smell. Or their car!

No. 229534

Salt from sweat, and the general idiot is slowly decaying skin and insides.
Fun fact, a lot of diseases apparently have characteristic smells. maybe feta cheese is the distinct stank of the genetic shit show affecting the turd goblins.

No. 229536

'General odor of' not ''the idiot is' fucking autocorrect bullshit.

No. 229541

Well in a response to someone on her blog Gwen assured the writer that "they" (the girls) Love their life and she Scott and Cal love to have them in their lives. So don't you worry about them, they are happy to be here!

No. 229545

File: 1483854952846.png (50.68 KB, 612x413, IMG_0473.PNG)

The one in the middle is making a Claire face!

No. 229566

File: 1483856617118.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8678.PNG)

Of course they're happy. Just look at the happiness! Just pure joy 24/7. The girls are so grateful to be kept alive so they can have more awesome experiences.

No. 229568

I feel so bad for Claire, if she came out normal she'd be a looker. Even looking at her here and her baby pictures show so much potential. Lola however..

No. 229579

wtf, what a fucked up thing to comment on.

No. 229580

Yes, Clair would have been a pretty girl. Lola on the other hand is just a human, genetic error. They should have never had her. To say she has ever had any pleasure in the is life is a complete fabrication. The way she constantly looks and acts, speaks volumes. Her life is never ending misery!

No. 229581

File: 1483857388526.jpg (199.76 KB, 2048x1365, ClaireSmile.jpg)

I feel like this picture is the closest we'll ever see of what Claire could have looked like if she was born normal.

No. 229583

I def believe that both girls have regressed… not that there was much to work with before! There was a picture of Clair at an Easter egg hunt, she looks like a baby with microcephaly but not that tortured face which she normally see now a days. I can't imagine those muscles and how stiff they are do not cause them pain! I mean my legs hurt when I sit on the floor for 10 minutes. It's quite sad to see the girls with these constant grimaces which Gwen calls diva behavior. I

No. 229584

File: 1483858217902.png (412.16 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3642.PNG)

I feel like this picture shows it more.

No. 229585

I've thought the same thing before anon. She has nice features. Pretty hair and freckles (iirc) and a nice eye color. I've even commented on here before about her eyebrows because it looked to me like Gwen might shape them but apparently it's natural. She would have been a pretty girl had she not been severely deformed.

No. 229588

A lot of people have actually commented on how cute Vlair would have been. She was a cute, pretty much normal looking baby and toddler. It's only been recently as her condition has progressed that she has started to look so bad. As she loses more muscle control her jaw goes more flaccid and as a result her teeth protrude more, and her body has also become more contorted and insect like. I think that's been one of the most difficult things for Gwen is knowing how Clair started, its more difficult to see her how she is now. As far as Lola is concerned, she's been lying to herself about that little goblin since day one. She was never cute and has unbelievably gotten worse.

No. 229592

I wonder Lola is physically so much worse than Claire, has lack of food prevented her from at least growing to Claire's side or the disease just more rapid in Lola.

No. 229613

File: 1483869925726.jpg (124.3 KB, 599x598, adorable.jpg)

Gwen posted this on her IG. It was taken 2 months after they'd all gotten chicken pox.

No. 229614

This makes me so sad, and also furious at their family. The two young women ALWAYS either look terrified, or miserable in a vacant way.

No. 229615

The "hands smelling like feta" doesn't have to be down to poor hygiene. Your skin and breath can change smell as a result of infection and sickness. Liver failure, diabetes, cancers etc all can make the patient smell differently.

I doubt their mother would chase up this with a doctor though

No. 229618

File: 1483871373529.png (135.54 KB, 640x827, IMG_3329.PNG)

A VERY rare photo of Lola not looking like she's in horrific pain

No. 229619

I wonder if it hurts her fingers when Gwen/Scott pry her hand open to shove that stupid little chicken in it.

No. 229633

I think they smell like feta cheese due to the squeezables that are kept in their hands to prevent their nails from digging into their palms. Their hypertonia is so pronounced that their hands are mostly clenched into fists. You keep a small rubber chicken or some other rubber toy in a drooling child's hands all day every day and it's gonna develop an odor.

No. 229644

Looks like she's letting out an enjoyable fart in pic #2.

No. 229654

I don't follow this thread so sorry if this is common knowledge, but I can't for the life of my figure out her anatomy in these pictures. What bits are her legs? Why does it look like she's got more than two legs on her right hand side? (The left of both pictures)

Sage for non-contribution

No. 229785

File: 1483893530593.jpg (279.42 KB, 1077x1600, IMG_3648.JPG)

Here's an idea of how her feet and legs bend/are positioned, anon.

No. 229928

She was cute as a baby!

No. 229929

If you compare this photo to newer photos, you can see how much the girls' muscles have locked up.

No. 229937

>>22992 still looks like a lil goblin

No. 229987

File: 1483908097883.jpg (296.9 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_8689.JPG)

The Hooligans got a lot of mileage out of posing their goblin during this round of Monopoly.

No. 229990

Gwen says on her blog that it is because Lola crams her fists into her mouth all the time. Clenched fists drenched in saliva equals bacterial party time.

This. Sick, sad and wrong. Fuck Gwen.

Jesus fuck, Lola legit looks like a corpse!

No. 229995

Stroke patients get that "feta cheese" odor also when they present with hypertonia in their hands. It's pretty pungent and a smell I will never forget (I work in healthcare).

The life of these girls is so sad. They must have so much pain all the time. I'm sad for Gwen also because of her level of delusion regarding these kids.

No. 230015

why did they put the cards in Lola's diapers? Imagine grabbing one and not being able to read it because it's full of shit. Imagine poor Cal fearing landing on the "chance" square.

No. 230017

That is so unsanitary that it makes me want to gag.

No. 230050

Lola's shits are prob all watery since she only has formula or moosh. The way they parade these kids is sick! 75 percent of their posts are related to dumping or farting.

No. 230053

I can imagine most people at their home pass on playing on monopoly after seeing these pictures. Nasty!!

No. 230091

Claire smiling like that has got to be Photoshopped, right? There's no way she's ever made a face like that.

No. 230272

.clair could have definitely made that smiling face, however it was not an intentional, social smile. Just a face she pulled….that's it and nothing more. It does, however, open the mind to the possibilities, had she been a typical, little girl.

No. 230426

File: 1483980444574.png (298.59 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_2017-01-09-12-00-04…)

Found something while searching on reddit. I guess Gwen keeps everything together with her crazy, ironically.

No. 230428

It really is a tragic situation, but when you throw in that they went and had Lola despite knowing she would be a level A tard it becomes insanely irresponsible

No. 230469

It's sad the son doesn't wanted to be tested cuz he said he would love the kid regaurdless, however I think cal owes his future wife a answer. He might be ok having severe mentally handicapped children but his wife might not! It's kinda irresponsible to bring children with Lola and Claire's disease into this world knowing they will have no quality of life.

No. 230474

Claire does seem to smile, and her condition is definitely progressive. Maybe Scott tickled her, or maybe she was smiling because she was being held by her daddy who she, at one point, was capable of loving or at least feeling safe with.

No. 230495

this is so sad. All I can see is the potential this family could have had if they weren't so delusional. Maybe I'm just Satan, but if you have a child who can't even mentally be apart of your family photo …then what's the point? Misery? Everyday wishing you had a "normal" family? These people are going to die someday and not even realize that the pain they've put themselves through so long won't even have any value in the afterlife.

No. 230698

is claire spitting?

No. 230924

If sitting on a bean bag all day and holding a chicken equals a good quality of life…. I don't want any part of it!

No. 230969

File: 1484085465814.jpg (152.86 KB, 720x960, IMG_8725.JPG)

Weird, I always thought that Claire's superpower was explosive gas and Lola's was projectile vomiting several times the distance of her own height.

No. 231083

>>230969 these kids are so unlucky!! Wearing onesies and pissing on themselves. What a life!! It's so disgusting when Lola eats, sounds like a lil monster.

No. 231111

Claire's hands must be in constant agony. It would probably be more humane to amputate those thumbs.

No. 231168

Her hips have dislocated from the muscle tightness as well. Must be so uncomfortable.

No. 231184

True. Claire's physique gets more twisted as you look at her pics over the years. I don't believe for a second that the girls aren't in perpetual discomfort or pain. Gwen won't even give them pain meds.

No. 231192

it honestly makes me sad. I think it's cruel to keep them alive any longer.. ffs

No. 231193

I always feel bad for moms in this situation since they always get blamed no matter what they choose. It must be fucked to know you are raising a child who will sap your life force from you because of the constant monitoring, knowing they'll never go off to high school or college on their own and have a life. Having severely retarded and physically disabled kids will destroy a family/marriage. There is no happy ending to that situation.

No. 231225

And if you look at this pic you note that Lola's eyes are rolled up into the top of her head. They are like that most of the time. That's one of the things that drives me craziest when Gwen tries to perpetuate the myth of theist capabilities… things like using Eagle Eyes. There is no way that she has enough eye control to make anything happen with EE. Furthermore, she doesn't have the brain power to make any intentional choices with regard to what's happening with EE. There will not ever be any intentional communication, from either girl with regard to it. And absolutely the twisted and contorted limbs and the hypertonia that both girls suffer from have to cause continuous, excruciating pain. Aside from the physical therapy that they receive, all of the other therapies are a complete waste. There is no further brain development going on here and the only reason I can see for the physical therapy is that it must provide some relief from the pain.

No. 231235

I just saw a video of Claire using eagle eyes and it was ridiculous. She's had all this tape on her face which detected her eye movements and those movements created designs on the computer screen. Basically she was just forming a bunch of meaningless swirls as her eyes darted aimlessly over the screen and even that she could barely do. She kept looking off to the side while Gwen tried to get her to look back at the screen.Then when she did finally did coax her back to where she was supposed to look, Claire's eyes would just go down to the bottom of the screen. Gwen kept resetting it, but she complained that Claire was getting "stuck" at the bottom as if was actually consciously interacting it.
The girl had no idea what was going on and had no interest in that eagle eyes contraption at all, but as far as her mother was concerned she was friggin michelangelo creating the next great work of art.

No. 231236

Exactly, that's my point. There is no intentional use of Eagle Eyes from Clair. If that's the result with Vlair, imagine Lola's results. She has less brain function and literally no eye control. Most of the time her eyes are rolled up in the back of her head, or just listlessly,!lifelessly focused on nothing. In most pics and vids she appears dead. Ridiculous!

No. 231238

And did you see her doing the Puppy Love exercise. Whenever the cursor would move Clair's eyes weren't even on the screen. Her head was completely sideways. I know she's cockeyed as hell, but her eye would have to be on the side of her head for her to have been making it work. Again, ridiculous!

No. 231239

Ugh, those girls repulse me. I know it's not their fault,nor their choice to be born the way they were, but it's not a cockroach's fault it is the way it is either, but we're still filled with revulsion when we flip on the light and see one scurrying away. It's the same with these two little cretins. The feeling when I look at them is a visceral disgust. Especially the little one, Lola.
Her mother makes it so much worse by showing off their most repellent moments and she seems to go out of her way to choose the grossest descriptions as if the pictures werent' bad enough. Like when her husband "milks" the shit out of Lola's gut. Does she really think that's cute or funny? She doesn't realize that the way she so proudly portrays their shitting, farting, vomiting etc. turns people against her and her little spawns.
Everything she does is so obnoxious, like when she feeds Lola and brags about how amazing she is because she clucks her tongue when she puts the bib around her neck. Then she slurps down the strained mush that her mom shovels into her gullet and makes those repulsive noises…it fucking enrages me. it's like a violent car wreck..it sickens me but i can't look away.

No. 231246

File: 1484122437101.jpg (18.92 KB, 600x450, Shiba-Inus-silly-face.jpg)


Something's up with this. I get the feeling Gwen is doing something to promt a response from Lola. I could be wrong, but you know the way people 'communicate' with their pets by prompting them to make a certain noise? (petting a certain way, pulling tail, ect)

The fact that this is just an audio file increases my suspicions that Gwen is possibly pinching, pulling limbs, or removing food from Lola to illicit a 'conversation', or to give the impression that she is purposefully communicating with her.

No. 231247

I think they're both potatoes, but believe it or not, I actually think Lola sometimes seems more aware than Claire, not that that's saying much and I think that eagle eyes will be useless for both of them, but Lola can sometimes cry, scrunch up her face if something seems to bother her and occasionally will turn her head in the direction of a sound she hears, while Claire just seems to stare off into space at nothing most of the time.
I think that although Lola was originally more profoundly affected than Claire, because the condition causes the brain to atrophy, they get progressively worse the older they get and since Claire is five years older than Lola, that's five more years she's had for her brain to shrivel up and rot.
I think another reason that lot of people believe Claire is slightly better off that Lola because Lola looks so much worse. I've seen a few pictures where you could almost tell what Claire would have looked like if she hadn't been born with this syndrome, whereas Lola barely looks human most of the time. There are instances where she's looks like something you'd see in a horror movie based on an HP Lovecraft story.

No. 231248

It wouldn't surprise me in the least. IT Reminds me of the what Jaxon Buell's parents pull. If you've heard of the Hartley girls then you are probably aware of Jaxon. If you aren't you can google Jaxon buell or jaxon strong. He's got an even worse condition than these two, because Claire and Lola each have at least some cortex as deformed and atrophied as they might be. Jaxon has almost Cerebral Cortex at all, just a brain stem and a tiny bit of limbic tissue so he's pretty much incapable of any purposeful thought or action. He can react to stimuli on a basic level and that's about it, but since his birth, his parents have constantly poked, prodded and tried to stimulate responses from him which they then film short snippets of while narrating how he "Loves playing with his toy" or how he's having "so much fun with his piano". When all he's really doing is shaking and contorting from the constant seizures he has.

No. 231249

File: 1484124912572.jpg (55.62 KB, 720x547, jaxon3-720x547.jpg)

there was a thread started on Jaxon and his disgusting parents. Some really good questions are raised, but the whole thing is incredibly sad.
I cannot for the life of me figure out how CPS are not involved.

IIRC, they stopped taking him to the doctors because 'doctors don't have all the answers'

Pic related; Jaxon dosed up on strong opiates to stop him from screaming in pain.

You should read his article on Steemit:

and the parent's heavily filtered, edited and moderated fb page:

I hope his parents happen upon their thread here, because they can't get it removed. Really don't want the tread to die- people who donated money to them have the right to know about this. The child is so clearly in pain and misery between fits.

No. 231261

Sorry, but how do you know he's strung out for sure? I've seen some shit on here about them, but I've never seen that/seen it verified.

No. 231263

Not that anon, but if you watch the videos and look at his eyes, it's pretty clear they have him doped up on something.

No. 231267

File: 1484128612134.jpg (24.75 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (2).jpg)


For a start, he's got cortical blindness. Meaning his eyes are working fine, they just don't send messages to the brain.

But even in low-light, dim, indoor shots…etc… his eyes don't react and pupils are pinned (constantly undialated)
pinprick pupils are a sure sign of opiate use

No. 231269

File: 1484128749498.jpg (65.69 KB, 525x612, jaxon-10-e1471620303995 (1).jp…)


When eyes are half-lidded, the eyes will dilate. He still has tiny pupils