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File: 1426015285992.jpg (71.32 KB, 640x640, leaguewhore.jpg)

No. 13880

Can we have a league of legends whore thread

There seems to be so many of these girls who whore themselves out to the league fanbase (particularly league idk why, but it attracts weeb gamer gurl attention whores alot )

I.E https://instagram.com/kuraichu


Annedere is in the picture

No. 13881

File: 1426015464003.jpg (101.78 KB, 1013x604, hehe.JPG)

this bitch tries to coyly mention her tits every opportunity possible

'ehehe should I b more modest ;) are you thinking about boobs nao???'

No. 13882

File: 1426015586247.jpg (117.24 KB, 1008x601, speicia.JPG)


I feel bad for some of these guys if they think these girls actually like them as a person. they only ride that hype dick

No. 13883

the perfect mixture of gamer gurl and kawaii either loli desu chan or sexy league gurl

No. 13884

I literally never understood the League hype. Ever.

No. 13885

TBH I like the game a lot, play it everyday.It's just a relativly simple game to play and since it has this decently good 'sports' scene thats an 'attainable' dream for some loser nerds who think 'oh that could be me one day'

No. 13886

File: 1426017130958.jpg (107.4 KB, 1024x663, ahri.jpg)


I dont get why she needs a 'transparent' chest piece since she said it would be for 'accuracy' since the regular champion doesnt have one???

No. 13887

No. 13888

I don't know anything about this game other than that the camwhores playing it seem to look dumpy and live in dumpy places.

No. 13889

Er, really, anon? The photos are at different angles and she's wearing low-cut tops in some, loose-fitting clothes in others.

No. 13890

lilypichu is worst?

No. 13891


That cunt is annoying

also annedere's voice from her now deleted twitch.camwhore https://soundcloud.com/xrainbownight/anne2 loli desu natural chan

No. 13892


Her voice is as kawaii as her nasty ass room

No. 13893

That's it though, leauge is a ridiculously simple game. Referring to OP's question "why league"

No. 13894

no come on. you can usually see more than that. my tits are about her size in the black bra pic, and even if i wear a big top, my tits project more than this


No. 13895

check this pic for another example:


they look fucking huge in comparison to the "jurassic park" shirt pic

anyone with those size tities dont just deflate with big shirt

yes, the ratio may look 'off', and so they might look smaller, but they look damn near flat - no projection whatsoever

No. 13896

There are plenty of photos before the 'Jurassic Park' image where she has the same boobs though.

Even in the low-cut top, her boobs aren't that big - they're just boosted with a push-up and shot from a good angle. In the 'Jurassic Park' picture you can see the text on the shirt is very slightly warped around her boobs, in reality it's just that they're pretty small.

No. 13897

i wonder how she became friends with a pro league player, maybe she sent him some nudes since shes an attention whore?

No. 13898

I honestly just think she stuffs her bra.

No. 13899

why the fuck does that basic bitch use the SAME EXACT ANGLE for every fucking photo? is it to look azn when she is prob white af?

No. 13900


Hahaha, oh my god. I actually know this chick. She dated a friend of mine for over a year. Over the internet. They visited each other a few times (she lives in California). He is the only reason she knows anything about LoL and it's fucking hilarious that she decided to use that to finally get the internet attention she's always wanted.

If you look at her older Instagram posts, you'll see people @ing her old acct names. They're all references to games that she never played, but bandwagoned onto the hype for. She's literally been doing this for YEARS. Risa was a ~*consoles rule CoD rulez mlgnoscope360*~ brand of pseudo gamer for most of high school before making the switch to PC master race (easier to camwhore, get attention, etc.)

Fun fact - she's half Mexican, half white. She really likes pretending she's Asian or ~hafu but lmao gorl is anything but.

No. 13901

Oh, and yeah, she's flat-chested as fuck. She has push-up bras and knows her angles. She doesn't have any curves to speak of. I'm not trying to body-shame her tho, homegirl is crazy as fuck but she isn't ugly. Just absolutely toxic and insane.

No. 13902

Is it me or is there a recent influx of cholas claiming to be half asian lately?

No. 13903

File: 1426045538404.jpg (103.37 KB, 532x800, 1380788_459286510856733_870122…)

i think because if youre mexican its not hard to look asiany with the right angles and makeup.

No. 13904

Can you give more juice? im sure interested now. I love laughing at league gamer gurls

No. 13905

White hispanics tend to look asian since almondy ish eyes/dark eyes and dark hair. met so many weeb cholas who pretend to be hafu~

No. 13906

holy shit now that you mention it she looks mexican AF

No. 13907

Can confirm as white Mexican. And when I was full weebtard I loved that people thought I was part asian too.

No. 13908

LMAO i was about to post something like this! I'm not mexican but white hispanic and people sometimes ask if im half bc i have squinty dark ass eyes lmaaooo

No. 13909

I think the big deal about League Gamer Gurls is because it's a really popular, easy to play game. Everyone and their mom knows it, it has a huge following, and a lot (if not all, I don't play League so idk) female characters have at least one slut outfit that can be exploited for cosplay, etc.

It's big enough to have huge esports tournaments with big payouts, why wouldn't some money hungry attention whore want to jump on it?

No. 13910

This. League has the most shitty community. It is full of angry teen boys and Gamurgirls. That is also the reason why i barely play anymore unless i team with friends. I thought WoW was bad, but at least i made some genuine friends through it. Everyone on league is either angry or hungry for attention.

No. 13911

Ugh. A close friend of mine has a girlfriend who plays league and is currently "literally Riven <3"(last month she was ~literally ryuko~ tho)!!! When she's not whoring herself out on gifyo, she's complaining about how anime girls(and me??..) my friend finds attractive give her LITERAL ANXIETY ATTACKS. Then she has a fucking fit and throws shit around her room and goes to her exes for a hugbox. I don't know what it is about league that attracts crazy so fucking much.

No. 13912

it attracts crazy and attention whores more than any game ive seen IMO

No. 13913

File: 1426274335522.jpg (112.72 KB, 752x685, scan0001.jpg)

Haha, okay. Like I said, Risa (real name Karisa) is completely toxic. She's manipulative in all of the typical lolcow ways. She has an eternal victim complex and reshapes her personality at the drop of a hat in order to make herself seem more likeable/believable to the person she's talking to. She lied to my friend (the one she dated for over a year, very serious relationship) about being raped by her ex-boyfriend because she was too self-conscious to admit that she wasn't a ~pure virgin~. She liked to bring up her past 'trauma' whenever conflict arose, regardless of context.

It came to light that her ex-boyfriend never did anything to her, of course. They're actually still friends when it's convenient for her. That's kind of what she does with people – she'll stick them on the backburner for when she decides their attention is good enough. Anyway, I have a plethora of shit on Risa – logs, pictures, etc. – but they're on an external somewhere. She's deleted most traces of her 'older selves' from the internet, but there's still some pretty lol-worthy things she either forgot about or couldn't delete, like pictures her ex uploaded. I find this one to be particularly funny because it's before she decided to renounce her Mexican heritage.

No. 13914

File: 1426274459390.jpg (41.18 KB, 640x480, cringe.jpg)

Christ, these pictures. Uploading this one to prove it's actually the same girl.

No. 13915

File: 1426274576108.jpg (14.16 KB, 228x320, risaiscute.jpg)

Here's more pre-hafu phase.

No. 13916

File: 1426275800688.jpg (56.96 KB, 600x890, oh gorl your haircut tho.jpg)

Man, I kind of forgot how deep the rabbithole of batshit went. I actually forgot to mention that she cheated on my friend with a random guy she got drunk with and fucked at a party. To add insult to injury, she didn't "allow" my friend to have a social life at all. She was convinced that if he spent time around anyone with a vagina, he would cheat on her. It got so bad that if he didn't respond to her texts within a few minutes, she'd actually sperg out and accuse him of cheating/talking with other girls.

I have to go to work, but I'll post more later. Rabbithole goes deep. I feel bad for whoever she's currently destroying :(

No. 13917

This is soooo true.

I wonder if they think they can grab a guy that plays it professionally,and leach off of them.
I mean I know these are the same girls that are "GAM3RGURL5".

No. 13918

File: 1426426134408.jpg (435.44 KB, 797x952, 1350142334519.jpg)

No. 13919

File: 1426426184114.jpg (359.72 KB, 1559x1909, 1335670169648.jpg)

No. 13920

File: 1426426234811.jpg (348.93 KB, 1627x1543, 1359515553078.jpg)

No. 13921

File: 1426426341187.jpg (126.45 KB, 844x1215, drunk again.jpg)

No. 13922

File: 1426426485192.png (366.62 KB, 525x760, 1357259882271.png)

No. 13923

File: 1426426906904.png (302.06 KB, 470x499, 1413562976045.png)


No. 13924

File: 1426427018629.png (334.31 KB, 579x367, sw.png)

No. 13925

File: 1426427090909.png (539.23 KB, 956x742, Untitled.png)

No. 13926

Those shoes are cute tho.

No. 13927

Nyannerz is worse

No. 13928

Lilypichu is definitely worse. her loli voice is so so so fake, at least nyannerz sometimes sounds ok and her videos are sometimes funny

No. 13929

Nyanners turned into a stereotypical SJW tumblrina some time ago and recanted all her past "support of pedophilia" (some of her songs parodied loli stuff).

No. 13930

The LoL community seems to have the most obnoxious 'gamer gurls' I've ever seen. This one is broadcasting right now.


No. 13931

w a t

No. 13932

Nyannerz is shit and needs to kill herself.

No. 13933

shes a troll though?

No. 13934

LMAO granny panties…
how did lilly pichu meet all of these pro players?

No. 13935

Can we have a thread for that hypocritical SJW pissbaby?

No. 13936

Make it happen.

No. 13937

File: 1426501600837.png (508.58 KB, 1782x1210, 1424924491670.png)

No. 13938

No. 13939

LMAO loved this

No. 13940

This bitch doesen't play just league, but is a whore all the same.


Watch how the turret does all the work, how she celebrates an ARAM penta like it's an actual archievment and her painful lack of humor.

No. 13941

File: 1427573543698.jpg (74.57 KB, 640x640, 10899231_870964272955727_44702…)

Weeb gone gamur gurl. Claims to be half Jipjap when she's full Cantonese. She has an unhealthy obsession with Meteos and used to tweet the shit out of him about what she was doing that day, prompting him once to rant on stream about how much he hates psycho fangirls (in which she began tweeting stuff like FUCK OFF FANGIRLS OMG YOU GUYS ARE PATHETIC kek). All she plays on League are co-op AI and ARAM games and she shits on other girls in cosplay, gaming, or just for being Asian. Says she wants to be a cosmetologist but bitches about how it's not her job to educate people who don't know how to do their hair properly. 10/10 personal lolcow.

Also her makeup is old Asherbee level.

No. 13942

>Watch how the turret does all the work, how she celebrates an ARAM penta like it's an actual archievment
I see words here but they do not mean anything to me.

No. 13943

the tower shooting the laser does most of the damage to the enemy players instead of her character she's controlling. As well, in league of legends a 'penta kill' (when you personally get the killing blow on all 5 enemy players) is often celebrated as a mini achievement in each game session (aram or whatever else).
Anon is saying that she didn't even do most of the work, and who the fuck cares about pentas in arams anyway? LOL.

No. 13944


why is she wearing 2 different color contacts

No. 13945

File: 1427595564485.png (11.83 KB, 506x130, 342.png)

She got into circle lenses not too long ago and has been wearing them almost every single day since. She's gonna fuck up her vision.

No. 13946

God do I hate Lilypichu.

No. 13947


>coyly mention her tits

I think you mean lack thereof

No. 13948

Is that her face LOLL

No. 13949

lmao pretty much

No. 13950

File: 1431990931569.jpg (93.28 KB, 640x640, 11262761_457958267693002_19492…)

she has big tits tho

No. 13951

why do sjw use the word disgusting so much?

No. 13952

well to be fair, what he said was fucking dumb.
not all girls who play league are attention whores.
not all girls are the shitty gamer guuurl type.

No. 13953

i also hate her but she did nothing wrong on that type.
the guy seems like the kind of guy that would think all women are evil whores

No. 13954

The Dota 2 community is worse. Because it is a harder game, the girl streamers usually just afk and show off their shitty "cosplays" (circle lense, wig, and a shit ton of make-up) while their weeb followers carry her.

No. 13955

how does she hide her huge jew nose in pics..its clearly so big but barely noticable sometimes

No. 13956


No. 13957

and i thought the 2007 maplestory's community was bad

No. 13958

File: 1432018252480.jpg (20.69 KB, 610x343, asia awhore.jpg)

>dota2 girl streamers


Asia Amore
-not even good at the game
-attention whore
-shitty cosplays
-not even asian
-wtf at her pornstar-like name

pic related

No. 13959

looks like this whore
kitty playsgames

No. 13960

what? it looks like her bra is stuffed to hell and back

No. 13961

>not even good at the game
are you retarded? she's been on the dota 2 leaderboards lmao

No. 13962

she doesnt look fat

No. 13963

Her bf who plays in a tier 4 team probably plays on her account sometimes

No. 13964

she's pretty fucking fat

No. 13965

Yeah. I agree. I just can't stand her at all…

What does everyone think about Kaceytron? There's a goldmine of shit I could post about her.

No. 13966

As I understand Kaceytron's obnoxious GURRRL GAMUURR persona is an act

No. 13967

It's all an act, yeah. I heard she's legitimately good and has an alternate account in diamond or something.

I've played against Lilypichu once where she was Ashe and all she did was ks with her arrow. She was honestly abysmal. There's no way half these attention whores made their rank without befriending some MLG to rank up their accounts.

No. 13968

why does she look like a cabbage patch kid

No. 13969

I honestly don't care if its an act, because its annoying to play games with people like her, esp lol a game that is usually 30-50 minutes long with a troll just making you lose the game

also she sucks either way. she is not diamond

No. 13970

No she's stated in interviews that she actually is that rank, and there are games where she does try. Though she's still really bad, I think I'd say about mid bronze level.
That whole twitch stream thing is an act though.

No. 13971

File: 1432173369658.jpg (153.41 KB, 600x597, venti01.jpg)

Brittany Venti is my favorite LoL gurl streamer to hate watch. She gets triggered easily by the chat. She's live right now.


No. 13972

Who is her boyfriend?

I once trolled the shit out of her for her stupid name and got her to admit that it was from a 'porn star name generator'. Yup. This bitch literally goes with a porn star name.

No. 13973


Kittyplaysgames looks like a bad transexual. I have no idea why weebs kiss her ass. It must suck to be Sonya's ugly ass friend. But it also must be nice to have trips funded all over the world by fapping ugly ass teenagers.

No. 13974

File: 1432176567136.png (101.32 KB, 276x265, reinessa.PNG)

This bitch.

I am sick of her. Her cosplay is the worst I have ever seen. But just because she was ltierally the only girl who was a huge attention whore, she gets a shit ton of attention.

I sat behind her and her wig looked like she pulled it out of a gutter and came from a Barbie dress up set for ages 3 and up.

No. 13975

some guy in complexity gaming

No. 13976

File: 1432200781030.jpg (67.07 KB, 282x376, 1419737618783.jpg)

Is that supposed to be Crystal Maiden?

No. 13977

another boring 'grill gamer' 'troll'
shit gets so old fast

No. 13978

LOL. I know her irl, and she has mosquito bites, sry.

No. 13979

Even if it is an act…it's fucking annoying and it promotes this girl gamer trope.

No. 13980

post pics? it looks soo stuffed, you can see the line where the stuffing ends

No. 13981

this….so stupid

No. 13982

how would it even be possible to get off to that is beyond my comprehension
she's not cute at all.
quite ugly in fact lol.

No. 13983

anyone has twitch drama to share?
'kittyplaysgames' is a funny whore to look at https://instagram.com/kittyplays/

No. 13984

Momosouryellowface's instagram is now private? I'd follow her except she blocked me. Anyone know any lulzy things she's posted recently?

No. 13985

not the original skin

No. 13986

File: 1432618304242.jpg (162.28 KB, 909x539, ss (2015-05-25 at 11.21.53).jp…)

> #AhriLookAlike

Why are all these League whores obsessed with Ahri? She's not even all that great of a champ.

No. 13987

She's not even the cute kind of asian. That huge nose.

No. 13988

Ahri doesn't even have a skin with red hair.
Ahri is a fucking fox.

No. 13989

I always wondered this too. Because kawaii oppai kitsune desu?

No. 13990

Foxfire Ahri does, but it's braided, not just straight down.

I'd love to see all these Ahri wannabes (Ahripop/Sweetmomocosplay, Mayuamu, Annedere) duke it out to see who the one true kitsune princessu is.

No. 13991

File: 1432713457673.jpg (823.73 KB, 1920x1080, foxfire_ahri_wallpaper_by_ewal…)

Because Ahri looks closest to Naruto which is a popular anime among weebs. I'm not talking about the kitsune part being similar to Naruto, I'm talking about the whiskers+kyuubi tails part.

Also there's Foxfire Ahri. who has red hair but she didn't style her hair that way.

No. 13992

Do we have a thread on lilypichu? Sis she the nyanners of league? is she nyanners??

No. 13993

No but by all means, please make one. I would love to read caps anyone has of her. Her transformation from "not showing my face!!" to league whore is so predictable.

No. 13994

shes a league whore now? deets omg. I'm making a thread right now so post it there

No. 13995



New thread for her

No. 13996

File: 1432775159644.jpg (692.64 KB, 1920x1200, despair.jpg)

Can Pt recommend any good games to play which isn't infested with awful "gamers."

No. 13997

jesus chirst i am bad at typing. my apologies.

No. 13998

what? I posted this, and yes I have horrible grammar and online typing
non native and also retard

No. 13999

its wayy too hard for casuals to play, everyone that plays it would mock people for playing easy mode and recording it
just look for games that are really hard or obscure, most of these "gamer guuuurrrlllss" don't like games that are challenging or different

No. 14000

>instead of this game that has a shit fanbase let me tell you to go hunt for games with bullshit difficulty and fanbases that shit on newfags while screaming GIT GUD SCRUB

No. 14001

File: 1432776782416.png (120.32 KB, 311x386, 1408803536882.png)

you asked for recommendations and i attempted to give some
i tried

No. 14002

Not even the anon who asked. Just saying dickwaving over an animu girl scrolling shooter is the height of pathetic

Play XCOM or some shit, or y'know, just play games you like and ignore the faggots who coincidentally play the same thing.
I don't get bent out of shape because of all the hipsters playing Skyrim or the people who think Deus Ex 3 is the first of the series

No. 14003

i just stumbled onto this thread and it particularly caught my attention because i was one of the guys entangled in the kuraichu web of lies lol. i got some juice but is this thread even still alive?

No. 14004

Is it, pls share dear anon.

No. 14005

alright well I was just curious as to where I fall in this timeline that >>13913 laid out lol . I completely agree that she is toxic and manipulative, fake personality and all she wants is attention and for people to like her. she also told me the BS about her and her ex bf. anyway I fell for her shit for a while ,but we ended up becoming really close. I don't know if I'm the guy that was talked about in the post but we did get drunk and fucked at one point. I wouldn't be surprised if she has done that more than once though. but just as he said, after she is satisfied with the attention she kinda just threw me to the side . then the funny thing is she tried giving me some bullshit that she was pregnant lol, she has serious issues . she constantly plays the victim card and pretty much pushed me away because I was sick of her crap. she proceeded to randomly guilt trip me over random shit and to this day i still randomly hear from her with her sob stories and i'm just over it. I have a few more stories, probably not as much as the other anon but I'd like to hear from him again , im curious now lol

No. 14006

>play hat-waifu fireworks
how about no

No. 14007

I'm the anon who initially posted the stories about her. She pulled the pregnancy card here, too. Did she tell you her ex raped her so that she could seem more virginal to you? That was her motivation here, lol.

No. 14008

I don't really know honestly lol but I think it was just so I'd feel sorry for her tbh . She did that with a lot of things, not just about her ex. I just grew so tired of it all. And to think I was actually considering dating her at one point lol she has too many issues

No. 14009

File: 1434759443141.jpg (106.4 KB, 1200x800, 85e4dbc922f61e71x.jpg)

>put makeup on a monkey
>still looks like a monkey

dota but esport whores are the worst

No. 14010

File: 1434759573554.jpg (27.21 KB, 599x337, 41869.jpg)

She literally does her team's laundry and cooks their food and cleans up after them. That's all she does. That is an esports manager.

She also sucks the carry's cock of course. Even though he is bald and is playing horribly now, I still don't know why he would hook up with a girl who already had a baby with another white gamer.

No. 14011

But she's hot.

No. 14012

Are any of these people even good. Not just decent, but GOOD?

No. 14013

go look at her insta, ill sob stories now. its good

No. 14014

sounds… pretty normal to me, anon. any actual drama?

No. 14015

Wait….. someone on this Chan thinks Kellymilkies is hot ?? Wtf. Shit like this makes me want to just quit this board.

And Kelly is the worst thing to happen to dota. She is a shit caster and I'm so fucking glad Alliance has gone to shit. Almost as bad as that other fat ugly Asian chock who stole from cancer kids. Dota drama sure is delicious

No. 14016

She deleted the pics. Think I have one screen cap. It was pretty much like she posted the texts of her boyfriend dumping her and a bunch of random sad my life is over pics

No. 14017

she's got a twitch now. her streaming schedule is on her instagram (Ahripop).


No. 14018

File: 1437508465556.png (46.36 KB, 623x460, lol.PNG)

Just wanted to post this since I made it lol
It's Annedere btw top one her apology to Momosweetcosplay/Ahripop w/e name she uses and the second one her description in her YT video

No. 14019

>>14018 what yt vid

No. 14020

File: 1437553855775.jpg (99.9 KB, 640x960, 10991473_410952469078966_66853…)

How could you all forgot the goddess? Yes that's a fiddlesticks.
I wish I could post all the att whores from my country but fuck, there are so many… I'm specially mad with the ones that doesn't even play the fucking game.

No. 14021

File: 1437553935614.jpg (92.41 KB, 960x640, 11351184_450037208503825_50725…)

forget* fuck

No. 14022

Who is this O:? Although she seems the Jessica Nig attention type shes pretty fucking cute

No. 14023

File: 1437557263637.jpg (46.07 KB, 486x788, 11391182_447321982108681_28727…)

Danielle Beaulieu. She is literally a Jnig wannabe. She is cute yeah, but she talks shit about everyone all the time.
This one is from her 'professional' page. She isn't a stripper or something like that though, just a cosplayer, so I don't get why post photos like this.

No. 14024

(the video itself is just a pic, you have to look at the description)

No. 14025

No. 14026

to steal the neckbearded fans from the aforementioned Jnig?

No. 14027

File: 1437565971408.jpg (77.64 KB, 1250x833, 11074167_430065007167712_26839…)


No. 14028


Well Jnig is getting older and looks rough so she'll be taking over her spotlight in no time.

No. 14029

File: 1437566279297.jpg (74.86 KB, 1000x662, 10339503_1042718372419807_6328…)

yeah i get it, fiora would totally throw herself on the floor and try to be sexy while at it

No. 14030

That looks a lil painful actually squashed boobs. I dont get why these girls do this do they get money for it or something? cant be cheap doing those cosplays-however bad they may be.

No. 14031

File: 1437572236262.jpg (80.35 KB, 640x960, 1451418_1056297784395199_62724…)

It IS cheap when all you do is get clothes from your closet, a wig and call it a cosplay (this one is not even hers, it's from a friend who whore herself out too)

No. 14032

File: 1437573587033.jpg (34.1 KB, 320x480, luna-320x480.jpg)

What about the one who said that the Momocon staff was harassing her while she was wearing this?

No. 14033

File: 1437579348038.jpg (83.67 KB, 640x960, 11755725_10154225272779657_544…)

Can we talk about the ones that aren't exactly whores but say openly that they are doing the cosplay only for the attention, (that they don't like the game, they don't like the fanbase and they don't play it at all) enter a contest from riot with said cosplay and basically wins it, taking out the opportunity of people who really enjoy the game?

No. 14034

File: 1437581005331.jpg (50.1 KB, 480x720, 11745928_1056852684339709_4953…)

She makes Janna look like a prostitute. I'm going to vomit.

No. 14035

uhh what? you mean people who enjoy making costumes/cosplaying and are good enough to win contests?

dont be so salty

No. 14036


Even if a cosplayer doesn't play the game I have no problem with people who cosplay amazing like that. Most of the time if they do admit that they don't play it I don't think theres anything wrong with it. Jessica Nigri though is another story >_>

No. 14037

I like that guy in the green shirt's reaction lol. Its a nice costume though. You don't have to play a game to cosplay something. that just sounds elitist in a neckbeard way

No. 14038

I'm salty because with this costume she took the opportunity from people who really enjoy the game to know riot's head office.

Well she says the contrary though. And no, the costume isn't soo good. This picture makes it look fantastic, but in normal pictures there is a lot of things wrong with it.

No. 14039

Also yeah you don't have to play, but what about the fact that she says all the time how much she hates the game and everyone who plays it?

No. 14040

Someone sounds extremely salty, calm down. The costume looks really impressive with the stilts(? or whatever she used?)

A cosplay contest is based off of craftsmanship, NOT how much you like a character.

No. 14041


There we go. Yall other anons salty you didn't win something because youre a bigger fan boy/fan girl than other people. It doesnt give you special privilege to win a competition lmao.

No. 14042

Really? because that's what cosplay used to be. You watch, read or play a thing and then are inspired to show your love for it by making a costume. If I spoke to someone who had a nice outfit but never played the game it's from, I would shame them so hard. What's even the point? I want to have a conversation about the thing we both like, esp if we're cosplaying from the same fandom.

No. 14043

They are literally the cancer killing what cosplay used to be 6-7 years ago.

No. 14044

My point is: why would you enter a contest promoted for something that you already said that you hate? Are sou e-fame hungry?

No. 14045

Whether you believe me or not, I'm friends with some of the major content creators for league (not lily). And from what I've heard of interactions between lily and 1 of them, lily will only talk about herself in calls, will moan and groan about her diet and how she's trying to get skinnier, and talk shit about other content creators/pro players in group calls.

No. 14081

i actually believe that lol.
any deets on who she talks about?

No. 28724

Yo I helped out with a League streaming event recently and Meteos was one of the special guests. The poor guy spend the entire afterparty on his phone/hiding away in the house the party was at to avoid this 6/10 asian girl who was practically grabbing for his dick. I felt really bad for him, he clearly just wanted her to leave him alone so he could enjoy the party but she kept following him everywhere.

No. 28786

I'm gonna be a league whore one day. I play on an average, wouldn't say I'm the best but I really enjoy the game. Cosplay is my thing too just need a better computer for streaming.
(doing it for the attention and money)

No. 34140

more like lied about it and molested a guy at fanime

No. 75760

Isn't she the one who has a boyfriend AND a husband?

No. 75761

But Janna IS a prostitue

No. 76087

File: 1451375875343.jpg (374.15 KB, 1215x717, Lulu_0.jpg)

fucking gamer gurlz (not the same as girl gamers) make it that we all get thrown in with them when you're female and a gamer/cosplayer.
>cosplaying as Lulu because I like her, not some kind of slutted up version, just her original version
>casual gamer, not in the ranks or anything, I'm not particulary good but I like playing for fun
>some famous pro-gamer guy immediately labels me as an attention whore gamer gurl because I don't know who he is
How am I trying to attention whore wearing a huge triangle and a hat covering half my face?

No. 76134

>cosplaying as Lulu because I like her, not some kind of slutted up version, just her original version
Sounds like your a special snowflake who wants to be treated differently because "I'm not like the other girls!!"

No. 76200


i guess im a future league whore.
im plat 5, not the best by far but pretty well above the average. im thinking of dressing up as katarina or a slutty version of a poro because ive been working out too damn hard to not show myself off. of course nothing would be hanging out, but legs and a bit of tummy would be showing.
i enjoy the game and enjoy feeling cute.
does that make me a whore? if it does, it doesn't really matter as long as you feel good and you're having fun.

No. 76388

you just started typing as soon as you read the first sentence, didn't you?

No. 76390

when exactly did I say "I'm not like other girls"? When I said it's not a slutty cosplay? Or when I said actual girl gamers get thrown in with "gamer gurlz"? Or are you implying an actual gamer is the same as someone having their tits out and having their webcam screen bigger than their gaming screen?
you sound upset. Is it because being a slut isn't giving you all the attention you want?

No. 76395


Anon included that detail because ~gamur grrrls~ would be much more likely to go for a more revealing cosplay because they'd get more attention that way. Not because they think they're special for it.
Jesus fucking christ, context.


Rise above, anon. Rise above.

It was a retarded post, but getting so defensive about it isn't making you look much better.

No. 76416

If you're gonna be a slut don't blog about it in the thread. And if you are, link Instagram so we can laugh.

No. 76433


don't talk about it !!! just link!!!!!! im thirsty !!!


No. 77837

File: 1451971863590.png (802.86 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Is it me or did she write tsm to hide the blurryness because she shooped her boobs? That and she wants attention to them. Idk she was mentioned way early in the thread and have been following her for a while. I thought she was insanely cute u til I saw a picture with makeup on but not applied. (Like when you dab your foundation onto certain spots before spreading it). It made me feel way better that it's mostly makeup that makes her look good. She's relatively thin though. But yeah, any thoughts ?

No. 78125

thanks for being sane, anon

No. 78126

Holy shit, that drag tool is too obvious

No. 78365

LOL when your right tit is bigger than your left

must be sad that her hair bends into her arm like that

No. 78711

Shooped as fuck, but who is she? never heard of

No. 78713

Really? why?

No. 78791


That's her personal. She was posted earlier in this thread, her league account is "kuraichu" iirc

No. 78806

her shoop is terrible and she looks fat in this photo
>baseball cap with that shit wig
>writing tsm over her shooped titties to try and make it look like she didn't shoop them
man these whores are dumb as fuck.

No. 78825

File: 1452278128092.png (559.28 KB, 919x546, jfcwhy.png)

oh right, the super gamer gurl who wont mess with basic fuk bois

No. 78830

File: 1452280050244.png (849.48 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Used to think she was so pretty when she had black hair and makeup. I wanted to be that skinny with huge boobs (I mean I'm thin but not stick thin with water balloon boobs). But after seeing this picture and the one I posted before I now know how much makeup and photoshop helps to make you look fuckable

No. 78893

does she not blend her makeup?

No. 328363

File: 1496492923860.png (449.38 KB, 800x400, lilypichurealchange.png)

Lilypichu: Before/after she discovered circle lenses XD(Necromancy)

No. 338631

Delete this. Loda is cute sexy boy.(necromancy)

No. 338812

I know she clearly stuffed it, but not amount of stuff can put that much cleavage on supposed mosquito bites, unless she's painting on cleavage and boob fat, I have C boobs and I can't even make myself look like I have that much cleavage no matter how much I stuff and press them together

No. 338814

>replying to a 2-year old comment

No. 341147

My guess is that you just have weird tits. Iam able to do that with a B cup. And even with an A cup a while back.

No. 1273019

File: 1625676762128.jpg (497.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210707-113706_Ins…)

This is the biggest piece of shit I've ever met in my entire life,she's only after money an is a fucking hobosexual,she'll take everything from you,she has an only fans too,ill share it later if you guys would like but she isn't worth any money in my pocket.

Shes a liar,an twist stories that involve her an other ppl to fit her own fucking agenda an to not look bad in all scenarios.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1273040

Kiwifarms retard learn to integrate and read the rules

No. 1273052

This place should really keep on keeping on with its scrote-friendly modding. Soon every post will be femcel/moid vendetta like this.

No. 1273244

File: 1625703652437.jpeg (90.98 KB, 609x429, 2221D51B-9804-413B-9750-D3DB04…)

Unfortunately it’s a girl, evidenced by this dumbass not knowing how to crop her screenshots. Not-so-anon, you’re too cute to be so petty.

No. 1273340

nta but, certainly people with fake profile pics don't exist, lol.

No. 1273448

this is literally itslikelymakeup's photo lmao

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