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File: 1465930089866.jpg (116.7 KB, 497x677, 12345.jpg)

No. 139852

old thread >>>/snow/110176

Latest discussion:

Discuss all your favourite gaijin in Japan cows here.

No. 139865

I miss Barbie drama tbh our queen has left

No. 139871


Me too, she was hideous and so luzworthy

No. 139876

Latest of what I heard is
>got back to jpn
>being a frequent kirari visitor again
(Can someone check tokyobackpage for her please?)
>got kicked outa bd
>wants to get a nosejob

No. 139904

File: 1465934872460.jpeg (166.8 KB, 640x710, image.jpeg)

No. 139908

File: 1465936491141.jpeg (182.29 KB, 640x1090, image.jpeg)

No. 139914

damn I couldn't find any threads on tanuki with Ash in them. Now I'm sad

No. 139916

File: 1465939578141.jpeg (26.03 KB, 640x155, image.jpeg)

Found something

No. 139921

File: 1465940336319.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Oh god

No. 139922

this is the first picture i've ever seen of her where she doesn't look absolutely repulsive

No. 139929

What are they saying about her being bald?

No. 139932

They're wondering if she's not noticing.

No. 139934

She's still chilling with hosts then?

No. 139936

…Is Ashley actually the most physically repulsive lolcow? We need a poll.

No. 139947


makes sense since she acts like she's not even balding lol…

No. 139952

why would she post this

No. 139956

Wonder if that's alopecia, looks like it.

No. 139958

or damage from coloring/bleaching.

No. 139961

Bleach can irritate your scalp but can't make your hair fall out. If it were breaking off near the root there wouldn't be a white patch of skin visible.

No. 139968

Someone link her insta

yeah definitely alopecia and unlikely due to bleach. Probs female pattern baldness which can happen young just like it does for men.

She could be doing it for fshion tho lmao

No. 139973

Holy shit, it's gotten even worse. How long before she's fully bald? She's been wearing wigs for a long time, I wonder why she doesn't give a fuck suddenly?

No. 139975

trying to be edgy?

No. 139978

No. 139979

Even though it was crazy I agree she looked better copying the bandguy's style. But after getting turned down by him so many times she finally realized maybe he doesn't want to fuck someone dressed exactly like him lol so now she's dressing like a "sexy girl" for him

No. 139998

Isn't that Sere's boytoy?

No. 139999

She could be balding due to constantly going to hairset. They tease the fuck out of your hair and use the most god aweful hard hairspray that requires multiple shampoo to get out.

No. 140003

File: 1465971894896.jpeg (70.12 KB, 640x514, image.jpeg)

What really?

No. 140004

Man her Japanese is shit.

No. 140013

The one in the middle, right? I thought it looked like him too, but brushed it off thinking I was wrong. He's not wearing Sere's jewelry in this, so if it is him, I'm assuming this was before she became his sugarmama.

No. 140014


My Japanese isn't very good can someone translate? Did she say she was supposed to die????

No. 140017

yeah but it looks like she'll make it. to be fair, she is sick because she has really bad bulimia or something. she's 100lbs at like 180cm. she tells everyone that she's in an out of the hospital all the time

No. 140018

oops sorry for double post but i asked someone else and they think she's trying to say the doctor says she only has one more year to live.

No. 140021

Can someone make a full translation?

No. 140022

"I'm still alive because I went to the hospital today. Words can't describe how happy I am. They said I would probably have died within a year it I didn't go."

Something like that.

No. 140023

Sorry, I meant "At the hospital today", meaning she could have been there for a while already. But her Japanese is shit so who know what she meant.

No. 140025

File: 1465979972999.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Who's that? She is following Ashley. Anybody got some milk?

No. 140030

The last sentence sounds more like "A year ago they told me I would die soon" or "they told me I'd die one year earlier" but tbh her Japanese is absolute shit, so who knows.

No. 140033

Why is she doing that to her face? The pics on her Instagram are worse

No. 140035

She's friends with that kurage girl on tumblr. Thinks she's a model. But otherwise pretty boring.

No. 140038

Kurage is pretty cool. Is she doing fine?

No. 140039

She still has her ups and downs health wise but she's surviving, it seems.

No. 140067

yea just another student in japan.
she is a vkei fan but im 99% sure shes not involved in the scene in any interesting way.

No. 140069

wow this japanese is so bad i cant even tell what she is trying to say

No. 140070

File: 1465995435567.png (680.46 KB, 583x590, shop.png)


Yeah, she has an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. She's made posts of her older pics and saying things, "I will look like this again or die trying". Here's a shitty shop she did. Maybe some of her hair loss can be attributed to this too?

No. 140077

I saw her at a few a9 lives. I know she has been struggling with getting enough money to stay in Japan since her school isn't really giving her financial aid due to her dropping grades because she went through a abusive relationship with this guy,or that's what she claims.If you ask my opinion she is full of milk,and I can share if you like since I had a run in with her at a concert.

No. 140078

Then just fucking do it and don't hint

No. 140079

Milk that cow

No. 140082

Can someone unshoop this?

No. 140084

File: 1466000728144.png (4.11 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

So her full name is Ashleigh cook,and boy has she provided me with so many laughs over the years. Her Twitter is an absolute fucking mess at times. She whines all the fucking time about how she hates her job and how she's about to get kicked out of japan because her college is soo"horrible" because they won't award her more financial aid for her shitty grades. She thinks it's "unfair" that they don't understand she had to ditch school because she was a emotional wreck over her stupid fucking boyfriend. Chick needs a fucking reality check.I also like to laugh at her concert recaps, she just starts fucking crying out of nowhere. Bitch is the queen of derp face.looks fucking haggard as fuck in her pics. Just and actual mess of a person lol.

No. 140086

File: 1466000855084.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

No. 140089


What has she done exactly. How does her being abused by her bf which caused her grades to drop make her an lolcow. Laugh at her pics but other then that she doesn't have any milk and you are just revealing personal info about someone who seems pretty quiet.

Usually I don't defend anyone on here but I don't see what's funny about her tbh

No. 140095

How is this relevant?
You sound like a psycho trying to bully an innocent girl.

No. 140097

No milk? ha if you say so, just scroll through her Twitter it has some creamy ass milk. And no I did not say she was a lolcow I just said she had milk lol calm down. To me I think she's pretty fucking hilarious. And no I don't pitty her if you don't show up for school don't be fucking shocked if shit goes sideways,and start bitching about it.She has just about as much milk as anybody on this thread does.

No. 140098

How is half of the shit on here relevant in that case. This thread is about gaijin in Japan who have milk even if it's just a little.

No. 140099

She's obsessed with hiroto from Alice nine
I met her about 3 times and each time she bragged about how all japanese guys love her so much and all Alice nine fans hate her because the band members love her
And people worship her because she lives in Japan and "hangs out" with bandmen

She really thinks she is special

No. 140100

Lol she is so fucking funny, she actually thinks she has fans. I saw her completely blow up at this one chick who was trying to talk to her, and she ran off like a fucking spazz

No. 140104

File: 1466006669123.jpg (289.18 KB, 1860x994, wavylol.jpg)

The best part of this picture is the comments tbh lol

No. 140146

File: 1466020026403.png (186.14 KB, 351x426, gaijin.png)

who is that

No. 140148

Aside from anyone around the world being able to use gyaruru and the fact that it's NOT a hooker app…this face looks somewhat familiar

No. 140175


is she another "m white n blonde tho so nips luv me"

No. 140204

That Japanese though

No. 140206

File: 1466029388808.jpeg (58.58 KB, 574x538, image.jpeg)

What's with our top model kisu?

No. 140209

How come you stumbled up on that profile? Idk who it is

No. 140217

I was in shinjuku today

No. 140226

the milk is that she brags about being a model despite that haggard face and always-greasy hair …

No. 140232

She is so fucking unphotogenic, some people need to look up the definition of what a model is.

No. 140247


She's not even in japan kek

No. 140255

you wanna hunt down every white bitch that likes visual kei and does makeup like that in tokyo?? lol

No. 140266

File: 1466038062615.jpg (98.87 KB, 640x888, image.jpg)

The first word(shit) she wrote describes her and her personality perfectly

No. 140286

She's such a piece of shit, everyone hates her and she has almost no friends.

No. 140293

damn she really needs to learn how to contour that nose

No. 140299

Lol she looks like ms.potato head

No. 140308

Funny that whenever someone brings up kisu, someone else will post Melissa.

Though any more info on why hawknose is back in Germany? And from where in Germany was she actually from?
Also didn't she just claim that she found a way to stay in Japan forever and we're all just jealous?

No. 140309

Why is she calling herself "smelly field"?
Also lol for shitty Japanese.

No. 140314

File: 1466050767641.jpg (103.44 KB, 639x852, image.jpg)

Sexually frustrated virgin
Whining constantly on her twitter about girls who got the japanese bando d

No. 140317

she gotta fix her eyebrows before thinking about getting std ridden bandoman dick

No. 140320

She changed her style to Liz Lisa just to get the bando d lol

No. 140321

tfw bandomen prefer agejo chicks LOL

No. 140323

Is that blanka?

No. 140324

Bandomen prefer inuashley over all the other white chicks duuh

No. 140325

No. Blanka has a horse face

No. 140330

Then who is that?

No. 140337

Svenja aka mizuki

No. 140338


Jez. How ugly pig face!
She should get her face done before barking about other gaijin!
Fact, seams like every german girl who ever meets her hates her and she tries to find and post all german girls here who live in JP, poor ms piggy

No. 140341

Oh that one lol

No. 140351

Who remembers gyaru0 boy? And also the agepoyo blogger? I can't find anything about them now

My guess is that gyaru0boy wasn't really apart of the gyaru community to begin with.

Agepoyo blogger just went back to Finland to finish his degree and shut down his good blog. His name was Frederick I think.

Updates? I cba to post pics.

No. 140356

Please fuck off

No. 140362

File: 1466064931982.jpg (9.59 KB, 258x196, download.jpg)

No. 140363

Ahaha kisu can't stop samefagging
Much desperate

No. 140365

Kisus samefagging

No. 140366

File: 1466065258100.jpg (21.8 KB, 512x287, images.jpg)

No. 140368

File: 1466065685637.jpeg (30.27 KB, 255x539, image.jpeg)

Topmodel who can stay in japan forever

No. 140370

File: 1466065749224.jpeg (30.18 KB, 227x631, image.jpeg)

No. 140371

File: 1466065805567.jpg (8.95 KB, 280x180, images.jpg)

No. 140377

File: 1466066650476.jpg (249.83 KB, 720x720, camerancollage2016_06_16_17425…)

No. 140381


No. 140384

are the gurls who post here 15y/fat/japanese dick wanted/highschool students or is that a kind of a vendetta? Or just jerks with internet?

No. 140385

File: 1466067836626.jpeg (36.93 KB, 640x336, image.jpeg)

No. 140392

If there's nothing to say about a person
She's ugly
Her nose
Japanese is shit

Always the same pattern

No. 140395

This thread
>girls I don't know at all but may or may not have a sugar daddy in live in Japan which qualify them a"cows"


No. 140396

Kisu got cow potential

No. 140399

File: 1466070368590.jpg (11.63 KB, 200x251, images (1).jpg)

No. 140401

Do all the cows spam with shitty outdated memes when they find their name here? Same thing happened when Tricia appeared in the thread. How old are these cows? These memes are almost dad-tier.

No. 140406

Is it true that kisu killed her friend?

No. 140413

It's pretty much confirmed

No. 140415

That's you now, kisu

No. 140416

File: 1466072738910.jpg (128.9 KB, 640x1136, 1465967030957.jpg)

Shit. Perfect intro bitch

No. 140418

Will never get a jp dick

No. 140420

Kisu stop samefagging
You are hilarious
Win the gen lottery? You look like a man.
And you killed your best friend
Better go to a therapy

No. 140422

File: 1466073760464.jpeg (27.72 KB, 387x263, image.jpeg)


No. 140424

If its true she would be in jail dumbass

No. 140427

Melisa it's not kisu! Just want to annoying

No. 140430

But kisu was with anji when she jumped

No. 140433

They both wanted to commit suicide together. Kisu got scared but was with anji and apparently kicked/pushed her down the roof top.

Well, now that she's back to Germany sshe'll have the chance to actually gget some help.

Vika should better get back to Germany too and get herself some help

No. 140434

Fuck off meri

No. 140440

If she pushed her the police would know
stop your vendetta story

No. 140442

I want a kisu thread

No. 140444

Kisu was with Anju when it happened. I don't think she pushed her though. I get the Kisu hate, but why would Kisu push Anju?

No. 140449

Kisu maybe wanted to 'help her'.

No. 140451

It's interesting reading Anju's last few tweets leading up to her death.

Sept 25th: "Humans destroy the world" "I only need one person in my life… my best friend kisu" Then a post that is nothing but the date of her death, the next day, "26.09.2013"

Sept 26th: It's the big day. Her first post is saying Cloud Atlas is a great movie. Which is interesting as the main theme of that movie is, "As souls are born and reborn, they renew their bonds to one another throughout time." Then her final post is simply saying goodbye. I wonder if the cloud atlas mention implies her bond to Kisu in her next life. Was Kisu really supposed to suicide too?

No. 140452

Kisu got quiet

No. 140461

Can somebody make a thread about it?

No. 140462

Not really worth an own thread except for if we call it either
>gaijin in Japan: German edition
>german vk trainwrecks

No. 140467

nah i think she deserves one

No. 140468

But she isn't even active anymore since she got kicked out of Japan

No. 140470

If you want a thread about it, why not make it yourself?

No. 140471

File: 1466085410275.jpg (131.3 KB, 720x899, IMG_20160616_225455.JPG)

No. 140472

Does she mean Kusahara / grassy plain (草原)?

No. 140473

File: 1466085464213.jpg (153.29 KB, 720x946, IMG_20160616_225347.JPG)

No. 140478

Maybe a joke

No. 140479

Doesn't look half to me

No. 140480

What the hell is wrong with her eyes?

No. 140484

still prettier than Melisa the pig

No. 140486

Learn english

No. 140490

Wanna see how you look like kek

No. 140493

If anything, quarter or less. But knowing these types, she's lying, and she's 100% European girl who thinks that her piss poor attempt at Japanese make-up makes her hafu.

No. 140498

File: 1466088914907.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.87 KB, 665x679, IMG_20160616_235354.JPG)

Melisa going through gyaruru on her hunt for gaijin girls

No. 140501

kek you need some attention, right?

No. 140514

Can we talk about bitches who are actually in Japan?

No. 140523

File: 1466092676200.jpeg (59.62 KB, 750x500, image.jpeg)


No. 140524

Did she marry?
Seems like she works as hostess in ginza

No. 140538

Well seems like she got married. She'll be Sere's generation 2

No. 140539

I was thinking the same! Let's wait until she ditches her child when she gets pregnant to continue working as a hostess/prostitute

No. 140562

I'm 1/4 Asian and still look part Asian. Bitches are lying for brownie points lol

No. 140621

Kyabajo lol

No. 140629


Depends on genetics anon

No. 140631


Nah she's white as they come. Remember when Dakota tried pulling that hafu shit? Venus too. She looks full white the long nose, eye make up to alter her name obviously this picture is filtered as fuck so she can smooth out those eyelids.

Not buying it.

That aint no hapa

No. 140632


so who is she? links?

No. 140788

my point is there's no chance she's half and looks pure white

No. 140826

it's normal business practice for foreigners to claim they're half or 1/4 when working in Japan especially for night work. She's working as a hostess so she's obviously trying to lure clients. A lot of bosses with even tell foreigners to pretend to be mixed because they know it works.

No. 140846


mixed-chan here

i find that shit so cringe

No. 141057


good for you

No. 141060

yup I know how it works but it's also hilarious since we can all tell she's lying

No. 141068

you want a cookie or something?

No. 141071

Looks a bit like https://www.instagram.com/895diamond/

Now when I went to check on her name I realised that her account is private… It used to be open. I guess she reads stuff here lmao. Anyone know something about her?

No. 141073

The crazy ones are all in shinjuku

No. 141074

all these gaijins in shinjuku wanting to be a hostess and shit lol

No. 141075

And the Host dick

No. 141076

She looks like a fattie

No. 141105

she also just tweeted "should i make my twitter private too?"

No. 141115

Again German it seems…. And what do they all have with their luxury items. All rady and hosts or what?

No. 141151

BUHU a new girl found on the net, need to get to know every piece of shit about her,
how pathetic is that

No. 141158

What are you even doing here? Somebody posted your picture? GTFO of here

No. 141169

I pity your poor existence kek ^^

No. 141170

Oh, you mad. I don't get why cows come here and act like bigger cows instead of just letting people forget about them. Stay mad.

No. 141173

You are the biggest cow of them all.
If a girl in japan is prettier or gets more attention than you suddently boring vendetta starts
there is no milk on this girls

No. 141178

"Well, considering I'm a guy…"
Did you read the lolcow rules??
That shows how stupid you are

No. 141179

Can you fuck off? If you can't take critisism, don't get on social media, you dumbass.

No. 141180

You might want to read them again. English doesn't seem your strong point, however.

Pretty sure it's this cow in this post >>140523 same childish way of writing and poor English.

No. 141182

Stupidity, stupidity and jealousy everywhere

No. 141184

File: 1466136728767.jpeg (53.2 KB, 750x802, 1465332159933.jpeg)

Yeah it's probably her. Her english is shit.

No. 141185

Jealous of what? Nasty host dick? Cheap rady clothes? Or marrying for a visa?

No. 141186

Could say the same to you

No. 141187

File: 1466137187893.jpg (27.22 KB, 400x602, 56dc391f9e5bce88d9f47d8ee22dbb…)

Jealous of the fact you have to escort for money? lolokay http://tokyo.cracker.com/FemaleEscorts/tokyo-angle-student/3271191

Roughly $40 for an hour? Girl, you cheap.

No. 141189

File: 1466137680945.png (171.97 KB, 601x975, escortprofile.png)

No. 141191

40.000¥ = 400$ you dumb shit

No. 141192

Sorry anon, I didn't weeb hard enough. I can't imagine paying more than $40 for that face tho.

No. 141193

i laughed so hard at her japanese haha and those photos,girls ugly as fuck

No. 141194

condome lol

No. 141195

Would love to see your 5$ face

No. 141196

sandra is that you?

No. 141197

Hi Rina! You are still here? How many old men have paid you for sex so far?

No. 141198

Well, it was sere who dragged her into this. Just like she did with vika

No. 141200

Isn't that the girl who wanted to get pregnant from Ryoya and reportet sere to immigration?

No. 141201

Yes that's her

No. 141202

I'm laughing so hard. She has an A cup only and advertises as C unless she got implants which she stated as no in the ad. Oh guuurl

No. 141204


>Breastcup LARGE C

SHE"S 175cm tall and calls a Ccup 'large'? (Or does the page do that?) Anyway that's ridiculous!!

No. 141205

File: 1466140907649.jpeg (84.42 KB, 607x1080, image.jpeg)

'C-Cup' oh yeah…

No. 141207

Her thigh lines are super wobbly and there's blurry spots around them and her waist. Nice shop Rinachan. I'm surprised she didn't try to shop her tits bigger.

No. 141209

So wird ma Zeit sich zu Wort zu melden,
Mich interessiert NULL wat du hier schreibst mit deinen Laester-schwestern denn aus dem facebook/schuelerVZ Alter bin ig raus, nervt lediglich dauernt zu hoeren ob ich dat net lesen tu. Und ne, tu ich net, ist Zeitverschwendung. Wenns dir Spass macht und du mich nonstop in deinem Kopf hast nur zu, verwende deine Zeit zum Netz-durchforsten und um Vermuttungen ect aufzustellen, was es dir oda deinen Laester-schwestern bringen tut..
Statement ENDE
werd mich weiterhin nicht um das hier kuemmern

No. 141211

Can someone translate?

No. 141215

Translation please?

No. 141216

Guys is anyway to Nadine, who spends too much time to stalk me on the i-net
and the main message is ''I don't read or care or will ever start to care about this kindergarten stuff at all''

No. 141218

This is written n an utterly bad wannabe berlin(?)accent.

It actually that she doesn't read on here and that she doesn't care

No. 141219

I don't know who this is but you seem very paranoid right? If you don't care why do you read here? Maybe you should get a life and stop posting on social media. Or stop posting your ads for everybody to see. It's not that hard to find it.

No. 141220

Trying to say you don't care when you obviously lurk here and blew up after your name was mentioned. Sure. We believe you.

No. 141222


"It's time I say something to this
I don't care ONE bit about what you say here with your gossip bitches(?) (idk how to translate this lol) because I'm way past the facebook/schülerVZ(it's kind of like a german facebook for students) age. It's just annoying that I keep getting asked if I'm reading this stuff. And no, I don't, it's a waste of time. If this is so much fun to you and you have me on your mind constantly, using your time to search through the net and making baseless accusations.. What you and your gossip sisters(?) (basically implying lolcow is all just a bunch of friends gossiping lol) gain from this…
Statement OVER
will not continue to care about this any further"

honestly i took a few liberties here to make it more coherent because while i get what she was trying to say it was grammatically incorrect and some sentences just didn't even go anywhere it's like she got lost in her anger in the middle of writing this shit

No. 141223

No. 141225

Sounds like sere

No. 141226

Why would Sere write in German?

No. 141227

No I mean her reaction. Doesn't care but still reads and comes over here to defend herself. Sere did the same.

No. 141229

Anon means that sandras German is as bad as Seres English

No. 141231

No, I don't understand any German so can't say anything regards to that but gave explanation above what I meant.

No. 141235

Sorry then!
But my interpretation isn't that bad either

No. 141241

Warum ist dein Deutsch so mieß Mädel? Hast dir schon alle Hirnzellen wegficken lassen?

No. 141246

Yeah I can give you credits for that.

No. 141248

Does she even know that it is forbidden to advertise sex aka full service in Japan and a very grey zone? Girl should take some lessons

No. 141249

This is true. She should be more discreet.

No. 141256

File: 1466154941841.jpeg (109.37 KB, 640x995, image.jpeg)

No. 141257

File: 1466154958843.jpeg (91.09 KB, 640x977, image.jpeg)

No. 141270

File: 1466165244160.jpg (145.39 KB, 1440x1080, 1421676546174.jpg)

>won the genetic lottery

I'm dieing.

No. 141273

>Berliner accent

Nah, it's a typical Ruhrpottindianer, wat, dat and net give it away. Also, absolutely terrible grammar and spelling, I'd be ashamed to write that badly in my native language. Embarrassing.

No. 141275

Ah sorry I'm not that good in seeing the difference tho the grammar is horrifying even for a rage post

No. 141286

Her English isn't any better…. "Tokyo angle"
What is this hahahaha

No. 141288

God her german is so bad
Also she doesn't go to university. Liar

No. 141290

cringe, girl, cringe

No. 141291

You know that there are more than one or two people active in this thread, right?

No. 141292

How vain do you have to be?

No. 141293

I am German and neutral in this but her German isn't as bad as they want to make it sound. Ich weiß gar nicht warum ihr einen auf Rechtschreib-Nazi macht.

No. 141295

Not bad? This has nothing to do with being a Rechtschreib-Nazi. Her grammar is so bad for a native speaker that you would think a kid in elementary school wrote this. It's really embarrassing.

No. 141302

File: 1466176855925.jpg (135.18 KB, 1080x1302, Screenshot_20160617-171709_1.j…)

No. 141306

Wrong thread?

No. 141308

Since they said "BUHU a new girl found on the net" I guess it's the german girl that just got posted lol. Why is she so defensive so fast? There has to be some dirt

No. 141316


No. 141318


I don't think so. Gaijin in Japan and friends with Taylor R

No. 141319

Hunt that bitch down!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 141322

She is friends with kisu
Likes vkei
Is fat
Wrote on twitter we talked bad about her but only a screen was posted
Made her twitter private in seconds
Also she wrote in this tread with bad english

No. 141324

Mistook her for that German youtuber

No. 141332

Sandra or that other hostess girl?

No. 141333

How do you know she is friends with Kisu?

Kek you're right, her Twitter is locked now. Confirmed reader.

No. 141334

This one >>141256
Her IG was posted above and shortly after she locked her Twitter

No. 141339

Ah thanks! I got confused.
And funny, it wasn't locked earlier and now that she got posted again it is. All these girls seem to know about lolcow and read here constantly if someone is gonna bring them up. And then rage about it.

No. 141351

And what are you doing? Sitting at your parents' home on your fat potato ass being jealous about girls who live in Japan because you know you will never get out of your comfort zone.

No. 141353

lmao you hurt for getting posted here? Stay mad girl

No. 141360

Oh shit
That girl is hilarious

No. 141362

They pretty sure all posting on here themselves kek just scared to get caught by the people they act friends with

No. 141367

File: 1466190188467.png (597.67 KB, 511x662, kawaiimonster.png)

guess which kawaii monster is going to school just to extend her visa

No. 141368

such beauty
no shes in japan too now

No. 141400

Bitching about a girl going to uni?
Your jealousy is so subtle.

No. 141424

Ich bitte dich.

No. 141473

Gaijin need to stick together kek. Except all everyone does is hate

No. 141476

Are you new?

No. 141487

she may have a bad personality (from what I hear) but at least shes somewhat attractive amongst this whale fest of ugly gaijin

No. 141518

I'd rather fuck a whale than that lol

She looks like her glitter herpies would infect half the male population. No thanks.

No. 141566

Yeah, except the school she is going to attend is back in Australia.
Nice try, anon.

Also, there is nothing wrong with someone wanting to get a degree.

No. 141586

File: 1466256745273.jpg (27.21 KB, 342x431, images.jpg)

No. 141587

File: 1466256900429.png (16.49 KB, 355x414, images.png)

No. 141594

wow where'd you find this pic of me, anon?

No. 141604

I'm the dog.
Seriously though what's up with these weak ass facebook mom memes?

No. 141607

Someone is super angsty due to being posted I guess. Trying to tell themselves that their life is so ~kawaii and better than any of us~

No. 141610

Think so too

No. 141620


No. 141622

is it just me or wtf is going on in her pubic region lolol looks like shes go a massive mound in there or hiding a dick

No. 141623

what is this beast

No. 141624

I think it's because of the way she has altered her legs

No. 141798

I saw sandra once in her liz lisa phase
She is so tall and wears liz lisa. The japanese were scared

No. 141805

File: 1466329667428.jpg (89.56 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

cuz you're fat

No. 141812

Who is that? The german girl?

No. 141819

She isn't even in Japan right now

No. 141820

soon she will live in glorious nippon

No. 141824

am gonna fuck her bea bandomen and post a cute pic of us kek

No. 141828

I've seen her in her Liz Lisa phase as well and she was literally exploding in these clothes… Her bad posture didn't make it any better.

No. 141830

I thought she was just going for a holiday trip again

No. 141837

How long is she going to stay ? She's talking about "new life" and "new start" in Japan so…

No. 141838

wanna know that too. also wanna know who's going to pay for it. since as far as i remember her single mom is living of social aid.

No. 141840

She's probably hooking on the side or having a sugar daddy.

No. 141841

How long is she going to stay ? She's talking about "new life" and "new start" in Japan so…

No. 141842

Her aunt is probably going to pay. I don't think she'll hook up, she's still a virgin.

Also she kind find work with just a vocational school degree.

No. 141844

Will she attend language school or will she do a wh year?

No. 141845

Language school. She's quite young so I don't think she has a high school degree, which means she can't extend after language school.

No. 141846

She insn't that young tbh isn't she sth between 19-21 like the rest of the scene?

No. 141847

She's 19 or 20 I think. she did a 3 year vocational school training, it's mostly unlikely to have a high school degree at the age of 16/17 in Germany, correct me if I'm wrong tho.

No. 141848

I think she quit school after the 10th grate, but since she attended vocational school training for about 3years she might have a 'fachabitur' which qualifies you to attend certain universities national and international

No. 141849

You don't get a vocational high school degree from that.

No. 141850

You don't get a vocational high school degree from that.

No. 141853

True, people have to take an extra year after the 3 years for the fachabitur

No. 141854

That's why I said 'she might have', since I wasn't sure about it. So basically, she'll be the next hooker girl. And maybe one of seres next best friends.

No. 141856

Nah, I don't think she will be a hooker. Just trying to ride on bandomans dicks. Lol.

She's just one of those disillusioned girls who think they can go without a real degree to Japan, since a vocational school one won't help you to get a job.

No. 141859

Well we all thought Sandra would never go the hooker way and that vika will ride bandomen d only.

No. 141863

vika did get a lot of the bandomen dick before selling herseff so idk its all pretty nasty

No. 141865

She lost her virginity to some member jrock bandoman during their EU tour

No. 141877

No. 141878

it was giru or some similar band

No. 144405

wasnt she 15? she could get those guys into so much trouble wth

No. 144406

you mean vika? she was 14 or 15 back then. The age of consent is 14 in Germany and it's 'allowed' to have sex with guys older than 18 as far as I remember.

No. 144495

Any proof ?

Vika was 17 when she moved to Japan

No. 144520

Girls are so stupid to want to fuck bandmen and think they will love them back. Newsflash, they only want pussy and money and won't give a fuck about your well being.

No. 144530

Some girls are only going to japan to sleep with bandmen

No. 145658

I know dumbfag, I ment the age she lost her virginity at

No. 145663

fucking dumbasses will realize they can't function in japanese society in no time

No. 145669

Well, if it's just for holiday trips, to piss off the ones who try to be bangya as their lifeconcept, go ahead girls.

No. 145745

Being a bangya doesn't mean you be a stupid dumb foreigner trying to fuck bandmen all the time. Bangya in Japan wanna just follow their band jfc we don't need stupid bitches ruining our reps

No. 145749

Depends. Most bangya, no matter which country they're from or which band they follow all want the d

No. 145832

I'm sorry I can't keep track of all these names. Which one is Vika?

No. 145835

One of the German girls prostituting herself for sere. Went to Japan when she was 17 on a language school via her visa will expire this year. She already tried to get married to some guy, but he didn't pay tax so she wouldn't get the spouse visa. She's still desperately trying to get on vantan

No. 145934

But people do realise Vantan is a business and not really a school right. There's so much fuck ups with their tuition fees and shit if you look it up on the Internet. Vantan is like a place you go if you have nothing else you can do because they let absolutely anyone in regardless if you have zero talent. So I doubt she's desperately trying to get in unless she has like no money whatsoever

No. 145995

oh so thats why yukapee is going to vantan.

No. 145999

File: 1466464838053.png (488.55 KB, 830x317, pee.PNG)

No. 146008

File: 1466465661218.png (220.42 KB, 398x210, jess.PNG)

who is jessintokyo?
not trying to stir drama but shes on tv a lot. just curious
> inb4 YOU'RE HER
i'm not

No. 146009


I never knew this… so is it a pretty shit school then? Anyone here ever been?

I take it Bunka is the best then

No. 146023

File: 1466468447902.jpg (125.21 KB, 960x719, 13428565_10208464676927807_471…)

guys… ash's fucking hair…

No. 146027

ignore them. That's how basically any 'art' school works. For the most part only transfer/grad students have to be good to get in. Most art schools do the same thing 'take your money whether you're good or not'

No. 146041

Bantam isn't a good school. It's lower on the spectrum all the other fashion schools give it shit. Bunka has already been listed as one of the top fashion colleges in the world next to the London school of fashion. So you can't even compare vantan

No. 146044

*vantan not bantam haha

No. 146067

Since she hasn't gone through 12 years of education she can't go anyway.

No. 146078

When I was considering applying they literally kept emailing me saying that I had a place when I hadn't even submitted any documents or even mentioned what course I wanted to do. It's sketchy as fuck. And other fashion and art schools do give a shit and have a proper screening process.

No. 146080

I heard some very positive feedbacks of some other students tho

I wish I could afford

No. 146101

Tbf no where takes a degree from Vantan seriously. Cus it's not even a degree.

No. 146104

Top fashion schools is Tokyo Mode and Bunka. Next most famous is Vantan. They have a great reputation for getting you into the business. In the end the content for each of these schools is the same. The difference between Vantan, Mode and Bunka is that the teachers at Vantan are also currently active in the fashion world but Mode and Bunka give out University Degrees. When talking about jobs its about the school with the better connection for what you want to get into.

If you are going for Vkei makeup or Styling Vantan is the best choice. If going for Fashion Design then Bunka or Mode is better.

Bottom line is you should do your research to find which school suits your needs the best.

No. 146105

They do have a proper screening process. They needed the proper documents and required to write an essay in Japanese as to why you want to go to Vantan.

No. 146106

Plus a formal interview was conducted where you have to sit in a chair in front of 3 people while they judge you from head to toe and ask you some serious questions.

No. 146107

If your Japanese skill isn't good enough, I can imagine it begin difficult to get in on top of money

No. 146115

File: 1466501424308.jpeg (95.62 KB, 640x721, image.jpeg)

When did she marry?

No. 146117

They require that you've at least done the JLPT 3

No. 146121

She's a mom of 3 who blogs about her hafu kids in JP, I believe. No drama, nice lady from the comments and stuff I've read of hers.

No. 146123

Actually you need an N2

Vantan' main selling point is that their teachers super famous make up artists who do make up for really well known magazines, famous vk bands, and movies

It's actually a really good school with a good rep but I imagine people on here will talk bad about it because people that don't like go there

No. 146126

It's the go to college for everyone who hasn't got the money for bunkq

No. 146149


idk they accepted me at N3 but I didn't go because money fell through.

No. 146153

I've read through their requirements and they say/said N3 and either finished hs in Japan or went through at least 12 years of education in your home country. And sure lots of money, but far less than what you need for bunka

No. 146162

Bunka is for people serious about getting into the fashion industry or working internationally. Vantan is fine for styling or for learning other vocational skills for jobs in Japan. If you want to do a serious fashion job Vantan is viewed as a joke in the industry. They have top teachers and connections for fashion and Vantan doesn't. But for fashion styling/ makeup/ hair/ merchandising jobs Vantan is credible. You don;t need a degree for those kind of jobs just skills and experience which Vantan gives. Their fashion programs are really amateur though so it depends on your end goal which one is worthwhile.

No. 146188

Well damn. That for sure aint something normal

No. 146206



Better start saving for bunka then

No. 146207

I guess it also depends what you're doing with your studies. I know some people from Vantan who got pretty nice payed jobs through contacts they made there and I also know people who went to bunka who are now housewifes only and don't plan to ever work again

No. 146208

Bunka is nice though since you don't need a jlpt to join, since they've full courses in English.

But I think the Bunka in Bangkok is slightly cheaper

No. 146304

Really? I thought only the Grad program is taught in English

No. 146369

Yes you do need Japanese and the jlpt. The English courses are only available at the university campus not the vocational school and its for graduates.

so much miss information written here right now kek

No. 146400

Well I've read several times that you don't need the jlpt anymore. If that's wrong, I'm sorry. But question then, is bunka education really just two years? Most people like shoushi(he's somewhat disgusting), misha and so on say that they only went to bunka for two years

No. 146426

Boring talk much

No. 146436

I think with that they probably mean that you can choose between JLPT and EJU tests. Both are accepted but EJU is considered a lot easier. I can't imagine getting into a Japanese college (doesn't matter which field) without any Japanese. That would be too easy…

No. 146441

What is EJU? Never heard of that before

No. 146443

No. 146463

This is all horribly off subject.
And only proving how many of you aren't even in Japan and are all dying to come here and live a life like all the girls you make fun of. Pitiful

No. 146467


You're right, we should just have a separate thread for shit like that.

But it does make me wonder how many girls in this thread would turn out like cows they make fun of though. As soon as the kawaii ugu gets to their heads they're like that evil ass little sheep from Zootopia. All cute on the outside and mean as fuck on the inside.

No. 146483

Every foreigner in kabuki

No. 146513

I think it's a given that at least 90% of the girls on this thread would love to be in the position of or at least have the opportunities the girls they rip the shit out of have lol

why else are they even so interested in posting here? jealousy makes people do strange things, even to the point where they can convince themselves otherwise.

No. 146519


Thing is it isn't difficult. All they have to do is go to a language school in Japan, shag a few Japanese men and create some drama or sign up with a crap modelling agency. Make lulz and ta-da!

No. 146522

I'm not jealous, I just think it's funny to rip off stupid girls

No. 146525

Anyway let's move on now.

No. 146546

Lala is still a mess mega lulz

No. 146561

Together with tricia

No. 146563

Dunno about that but lala's tumblr… Lol
Clearly didn't move on

No. 146567

File: 1466611640085.jpeg (93.33 KB, 640x844, image.jpeg)

Oh god you are right

No. 146589

Yep not difficult at all if we were talking about normal people. I bet half the people talking shit are the type who can barely get off thier computer and out the front door. Let alone moving out of thier parents house and then moving across the world on thier own. I dare ya basement dwellers to join the party. Nothing is stopping but your lack of guts and sheer laziness.

No. 146609


No. 146615

Ugh, coming from her, that Kansai-ben is making me physically cringe.

No. 147087

And what are you doing here then?

No. 147117

Buying a plane ticket and getting a passport isn't really a real achievement anon. Anyone without a felony can do it. I don't get why weebs think simply living in a foreign country is some kind of huge achievement? Especially when it seems it is always the same type of ugly to average girls, who blow all their money on hosts, and don't ever seem to accomplish anything beyond that. What are people supposed to be jealous of again?

No. 147132

You must not have been to another country then because it's actually a lot harder than you think sometimes to get into Japan to stay there. Other countries have even stricter rules and different ones as well. It's one thing to visit, but another to get a visa to allow you to LIVE in Japan.

No. 147133

It's not just buying a plane ticket and getting a passport to live there anon…

No. 147137

Island hopping is a thing.

No. 147138

Oh shut the fuck up, how many of these girls have a legit work visa? It's super easy to get into language school and basically like a long ass vacation for a bunch of these girls that go there for host or bandmen dick.

No. 147140

All these weeb anons mad that their amazing and rare ability of moving to another country is being deemed a pretty regular accomplishment.

No. 147161

You all are ridiculous and make me laugh. Again not easy to get into Japan sometimes. You do have to sign up for school and thats money and paperwork.
So why don't you just sit down shut up and color. kek Got milk anon?

No. 147168

It's as easy as getting a 2nd job and saving some money. Be real anon. You guys come off as spoiled children who think it's a big deal to simply exist in a foreign country.

No. 147175

Oh god please… this girl has no more milk and obviously posts this shit because she is craving attention that you dumb fags are serving up on a silver platter.

No. 147177

PR and long term are also possible.

No. 147186

Seriously you need to stop. lol And yes exactly what >>147168 said. Getting a job and saving money isn't that hard to do anon. PLEASE. Language schools are the easiest to get in. Doing paperwork isn't an accomplishment what world are you living on??? I speak from experience.

Of course PR is harder because you can't get it with only living in Japan on a student visa lol you need a work visa (or spouse visa, but it isn't hard getting married to a Japanese dude let's be real).

No. 147213

Woah. Money AND paperwork? How do you manage such a difficult task?

Seriously though anon, everything in life involves money and paperwork. Grow up, buy a car, sign a lease, go to the dentist, do the everyday tasks that everyone else does that involves money and paperwork. Everyday life must be an absolute nightmare for you.

No. 147230

lmao. From what I've seen Japan isn't strict at all with getting into the country even if you have nothing. Island hopping seems to be a thing and it's unlikely to get caught either.

Some countries are easy and some are hard but to live in Japan is not difficult to do even if it does involve island hopping or finding some fugly jap guy it's easy.

If I want to then I could probs go to Japan next month and live there for the next 5 years without going into sex work.

Some people on this site are clearly very young and clearly only see the world in black and white.

No. 147231

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and consider you probably aren't from North America.

If you are from North America getting to Japan under a student or tourist visa is relatively easy

No. 147235

Plus if you're not from America then the other most common countries that has immigration to Japan from the west supply a WHV. You can easily get a Japanese husband within a year kek

No. 147257

Only the gross white women go there for attention since white women are pedestaled. Get married? Eternal attention!

No. 147259

whatever makes your jealousy more palatable hun thanks for proving my point about denial te he he

No. 147278

This thread got real boring

No. 147282

It's summer pause kek we have to wait for the new language school semester to start

No. 147294


It really did

Now its about sex workers, girls who probably are sex workers and ex nap husbando waifu's getting bitter, ugly osakan boys and brandu


No. 147305

Honestly, so I can keep track if one of you guys take it too far and posts mine or a friends address or other wreck less behavior that could affect real life. In short damage control. Most of you are harmless but every once in a while one takes it too far.

No. 147307

Yeah as I said it's not hard. Just hard for spoiled bitter weebs.

No. 147340

Wow. Money and paperwork!! Sounds super hard anon. It just takes time.

No. 147349

Honestly ya'll are spoiled bitches if you think you can simply "save up" at least $7,000 for only a few months of subpar japanese classes just to hunt tiny host dick lol

No. 147378

agreed. kek

No. 147380

If it's so easy for you all then why don't you all just go yourselves? Stop ragging on those who actually live there. Just use that money you seem to have and go for yourself and stop shit talking the people who do live there.

No. 147394

I can't speak for all of the other anons, but not all of us want to live in Japan. I come to lolcow to lol at cows. For some reason a lot of these cows seem obsessed with Japan. There are plenty of foreigners in Japan that never cross into lolcow territory, it's not simply about being foreign in japan.

No. 147414

A lot of the people who submit to this thread already lived or currently live in Japan kek as if only people from overseas laugh about the cows. Even cows themselves laugh about other cows

No. 147422

The whole kawaii community are a bunch of bitches tbf

No. 147424


Anon serious question are you retarded?

No. 147438

But then girls like Lara and sere and god knows whoever who go to host clubs and sugar mama guys like…? Lara has money in the first place and sere does so much shit no one even knows but seriously saving the money to go isn't a big deal seeing as they can blow that in like a one night.

No. 147441

I said it before but I watched Lara drop like 50/60man in one night in cash. If you're so desperate and think they're so shit and that $7000 is such a big deal man fuck. Do something about it.

No. 147446

Bet it was her scholar money
She spent that money on hosts

No. 147452

The people here are here because they enjoy gossip, but I think no one here is psycho enough to post up peoples addresses…. We are all human and know when something is too much to potentially put someone in serious danger. People are bitches but give human nature a little credit. Jeez.

No. 147459

Nah man, there have been too many on here who HAVE gone too far. Some have even posted about ruining lives of said people and exposing them to immigration because they have their addresses or getting them fired from a job. It's not cool. That's harassment and can be harmful to a person's livelihood.

No. 147468

Whatever, immigration doesn't give two fucks about any of these dumb cunts posted on here.Even so what the fuck is shit posting going to do?Nobody gives two shits that you live in Japan so hop of your high horse and gtfo.Please let's not give this fucking fag anymore damn attention it's annoying now.

No. 147470

At least lorena did something illegal

No. 147496

what the fuck? I don't live in Japan you moron. I was saying that there actually has been people who have been stalked and had the jobs been put in jeopardy BECAUSE of the people on sites like this one and others. THOSE are the people who go too far.
What are you even talking about?

No. 147499

clearly you need to go to the jvlogger page and see the articles about those who have been stalked.

No. 147503

clearly you need to go to the jvlogger page and see the articles about those who have been stalked.

No. 147510

Bitch stop lying I just tracked all of you comments back to>>147305,what other reason would we have to post your information in the gaijin in Japan thread unless you were gaijin in Japan?and yes I have been to the jvloggers in Japan thread, and the only reason why any jvloggers might have been "stalked" was because 1.crazy ass people who live in Japan found out their personal info,2.other jvloggers(Mira) post shit online,or 3.some people just aren't very careful when it comes to posting personal shit online.
So as I said before gtfo with all that shit posting, the next comment you make I'm ignoring, because clearly you're butt hurt because someone posted your ass on lol cow.

No. 147517

First off not even the same person but nice try. and Second, nah…not even gonna waste my time. Keep trying though.

No. 147565

The only one whose address/personal information was on here were sere (because she actually posted it herself on instagram or somewhere like that)and the other one was the girl which sere tried to expose.

Also, if one of us goes to immigration because one of us has deets (other than screenshots) that one of the cows is acting severly illegal it either
>won't interest immigration anyway
If it does get the interest of immigration
>they're probably gonna kicked out
But that's so rare. I mean, a foreigner reporting a foreigner, why should immigration give a single fuck.

And even if they get kicked out, they'll get kicked out for sth they actually did.

I'm with you with the address thing tho that shouldn't be on here

No. 147568

This happened a few times
Most I've seen is a champagne tower
How much does that cost though i don't know

No. 147586

If you're breaking the law and putting it out there then tbh you deserve it JUST SAYING.

No. 147589

Obviously didn't read enough of the thread. We've covered this already anon. Why are you here?

No. 147596

Are you a bot? Or are you just jealous on people who have their lives together and don't need to illegally prostitute themselves to pay their bills?

No. 147600

Seems like the same cow, posting the same general statement. We're all just jelly, living at home, incapable of going to Japan. We're just jealous that we don't sell ourselves to old men to pay for host dick. Our lives must be so awful…

No. 147610

Just in the past there are some anons who would go as far as researching peoples parents on social media and try to contact them etc too. I'm also sure a lot of you bunch are the same type of people who posted Ashley (the gyaru one)'s parents fb and even the worth of her family house. I wouldn't be surprised if one of you sent her camwhore snaps to her husband. As I said most of you are just internet gossip addicts but every now and then there's one that will try to do something that affects someone's real life

No. 147611

The shiena ashley drama is about 6?8?years ago now tho. The people who did this probably left the scene long long ago.

No. 147612

Doesn't mean the kind of people who do this stuff are not in the scene at all. You never know.

No. 147620

You sound extremely scared as if you've something to hide. Maybe you accidentally made a mistake online and are now scared to find it on here?

No. 147629

Well, maybe you shouldn't be doing shit you're ashamed of. Like have some common sense please?

No. 147630

Funny how gaya and co act so proud to be prostitutes but if u mention you found their parents they are scared

No. 147642

most people have things they dont want their parents to know. it can be as big as prostituion to as minor as a tiny tattoo or trying drugs one time

No. 147662

maybe you should stop being such a massive creepy entitled shit getting into the business of strangers on such a personal level?

No. 147664

Something tells me prostitution trumps a tiny tattoo… Nothing good to brag about being a whore.

No. 147712

Come on where's the milk
Sere Gaya Shani Katie Lara Alice Ashley Shiena Ksara Tricia Barbie Emily other uglays whose names I can't be bothered to remember. This thread is dying cause you're all off focus and it sucks.

No. 147825

I agree. That fucking boring anon white knighting isn't helping much either

No. 147832


Wow you're so desperate

No. 147839

You pretty much throwing all these girls into one category. Sure a lot of them are prostituting themseleves and what not, but some are just regular people living their life in Japan which leads to believe that majority of these are personal attacks for what reason, I don't know. How can one person be so obsessed over a persons life that they have never met? I think the words we are looking for are "fanatic" and "stalker".

The only reason a person would get a thrill out of trash talking and stalking people over the internet may not all be jealousy. I would say it's likely because that said person likely lives a dull, boring life and therefore finds thrill through following other peoples. Much similar to women obsessed with musicians, actors, models, etc.

No. 147840

This anon, obviously Melissa or Dania. Just sayin.

Wouldn't doubt if one of them is leading this thread. Makes sense since if you really think about their history :)

No. 147846

Maybe because none of them are actually interesting?
Besides sere, gaya and Ashley the rest of them tend to keep to themselves, I don't see ur obsession

No. 147854

Let's ignore that thread killing idiot.

Who is tiagoesmerry? I've never ever heard of her before, but then she popped up in the sere thread and someone said she is/was in some idol group?

No. 147857

File: 1466834359369.png (3.68 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Tia was in a idol group called pidl under the unit lady.her singing is okay I guess,I can't really say tho since her idol group days didn't really showcase her vocal ability. she's from Canada and came to Japan for school and modeled a little too.To earn money she worked as a waitress.I personally think she seems really sweet and is fairly cute too. It worries me that she's hanging out with the likes of sere tho, only a matter of time before sere tries to talk her into whoring herself out.

No. 147863

The token foreigner in an idol group kek

Well, hanging out only once with her already brought many many girls into prostitution

No. 148018

Why these girls whore themselves out for Sere is a mystery to me. Do they know they can just go to deai cafe and get the same money without giving a chunk of it to Sere? They're so stupid to not realize that she's exploiting them lol

No. 148044

File: 1466893351376.jpeg (61.29 KB, 500x378, image.jpeg)

This entire thread

No. 148046

File: 1466893568219.jpeg (175.36 KB, 750x1072, image.jpeg)

From Lala's tumblr. I didnt kno dropping 60 man at a host club was living expenses kek

No. 148047

It's 2016 and I still don't know why girls spend money on host dick because half the time if you pop your Gyaruru open and walk through the city you get host dick for free.

No. 148051

I dont either. Its one thing to be curious and go and spend 2man to try it but to drop 60man to get attention is…

No. 148054

Complete waste of cash.

A lot of these are either A. rumours or B. The girls really are THAT stupid

No. 148057

I tell you what though. I know for a fact, that anyone who hangs out with Sere (more than once) is honestly part of the dumbest group of girls you will ever meet.

No. 148059

Hahaha go and

Dummbbb bitch
You are jealous as fuck gurl

No. 148060

Anon seems to be paranoid

No. 148068

Most hosts I've seen look a little gross to be honest, paying all that money for some fried haired std dick is odd to me

No. 148089

A lot of them are crusty wheezers that smoke like puffing billies. I couldn't pay for that.

Crusty fried hair, crusty dicks, crusty lips from smoking. Imagine spreading your legs to that in a tacky animal cheetah print wallpaper love hotel. This is the host lyfe ladiesssss

No. 148105

That's why I feel like this thread needs to focus on ACTUAL lolcows that drop money on hosts and hang out with Sere (let's be honest they're the hilarious ones that are cringey as fuck and believe they're all gods)

I'm sick of seeing innocent girls in the threads that are quite normal. Just because they live in Japan doesn't mean shit. Get them out of the threads. Let's focus on the girls that believe they're gods because a few Japanese guys thought their pink nipples were cute.

No. 148110

Thank you anon

No. 148127

I second this, perfectly stated, Anon. Thank you.

No. 148159

I actually feel bad for this shit is turning me on. But at least I'd never spend money on them, because gyaruru is the way I choose

No. 148173

I wonder what lala is doing in Tokyo.
Probably blowing all those 'living expenses' of hers in big bad kabukicho.

No. 148179

The way Lala feels throwing down those bills at Tokyo host clubs must be the same feeling of a heroin addict getting a hit after a long time.

No. 148181

Oh so u mean gaya right lol

No. 148184

Do you mean gaya is a lolcow or a normal girl?

No. 148195

What's the difference between Tokyo or Osaka or Kyoto?

No. 148277

File: 1466944369216.png (106.03 KB, 226x375, flat.png)

No. 148282

Wtf how old is this girl she looks like 11 years old.

No. 148286

She's in her 20's I think.

Former idol, got into gravure aka sexy/lingerie scene. But also prostituting herself (think the links were posted in her former own thread, btw are we allowed to still talk about her)

No. 148297

she's not a cow but a snowflake lol she does think she's a goddess because she's white in japan tho

No. 148298

File: 1466948083450.jpg (62.56 KB, 582x960, FB_IMG_1466947914848.jpg)

Does someone know more about this girl? Is he just some spoiled brat? I once read that she was searching for a sugar daddy though. She hung out with katie and co too.

Ib4 someone jumps in and says she's underage, no she isn't she's 19 or 20 by now and living in Japan on her own

No. 148299

To me she's a cow. You can't trust her, she has betrayed so many people by now

No. 148306

What? Really?

No. 148309

Yes. If someone doesn't bows infront of sere, gaya will be the one who brings that person down

No. 148310

Holy shit
Didn't think gaya was like that

No. 148311

Amina is 19. Also admin banned talking about her, and her thread was closed due to lack of milk and same fagging.

No. 148312

Also there was no links on her thread about prostitution and it was just a bunch of horse shit. that thread was there for 6+ months without any proof or milk at all besides "she was possibly passive aggressive to
Me once".

Give it a rest lmao.

No. 148315

She's 19 from Australia and married to a jp guy. She's cringy on Facebook but she only posts in Japanese and doesn't say shit to anyone. Honestly I'm surprised this thread is still up because it's pure shit. You guys just try and find any weeb girl living in Japan and make up bullshit. At least Sere and Ashley were interesting. Gaya isn't interesting. Idc if you don't like her in your personal life, lolcow isn't your personal army. This Sylvia weeb chick isn't interesting. Katie isn't interesting, her fashion sucks but she's not interesting. Amina isn't interesting and plus admins banned mentioning her. Vika, Kissu and whatever random eurotrash weeb aren't interesting. Keep your shitty vendettas to PULL or your personal life. You keep making seperate threads for very unknown weebs in Japan. It's getting so fucking annoying.

No. 148316

So she's basially like gaya. Married the Japanese D as soon as she got 18 . I was basically just asking if someone knew more about her, because she always seemed very suspecious to me.

There was somewhere a link, maybe not in her lolcow thread to a well known sugar daddy page, were she advertised herself. I don't give a fuck about her tho since I think she looks extremely creepy and disgusting. There's nothing cute about her to me.

No. 148317

plenty of people marry for visas. Get the fuck over it. These guys know what they're in for, and many couples around the world get married for a visa. If they're scamming the guy and running off that's fucked up but in all of these cases the dude knows what's up. If both parties don't care why the fuck do you?

also if you hate her so much why did you specifically go to her Twitter/fb find that link then repost it here? There's already a ban on talking her so you can stop with the hooker witch hunt bullshit.

This thread is pure garbage. I honestly am just starting to believe there's two to three girls who has a vendetta against Gaya or sere(sere is shit but) and just keeps posting. I'm all for lol cows, laughing at cringy horrible people but this thread is just weak as fuck. 0/10

No. 148320

I didn't brought up amina, only sylvia, because I wanted to know who she is and if there's any dirt on here. And tbh this is the best place to find out if there's some dirt on someone.

I'm not sure why you're trying to degend gaya though, since she's seres right hand. Talking people down, making up fake drama and so on.

Sandra is a funny cow too. Actually everyone who circles around sere in some kind of way has some dirt on their shoes and they all gonna start raging from time to time on here which is so awesome and entertaining and that's why I love these threads. Sometimes the milk gets a little dry, old and untasteful, but then it'll explode in a big bang, because one of seres followers or she herself wants some attention again

No. 148322


No. 148339

What the fuck is wrong with you? I'm convinced you're the same bitch that's been white knighting this thread for about a week now. Nobody gives a shit about you or these money grubbing cunts. Seriously fuck off already and stop derailing the thread just because we expose tramps like you on here.kek at you trying to defend marrying for visas you are truly a disease.Fuck outta here slut

No. 148342


Theyre obviously a married visa prostitute anon just ignore them. Just because people marry for visa doesnt mean its right.

No. 148343

Someone else, marrying for visa isn't the problem here. It's marrying for visa in order to become a prostitute

No. 148354


Tbf anon marrying for visa is shitty either way. I get that some people feel they have no choice though. To become a prossie for some tiny chimpo dick is even worse.

No. 148355

Well, marrying for visa is the easiest way to stay, if it doesn't involve prostitution, then why not? Then it's pretty much a legit marriage.

But girls in this thread marry to become prostitutes

No. 148366


Still sorta shitty though, I think marrying to become prossies and idols is ridiculous. Himezawa for e.g what chance has she really got? The rest of the slappers in this thread mentioned will probably have some nasty in the next few years anyway. I don't bet on their future being any bless bleak.

No. 148368

I don't see how marrying to visa is so bad. Marraige wasn't always this pure love blah blah blah. It was originally like a business joining. To connect two families for other reasons that have nothing to do with love. Arranged marriages aren't that far in the past.

No. 148373

Well, himezawa as well as eg venus might have a chance to settle down and just 'vanish'.

For people like sere and gaya there is no setteling down, because they don't have a degree and years of emptiness in their cv

No. 148377

can we stop whining about marriage visas and start posting cows. none of this is interesting or worth talking about. people marry for visas all over the world, who cares. tbh half od y'all probably jealous because deep down you wish you were in these girls shoes, no matter how much you deny it.

No. 148378

Himezawa is 22, quit university to become a cosplaying "idol" in Japan when she can barely say konnichiwa, married a "fan" after 5 months and has no work experiences whatsover. Gaya is 22 and pretty much in the same position except if you google her cringy dance videos don't come up. Neither of them have a job.

also, plenty of Asian Japanese men WANT women to stay at home. It's completely normal in Asia for married women not to have years of work in their CV. Also about marrying for visas, Japanese people do NOT marry for love which is why many still do arranged marriages. Marriage is almost always for business deal, status, convenience with a tinge of "love". The only people who get rustled about mutual visa marriages are western people. In eastern countries marrying purely for love with no other motives is seen as foolish.

No. 148379

No. 148380

This thread has no substance and was created by Melissa who has a vendetta with sex workers because she's addicted to hosts. If you've noticed, OP speaks terrible English, is obsessed with hookers and is bent on vilifying Gaya despite any proof that she's actually cringy. 0/10 obvious vendetta.

No. 148383

I'm the one who created the thread and no I'm NOT melissa. Inbefore two threads I didn't even know who that was.
This is also the first thread I ever made on here.

Also, I'd say I'm interested in the people posted on here and even more interested in their rage posts they do from time to time.

Cows kinda have a summer break right now I guess, cause I can't find any good milk either. Though I really want to know

>what is barbie up to now?

>what happened with ari marie?
>where did ksara vanish to?
And when will seres 'model page' will finally be up and which people will be on the 'models' list

No. 148388


What did you mean Ksara vanish? She's not even famous lol

No. 148389

Anon you are paranoid and got an obession
Maybe go and check your mental health?

No. 148390

File: 1466967276844.png (469.27 KB, 484x732, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 19.5…)

oh barbs

No. 148391

You're the one who literally went IRL signed up and went to a brothel to scope out potential cows and makes fake profiles on dating websites to find girls to get cool points on lolcow. Shut the fuck up you fat troglodyte pig fucker.

No. 148393

Everytime someone mentions Melissa she says "check your head!!!!!!!" Or "Hi Lorena" and a ton of anons defend Melissa despite nobody knowing or caring about that fat bitch. Way too obvious that she's either OP or is the only person posting in this thread besides OP.

No. 148394

What are you even talking about?

No. 148395

If there is no milk you have to create some lies
Lmao anon pathetic

No. 148396

sere is that you? but seriously stop assuming everyone is that pig melissa. People try to post milk and you go derailing the thread with bullshit if you dont like it fuck off youre annoying

No. 148397

Well and you two? And the cows themselves and I've at least found out about 5others submitting to this thread aside of you and the cows

No. 148399

op speaks terrible english you say, when literally there is nothing written in the op lol

No. 148400

Sere's English is far worse tho also she doesn't have time to come here because of her business kek

No. 148401

No. 148403

Melissa literally signed up at Kirari to try and take pictures of girls in this thread, and when she did it, she came here bragging about it. If this thread is really for cows in Japan nobody would give a shit if we talked about fat ass host addicted Melissa. Except, this isn't a cow in Japan thread - it's a vendetta whore thread. Melissa isn't famous or popular why do you give a fuck if we bring her up?

No. 148404

Nah she lurks everyday

No. 148405

lmao how are you so sure all of us are overseas? I have an apartment in Tokyo and I like to keep track on all the stupid shit going down

No. 148407

Ah wait there is no proof
Or are going to kirari by yourself? Lmao

No. 148409

>>148396 amazing. You're doing exactly what I said you always do in >>148393
Either accuse someone of being Sere or have a bunch of anons come out the ass and defend you. Melissa literally lives in this thread. If you guys want proof search the user "Natto" on PULL it livejournal. I think she got exposed on PULL for stalking girls IRL so she came here more. She's too ugly to use her real picture but she's obsessed with Sere. Admittedly, Sere is a crazy bitch but Melissa is just as fucking creepy.

No. 148410

Sorry didn't mark it as sarcasm

Well then spill some real drama, and give picture proofs
There are proofs for nearly every bullshit in this thread so why not about melissa aswell?

No. 148411

Y'all gross hoes

No. 148413

Anon doesn't have proof :(

No. 148414

Proof it

No. 148415

Because it's all made up

No. 148416

No, literally in the past threads a girl said she went to Kirari for the sole purpose of meeting cows and took pictures while there. The same girl also signed up as a guy on dating profiles. Get a fucking grip bitch. You aren't famous and you're not worth a damn in Germany or Japan. Nobody is defending you except yourself. Gaya isn't the brightest but she isn't a cow. The reason I know you're Melissa is because your vendetta is too fucking strong for random nobodies. This thread should be limited to Sere, Shani, Barbie, Shiena, Ari Marie and Ashley. The rest are boring as fuck. Nobody knows or cares about Sandra, Ksara, Katie and Gaya.

No. 148417

think your confusing anons. besides i was being sarcastic. I agree with you Melissa is a mess and creepy as fuck

No. 148418

haha i know who you are anon

No. 148419

which anon??

No. 148420

If you're going to same-fag make it less obvious retard. There's proof in the previous threads so let's stop the "Hi sere/No proof" bullshit. Melissa said she went to stalk Cows IRL and signed up as a whore in Kirari, and signed up on a dating website. When everyone told her how cringy that was, suddenly she changed the story. Also this thread isn't that popular. How come whenever we mention Melissa, a complete and utter fucking nobody, a ton of anons chime in? Kek this is too obvious.

No. 148422

see this was just posted but everyone just chooses to ignore and go on about boring shite

No. 148423

File: 1466968446928.jpg (93.08 KB, 960x960, 12376355_10209359896262440_106…)

god charlie
you are annoying

No. 148424

Also Melissa was the only anon who knew what Kirari was. Beforehand the only proofs we had here were things like Barbie's craigslist postings looking for a husband, Barbie's delivery health ad etc and random shit like that. Nobody outside of Japan knows what Kirari by name is, and considering Melissa is so obsessed with Kirari, going in their website every fucking day to find a new girl to stalk I think she subconsciously wants to be a hooker there. I mean she did sign up lol.

No. 148425

Again Melissa, posting random fucking Facebook nobodies who nobody knows or cares about besides you. I'm not Charlie. But even if I were, why the fuck would you be so sensitive right now if you weren't Melissa?

No. 148426

Two of the ones you quoted are from me and I'm not melissa or sere sorry.

Sere has her own thread, ari marie? Is she still in japan tho? No one knows!
Barbie has her own thread too.

Have you ever read the stories gaya is writing on that sex page? Have you ever even talked to that freak? She's as crazy as sere.

Well as said above barbs has an own thread AND this is old news, posted on pull a month ago or so

No. 148427

In order for Melissa to care or talk about it, it has to deal with hooker language school students in Japan

No. 148429

is it just me but i always thought that charlie and melissa look a like. two little piggies

No. 148431

charli is busted

No. 148432

Well that point might be true, but have we heard from her since the sere made her 'revealing thread'? Nope, I think not.

No. 148433

That hair color is everything

No. 148434

Well if there's no Sere, Ari Marie or whatever random fucking cow of the month you're obsessed with, this thread sucks but you guys keep making sub threads on here for literally no fucking reason. Most people on this site don't live in Japan but for some reason you low test fucking mongloids feel the need to make a new thread every fucking day about someone nobody cares about. Barbie, Sere, and occaisonally Shani and Arie Marie and Shienna are the only funny legitimate cows. Nobody gives a damn about Ksara. Nobody gives a fuck about Gaya and if she's that cringy post fucking milk besides "she was mean to me". Nobody cares about random girls on Gyaruru. Give it a fucking rest.

No. 148436

One I'm not Charlie. And two, even if I were why the fuck would I care if you posted my picture in a thread? How is that being "busted". You sound like an elementary schooler.

No. 148437

Who the fuck cares about ahri? How is she a cow? And if ahri is a cow in your eyes how can gaya NOT be a cow then?? You're confusing me m8

No. 148440

And why does everyone here needs to be 'famous'? And IF they need to be famous then why aren't we allowed (in your opinion) to talk about eg katie who got quiet some efame.

No. 148441

File: 1466969778346.png (102.97 KB, 1333x558, loololllllllllllooolo.png)

proof gaya is a cow?? ok here you go. sad that I have to do everything myself

No. 148442

File: 1466969803229.png (67.56 KB, 1243x530, lool.png)

No. 148443

File: 1466969822950.png (750.28 KB, 658x524, crazy.png)

No. 148444

File: 1466969846405.png (Spoiler Image, 442.07 KB, 367x555, crazy 2.png)

No. 148445

File: 1466969865235.png (Spoiler Image, 288.37 KB, 278x472, crazy2.0.png)

No. 148447

Gayas boobs look so nice now that she got them lifted…and then there's sere

No. 148449

Also look at gayas posing. She feels super uncomfortable, compared to sere who's super relaxed.

I bet gayas hubby AnD sere are forcing her to be a prostitute, cause she looks scared and uncomfortable in ALL her prostitution photos

No. 148450

from the shit she posts on tokyo adult guide shes a fucking freak that likes to fuck old men

No. 148451

but for sure her husband is in on it hes a scout for gods sake

No. 148457

He started to work as a host again only a few weeks after the marriage.

No. 148458

Well, she writes like she's enjoying it, but her poses tell another story. Because I don't think she feels uncomfortable about the fact that the photos are taken. In other photos she has a completely other body language

No. 148460

plz keep up to date hes a scout again not hosting. he runs a date club too

No. 148462

A date club like deai?

No. 148465

well a kousai club (date club) which is not too different from a deai place

No. 148467

I wonder if they both pay their taxes

No. 148483

I kinda feel bad for Gaya such a nice body but was cursed with the face of a haggard pig.A boob lift wasn't the only thing she needed done lol.

No. 148510

what ever if the point of blocking out seres face? her tattoos are make it extremely easy to identify her (which is all the more reason she is a dumb bitch for doing this line of work)

No. 148511

sex is fun and all but i never understood why people need to document things like this
especially when you know people hate your guts and are going to dig up any dirt they can on you

No. 148550

who the heck is Meri?

No. 148593

Man this thread fucking sucks.

No. 148610

THIS is a damn good question tbf

No. 148611

THIS is a damn good question tbf

No. 148621

File: 1467019067404.jpeg (93.51 KB, 750x1074, image.jpeg)

On the other hand we have this one who is so super flat chested it's painful to look at

No. 148622

Not everybody can have big boobs. Shut the fuck up. Better flat chested than ugly boobs such as sere.

No. 148638

Always though she has the face of a middle aged woman

No. 148744

whenever i read this thread my question is

1. where the fuck did they find a japanese guy even willing to marry them?

even if it's just for visa… who… WHY…

No. 148747

Even the ugliest will be called taylor swift by Japanese people though if you look at the pairings closely it's most likely scum getting along well with other scum. And I'm not only talking about prostitutes and hosts and uglies here.

No. 148847

lol so true

No. 148863

Isn't it dangerous to marry a stranger.. like are these young girls smart enough to get prenup agreements? How to they keep these random Japanese guys they marry from taking money or other things from them

No. 148873


Meri is Melissa.
She used to go by the name Meririn. Had the name deburin on PULL at one point too.

Damn I hate that bitch.

No. 148884

There are quite a few Japanese men that are down for visa marriages. The arrangement usually being the girl must pay monthly compensation to the man for doing the favor. This is how a lot of Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian women get to stay and work in Japan.

No. 148896

What money should they take?

No. 148913


this isnt america anon

No. 148916

What happend to viva kabukicho?

No. 148918

Who is that?

No. 148921

Blog about host clubs

No. 148924

Ugh anons vendetta is lame
Make her stop

No. 148928

keep up to date please. Girl who wrote it, Lucy whos friends with Lara got outted on the last thread and deleted the blog. She doesnt live in Japan anyone and thats old news

No. 148929


No. 148932

Seems like she lurks here
Lucie made her insta private

No. 148933

She's into drag queens now. Boring

No. 148934

At least she is skinny

No. 148935

Saw lucies ex bf on tinder
He loves gaijin

No. 148936

Into dragqueens?

No. 148937

Into dragqueens?

No. 148947

and ugly ons at that

No. 148954

So basically, no one has any dirt on anyone and all these girls are just normal weeks. Good game

No. 148965

flat chest isn't a bad thing, man.
most fashionable clothes nowadays are cut for skinny/flat girls.

No. 148966

do you even know japanese people? theyre not likely to cause some big dispute like that.
and even if they were, theres no way the little gaijin girl would have anything of value that the dreamy husbando would want.

No. 148972

File: 1467125765079.jpeg (36.61 KB, 332x443, image.jpeg)

No. 148974

go buy real sized boobs if you're that salty about it flatty-chan

No. 148975

^ most womeb have tits tho anon

No. 148980

Learn to reply, newfag.

No. 148981


Replies wont work for some reason on my phone fucktard

No. 148985

no i fucking posted gayas twisted threesome with sere story plus pics and hardly anyone acknowledged.

No. 148987

Thank u anon
And shame to all the others

No. 148989

Did you also post the barbie thing? Because the problem with that is it's both old news which have already been discussed. Post sth what hasn't been up here

No. 148990

I know that lucie writes here kek

No. 149018

No I don't care about Barbie wasn't me

No. 149020

Hmm that particular post on Gaya hasn't been posted before. I've been following the threads for a long while and this particular post by Gaya isn't from that long ago xx also that threesome story by sere in the sere thread is not the same as this

No. 149022

It has been posted as well as the links to the photos, all in the sere thread

No. 149034


No. 149104

when anon? Cause I follow the sere thread and this particular post by Gaya has never been mentioned. Another post about another threesome they had written by sere has, no this. Also you have to have an account on Tokyo adult guide to see a majority of this shit so unless screenshots, not links have been posted its worthless

No. 149105

The screen shots and photos were posted a day or two after they were posted on TAG.
I wonder why you're so desperate to be given a pat on the head for providing gossip anyway…

pat pat there's a good anon, good job trash talking.

Happy now?

No. 149107

Lucie isn't even in Japan anymore. It's well known that Melissa has her own personal vendetta against Lucie and has had one for years now.

So I shall say it… Melissa, go fuck yourself and stop stirring up shit that doesn't matter. YOU are making this thread worthless.

No. 149108

No shit dumbass. If you actually did the research, a large of marriages between Japanese men and foreign women are fixed.

No. 149148

What are you on about lol are you replying to the right person? I know a lot of marriages are fixed for visas? I was saying this isn't America, people don't get prenups. Someone's angry

No. 149180

File: 1467191808090.jpeg (39.47 KB, 384x384, image.jpeg)

lucie had an abortion
Pregnant from a host.
Who wants to fuck this big turd. Only hosts

No. 149181

Omg she doesn't live in Japan anymore. Fuck offfff

No. 149184

Man lucie had some milk

No. 149186

Dude, Lucie moved back how many years ago? Wth is your problem?

No. 149187

What is your problem with melissa?
She isn't in japan anymore. You seriously got a problem to mention her everyday

No. 149190

Nobody mentioned Melissa idiot. We're saying stop posting lucid shit she isn't a gaijin in Japan anymore. She's back in the uk dating an ugly white guy and being ugly together. Cool

No. 149192

*lucie shit

No. 149194

Yes everyday the same anon mentions her

No. 149198

And while the other anon always mentions Melissa… There's a pattern…

No. 149199

Reported for meaningless vendetta

No. 149272

i reported this whole thread. thanks for this fucking disaster samefags

No. 149285


Kek now her insta isn't locked anymore. Trying to hide the fact that she's lurking

No. 149288

Isn't she friends with kisu? So she's also one of tokyos 'high class' prostitutes?

No. 149290

Swear I've seen this girl on gyaruru before. What's her milk??

No. 149298

Just because you see someone on gyaruru doesn't mean there's milk on them, I think we had this discussion for quiet a few times now.

Anyway since she is/was friends with kisu and seems to swim in burando she seems super fishy to me too

No. 149300

Um that's not what I was saying anon? I've been on gyaruru for years and I was actually one of the people that pointed that out when everyone started that lyraid of gyaruru=milk. I was just saying I think I've seen here there before. I asked what's her milk as someone posted her and I'm wondering what's the reason for why they are posting her here. Does she have milk

No. 149305

Ah sorry, I misunderstood you then.

I think the milk is that she's another prostitute in Tokyo. I don't even know the visa on which she's there

No. 149394

She is friends with Sandra and Sere. I'm not even surprised by that. Prostitution circle

No. 149395

She is friends with Sandra and Sere. I'm not even surprised by that. Prostitution circle

No. 149415

File: 1467260369543.png (602.94 KB, 597x445, 45665.png)

Holy shit, that nose…

No. 149428

And I'm not even sure if it is the nose which ruins her face

No. 149442

she looks mtf trans…

No. 149448

Why is everyone obsessed with noses here? It's a white person, big nose, GOI lol.

No. 149451

Sorry birdchan, huge noses are ugly. Kisu's face is pretty awful, but nothing could have prepared me for that thing.

No. 149454

Yeah fair enough Kisu's is pretty horrendous.

No. 149455

youve obviously never seen her in the flesh. its a beak not a nose.

a guy with me one time saw her and said omg does she realise how ugly she is? hahaha

No. 149459

File: 1467276941723.jpeg (112.84 KB, 640x807, image.jpeg)

Friend is going back to england? Kisu?

No. 149460

I have seen her around in the flesh actually. I'm not saying her nose isn't big (it really is magnificently huge) I just think it's funny how everyone here points out noses a lot lol

No. 149461

It says it is my lovely friend's last day of her vacation so we went to shibuya to do some shopping. I don't want her to go back to England. I think I'm going to cry.

No. 149462

Weird amount of beak nosed weebs trying to make it big in Japan I guess.

No. 149463

yeah i get you lol unfortunately it seems a lot of these weebs have unattractive snozes

No. 149464

Isn't Kisu German?

No. 149466

Kisu is German and gone long ago afaik

No. 149467

1. Asian men aren't really desireable(desperate).
2. They're white, and white women are pedestalled no matter where you go.

No. 149468

No it's actually the I have a token foreign partner

No. 149471

Still doesnt mean white women are the prettiest most ive seen go japan are so maudy and average. Its sad.

No. 149473

I don't think so. Don't see anyone getting all huffy and puffy about dating a chinese or vietnamese girl as they are technically foreigners in Japan.

No. 149475

Sorry should've made myself clearer I ment the shiny western token girlfriend/boyfriend.

No. 149476

Yeah the westerner a here in Japan are the fugliest bunch of people ever

No. 149477

And what are you then??

No. 149478

Taylor is pretty cute and venus too.
Vika and ksara are also pretty. But the majority is average to kisu

No. 149480

I'm not white anon lol I'm Japanese

No. 149481

Doesn't make you prettier than anybody else

No. 149482

Taylor is cute, but Venus is average at best.

No. 149483


Taylor and Venus are exceptions. But I think even them without the filter are average. Venus is very average with her face in normal candid pictures it's just her angles she uses to get that doll look. Taylor is pretty but due to her being slim, tall and lovely hair she passes well. The rest just look bland.

No. 149484

She doesn't need to be a 5 star chef to tell shit food is shit, anon.

No. 149485


Now now anon

all japanese are kawaii desu

don't be jelly

No. 149486

But when they fawn over models like Gemma Ward and Miranda Kerr I can SEE WHY.

No. 149493

Lol I just point out that a lot if these girls are unattractive and anon has a hissy fit. I didn't claim I was attractive and besides who said I was a woman??

No. 149495

Lets play vote fug or not game with pictures of all our favorite cows

No. 149496

Omg that sounds fun

No. 149497

Ksara isn't white

No. 149498

Let's do it im curious of other people's opinions

No. 149501

This was about foreigners. She's a human

No. 149527

I think Ksara is half white though

No. 149530

And? Being half white doesn't make you white anon, it makes you mixed race.

No. 149531


You do know that you have to be 18 to use this site, right?

No. 149540

How is that relevant

No. 149541

File: 1467300083488.jpeg (115.38 KB, 750x1171, image.jpeg)

do you think lala is going to attempt suicide and fail pathetically again? I don't understand why ur so depressed you don't just go home

No. 149542

Why do people keep mentioning Ksara literally no one cares about her at all she hasn't done anything interesting in four fucking years

No. 149545

2012 she had some milk

No. 149549

Wait what when was the first attempt you're talking about

No. 149551

Sorry? I only said that she looks pretty cute

No. 149560

She is pretty, but there's nothing interesting about her so there's no point mentioning her

No. 149561

Is ksara still married and prostitutes herself and steals money?

No. 149562

lmao why so defensive? can you name one pretty white girl posted on this thread cuz I can't

No. 149565

Suicide is serious and not really appropriate here. Also her previous attempt was already talked about on the old thread. Took too many pills and hospitalized
End of story.

So she's depressed again or whatever but that's not really milk, just someone's life

No. 149568

No. 149573

idk but before she deleted me on Facebook she posted about working in one of the British pubs

No. 149574


Suicide attempts are kind of serious anon is your beef with this girl really so thick?

No. 149577

She got married???? WHEEN??

No. 149614

3 or 4 years ago to a bandman

No. 149675

Seriously? which bandman? lmao

No. 149682

No one famous anon lol besides they aren't married anymore she refers to him as he ex husband lol

No. 149685

Not OP, but they just said "if you are so depressed, why don't you go home", which I think is a reasonable response. So many girls go to Japan with this fantasy in their heads, get there, get dream crushed, and spiral out of control. Just look at a mess like Sere. Or even worse, that one cute gyaru that killed herself when she couldn't get a visa. Their obsession/delusions are ruining their potential at a decent life.

No. 149686

There was also another French girl who killed herself because she got declined for a spouse visa. I don't know the name tho…

No. 149689

Bringing up depression or suicide is a serious issue. You are stating that her problems and because she is in Japan. Where is the proof? The root of her problems could be something that doesn't even deal with Japan in general. Depression is a VERY private thing and outting someone here just shows how low some of you really can go.

Comments regarding depression, suicide and someones well-being are extremely malicious. You know how many people take their lives each day after suffering from being bullied?

This thread used to be amusing but now it's just full of shit. Girls arguing about stupid shit, crap getting brought up from years ago, girls posting hate for their own personal vendettas…

No. 149693

No. 149694

Completely agree, suicide is not a laughing matter. I also thought that making fun of suicide etc. is against the rules of lolcow??

No. 149696

Eleanor might be an asshole and have done some really shit things to other gyaru/girls in general, but it doesn't mean she deserves to be depressed or feel like this.

Her lifestyle doesn't help (alcohol is a depressant, you know!) and whenever people move in to pick up her pieces she uses them and carries on again until she's back where she started. I would seriously urge her to stop drinking and do some actual therapy. She definitely needs help regarding her host club addiction. How many times has she moved and yet… No matter where she is, she always ends up at the local host clubs.

No host and their fake love is worth that! Perhaps the reason she is so vengeful against other girls is because she is envious that she can't just live a normal regular life even though she clearly wants to.
I remember her posting on tumblr last year about doing 'housewife' stuff for her ex and she seemed really happy.

So, maybe one day she will meet a regular dude and settle. Until then definitely therapy and addiction help!

No. 149697

So wait what she was married?

No. 149707

No I meant housewife as in 'typical housewife' duties

No. 149708

Sorry for confusing, that's why I put it in quotation marks

No. 149712

Uggh all the people whining about fucking depression on a site purely made to ridicule people. You think it's fucked up to be insensitive about other people's feelings? Ok fair enough, but where do you bitches come off being judgmental when you come on here just to have a laugh at other people's misfortunes. fucking hypocrites.

No. 149719

I don't think you know what a depressant is

No. 149737

No. 149738

You are all fucking hypocrites lol

No. 149740

She is doing a lot better now that she is in Kyoto. Sometimes it just takes people a bit of time to overcome their demons.

No. 149741

Curious! So where is the thread for all the male gaijin fuckups in Japan!? You all are so focused about the women but some of the men are just as fucking bad.

No. 149745

Like kisus friend

No. 149814

And that Daniel kid that obviously married some random Japanese girl so he can live in Japan and work as a host.

No. 149820

His Japanese is too shit to be a host lol

No. 149824

It amazes me that people are willing to spend $$$ on fake companionship. I was watching a documentary on Japanese hosts and some of the people there spend soooo much money.

No. 149837

So post them then.

No. 149840

Large Japanese cities can be extremely lonely, so finding "partnership" even for a price seems like a good idea to some people.
I've been to a host club once, and it felt absolutely stupid. (First time visits are usually around 2,000yen incl. all you can drink)

No. 149841

$20 all you can drink sounds pretty good for an outting. How do they keep track of first times?

No. 149843

You can also just switch clubs and go to a different one for the 'first' time.

No. 149848

They check IDs, also as a foreigner they won't easily forget about you. But as >>149843 said, you can just go to a different place. There's tons of them.

No. 149868

Is this the same for hostess clubs? I could care less about the hosts/hostesses, but all you can drink sounds great.

No. 149894

I went to one when I was on vacation - it was ¥1000 for all you can drink for 90minutes I just ignored the guys and got wasted it was fun


No. 149895

For many hostess clubs it seems to be the same. I guess you can always just ask or research in advance.

No. 149902

Did the same. It's hella fun! I think these guys are glad they don't have to talk for 90 minutes once in a while.

No. 149909

No, hostess clubs don't do 1000-3000yen shokai. It's because they're allooooot more expensive to run. (Girls being paid 3000-5000yen /hr base and then you need to pay then boys-San and back staff. Whereas hosts are paid like 3000yen a day base )

No. 149926

There are plenty of all you can drink places.
Bars, izakaya, karaoke.
You don't need to go to host to get all you can drink.. It's a pretty standard thing in Japan.

No. 149942

Little ot, but sadly not all kyabajo get this much money an hour. A lot of kyabajo, or fuzoku in general get a minimum wage of less than 300¥ an hour.

No. 149948

what third world clubs are you talking about lolol

No. 149949

Lmao no they fucking don't what the fuck

No. 149951

For 500-1000 yen though?
Nomiho izakayas always slam a seating charge and minimum food order amount on you so it always ends up being around 2500

No. 149957

Kyabajo is a baito, sth for what you don't need to be qualified for. Japan isn't dream or wonderland. A lot of girls who works in the fuzoku area never went to highschool or even quiet middle school early, they do whatever job they get for whatever scam wage they receive

No. 149958

I've been to a few bars in shinjuku and shibuya that are 3 hour all you can drink for 1500, they're usually very small and hard to find though i guess !!

No. 149965

Nothing beats host club shokai nomihodai for free or 500 yen

No. 149970

I'd rather pay the extra to avoid the hosts hahah

No. 149973

You don't need a high school degree to work in a conbini but they still pay you 900 an hour. im calling bull

No. 149980

reads thread title
looks at current conversation
Look if you really want to go to a host club or work as a hostess, (given that you all can't get over the topic I'm assuming most of you want to) just fucking come to japan. Most of you cave dwellers would probably make the best cattle out in Japan given your lack of common knowledge and general life/communication skills.

Come on over here!

No. 149987

Did you even read? Clearly some of us chatting now already live here, moron.

No. 150007

bullshit about the middle school part

No. 150015

I know a lot of girls who left school when they were only 14. Also child/teen pregnancy rate in Japan is super high.

No. 150042

If you're going to spout 'facts' anon at least provide evidence to back yourself up.

No. 150049

You know this thread was amusing talking about horseface Ashley and her bald spot and other cringy girls.. take all this stale gyaru/host vendetta to the gyaru thread. Half of the girls mentioned here don't even live in Japan..

No. 150051

I already live here but thanks anyway lol

No. 150215

14 isn't middle school. It's junior high (or highschool depending where you are from) like seriously wth

No. 150227

In Japan you start highschool if you're 15/16. So 14 is still middle school

No. 150229

Middle school and Jr High isn't the same thing?

No. 150239

Where is this? Definitely not tokyo. I call bullshit. Hosts yeah. Hostess and fuzoku definitely not.

No. 150240

I agree

No. 150274

Can we just let this thread die now cus it's so boring

No. 150312

Why the fuck are you here if you think it's boring? Got posted yourself?

No. 150493

File: 1467629513722.jpg (89.23 KB, 481x586, creepy.jpg)

i always see gayas face and think how unattractive and gremlin looking she is and then remember the reviews on tokyo adult gyuide about how attractive she is lololol you blind??

No. 150494

File: 1467629577253.jpg (130.6 KB, 648x625, one.jpg)

a review about gaya and how `attractive' she is

No. 150495

File: 1467629597539.jpg (161.99 KB, 604x676, two.jpg)

No. 150496

File: 1467629623404.jpg (238.57 KB, 629x630, three.jpg)

No. 150497

File: 1467629702997.jpg (172.33 KB, 574x634, four.jpg)

No. 150498

File: 1467629723214.jpg (71.22 KB, 660x634, six.jpg)

No. 150524

Melissa the pig

No. 150525

No it's Melissa the warthog

No. 150526

Melissa the cow(samefag pls)

No. 150527

omg fuck off no one care about her. I'm beginning to think that this person always mentioning her is Gaya? As this always happens after something about her is posted

No. 150528

Melissa the second hitler

No. 150529

Gaya the pig

No. 150530

Oink heil melissa

No. 150531


No. 150532

Shut the fuck up Melissa and deal with it that everyone hates you

No. 150535

File: 1467643367401.png (17.63 KB, 267x334, gayassaddad.png)

brb sending evidence of gaya as prostitute to her father(Calm down, there.)

No. 150536

That's not cool anon. Don't do fucked up shit like that

No. 150546

Can you not. Like why do you care so fucking much

No. 150547

That bitch ruins the thread

No. 150563

Just do it.

And to the ones that say 'don't', how fucked up are you??

Anon sending the evidence to her father might save her live. Gaya csn still get out of this shit. She might still be able to get back into real life you fucking losers

No. 150569

If indeed she is getting pimped by her husband and doesn't enjoy doing this then maybe yes it's a good idea. However if not i think it's a little messed up that you would hurt a family over something she as an adult chose to do. We don't know the whole situation with Gaya so I think getting her family involved, yes is fucked up. Also posting her fathers info on her is extremely insensitive. You don't know the type of people that come here

No. 150570

Well, I can agree to the part about her fathers information.

And even if she enjoys what she does there. If she enjoys it, why shouldn't her family know about it?

No. 150574

Clearly stated in the rules of this site

Don't post personal information of people who may be related to a certain person but aren't directly involved. For example, if you are posting the info of someone who you feel has done something wrong, do not post info about their uninvolved family and friends.

No. 150576

There are MANY more people that don't like Gaya, trust me lmao I'm not Melissa and I don't like Gaya's stank gremlin ass either

No. 150580

lol yeah I was the one that posted that Gaya shit just before and I'm not melissa

No. 150582

Lolcow is dead. No one cares

No. 150616

Even if you aren't Melissa we have a good reason for thinking you are. Melissa deadass signed up as a sex worker, went to the place JUST to try and sneak pictures of cows to post on here and PULL. She admitted this herself. Even if you aren't Melissa, Gaya and Ksara and other random girls mentioned here are hella irrelevant and practically unknown outside of weeb hoes on Facebook living in Japan. Obvious vendettafag -10000/10

No. 150620

Gaya? UNKNOWN? tell me more

She used to spam all and every gyaru group with her face.
She contacted many many ppl in the hope of becoming friends with them.

No. 150622

Gaya is so fucking irrelevant honestly nobody outside of this small hoe circle in Japan knows or cares about her. Even if she USED to do stupid shit it's obvious you're the only one who gives a rat's ass about her. It's just like aminyan who people here kept trying to convince that there's milk when there's zero. It's old as fuck. Bring someone new.

No. 150624

Lol I have no vendetta against her she just lol worthy. As a lot of others(not you it seems) would agree. Just because someone posts something about her on a thread designed for PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN JAPAN, doesn't make them all Melissa. Who yourself seem a bit too hung up upon? Why anon?? Are you friends with these girls and been posted on her before?? Did the stalker Melissa get you too?? Boohoo

No. 150625

go suck on 2chome aids infested host dick you summerfag

No. 150626

But salty aren't we?? Did I hit a nerve?? Sorry to spoil it for you anon but I've been here a lot longer than a summerfag as you call them. If you're so upset that I posted something of actually lol worthy substance about Gaya why don't you stop complaining and actually post something yourself? You're being a little grump and it's not entertaining. So maybe not me but you should go suck some cock to ease some of that tension and loosen that stick that's tightly wedged up your arse

No. 150628

Bitch I'm not the grump nobody likes this bullshit thread but you. You obviously have a serious fucking vendetta because you're always bringing up whores nobody heard of with very little milk. >arse
Eurofag detected, go back to Europe you smelly fucking eurotrash peace of shit. Japan doesn't need any more of you fucking blokes.

No. 150629

Thank you, you ruined the thread

No. 150635

get fucked in the ass on your way out, cunt

No. 150647

Also reported. Some of you stoop way too low. On top of that, this thread has really gone to shit.

No. 150664

Lol these reviews sound like Sere's style of writing

No. 150667


Not the same anon

Japan could do with a lot less Americans and Aussies too twat-chan

No. 150673

She reviewed herself on TAG with a fake account

No. 150748

Curious but how do these girls meet all these rich people?

No. 150785

Through TAG

No. 150849

Lol that wasn't me I'm not European and do realise dipship there's more than one person that posts here and replied to you. Also posting one thing (cause nobody else was) =vendetta? um ok whatever you say

No. 150850

i am screaming.
Its dipshit, but this is so much funnier.

No. 150851

Autocorrect soz haha

No. 150852

What happened? Updates to if your crazy ass sent anything

No. 150853

What happened? Updates to if your crazy ass sent anything

No. 150858

People are fucking stupid honestly more than one person wants to talk about dumbfuck Gaya so let us talk about her. ALLOW IT MOTHERFUCKER.

No. 150859

i know right? That angry anon from before should shut it, not contributing anything and telling people who contributed to fuck off lol

No. 150900

Hilarious autocorrect !! Ty for the laugh

No. 151155

File: 1467762405404.jpeg (112.26 KB, 640x776, image.jpeg)

No. 151160


Why does most of this gaijin trash dress so fucking terribly? Even the ones who aren't gyaru look like they need a good wash.

No. 151171

Gaya needs to brush her hair and get some defrizz serum lol also fashion advice ASAP. Saw her with a gross Japanese otaku type guy searching for a love hotel in kabukicho last week. She was dressed just as terribly as in this pic, except pink version

No. 151183

Wow. I hope these are sarcasm. Snow is so obviously underaged. You guys have the most boring sense of humour.

No. 151205

Well, it is summer.

No. 151806

File: 1467806938663.jpeg (107.33 KB, 734x993, image.jpeg)

Boob job?

No. 151808


Seriously? Jesus christ. Bet they looked rough as bear's asses.

No. 151809

can't wait for the kids to go back

No. 152107

Guys! Kisu is still in Japan! Saw the skeletor just an hour ago walking in kabukicho

No. 152111

dont think so. she was always a bit chub. and probably just wears several pushups

No. 152112

stop trying to make her relevant

No. 152118

She's not. I met her in Germany lol

No. 152119

I thought she was in Korea

No. 152120

that ugly bitch is in Germany. I read something in Instagram about that, so stop lying you stupid shit.

No. 152121

Isn't she with gackt in America ?

No. 152122

Are they really married ? Proof ???

No. 152123

Are they really married ? Proof ???

No. 152128

Are you kisu? Lol
I saw her she is in japan, why would i lie?

No. 152129

Are you sure it was her?? Proof?
There are a lot of blonde foreign girls in japan kek
What are you doing in kabukicho, though?? Hunting glorious host dick or what??

No. 152130

Attention whore ? I met her yesterday in Germany, how can I lie ?

No. 152131

Didn't she delete it?

No. 152139

It was her I'd recognise that scarily thin platinum blonde hair and hawk nose anywhere. Also there are other things other than hosts in kabuki go anon, I happen to live near by and was at the combini

No. 152140

She deleted it lol

No. 152141

Yeah, cause how can you attention whore on an anonymous thread? Logic lol

No. 152187

are you actually retarded?? why would gackt be with a chick that looks manlier than him when he can get any other gold digging chick that looks decent lol

No. 152205

Ew you sound like a creepy stalker. Get some mental help kek

No. 152208

Come on, Kisu is really recongizable. If I walked past Sere in Shinjuku I'd probably know it's her as well.

No. 152209

It's not, you're just too stupid to find it kekeke

No. 152259

Fuck off samefag. All youre doing is contributing nothing and white knighting Kisu, who even I know is still in Japan.

No. 152278

Lol apparently this german samefag thinks going to the store equals stalking. Maybe you should study English anon.

No. 152285

Proof ? :)

No. 152286

I no engrisch, sry u scum

No. 153075

Seems like shiena works as hostess now

No. 153103

how do you know?

No. 153130

Is it just me or is shiena talking about lorena at facebook?

No. 153140

What is she writing? Caps?

No. 153143

Her dresses…

No. 153145

Those are just regular dresses though? She's always dressed more on the formal side.

No. 153154

Caps please

No. 153324

File: 1468150146225.png (16.52 KB, 494x181, shannon.png)

No. 153325

File: 1468150173580.png (15.25 KB, 489x173, shannon2.png)

No. 153344

That's definitely about sere ahahaha

No. 153355

Those dresses don't suit her body at all

No. 153359

Who are you replying to? Lol

No. 153360

Wew. She sure is talking about Sere. Does Sere have Facebook? In that case there might come a reply from her (if she's that smart and gets what Shiena is talking about)

No. 153365

Seres Facebook got deleted cause she used a fake name

No. 153469

I guess since Sere's stuck in Korea, Shiena has no problem shit talking her "employer"

No. 153473

She lurks here and in her thread so she will prob be pissed to see her "best friend" shit talking her. Shiena needs to learn when to keep her opinions to herself.

No. 153499

Oink hail melissa

No. 153502

Melissa the pig

No. 153511

File: 1468205224185.jpg (95.28 KB, 624x818, image.jpg)

Kawaii desu ne!!

No. 153545

Pretty bland shit talking if you can even call it that. The end of the 2nd cap, if you read carefully, says that she doesn't care about other peoples opinions and only cares about her personal experience with each person. Also, Sere isn't the only infamous friend Shiena has or had.

The first cap is just her thoughts on texting in general.

No. 153567

Prettier than gaya

No. 153760

Her nose contouring is tragic.

No. 153786

I want to know more in what's happening with Sandra lol she wrote that she was married on her Instagram, to who?? That gross host who's store she went to?

No. 153835

Was gonna say the same… at least contrast that shit to make it look smaller!

No. 153836

Isn't it cos Sere was pissed cos her 'boyfriend' wasn't texting back?

No. 153858

She moved to Osaka

No. 153859

Serious?? More details please?

No. 153860

Lucky bitch married some rich yakuza guy

No. 153861

Since when did she move to Osaka? She is going to school in Tokyo and also offering her 'service' in Tokyo. Where did you get that info or are you just trolling?

No. 153862

Her friend told me, don't know if they're already in Osaka tho, they were going to move

No. 153863

Lol, well now she can get her nipponese baby and live the full life of a housewife. This is paradise… No Sere, no Sandra

No. 153864

Jealous much keke

No. 153865

Of course I'm so jealous anon!! I want to have all that too!! Lol

No. 153866

Ew that sounds dogey as fuck. Wonder how she meet him, he probably is her pimp lol
Seeing as he is yakuza I don't see things ending well for her… I've heard stories of girlfriends or wives trying to leave and getting tracked down etc.

No. 153869

It wouldn't surprise me if she met him during her dates at the deai cafe or some other dating website. If she thinks it's the right decision, let her do. If she falls on her face, it's not our problem.

No. 153872

I know it's her decision, but her probabilities of ending up dead in a ditch have risen. Don't fuck with the yaks Sandra lol

No. 153880


Sounds like the perfect life. Fuck having all liberties taken away from you mind. It doesn't matter as long as he's a Jap.

No. 153881


Yakuza are the kawaii mafia! They could 'never' be evil anon

how dare you offend the speshul japanesu

No. 153882


Two years time and they'll find a body bag in Tokyo bay with some foreigners head in it.

No. 153889

Found Sandra's Facebook lol

No. 153893

Not accessible…

No. 153896

File: 1468245287976.jpg (110.55 KB, 852x608, sandra.jpg)

No. 153940

This proves nothing.

No. 153954

I don't think that anon who posted it wanted to proof something

No. 154021

What are they trying to prove? Lol

No. 154032

You sound like a dumb eurofag. I posted it because a previous anon said that couldn't access it shithead.

No. 154096

Nobody cares!

No. 154097

Post some milk or gtfo. You're looking like a self-poster.

No. 154124

I'm guessing this is either Sandra or Sere. Are you bored? This is getting old, seriously.

No. 154132

Sere or kisu. Because sandora can not speak eigo

No. 154134

Guess what ? A lot of people actually hate Melissa the pig Kek

No. 154135

This person posting can't eigo either

No. 154155

File: 1468303399716.jpeg (25.95 KB, 480x360, image.jpeg)

No. 154172

Not in Japan, don't care.

No. 154186

Racist slurrs, such dirty words! Someone has some anger angst issues.

No. 154190

Lol since when is eurofag racist.

No. 154197

Go back to PULL you dumbass!

No. 154215

Lorena you dirty ho
Stop samefagging u stupid old bitch
Nobody cares
Go and fuck tiny korean dick for money. That's all you can do
What a sad life

No. 154226

Reported lorenas samefagging
Hope she is going to get banned

No. 154316

Wtf is PULL?

No. 154351

Guess what? Everybody hates you lorena

No. 154384

lol this looks so stupid. Everyone pointing fingers when in reality no one really knows who's who.

No. 154422

The one who is derailing this thread is only lorena

No. 154468

didn't you hear, PULL is getting "shut down" in a few weeks. It will be no more apparently. Be prepared for an influx of spam and trolls.

No. 154482

How do you know its her? She's not the only one who dislikes Melissa.

No. 154487


Seriously?! How did this come about?

No. 154504

She posted her at the same time she updated her instagram

Nobody cares about melissa

No. 154509

I don't even know Melissa but I can say that this shit is getting annoying. If people would at least bring some milk instead, they post useless phrases.

No. 154556

Thank you anon
It's always the same
Sounds more like vendetta

No. 154567

we're all talking about people like they're they're a tv show. You cant expect it to be all milk and no filler. Not to mention in the end we really don't know who's posting. The most ridiculous oart of this thread is when people are randomly 'calling out' people like they know who they are when we don't

No. 154574

I've reported the samefagging anon aka sere but nothing happened
This site is shit and i won't use it anymore

No. 154623

d'aww someone crashing your little gossip party? How outrageously terrible. Even funnier if it is indeed the person who you are really talking about.

No. 154661

Are you dumb??? There are such things as proxies. People can hide their IP or use multiple IP so you cant ban anyone.

No. 154669

yeah same with the taylor thread and kota thread - complete cancerous shit. leaving lolcow. avoir.

No. 154674

Just leave. Nobody gives a shit if you mention it.

No. 154679

it's 'au revoir'

No. 154685

well woopty doc you shit stain tooth smelly french fry

get killed in the french shooting by isis, ya betch.

No. 154995


No. 155436

I laughed so hard

No. 155444

Did anon send the stuff to gayas father?

No. 155489

P sure some drama would have kicked off if they did, so i will go with no. There is no need to involve peoples families

No. 156127

Ohh sere stopped samefagging

No. 157467

File: 1469021868754.jpeg (90.61 KB, 750x1294, image.jpeg)

So Gaya is having her own prostitution homepage now.


No. 157475

It's not a prostitution page kek can't you see that she's a 'model'??

No. 157481

File: 1469023769680.png (1.56 MB, 1079x1595, Screenshot_2016-07-20-16-06-05…)

She looks worse than ever! That poor girl barely has left any hair on her head wtf is that?

Also her beauty photos look worse than seres and I thought it can't get any worse

No. 157487

No. 157489

Her Japanese is interesting

No. 157562

No booty at cottage cheese thighs.

No. 157677


No. 157686

File: 1469071961957.jpg (12.33 KB, 236x260, 2f13f8c8854669d0b17f6c4c7d0bbf…)

She kind of looks like a younger version of that one hooker serial killer from the states.

No. 157700

File: 1469078784462.jpg (23.67 KB, 443x332, image.jpg)

Aileen wuorenos

Except that pic is Charlie theron when she played her in the film monster.

This is the real Aileen. Still looks like Gaya though haha

No. 157702

It's like peering into the future anon!

No. 157706

She's already there in terms of hair lol

No. 157712

File: 1469080783513.jpg (190.79 KB, 1332x615, A.jpg)

No. 157718

Gaya is lowering her rates now that Lorena is out of the country?

No. 157721

She's literally scared to advertise her services in Japanese? Kek

No. 157722

She offers full sex services, which is illegal in Japan as is being an independent Alex worker, so she's 'playing it safe'

No. 157723

Sex worker*

No. 157724

I know, but it's still funny, since I remember her talking aboyt how she wants to only bang Japanese men and stuff like that and now she only fucks with old foreign salary men

No. 157754


the police in Japan don't care or arrest anyone for full sex services besides teens and blowjobs/anal is completely legal and regulated. She's not gonna get deported, get over it.

No. 157819

Nobody was saying that ?? Lol angry much?? Just pointing out as to why she didn't have all her rates or info to what the website is for. as she specified in that TOkyo adult guide screenshot that she wasn't going to write that stuff on there

No. 158083

Lol most Japanese shops offer full services but none of them actually state that on their website. Just have anal as an option usually, but it's an unwritten fact everyone knows. So Gaya doesn't need to even write that she provides full sex service, just like the shops don't. So there's nothing to really be afraid of surely in that respect.
BUT like another anon said, its independent so very dangerous and suspicious. That's the only thing she should be wary of I think.

No. 158084


No. 159092

I think she looks good to be honest

No. 159095

*reply fail, that was in response to gayas photos. She has a nice body and looks good in those pictures. Good for her to have that confidence

No. 159103

Are you blind?

No. 159107

She has a nice figure but that face ergh. And she needs to do squats lol

No. 159113

Her full lower half aswell as her face and hair are terrible

No. 159120

Her hair is actually quite nice but the rest very floppy and not attractive at all

No. 159122

Her hair looks like the one of a homeless as if she'd never brush or in any other way takes care of it

No. 159127

File: 1469461255317.jpg (165.51 KB, 1200x1083, CoMHP96VMAAZGRU.jpg)


No. 159291

Holyshi– She is legit going bald.

No. 159318

wow, it's worse than before. What is it, alopecia? hair damage from bleacing/coloring?

No. 159383

File: 1469500656405.jpeg (116.06 KB, 700x1245, image.jpeg)

No. 159402

Underweight maybe?

No. 159460

God she is fugly

No. 159461

looks like the head of those balding salarymen you see on the trains ahahaha

No. 159611

Just like….why would she post this???
I get like maybe she can't stop it from happening and is trying to have self confidence in herself but like….why show it off…girl get a fucking wig or don't pull back your hair like this…. in some other pictures she hides it well so why??

No. 159627

I feel bad for that vkei guy she's obsessed with (Zen from Avelcain) because she went to all of their instores and lives and was so delusional and thought they had a relationship. He's probably glad his band is disbanding so he doesn't have to see her again.

No. 159653

The real reason they disbanded

No. 159664


I don't doubt it lmfao

No. 159669

If he stays making music shell just follow him to his next band though lol

No. 159679

I'd stay on the DL if I were him and wait for her to move on and obsess over the next guy lol

No. 159692

Its like that time she was paying that host guy to spend time with her and convinced they were dating.
So for this VK guy if he doesn't contact you willingly or see you outside of in-store events, he doesn't want you… isn't that obvious!?

No. 159734

File: 1469573640043.jpeg (128.17 KB, 750x1101, image.jpeg)

lol this host she told everyone was actually her boyfriend

No. 159924

cant believe she still has this photo up wtf

No. 160462

What ending up happening with that anyway? Lol does anyone know the harrowing story if heart-break and betrayal?

No. 160523

few weeks later she posted a pic of them and said goodbye. he was a host. what do you think happened?

No. 160533

i don't have any pictures but i heard about this one girl dating a japanese idol and still writing fanfic about how he fucks his friends and underaged kids lol

No. 160536

Obviously I know, but like what lead up to her saying goodbye and if anything extra lol worthy happened

No. 160539

i'm new on the farm but holy shit the amount of these girls/these types of girls i could have run into while i was in japan…

No. 160660

He used her for money and used to make her spend a ton at his club. When they 'broke up' aka she stopped going to his club, he charged her for all the outside dates they had been on and she paid up.

No. 160671

That's really awful. One more reason to stay the fuck away from hosts

No. 160697

Hahaha what an idiot. It's one thing to use money at his store but if she then gave him cash for those 'dates' they went on after cutting him off she a special kind of shithead

No. 160708

> hes different than the others
oh lmao this describes host club addicts perfectly

No. 160761

LOL! So he actually told her to pay up for the outside dates after the fact and she actually did it? What a fucking idiot.

No. 160872

This is why you don't fucking go to host clubs alone if you don't know how they work/ how to work them.

No. 160972

Lol why would she think she's liable to paying for outside dates?? Especially ages after. Definitely don't have to pay those, how stupid. Wonder how much she coughed up.

No. 161075


She's surviving from her rich parents cash flow so I don't think she knows the concept of working for a living and the value of money (since she's only doing the teaching for a visa and not the actual wages).

No. 161079

lmbo my friend told me one time ashley said she was poor because she only had two grand in savings because she goes to japan 12 times a year for a weekend live. she lives at home, her car is paid off by her parents, they give her an allowance

No. 161080


Pretty much all the people who were and are her friends is because she makes it rain for them in the form of gifts and favors and no other reason lol. Definitely not her dazzling personality. I guess she's used to buying attention.

No. 161093

As her friend this is BS. She doesn't flash the cash.

She definitely needs to learn the value of money and self-worth, though.

No. 161108

yeah she stingy af unless its on herself or her "love" life

No. 161159

File: 1469706875284.jpeg (87.03 KB, 640x1035, image.jpeg)

No. 161166

Is she vip or is it his wax figure?

No. 161170

she had tickets and got to meet him

but this is years old ??

No. 161172

So no milk at all. Just her hater being back

No. 161182

Yeah, very sad.
And a very bored person clearly.

No. 161190

Ashley has had that bald spot for years. I got curious and went way back on her Instagram and even from 3 years ago she has that bald spot.

No. 161199

Half horse half pig

No. 161201

Is that why she used to wear all those wigs back when she lived in the us lol

No. 161210

Her photo is photoshopped as fuck

No. 161233

That's the real Yoshiki it looks like.
It looks like the photo is badly lit, not neccessarilty PS.

No. 161270

File: 1469728387560.jpeg (244.23 KB, 750x1177, image.jpeg)

does anyone know anything about her??

No. 161272

Lol i remember her when she was all ~gaijin gyaruuuuu~ she was irritating and weeby but pretty boring tbh

No. 161319

Marie is a total bitch and talks shit about everyone and she's just another typical eurotrash gaijin gyaru dating a mediocre-looking Japanese guy visa in hopes of a marriage visa.

No. 161344

Um no… She is actually on exchange with University, dumb loser cunt.

No. 161355

So? That doesn't mean she won't drop it the second a marriage visa opens up.

No. 161402

I find it funny how a foreign girl in Japan dating a Japanese boy instantly means "marriage visa" to a lot of you lol. Run out of other witty insults?

No. 161408

Let's be honest, most of them are together with those Japanese guys because of the glorious spouse visa

No. 161417

A lot of these weebs maybe yes, but not everyone dates someone or marries for a visa.

No. 161424

Then you clearly don't know her and are just being jealous piece of shit. FYI if you followed her twiter page you would know she is leaving soon as her exchanged finish.

As for people that marry, there are people that marry for love but you are too stupid to know that because you life controlled by jealousy.

No. 161433

Seriously? Does going to a country and not dating the people of that country make any sense to you? You're speaking like as if no one can possibly attracted to Japanese guys. As if white guys are soooooo great. Logically, Japanese guys are the most abundant in Japan so its more than likely the people who live there will date a Japanese person.

No. 161454

Cue the slew of English gyarus in her social circle coming to white knight Marie as if she was a saint.

No. 161459

This so much. Like who the fuck else are we supposed to date? There are other nationalities here but they're the MINORITY, so of course you're going to end up dating a Japanese guy when your in Japan. Shock an awe! Also not all of us hangout with other foriengers

No. 161475

Because Japanese men are just so undisirable… I'm married to a Japanese guy, and it was never for the visa. If I hadn't met him I wouldn't have wanted to return to Japan tbh, my WH was shitty.

No. 161482

Agreed. There are only a few good people

No. 161489

Lol I just knew the bitterness would expload the moment Marie was posted on here.. She and her other speshul gyaru friends chat so much shit about other girls but the moment they get posted they can't take it.

No. 161490

I hear you there, mine too.

No. 161496

To you. Maybe she genuinely thinks he's cute.

All of you talking shit about other people's men. But where's your man? Pretty sure many of you are still kissless for obvious reasons.

White guys look like pure shit tbh, they're overrated in anything.

No. 161499

Meanwhile I'm dating a ex johnnys junior

No. 161500

You can't assume that everyone is an obsessed weeaboo just looking for any kind of visa to stay in magical Nippon.

Do you even know any of these foreign girls personally? It sounds like you're only making assumptions based on a few Japan-obsessed crazies.

No. 161526

Interesting how every time someone else was accused of dating/marrying for a visa, no one went up in arms about it and basically started to beat a dead horse with these repetitive comments. Marie is the kind of bitter weeb who keeps a low profile so no one will notice her because she talks shit about literally everyone and collects receipts so she knows to keep a low profile so she won't be the target like the people she targets.

No. 161533

Maybe everyone is just sick of it? As soon as someone has a japanese partner all of a sudden it's a visa relationship. Even if they already have a job and a visa
Marie has to go back to england to complete her uni course to graduate anyway

Why is it so unbelievable to you guys that people would date japanese guys for real?

No. 161541

yep- you can always tell it's her or one of her whiteknight friends when someone throws a hissy fit over gyaru or JP men.

it's not unbelievable, but it is suspiciously funny how a certain few people got so personally butthurt at her relationship being mentioned here ….

No. 161573


She's a nobody and I know for a fact her friends always lurk here in case they're talked about. No one else ever has their relationship/education/life defended on here but all of a sudden you get all these comments defending her while she's a nobody? Very obvious.

No. 161574

Different anon and I don't care for Marie, (she looks scary as fuck with the creepy makeup) I think it's really dumb that so many people dig into people significant other if they're Japanese. Unfortunately are lot if these girls are web that fetishise Japanese men which is sad and disgusting, but some people has legitimate relationships and love there boyfriends for who they are. Not everyone marries for a visa or dates a Japanese man, while living in Japan for trophy points. I know that I love my boyfriend soo much for who he is and we knew each other for a longtime before we dated. We're getting married next year and its definitely not for a visa, cause I don't intend to stay in Japan for one.

No. 161610

Since when are we talking about ALL relationships with gaijins and Japanese men? We're talking about Marie's.

No. 161635

Because of how anon from >>161408 worded her post and everybody got defensive.

No. 161717

hi dania, posting vendetta shit again are we?

No. 161718

I thought dania is just after the bigger fish like lorena and barbs

No. 161719

She posts about any and every gaijin in Japan as she's salty that 1. They're living in Japan ans she isn't and 2. she can't get Japanese dick

No. 161726

Danish is the dirtiest web out there lol she so thirsty as fuck following and trying to talk to every Japanese guy in social media.

No. 161741

I thought I was the only one that thought this! When she goes to Japan she just hangs around Kabukicho. She asks other gaijins to take her to the host club because she doesn't speak Japanese. She tries hunting Japanese dick on Instagram but has to use a translator.

No. 161748

Dania looks like an ugly ass garden gnome and is such a bitter bitch and super jealous over any girl that is living in Japan or dating Japanese men. Wouldn't be surprised if her 33? 34? Year old ass is still a virgin.

No. 161750

I wrote this original post and then someone starts to make up shit about Marie's friends coming to defend her.

Well, I have no idea who the fuck Marie is/was until someone posted her. I was stating a point that some anon seems very bitter about foreign girls dating Japanese men because we all do it only for a visa because true love only exists in Disney movies lol. Get a life. Better yet, get a better attack phrase aside from "marriage visa!" Shits old.

No. 161753

the one with the red hair that always hangs out in little tokyo? if so thats an apt description lolol

No. 161761

Yes that one with her scary makeup and bad contact lenses

No. 161762

>she can't get Japanese dick
She must be either fat or dumb as hell, lol. Every foreign girl thirsty for even the ugliest Japanese guy manages to snatch one.

No. 161766

According to her claims on tumblr and Instagram she slept with this guy while in Tokyo last year (a model) and boasted about it and it turns out he had a girlfriend and she got really butthurt then claimed she had videos and pics of them fucking ahaha

No. 161830

What's the point? So what she has a Japanese boyfriend like many do. What makes that bad, where's the evidence that she is after a visa and crazy after Japanese dick? There's literally no milk on this girl. Apart from "this girl is dating a Japanese man clearly for a visa!!!" Like if you're claiming she's is this huge mega bitch and after a visa than post evidence. Seems like clutching at straws to me.

No one wants to hear about some nobody with no milk… Why do these random girls no one knows who are boring keep getting posted because they live in Japan?

No. 161832

I can't remember the last time we had any actual milk on this thread.

No. 161837

even we fat girls manage to get some juicy japanese dick though

No. 161984

No. 161988

She's 1,65

Woa, these photos are so terrible and bad, I'll never get over it. If I'd be the photographer I'd just kill myself for these. Though it looks like she just used a tripod anyway

No. 162009

Looks like just her husband took these pictures.

No. 162012

Why do you say that?

No. 162013

These pictures are so bad, they can't be from a professional photographer

No. 162018

No. 162019

She genuinely looks like a tranny

No. 162021

I also thought so. But not like a good one, but one of these 30-40yo guys having their midlifecrisis thinking that throwing on a dress could help

No. 162058

Who knows kisus new accounts

No. 162059

Who's following it?

No. 162081

I've seen her a couple of times in these threads and I really gotta applaud this girl for having a plain manface and wearing shitty to no make-up in Japan. She doesn't seem to put in any effort to look good and presentable (unlike her other weeb prostitute friends) but still gets money and dick.

No. 162084

LOL No one's worse than Ivana Chycki aka Spikes-n-Buckles. That whore fucked a married man with kids then got kicked out of Japan in less than 3 months.

No. 162088

No. 162172


We share some friends and I'm friends with her ex girlfriend too so I heard crazy stories.

Not sure how many host she chased but I remember she posted online a ton of pics of a love hotel bragging as if she was staying at some luxury suite and it was so cringeworthy

No. 162181

Who is this? pics details

No. 162187

File: 1470026405060.jpeg (147.03 KB, 750x1059, image.jpeg)

She never learns

No. 162197

I feel kind of sorry for her. But she's doing it to herself really..she needs an intervention. First she goes to Tokyo falls in love with a host becoming his number one only to realise she was dooped. Cries in and on about him. Does she stop? No she keeps prostituting herself, racking up debt, runs off with an abusive host to Osaka looks like she finally may have learnt her lesson only to just keeps wasting her money and looking for love and validation. I wouldn't be surprised if she was still rolling tricks for cash. She's already made it clear she's mentally unwell and her behaviour is destructive. Parents need to get her out of Japan.

No. 162205

But who said she paid for it? Or that it was in a host club? There's no comment on that post suggesting that she wasn't in a bar, or a regular club, or even that a friend didn't pay for it and she just took the picture.
Jumping to conclusions much.

No. 162210

Seems like she got new bf.
How..she looks so dirty

No. 162216

No. 162234

No. 162235

No. 162236

File: 1470057475672.jpeg (107.83 KB, 737x1040, image.jpeg)

Not even close hahahahaha
This is Lara.
Do you even read?

No. 162237

Sandra's ad comes up too lol

No. 162244

Another anon making shit up.
This is from a regular club in Kyoto. I see her there sometimes with her boyfriend who looks completely normal.

No. 162245

No. 162256

File: 1470063502797.jpeg (64.41 KB, 340x340, image.jpeg)

Crazy weeaboo who threw rape allegations at bandmen who attended Anime North also has a mom who told her to poke condoms so she can get pregnant and have Japan kawaii desuuu life. She cries and cries asking for money and pity after spending $100+ on vk trash clothes LOLLLL

No. 162259

I fucking hate this racist bitch

No. 162260

that make up makes me want to stab my eyes out. how she gonna get japanese dick looking like that?

No. 162262

Not just you, there's a reason she has no friends. Eventually everyone leaves her crazy cracker ass.

She also fucked a lot of girls bf while on her brief stint in Japan few years back as well as fail all of her classes. Right now she's fucking a retard with gaijin fever.

No. 162267

Iva threw herself at the One Ok Rock live, screaming at Taka to notice her while ripping other girls hair to get up front. Her behaivour at lives is disgusting.

If I see her at another live again I'll stomp that bitch out.

No. 162269

File: 1470065469896.jpeg (141.65 KB, 750x1193, image.jpeg)

Her hairline is receding so bad. She really needs to stop dyeing her hair before she goes bald.

And her make has gotten even worse it's fucking hilarious

No. 162270

I'm glad that Ashley's out of her vk wannabe phase but this just looks soooo bad… Someone fix her eyebrows please!!!

No. 162272

These eyebrows look so horrible

No. 162273

Her nose looks like a limp dick LMAO

No. 162274

She tried to rip off Rei's hair at Anime North for attention and then accused Yugiri of rape/sexual assault. She's literal garbage.

No. 162286

What was her name? The crazy weeaboo at Anime North?

No. 162292

Her name is Ivana Chycki. She had an ig and tumblr (spikes-n-buckles) but she deleted it after getting posted on here lol

She called lots of Japanese girls "dirty japs"
and bragged about how gaijin are treated like royalty in glorious nipponland
Which is completel bullshit LOL.

She also tells everyone that she's japanese at heart and destined to be in Japan when she's an adult with only a middle school education. Fucking loser.

No. 162304

Is Ashley's hair loss from her bulimia or all the hair dye? (seriously asking)

No. 162307

Does anyone else find it odd that she doesn't try to cover it up? Is she ill? Is it from too much coloring and styling? Why flaunt it?

Also, those eyebrows look like they are drawn around the side of her head. Wtf is she thinking?

No. 162308

>and bragged about how gaijin are treated like royalty in glorious nipponland Which is completel bullshit LOL.
It's true though, at least on the surface. If this wasn't the case, half of the gaijin girls here would be gone in three months.

No. 162312

It's funny because Ivana got kicked out in less than three months for fucking a man with a wife and kids

No. 162316

Didn't she also have a host boyfriend? If I was the guy's wife I would have clawed her whore eyes out.

No. 162317

Ashley lives off of the attention. Any attention whether good or bad she don't care

No. 162320


fucking whore

No. 162325

She had the married guy, the ex host who she fucks now, and a few guys that she had from her Japanese high school. Funny that she couldn't last in either Canadian or Japanese schools.

No. 162327

File: 1470075123173.jpeg (161.61 KB, 750x1192, image.jpeg)


No. 162328

File: 1470075256835.jpeg (212.64 KB, 750x1207, image.jpeg)

No. 162329

File: 1470075288342.jpeg (184.53 KB, 750x1102, image.jpeg)

She's gonna go bald in a few year

No. 162332

Can you even consider this yellow fever at this point? I know her from a friend of mine and from what he's told me, it's very likely that she has mental disorders…

No. 162333

Her nose hangs over her mouth. C'mon girl your parents have so much money, go to korea and get this fixed

No. 162337

Her face looks like its distorted from those photo apps but it's sad that we all know that this is her real face and horse head

No. 162341

rather than being a slut, her real problem is her horrible personality

No. 162351

Man, Gaya has such a bad case of crazy eyes, coupled with her caveman features it's really eerie, you can tell something's off but not what specifically.

No. 162420

What club in Kyoto is this and who you
lol. Take pics next time you c them

No. 162428

But they don't kick you out of the country for that. What do you even mean lol

No. 162446

She couldn't keep up with school failed all of her classes. She also broke all of the rules that her agency had set and got transferred from host family to host family. Shitfaced drunk hitting on japanese dick 24/7

No. 162585

Blanka is back in germany

No. 162586

File: 1470155912130.jpeg (110.39 KB, 640x623, image.jpeg)

No. 162589

No. 162600

Don't forget blacking out from drinking at a family funeral LOL

No. 162613

Club Kitsune

No. 162616


No. 162618

I heard she went back

No. 162623

There are currently summer holidays on Japanese unis right? So that's plausible

No. 162685

Are you a student in Kyoto with Lara ?

No. 162768

If I am, does it matter?

No. 162796

I bet it's Lara herself that asked you since she practically lives on these threads.

No. 162809

It's just a holiday, calm down. She goes back every year to visit.

No. 162822

But this is her first time for a longstay period in Japan? So how can you tell she 'often' does it?

No. 162825

Someone said she lost her visa

No. 162839


She didn't.

Also no. She had one long stay last year. Get your shit right.
You guys are seriously reaching.

No. 162855

That rude bitch..i hope she is going to marry someone like kei

No. 162898

Blanka just finished her apprenticeship as a seamstress this year. The whole apprenticeship takes 3years (if you're reeeeeeally good then it takes two and a half years). Anyway, she couldn't have been in Japan for a year last year

No. 162915

File: 1470262765636.jpeg (118.51 KB, 750x915, image.jpeg)

Get your facts right anon. She finished it 2014 and then went to Japan to study Japanese.

No. 162917

Huh, how is this girl a snowflake? Can someone give me a summary? I follow her and didn't know.

No. 162918

Never mind, I just searched the old thread. Unfollowed.

No. 162922

I had to work with her at the AN fashion show and it was utter and complete hell. She's legitimately batshit insane. It's a mix of yellow fever and mental disorder for sure.

No. 162998

She fucked someone like kei and obviously has rich parents who don't care, so I don't wonder why she behaves like trash

No. 163000

Spoiled brat. They don't know better

No. 163001

Dude learn to read the conversation you replied to isnt about Blanka.

No. 163025

What girl group is aminyan joining that has a weekly TV reality show? It's already airing and that the public votes on who they like best kek

No. 163107

I love how she wants to be an Idol (they need to have squeaky clean images) but she is a known prostitute. With evidence on the internet etc> to support it. Literally its only a matter of time till all of that is exposed and she loses her chance of ever becoming famous as an idol

No. 163117

Aminyan was on a sugar daddy site but where is there info about her prostituting? She's not delandra.

Post evidence if you have milk.

No. 163121

Photos at kirari posted on previous threads as well as the screen caps of her on that sugar dating website. Also I know more than two people who she directly told she sleeps with men for money. Considering just that I'd say there is probably a lot more hidden on the net and people on 2chan etc. are fucking ruthless at finding shit like that and more …as I said its a matter of time.

No. 163150

But people debunked the kirari thing saying she had a different wig at the time. Exaggeration much.

Which 2 people though? Her temple uni classmates kek. Gotta be close to her for her to be comfortable enough to admit that.

So far most of the stuff you've said are just twisted rumours.

No. 163240

Ok whatever on the kirari thing but the sugar dating thing is pretty obvious she doing stuff for money. Also the people that she told are Temple students

No. 163242

Considering just that isnt it safe to say there is probably more evidence out there? As I stated beforehand Japanese netizens are ruthless on finding anything to pick apart someone image

No. 163261

There's no "known" evidence besides a seeking arrangement profile with a blurred picture. Nobody on the Japanese Internet or outside of lolcow cares or gives a shit. She had a thread here for a year with 0 milk which is why talking about her is banned. Obvious vendetta 0/10.

No. 163262

And those photos at Kirari + the porn were Shani. There was an Instagram picture matched with Shani wearing the same thing as the Kirari pic. Either way stop beating and raping a fucking dead horse unless you have new evidence.

No. 163263

Not a vendetta. I don't know her or care really was just replying to the fact that her group is now getting a tv show so she'll get more popularity therefore Japanese netizens will care… Just stating the obvious. But whatever. Back to horse face Ashley and the rest

No. 163264

I was the one that posted shanks porn lol

No. 163265

But there's no proof or anything so why even bring it back up? Kek

No. 163267

will someone just say what the show is then instead of bringing up dumb rumours. I really didn't ask about her prostitution history. I'm too lazy to search so I thought one of you living in Japan would know

No. 163269

I sent her a tumblr ask about it and she made a post saying she's not affirming anything until next week

No. 163276

She is going to kirari 100%
My friend saw her

No. 163284

>My friend saw her
Seems legit.

No. 163290

Just look at her recent follows and likes on twitter and you'll know the group lol.

No. 163308

I'm assuming based on all of her recent follows on twitter it's [CHICK GIRL'S SCHOOL].

It seems to be some reality program about training to be in a idol group.

No. 163332

Talking about her is banned. You guys had over a year to provide milk but left nothing but a sugar baby profile with a blurred face and Micky screenshots from 2012. Let's move back to ashley. Plus why tf was your friend there?

No. 163428

It wasn't blurry idk about the kirari thing I don't think she'd take the risk. But it's obvious she has someone sponsoring her. But still no major milk on her that hasn't been talked about.

No. 163434

File: 1470444941053.png (1.43 MB, 1239x729, キャプチャ.PNG)

But she's not in the line up that was in the video.
This looks like really low production value lol

No. 163456

LOLL thats plastic surgery on the bottom right one

No. 163473

They all look like former av actresses tbh and not like the typical innocent idol. I wouldn't be surprised if ami was with them since
Gravure shootings (with low quality standard like she did) are often a first step into the av business

No. 163516

Plenty of normal idols do gravure DVDs and people like Kyary, Maggie and other talents did gravure to become famous then ditched it. admit that you guys have zero milk. Even the Seeking arrangement profile didn't have her face. plus the website from this group seems to say Hollywood style idols and ami herself said that its not the typical idol. I honestly think this step is better for her than doing raibu's at small dingy akiba stages. still no milk. even if she has a sugar daddy who cares lmao.

No. 163538

It did have a picture doe and it was a paid account lol.

Some of the girls look really strange but I see some cute ones. I do hope she debuts it'd be interesting to watch.

No. 163546

No the picture from the seeking arrangement thing didn't have her face. I'm like 99% sure unless you can find the profile again and take a pic

No. 163560

lol, I will never understand why other Asians want to look like literal Korean Gangnam unnies.

No. 163591

Success at finding a group of the most ugly looking Japanese girls in the country.

No. 163597

what are you talking about? all idol groups are ugly. lol The point of idol groups is to overwhelm the audience with a lot of girls giving the illusion that they are cute

No. 163646

Usually there is at least one decent looking girl, but this group… butter faaaaaces a around.

No. 163727

They look average. It's honestly going to be hard to find Japanese girls who fit the "Hollywood" image so they have to find either gangnam unnie wannabes or plastic surgery disasters.

No. 163728

They look absolutely average. Sure there are prettier women here, but the line-up is far from the ugliest women they could find.

No. 163797

I thought the group would look better than that :s the ones who are pretty have a lot of plastic surgery. There is maybe 1 or 2 natural beauties in there.

I wonder if her autism is gonna show though lol. She likes to use it as an excuse when someone mentions her faults so that would be interesting to see lol

No. 163829


She barely talks about it though and when she does she usually says "it's not an excuse". I'm honestly glad she joined this group rather than some typical cutesy idol group. The girls aren't that ugly(for Japan). They just look average-"pretty"

No. 163845

Why is this turning to the aminyan thread. She's boring af and her thread got banned here.

No. 163965

Tbh this chick is 10x worse than Haku…

No. 164037

Are you sure? Cause everyone would have dismissed it but everyone came to the conclusion it was real and moved on from it… it's not a big deal…

No. 164176

File: 1470684137214.jpg (1.31 MB, 1566x1920, 16-08-09-04-15-53-821_deco.jpg)

What the fucking what? Is/was she back in Japan? I know this is a gaijin IN Japan thread, but this bitch bounces back and forth enough and seems to be notorious for shit talking just about everyone and is thirsty as fuck for Japanese dick and attention.

No. 164178

File: 1470684208993.jpg (1.42 MB, 1557x1920, 16-08-09-04-15-28-909_deco.jpg)

She really needs to invest in some shorts or pants that actually fit.

No. 164181

I didn't know she was friends with Meilyne? Mei did visit cali semi recently to work a con, but it seems possible it could be from a trip to Japan too.

I suppose it's difficult to find clothes that fit when you have such unusual proportions…

No. 164185

shes so tiny. What is she? 4ft1 or something

No. 164192

It's amazing how she's so small and still has problems finding fitting pants. She probably even fits into kid's section stuff, so it can't be that hard.

No. 164198

Deformed little dwarf

No. 164211

She's worn ones like these for fucking years, she'll never get a clue

No. 164221

All her shorts are the exact same style. Nylon, tight as fuck and hidious.

No. 164222

Don't forget the platforms in hope to make herself taller lol

No. 164232

>She probably even fits into kid's section stuff

lol I feel guilty for laughing at this

No. 164233

Dania isn't in Japan and isn't gyaru. Therefore not relevant.

No. 164239

File: 1470698291995.png (1022.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160808-181655.png)

she says she tries to visit every year so possibly

No. 164248

boring vendetta thread is boring

No. 164253

She is so attention hungry.
She went through this phase of everything emo and hot topic followed by being absolutely obsessed with kpop and Korean men and swearing that she would learn Korean and one day live in Seoul.

Well those plans changed, but still quite the same pattern. Biggest fucking weeb.

No. 164257


How is this fucking milk? You just described every fucking weeb on the planet. This whole thread has turned into vendetta after vendetta for girls who have no real milk with no proof to back any of their shit up.

No. 164261

She goes after and bitch talks everyone while whining about hosts and guys who she apparently did fuck who then claim to not know her on top of other shit. Just look at tumblr dracubop

No. 164263

It's from AX, you can even see on the girls badge in the picture.

No. 164268



Okay, this is getting pretty pathetic. Same people keep coming on here and trying to drag this girl, but I have never seen any evidence. You say she whines about hosts not loving her? Where's the post? Can't take a screenshot all of a sudden? You say she totally went through a Koreaboo phase. Any pictures of her dressed like a Korean girl or posting about going to live in Korea? Since when is being a harmless fangirl worthy of getting dragged on here? You knuckle-dragging bitches almost certainly weeb out on shit too, so don't be fuckin' throwing mud and stones at your own goddamn glass walls.

Honestly, because of sites like this and the obviously two or three butthurt salty bitches who keep digging at her, I was very cautious about approaching Dania. I was expecting someone like Sere, from what you girls keep saying endlessly. Who you paint as some hard-as-nails Kabuki-cho hoe, is actually a mousy Japanophile, ffs.

So, unless you can provide actual, photographic or textual proof of the claims [sic: lies] you keep spreading about her, then it's time to shut the fuck up. And get a fucking hobby. Put up, or shut up. Seriously. Give me PROOF if you want me to hate her so bad.

No. 164269

Ya'll are pathetic as fuck talking shit about someone's height, something they can't control. Then talking shit about her wearing platforms to be taller. So wtf do ya'll want? When will you be satisfied? Until all these girls you talk shit about die and then move on to the next? Scum of the earth.

No. 164285

go away raven stan

No. 164308

Can't provide you with proof as I'm no longer in the group and thus can't screencap anything, but I used to be in a secret gyaru gossip group which Dania was also in, and my experience she's a fucking psycho. She is hardcore obsessed with Sere, like, doing an entire farm's worth of work on doxxing her and digging into her past. She used to dig up real personal stuff about her family and blogs from when she was liek 17 and stuff and post it in the group, and everyone else was like, Dania, nobody else fucking cares about Sere enough to want to see this shit, calm down. She also seems to suddenly develop intense hatred for people without every actually arguing with them or having any observable beef. There were several people in the group who she'd start huge fights with and accuse of doing all this shit against her out of nowhere. Besides the aggro, she's just a fundamentally irritating person. Would never stop bragging about all this bandmen she was apparently boning, and none of us cared or wanted to hear it, but that didn't stop her talking about it. I feel like she sees Sere as her rival in a battle to funnel more nip dick than anybody else in Tokyo.

Also I doubt anyone in this place cares about this bit but jeeeeeeesus christ is she a racist. Complete cunt to the black girls in the group if they ever mentioned racial context of whatever milk we were discussing.

No. 164320

I don't get why girls think bragging about being a groupie is something people should be jealous or impressed by. If he's banging you, he's banging others. I'll be impressed when one of these girls gets one to marry them and the guy isn't a complete scumbag about it.

No. 164329

Funny how so many people jumped in to defend Dania. Probably Dania herself lol.

She is a complete nut case and literally had no friends so started to try to dress gyaru and suck up to all the gaijin gyaru groups so she could feel special during her little pathetic trips to Japan. The only reason she doesn't move there is because he parents still control her life even though she is 33? 34?

I remember she used to lick Lala's asshole in order to get her hands on some ugly ass second hand brando clothes but once Lala disagreed with a post she made on fb, Dania went nuts and started talking shit and spreading rumors.

Her fb friends list, about 50% of her "friends" are hosts. She befriends any host or visual kei looking guy and any gyaru looking friend in hopes to "meet up" during her trips.

In Japan or not, Dania is a huge fucking cow.

No. 164330

Her Korean phase was back in like 2007~2008 when Myspace was more relavant. She was obsessed with The Trax and Super Junior and added every ulzzang wannabe on Myspace and even tried internet dating a couple of the guys lol

No. 164333

She's in her mid 30's already? I suppose that's one benefit of being super short, she doesn't look like an adult woman other than her face/hips.

No. 164334

33? Wow she's nearly middle aged. Yeah I don't get why people spend so much money travelling back and forth to Japan like that. She might as well just go live there.

No. 164343

Pretty sure she is turning 34 this year.

No. 164345

All this bullshit and always conveniently no way to back anything up.

No. 164348

She was just brought up on Fuckyeahbangya with someone asking what people she fucked. Do we even believe that she did it? Cuz it alway seemed like a really far-stretched lie.

No. 164349

Don't you mean you brought her up by sending in that anon message for the sake of bringing that up here?

No. 164352

Or I am fuckyeahbangya and I just came on here to look up what you bitches were talking about. Let's say I was curious. -FYB

No. 164358

33 year old virgin lol

No. 164369

No one fucking cares about your shitty tumblr go back to the kids table

No. 164370

Hi dania. Someone pissy that no one believes you got any dick on your trips?

No. 164372

lol we all know she trolls this thread as well as Sere's regularly.

No. 164374

I bet she is the one who submitted about herself. She seems an attention-thirsty bitch. I do know that she hit on a friend of mine who asked me who the ugly loud gaijin was. She pretty much tried to dry hump him like a bitch in heat in the middle of an instore event.

No. 164385


I met her not too long ago, when I was super drunk, so I talked to her for a while and after that day, she always sent me texts about being mentioned on here, or people talking shit about her online, and tried to make me feel bad for her or get me to jump to defend her and other stuff like that. I finally had enough and told her that I really, honestly, didn't care at all, and I had no intent to involve myself in her drama.

She deleted me off of Facebook and Snapchat and blocked me on Instagram after I told her that. kek.
/sage for blogish post

No. 164414

This seems to be a trend for her.

No. 164415

Bitch wants to be internet famous. Look at them hashtags! "Gaijingyaru" "kawaii" are you fucking kidding me!? Where is the gyaru? Cute… mmhmm…

Well here is your fame Dania. You asked for it.

No. 164457

White knighters trying to say there isn't any evidence of milk, just look at her hilarious tumblr.

No. 164499

She also never goes alone to Japan and so far each time she has got into a massive fight with whoever she went with which ended up in the demise of their friendship.

She always blames the other person, but there is an obvious pattern lol

No. 164539

Not true she went alone this year.

No. 164573

Hi Dania

No. 164577

She deleted her gyaruru style account. Is it just me or did she make her instagram private?

Someone is paranoid.

No. 164677

Did anyone else find it amusing to see Gaya and Shiena sperging out on Katie's post about changing fashions in Japan?
Cheap gaudy polyester kyaba dresses and crap from DIA and Mars are not couture, stylish, sexy, or luxurious sry.

No. 164707

Screencap pls

No. 164710

File: 1470870346445.jpg (1.2 MB, 1731x1920, 16-08-11-07-59-56-147_deco.jpg)

This swimsuit looks like something my mom would dress me in when I was like 3. I find it hilarious how all these girls think that dressing like this is cute or attractive in any way.

No. 164718

Hi Sheina.

All the trash washed out gyaru complaining the fashion now is boring make me kek. Look in a mirror, you look like trash.

No. 164759

Just looks like a regular swimsuit

No. 164765

Katie also knows shit all about fashion so when any of them talk about it, its really funny and ridiculous.

No. 164766


Because she's not stuck in the past still wearing kuro gal from 12 years ago

No. 164771

Who the fuck wears this much makeup to the beach and this swimsuit is so unflattering yikes.

No. 164782


What's wrong with wearing makeups to the beach??

No. 164825

Jesus Christ I am not fucking Shiena you paranoid piece of trash.

No. 164826

All that red lipstick looks like she is at the beach looking to give some serious BJs

No. 164827

What fucking planet are you from?

No. 164830


Women at the beach wearing lipstick, showing their legs, what has the world come to!

No. 164831

Horsepig face katie has to hide her ugly face under tons of make up

No. 164832

Can someone please tell me why Shannon goes by shiena?? How and why did that start?

No. 164835

Are you stupid? Katie and Shiena aren't on bad terms with each other.

No. 164838

Japanese people had a hard time pronouncing the name right and often have to ask about 5 times before getting it. It was annoying so her friend from the trip she went on gave her a nickname and she kept it.

No. 164851

Wtf is with Katie always partially sticking her tongue out? It's not cute! No one wants to see your gross yellow teeth.

No. 164852


This girl sounds like a right bitch sticking her tongue out and wearing lipstick to the beach. Seems like milk has dried kek

No. 164855


She looks like a fucking rabbit

No. 164868


Ok we all know Katie is ugly week trash but what else is new…no milk….

No. 164886

>>164677 but they are kind of right? fashion in Japan IS boring at the moment

No. 164890