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File: 1654371952695.png (686.89 KB, 834x640, 1652694854902.png)

No. 1549125

For all the attention seekers, grifters and other assorted idiots in the alternative community

Most recent cows:
-Jake Munro, extremely unoriginal "musician", after his Casey Neistat imitation vlogs didn't take off he got famous from doing TikTok react videos. Known for copying the aesthetics of many musicians such as MM and Dir En Grey. Music is really unoriginal too, his most successful songs are covers. Has an obsessive cult fanbase of tweens and lonely middle aged women, calls himself "goth daddy" after saying all goths are cunts. Got his channel started by leeching off his gf, Kaya, then dumped her when he got famous enough
-ToxicTears (kaya), veteran youtuber, one of the OG "goths", used to get hundreds of thousands of views but her channel has dwindled, now she constantly makes excuses not to film and when she does it's usually an unboxing or a Q&A or GRWM. Has been pretty active on TikTok lately
-Kat Paine, married tattoo artist who Jake cheated on Kaya with, has a kid
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), alt youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past, believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk

Some highlights from the last thread:

>Kat makes her debut on Jake's channel of a vlog of them walking around Barcelona and just going to random places smoking and getting drunk >>1540053

>Anon takes one for the team and pays for Jake's OF, turns out him and Kat did not release any hardcore porn, just a picture of him grabbing her ass while awkwardly looking into the camera >>1537697 and this one >>1537700
>Jake's views before the breakup averaged around 100k per video, but now he's lucky if they get 30k. Still doing TikTok react videos >>1526042 even though months ago he said he wouldn't do them anymore
>Kaya finally moves into a new house >>1525166
>After the news comes out that Kaya has moved into a new place, Jake begins smearing her name and saying he could have been "an actual asshole" (whatever that means) >>1525853
>Reilly, formerly an obsessive trans fan of Jake who liked to call him Daddy has now done a 180 and stans Kaya >>1527687
>Kaya's mom hates Jake (understandably so) >>1531894
>Angela gets in deep shit with the trans community because she mentioned Kai Decadence in a video 4 years ago and they start harassing her over it. So she made a video publicly declaring that she unfriended Kai and supports trans rights. The video got criticism because she didn't seem to understand what "terf" actually meant, among other things >>1522377
>She took down the video and backpedaled >>1523278 and did a 7 hour livestream >>1523343 clarifying her views, tried to give a neutral stance about "I support trans rights but I support women too", made a bunch of strawmans without actually addressing any of the serious criticisms of the trans movement, then whined on Twitter about cancel culture >>1523348 despite happy disowning people in the past over "problematic" views
>Jude still being extremely trashy and unlikable, released a rant on her IG stories about how people who criticize influencers are mean >>1532621 and tells people with depression to just "go outside" >>1532796

Last thread >>>/snow/1519148

No. 1549130

Succint thread nona! well done

No. 1549228

File: 1654378211406.jpeg (65.53 KB, 450x728, BDFC445E-4061-4F3D-AB05-ADA5D9…)

Only 6 days and 61% funded. Also has lost 11,000 followers since the break up on Instagram.

No. 1549233

File: 1654378377114.jpeg (119.5 KB, 1284x472, 1DF4D174-7079-4F23-9EB9-48DA85…)

Also have no idea what makeship was so sage for being a retard and anyone else that was confused. So embarrassing to have to refund all these people. Huge hit to the ego.

No. 1549250

I for one am very much looking forward to the inevitable video blaming his "haters" and "Kaya stans" for ruining it. You know he will go on an anger filled woe is me Twitter rampage.

No. 1549253


Or he became so desperate to save face he bought the rest out himself kek.

No. 1549516

I wonder if he's gonna buy the rest of it and fund it himself just to save face

No. 1549819

No one’s going to find this stupid doll of his, he’s done way too much damage to climb back. Kayas gone quiet again, wonder what he’s been doing or saying to her again

No. 1549855

File: 1654427836565.jpg (330.91 KB, 1080x1843, 20220605_041637.jpg)

Basic gifts for a basic bitch. She is so easily impressed lol.

No. 1549880

I’m laughing at the details on this thread picture so much like his neck tattoo and hat. Cracked me up anon

No. 1549941

Kek I didn't even notice. His neck tattoo is so uglie

No. 1550094

File: 1654450327258.png (429.82 KB, 666x1012, Screenshot 2022-06-05 at 18.30…)

The town bike has absolutely no seat. LOL

No. 1550111

I will never get used to the giant fucking portrait of Mulan that stares you in the face every time her ass (or lack thereof) is out

No. 1550243

File: 1654459683936.jpg (3.3 MB, 1920x2993, InShot_20220605_220628475.jpg)

Why still gaming? Wouldn't the snaccs who still watch him also watch him just drinking?

No. 1550275

I can't stand his fucking face/head. I wish there was a special type of spoiler for scrote faces.

No. 1550286

They look in slightly better condition than his last paltry floral offering. Looks like he progressed from the service station reduced bunch to a supermarket bunch.

So much time invested in thinking up a thoughtful love gift.

No. 1550307

Doesn't he wear make up anymore?

No. 1550322

Hes way too much of a toxic gamer for FFXIV. Hes more of a WOW type of guy.

No doubt hes going to shit on most of the game while ignoring mechanics. As well as just skip the plot. (The most important part of the game)

No. 1550445

File: 1654471062815.jpeg (343.35 KB, 1282x2280, 0575C451-6B82-4F81-8514-9219C0…)

Came up in my Facebook. Yikes.

No. 1550538


pink white and red with baby's breath. very valentine's day but nothing to do with her style or anything and will die in a week. he is full of shit, this is his idea of "relationship goals" (including her posting the flowers on her IG) and it is shallow, trite, and not even thoughtful, does more for his ego than her. but I guess if you're a sentimental drunk this display might move you. I hope he included some mini liquor bottles to sweeten the gesture.

No. 1550734

File: 1654500768311.jpg (380.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220606-093109_Ins…)

Cant wait too see if fake will react since he still follows kaya on insta

No. 1550735

Is this the first time she's admitted it?

No. 1550750

She hinted at it before but never said it so clearly

No. 1550756

Considering she was with jake for 11 years and was 17/18 when they met, jake must be a real piece of shit

No. 1550781

File: 1654505935253.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.55 KB, 1080x2029, Screenshot_20220606-084136_Ins…)

No. 1550784

No. 1550797

File: 1654507666831.png (14.17 KB, 237x338, bonedaddy420.png)

Caught yourself a real winner Kat. It's really just a matter of which one of them will cheat first between him and kat.

I know the plushie updates are a bit tired at this point, but there's only 4 days left to go now and he's still only at 64% funded. He'll likely have to buy 50 or more of the plushies himself if he wanted to make the goal in time, which would roughly cost him around 2k. Hardly worth it. but would be hilariously sad if he did so.

On that note, here's a few of my favorite usernames of "snaccs" that bought plushies. It's as you'd expect.

No. 1550820

He should of sold them during or at his next tour. People at concerts eat that shit up.
Not that I would buy this plush but it’s so basic compared to the last one he could of made it so much better
Or at least marketed it better
It not a bad plush it just lacks a lot

No. 1550822

I like to think hard about the purpose of an object. What is the purpose of a plush toy, based on a makeup look from one youtube video, from a dude who no longer even does said clown makeup? It's ugly even when you separate it from its creator, maybe the campaign would've succeeded if he hadn't ruined his career by cheating on Kaya.

No. 1550846

File: 1654514658983.jpeg (22.02 KB, 333x463, hamster.jpeg)

No. 1550848

Also 35+ bucks during a cost of living crisis for a completely useless garish facsimile of a cheating narcissistic hack fraud bully on YouTube? You've got to be kidding.Think in real terms how that could be used, how much food that could buy, if you're on top up electric that's probably about a week's worth of having the lights on. Genuinely can't wrap my mind around why anyone would want to buy this nevermind continue to help fund this guy's already disgustingly bloated ego

No. 1550857

"A whole bunch of times" considering how long they've been together does that not insinuate that this isn't the first time he's been unfaithful?

No. 1550861

Never seen a pic that really reflects how a person's genuinely feeling. Whatever I think of her (not much), she must be really hurting. Bad enough being dumped from a long time relationship, but seeing the scrote slapping his new "pussy"s arse must feel awful.

No. 1550869

Where/when was this posted? Definitely some feelings in this image as anon noted >>1550861

No. 1550875

She posted it today. This morning at 10 uk time.

My thought as well. Being togheter for 10 years and knowing what he did i dont thinks it was the first time.
Also if you consider the statments of kayas mother.

She said in a QA a while ago she doenst follow our look up anthing about him. So i hope she didnt see it. Going through a narc relationship is enough trauma to deal with.

No. 1550885

Interesting, my thinking was that she means the relationships she had before Jake.

No. 1550896

File: 1654520262333.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1016.77 KB, 1158x2041, 132F0056-9ACF-4377-8EB7-A238F9…)

Confirmation that he’s cheated at least once before.

No. 1550902

>i hope she didnt see it

If she's having PMs telling her about what he's up to, that's enough. I also think that anyone insensitive to do that ("snaccs") would post her the pics. I honestly feel bad for what she's going through.

No. 1550911

Damn, poor Kaya. At least Kat got into the relationship being fully aware of his tendencies.

No. 1550919


Seems like confirmation he cheated with Kat, and also one time in the past she was aware of, I don't think it has been confirmed before now

Jake narc rage incoming…
Ah I feel bad for her, definitely a response to the ongoing shit with Jake and Kat then

No. 1550920

File: 1654522681149.png (619.82 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 15-30…)

But I thought Kaya messed up Fakes new house? And it's because of her that everything was so messy and dirty?

Fake turning out to be a serial cheater and a pig. No surprise. Hope he sees all this and flips out again on his socials kek

No. 1550922

Does he mean the cat or was Kaya jumping up on the shelves?

No. 1550926

That pic was a still from an insta story where she's talking about her lip piercing falling out into her frozen yogurt.

No. 1550930


This isn't a sad photo she posted, it's a screenshot from the beginning of a video on her story where she talks about one of her piercings falling out, bit out of context

No. 1550936

Real narc behavior from fake. Seeing the new place in the stories it looks like she takes great care of her home and the cat. Fakes place looks like a frat house ….

No. 1550954

The amount of references to him breaking stuff even before the breakup and now with the skull she mentioned got broken from him just dumping his stuff on top of it honestly makes my skin crawl, the more we learn the more I feel just awful for Kaya having to live and put up with this shit stain for so long. also absolutely it looks like Jake is messier, we never see the huge house he kicked her out of and when you do there's always shit in the background, all the pics shared here of him and Kat on holiday their hotel room a was a tip even including leftover KFC packaging

No. 1550964

Different anon here but It was on her story she said her piercing fell into her ice cream nothing about her feelings

No. 1550970

Absolutely. Fake cheating and dumping her for Skat and leaving her homeless was the best thing he ever did for her. She got catapulted out of that shit relationship and him being such an ass probably opened her eyes finally and made it easier for her to move on after the initial shock wore off. She looks happier and now has the cat finally as well.

No. 1550982

File: 1654528307414.webm (431.42 KB, 720x1280, kaya.webm)

Had to find the story to upload here, Kaya posts a lott of stories huh

The harrowed expression is just for a moment though one story she posted mentioned her feeling anxious today

No. 1550984

File: 1654528431128.jpg (118.93 KB, 1080x1919, anxiety.jpg)

Samefag, some stories of note, the anxiety:

No. 1550987

File: 1654528470867.jpg (198.53 KB, 1284x2282, are all men cheaters.jpg)

No. 1550989

File: 1654528534198.jpg (202.71 KB, 1080x1919, Jake streaming while she sleep…)

Interesting point about Jake loudly streaming while she tries to sleep

No. 1551257

Still stand by what I said, that she's got to be hurting. She wasted all that time with a nobhead.

No. 1551318

For the health of my mind I don't follow any of Jake's socials, any reaction from him from any of the brave souls still looking at him?

No. 1551370

File: 1654549277293.jpg (19.22 KB, 782x125, Capture.JPG)

This is the only thing he's said in the past 24 hours

No. 1551396

Is there any kind of context for that? What a weird thing to post. Is he saying people giving him advice makes him volatile?

No. 1551408

Ayrt, nope there's nothing else. His last tweets before that were looking for ideas for streaming, post about the Queen's jubilee, and shilling his plush.

No. 1551412

File: 1654551498088.jpeg (268.67 KB, 750x1250, ACC22AD0-E45A-4CC5-A981-34BE38…)

Speaking of the plush, I went to check if he made any more sales and the campaign’s deadline was apparently extended, the fear that he wouldn’t be able to get the thing produced and give refunds must have been real lmao

No. 1551453

A load of high profile drag queens have just launched their shitty plushies, he doesn't stand a chance. He is a literal nobody, with out a lick of charm who just fucked over his more internet famous ex. Give it up fake.

No. 1551544

I feel bad for shit talking her in the past. She's still lazy and boring but relationships like this really do suck the life out of you. She's so much more likable now it's unreal.

No. 1551588


remember how Jake flirted shamelessly with that short, stocky, American, pink haired girl who they kept meeting up with and her goth room mate for vlogs and stuff, like 5 years ago? I think she had an OF too. I wonder if he at least tried to hook up with her. they all seemed to just stop talking completely.
he seemed to be into her and excited to film with her more than anyone I've ever seen him on camera with, including kat, and they had a flirty back and forth banter. it always gave me an icky feeling and kaya looked miserable in the vlogs like, "ugh I'm going to have to watch them flirt and record it so it's there forever" like holding back tears and trying to distract with the Harry Potter Hufflepuff stuff, going out to eat too much food, and purchasing Japanese trinkets.

No. 1551603

Kelly Eden. Those vlogs were so uncomfortable to watch.

No. 1551605

Kelly is a major cow in her own right. She had a falling out with Dre (the goth roommate) a while back. Been ages since I read any gossip on her but if I recall she's burned bridges with every female friend and roommate she's ever had. I think she even had to have a tattoo removed that referenced a bunch a girls she hates now lol.

No. 1551628

She said "a bunch of times' which feels like she's insinuating there were others or that the ordeal with kat has been a long time ordeal. Wouldn't doubt if it began around the time they did that pool video tbh.

Realistically though if he's cheated before early on and cheated again more recently, he's been cheating all along. He clearly doesn't give a fuck.

How long has this campaign been? Did they give him more than the allotted 21 days? I wonder if they allowed this for all the other recent campaigns or if he contacted them throwing some kind of hissy fit. Still pretty pathetic that he's barely going to make it to his measly 200 sold goal while his first campaign was overfunded and sold over 900. The decline is well deserved.

No. 1551693

File: 1654570652987.jpg (789.09 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220607-030736_Ins…)

No. 1551821

even when she was with jake she talked about her ex before him cheating on her, and she may have been cheated on before that. so I'm not sure if this counts as confirmation that he has cheated more than once (not that I would doubt it, but I feel like he would have left her earlier if that were the case)

No. 1551853

File: 1654584852021.jpg (2.05 MB, 1920x3776, InShot_20220607_085222077.jpg)

"years ago" could be in the time frame of 12 years or not. Sounds more like not more than 12 years ago for me, but who knows…

No. 1551876

This is definitely about Jake, asking her why she stayed with him for over a decade if he was cheating.

No. 1551878

Also in small text on that image is something like " I did know about one time years ago but I was young and stupid and stayed" which confirms Jake cheated more than once, years ago and she stayed with him. I wonder if it was someone they knew as well or one of his desperate snaccs?

No. 1551897

Short stocky American girl kek, she doesn't have an OF and Dre doesn't either but yeah, the flirting was very cringe and he titled his videos in very sus ways as well, they're still up now I think but it was all caps like 'I'M LEAVING' 'I'VE MADE UP MY MIND' since he, in all his wisdom had decided to move to the US without knowing only highly skilled workers usually get a visa from their employer.

No. 1552041

it's so cringe that a fucking grown ass person is posting this "im 14 and this is deep" kind of tweets, grown the fuck up man!
agreed! sadly i relate heavily to what she went through and her behaviour in response then. being in a relationship like that strips you of all your confidence, energy and even the will to live.

No. 1552045

What's worse than his tweet is the gaggle of deranged people replying underneath it trying to squeeze out an ounce of wisdom ( there is none) or be noticed by this deflated scrotum of a man.

No. 1552049

I wonder when Jake will make his video on Kaya, he did post that comment saying that she is the abusive one, why not go ahead and save your reputation? Or was it all lie, like most of the things coming out of his mouth.

No. 1552107

He probs changed his mind after seeing how that storyline worked out for amber heard

No. 1552120

kek. Lying about abuse is bad for your wallet and your reputation indeed.

No. 1552127

File: 1654617618487.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, 76445ACB-ED98-4992-A3CD-B6B119…)

No. 1552166

Literally looks like a dot to dot

No. 1552347

File: 1654626432751.png (1.35 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-06-07-21-26-15…)

it looks so bad i cant stop laughing

No. 1552349

File: 1654626465159.png (1.54 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-06-07-21-26-33…)

No. 1552368

Serving cleft palate realness

No. 1552369

SO true. What I will say is that Kelly’s energy in those videos was the same as it was with most people during that time. She really pushed the “extrovert influencer I love my friends I’m so full of energy tee hee” attitude to the limit on cam. It is possible that she was so sure that Jake and Kaya were a solid couple that she wasn’t worried about it being misread as genuine chemistry. Just my tinfoil. He, however, was giving genuine simp and blatantly ignoring Kaya the whole time, which is hilarious because Kelly has equal measure of mental illness and fatigue issues.

Now a lot of her compulsive need to nest and buy useless shit makes even more sense. When someone is so openly negative and disrespectful about things that make you happy it’s exhausting. I genuinely wonder if Kaya would be more motivated if she’d had a supportive and invested partner instead of a dude who’s been completely checked out since they were about 24. Even little things like saying “okay, the call centre job is stressing you out, but I feel too pressured to support us both, so can we think of a job that would suit you?”. I know I’m being majorly autistic here but it’s very milky to reflect on their relationship now all this has come to light.

No. 1552386

Around the beginning of the breakup he was talking about visiting LA (which never happened of course). Tinfoil but I think he was trying to make something with Kelly happen and it didn't work out. Kelly had a relationship at the time and Kat wasn't about to let Jake travel around without her.

No. 1552419

No filter shows off how manly and inbred she looks

No. 1552513

I don't get why any woman thinks this looks nice. I feel awkward looking at this because it makes me feel like i should run to a pharmacy and get an epipen before the poor child dies.

No. 1552537

Thanks for the laugh, nonnie.

No. 1552539

She'd look so much better if she just dyed her whole hair black. Or even some pink streaks in the lengths, just get rid of that hideous fringe. It makes her look 10 times more horse-faced than she is, and that forehead tattoo straight up makes me want to a-log.

No. 1552541

Since I didn't remember any of that videos I klicked in one of them & hit exactly a part where fake cracks a joke about "balls in your mouth" to said Kelly when they were actually talking about bubble tea. Still cringing.

No. 1552547

I used to watch Kelly when she would upload on YouTube and still follow her on insta from back then, she's been in a long term relationship for a few years now so I highly doubt it

No. 1552579

Fake never stood a chance with Kelly, but he's delusional enough to think he did. Her energy in those videos was just typical Kelly, as >>1552369 says.
I remember Kelly uploaded a video sometime later where she "accidentally" made a typo in the title where it said "toxtic influencers" or something and another video about a Colorado local weirdo man (something like "he looks like this every day!) which seemed to be a jab at Fake and his lame makeup, so I think that friendship is long over. (Kelly deleted all her videos but it was within the next year or less since they met, iirc)

No. 1552649

I rewatched the one where they are in target. I can see Kelly just having that type of ham personality on camera, not necessarily flirting with Jake, but Jake being a creeper with an overinflated ego probably read into it deeper.
in that vid, he kept saying "Kelly digs my set up!" then when she says "lets visit barbie!" he says in this soft breathy baby voice he used to speak to kaya in her earliest uploads of the two of them, "let's find barbie." then they cracked that disgusting joke about the My Little Pony being a vibrator and he says in his same "flirt" voice, "I can tell you what you can do with that tail."
in the same video there's him calling Kelly tiny, saying she got kidnapped and someone put her in their pocket, and then in the parking lot he says, "Kelly is looking cute and hardcore," with her baseball bat. it was clear he had a crush.
Kaya's uncomfortable, nearly joyless energy makes even more sense given that he had cheated before yet he still feels comfortable flirting with girls in front of her (and the world). it's not just the jealousy and betrayal, but it's embarrassing. he should be protecting her integrity by not salivating at another girl publicly. what a shit stain. I hope he makes Kat just as (un)happy once he gets bored of fucking the same person after a bit, and his ego is stroked by something else bright and shiny. knowing Kat has similar tendencies to fall for someone else while in a relationship is pretty sweet, though.

No. 1552715

did she always get lip fillers or is it her first time? it looks ugly but I guess the swelling goes down. her before lips were fine. doesn't she know that fake lips look aging? it's not very uwu real life anime baby girl etc.

No. 1552730

the lip fillers make her chin look nonexistent and her nose even bigger somehow? bizarre choice. Her face looks like a bloated square

No. 1552903

She had nice lips before just seems like a unnecessary treatment.

No. 1553261

File: 1654710798758.png (1.89 MB, 828x1792, FDB8149F-3538-4C2C-A396-D1D546…)

Jake is the messy asshole confirmed

No. 1553382

File: 1654716403920.jpg (3.4 MB, 1920x3320, InShot_20220608_212512942.jpg)

Fake's in Berlin for a gig of K's Band. It's a bit strange to read K and him on how awesome it's gonna be since Berlin is all over the news here.

No. 1553388

He looks so tired and off. Mabye fake is still hungover. But indeed very tone deaf too post when a horrible event just took place.

No. 1553406

What horrible event took place in Berlin?

No. 1553413


A car drove into a crowd of schoolchildren. Their teacher didn't survive.

No. 1553418

Someone desided to drive a bus in to a school class.

Im more intrested in how he managed to get there, considering everything is going on strike in the uk? Atleast a lot of flights and rail and subway and stuff. Guess traveling from dublin might make it easier.

Also rammstein is playing 2 shows in berlin this weekend. We think hes gonna try to get in there, or is he to goff for that stuff?

No. 1553426

Since when is rammstein goth!?

No. 1553430

Wasn't a bus but a compact (still absolutely terrible)

No. 1553449

I asked if fake was to goff for that. In no shape or form was thst a claim rammstein being goth, but considering its a hype band and that is playing some form of industial metal thing, i can see it go 3 ways:
1) fake cant get ticket, moans about it
2) fake cant get a ticket, explains he is to goth for that shit / didnt wanna se them anywsy / claims to not know them
3) gets a ticket and the bestest goffiest gig ever.

No. 1553513

And all the while, hating actual goth music and the subculture kek. But it's not profitable to admit that.

No. 1553523

To be fair this news broke like 2 hours ago and it’ll take a while for everyone to hear about it If they’re not a local.

Especially us burgers, we literally had 10 mass shootings just this past weekend. I had to go searching for this story, it’s not on any headlines right now.

Anyway, back on topic, I hope Fake has a miserable time in Germany either way

No. 1553557

Yeah, I hope his Currywurst is cold and tasteless and I hope his beer is lukewarm and flat.

No. 1553582

>10 mass shootings
I can't tell if this is an exaggeration or not at this point

No. 1553612

It's not the muricans are fucked. There have been 240 mass shootings this year alone. I just saw some article about it few days ago.

No. 1553627

It's actually an understatement. There have been nearly 30 since the shooting at the elementary in Texas.

No. 1553652

File: 1654730565752.png (626.28 KB, 497x882, Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 01-13…)

I'm in the same time zone as Berlin. 30 mins ago he posted this sad clip. Everyone from the bands all went to "bed". Hes all alone wandering in Berlin. He saw K for like 3 hours and she left him there bwahaha.

I also did not realise K was a tif and she cut her tits off. That makes the band name Matriarch even more hilarious and sad at the same time.

No. 1553734

Yeah her lips are one of her nicer features. Now she just looks extra beady eyed and chinless.

kek. Where's kat? She's lucky all his "snaccs" are either troons or the elderly, I bet he wouldn't be alone for the night for very long otherwise. Dude looks so sad.

No. 1553781

seriously, he pushed away all the young girls who used to love him. even if he were a stand up guy who didn't want "pussy," it caused his career to suffer as no one likes him anymore.
he should have pretended to have emotions about breaking up with a long term girlfriend, shouldn't have made cringey only fan porn, should have kept his homewrecker ho girlfriend a secret from fans, should have stayed true to the aesthetic that made him popular. people liked the painted up goth daddy manson/joker wannabe. no one is going to try to have a flirt with the aging alt alcoholic chav with a 35 yr old girlfriend and kid. it's easy to be a 'cool gf' and 'loyal bf' when no one wants his ass!
even the troons are loving him less and less. nice work Fake and Skat, couple goals.

No. 1553925

This story is so weird. Like hey look at me all alone at 1 in the morning. Our is he trying too het a snacc in berlin.

No. 1554049

And he says he flies back today … So he flew there for just one night and "his best friend" went to bed directly after the show. He's in a city like Berlin for one night going to Mc Donald's…

No. 1554178

I just watched it he looks really sad and depressed even I felt bad for him yikes. He was saying he alone in Berlin eating nugget and his friends left him to go bed. If my friend flew to see me I would make sure I spend the whole day and night with them the amount effort jake made to go see the band too.

No. 1554194

Strange feeling to feel sorry for him, but I also do.

No. 1554234

If he hadn’t booted his girlfriend out to live in office space in the dead of Irish winter after being an abusive cheating fuck for a decade then I’d feel sorry for him too.

But nah.

Deserves every crappy thing that happens to him.

No. 1554299

That's what he gets though honestly, he burnt every bridge he had after what he did to Kaya, he has no real friends, he has superficial friendships like the one with K, it's transactional, they use each other for clout and that seems to be about it. I would have gone to bed too rather than mope around Berlin late at night with some miserable egotistical fuckboy eating cold chicken nuggies. You reap what you sow. I have 0 sympathy for him, he isolated himself, he used to talk shit constantly about how he doesn't need friends.

No. 1554315

It was not two hours before. It was around ten in the morning. And Jake is no burger.

No. 1554486

File: 1654788155908.jpeg (721.33 KB, 1273x2264, 81638ED1-3E1F-481C-9901-C4C32A…)

K went to bed early so they could get up at 7am to do photography and spend no time with fake? Also K didn’t post anything about Jake on any social media.

No. 1554531

LOL what a waste of money although if it was anyone else fair play. The band people were probably tired after the show or they don't like Jake's company. Either way he's in a country he doesn't know, he could just explore the city but maybe not at night. He could have went to bed and got up and saw Berlin in the light of day.

No. 1554532

Literally haven't heard this mentioned once today and I'm in Belfast this is my first time hearing it.

No. 1554538

They could at least have mentioned where they are - this is the holocaust memorial in Berlin. K is a completely self-absorbed brick, just like Jake.

No. 1554539

But he was the whole day in Berlin, not in Belfast.

No. 1554550

Taking pictures centered around yourself at a Holocaust memorial is peculiar.

No. 1554558

Well what's reasonable for him to do in that instance. He was at a music festival and it wasn't cancelled, should he just sat in his hotel room and pondered about life. I genuinely don't understand.

No. 1554586

Fake used Kaya for her fame, leached off her resources, and then ditched her. K did the same thing, used Fake for his popularity and money, then ghosted him when he dried up. Fake got the same treatment and it’s what he deserves.

No. 1554626

If you're not interested enough in the places you go to just mention what the whole city is talking about in shock you don't need to talk about your travels anyway.

No. 1554639

I am no fan of Fake but you all are just ridiculous again. If you go somewhere for a music show or vacation you don't check the newspapers of the place you are going. You are in fucking limbo. You all sound like you never go out your front door.

That feels so wrong to be so self obsessed to take your own picture at the holocaust memorial and not even mention where you are. Yikes

No. 1554670

File: 1654795856456.jpeg (606.12 KB, 750x1093, 7303ED71-5690-4883-84ED-262C3B…)

Welp at least K geotagged it, don’t know if it was there before though.

No. 1554673

Lmao maybe she lurks here. Wouldn't be surprised

No. 1554680

Taking a picture like this and not giving context for the location but instead using the description box to talk and platform yourself is so fucking bizarre, no wonder K and Jake are friends, apparently they're both as tone deaf and self absorbed as each other

No. 1554855

$5 K actually posts the vlogs from this band's tour and we will continue to see fuck-all content from Jake's UK tour that they were supposed to have been flown out explicitly to cover for content…

No. 1554949

Lmao what a fucking clown. "Me, me, me, me!" at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews.

No. 1554954

Lmfao I'd almost forgotten about the long lost tour footage. Where the fresh hell did that go? Why does no one ever call Jake out publically for consistently failing to deliver on the meager promises he makes?

No. 1555037

They do. He just deletes those comments and blocks those people kek

No. 1555382

File: 1654828506239.png (1.2 MB, 1079x1301, Screenshot_20220609-223338.png)

Spotted: Fake in the wild.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1555460

If it's that easy for him to go to Germany, Why doesn't he ever go to any goth festivals? I mean WGT just ended. He could have secured a ticket earlier and went. Sounds better that K's band. But I guess he has no one to go with.

No. 1555465

Because he doesn’t give a shit about the goth subculture.

No. 1555468

Lmao they had to turn off the comments.

No. 1555637

Was this deleted as I can’t find it anymore

No. 1555646

It seems like they deleted it, yes.

No. 1555662

Jakey, Jakey, Jakey it’s not going well is it? Six thousand subscribers gone in the last 30 days on your YouTube alone, your only fans is shit, your band is shit, you’re struggling to sell 200 poxy plushies, you’re so unpopular that punkrave deleted you and you travelled all the way to Berlin to sit alone and eat nuggets. Truly living your best life here aren’t you? Screwing over the person who was propping up your shonky career of reacting to TikTok’s isn’t looking like such a good idea now is it?

No. 1555681

Christ no wonder they deleted it,I'm sure the comments weren't kind about Jake as a person but also the picture is so badly edited I can barely make out the clothes he's meant to be advertising, it just looks like they're advertising him. Too egotistical to even do a basic job right, he's constantly tripping over himself

No. 1555713

A summary as depressing as accurate

No. 1555715

Yeah you can’t even see the clothes unless there selling the converses then it’s quite a poor picture

No. 1555721


And look at the state of his chin! The high contrast isn't doing his saggy face any favours. What a sad profile he has.

No. 1555742

He's literally crossing his arms over the clothing he's supposed to be advertising, he genuinely has no clue how to do even basic aspects of his job

No. 1555767

The neck tatttoos was the worst thing he could of done for his body. He looked way better before he had it done now he just looks wide necked and double chinned

No. 1555770

File: 1654864412303.jpg (780.45 KB, 1982x1920, InShot_20220610_143050680.jpg)

Comments under his latest reaction vid, where he triggers his Misophonie. To be fair - I've misophonia myself and it is a struggle for real not to bother those who live with you too much. But I can only imaging how he bothered toxic tears about it since his self control is zero.

No. 1555952

Yeah. I think he was trying to give himself a jawline but instead it backfired and made his neck look even thicker.

No. 1555970

His posture is so shit he can't hold his own fat head up.

No. 1556107

File: 1654881640303.jpg (27.61 KB, 1058x222, 20220610_191630.jpg)

Apparently punkrave posted the same picture of fake again, wonder if he bitched to them about deleting it.
This is the only comment on it so far tho

No. 1556136

Kaya's latest TikTok kek

No. 1556172

This is an imageboard

No. 1556192

File: 1654884847351.jpg (168.67 KB, 915x1602, Screenshot_2022-06-10-19-37-17…)

The audio goes "You're taller how f dare u"

No. 1556208

File: 1654885263180.jpg (938.03 KB, 1079x1925, Screenshot_20220610-111701_Ins…)

Kat, your OF posts average 6 likes each. Even WITH the advertising help from Jake. When I was doing OF, I had no help or advertisement (especially from someone with an already established large fanbase) and my pictures would get 5 times the likes as yours. Nobody wants to get off to your scrawny ass. Give up and go back to being a mom.

No. 1556227

>When I was doing OF
The absolute state of lolcow.
One whore shaming another, pot calling the kettle black. You're both trash.

No. 1556231

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with doing OF. If you're sex repulsed, okay lol. Imo the shitty behavior comes from the cheating and lying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1556242

Ntyrt but realizing porn is brainrot =/= sex repulsed. I can enjoy sex without selling my ass for the price of a Big Mac. The state of lolcow is right

No. 1556255

Good grief. This place really is going down the toilet.

>sex repulsed
Yes my disgust with town bikes showing off every orifice they have on the internet for pennies must mean I'm sex repulsed. Sharp as a fucking cue ball.

No. 1556259

Note the bikes in the back. I guess it'll be another grubby garage shoot.

No. 1556280

nta but
>if you're sex repulsed

Black and white thinker, I see? You're either sex repulsed and clutching your rosary, or you're winking your asshole at any man with $2 to spend, there is no grey area /s

She reminds me a little of Jeffree Starr here. It's kinda sad how women convince themselves they are "models" shooting content when they are, well, not models. It's a strange sort of insecurity from women who could never be actual models to become "porn stars" with 50 followers. Can't wait until this trend is well and truly over.

No. 1556291

>Black and white thinker
Exactly. One mention of being on OF and someone is a whore. No mention if they are just posting boudoir or "winking their asshole/showing off every orifice". It actually seems like some of you are definitely clutching your rosaries at the mere mention of OF.

No. 1556296

Better to clutch a rosary than anal beads. Go post some "boudoir", it's friday night and your John's just got their paychecks.

No. 1556298

Lol triggered. Better to kneel for a quickie than to kneel for Christ.

No. 1556301

amen kek

No. 1556361

>someone mentioning they do sex work means they're a whore

Lets be real, no scrotes are paying for your "tasteful nudes" and every ewhore always claims to only do lewds or whatever to their family and vanilla followers, while always doing porn on their actual account.

No. 1556375

Samefagging doesn't make your epic clapback where you unironically use the phrase "lol triggered" any funnier.

No. 1556389

>When i was doing OF
Fucking hell girl that's not something to boast about that you showed your cooch online for 5$. Shaming a woman for doing the exact same retarded shit is kind of hypocritical don't you think?

On topic though, in this pic Kat looks like a drag queen. Also she could not wait before the dude got out of the shot, slide those hairpins to the side or just avoid to picture the dirt under the mirror kek Sloppy Kat.

No. 1556411

File: 1654895627778.jpeg (193.82 KB, 828x1264, 7DD1A812-C4F8-410C-B371-78E1A1…)

Taking bets on how long it takes for the photo be to be taken down again

No. 1556446

Samefag that actually wasn't me, but my clapback was definitely epic. You all sound like "whole until marriage my body is a temple built only for my husband" prudes lol.

No. 1556452

Sorry not everyone thinks everyone's hole is worthy of recognition and pennies. Aspire to more.

No. 1556454

>that's not something to boast about that you showed your cooch online for 5$. Shaming a woman for doing the exact same retarded shit is kind of hypocritical don't you think?

I already said that in my opinion doing OF isn't inherently bad, it's the cheating, lying, and being a shitty mom that I'm shaming her for. And not every woman on OF shows her cooch, winks her asshole, or displays every orifice. It's not so black and white, which has also already been addressed. Reading comprehension skills, git sum.

No. 1556457

Hop off your high horse, retard. You're literally posting on lolcow. Aspire to more.

No. 1556460

Kek they removed all comments and turned them off.

No. 1556462

Yeah cause I'm asking people to pay for my text posts on an anonymous website. God you're so pretty, I'd pay just to see a still photo of your face.

No. 1556464

they’re still there for me

No. 1556495

File: 1654899655577.jpg (520.57 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220610-231847_Ins…)

A month since she moved into the house and no video, no video of opening all of the free shit she got and she's making excuses about not streaming yet because she hasn't finished painting the room yet. Old Kaya is slowly creeping back!

No. 1556501

She uploaded two weeks ago keep up.

No. 1556503

You don't think reducing your self worth to 5$ of cum material for scrotes, financing a platform owned by a man who sold passwords for childporn and bestiality porn and who started the site like a fucking ponzi scheme for porn actresses, is bad? Really nonnie? KEK

No. 1556506

Wow awesome thread guys you're all so reasonable great discussions being had rn

No. 1556512

There are 3 youtube vids, a ton of insta content, tiktoks about outings and cooking and all that whiles shes moving, painting, putting together furniture and getting stuff for the house mostly by herself after living for 6 months in squalor. Are you for real? I would be taking a nap and hot baths for a month. She's doing great.

No. 1556514

It has been a long time since I've used OF and I haven't heard anything about CP or bestiality. I don't keep up with that platform specifically anymore. If that's true, that's fucked. I am aware of problems within the industry in general, like trafficking. I don't think that showing your body in a consensual manner, having sex, or even making money using your body is inherently bad, no.

No. 1556515

She's done a Spooky Box and a Q&A video hardly groundbreaking.
TikToks aren't youtube videos she's had plenty of content to film vlogs yet nothing.

No. 1556517

Youtube is supposed to be her job any normal person with a normal job would still be expected to work whilst going through all that yet a few Insta Stories and Tik Toks are doing great?

No. 1556520

NTA but here's an article about it:


No. 1556527

Considering all the shit she's done in that house while filming herself? Yea i think that she is actually doing great. Some of her tiktoks got over 100k views. I'm not going to shit on someone who doesn't deserve it. When she fucks up again i'll won't stop myself but shes got the house a month. Seriously you're just reaching now

No. 1556534

What >>1555465 said. He never cared about Goth sucbulture, he made it known that he though Goth music sounded like shit. It's interesting really, he thinks it sounds like shit and Kaya just doesn't like it but back on Jake, you shouldn't take his whole "Goth reacts" name literally because he's never been a Goth period, he just uses it for clickbait.

I feel like he probably does (or did) listen to Rammstein, they were pretty popular back in the day when Nu Metal was slowly waning from the mainstream and we saw some Industrial Rock and Metal bands getting some slight recognition in the mainstream radio.

No. 1556548

that $7 aliexpress halo crown. lmao

Thank you "I'm not a whore" anon for the derail. Truly.

I don't think anyone should be expecting her easing back into YT to be "groundbreaking" by any means. Would definitely like to see her post more creative videos, but at least she's back to doing something I guess? In comparison Jake didn't have to live in warehouse, didn't have to find new housing, and didn't have to deal with a parent having cancer, etc. all at once. Yet the guy STILL isn't doing anything more than the occasional "goth reacts" videos and same tired old gaming livestream. If she still hasn't got back into it in another six months or so I'll feel open to being a lot more critical though.

No. 1556756

I bet my armpits could get more likes than her ass. she has no sex appeal.

No. 1556977

Punk Rave is fugly, over priced shite that falls apart on the second wear, made by child slaves anyway.

No. 1556991

Nta but chill. You don't know her financial situation or anything like that or if she lives in a third world country, plus a lot of women have been brainwashed into the "sex work is totally empowering!!" mindset as of late.

>women who could never be actual models

Becoming a model has little to do with looks, it is mostly nepotism. Look at Cara Delevingne and Bella Hadid.

Is this for her OF though? I think she has some non OF modelling on her Instagram

No. 1556999

File: 1654934258022.png (621.29 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220610-235603.png)

So.. IBF has covid

No. 1557004

File: 1654934934762.png (357.89 KB, 310x527, 32489745.png)

She does look a little reminiscent of Jeffree Starr there. Kind of like how she straight up looks like Sharron Needles in this one. I don't even think Kat is ugly, but the heavy dark make-up certainly doesn't do her any favors.

Kinda funny how it's the same top/headdress too.

lmao, are you a snacc? Learn to sage.

No. 1557008

She's right though. It's kinda weird how people are always willing to disown clothing companies over things like if they're stealing art or not paying influencers enough (or in this case associating with the wrong ones) but never care about the ethics of how the clothes are made, even though it's not a secret.

No. 1557044

On monday this week Einstürzende Neubauten was playing in Berlin. Fake should have flewn to days earlier if he flies to Berlin anyway. But I forgot how uninterested in alternative music he actually is ….

No. 1557093

> she has some non OF modelling on her Instagram
Sure. Because dressing up as a horse-clown in dated latex and overused halo crowns and having your picture taken by a noname rando, who learnt where the shutter button is located on a dslr on auto, with the sole intention of posting said photos to your personal insta is indeed what "modelling" is kek

No. 1557132

For a month lol, Kaya will resume her previous lifestyle now she's got her ultilities, she'll be far more distracted than usual.

No. 1557151

The fuss? You mean millions of people dying? People who still suffer the consequences of covid infection? People losing their jobs because of the pandemic? Quite insensitive

No. 1557174

Jesus Christ relax, she's clearly being ironic. What an overdramatic nitpick.

No. 1557229

How should I know she is ironic?
I've been ill for 2 years after contracting corona. So stop telling me I'm being dramatic

No. 1557251

nta but I'm sorry to hear that, anon

No. 1557431

One time IBF's luggage was on a plane that crashed and all the passengers on it died. She acted like she had "bad luck" because of this (nevermind the people who died) then wrote it off as dark humor or whatever. She is pretty insensitive sometimes.

No. 1557433

''What the fuss is about'' is an expression that means experiencing something common/popular that you haven't before. It's not that deep.

No. 1557460

Checked punkrave's post. 25 comments and only one of them is positive, and one of them is some kinda giveaway bot. Truly tragic.

No. 1557469

This is such a weird nitpick. No one's obligated to give a shit about Einstürzende Neubauten.

No. 1557474

No one is obligated to give a fuck about
- what make up fake would better wear
- what friends he'd better make
- what lighting he'd better choose for an advertising photo
And you decide that exactly this is a nitpick, stfu….

No. 1557491

Are you okay?

No. 1557554

When did that happen?! Wtf

No. 1557611

lmao I’ve seen EN live and absolutely cannot fathom Jake at one of their shows. He doesn’t even know what industrial is. Too artsy for him.

No. 1557617

Thank you, that is really kind.

No. 1557651

I’m late but she deleted my comment about her narcissistic caption almost instantly kek way to go k(cowtipping)

No. 1557685

I've seen them too on their actual tour and I was blown away how good they still are. Saged for no relevance for the actual topic.

No. 1557877

I thought you were talking about Jake's band first KEK

No. 1557934

It's on her channel, forgot what the video was called but its where she plays a keyboard and delivers an update on her life in song form. People in the comments, including IBF herself, cried that uwu its just dark humour, but aren't aware stating something dark isn't humour unless it's funny. Duh.

No. 1558014

It wasn't even just the song part, she starts out the video saying saying how she's been having "PHENOMENALLY bad luck" and feels like she's been cursed. Then she goes "I'm gonna sing it in a song because it feels less negative and more fun". Then she bitches about not being a German anymore, and most of the stuff she whines about in the song are things caused by her own bad decision making, like having to repaint the apartment in Germany that she painted black.

Suddenly remembering why I hate this bitch.

No. 1558051

Kinda OT but I heard that her daughter has special needs/is sick, did she ever state what condition she has?

No. 1558058

her daughter has a pretty serious medical condition that I think is a lifelong condition. I don't think she's ever publicly said what it was but anons in a previous thread thought they knew. I can't remember what they thought it was though.

No. 1558205

It's a chromosomal micro deletion I believe. It's fairly serious and is an entirely random occurrence (meaning there's nothing IBF could have done to prevent it from happening aside from termination).

No. 1558218

aw that's sad, thanks for the info nonas

No. 1558637

This. But fortunately her daughter is doing really well, meeting all her developmental mile stones the last I heard.

No. 1558693

That's good to hear, hopefully nothing bad happens.

No. 1559024

File: 1655108744670.png (163.72 KB, 1480x1430, jakemunro_junestats.png)

Jake is down more subs on both YT and patreon. His income from both has been halved since just last month as well. He's likely making less than 2k off both of them at the moment.

He better start pushing that plushie funding a lot harder. He only has a few days left after the extra 10 day extension they so kindly gave him and it STILL isn't funded. Kat boarded a sinking ship. lmao

No. 1559353

Also YouTube takes 35% of whatever money is earned and donated

No. 1559356

I love to see it, honestly. Watching his slow descent has been a joy, he really, really fucked it up.

No. 1559430

Yeah cause no one wants to watch a grown man react to tiktok for like the 100 time it gets boring after 5 videos I’m sure he sick of it to
There so many ways he could redeem himself and refresh his channel

No. 1559452

One of the other great fuckeries of Jake Munro is that some of his most popular videos are either the ones with his ex girlfriend in them or the tik tok reaction videos that he clearly hates and resents having to do. He spends so much of that airtime shitting on tik tok as a platform and the people using it.

The man should be praising Tik Tok and the tik tok teens he routinely bullies and talks down: they literally pay his wages. Him reacting to cringe is incredibly ironic given he's the most cringe creature skulking about in that corner of YouTube, he's completely gormless, zero self awareness. Genuinely unpleasant to watch

No. 1559553

Yesterday jake streamed (!) his latest tik tok reaction. I'm sure because of the punkravestore fiasco - he didn't want to risk a shitstorm in the comments but didn't want to turn the comments entirely off … so he chose the guarded comments in his live streams.

No. 1559745

She looks real … Midwestern.
Real Cornpone here.

No. 1559762

I'd say Kat helped sink the ship. no one wants to see their hard earned money go to buying shit for her. she is a cheating, vain, insta/onlyfans ewhore, not a cute quirky goff girl or anything endearing. he had some very generous fan girlies (ok more like aging moms next door) and troons who would line his pockets as long as he took kindly to their heavy flirting. they probably feel like he dumped their parasocial relationship for Kat and now they hate her. they really should hate him, though. but whatever the case, it is affecting him which is sweet.
the best thing he could do if he is serious about his intentions is to get a job off of social media and go be with Kat in privacy. it would really make a statement that she is worth the trade off for less attention, less fame, shifting his priorities, stepping up and being a man instead of a vain clown, and having to earn money the traditional way instead of e-begging as a tag team with her. she is a different person, not the new Kaya. he should try something different with her that is not porn.

No. 1560031

I think if they went down the route of vlogging adventures and posting nice photos on social media rather then the first thing of her was a sex tape and then of nudes people would of seen her as the new kaya

No. 1560248

File: 1655197292349.jpg (71.96 KB, 1373x692, 04182659346459237.JPG)

1 sold in the last 24 hours. Will he buy the rest to fund it in time?

No. 1560257

This. Like when friend groups have couples that then break up there's usually a fear of "oh will my friends be happy for me if I date someone else so soon blah" and there's usually a courtesy of not bragging unless you're an immature twat. I can only imagine that's exaggerated 10 times if you've fans, he's really fucking dumb.

No. 1560311

We all know Jake does not know how to behave with friends because he got none kek

No. 1560581

I mean he still has a chance to change this but knowing him he wouldn’t.
He really needs to sit back and think of ways of regaining his fans back before their all gone

No. 1560643

It's got to be hitting him like a brick to realise just how much of his snaccs weren't actually snaccs, they were just lovelies on timeshare.

No. 1560697

It's still sitting at 160 sold 11 hours later. I think it's safe to say this isn't getting funded without him paying for the rest. Lmao

Seriously, almost all of them jumped ship. Dude can't even sell 200 plushies in a 31 day span. The last one sold 902, 451% funded within the originally allotted 21 days. I wonder how much longer he has until he's broke. I imagine we'll see some downsizing/life changes coming I the not too distant future.

No. 1560765

He is going to be so broke so fast. Dude had plenty of money to save up to buy a house and instead he bought a bunch of motorcycles that had to get special paint jobs and rented out 5 other studios for projects he doesn't work on and probably a lot useless shit.

No. 1560773

Keeping his new relationship quiet would have been smart, since all Kat’s presence does is remind people how lame and fake he really is. She isn’t controversial enough to be massively accelerating his downfall; she merely adds nothing. For all her faults, Kaya had a unique style and a fun personality. Why try to introduce a new girlfriend into your content when you’ve both been publicly outed as cheaters and she isn’t even half as likable as your famous and popular ex? Just because Jake is excited to finally be fucking the basic alt ewhore of his dreams doesn’t mean anyone else gives a shit.

He could have handled the breakup like a decent person. He could have put his personal life on lockdown, focused on creating more interesting content, and built a new audience that doesn’t rely largely on Kaya’s success. But instead he decides to alienate whatever fans he had left by making cringey porn and confirming everyone’s suspicions that he’s a massive asshole with zero talent.

No. 1560801

For someone who has openly and actively bragged about being such a great vlogger, he has zero understanding of any kind of PR or content marketing or self-image. He clearly thought that that one video where he first mentioned the breakup would gaslight Kaya into not being able to say anything.

This is so right, but either he’s incapable of pretending to be a nice guy for that long, or the new people around him like Kat would be like “wtf you’re so different on cam” kek. Both Jake and Kaya’s tutorial/lifestyle content slipped years ago so I honestly think the people watching them are fatties and autists who want to feel like they’re chatting with a friend, not because they want to look up to the same type of gymbro douchebag who bullied them in high school.

It’s so weird that he feels so entitled to being his “true self” and f u if you don’t like it, while at the same time doing loads of fake and cringey reaction content. The only reason he’s not done a 2016-style crying Youtuber apology is that they’re so cliche and too obviously manipulative.

Sage for major autism but tl;dr this man is so fucked kek.

No. 1560889

File: 1655250692307.jpg (433.45 KB, 1080x1503, 20220615_004732.jpg)

Sage for not much milk. Jazmin bean is mentioned here sometimes so I thought of posting this, apparently she's been on ket for 4 years. I'm glad she's gotten help for it and hope it works out, but how her mother didn't notice a 16 year old (she's 19 or 20 right now, minus 4) addicted to ket is beyond me

No. 1561065

File: 1655262542075.jpg (94.85 KB, 884x1171, FOoMqHtXIA8zYxH.jpg)

Oh, huh. Explains the rapid weight loss.

No. 1561178

Is it just me or has jake been unusually quiet since Germany? Not a lot of Instagram stories, very few videos and hardly any plushie promo. I wonder when his big ‘I’m addressing everything to make myself look good’ video will be out…

No. 1561202

File: 1655276535081.png (430.01 KB, 696x568, jakeyt.png)

I've noticed it too. It's been nearly a month since he last updated his OF. Not sure what his twitter looks like as his tweets are protected. He was uploading to YT twice a week and it's now been six days of nothing. Haven't seen him posting any IG stories either, but I might be missing them as I don't check very regularly. Anyone know when he streamed last? It looks like he updated that two days ago at least.

I wonder if the punkrave post getting flooded with negative comments bruised his ego. On top of his plushie money grab failing, and being ditched by his bestie in Germany of course. It's funny because Kat has been quite active on her OF, but not anywhere else. Trouble in paradise maybe?

No. 1561293

File: 1655288133097.png (544.56 KB, 983x1875, Screenshot_20220615-111248.png)

35 comments and only one is pro-Jake, I genuinely hope he sees and reads them all. He did this entirely to himself, can't wait for his plushie to fail. I don't even think he bought his bikes did he? Is he not renting them? If he did buy them what an absolute waste of money, if I was a snacc and I saw how frivolously he was spunking all the money he gets up a wall I would be furious.

No. 1561300

File: 1655289338174.jpg (243.99 KB, 508x821, sad.jpg)

He looks tired, haggard and sad. Where's the enthusiasm? Off on another trip without the gf, who's been doing photoshoots and OF posts all week. Maybe she's realizing he's a sinking ship and she wants off.

No. 1561301

Kaya has a personality? She just says yes lovelies and moans

No. 1561303

Kat has a son and a baby and a job. I guess it's weird for us to see Jake have a girlfriend that works or isn't codependent.

No. 1561304

Wow, he looks grim here. The lack of eyebrows makes him look so hamsterish as well.

No. 1561308

So it's confirmed that she has two kids? She also hasn't tattooed in nearly a month. OF is her main gig now. Tinfoil but I think Jake is taking some time away from her to think.

No. 1561309

He just posted an Instagram story about how hes flying into Heathrow instead of some other airport that 'has a really good sushi bar'. Looks like he's about to cry. The guy seriously seems depressed. What's wrong, Jakey, realizing that constant binge drinking and sex isn't enough to sustain a relationship?

No. 1561314

He's hanging out with the weird little fuck buddy K. Of course he doesn't want Kat to come.

No. 1561397

File: 1655299835848.png (606.99 KB, 1404x984, plushie dropoff.png)

Just looked at that plushie campaign…


No. 1561399

K is a lesbian TIF, don't think anything has or will happen there

No. 1561432

Yeah, really don't think there's anything romantic between him and K, I think they just swap clout between themselves

No. 1561475

No disrespect intended, but as Ginger Wildheart’s daughter she should have known to stay clear of anything stronger than weed.

No. 1561645

No one is paying for custom paint jobs on rented bikes …

No. 1561758

Fair enough, I know 0 % about bikes and how much you're allowed to customize them.

No. 1561808

Her mum enables her. Let her go to clubs when she was 14. Let her have a relationship with a man in his 30s when she was 15/16. Really glad she got help.

No. 1561885

>Trouble in paradise maybe?
That's looking pretty likely at this point. Could be that they broke up already.

No. 1561921

I think they're still together and she just had to look after her kids instead of getting wasted with him and he's sulking, remember he's a massive narc

No. 1561961

File: 1655331832024.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 50A3D1FB-3327-43F0-9F93-06964D…)

k is off to LA today, so I guess she isn’t hanging out with Jake….awkward

No. 1561980

Can we stop discussing Fake and talk about some REAL goths for once? So done with this.

IBF dragged her baby along at WGT and got shit for it, does anyone know more?

Drac Makens apparently deleted her youtube channel. Is she still baking?

Is Suzi Sabotage of Virgin in Veil divorced, cheating or in open relationship? She posted a story about "officially having a girlfriend".

Any WGT gossip?(learn2integrate)

No. 1561996

So done with it but not long enough around to know how to sage? Or even how to name?

No. 1562025

This isn't the goth thread. It's the alt thread which Jake falls under.

No. 1562050

I think this is the same anon from last thread that judged how goff someone was by their hair and makeup, and was saying music doesn’t matter. That’s why anon mentions somebody like Drac Makens (who even admitted it was just an aesthetic phase and whether she liked the music was questionable).
If you’re so needy for new milk, why don’t you post some yourself instead of asking other anons to spoonfeed you it with all of these questions. This is an image board, so if you want to discuss whatever it is you’re talking about, post screenshot proof of it.

No. 1562052

Did he just fly over there without checking she was free? He really has two friends, K and Kat, that's what you get for being a miserable ass and shitting on Belfast and everyone in it for ten years. Meanwhile Kaya posts herself having fun adventures with friends every day.

I was one of the people who never had an issue with Kaya and just an irrational hatred for Jake, the way this has all panned out has justified my views tremendously. Man needs to relocate and get a new personality imo

No. 1562053

No gossip from this years wgt, but I can add that kids is not an uncommon sight at wgt. Somewhere between 5-10 is what you see most of (they even have a "day care" with some kids activities at the area with the main stage), but prams and totlers have been noted, so not many regulars would bet an eye.
If I remember right, there is now law in germany that gives you an age restriction of how young of a kid you can bring, as long as they wear the right kind of ear protection.
Nothing i would consider my self while at treffen, but not my choise to make eather.

No. 1562059

Saged for being nitpicky but I'm laughing at his "mom cut my hair with kitchen scissors" haircut and cowlick. I just thought it was funny because he used to put a lot of effort into his hair.

No. 1562181

Where did Ree Ree Phillips (Negaree Duce) disappear to again?

No. 1562274

It's less about the gf being codependent and more so about Jake obviously being so. Also let's not pretend that kat is a great mother, she cheated on her husband/father of her child for her friend's long term boyfriend and bottomless long island iced teas. Jake better be careful she doesn't move onto the next best thing while he's overseas and bleeding clout/cash.

Learn to integrate and sage "anon".

No. 1562426

Jake posted a video with K’s cat so I guess he is house sitting for her while she is gone. He’s been cucked by a ftm lmao. Imagine flying across the world and your “bestie” fucks off and makes you watch the cat.

No. 1562427

que "jake eating nuggies sad and alone' again. lmao

Wonder how long K plans to leave him alone. I imagine he can't go very long alone and always drinking. Who will cheat first? Jake or kat. Place your bets now nonnies.

No. 1562440

She disappears all the time due to her depression. So who knows

No. 1562448

Idk i was recently searching for her but i guess she decided the goth influencer life isn’t for her. Hope she’s doing better offline.

On the topic of Jake: isn’t it so weird he only has girl friends and seems to do nothing with guys? I always find it really weird when people hang out with the opposite sex aka „i rather hang out with guys because they’re less drama „

No. 1562464

This is a reach tbh, Jake doesn't have a real job so he can go on holiday whenever he feels like it whereas Kat has to be around for tattoo clients.

Maybe he's feeling the follower haemorrhage so badly that he needs to catsit for more successful youtubers for pocket money…

No. 1562468

Sorry, hold on, did Jake genuinely spend snacc money and his own time on a flight to the states…to cat-sit??? K doesn't know ANYONE else that doesn't live across the fucking ocean that would feed a cat for a few days? What a colossal waste of time and money, I hope he's fucking miserable.

No. 1562471

Jake's insta stories are so insufferable, he's like a black hole where joy goes to die. I've never seen someone manage to make whining a career " wah I'm in the wrong airport for the sushi I like :(" or " wah it's hot in Nashville" okay? Then why come? Why travel at all if it's do obviously annoying to you? He's in such a privileged position that he can hop on flights whenever he wants and he has the gall to complain about it the whole way.

No. 1562495

The same Jake who supposedly HATED Kaya’s cat Sebastian at that, kek!

No. 1562496

yeah no diss but her mom seems like "I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom" type

No. 1562499

Drac has deleted all her shit a few years ago. Stale milk, irrelevant.

No. 1562509

So true. As I really love traveling but always have to integrate it in an adult life plus my financial possibilities, I'm literally pissed on what he gets out of his possibilities.

No. 1562515

not sure if she has updated since then but on a stream shortly after her birth, she said it might be Alagille syndrome.

No. 1562529

I understand more and more why Kaya never did anything. I had an friend like that and it sucks the life right out of you. It's so exhausting dealing with miserable fucks like that.

No. 1562530

Alright so that makes no sense. He hates pets and flying half around the world to cat sit? I'm starting to believe the trouble in paradise nonnies.

No. 1562618

File: 1655388484249.png (90.07 KB, 1172x903, Capture.PNG)

Jake's plush campaign has less than 24 hours left. It barely gets any purchases for a week and then suddenly, in the last 12 hours, we're supposed to believe 5 people bought one? Maybe it's a tinfoil but does anyone think maybe he's paying people to get them?

No. 1562630

or how many of us went from being rabid snaccs to sympathetic lovelies
tbh i stopped liking him long before he fucked kaya over for other reasons but, kaya was indifferent to me. now i sadly relate to her because i've been in her shoes and i know how hard it is to get out of a shitty and dangerous situation like hers. I'm rooting for her to get better and take control of her life after so many years of abuse from this narc manchild

No. 1562631

File: 1655389346744.jpeg (248.97 KB, 750x1055, 6F608722-1320-40F3-BE62-342FAC…)

I wonder that, too.

He posted a reminder on twitter about half an hour ago, to no avail yet though lol

No. 1562633

I'm surprised some of the posters here are actual ex-Jake fans. What did you nonas find appealing in him/his content? Not asking to make fun, genuinely interested.

No. 1562668

I wasn't a fan but I do know a tiny handful of people who were (I'm in similar circles as them), and there seemed to be two major things: his music, and a sense of "belonging" from a small creator, especially during lockdown when things felt lonely and it was shockingly easy to fall into the parasocial trap.

No. 1562669

i found him through his older videos where he explained what it meant for him to be "different" and to not fit into society's expectations. in my eyes he was just like me because we are around the same age and i'm also "alt". I was in a rough spot in my life, i was coming out of an abusive relationship and i felt lost, i had traded everything that made me "me" in order to fit into what i was supposed to be as an adult. he made me realize that it was ok to be myself fully, that i wasnt any less valuable than other people just because of my style or way of thinking. the cliche of "it's not just a phase" is very much true to me and i found him very relatable. i also found community through him, i still have a couple of very good friends i met on his original discord which i was very involved in.
i honestly thought he was a good person trying to be happy while being himself unapologetically, and he was also succeding in doing so; he gave me some sort of hope because if he can do it, so can I.
Now i know it was all a farce and that i fell, yet again, for the manipulation tactics of a narcissist, which is honestly the story of my life kek

No. 1562673

>I've never seen someone manage to make whining a career
You have. Kaya. Hopefully it was because of Jake dragging her down to his negativity, and that now she's rid of him she won't return to doing it anymore, it was insufferable. "Oh the neighbours are loud, the wind is too windy, my makeup was a little off, can't film"

No. 1562678

Thanks for your honest answers nonnies, hope you are both doing better now.

No. 1562685

Former "fan" of Jake, by no means devoted snacc, but I used to watch his content after finding him through Kaya. Mostly because of similar interests: comics, games,I liked the vlogs,popped into the discord every now and then. His videos before he went full tik tok reactions were at least pretty well edited, he also used to tout an outwardly positive attitude, that whole " I made it a great day" shit which frankly didn't take very long for him to show was complete bullshit. I supported MAG but definitely liked it better when there was a buffer person between him and Kaya. I swear he genuinely used to put himself across as a nice guy, I now realize it was a fabricated personality to draw people in and gain their trust (and money) it's textbook narc behavior. I think Kaya may be the only person to see the actual real Jake, we just see the collection of masks he wears in an attempt to hide who he actually is and how he actually acts.

No. 1562692

Tbh I don't know if we can she's a bad mum because she drinks with Jake and cheated on their dad. Still baffled why Jake would want to date someone with kids tho.

No. 1562697

It might not mean anything towards her parenting skills, I agree, but I also wonder how that kid is gonna feel when he grows up and finds out his mom cheated on his dad with a Youtuber in clown makeup. I doubt this relationship between Jake and Kat is gonna last, but it's still what broke up Kat and her husband. It'll be a while down the line until the kid finds out obviously, but I wonder if that resentment will ever kick up.

No. 1562707

imagine that poor child when their classmates find their mother's shitty porn feat. a deformed stump with a sad excuse of a dick

No. 1562710

Also wondering when it's going to hit Jake that he basically broke up a family in a similar way to how his mum broke his own one up, he clearly felt strongly enough about it to estrange himself and make a song called "matricide". Just another example of his huge double standard when it comes to how he behaves vs how he thinks other people should. He's fucked his own life up so incredibly much which frankly is whatever, but he's also irreversibly impacted the quality of that child's life and relationship with his parents and he clearly doesn't give a single fuck about what the consequences of that could actually be despite having gone through it himself and come out incredibly fucking damaged and in need of serious professional help

No. 1562712

Idk it's pretty common in Belfast for your parents not to be together. I don't see Kat and Jake lasting long either. Plus the oldest is like a toddler, he'll not remember his mum and dad being together.

No. 1562716

I thought Kat and her husband had only one kid, a son?

No. 1562719

I thought she had recently had a baby idk lol, then if they've one son, he's still young from the most recent photos of him.

No. 1562756

I can see Kat cheating on any other alt guy with some clout or money. That’s all she was interested in Fake for, and now he has neither.
I could also see Fake buying prostitutes and cheating that way. I don’t think there’s many fans left that would want to have sex with him, except maybe Jude. He’s gotten even fuglier and doesn’t even wear the makeup anymore which is what fans liked in the first place.
If anybody were to cheat, it would be Kat. Fake knows he can’t do any better than her now.

No. 1562758

Who cares if they brought their baby to WGT? As long as she had proper ear protection, I actually think that's pretty cool. So many young parents I know go from interesting, fun people into boring, child-rearing robots. It's awesome that IBF and Mr Owl can still pursue their interests while parenting their baby, and exposing Severine safely to different types of environments/people can only be beneficial.

No. 1562763

Think this may be another classic case of people who don't have kids themselves commenting on how parents should parent. Seeing new faces rather than just your parents and making attachments can be key to a kid's development. I don't see an issue so long as they made sure her ears were protected, they seem like consistent concerned parents especially given her condition, I doubt they would make an exception to that care just for an event?

No. 1562787


> exposing Severine safely to different types of environments/ people can only be beneficial.

Fucking lol. IBF got Covid and probably exposed Severine to it so…safely indeed.

No. 1562789

Found jake randomly on YouTube. Found him funny, liked his slogan ‘I had a great day because I made it a great day’ (was in a downer at the time so I liked random positive quotes).

Recently his videos are very egotistical and he comes across as a cunt. Knowing what happened with kaya made his shitty attitude even more prevelant and difficult to deal with

No. 1562847

Suzi and Jaque are no longer together. Music projects of them discontinued.

No. 1562851

Lmfao punkrave removed Jake's pic for a second time

No. 1562888

File: 1655406983536.jpeg (819.52 KB, 750x1294, 4EF39A05-BCA8-4C50-A007-8AAFC8…)

They sadly didn’t lol, it’s also still in his tagged photos

No. 1562924

Yeh, it’s still there. Not a single positive comment

No. 1563047

I actually fucking hate seeing people bring their kids to local hardcore shows. It’s so common place to see some 5yo at a show around here. I think it’s trashy. But then again, my first show was when I was 11 alone with my friend, so I guess it’s a bit hypocritical.

But a baby at a festival? I guess she can do whatever she wants, it’s her kid.

And is Suzi much of a cow? I’ve followed her for years and never really noticed if she is.

No. 1563154

I more wanna know how Froyo convinced Mr Owl to move to Europe with her. I thought that was the whole reason they broke up in the first place.

No. 1563158

I dunno, I'd be weirded out to see a kid at a show in a bar/club, but a festival is sort of a different vibe. Seems like sort of a fun family outing lol.

No. 1563164

File: 1655425616974.png (4.15 MB, 1242x2208, AD1A4E8E-D151-4442-9F5F-88B3C9…)

I’m not surprised Jude has a new relationship as she apparently can’t live without being literally babied. But the language she’s used here, “partner” and I’ve been spending a lot of time with “them” stands out to me.
Doesn’t she only look for more “daddies”?
Perhaps shes trying to cash in on pride month and has started dating a troon to cover for her admission of only liking cocks.
Could be just tinfoil here but again none of that would surprise me.

No. 1563240

File: 1655432008226.jpg (781.33 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220616-235514_Ins…)

Looking like a kid who needs the bathroom.

I saw that story and the "partner" and "they" got me wondering too. She has claimed to be bi in the past, but shown no interest in women, and in the many Q and As she does in place of real content she answers about relationships with the daddy shit.

No. 1563279

I’m sure it’s a moid, she’s just doing the they/them shit to seem mysterious and be an annoying “kweer” zoomer

No. 1563287

File: 1655433643891.png (909.63 KB, 1080x1586, Screenshot_20220616-223824.png)

A little bit of snooping yielded this. In Jude's personal thread an anon mentioned that she revealed that wraithslostcity on insta is the new partner.

No. 1563388

He's really going for that oompa loompa look huh.

No. 1563445

You’ve clearly not been. It’s a family friendly festival. There are many sectioned off areas and age restricted areas, there are child sitting areas too. There’s plenty of open grassland sitting space and you can still hear the music.

No. 1563449

He really does look like a kid needing to pee!

I guess his “goth” days are over and he’s going back to the chav/Casey nishat look. I bet he will come out with a video saying his content is changing back to blogs or some crap

No. 1563502

he seemed funny at first, non sleazy due to his relationship status with kaya. men who aren't super hot make up for it in intellect and humor. he used to be more self deprecating. the goth thing was appealing. I thought kaya was boring but I respected he was her man, and their seemingly solid but not in your face sexual relationship was appealing. but when he paid no attention to chats on lives and blatantly e-begged for stuff, I was turned off

No. 1563522

I was never a fan but I never disliked him either. I used to watch his vlogs but they became so repetitive for example it would be; going to town, washing my clothes, kaya gone one way I go the other, electric skateboard clip then a random drone clip.
It was the same thing every single week after a while. I liked the Japanese vlog he did because it was something interesting and different. But when he started doing tiktok yeah the first few were ok and different but again it became the same video every single week.
When I saw he did a few motorbike videos I was slightly pleased as I thought maybe he would start doing different content.
That’s my only issue with jake is he over does one thing way to much (same with kaya with Q&A/spookybox) if he had a variety of videos on his channel I would be more inclined to watch him as he content is watchable.

Again I liked his older content because it appears more ‘real’ version of him the newer videos are so ovs that it’s all a act. It’s clear the Chav jake is the real jake. Seeing his new video with Kat was kinda nice cause it like the old him. But he seams so depressed it’s really sad.

I doubt he regrets leaving kaya but I think there is a tang of regret around that situation (probably due to losing supporters/ damaged ego)

No. 1563572

File: 1655458518253.jpeg (402.72 KB, 1170x1408, 1C81E5E7-63F3-4DC2-B79C-1CBA65…)

An hour and a half to go and it’s not funded!

No. 1563593

I see two possible reactions from him:
- trying to guilt-trip his snaccs afterwards
- never mention it the second after
Taking bets!

No. 1563594

I feel like he won't mention it. He's been lying and under/non-delivering to his fans since the breakup and I don't see him acknowledging any of that soon, or maybe even ever.

No. 1563606

>she is a cheating, vain, insta/onlyfans ewhore, not a cute quirky goff girl or anything endearing

If he had the latter then he could have at least had her pose with the plushie for an ad and it probably would have sold that little handful more and made the deadline. Instead of the weird ads he put out for it. Oh well, I guess.

No. 1563608

File: 1655463731631.jpg (81.72 KB, 780x401, awwsosad.jpg)

Awww, poor Fake, plushie campaign was a total failure….

No. 1563615

Does he have a genetic issue with a shortened tibia? There's something, I dunno, Neanderthal about him.

No. 1563616

File: 1655464460333.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2310, Screenshot_20220617_130813_com…)

I don't like to dwell to much on other people's economic failures but this is tempting …

Different subject: this is where kaja celebrated her birthday, one of her favorite places in Belfast. I'm glad she still own her places, since fake had nothing better to do than dragging his new gf there (although Belfast "has no places to go", as he used to complain) and immediately posting pics on ig

No. 1563618

Btw: did someone watch fake's last video? The part where he pretends to know how to pronounce spanish and italian? I'm still laughing… good lord.

No. 1563620

It’s hardly a surprise it flopped, he put barely any effort into advertising it and just took it for granted that the snaccs would happily fork over their cash like last time. Not so much eh Fake?

No. 1563644

I agree that this is not a goth thread, it's for alternative cows in general, but all we do is talk about Jake and Kaya in impossible detail, it's a level of focus that it'd fit better in a thread of their own. Some regular gossip and even murder news have been posted about other past cows but since the thread turned into a Kaya+Jake's breakup bulletin, it gets quickly buried. It's just a matter of directioning: all this Fakeya drama should be in their own thread, it's easier for everyone and I believe there is enough content to keep it going.

"Stop whining and post content". It's been posted. It's just a logistics problem, there's no way it can work this way, there's clearly 2 sects of people fighting about this subject, isn't it easier to move there already? It's just a serious suggestion, don't freak out

No. 1563652

Completely seriously, it's wonderful you felt inspired and seen via him even though, as we all can see now his "alternative" side is merely a costume to him for views and his statements don't extend to his real life.
But I think allowing people to feel seen is an important part of alternative influencers, I felt the same way about ItsBlackFriday when she did vlogs in Germany and abroad, and generally influencers who aren't afraid of dressing up and looking weird in public.

No. 1563654

It's not our fault its slow and nothing really happening with the other alt cows. At least the Stump and Kaya story is midly entertaining. If you think a lot of other stuff is happening post it and stop whining.

No. 1563708

It doesn't help that he's a giant coward who privated his Twitter at the first sign of things not going his way in the breakup. How the fuck did he think he was going to promote his merch from a locked account with his Youtube views steadily declining?

No. 1563734

The man couldn't even be bothered to put his face on to advertise it, just a quick clip of him barefaced and bloated thrusting the plushie at the screen, he couldn't be bothered, so why did he expect that any of his remaining snaccs would bother buying it? He's infuriatingly bad at his job.

No. 1563751

agreed, the video the doll's makeup is from was extremely popular. then he did that e-girl song metal cover and everything, had a contest of people making tik toks to the song. it was something a lot of people were excited about at the time. it is crazy that he didn't even put makeup on or try to come across as the Jake from back then that his 'snaccs' fell in love with. he seems to not really care about reaching to people on YouTube anymore when he has no other job to fall back on, it seems. or does he? other than cat sitting in Nashville for K.

No. 1563814

Suzi is not a cow. She broke up with her husband. Happens.

No. 1563913

How do you compare local hardcore shows and small gigs full of edgy alt kids with wgt there are picnics and other events kekw

No. 1563947

He probably could have really used however much he would have received as a cut from that 7k+ the plushie would have made if it were funded. He seems to be becoming even lazier lately like other anons have said, not following through with things, like the tour or promised videos, hasn't updated his social media hardly at all (Twitter bio still advertising his 2021 tour for example) and never putting on his dumb clown "goth" makeup that helped him get his following in the first place. His slow decline was somewhat inevitable post break-up, but it's almost like he's really doing all he can to speed up that decline. Just how much longer can he keep himself afloat with his measly YT and patreon funds from the same tired old "goth reacts" videos? We know he isn't really making shit off OF anymore. Has he even been making any bank live streaming lately? I'm sure he's been spending more than he's making at least this past month or two.

Also sorry anons if this is a word salad, I just had surgery and am still loopy on meds, lmao. It's just so funny to me that Jake seems to be on the road to making near the minimum wage out where I'm from. His current lifestyle definitely isn't sustainable off 2-4k a month.

No. 1564048

Just watched IBF's video singing about her misfortunes. She already deleted it from the channel, btw. She obviously made this song to try to set the story straight and give her version of the story, but it's all we've been saying!
She basically had a lot of trouble and debt because she's dumb. Who the fuck moves ALL of their shit because of a job prospect? No, who sends furniture when moving countries ffs? I moved cross-country in very big country and had to sell most of my stuff because it's easier and cheaper to buy new (even used) stuff when you arrive, everyone I know sells their big things before a big move. Who paints every apartment they live entirely black as soon as they arrive? I have black rooms but I only painted the current one, which I'm planning on staying… deal with the white walls of your rental! She moves long distances but instead of starting again she creates a new problem leaving apartments or storages full of furniture. I just checked her instagram where she says she, mr owl and the baby are moving to Scotland and that she can't wait to see her flat there, filled with her stuff. Wait, what?! You're maintaining a whole second living place abroad? No wonder you're fucked. That's not how you move, at all! I can't believe she thinks this is normal, in fact, most people use the money from selling their stuff to help fund the move. The only thing she was truly unlucky about is her child having a health problem, but I didn't catch her singing about that, but I did tune out more and more towards the end, the song sucks.

No. 1564151

The singing vid is still on her channel, it's right there.
And that was 2 YEARS AGO. Her announcement when she was pregnant was 9 months ago. So no, she couldn't sing about it…..
But going back, yeah so it seems she has had a flat somewhere in Scotland sitting for 2 years with all her stuff. A storage unit would have been cheaper eh?

Honestly, the whole all black apartment in Germany was a whole show to me. Like she created it to be the goffiest goff who ever goffed. To score big interweb goff points. By the time she finally did a tour, which that vid got a ton of views, she was already getting divorced and knew she was leaving. The place was already covered in dust, so she didn't even maintain it.

No. 1564168

File: 1655496727866.jpg (40.26 KB, 372x506, 3573453.JPG)

Seems like it actually was just a phase.

No. 1564177

Bit unrelated but anyone know the artist?

No. 1564191

The artist embarrassingly is krooked glasses who is a close friend of Kaya's, she's the owner of the bunnies that Kaya was looking after recently

No. 1564215

Kind of delicious that the day Jake's plushie tanks Kaya put up her video opening the huge pile of gifts people got her full of messages saying how glad they are that she's safe, that she has her own place, that she deserves it after what she's been through. It has to sting a bit.

No. 1564221

File: 1655500480628.png (287.38 KB, 368x504, 439483.png)

Did the artist delete the posts with his commissions and unfollow him? I'm not seeing him anywhere on her social media, looks like she washed her hands of him after the break up unless I'm somehow mistaken. Shame about her art being stuck on his merch still tho, she's pretty good.

The larma is sweet ngl. I'm not even a kaya fan, but it's hard not to root for her at least a little bit because Jake is just so awful. All this time he's been making it out to be like she was mooching off HIS fame/success and yet here we are. kek

No. 1564223

Toward the end of the video one of the gifts was from someone who found her though Fake and she said that she had to be very careful as she didn’t want to ‘get in trouble’ and that every time something gets said, even if its not said by her ‘all hell gets rained down’ upon her.

So wholesome Fake. Harassing your ex because the internet has seen right through you.

He must be seething right now seeing Kaya get showered with gifts when he can’t flog a few plushies. I really want her to do a plushie now, purely to see the smoke come out of his ears if it got funded.

No. 1564226

The artist is also partners with Lythero, who Jake used to pretend to be friends with, he'd turn up in old vlogs and seemed eternally embarrassed to be around Jake. Both Lythero and Krooked Glasses have more e-fame and online presence individually than Jake's ever come close to lol. Kaya took them both in the divorce, she stayed with them a lot while she was still stuck in the studio.

No. 1564233

Oops. Karma* is sweet.

Honestly surprised he was too cheap to buy the last 18 plushies needed to complete funding. He would have only had to drop like $600-$700 and still come out with a couple thousand in sales at least? Many supporters ended up buying multiples to try to get closer to the 200 mark goal too, he really let the last of his snaccs down tbh.

Did Jake actually win any of their mutual friends in the divorce minus the obvious one, Kat? He only seems to have her and K now really. And even when he's trying to orbit their friend groups he seems mostly like an outsider/tag along.

No. 1564238

Jake has 0 real friends, I don't even really think K is much of a friend given they ditched him in Germany. All he has is Kat and you've seen them together- it seems like they need to be blasted in order to be around each other. He's done a fantastic job at completely isolating himself and I doubt making new friends in a city he publically shits all over at every opportunity in a scene he insists doesn't exist is an easy task.

No. 1564244

File: 1655501863889.jpeg (331.85 KB, 1125x1993, BF825521-0568-43A0-A33D-E2F643…)

Did IBF go to Scotland after WGT? If so, must suck to be sick with no external familial support especially with a baby.

No. 1564247

I cackled out loud when i saw the video online. Jake is going to be seething. On one hand i hope he stops harassing Kaya but a small part of me hopes he keeps doing it until he pisses her off so much she just spills all the tea about him. lol

No. 1564269

Definitely feels like she's edging closer to spilling the tea lately. She's openly acknowledged the cheating at this point and has said some vague things in regards to it. Can't say I blame her for wanting to just keep quiet in order to keep him away though. Narc exs are the worst.

No. 1564270

The panic at the mention of Jake in the gift opening vid is telling, you can tell it rattled her, she's still using terms like " get in trouble" or that she's " not allowed to do x" you can just tell how much of a negative impact he's left on her. I really genuinely hope he gets what's coming to him.

No. 1564277

File: 1655504855104.jpg (146.71 KB, 1080x1107, 17-152327.jpg)

Strange that he didn't bother tagging Kat in this, assuming that's what the picture is based on the caption. Unless he's grabbing his own ankles? Lol. Or unless he's grabbing someone else's ankles. He did post it while on vacation. Also, only 5 likes in a day compared to 80-90 when he started.

No. 1564287

Could be she asked him not to tag her considering his reputation is in the toilet. I wouldn't want to be associated with him right now.

No. 1564290

80-90 down to 5, gotta laugh at that. With that and the underfunded plushie, people are certainly voting with their feet

No. 1564292

The video in question

No. 1564307

Her reactions and excitement are nice to watch.

No. 1564308

File: 1655506990716.jpg (301.88 KB, 1080x1569, Screenshot.jpg)

Searching toxictears comes up with shit about Fake kek

No. 1564324

Her reactions and excitement are nice to watch.

No. 1564334

I’ve been to wgt. I even hung out with ibf one year. I just don’t think it’s a place for a baby. But it’s her kid so whatever.

No. 1564340

what hell is ankle grabbing? does he have a disgusting foot fetish or something? ew.

No. 1564343

samefag here, I clarified with google it seems to mean to get fucked in the ass. is he showing his cornhole on OF?

No. 1564348

File: 1655509324423.jpg (101.37 KB, 1080x471, Screenshot_20220617-163825_Chr…)

Jake is an ankle grabber? KEK. Unless he's referring to his faggy little fuckbuddy K. I know that it's generally agreed here that nobody thinks there's something between them but I've gotten some way different vibes. Jake likes some boyish women and he's just dykey looking enough for K to settle.

No. 1564396


Is he posting this from K's house tho

No. 1564441

I can almost guarantee that it'll be some softcore badly edited and filtered pic he took with Kat on his trip away that he only bothered to put up in the last couple of days because he needs to try and recoup the loss from his failed plushie run, he'll be holding her ankles, he'll be pulling some awful look while staring directly at himself in the viewfinder. We will all be able to see his itchy pube stubble. He won't have bothered to look up the connotations of "ankle grabber" because he never thinks or researches any of the stupid shit he says. There, I saved you and myself 35 bucks a month.

No. 1564450

L M A O!!! I agree, I thought K was the other woman at first. the way he had to clarify that K dates women or something. that's the closest he'll ever get to "HOT GIRL ON GIRL ACTION" without having to take it up the ass himself. K seems petite unlike Kaya and Kat, but Jake likes no tits, flat asses, no hips, weird looking women, which K is. I think K is attractive to him in a way, the way she is androgynous and and a "metal singer" like him. and Jake looks a dyke who wants to talk to the manager.
but another thought, maybe he is queerbaiting for pride month.

No. 1564456

File: 1655516554267.jpg (914.68 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20.jpg)

This is what codependency looks like lol. 3 days? The dude doesn't know how to be alone or else he loses all sense of his personality. That's why there was no downtime at all between his relationships.

No. 1564469

If the twitter links to the 2021 tour suddenly disappear it's absolute confirmation that he lurks in here.

No. 1564472

Yeah I never thought of this as a "goth thread" neither, especially when most of the prominent ones with the exception of IBF aren't even goth anyway, I just took it as a dumping ground for all people alternative in general.

"Fakeya" are the only ones who are having drama. IBF is busy being a mom now and is not all that active anymore. Dorian is just there. And all the other ones don't tend to get involved in drama, the thing with Angela and Kai seemed more like a one off and even then, it wasn't really that bad per say since these two typically aren't involved in drama.

The most we have now are just "Fakeya" relationship aftermath and Kat. At least until a new one pops up or something. I feel like this is all in part because the alt side of YouTube is not as active as it used to be like in the early 2010s during the days of people like Leah Mouse and that one YouTuber who was known for scamming people out of money (I think he sold taxidermy?).

No. 1564492

Yeah, she just genuinely seems better off and happier in general. Like there's a 200lb chav load off her shoulders.

No. 1564588

looking like two older lesbians. he shouldn't smooth his skin so much and leave her with the eye bags and marionette lines, that is wrong.

No. 1564591

He seems to be posting old content rn? K is in California for an event and Jake is lonely at her home watching her cats. He did go out to a bar alone earlier for "lunch". Seems like the dude is always day drinking.

kek at "ankle grabber" though.

Tbh it feels like goth is a dying subculture. Not a whole lot if new baby-bats to keep it going. I know basically every venue out where I live (one of the largest cities in the USA) has closed and we are lucky to get theme nights once a month elsewhere.

Yeah honestly? She can still be kind of whiney and make excuses a lot, but it feels like now that Jake is out of her life she's getting back on track and seems so much more upbeat and positive? Meanwhile Jake seems so lonely, co-dependent, and uninspired. I don't doubt for a moment he dragged her down.

Jake looks more like an ugly TIM than an actual lesbian. Honestly think it's just his awful sense of style and weak jawline though. Random nitpick but Kat's face tattoo looks like hot garbage, wtf even is that doodle by her ear?

No. 1564602


what an amazingly posed photo. i can only imagine that they held this pose for the picture then immediately got up and walked off.

and jake/skat we know you're reading these. everytime someone mentions something all of a sudden they suddenly post something relevant to that topic.

just say hi and stop hiding

No. 1564631

What a pussywhipped fucking simp.

I was wondering the same thing about the tattoo. What in the sharpie shit is that?

Ikr, it's actually hilarious how performative their relationship is. And how they obviously post things in reaction to this thread.

No. 1564632


what's also interesting is that since the break up and all the shit that went on, kaya has had no problems in doing the 'ask me anything' posts and giving out hints of what happened.

meanwhile fake has kept everything closed down and only responds to comments if he can try to make kaya look bad. clearly not brave enough to find out what people really think

No. 1564637

>What in the sharpie shit is that?
Literally looks like something I would have scribbled in a notebook in high school. lmao

No. 1564697

A lot of Kat's tattoos are tragic, her whole arm there looks like badly rendered chopped beef and the chunky lines on that face tattoo look good awful now, nevermind how it's going to age. Going to need Jake to hire someone else to edit his pictures because everything he's put out recently has been ugly as sin, the contrast, the saturation, the dark/light balance, it's exactly what I did to pictures in my highschool photography class 10 years ago and it was ugly then and it's ugly now

No. 1564724

File: 1655547447160.jpg (608.73 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220618-111524_Ins…)

What's going on with Skats' toe. That's disgusting.

No. 1564731

I can't stop laughing. It looks like a german sausage

No. 1564751

That is one of the most unattractive poses I have seen in quite a long time. Apparently she's been taking notes from Fake.

No. 1564767

It's really strange seeing Jake try to peddle this new relationship as wholesome when we all know they both cheated on their significant others then immediately started pushing out explicit content for profit. They are just so incredibly skeezy

No. 1564772

File: 1655554657716.png (231.32 KB, 452x652, Screenshot_20220618-131513.png)

That's one emotionless face. Not a love face. Deviod of feelings about anyone except themselves. The arm sticking out also adds to the lack of intimacy.

No. 1564777

Kaya is live on Instagram right now if anyone's interested, though at the moment she's just rambling about animals

No. 1564784

>pussywhipped simp
Did you get lost on your way to tiktok

I mean he has no friends except K and Kat so he definitely knows how to be alone kek

No. 1564839

baby Jake can't survive away from mommy

No. 1564914

Uh, people on tiktok don't use language like that. Tiktok would probably try to cancel you if you tried to say something like that there.

And obviously he can't be alone as in single or away from his gf for a moment because he's so codependent.

No. 1564937

Obviously can be alone if he gone to America and Berlin alone

Her foot looks like a photoshop fail it’s all morphed around the ankle too

No. 1564975

File: 1655570538392.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20220618-164633~2.p…)

… talking of co-dependence…seems like Jake couldn't let Kaya do anything by herself

No. 1565038

File: 1655573965788.jpg (163.5 KB, 1080x836, Screenshot6639.jpg)

I wonder how long until he hits the kid.

No. 1565052


Oh c’mon! Are we really going to forget all the tweets and IG stories of her expressing how nervous and terrified she was learning to drive? She still gets uneasy on long trips or to unknown places.
Congrats to her! She mostly got over it and is self sufficient and can drive but it did take some time to get there. She could just share any tips with her stan instead of pretending she doesn’t understand their struggle.

No. 1565066


Well that’s the first sensible thing to come out of him in a long time. The kid is blameless in all of this. Fakes snaccs do not need to know anything about him.

No. 1565094

Being one or two nights away from home for
a) a friend's concert & not coming up with something different than eating chicken mcnuggets sadly when said friend went to bed
b) oversees for an arkward three-day-stay to catsit
is not "being alone", cmon!

No. 1565100

This is fucking insane. Imagine not being able to do something completely normal for your own daughter because her cancerous fifth limb would throw a shitfit if you didn’t do the same for him, the unrelated teenage/early 20s bf. If that’s what she’s really implying here (and not that her dad didn’t WANT to help her without helping Jake, which would be weird) their whole lives together sound exhausting.

Normally I’d support this, because fuck family channels etc, but silence is exactly how he got to manipulate Kaya so badly. What’s the bet that Kat thinks “I won’t talk about my kid on the internet” but he’s secretly thinking “if she doesn’t talk I can get away with using him against her”.

No. 1565103

Blogpost, feel free to take the piss out of me, but I have autism and a natural resting bitch face: this is the exact forced smile I do when I’m trying to listen to someone and look interested/neutral instead of them assuming I’m bored, kek. Totally forced and calculated, could spot it a mile off.

No. 1565116

>What’s the bet that Kat thinks “I won’t talk about my kid on the internet” but he’s secretly thinking “if she doesn’t talk I can get away with using him against her”.

What talking has she even done yet? She only ever posts pictures of herself. She has never made an appearance in his stream chats to say anything. All we've heard out of her is "drinks!" from the vlog. Last stream Jake was claiming that she's so funny and that she sends him memes all day, and he talked about having her compile tiktoks for him to react to like Kaya used to. Really goes to show that he's trying to use her as a replacement instead of trying to create new experiences. Honestly though, I'd love to see how "funny" of a person with a such devoid personality can be. She seems about as funny as a scat stain on a stump.

No. 1565155

Then you and I are probably I'm very different tiktok comment sections, some parts of it are as toxic as twitter if not more so

No. 1565190

If those stories for their camping trip are anything to go by, you’re right. Him literally rolling around on the bed and thinking it’s the funniest drunkest shit anyone’s ever done, yeesh. Like other Nons have pointed out, they have to be drunk to enjoy eachothers company.

No. 1565238

Agreed. But he could said it friendlier, not a good way to speak to your fans like that

No. 1565261

File: 1655595238513.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1219x1635, 65A3DA9B-4A91-4C21-8E1B-7F2462…)

I love how kayas mum gives no fucks and just throws shade

No. 1565262

File: 1655595272405.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 738.41 KB, 929x1040, B23A0558-E25A-4E67-B88B-C6EB8B…)

Plus kayas reaction in the comments lol

No. 1565274

File: 1655596195228.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 899x1913, F3BC01F6-9DC1-4C5F-AAA4-E3AD64…)


No. 1565282

This is so gross. Why does it look like Kat is getting raped and he’s looking at the camera like “you’re next”.

No. 1565283

ewww this is so gross. who is he even marketing these to? it looks like he's forcing her, and she's trying to push him off. disgusting and disturbing.

No. 1565285

What is with the blue filter? It doesn't add anything, just makes it look even more like something you'd find in the bargain bin of a dodgy service station in 2001. >>1565274

No. 1565287

The blue filter looks horrible and the shadow from the phone is such a fail. It also doesn't even look like he's actually inside her and I bet he photoshoped his pube stubble out.

No. 1565288

You guys know how occasionally alt kids wear something crazy and not to your taste and you just go “you know what, whatever, they’re happy”? I’ve never seen someone look so fucking miserable and detached from their style as Jake in these pics. He’s always been so adamant about “being himself” but he looks like a chav that someone glued a wig on and forced to a goth party as a drunk prank. That’s a Buffalo Bill ass detached gaze right there - like he’s never actually been interested in alternative style or music but instead he’s so actually self-involved, angry and detached from social norms that metal was the only scene he thought represented those feelings. Narc tinfoil kek.

No. 1565290

This image gave me mesothelioma and I deserve financial compensation

No. 1565312

When his toddler hands can't fit around your ankles

Really wish he would stop staring at the camera in these. Also him fully naked and her in full undies?

No. 1565330

agreed, and that's why his fans won't fund his stupid shit anymore. he is an asshole. totally ungrateful. thinks people are just going to adore him being a bully with an edgy alt girlfriend like it's high school all over again. wrong, he isn't shit. his girlfriend looks like his mom and it won't last anyway. then he'll have to change his personality again.

No. 1565333

lol trying to reclaim ankle grabbing. oh Jake you total player.

No. 1565360

LOL i love the mom. Everyone smiling and Jake looks like such a miserable little Jeffrey Star wannabe.

No. 1565363

Oh my this is horrible. He always looks like he photoshopped his head on a picture but its a bit too big but naked its even worse. And why are Kat's feet so very pixelated what is going on there?

Thank you nonnie for the laughs

No. 1565369

My snatch feels dry as sand.

No. 1565411

That's always the weird vibe I get when I see photos from his long pink hair phase

No. 1565417

File: 1655614902420.png (2.21 MB, 899x1913, tummyouchiepart2.png)

Thread pic follow up

No. 1565452

Him pressing his flaccid penis against her when she's still in full underwear is so funny for an only fans pic, you can clearly tell Kat isn't up for doing anything other than softcore but Jake has 0 shame when he really genuinely should have some. The filter is awful, pose is awful, it genuinely looks like she's telling him to get off of her, the way he stares directly into the camera gives me the boke, he's so fucking gross. This is worth negative money. He should be paying us to look at this shit.

No. 1565454

"he'll be holding her ankles, he'll be pulling some awful look while staring directly at himself in the viewfinder. We will all be able to see his itchy pube stubble. He won't have bothered to look up the connotations of "ankle grabber" because he never thinks or researches any of the stupid shit he says. There, I saved you and myself 35 bucks a month."

I feel like I pretty accurately predicted exactly what that mess would look like

No. 1565458

>like he’s never actually been interested in alternative style or music but instead he’s so actually self-involved, angry and detached from social norms that metal was the only scene he thought represented those feelings

Honestly I think I can see this. Afaik he's never expressed himself in alt styling or music without copying someone/thing else, as if he's unable to otherwise. Whether that's myspace Jeffrey star, dir en gray, Marilyn manson, whatever is typical in nu metal songs for his vanity band, list goes on.

No. 1565496

Seriously, you're prediction was what came immediately to my mind, when I saw the pic, nonnie! Accurate.

No. 1565504

… but "I never heard of Jeffrey Star before" …!
Is that really Kaya making fun of his always grouchy face? the pic is funny
Absolutely second this as follow up thread pic. Apart of that the original OF-pic is nothing but gross. Since he probably lurks here, maybe he gets at least that the dead stare to the camera is the creepy icing on a horrible cake.

No. 1565509

File: 1655624744552.jpg (854.38 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220619-094427_Ins…)

Meanwhile, Kat is actually working instead of joining fake.

No. 1565547

This is all sorts of bad.

A thank you Nonna for paying for this awful trash. I hope you get a refund every month!

No. 1565556

LOL oh dear, there's a photo that's going to follow them around for life.

No. 1565583

File: 1655630881825.jpeg (72.99 KB, 650x435, iStock-170228970.jpeg)

>>1565285 reminds me of when they would have blue lit public toilets so junkies wouldn't shoot up in there. Very classy Jake.

No. 1565618

I don't get it? Why she's blaming jake for her not driving? She could of asked her dad for help he didn't have to pay for two people she could of learned on her own.

No. 1565626

Saged for blogposting but I also had a narcissistic boyfriend who hated when I would get things FROM MY FAMILY and he wouldn’t get something also, be it small things like ice cream or bigger investments like a phone or what have you.
So if Jake is anything like my POS ex I can totally see why Kaya would put off getting her license as to not upset him or get in an argument, it’s by far not as outlandish as it may seem, at least to me.

No. 1565668

Could have also been in typical narc fashion that he didn't want to have to rely on Kaya to taxi him around.

No. 1565669

I see that Jake has also taught her the way of putting up annoying and pointless hand signs/devil horns in selfies. Maybe together they can form a fraction of a single personality

No. 1565683

Tell me you’ve never dated a narcissist without saying you’ve never dated a narcissist.

No. 1565764

God, same. My pussy lips closed like a Venus fly trap.

No. 1565779

Bad analogy though, a venus fly trap will close when something it wants to consume steps on it, and then start secreting juices to digest the prey.

No. 1565797

Oh my Christ I could of done without seeing that. Why is he eyefucking the camera like that?

No. 1565818

I reject this proposition. I don't want to be reminded of this atrocity. Its not funny its unsettling.

No. 1565842

Not to mention the huge shadow from the phone they used to take the picture looming over Skat. The shot is just all around shit, looks like it was thrown up as filler content since he has nothing else to post. Why does he keep using blue filters? Cool tones don't naturally incite arousal, while warm tones do. His deadpan stare gives me the creeps.

No. 1565932

File: 1655663511856.jpeg (656.26 KB, 960x1146, 69C6EFBE-E35A-43A9-82D4-B47D0D…)

Not Raven posting here. Knowing Emily is a “dirty bitch” really makes me feel nauseous seeing this pic.

No. 1565961

He’s not even into metal or metalcore. Like he doesn’t listen to anything remotely underground or bother finding new bands. What a sad, miserable existence.

No. 1565974

File: 1655666317869.jpg (16.02 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

The shadow of the phone can't help but make me think that Kat is holding it like picrel

No. 1565982

Between Jake rapey/serial killer-esque photo and this lovely offer from Emily Boo, I’m feeling distinctly nauseous.

No. 1566185

File: 1655680564436.jpg (97.94 KB, 1080x773, Screenshot_20220619-161426_You…)

Jake, you've left a big enough digital footprint for everyone to see plenty. You retarded asshole.

No. 1566187

Wow, what a dick

No. 1566203

Now, now Jackass…, I mean, “Jake” - that’s not a very zen or unbothered response for such an untoxic, caring, successful, blissfully in love person with so many real friends such as yourself. Tsk, tsk - one would almost think things weren’t going so well…,

No. 1566234

File: 1655684182767.png (423.89 KB, 828x1792, E170434A-F3CD-4454-B511-5A5884…)

From Kayas mom under her new video. Jake made Kaya throw all her stuff out.

No. 1566236

Jake working hard on making sure he loses at least 100 fans a day, keep it up boi

No. 1566243

Her mum is so cute, that's bizarre Jake made some random rule "new stuff for a new house" especially if the timeline of his suspected cheating lines up with the move, like he got her to throw out her stuff knowing he was going to kick her out.

No. 1566285


Imagine telling on yourself like this. Relying on internet strangers to take care of your kid. Kaya’s mum is embarrassing.

No. 1566291

Didn't she have cancer recently? Imagine thinking kaya's mum is the cow when we have jake and kat right here.

No. 1566312

anon's phrasing of take care of your kid when Kaya is a fully grown adult gives away who it might be tbqh.

No. 1566317


I’m sorry? Is there a cap on cows? We can only have two?

Kaya’s mum says it herself: she’s inept at adulting. If you see it as a sign she’s been a competent mum, then that’s on you.

No. 1566323

Yikes. Bad take anon.

No. 1566326

Why do some of you keep doubting the timeline of Jake's cheating. He was cheating on Kaya for almost a year. Do you really think that any woman, even one as dumb as Kat, is going to leave her husband, father of her young child, owner of the tattoo studio she works at, for a month old fling? Fuck no. Jake knew he was going to kick her out. He probably told her to get rid of her stuff so he could put her outside at night with a suitcase and be done with it the weaselly coward.

No. 1566333

I love that mom, she spills all the tea lmao. Can't believe Fake made Kaya get rid of all her stuff when he was cheating on her with Kat what a fucking prick.

No. 1566337

ayrt, I don't doubt it in the least but you tend to get yelled at on lolcow in some threads if you don't have "proof" so all we can go on is Kaya's IG stories where she referenced cheaters etc, we don't know an exact timeline. For sure it was going on longer than a month, logically.
>He probably told her to get rid of her stuff so he could put her outside at night with a suitcase and be done with it the weaselly coward.
Yes I'm sure it was this, he wanted a nice quick changeover.

No. 1566366

File: 1655691150524.jpeg (309.31 KB, 750x881, 25698445-E0D8-461F-8781-C07735…)

Boohoo bitch, the pressure must be getting to him

No. 1566368

File: 1655691238092.jpeg (572.84 KB, 750x1098, 98487F84-2BD8-4EF8-B5AE-0686E7…)

He’s grown and educated himself, like, since he’s fucking a horse faced bitch with a kid? lmao

No. 1566372

File: 1655691406998.jpeg (341.76 KB, 750x1020, 38CACBDF-D17D-47DA-972E-7A8246…)

Sure seems like he was having a blast when the next best thing is throwing a fit on the internet after getting “home”, also pretty sure he has no idea that friends and acquaintances aren’t the same thing.

No. 1566373

Kek you chose to be an "influencer" and a YouTuber, Fake. You're a clown, with the makeup to boot, dancing for the amusement of others online. It's your job to be pleasant, and you started off your channel with fake positivity and a tagline, so of course fans are going to be shocked when you're hostile. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Cringe behavior.

No. 1566377

File: 1655691712504.png (867.21 KB, 471x851, 3239847u9239.png)

kek. the meltdowns are already beginning. It's honestly kind of impressive just how quickly his decline has been.

No. 1566380

The pussy educated him LOL.

No. 1566435

It's just the same redditspacing retard that always shits up these threads, Kaya's mom seems to be perfectly normal and is just a typical well-meaning boomer mom on the internet.

No. 1566488

>I was talking about my upbringing where I was hit, wanna make a video about that?
Why don't you quit the public tantrum and make it, Fake. Some people think abuse is fine since they were abused, and while it's a way of coping, it's shitty and a video on it from someone who used to think that could be interesting. To me, anyway, I was hit as a kid too. But mindless tiktok reacts are sooo much better…

>I felt like breaking character for a bit
Keep telling yourself that, whiny and wannabe edgy is your character. Your real character, not the literal characters you play via skinwalking, apart from your anger issues you seem to not know who you are.

No. 1566495

Is it really breaking character if you are an asshole 100% of the time?
It's a good video idea, like maybe address some of the issues raised by viewers in recent months for a start, rather than lashing out at anyone who questions him.
He needs to make some videos that are actually honest (Youtuber honest, I feel Youtube viewers tend to be pretty bad at spotting manipulative men, which is why so many terrible men get a following there, but they still need to put some effort in to keep up the facade) and show some semblance of kindness or personality, he has lost so much goodwill, evidenced by 90% drop in interest in both his OF and his recent failed plushie fund. He can double down and keep hemorrhaging followers and fans or he can make a change

(some free advice for you there Jake)

No. 1566497

File: 1655701237974.jpg (762.66 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220620-055934_Ins…)

Friends? Friend, singular. He went with K.

No. 1566501

L O L what an assertive hard-o.

No. 1566503

> Boohoo you can't hold me accountable for shit I say because I have a sObsTorY.

Cry me a river, Jake.

No. 1566506


does he realize that no-one other than his followers is gonna see this because his tweets are protected?

Or is it intentional - he can say what he likes because the person tweeting it isn't going to see it and he's just putting on a display for his followers.

No. 1566507

File: 1655702943366.png (379.87 KB, 1079x943, Screenshot_20220620-062735.png)

what positives lmao

No. 1566510

aww they look like twins.

No. 1566518

Oh yay, he’s finally at the phase of his spiral where he nukes what’s left of his career by publicly lashing out! Love that for the little scrote.

No. 1566530

lol Jake with his narc logic! everyone else is the problem. not being an asshole to your fans is just too high of an expectation to have of someone. it's setting too high of standards for a human being to expect them to not call people "dumb bitches" online, or to not tell everyone to "fuck off." avoiding cheating with a married woman who has a child and to not throw your ex out, instead of breaking up with them before you decide to move on is having too high of expectations. expecting someone not to condone abuse on their YouTube channel is just too high of an expectation, how dare we hold you accountable for the shit you say.
wow. dude needs therapy. it's not too high of expectations for you to bring down your urges to be shitty to others! most adults learn that you need to respect others, have self control, and act with integrity and honesty. not Jake, though, his toxic behavior is "your problem." fucking idiot. maybe it's just the booze killing his brain cells and deluding him. it's a bad mix with NPD because he already feels entitled to not have to follow the same rules as others.

No. 1566531

Kek! What positives?! Seriously though, what positives?
Punching walls? Drinking excessively? Cheating? Bullying kids on tiktok? Bulling people in general? Skinwalking? Lying? Smoking? Thinking he’s a porn star? Pushing his porn on to minors? There’s more but all these things are solely his content and personality! It’s all he’s ever shown

No. 1566533

he sees himself as having a musical gift… and he taught himself some Japanese gibberish.

No. 1566534

Jake must be doing damage control on Twitter as it’s only positive comments. I wonder if it’s only Twitter where jake has a little safe space?

No. 1566543

Way to get more people to hate you omg. He could of just said sorry but you don’t know me in real life or just deleted the comment but no
He had to add fuel to the fire. This is hilarious

No. 1566548

No mention of Jakes plushies then? Must be a sore spot

No. 1566570

maybe he's lashing out because not enough people like him anymore. "well fuck you all anyway for not buying my new doll! I don't need you I don't need anybody!" total child. I hope Kat wisens up enough to keep him away from her actual child. Jake reminds me of evil little kids in movies who try to hurt the little ones to have mummy all to themselves. I'd be very concerned about how he has done a 180 from being positive and gracious toward his audience (maybe not gracious as he was a shameless e-beggar, but at least not saying "that's none of your business/dumb bitch/fuck off everyone") to being so negative and nasty, combined with all his baggage about his upbringing. yikes.

No. 1566572

It’s not been mentioned. it probably means it didn’t reach the goal but it was either at 80 or 90% he should of bought the last few and done a give away like ‘subscribe like comment and you could win a plush’

No. 1566583

Jake really is going full mask-off feral narcissist, what the actual fuck is he thinking? Lashing out like that is so fucking embarrassing and unprofessional. What a fun new way to show your entire ass online that isn't only fans. He's lashing out at people for not knowing delicate Private information about his upbringing, news flash Jake: can't make a video about it if you didn't fucking talk about it, know what you did talk about on camera? How you think kids and animals should be physically educated. This is all a consequence of not watching your mouth while recorded, that's no one's fault but yours, Jake.

It's possible that a lot of these "clap backs" happen when he's drunk, bored and reading comments.

No. 1566595

What the actual fuck kind of face is he trying to make? He has rapist/serial killer eyes. Does he actually think this is sexy? Everything about this is just bad

No. 1566609

In truth the blur tool use combined with her underpants makes it look like he has the genitals of a Ken doll.

No. 1566623

ohh, mini Onision lmfao

No. 1566627

Funny how he’s doing this after seeing Kaya release a video of unboxing gifts from her fans.

I wonder if she did this on purpose as she knew it would make jake lose his marbles with jealously. She knows jake inside out and what triggers his bullshit, I bet she knew this would be one. And if so, I hope she keeps doing videos that get under his skin to make him crack

No. 1566629

Entirely tinfoil but I wonder if it's more than just booze. He's starting to come off like some people I used to know that got super into speed, increasingly bad mood swings, paranoia and huge eye bags. If so, and it isn't just a recent thing, it might also explain why Kaya doesn't want to touch ADHD meds, as those are also amphetamine based and that would probably be frightening to someone who has witnessed someone going through stimulant psychosis.

No. 1566639

>Your high expectations [expecting me to be a decent person, and role model I posited myself as, being an influencer] are your problem

Really getting some insight on what Kaya had to put up with for ten years here

No. 1566650

File: 1655719564189.jpg (738.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220620-120457_Ins…)

Kaya spilling a bit tea

No. 1566657

File: 1655720050351.jpg (1.81 MB, 1920x3236, InShot_20220620_121147842.jpg)

Instant post that not only one, but at least with two other persons (K's gf). "I have frens!!!"

No. 1566664

File: 1655721248195.jpeg (393.37 KB, 750x1111, DE952A3C-2E6D-4EE0-B7A6-3799C4…)

Re: “I educated myself” - in response to someone saying there’s no cure for being a hater he posted a gif from Drag Race where Ru is slapping someone, so he’s apparently still not completely opposed to pHySiCaL eDuCaTiOn lol

No. 1566673

Picking fights with teenagers on Twitter really is not the "clap back" he thinks it is, it's so incredibly juvenile and pathetic. The man has 0 dignity or emotional intelligence

No. 1566757

Jake is such a tool; deluding himself that he’s all edgy and unpredictable when he’s really just exhibiting textbook narc behavior. The only thing he could do that would be truly shocking is apologize sincerely to Kaya for making a misery of a decade+ of her life (because that would require genuine insight, lol).

No. 1566765

File: 1655735345895.png (2.24 MB, 1170x2532, CDC3AA52-2043-4E4B-AB10-F46AE0…)

Honestly I’m loving the subtle digs and I really hope he’s getting wound up by it.

No. 1566778

Ahah this reminds me of the "red flags" thread in /g where anons just list very specific traits from ex boyfriends

No. 1566879

File: 1655743745943.png (25.83 KB, 680x317, Capture.PNG)

saged since it's not quite milk and we all know he's a narc anyway, but this was in Kaya's likes. I genuinely feel for her.

No. 1566945

His hair here reminds me of Emilie Autumn, actually.

No. 1566982

Emily boo has a new Q and A up and she has weighed in on the Kaya and Fake break up. She didn’t say a lot just that Kaya and she are friends, she’s in a much better place now and that ‘the truth will out’ maybe not soon but eventually it will. I wonder how long it will be before Fake chimps out?(post milk)

No. 1566985

How long? Anon, it's already started. Calling women "dumb bitch", making insane tweets like this >>1566366 , the entire state of his Onlyfans… his downward spiral is already in full swing.

No. 1566999

I don’t throw this term around lightly, this is just straight up gaslighting. >>1566639 is right, sorry but as any kind of INFLUENCER using your INFLUENCE positively and not being a dick is literally part of your job description. Clapping back at real douchebags is one thing but imagine if celebrities started screaming at every kid in their comments section. It is crazy just how little he’s capable of admitting he might be the slightest wrong or bad.

No. 1567000

inb4 WKing but I think she’d be too scared to invite that kind of negativity, which says a lot about his abuse in itself. I also think she used to get hate comments about why she didn’t always film mail unboxings and shit (I could be wrong, it’s a vague memory), I think it was genuinely trying to acknowledge the gifts people gave. The subtle digs on her story are everything though.

No. 1567006

I meant how long before he chimps out about what Emily said. Lashing out at random teens is one thing, taking a swipe at another YouTuber (other than his ex obviously) is something else. That would be interesting.

No. 1567037

Kaya talking in her story about her friends secretly planning her a bday party for several weeks, meanwhile jake's bday was him just drunk and seething online kek

No. 1567053

I was just thinking this, are the last couple of tweets posted here recent? Because if so he’s literally on holiday and seething at Twitter replies.

No. 1567081

They are, he made them about 17-18 hours ago after his great day at that sad looking pool with K and her partner kek

No. 1567134

File: 1655758974167.png (2.3 MB, 1170x2532, 13DCE586-0A7B-4DBB-9986-F756F9…)

And the hits keep coming for fake

No. 1567148

File: 1655759555540.png (4.35 MB, 1242x2208, BF30A696-93B9-4C80-9E69-916CB5…)

Aaaaand here it is
Wondering how long the daddy thing would take

No. 1567163

Kayas mom is so wholesome. I kinda love her, sorry not sorry

I’ve rarely seen someone shoot them selves in the foot so many times, so quickly. Just keep being your true self Fakey boy. Kiss your $$& goodbye. I love to see it.

Fake also had to cross an ocean and visit a different continent to find someone willing to hang out with him briefly

No. 1567208

Kaya has removed all those stories from IG. I reckon Fake has threatened her or something. He did mention he had a lawyer so I think she legally can’t say anything about him.

No. 1567211

File: 1655763761229.jpg (82.73 KB, 1008x306, Screenshot_20220620-152151_Twi…)

Ew she definitely settled. Someone tell him to shave the beard for Jude.

No. 1567213

The whole Depp vs. Heard thing probably has him thinking he can get her for defamation or something stupid like that. He'd lose a case like that in a heartbeat.

No. 1567214

>He did mention he had a lawyer so I think she legally can’t say anything about him.

Man can't afford a lawyer with how much his fanbase has dropped, and stalking her stories well after the breakup is definitely a healthy thing for a #thriving person to be doing if he is. There's no legal reason why someone can't post vaguely about someone else to say mild things like I'm over it or the house isn't messy now and things don't get broken, but Jake is so terrified of her speaking up he's probably shitting bricks at every slight mention.

No. 1567269

You know, the really funny thing is if Kaya DID spill the tea, we’d probably find the reality somewhat tame in comparison to the jackassery we all imagine he gets up to. If he’d just shut the fuck up and stop trying to control literally everyone and just let the pieces fall, I think we’d all get bored and move on pretty quickly. Then he could maybe relax and stop scouring the internet for any vague reference to his boring ass potato face midget man self.

But he’s his own worst enemy. So just keep it going, Jake.

No. 1567317

It’s hilarious that he can’t see that he’s the Amber Heard

No. 1567444

Ayrt, I don't mean this recent meltdown, I mean when he was in Barcelona with skat for his bday and didn't even enjoy it while kaya enjoyed her recent bday, because she has friends. Funny that he's ruining his own holiday again, though.

No. 1567447

She's a neet and a butterface, she didn't settle.

No. 1567555

File: 1655800448606.jpg (597.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220621-093239_Ins…)

He is unbearably cringe, baby girl, the carpenters.. ick

No. 1567559

Bahaha, I came here to post on the same thing! I can't believe how cliché-ridden and absolutely unoriginal he is. The song is the musical equivalentfor his gas station flowers.

No. 1567575

Oh for fucks sake.. just when you think Fake cannot get anymore cringe he pulls out the bastard carpenters.

No. 1567617

I think I exclusively associate this song with the Simpsons Movie. This is nobody under 50’s “song” kek Kat is a textbook example of a sad young divorcee/parent accepting bare minimum manipulation tactics from a dude who just wants to get his dick wet. He just wants the exact same relationship he had with Kaya, someone he can manipulate while maintaining his image as a wholesome family guy, but with someone he deems is more “hot” and less “annoying” (read: has their own thoughts, feelings and wants).

No. 1567656

File: 1655814680135.png (877.49 KB, 648x1134, Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 13.30…)

Where does Kaya get off kinkshaming ddlg but literally has her mons pierced? LOL

No. 1567660

nona please, twitter's on the other tab

No. 1567682

Everyone should kinkshame ddlg.

No. 1567683

And what does a piercing have to with DDLG?

No. 1567689

It's the perfect song for them. A cliché song about a dumb girl fawning over some pretty boy wishing she was his girlfriend. Bet it boosts Stumpy's ego and she has no self respect either way. lmao

No. 1567693

Didn’t expect that song thought it would be a death metal or something. This such a random song lol

No. 1567703

File: 1655817898572.jpg (676.19 KB, 602x2040, benedict.jpg)

This topic isn't milk but I'm amazed at how Angela is defending goth gatekeeping (rightfully imho) in her latest video using this rethoric and then she's completely blind to the troon menace.

No. 1567726


Idk about rightfully. Full disclosure, didn't watch the video. But that's because her content is so tired. Its the same regurgitated gother than thou bullshit every time. I dont know anyone can stomach her at this point.

No. 1567740

Goth gatekeeping is fucking dumb. None of them dress like the 80's goths and that pretty straight long hair certainly was not part of the equation. None of them listen to actual old school goth. You're not a freak embracing darkness you're a walking 90's vamp goth cliché on youtube wearing pink eye shadow. And thats fine. Most original goths no longer dress goth or toned it down but still listen to goth music.And some people look goth and love the aesthetics but don't like the music. It's fine. Like chill.

The Goth scene is dead, it died 2 decades ago. What's left is just a party. Don't take it so seriously, the early goths didn't take it all that serious either. I was there, in that time in Europe. There is no point in gatekeeping this shit what are you 12??

No. 1567763

“Put on dog collars and feel entitled to goth spaces” girl it’s not a gay bar. If she’s implying you need to have been bullied in high school and learned the whole history of an 80s subculture to go to an alt nightclub she’s cracked.

No. 1567765

Adult woman piercing an area near her fanny verus having a noncing fetish…Are you joking kek

No. 1567767

What the hell are you talking about and what does that have to do with parallelism between the screencaps rethoric and the tranny cult thing? It's almost like you didn't read the post.

No. 1567800

U mad Anon? They’re literally making fun of the captions in the screencaps…

No. 1567818

Are you practicing for The Olympics because that is one hell of a s t r e t c h

No. 1567837

I got that but top one does a weird direct talk using ''you''. Anyways, just wanted to point out how apparently ''goth spaces'' are a thing to her while some videos ago she was caping for trannies, who generally claim that female only spaces are transphobic. I wonder if while she was ranting about gatekeeping goth she had some self awareness about this other topic, but it's unlikely.

No. 1567841

You're boring, go back to the MTF thread.

No. 1567843

Only if you go back to reddit

No. 1567862

Nta but the parallel anon was trying to point out is, troons dress like women and expect to be accepted in women’s spaces (shelters, support groups, sports, etc). Not much different than what Angela is complaining about, which is normies donning a “goth costume” and going into goth spaces. She doesn’t realize that trannies do the same thing she hates, yet is still caping for them.
I do agree Angela is being ridiculous though. I get seeing normies is annoying (particularly if they’re moids just wanting to hit on “freaky goths”), but if it’s just normies in black not really doing anything, I don’t see why it’s an issue. Isn’t more attendance better anyways? As long as the music doesn’t change to the new crowd of normies visiting then whatever.

No. 1567876

I'm replying to the picture and the video you posted. If you want to talk about the troons go to the troon threads. The troons larp into everything women and the dumb handmaidens all don't see it yet. It's the same damn thing everywhere. its boring there is nothing to talk about.

No. 1567878

(repost cause forgot to sage)
One could almost call Jake Chris Emotionless, right? Kek, sorry, I just came up with that and thought it was remotely funny.
Anyways, but has anyone else noticed how Kaya has been wearing a lot more crosses and/or cross themed jewelry recently? She's often been wearing roseries, even changed her libret piercing jewelry to a cross. I don't mean to say that she's Christian or anything (as I know many people who just like the imagery of it while not being that religion), I just found it interesting, given Jake absolutely despises of chrisitianity and never grew out of his "rebellious high school atheist" phase. I wonder if Kaya maybe wasn't allowed to wear this kinda imagery when she was still living with him.

No. 1567880

The "you" is not weird. The troon thing is boring.

No. 1567885

Now that you say it, I do not recall Kaya wearing a lot of crosses. It could be just a phase or it could be you are right and it's another thing Jake prevented her from doing. I like the crosses and rosaries in goth aesthetics.

No. 1567895

>two supposed alternative people
>our song
>the carpenters

That's even considered cheesy for our parent's generation nevermind their own, couldn't find a more unique song no? Doesn't have to be goth but MOR? Anything? Out of all the songs in the world?
Really living up to that "poser" status here kek

No. 1567897

Goth gatekeeping is not dumb and some people look goth and love the aesthetics and don´t like the music but that´s the point they aint goth. Jake Munro is tainting the term goth

No. 1567909

Yeah there's nothing wrong with tourists or people who just like the aesthetic, but the problem comes when they want to bend an entire established subculture around them e.g. insisting the music doesn't matter, or insisting it's evolved into sound clout rap eithout knowing modern goth bands exist

No. 1567921

Right? They couldn’t pretend to like a more alternative song?
I think Jake likes the song because he’s a narcissist who also wants to believe “girls follow him around” and is “a dream come true” (lyrics in the song). I don’t really think it’s much of a couple song at all, since it’s about a girl fawning over a boy and is possibly unrequited. It’s one-sided.

No. 1567924

I'm the parallel anon and ayrt (same anon). You explained perfectly what I was referring to, but some anons above focused only on the gatekeeping part and that was a secundary issue, the context. Maybe we could have this debate on the /g/ thread.

No. 1567933

samefag and tinfoil but the song could also describe a groupie in love. In her mind, Fake had allll of these options and choices among fans, but picked her, Kat, to cheat on! I dunno, it’s just a very strange song choice for an “our song”.

No. 1567950

Wow, people claiming there is “goth music” on this thread, can’t believe I’m reading this bullshit here. As if there’s a suite of bands that you have to listen to to be truly goth. Jfc. Way to show you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about

No. 1567955

Are you stupid?

No. 1567962

File: 1655834994954.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.73 KB, 1366x768, stumpy-hobo.jpg)

Not very related, but I'm watching Jake's latest vlog from Barcelona right now and managed to screenshot this monstrosity. With this screencap, we're now entering the realm of hobo land, where pisses are only to be taken in public in the middle of a beach, with an unlit ciggarette in between your slimy lips.
(In the video he's not actually taking a piss, Kat just got to hold the camera and at that point, they were both drunk into oblivion so she filmed his crotch while giggling. Just thought it looked funny kek)

No. 1567978

Filthy manlet acts like a real brit on holiday in Barcelona, what a surprise. This screenshot is on par with his onlyfans content, same exact aura.

No. 1567982

Literally was gonna say the exact same thing. If the timeline matches up then he already knew he was kicking her out. Disgusting that he forced her to get rid of so much of her shit, or homeware and furniture that he knew she could have used in a place of her own. What a crusty cumrag of a human being.

No. 1567993

Kek you do know goth as a genre exists, right? There’s certain music characteristics that categorizes a song as goth. Literally look it up. It’s just like any other genre of music. You don’t have to listen to Siouxsie or even like the OG bands to be a goth, there’s literally hundreds of bands making goth music.
Anon is probably a retard whose mad that listening to Manson or Corpse Husband doesn’t make them a goth.

No. 1568015

File: 1655837478587.jpeg (515.05 KB, 750x1294, 00884DB7-F54A-453B-9D6A-C56CCC…)

fucking lol at Fake‘s likes on twitter

No. 1568041

Holy transparently strategic likes Batman

No. 1568065

File: 1655839401907.jpeg (216.09 KB, 750x1332, 8B1C8A4A-671A-436F-8EE3-501D0B…)

Jake : “See, look at me guys. You are wrong. I do have friends. I tagged along because I’m here with K. They made me a hotdog. “

No. 1568067

Close to you is NOT a romantic couples song. Has he actually considered the lyrics? It's about infatuation, desperation, and loneliness. It is actually a sad song, not a romantic one.

No. 1568111

I noticed he’s sitting away from everyone but will still post on his stories to make it seem like these people are his friends too lol

No. 1568137

File: 1655844486779.png (26.59 KB, 651x321, Capture.PNG)

People are starting to get their refunds for the plush, he must be seething right now feeling that underage fan money slip through his fingers

No. 1568153

There are some wannabe goths here who get butthurt if you say its all bullshit nonna but you are absolutely right lmao

No. 1568164

File: 1655845954532.png (623.21 KB, 497x882, Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 23-01…)

You missed the best one. "Look at me being cool" while everyone ignores the raging narcissist kek

No. 1568218

This reminds me of an old old blog he did at a house party of Kelly Eden and Dre Ronayne’s friends’. Lots of drawing attention to himself and pretending to be old friends with a room full of people who never spoke to him again.

No. 1568242

Nobody said you have to listen to every single one, or that they should be the only thing you listen to ever. Seems like nonas were talking about those who don't give a shit about the subculture at all and just dress like goth in a box killstar

No. 1568350

>mummy… head… hurts… owwwwwww…

No. 1568389

hahaha. also, "mummy, sing me my lullaby 'close to you.'"
" 'on the day that I was born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come truuuue' "

No. 1568421

All the alcohol is and smoking is finally giving him old man bitch tits and a doughy body. Just goes to show how much he edits himself

No. 1568422

His nips look massive cuz of the shadow lol

No. 1568464

Just… watching him go down like this… it's so weird. It's so odd that last year around Halloween, he was still the big goth youtuber, people (even including me at times, one of the most embarrasing truths about me) looked up to him, his discord server was still very lively with a community where everyone was pretty close. The longer i look back, the more i realise that the reason i liked his content wasn't because of him, but because of other people in the community. He just brought them all together, so it all kind of went back to him in my head i guess.
It's actually a tad bit sad, watching him infiltrating his friend's friend groups so he doesn't feel so alone and isolated. Maybe even makes me feel the tiniest bit sorry for that guy. But that doesn't change what he fucked up in the past.
(this got a bit longer then expected kek, sorry bout that)

No. 1568550

Don’t feel bad Anon. The infiltration is never to soothe himself or form genuine relationships, it’s just to tag along and hopefully get a filming/clout opportunity in along the way. The guy is textbook narc in that he’s emotionally dead inside.

No. 1568587

Seconding this, your pity is wasted on the likes of him. everything he does is just his smooth little narc brain trying to make himself look grand.
>it’s your fault!!1
>muh sob story, muh friends
>fuck teh haters
this is so retarded, he really is a bona fida textbook narc. 100% that fucker is sitting around drunk off his ass and unleashes his rage in the most embarrassing way. Jake was the real cow all along, lmao what a trainwreck

No. 1568599

I’m 1100% convinced her used to read these threads when they were Kaya-centred, and later probably thought that everything we said about her was what was holding him back or was a sign that he could ditch. Then the tables turned kek. Also agreed about releasing his rage in embarrassing ways, Kat definitely thinks she can “fix him”.

No. 1568656

Honestly? I hope Kat opens her eyes and ditches Jake, he's so clearly unhinged, she can't advise him in how not to engage with people on the internet like I assume Kaya did. He's going to repeatedly ruin what shred of good faith he has with his snaccs until they disappear completely and then she's all he has. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he turns into the kind of tragic narc that gets jealous of her kid, he absolutely seems like the type. I pray Kat's friends do what Kaya's failed to and see all the huge red flags. Get her out of there.

No. 1568710

ugh that could very well be true, plus the asspats he got from his followers fueling his gigantic ego. Imagine him feeling vindicated and getting all haughty because anons were bitching about kaya, accelerating his efforts to show everyone how much of a pathetic dumpster fire he is KEK

No. 1568743

He definitely is an asshole… it's probably just that I'm kind of a people pleaser and I still remember times when his community did help me. Well, now almost all the good people have left and it's just him and a bunch of brainwashed kids and middleaged thirsting mums - ew kek.

No. 1568749

You're definitely right Anon. His social and moral status on social media (and possibly in real life too) are like a cup. The cup was full when he was still with Kaya, but since the break-up, he has been just carelessly spilling from it everywhere he lays a foot and hasn't been adding anything to it. Soon, he'll just be standing in a shittip of a household with an empty cup in his hand, hollering how it's all Kaya's fault in all directions. Pathetic.

No. 1568764

Sage for random nitpick, but why does Kat, who does tattooing for a living, have to be so dumb about it? Like in the Barcelona vlog she's getting BOTH her palms done at the same time. You are already handicapped when you have one palm done, but two?! Girl, you had to have one giant shit of a time in Barcelona, not even being able to take the whole 3,5 inches of Jake's crotch-noodle in your hands in the evening.
Another one - everyone knows that drinking the day before your appointment makes you bleed a lot more, making the situation more uncomfortable both for you and the artist.
And an another one - palm tattoos can be cool, but generally artists recommend getting simpler designs, as they tend to fade quite a lot. The tentacli/flower/heart thing with the detailed line work she's got there is not gonna hold up.

No. 1568777

I’m not saying Fake is influential or popular enough that his following came anything close to a cult, but this is how a lot of cultish abuse situations work. You made friends, felt less alone, felt apart of something, it gave you the warm fuzzies, and those endorphins extend to the person you credit for bringing that community together - who really is doing fuckall but gaming and abusing his girlfriend in the background. He might have thrown the occasionally “I love you guys, I’m so grateful for your support” out there but you really have to internalize that that’s the bear minimum. The really shitty part is when donating to streams or buying merch becomes an integral part of that warm fuzzy feeling - “Break the Jake” and you were apart of something bigger than yourself, YOU did that thing that made everyone laugh and have a good time! It was all calculated from the start.

No. 1568800

Honestly I would not trust her with tattoos just because of all that. Lets not forget she also has a small child that still needs help with washing or toilet stuff. She needs to wash her hands a lot. Bet those tats already look like shit.

No. 1568826

I actually just realized that… Thanks random anon on the internet for opening my eyes, I guess the "Cult of Munro" wasn't that far from reality kek

No. 1568854

Yep this is how someone so lacking in any redeeming qualities can somehow get money rained on him (past tense) people enjoyed the company of the community/fandom despite his lack of personality, he was kind of the totem. By his own ineptitude he broke the community apart, leaving nothing for people to attach to.

The nice part I guess of cult and fandoms is they stem from a desire for community, people want to care for others and support them (parasocial relationships with idols, as well as fellow community members), and those traits are nothing to be ashamed of.

No. 1568855

Srs note but don’t feel bad, and that goes for any ex-snaccs on this thread, long as you stop supporting/defending his douchebaggery. It’s a normal reaction and it probably doesn’t invalidate any fun times you had with other fans. Most people are here in the first place because they had a cringey phase or used to fangirl a lolcow kek. As someone who used to follow Kaya for years and ALWAYS hated the guy, it’s much easier to see that unlike some YouTubers, he really doesn’t give a shit about his followers.

No. 1568857

Exactly. The relentless advertising of “GOTH DOES THIS” also obviously attracts people from alt subcultures who are more likely to be emotionally vulnerable or in need of an online friendship circle. Tale as old as the internet itself.

No. 1568881

>>cult of munro
i'm not proud of the following statement but, that's exactly what we called ourselves. i guess it was just for shits and giggles but it's kind of fucked up now that i think about it

No. 1568901

File: 1655915702419.jpg (526.39 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220622-172610_Ins…)

Look at me totally having fun guys!!

Also, Jude went on a rant, in a video so no need for pic, about how people send messages like kys in influencers' anonymous asks and doesn't understand how people can be so "vile." First of all, welcome to the Internet. Second, you're vile to your followers all the time in Q and As, yes you do understand kek.

No. 1568911

File: 1655916330024.jpg (484.54 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220622-174435_Ins…)

Ugh Skat is just as sufferable as Fake. They deserve each other. A truly rotten pair.

No. 1568930

File: 1655918144074.jpeg (547 KB, 2048x2048, 5AA20EE7-4313-4AB5-9DAA-C0548C…)

No. 1568939


No. 1568952

We know.

No. 1568960

Oh my god this is hilarious! I‘d love to see this as the new thread pic lmao

No. 1569099

Actual lmao

No. 1569135

File: 1655931805636.png (5.53 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1515.png)

Jude goes on a rant about people sending her hate messages while trying to do a Q&A.

No. 1569171

She has her own thread. Why do you keep posting her in here?

No. 1569177

>>1569171 She eventually crossed over to this thread due to the lack of milk to sustain her own thread, this was literally stated multiple times anon.

No. 1569181

It was stated she gets crossed over when she simps for jake. Her thread isn’t necro’d and if she didn’t have a enough milk she wouldn’t have one. It was posted in not even 24 hours ago so I don’t get why have it and not use it.. but do you this thread is boring af anyways so I guess I kinda get it.

No. 1569192

Tbh doesn't matter where she's discussed. She counts as an altcow, and for some reason someone made her dedicated threads too despite not being hugely milky, it was discussed and agreed in those threads to move her to altcows, then people keep using her threads anyway.

No. 1569195

File: 1655936358323.png (26.04 KB, 1867x262, Untitled7.png)

>>1569181 That's not true, we decided over 5 months ago to cross over Jude to Alt cow because her thread was slow. And if we only post about Jude relating to Jake, then why are most of the post about Jude for the past few threads were barely about Jake?

No. 1569200

Uhh that was my point all the non jake related shit should go in her thread wether you constitute it as enough milk or not. Irdc it was just a question because I see her thread pop up then I see her pop up in this thread. You can get back to dunking on the goffs now

No. 1569218

Why do anons care where she is discussed lol I read both threads and see no problem

No. 1569247

This. She’s posted here so infrequently, just move along if you can’t handle it. It’s like when someone bitches about TND being mentioned in the (where the fuck is the new one) Jonny Craig/Sydney threads. They’re connected, deal.

No. 1569253

File: 1655943157781.png (1.76 MB, 905x1628, shop party.png)

Some milk on the mean girls of the north:
I think Lilachris and Manicmoth aren‘t close friends anymore. Chris used to kiss Annika’s ass because she wanted to be just like her, being a big fan and stuff. Last big birthday party, Manicmoth is missing. Last post on the shop‘s instagram about Manicmoth is a year ago. No more jewelry from Annika in her store, only 2 ugly low effort T-shirts. Instead Chris chose to stock necklaces from Mystery Creation, Polish brand afaik. They didn‘t go to WGT together, it seems they met shortly but it does look like some posing out of politeness, no party together. Does anyone have milk on what happened between them?

No. 1569267

File: 1655944678020.png (1.04 MB, 842x1571, skull necklace.png)

Literally the same necklace Manicmoth makes. Why dump a friend‘s jewelry for foreign made stuff? Manicmoth used to live close to the Nyctophilia shop too, it doesn‘t make sense.

No. 1569269

File: 1655944827574.png (1.75 MB, 1469x840, same necklace lol.png)

not very original anyway

No. 1569281

it is true, he really didnt give a shit about his followers and it was easy to see when I compared it to other youtubers that I was really tuned into because of the lock down. I began going to livestreams. there were people with around Jake's subscriber count or less who would tell their subscribers not to send superchat donations, they have everything they need and just are glad to chat with their followers in these crazy times and let loose. and other youtubers in the millions of subs who would also turn off the superchats and pay attention to the chatroom itself and talk to us. I had been watching Jake so I was so shocked when very famous YouTubers read my comments aloud and answered to them, when they'd read and laugh at my jokes and actually follow the conversation on a live stream/premiere with the chatroom. it was very meaningful. compare to Jake, he was in his own world playing video games and narrating it. he wouldnt even look at the chatroom, sometimes he didnt even notice donations if they were under $100, the automated voice sound effect would read the subscriber's name and their comment. he'd totally ignore it and just say "eh thanks" and keep gaming. other times he would e-beg instead of saying "nah I am good and just grateful to spend time with my audience." it was such a turn off. all he cares about is money and clout. well he is losing both now thanks to his asshole ways and he isn't even likable at all now, he is a drunken 30 something yr old cheating shitstain being rude and lewd online with an alcoholic hag for a girlfriend. really impressive. he's going to have to get a job like the rest of society at this rate.

No. 1569283

lmao, "I'm in a group picture, proof I am PoPuLaR!"

No. 1569355

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Fake posted mean things about Kaya in this thread before they broke up. He seems the type to do that.

No. 1569506

He probably won’t be able to get a job as the last really job he had, he punched the wall or door because his boss said something he didn’t like

No. 1569592

File: 1655970388859.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 37E48DBD-501D-4F96-8822-9CF0FB…)

K’s gf Koli tagged everyone but Fake. Lol nobody can stand him or wants to be associated with him.

No. 1569675

File: 1655982505215.jpg (583.03 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220623-120637_Ins…)

They are so co-dependant. Suppose that's what happens what you cheat on and screw over the people around you kek

No. 1569748

Nah. they don't even really 'love' each other, this is a narc relationship, this will end soon and terribly kek.

No. 1569823

Anyone remembers his yt video about the "are you lost, baby girl?" - trend on tiktok? The trend was really cringe worth and fake almost died of cringe. But now this is what he calls his gf….

No. 1570261

"One more sleep"??? I didn't realize that anyone actually uses this terminology outside of children waiting for Christmas.

No. 1570280

All those Long Island iced teas went straight to his face. Even that desperate jawline tattoo isn’t saving him from the alcoholic swelling kek

No. 1570286

literally just the honeymoon period. Just wait till they burn through this phase. kek

he does have a stereotypical alcoholic look to him, bloated in the face and gut

No. 1570358

Does anyone thinks its odd there is nothing from Kaya? The last thing she posted was 2 days ago how she was feeling ill from taking her ritalin again and now nothing.

No. 1570440

I was just thinking the same

No. 1570572

She’s probably having a melt down because jake my have threatened her again. Hence the deleting of stories that vague post about jake

No. 1570611

What could Jake be holding over her head at this point? They seem to be completely separated, she's got her own place and I think she said she doesn't rely on him financially at all. I thought she finally seemed free, but I guess not.

No. 1570614

I bet he still has some important stuff of hers like her moped and clothes and he's being an asshole about giving it back. Narcs like to be incredibly difficult about it while acting its bother for them while they enjoy having others jumping through hoops.

No. 1570623

Maybe that she still does foot fetish pictures-videos. around time she got her bats foot tattoo it's pretty obvious she was dipping into that area of her life again with all the very odd photos

No. 1570624

Surely the tattoo would make that a poorly kept secret?

No. 1570640

I highly doubt that Jake would hold that over her head considering he’s selling literal nudes of himself

No. 1570647

That is such a reach. Like seriously.

Kaya did an instagram live recently, I tuned in a few minutes late but people were apparently asking her about jake still having some of her stuff and how she could get it back, and she was getting very uncomfortable and flustered talking about it. People suggested she get a friend to go with her or get it for her and her response was something along the lines of her friends not wanting to deal with him. She ended up shutting the conversation down because she didn't want to/couldn't talk about it, and she seemed irritable and upset for a bit after. It's pretty clear she's still scared of talking too much about things publicly. I don't know if he's threatened legal action or destroying her stuff or what, but her reactions anytime things like this come up are very telling.

No. 1570655

Since jakes a little cunt he’s probably not hanging anything over her head but threatening her with legal action, like defamation or something

No. 1570666

I wouldn’t put it past the little scrote to be threatening her with defamation or whatever, he is exactly the type to squeal about ‘lawyers’ if things aren’t going his way.

No. 1570667

If there's one thing we all know for sure is that things at the moment are absolutely not going his way, never seen someone tank their own reputation and career so consistently

No. 1570699

File: 1656079247356.png (2.92 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-06-24-15-52-07…)

No. 1570707

I feel like this is a picture of a 2022 version of rednecks or trailers trash. Instead of the us or confederate flag its the gender flags and instead of cowboy heads its piercings and colored hair

No. 1570715

they both look like shower is optional. So gross. Imagine their dirty ass smelling sex kek

No. 1570722

Is the BF trans or are you saying 'gender flags' as a general thing?

No. 1570732

The general queer gender bollocks.

No. 1570738

The bf is nonbinary apparently, jude called him a "they" in a vague post about him, but has no problem calling him daddy kek.

Also isn't jude like 5'5" or something, her "daddy" can't be much taller than that then

No. 1570753

Is this the shit fringe club meeting?

No. 1570845

Doesn't she always talk about how smol she is? And how she has a size kink so her partner needs to be huge and buffed? kek

No. 1570884

Could explain how she got loads tattoo money

No. 1570909

can't believe he goes to the gym with street shoes. grooss

No. 1570910

I will say she looks wayyyy better now she stoped cutting out a square chunk in her fringe that was god awful

No. 1570920

We've seen jake's stubby lil pencil dick grinding all over his motorcycle, who the fuck gives a shit about toe pics? I feel like this is a reach.

Definitely wouldn't doubt if he's used physical or financial intimidation. At the very least he'll be broke soon enough.

ngl, she looks huge next to him. "daddy" is an absolute manlet, she's even slouching down/bending her knee a bit. kek

She makes like 7k off patreon alone, anon. I don't think she's terribly strapped for cash rn.

No. 1571042

It's not codependant its desperately trying to cement the relationship as "real" to onlookers. It's all performative wank, just like always.
When they post shit like this, they get comments on being codependant or unable to do anything without one another, and when they don't and do things separately of one another, they get "ooh trouble in paradise" lol. They're perfectly capable of being apart, Jake's taken multiple opportunities to travel abroad without her, but needs to make the relationship that he homewrecked and tanked his own career for look like its "the real deal".
I wonder how much they do this to try and convince themselves that its the real deal, and worth all of the negatives, and how much is for trying to convince everyone else.

No. 1571098


Foot photos don't make 1990's level porn money any more. Nobody is making a butt load of money off feet alone, every time you see someone in a tabloid going on about how all they do is waggle their toes and they pay off all their debts is either talking crap for attention or doing some other kind of sex work too. I don't think anybody except Jake stans or that person that got extremely riled up about one of Kaya's piercings the other day would give that much of a shit any more if she was taking photos of her feet though.

No. 1571100

It's the classic sunk cost fallacy, Kat and Jake have sunk too much time and gambled too much on each other to pull out now, she's torn apart her family, had to move job and he single handedly obliterated his own career by thinking with his dick and assuming everyone would want a peek of it ( they don't)

It's completely performative, you can tell they barely fucking know each other, that's why they have to be near- paralytic in order to spend time in each others company. It was a relationship based on the foundation of a terrible life choice and held together with long Island iced tea. It's also just really hard to swallow the concept that this is a loving wholesome relationship when the first time he premièred Kat to his audience he objectified her down to just being "pussy" and tried to auction off their sex tape. He's so fucking rancid

No. 1571116

>I don't think anybody except Jake stans or that person that got extremely riled up about one of Kaya's piercings the other day would give that much of a shit any more if she was taking photos of her feet

or the people who were clutching their rosaries at the mention of onlyfans the other week kek

This. Literally, all of this. Nothing to add but I just wanted to bump this specific post so that when Jake and Kat inevitably read this thread next, they can pay close attention to this bit.

No. 1571294

The true music based goth subculture has definitely been on a decline especially in North America too many people just use the fashion for clout and a lot of people are not here for it like Angela.
I live in one of the biggest cities in Canada that was once the hot scene city and we have like 2 nights a month now and a few other here or there events/meetups but mostly just drama in spaces meant to grow the community. Feels like with a lot of niche subcultures and fashions the older crowd would rather just do their own thing and not bother exhausting themselves with the trendy kids.

Tinfoil hat thought I think most people who actually care about goth don't want to bother with the whole influencer life especially not to the point it would be their income which is usually what leads to milk. A lot of what people can argue is pillars of goth are counter intuitive to pillars of goth (Counter culture, DIY, unique expression ect.) There are a few possible future goth cows looking at you Nyx Linnae if you keep your current shit up. But I have definitely seen a lot of gothtubers just give up when they realize they aren't just going to be a big youtube star after 10 videos and that youtube actually costs you money for a long time before it makes you money.

Sorry for 'tism blog of an elder goth

No. 1571315

u right. real goths don't give a shit about influencer bs, maybe IBF is one of those real goths who put shits out there but then again she's not that milky tbh she's just 30 yo edgelord, like Angela.
Thank God I'm a Eurofag. America is a big mistake nowadays kek.

No. 1571323

I'm from a major city in the USA and it's pretty dead here too. All the main venues closed and all of the stores either closed or downsized majorly. We're basically limited to a couple "goth night" themed events at a few clubs at best. Even so, it's maybe a handful of actual goths, while the rest of the crowd is made up of weebs, metal heads, and e-girls.

kek. I feel old.

No. 1571357

A lot of what people can argue are pillars of goth are counter intuitive to influencer culture*

Tard moment

No. 1571387

What has nyx been up to? I followed her for a bit awhile ago, I do get some budding cow-ness but she hasn't seemed to do anything milky other than having an OF

No. 1571411

File: 1656133166691.jpg (392.22 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220625-004842_Ins…)

I wish I had capped a few of her stories lately so sorry for no proof for all but off the top of my head
>Constantly posts about how she is "homeless and bathing in a mop sink" like it is a daily bingo if she features a story about look how smol I am in the mop sink, look at me doing my grungy laundry in the mop sink ect
>Vague stories about some female who has beef with her and how low it is to "beef with someone who you don't know and is homeless and bathing in a mop sink"
>She has a new bf who in EU? want to say Germany or maybe just speaks German? (Sorry NA fag here) and is constantly posting about him and is even visiting him even though she is homeless?
>Seems like she has to bring up the new beau at every chance she can even bringing him to hangouts via facetime like picrel

Again not saying she is exactly milky but she is definitely straddling the line if not dipping toes into the milk pool.
And while I hate to be that anon for someone who constantly reminds people she has been homeless for a year she sure doesn't miss a show or drink with friends. Yes poor people are allowed to enjoy themselves but unless her plan is to go live in her German BF's basement illegally I feel like she could be a lot further along finding somewhere to live.

Of the Madi Danger circle she is definitely my nominee for next cow though lol.

No. 1571414

File: 1656133201907.jpg (556.23 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220625-004712_Ins…)

No. 1571528

Nonas we revived the goth thread for these discussions, you can join there

No. 1571588

what happened with fatty drak makens? can't find her IG, someone?

No. 1571591

File: 1656159115796.jpeg (302 KB, 946x2048, ekLHTcc.jpeg)

Recap, because I actually watched her videos back in the day, but this is actually old news:
From what I know, she stopped doing "goth" videos on YouTube and instead began to yap about her hispanic heritage (I remember a sagrado corazon make up look, shit like that). This went on for quite some time until she flat out deleted all her shit because she "didn't feel goth anymore" and was "tired of being judged" and apparently suffered from BPD and depression.
Typical "burnt out from YouTube" bullshit, I guess. She even made an IG post that just said "Am I still goth? NO!". Apparently she had beef in her local music/goth scene as well.
She's on Insta under a new name, Sangre.de.tuna (how hispanically edgy of her), but she's gone private and won't accept any new followers.
picrel, her last explanation on IG before she deleted everything

No. 1571596

unrelated, but i just found out that in Freezer's mother's day post, she flat out included two pictures of her baby? won't post it here for obvious reasons
i actually was surprised when it looked like she didn't want to parade her baby around and force it to wear "goff" baby clothes to make a point about how goth she is. but alas, here we are. saged because it's old milk

No. 1571604

damn thanks nona, that's a lot of info honestly, haven't see that girl in years, at least she's alive.(emailfag)

No. 1571607

As a mexican myself I find her so fucking creepy and not in the good way. eww.

No. 1571614

>Of the Madi Danger circle she is definitely my nominee for next cow though lol.

well now I need to know about Madi

No. 1571739

I am actually a little worried about Kaya's sudden radio silence, was Jake bombarding her at the same time he was melting down at people on twitter/in his YouTube comments?

No. 1571772

I'm sure she fine she just started re taking medication for adhd? She did say she was feeling ill on instergram. If anything was bad I'm sure her mother would update her fans.

No. 1571814

Fakes also been kinda quiet no?

No. 1571848

Same, i'm also worried. She went from posting 10 sebastian films a day and other stuff to nothing. I hope she's fine.

No. 1571923

>This topic isn't milk but I'm amazed at how Angela is defending goth gatekeeping (rightfully imho)

She is not. Calling goth a gothic rock based subculture is about as gatekeeping as calling metalhead a heavy metal based subculture. To call that "gatekeeping" is like to call people who call oxygen in room temperature "a gas" as "gatekeepers".

>in her latest video using this rethoric and then she's completely blind to the troon menace.

DAFAQ am I even reading here? Being or not being trans, gay, sexual predator or hazard games addict is irrelevant to the fact that goth is music based.

No. 1571969

File: 1656190967803.jpg (176.17 KB, 1080x491, 28_Twitter.jpg)

This is all we've gotten from him since traveling home. Surprised he didn't film a running jump into Kat's arms.

No. 1571974

File: 1656191175007.jpg (163.7 KB, 1080x428, 958_Twitter.jpg)

Jake really seems to hold a grudge against this guy. Just out of curiosity, I checked MGK's Twitter to see what kind of person he is and this is the latest tweet. I can tell it's not my type of music but at least he seems like a better man than Jake at first glance.

No. 1571981

ahhh see can completely understand why you would think that about MGK if you’re only basing him off this tweet, but MGK is a literal nonce, he’s made so many fucked up comments about underage girls, would recommend googling if you are interested but yeah mgk is actually a bigger piece of shit than jake

No. 1571993

Oh yikes I had no idea. Never given more than a glance at the guy.

No. 1572030

Madi actually seems like a person who just wants to see the Goth scene thrive. If fellow nonas have any milk on her please share but she actually tells people to get into the music and is supporting new goth bands. She shills indie alt makeup brands and one or two made in china killstar lite type brands but generally only when people ask about where to buy clothes. Her spotify is full of playlists of goth music for when people ask what is goth music. She has a bf who is like metal head so no whoring. She has a real job so no ebegging either. Her videos are generally decent and focus on living a goth lifestyle but she doesn't post on yt often seems like shes most active on insta and does some clock app. Zoomers think of her like a goth mum and the guy from vandal moon is goth dad apparently.

Part of me hopes someone has some milk on her lol. I do find it annoying how she sjws about Peter Steele and can't seperate the art from the artist but I think that's just zoomers.

No. 1572040

File: 1656195746358.jpeg (395.47 KB, 960x637, D58A7EE5-FCBE-45DD-B170-DD6AEA…)

Here she is in a tagged post with her “daddy’s” band. Kek

No. 1572047

Wow, I googled & I had no idea (not that I was interested in his music anyway). He is disgusting!

No. 1572075

Is Jude getting fat or always been that way?
Am way too scared to ask who the band is or what kind of noise vomit they make.

MGK and Megan Fox are also a huge part of why zoomers think Goth fashion is just dress up because they wear black and MSM calls them the dream goth couple.

No. 1572086

I don't have any screenshots as it was all on IG stories, but the most "milky" thing I know of on Madi is she allegedly has/had a nazi discord admin. Or he was at least extraordinarily vague about whether he was or not

No. 1572090

I was just checking out her discord and they closed it this month due to "cyber bullying" so maybe it is true KEK

No. 1572093

I like Madi, she’s one of the few young goths who seems genuinely into the scene and is enthusiastic about spreading the knowledge. She recommends thrifting for goth clothes and has recommendations for all kinds of music. I think she does some crafts or DIY as well.

No. 1572131

same anon, i dug around on tumblr and found this that explains in depth: https://ciarancreature.tumblr.com/post/686978162605850624/on-the-madi-danger-discord-drama-plus
so she obviously doesnt respond to criticism well

No. 1572160

Holy shit the troon is insufferable but thank you for the milk nona

No. 1572180

Jake is really jealous of MGK because he is TALL, thin, has a bigger dick and is conventionally attractive, and he is engaged to Megan Fox, an actually appealing hot MILF who doesn't have thin white girl lips or crowsfeet. I dont know why MGK is 'canceled' or anything at all about his music, I just saw him perform at the VMA and I saw a bunch of pics of him online. but Jake has attributed all MGK's success because "he's tall, thin, and attractive" and insists MGK "ruins" songs. LOL like Jake's covers are such musical delights to the ears! also Jake's taste in music is so cringe… 2002 SOAD, Linkin Park, KoRn… that is considered like "bad taste" in music for a metalhead to have, it's all radio/MTV garbage. that's what we called a poser, someone who'd say "I love GOOD music, not POP CRAP, I'm metal" then rattled off these bands. kek

No. 1572217

whatever you do dont look up machine gun kelly underage girls

No. 1572283

I can't believe on LC of all places we've got nonnies caping for MGK. We truely are in hell.

No. 1572286

his music is trash. Tries to be like craps husband with anime avatars etc.

No. 1572291


Seems like Jude's taste yep

No. 1572394

Yeah, Madi Danger is of all the goths on instagram/youtube actually ok. She recommends a lot of goth and metal music, is lovely towards any baby bats that ask questions, does tutorials and a lot of alternative DIY, etc.

No. 1572430

… yes, don't look up underage girls nor black women giving head

No. 1572444

Lmao why not the second one

No. 1572475

anon here is right.
gatekeeping is a word used and invented for people who only wears goth as a costume and don't give a shit about reality; this is a music based subculture.
I wish fucktards never used "goth" as anything, better be dead than full of retards in the sub.

No. 1572508

Because MGK did not just talk about under age girls but also about his objectification of black women.

No. 1572618

Isn't MGK that rapper that tried to diss Eminem so Eminem killed him in his response so he just changed musical careers?

No. 1572642


I believe the whole beef started because MGK made inappropriate comments about Eminem’s underage daughter.

No. 1572665

No I think he's jealous because MGK is wannabe fake alt just like him, but where he's failing MGK is somehow succeeding.

No. 1572720

Another day without any insta story or else from toxic tears. I really hope fake wasn't pressuring her to much.

No. 1572813

>>1572720 no she Been out with her mum in Belfast saw it on Facebook post .

No. 1572834


Understandable. But you guys also know that when these type of influencers find a single sponsor that's willing, obssesed enough, well there you go.

No. 1572938


This. Angela may ramble on a bit much with some of the topics she talks about but it makes sense. Jake Munro and Kaya (yes, even her) are the best examples of people who look "goth" (I use "goth" loosely because I don't they look "goth" at all) and their fans whom are usually younger see their little costuming and try to imitate it and end up believing that Goth really is just about your aesthetic and that's it.

No. 1572948

I agree to an extent with >>1572093where I think Madi is one of the more better examples of an actual Zoomer Goth, someone who actually listens to the music. My only slight annoyance with her is that she puts Depeche Mode and Echo & The Bunny men as "goth bands" when they aren't but that's a nitpick since aside from that, she's usually spot on.

No. 1572995

At least sage if you aren't going to post caps

No. 1573123

Acknowledging his success isn't "caping for" him. and if it pisses off Jake all the better. my post was to point out how insecure Jake is about being ugly and less successful with his "vaguely alt edgelord with baddie milf girlfriend" schtick. and that he ironically finds MGK a "bad" musician who ruins songs with his covers when he does the same things but when he does it, he is "channeling Chester" and seems really impressed with himself l ma o

No. 1573883

I hope Kaya’s okay.

No. 1573887

Jake is just a shorter fatter version of MGK, a talentless poser who thinks he's the greatest thing to ever happen to music and picks fights with anyone and everyone

No. 1573927

She ok was out with her mum over weekend her mum had it on Facebook

No. 1573928

File: 1656363909150.jpg (52.17 KB, 512x179, bird.jpg)

No. 1574154

File: 1656376682930.png (199 KB, 497x882, Screenshot 2022-06-28 at 02-34…)

Jake the fake finally posts something and its to quote his own tweets whining about people liking a song and using it in their posts. He is like a black hole sucking all joy out of the space around him.

No. 1574158

Yeah this might be a valid critique of overused or misused songs if he didn't just post that his couples song is "close to you" by the carpenters kek

No. 1574166

>Jake cries about celebrities who are more successful than he is day three

No. 1574224

Oh yeah, like Kate Bush must be really pressed that people are "ruining her song" by listening to it too much. Good thing he'll never have that problem!

No. 1574246

File: 1656383580011.jpg (1.34 MB, 3346x2510, couplegoals.jpg)

Couple goals!

No. 1574250

needs a red filter over it nonny

No. 1574293

Jake really loves to shit all over TikTok like Grampa Simpson yelling at a cloud when reacting to TikTok is literally the only thing keeping his career afloat. His only lifeline is consuming content on a platform that he can't stop himself from publically despising. TikTok is the only thing paying his bills right now. He doesn't see how miserable and shallow a creative existence that is for him. And again, he does it to himself. He's the architect of his own discontent and he's too stupid and egotistical to ever admit it. He's in a hell of his own creation and the only way out is to stop doing the only thing he gets consistent views on. It's no wonder he's a black hole where joy goes to die

No. 1574312

All he's done since getting home is complain. Please your man better or something, Skat. He is uptight as fuck.

No. 1574386


Next thread pic pls

No. 1574400

Well one things for certain Fake, not a single one of your ‘songs’ will ever be ruined by being used too much in ‘asinine tiktoks’. No one is interested in you screeching about your mummy issues.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds though. He wouldn’t have a career without tiktok.

No. 1574449

He's coming off the back of failed plushie campaign that he specifically made and themed on a tik tok music trend he played into for clout, money and attention.( Literally he covered E girls are ruining my life by Corpse Husband, one of the most tired musical trends there ever was on TikTok) He's such a huge hypocrite.

Looking at his top 10 popular videos 5 are Tik Tok reacts, 3 are girlfriend videos with Kaya that are still up, one cover song and then his self absorbed " why do I dress like this?" Video. His recent uploads are basically 70% TikTok reaction videos, 10% funny meme videos which are just repackaged tik toks he's reacting to and then the rest is his shitty spotty vlog/bike uploads. The man's career is being supported by TikTok reacts and he has the audacity to repeatedly talk down and criticise the platform and people who use it as if he's somehow morally superior? He deserves nothing but disdain.

No. 1574494

That he still has his Kaya vids up shows what a hypocrit he is. He tries to paint her as someone who made his life worse and who leeched of him but he is still getting money from her vids and her ideas. She got into tiktok and she curated the tiktoks he reacted to when they got a lot of views. We know he has no issues deleting content like the gaming channel or his break up vid. it's purely for the money. It must piss him off so much lmao

No. 1574532

File: 1656425178193.png (1.17 MB, 1079x1306, Screenshot_20220628-150354.png)

Literally one of his top 3 most popular videos on his channel is his try not to laugh tik tok girlfriend edition with Kaya. Lol

No. 1574551

But Kaya was totally leeching off his popularity guys! The fact his channel has tanked since he unceremoniously dumped her is merely a coincidence!

No. 1574603

File: 1656429923575.jpeg (441.24 KB, 1270x1792, D546A635-296E-487F-AE8E-0E8393…)

Yet he’s lost 12,400 followers since the breakup video. AND the failed plushie. Yikes

No. 1574625

Does he not want to take her to other places? Galgorm is so pricey and well, I'm almost sure he took kaya there on her birthday lol

No. 1574641

>Gen Z lemmings

Ok boomer

No. 1574679

The man is physically incapable of producing a single original idea

No. 1574685

How does it feel to be living in Kaya's shadow, Kat?

No. 1574698

File: 1656439911722.png (384.89 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-06-28 at 20-05…)

I thought you were joking but nope, again following Kaya's ghost… This is getting ridiculous

No. 1574699

File: 1656439968864.png (1.69 MB, 1369x871, Screenshot 2022-06-28 at 20-09…)

One year ago…

No. 1574707

This is pathetic. I can't understand that Kat doesn't aim any higher than being part of this embarrassing show.

No. 1574708

Princess? Jake, she's a washed up divorced mom.

No. 1574734

File: 1656443514199.png (64.25 KB, 184x140, thefuk.png)

No. 1574737

File: 1656443724878.jpg (9.77 KB, 184x182, kart.jpg)

Ok but which of you is this on here on her phone in the background?

No. 1574760


No. 1574801

File: 1656448428171.jpg (62.58 KB, 552x736, 20220628_133206.jpg)

Princess Snaggletooth looks great on her birthday.

No. 1574816

What a strange and tasteless obsession to travel all the places you spent time with your former s. o. with your new oh-so-big-love.I'd feel used, but Kat isn't that fussy …

No. 1574817

Sweet baby Jesus

No. 1574850

File: 1656451499128.jpeg (520.35 KB, 828x1186, BA65C51F-76D7-4E63-AB45-FF7BFA…)

Kaya’s back

No. 1574876

File: 1656452342572.png (1.06 MB, 1315x927, Schermopname (1022).png)

Actually a really engaging and fun video. There was one confession that said ' I really want to smash my horrible ex' and she said 'I'm so glad i dont have that problem', i had to laugh ngl

No. 1574880

File: 1656452480014.png (1019.62 KB, 1297x914, Schermopname (1024).png)

Right after this comes the confession 'my husband is a narcicist but i cant go anywhere' and she looks very defeated as she explains to get a plan and try to get out asap because she knows its hard, full frontal confirmation kek

No. 1574903

Also talks about having to hide her food away so the other person in the house wouldn't eat it. I feel like she definitely had a snack stash and ate to feel better.

No. 1574932

so pretty and fresh.

No. 1574940

Honestly it was a surprisingly good video. I thought I would see for a minute but watched the whole thing. Laughed out loud at that same shade joke lol

No. 1574961

No joke, good video. I haven’t watched one of her videos in years - not even the breakup video. But you guys are right, it was quite good.

The number of times she brought up cheating seems pertinent

No. 1574966

I quite like her makeup. Works on her

No. 1574981

This dude really has no original ideas - it’s shit to Kaya that he’s trying to force her out of her favourite places (in the country she was actually born in and actually likes, no less) and it’s shit on Kat that he’s just taking her on a tour of places he’s ignored his ex. Super fucking weird.

Same, it’s not my usual thing, but I love the eyes and they work with the deliberately almost cartoonish lips. THIS is how you do mannequin/clown-esque goth makeup…cough Jake cough.

No. 1574994

It would be funny if fake takes scat to the salt room too

No. 1575089

>I love the eyes and they work with the deliberately almost cartoonish lips.
The look reminds me of Betty Boop.

No. 1575091

Dont forget she fucked all the tragic black members and then called them abusive! I cant stand this bitch. She was going on anf on about how gay she is, but has never had a girlfriend.

No. 1575101

File: 1656468174912.jpg (45.13 KB, 500x720, clara-.jpg)

Love this makeup on her too tbh, especially her eyes. Gives me a larger lipped, more modern version of 1920's film star makeup.

No. 1575134

File: 1656471533655.png (403.41 KB, 485x484, Schermafbeelding 2022-06-29 om…)

Is that that wig Kaya destroyed 25 threads ago kek, picrel

No. 1575165

Wait, that's real? So this definitely confirms he still has some of her stuff

No. 1575170

I think it's an old photo, Fake has his eyebrows here. I don't know someone would post that out of nowhere though

No. 1575172

You're right, I didn't notice that. I was confused seeing this posted with no context. Now I kinda wish this was recent cuz that would definitely piss kaya's fans off, would've been interesting to see him loose his shit again

No. 1575174

It is an old pic from MAG days. They probably just posted it bc it's hilarious and cringe. Kat doesn't like a feminine type of man which is why Jake has switched up his look so much with the short hair, basic clothing, and no more makeup.

No. 1575409

Sounds like jake did her a huge favour leaving her
Didn’t do him self a favour tho lol

No. 1575425

Did she purposely pick all the same types questions like cheating, leaving narcs, bad relationships, not liking partners children,not wanting to bang ex’s or was it just a strange coincidence
Also low key throwing so much shade just expose him already

No. 1575431

I also felt like these particular submissions were really cherry picked, idk why she claimed at the start of the video that she hasn't seen them, don't they get deleted if you don't save/screenshot them? Either way hope she drops the ball on Jake soon enough.

No. 1575460

>when mummy won't give you all of her attention so you decide to become your own mummy

No. 1575484

She mentioned in the vid that there were tons of "i'm in love with my best friend" and she left out the really dark ones which she addressed at the end. But i think its normal that most peoples secrets are about relationship.

No. 1575626

Could it be people submitting these questions in hopes to get a little milk out of kaya about the break up?

No. 1575628

I also think a lot of Kaya’s fans were specifically choosing ex confessions in an attempt to get her to talk about Fake.
Kaya is going to be vague-posting for a long time though and dragging it on for as long as she can. I think a lot of her viewers (and even non-fans) are just waiting for her to say something about Fake. People like watching internet drama. Kaya wants to keep the numbers and donations coming though, and both would likely slow down if she finally made a big video saying what happened.

No. 1575908

File: 1656543110696.jpg (31.36 KB, 651x180, gas.JPG)

So he's complaining about gas prices when he had how many cars and bikes? Man that income of his must have slowed to a crawl.

No. 1575920

still wrong because the bongland gallon is bigger

No. 1575944

How can you become this old, be on the internet and not know the US is one of three countries on the planet that does not use the metric system but imperial instead?

No. 1576041

Hasn't he JUST been to America too?

No. 1576044

File: 1656555232178.jpg (72.94 KB, 1080x388, Screenshot_20220629-191249_Ins…)

Every time he posts Kat on IG, he loses hundreds of followers within the day.

No. 1576100

Jake needs to make a very difficult choice between dating Kat and being successful on social media. he has to stop mentioning her at all to the extent that people think they broke up, or pretend to break up with her or something.
no one is enjoying the honeymooning homewrecker bullshit. does his follower count have to get to 0 for him to figure it out?

No. 1576283


Personally I’m enjoying watching him tank his “career,” but it shouldn’t come at the expense of whatever harm may come to the kid involved.

No. 1576306

tsk tsk, our boy didn't understand the reason lot of female streamers and youtubers try to hide their partner. Horny audience doesn't like you kissing and missing and "only 3 sleeps to see my pwincess" posting.

No. 1576432

Never seen an "influencer" be this conceited and at the same time also be so completely clueless about their viewer base, what they want or why they watch. No one wants to see your weird forced PDA posts, Jake. Especially after cheating on Kaya and breaking up a family unit. It's not wholesome or cute, it's gross and shallow and I think despite his best efforts he'll continue to fail at flipping that image. Snaccs are stupid and gullible but not THAT stupid and gullible, he should be paying attention to what makes him haemorrhage followers but he seems to be doubling down instead. He'd have had more success keeping his relationship with Kat quiet/non existent on social media, instead he's attempted to slide Kat into the same space and role that Kaya served, it's not going to work. I'll continue to enjoy his downfall because it's entirely his own fault.

No. 1576758

(sage for blogposting)
I'm one of the anons that described how it was being in Jake's online community… and I gotta say that it is actually really freaky how it all still impacts me. I just watched one of his videos, and at then end, he said his "Had a great day, cause i made it a great day" thing and then the outro song started playing. It snapped me right back and all those fucked up things he did instantly faded into the background and stopped existing. All there was was the feeling of belonging somewhere that I felt when i first dicovered it all. It's astonishing how this kinda "welcoming community" works on a broken brain and how it plants its roots deep inside.

No. 1576765

Peoples minds are very fragile and easy to manipulate. We all like to pretend we are stronger than that but we're not. There is reason why marketing and PR are such huge businesses.

No. 1576856

Ex-snacc here as well and this made me sad. In my opinion I always saw through the "had a great day, cause I made it a great day" because it gave me fake toxic positivity vibes. Like, a shallow "just think yourself happy" type of mindset.

No. 1577022

Anon I'm sorry but behaving like this beyond age 16 is pathetic. Get some friends.

No. 1577055

He really says that as an outdo and no one thought that was a weird narc thing to say? Have a great day because I made it a great day?? Really? What a fuckass

No. 1577131

It originated from the phase where he was pretending to be a positive affable vlogger nice guy, it's 100% toxic positivity, he never meant it, it was just a feelygood catchphrase he'd parrot to end his videos. It's funny because it's so completely incongruent with the way he behaves and presents himself now, he's relentlessly and insufferably negative

No. 1577155

>Had a great day because I made it a great day
He says to himself before biting into his 6th chicken nugget, 4am, alone.

No. 1577162

Lol agreed. Sorry but it’s your own fault, but most of us have a cringey fan phase, just grow up and move on. Jake is manipulative and cunty but none of his videos ever had any warmth or substance, ever.

No. 1577211

Still waiting for Kat to give us any sort of personality at all that's more than sex object/pussy/arm candy/alcoholic. Jake gave her another opportunity to say something on her birthday by saying "it's raining but it's still nice out! right?" and literally all she did was moan and start kissing him. What the fuck lmao.

No. 1577285

Little bit offtopic but also cow related, I check the tumblr of the guy who set off the whole gamergate thing in 2015 about once a year, and this video he posted is a great example of how easily led our minds are.
The circles aren't moving, only the colours on the outer rims change, but they appear to our minds to be moving. We are but delicate monkeys.

(To snaccs, reminder Jake is an ass and don't let his little jingles fool you)

No. 1577291

I get the impression this coupling is one of those "get back at your exes" couples and they're both performing for the benefit of their recent exes, who probably aren't even watching kek.
Hence the lack of substance and over-sexualisation of their relationship.

No. 1577628

Tbf Kat isn't an e-celebrity, she doesn't have to convince people she has any personality at all. It might actually be bad for the onlyfans business for her to humanise herself.

No. 1577753

Jake is an influencer, if he's going so far to make a whole vlog about her she might as well be as much of an "e-celeb" as anyone. Sure, the vlog was for HIS birthday, but it was 100% obvious what the point of the vlog is. It was to show the world his new trophy. Her lack of personality doesn't make her look mysterious or interesting, it simply makes her look vapid and actually borderline retarded at times.

Not to mention both of their OF accounts are total failures at this point. Doing anything different at all might be BETTER for business.

No. 1578424

I feel like he was expecting for his fans to be super interested in her, and that would start her a channel; it would grow and then Jake could leech off of her like he did Kaya; but he's too up his own ass to realize so many of his fans/fame were because of Kaya in the first place

No. 1578574

It genuinely came across to me that he fully expected his followers to eat up what he was serving without comment or question. Like no one would notice you have a different girlfriend in your videos all of a sudden? I don't know if he has selective memory or just expects his snaccs to have one. Anyone with half a brain and eyeballs in their skull can tell how detached from reality he is to expect that Kat can just one for one replace Kaya in his videos with the same level of success and interaction. She's not a YouTuber, she clearly doesn't have the personality to be one either. She has as much charisma, character and substance as a wet napkin.

No. 1578676

I actually was 16 back when I discovered him and his vlogs

No. 1579065

File: 1656805526246.jpg (417.87 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220703-004339_Ins…)

No. 1579206

File: 1656826078974.png (82.46 KB, 1471x709, jakemunro_julystats.png)

Does anyone know if Jake has been doing any live streams lately? He's officially making around minimum wage otherwise. I can't imagine he's pulling much more off his 12 likes per post on his OF either. According to his stats he's down to making $188-$1,850 a month via his YouTube and Patreon. Still bleeding thousands of followers per month on YT too.

No. 1579327

Can't say I've noticed him streaming or anyone talking about it here, could be he's still too busy taking his "little daddy's girl princess" on a tour of all the places he used to bring Kaya.

No. 1579336

He hasn't uploaded or streamed in weeks. Probably been busy binging his booze. Or just giving up. Most likely both.
He'll probably be streaming with his new recruit, "Jet", soon. Just some random fan to game with so that he doesn't have to do all the work.

No. 1579346

File: 1656849159233.png (529.98 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 13-42…)

Not knowing what version you are going to get is so real when you live with abusive people.

No. 1579424


And you just know he's only doing that and posting it specifically as a way to push Kaya out of those spaces, not because he particularly likes going there. He just doesn't want her to enjoy them or have access to them anymore, marking his territory so to speak.

No. 1579577

>Not knowing what version you are going to get is so real
honestly. even though she still has some cow tendencies, I really do feel we’re watching her mature & heal in front of our eyes.

No. 1579800

File: 1656891382809.jpg (181.86 KB, 720x1000, Eyeroll.jpg)

I hope to God the someone 'very special' is just referring to Kat and not her kid. Watch him start calling them a 'family' now. Also apparently we're back to his 'being a YouTuber isn't working, let's go back to making bad music' era.

No. 1579826

File: 1656894663316.jpg (95.66 KB, 1080x624, Screenshot_20220703-172521_Ins…)

Skat is a pedo pandering degenerate confirmed. My God, neither of them deserve children. Jake, wake up out of your drunken midlife crisis immediately before you become a sloppy seconds step-dad to fulfill your bizarre current daddy fantasy. You absolute fucking creep.

No. 1579828

If he announces he is getting married I will vomit.

No. 1579830

She either pressured him into getting married and he's working on becoming a good step daddy, or he accidentally got her pregnant already. He has lost control of his life entirely. Do not forget the type of person he was merely a few months ago. Flirting incessently with fans and other influencers, talking about asking out Billie Eilish and Hayley Williams, fucking around with Jude Bishop and fans on tour. He is pretending to be happy and fulfilled now. This relationship is the kind that starts off hot but quickly crashes and burns. It has all been entirely predictable. His breakup with Kaya will seem like a walk in the park once his life starts crumbling with Kat. The suffering has hardly even started for you.

No. 1579842

That’s fucking disgusting.

No. 1579843

she's FINALLY learned how to do her eyebrows holy shit. i've been waiting for this day for what feels like 10 years.

this feels like a prelude to making posts about how lonely she is without a bf or how romantic love is so important to her
>'won't the perfect goth chad come along and rescue me from this pain? or donate to my patreon? uwu'

No. 1579856

Idk, usually I’d be inclined to agree, but in her latest video she was very unemotionally critical about the “a goff Prince will save me” attitude. I think this experience has been a wakeup call.

No. 1579876

File: 1656898386063.png (3.27 MB, 1170x2532, 83BB0F26-792B-4999-9184-822D0E…)

This is very typical Mamie behavior. Having personal issues and then taking to her stories to post screenshots of conversations of uninvolved people to call them out because she didn’t like their response. Like girl, chill. If you’re really doing this out of concern you don’t need to turn it into a martyr situation.

No. 1579892

unfortunately, i don't believe people's personalities evolve that quickly, but i do think she's been getting a lot of 'yass qween u don't need no man' from people who are just sympathetic to her because of the break-up, so maybe that's where she's getting it from. Turns out all she needed was unconditional support from total strangers on the internet!

I mean, clearly the only reason she never had any irl friends other than Jake before is because of his toxic personality and nothing to do with her own behavior in the slightest lmaoooo

No. 1579895

Very immature of Mamie. Yeah, throw a tantrum and blast this woman on your stories, just because you didn't get the response/reaction you wanted. You warned her, girl didn't want to take the advice…it happens all the time, just move the hell on.
>manipulate and traumatize women
>if ya'll wanna know who this is, DM me privately
Way to show you support women, Mamie. Screenshot your convo with her, then give anyone who asks for it her username, so that she will get harassment from your followers.
This asshole is so annoying and entitled. I wouldn't be surprised if the whiteknights show up again after you posted this screenshot here, we know she lurks.

No. 1579917

>I mean, clearly the only reason she never had any irl friends other than Jake before is because of his toxic personality and nothing to do with her own behavior in the slightest lmaoooo

I mean the fact she was immediately surrounded by friends and hanging out often, tons of patreon supporters, amazon gifts, and everyone's avoiding ol' dickpics Jake like a bad smell kinda does suggest it was all him.

No. 1579975

He wants to rap now? That'll be fucking rich. Pick a lane, Jake. Or just give up because you're mediocre at everything and excell at nothing.

No. 1579995

>apart of someone's life
Was that a Freudian slip or can he just not spell, even though social media posts are part of his job

No. 1580000

Probably inspired by MGK who he seems to be envious of.

No. 1580017


Could be the kid. I hope not but it could be.

I’m more inclined to think that it’s Kat though. He’s trying to get the snaccs to accept her as the new Kaya as he knows ‘wholesome goth guy with serious girlfriend’ was part of his appeal, too bad he torpedoed all of that when he cheated, dumped his ex in an office and started making shit porn with his side piece. Kinda ruined the ‘wholesome’ there didn’t you Fake? He’s gotta up the ante now, an engagement and him becoming a ‘devoted’ step dad are looking increasingly likely. Or he’ll get her up the spout. Try ditching all that in a drafty office when it no longer suits you Fake..

No. 1580028

It’s either a baby a dog or kats child
Maybe he will grow up a bit and sort his life out

No. 1580063

Jake isn't ditching Kat, I think he's going to continue love-bombing her and taking her on the Kaya 2.0 tour while the money lasts. She'll likely be the one moving onto the "next best thing" (likely someone else she meets while tattooing again) when he can no longer shower her with bottomless long islands and trips to all his ex's fav spots.

Looking at >>1579206 though, I feel like his time is very limited. He's definitely spending more quickly than he can make these days and is going to end up having to take a regular job once his stash of old "break the jake" donations get spent.

No. 1580066


saged for no contribution but what she's describing can't possibly count as abuse? sounds to me like she hooked up with a guy only looking for sex and when he didn't want her for more than that he dropped her. while shitty, that kind of behavior is to be expected from moids. sleeping around and getting ghosted by a fuckboy is not a traumatizing sexually abusive scenario wtf. she blows this way out of proportion acting like the guy's a known rapist rather than just a noncommittal douchebag.

No. 1580084


Interesting how this person is talking about religion when surely unmarried casual sex is uh ungodly of this guy who's totally safe around kids? Speaks of a shitty character at the very least? Bet whoever she's talking to is a typical pickme handmaiden who would side with a pedophile if it suited her.

No. 1580088

I agree she's being a drama queen about it, but it's still shitty when a woman is like oh no not the precious moid when you try and warn them about some shitty moid.
Literally a waste of time in most cases since the in-denial handmaiden contingent of women is strong.
So I sympathise with her here since that response she got is bullshit, even if her situation with said moid was fairly typical (though it shouldn't be)

No. 1580098

Poor little Isaac is going to grow up with worse mommy issues than Jake has.

No. 1580109

yep, maybe will write a song and dedicate to Kat and their unborn children ala MGK and Megan Fox. then they'll start drinking each other's blood. so edgy and unique.

No. 1580120

If he starts making rap or country music due to his Nashville trip i am going to die laughing.

No. 1580185

Agree, just because that was her experience with this guy, doesn’t mean it will be with anyone else. Still shitty to go through, but she shouldn’t be yelling at this woman about it and airing that dirty laundry in public. Looks like she’s still bitter and taking it out on anybody that interacts with this male.
>MY view on life
>I respect your choice on not working with me
I don’t get the unnecessary shitting on her for bringing her own belief into it. Woman was just honest about how she takes news in general. I don’t feel sympathy for Mamie. This is just some shitfit for not getting the reply she was expecting. Everybody has that friend that won’t take advice about some douchebag male. Besides, you’re criticizing this lady for being a “handmaiden” when Mamie isn’t exactly some feminist either, shitting on women and literally calling herself a “goth bimbo”.

No. 1580234

I have mutual friends irl that know Kaya and I've heard not nice things about her personality. Then I found out she was a pullfag and it made sense. She was called a user back then like made it obvious she was leeching off lifts and other people's hospitality. I mean honestly that's how she makes her living so I can understand why she doesn't seem to have any longtime close friends. These people I knew hated Jake too tbf.

Anyway I hope Kaya takes time to be single, she doesn't deserve the abuse Jake put her through regardless of anything else. She's got her own place and her own means to get around. Ultimately if she learns to depend on herself her next relationship will be ten thousand times better than with Jake. Also it's fun to be single and not tied to anyone. You can do what you want. Not even meaning romatinc relationships and hook ups, like she can have true time to herself and not have to be judged.

No. 1580241

Are you as retarded as Mamie, she's not talking about religion. She's using God instead of the word truth. She says it plain as anything. There's your side, his side and the truth/God. "God" is all seeing so he'll be the only one to confirm the truth. This is a very simple concept.

No. 1580251

"back then" ? How long ago are you talking about? From when she was a teenager? Because if so your comment is honestly bollocks

No. 1580253

She was in her 20s living with Jake.

No. 1580278

“Back then” a lot of us were pieces of shit “back then”
Unpopular opinion, but Kaya is barely a cow anymore. A content creator that ebegs, but that about it

No. 1580381

Exactly. He had the "it was a great day because I made it a great day" mantra or whatever even though he's a giant pissbaby who has a full-blown meltdown if one thing doesn't go his way.

Maybe he's gonna jump on the SoundCloud rap train because his metal band failed. He'd fit right in tbh.

No. 1580433

She was 18 when jake moved in with Kaya and her family and that’s well documented. What’s with jake stans trying to make shit up

No. 1580438

Lord have mercy no one needs to hear Fake attempt to rap…

Have we not suffered enough with his attempts at music? He may be technically proficient (as in he can play mediocre guitar) but he has no original ideas and no stage presence and he can’t sing. The only saving grace of all that caterwauling he does is that between that, the booze and the cigarettes he’ll burn his voice out before he’s 35.

No. 1580566

Please god, let Jake get a god awful face tattoo. Amen.

No. 1580665

… and the Lord said: what you ask for shall be given - Jake already talked about his plans to adorn his countenants…

No. 1580673

I'm sorry, but it's for your own good and future reference, anon.

No. 1580684

Thank you, anon. As non-native speaker I was quite pumped to even know the word (now I know also the spelling)

No. 1580697

A sick little part of me hopes he goes as far as to tattoo Kat's name. Do it Jake, go full Abby Brown.

No. 1580756

>"God" is all seeing so he'll be the only one to confirm the truth.

Religionfag, get out

No. 1580816

literally spat out my coffee, ily nona you're hilarious

No. 1580863

File: 1657024670920.png (3.01 MB, 1242x2208, 1656987402391.png)

Cool promotion kek

No. 1580895

She's talking about her bf, right? I'm way to old for that "daddy!"-shit ….

No. 1580973

Or that same ugly tattoo Kat has on her horse face. I still don't know what it's supposed to be.

No. 1580985

You were on the right track. I hate sounding like an asshole when correcting people, but that’s how you learn, right? When learning a language myself, I want people to correct me when I use incorrect spelling or grammar, anyway. Sage for off topic. Sorry, all.

No. 1581128

Foreign anon here again. It's totally fine with me, thank you for bettering my knowledge

No. 1581194

File: 1657053664037.png (363.43 KB, 580x536, Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 21.40…)

Kaya stans gonna go after me but OH GOD THAT SHNOZZ!!!! She could steer the Titanic with that thing!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1581207

Since this is far from milk, just sage your nitpicking shit

No. 1581215

Oh hey Kat!

No. 1581224

This is pathetic. OH NO A REAL NOSE!!! Sage your non milk bullshit

No. 1581230

Can't wait until this anon finds out how three dimensional surfaces work

No. 1581238

Good one anon. Made me smile, thanks for making my evening better

No. 1581242

File: 1657057325709.jpg (660.17 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20220705-050928_Ins…)

Holy shit they actually lowkey look the similar lmao. All Jake needs to do is grow his brows back and get a Kat tat.

No. 1581305

I'd rather have a long nose than a fat weird butt nose that Kat has straight on/in candid pics and videos. IDK why people think "a perfect" tiny nose would save any face. Jake munro has the most conventionally attractive nose of the three of them and he is still ugly as sin.

No. 1581347

it would be one thing if kaya had demonstrated any kind of visible growth since her 'living goth doll' days but she really hasn't.

honestly the number of people i see come out every single thread to defend her makes me think she's lurking here. she was certainly active on the other cow forums so there's no reason to imagine she ever disavowed that part of her personality and the people who are trying to claim 'she must have changed' with zero evidence to support that belief just sound like either kaya herself, or fans who are sympathetic because she got dumped.

No. 1581350

her bad personality has been talked about in multiple threads ever since kaya started getting posted on lolcow, even before jake was someone people recognized or knew anything about.

do you seriously think that someone becomes a lolcow who gets discussed in every altcow thread for years on end by being an innocent little angel whose worst offense was their taste in boyfriends? really?

No. 1581365

OH please. Like most people don't change from 17 to 30. She seems to be growing up. Some of you are so bitter. Just because someone disagrees with your stupid bullshit does not mean they are Kaya.

No. 1581390

why on earth do you assume that people are talking about when she was 17 as the era of her 'bad personality'? She's been strongly disliked all the way through the past decade, by people who personally know her and have interacted with her - the fact that you're deriding those people as 'bitter' and their opinions as 'stupid bullshit' just makes you sound like you're feeling personally attacked by those comments, which is why people are saying >kaya
also that total bait post above about her nose. like…bullying yourself on the chans to drum up sympathy/make yourself more popular is an old, tried and true tactic, most people are just more subtle with it.

i get that she's been better about cultivating relationships with her fans recently instead of just grifting from them, but that doesn't mean she's your friend and you know what her personality is really like, nona.

No. 1581402


>people are saying

One person kek

No. 1581415

The in-fighting is neither milk nor is it interesting

No. 1581417

POV: you’re Jake, drunk ranting alone about your ex at 1am.

No but really, both infighters are right here imo. Kaya is neurodivergent (I don’t buy the ADHD alone, she’s clearly autistic) and I get the sense that a lot of her shit could be misinterpreted. She’s shown some really nasty traits over the years (cringe bodyshaming, PULL, lowkey narcissism, grifting). The grifting and constantly fishing for favors is especially tiring in friends, but I wonder if someone close to her sat her down and told her to cut that shit out, she actually might. That to me is the difference between a slightly misguided cow and an irredeemable asshat tbh.

No. 1581434

peachmilky tried to be a good influence on her. idk if you want to blame that on her 'bad personality' era but kaya seems to have a real bad track record of keeping friends.

i'm not the anon who's claiming to have had mutual friends irl, you realize that, right?
and i don't think that anon is jake, either, i heard similar stories in previous threads before they broke up.
claiming that anyone who has a problem with her is an obsessive vendetta-chan or her ex makes it seriously sound like you need to get off lolcow, though, this isn't the place to praise and defend your favorite goth gf.

No. 1581445

How the fuck would anyone realize that retard lmao

No. 1581528

>anyone who disagrees with me must be samefag because i cannot comprehend of two distinct individuals sharing the same opinion
>'they aren't the same person'
>lmao how was i supposed to figure that out? retard

you sound like you deserve your own thread.
no wonder people hate kaya if this is what her whiteknights are like

No. 1581545

it's even funnier cause that was my first reply to you. Calm down anon, you sound like you need a nap

No. 1581558

The inflationary use of "autistic" on this board disgusts me anyway, but
> she is clearly autistic
is the biggest bullshit.

No. 1581575

The infighting drama is reaaal kek, why don't y'all just make fucking peace and concentrate on the real cows and not on some kind of prick whos reply didn't please you

No. 1581659

How long are some of you going to try to milk a dried up cow. Calling people Kaya stans or Kaya when they disagree with you is just sad. What is even more sadder is you are arguing with multiple people and think its the same person.

No. 1581696


No. 1581722

I think she’s totally driven people away by being self-involved and annoying, 100%. I also think a lot of people who “shouldn’t be on lolcow” (bitch please) started by gossing about her here but have seen SOME positive change, or at least new milk in the form of Jake being worse than her.

OP here - I am literally autistic (inb4 “it shows” kek) you utter smoothbrain, it was serious tinfoil not an insult.

No. 1581738

>she IS CLEARLY autistic
is not tin foiling but stating something as a fact. And this is ridiculous in this case & in every case you state it as a fact from watching someone's YT. But as autistic yourself you may know that diagnosis doesn't work like this, do you, anon?

Also the fact that every time someone criticizes the use of "autistic" here the OP is autistic themselves is … well, sus. And yes, not the first time it goes like this.

No. 1581814

I feel like most people would agree that Kaya having a big nose from certain angles isn't exactly the freshest of milky milk compared to what other cows in this thread are up to, Jake especially. Sorry that not everyone has as much of a hate boner for her as others but it's not worth having this argument repeatedly with strangers on the internet every thread.

No. 1581925

File: 1657134398468.png (4.48 MB, 1284x2778, EB41B225-EDD6-49D9-95FF-B8CB47…)

No. 1581998

when someone use "autistic" I only can think of trannies and other abnormal creatures of the internet. So your comment means nothing kek.

No. 1582021

No. 1582023

stop derailing the thread and stick to the fucking subject

No. 1582025

Samefagging anon, could you just mark wich post you refer to? And could you sage? This is pathetic.

No. 1582047

Lmao what? It's a medical term.

No. 1582144

I think it's kind of funny that people go from using autist as a pejorative to fighting over who is more autistic than one another kek

No. 1582178

> How suspicious that this niche anonymous gossip site attracts ND people…it can’t be the nature of website, no, it’s the ableists who are wrong

Yeah, no, being ND myself and having watched someone who’s basically put their whole life on the Internet for like 10 years, including speaking very candidly on camera for tens of videos, I’m confident saying that she has autism or at least kind of social anxiety/issues. I don’t get why you’re so fucking mad but this board doesn’t seem like a healthy environment for you lol. We had what feels like a solid three threads where everyone predicted why Kaya might have ADHD (and then she was diagnosed, shock).

Sorry for blogposting fellow Nonas, I know this ND shit is cringe as fuck.

No. 1582199

Not surprising that happened keeping your belongings in a flat, in a crappy area of glasgow. For over 2 years? Of course your going to get robbed. She is an absolute idiot for this.

No. 1582230

She is absolutely stupid. I can't wrap my head around how junky, messy, and careless she is. Every move she invites trouble with the movers and people she involves. Looking at this vid, it's like there is a layer of dust or film over everything…including herself.

No. 1582288

i know nona,but again is pretty much what >>1582144 was saying here.
not relevant anyway kek.

No. 1582292

>>1581925 I wish I was in the same world as IBF honestly. just existing and being stupid.

No. 1582310

ITT: multiple anons fighting multiple other anons while all accusing one another of being samefags

But seriously, idk what it is with the anons in this threads and their parasocial relationships with Kaya, but the longer it goes on the weirder it gets. Y'all are acting personally offended because someone said a cow has a bad personality. This is a gossip and shit-talking board. If you want to make a fan thread, /snow/ isn't the place for it.

No. 1582419

And here he is scoffing at TikTok like he's too good for it, pretending like he didn't build his entire fucking channel on TikTok reacts. Such a hypocrite.

No. 1582557

File: 1657184412423.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 375.55 KB, 1124x1931, CA707B65-A064-4D5A-A439-6392A8…)

He’s aging like a milk.

No. 1582567

He's literally about to cry

No. 1582578

File: 1657189622595.jpg (92.99 KB, 392x355, noho.jpg)

For fuck's sake man, just grow the fucking eyebrows back, you look like someone slapped a bad wig and one of those hideous early 2000's tattoo sleeve shirts on Noho Hank from 'Barry'.

No. 1582584

Moving to a dangerous neighborhood with a special needs baby, what a great idea. I thought having a kid would finally make her settle down but no, she still keeps having her delusions and forces everybody around her to follow her with her stupid plans, at this point I'm convinced Barnaby is just staying with her because he is old and doesn't want to have to date again, otherwise she's still so childish.

No. 1582587

emo Gordon Ramsay

No. 1582823

Living in a crap part of glasgow is fine. Its not that dangerous. She got broken into because it was super obvious the property of vacant because of her mail being there. She really does need to as a mother though choose where she wants to live. New Zealand or Scotland. She cant do half and half with a normal kid. Let alone a speical needs one.

No. 1582898

>She really needs to choose where she wants to live

I agree. She has to take her child into account now and constantly moving is not the best thing for kids and structure is the best key. It's "easy" now since her child is still an infant but hopefully with time when she gets older, Freya will finally buckle down on a place and raise her child with stability.

No. 1582906

True lmao. I feel bad for the kid and I'm not laughing at him but I'm laughing at the irony and Jake's lack of morals/self awareness. He has a whole song called matricide about his evil mommy as well as videos talking about how his mom tore apart their family by cheating on his dad. Then he goes and helps Kat do the same thing.

Not only that but the whole thing is documented on the internet, and now there's awkward porn attached to Kat's real name. The kid will probably have a hard time escaping this when he's an adult. Nice going Jake.

No. 1582919

I get the impression that the goal is to live in Scotland, it's just not super easy to immigrate. I don't think she would willingly choose to stay in NZ, since she always emphasizes how boring it is.

No. 1582955

Moving to the UK with Brexit and the cost of living crisis seems like a bad choice when the alternative was to stay in a Country that isn't actively shooting itself in the head that has a support network+family to help care for a baby that has specific needs but that's just me

No. 1583042

File: 1657232509533.png (592.8 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 00-17…)

No darling that's not date night that's sad alcoholics night. Normal people don't order two strong drinks at once.

We got first class tickets to an incoming train wreck LMAO

No. 1583051

Anyone know if Kat was an alcoholic before she met with Jake? Not sure if Jake always drank this much, or started after dating Kat. Also, imagine being okay with this for a date. They literally can’t stand each other unless they are inebriated.

No. 1583090

File: 1657236365473.png (Spoiler Image, 2.64 MB, 750x1334, 4D0D0C5B-CB6E-46B0-977D-E2A845…)

This looks exactly like the drunk pics I’d take with my friends when we were teenagers, there’s zero romantic energy between these two lmao

No. 1583148

It’s so sad seeing people in their mid 30s take pics and act like 18 year olds. And he wonders why he’s losing money

No. 1583156

She was. She has actually always been known to her circle as a "sloppy drunk" and has always bragged about her "messy nights", as she herself calls them. She is actually the bad influence on Jake in that way, believe it or not. A few months before the shitshow he actually had a moment of clarity on a stream and admitted to drinking too much during the pandemic and starting to become an alcoholic. It's actually pretty sad how everything is going down now.

No. 1583186

"Date night emoji" inserts obligatory loveless kiss & cocktails pics

Well aren't they just shining with personality.

No. 1583188

Nooo nonny, I think Anthony Carrigan is weirdly cute. Don't do him like that. lmao

He gives me Gordon Ramsay vibes too. Fully expecting him to get those deep forehead ridges.

kek, the long island iced tea flex returns. Ordering two drinks per person at a time definitely gives sloppy drunk vibes. Like learn how to pace yourselves or do anything together that doesn't involve heavy drinking? Do you think they still like each other sober>

No. 1583223

"JEFFREE STAR I love you!"

No. 1583227

I can see it in her face (in candid pics that show how lined and dehydrated her skin is) and the drunkorexic figure. I feel sorry for her little boy. it sucks having a drunk ass parent. you have to grow up faster because your parent wants to act like theyre still a teenager and resents you when they have to take a break from their daily partying to take care of things.

No. 1583239

This looks so awkward and forced. Wonder how many pics they took before the one they decided to post.

No. 1583266

Sorry I keep autisticly squawking on about Jake's numbers, but it hasn't even been a week since this post and he's bleeding subscribers so quickly that he's now making less than Kaya does off Youtube. He's down to only 126 subs on his patreon now too. Kaya's pateron took a small hit, but her YT numbers are slowly growing so she's still making up to around 7k/month currently, jake's maxed out at $1,785 atm. Curious to see if he makes a much needed career move soon or stays drowning his sorrows in overpriced mixed drinks with Kat.

No. 1583305

This looks like a picture of a mom being cute/goofy with her toddler. Why is her face so much bigger than his??

No. 1583324

Isn't she from NZ? Not sure why anyone would pick Scotland over NZ, especially if your family is there but I guess it's not goffick enough or whatever.

No. 1583331

well personally scotland sounds nicer to me than NZ because I hate hot weather, not to mention it would make travelling to europe much easier because it's right next door as opposed to being in a different hemisphere. that being said I am not sure how she convinced mr owl to move over there with her, being as her wanting to travel was the whole reason they first broke up years ago. I'd guess another reason is because she wants some distance from psycho momma karen, maybe that's how she convinced him lmao

No. 1583334

Proximity to music festivals/the rest of Europe.

No. 1583362


Looks like it was maybe a buy one get one free on cocktails and they didn't allow you to pick two different cocktails. Most people would have picked a drink they both liked rather than getting four drinks at once though yikes.

I mean if that's the reason Ireland would be a better call.

No. 1583367


What? This is very normal in the UK, especially when a lot of places do happy hour where you get 2 for 1 on cocktails.

No. 1583370

That's interesting about him talking about drinking too much a few months before the breakup. I wonder if he was already hanging out with Kat when he uploaded that video. It could also explain why they make a point of showing off how much they're drinking now. I can imagine both Kaya and Kat's ex getting exasperated at having to deal with a sloppy drunk. Skat and Jake probably bonded over their narcissistic indignation at the more responsible partners nagging them to grow the fuck up.

No. 1583372

There is genuinely nothing more tragic than two 30+ year old adults acting like drunk teenagers and somehow thinking it's some kind of flex, it's so fucking embarrassing. My skeleton wants to crawl out of my skin with the amount of cringe they generate as a couple. Being a sloppy drunk divorcee mum and an alcoholic narcissistic rage machine are not good looks and at their age that's the kind of behaviour you should seek help for not glorify on your social media

No. 1583399

Nah, >>1583042 is right. If it was 241…why not order 2 at a time and have one each…Although noone actually treats them as such in the UK cocktails are sipping drinks, by the time you’ve finished the first then the ice has melted or the ingredients have settled and the second one will taste like garbage.

Nothing wrong with most people having a fun/messy night like this occasionally, but with Jake and Kat it’s become a really pathetic flex to order multiple drinks.

No. 1583403

Has there been a single occasion where Kat and Jake have been together and posting on social media where they HAVEN'T been binge drinking and making it a spectacle? Have they spent any time around each other sober?

No. 1583405

File: 1657281910964.jpg (897.55 KB, 1162x1549, 3moresleeps.jpg)

No. 1583422

Pretty sure he started dating kat in October so yeah he probably was already hanging out with her

No. 1583424

MY SIDES. ily nonny

No. 1583425

Oh my god this is the best thing ever LOL

No. 1583442

Next thread pic nomination for me

No. 1583461

There is more chemistry in this pic than there is in the actual picture of Snake and Skat

No. 1583603

File: 1657308239418.png (845.21 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 21-20…)

Guess yesterdays cocktails have been digested. Should we start taking bets when she will get a dui or someone will find her passed out in a ditch?

No. 1583718

Her personality really is just alcohol, sad.

No. 1583744


But what about hangovers? How can she be up to drink again? Wtf

No. 1583752

There is no substance to her, she's just bad ink, ethanol and terrible decisions made flesh

No. 1583842

File: 1657328417213.jpg (475.79 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220708-173354_Ins…)

The 2nd paragraph

No. 1583846

LOL perfect! next thread pic, PLEASE!?

No. 1583850

if J* became a wine mom

No. 1583877

It really is. And she has sucked all the personality from Jake and replaced it with pussy and booze.

No. 1583903

File: 1657334333864.jpeg (252.36 KB, 1283x1839, 808B9C09-DDBE-40E4-A975-23A730…)

Is he really trying for a third time?

No. 1583907

LMAO thats actually so embarrassing, Forcing that shitty plush so hard. Cant wait for it to flop again.

No. 1583912

File: 1657335559535.jpg (305 KB, 1080x1081, Screenshot_20220708-195254_Twi…)

Imagine admitting that a content creator or "celebrity" to any capacity saved you from suicide just by consuming their content. As someone who has sat all night and day with a suicidal person to be there for them, and who has also been suicidal, this is ridiculous. Also, saying that stranger "saved" you from suicide puts a strange degree of responsibility on them. The snaccs need group therapy.

No. 1583913

anon that would require he had a personality to begin with that wasn't skinwalking Dir En Grey or Casey Neistat kek

No. 1583939

you are diabolical

No. 1583998

LOL no one wants this ugly shit, Jake! you aren't the "ironic funny decent boyfriend" you pretended to be during the e girl tik tok reactions video! no one wants to be reminded.
and not a soul wants to help fund your homewrecking ho mum "girlfriend's" gullet with more cocktails so that you can continue getting laid. it's like theyre paying for your prostitution habit. gross!

No. 1584029

Does he think it was a random fluke that it flopped and not indicative of his current social standing?

No. 1584041

Not just that, it basically flopped twice already after they had to extend the deadline for the first run of it. The man is either completely deluded or absolutely desperate, he's haemorrhaging followers, subscribers and patrons and he's literally pissing money away with the amount he's drinking alone, that's not a cheap habit.

No. 1584042

File: 1657361211933.jpg (311.51 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20220709_115901_com…)

Also here the first sentence

No. 1584044

The last sentence makes me wonder what she is talking about

No. 1584046

Same.I'm sure this is fully intentional, why else mention something that is "not something you are willing to talk about"?

No. 1584071

You can't get a hangover when you don't stop drinking

No. 1584130

mini tinfoil, this reads as her hinting at being in a new relationship to me. as in, her new relationship has helped her confidence, but she’s nowhere near ready to go public w/ a dude after a dozen years of Fake. perhaps?

No. 1584142

Could also be she's exploring her sexuality and isn't ready to come out officially to the internet? Could be any number of things tbh

No. 1584143

That or the start of something, she was thirstrapping (clips in lingerie accompanying songs about fucking) a couple of weeks ago on tiktok, so if anything, it's very new.

No. 1584205

I don't know. She was very adamant about not wanting to date.

No. 1584233

Isn’t really dating to just hook up with strangers. That’s how I took Kaya’s vague message too.

No. 1584293

Stop trying to make plushie happen. It’s not going to happen.

I hope she is getting some (if she wants some that is) and that it’s good. 12 years with Jake, and after what’s been leaked from OF, pretty sure I’d embrace eternal celibacy if chained to him

No. 1584306

Wouldn't be surprised if it was something cosmetic she's had done.

No. 1584337

that came across my mind too though she doesnt look different to me. maybe it's somewhere we dont notice/cant see that has always bothered her.
it could be something embarrassing it to talk about like that.
or something that makes her seem vengeful like hearing about Jake's downfall with the butterface alcoholic he cheated with. she has said she doesn't want to be reminded and her supporters say she can't move on if it's mentioned… but I think she'd only be human if she secretly took delight. he was an asshole to her for so long. or maybe she knows some juicy development about him.
I do wish she'd spill some tea!

No. 1584368

I'm so enjoying Kaya having that "Running up that Hill" song in her new get ready with me TikTok after Jake just whined about everyone using that song. May be coincidental but I'm loving the potential pettiness

No. 1584376

She has talked about being bi in multiple Q&As these past months so that’s not it. Still wondering what else it could be then though.

No. 1584430

File: 1657406809778.jpg (569.23 KB, 1080x2166, Screenshot_20220710_004336.jpg)

The tongue is animated, like any other icon of style and taste would advertise their OF …

No. 1584449

Oh man that’s embarrassing.

No. 1584486


She might be lurking here and seeing the mess that jake and kat is or her close friends are keeping her updated. There are a few posts of Kaya that are a bit to much of coincidence that throw shade at Jake. I'm sure seeing jake lose subs and failing must do the girl some good. I know it would make me laugh every day if i was in her position.

No. 1584487

Every time i think she can't get anymore trashy she outdoes herself. lol…

No. 1584491

>I know it would make me laugh every day if i was in her position.
right? i'd like a front-row seat to my narc ex's failures. i'm sure her friends do keep her updated

No. 1584509

I recall her saying she's not ready for a new relationship yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if she's got something casual going on. She has some pretty cute friends in her orbit. In her new bedroom tour video she did point out what looked like some kind of body spray with "love" in the name that was on her vanity and said "oh that's not mine".

Would honestly love this for her. Could also explain the rather feminine body spray left in her bedroom and her friends "making her feel pretty hot". Could just be a campy goth boy though too maybe.

I hope Kaya has seen >>1583405 tbh lmao

No. 1584511

This is one of the cringiest things I've ever seen. Cringier than most things that Jake reacts to. The Doja Cat music is the cherry on top of the basic bitch pie. She should have used Doja's "I'm a Cow" song. Also, didn't she already post this pic? Or just a dozen others that look just like it.

No. 1584730

File: 1657442817943.jpg (13.47 KB, 299x214, 1657406809778.jpg)