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File: 1628261838113.png (4.97 MB, 2272x2712, bella2.png)

No. 1292225

ISABELLA LORETTA JANKE was involved in attempting to cause Christian Weston Chandler to end his own life, to extort money from him, and possibly coerced him into raping his mother. She was the person Chris is talking to in the tapes in which he admits to having sex with his mother. (which was leaked first by another party and then by ILJ in a form which she thought was more favorable to her.)

She has already been involved, on the Texas Tech Campus, in allegedly causing the suicide of another student and appears to have a wide track record of sociopathic behavior and involvement in a variety of illegal and disturbing acts including abusing animals and selling prescription medications.

It seems that the call may have been recorded and retained for blackmail purposes and then when shared by another Chris orbiter who leaked it out of panic, Bella then panicked herself and went into damage control mode spinning off the saga that we have today.

No. 1292226

File: 1628261968130.png (88.18 KB, 604x532, bella_chris.png)

Just gonna dump some images.

Here is proof that Isabella is the Bella that was talking to Chris, from Chris himself.

No. 1292227

File: 1628262070161.png (414.89 KB, 1093x495, bella_dog.png)

No. 1292228

File: 1628262099194.png (18.46 KB, 307x120, bella_seething.png)

She anticipated to be celebrated like a god for her epic trolling.

No. 1292229

File: 1628262137483.png (85.74 KB, 770x678, bella_bragging.png)

No. 1292230

File: 1628262197290.png (744.16 KB, 816x958, bella3.png)

A post she had made on reddit to fish for compliments cause she was "not like bitchy girls".

No. 1292231

is this srs the first and only thread that has been made about her yet, I don't bother waiting for everything I just read on kiwi farms to be posted here, and they are just fuckiung jerking it to her massive knockers on 4 chad. Hide your massive cock, No more knocker talk, I wanna bitch talk about her actions.(sage your shit)

No. 1292232

File: 1628262369973.png (Spoiler Image, 597.45 KB, 2560x1190, pedo_shit.png)

Pedo-shit from her twitter

No. 1292233

fucking finally, thank you. now you sperg's can stay here instead of crowding up the chris-chan thread.

No. 1292234

File: 1628262520340.png (107.73 KB, 544x820, discord_leaks1.png)

No. 1292235

about that discord chat, wtf was that massive hate message that lous frogman send to Bella about? does anyone have it. So is isabella trans?

No. 1292236

File: 1628262696533.png (102.45 KB, 1311x444, bella_on_g.png)

Bella posting on lolcow.farm trying to put all the blame on the autistic chick, Fiona.

No. 1292237

File: 1628263936966.png (624.51 KB, 1216x648, max.png)

The doxhund (named because Bella was doxed through this dog) Max, who she let live in complete filth until his paws had to be amputated and he was put down.

No. 1292238

File: 1628264228788.png (436.08 KB, 784x4896, bella_celebrating.png)

full screenshot of this conversation between Bella and Fiona

No. 1292239

File: 1628264468358.png (57.34 KB, 774x452, lesbian_incel.png)

Bella is also a lesbian.

No. 1292240

File: 1628264553772.png (576.88 KB, 2268x1412, bella_fiona.png)

No. 1292241

Bella was supposedly interested in Fiona and wanted to "steal" her away from CWC. Was she pissed that Fiona preferred him over her?

No. 1292242

In the tapes you can hear her trying to convince Chris to date Fiona, so I doubt it. I think she used Fiona in her trolling plans to get a tape of two autistics pumping uglies that she would then use to extort both of them and release to become the ultimate CWC troll.

No. 1292243

I think it was the message that Louis wanted to send to Chris before he killed himself.

No. 1292244

Well done Bella, you’ve earned yourself your own thread and ruined any chance at a normal future. Yikes

No. 1292245

See, I don't get where kf is getting the dog abuse from. If they're extrapolating from the hamster murdering statements are they sure that wasn't just edgy banter on the discord? I mean she talks about eating it and I doubt they're tasty.

No. 1292246

Dogs paws were infected due to neglect then amputated and eventually he was put down altogether.

No. 1292247

You know, for a lesbian, she acts like a pedophile scrote on the precipice of an hero. Those beady psychopath eyes tell me all I need to know. Congrats on your fantastic failure, you've ruined your life and your family's life at such a young age. It's almost impressive how retarded and sure of herself she is. Put it under a cup and watch it squirm.

No. 1292248

Ok she deserves a thread but can we stop blaming her for Chris chan raping his mom?? The only good thing she did was leak the logs and get him arrested. That's a net positive imo, even if she's a cringey edgelord otherwise

No. 1292249

fuck her, she has done enough collective mental and actual damage

No. 1292250

You say that, but where's the evidence that's what happened? Where was Max getting neglected? In the TTU dorms? The floor looked ok. In her glowie parents' million+ dollar house/s? KF are just making shit up for whatever "we are anonymous, fear us 2003" faggotry at this stage because they're sadface about losing CWC.

No. 1292254

I knew saying Bella three times in the mirror would work!

No. 1292255

File: 1628266612874.jpg (68.16 KB, 701x567, 1628253214611.jpg)

No. 1292257

Ayrt, I honestly don’t know. I forgot to add that I was lurking the farms but didn’t find any textual evidence to support the claim besides some screen caps of her holding the supposed dog. So don’t take it out on me, I was just relaying the alleged story.

No. 1292258

File: 1628266679036.png (1.24 MB, 2044x1752, gross1.png)

No. 1292260

File: 1628266801747.png (41.52 KB, 420x400, gross2.png)

very clean but full of roaches apparently

No. 1292261

Samefag, actually there might be evidence but I’m not sifting over 600 or so pages on KF just to find it. Be my guest anons but I don’t think it’s worth it.

No. 1292262

She didn’t leak the logs originally. Fiona did which pissed Her off. Apparently she knew about the abuse and did nothing for a while. I believe reddit randos were the ones that called the cops about the situation. While I agree she didn’t “make” Chris do anything, she didn’t help barb either. And what was released was heavy edited.

No. 1292263

File: 1628266895594.png (Spoiler Image, 361.12 KB, 580x1099, 1628250228075.png)

No. 1292266

File: 1628267094686.png (1 MB, 1137x1104, gross3.png)

No. 1292267

I think this is just bantz, anon. Roaches hiding in burgers and biting you when you eat them?

No. 1292269

Chris Chan drama really attracts the scrotes, like flies on shit. Nobody cares about this woman, stop trying to blame women for CC being an autistic lunatic.

No. 1292270

Bella didn't get Chris arrested. She had no issue with Barb getting raped, was actually encouraging it and telling Fiona to not leak the call because she wanted to use it to blackmail Chris. Bella even faked a screenshot of her calling 911 to get her to back off. But Fiona leaked it anyway because she was suspicious and wanted to do the right thing.

No one is blaming Bella for Chris' actions, but she could have stopped this whole ordeal sooner. Instead she was busy pretending to be an epic troll.

No. 1292273

File: 1628267288834.png (22.16 KB, 1024x94, furry.png)

No. 1292274

File: 1628267311430.png (208.08 KB, 419x424, 1610263889936.png)

No. 1292275

File: 1628267447159.png (74.69 KB, 741x544, psychopath.png)

Still feeling indestructible?

No. 1292276

to who lol? sage your stupid shit

No. 1292279

Something tells me that KF would be applauding Bella's actions if she were a male.

No. 1292280

She does seem to be an actual psychopath or at least on that spectrum. It still doesn't mean it's open season on her torturing the dog. If it was put to sleep as the logs suggest (and not just 'disappeared') then surely the vet would've seen signs of neglect/abuse?

No. 1292281

Trolling plans are explicitly forbidden on KF. But thanks for repeating word for word what one of Bella's Socks said on KF, confirming you are here to wk yourself.(hi cow)

No. 1292283

Not her. Go back to KF, scrote.

No. 1292284

exactly what ethnicity is this swarthy jew meant to be?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1292285

Not gonna dox her parents cause its against the rules, but they unironically work for the Secret Service.

No. 1292287

File: 1628268000264.gif (512.82 KB, 700x394, 1604409493111.gif)

No. 1292288

In a way it’s good that all this shit happened and it was revealed who she was and what she’s doing online. She was well on her way to becoming the next Bianca Devins

No. 1292291

File: 1628268329646.png (1.89 MB, 1778x944, fanfic.png)

father-son pedo incest fanfic she wrote

No. 1292293

I still think people should quit calling her “Isabella Janke” or “Isabella Loretta Janke” - she goes by “Bella Janke” and googling that name needs to bring up the farms rather than some article she plagiarized about machine learning.

No. 1292294

Why couldn’t she target Onision while at it? She’s barely legal, more feminine than Lainey, smaller tits and kewl 1337 h4x0rz, or was she too ugly for his standards?

No. 1292295

The Max neglect and the hamster boiling where dug up by KF in the Discord leak dump. The zip of the dump is posted on the KF thread, screenshots of the text in question is on there too but I don’t want to read through it to find them again. It was posted within the last day though.

No. 1292298

File: 1628269122468.jpeg (117.68 KB, 750x926, 29DF060E-B5DD-485D-A783-09BCEF…)

Samefag, here’s the max neglect because I’m stupid and decided to dig it up anyway. I’m not posting the boiling hamster pics though.

No. 1292302

File: 1628269633296.jpeg (525.45 KB, 3000x1684, 1550766958470-18920626-1.jpeg)

The zip is linked in the OP. Having said that… there is a picture of boiling hamsters there??? What the fuck, I'm glad I didn't download it. That's more horrifying than expected. I want to a-log Bella Janke so bad.
Don't compare Bianca to that turd, AFAIK she didn't do anything so heinous as Bella Janke's deads. Bella is much more like Lindsay Souvannarath, down to the unwashed, pimply skin, edginess and complete stupidity covered by narcissm. They would make a match made in hell.

No. 1292304

la creatura…

No. 1292305

File: 1628269964536.jpg (Spoiler Image, 730.55 KB, 1720x2816, jesuschrist.jpg)

No milk just autism. Drawn after she got her adderall I think. Spoilered for unfiltered edge lmao.
I thought of this ho a soon as Bella's pics started getting posted. Same pockmarks, making stupid decisions.

No. 1292306

True anon. I didn’t mean it in a bad way to Bianca. I just meant that hanging out with incel scrotes can be very dangerous.

No. 1292307

My bad anon, I think I thought Fiona and Bella were the same person this whole time. Thank you for explaining

No. 1292308

File: 1628270849286.png (849.53 KB, 913x914, oh how far we have fallenn.PNG)

No. 1292311

As if she's not always looking for male approval too, kek

No. 1292312

File: 1628271468700.png (95.52 KB, 887x832, april012021.PNG)

Before any of the Chris shit, Bella and Louize had to nuke their previous 'chess club' server because they got caught up in harassing a trans kid who may or may not have off'd themselves. This only happened earlier this year

No. 1292315

Shrodinger's hamster for me then because I'm not downloading that shit. Still unconvinced that max was tortured/neglected but obviously she's fucked up enough in the head to have done it.

No. 1292318

File: 1628271795603.png (127.16 KB, 1376x899, april022021.PNG)

She has strong feelings about bisexuals

No. 1292319

pretty fucking based ngl

No. 1292322

Imagine caring this much about someone’s sexuality. Bisexuals want attention? What about chicks who cow tip autists and try to publicly humiliate them for fun.

No. 1292323

this is an autistic nitpick but her claims about being a ~hacker~ and "hacking" chris' bank account are laughable. chris is a retard and he probably just handed her the password or she was able to answer the security questions with whatever she gleaned from him.

but y'know, ~~~~~hacker~~~~~~. no hacker would associate their face with this and leave such a messy trail.

No. 1292325

If she meant 'social engineering' side of hacking then I guess it applies. She is the spawn of glowies.

No. 1292326

File: 1628272693682.png (32.2 KB, 850x241, 14813033-71AF-4DE5-95F7-434EB7…)

No. 1292327

File: 1628272736250.png (88.8 KB, 639x987, april272021.PNG)

I mean, that is hacking
She's also claimed to have some password cracking programs, I'll try to find it

No. 1292329

File: 1628272836143.png (8.02 KB, 648x104, 1628211894931.png)

So Bella Janke's Navy Seal ex-CIA father is showing her Native American porn?

No. 1292332

This girl is what all “based fujo” lolcow, cc, and kf posters come off as. Feels like looking in a mirror kek and a good reminder to never leak your face, college, or real name

No. 1292334

File: 1628273106481.png (155 KB, 698x820, 1628212453357.png)

Bella Janke is faking vaccine cards.

No. 1292336

Was the student that Bella pushed to suicide a man or a woman? Because if it was the former I don’t really care tbh

No. 1292337

if i understand what i've read on kf, it was a FTM. so a bio woman.

No. 1292339

Before Chris she exclusively harassed women and animals.

No. 1292340

File: 1628273717081.jpg (48.71 KB, 802x736, camera.jpg)

Here is Bella talking about Fiona. Maybe she wanted to cuck Chris.

No. 1292344

At least the fujos aren't into loli shit.

No. 1292346

File: 1628274019799.png (312.12 KB, 478x805, 1628209961288.png)

Bella says that she simps for Fiona. She's also a hacker on lolcow farm!

No. 1292354

File: 1628274295322.png (29.37 KB, 570x307, 1628210619350.png)

Bella Janke drug dealing.

No. 1292355

File: 1628274442266.png (850.83 KB, 1528x5202, bellaisashitfriend.png)

from their pre-Chris troubles: Bella has always been a shit friend who throws people under the bus

No. 1292356

She comes off as an incredibly insecure girl with a lot of internalized misogyny/self hate who got too into their edgy incel 4chan culture imho.

Seems like the type to self claim sociopathy and say/try to do edgy things online as a defense against having to face their own insecurity, but in reality is just very emotionally immature/stunted. She's an attention whore of a different kind, pretty garden variety in an environment like 4chan.

Bitch love yourself better if you're seeing yourself in this cringe

No. 1292359

Bella was in love with Fiona, but Fiona isn't gay and had a Chris fetish so… Bella was cucked by Chris

No. 1292361

he finally had a girl who wanted to bump uglies with him and he went for his mother… What the fucking hell is this timeline

No. 1292367

File: 1628275157646.png (175.63 KB, 683x916, hm.png)

Her next target was Null

No. 1292368

The darkest one, anon.

No. 1292374

File: 1628275435200.jpg (43.6 KB, 457x928, cuntcookies2.jpg)

>I'm the best internet troll in the world!
>Gorl powrr!

No. 1292380

File: 1628275575061.jpg (68.34 KB, 797x969, cuntcookies3.jpg)

No. 1292391

Holy fuck she her lips are dry. Congratulations on ruining any chance of a future though, Bella.

No. 1292395

File: 1628276569941.png (57.62 KB, 604x566, uncle.png)

No. 1292396

File: 1628276630683.png (245.75 KB, 493x581, luizcibfur1.png)

No. 1292397

File: 1628276680669.png (244.86 KB, 546x646, cbn.png)

Bella lusting after Louis' cat, Goober.

No. 1292401

"She's just doing the girl-boss thing. the gaslight, the gatekeep, eat hot chips and wine(whine)"

No. 1292407

Who is this autist

No. 1292409

What is this horrible tranny word salad, please fuck off with your no name YouTube channel

No. 1292412

So far, Bella:
>talked a fellow student in Texas Tech into committing suicide.
>manipulated an autistic woman, got her involved with Chris Chan and now she is in a psych ward.
>purposely let a dog's paws get infected, amputated his legs and then euthanized him.
>boiled hamsters.
>sold drugs to her classmates.
>encouraged the rape of an 80 year old woman by her own son.
>hacked into a disabled person's bank account and stole money from him.
>draws child pornography as a hobby.
>is into pedophilia, incest, scat and bestiality.
>was evicted for planting cameras in her roommates' bedrooms.

What am I missing?

No. 1292413

>"collected lost IDs" and used it to defraud someone at least once
>fabricated COVID vaccine cards for her whole family

No. 1292414

She's the same age as those kids who stabbed their friend for slenderman so she's still only in 3rd place.

No. 1292416

>Because if it was the former I don’t really care tbh
Proving this site has many people just like Bella

No. 1292427

Thank you for pointing this out, when I saw this thread she really reminded me of Lindsay

No. 1292436

File: 1628279807629.png (134.53 KB, 602x744, nazishit.png)

bullshitting her friends about being related to nazis ("Alexander Jahnke" doesn't show up in WW2 records)

No. 1292438

Kek, just looking at her and knowing she has a vaguely German last name, I would bet my right tit that this girl is jewish. The obsession with nazis fits with that as well.

No. 1292444

When all this stuff started coming out I thought her manipulating Chris was the only secret she had and figured she would go crying to her parents immediately for emotional support… now I think she’s told nothing to her parents and is praying they don’t find out. There’s no way they fully know what sort of person she really is, and the proof is in the fact that they haven’t disowned her yet.

No. 1292445

They are FEDs, they will probably congratulate her on her great work and she will immediately get a placement in the agency to step into their footsteps. Entrapping mentally retarded people into crimes and then getting them arrested is literally their job.

No. 1292446

LMFAO she really is the second coming of Lindsay Souvannarath

No. 1292457

yeah, as much as i wish otherwise… i highly doubt she's going to catch any actual shit for this IRL. her parents are spooks with money and they haven't reeled her in or cut her off yet, doubt they ever will. they might not know about this, but they have to know about her getting evicted from her dorms and the other shit that went down at texas tech.

speaking of which, why in the FUCK is she going to texas tech if her parents have money?

No. 1292462

It's on the other farms, but her dad deleted his Twitter like, yesterday or day before. They know at least some of this mess.

No. 1292464

Because she’s not very smart and probably couldn’t cut it for at least UT Austin. Honestly with rich spooks like her parents, she would’ve gone to Yale or Harvard which probably would have given her protection like with the Bush and Clinton families.

No. 1292465

Kleptomaniac who steals bath bombs from Lush for her blue moon baths kek.

No. 1292466

File: 1628283343704.png (511.24 KB, 712x4072, bellaleakin.png)

Compelling evidence that Bella fabricated the "BDSM" texts
>leaked directly to Chris's friends while they were putting pressure on her to explain things
>wouldn't publicly leak it herself, also wants no 'clout'
>keeps deflecting to Fiona who she's been trying to set up from the start
>reads like Bella's nasty fanfics

No. 1292468

I think it's kek worthy:
>is a fujo who writes naruto incest porn

No. 1292470

>psychopathic lesbian femcel
She'd fit right in here(sage your shit)

No. 1292474

She'd fit right in at some eastern european black site torturing people who got 'extraordinarily renditioned' off a street.

No. 1292492

>possibly coerced him into raping his mother

I'm sorry but how does someone coerce a man into raping his mother? are we really blaming a woman for a man's disgusting actions?

No. 1292500

it's giving me the dyke in the abu ghraib leaks

No. 1292514


i dont agree with the people who say she coerced that pig. chris was already raping his mother, she didnt convince him. the main issue was that chris told her he was raping his mother, and this girl didnt do anything. she actually said it was good and that if God told him to do it he should keep doing it. the person who leaked the phone calls and texts werent Bella, they were a different girl. Bella knew Chris was raping his mother and not only didnt care, but told him it was fine cause she didnt give a shit about Barbara. She didnt want to leak it, she wanted to use it as blackmail later for more money. A different girl involved heard that chris was raping his mother and immediately leaked everything cause she was terrified. Bella didnt tell the police, so she knew chris was still raping barbara and didnt give a shit.

People are indeed being very misleading by saying she forced him to do it though. But she is still fucked in the head for not calling the cops and actively telling chris to keep raping her suffering mother. She didnt care about Barabara being abused, cause she thought it was all a game and thats some psycho shit, hence the thread.

No. 1292516

Lyndie England was based though

No. 1292519

It's always the ones who think they're oh, so, indestructible.(sage your shit)

No. 1292523

She also has written father/son incest fan fics so it isn’t a stretch to say she may have gotten some sexual gratification out of hearing what Chris had done.

No. 1292525

Null said he noticed money leaving barbs bank randomly when he watched over Chris's emails, right? And this retard said he was paying her, right? (Not sure if it's actually confirmed he gave her money or if that was just her plan?)

What are the chances of barbs money going to her? That'd be another reason for her not to want this to get out and that'd hold some more legal value if there was a papertrail showing she was profiting off the elder abuse, no?

No. 1292533

Fujos are disgusting and need to be gassed

No. 1292534

File: 1628288214172.jpeg (118.87 KB, 1011x1347, 1623332288871.jpeg)

She also kind of looks like the girl who stole Pelosi's laptop, Riley June Williams. She was an edgy /pol/tard pick-me, too. In spite of her worshiping them, they hated her a lot and leaked her nudes, personal life details she posted on Reddit, doxxed her, etc.
There needs to be a name for this archetype, I think. "NLOG", "pick-me", and "e-girl" aren't fitting enough. They all have this "look" and sort of personality about them.

No. 1292537

I agree she is a terrible person and totally fucked in the head. I just don't think we should be trying to blame a rapists' actions on someone else. the only way she could even coerce him to do that would be if she held a gun to his head and made him do it but that didn't happen.

No. 1292538

No. 1292539


I don't think he was coerced, but I can see how people could think that. He's fuckin retarded? like he's horribly autistic and probably has some mental illnesses wrapped up in there too, It wouldn't be hard.

I'm not surprised a ridiculously autistic person who was terminally online and who 4chan took a personal interest in turned into a mom rapist. I doubt he would have turned out this badly had he not been exposed to all these fuckin weirdos that took a personal interest in him.

No. 1292540

Didn't she have abnormally high testosterone from taking steroids when she was younger? Makes sense she'd have the thoughts of a troon/homosexual incel, constantly seething about bisexual woman.

No. 1292541

No one is blaming her for his actions, but it remains to be seen how involved she was in his actions. Without her psycho influence, would Chris gone all the way with his mom? That's all we wanna know
I'm sure once the private logs between Chris and Bella are leaked we'll have our answer to that (and this bitch was sloppy AF, so they WILL be leaked)

No. 1292542

>No one is blaming her for his actions

It literally says right in the OP that she coerced him into raping his mom, anon.

> I doubt he would have turned out this badly had he not been exposed to all these fuckin weirdos that took a personal interest in him.

Maybe not but I honestly don't care, if someone is fucked up enough that he can be manipulated into raping his senile mom he might as well take all the blame.

No. 1292543

Accusing coercion =/= blaming for actions?

No. 1292544

Do you know what coercion means?

No. 1292546


>and possibly coerced him into raping his mother.

Do you know what possibly mean, dumbass? Fuck off

No. 1292547

Okay so she's only possibly responsible for a man raping his senile mother. That makes a huge difference, thank you anon.

No. 1292554

his parents should be blamed for never getting their mentally ill retarded son any help and releasing him onto the world, fortunately it wasn't a random girl that got victimized.

No. 1292563

Lots of mentally ill retarded women who never got any help have gone their whole lives without raping their moms. Perhaps this elderly, dementia-ridden woman did not deserve to get raped by her tranny son regardless of whether or not she failed his mental health needs.

No. 1292567

Agree. Some kinda narc/beta/autist/pick-me hybrid but with actual evil tendencies thrown in. All three also pose as so clever and manipulative but they wouldn’t have done these things if they weren’t performing for an audience of incels. Bleak life to live.

No. 1292571

File: 1628291664150.png (3.47 MB, 1080x7694, bumble.png)

Bella's Bumble

No. 1292579

These texts are not at all written in the way Chris talks. Compare it to the way he spoke to Null at the very least and it's clear it's fabricated.

No. 1292582

The third pic is photoshopped, right?

No. 1292584

No she's just naturally that blurry

No. 1292590

Yeah, kf confirmed them to be fake in an update.

No. 1292594

File: 1628294594968.jpeg (73.27 KB, 752x818, 6947DD99-3481-43C8-AB50-A87E07…)

Last pic same vibes

No. 1292596

Sorry, are we allowed to post YouTube links? I've read a lot but this kinda caught me up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJdd49Mi5Ok(embed)

No. 1292602

> Lyndie England was based though

Love how this thread is bringing out all the psychos on the farm like flies to fresh shit.

No. 1292603

4chan pick-mes are like a sorority from hell, they all have the same bad skin, greasy lank hair and cold dead eyes.

No. 1292607

mean girls but fugly

ween girls

No. 1292613


of course she's a yaoi fangirl. Two sentences in and I low-key wanna die

No. 1292630

She’s not responsible for Chris fucking his mom but she’s a worthless piece of shit. This is what happens when idiots larp as edgelords

No. 1292631

Learn to sage if you aren't added anything useful or new.

No. 1292632


Too fat for gurgle.

No. 1292638

Can someone explain to me why they started the “chess club” in the first place? Like they make a club, but don’t actually play chess and just use the discord to talk about child porn and killing animals, but then also on the discord they’re talking about how they need to play chess so people don’t catch on to the club being fake. Why didn’t they just not have a club and make a discord to be all demented in anyway?

No. 1292639

File: 1628303913426.png (1.02 MB, 1200x675, Glowie.png)

Kiwifarms is currently down due to a DDOS.

Glowie arc confirmed.

No. 1292641

They're not terminally online and famous enough to attract sociopaths who fuck around with them for shits and giggles either. We get it, you hate men, but Chris is the most famous (literal) retard on the internet, it's not a huge leap to consider this twisted bitch might have suggested some stupid shit to him.

No. 1292642

for resume purposes? extracurriculars can help with scholarships or entry jobs, especially if you're the club executive/vp/whatever

No. 1292643

They had that but they had to nuke it earlier this year after it devolved into receipts of their harassment and actual repercussions.

No. 1292648

TTU is pretty shit. UTD is a better choice for CompSci (barring UT Austin/even A&M), but as the other anon said, she's dumb as shit, and her parents probably gave up on her. If she's this much of a sociopath online, she's probably an even bigger sociopath at home.

No. 1292649

Forgot, kills small animals for fun

No. 1292650

Because mate, they're very fucking stupid and very keen on the idea of convuluted gayops. It's as simple as that

No. 1292652

The fuck is up with Lubbock? Most degenerate fucking human beings ever located there.

No. 1292653

Was waiting for his long it would take for moids to pin the blame on some woman. as repulsive as she is it doesn't take a literal retard to know raping your ma is bad

No. 1292657

No. 1292659

No one itt has said that. Stop trying to derail.

No. 1292661

I don't think people should be on his defense because we have proof of his creepy feelings and actions towards his mom for a long time but this bitch 100% had a hand in egging him on.

No. 1292674

Back in my day sage meant shit ain’t good enough. Does it just mean shut up now?(sage your shit)

No. 1292678

hello fellow oldfag, it just means you won't 'bump' the 'thread' so sage unless it's important

No. 1292681

File: 1628309571181.jpg (10.08 KB, 274x274, 1586777027665.jpg)

Oh no not the fake vaccine cards!
The humanity!(sage your shit)

No. 1292688

File: 1628309882025.png (105.93 KB, 768x1024, hlep.png)

Just spent a couple hours reading through the discord leak zip file from kf, and I'm confused about picrelated. (I'm assuming simon918 is also bella, correct?)

She's talking to friends who know her irl so therefore she has no reason to lie to them about her identity bc they know her already, and yet she says stuff like picrel about how all the info kf has, like her full name, family, is wrong and that they only have "one blurry, unrecognizable" photo of her even though going by the timestamp of that message, at that point there had already been multiple pics of the girl assumed to be her posted on the kf thread that had been up for like 2 days by then. I may be a retard, can someone explain what I'm missing here?

No. 1292690

Without a fucking doubt(sage your shit)

No. 1292691

Learn to dilate tranny faggot kys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1292693

too little, too late opsec. Wouldn't be the first time she peppered a discord chat with misinformation about her identity directly to a friend in order to get their story straight. She did it with the shit back in April too, just with more winks and nudges because those friends weren't picking up on it. But Louis is her #1 lackey and knows how to play along by now

No. 1292694

She is a psycho and a liar? She knows all her conversations are being leaked and was probably trying to throw people off.

No. 1292695

File: 1628310459435.jpg (10.3 KB, 182x255, Dewit 2.jpg)


No. 1292696

Will everyone who's NOT Bella learn to fucking sage

No. 1292697

File: 1628310623758.gif (2.75 MB, 330x328, Sinister Sheev.gif)

Nah it's definitely her. Look at all those frantic posts she spammed all in a row? She is panicking

No. 1292700

This girl isn't a complete idiot. She thinks herself a super spy like her glowie daddy. She's definitely just employing the tried and true method of sprinkling lies with truth in ALL CHANNELS (as in even channels where supposedly all the conversationalists are trusted. Obviously she was right to not trust them all since we are looking at these leaks right now). Most of the data kiwifarms has now has been pretty solidly proven, at this point she's just trying to throw people off and she probably expected her messages would be leaked. By August 5th her thread on kf already had at least three different people that knew her irl or from discord coming forward and supplying info. She'd have been dumb to not anticipate more moles.

No. 1292702

c'mon guys she's the "master troll"(sage your shit)

No. 1292703

after reading this entire thread so far……that bitch is nasty…thats all.(sage your shit)

No. 1292704

I believe this was before KF has figured out her real name and dox. They were still working on the impression her name was Kelly and that Bella was a fake name.

No. 1292708

Plus we know Barb was making him spoon with her and shit after the fire, kinda suspect Barb is more involved than people who haven't been following Chris for very long might think.

Chris isnt fit to be in society but I think theres a good chance hes too damaged and mentally ill to fully comprehend what hes done.(sage your shit)

No. 1292713

if he's too damaged to be part of society, how was he able to pay bills? drive? or go to cons? Autism doesn't equal invalid in most instances, unless he was literally non verbal and wearing a helmet, I think he understood it was wrong to fuck barb, and its even damning he concealed it from null.(sage your shit)

No. 1292714

No, he knows it's wrong. Even after it all came out he stole from his mother's account and according to Null spent the money on fucking sex toys and an outfit for that brony con.He's not concerned for Barb because he doesn't give two shits about her.
CC knows it's wrong but does not care. His mother wanting to "spoon" is weird, but that doesn't mean she wants her fat ass almost 40 year old son, who she lives alone with, to fuck her.
CC doesn't care about anyone but himself and he's proved that over and over again. It's not the autism, it's just how he is.
Yes he's mentally ill, but he knows wrong from right.
When he stole from Barb he lied about it, so he knows stealing is wrong but not fucking his own mom?
This girl is fucked for encouraging it and not doing anything about it, along with being disgusting in general.
But CC did what he did because he's an disgusting scrote.

No. 1292715

Yeah but people who fuck their parents have usually been groomed by them, and theres documented evidence of Barb pulling very groomy shit

No. 1292717

Chris, Barb, and Bella are all disgusting and completely self centered and sociopathic.

No. 1292718

and theres people who are sexually abused as a kid who don't go on to rape senile old ladies. Chris is a grown ass man, who knew right from wrong enough to not mention he's fucking barb to null.(sage your shit)

No. 1292722

The spooning shit was like 2014. At this point I think it's fair to say both are terrible, both have deteriorated psychologically, and neither belong out in society.

The more that comes out about bella, the more it sounds like she belongs in that category as well.

No. 1292723

That's a mtf …(sage your shit)

No. 1292724

Is KF down? Was following the original thread there but I can't enter(sage your shit)

No. 1292727

And then there's the whole teasing the identity of his secret lady lover to multiple people and a clear plan for a big reveal at the con to thwart Sockness. This train could have derailed off a completely different track.

No. 1292729

this looks like it was shortly after her conversation with Kiwi Spooky Bones so yeah she is utterly losing her shit. she was fully doxed by that point yes.(sage your shit)

No. 1292730

somehow no(sage your shit)

No. 1292731

kf is down probably because they have been getting DDOSed by the troons for weeks plus the incest story plus the ilj story plus Chris Chan was on Tucker Carlson tonight so yeah(sage your shit)

No. 1292732

Logs are dated Aug 5. Her real name was known since Aug 1-2

No. 1292733

yep I thought so. in that chat she had just gotten rekt by a kiwi in what was basically an interrogation only she didn't know it. kiwi was playing chess and she was playing tictactoe.(sage your shit)

No. 1292734

when are scrotes gonna realize every fugly chick without makeup isn't mtf?

No. 1292735

If this site goes down too glowops confirmed

No. 1292736

something something autism hypermasculine brain something something face blindness(sage your shit)

No. 1292737

glowpop finally got wind of his baby gorl's antics

No. 1292739

The glowchild finally got the attention she wanted from glowdaddy. Was it worth it Bella, now that your old man knows what kind of demented freak you are?(sage your shit)

No. 1292741

File: 1628313512361.png (18.26 KB, 597x237, pee cola.png)


snooping around the .cc, it looks like they're getting DDoSed again but can't figure out by who yet.

No. 1292742

you're talking out of your ass if you think you can identify their sex with 100% certainty based on that photo alone(sage your shit)

No. 1292744

>you're talking out of your ass if you think you can identify their sex with 100% certainty based on that photo alone

but also
>That's a mtf …

No. 1292745

dad is going to hire a lawyer, get her a name change, and try to hide everything / hope it all goes away. there's never real consequences for these people.

No. 1292748

>She's talking to friends who know her irl so therefore she has no reason to lie to them
Yeah, it's not like Isabella Loretta Janke would tell lies to irl "friends" such as "my parents are crackheads" and "im poor" while she's getting constant hundos from her mom and let's not mention what her parents jobs are… Oh, wait.(sage your shit)

No. 1292751

The moral of the story here is to never get involved with people like chris.(subjectfag)

No. 1292752

She isn't like butt ugly and seems to come from a rich and decent family. What causes someone to become this level of histrionic?

No. 1292754

4chan and being a literal sociopath(sage your shit)

No. 1292755

What do her parents do? Im out of the loop on that. She rich?(sage your shit)

No. 1292756

assuming bella keeps her head down after this, like she was in witness protection keep your head down, then yeah, she'll probably skate.

thing is, barring daddy's gun to glowbaby's head, she's GOING to pop up again. and all this shit will just make the rounds. again.
because bitch is fucking stupid.(sage your shit)

No. 1292757

I didn't make the assumption based on just the photo.(sage your shit)

No. 1292758

coming from a rich family(sage your shit)

No. 1292759

Better pony up for some more plastic surgery and a low profile job hookup to dodge this very expensive fuckup

Her dad is CIA/ex NAVY SEAL (for real real) and step mom is CIA head shrink so…
See above

No. 1292760

Nothing about her family is decent. Glowdaddy spent decades overseeing us government sponsored murder of randos in foreign nations and retired to help other people do government dirty work more efficiently while making millions for himself. 20% of CEOs are sociopaths and it's pretty clear cut that's the case here.

No. 1292761

Nah, she's kinda fugly and wrong looking in photos that aren't taken ten metres away but that's besides the point. I reckon she was molested, as people who were molested as children end up being sex freaks and colossal fuckups(sage your shit)

No. 1292762

>all women no matter what
>always go for the man
nonny please learn to read. she doesn't think women can be bisexual or gay. It's really no wonder she's such a massive pick-me.

Bella wasn't in love. She just wanted to cuck chris and play savior.

>says women only watch porn for men
>says she spends her private time watching porn
>claims to be a lesbian?

No. 1292763

And her bio mom who keeps sending her hundos is a pilot, works for a major American airline(sage your shit)

No. 1292764

by 'watching porn' she means scrolling through loli boards

Also is foxy, also wrote a thesis on Samwise Gamgee being a Christlike figure

No. 1292769

File: 1628315409654.jpg (70.5 KB, 1470x253, dshlj.JPG)

That particular theory does not add up. Think about it:

Imagine you're Louize here, in direct conversation with your friend Bella who you know irl. Suddenly, your friend, who you know irl, tells you:

>"Look how wrong they got it, they think my name is (real name), they think I look like (actual picture of her), they think my parents are (these correct people), stupid huh?"

The only reason you would react with "yeah, that's stupid!" even though you know it's all true is if you're in on a plan to make it look like the information is wrong This means that it is not just Bella, by herself, anticipating the convo being leaked and taking these measures. In order to pull this off believably and make sure her friend, who would be looked at as a "trusted source" on her real identity, reacts in the "correct" way to the accurate doxx, she needs to conspire with him ahead of time.

But how do you make sure that the people reading it will trust that Louize's reactions are honest and trustworthy and not being manipulated? Only one way– Louize has to be the one to leak it. And when he does, to add an extra protective layer to the lie, have him say "Hey, I'm leaking this to you guys, but can you keep my identity a secret? I don't want Bella to know", which is exactly what he did (see picrel)

TLDR; Louize is not a "turncoat leaker", he is in on it.

No. 1292772

that is a literally retarded plan. Theres ways you can leak select discord conversations. Why would you leak the worst of the worst if you're trying to pull a psy-op that it's not really bella?(sage your shit)

No. 1292774

I bet those private DMs between Bella and Louis are a goldmine of incrimination

fucking zoomers

No. 1292775

Because Louize has to be able to hand over something that seems credible. if he only handed over a conversation that says "lol it's not her", it wouldn't seem believable, would it? Also Bella's unhinged, she dgaf about anything she said in the discord, she probably doesn't even care about people seeing her crusty fungus nails as long as she proves it's not really her.(sage your shit)

No. 1292776

because they're retards pretending to be smart. remember the good ol days where trolling was just baiting forums into getting mad? I miss 2008…(sage your shit)

No. 1292778

It's clearly tacked on damage control. Just doesn't seem smart to try to pull off something like this clearly because now her whole life as "ILJ" is absolutely fucked. I don't think a single person here or anywhere buys that it's not her after all the psychotic shit posted. It totally makes sense that is something they would do.

I think that since she's been doxxed, she's really quite scared that she's about to meet a very different reality from what she's used to.(sage your shit)

No. 1292779

hailey you're next(newfag)

No. 1292780

>Just doesn't seem smart to try to pull off something like this
Then again, she's a trust fund baby with millionaire parents and she wasn't even smart enough to get into a decent school. TTU is literally gutter tier center for retard excellence.(sage your shit)

No. 1292781

This is what happens when you let autistic people congregate.

No. 1292782

discord doesn't have shit on IRC when it comes to covering your tracks

No. 1292784

And she's still saying she isn't Kelly after however many days they said she wasn't Kelly
Too bad Louis Herz won't leak his DMs with Isabella Janke(sage your shit)

No. 1292786

Chris was literally spooning and shit with barb for years and still no sex occurred. I don’t think anyone can deny some things have floated around since before 2019, when he met Bella. But still, no incest occurred in all that time.
Yet you’re telling me some ween who has been abusing Chris, stealing money from Chris and self admitted that her entire plan from the get go has been to try and make Chris kill himself, has absolutely no involvement in Chris acting on those things all of a sudden? Chris obviously still did the deed but it’s insane to pretend like Chris functions at the same capacity as a normal person, he’s full on mentally handicapped. He’s gullible and easily influenced, the amount of shit he’s been tricked in to doing by trolls is countless. He even got blackmailed in to eating a bit of his own shit against his will. You really want to say it’s outside the realm of possibility that some girl played the long con and groomed Chris in to thinking this was ok to do? If it was any other person I wouldn’t say this, but it’s fucking Chris, people have done this kind of shit numerous times in the past, and he is completely divorced from reality, he’s actually schizo tier. He thinks fiction and reality is about to merge any moment now and he’ll be with sonichu. This girl herself had an incest fetish as well as sitting on the evidence instead of reporting it (she was planning to blackmail him with it instead as her actual goal had been to make him kill himself and she thought it was funny). There was even messages leaked that said she cut out parts from the leaked audio where she coaxed him in to mentioning the incest shit.
I don’t think anyone is saying she definitely 100% forced him in to it, but with all the shit that’s come out, it’s very hard to believe she played no part in this. That doesn’t make Chris innocent (I think we all know he did it and it’s clear that authorities found evidence on barb), it just shines a light on her deeds. We won’t know for sure until more evidence comes out but until then I cast major doubt on this girl being innocent in this situation. At the very minimum we know that she let barb continue to be raped by him and encouraged him to keep doing it once she did find out.

No. 1292787

>This girl isn't a complete idiot.
I believe she is, because what the hell is up with her putting all that real life shit online and leaving easy connections? Not even using throwaways for gross things and posting her face on reddit.

Is it just false security zoomers have been lulled into?

No. 1292788

its cool bc i anonymous

No. 1292790

She is an idiot, objectively speaking. Not for putting those things in the discord that doxx her, but for allowing her friend to actually leak it all in a pathetic attempt to misdirect attention to someone. Also, she goes to TTU despite coming from an extremely privileged background, so she's pretty fucking objectively stupid too.

No. 1292791

probably because she couldn't get past the first 30 pages of the thread before going on a sock spergout

No. 1292792

They are retards that think they're geniuses and they have a habit of trying to pull retarded gayops apparently

No. 1292793

File: 1628316688923.jpg (71.54 KB, 725x432, epic_l.jpg)

No. 1292794

I think she has issues with attention to detail. She admitted she has pretty bad ADHD and that's a symptom, ask me how I know. You can think you have everything all perfect and taken care of but oh whoops, looks like you forgot some small but crucial detail due to being caught up in the bigger picture.

She knows she has this issue which is why she's doubling down instead of owning up to her embarrassing rookie mistake. She doesn't want to shatter her "image" she thinks she has as some L lawliet mastermind

No. 1292795

again a 40 year old man incest comes with an innate revulsion unless this shit happened during the rape of Nanjing at literal gun point there isnt an excuse. l

No. 1292796

File: 1628316862427.jpg (124.25 KB, 664x507, god-of-this-new-world-2.jpg)


You have it backwards. She thinks she's Kira.(sage your shit)

No. 1292797

Zoomers are incredibly fucking retarded and lack basic critical thinking skills.
t. Zoomer(sage your shit)

No. 1292798

>You can think you have everything all perfect and taken care of but oh whoops, looks like you forgot some small but crucial detail due to being caught up in the bigger picture.
I don't have ADHD but this happens to me at least once a year, by the way I love how she got mad in the discord when someone said "ADHD and autism overlap in some points".

No. 1292799

A 40 year old mentally handicapped man. Stop pretending he is a normal person because he isn’t, if you knew anything about Chris you would know he has historically been easily manipulated and influenced. He doesn’t even realise what he did was rape, he thought it was consensual and doesn’t even seem to realise that barb has dementia, that should tell you everything about his mental capacity and IQ.
Btw no one is excusing anything and everyone recognises this is extremely fucked up and it’s rape so I don’t know why you’re arguing this, people are just pointing out that Bella is looking suspicious as fuck in all this and that’s why people are questioning how far her involvement went in all of this.

No. 1292803

Imagine you were a decent looking woman and you were nice to chris chan. You genuinely spoke to him every day and were kind to him. you formed a bond and he trusted you. If you know chris you know that this is a very deadly position for him. This bitch could literally make him do anything at that point. I expect nothing less from a sociopath than the reality that she did coerce him or help normalize the relationship with barb(sage your shit)

No. 1292805

sorry anon, i didn't watch death note

No. 1292807

don't worry he supplied the quote for you :thumbsup:(sage your shit)

No. 1292808

This, reminder that he believes you can kill his OCs with a death laser on the moon.
What's weird to me is that he bought a book about fucking disabled people, would he have thought about that? I feel like he doesn't usually think about others, did he make an exception because it's his mom?(sage your shit)

No. 1292809

she's apparently terrified of being autistic and/or a tranny. Yet she has the actions, looks, and hygiene of exactly that.

No. 1292810

It's very obvious bella is in full on damage control mode. Look at the fucking emails she sent GiBi trying to misdirect hard as fuck saying "oh yeah I did the call I'm a male and used a voice changer to sound like a girl" when you can literally match bellas voice to the incest call via the taser video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8gmVxPK77M&ab_channel=grave

what a stupid fucking bitch. I should make my own video putting all this together for the laymen(embed)

No. 1292811

Someone on KF actually theorised that one of the weens suggested the book to him, because by looking for the book on Amazon it would only appear by searching certain keywords. If KF wasn’t down I’d go take a screencap, I’ll try once the site is stable again.

No. 1292812

I have to say it is incredibly satisfying seeing her squirm. I hope her life is blown up after this. There needs to be a big neon warning sign on this cunt for anyone who comes even within 2 miles.(sage your shit)

No. 1292813

Yeah she is squirming. It feels pretty good. We just need a few more youtube videos patching everything together for everyone and this shit will really accelerate.

Your life is over you fungus infested glowie spawn autistic cunt(sage your shit)

No. 1292814

because its insulting to normie disabled people, I have family members who are worse off then chris and behave better than him, will I agree bella is suspicious, I just don't buy that chris will be so easily manipulated by trolls on the internet, especially post classic era, and post idea guys saga, and with people actually looking out for chris, and the fact is too, you'd think if he was manipulated he'd be blaming those dang dirty trolls, but he isn't. bella is probs guilty of stuff, but knowing chris, if he wants to do something he'll do it with little prodding, and he knows right from wrong enough to withold he was fucking bar from null, even made a fake girlfriend to cover his ass, that doesn't scream easily manipulated to me.(sage your shit)

No. 1292816

Being manipulated over time by a (somewhat attractive, at least to chris) girl who is a literal animal murdering sociopath is different than being coerced by random trolls on the internet. Don't underestimate that anon.(sage your shit)

No. 1292817

There's her interview with her dad in which you can hear her voice quite clearly and… You know… Kinda proves that Mike is her dad. I don't know why that video is still around considering she got doxed last year lmao, probably the reason her dad stopped using twitter around the same time.(sage your shit)

No. 1292818

Chris was flaunting the fact he was rooting his mum in messages he sent to null. Bella's fuckin malicious and definitely had a hand in this shitshow however Chris is not innocent. Cunts fucked mate(sage your shit)

No. 1292819

post the video anon(sage your shit)

No. 1292821

What are you even arguing at this point? So you agree that Bella is suspicious but you’re sperging out at people pointing out why she’s suspicious (Chris is easily manipulated etc)?
No one cares about your family or their behavior, this is about Chris, unless your family members have been gang stalked for the past 15 years kindly shut up about your personal feefees because it’s irrelevant.

No. 1292823

I don't believe bella could convince chris any further than what he wanted to do, especially given the fact that chris mentioned having dreams of fucking barb. even if bella is a pyschopath, chris is a creep, and would've probably fucked his mom with out prodding. I refuse to believe that a man who despite being an autist, can do daily normal tasks, and not know that fucking your mom because some broad on the internet told you to is wrong, especially given his history with trolls. chris did it because he wanted to simple as that.(sage your shit)

No. 1292824

obviously chris is not innocent but if chris had not been fucking barb this whole time and for it to come out of fucking nowhere right alongside this bitch manipulating him for money and as she states "to get him to kill himself", I don't think it's a coincidence.

No. 1292826

heres the thing though, he wouldn't be in jail if there was no indication of abuse, a rape kit takes awhile to process but on post menopausal women its easier to detect tearing do to penetration through a gyno exam, and I highly doubt with chris he would use anything to keep tearing to a minimum, like there has to be some substainal evidence for them to levy an incest charge, versus going for the stealing. DAs like going for the win, so there has to be something on barbs medical chart indicating abuse, and the rape kit should be done soon. now I think bella should be looked into.

No. 1292827

> I refuse to believe that a man who despite being an autist, can do daily normal tasks
He shits himself on the regular and lives in squaller. Just because he’s not keeled over and dead doesn’t mean he able to take care of himself, or did you completely forget about the whole taint vagina ordeal
>Chris did it because he wanted to
Again you’re arguing nothing, people are not pointing out these things because anyone is defending Chris, people are pointing them out to wonder what exactly Bella did here. If you’re so dead set on her not influencing him at all, why on earth do you agree she’s suspicious? What exactly is she suspicious of then according to you?

No. 1292828

confessing to sexual abuse on the phone is evidence, what are you talking about?

No. 1292829

Absolutely no one is saying he didn’t rape Barb. What is the point of this post?

No. 1292830

barb isn't blameless either. it's well documented that they've always had a fucked up relationship with blurred boundaries. who knows if cwc confided in bella in some way about this and she pushed him into doing something. for fuck's sake they even uncovered that she has an incest fetish. there's too many coincidences to hand wave the possibility that she had a role in it

No. 1292831

No. 1292833

[In Chris thoughts voice] UNGA BUNGA BOOBA!
He contacted Bella after the leak and Chris told Null "Bella is working on identifying the culprit" or some shit like that, she probably promised him sex after this was over too.


No. 1292834

Now why the fuck would this stupid bitch email gibi pretending that she was really male and altered her voice on the call to sound female? Bitch we got your voice right here matching to the call perfectly. Dead to fucking rights. Is this TTU's best?

No. 1292837

This is true, if you read his texts to her about Fiona he says that he and Bella are “in a ship”. So she was definitely convincing him in some way they would be involved romantically.

No. 1292838

In the discord leaks, Bella says that she was going to share a room with Chris during the Everfree Convention.

So they knew they were going to leak the Discord conversations and didn't thought about erasing all the talks about animal abuse, drug dealing and all the other illegal shit? They are dumb as rocks.

No. 1292839

What is it with edgelord fujo biphobic lesbians? This certainly isn't the first time I've run across this type.

No. 1292840

Right. She's actually really dumb. I'm going to enjoy the impending onslaught when KF comes back up and this really starts accelerating.

No. 1292841


this girl is a habitual liar. i don't think she's even physically capable of telling the truth, even when confronted with evidence.

even on that reddit account she used that was leaked, she wrote some really long ass story about her family which was untrue. she is extremely manipulative, you have to take everything that is leaked by her or said by her with a pound of salt.


any nonnies have a mirror of this so called zip file? i didn't get to see it when kf was still up

No. 1292843

No. 1292844

It's absolutely the wrong take to unequivocally say that bella had nothing to do with chris becoming romantically involved with barb. In fact, it's more likely that she had some role in it than not, based on the character that we're all seeing here.

No. 1292845

Oldfag who doesn't sage, you da best!

No. 1292846

File: 1628319706522.jpg (34.09 KB, 869x231, what? .jpg)

Can anyone explain this then? I think the idea originated with Chris

No. 1292848

That could mean anything, maybe it's a thought that naturally struck chris and it was coerced into becoming a reality with some normalization from bella. Nothing is off the table. I don't think she suggested it to him, she's not creative enough for that, but likely she influenced any internal struggle he had with the thought in the most damning direction she could.

No. 1292849

He's always said shit like that. This is the first person he's divulged that to that was subsequently his confidant for when he did the actual act. That's sus

No. 1292850

Is she gonna get arrested, or face some sort of responsibility for this, or is Chris taking the whole fall?
Considering she kinda has also orchestrated suicides, she seems kind of suspcious in the affair.

No. 1292851

See >>1292688 >>1292693

No. 1292852

I was over 100 pages behind when KF went down, did they talk about a certain "Angelina"?
I know for a fact from the discord leaks that Firiona/Zoe knows that person to some extent, both because she was mentioned in the discord a bunch and because Angelina seems to be close to Avery which they know. I believe she may be a roommate of Bella? She pissed in a corner and Bella posted a pic. I saw there was an Angelina who killed herself in July this year at TTU but I doubt it's her, different birthdays. Wonder if she has any infos on Bella.

She's a compulsive liar who lies for attention, doubt everything she says.

No. 1292854

she'll likely be expelled, but I am highly doubtful any legal consequences could come of this. It's more of a death in the court of public opinion type thing. She'll have eyes on her for life, virtually, until she changes her name and gets plastic surgery or something.(sage your shit)

No. 1292855

I'm writing a ED article for her, suggestions and edits welcome


No. 1292857

Twitter has begun to discover her, and if a "heckin valid trans woman being manipulated by a sociopathic white woman" narrative won't roil them up, nothing will.
Bella Assassination saga when?(sage your shit)

No. 1292859

What needs to be played up for the twitter public to get on her is her relentless bullying of a trans person to suicide.

No. 1292861

I don't know if the person they may have pushed to suicide was trans, the trans who almost got them in trouble is alive and on twitter tho' @romanphobic

No. 1292863

Yeah, thats what I'm saying.
That and the animal abuse.
Thats the part that really screws with me.
I'd reccomend maybe sharing this fact with either some news networks, or maybe significant lgbt organisations(They're freaking out rn, and they'll probably be taken at greater face value than some random fuck)(sage your shit)

No. 1292864

>Considering she kinda has also orchestrated suicides, she seems kind of suspcious in the affair.
I definitely think she's fucked up and should get legal repercussions for all the shit she did- but she's not a mastermind orchestrating rape and suicides, she's an immature bully that "got lucky" because the people she's manipulating are mentally incapacitated like Chris. Look at how badly she handled being doxxed and tried these stupid stories about a voice changer instead of deleting her shit on time.

No. 1292865

There was a PPT going around with pictures of everything that was going on in that Discord. There was a picture of a dead hamster in a pot of water and Bella saying how she wants to fuck it. There was gore, porn, animal abuse, transphobia, antisemitism, racism, etc.

No. 1292866

Bella isn't white lmao(sage your shit)

No. 1292867

I thought her father is German and her mother is Greek.

No. 1292870

Twitter doesn't actually care for some reason.


No. 1292872

Greeks aren't white mate. And she does look like every other empty eyed amerimutt(sage your shit)

No. 1292874

>putting ““transphobia”” in with a list of offenses that includes horrific irl animal abuse and unapologetic racism

No. 1292877

There are rumors that Louis Hertz was kicked out of Texas Tech. Has someone confirmed it?

No. 1292878

ouch here comes le terf

No. 1292880

What are you talking about? I've seen plenty talk about her, just not spastic retards spaming her name and trying to do faggy ass activism like the people who show up in that search.

No. 1292882

Oh please, the literal OP says she "possibly" forced him to rape his mother and a bunch of posts are making excuses for him saying he's ~easily manipulated uwu~

For example

No. 1292884

Unapologetic racism is as based as Transphobia though.

No. 1292886

Please take your /pol/ tier racial hair splitting somewhere else. She's white, even if it's dark white.

No. 1292887

Oh say can you see,
The Janke-defending glowie
The official narrative,
QUESTIONED(sage your shit)

No. 1292888

Everyone defending this person or saying "stop blaming what Chris did on this woman" need to take a look at this video. If you wanted evidence for the hamster stuff, it's in there too.
Warning that it does at one point show the hamster being boiled.
It's not even about Chris-chan anymore. The things she's done beside that are downright inhuman and she shouldn't be free about society. She tortures and kills small animals, influences a student at TexasTech to kill themselves, and she wanted Chris-chan to commit suicide next.
You know what I call that? An actual Serial Killer.

No. 1292889

Learn to sage, autist

No. 1292890

would you still be sitting here saying this same kind of shit if he didn't rape his mom and they got him to kill himself instead

No. 1292891

I do agree that "coerced" may not be the right word but the point is: Chris is a motherfucker, Isabella Loretta Janke also known as Bella Janke is an autistic bully and animal abuser who draws like a 10 years old

No. 1292892

>Everyone defending this person or saying "stop blaming what Chris did on this woman"
It's not defending, chris knew what he was doing was wrong. She's a terrible person, that shouldn't be doubted. She shouldn't have encouraged it.
but Chris raped his elderly mother. Thats that. People keep pointing out people saying this as if it makes this woman less of a shitty person.
She still is.

No. 1292893

no, I'd be laughing

No. 1292897

No because - hear me out - there's a world of difference between taking your own life from bullying and depression and committing a crime against someone else, especially a sex crime against your own mother.

No. 1292898

He'd be harming himself, not his own mother. It'd be fucked up but… Chris has shown he can be a danger to others.
He maced a guy and tried to hit a dude with a car.Just like this lady is a danger to others.

No. 1292899

this bitch is straight evil definitely NWO socially engineered demon shit meant to continue the erosion of society kinda half believe this was part of her daddies pet project since hes a glowniggerjew but even if its not shes still just plain evil that was planted to just spread misery and erode societies view of morality and values(sage)

No. 1292900

>Every time someone talks about race negatively it's automatically /pol/
Please get stuffed, she ain't white(racebait)

No. 1292901

>You know what I call that? An actual Serial Killer.
Lmao, Bella would probably fap to this post. She's an incompetent bully who attacked a disabled person and stole money from him.

Her being racist online can maybe get her kicked out of uni at most? Calling her a serial killer in the making is overbloating it, the focus should be on the things that can be proven as facts like the animal abuse, faking an ID and stealing.

No. 1292903

If Kim Kardashian is white, so is this bitch

No. 1292904

If that happened we could say Isabella Janke was a murderer and not just an incest lover who may or may not have pushed Chris to go back to the womb he came from

No. 1292905

500 new views on the video this half hour or so, thats encouraging(sage your shit)

No. 1292906

I guess the correct words would be approved, encouraged and assisted since Bella told Chris that the mother-daughter bond is the strongest and that if God said it was fine, then it's okay in reference to the Barb's rape. She also knew for one month before the call was leaked and was trying to convince Fiona to not report it.

She was an accomplice to Chris' crimes.

No. 1292908

>You know what I call that? An actual Serial Killer.
No, She is just a typical female sociopath, like Zoe Quinn.

No. 1292909

Kimmy Kardashian is Armenian mate…(sage)

No. 1292910

Theres some screenshots of her talking about being ugly, pimply and cross-eyed as a child, she's also still kinda ugly honestly in all pictures without heavy filters. Plus both her parents are glowies so she was probably raised to be this way. Everyone who works for the FBI or CIA is like this. They pick psychopaths who can manipulate people on purpose because trolling retards into comitting crimes and then arresting them is basically their job.

No. 1292911

….. I know. But according to a lot of people she and Armenians are white.

No. 1292914

KF is back up. We should comb through her thread and re-upload the evidence against her here in case it goes down again.(sage your shit)

No. 1292915

Did you miss the part where she sicked all those channers on that TIF and they killed themselves? Or the part with the hamster-boiling?

She is at least an animal-murderer, she's pretty disgusting.

This too. She was the very first person Chris told, and she didn't call the police, the reddit-randos did. She let Barb get raped longer than she had to.

No. 1292916

And Jews say they are white, does not make it so.
I don't think her parents jobs impact any of her behaviour outside the fact they obviously have a lot of money.

No. 1292917

>posting youtube literal who
Relax, anon. This girl is a piece of shit, but keep in mind, Chris is almost a 40 year-old autistic man who has an extensive history of being a general pest/incel toward women. She may have encouraged Chris to do the heinous shit that he did, but Chris was ultimately the one who decided, "Yes. I should keep interacting with the bitch 20 years younger than me who is encouraging me to fuck my mom and also encouraging me to fuck their younger friend." then, raped his mother and not only did he tell this girl who decided to withhold this information for the lols but proceeded to cryptically brag about it to everyone and his mother because deep in his little autistic brain he knew what he was doing was wrong or at least be seen as wrong by other people. She on the other hand is an attentionwhoring dumbass that really thought she was gonna be inducted into the hall of christory by being the legendary troll who managed to convince Chris to fuck his mom. While lacking the self awareness to realize that this isn't the aughts anymore, and almost every sane person/normie condemns the various trolls from Chris's past for taking shit way too far. Now she'll rightfully be known as the degenerate animal killing fujo (with CIA parents) who convinced Chris to fuck his mom.

No. 1292919

>knew for one month
I believe it was confirmed a week/a little over a week before the leak, but she did suspect it before that.
Knowing how dumb this bitch is she could've only suspected it if she incited him to do it in my opinion.

No. 1292920

You’re a complete fucking moron and newfag to boot. Not a single person defended Chris, people pointed out that Bella probably had a part to play in this because Chris is easily manipulated, as we have seen trolls do to him numerous times in the past decade and a half. This is obvious because she didn’t report it to the police and let Barb continued to be raped because Bella thought it was lulzy. The focus is on Bella’s actions, not Chris’s. Learn to keep up with the conversation.

No. 1292921

The only jews who call themselves white are Ashkenazi jews who have been mixing with Europeans since the middle ages. They're Jewish in terms of culture/ethnicity/religion, not race.

No. 1292922

In the last discord leak, Bella tells the others about the incest stuff around a month ago.

No. 1292923

I would say those people are bit simple. Tell you what anon, we'll agree that you're wrong and I'm right. Sounds good aye(sage your shit)

No. 1292924

>She pissed in a corner and Bella posted a pic
That was Angelina's cat
>Angelina who killed herself in July
A girl named Ariel died in March (no mention of cause of death or any relation to Bella's bullshit). The trans person she bullied is named Roman/Rob but they are alive

No. 1292926

Did I read something about her tits being fake? Anyone got more sauce on that?(male)

No. 1292928

How did KF made the conclusion that Bella was involved in her suicide? Was it through the discord leaks?

No. 1292929

She wears both pads and a push-up bra, plus a touch of Photoshop.
T. Tiddy connesieur scrote(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1292930

I heard she was recently arrested for illegal possesion of firearms and has yet to stand the court.
Any sources on that?(unsaged spoonfeed)

No. 1292931

to say that Chris is easily manipulated and therefore his choice to rape his mother may be partially the fault of Bella is, regardless of how truthful it may be, an implicit defense of Chris when the alternative is laying the blame wholly on him alone. You want to defend Chris, go ahead, but stop pissing yourself over other people pointing it out.

No. 1292932

I'm sorry anon, I got emotional over the animals. That shit upset me.

No. 1292933

I said they were making excuses for him. How is "he's too damaged and mentally ill to fully comprehend what he's done" not making excuses for him? Also they didn't just say she "probably had a part to play in this" they said she possibly COERCED him into doing it (coerce means making someone do something they don't want to do using force/threats/blackmail). Yes she's a piece of shit human and I hope she loses her job/student status whatever if not gets put in jail. But as other anons mentioned Chris was already a sexpest, even if she egged him on she probably didn't coerce him.

No. 1292934

Come on… At least TRY to disguise that you're a scrote. This is a female board, after all

No. 1292936

File: 1628324701124.png (77.17 KB, 849x587, memorial.png)

Pic related, but I don't think it's the same Angelina

In the discord leaks they talk about getting asked about the girl, I forget exactly, they also mention joking about rape? They nuked the discord they were in with her.

Around a month ago if we're talking current time, less than a month from the leak though, so she did suspect it around a month ago but not a month from the leak, I'm just being petty.

No. 1292937

Never in the history of this site have I ever said “hi cow” but people here should heavily suspect any posts trying to derail discussion from Bella, she has made tons of sockpuppet accounts on kiwifarms since this all happened and has been doing damage control on /b/ and /pol/ too, trying to pin it on Null and her discord friends. Her tactic is to encourage discussion of anybody except herself.
Friendly reminder that she tried to do it on this site too and she’s definitely lurking >>1292236 so just be aware of potential bait.

No. 1292938

>I don't think her parents jobs impact any of her behaviour outside the fact they obviously have a lot of money.
You're wrong. It takes a certain kind of person to do a certain kind of job. And the same goes the other way: what kind of job you have says a lot about you as a person.

No. 1292939

exactly expect a lot of infighting

No. 1292940

>my scrote disguise is effective

Mostly wanna see proof that this bitch isn't a stranger to getting work done. For face swapping reasons(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1292941

>For face swapping reasons

No. 1292942

Why did she and her friends post gore in the discord to try and nuke it? Who is actually the owner of their discord?

No. 1292943

If her parents are rich and willing enough to boost her boobies for no fucking reason they're probably not above attempting to name change > plastic surgery > let's move on and forget about this to avoid repercussions for her glowpop

No. 1292944

You quoted me twice and I said in both posts that Chris is guilty, is a rapist and pointing out these facts is about the potential of Bella dipping her hand in this, being that this is the Bella thread and all. To try and act like I’m trying to throw all the blame off Chris is frankly trying to throw all blame off Bella. I’m pointing out why there’s suspicion for her involvement, if there wasn’t this wouldn’t have blown up as big as it did.
Again, the point here is to discuss why there’s reasonable cause to believe Bella may have known something, and based on some things posted people believe this is a possibility. I’m not the only person who’s posted this stuff and there’s many others who think that’s worth discussing based on leaked information. I’m not defending Chris at all and I will remind you of >>1292937 >>1292939

No. 1292945

How is she even able to persuade Chris to commit such a horrible crime? What makes Chris so susceptible to taking orders from cruel people so easily anyways?

No. 1292948

If Bella had anything to do with Ariel's death (and there's nothing saying she did i dont think) it was probably over drugs or lesbian shit

No. 1292951

File: 1628325798109.png (12.05 KB, 743x83, oof2.png)

No. 1292952

File: 1628325822316.png (80.93 KB, 858x637, bellastudentsuicide'.png)

No. 1292953

File: 1628325884467.png (259.91 KB, 1056x2323, rip.png)

I am not sure if the gore nuking was related to the old discord, she mentions "not being the owner" of a discord for a year and a half and that the trannies infiltrated it so it needs to be nuked?
Pix related is however the convo about the sucide girl Ariel, who died in March

No. 1292954

wtf is that? a to do list?

who the fuck bullet points a poem?

No. 1292956

Welp, just contacted a few journalists about our friend Isabella.
Whether they'll write about it or not is a different story, but we'll see.(sage your shit)

No. 1292957

File: 1628326087941.png (2.03 MB, 1080x4441, 1628260527300.png)

Bella's poetry

No. 1292958

Isn't she a self-admitted user of lolcow? Could've sworn I'd seen someone mention it in the KF thread. Wouldn't mind if admin/mods stepped in and called out all the sockpuppets ala Tamara from the onion thread or outed her post history if she had any.

No. 1292959

If the mainstream latches on to her then it’s over for her.

No. 1292960

Isn't that her dad's phone number?

No. 1292961

File: 1628326244170.png (48.36 KB, 1081x373, zoomersbeingfuckinggross.png)

Bella bragging about not showering

No. 1292962

She is, she posted about it in her discord. Which is why people need to be extra suspicious of people derailing discussion away from Bella since she and her friends have been doing that non stop since last week.
Bella bragged about using a VPN and had some special phone from her dad’s security company so I’m not sure if admin would be able to do that, but considering the circumstances then I think they should if possible.

No. 1292963

>Astolfo's ass
That's a male character from the anime Fate/Apocrypha who dresses like a girl, he's popular in anime trap circles. Doesn't she hate trannies?

No. 1292964

File: 1628326392670.png (14.6 KB, 464x143, EPIC 1337 HACKER LETS GOOOO.pn…)

You mean this part?

No. 1292965

So, how did you acquire these screencaps?

No. 1292966

you guys are glowing

No. 1292967

Here bud, knock yourself out, get popcorn >>1292843

No. 1292968


No. 1292969

>Bella bragged about using a VPN and had some special phone from her dad’s security company
Can we really expect that from somebody calling herself "an epic hacker" and posting her face on reddit, on the same account she used to advertise her racist discord and where she talked about being a sociopath?

No. 1292970

File: 1628326657159.png (86.89 KB, 628x777, dangerdanger.png)

No. 1292971

File: 1628326736099.png (187.66 KB, 730x777, andrewblaze.png)

there's also a difference between doing something unprovoked and doing something because you're an autistic schizophrenic and someone planted a delusion in your retarded head

>Randy [Stair] thought that if he killed himself he'd turn into his cartoon waifu persona.


No. 1292972

Now this is what I call BASED

No. 1292973

Care to elaborate further?

No. 1292974

This is why I'd want her post history outed if she has any, because she seems retarded enough to at least post on here without a vpn while thinking to herself that no one would suspect her as a user here since she's mainly getting shit on at KF.

No. 1292975

Dropped his @ earlier, maybe he will get more traction since he's trans

No. 1292976

At this point I think anyone denying troll involvement either has their heads in the sand or is you know who. Too much shit lines up for her and that group to have been dabbling at least somewhat.
Didn’t it leak that she and Espeon purged their server or something right after the Chris stuff blew up? I remember Kiwifarms discussing it, they said Espeon was trying to protect her. The site still isn’t loading for me so I can’t post a screenshot.

No. 1292977

No. 1292978

No. 1292980

Bella is obviously heavily influenced by 4chan culture (lolicon, racism, antisemitism) but this blatantly shows that she doesn't understand how image boards work and that she doesn't know the concept of "lurk moar". I personally doubt she posted on here much or on 4chan and was just copying the edgyness from reddit.

No. 1292981

File: 1628327494082.png (502.62 KB, 1410x540, suicide_plan.png)

Are you all forgetting that they outright admit their goal was to get Chris to kill himself?

No. 1292983

File: 1628327586042.png (210.74 KB, 681x545, bellaneetdungeon.png)

No. 1292984

Does posting about Janke violate any international laws?
Jannies done had me on the 4chan

No. 1292985

File: 1628327640110.png (8.62 KB, 547x67, bella.png)

No. 1292986

4chan had long since becone a honeypot for the feds, her parents are feds.

No. 1292987

File: 1628327775381.png (138.86 KB, 985x282, hamsterabuse.png)

More about Bella's hamster abuse from her ex.

No. 1292988

File: 1628327786183.png (95.71 KB, 561x890, 7F929F64-3A71-49D2-878B-C8FFEA…)

Wow, someone mentioned earlier in the thread that she was arrested for carrying firearms, turns out it was true. Only a few days before the audio leaked too.
Nah they found tons of posts and selfies from her on /pol/ and /soc/. Apparently there was even a porn vid posted there by her but people can’t find it, there’s only posts discussing it when the link was live.
She’s just an idiot.

No. 1292989

She loves browsing /b/

No. 1292991

You know, I was wondering why she was so comfortable during the phone call with Chris, it struck me as odd… Now I know why, and it makes so much sense. Sociopaths rarely, if ever, feel bad about their evil actions.

No. 1292992

Oh, that explains it then. She's just insanely incompetent when it comes to covering her tracks. Seems at least like she's in deep shit with the firearms charge now.

No. 1292993

File: 1628328033564.png (8.27 KB, 334x65, 1628266658513.png)

No. 1292994

File: 1628328099691.png (87.8 KB, 900x685, 1628266600133.png)

Bella gets a fake ID for "government filings"

No. 1292995

>she's just an idiot
this. she probably thought she could post a thread and anons would flock to it, instead of seeing it for the shitty bait it is.
Feelsbad for all the anons who were trying to defend her calmness without the full context.

No. 1292996

Is Janke at her parents or at Texas Tech right now?
I think she might get herself a pizza soon!
Gluten free crust, of course(integrate and don't cowtip, retard)

No. 1292997

How did you find this? Did you go on nycourts?

No. 1292998

This youtuber claims that Bella sent him a picture of the fake ID to cover her tracks.

No. 1292999

>Apparently there was even a porn vid posted there by her

Be VERY careful trying to seek this out. There's a chance this loliloving psycho produced her own CP when she was underage and posted it to /b/

No. 1293000

>bragging about cowtipping
>cowtipping in the most lame, boring way possible

No. 1293001

public records be public, bitch

GiBi fell for her shit and even perpetuated the blame shift to Fiona and kept her phone number in his video TWICE. He's part of the reason FiFi is in the hospital right now. He can go fuck himself.

No. 1293002

Got it from kiwifarms, the link to the record is in the post
Yeah I came to the same conclusion, it’s definitely not worth seeking out. Still worth noting that she was stupid enough to post nudes on 4chan.

No. 1293003

I had a funny feeling that Gibi was bad.

No. 1293005

seconded - gibi is a retard don't link his shit here. when he was on kiwifarms people asked him to post the shit he was given and he took his sweet time doing it, only posting it with his video since money and clout is all he cares about

additionally, the video that he took forever to push out even included uncensored personal info. dumbass.

No. 1293007

>the video that he took forever to push out even included uncensored personal info
The video he deleted now? If it's still up maybe it can be reported.

No. 1293008

File: 1628329328619.png (1.35 MB, 3396x10575, Bella.png)

A comprehensive list of what has been uncovered about Bella.

Things that haven't been discussed in this thread:
>Has admitted to her compatriots that she tried, and eventually succeeded, in raping a woman despite physical resistance.
>Has bad hygiene, leading to fungal infections on her toes (which she removes and glues back on), acne on her face, and her claiming not to know common hygiene products.
>Has shat her pants in recent history, multiple times, and was probing others for whether they do the same.
>Claims to have stolen panties from women, encouraged others to do the same.
>Wanted to be more "masculine" but not in a transgender way; wanted to dominate women.

No. 1293010

File: 1628329457973.png (49.07 KB, 1369x180, hibella001.PNG)

Oh Bella Bella Bella

You can't brag about shooting a pitbull to your friends then go and pull this shit when you know these very same people are in your head.

No. 1293011

File: 1628329665007.png (515.56 KB, 815x2538, fix.png)

What the HECK did you do that image?

No. 1293012

What do you mean?

No. 1293014

I don't think this thread discussed her parents' drug use or diagnoses either.

No. 1293015

So apparently if you post any information about Bella (or discuss her outside /b/) you are met with an instant ban for “banned text”. Several people on /b/ and kiwifarms have confirmed this.
Seemingly Bella and her friends may have been baiting people to post her info so they’d get banned, doesn't this imply she’s aware of the bans? Does that mean either she or her parents contacted hiro?(no doxing)

No. 1293019

File: 1628330922308.png (44.74 KB, 977x494, what the fuck did you just fuc…)

Just a reminder of this piece of gold from the Gungann leak.
Gotta love how he says he's reading from a transcript and she goes total berserk.

No. 1293020

Because most of what was said about her parents' drug use and diagnoses came from the funguschump herself and is bullshit

No. 1293022

I really hope some idiots try to make this moronic bitch the next Zoe Quinn. It would really be the shit cherry on top of all this.

No. 1293024


No. 1293025

I don't have a KF account but this is the list they're looking for right now

No. 1293026

Roman is in KF: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/isabella-loretta-janke-bella-the-chris-chan-incest-troll-and-her-clique-of-extremely-sick-people.96787/post-9683257

>Isabella lived two doors down from me in a dorm hall on the TTU campus. She seemed nice at first; I liked her, until she found out I was transgender. That’s when everything started. She’d started calling me a trnny, rtard, whatever. I could care less, honestly, but immediately figured she was just a shit person. This quickly escalated into her accusing me of shit. Claimed she came to my birthday party and that, when there, told everyone they were being transphobic to me (I haven’t thrown a birthday party in several years.) This was probably the worst of the lies, but just an example how she just… lies to lie. We clashed a lot and I ended up knocking on her dorm door. I told her to stop being an ass, as there’s no point- we’re both college students just trying to get through our Freshman year. All of this happened during August-December 2019. Side note that is important for later, Bella had a roommate in her dorm, which I will give her an alias: We’ll call her Abby.

>Flash forward to early March of 2021, end of Sophomore year for both of us. I was alerted by a friend I know, which I’ll give her the alias Ellie. Ellie and I weren’t close before this, but Ellie knew Bella VERY closely, and still does. Ellie was in Discord servers with her and knows probably everything that has gone down. I’m leaving many details out for Ellie’s safe-being, as I don’t want Bella to harm her. Ellie alerted me that Isabella was talking about me in a Discord server (Anti-Semitism because I’m Jewish, threats because I’m a LGBTQIA+ member, etc.). Bella linked my social medias (Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram) and asked people (including Louis Herz) to go in my comments and call me slurs, tell me I’m not really a man, etcetera. Which, again, I could care less since I have a life not based off of 4chan fame, but it’s whatever. What I WAS concerned about, was other students’ safety. There were threats to kill all LGBTQIA+ students on campus, and on this ‘friend’ server, Isabella made a list of said students that were out and/or suspected of being queer in any way. I was among that list.

>In this server, Isabella posted pictures of herself and Louis, confirming it was them. There were pictures of Bella boiling hamsters alive, animal abuse (including Louis’ and Bella’s shared cat), gore pictures, Bella describing explicitly raping her roommate Abby, claiming to have assisted in several suicides, ideations of ‘raping little girls’, nazi propaganda… this isn’t even the half of it. I am very shaken up right now, so I can’t think of everything off of the top of my head—it’s insane how much this has blown up.

>Two other things I’d like to note: 1) Isabella got evicted from her apartment complex (where she lived with Luis) for setting up hidden cameras in all three of her roommates’ rooms. 2) Luis and Isabella adopted a cat (I think its name is Goob?) and… brace yourselves. This shit is gross. In above stated ‘friend’ Discord server, Isabella posted messages saying how Goob was used as a fetish animal. Bella has made messages about having a fart fetish and would hold Goob down and make him sniff her ass.

No. 1293028

File: 1628332274399.png (27.43 KB, 909x131, barf.PNG)

holy shit this bitch is vile

No. 1293029

I just can't stop thinking about these poor hamsters and the poor cat. It's been a while since I've last seen something this degenerate
I hope the cat gets rescued…

No. 1293032

Cat fucking aside, this insane bitch is starting to look like a failed school shooter if she really did get busted for glowdaddy's gun posession. TTU are either scared of the fedparents or dangerously incompetent even beyond that school that protected Larry Nassar.

No. 1293033

looking into it parents arnt even that big feds idk what the fuck her mom is but dad is just ex navy seal i mean yea thats a big military position but nothing that can pull strings and shit

No. 1293035

Her step-mother is a former CIA psychologist and her biological mother is a very wealthy airplane pilot. Her dad also has a bunch of opsec companies.

No. 1293036

Her mom was a Secret Service Agent turned Therapist.

No. 1293037


I KNEW IT i fucking called it that she was socially engineered to a fucked up satan spawn "cia psychologist" more like NWO brainwasher

No. 1293046

Yeah no shit. I had heard mention of this in (((leftypol))) but I didn’t realize this person might have orchestrated that entire shit show. Naturally I have to devote time to uncovering this and keeping up to date(integrate)

No. 1293048

it shouldnt be illegal to kill people like this

No. 1293051

i feel like living as this vile person must be a fate worse than death tbh, so no need to get all killy anon… but jeezus christ is this what the internet has wrought upon our generation or wut?

No. 1293053

File: 1628335528795.jpg (453.71 KB, 1070x2144, IMG_20210807_132432.jpg)

No. 1293054

Just Bella things

No. 1293056

When she is going to get expelled from university?
Any university would expel a student for a hundredth of the shit she has done…

No. 1293058

Maybe her glowdaddy is an investor or board member.

No. 1293060

I hear he is. TTU is taking Michael Janke's money.

No. 1293063

have you forgot CWC wrote an entire post defending parent/child incest in a facebook post around 2016?

No. 1293064

Roman reported her discord activities, animal abuse and rape allegation to the university. She was kicked out of the dorms, but that's it.

No. 1293066

No one cares about that old shit
This is about Bella now

No. 1293068

I wonder what gave CWC the idea to write that.

No. 1293069

Take it to the Chris thread.

No. 1293070

Troons are trying to get people to focus on Bella to take the heat of fellow troon Chris.

"look see, christine didn't mean to rape his mom, the biological femoid made her do it"

No. 1293071

Weren't they supposed to be woke as fuck and fuck over students just for 'misgendering' trannies?
So it must be the glowie protecting this vile whore.(sage)

No. 1293073

It was already addressed in the thread you mongoloid. People pointed out that despite things existing prior to Bella, no incest took place. For god’s sake, the two spooned to sleep for months after the house fire and that wasn’t enough to give Chris a boner and do the deed? That’s why there is suspicion on Bella that it’s all of a sudden happened now, especially considering she herself was outed as having an incest fetish. No one is saying she definitely planted the idea or simply nurtured it or did anything at all, the truth is we don’t know what she actually did. Everything is speculation.
Also >>1293069 this, this is Bella’s thread. If you want to keep derailing about Chris then do it there. People here are talking about Bella’s potential involvement.

No. 1293075

"I don't use Google. I don't let my daughter do iCloud or Instagram. I don't let her use a regular browser," he says, referring to Google, Apple and Facebook web services that share certain user data with third parties. "The Moore's law of data collection," Janke says, means that "in ten years they'll be able to get with a single search – a medical company – your children's medical reports [going back to] kindergarten and that follows you into jobs and into your healthcare costs." - Mike Janke


No. 1293076

No. 1293078

I wouldn't be surprised if Bella is in this thread right now.(she's not going to fuck you. sage. )

No. 1293083

How can a parent be this in to internet security and safety but just let their teenage daughter run loose on the internet with 0 supervision? The bitch was posting nudes to 4chan ffs and this isn’t even the first time she got doxxed

No. 1293085

Because they are old and don't actually know shit. If you give your kid a smart phone they can do whatever the fuck they want. What a retard.

No. 1293086

nah anon, some of us dgaf about the Chris saga, reading what Bella's said in the chats is milk in itself… and it would be just as milky if it were a moid or femoid.

No. 1293087

don’t fall for bait >>1292937

No. 1293089

I don't think it's possible to parent away sociopathy. Besides once she got let loose to college whatever tard wrangling they did goes away.

No. 1293092

Love that this tranny “misgenders” Chris. They’re all a bunch of hypocrites(derailing)

No. 1293093

her dear old dad probably cleaned up his daughter's mess by throwing a few thousands towards TTU.
won't be surprised he's onto this situation too, he deleted his twitter account right after Bella's real dox was found.

No. 1293096

My favorite part of this is the tranny (zoe) who was in their discord but, is getting all sorts of asspats on KF all because they're leaking shit despite being just as fucked as Bella for even condoning half the shit in that tranny cord. Along with all the discord members thinking they're any less guilty for even allowing this shit to escalate the way it did just because they're leaking shit to KF.

No. 1293098

Keep you friends close, keep your enemies closer

No. 1293101

This explains Bella's identity theft scheme, tbh. Glowpop encourages her to not leave a trail online, her sociopathic mind twists his advice.

No. 1293102

>friends close enemies closer
Fuck off with this larp shit. They're all genuinely horrible people trying to cover their asses by throwing Bella under the bus for their own sakes. If she wasn't the queen fuckup of their retarded group, I guarantee the rest of these assholes would be trying to leak shit about each other in the vain hope of taking heat off themselves.

No. 1293103

Hi Isabella. Don't you have a hamster to boil or some cat farts to huff?(hi cow)

No. 1293105

File: 1628341683428.png (12.09 KB, 376x164, 1628336108852.png)

No. 1293107

File: 1628341795539.png (17.29 KB, 696x165, 1628336124966.png)

Bria was the raped roommate.

No. 1293120

File: 1628343505074.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 3000x3500, carelessmetal423crap.png)

Not milk, just shitty lesbian porn commissioned by Bella (/u/careless-metal-423).

No. 1293121

What does this add to the thread? We already know she is a lesbian coomer.

No. 1293128

Small correction: she was kicked out of the dorms because she raped a roommate and also hid cameras

No. 1293129

source on the toes being nasty?

No. 1293130

Should I draw Chris-chan fucking Bella?

No. 1293132

No. 1293133

File: 1628344920152.jpeg (486.11 KB, 828x1412, 97DFDC96-45F8-4BFA-9336-E735A8…)

No. 1293138

File: 1628345276595.png (109.82 KB, 407x489, bella_rapist.png)

She also bragged about raping a girl.

No. 1293140

File: 1628345304983.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.42 MB, 3024x4032, foot1.jpg)

Fungal infection that for some reason she refuses to address.


No. 1293142

File: 1628345571617.png (Spoiler Image, 98.08 KB, 527x562, dstoe.png)

No. 1293143

Interesting how she fulfills all three requirements of the Macdonald Triad

No. 1293144

File: 1628345744348.png (Spoiler Image, 6.2 MB, 3024x4032, foot2.png)

No. 1293145

Her boiling the hamster alive is something I really didn't want to see. I really wish this bitch would find a horrific end, but I feel like she will get away with everything because of her parents and being a woman with big boobs.

No. 1293147

Was she maybe planning to take firearms to the Everfree Convention?

No. 1293150

All her "power" lies on her parents' influence and her lack of empathy, she isn't smart or charming enough to gather an army of simps who would defend her at any corner; she backstabs and abuses people wherever she goes.
When her parents get tired of her shit and cut her off or both of them pass away she will be found dead in a ditch or end up in prison. Female sociopaths like her (low IQ, sex-pest attention whores) don't really make it out there.

No. 1293154

Just saw the post about Max being alive, LET'S GO MAX BROS

No. 1293155

I hope this bitch is raped. It’s what an ugly sociopathic pickme like her deserves(a-logging)

No. 1293157

How much money do her parents send her? Isnt it normal to get a couple hundred dollars per month for an allowance if you’re in college. Most of my friends do anyways.

No. 1293159

only sigma grindsets get to the top

No. 1293163

i feel like she's dumb enough not to use a vpn, like how she uses her real name online
literally how does this happen. i get she lives in a pigsty

No. 1293166

My hope is the dog is alive and never even got adopted by her for real in the first place.
KF's "true and honest facts" about this case are increasingly worthless, onision wetland style. The NYC misdemeanor weapons charge is because NYC won't let you have anything more than a butter knife and she probably had that taser but to KF it's OMG DAD'S GUN CONFIRMED we are anonymous detectives. Grain of salt is all I'm saying.

No. 1293167

what post?

No. 1293169

File: 1628348703039.png (125.86 KB, 1344x1650, Cashapp.png)


Sorry took me a while to find the post, it isn't highlighted, I merged the 3 pics in one.

No. 1293178

File: 1628350931743.png (51.53 KB, 399x473, B2E1DEFA-5380-4B16-893A-030F70…)

No. 1293179

Why are ledditers calling her a cult leader and white supremacist? I missed that part.

No. 1293180

File: 1628351132136.png (43.41 KB, 587x294, 3771D616-762E-4DF5-BBFF-8E9443…)

No. 1293182

That's a shitload of money for a college kid, though I wonder what's up with those big sums she sent her dad.

>cult leader
Plebbitors overblowing her role as chess discord server admin.
>white supremacist
Probably because she spews /pol/shit left and right.

No. 1293184

Because of the antisemitism and racism in her discord.

Even with all this money, she feels the need to drug deal, shoplift and extort money from an autist.

No. 1293186

File: 1628351351598.png (312.6 KB, 1840x1040, FCC068AB-CE6F-4A59-BEF8-A40AD7…)

No. 1293187

The white supremacist part I could see but the cult leader part had me baffled. I learned about her a few days ago as stuff kind of trickled our and nobody before plebbit has called her a cult leader. She has done tons of fucked up stuff but I wouldn't say being a cult leader is one of them

No. 1293188

how the fuck did she manage to get her discord leaked TWICE?
the first time it was someone that ratted her to KF, as far as I know, but now?

No. 1293189

Yesterday Griffith/Allen was begging KF to delete his dox as he might get deported to Nigeria if he gets expelled and now he's back with Isabella and her group.

No. 1293190

Ah shit I don't have popcorns

No. 1293191

>Even with all this money, she feels the need to drug deal, shoplift and extort money from an autist.
What's up with this? From all the caps I've seen so far she doesn't seem to collect shit or go on shopping hauls so where did all that money go? She briefly mentions bitcoin, but that's all.

No. 1293194

I'm going to tinfoil a vast cp and animal porn collection paid for in bitcoin. Maybe lots of hamsters. It sure isn't on anti-fungals.

No. 1293195


No. 1293196

My guess is that she's a pedophile and she spent everything on CP and other degenerate stuff
She did say that her hard drive was almost full, IIRC

No. 1293197

File: 1628352120822.png (80.93 KB, 732x636, D148AC49-3924-46DC-B6CA-C5ECD4…)

>she called and emailed the police 80 times and they are not calling her back

No. 1293200

In the newest leak she's talking about how she'll deny drawing shota so probably. I'm guessing her hard drive is in a worse state than a hamster right now.

No. 1293201

File: 1628352603609.jpeg (643.64 KB, 1242x1347, 741046B4-44D8-4306-A09D-CC41EF…)

No. 1293206

File: 1628352863456.png (96.7 KB, 590x607, 9F65B078-3DD6-4AB8-9CF1-5A49A1…)

Her college is investigating her and have been bombarded with reports over her.

No. 1293209

"slows down our action steps" ok but how? Maybe don't cover up insane psycho brats in future.

No. 1293211

haha, of course reddit mass reported her. she was told on the kiwi board this would happen.

No. 1293213

>I just don't buy that chris will be so easily manipulated by trolls on the internet
This is fucking Chris Chan bro

No. 1293214

Roman is full of shit too. First he said he met Bella before he transitioned, now he met her after. I don't think Roman is lying about Bella's attitude etc, but they're unstable, manipulative and a liar just like eveery other tranny.

Like are you guys really buying this tranny passed and a bio female that is obsessed with hating trannies and dating them to fuck with them had NO IDEA Roman was a trarnny? Bullshit. They can't help but insert their cope-fiction into stories even as serious as this.

No. 1293215

File: 1628354390899.jpg (13.34 KB, 837x121, fiona3.jpg)

Bella trying to frame Fiona

No. 1293216

You're not doing a very good job at damage control. Whether this is her or one of her friends I hope that you know your life is ruined and that we are all going to watch the downward spiral in glee

No. 1293218

>are you guys really buying this tranny passed
What? Where did Roman state that?
On KF he said
> I changed my name from Rob to Roman, to clear things up. Rob is not my legal name, and was just my first chosen/’trans’ name.) While she knew my name as Rob and still does not know my legal name, she referred to me with she/her pronouns. Which, I didn’t correct her, because it was totally understandable. I didn’t pass as male, and lived on a female floor in the dorms[…]
>Later on, I let her know that I’m trans and my pronouns were he/him. She immediately claimed she didn’t get it, and proceeded to out to me to quite literally anyone she talked to in the dorms.

No. 1293220

I'm going to tinfoil with this nona >>1293194 and add one more theory: she's pissing away "her" cash on adderall and other uppers, she's on it 24/7. When her real dox was found she couldn't stop multiboxing through socks on KF (she's stopped, for now), shitposting on 4chan, bamboozling GiBi and planning more gayops on Discord.

No. 1293224

Strange that they didn't include the guy who made the thread and is still compiling information and even contacted Bella personally in this.

No. 1293227

Yeah fuck off people blaming her for "making" poor innocent Chris rape his mother. She's evil but it's HIS fault he raped his geriatric mother

No. 1293228

File: 1628355953386.png (169.82 KB, 1173x1026, 1628212470794.png)

>I also got a VPN for my phone, better late than never
My poor fucking sides

No. 1293229

>We caused the downfall of the internet
>Well I did
>Truly we did it reddit moment
Are these people for real?

No. 1293230

File: 1628356570524.jpg (462.84 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_83151.jpg)

The "chess club".

This is the first time I see internet brainrotted shitposters forming a group in real life.

No. 1293231

There is a reason that being an accessory to a crime is still criminal, even if you were not the one holding the knife, if you hand the knife to the murderer and tell him to do it you're still guilty.

No. 1293233

they all look certifiably pathetic

No. 1293234

>Like are you guys really buying this tranny passed and a bio female that is obsessed with hating trannies and dating them to fuck with them had NO IDEA Roman was a trarnny?
I don't think Bella assumed Roman was a passing TIF at all, she probably thought Roman was a butch… or a regular woman, you know how he/him NLOGs are.
I appreciate her providing info on how the psycho glowlet behaved at TTU, even though KF is gushing over another tranny lol

They mentioned OP, it's Spooky Bones and it's at the top as leader.

Imagine the smell.

No. 1293235

She is literally celebrating that she "took him down" and yet we have dumbasses ITT who think she is completely guilt-free. You are robbing her off all the credit, white-knights. She WANTS you to think that she made him rape his mom, it is her biggest accomplishment in her entire life. The true master troll.

No. 1293236

Agreed. People need to have one large narrative like it's a TV crime show. It's not. Chris is not any more or any less culpable in sexually abusing his mother due to troll interactions. What people do to Chris is wrong, but a crime committed against a criminal doesn't alleviate either of their offenses. We're just able to feel less bad about it in the end if we need a cope.

Bella was simply a cog that led to Chris's eventual arrest. Seemed like Chris was going to tell Null (he did almost…) and others of it anyways. I guess if there's anything good to come out of Bella's trolling, it's that Fiona saved Barb from another month of rape.

No. 1293237

unbelievably retarded. Damn i can't wait to see they panicking and getting fucked for all this

No. 1293238

Louis wants to fuck Bella, Bella wants to fuck whoever oatmeal chink face to the right is, but she wants to fuck Tyronallen, but little do they know that me, the hand on the left is fucking Tyronallen every 3 days(racebait)

No. 1293245

Potato college. Imagine the reputational damage this shitshow has done to TTU. No wonder they're begging people to stop reporting it.

No. 1293247

Is that cake covered in cat shit?

No. 1293250

so, uh… this is actually a chick? Kept seeing this thread and thought it was a trans dude from all the pictures I’ve seen.

No. 1293251

Congrats on being blacked!

No. 1293254

Imagine being rich and having all the resources to lead a nice life but your decide to fuck around with retards because you need the male attention. What a dumb bitch

No. 1293258

just because she's ugly doesnt mean shes a man, what's up with this meme
shes obviously a girl, unkempt, greasy and infected, but a girl

No. 1293259

It seems like she got into this mess because she's rich and spoiled. The way she talks about people she thinks are "beneath her" (such as retail workers) is exactly how someone her age who's too spoiled would act.

No. 1293264

Spoiled and parents are CIA mfs so probably they never saw nothing wrong with her being a disrespectful brat.

No. 1293265

Just adds to her flavor of psychopathy. I have never read this much emerging news on a scrote like female sociopath. This is why a pick me is detested to other women. This is their final form. Usually when I read about women on this level, it's for murder or a mass shooting.

No. 1293268

i hate women so much its unreal(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1293269

I know I'd be scared IRL of some brat whose dad literally was a SEAL and a cia deathsquad glowie and stepmom is some cia psyops torture advisor type.

No. 1293272

you have to go back

No. 1293276

No. 1293280

shes so fucked
several hours ago, a discord leak was posted that showed Bella and Louis were planning to dig through KF and find any "threatening" messages to paint the narrative that KF are out to harm her, changing the direction of all this to make her a victim.

shes so FUCKED

No. 1293281

Starts out with denying to be the person in the discord log when she posted selfies in the discord is next level dumb. I am glad she is incriminating herself more tho because she just can't stop. I bet her parents have told her by now to shut the fuck up but they have made the mistake of not taking her electronics.

No. 1293282

she cannot stop herself from imploding. it's so entertaining

No. 1293283

Look, she just did the thing she said she would do

No. 1293286

Read the whole thing, it's literally nothingburger. Just more of her deflecting but this time respecting the trannieshit to seem innocent.

No. 1293291

File: 1628363944776.png (318.99 KB, 877x641, bellacringe.png)

Of course she played donganronpey

No. 1293293

Cringe, is she 15? lmao

No. 1293294

>respecting the trannieshit to seem innocent.
Probably because she wants twatter troons to defend her because she at least uses the correct pronouns unlike those nasty kiwis.

No. 1293310

The whole thing was obviously written by a lawyer with some typos and bad grammar thrown in. She's going full Onision which is probably not a bad plan considering he's still not in prison.

No. 1293311

>she would commonly talk about wanting to be a man and transition but not in the usual transmasc way.
>Rather, she wanted to be a molesting wife beater type and was sad that she couldn't be that.
Holy mother of internalised misogyny. I wonder if she'll actually consider transitioning in the future.

No. 1293314


No, it’s not even because she’s ugly that I thought that, it’s that she has masculine, neckbeard features, awkward manly looking body. She just looks like a troon. Literally thought the photo of her from the neck down had some sort of breastplate/stuffed bra like a trans trying to pass. Ugly women can still definitely come across as women and be feminine, and butch women can still be obviously female. This chick is just an ugly creature that’s just as fucking bitter as any troon or incel, the pinnacle of a pick me.

No. 1293315


How about we name this type of cow "Socio-chans"? 4chan/internet induced sociopathy.

No. 1293325

Yes, I am familiar with this archetype.

Superiority complex + distaste for other women of their kind + edgy humour + antagonistic to self-development and real-world prosperity.

Basically, it's a female version of the school shooter ideology. Fail at life, win at something else.

The cure for this is less internet time.

but unrelated pelosi laptop girl was kinda funny. skssk(integrate)

No. 1293327

It's fucked up she says Fiona is "VERY young" when she was trying to get her together with Chris who's almost 40 years old. There's nothing lovely about that and she says she was "happy for them".

No. 1293329

File: 1628365981124.png (45.73 KB, 1020x222, File.png)


No. 1293336

>At one point they tried to convince me I was transgender because I apperently would be a male sonichu.


No. 1293354

This does sound like something Chris would say so maybe it is her via a lawyer. An expensive team probably to unfuck this situation to any extent.

No. 1293358

If she was born 10-15 years earlier I could see her being besties with Lindsay, posting nudes for the spergs at Iron March and sharing edgelord fanfictions with her
She could become a they/them as a cover and continue shitting her pants and doing nothing.
In the earlier leaks she was trying to push the idea that Fiona was underage, so she could blackmail Chris for fucking a minor… and then we all know the plan fell apart, but I wonder why she's sticking with that "defense". Her dear old dad must be fuming, kek

No. 1293361

If lawyers are helping her (I can't believe the 3 rich glowie parents haven't hired any at this point) then she has to admit to the Fiona contact and knowing her age presumably because of hard evidence available. A lawyer wouldn't let her put in a provable lie in this StAtEmEnT -that would fuck her more.

No. 1293364

She's trying to play 4D chess with checker pieces.

No. 1293365


kiwi thread caught spelling errors she made in discord that match the doc. she's supposed to be smart, but continues to make it worse at every opportunity.

No. 1293368

That spelling error was obvious but I assumed it was to make the statement seem like she wrote it not some lawyer. She hasn't shown this level of damage control before so what changed? Another possibility is the statement is some random troll using the spelling error. I know I would.

No. 1293371

Yeah a lawyer would definitely advise to post anonymous google docs online… lol you're a moron.

No. 1293372

lol anon thats me, thats my profile. geniune :D(no one cares, faggot. integrate.)

No. 1293375

File: 1628369424661.png (1.92 MB, 1284x1532, bra.png)

Her ex said she took steroids in hs and had some weird hormone issue that made her more manly. I reckon she is just wearing a VS 2 sized push-up as the shape is slightly off in this pic.

No. 1293377

It's photoshopped to fuck, why do you think she had to edit the background? cause it was warped to shit

No. 1293379

I can't get over the fact that she was going to be a pity fuck for him. He didn't even want it. Imagine that Chris Chan of all people sees you as a pity fuck. Literally the manchild who has been hopelessly searching for a gf for 20 years.

No. 1293380

He picked his own mom over Fiona. I don't think any woman has ever been cucked this hard.

No. 1293381

She's about the same size in the dog rescue video and other pics.

No. 1293383

why do you think Chris didn't dive for Fiona? The only (?) woman who wanted him genuinely?

No. 1293384

His 80 year old dementia mother over a 20 something half his age spreading her legs for him.

No. 1293385

File: 1628369820405.png (68.91 KB, 246x318, stuffed_bra.png)

Not even close, lol.

No. 1293387

What are you talking about? She definitely isn't that size in the dog rescue video and her fake accounts on kiwifarms posting about her tits indicate that she was obsessed about her image in that aspect.

No. 1293388

From what I saw via Bella's texts with Chris, I think he was getting obsessed with Bella. You always have to understand scrote logic and what they think they deserve. Fiona, poor thing, isn't a looker so comparing the non autistic Bella with Fiona probably made Chris dismiss Fiona when talking to Bella so he could still think he had a chance with her. He kept assuring Bella that he told his mom he would not marry her and talked about having safe sex despite it being his 79 year old mother.

No. 1293389

File: 1628370083525.png (1.25 MB, 1050x788, 1569325366657.png)

Chris has always had the hots for his mother. Bella just gave him permission to finally do it. Fiona was more into vintage Chris and maybe he knew that.

No. 1293390

File: 1628370085761.png (44.05 KB, 981x453, vordy.png)

Bella is now trying to impersonate Vordrak on reddit. If you don't know, Vordrak is probably Null's biggest a-log and the only guy who ever managed to successfully take down Kiwifarms for a while (without DDOSing) because he directly threatened Null's family and called in bomb-threats in his name which got him swatted.

No. 1293392

Photoshopping yourself to look better and that's the best you can do. Making vicky shingles look competent over here.

No. 1293393

Chris hates other autists.

>impersonating an actual terrorist
lmao keep it up, Bella. I'm sure your father won't cut you off.

No. 1293394

vintage chris like in that pic is actually not a terrible looking guy. a guy looking like that could have a fine time in the dating world (assuming he didnt' act like chris). its sad to look at pictures of vintage-chris, knowing where he ends up…

No. 1293396

Vordrak will probably not find it too funny either if he finds out.

No. 1293399

File: 1628370385574.jpeg (31.89 KB, 222x312, 1579033182936.jpeg)

He did some tarot too thing that said that Fiona would find someone else in college so I don't think he had much confidence in the relationship from the start.

Here is part of the sex playlist they made:


No. 1293400

Bella and tards like you (Bella?) need to look at a map and the driving distance from Washington state to Virginia. Chris barely leaves his house, you think he's gonna take some multi-day road trip for some tang. Even if he wasn't getting it at home I'm saying NAH

No. 1293401

File: 1628370406949.jpg (Spoiler Image, 853.28 KB, 2400x1799, evo8t6xp96b61.jpg)

Someone posted her fucked up abuse/crush fetish art.
It's more cartoony than I expected. Not really graphic, but spoilered just in case/because of the subject matter.

No. 1293402

I always thought the shirts vintage Chris wore were pretty dope

No. 1293403

File: 1628370428276.jpg (Spoiler Image, 613.87 KB, 2400x1799, 9eq738nvz2261.jpg)

No. 1293404

Awe. Bella you’re back.(hi cow)

No. 1293407

File: 1628370527943.jpg (217.26 KB, 1080x649, Screenshot_20190923-224050_You…)

There's a few pics where he looks passable.

No. 1293408

thought they were meeting up for some con? and didnt he drive like 8 hrs for tail before, twice?

No. 1293410

I'd love to know what a therapist would have to say about this. What a bunnyboiler (in the literal sense).

No. 1293411

>A highly suggestible autistic man seemingly develops stronger feelings for a manipulative garbage fire who's giving him the girlfriend experience every day and sending him photoshoops of her big ol titties

Yeah, wonder how that happened.

No. 1293413

This is Bella's thread. Post more Bella memes or gtfo

No. 1293415

File: 1628370814517.png (632.21 KB, 755x755, fiona2.PNG)

>Fiona, poor thing, isn't a looker

I dunno, anon, think shes pretty cute.

No. 1293418

Aww, you're right. I take that back. What a cute little sped. Think it was legitimate that Bella wanted Fiona for herself?

No. 1293419

File: 1628370920512.png (79.96 KB, 710x529, geography.PNG)

41hrs > 8hrs
Geography was never Bella's best subject apparently.

No. 1293420

I think Chris prefers more feminine women (except Barb) as all the catfishes he fell for were very girly. He has surprisingly high standards.

No. 1293421

File: 1628370940233.png (1.23 MB, 748x745, 16283708145199.PNG)

No. 1293423

She's got that dead fish-eye expression all autistic chicks have and probably zero charisma. Did you see that video of her dancing? Literally negative sex-appeal. I mean she is still way out of Chris' league ofc simply because she is a woman who breathes.

No. 1293424

So why is this the line of logic used to say he fell for Bellugh?

No. 1293426

Like I said, he's had a thing for Barb for years, with regular sex dreams. That probably took higher priority.

No. 1293427

She looks good in the picture she sent him. >>1292226 cause it's filtered as fuck.

No. 1293428

>video of her dancing

No. 1293429

nta, but yes. Bella is attracted to vulnerable women.

No. 1293430

File: 1628371157001.webm (1.83 MB, 720x1280, 2396548-e86b66d7ab151345395bcd…)

No. 1293432

Nta but I think so. I have a feeling she's weirdly obsessed with her. Bella did try to get both Chris and fiona to go to that mlp con. And said that thing about how she hates when women prefer men over her. Fiona seems like a nice person, this is all extremely tragic

No. 1293433

They both look like trannies

No. 1293434

File: 1628371220389.png (433.07 KB, 510x706, bella.png)

Bella is busty and manipulative. She can be girly when she has something to gain from it.

No. 1293435

>Parsing out Chris's "standards" by judging all the women involved in this

fuck off

No. 1293436

Yikes, no wonder Chris didn't want to fuck a weird combination of his past and present selves

No. 1293437

She looks better than Bella, and way out of Chris Chan’s league. At least she doesn’t look infected with 15 different strains of plague.

No. 1293438

Can you stop posting these shoops? We have all seen them by now. Also why is the conversation suddenly beeing steered away from Bella towards Fiona again? All while pics of Bella being so "feminine and busty"! are being posted. Smells fishy as fuck.

No. 1293439

I think probably this guy said it best >>1293393

>chris hates other autists

They probably remind him of the "slow in the minds", and remind him that he himself is slow. Chris considers himself a perfect-mate, so he thinks he deserves 10/10s (what he imagined Bella to be). If he were to select an autistic girl, he would be admitting that is what he deserves.(sage your shit)

No. 1293440

Anon, she edits her pictures for scrote attention on 4chan and Reddit. She looks nothing like this irl. Her face looks way less conventionally attractive, she's built like a square, and her breasts are big but they're clearly fucking low hangin' wide swangin' breasts (and they're edited to look bigger in her pictures)

No. 1293441

Makes sense, his ideal date seems to be Britney as he mentions her a few time over the years.

No. 1293442

I thought she boiled real hamsters alive so if it's just a drawing that makes me somewhat more relieved.

No. 1293443

^ Bella, we got your bumble, remember? This is how you catfished gorls on campus so you could hide that your an uber creep and you intend spread you nasty finger fungus to unknowning horny college kids… don't make me dig up your "manicure"

No. 1293444

Sorry anon but she killed eight hamsters and neglected a puppy and a cat.

No. 1293445

She does both.

No. 1293446

Oh well… Shouldn't have got my hopes up.

No. 1293447

also farts on cats for sexual pleasure

No. 1293448

She's killed hamsters, nonnie. She's reliving her kills a ala BTK and his bondage drawings.

No. 1293452

And considering some of the ways she's suggested she kill hamsters is squishing them….

No. 1293456

>Smells fishy as fuck.
You're smelling Bella's unwashed cooter. She's likely been in this thread and may still beeee >.>(emote)

No. 1293459

Max, the rescue pup who is said to have been put down due to neglect might be alive. She never adopted him and he was still available. She's a sociopath. What's real and what's edgelord are blurred.

She looks cute here, but >>1293430 awful here. Parents really should dress their autists. And I think this video is 100% retarded and embarrassing, but it's kind of cute. I feel bad for her. Autistic women have a hard time having a healthy sexual relationship because they fall victim to predators. She probably just imagined some quirky Chris not knowing what her "I like gross things" fetish really is and is at the age where her hormones are going nuts.

No. 1293460

File: 1628372063589.jpeg (88.81 KB, 768x1024, 123_1.jpeg)

what a cutie

No. 1293461

She was cosplaying Chris there. Top half is "The Classic" and bottom half is the leggings monstrosities he wears these days

No. 1293462

from what i know, in the dancing vid she is mocking chris. shes doing a derpy dance on purpose, "pretending" to be awkward.

from the leaks, Fiona is actually something of a jock-girl, into and good at sports and pretty coordinated physically.(sage your shit)

No. 1293464

samefag. This bitch runs as soon as she's confronted with the same mean girl shit on reversii
What a twat!

Adorable gem! In another timeline, I'd ship it. Now I'm sad :((:()

No. 1293466

File: 1628372372154.png (799.81 KB, 704x894, 123_2.png)

sporting pic

theres more, read the leaks.

No. 1293468

samefag spoke too soon

this angle doesn't make you look any better, Bella. Just that this young autistic girl is fit

No. 1293470

Thanks, anons. So Chris had the chance at a higher functioning autist that manages to look like this >>1293460 and >>1293466
so he can have sex with his mother?!

I mean the Kiwis tend to think that Chris was uninterested because she was in college and would definitely find a boyfriend. Which is the best realization he could ever come to and very un-Chris-like.

No. 1293471

Bella, stop doing drugs and gayops. The more you try, the worse it looks.

No. 1293474

Fuck. She's more attractive than 99% of scrotes and I'm hetero

No. 1293475

she looks like she sneaks off to eat playdoh during craft time at the adult day care

No. 1293476

No. 1293477

That would be a typical comment here, but it's not as funny that she's actually retarded, anon. She probably does eat playdoh.

No. 1293479

No. 1293480

did Bella throw Fiona under the bus? what happened to make her go into the loony bin?

No. 1293482

She wanted to fuck Chris, anon. The looney bin is where she belongs.

No. 1293484

not buying it. see >>1293466 and >>1293462

No. 1293485

I think she might have just been a troll but whatever. She is good girl because of doing right thing. Even KF decided to leave her alone (hint)

No. 1293487

Bella played that GiBi guy for a fool and gave him an 'inside scoop' on some potentially fake screenshots that make Fiona look pretty bitchy (but she's no Bella). Gibi went and made a YouTube video about it "BREAKING NEWS" style and included the screenshot WITH Fiona's phone number… So her ending up in a facility for a while seems pretty on track.

No. 1293488

>replying to someone you think is a "guy"
>unsaged post

go back moid

No. 1293489

Gonna sperg, but I think details in people's art and writing says a lot about them, and I recognize art like this. The way she drew the girl, with particular emphasis on the breasts/buttocks/crotch and little to no detail on anything else reminds me of Racist Uncle and Develv in how they draw women's bodies. You can basically see the internalized misogyny leaking out whenever things are bimbo-fied like this.

The cutesy anime art style is somehow "off" the same way infamous schizo artist Dogisaga's anime-styled art is, denoting mental illness that's partly informed by internet/imageboard brain rot.
The fact that the actual violence is portrayed in such a simplistic way makes me wonder if she drew this more to impress someone than anything. It fills the "degenerate fetish art" quota for sure, but there's no deep fascination with the creatures being harmed. If you look up fluffy abuse art, it's usually far more detailed and grotesque, even if it's not high-quality. The people who draw that shit definitely get off to the pain. But here, Bella doesn't put much thought into the animals, or what's happening to them. The situations themselves are portrayed in a light-hearted, animated way, almost like a children's comic if it wasn't for the subject matter. She literally put more effort into drawing the yoga pants than the actual niche fetish content.

At the same time, we know for a fact that she does torture/kill/eat hamsters IRL, so this might indicate that she does these things more for edgelord points and validation from mentally ill scrotes than anything. It's all part of her affected persona as the "psychopathic internet mastermind", "welcome 2 my twizted mind" type shit. Make no mistake, this woman has very, very low empathy (which may also be partly why the situations are portrayed so nonchalantly) and definitely has bizarre sexual inclinations, but a lot of this seems like padding, just like how she stuffs her bra. Based on the sexual expression on the girl in that one panel in >>1293403 just before she blows the hamster like a balloon (pandering to inflation fetishists, probably a kink from one of the "chess club" guys), I can believe she's into making out with animals, or has done that before.

No. 1293493

pics of her mom where

No. 1293495

File: 1628373928756.png (794.38 KB, 630x824, 9852842.png)

Samefagging, but also notice the way she edited her body in this photo for her Bumble profile looks a lot like the way she drew the blond bimbo OC's body, down to the spine/waist.
It's all artifice. This is somebody who's obsessed with convincing people of shit, but since she's too mentally ill and/or dumb to be reasonable about things, it's always sort of obvious. That's why her elaborate ops keep getting fucked up and her lies are unraveled so quickly by KF members. She's sociopathic and manipulative, but not smart enough to pull it off on the level she thinks she can. She actually reminds me a bit more of Soren than Lucinda does (except Bella might be worse, I don't know). Sorry for autismo, there's just something deeply fucked up about this cow and it's hard to look away. I mostly see men/troons behaving the way she does, it's weird.

No. 1293497

is there visual evidence of hamster boiling or it just that drawing

No. 1293498

>she blows the hamster like a balloon (pandering to inflation fetishists, probably a kink from one of the "chess club" guys), I can believe she's into making out with animals, or has done that before.
Nah, it's her own, but it's translated IRL as a feeding kink.
Somewhere in the leaks it said that Bella and Louis overfeed their cat so it can be chonky, she also puts it on her face and squeezes it… so it can fart in her face.

No. 1293500

>impeccable artfaggotry!

I couldn't inspect her comics for more than a few seconds so thank you for the indepth write-up

>makes me wonder if she drew this more to impress someone than anything

If the first place she posted these was 4chan, then this is somekinda edgecore for kids drawn with them in mind. I suspect that she was drawing it butts more than the guts but wanted all the attentions all the same.


This shit screams "If I'm gonna photoshop it better make it HILARIOUSLY OBVIOUS and then be like hehe the secret is I'm a hideous and mean troll all along! It's a JOKE!" Specially with the caption "If you laugh at this we'll get along. FART PFFFT" on Bumble.

No. 1293501

So just to recap here, Bella
>expresses sexual attraction to women but also displays insane misogyny, saying she wants to be a masculine wife beater
>shaped her personality after "epic 4chan trolls", posts on reddit and shoops herself for male validation
>at the same time also hates bisexual people and thinks they're all fake and that a bi woman will always choose a man
>used the nickname "redpilled single dad" and talks about her "balls"
>consumes both lolicon and fujo incest porn

Really makes you think.
And this is not even looking at her fetishes, just at how she views her identity and sexual orientation.

No. 1293506

File: 1628374188364.png (Spoiler Image, 83.18 KB, 338x366, hamster.png)

unfortunately she posted it in her shitty discord
reposted to spoiler tag image

No. 1293507

Everyone check on your kids. Sibs and cousins too. There's rot in the zoomies

No. 1293510

thank you nonnie <3

No. 1293511

This is interesting. I was under the impression she was just ugly and got groomed into a pickme by 4chan scrotes, so now she bases her whole personality around being a sociopathic troll to larp as the 4chan serial killer type figure that Twitter uses as a boogeyman, but also has to pretend to be a bimbo to appeal to her scrotes too.

The fact she hates other women speaks volumes. She's the nightmare pickme on top of everything you just said. She's so pickme that she has actually become a moid in the process

No. 1293512

She makes gimpgirl look endearing.

No. 1293514

File: 1628374618270.png (282.22 KB, 869x762, preassure.PNG)

Common Bella, you know full well she's not "pretending to be awkward"

No. 1293515

Lol ok, sure. Anyway >>1292937

No. 1293517

Some part of me hopes that hamster died naturally and she just threw it in for edgelord points, but that's just me trying to cope. RIP hamster/s.

I hate armchairing usually, but this was a good read.

No. 1293518

gimpgirl is spooky bones!

No. 1293520


I hate the internet.

No. 1293521

Fascinating how much of a simp Louis is. Dude really believes she's an invincible super haxx0r.
When Spooky Bones talked to her on DMs on KF and noticed how much of a manipulative psycho she is, he cut contact on the spot. She can only manipulate speds and terrorize trannies, she can't do shit to anyone else.

No. 1293522


if you tell someone to rob a bank, or kill someone, and then they do it, you are still on the hook for conspiracy/solicitation of murder.

Just because she didn't do the actual crime does not mean she doesn't have culpability.

No. 1293524

I find the situation of that Louis guy funny
>participates in all the hateful posting on the discord
>is the one who leaks the discord convos and implicates himself as well
>bella still hangs out with him and he hangs out with bella
Does she have some shit on him or is it just pure retardation?

No. 1293525

Imagine how shit someones life must be when they're such and ugly crazy freak that their whole life revolves around praise from actual retards and troons. No matter how much she kink panders, she is so vile and inept that even moids low on the totem pole won't look at her, she needs mentally deficient people

No. 1293529

Classic fallguy simp. I swear he's a common side character to criminal psychos' history

No. 1293530

Someone tell me this isn't real :((:()

No. 1293531

About as real as anything Bella's posted.

Right here, right now, it's up to you to just… Schrödinger's hamster this.

No. 1293532

>praise from actual retards and troons
Do you have brain damage? She fucking hates retards and troons, just look at what she did to CWC(sage your shit)

No. 1293533

she's autistic herself, just in denial about adhd being autism

No. 1293535

Anom she literally spends her every waking moment pandering to speds (retards) because they're the only people who she can trick into liking her, and she relies on manipulating troons to feel good about herself. She needs them. She can hate them but she does genuinely need them

No. 1293541

Who do you think she's been basing her personality around with her /b/tarding? Imagine this guy thinking normies post on 4chan. What's the opposite of a normie?

No. 1293542

>"it's cool bc i anonymous"
statements that aged very badly

No. 1293545

Probably has some shit on him or he's afraid she will ruin his life for his involvement on this whole thing, so he sticks around like a pathetic simp. He doesn't have glowie parents to help him out… afaik.

Doesn't matter, like the nona said above, Bella needs them; no one sane will put up with her putrid husk of a personality. Everyone she gets involved with, a serial liar and proud coomer who literally smells like shit, is either retarded or a tranny (her TTU friends/acquaintances, her tranny ex, GiBi, Chris, Praetor and Watchmen faggots).

No. 1293548

Hopefully if he makes it out from under this all he can fully divorce himself from that edgelord9000 bullshit he was putting on. Buddy, you're brown.

Also, pretty sure you wanna get your nails did, gorl nails emoji. Don't stop there! Go all out!

No. 1293556

lol, that didn't work on kf so you're trying it here bella

No. 1293558

the entire reason kf is going after her is because theyre moids mad that its a woman who at the end bested all of them and the other trolls and cemented herself as the last and most successful person to manipulate chris. its literally a bunch of scrotes trying to do an epic revenge scheme on her to get back at all the nerdy girls who rejected them in college. shes not an actual cow its just scroterage

No. 1293561

No. 1293563

I've been reading there all day and, surprisingly, they're not being as misogynistic as they usually are. Once animal abuse came into the picture, she deserves every ounce of hate from both farms.

No. 1293565

bella looks a tiny bit like JULAAAAAAY


No. 1293566

Her non-chris related antics are still cow-like imo. She's like shuwu on steroids.

No. 1293567

imageboard, newfriend.

No. 1293569

File: 1628378472726.jpg (55.42 KB, 234x800, LetterfromJulie(2of2).jpg)

No. 1293570

File: 1628378528164.jpg (40.93 KB, 1750x98, nice try.JPG)

this is hilarious how obvious you are. I'm saving this for posterity just in case you try to delete it like in >>1293556

No. 1293574

Imagine being such a repulsive twat that you end up being cucked by CWC. Portabella Janke must be absolutely seething.

Take your meds and maybe some topical antifungals for those nails.

Her history of animal abuse alone more than qualifies her as a horrorcow.

No. 1293576

File: 1628378741360.png (23.65 KB, 1812x126, firsttry.png)

note the initial slip
>girls who rejected her– i mean them!

No. 1293577

No, Bella's mad because her attempt at becoming the master internet troll blew up and now everybody knows she's a repugnant (but also very retarded) person.
Fact of the matter, she encouraged Chris's actions and had no intent to expose/report him. That was all Fiona. Don't even get me started on the animal abuse.
If Chris hadn't literally raped his mom, I'd say Bella is a far worse person than him. Then again, Bella claimed to have raped a girl and molested another on Discord (though that may or may not just be her bullshit edgy-posting), so fuck knows.

No. 1293579

This dumbass just digs herself in deeper. What a mastermind.

No. 1293580

I'm putting this one in my "Chess Club" folder.

No. 1293581

File: 1628378946457.gif (107.06 KB, 220x164, stop it.gif)

>the super troll narrative
bitch, change the script or call your glowdad and request a new identity already

No. 1293583

Not to be a freudfag but what does being a misogynistic hateful lesbian say about one's relationship with their own mother?

No. 1293588

A lot of it comes from being a 4chan pickme. Shes a misogynist because shes been memed into thinking all women are hivemind stacy whores because that's what the 4chan scrotes told her. Shes not like the other girls, anon, shes owo troll "my family thinks I'm a serial killer" who trolls with the boys. She hates women because literally any woman, even Fiona, will outdo her socially and romantically. Fiona had a chance with Chris which, while bad, isn't as bad as having to settle for squeezing cat farts onto your face like Bella has to do

No. 1293589

File: 1628379493473.png (44.04 KB, 638x261, fartcollector.PNG)

Bella's since nuked depraved instagram

No. 1293591

I don’t think she manipulated Chris into raping his mom. He drew incest comics and said he had a dream where he had sex with Barb. I think Chris did it out of moid opportunistic predator behavior to satisfy his own needs, he told her, she egged him on to continue so she could record it and spread it for fame.

No. 1293594

lmao I didn't catch the first one.
now I think she would be besties with the Supreme Gentleman himself. Same personality, different sex.

the only reason this psycho didn't troon out was due to becoming too entrenched in 4chan culture, which made her repulsed by trannies but turned her into a deranged pickme.
she has all the makings of a misogynistic TIF.

No. 1293595

are her animations archived anywhere?

No. 1293600

Until the content of Chris and Bella's private conversations are leaked (and they will be leaked) no one can say just how culpable Bella is in Chris raping his mom. Her starting talking to him lines up with his first admitted date of fucking Barb so it's still a big mystery which leads to speculation.

Once the cops look at Chris's texts and messages they'll get the full picture and that's what really matters, innit

No. 1293606

ngl, she’s kinda cute. she could definitely get it(scrote)

No. 1293607

who? christine?

No. 1293608

And she did nothing with the information except withhold it and egg him on. I think she should face repercussions for that. And who knows, maybe more will leak.

No. 1293609

nah, bella. I’d slam her(get out)

No. 1293610

So much effort absurdly editing her tits, but leaves her acne covered ugly mug untouched. Ok.

No. 1293612

dude… gross. Her toenails are so infected they've fallen off and she glue them back on and paints them and calls it good. Its so bad its spread to her fingernails because she probably picks at her toes like the nasty shit she is. If you have a dick, she'd infect it. If you've got a pussy and still wanna smash it…. barf

No. 1293613

im a footchad, so shes a no no for me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1293616

all chicks are gross dude, she can toss on some socks or something. Just wanna plow her(male)

No. 1293619

bella pls("hi cow")

No. 1293620

I would not have sex with the gross cat poop fungus girl but I would have sex with the sped.(scrote)

No. 1293621

That’s fucking gay

No. 1293622

Bella, this is quite obviously you. How many times are you going to play pretend on the internet and lie today? What happened with your reddit post?(hi cow)

No. 1293623

File: 1628383109344.jpeg (63.48 KB, 1444x1500, I call her Lorena.jpeg)

scrotes/bella pretending to be a scrote pls go

No. 1293624

p.s. bella spooky bones is a woman you retarded twat "boring guy" lmao

you cannot stop self-owning it is the best part of watching this saga unfold(sage your shit)

No. 1293625

Seconding this

No. 1293627

No. 1293630

she should start an onlyfans(sage your shit)

No. 1293632

File: 1628383517450.jpg (97.47 KB, 1293x258, you can run for a long time, b…)

How many different people have you tried to pin this on or work up to support you now?

No. 1293633

This, but from inside a prison cell

No. 1293635

File: 1628383680815.jpg (217.73 KB, 607x873, its not my wallet.jpg)

No. 1293637

She'll troon out at some stage I'm sure

No. 1293638

nah, in my basement

No. 1293640

already a troon in denial.
definitely has gender issues.

No. 1293641

File: 1628383793437.jpeg (109.08 KB, 821x1137, bella-janke.jpeg)

No. 1293642

Is Isabella autistic?

No. 1293643

for those not in the know this is important because a group of spergs called Praetor (including Annie, the cute little brunette that all the cwc spergs simp for) obtained a taser and told Chris that he should use it on himself to kick off the merge. and apparently Isabella is associated with those people.

No. 1293645

probably not

No. 1293647

File: 1628383927618.jpg (35.68 KB, 524x526, 1628237706135.jpg)

(unsaged fan art)

No. 1293649

File: 1628383990022.jpg (26.35 KB, 906x162, autism.jpg)

She says she is

No. 1293653


this you, dude?
same loc

No. 1293654

File: 1628384205794.png (440.57 KB, 450x600, 83453336789725.png)

bella is epic win(unsaged fan art)

No. 1293655

File: 1628384226057.png (124.85 KB, 341x274, shut up meg.png)

(unsaged fan art)

No. 1293656

not me nah. I’m just itt for Bella pics(no1curr, sage your shit.)

No. 1293657

File: 1628384408425.png (566.59 KB, 504x666, annie.png)

this is annie?

No. 1293659

she has an ethot tiktok and instagram somewhere
amazingly not doxed yet

No. 1293660

No. 1293665

giggled when I heard that she likes the smell of cat shit

No. 1293667

same, anon. I bet she's ITT jilling over the worship

No. 1293668

You greasy cow. Who do you think you're fooling?

No. 1293669

>the entire reason kf is going after her is because theyre moid

>gossip and drama forum

>all men

right sweety(sage your shit)

No. 1293670

Telling on ourselves now, are we?

No. 1293671

yeah. I'll find her tiktok

No. 1293672

She's got a link-tree right there

Why ya'll doxxing this chick? How is she related?("spoonfeed me")

No. 1293673

Bella, the only thing we want to know from you is…

Are those sweaterpups real?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1293674

trolling cwc is low hanging fruit at this point

No. 1293675

it's not doxxing if her username is already on the cwcki

No. 1293676

Anon, correct yourself. That fruit isn't even hanging

No. 1293677


Bella, you're an animal abuser who huffs cat shit you deserve to be mocked a ridiculed

No. 1293679

kf found her name because of her social media thats not doxing if you arent upto date how she is related to the situation read the thread stop looking to be spoon fed

No. 1293681

You know you have to start reading at the TOP of the thread right?

No. 1293684

why does she look so genuinely happy here

No. 1293685

She's holding a cake that says COK.

For real though she needs to quit smiling. Forever. It outs her as a massive autist

No. 1293689

>they're all unwashed nerds
Lol every fucking time

As for her fungal infection, she needs to see a doctor if her toenails are falling off and bleeding. Does she not have insurance, like how tf do you let your toenails turn fucking green and still not do shit about it?

No. 1293690

Just shows how 'based' she thinks this cat shit cake prank is

No. 1293692

Blatant ignorance of hygiene, and the inability to recognize health problems (or hygienic issues that lead to medical problems) can be red flags of an nuclear autist

No. 1293695

I'm pretty sure bella still thinks it was fun and it will die down soon and she can just continue doing what she has done before.

No. 1293696

>writes incest fan fiction
>doesn’t do anything about Chris Chan [censored] his mom, in fact she encourages it and intends to blackmail him
Wtf????? Wtf?!?!?? This is fucked(sage)

No. 1293698

unlikely. I mean, I'm sure she hopes that but various tard factions have been posting on her parent's ig and facebook. the step mom has a website with a contact email so there's no fucking way she hasn't been sent images. bella can kiss that lil 'this'll blow over' dream bye bye.

No. 1293699

So you're pretty new, right?(sage your shit)

No. 1293700

She thinks she can just nuke her discords and avoid opening emails and this will all blow over in a month like last time.
But young dumb Bella doesn't realize that while the internet is fast but ultimately (sometimes) unable to bring permanent irl repercussions, real life moves slow and very much does come with real, painful repercussions. Take it from an oldfag. Ya done fucked up!

No. 1293702

samefag >>1293700 just wanted to add another horrorcow reference: there's always the possibility of ass cancer getting them in the end

No. 1293703

No need to hope for ass cancer, she's being slowly eaten away by a fungal infection.

No. 1293704

lul(sage your shit)

No. 1293705

bigger lul(sage your shit)

No. 1293707

How old is Bella??

No. 1293709

She was born in 2001, so depending on when her birthday is, she is 19/20.

No. 1293712

This. While daddy can scrub SEO results, I can guarantee some sped from KF will still be keeping up with her even after this all dies down, and messaging possible emoloyers about her antics. Or her being the attentionwhoring turbo sped she is, will be pulling a Schmorky and lurking around under a new alias.

No. 1293716

Is there any actual risk for kiwifarms users being in legal trouble for stalking/harassment?

No. 1293718

If only there were a website for anonymously keeping tabs on cows like this

No. 1293719

No honey, you're boned super hard and you need to bring these kinda questions to daddy's lawyer.

No. 1293720

File: 1628391510083.jpg (77.7 KB, 563x434, Dexter2233.jpg)

Knowing narcissists irl, she loves the control of having those idiots simp for her, its a power trip for such people. Remember it's the only way they can't get close to true happiness, it's really sad for average people with empathy to realize these people will always live in misery unless they can control others.
Because for most of us, we find that in our hobbies, interest and we are passionate about those things.
Everything she does revolves around the control of other people.
The fact that she started to be violent and torture animals, shows me that she crossed the line and once put in jail, they have to be extremely careful if released. She's literally a timebomb.(sage your armchair faggotry)

No. 1293722

Her dad is a fed.

No. 1293724

With her scrotebrain, she either had implants as a teen or wears an unwashed padded and stuffed bra.

No. 1293725

There’s almost 1,000 pages of her on KF. She must feel so proud.

No. 1293729

Hmm, sounds like an interesting idea, anon!
Her tits look super stuffed and fake. I think she should definitely post a nude though if she wants to dispel the rumors. One of you over the age of eighteen, if you’re reading Bella, which I know you are
If only most of the posts weren’t just dumb ass scrotes adding literally nothing to the conversation other than repeating the same few memes/posts and circle-jerking one another. KF threads are nearly unreadable, especially when they’re super active.

No. 1293734

sage your fucking armchair newfag

No. 1293738

Yes, the FBI have a lock on every single one of those scrotes and they're all going to super jail.

No. 1293740

No. Youre going to have to prove that fagfucker9000 was the person that contacted such and such or has been doing something in real life that constitutes the texas statute for stalking . Talking mean about a gross slut on the internet isn't stalking.

No. 1293742

This can only die down if her glowparents wrangle her or her full exchanges with Chris finally leak, then she will drop from the face of the Earth.
Either way, her thread on KF will slow down but I can see some scorned Chris whiteknights harassing her for life.

No. 1293746

I saw some tiktoks about Bella just now. Prepare for the influx of newfriends I guess and armchairing

No. 1293757

what's the zoomer take on bella on tiktok now?

No. 1293761

File: 1628394473636.png (Spoiler Image, 567.39 KB, 485x763, ewwwtfareTOES.PNG)

Make sure ya'll peeps these feets!
>WARNING: Image contains fungal matter

No. 1293763

I have not felt so repulsed by a thread since that kero the wolf bullshit a while back now. the initial cwc was bad enough. that is obviously fucked. but this freak has something majorly wrong with her too. what a sad life she leads.

I'm sure many of you ladies can relate, to an extent, to growing up around the internet and getting exposed to bullshit. Right? I can remember using Taiwanese basket weaving forums a lot as a 17-year-old girl and had to stop because of how male-dominated and pathetic the online space was. just grew out of it, you know? I'm in my mid-20s now and can look back on how gross it all was with a clearer head, and I'm just glad I had good female friends and like outside hobbies, so it didn't permanently fuck my head.

The shit I saw on there just pissed me off, rather than dig at me and become internalized, and I quickly lost interest in wanting to engage with an online space I didn't enjoy & had no respect for. Genuinely not trying to blog, I truly think that's a thing most women on here can relate to somewhat.

the constant culture of being exposed to degrading and/or frankly fucking bizarre porn, gore… and the moid populace's either blatant hatred and misogyny toward women, even the ones who shared their hobbies.

if it wasn't that, the complete vitriol, you got a gaggle of beta orbiters trying to kiss your ass. Know what I mean? No winning, there, or being treated like a person in any sense of the word. Either you were their Not Like The Other Girls bitch they wanted to fuck or you were the virginal whore who wouldn't fuck them right there in the video game general. You were the object of weird internet attention either way; idealization and want or just legit hatred, didn't matter.

anyway THIS bitch right here is what happens when someone is exposed to that kind of online - dare I say - brain rot. Uncritically, prolonged, without a break. When your identity is shaped by it from a young age and you've got nothing else going for you.

Ironically, like cwc, her parents' should have monitored her internet usage and restricted access. Things could have different. Probably intolerable in other ways because she seems like a toxic mix of insufferable traits but at least she wouldn't have this thread about her and all this shit.

Idk man it's just pathetic and shows a lack of introspection, emotional intelligence, all that… she already seems to have some kind of mental illness bizarre shit going on, and the exposure to edgy online shit truly ruined this girl.

She's obviously tied up all her value in weird online culture shit, that has no actual bearing in real life, and thus she can't relate meaningful ways to real-life people or "those bitch roasties at school who won't fuck me reeee!" No idea of how to treat a woman, just adopted the moid mindset, the idea of a girl she can have, who will fuck her and clean for her and let her be the "masc" gamer who gets tendies brought to him at his desk.

simultaneously she is the moid and views herself through her own moid lenses. a caricature of a woman, shaped by the internet, imageboard masturbators. she can only see herself through those lenses, her sense of self filtered through an internal discord admin moid gaze. these men hold power over her and she tries to mirror them to feel the power; if I had more methylphenidate I'd channel the ghost of that quack pot Freud just because it would be fucking funny to consider her as a real, honest and true case of smega entrusted penis envy.

it's like Margaret Atwood said… "Up on a pedestal or down on your knees, it's all a male fantasy: that you're strong enough to take what they dish out, or else too weak to do anything about it. Even pretending you aren't catering to male fantasies is a male fantasy: pretending you're unseen, pretending you have a life of your own, that you can wash your feet and comb your hair unconscious of the ever-present watcher peering through the keyhole, peering through the keyhole in your own head, if nowhere else. You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman. You are your own moid voyeur" huh, Bella? Smh.

and she seems to take pride in it and base her whole personality around it. Funny she thinks she is so much better than cwc (literal rapist) when she has been shaped by the internet of all things in the worst ways possible. legit pathetic and yet I'm kind of enthralled by just how fucked it is.

anyway, sage cuz I'm sauced and this weird shit has me feeling some type of way. It's just so interesting cuz female horror cow freaks like this come from a different place than the males, and her motivations and actions are just so goddam bizarre. Not trying to fuckin arm chair either, just my observations and thoughts after checking out the discord logs. Good lord, nonnies.

No. 1293774

good blog. anon is every woman too.

destroy the moid inside your head, ladies!

No. 1293790

I agree with you, anon, especially here:
>simultaneously she is the moid and views herself through her own moid lenses. a caricature of a woman, shaped by the internet, imageboard masturbators. she can only see herself through those lenses, her sense of self filtered through an internal discord admin moid gaze. these men hold power over her and she tries to mirror them to feel the power;
Everything about the way she presents herself screams this.

No. 1293797


I just got accused of being Bella. How dare you, anon. I’ll have you know that I wash myself thoroughly. I’m going to go shower with sand and broken glass to exfoliate this accusation the hell off me

No. 1293801

Right now she's blowing up but just like the Kero/Zoosadists shit, eventually people'll stop talking about it or mention it in passing like "Oh yeah, remember that fucked up chris chan troll?" in a couple months. Though, I can see her escalating her antics, like joining IP2 streamers and just going into a downward spiral that puts her in a similar position to Chris. Chris wks or just unhinged KFs has me thinking she won't ever live this down even when public discussion of her does.
Does anyone else get vendetta-chan vibes from the KF thread's OP, something just feels off about that poster and how thoroughly involved they're getting into the whole situation.

No. 1293804

File: 1628397704749.png (257.4 KB, 816x611, bella2.png)

This list has been updated.

No. 1293805

Forgive me, nonnies, but what is onion websites?

No. 1293806

good take.

No. 1293807

Sites accessed using the Tor browser

No. 1293810

File: 1628398422233.png (213.93 KB, 800x643, spellingmistakes.png)

No. 1293811

TOR browser websites where you can’t be tracked, which makes them popular mostly to selling and buying drugs/other illegal things or political activism in countries with no freedom of speech (not in meme way). And also used to share CP. She had told Chris how easy it is to find CP online so she probably was that stupid she went and looked at that shit, or she had heard of ”spooky darkweb”. Considering how bad she is hiding her tracks on the internet I’m surprised she didn’t fuck up with that too.

No. 1293812

Nah dawg, her online antics are gonna make all those Twilightards wish they hadn't named their babies Bella

No. 1293813

they're not "tor browser websites". They are websites inaccessible by normal browsers. 9/10 it's boring, mundane shit no one cares about. Sometimes .onion domains are setup to point to sites hosted there. It's not the spooky scary place newfags make it out to be. And you absolutely can be tracked.

No. 1293815

>Does anyone else get vendetta-chan vibes from the KF thread's OP, something just feels off about that poster and how thoroughly involved they're getting into the whole situation.


No. 1293816

File: 1628399373830.png (24.21 KB, 460x258, epick.png)

From the latest Discord leak. Simon918 is Bella and jordanloveboat is Louis.

No. 1293818

If ol' skelly bones is giving you vendetta-chan vibes just wait till all the SJWs actually get wind of this Bella bitch. She's hitting triggers for all KINDS of vendetta-chans

No. 1293819

File: 1628399502651.png (114.7 KB, 637x252, spookylcf.png)

shes watching you

No. 1293820

If she’s into little boys too, wouldn’t that make her one of those bisexuals she hates?

No. 1293823

Lol are you stupid or just new? This bitch boiled her hamster alive and let an 80 year old woman get raped. You think people honing in on her on a literal drama forum is because it’s vendetta and not that this is the craziest shit?

No. 1293825

File: 1628400338188.png (14.4 KB, 770x78, gep4.png)

Bella is a nasty coombrained, fungus-infected, animal-abusing rapist to prove that girls can be whatever they want.

No. 1293826

File: 1628400386758.jpg (83.64 KB, 804x952, FB_IMG_1628293738805.jpg)

Yeah… I mean its obvious Bella/ILJ doesn't give a shit about anything Chris Chan did. She did it to get famous, but didn't realize it would blow back in her face after the internet detectives dove into her background.

She seems like a real piece of work, I honestly hope one of her simps knows about a highly illegal thing she has done and turns her in so she can face jail time herself. She is a malignant narcissist and there really is no treatment for that. Other than indefinite confinement.

BTW, I'm not really here to defend Chris Chan, she just seems like a bitch and I hope she winds up incarcerated as well.

No. 1293827

tfw no isabella janke gf(sage your shit)

No. 1293828

Not really. My take on this:
It was posted a faildox as first (Kelly Osborn), KF posters figured out she's a pathological liar who hides behind several socks, then her real dox was found.
OP became invested into this because they actually talked to her through DMs, noticed how much of a sociopath she is and shut down her attempts to manipulate them; then, more unhinged stuff from Bella was being found out (animal abuse, rape, her being a filthy bitch, etc) and now they wanna be as thorough as possible with all the info coming out.
Also, Isabella Janke has Nick Bate vibes. Maybe OP noticed that too. Bitch would probably escalate if she wasn't ever found out.

lol calm down

No. 1293829

This is identity theft. She's actually kinda screwed if the FBI gets involved.

No. 1293830

File: 1628400661675.png (22.31 KB, 510x256, gep.png)

No. 1293831

File: 1628400826796.png (10.92 KB, 469x79, fifi.png)

Fiona is innocent.

No. 1293832

File: 1628400998938.png (334.23 KB, 1524x696, 1kcCFjT.png)

No. 1293833

Clearly her parents aren't that influential. She's at a college with a 69% acceptance rate. 17k a year. She's broke lol. She'll likely get expelled if this makes it to mainstream/local news. Schools respond to money.

No. 1293835

wait…firearms charge????

No. 1293836

You aren't even the first person in the thread to pseudo-pity this evil bitch, what gives?

No. 1293837

With everything including the recent firearm charge, why do I get the feeling this psycho was planning something for the brony convention like either committing a mass shooting/shooting Chris and/or Fiona or convincing Chris to shoot/kill someone or himself?
If she was planning for Chris to reveal the Barb news at the convention then maybe she was planning on giving Chris the gun, hoping there’d be an altercation that would make him fire like he did with the pepper spray.

No. 1293838

i was molested as a child and i'm a prude
collossal fuck up though yeah, but she is lightyears ahead of me(sage your shit)

No. 1293839

File: 1628401445350.png (44.98 KB, 922x246, Screenshot 2021-08-08 at 00-41…)

4th-degree weapons charge (see pic related), which might be a firearm but is probably more likely to be the taser that we know she has because she recorded herself tasing herself with it like a spaz.

No. 1293840

NTA but I don't think it's hard to feel some 5% of disgust-pity towards a teenage girl who was brainwashed my moid porn culture. This is like watching a trainwreck, but the most important parts are that she reveled in the fucked up shit she did and she brought it all up on herself, even doxxed herself because she couldn't shut up.

No. 1293841

it was in ny so it 1000% isnt a gun that would be a serious felony there

No. 1293842

>oh no how could this happen :^) i thought SHE was manipulating them
Here's Bella attempting to tweak the narrative by feigning empathy, pretending she didn't know Fiona was autistic and still trying to frame her in this gayop.

2/10, Bella. Try again.

No. 1293843

Bella and her hand flapping simps are still free to do damage control and that's all that's about

No. 1293844

Psychic Espeon, Christorian and Bella's friend, was in contact with Chris and made some YouTube videos drawing parallels between Chris and Randy Stair. I feel like they were setting Chris up to be the next Randy Stair, who was a trans mass shooter who thought that he would be reincarnated as a cartoon character.

No. 1293846

Judging by her track record I'd say her plans were less murderous and more horny and stupid than any of us are actually willing to believe.

No. 1293848

File: 1628402193334.png (136.12 KB, 513x538, weapons.png)

No. 1293849

File: 1628402343020.png (257.29 KB, 1197x289, wheres waldo.png)

can we appreciate the amount of weaponized autism that was brought to bear here though?

No. 1293853

Nyfag here. It was illegal to have a stun gun/taser before, but I'm certain in 2019 the ban was struck down by the federal court…
But I'm not totally certain on this.
Also, cops aren't doing stop and frisk anymore. So it's weird that she was given a weapons charge without an accompanying assault charge. Cops aren't unusually suspicious of ordinary white girls especially…

Typically no one knows you have a firearm/weapon unless you attempt to use it. But if she did she'd likely be charged… (Unless she did have some kind of incident and the victim refused to press charges) … The other option is she's a stupid hoe and decided to enter some weapon-checked government building.

There's something missing here.

No. 1293854

I am vomit

No. 1293855

File: 1628402651716.png (477.96 KB, 986x803, tards.png)


reminder for anons reading the thread, bella was simping for fiona and mad that fiona wanted to fuck chris and not her
once fiona leaked the phone call audio when she found out barb was raped, bella turned on fiona and tried to trick everyone into thinking that fiona was the person on the call and got gibi to dox fiona resulting in her being sent to the hospital and having internet taken away

No. 1293856

is there even proof she has a cat in her possession? bc it sounds like some shitty furry fap fantasy. no apartment landlord would let her allow her pet to "shit everywhere". she would get notices and then evicted.

No. 1293857

Her dad deleted his twitter and changed the name on his linkedin, but she still has internet access? I guess they didn't pick her up from uni yet.

No. 1293858

Hey kids, take this whole Bella business as a lesson: Don't be a sloppy sexpest and learn to plan your crimes far away from discord general chats

No. 1293859

There is a photo of her playing and measuring cat poop in the last discord leak.

No. 1293860

Just don't use Discord at all, really. That's the lesson that we can all take away from this.

No. 1293861

Funny how Espeon was apologizing for being friends with Bella and then he went dark right after this Randy Stair bullshit was found out. Fucker is even friends/acquaintances with Louis.

No. 1293862

shes in manhattan playing at bio mom's apartment

No. 1293863

File: 1628403130945.png (Spoiler Image, 238.51 KB, 503x842, 1628353166178.png)


cat shit pic mentioned

No. 1293864

apparently there was even some drama with ILJ's dox team on THEIR discord. the platform is cancer. not even once.

No. 1293865

File: 1628403206628.jpeg (197.76 KB, 1151x344, 41B1F1A7-F199-4A80-9279-60FF78…)

>But ppl think I got to mit bc I’m a hacker on lolcow farm

No. 1293867

I thought it was Billy that went to MIT and was a hacker? At least that's what she said that first night on /g/

No. 1293868

>07-Aug-21 8:06AM
That's from THIS morning. This is the kinda shit she's posting in her discord while every autist on the internet is digging through her personal life. what a literal shitshow

No. 1293869

File: 1628403448220.png (112 KB, 899x929, 1628349325287.png)

I feel like we need a list of big internet security no-nos she did.

>posted her face on reddit for scrote validation

>left a connection to that account on her university's subreddit
>made a discord for fucked up /pol/ and loli shit and thought disguising it as a chess club is enough
>INVITED PEOPLE FROM HER UNIVERSITY TO THE DISCORD where they saw evidence of her being fucked up
>decided the clean way to abandon the discord was to make everyone delete their accounts and spam the server with gore from alts to get it deleted, instead of just using her admin status to delete it first, my fucking sides
>contacted youtubers and the kiwifarms OP instead of shutting up and disappearing
>spread fake dox that led to her real dox
>knows there's a traitor and still keeps talking in a public chat instead of DMs

No. 1293870

Sorry, who is Louis?

No. 1293872

plz to add
>Don't F**k with Hamsters

No. 1293874

Louis/Luis Herz, Bella's simp.

No. 1293875

the cat does not look abused or overweight. i have a feeling she's writing fanfic. either way, she's clearly overcompensating for her lack of any self-esteem by trying to appeal to the lowest of males on this earth, and it's pathetic. i wonder how embarrassed she feels right now.

No. 1293876

her #1 whiteknight/simp who she gets to troll the farms and report what is being said about her. and God only knows what irl.

No. 1293877

minor correction but the fat cartoony animals are called "fluffies" and there's a whole subculture about them, i think they evolved from MLP fandom?

No. 1293878

ayrt that's actually a decent tinfoil.
Don't forget
>is such a loser neet couldn't just call or text her friends/dm them and talk about her gross shit so as to not leave a papertrail

No. 1293879

what do they mean by "dean"? is she attending school or smth? are they going to the police?

No. 1293880

anon, no one will watch this cat for them because it smells so bad and its shits are so gnarly. it's that way because they admittedly like it. search "Goober" in the logs and try and tell me they don't have an unhealthy obsession with this cat

No. 1293883

i don't care to read the logs but i'm telling you none of the pics show me an unhealthy animal. it's of normal weight, its coat is shiny, it's not hostile toward its owners from what i'm seeing from this pic. autistic fetishists like bella tend to write their fantasies out and i'm sure she's also trying to appear psychotic and fucked up to her channer friends. that said, she should still be held accountable for all this harassment.

No. 1293884

She's a fluffy pony artist?
That actually makes me dislike her ''slightly'' less(sage)

No. 1293885

Yes and yes and done. All authorities have been properly (and improperly) notified. You lil nonnie can just make sure anyone irl talkin' 'bout Chris is sure to know about Bella too

No. 1293886

thank god

No. 1293889

If reveling in a smelly cat fetish and bragging about huffing farts is just her trying to appear psycho for her friends - that's pretty psychotic in itself

No. 1293890

She looks like a total loser, no wonder she's a psycho to compensate.

No. 1293893

There is more:

>Used her real name to troll Chris.

>Sent Chris a photo of herself, which he ultimately shared with Null. That same photo was used in her Bumble account.
>Posted her discord tag in /soc/, which used the same language as her r/roastme post with a photo of her face.
>Evidence of Chris' incest has her voice which matched with a Storycorps interview she made with her father.
>Upload evidence and brag about your illegal activities in a discord with your university peers.
>Uploads a photo of her high school hall pass, which leads KF to her high school graduation tapes.
>Uploads a video of her "rescuing" Max, the doxhound, to r/TexasTech.

No. 1293894

this thread is attracting scrotes can farmhands please nuke it?(sage your shit)

No. 1293895

A fluffy abuse artist, anon.

No. 1293899

lmao nuke the whole thread over a couple ineffective scrotes? like this isn't the farm's first rodeo? gtfoh

No. 1293902

can someone post about the cat more? I haven't actually seen a pic of it. Does she abuse it?

No. 1293907

The characters in this saga:

Bella - Isabella Loretta Janke
>you probably know enough about her from these threads, nasty sociopathic fungus brainwashed by 4chan scrotism

>her no.1. simp and fall guy
>initially uninvolved with the CWC drama but a gross creep that approved of her actions
>stupid enough to give her his passwords which roped him in and got him doxxed
>thought a VPN would protect him
>leaked discord logs to kiwifarms because he thought they'd protect him, got fucked in the ass
>wks Bella and thinks his life is in danger because of kiwifarms - still keeps incriminating them further and leaking shit
>in the middle of this chaos gets porn drawn of his fursona

>an autistic girl who wanted to bang Chris Chan and the subject of Bella's toxic affections
>the true hero who saved Barb from more months of rape by not listening to Bella and leaking the audio of the confession call
>her parents cut off her internet and hospitalized her after she got doxxed because of a retarded youtuber called GiBi

GiBi - minor character
>tried to get a scoop to get internet points fast
>unironically fell for Bella's manipulation
>accidentally doxxed Fiona and caused damage to her life
>started backpedalling after kiwifarms called him out and bullied him for being a piece of shit
>got doxxed himself

>MtF trans ex of Isabella
>jumped right on the opportunity to talk shit about her on kiwifarms
>was in the discord and didn't do jack shit about Bella's behaviour, he's probably a degenerate weeb considering their messages

>FtM who was bullied by Bella at uni
>the one who actually did shit and collected proof of Bella's abuse and degeneracy and filed a complaint to the university

No. 1293910

I think Firion is FtM.

No. 1293912

>Firion, last point
Firion at some point left the server and moved on from Bella and another character named Jadin took up the name Zoe in their discord so some of this is murked up. From what I could tell Zoe was always very skeptical of Bella and pushed her on a lot of lies so I think he gets a pass for being some things said in the discord tbf

No. 1293914

oh thank god! im sure they'll be very happy to hear an anon on lolcow.farm with knowledge of the members/timeline of their discord server has given them a pass for their discord crimes. You make sure they see this, babe

No. 1293917

File: 1628407720929.png (Spoiler Image, 626.86 KB, 1243x713, Screenshot (29).png)

Furry porn 1/3

No. 1293918

and her roommate that she raped

No. 1293919

File: 1628407881019.png (Spoiler Image, 524.87 KB, 1589x895, Screenshot (30).png)

Furry porn 2/3

No. 1293920

File: 1628408062166.png (72.24 KB, 747x658, Screenshot (31).png)

Furry porn 3/3

No. 1293921

Yeah I'm sure everyone feels bested by the animal murderer who literally claimed to be some kind of ebic hacker for lolcow farms. Anon, she squeezes a cat on her face to huff its farts, she's not some kind of feminist martyr

No. 1293922

there really is no white people on /pol/.(go back)

No. 1293923

File: 1628408729839.png (104.02 KB, 656x573, 1628385191347.png)

That pony generator looks familiar…

No. 1293924

lol seethe harder plz

No. 1293925

The absolute state of retarded weimerika right now is truly bugged alien matrix tier level shit. From the deepest recesses of the interwebs comes the legend that is a zoomer spic mutt roastie e-girl with a "i'm not like the other thots" complex, with zero personality and an "'i'm the edgiest e-roastie on the webz" shtick, and that by mere chance got a disgusting mentally impaired incel wannabe eunuch to confess to have raped his dementia suffering elderly mother. Now add to that a bunch of faggot and nigger idolizing antifa e-activists that obsessively scoured social media to dox this dumb roastie e-thot who just wanted to be famous on some edgy boards (seeking attention is the highest biological drive for roasties after all) and a glownigger globo-homo sytem hound with a "kill muzzie" fetish and you got a truly all-weimerikan iconic recipe. You larpers should just ackwnoledge this roastie's decent bod, jerk one off and be done with it.(namefag)

No. 1293926

I'm not talking about the Jadin takeover stuff, Firion was the one to post Bella's "poetry" and had weeb coomer messages with her. I just think someone with an anime cyclops fetish that jumped so fast onto kiwifarms and considered leaking her nudes is lulzy

No. 1293927

aaaaaand the nazifag is here. goodnight everybody!

No. 1293930

>jerk one off
this is not a board for 3rd percentile omegas, gtfo back to pol

No. 1293931

It's called flickin' the bean, scrote

No. 1293932

File: 1628410268850.png (137.47 KB, 633x1233, 1628395538294.png)

Texas Tech students have made a previous complaint against Jadin for racism.

No. 1293934

Muh amazing pads >>1293385

neck yourself scrote

No. 1293935

No. 1293936

>Decent bod

No. 1293938

her tits look like when kids shove balloons up their shirts as a joke

No. 1293939

File: 1628411322539.png (255.7 KB, 3749x856, 1628401826586.png)

Louis wants photos of Bella's toes for artistic purposes.

No. 1293945

File: 1628411755577.jpeg (971.52 KB, 1149x1626, 4DF23052-B804-4435-BFBB-8E2D7D…)

I’m kind of upset by how I keep seeing girls/women who claim to be lesbians turn out to be attracted to shotas. I really don’t like how I’m slowly being conditioned to believe that many supposed lesbian girls, like Bella, are secretly hiding their heterosexual pedophilia. Please tell me that I’ve just seen a few exceptions in a row and that this isn’t a common thing.

Yeah there’s at least some stuffing going on there.

No. 1293948

in 2010 there was a little white boy who had his testicles blowtorched on christmas eve until he died by a fat black lesbian named mona nelson(sage)

No. 1293954

Reminds me of an awful joke I heard decades ago so this revelation is all too real now
What's the best part of fuckin' a lil girl in the shower? Wet her hair back and pretend she's a lil boy

Imma go neck myself now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1293965

The yahoo email attached to this is just chef's kiss lmao

No. 1293966

>women who wronged me
>artistic feet fetishism
Get bent you stupid scrote

No. 1293968

Shotacon is usually made for and consumed by pedo men or those who want to be mommied and self insert. I think this is part of her internalising scrote values.

No. 1293970

Can the retard who keeps posting that one pic where her face is shooped please look at this picture and understand that she is plain faced and has the tism stare?

Jesus you're right. She has to actually be autistic like she claimed, I can see it in those eyes. How those pets don't instinctively run from this face is a mystery

No. 1293990

My tinfoil about why she is at TTU

Something happened in HS which fucked up her grades or she was just too lazy to study (like she is now posting her math homework for someone else to do). She got into TTU though her HS wrestling (which she took roids for and has some weird hormonal thing that makes her more boyish).

No. 1293991

We don't care.

No. 1293993

File: 1628418547672.jpg (24.93 KB, 427x485, biggs1_.jpg)

Bella talking creepily about her neighbor next door, Bri. Also possible Bella's rape victim.

No. 1293994

File: 1628418603694.png (145.9 KB, 950x1055, 1628406490818.png)

No. 1294001

File: 1628418994074.jpg (28.57 KB, 646x441, biggs.jpg)

No. 1294002

File: 1628419104302.jpg (30.8 KB, 883x366, biggs1.jpg)

>How come all life has for me is being in love with girls who will never love me back

No. 1294003

She deserves to be thrown in a meat grinder, but I can sort of relate, because I had to "fake it until you make it" to fit in with male friends as a teen. She is the pinnacle example of why parents should restrict male access to their daughters. They get off on exposing you to sicker and sicker shit, and seeing how far they can get you to play along. If you are a cool girl and play along, you'll end up more fucked up than they are by the end of it.

No. 1294006

File: 1628419318896.jpg (33.04 KB, 482x540, biggs2.jpg)

>i almost coomed when i saw her underboob

No. 1294009

File: 1628419521062.jpg (26.41 KB, 666x484, biggs.jpg)

>i watched everysingl;e one of her tiktoks and commented on there
>I made a account just to ddo that
>then i got banned

No. 1294010

why is a lesbian so desperate for the attention of online scrotes?

No. 1294011

File: 1628419553436.png (48.01 KB, 1126x329, 1628408302209.png)

No. 1294013

File: 1628419829266.png (207.31 KB, 1141x1482, 1628407119763.png)

>her sister is sooooooooo cute
>shes 10

No. 1294016

File: 1628420287451.png (165.25 KB, 1572x1442, bellalouiscreeps.png)

Bella and Louis stealing panties around campus.

No. 1294019

Because she’s full of shit

No. 1294021

She had a TikTok for goober called like goober the farting cat and she's obsessed with him farting and rubbing against people. Is it weird fetish shit or her thinking she can make her cat into a bio weapon?

No. 1294022

It would explaiin her vehement hatred of bisexuals and insistence that they don't really exist. Maybe it's all one big horndog act to get scrote attention.

No. 1294024

Because she wants to be an online scrote so bad. It’s anyone’s guess as to why.

No. 1294028

She was also using Goober to bully and make Max the Doxhound sick.

No. 1294029

sick how

No. 1294031

I didn’t think she’s plain faced I think she’s straight up ugly in this picture but how do we know it isn’t the lens giving her a weird warp and her other pics are shooped?

No. 1294033

is Bella hapa or just white? She doesn’t look white(sage)

No. 1294034

The girl she's obsessed with (bri_the_cheese67 on tiktok) kinda looks like a dude with long hair imo

No. 1294037

She’s half Greek

The dog’s paws became so infected from living in filth they had to amputate them (allegedly).

No. 1294038

File: 1628422201274.png (145.89 KB, 476x272, 10000 hours in ms paint.png)

This is very autistic but all the tit talk just made me have to create this

No. 1294039

Someone on KF found the facebook page of the shelter and Max was posted 2 days after the "dog rescue video" was posted on reddit, assuming she gave him up.

No. 1294041

half Greek and half what

No. 1294042

Louis has a pit bull but it is not Max, Max was found a few days after the dog rescue video and was/is staying at a shelter
Max is fine and Bella didn't kill him, do not fall for her attentionwhore lies

No. 1294043

Did Max had his legs in the facebook page?

No. 1294044


No. 1294045

Yes, even had the same white spot on the front right paw

No. 1294047

Correction on the furshit:
Louis posted random gay furry porn he found on DA but pretends in the screenshots that it's him. Apparently he's obsessed with a guy called Matt.

No. 1294048

File: 1628422706875.jpeg (11.85 KB, 1252x129, 5CCF84E7-7BC9-410D-BC2A-3D92F5…)

This has aged poorly.

No. 1294054

no, she's mexican but says she is greek

No. 1294055

I don't think this woman can be reformed. It's terminal pickme-ism.

No. 1294057

lol, more like sociopathy

No. 1294066


i have a theory that she's not so much into just woman as she is into people she perceives to be someone she would be able to easily control or manipulate.

No. 1294073

This goes beyond pickme-ism, she's school shooter tier

No. 1294075

would make sense since she's from texas

No. 1294083

you had me until you started spouting the no no word
jesus are all scizos like Terry Davis?

No. 1294094

Wtf, I just read that she ate the boiled hamsters. Is it for real or are people just making wild assumptions?

No. 1294097

kek she could pass as anisa johma’s ugly twin sister

No. 1294098

all this stuff is drawing on things she said. I guess there is some chance that some of these things she was lying about (and she lies a lot) but at least some of this is gonna be legit. boiling the hampsters is on video but eating them isn't.(sage your shit)

No. 1294099

And so the troll becomes the lolcow(sage)

No. 1294100

Hard to know for sure. They're supposed to live for 2 years so where are they if she didn't psychopath them to hammy heaven?

No. 1294104

It was mentioned earlier up in the thread that the zip file shared from where people obtained many of the screenshots being shared here also contains content of her boiling hamsters. She really does a swell job at embodying all that is disgusting and pathetic. I’m sure her fed parents must be so proud.

No. 1294106

Anime fandom normalizes IRL pedophilia to so many people. Don't forget hetero fujo pedos like Yaoigoddesskeale. People are so messed up these days thanks to anime and troons and troon anime, it's hard to know what is going on in somebody's head.
Or jealous of/skinwalk.

No. 1294107

very "kek" good sir!!! I like!!!(sage )

No. 1294109

kek she really does look like anisa's inbred sister all she's missing is the coconut head do. what is it with all these new cows being like super mutants of past cows? she's got the hygiene of nick bates, the pickmeisms of shoe, the photoshop skills of vicky, the lack of identity of anisa, the weird gore fetish of kiki, the horrorcow status of soren, the same stupidity and delusions of grandeur as fucking onion… the list goes on!

No. 1294113

how did gibi dox fiona, and what did he dox? i havent seen photos of her or anything
bpd chan
imo, she did boil the hamsters (there's a photo), but she didn't eat it. that was just her trying to be edgy

No. 1294114

She didn't eat it, she made her simp take a bite of a hamster she killed in front of him. It's in one of the many discord screenshots, I won't bother to find it again because it's fucking horrific but you can find it here or on KF.

No. 1294118

Pictures of Fiona are around but GiBi did much worse. He failed to redact her phone number which OK was a mistake but then he took the video down and uploaded it again. OK maybe he's just a moron. But that video had on it unredacted audio of the poor autistic girl discussing serious childhood trauma. That is unforgivable.

No. 1294120

GiBi shared doctored screenshots that Bella provided for him. He uploaded them without taking out Fiona's phone number, which was linked to her mother's full name. With that information, they were able to dox Fiona's other family members. He took the video down when KF told him his mistake, but re-uploaded the video without hiding her phone number a second time. He is not taking accountability for what he did to her even now btw.

No. 1294123

So when's the last time you remember the Internet going this hard at someone? And it's crazy that it's unifying all sectors of the Internet. You got a tranny/terf love fest going on on KF and trannies citing KF on Twitter. It's absolutely insane.

No. 1294133

Can 100% believe this and now they're reaping the reward. They're lucky it was this that blew it open rather than her shooting the place up. Fucking cowards.

No. 1294137

it's insane that HER thread on kf alone has 2 million views

No. 1294139

File: 1628432003507.png (76.38 KB, 807x582, 1628423435882.png)

Posted and quickly removed by the r/TexasTech mods.

No. 1294140

Kero the Wolf was pretty big, antyhing with animal abuse is unacceptable.

No. 1294142

Saw a pussy pic the other day. Not sure if I can find it again. She had a real beef curtain (and a large bunghole) but it may have been fake. Shot taken from behind like doggy style (if it's legit there must have been a camera person?) with spots on her lower back.(scrote)

No. 1294143

I saw it too there’s a meme of it on KF.

No. 1294145

report that shit on Kiwi they are taking down nudes (and banning idiot scrotes who ask for them) that is potential revenge porn legal situation

No. 1294151

what type of trauma?

No. 1294155

File: 1628433190078.png (152.35 KB, 1131x1189, Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 7.40…)

super hacker bella confirming her kf account

No. 1294160

If we’re thinking of the same image, that’s not a nude of Bella. It’s of a girl named Julie Terryberry who died by suicide after having a kiwifarms thread made about her.

No. 1294161

File: 1628433418593.png (159.8 KB, 1528x774, Ilj.png)

Is this a good recap?

No. 1294162

If I'm complaining that scrote released it why would I repeat it?

No. 1294163

because it's milk

No. 1294164

I think it’s a combination of >>1294066 and her being a self-hating bisexual. So many bi girls think that they’re lesbians if they prefer women and a lot of lesbians talk shit about bi girls, so bi girls are more likely to say they’re lesbians to avoid that.

No. 1294166

Scrotes over at kf completely ignored the 'zoe' troon posting horrific lolicon shit on the discord leaks because of course they did. Disgusting, just as fucking rancid as Bella.

No. 1294167

I mean you can find it if you look but we're talking about an ultra vulnerable 18 year old girl (with said trauma) who's mental age is likely younger. She deserves bath bombs not further exposure.

No. 1294169

no they didn't

No. 1294170

Zoe was delivering though. They can always circle back.

No. 1294171

It’s not milk. Not everything is milk.

No. 1294172

Can you post a screenshot? You aren't confusing the fake Zoe with the real one right?

No. 1294173

Just a quick reminder that Bella is a farmer, loves to derail the conversation of her threads and make the topic about anything but her. I would love for the lolcow admin to make a reveal and show us her post history.

This has been discussed already. It wasn't Firion (the real zoe), but Jadin who changed his username to be Zoe and was posting lolicon.

No. 1294177

Bella is not a farmer. Almost all the socks are Louis Herz. Bella is too ignorant to use forums but just hangs out on Discord. Her CWC info was mostly from reddit.

No. 1294178

Bella literally said she was a "lolcow hacker"

No. 1294179

File: 1628434967891.png (102.77 KB, 335x288, ilj learns about kf.png)

Bella has 100% posted here though

As for Kiwi, pic related.

No. 1294180

Someone at her school has to beat the shit out of her at some point. It’s too bad nobody has fought back.

No. 1294182

Underrated post lel. Good recap

No. 1294184

Louis is even more pathetic than Chris, truly impressive. Never before have I seen anyone simp so hard for such a degenerate like Bella.

No. 1294185

File: 1628435200727.jpg (171.83 KB, 898x524, Ea384bIWkAAKc4e.jpg)


No. 1294188

> Chris orbiter
> Discord faggot
> Knew Bella, Fiona, et al.
> Probably didn't know about the incest leaks beforehand
> Still knew bad shit about Bella's group and didn't say anything
> Autistic
> Furry(?)
> Rumored to have a KF thread dropping on him very soon

No. 1294190

I don't think there's any risk of her becoming a school shooter, she is way too egotistic and psychopathic to ever throw her life away.(sage)

No. 1294193

I'm surprised she managed to avoid pissing off the wrong people. You know, people who could fight back.

No. 1294194

Fiona deserves bath bombs. Kiwis are going to be sending her a care package apparently.(sage )

No. 1294198

The priviledge of having rich Fedparents.

No. 1294199

Also involved in pushing at least one fellow student to suicide, and is potentially involved in other suicides as well.

No. 1294201

Shouldn't Fiona be the Chad?

No. 1294204


No. 1294209


you are a fucking idiot.
"I don't care to read the logs disproving the shit I'm saying, now listen to me say shit!"

also that cat is overweight and yours probably is too if you think that is healthy.

No. 1294214

File: 1628437195798.png (106.43 KB, 1528x774, ILJ.png)

Well since there were some things I wanted to add too, here's an updated version

I have mixed feelings about that

No. 1294218

I don't know, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Chad Bella doesn't exist, maybe you should pick someone else to be there or just pick another meme template, like Expectations vs Reality.

No. 1294219

I love you

No. 1294220

>Chad Bella doesn't exist

No. 1294221

No. 1294224

She knows how to pick her prey. I am not sure why her victims haven't come together and sue the shit out of Texas Tech for putting students in danger like this.

No. 1294233

File: 1628438930697.jpg (61.3 KB, 690x522, hamtaro5.jpg)

Just saw that hamster pic.

How could you do that to a hamster?(sage)

No. 1294237

She did that to at least 8 hamsters

No. 1294240

Probably missing/shrunken parts of the brain. From an emotional point of view it feels a bit bad to kill the cows in minecraft for a normal person. She probably felt nothing doing it to the real hamster.

No. 1294253

No. 1294279

File: 1628441796904.jpg (27.75 KB, 564x532, biggs4.jpg)

I legit wonder what combination of disorders she has. Will we see her try to defend herself with something like "I'm autistic and I was abused" or is she too proud to go for that defense? She'll probably just deny all of this ever happening.

No. 1294283

KF is down again?

No. 1294285

has been in and out for a while. probably getting insane amount of traffic.

also ILJ just got her own entire board there wew lass

No. 1294287

SpookyBones said that there was another leak incoming.

No. 1294289


I wonder how they're getting these leaks. Something seems a bit sus here honestly

No. 1294291

Her dad works at a cyber security company. He probably knows a thing or two about DOSing a site.

No. 1294294

all of bella's friends are turning on her. simple as.

No. 1294295

It was confirmed yesterday (?) that they've been getting ddos attacks for the last month or so

Unlikely to be connected

No. 1294297

yeah it's trannies not glowies(sage your shit)

No. 1294298

no, her dad sets up security companies. he doesn't do the actual work but will have contacts

No. 1294299

I think it's being DDOS'd since the suicide of that one guy (Byuu I think?)

No. 1294300

yeah, byuu and his fake suicide

No. 1294301

So it took the Guntlord how long even after his sextape and pregnancy news dropped to get his own board? And Bella almost exactly a week. Has to be a record.


No. 1294303

Seems sus to me too. Obviously it's her or one of her friends leaking for attention whoring or obfuscation purposes.

No. 1294304

Absolutely retarded. There's the trans man that had the balls (kek) to report her to tech and open an investigation. Think they were related to the Title XI complaint? Everyone in the thread is going by their preferred pronouns and generally being very nice and supportive.

No. 1294305

not for this thread for other shit(sage)

No. 1294306

Could be disinfo to muddy the water and make all "leaked" logs sus. Or inadmissable in court. Nice of the super elite of KF to play along if so.

No. 1294307

I wonder if it is Louis

I remember the initial leaks were confirmed by them to be Louis and then they took that back in the second leaks which seemed a bit weird

No. 1294308

I'm aware of the Biyuu situation, but still retarded they're doing this will Kiwi is going after someone who is an actual danger to the community rather than autistic gossiping.

No. 1294309

I think it's just that she has made a ton of enemies in the years of being a colossal bitch and theres a lot of people who were just waiting for a chance to expose her.

No. 1294310

The shit that makes me curious:

1. Who are the other weebs aside Alice/Allen and why haven't we heard jack shit about them yet aside some short lines? They must be deep in it if they're still associating with this.

2. How is she still posting in channels and not trying to expose the traitor over PMs? Disregard this, she's retarded.

No. 1294311

most of the Twitter trannies actually seem to be saying "well Kiwi is bad but in this case…"

the DDOS is coming from someone still booty blasted over byuu

No. 1294312

This tranny is literally spending thousands of dollars only to take KF down a couple hours a week while Josh is asleep. They are REEEEEEEEing at levels never previously witnessed.

No. 1294313

this and it seems some of the kids at Tech were quite afraid of her and now that they see her getting exposed they are less so

No. 1294314

I hope the "best troll ever" is happy

No. 1294316

the last leak was hilarious. between claiming to know who Spooky was (but thinking she was a man) and two people running four accounts trying to claim to be different people but eventually giving up and just talking on their regular accounts because I guess that was too much work and they kept talking ooc anyway. it is a fucking laugh a minute and I encourage people to read it for that reason alnoe.

No. 1294320

It might be some sort of call. I remember they were trying to confirm whether the voice was Bella

No. 1294321

>tfw you get handed a broom but they lock the door

No. 1294323

So Bella is apparently on Adderall type medications? Well abusing them. She's pretty much meth'd out. I'd be afraid of her too. Especially in out in retard Texas with her law enforcement parents. I'd still beat the shit out of her.

No. 1294325

voice is 120% Bella. incest call = "Kelly" Sonic video narration = "Isabella" talking with her father

if you don't believe your ears but believe SpookyBones someone even did an actual audio analysis.(sage your shit)

No. 1294326

No dummy

They had another call leaked from somewhere but were trying to confirm it was legit. Pretty sure they asked Roman to take a listen to it