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File: 1678276321757.png (2.37 MB, 1500x1000, pride shinji.png)

No. 1518006

Pride month is still far away as the creation of this thread but I wanted to make it already so we can input our predictions and general thoughts. Discuss

No. 1518031

File: 1678280417326.jpg (92.14 KB, 686x640, 99b6b11de015958084a36c026fbaf6…)

my prediction: furries and guys with mommy fetishes will say they're part of LGBT now

No. 1518033

the effing OP image KEK

No. 1518317

It's already happening in a way, I keep seeing white gays online saying that pride is all about sex as an act which means that people parading naked and/or in fetish gear are more than welcome. Even some guys I know irl think so. And in my country they're making the whole months about minority as a whole so me being a straight non white woman is included kek, this is nonsense.

No. 1518333

So true. Last year one of the biggest groups in my town's pride parade were people in BDSM gear waving banners with the BDSM flag on them, a few of them had furry costumes on and were leashed to their "owners", and of course kids see a big fuzzy costume and want to hug and take pictures with it. Just creepy all around.

No. 1518463

Mainstream rappers in 2033 will be proud furries. Yiffing with my crew, pull up with a woof, scoobydoobedoo, my tail never blue

No. 1518746

Kek pride month threads are always fun. Besides the usual discourse being rehashed I predict that this year there might be more discussion and thinkpieces about polyamory and how it's totally queer and subversive. Maybe it's just my area but I've been seeing way more people on apps and just in general online calling themselves poly or "ethically nonmonogamous" or "solo poly" if they're single. And they're all the same people who are they/thems and/or some variation of spicy straight so it seems inevitable it'll be involved in pride milk soon enough

No. 1518750

I think the greater Seattle polycule will create the next pandemic. They have Covid 3000 cooking up in those sweaty cheeks. And yeah they all think it’s very queer to have straight sex as long as several ugly people with manic panic hair dye are involved

No. 1518875

I wish for this year's pride thread to actually have lesbians in it instead of just straight people and shoeonhead tier bihets digging up r/TiA tier screenshots of neurodivergent genderspecial teenagers and unhinged sex pest babyfur polycules to justify blatant homophobia and "why do we need pride anyway?!" sentiments.

No. 1519186

I'd love that too but given the amount of milk these specimens produce it's likely to be drowned out.

No. 1519605

the op image is sending me kekkkk

No. 1519850

What a nice Eva meme you have there.

No. 1519853

Can't wait to avoid all establishments that display the trans flag again! Yay! I gotta be thankful for the Pride month - it helps me to save money.

No. 1519862

Whether anyone ITT wants to accept it or not, G part of the LGBT has more than enough furries and pup mask moids to back that.

No. 1520646

I predict a return of the following type of thinkpieces and discourses:

>"here's why kink belongs at pride and why i'm teaching my kids brayden and kayden about leather and pup masks this pride month"

>"i'm a bi woman who hates pussy and one time a lesbian was mean to me and my poly soyboyfriend at pride"
>"friendly reminder that trans folks and especially trans women are being literally genocided by terfs like jk rowling. after the release of hogwarts legacy, pride is more important and political than ever"
>"my three year old identifies as genderfluid. is there a place for them at pride?"
>"without onlyfans and its content creators, pride becomes meaningless and alarmingly white"

No. 1532267

I predict the Trans Genocide will be a trashfire topic this summer

No. 1532271

>after the release of hogwarts legacy, pride is more important and political than ever
The way gendies are so obsessed over a videogame is so fucking funny. They sound like christian moms from the 90s and 2000s and somehow they think there's nothing wrong with that. It's just a fucking game. Stop being a womanchild, Aiden. People in the real world actually have problems and people playing a silly video game is not one of them. So immature.

No. 1556134

Has anyone noticed the gradual creep of "Pride Month" stuff happening outside of June? At my university some student(?) orgs have seemingly decided that Pride month is April, and so they're having a bunch of drag queen and "queer" events happening on campus this month. I'm not sure if that means we'll get double Pride stuff in June. Maybe they're just frontloading all of the Pride stuff before everyone leaves campus for the summer?

No. 1556160

They probably do want to do something before everyone leaves for the summer, especially now that everyone's getting sick of Furry Tranny Celebration Month.

No. 1556243

The troons and handmaidens at my work are already planning for pride month and how to bug management into doing something, and a couple of the places I volunteer at are holding events for queer people and shoehorning drag queens into things. I suggested we call these events for "LGBT people" as queer makes many people like myself uncomfortable and I had a straight girl lecture me and call me "queerphobic" even though I'm openly lesbian. This is all starting to feel like the beginning of my supervillain backstory.

No. 1556294

Rainbow flags hang out 365 days a year - a literal eternal summer.

No. 1556379

>I suggested we call these events for "LGBT people" as queer makes many people like myself uncomfortable and I had a straight girl lecture me and call me "queerphobic" even though I'm openly lesbian.
I'll be your supervillain henchman anon, this just broke my mind. I'm now convinced that "queer" is just a Trojan horse for straight people to hop abroad and shoehorn themselves into Pride because they can't cope with the thought of not being included. Any guesses on what colors will be added to the pride flag this year because kweers are too special to fit under the rainbow umbrella?

No. 1556538

File: 1682127551724.jpeg (47.84 KB, 604x404, 9BC481B7-DF2E-4460-83C1-30436F…)


No. 1556544

It is ok to cover a dog in pie filling, but it is not ok to cover a cat in glue. Makes sense.

No. 1556550

DA, I predict there'll be more discourse about "trans kids" and how it's genocide to not let 13 year olds have top surgery or take puberty blockers, more about polyamory being it's subverting norms or something, plus the usual bullshit about whether kink belongs at pride

No. 1557327

No. 1578731

File: 1684198639194.png (10.92 KB, 619x320, tkgopkop4gkpo.png)

Saw seasonal pride merch in two different shops today both iirc with picrel flag (I think it's brave of these big businesses to add troon colours to the flag when they're currently being genocided). Like christmas, corporate pride month starts early, nonas!

No. 1578735

i hope he suffers the fate of every rapper

No. 1578745

Justin trudeau claimed that all summer was pride season

No. 1578759

I don't think homosexual babyfurs find themselves in drive by shootings unfortunately

No. 1578771

File: 1684203029855.jpg (63.41 KB, 719x662, macdeau.jpg)

Kek I'm sure he did

No. 1578800

File: 1684206068459.png (244.01 KB, 1080x1080, we need hate.png)

No. 1579262

>Maybe they're just frontloading all of the Pride stuff before everyone leaves campus for the summer?
My university did the same thing ("Gaypril"), but I'm pretty sure it's just logistics since yeah, only grad students are going to be around in June and I don't think they do any big events then.

No. 1580132

Same. I avoid any place that use the dumb flag with the trans triangle in it. I notice that some establishments still stick with the old flag though. I want to think that this is a subtle dig at the transgender madness by refusing to use the altered flag, but I could be wrong. I try to support those places instead.

No. 1580141

kek I also avoid businesses who hang the triangle troon pride flag and am happy when I see the traditional rainbow flag

No. 1580228

>I'm now convinced that "queer" is just a Trojan horse for straight people to hop abroad and shoehorn themselves into Pride because they can't cope with the thought of not being included.
Super late reply but you are 100% correct, anon.

No. 1580366

Same. Nothing turns me around faster than seeing that troonpride flag. It's disgusting.

No. 1581404

File: 1684473409182.png (103.69 KB, 680x680, image (2).png)

Never heard of this day before but saw it everywhere. With it being so close to June it feels redundant to me.

No. 1581407

I didn’t see the small text at the top and I thought this was a shitpost of a fictional holiday just for being [xyz]phobic lmao

No. 1581481

can't believe the rainbow in the pride flag is slowly disappearing kek
which is ironic and/or redundant since the rainbow is supposed to include everyone anyways but of course troons think they're the most important in lgbtetc+ now

No. 1581726

the one time I went to a pride event, it was just dudes hitting on women lol

No. 1581831

Is interphobia really all that common? Even the conservative fucks recognize intersex conditions is a birth defect.

No. 1581855

just another weird ploy to make transgenderism seem more legitimate it seems. it's really bizarre since they are just people born with ambiguous genitalia. i don't think any intersex people ever identified with the TRA movement nor did they ask to be part of it. i feel that many intersex people could be offended and feel patronized that trannies co-opted an actual congenital occurance to somehow make their delusional mental illness to appear more like a biological issue. i've never seen any instance of any intersex individual speaking about this though, so maybe they just try to ignore it and live their life.

No. 1582256

I want to hear about any lame stuff that your workplace is doing for pride month. My work booked a B-list gay actor to do a zoom AMA. I’m probably not going to watch, but at least it’s an actual gay person and not an “I only like men but if I were really drunk I might kiss Margot Robbie” fake bisexual or a T or Q, so I’ll give them some credit for that.

No. 1583374

This year I want to repeat how pride month was not thanks to "a black trans woman", does anyone have a video where that man is interviewed assuring that he is not trans? Videos I watched on YouTube no longer appear

No. 1583384

I have seen people claim that intersex babies are given unnecessary surgeries and end up making their development worse or whatever. I guess the interphobia is in saying that being a physical condition does not belong to lgb

No. 1583387

I thought intersex people often don’t want to be labeled at part of the rainbow parade? Being intersex is not about sexual attraction like being gay is.

No. 1583392

File: 1684684692342.jpg (220.88 KB, 1530x2048, dbd pride flags.jpg)

Dead by Daylight (game where you murder and kill people to win) has added a bunch of new pride flags that people can put on their characters with more variations to come since people right away began to complain that their super special flag wasn't announced. I can't wait to have survivors telling me I'm whateverphobic because I killed their character with a tiny pride flag on them. I've already seen people in the community talk about how they will ruin the matches for anyone who puts the "wrong" flag on a character they have deemed trans, kek, or assume someone who isn't wearing a flag is a bigot.

No. 1583443

I never played dbd but afaik you play with an already preexisting character, right? No a custom one. Like those kids from stranger things or whichever show/game they collab? Why would you put that on an existing character? God I hope the company rips off anyone who buys this, they deserve it. Treating sexuality like some kind of fandom jfc

No. 1583503

where is the rainbow flag

No. 1583537

what an absolute joke modern gaming is.

No. 1583538

The rainbow flag is a totally super evil flag that’s not inclusive to trannies and somehow people of color because not being white is also a sexuality.

No. 1583607

Rainbow flag and muh progress flag was added last year, they're just adding more on top of them this year, kek.

No. 1583797

Why does this game draw in so many genderspecials? I was really into horror for a long time and remember the horror community being mostly older chill dudes and maybe some pick-mes, but the gender crowd didn’t infiltrate until several years ago and I don’t understand where they came from. It was enough to put me off from ever playing this game though when I started seeing people share art of ghostface with chest scars and stuff like that.

No. 1583799

File: 1684710780696.jpeg (319.58 KB, 750x3492, IMG_1670.jpeg)

Late but this made me think of a post I saw earlier.

No. 1584024

The triangle trans flag was added to the game last year though. They always want more, more, more. It's stupid to add all of these nonsense made-up shit flags and I'm gonna hate seeing them in the game.
For some reason genderspecials (especially aidens) have latched onto fictional franchise killers. And they all play Nea or Dwight.
I support this.

No. 1584027

File: 1684738576173.jpg (50.86 KB, 1080x387, Screenshot_20230522_083022_Chr…)

You'd rather have straight people who have nothing to do with gay rights than a gay person who dares to question the current retardation?

No. 1584044

wouldn't this person also be a queer excluding other queers

No. 1584047

>mostly older chill dudes and maybe some pick-mes
Women were always in the front line of horror fandoms. To a point where I've never met a male fan of Silent Hill, Clock Tower or any of the classics that aren't Amnesia (made popular by annoying streamers like Pewdiepie).

No. 1584069

File: 1684744061453.png (52.51 KB, 595x472, vr_pride.PNG)

I'm already cringing at the fact that they're gonna keep pushing for that shitty progress flag even harder. They started appearing here in 2021, and the same year an artist who draws satirical comics for one of the biggest journals here made picrel ("the development of the pride flag"). Fucking based, and surprisingly he didn't even get cancelled for it.

No. 1584103

File: 1684749917203.png (Spoiler Image, 90.63 KB, 718x629, flag.png)

The circle on the latest flag reminds me of this for some reason.

No. 1584240

I just meant horror in general, not only games. I used to go to horror-specific conventions and the majority of people there were grungy dads in their 40s and 50s with their families and darkly inclined younger women. I probably should have specified. Now you can’t go in a space related to horror movies either without running into at least five different aidens.

No. 1584340

I also actively avoid establishments that have the troon triangle, thankfully there are a few places I frequent that have the traditional and one of them is pure LGB. Absolutely it’s a dig and I love it.

No. 1584697

>"i'd rather have a straight moid who wants 3 gfs at pride than gay people who disagree with my retarded way of thinking"

(derogatory) is right

No. 1585385

So we all use the pastel suffragette flag now?

No. 1585396

I remember playing a few matches with a group of friends one of which bought the dlc (I think it’s a dlc?) for the new pride flag, they were hanging on the hooks survivors get hooked on kek.

No. 1585417

I really love this. I've seen it be called the swallowtail flag for obvious reasons. I'm definitely going to support it since its design is very simple and states its point very clearly and is not needlessly offensive. It's a very quiet and calm statement of dissent towards the current gender ideology movement. I would love to use it more openly without fear of backlash. I really hate confrontation and I just want to avoid gender politics at all costs.

No. 1585442

It's pretty with the triangle cut out and all the reasons listed are great. I didn't even know those black and brown stripes were about race - what BS, there are other marginalized races/ethnicities. Not the place not the time for that anyway.

No. 1585475

that is, unfortunately, the genderqueer flag

No. 1585477

It looks like a tumor was dissected from it too, lol

No. 1585488

I know this post is 2 months old but I want you to know if you ever read this thread again I read your comment to everyone in my house and we all laughed hard. thank you for being funny nonna

No. 1585792

Guess I'd wear the slot machine flag because I'll take my chances against the genderspecials.

No. 1586003

Target removes some LGBTQ+ items after threats to workers ahead of Pride month
>Target declined to say which items it was removing, but among the ones that garnered the most attention were “tuck friendly” women’s swimsuits that allow trans women who have not had gender-affirming operations to conceal their private parts. Designs by Abprallen, a London-based company that designs and sells occult- and satanic-themed LGBTQ+ clothing and accessories, have also created backlash.
>Target confirmed that it has moved its Pride merchandise from the front of the stores to the back in some Southern stores after confrontations and backlash from shoppers in those areas.
Pride in May is already a shitshow.

No. 1586081

So nice of them to include the Polish flag, I finally feel represented!

No. 1586194

File: 1684961257565.gif (382.79 KB, 192x192, 147294.gif)

>Yiffing with my crew
>pull up with a woof
>my tail never blue

No. 1586232

File: 1684962795549.jpg (33.73 KB, 1030x404, IMG_20230119_162722_004.jpg)

Who cares? Pride month is literally just another advertising campaign for Western megacorps. It is only relevant to marketing agencies and terminally online zoomers obsessing over culture war bullshit.

No. 1586595

Someone should make a bingo card for this kek, pride month drama bingo or something. I might try making one if I don't get too lazy, any ideas for what to put on it anons?

No. 1586826

someone should bring the romanian flag to pride since it looks like a pride flag teehee

No. 1587123

I'll bring the Chad flag. It is similar to romania so it also looks like a pride flag, but also, because I'm Chadsexual

No. 1587189

>Drag queen shows for children
>Discussion on children medically transitioning
>Heavy emphasis and attention on TIMs and not actual homosexual/bisexual people

There’s probably way more.

Damn. I don’t think there would be much fuss if it was just stuff colored in rainbows, but Target’s merchandise is mostly focused on trannies, which is what I think makes people the most upset.

No. 1587231

Fuck, I forgot it's almost Troon June again already, it feels like it never left.

No. 1587242

I suppose gay people all have to like each other because??? Straight people don't have to all like each other. This is some woke media garbage

No. 1587248

This is disgusting. Why is every 1 in 10 men tr00ning out? Women rights are getting more non existent.

No. 1587303

File: 1685050892076.jpg (897.15 KB, 2048x2560, Tumblr_l_150179685196578.jpg)

Does your pride include straight people in weird clothes? No? Then no pride for you.

No. 1587306

File: 1685051149814.jpg (103.02 KB, 933x952, oh no.jpg)

literally this webcomic

No. 1587317

Why is there always some disabled people in the representation for pride? Like I know there’s disabled people that happen to be gay or bi, but it always feels shoehorned. I may be reading too much into it but it always feels like those making the pride merch are trying to imply that being in the lgb is like being disabled.

No. 1587331

you are reading too much into it

No. 1587338

No, polycules are mostly one autistic woman orbited by multiple omega males. So it's more like a woke woman bringing her pack of ghouls to pride. He rather see that because they're his friends.
Disabled people can be gay too!

No. 1587345

Disabled, with vitiligo or Muslim. Also the sameface in this is so obvious. They all have the same fuck-me-eyes kek.

No. 1587394

Definitely shoehorned for asspats. The added rep is for the artists to feel like they're doing their part. Also to them, the TQ is for people who aren't normal (but they need the LGB to hide behind when shit goes sour)

No. 1587599

Why the fuck is the dog intersex?

No. 1587754

Made me think of this meme

No. 1588268

I work at a Target and we take so many calls of people complaining about the "offensive" merch and we usually just hang up on them kek, we all know they're not gonna stop shopping here. Last year a customer asked me if we carry chest binders, I asked the style (apparel) team lead and she said "uh no??" with completely unabashed disgust LMAO. I have noticed that little kids seem to really like the pride merch, they point and go WHAT'S THAT all excited as soon as they see it. They probably get more confused by their parents getting offended and huffy than if their parents just ignored it.

No. 1588410

They look for the most eye-catching disabilities (hijabi, child, dog) and shoehorn them into Pride with the ugliest outfits known to man and that fucking retarded smiling-with-closed-eyes face for the month-long Very Special Episode that is June. I have seen South Park episodes less offensive than some of the woke shit these people churn out. Half of it is Jim Crow with disability props added in.

No. 1589419

I saw one of those inoffensive "both is good" pride shirts in bisexual colors on my Facebook and immediately some moid who calls himself "genderfluid" because he wears lipstick sometimes started all-caps screeching about how there are more than two genders. I swear I liked the cringy 2010s "some girls kiss girls" pride more than whatever the fuck is happening now

No. 1589748

i wish some people would stop trying to change the definition of sexualities because they feel like troonism isn't included enough. it's like when they say shit like "lesbian means attraction to non-men or not male-aligned people." really both sides know that bi = liking pussy and dick, lesbian = liking pussy etc which i bet is part of the reason there's so much pushback against it.

No. 1589801

File: 1685241064888.jpeg (264.59 KB, 1284x2000, AE72D8B4-2506-4242-9390-8CD742…)

I am very happy that Elvira’s (Cassandra Peterson) merch has no trans colors in sight. Not sure if she actually supports the “TQ+” or not, but seeing this did make me feel relieved. Most companies have begun using the ugly troon flag in everything because they would get backlash if they didn’t, but she hasn’t made that change yet, which makes me think there’s hope.

No. 1589849

Why are there so many dogs? lmao I started looking for a cat, convinced there would be one for some reason and getting offended there wasn’t because I’m drunk

No. 1589860


No. 1589930

No ugly black and brown colors either, the bar is in hell.

No. 1590065

bless this woman, this collection is actually pretty cute. not a thembie or tranny flag in sight.

No. 1590173

File: 1685292601676.jpg (295.04 KB, 1768x2208, Screenshot_20230528_115119_Gal…)

Ask and you shall receive. Feel free to change or make it prettier.

No. 1590994

Free space: multinational company that makes a big deal about pride in countries with gay rights is completely silent about pride in anti gay countries

No. 1591103

File: 1685371867517.jpg (192.81 KB, 1080x1597, Screenshot_20230529_164302_Ins…)

Not sure in which thread to post but I'm so fucking disappointed with this.
Every year the pride march has a "theme" and this year it's officially troon. Except they're shoehorned and get special mentions EVERY year and most of the posts are about troons through the entire year.

The entire country has a population of maybe 3.5 milion, and no one is specifically targeting trans people. Gays (especially men) are the main target and so far the absolute majority of hate crimes has been against the gays, no one cares about the trans shot not even the homophones.

No. 1591175

>”love is love” is problematic
Have people actually said this?

No. 1591176

Damn, that design is ugly as hell. Why is the trans crowd so notoriously bad at graphic design? It’s like nothing they make can have any kind of aesthetic appeal to it.

No. 1591186

File: 1685378666586.png (13.02 KB, 598x461, 1684975185116.png)

New drinking game: Drink a shot each time you see posts like picrel and you know they're wrong.

>Our First Pride was a riot. It was brought to you by drag queens & trans community…

The first pride was on 1915 and was made by LGB people and they were white. It didn't start in 1969, you dense-

No. 1591189

File: 1685378811736.jpg (115.27 KB, 1080x1258, 1684503948790.jpg)

No. 1591308

I feel for gays and lesbians who are in danger due to violent hate crime attacks, corrective rapes and elevated rates of homelessness. I feel like those issues used to be discussed a lot more, but all the energy was diverted for troons and genderspecials.

No. 1591346

>Misha Collins comes out again
>Disney somehow has their first gay character again
Kek, nicely done.

No. 1591391

Elvira is in an actual same sex relationship with a fellow adult human female, so maybe that’s why she’s pro-LGB but not pandering to wokenistas and trannies for asspats.

No. 1591627

>The first pride was on 1915

I never knew about this at all. Which pride are you talking about?

A bit different but I've seen some people claim "born this way" is problematic

No. 1591690

He’ll probably OD on fentanyl if he dies young.

No. 1592553

File: 1685485959938.jpg (20.74 KB, 563x348, jillbb3cba9c4d821fca7c2ea8f8f2…)

One more day of peace before I start seeing corporations and retards on insta/twitter bending over for trannies

Trannies really love being homophobic dont they? kek

No. 1592625

The pride of German zeppelins decimating England in the Great War.

No. 1592732

File: 1685497771568.jpeg (272.57 KB, 1292x1614, DE5FCE14-FB3C-4327-BD09-B3E191…)

Sage for being an OW fag but

Shoutout to blizzard for making the most shitty, low effort, Deviantart-tier ‘reveal’ for two of their characters sexualities. Totally not convenient following the controversy of them scrapping a major, promised aspect of the long delayed sequel to Overwatch. Classic thing they did with 76 a few years back after sexual assault but you know, all the Twitter peeps are lapping it up.

Same ‘mlm/wlw’ uwu crowd that get their pitchforks out at any other instance of ‘being fetishised’ will lap up what is basically the equivalent of rainbow corporate logos in lore form. Seems like bi is the new bonus label for any minority character to make them +10 zoomer value.

I’m also bi and salty that I lowkey hate our flags colour scheme idk

No. 1592899

File: 1685520432324.png (70.64 KB, 640x203, tf2 sex update 3.png)

Valve need to step up and add a yaoi mode for TF2 for pride month. I'm sure it will save the game.

No. 1592902

Go Jill, fight the mutants!

No. 1592904

It would be a million times better than whatever lame crap Overwatch pulls.

No. 1592966

File: 1685534997914.png (1.27 KB, 1024x683, Orange_and_Pink_Lesbian_flag.s…)

I'm lesbian but I actually love the bi flag because of the blue and purple. I'll trade you this ugly motherfucker for it.

No. 1592980

least gay porn addicted tf2 fan.

No. 1593003

I fucking hate this flag. Why are all the colors feminine ????

No. 1593009

The color orange is "feminine"…?

No. 1593012

they're colors, get over yourself. They don't have genders.

No. 1593015

My city is full of those edited rainbow flag with black and brown, troon colors and a big circle on them. It's like a defaced pride flag. Very suitable because pride here is just about troons and bdsm anyway. Fuck off.

No. 1593017

Pink doesn't have a gender? Orange def has a gender.

No. 1593018

File: 1685539757580.jpg (185.76 KB, 2000x1600, fuckoff.jpg)

This is the one I'm talking about. They replaced all the normal rainbow flags with this shit.

No. 1593019

The rainbow flag should just be the default. Why does everybody need their own stupid flag, Rainbow gets it all done, no questions asked

No. 1593021

Uh duh

No. 1593022

Troons already had their own flag with childish gender stereotype colors. That wasn't enough, then they had to insert it into the rainbow as well.

No. 1593027

wasn't the rainbow supposed to symbolize everyone non-hetero anyways? whats the point of fucking with it or adding stuff
Only 15% of that rainbow will remain next year probably once trannies and other autistic college students fuck with it more

No. 1593034

Pink used to be colour for little boys. Colours mean what people think they mean.
Fuck all the flags that are not original rainbow, rainbow which includes sexualities such as LG and B, not mental ilness such as T.

No. 1593044

What I hate the most about this is that the new players are the ones who support and applaud this, damn they are the most conformist who accept any garbage, instead those who stayed in the game for years waiting for new content and even a little bit of important lore of the game are forgotten
And I don't know what is worse than they accepting or ignoring that blizzard announces a new sexuality to some character when they know they are ruining the game

No. 1593075

My prediction is that next year they will add something like “neogenders”, asian people (so I guess cream color and light brown) maybe something to symbolize Jewish people or something that emulates the color of the pedophile’s flag and they will say that it’s a special flag for “trans kids”. My biggest hunch is telling me that it may be something that emulates de “minor attracted ‘people’” since trannies can’t shut up about “trans kids”.

No. 1593086

>something that emulates the color of the pedophile’s flag and they will say that it’s a special flag for “trans kids”.
Unfortunate that this sounds like an actual possibility. There’s been so many arguments about “transitioning” (harming) kids lately. It’s disgusting.
I doubt that these supposed “trans kids” even know what is going on, and I don’t think they’re as gung-ho about their rights as these predators are. Tweens that have spent too much time on the internet maybe, but they eventually grow out of this phase. It seems like mostly adult pedophiles doing the talking. About what they think these kids “need”. The children are being used as scapegoat for bigger issues.

No. 1593145

The troon flag already gives off pedo vibes with the baby blue and pink.

No. 1593298

With a fuzzy fringe around the edges for the furries.

No. 1593505

The only pride flag I will be recognizing from this moment forward is the bear pride flag

No. 1593519

File: 1685585491989.png (181.26 KB, 413x763, tranny pedos.png)

oh lol last year I made a collage with some pedo logos and the tranny flag to share on facebook and hopefully peak some normies, people on 2X didn't like it tho KEK

No. 1593526

I'm bi too but I think the bi flag is actually one of the nicest ones. That and the original gay rainbow one are my favourites but that's just personal preference. Even without taking TRAs into account the troon one is easily the ugliest of the LGBT because of the baby pink and blue

Wrote out all the above just before seeing your post kek, looks like you beat me to it

No. 1594151

It has roots in the lipstick lesbian flag. Someone on tumblr decided the original creator was a terf and decided to make the flag the general lesbian flag sans the lipstick mark in the original. Then discourse happened about how feminine it was and an orange version was popular for a while as a counterpart butch flag. This all lead to the current flag with the red and orange stripes. It's also where the blue "Achillean"/mlm flag that purely TIFs use comes from.

Source: was active on tumblr during all of this. (I prefer the labrys flag because it actually incorporates lesbian symbols, is from pre-social media times and the TRAs have tried to cancel it for being the "TERF flag" lol)

No. 1594163

File: 1685629102733.jpg (55.64 KB, 606x680, FxiaMPwXoAAqjIJ.jpg)

not even a day in and twitter is already on it's corny bullshit.

Imagine how much better our society would be if tumbler or the discourse that took place on it never happened.

No. 1594182

Looked at the events taking place at my local pride. Everything is for troons and "queers".
Pride is literally not for the LGB anymore unless you want to be called "queer" and lumped in with straight people with fetishes and special identities. It makes me so sad, it was supposed to be for people like me. There was absolutely nothing for bi and lesbian women.

No. 1594187

Looks like a hairy asshole.

No. 1594191

It's especially painful because I wasn't out until relatively recently, I feel like I have missed my chance to connect with my community. There was one before it was taken over by troonery.

No. 1594198

i hate this flag too ever since it came out. it's so unappealing to me. yes i know it's only colors and that i'm acting like a tumblrfag2k14, i'm still pissed off about them.
>I actually love the bi flag because of the blue and purple
totally agreed

No. 1594258

What am I greeted with today on my daily commute? Pride flags the city council put up diligently right on 1.06. If only they cared so much about cleaning the streets or removing homeless drug addicts.




No. 1594267

File: 1685636749325.png (187.67 KB, 474x384, homophobic.png)

also fuck trannies

No. 1594304

I love how the word gay doesn't even appear in the image once, but trans is mentioned 3 times (if we're including the gender euphoria one).

No. 1594364

Like all those fucking catholics marching against women's rights to bodily autonomy?? They have literal ustaše (Nazis) marching at those.

No. 1594384

I think this flag and the bi flag are kinda useless since the rainbow flag already covers lesbians and bi people. But I do agree the bi flag is very pretty though the colors are calming. I also do like the orange/pink lesbian flag if I have to be honest. I always liked that color combo even before the flag debuted. I'm not going to judge anyone for using those flags but personally I'm just gonna use the rainbow one since it's classic
kek I was active on tumblr during that time too. I guess that's also why I can't bring myself to use the orange/pink one because I associate it with The Discourse.
>pre-social media times
I'm more forgiving towards the old flags soley because of this. The rainbow, labrys and bi flag predates social media so you know they weren't made to get clout. The orange/pink flag was made by some rando on tumblr who blew up because of acecourse. If it had originated from a small lesbian community and then spread trough the internet it would had been less silly but it was literally just posted on tumblr and the creator was like "hey lesbians use this" it's hard to take seriously

No. 1594400

KEK I just opened my Peacock streaming page and they have a pride banner that says “amplifying lgbtquia+ voices” and it’s literally three men featured on it. Wow so diverse! Oh but two of them are trannies so that makes them soooo special!! Two trannies and a twink kek I hate this bullshit. Now I have to look at horrific tranny faces every time I try to browse through movies.

No. 1594404

File: 1685644916540.jpg (50.22 KB, 640x480, 1010308.jpg)

>corrective rapes

And most of the time it comes from trannies that claim "women with penis are still women or men with vaginas are still men" to get sex with lesbians or gay men. Homophobia at its finest.

No. 1594532

>black trans elders

No. 1594644

nah it's definitely furries

No. 1594710

File: 1685659228137.jpeg (44.84 KB, 828x1137, IMG_1498.jpeg)

jfc Levi’s if you’re going to sell dresses for men for pride month at least make sure they’re not fugly

No. 1594737

Oh, come the fuck on. The hideous new "mlm" flag is blue and teal. It's obvious that the retards who design this shit think blue=male and pink=female. Hence the tranny flag having both.

No. 1594738

File: 1685661585240.jpeg (507.75 KB, 2048x2048, 630799FC-4000-4B8E-80AA-9B577D…)

samefag but can you imagine how annoying the type of person who would buy any of the disney pride month merch must be?

No. 1594743

How does Loki represent love? Isn't he a villain? What are the suits going to try to sell next? Pride-themed toilet plungers? This plastic garbage was made in a Uyghur forced-labor camp, but look, it has a tranny flag on it! Enlightened!

No. 1594763

Insert Stonewall riots

Not mention that Loki had sex with Svaðilfari to get Sleipnir as a gift to Odin. "Love" is something that shouldn't be related to Loki in THAT sense.

No. 1594813

TRAs aren't the only reason the general public has soured on the LGBwhatever. There's an entire constellation of ideologies that comes with it, and it's expected that you accept and uphold. The people I've spoken with are tired of being told what to think and fed up with the encroachments (particularly in the workplace). Gender ideologists and Foucault acolytes deserve their share of the blame too.

No. 1594820

No. 1594826

i wonder what the sexual orientation demographics of anons itt are and how many of us are detrans/desisted? i'm a bi former pronoun user (not full trans) myself and always have fun in these threads because they feel like one of the few spaces to kek and let off steam during pride month

harry stylescore

No. 1594834

its truly amazing how trannies felt a rainbow flag wasn't inclusive enough for them LOL
so now these hideous triangle poop flags are just the new norm for "pride"

No. 1594840


No. 1594895

File: 1685678952511.png (47.98 KB, 960x2079, IMG_0928.png)

Sure, that totally happened /s(tone tag )

No. 1594899

return from whence you came young zoomer

No. 1594904

If “Kek” became a thing “/s” will probably become a thing… Nta and I’m not happy about it either but that’s how it is. I do hope they go back and learn how to read without being upset when they don’t know someone is being sarcastic / don’t have to get twisted if someone reads their sarcasm as serious.(just integrate)

No. 1594906

And then Jesus clapped and showed off his own chest scars

No. 1594909

and that waiter's name? albert einstein
but kek is jsut a way of saying lol. the /s shit is for retarded oversenstive zoomies and tryhard sjws. not the kinda people you want on an imageboard

No. 1594914

……….kek "became a thing" on imageboards almost fifteen years ago, newfag-chan

No. 1594916

>If “Kek” became a thing “/s” will probably become a thing

No. 1594923

Well at least this time they're targeting men (I'm assuming?), usually it's always women who have to put up with the woke performative bs, like teehee for pride month we're selling you the same shit but we included some trannies among our models for women's clothing

No. 1594928

The "progress flag" has ruined pride consoomerism for me. I genuinely like rainbows but now everyone uses that fugly flag instead of the normal rainbow. I saw some pride shoes by vans today that I thought were cute and then I noticed they had the stupid tranny colors and the brown stripe.

No. 1594936

Day 2 of pride and the kweers are already annoying the fuck out of me.

I can't believe that hideous flag got memed into being the most popular flag. I thought it was never going to take off because it was made by some corps but then everyone started using it no matter how much they claim they hate rainbow capitalism. Goes to show it's all talk and so long as it prioritises trannies they'll embrace it with open arms. I hate how there's so much focus on individual flags and microidentities as well now. Tumblr mogai was made fun of back in the day but it's the reality of pride these days and all large companies are shilling it.

It's funny how people automatically associate /s with zoomers now because whenever I see it I think of retarded manchildren redditors

No. 1594943

nta but what the fuck

No. 1594945

It's most likely a lost kiwi moid

No. 1594949

Yeah you can tell by the last sentence especially, men always think their opinions are in such high demand.


>dumb bitch go back to 4chan or something
Oh look it's also retarded, go clean your smegma or join your sexes elevated suicide rates or something

No. 1594951

Don't respond to the male

No. 1594952

Yeah yeah I just wanted to post that one reply

No. 1594982

Woke up today to see the server icon of a big Discord I'm part of changed to the trans flag with an announcement from the mod reminding everyone about the increasing hate and abuse towards trans people. The icon was originally just the rainbow flag, but the mod explained how "it's more important than ever to fight for trans people's rights so we wanted to give them extra attention this year". Mod is a transwoman, obviously.

No. 1594991

File: 1685693254819.png (23.43 KB, 445x445, FwGEKnHWcAIp_wc (1).png)


No. 1594994

File: 1685693623229.jpg (46.76 KB, 564x440, 6ba0fc03f7c0823d51fafedf5927f2…)


No. 1594998


No. 1595005

Men are the weaker sex, in every sense of the word. You can keep clutching the one cope you have of "but men are stronger!" As if that biological fact means anything aside from your sex being used for your capabilities in achieving retard strength so your government can sacrifice your body in wars for oil or other resources, even the government knows how expendable men are to the point where oil and fuel is prioritized over your lives. But what does that even matter when the men today are so fragile and testosterone depleted, none of you are fighting in wars, joining the military, the marines. Most men today can't even complete a 9 to 5 without cocaine or alcohol. Can't even make a meal for themselves, keep their environments clean, their bodies. You'll survive off energy drinks and junk food because you have no forethought to make yourself a proper meal, and then in turn wonder why you feel so awful all the time and start losing your hair at 25. Men are so emotionally immature they can't even control their impulses to rape, fight, masturbate. It's embarrassing watching men get emotional, it's like watching a toddler try to voice the reason they're upset, huffing and stuttering out nonsense and then just getting angry because they can't make sense of their distress. The men of the past who fought wars and worked all day to come home and help care for the children and finish up household tasks are long gone, they would laugh and mock the men of today. It's hilarious you're using the history of strong men to try to justify your existence somehow, when in reality they would think you were weak and pathetic. Spending your time on an imageboard for women trying to verbally "one up" us to try to get some dopamine flowing, try to get a little confidence that you obviously lack from being at the bottom of the hierarchy of men. The men of the past would laugh at you, use your existence as a cautionary tale for their sons to make sure their behavior doesn't emulate yours. Modern men can't even control their own emotional impulses, their at mercy to whatever desire strikes them at the current moment, much like a dog but far less endearing. You're sex is so ruined by porn and parasocial relationships with e girls because your kind can't even discipline themselves enough to not partake in it. Your suicide rates are so high because men aren't capable of any type of emotional regulation or self restraint, which is also why men commit almost all rapes, murders, and violent crimes. Men are the most likely to be addicts, alcoholics, gamblers. Ffs men are so stupid you also occupy the most deaths from choking, too dumb and impatient to even chew your food. My comparison to dogs is unfair actually, even a mutt knows how to eat without dying. But yes keep clutching that one cope of men being biologically stronger, I'm sure that will keep you from eating a bullet when your still single and alone in your 40's.(don't bite the bait)

No. 1595007

Ily nona…

No. 1595011

>Ffs men are so stupid you also occupy the most deaths from choking, too dumb and impatient to even chew your food.
immensely based nonna ♥

No. 1595091

Work sent out "pride events" and it was:
>8 different trans centric events
>1 bi event (specifically about being in heterosexual relationships)
>1 event about supporting gay men using surrogates
I had to go in deep to find any mention of the word lesbian at all… eventually I found an old (2013) article about the original founder of the local org who was a lesbian. Of course, when she is mentioned in passing in any new material it's just "queer founder".
All the materials use the ugly progress flag too.
Unironically homophobic, let gays esp lesbians do all the real work then erase them after. God forbid you actually be homosexual I guess.

No. 1595094

I'm so angry about this. They took over Pride and threw out all the actually same-sex attracted people.

No. 1595104

Being performative like that is so shit

No. 1595105

I shouldn't be suprised cuz the same place sent out yoga tips for women for woman's month to "manage stress", even tho we are sexually harassed, had unprecedented attrition due to childcare covid shit, women can't even breastfeed in the buildings and can't get disability parking passes for being pregnant and shit.
Now I have to listen to my crusty nasty homophobe moid coworkers complain about homos while getting blasted in the face by slurs whenever I open my email, and just have to remain quiet and calm bc being a woman here already puts a target on my forehead. I hate it so much.

No. 1595117

>does anyone have a video where that man is interviewed assuring that he is not trans?
His name is Marsha Johnson. The documentary is "Pay It No Mind." He says several times in it that he is just a boy. For example, 37:10 and 37:36

No. 1595125

>How does Loki represent love? Isn't he a villain?
It kind of makes sense give what happened in his tv show. See Loki got redeemed in his tv show and, also, he fell in love with an AU girl version of himself. Who is actually nothing like Loki, and was the actual main character of Loki (not MCU!Loki), and who doesn't even go by Loki even though she was supposed to be AU Loki. You know what her name was…Sylvie?! They couldn't even give her a proper fake Norse name since they were sexist enough they couldn't have a girl go by Loki. Also, she was the only girl!Loki on a show that featured dozens of AU!Lokis. And what did all the AU!Male Lokis go by, even the alligator one, Loki! She was probably just some writers self interest. yes, I didn't like the show. How can you tell?

No. 1595137

Went to walmart yesterday. I actually dont recall seeing any pride merch at all. 2 aisles of "#1 Dad" type stuff and pool floaties/summer junk, but I actually don't recall any pride stuff…and I wandered around a bit too. Granted I live in a conservative area but…..is this a sign? Did I mentally memory hole seeing it? I dont think walmart usually does big pride displays but theres always a seasonal aisle or section put up in the jewelry/clothes/party or whatever sections.

No. 1595144

The way they twisted this guy's and by extension Stonewall's history is so creepy, a lot of the people from that time period are dead so they can't refute anything but it was the 70s, audio and video archives still exist. Also young kweerios worship Marsha but given the time period je comes from he would have probably been weirded out by all the enby shit no matter if he identified as a gay man or a TIM.

No. 1595148

There's no pride stuff at my local Walmart either, but I live in a conservative area too.
When I lived in a big city, Target always had tons of pride merch on clearance the month after it. I seriously wonder how much this stuff sells considering its prominence in their stores

No. 1595151

the loki show has r63 selfcest?

No. 1595155

Last year the local Pride organisation went out of their way to antagonise a church and they spent months afterwards sniping at each other in the local newspaper. The Pride people accused the church of homophobia because the church people complained about Pride attendees projecting that ugly progress flag onto the church’s facade without permission and of dancing sexually (twerking, pretty much) right in front of the church in skimpy kink gear. They didn’t target any other buildings in this way. It was a pretty transparent attempt to drum up controversy, “bigotry” and sympathy towards them but I don’t think it worked because this year the greasy blue-haired transbian and kinky gay male organiser are nowhere to be seen in any of the promotional material. Instead they’re centering a tiny Aiden, a woman who needs an emotional connection before wanting to have sex with someone (yes this is literally how they phrased it) and someone with a DSD. It’s like they went looking for the most harmless looking people they could find and shoved the actual LGBs out of sight in the process. No lesbians last year either, of course. Unless you count the transbian.

Alligator Loki? I’ve never seen or read any Marvel stuff and only know Loki from the eddas so this post is hilariously confusing to read. Did he get stuck as an alligator?

No. 1595158

I hate to say this but I have to be with the church on this one, some organizations go out of their way to antagonize religious communities who generally mind their own business, no wonder everybody hates them.

No. 1595163

Pride was from mid-May to August when I lived in a major city. Pretty excessive

No. 1595196

I think the bigger IQ move would be to secretly be targeting women (transmascs and enbies) but putting the outfit on a male model because if it a female model wore it they wouldn’t actually buy it.

No. 1595233

>the loki show has r63 selfcest?
Yes. They didn't have sex though. They might in season 2.

>Alligator Loki? I’ve never seen or read any Marvel stuff and only know Loki from the eddas so this post is hilariously confusing to read. Did he get stuck as an alligator?

The show never said if he was born as an alligator or transformed into an alligator and stuck as one. They just had an (cgi) alligator wearing Loki headgear from the comics. Alligator Loki is original to the show and not from the comics, but the comics does have a Frog Thor so it's not completely out of nowhere, in comics terms anyway.

No. 1595346

File: 1685740539825.jpg (121.72 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1685740423540.jpg)

It is the first time in a long time that I see the classic flag being used

No. 1595348

Is this official art? The shark and the mushroom are babies.

No. 1595361

I've been seeing a few classic flags up around town, no progress flags. Honestly I like it. You see a few rainbow flags around without all the disgusting shit added on and they don't go too heavy on the rainbow either. This is just how I like pride month. I might draw some flowers or something for pride month.

No. 1595400

File: 1685745928428.png (36.52 KB, 275x183, 1644620101127.png)

What I've always thought what was weird with all the stupid additions was the fact that the rainbow is already… a rainbow? It has all the colours in it technically so why the fuck do we add to the rainbow.

I miss how pride made sense and now I'm embarassed to tell anyone I'm gay.

No. 1595405

I kinda wish that the fag with Ukraine colours and a red umbrella (for sex workers?) was being pushed over the regular progress flag. If you're gonna fuck something up, go all the way.

No. 1595511

File: 1685757972997.png (720.58 KB, 674x677, noooo don't show us mindy kali…)

I dare one of the braver nonnies ITT to go to some kind of heterosexual troony pride event and ask the WLWs present how many have ever eaten pussy

No. 1595523

File: 1685759792735.jpeg (140.83 KB, 828x1404, IMG_1504.jpeg)

What the hell is this

No. 1595547

The fish is supposed to symbolize lgbt pride?

No. 1595569

File: 1685764777806.jpeg (82.29 KB, 770x739, IMG_1506.jpeg)


No. 1595583

File: 1685766334013.jpg (78.61 KB, 863x550, GvQxQvl.jpg)

One thing I'm glad about pride month is people giving the spicy straights the cold shoulder. Esp straight people whining about the big bad gays and lesbians don't see them as valid for being poly or ace. The poly one pisses me off because it just reeks of eurocentricism, there are countries where polyamory is heavily accepted. I literally had grandparents who polygamous and know other friends who did. It's not progressive or qUeEr, it's just not accepted in christian influenced cultures (excluding mormons).Not the same as homophobia being the norm literally everywhere. Like ok you don't have full legislation privelages but do you also know who doesn't? Single parents, dual citizenship marriages and civil partnerships.
And it's terminally online BS, straight people go to gay bars and pride events all the time. The fact that these people spend more time antagonizing gays and lesbians for babysitting them, than criticizing the dominant society they try to say we're both victims of. Everytime I see these people crying about discourse i know someone is rightfully not taking their BS.

No. 1595586

why the hell are homosexual men so sexually agressive towards all women no matter the situation? All I did was state the fact that real female breastmilk is a million miles healthier for an infant than tranny frankenmilk and some faggot said “wow, you lonely banshees desperately need some dick”…like why does a conversation about the proper nutrients to provide for a newborn baby ever need to be sexual? It doesn’t. They’re just all predatory.

No. 1595589

Gay male culture is just really hypersexual.

No. 1595603

At least they're actually featuring gay couples, instead of troon and gendie shit

No. 1595604

well faggots are moids but with a free pass to be openly misogynistic. They're also intensely hypersexual to the point of getting gang-banged and then proposing to a fellow faggot right on set.

No. 1595614

File: 1685772273586.gif (5.16 KB, 432x216, umQxXwj.gif)

wait till they move onto this one.

No. 1595621

Nah it has the bisexual flag and bisexuality isn't woke enough

No. 1595661

didn't you get the memo nonnie? everything biphobic is a terf psyop

No. 1595676

used to be close friends with a faggot. they're nearly all worse than a typical straight male coomer. literally everything goes back to sex for them. the hookup culture for gay men is the norm, and i believe it's a norm for them to not wear condoms either. the guy i knew got around 5-6 stds the entire time i knew him. and yes they think they get a free pass for being misogynistic. most gay men REALLY hate women.

No. 1595688

pride month 2023: my prediction is that one of the influential trannies will make pedophiles legal and a protected group.

No. 1595689

you're ready to be working on their marketing team nona

No. 1595721

File: 1685787063972.jpeg (93.64 KB, 735x1259, IMG_1505.jpeg)


No. 1595791

File: 1685795620498.png (177.23 KB, 681x720, 1558274784294.png)

Nice pasta! Will reuse.

No. 1595799

A hope a bunch of parents delete the app and stop paying for it.
Why do kids need to be marketed to for the queer agenda.

No. 1595841

The "no condom" thing is the norm %100. I remember a gay twitter meme saying something among the lines of:
>bottom: starves, douches, shaves, takes poppers, etc.
>top: condoms are republican
They're willing to accept it among themselves but of course no one else can point it out. so we can add STD ridden to the list along with: hyper-sexualism, misogyny, hyper-aggression and straight-chasing (when they go out of their way to try and correct rape a heterosexual moid).

No. 1595845

File: 1685802574236.jpg (107.62 KB, 1473x943, null.jpg)

No. 1595848

This should be written word for the entire English speaking world to see and read. Ily nona you put my feelings about modern men into a paragraph so precisely

No. 1595861

I used to be supporting of gays now I HATE them ALL with a burning passion. nothing was what it seemed. the wool was pulled over my eyes. if you're over the age of 25 and are 1. still a leftist 2. still think homos are these innocent people who just want to love in peace!!!
then you may be an actual fucking braindead retard who should not breed.

No. 1595879

ata, funny thing was as open as he was about being a sick fuck (literally told me he regularly jerked off in the bathroom at every job he worked) he always steered around admitting that wearing a condom is apparently weird for gay men even when hooking up with the dozens (probably hundreds) of guys he barely knew… said "my dick is too big" and everyone knew that is a lie

No. 1595934

ok homosperg

No. 1596042

Damn, imagine having to starve yourself and douche out your entire asshole just to have sex so you don't accidentally shit all over his dick. So gross

No. 1596099

This is so insane. Why would a kid need to learn about pride?! I was 11 when i met my first gay man who was my mom's friend, but that was kinda it. It wasnt shoved into my face. I was 15 when i came out as a lesbian, but i cannot imagine the confusion kids are feeling now. I'm really against this kinda shit, but of course if you are vocal about it, you get called a homophone. lmao, but I'm a gay myself, so what will they tell me?

No. 1596100

This shit grinds my gears so much. The flag is getting worse. I dont know any gay people who actually like it. Most people who do are virtue signaling straight people or trannys

No. 1596104

File: 1685823986135.jpeg (42.93 KB, 450x595, IMG_7516.jpeg)

Wanted to post some biphobic shit because fun but some insane anon is shitting up the whole site…later..nonnas…

No. 1596109

Poor Jamie Lee Curtis. I really feel that she adopted a son who trooned out. Men are so defective.

No. 1596110

It's like some anons think this is a homophobe thread, not a Pride month thread.

No. 1596113

>I used to be supporting of gays
Kek sure you were

No. 1596115

Is this not a thread to dunk on the alphabet soup type? Isn't this how this thread is every year?

No. 1596117

It was prophesied 2 months ago >>1518875

No. 1596123

Homosexuals and bisexuals are not "alphabet soup". You know what you're doing, don't play dumb.

No. 1596127

i'm bi and basically too mentally ill to ever have a partner but if i was actually homosexual i'd want to fucking scream. how do they deal with "gay trannies" and "queer folx" calling them faggots and queers and dykes all the time

No. 1596129

Exactly. It's always been LBG for a reason. T came in and fucked everything up and then added more letters, now no one takes actual lesbians and bisexuals seriously at all.

No. 1596132

File: 1685825013902.jpeg (54.72 KB, 578x900, IMG_7515.jpeg)

If you’re talking about me (Jamie Lee Curtis poster) I’m bisexual.
Are you the individual that’s shitting up lolcow… wtf does this mean..
Whoever said men should be born in jail and prove the way out was based and correct

No. 1596134

I wasn't talking about gays and bi's, the alphabet soup people are the spicy straights and trannies and such.
>You know what you're doing, don't play dumb.
I'm not doing anything I was asking a question, relax

No. 1596145

The embarrassment of having to come out to people these last years has been unmatched, I live in a majority white christian country so I know most if not all exposure randos get about gays is through insane tiktoks so every time I’m forced to explain that I’m normal, actually date women and there’s no need to walk on eggshell around me. I’ve said I’m bisexual to different people (just for context) and either the reluctant live and let live person that wants to give you weird questions about your sex life or the chronically online pansexual they/she that only dates guys (yes we have a few of those) I feel just as awkward cause not to be a pick me fag but I just happened to be born attracted to women or however that works, nothing to do with social movements or dressing like a retard of that makes sense.

No. 1596158

File: 1685826678326.png (99.85 KB, 681x522, Screenshot (20389).png)

Is Jordan Peterson a terf? kek don't sperg at me this is a joke

No. 1596167

LGB French people are getting fucked over so badly I feel like pride events organizers were straight up living on tumblr circa 2015. Putting aside that whole case about a feminist being sued by a straight white male mayor of a tiny city who thinks science is a belief system similar to a religion, Lyon's parade will have separate groups based on race, disabilities and sexual orientations and iirc in Rennes there's a lesbian organization that's straight up banned. I'm straight so I shouldn't care but shit like this means that if you're in Lyon and you're a white lesbian and you want to participate in the parade with your asian or black female friends? Fuck you, you're going to be asked again and again to go to the back. It happened last year to a former coworker of mine and he told the organizers to go fuck themselves so he was the only black gay guy in a sea of white girls because of his friends.

I don't remember the names and detailed about the mayor suing the feminist writer for saying she "PERSONALLY" doesn't see him as a woman but I'll try to gather as many screenshots as possible later to post about it. Should I post about it in the MTF thread on /snow/ and do some translations?

No. 1596180

Isn't he like a generic right wing white geezer with some quirky catchphrases? Not surprising that he would dislike troons, slightly surprising he would show any support for LGB, less surprising that he would show support for LGB with the premise of shitting on troons.

No. 1596184

Oh boy I just love how right-wing conservatives suddenly care about LGB people when they can weaponize them against troons. And some of us even buy into this shit when they're clearly doing it as a sneaky way to gain a bigger followership only to throw LGB under the bus after they're done with the trannies.

No. 1596217

This is problem of ramming LGBTQP+ down everyone's throat. If this wasn't happening conservatives wouldn't be involving themselves.

No. 1596224

Sure sis, are you next going to place the blame on women and feminists because "they voted le lefties who forced trannies down everyone's throat" like usual too?

No. 1596229

I have no idea what you're trying to say. Pride has been turned into corporate circlejerk for money making purposes and these corporations do not care about LGB and only care about trannies because there's huge profits to be made by selling horse piss pills to balding AGPs. It's no longer a grass roots movement about gay rights, it's a mass marketing campaign.

No. 1596236

File: 1685835752543.jpg (95.76 KB, 1024x768, ''just friends''.jpg)

He's a TEHM (trans exclusionary homosexual male) currently dating Ben Shapiro on the down low. Not the ideal terven ally for sure but also not the worst I guess.

No. 1596237

Any Canadafags hate the way they jammed 2S in front of the LGBTQIA+? It's like just make another group to honor the rights of Indigenous people, they're not inherently gay or bi or trans just cause they're Indigenous so it doesn't even make sense. And I don't know for sure but I think the whole two spirit thing isn't even about sexuality or orientation it's like a cultural term that only certain Indigenous tribes use.

No. 1596239

Kek stop it!! Away with you! You JP/Shapiro shippers are everywhere

No. 1596245

Cute! You just know Ben Shapiro-kun turns into a baby for his uke Jordan Petersan-sama

No. 1596246

Reminder to report and move on

No. 1596247

Who is the worst?

No. 1596248

When it comes to the pride-flag still don't understand why black and brown flags were added. At first I thought it had to do with people who are stuck in the closet (because closets are wooden and wood is usually black and brown tones) but now that I know it's about race that makes it even more confusing.

No. 1596249

Ah, newfags. JP has been hating troons longer than all of you. The reason Jordan Peterson got famous is because a video of him (linked) went viral, in 2016, where some annoying troon was interviewing him about his public opposition to some Canadian law that ostensibly would protect troons from discrimination, but he was of the opinion that it would also mandate that people use troon's pronouns. He thought that was compelled speech and said that from now on he was never going use troons pronouns on gp because he was against compelled speech. Then liberal outlets kept interviewing him, hoping to take him apart in, but he ended up bodying them in the interviews. Look up his interview on BBC with Cathy Newman.

He's not feminist though. Like, he denies that women were oppressed in the past and thinks women wear make up just to be sexually attractive and so there should be no makeup in the workplace because it's sexually provocative.

No. 1596251

>Like, he denies that women were oppressed in the past and thinks women wear make up just to be sexually attractive and so there should be no makeup in the workplace because it's sexually provocative.
Call it now, he's probably gay.

No. 1596252

>JP has been hating troons longer than all of you.
He's like 10 times my age, he has an unfair advantage.

No. 1596254

Kek I'm not a newfag I've been here 6 or 7 years and I'm not new to JP either, that video was my introduction to him and I used to like him but the more he talked the more that turned to hatred. I was just making a joke because he was retweeting something I saw a lot of terfs retweet and it was funny seeing his name in there

No. 1596258

my OTP

No. 1596260

ayrt Ah, ok. I didn't actually read your spoiler where you clearly said it was a joke. My bad. And I used to like him too, but, yeah, he's crazy and sexist so I washed my hands of him.

No. 1596262

Y'know because Ben Shapiro reminds me of a tif/archetypical bottom character from a glance I can't help but imagine cuntboy Ben Shapiro x Jordan Peterson fanfics

No. 1596265

Happy pride month you queer little farmers!

No. 1596271

KEK nonny stop

No. 1596275

You know it's true if those two were a pair of cartoon characters in some show similar to that of The Office it would be all over the place.

No. 1596307

So what you're saying is if we kill all men there won't be any need for your protection racket?

No. 1596309

Confession: I respect TIF's pronouns and see them as closer to males than TIMs are to females, but the way TIMs attack TIFs makes me irrationally angry. Most TIFs are actually mentally ill and seeking treatment the best way currently known (which is experimental and attention seeking TIFs always detrans and become GC) and most TIMs are attention seekers trying to attack others however possible. I hate misogynistic scrotes in general, and that includes certain TIMs

No. 1596326

all scrites are misogynistic. all TIMs are extra misogynistic
also i used to think like you wrt TIFs but they just hate women so much it's no use feeling sorry for them

No. 1596331

Are you on Radblr, perchance?

No. 1596367

no. why the random capitalisation?

No. 1596392

Oh alright, just curious because there was a recent drama with a TIF who was so misogynistic she was confused for a scrote by multiple people, just a coincidence, I guess. The captialization was because it's a play on Tumblr, a proper noun.

No. 1596402

File: 1685844304041.gif (921.33 KB, 300x225, image2.gif)

On the highway a company had a giant pride flag up. I thought it looked cool but sadly it had the troon triangle which partially ruined it. I kept thinking how nice it would look in the wind as just the rainbow.

No. 1596405

The rainbow looks better.

No. 1596411

File: 1685845401270.jpg (3.21 KB, 1456x864, Tumblr_l_429361084140897.jpg)

The rainbow encompasses the whole community, so the race triangles, intersex, and troon shit makes no sense. The former two aren't included by default, and the latter is shoving politics down the throat of the masses. Even if SSA people aren't fond of trannies, it includes LGB. For TRAs, they believe the rainbow supports them too, so why the fuck does that fugly triangle have to be there? We should have the Gilbert flag again, the purple was so pretty

No. 1596438

Happy pride month the fake gay bitches are pretending to be real gay for the next 27 days approximately

No. 1596452

You mean the kiwifag tif who larps as an incel who sometimes posted?

No. 1596462

And gingerbrave and pumpkin too. Frankly between this and some other stuff this game is on my suspicious list. There is a point where the fanservice starts feeling werid.
To put it simply: envy. The envy of you no matter how well they serve other males they would never be picked in the way they wish. Every stereotype about female intrasexual competence is 100% true in faggots, with the addition that there is no «winning» because the chad of their dreams actually doesn't see other men that way, is a very miserable existence if you think about it for a second. When a gay male says something so aggresive to a woman he's saying "well, if i was born with the privilege of being the biological counterpart of males, (side note: ew) I would be happy taking dick all day and you're shitting on my deepest fantasy and life aspiration u bitch". Obviously life doesn't work that way. It doesn't work that way even for straight men. (If only faggots were appropriate replacements for male wishes, life would be so much easier for women if they could just adore and suck each other's dicks but no, sadly, faggots are useless even for that)
He's just a male psychologist. Any male psychologist that isn't a total lib soyboy think similar to him. In fact the average male shink would make JP look like a moderate, the fact that his audience is a non-professional one forces him to tone down.

No. 1596463

Yeah, she got into Tumblr slapfights again kek

No. 1596481

>He's just a male psychologist. Any male psychologist that isn't a total lib soyboy think similar to him.
Nta but I actually have a male psychologist around JP's age and he used to like JP until he watched more of his videos and now he hates him and thinks he's alt right. But like you said he's a bit soy.

No. 1596523

yes, i would be interested in reading that. inb4 burgerland pride parades do the same weird segregation lmao

No. 1596528

>The envy of you no matter how well they serve other males they would never be picked in the way they wish. Every stereotype about female intrasexual competence is 100% true in faggots, with the addition that there is no «winning» because the chad of their dreams actually doesn't see other men that way, is a very miserable existence if you think about it for a second. When a gay male says something so aggresive to a woman he's saying "well, if i was born with the privilege of being the biological counterpart of males, (side note: ew) I would be happy taking dick all day and you're shitting on my deepest fantasy and life aspiration u bitch".
hahaha completely accurate. that's why they have fetishes for turning straight men gay, kind of like how straight men have fetishes for turning a lesbian straight.

No. 1596538

Not being a JP fanboy does not make someone a newfag

No. 1596541

The amount of anons that openly admit having ”cuntboy” fetishes is disgusting

No. 1596545

I'm trying to archive a specific tweet from the tranny mayor that could potentially single handedly ruin his lawsuit, take a few screenshots and I'll brb

No. 1596726

>doesn't know how to read spoilered text
>calling other anons newfags

No. 1596753

fence-sitting is normal and frankly it should be encouraged among them, too much conservatism and they would become so self-centered that they can't empathize anymore and too much shitlibism and they would end transing kids and traumatized people. At least in mental healthy matters, a sane middle ground is the best imo.
It depends. Some truly think like that, and some fancy themselves as the Supreme Alpha Male and every women should trow themselves at him. It depends on which side of the mommy issues (everyone should treat me like mommy/i want to be mommy/i want to become one with mommy again) does he falls. Male intrasexual competition & sexuality is a facinanting topic and very usefull, because it lets you see behind the veil (o as "behind the veil" as humanly possible) and dispel the lies that male media sold to women. For starters, once you appreciate male sexuality for what truly it is you realize that the current LGTBTTTTTTP nonsense was inevitable, and that trannies and faggots are more related than you may be led to believe. It's (unchecked, unregulated) male sexuality and the confusion it brings.
You're being a bit too harsh, at least those anons can separate their fantasies from reality and recognize that they're completely different thing from actual faggots and trannies. For many people it takes a lifetime to make that distinction.

No. 1596759

If this image isnt extremely accurate to what's happening right now.

it was made by some white dude in PA and yes it makes no sense. The rainbow already covered all sexuality. Why would race ever be involved in a pride flag? it's such a fucking joke.

No. 1596841

I know how to read it, I just didn't, wanker.

No. 1596947

File: 1685912838842.jpg (146.49 KB, 1810x1080, IMG_20230604_145523.jpg)

I'm relieved that some companies are finally getting over pandering to the woke crowd, but at the same time I wonder if it's because the tranny movement is the one thing they will not bend the knee to, especially after Bud Light lost money over the Mulvaney campaign, and nowadays the LGBT community is solely focused on TRA.

No. 1596952

File: 1685913165976.png (8.1 KB, 192x60, Clipboard01.png)

Not even Japan is free.

No. 1596970

2s as a concept itself is already bull because it was quite literally invented by a white gay dude

No. 1597068

>hates rainbow capitalism
>mad corpos aren't doing rainbow capitalism anymore
Not their fault the TQ+s are poor as fuck

No. 1597082

File: 1685927922892.png (954.44 KB, 3259x2324, IMG_1515.png)

Hot Topic has 22 pages of pride merch. These were my personal highlights.

No. 1597083

Uuugh pride events are sooo disgusting amiright. I especially hate bears. It would be great if other anons hated bears as much as I do and posted images of them from this month to discuss how much we hate them. They're just terrible.

No. 1597088

The cringe is extreme

No. 1597108

File: 1685929474953.jpeg (61.95 KB, 828x1056, IMG_1516.jpeg)

You can buy a progress flag with the logo of any NFL team on the official NFL shop website. I’d love to know how many of these actually sell.

No. 1597168

File: 1685931536200.gif (577.07 KB, 217x199, team-america.gif)

These look like they were made by a group of terfs who thought it'd be fun to get drunk together and create the stupidest merch they thought troons and spicy straights would genuinely buy as a joke. If it was me the only thing I might add would be some Disney couple shirt (like Ariel and the prince) saying "straight passing bi couples are queer and valid"

No. 1597179

This flag has just became a signal of capitalism for me unfortunately

No. 1597184

TIFs love the dark academia aesthetic so it's easy for me to imagine a fanfic where TIF Ben (Bayden) Shapiro is a student at Jordan's university and starts an affair with him

No. 1597185

Next year I need to remember to churn out some garbage designs on Redbubble or the like or maybe it's not too late to do it this year.

No. 1597212

kek nona

mte, it's so retarded. this person doesn't hate rainbow capitalism if they're scared by a lack of it. they just said that preemptively to avoid the comments calling him out for anxiously waiting for a company to change their twitter pfp

No. 1597364

Oh shit really? I thought the term two spirit was similar to the two wolves tale, that each person is made up of separate parts and it depends on the person to decide which one will be dominant. Like the two spirit meaning everyone has masculine and feminine traits but are still either male or female, but the femininity and masculinity of each individual will differ from person to person. Was it really made up by a white dude? Shit half my family on my dad's side is Indigenous and I don't think they even know.

No. 1597385

its obviously bullshit, there were thousand of tribes in precolumbian america (THE CONTINENT). most of them hated each other to death and when conquerors arrived, most of the tribes languages, tales and traditions were lost. you'd think a tribe from north america would have the same perception of gender as one from central or south america? the concept of two-spirits is way too proud of dismissing or tokenizing other native americans perception of gender.

No. 1597394

No I'm aware that the different tribes have different traditions and customs, I had just assumed the notion of two spirit was something that certain tribes believed in but not others. I know it has nothing to do with trandgenderism, I just assumed it was rooted in something more concrete. I don't know how the Canadian government gets away with straight up lying like this and making everyone else partake in it. So many people think they're honoring Indigenous people when they say 2S but in reality the majority of the Indigenous people I know don't like it, and many of them don't even know where that idea came from. It's weird that no one even seems to question 2S and why it's now shoved in front of the acronym.

No. 1597558

Imagine how angry moids would get

No. 1597789

I want a sticker with just the TIM with beard stubble to stick onto any trans flags I see around town. Maybe draw on a dick bulge with sharpie first. 100% guaranteed it would piss off the QTs if they saw that one out of context.

No. 1597897

it's all about trans and queer shit and the rare few are about wlw and sapphic love but we all knows who is more vocal about that.

No. 1597899

Transgender and queer are basically the 2020s equivalent of punk and emo subculture for misfit teenagers, so this tracks.

No. 1597910

2020s??! Nah, this has been happening since mid 10s, i still remember the "queer" teens at musically and Tumblr, almost a decade of this bullshit i cannot believe it

No. 1597912

Not Native American, but here's a Maori (lesbian?) woman talking about how gender ideology is being forced into her culture too. Many of the comments on the video are from Indigenous people all over the world who notice the same thing happening to them.

No. 1597914

nta but back when I was a tra I used to follow trans indigenous people who where against 2s being included in lgbt. Even though they believed it to be a thing they saw it has something deeply cultural and therefore they couldn't make a community with non-indigenous trans people. They also all thought they where being tokenized when people bought up 2 spirited

No. 1597918

File: 1685973350428.jpeg (81.8 KB, 828x1199, IMG_1517.jpeg)

Today at Hollister: a top for people who want to wear a ton of pride and SJ pins but are traumatized from accidentally pricking themselves with the sharp part

No. 1597934

I can't believe mainstream fashion brands are unironically pasting ze/zir shit on their clothing now. Naive 2013 me thought that shit would die with tumblr.

No. 1597943

people really go by invader zim oc pronouns now?

No. 1597946

They really just slapped all of that shit on a random black t-shirt.
>ze / zir
>Lesbian lover
>Pride is a movement
>protect black trans lives
>trans rights are human rights
>Tranny logos
>plant gays
>vote for our rights
It’s silly, or maybe smart, they didn’t want to make individual shirts so they slapped everything in one.

No. 1597948

This feels like a parody, it’s so bad it’s almost mocking

No. 1597955

File: 1685977614147.png (330.35 KB, 1280x720, 2315211E-9A05-4973-BBF0-D3434E…)

Latinx isn’t a real word and makes zero sense I hate fucking trannies. Latinos who aren’t handmaidens (most of them) are annoyed with it. I don’t care if it was created by the Latino community, ignoring the gendering of the Spanish language is low key denying your own culture imo.

No. 1597958

It’s not showing up on the site, did they remove it for being too cringe kek

No. 1597961

>Latinx isnt a real word
>it was created by the Latino community

Kek I thought it was created by NPR
Yeah when I started hearing Latinx I wanted to have someone I could trash it with but no one seemed to think it was wrong. Later had a Hispanic boss for a job, he kept saying things like 'The Great White Hope saves the day!' Everytime a new idpol thing happened that was created by left news media and left wing politicians.

No. 1597969

"Latinx" was made by white Americans to not offend troons, not real Latino/as.

No. 1597975

Wasn’t it created by gringos? Or should that be gringxs? For whatever reason, I hate it less than latines. I cannot explain why it bothers me so much, perhaps because it feels like a bastardisation of our language by outside groups (gringos)? It feels like forced americanisation.

No. 1597979

That's what I think, because why choose a predatory cat with a lisp that chases an effeminate bird?

No. 1598002

When someone uses the word Latinx I immediately know they're either white teens with savior complex or third generation immigrants that believe Mexican Independence is on May 5 kek

No. 1598024

I've only ever heard young mexican-american women say latinx in real life. I don't live in a majority white area

No. 1598040

File: 1685987050346.jpg (115.35 KB, 640x1136, Fxvpy24aMAA8Z03.jpg)

Zoomers are gonna have some interesting stories when they turn 40.

No. 1598051

To be fair this take some guts to admit it online with your real face in an actual video you willingly filmed and uploaded online. I wish more people could be this straight forward.

No. 1598054

File: 1685988319464.webm (9.05 MB, 480x860, Le3JQWSlXyuMik8k.webm)

if we even make it that far kek

No. 1598083

No. 1598084

yeah, i respect the honesty and suspect this is the case with a lot of girls who identify as bi but only date men. The narrative is so often “if you think women are pretty you are not straight” which leads some straight girls to incorrectly believe they’re considered bi.

No. 1598086

This is where that "20% of zoomers are LGBT" statistic some people were freaking out about comes from

No. 1598088

A straight man asked me to hang with him at a pride event lmao, he didn't even know I'm bi.

Yeah a lot of them are young, ugly, mentally off and terminally online, so they're not connecting socially (in person and with physical contact) and actually feeling their attraction to others. Many "come out" extremely young, before they actually start getting hormonal during puberty.

No. 1598131

What is the purpose of this? These are literal children who (barring cases of CSA) haven't developed sexuality yet.
Also, why is drag performance now the standard for anything related to LGBT? It's primarily a subculture in gay male culture. Wouldn't it be more useful to teach kids about LGB people who've achieved great things and done positive things for society? They would never force kids to attend twerking performances for black history month, but it's okay to do this?

No. 1598149

File: 1685996223746.jpg (528.33 KB, 1535x2048, 70220604_180549.jpg)

Liberal (mostly white) women really like Drag for some reason and insist their kids have to watch a grown man twerk in women's clothing, to own the conservatives. sSme go beyond that and have their sons(and sometimes daughters) actually perform Drag in gay bars(which I'm not posting) but there are cases of this happening and if you go on twitter you will see people, defending it with all their hearts cause they don't wanna be considered bigots and agreeing with the right-wing on any issue.

No. 1598150

I wish this was it and we could just memory hole the LGTV+ craze once teens come to their senses, but aside from fake bi girls and enbies, I'm genuinely scared for the wave of depression that will hit this generation once they realize medical transition was a mistake.

No. 1598154

File: 1685997132392.png (1.64 MB, 1439x2167, groomer books.png)

samefag, its like shitlibs complaining about the wave of banned books(claiming that its literal book burning Fascism) I have skimmed through some of these books and the authors are just pure degenerates 99% of the time, kids don't need to know about ass-eating, or butt-play or drag queen history, also one of the contested books "gender-queer" is literally just a long tumblr auto-biography of a fujoshi who trooned out and had pretend gay sex with other TIFs.

No. 1598156

it's the Chicano studies kids who couldn't cut law school keeping themselves busy
Frequently encounter these types in my profession, they climb over each other to hand their children to the most obvious pervert moids at brunch and then brag about it to other women. They tend to be permanently competitive and comparing themselves with others in the same demo, they also tend to be churchgoers but idk why that surprised me like it did

No. 1598171

File: 1686000444615.jpeg (127.04 KB, 750x969, IMG_1651.jpeg)

No. 1598176

File: 1686000683088.png (10.36 KB, 641x409, shows.png)

I saw this poll a while back and I was surprised. First 25% of burgers have already been to a drag show. I thought it would be less than 10%. It became mainstream fast. Also only 6% difference between women and scrotes attending.

No. 1598179

File: 1686000889351.png (351.81 KB, 648x610, Screenshot.png)

>they also tend to be churchgoers but idk why that surprised me like it did
It really shouldn't be that surprising, since the early 2010s, due to cultural shifts and demographic movements, most churches in New England and California have become incredibly liberalized. It's so obvious that even as someone who's no longer a Christian, I can see the Christianity of these mainline churches isn't really there anymore. They're just places to get together and hold community meetings.

No. 1598181

File: 1686000922530.webm (5.17 MB, 640x360, The Simpsons 1654953693633_tri…)

The Simpsons have done like 3 episodes over the years noting this phenomenon.

No. 1598182

Going to a drag show is the modern equivalent of seeing chippendales or some other borderline risque adult’s night out event in the 80s/90s

No. 1598186

File: 1686001405559.jpeg (105.13 KB, 750x927, IMG_1653.jpeg)

No. 1598212

Why don't they have the actual confirmed cross dresser in that poster? Seems like a marketing failure.

No. 1598218

Marshmallow is literally right there.

No. 1598229

Do europeans do this with their kids? Because I've been called "sexually repressed" by europeans for saying that excessive nudity and unrestricted access to sexually suggestive things are inappropriate, especially for children.

No. 1598239

Not marshmallow, the white one who came first before they replaced him. Though I guess if they wrote him out of the show, why would they put him on advertising, so that's a good point.

No. 1598240

The only country that has a Drag Queen Story Hour outside the US is the UK, but even though brits don't like admitting it, England is basically America Lite.

No. 1598260

>Wouldn't it be more useful to teach kids about LGB people who've achieved great things and done positive things for society?

It would be better for children to pretend that LGBT don't exist

No. 1598271

lmao you made me remember this podcast I used to listen about serial killers and they were talking about his chilhood/family background (of a SK don't remember which) and the conversations was like:
>and his father kept images of nude models stuck to the fridge
>yes that's consistent with serial killer childhood-ness or a european family kitchen
and I kekd for all eternity

No. 1598314

None of these big brands supported gay rights in such a performative formulaic way until after they realized they could monetize it. ~kweer~ youth need to be taught that pride is about community and not insisting upon your identity by buying things, they're being preyed on for being curious and craving belongingness/symbology as identifiers. These brands dgaf, stop buying their products and see if they still make all these posts.

No. 1598318

I disagree with a lot of rhetoric on here on a deeply personal level but I hate the insistance of weird, mainly middle aged white elder millenials to 'crack eggs'. It isnt your job to prod at children and try to 'help' them 'explore' their sexuality. It's fucking weird and intrusive. Its just that savior complex and need to highjack everything.

No. 1598329

How do you mean?

No. 1598332

Damn this is so weird, cause on the surface it's like yeah the kids are having fun and getting to dance around a bit in the gymnasium. But like why does it have to be about drag queens? Back when I was in elementary we had "fun days" where we would dance around in the halls for a bit and then play games and then dance to music in the gymnasium, usually off a loudspeaker or one of the teacher aids would bring in a guitar and have us sing songs while they played. It's just weird that they have this huge agenda behind it now, I don't even know what I would do if I had kids that attended these. Cause telling them the full truth of it would be too weird to explain to a child, but saying "oh they're just men who like to put on costumes and sing and dance" would leave them with so many questions and would make them feel too comfortable around grown men who want to dance in front of children. It's just fucking weird, the whole thing. Anyone know where this was? I saw the Canadian flag hanging in the gym, I didn't think Canadian schools did the whole "drag queen story hour" thing yet.

No. 1598337

I agree with you on every level, but I wouldn't doubt most "egg crackers" are pedos. There's a reason non-Reddit trans are trying to denounce "egg crackers"

No. 1598347

Thank GOD. It's weird as fuck.

No. 1598362

File: 1686018253943.jpeg (131.32 KB, 1280x854, 1179796.jpeg)

>the Club America women's uniform has the progress flag on it
What can we possibly do to stop this madness from getting worse in our country?

No. 1598365

Samefag, but it's so ironic when they have the orange ribbon which symbolizes the fight against gender-based violence against women, here in Mexico.
How are you going to prevent that when you support giving males in dresses access to safe spaces for women? LOL

No. 1598489

File: 1686038754295.png (347.34 KB, 1252x1542, Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 1.06.…)

No. 1598519

This girl is so annoying, I used to follow her on Tumblr and she's your typical NLOG TIF. Her entire thing is these shitty stickers that she stole all the assets for and look like they took 5 minutes in PS, people just eat them up because they look 'vintage.'

No. 1598571

File: 1686049856168.jpg (376.38 KB, 1080x1440, Fx42tiEXwAAdlV.jpg)

saw this on twatter, incredible

No. 1598579

the implication that same sex attraction is perverted is so homophobic. why do these people claim that they are the progressive ones when they say stuff like this?
I miss that time when the word prude was only used by creepy men who wants to pressure women into sex

No. 1598581

I think it's not about homosexuality itself but about how people at pride should be allowed to be naked or wear BDSM gear and have public sex. A gay "friend" of mine agreed with all of this and many other do, while other LGB want it to be as family friendly as possible.

No. 1598590

File: 1686051717663.jpeg (41.12 KB, 828x477, 0A8FE092-0B83-4875-83B3-5DAB3B…)

this retarded woman only dates hetero males and has the audacity to post this like we get it you are desperate for attention

No. 1598596

"Queer" is offensive to actual homo and bisexuals yet they keep using that instead.

No. 1598638

File: 1686055933335.webm (Spoiler Image, 8.81 MB, 640x360, pzQufgMVfr7WtObN.webm)

Pride in WeHo. This was advertised as a family friendly event.

No. 1598642

as a bisexual i would say my favorite term is "faggot"

No. 1598662

Why is it always fat, ugly people who are kinksters? Even among gay men? I thought gays were more the type to work out and take care of their looks because of the whole "masc4masc no fat no fems" thing on Grindr.

No. 1598663

The unfortunate thing is every year more and more regular homosexuals decide they no longer want to attend pride because of the corporate float takeover, tranny shit, and these fetishists. In their absence, pride parades become associated with those things alone.

No. 1598665

Im sorry for being ignorant, but would you mind explaining why 'queer' is offensive? I thought it was 'reclaimed' or something idk. I see and hear it everywhere used nuetrally. I personally just use the word 'gay' for both men and women or 'lesbian' for women, but have noticed more people online saying the use of 'queer' is not okay. I am not really in the gay or pride type scene and don't usually think too hard about sexuality normally. It just is what it is and life goes on.

No. 1598666

Ewwww weird

No. 1598669

A couple of reasons. One, it's a slur that means strange. It's been used mainly against gay men. I don't see the point in claiming a slur that means strange, because I don't think same-sex attraction is strange. Queer is also connected to "queer theory", which is all about breaking down boundaries around sex and frequently promotes pedophilia. Queer is also used by heterosexual enbies and kinksters who want to show how different they are by labelling themselves this.

No. 1598670

I could understand wanting to march (?) in leather as it’s part of their identity (?) but why the need to subject unconsenting parties to a your kink/sex act?

No. 1598676

it means strange and if you watch/read older media (basically anything pre-2010) you will stumbled upon it alot used in a derogatory manner. It was never really reclaimed spicy straight kinksters started using it despite the protest of lgb people. It then got picked up by corporations and advertisers and now people are convinced its reclaimed. Younger lgb might use it but older people still view queer as a negative thing

No. 1598705

what the absolute fuck is this

No. 1598707

apparently kink is now a queer sexuality, so it MUST be at pride so that all people feel represented eyeroll

No. 1598708

>"now for our Pride parade, we'll sexually humiliate a homosexual"
Also, fat.

No. 1598709

I was forced to go to Pride in WeHo years ago and already saw children being exposed to men in kink gear there. Plus, drag kids were already a thing even back then. Fuck WeHo.

No. 1598711

>even though brits don't like admitting it, England is basically America Lite.
Nah, America Lite is Canada, which also has Drag Queen Story Hour.

No. 1598898

I know younger lesbians who use it because they have negative associations with the word lesbian because of porn, and are too young to have really experienced queer as a serious slur.

This is what makes the concept of “queer” so insidious. Pride was initially about same-sex attraction but now that it’s about “queerness” it includes absolutely everything that’s not 100% mainstream boring vanilla. In a queer vs. normal dichotomy, where do you put polyamory? Where do you put crossdressers? Where do you put furries? Where do you put guys who like to get pegged by women? They’re certainly not normal, so they’re queer. They may all be heterosexual but they’re a queer kind of heterosexual so they belong at Pride. Meanwhile a monogamous lesbian couple who have loving non-painful sex in their private bedroom without anyone needing to dress up as a horse seem relatively normal, so do they really belong at Pride? Apparently not anymore. Pride is for weirdos, not boring normies!

No. 1599012

Seems like the university I work at will be doing a pride event on June 28th. I said as a joke that they would probably bring strippers and my boss told me I shouldn't "make fun of people's ignorance" and my autistic brain can't understand what she meant kek

No. 1599067

She's saying that pride events aren't sexual and while she knows you're joking, she's upset that you'd "reinforce stigma." Aka make it more sexual than it already is, when she is clearly ignorant to how some parades are very sexual, probably the grand majority in all honesty.

No. 1599069


I personally blame HuffPo for popularising it. I remember them running an article arguing that a fiaper fetish is queer way back in the early-mid 2010s when they were still named The Huffington Post.

Nonas we're less than a week into June and I'm already so tired as a lesbian.

No. 1599083

>I know younger lesbians who use it because they have negative associations with the word lesbian because of porn
that genuinely made me sad to read

No. 1599089

It's just meant to be provocative and offensive to upset conservatives. I think a lot of gays just want pride to go back to what it was, and you can't really blame them. Pride is for fscilitating gay sex and catching a venereal disease from a bear in a sex swing in the back of a bookshop. Pride was better when it was for adults and the worst you had to worry about was some god hates fags signs and megaphones. Now everything is highly visible, highly monetized, and you cannot move freely or express yourself without someone posting it on tiktok or trying to turn your lifestyle into a pretentious teaching moment. This may be an unpopular thing to say because in literally ANY other context I would consider this assault, but I understand why gay men are starting to pee on women who invade their clubs to get drunk and have Bachelorette parties. Gatekeeping exists for a reason. Children don't need to be at pride, and middle aged drunk straight women don't need to be in gay bars.

No. 1599092

Kids have no reason to be attending pride parades. They were always like this.

No. 1599098

>Gatekeeping exists for a reason.
Gatekeeping anything is white supremacy. Non-white societies were extremely accommodating with no rigid definitions of anything before they encountered white people who made rules to oppress everyone.

(this is the prevailing opinion in liberal circles)

No. 1599099

Just have carnival, the canonical degenerate party, all degenerates are welcomed even if they are straight.

No. 1599104

Nah you sound dumb as fuck.

No. 1599109

>but I understand why gay men are starting to pee on women who invade their clubs to get drunk and have Bachelorette parties.
Do they actually do that? Men are so fucking nasty.

No. 1599113

You obviously haven't attended any mandatory DEI trainings and/or work in academia

No. 1599114

File: 1686092501761.png (402.24 KB, 1852x1471, IMG_1526.png)

Torrid going hard on the riot thing, also kek at the black shirt being categorized under “fangirl”

No. 1599118

I hate the new gay flag
Why trans stripes? Why the brown n black ones?
There was already a t in lgbt. It's double trans
The old one got shit done. It already included everyone

No. 1599119

There are gay men who think its cute and quirky to piss on people (aka girls) at concerts and venues if they annoy them in some way, they honestly deserve hatecrime and to be beaten within an inch of their edgefag lives tbh. But this instance is the only one I accept–an intoxicated shrieking karen trying to be the main character with her girlie friends at a freaking gay bar where guys go to hook up should not have any good experiences there or be given any attention because they keep coming back, to me peeing on them is the most logical way. I would recommend lesbians do the same thing if straight men started invading their territories as well.

No. 1599120

It's literally sooo ugly, it used to serve

No. 1599122

Oooooo that means I should just refer to all gatekeeping as white supremacy because youre in ~academia~. Okay. Everything has to be black and white and literal, okay.

No. 1599131

>Although white queer people share in our queer oppression, they are still beneficiaries of white supremacy — and are not above wielding that power in our “safe spaces.” In 2017 during Philly Pride, for example, the attempt was made to add a black and brown stripe to the rainbow flag. This action was met with anger from white gay men who felt the flag represented unity despite skin color — a particularly tone-deaf defense given that Philadelphia's gay bars had recently become a hotbed for racism.
So we got this abomination of a flag because of a couple of shitty bars in philly?

are you autistic? or just illiterate?

No. 1599135

I'm so happy this is exactly what I was hoping this was, bless'ed pride to you

No. 1599136

Nonnie… she's saying that's what other people think, not that she agrees with it.

No. 1599138

>someone doesn't agree with me in 2 posts, therefore they are autistic(Infighting going )

No. 1599139

Oh, I'm illiterate. I thought that was your sentiment.

No. 1599148

At what point did gender theory, intersectionalism, critical race theory, etc. get rolled into gay pride? These ideas have been festering in academia for decades at this point, but I don't recall hearing about privilege, power, safe spaces, white supremacy back when gay marriage was still illegal.

No. 1599151

File: 1686094143548.jpeg (67.89 KB, 828x1462, IMG_1527.jpeg)


No. 1599168

I disagree. Those shrieking “Karens” are annoying and aren’t the target demographic but their money is just as good as anyone else’s. Honestly the few times I saw party groups of straight women at gay bars when I still went to them (the one lesbian bar in my city closed when I was in high school) they kept to themselves and spent a ton of money on shots.

Pissing on someone is assault and those sick fucks should be arrested.

No. 1599172


No. 1599182

File: 1686095449088.jpg (81.41 KB, 720x1600, 928378483993y.jpg)

Try and outdrip me at the pride function. You can't. I'm going to be sexually harassing your uncles with a fanny pack full of wippits. Stay back

No. 1599190


No. 1599203

Isn't the new flag supposed to be inclusive of trans, which I get, but also because of Juneteenth? Why..Is that there when the LGBTQIA+ community has nothing to do with race wars? It's okay to have two separate issues.

No. 1599210

Performative inclusion for capitalist gain

No. 1599284

Because of the notion that keeping all of these issues separate strengthens white supremacy, i.e. >>1599098. Now the idea is that "nobody is free until we're all free" but said freedom is a nebulous thing because we're all individuals living in different circumstances. Somebody like RuPaul's circumstances isn't the same as a poor gay white man in a conservative town, yet the big brains in ivory towers tell us that RuPaul's life will always be worse simply because he's not white.
To be clear: I'm not denying racism and discrimination don't exist, just I don't see how the current rhetoric is going to solve any problems. Especially with trannies, furries, pedo apologists, and kinksters dragging on the back of the LGB wagon.

No. 1599295

I hate that we cant call this shit out, but it's extreme wokeism for brownie points and money. When you do try to call it out, you get called slurs and not being an 'ally' even if you are gay yourself. I just stop giving companies money in June when they post that ugly ass flag. I hate it all.

No. 1599297

Fellow tired lesbian. I wish i could take a month long vacation and stay home all June. It's exhausting.

No. 1599313

I feel bad for lesbians for being associated with this, but my patience for alphabet people has run out entirely. I was born in a super liberal country, raised by super liberal parents and taught all my life to be tolerant of gays and all other minorities. But within the recent years I have started to find them extremely grating and especially the interest in pushing this shit on kids as much as possible is very concerning to me, so much so that I have started to really think that gay men and trannies are actually pedophiles and conservatives might be right about how degeneracy is really hurting our society. I still don't call myself a conservative only because they make it clear they don't care about women's rights. If they changed their policies on abortion and the role of the woman being a sexslave for a man I would be fully on their side tho. The future for our kids looks very bleak and something needs to be done to shame sexual deviants again. It used to be men who crossdressed and had gay orgies had to do it in the privacy of their own home.

No. 1599330

Internalized male gaze.
I thought I was bi, too, once upon a time kek. Just a GNC straight woman.

No. 1599334

File: 1686105857637.jpeg (74.15 KB, 828x1492, IMG_1528.jpeg)


No. 1599335

We've all tried to force ourselves into liking women because of men's incompetence at one point or another.

No. 1599336

Pull up

No. 1599357

this has Kathy's beaky aura on it

No. 1599366

File: 1686109094009.jpg (93.4 KB, 592x1245, prctrans.JPG)

I place blame 100% on the mainstreaming of trans rights. Back when LGBT groups focused only on marriage equality and making sure gay people couldn't get fired from their jobs for simply being gay, none of this forcing kids into drag shows and all that was a thing. I remember when some people tried to make a big deal about children's books showing characters with homosexual parents but it went away quickly because the content was nothing on the level of what TRAs are doing now with explicit imagery and focusing on genitalia.
Things will only get worse for LGB people if trannies aren't removed from the equation because society isn't buying the trans nonsense that major LGBT groups are spending millions trying to push on everyone.

No. 1599373

File: 1686109936274.jpg (78.2 KB, 984x540, WapoT.JPG)

No. 1599385

threw a valorant comp game that had a 3-stack of gay scrotes in it. got two of them banned because they were cussing me out in chat. i hope i ruined their night. happy pride. #ally

No. 1599391

I honestly don't think trannies as a whole are bad and you saying shit like that is why they're crying about genocide where there is none, because in a paranoid sperg's brain it can be taken that way. I think they belong in the community, but that the degenerates and especially the pedophiles need to be culled, because the majority of those who do not regret trooning out are exclusively SSA

No. 1599397

I have been saying that by continually leaning into terminally online groupthink and ways of communicating they are ruining their own community like genuinely. Shielding pedophiles while denouncing the far right and religion, also notorious for shielding pedophiles. You should not want to protect or break bread with rapists, pedophiles, and abusers. You should not trust or humanize rapists, pedophiles, and abusers just because they self id as transgender. You should not take everything someone says at face value just because they say they are transgender. You should not threaten violence and express violence toward women who disagree with you. Literally just making yourselves look horrible, have a fucking backbone, truly protect eacother by refusing to be grouped in with predators ffs

No. 1599408

Agreed completely. Maybe it's because I've mostly been exposed to the more sane part of Tumblr trannies and TRAs, but I see terminally online sites like Twitter and Reddit and what the fuck trannies get up to there and I feel revolted. I honestly miss those 11 year old kids who identified as wolfgender and shit, because they weren't pedophiles or defending pedophiles, and were just playing pretend. The funny part, is I'm almost certain over 90% of those "desisted," even though they were never dysphoric/euphoric in the first place, so there was nothing to desist from. Plus outside of Baeddel and radqueers, Tumblr trannies are surprisingly sane, with exceptions. And those exceptions are pretty insane, but never pedophiles outside of one case I've seen.

No. 1599412

boohoo the poor gay men have some women in their bars, it's only right to assault them! it's not like women have to tolerate all the faggots in female communities and at the head of industries targeting women. why do gay bars let women enter to begin with? they want their money but then cry about their presence

if someone is too retarded to make the distinction between "removing the T from the LGBT" and "removing the T's existence" it's their problem. SSA troons are of course part of the community because they're homosexual. but even for them, people are allowed to think that "transitioning" is not a solution. it's unhealthy and only furthers people's delusions which is never done for other disorders.

No. 1599418

lmao trooning out is either a horrid fetish or a fetid cope, get a grip. There are no "nice ones", just like when women cape for moids when they don't give to shits about them kek.

No. 1599419

Doubling down. Gay bars have literally only ever been for hookups, middle aged white women trying to take them over and go main character because they think they'll get attention is still retarded. Idc if they pee on them there, they literally wanted to enter a space where they are already all peeing on eachother and having public groupsex. It's the only way to get rid of them.

No. 1599437

>It's the only way to get rid of them.
in their pornsick moid brains, maybe. otherwise you just make the bars men only and remove the female intruders by calling security like normal people and places do. hope women go to their bars as long as fags are being retarded and hypocritical about this, if it's a big thing like you say then it must not be that bad for them anyway.

No. 1599438

If you think being hyper aware of your body, and feeling distinctly like every inch of it is somehow wrong is a delusion, you're retarded. It's being hyper aware of reality and like it's different from what they were expecting. It's quite literally the opposite of a delusion and the opposite version of body dysmorphia. Everything that helps dysmorphia, does nothing for gender dysphoria. Everything that helps gender dysphoria, significantly worsens body dysmorphia. That being said, it's more retarded how transition is the only known "way out" because nobody has researched otherwise, and trooning out should only ever be a last resort. All we know about troons, is antipsychotics and therapy don't do anything to help, and in most cases HRT does help, at least a bit. Trannies also need to learn not everyone is going to do as they were told or asked, oftentimes just to get on the tranny's nerves. They need to learn to respect other views or shut up and ignore them if it's too hard for them. The only other thing I believe you may be referring to as a delusion is thinking they're the opposite sex. I can count on one hand the amount of trannies I have met that think that. Most that aren't terminally online don't think they're the opposite sex, in fact most actively admit to it if they're open about being troons. But I don't blame you for thinking that way at all, considering how vocal the truly delusional or fetishistic ones are.
This is why I think radical feminists have no ground to stand on when insulting TRAs, most of you act like you're in a retarded cult and refuse to accept other opinions. It's the same problem trannies have. You don't have to agree with me, just don't jump to conclusions, nonita.

No. 1599441

I hate how many women fall for the faggot friend meme. Gay men are just as terrible friends to women as the average straggot is. The ones that seek out women for friendship are the misogynist catty types and can be envious of you if you're pretty because they see you as competition. I've seen it happen many times. Some gays themselves don't seek friendship with other gays for this reason.

No. 1599455

The type of woman who is so self absorbed and entitled that she thinks she's going to be waited on in a gay bar in the middle of the night drunk and demanding male attention is not one I care about at all. Reddit phrase, but play stupid games.

>it should be last resort
Of course it should, it's a very big decision to make. Working on yourself internally is always light-years more important than wanting to change your outsides, they need to promote this above all especially to children because children genuinely CANNOT consent to altering or modifying their body to any degree. They don't understand, and you can't make them understand the gravity. A 14 year old isn't going to kill themselves for not having a mastectomy if they are in a household with a support system that cares about them.

No. 1599460

>If you think being hyper aware of your body, and feeling distinctly like every inch of it is somehow wrong is a delusion, you're retarded.
i'm well aware that deep down troons know they're troons and cry themselves to sleep about it, but believing that your body is wrong because it should be of the opposite sex and that the way you feel about it - and how people perceive it - is somehow going to get better if you chop off body parts is delusional. allowing troons to chop off body parts is furthering their delusions because it's affirming that there's indeed something wrong with their bodies and that their minds can be treated through mastectomies/breast augmentations somehow. i'm sure we can find cases of troons for which "transition" has helped but some studies suggest that it's not the majority at all. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3043071/ look at someone like ellen page, she is delusional and too many other vulnerable women are being failed by being sold the lie that testosterone and mastectomies will solve their issues. i agree that other forms of treatment should be explored for people suffering from gender dysphoria but no need to be a NLOG about it, even if the causes and "solutions" are different, people suffering from ED and body dysmorphia also feel wrong about their bodies in the way you've described.

No. 1599462

KEK get off your high horse your NLOG majesty. All trannies deserve the rope regardless of the why or how, you don't need to be a radical feminist or whatever you are on about. Is just plain logic: you want to irreparably mutilate your body? you are extremely mentally ill and should be institutionalised at the very least.

No. 1599465

Gay marriage support is actually still increasing every year in the US at least. Gives me reassurance that the general public is still willing to consider LGB issues separate from T.

No. 1599482

You think troons belong in the lgb community? Why? Their issues are completely different from being same sex attracted. They're also notoriously homophobic and prey on lesbians.

No. 1599485

Troonism is a mental illness. Being gay is not. They do not belong in the community just because they hate themselves

No. 1599487

Shut up.

No. 1599489

File: 1686120496949.jpg (95.68 KB, 1600x900, skynews-oxfam-video-pride-jk-r…)

At this point, WHICH charities are not captured by THEM?


No. 1599492

Many adults and many homosexual and bisexual people (myself included) don't wanna see degenerate fetishes at a public place. Go express yourself at a private sex party if you have to do it in an obscene manner.

No. 1599493

File: 1686121113539.jpg (144.38 KB, 811x843, dm.jpg)

No. 1599497

Ironically they made her drawing look like a troon

No. 1599498

The contrast between their hateful caricature and the calm, beautiful, kind real Jk Rowling who gives millions to charity is massive. They really want her to be some monster.

No. 1599501

There's no need to separate dysphoria and dysmorphia, they're one and the same and only distinguished by how navel-gazey the person is.

Minimize body dysphoria via improving your mind-body connection, getting out and doing things, finding gnc women out there (or at least normie women who dont give a fuck about gender roles). Minimize ~gender dysphoria~ by realizing its all social rules and a social template that's been long-outdated and also seeking out gnc women/normies who don't give a fuck.

Being hyper aware of every inch of your body and being horrified that you're undergoing puberty stems mostly from subconsciously knowing that you as a girl will soon lose the scant protection from misogyny that being a child gives you. It's still bery deluded in that you don't realize the problem is not your body, but rather misogyny, and so you make your body your enemy. Actually feeling like there's a "wrong" way for your body to be is deluded and severely retarded, especially if your development is within the wide range of normal. I can sympathize with those w chronic illnesses, but you see so many troons larping for clout and even larping disabilities.

To say that the modern T has good/neutral parts about it to salvage will come AFTER we get LGB without the T, at least. I'm no longer willing to share space with deluded retards who want me to get correctively raped to reassure them about their niche moral philosophies.
t. Actually had and still has dysphoria

No. 1599502

I have dysphoria too but im not yanking about wanting to do titchops.

No. 1599512

>assuming everyone who is trans has dysphoria
>assuming men don't just say they have it so they can have a free pass to harass lesbians or full on harrass or sexually assault women easier.

No. 1599529

KEK I pointed out that all of my bi friends that have been in straight relationships for ages are the ones plastering pride shit all over their online and IRL because they're trying to compensate for things like this very fact.

No. 1599530

Second AYRT, I agree. Kids should never in a million years be allowed to troon out. I don't mind if 16 year olds have adults call them he or she so long as they aren't getting life changing medical decisions until they're adults, preferably 20 or older. But I'm all for adults transitioning and respecting that so long as they had years of therapy and treatment beforehand so that they are more than certain it's the right decision, because they did it as a last resort. It's always the ones who don't do therapy who end up detransitioning because they didn't check just to make sure it wasn't something else.
I bet you've never faced real misogyny or dysphoria in your life if you think this way. None of this does anything for actual dysphoria, and in fact "improving the mind-body connection" makes them feel significantly worse and closer to killing themselves, so maybe don't be a retard and don't give advice on something you clearly never experienced or know anything about. It's a neurological malformation caused, usually, by Autism or another disorder that changes the wiring of the brain, not misogyny. And brain sex does not exist, but that doesn't mean some nerves and neurons misfire in unexpected ways. It's like how almost every person with Autism or ADHD has a secondary disorder alongside it, often times several more than one. You sound like a crunchy with all this "natural" bullshit. Plus I haven't personally come across troons trying to force themselves on SSA people in years. I'm SSA and never faced that. Much like you were probably a skelly who faked dysphoria for attention in 2014. I still can't feel any sympathy for detransitioners unless their parents forced them to troon out, though.
Then you don't have dysphoria, unless you hate every individual second in your body and are very close to mutilation while awake at any given moment, you aren't dysphoric and it can likely be fixed with therapy. Otherwise it's no help and we need a better way to treat it than suicide or transition

No. 1599549

Oxfam is also full of pedos. They were one of the charities caught abusing children in Haiti. It's not surprising they side with troons over women.

Bold of you assume that can speak for troons while dictating what women have which disorder. Why do I feel like your new around here?

No. 1599570

It's fucking chilling that a charity organisation that is supposed to help the vulnerable allow their moid workers to rape women and children and then demonize women who actually want to protect women and children. They shouldn't continue as an organisation after all this.

No. 1599585

Nta but I genuinely think that a lot of charities are just fronts for crimes like human trafficking etc. If it's got a lot of scrotes at the top, the more suspect it seems.

No. 1599590

This kind of stuff has been happening for ages lmao. deep in the drenches of illuminati new world order shitposting it has always been a fact. Well-known in that kind of community. Kinda weird to see normie nonnas act surprised about it.

No. 1599592

I'm far from new, and I'd trust doctors over some crunchie munchie who thinks because she doesn't like her boobs she clearly has an exceptionally rare mental disorder and can speak over those with an actual diagnosis. Say what you will about troons, but I think troons have more of a say on their disorder than anyone. Those actually suffering, anyways. And detransitioners don't count because those were the ones that never checked to make sure and lied to their doctors for attention kek

No. 1599594

>I bet you've never faced real misogyny or dysphoria in your life
stopped reading there. you're too retarded to be real. women experience "real misogyny" from birth onwards, you literally don't know what you're talking about.

No. 1599597

What's funny about it? I'm really not surprised, but angry. When it hits the mainstream news, you'd hope it would mean death for these "charities".

No. 1599599

>I bet you've never faced real misogyny or dysphoria in your life
wahh wahhhh
>None of this does anything for actual dysphoria
did for mine, retard
>Plus I haven't personally come across troons trying to force themselves on SSA people in years. I'm SSA and never faced that.
if you paid attention to your surroundings you helen keller ass, you would see it
>Much like you were probably a skelly who faked dysphoria for attention in 2014
>I still can't feel any sympathy for detransitioners unless their parents forced them to troon out, though.
you got bingo on the troon handmaiden bingo board!!! congrats nonny, make sure you pick up your pronoun pins and fursona ref sheet on your way out!!

No. 1599602

Oh right, I forgot radfems are retarded and think just looking a woman in the eyes is misogynistic. Unless someone sees you as subhuman for being a woman or the government forces women to be second class citizens, it's not misogynistic, come the fuck on.

No. 1599603

I never said it was funny. True, any reasonable nonna would be fuming about it. Sadly, even if it does hit mainstream news. Nothing will be done about it.

No. 1599604

starting to sound like a MRA there.

No. 1599606

This is why I'm so afraid to identify as bi.

No. 1599608

just bee yourself

No. 1599611

It did nothing because you weren't dysphoric. You were dysmorphic and were whining because you hit puberty. Unless you actively tried to kill or mutilate yourself multiple times over not being male, and aren't actively suffering, you're not really dysphoric. Dysmorphia is cured by therapy, dysphoria doesn't have any positive effects in therapy. You could go for 10+ years and it would do nothing for you.
Not an MRA, not a male.

No. 1599612

I did actually so you can go along and 41% yourself now, you tranna-be moidbrain

No. 1599619

yeah women are whiny annoying liars and trannies are the biggest victims in the world and should be believed no matter what. because…? because you've "mostly been exposed to the more sane part of Tumblr trannies and TRAs"? that's what you call sane?

No. 1599626

The funniest part is that I have two X chromosomes
Stop putting words in my mouth, nonna. I never said women are liars and trannies are victims. Hell, I hate most trannies. But hate people for reasons like being annoying not for being mentally ill kek. And actually mentally ill, not self-dx shit.

No. 1599634

if you don't want people putting words in your mouth then don't put yours in other anons' jumping to conclusions and accusations all over the place, why should you be the only one exempt from this? this type of hypocrisy sure sounds familiar!

No. 1599637

What do you mean by it "sounds familiar?" Also you have a good point, sorry nonna. I know I can be really passionate about this because trannies need to regulate who's in their ranks so they're taken seriously for their mental illness, and that includes kicking out pedos and preventing kids from trooning out, and so on. But conversely I end up starting infighting due to my passion and I'm sorry about that. I shouldn't have been so rude or lunged at anons due to thinking differently.

No. 1599644

>I shouldn't have been so rude or lunged at anons due to thinking differently.
If nonnas were like you I wouldn't hate this place.

No. 1599648

That's indeed an unusual sentence.

No. 1599651

the funniest part is your tunnel vision and lack of reading comprehension, you tranny wannabe. take your rabid "passion" (read: dogmatic arrogance and self-serving assumptions) and choke on it

No. 1599656

..why is it unusual? I'm curious.

No. 1599678

Anons saying they shouldn't have been rude is pretty uncommon!

No. 1599694

> I never said women are liars and trannies are victims. Hell, I hate most trannies.

Isn't this you?:
>I honestly don't think trannies as a whole are bad and you saying shit like that is why they're crying about genocide where there is none, because in a paranoid sperg's brain it can be taken that way. I think they belong in the community

No. 1599710

Not once did I call them victims or women liars, especially not there. What are you attempting to do?

No. 1599725

File: 1686141424189.jpg (52.04 KB, 512x512, 60bf3d040c4c9e0095cc0c88db5fcd…)

>"shit like that is why they're crying about genocide where there is none"
>check tagged post
>nothing even mildly violent to be found
This is more easily solved by knowing the definition of genocide

No. 1599730

Never said she said that. I just know the trannies that lurk would take that out of context and it's best we don't offset that

No. 1599732

Why would I take the burden of someone else's retardation?

No. 1599733

File: 1686142254412.jpg (91.22 KB, 873x1406, IMG_20230607_145011.jpg)

This month I am being bombarded with pro-trans messaging on every website

I genuinely don't understand. When I showed my friend a compilation (the skirt spinny one) he said it's just cis fetishist men and not tru and honest trans women.

No. 1599735

trannies will look for any excuse to claim "genocide", it doesn't matter how the other person goes about it

No. 1599753

Fair enough, my apologies.

No. 1599758

Narcissists will never have anything be good enough. Give them an inch and they’ll take mile. That’s what most people don’t get. Nothing will ever be good enough for them.

No. 1599761

True. They are the same men who used to screech about the feminazis. They think not obeying men is akin to genocide. The narcissist ego injury causes them to exaggerate the smallest disagreement as being on the same level as pure evil.

No. 1599766

>2010: Omg those feminazis want to genocide us moids
>2020: Omg those terfs want to genocide us troons

No. 1599789

This is why they do not belong in the LGB community. Anyone who believes this is naive at best and homophobic at worst. Validating their delusions will always lead to the bullshit we have now.

No. 1599798

Would it be annoying for me to say it's actually not a delusion, but a severe side effect of Autism and the way it connects neurons horrifically incorrectly? Also narcissism isn't prevalent in the majority of troons. I see it more often in a small subset of radical feminists who call themselves "rudefems" and said rudefems are why people used to joke at their expense in the 2010s. One rotten apple spoils the bunch, unfortunately. Not that any of you deserve that and I'm probably being a sperg and showing my special interests but whatever

No. 1599803

Most trannies are men and have shown to have great amounts of narcissism, it being prevalent in male trannies as much as autism, not sure about female ones, can’t remember the stats. Do you think this is not true due to personal annecdotes?

No. 1599806

Yes it is annoying you troon lover. You sound like a male and you aren’t even trying to hide it. People didn’t joke about feminism because some of them hurt mens feelings by being rude, they joked about feminism because they hate women you fucking idiot moid.

No. 1599808

Yes it is annoying because I've yet to see the study where autism causes men to develop 'female brains' and vice-versa. In fact, haven't TRAs abandoned the brain sex idea?
Or are you referring to some other criteria which determines one's sex that is not chromosomes or gametes?

No. 1599810

It is delusional to think you are the opposite sex. If it really was a misfiring of neurons it would be physically observable through brain scans when it isn’t. They are also resistant to such a test being implemented to grant someone the ability to transition. You seem very dedicated to defending homophobia and sexism. I assume your friend group is made of these people? It wouldn’t just be annoying, it would be incorrect.

No. 1599816

The scans they try and use to prove it only showed similarities between gay people and people of the opposite sex. The scans also showed that they weren’t the same as womens, only different to straight mens, not the exact same as womens. The straight transexuals who call themselves lesbians were also shown to be the same as the typical straight dude. Their was also one done that showed the scans did not match the opposite sex they identify as, they matched those of actors of their same sex playing opposite sex characters. It is just modern homophobia.

No. 1599821

Not to mention the data was minuscule in difference and those men were much closer to regular heterosexual men if you look at the charts. It’s just bullshit. Women were on the other side of the chart, leagues apart.

No. 1599833

I think men understood womens rights meant freedom and choice so they had to pretend to like women, while still being sexist and desperate to express it so it feels like it came out of nowhere if you don’t consider it alongside the way women have always been treated. It’s why the modern tranny movement exists, men see it as revenge against women being free. That’s why it’s incels that transition (not to mention the $$$).

I think they think we don’t agree with them because we have not read what they read. When in truth we have read what they read and realise it does not come to the conclusions they try and claim.

No. 1599850

how could his friend group be made up of troons when he claims to hate them (yet happily defending them), lol?

No. 1599928

> I have started to really think that gay men and trannies are actually pedophiles

But not dykes? How convenient for your world view. All homosexuals are sexual perverts.

>The future for our kids looks very bleak

>If they changed their policies on abortion

You claim you care about kids' futures but you support infanticide(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1599949

Why does gay sex just sound like the closest thing to rape without actually being rape

No. 1599972

Woke people/businesses love the new version of the Pride flag because it’s like a 3 for 1 special: you can show your support for gays, trannies, and brown people all at the same time, thus proving that you are a good person and not an evil conservative oppressor. I propose renaming the Progress Pride flag to the Virtue Signal.

No. 1599975

File: 1686159385714.jpg (170.03 KB, 2558x1426, Fx9yNgRaQAA_m-b.jpg)

I boycott all establishments with the rainbow flag. It's a Corpo religion (Corporate Pride) now - I don't want to support the Cult of The Woke and eat from meat stalls sacrificed to idols.

No. 1600011

But honestly, misusing the word genocide is exactly what I'd expect from someone who had a "nazi phase"

No. 1600030

Men are the ones who have the degenerate urge to fuck EVERYTHING. Including minors. Not saying female predators don't exist but by and large, it's a scrote activity. It's not the sexual orientation that's the issue, it's the Y chromosome.

No. 1600031

Also abortion is not the same as infanticide. You pro lifers are all so retarded

No. 1600054

Imagine insisting someone's diagnosis and experience of dysphoria is wrong because it doesn't fit your myopic world view.

No. 1600059

>Also narcissism isn't prevalent in the majority of troons.
>The frequency of personality disorders was 81.4%. The most frequent personality disorder was narcissistic personality disorder (57.1%) and the least was borderline personality disorder. The average number of diagnoses was 3.00 per patient.

>Narcissistic PD was more prevalent among transgender women than transgender men.
>Cluster B PDs, and particularly borderline and narcissistic PDs, were identified as the most frequently diagnosed Axis II disorders in these samples

No. 1600069

>The frequency of personality disorders was 81.4%
Keeeek DAYMN. But we knew that.

No. 1600080

the problem is this is some weird Islamic shit that took place in Iran lol why would anyone trust a bunch of Mohammeds in an LGBT hating country to do anything right regarding psychology? the study is also published in 2014 and a bunch of the stuff took place in 2007, not only is it invalid die to the social and cultural bias of Iran, but it is sorely outdated

not even defending troons just the shit your linked is 100000% sussy, it is from a country that throws LGBT off roofs and regularly stones women for showing their faces and shit like why even bother linking that

No. 1600126

Not trying to disprove your point but most muslim countries support troons because their homophobic.

No. 1600140

That’s not true because international feminism paved the way for the trans movement

No. 1600147

File: 1686172227315.png (72.17 KB, 752x454, 564.png)


No. 1600149

Good luck getting any western scientists to do studies on the trannies that doesn't validate them. Reporting anything negative is career suicide. I remember a study on transmen from Denmark(?) that reported how negatively testosterone affected them, including lowering their IQ and overall cognition. It got buried somewhere. >>1600126 is correct. Iran allows trans surgeries because it's used as a weapon to root out homosexuals within their society.
>Following approval from the psychiatrist, people are then referred to the Iranian family court, which reviews the case with a committee from the Iranian Legal Medicine Organization. The Legal Medicine Organization performs a number of tests, including at least six months of individual and group therapy sessions, interviews with family members, physical examinations, hormone tests, and chromosomal tests, in a process known as "filtering". Filtering is the separation of homosexuals, who are deemed "deviant", from transsexuals, who are deemed "curable" by undergoing surgery.[10]

No. 1600154

No. 1600157

The second article isn't from Iran and also references multiple other studies lol, cope harder

No. 1600175

Incorrect you psyoping fed. Your claim is just some 'feelings over facts' cope. Men who hate women created this, supported and enabled it, and then turn around and cry that their actions are womens fault because they do not take responsibility for their behaviour. Retards just identify as based and anti-tranny when they both create and support them. Theres a reason why on real women run and only women sites there's tranny hate, while on mens their is pandering. It's the end result of the pornsick coom-class being in power, a world basterdised to serve male fetish.
Here's an explanation from another thread explaining how it is and always has been scrotes and they have just entered their "everything is womens fault not mine because I don't identify as retarded" phase;
>Men do not take responsibility for creating and shilling transgenderism. Men take no responsibility for their actions. There's a reason trannies can't post on this site full of radfems but posts on sites like 4chan, because ultimately scrotes created trannies and enabled them. They simply cannot accept that the coom-and-war-centric and pornsick class leads to shit like this.
>Men invented queer theory, transgenderism is pushed top down by porn addict men in government and power who transitioned and big pharma companies run by men like Pritzker and Rothblat (another example of why scrotes trying to seethe that only men should be in power is retarded, men are pornsick retards willing to bend the world to enable the coom to the point of child mutilation and paedophilia), antifa fags are 90% moids and defend trannies in balaclavas with moid rage, scrotes who claim to be edgy against anti-sjws constantly hand ring about trannies and respecting pronouns, trannies appear in every culture with a huge amount of misogyny, men enforce gender roles hard and chimpout about gay people driving some people to transition to receive societal acceptance or to avoid sexism and objectification, tech scrotes enforce users to pretend reality is not real on their websites, even most tranny protests you see are filled with men (the trannies themselves). 4chan fags themselves even support trannies because they see it as the destruction of womens rights. Moids defend trannies the most out of any class. Men defend trannies because it's a cope for trying to live out their porn fantasy of being a lesbian due to breaking their dick with degenerate addiction from lack of self control, or to pretend they aren't gay because they receive backlash due to the standards men themselves set. While there are women who support tranny shit, pretending they are the majority is a cope to try and avoid accountability for men being the creators and majority of shillers for the movement. They just brand everything that people agree is retarded as done by women, even when men created it and enforced it because ultimately scrotes are the class of self identification and even in spite of their own actions, cope by identifying as not retarded. Again, why they ultimately created trannies kek. Trannies are a male mindest (I believe x = therefore x is real, and people should be forced to pretend as such). Retard class truly thinks it can identify it's way out of responsibility.
>The women that support transgenderism are the scrote pandering male identified ones. And scrotes still hate the women that don't pander to trannies since they don't pander to men, when the women who pander to trannies are the ones who pander to men to the point they are willing to destroy womens safety and rights (the kind of shit coping 4fag scrotes who hate radfems or any fems encourage). They literally caused it but still seethe because it highlights their coomer mindset and degeneracy. There's a reason incels and general women hating scrotes are often caught looking at tranny porn and transition into trannies (Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones, CatBoyKami, etc). They voted for this shit. They live in backwards land must cope eternally about their retardation causing the destruction of society as it always has.
Posts(>>>/snow/1841809 , >>>/snow/1841812 , >>>/snow/1841835)

The same scrotes who ree about the feminazis transitioned and reed about terfs. Seethe about the libs as much as you want, the ones who supported them most are men. Bet now that men want to try and pretend that the same incels who reed about the feminazis totally didn't troon out or support trannies, they will start trying to scrub their online presence. There's a reason the joke is that never ask a transgirl his pre-transition political leanings. The joke is because he's some flavour of neo-nazi type.

No. 1600177

File: 1686176435823.jpg (128.54 KB, 720x720, Fk5rx61,jpeg.jpg)

I honestly can't tell if this is a parody or not.

No. 1600186

The explanation is in your own post, likely defending them on the ground of their being 'good ones and bad ones' when all are delusional.
Kek. To be expected. Men are delusional narcs.

Kek, it's a scrote.
Because were talking about men.
Yeah, the facts don't lie that it's a 90+% male-committed crime.
Not all are diagnosed and doctors have diagnosed incorrectly before for reasons like pill-pushing (remember the opiod crisis?) or sterilising gays/women/the undesirables before. They use to say lobotomies would fix people. Not to mention they often practice doctor shopping, and the criteria for dysphoria focuses on the explanation being you are trans rather than considering things like previous sexual abuse, eating disorders, etc.

No. 1600191

>Meow meows
Every time I have seen this word on twitter, it had been in a sexual way. Yet they also have 'future leaders of the world', as if the list is for children. WTF.

No. 1600194

I hate how qweers and other liberal retards keep trying to revise regional dialects to be "gender neutral". Nothing pisses me off more than people who aren't from the south saying "y'all" and "folks".

No. 1600206

I feel like all the hate for JKR comes from massive internet lies. I swear anyone I met who 'hates Harry Potter and JKR' always has the same excuse of some tweets that dont exist where she says she hates trans people etc etc. SHOW ME THE TWEETS, JAN. Oh right, they don't exist! Nothing about her charities that help both women and children escape domestic abuse from men though.

No. 1600211

>But I'm all for adults transitioning and respecting that so long as they had years of therapy and treatment beforehand so that they are more than certain it's the right decision, because they did it as a last resort. It's always the ones who don't do therapy who end up detransitioning because they didn't check just to make sure it wasn't something else.

There is no reason to troon out except for actual mental retardation. We need to break away from gender roles and the way society treats women especially as less than, but here we are having retards think wearing pink or eating certain foods makes them trans. It all enforces shitty gender stereotypes and no one wins in the end. Trannies are not good for anyone and the people feeding into this delusion make it worse. It moves us away from science and biology. Look at the state of women's sports and politics right now. I know too many lesbians who trooned out because they were butch and thought they were too 'manly' to be women, despite being gay.
The main issue is there is no therapy. There is just 'oh shit, you feel bad?, here's some pills. gg'

No. 1600213

We need a flag for pride that isnt rainbow or 'progressive' at this point. I am a feminist lesbian and I want to show pride but I honestly feel alienated from gay groups now because I do not support trannies. or men

No. 1600226

why did this thread attract these weird type of posters?
>tranny shit is literally the same as autism!
like, even if it was do you think it's ok to give people with a mental condition pills that will alter their body in fucked up ways? and just convince them that they're totes going to turn into a cute girl/boy! it's not even one bad apple at this point, social media it's filled with transgender people and it's what most companies will pander to anyways, don't get these points of
>boo hoo the poor little trannies
while having 0 empathy for people who were induced into transition, just because they regretted, both of those posters sound like tifs

No. 1600258

I'm going to be extremely honest, no1currs.
I'm not going to let psychotic males blackmail me into pretending their delusions are real. Especially since their delusions are erotomaniac in nature, and no male never is going to force me in his fetish, psychotic or not. "Boohoo they feel bad" thats irrelevant, all psychotics feel bad when they're confronted with reality. Again i don't give a shit, I refuse to participate in the dictatorship of mentally unsound failmales.

No. 1600259

I'm a FtM, not a MtF or typical male. I didn't realize I passed so well over text, I'm sorry if I truly scared or upset you. I also wasn't referring to brain sex. I was thinking about how Autism can cause severe sensory issues, and Autists tend to have sensory related disorders like ADHD, Synthaesia, and such. So a sensory issue related to the body itself would correlate, especially with the statistics available. I'm sorry it didn't come off that way, I think there's a reason for everything and maybe I'm naive for it.
You're right, it was wrong of me to accuse you of faking. I tend to forget my case of dysphoria is a worst-case scenario and the grand majority of individuals with the disorder can live a normal life. My apologies.
Yes, I figured something was wrong even without checking the sources, if I hadn't known better I'd assume it counted British teens who self diagnosed as "systems" with Dream introjects. I know personal experience isn't everything, but the only two trans I knew who had a personality disorder was a FtM with NPD and ASPD, professionally diagnosed but said person was really enjoyable to me, and the other was a detrans lesbian with NPD and DID who blames everything on everyone else and claims to mentally be a child despite being in her 30's. She also detransitioned and became a radfem on a whim after 7 years of no negative effects and loving her transition, then freaked out when people asked if she was sure, due to how sudden it was. This could be why I had such a negative disposition towards detransitioners, but I'll try to learn more and look through it.

No. 1600265

"severe autism" that is psychosis. When you're that divorced from reality you're delusional, no ifs or buts.

No. 1600272

>I'm a FtM, not a MtF or typical male. I didn't realize I passed so well over text, I'm sorry if I truly scared or upset you.
Being a retarded man and concern trolling isn't something to be proud of

No. 1600274

I wasn't trolling in any way

No. 1600275

No, that's literally FTM-anon

No. 1600277

Yeah, as I said multiple times I go out of my way not to upset anyone but I really can't help myself when I see someone say something I know, or at least think, is not true. Aside from this subject people seem to like me because I blend, but I find this incredibly interesting and it weirds me out how some anons are so cruel about it

No. 1600281

You don’t blend kek.

No. 1600291

I'd suggest you come off the T but it seems the brain damage is already done.
Even so, detransitioning will prolong your life. Work on that.

No. 1600292

For fucksake why won't you stop AMAfagging

No. 1600294

A dime a dozen. All the spicy straight women slither out and start acting corny

No. 1600309

You don’t blend. Your comment in meta exposed you before your great reveal. No one wants to be a man or seen as one except the mental ill nlogs like yourself. A glowie would blend better than you tbh. Stop being a cow.

No. 1600315

I have been posting in dumbass shit, unpopular opinions, and confessions non stop the past week and a half and nobody has said anything. I think it's safe to say I blend. Suddenly it's a problem if I post my real opinions on shit. Like I haven't broken a single fucking rule

No. 1600329

You dont. You constantly AMA and insist upon yourself. Please act normal.

No. 1600330

Nta, but maybe no one said anything because they wanted to be nice/not infight.

Also for anons who don't know, this is her thread lol >>>/snow/1778636

No. 1600333

No I fucking don't, I haven't done that once. Especially not in the past week. You're fucking delusional if you think anything I did was AMA shit kek

No. 1600338

You constantly bring yourself up, why lie. This conversation wouldn't even be happening if you didn't. This is really unhealthy for you, I promise you aren't going to make any of these women view dysphoria any differently. I genuinely hope you make a friend or two eventually that has your best interest in mind so you can talk about these things with people who care about and are receptive to what you have to say, and not here of all places. It isnt good for you at all, im sorry you evidently don't have anywhere else to express how bad you feel but going about it this way is practically self harm. They will not validate you here.

No. 1600339

File: 1686189534357.jpg (52.71 KB, 500x334, 1503528635168.jpg)

>Also for anons who don't know, this is her thread lol >>>/snow/1778636

No. 1600341

File: 1686189544958.jpeg (244.25 KB, 1088x816, A87C5DF5-5486-4918-8FF0-09BAB1…)

The progress flag at it again

No. 1600342

File: 1686189790394.jpeg (86.47 KB, 720x742, EE994109-58C7-4FF2-B95B-A92D25…)

No. 1600345

Mega kek. Of course it's some fat retard too dumb to figure out how to use Tor of all things that cries on kf about being shit on by anons.

Yes, anons don't react to a girl posting on a womens only website. You realise you misgender yourself by using this place, right? You using this site proves you don't see yourself as male. Also, when you start reeing about trannies and feminazis everyone immediately recognises you are some unhinged tranny is not blending in kek. You blend in because you're a girl, a retard girl though so when you post more you get reocgnised. Didn't you also post about hating that anons immedieately recognise you too? You don't even seem male with your posting, if you were male you'd be spamming cp like all other degenerate scrote posters. Also, you prove that the people who ree about the 'feminazis' are the ones who shill trannies and transition kek. Thank you for proving anons points about women haters creating and shilling trannies. You serve as an example against your own point.

No. 1600347

This is the type of person who transitions kek. The studies about mental illness, narcissism and BPD are proven right again kek. They just cope it's not true because it's the asshole mental illnesses.

No. 1600348

I'd recommend using a more neutral way of typing, you truly aren't going to make anyone here understand you or how you feel about this. It might also help you to talk about things that arent about being transgender. But I will tell you there are things I disagree with on here completely and wholly with every inch of my being but I've been here long enough to know that it's futile to discuss certain things, and at this point (2014-now) I know what to avoid saying because I know it will recieve cunty commentary I don't want to deal with. It's helpful to be able to observe opposing opinions to yours without kneejerk reacting, you can't make people see how you do. You are a giant fucking mess though, I hope you make peace with yourself and find things that make you happy and don't revolve entirely around your desire to step outside your body because I know its a very exhausting way to live.

No. 1600357

File: 1686191440316.png (18.86 KB, 2500x1587, lgbti-flag-artwork-CMYK-print.…)

I've been seeing a bunch of places in my city and corporations using picrel which I (probably naively?) wasn't expecting because I'm a britbong. I wonder what straight normies think when they see these changes to the original flag.

No. 1600361

people in urban areas use "y'all" and literally everyone uses folks please get over yourself
at least they spelled folks correctly. "folx" is offensive to the eyes and ears when i hear libs purposely pronounce it that way

No. 1600364

i think it's split down the middle between not caring and finding it uncomfortable and eerie

No. 1600369

>You blend in because you're a girl, a retard girl though so when you post more you get reocgnised
Exactly, she stands out not because she's got a "male brain" (LMAO) but because she's an attentionwhore like any other female personalityfag on this website.

No. 1600381

They mostly think it’s something all gays came together and agreed upon and say things like “wow did they really need to change it again?!” Just like when they add more letters to the alphabet soup. Idk who makes these decisions but it sure ain’t LGB people

No. 1600387

>I'm a FtM, not a MtF or typical male. I didn't realize I passed so well over text, I'm sorry if I truly scared or upset you.
Just want to say that I am this anon >>1600054, and I clocked you as the FtM sperg who's posted multiple times about thinking her head is on the wrong body. I said nothing, because I thought it wasn't important and bringing attention to personalityfags is just what they want.
Anons call other women scrotes/men all the time for saying shit they disagree with or that sounds stupid. Hope you don't add some moronic shit like "Even on imageboards, everyone always thinks I'm a man" to your mythos.

No. 1600394

It's corporations. They shilled it and infiltrated movements to destroy them because some movements were affecting the corporations bottom line and elite interests. They needed to divert real change or outright reverse it. People stop giving a shit about boy/girl specific products? Make it a fad to enshrine your identity with our new product.

No. 1600396

Holy shit kek, well that's a first. I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one on here playing Runescape from time to time lol

No. 1600404

If I see some dweeby white genderspecial referring to a group of people as “dawgs” I will have no choice but to laugh

No. 1600415

"people in urban areas"?
>literally everyone uses folks please get over yourself
Nobody I knew growing up ever used the word folks. Prior to this regional dialect revisionism shit, the only times I heard people using folks in conversation were characters on old television shows.

No. 1600433

>I didn't realize I passed so well over text
No you don’t lmao, anons just accuse everyone of being a male

It’s HER? Kek oh my god

No. 1600439

Half the time here being called a male is the same as being called retarded.

No. 1600440

Theyre interchangeable

No. 1600456

wait you know her?

No. 1600459

No. 1600461

hahaha no it is not thr first time. they did one in 2017 and the feedback was so negative they stopped until last year. players are still rioting. most players dont want it hahaha fwiw i play nearly every day and hardly any of the playerbase likes this kinda stuff

No. 1600463

NTA but she’s a massive attention seeking retard that I first saw on KF ages ago. She just be anon online and makes everything into a conversation about herself. I’m pretty sure she’s literally retarded and needs to be perma banned for her own good. She was easier to ignore on KF but she shits up way too much here.

No. 1600468

That's surprising tbh, but I guess it makes sense because a lot of the player base is older and not the typical gen z kids screaming trans rights at everyone. That's funny though it makes me want to get back into playing just for the time being to see what's going on with the pride event on there and what people are saying. At least they used the og flag and not the new version kek

No. 1600473

File: 1686207177646.png (14.58 KB, 2560x1536, 2560px-Labrys_Lesbian_Flag.svg…)

return to superior pre-lgtv labrys

No. 1600483

tbf dissociation with the Labyrs flag started in the 90's and it was Lesbian activists themselves who wanted to sever association with with black triangle
See the black triangle was used more as general symbol of "undesirable" people who didn't contribute to the Reich
These included homeless people, mental patients, beggars and a lot of Gypsies(In fact it was primarily Gypsies who had this badge put upon them)
the association with Lesbian started out as case of things being lost in translation and a long game of telephone, when more details about the Reich's were available, a lot of lesbian activists were horrified of the implications and gradually stopped using with the symbol.


No. 1600484

File: 1686208097598.jpg (309.89 KB, 1080x1350, Tumblr_l_873656500479324.jpg)

she does seem retarded or severely mentally ill. despite being in her 20s she acts like a preteen
back on topic, does anyone else find this incredibly disgusting and racist? imagine thinking hating trannydom is anything like segregation

No. 1600487

File: 1686208783801.jpg (228.25 KB, 850x1209, wholesome gay manga.jpg)

Gays have no problem using the pink triangle though. Nobody tried to cancel Tagame (despite a good portion of the weebsphere being oversensitive outrage-seekers) for his only non-porn gay manga.

No. 1600495

File: 1686209428848.jpg (400.51 KB, 1523x1613, oelknitzvulva.jpg)

I like the triangle because it looks like ancient vulva symbols. Combined with the double axe, the old flag is a strong symbol of female power. It seems more obvious than a bunch of colours only.
>Oh noes males are being segregated from female bathrooms, it's like racism
Cry me a river moids

No. 1600497

No one gat mad, lesbian groups themselves just wanted to dissociate use with it.

No. 1600511

My guess it's a revenge/humiliation fantasy thing. They hate how they're sexualized and treated as feminine women so seeing a man doing what they think is humiliating by choice makes them happy and maybe even horny and it could be a fetish as well. They probably involve their kids in this because they want the kids to grow up with the same mentality and think it's normal for men to act that way.

No. 1600517

Because they're ugly and fat so they never had satisfying fulfilling sex since no one wants to fuck them, so they develop fetishes and kinks as a cope and replacement for proper normal sex. If they had on orgasm from normal sex they wouldn't have turned this way. Ps. I hate how they call normal sex "vanilla" as a degrading term.
Another possibility is sexual trauma causing them to associate sex with weird shit and basing fetishes on it since that's a common thing as well.

No. 1600519

For drag fans, because it's popular because it is considered rebellious and revolutionary. The boring women who want to feel like they live in sex in the city and have their sassy gay friend. It's just 'look at me' behaviour, look at how cool and handmaideny I am to the ostracised men. How different, how provocative. It's why the art scene is flooded with people like that, because it's about standing out and being different. The mothers are usually pretty conservative and are trying to avoid having a child that does things 'for the opposite sex' like boys playing with dolls. Even Jazz Jennings family quietly admitted they feared he would turn out gay and admitted to being homophobic. That or they're groomers like the guy who had a kid involved with mermaids who some of the whistle-blower doctors were convinced was trying to keep his kid from aging because he was molesting her.

No. 1600520

I get that that leather kink was a part of the early pride parade but there are ways to pay homage to that without tying people up in public and spanking them. This is so inappropriate specially since it's a family friendly event. Just make 18+ events to these sort of things.
Was pride parades always this explict? I have heard several times that the earliest parades focus in kink but I have never seen any oldschool pictures of parades with fetish gear. but then again all the pictures I have seen a cherrypicked but you would think that kinksters would have more fetish pictures from old parades

No. 1600530

Well the way they talk about it drag doesn't indicate it, they call them "queens" and badass and fabulous all the time.

No. 1600569

File: 1686219164950.png (351.87 KB, 1036x600, lellllll.png)

Britbong charities be Britbong charities.

No. 1600572

>'You don't belong here': Teacher tells Muslim students they 'can't be Canadian' if they won't back Pride

At least some outlets picking up the story.

No. 1600573

>"If you believe that kind of thing, you don't belong here," the teacher stated. "That is not what Canada believes; we believe in freedom; we believe people can marry whoever they want. That is in law, and if you don't think that should be the law, then you can't be Canadian. You don't belong here, and I mean it."
= 'go back to your own country'.

No. 1600577

>"It goes two ways!" she says. "If you want to be respected for who you are, if you don't want to suffer prejudice for your religion, your colour of skin, your whatever, then you better give it back to people who are different than you."
Much 'progress'.

No. 1600579

>we believe in freedom, so you better believe what I tell you to believe or else

No. 1600585

File: 1686221156740.png (56.66 KB, 322x233, 6754.png)

No. 1600593

I'm not Canadian but I agree with the teacher, gays, lesbians and bisexuals exist and deserve respect while god is a fictional character so who gives a fuck about what muslims think?

No. 1600597

They're children. Telling them you don't accept them and don't want them around isn't how you're going to teach them.

No. 1600600

I honestly think muslims moids going back to their country is a good thing but I guess being pro LGBT is worse than being pro FGM.

No. 1600611

Being pro T is being pro FGM kek. Not to mention this is in a school. The school is mad muslims are not pro their form of FGM/GM.

No. 1600615

I wonder what Canadians 100 years ago or even 50 years ago thought about homosexuals, do you reckon they would have been closer to the majority Muslim's, and significant Catholic's, view or majority liberal Canadian's views on homosexuals?

Canada is the country of Canadian Muslims, whether they are male or female.

>but I guess being pro LGBT is worse than being pro FGM.

You can be against both, did you also pick up on the overlap between the two given your comparison on them?

No. 1600628

>In a statement, Principal Ed Charpentier emphasized, "the views expressed by the teacher do not reflect the values of acceptance, inclusion and belonging that are so strong at Londonderry School."

>"Words matter and they have the ability to bring us together and also to divide us," he continued. "I want to assure you we are addressing the situation accordingly."

lmao yeah, because you're afraid of muslim moids bombing the school or beheading innocent people as they do whenever people upset them.

at the end of the day, muslims and trannies belong in the same trashcan.

No. 1600641

Pride.. In my country, we still don't have same-sex marriage (only something called registered partnership- inferior in both name and rights to hetero marriages). I'd really love to marry my gf some time and be able to have common property etc.. So I'm really salty about being represented by sadomasochistic gay "dogs", genderspecials, literal pedophiles and people who think that the point of "family-friendly" parade is showcasing your fetishes to the broad public.. It's no wonder our government won't allow joint same-sex adoption/fostering etc. I'll just be at home, cuddling with my gf like every other month. I don't need a special month for that.

No. 1600649

>lmao yeah, because you're afraid of muslim moids bombing the school or beheading innocent people as they do whenever people upset them.

I can think of a hundred times when Muslims didn't respond to violence following religious discrimination.

>muslims … belong in the same trashcan

Wrong, you're mentally retarded.(Infighting)

No. 1600651

They both belong to a misogynist pedo cult though.

No. 1600654

and you'll conveniently ignore how many times dykes have groomed and molested underage women. almost like every letter of the sexual degenerate cult is the same. lesbopedophile apologists are pure filth. dykes literally only exist to prey on much younger females and convert them into a deranged sex cult. straight is natural, anything else is pedo.(bait / infighting )

No. 1600655

Wrong again,are you throwing out any words that you think you can stick at this point?

No. 1600657

Can you give or link 3 examples/articles of lesbians grooming underage girls

No. 1600661

it's almost like you can Google it yourself if you have 1 brain cell, pedo.(Infighting)

No. 1600665

No. 1600666

The burden of proof is on you. Also I'm not going to type "lesbian pedophiles" into a search engine. If you can't think of even one example and find a corresponding article then I'm going to have to assume you're bullshitting.

No. 1600667

Okay, that's messed up, but 21 and 19 isn't pedophilia.

No. 1600671

I just searched for 'lesbian pedophile' and this is what comes up:
Lesbian paedophile, 25, who worked at Great Ormond Street when she groomed and sexually assaulted girl, 12, she had met at a football game, is jailed for six years - after being bailed to house where her mother ran a children's DAYCARE

No. 1600672

It's just bait nona

No. 1600674

nothing stopped you from searching that term last night did it? your hard drive for sure needs searched.(infighting / bait / being retarded)

No. 1600680

What is your deal

No. 1600683

i slipped on a pile of nigger poop and hurt my ankle(Go slip in the pasture )

No. 1600685

It's a tranny having a shitfit (see other threads with racist spam and whining about "terfs")

No. 1600686

Is it the fat Rita girl again? It's funny she is too dumb to figure out how to access KF.

No. 1600687

Literal shitfit, too

No. 1600689

Says the fat retard tranny who rees about the feminazis >>>/snow/1778636 kek.

No. 1600690

everyone knows how to onionfarms but people here get so riled it is fun(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1600691

>I-I totally know how to use KF!
Prove it. You come here because you literally are too retarded to find it you retarded zoomer tumblrfag girl kek.

No. 1600692

lose weight ugly fatass.

No. 1600693

was your nigger testicle casserole good?(Racebait)

No. 1600695

you can't do one push up idiot lol

No. 1600697

wether I can push up or not doesn't negate the fact that you're still a very ugly and fat. you should have used that troon money to get on ozempic.(Infighting )

No. 1600698

They cope eternal about recognising men commit 90% of violent crime and are the great majority of pedophiles and degenerates. Of course the retard who hates gay people is a tranny kek. This is why people are supporting trannies less and less. Congratulations on peaking people retards.

No. 1600704

Yes, if anything it's the opposite, worship of scrotes for being mediocre. Like when women yas queen gay men on makeup subreddits for shitty makeup jobs, they are cheering on children to make them feel good and to try and look accepting.

No. 1600706

Shocking, pedophile troons seethe about gay women and cope about men being majority degenerate pedos kek. They really are retarded.

No. 1600707

you have sex with gorillas and alligators(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1600720

I hate the queer community so fucking much. I've made a conscious effort to extricate myself from that fucking circus because I just cannot fucking stand it. It annoys the shit out of me hearing the people around me call themselves queer or talk about the "queer community" or refer to ME as queer even though I have never and will never call myself that. It's all retarded drivel at this point. I hate pride month, it's not about pride at all, it's about moral grandstanding and trying to "one-up" the poor, uneducated cishets! Trannies have ruined everything.
When pride was about actual gay, lesbian, and bisexuals being proud of their marginalized sexuality it was so much more genuine. Now it's just a fucking consoomerist frenzy for blue-haired white kids who have five sets of pronouns and three genders and 48 kins to partake in.
I'm done with the "community".

No. 1600729

You think they'll ever learn if you don't show them early how disrespectful they are? I'm saying this as an exmuslim, muslims are insanely sexist and homophobic and if you treat them like special snowflakes they'll think it's ok if THEY're homophobic because it'll never backfire for them or they'll just learn how to hide it in public if they worry about their behavior backfiring. The teacher said that everyone celebrated ramadan with them at school somehow so it's not even like they're treated like shit. And ramadan is the equivalent of behaving like you have an eating disorder for a month because some pedophile schizo said so centuries ago so it's absolutely isn't worth celebrating.

No. 1600731

Here in France a teacher got beheaded by a retarded muslim because he showed a picture of Mohamed in a history class, retarded muslim students complained and their parents went full karen mode online to the point that unrelated people heard about it and decided to commit a murder. Nah fuck them, I know that a bunch of muslim teenagers' reaction to this was "what he did was bad so he had to expect that reaction! … even if the reaction is a little bit excessive haha I wouldn't commit murder haha…"

No. 1600740

Slightly unrelated but why are european muslims so crazy? The ones I know irl are chill.

No. 1600743

If I have to choose between troons and muslims, I will sadly choose troons, because they are less than 5% of population but muslims are literally billions worldwide and push their conservative bullshit wherever they go. Most people are already peaking out of troonism but islam is not going anywhere, it's only getting worse and they demand special treatment for hating women and gays wherever they go.

I will eat my shoe if the parents angry about the woman telling the kid to accept people are not just christian conservatives and actually muslim themselves.

No. 1600745

Because a lot of european people have white guilt due nazism, holocaust and colonialism. They basically prostrate to muslims because of their inner guilt.

No. 1600756

Agreed so hard, the prevalence of Islam is so disappointing and everyone's acceptance of it is maddening

No. 1600759

Depends on the country, in France most of them are chill because we' mostly north africans and moderate and the crazy ones tend to already have a criminal record and be brainwashed in prison with other muslims who actively recruit them. If not that they're from subsaharan Africa, almost always from former French colonies either way. The ones in Germany are way more likely to be Turkish, no idea how they are but Turkish people in France tend to be chill ime. And the ones in the UK are way more likely to be from South Asia like Pakistan so they're less likely to be moderate. I'm just talking about the ones here for several generations.

No. 1600760

The last pride I went to was NYC pride like 6 years ago. It was an absurd 8-hour event on one of the hottest days of that year. My girlfriend and I left after about 2 hours on the verge of heat exhaustion. It was nothing but corporate pandering floats and every local bar was crammed despite jacked up drink prices. Overall it was conservative compared to the outright degenerate shit in California, but still very soulless. I have no intentions of ever attending pride again.

No. 1600780


This whole thing is so stupid. Public schools don’t need to have events to celebrate religious holidays or pride month. If you are going to have them, kids should be able to not attend them since they’re not actually academically relevant. You can not go to things for any number of reasons and it doesn’t make you a bad person. I’ve never attended a Ramadan event, it doesn’t mean I hate Muslims. I’ve never been to Mardi Gras, it doesn’t mean I hate Catholics or people from New Orleans.

Just teach kids how to read and do math.

No. 1600809

They are children.

No. 1600820

>You think they'll ever learn if you don't show them early how disrespectful they are?

What message do you exactly want to teach Canadian Muslims? Accept lgbt ideology or else you're not true Canadians? Would you question the Canadianness of the right-wing, conservative Christian Canadian who also doesn't accept lgbt ideology? Or do you think that all Canadians are free to have their own opinions except for Canadian Muslims who must have your exact views otherwise they aren't really Canadian? This is a clear case or religious discrimination.

No. 1600831

true, I also think conservatives should be shamed for being homophobic. christians don't suffer enough prejudice imo

No. 1600857

It's not a matter of who's Canadian or not it's a matter of basic respect. My guess is that conservative Canadians are devout Christians? Because fuck Christians too. Two cheeks of the same ass, really. In my country the Christian far right and Muslims don't like each other a whole lot… at least at first but they agree on a lot of things and some even befriend each other and admire each other based on how much they hate women and the LGBT so that was a terrible example.

I don't give a fuck. I've been actually discriminated against and even straight up insulted as a kid by teachers just because they were actually racist when I was in primary school and yet here I am. They'll live.

No. 1600862

rita has never spammed the board like that, so i think it is the other troon that's been spamming about killing lesbians since before she even found this thread

No. 1600939

Kinda sounds more like the teacher is a closet racist with the "go back to where you came from" thing, like she's been chomping at the bit to say some shit and thought the cover of being ~such a good, good ally~ would be perfect plausible deniability for any blowback.

That said, I'm with exmuslim nona's stance >>1600857
on this. Besides, we won't get anywhere trying to take perfect steps 100% of the time towards equality. The kid will feel hurt for a few days and then get over it. The only problem w the teacher's method is unequal application and spergyness. Fuck them kids, and all religions lol.

No. 1600979

>yet here I am
Yeah, and now you're bitter and hateful. You don't throw more gasoline on the fire to put it out.

No. 1600999

the "human" ones deeply offend the otherkin and transspecies, friendly fire?

No. 1601048

I never paid too much attention to OP's picture and now I have to say that it's so cute to see Ritsuko with Maya, Misato with Kaji and Ramiel in the background kek. And I love Asuka, and her rainbow hair too. Oh shit, I just saw Rei.

No. 1601096

>future leaders of the world
>beautiful people

Men might feel excluded by these

No. 1601183

File: 1686259057114.jpg (14.19 KB, 350x175, 51TTSv9BWlL._AC_UF350,350_QL80…)

Like this guy?

No. 1601230

A bit late, but people with your mindset are insufferable. We get it, you'd be fully on board with conservatism if only being a woman wasn't holding you back. Conservative ideology always leads back to misogyny, racism, and homophobia, but you only care when it directly affects you. Good luck cherry picking to then get responses like this >>1599928

No. 1601369

>Conservative ideology always leads back to misogyny, racism, and homophobia, but you only care when it directly affects you.

nayrt but are you reading from the pamphlet?

No. 1601373

She's probably an amerilard who doesn't realize that different forms of conservatism exist and increasingly in Europe, gay men and lesbians are voting for conservatives and there are even gay and lesbian right wing politicians.

No. 1601381

I guess you and the other anon have a point, but there's a possibility these women are faking the cheering so the men will continue to do dumb shit and look stupid. Could be a subset of these women while the majority is what you suggested though.

No. 1601385

Because they're generally arab refugees. Arabs are always like that even in their own countries. Except it's legal in their countries and normalized so they never think it's wrong or immoral or even illegal to behave that way. But somehow they still recognize the huma rights violations of their countries so they flee to the west to avoid that and keep behaving the same thinking they'll get away with it like always then get shocked when the civilized west doesn't take their barbaric shit. I should know, I live among them.

No. 1601393

This happens so much with Americans kek. My countries conservative party is not based on religion but a lot of them seem to think the foreign cons are exactly the same as American cons, comes off as ignorant.

No. 1601394

>gay men and lesbians are voting for conservatives and there are even gay and lesbian right wing politicians.

What exactly is conservative about them?

No. 1601395

>I should know, I live among them.

You're calling your own family barbaric?

No. 1601397

You say this as if democratic parties have not currently embraced the same thing but with a different coat of paint? In my country, lesbians can’t have gatherings without including men now because of this.

No. 1601402

Probably the racism

No. 1601416

No. 1601417

Good try but yes they are, they used me as a child slave growing up and beat me up and prevented me from normal childhood activities such as watching cartoons or playing with friends. And school was hell because of the weird cult activities they had so it wasn't even real education or a social environment. My family still abuses me now that I'm an adult but it's less worse than being a child slave and being malnourished or almost being married off to a pedo at the age of 10. Idk what do you count as barbarian but this seems to be it to me. And ofcourse all of this is legal where I live so I can't even tell the police or get any serious help, I'll have to help myself and get out on my own one way or the other while also walking on eggshells to avoid raising suspicions around me so they don't come after me and try to kill me like they always do to anyone who dares to leave the country for proper reasons. And if they don't kill the people who run away they find ways to harras them and stalk them to force them to submit and go back to the country. Again, this seems pretty barbarian to me. But have fun feeling morally superior for defending terrorists who would invade your country and kill you if it wasn't for international laws.

No. 1601419

No. 1601441

>b-but it's the religion of peace!
>b-but if you criticize islam it means you're white supremacist!
>b-but wearing a hijab or burka is empowering!

On a serious note: that sounds horrendous. I sincerly hope you can get out from that islamic shithole someday.

No. 1601478

File: 1686288611288.jpg (56.16 KB, 800x450, _129164957_yousaf_family_pa.jp…)

>But have fun feeling morally superior for defending terrorist

When have I ever defended terrorists? I feel sorry for you for suffering abuse from your family, but why do you think that abuse was caused by their religion? There are many Muslim families which have good relations between parents and children. Are you from Pakistan? I think I remember reading some of your posts from last year. It is a given that Pakistani culture is backwards, but why do you assume that all Muslims are as culturally backwards? The current First Minister of Scotland is Humza Yousaf, a Scotsman of Pakistani ancestry and a devout Muslim, he's never done the horrible things you mentioned in your post, and neither have the majority of Muslims in the world.

No. 1601488

File: 1686289143803.png (1.03 MB, 1284x1239, FNDmBWvAIrQtA.png)

Reminded me of this.

No. 1601491

kek I fucking knew this was a tranny post

No. 1601502

>it's not a delusion
>it's actually just their autism brain creating delusions
Of course it had to be a delusional TIF

No. 1601508

ikr. "n-no! trannies aren't narcissists! it's the terfs who're the real narcissists! some of them werr mean to me on tumblr!!!"

No. 1601509

File: 1686290334241.png (693.42 KB, 593x741, Ecco2K & Yung Lean.png)

No. 1601542

Yousaf wants the rapist troon Isla Bryson in a women's prison. He also skipped the gay marriage vote by finding an "emergency" overseas to attend to, and gives Ash Regan shit for voting against it on her beliefs. He targeted a Hindu-run nursery, knowing they would exclude his daughter, to round up more support from his community and exacerbate tension. He's a classic hypocritical European Muslim man who would fully exercise his beliefs if he didn't have to play pretend for influence.

No. 1601546

Every progress flag looks like it's made from the corpse of a Spirit Halloween prop. If your city gets any sort of wind they start to fray before the month is over.
Use to love pride. Now I'm just so aware that it's just unrestrained male sexuality shitting everything up. Can barely talk to gay dudes on the subject because lesbians are an entirely different species. Troons are the endgame when straight guys realized they could also have their degeneracy unchecked if they suckled from the teet of T.

No. 1601628

>The current First Minister of Scotland is Humza Yousaf, a Scotsman of Pakistani ancestry and a devout Muslim, he's never done the horrible things you mentioned in your post
Are you for real or a troll? That fucker supports troons in women's prisons. You can't possibly be this blind, so I assume you're trolling. If not, God, you're such a fucking tool.

>Yousaf devoted almost his entire cross-examination, mystifyingly, to “defending” the massively unpopular Gender Recognition Reform bill – claiming it to be “the voice of the Scottish people” despite the people of Scotland being overwhelmingly opposed to it – and the coalition with the even more unpopular Scottish Greens.

>Nevertheless, in Yousaf’s case, this has proven to be true. To many queer and trans people’s relief, he is keen on improving queer and trans rights in Scotland. Yousaf has openly spoken about being an LGBTQ+ ally. He is an adamant supporter of the Gender Recognition Reform bill. He has promised to legally challenge the UK Government’s blocking of said bill.

>In particular, there was backlash against the Gender Recognition Act Reform. This would have enabled anyone over 16 to obtain a gender recognition certificate without a medical diagnosis.

>As the Canary previously reported, Westminster used an unprecedented veto to block the legislation. Yousaf previously publicly stated that he will challenge Westminster’s obstruction of the bill.

No. 1601665

i fart in a jar and mix it with water and then freeze it to make fartcubes and suckle on them gently while looking at billie eilish feet pics so i have my own pride float(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1602000

File: 1686332803575.jpg (81.52 KB, 630x522, Ss82749310.jpg)

Muslims and Christians were protesting against lgbt in Canada. Hate is one of strongest agents of unification.

No. 1602024

Can't wait for them to be arrested and imprisoned for years and their bank accounts froze and then fired from their jobs and never hired again while a black person or native can kill someone or abuse a dog to death and get a stern talking to because lol Canada

No. 1602028

If the kids should be left alone, they should also leave the kids alone with their religious believes.

No. 1602071

File: 1686336197222.png (5.6 KB, 699x71, frogs.PNG)

>the civilized west
Western countries fund the Islamic extremist groups creating refugees for profit.

No. 1602072

File: 1686336208880.jpg (224.78 KB, 1284x1726, FvHOXEAEVb9n.jpg)

Those poor innocent Muslims are simply being tricked by those evil heckin Christians, cause brown and black had such magnificent queer history(adult men raping young boys)

No. 1602081

That's true. Same as many Africans who were enslaved and their lands destroyed but then people get surprised when they want to leave.

No. 1602113

This article isn’t real. Good job falling for literal fake news.

No. 1602187

File: 1686346287038.png (121.84 KB, 305x341, 20230610_023140.png)

priDE MONth

No. 1602528

Wtfff that looks hideous. I hate that ugly thing so much. It never looks good anywhere

No. 1602657

the biggest concert venue in berlin is displaying the progress flag including the fucking intersex circle. meanwhile other establishments in the city like the public transport company or DB (german wide train company) are using the regular rainbow flag.

i myself really like that picture that circulated on radblr a while ago where the chevron was deliberately cut out.

No. 1602659

File: 1686388008823.png (75.17 KB, 591x1969, 2023-05-30-innocent-mermaids.p…)

I've stopped buying from them now.

No. 1602669

>You've stopped buying their product because of trans bs
>I've stopped buying their product because it's just CocaColaCompany greenwashing

We are not the same

No. 1602676

I already stopped buying products because it's diabetes inducing pig swill.

No. 1602691

The anon I was responding to mentioned the conservatives in her country believed in anti-abortion and dismissal of women's rights, a pretty recognizable staple of right wing politics American conservatives share. If said conservatism was in a "different form" it didn't show and I wouldn’t have responded.
People still want to collaborate with mermaids? Interesting

No. 1602727

Thanks, nona, I appreciate it.

No. 1602732

They teamed up with Mermaids to regurgitate what can be looked up in 5 seconds? This is barebones social media marketing.

No. 1602736

I only started posting here for a few days. I don't like saying where I'm from but it's the capital of islam and where it started, make of that what you will.

I've seen and studied islam for 20 years of my life against my will in its native language as well, and was forced to memorize the entirety of the Quran so I know every verse in it by heart and its meaning as well as the hadith and everything else. What terrorist islamic groups are doing is pure islam practiced the way it's supposed to be. It's a vile religion that make people violent.

My family were assholes to me because islam taught them they basically own me, and there is hadith that encourages child abuse and other teachings about how you should obey your parents 100% no matter what and not doing so is gonna make you go to hell. As well as interpretations by religious men about having a hobby or watching cartoons being haram based on some older texts against art and music and so on. There's so much shit in islam that makes people assholes to their kids, not only that but being in a forced arranged marriage, which is the norm in islamic societies, was part of why the abuse happened. It breaks and ruins people and makes them vile. If my parents actually loved each other and dated and hade premarital sex they wouldn't be like that or at least would be less worse, but thanks to islam, dating, romantic relationships and premarital sex are all illegal and punishable by death so ofcourse no parent out there is happy being a parent since they were forced into it. Marital rape is also the norm because the man owns the woman and she must obey so moms are usually abusive to their children because they didn't want them. Birth control, condoms and abortion are haram too, because they're "against allah's will and the destiny he wrote", so no way to prevent or terminate pregnancies at the time of my parents marriage. Education and jobs for women weren't allowed so my mon never had anything to fall back on. Divorce isn't an option either because of societal pressure and religious text saying it's the worst thing that allah allowed. A woman's place is said to be her house taking care of her husband and not having a life, while a man can do whatever and have other wives as well, my dad's divorce of his first wife is what made him even more abusive, he abused her and her kids, and he waa abused by his family enslaving him as a kid as well so he's just repeating the cycle of abuse because that's totally how parenting works. So ofcourse people trapped in a loveless inescapable marriage would be abusive. It's literally the norm in the entire country, I'm not the only abused child here, some had it worse and got killed, while those who tried to escape got arrested and put into special torture prisons to "put women in their place so they'd listen to their male family members, parents and husbands". And so on and on and on. If you actually knew the religion or read a random quran verse or hadith you'd know it's depraved and the English translations don't even convey the horrible shit written in it, you'll have to read it in arabic to understand how degenerate it is.

No. 1602766

File: 1686399574556.jpg (35.89 KB, 1200x600, 620624-6869.jpg)

I get in, a lot of nonnies(and well many western feminists from my experience) have a chip on their shoulder that they can't ever ever admit that that certain cultures are more patriarchal then others, cause they think it will invalidate the misogyny in the west. only those who have lived in nations with teachings of the Arab pedophile can understand how awful it is, you can not compare with any other religion, like Christianity at least lets you pray in your tongue, but the God of Muhammad is so pathetic that you have to pray in Arabic, and dress like an Arab and most importantly have the moral standards of a 7th century Arab

No. 1602773

WHY mermaids? Before I could at least kinda get it, but considering they're straight up being investigated at this very moment, you'd think that might look bad.

No. 1602778

Exactly. Defending any religion in general is not feminist when most religions are misogynistic and endager children.

No. 1602796

yeah but one religion is a lot worse then others, that's all we are asking radfems to at least acknowledge

No. 1602801

You will die waiting, don't even try to reason with them

No. 1602807

i can't speak for all radfems ofc but on radblr it's widely acknowledged that islam is the worst religion when it comes to misogyny. there was even a popular post going around that warns women from engaging with muslim men because while your regular white western moid sucks, muslim moids are the absolute worst, and that this needs to be said more often since many women are scared of speaking about this because muh racism muh islamophobia.

i hate all religions but islam is genuinely the one i hate the most for what it does to all my sisters worldwide.

No. 1602808

I feel like artists such as Ecco2k and Bladee are cryptoGC. I never hear them praising troons and I hope it stays that way.

No. 1602809

They do - in at least the circles I'm in, but so many radfems do the woowoo goddess shit and need to cap for religion because of it.
You can't fully remove religious indoctrination from a person, and to that same tune that's pretty evident with how many Western progressives operate. The same people who smugly shit on anyone still going to church based on faith have the "Nawwwr I'm totally qweer with my feminine faggot energies you have to believe in me bro! You can't publish studies because they are trying to locherally kill us!!" Where you can observe homosexuality and heterosexuality in nature, and it's all very well documented.

No. 1602810

so you have to be an atheist/agnostic to be a radfem?

No. 1602815

Fuck off Paki-chan

No. 1602819

A lot of radblrs I follow are also ex-muslim, many of them from Africa or Asia. It's hilarious when white blue-haired retards storm the notes and call them white supremacists for not loving islam.

No. 1602836

Most rad fems acknowledge that religion is man made and used to control women. It's pointless to belive in it.

No. 1602839

It's divisive for a reason. A lot of theory is that religion will always lead to hierarchy. Hierarchy will inevitably put women at the bottom. Personally don't think you can shield for a belief system that positions women as unclean, inferior, while saying you're a radfem. That's me tho I'm not your mom or the Grand Radfem.

No. 1602840

Even if it is our beloved Paki-chan, she's right.

No. 1602862

There is no tick list for being a radfem other than doing work (actual activism, like bare minimum you can catalogue or help organize in your immediate surroundings). What nonnie earlier was referring to is the Radfem in name only who originated as TRAs, and still hold onto the idea that your political identity needs to encompass a certain number of metaphorical enamel pins to get into the club. The belief of politics as identity rather than activity.
If you're working to better the lives of women then you're more radfem than radblr regardless of religious status.

No. 1602870

Men are never GC, they're transphobic at best. You will never hear a man legitimately criticising troons and supporting feminism at the same time. Men don't usually advocate for women unless there is something in it for them, that's why so many love advocating for troons, because they look woke without actually doing anything (they would never date one, for example).

No. 1602871

Of course Gene, who is autistic, gets turned into a tranny in this art.
It’s already been that way for a few years now. It’s troon june.

No. 1602876

This point is that "all religions are equally made up and used to control us" is the usual rhetoric, thus far other then other ex-Muslim feminsits, I have seen a single western radfem just admit "Islam is worst due to theological reasons" and it is the worst, its a comprehensive civilization system, you have libraries worth of Islamic law based on the collected sayings and doings of Muhammad.(derailing)

No. 1602882

It's nice to be optimistic and think there's a genuine GC man out there, but I have never seen one, they are always against it because they believe in some natural order of male and female, see conventionally feminine stuff as a moral flaw (in this case, they also hate gnc people who do not claim to be the other sex) or because they want to fuck the troons but don't want to be faggots themselves.

No. 1602918

Western "feminists" will only learn the dangers of Islam when they themselves become it's victims. You can present them with as much evidence as you want and they will still never acknowledge reality. They're mentally deranged and think that a white man opening his legs too far on public transport is a worse hardship to the abuse suffered by women under Islam. They are intellectually deficient narcissists who are unable to empathize with other women if it violates their world view. Their concern is being "correct" and winning the argument, even if it involves defending muslim men and disregarding abused women.(derailing)

No. 1602959

No. 1603022

You're not describing Western feminists those are media plants. They don't speak out about serious issues faced in the West either and we hate them just as much. They're given a platform precisely because they don't threaten much and spout official narrative bs. TPTB think the 'hijabi feminist' crap will help race relations and encourage Muslims to 'enter the modern world' when everyone else can see it makes tensions worse and fails Muslim women and girls in the process. As for sm, avg girls have zero power, they're a stupid target to aim anger at. They influence nothing. They're dumb and young, ofc they're ignorant and wrapped up in themselves. Islam is fucking loathed in the West. No one capes for Muzzies in rl. They're the most despised demographic. And Islam poses no threat to Westerners no matter how much Muzzie men wish it kek. We're not going to end up an Islamic state, that's retarded.

No. 1603032

File: 1686423103710.webm (16.53 MB, 480x270, HqJy2LLSCZQvxiVB.webm)

nta and sage for OT, but Muslims are ridiculously protected by western liberals, I agree Islam will never be a threat to the west as a whole but Muslim moids are still parasites, the fact your dismissing the grooming cases that were ignored by the police and the victims of Islamic terrorism is frankly insulting.

No. 1603036

I completely agree nona, wtf.

No. 1603069

The majority of Muslim men in the West contribute more to their countries than you ever will. Your logic is completely retarded if you think the majority, or even a siginificant minority, of Muslim men are mass-murderers, or that knife attack in France was caused by Islam as a religion. I could post examples of mass-murders against children perpetrated by non-Muslim attackers, such as that attack on the Chriatian school by that transgender a few months ago, to prove my point that religion has nothing to do with those attacks. I get that you're angry that you're stuck in a shithole and your only way to went vent is to insult Muslim men online, but don't think anyone who isn't a retard such as >>1603036 will fall for your bullshit.

No. 1603071

Muslim men believe they will go to heaven if they rape enough women (jihad) so no I don't care if they have no personal history of stabbing children. Still evil

No. 1603077

Silence, muzzie defender.

No. 1603078

>Muslim men believe they will go to heaven if they rape enough women (jihad)
Why are fuck are you so blantantly lying? Where do you get this crap from?

No. 1603079

Aaaaand the thread is just /pol/fags jerking over muh western feminists and muh muslim terrorists. At least it was never good to begin with.

No. 1603082

GC?? what does that mean?

No. 1603083

File: 1686426345920.png (18.9 KB, 640x480, bait.png)

Stop replying to bait you fags(love)

No. 1603085

I am from a Muslim family, have lived in a Muslim country my whole life and have read the Quran from begging to end

No. 1603086

I know it's you, Pakistani-anon. And you're also a fucking retard if you actually believe in the things you say. Go on then, try to back up your claims with any evidence.

No. 1603108

NTA but you should know most people aren't fond of backward religions, or any religions at all. You don't need to cope for Muslim moids here.

No. 1603135

Off topic but you can arguably say that Yung Lean is the reason why there are so many sadboy mumble rappers these days

No. 1603358

Welcome, but please try to integrate and read the rules. Announcing that you're a newfag probably isn't the best idea, for instance.

No. 1603361

It means "lurk moar, summerfag." Hope that helps.

No. 1603509

File: 1686469103898.png (352.37 KB, 777x590, EKDh81kWwAAO7lT.png)

i don't understand why all the queer larpers act as if being happy and proud of your homosexuality is some how opposing to the idea that pride is an act of resistance or a riot or whatever. isn't being proud of the part of you that is shamed and marginalized act of rebellion itself, isn't it an act of protest to celebrate and be happy of being gay when the world around you usually attaches it to misery and sorrow by violence and disdain, by isolation, so to gather around with people like you to celebrate and be happy and proud of who you are is a middle finger to all that, you can try to shame and isolate us but we are together and happy? it's ridiculous, while yes there is tons of sadness when it comes to being part of a minority these tq assholes want everything about lgbt to be about that, misery and death.

No. 1603514

The point is that it highly pisses off bigots. Same way women bragged about being able to vote.

No. 1603572

No. 1603593

File: 1686481795027.jpg (63.02 KB, 729x530, NotSoInnocent.JPG)

They deleted this bc they got their ass whooped in the replies kek

No. 1603600

trans and queer i thought we had homos here who would actually get the language and not just some straight assholes fighting about islam

yeah that's kinda my whole damn point

No. 1603630

It's been obvious from the start that there are a bunch of homophobic straight people ITT as well.

No. 1603671

File: 1686492467943.jpg (301.57 KB, 1032x1800, TiM xTiF A Match made in heave…)

I wasn't really sure if this is on topic or not but why are they like this

No. 1603694

It's so gross that trannies and agps call themselves girls and boys and it's obvious because they value youth (to a pedo degree), and want to infantalize themselves so they can never face consequences. Those shirts are just disturbing.

No. 1603701

Ever since I saw multiple tangents about how all gay people are victims of child molestation I knew to never take anything they say seriously ever

No. 1603732

Straight hetero couples are taking over Pride

No. 1603740

It would be better bait if this wasn't the home of our cock worshipping queen, Shay. That or the Nonna forget were they are.

TiFs next to TiMs are my favorite pictures. I have a personal cow that goes so hard to make himself appear small. Buys super large plushies, pillows, king-size bed for backdrop, and just anything comically huge to make him look smaller on cam.
Then he posted a pic of him at pride next to a tif streamer he did a collab with and he's this 6'3" ogre next to a very petite mentally handicapped woman.

No. 1603741

this is just a role reversed straight couple with extra steps

No. 1603749

Yeah I do usually integrate but I had to clarify that because she mistook me for someone else. My bad, won't do that again.

No. 1603766

Reminding me of the the retard who said that people turn gay because of trauma and autism, literally makes no sense and has no backing neither from scientific data or from just observing the world, but let's that slide because there are degenerate gay moids. Or the other retard who said sub men are actually gay, because it is very homosexual of a man to have sex with a woman, and her whole "logic" was that it would lead into further degeneracy (aka homosexuality), why that is something particular to sub man/dom woman dynamic and not dom man/sub woman? I don't know. But god forbid you question any of this insanity and "defend gay moids", even tho nothing makes any sense and doesn't exclusively apply to moids.

No. 1603773

Homophobic anons won't shut up about gay moids, troons and pedos when you're trying to defend any aspect about being homosexual in general as in lesbians also counting. It's literally a trump card to them.

No. 1603783

File: 1686502410485.jpeg (120.55 KB, 1242x696, IMG_9159.jpeg)

Lockheed Martin had a banner and float at some pride parade.

No. 1603784

>Lockheed Martin, which regularly appears in D.C. Pride as a corporate sponsor and parade participant, contributed more than $2.7 million to candidates who opposed the Equality Act through its PAC. This includes Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas), who supported ratifying a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and has voted against every piece of legislation proposing additional protections for the LGBTQ community, and Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.), who came under fire in 2014 for allegedly making homophobic remarks to an Alabama real estate group in 2014. Both have received $60,000 dollars from the aerospace company since 2014.

As usual

No. 1603786

File: 1686503031783.png (97.36 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20230611-100358.png)

It's funny that troons get used as the bludgeon when most of the handmaidens are hetero women who are so stoked they can be a spicy straight because their Nigel raided her panty drawer. Demented behavior.
In their defense, though, it's hard to defend pride when men can't form a personality outside their dick. The gays are just more open about it.

No. 1603788

File: 1686503377422.jpeg (85.88 KB, 681x1164, 74BE9053-DF86-4798-86B8-5DF9AC…)

lmao relinds me of picrel.
yeah we bombing civilians but the engineer who made the bomb is kweer! #progress

No. 1603830

troons made me dislike/not care about pride anymore

No. 1604004

Same. The tranny thing started really blowing up when I'd just realized I was attracted to women, and basically didn't have the time to even accept myself before lesbian/women only spaces were being eroded, and I had creepy moids breathing down my neck because they could pick up on my loneliness and insecurity. I feel like I was robbed of a part of myself.

No. 1604135

Criticism, critique and observation is not homophobia.

No. 1604142

File: 1686531763519.jpeg (477.1 KB, 1170x1918, IMG_4903.jpeg)

>freaks literally living life outside the law
tfw i’m too pussy to say “pedophile”

No. 1604215

File: 1686542154088.png (1.39 MB, 960x960, Homo_Pandering.png)

Need to rewatch "They Live".

No. 1604264

I'm also a lesbian, I just didn't understand what you meant by tq in that sentence

No. 1604324

Homophobe-chans who try to be slick about their homophobia by subverting the entire LGB rights discussion with their "b-but gay pedos exist so wink male wink homosexuality is a mental illness and a perversion!!!" narrative are the bane of my existence. They don't give half a shit about lesbians even if they claim to, it's exactly like when men spout blatant misogynist takes but are immediately excused if they just add "white" in front of the word "woman" because now it's just deserved social commentary. You know what they're really saying.

Also people who make retarded "you know I used to be okay with gay people but now it's gone too far and it's their fault I became homophobic!" gargles are full of shit, they were never okay with gay people or homosexuality. The only form of homosexuality they could've even remotely accepted was two completely NPC-like normie people in an asexual relationship away from their family and neighborhood so that they can pretend they don't exist altogether. And the same goes for the Not Like Other Gays SSAs who are obsessed with either being validated by straight people and are willing to throw their own kind under the bus to get headpats for being "one of the good ones" or have an entirely OSS dating history but think their opinion holds as much weight as someone with actual experiences with homophobia. In other words, the bihets who go "I'm bi myself (15 boyfriends and 1 girlfriend I had in college for two months) and even I think Pride isn't necessary anymore!" like they ever had to experience any kind of bigotry for their sexuality. Yes I'm fucking seething this month.

No. 1604636

Adding people in jail and junkies to your list of freaky people or whatever is a really, really, really, really bad look. Literally the last two populations you should associate with your movement. Sad to see this community hurting itself from the inside like this

No. 1604750

> Also people who make retarded "you know I used to be okay with gay people but now it's gone too far
Its the straight people leading each other around on leashes for me. Forget Kia Sales Event I couldn't spot a single faggot at the "pup parade" last weekend.
Pride is useless now. It was a march with a purpose, then it was a corporate parade, and now it's just kink. Cannot blame us for wanting to wash our hands of the whole event.

No. 1604872

Then direct your anger towards all the spicy straight kinksters treating homosexuality as a fun hobby and diluting Pride with all the shit that doesn't belong there, none of that "ugh but it's the other gay people enabling this, not me!!" bullshit when we all know straighties have more mass and can walk over gay people and appropriate their culture if they so desired. They have more visibility, more connections, more social currency, more power. When was the last time you saw a legitimate lesbian being interviewed for any kind of pride fluff piece? Gay people don't get a say in what's happening.

It's honestly like men co-opting female spaces, you rarely can stand up against it unless you're constantly one step ahead. People acting like "the gays went too far and ruined pride for me and they're at fault" are full on gaslighting, they never supported pride, not even when the flag wasn't ruined with ugly symbols that don't belong there. Has pride been taken too far away from its roots to be gentrified into a colorful farce for straight people? Yes. Are companies using it to peddle cheap virtue signaling Rainbow crap? Yes. But are homophobes using the discord within the LGBT community for their advantage to spread bigoted propaganda? Also yes.

No. 1604905

File: 1686606211495.png (54.17 KB, 731x754, ulta.png)

ulta parading around male theybys

No. 1604939

"Everyfolx is beautiful. Just need to fix your face you ugly tranny."
Yelling at anons for pointing out that gay dudes turned pride into shit by exhibiting moid behavior in addition to emboldening the spicy straights isn't sticking it to the homophobes.

No. 1604983

in the number of years i've seen people use it i've never once seen a reason given for why they say "folx" instead of "folks." does anyone know why or is it just a concentrated effort to sound as retarded as possible?

No. 1604998

File: 1686612863863.webm (5.09 MB, 720x1280, 1686592873470.webm)

very normal behavior.

No. 1605004

i think its just a woketard virtue signal word. i don't get it either, "folks" is literally gender neutral.

No. 1605020

File: 1686614622422.png (75.78 KB, 1080x1174, Screenshot_20230613_030501_Bra…)

That's what it literally is by their own admission.

No. 1605021

I can only think theyre trying to copy “latinx”. I still dont know why that was a thing but i think it was to include both genders (combine latina/latino)?

No. 1605026

All of this. Thank you for saying it

No. 1605031

Now that's a neologism that could come in handy, tho not to say anything positive.
Latinx is an act xenophobia.

No. 1605102

as a britbong it'd feel very forced and cringe to me to see anyone use folx or folks kek. then again i've seen social justice bong people use "y'all" so…

No. 1605155

>People acting like "the gays went too far and ruined pride for me and they're at fault" are full on gaslighting, they never supported pride
Even before the gender craze, Pride was already getting a bad rep because of gay men forcing their kinks on everyone including children. I'm not sure who it's helping to act like only homophobic straight people had an issue with it. Of course they used it to reinforce their views, but not everyone commenting on this issue is one of them.
>straighties have more mass and can walk over gay people and appropriate their culture if they so desired (…) Gay people don't get a say in what's happening.
Mass is not really an argument here because look at troons. Despite being a tiny part of the population, they are everywhere and have all sorts of laws being passed in their favor. People/organizations (including LGBT ones) with power and money try to push all kinds of things like this, including gendershit and "queer" culture, and then you have younger generations and people desperately wanting a community buying into it, gay and straight. Look at drag queens for example, everyone is making fun of spicy straights for being faghags and thinking they're great ~allies~ for being into it, but they're not the ones who suddenly decided to push drag queen shows everywhere to people of all ages, and they're also not the ones participating in them and happily getting money from the straighties.

No. 1605265

>Mass is not really an argument here because look at troons. Despite being a tiny part of the population, they are everywhere and have all sorts of laws being passed in their favor.
Actually, you're just proving the point here. The most prolific millionaire trannies that funded the entire movement are straight men who wanted to force everyone into their fetish and you know it. The troons that were part of pride pre-idpol were HSTSs who were bottom feeders basically wherever they went. Who are the most protected members of LGBT you always see being coddled and put on a pedestal? "Trans lesbians" i.e. straight men. Pride was ruined by straight people and now they're trying to act as if it was the gays who opened the doors to every degenerate when they invited themselves in, made kink into an oppressed sexuality, forced all the homosexuality out and started telling lesbians to suck dick.

No. 1605325

yeah i feel like it's degenerate men (trannies, gay men) and self-hating women (fag hags, enbys). a lot of spicy straight couples are where one of them identifies as "non binary". i've personally never witnessed any lesbian pull the kind of shit gay men do. the kinksters at pride seem to always be spicy straights or gay men. gay men participating in drag culture, which mocks gross stereotypes of women. gay men who often have a fetish for "turning straight men", which funny enough i've never seen a lesbian with a fetish like that and they tend to be on the receiving end of that from a straight man. gay men only seeing value in a woman if she can be used as a walking hanger (fashion industry) or as a womb when they want kids (surrogacy).

No. 1605368

As I said, even before the gender craze, Pride already had this reputation because of gay men. Now, politics and organizations - again, including LGBT ones - moved on to trannies because it's a new minority/identity and they want to keep up with the oppression hierarchy. It's interesting how you went from "the most prolific millionaire trannies are responsible" to "straight people are responsible" though. It's not they/them high schoolers and moms tuning in for RuPaul Drag's Race "who opened the doors to every degenerate when they invited themselves in" either. Or if they're responsible, then many LBG people are also complicit, because they're not all boycotting Pride, rainbow capitalism and gender bs. A lot are brainwashed or benefit from it, just like spicy straights.

No. 1605389

>As I said, even before the gender craze, Pride already had this reputation because of gay men.
Yes, people who were homophobic always had the "Pride is full of degenerate pedos raping kids" narrative. That's kind of standard. Like said, Pride was never popular with them and that's why their "I used to enjoy it before but now it's crossed the line" claims are bald faced lies.

>It's interesting how you went from "the most prolific millionaire trannies are responsible" to "straight people are responsible" though.

That's because those millionaire trannies are straight people. Opposite sex attracted men, to be precise.

>It's not they/them high schoolers and moms tuning in for RuPaul Drag's Race "who opened the doors to every degenerate when they invited themselves in" either. Or if they're responsible, then many LBG people are also complicit, because they're not all boycotting Pride, rainbow capitalism and gender bs.

Did you miss the part about gay people not having the social credibility straight people have? Sure there are gay people who are complicit out of either naivety or desperation to be accepted, but they will never have a voice as loud as straight people. If straight homophobes decide that the pride parade is full of gay kinkster degenerates raping kids then that will be the main narrative, and if straight RuPaul moms decide that the pride parade is just a free-for-all identity politics festival for anyone who identifies as anything then that's what it will become.

No. 1605455

File: 1686657429499.jpeg (45.01 KB, 1125x767, IMG_4449.jpeg)

Can’t even be a dumb nerd on Pinterest without being reminded that these sex clowns exist.

>their "I used to enjoy it before but now it's crossed the line" claims are bald faced lies
I can imagine this is true for many people but it’s not universal. My country legalised same sex marriage over two decades ago and at least in my experience, homosexual couples are relatively normalised. In my somewhat conservative and religious town nobody bats an eye when I casually mention “my SIL and her wife” or “my friend and his husband”. So it’s been quite a shock to see how many LGB people in my circle, most of whom are Very Online but otherwise sensible - I thought - are now going along with the narrative that it’s homophobic to not want to expose children to drag queens or BDSM. I’ve been hearing the argument that “you only accept us when we’re boring and vanilla!” a lot and… yeah? I wouldn’t bring my kids around an openly kinky straight couple either. The kink stuff is the problem, not the orientation of the people involved.
Plenty of this is from private conversations, so it’s not like they’re only saying it because they’re afraid of community backlash. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming that they’ve been too immersed in Twitter Discourse and will come to their senses soon, but I can’t pretend that no actual homosexual people are involved in pushing this stuff either. Not all handmaidens are straight.

No. 1605558

You don't need to cape for homoids so hard. They'll never do the same for you.

No. 1605921

File: 1686697420897.jpg (236.87 KB, 1290x1517, Untitled-2.jpg)

The kids are alright.

No. 1605927

All their lives they’ve had alphabet soup propaganda shoved down their throats. They must be sick of it by now.

No. 1605932

must be somewhat bizarre going to school and surrounded by pride flags. i grew up in the 2000s-2010s and even though i went to catholic school being gay was never brought up. my family's closest neighbors were a lesbian couple and they were completely normal, just happened to be gay. i don't really understand why kids need this amount of exposure and why they need to be surrounded by it at school. my experiences were just "yeah, some people are gay. whatever"

No. 1605937

Same age group, I actually grew up in a very liberal school but even then my first exposure to gays were Big Gay Al on South Park and seeing two lesbians making out at the beach one time. I didn’t really need formal education about it, my brother told me they’re a thing that exists and it just made sense to me. I think it should be treated normally and not given special attention but also not hidden as if it doesn’t exist.

No. 1605972

No sense I arguing with these people. I'm also very against the same stances you are probably, but a) its on deaf ears and b) this anon is right >>1605558 none of these men would ever stand up for you.

No. 1605979

I honestly don't see this as a good sign. A lot of people involved in this "discourse" can't tell trannies/TRAs and LGB people apart. Unfortunately most people who are fiercely opposed to the LGBT lobby are also opposed to homosexuality.

No. 1605991

>Yes, people who were homophobic always had the "Pride is full of degenerate pedos raping kids" narrative.
I'm sorry that you think that only homophobes have a problem with gay men parading in fetish gear in front of children at Pride.

>That's because those millionaire trannies are straight people.

If the "millionaire trannies" are representative of straight people, are drag queens representative of gay people? Because there are regularly child drag show performers turning out to be sex offenders http://reduxx.info/page/2/?s=drag+ Get real, both straight and gay men can be degenerates and both are part of the movement to push their degeneracy in the mainstream.

>Did you miss the part about gay people not having the social credibility straight people have? Sure there are gay people who are complicit out of either naivety or desperation

Do they need social credibility to personally boycott events and theories that are supposedly only made and pushed by straight people? How come if they're gay they're complicit out of naivety but if they're straight it's calculated and out of malice?

No. 1606003

Bro gimme a fucking break. People are allowed to take pride in being a part of their country.

No. 1606025

Isn't the argument usually that kids shouldn't be at pride because it's the space people have to be stunning and brave latex clad retards? Not that I think degenerates should be degenerating in public, but I think people are usually either "kids belong in pride" or "kink belong in pride", not both at the same time.
Cringe. Who wants to bet they are those obnoxious unruly boys who never shut up in class?

No. 1606047

What does destroying pride flags have to do with being proud of being an American

No. 1606060

Don't understand why lesbians keep going to bat for gay men. Why noy let them dig their own graves wth their own behavior?

No. 1606065

Some lesbians still believe in solidarity even though gay men would throw them under the bus for a popper. Let it be remembered that the stunning and brave trannies who get propped up as Stonewall heroes were gay men who weren't even at the event in question. Marsha famously bullied a woman off stage to have a little hissy fit. Men will be men. It's deluded as fuck to go on the offense for them.

No. 1606069

Bruh I've literally seen children on their parents shoulders looking at half naked men wearing fetish gear and sex toys gyrating on eachother on the floats. 90% of the parade was just demonstating sex acts in public, and I live in a country where the culture is about uh not drawing attention to yourself in public.

No. 1606070

I've definitely seen both from the same crowd

No. 1606083

Why are you against children not wanting to have pride shit forced on them in schools?

No. 1606084

isn't the whole point of being murrican the freedom you're provided to do whatever the fuck you want and that also should include munch carpet or suck dick? or is it freedom until jesus says it is bad?

No. 1606087

Yeah and that includes the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Children don't like troons or pride shit.

No. 1606091

so you're fine with children spouting propaganda as long as it's nationalistic propaganda? nowhere sane kids would be pulling out any kind of flags and shouting their country name without people giving a massive side eye.

No. 1606102

Nonnie, I'm sure those kids are just radfems fed up with the sociopolitical climate of equality discussions, they are shouting USA to ask the State to not bend over to private economical interests that corrupted pride.

No. 1606103

Children and teens rebel and do edgy shit. Right now LGBT, pride and pronouns are being heavily shilled by the media and corporations, it's popular culture. Like the generations before them, they're just rejecting the mainstream.

No. 1606105

Christ, you really hate people being proud about their country, huh? Go sulk elsewhere. Nationalism isn't a bad thing, you're just pissed off that people called you out on it.

No. 1606106

File: 1686714378349.jpeg (6.35 KB, 250x244, BE3A2707-0C4A-4238-A659-EDEA8A…)

Yes, I’m fine with that.

No. 1606108

To be fair, appreciating where you were born is not nationalism kek

No. 1606111

Fuck. I'm >>1606105 and meant to write patriotism. Man, it's only Tuesday, too.

No. 1606125

Why would you be proud of being a burger tho?

No. 1606126

no, you actually mean nationalism kek americans will literally bomb other countries, provoke coups and manipulate elections and think it's okay because USA USA USA MUH FREEDOM and if you think that's not result of your nationalistic propaganda, you're delulu.

No. 1606130

Clearly that child is suicidal and hoping a school shooter ends their life soon.

No. 1606131

>the American government*

No. 1606132

NTA but nice job avoiding the question. Those children were indoctrinated by conservatives and you know it. Maybe they're just naturally rebelling against something that's being forced everywhere that they're fed up with, understandable, but this sentiment is clearly being exploited by the right wing. There's nothing wrong with loving your country either, but ignoring the weird "patrotism" when protesting against woke shit is just being obtuse. The most vocal protestors against trannies are right wing scrotes so it's not wrong to be suspicious of these things.

No. 1606142

I'm >>1606108 and that was my first comment in this infight. I'm not avoiding any questions and I didn't say anything about conservatism or the middle schoolers shouting "usa." I was just saying being appreciative of where you born isn't nationalism. Calm down, don't project shit onto my comment just cause you're mad people disagreed with you. I'm pretty grateful for being born in Canada, that's not nationalism kek.

No. 1606152

>Well sorry, but it's just a weird thing for you to focus on.
I didn't feel the need to give my opinion on the other stuff because I didn't have anything to add. I just felt that calling a bunch of dumb middle schoolers shouting usa "nationalistic propaganda" was silly so I responded to the comment. And I'm not sure whose comment you're greentexting but it's not mine. Chill out nonnie, of all the shitty comments in that infight why is mine the one you're choosing to get spergy about.

No. 1606153

Samefag but I'm not deleting my response again kek, either leave up what you want to say or don't bother replying lol

No. 1606154

Well sorry, but it's just a weird thing for you guys to focus on. We're talking about what is implicit in a bunch of kids being strangely "patriotic" when protesting a rainbow flag. No one said it's bad to like your country or being patriotic, just that it gives a different meaning to the incident.
You did not disagree with me (I have already said there's nothing wrong with patriotism in itself), you just chose to unnecessarily point something out that was completely irrelevant and took that little part out of context.
>Hey guys don't you think it's weird that these kids who are justifiably annoyed with woke shit also sound like right wing nationalists? Like why bring that up when it has nothing to do with homosexuality
>AKCHUALLY it's not wrong to love your country you sensitive snowflake!!!
That's basically how it went (and I'm not even the anon you all were replying to)
Also it is in fact possible for kids to spout right wing propaganda. If you can believe that wokeoid parents can make their children support trannies at school, the same is true for conservative parents and their children.
Yeah sorry for deleting my other post but I wanted to add something and then accidentally lost the text.

No. 1606161

My reply still stands, and I know you're not OP which makes it even weirder that you're singling out my comment to get mad about and add a bunch of other arguments I never even argued to begin with. I think you just wanna infight and you're going to project whatever you want onto my post so I'm not going to bother responding to any of your strawman arguments. I have hashbrowns to eat.

No. 1606164

Nta but if you make a post, people can reply to it. That's how internet works.

No. 1606166

Never said she couldn't

No. 1606172

Don't bother, the reading comprehension on here is abysmal

No. 1606173

I've seen the nu pride 2.0 intersex edition flag flown publicly in two spots already. What's on the roster for next year's addition? kek

No. 1606175

Just didn't get the "why'd you choose my post" part lol. That's how discussion works and anon replied to multiple posts.

No. 1606177

Aaah, now we get to the REAL meaning of your "argument". You don't like America.

No. 1606179

No one does.

No. 1606181

Because she was arguing all this stuff to me that I never said or posted, but other posts did, so I was wondering why she chose my comment to argue with. That's not how discussion works, that's just projection and strawmanning.

No. 1606183

old post but you type like a fat reddit autist man like this post just oozez the smug dorito crumbed smirk peeking through sad beard and seven chins while you lean back, with your unwashed t-shirt rising up and revealing your hairy fat gut, you scratch your ass and sigh and adjust your atheist fedora. you showed us all. you did it. you showed us dirty gays what degenerates we are. you won. your logic is fueled.

No. 1606184

With only being able to see two articles on the students right now, I'm willing to put money down on the USA chanting to be from a couple of students that the others joined in on with that pack mentality kids have. Sounds a lot better for the presses than, "children told to wear rainbows and that gay is greatness didn't like that very much."
Going to need video before branding kids as nationalistic radicals.

No. 1606185

Nta but she replied to multiple posts as if all those posts said the same thing, you both are retarded and don't know what discussion is

No. 1606187

>et it be remembered that the stunning and brave trannies who get propped up as Stonewall heroes were gay men who weren't even at the event in question. Marsha famously bullied a woman off stage to have a little hissy fit. Men will be men. It's deluded as fuck to go on the offense for them.

could you please even get your history right if you gonna larp, it was silvia also neither of these retards actually themselves decided that they're some stonewall heroes (with marsha being dead and all) it was the retarded straight trannies of tumblr.

we know you idiots hate lesbians too fuck off

No. 1606195

also dear pervert americans, just because your countrymen and women are unhinged morons and have psychosexual problems caused by your paradoxical sex obsessed purity culture doesn't mean everywhere else it is the same. i remember how 10 years ago pride was just about 5000 people marching down the street the going to sit in a park and listen to music. you never saw any families really. nothing flashy, though nowadays it's changed and become more popular but you all screaming how pride always was for perverts and half naked men, yeah i guess that's some perverted american problem but doesn't allign with experiences from people from smaller countries with smaller pride movements lol.

not to mention, you all act as if heteros never showcase their kink shit in public. there sure wasn't entire 50 shades of gray phase going on public media that was about straight bdsm shit. there are no straight women forcing their sex work propaganda on teenage girls. there were no cringe dom gifs by lanky ugly men circulating on tumblr, the website mainly used by teenage girls. like somehow straight people can do shit like this yet apparently it isn't grooming, straight people can have entire countries where it is perfectly legal for old men to fuck kids but that doesn't say anything about heterosexuality at all.

No. 1606201

You need to adjust your reading comprehension while you suit up to WK.
New flag should have a puzzle piece inside the big O.

No. 1606202

fwiw the people complaining about degeneracy at pride are fucking losers who don't go outside and are making shit up, unless they're fucking losers who are triggered by seeing shirtless men. pride parades are just happy gay people marching down the street and listening to music here too, with a lot of booths selling flag merchandise and handing out coupons. the problem with the anti troon threads is that they attract absolute braindead conservatards to this site who don't even post milk or anything funny anywhere, just constant psycho anti-lgbt ranting.

No. 1606235

It's obviously going to vary by location but I know older gay men who have stopped going after 20 years because it got too sexual for them. You're just lucky you live in a place where trans isn't at the forefront of LGBT

No. 1606236

File: 1686728912352.png (9.35 KB, 800x480, Sex_worker_inclusive_progress_…)

It will be the sex worker one that looks like an inflamed anus. Furries have their paws crossed but it's not their time yet.

No. 1606245

they will soon include bdsm tards on the flag

No. 1606281

>NTA but nice job avoiding the question. Those children were indoctrinated by conservatives and you know it.
It's not that deep. It's teens being contrarian and doing the opposite of what's considered acceptable behaviour. Right now pride, pronouns and troons = good, patriotism and conservatism = bad. A group of middle schoolers claimed that their pronouns were "USA" and this was a international news story that upset people is beyond ridiculous.

If you think I'm a male report me instead of writing a emotionally charged paragraph long epic clapback. Criticism is not inherently negative, it's often a process of recognising that something is wrong and discussing what can be done to improve something. Criticising the presence of children at pride is not homophobic, critiquing the corporate structures that have over taken pride is not homophobic, lamenting that pride is now for straight kink instead of LGB is not homophobic, observing what is happening at pride parades is also not homophobic.

No. 1606285

>NTA but nice job avoiding the question. Those children were indoctrinated by conservatives and you know it.
It's not that deep. It's teens being contrarian and doing the opposite of what's considered acceptable behaviour. Right now pride, pronouns and troons = good, patriotism and conservatism = bad. A group of middle schoolers claimed that their pronouns were "USA" and this was a international news story that upset people is beyond ridiculous.

If you think I'm a male report me instead of writing a emotionally charged paragraph long epic clapback. Criticism is not inherently negative, it's often a process of recognising that something is wrong and discussing what can be done to improve something. Criticising the presence of children at pride is not homophobic, critiquing the corporate structures that have over taken pride is not homophobic, lamenting that pride is now for straight kink instead of LGB is not homophobic, observing what is happening at pride parades is also not homophobic.

No. 1606297

>If you think I'm a male report me instead of writing a emotionally charged paragraph long epic clapback.

No. 1606359

No. 1606368


Im not american and I've literally seen it with my own two eyes. Want me to go this year and take pictures for you, or are tou hell bent on denying reality no matter what. And the reality is that gross faggots with an exhibition kink are flauting their fetishes in public. Why are lesbians aalways caping so hard for perverted faggots exactly? They dont give two shits about you.

Even famous and famously flamboyant men in my country has spoken up about how pride is embarrassing for them and only makes them seem like gross perverts and clowns.

No. 1606376

U swear if they left the gay flag as it was there wouldn't be backlash like there is now. Imagery is extremely potent. It's hard to hate on the rainbow. It's easy to hate on the new pride flag monstrosity.

No. 1606378

They hate you because you speak the truth. Chanting USA gives away that it's most likely some MAGA lite-alt right bullshit. Burgers are weird kek

No. 1606390

File: 1686751738170.jpeg (89.71 KB, 1170x1220, IMG_2549.jpeg)

Ewwwwww what the fuck? another day I am happy I am not a burger(b8)

No. 1606395

Glad to hear that Biden likes even gay kids climbing up his hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun

No. 1606414

File: 1686754533629.jpg (60.19 KB, 624x610, b62d21d064ae429820db5b75254b68…)

No. 1606426

File: 1686755546960.jpg (32.85 KB, 360x270, 20230614_081304.jpg)

They're quick to call lesbian anons LARPers when it's very suspect that their lesbian defense posting is all about moids. Smells like political lesbian in here.
Children in school should be protected from being bullied based on sexuality. They should feel safe to go to school. End of. What's happening in the US right now? This isn't protecting gay kids. Why is it so imperative to teach kids about gays and trans when they're not old enough to know how babies are made? This would have confused me more.

No. 1606429

Tbh, I like the crazy stuff they keep adding because it pisses the right people off. The flag is going to look ugly as fuck, but if it pisses off people like Desantis even more, good. Love seeing these reeeeing idiots over the more mundane stuff because they are the ones that make it the bigger deal lol

No. 1606434

Nta, but what are you talking about? I'm sorry anon, but I learned about kids in kindergarten. This idea that kids are some brand of human to be repressed until a certain age, which is only determined by arbitrary personal rules, but are old enough to be taught about how kittens and dogs and chickens are born, seems redundant. Just seems like an entire smokecreen to cover up this desperation to control people's thinking in general. The pledge and religious propaganda can be thrown at a kid at a young age, but forbid them from knowing how life works in general outside of religious pedophile cult brainwashing? Okay. Knowing how humans are born isn't some form of grooming.

No. 1606438

Who are these sources of "famous and famously flamboyant" people? I can't imagine only looking to cis men for takes.

No. 1606444

File: 1686757297133.jpg (63.62 KB, 634x602, 72090055-12190331-One_straight…)

pretty sure you're right. The article shows that these kids were being encouraged by their parents to sperg out over fairly innocuous stuff, picrel being an example. Like what middle schooler organically says "You know, mom, that's offensive to me, I am straight"? That's a direct quote from one of the parents of the students. This honestly just reads as a fight between two groups of attention seekers.

No. 1606446

>The pledge and religious propaganda can be thrown at a kid at a young age
NTA. And that is also wrong. Children should not be indoctrinated by either side. They should be allowed to develop their own opinions as their mental capacity develops. It's likely that their opinions will change over time anyway. Explaining to children that men can be in relationships with men and women can be in relationships with women and that's perfectly normal is enough.

No. 1606448

If you bring up that you don't have to have normal sex to have babies, then yeah. That kind of brings that into the explanation equation. Especially if you're from a household where you are a IVF or adopted baby.

No. 1606449

Yeah they shouldn't be teaching kids about faith and creationism, either.
>but are old enough to be taught about how kittens and dogs and chickens are born, seems redundant.
As I said, these are kids that haven't had that talk more often than not. Is it not weird we are teaching kids about being gay before sex ed? Would that not be a more appropriate venue for this?

No. 1606454

Not really. Teaching about relationships within the world isn't any different from teaching about how race shouldn't be looked at discriminatorily. People just want to look at it through a lense of indoctrination when they aren't indoctrinating kids to be gay. A kid doesn't look at rainbows or learn about babies and suddenly become gay or lesbian. However, teaching someone that America can do no wrong or that God will save the world is way different and that's brainwashing.

No. 1606458

No. 1606465

Never said anything about indoctrination. Saying two men or two women can be in love to explain to a child whats going on at their uncle's wedding is different from Erika Moen books and drag queen story hour. Focusing on teaching human sexuality at a young age is weird, and it would be called a lot worse than weird if it was about being straight. But I personally believe the shit like that, cuddle-room teacher, and hentai chest science guy are being pushed intentionally to swing so far back that teachers won't be able to talk about it at all. I know a teacher right now who was told to remove her ace pin. It's already happening.

No. 1606480

There are so many books about kid's bodies and puberty and how to use the toilet with explicit material that even existed before Erika. Why does no one bring up the 90s books? Again, it's because it's just fake outrage.

No. 1606484

Just to add, another good example is the book, that I bet no Zoomers have ever seen, which is "Once Upon A Potty". The nudity in this book would cause people to turn over in their graves today, but no one cared back then because politics weren't trying to push this fake 'save the kids' agenda as they did back then. Best comparison Reagan years regarding anything about the community.

No. 1606486

Using the toilet isn't sexual. Explicitly showing children how adults have sex is a form of sexual grooming. Early exposure to sex can cause hypersexuality and can make children more susceptible to being abused by adults.

No. 1606490

You're talking about people trying to go outside of the whole basic explanations, which is what most people think is happening. Apparently girl + boy with these body parts = baby isn't outrageous to teach. Especially when you have family units where parents are actively pregnant. There's so many stupid stories of kids being 12, homeschooled, and still thought babies come in deliveries and not the birthing kind. What age is apparently appropriate, what if a kid wants to know or asks 'where do babies come from' which is a massive inquiry as simple as 'why is the sky blue'?

No. 1606492

The loss of distinction between sex education and pooping.. We are so fucked.

No. 1606495

Tranny genocide in the making, am I right?

No. 1606516

Talking about the graphics in the books.

No. 1606522

>where do babies come from
What do you say then? Because I’m sure you don’t bring up a chart and give a 45 minutes class about how to have sex and how the child comes out of the mom after 10 hours of pushing from the vagina.
You just tell the kids “When mom and dad love each other a lot, they get married and they get a baby” that’s it. Then you let the teachers tell them how it works in a formal setting during the proper class when they’re a bit older and are experiencing puberty.
A 5 years old child doesn’t need to know the details because it’s plain unnecessary, just distract them with a book about a mermaid princess and the curiosity about the topic will fade away.

No. 1606527

Why do I know you have never been around kids kek

No. 1606530

I agree, although you can give your kids a little more than that. There's a way to describe sex to kids in a sentence or two. Anyone discussing how sexual acts work at length to kids under puberty level is straight up weird.

No. 1606541

File: 1686764645202.png (572.29 KB, 648x1184, Screenshot (2).png)

The one person who deserves to be deserved to be honored most in Pride.

No. 1606542

It's so weird to skirt around telling your child what sex is. That will only make the idea more nebulous and taboo to them, when really it's just a fact of life that can be explained very plainly. Like >>1606530 says, you only need a sentence or two. My parents basically just said something like "When grownups love eachother they can have sex, which is when the penis goes into the vagina. This feels good for them and can also make the woman pregnant, and after she is pregnant for nine months a baby is born". Which is imo a perfectly acceptable way to explain sex to a child and satisfying their curiosities without lying or making a big thing out of it. Most kids will just be like 'oh okay', maybe figure grownups seem pretty weird for doing that, and go on with their day.
As kids get older maybe they'll want to know more, in which case you can just neutrally tell them about how sperm and eggs work. It's unnecessary to go into more detail on sexuality and desire until they hit puberty and start developing sexual interests themselves.

No. 1606549

my mom probably wishes she had told me about sex before my abuser did it for her, because he used the opportunity to convince me that what he was doing to me was natural and acceptable

No. 1606557

I know you don’t have kids but I worry for them if you ever do. Puberty isn’t a set age for all children, and after puberty’s onset is too late to begin sex education. That conversation theoretically can be delayed to your daughter’s first period, but if you wait until a school teaches your daughter about sex ed - with many schools teaching abstinence only - you could very well end up with a pregnant 11 year old because you were too chicken-shit so your tard daughter thought she physically could not have a baby unless she was married.

No. 1606560

Nta, but also the idea that "when two people love each other" is how babies are made is a load of crock, that's brainwashing IMO. Babies aren't just made by couples who are monogomous and together. Knowing how babies are made as a woman, was really important growing up because of the horrible situations I was put in when alone with male teachers and not understanding what good and bad attention was because it wasn't some storyline on how babies are made. You can't pretend that babies aren't made by basics of how sex works. Kids aren't stupid and there are concepts they can understand and a lot of it comes with explaining in a way that also equates to understanding who is allowed to engage in that type of content with the child at hand and making sure they understand.

They are basically allowed to understand that they should stay away from strange men and you're not going to explain why? There are dangers out there that pretending they don't have to worry about their body because they don't need to know is dangerous. A lot of female children learn this the hard way based off of things are early as being catcalled at 5.

No. 1606565

A great example to counter that anon is the whole conservative children lashing out and being hypersexual past puberty. Anon's logic that teaching kids this stuff early makes them hypersexual is a terrible idea to perpetuate on their part.

No. 1606572

My mum said aged 2 I asked "how do you get a baby? I want one" and she said "they're for adults because adults make them. The daddy puts his willy in the mummy's vagina and the baby grows inside the tummy then comes back out the vagina"

I have no memory of this conversation no doubt in part because I wouldn't have understood a word kek, yet she answered it honestly. I don't remember thinking about babies again until I was 6 or something and asked and she said the same thing again and told me the anecdote above. I understood it this time and thought 'gross' and that was that.

I don't get the song and dance tbh.

No. 1606580

Yeah, I think that’s why it has a transparent “window” for top surgery scars that gendies like to show so much

No. 1606583

>the idea that "when two people love each other" is how babies are made is a load of crock
I get what you mean, parents shouldn't imply that you have to love each other to make babies or have sex, just that that's how it's supposed to go. Eg, also mention that sometimes bad people try to do sexual things when the other person doesn't want it, and that it's never okay for someone to touch you or treat you in a way you aren't comfortable with.

No. 1606590

God istg you are being dense on purpose. I never said only look to the gospel of gay men for the ulitmate truth, it was an example that even out and proud gay men in my country are viewing the current pride as embarrassing for them. Jesus you're annoying.

No. 1606592

I don't presume to know the life of every trauma anon here, but knowing about sex doesn't stop a child rapist. That's kind of the whole thing about being a predator.

No. 1606607

I think this argument is based on a misunderstanding. No one is arguing that age appropriate sex education is bad, the argument is that exposing children to explicit sexual material is wrong. Children in elementary school do not need to know about anal sex, fellatio or how to troon out.

No. 1606689

i don't think your moms explanation is very appropriate for a 2yo child but what do i know i guess

No. 1606690

replied to the wrong post im so dumb sorry nonnas

No. 1606771

Why not? It's a 2 year old, what do you think is going to happen if you explain it like that?

No. 1606861

as a person who went through catholic schooling and abstinence-only education, i learned most things through peers and the internet (not porn thankfully, just googling genuine questions). i had friends who had sex in high school and it was pretty normal for them to tell their female friends about it. in my experience the things i felt i should have been learning in "sex ed" (if you can even call it that lol) was about my own anatomy and menstruation. my mom obviously told me before i got my first period what would happen but i think girls should learn details of the entire menstrual cycle in middle school, when i took anatomy and physiology classes in college the menstrual cycle was really complicated for me to learn. and i genuinely thought the entire inner labia was the clitoris until i was 20. i think kids/teens would really benefit from a healthy balance of topics in sex ed, and ones that are easily understood by their age group. honestly, i really liked the lady who gave us the abstinence talk, she was down to earth and honest about her experiences and when i was 20 i really damaged myself by sleeping around- i think back to some things she said and she was right. fearmongering and purity obsession is unhealthy though imo, and she did not do that.


No. 1606897

There's also no reason to expose third graders to social theories. Activists seemingly have no qualms about targeting young children. I don't know how many of you remember D.A.R.E– same story, different moral panic.

No. 1606901

>Explaining to children that men can be in relationships with men and women can be in relationships with women and that's perfectly normal

This is where your ideology comes in, you want to indoctrinaste children that homosexual relationships are normal. Parents should be the ones who tell their children about the existence of homosexual relationships, if they decide to tell them.

No. 1606903

If an individual is gay, telling them being gay is not a thing in childhood is not gonna delete their gay. It's only going to cause them self hate and shame.

No. 1606907

Was just scrolling by, wtf is going on in this thread kek wtf

No. 1606908

but they are normal

No. 1606909

tradthots hate fags because their kyles can't stop masturbating to tiktok "traps"

No. 1606912

OT but D.A.R.E. was such a laughable failure.
Many such cases!

No. 1606915

Hadn’t weighed in on this until now but sometimes people are just gay, it’s fine if a kid knows that. No need to show them gay sex or something wildly inappropriate but it’s not gonna hurt them to know it’s a thing.

No. 1606917

No straight man masturbates to trap tiktokers, only soyboys who in private admit they aren't real women do, but thanks for outting yourself as a tranny

No. 1606922

>If an individual is gay, telling them being gay is not a thing in childhood is not gonna delete their gay

And just for that, you want to tell the 97% of children who are heterosexual that homosexual relationships are supposedly normal, even if their parents disagree?

Define "normal".

No. 1606924

Why do their parents disagree? Where are you coming from here, are you a parent or what?

No. 1606925

>but sometimes people are just gay, it’s fine if a kid knows that

Children do not need to know about the existence of sexual perverts.

No. 1606927

Lol come on, stop baiting

No. 1606928

ok tradthot, have you checked your kyle's pornhub search? careful, he might be a sexual pervert too.

No. 1606930

>you want to indoctrinaste children that homosexual relationships are normal
There's a difference between information and indoctrination. Explaining to children that gay people exist is not indoctrinating them.

No. 1606933

for them explaining anything that defies their fundie worldview is indocrinating, except telling kids they will go to hell if they don't obey an imaginary father figure.

No. 1606951

I feel sorry for children, they caught in a ideological conflict where both sides are fucking insane.

No. 1606958

how is telling children gay people exist comparable to telling them anything wrong they do (on purpose or not) might send them to a place where they will suffer for an eternity?

No. 1606976

Why are you assuming the other side is automatically religious? Fuck off. I'm a child abuse survivor and I want children to not be exposed to anything sexual until they're at a proper, mature age. And yet you think I must be religious for wanting that. Seriously, go fuck yourself, you piece of disgusting shit.

No. 1606983

AYRT. I'm this >>1606930 anon. The neutral middle ground is informing children that gay people exist because that's reality. The far left is enforced pronouns, trooning out elementary schoolers, denigration of heterosexuality and denial of biology, the far right is denial of human sexuality, sexual repression and religious dogma. Both are wrong because they deny children the truth.

No. 1606984

why dont you define abnormal? the fuck?

No. 1606985

nta but much more of the population is heterosexual than homosexual. it is more common, i don't know if "normal" is the best word to use

No. 1606989

Are you playing dumb or something?

No. 1606995

File: 1686792958014.png (30.03 KB, 512x512, 1473812746974.png)

infact i am… i'm just happy u noticed me.

No. 1606997

maybe youd have a point if gay people were so few and far between that it would be rare to know someone whos gay, but its not. i dont even think you need to tell your kids about gay people unless it comes up, because to me its just normal and not something worthy of putting unnecessary emphasis on, but if a kid is confused by seeing a gay couple i would answer them if they asked something like "why are those girls kissing" or "why does my friend have 2 mommies" i dont see how thats indoctrination, but i also dont see why liberal parents are so obsessed with educating their kids about every little thing that doesnt really matter to a 6 year old. i saw this deaf woman make a video all pissed off one time because she was at the park with her kid and some other child asked an "insensitive" question and she was saying that people need to educate their children on disabilities, and i just dont see the point. asking questions is how kids learn and you cant sit your child down and explain every little nuance about the world.

No. 1606998

No. 1607008

Why does a middle school need to even think about pride? holyshit, they are trying to groom them younger and younger.

No. 1607012

Dont get it either. I'm a lesbian and I will never cap for gay men because they're still men. They've done nothing but make pride a race to see who get be more degenerate when lesbians just want to get married and live in peace. Men always make it about sex and degradation. Never cap for any man.

No. 1607014

This thread will be hilarious in retrospective, when gay shit is not relevant anymore

No. 1607017

it is statistically less likely for someone to be gay than straight. i don't think that holds any weight over the morality of it though. not saying you are, i just jumped into the convo as i've been reading it.
i agree there's only reason to bring it up if your kid asks a question. i was raised catholic and remember as a kid a friend's younger sister asked "what if girls could marry girls?" and i just laughed bc i didn't know what to say (i was maybe 10 or 11). i think it's stupid how far left parents are absolutely obsessed with making their children progressive because it's not about acceptance it's no different than extremely religious parents forcing their kids to have the same beliefs without question. i think the best thing is to just make sure a kid knows that it's not always appropriate to make certain comments to people. i have a 6yo niece and sometimes she says shit to me that kind of pisses me off bc it's insensitive but kids literally have underdeveloped minds. so i'm witnessing that in real time. one time i was alone with her and she kept picking her wedgie and i laughed and told her hey it happens to everyone, just go to the bathroom and fix it in private. it's just small stuff that comes up where you have to be the adult and help a kid navigate things. i feel like there's no reason to bring all the progressive bs up unless they ask or maybe seem confused.

it IS the pride thread after all.

gay men are 99% coomers. i've never seen a lesbian do or say the shit a faggot does.

No. 1607028

>far left parents
Nonna, supporting LGBTQIA+ shit isn't "far left", it's just liberalism. They are extreme with their virtue-signalling, sure, but "radical left" and "far right" have concrete meanings that are unrelated to gender and sexuality stuff.

No. 1607033

I don't think this is going away anytime soon. It's the new battle in the culture wars. Corporations have either invested too much money into it already or are too dependent on ESG money to let it go.

>supporting LGBTQIA+ shit isn't "far left"
Yes is it. LGB deserve people's support. T needs to 41% itself and Q,I,A aren't a sexuality and + means MAPS which need to die in a fire.

No. 1607042

okay yeah i agree with you, i also want to clarify the supposed insensitive question in the video i was talking about was just the kid asking about her hearing aid, and it wasnt even a rude question. but yeah i agree if your kid unintentionally says something messed up you should definitely talk them about what is appropriate to ask people you dont know.

No. 1607056

>Yes is it.
Do you know what right wing and left wing mean? They're not defined by whether or not you support gay people or trannies.
Left-wing people tend to support these causes, and right-wing people tend to oppose them. But at the same time you can find a lot of people on both sides that hold an opposite opinion on homosexuality and transsexuality, and it doesn't make them belong to the opposite side of the political spectrum. I'm just saying your use of "far left" is incorrect here, mostly because the strongest supporters of trannies are usually liberals, who are definitely not "far left", they're politically center as liberalism is a form of capitalism.
And because of this, there are many in the radical left, though their voices are unheard, who oppose LGBTQIA+ because they know it's a liberal capitalist psyop designed to sow division and make huge profits (though it must be noted that most of them do distinguish between this and LGB, which obviously deserves support).

No. 1607096

yeah asking about a hearing aid i'd assume a kid would just ask "what's that" which isn't even rude

No. 1607121

>LGB deserve people's support


No. 1607151

Tranny shit in particular can only exist within capitalism so I laugh heartily every time I see a pink, white, and blue commie.
Also to add that tranny shit is PC conversion therapy for the left and I can not be convinced otherwise.

No. 1607266

>like somehow straight people can do shit like this yet apparently it isn't grooming
this is such a ridiculous argument to make on lc, there are entire threads dedicated to trashing degenerates/groomers, it's only when they aren't straight that it becomes controversial like itt. everywhere you can see posts about moids deserving to die because they're all coombrained pedos, but say one thing about the gay kinksters at pride and suddenly it's homophobia and "how come nobody never complains about straight groomers??!" on lc of all places
>straight people can have entire countries where it is perfectly legal for old men to fuck kids but that doesn't say anything about heterosexuality at all.
straight people have their own countries now? you think in those countries gay men abstain and just watch from afar? even in the countries where gay sex was/is supposedly frowned upon, men have always made sure to create loopholes and fucked young boys under the pretense of educating/punishing them or whatever the fuck

No. 1607542

'Cause anon thinks they're just a group of angels as opposed to individuals with their own personalities, beliefs, and minds. This kind of shit is why I hate pride month, or any holiday celebrating "groups". People are individuals, treat them as such.

No. 1607544

> Smells like political lesbian in here.
as if polilezzies weren't the biggest purity obsessed sex phobic weirdos in this damn planet who fill flip their shit if you say that you wanna fuck a woman

No. 1607554

oh shut up you retard. that's such a nice thought oh people are individuals treat them as such but the unfortunate fact is that for example women, gay people, etc aren't treated as individuals but as some sort of hivemind mass of hysterical baby incubating bitches who deserve no rights, perverted abnormal pedophiles who deserve no rights etc. sorry that fags and dykes get a little bit of attention.

i'm an esl you know what i meant you willfully stupid retard. see the word LEGAL, there are entire countries where it is LEGAL for old men to diddle kids while gay relationships between adults are forbidden. kid diddling is so normal for hets that it is LEGALLY ALLOWED in entire countries.

also so fucking what if we have generally a bit more anti coomer mindset on this website, oh cool neets here trash degenerates that sure tells a lot about the general population's thought process.

No. 1607565

>I agree Islam will never be a threat to the west as a whole
Kys. It's totally rotten cult based on literal war manual. All islamic moids are taught to be like their retarded pedo and zoophile prophet. Saudis and Turks fund islamic terrorism to wreck the west and loads of moids who are sent to europe are fucking radicalized

No. 1607601

What is right and left shifts with time. The current political paradigm is social instead of economic. The concept of left and right comes from the seating of the French National Assembly during the French Revolution where monarchists would have been on the right and revolutionaries would have been on the left.

No. 1607649

>kid diddling is so normal for hets that…
so you took homophobes' argument against the gays to make it against the straights? how clever, that'll show them!! if pedophilia is normal for straight men, it's also normal for gay men dumbass.
>…it is LEGALLY ALLOWED in entire countries.
non-democratic islamic shitholes where they marry children and prohibit homosexuality don't speak for straight (or gay) people as a whole, and you know very well that these men don't respect their own rules. homosexuality was/is also frowned upon by the church yet i'm sure you've heard of boys being diddled by grown men there too. you're doing your best i'm sure but this is so very retarded.

No. 1607802

File: 1686838466539.jpg (41.72 KB, 800x450, agree.jpg)

so you agree kiddy diddling has nothing to do with being LGB?

No. 1607812

Lol tell me you were born after 9/11 without blatantly telling me you were born after 9/11. Moron.

No. 1607814

Terrorism is disruptive when it happens but it's not an existential threat to our way of life.

No. 1607815

>oh shut up you retard
>sorry that fags and dykes get a little bit of attention
Lol "Let's stand up for the rights of others, but let's make fun of mentally disabled people too!" You're a piece of work, anon. Miss me with that double standards shit.

No. 1607817

File: 1686839717441.jpg (13.39 KB, 199x344, 1685113907694.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1607835

>sorry that fags and dykes get a little bit of attention
>A little bit
LGBT propaganda is at its highest right now, corporations cather to the LGBT, there are thousands ""coming out"" or trying to be some flavor of homo, queer characters get inserted in every new show or movie, we cannot even escape that damn flag

You cannot be for real, your asses are literally everywhere

No. 1607843

So what tho? Do you want soulless corporations to capitalize on you as well?

No. 1607849

Then what were you arguing about? Cause that was what the anon who started this discussion was arguing about, maybe you're the one who started talking about something else then.

No. 1607851

i was never arguing the opposite and you know it. when your bullshit has been called out you can just stop replying you know, you don't have to start playing dumb like this

No. 1607855

my posts >>1607266 >>1607649 so maybe that was a misunderstanding

No. 1607918

this is the closest i've come to seeing someone have a stroke live on lolcow lmao. calm down brainlet(infighting)

No. 1607963

Too bad this thread has turned to shit, last year's was mostly les/bi anons making fun of kweerios and corporate pandering, but since the weird tradfag and moid invasion we can't have nice things anymore.

No. 1607994

I guess we are still stuck with the kiwis who are too retarded to use tor

No. 1608020

Is kiwi still down?

No. 1608146

File: 1686860088652.png (231.16 KB, 838x1024, 67A1A1C0-820E-42BC-B917-936164…)

unfortunately, yes.

No. 1608239

File: 1686865813416.jpg (24.95 KB, 574x427, DsTboLOU8AEnDJ7.jpg)