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File: 1678276321757.png (2.37 MB, 1500x1000, pride shinji.png)

No. 1518006

Pride month is still far away as the creation of this thread but I wanted to make it already so we can input our predictions and general thoughts. Discuss

No. 1518031

File: 1678280417326.jpg (92.14 KB, 686x640, 99b6b11de015958084a36c026fbaf6…)

my prediction: furries and guys with mommy fetishes will say they're part of LGBT now

No. 1518033

the effing OP image KEK

No. 1518317

It's already happening in a way, I keep seeing white gays online saying that pride is all about sex as an act which means that people parading naked and/or in fetish gear are more than welcome. Even some guys I know irl think so. And in my country they're making the whole months about minority as a whole so me being a straight non white woman is included kek, this is nonsense.

No. 1518333

So true. Last year one of the biggest groups in my town's pride parade were people in BDSM gear waving banners with the BDSM flag on them, a few of them had furry costumes on and were leashed to their "owners", and of course kids see a big fuzzy costume and want to hug and take pictures with it. Just creepy all around.

No. 1518463

Mainstream rappers in 2033 will be proud furries. Yiffing with my crew, pull up with a woof, scoobydoobedoo, my tail never blue

No. 1518746

Kek pride month threads are always fun. Besides the usual discourse being rehashed I predict that this year there might be more discussion and thinkpieces about polyamory and how it's totally queer and subversive. Maybe it's just my area but I've been seeing way more people on apps and just in general online calling themselves poly or "ethically nonmonogamous" or "solo poly" if they're single. And they're all the same people who are they/thems and/or some variation of spicy straight so it seems inevitable it'll be involved in pride milk soon enough

No. 1518750

I think the greater Seattle polycule will create the next pandemic. They have Covid 3000 cooking up in those sweaty cheeks. And yeah they all think it’s very queer to have straight sex as long as several ugly people with manic panic hair dye are involved

No. 1518875

I wish for this year's pride thread to actually have lesbians in it instead of just straight people and shoeonhead tier bihets digging up r/TiA tier screenshots of neurodivergent genderspecial teenagers and unhinged sex pest babyfur polycules to justify blatant homophobia and "why do we need pride anyway?!" sentiments.

No. 1519186

I'd love that too but given the amount of milk these specimens produce it's likely to be drowned out.

No. 1519605

the op image is sending me kekkkk

No. 1519850

What a nice Eva meme you have there.

No. 1519853

Can't wait to avoid all establishments that display the trans flag again! Yay! I gotta be thankful for the Pride month - it helps me to save money.

No. 1519862

Whether anyone ITT wants to accept it or not, G part of the LGBT has more than enough furries and pup mask moids to back that.

No. 1520646

I predict a return of the following type of thinkpieces and discourses:

>"here's why kink belongs at pride and why i'm teaching my kids brayden and kayden about leather and pup masks this pride month"

>"i'm a bi woman who hates pussy and one time a lesbian was mean to me and my poly soyboyfriend at pride"
>"friendly reminder that trans folks and especially trans women are being literally genocided by terfs like jk rowling. after the release of hogwarts legacy, pride is more important and political than ever"
>"my three year old identifies as genderfluid. is there a place for them at pride?"
>"without onlyfans and its content creators, pride becomes meaningless and alarmingly white"

No. 1532267

I predict the Trans Genocide will be a trashfire topic this summer

No. 1532271

>after the release of hogwarts legacy, pride is more important and political than ever
The way gendies are so obsessed over a videogame is so fucking funny. They sound like christian moms from the 90s and 2000s and somehow they think there's nothing wrong with that. It's just a fucking game. Stop being a womanchild, Aiden. People in the real world actually have problems and people playing a silly video game is not one of them. So immature.

No. 1556134

Has anyone noticed the gradual creep of "Pride Month" stuff happening outside of June? At my university some student(?) orgs have seemingly decided that Pride month is April, and so they're having a bunch of drag queen and "queer" events happening on campus this month. I'm not sure if that means we'll get double Pride stuff in June. Maybe they're just frontloading all of the Pride stuff before everyone leaves campus for the summer?

No. 1556160

They probably do want to do something before everyone leaves for the summer, especially now that everyone's getting sick of Furry Tranny Celebration Month.

No. 1556243

The troons and handmaidens at my work are already planning for pride month and how to bug management into doing something, and a couple of the places I volunteer at are holding events for queer people and shoehorning drag queens into things. I suggested we call these events for "LGBT people" as queer makes many people like myself uncomfortable and I had a straight girl lecture me and call me "queerphobic" even though I'm openly lesbian. This is all starting to feel like the beginning of my supervillain backstory.

No. 1556294

Rainbow flags hang out 365 days a year - a literal eternal summer.

No. 1556379

>I suggested we call these events for "LGBT people" as queer makes many people like myself uncomfortable and I had a straight girl lecture me and call me "queerphobic" even though I'm openly lesbian.
I'll be your supervillain henchman anon, this just broke my mind. I'm now convinced that "queer" is just a Trojan horse for straight people to hop abroad and shoehorn themselves into Pride because they can't cope with the thought of not being included. Any guesses on what colors will be added to the pride flag this year because kweers are too special to fit under the rainbow umbrella?

No. 1556538

File: 1682127551724.jpeg (47.84 KB, 604x404, 9BC481B7-DF2E-4460-83C1-30436F…)


No. 1556544

It is ok to cover a dog in pie filling, but it is not ok to cover a cat in glue. Makes sense.

No. 1556550

DA, I predict there'll be more discourse about "trans kids" and how it's genocide to not let 13 year olds have top surgery or take puberty blockers, more about polyamory being it's subverting norms or something, plus the usual bullshit about whether kink belongs at pride

No. 1557327

No. 1578731

File: 1684198639194.png (10.92 KB, 619x320, tkgopkop4gkpo.png)

Saw seasonal pride merch in two different shops today both iirc with picrel flag (I think it's brave of these big businesses to add troon colours to the flag when they're currently being genocided). Like christmas, corporate pride month starts early, nonas!

No. 1578735

i hope he suffers the fate of every rapper

No. 1578745

Justin trudeau claimed that all summer was pride season

No. 1578759

I don't think homosexual babyfurs find themselves in drive by shootings unfortunately

No. 1578771

File: 1684203029855.jpg (63.41 KB, 719x662, macdeau.jpg)

Kek I'm sure he did

No. 1578800

File: 1684206068459.png (244.01 KB, 1080x1080, we need hate.png)

No. 1579262

>Maybe they're just frontloading all of the Pride stuff before everyone leaves campus for the summer?
My university did the same thing ("Gaypril"), but I'm pretty sure it's just logistics since yeah, only grad students are going to be around in June and I don't think they do any big events then.

No. 1580132

Same. I avoid any place that use the dumb flag with the trans triangle in it. I notice that some establishments still stick with the old flag though. I want to think that this is a subtle dig at the transgender madness by refusing to use the altered flag, but I could be wrong. I try to support those places instead.

No. 1580141

kek I also avoid businesses who hang the triangle troon pride flag and am happy when I see the traditional rainbow flag

No. 1580228

>I'm now convinced that "queer" is just a Trojan horse for straight people to hop abroad and shoehorn themselves into Pride because they can't cope with the thought of not being included.
Super late reply but you are 100% correct, anon.

No. 1580366

Same. Nothing turns me around faster than seeing that troonpride flag. It's disgusting.

No. 1581404

File: 1684473409182.png (103.69 KB, 680x680, image (2).png)

Never heard of this day before but saw it everywhere. With it being so close to June it feels redundant to me.

No. 1581407

I didn’t see the small text at the top and I thought this was a shitpost of a fictional holiday just for being [xyz]phobic lmao

No. 1581481

can't believe the rainbow in the pride flag is slowly disappearing kek
which is ironic and/or redundant since the rainbow is supposed to include everyone anyways but of course troons think they're the most important in lgbtetc+ now

No. 1581726

the one time I went to a pride event, it was just dudes hitting on women lol

No. 1581831

Is interphobia really all that common? Even the conservative fucks recognize intersex conditions is a birth defect.

No. 1581855

just another weird ploy to make transgenderism seem more legitimate it seems. it's really bizarre since they are just people born with ambiguous genitalia. i don't think any intersex people ever identified with the TRA movement nor did they ask to be part of it. i feel that many intersex people could be offended and feel patronized that trannies co-opted an actual congenital occurance to somehow make their delusional mental illness to appear more like a biological issue. i've never seen any instance of any intersex individual speaking about this though, so maybe they just try to ignore it and live their life.

No. 1582256

I want to hear about any lame stuff that your workplace is doing for pride month. My work booked a B-list gay actor to do a zoom AMA. I’m probably not going to watch, but at least it’s an actual gay person and not an “I only like men but if I were really drunk I might kiss Margot Robbie” fake bisexual or a T or Q, so I’ll give them some credit for that.

No. 1583374

This year I want to repeat how pride month was not thanks to "a black trans woman", does anyone have a video where that man is interviewed assuring that he is not trans? Videos I watched on YouTube no longer appear

No. 1583384

I have seen people claim that intersex babies are given unnecessary surgeries and end up making their development worse or whatever. I guess the interphobia is in saying that being a physical condition does not belong to lgb

No. 1583387

I thought intersex people often don’t want to be labeled at part of the rainbow parade? Being intersex is not about sexual attraction like being gay is.

No. 1583392

File: 1684684692342.jpg (220.88 KB, 1530x2048, dbd pride flags.jpg)

Dead by Daylight (game where you murder and kill people to win) has added a bunch of new pride flags that people can put on their characters with more variations to come since people right away began to complain that their super special flag wasn't announced. I can't wait to have survivors telling me I'm whateverphobic because I killed their character with a tiny pride flag on them. I've already seen people in the community talk about how they will ruin the matches for anyone who puts the "wrong" flag on a character they have deemed trans, kek, or assume someone who isn't wearing a flag is a bigot.

No. 1583443

I never played dbd but afaik you play with an already preexisting character, right? No a custom one. Like those kids from stranger things or whichever show/game they collab? Why would you put that on an existing character? God I hope the company rips off anyone who buys this, they deserve it. Treating sexuality like some kind of fandom jfc

No. 1583503

where is the rainbow flag

No. 1583537

what an absolute joke modern gaming is.

No. 1583538

The rainbow flag is a totally super evil flag that’s not inclusive to trannies and somehow people of color because not being white is also a sexuality.

No. 1583607

Rainbow flag and muh progress flag was added last year, they're just adding more on top of them this year, kek.

No. 1583797

Why does this game draw in so many genderspecials? I was really into horror for a long time and remember the horror community being mostly older chill dudes and maybe some pick-mes, but the gender crowd didn’t infiltrate until several years ago and I don’t understand where they came from. It was enough to put me off from ever playing this game though when I started seeing people share art of ghostface with chest scars and stuff like that.

No. 1583799

File: 1684710780696.jpeg (319.58 KB, 750x3492, IMG_1670.jpeg)

Late but this made me think of a post I saw earlier.

No. 1584024

The triangle trans flag was added to the game last year though. They always want more, more, more. It's stupid to add all of these nonsense made-up shit flags and I'm gonna hate seeing them in the game.
For some reason genderspecials (especially aidens) have latched onto fictional franchise killers. And they all play Nea or Dwight.
I support this.

No. 1584027

File: 1684738576173.jpg (50.86 KB, 1080x387, Screenshot_20230522_083022_Chr…)

You'd rather have straight people who have nothing to do with gay rights than a gay person who dares to question the current retardation?

No. 1584044

wouldn't this person also be a queer excluding other queers

No. 1584047

>mostly older chill dudes and maybe some pick-mes
Women were always in the front line of horror fandoms. To a point where I've never met a male fan of Silent Hill, Clock Tower or any of the classics that aren't Amnesia (made popular by annoying streamers like Pewdiepie).

No. 1584069

File: 1684744061453.png (52.51 KB, 595x472, vr_pride.PNG)

I'm already cringing at the fact that they're gonna keep pushing for that shitty progress flag even harder. They started appearing here in 2021, and the same year an artist who draws satirical comics for one of the biggest journals here made picrel ("the development of the pride flag"). Fucking based, and surprisingly he didn't even get cancelled for it.

No. 1584103

File: 1684749917203.png (Spoiler Image, 90.63 KB, 718x629, flag.png)

The circle on the latest flag reminds me of this for some reason.

No. 1584240

I just meant horror in general, not only games. I used to go to horror-specific conventions and the majority of people there were grungy dads in their 40s and 50s with their families and darkly inclined younger women. I probably should have specified. Now you can’t go in a space related to horror movies either without running into at least five different aidens.

No. 1584340

I also actively avoid establishments that have the troon triangle, thankfully there are a few places I frequent that have the traditional and one of them is pure LGB. Absolutely it’s a dig and I love it.

No. 1584697

>"i'd rather have a straight moid who wants 3 gfs at pride than gay people who disagree with my retarded way of thinking"

(derogatory) is right

No. 1585385

So we all use the pastel suffragette flag now?

No. 1585396

I remember playing a few matches with a group of friends one of which bought the dlc (I think it’s a dlc?) for the new pride flag, they were hanging on the hooks survivors get hooked on kek.

No. 1585417

I really love this. I've seen it be called the swallowtail flag for obvious reasons. I'm definitely going to support it since its design is very simple and states its point very clearly and is not needlessly offensive. It's a very quiet and calm statement of dissent towards the current gender ideology movement. I would love to use it more openly without fear of backlash. I really hate confrontation and I just want to avoid gender politics at all costs.

No. 1585442

It's pretty with the triangle cut out and all the reasons listed are great. I didn't even know those black and brown stripes were about race - what BS, there are other marginalized races/ethnicities. Not the place not the time for that anyway.

No. 1585475

that is, unfortunately, the genderqueer flag

No. 1585477

It looks like a tumor was dissected from it too, lol

No. 1585488

I know this post is 2 months old but I want you to know if you ever read this thread again I read your comment to everyone in my house and we all laughed hard. thank you for being funny nonna

No. 1585792

Guess I'd wear the slot machine flag because I'll take my chances against the genderspecials.

No. 1586003

Target removes some LGBTQ+ items after threats to workers ahead of Pride month
>Target declined to say which items it was removing, but among the ones that garnered the most attention were “tuck friendly” women’s swimsuits that allow trans women who have not had gender-affirming operations to conceal their private parts. Designs by Abprallen, a London-based company that designs and sells occult- and satanic-themed LGBTQ+ clothing and accessories, have also created backlash.
>Target confirmed that it has moved its Pride merchandise from the front of the stores to the back in some Southern stores after confrontations and backlash from shoppers in those areas.
Pride in May is already a shitshow.

No. 1586081

So nice of them to include the Polish flag, I finally feel represented!

No. 1586194

File: 1684961257565.gif (382.79 KB, 192x192, 147294.gif)

>Yiffing with my crew
>pull up with a woof
>my tail never blue

No. 1586232

File: 1684962795549.jpg (33.73 KB, 1030x404, IMG_20230119_162722_004.jpg)

Who cares? Pride month is literally just another advertising campaign for Western megacorps. It is only relevant to marketing agencies and terminally online zoomers obsessing over culture war bullshit.

No. 1586595

Someone should make a bingo card for this kek, pride month drama bingo or something. I might try making one if I don't get too lazy, any ideas for what to put on it anons?

No. 1586826

someone should bring the romanian flag to pride since it looks like a pride flag teehee

No. 1587123

I'll bring the Chad flag. It is similar to romania so it also looks like a pride flag, but also, because I'm Chadsexual

No. 1587189

>Drag queen shows for children
>Discussion on children medically transitioning
>Heavy emphasis and attention on TIMs and not actual homosexual/bisexual people

There’s probably way more.

Damn. I don’t think there would be much fuss if it was just stuff colored in rainbows, but Target’s merchandise is mostly focused on trannies, which is what I think makes people the most upset.

No. 1587231

Fuck, I forgot it's almost Troon June again already, it feels like it never left.

No. 1587242

I suppose gay people all have to like each other because??? Straight people don't have to all like each other. This is some woke media garbage

No. 1587248

This is disgusting. Why is every 1 in 10 men tr00ning out? Women rights are getting more non existent.

No. 1587303

File: 1685050892076.jpg (897.15 KB, 2048x2560, Tumblr_l_150179685196578.jpg)

Does your pride include straight people in weird clothes? No? Then no pride for you.

No. 1587306

File: 1685051149814.jpg (103.02 KB, 933x952, oh no.jpg)

literally this webcomic

No. 1587317

Why is there always some disabled people in the representation for pride? Like I know there’s disabled people that happen to be gay or bi, but it always feels shoehorned. I may be reading too much into it but it always feels like those making the pride merch are trying to imply that being in the lgb is like being disabled.

No. 1587331

you are reading too much into it

No. 1587338

No, polycules are mostly one autistic woman orbited by multiple omega males. So it's more like a woke woman bringing her pack of ghouls to pride. He rather see that because they're his friends.
Disabled people can be gay too!

No. 1587345

Disabled, with vitiligo or Muslim. Also the sameface in this is so obvious. They all have the same fuck-me-eyes kek.

No. 1587394

Definitely shoehorned for asspats. The added rep is for the artists to feel like they're doing their part. Also to them, the TQ is for people who aren't normal (but they need the LGB to hide behind when shit goes sour)

No. 1587599

Why the fuck is the dog intersex?

No. 1587754

Made me think of this meme

No. 1588268

I work at a Target and we take so many calls of people complaining about the "offensive" merch and we usually just hang up on them kek, we all know they're not gonna stop shopping here. Last year a customer asked me if we carry chest binders, I asked the style (apparel) team lead and she said "uh no??" with completely unabashed disgust LMAO. I have noticed that little kids seem to really like the pride merch, they point and go WHAT'S THAT all excited as soon as they see it. They probably get more confused by their parents getting offended and huffy than if their parents just ignored it.

No. 1588410

They look for the most eye-catching disabilities (hijabi, child, dog) and shoehorn them into Pride with the ugliest outfits known to man and that fucking retarded smiling-with-closed-eyes face for the month-long Very Special Episode that is June. I have seen South Park episodes less offensive than some of the woke shit these people churn out. Half of it is Jim Crow with disability props added in.

No. 1589419

I saw one of those inoffensive "both is good" pride shirts in bisexual colors on my Facebook and immediately some moid who calls himself "genderfluid" because he wears lipstick sometimes started all-caps screeching about how there are more than two genders. I swear I liked the cringy 2010s "some girls kiss girls" pride more than whatever the fuck is happening now

No. 1589748

i wish some people would stop trying to change the definition of sexualities because they feel like troonism isn't included enough. it's like when they say shit like "lesbian means attraction to non-men or not male-aligned people." really both sides know that bi = liking pussy and dick, lesbian = liking pussy etc which i bet is part of the reason there's so much pushback against it.

No. 1589801

File: 1685241064888.jpeg (264.59 KB, 1284x2000, AE72D8B4-2506-4242-9390-8CD742…)

I am very happy that Elvira’s (Cassandra Peterson) merch has no trans colors in sight. Not sure if she actually supports the “TQ+” or not, but seeing this did make me feel relieved. Most companies have begun using the ugly troon flag in everything because they would get backlash if they didn’t, but she hasn’t made that change yet, which makes me think there’s hope.

No. 1589849

Why are there so many dogs? lmao I started looking for a cat, convinced there would be one for some reason and getting offended there wasn’t because I’m drunk

No. 1589860


No. 1589930

No ugly black and brown colors either, the bar is in hell.

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