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No. 1897501

I've been waiting to make this shit
She's been the laughing stock of Sacramento for over 10 years ever since this girl Brittany rocked her shit and jumped her for having a big mouth. She's a perfect cow always posting her drama online. She's always in relationships and getting fucked over and then another relationship and that one "abused me" then married twice, had a kid that I think is dead now (p sure from SIDS) drug her poor second husband in the dirt treated him like trash he eventually left her ass and she CONTANTLY sad posts wanting him back he literally moved away and deleted all socials she traumatized him lmfao gets with this sketchy tattooed insane Mexican guy that was clearly a herion addict (and just ugly as fuck) and eventually became a drug addict (not surprised one bit) shit got baaaad I remember she was saying that crazy junkie ex kidnapped her and tried to kill her (she was missing and he did go to jail for it) her and Jonny Craig (and all of dance Gavin dance) go way back (I went to school with her and i've hated her ever since her best friend is my best friend and she tells me all this dumb shit and she posts EVERYTHING online) they like dated for a while or where just REALLY close even up until the Syd drama. ALSO She's fucked that cobweb tattoo face fucker too idk that story completely. She WAS best friends with Tim Ferek only because she was married to Ben the guitar player for a lot like birds and I'm SO CERTAIN she was cheating on Ben with Tim and THAT'S why he left her. She's a train wreck and did crazy shit when she was at her peak Junkie faze. She claims she's sober now and was in rehab for a while (her socials were completely quiet for months) pictures of NA chips and recovery bullshit now. God there's sooo much more lmfao I follow her (lurk acc) purely for entertainment for SO long and never understood why she hasn't gotten more shit for how trash she is and has such a big mouth. She thinks she's tough as fuck because her dad's a hello angel. I even heard she literally pistol wiped someone LMFAO she's "always getting raped" yep one of those girl every man in her life has raped and abused her. Kelly told her something about her mom sold her into trafficking when she was 11 so maybe that's why she's so fucked off. Doesn't explain how she's such a whore though. She was in porn for a while for kink and she was dating Owen gray (fucking yuck) she's trash I subbed to her onlyfans once and HOLY SHIT it's DISGUSTING and there's easily 20 + different people in there lmfao (sucks they all have herpes now) ohhh she she was fucking Corey laquay for a while YES he was with Chelsea and yes she found out and they're still together. She dated Red from kingdom of giants and he says that was something he regrets the most in his life LMFAO right now I'm pretty sure she's fucking some Russian chicks husband
Uhhh I know I know more I can't think rn but I think that's good enough amount of milk(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1897502

You must be over the age of 18 to post here.

No. 1897504

File: 1694614609132.png (264.53 KB, 493x847, Screenshot 2023-09-13 151941.p…)

kek i had no idea who this bitch was so i checked her insta and she has 800 followers and types the exact way you do.. reeks of self post. you also posted about lolcow which is a dumbass move since, well, if you wasnt her how else would she discover the site when youre the only person to ever talk about her..

No. 1897505

No. 1897506

the namefagging kek give up athena nobody knows you stop selfposting and get a job

No. 1897508

literally not Athena what the actual fuck

No. 1897510

What the fuck is this word salad wall of text

No. 1897514

Why do none of you know how to use sentence breaks or proper commas? (Not you anon, you’re fine)

No. 1897515

>keep my fucking name out of your ugly ass mouths
Says the snaggle-toothed retard who has desperately self-posted and tried to make herself relevant here for years kek get help girl

No. 1897528

also athena, you messed up here
> She's always in relationships and getting fucked over and then another relationship and that one "abused me"

you used “me” pronouns and not “her”, retard

No. 1897531

literally not Athena what the actual fuck >>1897528
its in quotations you fucking moron as in her saying that shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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