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File: 1652381244988.png (240.93 KB, 629x755, 1651609337953.png)

No. 1526880

>22 year old trans identifying ciswoman, claims to be a sex worker
>constantly calling women who don't do sex work ugly and undesirable, despite being ugly, fat and undesirable
>constantly e begging and starting fights with random tumblr users
>new e begging scam every week
>refuses to get a job
>has a shitfit and histrionically posts when her mother tries to help her
>Deliberately tries to circumvent users who have blacklisted the donations tag in order to avoid her panhandling beggary
>sends her feral anons after anyone who questions her
>outrageous and entitled e begging campaigns, such as requesting $45 for a pizza delivery, which is more than the average american spends on a weekly grocery shop
>literally got herself stranded in the middle of nowhere by refusing to plan ahead financially >>1525198
>has maxxed out Klarna instalment payment plans on everything so that she could buy no clothes, has multiple Klarna payments open
>finances useless shit like Shein, Fashion Nova, MAC, Morphe, Too Faced, still looks like utter shit >>1505874
>freaks out if you dont vary her convoluted bullshit genderspecial pronouns

No. 1526884

File: 1652381400965.png (53.33 KB, 528x519, Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 19.39…)

No. 1526886

File: 1652381428061.png (61.72 KB, 636x564, Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 19.20…)

No. 1526894

You accidentally made two threads

No. 1526918

File: 1652382912214.png (40.4 KB, 599x403, gg199.png)

Wanna bet she's getting stranded again tonight because there happened to be a burger king on the way?

No. 1526957

File: 1652386332889.png (153.73 KB, 1646x1002, vcp.png)

How does she keep losing access to her cashapp and venmo? They all lead to Taejaha Scott

No. 1526990

i'll read this thread but
>$45 for a pizza delivery, which is more than the average american spends on a weekly grocery shop
this was true maybe 5 years ago kek

No. 1527156

…for one person, if you’re actually broke and not completely retarded with money, $45 can definitely cover a week’s worth of groceries.

No. 1527386

i meant for one person and not getting shit from whole foods. it’s called a loaf of bread

No. 1527759

File: 1652465573879.png (46.38 KB, 655x575, rosariab.png)

She's been on her current account for quite some time now, she used to have a new one every week

No. 1527915

i…… she's a blind amnesiac now? ffs

also are we like, absolutely sure she's a cis woman? i'm not even someone who nitpicks womens' looks on lolcow but she might be one of the most unfortunate looking women i've ever seen. like just remarkably ugly. she straight up looks like a man so if she's "trans" that must be pretty gender euphoric kek

No. 1528232

File: 1652493585545.png (50.14 KB, 620x616, again.png)

she actually did, lmao

she's "both a man and a woman" meaning she'll always get offended no matter what you call her
doesn't help her looks that she has dogshit makeup skills either

No. 1528427


People are so desperate not to work that they'll beg online for hours which ends up expending more effort than just like, getting a part-time job

No. 1529228

lovely peaches is that you

No. 1533390

File: 1652964941652.png (994.13 KB, 1242x2688, B2E7B27B-4C48-4D90-9562-EAEB4A…)

No. 1533391

File: 1652964991367.jpeg (375.88 KB, 1242x1832, 8979D5A3-6A30-429C-AE39-AFD935…)

>hey so i’ve gotten nothing towards groceries

bitch get a job

No. 1533453

I will never understand the audacity of e-beggars who think random strangers on Tumblr will actually pay for their groceries. Most of the people on there are broke teenagers themselves.

No. 1533476

$300??? that is more than enough for a whole month of groceries, i'm hoping that's the only thing she ordered that month wtf?

No. 1533548

how is she a sw if she isn’t making any money. people will pay to jerk to anything if you’re desperate enough

No. 1533553

File: 1652980068922.jpg (608.7 KB, 1080x1898, IMG_20220519_120723.jpg)

Found her Instagram, she looks like an absolute sped 1/2

No. 1533554

File: 1652980123972.jpg (692.14 KB, 1080x1977, IMG_20220519_120710.jpg)


No. 1533577

No. 1533670

She looks like Bob the Drag Queen

No. 1533678

>trans identifying ciswoman

No. 1577584

im supposed to believe that someone would pay this monster for sex? you could have sex with an orangutan in makeup and heels for less and get virutally the same experience.

No. 1620445

File: 1660953228031.png (6.29 MB, 3752x5980, vivziepop.png)

Might as well put this here.
Rosaria went completely off the rails

No. 1620453

Holy shit what is happening in this

No. 1620464

mental illness?

No. 1620555

No. 1622849

rosaria posted her entire work route on tumblr kek

No. 1622884

File: 1661216198395.jpg (418.38 KB, 1440x2415, 20220822_195436.jpg)

It looks like hes overdrawing his account and then unable to use it until its paid off (this is from 4 hours ago today btw)

No. 1622971

This is so depressing to see. It's truly a result of learned helplessness caused by internet use

No. 1623236

kek who cares. she did this to herself and the reason why she isn't in a job is because she assaulted one of her coworkers. she deserves this.(sage)

No. 1625707

truly a result of a histrionic junkie being a histrionic junkie(sage)

No. 1635564

File: 1662282394622.png (750.76 KB, 664x1522, Clipboard02.png)

She's back & doxxed herself within the first three days again just to prove she's spending her donation money wisely … at Dunkin Donuts. Also makeup tutorial sideblog when

No. 1635697

I can’t believe this is what she looks like lmaooooo

No. 1640890

No. 1640892

‘she’…. yeah suuure

No. 1640920

That looks very obviously like a dude.

No. 1641007

File: 1662567779383.jpg (120.82 KB, 1024x1024, Shaun-1024x1024.jpg)

Dark Destroyer looking ass

No. 1642372

The one true achievement of her life. She's achieved true androgyny and reverse passes as a transwoman despite claiming to be a man.

No. 1642681

A black agp sighting, just like if a shiny pokemon was a dreadful thing to find.

No. 1665371

whats her/his tumblr username now? they change usernames so often its hard to keep track

No. 1666329

it’s ladyguujis.

No. 1666371

Rosaria is a woman

No. 1666404

Rosaria is NOT a woman. it is a fat, useless, Jabba the Hutt-like being, made of lies, secondhand embarrassment, and adipose tissue.

No. 1666481

Kikomi irl

No. 1666541

She is a woman.

No. 1684723

File: 1666732852494.png (1.08 MB, 828x1792, F72F7934-C538-47FB-929C-5B54C4…)

She’s back begging people for money again

No. 1686286

File: 1666899844282.jpg (213.91 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20221027_153956_Tum…)

You posted your own work route to tumblr, and we rightfully laughed. I'm sure some of the anons and trolls she was getting were a few cowtippers from here, but otherwise most of the people SLANDERING poor Rosaria were doing so because she's an entitled cunt kek

No. 1686291

File: 1666900272677.jpg (152.38 KB, 1080x675, Screenshot_20221027_154620_Tum…)

Same fag but apparently someone doxxed her hence her deleting her blog out of impulse. If you're from tumblr and thinking about cowtipping to make a point, just don't. She's enough of a retard already that her fighting with people and scamming them is milky enough

No. 1686299

She posted her own address on a map. She needs to take responsibility for her bad online safety habits backfiring, literally what did she think would happen.

No. 1686336

why is she, some retarded nobody on tumblr, comparing herself to ao3, a corporate website with millions of users. such an absolute bizarre comparison, especially considering she isn't even comparing herself to a person. also, obviously people will donate to ao3 - it contributes something to society, unlike this bitch who has done nothing beyond naming herself after genshin impact characters and larping as Irish for clout

No. 1686371

I don’t follow this thread but I feel like it’s always literally this post that brings it back kek

No. 1686468

ao3 serves a purpose to people, you beg for money from random people while offering nothing in return. if she learned to draw and did commissions for donations or begged people to buy shit from her on depop, even that would be better

No. 1691047

File: 1667326585325.jpeg (296.18 KB, 828x772, 7443FB75-04AA-4E27-A2C1-3C00B4…)

She’s actually mad at her mom and sister for caring about her and not wanting her to have children or move far away with her current mental state…

No. 1691182

I'd also be concerned my dumbass daughter thought $600 was enough to move anywhere other than into the kitchen from the basement. If she reproduced those kids would absolutely be in danger, she's lucky her family hasn't given up on her directionless ass.

No. 1691233

Isn't being too retarded to raise a baby the plot of I Am Sam

No. 1692873

File: 1667510061800.jpeg (209.77 KB, 828x785, E5FBC35D-F0C3-48BD-BEDC-C69E22…)

She writes “ dark fantasy stories “ now.

No. 1692880

23 is way too old for the gendersecial NEET shit, jfc. Rosaria you fat useless fuck.

No. 1861631

Does anyone know what's happened to her? Any new blog or anything?

No. 1863405


Several lol. Princelyfem, Princelywoman, whitecisguy, antiwhites, and husbandwife to name a few recent urls. Almost positive Princelyfem is the most recent.

It’s easier to recognize them by the donation links in the inevitable weekly ebegging posts for them or their gf (that conveniently seems to be in dire straights every time their first post doesn’t gain traction) than by username at this point.

No. 1868260

File: 1689840113251.jpeg (357.69 KB, 1170x973, C65CAFFA-1376-4A42-AEA1-B6EB79…)

i found her new blog way too easily kek. and she's still e-begging, using her "girlfriend" as a cover for needing money for more drugs. how much do you want to bet she doesn't have a girlfriend in the first place.

No. 1868277

File: 1689845945684.jpeg (68.93 KB, 1063x330, 15C9E3C0-8FD0-4F19-B680-B9FD6E…)

You mean her boyfriend?

No. 1868339

>trans identifying ciswoman
Is she a tif or just a woman throwing on the pronoun in bio

No. 1868414

will get banned lol but i was wondering this too. like she looks trans to me but i’ve seen black women who look similar to her (features wise) and they weren’t trans so i’m confused. not to racebait but sometimes it’s kind of hard to tell when a bw is trans or not. i’ve noticed this phenomenon with some scandinavian women too. both groups are obviously women but tend to have masculine features so when i met troons who are black or scandi, i find it hard to work out whether they’re actual women or not

No. 1914227

File: 1697427130695.jpeg (407.32 KB, 1170x1202, F4EE590C-02A4-4C67-8841-AA51BF…)

No idea what Rosaria even is at this point, "He" or "She" but "she" is too ugly to even call anything but "it". Anyways, "it" made a new blog once again to e-beg on and spew tardshit nonsense. I seriously think "it" just keeps remaking because people keep catching on to the obvious scam over and over. When will she get it through her mongoloid skull to just give up?

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