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File: 1468753646872.png (1014.63 KB, 1080x1920, 1468743349192.png)

No. 156475

Kiki has finally slithered out from hiding and graces us with our presence!

Why now? Whats going on in Kiki's life? Has she found a new jap boy toy? Is Cathy shoving the selfie stick in her face telling her monkey to make some dollars? Does this mean we'll get new videos? New blog/ website?! (rip lilkitten).


No. 156476

I've been waiting for this.

No. 156477

It has been so long - I honestly was starting to think she was gone for good this time. I do wonder what gems of insight she'll gift us in this new era: specifically what her drop in online presence has taught her over the last 9 months. Did this extended exercise of listening instead of speaking teach her anything about her place in the world or will she soon go back to screaming into the void? Time shall tell.

No. 156478

I kind of wonder if she'll realize how many followers she lost or see that no one really cares now and just disappear again. That would be unfortunate but I can kind of see it happening if she doesn't get the attention she wants.

No. 156479

I guess it really all depends on what kind of attention she wants now. I'm probably reaching here, but I don't think her return at this point of time (considering what's been happening in the world specifically in the last few weeks) is just a coincidence. I feel she will either push the new-age positivity as an antithesis to what's going on and what everyone else is talking about online - hence trying to be seen as refreshing in comparison thus hoping she'll get attention/followers as a result. Or (and this will be a guaranteed carcrash if she tries this considering her past esp. the stickam videos), she'll start discussing social issues (e.g. ISIS, police brutality etc.) and her view of what's going on in the world. The latter would be entertaining for us, but I doubt it will get her much attention/followers as there is a million and one think-piece writers and podcasters who have more experience, insight and expertise on these matters.

No. 156480

oh man. I cannot wait to see her embarrass herself some more. Favourite lolcow hands down.

No. 156481

File: 1468758789539.jpg (1.68 MB, 400x212, Eiaha.jpg)

No. 156482

samefag, sorry. click on the pic to activate the gif which shows the only accurate reaction to queen Kaka's return

No. 156483

File: 1468759874628.jpg (89.47 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20160717-134928_1.j…)

>long time no see…

No. 156484

Her eyebrows look worse than ever

No. 156485

lol, not letting go of japan

No. 156486

If she actually stuck to anything and put effort into whatever she wanted to do she could do okay in Internet life. Nothing what she used to be. Although I think she sank her own ship going on so many breaks. I think she had her best bet with beauty and fashion vlogs. But she fucked that over too.

No. 156487

She won't gain popularity again like she did in her scene days. Dakota has overtaken her and even kooter isn't doing that great these days. She's just about relevant.

But kaka… with her drama and paranoia I doubt she will gather a height of fame again. Too many girls are out there these days who can easily overshadow her. Kaka isn't anything special. She's a shut in, looks aren't that great and she's a cunt. Let's just be real here.

No. 156488


Pfft even if she did try talking about politics she would end up deleting youtube comments with things she doesn't agree with.

No. 156489

She looks like dakota.. or does dakota look like her…

No. 156490

Almost scared to comment, like scared we'll scare her away again

No. 156491

SAME. I missed her so much & thought it'd definitely be way longer before she reappeared again.

No. 156492

Shes like a pokemon

Gotta be sneaky otherwise shell run away

No. 156493

At last, our vegan empath goddess has returned to us!! I've been so mournful without Kiki's delicious milk.

Let's all remember not to fuck it up this time. Cows are for watching, not harrassing, so don't go scaring Kiki off. Hopefully our vegan moogle of mother earth is here to stay. Her IG description and stuff hasn't really changed so do you think she's still going for the same schtick?

No. 156494

File: 1468774733754.gif (519.7 KB, 245x130, tumblr_inline_noi35pkxoW1qbqje…)

Oh god, I'm so fucking thrilled.
Our ethereal goddess of love & light has returned!
May she bless us with the creamiest milk.

No. 156495


Oh god yeah definitely. She's still hoping to kamisama that he will grant a beautiful ray of light on her and let the Japanese bow to her angel winged stilettos that she will too form into a beautiful kawaii goddessu like her very successful, much beloved Dako-chan-imotou!

No. 156496

lol and PULL isn't shutting down anymore either

Watch out kaka

No. 156497

I'm gonna nitpick here, but her greasy hair is really bothering me. I don't understand why she wouldn't wash it before her "big comeback."

Also, someone in Kota's thread compared her to Taissa Farmiga, but I would say Kaka looks a lot like her in this pic at least.

It seem so. The only thing I noticed is she got rid of the Chinese, so she's probably done pretending to give a shit about China/Korea now.

No. 156498

I'm kind of disappointed she still looks the same and hasn't come back with a brand new kawaii face full of fillers like Taylor.

No. 156499


Japan is her main goal

As it is to 48247847384 other girls lol

No. 156500

File: 1468776515710.png (514.63 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-07-18-01-04-36…)

>figured you'd been working on an album or something

Oh, how amazing more 'totally original and not stolen' mish-mashes of incohesive electronic/dubstep garbage would be.

I have to say, I'm pretty excited to see what she's got up her sleeve for us this time.
Is she in the holy land of Nippon? Or back in the US? No doubt she'll be acting like she's in Japan either way. Uploading from that stash of backed up pictures she's got.

No. 156501

Also if a family friend of the monstrengas from Bravo got Kota in for modelling. Why can't they do the same for Kaka then?

No. 156502

Same, to be honest.
Still the same boring winged-eyeliner makeup, still the flat, unlayered hairstyle and middle parting, still not filling in her damn brows.
Girl needs to change shit up.

No. 156503

Because Kiki is a screaming obnoxious twat and not even giving up the puss makes men able to tolerate her for long. She thinks so highly of herself and her ego is so massive and she treats people like shit unless worship her, even if Bravo considered signing her I doubt she would be able to keep her bullshit in check long enough to finish all the paperwork. Before she disappeared she said on Twitter that she got an entertainment visa but she deleted it pretty quickly, same with her bragging about being scouted.

I don't doubt she had offers while in Japan, but she can't act like an adult and won't do anything she doesn't want to do so maybe whatever opportunities she did get she shat all over with her awful personality.

No. 156504

wut? i thought bravo contacted her because she went viral and had a page on her blog for modeling agencies to e-mail her?

No. 156505

File: 1468778014324.gif (1001.5 KB, 440x300, elmo001.gif)

holy shit she's back

wonder how long she'll last before she poofs away again

No. 156506

File: 1468778611073.png (206.43 KB, 698x424, Kiki Youtube.png)

Question when Youtube saids an account was active 10 months ago does that mean the last time the posted a video or did anything at all like approving a comment, etc?

No. 156507

>Why now?

Exactly anon. Pretty odd that her return happens to coincide with the appearance of the Dakota and Taylor obsessed sperg-chan and their seemingly disproportionate fury at being accused of being Kiki.

Yep, she's probably been spending her time away gathering several years worth of content in order to stage a permanent move to Japan.

No. 156508


From the new instagram pictures I swear that her old room in Florida but maybe thats just wishful thinking on my part.

No. 156509

I also think kaka would crawl out of her burrow now that pull is going belly-up

sage for tinfoil hat

No. 156510


>treats people like shit unless worship her

nope kirsten is quite condescending even towards the people who worship her hah

No. 156511

How old is Kiki now?

No. 156512

Yeah, that's definitely her room, she just changed it up a little bit. She still has the same tv, same lamp, and in the same area (right by the door).
If she was somewhere else, she'd be showing off the background more. Though, it does seem to me that she tried to make it seem like she was somewhere else by not showing much of her room and changing things up.

I think she's turning 24 soon?

No. 156513

She claims she was born in 1993; so 22 turning 23 in September. But she has said 1992 before (in a vlog I think) and the old police report backs that up. She has claimed 1990 way back too, I believe.

No. 156514

no? she's always said 1992. unless you mean the scene days, then yeah she used to clim she was older, but that was nearly a decade ago.

No. 156515

Oh, sorry, you're right.
I'm tired as fuck and it's been a while with Kaka so my brain's fucking everything up.

No. 156516

File: 1468785843629.png (683.66 KB, 1200x1540, Screenshot_20160717-130149~2.p…)

Kiki's new insta post…new Japanese bf maybe?

No. 156517


if this is her new bf than she petty much just returned to show everybody her kawaii-desu Taku 2.0.

oh man, this is a good day.

No. 156518

File: 1468786110667.gif (458.56 KB, 146x146, 543498.png.gif)


No. 156519

I'll believe it's her bf when she posts a pic of them together.

No. 156520

I love how Kiki is so completely incapable or learning from her past. She just can't resist showing off her yellow hookups to prove us haterzzzzz wrong lol

Maybe she's been in Japan with Kota hunting for a visa hubby the whole time

No. 156521




No. 156522

kiki has always had more personality than kota imo even though they're both pretty that always made me think kiki had more potential to be efamous. It's a longshot but I hope kiki gets a rise in fame again and that'll spark some jealously rage that will fuel kota into doing more shit. kiki and kota are my faves I just wish they'd produce more milk/more new content even if its not very lulzy.

No. 156523

File: 1468786346369.png (353.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-17-16-03-17…)

She also changed her Twitter name.

No. 156524


How long do you think before she starts going by キキ・レイ?

No. 156525

What's the 'Lei' supposed to mean?

No. 156526

This. Typical conceited Kaka.
But like the other anon said, I'll believe it when I see them together. He looks a bit too…boy-band-ish? Not to give Kaka props or anything if he is her bf but he's a bit too nice-looking.

No. 156527

Her second name is Leigh, so maybe she thinks Lei sounds cuter or something, like how Dakota Rose sounds cute.

No. 156528

They're not pronounced the same as all though. Leigh is pronounced the same as the boy's name Lee, and Lei is pronounced the same as lay.

Why am I trying to apply logic to this idiots actions though.

No. 156529

It was Leigh only some hours ago, she's probably trying to make it sound more Japanese, but (if her middle name is pronounced how I think it is) it should be 'ri-/li'.

No. 156530

Ahaha, looks like we called her not reappearing until she had something to try and brag about. This guy looks creepy and Mr Yan tier, no wonder he's covering half his face.

No. 156531

File: 1468786782085.gif (46.89 KB, 372x200, 200_s.gif)

Could you imagine of the tables flipped AGAIN?

Somehow Kiki shoots up into internet popularity, and actually begins to overshadow Dakota. Kiki is frolicking in her Nipponland with her Nipponese boyfriendo, booking high-end modeling jobs and being all around successful with her Nipponland vlogs and blogs. Meanwhile Dakota is locked away forever in her off-white dungeon desperately shooping her head smaller and smaller, her eyes bigger and bigger, until she looks like something from Beetlejuice. She sadly has to be shipped back to Flordia to take Kiki's place as the sad sister that is forced by Cathy to scour the internet for any reason to submit copyright claims for the Kiki Kanninbal Empire.

I can dream.

No. 156532

She can't very well use her last name I she plans to get famous in Japan (and you know she does). Not only is it ugly sounding but it's hard for Japanese to pronounce. "Osutorenga" isn't kawaii desu.

Plus she can't use her last name because it's connected to all her and Kota's Japanese truth posts.

No. 156533

Kiki is too old to become a model now, unless she lies about being a model already in America which Dakota has already don't for her. She'll never surpass Dakota though, Kota's gimmick is "cute" and Kiki's is "sexy vegan goddess" and tbh cute trumps that in Japan.

I've never understood why American schools stopped teaching phonics. Why would it be pronounced "lee"? You don't pronounce "sleigh" as "slee" would you? Besides Scott and Cathy wouldn't give Kiki a boring sounding middle name like Lee, but Leigh (lay) sounds pretty and feminine.

No. 156534


No. 156535

Why would adding -gh to the end chance how the ie st 3 letters are pronounced? That's a typical milennial thing, to add -gh to the end of names or replace Es and Is with a Y.

No. 156536

I'm English. It's an English name, and it's pronounced exactly the same as Lee.

It's not a millennial thing. It's my fucking name I know how it's pronounced. It's an old English variant spelling of Lee in the first place, the pronunciation is the same.

No. 156537

Oh you bet your ass she will. She has to. If he has any kind of social status, fame, or money she's going to brag about him and claim he doesn't speak a word of English. She can't help herself.

No. 156538


It can be pronounced EITHER WAY you autists. Whichever one Kiki choses to use, unless there's audio of one of her parents saying her middle name, is the closest to an official answer you're going to get.

Now save the bitching for the real milk. She's posted 3 times so far today, so I know that sweet sweet cream is coming.

No. 156539

I think Kiki has been hiding out in Tokyo either the whole time or at least part of the time/recently. If so, it would explain Dakota suddenly using more English and trying to get into real modeling now wen he never cared before, maybe she's scared Kiki is going to become her competition? And Kiki would never let herself get fat and bloated like Dakota has, and she suits Bravo-style modeling way more. Plus Kiki is objectively better at modeling than Dakota who is rather awkward and has to be careful with makeup/angles while Kiki has a more versatile face that will work with more styles. I bet Kiki will even try making a portfolio video with a (scripted) Japanese intro. She's too proud to admit to marrying just for a visa, she's going to try to get into modeling or TV for sure, and you bet she's gonna use Dako-chin's former popularity to do it too.

No. 156540

Yeah I know most models in Japan are young or young looking/passing but I always viewed Kiki as an internet persona not a model, like being famous and making money because people like your carefully coordinated look and online personality and she kinda goes for that 'angel wispy' look and bubbly personality which is sorta like generic kawaii shit. Can't she get famous online in Japan with those traits alone, if she started making content regularly again? She's only in her early twenties.

No. 156541

>It can be pronounced EITHER WAY you autists.

Though, I'm positive hers is pronounce Lee since when she had her name in Japanese on her twitter/ig, it was キキ・リー (kiki ri- for those who don't speak Japanese)

No. 156542

It would take too long and her Japanese isn't that good. Besides, she likes to think of herself as a model since she was 12 anyway, and since Dakota is a model in Japan that means Kiki has to become one too.

How long do you guys think it'll be before she starts buying Twitter and Instagram followers?

No. 156543

Tru. Idk how is Kiki affording to live there, do we believe that her bf is funding her or her family? How does her family have so much money to spare? I think she would definitely consider buying followers as a 'good business move and wise investment' but how much does that cost, does she have the money laying around for that?

I just imagined Kiki teaming up with her sis and trying to pull a Kim K deal. I don't think it's likely to happen but god that would be ultimate milk for me

No. 156544

I don't think Kiki is in Japan at all, and she hasn't been this entire time she's been away. If she was she would have been updating more often.

She spent this time laying low and looking for a new Japanese boyfriend. Dakota's change in style is purely a result in herself failing as a model.

No. 156545

I totally agree. I don't think she's in Japan either. Maybe she's making plans to go see her new bf in Japan finally and that's why she's back.

No. 156546

Yep, thats exactly it. Kiki is so transparent.

No. 156547


Given how mostrenga parents are eager to spend all money it takes to make her famous, I wouldn't put getting loans and maxing credit cards past them. Remember how they rather buyed useless shit for their photoshoots than paying for Kiki's ER trips.
Also there's granny's inheritance, most likely kiki could afford the 2015 azn cock riding tour thanks to it.

No. 156548

Wonder how she'll pay for it now. Maybe her new guy has some extra cash for her to mooch off of.

No. 156551

Tens the betting she met him off Hellotalk since we scared her off Worldfriend.

No. 156552

If Kiki had been in Japan there's no way she wouldn't make sure everyone knew about it. My guess is she's been using her hiatus to hunt down a new boifurendo online. Now she's reeled one in she's going to Japan to meet him and will be pretending she's been there the whole time.

No. 156555

can you guys imagine if Kaka got secretly married and is now going to join the ~vegan4lyfeeee~ jvlogging crew and Taylor becoming her new bff vlogging friend just to spite kota?

Sharla: "Omgggg dis is my new friend Kiki omg she is soooo cyuuuute and niiiiice I totes used to look up to herrrr and she is veeeegan toooo!"

No. 156556



She'll meet him for a quick shag and flaunt how mystical and kawaii she is. Brag about kota despite hating how she's much more successful (somewhat) than her. Then probably hope she can reel in that delicious visa. Just like Venus, Himezawa and many others have done so.

Then she'll set up a Youtube account and try grabbing some agency that will take her.

No. 156559

Not to mention she'll probably try to pawn her shitty CD off on everyone too

No. 156561


Yeah probably. Then they'll somehow drag Venus into it and they'll all dance around in Yoyogi park like a bunch of fucking idiots and proclaim how kawaii, white and unique they are. I hope a thunder bolt strikes them all.

No. 156564


Oh god yeah lets not forget her pile of shit music rip offs. Can't forget about that now can we?

If her sister is the kawaii elf goddessu then kaka will be the kawaii dj mother goddessu. Imagine her on Japanese tv sat next to that chunkster Naomi bragging about how wonderful her tunes are and the audience nodding robotically in awe at how magical, unique and special the Ostrenga sisters are.

No. 156566

If that's the case, hope some dumb fan naively ask her if that's Taku/what happened to him haha

No. 156567


I still can't believe she didn't whore it everywhere that Opal Rain was used in The Life of Nanoko. It was directed by a pretty famous director, and that's the closest famewhore Kiki has ever gotten to a Japanese celebrity (unless you count having sex with the Fangophilia guy).

No. 156568


She probably will when she gets her - japanese ugu fame -

No. 156569


looks like a girl tbh

No. 156570

Because it was an stolen track

Anyways, the Dj who released it already know about Kaka and called her a plagiarist bitch

No. 156571

Kiki becoming a jvlogger would be the best thing to happen jvlogging in a while. So much drama potential.

I think it's more likely Sharla would get caught bitching about Kiki than her doing a collab video with her lol.

No. 156573

Kiki becoming a jvlogger would be the best thing to happen jvlogging in a while. So much drama potential.

I think it's more likely Sharla would get caught bitching about Kiki than her doing a collab video with her lol.

No. 156578

Its because she had stolen the song from another artist already. If she made a big stink about someone stealing hers, then it would have just come to light she stole it as well.

No. 156582


Kek exactly

So so much drama

No. 156584

>already moved to /snow/


No. 156586

I was thinking more along the lines of her bragging about it like it was intentional.

No. 156606

I think by the time the song got used in the movie it was already common knowledge amongst "haters" she already stole it. Its better to ignore it and pretend it never happened so that people can't bring it up 1000 times that she had already stolen it. That's Kiki's logic about life, pretty much.

No. 156616

I tried looking up 'The Life of Nanoko' to watch for shits & giggles, but I'm not turning up any search results–did I get the title wrong somehow?

No. 156618

Woah woah woah what makes you think the guy in the new Instagram as seen in >>156516 is her boyfriend.

As far as we know she could have taken the picture from google, put some filters over it and call it her own. She has done it before. I agree with >>156519 . I believe it when I see a picture of them together.

No. 156620


come on, pull down that scarf bro. let's see if those chompers are snaggly like taco's.

No. 156624

kanako iirc

No. 156629


interesting she took down the Tweet about the instagram but it's still up on IG

No. 156630

It was probably an auto thing that posts on Twitter when posting on IG. idk why it came up as a just a link and no picture tho

No. 156632

OH SHIT this is the same guy who made Kamikaze Girls and Memories of Matsuko. I've been meaning to watch this for a while, actually. Thanks, anon! I'm even more surprised that Kiki's 'remix' made it onto the soundtrack, now…

No. 156634

Twitter used to post Instagram links + the photo (3-4 years ago lol) but since then they stopped. it's super annoying.

Christmas has come early. right when I was about to give up on this site, she returns!!

No. 156635

File: 1468805160529.png (872.43 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160717-182457.png)

New Twitter pic… showing off her Japanese skills lol

No. 156636

lol this again. Doesn't she have anything better to post other than how ~totes fluent~ she is?

No. 156637

kanako iirc

No. 156639

They're just assuming this because she's suggesting it.

It really does seem to me she did that. If he's her bf, why does his face need to be covered? If she says it's for "privacy reasons," then that's fucking bullshit. If she truly cared about his privacy, she'd never post the pic in the first place.

I would laugh so fucking hard if we found out she was now pretending to have a ~sugoku kawaii nihonjin boifurendo~ using google images.

I love how he's speaking baby-ish Japanese to her and mostly writes in English to her.
Something tells me she didn't improve in Japanese at all since we last saw her.

No. 156643

>why does his face need to be covered?

maybe he has awful teeth like Taco

No. 156644

Look at the pixels and compression and it's basically confirmed that's what she did. Why wouldn't she have it in HQ? Even if she threw a bunch of filters on it shit looks bad.

The question is will she try to pass this off as Taku to save face?

No. 156645

Why the fuck is this in /snow/?

No. 156648

Because she's made 3 instagram posts in the past year. If she starts making regular milk again, then maybe she's pt material. Until then, she's a minor character much like her sister (historical lolcow shit aside.)

No. 156659

Was she gone long enough to have been pregger by taco and hide that she had a baby? Anyone know?

No. 156664

Nah. Being pregnant leaves you with way too much time to spend online, and once it's born, you won't have any time at all for some months.

No. 156670

>>156523 someone in the last thread suggested this bc キキ・レイ sounds like 綺麗 which means beautiful lol i'm actually glad she took theie advice

No. 156708

File: 1468827232879.jpg (12.16 KB, 150x166, image.jpg.12bbcfeffb2ec069692d…)

Someone on pull pointed out the profile icon. It's this pic >>156516
Did she just download his line pic and post it without his permission?
This is more proof to me that she isn't dating this guy or at least hasn't been dating him that long, if she was, I feel like she would have more pics of him or she'd at least be comfortable asking for more pics of him.

No. 156710

File: 1468827813351.jpg (4.52 MB, 367x206, 0ykg2aq.jpg)

Either that or she's just found a random photo and is talking to herself. Would explain the shitty Japanese and English in his reply to her. Would not surprise me at all.

No. 156712

Well that would explain why the picture she posted is such shitty quality…she just swiped a tiny profile picture.

I can believe she's actually talking to this guy, but it's probably just some dude she met on a penpal site a week ago and she wants us to think she’s in some long term relationship with him.

No. 156714

That's sad. If she was waiting until she had a bf to boast about in order to return to the internet wouldn't she want a sure thing?

No. 156715

>it's probably just some dude she met on a penpal site a week ago and she wants us to think she’s in some long term relationship with him.
I think so as well.
Though, I'm hoping that she just found the pic off google and is pretending to have a bf like >>156710 said. That would be hilarious.

In either case, it really shows she hasn't learned a single thing from her experiences when she was last posting online.

No. 156716

sorry for the news anon, PULL is going to survive. just like here it's been taken over by a new admin. lucky for us here though…

No. 156719

Lol I think so too. The eyebrows and eyes with make up on seem rather girlish.

No. 156721

What if she's talking to a neckbeard neet who uses a googled image as a profile picture

No. 156744

No one scare her away this time jfc
Also shes listing her name as 'kiki lei' and actually replying to peoples comments

No. 156745

Oh you can see that guy(?)'s pic she posted on ig is a shitty copy from someone's LINE icon

No. 156752

If she returned just to show him off, it shows a lot about her mindset: that she defines herself by who she's dating and needs approval of her relationships from strangers through any attenion whatsoever. Not much different to MySpace era-Kiki. All the intense self-relection she claimed she did from 2006-2012 was useless in this regard.

No. 156769

yeah, i was hoping these months away would have done her some good, maybe she got a job and was living a normal life in florida. still appears to be clinging to japan fame, and wasted no time showing off her nipponese husbando.. :( but i do think its too early to judge.

No. 156771



Maybe she is fucking with us and did that on purpose. You would think by now she would be a pro at lying.

No. 156776

kaka hates mimei so there's potential right there

No. 156780

>kaka hates mimei

How do you know that? Source?

No. 156784

After so many failures to stay relevant and gain praise: Lesbian Kiki emerges. Now we can't call her a homophobe anymore and she can lecture us about it's totemo like to be a queer vegan empath woman of color!

No. 156785

story time: during kobe collection years ago, dakota supposedly had to meet vloggers like mimei and sasaki asahi, but it didn't push through because she was "tired". i don't remember which video it was but dakota had a short interview on youtube, and in the comments mimei was like, oh she's more personable here blah blah. she could have written that down because she didn't meet dakota at kobe collection. anyway kaka went to dakota's rescue in the comments and tried to trash mimei and all, because mimei and micaela would talk about dakota's age and chin or whatever on twitter. and she was like, that's why dakota doesn't like you. and kaka was like, so now you know how it feels to be bullied. sorry i don't have the screen shots, but basically that video ended up being taken down by kiki via copyright claim. pretty sure the old PULL has screencaps of it.

No. 156786

to be fair, mimei was being pretty catty when the girl has no room to talk about peoples facial features.

No. 156788

File: 1468852424122.jpg (55.38 KB, 832x583, PAxWg0C.jpg)

No. 156789

here's the thread that kaka saw on twitter. https://twitter.com/mimei/status/223267407802810368

No. 156791

i find it funny how mimei talks shit about koot when mimei looks like a fucking transvestite

No. 156793

That whole Jvlogger clique is full of bitches jesus christ

No. 156794

also duncan made a parody of japan youtubers including dakota and dakota didn't appreciate it. so dakota sent him a message back then. pretty sure those monstrenga sisters hate that couple.

No. 156795

No. 156797

No. 156799

and the video i don't know where to find it because duncan makes a lot of videos about the top 100 youtubers in japan. i remember duncan doing an impression of dakota, wearing a blonde wig and saying he forgot to use after effects or something like that

No. 156809

i find it hypocritical that mimei and taylor made a video about bullying online when mimei did exactly that and taylor was just a dakota wannabe

No. 156815

hold up, how was taylor being a dakota wannabe hypocritical when she didn't bully dakota at all? not a taylor stan, but that didn't make sense to me.

No. 156817

I think anon means that Dakota is on a higher level than both of them. Better than Mimei because she's not a greasy tranny and better than Taylor because she's original/interesting and Taylor has obsessively copied her at some point (nowadays it's just the lip shape and that she lives in Tokyo literally because Dakota moved there)

No. 156820

yup thats what i meant obviously now taylor is somewhat her own person but before she was a blatant copy

No. 156824

All the people welcoming her back and saying they missed her must be giving her the biggest lady boner.

No. 156834

She has returned and this is sent to snow, fucking morons.

No. 156855

good we need to keep patting her ego to keep her around

No. 156856

She's arguably the biggest cow we've had on here and even she isn't in /pt/ anymore.
I understand that her thread might get moved back into /pt/ when the milk starts flowing again, but I just find it so pointless unnecessary. With all the moving around, I forget whose thread is in which board.

Sage for rant.

No. 156862


The next person to shit on top of dakota,
Tay and mimei must be a person with a fresh slate. New meat with no drama, friendly and genuine. Interesting, beautiful and clever. To gain any sort of popularity they would have to kind of dethrone the lot of them with a new image and thats hard nowadays since everyone is a try hard or desperate.

No. 156864

she's posted 3 pictures, it's not really a milk-worthy return. for all we know she could disappear again and then the entire thread would be pointless.

people are losing their shit that she's back but so far we've had nothing of substance from her. bitch is a snowflake till proven otherwise. y'all almost as bad as PULL right now i swear

No. 156865

its hard to rise to fame without doing some shitty stuff tbh
people will always dig up something or shit on you for the tiniest things

No. 156869

meanwhile, her thread where she was awol for over a year stayed in /pt/ until sperg-chan maxed it out.

No. 156872

it was dead though. what do you expect them to go through every dead thread in /pt/ and move them around when no one is touching them?

Stop complaining about nothing.

No. 156878

Kiki's thread wasn't even close to max of out until sperg-chan attacked it, and it took her a few hours to do so. It's actually still in /pt/, maxed out, but I think anon's point was that even when it was consistently being bumped by spergy to the top of the board it still wasn't locked or moved.

No. 156884


Who fucking cares if its in snow or pt? We are just filling the thread with pointless arguing. Lets just be happy she is back. Jesus.

No. 156890

Nah, before Sperg-chan it was still getting posted in by farmers after the changes the old Admin did.

I just want her to grace us with a YT video. I was going through her channel earlier and it was pretty depressing seeing her videos go from around 200k-300k views to 17k. Wish she'd put effort into a comeback so I can have my princess back.

No. 156921

File: 1468882406610.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-18-18-52-31…)

No. 156923

The caption says something about it being ~a picture of him~

No. 156924

Here's a translation of the Japanese caption:
"My boyfriend's picture
This is Chiba
Beautiful, isn't it?"

No. 156925

Her text says "His photo". She used kare not kareshi though, but then again, she doesn't speak Japanese so she could've meant anything.

Fun fact: Taco and his cafe is in Chiba. But the guy isn't Taco, they look completely different. I wonder how long until this one-sided relationship dies

No. 156926

"Kare" can be used for "boyfriend", too, though

No. 156929

At she admitted that its not her photo. I thought for sure she'd heavily imply she took it because she's in Japan

No. 156931


She could also be trying to imply that it's a picture of him, not necessarily that the picture is by him

No. 156934

Pretty strange seing sharla refer to kota as a"dumb bitch"
They're being pretty harsh.

No. 156935

Yeah, I thought so as well.

If she has no issue basically admitting that she isn't in Japan, I'm wondering why she didn't just take a pic of them video chatting together. This is making me more skeptical about this new "boyfriend."

No. 156936

I mean, I GUUUUESS? But there are better ways to somehow imply that she's in Japan with a boyfriend than saying it like that.

No. 156937

cuz he ugly af, which is why she's using a vague picture of him on IG

No. 156939


What makes me giggle about Sharla and Hemei is that if kota came to them as a Jvlogger oh they would welcome her with open arms. I mean how could they pass up an opportunity like that? Pfft.

No. 156940

Apparently there is some sort of event that happens all throughout the month of July in Chiba concerning the blooming of the sunflowers and that windmill is a popular spot

No. 156941


So who's up for searching this on google images?

No. 156948

She needs a husband because she is totally fucking useless.

No. 156966

This is Akebonoyama Agriculture Park, and apparently the sunflowers are in season there from late July-August. So we can assume that she's not in Japan right now with her "boyfriend" or she would have posted a picture she took herself instead of her boyfriend's photo.

No. 156983

it was mimei who she called a dumb bitch, not dakota.

No. 156986

website i found says the blooming this year is happening all throughout July and that the flowers are currently 60% bloomed.

chances are her "boyfriend" went, took a picture, either posted it on social media somewhere or sent it to kaka.

No. 156987

Pretty sure it's her new boyfriend tbh.

No. 156988

>anytime kiki has had jap bf it's been real

she's had one japanese boyfriend, clam down. and people are always skeptical because she has a history of over-exaggerating, flat out lying, and even stealing images to somehow make her look more interesting. there is nothing wrong with people not 100% believing anything this twat is true until we have proof.

No. 156989

The only time I've seen her "steal" images is with pictures that are circulating all around instagram on aesthetic themes where everyone is reposting the same picture.

No. 156990

[CONT.] for example, the China pic which was heavily pink filtered, I've seen that all over other IG accounts and Kiki never said she was in China. I think in the comments someone asked about knowing about veganism in asia and she mentioned knowing about the hanzi and kanji, but never said she was actually in china. The only thing I've seen her do is post old pics from when she was in Japan when she's back in FL, but I've seen a lot of people do that honestly when they come back from trips.

No. 156991

Nah she posted about Ghibli Museum using a photo from online, too.

No. 156992

I vaguley remember her posting some ramen type image once, claiming it was totally vegan. People realized she took it from somewhere else and that it wasn't vegan at all.

And everyone knows she's flat out lied about her trips to Japan. Dakota even outed her out on that. So yes, she is untrustworthy.

No. 156993

I've seen it on many IG accounts too.

No. 156995

I've never seen this or read about this, both the ramen and the dakota outing her, can you show me?

No. 156996

That's so easy to say that. Link?

No. 156997

go to any weeb's IG account

i think kaka reposts pics online that a lot of people do and then farmers over exaggerate and scream that she lies about every single thing she does

No. 156998

Like who? The thing is she uploads directly from her phone or pad, whichever, and at the time she was in Japan. So it doesn't make sense she would post someone else's photo when she could easily share the one she took.

No. 157001

The original accusation was that she was lying by omission. She didn't reply to anyone who asked about where she was, and answered questions or comments from people who clearly thought she was in Japan in ways that encouraged that assumption.

Kiki almost never outright lies. She always lies by omission.

No. 157002

my friends and i have reposted pics from online if we didn't get a picture or had shitty pics of a certain popular spot [to shitty to post on IG with the way our feeds looked] so it was better to take a better looking pic from the internet, it's not a huge issue. it doesn't mean people who have done that equals their whole IG and experiences are fake

No. 157003

I've seen more of kaka's shit exposed to be true rather than her faking it. that's how we've gotten so much milk from her because she post her real life and that's how we've been able to track down everything and everyone she talks about

No. 157005

You know, for someone who goes apeshit when their photos are posted anywhere else, she would understand it's not nice to take other people's photos without credit to the source or saying it's not their photo at all. I would understand if it's on a blog, but lifted travel photos posted IG? That's rather strange.

No. 157006

*posted on IG

No. 157027

Moved to >>>/pt/289978.

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