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File: 1468362334822.png (531.11 KB, 837x447, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.34…)

No. 154432

-Taylor announced she has a boyfriend.
-Boyfriend is not Japanese due to Taylor having to translate her Japanese lines she said on a TV show into English for her boyfriend to understand.
-Announced she has a decision to make and both outcomes will have "negative consequences"; however, she has not announced it for a while due to having to drum up drama and interest for her boring channel and content.
-Copies content from other Youtubers online as seen in her recycled content and recipes.
-Continues to copy Kota in more subtle ways i.e. hair styles, nails, vegan food on IG, etc.
-Looks like a sack of potatoes lately in her recent videos, which are becoming more and more boring.
Taylor Richard
Born December 14, 1988
5' 8" (173cm)
Sign: Sagittarius
From Ontario, Canada

Taylor is well-known in the community for being a Dakota clone. She clearly wants to wear Kota's skin.

Taylor went from being a successful model for LANCÔME to trying to emulate Kota's living doll fame and moving to japan to become a vlogger and model(??). Also chose to get cosmetic surgery to more closely resemble a kawaii ~uguu~ chipmunk >w<

Website: http://lovetaylor.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.R.Official
Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/taylorrichard
Instagram: https://instagram.com/taytay_xx
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamtay_tay

No. 154433

Taylor isn't trying to copy Kota,Kota is a washed out has been.

No. 154434

that's your opinion, but I've seen otherwise.

No. 154435

File: 1468362820682.png (550.99 KB, 802x456, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.43…)

her thumbnail on YT lol

No. 154436

She's cute

No. 154437

What did she do with her hair? It looks so gross, like super greasy and frizzy at the same time. You'd think she would wanna take better care of it when it's so long. And her growing our her bangs isn't exactly making it any better.

No. 154438

OP Pic: looks like some fresh fillers

Ah, Korea.

I wonder if she's going to move there since plastic surgery is deemed more "normal", plus maybe her bf is Korean

No. 154439

>that salty op

Pictures of vegan food on Instagram? Really, Taylor anon?

No. 154440

I'll make a picture timeline, if you aren't following both of them it can be over looked, but once you see it, its like dayum taylor, haven't stopped completely doing the kota snippets.

No. 154441

File: 1468363516388.png (576.26 KB, 842x458, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.35…)

More screen caps from her recent vid in Korea

No. 154442

File: 1468363542843.png (568.72 KB, 834x415, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.33…)


No. 154443


No. 154444

>Sign: Sagittarius
Clearly a thing that we need to know and care about.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the one making these threads is Lisa or that other chick that's obsessed with Taylor.

No. 154446

I copied and pasted some info from the dead old thread.

Admin allowed Taylor threads in /snow/

No. 154447

Who cares though? Just minimize it if it bothers you.

No. 154448

??? no they didn't. get the fuck out already this is getting old

No. 154449

When will tripod san reveal his face?
We all know he isn't Japanese now.
Most asian dudes who are fluent in English living in Asia dating white girls are generally fugly, so… that could be one of the main reasons lol

No. 154450

Admin said so in /meta/ tag shown in a screenshot - go there if you have a problem, don't shit up this thread crying about it.

No. 154453

File: 1468364152902.png (509.48 KB, 798x447, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.41…)

That bone structure. They're practically twins!

No. 154454

File: 1468364170213.jpeg (126.46 KB, 750x850, image.jpeg)

Why is her hairline/forehead so weird? Her hair is growing in the wrong direction, like backwards if you know what I mean. I always found that weird on girls.

No. 154455

File: 1468364278858.png (621.66 KB, 622x591, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.39…)

receding hairline + clothes = grandma tay

No. 154456

This. kek.

No. 154457

This thead could work if OP would stop samefagging.

No. 154458


No. 154459

Go to /meta/ if you have a problem and admin can look into it, otherwise stop same fagging about same fags.

No. 154461

File: 1468364855991.png (316.67 KB, 544x393, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 7.05…)

New and approved Taylor thread goes up
Taylor: -screams internally-

No. 154462

Don't get it, why not make a tumblr or some free blog space to sperg the fuck out of Taylor if they're just going to be talking to themselves for the majority of posts anyway? This anon is simplifying what the new admin wrote. Taylor threads are allowed within reason. These spam type posts and lifting whole conversations from elsewhere to make it seem like "many different people" want to discuss Taylor in her on separate thread are not within reason. It's obsessive.

No. 154463

I don't mind Taylor, but I don't understand why she fills or refills her cheeks?, she would look
way better without the re fill, it makes her look like her mouth is full of food or cotton, it doesn't
make her look young, just weird… sorry sage for not contribution I guess. (sorry for my bad english also)

No. 154464

She's pretty boring, I don't understand how she brought out such strong feelings. The conspiracy theories, bullshit about censorship and spam were just irritating.

No. 154466

What in God's name are you talking about anon? Her hair line looks completely normal. reach.

No. 154467

agreed. I don't understand why people care this much still, Kota looks so damn different from her now and honestly Taylor actually just does her thing. I thought the point of these threads was to have actual dirt/milk on someone. Not just nitpicking every little detail that literally has nothing behind it. Meh. I mean sure if she has ACTUAL milk then produce it. But who cares what her BF is or looks like, who cares if she got cheek fillers. Hardly the rule breaking and visa whoring that some of these girls are. I mean really.

No. 154469

let the thread be and see how it goes, stop trying to shoot it down by same fagging and reporting it a bunch of times.

No. 154470

^Just hope it actually discusses instead of reaching every dang time.

No. 154471


same fagging the shit out of this thread doesn't mean it will be shut down or deleted, if that happens then someone else might get the idea they can do it to other boring thread too, like kota's. she has no milk at all and people nitpick about the same shit over and over yet it still remains up. just stop complaining and let this thread developl. dont like it? don't read it. it shouldnt irk you that much to have a thread on taylor, if its so boring and so irrelevent then it shouldnt bother you.

No. 154472

kotas thread is full of reaching. if this taylor thread is thrown out then a bunch of others should be too for the nitpicking and dry milk.

No. 154473

Nobody would complain about this thread if it had more than shit like "her hair is growing in the wrong direction."

Agreed tbh.

No. 154474

the thread just fucking started. when other threads max out it takes a little to develop again unless theres a milk waterfall, which most times there isnt with a lot of flakes. give it time.

No. 154476

idk why she gets fillers, they look so bad on her.

No. 154478

Honestly this thread wouldn't bother me one bit if the OP wasn't so obsessed with Taylor & constantly talking to themselves.

No. 154479

Take a nap

No. 154480

The only milk you got on her was that she used to imitate kota but that shit stopped years ago. Find new milk instead of unleashing your dry scaly vagina onto here. We aren't your personal army you fat sandy cunt.

No. 154481


Why not just have a thread in /b/ where we can just post her updates and laugh at her fillers? She really has 0 milk to be in /snow/ but I wouldn't mind having a thread to keep up to date on her.

No. 154483

then kota's thread should be in /b/ too because she has no milk either

No. 154484

lol like bloated fish

No. 154486

I agree

I agree x 2

No. 154488


probably choking on cake with rosie seeing this

No. 154490

I consider her shitty shoops and her failing at her modeling career milk, tbh. Its not the best milk, but it is entertaining watching her shit all over her #blessings

No. 154492

I consider Taylor's career milk then too. Her shops and fillers are hilarious, not the best milk, but still milk to sip on and snark with my pinky in the air ~

No. 154494

this thread is such a shitshow oh my god ban op already

No. 154495

and I love when Taylor's event pics don't even match anywhere near her IG selfies that are warped to hell and back. She looks like a clown in her candids at events.

No. 154496

then ban all the other shitshow threads like kota's. Can't be a one way street.

No. 154497

this samefagging jesus christ

No. 154498

I'm starting to get interested in the OP, they seem deranged. Like I really wanna know what kind of person is behind all this salty samefagging. A jealous fatty? Pretty girl in Japan who doesn't get audience? OP would be more milkable than Taylor

No. 154499

No, I was responding to someone else, not same fagging.

No. 154500

I think this thread stays up until admin says otherwise. The farmhand(s) in meta said they have to go by what was last said on the topic and so a Taylor thread is allowed right now no matter how shit it is.

No. 154501

kota's thread is pretty shit too. if this one is chucked then kota's should be too.

No. 154502


No. 154505

Kota doesn't have a single samefag spamming about how she uses circle lenses and had thin hair. that's not milk it's fucking boring and the only reason this thread got made is because autist op got butthurt people were having normal discussions about her.

Where are the mods jfc. No one is even discussing her. Everyone knows it's one obsessive autist who's been spamming the board over and over.

No. 154510

>Where are the mods jfc
They can't do anything to the thread right now and, if OP is the same person who spammed all the boards a little while ago, then they've evaded bans and are probably hard to get rid of.

No. 154511

>until admin says otherwise
Admin already locked the first Taylor thread and said that if anyone tried to remake it they'd get banned permanently you idiot lmao. It's just a matter of a lazy fucking mod.

No. 154513

LMAO are you kidding me?!!! I've seen it in so many threads of hers

you just are autistic about taylor having a thread, don't read it

No. 154517

i say once again it's probably a malaysian 13 year old with a crustache. loves kpop. probably uses xD unironically.

autist-chan does your mom know you're using her wifi to do this jw

No. 154518

It was a different admin who locked the first thread, I think. They literally said that this thread is allowed in snow right now because they're going by the last thing they were told by the new admin.

No. 154521

no you keep same fagging over and over to look like diff posters


No. 154522

bruh get your own blog and complain no one wants you here samefagging

No. 154523

OP I think now is the time to look yourself in the mirror and realise how sad and pathetic you are. Time to stop posting & take a chill pill & block taylor so your obsession doesn't grow.

No. 154525

File: 1468368173196.png (480.89 KB, 803x447, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.39…)

Was this the show she translated for her bf?

No. 154530

this thread is such a mess and i don't even know who this bitch is lmfao

No. 154546

I love that OP keeps uploading the same screencaps with the original file name whilst pretending to literally not be the same person.

No. 154555

It isn't just OP posting photos fyi

No. 154559

Seriously, they're so deranged it's actually really creepy. Taylor better watch out for crazy obsessives like this one.

Yeah, sure its not.

No. 154560

this thread should be renamed to reflect the fact that it is actually about obsessive anon and not taylor

No. 154562

you do realize the file names are literally right there. jesus you're embarrasing.

No. 154564

Kek true. We almost have a new cow, deranged taylor anon. First of her kind, anon cow!

No. 154565

this video gave me second hand embarassment

No. 154566

anon was probably referring to the fact that we can see a good chunk of those photos were screenshotted at the same time on the same day

No. 154569

I was thinking the same thing. Someone said autist-chan's name was Sarah? Where did that come from.

No. 154572

and it's not even that they saved the pictures from a previous thread because the file name shows that it's coming directly from their phone/computer every time.

i imagine some jesse slaughter kiddo tbh.

No. 154575

File: 1468369231911.gif (1.37 MB, 500x281, gbWCyZx.gif)

>the fool having the same name as the queen

No. 154577

>dont like it? don't read it.

its like im on tumblr

No. 154578

I agree

No. 154579

it's missing a trigger warning
tw: sperg

No. 154581

Def not samefagging, the second anon is just mimicking what I said to make their point.

No. 154582

SarahSenpai is the queen autistic sperging the fuck out both here and PULL and shitting up threads with Kota conspiracy theories

No. 154583

She spammed pull and her username was sarahsenpai iirc

No. 154584

Let me get messy,

Anyone think autist-chan might be an Ostrenga? They seem to be the only person in 2016 who STILL makes a Taylor/Dakota comparison when these two have 0 in common. Someone deleted their Taylor thread and immediately they spam the Kota one by suggesting they delete it too. ??? It's sus. It's the only morsel of consistency they've shown, the fact that they keep bringing up Dakota when she's irrelevant as fuck in regards to Taylor.

I mean…. we all say this autist Taylor anon sounds jealous…. lol can you imagine.

No. 154587

I would probably agree with you but the way autist-chan acts is way too bizarre and mentally ill to be a calculated attack.

No. 154589

the ostrenga gig is old. not every deranged person on here is an ostrenga.

No. 154590

conspiracy tin foil hat chan to the rescue!

No. 154593

Hi PULLtard, you're not welcome here.

No. 154596

That could be the point tho. And isn't Kooter's brother an autist this whole family is deranged as far as I remember. Remember when Cathy asked the Dalai Lama(probs butchered that idk) to donate to Kiki and Kota lmao.

It's just so random that autist-chan gets so butthurt about Taylor WHILE randomly whiteknighting Kooter at the same time and insisting Taylor is copying Dakota. Who else remembers the Ostrenga's obsession with insisting everyone was copying them?

More fun than making fun of the direction Taylor's hair grows lmao. I'm talking out of my ass but at least we're having a #goodtime.

No. 154597

You're reaching.

You're probably a pulltard that shits up kota's thread with old shit like you're doing now.

No. 154598

remeber when
remember when
rememberrr wheeeeeen

omg stfu!

No. 154599

File: 1468371391678.jpg (21.87 KB, 480x480, tumblr_inline_nd3rmgUJDQ1rt4gd…)

learn to take a joke it beats talking about tay's cheeks for the millionth time. this thread is already a mess.

No. 154601

damn a little obsessed over the ostrengas? that train has long passed.

No. 154602

keep calm, don't froth at the mouth now.
let's get the thread back on track then.

No. 154603

lmao have you seen this thread? It's pretty much Obsession Inc. A little more ain't gonna ruin it.

No. 154606

was it ever on track?

No. 154610

Do you have a better alternative to this shit thread tho. Mods aren't gonna clean it up.

Ikr I literally said I'm talking out of my ass as a joke to actually make this thread remotely entertaining by treating autist OP as a snowflake lmao. Who knows we actually might get milk.

No. 154615

when did the deranged taylor anon even appear. was it once summer break began because if so lol.

No. 154617

i get the feeling they've always been shitposting about taylor since the beginning of time but these days a lot of people like taylor since she has no milk and the whole filler face thing got boring last year. so basically autist-chan is the only person who didn't move on and change their diaper and they're butthurt no1curr about taylor and people complement here in the jvlog thread all the time.

No. 154618

they were always there but about a month ago Taylor announced in a vlog she had a boyfriend she was seeing for a while and that triggered autist-chan to go fucking nuts

No. 154619

File: 1468373671013.gif (1.44 MB, 245x285, tumblr_nx7l33VJ2T1r85w9uo3_250…)

>when deranged autist-chan's taylor thread turns into a thread of people trying to expose them

No. 154624

File: 1468375192121.jpg (73.93 KB, 700x545, iwanttowearyourskin.jpg)

Autist-chan hasn't posted for a while, maybe she's tending to her Taylor shrine and gathering more screenshots to samefag with.

No. 154626

Honestly it's not even that they hate Taylor or hate her cheeks you literally have the right to say whatever like, this is an anonymous forum who cares. But it's Autist-chan's effort. The sheer effort. To be cringey. To samefag dozens of times in a row replying to themselves JUST to talk about Taylor's face and call her a potato. Not even to say anything interesting or spill some drama.

No. 154630

if we deleted the ana thread to get rid of anachans, can we delete the taylor threads to get rid of the pulltards? taylor is boring af and the hate boner pulltards have for her is cancer inducing

No. 154631

I don't know about the Ostrengas having a hand in this but I think these anons have a point. The same subjects keep showing up. The same goal. This isn't just a an autist raving about Taylor, this person is white knighting Dakota hard. The Taylor thing is a front to 'protect' kota. If Taylor is well liked, then kota should be too, because Taylor is actually really ugly posts dozens and dozens and dozens of screenshots. Taylor is nothing but a copycat she wants to live in kota's skin. If Taylor doesn't deserve her own thread then neither does kota!

No. 154634

>If Taylor doesn't deserve her own thread then neither does kota!
the effort they put into repeating this was sooo sus. it made it obvious their butthurt over taylor stemmed from whiteknighting kooter. obviously there was a time taylor copied kota but that time has long since passed and they have nothing to do with each other anymore. autist-chan is delusional enough to believe that taylor posted vegan recipes and got her nails done and assumed a casual style because she wants to copy dakota like. why. they keep insisting on that when it's a cringey reach.

No. 154636

Hey that was my joke

No. 154637

Is that Ladybeard?

No. 154638

No. 154641

The taylor thread on pull is like groundhog day. They started the taylor thread but no dirt on her ever showed up so they've just been stuck on talking about her fillers, how she comes from a rich family, and a contrived variation of how she looks like a hamster/potato with every photo that comes out. It's just boring it has nothing to do with whiteknighting. It's like if people kept talking about how kota totally wears circle lenses and hair extensions wow it's so obvious in this picture!! Yawn. They refuse to say anything about that isn't petty and unfunny. Fact is, the only time discussing taylor is interesting is when we're talking about what clothing style would suit her better, her video content and speculating on what her relationship with the other jvloggers is like. And… that's not very interesting. Unless you're a fan. Really there isn't quality juicy content to get out of taylor. Her threads are either 12 year old autists or her fans. 2/10 waiting for the day threads of her just get banned altogether.

No. 154642

heeeey, this thread is pretty poppin' now lol, 5 hours later and the replies are keep on keeping' on

No. 154643

reach higher detective chan

No. 154644

yo, dakota's thread is pretty much ground hog day too

No. 154655

Damn, how long did it take you to make that taylor stan?

No. 154657

Unfortunately, PULL is closing down soon, so they will come regardless

No. 154660

applause That's almost as pathetic as the taylor tard on here LOL

Actually I take that back, it's just a tad bit more pathetic. :)

No. 154662

they even mistook one of kota's pictures as taylor's in there lmao

tay, she ain't that pretty, sorry

No. 154671

Her personality sorta weirds me out too, like.. she acts like a young teen, you know? With her doing 'impromptu Q&As' during her vlogs, and rambling a lot while explaining stuff… it's like, cute if she 16, but when I found out she's like, what, nearing 30? It seemed really creepy and phony all of a sudden. And the way she sometimes talks to her fans during videos like they're a bunch of young girls at a slumber party, talking about embarrassing stories and stuff.. like.. stahp. You aren't in a tween magazine. Like if she actually still looked her age it would be super creepy.

No. 154673

Taylor R is so weird to me. Like I actually like her videos and a lot of her messages seem good..but that stuff of how different she looks now and the rumored plastic surgery and ultra-editing.. it's too weird 0.o

No. 154675

yeah but she's kind of an icon at this point. she's the one that ~started it all~ so people will always be interested in her.

No. 154676

not really, every one says she's washed up and irrelevant so….

No. 154678

0/10 samefagging

i guess but she's still an icon in a way lol. people will always want to check up on her and see how much of a flop she is. she's irrelevant in the sense that she has no fans basically but every time i see her thread i always have a look.

No. 154681

I feel the same way about this train wreck tay and her plastic surgery

No. 154686

Yeah, I always look at the threads whenever Taylor updates with her clown face selfies and awkward videos.

No. 154690

File: 1468382647043.gif (999.49 KB, 245x179, 1458739150044.gif)

Autist-chan, back to back agreeing with your own tryhard reach is about as obvious as it gets.

No. 154692

kill yourself.

No. 154693

File: 1468382913118.jpg (69.62 KB, 500x394, tumblr_inline_nwhy2vmXxf1qfphl…)

>Taylor is well-known in the community for being a Dakota clone. She clearly wants to wear Kota's skin.

No. 154697

Go away farmhand.

No. 154722

File: 1468384553980.jpg (46.41 KB, 493x335, getty_rm_photo_of_mother_putti…)

time for bed, autist-chan.

No. 154731

lord you sound like you're having an assburger meltdown what are you on about. shut the fuck up lmao quit bringing up farm hand like anyone what the fuck that is and cares. where are your parents i'm pretty sure this isn't what they bought you an iphone for.

No. 154737

Yikes dude this is just sad

No. 154742

Fuckin' gross.

No. 154759

No. 154760

Holy shit I went to sleep & came back to check on this thread and the autist-chan is still going. Truly deranged.

No. 154768

Man i really want that Gudetama stuff from her give away…

Does anyone of you know if she feeds Rosie vegan food? Not judging but just wonderimg because i know so e vegans do.

Luckily Tay isn't as preachy as some other vegans out there…

No. 154769

No she doesnt she bought him chicken sticks from korea in her latest video

No. 154824

A-chan, you're back! You didn't like my photo? :^(

That's the easter egg in the picture. I knew you'd be able to find it.

No. 154827

Afaik she never claimed to be vegan, just mostly plant based because she finds it healthier for her, so i doubt she would make Rosie go vegan

No. 154843

Genuinely have no idea why they're spending all of their time talking to themselves on a gossip imageboard. The real lolcow is them.

No. 154870

this thread is like 80% same fag.
Also the repeated use of "sus" and "lmao" in these replies screaaaams summer.

No. 154917

i'll say it again:
body dysmorphia. she's hiding in clothes/hats

No. 154920

or maybe baggy clothes are comfy as fuck and breezy in the humid as fuck country she lives in.

No. 154931


Nah. She just loves wearing them is all.
They fit her aesthetics or whatever. She just doesn't seem to know that they don't suit her at all.
She literally has no sense of style what so ever!
Her having body dysmorphia is bullshit, she seems oretty confident about her body.

No. 154976

because she has saggy skin from being fat when she was a kid, look at her knees

No. 154987

Or the fashion that's "in" right now is different than where you're from?

You can't be this stupid to not understand that concept right?

No. 154990

no, she's not in korea
and jap people don't wear this shit esp in tokyo, only the bigger girls do

No. 154994

same fag, fuck off

No. 155003

she was like any other portly 12 year old. the overall skin elasticity of a child would not allow for excess skin to hang after losing 30 pounds. and even if she did have excess skin her growth spurt would've filled it out. 0/10 theory.

No. 155006

Are you a doctor? No. She has saggy skin, I've seen it on her videos and candids

No. 155007

File: 1468433808508.jpg (15.59 KB, 600x607, ChK7rsTUcAALibo.jpg)

>body dysmorphia. she's hiding in clothes/hats

No. 155008

Hi, Taytay

No. 155019

shut up. if anything, she has the opposite of bdd, since she seems overly vain for someone who looks like an ayyyy lmao

No. 155030

No she's just trying to be ~unique~ and ~different~ with her grandma style. If you haven't noticed her style changes with the trend. It shows she lacks personality/genuineness and is rich enough to keep up with the current trends but not display a carbon copy of them because she's "different". If you look at her style over the past couple years it been all over the map even though she always stayed within the range of "cute/girly.

No. 155033

Cont. (posted too fast)

She obvi isn't BDD you're just blantanly derailing. Every tall, narrow-framed white girl In this day and age WILL show off their body and be fairly confident compared to others who don't have that predisposition. because that is literally the universal ideal. Also the fact that she is wealthy and never had to work in her whole life probably prevented her from falling into and ED which happens to most models working from scratch with none of daddy's money.

No. 155040

And when I say "showing off their body" I don't mean showing skin. Dressing in clothing that excentuates their thinness is a way of knowing someone is comfortable with their assets.
When girls do this, and Photoshopping, retarded angles, drugs, etc get thrown into the mix, that's obviously someone with issues and who knows what the Fuck is going on w them and that's a whole other case.
I'm just saying Taylor has life on easy mode and has never been through enough hardship to develop and long standing mental disorders such as BDD or EDs.

Or she could be a fucking sociopath with a secret BDSM dick play tumblr accnt and her whole persona is all an act. Who knows. But Ima go with the latter.

No. 155052

She's really ugly.

No. 155070

She's cute!

No. 155076

> posts pic in an attempt to appear smart
> appears more stupid than before

No. 155121

I see you're back

No. 155294

Unless you want to monitor this forum everyday hours on end, I suggest keeping this Taylor thread up to keep sperg chan at bay.

No. 155299

why would you indulge such behavior? this is the type of shit that sets a precedent.
ride it out like we do the robots.

No. 155343

help me jesus this thread is cancer, the amount of samefagging is obvious. dont indulge the sperg we dont want them among us, wish admin would tell us how many posts are from the same person

No. 157141

I don't know why Taylor said in one of her vlogs that she has gluten intolerance but in most of her videos she is eating burgers from the vegan restaurant (they are not gluten free) and her newest shows malt vinegar and kimchi soup. Both not gluten free as well.

No. 157143

taylors big reveal is her dog having surgery

No. 157144

Rosie is her moneymaker aside from being her pet, of course she is concerned.

No. 157147

>A Twitter poll on what Lush bath bomb her viewers would like her to throw in her tub
Ok Taylor

No. 157152

>this has nothing to do with her size or breed
>her breeder told me don't put her under anesthesia because she might not survive because she's so small

Designer breeds are so cool, guys!

No. 157156

thought she is leaving japan

No. 157167

So she got a designer breed that inevitably has issues for youtube bux and will now find ways to milk the situation further. First world problems.

No. 157229

Golly gee this sure isn't the same person or anything

No. 157494

She seems pretty disingenuous here tbh. I wouldn't be making vlogs and talking about menus all gleefully while stressing about possibly losing my beloved dog.

No. 157501


I'm >>157152
and I generally think Taylor is semi-nice weeb that's borderline boring. Just thinking how shitty it is when rich girls buy cute toy dogs without realizing that the selective breeding comes with a heartbreaking amount of health problems. What's annoying is she denies it's the breed.

No. 157506

of course she denies it. she has to keep up the bubbly kawaii compassionate persona kek. but yeah, i find it really shitty that she bought a dog prone to ilness and now she's crying on camera again and then 2 minutes later she's frolicking around and recording that, such a hard life sure. anyway, gotta milk that yt money, she literally has nothing else going on for her besides that

No. 157507


No but that's what some of us do, I know I'm one of the people who just try to think about anything else except the stressfull thing and am quite good at blocking things from my mind as I know panicking about things won't change the outcome. No whiteknighting here but people handle things differently.

No. 157508

>health problems
On the plus side, she can afford all the help the dog needs

No. 157510


>my dog might die after this operation guys :(((

>and now lets cut to me having fun in a vegan restaurant and buying bath bombs in lush!

No. 157512

Reach harder, the operative word is might. The fucking thing isn't dead yet. What do you want, a video montage of all of her special moments with Rosie, followed by a Rosie pic captioned "RIP 2015-2016"?

No. 157519

do you not understand a vlog?

No. 157524

Nitpicky the thread

No. 157547


it was not real threatening surgery it was just normal surgery with the usual changes of things going wrong that just happen with surgeries and every pet owner goes through those thoughts eventho they know everything will most likely be OK. they did the surgery so everything will turn better for the dog. she handled it maturely. there's no point in playing sad piano music and making b&w video clips of the dog when it's going through something that will make it's life better.

like i understand why ppl dislike taylor but it's so boring when ppl reach for things that aren't there. focus on the things that are there.

No. 157548

Maybe shell buy a cat when rosie kicks it in

Cats are more popular as a weeb magnet anyway

No. 157555

Please don't project your sociopath ideology on others, it makes more weak posts

No. 157556

Just saying anon

Tay might pal up with rach and sharlz to get a new cat in a few months

No. 157558

Well put anon.
I didn't watch the video, but am aware that >>157510 is being a reaching asshat.

No. 157570

Learn how to quote posts you fucking sperg

Just saying anon

No. 157579

She keeps preaching clean eating and excersising as the secret to her super slim body but she just looks underweight to me, thought?

No. 157581


My phone doesn't always reply properly dickface

No. 157582

Idk, anyone compared to your insecure lard body is probably underweight to you

No. 157583

She's a model, anon.

No. 157584

i think she looks ok. she just has long lanky limbs which she claims she wants to get more shapely

No. 157585

File: 1469048821060.jpg (600.21 KB, 777x907, Nfsafas.jpg)

Out of curiosity I checked PULL to see if they had any substance on Taylor and lol look at this fucking gem

>subtle sexual messages

No. 157586

don't blame your phone for your autistic mistakes you fucking retard

No. 157587

What the fuck? Now they're mad about how she sits when her lower body is barely even seen on camera?

No. 157589

holy shit that's reaching. how fucking autistic do you have to be?

No. 157591

Her pussy is turned towards the camera

How DARE She

No. 157592

Yeah, most of the spergs that post in Taylor's section on PULL are far bigger cows than she'll ever be.

No. 157609

>checked PULL to see if they had any substance
You see, that was your first problem there.

No. 157613

I guess sitting cross legged is something they've never done. . .because it's cultural appropriation to sit "Indian style".

No. 157634

Is this fucking sperg a 96 year old grandma? "Close your legs or boys will think you're open for business!"

No. 157647

File: 1469063761045.jpg (26.67 KB, 245x383, o.JPG)

well that anon must have had a ball with this scene

No. 157667

Supporting breeders and that whole market is part of the problem. There are the problems with the breed themselves, being prone to costly painful health issues, and then the breeding process where they get rid of runts in bad ways. It's all for profit and self indulgence at the cost of animals all around.

No. 157785

No. 157798


Can I just ask anon. Sorry I'm new to the dog situation over in Japan (never been but heard the stories and such). What are the most popular breeds you'll find there in the pet stores/breeders? Just curious.

No. 157803

btw she just steals music from soundcloud for her videos. yea she links them in the video but it technically against the rules what she is doing (unless she has explicit permission from the artist)

No. 157806

File: 1469112759966.png (438.11 KB, 483x571, itneverends.png)

No. 157807

Chihuahua pomeranian dachshund and toypoodle

No. 157812


Anything small and cute

No. 157814

i am literally laughing my ass off. almost died, bitch, by that logic all dogs almost die when they get spayed and neutered lol

No. 157822

Her hair looks like tentacles.

No. 157825

Most of those soundcloud artists state it's okay to use the music as long as credit/source is given. Have you really run out of shit to milk her on? LOL

No. 157828

I normally don't even acknowledge when people are like "hi Kiki" but this sperg sounds so much like an Ostrenga that it's alarming lmao

No. 157840

Seems like you didn't even bother to watch the video

What is up with the salty anons lately, are they from pull or is it just obsessed weebs who couldn't get a summer job? This "milk" is so forced

No. 157841


The title alone screams clickbait. She must be straight out of ideas if we're going to get a week of dog sympathy videos after the fail that was pokemon.

No. 157876

I love her hair, I think taylor could do well if she continues doing travel vlogs.

I love the flying footage.
Yes i know that thing was expensive but i sure as hell would never be able to afford it doesn't mean i cannot enjoy seeing it in someone elses vlogs.

Also i despised the fact she got one of those toy breeded dogs but i felt bad for her fears for rosie needing surgery.
I hope she learns from this and never considers a dog breed like this again.
I think her fear and sadness were genuine.

No. 157896

i agree.

there is nothing ethical about rosie's breed or breeder, but taylor has her now and theres nothing that can be done, for all those complaining about teacup breeds. if anything its good that someone like taylor with lots of money who can afford the care the dog needs in its extremely reduced lifespan

No. 157920

as a matter of fact i didn't watch it, i tried but i can't stand her voice and idiotic expressions. so i kinda figured it was about the surgery considering how click baity the title is, my bad. also, you're also in this thread, so please get your head out your ass, we're all petty bitches here, chill.

No. 157950

Understand, you making stupid statements without looking to the source material makes you seem like a jealous bitch rather than hating Taylor for legitimate reasons.

Stop being a whiny jealous bitch and clean out your sandy vagina. Maybe you'll find reason in that archaic hole of yours.

No. 157997

Her ugly bangs remind me of 70s parted bangs

No. 157999

Pretty sure none of us actually hate her, we just love to pick her apart.

No. 158021

I coulda sworn she bought that dog somewhere other than Japan. I thought I saw a video of hers a while back where she talked about traveling somewhere to get her.. I wanna say China? Idk can't recall other than her saying she traveled to get the dog, I'm not about to search thru her vids to find it.

No. 158024

Illiterate hoe it's been stated multiple times it was HK

No. 158029

Fucking Kek anon.

It reeks of PULL in this thread. Keep the petty bullshit off our yard autists.

No. 158036

I keep telling you to wash out your sandy vagina, not only are you stupid and jelly as fuck, you're illiterate as well.

No. 158086

She did fly her to Japan and made a video about it which is fucking gold and a must-see.

No. 158088

No. 158089

Rosie is from a Taiwanese breeder called teddybearmommy.com, but Taylor already bought her while living in HK.

Japan has pretty strict quarantine restrictions for animals, that's why she had to wait some time before being able to bring Rosie to Japan.

No. 158125

She looks gorgeous here! I really don't understand why she keeps screwing her face with those fillers.

No. 158141

No. 158149

I always thought she was pretty. She didn't need any work done at all imo

No. 158151

wtf.. that monotoned voice, that cringy fake commercial acting, the staged walk-in. that was awful. her legs do look nice though

No. 158182

ITT: nitpicking and jealous whining

No. 158186

Ok, now you sound stupid AF….I'm not even that anon you shithead.

No. 158187

Basically every fucking Taylor thread.

No. 158204

Without cheek fillers her facial shape is so different, like a completely different person.

No. 158206

I'm so sick of reading this. Is it really that hard for you to just ignore the shitposts? Just filter them out mentally.

No. 158208

the irony

No. 158220

She looks ten times better without fillers wtf. Horrible acting aside, I like her better here.

No. 158227

nice to see autist-chan continues to talk to herself in the taylor thread about her cheeks.

No. 158292

Okay idgaf about taylor but this alexa women is just pure pain. Wtf she got dinner cooked for her and doesn't even have the manners to just fucking say "wow thank you that looks amazing yes of course i will try it".
Just because she "ate too many cookies at the event" fucking hell. Idk why it irks me so much but i could just go apeshit over this.
In their Q'nA video she was also just dumb and answering some questions so stupidly goddamnit.

No. 158502

they both seem so vapid it's painful, but, to be honest, i kinda like when Taylor does videos involving food. they're the least boring stuff she records.

No. 158519

Does anybody know the name of the song used here? This video was somehow cute as fuck, the leg one was cringe though

No. 158548

where was Rosie while Taylor was shopping? You know how dogs always jump up to greet their humans when they get home . . .

No. 158552

Rosie is probably kept in her crate since she isnt allowed to move after the surgery

No. 158554

clearly haven't watched her vlogs then.

No. 158601

The two aren't exactly the most educated people, so it's to be expected. Taylor's vocabulary is so small it's laughable, both in English and Japanese. I like how she pretended to read the books she was plugging.

No. 158701

They're both boring af and couldn't think of anything interesting to do on their own so Taylor relies on her follower every time to give her ideas. Twitter poll, hey.. A vegetarian that doesn't use her coconut.

No. 158710

honestly, taylor is winning me over. she's not overly dramatic, at least among youtubers (sheltered as fuck for sure tho).
unless she does some crazy ott weeb shit or gets more weird plastic surgery, there's just no milk here anymore.

No. 158744

I really question how she is (not) letting her dog heal.

While she is sort of cute (used to be beautiful before whatever procedures she had), she seems pretty dumb. Who the fuck writes "4 corns" on their shopping list? She didn't know that chickpeas and garbanzo beans are the same thing. And she has "studied nutrition"…. Let's hope she never starts advising people on nutrition, what with the pseudoscience she parrots back sometimes. She gets most of it from questionable vegan bloggers.

My favorite "Doh!Taylor" moment was in her draw your life video. She said she had always dreamed of being on the cover of Vogue. She spelled Vogue "Vouge"

No. 158745

Taylor seriously is an airhead. Her video doing that quiz pissed me off and I couldn't believe how dumb she is. I knew she made bad decisions and had a bad taste but now I realized that she's also stupid. However she really is not a cow but more like your average cringy youtuber.

No. 158759

> airhead
guess that what makes her likeable
i kind of enjoy her videos but then again i watch them on 2x speed because i kind of cant stand her

No. 158773

You enjoy her videos but can't stand her? Sounds like you should be watching someone you like then

No. 158777

Her daily vlogs are making her seem desperate for views

No. 158829

imagine how many times she must reshoot some of those staged parts

No. 158850


Not that anpn but i kinda understand, i do the same. She makes me cringe hard but i still watch her videos because i really like how she edits them and the things she does in her everyday life. Especiall the japan-y things she does. Her videos and topics are not close to the level of cringe of the other jvloggers like that horse Sharla for example.
So i like her videos but i can't stand her, personally. The way she presents herself is just too annoying.

No. 158858

Same. I watch most of her videos (Except the stupid DIYs and tags) unless the thumbnail looks too cringey (with jvloggers or Pokemon shit). I still like her but sometimes she makes me cringe pretty hard.

No. 158984

People have called her out for stealing content ideas or editing ideas from the more popular travel and beauty vloggers in the comments. There isn't a creative thing she's done that she hasn't paid for.

No. 159041

Alexa is so effortlessly beautiful, she makes Taylor looks so bleh in comparison.

Of course Taylor used to also have that effortless beauty until she messed up her face.

No. 159043

Literally don't care. Like the other anon said: am watching her videos when title/thumbnail isn't too cringey and its not a shitty diy. I don't fucking care if one steals an idea of another. It doesn't break my heart or anything. She can get inspired all she wants, she's doing an okay job with her editing and videos, so whatever.

Ungh this alexa is really pretty and very naturally beautiful. I just wish she was less dense. I am pretty sure i couldn't take 5 minutes together with her.

No. 159045

She's probably less awkward without being in Taylor'a vlog. I know she's a model (and an awesome one at that), but I believe knowing you're being uploaded to 200k+ subscribers is kinda weird.

No. 159046

>she got Rosie when she was "6 months years old"

I cringed. Her brother is also dumb as a stump, it must run in the family.

No. 159047

I kinda like living vicariously through her Japan vlogs, they're genuinely enjoyable to watch even if she's kinda cringey.

No. 159048

Her sister seems to have her shit together though. I don't see her as the type to watch the Kardashians and use lip kits like a sharpie.

No. 159055

i find taylor endearing but there's no denying she's not the brightest crayon in the box.

i wish she wouldnt pretend to like pokemon just for views though. it seems desperate

No. 161388

File: 1469752288164.jpeg (55.79 KB, 386x389, image.jpeg)

Taylor may have started as a Kota copycat but you can't deny she has developed her own style. I see a lot of Jvloggers ripping off her look these days.

No. 161461

Her fashion sense is terrible though.

No. 161467

It's true , she does have her own style but….
She has tons of money and yet fails to buy cute clothes i dont understaaaaand.

No. 161470

whether fashion/style looks nice is subjective

Taylor is dressing in a normal mid 20s simple style that's popular now

No. 161471

>fails to buy cute clothes
some people don't want cute clothes?? sounds like you're salty she isn't doing what you want if you were her

No. 161473

This. Japanese fashion is becoming less cute and more Western. I really like her style, at least she dresses her age. Unlike some other jvloggers.

No. 161476

Cute may not have been the right word.

Mhm… Impersonally don't think this style fits her. Sorry.

No. 161493

Not that anon but how is saying someone doesn't have cute clothes being salty? It's an innocuous comment as far as criticizing someone's style goes, because personally I'd just say that her clothes are fucking ugly.

No. 161505

Fillers can cause acne btw. My sister got fillers to fix "frowny lips" and she broke out a week or two later there.

No. 161523

Taylor is actually cute. Especially when Mimei is next to her. Mimei's so ugly she makes anyone shine very bright next to her.

No. 161527

her clothes are horrible. what fucking style? she's built like a noodle and she wears baggy missmatched shit to appear shorter and cuter.

No. 161545

Okay so if the way she's dressing now isn't good then what are some styles you suggest she adapt that'll flatter her?

No. 161550

I think anon just wanted to bitch, nothing else.

No. 161664

File: 1469836240097.jpeg (19.28 KB, 236x236, image.jpeg)

I thought this was her most flattering style. Preppy/classy looking suits her.

No. 161665

Thats a school uniform a weeby fake japanese school uniform. U really want her to dress like a weeb in a fake highschool uniform when she is pushing 30

No. 161666

File: 1469836739577.jpg (436.63 KB, 1313x759, ss (2016-07-29 at 04.58.01).jp…)

You have shit style, what normal fucking person would wear this

THIS is preppy/classy

No. 161667

File: 1469836797383.jpeg (139.72 KB, 512x760, image.jpeg)

Her clothes are bottom-tier. She just needs something a little more high fashion in that style.

No. 161669

this looks lazy as fuck and would only pass if you're a teen

please don't tell me you think this actually looks good

No. 161670

File: 1469836967466.jpeg (118.35 KB, 612x612, image.jpeg)

It's hard to find decent photos of her because of her incessant weeby style, but she definitely would benefit from going to a more Western look.

No. 161671

Anon…this is what you should be wearing on a daily basis if you're an adult. This is not classy. Do you live in the fucking boondocks?

No. 161672

She was so pretty. I can't believe she ruined her looks to chase some bullshit weeaboo dream when she's nearly 30.

No. 161674

Pretty much this. She chases trends that are for younger people.

Her jawline and cheeks are no longer like that, yet she keeps hiding it. She looked great there though.

No. 161681

I like how you guys keep beating a deadhorse over:
-her fashion
-her cheeks

Can you salty hoes get some milk? Cus rn this udder is dry as fuck

No. 161697

This. Taylor is active on social media and still gives us nothing to talk about. She is bland. This thread never should've been unlocked.

No. 161698

File: 1469844937599.jpeg (97.03 KB, 900x900, image.jpeg)

>this thread

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