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No. 1413065

The latest altcows thread, for all the attention seekers, grifters, and other assorted idiots in the alternative community.

Most recent cows:
-Jake Munro, wannabe Manson ripoff, narc youtuber, vanity band member, inspires frumpy tweens and lonely middle aged women alike
-ToxicTears (kaya), alt youtuber, complains about everything, blames meds for weight while eating crap
-ItsBlackFriday (freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Felvae, used to be a witchy instagoth, now an uwu tradwife who is actually the breadwinner
-Feigsfar (Adam), thinly veiled white supremacist on Insta, Felvae's partner
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), alt youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past, believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk like Avelina De Moray, Emily Boo and Jude Bishop. Jude has her own thread as well.

Recap of last thread:
>feigsfar is very manly and straight bathing naked with his bros as his ancestors of yore decreed
>Kaya tries out meds for adhd
>Jake does a small "tour" with his generic nu metal vanity band. Kaya doesn't come, anons think their loveless relationship is finally cracking
>Dorian apologises for using n word in 2018 but then deletes insta. Makes a new one and apologises for angering ED twitter
>jake makes an OF but hasn't posted yet. Hints at collab with e-thot jude bishop
>An illiterate anon shit stirs, cow tips and dips
>anons were right, jake and kaya finally break up. Jake pretends it was a calm decision and quickly moves on to announcing USA road trip with fakeboi lesbian K
>Kaya says it wasn't amicable, she wasn't expecting it, is having to live in a studio with no shower (either jake kicked her out or she just didn't want to live with him). Is trying to find a new place. Gains many patreons and starts doing YouTube again.
>Jake's mask slips, he claims he's paying for her expenses but Kaya says he isn't. Deletes comments on his breakup video, and replies to other comments with how he hates kaya. Deletes video after backlash. Loses some patreons and subscribers. Starts smoking again due to "stress". The fans who are left continue to give him obscene amounts of money for the little he has to offer.
>Jake goes to America but cuts road trip with K short for whatever reason.
>Rumours that Jake cheated on kaya with a married woman

Previous thread:

Jude Bishop's thread: >>>/snow/1127197

No. 1413067

Other altcows 23 thread which petty anons didn't like:

No. 1413094

Thanks non

No. 1413155

God y'all are petty. Thanks to the anon who made two excellent threads

No. 1413165

File: 1641762241896.png (582.96 KB, 508x915, Schermopname (886).png)

No. 1413182

File: 1641763011094.png (697.51 KB, 524x923, Schermopname (888).png)

sage but she posts more selfies and honestly looks way happier despite her shit situation imo

No. 1413187

I was literally about to say what a relief it is to see her actually going out and enjoying herself for once vs the usual lethargic whining we’ve seen pre-breakup. Looks like losing fake is already proving to be the best thing that’s happened to her.

No. 1413191

It definetly seems that part of her issues was being with him. she just didn't realise it

No. 1413199

File: 1641764761228.jpeg (210.29 KB, 1170x491, 33943E7A-9F54-42BE-AD90-EFCD9D…)

Because nothing’s more heroic, inspirational or pulls a person out of depression faster than a narc who reacts to tiktoks for easy views.

No. 1413200

Sage for no real milk
She's even going out with her friends more, she even posted a story on insta (don't have the screenshot on my computer to post it) hanging out with some friends and she looks so happy, the free tattoos, hanging out with friends and finally being free is helping her a lot, it looks like she's already going up and it won't take long before fake goes down especially since he's spending lots of money on K and his trips.

No. 1413205

Become a member of what?

No. 1413207

Shr looks really good here I only remember her as a huge browless slob wearing a kigurumi

No. 1413209

Sage goes in the email field

Must be Patreon. Some YouTubers have a feature where you can "join" their channel but I don't think Jake has that.

No. 1413211

Not to be rude but she has lost a fair amount of weight

No. 1413214

Jake definitely does have that, it's called the "official snacc club" (gross), and you can tell in his comments section who has joined because they have a retarded joker face next to the name

No. 1413216

She has lost weight, but it's also the angle. There's nothing easier than making yourself look thinner by tilting your phone. Especially if it's a full length mirror.

t. a fatass who has done the same thing

No. 1413220

File: 1641766327397.png (4.96 MB, 2532x1170, D97408F4-B6DB-47A8-930E-DF09E4…)

Stumpy made sure his current stream’s chat is in Members Only mode to avoid any backlash.

No. 1413224

Being a spineless coward as usual I see

No. 1413226

Samefag but he confirmed that he and fakeboi have been making more travel plans together. So far Barcelona, Dubai and Germany are on the itinerary.

No. 1413230

Someone asked why his chat was on members only and he confirmed it was because he received “massive cyber-bullying” and wants to keep the chat clean lmao

No. 1413238

I can’t help but think that perhaps the weight loss is partially from shivering in the cold and possibly having no access to food (not that she cooked anyways). Kaya does look better though. It’s cringe Stumpy posted a selfie with the caption “I still look like this after 4 months!” >>1413165 after so many anons have noticed Kaya’s weight loss. It’s a weird “brag” and he has always looked doughy or like a short sack of potatoes.

He hasn’t made a new video in weeks. He’s only been doing these low effort streams to rake in cash. I would think Fake fans want to see some video made before all of the trips.

No. 1413247

I bet half of Kaya’s problem of not doing anything was because of Stumpy sucking the will to exist out of her.

No. 1413250

File: 1641767976364.jpeg (52.26 KB, 1170x180, C8C46E89-52C5-447F-A08E-0CD2E2…)

saged for autism but that phrase was an interesting choice..

No. 1413253

The irony of this person’s username when Stumpy hates fat chics.

No. 1413254

So is K an obsessive superfan trying to like…become both Jake and Kaya???

Stumpy better watch out before K escalates to cutting off his skin and making a Jake suit out of it.

No. 1413257

Is that some kind of animation or is the fucking loser smoking on livestream??

No. 1413258

He's such an obvious and pathetic narc. It's annoying he'll likely get through putting Kaya through homelessness in the middle of winter and stealing all her money mostly unscathed because dweeby neo-mallgoth teens and aging goth moms wanna fuck his disgusting ass.
Wow…couldn't be more obvious.

No. 1413264

It’s vape. He’s been vaping the entire stream and was choking like a dumbass for the first half until the chat told him how to lower the heat on his rig

No. 1413274

He's making a new video now apparently, picrel. Maybe it's the America vlog.

By the way he's live right now https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4oMUJhEk-C0&feature=youtu.be

No. 1413276

File: 1641769502082.jpg (703.77 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220109-230155_Ins…)

My dumbass forgot to attach it

No. 1413281

'Goth on sunday' when will he ever stop milking a subculture he's never been a part of? It's gotten more and more recently too

No. 1413282

File: 1641769759640.jpg (663.35 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220109-230648_You…)

For some reason Jude's name is on a list on the screen that says "members"? And he's talking to someone via voice chat on stream about America, but I don't think it's Jude.

No. 1413287

Jake just said in response to the chat that he and K had a long conversation about him moving to the US and that he was looking at houses but he “just can’t”.

No. 1413291

what kind of visa would he even be eligible for? i looked up US entertainment visas but they all seem to be temporary / project-based

No. 1413293

Yeah he was saying he could totally buy a mansion in nashville but can't, he's planning to buy one in NI instead for a similar price. I thought he hates NI but if he can afford one of those cheap rural area mansions there to live his wannabe goffick dreams I guess that changes things. And Jude commented you could move to Brighton instead, which is where she's living. Could've been a joke but we all know how thirsty she is. Also he's still vaping and coughs after every puff like a kid doing it for the first time kek

No. 1413294

this should be titled fake & kaya thread lets be real

No. 1413304

He thinks it's easy to get residency in the US? Bahaha. It's a good feeling to know nobody really cares about him and his dreams are destined to fail.

Anyone else notice his American accent was more N Irish when he was there? Back home he's back to American. How can a man be so sad.

No. 1413306

File: 1641771187662.jpg (509.5 KB, 972x2688, Screenshot_20220109-232516_Ins…)

True, none of the other cows are producing as much milk as their breakup and its aftermath. I checked on IBF though and she wants to make more videos if that's something. Saged in case it's not.

No. 1413337

Soon enough Anon. When he gets tired of the goff thing and hops a new trend.

No. 1413353

Quote from fake’s stream: “I wanted the vlog to be about me and K traveling together as opposed to me traveling and K just being there”

So as opposed to all of your vlogs with Kaya where she was just in the background and barely featured?

No. 1413373


He would have to get married to K. There's no other option.

No. 1413376


Samefag, with tinfoil: He is making vlogs with K to use as proof of a relationship when he marries her and tries to get green card. you need evidence such as holidays, photos together etc.

No. 1413379

Doubt it. He made a video where he said K was a lesbian and their friendship was strictly platonic. If he wanted to convince the US government that they were in a relationship that would be a bad move. Not that Jake is the brightest bulb, but still.

No. 1413407

Did he really say he could buy a mansion? oh ffs

No. 1413413


Lol, he’s absolutely twisting that statement in response to all the criticism he got over the years for that exact reason. Manipulative af.

No. 1413457

If he has to say it, you know he can’t, or it’ll get foreclosed in a few years.

No. 1413480

I wonder if it's because so many irl friends hated Jake too and were avoiding her due to him, so now she's reconnecting and having a life again. I've hated him for years and feel very justified now in how he's treated her. If we could see it her irls definitely could too.

No. 1413484

K is probably lowkey weirdly obsessed with Kaya for Jake fangirl reasons, hello lovelies is not a common greeting

No. 1413496

After someone posted that screencap of John's video from MAG in the other thread, I checked out his Twitter likes from December to see if he weighed in at all on their breakup and he seems to be team Kaya.

No. 1413518

Fairly sure when the mag drama happened, anons found out that jake was the reason John left and much more

And while the alt thread is heavily focused on fake and Kaya, other cows haven’t got anything going for them. They’re either not “goth” anymore or have stayed offline for ages

No. 1413520

File: 1641787595071.png (815.04 KB, 1170x2532, DAC8C225-F7C8-4CFE-A205-810D30…)

Ok after reading this, I wanted to see for myself and it looks like John, like everyone else saw this shitshow coming. (1/3)

No. 1413522

File: 1641787623913.png (926.96 KB, 1170x2532, B1882FF0-1483-45B9-82DF-7BECEF…)


No. 1413525

File: 1641787754001.png (895.31 KB, 1170x2532, 03F76E23-D041-48CD-AA7F-ADD27E…)

(3/3) Sorry for the spam but I figured you guys would want the whole thread. He’s also definitely liked every single anti-fake/pro-Kaya post on twitter like anon said.

No. 1413527

Kaya just gets on with shit and seems like she genuinely cares about her friends, organising things with and FOR them. Most of the self-involvement we’ve seen on her end honestly strikes me as spectrum-y and accidental. Depressed self-pitying lumps are hard to be around but narcissistic angry control freaks are IMPOSSIBLE.

Poor John, he just seems like a nice normal neckbeard. I wish all of this was going to amount for a downfall, but I just feel like Fake is spiralling into Onision territory. His rabid fans will start sending death threats to “haters”.

No. 1413529

Not sure if it’s just because I don’t have tumblr, but Jake’s seems to have been deleted before anyone can dig up anymore problematic old asks and posts. Not sus at all.

No. 1413531

There is jude bishop. For some reason she has her own thread, and she is a little milky but not milky enough to carry one on her own.

No. 1413537

I wouldn’t be surprised if he did after he got put on blast in the Belfast subreddit

No. 1413544

Yeah and he doesn't strike me as wanting to follow a sub reddit on the country he hates so much, so he probably found out about that here (we all know he lurks here) and got worried we'd do more digging into his tumblr kek.

No. 1413548

Don’t know if it would work, but if you can remember is vampirefreaks profile you could probably get his old posts from time machine or way back. There was a diary section he would post in

No. 1413555

File: 1641791546122.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1170x2080, 4DFA00CB-7912-4D29-96A4-E01DED…)

Looks like K’s podcast with stumpy is up and the tidbit he featured in his story is just him bitching about his old job.

No. 1413583

Kaya was depressed and complained a lot too, but Stumpy seems to complain just as much if not more. He seems more negative, it's all he did in his vlogs.

No. 1413587

File: 1641796783017.png (155.18 KB, 609x295, image (1).png)

Kaya's channel is so genuine compared to Fake's. Her content is obviously produced for her self expression meanwhile Jake has a handful of videos where he is more genuine but then you can see where he turns into goth daddy or kyo from dir en grey and start popping out fake narc reaction video content which has made him famous. It bothers me so much his fakeboi gf from America is trying to skinwalk Kaya by using her introductory thing "hi lovelies". Kaya is not only the victim of jake using her for 10 years and dropping her ass after he has built his empire off her, but now a fakeboi is trying to LARP as her. Truly dramatic. Fake will see what will happen, YouTube absolutely is not steady income. His reaction videos are getting less and less views and his "snaccs" will get tired and move on because he's only a product. He has no intrinsic artistical value and cannot truly create, he can't make art. Everything he can do is pop out shitty reaction videos that people will eventually get tired of. He cannot even sing, he sounds like dog shit and his covers are filled with autotune. He will grow to be an alone and bitter old man with no real friends or anyone to truly love him because he has used everyone. He will get old and his snaccs will move onto the next hot goth boy that pops out shitty content.

I really hope that Kaya makes another video talking negatively about Jake and that the women subscribed to Fake's channel that were originally Kaya's subs leave his narc circlejerk. He is a shell of a human being. He should use the money he wants to buy a house with to treat himself of NPD. Jake is nothing but a sex worker and his snaccs are not paying him for his talent or personality they are paying for his body. When will Fake learn to get his own personality?His own style? His own art? I guess it is impossible for a hollow human being like him to have anything original or of value. I just want the women paying him to leave. Shit I would even be ok if Kaya lied about him being abusive or transphobic or something. I just want his fans to leave him.
He is so creepy with his Kyo LARP to the point Im assuming he suffers from some form of psychosis or complete lack of personal identity. I've been a fan of Dir En Grey for 10 years and I can assure you all his makeup styles even his stage persona is a carbon copy of Kyo. Almost as if he has woken up one day and decided to live his life as him. I cannot even say he is getting inspired from him because inspiration means you take a bit from another artist but add your own originality to it. Jake is so creepy. I wonder how he goes to sleep at night knowing his entire personality has turned into someone else and that he has copied the entire shtick of someone else. Even the tours he has and meetings sound exactly like the ones Dir En Grey organizes and the fact that he gets old thirsty ladies to pay for him. This is Dir En Grey's business model. Too bad he is not producing any art because reacting to tiktoks is the opposite of art. How does he have the nerve to accuse actual vkei artists of copying him when he has been copying everything Kyo has ever made?He is so fucking creepy. He is not even listing Kyo as his main influence in his influences video because he is too insecure to admit he is ripping off someone

No. 1413619

I really hope K is just using him to social climb (which would be ironic) but something tells me she actually is an overzealous skinwalking fangirl.

I didn't read your whole post but I will say that I used to watch his vlogs and was subscribed (and only even knew of him because of Kaya). Ngl, his vlogs weren't terrible overall, just a bit mundane/boring sometimes but most vlogs are. What really put me off though was his constant bitching and moaning about literally everything. Ireland, the fact that he had to work (back when he did work), then whined about not making enough money off of content when he started to do it full time, whined about his house, whined about every single tiny fucking thing meanwhile he was still making enough money from making content, had his own band and a lot of other shit to be thankful for but just wouldn't stop fucking bitching.

No. 1413628

I used to watch his blogs back when he did them and good lord can that bloke WHINE. Everything bugged him, the country, the weather, the people, if it was even slightly inconvenient to him he’d fucking moan about it. Stylistically his blogs were alright, nicely shot with the drone and everything but there’s only so much man-moaning-on-long-board you can watch before you switch off.

I’m surprised that he’s choosing to stay in NI considering how much he hates it. I thought he’d be off to the mainland so he can moan about new and interesting places.

No. 1413644

>Fairly sure when the mag drama happened, anons found out that jake was the reason John left and much more

Are you sure though? Because I used to watch mag back when they did it with John and I remember after he left they were both like "we're still very much friends with John, he just couldn't do the show anymore"

No. 1413650

If you watch kaya videos too all she did was whine and moan I wonder if it was both them being complainers or if one them learned it from the other just to complain about everything

But yeah he complains so much about NI yet doesn’t do anything about it? There no stopping him moving he has no family ties. He has had countless opportunities to move

No. 1413656

And you believe that? Go look at this Twitter or even the posts on this thread from his Twitter. You don’t say “we’re friends” and celebrate jakes down fall. No one ever believed John left because he was bored or was moving on to better things

No. 1413658

“Are you sure though because they said ….-“
Just like Jake said they broke up on good terms when in reality Kaya is homeless…(sage)

No. 1413661

anon you completely misunderstood the point I was making. I never said jake is still friends with john or whatever you seem to think. I'm talking about when john left mag, which was probably 5 years ago now, they were all (publicly) still on good terms. I followed kaya on tumblr back then and probably at least a year after john left she was still interacting with him on tumblr.

that anon said "back when the mag drama happened anons uncovered that jake was the reason john left".. when john left there was no drama. and I don't remember john even being mentioned before now other than "yeah he was a cool guy" once or twice. in fact I don't even remember any drama associated with mag at all, that channel just kind of slowly died over time. the only thing even close to drama on mag was when they were making… well, I'm sure you already know

again totally missing the point. it was both jake kaya who said they were still friends with john, not just jake. also learn to sage & integrate ffs.

No. 1413666

No, I have your point and you’re wrong. Don’t be a lazy fuck and read back on these forums. It was a farce to keep face

No. 1413669

Not to mention Jake throws shade at both John and Kaya without using names during the podcast and complained about how he was the only one really putting in effort on MAG.(learn2sage)

No. 1413673

File: 1641810108892.jpg (Spoiler Image, 715.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220110-111657_Ins…)


No. 1413675

>No, I have your point and you’re wrong

lol, and what was my point exactly? I was just asking anon wtf they were talking about because I've been following altcows since thread 10 and lurked the threads before that and don't remember that. not to mention you completely misunderstood my first reply, but sure, I'm the lazy fuck.

I just went back to threads 1-9 and ctrl+f'd john and mag in every thread.. none of that drama you're talking about was there. there was some stuff about about them having a mag kickstarter that they never delivered on.. maybe it happened in the threads after that but I seriously doubt it because I think I would remember it.

No. 1413721

Because at that point it wasn’t that fucking serious. John and Kaya really seemed like they were doing it out of fun and love and I bet he was unbearable about franchising it. Another Anon made an excellent point about how he’d gripe about setting up the greenscreen in the living room when he had a wholeass “music studio” upstairs, moron. I get that it was their “career” but he’s always been power and fame hungry while Kaya clearly just wants to earn enough to live.

No. 1413726

His ONE call centre job he had ten years ago? Where he punched a wall in front of a manager instead of learning emotional regulation and patience like literally everyone else who’s ever had a job. The man needs to get a fucking grip, he acts like he’s this tortured artist martyr type when really he just needs to go to therapy.

No. 1413741

Baby arm to wank his tiny cock.

No. 1413782

I don't see it this way, to ke she was clearly mocking Kaya. She must be 100% team jake on the breakup thing

This is so embarrassing! Like in the thread pic, he just looks so doughy, soft, fatty… like a marshmallow really.

No. 1413812

Getting rid of a bad partner is going to transform her. It's really telling how much more selfies and photos she took with her mates. The change is what is probably hitting her most rather than missing the stump personally.

Because it looks edited? Jake's such a short loser. He will never have height like Kaya, I bet she always had to stoop to be around him. She'll probably stand taller without him and feel more confident lol

No. 1413836

File: 1641834894919.jpeg (368.18 KB, 1125x1724, 232AD327-6F6A-474D-ABF8-D1B19F…)

Some of the bigger points from K’s podcast with Jake so you don’t have to listen it all:

Jake took “small loan from his grandparents, don’t worry they’ve been paid back”

Glosses over how he moved to Northern Ireland, no mention of Kaya financial help or her parents giving him a place to live.

Taking music lessons at college was redundant “just practice” claims he was one of the best guitarist at his college

Went for music technology so no one could come between him and his creativity

“Living independently “ in a new country

Creative people can’t work 9-5. So he just couldn’t do it. He knew he wanted to be famous so 9-5 wasn’t for him

Game grumps let’s play inspired him to be on YouTube.

10 minute episodes everyday for 2 years because he “wanted to be there for people “ no mention of Kaya or John

Compares himself to gg

He had to use his living room for MAG because he “didn’t have any other room”
Here he mentions John, no Kaya
Slips up and mentions studio when he talks about editing videos

Did YouTube stuff on work computer

Has no sympathy for people who quit when things get hard “you didn’t dream hard enough”

2-3 years John left “because he was one of those people that as soon as things became hard he couldn’t handle it” “and that sort of pissed me off, really pissed me off” (34:45)

And that’s why he was a SOLO artist . “The second I add other people to projects , everything falls to pieces”

No one ever handles his dream with as much care as he does

His resentment when John left because things were hard for John and Jake “did everything anyway”

MAG wasn’t financially sustainable after pewdiepie adpocalypse / Logan Paul adpocalypse

Supposedly left his full time job from MAG money before adpocalypse, had to switch to twitch, Lost alot of the fan base going to twitch. He also slips up a few times by saying we.

“..we managed, I managed to save MAG” (42:45)

Says vlogging is a great way to “be creative” and follows it up with “it’s a constant flex” he also name drops Casey

Kind of mentions Kaya (44 minute mark) but it’s backhanded to say even tho there were 2 people in MAG he did everything

Mentions vlogging made him depressed and working through it this time didn’t help (while ignoring the irony of previous statements)

(47:18) first time saying Kaya by name, and giving her the credit of him dressing alternative again “mainly because I think she didn’t want to be there with a normal looking boyfriend”

(49 minutes) am I goth video “blew up”Admits he threw a bunch of things at the wall and ran with what stuck

No longer has time to do YouTube constantly, Munro takes up to much time

“Subscribers (count) doesn’t really matter anymore” comparing his almost 500k to million+ channels. Claims he doesn’t care about growing anymore

Wants Munro to be big (comparing to “iconic” bands slipknot and disturbed)

“America is far far better at recognizing something that’s unique, they’re far better at recognizing trends, and they’re far hungrier when it comes to content” immediately after saying most of his fans are in the US. “People in the UK in Europe seem to be more focused on drinking themselves to death” (1:04:17)

Claims to nearly have knocked out a member of the band. Not sure if he means another band on tour or another member of Munro

Says first show was sold out, and fans were standing “shoulder to shoulder “ during a pandemic

Talks about needing a mental health break and being gone for 3 weeks from being overwhelmed. Must not be dreaming hard enough.

Brags about fans buying into whatever he does.

Supposedly alot of his fans are from the southern us

The most TLDR: He lifted himself up. He did everything himself. He’s just so creative he can’t work regular jobs. John didn’t dream hard enough to do YouTube and Kaya barely existed. He does all the work for everything even though including people in things makes him mad. Anyone else who needs breaks or is dealing with mental health is weak and should have pushed through it, except for when it’s himself then it’s valid. His goal was to be famous, by any means necessary, the goth thing is what happens to be how he got there. Admits it himself throughout this interview. Narcissism in this is at 100% K is too busy being a star struck fan to do a decent hard hitting interview.

No. 1413840

File: 1641835353152.png (127.44 KB, 419x385, 1641590362171.png)

At least Kaya complains about everything being her own fault, Jake complains about everything being everyone else's fault

No. 1413851

Thanks for taking one for the team Anon.
So brave and inspirational. And nobody there to help poor little Jakey…

No. 1413855

So shitting on his entire past, crediting his look to Kaya backhandedly and then talking shit about the entire continent he's a part of? If people cant see what a shitbag he is by now i dont know what will

No. 1413858

His world must be falling apart. I seriously wonder how many of his old friends he burnt bridges with. John is already starting to let things slip on his socials about jake, this will probably tip him. Wonder if peachmilly will end up saying anything. One of their friends will end up spilling on everything after that crap pulled

No. 1413859

File: 1641836624091.jpeg (51.96 KB, 480x164, 7368CB13-9411-4D1D-A230-08FC54…)



“fake murno”

No. 1413861


There are a few dwelling around here. He hasn't changed since then.

No. 1413885

File: 1641838577616.jpg (335.77 KB, 1080x955, 20220110_191533.jpg)

Friends? Sure, I have friends…

No. 1413909

Maybe Kaya was so depressed because she was complacent in her relationship with Jake and had no real reason to be ambitious at all. She doesn’t have the option to be lazy anymore so that could potentially push her into working harder and slowly realizing that being a layabout wasn’t doing her mental health any favors. Not going to catch a ban for blogging the full story but something similar happened to me and it really broke me out of my lazy streak that was basically the foundation for my depression. It might be wishful thinking and maybe she just genuinely is a lazy person but I really think this might be the push she needed to pull herself together even if it is out of necessity and not a genuine push for self improvement.

No. 1413913

Wait lol I think he really has been coming here to read these threads.

In the older thread that reached the post cap, I said it was backwards and self indulgent that he kept the second bedroom for himself as a music studio instead of turning it into a dedicated space for MAG, since that's what was paying their bills. He chose to make a mess of their living room instead of giving up that extra room.

Seems like such a weirdly specific coincidence for him to mention it on the podcast.

Anyway, here's more dirt you can try to spin if you're still reading here, Jake: I was a Patron on your channel a few years ago so that I could get access to the "original" vlog music you were offering at the $10 tier. I specifically wanted the song called "Happy Vlog" that you used so often in your daily vlogs.

But then I noticed it playing at the end of a really popular Youtuber's video. I checked the description box to see if she credited you…and it turned out to be a generic royalty free song named 'Sprighlty' that a channel called iMusic released back in 2013. You just slapped on a drum beat and claimed it as your original creation, which you then sold to your Patrons.

Lmao. The big time musician can't even compose a 6 second jingle without shamelessly plagiarizing. Hope you don't pull shit like that with your music for Munro.

No. 1413915


*Sprightly. I can't spell.

No. 1413930

File: 1641843182500.jpeg (804.91 KB, 1170x1838, FAEA1BBF-DAFF-4F64-9233-6A65B8…)

Kaya we’re fucking begging you at this point. SPILL THE TEA.

No. 1413933

I wonder if he saw what John was saying/liking on Twitter after their breakup videos went out and decided to take some digs at him

No. 1413936

I'm just very confused as to why his name is "realmunro".. he isn't famous enough to be copied. Or famous at all.

No. 1413941

Fake it until you make it, at least in possibly fictional parts of the southern US.

No. 1413951

He is doing that narc thing where they erase the past and replace it with their version of it, the version they want to be the truth instead of what actually happened. Also it's funny he'd say that about America because on their old gaming channel they'd shit talk America and say how Americans are fat. Which is true but Ireland and the UK also have pretty high obesity rates.

No. 1413954

Yeah, and like how he supposedly had no friends in college when he's spoken in the past about having a girlfriend at the time and not making friends until he went to college and met like minded people

No. 1413967

>He knew he wanted to be famous so 9-5 wasn’t for him
Him and everyone else kek. So many people want to be e-celebs despite having nothing to offer, cos they want the perks and want to feel special. Like Fake here who spins himself as a deep tortured creative soul despite being so unoriginal and bad at hiding it.

Visual kei and Marilyn manson skinwalker, past casey neistat skinwalker, his content was bland vlogs of him doing chores and is now repetitive tiktok reacts, forgettable nu metal band, and weird wannabe American accent when in Kaya's old videos he had a British accent. He seems to want to move to America too, from how he acts like they'd recognise his (lack of) genius better, and hates NI anyway despite using it to escape Wales. Need I go on? But he's had a taste of feeling special, from desperate fans starved for an active alt social media role model so they throw money at him. So I wonder how far he'll take this act. Now that kaya's gone there's not much keeping him in NI too.

No. 1413975

File: 1641847400196.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.71 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_n6ve97pFP91sptjwto1_128…)

I really do hope Kaya drops a new video where she emphasizes what this narc has done to her. She built his career and he abused her for years. The sane people will leave his channel and Fake being a narc prick that he is he has offended other people or treated other people badly and Kaya's video will inspire them to come out too. His channel will be left with 10 geriatric old ladies. He is so delusional to think this will last forever and especially since he is in his 30s, most of his appeal relies on his looks. He is so fucking delusional to be acting the way he does. He simply does not comprehend he is not an well established Japanese metal musician that has been making music for over 20 years and that has ended in the industry not by making grift YouTube reaction videos. Even if he switches to making music in a band his band won't make money at all since he is simply a fraud. Is it really worth it giving up on all of your authenticity and integrity to sell out as some D list shitty YouTube content creator? He will be left with nothing of value in the end. He won't have that much money, he won't have any friends, he won't have a true lover and at the end of the they he wont even be living life authentically or truly making art, you cannot make art by copying someone. I think he knows this very well, he just did it to gain fame but he must be empty inside and realistically he has nothing of value in his life anymore. At least he used to have someone that genuinely cared about him. He was so cruel to Kaya, even if they broke up he could have let her sleep in his house until the winter ended. He sold his soul for this but how can you even make art without a soul. A lot of us are creative and stuck in shitty environments but I don't think selling out and becoming someone you're not is any better and in the end it leaves you as empty and distressed as a normal life. I think Kaya truly loved him. He used to be a cute kid, Fake. Now he looks like…someone else quite literally. He doesn't even properly impersonate Kyo cuz Kyo has a much more childish and less intense personality and makes a lot of odd jokes and connections. How can Fake even look at himself in the mirror? He's gonna crash and burn

No. 1413992

Saged for major autism.

Thanks for taking the hit on the play by play so the rest of us don’t have to tolerate his voice Anon.

I’m honestly speechless at this. I remember when Adpocalypse hit Kaya’s channel and obviously that sudden income hit is a problem and she was struggling mentally with it, but YouTube before that era was pretty much always something that people did for a genuine passion project, because they enjoyed it (or because they were disabled or chronically online lol). For Jake it’s always been about vanity or money. Both Kaya and John always seemed to have this attitude of “oh great we can make money off of doing something we love”, and that’s why people liked it. Jack is backtracking by claiming that it was always meant to be some big fucking Elon Musk style enterprise that he carried. I’m not saying it’s inherently bad or milky to have a career in content creation, I think we’re well passed that stage, but the way Jake influences his audience absolutely is.

This definitely but also it seems like she’s been a long term victim of narc abuse that’s sucked the life out of her. She reguarly tweets about just wanting a slow little life. He was never in ANY of her later vlogs or videos - the little nature walks, picnics with that fucking swan, etc, and we know he wasn’t busy because they were both at-home content creators. Sis was truly rotting with a partner who wanted nothing to do with her interests, and I’d say the same for him if he wasn’t so objectively nasty and creepy.

There is a huge difference between gently helping someone in the ways that they need and just wallowing in the pit with them, they’ve been a bad influence on eachother but being around his anger and negativity for all of your formative years would just suck the life out of your whole personality and drive.

Re: what some earlier threads mentioned about him paying for her shit, I did some digging and looked at studios/workplaces in Belfast. I know a lot of these will be pre-COVID start prices, but many private offices with private bathrooms are advertised around £300. Even if you bump that up to say, £400-500, Jake gets donated that tenfold in one stream. Some Anons are pressed because they’re picturing breaking their backs at a real job for hours to send money to their ex-gf/wives but someone is literally just handing him her entire rent every time he sits his ass online. Like if someone gave you $50 every time you walked into a grocery store, and you decided to give $5 to the friend that drove you there. Let that sink in. Perpetuating that “Break The Jake” trend is genius in the worst possible capitalist bs way.

THIS, you put it into words.

No. 1413998

Let’s be real about John for a second. I’m assuming there’s a 99% chance the man had a real job. Kaya’s YouTube was only profitable because of her tumblr popularity, and Jake’s YouTube was only getting 4k views per video…because of his girlfriend’s tumblr popularity. John is a normal dude and this was before shit like Twitch streams and Discord groups really took off. He definitely knew that he couldn’t sustain a whole life off of MAG alone and didn’t have the existing clout that ToxicTears did.

Also, in the UK Music Technology is just what every dropout emo teen does at college when they can’t get good A-levels and cba with university.

The way Jake twists these narratives is insane. He could just be funny and down to earth, Pete Davidson style, about not coping with real jobs and education.

No. 1414000

File: 1641849556857.png (1.24 MB, 1165x937, my sleep paralysis demon.png)

Damn, how was he actually kind of cute back then. He hit the wall like a ton of bricks. Pic not related

John knew Kaya from work, he was her boss at one point (before she went influencer full time), Idk what job that was as she worked multiple jobs.

No. 1414024

This is EXACTLY the vibe I get from him as just some person on the internet, but something tells me you actually know them and are confirming all the red flags us rando strangers speculate on.

sage for extreme tinfoil

No. 1414026

Yeah it's one thing for conventional jobs or the current education system not being for you, I don't think anyone jumps for joy at the current state of them. But it's another when Jake obviously has no creative drive of his own and everything is for vanity and/or ego

No. 1414028

Spoiler dat shit

No. 1414077

This all reads as narcissistic. Most people don’t want to do a 9-5 job, Stumpy. And that’s ignorant of him to say the UK “doesn’t recognize talent”, when many post-punk bands began in the UK, and goth music emerged from post-punk. But of course, he doesn’t know that because he isn’t a goth at all, just a stubby metalhead. I don’t get his strange obsession and glamorization of America. Bands don’t become famous overnight there, either. And him “no longer caring” about subscribers sounds like a massive cope from losing so many kek

Kaya ought to spill how he really got to NI and what things were like living with him. Somehow though I think she’s only going to keep saying things indirectly and not make a video about it.

No. 1414082


Stroong implications here from Kaya, that cheated with a married woman thing the reddit poster was saying seemed too trashy to be true but…Kaya, give us more hints

No. 1414091

>the UK “doesn’t recognize talent”, when many post-punk bands began in the UK, and goth music emerged from post-punk.

Not just post-punk but every genre within rock and indie-rock has a slew of popular artists from the UK, some of the most famous artists of all time are from the UK, there's also huge gig and festival culture in the UK ongoing now even during a pandemic. It must be infuriating talking to Jake since he's so far up his own ass he's on another planet.

No. 1414117

File: 1641857742882.jpg (171.53 KB, 900x600, Untitled.jpg)

Okay, I promise I'm not some deluded Kyo fangirl or Dir En Grey fangirl, but Fake is the strongest example of NPD/BPD I've ever witnessed in my life he is skinwalking the life, appearance and personality of a Japanese artist and looking at his channel I could pinpoint exactly when he began doing it. In the beginning he would do those vlogs in which he was himself and had his own style but they did not get much traction. Then, he probably started listening to Dir En Grey and following Kyo a lot and decided to become his "hero", but the problem is that he is not even genuine about the impact the artist he is skinwalking has had on his life. The skinwalking he is doing is so creepy, like I cannot fathom how you can change your entire sense of self, style and personality to make yourself into someone you admire. It is not just inspiration, it goes beyond that. Bare with me.

In pic related I show you how the LARP begins he LARPS as Kyo for content. Sorry, the pic looks bad but at the top there is a screenshot of himself before the LARP started and then after the LARP started where he gains traction. Jake Munro is a fucking fraud.

No. 1414130

File: 1641858484420.png (7.9 MB, 3264x2448, munro8888.png)

even his merch looks like fucking Kyo and he used to look nothing like that he has even turned himself buff and started working out to look like Kyo he used to look like >>1413975

No. 1414131

He's admitted pretty much all his looks are stolen or inspired by kyo this isn't news

No. 1414139

File: 1641859309299.png (Spoiler Image, 4.74 MB, 3264x2448, munromerchshirt.png)

No he didn't in all interviews he says that he is so orignial artistical misunderstood soul and nobody gets his originality. In the "influences" video he doesn't mention Kyo at all. It's so creepy, his entire shtick is being another person.

This one I spoilered cuz there's blood, but this is munro's merch shirt that looks like a literal picture of Kyo
>>1414091 the UK doesn't recognize talent because he has none and everything is stolen from someone else and he has no true artistical value or creativity. His art is not art. Everything he can do is copy other people and make shitty cringe internet content. He won't be recognized anywhere but he is delusional because he has gained a bit of fame off his LARP

No. 1414151

File: 1641859924755.png (7.53 MB, 3264x2448, kyomunroooo.png)

No. 1414164

Because of all this mention of MAG I went and checked out a video and picked the first video of their Alice Madness Returns playthrough as I do love the game.

Fake suggests an armored cosplay to Kaya and she says she doesn't want to wear a costume that will add bulk cause shes already going to cry about how fat she looks on camera and Fake literally turns to the other guy and says:

"Well I for one have just bought fucktons of workout supplements and two fat burners"

Immediately you can tell Kaya is triggered by his subtle narc dig/flex and angrily retorts "Well I'm just going to down every bottle and see what happens"

Awkward af…

Also the aesthetics of the game are dark and beautiful and they keep saying "this is so fucked up this is so ugly"…ummm if you were really goth you'd be drooling over the aesthetic in the game tbh

saged for sperg

No. 1414181

After reading this, I went and looked up MAG too because if I remember correctly fake literally said in his stream yesterday that the channel was taken down (this was in response to one of his friends saying he should pick the channel back up but with friends). Guess he figured the channel was dead enough that no one would check?

No. 1414194

Assuming this is the kyo samefag from the last thread, we fucking knew this already. This isn’t milk anymore

No. 1414206

File: 1641865740079.jpg (515.07 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220111-013303_Ins…)

He has no substance so tried to manufacture it. Not surprising. What's surprising is it got him a small fan base. Sure the fans are awkward and lonely but out of all yhe Youtubers to make a parasocial relationship with, they chose that thing

Also K is fangirling about Jake buying her a wall light. "Oh my god jake bought me nanoleafs, JAKE WHY YOU DO THIS, WHY YOU TREATING ME SO GOOD JAKE OH MY GOOD LOOK- LOOK AT THIS." If that reaction was genuine and not just for insta he really has her hooked

No. 1414213

I've known a few narcs and some try to keep people around through buying them shit, since it doesn't take effort. The trips, the wall lights, it's just to make her stay. He's too insufferable to want to hang around without some incentive. K's probably the only person that will be near Fake, and since he's a narc with no feelings, throwing material goods at her is the only thing he offers in the "friendship".

No. 1414287

Honestly K is kind of cute. Too bad she's a weird obsequious fan.

No. 1414409

He’s been listening to them since college afaik, and used to dress really femme and outlandish. He claims that he tried to dress normal in his early vlogs so he could be popular (it never worked obviously lol) and it killed him inside or whatever. Then the crazy makeup started and he tried to make out it was always his style, but obviously it’s a Kyo/Manson larp - in all Kaya’s “bf does my makeup” videos he’s super bad and uncreative at it.

Anon, you’re pissed about the Kyo larp, we get it already. It sucks.

No. 1414447

Sage for blogposting. But narcs also like to purchase gifts because it's something they can hold over people's heads and guilt them with later. He's already doing that with Kaya and the studio. If K ever changes her mind about him it'll be "how can you treat me like this after I did/bought x for you?"

No. 1414478


The only Munro songs that get any attention are covers, so yeah, he does just rip off other people's work.

No. 1414497

Kaya got invited to do an IV vitamin drip from a skincare place in Belfast. She’s posted some clips on IG stories and will have a vlog up later. I bet Jake will be seething that she’s got this partnership lol.

No. 1414504

I looked up what nanoleafs is and it's not even a fancy light or something, they're plain geometric shapes that gaming setup bros hang above their pc. So why is she that excited?

No. 1414519

I really hope she starts getting local sponsorships/collaborations going. All fake ever does is sit in his house moaning. It’s good to see Kaya out and about doing things. I’m beginning to suspect a lot of her issues have been down to him. Nothing like being saddled with a short, moaning, narc to destroy the will
to do anything. I bet living with him was like walking on eggshells. Must have been exhausting.

No. 1414523

I think anyone who would live with a narc for 12 years would have their will sucked out of them. It's so clear she's beginning to realise you can start thriving in life once she gets herself sorted living somewhere.

No. 1414528

I bet Jake is going to binge watch Hype House on Netflix and buy his shit mansion somewhere in NI and try and make one with some absolute melts that can put up with him. Ngl I'd watch lol

No. 1414573

Copy pasted from that reddit thread because my screenshot thing aint workin:

"I use to be a Mod for Jake’s Discord Server and YouTube Live Streams.
Things were originally quite good back then when I joined the Team, when he seemed humble and quite interactive with his fan base. But obviously things can drastically change over time.
It’s either a case of someone has always behaved this way and was extremely good (for the most part at hiding it) or due to the recent exposure, channel growth and other activities have overall just distorted and otherwise twisted his general outlook on everything around him. Which is a shame, really.
Seeing that humble and down to earth outlook become less and less present over the last year or two within his videos, along with this (for lack of a better word, egotistical behaviour) develop, I started to become far less interested in his videos, ultimately along with focusing time and effort into the Server.
As many mentioned (either here or else where), the general direction of his content took a dramatic shift to more mainstream content, like the TikTok reacts and such else.
Obviously channel growth, comes with (at times) a natural growth of the content too. Things evolve organically as the fan base increases, but I found it less appealing when titles like “drunk goth cringes at TikTok Alt videos” literally littered every other one of his videos. Without sounding horrible but, for someone who enforces PMA to his fan base (some of which are featured in his react videos) he comes across as having this gatekeeper elitist outlook on the Alt community, especially when he supposedly hates pigeon holing people into genres (yet hates the Goth subculture, but addresses himself as Goth anyway).
Considering Jake’s general audience ranges from the younger generation to more older ones, I found it odd at times that he would behave or say certain things within his videos. This generally transitioned into the Discord Server too, with more of the younger generation picking up on his “edgy behaviour” which often at times, made it difficult for us Mods to address, considering the Server is PG content - which Jake clearly isn’t at the best of times.
As many have mentioned, the contrast between their videos (which, by the way, he’s removed the “break up” video from his channel now) it was obvious that things were very one sided - even from an outsiders perspective. Especially with the comments made within his video. A total of three or so minutes, spent briefly explaining the situation of their breakup, followed with 2022 plans for meet and greets, tours, new Merch and other projects in the pipe line. The overall feel of that video left a rather sour taste in my mouth, to say the least.
Originally the deals of the breakup seemed vague at best, but within recent weeks it’s become clear that someone was in control of everything, right up to the end of the relationship.
Kaya deserves better than the cards she has been dealt. Long term relationships are extremely challenging to overcome. It’s not an easy fix - wounds take years to heal. Even when an individual has overcome the obstacles, there will be at times moments that come back to haunt the individual. But, everyone approaches and overcomes their own challenges at different speeds.
Things at the moment are difficult, granted. But within due time - I’m sure things will improve for her (as I’m sure everything else will agree with). Once she’s found her own place, is able to start making content for her channel again, things will organically flow and she’ll be in a much better position then she currently is now. It’ll take time, it won’t be easy, but it’ll be damn worth it in the long run.
Either way, I no longer support Jake and his content, his Discord Server, anything. If anyone deserves the time of day, Kaya needs it, more so than ever."

No. 1414590

Sage for derailing
I've never followed Kaya on yt and I can't speak from an experienced point of view about her channel or her life but it's been some months since I started actively reading these ALTCOW threads (and I've known other altcows for several years) and I don't understand some comments here that, despite rightfully calling her a mess and a lazy ass, still resent that she doesn't get hands to work and releases interesting content. I've checked her channel (videos from all years)and I only see makeup videos, unboxings and hauls. I don't percieve her as interesting or creative at all. I'm happy for her to finally liberate from that piece of shit but I really don't understand why some anons express their wishes to see her doing content again. I don't like her personality or style either and to me her lifestyle isn't worth of any vlogging. Are the nonas who want her active on yt again interested in any kinf of video in particular or is this some nostalgia thing?

No. 1414602

I'm not sure people are excited to see her return to the usual low-effort no interest content in particular, just that she might somehow broaden her interests and use the sizeable audience she somehow still has to her benefit.

No. 1414621

She's never been my thing because of what you mention. But I do like some of her looks and I think her personality is very genuine, honest, and sensitive which I can appreciate. It'd be really really great to see her doing some Let's Plays, tbh. I think she'd be wise to add in something like that.

No. 1414647

Good question. Personally I find Kaya annoying as hell, I also hate Jake. People talk about Jake's weird accent but Kaya has a weird voice imo too. I cannot understand Kaya's personality via social media or her uploads she seems hollow. Like what does she deeply care about is her only passion dressing as a goth but also not enjoying being around other goths or in goth culture. She dresses dark but then has this weird lazy bubbly personality. I don't get her.

No. 1414685

Yeah her original content becqme boring after a while, just hauls of items that'll get thrown onto her unused hoard pile. But she's mentioned liking art stuff like painting and making that niffler, and now that Fake is gone she might be inspired to take up other hobbies, who knows.

Or she might revert back to her old self. Complaining about the air density being 0.1 more than normal making it hard for her to film, or blaming her adhd, or meds. We'll just have to see.

No. 1414739

File: 1641933252007.jpg (827.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220111-213247_Ins…)

That's a first.

No. 1414750

That’s not milk retard

No. 1414755


God that's a fivehead.

No. 1414759

I think Kaya is boring af and I don't understand the appeal of her content at all but I want her to do well purely to spite Jake. That is just all i want to see is Jake's ego damaged. I think Kaya is bland as fuck and I've not watched a single video she's made to the end but I seriously hate Jake and her success would ruin him

No. 1414764

File: 1641935778124.jpeg (156.94 KB, 828x658, F324D8BC-687F-4469-ADB5-56E2D8…)

She lost weight because she wasn’t eating well

No. 1414794

Kaya feeling positive is unusual, newfriend.

No. 1414805

Hardly surprising. I know we're here to bag on people, but she's just gone through some serious trauma. I really hope she finds somewhere warm to live and a good therapist soon.

Goddamn Jake is such a fucking piece of shit. I hate him and hope someone spills the fucking tea on his shit soon

No. 1414825

Hey Newfag. Kaya has not posted about being happy, or even not miserable, for a long time. I'd say this is evidence of the beneficial effects of Stumpy's absence.

No. 1414830

Not the anon you two idiots are responding to, but someone being positive when they are generally negative isn’t milk at all ffs. Is she happy because she’s met someone new? Is she happy because her fat ugly ex is facing some sort of bad karma? That would be milky. Sage your dumb shit already.

No. 1414859

Please learn to quote and stop shitting up the thread.

No. 1414871

I agree, the Sims porn is milkier(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1414894

Can we have ONE THREAD where you don’t bring up fucking Sims porn

No. 1414975

Why the fuck would I quote two entire posts to reply the same thing.

Some of you don’t know what milk is.

No. 1415395

i know this is Jake we're talking about here but jesus christ why the fuck would you say that, much less in response to someone you supposedly "love"? I know narc gets thrown a lot online these days but he legitimately is. I wish someone would just knock him on his ass at least once. At least then he'd have something to actually complain about. What an absolute piece of shit.

ditto, nonna. I think despite her flaws, she's a nice and genuine person, or at least projects that.

No. 1415397

File: 1642010069628.jpg (272.26 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_20220112-095147_Ins…)

Could this be the "married woman with childen" he cheated with? Seems like a weird account for him to be following.

No. 1415407

Don't start a witchhunt on some rando woman with no proof.

No. 1415409

I said "could be?" not "this is". It's a hypothesis based on specific connections and similarities.

No. 1415467

Yes but you’re risking encouraging cowtipping/doxxing by posting tinfoil about a totally random person, her and her two small kids are pretty recognisable even from the small photo, just be careful anon.

No. 1415470

File: 1642017944275.png (3.58 MB, 1440x1894, pole dancer.png)

Tall, thin, goth who likes motorbikes and has plenty of "sexy" pole dancing and just ass photos, it checks out

No. 1415475

She's out of Jake's league unless of course he's giving her money lol

No. 1415478

Goth? Where? He follows a blonde pole dancing mom online, great job detective spastic.

No. 1415504

How did you get those photos so quickly when the account is private

No. 1415541

It's just a random lady he happens to follow. This is about as milky as vegan granolabars.

No. 1415548

Could we please stop posting essays on an image forum? Every single one of these posts have been repeated over and over again by other anons.

No. 1415549

It's the account name mentioned in the bio,>>1415397
Jake appears to follow the mommy account the anon posted, which is admittedly weird, following the pole account would make more sense.
Look at the black hair with white streaks on one of the tub photos, I can see that as a goth slightly undercover, in comparison to Jake's clown paint version.

If it is her he's the one at fault since it supposedly caused a marriage breakup, he obviously just used her for sex since his focus is his visa- I mean K.
We don't know if any of it's true, but Kaya's recent Tweet about vicious revenge on cheaters was suggestive.

No. 1415553

This speculation is ridiculous and almost as retarded as all the other supposed milk.
Just wait till either Kaya or jake spill, ir one if their friends.

You’re just posting some random woman and calling her goth without any basis at all. Nowhere in the bio does she state goth. I fell like this is weird ass attempt to get people to doc someone so fuckface can layer release a video saying how kayas fans are psycho, to put her in bad light

No. 1415602

She posts pics of her body on a private account and therefore she’s having an affair? Stop posting private pics of a completely random woman and her kids you utter freak. We’re not about to stalk everyone Jake follows, it’s not milk.

No. 1415617

It's literally public, the pole account is public and the likely mom family account is private. Posting public Instagram photos on lolcow is normal, strange amount of whiteknights rushing to protect this rando.
>You: speculation is retarded
>Also you: wild reach about doxing when anon posted one single screenshot with 5 pixels of a profile pic in it, wow much dox very danger

No. 1415619

File: 1642028341894.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2364, public account genius.png)


Samefag, here's a screenshot from my browser, logged out, it's a public account tagged in the bio of the private account.(you can’t just say shit)

No. 1415647

saying we shouldn't be posting random people who might be part of a tinfoil (that there's 0 evidence actually happened) isn't what whiteknighting is, good lord

No. 1415670

The issue is you being a reaching retard. If you posted some interaction between her and Jake it'd be different but you're just pulling shit out of your ass.

No. 1415797

Not milk but just thought I'd share. I was just going through older threads and saw someone saying how they used to be a patron of Jake because they wanted some of his vlog music. Well it turned out the music he had been "making", using in his vlogs and putting on Patreon was actually music that he stole from somewhere else. Does this dude do anything authentic, ever

No. 1415798

Has anyone considered this could be pole dancer from Stumpy’s 7 Rings video??!(sage)

No. 1415822

idk how many views stumpy normally gets on his compilation videos, but there's a new one today and so far it's only 9.6k views. barely any compared to his other videos. kaya got the same amount of views with less effort in an 8 second video. fake's plummeting fast.

No. 1415824

It’s only the one retard that things this woman is the one jake may have cheated with. Just ignore it, move in and find actual milk

No. 1415847

Someone posted about that here, just scroll up. Apparently it was free music called Sprightly that jake put a drum over, called it original music, and charged for it. >>1413913

No. 1415856

I watched them playing that game too as I love it as well but stopped because their attempts at humor were just annoying as fuck and came off as tryhard. I remember in that series once Jake also started bitching about Emilie Autumn and how terrible she was and saying he doesn't understand how she still has fans (lol).

Later on he also shat on Alissa White-Gluz because of the photographer scandal (I'm not gonna explain the whole thing, too long) but he was mad that Alissa thought it was fair to use a photographer's work for "exposure" instead of money. Yet now we learn he straight up takes other people's music and sells it to make money…

I was also a patron for a very short time. I remember him saying he'd put your name in a video if you pledged any amount of money. I pledged a small amount, he never put my name in his vids. I didn't even care back then, but you shouldn't say you're gonna do something if someone donates then not do it.

No. 1415866

Samefag but I just went back and watched that first episode, and he goes (about Emilie)

>she's an insufferable moron

>she's so self absorbed
>her music is shit
>she has a larger ego than a man does

Yeah, that aged really well. Jake "I built an empire" Munro.

No. 1415980

Kek jake from 6 years ago describing himself as he is now. Either he was good at hiding these trait before, or the pathetic fans who throw money so he'll notice them have gotten to his head.

No. 1415981

Can this be removed there is children in the picture.

No. 1416159


No. 1416171

Report the post and say there's minors I think that's the way to alert farmhands.

Anyway, since Jake has been using his vehicle he's most likely been cheating. Him and Kaya did not seem to hang out much at all last year and he was always away in his car doing things. Wouldn't be shocked if there's 'snaccs' in Belfast that have dmed him while him and Kaya were together. There's a wild amount of whores in Belfast, like I don't mean to be a bitch, but I'm sure it's like any other city.

No. 1416206

File: 1642091718999.png (362.26 KB, 482x856, Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 11-33…)

I'm fucking parched….

OH shit, has stumpy made an onlyfans after all?? Huzzah the milk flows!

No. 1416223

File: 1642092525731.jpg (309.17 KB, 1296x2515, Screenshot_20220113-164345_Chr…)

I've seen girls sell their onlyfans for pennies and he thinks he's worth $35/£25. The fat alternative mums must be thrilled.

No. 1416231

Going the way of Onision I see.

No. 1416232

You just know he has a sad looking cock. He's the kinda narc to have some pathetic looking dick and think if girls say it's small they just have "loose pussies"

No. 1416233

My snatch has never been more dry.

No. 1416246

>wet your appetite
what do we think, nonnies? bad attempt at a pun, or does he actually just not know the correct expression?

No. 1416252

True. The small dick energy is huge. He seems like he'd be a terrible fuck. Just look at the way he overcompensates with his big car, motorbikes, flashing money, bragging, etc. Typical male overcompensation.

No. 1416258

Do you think he’ll be posting any Sims content this time?

No. 1416273

Same. Like sandpaper.

Either/or. He always struck me as someone who's understanding of female pleasure is on the Ben Shapiro side of the belcurve.

No. 1416338

He’s probably stumpy in the pants as well also he seems like a poker

No. 1416342

Whelp, the only way to find out, is for someone to subscribe, and submit themselves to those possible pics…

No. 1416361

Normally I'd argue that size is no big deal, and it's all about how you use it. But that barely applies here. He looks like a pathetic rabbity little thruster who probably believes eating pussy will make your jaw fall off or some shit.

No. 1416364

100% he doesn't know the proper expression

No. 1416384

I just find this gross because so many of his fans are underage. I know not all of them are, but still a good chunk of them are.

And… $35 a month? In what currency? I seriously can't imagine someone being pathetic enough to pay for this

No. 1416385

Yeah now that kaya's out of the picture he can openly whore himself to his fans. But his flabby short torso and bulky arms look awful, not to mention the state of his face and his retarded expressions. Who'd pay $30 for-

Never mind, stupid people throw like $300 at his streams.

Most likely just doesn't know the expression kek. It's "whet", jake. He's probably like the people who spell palette like pallet

No. 1416464

Interesting thought. It might be true? Probably could explain why he is following her. Maybe that is how they met?

No. 1416502

Gross. No one wants to see Stumpy’s chode. He already has a disgusting punchable face and lumpy stumpy body.

No. 1416522

> been wanting to do this the last 6 months, implying Kaya was somehow holding him back from “muh sexual expression”
> definite self obsession and Patrick Bateman style hardon over the fact that people are buying his nudes

Gross, and so sad that he will make bank off of this just because of the nature of his followers.

No. 1416536

I wonder if this is what he was referencing when he said Kaya made him so miserable he had to break off an eleven year relationship.

No. 1416550

Imagine breaking off a 10+ year relationship and calling your partner a terrible person because they weren't okay with you making feet/wanking videos for gay men and autistic moms

No. 1416582

You also just know he shaves his pubes because it makes his needledick look a bigger.

No. 1416585

File: 1642119149843.jpg (32.68 KB, 475x684, disappear.jpg)

>Let me know what desires you have about me

Img related. Actually harsher than that, but don't want a ban for a logging

No. 1416591

You literally can't even see their faces, it's a tiny profile picture, never seen so much handwringing about a tiny Instagram profile picture ITT, I guess that confirms poledancer lurks here. If she was in Jake's video it makes sense, >>1415798
I haven't endured any of his music so I couldn't verify that.

No. 1416600

>What desires you have about me

Uh the first thing that springs to mind would get me a ban, but I hope he enjoys the thirsty american moms sending him weird messages to him all day long now he's opened the floodgates. No actual hot or young women would sub since hot women can look at + talk to much more attractive males for free any day of the week.

No. 1416607

>He seems like he'd be a terrible fuck

Normally I wouldn't talk about a man like this but he has invited it, literally with the overpriced onlyfans: he definitely autopilots while staring at his reflection/thinking about himself the whole time, no foreplay or affection, just jackhammer for 7 minutes max and then roll over and fall asleep, he's too much of a narc for anything else.

No. 1416640

He's said before in videos that he's well endowed but men always say that but I bet it's all foreskin and I wonder how badly his uncircumcised dick will do with American fans pretty much all Americans find it ugly and weird not that all dicks aren't ugly and weird

No. 1416664

Frumpy Jake's first post already has 17 likes. So he has at least 17 subs already. That's $595. Who is subbing to that. Gross

No. 1416702

I wouldn’t have guessed he has that many fans over the age of 18.

No. 1416736

It's old, but it's still active. One of Fake's autistic hag fans made a fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cultofmunro

No. 1416770

File: 1642136055343.jpg (37.22 KB, 404x353, 269961912_407181664410359_1491…)

Kaya doesn't follow Stumpy anymore whilst he still follow her. And she was still following him 2 days ago. I feel like the OF situation pushed that 'follow out of respect' away. Tinfoil but i can imagine being hurt that someone was thinking about making an OF for months while they were with you for a decade.

No. 1416796

Kaya is making progress I’m glad. Why follow this fucker anyways with the way he treated her

No. 1416809

File: 1642140608135.png (96.78 KB, 720x540, Screenshot_20220113-210253.png)

Weird because mine is saying she's still following him? I think Instagram is broken

No. 1416843

I thought jake was going to stop doing reaction videos but he still doing them? So much for his ‘better’ content kek

No. 1416853

File: 1642147607116.png (177.5 KB, 1936x1290, Photo_2022-01-14_12-04-19_AM.p…)

Instagram's not broken, anon just didn't realize jake's ig handle doesn't contain his first name

No. 1416882

Probably cause if she unfollows him or talks shit about him he stop paying for her car and electricity

No. 1416950

File: 1642159916196.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.36 KB, 1080x1080, d2d4d4da4783bdf1d41d645cfba46b…)

anyone who sees this clown and thinks "I need to pay $35 a month to see him naked" doesn't deserve to have money in the first place

No. 1416978

Ew you can see just how gross his skin looks in this pic.

No. 1416998

She confirmed she has laid for everything but the studio rent since the breakup videos went up. So she’s probably slowly letting things out now that she’s not so dependent.

No. 1417039

What’s with the one orange finger…? He been practicing for OF and forgot to wash…?

No. 1417049

Considering the fact that people sub to Nikocados OF, which is apparantly disgusting, I just think there's a lot of people out there with exceptionally low standards.

No. 1417054

Oh God anon, that's nasty…but probably true.
Can't imagine anything I'd like to see less than that.

No. 1417078

I’m just waiting for somebody else to drop the cash to post his content here lol. I’m morbidly curious if he really has anything going for him down there to warrant his massively disgusting ego

No. 1417092

File: 1642176933857.jpg (74.96 KB, 405x867, 270067351_351978033047251_8840…)

Tinfoil but he has posted multiple things with this best day ever filter, seems like he's hinting at a big announcement? Or maybe he's basking in the response to his OF from his snacks

No. 1417119

I can’t believe this is a 30yro male. All the images dumped here look like they’re from some edgy 20yro

No. 1417125

Looks like a tobacco stain from smoking. That usually means he is smoking a lot tbh. Gross!

No. 1417126


We get it; you smoke!

Did smoking get cool again or is he just stuck with a teenage mentality?

No. 1417130

Stuck with early 2000s teen mentality, trying to make smoking cigs cool again instead of vaping. You can even mentally see his videos about how smoking is better than vaping

No. 1417148

I probably will in a month or 2ike I did with jude hehe

No. 1417188

File: 1642185618355.jpg (169.22 KB, 972x1708, Screenshot_20220114-183934_Ope…)

There are 1.3k members somehow and 15 new posts today, though I thought nobody under 50 still used FB. And that description, gross. How can you objectify something that looks like >>1416950. There's intentionally ugly for an aesthetic and then there's just tragic.

Oh are you the anon who dropped jude's OF in her thread, you're doing gods work

No. 1417196

>The Goth King

smfh…even Voltaire the creep is more fitting for the title.

On that note, are there any good male goth figures out there? Or no and that's why we have people calling "snaccdaddy" the king of goths

No. 1417204

None really come to mind
Dani Ashes, from the Cemetery Confessions podcast is ok, from what I’ve seen

No. 1417282

Unfortunately the gothic style seems to be mostly females men are usually just metal heads

No. 1417311

I like how it says "safe space". Reminds me of Jeffree Star groups and the subreddit. Not a negative word is allowed, or you're banned. Can't have anyone tarnishing the idol, showing the true ugly side. Seeing Fake continuously using goth as a title/hashtag, is gag worthy, every time.

No. 1417318

File: 1642193917669.jpg (46.33 KB, 650x573, Capture.JPG)

Imagine giving up your grocery money to see his chode. Fucking bleak.

No. 1417337

>good male goth figures out there?

Well it depends, are you talking about actual goths i.e who listen to actual goth music or just metalheads who think they're goth because they wear black? In the former, honestly not really. I think >>1417204 suggest with Dani Ashes, I'll agree that he seems okay though he loses me when he tries to make Goth all political. Another guy who comes to mind is Sweeney Deville but he's been inactive for quite awhile now. And one that I really miss is Tom Raven form This Is Raven but he hasn't been active on YouTube in 4 years.

So yeah, not very many actual Goth content creators on YouTube.

No. 1417352

So in other words, no.
Inactive creators aren’t a thing since they’re inactive and usually when you do find a male creator they up being overly gay and feminine, nothing worth to watch when you’re not wanting to look like a woman.

No. 1417361

This is a point. Thinking back, there were quite a few situations locally where the goth scene was like training wheels for men to live full time as women. Start off with the club makeup, grow out the hair, skirts, black pleather boots with the chunky heel, suddenly dresses, where the hell did those garters come from etc. You see it sometimes on YouTube as well.

No. 1417371

Why is one finger so yellow? Is that nicotine stained?

No. 1417396

>when you do find a male creator they up being overly gay and feminine, nothing worth to watch when you’re not wanting to look like a woman.

Wait, what. So you only watch creators you want to look like? That's weird tbh.

It'd be cool if there were more male gothtubers but goth is already incredibly niche to begin with. The only one I can even think of is Voltaire.

No. 1417398

Yup. He's probably been smoking longer than he'll admit.

No. 1417427

For fashion tips when you’re a teen not wanting to look like a woman, yes, most certainly. I don’t wish to be groomed. There’s no ale fashion, tips, “hey I found this…”, check out this new band (that’s not metal)- there are no male goth creators that are not overly feminine. And when do find a male “goth” creator, it’s a retard like jake that’s not goth at all. That’s how low the damn bar is for male “goth” creators.

You end up finding any that are active and aren’t feminine af, link away!

No. 1417461

Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Other anon raises an interesting point. Most male goths do present overly feminine and while it's what I prefer to see, there's no one filling the gap of 'muscular stud goth' I suppose. I'm not really sure what that would even look like tbh it like goes against the aesthetic…only person I can think of is Peter Steele, but he's a dead musician

No. 1417470

Pete probably would have cringed at the goth association too.

No. 1417475

Perhaps you're right, he did like the vampire aesthetic though. He's more vaguely goth flavored metal it's true.

No. 1417504

Scared to open these spoilers incase a wild stump appears

No. 1417527

You're safe for now, anon. He's charging $35 for pubes he airs out for free on IG.

No. 1417533


I said this in the other thread as well, this is probably the main reason why his fans like him. They're starved for a masculine leaning alt guy who currently makes content because there aren't many. But this makes them blind to how Fake's content isn't really content, he doesn't put the "personality" in social media personality because he doesn't have one, he's a ripoff of people more creative than him, and hates the the goth subculture but wants to profit off of the word.

No. 1417574

CoalCandy is a good goth Instagrammer/Youtuber (friend of Adora) who seems like a genuinely nice person with a career outside of the internet (a programmer I think, something like that)

Most male goths seem more image-focused and slightly incely so it's probably how bottom of the barrel guys like Jake could get a following, but there are more attractive male goths (who mostly post photos) and kind and friendly ones like CoalCandy who people would be better investing time in than Jake.

No. 1417602

He joked about having a collab with jude bishop but that might actually happen now

Yeah there's decent looking goth guys on tiktok and Insta, but most don't interact with their followers while jake is on the opposite end acting like he wants to sleep with his, which is a bigger draw for lonely hormonal tweens.

No. 1417619

Coalcandy, unless he’s changed recently, is feminine as hell.
I’m female and couldn’t stand watching him, especially when he went out with adora. Was half expecting him to troon out.

I am dying to find goth creators that show new new music amount other things like work outs, or cooking, home Reno’s or something! Everyone does make up, unboxings, isn’t goth or rants about the days they were teens even though they are almost (or are) 40. There’s nothing for younger viewers, or much of anything these days.
You’re pretty much stuck with people like jake, jade the libra, lard ass gender special, with the occasional sprinkle of Angela and gothy roundtable, but there’s no real solid content imo

Sage for rant

No. 1417622

Anons in jude’s thread said that her onlyfans was deleted, so not sure if she would want to collab anymore

No. 1417623

Wonder if it was deleted because of her bf or other dodgy things?

No. 1417624

aytr, I know we say a lot about his tween followers but from looking more closely at his Twitter interactions (recent stuffie retweets are good places to start) and the people who posted clips from his live shows, it really is mostly overweight 30+ women, and slightly disturbingly some seem to be extremely autistic or have some sort of severe learning difficulties, don't want to directly reference who I mean but check the retweets like I said.

I actually don't think he has tween fans, they're all older and the passable looking ones aren't the ones throwing money at him or subbing to his onlyfans. Being such a cold narc he's a "safe" person to idolise since there's actually no chance of him sleeping with fans, he has no actual charm and can't carry a conversation. His fans like him for his image only.
So yeah agreed with the but they don't interact - that's all Jake has going for him in that he interacts (if you throw enough money at him) whereas the other (actual) goth boys have more of a life and more self respect than to do what Jake is doing.
>feminine as hell
Sometimes I wonder about the cave-dweller males that reside near anons on lolcow, since they (like yourself) sometimes refer to perfectly normal men as super feminine, also overuse of twink as a descriptor for any skinny male above a 5/10 (see a lot of this on mtf thread and /ot)
I think it depends where you live but to me coalcandy is not extremely feminine, just normal.

No. 1417625

(sorry for long post)
different anon, I think she deleted it because the anon posted the videos scrolling through her account, idk why that spooked her when it's 100% that some of her subs have leaked and shared her content outside of the site prior that, because all males share female sexual content like trading cards. There is no user trust or safety on Onlyfans. Or it could be another reason.

No. 1417647

File: 1642220834389.jpeg (484.56 KB, 1284x2159, A6ECB2D4-BEBE-4F0F-91D4-551FF7…)

Ahhh yes, so masculine. This is his recent picture. I’m not even going to bother to go back to dig up all the crap of him in womens clothes. I’m really glad I decided to have a look as still confirm he is feminine/borderline troon.
If you think that this is a “normal” guy, I am worried about you.

No. 1417659

AND his torso

I bet he's charging so much on his onlyfans hoping that only those who are really interested will pay and see the pics, that none of us will spare some bucks just to report and laugh at him.

His finger! I've been smoking 24/7 the last 15 years and mine isn't like this, just kinda yellowy around the nail. If you look closely to the ring in this finger, the yellow part has an edge, which doesn't happen to smokers. source: everyone around me smokes, i grew up with people who smoked till it killed them. His finger is covered in foundation to look like he has yellowed fingers

Oh anon, I wish it was only low standards… there are a lot of people who have the weirdest fetishes

Yes, he found a niche. All those vaguely darkly inclined women wanted to have some straight guy to obssess over like the normies do over male celebrities but they wanted someone like them. Unfortunate that this is the best one can get

Yeah, it seems to have a lot of masculine, trad looking goths studs on instagram but most act like normal people there, not like influencers. These guys do exist but they don't try to make a living off of their image.

I gave up on goth youtubers who are influencers. There are A LOT of good channels that only post music, albums etc without anyone presenting it that are amazing, if you're looking for goth music, you are actually well served on youtube. Look for channels that post little known bands etc

I agree with you but he acts SO feminine that he doesn't need any clothes for it to show, it's the way he is. I don't have anything against it but to say he ISNT feminine is so weird, to me he looks like he'd be considered feminine in most present day cultures

No. 1417665

Yeah even though goth fashion is pretty androgynous, everyone having lots of accessories and makeup, he seems pretty feminine. Nothing wrong with that but yeah like >>1417659 said, jake's fans were looking for an alt version of male celebrities to have a crush on and had to settle for him, and the other options like coalcandy seem like they're not into dating women

No. 1417671

That is my point. While goth is about the music, most female goth creators will do music and a bit of life stuff or something else. You don’t find that with male creators; it’s the music or nothing.

This bloke is entirely in womens clothes. Is it getting to that stage where biggish male goth creators are either all gay, gender specials or feminine? Are there no masculine men out there? If not, I see why women would throw their money at jake if this is what’s out there. I don’t want to be looking at male that would be wearing the same thing as me going “yasss girl!”.

Speaking of Angela, new video is up and it’s the same old same old. Sure living back in the 90s would be great, she’s kinda becoming like Dorian. It’s not really contributing to anything anymore, but there is a newish band she’s displayed. And she also tagged fatattack for a shitty quote. If she knew this bloke in rl she would be ashamed of him.

No. 1417676

Different anon, I just saw that. I looked at the YouTube comments first to see if it was even worth watching, but Angela seems to say the same things in every rare video she uploads nowadays. Guess this comment confirms it's the same subject. It's getting stale, but she seems to have a life/job now. Most of the goth youtubers are gone now.

No. 1417681

True. Kinda wish she would do a quick outfit video since her clothes are shillstar and other bs. They’re simple and I have absolutely no sense of style, or even just her cooking/food vids were a nice change. I can’t image those type of videos being too hard but I’ve never filmed anything before.

I do really like the male tears band. So that was a plus. Just really wish there was better content out there that wasn’t from a some phoney like jake or jade

No. 1417688

File: 1642225592494.jpg (23.47 KB, 607x264, UX1nTgg.jpg)

speaking of, had a look at her twitter and i assume this is about fake and kaya since it was posted a few days after the breakup video.

yes, maybe another lookbook video. she quit because people hated that the clothes were from shein, but surely she has her own thrifted pieces and could show off those outfits? she could do cooking vids again as well, she posts a lot about it on twitter. or even try skincare vids since she used to be an esthetician.

No. 1417699

I’ve seen Angela tweet randomly about narcissists before so dunno if it has to do with them specifically. Maybe tho. Everyone who’s had experiences with narc exes can spot Jake from the moon so maybe her past tweets were subtly dissing him too lol

No. 1417724

I dont understand how people get nicotine stains on their fingers. Do they never wash their hands? I've been smoking nearly a pack a day for 15 years, which I'm not proud of, and this has never happened to me. I wash my hands and take regular showers though. He must be filthy.

No. 1417728

All the comments about jakes grotey fingers, pretty sure that’s just him not washing his hand after his shitty make up application

No. 1417753

File: 1642234132280.jpg (260.76 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20220115-074326_Ope…)

Out of curiosity I looked through his band's music to see what an "inspiration" they are since his fake persona isn't why people donate to his streams… right? But the sounds and lyrics aren't inspiring or even creative. Yet his fans are impressed with the bare minimum like vocal versatility (pic). I guess the commenter is pretty young though, if they get chills from this vanilla shit

No. 1417766

I haven’t checked out Jake’s music recently but I did a few years ago and it was pretty basic stuff, and he took it super seriously then and acted like he was an undiscovered genius. I can see people not super familiar with various genres of metal falling for it and seeing it as something it’s not, because that’s shit I did when I first discovered Djent. I would assume if you’re falling for random YouTube boys you’re not very musically inclined lol, like when Social Repose was a thing before he couldn’t keep it in his pants and ruined any “career” he might have had

No. 1417793

If you meant creators that talk about music who aren't necessarily guys, I can recommend LigeiaResurrected, she talks about new goth music quite a bit and does reviews. She's also very down to earth and pleasant, but most of her vids are absinthe tasting.

No. 1417803

kek the green lipstick painted over his lip rings. ngl I always thought his clown makeup looked decently applied from a distance, but this clearly proves otherwise. Dude also looks at least 40, how old is this cow again?

Looks like a troon by the profile pic, can't say I'm surprised.

I mean there's a reason he appeals mostly to fat moms and desperate tweens in American southern states I guess. You have the 30+ crowd reminiscing for their old Slipknot days and the tiktok kids looking to cling onto the "oldies" as an identity like how scene has made an awful resurgence.

No. 1417804

It'll be make up like anon said. It's not like he even smokes roll ups without a filter. Not washing your hands is the main cause, but it's easily removed with toothpaste or bleach anyway.

Conclusion, it's make up or he's been eating Wotsits.

No. 1417811

Cadaver Kelly is a goth YouTuber who focuses mostly on the music.

No. 1417831

Just looked her up and her music vids look interesting! I’m always down to check out new goth bands so I’ll binge her new goth release videos

No. 1417838

I think Freya’s ex husband fits that box, but whether he’s a content creator or not, idk. I never kept up with them much when they were together. Not sure if he does his own thing or what.

No. 1417843

She also does gothy roundtable. And that’s a continuing thing

No. 1417941

I mean last he was posted on these threads he was making sub par paintings and started an onlyfans even though he's just a skinnyfat dude, and who isn't doing at least one of those these days. But I don't know about recently.

No. 1417946

Oh, that’s a shame. He could probably have a bigger following than Jake if he went the “male goth YouTuber” route.

No. 1417947

Last time we talked about him his IG was gone completely. Idk if he ever came back, that was a few months ago.

No. 1417969

Ooh I like her stuff and personality so far! I like that we're helping each other find goth youtubers that are actually worth watching haha.
I'm liking her a lot too. It's good to find goth youtubers that actually focus on elements of the scene besides vlogging their dumb life and unboxing plastic crap. In fact, in one of the Dani Ashes videos (who was mentioned above) he kinda bags on both TT and IBF for doing only that. I'm liking his stuff but his vocabulary is a bit too academic for me so it makes it hard to understand what he's saying at times.
Sweeney Deville was mentioned also above and he has some decent videos talking about music and a video where he does an Edgar Allan Poe cosplay but if you go to his instagram it's hmm a bit much. He has a frontal trampstamp of a bat, so the wings poke out of his pants. I wonder how often he hears "Is that a bat in your pants or you just happy to see me?"

No. 1417982

Not all of them are gay though. The only gay goth youtubers that I can recall are Kai Decadence and Macabre Wilhelm. Oh and there was Caligo Bastet but he wasn't really a goth, just a rivethead/metalhead.

I think Sweeney Deville is straight as he has a girlfriend. And Tom Raven from This is Raven is straight as well, he's dating a woman as well going off his Instagram which he is still active with. Dani Ashes is married to a woman and they have a kid together.

So I don't think it's fast rule that any guy who is interested in goth is gay.

No. 1417990

File: 1642265705253.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1089x1766, A829B851-5D7E-4051-92FF-B0C8D4…)

Ewwwwww. Whore.

No. 1417993

File: 1642265844251.jpg (14.77 KB, 236x380, 13d4e74eea155d1ba79a1161da6be1…)

Sounds like you're trying to find goth male content creators who go for a very masculine look? If that's the case then yeah, I'm not sure you'll have as much luck there because even the straight goth guys (actual goths) will not typically look gruff and hyper masculine. I think a good example of one who kinda veers towards the masculine look was Freya's ex Matthias from Germany. What did you think of his appearance? Is that what you mean? Or even her husband Mr. Owl. He doesn't seem to use makeup and all that in his looks but he likes goth music. He doesn't make videos though.

Gotta agree with >>1417470 I don't think Pete would've liked to be called a goth or associated with the scene. His band mostly made thrash metal and gothc-doom metal, the latter not being a goth subgenre, just another type of metal.

>Most male goths seem more image-focused and slightly incely

I'm not entirely sure about the "incel" part since I don't really see goth men making full on rants on women but I do think you're right that male goths do tend to be image-driven but I don't think it's fair to criticize them for that when women do he same.

No. 1417996

So you're pretty much wanting to find the male equivalent of Angela Benedict? Believe me anon, I get what you mean. It would be cool to find an actual goth who happens to be a guy who shares a bit of everything when it comes to interests.
I think the problem is just the type of climate we live in today. It's a lot more image-driven now than it ever has been what with Instagram and TikTok which is about appearance. That's why we have so many posers when it comes to Goth on those apps. They just care about the look but couldn't care less about the music or they only listen to like one or two goth bands and think that makes them goth.

Talking about this just reminds me of what YouTube was like back in the 2010s where people liked to vlog their life and film themselves doing new things on camera. They weren't really focused on their look as much but nowadays you don't really see that anymore when it comes to content creation.

No. 1418001

That's interesting to hear about his fanbase. I think he probably had more tween fans when he was new because I remember looking at some of the comments back when he first got started and a lot of the girls in their avatar pics looked pretty young. But that was like 2 or 3 years ago. Maybe those old fans got older and saw what a dingus he really is and stopped following him? kek.

I can buy that his fans these days can be women in their 30s who may not be the best looking and have learning disability. I think maybe they clutched onto Jake because they remind him of a once popular male musician whom they were obsessed with when they were in high school? Just a thought anyway because there really is nothing special about Jake and he would only appeal to those who want to be edg3 or maybe had an edge phase and want to relive it.

No. 1418002

Ugh, this bland, eyebrowless potato face. His stubble makes him look like he had jowls already at 30. I'd like to think women have higher standards for our porn than this no-effort pasty lump. This looks like basically the equivalent of an unsolicited dick pic.

No. 1418003

> Yeah, it seems to have a lot of masculine, trad looking goths studs on instagram but most act like normal people there, not like influencers. These guys do exist but they don't try to make a living off of their image.

This is true, they don't seem to want to make a living based on their image even though they probably could though let's not go there, we don't need Jake Munro clones who happen to actually be goth running around kek.

No. 1418007

Please do I want to see what he brags about I can’t imagine there is much down there i bet it will be like onions of kek

No. 1418009

>maybe another lookbook video. she quit because people hated that the clothes were from shein

Oh really? That's why she stopped doing lookbooks? That's a shame because I unironically enjoyed them. She had nice body language when modeling the clothes and she picked good music for them as well. KI just assumed she stopped doing them because she got busy with life/job and didn't have as much time to do them anymore.

I agree, I'm sure she could use thrifted pieces or even just basic items from stores like Target and come up with some interesting looks.

No. 1418023

The bunched up boxers on the toilet seat really add to this pic.

No. 1418024

Someone beat me to it with the recommendation of Cadaver Kelly kek. Yeah, she's pretty great but she hasn't been as active as she used to be because she went through a divorce and is working 2 jobs to help get herself back on her feet. But when she does post, you know you'll get some interesting stuff.

Since no one has mentioned them yet, I recommend Obscura Undead. They focus on talking/sharing new Goth music and they're pretty active uploading at least one video a week.

I also saw Kai Decadence mentioned above. He has made videos about Goth and does share some of the music, he has a lot of playlists dedicated to it. But he's also a TERF going off of his last video he did so if that kinda stuff bothers you, then maybe don't watch him. Personally while I don't agree with him, I still have enjoyed some of his other videos that had to do about the music.

Oh and I know she's not Goth but does anyone know what happened to Amy Nekrotique? She was pretty knowledgeable with Industrial music and made a few videos talking about the genre but it seems she deleted those videos because I can't seem to find them on her channel.

No. 1418072

His torso and face look so doughy

Amy nekrotique goes by Orphea now I think?

No. 1418076

someone saved a playlist of those industrial music videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsV280RrUj9ZiJ5xpEUjVDBu-gYPCeDLP

No. 1418115

>Amy Nekrotique goes by Orphea now I think?

Same anon you replied to and I just went to her channel and nope, not "Orphea", she actually changed channel name to "Martyr" and apparently she just makes music mixes now. She seemed to have deleted ALL her commentary videos at that. That's a shame, I enjoyed her personality, she was pretty chill and a good source for people interested in learning about Industrial music. Makes me wonder why she privated those videos, I guess she probably felt it was time to move on but she could've at least archived them.

THANK YOU anon! So she must've privated those videos, not outright delete them which is cool. Again just makes me wonder why she privated them, they were very informative and helpful for people wanting to learn about Industrial music.

No. 1418138

I mean…putting yourself out there for the world to see seems pretty daunting. I know I hate being perceived in general.

No. 1418174

No. 1418185

Kai is the most annoying cunt out there due to his femininity. His voice is jarring, making any content he puts out unbearable to watch.

But again, not after music as there are plenty of creators that focus on music only, nothing else. Which at the end of the day, doesn’t even need to be on YouTube, a podcast is where it belongs.
Goth creators are all music and nothing else, or all old 90s/80s stories.

Frigen cook, put together your wardrobe, work out, do something! Or wise you can’t complain when you’re stuck with all the cows we’ve ever bitched about. From BlackFriday to jake to Dorian to even sex creep Voltaire.
And no, countless book reviews or edgy absinth videos aren’t content. If so, you might aswell enjoy countless unboxing videos as it’s the same crap.

Not bringing this up again. There are no creators that are goth that do something worth watching anyone more.

Someone buy jakes stump pic so we can at least llaugh at that

No. 1418195

Book reviews are content? Maybe not something you enjoy but I subscribe to plenty of youtubers that purely talk in depth about books
I think there’s a stark difference between talking about books or even reviewing alcohol to unboxing overpriced shit and being “oh this is cool”

Though reviewing stuff well is a skill on its own, shitty reviewers are a bane

No. 1418219

At least IBF used to do content like travels and cooking, but shame about the country hopping visa husband shit and now obviously she's busy being a parent.

>There are no creators that are goth that do something worth watching anyone more

Yep sadly it seems that way. The ones that were around when these threads started arent now or are just doing the same content. And the new generation of potential goth creators seem to want to be tiktokers now not youtubers and that's hardly worth watching for more than a few mins unless it's unique, but uniqueness is as rare as brain cells on tiktok

No. 1418220

>Dude also looks at least 40, how old is this cow again?

He's 30. Yeah in that pic he looks way older.

No. 1418229

He’s going to age rapidly and terribly if he’s taken up smoking again and his 30.
Teens and early 20s can get away with it to an extent but it ends making ageing your face like saggy nut sack real quick

No. 1418287

$35 dollars for no effort bathroom pics? And with that ugly ass deadpan expression?
Perhaps they aren’t all like that, but he’s using this for the advertisement. It looks no different than anyone else sending dick pics. You just know he’s flaccid or barely getting it up under that sticker. And for bragging “I haven’t been to the gym in months and still look muscular!”, no fake, you look flabby and we can tell you don’t exercise anymore, not that it helped much with that stumpy body. At least wear makeup or get a set like others, I’m sure even his fans don’t really like his doughy bare face.

No. 1418288

File: 1642287069643.png (3.42 MB, 1440x2544, Screenshot_2022-01-15-16-43-52…)

So that's what he meant with this best day ever stuff. Tinfoil but i think he's doing all this shit to piss Kaya off, Stumpy couldn't be more obvious.

No. 1418289

That retard is in Barcelona rn? Lmao

No. 1418290

I agree that podcasts might be the better route to go with Goth music discussion which is why I think Obscura Undead would be potentially worth checking out.

But I have to ask, what more are you wanting to see in the Goth scene as far as content creation? Is it mostly just this

>Frigen cook, put together your wardrobe, work out,

That you want to see? I mean if that's the case, did you enjoy the video of BlackFriday fixing her car? Also maybe Madame Absinthe might be up your alley as she does some craft-type stuff like making clothes and accessories. And maybe if Angela becomes more active again, she might do some more cooking videos.

No. 1418305

File: 1642288255860.jpg (Spoiler Image, 808.08 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220115_165207.jpg)

He's answering questions on ig on typical narc fashion but i found this 2 stories disgusting af. Thirsty "snaccs" do be very thirsty, who would be his guest? Fakeboi? Jude?
The second pic us the most disgusting imo he's probably lying cause (tinfoil) this screams "look kaya i'm better without you" funny how he tried to be this "down to earth, humble, respectful" dude and now he's full chad now that Kaya is showing signs of moving on an actually starting to enjoy life.

How can people be so stupid to be proud of saying they admire this douche or that he "saved their lives"?

No. 1418313

Sad thing is, he's probably not lying. His dumbass fans wanna fuck him. Though he's gross and has such small cock energy. You're right it is telling that this is how he acts post breakup along with boasting about smoking cigarettes lmfao contrasted with Kaya moving on and clearly feeling better mentally.

No. 1418318

how does he think this makes him look good in any way?

No. 1418319

This is pathetic. He’s in his 30s going “pussy” for an answer as to what he’s enjoying on his trip.
As for his dick pics, $35 for a dick pic that you get over reddit or any other place. I don’t quiet get how men can do only fans if they aren’t doing gag things like butt plugs and such. I mean, what can he do? Jerk off for a cum vid? And IF he makes and content with another “goth snacc” it would probably put off all the other women watching because it’s not them kek

I have no doubts that this is just to piss Kaya off, and I really really hope one of her friends slips up and spills the beans.

No. 1418340

yeah i doubt some of his fans want to see fake shagging some random "snacc". i think most of them expected solo content when subbing. no one really wants to see their favorite musician doing something like that. although most of his fans probably see him more as a "public figure" and sex worker at this point.

kaya shouldn't take the bait. fake's definitely doing this on purpose after seeing her move on and getting in shape. it's almost like he's egging her on to speak up about him, but he would just use that as ammo and turn it back on her.

No. 1418351

File: 1642291553622.png (Spoiler Image, 963.86 KB, 979x1537, 1541321536221.png)

Saged, reposting a photo -
Was just looking through the past, this gem from Fake from 3 years ago is now in full fruition. How telling.

No. 1418374

I honestly wonder if he left her so he could keep living like a teenager? With eberurhing that’s been posted I’m not seeing much of an adult here, just a huge man child

No. 1418388

Idk, he's like a retarded tween that thinks talking about having lots of sex and "pussy" sound cool and stuff lmao. It's obvious he's getting none. Just like anon said "small dick energy".

>>1418374 totally, he used to be more careful with what he said and did online back when he started getting famous and even did some vids with Kaya, now that he's single, has money and stupid people that believe him he's showing his real face. As people say, give anyone a little amount of power and they'll reveal their true colours.

Also, couldn't get a screenshot (idk if someone has any of all his recent stories) because he deleted his Q&A stories shortly after >>1418305 was posted, but his last Q&A was someone asking if he's paying for pussy in Barcelona and he answered "ya boi don't simp, ya boi don't pay" with this annoying kiss emoji. Some of the other (kinda relevant) questions were:
Q:"How are you so talented?" A: bragged about "genetics and work ethic"
Q:Something along the lines of "did you really go all out on of?" A: "not yet"

He was also asked about his band's new tour and about what he'll do on onlyfans, he said he'll be going to germany, london and idk what other place and that he'll be doing "everything" on onlyfans… Whatever that means. And he also bragged about traveling to Germany and i think Dubai soon, sorry for the lack of proof, i thought those were already posted here.

No. 1418391

Fr if you're going to charge that much at least put some effort in. But everyone wants to be an OF star without putting in any effort because they think its easy money or it'll stroke their ego, and Fake seems like he's thinking both of those

No. 1418394

>it's obvious he's getting none

i bet he is tbh. but it's with a fat washed up minion meme facebook mom like the people who are part of his facebook fan club

if he was actually getting any with an attractive girl he'd post pictures of them on his story to make kaya jealous and increase his social credibility

No. 1418397

He has the torso size of a child what the fuck

>his last Q&A was someone asking if he's paying for pussy in Barcelona and he answered ya boi don't simp, ya boi don't pay
So he's totally above doing the very thing that he's letting his fans do for him

No. 1418400

Samefag to clarify, like from his shoulders to his hips that's a normal torso length but his nips and navel are so close together like his front is playdough that someone squished kek. Normally I don't analyse people's bodies this much but well if he's charging for it now

No. 1418402

File: 1642296625589.png (6.22 MB, 1284x2778, ADE61038-F71D-4E93-ACAB-EEC073…)

Out of all the gross/ douche stuff he posts, this is by far the worst. I didn’t think he could get anymore of a narc. Can’t wait for Kaya to drop all the dets.. that yt video is going to explode.

No. 1418417

File: 1642299038014.jpg (697.75 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220116-021030_Ins…)

Was this supposed to be a sexy expression cos it looks like he's about to cry

No. 1418424

>This looks like basically the equivalent of an unsolicited dick pic.

accurate, and this is what ppl are eating ramen for lol.

fucking gross, i bet he was working on this behind kaya's back for months. can't wait to see what wants to hitch a ride on his of trainwreck.

No. 1418426

you can see his gums are receding. it's only gonna get worse with all that smoking.

in his narc delusion he probably thinks he looks "sexy". he looks so skeezy. his skin is looking terrible, even through that orange filter.

No. 1418428

So he says he hasn’t bared all for his of but advertises his of as a stock standard dick pic. I hope whomever has paid for his stump is at least getting off to it?

Not sure if this belongs here but since they anon has ranged about goths doing other things, jade the libras new video is essentially everything listed. Guessing she reads here

No. 1418437

File: 1642300716580.jpg (182.69 KB, 615x453, QkYVi2w.jpg)

This could be the potential "snacc" that is gonna collab with Jake. He retweeted from her, and she has an onlyfans too. A little creepy considering the age difference, but this is the same moid that said billie eilish was his new "love interest".

No. 1418439

File: 1642300767092.jpg (30.11 KB, 606x256, 2z19dB2.jpg)

the retweet from jake. she's was linking to his onlyfans.

No. 1418457

She always had a job and a life though. Her uploading patterns have almost never been consistent or planned. Her videos just seem to happen when they happen because I think she and her husband don't prioritize youtube.

She's done thrifting videos, but people always ask for more stories from the 90s goth videos so I guess that's what generates clicks.

I appreciated the band she displayed, but I can't see how she's anything like Dorian. I've said it before in past threads (and then got accused of being her or a wk kek), but I do wonder how much younger everyone here is because this seems par the course for not only my experiences but for other people who are 30s+. A community she felt at home in changed a lot and she hasn't handled it well and it makes sense given her upbringing wasn't that stellar. I'm unsure how many other people here have grown up in or been actively involved in offline communities, but when that gets taken away from you and largely put online with a whole generation of younger people who don't seem to hold the same values (costume contest in lieu of camaraderie and e-fame), its obviously going to be a culture shock thing. Being a part of a community during your teen and then adult years in person isn't going to be the same as, "My fandom on tumblr went to shit so now I gotta hop to another one siiiigh", and I don't mean that with venom but that seems as if this is how most people interact nowadays. Its either servers or places like tumblr, amino, or twitter.

Whereas with Dorian, I haven't seen a video of theirs/hers/whatever the fuck they are now since she whined about people calling her a mooch and she defended it by saying she takes care of her elderly parents or something. She's like the Jill of the alt community, I can't be assed with her.

No. 1418458

It would be laughable if he did OF content with his overweight fans considering his history of hating fat people. No one would pay for that anyway

No. 1418463

She’s the same in that she doesn’t post any content worth watching. It’s all stories of the past (I’m almost 40). It’s over done. She can easily do a podcast as she has a great voice but for YouTube, it’s like an unboxing or one of Dorian’s “I love the past” videos.
She has watchable content before- cooking, diy, thrifting, general look book videos and now it’s nothing but stories. It’s just boring.
And with it being boring, of course people are going to flock to people like jake that claim they’re goth when they’re not. It’s content for the eyes, not the ears and most of the time there’s a mix up form these fakes

No. 1418470

Her post frequency used to be every few weeks, but lately it has spanned months. So her job or life is taking more of her time than it used to, or she just isn't feeling YouTube anymore.

No. 1418493

now his hands look cheeto dusted AND moldy, what in the fresh hell is going on there

No. 1418503

I mean she gets asked by commenters to do stories about the past so that's the content she puts out. It just seems like her husband and she are busy with full time jobs and lives, but not prioritizing impressing others online. It won't stop her from having opinions and popping in here and there, sure, but I don't see anything wrong with missing something yet largely being hands off. Especially with how nasty other people seem to be. You end up getting too old for that shit.

No. 1418631

Even though he is obviously not a virgin, pic on the right where he claims to be getting pussy in Barcelona while not identifying any source of pussy (because there is none!) has such "14 year old virgin doing unconvincing brags about his sex life" energy, he's really emotionally stunted in a big way.

No. 1418643

At first glance I thought this was EmilyBoo. Nice upgrade, Jake.

No. 1418645

Hmm… >>1384839
>While looking for porn online she found a video of someone who looked like her giving a rimjob to somebody who looked like Jake.

No. 1418666

Idk, she looks fat, and we all know how Jake feels about that.

No. 1418723

File: 1642339404707.jpg (631.4 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20220116_132343.jpg)

Not going well(emoji)

No. 1418736

Penny in the air..

No. 1418754

I wonder how this post is going to turn out. Will people agree or dogpile this person? Keep us updated anon

No. 1418797

I like Angela's videos on being goth in the 90s because I'm in my early 20s and haven't experienced the goth subculture like that, or even physically offline. Just online, where as you say people think it's just about the clothes, and use the label for clout like Fake over here, and insist it's either not about the music or that the music's evolved to include lil peep kek. Shame that many of the goth content creators who did help me out like IBF turned out to be cow-ish, are either less active now, or quit posting, though obviously it's because they have their own lives.

No. 1418827

File: 1642350244709.jpg (42.31 KB, 450x627, ya boy dont get none.JPG)

Stumpy looks like a dyke these days. Not a fakeboi, a plain old school dyke.

Wow, what a catch!
(Reupload because wrong pic)

No. 1418836

god, this is pathetic. if Kaya is seeing these, she must be feeling blessed to be rid of him.

No. 1418842

>Just like Dorian

I think what people mean is that Angela tends to mostly do nostalgia type videos. She shares storyimes of her growing up in the 90s and experiencing the Goth scene around that time but doesn't really talk about much else. It's like how Dorian tended to do a lot of videos that were storytimes of her own past in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Personally I give Angela a break because she's an older woman and I don't mean that in a condescending way but what I mean is that she has a life but more specifically a full-time job and as you get older, you may not have as much time to be spontaneous and do other things like you could in your late teens and 20s.

Personally I don't mind Angela's storytimes and I get that it's hard dealing with the culture shock she's experiencing with Goth, I do feel for her and I can feel that in her storytimes which is why I don't mind them.


I think that would be cool if she did a podcast, I agree that she has a nice voice for YouTube and maybe a podcast could help her feel not so alone. YouTube isn't her main source of income so it doesn't matter if the podcast doesn't bring in money. She already does livestreams every now and then and it's clear she does them out of simple likeness to interact with people so a podcast might be up her alley. She could do something similar to Cemetery Confessions.

Could be all of the above. There's no question that the Dark Alternative side of YouTube is nowhere near as thriving nowadays like it was in the early 2010s when you had many darkly-inclined people making all kinds of videos. These days you just Shillstar/Aliexpress gOfF hauls by people who aren't Goth. You don't really see commentary-opinion style videos anymore. Aside from Angela, the only other person I can think of is Orphea but I never considered her Got hto begin with, just another darkly-inclined person who thinks she's goth for liking dark clothing and listening to Industrial type music. But aside from these two, I don't see much commentary type videos anymore in the dark alt. scene of YouTube anymore.

No. 1418843

This is very much tinfoil, but it was mentioned on the last thread, there was a blue hair girl in their vlogs like 3 years ago who does onlyfans, i bet shes the 'guest'.

No. 1418848

I'm in my early 30s and I like Angela's goth in the 90s videos too. I think it's just a matter of differing preferences for content. Like it would be cool to see Angela do other things like cook, thrift, etc but she more than likely is stressed for time what with her full-time job + personal things that may need attention so her storytime videos are fine enough because it's something and she has a way of explaining things that make it entertaining to listen to without having to hear her waffle on into tangents like Dorian tends to do.

No. 1418854

What is his finger tattoo supposed to be, and why is it making him look like Hitler?

No. 1418859

Having been a regular at the "goth" clubs in the '80s (in the UK), I'm either searching the wrong #'s but I'd love to see someone else who was at the clubs, went to the gigs, etc. back then. There weren't any labels, a lot was DIY or a few shops to buy clothes at, and the make up was p improvised with Leichner clown white being the only foundation that didn't look orange, oh and Stargazer. I can't even relate to what the younger generations bang on about now. It's all so different. One of the main differences is we didn't take ourselves as seriously as they do now. Idk, maybe I digress.

His hand tattoos are shite. What the fuck are any of them.

No. 1418879

File: 1642353656595.jpg (314.86 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20220116_171857_edi…)

Most people seem to be agreeing..

No. 1418896

Pretty sure Stumpy is charging $35 for his OF because it it was cheaper people would buy it and leak the photos to make fun of him. This way only the most desperate weirdos are gonna see it.

No. 1418903

File: 1642355440772.jpeg (458.43 KB, 1125x1947, 8DD01E28-62EB-444B-9E7C-38E674…)

Does someone have time to listen to what I assume is hypocritical drivel? Like Kat von D isn’t obsessed with being famous, having sycophants, and ‘influencing’ with her shitty music and shitty try hard aesthetics.

No. 1418907

File: 1642357076057.png (6.28 MB, 1284x2778, 6D530A6A-D521-44FC-B641-176539…)

It looks like he’s sitting with someone but also holding his own hand…?

No. 1418909

File: 1642357205879.png (Spoiler Image, 6.21 MB, 1284x2778, C0DE7D9C-8DA0-43B9-9C70-14B6CA…)

Long term thinking, nobody is going to take his band seriously after this trash.

No. 1418913

Fucked up if it’s some kind of friend Stumpy and Kaya got to know in Barcelona. Where else would he got to know her and why on earth in Spain

No. 1418915

Possibly gave some girl a few euro to pretend to be with him for the shot to make Kaya cry. More possible than him getting lots of "pussy" being a fugly, stumpy loser.

No. 1418917

File: 1642357659991.png (3.41 MB, 1536x2048, 36D874C7-F493-4649-BFC7-6A0648…)

This is who he is with. Hand tattoos match, in Barcelona 5 hours ago. She’s a tattoo artist from Belfast.

No. 1418923

She has a kid, there's no way stumpy is going to stay long with her.

No. 1418925

She has a husband and baby. The married woman…raised eyebrow.

No. 1418927

That’s what I thought…how silly to post you’re in Barcelona on IG publicly if you want it to be quiet

No. 1418928

>human pups

No. 1418938

File: 1642358553443.jpeg (323.12 KB, 1125x1975, 26721201-0BD8-4921-989D-DCD663…)

Holy shit!!! That Reddit rumor is true!!!! Jake cheated!!! Let loose Kaya!!!

He hates kids so I don’t really know what that lady is thinking.

Pic from her stories I anonymously looked at. Doesn’t show her handle but it’s hers. They also went inside La Sagrada Familia together. This is such a slap in the face to Kaya to take his new lady to their previous spots.

No. 1418943

Even though she's out of his league, he's used his manipulation skills to get some free tattoos out of her. Wonder how she'd feel about being thought of as "pussy". Maybe it doesn't bother every woman, but I'd be suspicious of his intentions taking me to places he went to with his ex. All a bit eurgh, but hey! that's Stump!

No. 1418947

Lol! When will stumpy stand up straight? Maybe he doesn't have the stamina

No. 1418948

Anon, he's more likely giving her money and paid for her to join him in Barcelona lol

No. 1418950

File: 1642359449105.jpeg (181.1 KB, 1124x1523, 964E611B-487D-4C4E-A77D-0D3C46…)

From his OF. Either she’s getting divorced or her husband doesn’t even know.

No. 1418951

File: 1642359675803.jpeg (371.1 KB, 1123x1884, E74212FC-56C9-424A-82AD-17B503…)

I don’t know who said she’s married but her FB says “single”

No. 1418953

Acting like he's never been laid before. Typical post break up behavior: the girl glows up and the dude acts out.

No. 1418957

She was married til recently, owns a tattoo shop with her now ex husband

No. 1418963

He’s deleted his last IG story with her in it. Obv lurks here but it’s too late, Stump boy!

No. 1418966


the placement of the water tap is making it worse

No. 1418968


Imagine leaving your baby behind to hump stump in Barcelona.

No. 1418969

Apparently she knows Kaya’s friend Grant Thorne too….the plot thickens

No. 1418974

Her photos have loads of the wedding and the kid. It's VERY recently they haven't been together looking at the dates.

That line reminds me of something Jimmy Savile said about how he had sex with an underage then rinsed his dick off under the tap. Those creep vibes.

No. 1418976

Hidden hand is where Kaya just went for her last tattoo as well. They clearly knew the people there and Jake slid into this girl eventually with Kaya around. I guess she was okay going there because Kat was away with Jake…

No. 1418977

her husbands the guy who tatood kayas hands

No. 1418979

So the Reddit rumour was at least partly true then. I almost feel sorry for her. He hates kids. he’s hardly in it for the long term is he? Doesn’t seem the type to play step daddy. Unless he’s about to have a massive ‘change of heart’.

It is blindingly obvious that he’s doing all of this to rub Kayas nose in it. Taking the other woman too the place he visited with his ex, the city he planned to move to with her. What a nasty shit bag he is. I hope she lets rip. Once she’s free and clear of his ‘influence’ of course. I really do. If anyone ever needed taking down a peg or two it’s him.

No. 1418981

Also what the hell is this pose? "Just had sex, watch me cry about it in the shower" kek.

No. 1418985

Crazy redditor and youtube comments (now deleted by jake) claimed he cheated on Kaya, broke up a marraige and told Kat to keep his kids away from him because he hates kids - how much will turn out to be true?

No. 1418986

Definitely not what you'd call "erotic". Standing in a bathtub with no idea how to shower. I hope he used some gel or liquid soap to wash that "sex" away.

No. 1418989

The kid thing will be 100 percent true. He wouldn't even let Sebastian stay in the house because he hated a cat.

No. 1418990

I know these people irl. The redditor was speaking the truth 100%. The woman he's in Barcelona with is the woman he was cheating with. Kaya is going to come out with this herself when the time is right but yes, Jake cheated on her with a married woman (Kat) he met through Kaya and is now posting about Kat's pussy nonstop to his stories. He really is the lowest form of life. Kaya isn't ready to drop it all yet for a number of reasons but its coming

No. 1418992

File: 1642361843850.jpeg (300.51 KB, 1125x2000, 77C37B81-17D5-47DB-8010-F5677D…)

To me it seems like she’s just a new toy for him, obviously it’s not for a long run. I wonder when he’ll be bored with her.
Also from her FB, she apparently went there to “get tattooed” cough and sell herself on OF cough

No. 1418996

File: 1642362194801.jpeg (196.9 KB, 1125x1343, B6B6275D-CF6F-4C41-8494-4070A4…)


Stumpy straight up hates kids so I hope Kat leaves her kid out of whatever this ‘relationship’ is supposed to be.

No. 1418997

There is absolutely no way his he will have fans after this!!! What a complete dumb ass. This downfall is going to be glorious and i hope Kaya stays away from it all.

Image building an angry midget up to have him cheat on you with a friend. Then to take the new toy to all the spots kayas loved going to because her dad lives over there. It’s kinda gross too.

I really hope Kaya lays it all out and continues to keep going forward.

No. 1418998

He's a sick fucker. Imagine how fucked in the head you have to be to enjoy that shit? Jake is so fucked in every way. Probs a sadist pedo

No. 1419002

LOL, this saga is more than I could have imagined. Wonder if the husband is going to hit Jake. God I wish.

No. 1419006

They broke up in what… oct? I wonder if there is any crossover in locations or events stumpy was at that cheating would have happened. Did he get any tattoos off of her around then? Lots of time to talk during a tattoo session. Hmm.

No. 1419007

Kek imagine this for the new “break the jake”. The meltdown. I wonder how quickly he will try to save face and how he would possibly spin this. There’s absolutely no way he can do damage control with this

Honestly, I feel like jake is about to become a cow that will prove the most glorious of milk. We haven’t had a good cow mental break down in awhile.

No. 1419010

Husband got cucked and she still works with him so I doubt it.

No. 1419015

If you own a business with someone, you’re not going to walk away and give them your only way of making money. Especially if a divorce is involved.

Don’t go ruining this with stupidity

No. 1419017

Considering she was willing to fuck her marriage up with the father of her young children for a guy like Jake, she probably hates kids too.

No. 1419019

Ruin what? The guy got cucked and the woman turned her back on her own kids. How is saying he wont hit Jake "stupidity"? If he wants his business he cant go throwing hands willy nilly when jake will cry for donos over it.

No. 1419024

Whatever, it's Belfast, the guy could get others to hit him. I think it's funny. Don't kill my dream.

No. 1419025

Is it still cowtipping to try and get this info into his little circle of fans? Losing subs while on holiday with tours planned would be hilarious. This is just the thing needed to tip those women that posted on his video about “getting out of toxic relationships”.

No. 1419026

Yes agreed, hopefully someone else does his knees in.

No. 1419027

Surely the type of person whos a Jake Munroe fan in the first place isn't gonna listen to this though

No. 1419029

i wouldnt say it was cowtipping but others might? this fat stumpy cunt deserves it, he manages to disgust me more and more with every new detail

No. 1419030

Its not cowtipping if shes on his stories. If anything Jake is a snacc rapist in the making and there should be PSAs about him because he is clearly another predator youtuber.

No. 1419032

It's more likely he gets robbed. People know what he has at his place and they know when he's not there. He brags so much and it's only time until someone breaks in and pinches his stuff.

No. 1419034

its not cowtipping to discuss what he's done in public groups

No. 1419036

File: 1642364975401.jpeg (363.18 KB, 1242x1785, 6BBD9DD5-6E60-41A8-A26F-E92AEF…)

Jude commenting on kayas post.
Not really milk just interesting because she’s a jake fan girl.

No. 1419048

Saged for my own idle curiosity. Do we know who the husband of this woman is? Would be interesting to see who she ditched for Stumpy.

No. 1419050

If it’s not coming tipping then, get it out there!

The women of his fan group kept commenting on how they were cheated on or stuck in a toxic relationship. That’s his fan base, they’re the ones paying for him. He will have nothing

No. 1419052

File: 1642365715474.jpg (901.55 KB, 1439x2085, Screenshot_20220116-154133_Ins…)

This is the ex husband I believe.

No. 1419053

File: 1642365720846.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1499, 9A761246-89FE-4AAC-99FE-5B1448…)

This chick was also in the same bath bomb photoshoot as Kaya back then?! Oof.

No. 1419054

check out her fb, you can see him there

No. 1419059

Jake is so stupid. There’s a reason popular models/streamers, even boy bands don’t make their relationships public. The fat moms pay him because they imagine themselves with him. He’s just cucked all his fans and I can’t wait til they realise and drop him.

No. 1419067

Ahah I was just thinking his new change in behavior is going to rile up the snaccs, he's acting like a creep, let's be honest. They were there for the untouchable goth boy who ignores them, suddenly getting sexual and oversharing on them and inviting sexual talk ruins the allure and mystery he had managed (by chance/accident) to build up, love to see a man run his accidental success into the ground so fast.

The way he talks about sex is so virginal I'm starting to think they only did it twice a year, and Kaya thought this was normal since he's been a hobosexual since the very beginning.

No. 1419070

Just took a look at that account, it's basically all 'america's funniest home videos' type content in the vein of 'kid falls down but no one actually gets hurt' content no actual harm to children occurs

No. 1419071

ugh this is so gross…stumpy has probably been leering at her for years. he probably never liked kaya and was only using her for her money when she had it. they were together for years but she was always going to be a ‘forever girlfriend’ to mooch off of. it’s all just so disgusting.

the older fans paying the big bucks are definitely going to leave after seeing all of this. he deserves to be broke and homeless.

No. 1419072

This is awful, truly, not a good proportion in him and this is when he has control over the angles.

No. 1419074

So we really have Kaya, Kat and K in this love triangle, he really likes the letter K

Unsurprised the cheating rumours are true, but surprised he'd out himself and her this soon in the game kek, what a loser.

No. 1419075

she married that and then goes for Jake? jfc this girl needs to love herself

No. 1419077

his waist edits certainly do not help the uncanny proportions

No. 1419078

File: 1642367780021.jpg (580.77 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20220116_211541.jpg)

I wonder if he bothers to mention how his ex helped him

No. 1419079

Tbh, the narc in him in almost certainly seeing something entirely different than we are. The man’s literally deluded himself into thinking he’s sculpted like a Greek god.

No. 1419082

I know a lot of moids do this, but it seems that he only views women as objects to use. Typical narc. He only likes stereotypical alt skinny girls, and we see how much he resented Kaya when she gained weight. Women are either dollar signs or “pussy” to him. Even in the case of K, no doubt he only sees her as a supply to fuel his ego. He even calls his fans “snaccs” to distance himself from them, and only cares about them if they give him money or validation.

No. 1419086

He really is one of the dumbest men out there, its like hes doing a speedrun of fucking up his image since the breakup video post.

No. 1419087

I think he’s got over confident. Especially after that live stream. He’ll be the very picture of surprise once Kaya drops the bomb and it turns out that no one likes a cheater.

No. 1419090

I just want someone in that stupid cult group to post the pics of Kat and him in Spain with the added sting of the only fans sex stuff and how he was quick to delete the hand holding evidence. They would explode

No. 1419091

Is anyone able to do an info dump there? Fb nonnies come through?

No. 1419095

Sorry for ot but does anyone know where mainly boredom is and what happened to her?

No. 1419096

>He only likes stereotypical alt skinny girls
True. He claims to like "weird looking" people but what he means is conventially normal and attractive looking people who dress a little weird.

No. 1419098

it would save kaya some time until she decided to make a video. also since it’s not her spilling the tea per say, he shouldn’t stop paying her stuff right? although i get the feeling he would do that anyways and blame kaya somehow for this happening, even though he was the prick flaunting it in public.

No. 1419099

Literally, the evidence is too good, if someone does it please pose as a confused fan like
>I saw these story posts and my friend sent me this screenshot?? I'm really confused and upset, what's going on???!

No. 1419100

He already has. Kaya stated that she’s now paying for everything except the lease as it’s in his name, hence the time limit

No. 1419101

Why is Daddy with a new mommie???? Snaccys help!!!

No. 1419103

ah okay. she should let a rip then, screw stumpy.

No. 1419105

Has anyone mentioned it in the stumpy discord I wonder?

No. 1419107


didn't Kaya say the car lease is in his name, so maybe she's hanging on till she's moved so she can move her stuff without him demanding the car back or cancelling the lease?

No. 1419108


Stumpy putted himself, he only has himself to blame.

If he took everything away from Kaya, he would lose more fabs and she sure as fuck would gain more.

No. 1419112


He'll make a noose to hang himself regardless, he's already doing it by not being able to resist his narc spiteful impulses bragging on insta stories. His weird obsessive snaccs identify strongly with Kaya and will take it personally. Looking forward to Jake's "apology" video when it all kicks off!

No. 1419122

I really think the majority of his fans are so pathetic, they're going to ride the sinking ship all the way down.
On the bright side, he really is blasting through money right now isn't he? Fresh from the US, now in Barcelona, probably in a pricey hotel. Regardless of his claims, he probably bought Kat's ticket too. Enjoy it while it lasts, stumpy.

No. 1419134


She should do a tutorial for this make up look, it's not my style but it looks good/striking. I'm not a make up type person but to me it looks like she has skill, she should generally do more creative videos as her usual opening packages shit is unwatchable. Her chattiness would sound so much more sincere if she wasn't indirectly trying to flog stuff.

No. 1419137

This is the greatest milk to wake up to. He can’t possible expect this to go in his favour.

Someone will leek this info, he will lose subs and everything he’s ever bragged about. I also have no doubt that he rubbed his success in kayas face like his currently displaying on social media. Kaya will end up with more support and much happier, then he can sit and seethe

No. 1419159

File: 1642372135104.jpg (190.62 KB, 640x775, B2MwlSt.jpg)

>the girl she cheated on her with has never even met Kaya and is threatening to slap her and fat shaming her
Did the redditor not know that Kaya and Kat knew eachother? >>1419053 And if this Kat was threatening to slap Kaya, she had plenty of opportunities to since Kaya frequents her tattoo studio.
Are these discrepancies? Or is there maybe another married women that Jake cheated on?

No. 1419161

Honestly, at this point it truly could be multiple women. He's trying to fuck everyone and anyone and says he has an OF "guest list".

No. 1419164

I think he's not hiding it on purpose to rub it in kaya's face e.g. kaya might recognise the hand tattoo in the story because they were friends, or she might even be following her (I can't check if she does right now) so she'll see their stories in the same locations and piece it together. Or better yet she already knows about the cheating and hasn't come about about it yet in which case now I'd the perfect time. Either way he's showing off to try and get at kaya, and so he forgot or didn't care about long term stuff like what his fans will think.

By the way is she divorced from her husband now to be with jake or what, because its clear he won't be marrying her and helping to raise the kids or some shit.

No. 1419166

It’s made it’s way onto that Reddit thread about the break up. Folk are putting two and two together.


No. 1419171

Like post about it in the munro Facebook group or something? Go for it nonnie, it's not cow tipping to tell fans about something shitty a cow has done, he's not even hiding that they're in Spain together and apparently even made OF content with her. At the very least, if she's not the married woman he cheated on kaya with, he is rebounding with someone who used to be close to her and has a kid.

No. 1419172

Its more than one woman, its just that there's only proof online of Kat so far.

No. 1419173

File: 1642372931027.jpeg (532.39 KB, 1125x1781, 48BF6287-66C0-49CA-9F00-E74A3C…)

Twitter. Just the one tweet so far.

No. 1419175

He probably gets some sick kick from cheating with married women and being a homewrecker. And the fact that they both have kids is sick.

No. 1419176

That spoiling the allure rings so true with the kids who have a crush on him. No matter how much I fantasized about someone in a band when I was young, I really didn't want them to seem desperate and get to see their hairy bollocks in the shower. He thinks that talking like a woman who wants to turn a man on works the other way around. No. Watching a man wank looks ridiculous, and their genitals look ridiculous. Even Stump's body proportions are ridiculous.

No. 1419190

True! Look at the shower pic and then imagine that as a woman, same pose and all. I just don’t get the whole only fans thing but who cares at this point, we have proof of who he is with, that she was a in their friend circle, that he went to her for tattoos, she has kids (which he hates) and he’s taking her to all of kayas old spots! How pathetic can you be? Can people not seeing how weird and creepy that is?
Let this mother fucker burn faster than fuel. I’ve never seen anyone burn their “fame” so fast before

No. 1419192

it seems to be spreading on Twitter now. This person and a few others seem to be replying to snaccs posting about it

No. 1419195

Nonnie, your icon is showing

No. 1419201

He will just delete and block everything. I think compiling the evidence and releasing that virus would help a lot more. Especially if posted to the cult group

No. 1419202

He is so stupid! I can't believe he has done this. Truth will surface. This idiot is ruining his own career and musical career. He thinks everyone will kiss his ass forever like he has any real value as a person. I really encourage ppl from here to start making public comments about how horrible Fake is so others will be encouraged to do so to. Even posting on his Facebook about it would be good. He's a retard he has bricks instead of a brain. He will lose a lot of donations over this. It seems that the only reason he got popular is that Kaya kept him from becoming fully retarded.(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1419206

Hard agree, without his handler now i feel like he is a genuine predator and danger to kids (snaccs). Onision, but somehow, dumber. His career needs nipped in the bud.

No. 1419207

Don’t. Cow tip!

Jake the Retard is ruining himself just fine on his own anyway.

No. 1419210

If you have to discuss it on lolcow beforehand like an absolute moron, it's definitely cowtipping.

No. 1419214

File: 1642380766401.jpg (394.82 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20220116-231350_Ope…)

Don't get your panties in a twist, his fans should know about the shitty person they're following or do you not agree kek

The comments on the reddit post are saying the same shit we are. This one is extremely similar, might be a lurker. Most of his followers don't seem to be the critical thinking type but at least some of them can see it.

No. 1419215

Its far beyond cowtipping now dumbass, the info is all out there and public.

No. 1419220

Seems like this has finally hit twitter, his @replies are blowing up. Will be interesting to see how the snaccs respond

No. 1419221

File: 1642381317826.jpg (237.83 KB, 1440x1688, Screenshot_20220117-010024_Chr…)

I don't think I've seen this mentioned here before. Might not be true but let's be honest, of course it is.

No. 1419229

and to think, jake did this all to himself. he couldn't resist bragging in an attempt to upset kaya. a mix of karma and his own inability to think.

No. 1419231

File: 1642382176036.jpg (31.5 KB, 629x606, GNZ5065.jpg)

he edited the onlyfans post. too late, jake. it's already screenshotted. everyone knows what a piece of shit you are.

No. 1419235

That’s a really fucking random edit. This dude is pathetic. I never liked TT but man, I’m gunner for her. Maybe we need egg his alcoholism more so he just keeps fucking himself over

No. 1419236


i hope he's shitting himself and that it ruins his holiday

No. 1419237

File: 1642382573377.png (1.43 MB, 828x1792, A39F6399-6E87-46AF-829B-483BD1…)

From Kayas likes on Twitter

No. 1419238

File: 1642382600936.png (880.86 KB, 828x1792, 825F45F9-A965-4A19-B606-2C23B0…)

From that persons Twitter

No. 1419240

Going to say he’s either asleep or doesn’t care as he was posting ig stories as for 2hrs ago and all the drinking/cringefest stories are all deleted. This cunt is duuuumb

No. 1419242

File: 1642383509523.jpeg (191.29 KB, 818x465, C91F75AF-C987-4770-89D6-096663…)

I feel for her, I really do…

No. 1419245

Lmao what a fucking tool

No. 1419246

yeah some point in her yapping playing the victim on twitter now. She needs to stop covering for this creep, get a fucking job so she doesn't need to and let the world know

No. 1419247

File: 1642383756998.jpg (551.55 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20220116-174147_Twi…)

Even the official Vampire Freaks Twitter is against Jake. I just thought that was funny.

No. 1419248

I feel for her too, but this is a Jake hate train and she needs to step back and let this creep get tore down, silencing people to stop her feelings getting hurt will only protect him.

No. 1419249

I really do feel for Kaya. I know she got made fun of a lot but she's a genuine and kind person. She has a good heart. Hope Jake rots. She needs to spill the beans on Jake more and show everyone the truth. She will still be able to make money off YouTube and Patreon

No. 1419251

She needs to wait to spill until she had a place and all her stuff in it. He controls the lease and has a history of punching holes in the wall and breaking shit when mad.

No. 1419252

His mods and middle aged mum groupies are being quiet about this. I wonder if there's a shitstorm happening in the discord and the facebook group.

Real incoherent description. He really likes to talks shit, then delete it and pretend it didn't happen. I guess buying their nasty pictures and videos is out of the question now? Don't want more evidence out there

She probably still has some residue from the relationship. She had feelings for him once. It was 10 years after all, and he's been nothing but cruel with all of the insensitive instagram stories meant to make her upset. Kaya, Jake's only getting back what he put out there. He's vile and it's finally come around to bite him back.

No. 1419253

File: 1642384119869.png (910.89 KB, 750x1334, 2F9DCFD9-67AD-4CC2-814B-9DE9CB…)

Found this with some funny replies

No. 1419254

File: 1642384119958.jpeg (453.96 KB, 1282x1980, D1B5D650-F3E4-4FBF-8DE2-631D6E…)

If you search his name on Twitter right now it’s just people calling him and his new lady friend out. Which can’t be good for her business. She was literally friends with Kaya, she can’t say she was manipulated too. Yikes.

No. 1419255

and what's up with Jake fat shaming? Has he ever looked in the mirror? He is fat as fuck.

No. 1419256

Uh, no. Look Jake is a knobend but let's not forget Kaya was one of the biggest cows in this thread precisely because she wasn't kind or genuine. I hope she goes up from here because I think being with him probably made her far worse. He's dogshit

No. 1419260

why? I dont wanna infight but to me it always felt like vendetta or demonization. I actually do believe she is genuinely depressed and has probably had low self esteem her entire life considering she has let a narc do whatever to her for 10 years. Her channel and presence come off as genuine. She is not trying hard to be someone she is not.

No. 1419262

File: 1642384643007.jpeg (132.77 KB, 469x1115, 00CAD548-8FE2-4221-9D78-5969A1…)

There’s a video made about Jake and the break up situation / his fake gothness on TT made four days ago. Over 300 comments and it’s not looking good for fake.

No. 1419264

File: 1642384743124.jpg (171.36 KB, 1080x608, Screenshot_20220110-062533_Twi…)

>Kaya clearly just wants to earn enough to live.

Don't forget that Kaya is just as money hungry as Jake.

No. 1419265

well everyone wants to be rich duuuuh but she isn't doing immoral things like Fake to gain money

No. 1419266

You have to go back.

No. 1419267

classic narc projection

he's definitely lurking this thread. just now he deleted the retweet >>1418439 to his onlyfans link.

here it is for ease, nonnas: https://onlyfans.com/jakemunro

No. 1419268

Not everyone wants to be rich. Fuck the 1%. And some would argue that profiting off sympathy IS immoral.>>1419265

No. 1419270

Jesus christ id love to be a fly on the wall watching him narc rage right now.

No. 1419271

Nitpicking but her face grosses me out so much. She does her makeup the same every time, you'd think she'd be able to start doing it well eventually. Also she refers to herself as an elder goth even though she's 20. But at least some people are bold enough to use their platform like that.

No. 1419273

samefag but it was definitely still there when I took this screenshot >>1419231 so he's watching in real time kek

lets see if he deletes the onlyfans, but that's a looot of money that he probably doesn't want to lose right now.

No. 1419274

this woman, Kat, sounds like she has cow potential herself. she's letting the narc objectify her as "pussy" for him to brag about in his instagram stories? it could not be more transparent that he's doing all this to childishly try to hurt Kaya, who this woman is socially acquainted with, but apparently she's fine with that. and she's letting him film them having sex for the lonely moms and tragic gays on his OF. she must be damaged as fuck.

No. 1419276

I joined the fb group a few hours ago to try info dumping but they've either blocked me for doing it on twitter instead (it was obviously me) or gone private

No. 1419280

The group went private cus I tried ot join and had to fill out like 3 gay questions abotu Jake

No. 1419283

It says the "content isn't available", which means it's a hidden group now. Guess not all is well in their "safe space".

No. 1419285

What were the questions? "How many married women did Jake cheat with?" "How much money did Jake Munro get from goldigging kaya?"

No. 1419289

I had to specify my age and a things I love about Jake or somethin gay like that

No. 1419290

>he's definitely lurking this thread

Imagine spending your entire vacation in a gorgeous place with a gorgeous woman just getting drunk and lurking this forum. Sad.

No. 1419292


How many walls do we reckon he’s punched tonight in a narc rage?

No. 1419294

someone should subscribe to his onlyfans before he nukes it
jk he's too much of a money hungry narc for that

No. 1419299

we should literally stop posting in this thread because he is taking some of the criticism as advice. Just let him destroy himself. I wonder if he has stds he looks like he sleeps around a lot he probably has at least 6 strains of hpv

No. 1419300

File: 1642387277217.jpg (192.33 KB, 1080x877, Screenshot_20220117_024102.jpg)

No. 1419301

He can lurk as much as he wants, it’s already out. Probably the only time him being drunk has done the world some good

No. 1419303

File: 1642387389459.png (23.35 KB, 806x122, Screenshot (1088).png)

Statement from the Discord. Someone came up asking about the drama (first time someone brought it up in there as far as I can tell)

No. 1419308

Unconfirmed?! Kat posted a pic of the same damn drinks! Was the younger gens dropped on their heads?

No. 1419309

it's far from unconfirmed…there's evidence everywhere and with jake deleting and editing things, it's got to be true. i know his fans are retards but there's got to be some with sense, right? are the mods really that big pos that they're gonna defend a cheater?

No. 1419310

They believe what they want to believe

No. 1419311

File: 1642387838431.jpeg (417.3 KB, 1284x2299, A0F2C28F-1C70-42F3-81A9-553E60…)

It’s his retarded tatts and same drinks?! Come on!

No. 1419313

Diane if you ever see this; what are you doing with your life love? Rethink your choices. Go outside.

No. 1419314

Major is one of fake’s streaming buddies and also a mod I believe, so he was probably instructed to say this to avoid further upsetting the snaccs and losing money

No. 1419316

The Jake Munro downfall arc is one of my new favourite lolcow moments ngl, it's too damn good and he did it all to himself

No. 1419318

He needs to lose all the money and go back to punching walls.
At least he now smokes to calm down?

It’s a shame we busted him before he actually released any content with Kat. That would’ve been a great shit show in itself self since they were both drunk

No. 1419320

>It seems that the only reason he got popular is that Kaya kept him from becoming fully retarded.

His post breakup rebellion of doing all the things Kaya rightly told him he shouldn't do certainly seems to suggest this, idk how he thought this shit was gonna go but he was so sure Kaya was wrong…Kaya was not wrong.

No. 1419323

File: 1642388824172.jpeg (315.92 KB, 1125x1682, 555803C0-FD7A-44AC-A598-A0408C…)

I could choke on this schadenfreude.

No. 1419326

Surprised K has kept these replies here. I wonder when Jake will wake up from his drunken stupor and start damage control, or will he wait and see if it all blows over? I feel like hes too much of a narc NOT to say anything.

No. 1419333

He’s already doing it. This are private or deleted. Doubt he will address anything And will probably try to blame Kaya for his own undoing

No. 1419352

File: 1642391636015.png (257.9 KB, 500x680, A85748D4-ED51-44F4-80A8-E1159B…)

No. 1419353

Jake is such a raging narcissist that he couldn’t hide his “pussy” for longer than a few weeks after making the break up public? Jesus didn’t he learn from other male youtubers who have lost their careers because they can’t keep it in their pants?! Disgusting. I hope Kaya says fuck it and spills all the beans on him. He’s trash and he’s such a fucking dumbass lmao

No. 1419357

Voting for this as next thread pic. Wonder what his drunk rage is like since he’s already a massive edgy child

No. 1419361

Guarantee he's sending Kaya nasty messages and breaking things. Narcs like him can't cope and have to blame everyone else for their stupid mistakes. That woman was the only thing keeping his manchild personality from ruining their online income.

No. 1419362

File: 1642394132853.jpg (21.73 KB, 597x185, E3w5o1Q.jpg)

Jake's fans are choosing to shield their eyes. They are still so convinced they are only "rumors" like goff daddy says.

No. 1419365

Serious question, nonnies:

I'm loving Jake's downfall saga BUT this is the altcows thread. Jake and Kaya are again taking up the whole thread and other discussions are getting buried. Do you think we should move this discussion to their own thread? I think this will go way better like this. We will start to compile the Jake Munro, independent cow saga since the beginning, it's getting too big to be a subset of our discussions here, we have a lot of new related people showing up and being talked about… what do you think?

Say yes please please pleaaase

No. 1419367

File: 1642395070548.jpeg (256.72 KB, 750x1764, F828C1F8-43BB-439B-A86E-45D7E3…)

Another post from the Discord. Apparently even if they accept Jake cheated they’re happy to give him a pass because… he is also a human

No. 1419368

Fairly sure the younger gen is all for begging cheated on, not surprised. Cunts still going to make money of these idiots

No. 1419371

File: 1642395626929.jpeg (275.34 KB, 1284x1635, B5AA5FC2-07EF-4EB5-8C1F-944B0E…)

Kek. We have a hardcore stan!
This one’s now going through all Twitter comments defending jake.

He’s going to get away with it as his fans are absolutely brain dead

No. 1419372

I have to assume this woman is a mother by her username. Imagine being an mother and spending your time on Twitter defending an ugly stumpy little scrote cheating on his girlfriend

No. 1419375

These retards either don't understand what has happened or are in denial. The issue is that Jake was cheating on Kaya with Kat BEFORE they broke up. This was not a first-time thing either, he made the same "mistake" over and over and cheated with possibly multiple women over the course of his and Kaya's relationship. This wasn't a "time or two" of cheating, he's always been a sleaze that has flirted around and overstepped Kaya's boundaries. He hasn't learned anything at all. They're foolish to think his next girlfriend won't be cheated on as well.
Damn she's pathetic. Imagine caping for a piece of shit like Jake kek
And a mother too? Gross, then she should understand the turmoil Jake caused for the kids of the family he separated with his cheating with a married woman

No. 1419380

At least we know the discord mods will be out making things right once they wake up kek

No. 1419382

His discord mods are prepped for damage control. What sad lived they have

No. 1419393

File: 1642397283532.jpeg (199.56 KB, 1284x1028, FD292465-54A7-47D3-B22E-C2523C…)

The banana mod for jake will be the biggest one until the rest of the world wakes up.

Is there any hard, undeniable evidence to throw at these retards?

No. 1419398

Plus he was probably drunk, talking about getting 8 drinks in the story with Kat's hand

No. 1419400

Fr when she's in a stable position she should let rip. At least she's gotten more patreons and said in the ig post someone posted here earlier that she's recorded new yt videos.

No. 1419418

They do intersect with the online goth community and reflect upon them, the seperate thread has never taken off for that reason. Discussion is online goth community focused rather than cow-focused if that makes sense, even if Jake is the current biggest cow.

No. 1419421

>I'm choosing to believe there are other facets to Jake beyond what he is clearly displaying and choosing to support that completely unevidenced version of him I made up in my head - his stans

No. 1419423

File: 1642401638979.jpeg (196.21 KB, 1284x1073, 34B4582C-AA1B-45C7-A732-B97B06…)

It’s begin ignored

No. 1419424

FYI, Jake's on a Twitter blocking spree. So he's going that route.

No. 1419427

she's still on twitter going off kek. i feel like even if the truth came straight from kaya's mouth in a video, these crazy fans would still think it's "rumors" because they're delusional and only listen to the stumpy cult.

he was so stupidly confident earlier though. what a coward. gonna try to run off to another country since everyone in belfast hates you, jake?

No. 1419429

Can’t argue with stupid.

I think we need to add a little more to jake blaming Kaya for this. Like his stans around the outside saying he’s only human and makes mistakes

No. 1419432

I like how they’re saying it was just an honest mistake but Jake isn’t even acting as if it was a mistake. He’s very obviously content with his decision to cheat on a woman who loves him and then kick her to the ground when she doesn’t want to film porn together

No. 1419433

I mean when the Freyja country hopping saga was the main thing happening we didn't move her to a new thread. And since the new people are related to him like the new tattoo artist woman it makes sense to keep it here. It was also discussed on the jude thread to move her here bc of her connection to jake

No. 1419435

>omg just ignore these random twitter keyboard warriors!!!
OK take your own advice and ignore yourself then kek

No. 1419443

I thought this was Gordon Ramsay until looking closer.

No. 1419453

No silly, its Gordon Hitler

No. 1419455

What I find ironic is, in an old video he talks about what his mother did which was wrack up a load of debt in his dad’s name and then leave and break up the family to find a sugar daddy. He’s pretty much doing the same thing in some ways. History repeats itself.

No. 1419456

File: 1642407268125.jpg (386.24 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220117-081002_Ins…)

Checked up on jude after the mention of her and she's doing dry q and a type shit as always and being too comfortable about her pedo kink.

As for jude having a connection to jake she deleted her onlyfans and maybe so will he kek. But she simps hard for him and even though she has a bf now she apparently has a past of cheating herself sooo.

No. 1419461

I get what you mean anon. I'm all for super alt looks but I feel like she tends to overdo it a little too much to where it just looks unpleasant. If she toned it down just a bit, it could look a lot better. Like maybe not drawing the inner corner shape so low, like what even is that? Just shorten them a bit and it will make for a much more cohesive look.

Also I wouldn't consider her an "eldergoth" when she's barely 20 years. "Eldergoth" is more about those who've been active in goth for at least more than 10 years and no, I don't count middle school which I feel like this girl would probably use as "experience".

No. 1419468

She really needs therapy. Her behavior is a slap in the face to CSA survivors. No little girl acts like that. Nobody let her near minors.

No. 1419472

Tbh it's not even that she does it extremely, it's that the shapes she used are not flattering at all even though the techniques used are meant to be flattering (longer inner corner to make eyes look longer or bigger, overdrawn lip to change shape or make bigger). And I'm around her age and wouldn't consider myself an elder goth either, it's just that social media makes people think your 20s is old cos its frequented by teens

No. 1419474

Some fans think the cheating is only "speculation", but if stumpy didn't cheat with tattoo bitch, then there's no reason for Jake to delete all of his stories, edit his onlyfans description, and back out of selling the videos, right? His reaction is suspicious and if this was just a "new date", he wouldn't be hiding and explain that.

We know he's the type of scumbag that would cheat though.

No. 1419483

File: 1642414703784.jpeg (429.25 KB, 828x1141, 9BDDCAFA-0E20-42B5-8C6A-0F4CAC…)

Loving ex-fans making it clear they do not wish to be affiliated with that sack of narcissistic shit. Bad enough that they were ever fans, but good for them on waking up ig

No. 1419486

What happened between Dre Roynane and Chris Villian? Weren't they beasties in 2019 and as soon as she started dating her bf they had a falling out it seems. They don't even follow eachother anymore despite her having his name tattooed on her.

No. 1419487

I can't stand this Elvira wannabe. Everytime she gets posted here, it smells of self-post. Tinfoil.

No. 1419501

File: 1642419177143.jpg (251.1 KB, 1080x897, Screenshot_20220117-032556_You…)

His fan base is so embarrassing.

No. 1419503


It’s actually just a matter of time before he gets himself in trouble for abusing the influencer/fan dynamic like this… she seems pretty young, so I’m kinda revolted that he isn’t shutting this type of talk down. But, I guess this is his brand now… Fake Munro, the letch years.

No. 1419513

File: 1642421329194.png (Spoiler Image, 7.46 MB, 1125x2436, AAD660EB-0056-4EEF-901D-14F7B6…)

Idk but this reminds me of teen years when we thought “drinking” was cool. If you’re in your 30s and the only thing you can brag about is alcohol then maybe you have a problem

No. 1419514

File: 1642421448522.jpg (17.78 KB, 603x150, sWsLocp.jpg)

does kaya not like seeing stumpy get pummeled?
she retweeted that news about someone murdering their cheating husband, so not sure why she is doing this. garnering sympathy for herself? she should ignore him, people are mainly dragging him

No. 1419515

Oh damn, I remember Dre. Another alt youtuber who's stopped posting.

She's posted here on >>>/w/106472 where she just tweets about her insecurities, complains and is on again off again with her bf apparently.

No. 1419517

File: 1642421627208.png (388.84 KB, 630x460, the resemblance is uncanny.png)

spot the difference

No. 1419521

Maybe shes upset at seeing the barcelona stuff? Jfc kaya just spill the beans and end him, the internet is on your side and even his die hard snaccs will follow you if they hear it from the horses mouth!

No. 1419522

His type is girls out of his league so at least they won't embarrass themselves on his OF. But then again everyone is out of a jake munro fan's league so it's not hard to imagine jake not wanting any of them, unless it's to use them. Which they'd blindly let him do, it seems.

How is it a "kick back down" for people to realise the cheating stuff, did she found out about the cheating earlier and doesn't want to relive the memory of that now? But in that case just put the phone down and let it run its course.

The difference is that one is an intentional character design and one is a stumpy ill dressed narc.

No. 1419523

It’s been quite the weekend for her, cheating has been confirmed, who he was cheating with has come out, he’s gone to the place he was going to move to with Kaya with the girl he cheated with and has spent the entire time bragging about fucking her and trying to sell the video on onlyfans. That’s a lot to take in, even without the likely influx of well meaning messages trying to get her to confirm/deny what’s going on.

It’s one thing to know he cheated, it’s quite another for everyone else to know he cheated.

If she needs a minute, I don’t blame her for taking it.

No. 1419525

we don't know if she's talking about him though, she said there was other stuff going on in her life. but like >>1419521 pointed out, it might be that jake is doing that thing that narcs do where they passive aggressively post things to get under your skin, like him making a bunch of posts about barcelona where they once planned to move together

No. 1419526

I feel like Kaya is too nice to spill all the beans. Jake probably bullied her into believing she needs to be quiet and submissive. I think it’ll take her a bit to break out of that shell if she ever does. Although I hope she does because it’ll hurt seeing Jake get away with this

No. 1419530

This one banana stan is on the defense hard on twitter and reddit. Jake wont be with you. He will never be with you.

No. 1419531

This. He's posting some hurtful and disgusting content rn. If I was her I definitely wouldn't want to see it/hear about it all the time.

No. 1419534

File: 1642422690656.jpg (132.67 KB, 528x720, 20220117_041854.jpg)

Drinking & chain smoking like a teen at his prehistoric age? Give it a year and he'll start looking like Little Nightmares chef.

No. 1419535

A confirmation of cheating, even with zero details, would ruin his image completely. I know youre in pain, but come on kaya! Dont let a man leech off you, cheat and come out on top girl! Theres plenty of people willing to do his kneecaps in so he cant get you! I'll fly over and help bash the cunt in.

No. 1419537

I cant remember what video or how old it was but I remember kaya saying about how her friend was cheated on and she was ready to fuck the guys shit up (get him fired, spill details to his family, etc) but her friend asked her not to. kaya did say she's a lot more defensive over friends but not so much when it comes to herself but i think she has it in her if she got angry enough. Hopefully she'll come out and reveal all eventually, jake doesn't deserve anything less

No. 1419544

I think once she’s in a place of her own and not beholden to him (he’s no longer paying for the office) then she will definitely ‘find her rage’ and take him down. She doesn’t need to spill everything, a simple ‘yes he cheated’ should do the trick. If I was her I would absolutely wait till he holds nothing over her head. He is just the kind of vindictive little arsehole who would rip any rug he has right from under her. She needs to be secure and safe first.

No. 1419553

Fucking LOL at the misgendering of K!!! LOLLLL

No. 1419576

Is kaya so stupid she doesnt realize a "Jake cheated on me" stream would have the donos FLYING IN? She could buy a fucking house if the snaccs flocked over.

No. 1419580

File: 1642428056732.jpeg (536.61 KB, 750x3790, 2561BE4D-5709-43B6-8892-15E2DC…)

More Discord discussion. The banana mom snacc is posting on Twitter about how she loves Kaya to death but behind close doors is talking about how she’ll always stand by Jake. This is how all these people think. They’re going to support Jake no matter what he does

No. 1419581

This crazy bitch wrote ESSAYS on reddit too, her whole life seems to be stumpy. She is full on retarded its painful.

No. 1419588

>anything going on right now is nobodies fault
uhhhh pretty sure it's clearly Jake's fault though.

No. 1419591


Why are these fuckwits taking anti-Jake posts as personal attacks on them, fucking grow up kek

No. 1419594

I think it’s more her friends in the discord she’s sticking up for than Jake himself tbh, she seems to view anyone questioning Jake and his behaviour as an attack on her ‘community’. What she’s failing to see is that these people have put THEMSELVES out there as really big Jake supporters, it stands to reason that people will turn to them and ask what they think about him being a cheating scum bucket and how they can still support him if the ‘rumours’ are confirmed.

No. 1419609

File: 1642431233042.jpg (220.07 KB, 1440x1379, Screenshot_20220117-145138_Chr…)

he blocked me lol(cowtipping)

No. 1419610

You know people can just search up your text on twitter and find your account, right?

No. 1419612

The only people who would bother would be snaccs and no one gives a shit about those retards

No. 1419621

yes, this situation might be the time to cow-tip a bit, but please don't go back to the boards bragging about it with screenshots.
jake deserves to be called out, but mind the lolcow rules, for your own good.

No. 1419623

Yikes nonnie, way to expose yourself

Though it looks like you’re not the only one getting blocked, I wish I could see him raging as he searches his name on Twitter just to block anyone who doesn’t kiss his musty $35 ass

Fake needs to log off and get therapy, but this milk is pure schadenfreude

No. 1419629

File: 1642435630727.jpeg (578.1 KB, 828x1258, CEF7E1FD-B097-47C0-8AE5-ED8B00…)

Saged bc this isn’t a lolcow, but this Cynthia creature is interesting… simultaneously supporting Kaya AND defending Jake? What’s wrong with you lol

No. 1419632

These snaccs need to decide if they want to live with mommy or daddy in this divorce. Cant have both.

No. 1419637

because they sincerely believe he is their friend/family. They have no sense of self outside of him so to them it is a personal attack. its so fucking sad

No. 1419646

File: 1642436900581.jpeg (156.99 KB, 930x615, D1E8D083-5FCB-4133-9505-9720E6…)

Loving the delicious milk itt

No. 1419649

File: 1642437142558.png (14.42 KB, 630x106, Screenshot (1089).png)

Jake's discord mod and head of Goth Daddy defence league posted this. Seems like the story is leaking out all over the place now

No. 1419658

I really dislike this toxic positivity bullshit. Calling Jake out on his appalling behaviour is not ‘hate’. He’s a public figure, who chooses to make his private business public, that opens him up to criticism when his behaviour turns out to be less than ‘ideal’. He’s the one who’s tried to dress the break up as a relationship that had simply run it’s course. This is his own doing. All he had to do was release a 3 minute video (without all the self promotion) saying ‘we broke up, it’s not amicable, we’re in the process of separating our lives, which will take a while as we were together a long time’ turn the comments off and leave it at that. Instead he’s left his closet full of skeletons wide open and is getting all butthurt when people find them. Dudes a prize tit.

No. 1419662

How is it Jake's private business when it was Jake himself posting about the mistress all over social media, purposefully flaunting her for the world to see? He himself posts her hand tattoos on his pages for us all to see. He knows what he was doing and he chose to do it publicly. I have a feeling his snaccs know this and are just coming up with any angle to shut down people digging any deeper into their parasocial internet daddy

No. 1419667


He’s fucked around and now he’s finding out.

Completely agree with you that this toxic positivity is laughable, people like to weaponise kindness to the extent where no one is allowed to hold people accountable when it might disrupt their parasocial relationships.

How lonely are these people that they will defend some guy who literally doesn’t give a fuck about anybody but himself? The snaccs need to gain self-respect first and foremost. Jake would sell you all out for one drop of clout.

No. 1419675

Fuck sake, Kaya should be smart. Spill the deets about Jake and set up a GFM. I'd rather die than give her money but I know there's idiots out there that would. That why we could all have some milk.

No. 1419679

Waterfront and City Hall are known goth hangouts in Belfast and where people go to drink underage. So this is probably true.

No. 1419682

Good question. He complained about "rumors" in the breakup vid then went posting stuff like "just washed the sex off me from last night" thinking no one would talk about it or assume anything lmao.

No. 1419690

File: 1642439525723.png (754.29 KB, 1284x2778, B7982E88-935E-4412-BC23-909E90…)

Looks like she’s addressing it. This is the start

No. 1419691

Jake's a fat retard. All he had to do was break up with Kaya and not post cringe updates about him getting laid in Barcelona, and washing the sex off of him. Like he suddenly starts an OF and tries to brag about his sexlife after recently just announcing him and Toxic Tears have broken up. Like those two were the Gruesome Twosome. You got one you got the other. How is he so fucking retarded of course his posts were going to lead people to speculate. And he's crying about being bullied and his retarded fans agree with him. This generation is completely destroying my trust in a juror of peers. These people lack sense. It's a fucked up wild world. Nothing means anything.

No. 1419693

Kaya can’t do anything to upset him too much. All he has to do is cancel the lease and report her living there and she’s fucked. She needs to be safe in her own place and make sure she has all her stuff out of his reach.

No. 1419696

She has places to go. Several people in belfast I know personally have offered to take her in until she finds somewhere and she's refused

No. 1419698

She has plenty of options but the current one is the laziest. She could get a job or go on benefits and easily get a room in a house share. But she just wont settle for it, she needs her own house for some reason?

No. 1419699

That’s confirmation then. What a scumbag he is. And her, I bet her husband and kid are just loving having their pain paraded in front of the internet because Jake can’t shut up once he’s got a couple of shandies in him.

No. 1419705

File: 1642440993308.png (35 KB, 832x127, Screenshot (1091).png)

The whole discord is sperging about how their mental health is suffering because of the hate Jake is getting and calling anyone who's turned against Jake a sociopath. The lack of self awareness is shocking

No. 1419707

File: 1642441074312.png (86.84 KB, 874x406, Screenshot (1092).png)

This person is now threatening to poison people who are spreading info on Jake lmao

No. 1419708

Big "Thats mento illness luv x" vibes from the discord.

No. 1419709

File: 1642441230815.png (88.06 KB, 918x469, Screenshot (1093).png)

>You can't blame us because we're victims in this situation as well

No. 1419712

Im sure that weirdo furries employer would love to see this screenshot. Threatening to poison people to whiteknight for Jake Munro is.. Beyond autism?

No. 1419713

File: 1642441360761.png (181.68 KB, 853x610, Screenshot (1095).png)

>At the end of the day anyone's relationships and doings are actually nobody's fing business

It became everybody's fing business the second he posted about it on his instagram. Imagine having a bad mental health day because you're upset the scrote you wank over online has been exposed as a cheater and you don't want people to expose him for it

No. 1419714

I was looking at properties in Belfast the other day and there's a lot. I don't know if she's looking to buy or rent, but she could easily buy a house in Belfast. I have no fucking idea why they have been renting the past few years when they've clearly had enough for a deposit on a house. If she's not earning enough through YouTube to get a deposit for a house there's no way she can support herself. Rent in Belfast is higher than what a mortgage would be.

No. 1419720

She said she wants a house? When you need to move from a bad situation just take what you can get within reason, as long as it seems safe

They're so desperate. He'll never fuck you. He'll never remember your name, even. All he remembers is that you're an easy source of cash.

No. 1419724


Hardly, she's went through a twelve year relationship that sucked the life out of her from stumpys manipulation and narc tactics. She's went through some shit because of him and I would imagine any of us dating a stump like him would feel the same way.

No. 1419728

Well shes posting about cancelling viewings today so how desperate and homeless is she ffs

No. 1419730

Oh my god he looks like a hobbit from the shire.

No. 1419734

I feel like having been cheated on by a partner of over a decade and then having it rubbed in your face very public would do that to the strongest of person. Not saying she isn’t lazy, but …

No. 1419736


Perfectly normal behaviour. Nice fanbase you’ve got there, Jake.


The fact that they’re taking this so personally just proves they’re just as narcissistic as he is.

How do these people function in society if this is how they react to an influencer getting his just desserts? Not even anybody significant, AN INFLUENCER.

The cringe is what keeps me watching, these people and their lolcow daddy are a car crash.

No. 1419738

Oh please, its kaya, a soft breeze would have her cancel

No. 1419743

I was going to say they're the fanbase he deserves but he doesn't even deserve a fanbase

No. 1419748

At this point he has some narc immunity. Our world is deeply troubled. His braindead fans will support him forever.

No. 1419749

File: 1642443250965.jpg (199.15 KB, 1076x1911, Screenshot_20220117-110815_Ins…)

Wonder if this was already planned or the husband found out about fake again, bold move from the both of them considering Kaya was just there recently getting her hand tattoos

No. 1419752

Play stupid games, win stumpy prizes.

No. 1419753

This has got to be one of the most pathetic fanbases I have seen, at least in a while. They really are lacking something in their lives to latch so hard onto this guy. His discord fans are so self-important, talking about fighting a war. Just highly suggest no one here, or lurk reading here, go after his fans directly. It will just justify them more. His fans might be the ones to actually do something IRL.

No. 1419756

I suspect that the reason Kaya hasn’t let rip with the full story is because of the husband and the kid. Which I respect actually, the husband probably doesn’t want his business all over the internet and the kid asked for none of it. There are more people involved in this than just Jake and Kaya. I think it looks good for Kaya that she has at least tried to protect the privacy of the other injured parties. God knows Jake isn’t considering the fact their is a child involved in this at all.

No. 1419757

Yep! If it wasnt for his showing off and narc posting, no one would have believed spergy redditor and deleted youtube comments. He caused this public fallout. Kaya should end it imo since its out there.

No. 1419759

His fanbase straight up worries me. How do men like him and Onision who aren't talented, attractive or funny get so many die hard rabid fans? The world will never know.

No. 1419760

yes, it is all about him and he doesn't care about collateral damage

No. 1419762

her notice? meaning she quit, not fired?

No. 1419764

Could be. They could have given her notice instead of fired on the spot, unsure legally how it works over there.

No. 1419765

im not defending jake in any way (yuck) but i dont like this "homewrecker" narrative. Remember how everyone would say the same about Angelina jolie and Kristen stewart? The men would never be blamed. Well it should work the other way too. After all it takes two to tango and jake was absolutely in the wrong to have cheated in the first place and then to continue the "relationship" now all whilst rubbing it in kaya's face, but he wasn't married and didn't have kids. This Kat person was married and had a kid, she is just as bad

No. 1419766

companies can give you notice when they fire you too anon

No. 1419768

yeah if she cheated she wrecked her own home, but vice versa, he is a homewrecker cause he deffo wrecked his own home

No. 1419770

Sorry for newfagging and not knowing how to sage, but I haven't kept up with toxic tears in ages and recently have watched a handful of her videos again. In so many videos where Jake is mentioned it's often times "he doesn't wanna do this or that", or times she'll text him and he ignores her, or just him generally being not helpful. The telltale signs have always been there that he's been less than great to Kaya

No. 1419774

Put the word sage in the e-mail field.
Yeah everyone here has been predicting something was up for a while now. It took me a while to even figure out they were even a couple. Their cross overs were few (on youtube) and things smelled off.

No. 1419779

Holy fuck i feel so bad for that child. His mummy has just gone and ruined what was left of her and her ex husbands relationship. Hope your man gets full custody of the child and she fucks off to get riddled as stumpies toy.

No. 1419780

This was already posted. Everyone’s taking about fake cheating so probably that?

No. 1419783

you should see the videos with jake actually in them. In the "Boyfriend Tag" video all he could say was "girl" when asked what he thought when he first saw her. And another stand-out moment was in their joint Killstar haul video where he literally threw a hoodie at her face when he got up to leave

No. 1419784

Some redditfag start a new thread in /internetdrama this is hilarious milk and Jake thinks it will all blow over and he can post about learning spanish

No. 1419785

I've been wondering all day who the kid lives with, why would you as a mom get with someone who doesn't like children?

No. 1419787

I hope he gets full custody of the kid. Since this is an alt thread and Kat is alternative she’s not off limits. Wonder how quiet she will be as this adds a whole new aspect to the drama. Especially if she said she was going over to Spain for tattoos and ending up fucking jake with jake then bragging about it. Top Kek old lad

No. 1419790

They’re both morons and deserve each other tbh, but they also deserve the consequences of their own stupidity. It’s just a shame there’s so much collateral damage, some kid’s going to have to cope with the emotionally fallout of their parents’ divorce because Jake and Kat don’t fucking think before they brag on social media.

No. 1419791

Idk if she should lose custody over her child for sleeping with Jake lol. While this is all gross, married couples separate often due to infidelity and still see their kids.

You'd think Jake would have some discretion, but he's living out his narc fantasies. Wonder when he'll crash

No. 1419793

kek can you imagine Jake trying to play stepdad though

Kat’s deluded if she thinks it’s worth destroying her marriage and motherhood for some stump dick

No. 1419796


He has been extremely vocal of his dislike of children (which is why the cheating with a married mum was so easy to disbelieve but here we are) if I were the kids dad I would be very concerned that she’s took up with someone who is going to actively resent the presence of a child. I really don’t know what she’s thinking. Here’s hoping she’s keeping her new ‘relationship away from the kid. Not that it will last, no way is Jake going to share the spotlight with a kid.

No. 1419802

Wouldn’t be surprised he jake “has a change of heart” and does use the kid for video content.

And people do divorce for being cheated on, no one’s going to want their kid around someone like jake who open states they hate woods, and now has a pretty shit history documented for everyone to see. From punching walls, to smoking, hating kids, ect ect. Take that to a court and you ain’t getting much time with the kid

No. 1419814

Wow yeah, Fake looks and sounds like he does not want to be there and doesn't care. Also I get this was three years ago but how the fuck is he gonna shit on fat girls even back then when he looks porky himself?? LMAO

No. 1419821

went through kats pictures on instagram jakes been liking all her selfies for years (even of her annoucning her baby was born), has barely liked a single picture of kayas for the past year though

No. 1419826

Probably him spam liking recently tbh, to gain her 'luv'

No. 1419829

Jesus christ hes such a sleaze.

Someone on internetdrama thread that seems to know Kat says she has cheated before. They posted in the last hour or so, no real detail to bother screencapping though, but i wonder if more will come out about her.

No. 1419841

I know it’s been said a million times but I cannot get over ruining your life - and causing emotional distress to your own child - over fucking Jake
They both deserve each other, if they get together it’s only a matter of time before they cheat on each other

No. 1419844

Going to speculate and say something is going on between Kat and her ex? Husband.
She deleted the stories of Spain and now there’s only a story of a tattoo she did around the same time the story of her no longer working at the hidden hand was posted.

Fairly sure this dumbass lied to everyone about Spain, got too drunk with stumpy and fucked her life up publicly.

Imagine having the world know you went to Spain woth a spanner to film sex and post it online. Life goals!

No. 1419850

She had an affair, fucked off to Barcelona with her side piece, lost her job and will presumably need to find a new home soon. That's not a stable environment for a child, the ex-husband who still owns the business and probably the family home likely has a better claim to primary custody. Courts tend not to prevent visitation unless there's abuse involved so she'll at least still get to see the kid, but if they can't come to an agreement and it has to go to mediation she's an extremely unsympathetic figure.

Imagine putting yourself in that situation for Stump, this woman must have lower self esteem than Kaya.

No. 1419852

If I was her husband, I’d be absolutely livid if I found out that the guy she played away with was trying to sell their holiday sex tape on his skeezy onlyfans. He has to co-parent with her, he does not have to work with her, I wouldn’t be surprised if their little dirty weekend was the last straw for him.

No. 1419857

No. 1419858

I hope so. Well jake does have a new place, guess she will have to move in with him. Plenty of sex content to make his snaccs happy.

It’s funny that Belfast is such a small place, her shit stinks too much to get a joke where people would want to have her as the artist. Looked at her Tatts and their pretty shit. Probably better for her husbands business that she won’t be there.

No. 1419859

its actually impressive how small Belfast is yet seems to have so much drama and lolcows. Has to be one of the highest lolcow per capita ratios in the world

No. 1419860

There’s nothing good posted on there. No traction. Just screen shot if its good as no one comments

No. 1419862

She'd be entitled to assets and she'd find accommodation and most likely have the child live with her. I've known several women in the same country that have had affairs, been unemployed and still had the kids. Fathers had equal access as far as I'm aware.

She's lost a place of work, aren't tattoo artists able to move about? I get its gross sleeping with Jake, but we don't even know if her and Jake are together. Hasn't he pretty much said in his IG stories he wants to slut around

No. 1419864

Unless she’s got money for a new place, or lives separately to her husband, jake technically made her homeless too kek.
If this is the case it brings a whole new meaning to jake being a home wrecker

No. 1419865

there was an annoying person in the reddit thread licking Jake’s ass the whole time. wonder how u/xxmonsterflamexx feels about her boy now kek

No. 1419869

shes not kayas tattoo artist, her husband is

No. 1419872

Was it not Grant that did Kaya's tattoo?

No. 1419875

File: 1642450243782.jpeg (225.02 KB, 1124x1335, 73BC4853-71B9-4C95-9F92-A1E81B…)

Do snaccs have to fulfill some money budget so he will make more videos? A little weird comment

No. 1419876

File: 1642450253854.png (496.52 KB, 1084x909, untitled.png)

she got 2 tattoos, the one on her foot was grant, the one on her hands were dean

No. 1419877

Husband is the current tattooer, we don’t know of Kat has done any of kayas tattoos in the past

No. 1419884


I get this but honestly it's probs smarter not to say anything-he's showing his ass anyway. at this point she has more urgent matters: making videos for money, finding a place to live (even temporarily) and compiling his dumb ass posts

No. 1419885

File: 1642450741825.png (1003.93 KB, 1429x924, untitled.png)

so, when you block someone on instagram any pictures you tagged them in removes the tag right?
cause id guess shes blcoked kat

No. 1419888

File: 1642450876624.png (952.78 KB, 1424x922, untitled.png)

No. 1419890

File: 1642451022844.png (50.52 KB, 817x230, Screenshot (1097).png)

>they didn’t get enough attention from their parents growing up so they have to find anything they can grab onto that’ll give them any slight attention today
The lack of self awareness is fucking shocking holy shit. How do these people explain away the shit Jake posted HIMSELF with kat?!

No. 1419892

Grant is a tattoo artist, he did the new tattoo of the bats on Kaya's foot

No. 1419895

Isn’t this person a mother themselves? (Assuming from their Twitter name)
Embarrassing as fuck

I don’t understand these people- Jake clearly does not give a fuck about them. Doesn’t intereact with them
He’s not charismatic
I’ll never understand the appeal

No. 1419898

woah woah, lol!
Self-projection holy moly smokes.
Banana mom is everywhere and denied being over on reddit on twitter. She mad mad bananas literally.

No. 1419899

If she denied being on reddit even though it’s the same user name, hopefully she gets kicked from the discord for inciting more drama. Wonder if she would turn coats

No. 1419900

File: 1642451484113.jpeg (403.87 KB, 828x878, F227BB29-C282-405D-B5C6-2144A6…)

> but the shit [Kaya] has said and put out there is way more deformation touching than what he has said or done since.

Literally what, lol

Kaya has been a fortress since the break-up video, the mind actually boggles as to how this woman is twisting it so that Jake is still the victim?? Go parent your kid instead of simping for someone who wouldn’t give you the time of day irl.

No. 1419901

Another Karen MacLeod in the making.

No. 1419903

no, she didnt do any of her tattoos,
the bats on her hips were done by a man
her key on her wrist was done by a man
the moths and bee are by a guy called bally
her front leg tattoo is by a guy called jimin

No. 1419904

"Love her to pieces" but then says she will stan Jake to death on the discord? Two faced bitch.

No. 1419905

>they didn’t get enough attention from their parents growing up so they have to find anything they can grab onto that’ll give them any slight attention today
Is she not aware that she's defending someone with huge mommy and daddy issues? She's right though. Kind of like the way Jake relies on his fan's attention for validity.

No. 1419906

who is also a tattoo artist, gthornetattoos on insta just look at the tag on the foot tattoo

No. 1419908

I would LOVE to see what Kaya has said that could be close to defamation considering she hasn’t said a thing that can’t be backed up by documentation. I’ve just finished a court case for defamation, if you can prove it they lose. So jake can try but if she has documents to prove that after the break up vid was released she was paying for everything other than rent, he loses and big.

Now banana woman is posting things that can lead to a defamation case Kek. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets kicked for inciting drama

No. 1419909

Don't understand why these crazy moms go above and beyond defending Jake. I mean I kind of do with the underage kids who do it because I was pretty retarded at that age, but these are grown ass women. Do they think Jake is going to fuck them or something?

No. 1419910

>Do they think Jake is going to fuck them or something?

Some of them clearly hope that

No. 1419911

out of interest i looked at the bath bomb pool party video, hoping to see some new comments and no ones said anything yet

No. 1419912

These are the type of weirdo mums who doted and faffed all over Stuart Olding and Paddy Jackson during their rape trial. Its complete projection and probably a bit of cope too. Probably Jake reminds her of someone in her life 'oh but I understand him!!! He would never do this! If he did, its probably the woman's fault anyway, poor angel!'

Men don't have any accountability in their worldview

No. 1419913

>I'm in a homeless unit with fuck all
Evidently jake doesn't care about people in this situation so don't bother bringing it up to him kek

And I skimmed theough the video this was under but didn't hear him say anything about locking YouTube behind a paywall. Maybe they misunderstood his OF announcement or something

No. 1419914

>Kaya (love her to pieces) but the shit she has said and put out there is way more deformation touching than what he has said or done since.

wtf? Let's compare and contrast, shall we

What has Kaya done?
- Put out a video explaining that they broke up, what happened (but still vague other than saying it was not a mutual decision), her current living situation and her mental state
- A follow up video which didn't even discuss Jake but was more of an update on her current situation and struggles
- Social media posts showing she is hanging out with friends, seemed to be improving somewhat
- "At worst" as only alluded to wanting to spill all but has so far restrained herself

What has Jake done?
- Also put out a video explaining that they broke up except it was the complete opposite of Kaya's especially in regards to it being a mutual agreement. Some other claims completely contradicted what Kaya said and… who has more reason to lie here? He's deleted it now but the two videos even visually were so different, while Kaya looked defeated and unhappy, Jake seemed happy and fully done up like any other video of his. He also barely touched on the break up and quickly transitioned into his future plans. Even if he was dealing with it better than Kaya, he knew she would see it so why not be a little more sympathetic with how you approach the topic?
- Social media posts bragging about international trips, smoking, drinking and most recently showed he is with Kat, again knowing Kaya would see this. In what I can only imagine was a panic/damage control he has edited some of these posts and blocked some folk

So who is guilty of "defamation" here, Bananabitch?

No. 1419915

They very clearly thirst for him and at least one has admitted it >>1419501, and though she looks like the dumb kid flavour of fan not crazy mom i wouldn't be surprised if others in the discord felt the same

No. 1419930

File: 1642453180626.jpg (121.95 KB, 1080x415, Screenshot_20220117-124851_Dis…)

Little Poison Porkchop claiming to have been abused AND now claiming to be abused by their "beef plant" job. While simultaneously threatening to poison people. Lmao wtf!

No. 1419933

File: 1642453196784.jpg (285.68 KB, 1079x1084, Screenshot_20220117-155815_Twi…)

Confirmed Kat never tattooed her. That would suck if she had, and Kaya had that memory on her forever.
You can tell she wants to say more but it must be a lot to process at the moment. I just can't wait for the day she lets loose.

No. 1419948

File: 1642454387182.png (67 KB, 739x455, Screenshot (1098).png)

>I know the laws
In what country is it illegal to post facts about a public figure?

as if it makes fuck all difference. She's basically confirmed its he cheated with this tweet. kaya just drop the tell all for fuck sake

No. 1419960

It’s hardly defamation if he outed himself publicly lmao, god these snaccs need to wake up

No. 1419962

One of the people in the picture is mainlyboredom right? Anyone know what happened to them.

No. 1419965

Lol “illegal”
I mean, conspiracy to murder (plotting to poisoning them there porkchops) is actually illegal in some places

Of course I don’t think he’s planning on doing such a thing I just found that amusing

No. 1419966

stumpy fans are deranged. people are only calling out jake for cheating, yet some of them act like it's some 'war against their community' and that they're victims? most of them like the banana mom is actively going out of their way to defend stumpy, ofc people are gonna respond. they can make another discord server with their friends with no affiliation to jake if they really have some "bond". his fans are cringe

so this furry was cheated on for 3 years, but he still wants to support jake, a cheater? so many of his fans have been cheated on and yet they make an exception for stumpy

really, kaya keeps saying she "wants this to blow over". this would go away faster if she just confirmed the cheating, she doesn't even have to be specific. jake isn't going to say anything on the situation and it's not gonna go away until he says something, a known friend says something, or she does

No. 1419968

The cognitive dissonance is funny yeah, I've seen this with woke tiktok and twittertards in general. They'll send you fake death threats over the smallest shit while saying the other person is crazy and in the wrong, which justifies their own crazy bs somehow. Of course these types of people are attracted to stumpy, he's full of himself too

No. 1419979

Can anyone find how many Patreon’s and subscribers he’s lost since this whole thing started? I just want to watch his numbers plummet

No. 1419983

Surprisingly there’s not much change unless the website isn’t recording it yet

No. 1419984

File: 1642459238104.png (27.16 KB, 1076x621, 1641449654231.png)

posted in the last thread

No. 1419986

he currently has 287, so hes lost about 60

No. 1419987

kaya currently has 867, so she has gained like 600

No. 1419993

I don’t understand how jake is better off than kaya? Her constant roll of money is better than jakes so surely she could get housing easier?

No. 1419995

hes getting nearly £2000 a stream in donations, his videos are doing better than hers and he has had more patreons than her. her patreon was per video basis so not monthly payments, so if she didnt upload for months she doesnt have any money

No. 1419996

File: 1642460162723.png (2.58 MB, 2522x2030, 8093457340965.png)

Kaya posted a comment from her mom to Twitter just now.

No. 1419997

A lot of places don't take things like "Youtuber" as a real job, since the income is so random at times. She also doesn't have like 6+ months of records of her banking since she sent all her money to the narc to pay bills. She also doesn't have someone to cosign her lease, and the companies out there that will do it for you have strict requirements that she doesn't fill yet. It's an annoying little spot she's in, and while she could find a room to rent off craigslist or something, that's a weird spot to be in.

No. 1420000

this is just strange. Why is her mother making a statement and why does her mother type so weird

No. 1420002

>>1419993 Perhaps his streams? The break the Jake tards etc. But with that many patreon subscribers she has the funds for a place surely at this point, I agree.

Maybe that isn't the problem and it's the fact she can't prove her income indefinitely, has an animal, or landlords are being particularly picky with tenants?

She simply refuses to rent an apartment because she grew up in one and "hated it" according to a twitter post and claims that only houses are available anyway. So it could also be the majority of houses offered are out of her range considering all the upfront costs of renting.

No. 1420005

i kind of thought it was sweet lol. comes across better than crazy karen mcleod anyway. I think she is typing "in her accent" kind of like how some scots will.

that is another layer of shitty from jake though, that he decided to drop her and kick her out when she was already stressed about her mothers op

No. 1420007

She types like a typical boomer on the internet, it's not weird at all.

Guess that this confirms her mom was the one having health complications and was undergoing surgery right as Jake was dumping Kaya - which he probably knew about. He left her right in the middle of a family health crisis. Piece of shit narc.

No. 1420009

Jake couldnt be a bigger dickhead. Making kaya homeless when her mother is having surgery. He really sat down and went how much of sociopath can i be.

No. 1420010

usually men leave their partner when the partner gets sick, apparently even Kaya having a family member get sick was too much for Stumpy to handle

No. 1420011

shes has said in the comments she was having a health scare too so youre technically right >>1420010

No. 1420017

He couldn’t stand not being the centre of her attention could he? The absolute shit box. Her parent was going through a health crisis and needed an op, Kaya was obviously worried it, it’s her mum, she’s close to her and he just goes Nah, I’m out, sorry! What a dickhead.

But then again Fake wouldn’t understand any of this, would he? He’s pushed every single member of his family away. I hope his new lady friend is paying attention.

No. 1420027

File: 1642462052143.png (76.52 KB, 688x546, Screenshot (1099).png)

This is totally normal behaviour, a totally normal reaction to someone sharing tweets talking about how your internet father cheated on his gf. What an amazing fanbase Jake

No. 1420028

Jfc I didn't think Jake could get any more monstrous it turns out he cheated on her with someone they both know, wrecked a family unit and then kicked Kaya out to freeze in a studio space while she was sick and her mother was undergoing surgery, while she's shivering in the cold and going back and forth to hospital he's galavanting around, sucking on ciggies during the respiratory illness pandemic and taking his new piece to his and Kaya's favourite spots in Barcelona just so he can post for her to see on insta, there are so many twists of the knife that my mind actually boggles at the depth of human unkindness on display from this walking abscess. I don't know if he just lacks the self awareness to know how bad all of this makes him look or if he's planning to make being an unconscionable narcissistic sociopath part of his brand?

No. 1420037

sorry this is a complete derail but objectively speaking modern culture and internet influencer culture is based around narcissism and sociopathy and it is not only restrained to the internet. Narcissism and sociopathy are becoming increasingly more normalized to the point the average person will have to be like Jake to be able to make money. Narcissists and sociopaths are worshipped in our culture and they gain this status of not being able to be touched, meanwhile honest and genuine people are being demonized.

No. 1420040

File: 1642462714722.png (54.16 KB, 789x297, Screenshot (1104).png)

Imagine having to rely on THIS person to be able to pay your rent. Any 9-5 is better than dealing with an unhinged zoophile like this to make your money surely

No. 1420043

Wolfechaos needs a giant "u ok hun?"

No. 1420044

absolutely 90% of famous and well off people in any social circumstances have skeletons in their closet and they fake it until they make it. It's impossible to be genuine. This is modern culture as a result of free market capitalism. Absolutely all YouTube influencers and famous rich people make sociopathic lifeless content. Such as reacting to videos, using the tragedies of others to capitalize off them like the rape or murders or drama of others and yet all these individuals are worshipped by the public and the moment someone genuine appears in media or gets rich they get canceled because most modern humans suffer from narcissistic sociopathy so they project themselves in these "idols". The moment someone with real value is in the public eye they get torn to pieces because now narcissism and sociopathy are the norm and it is also the same when it comes to work places that are not on the internet. Most people that become influential in their work place don't do it off honest and hard work they literally pull strings and manipulate and act like the "god".

No. 1420045

i think he has always been this way. I saw early signs of this way back when. Not even in the earlier videos with kaya when he was acting like a prick towards her but when i read other people's personal encounters with him years prior to that. Sure you could argue these people were lying but when enough people come forward with very similar stories it's hard not to believe they're true or largely true at least. Like someone who had previously posted in one of the first altcow threads stating jake told them he resented kaya and wanted to leave her as soon as he got on his feet, had plans to move away from her to london, etc etc. Then another poster who said they knew him at school and he would always sit alone away from everyone and overall gave the impression he thought everyone was beneath him. THEN ANOTHER person said he always thought he deserved fame and money, that he shouldn't have to work for it. like with him trying his hand at being a vampirefreaks model and legitimately thought he would be ranked the #1 male model there yet it didn't go far at all. Also from his own mouth he said he doesnt get on with and/or has no contact with any of his family members (except his sister iirc?) which really brings that phrase to mind - if it smells like shit wherever you go, maybe you should check your shoes. I imagine his family didnt idolise him or told him to get a job and because this fat stump thinks the world owes him a living, he probably took this poorly

srry for rant

No. 1420046

serious question but what is this guy’s malfunction

No. 1420048

he's diagnosed as a furry

No. 1420051

Terminally retarded then

No. 1420054

If you watch her video where she mentions when they first spoke, Kaya is very clear that literally the first time they exchanged messages on msn he was a massive dickhead to her, and she didnt like him at all because of it. He then messages again at a later time and they hit it off, but there you go, he was truly an asshole from day 1.

No. 1420056

i was just rewatching the boyfriend tag and saw that! So really he was just being himself but when he thought he could use her as a meal ticket out of wales and away from his family he feigned politeness? That's how I imagine it, anyway. Stick with your gut feeling, girl. Why would a guy who was a "douche" originally suddenly start being nice unless he was after something?

No. 1420060

I dont think you're imagining anything, thats exactly what happened. He "hadnt been in love with her for years" but he sure was ready to use her dad and her as a meal ticket to live in Barcelona, then dropped her like a hot potato when it fell through.

No. 1420067

Apparently he has posted an insta story, can any anon with insta confirm?

No. 1420068

Hope the retards in green aren’t mods for jake as all they’ve been doing is “adding fuel to the fire”

No. 1420069

It’s just him ignoring life and upload a blog in 4k guyz. I hate this wanker

No. 1420073

He'll be up all night deleting youtube comments at this rate.

No. 1420086

This reads like some emo tween's shitty song lyrics in their diary. Not surprised that people like this would die for jake. Because he claimed to have a job i thought it was an adult but now I'm thinking it's one of those low wage menial jobs you get in high school and he is a kid. Or just retarded kek

No. 1420087

His vlog is up. Boring america shite. Wonder how much longer he's going to run from addressing things

No. 1420091

I wonder if he has filtered comments for words like "cheated" ? Only positive comments so far but very few comments yet so lets see.

No. 1420092

Wow omg Jake Munro you are so cool Jake Munro bought me a light bulb I love Jake he is so kind he is the only man that had looked at me although I am trans

No. 1420096

File: 1642466660457.jpg (219.95 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20220118-004149_Ope…)

Skimmed theough it but nothing of note, just shots of travelling and rambling about nothing. Maybe Fake let something slip during convo but idk if it's worth going back to check. And somehow he seems to have a new fan, I wonder how long itll be until they realise what he's like or evolves into the banana bitch and the furrytard

No. 1420097

Also kek at the mugshots he used for this map to show their driving progress, popped up more than once

No. 1420098

File: 1642466861611.png (42.41 KB, 291x198, Screenshot (1107).png)

the fucking pronouns hat oh my god

No. 1420099


No. 1420102

genuinely curious as i didn't really follow the K crap, but is that a guy who used to be female, or vice versa? because it's hard to tell


No. 1420104

its a woman who's a butch lesbian so now identifies as a creature instead of a gender

No. 1420106

Ugh, this girl is such a clout chaser, always interjecting herself into internet drama and begging for attention. She is her own biggest fan. Complaining about people copying her while wearing a spirit Halloween Elvira wig(sage)

No. 1420109

Just someone who should be in a mental home. She’s a she but wants special attention.

No. 1420110

I thought she was larping as a he, is it they now? Or is she now like one of those she/they multiple pronoun people? Have come across a few on insta, they say you don't even have to be a troon, everyone can be speshul and use any pronoun kek. Or maybe, it's just a stupid hat. Whichever it is I wonder if Fake respects her larpnouns seriously or not.

No. 1420111

Who cares? She’s a women. What pander to stupid? Especially some retard that thinks jake is god

No. 1420139

This fucking narc has absolutely no room to talk when it comes to looking down on influencers. She's an attention whoring sellout who squandered so many opportunities and ruined her reputation just by being a retarded drama queen on social media.

Thanks for reminding me shes a wannabe musician now. Who wouldn't want to listen to the melodious voice of a woman who sounds like a tranny who smokes 10 packs a day?

No. 1420151

why are you so mad at her a narc literally ruined a career. She's an artist not some shituber

No. 1420154

They must cut breasts off anyone now then if she isn't even pretending to be male.

No. 1420163

There isn’t a single comment on the vlog. He’s deleting fast, can’t delete dislikes though

No. 1420166

YouTube themselves deleted the dislikes, anon. Unless you have a browser extension that lets you see it

No. 1420170

Add ons still show dislikes and likes. The creator can definitely see the dislikes and it still effects the algorithm

No. 1420180

I’m retarded, if anyone has that extensions I’d love to see his like / dislike count

No. 1420195

Dislikes don’t negatively effect the algorithm. Engagement on either end is a plus for the algorithm

No. 1420202

no idea if she takes testosterone oh what but my god, whatever she doing to herself is aging her progeria-style

No. 1420205

Oh wow, ciggies, booze and sex, lemme know when you turn 17 Jake because no 30 year old is impressed by these things
Falling out for sure, idk if her boyfriend doesn't let her have male friends or what, but personally I prefer Chris as a person, something sus about that boyfriend.
Chris has a good creep cover on his page which I tinfoil is him expressing his feelings about Dre.
This is sweet of her and adds another shitty layer to Jake's layer of shit: he dumped her while it sounds like her mom was in hospital for possible menopause/womb/hysterectomy/ something like that as the mom refers to women problems.
And kaya hid it from her so she wouldn't worry, bless her.

No. 1420207

wtf is this, his fans are unhinged as shit.

No. 1420214

looking at twitter at least there's a few ex-fans now…it seems only the truly retarded and thirsty are still trying to hang on to the stump.

No. 1420219

K looks like a Make-A-Wish kid in this thumbnail

No. 1420226

KEK THATS TERRIBLE in the best way

No. 1420237

File: 1642483314413.jpg (68.36 KB, 760x802, Screenshot_20220118-052044_Ope…)

You're not wrong

No. 1420241

File: 1642484256432.jpeg (116.68 KB, 1242x613, 4934C59C-B63F-4BC5-A46B-817174…)

Absolutely no idea how to post an image so hopefully this works but Kaya also liked this tweet which I think is a hint that the cheating thing is very true

No. 1420297

She's a woman. It's kinda hard to tell in pictures but if you see her talking/moving she's very obviously female.

But didn't Kaya say she didn't see the breakup coming?

No. 1420307

Maybe she was aware of it but thought it only happened the one time? i think she relied heavily on ol' stumpy so may have tried to just get past it and unfortunately deluded herself into believing everything was going well hence not seeing the breakup coming. just speculation ofc

i do have a hard time believing she never saw the signs us mere internet folk could see a mile off but nonetheless, with her mother having an op / health crisis a breakup may really have been the last thing she expected as she was already going through a traumatic event. At least she has woken up and can see what we've all seen for years !

No. 1420322

Maybe she had a feeling he was cheating but let it go because she had no direct proof. The breakup itself could have been a shock and then everything that happened after confirmed her suspicions.

That happens to a lot of people, they know deep down something is wrong but they convince themselves they're being paranoid because there's no hard evidence.

No. 1420323

File: 1642495345280.jpeg (3.91 MB, 3024x2893, CCBDEAA9-25AC-4878-897D-8498A8…)

Here you go anon

No. 1420340

Hindsight is 20/20. Looking back she probably saw signs that things weren’t right and maybe suspected he was playing away but pushed those suspicions down as she had no evidence or even chalked it up to paranoia or poor mental health. It would not surprise me if she had been so well and truly gaslit by Fake that any intuition she felt was immediately written off. He seems exactly the type of man who would pull that.

No. 1420349

I can imagine she felt things were off and when she tried to confront him about it, he gaslit and abused her until she felt like she was the one ruining the relationship. It's classic pattern and it explains in part how she spiraled into depression so quickly. When you have an abuser pinning the blame on you for literally everything and then going out of their way to cheat and show clear signs of it, it kills you.
I'm honestly surprised Kaya didn't end up killing herself after 12 years of this. With her unchecked relationship, her depression and unchecked ADHD (iirc), girl is strong as shit to have not tried at least once. Fake is a classic narc and all of his resentment for himself he pinned on his victim. Now that she's not under his thumb anymore, he's going full self-destruct for the world to see and I for one am happy to watch it.

No. 1420351

Yes I can see Jake gaslighting her and telling her she was just jealous or insecure. He was bitter about not being able to start an onlyfans years ago and blamed Kaya for it publicly. He’s flirted with fans and others too with her right there. He probably made her feel guilty for a lot of things. She probably had a feeling about the cheating, but the gaslighting and manipulation made her ignore it. Kaya probably tried to play the “cool girlfriend” and let a lot of things go, because I bet Jake was often triangulating her against others.

No. 1420352

File: 1642498936988.jpg (248.03 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_20220118-013857_Twi…)

One of Jake's streaming buddies finally coming around. Good on ya, chief. I knew you weren't that gullible. Jake is losing his support network.

No. 1420366

had a quick scroll through the comments and only spotted two negative ones, maybe he hasn't seen them as they're kinda buried amongst the positive comments

No. 1420367

File: 1642501010775.jpg (262.02 KB, 1080x1783, Screenshot_20220118-101515_Twi…)


He's commented on Kaya's tweet. I don't know if he interacted with her much before. I hope he shares some details.

No. 1420372

File: 1642501910914.jpeg (441.49 KB, 1124x1736, 8F95EB75-A4B1-414A-93FA-597823…)

No. 1420379

File: 1642502843962.jpeg (287.82 KB, 828x1033, 5A2FBC25-95E8-451A-95E5-B88F9E…)


Same Jake fan making this drama all about them… ofc your friends don’t want to hear about your weird parasocial internet goth daddy.

Hopefully at least this teaches them not to put influencers on a pedestal in future… though they could start by changing their pfp and header at least kek, embarrassing.

No. 1420383

Samefag but I scrolled through their tweets out of interest and she posted a selfie along with a photo of her 44th birthday cake. Not posting it here bc it’s not relevant to the milk, but oh, honey… you’re even older than me. You’re too far along to be simping like a teenager online.

The cringe I feel is indescribable. Jake, come get your snaccs

No. 1420384

Checking this thread once in a while and oh my I didn’t expect that much milk. Good that this fugly pos is losing support. I was sure something like this would be revealed but I thought since he financially relies on his brittle “fame” he would be a bit smarter about it, goddamn this guy is so dumb I don’t have words for this. Have fun relying financially on your remaining support cesspool of unhinged furries and the likes as well as showing your weiner on OF like a true winner. And of course instantly trying to find another girl to leech off from, why are narcs so predictable

No. 1420386

44?! seriously thought this person was no older than 15. how tragic

No. 1420393

on one hand his fans are saying stuff like "their relationship is no one's business" and on the other complaining "no one wants to talk about it". Decide what you want

No. 1420395

File: 1642505345371.jpeg (378.22 KB, 828x1239, EA4CB37F-DDEF-4E22-B2C5-084A89…)

Don’t be shy, spill the tea.

No. 1420412

File: 1642511185089.jpeg (276.61 KB, 1110x1458, CF78C018-24AD-44A9-ABEF-CA7154…)

Shouldn’t his post number be 666? Does someone know which photos did he deleted?

No. 1420413

So he's really not going to try deny anything? Come on jake, do something, we know you're punching walls.

No. 1420415


> it’s always at 666 posts

kek, yet again this cow is exposing himself

No. 1420420

File: 1642512068924.jpeg (456.15 KB, 1125x1976, 639D38A6-1B4A-4C91-AC5F-DD6EAA…)

He’s lost 1k subscribers since yesterday, 6k roughly since he announced the break up .

No. 1420422

File: 1642512245568.jpeg (580.71 KB, 1125x2202, 00AE5D1A-D7C7-454C-9134-BB112B…)

Kaya has gained 6k subscribers.

No. 1420436

Noticed he’s taken down some photos of him and Kaya. So he’s probably purging all memory of her while punching walls

No. 1420444

I thought it was the photos of Kaya too, though I couldn’t stomach trawling through endless photographs of his godawful gurning face, so I didn’t look in too much details.

Mad if so, he can’t seriously be blaming her for his own fuck-up lol… (rhetorical question, of course he will, he’s a narc) kaya didn’t say a peep, we got all this fresh milk direct from the source

No. 1420449

Oh god, the elvira wannabe chick is a cow in her own right. I used to follow her but the god awful makeup and her constant whining was too much to handle, plus the fact that she seems to think she's above everyone else. Barf.

No. 1420450

she looks familiar to me, what has she done before? is she a youtuber?

No. 1420453

I think she's mainly a tiktoker/Instagram "model". Last I remember she posted a meltdown on her story about people saying the word gypsy kek

No. 1420466

now it says >It’ll be back at 666 posts.

No. 1420468

Can he make it more obvious kek, he could've just deleted that line but he's just drawn attention to his deleting spree

No. 1420475

File: 1642520620834.jpeg (98.86 KB, 1282x618, 9AB6F696-CC71-415D-895C-D03241…)

That amount of attention he needs on social media at his ancient age. Also, he was at 102k followers yesterday.

No. 1420477

The amount of damage control he's having to do must be severe, his insta stories are just wall to wall ego inflation from gullible fans, he's really going out of his way to try and prove he's still in people's good graces which with everything going on and his stubborn silence is just coming across as doubly pathetic. I hope Kaya gets into a position where she's safe enough to really let rip and destroy any shred of reputation he has, spill all the details, play all the voicemails, show all the DM's, a full exposure video. I'd also like to know how he managed to kick HER out the house when HE cheated,he's so obviously in the wrong, he should have been the one catching hypothermia and spending the new year alone in a studio space.

No. 1420484


Only 12 removed. Imagine being together as long as they were and only need to remove that small number of photos. Pretty telling. I mean I know there are people who just don't post about their relationship, but his level of "look at me" might suggest he would be the type if he actually cared. But narcs only love theyselves.

No. 1420485

>>1420475 the post number thing just screams teenage edgelord

>>1420477 There needs to be a hard statement/proof, from Kaya would be best, to slap right in the face of the people who keep making excuses and not being able to put it all together. Kaya can do it in a respectable manner. A lot of people can relate to what she has/is going through.

No. 1420494

there are still a lot pictures with both of them. maybe he is not done yet with deleting stuff. he also added 2 accounts he is following now.

No. 1420501

I’ve just been and had a look (man alive that fella really does love himself) and if you scroll back there are still pictures of Kaya, it seems to be his ‘normie’ phase he’s getting rid off.

No. 1420520

At what point do you reckon he'll delete the " my girlfriend does x" videos? A lot of the videos on his channel with Kaya in them have better views than his solo stuff, he's still benefiting and making money from content and collaborations he made with the woman he cheated on, it adds yet another layer of douchebaggery

No. 1420522

Must be busy wall punching because he isn't deleting some negative comments coming through on insta/twitter for an hour or two.

No. 1420523

NI people genuinely think youse is the plural of you. My ex was the same except he just wrote yous all the time. Some will say yousins. It's annoying.

I thought the general message was sweet tho. So Kaya actually was shielding her mum. Jake's such a cunt.

No. 1420536

The ironic thing about everything is if Jake wasn't such a raging narc stumpy cunt he could have avoided all of this and still retained most of his fanbase

if he was no longer interested in Kaya and wanted out of the relationship then he could have broken things off in a much more civil way. Other than it just being the decent thing to do, it would have looked good for him allowing her to stay until she found somewhere else, or at the very least helped her with temporary accommodation until she settled elsewhere. Dumping her then kicking her out with next to nothing is scummy behaviour anyway but downright evil when you discover he cheated.

AND THEN he goes on some social media tirade showing off his "free" life without Kaya on all these trips, bragging about smoking (something Kaya hates) and drinking and getting laid. Again, anyone with an ounce of compassion would realise their ex, who is hurting, would see this so maybe rein it the fuck back? Even if he hadn't cheated, even if it was a mutual split, that would still be a shitty thing to do. But this prick just couldn't help himself, could he? If he hadn't posted the photo with Kat, he may have been able to successfully gaslight Kaya and any of her claims of him cheating because there'd be no proof that we know of

I have no doubt Fake will be blaming Kaya for all this unfolding the way it has and because of this she's probably hesistant to spill more details just yet. I think she will eventually once she's settled

No. 1420552

>If he hadn't posted the photo with Kat, he may have been able to successfully gaslight Kaya
Yeah he basically exposed himself because he got too cocky and drunk and wanted to show off that he's better without her, and showed his ass in the process. Kaya didn't even en need to come out about it, but it'd be good for her and for jakes fans to tell the whole story when she's in a safe position. Meanwhile he's seeing what effect it's had and rushing to do damage control kek.

No. 1420571

She looks like one of those 2014 era MIW fans who just rolled with it, bought an Elvira wig and transferred over to trad goth. For all the endless shit talking and call outs she does on people she deserves far more criticism. You can tell her propping herself up as some self proclaimed goth queen is just hiding behind a fragile ego, just like a lot of these temperamental goth lords that developed an ego via instagram

No. 1420610

File: 1642530963686.png (28.24 KB, 611x250, Screenshot (1108).png)


Fuck off Kaya. Make a statement or else stay out of it

No. 1420612

like… kaya, girl, I support you 100% in this but oversharing's gotta stop. you're giving stumpy exactly what he wants by posting lame tweets every few hours. you got dumped, he fucked you over in multiple ways, we get it. get yourself together, find a therapist and stop with the tweets

No. 1420617

Sorry new commenter just noticed something very suspicious and wanted to share. K mentioned winning a competition Called “we are space hero” to fly people into space with NASA. They mentioned they wanted to bring fake with them as a guest…seems like his opportunistic ways know no bound.(learn2integrate)

No. 1420623

>stay out of it
She really is a lazy attention seeker but anon, this is her situation. It's not yours.

No. 1420629

Do you know where you are? The entire website is devoted to following other people's situations. None of these people's situations have anything to do with any of us but here we all are. All she is doing is making things worse for herself by being ambiguous and both the option to stay completely silent on it or make a black and white statement would be better for her

No. 1420635

File: 1642532778023.png (82.05 KB, 817x348, Screenshot (1111).png)

The people from the discord server have found this thread. One of them is claiming her children have been threatened (bitch where?)
No one has threatened her kids ever or even gives a fuck about this person. Maybe don't spend 12 hours arguing your gothic eboy who cheated on his gf is actually a perfect angle and no one would care

No. 1420636

File: 1642532896322.jpeg (115.63 KB, 750x1624, 36d2827b-ca23-4fd4-88fb-fb4d96…)

No. 1420637

Maybe her man found out kek

No. 1420638

“People that aren’t involved”
Says the people that keep involving themselves
Dense, the lot of them

No. 1420640

Where's the proof of anons threatening her kids

No. 1420645

K is using Jake for exposure and material possessions. (They would never have won the NASA thing without Jake pressuring his fans to vote.) And Jake is using K for traveling/content/an escape from the shitshow of a life he's built for himself in Belfast. They're just using eachother. Narc match made in heaven.

No. 1420646

there isn't any. The only thing I can think of is earlier in the thread someone said its shocking this woman is a mother and her poor kids having a mother who acts this way but that's it. No one gives a fuck about this person and she's inserting herself into this. Maybe to show Jake how much she loves him?

No. 1420659

File: 1642534522456.jpeg (168.75 KB, 1080x1920, kat.jpeg)

From Kat's IG about an hour ago. Looks like she didn't plan to leave on such short notice.

No. 1420664

I haven’t seen anyone threatening her kids and if anyone has by DM or whatever then that is obviously disgusting. Seems to me though that her issue is still with Jake, he shared all the ‘evidence’ it’s not like anyone had to go hunting for it, he laid it all out there himself and is now refusing to address it because he seems to have forgotten that the internet is forever and deleting his drunk posts doesn’t make them go away. He’s the reason this is all happening. No one asked him to get bladdered and offer his ‘home movies’ for sale to the highest bidder. He did that on his own.

No. 1420673

sweet and supportive with what? She's just as bad as Fake for cheating whilst married/with a kid and knowing Kaya

No. 1420677

File: 1642536156916.jpg (181.49 KB, 1127x1080, Batmom.jpg)

No. 1420685

It’s always this banana crazy girl. If I was a mod I would’ve booted her. She claims to not want to add fuel to the fire but that’s all she’s done, and made false claims of defamation.

No. 1420706

Does this somewhat confirm that her ex husband knew nothing about her flying to Spain to fuck fake?
She ruined herself for him kek

No. 1420722

I reckon it was the onlyfans video that probably did it. It must feel a very special kind of shit to have the man your wife left you for trying to flog their sex tape to his ‘fans’.

No. 1420733

The shilling out his sex tapes to the highest bidder was a new all time low from Jake honestly, part of me wonders if Kat was even complicit in the videos and only fans offer, secretly filming your affair to sell to your fans without her consent now very much seems on brand from this dickhead, he absolutely seems like the type

No. 1420734

Wrt the bananamom person, since she’s alt herself it was only a matter of time before this thread took interest in her beyond her rabid defending of Jake
I had the feeling the first time she showed up here that people would dig into her personal life
(Assuming she’s actually telling the truth)
Targeting kids is low, I really hope no one really did that

No. 1420737

Considering she was wasted, I dont think she could be fully complicit. Maybe once she comes to her senses he'll get hit was some SA charges.

No. 1420740

i doubt anyone threatened her kids anon, she just wants to push this narrative that anyone anti-jake is a mean bully kek

No. 1420743

No one did that in this thread at least, they would have gotten banned for a-logging. Maybe someone DM'd her, but I seriously doubt it.

No. 1420744

I do believe that’s likely, but I do know there’s some unhinged fuckers on here also
But I’m also personally leaning towards it being a lie, no screenshots or anything, not one iota of proof

No. 1420746

She would’ve been complicit as she was very likely going to be his constant “guest”.

No one’s threatening her kids, she’s just trying to insert herself into drama as even she knows she’s made the situation worse by “fighting” when the kids made it clear to not do that. The furry will be next

No. 1420747

She's unhinged af and probably pulling a Gabbie Hanna. I bet she read something like "I can't believe this woman is a mom" or "I feel bad for her kids" and interpreted that as a threat to her kids.

No. 1420765

Really good to get reminded through Stumpygate that Kaya herself is fucking annoying. Won't shit but won't get off the pot. Just sitting there. I've seen people talk about how productive and different she'll be without him. I'm not so sure. What I'm sure of is we'll get tons more tweets in the future after all this is over about how her leg hurts, her arm hurts, there's a weird feeling in her toe, she has a headache, it's too cold outside, there's too much sun, there's too little sun etc. so that's why she couldn't do what she set out to do.

No. 1420819

Maybe. But right now she’s been given an epic opportunity to go back to her old self. If she takes it for granted, people will see and stop giving her money. Then she really has earns the title of being lazy and not worth the time.

Till then, jake needs to be taken down a few hundred notches and kaya needs her own place so he can stop threatening to tell management she’s living in a non livable place

No. 1420824

He's not that ancient (though his skin quality would object), but yeah his need for attention is very juvenile. Like omg guys I'm getting laid and drinking!! Here's a dick pic btw!!

>she’s been given an epic opportunity to go back to her old self. If she takes it for granted, people will see and stop giving her money.
And she's also been given an opportunity to tell the whole story about this narc, and is not taking it. Some anons are saying he might stop paying for the studio in revenge if she does but he's already been exposing himself, his fans are waking up, her mum is now aware, qnd she seems like she wants to say something at least because of these vague sympathy tweets. Fuck is she waiting for atp

No. 1420830

Your age is showing. You clearly don’t know how this works or are one of his ass licking fans.

Living in an office studio isn’t just “you get kicked out” there’s serious consequences to it. I’m all for her not saying anything if he is hanging this over her head.
Im also not posting what those consequences are in NI incase fake or his fans take immediate action.

No. 1420836

File: 1642544801774.jpg (171.62 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_20220118-220248_Ope…)

I looked it up and I don't think she's won going to space, she's won the opportunity to compete on a game show where the prize is going to space. But it's set to happen in 2023 and Stumpy's downfall is happening right now. So even if K manages to wins and he tags along, i don't think it'll help his publicity at all

No. 1420842

And your reading problems are showing. I'm one of his stans because I think it'd be good for kaya to tell the truth about him, sure jan, and I didn't say the consequences would be just getting kicked out, I know what they are. Good call on not offering that info here. But her being in this situation is mainly jake's fault so she could make a case against him and part of that would be exposing him. Ultimately though, what she decides is obviously up to her.

No. 1420853

A case against? What’s she’s currently doing is illegal, fucktard. She has no case.
The fuck are you on about?
They weren’t married, she’s living in a place you CANT live in, there is no case. She has nothing.

You’ve clearly never been to court or have any experience other than being in your parents home. Keep quiet till you provide something other than retardation.

She will spill when she’s safe to do so.

No. 1420857

The Banana Queen sounds like she would defend a certain rotten onion too. These attention seeking simps are really giving me second hand embarrassment.

No. 1420858

File: 1642546867636.jpeg (515.36 KB, 1283x2300, E3169EF6-8CB1-4161-A1AE-7CCC2B…)

twitterfags are getting involved and now calling kaya jakes ex wife. Things won’t be taken seriously if this kinda crap continues

No. 1420864

Yeah but weren't they basically common law husband/wife after 12 years

No. 1420868

Common law marriage isn’t a thing in the UK.

No. 1420872

File: 1642547895632.jpeg (254.46 KB, 1124x1344, EC3AC421-A078-4483-A927-0FD468…)

Now I wonder, Kaya mentioned in her breakup video that there’s so much stuff going on we don’t even know about, could it get any worse than what it is right now for jake?

No. 1420875

I mean it looks like he fucked up SOMEONE's marriage lol

No. 1420880

Who is this person? Does she know Jake/Kaya personally?

No. 1420883

He has been a busy boy hasn’t he! However does he find the time?

No. 1420889

Stay lurking, Jake.

No. 1420897

File: 1642550027337.jpg (274.81 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20220118-175112_Ins…)

He's starting to slack on damage control it seems. Getting overwhelmed there, Fake?

No. 1420898

File: 1642550054466.jpg (304.55 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20220118-175119_Ins…)

No. 1420901

What did he groom someone or something?
This carrot and stick thing is getting old
Either say what you know or shut up
(Aside from Kaya who probably has to stay quiet for self preservation reasons)

No. 1420910

These have been up for a while it seems, has he not been online at all today?

No. 1420912

I’m from North America, calling people married that aren’t after a number of years isn’t abnormal.

No. 1420915

File: 1642550896350.jpeg (336.92 KB, 1125x734, C7A70E5B-EA4A-4C6A-93FF-1E473C…)

Jake: “I made it on my own, Kaya did carry shit”

Also Jake: tags himself as #toxictearsboyfriend

Oh no Jake, definitely not you cashing in on your GF’s success.

No. 1420918

I’m a Childhood friend of Jake. He is going to be releasing a video in a few days confirming that he did cheat with Kat Paines. The video will be a screen capture of Jake living in a beginner Sims home and inviting Kat Paines over to hang out. He will quickly ask her for WooHoo to which she accepts. Kaya will then enter the bedroom to see them, with giant red negative symbols appearing above her head. We are all begging him not to post this but he says there’s no other way to handle this. What a mess

No. 1420921

>safe enough to really let rip and destroy any shred of reputation he has, spill all the details, play all the voicemails, show all the DM's, a full exposure video.

She's never gonna do that however many times you post about it in the thread, that's not her personality (gossip/takedowns/cancelling) and Jake is also doing a fine job of cancelling himself without any help needed.

No. 1420924

>Jake: tags himself as #toxictearsboyfriend

The dude objectifies himself even more than he objectifies women.

No. 1420934

This drama I coming along SO nicely. The crops are ready to be sown. Hopefully it all comes to full fruition around the weekend. It's just what I need to relax from a busy work week. Thank you Stumpy, very cool.

No. 1420936

Agreed. Like we all knew the details about their breakup was going to come out eventually, but didn't expect it so soon with the push of 8 long island ice teas. Something more gotta bust soon though, maybe maybe.

No. 1420938

Okay but literally spilling the tea while drinking long island ice teas? The world works in mysterious ways.

No. 1420944

His silence is speaking volumes at the moment. We all know he’d be very, very vocal if there was even an inch of wiggle room to try and get himself out of it. Dudes fucked up and he knows it. That said, he won’t be able to keep his mouth shut for long, he’s got a nasty temper on him and eventually it will get the better of him and he’ll go off. It might even be better for Kaya if he buries himself.

No. 1420945

If Stumpy uses Sims to address this, I’m going to choke on my own spit. He’s so immature in every aspect of life.

No. 1420946

He didn't even tweet about his new vlog going up. I wonder how long he's going to keep this up

No. 1420951

If he really does this he's gonna lose a LOT more fans

No. 1420956

I reckon (in between punching walls kek) he’s desperately trying to work out an angle where he can look like the victim, but - newsflash, stumpy - you can’t be a victim if you did this all yourself.

We didn’t work for the milk, you let it flow so freely.

No. 1420958

If he legit uses the sims to show he cheated, what a cunt. He will lose it all

No. 1420961

The only reason I could see him making a video is for revenue reasons, which is also why I assume he still has his videos with Kaya still up on his channel, I imagine more people will be watching them now so that they can scrutinize their past interactions which will sadly be making him more money, misery is a cashcow

No. 1420968

I worry about these anons.

No. 1420974

File: 1642554289409.jpeg (274.79 KB, 1283x2133, EEC1BE4D-57B7-4D4C-98E5-8F2ABF…)

Fake is on Instagram talking about filming, taking his makeup off and relaxing.
Made his gf of 12 years homeless and broke up a family but he’s fine. Narc

No. 1420981

question–would kaya have any legal leg to stand on if she wanted him to remove or de-monetize videos that heavily featured her? like can she legally revoke his right to profit off her image any further?(sage)

No. 1420982

I mean thats what he wants everyone to think but I have no doubt he's having a complete breakdown. Narcs are good at pretending

No. 1420985

of course you are anon

spoiler that shit

No. 1420989

That's a good question and I'm 100% speculating but it might be possible that she might (?) be able to take him to court for a % of earnings from the videos she's in especially if she asks him to take them down and he refuses. I was thinking the similarly about the house, I'm pretty sure I read that if she contributed a lot to the upkeep or bought furniture or paid for any repairs she could be entitled to compensation if she kicked up a fuss but that could only be if they owned the place and as far as I'm aware they were just renting. In either case she would have to be motivated/pushed enough to make a fuss about it, it would probably involve having to speak to a lawyer, I highly doubt she wants to have to handle any of that business but a part of me does want to see it happen. That douche doesn't deserve a single penny of his wealth especially since he earned it through a platform she actively helped him build and maintain, literally no one would know he or his band existed without Kaya

No. 1420991

He was carried so hard by Kaya even what little makeup skills he has can be attributed to her. I wonder where he would be right now without her lul

No. 1420995

He's talking about how he can't take his makeup off because he doesn't have any makeup wipes…. uhhh soap and water exist? gross

No. 1420997

So gullible you could say this has just been Jake's evil robot twin the whole time and real Jake is locked up somewhere and they would believe it. Saged for scifi.

No. 1421011

his eye is giving butthole

No. 1421019

I meant metaphorical case, but shit word choice with the context. He got her in this mess so it's not like she has no argument if she speaks publicly, part of which is exposing his actions. But if shit word choice is enough to make you sperg, keep quiet till you've had a lie down granny. We both want stump to get his comeuppance, let's leave it there.

As well him silencing ex fan comments. He's admitted in an old videos he removes hate comments anyway but it's more obvious than ever. I can see him snapping too, from the stress of protecting his fragile ego. He'll never look at long island iced teas the same again kek

His armpit moreso

No. 1421042

Somebody has it in them to finally go to youtube.

No. 1421055

Jake is so fucking done

No. 1421060

No. The only records any where for Kaya is her earnings going into jakes account.
Kaya has not a leg to stand on for anything outside of YouTube. Even then, YouTube won’t remove or “side” with her for any of jakes content as it’s her consent to being apart of his content.

No. 1421063

A no name person with 9 subs? Smelling self post.

No. 1421066

I hope so but men that have done worse have bounced back so I have my reservations that this’ll be his career killer
But I do really hope it is

No. 1421067

but those men usually have actual careers and make actual content even if its trash. Jake has no career. He has income because of his youtuber girlfriend who he has now dumped and cheated on. I agree with you usually but I just don't think Jake has the clout to survive this

No. 1421068

Even if it is, about time someone in the community did something like this, even if it looks like its being done on essentially a burner account

No. 1421075

Can’t be a burner account unless the person is wearing a mask. The only way it gets out of someone big says something or fake continues to exposes his crap and blame everyone else

No. 1421078

File: 1642563074635.jpg (233.47 KB, 1080x1602, Screenshot_20220119.jpg)

tried searching to see if anyone else has done this, but this one didn't even come up. what did come up for some reason was a fake and K collab in may 2020. so they've been friends for a little while but he never mentioned her until she could be of use?

No. 1421079

no, i'm just a lurker who found it through twitter.

No. 1421084

He really is just playing it out as if nothing is happening.
Reposting people on ig that say he’s their favourite YouTuber. He’s really really trying to keep the fans that haven’t seen any of the shit he’s pulled and pretends he cares for them. Vile

No. 1421092

You can’t even search this video on YouTube… this won’t do shit

No. 1421101

Out of curiosity has anyone checked how many of his old "influencer/YouTube" friends are still following him in the wake of all this coming to light? People like Dre, Kelly? I know that he was friendly with the streamer Lythero, he featured in some of Jake's old vlogs but I'll admit even in those vlogs Lythero acted a lot like he fucking hated Jake, I wonder if it's been an unpleasant Surprise for Jake to find out how many people were just tolerating him for Kaya's sake

No. 1421119

Skimming through it looks like it's just a grab for views/attention type of video, she's just rehashing everything that everyone already knows and essentially going "shame on you Jake"
So she's contributing nothing tbh

No. 1421123

I just checked both instagram and twitter and it looks like Dre isn’t following him at all (he follows her twitter still), Kelly follows him on twitter but not insta and it looks like Lythero doesn’t follow him either. I also checked Kaya’s just out of curiosity and neither Kelly or Dre follow her (though she still follows Dre), so it’s possible that they either had a falling out at some point after the LA trip or grew apart. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they ditched Fake after all this cheating drama though.

No. 1421125

I doubt it’s from all this as I’m pretty sure Kaya still follows jake on Twitter, not sure about ig though

No. 1421215

It's totally the type of thing Jake would do though.

No. 1421280

The fact that everyone responded seriously to this. kek

He's definitely going to take a hit from this once it finally gets confirmed from Kaya or someone else directly. I don't expect it to entirely ruin his "career" but it will absolutely tarnish his reputation and follow him throughout his sad little attempt at fame. The guy is going to pull an Onision and burn through his resources, pathetic fanbase, and generally spiral out of control doing his dumb narc shit until no one wants him anymore. It's really only a matter of time, it's all downhill from here.

No. 1421388

File: 1642604617485.png (5.3 MB, 1284x2778, 7BD6F0E2-C932-4084-B23D-414858…)

“It took me all the way to the store to realize I’m not wearing underwear”
He’s in his “any attention is good attention” phase.

No. 1421389

let's pray he suddenly has explosive diarrhoea and embarrasses himself. prick.

No. 1421432

typical scrote thinking women are turned on by the same shit they are. no one cares that you aren't wearing underwear you tard, hope your zipper scrapes your chode up

No. 1421442

Hope he washes his pants afterwards. Probably not, disgusting. Is that supposed to be hot??

No. 1421450

He comes across genuinely like a horny 14 year old, it's so tacky and gross, it's like he's regressed. He has the mental and emotional intelligence of an adolescent which I guess makes sense when your bread and butter is taking advantage of gullible teenagers

No. 1421459

This is really gross, does he think his garbage smelling ass and balls are sexy? Also looks like a receding hairline going on.

No. 1421471

Don't know why he thought advertising his unclothed,sweaty, shrivelled little ballsack would do anything other than give everyone the absolute boke

No. 1421472

You people are more right than you know… trust me

No. 1421475

Spill the details or take your vagueposting back to facebook. You're as bad as Kaya.

No. 1421477

He claims to be in love, he’s gaslighting and trying to pay people off

No. 1421479

Source: trust me bro

No. 1421481

Post some proof or at least give more details. Your one liners are shitting up the thread. Why are people so afraid of exposing this 5ft nothing faggot in clown makeup?

No. 1421484

We know he claimed to be in love when he wasn't, that's why he broke it off with kaya. Or are you trying to say he's in love with his fwb kat kek

No. 1421485

File: 1642613500685.jpeg (52.86 KB, 814x120, 70764357-525E-4BCD-9D74-956320…)

His attitude says a lot about his relationship, he used her for views and threw her away and doesn’t care because he found “love”

No. 1421492

In love with who? Kat? So nice that she found herself a man who loathes children and has a guest list for sex content. Much love.

No. 1421496

File: 1642613838372.jpeg (52.01 KB, 828x120, 412F18BD-5BD2-4232-AB7E-A98F04…)

No. 1421498

Is it possible to post the whole message? I'd like to see his full justification for being a literal cartoon villain

No. 1421500

Where is this from?

No. 1421501

I’ll ask the guy I got them from

No. 1421502

Post it all, i assume this is his attempt at scrambling to save fans (aka $$$$) by talking out of his ass.

No. 1421505

File: 1642614175729.jpeg (114.96 KB, 814x221, CFCD3BFE-68DA-44A5-906F-467779…)

He says he’ll send more

No. 1421510

File: 1642614350745.jpeg (25.17 KB, 814x120, 1642613500685.jpeg)

No. 1421512

File: 1642614497025.jpeg (84.32 KB, 725x204, 52DBB928-CCED-4D87-81FD-089766…)

He says here’s the confirmation

No. 1421513

Interesting how he calls their place of residence at the time "his house" when a) they were renting, and b) supposedly still in the midst of a loving relationship

No. 1421515

Lmao so hurt that he fell in and out of another woman? Fuck off, Jake. If you weren't happy in your relationship there are a thousand better ways to end it amicably without cheating or turfing someone out of a warm home and into a freezing ancient commercial studio space while going through a family medical emergency. The world's smallest violin is playing

No. 1421516

Apparently they moved so he could break up with her

No. 1421517

Translation: i got caught being a scumbag behind my girlfriends back who i didnt love but used her, her family and platform for years until i was comfortable enough to drop them like yesterdays trash

No. 1421519

File: 1642614893997.jpeg (62.85 KB, 676x134, F7CE5383-37CF-4F5C-BAC5-6D0FF8…)

No. 1421520

"a very difficult decision" to kick out my partner of 12 years the moment I broke up with her, right as the cold weather started while she was scared for her mother's health as she entered surgery for a married with children woman. I'm still the same POS anyone wanna sex videos?? im not wearing undies lol!!

No. 1421521

Can you post this full message? Get 'em all on here before he mass deletes. What did he even regret besides losing subs?

No. 1421522

Bro just post the whole fucking message wtf

No. 1421523

I don’t have the full messages

No. 1421524

I was hurt too! I decided I was finally famous enough to tell Kaya I never loved her but she was still in MY house eewww gross!

No. 1421526

Thank you for posting what you can, bud. It's good to see what the narrative he's spinning is even if it's just snippets

No. 1421527

Where are you getting these from?

No. 1421530

Apparently these came from someone he used to be close with, no sure tho

No. 1421532

“When she showed up at MY house” ???
You mean yours and kayas right?
Even back then he didn’t think of himself being with kaya

No. 1421536

The username on these messages does not match YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, of his Facebook

No. 1421537

>>1421536 exactly, I think anon is full of sh**

No. 1421538

True. Its a retarded enough take on the situation to be him, but for all we know this is banannanamon or some psycho larping

No. 1421541

These are discord messages. Anyone confirm this from his discord account?

No. 1421548

Jesus what a piece of TRASH. Cheats on his partner with a married woman, throws her out of the house to live in a freezing shithole, takes his sidepiece to their old holiday spot to make sleazy amateur porn. All while her mother was in hospital. Dude I cant, he is just a rancid excuse for human

No. 1421549

Aye. Discord messages. Who else do we know who uses Discord…? Exactly.

No. 1421551

Now that you mention it, it’s the right photo, but who would he talk to?

No. 1421553

In discord you can change your nickname for each server you're in, but you can also pretend to be anyone.

Ask the "guy you got them from" how legit these are. Ask for a screen recording or something where he scrolls through the messages, and clicks on the jake account. If the jake account doesn't match the one in jake's own discord server it's fake.

No. 1421554

P.S. who tf js the guy anyway for jake to be spilling that, a friend?

No. 1421557

File: 1642616014010.jpeg (64.75 KB, 597x136, E643FF15-50AF-4789-862C-45F407…)

Apparently these will help? (1)

No. 1421558

File: 1642616035947.jpeg (214.85 KB, 817x578, BB43F4BC-6A7D-4B93-B668-E0EDC6…)


No. 1421559

If you were able to get these messages from the supposed Jake's friend then surely you can get confirmation it's him if these are actually Jake. These are too cropped to say these are undeniably from him

No. 1421560

Right? If your friend is actually disgusted by Jakes behaviour he needs to expose the cunt and stop being a pussy.

No. 1421561

They don’t help. Now you’re sending stuff from steam instead of discord. Proves nothing

No. 1421562

File: 1642616227518.jpeg (102.29 KB, 798x255, CD776ACA-E788-43CB-B310-D08135…)

Who is this guy? Is it possible to photoshop this?

No. 1421565

Ah, I assume it's someone in his discord that would stream games and probably modded, it would make sense since one of his bigger Mods most recently was exposed to the truth and seemed (rightfully) grossed out. Tell him he's doing the lord's work but that whole messages would really break this thing wide open

No. 1421568

Didn’t he only stream with two people tho? Haven’t watched him in ages but wasn’t he making a new group?

No. 1421570

Probably is a mod but with out confirmation of jakes actual user id and not sn, these could be anyone.

No. 1421571

Tell major or whoever to take better screenshots

No. 1421572

Probably, he said something about needing milk? No idea what he means or where he got these shots from but I’m starting to doubt it

No. 1421574

If they are talking about milk then why cant they just post themselves? They clearly lurk here.

No. 1421577

>apparently these will help?
As in "the guy" told you they'd help? Cos they don't.

No. 1421579

If these were real, the person would be exposed already. Cropping wouldn’t save them.
Calling fake on the whole thing as there’s no confirmation on jakes user id.

No. 1421584

Fr im pretty sure jake could just look at messages on this date and work out who it is. He'll know its you anyway so if theyre real post something with actual proof its jakes profile

No. 1421585

Seconded, this reeks of fake, and I mean things that aren’t true - not Fake Munro himself. Though, I do pity anyone who has to venture near those skidmark-infested jeans.

No. 1421588