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No. 24457

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


if you want to laugh at a fatty laugh at this hamplanet

one of the main women in the fat acceptance movement on tumblr right now , discuss

No. 24458

how is she a cow? going through her blog i really don't see anything lolcow worthy other than her being fat

No. 24459

Obvious selfpost is obvious.

No. 24460

She'd lind of gross, but not lolcow.

No. 24461


No. 24462

Lol I look at her instagram. She's like a marfmellow

No. 24463

ew put this in snow or something

No. 24466


If yuh don't accept muh flabbeh pancake tits you're a cis white male oppressor, teehee!

No. 24673

this is the face of fucking death. just look at it. she doesn't even have a single spark of happiness anywhere on her. what a miserable existence. she probs cries a lot..

No. 33655

This is so stupid..

No. 33681

thanks for bumping a dead thread with your fucking feels

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