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File: 1658599567076.png (228.06 KB, 828x433, 0wmm5wifpzc91.png)

No. 1595451

June's Twitter: https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead?lang=en
June's Main YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shoe0nHead
June's Second YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UiChjgT_LDKcr_8NEEbMA
June's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shoe0nhead/?hl=en

Previous thread >>1272633

Summary : June appears to be having a bit of a breakdown and is deleting a lot of her salty tweets quickly, especially those attacking men but not quick enough to be capped elsewhere
-Seems like a lot has happened since the last thread it seems so maybe some nice nonna's can bring us up to speed here

No. 1595454

File: 1658599638552.jpg (416.19 KB, 1378x1155, wtf.jpg)

Some stuff captured by the other farms, let me know if we should repeat some of the last posts from previous thread to recap

No. 1595457

Sorry for the repetition in OP I made this because I didnt see a new one hope y'all ok with it.

No. 1595463

So she stopped being a pick me for a brief moment and now is back at it?

No. 1595479

how many times does this need to be explained, she has no ideology or beliefs, she will jump to whatever online circle is giving her the most attention, she could have easily started out as a libfem, and right now being a RWer isn't really popular online so she seems to want to rehabilitee her image and wants to be a vaushite leftist pick-me

No. 1595491

so is she upset at the creeps that orbit her now? It took 7 years?

No. 1595538

I kind of wish we could see slightly worse June react to these tweets of her being openly mad at m*n

No. 1595552

Are there gonna be more milky caps? Did anything even happen with her lately? Prev thread ended up dry as fuck, probably for a reason.
She mentioned Huey Long like an hour ago so I think she's back on her usual pickme bullshit.(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1595556

June is a cautionary tale of what happens when you never grow up of your pick me phase. She's now 30 and has nothing to show for her years of trying to appeal to internet degenerates, not even defined political beliefs. I hope she can somehow reach a happy ending tho

No. 1595560

>I hope she can somehow reach a happy ending tho

Huh? She doesn't deserve it, she spent the past 10-15 years shitting on & throwing women under the bus for various reasons, it seems like finally she's reaping what she sowed. Her scrote audience turning against her is better comedy than anything she's ever done.

No. 1595577

well she's still gonna be a pick-me, just a left wing pick-me, which isn't really better or worse

No. 1595598

File: 1658609252153.jpeg (236.47 KB, 1489x914, 5E040A54-ECE0-47DE-A413-B18D29…)

>Prev thread ended up dry as fuck, probably for a reason.
Um, no. The last few posts in the previous thread were milky, but because the thread maxxed out it went under the radar. You dont have to be here if you dont like the thread, anon.

This, karma is coming to bite her on the ass big time.

Appears so, she'll try and say it was a joke and people will believe it because shes never been anything but a pickme and that unlikely to change.

No. 1595790

If the thread dies the thread dies but it's not a bad thing that anon made it when June has been such a longterm cow

She has never let go of her women shouldn't vote shit even once no matter who she's pandering to, that is the hill she wants to die on

No. 1595888

A lot of the zoomer based trad egirls like making those jokes, I think she's taking a page from their playbook.

No. 1596296

Thank you, its here in case stuff happens but seriously that anon sounds like they are mad there is even a thread which is stupid.

No. 1596769

Exactly this.

No. 1601768

File: 1659142935681.jpg (304.36 KB, 1080x1385, IMG_20220730_025155.jpg)

Shoe coping because she dated Preg for years while priding herself on being small and skinny

No. 1601957

reading all the tweets above it sounds like she's been browsing here a lot in her spare time. Keen to see June's crypto-terf era

No. 1602092

File: 1659181034493.jpeg (886.48 KB, 750x814, F2949344-31E2-41E6-8BF0-82F900…)


No. 1602120

I still can't believe she is the worst of both retard politics worlds. Tradfag dumbass who thinks women shouldn't vote, and libfem retard who thinks trannies are totally valid. Absolutely retarded behaviour from someone who's a 30 year old women and old enough to know better.

No. 1602129

This dude thinks he's Lord Byron or something lmao. Also does this mean she broke up with him?

No. 1602146

That is absolutely never gonna happen anon. If there's someone who will never peak it's her.

No. 1602160

Why doesn’t he wanna get with one of the many Twitter whores he flirted with while he dated shoe ? Also what happened to the aussie lady?

No. 1602458

He left the Australian woman after she had a cancer scare, which makes it kind of stupid for him to complain about everyone leaving him. Same as how he had an ex wife who presumably loved him but he cheated on her with June, he doesn't possess any of the faithfulness that he wants others to have to him

No. 1602552

ah. so he finally reached rock bottom. Well this is usually the moment in someones life where they either finally pick themselves by the bootstraps, or fail completely at life. Interested to see where this goes. To not sound like an evil person, I hope he's getting the help he needs.

No. 1602620

Pickme’s never prosper.

No. 1603144

>left her after she had a cancer scare
I must have missed that from the previous threads but if that's true he is even more of a piece of shit than I thought. Maybe if he hadn't cheated on his wife with a pick-me loser and spent nearly a decade posting misogynistic shit online he wouldn't be where he is right now.

No. 1603163

Pregory would have a "successful" life if he just stayed with the horse girl instead of being a degenerate. He would've never had to deal with shoe, just himself, but he deliberately chose the latter.

No. 1603284

Exactly, he's the one who chose to fuck up his life and air out all his kink shit and misogyny on the internet attached to his real name, and then he acts surprised that his family want nothing to do with him. Nobody normal wants to be associated with that.

No. 1603639

>every ounce of my energy making cringe YouTube videos
Jesus what a fat cunt.

No. 1603654

blah blah blah blah

No. 1603665

Because she has no real political beliefs and only follows what is currently popular on the internet.

No. 1603862

Does anyone else think wig possibly got dumped by her tradcath bf? She posted a while back about wanting to be married with a family but not having it. Surely a "traditional" man would have put a ring on it by now if he were still with her, or at least the relationship thriving would keep her from throwing fits online.

No. 1603930

So sad he spent so much energy making his shitty redlettermedia rip off movie reviews.

No. 1604274

Were they ever committed? Maybe he's dragging her along with a promise they will be

No. 1606174

File: 1659557719588.png (88.85 KB, 580x562, image_2022-08-03_210657.png)

Still pandering

No. 1620669

File: 1660976641689.jpeg (59.83 KB, 607x595, 1660695888315 Medium.jpeg)

A few days old but what do we think, nonnies? Looking for TERF content to cry about or trying to align herself with her psycho tradcath bf?

No. 1620677

The former. She's obsessed with terfs. Bitching about terf content is also the easiest way to stay somewhat relevant on liberal/libfem Twitter.

No. 1620679

Makes sense. I think there was another wave of whining from her vaush-aligned fans over the bf recently, shitting on other women is an easy way to pacify them.

No. 1620763

She just gets to rehash her old anti-feminist cringe content, but replace the word 'feminist' with 'TERF'.

No. 1620786

Those are her opinions for her woke persona, she probably is aware that troons are disgusting male fetishists

No. 1620791

Sadly the single based opinion she could have (not believing men are women) is one she doesn’t have and has held forever. Even in her retard anti feminist days before the pivot into vaush’s circle, she was all aboard for troon shit because she has a childhood ftm friend. Worst of both worlds.

No. 1621060

Pretty much. I remember her talking about how "crazy" terfs where back in like 2015/16 when the term wasn't even close to being mainstream. No one knew what the fuck that meant back then.
Literally, lmao. Same exact shit and her audience eats it up every time.

No. 1645173

I love how you can tell when Shoe and her tradcath bf have opposite opinions on major current events because Shoe will just remain silent instead of tweeting about it.

>Roe v. Wade being overturned

>Shoe is pro-choice and her bf is pro-life
>she doesn't tweet about it
>Queen Elizabeth dying
>bf treating this like a bad thing and criticizing people who celebrate her death
>she doesn't tweet about it

I guarantee you that if she wasn't with this guy, she'd be retweeting memes about Queen dying.

No. 1657731

Honestly, I wish Shoe and Greg get back together so we can start getting some actual milk again.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1664657

File: 1664715692231.jpg (524.67 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220925-175834_You…)

Amoured Fat has officially quit YouTube

No. 1664663

Did he say a reason? Good riddance though

No. 1664672

File: 1664717532446.jpg (662.19 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20221002-083140_You…)

No. 1664676

shut the fuck up greg jesus christ

No. 1664677

File: 1664717830904.jpg (708.92 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20221002-083147_You…)


No. 1664679

File: 1664717959028.jpg (953.08 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20221002-083157_You…)

No. 1664683

Get a fucking job Greg, it's not that hard lmao

No. 1664701

KEK serves you right for thinking you’re better than everybody despite having nothing to offer Preg. Sh0e is still an idiot for wasting all that time on you (and in general) but I’m glad she’s the one who came out better after the breakup. You deserve it for treating all the women in your life like objects.

No. 1664709

No. 1664764

It's almost like when you have nothing to offer and you dump your committed doormat girlfriend for another woman, and than proceed to dump her as well because of a cancer scare you end up alone.

No. 1664780

For me it's the mentally ill cope of pretending like you're some kind of sigma male for having no friends, gf, or family and that you're "better off" for it despite admitting you're isolated and miserable.

No. 1664790

This sounds like a suicide note…

No. 1664906

Don’t get my hopes up nonita

No. 1665291

Agreed anon. He somehow he still managed to write a novel blatantly crying for help without actually admitting it's a blatant cry for help.

No. 1666044

Saged for irrelevant question or whatever, but when was the last time Greg and June publicly interacted? Cause it seems like it was ages ago.

No. 1667740

Shuwu has been posting her clips from streams more regularly on this "live channel". Absolute gutter-tier takes being made by our favorite transmaiden. Scrolls her own twitter interaction for about 10 minutes with a play-by-play for her retarded donos.
>"I would date an Onlyfans model!"
>no fucking on camera but foot fetish content is okay
>"I would personally date a trans person!"
>her reply to the tweet obviously garnered negative responses in the SW echo chamber
>seethes over being called a pickme
>"He already picked me! I'm already picked. I don't gotta be picked."
>"If I wanted male attention I'd just go outside!!!"
>she's being socially ostracized and NLOG by disagreeing with an opinion
>projecting hard, calls sex worker perverse female incel
>attempts at dunking on Vaush, "he says monogamy is born from insecurity"
>"if you can't have an 8 you can always have two 4s"
The absolute lack of self awareness is astonishing from an age 30 e-girl with a 2. In her previous video, she's grifting off the Canadian inflation fetish troon teacher. Pick a side, June.

No. 1667743

File: 1664982811936.jpeg (283.18 KB, 1436x1080, 18E092D6-4E11-4818-94FB-5F7068…)

Get fucked. Should’ve just married shuwu

No. 1667744

No. 1667755

>he already picked me!1!1
Oh really Wig? I don't see a ring on your finger, so either he's not really a traditional man or you havent really been picked.

No. 1667759

>If i wanted male attention I'd just go outside!!
Yet her Twitter is full of >>1554682 posts complaining about muh no kids no tradcath husbando

No. 1667779

Topkek I haven’t read shuwus thread in forever so I missed these, thank you for bringing them back

No. 1667790

it's what he deserves haha he should have stayed with shuwig, it's the best he had, she basically was the bread winner and he could have lived a comfy and lazy fuck life, kek get fucked shreg

No. 1667822

File: 1664987379220.png (427.81 KB, 684x722, 02E267CC-4B98-444F-8BB2-EE710A…)

Although they're both insufferable and the "24/7 public master slave dynamic" was vomit inducing, Preg was at fault for a majority of the downfalls in their relationship. If J weren't so terminally online and self-loathing, she could have possibly stopped his addiction to literal lolicon hentai and proclivity for mistresses. Men mature slower in general, it's not unheard of for them to get their shit together at 30+ rather than 22-25 like most women. He unironically would have valued her more if she weren't jacking off her reply guys and playing at a poorly done Brittany Venti persona. She could have fixed him (I'm not joking). However, she insists on a brand of "submission" where she has no self-respect or worth outside of her man. If the basis of their relationship was an actual outcome in the future instead of Twitter clout, I think June could have convinced him to work out, self-improve, get a techie WFH job, and become one of those esoteric fashy homesteading dudes with a wife, kids, animals, and land in Nowhere USA. That's what actual populists and fascists like to see.

Her initial waves of fame (mostly from TERF and RW women) could have garnered her an audience that doesn't view her as a cumdumpster. Learning to cook or bake, vlogging her outings, being a normal twenty something with hobbies and a life. She could have genuinely transitioned to family vlogs or homesteading content. It would have been wildly popular with a strong audience now that cottagecore and 5am morning routines are trending. However, that lifestyle wasn't popular enough at the time and she instead chose to e-thot her way into a hole. The milk could have dried up. She'd have her cake and eat it too. The RWers making actual money are men and women with families, and June is now acutely aware (and envious) of that. They were literal wells of potential in their heyday and honestly could have had a normal, comfy life where they occasionally posted content and otherwise kept to themselves. Now she's too old, too public, and too washed up. I foresee a shotgun wedding with an embarrassingly low turnout, a cheap mermaid dress with lace sleeves, Eugenics' mongrel child becoming a prop for tradcath shilling, chapel veils, TLM larping, and a 2 bedroom shithole collecting June's hoard grime in upstate New York. J is unbelievably goofy for wasting that many years on a man and having nothing to show for it.

No. 1667861

File: 1664990580493.png (219.95 KB, 563x552, lisadrink.png)

Sage for nitpick, but is she really back on the faux Boxxy eyeliner or is it just a bad angle?

No. 1667863

Remember, anon. June really tried to be the tradwife. I will not forget her cooking attempts. The saddest shit I've seen. Maybe it she kept offline and didn't look at the criticism, she likely could've continued, but she tried. Yet she gave up because of the consequences of being too online and documenting your every action and mood into the void. That's her weakness.

No. 1667870

>She could have fixed him (I'm not joking)
Maybe that's the case, but it takes two to tango. She could've done all these things but if Greg wasn't willing to improve himself, her efforts would be futile.

No. 1667910

File: 1664994215197.jpeg (112.18 KB, 855x855, C7942460-BEEE-4E2D-A89B-C8462E…)

At this point I simply feel bad for her, although I know it's her own stunted and narcissistic addiction to negative male attention. She so badly craves validation from scrotes and is chasing that high from her Myspace leak glory days. Her parents have failed her in many ways and housing her at 31 is at the top of that list. Independence really changes the way you treat men as an adult woman. If her parents weren't so obsessed with coddling her in their backwards Jersey Italian way she almost certainly would be hit with a couple hard realities. I know very few functional 18+ women who live away from family that don't: cook, clean, stand up for themselves, have high expectations from men, etc.
Maybe Greg would have been willing to change if June had challenged him on anything from the beginning. Men definitely act different or run far away when you enter a relationship with immediately clear expectations and boundaries. J naïvely thinks these specific types of men love a spineless woman with no boundaries and no limits. Why work for a "tradwife" when you can get the benefits without a ring? These sigma-male alt right types don't respect her and they never have because of this. They love the chase and feeling like they put in their hours. Those relationships are 100% transactional but the transactions were Twitter likes instead of a mortgage and kids like June wanted. He was a childless divorcee, started dating a younger woman, and she wasted a late-stage 20s marriage prospect (which is the only thing she wanted) because she was too afraid to call him a fucking manchild. Pitiful.

No. 1668024

what does he mean by being isolated from his family? does he not have contact with them anymore and if so why? kek, what a fucking emo loser.

No. 1668066

I don’t watch this lady’s YouTube but damn she’s 30? She looks 21, her skin is glowing.

No. 1668192

She's bald and she will never fuck you

No. 1668501

And her face is completely caked up.

No. 1668665

>Preg was at fault for a majority of the downfalls in their relationship.
>Here's an essay on how June should've been a good woman and fixed him.

No. 1669100

Glowing from all the photoshop, yes.

No. 1669502

The FB boomer meme is true, moids literally do be acting like …whatever this is instead of going to therapy.

No. 1669509

That’s exactly what she’s always complaining about, nonnies. That she can get “boyfriends” and cheap male attention but no one wants to marry her. This is why it’s stupid to post public photos of yourself wearing a dog collar and bragging about “worshipping cock”, but pickmes & NLOGs always learn this too late.

No. 1669515

This is bullshit, she couldn’t have “fixed him.” If Greg had the discipline to clean up his act and get a decent job, he would’ve done so long ago. Look at his trajectory after dumping June - he continued to waste random women’s time and do nothing to build a real career outside of his childish e-boy presence. He’s a bum and he was always going to be a bum. Only Greg can fix Greg, but he seems to enjoy wallowing in self-pity more.

No. 1673344

File: 1665563212401.png (370.1 KB, 861x482, honkhonk.png)

Honk honk.

No. 1673350

How tf this man is in the land of polite maple syrup and government provided health care and having a midlife crisis… touch grass and get a hobby. Try being a single mother in a low income area and see how bleak things can feel.
Oh no you can walk into about any job because you can lift heavy shit and have a dick. What's this, you're only providing for your own needs? You poor baby.

No. 1673380

I'm so confused… Does she have a job or degree or project she is working on?

No. 1673506

This. He's a tall white educated Canadian man with no kids or obligations, he basically hit the jackpot in terms of opportunities in life. He could go anywhere in the world and do fine for himself. If he's this much of a loser bum, he is truly a useless human being.

No. 1673549

lmfao this is the most "wahh feel sowwy for me uwu" post, pathetic if he really wants to turn shit around he should go offline and find a real job and stop being such an edgelord attention seeker. Nobody cares anymore shreg

No. 1673586

pregnant should just admit he misses juhne, and made a mistake using up all of her time and biological clock for 6 years. he’s been having these retarded existential sperg fits for months

No. 1673590

Would Shuwu even take him back at this point? She seemed to be awfully dismissive about him.

No. 1673596

nonna he's dumber than a jar of maple syrup

No. 1676787


Lol no, she wastes time on twitter and occasionally on twitch doing the same thing she has been doing for a decade.
The only "new thing" in her life is her new boyfriend, so I guess the "project" she has been working on is trying to become his wide.

No. 1686832

File: 1666952858209.png (1.48 MB, 878x1765, kekkk.png)

There's no milk but just a little kek
Huh, I wonder if that might be the reason why she's been pretty silent about Ukraine in overall? At first I thought she was actually being wise for once in her life (or too scared to get into serious debates and lose lots of subscribers or something) and that maybe she chooses to speak about everything that's going on in the US only, but then I remembered she actively followed protests in Serbia two years ago if I'm not mistaken. She also made an edgy joke about robbing a Ukrainian refugee recently but she probably already deleted it, can't find it.

I think he ruined it by complaining about her in his kingston royal twitter that's no longer active as I can see? He wrote some time ago about how sick he was with everything being turned into political debates, right vs left thing, etc., dropping heavy hints that this "mind-numbing" (don't remember the exact word he used) shit was present in one of his past relationships. Plus I remember he also passive-aggressively complained about her allegedly demanding that he should act happier or something. I suspect he'd already found that last girl before he and shoe broke up, just like it was with his ex-wife and shoe, so he probably felt secure enough to dump her.

No. 1686873

File: 1666959449335.jpg (72.56 KB, 1080x320, Screenshot_20221028_115453.jpg)

the cringe repeats

No. 1687718

>Mac n cheese
wow, what a housewife, very trad homemaking skills to open a box of Kraft

No. 1687734

Kek, are we back on the whole "June is a Goff uwu" with that witch comment or am I reading too deep into it?

No. 1687779

its almost Halloween

No. 1687987

Why are the anons here happy that shoe made it out of her relationship with pregory unscathed? This bald headed bitch built an entire career off of hating women and sowing the seeds of antifeminism that led us to the misogynistic hellhole we’re living in right now. This retard deserves hell for what she does

No. 1688637


I wouldn't say that, her precious fanboys turned on her once she broke it off by daring to be 30 and single. It was brutal karma.

Now she is dating an even uglier rightwing manchild in desperate hope that he will make her a wife and the circus continues.

No. 1689795

I wouldn't say "happy about it" as much there just isn't that much to report on her anymore.
Shoe has learned from her past mistakes of BDSMtweeting and broadcasting her relationship to the entire internet. There's just no milk from her and her new tradcath bf because she barely even acknowledges his existence. We're not happy about her, there's just nothing interesting coming from her anymore. She doesn't even try to broadcast a new personality anymore, she's just a massive political sperg now.

No. 1690113

At this point I'd love to see her have a manhating phase it would be the most natural transition, plus would drive up views. Idk if she could handle reading the triggered malebots comments.

No. 1690183

Pretty pathetic to become a man hater only after you pay the ball fondling toll (as opposed to hating men because you have eyes, ears and a brain)

No. 1690754

I think that's the last thing she'll become. She's proven she can larp as literally anything (shy goff walflower, tradwife, etc), but the things she larps for are things that would give her male attention. Her turning on her precious moids is highly unlikely. Unless of course, moids start to get into misandrists who call them out for the trash they are.

No. 1690758

Oh it's likely. She's going to hit the dirty thirty soon.

No. 1690863

nonna shes 31 already kek

No. 1691186

June is going to die a pathetic pickme. She is too much of a NLOG to become a man hater.

No. 1693091

Fuck I missed this this is hilarious is kiwi her biggest trigger or something?

No. 1699597

File: 1668433944384.jpeg (88.83 KB, 750x353, 0767ACB5-6FFA-4C41-879D-9F0CB3…)

No. 1699598

File: 1668434043917.jpeg (200.65 KB, 750x632, 9197CA8D-5956-4732-87EF-8823AF…)

No. 1699600

Get a job you fucking idiot.

No. 1699603

Youtube fame tends to be short lived, probably should have thought about that in advance

No. 1699624

At least he has his FTX crypto to fall back on

No. 1699625

This man had multiple opportunities to get his shit together and he messed it all up. He ruined his marriage. He ruined his relationship with a YouTuber who's much more popular than him. He ruined yet another relationship over a cancer scare. He has no one to blame but himself for his loneliness. He should've made smarter investments during the peak days of his channel. Shoe was even financially supporting him iirc. He has no excuse to fail this badly. His best bet was marrying her, they could've had multiple children who would've been primary schoolers by now. Shoe can still have the family she dreams about and continue being a YouTuber if she wants, but the future is looking bleak for Skeptic considering his track record.

No. 1699628

lol. lmao even.
chulos get what they fucking deserve

No. 1699629

The last gasps of an utter failson. May he join his beloved tranny coom idols and 41% soon

No. 1699637

File: 1668442544007.png (307.98 KB, 1230x177, wahwahwahhh.png)

Jesus what a whiny bitchbaby. You did it to yourself, Preg. Couldn't have happened to a better man.

No. 1699649

t. every moid who thinks his wall is 60 and his prime is 40.

This is your future. It's only gonna get worse for you as you age.

No. 1699662

>people try to cheer him up by complimenting his shitty videos
>"reeee how dare you, I'll just delete everything out of spite"
Wtf is his problem

No. 1699726

moid alert

No. 1699746

abs or gtfo

No. 1699766

kek holy shit this loser PINNED that comment? Preggers…get a goddamn job, download a dating app, start a new Youtube account about flyfishing, something. What an absolute crybaby.

No. 1699772

I thought preg was living in his parents basement?
Anyways, man too chicken to commit to a relationship, failed with shoe, failed with patricia, stay seething preg!

No. 1699871

I suspect he is making these posts for Shoe's attention. It's unclear what he's trying to accomplish. Maybe he wants her to talk to him again because he wants to get back together, maybe he wants to use her for relevancy, who knows.

No. 1699958

File: 1668472144666.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.23 MB, 150x152, 1566959286875.gif)

No. 1700025

This gif is terrifying

No. 1700039

Was this necessary?

No. 1700209

Remember that one anon who was insisting Preg was a good man and Shoe was just holding him back? And the posts saying he "won" the breakup? I don't like Shoe at all, but I wonder how the pickmes and "w-women hit the wall" fags cope about this one.

No. 1700215

Yup, there were a few Preg fangirls on earlier threads. Come on ladies, one of you jump in and save your kang now. I’m sure he’d love a new girlfriend to drain of energy & resources and then dump her whenever she asks him to take on adult responsibilities.

No. 1700241

Maybe he's lamenting the breakup and realizes he screwed up by breaking up with Shoe, but I think he just likes to go "oh woe is me" like other whiney, narcistic failsons. He has a pattern of this kind of behavior where he cries about how awful everything is for him but takes no responsibility for his own actions that led him there.

Some post he made a few months after he and Shoe broke up: "My ex was sooooo awful to me because she use to pay my rent and living expenses!" even though he had full control over Shoe's finances and accounts to the point she would have to ask him permission to buy things with her own money so him trying to claim economic abuse falls flat.
When he talked about his ex-wife to Shoe: "My ex-wife was soooooo mean to me and I had to hide my toys from her!" after he destroyed their finances due to his reckless spending.
The posts he made on his community tab some months ago and now: "Youtube is sooooooo mean to me and now I can't pay my bills and expenses!" when he rarely ever uploads and seems to be refusing to get a regular job when we know his parents could probably get him another government job.

No. 1700266

He has no luck finding a new relationship lol. Even the handful of women who followed him and were mentally ill enough to want to date him moved on. His relationship with Shuwu who constantly put herself down to "worship him like a religion" made him think he's a catch and when everything was over, he had to go back to dating and saw most women have expectations unlike his pickme ex. He faced the truth that he is an obese man pushing 40 with no career, an insufferable personality and cringy online history. I think this is what fueled him to finally lose some weight.

No. 1700301

>I am broke, hungry and will lose internet access soon

wtf you dumb lazy scrote go fucking work

i bet he is seething over June being able to earn money for being a pickme on the internet while his spoiled fat ass failed at becoming e-celebrity.

No. 1700305

File: 1668507214276.jpg (478.46 KB, 1080x1494, Screenshot_20221115_111234.jpg)


Also Kekkory, maybe your ex is trying to tell you something with these tweets lmao

No. 1700307

Kek Shuwu redemption arc?

No. 1700337

things are back to normal. as cringe and eh as june was, she still was ten times better than him. she would condescend to praise and worship this caveshrek-looking mongoloid expecting the same amount of love, esteem, and devotion, which was actually a good deal for him.
instead of recognizing this as a golden opportunity for him he believed her and thought he actually was the irresistible stallion she made him feel as and ditched her.
knowing he was the one being settled for must certainly sting. their relationship was a milk fountain but good for june.

No. 1700343

This is a great example of why men should not be given compliments, ever. It also explains away the confusing gap between what men say they want and the women they actually stick around for (ie: not pickmes). I never thought this thread would be educational.

No. 1700356

Ah, the taken/freshly divorced moid curse. All moids in long term committed relationships develop delusions of desirability due to having a loving partner and a stable supply of sex. Their first takeaway from this situation is usually "this means all women will want me". They forget the sex desert they were in before bagging their Becky. The moid gets cocky and drops said Becky to cash in on a myriad of options she was obviously holding him back from.

Takes about a week to find out that he'll never get a deal this good again, kek

No. 1700508

I think the funniest part about this is that even when they broke up and Shoe hit 30, we never got a peep from her. She was smart enough to not post her dirty laundry on the internet, meanwhile manbaby is having a public meltdown over being a nobody kek.

No. 1700540

he's saying he's HUNGRY?? jfc this is too funny. refresh my memory but does he have literally any family?

No. 1700654

I guess when moid hits the wall he is 100 times worse than any pick me that they were laughing about, maybe after all it is just projection of their biggest fears, kek
and it is not like skeptic is really hungry or poor - he just hates that he must work and make more videos, but they don't spark joy anymore, poor baby

No. 1700783

There's a reason midlife crisis is a male coded concept.

No. 1701270

spoony tier post, hard to feel bad for him when he still has almost 500k subs

No. 1701403

Moids hit it hard and fast but preg really thought that at his geriatric age, he’d be swimming in barely legal college girls while all the other older women are seething, alone and depressed about their lives. Turns out that shit is fake and here he is seething, alone and depressed about his life. Would his family even be able to get him job at this point?

No. 1701591

las thing i heard about her was that her nudes got leaked, is that true? out of all people i didn't thought she would have nudes, kinda fucked up they leaked though.(learn2sage)

No. 1701625

One of my hobbies is convincing young moids to not settle and selling them the idea that they'll enter their sexual prime in their 40s so they can find themselves in this situation top kek

No. 1701661

you are my idol nona

No. 1701662

sounds like you're a real winner irl

No. 1701672

they did but we don't post that here

No. 1701718

No, keep blowing the smoke up their asses so they get comfortable, then drop them. Waste his time, I truly believe men hit the wall faster and harder than women. They die faster if left to their own devices so it makes sense.

No. 1701773

queen shit

No. 1701781

extremely based

No. 1701937

>thought that at his geriatric age, he’d be swimming in barely legal college girls while all the other older women are seething, alone and depressed
Kek, the tale of every single "have fun dying alone with your cats feminazi cunt!1!" ass moid. I love it. I wonder how long it'll take for him to start blaming his own fuck ups in life on women because that's usually the next step of the script.

No. 1702205

He already does that and has been for a really long time.

No. 1705487

KEK what a loser

No. 1706567

I hope shoes downfall is next

No. 1706835

File: 1669144264857.png (194.51 KB, 537x445, nazi boxxy's nazi fans.png)

No. 1706837

File: 1669144564014.png (56.53 KB, 588x411, 2late.png)

No. 1707379

File: 1669210055782.png (481.6 KB, 1159x810, Screenshot 2022-11-23 142559.p…)

lmaoing @ pregs instagram posts

No. 1707384

Almost like all troons are pedos or at least pedo adjacent fetishists, kek. Shuwu is peaking

No. 1707408

Kek, so they unfollowed because she called that shit out? Seriously? When will she make the connection?

No. 1707411

I wish you would have spoilered this. His face is so gross looking.

No. 1707413

call me delusional but I hope this could subtly pinkpill her

No. 1707424

Imagine conflating calling out a big name corporation promoting child porn and conflating it with homophobia, lord. Shoe, please peak NOW

No. 1707526

Damn they turned on her QUICKLY. All these moids are cordial with misogynists, racists, Hunter (Avallone, I assume) was basically an alt-righter for years, and…this is what they unfollowed her for? I read her tweets. Where did she ever bring up gay people? They were looking for a reason.
It's kind of sad how this bitch is never gonna peak. How much more will it take? These men don't even like you.

No. 1707552

Maybe she is peaked, but her history makes it impossible for her to pivot. There's no chance the pinkpilled side of the internet is going to want her lmfao

No. 1707573

I think you're right anon. With how long Shoe has been on the internet and how she lives online, I'm sure she must've come across things related to the troons that did peak her but she made part of her reputation pandering to them and may feel like she can't just come out and speak out against it without getting a barrage of hate, death threats, rape threats, etc. like women who do speak out get. I don't feel bad for her though because she dug her grave. I could have sympathy for her if she wasn't slinging hate towards other women all to be perceived as kEWl girl.

No. 1707597

She's not peaking, you fucking retards. There's nothing a moid or troon could do that would stop her coddling them, and we have 30+ threads proving that. She's a pick me first and foremost. She'll never peak or pinkpill, if anything, she's one groomer discourse away from going full authright tradcath like her greasy fat moid, that's the only way she'd ever turn on troons.

No. 1707626

I really don't understand why this theory about her being "pinkpilled" comes up in every thread. Shoe is the leftist version of Lauren Chen. Shitting on other women and the male attention that follows is like crack to these women.
She will never stop being a pickme and she will ironically never be picked. This is the same woman who giggled with her boyfriend about muh 30 year old women only to get dumped right before her 30th birthday, and not even that peaked her. There's no rock bottom for her I fear kek

No. 1707642

This. She'll shit on women she considers fuggos without a second thought, and is still assblasted when people bring up her age or compare her to her younger skinwalker kiwi. A broken clock is still right at least twice a day.

No. 1707851

Also its funny her making an issue out of that fashion shoot (i cannot be bothered to type the name) when she was all for DDLG shit which, c'on is total pedo pandering and there were tweets of her trying to goad feminists being jealous than men love her "17yr old milkers" threads back, all this proves is she is a pretty shitty grifter.

No. 1707856

According to him her fans got him suspended on twitter. I dont like the guy personally but its relevant to this thread.

No. 1707993

Lmfao nona that's not what they're saying. Of course this scrotum throater isn't pinkpilled.

Instead she's in a state of unpleasant cognitive dissonance, with some vaguely pinkpilled observations frying her brain as she tries to fit them into her pickme mindset. No, it doesn't mean she will "peak" and renounce her retarded ways, hell no. She's only going to let out some timid meeps and peeps about how m-maybe men aren't nice sometimes and then double down on pickmeing. Literally this happened to Lauren Southern lmao

No. 1708021

>Lauren Southern
Yuuuuup. Soon as her scrotes turned, suddenly she wanted to cry foul despite for years promoting a harmful idealogy for women. Shoe's gonna be in the same boat, and all she's gonna be able to do is cry foul despite for years promoting the idea that she really DOES want to be some dude's literal and emotional cumrag, instead of the reality that her and other pickmes want: A 10/10 uberchad who'll be their sugar daddy that'll provide for them the rest of their lives because unlike the rest of those fuggo spinsters, they're delicate princesses who knew how to pander to 'Mr. Right'.

No. 1708223

Yeah this is what gets me after she posted that tweet criticizing the hot men in this catalogue she got a lot of comments from her simps posting their dad / flabby bods and she completely Ignored all of them, I would not be surprised if she was only with greg to fill the void until she got someone hotter like that guy who catfished her. I think this is also why shes mad about kiwi-she wants to do what kiwi does but know she wont be as sucessful. Also had she been sucessful in her alt right grift she wouldnt be here, I think shes gonna try and circle back round to that then become a feminist/terf-not sure why nonna's really think she would go there thats not even something she would consider.

No. 1708476

She likely wants to be a TERF so bad but she knows her male audience wants the Matt Smith conservative "gender critical TERF"

No. 1708563

>Shoe is the leftist version of Lauren Chen

Slight OT but how is Lauren? I've seen her content pop up a lot but there was something about her that seemed like something I wouldn't want to wathc. Is she really just a pickme conservative or does she make content worth a view?

No. 1708573

AYRT. You're completely right. It's funny how she spent years of her life feeding into pedo culture (while she was still under 30), in a DDLG relationship, rejoicing in being called her boyfriend's "child", and being referred to as "jail bait", and now she's in this pedo hunter era. It's obviously not the same thing, but her behavior directly fed into this culture, and I'm sure she still wouldn't condemn the nasty shit she did and said.

Again with the fanfic. She'll NEVER be a TERF. She hates women above all, and she'll never hate troons more than she hates other women, because she knows they're still men and their attention still validates her terminal channer brain. She's changed her mind on a lot of things, but the one thing she's never budged on is her hatred for feminism.

No. 1708593

Lauren is a rabid rightoid mega pickme, nothing about her content is enlightening or worth a view. All of her content essentially boils down to woman bad, gay bad, feminism bad, democrats bad. Her most recent take is that criticizing the world cup in Qatar is "woke" because apparently murdering gay men and treating women like cattle must be respected in the name of muh tradition. They're pretty fucking close to fully embracing Sharia law.
No. I promise you she doesn't. I don't know how after like 30 threads of this woman acting a fool and worshipping anything male you can still delude yourself into thinking this woman would ever follow any ideology that actually holds men accountable. May I remind you this is the same woman who thinks "from what i see the world loves women and treats them like retarded children" kek

No. 1708599

>Lauren is a rabid rightoid mega pickme, nothing about her content is enlightening or worth a view. All of her content essentially boils down to woman bad, gay bad, feminism bad, democrats bad. Her most recent take is that criticizing the world cup in Qatar is "woke" because apparently murdering gay men and treating women like cattle must be respected in the name of muh tradition. They're pretty fucking close to fully embracing Sharia law.

Oh man yuck. Okay thank you for the insight, I'll just pass on her content because that just sounds like a headache to even entertain watching without getting extremely irritated.

No. 1709091

>Again with the fanfic. She'll NEVER be a TERF.
Not sure if you are confused but this is pretty much what I said?!

No. 1709326

I never thought I’d side with Shoe… the replies to her twitter are so fucking sexist and mean. Being a pickme is really worth nothing. Men on left and right will still say you’re a lying whore causing murders even if you walk on eggshells.

No. 1709331

File: 1669380238469.png (659.5 KB, 596x688, sigh.png)

To everyone feeling sorry for Shoe for all the mean and sexist tweets, she doesn't deserve your sympathies. The woman thrives off of this shit, pic related.

No. 1709337

Isn't that the same woman that told men to go and die in a war because they're otherwise useless?
Gril, are you a feminist/TERF or are you a pickme/UwU not like the other gals?
Fucking pickme schizo.

No. 1709368

Same anon here, the character in this meme is 15 btw. So this either proves that Shoe is using memes without knowing the context of (i.e grifting as a weeb) or she's a complete hypocrite by pretending to be against pedos, but still pandering to them. Fucking pathetic either way.

No. 1709384

Here's an easy way to make sense of that: when she talks about men that way, she likes to make it quite obvious that she's being entirely lighthearted. When she disparages other women and acts like she's special, there's truth in it.

Also, please sage.

No. 1709482

pickmes never prosper

No. 1709544

the anime itself is extremely sexualized too and made for men to jerk off to a 'uwu dommy brat schoolgir', this mangas creator is a pedophile that also draws lolicon zoo manga.

No. 1709577

Not to wk for wiggy but I'm pretty sure that tweet/meme was meant to be ironic or sarcastic especially since she posted that right after being harassed. Whenever people post stuff like that with "real" as the caption, isn't the joke typically that it would never be real?

No. 1709732

I don't really get this one or what this is trying to say. Can someone explain to my old/dumb ass?

No. 1709740

It's implying that if you harass a cute girl enough, she'll marry you. Sage cause like a previous anon stated, it could be ironic.

No. 1710237

She's so dumb. Literally setting herself up for egg carton meme replies again kek.
If someone else posted this then yeah but this is Shoe we're talking about. Gives a different impression when your entire content is based on making light of misogyny.

No. 1711585

Why do I get the feeling he started drinking or doing drugs from loneliness. His weird instagram posts give me Venus angelic vibes.

No. 1711597

File: 1669567332566.png (892.56 KB, 2128x1888, picked by another.png)

not mine, stolen from kf

No. 1722489

new video from shuwu, apparently taking credit for balenciagagate and "why she left the left". i can't stand listening to this bitch, but maybe a kind nonnie could summarize?

No. 1722493

Does she say anything about Contra & Co unfollowing her

No. 1722508

kek i think you're right. his "history is a lie" series is really weird too and feels like he was drugged out making it it's only milk if you were invested in his channel like i used to be but if there's ever enough interest i'd write a summary or something. i personally find the dissolution of the """skeptic community""" fascinating

No. 1722519

It’s fair for her to take credit for it (longtime Shoe hater before I get accused of WKing). Her tweet on it went viral and has something like 200K likes.

No. 1722550

She's still missing the memo that any group dominated by males or lead by males is going to eventually be rife with pedophile apologists, whether it's the right-wing fundamentalist church and their child marriages or the communist discord trannies and their CP. It's all so tiring

No. 1722579

Why is anyone calling her a nazi for noticing the fucked up shit?

No. 1722590

Brittany Venti posted it first, June admitted this and said she should have just retweeted it but she obviously hates Brittany and will do anything for clout.

No. 1722665

>Hates Venti
It's funny because the same shit Venti does, in the sense that they're both no-personality grifters who pander to all sides because neither can ever have an original thought of their own.

No. 1722667

File: 1670547800577.png (391.52 KB, 592x610, balenciaga tweet.png)

normally i don't care about shoe much. she is irritating to me but i was really confused about the backlash she got from the balenciaga tweet, and thought i must have been missing something. so i watched her video.
a summary
>she tweets about the creepy pedo-baiting balenciaga photoshoot featuring children with bdsm teddies
>it goes viral
>she receives death and rape threats, reports for "hate speech" and is called a literal nazi
>gets called a conspirtard and is excommunicated from the left
>loses some friends over it
>turns out anytime anyone talks about pedophilia, this is always anti-lgbt, even though she never mentioned lgbt
>"why i left the left" is clickbait bullshit
>the rest of the video is her listing her left wing and pro-lgbt credentials

No. 1722693

please do nonnie

No. 1722694

does she mention what friends?

No. 1722707

File: 1670552221444.png (379.76 KB, 601x549, tweet.png)

she didn't mention names but at about 11.40 she refers to this tweet by xanderhal (with his name removed) and spoke about how she thought they were friends.

No. 1722709

File: 1670552365054.png (40.55 KB, 578x173, shoe.png)

samefag just noticed she mentions contra in a reply

No. 1722717

>>1722693 i'll do it after finals, check the thread between christmas and new year

No. 1722720

>>1722707 rare based take from xanderhal. shoe's too retarded even for abusive vaush clones

No. 1722765

File: 1670558979000.png (238.65 KB, 449x549, ventilike.PNG)

this is insane. Literally huge fashion moguls, accounts, libs/leftists have distanced themselves from balenciaga out of disgust and not just PR, and it's become pretty common opinion that this shit was not ok??? Just because there are a bunch of right-wing "jewish kabbal!1" who are passionate about it too, doesn't mean what balenciaga did was ok. Sick of contrarian culture.

so hating pedophilia is not anti-lgbt. love that.

Funny enough, June must be following venti or something or at least they didn't block each other, because she had liked her post about it.

No. 1722769

How is calling out Balenciaga for using little girls in a creepy photoshoot justifying the murder of gay people or anti-gay?

No. 1722844

>Funny enough, June must be following venti or something or at least they didn't block each other, because she had liked her post about it.
They became twitter mutuals a few months ago, probably because June was identifying as a "bimbo" in her bio and posting less retarded takes
>Brittany Venti posted it first
Other people did, she just compiled the evidence from the vids that weren't getting traction and amplified it to her audience, then Shoe amplified it from there. They both had a hand in getting the story out there but certainly didn't break the news on their own.

No. 1722862

The T has been so on edge by being called groomers, or how many TiMs have been called pedophiles, that they see any mention of it as an anti T dogwhistle. The leftists who aren't big fans of the T don't have an issue with calling out pedo shit though. The only reason why Shoe is affected so much by this, is because she's never been pro lgbt, just pro-T.

No. 1722880

Credit were it's due, she did the right thing here. This is just disgusting. It doesn't help the left to try justify balenciaga, kids are an extremely delicate matter

No. 1722903

More proof june is a grifter she used to push that ddlg crap and bragged about catcalling a girl of dubious age a few threads ago but shes gonna pretend to be outraged about this, ok.

No. 1722934

ayrt yep what they're saying when you can't speak out against child exploitation because of "dogwhistles" to nazis who blame gay people, that the potential of that backlash is more important to prevent than the child exploitation itself. this really pisses me off. i've also seen it said that it's a q-anon talking point and therefore anyone who is concerned about pedophilia is a conspiracy theorist. i mean, the company itself admitted it was wrong so why can't anyone else?

No. 1722935

File: 1670585010419.jpg (271.52 KB, 828x548, 1625611315674.jpg)

same girl who tweeted picrel suddenly has a problem with sexualizing childhood.
June has always been and will always be a shallow but cunning larper.

Brittany Venti did a two part series "dunking" (in her words) on June for what a fake piece of shit she is. she's only trying to befriend her because it suits her, not because she means it. case in point, she specifically didn't retweet Venti's original "amplification" to get clout, suddenly uploads BOOHOO I LOST FRIENDS ETC.
this was her OUT and trying to distance herself. June doesn't give a fuck about the kids or pedos, she cares about her ego.
this is so calculated and pathetic I'm genuinely surprised to see farmers fall for it.
tl;dr okay and? re-read the threads if you need a refresher, June is a panderer.
I'm not trying to wk Brittany Venti but even if you dislike them both it's obvious.

No. 1722944


Shuwu x Venti when? I want this Enemies to Lovers: Cow Edition love story.

No. 1722947


They’re both horrible people so that would make them perfect for each other. Sadly, hammerhead is too busy dating an incel youtuber who cooms to porn. I think she got the balenciaga tip from /ot/ since she lurks here but I can’t tell very well.

No. 1722969

Xanderhal is so fucking embarrassing.

No. 1723020

one hilarious as fuck part of the video is when she calls out Xanderhal with “i’ve never been a mega right winger, granted i know you were.”
But at the same time like people have mentioned before, i wish she opened up on why DDLG was harmful and pushed pedophilic culture.

No. 1723036

the very same nazis who rail on about leftists sexualizing children will turn right around and fantasize about marrying a 13 year old girl and having her bear children until menopause, which they believe occurs at 25. all of this is just pedos v. pedos, including june's failuremale tradcath bf. i'd be shocked if he wasn't of the "raped elementary school girls should be forced to give birth because baybeee" variety.

No. 1723039

she will never open up on why ddlg is harmful because she doesn't think it is. it degrades women and gets peepees hard, and that's all that matters to her.

No. 1723054

agree on both of them being horrible people, but venti for sure doesn't pander to both sides, she has always been very openly conservative.

True, i mean she's friends with VAUSH, the guy who morally argues that pedophilia is just as bad as owning an iPhone. Where's her outrage against him?

No. 1723375

If she’s changed her views to be less horrific, that’s a good thing. People can and do change their views and cancel culture or hating someone for dumb shit they used to agree with is just incentive for people to never change.

No. 1724199

> venti for sure doesn't pander to both sides, she has always been very openly conservative.

venti had a brief radfem/FDS adjacent phase but she found her new bestie in tradthot @realfemsapien and she’s leaning hard into her conservative fanbase now, not that it’ll stop anons here from calling her “based” when she posts some milquetoast anti porn critique

No. 1724204

These moids are showing their colours, so many pedos are commies. Punch nazis but coddle pedos.

No. 1724217

There's definitely a connection between being an online commie, tranny and a pedophile. Usually at least 2 of those at once.

No. 1724643

Pls tell me she did not actually say that

No. 1725961

Yeah she did. I'm almost positive it was on her Karen video, but I don't wanna give baldie a view.

No. 1726648

File: 1670966573186.png (429.87 KB, 590x759, twitter2.PNG)

just to add context, this was the tweet xanderhal was quoting, its cropped in this pic

No. 1726650

File: 1670966645054.png (431.35 KB, 590x766, twitter3.PNG)

No. 1727816

She definitely did. Like >>1725961 said, it was either the Karen video or one of videos about feminism. I'm too lazy to go double check but I definitely remember hearing her say this.
And her actions speak for it as well what with how Shoe never holds men for accountable and only foams at the mouth when it's an opportunity to make a video on women.

No. 1740760

say what you want about the actual balenciaga shoot, but you can't deny the way that shoe presented it was deliberately misleading and provocative (or maybe not deliberately if she just stole it from venti lol)

like the fact that she presented it as being the same photoshoot, when they were actually completely separate campaigns posted months apart (the court documents one was actually a collaboration with adidas, who noticeably haven't caught any flack for being involved). and also how she described the documents as "purposely poorly hidden" when anyone who knows anything about set dressing will tell you they probably just bought a huge box of "law office props" and never even looked twice at the actual text

tbh my take is that shoe is stupid, swallowed and regurgitated venti's bait hook line and sinker bc "child exploitation bad" is about the last uncontroversial opinion she has left

No. 1743267

File: 1673566953189.png (15.45 KB, 499x404, send buns uwu.png)


No. 1743615

Kek, did she really get banned?

No. 1743626

I pray Shoe is finally done with the internet. This happened shortly after suggesting people not watch porn and troons got asshurt over it

No. 1743642

JUNE suggested people not watch porn? I can't believe this, after she constantly bragged about her and shrekorys porn use and calling women who don't support coom culture "insecure"

No. 1743657

File: 1673620261563.jpg (123.44 KB, 597x954, Insane.jpg)

Yes, she did. Suggested children not be able to watch porn, to boot.

No. 1743658

File: 1673620453601.jpg (95.48 KB, 599x748, Wacky.jpg)

Grabbing these screens from KF, but another troon tried to call out her hypocrisy by mentioning she follows one of their NSFW accounts. Difference is; June is not a child. She can still advocate for children not to watch porn while being a porn consumer. Unfortunately, she's still a coomer, but maybe this is her next step to not being one anymore, going offline.

No. 1743660

File: 1673620704873.jpg (85.38 KB, 1080x809, FmW9pN_XEAAbgH0.jpg)

Supposedly the tweet that started it. Some are saying she got suspended for this actually and didn't voluntarily deactivate.

No. 1743661

If she was banned, it would read "account suspended." She's just deactivated. Pretty unlikely Twitter would deliberately make a ban look like a suspension for a marginal internet personality like Shoe

No. 1743672

I love how everytime Shoe pushes back at sexual deviant shit involving childern it's always TROONS who come at her the hardest. Why do they get so fucking mad when she says that childern shouldn't look at porn? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yet she's going to keep being an handmade when men and troons change up on her the most

No. 1743679

File: 1673623403229.png (365.08 KB, 864x834, Screenshot_20230113-101336~2.p…)

Is she really shocked that her tranny pets are pedo coomers?

No. 1743681

Ugh reminds me when I was in school and guys would wear hoodies that had porn faces on them like Sasha grey looking like shes orgasming. Dress codes exist for a reason, if I get in trouble for wearing a tank top you shouldn’t wear literal porn content into a classroom that’s likely uncomfortable for many students to see.

No. 1743682

This shit makes me want to homeschool my kids

No. 1743697

Yes she found the most uncontroversial opinion in the west "pedos bad" and uses it to shield herself against any criticism. Not that I feel bad for the trannys or balenciaga, what I really hate is this whole braindead "activism" aka burning shoes. Like just give them to charity if you dont want them, how is burning them doing any good, they already got your money.

But then again shoe can do nothing besides virtue signaling at best so what do I expect from her fans

No. 1743699

It's another case of "Men can do whatever the fuck they want."
Men can wear porn hoodies and XXXXXL fake breasts to school but girls can't show a shoulder because it's distracting the poor males. It's all about men men men

No. 1743718

It cracks me up that the public school system is almost entirely set up to coddle boys and treat girls as an annoying distraction, and yet girls still exceed academically while boys fall behind. I used to be a teacher and most of the “problem kids” in every class are boys, while the poor girls sit there patiently waiting for them to stop wilding out so they can actually learn. Teaching in a mixed-sex school will blackpill you forever on the supposed “intellectual superiority” of males. And it’s a huge reason why “trad” moids believe women shouldn’t be educated. It’s just cope for knowing how stupid & apelike they are compared to us on anything near a level playing field.

No. 1743730

this would make me wanna shoot up the school but only killing the moids. what the fuck.

No. 1743747

File: 1673630852892.jpg (473.22 KB, 828x1006, 1673505731981.jpeg.jpg)


No. 1743805

OT but I never got the MRA talking point that public schools are set up to favor girls since students have are expected to be(more or less) well behaved. Even when women were banned from higher education boys and young men still had to sit and listen to their teacher/professor, they weren't all running around "testing their masculinity" or whatever it is they think moidlets need to succeed. Teachers used to beat kids who spoke out of turn kek

No. 1743952

this is why anyone who believes that smeglets can be "groomed" or "molested" as a concept is retarded

No. 1744942

File: 1673736521130.jpeg (125.26 KB, 1170x412, FF2C8654-0F11-42A9-8ABC-95C35F…)

She apparently deactivated because someone paid for the top tier of her patreon, the $50k a month option where it says that she’ll “shut the fuck up” for $50k a month kek. Someone must’ve really been sick of her shit!

No. 1744945

File: 1673736596532.jpeg (472.41 KB, 1170x1340, E1BB748E-CAC7-4B97-BF26-FF7E83…)

Samefag this is the tweet I got this info from

No. 1744946

Little boys can be groomed and molested you disgusting pedo tranny

No. 1744964

Lil boys who get molested grow up to be gay so at least they won't be repeating that with lil girls.

No. 1744991

Nta. Not teenagers imo and not from women. Boys are happy to be ‘groomed’ and not just because they’re naive children and will look back and realise it was wrong either, how many news stories have comments from men saying they wish they were the boy having sex with the teacher? Whereas girls are groomed and told they are loved by the groomer the boy does not care, he just wants to get his dick wet, he’s not being manipulated. Even when that infamous case of the teacher that had a relationship with her 14 yo student happened and the courts and media were trying to prove women were just as bad, he was writing in his journal about how he wanted to ‘rape the teacher’ obviously not justifying it but from puberty they aren’t thinking of much more than muh coom

No. 1745016

i don't want to derail but you're treading into dangerous territory nonna. do you know how many tumblerinas in 2012-2015 said they only want to date older men? and some of them did only to realize years later how messed up it was. And that same guy who had the relationship with his teacher (assuming we're talking about the same one) had a daughter with said teacher, and upon seeing his own daughter at the age he was groomed, he realized what happened to him and said the teacher taught him that shit to begin with.

No. 1745041

>how many news stories have comments from men saying they wish they were the boy having sex with the teacher
So you just uncritically accept the performative bullshit moids say because they lack basic compassion and are so coombrained they cam't comprehend how sex could make anyone feel bad? Do you believe them when they say women enjoy rape? Why not, same kind of pornsick projection. You're just as bad as them so by your own logic what does that mean you deserve?

No. 1745062

Please jump directly into the nearest woodchipper

No. 1745069

Lmao yeah, those smeglets were """""groooooomed"""""" and that's why they use porn to terrorize their female peers.

No. 1745071

I bet you're one of those retards who claims that the teenage moid was the reel victum and was aktually groomed when he rapes his elderly mom, teacher or any other older woman.

No. 1745100

Kiwifag bait is weak bait.

No. 1745104

kiwifags think chris-chan's mom had it coming because she groomed him

No. 1745125

File: 1673753189217.jpeg (414.96 KB, 1170x1412, keffals-shoe.jpeg)

Are Kiwis/the Gunt falling for keffals bait or is he just being an attention whore again (or blowing half the money he's "suing the cops" with)?

No. 1745777

Keffals paying shuwu to keep quiet about the pedos with money donated for other purposes… yeah it all checks out.

No. 1746078

This fat troon couldn't afford 50k upfront let alone a month. He's insufferable and needs to interject himself into everything for an ounce of relevancy.

No. 1754631

File: 1674904165192.png (112.82 KB, 600x448, ShoeBF.png)

He now says it was a joke

No. 1761532

Don't make fun of poor wittle men. Everything they do is great and perfect. That pile of cumrags in the corner is quirky. I hate this dumb bitch so much.

No. 1761588

I cannot believe I used to watch this turbo pick me years ago

No. 1761593

She is so annoying. Anyone who watches her is a major red flag to me tbh

No. 1761609

File: 1675615792536.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1648504274683.png)

No. 1761638

Despite all this she is still unmarried and can't find a man in her zip code to commit to her even though that's all she wants out of life. Pathetic. Pickmes stay losing

No. 1761697

seriously. i’m a new yorker and there’s people just like her all over long island and upstate ny.

No. 1761807

Every time. All these pickmes are lining up to eat men’s shit and worshipping their scrotums, but no man ever puts a diamond on their finger. What gives?

No. 1761946

File: 1675652544340.jpg (146.84 KB, 594x626, pms.jpg)

because thats not what men actually want. they dont get any thrills out of 'breaking down' a woman that's already willing to do everything he says and asks, he gets no feeling of power from that whatsoever. theres nothing manly about catching a doormat. they might accept one to be their broodmare, but after that theyll go right back to chasing stronger independent women because thats where the real excitement comes from. shoe is boring and unenticing to them.

No. 1761967

This is true and it's why a lot of "ballbreaker" type women that pickmes seethe about and are pretty much the diametric opposite of are more likely to be in a stable long term relationship with a moid under her boot than a doormat. Not that bagging a Nigel is so great but by pickme standards, their enemy is winning.

No. 1761997

She could actually be funny if she didn't make her whole personality gargling mens balls.

No. 1762048

June: posts obvious bait

No. 1762080

This. I’ve actually noticed that the marriages of people I know where the woman is bossier and the man is laidback tend to work better for longer. Men actually like being told what to do.

No. 1762101

Hmm… maybe I should be bitchier and meaner to attract good men then…

No. 1762259


Only if the man is a moid and spineless piece of crap will this work long term. High value men don't actually stand women like this but ok.

Spoiling for a-logging but…

My deceased parents were married for 43 years; my dad never let my mom boss him or disrespect him either.

I mean if that's the hill you wanna die on, claiming that most men want to be dominate, you're dumb af.

No. 1762336

She deserves to be ridiculed for her retarded opinions, fuck off bitch.

No. 1762521

What she probably means is that a relationship where the woman is independent, outspoken, and a natural leader and the man admires these qualities in her and isn't threatened by them (aka laid back) is more likely to be successful than a relationship where the man bosses the woman around and she submits to his retarded moid whims because muh gender roles. A woman being outspoken ≠ disrespect. Yes a high value man will not tolerate cruelty or disrespect in his relationship BUT he will be attracted to assertiveness in a woman. There's no such thing as a decent man who wants a submissive wife.

No. 1762533


This makes sense, anon. Love ya. Yes, even high value men want a woman that has the traits that you spoke of. I can imagine it gets boring having a tradwife who will agree with everything you say or do. I just felt that >>1762080 was treading on some dumb territory. I don't particularly agree with either gender bossing their s/o around thinking that it's gonna result in a long term relationship.

No. 1762772

Women should absolutely boss around their husbands and we should also be mean to them and treat them like shit

No. 1762801

>High value men
Stop thinking they exist and love thyself.

No. 1762803

>high-value men
hahahahaha go back

No. 1762804

No I meant that men are pathetic worms and anon should go "die on that hill" we call r/transytalk, whence he came.

No. 1762905

>underage character
>sh0e has literally twice the age of the character and is unmarried
>watermaked meme from some "RW anitwt" moid account
Peak embarassing, the orthodox church as background is the icing on the cake.

No. 1763007

Someone come wrangle their tards

No. 1763225

>>1762772 Men should absolutely boss around their wives and they should also be mean to them and treat them like shit. /s (Also SAGE YOUR SHIT, YOU RETARD.)

You don't realize how fucked up that sounds?

>>1762801 This generation of men is pretty fucked so yeah, they don't exist actually.

>>1762804 I'm a cis woman actually. You have a lot of problems if you assume a random anon on lolcow is a tranny for having unpopular opinions that I do. Lmao.

>>1762803 Go back where? I'm gonna stay here just to fucking spite you.

Ya'll tards just need to admit you're misandrists just holy fuck. Go back to r/FemaleDatingStrategy/(do you know where you are?)

No. 1763269

KEK this is misandrist central, relax anon

No. 1763402

>cis woman
>Reddit spacing
You sound lost. Here you go: https://www.reddit.com/

No. 1763423

>High value men
>oh noooes, y’all did a misandry!!
Go back to femininity TikTok you fucking clown

No. 1763672

File: 1675861081680.jpg (91.96 KB, 750x1010, Sigh .jpg)

Men will stand in lockstep to defend and protect rapists, child molesters, murders, ect and their will still be a plethora of pickmes to come running to the defense of men that literally give zero fucks about them. When will women wake the fuck up?

No. 1763680

Yup, moid solidarity is truly unbreakable. Men would rather side with terrorists and child rapists because they share a gender than most virtuous woman in the world.

No. 1763686

Yes we are misandrists, and?

No. 1763691

sorry for ot but that's a rough 22.

No. 1763702

the paul breach phenotype is worryingly prevalent in young men

No. 1763740


Lmao. I'm not lost but you all should head back to r/femaledatingstrategy. Didn't know you would be triggered over an opinion. Oh no!


I know. It's like fighting with incels with weaponized autism in 4chan. You can't win with them. Lmao.

Also, to the admin in red, yes I know where I'm at and don't give a fuck. This is a message/image board with opinions and gossip. As far as I'm concerned >>1762772 and >>1762080 oughta be banned for not saging their blogging. Lol.

Go back to providing milk on June and her orbiters and sage your shit, people.

No. 1763758

>hit enter
>hit enter
>hit enter
>hit enter
>hit enter

No. 1763764

you’re acting like a retard. shut up(don't take bait)

No. 1763766

>to the admin in red

No. 1763822

Ban this self hating hoe

No. 1763824

> "I'm not lost"
oh no it's retarded and delusional.

No. 1763960

Hello Moid

No. 1764001


The only retard is you who can't sage your own blogging.


Sounds like a you problem.


Uh huh, Jan. Pretty sure comments left in red parenthesis are from admins that can and will ban.


Nah, ban >>1763764 for not saging their shit.


Oh no. You're illiterate.


Not a moid. I'm a cis woman. Lmao. Thanks for assuming my gender, nonita.

Milk is so slow on June, you guys keep attacking me. This is fucking hilarious. What a bunch of triggered losers in this forum. I thought you guys had thicker skin than Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, KiwiFarms and Pretty Ugly Little Liar or even GossipGuru. Stay mad, bitches.


No. 1765189

You guys think she’ll let her Twitter be permanently deleted or come back at the last second?(sage your shit)

No. 1765206

yeah this thread is going to shit. nobody was responding to the bait. this mod sucks. can’t even encourage being on topic. what mongoloid retarfs

No. 1765207

lol i can respond to the bait all i want, the bans here aren’t permanent, the red text is pointless(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1765481

Won't it depend on if someone has paid that patreon tier again? If that story is true.

No. 1765814

hi lolcow, your ban system sucks, this website is going to shit. easily offended retards NO FUN ALLOWED. the autism here is bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1766283


No. 1766369

If you have to identify as a woman it's because you aren't a woman. Trannies are not women.

No. 1766534


No. 1766569


No. 1766571

( ° ʖ °)


No. 1766574

Kek imagine being this embarrassing cry more it's funny kek

No. 1766698

Moids are so emotional

No. 1766706

guys i just found out im pregnant. i guess this is the last time im on lolcow. godspeed nonnys(best of luck to you nona, sage when you come back)

No. 1766769

enjoy your abortion, hun

No. 1771321

File: 1676766253304.png (230.92 KB, 590x548, 1676733041991.png)

apparently her and Keffals are going to stream together

No. 1771334

Okay now this is either going to be really entertaining or really boring (given Keffals speaks two words a minute and can't stop bringing up fucking other people's moms)

No. 1771341

Lol Shoe looks like a fucking model next to that scrote. This is going to be a shitshow, I truly believe Shoeonhead is going to suck Keffals non-existant troon dick. I don't see keffals treating Shoe as he did some scrotes and that one woman he was screaming at. Shoe has clout and I feel he'll badly flirt with him. I think it's going to be a boring dick sucking nothing burger, where they both agree "Trans rights! but why can't I also say retard!" and other crybaby shit.

No. 1771343

they already streamed. it was just the two of them sucking each other’s dicks and whining about being canceled.

No. 1771379

Pick mes never prosper.

No. 1771524

File: 1676783528628.png (449.28 KB, 1048x1571, shoe x keffals recap.png)

recap from KF

No. 1771530

File: 1676785009065.png (77.6 KB, 1326x627, nani.png)

I was in the middle of watching it and it got privated??

No. 1771553

she looks like good value boxxy, why are 4chan scotes so into that phenotype

No. 1771554

she's literally been skinwalking boxxy for over a decade now. she's literally nobody and nothing without absorbing and appropriating things around her. hollow

No. 1771565

gotcha, i'll be honest this thread caught my attention because i thought it was weird boxxy milk at first before i realized it was a wannabe lol

No. 1771567

it was even more blatant when she started out. June even copied Boxxy’s mannerisms, plus her name is “shoe on head” ffs

No. 1772427

It's more like scrotes are lazy. They want the woman to play mommy and organize the household while they eat tendies. It's mental labor for women. But tbh women should lean into it and organize it so that moids scrub floors 24/7 in a chastity cage.

No. 1794716

Good lord

No. 1796136

Kek, not even 20 seconds in and she's made sure to point out that she's "not like other girls uwu", even if she did it as a joke.

Also nitpick but I hate that she used the guitar censoring sound from Metalocalypse. I don't want her enjoying good things.

No. 1803161

The "meme" that whoever is fucking her give her political values is shining through. When she was with Pregory she played It safe and appealed to the Gamergate crowd but didn't claim to be conservative. Then after Pregrory left she got into BreadTube. Now that she has this 2018-era fashwave "trad catch" bf she is back to trying on the conservative woman meme. Expect to see her push that forward every other video whilst spending the rest of the time trying to keep the Vaushites in side until she has gained a few hundred thousand edgy boi traditionalists that will form her most loyal audience. Pretty smart really to cycle through the political compass like this since no quadrant of it remains loyal in 99% of cases. Too bad she is picking the most retarded quadrant now.

No. 1803212

No, you seem to assume that all moids/trans legit have to be men to have the opinions I have. Lmfao. So sorry, hun. Stay mad, ya salty bitch.

The thread is legit shit if you can't learn to sage your shit and stay on topic with June. Also, red text doesn't matter. I can still post. :P

Still laughing at all the nonitas who got fired the fuck up. Idgaf if that's considered internalized misogyny. Stay mad. <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1803222


No. 1804221

KEK that image
I'll never forget when Preg left her for an older women. Pure gold.

No. 1804370

who he then left because she had cancer.

No. 1805515

new shoekino just dropped(scroteposting)

No. 1805711

I hope Preg gets cancer next honestly

No. 1806336

>"your girl can't make any jokes on this website without getting demonetized"

It's okay, your jokes suck anwyay.

No. 1807360

It won't let me link a youtube shorts video but


Here is she ranting about pickme women being ridiculed. Defends that ridiculous tiktok "trad" woman larper as a guise to defend herself. It's sad how much she tries to pander to moids who call her out for being old, shriveled and still not having children.

No. 1807439

File: 1681295692129.png (103.44 KB, 538x685, 8543758972384719.png)

Sage for no milk, but now she says she was obsessed with the Mario franchise as a kid despite never having talked about it before. It couldn't be because she wants to shoehorn herself into a current trending topic + get respect as a total gamer gurl again, could it?

No. 1807471

It's so moid like to question women for liking Mario. If you're under 40 chances are you played some kind of Nintendo game at home or with friends. Video games aren't special or a unique trait, especially the most basic franchise on the planet.

No. 1807567

ntayrt, but it's Shoe we're talking about here. she's known for jumping on trends, pandering and grifting. not saying i agree with the other anon, just saying it wouldn't be out of left field for her.

No. 1808535

Come on nonna, us pea-brained broads clearly don’t have the intellectual power to grasp sophisticated masculine interests like video games and children’s cartoons kek

No. 1810547

grifters(sage your shit)

No. 1812850

its mario anon. Almost every millenial/gen z had an autistic obsession with it as a child and never talk about it nowadays.

No. 1819155

That's because pickmes are desperate and most people do not find it attractive.(learn to sage)

No. 1819263

god this is true but also makes me angry
reminds me of a statistic on how men are likely to try for a baby at the most important/critical part of a womans education, or those random moids that get off to wasting a womans time by asking her to take a day off from work for him, when she's working multiple jobs(Sage your shit)

No. 1819449

It's true, I used to be a huge pickme. Men say they want a submissive doormat but they don't, they want a woman they can turn into a doormat. Already being a doormat or becoming a doormat for them devalues you in their eyes, there's something to men desiring the chase and capture element. When you get a stronger personality men tend to respect you more and therefore desire you more.

The reason why pickmes like shoe end up in the situation is because they listen to men. Men have no fucking clue what they want, the same way they'll say they hate women in make-up and then fall over themselves for an e-girl caked in it. They desire the process of making an e-girl not wear make-up, or how they hate career women and like trad women, but also hate paying for meals for women. They want to turn a career woman into a stay at home mom, not the other way around.

No. 1820055

File: 1683158567942.jpg (30.63 KB, 595x241, kek.jpg)

No. 1820454

I will never get over how perfect her cow arc was. From constantly shitting on other women, blasting about her BDSM relationship online (tweets about worshipping his dick or this godawful merch with her cleaning under his legs can still be found) and pandering to low-tier men to being dumped on her 30th birthday after months of Skeptic publicly humiliating her, her younger clone pretending to suck up to her and then subtly shading her and her former simps making fun of her hitting the wall while unmarried and childless. Fucking poetic. I still don’t like her but she came around and she’s not really milky since dating that fat scrote while Skeptic threatens suicide every two months (not suprising, she was always more intelligent than him). Shoe, if you’re reading this: you derserved everything you got.

No. 1821889

Beats me why she's described as "coming around", she still hates feminists and the very concept of feminism, unless it somehow benefits her and no one else

No. 1822352

I meant that her life seems to be more put together, maybe I phrased it wrong, sorry. Her views are still retarded, but she panders to men a little bit less I think.

No. 1824993

I'm calling it now that she will marry this man, and her marriage will end in divorce. Neither of them are mature enough for a real relationship, but they will go for it. They won't support each other through their difficulties. They will grow to hate each other. They will likely manage to keep it private, but it will be a catastrophe.

No. 1826367

File: 1683978897782.jpg (25.71 KB, 457x457, Unwanted_Spouse_3632-2655.jpg)

>They won't support each other through their difficulties. They will grow to hate each other. They will likely manage to keep it private, but it will be a catastrophe.

Picrel, they're gonna end up like Clay and Bloberta from Moral Orel.

No. 1834521

File: 1685056968630.jpg (81.92 KB, 1182x516, hypocrite.jpg)

Cant tell if shes pretending to be momentarily contrarian to pander to the other side or shes trying to grift of idiotic liberals. Or maybe both.

No. 1834590

In other words, Moid Destroying Infidel seems like a based account to follow

No. 1835327

This is how every misogynistic coping sigma male MGTOW fag ends up: miserable, isolated and alone. All their screeching about cat ladies and boxed wine is pure projection. Most women are happier without men, period, moids literally fall apart and give themselves hot lead implants when they don’t have a bangmaid and doormat to take care of them. Serves them right.

No. 1866855

File: 1689620031467.png (610.98 KB, 856x1042, balding.png)


she still sucks moid chode, just tries to make fun of red pillers because they hurt her brand now that she is not 23 anymore

No. 1874411

Wake up, my lovelies!
I just got done watching this abomination and will make a rundown of all her braindead takes. Wig actually made me mad with how retarded she is in this video…

No. 1874413

Oh God, here we go. The movie was heavy handed with its message, but idk man it was pretty relatable and overall pretty good. I'll wait for the cliff notes, I'd rather not be MOTI at work .

No. 1874424

Samefag. As promised:

(Also i am not by any means trying to make the Barbie movie pass as a feminist masterpiece, it's still libfem shit but my points stand)

>calls the Kendom cool

>"what if the Barbies WANT to be submissive?"
>ignores Barbie's entire existential dilemma and claims she has no character development arc
(She says it only suddenly starts at the end due to the "What Was I Made For" scene, ignoring the entire build-up of Barbie's emotional moments throughout the movie)
>calls it a TERF movie despite it having a mtf Barbie
>says the movie sucks at being deep because again, she ignored the existential dilemma
>WhAt If WoMen CHOOSE tO bE SuBmIsSive?
>claims Midge is an attack on women who choose to be tradwives
(No Wig, you just aren't aware about the 80s pregnant Barbie controversy and feel threatened by career women because motherhood is the only "job" an underqualified loser like you is allowed to have)
>yes, she really thinks it's anti motherhood despite Gloria being a whole ass character in the movie
>took Sasha (an edgy teen caricature, keep in mind) calling Barbie a fascist at face value
>uses female politicians as an argument that misogyny is over (by that logic racism would be over due to Obama but she would never have the balls to claim something like that)
>wanted a Ken to slap a Barbie's ass to demonstrate "real" misogyny but Ken literally saw Barbie punch a man who slapped her ass, so why would he? He's not that dumb
>calling out catcalling is "2014 feminism" apparently, my bad Wig I forgot catcalling ended in 2014
>claims Barbie and Gloria brainwashed the Barbies by giving them a feminist pep-talk
>calls the feminist speeches retarded (not very PC of you Wig) and yes she literally said retarded even though her audience is supposed to be libs
>implies the Barbies are only hot when they're Kendom maids… well at least they never needed wigs
>thinks the plot where they turn the Kens against each-other is an attempt at destroying monogamy, yes, coming from the cuck who used to let her man fuck other women
>calls out the capitalism of Barbie, good! But… still hypocritical, so how about you prove to us you mean that and throw away your 1000 wigs?

And last but certainly not fucking least:
>says the Barbie movie failed to show that patriarchy is bad
If she had called it exagerated or dumbed down for kids I would've understood, but she legit thinks coddling men and giving up power for it is a good thing, and that because of her wanting it, every woman needs to as well. I can't with her…

No. 1874429

Samefag again, kinda related but she agreed with Ben Shapiro that the gynecology scene is bad because it means you're "rejecting the call of motherhood and instead go see a gynecologist"
Do these retards realize you have to get checked out anyway? ESPECIALLY if you wanna get pregnant?

No. 1874436

>TERF movie
God I WISH. I'd have seen it 20 times already

No. 1874446

She called it a TERF movie? Kek, I love how miserable these women are. They are just like their male counterparts, all of them are miserable losers who live to pander.

No. 1874449

How the hell is Barbie a TERF movie when it has a troon Barbie in it? Make it make sense, Shoe.

No. 1874458

I think dumbasses just say terf to mean anything that slightly leans feminist or alludes empowering women, they don’t get it stands for something specific and isn’t some meme word like Karen

No. 1874465

I can't tell if she is being overly critical and hating for the sake of her audience or if she actually has these braindead takes… like calling it anti-mother while 50% of the plot was about the mother daughter pair. Did she forget that part? Idk how she got the monogomy thing either the barbies weren't dating multiple men, they were pretending to he interested in a different ken. Movie had a pretty milquetoast version of feminism too, my husband's pretty conservative and he didnt have a problem with it. if that movie was too feminist for her she might just actually be a misogynist

Wtf… gyns aren't just for birth control does she not get check ups or smears? Bitch you are 30 GO

No. 1874562

who does June even make videos for anymore. the right hates her fence sitting takes and how she keeps calling everyone a terf and the left obviously hates her. she keeps trying to defend men while a scrote literally dumped her on her 30th birthday for being old

No. 1874735

>calls it a TERF movie despite it having a mtf Barbie
Fucking HOW is it a "terf" movie

No. 1874761

Shoe definitely is a self hating misogynist, she always was

No. 1874874

KEKKKK i saw a discussion recently how suprising it was that it was not really labelled as 'terfy', but this fucking retard really did this. I fucking hate her.

No. 1875270

Guess this means TERF really is the new SJW.

No. 1875495

No idea but it seems to work. 600k views for this shit.

No. 1877911

She literally let preg interact with ethots and get cucked. Why didn’t she do anything back then?

No. 1877917

Shit like this is why I don’t trust people who simp for Shoe like Wendigoon. She’s retarded.

No. 1877918

Samefag broken link > >1874411

No. 1877968

Kek why do I even try >>1874411

No. 1877969

It just means 'feminazi' the same people who reed about feminists in the 2010s all transitioned since no women would fuck them and needed a new word for the 'nasty' women who won't bow to the coomer retards.

No. 1878069

why should anyone care? you're telling me scrotes are the demographic responsible for the oppression, rape, murder, objectification, social stigmatization (etc) of women, yet women are supposed to still baby them and cry with them when they feel lonely? fuck that. fuck off. no sympathy.

No. 1878085

File: 1691502461008.jpeg (411.52 KB, 1125x1568, IMG_2535.jpeg)

Back to being full-time pick me I see, scrotes need to go back to making fun of her being 30 and eggless.

No. 1878122

who is "we"
if by "we" you mean their parents and themselves for choosing scumbag online streamers as role models, yes "we" did fail men.

No. 1878160

god that's perfectly put. mental health only matters once men are affected. fuck, the entire medical field was not taken seriously until it became male dominated. i couldn't care less about any scrote's health

No. 1883516

I assumed Armoured Skeptic must have killed himself by now. Surprised he's still alive.(sage your shit)

No. 1883528

I know this is a milkless bump but I also literally had this thought recently. Except I didn’t know he was confirmed still alive kek

No. 1883556

I disagree with this. While many of the men screeching about how lonely they are are hateful incels, there’s also a lot of men who aren’t misogynistic or incels but are still incredibly isolated and lonely. Not all lonely women are ‘cat ladies’ either, many of them are just normal women. Loneliness is a tragic affliction in our society and it affects people of every gender and walk of life. Saying that all lonely men (or women) deserve to be lonely is incredibly callous. It’s a real societal problem that we have to try and help, not just in terms of helping people date but also in terms of encouraging friendship and socialising especially among vulnerable or timid men and women who can’t reach out themselves.(sage your shit)

No. 1883608

Nobody cares about mens feefees here faggot

No. 1883634

When men say they’re lonely they mean they’re sad that they don’t have a gf. If it was really loneliness and not sexual failure men could seek out and support other men. No sympathy.

No. 1883654

That was a cathartic read. I had to stomach that stupid video of hers and I didn't realize it'd ruin my day with how she just grovels for men. I fucking hate the "poor men uwu" thing Shoe does. All those men are fucking adults! They are not little boys anymore, but June has made it a grift to coddle the feelings of incels and be their mommy, despite how they viciously call her eggless and criticize every little thing she does. I remember how they all laughed at her when Skeptic dropped her for that slavic clone, calling her the "new model".

No. 1883657

That’s why she’s such a tragic figure and the best example to why pick mes never prosper. She had some luck when Skeptic dumped her after months of public humiliation and she talked back to moids like thread pic, but obviously she went back to coddling men’s feelings, and yet there’s no sight of her trad dreams – marriage and children – coming true. She’s simply too dumb to evolve past "teehee next Boxxy” MRA activist. Truly my favorite cow kek.

And since some moron bumped this, I was thinking recently how robbed we were of a tacky uwu goth wedding with Skeptic. Would love for it to happen years ago and for their trainwreck marriage to last at least two years.

No. 1883668

Other anon is right, but I'll more to that. Men arent actually lonely, because if they were, they would talk to their family or go make friends or talk to just about anyone who didnt require fucking being involved. What they mean is that they want a gf. but they dont want just any gf, they want the hottest one possible. So even though there's a sea of equally lonesome women, those women arent hot enough for them to even consider. They'll happily skip over a chubby chick with glasses that would love them for the rest of their lives and literally choose to just be alone and cry all because they want some twitch e-thot streamer type girl or something. What men mean when they say they're lonely is, "no one hot enough for me to want wants me back" which is like duh, you're fat and ugly but refuse to date within your own bracket. So suffer. I'll never feel sorry for a fake lonely male ever.

No. 1883680

Everyone's fucking lonely anymore, why are they only addressing the male side of it? Like it's much easier for women to make friends? The only reason women aren't labeled as lonely is because they can cope with being single and having female friends. When a man has a group of online friends he plays video games with, he's still "lonely" because women don't want him. Fuck them. It's not women's duty to coddle them into comfort, where's other men stepping up to the plate for them?

No. 1883708

The sad part is most men who cry about this do have gfs lol. I've seen so many horror stories of women noticing their man all of the sudden going cold, ignoring them most of the day, becoming dazed and disinterested, etc just to find out they were involved in incel or Tate communities

No. 1883736

God you retards are tiresome. You do all the same sweeping generalisations and incel-talk the moids do but think you're somehow better.
Sorry you never get picked anon. Seethe more and see if that helps.(infighting)

No. 1890880

It’s not your job to be the change, it the culture that change on people. You’ll say this shit but also avoid facts and stats about male suicide, this mass shooting shit and the fact that Tate has a good number of men’s ears(unsaged derailing)

No. 1891101

Because when men say they're lonely they mean aren't having sex/a maid gf. Because men control most things, this is treated as a terrible problem that must be solved.

No. 1891110

Ma’am, we hate men over here

No. 1891149

Male suicide is a good thing.

No. 1891325

File: 1693505565586.jpg (60.16 KB, 907x444, Screenshot_20230831_200916_You…)

Her comment under TurkeyTom's newest video (it's about a coomer pedo troon, not gonna post because the thumbnail is horrifying), which Wendigoon and Cecil McFly also commented. Nice dead meme Shoe.

No. 1891340

>gigglygoonclown tranny
Was it Blaine?

No. 1891420

Funny because turkeytom made a simp video defending shoe against justpearlythings when shoe is the blueprint for pearly and all these other grifting anti feminists and female red pillers.
Also this looks like shes trying to save face because shes defended weird troons and ddlg and other mentally ill men before, im surprised people keep falling for her supposed shift of views.

No. 1891467

Because he thinks with his dick, probably. YouTube moids wouldn't have this enlightenment about how Pearl is wrong if she didn't look like a decomposing corpse, and Shoe simps are the type of men who don't realize she has a FAS face under her fake lashes and behind her potato cameras.
Remember when she argued that Cuties could've been acceptable if they just hadn't shown the twerking? Kek and we're supposed to think she actually gives a shit about kids

No. 1891486

She's getting grilled in the comments

No. 1891769


She has been stuck on the internet and living at her parents for her entire adulthood now. No education, no job experience, no skills, no hobbies. Her newest moid has not married her yet so she could validate herself as "wife and mother". Majority of her fanbase turned against her and ridiculed her as soon as fattened septic dumped her for being 30. And it is going to happen again with the new uggo she is dating.
Just KYS, wig

No. 1891781

He didn’t dump her because she was 30, He left her for someone older remember? He probably dumped her because she’s obnoxious.

I do hate shoe but moids bringing up the fact that she had a black boyfriend in the replies is such a weird thing to focus on.

No. 1891861

File: 1693586557276.jpg (608.86 KB, 1024x1218, 1625611287695.jpg)

sadly you're right nona, he dumped her just shy of her 30th. it did have a lot to do with her being 25+ plus though. there's a reason picrel was a threadpic
also yeah they fact they call her a "coalburner" etc. is absolutely disgusting. the fact that may have gotten in her head and made her more racist is pretty fucked too. at the end of the day she is and will always be her own woman with her own choices but I will always extend more empathy to a woman on a wrong path than a man. hope she's getting back on track after being so chewed up and spat out by the very people she was pandering to.

No. 1891881

>it did have a lot to do with her being 25+ plus thou
NTA but what are you basing this off? He literally left her for an older woman.

No. 1891887

yeah men can be weirdly deep. think about it from preg's perspective: he used up her good years like he said he would and kind of stuck to his word. hilarious it was for an older woman yes, doesn't negate he treated june like expired lunchmeat like he always promised he would.
pregs alone now yeah? go June

No. 1891954

What's 'weirdly deep' about it??

No. 1891986

Wasn’t a big part of their relationship their uwu daddy dom little girl dynamic? I suppose it may be harder to do with a 30-year-old woman and Shoe lost part of her 'legal loli' appeal to him, and his relationship with Patrice could be more mature and normal. But at the end of the day I think he was annoyed that after years of dating Shoe was still bigger than him and growing while his popularity (and Skeptic community in general) fizzled out. That’s why he got off of being publicly rude to her.

No. 1892164

I bet part of it was Preg being weirdly delusional about his value, muh “men hit their prime at 50, in doing you a favor by being monogamous”. Suffer.

No. 1892507

he lost twenty pounds and thought he could do better than a billiard ball with terminal pickmeism
turns out he couldn’t, so sad for him

No. 1892553

Sucks, because if he just married her when she moved closer to the border he could have had not a completely dead channel and Shoe could have had her little play pretend at marriage and family and not be a complete failure in adult life. They would probably hate each other’s guts at some point but at least their cringy merch wouldn’t age so badly kek.

No. 1892788

>hope she's getting back on track after being so chewed up and spat out by the very people she was pandering to

no, she is doubling down on pandering, see: >>1874424

No. 1892799

The whole “coal burner” thing that moids bring up is peak chYmp. I genuinely don’t know how she can stay a pick me with all the weird disgusting shit moids say to her about her black ex boyfriend or public nudes. Baldie needs to peak already

No. 1893126

I had a schizo-tier premonition a few nights ago predicting prolific milk from june.

my premonitions are generally accurate. please look forward to it! (laughs)

(I am not that one weirdo from that one time. I am a different weirdo).(laughs in autism)

No. 1894281

File: 1694071480986.jpg (75.78 KB, 1178x950, WhatsApp Image 2023-09-07 at 1…)


No. 1896694

No. 1896699


No. 1896701

Racist white men have a pathological obsession with big black cocks. I wish I was joking when I said it lives in their head rent free.

No. 1896703

It’s probably to do with the fact she’s from a catholic Italian American background. Italian dads tend to be very possessive of their daughters and their moms and nonas (actual grandma nonas) also encourage their daughters to stay home until marriage, sometimes this tradition gets continued even in Americanized Italian families, I’ve seen it quite a lot myself. Probably Shoe’s life plan was to be a married pickme housewife for a scrote like unfortunately many Italian families encourage their daughters to be. But she wasted the best part of her youth on Pregory who dumped her and now she’s too old for most tradscrotes who want 18-20 year olds.

No. 1896721

The sad thing is there are plenty of 30-40 year old decent enough not butt ugly Italian American scrotes who would absolutely marry her if she was well kept and not a psycho (at least, not a psycho in any way that Italian American women aren’t kek) but she’s just. Not their type because of how she behaves.

>t. Am an actual italianonna living in America

No. 1896749

File: 1694475530490.png (29.63 KB, 584x249, tworetardsfighting.png)

I love cow cross overs

No. 1896790

Pearl is so nasty and condescending to other women, I truly hate her fucking guts. I don’t give a fuck if shoe deserves it or not.

No. 1896808

We just have to wait until she hits 30 to see her disappear from the public consciousness. I think as more women collectively reject moids and marriage in general, Pearl and Co. will either get crazier or be chased out of male spaces for being female. It’s weird to see how June and Hannah essentially made themselves unemployable so young that they can’t really not be online because getting a normal job now would be impossible

No. 1896873

I'm the nonna that summarized Shoe's Barbie video and this time I will try to do the same with this one (sorry i just now realized this vid was out so it's gonna be more condensed)

Highlights of this little shitfest include:
>Matt Walsh complimented her previous male loneliness video, she responds with hostility like a retard instead of taking advantage of the clout
>muh male rape shelters
>comparing lonely men to victims of racism and disabled people
>dickriding trannies ("trans men are men!!1!")
>claims male loneliness is an epidemic while ignoring violence/rapes on women
>claims "sex work" (aka PROSTITUTION, call it what it is) would only be a "temporary solution" and THAT'S why it's not a good idea… y'know, not because it's inhumane or anything…
>a woman tweeted at her and she read part of it while purposefully leaves out the 1 in 6 stat included in said tweet
>claims she isn't blaming women for not catering to men, but at the same time rejects the idea of male solidarity/brotherhood and the notion that male loneliness could be (and probably is) their own fault
>compared misandry to racism again please end my suffering
>when told misogyny is worse, she brings up how "b-but we can talk about multiple issues at once!", dismissing how she never even talked about female issues to begin with
>thinks women rejecting men is "revenge" for misogyny, and thinks misogyny boils down to just not being allowed to vote decades ago
>when twitter suggests men just befriend each-other, she rejects the notion because "not everyone is gay"; so you're admitting this video is for straight scrotes, Shoe? And that the issue is not getting laid?
>"b-but the issue is not just not getting laid!!1!" Oh i guess not then…
>"i never blamed women!" (She follows this by claiming women say this are like schizophrenics, i am not joking) Nice gaslighting, but who else is to blame then? She says it's the media, social media, dating websites etc, but of coursr she is too much of a retard to consider that men ARE the media and that there's people behind screens and internet accounts…
>blames patriarchy/misogyny on big corporations (she's like a living caricature at this point)
>muh make suicide rate
>"not all lonely people are bad" but not all lonely people are good, therefore it's ridiculous to call it an epidemic Shoe!
>said being a youtuber is more degrading than an OF model (might've been a hyperbole but still, not funny Wig)
>claims her makeup isn't childlike as if it wasn't a Belle Delphine skinwalk
>literally yells louder when adressing women who dissed her makeup kek you can tell she seethed
>says she will act extra uwu in the thumbnail to "piss us off" as if it wasn't just milk
>claims we don't have arguments and hate her for no reason (ok narcissist)
>claims "pick me" is a npc insult and that there is no reason to call her that, the lack of self-awareness is reaching stratospherical levels
>claims she can't be a misogynist because "my mom is a woman, my sister is a woman, my friends are women" she literally pulled a "I can't be racist my friend is black" The video goes from depressing to hilarious when she does this
>"calling women pickmes is sexist" So we can't call out women's wring behaviour? How out of character that is for Shoe…
>claims to have autism and that therefore she can't be pulled into this kind of bullying. Ah yes, once again pretending to be this uwu autistic NLOG snowflake when she literally was a jersey whore looking bully all her life… we ain't forgot
>claims people who oppose her are cringe and they are the reason she is still relevant after all these years (when in reality it's because she never grew out of her internet phase because she has no job and readapted to whichever politics are popular kek)
>admitted to talking to incels to know how lonely men feel, minutes after denying men are lonely because they're incels
>"people don't want to help incels, they want to convert them into their little political tribe" almost as if we can't integrate incels, aka misogynists known for shooting shit up
>says that PragerU agreeing with her is good and doesn't make her a right-winger (which is true, but then why claim radfems are right-wing for being gender-critical???)
>keeps defending herself against the evul femcels towards the end, nothing notable
>gets shit on by her male viewers and defends herself, blames mommy issues (for the moids) and daddy issues (for women)
>claims men and women are like yin and yang and that we all "need each-other)… except for the countless women who live in separatism, homosexuals, etc.

I'm extremely pleased by how she's the kind of cow to obsessively read her threads, meaning she will see this and I'll get to mop the floor with her indirectly!
Jannies please don't ban me for not saging, I'm not saging because some don't have time for the video and could use a recap

No. 1896874

File: 1694504851890.jpg (37.77 KB, 402x603, 1693533661927.jpg)

Samefag, kek i thought my Barbie vid recap would be lobger than this one and yet i ended up shitting out a novel
Picrel shoe edit i found is just for shits and giggles enjoy

No. 1896878

I love the recaps. Thank you for your work.

No. 1896891

You're so sweet! You're welcome

No. 1896893

I can see content like this actually being dangerous for young girls.

No. 1896896

june is such a pickme why doesn't she rip out the hair on her pussy and kill two birds with one stone

No. 1896977

She will be 40 and still pandering to lowest-tier scrotes, kek. Never change, Wig.

No. 1897028

File: 1694538094112.png (2.15 MB, 1800x900, IMG_2625.png)

No. 1897107

File: 1694550048334.png (158.82 KB, 378x334, shoe0nhead .png)


There is a lot of preteen/teen girls watching Wig, I remember some Gen Z women mentioning they used to watch her when they were young. Don't give a shit about her scrote fanbase but feel bad about young girls being served this shit.

Also her attempt at looking like a teen egirl is tragic, makes her look desparate.

No. 1897115

Wait did she dress up as an egirl? Thats blatant pedopandering…

No. 1897127

nayrt this is incredibly on brand for shoe nonnita. It's gross but her whole persona is just pandering to males especially the gross "my tradwaifu should be 14"

No. 1897128

>I remember some Gen Z women mentioning they used to watch her when they were young.
That was years ago, when Shoe was younger too. I assume teenagers today have new, younger youtubers to watch instead of Shoe?

No. 1897146

I just wanted to say that Shoe is stupid because she was born at the perfect time to experience brain rot, she grew up with that Millenial Liberal attitude of "oh everybody just do whatever they want as long as it doesn't literally cause direct harm to someone" without thinking any deeper for even one second about the ramifications that the choices of individuals can cause on a societal level for other individuals, even if one person's actions never harmed another directly. This is why she can't understand why it's not okay for women to make anti-feminist choices, why it's not okay to let men think and say whatever horrible things they want about women even if they never physically harm one, and why legalizing prostitution is bad and not some easy legal fix for a deeply evil and complex system. She literally cannot grasp a concept beyond whatever is happening from point A to B. She can't go to C or D, it's literally beyond the bounds of her philosophy. She was raised in an environment of politically hollow liberal tripe and even when she pretends to be left she can't grasp it when it comes to her own class because she is never applying real analysis to her life, just repeating internet bullshit that she is literally too stupid to add anything original to.

No. 1897164

Shoe is unfortunately still popular. I'm 19 and most of my friends (ages 17-23) watch her or have watched her as kids/teens. Her content gets reposted in TikTok compilations often as well which increases her exposure

No. 1897219

bless you nonna, I can't stand her voice and listening to her nonsense "arguments" makes my head hurt
hasn't she always dressed younger? this isn't new kek
This, kids nowadays think every action is done in a total vacuum and incapable of understanding basic cause and effect. They talk about how positive language impacts your brain vs negative speak but can't get how misogyny harms people
would you say those kids are going through an edgelord/anti-sjw phase now? shoe and those like her were popular among the "I don't need feminism" crowd when I was young so I'm curious if it's a similar thing now

No. 1897353

ayrt that's heartbreaking and I agree. I can see a nerdy, shy girl getting bamboozled into sympathizing for pathetic men too much because of her. disgusting.

No. 1897387

he left her because she wanted marriage and kids and he wouldn't commit because he's a manchild. And he left the older woman because she catched cancer and he didn't wanna deal with it. Shoe is an idiot but Preg is actual human waste

No. 1897406

File: 1694595211021.jpg (484.64 KB, 1080x1675, Screenshot_20230913-142609_Chr…)

No. 1897565

119 is a high number for her. doubt.

No. 1897601

File: 1694624523598.jpg (577.36 KB, 1080x2076, Screenshot_20230913-223423_Chr…)

No. 1897652

File: 1694634844255.jpeg (185.06 KB, 1125x864, IMG_2628.jpeg)

The responses to her new video are fucking hilarious, moids' levels of self-victimization know no bounds (but this bitch obviously would make fun of women if any whined like this) and she’s just cynically profiting from it.

No. 1897691

File: 1694640697902.jpeg (3.46 KB, 209x241, download (39).jpeg)

>so you're saying you LITERALLY don't care about my moid spawn that you don't know and who will only grow up to pollute society, you LITERALLY don't care if he DIES?!!1!1

No. 1897898

File: 1694667439388.jpeg (787.23 KB, 1242x1324, 38CD9668-286E-4B3B-AFDE-68C41F…)

She’s engaged…again!

No. 1897901

When he proposes at the Grimes x Anna K debate

No. 1897902

Good for her, I wouldn’t have made a post about it if I was her, but at least those guy didn’t waste like 8+ years to give her a ring. Hopefully she’ll actually make it down the aisle this time.(sage)

No. 1897909

Anyone's better than Greg tbh

No. 1897915

File: 1694670297378.jpg (529.49 KB, 1300x732, 77083_052414-rodger2.jpg)

>lonely women
>''ughh chad didnt want to fuck my 400 pounds body?? i am going to ditch all men and adopt 6 cats''
>lonely men

No. 1897920

Let’s hope he doesn’t leave her too KEK

No. 1897921

This was literally me 5 years ago in my early 20s and yeah Shoe was part of why that happened. These "won't somebody please think of the poor lonely scrotes" tropes have been floating around the internet for a very long time.

No. 1897924

File: 1694671756366.jpeg (415.58 KB, 1290x1935, FE5384F3-B084-4818-A65F-30554D…)

Considering he’s a born against schitzo catholic who doesn’t believe in condoms I’m surprised he took this long to propose

No. 1897925

The receding hairline really brings it all in.

No. 1897948

Nah the catholic man is way worse and it makes me so happy cause shoe, if she actually manages to drag her tired ass down through the actual wedding this time she, will be living a tradcatch nightmare for the forseeable future kekw that as posted below includes rejecting the notion of contraception cause its eViL and being his breeding sow. Shes finally marrying her bestie you guys!!

No. 1897976

Oh gross. I hate shuwu but you could do better idk why she gets with the fat uggos

No. 1897977

Marrying a tradcath scrote who would have her die if she was in endangered pregnancy, serves her just right.

No. 1897979

Obviously she can't do better. And she doesn't just deserve this, she really earned it. Rush that marriage, shoe.

No. 1897989

Did she delete this post? Good move if so, but still an indication to post it in the first place she's thinking of the internet crowd instead of prioritizing those who are physically close to her

No. 1898015

I don’t know or care about this woman but isn’t she just 32? 31 at the time of OP’s post. Why are you referring to her as an empty egg carton? That’s how the moids on 4chan talk.(lurk more)

No. 1898071

remember when this bitch talked about how normally curvy thick women were fat and obese, and hated anyone who was a woman or possessed female sex organs when she was with greg lol(remember to sage)

No. 1898105

someone fire the mods please(learn to sage and take complaints to /meta/)

No. 1898127

I bet she deleted it because they brought up how Preg left her. Kek

Learn how to sage retard

No. 1898139

I love how she's not showing her whole face cause she's not wearing any make-up and doesn't want her simps to know what she really looks like.

No. 1898149

Lmfao doesn't want to be reminded of the loser she spent a substantial amount of time with. She was engaged to Preg for quite a while too, yeah? Wonder if it'll actually turn into a marriage.

No. 1898152

No actually trad man would marry a 30+ non virgin tho(sage your shit)

No. 1898174


I'm happy for her because her ring looks cheap and ugly and she's marrying a tradtard that will most likely treat her like shit.

No. 1898179

Jeez…preg was ugly but I think he was more attractive as a generic male figure for June to obsess over than this freak.

No. 1898275

>unkempt eyebrows
>unkempt nails

personally i would have gone to a salon first before going to twitter to sound like i'm 13 years old posting on gaia online circa 2007 and i actually have a job.

No. 1898323

>pedopandering for doing her makeup to like an ethot
Go back

No. 1898391

Can't find the pic because the thread is way back in the catalog but this is almost identical to the picture of her they posted when she and Greg announced their engagement kek, smeared ass mascara and everything. Imagine crying over the proposal of a bald claymation character

No. 1898632

File: 1694780033338.jpg (45.39 KB, 601x525, shoepreg.jpg)

lol you're right

No. 1898700

history repeats itself

No. 1898707

I’m so fucking happy about this, only because I know pregory is seething.

No. 1898734

something is telling me that it’ll repeat again and shoe will be quietly dumped. She doesn’t really want kids in a trad cath way or she’d already be married to some random scrote from church with 3 babies and a dead youtube channel. She’s too immature of that. This is probably a shut up ring and a forever engagement until the trad scrote finds another tradcath girl to propose to

No. 1898845

File: 1694811378201.png (63.5 KB, 198x275, 1517373798292.png)

Looking through the old threads and this had me keking, this absolute cuck of a "tradcath" male is really about to marry someone like June. Imagine if you were a tradcath and the woman you wanted to marry had officially produced merchandise of herself being used as a footstool by another man, that real people out in the wild still own today. You can't erase that kind of history, even a regular man would struggle with that, let alone a political lunatic like this. I wonder how he copes kek

No. 1898862

The cup with this graphic is the most embarassing thing they have ever done, she’s so fucking pathetic. Baldie will always live in shadow of Preg, even in engagement post he’s just 'best friend' while Greg was referred to as 'daddy', 'lumberjack', 'her dream man' etc.

No. 1898976

shoe will not get pregnant, it'll make her fat

No. 1899482

Sadly I genuinely don’t think Preg gives a fuck about her. He’s far too narcissistic and wrapped up in himself and his own victim complex to care about her.

No. 1899504

File: 1694919363495.jpg (189.25 KB, 1218x763, shoe triggered.jpg)


No. 1899525

Lmfaooo where is the lie

No. 1899533

File: 1694921678951.jpg (55.96 KB, 604x388, woof woof june.jpg)

Ikr the amount of moids in his threads crying/pretending they dont know what hes talking about and saying hes just bitter june is getting married is the biggest copium ive seen on twitter, and thats saying something!

No. 1899539

Third time's the charm they say.

No. 1899580

did he really make her do that? that's so fucking pathetic

No. 1899603

I hate the stonetoss faggot but he's right

No. 1899662

She bragged about it with their "bdsm" relationship, quite frankly they are both pathetic, a great match.

No. 1899666

Because it all she deserves as most of her time throughout the years she spent gassing up fat uggo men and encouraging them to chase after younger women. I remember when her simps posted pics of their tummy rolls after she complained there arnt enough dad bods for male positivity, i guess she really has a type kek.

No. 1899821

Has anyone been seeing Brittany Venti replygirling sh0e lately? What happened?

No. 1899830

I guess the comments here are from people who have no idea how bdsm works. In a good bdsm play, the slave is actually the one in control. I find it dumb that she bragged on Twitter about what she does in her private life, but there's nothing wrong if she enjoyed playing "the pet".(go back to twitter)

No. 1899842

If you believe there is "good" "bdsm play" you're already lost

No. 1899844

Ah yes because if a mentally ill person lets me slap and choke them and treat them like shit it is actually they who hold power over me by letting me abuse them. That’s like thinking prostitutes have power over Johns because they’re given money.

No. 1899845

BDSM is just self harm by proxy. You belong in a psych ward.

No. 1899874

Nah we have a pretty good idea. Men who get off on abusing and degrading women convince them that ~they're the one in control~, then have a good kek behind her back at what a retard she is for actually believing it

No. 1899886

I don’t think he’s jealous, I think he just feels inferior.

No. 1899888

Guys I know we hate June but can we please not side with fucking stonetoss. Even if this is funny, and it is, he’s doing it because he’s a misogynist. Men have no right to shame women, only women can shame women.

No. 1899940

Desperate for relevance likely. That's why she went so hard at Pearl too: easy target & jealous of Pearl's popularity + desperate to be relevant online.

No. 1899955

How is anyone siding with stonetoss here

No. 1899994

KEK get out of here with your coom brain

No one is siding with stonetoss. Broken clocks and all that

No. 1900022

Please point to the part in my post where I side with stonetoss and am not just laughing at june being rightfully dunked on.

I swear you gotta walk on eggshells here there seems to be a group (or maybe one person, i dunno) who wants to baby this bitch and its fucking tiresome we cant just have a laugh without getting an earful.

No. 1900047

A broken clock is right twice a day

No. 1900142

I don’t even think it’s funny, I just like seeing her trigerred over relatively petty stuff.

No. 1900261

File: 1695041544191.png (1.52 MB, 757x764, 1692187605805.png)

Go back handmaiden

No. 1919811

Your parents were married for 43 years because your mother was financially dependent on your dad, retard. It takes a strong man to handle a strong woman, but you wouldn't know about any of that.

No. 1920508

File: 1698456547945.jpg (970.37 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20231028_022859_X.j…)

Engaged one MONTH ago to married. Bet she's pregnant

No. 1920520

I mean, her dress is pretty at least

No. 1920529

Thought she liked thicc girls?

No. 1920533

Those Twitter whores only entertained him for the novelty of being the mistress of some pickmes loser bf

No. 1920548

Wedding photos like this depress me when it’s an ageing slut with some extremely generic late thirties or early forties balding scrote, and you can tell there’s just no passion or real love there and two people who just desperately settled for each other because their exes dumped them and they knew time was running out, ya know what I mean? God it’s just so depressing kek.

No. 1920614

Ngl, she looks nice when she isn't dressed like a terminally online degenerate. Shame about the mental retardation.

No. 1920620

Can’t wait to see how this mess goes

No. 1920622

How many months is she? 3? 4? We have about 6 months until Mama June becomes a reality if she's legitimately pregnant. In the photo of her looking out at the water, it looks like a baby bunp.

No. 1920646

Either they lied about the engagement date or this is a shotgun wedding. Something about the dress feels so out of June’s style and the photography is dated, likely an off the rack dress and a five dollar photographer who could accept a last minute booking.

No. 1920668

I know we all hate her but honestly I feel kinda bad for her. He's mad ugly and doesn't believe in abortion. I know it's what she deserves but like… idk, it's still sad. She could do better.

No. 1920693

Or didn’t want this engagement to dump and run away from her like preg kek

No. 1920700

Considering the pics only show her mom and dad and no guests, I'd bet its a courthouse wedding

No. 1920704

isn't this guy a tradcath? how will she reconcile her epic atheist gamergate skepticism with his christian larping? or did she throw that aside completely after the breakup with preg?

No. 1920707

She looks beautiful, I hope pregory is crying and throwing up and weeping.

No. 1920709

Isn’t that her mum and dad in the black and white photos on the left?

No. 1920715

This is embarrassing.

No. 1920747

Where does she live, we could possibly find courthouses nearby, next to the water and compare and contrast the backgrounds in her photos. The one of her in the car looks like a public parking space due to the steel trashcan outside. The photo of him and her holding hands looks like it's outside of a courthouse. The picture of her giving him a hug, her eyes are still opened kek.

No. 1920783

Yes those are her parents.

No. 1920837

No cake, no stationary, can’t find her on any wedding website or registry unless she’s using a fake name, this definitely was just a courthouse wedding and photoshoot session

No. 1920838

that's so depressing. probably giving the bare minimum for her. not all women want big expensive weddings but most women want more than this. shoe is such a pick me she probably just went with it and didn't ask for more.

No. 1920868

The photos of her on her own look pretty nice. I feel a sense of schaudenfraud whenever I see a horrible 2edgy4u pickme ending up hitched to a disgusting ugly moid. I’m just fortunate to not be like that anymore.

No. 1920928

Me too, as much as I hate June I wish her better than that lard ass scrote.

No. 1920948

she doesn't look too bad, the dress is not my style but i was sure it would be more tacky. his pattern baldness is scary though. the wedding is probably so quickly so she doesn't get fucked over like she was with Preg.

No. 1920953

true, nothing about this wedding seems her style. it's so typically millenial, the princess style dress, the low effort filtered 2015 tumblr autumn shoot.

No. 1921311

with a tradcath scrote if it's not a straight up shotgun wedding, it's definitely still headed in that direction quick. for the kids' sake i hope i'm wrong but mama june 2024 is looking more and more likely.

No. 1921313

she's pregnant.

No. 1921355

I thought this guy was a hardcore catholic or something, is it considered shameful that they didn't get married in his church or?

No. 1921528

File: 1698649764897.png (626.92 KB, 1080x1297, Screenshot_20231030-015654-575…)

She's definitely pregnant. In addition to the one month engagement, her liking anti-abortion tweets like pic related when I know for a fact she's pro-choice (or at least she was before she got with a tradcath) comes across as major cope.

Wasn't there a screencap floating around of him saying in a tweet that birth control is bad? Shoe may think their political differences don't matter, but what about when they have a 16yo daughter who gets teen pregnant because her tradcath dad didn't want her to learn about birth control, and she wants an abortion?

No. 1921562

her being pregnant by some weirdo trad is a worst case scenario, either she has a son becomes the world's most annoying boymom(quite an achievement) or a daughter who'll face the double whammy of having a terminal pickme mother and a pedo tradcath father who will try to push her to be a tradwife as soon as she has her first period. There's no good future for any child under their care. Praying for a series of miscarriages followed by early menopause
wig has no morals, beliefs, or interests beyond sucking up to whichever scrotes are willing to give her the most attention

No. 1921565

Considering her and Preg had a whole ass engagement party with guests, something not many couples do, nobody can convince me that Shoe is happy she had a courthouse shotgun wedding with no guests but her (and presumably his) parents.

No. 1921636

Either she is already, or is chomping at the bit to get knocked up ASAP to satisfy a) her collection of internet mouth breathers who want her to finally start living up to her Trad LARP, the grifter accusations definitely get to her, b) her own sense of nagging self doubt and purposelessness that tells her her career is meaningless and she has accomplished nothing, and having a child is an "accomplishment" in life and c) her desire to lock down her man immediately to avoid another Greg scenario.

No. 1921903

If it's true, it's really terrible. She's definitely not a fit to be a mother, she's immature, unorganized and too self-involved. She will spend all her days on Twitter like she does now, but this time with unattended child at home when she finds out motherhood is not cool trad meme and will stand in her way of being the smollest bean.

I sometimes wonder how her and Preg's wedding and their married life would look like. I think she would be much happier to marry him, not for long though.

No. 1922117

File: 1698756981830.png (205.03 KB, 413x551, FruFru_Wedding_Dress.png)

All of you complimenting her are delusional, her thick ass Milhouse Vanhouten eyebrows will stain her wedding photos forever. Picrel is basically shoe but actually pulling it off and serving adorably

No. 1922352

maybe she's hoping it'll fix those things about her. lots of moids convince their wives that adhd/mental illness/laziness is just childnessness and having a kid will "fix" her, and shoe seems like she has low enough self esteem to believe it. doesn't work like that though, sadly.

No. 1923229

File: 1698961227390.jpg (230.76 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20231102_164058_X.j…)

when will she ever realize pretending to be retarded isn't cute. (she won't.)

No. 1923377

I haven't kept up thoroughly in years but heard the marriage news (whole thing's sad even for her tbh, really running how pathetic she is into the ground) but is this guy rich or something? What gives shoe any incentive to get with him?

No. 1923448


No. 1923672

>What gives shoe any incentive to get with him?

In all seriousness, she wants to be a tradwife stay-at-home mom, and this guy is a conservative tradcath lawyer.

No. 1923748

How soon will it take for her to realize being an uwu twadwife to some tradcath nutjob means she actually has to spend time toiling around the house while pumping out babies? I can't imagine her taking it well if she has to give up fishing for male attention on twitter, especially when she'll get fat and busted from pregnancy

No. 1924690

File: 1699284361955.jpg (587 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231106-091747.jpg)

How did it take her over a decade to realize that MRAs are just woman hating retards

No. 1924693

Kek yes men want to be coddled forever so their fragile sense of masculinity isn’t challenged. At least women aren’t actively a danger to moids like they are to us but they still have to bitch that they don’t have 10 teenage bangmaids serving their every whim at home and it must be because of that darn western feminist propaganda. Oh but also if they don’t split the rent fairly he feels taken advantage of.

No. 1924717

File: 1699290546990.jpg (88.72 KB, 1080x734, Tumblr_l_83973456893121.jpg)

no there wasn't, June. you're just stupid.

No. 1924720

Actually the first MRAs were inspired by feminism and tried to create support for single fathers and things like that. But it quickly turned into women hating meetings. Hating women is so much easier than creating anything.

No. 1924722

She's been appearing more and more on radtwt recently and retweeting radtwt tweets as well, I think she's finally maturing to an extent.

No. 1924726

I don’t agree with this. Random men generally do more for women than their male family members do. And by random men I mean the dudes who make society work.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1924727

It’s like mgtow and how the only thing they do is seethe about women and delude themselves into becoming victims instead of, you know, actually going their own way and focusing on improving their lives

No. 1924732

That’s not providing value to women, that’s doing a job for compensation. It’s not like men are the only ones with super special essential jobs so we have to be indebted to them lest society crumble without their manly contribution.

No. 1924733

she aged and the money ran out

No. 1924752

Great just what radtwt needs, more grifters.

No. 1924766

Yeah, like…as if medical professionals (mostly women) and childcare workers (overwhelmingly women), elder care workers (same as childcare, overwhelmingly women) are just useless careers? And how about women being the ones birthing and raising the next generation of children? According to males that is apparently useless. And then they turn around and try to push us to be stay at home mothers? They're so retarded they can't even keep their own ideals consistent.

No. 1924806

I don’t believe this for a second. Doesn’t pearlythings have circles in radtwt? She could never hurt the trannys feelings and at most she would post manhate but it would be so mild and light and she’d probably post a thirst trap with it. I think she definitely lurks this site and other boards as well.

No. 1924854

She was disowning troons for a good minute and some GC twitters were praising her but that quickly changed because she would whiplash to Men Cry! type of talking points in a few days. Shoe is even the worst grifter

No. 1924945

they have always been pathetic, 'cucked' and 'gay’ and so are you.

No. 1925106


>There was a time when I was 23 year old wannabe MRA idol making fun of 30 year old "single childless hags" while deluding myself I am going to be better and marry a fat MRA prince. Then he dumped me and now my former MRA fans ridicule me just how I ridiculed those women and are calling my new husband a cuck.

Here is your translation.(redditspacing + unsaged)

No. 1925122

She got married, so she's gone from pandering to misogynists and signalling "I'm different, boys" to being a clueless conservative wife who's upset and bewildered that men are still misogynistic, even to right wing women.

No. 1925188

lmfao June, you're only about 10 years late to the party. Congratulations on the marriage though, now your fans can't call you an empty egg carton anymore and you finally have some value to them outside of jerk off material.

No. 1925215

June will HATE this imitation meat version of the tradwife life she chose. Being a mother is the opposite of what June likes to do. Everything will now be about your kids and nobody will give a fuck about you anymore. You are now just a "mom" not a person anymore. You have to self sacrifice every single second of the day. Your husband will be upset when you take care of the baby instead of coddling him and because he is a man he will immediately consider you a used up hag as soon as you birth his child and probably look up virgin deflowering porn while you're recovering from birth. It's also not rewarding at all for at least the first year, nobody appreciates all the hard work a mother puts in every day. Not the children, not the husband, not society, not even the conservative tradlarpers on twitter. Enjoy.

No. 1925236

>implying she's somebody now
Tone down the sperging you're going to get this thread locked like the trad one.

No. 1925239

On a human level I think June is making a huge mistake and this man is a fucking freak who’ll abuse her (and not in the uwu edgy bdsm way.) On an internet-brained level I LOVE this turn of events bc the mass coping & seething from manosphere losers at seeing another “post wall/roastie/empty egg carton” woman getting a nice white wedding whenever she feels like settling down is simply delicious to witness. Moids are not the prize, never will be, and I relish every opportunity to remind them of this fact no matter how retarded kek

No. 1925241

It fits June though, jumping from Twitter trend to Twitter trend in desperate pursuit of clout is her whole MO. Watch her go pro-ana to gain edtwt followers next.

No. 1925242

Does anyone have more caps of what he's even like? Even now I can only assume this will end in divorce and I take her scrote followers will shit on her even more for it. I also can't imagine her as a mother, praying she doesn't have a daughter.

No. 1925249

Always found it hilarious that feminists created communes & networks, lobbied to pass equal rights laws, fundraised for girls’ scholarships, hired more women into leadership positions etc. Meanwhile the MRA legacy is a bunch of shitty Wordpress blogs ranting about women. Even the MGTOWs never created a single commune or men’s support community because they can’t actually stand to be around each other. The only thing they have in common is seething misogyny.

No. 1925254

Didn't she technically have a pro-ana phase? or at the very least a wannarexia phase. Her Disney princess waist line kek.

No. 1925355

>quote tweeting Paul elm
I thought he died a long time. But wow, his ex wife and daughter must be living happy lives without him for him to still be bitter in 2023 that women exist

She had that uwu im smol phase when she was around 5’5 or 5’6. Theres that pic of her trying to shrink herself next to a fan who was actually 5’0

No. 1925479

you gotta get those mommy issues checked nonnie

No. 1925828

A fitting cherry on top of Dasha and BAP. Thw leftcow thread had to be locked because of how much his delusional incel simps were malding.

No. 1926160

She had to settle for fat balding loser, she’s not winning anything tbh. The lowest tier trad scrotes who look like him may be seething, most 4channers and blackpillers see that she married way below her level in a shitty cheap wedding and probably make fun of her for it. Divorce is also highly possible.

No. 1926181

This. Moids who shill settling for a middle aged pighog at a barely legal age don't actually believe that would be anything but a gargantuan L for the chick, hence why it needs to be shilled in the first place.

They know that even a midwit "post wall roastie" with FAS is cosmically out of their league, and that she'd be marrying what most of these dregs consider a "Chad" if she had enough IQ points not to fall for basic cum peddling tactics. You know, like normal non-online women do.

No. 1927786

>cum peddling
It's you isn't it. Thank God you're back. Right in time for Christmas.

No. 1929429

File: 1700143215425.jpg (119.98 KB, 1080x365, Screenshot_20231116_145131.jpg)

imagine posting this

No. 1929433

actually kinda based of her.

No. 1929436

unironically true

No. 1929451

then perish

No. 1929495

Where’s the lie tho

No. 1929947

rare june based moment

No. 1930347

>giving a shit about your pet scrotes skuhlinity

No. 1930571

Oh, I see. Now that she's a proper married lady she's gonna shift to Erma Bombeck-esque "husbands, amirite" material. Good for her.

No. 1931517

File: 1700566076233.png (477.95 KB, 746x600, YouTube 2023-11-21 12-28-02.pn…)

not even clicking on this

No. 1931535

Nobody has done that aspie-chan

No. 1931543

File: 1700570547538.jpeg (302.42 KB, 750x911, IMG_2307.jpeg)

About a quarter of this was woman admitting to toxic/retarded/gross shit, but the majority was just women talking about how men have been horrible to them, so it’s more like men L’s. Seems like even some of her male audience sees the clear imbalance.

No. 1931545

File: 1700570765947.png (2.72 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2308.png)

Samefag, but why does she look so different in the ad? Is it the red lip?

No. 1931549

No. 1931550

I just went to look at her page and cannot believe most of her recent videos have over a million views.
Sane comment

No. 1931581

What’s the point of pretending you can’t do something to make a man feel ‘useful’ if it’s not about skilinity? Like for what other reason would you do this?

No. 1931625

File: 1700587369949.jpg (113.91 KB, 640x640, photo_2023-08-04_00-50-52.jpg)

I went for it because Im a masochist but actually had some keks.

>read a tweet from a woman complaining about her sex life

>"why is this on twitter keep this shit private"
>forgot she used to post herself on a leash and how she "worship his dick 24/7"

>"opening up a marriage will only make the man leave for another woman"

>forgot she used to be totally into threesomes and okay with boyfriend lusting after other women in public

>"women, get some self respect!"

No. 1931639

Not even lying she legitimately looks fatter to me, and no I'm not a scrote going sHe gOt MaRRiEd aNd inStanTlY lEt hErSeLf gO LOL TyPIcaL FemOid, but I definitely think her hands and face look fatter. Shay-style relationship weight ballooning arc incoming?

No. 1931642

It's overwhelmingly more likely for the woman to trade up for a better man in an open relationship than vice versa, it's literally easier for us to get relationships and sex. Honestly in this moment I kind of feel bad for Shoe bc she clearly lives in a fantasy insecurity land where she has 0 power over her personal life and everything is just "the worst thing in life is to not get picked and men control who is picked" when reality is the exact opposite in almost all cases. Imagine letting a bunch of drones (males) convince you that they control the mating process for you (a queen, the female of the species). Bitch you were designed to cum and die and build me a place to deposit my offspring, meanwhile I am literally God. Sad for Shoe that she doesn't realize this

No. 1931650

She never did make video on SCUM manifesto? I remember she bought it and said she was gonna make a video ridiculing it or something.

No. 1931681

I'm the nona who usually makes all the summary posts on her videos, even if they suck the soul out of me. This time however even I don't have it in me to watch this shit, sorry girls

No. 1931683

b a s e d

No. 1931821

Can’t believe even scrotes see through her misogyny and loathing of women. I genuinely wish her worst case possible scenario, I can’t stand this bitch.

No. 1931934

What is this? I’m retarded and google didn’t help.

No. 1932093

NTA but it's probably from "muh skulinity" as in 'masculinity'. It's pretty fucking funny, I have to admit.

No. 1932284

Vaseline swabbed the camera and she’s been hitting the cheeseburgers

No. 1932769

File: 1700776474640.jpeg (680.83 KB, 2047x1999, FXKF-ycWQAIdOJm.jpeg)

I hope their future kids somehow manage to dodge their parents chipmunk genes.

No. 1932773

I hate shuwu, but man, she really settled.

No. 1932789

She’s gaining pounds

No. 1932799

That fucking hairline oof, he actually makes Greg look good in comparison. He may have been an ogre but he had plenty of hair.

Shoe is a pretty girl who could do way better imo but settling was always the inevitable consequence of being immersed in MRA garbage. Pressuring and scaring women into dating down is their ultimate goal, and now she gets to live the rest of her life fucking a balding fatty.

No. 1932808

I think they look cute together :)(unsaged, emoji)

No. 1932809

Not to defend her but I swear every time shuwu posts a new pic at least one anon says this and she looks exactly the same kek

No. 1932890

It’s almost 2024 and this girl still styling herself like boxxy huh

No. 1932948

File: 1700811470390.png (414.55 KB, 496x453, armoured skeptic shoe0nhead - …)

She did settle but in her defence at least her new guy looks happy to be with her and doesn't have permament stinkface like Shreg did.

No. 1932966

How is he doing btw? He dead yet?

No. 1933020

Well they are both going bald so at least they have that in common

No. 1933024

still retarded as always

No. 1933036

Greg may have had a full head of hair, but it doesn't change the fact he was a manchild who lived in his parents basement

No. 1933041

File: 1700837873646.png (246.53 KB, 531x358, jsjsj.png)

I wonder why she's still wearing these cheap wigs all the time. She clearly has money and she's worn wigs for over a decade, why won't she at least upgrade? Nothing says natural tradwife like slapping a plastic wig on. Anyway I think they're each other's looksmatch if you subtract the wig, all that hair really helps balance out the lower half of her face and flatters her cheeks and jaw. She posted a wigless photo only once and she had to put on a huge sunhat to hide her scalp and offset her features. The only thing she really has going for her is being skinny, otherwise her attractiveness is vastly overestimated imo

No. 1933058

She’s a solid 4 if she wasn’t skinny she’d be like a 2

No. 1933061

He's still posting? I thought he gave up.

No. 1933063

People are coping about it by saying she is pregnant. But I think she's just getting older and her diet of chicken nuggets and sitting on her ass on twitter all day is catching up with her.

No. 1933068

File: 1700843186403.png (624.03 KB, 1110x611, AS.png)

I was about to post about him a few weeks back, but considered that he wasn't milky enough. but going through his Twitter and new content, I realized that he has undergone the same transformation as most former RW gamergate era content creators. It's a weird modern "red-brown" synthesis, where they talk about capitalism and imperialism but with an obvious right-wing bias. It's an interesting transformation, but not unique to him.

No. 1933111

I hate how easy men lose weight, I can't stand this dude and I can absolutely tell what kind of channels he is copying lol

No. 1933253

Did he lose weight? Shoe really got the worst version of him kek.

No. 1933272

The hamplanet even lost weight and yet no one picked him. So much for being able to replace a walled shoe with an 18 year old any minute. The fate of every moid who believes this.

No. 1933387

Genuinely surprised he hasn’t gone down the passport bro route and tried to find himself some submissive foreign tradwife who can’t speak English. I don’t think even a desperate third world woman could put up with a man who is such a lazy depressed fag.

No. 1933395

well, he was told that all he could do is post yt videos at this point. I don't see his channel jump up again anytime soon because no one will collab with him, which is important to keep an channel alive. All that can be said of Shoe, she dominates the yt game; no one wants to be related to this guy, not even i hypocrite and such

No. 1933472

She does look like she gained weight but it looks good. She looks like she's actually a woman instead of trying to be smol loli waifu. Her husband is supposedly younger but manages to look so much older than her. At least it looks like he actually likes her. Unlike skeptic who always looked smug like he was better than her.

No. 1933525

Even if she did gain weight it would only benefit her gangly ass, istg there are a lot of bone rattlers in this threaf

No. 1933689

These women will spend their 20s shitting on women, being pickmes, and then settle down for the most disgusting ogres. I would feel bad for shoe if she wasnt lifting the ego of an ugly scrote that looks as old as her dad.

No. 1933711

Fondle balls, pay the toll.

No. 1933855

I agree but I think part of it is that Shoe spent the first part of her "career" calling every woman fat and old while dating a huge fat fuck scrote, so people like to nitpick her appearance and honestly she deserves it and worse.

No. 1934253

File: 1701076961162.jpeg (258.82 KB, 2048x2048, 24435DDE-59DB-4E45-95D9-A2C082…)

I predict she's gonna turn into picrel.

No. 1934504

well glad she's married. its really funny seeing how fast she got over Greg.

No. 1935640

Genuine question, what is June gonna do now? For all intents and purposes, she's living the trad dream now. She's achieved what I assume she wants to achieve. Is she still gonna pander to incel scrotes now that she's got her trad husband or is she finally gonna mature now?

No. 1935791

Something like >>1930571. She’s just gonna pander to married moderate men who are slightly less openly misogynistic while lightly shitting on MRAs, as a proper waifu she’s finally allowed to criticize bottom tier men a little bit.

No. 1935970

>yellow teeth
Omg he has money, right? …right?

I do like Shoe's ring and dress, however. The ring is at least tasteful and a step up from Preg's initial offering.
Hope Shoe can be happy, but my guess is no and that she's gonna end up divorced for marrying someone she barely knows and/or birthing a permabald, future school shooter.

No. 1938512


Apparently shoeonhead quoted thoughtslime out of context in a recent video in a really scummy way. His response is pretty harsh.

No. 1938520

Shoe is awful but this guy is so fucking creepy, even if he's objectively correct, he comes across as a really creeply male feminist who likely DM's minors.

No. 1938522

isn't he a schizo?

No. 1938529

also, this man is 40 and he's seriously using the word 'chud' outside of twitter? Get a grip and grow up, seriously. I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Shoe here, but he's just that annoying.

No. 1938552

File: 1701813803338.jpeg (180.3 KB, 1125x1009, IMG_2935.jpeg)

The eternal conflict of loving Shoe being dunked on vs agreeing with idiotic moid who thinks he is not a moid. At least the comments openly mock her (with additional sprinkle of sexist males who are unlearning misogyny bc they’re girls now, picrel).

No. 1938557

Thought Slime is a non-binary male himself.

No. 1938568

He is a generfluid special (so a moid, but even more annyoing).

No. 1938589

I’ve never watched her original video because I’m allergic to her in every way, but God, she really is fucking stupid.
Men being the 90% of killing and raping statistics, an actual display of power and in case of rape, a crime motivated by misogyny: why are you showing Shuwu FBI statistics?!
Evidence of general animosity towards men in the society: femcel444on Twitter writing that she hates men and lolcow girlies using the word 'moid'

No. 1938595

This somehow made hating men cringe.

No. 1938606

even if this animosity existed, it would be entirely warranted

No. 1939149

she may be a pickme, but im glad she seems to be happily married. love seeing pregory fade into irrelevancy kek

No. 1939545

>happily married
nonushka it's been like a month and she stuck it out with Greg for 5 plus years. There's an abundance of time for this to inevitably go south kek

No. 1940830

what is it with white knights in these threads lmao

No. 1945007

wtf is this

No. 1945028

to a literal schizo tradcath larper? I wouldn't call that happy. he looks like he could murder her

No. 1945032

Idk if they’re whiteknighting June or just hating on Preg kek

No. 1945065

Both Preg and June are retarded and got what they deserved respectively, no reason to cheer for any of them.

No. 1945087

I think it is funny how Preg publicly disrespected Shoe and then dumped her (which she did deserve), while not understanding she was what made him interesting to fanboys. He got the girl everyone simped for, and she was even acting like a doormat. Now he is another whiney loser and not even in touch with the current MRA reddit scrote trends, he is edgy libertarian atheist when it is all about tradlarping now.

No. 1945160

He’s fugly, I hope they don’t ever have kids, because they would be short and ugly

No. 1945163

Does his tone of voice and speaking cadence remind anyone of Shreg because I could hear it

No. 1945171

File: 1703014211121.jpg (560.24 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20231219-132957_You…)

Saged because he's not really relevant to the cow these days but here is an update from Greg on his financial situation (bleak) (1/2)

No. 1945174

File: 1703014448082.jpg (558.13 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20231219-133021_You…)

No. 1945177

No. 1945225

>he is edgy libertarian atheist when it is all about tradlarping now.
I have watched some of his recent videos, and he seems to be trying to push himself into the pseudo-left category like Sh0e successfully did. However, he is obviously failing. It's kind of pathetic. He really should have given up and gotten a job.

No. 1945339

as much as I hate june, he's really facing the consequences. Not only did most of his following come from june but she paid for all his bullshit while he was allowed to act like a total shit tier moid. Literally no other woman would do that, especially for a fat moid in his 30s with a porn addiction

No. 1945350

File: 1703057607920.png (1.01 MB, 1133x651, Untitled.png)

late but that looks like a generic moissanite ring from aliexpress.

i have one

No. 1945359

nah, everything looks too fitted and shaped to be that cheap, the diamond is bolted in very good where as most cheap rings aren't like that. Finding the ring on aliexpress says nothing since aliexpress purposely makes cheap replicas of popular expensive items. Gregs ring was obviously pretty cheap though.

also doesn't her husband make good money?

No. 1945361

File: 1703060900796.png (139.53 KB, 592x647, richiespency.PNG)

surprised this wasn't posted lol

No. 1945392

I saw that Spencer QRT on my timeline with everyone praising him and it got me legit confused. Didn't this guy took part in Proud boys parades? Is shitting on an unpopular egirl all it takes to be redeemed? What the fuck happened in american politics post covid

No. 1945418

'Dropped my sponsor' I’m sure it wasn’t the other way around. Get a job, Greg. All he had to do was marrying June nicely in 2019 or earlier and he could’ve live off her millions of views on YouTube and start a shitty podcast with her or whatever.

No. 1945452

It doesn't look fitted to me, look at the far left photo and compare that to the comparison pic from one of the reviewers. The reviewer's ring fits snug compared to shuwu's. The band is shaped the exact same way, too. Look at both comparison shots.
>the diamond is bolted in very good where as most cheap rings aren't like that.
Have you bought an aliexpress ring in the last 5 years? I haven't had an experience with cheapo jewellery falling apart since the late 2000's. The cheapies are much better made than they used to. Again, look at the comparison shot and look how the gem is seated.

No. 1945489

I doubt he went AliExpress levels of cheap for her ring. He probably just went to Macy's or JC Penny for it.

No. 1945531

reminds me of projared, these soyboys get an iota of e-fame and they think they're above a 9-5.
guess what Preg, all those years of stringing albiet pickme June along really left you with a gut and no job and her with her YT carreer and a husband. who is the footstool now?
also I LOVE June and Brittany Venti being all of a sudden MATES and teaming up against the Most Armored of Skeptics, I'm kind of chuffed? they even teamed up a little after the Balenciaga shit. nice to see tbh

No. 1945572

Are you kidding? It was way better when they were beefing, who wants to see 2 pickme woman-haters circlejerking together online? Plus it makes them both hypocrites, even though that much was obvious. Magdalen Burns was the only based person to ever throw shade at wig online, may she rest in power

No. 1945575

File: 1703101563716.png (279.18 KB, 827x499, amazonring.png)

or amazon or walmart or etsy. aliexpress is just the source for dropshippers.

No. 1946608

she looks like she could be this fat nazi's daughter in these

No. 1946618

How can a grown ass, able-bodied educated white man in North America be unable to pay his own bills? Amazon delivery driver jobs are paying $25+/hr. He’s either blowing all his money on something or he has no work ethic, there’s no other way of explaining this retardation. It feels wild even saying this but June dodged a bullet, at least her new man has a job.

No. 1946634

Sorry for nitpicking but I never realized she did her eyebrows like… that…

No. 1946759

At the end of the day on elons twitter, a man like richard will always get support for being male while June, despite her past of defending males will always get shit on but pretend to laugh about it while coping. She’ll never win

No. 1947190

His ex wife used to get pissed he would blow their money away on star wars toys and there's also the fact he would throw money at the apocalyptic cult he joined.

No. 1947316

Kind of a reach anon, the band doesn't look like the same shape. It's not unlikely the guy just got her a normal ring from a typical place.>>1945575

No. 1947339

File: 1703565065369.jpg (1.31 MB, 1202x790, Inkedlazy_LI.jpg)

I decided to check and his views aren't even that terrible, but he also barely uploaded and took 2 couple month breaks during the year which probably also messed with him algorithmically. what was the brand he was partnered with? wonder if they were a brand that required a certain number of videos made

No. 1948373

isn't his family super rich? i feel like they must have cut him off or something. he's probably addicted to gambling or some shit

No. 1951796

File: 1704598981183.png (591.93 KB, 1080x1455, Screenshot_20240106-212511-268…)

>Shoe's husband privated his twitter
>deleted all of his tweets that were replying to Shoe or replied to by Shoe
>Shoe deleted some of her most recent retweets
>Shoe still hasn't returned from her holiday twitter break despite the holidays being over

No. 1951797

kek, divorce arc coming so soon?

No. 1951803

more likely he found this thread or other internet gossip about himself and is now backtracking

No. 1951806

last I heard of Richard Spencer, he had gone from being a white nationalist to being a duginist nazbol. He was also a big part of the Unite the Right bullshit in 2017(?), and was friends with the guys who ran The Daily Shoah, which was the kind of podcast you'd think it would be with a name like that. It's surreal seeing him using nazi as an insult when he literally played the role of a nazi for years. kind of tinfoil but I think he's probably some government agent of some sort, which is why I say he played the role. He was married to a woman, whom he beat, but I always got the vibe that he was gay.

No. 1951821

Sage for OT but I always thought it was an open secret that Richard Spencer is a fag. I knew somewhat of an "insider source" who claimed Spencer made sexual advances towards his former ally Gregory Conte before their schism. Not sure if that was ever confirmed but the whole scene was (and still is) teeming with feds, fags, and general retards so wouldn't be surprised.

I know Shoe can't help herself pandering to the lowest common denominator, but it's a sad day in hell when even Richard Spencer successfully clowns on you.

No. 1951993

But we already know he's known about these threads for at least 2 years, because of this series of events from last thread: >>1394735 >>1396850 >>1423023

It's possible something happened that affected him IRL though, yeah. Like an employer seeing him connected to Shoe.

No. 1952068

is it possible he's just now finding out about all her leaked nudes? surely he knew before he married her right?

No. 1952115

People are replying to him referencing Shoe and he's replying to her alt account "Populoid" so I don't think something happened.

No. 1952256

possibly? they're in their 30s, that is not something couples in their 30s would end a marriage over unless they were ultra-religious. shoes pickme attitude probably caught up to her yet again. whats the point of even getting married if you're just gonna beg for attention from other moids?

No. 1952453

The fact that they are married and presumably live in the same house and yet actively tweet at each other is so terminally online. You'd think after so many years of long distance dating people she would want to spend as much time interacting with her partner irl as opposed to online as possible.

No. 1954923

Maybe he finally realized that she is a shapeshifter with no real values and repeats and does what her social environment expect her to do?(learn to sage)

No. 1955273

it wouldn't surprise me given fascism attracts gay dudes a lot. Something about its aggressive masculinity and such

No. 1957732

New video

No. 1957734

whys her face so long

No. 1957797

not defending pandering to coomchimps but it seems like the internet has conveniently forgotten wigonhead posting her DDLG porn on the internet for children to see.

No. 1957979

File: 1705880076037.png (302.47 KB, 768x630, Screenshot OnlyFans.png)

shoes friend Ash made a onlyfans, not long before June does as well

No. 1958076

it's so weird.. he reminds me so much of projared here, even though they look nothing alike. maybe it's the facial expression

No. 1958133

Shoes nudes already got leaked and she ended up being dumpy and flat. She could've used the young college girl appeal but she lost that too. I doubt her onlyfans would make any sort of appeal at all especially since she caters to broke millennials and zoomer moids who think they're top dog business men for working at a phone store or something broke like that

No. 1958318

The sex offender phenotype

No. 1958332

LMAO this is Shaun breadtube’s gf and Peter coffin’s ex wife

No. 1959944

this is true. she was literally constantly horny on main and posting kinky daddy fanfics daily. she even had a 'safe space' Instagram where it was all just DDLG shit and her fave "hot" pics of Greg.

it's pretty simple: she just changes her POV depending on who she's dating. but this time she's making lots of money at least. gotta say though… no different than the Twitch whores she's so envious of lmao

No. 1961060

I’m curious if she is still into BDSM or not. She implies she’s a degenerate and makes jokes about it still but I always got the feeling Gerg was pushing her into it back then. I think she just learned how to keep things private, finally.

No. 1962327

I think her husband is a typical tradcath who isn’t into it, and I feel like it was a mutual thing between her and Greg that she doesn’t wish to repeat in other relationships. But also their idea of BDSM always felt very juvenile to me and exaggerated for Twitter brownie points.

No. 1962376

File: 1707016626990.jpg (96.08 KB, 770x1280, IMG_20240127_223208_274.jpg)

I'm surprised this wasn't posted yet, ofc she dirty deleted when she received backlash

No. 1962858

She said something thoughtful for like the second time in her life, I’m shocked. Sucks that her fanbase is still mostly made of porn brained liberals, she could’ve had chance to actually become normal without them (or if she had a spine).

No. 1965748

did shoe really fucked vaush?(sage your shit)

No. 1965749

No. 1965750


I'm still trying to dig some proof of that.(sage your shit)

No. 1966826

No. 1966829

No one wants to watch this shit, you could have gave a summary. We can only guess it's the same old pandering she has been doing for moids for decades, despite being picked.

No. 1966847

23 minutes? fuck off.
Scanning the comments and it's exactly what you'd expect: kojak is trying to cash in on the AI discourse and is late as usual.

No. 1966877

life with chubsband wearing off?

No. 1966925

God i hate this horse faced ugly bitch. Who gives a fuck about men being lonely due to their own horrible personalities ffs? Women are being killed and raped everyday for nothing but existing by these subhumans. Fuck men. We don't care. Let them kill themselves since they can't rape and beat women into being with them anymore. She's still starved for that bottom of the barrel dick validation despite of being married to her fat balding scrote kek pick me's never prosper.

No. 1966933

File: 1708175900390.jpg (61.14 KB, 673x500, 70qkfb.jpg)

God I fucking hate this stupid pickme, same shit every fucking time. I refuse to watch this cunt but I guarantee head pats to men for just existing no matter how degenerate they are.

No. 1967123

If she was smart she could have kept that up and went straight into the trad cath anti porn route with her audience now that she’s married. Still being pro degenerate while also being a submissive married trad wife to that catholic scrote is weird. But she dirty deletes because any scrote attention is good attention, I guess her husband ignores her

No. 1967525

men causing their own loneliness through being abusers and rapists and scaring straight women away then STILL having advocates like her pisses me off to no end

No. 1970684

When's her due date? Someone on another website pointed out her boobs are looking like they're ready to make breast milk.

No. 1971456

Saged for stale milk, but I saw mentioned in an old thread that she made a song making fun of the Jessi Slaughter situation (girl who accused Blood on the Dance Floor frontman Davie Vanity of raping her as a child and was brutally harassed online by 4chan and others as a result. Davie vanity has since been confirmed by 20+ women as a child rapist) and saying she participated in it. If true then she helped stalk and harass a child rape victim and no one has really mentioned it. Even when it was mentioned in the old thread no one replied. Weird.
Song here: https://anony.link/https://m.soundcloud.com/shoe0nhead/internet-tough-guys

No. 1971578

everyone and their mother was making fun of that kid back in the day. relax(sage your shit)

No. 1971580

what a fucking piece of shit. I sincerely hope she is infertile since even child molestation case is an occasion for her to lick the boots of 4chan scrotes.

No. 1971594

ohhh that makes it fine and normal for June the grown woman to bully the child rape victim. since everyone else was doing it too. ffs

No. 1971598

unfortunately this isn't really milk unless she mocked her recently, everyone on the internet knew and made fun of Jessi and her situation including school kids. "you dun goofed" is still referenced all the time even by normies without a second thought, the poor girl was unfortunately universally mocked and none of the allegations around Dahvie stuck until years later when other victims came out. something which also came after she'd been placed in some psych ward where botdf fans had stalked her to and ambushed her at to make an official statement saying sorry to Jayy and Dahvie for "lying". there are lots who still don't believe jessi even if they believe the other victims, in part due to her constant lying but also that video that everyone unfortunately unquestioningly believed to be accurate as it's what they wanted to hear from her.
it's only through hindsight and knowing shoe that we can assume she'd have no sympathies in today's era too, but back then unfortunately jessi was a universal punching bag and it's not special to reference or have mocked her in the past. she's aware enough of that too considering her kiwifarms posts
>If true then she helped stalk and harass a child rape victim
honestly and truly there are oldfags on this site who can say the same. though tbf, her dad was the main cow people laughed at once he came into the picture

No. 1971619

Shoe shills herself on r9k now

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