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File: 1476824350358.jpg (328.94 KB, 1920x1439, self important tears.jpg)

No. 185566

Hey farmers, I wanted to know your opinions on Manlytears/Britbongreturns/Dominic Vanner. I got linked to a thread about him on 8chan's /cow/ (which in turn had links to two previous threads about him).

Some points about him
>Lied about creating the forever alone and ralph pls go memes
>got banned from both twitch and hitbox and now uses his current streaming platform (stream.me) to spitefully harass twitch and hitbox users
>has a creepy obsession with cuckoldry to the point that he'll harass popular hitbox streamer grossiegore over his relationship problems
>has relationship problems of his own (wanted to write an encyclopedia dramatica page on his ex-girlfriend and currently has a girl trapped in an abusive relationship with him)
>claims to troll second life when in fact he buries himself in second life drama, often becoming a cow in his own right

Here's the /cow/ thread and the OP's copypasta (I fixed up the links to the previous threads so they link properly)


Britbongreturns/Manlytears thread 3: Mad Manlet Rising Edition

Be on the lookout for Manly and the Britbong Internet Defense Force (BIDF) samefagging and attempting to slide the thread. If you're a current or former friend of Britbong and cocks and/or stories to tell, come on down and give us the skinny.

Previous threads

1 - https://8ch.net/cow/res/213805.html
2 - https://8ch.net/cow/res/231173.html (last one; now autosaging)

Britbongreturns/Tranny cybersex screenshots:


Relevant ED pages:

Other links
https://www.stream.me/britbongreturns - Current streaming hub which he uses as a platform to "troll" Twitch and Hitbox users out of spite
http://britbong.wikia.com/wiki/Britbong_Wikia - Britbong's vanity wiki
https://twitter.com/britbongreturns - Brit's twitter where he complains about everything

No. 185567

Ohh nooo is that Britbongreturns? This guy is a creep, seriously. I used to hang out in the free souls undertale sim in second life sometimes. Britbong showed up one time and was sexually harassing some of my friends and calling various people in the sim pedophiles

No. 185568


I saw him arguing with thezombieunicorn once on twitter.It was long, they went back and forth for a long time. Pretty funny, wish I had caps of it.

No. 185569

Holy shit what a fucking sperg. I cant' believe he actually made a wiki of himself.

No. 185570

I just finished reading the ralph and forever alone articles that OP linked. How pathetic can one person be to have to try and fabricate elaborate lies about creating something as insignificant (in the grander scale of things) as an internet meme? With the popularity of pepe in alt-right circles, I'm surprised britbong hasn't tried to claim copyright on it.

No. 185571

I think britbong hates zombie because he blames her for his twitch ban.

No. 185572

What this thread is missing is that the original 8chan thread was created by somebody bitter that his then-gf showed her tits to Manlet.

Retards all around, really.

No. 185573

File: 1476826343901.png (62.11 KB, 600x607, 2016-05-02_bitching about zomb…)

Well I do have this screenshot where minitears is complaining about zombieunicorn if that's at all helpful.

No. 185574

she's hot as fuck

No. 185575

And there's the cow who posted most of the other thread.

No. 185576

File: 1476826689854.png (21.2 KB, 830x239, britcouldruinparavaniaslife.pn…)

I know who you're talking about and he didn't.

>bitter that his then-gf showed her tits to Manlet.

I was in a skype group with that guy's gf. She made a big mistake by giving britbong her nudes and now he holds them over her head (see related pic). Of course, these threads aren't about that love triangle. They're about laughing at the NEET whose entangled in it.

No. 185577

I think britbong hates zombie because he blames her for his twitch ban.

did she?

No. 185578

I heard the same thing, actually.

No. 185579

I heard the same thing, actually.

lol that's fucked up

No. 185580

That zombieunicorn got britbong banned or that britbong got banned?

No. 185581

File: 1476826987954.jpg (17.69 KB, 439x174, brit..JPG)


have the britbong stans arrived so quickly?


I feel like you're trying so hard to pretend that you're not samefagging but besides repeating the last comment you are replying to you sound exactly the same. >>185575

No. 185582

File: 1476827446543.png (1.09 MB, 896x3080, ignore manlet tears.png)

There are usually telltale signs that britderp (or one of his friends) is posting in a thread.

>copious usage of words such as "cuck" and "sperg"

>talking about himself in the third person
>outlandish claims/conspiracy theories stating that he is being "defamed" and "slandered" by so called detractors that he's "trolled"
>even more outlandish claims that all screenshots, chatlogs, etc.where he's figuratively caught with his pants down are somehow fabricated
>blatant shilling of minivan's youtue channel and stream.me channel

No. 185583

i guess he fucked wuth the wrong girl

No. 185584

File: 1476827892987.gif (965 KB, 300x297, 80341d56.gif)

What a fucking moron.

No. 185585

i guess he fucked with the wrong girl

No. 185586

File: 1476828332388.png (25.03 KB, 629x311, 2016-05-10_manlet threatens po…)

In the 3 /cow/ threads where he's been discussed, minivanner has had one meltdown after another. He's even gone so far as to threaten to call the cops on posters in those threads, on the grounds that they're "stalking" him.

No. 185587

check stream.me britbong's getting his ass kicked by an indian guy

for a guy who streamed for almost 5 years and got a bunch of shout outs from big youtubers, britbong has a really small audience. I wonder what it would take for him to realize it's just not going to happen for him

No. 185588

don't forget he's threatened to have you killed too

No. 185589

File: 1476829083963.jpg (20.76 KB, 766x192, ManlyWillPay4EDAdminDox.jpg)

And was talking about wanting to pay to get dox on the ED admins. He puts on some kind of autistic internet tough guy persona, thinking he's intimidating. But he's really not. He's all bark and no bite.

No. 185590

lol what was his plans to fuck with them in real life I wonder

No. 185591

I used to play in the same clan as this guy in an MMO ages ago. He was an extremely pretentious and narcissistic faggot and everyone hated him.

No. 185592

He tried to start shit with Charliewinsmore, fuck britbong.

No. 185593

I met a girl on runescape who says she used to date him. He did a bunch of really cringy stuff so she dumped him and he put her photo on encyclopedia dramatic and had a bunch of people call her work.

No. 185594

File: 1476834387487.png (45.73 KB, 610x593, 2016-05-06_keemstar lite.png)

He tried to start shit with a lot of youtubers more popular than he is. Charlie being one and Danielfromsl being another. He just hates people who are better than he is and instead of trying to improve himself, he just shits on them.

That girl wouldn't happen to be upraksi would she?

No. 185595

File: 1476834955392.png (111.98 KB, 627x771, Snapshot_003.png)

this upraksi?

No. 185596

that's her, the one mentioned on his ED page.

No. 185597

this upraksi?>>307156

i feel bad for her

No. 185598

File: 1476841709680.jpeg (61.47 KB, 800x600, BrokenManMarkOrtiz.jpeg)


This thread is being maintained by a stalking fat MANLET:


Kopy / KrappleGuy (AKA VanKrause✡, aka Kopyboat, Mark Joseph Ortiz IRL, b. June 6, 1990)


If this stalking creeper attempts to contact you, stay calm, hold your hand out in a dismissive manner and walk the other direction.

Cringe kopy material:


(he admits to jerking off to cuckold porn - probably why his girlfriend left him for alpha male britbong, definitely the reason for these threads)

Amazing trolling videos:


Go sub him! he also streams at


No. 185599

Daily reminder, guy who made Britbongs ED and cow thread had his real life girlfriend stolen by him.


No. 185600

>>Daily reminder, guy who made Britbongs ED and cow thread had his real life girlfriend stolen by him.

the tranny?

No. 185601

>Amazing trolling videos
No. Britbong's videos are neither amazing nor are they trolling. They're just compilations of a creepy, pathetic 28 year old man acting like a teenager. I saw that same shitpost on /cow/ and it's obvious that you're just shilling for britbong (or you are britbong)and trying to divert attention over to someone that brit clearly hates

No. 185602

>Daily reminder, guy who made Britbongs ED and cow thread had his real life girlfriend stolen by him.
I have a sneaking suspicion you might be britbong. But I digress. You take pride in being a homewrecker and destroying someone's real life relationship so you can get your dick wet? That's such a grand accomplishment and in no way does it make you a lowlife.

No. 185603

Amazing trolling videos:
don't like dozens of people make second life "trolling" videos? it's not the troll that makes the videos good it's the freaks that play the game. That being said Britbong's videos aren't even very good by those standards

No. 185604

Wow I didn't know she still did internet stuff. I figured after the whole second life debacle, the trauma of meeting minivan in real life, and then being constantly harassed by him were enough to drive her off the internet. I hope manlet's bullshit didn't affect her too adversely, though I'm curious to hear her side of things.

No. 185605

No one from stream missed betanormie after he got btfo

No. 185606

>No one from stream missed betanormie after he got btfo
Literally who?

No. 185607

Some guy britbong was friends with that he threw him under the bus.

No. 185608

Dude seems like a real faggot. I've seen him in passing on twitter within the comentary community (equally cancerous), and all I can do is roll my eyes. Wouldn't be surprised if he had some type of mental illness tbh. Sure way to scare away potential pussy is to be batshit insane about your exs. But like I said, seems like a faggot so maybe he doesn't like pussy.

No. 185609

>I wanted to know your opinions
Then why the fuck did you start this in /pt/? That's what /snow/ is for.

No. 185610

Shut up, Dominic. You keep saying this in every thread made about you. Fuck off.

No. 185611

This guy is so incredibly embarrassing. I'm actually shocked to learn he's almost 30.. that makes his twitter escapades with keyori and emmahdorable all the more painful. Honestly, if you're 28 and you're a self proclaimed "troll" you can't have a very fulfilling life. Not to mention his weird videos where he constantly cries about someone being mean to him on twitter and not apologizing!!!! Dude's sad and his fans are even sadder

No. 185612

Keep shilling for yourself, manlet. You're so transparent.

No. 185613

File: 1476862251512.png (216.02 KB, 597x1424, 2016-05-06_tell your mommy.png)

1. I didn't start this thread. (why is it that whenever there's a thread on this guy, I'm the #1 OP prime suspect?)
2. It makes sense that OP posted miniature tears here as he is in all respects, a lolcow.
3. lol you saged the thread. I wonder…

No. 185614

>>No one from stream missed betanormie after he got btfo

I can't tell if you're trying to be ironic. How can you BTFO somebody from a stream chat box? I suspect you may have trouble relating to people in the real world.

No. 185615

File: 1476874249546.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.44 KB, 725x559, KopyButt.JPG)


This thread is being maintained by a stalking fat pedo MANLET (never forget):


Kopy / KrappleGuy (AKA VanKrause✡, aka Kopyboat, Mark Joseph Ortiz IRL, b. June 6, 1990)


If this stalking creeper attempts to contact you, stay calm, hold your hand out in a dismissive manner and walk the other direction.

Cringe kopy material:


(he admits to jerking off to cuckold porn - probably why his girlfriend left him for alpha male britbong, definitely the reason for these threads)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DynBTBSHK6k (kopy cries to britbong for almost half an hour)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-1J5HfHG7g (kopy ends up running away because his mediocre trolling had zero effect other than making people donate to britbong)

Amazing trolling videos:


Go sub him! he also streams at


No. 185616

keep up the good fight britbong. one day the bullies will leave you alone.

No. 185617

File: 1476874926798.png (56.57 KB, 528x429, no one believes I created fore…)

Friendly reminder, pic related.

No. 185618

isn't manlytearsuk his twitter account that got banned?

No. 185619

It is yeah. His current one is Britbongreturns. Not much has changed though as he's still a whiny little bitch with a victim complex.

No. 185620

File: 1476881633500.jpeg (134.58 KB, 800x600, 800px-Jailedbeaner.jpeg)


>whiny little bitch with a victim complex

Glad you realize the full extent of your autism Mark Ortiz, i mean, we have these PUBLIC videos proving it too (not that it's necessary) :D




No. 185621


Holy shit, it's bad enough this guy seems to be an untalented attention whore but the level of autism going on with these is fucking nuts.

It's like a null 2.0 in the making.

No. 185622

File: 1476883417342.jpg (51.11 KB, 800x600, BrokenManMarkOrtiz2.jpg)


Exactly, Kopy has stalked Britbong every day of his life since over a year now and desperately wants people on his side for help doing it, yet he claims that britbong is scared of him and stalks him back.

Ortiztic logic is the best logic

No. 185623

Are you purposefully this obtuse?

No. 185624


Don't understimate Britbong or Britbongstans level of autism

No. 185625

This thread went full retard. Full of butthurt autists from both sides.

Britbong is a tard cow, but this thread really should go in /snow/. It honestly would do better there anyways.

Also, fuck off tripfag. We don't give a fuck about who you are when you're posting.

Sage because this thread is cancer.

No. 185626

>>yet he claims that britbong is scared of him and stalks him back.

Britbong was on Secondlife this morning, last night and the night before lookng for kopy on an account named for kopy's mom (who britbong calls at work nearly daily)

sort of like when Britbong called little ren's dad when little ren blocked him.

No. 185627

Talking about yourself in third person again, Dominic? Its not working.

No. 185628

File: 1476902445460.jpg (746.74 KB, 1271x2750, Manlyscamming.jpg)

Let me just pull out the world's smallest violent here.

No. 185629


what's the story there? He scammed some kid?

No. 185630

File: 1476902752359.png (152.49 KB, 900x427, britbong as lord farquaad.png)

Tl;dr he scammed some underage kid on steam.

No. 185631

>>he scammed some underage kid on steam

what a prince

No. 185632

No. 185654

>Britbong was on Secondlife this morning, last night and the night before lookng for kopy on an account named for kopy's mom (who britbong calls at work nearly daily)
Seems ironic that britbong calls other people stalkers when he's the biggest stalker ever. Such a hypocrite.

No. 185657

This thread reminds me of the taylor thread kiki spammed.

No. 185660

Ok Manlet Tears, whatever you say.
P.S. its pretty pathetic you begged to have your thread moved. The site admins here are real pussies.

No. 185672

File: 1476910122359.jpg (526.42 KB, 2800x1738, manlet tears cant take critici…)

You know someone is rustled when then SAGEpost.

No. 185704

Did manlytears seriously go through the trouble of flagging a video about him on liveleak of all places? What even is he trying to hide? lmao

No. 185705

>>> Did manlytears seriously go through the trouble of flagging a video about him on liveleak

was it a video of him getting his ass kicked?

No. 185710


There's more traffic in /snow/ because all the cows in /pt/ are essentially milked dry with the ecception of onision. So if anything, it's in your favor to have it here. Jfc, it's like this thread is someone samefagging who doesn't know how lolcow functions. Not everyone who makes an off comment about this thread is the retard in OP.

No. 185719

>Jfc, it's like this thread is someone samefagging who doesn't know how lolcow functions.
Samefagging is something that this thread's subject is very well known for and he does so much that at times, people might mistake someone for him every now and then. Kind of like how overtly critical/hateful comments about Chris-chan (ie shit like "Chris should die", "cwc is literally hitler", etc.) are typically met with responses of "Hi A-Log!"

No. 185740

>Britbong was on Secondlife this morning, last night and the night before lookng for kopy on an account named for kopy's mom (who britbong calls at work nearly daily)
A 28 year old 'autistic' man with twisted mommy issues? Wew lad now I've seen everything

No. 185753

Talking about yourself again, Manlet? Cringe. We know you sucked some toes here to get this thread moved around. Inb4 you get an admin to delete it.

No. 185756

Exactly, established cows go to /pt/ and they're usually ones that are kind of old and provide little milk. This board is the one with the most traffic lately. Now, there are special exceptions, such as Bella Morte, that got herself moved and pinned to /pt/ because of her creamy chimp out on her thread. If Britbong does the same he'll be moved to cow status.

No. 185766

I feel like this thread is all this kopy guy. Who actually gives this much of a fuck about this guy? I will admit I am subscribed to britbong because his shit is actually funny tbh. Whoever is smaefagging in this thread has mental issues.

No. 185768

Aka "Britbong sucked admin toes to get his thread fucked around with"
You are an established cow Dominic. Nice try. Saging your own thread wont do anything for you, BTW. You're done for, no matter how many whores you convince to white knight you.

No. 185770

LOL Manlet tears pretending to be a farm native. You are so transparent dude, stop shilling for yourself.

No. 185774

File: 1476925896640.jpg (91.68 KB, 640x640, 11018528_1565932783692728_9956…)

lol kopy makes the thread like "hey guys this britbong guy is so cringe, i have no connection to him at all"

Nigga stole his girlfriend and his response is to squeal on ED/8chan/now here and Second Life (where Kopy gets bullied the most) for E-backup.

You're literally CWC my dude.

No. 185775

AGAIN with talking about yourself in third person? Just because this website doesn't have user ID doesn't mean you aren't obviously Dumbinic himself. :^)

No. 185776

Wow, the nepotism here is TOO real. Obviously Dumbinic got his thread moved by sucking admin toe, now he is right here in front of us shilling for himself.
In the wise words of Daniel from SEL, Britbong is a joke!!!!

No. 185777

No. 185778

File: 1476926103598.jpg (4.83 KB, 175x175, yfavidus.jpg)

No. 185779

Hi minivan, you can stop talking about yourself in third person now. The only liar and stalker here is you. Why are you so triggered you had to suck off the farm admins lol?

No. 185780

ITT: Manlet tears shamelessly shilling for himself and sucking the admins toes. Can anyone say nepotism?

No. 185784

File: 1476926799998.png (5.9 KB, 327x60, 2016-10-8_knock knock its da p…)

Hi, I'm Kopy. The only posts here that are mine are the ones with my name and tripcode. I'm tripfagging in threads about a tripfag gone bad because said tripfag is known to constantly samefag.

>No, that's the thing Kopy lies constantly.
Oh so those screenshots of minivan flagging videos, cybering with transgirls on skype are all fabricated? Please eleborate on how I'm the liar here. I have nothing to hide.

No. 185789

>Nigga stole his girlfriend and his response is to squeal on ED/8chan/now here and Second Life (where Kopy gets bullied the most) for E-backup.
>"I'm such a badass because I'm a thirsty homewrecker who destroyed someone's relationship"
I think kopy has every reason to hate britbong for something like that. To say that he made this thread and the one on /cow/ is really pushing the tinfoil envelope though.

No. 185790

dude you're insane samefagging in this thread. Im not britbong im a fucking female like 99% of this place but it seems like one buthurt dude is spamming here. Btw if britbong is really here ily make.more videos

No. 185791

You're going to love all of the whining that kopy does over his ex then if the thread ever gets to that point.

No. 185806

Pictures of mommy's are so threatening. Want to see the video of Britbong's mommy dancing with elvis while britbong cowers in the background?

No. 185807

File: 1476929729948.png (370.11 KB, 600x611, britsmom.png)

Scared Yet Britbong?

No. 185808

File: 1476929845282.jpeg (167.09 KB, 1252x1252, mh7ZxajM.jpeg)

Fucking Terrifying!

No. 185812

is Kopy's mom single? She's cute

No. 185819

Here's a whole video of embarrising mommy shit

No. 185824


See this is why people say you're short britbong. You act like a short guy. If you can't handle the banter without bringing somebody's mother into it then maybe you're in the wrong field.

No. 185834

File: 1476932538238.jpg (20.55 KB, 369x194, ss (2016-10-19 at 11.01.23).jp…)


No. 185913

File: 1476949610848.png (14.54 KB, 517x93, unwarrented self importance.pn…)

You can usually tell when it's Britderp Minivanner posting. See my post here >>185582

That being said, I agree that some people seem to be jumping the gun as to who might be midget tears.

No. 185921

Kopy hasn't mentioned his ex even once in this thread. Britbong and his friends/shills have mentioned her several times, usually in the context of "britbong stole kopy's gf"

No. 185930

What the actual fuck is going on in this thread. I'm trying to get milk here but god, this is incomprehensible. Also, second life? For fucking real? Who plays that shit?

No. 185939

The guy who is using the name kopy is posting and replying to himself bc he hates britbong. As you can see from a post saying his own mom is hot. No one here would say that.

No. 185941

File: 1476960059102.png (149.03 KB, 732x408, 2016-10-20_britderpkopymom.png)

That's funny, I was at work when the post you're referring to was made. Also that person said my mother was "cute", not "hot".

>No one here would say that.

Probably the only truthful thing you've actually said. Was probably Minivan or one of his pals (since the little guy and one of his friends roleplayed as me and my mother having cyber sex in second life and posted it on twitter and /cow/)

No. 185943

hes fucking trolling the shit out of you youre making yourself look retarded. gtfo lolcow and go back to secondlife. jesus christ where are the admins

No. 185945

File: 1476960839558.jpg (37.87 KB, 375x500, 1336279531761.jpg)

You sound like you need a box on the table to keep your jimmies stable.

No. 185958

Tl;dr the cow in question doesn't like it when people say mean things about him so he and his personal army try to shitpost and samefag in threads like this in order to slide them.

Why are you britbong white knight shills so transparent and why do you always sound angry? Please try harder.

No. 185995

So, just how much samefagging is going on in this thread?

No. 185998

A lot, and on both sides. It's just Brit and Krapple screaming at each other with their small personal armies of whiteknights, leaving the rest of us to just sit back and get the popcorn ready as they pull a routine of "I know you are, but what am I?".

This is exactly how all the 8chan threads have gone too for the most part.

No. 186006

This. I honestly don't give a shit about either side, they both seem like autistic morons who're both sure that they're le ebin trolls (though I really don't see why Kopy is so obsessed, at least britbong can use the excuse of "well he won't fuck off and stop obsessing over me").

This is a pretty shit thread overall though, but I'm sure that those two will keep it going forever, so we'll all get to see 19 threads of "fuck off britbong/kopy" with various pictures of shit that one of them did and their parents.

No. 186027

Also, second life? For fucking real? Who plays that shit?

manlytearsuk does

No. 186032

Also, second life? For fucking real? Who plays that shit?

two grown men fighting about secondlife. what's not funny about that?

No. 186037

Upraksi came home after a week of regret and embarassment in the UK into the forgiving arms of her real boyfriend and Britbong has been crying about it ever since.

No. 186067

Five or six years ago some people made some pretty funny videos about secondlife. Esteban Winsmore was probably the most famous. MT decided to try and get in on it His videos were fucking terrible but that didn't stop him from shilling the fuck out of them everywhere he could find.

VideogameDunkey tried to make a video there but couldn't get enough footage cause it was so dead so he borrowed some of MT's footage, giving MT the idea he was about to make it big, only 9 months later he has yet to break 100K subs and his channel is even deader than before.

The place is a graveyard now. Even the company that made it has ceased giving a fuck and started working on a new game.

No. 186071

>Even the company that made it has ceased giving a fuck and started working on a new game.
Amusingly enough, Project Sansar (LL's new game they're working on) seems to be all hype and no actual product.

No. 186072

Kopy real name Mark Ortiz aka Exodia the cucked one will be heading to jail along with all his spergie accomplices for the continued defaming and stalking of Britbong

all of this because the big dawg Britbong took his gf and cucked him to oblivion. Pathetic lmao

No. 186073

File: 1476995274120.png (26.37 KB, 522x202, target brandon newton.png)

Okay I know there have been some false accusations of "X is Britbong" in this thread but as I previously said, it's obvious when the little guy posts.

Hi Minivan. Still waiting for the cops to show up and arrest me for hurting your feelings. (PS stop talking about yourself in the third person, makes you look more autistic than usual)

No. 186077

>> heading to jail along with all his spergie accomplices for the continued defaming and stalking of Britbong

in what country is "defaming" illegal?

No. 186078

stalking and harassment laws exist for a reason sperg

Ortiz has violated so many the cops will remind him when they knock

No. 186079

>> the cops will remind him when they knock

be sure and keep us upated.

any chance we can get a copy of the report britbong made to the police?

No. 186080

File: 1476996056079.png (144.43 KB, 927x544, pDL7fDp.png)

You're such a poor little victim, Minivan. Funniest part is that you don't see the irony that in your nannystate country, you've done more than enough that's actually illegal under english thought police law.

>any chance we can get a copy of the report britbong made to the police?
I'd like to see this too actually.

No. 186081

throw shit at your windows? lol
that'd be so much funnier if he could actualy do it

No. 186082

Sadly, that threat was just as empty as his numerous police threats.

No. 186083

you cried and begged when his people came after you

No. 186084

File: 1476996984134.png (50.7 KB, 990x708, 2016-04-02_video flaggerydoo.p…)

>his people
Should I start calling you Tony Shortprano now, Minivanner?

No. 186305

How did I not know anything about this? He follows me on Twitter and I'm a pretty big fan of his trolling vids. What a creep.

No. 186313

Britbong tries to hide his creepy antisocial behavior from his fans and if anyone questions him, he will either over zealously go out of his way to say that any allegations are falsified or he will outright try to dox the person questioning him and accuse them of slandering him.

No. 186332

File: 1477015457505.png (18.57 KB, 499x499, Kopy Chinner.png)

I'm finally ready to admit it, the reason i stalk britbong is because i am sexually attracted to him.I, Mark Ortiz am gay and love cock
[17:03] Kopy: i'm a cuck
[17:03] BritBoss: who are you?
[17:04] Kopy: the guy who got cucked by you
[17:04] Kopy: and jerked off over it
[17:04] Kopy: for pornhub
[17:04] BritBoss: ok
[17:04] Kopy: lul
[17:04] Kopy: why won't you be my friend?
[17:05] BritBoss: because i don't befriend betas
[17:05] Kopy: it's not because i'm gay though right?

No. 186333

Nice try manlet. You're full of it.

No. 186334

How do we know you aren't manlet or one of his shills? get out. Your nepotism is showing.

No. 186353

go away manlet

No. 186354


No. 186376

Former member of Britbong's inner circle here. I can confirm Britbong fucked Mark Ortiz's mom. This thread is a product of Kopy's oedipal rage. If anyone wants the screenshots, logs etc. They'll be coming soon.

No. 186391

>> Former member of Britbong's inner circle here.

britbong has an inner circle? that's gotta be a pretty special group.

No. 186407

yeah Kopy offered money to get in it. he's so obsessed with Bong he will do anything

No. 186410

> yeah Kopy offered money to get in it. he's so obsessed with Bong he will do anything

cool story bro then what happened?

No. 186443

File: 1477037768018.jpg (32.49 KB, 332x500, doyouknowhowmadyouweregoing.jp…)

No. 186449

New /cow/ thread on Britbong (the last one got slided and is in autosage)

No. 186542

what I want to know is why Bong (and co.) samefags his threads still, doesn't he stop and realize there'll probably just be another thread about him?

No. 186553

And they expect people will stop talking about him.

No. 186559

The concept of the streisand effect is something that escapes him. He also believes that he is somehow "defending" himself.

No. 186588

Okay. I used to really like britbong's videos but after reading this thread and the one on /cow/, I can deduce that brit himself is a really horrible person. He reminds me of my physically abusive ex boydfriend who would threaten to pass my nudes around to his friends and post them on facebook if I ever broke up with him. I feel really bad for kopy's girlfriend but like me, she put herself in that situation and needs to get herself out of it.

No. 186590

does this mean you and I can start dating now?

No. 186592

File: 1477086599234.png (182.95 KB, 512x384, vlcsnap-2016-10-17-02h13m51s57…)

No. 186599

In the Baited podcast, Colossal is Crazy was whining about being backstabbed. I think it was maybe episode 8. Word on the street is that it's Britbong, which is the only reason why I know who this is.

No. 186601

No. 186602

isn't transpassing where britbong met msalchemy?

No. 186632

Nope. He met her on second life and almost immediately wanted to meet up with her in real life and have sex with her. Those screenshots don't lie.

No. 186660

>Nope. He met her on second life and almost immediately wanted to meet up with her in real life and have sex with her. Those screenshots don't lie.

well that's awkward

No. 186712

He's not exactly a manlet of brain cells.

No. 186723

tried to follow his stream since it was listed in the thread. holy fuck was it bad. 130 people watching britbong awkwardly wandering around secondlife trying to get somebody to talk to him for a fucking hour.

I have to assume the other "viewers" of the stream were fake since the chat was dead as fuck and the stream was fucking boring.

No. 186731

File: 1477130958861.jpg (152.08 KB, 1305x574, drawing trannies (2016-10-21 a…)

Sadly, that is the one instance in which minivan did not buy viewers. To be fair though it's still a pretty mediocre number for a self proclaimed e-celeb. He also spent a good chunk of his stream stalking trannies on reddit and then doodling on their pictures a la John Madden.

No. 186763

Doesn't he have a thing for trannys?

No. 186813

File: 1477163813844.png (62.61 KB, 1384x994, alchemybrit 3.png)

Yeah he does. But ever since those saucy chatlogs got out, he's gone into damage control mode and pretends to hate trannies so people won't think he's into that. And he's been trying to tell everyone that the logs are fake.

No. 186842

File: 1477169994409.png (108.09 KB, 616x332, foreveratranny.png)

No. 187014

Seriously? You can't even dupe a tripfag. Pathetic.

No. 187026

File: 1477209812057.png (1.28 MB, 989x871, niggasaywat.png)

Did I miss something? Either the post you're referencing was deleted or you typo'd it.

No. 187127

Britbong is having a major meltdown on /cow/. Heat up some popcorn and grab a seat for this one.


No. 187130

So from what I've gathered from this thread, Kopy is the real lolcow and Britbong is just an average troll who managed to piss him of?


No. 187148

>Kopy is the real lolcow and Britbong is just an average troll who managed to piss him of?
I just read through the recent posts from the /cow/ thread. You're either blind or a britbong shill as you saged the thread and tried to divert attention to kopy.

But please explain how the guy whose going full retard on /cow/ and obsessing over kopy the way RWS would obsess over introman isn't the real lolcow.

No. 187159

hi britbong

No. 187171

Every single time this thread is saged, it is likely Britbong being his usual samefag self or one of his "fans". No really how does this guy even have fans? He's an actual psychopath. But it is funny seeing him blow up in these threads.

No. 187174

>> No really how does this guy even have fans?

other autistics like himself. If you look at his stream there's not many of them.

No. 187194

His stream is like watching a slow motion train wreck going on.

No. 187203

>>DanielfromSL had like 1200 people

No. 187229

>>His stream is like watching a slow motion train wreck going on.

I only watched about 20 minutes but that was the worst shit I ever saw. he was forcing himself to laugh at his own shitty jokes the entire time. anybody who watches this shit regularly should be checked for brain cancer

No. 187232

Watch out, Britbong might try to dox you for comparing him to Daniel.

No. 187234

>>Watch out, Britbong might try to dox you for comparing him to Daniel.

fuck a britbong that's the worst stream I ever saw

No. 187245

They're both cows in my opinion.

Kopy is way too obsessed with this guy, to the point where it is bordering on stalker levels, but britbong is fucking retarded as well.

I think this thread would be far better without either honestly, so you don't have vendetta shit from Kopy, and you don't have the constant posts going on about how he's not really that bad from Britbong, because at this point it's pretty fucking bad, and I get the feeling that most of the posts in the thread so far have been one of them attacking the other.

No. 187254

File: 1477271715650.png (91.18 KB, 640x633, fuckbritbong.png)

No. 187492

File: 1477322056503.png (58.59 KB, 1358x1645, victim PAC.png)

>I get the feeling that most of the posts in the thread so far have been one of them attacking the other.
I've never posted in this thread without my trip and handle. Britderp on the other hand… Pic related.

No. 187496

I don't get it, could a mod not just point it out real quick to make this thread even funnier?

No. 187509

Tbh you don't really even need a mod to figure out which threads are Minivan's. He's not exactly subtle. See >>185582

No. 187510

He can't just start his usual lying if a mod is involved, though.

No. 187526

File: 1477327268959.jpg (649.32 KB, 1196x1805, manlet brags about ban evading…)

True. His posts would all have the same IP. His MO is to samefag in a thread until he gets banned and when that happens, he'll reset his router.

No. 187542

Oh my god, this whole thing is delicious. And to think, all this time I assumed BritBong was just some low-grade autist who made unfunny YouTube videos. Dude's a full-fledged sperg, this is tragically hilarious.

No. 187898

I really find that hard to believe, especially seeing as you're half the posts in the /cow/ threads, and on Kiwifarm most people are saying that he doesn't really seem like a cow, just like a retarded autist.

Mods don't ever answer accusations of samefag unless it's a massive issue (as in someone broke a global rule), it defeats the point of anonymity when you can just ask them to please tell you which posts are from who.

No. 187900

File: 1477357641076.png (262.91 KB, 512x384, vlcsnap-2015-12-28-23h40m37s00…)

>you're half the posts in the /cow/ threads
note how even in those threads, I always namefag and tripfag when I post.

>on Kiwifarm most people are saying that he doesn't really seem like a cow, just like a retarded autist.

Whens the last time you saw the KF thread?

No. 187903

>note how even in those threads, I always namefag and tripfag when I post.

Come on, there's still plenty of posts that make it obvious it's you there.

>Whens the last time you saw the KF thread?

Yesterday night.

No. 187906

>Come on, there's still plenty of posts that make it obvious it's you there.
Only posts that are mine are the ones I tripfag in. I feel like I'd be lowering myself to minivan's level if I samefagged.

>Yesterday night.

Check it again.

No. 187921

Oh shit you're right now we have you, the OP and one other person talking about him, with equally as many having said "I don't really see how he's a cow", not including him.

Seriously, the guys a fucking retard, but you're just as bad mate, if not worse because of how obsessed you are.

No. 187923

Why am I not surprised Bong showed up in his KF thread as well? Not to mention Kopy signing up there, how long until that thread gets to a 100 pages, half of which is those two arguing again?

No. 187967

File: 1477369464157.jpg (300.44 KB, 700x525, medallionandletter.jpg)

I'd also advise checking out the /cow/ thread.

>but you're just as bad mate, if not worse because of how obsessed you are.

Can the same really not be said of anyone posting on a *chan like this (especially one that was once dedicated to Pixyteri)? Or for that matter, can the same not be said for anyone who was directly involved in pulling CWC's strings?

No. 187968

>I'd also advise checking out the /cow/ thread.

Which is like half posts by you. I literally referred to that thread.

>Can the same really not be said of anyone posting on a *chan like this

No, not at all. You should really seek help if you can't even see why what you've been doing is over the top.

No. 187971

File: 1477369884041.jpg (137.28 KB, 1363x603, copyright deleted.jpg)

>You should really seek help if you can't even see why what you've been doing is over the top.
You mean my tripfagging? No offense but you're almost starting to sound like you're beating around the bush to try and defend the little guy.

No. 187983

No, I mean your ridiculous obsession with the guy, over several years, and paranoia that everyone who doesn't agree with you must be either him, or with him.

Not your fucking tripfagging.

No. 187987

I hate to agree with the trip but he makes a valid point. You're pushing a sort of double standard that what he does is somehow really bad compared to the usual fare that lolcow gets when this whole site started as a clone of /cow/ and sites that preceded it. The purpose of those sites being to discuss crazies like Chris-chan, PT, and even low level youtubers Manly Tears who trip on their ego. To say that Kopy is somehow in the wrong compared to the rest of us is a bit hypocritical. But what do I know?

No. 187990

Anon, do you know who Kopy is? He's been obsessively stalking this guy for fucking ages now, non-stop. He's on all the major cow forums in threads relating to him, and has been for ages.

Britbong's a complete fucking autist, but Kopy is just as bad.

He honestly deserves his own thread, but I can't be fucked making one, and it would just end up full of the same samefagging that's going on in this one.

Most of us just go check out a cows social media, come back with a few screencaps and have a laugh about it.

No. 187995

>Anon, do you know who Kopy is? He's been obsessively stalking this guy for fucking ages now, non-stop.
>He's been obsessively stalking this guy for fucking ages now, non-stop.
I really couldn't be fucked to care who kopy is but boy he hit the nail on the head. You really do sound like you're trying to white knight for manly.

>Most of us just go check out a cows social media, come back with a few screencaps and have a laugh about it.

That's not what is going on in this thread? People rushing to defend manly's honor aside.

No. 188010

>I really couldn't be fucked to care who kopy is but boy he hit the nail on the head. You really do sound like you're trying to white knight for manly.

Kek, turn your trip back on mate, how could you possibly think I'm whiteknighting when I've outright said that both are retarded?

>That's not what is going on in this thread?

It's essentially one guy doing all of it, making videos about him, huge compilation pictures, accusing everyone who disagrees with him or dislikes him of being "BIDF", and has plenty of other shit that would make him a cow in his own right.

And he's been doing this for ages, in every single thread about the guy, on every major forum.

No. 188026

So first you accuse me of being this guy.
>Kek, turn your trip back on mate

Then you start rambling about how he's such a bad person because he's compiled a fair amount of dirt on manly and is essentially doing what a troll does. Unless you yourself are manly or you're one of his friends that he sent to defend him, why are you so keen on shifting the spotlight onto the tripfag whose done nothing short of post embarrassing screenshots and chatlogs of manly's outbursts?

No. 188031

this entire thread is the purest expression of autism yet.

congrats, you've reached the illustrious heights of attention whoring that thus far only vendetta/self posting meth addict cam girls have attained.

No. 188034

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that you're either Britbong or someone closely associated with him?

No. 188056

>So first you accuse me of being this guy.

Because you appear as soon as he vanishes and start defending him? Shocker.

>Then you start rambling about how he's such a bad person because he's compiled a fair amount of dirt on manly and is essentially doing what a troll does

But that's not what I said at all.

>Unless you yourself are manly or you're one of his friends that he sent to defend him, why are you so keen on shifting the spotlight onto the tripfag

Once again, I'm not. I'm saying that they both deserve threads, and Kopy posting shit here doesn't mean he's any less of a cow himself.

Because that seems to be the go to defence for whenever anyone points out Kopy is a massive fucking autist as well.

No. 188065

File: 1477390129518.jpg (33.18 KB, 598x448, timetostopposting.jpg)

Why are you getting so worked up over Kopy posting Britbong's dirty laundry in a thread about Britbong? Did Kopy flush your pet goldfish down the toilet?

I'm sorry but you're just proving both kopy and >>187995 right every single time you post.

No. 188068

I'm not worked up over anything though? I just think that Kopy's an autist on the same level as Britbong, just in completely different ways.

Seriously, how can I be whiteknighting for a guy that at no point have I ever defended?

No. 188535

Under Age
Plays Secondlife
Considering Suicide

I hear he and lionmaker have a lot in common when it comes to under age girls on the internet.

No. 188776

britbong's been begging the moderators over at kiwi farms to have his thread removed because Kopy bullies him

No. 188867

File: 1477520183979.png (379.44 KB, 1284x4895, 2016-10-25_manlet kiwifarms pr…)

No. 189041

Reiterating this anon.

The real cringe comes from the amount of effort people are putting into this thread on defending Kopy and attacking anyone who disagrees. I wouldn't be surprised if it's himself posting as different aliases.

By all means continue, but you're proving our point that you're just as much of an lolcow as britbong is.

No. 189118

Heh. I used to play SL a bit with you Kopy, not gonna identify myself but I am very amused to see you on lolcow, I'm sure you'll fit right in if you drop the fucking trip and just devote yourself to the noble cause of milk. Everyone here is as much of an edgelord as you if not more so. Anyway, I hope life is treating you well.

No. 189140

it's pretty easy to tell which posts are britbongs. especially look for ones with smileys and




No. 189604

No. 189609

Has anything happened in any of these threads though? Like, at all?

All I've seen in them is Kopy and Britbong flinging shit at each other, and the occasional post of Britbong being a dick.

No. 189630

File: 1477642948507.png (157.09 KB, 500x389, Kopybot cropped.png)

Oh very well. I'll cease using a trip here.

No. 190037

No. 193615

File: 1478290965071.png (93.77 KB, 807x680, bannedtears.png)

Banned from his on /cow/ thread. How embarassing.

Even more so when his friend Bungie cries to a mod.


No. 193874

New munchkin tears /cow/ thread

No. 195376

I can't believe he's still trying to defend himself in those threads. You'd think he would learn by now.

No. 200630

What was the story between him and that weird lesbian chick with the glasses who used to shill herself on /v/ all the time? Those losers used to bring that shit on to the board every five minutes back around 2012-13ish.

No. 201863

I think he has a hate boner for "gamer girls" because he thinks Twitch gives them special treatment.

He's on thread 7 over at /cow/ now by the way

No. 204208

File: 1480178640643.png (233.03 KB, 500x800, Britbong The Pedophile.png)

No. 205391

He tried to claim he created Pepe too its on his deviant art page

No. 207336

He's got a new thread on /cow/. At this rate we'll be at thread 100 by new years.


No. 207433

Well, if we have about a month to go, and this started 6 months ago. And he's gone through 8.

Yeah, you're probably right.

No. 207868

File: 1480746954108.png (343.03 KB, 303x638, sort.png)

This pic was posted in the /cow/ thread, didn't want you guys to miss out on it.

No. 209626

Yeah it's in the new /cow/ thread too along with some other goodies.


No. 213878

File: 1481698892842.png (60.9 KB, 1546x785, tranny tears.png)

I'm going to copypaste some of the content from the /cow/ thread here so you all can take a gander.


Did some googling on MT and found some interesting pastebins.

First one is MT talking to Boyd about how he's making an ED article on Upraksi (his ex-girlfriend before he hooked up with Kopy's sloppy seconds)
http://pastebin.com/nnXJpjdg (archive: https://archive.fo/dIZ11)

Second one is MT talking about Twitch drama with someone and complaining about having his cocks flagged
http://pastebin.com/0nqrjjqr (archive: https://archive.fo/32jRq)

The third and final one could very well aid in getting MT kicked off of stream.me for good. It has a great deal of evidence of MT violating stream.me's TOS and using his stream to harass other streamers.
http://pastebin.com/nnXJpjdg (archive: https://archive.fo/8cXUc)

I figured I'd lend a hand in helping any internet sleuths lurking this thread uncover more to the MT Trannygate mystery.

Here's some stuff to search through on the Fireden archive

Here's some more helpful links for you internet sleuths who want to find out more about MT's past tranny shenanigans.

Google either of the following too
>InuitInua manlytears site:http://4archive.org
>InuitInua manlytears site:https://yuki.la

Found an interesting story from manly's past involving a girl He apparently talked to her in youtube pm and then claimed to have had sex with her.

https://boards.fireden.net/v/thread/326218106/#326231192 - More on the drama with Inuitlnua (pic related)
https://boards.fireden.net/v/thread/326201735/#326207814 - Weak attempt at false flagging Danielfromsl
sauce: https://boards.fireden.net/v/search/text/manlet%20tears/page/9/

https://boards.fireden.net/v/thread/325681482 - Manly shilling himself on /v/
https://boards.fireden.net/v/thread/321554794 - More on the tranny drama (Inuitlnua should really just come on here and do an AMA)


Original posts were all organized here: https://8ch.net/cow/res/242161.html#243041

No. 213934

I'm going to start digging through these archives tomorrow when I have more time. I encourage the rest of you farmers to do the same. There is much milk in these.

No. 214208

Whoah, Britbong is more fucked up than I ever could have imagined. Especially if he actually let Inuiteinua blackmail him into sticking cucumbers in his butthole

No. 214214

Geez Boyd you are really pathetic. No one knows MT here stop samefagging. We get it you are butthurt cuz he cucked you.

No. 214237

very suspicious indeed Dominic.

No. 214262

Hello there Dominique. Since you are clearly a female and/or have a desire to be female (you can do better than your mom's clothing, bb), why not join our lovely community of farmers?

Saging this thread about you is only giving us the impression that you're upset! o-o

No. 214265

File: 1481753056329.png (90.71 KB, 200x200, 1323574075021.png)

No. 214490

>No one knows MT here stop samefagging.
If they didn't before, they do now. And there is nothing you can do about it.

No. 214878

You know you're MT when even a chan forum full of vagina thinks you're an insufferable faggot

No. 215754

File: 1481947757015.png (120.36 KB, 1180x375, tripfaggot.png)

Today MT became so overwhelmingly butthurt that he gave into temptation and tripfagged on /cow/

No. 215802

He was acting like a crazypants on second life tonight too it looks like. Someone from /cow/ recorded him so I'll copypaste the highlights and a link to the recording here.

The following is copypasted from /cow/:

Was watching MT run his mouth in the second life korea1 sim and then kopy showed up. Tears started spiraling into some real autistic insanity so I started recording him as he blew up at kopy. Here's a sample


Some stray observations
>MT makes several remarks about how he's going to perform some obscene sex acts on kopy's ex
>kopy didn't get on voice at all and the most he did was show off that screenshot from /v/ where MT was in drag

>@ 1:32 - "I bullied him to smitherines"

>MT makes several remarks about how he's going to perform some obscene sex acts on kopy's ex

>@ 4:48 - "I'm still gonna be fucking your girl, m8. spunkin' up her"
>@ 6:53 - "Well even if I am apparently a tranny I'm still gonna be fuckin' his ex girlfriend. blowing my beans up her while he's on second life. crying."

No. 215840

>@ 4:48 - "I'm still gonna be fucking your girl, m8. spunkin' up her"
>@ 6:53 - "Well even if I am apparently a tranny I'm still gonna be fuckin' his ex girlfriend. blowing my beans up her while he's on second life. crying."
Kopy has low standards if this girl left him for Britbong and he's saying things like this about her

No. 215841

"he" being Britbong

No. 215913

Well he did rape his ex girlfriend so it stands to reason

No. 216040

Copypastas don't lie. Usually.

No. 216410

/cow/ is on the tenth one of these threads and this time they gave it a stickie because of how many threads there have been

No. 216463

A lot of his old reddit posts really are something to gawk at in embarrassment.
>I have an SA account Sep 11, 2001 and I started lurking on 4chan in 04/05, I created many memes on 4chan I don't put my name to because nobody is trying to sell them for money.

No. 216670

Kopy got caught and exposed samefagging. He's probably doing the same here

It's over, Mark

No. 216743

Didn't you get banned (again) on /cow/ for rambling on about that same exact conspiratorial nonsense and everyone proved that you were full of shit?

You getting called out on your bunk

You getting banned again for the same autistic rambling

No. 216747

Facts don't stop existing because you refuse to acknowledge them, Mark. You're a samefag and got caught

The jig is up

No. 216753

Pretty sure this autist Boyd samefags as Britbong too lmao. It wasn't enough you ruined /cow/ now you are here?

No. 216777

It's cute when a well known samefag such as yourself starts acting accusatory when his lies get debunked. 0u0

No. 216778


Your friends entire defense consisted of the following:

>uh this person using the exact same Kopy images got them from a folder

>uh we all use and share the same Kopy filenames/images
>uh it's impossible that this person using all these very specific Kopy files is him it's all coincidence

Put on your trip and quit hiding

No. 216784

Pretty sure the faggot you accuse most of the posters here of being already addressed your schizo claims of samefagging over on /cow/

No. 216798

File: 1482101917788.jpg (21.66 KB, 336x269, 1330624295685.jpg)

You seem to be really upset and obsessed with kopy. Might you be the legendary transsexual Britbong himself?

No. 216838

Is this thread jostling your feelies too hard?

No. 216894

What Minivan is referring to here is when Krapple posted a picture from the Timothy Cruzetor Spurdo/Tom Cruise file without changing the filename first. For those of who who don't go on /cow/, there used to be this finnish guy with a massive folder of spurdo sparde and Tom Cruise that he would constantly use as reaction images. When he stopped posting about four years ago, he released an archive of all his spurdo and Tom Cruise images on mediafire.

No. 216895

File: 1482112552388.jpg (33.6 KB, 332x500, do you know how mad.jpg)

Hello I am kopy pls stop
-t. Kopy

No. 217049

Clearly everyone in this thread who isn't MT or someone defending MT is Kopy. I recognize his style anywhere.

No. 217154

This vocaroo was linked on /cow/
It sums up just what kind of weirdo MT is

No. 217168

I feel second hand embarrassment just from listening to that -_-

No. 217185

No. 217219

His fans must be as blind as onision's fans if they can't see him for what he really is

No. 217656

More like Dominic Vanberg

No. 217869

MT has gone full retard on /cow/

No. 218119

Haven't seen someone chimp out on /cow/ that much since Robbie Rotten

No. 218132

The more I read his responses in that thread, the more I'm inclined to believe that he's trying to cover up the things he's being accused of

No. 218202

Oh he's obviously trying to cover his hairy ass. Constantly screaming out "IT'S ALL LIES" without anything to back his claim up proves it right there

No. 218329

All your claims have already been debunked, Kopy. Keep calm, get cucked

No. 218354

Sup MT. Still think everyone whsoe talking about you is Kopy? Your silly irrational behavior must be why /cow/ teamed up with /baphomet/ against you

>All your claims have already been debunked

Really? Every claim against you has been backed up with facts. All you're doing is saying "What I say is true even though I have no counter evidence to prove my point"

No. 220022

>All your claims have already been debunked
/cow/ and /baphomet/ doxed you lol

No. 220217

>All your claims have already been debunked

No. 220335

After reading /cow/, I get the impression that the only person who was debunked was YOU

No. 220640

How exactly was >>217185 debunked?

No. 220765

It wasn't. That steam scamming shit happened years ago so I don't think there's any way that MT could pin it on people like kopy or boyd

No. 220876

Will MT make /v/'s christmas wishes come true this year and finally commit seppuku?

No. 221067

Doubtful. He's too busy trying to defend himself from imaginary gremlins on /cow/

No. 221078

We can wish but I agree with >>221067

No. 221372

Tears spent christmas eve streaming and trying to defend himself on /cow/ on multiple proxies, pretending to be different people while accusing his anonymous critics of being the same one or two people

No. 221490

he would

No. 221540

He's streaming now if any of you farmers want to pull at his choker a bit

No. 221559

Found /cow/'s guide to fucking with him if there's any interest

No. 221742

No. 222477

MT freaked out quite a bit on twitter today at leonlush. He seems to think that leon cucked him out of his one-way bromance with colossaliscrazy

No. 222732

He streams again today. I got the troll pastebin pulled up

No. 222779

Why does he always complain about people doing exactly what he does?

No. 222865

Because he's a hypocrite. Really gotta wonder if he's self aware about it though

No. 222997

I really don't think he's self aware. Because autism

No. 223575

He's still at it trying to start shit with lush again. He really REALLY hates this guy for being more popular than him lol

No. 223742

rofl really? that is sad

No. 224132

Manly has some legit mental problems with how he stalks and harasses people on twitter just for being more popular than he is

No. 224511

He's still complaining about Leon using the term "toe sucking" to make fun of him. Dom is one year away from 30 and he's acting like a spoiled child

No. 224783

Drama for the sake of drama. It's what MT thrives on because he has nothing else in life

No. 224810

I chuckled

No. 226402

A certain short man from the Isle of Wight spent New Years at home. Alone. Streaming. Sad!

No. 226607

What a pathetic little manchild

No. 227189

If you haven't see what's been going on over on /cow/ it's worth a look

No. 227496

What is it with this guy and harassing Colossal?

No. 227555

Clown will never notice MT. No matter how much MT tries to suck up to him

No. 227564

No. 227653

What the fuck is this. Why is it on here?

Fuck off /cow/, we have a specific breed of cattle we herd here and this sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm not sure what level of samefaggotry is going on here, but literally no one from this site gives a shit about it. It's VERY obvious these posts aren't made by lolcow farmers.

Jesus Christ what a shitty mess. I ran out of new threads to read in snow and finally clicked here, what a disappointment.

No. 227660

It's not even an entertaining mess.

No. 227802

>2 sages
For a site about lolcows, you girls are acting more like lolcows than Britbong right now.

No. 227837

heres that third sage you wanted, boy

No. 227840

Salty? I don't see what's wrong with discussing this particular cow on here. I mean he is transgender and dolls himself up in his mom's clothing. >>207868

No. 228281

He really does bad in a dress

No. 228382

You're all so dismissive of this cow. Is it because /cow/ are the ones milking him?

No. 228411

You seem obsessed with this boring guy. No one here is interested.

No. 228554

>No one here is interested.
Surprising really given he (she?) is a crossdressing camwhore who has sex with stuffed animals on cam

No. 228646

How has this not been posted here yet?

No. 228754

Honestly the samefagging ans obsession in this is pretty disturbing I thought I was the only one that noticed it isnt farmers posting. Where the hell are tge admins move this shit thread pls.

No. 228857

Bold words when this site follows onision just as closely as /cow/ follow manlytears

No. 228880

File: 1483754190857.jpg (37.75 KB, 789x595, lard.jpg)

You keep saying /cow/ but it's really just you, trying to keep a sad vendetta thread bumped on a board where no one gives a single shit.

No. 228916

File: 1483757047697.jpg (113.5 KB, 853x640, 132754235579.jpg)

You sound just like Britbong when he accuses everyone on /cow/ of being the faggot in your image

No. 228998

>everyone is kopy!
been licking manly's tiny anus for too long?

No. 229478

>assuming the majority of posters are the same person
How much is MT paying you, m'lady? You know he lost his welfare check a long time ago right?

No. 229553

guy in that photo already got caught samefagging on a previous board so no surprise he's doing it here

No. 229596

>got caught samefagging on a previous board
Sup Tears. Remember when /cow/ debunked your accusation of said faggot in said photo as little more than paranoid rambling? I do because that happened here too. See >>216894 >>216895

No. 229598

the games over Kopy

everyone here has already caught on just pack it up

No. 230241

So how many of the posters in this thread do you believe to actually be Kopy and not a mix of farmers and /cow/ users?

No. 230265

Yup we're all Kopy and this is a grand conspiracy against MT. Makes perfect sense that a single chantard faggot like him could concoct something of this scale

No. 230322

Kopy you made the mistake all criminals do

you got greedy

if you had only samefagged once or twice maybe it would have gone unnoticed, but your obsession wouldn't allow it

you're done Kopy just trip up we all know you're guilty

No. 230484

File: 1483993246142.jpg (846.62 KB, 1231x1854, mtsamefag.jpg)

>you're done Kopy just trip up we all know you're guilty
Brilliant deduction, Detective Tears
You made the same accusations against anons on /cow/ and only got laughed at did you not?

>well known samefag

>accusing others of being a single individual
pic related

No. 230489

Sage your stupid paranoid posts, jesus.

No. 230510

>Sage your stupid paranoid posts
The following posters need this advice a lot more than >>230484 does

No. 230514

File: 1483998635474.jpg (19.37 KB, 600x450, easterislandrock.jpg)

The joke being is that Kopy, Jews and Homor on 8chan troll shield one another.

You aren't allowed to make threads on kopy, same as ED he had his article locked by befriending a sysop with that other fatty IHM.

No. 230515

File: 1483998965091.jpg (73.93 KB, 800x600, kek.jpg)

Let's list why Kopy is personal army begging on various chans, ED, 8chan etc.

>Kopy's ex is dating britbong

>Kopy has been trolled by Britbong to actual tears see.


(kopy stalking him on streams)

(Kopy being humilated on discord)

The thing with Kopy is he worms his way around everyone, making up sob stories and kissing asses of anyone with positions of power but really most people see through it.

Now that he can't win his ex back he want's to "destroy" Britbong.

No. 230535

Settle down, tears

>The thing with Kopy is he worms his way around everyone, making up sob stories and kissing asses of anyone with positions of power

Like you do all the time on twitter. Asskissing the likes of clown, keemstar, and others and making up sob stories about how you're being defamed (you do this on here and on /cow/ too)

>Now that he can't win his ex back he want's to "destroy" Britbong.

How can you be so delusional as to make a statement like this? Nevermind that if kopy did want to win this girl back, he's got insanely low standards because he'd want a girl who dated a loser like you

No. 230547

>b-but what about kopy???
>kopy is friends with the ED sysops
>kopy is friends with 8chan admins
>kopy this, kopy that, kopy kopy kopy
Britbong do you ever listen to yourself? You're like a broken record with how you keep trying to use this one person as some means to distract people from your own lengthy trail of faggotry (which is by far, much more entertaining)

When kopy tries to copyright a meme that he clearly didn't create or gets trolled by someone from TGWTG or takes selfies in his mom's clothes, then I'll pay attention to your boring ranting about him

No. 230557

This is what your post sounds like to everyone else, MT

"These are reasons why you should be laughing at this guy I hate instead of me

-reason 1: derp da derp
-reason 2: derp da derpity derp a derp
-reason 3: da derpty derp ta tittly tum"

No. 230643

so tl;dr you're mad at kopy because you believe him to be behind this and other threads about you on other sites

No. 230715

>paranoid conspiracy theories
>posting the same links over and over
>repeatedly talking about kopy
That didn't work for you on /cow/. What makes you think it's gonna work here?

No. 230893

>Now that he can't win his ex back he want's to "destroy" Britbong.
You've been watching too many saturday morning cartoons, MT

No. 230942

Autism speaks. But this time it's not worth listening to. Only laughing. Go back to advertising your unfunny videos on /v/

oh and tell emptyhero I said hi

No. 231070

Heard that /baphomet/ knocked him offline while he was streaming

No. 231146

I just read the thread on baphomet
tears is pretty salty about it

No. 231200

>implying Britbong isn't the salty one

No. 231207

Wonder what he did to get their attention

No. 231241

>baphomet ddos
He's in for it now

No. 231349

prepping the popcorn

No. 231886

He's still at it on /cow/

No. 231948

File: 1484236504754.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1507x747, manlytears_trannylove1.png)

Britbong and MsAlchemy met in Secondlife. She joined his fanclub and even ended up in one of his videos.

Britbong: lol you're in my new video
Britbong: Ingame
Britbong: ?
MsAlchemy: when??
MsAlchemy: I've been on here for 3 days
MsAlchemy: i can barely figure out the interface
MsAlchemy: you are the only person i gave half a poo about on here
MsAlchemy: ofc id respond
MsAlchemy: sometimes I don't see the chat in SL
MsAlchemy: why do you think i take my clothes off to make money
Britbong: why do you think i take my clothes off to make money
Britbong: huh?
MsAlchemy: trying to reinforce im not bright
MsAlchemy: and my nudes are already everywhere lol
MsAlchemy: do you really hate me
MsAlchemy: you could at least talk to me after calling me a retard and a dumbass and saying i don't talk to you
Britbong: in a call
MsAlchemy: mk
MsAlchemy: well I'ma go to sleep soon
MsAlchemy: I never avoided talking to you, and i still wont
Britbong: stop whining
MsAlchemy: :(
MsAlchemy: I'll leave you alone then
MsAlchemy: I'm sorry, hate me all you want

No. 231949

File: 1484236543804.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1232x925, manlytears_trannylove2.png)

Britbong and MsAlchemy Met On Secondlife.
At first it was pretty innocent flirting which MsAlchemy sharing her photos with Britbong. He finds them "very fapable". Although attractive, it's clear from the photos that MsAlchemy has a few steps to go before fully transitioning from male to female.

Britbong: No I don't hate you though
Britbong: :P
MsAlchemy: cool : )
Britbong: they were hot lol so why would I care
MsAlchemy: I'm still just doing my hair to go to the pub
MsAlchemy: o.o
MsAlchemy: y…you think so?
Britbong: of course
Britbong: mmm
MsAlchemy: wow
Britbong: very fapable
MsAlchemy: I can't tell if you are joking
Britbong: why would I be joking
MsAlchemy: ;__;
MsAlchemy: well you put a smile on me
MsAlchemy: thank you
Britbong: am i not allowed to find them hot
Britbong: lol
MsAlchemy: no nono
MsAlchemy: I like your reaction
MsAlchemy: I'll remember this fondly
Britbong: i am allowed to fap to them ?
Britbong: :D
MsAlchemy: O.O of course
MsAlchemy: blue haired stuff is ancient tho
Britbong: Is your dark hair recent
Britbong: i like it
MsAlchemy: yes
MsAlchemy: its blue at the bottom now too
Britbong: ooo
Britbong: well you're a cutie
MsAlchemy: wow, thank you
MsAlchemy: so are you
Britbong: haa really?
MsAlchemy: ingrpingwpingpian
MsAlchemy: of course
Britbong: do you have more recent ones?
Britbong: :O
MsAlchemy: tbh it wouldn't have even mattered how you looked to me
MsAlchemy: its a bonus
MsAlchemy: tho
MsAlchemy: you know I am your biggest fan lol, I'll just have to try my hardest not to be an autist about it
Britbong: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CYs60k1WsAAz088.jpg
Britbong: me last night btw
Britbong: i look tired as fuck though
Britbong: hahaa
MsAlchemy: DOODE
MsAlchemy: love ur shirt!
Britbong: dragon ball Z babbi
MsAlchemy: I was keeping up with super but I guess ill wait for the dubz
MsAlchemy: z is best
MsAlchemy: odc
MsAlchemy: ofc**
Britbong: I haven't seen super yet
Britbong: seen the movies though
Britbong: the freiza one
MsAlchemy: I saw it in theatres :D
Britbong: lucky
Britbong: i had nobody to go with ;(
MsAlchemy: d'aw
MsAlchemy: I would have went with you
MsAlchemy: btw I'm in England until next january
Britbong: noice
MsAlchemy: yeah visiting my heritage
MsAlchemy: m7
Britbong: AH
Britbong: haha you should visit the isle of wight ;)
Britbong: tummy lickings await
MsAlchemy: its a possibility
MsAlchemy: HAHAHA
MsAlchemy: omfg
MsAlchemy: btw I don't talk much on SL
MsAlchemy: mainly because everyone is pretty hostile
Britbong: they are yeah
Britbong: fuck them
MsAlchemy: and I am not really confrontational
Britbong: a lot of them hate me so I dont care
MsAlchemy: well I am here now
MsAlchemy: and I don't
Britbong: :)
MsAlchemy: I can handle anyone making fun of me tho
MsAlchemy: but I couldn't take it from you
Britbong: I won't make fun of you
Britbong: so you went on 4chan right
MsAlchemy: a long time ago
Britbong: me too
MsAlchemy: that's how I went viral
MsAlchemy: I got spread around
MsAlchemy: and given a chan name
Britbong: i am known there too
Britbong: not just as britbong
MsAlchemy: oh yeah
Britbong: But yeah you look great don't worry dunno why someone thought that was a negative
MsAlchemy: I figured you could see why
Britbong: i'd fuck you to be fair so it seems like a positive
Britbong: lmao
MsAlchemy: ;3 <3 font="" oooo="">
Britbong: why else would I say i wanted to fap afterwards haha
MsAlchemy: btw I won't talk about any of this
Britbong: about what
MsAlchemy: idk like anything about this in general
Britbong: oki good
Britbong: :P
MsAlchemy: : D
Britbong: neither will i
Britbong: well I used to like fap on snap of course
Britbong: ex girlfriends etc
MsAlchemy: oh
MsAlchemy: well nbd IMO
Britbong: nbd?
MsAlchemy: no big deal
MsAlchemy: I'm not worried about what people think, I was just worried about you because I gave a shit
MsAlchemy: when over 2 million people have seen your butthole
MsAlchemy: you stop caring
Britbong: they are nice pictures
Britbong: tbh
Britbong: probably going to fap in a minute honestly
MsAlchemy: I am very flattered
Britbong: really
MsAlchemy: yes
MsAlchemy: if I wasn't engaged I'd leap at the opportunity to fuck you
Britbong: ;_:
Britbong: hehe well i wouldn't tell anyone ;)
MsAlchemy: haha
Britbong: (wasntme)
Britbong: offers still there :P

No. 231950

Montezuma sees Britbong talking to MsAlchemy and thinks he's helping by advising Britbong that MsAlchemy is trangender. Britbong already knows, but hides the flirting and fapping from the night before.

Britbong: MsAlchemy is a tranny
Montezuma (exlyndro): how u kno
Britbong: saw the pics
Britbong: just askl
Britbong: dont say i said it
Montezuma (exlyndro): oh
Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny
Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus christ
Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny that gets posted all over 4chan
Montezuma (exlyndro): with the blue hair
Montezuma (exlyndro): ohhhhhhh shitttt nigga
Britbong: she was hitting on me lol
Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus fucking christ
Britbong: shes "getting married"
Britbong: said "i would jump at the chance to fuck you"

No. 231951

When I publish parts of their earlier conversation Britbong confronts xxxxxx about it, making it clear that he's not angry because she's trans (he knew already) but that it had gotten back to me.

Britbong: pretty stupid to try shit with me living in your country
Britbong: haha
MsAlchemy: try shit?
MsAlchemy: I thought you knew
Britbong: WHAT
Britbong: ?
MsAlchemy: I thought you knew I was
MsAlchemy: that's why I was surprised
Britbong: passing my logs out?
Britbong: piece of shit lol
MsAlchemy: nooo
Britbong: good luck
MsAlchemy: its kuz monte sent me this
MsAlchemy: [posts logs from Episode 3]
MsAlchemy: and I was like
MsAlchemy: noooo I said if I wasent marrid
Britbong: ok?
MsAlchemy: married
MsAlchemy: that's only reason why
Britbong: so you directly posted my logs
Britbong: to boyd
Britbong: actually
MsAlchemy: well I didn't mean to do it offensively ?
MsAlchemy: just because you said I wanted to fuck
MsAlchemy: but I wanted to show it was out of context
MsAlchemy: sorry for the mis understanding
MsAlchemy: its a bit of a shit fest
MsAlchemy: I thought you knew I was trans lol
MsAlchemy: it comes up as the first thing if u google my name
Britbong: he asked me you retard
Britbong: i said you were
Britbong: fuck off
MsAlchemy: asked you what
Britbong: HE
Britbong: I said yes
MsAlchemy: I'm not very smart
Britbong: dumb fuck
Britbong: and you posted my skype logs
Britbong: to be used against me
MsAlchemy: no I didnt
MsAlchemy: i did because you said I wanted to fuck
MsAlchemy: but I said if i wasent engaged
MsAlchemy: that's all hun
MsAlchemy: why would I hurt someone i like
Britbong: your on my shit list
Britbong: nice
MsAlchemy: well I'm sorry if I hurt you
MsAlchemy: but calling me tranny and dumb is hurtful
Britbong: you are?
Britbong: he asked if you were
Britbong: i said yes you are
MsAlchemy: [20:50] Britbong: xxxxxx is a tranny
MsAlchemy: [20:57] Britbong: she was hitting on me lol
Britbong: and?
MsAlchemy: ?
Britbong: whats that a log of
MsAlchemy: If I wanted to be offensive I'd post it all
MsAlchemy: but I wont
MsAlchemy: because drama is dumb
Britbong: you caused it
MsAlchemy: if you didn't want it to happen, you could have just not talked about it
Britbong: when did I post your skype logs?
MsAlchemy: well you said some things way out of context
MsAlchemy: you know I liked you
MsAlchemy: its also upsetting you removed me right away, well I'll still be here if you wanna talk
MsAlchemy: unless you wanna just remove me again
MsAlchemy: i also just defended you and said someone must have baited you
MsAlchemy: and not sent you the lower half
MsAlchemy: of my body
Britbong: ?
MsAlchemy: when you introduced urself to me
MsAlchemy: or w.e
MsAlchemy: u said someone sent u my pics
MsAlchemy: so i automatically assumed you knew whats up
MsAlchemy: so people were talking at violet and i said someone must have set u up
MsAlchemy: and its an honest mistake i look female
MsAlchemy: even boyd defended you
MsAlchemy: and you hate him
MsAlchemy: drama is just really stupid
MsAlchemy: especially in this autism fest of a game
MsAlchemy: i only came here because your videos were funny
MsAlchemy: if its that much trouble ill leave
Britbong: well you caused it retard
Britbong: thanks
MsAlchemy: ugh
MsAlchemy: ._>
MsAlchemy: ._.
MsAlchemy: well what do you want me to do
Britbong: http://edgarssecondlifestuff.tumblr.com/post/137459416177/britbong-has-an-awkward-conversation-with-a-t-girl
Britbong: nice job dumbass
Britbong: lol you gave boyd ammo on me
Britbong: and yourself
MsAlchemy: how is this my fault
MsAlchemy: i was defending my marriage lol
MsAlchemy: that's literally it
MsAlchemy: drama is retarded
MsAlchemy: if I want to be malicious id post it all, but i liked you so i wont ever
MsAlchemy: call me retarded and dumb all you want.
MsAlchemy: I know I'm not very bright
Britbong: defend your marriage
Britbong: by posting my logs for no real reason
Britbong: to a guy nobody gives a shit about
Britbong: i dont even like montezuma
MsAlchemy: he came up to me and said i tried to fuck
MsAlchemy: which i wouldn't outwardly do ever
MsAlchemy: and you also removed me on skype
MsAlchemy: and in game
MsAlchemy: and get messaged a log from someone
Britbong: i was on a new account retard
MsAlchemy: Skype had a (?)
MsAlchemy: i know you removed me
Britbong: and I removed you for not speaking to me
MsAlchemy: ????
MsAlchemy: WHAT
Britbong: i saw you 4 times ingame you dont even say hello
Britbong: so yeah no shit
MsAlchemy: you never respind to anyting i say!@@
MsAlchemy: DUDE

No. 231952

Britbong: You are pretty vile
MsAlchemy: whys that
Britbong: whys that?
Britbong: really
Britbong: best if you didn't come back to the game
Britbong: working with boyd and all
MsAlchemy: what?
MsAlchemy: I dont care about this drama stuff dude
MsAlchemy: i barely talk to boyd
Britbong: you posted shit about me and expect no response
Britbong: lmao
Britbong: if you think 4chan faggots are bad
Britbong: just wait and see what happens
MsAlchemy: bad/.
MsAlchemy: mk
Britbong: why are you working with my stalker?
Britbong: whos been making fun of my mother in hospital for the past 4 days
MsAlchemy: ive been playing a dice game in my friends room
MsAlchemy: all day
Britbong: you're lucky I don't know where you are
MsAlchemy: i literally just got here
Britbong: http://edgarssecondlifestuff.tumblr.com/post/137459416177/britbong-has-an-awkward-conversation-with-a#notes
Britbong: oh?
MsAlchemy: wow somethign with 1 note on it
MsAlchemy: boy howdy that sure is viral
MsAlchemy: monte sent him that
MsAlchemy: not me
MsAlchemy: we talked about this yesterday
Britbong: you talk to people who hate me
MsAlchemy: i had no idea who he was ive been here for 4 days now
MsAlchemy: you could have at least pulled me to the side at one point
MsAlchemy: drama is dumb, i just want silly fun of weirdos taking a sim too seriously and getting thrown around
MsAlchemy: like those horses
Britbong: oh yeah?
Britbong: you caused it you piece of shit
MsAlchemy: if your just gonna call me names why do you wanna talk to me
Britbong: i am going to destroy you for this
MsAlchemy: destroy what exactly
MsAlchemy: 2 million people have seen my butthole
MsAlchemy: maybe more
MsAlchemy: I have literally no family
Britbong: if only you knew who I know
MsAlchemy: thats fine
Britbong: this account will probably be terminated in the next week
MsAlchemy: im sure you know some rad people
MsAlchemy: oh nooo
MsAlchemy: not my second life account
Britbong: when you start wondering why all your accounts online start getting random logins you'll know why
MsAlchemy: god i didnt thiink you took any of this that seriously
MsAlchemy: from your vids
Britbong: you trying to ruin my life
Britbong: i take seriously
MsAlchemy: oh yeah dude
Britbong: you scummy piece of shit
MsAlchemy: well if i wanted to be a jerk ill post it all
MsAlchemy: but im not a jerk
MsAlchemy: do you want me to just get off SL forever
MsAlchemy: say it and i will
MsAlchemy: i only came here from ur vids
Britbong: lol your helping the person who harrasses my family
Britbong: you fucking idiot
MsAlchemy: wtf are u talking about
MsAlchemy: idk who any of these people are
MsAlchemy: i know LUI
MsAlchemy: thats it
Britbong: are you retarded
Britbong: YOU
Britbong: ARE
MsAlchemy: -_-
Britbong: HELPING
Britbong: MY
Britbong: STALKER
Britbong: RETARD
MsAlchemy: how did i do it
MsAlchemy: monte did
Britbong: talking to a boyd dick sucker
MsAlchemy: i just met boyd yesterday
MsAlchemy: talking about me in violet
Britbong: you made yourself talked about
Britbong: you complete idiot
MsAlchemy: you take this too seriously
MsAlchemy: who cares about this sprug fest drama
Britbong: "you take people stalking your family seriously"
Britbong: shut the fuck up retard
Britbong: are you serious?
Britbong: no shit I take stalking seriously
MsAlchemy: then just stop coming on here

No. 231953


Britbong: I've already made 10 idiots never come back
MsAlchemy: thats fine
Britbong: I have my ways lol
MsAlchemy: i said you can literally ask me and i wont
Britbong: to get rid of scum
MsAlchemy: i said that last night even
MsAlchemy: if you really wanted me to leave youd ask me to
Britbong: leave
MsAlchemy: fine I will
MsAlchemy: it has nothing to do with any of the threats tho, I have literally nothing in my life that someone can take
MsAlchemy: I'm doing it kuz i liked you, I dont like this version of you tho
Britbong: take your own life
Britbong: and stop ruining mine thanks
MsAlchemy: classy
Britbong: this is why I dont bring along retards to my trolls
Britbong: thanks for reminding me not to invite idiots along next time
MsAlchemy: Okay well i just archived all this just in case someone says this went down another way.
Britbong: do I care
MsAlchemy: telling me to kill myself really
MsAlchemy: when have i ever said a single mean thing about you
Britbong: you passed my log
Britbong: thats worse
MsAlchemy: you told someone i hit on you
MsAlchemy: and im engaged
Britbong: you did
Britbong: retard
MsAlchemy: no i didnt lol
MsAlchemy: i said i was flattered and if i wasent engaged i might
MsAlchemy: thats about it
MsAlchemy: idk you
MsAlchemy: this is just a game
Britbong: nobody gives a shit
MsAlchemy: apparently you do
Britbong: I just think you're a scumbag
Britbong: :)
MsAlchemy: that's fine
MsAlchemy: that's out of my control at this point
MsAlchemy: Dont msg me about drama anymore, if you dont bring things up it blows over
Britbong: you brought it up
MsAlchemy: really
MsAlchemy: i jumped on your twitter
Britbong: nobody posted your fucking log you retard
MsAlchemy: and posted a bunch of that
MsAlchemy: before you even talked to me
MsAlchemy: hmm
MsAlchemy: sounds legit
Britbong: what?
MsAlchemy: ur twitter posts u took down
MsAlchemy: you realize your acting like the same people you make fun of in your videos
MsAlchemy: people who take this autism simulator so seriously
Britbong: your the autistic sperg who trusts anyone and everyone
Britbong: passes all my shit out
Britbong: fuck off
MsAlchemy: I'm friendly and I came here for silly fun
MsAlchemy: not drama
Britbong: "silly fun" passes my logs out
MsAlchemy: u asked for my skype
MsAlchemy: u hit on me
MsAlchemy: how is that my fault
Britbong: you hit on me lol
Britbong: actually your best buddy monezuma said it too in fact
MsAlchemy: [posts log of MT hitting on her]
MsAlchemy: do you think im stupid enough not to archive all this first
MsAlchemy: ^^^^
MsAlchemy: leave me alone
MsAlchemy: or ill give the log away
Britbong: lol you're a fucking weirdo
MsAlchemy: you think i havent been manipulated before
Britbong: http://imgur.com/t3IBLNw
Britbong: referencing this
Britbong: lol
MsAlchemy: you messaged me first that someone sent you my nudes
Britbong: yeah and?
MsAlchemy: so you knew
Britbong: ?
MsAlchemy: just go away dude
Britbong: your the one starting shit with me
MsAlchemy: and none of my archive will see the light of day
Britbong: passing my logs
Britbong: epic fan bro
Britbong: managed to act like a chode in less than 3 days
Britbong: you should apologize for posting my shit
MsAlchemy: i already did to you yesterday
MsAlchemy: want me to link that too
Britbong: you were making excuses
MsAlchemy: i legitimately said sorry to you

No. 231955


Britbong: your gay drama made me waste 2 hoursa
Britbong: i was editing
MsAlchemy: my gay drama
MsAlchemy: uh huh
MsAlchemy: totally
Britbong: when did I pass your logs?
MsAlchemy: [posts logs from Episode 3]
MsAlchemy: that was sent to me
MsAlchemy: yesterday
Britbong: so
Britbong: ?
Britbong: I didn't post any log
Britbong: could have just denied it
MsAlchemy: -_-
MsAlchemy: calling me a tranny alone id unfriend someone for
MsAlchemy: let alone saying things completely out of context
MsAlchemy: i've already screenshotted everything and hosted all of it too just incase my comp fucks up
MsAlchemy: leave me alone
Britbong: you are trans?
Britbong: "i'd remove someone for"
MsAlchemy: its a gross comment
MsAlchemy: and i dont associate with people who are negative
MsAlchemy: sure theres random people walking around chatting to me
MsAlchemy: but im never going to add them
MsAlchemy: or like them
Britbong: The ones on Sl don't care
Britbong: I used to be friends with one on here
Britbong: i don't even get that at all
MsAlchemy: yeah dude every person is the same
MsAlchemy: ur right
MsAlchemy: my mistake
Britbong: le trigger warning
MsAlchemy: -_-
MsAlchemy: its very hard to offend me
Britbong: i am sorry for being pissed off but
MsAlchemy: it doesnt mean id be their friend tho
Britbong: i am pretty disgusted you passed my logs
Britbong: directly to someone who stalks my fucking family of all people
Britbong: you try to trivialize it
MsAlchemy: well you called me a tranny to someone and said i hit on you WHILE IM ENGAGED
MsAlchemy: i said sorry yesterday
MsAlchemy: drama is dumb
Britbong: it's not even the CONTENT of what you shared idiot, you shared a log which means you would do it again
MsAlchemy: someone who calls me a fucking tranny and says I tried fucking them
MsAlchemy: thats low dude, especially after you removed me on both mediums
Britbong: you did say you would fuck me though lmao
Britbong: if you weren't married
MsAlchemy: ^
Britbong: "i'd jump at the chance" in fact
MsAlchemy: thats WAY different out of context
MsAlchemy: which is exactly what was said
MsAlchemy: "if you weren't married"
MsAlchemy: you never included that
MsAlchemy: you called me a tranny and tried making me look like some thirsty slut
MsAlchemy: i logged in and walked up talking to you yesterday all happy
MsAlchemy: to find that i was removed on skype and SL
MsAlchemy: and then i get a msg form a random person
MsAlchemy: (monte)
MsAlchemy: what am I supposed to think
Britbong: i didn't even say it maliciously
MsAlchemy: you do this to yourself, i liked you
Britbong: i would have just denied it if he asked again
Britbong: but instead you logshared
Britbong: to be malicious
MsAlchemy: to show that it was out of context
MsAlchemy: nigga if i was trying to be malicious you know damn well a lot of what else was said is a lot worse
MsAlchemy: I'm nice and I am patient
Britbong: you didn't even message me first
Britbong: seems like you were trolling
MsAlchemy: I TRIED
Britbong: wow it really matters what an ugly dork like montezuma says
MsAlchemy: this is before he even msged me
Britbong: everyone makes fun of the little wormie
Britbong: alright well I apologize
MsAlchemy: that day we met was my first night on
Britbong: if you know the stress i am under you wouldn't be doing this shit right now
MsAlchemy: i still can barely use the interface
MsAlchemy: all i get is told how stupid i am
Britbong: stop making it "sl shit" when you're contributing to my stalkers gay blog
MsAlchemy: and how you hate me
MsAlchemy: im not posting any of this crap
MsAlchemy: u think i care about drama
MsAlchemy: i dont
Britbong: should have denied it was true then
MsAlchemy: well Ill keep that in mind
MsAlchemy: and i apologized to you yesterday without any excuses
MsAlchemy: id rather take a blame in any situation to protect a friendship
MsAlchemy: why do you think i immidiotly went to violet and said you didnt know anything about me
MsAlchemy: hate me all you want and avoid me after this, thats fine
MsAlchemy: but you cant just blame me
MsAlchemy: and I appreciate this

No. 232003

She looks like CL

No. 232091

No. 232107

MT and his fellow circlejerkers are attempting (and failing hard) to make the claim that these chatlogs were all faked. Pathetic

No. 232117

She's cute!

No. 232139

I read through both the chatlogs and the screenshot gallery that's linked on /cow/ (here's a link to it for anyone whose interested: https://imgur.com/a/phFcq)

there's no way any of this was faked and manlytears trying to claim it was all faked just shows what a deceitful person he is. He can't honestly expect people to believe that these logs were somehow fabricated can he?

If you mean alchemychan, I agree!

No. 232154

Fake? Really? How could anyone be so stupid as to think those logs were somehow fake?

No. 232253

That's quite a mouthful of logs. Not to mention there are screenshots from Alchemy's skype including of Manly asking if he can fap to Alchemy's pictures (he's a sub lol)

Does he really expect anyone to believe that those logs aren't real?

No. 232314

These posts on the /cow/ thread are proof enough that those logs are legit

No. 232754

Okay yeah there's no way they could be faked

No. 232874

MT is currently on vacation with his family but he's still obsessively lurking this thread and the one on /cow/

No. 232897

He seems to just be posting on /cow/
his anxiety must be so high he can only focus on one of these threads at a time

No. 234759

Funny how as soon as he went on vacation, the rampant /cow/ shitposting slowed down. So much for those "I'm not britbong" claims made by the shitposters

No. 234866

He's still finding time to post and telling everyone how he's "not britbong"

No. 234983

Why does he even try to hide that it's him when he's so bad at it?

No. 234984

Not even MT wants to be MT.

No. 235145

Well if anything it proves that he was white knighting himself in the thread. Which is hilarious.

No. 235227

Why isn't he just enjoying his vacation? He's instead trying to respond to /cow/

No. 235249

Because he's self conscious and obsessed with whether or not people like him. He's like a teenage girl

No. 235515

Because his parents forced him to go with them lol

No. 235713

because he requires strangers on the internet (even ones that hate him) to give him attention at all times

No. 236035

It's so cringy though.

No. 236302

Why is he stalking random people while on vacation?

No. 236400

This manchild is one year away from 30. 29 years old. And he's making twitter posts like this. It's like something someone more than half his age would do. >_>

No. 236460

His parents didn't raise him right

No. 236588

If he actually has a girlfriend, I'd hate to be in her position. Dealing with a 29 year old man baby can't be good for someone's sanity

No. 236735

Any girl who decides to move in with MT would probably kill themselves in the first week

No. 237223

More like first few days

No. 237276

Because he has nothing better to do as he believes himself to be too good to spend time with his family on a family vacation

No. 237591

This is the same MT who accuses people in these threads of "stalking" him right?

No. 237611

Being close to him would drive any female mad and he apparently raped the last girl who had the gumption to meet him in real life

No. 237623

you really don't belong here, do you

No. 237921

How can you disregard that this manchild is very likely a rapist?

No. 237983

Not just very likely. There's good reason to believe he actually did rape someone

No. 238536

File: 1485129693727.png (48.76 KB, 632x710, dataprotectionremoval.png)

Don't know or care who this is, but he got this thread removed from Google results through Europe's privacy laws.

No. 238798

MT is really upset about this thread and the one over on /cow/ because he doesn't want his autistic fanboys finding his dirty laundry. It's surprising he actually went that far

No. 239038

Poor, poor MT. He just can't catch a break can he? What could possibly be in this thread that he wants to keep hidden?

No. 239069

Good thing it's easily found in the good old US of A still.


No. 239357

Looks like /cow/ is already on the case. Trying to censor this thread in his own country is a pretty sad and desperate move though since it'll still show up in google search results in america

No. 239358

You're assuming a lot of his "fans" aren't Euro kids.

No. 239365

Looks like there's a new /cow/ thread

It's probably mixed between europeans and americans

No. 239435

Only a matter of time now before MT starts spamming the new thread with his whining

No. 239633

I can't believe that kopy robot guy is still talking to himself in this thread its amazing the level of samefagging. Go to fucking /cow with this shit.

No. 239806

You mean the guy who was tripfagging earlier in the thread? I thought he fucked off back to /cow/.

>its amazing the level of samefagging.

Is that something that's even actually happening in this thread?

No. 239847

Doesn't MT typically accuse people of samefagging (especially those people he has a weird fixation on)?

No. 240140

Oh my god stop. You're not fooling anyone. Fuck off.

No. 240144

You seem lost and upset. Is that why you're yelling at random anons?

No. 240324

>You're not fooling anyone.
Why would that anon be trying to fool anyone by asking a question?

No. 240343

Not sure if BIDF but it's possible

No. 240351

No. 240399

Brit says things like this and then wonders why people fuck with him so much

No. 240485

No. 240551

He must've realized how autistic he sounded. Too bad the internet doesn't forget

No. 240623

These are all clearly the same person….fucking hell

No. 240745

Please provide some actual proof that those anons are all the same person. Otherwise it's possible that you might just be spewing angry accusations

No. 240779

>These are all clearly the same person….fucking hell
Sup Dominic

No. 240939

Nice try there, tears

No. 241097

I'm reminded of emptyhero's song about you where he says you're "always tweeting all them iddybitty lies"

No. 241218

This. The only "evidence" of samefagging has been people making random accusations of samefagging

No. 241219

you just replied to yourself tho

No. 241260

Did that anon actually reply to themselves?

No. 241338

Admins, howsabout that pin now?
been waiting a few days.

No. 241339

I'm really anxious for another pin, tears will be furious.

No. 241376

Pin? what are you even on about?

No. 241435

It's all the same guy talking to themselves. Pretty wild. You can tell it's not girls from here posting and they all sound the same. It's this guy named kopyboat that's gone nuts after the guy in op fucked his gf. He is now obsessed with him. It's actually disturbing.

No. 241437

No. 241439

upraski was kopys gf that flew out to fuck britbong.

pretty hilarious.

No. 241484

Hi Britbong. How many times have you spammed this thread with your kopy paranoia now?

No. 241493

>It's this guy named kopyboat that's gone nuts after the guy in op fucked his gf. He is now obsessed with him. It's actually disturbing.
>He is now obsessed with him. It's actually disturbing.
>that victim complex
kill yourself, tears

No. 241731

I've seen these videos repeatedly spammed on /cow/. It's obvious who posted them

No. 241750



Im not britbong you retard im just tired of seeing you being a psycho in this thread every one knows what happened you serously need help. Honestly ban all men from lolcow please why do we only get autistics? Fuck off to /cow/ to obsess over a random guy you have a vendetta against instead of trying to get farmers here to care about your sad cuck story.

No. 241791

>accuse three different anons of being the same person
>calling people psychos
>you serously need help
>obsess over a random guy
>cuck story
>Im not britbong
Yeah I believe you when you say you're not MT. So why is this thread triggering you if you're not him?

No. 241802

It's more of an annoyance that you seem to think anyone here would be interested in your Second Life dating drama. Good luck with that pin btw.

No. 241804

File: 1485741471969.gif (1.17 MB, 500x253, raito_Deathnote_54.gif)

What your tiny brain can't comprehend, you see, is that it doesn't matter if you're Britbong or not.
You're treading on thin ice, the folks at /baph/ have already taken notice of you.
You are foolishly ignoring the fact that this is a multifaceted operation. If you ally yourself with Britbong, you willingly subject yourself to any treatment that follows.

No. 241808

Terrifying. Have you tried /r/incels? You might find friends.

No. 242801

>It's more of an annoyance that you seem to think anyone here would be interested in your Second Life dating drama
MT's and Kopy's fixations with each other aside, MT himself is very much a cow whose so full of milk that he's spilling it on 8chan, on /v/, on reddit, and etc. It's interesting though that the same people who make the samefagging accusations against assorted anons and farmers are also white knighting MT.

No. 243345

Hello, Kopycuck.

No. 243484

>responding to a 3 month old post made by Kopy
You're really slipping, Britbong. Stop falling for bait. It's part of what makes you such a fail "troll"

No. 243749

Did you finally give up on pretending to be a farmer and instead just respond to Kopy's old posts in this thread?

No. 243920

Now that he's blocked this thread from UK Google results he's free to shitpost and sperg in it to his heart's content.

No. 244368

It only got removed from UK search. Everyone else can still look it up ezpz

No. 244681

I hope he spergs more here. His salt is always good for laughs

No. 245382

Could we get a mod or farmhand to show who actually is Kopy ITT?

Or to show who is MT?

Because I'm convinced that this thread is 90% the same two posters bitching at each other on a board they don't even browse otherwise.

No. 245479

I actually agree with this. If /v/'s mods can do it, why not the ones here?

No. 245794

Hey mods, wake up and listen to what >>245382 has to say.

No. 246288

The only one whose probably samefagging is MT. But it would still be funny if a mod showed all his posts like the mods on /v/ did

No. 246619

Yeah showing whose really doing the samefagging might help make more sense of this thread (not that it isn't obvious which posts were made by tears)

No. 246947

The only person who probably is in fact samefagging is the one who has a long history of samefagging

No. 246965

You mean Kopy then? He already got caught doing it

No. 247122

Where exactly did Kopy get caught samefagging? The only person in this thread with a well documented history of samefaggotry is Britbong.

No. 247756

>You mean Kopy then?
>He already got caught doing it
Present the evidence to support your claim.

No. 247802

Nigga we know its you gtfo autists suck at samefagging

No. 248054

You very subtle, Tears. I'm sure if a mod listed all the posts that were yours, the one I'm responding to wouldn't be on the list

No. 248524

Are you gonna start making police threats at farmers like you're doing over on /cow/, MT?

No. 248526

will u autists leave? what are u faggots doing on a girls imageboard

No. 248661

What are YOU doing pretending to be a girl on a chan primarily inhabited by girls> I get that you like to crossdress, tears. But this is not the place to show off how wide your hips look in mom's dresses

No. 248674

File: 1486767587474.png (9.81 KB, 120x120, b76649f5eac257b5d193547680b1ea…)

>being this retarded
u guys have rlly done urselves in with all this paranoia

No. 248850

new /cow/ thread because MT won't shut up and won't stop posting

No. 248954

Kopy it's blatantly obvious now that you're making those threads

The op image is a gif that you and only you have posted before

No. 248999

Care to provide evidence to back up your tinfoil claim MT? Oh and filenames don't count as "evidence"

No. 249026

Proof or it didn't happen, tiny

No. 249685

>everyone who disagrees with the notion that MT is a victim must be "Kopy"
Yeah that makes perfect sense.I saw your post in thread 12 on /cow/ where you were trying to brag about how random women draw shit for you. Do you just think that just because this site is predominantly used by women that you'll be welcome with open arms?

No. 250045

Britbong you're full of it and you're not fooling anyone

No. 250180

This was posted on /cow/ and /baph/

It's a giant word document of chatlogs leaked from MT's skype group

No. 250265

>300+ pages
We're gonna be here awhile

No. 250277

I just know I'm gonna enjoy skimming through this muck. Thanks.

No. 250771

Find anything good?

No. 250921

File: 1487076236541.jpg (50.07 KB, 505x474, o u.jpg)

No. 251220

Britbong just stop. The only samefag here is you and like others have stated in this thread, a mod could easily point out your samefagging

No. 251637

Said the samefag with 0 self awareness

No. 251667

You're doing it again. We really don't care.
The main problem aside from your strange obsession is that it's not even interesting. Come back if he does something a little juicier than stealing your internet gf.

No. 251828

Enjoying your ban over on cow, Kopy? Won't be long until it happens here too cuck

No. 251892

You're not fooling anyone, tears.

He was banned for posting the video I embedded in my post, MT. I saw his post before he got banned and the video was removed (they have a strict rule against pony related content on /cow/)

Now please kindly go kill yourself and stop pretending like it's not you accusing farmers and other assorted faggots of samefagging with no hint of irony

No. 252186

Why do you keep calling everyone Kopy, MT? Paranoia getting the better of you?

No. 252223

Kopy, please stop. It's really obvious you're the one samefagging to anyone who has ever spoken with you. Half the replies in this thread use the same grammar and address Britbong/MT at the end of a sentences. Plus there's the "calling out" that's slightly polite and it's always one after another. You and MT are the only one's bumping this thread. Take this shit to /cow/ and /baph/ because no one here cares.

Farmhands, please nuke this thread.

No. 252225

Highly ironic, coming from a guy who made close to 300 posts in his own /cow/ thread.

No. 252350

Only MT actually resorts to literally begging.
>Kopy, please stop. It's really obvious you're the one samefagging to anyone who has ever spoken with you.
>Farmhands, please nuke this thread.

No. 252420

This is getting embarrassing, tears
You're doing exactly what you did on kiwifarms when you tricked that fuckwit valient into doing your bidding

No. 252565


No. 252839

>Kopy, please stop.
>It's really obvious you're the one samefagging
Never change, tears. It would get boring if you dd

No. 253059

ITT Manlet Tears reduced to begging

No. 253060

Found this on /cow/ btw

Apparently MT got the original album deleted

No. 253168

No. 253176

Why is he talking about getting people arrested again?

No. 253200

Kopy got arrested so any of those gremlins could be next

No. 253203

Sup MT. What is it with you and wanting to get everyone arrested who speaks ill of you?

No. 253466

>Kopy got arrested so any of those gremlins could be next
MT I swear it's like your mind is trapped in some alternate universe

No. 253519

Did Kopy really get arrested?

No. 253638

No, he didn't. That was just MT attempting to talk tough.

No. 253653

He posted bail while he waits for his trial date

Hope his mom can afford a good lawyer

No. 253931

MT do you even have any tangible evidence that Kopy was arrested. Can you produce any publicly available documents to back this up?

No. 253935

No one fucking cares. Take your greasy carcass back to Second Life.

No. 254929

>No one fucking cares.
>assumes the posters in this thread all use second life
>saging own post
Sup MT

No. 254970

Settle down, tears

No. 255368

Didn't your lawyer advise you to stay away from threads Kopy? You must really want Based Bong to press charges on you

No. 255555

Fuck off, Britbong. No one believes your legal lies. Why don't you link Kopy's arrest records as proof that he actually got arrested? No court documents either?

No. 255631

Britbong: A troll who can't stand it when he gets trolled so he makes bogus legal threats

No. 255645

Can you even afford a lawyer, Britbong?

No. 255886

Doubtful he could afford a decent lawyer on donations alone

No. 255915

He makes more than most lawyers and you too

Of course he could afford one because he's already got one

No. 255953

File: 1487772803926.jpg (62.2 KB, 400x400, 200 percent BAT KEK.jpg)

>He makes more than most lawyers

No. 256103

File: 1487798559003.png (402.46 KB, 1539x899, autism.png)

Weird how the people meme forcing britty as a /cow/ aren't allowed to have /cow/ threads on them when they provide the cringe.

No. 256104

You realize the guy claiming Kopy got arrested is Kopy himself samefagging right?

No. 256105

Yes.. Kopy stalking another man for 2 years and autistic troll victims egging him on is trolling.

No. 256421

You realize your samefagging is really obvious right, MT?

No. 256442

You realize your court hearing is in a few days right, Kopy?

No. 256504

Jesus, this guy is still active?
I remember him boasting about scamming people out £700, going door to door asking for charity donations after the Haiti earthquakes.
That was over seven years ago. I'd assumed he'd grown up a bit since.

No. 257082

>court hearing
>assuming everyone posting is Kopy
Do you actually believe the words you utter MT? Or are you trying to shitpost ironically?

No. 257335

He also made a guide for steam scamming (it's been posted several times on 8chan)

No. 257865

>court hearing
For what? making MT sob?

No. 258884

He's one year away form 30 and still the same person. Sad!

No. 259715

For all the times you've accused Kopy of stalking, you sure follow him around a lot MT

No. 260427

Did that court hearing ever happen? I don't think MT can afford both litigation and his family vacation to Gran Canaria that he's currently on

No. 260900

Kopy hasn't posted since the hearing and he was looking very sad and defeated outside the court house today

Ortiz is in trouble

No. 260936

Why don't you tell your tall tales to /cow/ too MT. New thread is up

No. 261152

What hearing, MT?

No. 261680

Sad how even on vacation, MT lurks these threads

No. 261985

>he was looking very sad and defeated outside the court house today
pics or it didn't happen, tears

No. 262143

Everyone on /cow/ thinks your court story is a joke MT. So much so they've started playing along

No. 262358

>if I wanted I'd call again and use the newer images to show you being suicidal mark, I'll do it again soon ;)
MT confirmed for making SWAT threats

No. 262395

Not a joke since it actually happened not to mention Kopy quit posting again since he knew he was looking at some even more legal trouble if he kept up

No. 262695

Sounds like a joke to me, bucko

No. 262993

You can go buck yourself then, Boys

Was real enough for Kopy to beg Based Bong not to press any charges

No. 263363

>Was real enough for Kopy to beg Based Bong not to press any charges
Where and when did this happen? All I've seen is Kopy slapping you around on /cow/

No. 263845

>Was real enough for Kopy to beg Based Bong not to press any charges
>Based Bong
Only you would be so vain, MT

No. 264161

How'd it feel wasting your vacation crying on here and on /cow/?

No. 264343

>Based Bong
Go fuck yourself, tears. You always give yourself away with your self aggrandizing.

No. 264697

>Was real enough for Kopy to beg Based Bong not to press any charges
Oh MT, you and your baseless lies

No. 264921

How was Gran Canaria, MT? I bet you didn't even bother taking in any of the local commodities because you're an uncultured manchild who cares moer about shoving hot dogs and slush puppies down your throat

No. 265012

He's one year away from 30…

No. 265466


No. 265578

The very definition of manchild

No. 265935

He spent all his time taking photos of fat senior citizens

No. 266286

Tears got so upset he actually made a separate /cow/ thread with broken links to lure people away from the one that's shit talking him

No. 266448

rofl the thread got deleted because of how obvious MT was being

No. 267036

Someone posted a screenshot of the deleted thread. Pretty pathetic stuff that MT did

No. 267408

File: 1489212525142.png (27.68 KB, 792x1235, banned.png)

Buttblasted MT actually made his own revenge board

He banned me

No. 267452

>Kopy terrified Big Bong will post the entirety of the log where he talks about attacking his ex's fathers obituary along with much more damming stuff

Oh how the mighty have fallen

Sad day for Cucktiz

I wonder who's next hehe

No. 267684

You were talking about a chatlog on 8chan too MT. How about you stop talking about this log and post it already?

No. 267924

>I wonder who's next hehe
Why do you act like a teenage girl, tears? You fucking creep

No. 268304

>no advertising :^)
Why does MT always use emoticons when he's so obviously pissed off? Is he trying to give the impression that he's not?

No. 268581

Because in his mind, he's somehow "owning" everyone because autism

No. 268692

>Oh how the mighty have fallen
Remember how you used to brag about creating forever alone? Now it's obvious to everyone that you didn't

No. 269088

New thread on /cow/ because MT spams them so much

No. 269116

Just wondering, did anyone here know about MT's creepy affinity for underage furry boys?

No. 269181

>britbong tried to woo a 16 year old furry kid with his totally ironic second life real estate neet monies and gave the kid control of his group, the kid and company got access to britbong's accounts (second life, wow, gmail, youtube etc.) and demolished him, he cried a like a little bitch and to this day gets salty whenever it's brought up
Why hasn't tears been arrested yet?

No. 269285

I actually had no idea he was so deranged before I saw that /v/ thread. Might look more into this

No. 269345

That thread made me lul

No. 269948

MT wanted underage furry cock? Part of me isn't surprised

No. 270179

I want to know more about MT's crossdressing. Does anyone know where the rest of the crossdressing photos of himself that he took are?

No. 270660

According to the thread he posted them on /r9k/

No. 270823

>MT's crossdressing
The thought that more photos of tears wearing that ugly 80's dress exist is gross

No. 271030

For someone who calls himself a "troll", MT seems to have forgotten the golden rule of not being a personalarmyfag

No. 271206

Anyone remember when he was actually funny outside of his anger at getting trolled himself? Yeah me neither.

No. 271357

He edits posts as well

No. 272738

Yeah, he does. Because he doesn't want these threads or his ED article being linked on a board he wants the children in his discord to populate

No. 273051

It's rare to see that level of autism on a chan board. From someone with moderation powers.

No. 273149

Because it didn't happen.

No. 273504

Right, MT. Just like your affair with that tranny from second life didn't happen. Despite both skype screenshots and chatlogs of the incident (as well as testimony from the tranny) existing

No. 274074

new thread on /cow/

Maybe we wouldn't be at thread 17 over there if MT didn't keep replying to bait

No. 274102

The second post in that thread is MT. And he's admitting to pushing the previous thread to it's post limit

No. 274136

Man will tears ever learn or is he too much of a narcissist?

No. 274258

>is he too much of a narcissist?

No. 274314

>Because it didn't happen.
That's what you always say when you're backed into a corner

No. 274602

>Because it didn't happen.
Just like you and that trans person didn't fool around.
Just like you're not a shameless meme thief

No. 274826

Encyclopedia Dramatica is down. Who wants to bet MT will take credit for this while he spouts faux legal rhetoric about how ED was breaking the law by having an article about him?

No. 274951

I'm surprised he hasn't already

No. 275183

Just looked at their twitter. They're getting a new temporary domain ready until this blows over. MT will probably still try to claim credit though since he hates ED for having an article on him

No. 276048

They're back. new domain is encyclopediadramatica.rs

No. 276506

Don't forget about how the actual copyright for forever alone is somehow not actually legitimate even though it's listed in the US copyright database as being owned by Brandon Newton

No. 277574

Denial and ad hominem are your two most well known calling cards MT

No. 278178

Don't forget about pathological lying.

No. 278566

Bout time

No. 279566

No. 279663

It's an imageboard for a reason. cap it or go away, nobody likes clicking on links.

No. 280405

The countdown to MT's Youtube "career" crashing and burning has begun

No. 281039

How many strikes does this guy have now? I would think his channel would have been suspended already

No. 281400

5 according to twitter

No. 281678

Isn't it funny how a guy who built his "career" on copyright fraud is now having his youtube channel taken down with copyright strikes? Karma

No. 282038

It's pretty ironic too

No. 282039

File: 1491012968515.png (303.73 KB, 630x419, dont u think.png)

No. 282525

Too bad his channel will never be terminated and all this is temporary.

Meanwhile gremlins dedicate their entire lives to "getting back" at a real troll Britbong who BTFO them out of having any semblance of a life.


No. 284968

>Too bad his channel will never be terminated and all this is temporary.
Really? Don't think I didn't see that "channel terminated" in 7 days" screenshot.

>Meanwhile gremlins dedicate their entire lives to "getting back" at a real troll Britbong who BTFO them out of having any semblance of a life.

Wow MT at this point you should just take more ugly selfies and timestamp them when you post here. Not like you can do much less to make it obvious that you're posting

No. 285563

>Too bad his channel will never be terminated and all this is temporary.
That's what you thought about your hitbox channel and look what happened there.

What did you do to get empty and his friends to DMCA your channel anyway?

No. 285585

Try asking directly and sparing us this boring vendetta.

No. 285937

No. 287032

I love how angry tears gets when he's sending counterclaims against the takedown requests on his youtube channel

No. 288074

Why does MT continue to draw negative attention to himself like this? Why is he so retarded that he keeps trying to defend himself? I have literally never seen anyone this fucked in the head before

No. 289255

MT's youtube got taken down for copyright infringement. Farmers rejoice!

No. 289303

20 dolleroos says he's crying to his discord child harem about it

No. 290562

No. 292154

Christ tinytreats is hardcore unraveling on twitter

No. 292181

Post pictures or sage your useless shit.

No. 292933

Why are you still pretending you don't post here, MT?

No. 293169

He still pretends like he doesn't post on /cow/ too. Even when his obvious samefagging is discovered, he will still continue to talk about himself in the third person. I've never seen someone with as much a lack of self awareness as MT has

No. 293328

Nice butthurt there, tinytreats

No. 293341

File: 1492461159266.jpg (23.4 KB, 1569x255, imageboard tutorial.jpg)

This is how imageboards work, since you don't know. Here are your last three posts in this thread.

No. 293944

What are you attempting to prove?

No. 293947

File: 1492527860547.png (211.2 KB, 611x1687, gone.png)

Just when I think MT is out of milk, he just keeps squirting out more

No. 294010

I give it 50 keks. Just in time for the new /cow/ thread too

No. 294614

I bet he's literally the only youtuber ever to make this big a deal over things on twitter. Hard to believe he's one year away from 30 and he acts like a spoiled teenager

No. 295204

Do you realize how cringe you are?

No. 295206

>Someone asks what happens
>He tells them

FREAKIN MEGA LULZ MILKIESS!!! jesus this thread is full of spergs legit tisms.

No. 295988

Sup MT. I know you seldom grace us with your presence because you're too busy getting trolled on twitter, youtube, your own discord server, and most importantly, cow/, but when you show up, you always bring fresh milk

No. 296002

is kopy still bumping this shit thread? are you still here because /cow/ has the most boring threads with no milk or what?

No. 298137

No. 298795

>is kopy still bumping this shit thread?
Does he even still come here? Only person of interest from that whole debacle that I've seen hovering around this thread has been britbong himself

No. 299350

I was just on /cow/ and they found some finely aged milked relating to tranny tears's dad

No. 299559

Post caps

No. 299716

File: 1493309006917.gif (1.88 MB, 350x198, sure ok.gif)

>I was just on /cow/ and

No. 300522

File: 1493404025234.png (462.34 KB, 707x581, November 5 2004 smuggler force…)

You mean this tidbit?

No. 300538

What thread is /cow/ even on about this midget again? 20? I haven't checked in a couple days. All I know is he tried making PA threads about some teenage girl he was mad at on /cow/ and KiwiFarms

No. 302922

No. 302959

No. 303450

twenty threads and he still hasn't learned

No. 304520

So this happened.
Minitears left machinema in a blind rage

No. 307984

>Finally left @Machinima it seems like the only time they do anything is when you say you want to leave, and even then it's probably bullshit
What a little bitch. Maybe he'll finally get off his ass and get a barista job at a coffee shop or something. Oh wait who am I kidding? This is Tiny tears we're talking about here

No. 309347

Does this mean we can flag his Youtube channel down again?

No. 312508

He cries just like his dad did in court

No. 315740

New /cow/ thread

Anyone in the UK want to report him for revenge porn?

No. 315929

we're more interested in knowing if your ex is going to report you to the cops again for skulking outside her house, Kopy

No. 316431

No. 316732

Sup tears. Your fake news didn't work on /cow/. Why would the ladies on this board believe it?

No. 316960

it's real, Mark

She showed us the photos of you doing it

No. 317543

Do you actually think kopy/krapple is posting here MT?

>She showed us the photos of you doing it

Post them if they're real

No. 317822

You spew more fake news than the msm, tinytreats. Every post you make gives me more reason take that video spooks made at face value

No. 318847

So what made you come up with this "Kopy got arrested" meme anyway, bittybong?

No. 319865

This video is surprisingly accurate

lol @ MT in the comments trying to defend himself but not actually responding to any of the points in the video

No. 320739

He's been regurgitating that meme for months

No. 320891

Kopys been arrested and visited by the police plenty of times for doing his dumb stalking shit

Just because you don't want it to be true doesn't mean it's not, Mark

No. 321513

You still have yet to provide any actual proof to back up this "kopy got arrested xD" meme, Bittybong.

You just keep repeating the same story as though you're somehow jerking yourself off to the idea. Does this at all tie into your dad getting arrested years ago? Do you see Kopy as an evil authoritarian figure in your life (like your dad) and you fantasize about Kopy getting arrested like your dad did?

No. 322263

>Kopys been arrested and visited by the police plenty of times for doing his dumb stalking shit
>Taking anything Manlet Tears says seriously
Maybe if you stopped stealing peanut m&ms from EmptyHero's pocket, you wouldn't be making up wild stories while on a sugar high and posting them here and on /cow/

No. 322266

>manlet tears
>tiny tears

This Neopets tier savagery.

No. 323358

Don't forget about these
>Midget Tears
>Lord Farquaad

No. 323690

Fill me in on when/why MT started spreading that bullshit around. It's like he has some kind of fetish for watching people get arrested

No. 324406

britbong was globally banned from 8chan for posting Mrnoobs underaged nudes in his /cow/ thread: http://8ch.net/cow/res/266605.html#269122

archive.is link: https://archive.fo/4J0dl

No. 324606

I remember several threads back, there was a guy from /v/ who mentioned that MT bragged about having a child porn collection and apparently went on webcam to show off said collection.

Looks like there was truth to that claim after all since MT tried to post the nudes of that teenage girl who rejected him

No. 324642

File: 1496088636130.png (191.11 KB, 623x864, dramatrica2.png)

I posted this on /cow/ but I'm posting it here too because of how hilarious it is. This is MT complaining about his ED article yet again
https://twitter.com/Britbongreturns/status/869203115601514500 (archive: https://archive.fo/2usE3)

https://twitter.com/Britbongreturns/status/869206740226723842 (archive: https://archive.fo/Me5lW)

No. 326372

isn't MT virtue signaling in a way by complaining about ED?

No. 327840

That's rich coming from a guy who doxes teenagers for not sending him cp

No. 328784

Always knew /v/'s most hated midget jerked it to child porn

No. 328842


Britbong acurately discribed himself there.

I hope ED beats Jonathan Monsarrats false lawsuit btw.

No. 332018

File: 1497039219675.png (40.51 KB, 617x696, uber samefag.png)

They will. That lawsuit they're facing has no real ground to stand on. Meanwhile, midget tears is talking to himself (through the use of twitter sockpuppetry/samefagging) on twitter

No. 332055

No. 335624

Wew. Just how many sockpuppets does this guy have? You know someone has hit rock bottom when they're literally talking to themselves through sockpuppets on social media. Or maybe he just suffers from multiple personality disorder and he projects it through his sockpuppetry

No. 336502

>U deserve it
God I can just imagine manlet tears in real life talking to an actual sockpuppet he puts on his hand when he needs validation and no one online will give it to him. One he crafted from one of the crusty socks he beats off into

No. 336597

Looks to be true that MT has no real friends since they're all sockpuppets. Maybe the "girlfriend" he says he stole from Kopy is just another sockpuppet of MT's and he was just weirdly catfishing Kopy the whole time

No. 341973

Recent MT drama revitalized the /cow/ thread so much so that it filled up and a new thread was made

No. 343456

Why is Manlet tears doxing kids in the thread?

No. 344765

I'm curious if anyone here lurks the manlet tears thread on Kiwi or if I'm the only one.


It hasn't been active in awhile so I'm wondering if maybe something happened

No. 353651

Right now midget tears is too busy posting on /cow/ and trying to dox the last internet girlfriend who of his who dumped him

No. 354176

Wow I just saw what's happening on /cow/. He's passing that picture of him and that girl around in his discord as well.

No. 354182

Stop bumping the thread to make people go on scavenger hunts for drama bits.

No. 354274

File: 1500332248535.png (363.43 KB, 1366x551, jj.png)

You mean this? Real classy how he handles breakups. Lies and says he's the one who initiated the breakup and then he'll just start talking shit and spreading the girl's pictures around. Note to all farmers, don't date this manchild

No. 354496

File: 1500366498500.png (69.71 KB, 492x668, sad.png)

He's one tough little hobbit, isn't he?

No. 362377

>Britbong brags for over a year about how he cucked Kopy and stole his girlfriend
>Britbong ends up getting cucked by one of his own stream mods

No. 367079

New thread on /cow/

MT has been more aggressive than ever lately. Losing another girlfriend has been hard on him

No. 372988

Well that was quick, /cow/ is on thread 25 now

No. 375364

He makes these /v/ threads about himself (while pretending it's not him) on quite literally a daily basis. I can't even browse halfchan /v/ without seeing one of microbus's shill threads pop up

Like why does he do this when it's plainly obvious that the entire /v/ community (mods included) hates him?

No. 377239

The cringe is so thicc you can slice it with a knife.

No. 380225

>I dumped her a month or so back but she's been acting weird
Sounds more like that girl dumped MT

No. 383466

Midget got banned form youtube again, farmers!
Oh and new thread on /cow/

No. 392092

This is the new thread actually.

I'm curious as to why it doesn't have a sticky like the last one

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