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File: 1613534148236.png (479.88 KB, 651x687, Screenshot_20200626-123809~2.p…)

No. 1163444

Previous Threads:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition:
Marilyn Manson #2 : Chin of Sin Edition:
Marilyn Manson #3: In Search of Lost Tooth Edition:
Marilyn Manson #4: Fake PR Moves Edition:
Marilyn Manson #5:
Marilyn Manson #6: Baby Manson Time Edition:
Marilyn Manson #7: Honeymoon Edition:
Marilyn Manson #8: SinChin on Suicide Watch Edition:
Marilyn Manson #9: The God of Fucked Edition:

Old thread bio updated.

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 52-year-old drug addict, washed-up rocker, serial abuser, and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

>Accused by multiple ex-girlfriends, including Evan Rachel Wood, of rape, physical, sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement, and forced drug use.

>Uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse, and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video, or wanting a serious relationship.
>Long term on-and-off relationship with Lindsay Usich, 36 year old NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other women he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans.
>Publicly talked about wanting to beat Evan Rachel Wood's skull in with a sledgehammer.
>May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls. Also alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18 year old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them.
>May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underage, and tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella (@sourgirrrl).
>Has an assistant (sockpuppet?) named Judd who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuse and stalking towards young girls.
>Got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by Lindsay.
>Torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and is still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image.

No significant social media links, except for the official @marilynmanson.
Lindsay Usich's instagram is @lindsayusichofficial, comments disabled.

Discussed in First Thread:
>Receipts from multiple accounts discussing accusations of abuse/assault by Evan Rachel Wood, Esme Bianco, Clare Buley, Louise Keay Bell, and Ashley Morgan.
>Harassment and death threats from Manson and his orbiters including ex-assistant Judd and anonymous “online troops.”
>Horrorshow performances from Lindsay and her mother, Hope Harvey, harassing and talking shit about and to Manson fans.
>A discussion about who is the controlling one in Manson and Lindsay's relationship.
>@mansonisabusive kindly shared many receipts and info.
>Paranoia and suspicion a-go-go about the general circus that surrounds El Chinno Manson and his Hollywood Hareem.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Second Thread:
>More receipts, maybe from trolls, maybe from genuine victims of abuse.
>Lindsay concentrates all of her efforts into sharing updates from blissful quarantine cohabitation: plants, cats, and the usual boring posts, but most importantly – usually flashing what looks like an engagement ring.
>Also shares a post from her cousin, who speaks of an encounter with Manson, when he referred to Lindsay as his “fiancé.”
>Farmers work out this anecdote actually reveals that the engagement happened around six years ago.
>It's decided that Madelyn is a deluded pick me, although entertaining. Farmers made a half-hearted attempt not to give her any more airtime as she self-posts and encourages orbiters to post.
>A slew of other batshit fans come to light.
>@mansonisabusive IG account visits and shares very interesting caps. We thank her.
>Still waiting for the @666fearless full story.
>Die Antwoord/Zheani/Manson connection is mentioned. Zheani has dirt on Manson, but no one knows what.
>Discussion of Linday's catfish accounts including Ticklish Witch, Mina Lowry, and multiple others.
>Talk of a super-fan turned super-hater, Tiziana Collins, aka Titti, and whether she faked her own death to return as her own mother.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the second thread for:

Discussed in Third Thread:
>Receipts Lindsay fought with ex-side-chick, Viktoria (Twitter: @LaPetitMort_), and made her personal information public via her Twitter.
>Receipts from Viktoria's twitter of Manson talking shit about John 5 (with whom he was about to tour).
>Extensive evidence of Lindsay's full-of-cheap-bots followership, poor PR, and desperate attempts to build a fake last-minute career for her.
>Manson and Lindsay's engagement announcement (with zero media coverage no matter how hard they tried).
>Louise Keay Bell, one of the victims, came to the thread to milk her trauma and change the narrative of her experience with Manson when no one had been talking about her.
>Receipts Manson sent legal threats to Louise Keay Bell and more of her and Jessicka Adams claiming Lindsay grooms underage girls for Manson.
>A social statement of Louise Keay Bell saying Lindsay was part of Manson's sexual assaults.
>Even though Louise Keay Bell was very vocal on her recent abuse case when nobody actually asked her, she was not brave enough to address anything from the above.
>Proof of staff molesting female fans and abusing their position.
>Michelle's (@666fearless) abuse case was fully revealed. Some anons questioned her credibility.
>More evidence of his abusive, toxic, racist, misogynistic behavior from various interviews.
>Proof that Manson forces his orbiters to sign NDAs.
>Poor fake and full of shit PR moves.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fourth Thread:
>A video of Manson admitting to fucking underage girls on stage.
>Madelyn was accused by anons of sitting outside of Manson's house in her car on Lindsay's birthday. A photo Madelyn had taken of herself in her car and a few of Hope Harvey's tweets (quoted) from before she went private were posted as proof.
>Questioning why Hope went private in the first place. Deduced that Manson's lawyer probably reached out to her because she was sharing too much personal information.
>Talk of an account (@_noname666_) that commented on one of Madelyn's posts, mocking her and her “relationship” with Manson.
>Suspicion of whether he and Lindsay are already married or not after he posted a photo on his IG page, wearing what looked like a wedding band with the caption, “The Price of Darkness.”
>Receipts of now deleted hate accounts and subscriptions that Louise Keay Bell posted. @666fearless was also being harassed. Both blamed Judd/Manson for it.
>Screens from a website claiming Lindsay had a “baby bump.” Debunked as a hoax.
>Dawn (@miss_dangerx, @guitargunn, @dawn.slays and possible other accounts) splurging and accusing Manson of being a pedophile. Also claims that he had a fake FB account (Mark Peak II) and harassed her, using her personal phone number. Was passed off as a troll.
>@_noname666_ joined the thread for a bit, revealing that Manson's was (allegedly) formally diagnosed with both bipolar and narcissistic disorders. He was prescribed lithium that he sometimes forgets to take, which is supposed to be an excuse for his behavior. They also alluded to Manson being Lindsay's financial supporter and main source of income, even during periods where they weren't living together.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fifth Thread:
>Manson finally released his single, “We Are Chaos.”
>Speculations that Manson/Lindsay post in the threads after someone dropped a private picture of Lindsay. Anons couldn't find a source.
>Screens from Reddit of people saying that Twiggy/Manson had sex with them while they were underage.
>An anonymous ex-side-chick leaked some messages and shared some information on Manson. She claimed Lindsay harassed her during the entire period of their relationship via fake IG accounts. Anons finally got an answer to what “Baby Manson Time” is.
>The full album was finally released. Lyrics are derivative of his older works and most of the songs read as digs against his accusers/Lindsay.
>@mansonisabusive finally made their account public again.
>Lindsay posted in her story that her mother, Hope Harvey, passed away. Cows made sure to milk her death as much as possible.
>Their marriage was confirmed in an interview he did with Nicolas Cage.
>Manson incriminates himself after hanging up on a journalist and refusing to answer any more questions after being asked about the Evan Rachel Wood situation. Rose McGowan posted screens of a message she sent Manson in her story on IG and tagged Evan, claiming she, “wouldn't be used as a shield,” not long after.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Sixth Thread:
>Evidence of Lindsay supporting hate accounts.
>Laney Chantal shares her opinion on the situation. Caps of her liking some of @mansonisabusive's posts were posted.
>Lindsay getting fan accounts to harass anyone that speaks out against them.
>Edwin Costa makes a video covering Manson's history.
>Proof that Manson cheated on Rose with Dita.
>More comments from one of Lindsay's abandoned IG accounts, @lindsay.usich, saying that she was never a photographer before she met him.
>Edwin Costa's Twitter and Louise Keay Bell's Facebook accounts were hacked. Anons speculated that Manson was involved.
>Cow tries to repair all of his damaged past relationships in an attempt to find allies.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Seventh Thread:
>Evan Rachel Wood finally names Manson as her abuser, along with a ton of other women.
>Victims saying that Lindsay participated in the abuse.
>Loma Vista, his long-time record label, drops him following the accusations. Starz also cuts him from American Gods and Creepshow.
>Lindsay's still buying bots. Up to 3k new followers a day.
>Caps from Leslee Lane's Discord server of her saying Lindsay was asking for incriminating pictures of Evan.
>Underage girls accuse Manson of grooming them on Kik.
>Judd was supposedly never fired.
>An ex-fan explains how he picks up young girls at meet and greets.
>Welfare check called to Manson's house.
>A whole ton of stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Eighth Thread:
> More victims come forward saying they were abused by Manson when they were underage.
> Otep Shamaya claims that Lindsay is a victim too.
> @anniejanaabrams posts caps and recordings of her conversations with them on her IG.
> Evan says she had to take legal action against Leslee Lane and Lindsay after they threatened to release incriminating pictures of her.
> Corey Feldman releases his own statement about Manson.
> Louise Alexander drops Lindsay.

Discussed in Ninth Thread:
>Influx of autism since Annie posted about the thread.
>Annie accuses Manson of raping her.
>New recording of him saying that Evan tried to convince him that his mom molested him.
>Johnny Depp has apparently cut ties with him.
>Esmé Bianco names him as her abuser, claiming he trafficked her.
>New articles start focusing on Lindsay's abusive history too.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

No. 1163479

I submitted my report to authorities about my experience a few minutes ago.

The issues were mostly cybersecurity related and not completely surrounded around Manson but certainly not excluding his potential involvement.

The people claiming issues with cybersecurity are particularly interesting to me because of how vulnerable it can make a person feel. Like "Mental Rape".

No. 1163489

I've only heard the snippets shared, but is this to do with the cyber security issues Dan Clearly talked about on the podcast?

No. 1163492

Partially. Yes.

No. 1163500

I'm sorry to hear you've been targeted in that way. It would be awful to have sensitive information breached.

No. 1163508

I actually cackled at the picture for this thread, good job anon

No. 1163513

No. 1163518


No. 1163520

File: 1613543132491.jpeg (709.99 KB, 1284x2266, 4CD1F0F7-2671-4900-B864-0B31F2…)

I don’t care if I’m a sap, this girl deserves a hug and a drink. To the couple of late night anons (hmmmT) from the previous thread: let her be a mess. She admits so herself. She’s the last victim, she has every right to go through the motions. I’d have been way less classy tbh

No. 1163521

The lyrics of that song in Annie’s story are telling.

To be or not to be
To free or not to free
To crawl or not to crawl
Fuck all those perfect people
To sleep or not to sleep
To creep or not to creep
And some can't remember what others recall
Fuck all those perfect people
Sleepy eyes, waltzing through
No, I'm not talking 'bout you
To stand or not to stand
To plan or not to plan
To store or not to store
Fuck all those perfect people
To drink or not to drink
To think or not to think
Some choose to dismember your rise and your fall
And fuck all those perfect people
Sleepy eyes, waltzing through
And I'm not talking 'bout you
To sing or not to sing
To swing or not to swing
Hell, he fills up the silence like a choke on the wall
Fuck all those perfect people
To pray or not to pray
To sway or not to sway
Jesus died for something, or nothing at all
Fuck all those perfect people
Sleepy eyes, waltzing through
I'm not talking 'bout you

No. 1163524

Thought it was even more telling when she posted "Fuck You" by Lily Allen tbqh. I never even heard of the song and it was Manson to a T almost lmao

Look inside, look inside your tiny mind, now look a bit harder
'Cause we're so uninspired
So sick and tired of all the hatred you harbour
So you say it's not okay to be gay, well, I think you're just evil
You're just some racist who can't tie my laces
Your point of view is medieval
Fuck you (Fuck you), fuck you very, very much
'Cause we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew
So, please don't stay in touch
Fuck you (Fuck you), fuck you very, very much
'Cause your words don't translate
And it's getting quite late
So, please don't stay in touch
Do you get, do you get a little kick out of being small-minded?
You want to be like your father, it's approval you're after
Well, that's not how you find it
Do you, do you really enjoy living a life that's so hateful?
'Cause there's a hole where your soul should be
You're losing control a bit, and it's really distasteful
Fuck you (Fuck you), fuck you very, very much
'Cause we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew
So, please don't stay in touch
Fuck you (Fuck you), fuck you very, very much
'Cause your words don't translate
And it's getting quite late
So, please don't stay in touch
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you
Fuck you
You say, you think we need to go to war, well, you're already in one
'Cause it's people like you that need to get slew
No one wants your opinion
Fuck you (Fuck you), fuck you very, very much
'Cause we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew
So, please don't stay in touch
Fuck you (Fuck you), fuck you very, very much
'Cause your words don't translate
And it's getting quite late
So, please don't stay in touch
Fuck you, fuck you(samefagging)

No. 1163528

I really dont want to be mean but this clipping from a chat between lindsay and … I'm not sure.. always reminds me of this song.

No. 1163532

File: 1613544310832.png (121.29 KB, 707x1104, morebullshitfroml10.png)

Whoops >>1163528

No. 1163534

Holy fuck. That anyone would send something so vile is almost unbelievable.

How could you not only hold such hatred but to send it to a victim of someone's abuse.

I'm admittedly an anon who has raised questions over Annie here previously.
You never know how far your words can reach. What may have intended to be general speculation could easily be seen as an attack and hitting someone while they're down.
This poor woman is suffering enough and has so many anonymous figures attacking her from all sides.

You're completely right. She has every right to get through this her own way. She doesn't need a random playing coach giving a lecture or 'advice'.

Love to Annie and all victims.

No. 1163551

This Annie is full of shit.(not a contribution)

No. 1163553

I really miss when Lindsay was fighting with fans. That was so much more entertaining than flowers.

No. 1163576

No she ain’t. Annie has posted more evidence than any of the other victims and seems to be leading the way at east according to Phoenix act who has quoted her more in the past two weeks than anyone else. If this is just a “taster” as she calls it, then idk what kinda crazy shit she has handed over to the cops or fbi.

No. 1163591

Honestly anon, at this stage, I'd just ignore the cohort of anons who keep autistically sperging ad nauseam about Annie. Their repetitive comments are not contributing anything and apparently, they can't just make their point and move on, they need to post over and over again nitpicking on every damn thing she says or do.
You'd think if they truly were annoyed by her, they'd avoid bringing her attention at all, or they'd just not bring her up but no.
Same goes to those taking the bait and posting long-arse essay about her.
If there's no milk to discuss regarding her, can we just agree to leave her out of the convo please? because all it seems to do is attract the same autists to the thread and clogging it up with a sterile back and forth of "buh hate annie lul" and "nah annie is a saint eh".

No. 1163600


I second this.

No. 1163601

Agree on that for sure! Though I do think her new story is worth the discussion especially because of the anon above who admitted to being harsh but got a glimpse of what she’s dealing with. Like mannn I was in an abusive relationship and it was a bitch to get out of it. That ON TOP of dealing with death threats like this? Idk the support is justified imho. Otherwise this place will turn into a hate train for a victim worth defending. Tough one because I agree with you but I also get the need to speak up against these sillies.

No. 1163627

Drop receipts or fuck off.
I already said I think she's hypocritical but she is our only ticket to watch Manson in court.
Let's just hope the FBI will do their job quickly. I want season 2 with Manson and Lindsay being dragged in court. Currently we are being fed with fillers but some time will pass and we'll have a lot of high quality milk…

No. 1163628

>Drop receipts or fuck off.
U PMSing sis?

No. 1163630

NTAYRT, but this IS an image board. Lurk more and learn to sage.

No. 1163639

This Annie's well dodgy. Why is she playing all this out on Instagram? Why not be adult and keep it with the authorities?

No. 1163642

Are you complaining?

No. 1163645

I'm ambivalent to her. The way she operates, she comes across as unhinged and isn't doing anyone any favours.

No. 1163649

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If none of them release any kind of proof then people are going to discredit them and say “there’s no proof”. If they do then we get people such as yourself saying she comes off as “unhinged”.
She’s doing just fine. She’s making it hard for people to argue against the victims, including her. All they have are “she’s crazy” and death threats.

No. 1163650

File: 1613559092129.jpg (379.29 KB, 1438x2362, 1.jpg)

is this retard for real?

No. 1163654

No. 1163661

File: 1613561004364.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x1907, 7B13FF3A-9C97-4060-9242-A86B00…)

Yeah it’s funny she even mentions the word “unhinged” and they keep using it anyway even after she calls them out on it. I don’t see a single trace of her being unhinged. She’s articulate and providing lots of insight into this sort of thing. She can’t reveal the really juicy stuff because she’s submitting that through official channels. Duh. Doesn’t take much to realize that. I like that she’s giving some solace and support to other non MM victims too. As a victim of abuse at the hands of my ex husband I really appreciate it. For anyone to call her unhinged you’d have to have a serious Manson bias because she’s just not even remotely close to that. Not even the tiniest bit. I’ve read her posts a few times over and they’re all on point and injected with just the right amount of humor.

Her latest post may be the darkest though. This is the stuff that really should make the headlines.

No. 1163662

I saw. It's difficult to ignore the fangirls who'd believe her if she started spewing Icke type stuff. This is practically an Annie thread. Everyone sane wants Bri taken down, but the sketchiness of that person's content, and the longing for attention, confuses the true fact from fiction.

No. 1163663

"Unhinged" is a polite way of saying "fucking nuts". Haven't most women with experience of a handful of relationships experienced some form of abuse? My first "lover" penetrated me when I said no and didn't want it. It's not something that should be sensationalised for headlines.(blogpost)

No. 1163666

Wow as someone who was raped by my ex husband this way, I hope you rot in hell. Oh hey, it’s the time at night when Brian is awake. Hi Brian! Bye Brian. Rot in hell Brian.


No. 1163668

Annie posts her possibly most controversial post yet and the pro-Brian crew (so Lindsay and brian) show up to do some damage control on the good ole “snow”. Lmfaoooo

No. 1163670

Without playing abuse Top Trumps, you're obviously thinking you've suffered harder so relate to her. No need for aggression because someone else would rather operate in a less ranting manner. Anyhow, my last mention of A.

No. 1163671

Its rape and a crime, tho. You want rapists to be normalized and not convicted? So people like Manson who are in position of power can abuse more?

No. 1163675

Yeah no, there’s nothing unhinged about Annie. Who da fuq let these losers in? It’s either mansons camp or the Russian Manson fans who’ve been losing their shit over this for two weeks now and hate Annie’s guts.

No. 1163676

What's so controversial about it?
She's called him out again for rape. Sadly many other women have as well.
The nazi fetish by itself is fine. Many people enjoy it and respect consent. Go back to your church knitting group if that is too much for you.
The rape, the lack of respect for others as people is the issue in all this.

No. 1163683

He raped her while pretending to be a Nazi and she happens to be Jewish like lots of his victims do. And he didn’t tell her in advance that he was acting out this fantasy so he drugged and raped her. Rape is the worst offense here obviously but the setting of it all is adding a layer to it that elevates it to a different level of disgusting for me.

No. 1163686

The setting isn't for everyone.
I may be misreading it, but Annie seemed to be fine with the subject matter. It wasn't until the drugging and rape came out.
They could have been playing soccer mom and lanky pale goth coach for all it matters. The drughing and trape is obviously where things are beyond justification.

No. 1163689

I hope your lack of comprehension is scan reading. If not then you're really stupid if you think I just forgot it and wished my rapists a good life. Jfc. This thread is fucked. Yes, I'll show myself out.

No. 1163690

She specifically stated that he didn’t tell her he was into that until after he drugged and raped her. Can’t you read? She couldn’t have made it clearer if she tried “and no I was never told about this fetish until we’ll after”

No. 1163691

Of course they can’t read actually. When someone’s made up their mind about someone they only see what they wanna see

No. 1163692

She also mentions a lot of people, including herself, have weird fetishes. I'm taking a gamble with poor odds that you can also read.

No. 1163694

File: 1613563340949.jpg (772.07 KB, 789x653, Bingo1.jpg)

Don't you lovely little old ladies have a bingo hall to go to?

No. 1163698

Yes? Just because someone has a fetish doesn’t mean that they’re doing something illegal. Manson having a Nazi/Jewish camp fetish without telling the Jewish girl he’s with, drugging her and raping her is VERY different from simply having a healthy fetish.

No. 1163700

I won't disagree with that.
Nit being upfront is such a pathetic move.
But being pathetic is peanuts to the crimes he accused of

No. 1163706

Stop replying to the fucking trolls for fucks sake. Just report them and move on.

No. 1163707

Loving the idea of Manson cosplaying as a nazi.
Now that's a fantasy.
They'd have thrown his scrawny ass into Dachau the day it opened.

No. 1163749

Manson is currently going on ‘hook-up’ sites. He is truly sick.(imageboard)

No. 1163753

This also sounds like the same type of sick racist fetish he has towards black people and role plays as a black person.

No. 1163755


No. 1163780


Source: voices in their head.

No. 1163818

Not surprising he’s still trying to prey on more unsuspecting people. Although people on hook-up sites are skeevy.

No. 1163843

How is this ironic? She didn’t stay silent. She couldn’t have spoke out at a more perfect time that will help people now.
Her speaking out has had so many people come out with more evidence that could help other victims.

No. 1163903

I don't think so, I can't believe he is that dumb. He's probably looking for a lawyer now and deleting footage he's filmed of victims.

No. 1163913

He has a lawyer, video is from 10 days ago. See, if Annie’s audio and texts weren’t legit I would think she would have been slapped with a cease and desist already and forced to take it down. It’s not like she’s talking about harmless stuff, she’s irreparably damaging his reputation (for good reason) and his lawyer would act fast if they had a leg to stand on.

No. 1163919

Did the lawyer even managed to get in the bunker? Looks like she was frantically calling MM after being unable to get in kek

No. 1163923

She walking out of his gate and in the comments of the video it says the lawyer stayed for a hour.

No. 1163924

MM has a female lawyer? Interesting…

No. 1163925

It was a joke anon.

No. 1163939

File: 1613588804179.jpg (1.41 MB, 810x5056, Screenshot_20210217-124642_Sam…)


More on the FKA Twigs and Shia LaBeouf accusations…

I think its interesting that she describes the exact forms of abuse MM's accusers have.

Over all to people in denial- I think something important to consider is that even if both parties consented ( which in most cases the alleged victims have denied doing) the abuse that takes place and is paraded by a person in a position of power and the reactionary process of the parties involved is openly available to the audience.
When easily influenced fans are willing to imitate the behavior- without an indication of knowing how far is too far, it can be seen as irresponsible because who is to say a girl or boy who decides theyre into submission won't accidentally find herself in a terrible situation where she IS being trafficked because there was never as definite line drawn in her manual.

Manson has SO MANY (hundreds if not thousand) pages and pages of Instagram profiles that absolutely idolizes everything about his career. Die hard fans posting pictures all day everyday as if its thier job. And hes not the only celebrity to have this problem…

This is why these accusations matter. To bring to light what goes on behind closed doors is sometimes a perpetuation of systems that exploit sex and drug trafficking especially with influential figures.(derail)

No. 1163943

My bad anon, she does look frazzled as fuck.

No. 1163945


he got a dollar store russian lawyer? No normal lawyer would take his case?…lmao

No. 1163951

From what I’ve seen, famous or especially manipulative guys who are accused of sex crimes always get female defense lawyers as it makes them look better. Harvey Weinstein did the exact same.

No. 1163953

He´s a money making machine and lawyers´ wet dream with all these allegations.

No. 1163970


The only thing that can possible help him now from a legal standpoint is preemptively checking into rehab as "drugs and alcohol has destroyed my life and turned me into a person I no longer recognize". I called it first, farmers.

No. 1163989

Pretty much. He’s gonna have to go down the Andy Dick route and blame his entire personality on drugs.

No. 1163992

Do you think he's rich enough to afford a good lawyer with a reputable career?
I don't think so.

No. 1163993

I disagree. He and others have stated that he has multiple personality disorder/DID. This is a defense. Even if bullshit, a solid one to run with. Annie has even dropped crumbs with the “he told me to call him Max Frost”

No. 1163999


Court appointed psychologist will gtfo on that quickly. DID isn't even accepted as a legitimate disorder by the majority of mental health professionals today, he would be delusional to go on that. Addiction and Bipolar II would be the best route for him, but only if he takes the first step of checking into rehab first.

He and Andy Dick actually used to be BFFs in the 90s if I recall, maybe they can be each other's sober buddies.

No. 1164016


win fabulous prizes at trivia night!:


>The first major step is just people getting woke, and obviously the men who have been in positions of power getting woke to what women have been dealing with all these years,” said veteran entertainment attorney Laurie Soriano, whose clients include Frank Ocean, Carly Simon and Marilyn Manson. “It’s extremely difficult to break out of a boys’ club … I think the first notion that has to be embraced is that there shouldn’t be any kind of club.”

>People also need to call out bad behaviors, Soriano said, “because when you remain silent, unfortunately, they tend to get worse.” “(For) women in my generation, the attitude was just ‘whatever, eye roll, just let the behavior happen and … leave me alone,’” she said. “I think that younger women are understanding that it’s better to call things as they occur and address them.” Soriano already sees improvement: “Even in just the normal conversations that I have with men in my industry – and I mostly talk to men – I’m telling you, the language that is used has changed,” she said. “The good men, they respond. They modify.”(post caps)

No. 1164025

That wouldn´t help a lot, or…? Anyway, at least, his career is totally ruined, probably forever. I can´t imagine any possible collaborations in future. His fan base had been sparse even before his hobby came to light. Going to jail or not, this dude is fucked.

No. 1164030

Yes - especially with having people go undercover to dig up very vital information from Leslee Lane.

No. 1164031

>>1164025 He might dodge jail time by blaming drugs and mental illness, but his career is over.

No. 1164040

File: 1613594846107.jpeg (259.52 KB, 1510x1006, 70F4F077-3ED6-4929-B9A3-7B6F9F…)

Ellie Jayden and Edwins Generation are working on follow-up videos.

No. 1164042

lul of course edwin's jumping into it, gotta stay relevant somehow

No. 1164048

He did a video before the shitshow happen, and a pretty good one too.

No. 1164053

nah he's a parasite

No. 1164059


Looks like Annie’s insta account is gone now?

No. 1164060

Parasite how? He’s covering the continuing story as a series he said he would in his first video.

Have your eyes checked: https://instagram.com/anniejanaabrams?igshid=19f29wd4wd8t4

No. 1164068

it´s working…

No. 1164072

File: 1613596550517.jpg (479.06 KB, 1439x2103, Screenshot_20210217_Instagram.…)

Knowing someone is an abuser but staying silent for 12 years and knowingly allowing countless more women be abused by him due to your inaction could be construed as a 'dick' move.
With friends like ERW who needs enemies.

No. 1164078

File: 1613596885127.jpeg (117.07 KB, 1160x620, F26DC0E3-68C2-4699-A5C2-1DD6C1…)

>due to your inaction

Death threats and blackmail.

No. 1164088

Edwin, Creepshow and RTG are the unholy trifecta of regurgitating lolcow threads in the name of raising awareness (for profit).

No. 1164091

Her IG is still up. >>1164060

No. 1164092

File: 1613597284868.jpeg (446.91 KB, 750x1170, 4D22B1EE-C5C0-4FBD-B215-FBD925…)

Still there.

No. 1164096

Edwin used documented sources in his first MM video.

No. 1164103

Did anyone checked Spencer Rollins IG? It has gone private.
After posting his story, he said it was only "part one".
He spoke of 2009-2010, and we still don't know why he joined the band in 2013 after what he had been through with Manson…

No. 1164105

>2009-2020: doesn't speak out because he threatens to kill her
>2021: Threats remain but she bashes her abuser because magic?

Don't get me wrong. ERW should never have been in a position MM put her, but her choices have had real world impacts. Now by posting this picture it looks like she's making the accusation against other people (threats against them don't count?) but won't hold the mirror to herself.

No. 1164109

He probably received threats inbetween…

No. 1164110

>After posting his story, he said it was only "part one".
>He spoke of 2009-2010, and we still don't know why he joined the band in 2013 after what he had been through with Manson…
Spencer. Another silent hero.

No. 1164111

yeah, even the victims fuck up lol. i believe these women, but glorification+intouchability
approach they get is over the top imho.

No. 1164118

I have access. He just hasn’t posted it yet.

No. 1164121

Samefag. I had meant to say
She NAMES her abuser, not bashes her abuser

No. 1164126

No. 1164129

File: 1613599733266.jpeg (491.79 KB, 1580x1606, 0422708F-B212-4757-B83D-4A5F4D…)

Image board, anon.

No. 1164130

She named him right after Lindsay tried to dig up dirt of her, I think that was the last of the last straws. She has a young child she has to to care of, did anyone consider that?>>1164025

I mean it’s preferable for him to live out the rest of his years as recluse with Lindsay in a trailer park then going to prison, his career is ruined but I think he is due some money anyway until the day he dies from royalties and stuff. No matter what people are still going to stream and listen to his old catalog.

No. 1164133

File: 1613600669573.jpeg (24.49 KB, 605x507, 6Df368_8pic.jpeg)

>first hand witness to a man threatening to kill his girlfriend
>offers to take her to a hotel instead of going to the police
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hollywood.

It's sad it's taken literally a century for a #metoo and #timesup social change to occur. Now is time to wash the shit out of the entertainment industry.

No. 1164134

>offers to take her to a hotel instead of going to the police

Lindsay would have to agree to go to the police and I doubt that’s happening.

No. 1164136

He didn't have to take Lindsay.
You witness a man threatening a woman in the street you can go straight to the police station yourself.
Lindsay may eventually decline to press charges, but it gives an opportunity for police to both investigate and also record a history of such accusations. These accusations would build a profile if others also went to the police. Sadly it looks like no one did.

No. 1164137

> She named him right after Lindsay tried to dig up dirt of her, I think that was the last of the last straws.

Can you imagine how badly he could be taking it all out on Lindsay right now and blaming her for everyone coming out?

No. 1164141

I agree but if Dan was working for Manson at the time I’m sure he feared for himself too.

No. 1164144

yes, that he entirely rips and regurgitates from here, kf, guru gossip and every other iteration of a gossip site you can think of, with piss poor sassy commentary bc he's smug he gets all his info from here and none of his 16yo viewers realise it. yawn

No. 1164145

She IS one of his enablers. There no getting around that.
If she can look herself in the mirror and honestly say there's nothing more she could have done, that's between her and her conscious.

I don't mean to diminish Brian's accountability. Theres nothing more to say about him. Theres no excuse for his abuses. He's made his choices and he will face the repercussions to those choices.

No. 1164146

Seems pretty obvious to me this post from ERW is a jab at the likes of the enablers of MM in the business who know, have evidence and still now chose to remain silent.
Trying to turn this against her and say she's the one who remained silent and caused more victims when she had a son, a family and received both blackmail and explicit, repeated death threats is pretty much an MM tactic. Comparing her silence to that of people her jab is likely directed at, and also drawing parallel between this picture and the death threats she received >>1164105 ? Please anon.s, you certainly can't be that thick.

It's intellectually dishonest to twist the narrative this way.
I'll leave it at that.

No. 1164147

Yeah, that's victim blaming. Come on. You have to be able to see that. If you can't after 9 full threads explaining the mechanisms behind abuse, nobody will be able to help there I'm afraid.

No. 1164149

ERW is quick to point the finger at others being silent. Don't they have excuses too, or is ERW the only one with a pass?

This is all typical Hollywood. Everyone sees what's happening but no one says anything. Everyone has an excuse for doing nothing.
It's no surprise a parasite like Brian gravitated to tinseltown.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1164151

You know you can be a victim and also be accountable for your own choices right?
You can call people out on their hypocrisies without thinking they ever deserved to be abused.

No. 1164160

No, I don´t think money would be a problem, more likely absence of his old lifestyle. Dude has been living in that Hollywood debauchery for 20+ years and obviously loves it. It´s over. An another thing-side chicks:maybe he could try his luck in developing countries lol, Africa is out (for obvious reasons), so there´s almost nothing left. You have nothing to do and Linsay is around 24/7, this is called hell on earth. 

No. 1164171

Btw about Lindsay.
Do you think her family won't try to get her out of this marriage after this?

No. 1164179

And that's her fault. She's had multiple chances to leave—including now—but she chose to stay and help him. They deserve each other.

No. 1164184

why are you emphasizing ERW's choice to stay silent over Brian's choice to be a serial rapist? victims do not need to be held accountable for the abuse they endure

No. 1164185

Anonymous now No. 1164182

>And that's her fault. She's had multiple chances to leave—including now—but she chose to stay and help him. They deserve each other.
Curious, do you feel the same way about ERW and Esme who were with Manson for years and even went back to him after his abuse?
All reports indicate Lindsay is also being abused and threatened.

No. 1164186

No because what would they do with her. She has no job, no money, no skills, and her social circle seems to consist entirely of his friends. So it’s either let her stay with the abusive piece of shit who at least gives her money and a home, or render her homeless. She’s definitely not in a good position, plus she seems kind of obsessed with him. I doubt she’ll ever be strong enough to leave.

No. 1164194

File: 1613604525720.png (2.08 MB, 1176x1184, Capture d’écran 2021-02-18 à 0…)

Does she really thinks somebody cares? Such a tryhard, begging for attention… "Look what I've got in my secret files!". Please shut the fuck up, you dumb.
(source : IG)

No. 1164203

Well ERW claims she was "forced" to wear it. The numerous photos show this is a lie.
Not sure why she feels the need to deny it. That anyone would care about the hat is embarrassing.

No. 1164207

File: 1613605396453.jpeg (348.07 KB, 1282x1094, CBF93925-E1D7-401C-A020-872A73…)

When did ERW claim she was forced to wear it? This is what she said.

No. 1164220

How do you blackmail or humiliate someone with photos of them doing something they are comfortable with and while casually walking around?
It implies it wasn't her choice or she had no choice in the matter (aka forced).

That obviously isn't true. The hat is such a meaningless distraction.
Strange she lied about it but now manson fanatics are trying to use it to discredit her actual rape allegations.

No. 1164221

>How do you blackmail or humiliate someone with photos of them doing something they are comfortable with and while casually walking around?

They were photos taken at a private party, I’m sure she didn’t want them public knowledge.

>The hat is such a meaningless distraction.

She posted them because Leslee Lane bragged about using them to blackmail her.

No. 1164237

Apples and oranges. According to Evan and Esmé, he pulled them back in when they tried to leave. He actively tried to get rid of Lindsay for years. She wanted to stay. Evan and Esmé also didn't participate when he was abusing other women. She's an accomplice, not a victim.

No. 1164241

But what makes people think they know this for sure? He probably dragged her back in too. Just because he talked shit about her to every other woman on the earth doesn’t mean he wasn’t sweet talking her back every time he got dropped by one of the …better girls.

No. 1164243

File: 1613609813464.jpg (712.21 KB, 1439x1769, trauma bonding.jpg)

You may want to look at Esmes' most recent instagram post to get educated on trauma bonding before being so quick to accuse victims.

No. 1164268

You may want to comb through her history again. Trauma bonding doesn't make someone help their abuser. There's no evidence to support the fact that she's a victim besides what Dan Cleary said. Even his ex-girlfriends have said negative things about her—she harassed them while they were with him, then she tried to make amends with them a few months ago because she knew the allegations were getting more attention.

No. 1164274

I get you don't like Lindsay based on internet hearsay but you don't get to pick and choose how trauma bonding works or who is not able to be impacted by it.

No. 1164291

File: 1613614486664.png (732.76 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_20210217-201019~2.p…)

Was she not just asking for donations to cover litigation costs on FB?

No. 1164293

Lolol what do you think she was about to tell them? “I have literally hundreds of..” I’m guessing photos of Evan. Also Evan said she filed the report against Lindsay for trying to procure the photos. Leslee is such an unbelievable idiot.

No. 1164308

File: 1613616368991.jpeg (98.11 KB, 1620x288, F4BC92C4-C655-4673-9D65-0ADE9D…)

That cap doesn’t prove a police report wasn’t filed, it shows Leslee Lane threatening legal action if they don’t remove her photo. This is correction Spin made.

>Unless I see an apology and these misrepresentations corrected I intend to follow through with my legal ?

>If you want to report the stories, you need to do the fact checking. Also, photos posted on my account are under my copyright. If you want to post her lies, maybe you should see some of the evidence of proving what she claims.

No. 1164314

Worth noting that Annie said she continued her conversations with him due to the threats and blackmail. She started recording him when she noticed that he is acting on them. A lot of these victims famous or not might’ve gone back out of fear for what he would do to them and their careers if they didn’t agree. Manson may not look like he has much power in the industry on the outside but if he’s the master manipulator they claim he is then I can see how he could convince them that not being on his side would be damaging to their career and personal life .

No. 1164321

Dita removed her post about Manson.

No. 1164322

File: 1613618473206.jpg (609.08 KB, 1440x1442, badass.jpg)

The victims have said he claims to have links with MS-13. He's name dropped them in interviews as well.
Gang members aren't particularly b known for their intelligence, but why would hoodlums care to defend his scrawny ass.
I bet it was just some random guy claiming to be a gangbanger for laughs and bimbo brian thought it was real.

No. 1164324

>Hells Angels
kek does he think being on Sons of Anarchy means he's in good with actual bikers

No. 1164325

yes and he thinks buying drugs from ms13 means he's their friend now

No. 1164326

File: 1613619279576.jpg (67.97 KB, 750x722, you_matched_with_bhw.jpg)

Jokes on him. I'm behind 7 proxies. Come get it cryin brian

No. 1164444

File: 1613636984131.jpeg (1.73 MB, 4096x3072, 6FA1E279-510B-45C4-93E0-F0A4E7…)

He’s such a control freak omg

No. 1164446

File: 1613637754497.jpg (451.24 KB, 1439x2046, screenshot202102181.jpg)

No. 1164448

File: 1613637778842.jpg (486.24 KB, 1439x1957, screenshot202102182.jpg)

No. 1164452

Their “alligations” are bullshit. They never said anything until Evan named him. And the fact that they tagged #istandwithmanson in their original post says a lot about their intentions.

No. 1164453

That Demi has the intelligence of a gnat.

No. 1164459

New thread OP pic please, Fringe of Cringe edition

No. 1164461

Honestly, why are you even posting this asshole. He’s friends with Manson and batshit crazy. He used to spam the Manson Reddit under a ton of fake accounts to promote his shitty knockoff songs. He’s obviously defending his friend and idol with false allegations. I also must have missed Demi and Evan’s m&g photo.

No. 1164464


Ha. Do you guys think Manson bleeds gravy when he cuts himself?

No. 1164470

File: 1613639998724.jpg (854.07 KB, 1439x2514, ains.jpg)

No. 1164476

File: 1613640529237.jpeg (366.83 KB, 1120x1672, 1146BD32-4916-46AE-BEDE-CA92B3…)

No. 1164477

From all I've read all these years, Melissa Romero, who M was in a relationship with during the nineties, never claimed she was abused, like Dita.
I wonder if he started getting abusive during his relationship with Evan.

No. 1164482

His substance abuse problem got rapidly worse during marriage with Dita, he became full time alco/junkie back then. This fact just opens the gates for shit you had somehow under control before.

No. 1164483


I think he has always been a misogynistic asshole and bully with personality disorder/s fueled by addictions. Dita spoke about some of his abusive behavior, even if she does not consider herself abused like the others, but I wouldn't be surprised if he became his most violent and cruel in his relationship with Evan. She was 18!! I wouldn't be surprised if she put up with a lot more than an older person would in an attempt to seem tougher than she wanted to admit - fighting the idea that she was maybe too young after all.

No. 1164492

File: 1613643406812.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 140.82 KB, 640x807, IMG_3942 2.jpeg)

Well in older Interviews Dita mentions violence.
On Insta you find dark pictures with Missi, so fantasies were already there
just #missiromero everybody can find it

No. 1164495

Ugh he's so vile. Physically repulsive. Yikes.

No. 1164496

File: 1613644022086.jpeg (934.14 KB, 1284x1946, EBDD90CB-B947-45BF-AB40-231601…)

This woman is a gem lmfaooooooooooooo

No. 1164499

Well. First it was totally inappropriate and now it's even worst to remove it. "I've said what I had to and now it's not my problem anymore so move on, let's delete it, it's so ugly on my IG! I prefer to only have beautiful pictures of me in lingerie". I doubt she's preparing another statement (I mean an honest one). This girl only thinks about her business and her clean/sexy image, it's scary. No compassion, no respect for all these girls. I bet she made an agreement with MM during their divorce and she won't reveal the truth and details of their relationship. It make no sense that MM wasn't an abuser before ERW. I'm sure Dita experienced it a lot but she's still mad about ERW and will never show some real support to her and the others victims.

No. 1164500


No. 1164501

File: 1613644798327.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 46.75 KB, 500x692, WillyWonka.jpeg)

The disintegration of his marriage with Dita appears to have been the beginning of a significant change in his public persona and quite possibly mirrored a decline in his personal life.

He tended to keep his privacy or would mask his sentiments in allegory.
After Dita he went on to say he expected the Lest We Forget compilation to be his last and he stood on a cliff contemplating suicide.

ERW was your stereotypical middle age crisis shacking up with a young woman all to eager to play up the faux controversy.
At this time his output became much more personal and revealing and Marilyn Manson as a band ceased to be a vehicle for social commentary and moved towards being exclusively an outlet for his bizarrely immature emotions.

The break up of ERW appears to have commenced a long period of constant drug and alcohol abuse and his artistic output, already declining since GOAG suffered severely.

He's never been the boy you take home to mom, but from ERW on onwards it appears every relationship he's been in has been exclusively one marked by abuse.

No. 1164525

File: 1613649993201.png (726.39 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210218-130221.png)

That's interesting. Maybe there is something similar going on between MM and Lindsay.

No. 1164526

File: 1613650016554.png (474.42 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210218-130337.png)

No. 1164530

>>1164525 wouldn't be surprised. there have been rumors for awhile Lindsay has been procuring girls for him online.

No. 1164538

Well,according to Epstein's story,he is fuc*ed up.
Epstein had at least 80 victims. MM might be far beyond that lol

No. 1164556

File: 1613656038922.jpeg (346.09 KB, 1818x1818, 01BA190F-7638-4803-B4F0-2A8037…)

Came to post the same. Here it is in a more compact version. Never change, Annie.

No. 1164561

Frankly, it's sad that a guy so talented like Manson is so messed up.

No. 1164562

Can we draw a line somewhere? This is clearly an aesthetic, not so dissimilar from different aesthetics of shock and violence in many different genres. One of the people taking part, in fact, the person driving it, turned out to be an abusive turd, who not only harnessed his interests as a vehicle to careen headlong into deception, manipulation and abuse, but did it hiding in plain sight.
We really don’t need to be having a coronary every time we see one of his DaRK images.

No. 1164565

I guess the point was that this is Missi. Not just 'one of his dark images'

No. 1164568

ffs stop subjecting my eyes to images from this putrid photoshoot. I'm not here to see his dick. it literally has nothing to do with your post anyway

No. 1164570

this happened over half a year ago and you're treating it like it's relevant breaking news

No. 1164572

He wasn’t talented, he surrounded himself with talented people who could actually play instruments and who did all the work while he took their credit.
He was just a clown making a spectacle od himself back when it was easy to shock.

No. 1164580

In regards to Dita removing her statement, I don’t know why people are so bothered by her reactions to this controversy. Why are women being held accountable for men’s actions? Imagine being asked to comment on your ex from 13 years ago. She’s washed her hands of him.

No. 1164581

File: 1613660364863.png (326.62 KB, 434x1234, mm.png)

One of Manson's victims is soon meeting with LA sheriff's department people, I'm curious which one.

No. 1164582

Old milk and dunno if anyone else mentioned this but did anyone else find Dita's post about the drama pretty passive aggressive? She's never liked Evan as she was seen as the teen homewrecker who helped break up their marriage. I get the feeling for all her sex positive feminist shit Dita is a major pickme who doesn't really like other women, but pretends to be all high and mighty and above this kind of stuff.

No. 1164584

It's not her duty to deal with the Manson shit and it is totally her right to not have that ugly stuff on her Insta page or elsewhere.

No. 1164586

I just wonder, they are talking to ONE of his victims??That is devastating, they should get their asses up and talk to a bunch of people.

No. 1164587

They probably will be. Just have to wait.

No. 1164595

I know right, hopefully others will speak to them too. I wonder who is it, Annie of course has the most relevant actual dirt on him and is most likely to have something real on him but if it's Evan or Esme… they might be dismissed unless they have good proofs.


Yes, sorry, i saged out of habit

No. 1164597

I wonder if there's a more simple explanation behind it like some kind of NDA/ agreement to not talk or reveal too much of hers and MM married life as part of their divorce settlement? Would that be possible? The only remarks she ever made were pretty much indirect criticism- such as (as seen in previous thread) talking about how nice her new husband was, implying how shit the previous one truly was.

I agree with you anon, she does not owe anyone anything. If she's not comfortable to speak up for whatever reason, or even just being petty lmao, she can well stay silent. Personally, I absolutely do not care for her take on the shitshow whatsoever. She clearly has nothing to contribute apart from some very faint allusions at MM occasional violent behaviour and cheating leading to their split up years ago.

No need to Sage when you post actual updates or milk, anon. That was very much a non-sage worthy cap - thanks. Interesting to finally see more actions from the police. They might communicate more than the FBI.

No. 1164601


Fucking hyprcrite, you idiots defend "all victims" but if a woman chooses to distance herdself from this garbage you all take her down. You lot don't support women, you just want to see celebrities kill themselves.

Also, if Manson's photos are requested not to be seen, can you also not post Evan's hitler pictures? they make me want to throw up, she is gross AF.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1164606

He approached Dita two years ago and made a few public appearances together. Might have paid her off/threatened/or just whined until she agreed not to say anything.

Dita has a brand to protect and I'm sure she's never going to side with Evan, but she's been pretty dismissive about the entire metoo movement.

No. 1164611

>He approached Dita two years ago
Not really. They partied together back in 2014\2015 too.

>Fucking hyprcrite, you idiots defend "all victims" but if a woman chooses to distance herdself from this garbage you all take her down.

Lowkey agree but learn to integrate.

I think Evan knew Dita wouldn't say anything groundbreaking. She started posting about famous killers' wives almost asap when the former put out her statement. Kinda gaslighting her experience but oh well Dita did worse to her with that "incur".

No. 1164613

File: 1613663286736.jpeg (557.73 KB, 750x943, D6F6D702-D890-413A-8863-3744BD…)

Saged for no milk but I remembered this screenshot a fan posted years ago all excited that they were talking to MM’s dad. I remember a few fans lovingly joking that he was a “dirty old man” and it’s truly no wonder where MM got it from

No. 1164640

Well, M said in interviews that his dad taught him that if a woman wants to get a man she should open her legs and keep her mouth shut.
Quite sexist.

No. 1164643

Distancing yourself isn’t stating that women “incurred abuse” and woo woo shit like “fully realize yourself”
Her statement was passive aggressive at BEST and obnoxious/incredulous at worst.

Fuck her, you can both go back to sucking his pock-marked goblin dick

No. 1164647

File: 1613667699588.jpeg (275.98 KB, 1134x2054, 3FA59071-3099-448D-A4B0-5EFAAC…)

This is the ultimate hypocrisy. Oatmealosbourne is an incel who’s been repeatedly reported for stalking and harassing and they want to take Annie down.


No. 1164671

Dita was a lot older than Evan, she seems like one of those ‘it could never happen to me and if it’s not in my backyard I could care less’ types. Everyone was applauding her for being so ‘classy’ about the situation or whatever but I felt like her post was a sly dig at Evan, kinda like ‘oh well bitch :)’

I also found it retarded how she said he never abused her but cheated on her. Cheating and cucking your partner is abuse. In an interview years ago I remember her saying what a shitty husband he was and how she was totally drained and exhausted at having to deal with his drug use and mood swings. But now she’s claiming he dindu nuffin and only cucked her? Idk seems like she’s trying to gaslight Evan a bit but whatever.

No. 1164674

Dita is a masochistic pickme who thinks corsets and high heels are empowering and and feminine because of, in her words, how ‘restrictive they are’. I’ve also read her trying to say that the sub is in control during BDSM sessions. She’s a third wave pickme feminist retard to be honest.

No. 1164676

I could see. Or manson threatened her until she removed it. I think dita could provide a good lead on the mental state of manson though

No. 1164698

File: 1613670976106.jpg (90.67 KB, 355x670, 6Pw2L3n.jpg)

His fans are crazy. She didn't accuse him of anything, all she does is verbally supporting victims.

No. 1164705

Samefag. Take a look at this.
She describes her sex fetishes and her sex experience and it is VERY SIMILAR to what Evan described as sex abuse. I think the difference is that Clare is too stupid or too young to understand that it IS abuse.

No. 1164710

File: 1613671465012.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.79 KB, 850x1063, sample_26abcdd4214454be26fbdd8…)

Hugh Warner was very well known for using his sons fame to (try) and fuck young women.

>“My father’s view of women was, ‘If you wanna get a man, spread your legs. And if you wanna keep a man, shut your f—ing mouth,’” he told Dazed in 2015.

>“It’s foul,” Manson said. “But that’s how I was reared and raised – I’m not saying that’s my philosophy, I’m just saying that’s what my father taught me.”

This is for you bby

No. 1164720

I swear some of you come post here right after leaving church service.

No. 1164734

It's always the men no one wants to get, let alone keep

No. 1164736

She did confirm the fake accounts though. They started talking when she was 17 but they didn’t hook up until she was 18. If she doesn’t want to get involved though that’s her right.

No. 1164740

File: 1613673712953.png (1.11 MB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210218-192618.png)

We better not to believe her. Shes lying abt her ass,as well. Claiming it's real. Bi*ch pls.
Anyway she seems to be a dominant one,just as Dita.

No. 1164742

Isn't that harassment by Instagram rules?

No. 1164746

If he’d just stuck to women like this one who shared his fetishes instead of doing them to unwilling women, he wouldn’t be in such deep shit now too. Although she met him when she was 18, right? I wonder if the 17-year-old version of her had these fetishes, or whether she developed them after being with him. Because that would be potentially disturbing.

No. 1164748

Never heard of her before this, but she honestly types like she's totally retarded.
>he was the most romantic man

Lmfao, in the back of his tour bus with groupie /meat sack number #654 ? Ok jan.

No. 1164754

>Never heard of her before this
newfag kek (I mean no offense)

No. 1164759

Sweet thought, but his fetish is "doing things to unwilling women"

No. 1164762

Eww,I feel like taking a bath after scrolling through her insta

No. 1164763

File: 1613675212091.jpeg (259.65 KB, 1091x1951, CE1B10EF-3065-4F5A-B254-D5E410…)

She’s flipped back and forth about M.

No. 1164766

It’s Clare Buley aka Lilith Levisis. Do any of you newfags lurk before posting? And by that I mean lurk other threads, not just the Manson one? >>579509

No. 1164771

Yes. The Manson stans are campaigning to report her posts so she goes away. Her posts aren’t down due to legal reasons but his fans harassing her.

No. 1164778

Manson is my first one. For now I am not interested in anyone else but him.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1164784

Sage your bullshit, newfag

No. 1164787

No offense taken, actually not a newfag but that's one cow I haven't got around to yet. Plenty of undrank milk awaits, that's a perk.

That cropped out picture looks painful.

Same here anon. The whole thing is both gross and creepy af.

No. 1164789

The thing is she was discussed a lot in 1-3 threads I believe. She used to be a key figure.

She meant he lied to her about love. He was seeing Gabriella and Lindsay at that time.

No. 1164792


Seriously agree with this anon.

Also, side note the violet wand when used with a willing participant is not anywhere near a “torture device.” Though, in the context of abuse allegations by the victims it sounds like it was used as a mind fuckery tool.

No. 1164805

thanks for the heads up, I didn't look this time

No. 1164809

I wouldn’t use this as evidence. This whole interview was a bit. She never even dated this guy he’s gay.

No. 1164813

The cap was originally posted here: >>955108 This one too: >>951661

Lilith never said he abused her but would sperg about what a great guy he is while also posting about being cheated on.

No. 1164814

Dan Cleary's podcast is online.

No. 1164819

>tfw you have a twelvehead like the penguin so you have to draw your eyebrows 3 inches higher than they grow naturally

No. 1164827

File: 1613680882008.jpeg (125.36 KB, 1424x316, 9036CFFF-54E9-4044-B9A1-734FC3…)

>is not anywhere near a “torture device.”

From violetwands.com

No. 1164891

That's not torture, it's just enhanced interrogation.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1164895

Good lord will this Helen chick EVER shut the fuck up? I had to lower the volume every time she spoke.

No. 1164896

File: 1613688357694.jpg (358.02 KB, 1440x2259, v6ft8aT28nx83000-3Cd.jpg)

ERW and Esme are really going into overdrive to try and minimize their culpability with these cutsie infographics.

Maybe Brian should start posting tumblr aphorisms which detail the ways drug and mental health issues can cause you to do things you normally wouldn't.

No. 1164897

Careful, you might cut yourself on all that edginess.

No. 1164900

File: 1613689124853.jpeg (510.6 KB, 1620x1664, 65A79E81-B6AB-4EAE-A6B2-214845…)

Sage for not being milky but Brian “Head” Welch is in the news.

No. 1164904


Can't relate. He wasn't terrible considering his leg was fucked but it's definitely not something I would even remember if he wasn't a huge subject right now. I'm not that girl by the way.

All I can say is that he likes to bite (has been told before). His dick is underwhelming though.
At least he bothered to go down on me before he demanded me to go down on him.

No. 1164906

He´s probably in a permanent alcoholic coma these days.

No. 1164907

No, Claire is just on drugs 24/7 and doesn't know what real life looks like. Or real relationships. Due to her being a junkie she thinks he didn't abuse her cause she probably experienced way worse with her dealers and other random gangsters lol

No. 1164908


Brian said it was all consensual, so what mental health issues due to drugs/alcohol? Brian seems pretty proud of all his actions. Really embarrassing yourself here.

No. 1164910

Brian, lay off the damn vodka and coke for a second.(read the rules)

No. 1164911

What do you think your point is?
That's not how addiction and mental health issues works.
ERW spoke proudly of her involvement with Manson for years. You suggesting she deserved her abuse? Don't be an idiot.

No. 1164916

Literally everyone can say it was consensual, but the evidence says it wasn't.

Also, does anyone know if Judd and his other band members would have to attend court too? I sure hope so, as they've all been in it for years without speaking up. And people have posted plenty of shit regarding Judd at least. He should go down with Manson.

No. 1164920

I don't know if all Manson fans are like kinda dumb when it comes to reading body language. But Evans testimony was so real and full of pain and so hard to watch. Why would she even bother faking it. She gets more hate than fame right now.

No. 1164923

I don't know why people still trying to put the blame on drugs and alcohol when it comes to abuse. Bam Margera is on a shitty state (pretty worse than Brian) related to addiction and we all know how a jerk, narcissist and stupid person he always was, but there's no one coming to public to name him about abuse, rape or anything related. (if that happened I'm 100% late to the news, I'm not trying to defend him anyway).

Brian was always like that, he just can't seem to hide in plain sight as he used to do anymore.

No. 1164926

Add Pete Doherty to the list. And Russell Brand who admitted to being addicted to drugs AND sex and using girls but never ABUSING them. This shitty excuse just ain't working anymore, Brian.

No. 1164928

Bam and Co were notorious for fucking underage girls. Same goes for Jared Leto.
It only takes 1 person to come out many years later to open the gates.

No. 1164932

Wait are you saying you fucked him after he broke his leg? That’s funny considering Lindsay was there during that time. That poor girl he really doesn’t give two shits about her does he.

No. 1164934

Never heard anything them being cancelled though. Was there even a scandal like it is not with Manson? Kek

No. 1164936


And Pete knows he has a problem. Heroin is a hell of a drug, beside his comings and goings of rehab/using it again he's not exactly proud of that unlike Brian itself.


Wasn't aware of that (Bam) but zero surprises.

Jared Leto is a open secret at this point.

No. 1164941

You must be retarded. No one has yet come out to claim retrospective rape so why would he be cancelled?
If someone suddenly changed their mind and named them as an abuser they would have similar public backlash.
What do you think your point is?

No. 1164942

Yep, 2017…and trust me, I wasn't the only one. He had his m&gs during the heaven upside down tour and he 99% picked a girl during every single m&g. Had far too many girls telling me about their experiences once I shared mine.
Of course he never gave a shit about Lindsay. It was all part of his strategy to have an alibi.

No. 1164946


My point is that anon claimed Bam etc were well known for getting with underage girls. a.) how would they know unless it became public aka a scandal

b) if it isn't public knowledge, why isn't it?

That's all i tried to say, lol

No. 1164949

If you're comfortable sharing, did you find him abusive or strongly and push you towards acts you weren't comfortable with?
He seems to have sado-masochistic desires but also a problem with obtaining consent.

No. 1164952

NTA but his MO seems to be abusing the women he’s really close with and has a relationship with, not girls he just hooks up with (no offense hookup anon not insulting you yay for hookups)

No. 1164956

Jared Leto is the perfect example that being an abuser/rapist has zero relations with substance/alcohol abuse.(celeb cow thread)

No. 1164959

I already shared my experience with him on here..a while ago. No, he didn't force me to do anything. He definitely liked to leave plenty of bruises. But…apart from pulling gross jokes afterwards next to Judd and sharing details about having sex with me nothing terrible happened. But don't you dare using my experience as a way of defending him and saying 'SEE, HE IS NOT AN ABUSER!'

He'd be pretty stupid and in jail by now if he abused every single girl he fucked on that bus. And he knows it, he's not that stupid.

No. 1164960

I 100% agree with you. I am the one that had sex with him twice and nothing seemed terribly bad to me. Apart from some Hitler jokes and gross jokes he made about my body and just misogynistic shit in general.

But like I said in my last post. I don't think he bothers to get super invested in one or two time things cause he knows he'll never see them again. He only seems to go nuts and super abusive when he 'cares' about a girl or is dating them or at least seeing them/talking to her regularly. Or when they're jewish, yikes.

No. 1164961

It doesn't absolve Manson of his criminality but mental health and drug abuse could be very much be contributing factors.
If he accepted the required help, he may not necessarily be the abusive person he is today.
It doesn't seem to be a coincidence that his increased abuses correlate to a period where he's been open about refusing medication and mental health assistance while also increasingly dependant on drugs and alcohol.

Leto strikes me as a pedophile with a sociopathic power complex. He doesn't need drugs when he it's the power he holds over kids that gets him off.

Inb4 banned for medfagging

No. 1164962

Thank you for answering.
Of course your personal experience doesn't mean the victims speaking out aren't telling the truth.

No. 1164963

Whatever. Drug or alcohol abuse is never an excuse for the shit Manson has put multiple women through. Robbing people? Okay, that's what junkies do. But raping women? Nah. It is 100% on him for not seeking help. I won't even allow mental illness or personality disorders as an excuse. But I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to use that as an excuse in court.

No. 1164967

I don't get the hatred for Dita some anos here have. She has always been very reserved and never liked telling much about her personal life publicly so it seems understandable she wants nothing to do with this mess. All she said was that her experience with MM wasn't abusive in the similar way as these women described (forced drug use, rape, involuntarily confinement etc), but it doesn't mean he never abused her (she has multiple times told he threw things at her which in itself is abusive behavior) or that the relationship didn't scar her mentally. She divorced the guy 13 years ago and whatever bad might have happened in their relationship she has probably already come in terms with it through counselling or otherwise and wants to wash her hands off him.

No. 1164969

And people using Rose or Dita as an excuse or a reason as to why he is not an abusive piece of shit are dumb as well. He only turned full on mental and retarded after Dita (p.s. Dita is lying anyway. He did abuse her)

But apparently people think that Manson from 95 will always stay the same cute person and can never turn into a full blown psychopath. Newsflash: not all people are born a psychopath lol

No. 1164970

I have a problem with her statement cause it sounded shady as fuck. She could've worded it differently. For example: My heart goes out to all the women my ex husband has hurt. He wasn't quite as bad with me, but I do believe all of you and stand with you.
The end.

No. 1164971

I have literally waited for years the shit to hit the fan with Leto. His grossness has been known for so long. Some journalist should get into this.

No. 1164975

I think anons are jealous of Dita so they just want to have something to nitpick at her about.

No. 1164978

I get what you mean with her statement, but the thing is that I could never imagine her making a statement like the one you described. Like I said earlier, she seems very reserved and distant, not someone who would react very emotionally, at least not publicly. However, that doesn't equate with her being shady or malicious.

No. 1164979

File: 1613695549357.png (519.85 KB, 1080x810, 20210218_184128.png)

I wish annie would elaborate more on the Lindsay involvement.

My experience with her is touch and go as far as the way shes involved.

She harrassed me online but I also had backhanded praise from her and it is really just all so confusing and behind screens so I dont understand her stance with her husband.
Like I imagine it two ways

1 they love each other

2. Shes helping in blackmailing him because he humiliated her and used her 36 mo. with sobriety making things as messy as possible for him while he continued digging a hole. But because they are genuinely friends she married him to help protect his…credibility?

I think I mentioned many posts ago that she unliked all of his photos.
Her comments are still there…. but if the rumors are true about her creating hate accounts maybe she unliked the pictures ritualistically…

This picture she had her followers circulate last year just really made me uneasy. Doesn't it look like a female dom and her sub?

I drew little cheeks on him I will post the original when I find it.

What the storyyyyy?

No. 1164981

File: 1613695700186.jpg (230.74 KB, 1080x834, 20210218_184659.jpg)

No. 1164983

Even past his usual pallor and dark makeup and her shitty IMVU editing, he just looks like a corpse. It's just tinfoil, but has anyone actually considered that she could've had a wax figure of him made just to take pictures with? It sounds crazy, but I really wouldn't put anything past her anymore.

No. 1164985

Major tinfoil. He looks like a corpse because he is a middle aged man that has been abusing his body with alcohol and drugs for past 30 years.

No. 1164986

It looks more like she has something spiky in his anal cavity.

Or that he has covid

No. 1164992


This. Long term alcoholism will also tank your testosterone which is why he is slowly morphing into a ugly lesbian visually. He may as well just troon out while the going is still good.

No. 1164995

It's a GWB Jr.-era torture reference. d/w nonny >>1164891 I appreciated your joke
Haven't the members of Korn been accused of rape? Surprised they're not keeping quiet to avoid attracting attention.
[person] wouldn't have done [shitty thing] if [something about them were different] is meaningless when a fundamental part of who that person is would have to change.

No. 1165006

So many people mention her online harassment and I’m always curious what that means. Did she just message you and say threatening/mean shit? Or is it something more?

No. 1165007

Sage for blogpost but when I was 17 I sneaked into a club with my friend in LA. Jared Leto was there and he got the security guard to say he wanted us to come over and chill with him. So we went into the little VIP booth and had some drinks with him. He was sweating a lot and obviously high as fuck, he kept offering us coke. I didn’t want to so I just refused and he looked at me like wtf. Then he started getting really sloppy and asking us if we were into pissplay and would we like to come up to his hotel room to piss on him and let him piss on us. I got the ick and my friend wanted to stay but we decided to just go home, as we were getting into the car we saw him leaving with two young blonde girls who looked underage too lol. All that stuff about him being into pissplay and scat is true btw, I know from other friends he propositioned. Bear in mind this was over a decade ago though. I’ve seen MM once or twice in clubs before too years ago and girls literally swamp him, he just gets his people to pick out whoever the fuck he wants from the crowd and the girls leave their bfs just standing there lol. It’s actually pathetic how desperate these random female groupies act around any guy who is remotely famous.(>>>celeb cows)

No. 1165017

Stop trying to blame his abuse on his addiction and mental health. There are tons of people that are addicts and use drugs and alcohol to self medicate their mental health issues. I’ve been one of them, I’ve worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of them.

He’s a piece of shit that has these issues, not a piece of shit because of these issues. He’d be shitty with out them too, just like Leto’s creepy ass. Stop trying to make stupid fucking excuses for him.

No. 1165018

I agree, MM is just a born and bred narcissist, literally an incel who happened to get famous and abused his power.

No. 1165021

This will be great for the Jared Leto thread you start but no one here cares, don’t derail

No. 1165029

Yeah it’s derailing but all these famous Hollyweird creeps hang out together and are birds of a feather lol. Johnny Depp is friends with MM and is also a lolicon but let’s not go there…

No. 1165030

I quite enjoy the derailing myself

No. 1165036

They have a way of monitoring your online behavior. Like that team of people he reportedly pays to collect blackmail either hacks onto the computers of thier victims or has some way of monitoring whatever your computer is actively doing.

In one instance I was repeatedly listening to a song (while crying) and then started watching a movie and Lindsay made a story with the titles of both of the pieces of media in a back handed way that just looks like a normal post.

The thing about the comments is that they were never mean. Just like I'm creeping on you/ can see you.

Which in itself is problematic. Also kindof cool. But primarily invasive/scary.

No. 1165044

Even putting how problematic and illegal it may be aside, what's the point? Who has the time and care to bother? It's all so strange.

No. 1165045

Could be blamed on plain old jealousy and stalking I guess? Plenty of women feel threatened or jealous of their husbands exes and keep tabs on them, especially if they happened to be attractive/younger than them or shared some kind of special history. If she has some kind of cluster B condition then it will make perfect sense but I don’t know Lindsay’s mental health record.

No. 1165047

Why was she even harassing you in the first place?

No. 1165048

As much as I hate to shift blame in any way, famous guys have a weird effect on certain women, especially if they are very young. It’s kind of like they feel gratitude towards them, even if they literally just used them for a quick fuck or abused them. Lori Mattix for instance was pump and dumped by David Bowie when she was 14 and abused and cheated on by Jimmy Page while underage, but she still talks about them like they are Gods and even talking about how she was used by them is almost like bragging. For other women they don’t even realize they were abused until they are significantly older like in Evans case. I also feel like all these guys including MM probably paid a lot of girls off to keep quiet.

No. 1165053


Sex/BDSM/mystery/[little/big] roleplay

No. 1165058

That might be part of it but seems like a bit of a reach, I feel like a lot of the stalking and keeping tabs is voluntarily on Lindsays part. The only BDSM aspect I can see is that it helps her get in MM’s ‘good books’ by gathering dirt on them to blackmail them with later and she gets rewarded for being his personal sleuth. Or…maybe she just has BPD/NPD and suffers from pathological jealousy? Being cucked by 18 year old groupies and him having a slew of pretty exes cant exactly help her self esteem.

No. 1165060


On her end anyway.

On my side it was really mostly traumatic and messed with me in a way that triggered my spiritual beliefs about karma.

Right now I'm trying to like run my intrest out. But this all kindof feels like a big game.

That's why I keep coming to this place with out of field theories about their intent.

No. 1165065

These are me

I haven't figured that out yet >>1165053 it was very much like cat and mouse.

No. 1165069

Oh this too >>1164979

No. 1165076

>I was repeatedly listening to a song (while crying) and then started watching a movie and Lindsay made a story with the titles of both of the pieces of media in a back handed way that just looks like a normal post.

Can you post the Lindsay story?

No. 1165086

Shangs, is that you?

No. 1165087

File: 1613704411646.jpg (12.59 KB, 300x169, manson_0-300x169.jpg)

There's a theory which may explain his oddities which I don't feel is given the credit it deserves.

It's documented that Marilyn Manson has dabbled in time travel and with this science still largely unknown to physicists we don't know the long term effects that such travel could cause upon our world.

In the credits of 1996's Antichrist Superstar album, the track Irresponsible Hate Anthem is noted as being recorded on Valentine's Day Feb 14, 1997. This it's breaks all the laws of spacetime as we know it.

Later on Holy Wood is released in 2000. The track Born Again is noted as being recorded Feb 14, 1997.

Now you could say they simply just used an old recorded track, however John 5 is confirmed to have played on the song yet he wasn't even a member of the band at the time!

This travel through the matrix of time could have theoretically caused a Marilyn Manson from another parallel universe to slip into ours.

Although he seemed to be largely the same person after Holy Wood did he jump through time a 3rd time?
I posit that this is exactly what happened.

As an anon has said before, he has spoken about standing on a cliff contemplating suicide after his divorce with Dita. I think he did in fact jump, but celestial beings which noticed his presence during his past time travel intervened at this point. He successfully manifested the quantum suicide which has only been previously theorized.

Instead of our dimension facing a world where his body smashed on the rocks below, a Marilyn Manson from a universe where he WAS the monster from his lyrics was a living breathing entity had entered our timeline.

This Marilyn Manson (aka the doppelganger) is the one responsible for these crimes. Our Brian tragically lept from that stony clifftop and the angels saw fit that this monster was what our world deserved.(autistic tinfoiling)

No. 1165094

What have you been smoking?

No. 1165096

File: 1613705395064.jpeg (189.35 KB, 827x1361, B55D0E4E-6BB9-44A7-89F5-6A489A…)

No. 1165098

That does not look like a hickey at all. Looks like an object imprint of sorts.

No. 1165101

it definitely looks like a giant bite mark (the lighter pink mark) with a plum lipstick print around it. Manson is both known for being a biter and for wearing the plum lipstick, so

No. 1165102

>It's documented that Marilyn Manson has dabbled in time travel

Yeah, no.
This isn’t the place for sci-fi fanfic.

Honestly curious what her defense could possibly be. There’s pages and screenshots of Leslee claiming Lindsay asked her for pics to threatening Evan to witnessing Manson being violent around Lindsay. Everyone in the discord knew it was Leslee saying these things.
If she now claims Lindsay wasn’t involved that means:
a. She made it up and lied cause ?
b. She’s covering for her friend, Lindsay.
c. Lindsay just happened to ask for other pics from 2007.

It’s all so shady.

No. 1165103


She definitely looks wasted and out of it.

This Leslie Lane character isn’t doing Manson any favors with her posts.

No. 1165105

Sure but it's not very interesting.

No. 1165106

I can see how it could be a bite mark. Calling it a hickey though? come on..

No. 1165107

How do photos of ERW looking drunk in a nazi hat reflect poorly on Manson?
You one of those people who think women need a male chaperone?

No. 1165108

File: 1613706246468.png (1.11 MB, 1080x2220, sketch1613705770457.png)

No. 1165110

Even if she did cheat on Manson, he slept with her while he was married to Dita, so…

No. 1165112

It looks poorly on Leslee, who’s friends with Lindsay and Manson, to post this shit. She obviously has a vendetta against Evan.

No. 1165113

Clearly a vendetta… “proudly posing”.. She’s really stretching with those captions.

No. 1165114

That is pretty weird. Could just be a coincidence but hmm.

No. 1165116

Oh totally. Leslee doesn't look like an impartial observer lol

No. 1165117


Uhhh… because ERW said that the night the photos of her in Mansons nazi hat were taken she was the most wasted she has been and clearly wasn’t in a position to be at a party very coherently. She wasn’t old enough to go in a casino. This photo adds up.


No. 1165119

Cooooould be, but that's quite a huge coincidence.
Very creepy nonetheless.
The idea those 2 have nothing better to do with their time is hilarious

No. 1165121

Truth is most modern ‘artists’ have too much time on their hands except when they are insanely invested in a project
t. artist with other artist friends

No. 1165122

Theres more and absolutley not a coincidence but…a lot of it compromises my identity and I dont want to play that game.

No. 1165127

Did he talk to you about her or just pretend she didn’t exist? Seriously where WAS she when he was constantly fucking other women. Is she forced to leave the house and go live in a hotel?

No. 1165128


I wonder how they tracked you, did you log into Brian's wifi at some point?

No. 1165129

File: 1613707580876.jpeg (1.42 MB, 4096x3072, AE582854-E3DD-4F73-9770-CD3830…)

Fresh tea.

No. 1165150

This is one of the most autistic things I've read on lolcow

It's milk, not tea. This isn't twitter

No. 1165162

Oops. Milk, right.

No. 1165185

File: 1613721477213.jpg (39.94 KB, 500x499, lesleelane.jpg)

Hello Leslee Lane

"Manson and I (at The Palms - Las Vegas)"

No. 1165198

>where WAS she when he was constantly fucking other women

NTA but i met lindsay in 2012 on his tour bus. shes kind of involved in the meet&greet groupie stuff at least. Manson offered one girl a threesome with her and lindsay

No. 1165202

Leslee lane is a pathetic diehard fan girl who still hasn't outgrown her teen fangirling phase. All that for a triple-chinned aging washed-up rapist who does not give two shits about her.
Interesting that she has supposedly 1500 followers on instagram but such a low engagement rate. Did she get bulk buying discount with usich?

No. 1165205

Lindsay being mansons pimp makes so much sense lol

No. 1165206

So Lindsay is ok with him sleeping around? Especially with 18 year old children? That is fucking gross. They really must have an Epstein like relationship.

No. 1165211

That’s definitely not a coincidence, especially that you have more. This really creeps me out because I think this might explain a similar experience I’m having not with him, but with different people who might be involved with him, but I’m not absolutely sure. Did you click any suspicious links?

No. 1165217

Ultimate pick me energy tbh

No. 1165218

File: 1613728098080.png (1.13 MB, 1028x2076, brother.png)

Her brother was partying with them too??

No. 1165220

Not to me, who the fuck would trust her to befriend them? At least he has fame and is superficially charismatic

No. 1165223

>Laughing at the Bible with her big brother! Wonder what is next?

Manson's literally been burning Bibles onstage for the better part of 30 years. And she calls Evan a hypocrite? Ha.

No. 1165226

There’s some narcissistic problematic manipulative c**t, who has it out for me and been doing the same thing similar thing to me >>1165108
and I’ve been like what the fuck is going on? but she’s married to a different rockstar and i think Manson’s been conspiring with them.

No. 1165237

Lmao I can’t believe Manson isn’t telling her to stop “defending him” because she’s actually just making it worse.

Let’s add up who’s publicly defended him:

Asia Argento, a fellow rapist
Courtney Love, a junkie try-hard who literally accused Manson of hooking up with underage girls in the past
Magalyn who claims to have been “the other woman” for years but can’t prove she ever met him
That Rachel idiot who is just a fan girl that facetunes her pics within an inch of their life
Leslee Lame who seems to have been a hanger on over a decade ago still obsessing over him and trying to discredit Evan with Mansons hat and her laughing at the Bible ?
Scrotemeal Osbourne, an incel

Even his own wife can’t make a statement to defend him because she’s such a PR nightmare

Crack team you have Brian!

No. 1165241


Definitely looks like a bite with a bruise starting to form in the centre.

No. 1165243


Don't forget the horse-fucker demi dahmer, who can't even perform a basic crop to hide Brian's DMs.

No. 1165245

+ Rob Holliday

No. 1165246


Would anyone be interested in making a shitty abusive or creepy male general thread? in like ot or something? just for compiling evidence/ keeeping tabs on jared leto, adam22, etc

No. 1165247

+1 from me. I fucking hate men

No. 1165251

>>1165246 I'm in

No. 1165253


okay I can make one if you guys will post in it and shit.

If >>1164971 anon who has been years for shit to come out or anyone who wants to compile the jared leto informatino from this thread/what is known I would appreciate it. sorry for derailing no more

No. 1165255

Disgusting. As a dude in his 30’s I can’t comprehend the attraction to “children”. Then again, I’m not a pedophile.
I think women are most beautiful from their late 20’s, to now a days even up into their 50’s.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1165261

fuck off

No. 1165267

I take it men aren’t wanted here. >>1165261

No. 1165273

Well, think
I think men are most beautiful from their late 20’s, to now a days even up into their 50’s."

No. 1165275

File: 1613737229498.jpg (137.89 KB, 437x698, news.jpg)

Today's news, the time frame that's under investigation is 2009-2011. i mean it's great but 2012-2017 needs to be investigated too + Annie times. But it's something

No. 1165286

They’re just talking about victims during that time who live in in Los Angeles. Doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on currently in other cities. Annie lives in different country so they would be dealing with her case there.

No. 1165301

File: 1613742686387.jpeg (291.08 KB, 826x1140, A6ECDFED-5348-4CAA-8E96-5CF083…)

She literally described to a “t” [especially the underlined part] about what Manson’s been doing. And this even confirms more now that it looks like he very well may have been conspiring with these people.

No. 1165303

good, they won't find shit, it's high time they clear his name. y'all will look like idiots soon.
now, the question is, is Annie lolcow material?

No. 1165304

annie is a pathological liar. show me the proof she ever was in the same room as the guy.

No. 1165305

rachel's target audience are normies. being anti-christian is problematic for her.

No. 1165306

that's exactly what a pedo would say

No. 1165307

give me a fucking break, she appear sober on all the pictures and her brother is with her. her not being in control is complete fucking bull. she's just a white chick who doesn't give a fuck about poc, Hitler=funny, nothing more to see here

No. 1165308

just like each one of these leeches and actresses, hollyweird is a magnet for narcissists, what's new?

No. 1165311

Don't tell me about, it I was fifteen when I was invited backstage at a Marilyn Manson concert. His handlers noticed me in the pit and asked me to leave my sister Sarah behind while the band was still playing, these men in suit asked me to just follow them. We walked through long corridors and they led me to his dressing room where I had to wait for quite a while I was told. The room was really cold and as I was dressed in my light metalhead gear, I felt so so cold. While waiting and being bored, I went through the furniture in the room. The room itself was beautiful and what you would expect from a guy like Marilyn Manson, it had this mysterious Twin Peak-esque mood with red clothes covering the wall and dim electric lights at different places in the room. I will not lie when I say it was quite exciting, I found a lot of his sketches in the drawer. It was probably something he drew in the bus during the day. But as I kept looking, I was shocked, I found a little box filled with Nazi memorabilia. My hands were trembling while holding these dreadful items, I couldn't believe what I saw. I know my grand-grandfather fled to America in order to escape the tyranic nazi regime before WWII and he often told me about what happened to his brothers. I was in shock, Marilyn Manson was an rotten anti-semite, something that goes against anything his public persona led me to believe. I took the small swastikas in my hands and with a closer look, I noticed white fingerprints on it, but couldn't figure out why. Then, all of a sudden, I started hearing the plastic sound of platform shoes hitting the concrete floor of the corridor outside. He already finished performing, I was so captivated in my thought that I did not realize the pounding of heavy metal music through the wall had stopped. In a hurry, I closed the box and bluntly shut the drawer. Too bluntly, unfortunately. As he opened the door, he saw me in a cloud of white dust. He had prepared his lines for the night under the mirror before going on stage! I felt at the same terrified and shameful because of my indiscretion. I betrayed my idol by going through his things and by the look in his eyes, I could see he was very mad. He grabbed the bottle of absynthe in the dresser near the door, took a few sips and broke the bottle on the floor. He yelled "What do you think you're doing girl? I could call the cops right now!" I replied "No, please, I didn't mean to intrude, I didn't mean to be nosy!" He was visibly very upset, even through his makeup, I could see that his face was turning deep red. He waited for a moment, and then finally said "Alright, alright, how old are you? … Hmm, no, it's better if you don't tell me anything." He walked into the room and sat on the chair. "Do you realize how much this blow cost me? Do you have the money on you to repay me?" I was shaking I didn't realize what I had just done, I destroyed his fix for the night and probably cost him a lot of money, a lot more than anything a teenager like me could earn in a several month working at the restaurant. "How do you think you can repay me? … Wait a minute… Did you GO THROUGH MY STUFF!!!?" He raised his hands and covered his face, I could see the embarassment, I could see the shame he felt. "This isn't me, OK? I'm not a fascist, this is just me collecting things, people collect stamps, I collect these things, there is nothing more to it." I shook my head, I tried to make him understand that it didn't matter to me, I wouldn't tell anyone. "Listen, I know you are probably attracted to me, a lot of my fans are, there's one way we can sort this problem." I felt some relief, but then I looked at this man dressed in old school suspenders, his make up smeared by sweat and an evening of rock'n'roll catharsis, and all of a sudden, I felt petrified "This isn't good" I thought "What is he going to ask me?" "I will need compensation and I need leverage, do you understand?" He said with his soft and deep voice. "Are you a virgin, darling?" I blushed. "I promise I will be kind to you, here, have a sip, it will make you feel more comfortable" He extended a bottle of Mansynthe to me, he had a whole stash under his chair. "Normally, you need to some preparation, but I'll forgive you this time if you consume it like a philistine" As I sip the bottle, I saw him open another drawer and take out small movie cameras. As he slowly set up the camera, he explained to me "Listen, I'm not a monster, I will not take your virginity from you." I acquiesced shyly. "Have you heard of sodomy? This is not what people think it means, sodomy is just any sexual act that is not procreative." I was stunned, no one ever spoke to me so crudely. "Sodomy is often practiced by faggots and straight couples when the woman is at her angriest, if you see what I mean." My entire body was shaking, I couldn't stand these homophobic and misogynistic remarks, even at this time, in the late 00s, young people of my generation were sensitive to these issues. As I raise my head, I felt another shock go through my entire body when I saw his face grinning, you know what grin I referring to. He was getting off of upsetting me. Suddenly, he started chuckling and while containing his laughter, he said "Hee hee, Imma do you in your BUNGHOLE! Hee hee, I'm gonna score tonight!" I couldn't believe it, this was so childish of him, how could have I been so wrong about him, all this time, I bought into his public persona, I read his lyrics, I studied his interview, I check every book and movie he mentionned, I tried to imagine what his intellectual and cultural life would look like, I imagined him being hungry for knowledge, I wanted to keep up with him, I dreamt of having deep conversation with him. But in the end, this is what I faced, a depraved clown. At that point, all attractions I could have had for him left me and I started to dread the few hours I was about to experience.

OK, here it is for tonight as you can see, this is going into a very dark place. Sorry if the writing is a little shaky, american isn't my native language.

No. 1165314

I don’t know what the whole story is, but this sounds criminal and messed up what these people are doing to you, These people are sick maliciously planning with Manson to harm you.

No. 1165317

Let it just sink in that Manson is 52 and Lindsay is 35.
WTF are these two adults doing with internet drama and imageboards and other idiot teenage shit? This is how a 12 year old spends their time.

Seriously the thought of a grown man, a millionaire to boot, who used to be an A-list star, doing this deranged shit online is just completely baffling to me.

No. 1165318

Unbelievably I just read this turgid fanfic and died laughing. Gtfo.

No. 1165320

I’m not going to automatically dismiss her. But you do have a point. There isn’t any proof that shows they met in person.

No. 1165324

I hope this is shitposting copy pasta because lol wtf did I just read

No. 1165327

It seems a certain rockstar “friend” of his (they went on tour together during this time) - knew all along about what Manson was doing, and now looks like he was even helping him - then turned the situation around on me.

No. 1165330

You know she's jewish, right? Also wtf does the 21 century american concept of "poc" have to do with nazi germany or hitler? This thread needs to be locked until he flood of tourist sjws/scrotes from 4chan ebbs the fuck down

No. 1165331

I also want to add this rockstar “friend” also knew who I was because we followed each other on social media for several years. And Manson definitely knew that.

No. 1165338

I second that anon. They keep sperging / derailing and the thread is barely legible now.

No. 1165342

>Rob Holliday
Why, what did He say?

No. 1165351

yeah, her mother converted to judaism, but she ain't "ethnically" jewish. seeing how she's laughing at the bible and dated marvin, she prolly doesn't give a shit about religion
so no, she doesn't get a free pass for dressing like Hitler. she would be a deep shit, probably on the cancel gallow if that stuff came out before the rape shitshow

glad you liked it

No. 1165356

File: 1613749468487.png (84.72 KB, 333x571, 2AD462B7-D95B-4731-993E-88FC70…)

Just so you know, this is completely fake.
Evan writes articles for Nylon and has a totally different style.
Can't believe people actually believe those imbeciles.

No. 1165358

You are not seriously comparing 'writing articles' (which also are edited by pros at the magazine) to a brief DM? Go away, stupid

No. 1165359

Watching this guy try to "subtly" shill himself on /mu/ is highly entertaining

No. 1165361

Well, guess what, we know a guy with a Swastika tattoo on his chest who did not get canceled for that one. Nice try to discredit ERW. Fuck off

No. 1165377

I noticed there seems to be a common pattern that Manson and goons try to push: everyone’s messages are “fake”. It’s not fake. He even showed on his computer scrolling his inbox that showed the DM was in fact sent by her.

I see maybe what Annie is trying to do here, but I could be wrong: I think she’s trying to warn someone that Manson is going behind a certain person’s back talking about them.

No. 1165378

File: 1613751025785.png (380.3 KB, 928x599, holliday.png)

No. 1165388

> Annie lives in a different country so they would be dealing with her case there
I doubt the RCMP is going to do much about it. Besides, jurisdiction is not about where the victim lives. It's about where the offence occurred. If Annie was raped in the states, then it falls under the jurisdiction of the USA

No. 1165395

Did she say when she was raped? Was it before corona hit the world?

No. 1165399

What a tool

No. 1165403

Can we stop talking about this absolute idiot? He's just embarrassing himself but lacks any self-awareness so doesn't even k ow it.

No. 1165411

she said here >>1163329 that they haven't seen each other since covid. she is deliberately withholding the timing of the assault

No. 1165417

She should withhold the timing from public right now, when there is or will be investigation.

No. 1165422

It's FAKE, you fucking idiot.
You can fake videos, it's not that hard. It's the same goddamn lunatic who's been faking dms for months.

No. 1165424

We don’t use blinds here, can you just straight up say what you’re alluding to?

No. 1165435

You’re full of shit, it’s not fake. A very easy way to find out is if someone asked Evan herself.

No. 1165439

So it makes the timing 'before covid'. Interesting.

No. 1165449

There's literally apps to fake IG posts and DM's, it's not that hard to fake messages.

No. 1165450

>>1165435 it's obviously fake dumbass. That Demi Dimwit would do anything for his hero marilyn meatball

No. 1165451

>What a tool

When Twiggy was fired, Rob was begging in public to come back to the band, even got pissed that Juan was choosen instead of him, this guy is a total joke.

No. 1165453

Who cares what Rob Hollidiot thinks, he obviously lacks common sense.

No. 1165458

File: 1613754579556.png (515.8 KB, 668x807, 489301D6-DFC7-4865-B742-C7B4FE…)

Oh look, he’s friends with Leslee Lane.

No. 1165462

>>1165458 omg Leslee Lame and Rob Hollidiot are literally the worst allies to have lmao good luck hamson!

No. 1165477


So Obama isn’t ethnically black because his mother is white? No offense but if you don’t understand the difference between basic biology and Jewish religious law don’t derail to sperg your parroted faux holocaust sjw outrage

No. 1165484

Leslee Lane:
>Yes, my personal camera took pictures of Evan and everyone. I haven’t shared them with anyone until Lindsay saw Evan in the background of one I sent MM and myself. Now she wants more of this to use to shut her up.

No. 1165490

Its not fake, moron. It has her verified check mark next to her name.

No. 1165502

Right cos the Phoenix act would take her in, tweet about her nonstop, Esme Bianca would give her shoutouts twice, FBI would talk to her and she’d be a key part of this investigation if she was a pathological liar and had no evidence. Gtfo out of here mm

No. 1165505

Lmao stop arguing about this fake or not Demi is still a massive delusional twat

No. 1165510


apps can do that, moron. it's pretty simple

No. 1165513


No. 1165517

Again BULLSHIT. I looked and did not find one app that can do that with a person’s verified check mark.

No. 1165518

Absolutely no one, and I mean NO ONE, gives a flying fuck about demi dickhead and his delusional rantings. Go find another forum to peddle your snake oil.

No. 1165530

It’s not that I give a fuck about him - I just see the cover up that’s going on here. Manson wants to hide the fact that he has any association with that Demi account and was asking him to help bash Evan.

No. 1165537

What is with the amount of people on this board that don’t know how to use the internet

That one anon who keeps saying Lindsay unliked all of mansons posts? Uh no she didn’t, you just don’t follow her and so you don’t see her likes but they are still there

All of you constantly taking the troll bait? IGNORE THEM

Post your milk, discuss the milk, move on

No. 1165538

File: 1613758946761.jpg (205.12 KB, 1080x1225, ick.jpg)

Let's start fresh after this photographic interlude

No. 1165553

Wasn't this in an earlier thread?

No. 1165554

File: 1613760865673.jpeg (573.58 KB, 1284x1784, 60ED9E36-96F0-47F0-90D8-EFCE87…)

I saw this comment thread on Annie’s latest post. Does anyone know who this Texas girl is that they’re talking about?

No. 1165556

Yes. It seems to be a trend around here. Anytime someone says something that ‘hits a nerve’, they derail.

No. 1165560

From what I’ve heard -Manson apparently had sex with this 14-year old girl in the 90’s that lived in Texas. How true it is - I don’t know.

No. 1165566

Because he was in his twenties, that would definitely be considered statutory rape.

No. 1165567

File: 1613761915260.jpg (549.45 KB, 808x2280, Screenshot_20210219-201132_Bra…)

No. 1165576

Oh my god it was discussed 3 threads ago go read the other threads

No. 1165595

We know

No. 1165599

Ohh.. okay that makes sense. Thanks for explaining that.

No. 1165602

Lol theres a lot more 14 year olds he’s fucked than just that one.

No. 1165606

Thank you for your contribution anon. Clearly a valuable, indispensable one.

No we don't, investigation hadn't been confirmed until just then. But reading comprehension skills and all that.

No. 1165609

>what is photoshop

No. 1165617

That’s not photoshop… seriously get the fuck out of here with your lying asses. How do you photoshop a verified badge? Since you all seem to be experts - THEN DO A FAKE DM OF Jennifer Garner
-AND SHOW HOW YOU CAN FAKE A DM with a verification badge.

Yeah and how would you know?

No. 1165620

No. 1165621

We know

No. 1165622

deepfakes are a thing nowadays but yeah A SIMPLE vErIfiEd mArK cAn'T bE pHoToShoPed™

No. 1165626

File: 1613768617389.png (55.5 KB, 1439x763, New Project (11).png)

No. 1165628


No. 1165631

No. 1165633


No because it is old news from 1998. He put this in his book.

No. 1165635

>>1165626 Boycott Jennifer Garner

No. 1165644

File: 1613770283838.jpeg (171.75 KB, 1618x502, 84705BBE-8907-4273-88E1-0268AA…)

The sheriff’s statement.

>I’ll have you know I graduated top of my herd in the Navy Bovines

I’m dead.

No. 1165665

File: 1613773129506.jpg (343.9 KB, 1419x2451, image 1.jpg)

ERW has just gone on a manic spree sharing a dozen images about paparazzi, children and how courts use the system against mothers (funny if it weren't so completely untrue).
Appears there must be some trouble looming ahead over custody or a court case involving her fitness as a mother and ERW is desperately trying to get ahead of the narrative.(celeb cow thread)

No. 1165668

File: 1613773389005.jpeg (838.72 KB, 1079x1996, D65B8817-8F80-4FC2-B345-7F3E01…)

It’s almost like she’s talking right to some of you anons.

No. 1165671

File: 1613773558902.jpeg (332.73 KB, 1357x1187, BD5DE219-5A49-4BD5-83FB-4C8B06…)

Nice unsubstantiated tinfoil. She was backing Nikki Reed

No. 1165672

She follows these threads on a daily basis.
There's been multiple times she has posted on instagram in direct response to comments made here.

No. 1165679

How does it relate to MM?

>She follows these threads on a daily basis.There's been multiple times she has posted on instagram in direct response to comments made here.

Yeah she said it herself from her very first post, what else is news…

No. 1165681

Or the multiple IG posts where they call use her mental illness against her and include that screenshot?

No. 1165682

Unless the posts are about Manson it doesn't belong in this thread. We have a celebrity cows thread you can post in.

No. 1165683

File: 1613774880278.jpeg (327.77 KB, 1284x1040, 4716D5BE-BEA0-48A7-8B0A-06056C…)

Holy shit REAL MILK

No. 1165684

Fattilyn Shameson went to rehab to Arizona :D

No. 1165688

Come thru Annie. She’s delivering now. But…is she referring to current or previous rehab?

It’s always gonna be Marilyn Meatball to me now.

No. 1165690

File: 1613775170073.jpg (159 KB, 720x882, AndyDick2.0_20210219_164507.j…)

Ha. Hasn't he already been to rehab twice? “I'm not abusive, it's muh drug abuse.”

No. 1165693


I was referring to the dicks calling her crazy and a liar etc. Sorry you missed the mark on sarcasm over the internet.

No. 1165694

He actually left his house? Did it finally take his lawyer to convince him of rehab?

No. 1165697

I'm curious how she knows for sure. If he did go then he's definitely going to use drugs/drinking as his excuse for what he's done

No. 1165700

Drugged beaten bloodied and raped. It could be a song title.

No. 1165701

She said in a comment that she can’t specify how she knows but she’s 100% certain and has submitted off the record evidence to a reporter for proof.

No. 1165702

File: 1613775664729.png (491.07 KB, 656x1136, IG fotoforensics ERW.png)

Regarding whether or not the IG DM is a fake or not, I am not a computer forensics scientist, but there is a site called fotoforensics.com (I'm sure there are others) that can analyze a photo. I did a comparison of the supposed DM from ERW to demidahmer and you can tell there has been some activity within the DM. You can judge for yourselves. This is what the alleged DM from ERW looks like with forensics…(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1165705

File: 1613775915344.jpeg (157.49 KB, 750x759, 28DEB6AE-70DC-4D1E-95C3-6E436D…)

>image board

No. 1165713

File: 1613776369525.jpeg (226.9 KB, 750x903, CAE6F5D0-0561-44DA-9E62-79BED0…)

Speculation that he’s in for sex addiction in an effort to build his defence. Kek.

No. 1165726

I thought paparazzi were camping nearby his house. How did he leave unnoticed?

No. 1165728

Ngl she seems way too feisty and sure of herself to be a poor defenseless rape victim who was powerless against a predator. Sounds more like a spurned groupie.

I genuinely thought it was one of his songs lmao.

No. 1165729


Obviously he turned into a bat and flew away into the night.

No. 1165730

Lmao they are only there if someone tips them off, like the cops did for his suicide check. There are hundreds, thousands of celebrities to be chasing in hollyweird, they can't wait at Brian's door forever

No. 1165734

It’s not like they need any more shots of him looking beat up or grotesque. There’s plenty already online lol.

No. 1165736

That’s a big yikes from me. She gives it the Billy big bollocks publicist on SM but that in no way means that she couldn’t be just as vulnerable as the next person.

No. 1165740

>>1165736 agreed, everyone reacts differently, some by shutting down, others by fighting back. She's fighting, I respect her.

No. 1165742


>preemptively checking into rehab as "drugs and alcohol has destroyed my life and turned me into a person I no longer recognize".


The law offices of Lol and Cow PC standing by to take your calls free of charge. Our clients deserve only the highest levels of lulz

No. 1165749

Some victims withdraw and deal silently. Some victims rage and fight loudly for justice. Respect for both. Annie said he took “everything” from her and that she doesn’t have much to lose. Because it happened so recently, I imagine she’s in Kill Bill mode right now and wants him behind bars ASAP.

Why do people assume everyone deals with trauma the same way?

No. 1165760

Lol you did call it.
Next thread title: chin of sin rehab edition

No. 1165761

Really? She’s sounds like a woman who is fighting back against an abusive rapist. We shouldn’t judge how these women respond to their abuse. This is their own journey and we should show support. Groupie or not…he’s an abusive asshole. Doesn’t matter if she was ever a fan.

No. 1165764

Haha, that's the rehab Weinstein went. Did not help him much.

No. 1165768

Further more why would you say victims are EVER “poor and defenseless”? That seems like a shitty thing to add in there. I was a rape victim and I can’t put fighting like hell. I told every bar within a 5 mile radius of my home. I put up pictures of his mug shot. I got him fired and ran him out of my neighborhood. I was never poor or defenseless and was pissed and armed. Seems like Annie is the same.(blogging)

No. 1165774

File: 1613778980461.jpeg (332.07 KB, 1136x640, 77D3CBE1-253A-4756-954C-6DE5FF…)

off topic

There’s a 1999 movie called “Do Not Disturb” with a character of a pedophile rock star who tried to seduce a 12yo girl in one scene, his character was called Billy Boy Manson and with a full MM outfit.

Everyone knew about his pedophilia yet they gave him a senator’s level of protection. He deserves a life sentence.
I guess they’re sacrificing him now to the media to cover up some huge pedo ring bust

No. 1165776

Idk but I wish anyone on this thread would stop assuming they know how abuse should be handled and how a victim should respond. I personally came out of my trauma fighting like hell. I was pissed. Had I seen my rapist in public I probably would have physically assaulted him and gone to jail myself. 10 years later and I still hope he’s dies a brutal death and rots in hell. Never sad or defenseless. I was armed and ready to fight.

No. 1165782

Good for you and that’s amazing. I have respect for both approaches but I have to say I have so much admiration for people like you (and Annie) because I wouldn’t have that kind of strength. I’d be the quiet one.

No. 1165785


Believe me, Annie is terrified shitless.

No. 1165792

She admitted to being terrified. I don’t think she’s hiding that. I also don’t think it’s unusual that she is both a fighter and afraid. Your point?

No. 1165794

Annie are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay Annie?

No. 1165797

Wouldn't be surprised if hamson turned out to be a pedo.

No. 1165806

aaaall deviances in the world and even invented new ones.

No. 1165813

Tell me Meatball didn’t go to rehab and leave Lindsay all alone in that house to deal with all of this on her own. At least if he’s not around she’ll be allowed to wear some sweatpants.

No. 1165825

she´s not my cup of tea at all, but hopefully she
isn´t locked in that fucking fish tank.

No. 1165852

Lots of people are sharing experiences here. I got banned for making two statements in reference to how victims respond to trauma and I was banned for “blogging”. Fuck this.

No. 1165856

I guess they’re sacrificing him now to the media to cover up some huge pedo ring bust.


No. 1165861

Imagine being alone while he’s at an all male rehab and you can’t even maniacally send hate messages to people because you know they’ll post them on the internet because no ones afraid of you and your bloated idiot husband anymore

Is there a rehab she can go to for her unfortunate addiction to him? I think she’s terrible but I sincerely hope she finds some kind of strength and confidence to gtfo

No. 1165871

The mods here are retarded cunts.
Please don't let them stop you from sharing your own experiences.

No. 1165891

Enjoy your ban, fuckwad.
Honestly, if you newfags would just learn to integrate it would be all plain sailing. Don’t be so butthurt if you cop a ban because you can’t play the game.

No. 1165917

Do you know where you are? This is freakin lolcow dumbass. We do not care about your problems, experiences and we aren’t here to coddle you. If you want us to care then jump on sm, definitely tumblr, and start attracting our attention with your cowlike behavior. Until then learn to fucking integrate.

No. 1165927

File: 1613792593553.png (90.75 KB, 700x395, feelings.png)

Sorry sweetcheeks but this is our website now. You will assimilate to our ways.
I formally declare lolcow open for personal blogging and discussions on our feelings.(go back)

No. 1165944


omg how did jodie claman find lolcow?

No. 1166010

File: 1613796407370.png (279.34 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_20210219-224101~2.p…)

And Manson was arrested in 2001 for grinding against the back of his security guard's head. Where are their posts about his criminal record?

No. 1166032

>Where are their posts about his criminal record?
This is one of the stupidest things I've seen said on this site. Y'all really are dumb fucks.
There's literally thousands of articles on Mansons crimes. Run a google search to see for yourself.(ban evasion)

No. 1166062

Lmao these chodes
Every person search site says *possible criminal records or some other click bait shit to get you to pay money on a report, scrotemeal doesn’t know how the internet worx and that’s cute

No. 1166189

It's called sarcasm, dumbass.

No. 1166192

File: 1613800086686.jpeg (443.54 KB, 1582x1270, E6ED2B36-9345-48D4-B1BC-BD1A38…)

Am I the only one who hopes we hear more about Kitty Girl? I hope this mystery doesn’t go unsolved.

No. 1166233

>>1166192 huh, there was a recent youtube video of a woman talking about how Manson shit on the dressing room floor

No. 1166358

File: 1613803893944.jpg (311.83 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20210220-005019_Ins…)

I kindof wonder about this and if scat play ….is a thing…

No. 1166538

You need to review your definition of sarcasm.

Annie delivering the big milk now. Kek can't wait to read the articles coming up.

No. 1166630

File: 1613818864632.png (223.68 KB, 720x1425, Screenshot_20210220-114838~2.p…)

I just found this comment on Alyx Suttle's fb photo.
What's her story with Manson? Can anyone pls tell me? Thank u.

No. 1166631

Kek does he think anyone is going to believe drugs and alcohol made him do it? Drugs and alcohol only exacerbate what was already their Brian, you're a scumbag with or without them.

No. 1166633

File: 1613819130148.jpeg (186.62 KB, 826x1121, 394CFB26-3A5A-4A35-8FF8-154194…)

Marilyn Manson arrested on grand larceny theft charges.

No. 1166635


No. 1166637

Never heard of her. She was a designer, looks like his type. Hopefully she died not bc of his actions.

She was mentioned here before >>1160886
was she a superfan like Titti?

No. 1166638

So where's her criminal record????? Can't see shit.

No. 1166639

Yeah, we all know it's fake. Hope those people get what they deserve soon.

No. 1166640

Ha. This is gold. Go fuck yourself Demi Dahmer.

No. 1166648

File: 1613821483679.jpg (707.85 KB, 1488x631, nKoVN3D.jpg)

I googled her name, it seems she was a friend of Jessicka Addams and Scott P. She died in 2016.

Bianca is a Star & producer of ZOMBINATRIX. She threatened to release some serious shit she has on MM.

If you look up #alyxsuttle on Instagram you will see that account @illuminata8
They posted about Alyx, about funeral, celebration party and a couple of posts dedicated to Alyx. They probably knew her or were a close friend. I checked their page and found this, picrel.
It gives me a little bit of wtf vibes.

For those who find it hard to read from the pic.

>In response to the recent developments and allegations on Marilyn Manson by Evan Rachel Wood, having worked with their management for over a decade in South Florida, I would love to hear feedback from mutual friends and peers In the music industry! What happened here? Too often there are two sides, I’m not quick to condemn, although I know fame and money changes lives, in the industry there are always those who know him, and those who want to know-whats your opinion? Chime in, this is a safe space for all, as part of the #metoo #timesup #movement #opinions #observer #marilynmanson #accused #evanrachelwood #nameyourabuser #lomavista #drops #artist #hasty #or #apropos #hollywood #sofla #bands #friendsof #comeoutcomeoutwhereveryouare #marilynmansonandthespookykids #truth #controversial #always #rockstar #lifestyle

>I stand with all women in the industry, because this is just one of many incidents that are often swept and “PR’d” away. I wasn’t there and I don’t know Evan’s truth-anyone who speaks out is courageous. In my time with this group the shows were often featuring naked girls onstage, in cages, and they would be chosen or volunteer themselves to perform onstage, as part of the shock value that made their controversy their “star power”. I had never seen any “abuse” that was not a theatrical act. I would love to hear from the artists and media surrounding this era, and it bears repeating that this industry fails to protect female artists, employees, PR girls, journalists and the fans. I’ve had many close calls and #metoo trauma as part of what I felt at the times was just an “occupational hazard” in my line of work, it wasn’t. We are on our own, we always have been. That’s the industry we are in. Sadly. It’s our reality. thank you to @rosemcgowan always real and truthful

>Where I stand is, you should name your abuser, if you were attacked-but also for the women who want to wield this as retaliation and falsely accuse anyone, pause-think about how this will affect the other person-if this is unchecked I feel it will backfire on women! I feel it will make us a liability to work with in the future. That is not where we want to be either. Yes-Tell the truth even if your voice shakes. There are shitty people out there of both sexes. Don’t be a victim, be a survivor.

>Where is Jeordie? I would never blame a victim, I stand with all victims female and male.

No. 1166649

Here is a podcast with the girl that commented on Alyx's photo (Bianca Allaine).
You can tell she's truly shocked. Poor girl.


No. 1166652

for context

>Bianca Allaine was 16 years old when she first met Marilyn Manson. It was also the night he raped her 14 year old best friend. That was just the beginning of the story. There was also the night John 5 raped a 16 year old girl.

No. 1166655

File: 1613823247504.png (152.81 KB, 720x1421, Screenshot_20210220-131139~2.p…)

Podcast comment section

No. 1166671

Why are all these people coming out saying Manson raped children? These people are discrediting victims! Where is any type of physical evidence besides someone’s word years and years later after the fact?!

Yeah… gotta love the hypocrisy of the assholes here.

No. 1166674

Lowkey agree but c'mon, that's a gossip site. Rock culture is very toxic and full of predators, it's not far-fetched to assume many of the rock stars fucked underage girls.

No. 1166679

I heard Marilyn Manson throws a puppy into the crowd and refuses to play until people kill it

No. 1166685

See, we know this false because if Meatball Manson had a puppy, he'd use it to lure in teen girls to rape.

No. 1166686

File: 1613828243932.png (445.53 KB, 640x480, Marilyn Manson Dope Hat.PNG)

These aren't the subjects of gossip but verifiable fact.

Long have parents whispered among themselves of Marilyn Manson creeping into children's bedrooms in the dead of night and whisking their young ones away.
It's said he takes them into a subterranean labyrinth located beneath the schools of America. How true this is remains unknown as no child had ever lived or escaped to tell of their horrors.

What remains most shocking is this monster is open about their predilection for young flesh.
He's released an EP called Smells Like Children.

Other pieces of evidence inadmissible in court are these lyrics;

Song: Kiddie Grinder
>"what I want, what I want is your children"
>"Here we are, children! Come and get your lollipops!
>I have to take your voice and stick my fingers in it
>fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck"

The ontro track to the EP is also entitled The Hands of Small Children which is literally just taken from a secret recording of Marilyn Manson torturing and cutting the hands off of a small child.
Not since Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder laid down *Ebony & Ivory" has someone deliberately set out to commit such abject atrocities to tape.

I've long been banned from the local Parent Teachers Committee which they claim was because I defecated in the school water fountain but we all know it was a cover story to prevent me from contributing to speak out on these horrible truths.(nobody cares)

No. 1166688

Can't tell if you're just a sperging retard or a troll trying to subtly derail - and pretty sure you've already posted the same autistic take in the past thread.
At a minimum, learn to Sage your shitty non-contribution please.

No. 1166727

That's literally copypasta from some satire site from looong ago. That poster is definitely a stan trying to shit up the thread.

No. 1166762

With Brian going to rehab it won't be long before Lindsay acknowledges being MtF and using the transphobia card SMH

No. 1166764

there are pictures of her when she was a little girl oh ig. yeah, she's ugly, but she's not a tranny ffs

No. 1166782

I dont know why u people keep on saying that shes ugly. Shes definitely not the most beautiful human being but she is not ugly either.

No. 1166788

She was pretty when she was younger. Now she looks so dead inside, no life behind her eyes. She always has this kind of broken, borderline emaciated, clearly insecure vibe to her and I think that takes away from a lot of what is naturally pretty about her. Maybe someday she’ll break out whatever spell she’s been under the past 10 years and look alive again.

No. 1166805

She's alright but she's a spy.

No. 1166815

>Unfortunate looking women must be trannies
Isn't this the same logic MGTOW and incels use?

No. 1166816

She's ugly and all the procedures she had done made it worse, get over it

No. 1166823

If anyone would like to anonymously post as a verified source, email admin@lolcow.farm for more details. If you are new to the board read the rules and take the time to lurk before posting, otherwise you'll most likely be put out to pasture prematurely.

No. 1166825

Ellie Jayden is putting out a new (4th) video on YouTube about all this soon. Hope it’s milky like the other ones. I am a little peeved she’s putting early access on Petreon. But whatever. I’ll wait till I can view it for free.

No. 1166830

I don't think it can be milky. Everything youtubers do is collecting information all over the net, I doubt she has managed to find a piece which hasn't been covered in the threads.

No. 1166831

File: 1613851747838.png (3.76 MB, 1242x2688, 44CC2054-6C7D-4756-966B-9AFB85…)

No. 1166840

Yes that and in specifically Lindsay’s case, Madelyn. Pretty sure she started the “Lindsay is an intersex/trans” rumor with one of her fake accounts IIRC

No. 1166866

File: 1613857848417.jpg (41 KB, 338x379, SandraBernhard.png_20210220_15…)

No. 1166871


Looks like Paz de la Huerta, who I always thought had the most unremarkable eyes. Anyway, poor old Paz - she's a potential victim of Brian's too.

No. 1166875

I doubt he will ever get to abuse anybody again.

No. 1166876

She was already outed as the passed out actress at the Manson shoot Love Bailey worked on…outed by Love Bailey. Previous thread.

No. 1166886

What’s with Manson always going for redheads but then making them dye their hair dark? Pretty sure Evan dyed her hair black after some time with him.

No. 1166887

She did, but she was a blonde when they met.

No. 1166892

Judging by Annie’s Instagram, so was she. Though if you go way back, looks like she’s a natural redhead who just dyed her hair blonde. Someone else mentioned that he made them dye their hair. I think Gabrielle? It’s so bizarre. Is he embarrassed if whoever his gf is at any given time doesn’t look exactly the way he wants them to?

No. 1166900

I thought ‘potential’ is somewhat ‘future’. Tbf I doubt Paz fucked him unwillingly.

No. 1166903


It's a control thing. M is a dominant master.

No. 1166904

File: 1613863128590.jpg (252 KB, 720x942, _20210220_171741.jpg)

Gabriella had pink hair when they met. He made her dye it blonde because, “taking a girl with pink hair out looks too Suicide Girl.” And I think it was black at some point too because of that photoshoot she did with Nedda Afsari. The pictures are still up on both of their pages. She used to photograph Madelyn too. Lindsay follows her, ironically.

No. 1166912

Lindsay wasn’t a redhead when they met. I always assumed he made both her and Evan dye their hair red. Either that or he mentioned in passing that he loves redheads. Madelyn also dyes her hair red and I’d imagine it’s for that same reason.

No. 1166913

Please keep comments on topic.
If you want to post photos of Al Jourgensen create a new thread.(ban evasion)

No. 1166915

? When did she photograph Madelyn?
Also once again with not knowing how to check something properly before you post- Lindsay is definitely not following Gabriella. She was at one point when she was trying to make it look like she was so cool with all of MM’s former side chicks but not anymore.

No. 1166922


I assume it's because his thing is the "snow white" pale skin/black hair look. Both Dita and Rose looked like that. And because he wants to mold woman into his personal "little girl" (I was just remembering the notoriously cringey 70s nazi movie The Night Porter and I'm convinced he got most of the aesthetics of his retarded fetishes from that movie)lolita fuckdoll, not have actual relationships with actual human beings.

No. 1166928

File: 1613866850997.jpg (151 KB, 890x592, YouDumbFuck.png_20210220_18183…)

Madelyn's credited her as the photographer on some of her posts and there are pictures of her on Nedda's page. I think Madelyn was featured in her book too. And I said Lindsay follows Nedda, not Gabriella. Maybe you should do your own fact-checking.

No. 1166930

New Ellie Jayden video

No. 1166941

File: 1613869996917.jpg (752.83 KB, 1439x1452, Lola1.jpg)

Taken from a pro-manson page so keep that in mind, but another twist in the Annie story.(ban evasion)

No. 1166942

File: 1613870031987.jpg (491.9 KB, 1394x1453, Lola.jpg)

No. 1166946

Very convincing…at least, they should improve their Photoshop skills before trying to do these false shitty collages.

No. 1166949

File: 1613871438851.jpeg (253.52 KB, 750x986, EFCF5C4B-469A-4F7B-85AD-26F17E…)

She isn’t Lola Skye. But she is indeed Annie Jackson. Maybe that’s what all the “real name/identity” stuff is about.

No. 1166950

She was open about having cancer when she was young, how does that discredit her? Changing names happens too. Been there done that. This chick has evidence so something tells me Brian’s camp is shaken as hell. Lmfao you tried. This is pathetic. Gtfo

No. 1166951

She said Jackson was her old name. She changed it to Abrams in the past couple of years. This chick was open about that too. Why are they trying to use this as a smear tactic when it was just this one girl who decided to change her surname which is legal last I checked? Didn’t she post photos of her ID and credit cards with the Abrams name? Jesus how low can you sink. People are allowed to change their name lmaoooooooooo this is reaching at its peak.

No. 1166952

File: 1613871853513.jpg (329.3 KB, 705x1309, images screen.jpg)

Obvious Annie or disinfo.
I've been able to confirm the photos with a quick Google search.


Looks like MM isn't the first celebrity they've claimed to have a relationship with


There's dozens more links on Google about 'Lola'

Her old MySpace also has her located in Canada

No. 1166955

15….years….ago…..zzz if this is milk then idek. How does that change the evidence and dirt she has on him?

No. 1166956

They are reaching hard. I’m looking at you, >>1166952.

No. 1166959

It doesn't disprove her claims against MM but it does show her to have a history of lying about her identity and involvement with celebrities.
It was many years ago and maybe she's since matured.

No. 1166960

a scottish model?

No. 1166961

don't care about any of this, Annie has the goods on Brian and his flying monkeys are getting desperate

No. 1166962

who tf lies about having cancer?

No. 1166964

the whodateswho pic doesnt even look like her+brunnete pic posted here below seems photoshoped to me…

No. 1166966

If she lied about other celebrities she may be lying about being raped by Manson.
The bitch framed him.

No. 1166967

Hey now let's not get carried away.
It's not a great look but it was 15 years ago when she was probably a very stupid teenager looking for attention.
It's context but doesn't prove she's lying now. It does highlight you can't take everything as gospel online.

The photos do looked photoshopped but they've also been cached years ago so they aren't recently done.

No. 1166973

And you're saying she's no longer a credible source just because she changed her name? Ha. Almost everyone is guilty of using a pseudonym at least once. And she didn't lie about Abrams being her last name. She legally changed it and she posted her ID to prove it.

She has proof that she knew him. He used to follow her and like her posts and she shared his messages, which would be very hard to fake unless you extensively studied his typing style. If you still think he's innocent, go to IG with the other ass-kissers.

No. 1166974

File: 1613873954807.jpeg (1.51 MB, 4096x3072, 2E6A1121-D365-4082-808C-1D5E51…)

I think it’s far simpler than that. Like this. She was probably getting tons of messages about this already. What a reach.

No. 1166979

>And you're saying she's no longer a credible source just because she changed her name?
I'm the anon who posted that. I never said she's untrustworthy. You're putting words in my mouth for a strange reason.
Someone said the photos looked photoshopped and I posted links showing they aren't new.

No. 1166980

File: 1613874282763.png (1.07 MB, 1080x2220, sketch1613873910354.png)

So weird!! I JUST was reading about this earlier today.
I found as much as I could but then I stopped looking when I thought about the phone calls she has.

I dont really know who is on what side though.

But i do know that its SO weird to be thinking along the same lines as anyone else here when It come to random info you find!

No. 1166982

She speaks Bosnian-Croatian. She has spoken to fans in the language. I’m sure this is easy to prove or disprove if there’s doubt lmaooo

No. 1166983

Makes sense.
Annie not everyone who posts things about you is marilyn manson. As a man from Germany I just find these clues interesting. I wait for the criminal findings to decide who is right. Maybe you are justified in paranoia because of what manson has done to you but always blaming internet comments on him makes me suspicious about your intentions(scrote)

No. 1166985

love ya work Annie, keep running rings round Brian! he's such a fucking dumbass

No. 1166986

Remember the “snow” messages? They know about the threads. It's completely justified for her to assume Manson's the ones posting that shit, especially since most of the anons here believe her.

No. 1166988

But it's not justified.
I posted the google search screenshot and posted some links in response to the above story about lola so I presume Annie is also including me in her latest comment. To have manson blames for mine and everyone else's comments is dishonest.
Most if not everyone who posts here isn't marilyn manson, Lindsay or someone he's paying.
I'm not a rape victim so I don't know the psychology it does but constantly reading gossip sites about yourself I don't think is healthy

No. 1166989

>Looks like MM isn't the first celebrity they've claimed to have a relationship with?

From the links you’ve provided:
>STAR WARS hunk HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN's efforts to keep his love life under wraps have been thwarted, after he was photographed sharing a passionate kiss with a brunette beauty.

She never “claimed” anything, she was photographed with Hayden Christensen by a tabloid.

She already owned all this, including cancer. Mystery solved.

No. 1166992


OT my parents were refugees from the communist bloc and it's not uncommon to cycle thru several countries in the 90s before you find one that will accept you permanently and Germany was the most popular one to try to get residency in, sometimes people spend years there on temp papers before they got accepted somewhere else and left. This tinfoil is retarded and there is nothing weird about her saying she is from Germany cause she probably CAME from Bosnia> Germany > CA.

No. 1166993

File: 1613876199815.jpg (68.81 KB, 660x440, manson-promo (1).jpg)

Maybe mods need to introduce a flair system confirming who isn't marilyn manson

No. 1166994


Actually now that I look at this one thing stands out as a little odd to me. Despite sounds almost identical to AbramoVICH, AbramoVIC in former Yugoslavia is actually not a jewish name (for example Marina Abramovic or orthodox church leader Antonije Abramović) it simply means son of Abram which is also not specifically a jewish name in former Yugoslavia. Unless I'm confusing something does that mean that Manson mistook her for a jew because he is too retarded to spend five seconds on google? Or she converted in her adult life? /sage for slavsperg

No. 1166996

No. 1166998

This autistic AF. Sorry you don’t know who is and is not Jewish based on what you think you know about last names.

What was up with those earlier posts with pics of her and JJ Abrams? No one really mentioned it but were those possibly flying monkey photoshop jobs? They’re going after her harrrrd.

No. 1167003

File: 1613877274778.jpg (641.54 KB, 1182x1248, being marilyn manson.jpg)

I think it was just some idiot seeing gossip about someone with the same last name and just thing it was Annie. Because abrams is such a rare name haha


No. 1167004

>image board

She was at the beach with Hayden Christensen and a tabloid took a pic to sensationalize. Cause that’s what tabloids do.

I don’t care if she kissed Hayden, who she previously dated, or if you dig up an orgy pic of Annie. She’s allowed and it has nothing to do with Manson.

No. 1167005

Nice, M should hire you.

No. 1167007


Chill out, I'm not one of the people attacking her credibility. It's just odd to me considering Manson's nazi obssesion and fetish and him apperently targeting her for this reason, it adds even more weird to the whole thing. Abramovic is not a rare name in Serbio-Croatian and but it's not Jewish, this isn't my "opinion" google the name and see what comes up on wikipedia.

No. 1167009

File: 1613878192735.jpg (27.7 KB, 364x235, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

haha no thank you. But it is only fair lolcow start to get his royalties given everyone who posts here is marilyn manson

No. 1167011

I don’t think abramovich being Jewish or not makes a difference. She said it was a last name she connected to on her mother’s side. She didn’t even relate it to her Jewishness. And they can be Jewish and still have that last name. My best friend’s name is smith and her whole family is Jewish. They changed their last name after world war 2. Lots of people did. Why even bring up her Judaism here when it isn’t relevant?

No. 1167015

File: 1613878856262.jpg (14.86 KB, 228x228, truth.jpg)

No. 1167017

Manson has such random taste in women since Rose and Dita. he really must be a sex addict since he has had Lindsay by his side and all these random others. Lindsay must be a sex addict too or just obsessed with Manson. These younger girls are super random. He must have used them to gain hip status with the young scene. They make no sense.

No. 1167018

Serious question. Why is everything Annie says taken as the gospel and anything that contradicts it obviously made up by MM?

No. 1167020

Because it's literally Annie posting here

No. 1167024

File: 1613880005307.jpg (14.38 KB, 441x228, truth1.jpg)


No. 1167026

What has been posted that contradicts her claims though? The sources posted so far are fan pages meant to slander

No. 1167027

File: 1613880155146.jpeg (1.66 MB, 4096x3072, 827526FB-7DB4-44A7-88E0-E6C97D…)

For the love of god I’m gonna text this chick so she can post here and mods can take note of her IP or something. I guess the evidence she had provided which is more than most tbqh isn’t enough for you to believe that some of us would support her? As a victim myself of my ex husband I can tell you that I can relate to her and I’d rather anyyyyy day side with her than with him or the nutter doubters. New post tho.

No. 1167028


I'm not gonna derail anymore but these ellis island name change, new beginnings type troupes don't apply to ex communist Eastern Europe communities and esp in places like former Yugoslavia lol.

It's not relevant to HER and she can identify as anything she wants and use any name she wants, idgaf. It's weird considering HE fixated on her for that reason and he is a FREAK who cyberstalks everyone and tries to dig up as much dirt on people. I would dearly love to see those conversations leaked where he talks about his lame night porter jew fixation to her.

No. 1167031

Quit derailing and focus on Manson.

No. 1167033

I'm sure I'll be banned or called a victim blame but things aren't adding up to me.

How many victims of a major crime do you see constantly monitoring everything said about them on social media? How many victims immediately go into defensive mode as soon as someone raises a question and desperately try to shift the narrative back to their own story?
She says she has evidence to bury her abuser. Than why is she so obsessed with what random people say on gossip websites? The police and courts are going to arrest and convict based on evidence, not by the public opinions posted online.

Plus these mentions that MM is posting here to clear his name? Its so stupid. If the reports are true he's going away for a long time. Posting on lolcow isn't going to change that

It's all very very strange.

No. 1167035

she's a publicist you walnut of course she's monitoring what sites are talking about her and MM

No. 1167040

>she's a publicist
that doesnt even make sense or explain her behaivor. are publicists famous for being strange?

i wont add more. enough is wasted on annie already. i am more interested in the police findings which hope come soon

No. 1167042

I find it strange that she has so many fake accounts following her. Go take a look for yourself.

No. 1167044

Lindsay probably gifted her some fake followers

No. 1167053

File: 1613883117399.jpg (431.83 KB, 1439x2439, Screenshot.jpg)

You ain't kidding. I randomly scrolled through and out of all these accounts you can see in my screenshot, only 1 of them has posted a couple generic pictures.
Every account is following thousands of other accounts.
Is there another reason for this? Does instagram have bot accounts which follow other accounts randomly?

No. 1167055

File: 1613883212407.jpg (176.41 KB, 1439x2446, screenshot2.jpg)

The profile of one of the accounts following her

No. 1167059

I wouldn’t be surprised if Manson went out of his way to “gift” her fake followers after she called Lindsay out on doing just that. Why else would she do that if it was obvious and easy to determine?

And I’m not surprised she’s paranoid and monitoring everything, that is literallyyyyyyyy what Manson threatened her with. Are you daft?

No. 1167060

So fucking obvious Brian’s fans and even his camp are going full time on smearing her. She seems like a lovely person and she has provided more milk than anyone. I believe her wholeheartedly,

No. 1167062

Going by the shitstorm which occurs every time someone mentions A, I'm going to make it clear I posted these screenshots based on my own curiosity after the previous anon comment. I beleive her and the other women. Don't use this to attack them.
It's a weekend and I'm lockdown surf nothing better to do :'((emoticon use)

No. 1167066

You believe her yet you add to the smear campaign. I was a victim as I said above cause my husband dragged my name too after he abused me for years and comments like that don’t help. She called Lindsay out on fake followers and suddenly Annie had a bunch people can buy fake followers for you without you knowing and if anything I feel like this just proved to me that Brian is behind this because I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it happened so shortly after imho(no one cares about your ex)

No. 1167068

>I wouldn’t be surprised if Manson went out of his way to “gift” her fake followers after she called Lindsay out on doing just that.
is there literally anything BHW isnt responsible for? It feels like people would blame their leaking taps on him if they could.

No. 1167073

How do you not get suspicious though? She made that post last week about Lindsay having fake fiollowers. Suddenly Annie got a follower jump in a matter of days and I know cause I sent a screenshot last week of her profile and it was at 16.6. It’s not rocket science. If I was a petty bitch like Lindsay then Buying fake followers would be the next logical step in a fucked up mind like that lmao

No. 1167074

It really isn't a stretch to think BHW and his lackeys are trying to smear her.

No. 1167075

Annie has literally no reason to buy her own fake followers, she's not trying to become an influencer or make up a pretend photography career.

No. 1167077

Yeah and she’s not promoting anything either. No website, no fake photography or modeling thing, no podcasts. It’s why I’m inclined to believe her on top of the milk she already delivered. And she’s supported by Phoenix Act. Let’s be real she’s got dirt on him and he’s trying to drag her. Anyone claiming otherwise is either blind, biased or Brian. The three b’s.

No. 1167081

Courtlyn riding Manson nonexistent dick again .(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1167086

tbh I find the constant annie idolising suspicious as much as I do the manson worship.
Having said that not everything suspicious is manson nor is it annie. Things can be suspicious and nothing more than coincidence.
I wish the posters here would take a more level approach and just focus on the actual details as they come out.
This constant bickering over motives and secret messages is retarded. I'd go over to 4chan if i want to read that shit.

With law enforcement involved things are going to proceed very slowly and methodically. This process is going to go over the next few years. There no rush to constantly over analyse every little detail.

No. 1167087

No. 1167157

Annie is lolcow material and I predict there will generals about her within the next month.(newfaggotry)

No. 1167160

Generals? Lmao hey I’m here for milk and she delivers so idgaf

No. 1167167

Caps or sage. I can't see anything Manson related on her page

No. 1167177

You can literally buy fake followers for someones account. If you purchase the followers and give them an @ theyll show up.

No. 1167182

An anon makes a comment that annies account has fake followers without implying who is behind it and all of the above comments immediately come out with the invented story that the manson/lindsay camp is behind it.
Hmmmmmmmm…(ban evading yet again)

No. 1167183

I haven't posted in a while and new “rules” of the thread are really dumb. If I dislike Manson I don't want to be automatically enrolled into his victims fandom. Asking questions about victims is not adding to smear campaign. Who fucking cares what anons post on lolcow? Smear campaign on lolcow my ass.

Effie has a thread. Annie, don't follow her steps lol.

No. 1167186

Kek at the anons back at focusing on Annie full speed for the past 10 hours and making the thread about her again. She's not the cow we're dealing with here. If you're so desperate to talk about her this much, create a thread for her but don't clog up this one (especially with stuff coming straight from MM camp like they're very reliable or credible lmao).

>I wish the posters here would take a more level approach and just focus on the actual details as they come out

I second all of your post anon. Said it before, if annie has no milky update, stop bringing her on the table because all it does is derail the thread with constant bickering that clogs up the thread fast, and it gives her unwarranted attention. These repetitive back and forth comments on Annie are annoying as fuck.

No. 1167202

>"brian" is buying annie followers to make her look sus
jfc that level of paranoia

No. 1167215

File: 1613903129019.jpg (165 KB, 1184x405, _20210221_035855.jpg)

>“laemtao” isn't capitalized.
>Some chats show usernames and others show nicknames.
>“Deancarr” is spelled incorrectly—I'm assuming he meant Dean Karr, as in the photographer.
>“Has Brian called you?” implies that Manson's been in contact with him and could've asked him to harass Evan/other victims.

A monkey could've done a better job photoshopping the video he posted. And it's 100% possible to fake videos like that. There's an app I use that's an exact copy of IG's layout, except you can fake messages, profiles, and stories. All he would've had to do would be to screen record that and it would've looked real (unlike his).

No. 1167225

File: 1613904842453.jpg (85.26 KB, 335x598, eFmccGx.jpg)


There's a lot of inconsistencies in the accounts, but what is the point of faking that message from Evan? Why not just have her fake admit to his bullshit, or would that be too obviously a lie?

And what about the original post he deleted showing MM poorly blocked out, why fake that? Unless he's trying to look like he's in contact with MM when he's not, which would not be surprising.

No. 1167232

>There's a lot of inconsistencies in the accounts, but what is the point of faking that message from Evan?

Because they want Manson to look innocent. If Evan supposedly threatened him, then that makes her look like the dominant, threatening one and less like a victim. Faking an admittance of fraud would be too obvious because there's no way that she'd admit she was lying (if she was), especially to a known fan.

And the original post was most likely faked too. If he really wanted to hide the fact that he was in contact with Manson, he could've just cropped the picture instead of making it even more obvious by marking over it in multiple colors and still managing to show his name. All you have to do is zoom in. It clearly says Marilyn Manson. He didn't even cover the message up.

>I'm going now. Goodnight bro.

I mean, come on… That doesn't even sound like him.

No. 1167236


>Because they want Manson to look innocent. If Evan supposedly threatened him, then that makes her look like the dominant, threatening one and less like a victim.

I guess, I just don't see anything bad in that message. It's restrained and only warns that she will sue if he doesn't stop what he's saying, which he freely admits are lies in order to make a point about false accusations.

Only idiots would think that is threatening and not a pretty reasonable response to his lies, but then again we are talking about Manson fans. They really are grasping at straws.

No. 1167241

How are any of you even questioning Demi Dahmers posts? They are beyond obvious fakes.
His latest shtick is thinking ERWs allegations are based solely on her word. In a big brain retort he's alleging ERW molested him when he was underage and has only his word to vouch for it.
Get it? He's playing her game!
The only thing sadder is that he hasn't been immediately appointed to the supreme court already.

He's since deleted his posts where he was claiming ERW touched him so maybe newcomers are out of the loop.

He's an unintelligent man making unintelligent arguments. Just ignore him. He has no ties to Manson or any of the victims.

No. 1167246

Manson is the cow here, not Annie. Fucking kek at the attempts to derail though.

No. 1167247


I know his accusations are lies to prove a point. I'm just not convinced that Evan's message is fake. It kind of seems like something she would do. Might even be a tactic to expose MM's blackmail/harassment tactics; she flat out accuses him of working for MM, and he doesn't deny it.

No. 1167251

Before he deleted the full message 'ERWs' post was written in the same unique disjointed and broken syntax that Demi writes in.

His instagram is full of him doing photo manipulation and deepfakes. He's got access to enough free software and lacks enough of a life to shit out a fake ERW dm.

As another example in the last hour he posted this subtle dig at her.

No. 1167253


Alright, it may be fake. It's just so fucking ineffectual I don't understand the point.

Also, Brian will definitely be saving that image for his spank bank.

No. 1167261

>Also, Brian will definitely be saving that image for his spank bank.

Oh my fucking god please someone douse me in bleach, I can’t unsee it.

No. 1167299

^ This I second that.

No. 1167304

This was already mentioned. No he doesn’t… he said in an article - he hates red hair. So I can assume this is the why he has women dye their hair dark like Dita’s.

No. 1167341

he doesn't deny "working for manson" because he's an obvious fanboy who desperately wants nothing more than for people to think he is manson-adjacent or in contact with him. also why he faked a msg and then left it legible. so obvious.

No. 1167352

>Also, Brian will definitely be saving that image for his spank bank.

Lmao, this made me laugh so hard.

No. 1167369


Yeah, I know it's possible. I'm just having a hard time accepting this guy is a skilled troll who has the capacity to plan such an elaborate deception, when it just seems more likely that he's a stupid twat.

No. 1167401

File: 1613931258826.jpeg (298.7 KB, 1143x812, 1F7D7A9C-6CE8-43B4-9EAB-878596…)

Also Leslee Lane:

>He was fighting with Lindsay.

>He was screaming at Lindsay. It was super uncomfortable.
>I saw him whip a full Gatorade bottle at her head.
>I spent a year with him. It was mostly a stage persona. He would get dopesick and get scary AF though.
>I am not happy especially today because of the conversation I had with Lindsay. She is trying to get my photos. I know why. I just feel used.
>I could bury her career in one minute. No I used to stay with them. Like pictures of parties.

Liar or hypocrite, you decide.

No. 1167415


Leslee was always delusional, now she's just a complete liar. No credibility, just a sad hanger-on trying to insert herself in the story due to a shameless attempt to re-live her glory days.

No. 1167452

She's backtracking again. I don't get why she still defends him when she witnessed first-hand how much of an asshole he is.

No. 1167457

File: 1613935027171.jpeg (145.44 KB, 750x301, 92F43B4E-6EDE-4D93-9586-534CF2…)

Oh but hey here she is seeking justice kek

Her Twitter is nothing but Manson, her YouTube is nothing but Manson, her Pinterest is a thousand different boards about Manson. She’s deranged.

No. 1167500

Why is no one questioning how Annie would have information like this? The only way for her to know is if she still talks to him. That, or got that info from someone he knows. If he’s in rehab why would you blab it on social media or be talking to news media outlets about this? I’m pretty sure that kind of information is private/classified.

No. 1167503

Maybe a mutual friend told her, or my suspicion is someone saw him there and sent her a pic.
This is America. You can tell reporters that someone is in rehab, it’s not “classified” information.

No. 1167505

Ok that makes sense. I didn’t know that.

No. 1167506

Annie said she no longer talks to him so I assume she heard it from someone he knows. I mean, if she’s posting texts and phone calls from him I doubt she’s interested in protecting his private information. Why should she protect him at all.

No. 1167510

Her original post about him being in rehab has been taken down so I can’t screencap it but Jordan commented on it with an upside down happy face emoji and Annie responded “you’re my fucking hero” and under another comment about Annie giving the evidence to a reporter Jordan commented “thanks” sooo
Borderline tinfoil but I’m thinking Jordan knows someone at that rehab and they sent her a pic or something of him there

No. 1167535

At this point, I'm really just curious what Lindsay's next move will be. There's no reason for them to stay together since Evan named him because that's pretty much all she was, a cover-up. Kinda hope they split just to see her have a fit on IG.

No. 1167546

>Why should she protect him at all.

Exactly. I don’t care the reasons why she decided to come out now… what matters IS she did… and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. The info she has provided can possibly be helpful in helping others that Manson has tried to fuck over and ruin their reputation with his lies.


No. 1167575

I think they'll stay together and see all of this as an opportunity for growth.

That's the picture they began to paint and I feel like it's what they'll finish.

No. 1167579

lol anon

No. 1167580

Haven't kept up with anything lately…
I return to find that Annie is now claiming she was raped???


No. 1167585

That’s a disgusting thing to laugh at. If he’s after her that aggressively and she’s supported by the Phoenix act and the other victims, she has solid dirt on him. They wouldn’t take that risk if she had nothing.

No. 1167589

An opportunity for growth? Like somehow they’re going to figure out how to not be the two most toxic people on the earth….together? Lmao

If Lindsay was smart she’d come out and say she was abused, admit to her part in it, leave him, and write a tell all book. Then she’ll finally have the fame she was always so desperate for.

No. 1167591

Why do you even take the troll bait anon. Ignore them.

No. 1167643

Unfortunately Lindsay is a delusional pickme and will probably stay. She's like those women who marry serial killers because they're so desperate for validation they will find the most vile thing around and attach themselves to it

No. 1167659

File: 1613950476457.jpg (331.07 KB, 1440x2503, erwabuse.jpg)

Urgh. Seeing these photos of ERW being abused just makes me want to cry

No. 1167676

Nah, I bet he gets rid of her or they go back to how things were in 2016 (he cheats, she fights with fans, etc.). There's no reason for him to keep her around anymore after he goes to court/prison because she was primarily just an alibi for him.

No. 1167678

Agreed, that would be the best she could possibly do in this situation and she'd benefited in her own way too cause if clout is what she wants, i'm sure women magazines and websites would be all too happy to interview her and if she's lucky they'd even make her into "corageous, inspiring survivor". But Lindsey either knows she's guilty of helping him and fears her running away would make it all worse or she's genuinely obsessed with Manson and won't leave…
what i'd like to know is if Lindsey's in Arizona rehab with Manson. Cause if not, she's possibly free alone in marilyn mansion. Unless Manson took precautions and locked her in his bad girl fish tank.

No. 1167684

You don't get a +1 to rehab.

No. 1167702

It's not paranoia. It's 'someone' curating a very specific story to draw attention away from anyone highlighting oddities.

No. 1167704

I know anon, i mean in same rehab facility but in a different section. Lindsey was a cocaine addict too, not sure if alcoholic, this seems to be more Manson thing.
I don't expect he keeps her on a leash everywhere he goes now but i'd be surprised if he wasn't paranoid that she will open her mouth if he leaves her alone.
But maybe he trusts her considering she never leaves.

No. 1167707

That particular rehab is men only, plus according to Lindsay she’s been sober over two years. Wonder how that’s holding up.

No. 1167712

alright, i wasn't aware
idk but she could have been on drugs at least around Manson in recent year. It must be extra hard to stand Manson while being sober. Plus he has a habit of drugging his girlfriends or insisting on them doing drugs with him. On the other hand, it seems like they weren't living together in recent months before allegations blew up, she came back and it would mean she's been around Manson house for entire month or so. Unless she only visited him for the big talk to discuss how to best save his ass. Huge tinfoil, but maybe she finally has her own apartment close enough to visit Manson once a year, if he even lets her in, lol.

No. 1167722

File: 1613957590707.png (147.33 KB, 621x948, lindsaysbullshit6.png)

Lindsay's pretended to be sober before. No one can stay around someone that actively uses, like Manson, and still maintain their sobriety, especially if they were addicts.

No. 1167723


Have you seen the video from his prop concert stage accident where she runs out on stage to help and he hits her on the head with his hand to get her to gtfo? 99.9% sure he hasn't spoken to her once since he went in there, but prob calls Johnny Depp's manager everyday one his one approved phone call

No. 1167739

Why would he be calling JD’s manager?

No. 1167740

Samefag but it’s odd to me that Annie said she gave evidence to one or two reporters about him being in rehab but no one has reported on it yet. Not saying I don’t believe her but that seems like something tmz would rush to write about.

No. 1167755

Might be for the same reason ERW hasn't shared her rape allegation, and ERW is pretty liberal with the things she'll repost.

No. 1167760

Somethings brewing with Annie. She hasn’t posted recordings in a while. I know the mansonites went nuts on reporting her posts but I think there’s more to it and it’ll blow up. She has something valuable that’s making Brian go full retard on the smear campaign and I 100% believe it’s him even if it’s thru others

No. 1167761

File: 1613962188128.jpeg (1.21 MB, 4096x3072, 7BC35C74-E9C3-4944-A2DA-7C2AFF…)

Oh and lmao her story on IG today is like she’s out for blood. She’ll nail him.(not Manson related)

No. 1167764

Enough of the "smear campaign" bullshit. People asking questions or being suspicious of suspicious behaivor on lolcow isn't a smear.
Stop this constant fawning.

No. 1167772

> Brian go full retard on the smear campaign and I 100% believe it’s him even if it’s thru others

This ^ and you’re 100% right. He goes thru other people, and they help him. He thinks just because he goes thru other people that people are stupid and he won’t be responsible for his fucked up actions.

No. 1167774

File: 1613963280647.jpg (893.1 KB, 1379x1885, 162826017242.jpg)

>The World According to Annie

No. 1167777

Ngl she is really milking this thing for all its worth and it’s becoming irritating. She needs to get off social media and start actually healing instead of posting cringey song lyrics.

No. 1167779


now that it's mentioned i rewatched the video, well one of good quality and angle and idk it looks like he hit her across her leg/hands not head but still that was so rude, i can't help i felt bad for her in this moment.

I believe Annie overall but idk why she deleted her post explaining her history and modeling Lola past. Not everyone browses lolcow and others might've missed it

Some people are saying they don't believe she was ever in contact with him (at least other than telephone contact). I don't get why she doesn't post some photo to make them shut up, if they spent time together she sure must have some selfies with Manson. Would that interfere with investigation?
That being said, recordings are the key

No. 1167780

File: 1613963677230.jpg (790.77 KB, 1380x1381, not suspicious at all.jpg)

Every fucking day this happens.

No. 1167788

Yeah I believe her, I think? But it’s weird that she hasn’t actually been able to back any of this up. Especially the him being in rehab. If an article comes out tomorrow about him in rehab then I’ll believe her 100%. I’m just wary of her saying she has proof he’s there and yet that proof hasn’t seen the light of day. It’s not like that info hinders any kind of investigation.

No. 1167800

She’s good at responding. Several posts of hers were taken down including the one where she explained herself. Manson fans are reporting her shit and encouraging others to report it, I mean where there’s smoke there’s fire and imho Annie isn’t promoting anything and she’s just using her private IG to vent so soon after trauma which I’m sure she’s still going through. So my moneys more on obsessed fans and flying monkeys spreading things than it is on her. It’s why she created a second account in case this one gets dropped. I asked her a couple of times to pop over here but she said both times that she’s struggling a lot with the threats and that she’s not ready to be “roasted” as she put it. People defending Annie here are on the better side of history than people defending a criminal abuser or rapist so I’ll give her that. I find it even more weird that some anons are so laser focused on a history from when she was a teen than an abuser who’s proven to be an abuser as proven as he can be outside of court. And this girl has evidence and support from victims and the Phoenix act itself to back it up. Jmo

No. 1167803

Or maybe it’s just easier to support a rape victim With plenty of evidence than someone who is accused of rape by apparently dozens of women? Just a thought.

No. 1167806


Annie said she told the reporter off the record. She probably heard the information second-hand and the reported isn't confident enough in the source to report it.

No. 1167808

People who question Annie aren’t automatically supporting Manson. Just something to think about.

No. 1167811

History isn't going to be siding with losers like us gossiping on lolcow.

Most people, myself included, seem to be open to beleive her but are cautious because there are a lot of ambiguities and strange occurrences. It wouldn't be fair to consider critical thinking as being attacks on a victim.

Unfortunately there are people who do exploit such events for their own goals and as long as Annie continues to appear like such a person there will be people not willing to trust her on her word alone.
Blind faith doesn't help anyone.

Let's keep an open mind and wait for real evidence to come forward before we start making 100% certain declarations (this goes for the manson stans as well)(ban evading yet again)

No. 1167816

She clarified in the comment that she gave EVIDENCE to the reporter that he was in rehab. That’s why I’m skeptical. If that’s true it would’ve been reported by now.

No. 1167823

And there may be serious reasons why it hasn’t been. Her post and comments on that post were liked by several victims and she thanked one of them. To have a healthy amount of skepticism is one thing. But when someone has that much support with evidence to go along with it, it’s just painting a good enough picture for me. I don’t know why it hadn’t been reported but this is her private IG and she can say what she wants. Could be bullshit but the other victims acknowledging it just paints a different picture for me. Welp.

No. 1167830

It's good to see but the victims liking her posts don't necessarily mean much. It's not like they have special access to confirm her claims. They're like us and want to beleive other women who step forward. Though I would expect the Phoenix project to heavily audit what they stand by. If someone was found to be lying they would suffer irreparable damage.

No. 1167839


God I hope there are repercussions if these women are found to be lying. Haven’t read any stories that sound remotely believable or that lineup with any sort of reality.

Also, he’s not in rehab. Y’all are tools for believing her. Annie doesn’t even live in this country. Why would she have her fingers on the pulse as to the current location of Marilyn Manson???? Anyone explain why she is credible at all?? She doesn’t talk or behave much like a victim, or better yet… like a victim who happens to also be a publicist who would understand how a victim should portray themselves publicly to maintain a high level of credibility. She comes across more as aaaaa…jealous vindictive cunt And a total amateur publicist.

No. 1167845

Whatever personal qualms you have about Annie is irrelevant. She's a credible source because she has proof she knew him, along with recordings of him and his text messages. She has no reason to lie about being raped. It's only gotten her negative attention.

And Manson could be in rehab for all we know. Jordan lives in the States and Annie thanked her in the comments, so she could've been the one to tip her off.

No. 1167853

>it’s only gotten her negative attention
Hmm I disagree, being a victim is almost like a badge of honor on social media nowadays. Especially when it’s a rape/DV case because it gets the feminist virtue signalling side of twitter/instagram excited.

I think MM is a total asshole, junkie, narc, you name it. I’m sure he was an asshole to Annie, I’m sure he did mistreat her because he’s mistreated most women he has been in long term relationships with, including the ones who are neutral, like Dita. The ones who sing his praises seem to be the groupie types he pump and dumped, who were dazzled by his fame and want to keep in with him. Narcs can seems like the perfect partners in the initial lovebombing stages and I’m sure he is very charming and charismatic and funny in the short term but living with him is hell. But I also do think there’s a good deal of embellishment and exaggeration in Annie’s stories. She is clearly very scorned but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to do with being raped or abused. Do I think he used her and was probably a huge asshole at times? Sure. Do I think he ever raped her, physically abused her or is trying to gang stalk her? No. Him being a pompous overbearing asshole isn’t a crime.

No. 1167869

Several people have accused him of threats, smear campaigns, fake accounts, or illegally obtaining info on people. It’s not like Annie’s the only one who made this claim and it’s natural to be suspicious.

>Haven’t read any stories that sound remotely believable

So you’re of the camp it’s all a conspiracy? That’s truly not rational.

>Also, he’s not in rehab.

Are you in contact with him?

>I believe Annie overall but idk why she deleted her post explaining her history and modeling Lola past. Not everyone browses lolcow and others might've missed it

This I agree with, that confused me too. I wish she would give an explanation on why it was removed.

It’s strange someone won’t back up the rehab claim but if the source is Jordan who heard it from someone presumably close to Manson leaking info they might not be in a position to publicly reveal who. Annie said she told a reporter “off the record” which would imply they don’t have permission to publish it.

>She is clearly very scorned

How are you getting that? She stopped taking to him when shit got too weird. Manson admitted to obtaining info on people via “off the grid” sources on audio. Getting death threats is beyond a “pompous overbearing asshole.”

No. 1167870

I’ve no idea if you’re a woman or not, but I can tell you with a certainty that I don’t know a single woman who’d put herself through that. She could’ve dropped the tapes and it would’ve been enough. If the Phoenix act people are working with the FBI and openly showed support for Annie, she has the dirt and the evidence. Spin it however you want but to not believe a victim even with that much evidence is gross to me. As she asked someone on there what do you want, a rape tape? Gtfo

No. 1167875

Dozens of people dmd her she told me and incl me and she said the post was reported and removed. Several posts she made were removed because some scummy mansonites couldn’t handle their idol being called out so they asked people openly to report her posts. Pretty sure the screenshots were posted on here or in the previous post of people asking everyone to report her. Anyone pretending that this is easy for any of the victims is delusional. It was hard enough for me to convince my mutual friends with my ex to believe me that he was abusing me. Doing it on a wider scale like this is making my head spin just thinking about it

No. 1167882

Annie is new LKB for the thread. Light version.

No. 1167886

But does the positivity she's received from other survivors outweigh all of the death threats she probably gets on a daily basis? Or the fact that someone came to her house (which might've not been Manson-related, but you have to admit the timing was definitely odd and that sounds like something he'd have done) or that she hasn't been home in weeks because she's so scared?

No. 1167890

File: 1613980945534.jpg (513.38 KB, 808x1436, Screenshot_20210222-090003_Bra…)

Sorry for putting the spotlight back on Manson. Here's a bit more info on LASD enquiry into MM. There is a case open confirmed. This reporter also alleges the case opened would be about Evan. Thought the status of limitation passed?

No. 1167891

The world is for celebs, not for peasants, anon.

No. 1167895

Are you going to give context because wtf.

That’s the only article that mentions a case file has been opened? It could be sloppy wording that the sheriff is officially investigating. If it’s indeed true, Manson was involved with more people then just Evan between 2009-2011.

No. 1167938

Feel free to add a better caps/link if you do have one.
That's one of a handful articles from a few hours ago that's updated the LASD story with an official confimation a case is really open. Not the exact same story, just a small update from the previous one.


yeah that could more likely be something along those lines

>That’s the only article that mentions a case file has been opened? It could be sloppy wording that the sheriff is officially investigating. If it’s indeed true, Manson was involved with more people then just Evan between 2009-2011.

I thought it might be sloppy wording but a few perhaps dozen articles have updated with the exact same quote so I think they really got some kind of official confirmation there truly is a case open and not just a vague "investigation".
Yeah you're right, might not even be related to Evan though for obvious reasons everyone alleges it's about her in every article, could be about anyone else. They all mention domestic abuse though which is surprising because of what we heard of the status of limitation.

To be followed…

No. 1167962

I think we should wait and see with her. She was obviously a "friend" of his at one point, and he seems like a drunk douchebag, but everything else she is claiming has no proof to it.
Seems like we will have to wait for new Hamson milk. He's gone into hiding, probably hoping this will blow over.

No. 1167967

Integrate and read the other threads before you post. You obviously didn't or you'd know who Leslee is.

No. 1167993

I don't have the impression Annie is viewed as a con here.
But let's recap what we know: Annie had some sort of (online) relationship with Hamson that's pretty recent. We don't know if it was romantic, professional, friendship. We have no proof they met in person. The audioclips show Hamson is a loser who likes to hear his own voice. I imagine many (famous) people talk shit when high and believing they can trust the other person. Annie says he online-harrased and intimitated her in many ways, but I don't think there is proof of that we have seen?
Is that right?

No. 1167994

somehow the mustache actually makes him look better

No. 1167995

That's right. Everything else is speculation.

No. 1168004

So did Evan sue Lindsay and Leslee Lane for spreading those pics/threatening? I feel like this part of the story got lost somewhere on the way and Leslee posted at least 2 more Manson nazi hat photos in recent days/weeks (or i'm misunderstanding something so sorry). She (Leslee) was begging for lawyer on Facebook but she posts new pics nonetheless?

No. 1168009

She never said anything about suing them, she said she filed a police report against Lindsay. Often a police report is just to have something on file saying this person has been a problem for you before.

As far as Leslee goes, she’s such a fucking idiot that as soon as she saw that she probably assumed she’d need a lawyer and thought maybe that’d be a good opportunity to ask people for money. She is truly the dullest tool in the shed.

No. 1168020

Sounds to me like something a certain narcissist (or one of her ex-acquaintances/friends) would say to make their victim look like the evil one. Now who am I gunna believe?

At door 1: we have a woman who was clearly hurt by this guy. She has evidence. She’s supported by Phoenix and other victims. The law enforcement is taking her seriously.

At door 2: we have a rando-anon who constantly evades bans and trying to make this woman look bad.

I dunno about you but I’m gonna go with door 1.

No. 1168025

Couldn’t agree more. Wild exaggerated claims about the rape victim being a pathological liar is such an old excuse and way to discredit a victim. This is so predictable. If you’re Brian, whoever told you that’s a good idea is dumb but I guess it works in the victims favor. If you’re her ex acquaintance, this isn’t a good way to get attention or exhibit such pettiness. If you’re a mansonites: of course you’re latching on to something so transparently bad in terms of excuses.

Leave the chick alone. It’s a Manson board and she has provided good milk but there’s none right now so move the fuck on and stop trying to discredit a rape victim in such an obvious and predictable way.

No. 1168029

Or someone is trying to discredit Annie while planting the idea that leslee lane is a good source of info ahahahhahahah

No. 1168038

Lmao at the leslee jab. Exactly.
Yeah it's the same sperging anons that show up everytime we get back on topic, eg the MM. I'm not saying say amen to the gospel according to St Annie, but stop bringing her up every damn time we get back on track in the thread regarding MM. Everytime we do, they show up and post a shitty comment that's been made perhaps a thousand times "muh Annie is such a con though". Cue anons taking the bait and having lengthy debate with repetitive comments on the matter.

It's just tiresome and I'm not sure what these anons are trying to achieve. This is fucking lolcow, a gossip board, hardly the place where MM will build or blow his PR. If these anons are unrelated to MM, and so keen on Annie, why not create a thread on her instead of hijacking this one constantly.

And yes, MM seems laying low for now. Wonder where the FBI is at now?

No. 1168053

>Dozens of people dmd her she told me and incl me and she said the post was reported and removed.

Can you post a cap so there’s confirmation?

Why would he call her if he doesn’t know her in person? That makes even less sense. So Manson is calling women he doesn’t know well and taking shit for hours?
If he said incriminating things, he should be held accountable.

Leslee Lane is no position to defend Manson, she can be added to the list of witnesses who saw Manson abuse Lindsay.

No. 1168064

File: 1614013796451.jpeg (401.9 KB, 736x506, 7F161C44-21D4-488A-9EC4-FD1951…)

Remember when we “randomly” started talking about Annie a month ago on here before Evan named M? That was kind of weird considering. Also I’m confused by the screenshots of MM liking her post. “Liked by Marilyn Manson and others” not trying to tinfoil just genuinely asking- I’ve never seen Instagram not post the number of people who like the post. Has anyone else seen it just say “liked by so and so and others”?

No. 1168067

File: 1614014310373.jpeg (309.78 KB, 1138x1337, F977D989-68C4-4AF4-AB80-CDCC67…)

I often get “and others” instead of a number.

No. 1168068


>Has anyone else seen it just say “liked by so and so and others”?

Yes, like counts are hidden in some countries and that's what it looks like. Canada is one of them I think.

No. 1168069

>why would he call her if he doesn’t know her

THISSSSS. End of story. Manson is dumb and nuts but hours and hours of recordings and texts indicate that they had something far more meaningful.

No. 1168072

instagram very publicly announced they were getting rid of showing the number of likes, where have you been anon

No. 1168079

It’s interesting that these comments are usually made extremely late at night or early morning pacific time.

No. 1168080

>Remember when we “randomly” started talking about Annie a month ago on here before Evan named M? That was kind of weird considering.

Not really. She was brought up because Manson followed her. >>1126626

No. 1168082

>the depth of my being etc

Unrelated but that photo description is the most cringe thing I’ve read all week. Settle down Lindsay.

No. 1168102

File: 1614016914096.jpeg (302.44 KB, 1145x1590, D647A0ED-D3AE-4A80-8B80-54312B…)

Her captions are usually over the top and cringe, she tried so hard to paint a certain picture.

No. 1168108

tbf, that is a pretty regular request on locow. As is "learn to sage" and sometimes "lurk moar".
There are very good reasons for this.

No. 1168113

Yeah it is a bit strange to talk with internet friends for hours but not impossible, also it's covid.. She said he raped her, that was the only mention of real life contact I believe.
As for incriminating stuff being said during these calls, from what I heard it was kind of rude or mean but not illegal? I might have missed some though.. I don't know, not defending him, just wondering if the evidence from Annie is legally relevant.. It might be, plus he may have harmed her and not left evidence of that.

No. 1168116

lolcow obvs

No. 1168132

> Merrin Womanson
this gave me a hearty kek thank you anon

No. 1168135

She didn’t specify how she met him or when which I agree leaves many questions. If her texts from Manson are legit, it does show blackmail and threats. She did state she intentionally withheld more incriminating evidence for an investigation.

Hypothetically speaking, if she’s full of shit and they never met in person, that means Manson is incessantly drunk dialing his online side chicks while married to Lindsay.

No. 1168150

Guys, stupid question incoming. Don't yell at me pls, I am not whit knighting Manson. I am trying to look for some common sense in his actions.

Is he brain damaged to have asked one of his victims to help him with a response to allegations of another his victim who, in her turn, described the assault in details which means Victim A (Annie) most likely had to read the details of the abuse of Victim E (Evan)?
Isn't it silly?

No. 1168161

I don’t really follow, are you saying Annie copied Evan?
Lots of people read Evan’s testimony and Twitter posts, there’s no indication Annie was privy to inside info unless Manson told her.

No. 1168164

The more likely scenario is that he’s been doing this to all the victims. Annie said she never intended to speak up because she was afraid no one would believe her and that the blackmail would seem far fetched. What changed her mind was finding out that he has done this to all victims.

No. 1168168

Nope. I didn't mean that. I wonder if he really doesn't understand that what he did to Evan/Esmé/etc is abuse. Did he hesitate for a second before discussing it with Annie?
If he tried to gaslight Evan's and Esmé's words, did he do it intentionally in conversations with Annie who's most likely survived abuse very similar to theirs?

It means she started recording him after the MH article?

No. 1168176

My abuser (who is not meatball hamson) claims he was most definitely never abusive and everyone is over exaggerating including doctors, psychologists and police. Whether he understands it or not he's going to deny it for his sense of self-preservation. They hate themselves so much they couldn't stand the thought that anything they've done is ever wrong. I often thought my abuser was brain damaged or had some mental deficiency.(blogging)

No. 1168184

File: 1614026094413.jpeg (510.36 KB, 1300x1733, DF7E0434-3343-40DC-AFFB-86BA20…)

I’ve been asked to post here SO many times and I wasn’t necessarily opposed to it but then the death and rape threats got out of control and I was advised to try and ignore it. Someone here took a screenshot of a few comments and, honestly bless some of you for showing support but there are clearly also those who are resorting to the classic “pathological liar”, “manipulator”, “omg look what they’ve done decades ago” rhetoric that is textbook shit that abusers and their flying monkeys do to victims.

As a victim, I’ve no issues if I’m not believed right now because time will tell, right? If some feel better for questioning me, that’s your right. It’s important to be objective when it comes to all parties involved so I can’t even blame you. But I’ve nothing to gain here, I’ve no interest in furthering my career nor do I care for the threats and my own stepdad wanting to call the police because the threats got to him and he wants to protect our family, as any father would.

I also don’t really have the etiquette down because no sane person would come to a place like this to write this for fear of being called an attention seeker. But I’m not proficient in etiquette when it comes to this, I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t know how to cope. I have good days and bad days. I am dealing as best as I can. And if my very best is coming here to say this, then that’s what I have to do at that stage even if it bites me in the ass.

But I am here to point out that certain individuals who have made comments here are not only familiar to me but also to you. At least one hint is in my picture here. These people not only hone their skills in writing like it’s not coming from them but they also pay close attention to how others write so they can try and copy that.

Full disclosure: my history isn’t the greatest and I’ve no qualms admitting that. I had untreated and war-related childhood PTSD. I’ve watched my aunt getting raped and killed in the same room as me. I watched my 8yo cousin getting shot. And I buried it all. So when I lost an important person in my life, I lost myself for a bit. I distanced myself from people temporarily and refused to believe he had actually died. For two months, I was in a deep state of trauma and it took me another 8 months to pull myself out of it, acknowledge his death and, finally, work on moving on.

Being a child of rape doesn’t help because then you’re sort of the black sheep of the family, even though my mother and stepdad never treated me as such. But I still felt like I needed to prove myself somehow. So when we finally arrived in Canada, I felt pressured (by myself and my insecurities) to “make it”. I thought modelling would do that and I didn’t want to use my old name (which was my biological father’s last name — as it was common to take that on back home in ex-Yugo). So I made up a stage name. Hated modelling or being in front of the camera so that was short lived. I’ll never understand how something like having a stage name (yes, fake name) is controversial but I guess they’re desperate.

Also genuinely not sure why anyone would claim I faked having cancer? I had AML when I was in my teens. Had chemo, a bone marrow transplant from my sister (who died in January this year and M mocked me for it which is when I decided to finally purge him from my life) and that was that. I was in remission, took up smoking — as one does after having leukaemia— tried my best to just live and be good.

The post I made where I provided a timeline was removed because these psychos have been reporting my posts and encouraging other fans to do so as well. I’ve decided to come here to clarify this as well as point out the swarming of certain bullies here. Not saying everyone is and yes, paranoia is still very much alive thanks to M but I can still tell with at least a couple of people here. I also decided to write this because some anons have been messaging me and have been absolutely lovely, frank, supportive and downright relatable when it comes to untangling yourself from an abuser.

I hope the admins allow this long ass post as an exception, but honestly, if you don’t it’d be an honour to be temporarily banned solely because I kind of appreciate the no-fucks-given attitudes here.

Be well, be alert, stay sane and stay safe. I wish everyone truly the best. I’m not sure I’ll stick around after posting this because I can honestly barely handle the threats as it is and I’ve just slowly started feeling a little better so I’d like to cling to that for as long as possible. I hope the topic goes back to the abuser that this thread is about and whenever I do have something milky to share, go nuts. Much love to you all.

No. 1168187

I got what you were saying, anon, and no, I absolutely do not think he even remotely thinks what he’s been up to is abuse of any kind. The fact is, as I keep saying, there is so much grey area that constantly shifts - both in moid behaviour and even in the law. He will in no way think anything he’s done is that bad, even less that it could be considered, or just is, criminal.

No. 1168189

Haven’t even read your post yet and I am here to say most of us love you. Keep on truckin’, girl.

No. 1168192

I think it's funny how Americans think everybody goes by their real name on social media.

No. 1168193

I can't imagine how hard it's been for you. For the record if you ever write a book about your experiences I'd buy it. Stay strong

No. 1168194

Anonymous is my name.

No. 1168195

I am not being mean or anything but it will be better if you delete the post. Lolcow is not some kind of a good reputable site, posting here might be used against you in the long run. It's not milk and you can thank those anons in dms if you are aware who is who.

No. 1168196

Annie, I believe you and thank you for clarifying about your posts being taken down by people reporting it.

If you’re able, can you please briefly state how you met Manson and when? I’m tired of the Manson stans claiming you have no proof you know him irl.

No. 1168198

We're all on your side, don't let the bad actors and insane stans in here fool you.

No. 1168200

Thank you everyone and I really appreciate it. I don’t know how to quote multiple posts so I’ll quickly say that I’m not removing that and am willing to take that risk. If they want to use anything I wrote there against me, so be it because that is me and my truth. They keep using PTSD against me as if that means I couldn’t possibly be raped somehow. So let them. It’s cool.

I’ll explain how I met him very soon (not on IG or here). I didn’t mention it because I am dealing with the legal side of things when it comes to sharing information. My IG is my venting place. It’s not my intention to dodge any topics. So if I don’t answer something or avoid addressing something, assume that I’m either paranoid, self-conscious or the more likely: I can’t talk about it yet.

No. 1168201

>>1168200 Fuck off Bitch

No. 1168202

> (who died in January this year and M mocked me for it which is when I decided to finally purge him from my life)
why not Evan's testimony though?
I mean - how do you explain it to yourself he felt okay talking to you about the damage he's done to other women when as it seems you have suffered through similar experience?

No. 1168203

Why don't you piss off

No. 1168204

She’s posting here because her posts on IG keep getting removed by assholes.

Thank you for explaining.

Lol you triggered?

No. 1168205

Oh, hi Fattilyn…(read the rules)

No. 1168206

So new you can't even figure out how to structure a post. Go back already.

No. 1168207

Now, now, Brian, there's no need to get your panties in a wad.(read the rules)

No. 1168208

I’ve said and done a lot of things I’m not proud of when he threatened me. If that’s a poor excuse, that’s cool. I understand. But I was afraid as hell and really low. I didn’t believe a word he said and I knew he was lying but I still went “uh huh” and “yep” when he felt like ranting about Evan for 7 hours straight. Had I known there was no way out of this anyway and that I had to leave even if that meant he’d try to destroy me, I’d have done so sooner. But I kept clinging to the hope that he’d leave me alone if I cooperated and just listen. He has spent more time talking to me in one year than he probably has in the ten years he’s known and on-and-off dated his wife.

There’s really not much else I can add to that and I apologize if that’s not the answer you’re looking for. But it’s as simple as that. I was afraid. Genuinely terrified.

No. 1168211

Can't you fucking stop reacting to the troll?

Thank you for answering.
Ngl I can't say I am your fan, or Evan's, or Esme's but I am here for the milk about Manson and Lindsay, I am gonna thank you for that kek.

No. 1168215

Why is Lindsay not leaving? She seems to have parents she could go to, her father seems to be a lawyer? So she does have options.

No. 1168216

This is a good observation. I was thinking that this might also be a possibility. But not a lesser crime, a more serious crime he could get convicted of that would equal to rape and assault.

No. 1168224

Hi Annie.
Long time listener, first time caller.

Thanks for swinging by and taking the time to share some words.

I'm an anon who has posted some comments here questioning your credibility and I just want to give some context.
I've witnessed before people online who have made similar claims to abuse, celebrity relationships and surviving cancer who later were found to be 100% full of shit. To be honest, with caps coming out about your past, it starts to look very troubling.
I can also confirm I have no association to MM beyond having bought some cds of him many years ago.

I really appreciate you giving some further detail. The 'fake names' accusations is quite silly and it looks like the cancer claim was a lot of pure speculation on someone's behalf.

I fully agree with your comment that if you're telling the truth than the will tell.

I can't imagine the abuse and threats your getting in your dms, but when it comes to lolcow try to keep in mind this is some stupid gossip site run by feminazi retards and populated by people who come to shitpost because we have nothing more productive to do with our time.

As much as I've been skeptical, you've given a good lesson in also being more critical over where vague screenshots from proManson insta pages.

You can ban me again now mods! See you all shortly

No. 1168226

Appreciate all of this. You are the most refreshing and honest person. Thank you again for posting, and I’m glad you stuck around to see the mostly positive replies.
Ignore any negative fuckwads in here, it was bound to happen.
Also - the passive agg responses like “I’m not really a fan of yours but…” kek gtfo. Really not necessary. Like she’s sitting there thanking you for not being a cunt even though you’re “not really a fan”.

No. 1168232

Not that anon you mentioned but how the hell it was passive aggressive? Some of you do think that ppl here have to admire every victim. Ever considered some ppl like to stay neutral?

I am going to agree with >>1168195
I appreciate the effort but I am sure we are about to have a new shit storm with nitpicking, fights over wording, etc, etc.
Thank you anons who cow tipped and summoned Annie to the thread.

No. 1168233

Er cause she’s right here, addressing the forum, took her time to do so, and whether a fan or not either a) kiss some ass or b) stfu.

No. 1168235


No. 1168236

When you guys were talking for hours at a time did he ever talk to you about Lindsay? In regards to his actual feelings for her? I’m so curious how he explained his relationship with her, especially because every single other girl that’s been in the picture in the last ten years has said that he told them he didn’t love Lindsay. Is that just a line he’s giving or ? Really what the fuck is the deal there?

You’re brave and we appreciate you, and I know the majority of us are in your corner.

No. 1168237

File: 1614031468602.jpg (24.09 KB, 400x442, 7650699.jpg)


It's been discussed over the history of these threads that she met him when she was 24-25 and has had absolutely arrested interpersonal development since, infact has probably degraded since then in terms of her ability to think and live like a fully mature adult. Being Manson's wife has literally become her entire identity and greatest achievement in life.

If anything, Manson will probably kick her to curb once he leaves rehab and his legal issues are resolved. He no longer has any reason to appease her if rumors about her blackmailing him to marry her are true since everything is out now. He won't have any money left once this is over to support her NEET lifestyle anyway. Just my personal thoughts, the strongest cases are Evan and Esme and they were so long ago I'm sure a lot of crucial evidence is gone now. I don't think he will see hard jail time but he will live out the rest of his life as a destitute recluse surviving off of hand outs from old friends and trickle down royalties.

No. 1168240

Agree but Annie's accusations are recent. Rape is rape, he'll go to prison.
Gabriella was abused not long ago, and you shouldn't forget Esmé is pushing the trafficking version, it doesn't have a SoL.

No. 1168244


Technically Annie is in Canada, in the five seconds I spent researching crimes involved foreign national it seems like Canada has the right to prosecute him for this crime since the victim is a Canadian National and I don't know if the Unites States is compelled to extradite him to do anything there without a strong case.

Gabriella's story is obviously awful but I don't remember anything there to be a prosecutable offense that can be proven in court.

No. 1168250

Yeah I really want to know what's the deal with Lindsay too. Can't remember a single interview of MM where he would speak fondly of her (or speak about her at all for that matter - except for the wedding announcement that really sounded like a PSA, kek). Whereas with any of his exes, he could sperge on ad nauseam about them in interviews.

No. 1168260

Youll explain where you met him but not on ig or here?

No. 1168266

Read between the lines dude. Annie is obviously prepping to drop a diss track on soundcloud.

No. 1168282

During a jury trial?

No. 1168290

File: 1614039653226.png (500.17 KB, 720x704, Former Senate Majority Leader …)

Okay sorry if this is too OT but I can't take it anymore. Every time I see this thread pic, I initially think it's a picture of Mitch McConnell. Every single fucking time. Please tell me I'm not alone here.

No. 1168295


You are not alone anon lol

And thanks to Annie for stopping by today. I think we can all agree to get back on topic now and wait for the milk.

No. 1168306

File: 1614041329175.jpg (638.81 KB, 1439x1409, REEEEEEE.jpg)

No. 1168330

And now we wait for Manson to wake up soon (once late PST hours hit) to begin his daily pathetic smear campaign on here. The only thing he's been proving is how scared he is of Annie, and how out of touch he is with reality. Mason hon, the FBI isn't getting their info from lolcow, so your online campaign is useless, your victims are no longer scared of you so you are just wasting your time. You brought this on yourself by committing crimes. It's truly mind boggling how hard it is for a narcissist to accept the ramifications of their own actions.(stop)

No. 1168335

File: 1614042981438.jpeg (361.37 KB, 721x762, 39FDCF68-71D2-4D4A-9F8E-0B11AA…)

What’s he gonna use to paint his chins in jail?

No. 1168336

Hey fruit loop, you realize not everyone sleeps at night and not everyone lives in the US?
Ffs. Posts overnight don't mean it's marilyn freaking manson tapping away at at his keyboard.
Put the bong down.

No. 1168343


Weinsteins jizz on his chins?

No. 1168347

File: 1614043803919.jpg (586.6 KB, 1378x1036, dumb dumb.jpg)

Do you check under your bed before you sleep in case marilyn manson is hiding there?(stop)

No. 1168350

The make-up chin strap. Kek.

No. 1168362

The autistic back and forth over whether Manson's posting here or not is derailing. If you think he is, then report the posts.

No. 1168395

What the literal fuck does any of this "look at me, I'm not perfect but-" word salad have to do with anything? Is Annie an actual victim of Manson of just a failed model wannabe starfucker trying to be a celebrity victim for clout? I can't keep it all separated anymore.

No. 1168402

We have to just wait and see.
It could go either way.

No. 1168403

File: 1614051983074.jpg (324.76 KB, 720x704, Mitchelyn McManson.jpg)

Oh my god I love you both, thank you for validating me. Here's my contribution. They're All Stars, Now.

No. 1168404

File: 1614052237968.gif (488.56 KB, 500x281, Its-so-beautiful.gif)

No. 1168421

kek can this pls be the header image for the next thread

No. 1168433

I saw a comment somewhere else a few days ago mentioning ERW only started to change her tune towards Manson after speaking with a therapist.
My lousy google-fu didn't bring up any results for me on this.

Anyone know the source to this or interviews where this was mentioned? Is it even true?

inb4 obligatory accusation I'm manson because it's nightytime in the states.

No. 1168447


> "anons" "temporarily banned" "something milky to share" "I hope the topic GOES BACK…"

GTFO! she's got got the lingo down for a first time reader/ first time poster. are you sure you got "asked to post here SO many times" ?? hahahaahahaha. Annie, baby grrl…you're so terribly transparent.


No. 1168450

Lurking and posting aren't the same things, stan.

No. 1168451

File: 1614056473069.jpeg (756.54 KB, 1126x1633, 1C076710-30EF-4572-AF08-60AF41…)

Lol she literally mentioned lolcow in her original statement, she never claimed to be a newbie.

No. 1168452

lol cause she probably read the thread?

No. 1168455

It's been very obvious to some of us she's been constantly posting here.

Has no one else noticed the "multiple people" who all of a sudden spam this thread with pro- Annie comments or try to detail with Manson conspiracies all use the same spelling and phrases she does on instagram? Its so obvious

No. 1168456


I think Evan's been pretty open about the fact that she did not realise the extent of abuse and manipulation from Brian until she started hearing the reations of other people, and yes ultimately spoke to a prpfessional and was diagnosed with Complex PTSD.

Sounds pretty reasonable so I don't know why you chose to use a loaded term like "changed her tune." It's not like people agree to being manipulated, that's kind of the whole point of manipulation.

No. 1168458

Link an example.
I’m pro Annie and I’m not Annie.

No. 1168465


Lol she literally mentioned being a newbie in the first paragraph of the post she made 7hrs ago though(ban evasion)

No. 1168466

File: 1614058185724.jpeg (324 KB, 827x1238, 0CD45DEA-B8FF-4ECD-BFD7-0DC039…)

There isn’t any “Manson conspiracies”. What’s been said about him has been proven true. Especially this:

No. 1168467

Where did she say she’s a newbie?

> I’ve been asked to post here SO many times and I wasn’t necessarily opposed to it but then the death and rape threats got out of control and I was advised to try and ignore it. Someone here took a screenshot of a few comments and, honestly bless some of you for showing support but there are clearly also those who are resorting to the classic “pathological liar”, “manipulator”, “omg look what they’ve done decades ago” rhetoric that is textbook shit that abusers and their flying monkeys do to victims.

No. 1168471


> "i've been ASKED to post here SO many times…" "Someone here took a screenshot of a few comments and "

sounds like she is making it pretty clear that she supposedly wasn't aware of the site until being sent a screenshot of a few comments. no? reads that way to me

No. 1168472

Meaning that was her first time posting here, she already said she lurked. People sent her screenshots, including me.

No. 1168474

Wow you all really know how to shit up a thread

If you don’t have milk just post some Marilyn McConnells please
Some Mitch McMansons

No. 1168492

Nothing but love Annie.

No. 1168497

So TL:DR; Annie is a crazy lolcow lurking clout chaser who nwver actually met up with Manson, just talked with him online in the vain hope of becoming one of his victims? And then when called out for being a lying attentionwhore, she decided to come Namefag on lolcow with a signed selfie to say literally nothing but humblebrag about her clearly imaginary life struggles as a failed model rape baby?

This hasn't been the "Marilyn Manson" thread for a while now, has it?

No. 1168499


Please no one take this bait, or any that follows.

No. 1168502

It's not bait, I have yet to see anything that clarifies Annie's role re: Manson succinctly. Also, actual info abt Manson barely trickles in while discussion of a thirsty nobody continues to go exactly nowhere because Annie can never actually say anything.

I lost track of how much shit Brian has actually done outside of the ERW and Dita shit because all these IG screenshots are blurring together and say… Nothing, really. Annie's entire blogpost didn't actually claim or clarify anything relevant to Brian or the thread, it just serves to get her attention. Why is it so hard to streamline information and summarize it so that you don't have to be personally invested in these literal whos to keep up with what is supposed to be a thread about Manson?

No. 1168508

Well Annie coming here has not only helped absolutely nothing but it's clear will derail the thread further.
The sterile back and forth love annie/hate annie is useless.

Can we focus back on MM please anons?

No. 1168512

The only new thing we have learned through all of this is that Manson is an addict, more so than anyone thought even before, not just substance abuses, but of all women and attention, he can not be alone and not anyone's attention is ever enough. Call it obsessive or extreme. He did sign up to be a rock star after all and he did move himself to Hollywood, so he never wanted to be an outsider. He is a bad boyfriend and has the usual hang-ups with the ever changing groupies. That is what this all seems to amount to, so far, without any evidence of more than what we have gotten. Typical Hollywood and rock star behavior and many girls fall for this and learn and move on. He is married now, probably will not change, but it seems like Lindsay is fine with it and this lifestyle, so he picked the right one.

No. 1168513

>This hasn't been the "Marilyn Manson" thread for a while now, has it?

Not really. Not since the fourth thread. I just thought anything in relation to him was pertinent.

No. 1168515

>Typical Hollywood and rock star behavior

So “typical” Hollywood rockstar behavior is getting investigated by the FBI for “child trafficking”? Huh?

Quit making excuses. There’s plenty of rockstars who do not have this behavior. He needs to be locked up in mental institution or prison.

No. 1168517


>Being Manson's wife has literally become her entire identity and greatest achievement in life.

Makes me think that this is what Brian was always seeking in his previous relationships. It's been said he asked Dita to give up burlesque. I'm not sure about Evan, but he did try to get her involved in his shitty movie projects - Phantasmagoria and Splatter Sisters. Appearing in either of those dumpster fires would have almost certainly ended her career, that is if they were ever actually made and not just a thinly veiled excuse to "audition" and bait eager younglings.

No. 1168522

What will really stick? MSM seems to have moved on already mostly. Manson keeps low profile.
We have accusations of abuse and rape, which in Mansons head was consensual because nobody refused him until a decade late rendering it legally irrelevant.
Then we have slightly far fetched accusations of trafficking and pedophilia (imo sleeping with just under age groupies who lie is a dick move but not pedophile). Lastly we learnt he spends a lot of time talking and chatting on social media, being a delusional loser.
I think at worst (best) he will be canceled by mainstream, but no jail….(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1168524

He doesn't love himself and he did not love one of these girls he has been with. He lives in extremes, in his book, it seems like he started out always pushing things as far as they'll go, so he did the same with women, sex, outlandish behavior and reputation. He will probably skate from this, like everything else in his past and will remain with Lindsay and touring where he is still wanted, doing the groupies that still want him. All of the girls saying things seemed to profit from being in his clique for a time and then he'd move on to another girl to play with. I am sure he would lure them in with movies or just the lifestyle, everyone chases fame in Hollywood and at rock shows. Typical stuff in these circles.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1168525


>Then we have slightly far fetched accusations of trafficking and pedophilia (imo sleeping with just under age groupies who lie is a dick move but not pedophile).

Ok, but the the law doesn't care about your opinion.

No. 1168527

Oh goddamn shit storm, just like I said. I hope anons are happy. It feels like anons' experience with LKB never taught them anything. Do not cow tip, please.

Have farmhands considered locking up the thread temporarily? There won't be any milk coming soon, there hasn't been any real contributions lately. Going back and worth whether he's posting here or not, or if he'll get a real sentence or not is not milk.

No. 1168531

Sure, but we are not law enforcement. That is my opinion, and we will if legally it's enough (are these groupies coming forward to law enforcement?)

No. 1168533

The investigations opened seem to be about them for a part of it.

No. 1168572

File: 1614074773814.jpg (112.65 KB, 796x810, The Chins of Evil Tour.jpg)

Everyone shut your pie holes about old squabbles and post some god-damn-motherfucking-manson-mcconnells

No. 1168578

File: 1614076337859.jpg (515.53 KB, 789x770, Marilyn McConnell.jpg)

you rang?(fanart)

No. 1168583

File: 1614077842033.jpg (342.87 KB, 1280x720, xxx.jpg)


No. 1168585


No. 1168644

Mansondefenders instagram has been writing posts on how Annie fabricated having cancer and claiming she posted on Manson forums… sorry but how would they know? They didn't post any screenshots instead of some old Myspace account and how it's "suspicious" it is how she had comments from "sourgirl" on myspace. How is that more believable than what Annie said lol

I wonder if someone else will come out with their story or we'll have to wait for Manson news a month or longer(imageboard)

No. 1168663

File: 1614091068978.jpeg (306.36 KB, 1800x836, FBC46B69-5F9B-4E02-ADEF-1EC372…)

Of course there’s Manson on the ‘Marilyn Manson Defender’s’ page defending himself under his fake, alongside buddy Leslee. Haha…. not surprising.
I don’t think he realizes just because he hasn’t been arrested yet doesn’t mean he’s in the clear.

No. 1168683

kek at leslee thinking that adding a watermark is equivalent to registering a copyright

No. 1168736

Agreed! That’s why it’s good pot smokers get arrested too, it’s the law. Also jim crow and slavery, because legality means something is logical, apparently.(derailing autism)

No. 1168738

it's not the law everywhere you dumb hick child, fuck off with your false equivalency logic fails. nobody thinks you're having a 'big brain' moment, tard

No. 1168764


The topic of conversation was what charges are likely to stick, not whether you think it's fair that the law won't let you fuck a 15 year old.

No. 1168788

Still can't believe that people don't see how drugged Evan was in those pics. She wasn't posing, she probably didn't even realize she was being photographed. Leslee Lane is a dumb bitch who deserves every criminal charge, doesn't matter who files them.

No. 1168789

>>1168738 You realize this whole forum is essentially depressed lonely people and annoying femcels trash talking, right? I’m not even joking, the moment I saw people call men ‘scrotes’ it was kind of obvious.

My point was, a law existing doesn’t mean that it makes sense for it to be illegal in the first place. It’s funny you automatically assume I want to fuck 15 year olds or anyone underage because I made an argument towards you, but that’s just what people like to do I suppose. You people are mostly, I assume, left leaning and feminist. It seems strange to me that on here people bring up shit like say adult grooming and I have to wonder: if you want to empower women, why do you constantly make excuses for men to be criminals and women to not take responsibility for their own role/actions in the situation? Take minors out of the equation, only consenting adults. People STILL cape for women on here always.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1168822

File: 1614110166684.png (1.86 MB, 1242x2688, A3F18DD6-D942-4CB8-86C7-F82346…)

Mansonisabusive IG posted this. Apparently the “letter” Manson read on stage from an ex in 2015 was actually a text from Lindsey. What I’m wondering is how anyone got a hold of this screenshot / if Lindsey is now trying to save herself from crashing and burning with Manson since all her abusive behaviors are also leaking.

No. 1168830

It was 666fearless who originally posted that cap.

No. 1168841

Can people please try and integrate. I know there are a lot of threads but read through them before you post. You’re posting something we talked about like 8 threads ago.

No. 1168844

File: 1614111707038.jpeg (333.04 KB, 568x1593, 259B086B-23E4-47F2-ADB5-A936FC…)

As a humorous aside, this ridiculous shit was posted by MMNews today. Manson didn’t marry Lindsay? Ok..

No. 1168847

He's probably taking everything out on her—if he's not in Meadows, but going to rehab would probably be his best defense. Or she finally left. That would be her best option because there's no more publicity for her to sponge off of and by the time his trial is over (if there is a trial, assuming some of his recent victims are pressing charges), a big chunk of his money will be gone.

No. 1168860

File: 1614112990973.jpeg (506.66 KB, 1296x2069, 9172621F-BFF2-4654-BA9C-B3A51F…)

Just published, it’s about Bianca Allaine.

No. 1168876

File: 1614115145388.jpg (793.23 KB, 1440x2112, thesun.jpg)

No. 1168951

File: 1614119660273.jpg (428.58 KB, 1080x1265, Screenshot_20210223-162803_Chr…)

Hm… I hope no one else?

No. 1168960

Was this also when she was 19?
I don't mean to kink shame but it sounds trashy to me but nothing illegal.

No. 1168985


Right, it will be hard I think to say this was against her will or forced. Him begging her to have sex with other people just sounds like a guy trying to get what he wants sexually. However. Being in a place of power like he was maybe it won’t be taken as lightly. Big issues with men using persistence and intimidation to get what they want sexually all the time. Like, isn’t that normal? Sad but true.

No. 1168993

File: 1614123526914.jpg (461.74 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_20210223-173205_Gal…)

The new picture of evan on leslie's page is reminiscent of this picture. And I dont feel comfortable sharing it.(imageboard)

No. 1168995

I don’t know why I’m cackling at the line “everyone ghosted me, even the assistant!”
Clutches pearls. The audacity. Even the wait staff!

No. 1169001

Power dynamics or not, if she was 18 or older the point than becomes an argument that the age of consent and what we deem a legal adult should be made higher.
That argument can be made elsewhere.
As it stands today, society has determined those 18 years or older have the maturity and intellectual facilities to take responsibility for themselves to a degree we cannot reasonably afford any error on their behalf as being due to immaturity.

No. 1169002

I don't think she's giving a testimony for her own hypothetical case but rather giving it to build a stronger case for other women.

No. 1169005

If their relations started when she was underage he can be charged just for that.

No. 1169006


Speaking of Leslee here is a plothole;

Is she still in contact with Lindsay and if so….is sharing those pictures of her own accord?

To help???

No. 1169015

By her own account, he forcefully missed her when she was 16 but had no sexual relationship until she was 19.
Super creepy and pathetic a middle aged man is kissing 16yos but I'm not sure whether this falls into anything illegal. A lot more context on the specifics would be required to determine anything untoward having occurred. It could have been a awkward kiss on the cheek for all we know.

My own interpretation is she's sharing these images to counter ERWs Karla Homolka-esque claims by demonstrating she was in fact just as much a willing participant.(ban evasion)

No. 1169016

She’s such an embarrassment. I bet even MM cringes at her posts. He truly has some of the trashiest, dumbest fans. Fitting.

No. 1169017

File: 1614125198862.gif (631.61 KB, 320x218, 5FAWXL.gif)

Possibly just to stir the pot. And if Lindsay is involved then maybe for publicity…?

I'm just saying the attemping to discredit someone who is pressing charges against you for blackmail using the same "incriminating" photos you used to blackmail that same person…which you openly admitted to doing…

I feel like I'm watching "Days of Our Lives"

No. 1169018

Exactly, if she witnessed him in pedophilia activity by “fondling her underage friends” she can help other victims.

Leslee is such an idiot. Lindsay used her for her pics and would probably throw her under the bus if it ever came to a lawsuit.

No. 1169023

Have been chuckling at this since she first revealed the photos. The stuff she’s sharing is so indiscreet, he must be so mad. It’s cringe as fuck.

No. 1169046

File: 1614129433556.jpeg (299.32 KB, 750x974, 4FD91B2F-1A7B-49D5-B168-FC2C6E…)

Saw this in comments on marilynmansonnews
Does anyone remember if this is true?

No. 1169049

Yes cause all of us going through his private convos, his inbox, pictures, every words, lyrics, body language, almost every inches of his life isn't uh?

No. 1169059

She did delete her lindsay.elizebeth.you account in 2016. I didn’t personally see those videos (I could have missed it) but she did post this video to that account: >>1166358

No. 1169124

File: 1614139395854.png (925.75 KB, 1080x839, erw.png)

then why post about it if you aren't going to share it you faggot. this is an imageboard

No. 1169155


Yeah, that is a much tamer image than the one shown at >>1168993

That's Evan's brother btw, not Brian, so it's obviously in good fun.

No. 1169159

>and once branded her a “dirty Mexican whore” because of her olive skin.

When’s this dropping?

No. 1169167

>>1169159 You can watch Demystifying the Devil on Youtube. There are a lot of amusing anecdotes. There is a little bit of said footage, but it cuts out.

No. 1169171


Correction, it's someone called TT.

No. 1169173

File: 1614148506053.jpeg (260.35 KB, 1620x711, DB96B17E-662C-4115-B21F-90093F…)

I’ve seen the edited version. There’s footage of Manson feeding a black mouse to his snake while saying, “kill the n*gger” that was shot by Melissa. It was cut out of the original. It was supposed to be released soon by someone in the documentary.


No. 1169186

File: 1614150606004.jpg (176.05 KB, 1440x1273, Racist.jpg)

You only need to look at his song titles. The man is a bonerfide racist and didn't even try to hide it.

No. 1169194

File: 1614151446040.jpeg (433.76 KB, 828x1032, BDAE8B09-7FE7-40A5-81EC-A72B8A…)


To be fair, one is a Pattie Smith cover and she is a legend.

No. 1169202

That's all distasteful - the black mouse, song titles, videos… - but not illegal. Even the "forceful kissing" isn't a crime by the sounds of it. That all sounds to my like "being Marilyn Manson" and not even new or very shocking. For a moment I believed he will be done for actual rape or other crimes, but the accusations are either old or newer actual evidence is not legally incriminating (like audios showing he is a dick).

No. 1169205

Pretty much everyone who ever spoke out called him a racist, too many for excuses.

No. 1169207

>but not illegal.

Are you at least paid to be his PR? lol
Who the fuck cares if it’s illegal, racism should be. He’s still a documented racist asshole.

No. 1169209


Oh course he is. He’s from OH and FL. Being a racist dick won’t get him behind bars either.

No. 1169212

True. This is a picture boards / gossip site and he not only a cow but a racist and women hater. I will make do with that but don't expect him to actually go jail in real life. I shut up now

No. 1169213

It's not true. I followed her closely back then.

No. 1169230

File: 1614154105721.jpg (66.54 KB, 640x640, 6dd7040f0dd1c093c06769288406d4…)

Hes also a "priest" with the church of satan.
its like he gets some morbid satisfaction from disrespecting normal social values. How the fuck did shows like American Gods justify hiring such an obvious degenerate?

No. 1169238

File: 1614154920643.jpeg (556.52 KB, 1261x1966, 50600D65-86F9-431B-B3DF-A35B1E…)

It was only a honorary title given because he was friendly with LaVey, he’s not associated with the CoS.

Of course racism isn’t putting him behind bars but kinda gross if that’s your only concern with this.

No. 1169240

his lyrics are offensive(ban evading yet again)

No. 1169245

Going for the 'Satanism' and a song that he didn't even write is reaching. I think things like his own description of paying his assistant to let him beat, abuse and degrade him says a lot more than that sort of shit.

I'd say we should focus on the stuff that matters, not rehash outrage from the 90's.

If you're going to try and get him for dropping the N bomb, he did write a song with it - Irresponsible Hate Anthem.

The line is "everybody's someone else's nigger, I know you, are so am I"

But nobody seems to have given a shit til now.

No. 1169248

Were half of you newfags even born when Antichrist was released? This is not milky

No. 1169249

File: 1614156379328.jpg (597.82 KB, 1439x1594, 7a6shr7s00.jpg)

so ive done some research on the man and would you beleive Marilyn Manson isnt his real name? its a fake name he stolen from Charles Manson.
yes THAT Charles manson. he named himself after a serial killer.
you cant make this shit up. unbelievable hes been able to get away with this for so long(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1169259

You are so right.

Were you born just yesterday?

The thread has been insufferable, really.

No. 1169261

A really powerful interview by FKA Twigs who speaks with oprahs wife.
She goes into detail about the abuse mansons protege Shia LeBoofe committed and it sounds identical to what mansons victims endured

No. 1169263

How's that Manson related?
Lebarf is not his protégé. They did party together in 2012, that's it.
Will you now post about JD and AH in this thread too?
Like there isn't enough bs posted.

No. 1169265

Doesn't take long for the manson and Shia sycophants to come out does it ;)
You obviously don't know what you're talking about. Shia and Manson used to be very close with SlB even planning to make a documentary on MM. They partied together and Shia clearly took an artistic influence from MM. Theres no coincidence their crimes against women are almost identical(ban evading yet again)

No. 1169266

Is it the same girl who met him at 16 and that night one of her friends got raped? She also said John 5 is a pedo. Btw hopefully they'll investigate him too.
Why did she think it was a good idea to date Manson when she was 19 after what had happened?
I wish I were that adventurous in my life kek. (it's a joke moralfags)

Shia directed the born Villain video, I know enough. I don't care what lebarf did, their crimes are similar bc both are psycopaths but it IS NOT Shia's thread. And don't use emojis.

No. 1169275

Since MM posted his statement on instagram has there really been no update on him since? Seems odd he hasn't even been caught by paparazzi somewhere

No. 1169280

Reread her statement. >>1150714

When did she accuse John 5?

No. 1169289

crocodile tears on command. nice. why do all these celebs look like they're dead inside and low key sociopathic?(derailing)

No. 1169290

I've noticed the news articles about the accusations have almost dried up and even people like ERW who were posting a dozens updates a day no longer have anything. Just feels like the news cycle has moved on and nothing has ever come of it. urgh

No. 1169294

That's what I have been saying and got called out as Manson PR for. Just seems like this whole thing was some juicy gossip that is slowly drying up. I don't expect anything much to come of it really. No accountability, no charge beyond gossip and personal accounts.

No. 1169297


Well, Brian has been dropped by his record label, management, cut from projects and effectively disappeared off the face of the earth since the allegations - so I wouldn't say nothing has come of it.

In terms of criminal charges, there is an ongoing investigation and we have to wait to see if anything will come of that.

Nothing is being reported because there is currently nothing to report, doesn't mean things aren't still happening in the background.

No. 1169306

File: 1614164478201.jpg (421.31 KB, 1440x1386, _____.jpg)

No. 1169315

This is low-key true but there is one unusual thing, in contrast to what they say in the pic, - the thing is there is a ton of photos taken by MM which could actually be a good evidence-base. Don't forget about the videos too.

Lawyers usually stick to one type of cases because that's how they want their career to be.

Good point. I like to think it's because the FBI is at work.

>disappeared off the face of the earth

not yet. hehe.

Reread my post and yours, you are the only agro here. Tell me what's necessary on the Internet one more time kek.

No. 1169316

True ^ I don’t think anything will come of those particular allegations. But what I think is going on here is exactly what another anon said: it’s to get public attention on him to parallel him with another crime.

No. 1169320

He has one accuser that is not claiming the same as the others.

No. 1169327

LKB posted about those Lindsay videos in her stories. She posted Manson's emails where he was mad about it and was panicked about his career being wrecked.

No. 1169328

Calling out the lawyers is a weird one. Most lawyers have a speciality and those with more experience in a particular crime are going to sought after.
By photo and video evidence, do you mean the edgy art and photoshoots he does? Using these seems like a real stretch and quite dishonest. If Stephen King were ever accused of a serious crime are we going to go through all his books and act like it was in front of us the whole time? I just feel this argument gives an appearance of having nothing else of substance to base the accusations on

No. 1169331

No. 1169332

I followed Lindsay years ago, I didn't check on her daily but I don't remember anything like that, I might have missed. Do you have caps?

No. 1169333

>or corroborating witness statement from the time of the alleged incident.

Where were many witnesses, too many to count.

No. 1169334

Exactly this. Bianca said she’s just talking to the FBI agent this week. It’s waaay too early to claim nothing will come of this.

No. 1169340

File: 1614169567877.jpeg (330.33 KB, 1800x1074, 69275AC8-254D-467A-B3F3-CB8075…)

Imagine how much shit L has on him

No. 1169343

There >>1158094 and >>1158130

Unfortunately, you are kinda right about it. However, this "art" helped to win the public opinion. I would love to know if he ever payed Evan or Esme for those photos. For example, Evan was payed for the video (Heart-Shaped Glasses), IF he payed Esme too, it's gonna be so hard to prove he trafficked her. Because IF he payed her, it boils down to having an affair with an actress whom he invited to work with him and paid her, whilst working together they developed romantic relationship and later they even moved in. The video didn't come out for whatever reasons, it's not unusual. It doesn't cancel the emotional abuse Esme described but that will be hard to prove after so many years.

He couldn't remember what he was saying in that video that Lindsay posted? KEK.
Thanks for the caps.

No. 1169344

Wait a second!
It's 2016 right??? We have CAPS in old threads of HER MOTHER TALKING ABOUT POLICE REPORTS AND PHOTOS IN 2016.
I am so pissed I don't remember anything like that, I followed her but it seems I missed it bc of the time zones.

I want to believe Hope Harvey is burning in hell right now. She did blackmail Manson into staying with her daughter, and the blackmail was the evidence he abused Lindsay. INSANE.

No. 1169345

Pardon me for samefagging for the last 3 posts but

Hope's Twitter in December 2016 >>951928 and >>958737

No. 1169350

Is this actually Lindsay's mom? She sounds like your typical trailer trash feral. How embarrassing

No. 1169352

>By photo and video evidence, do you mean the edgy art and photoshoots he does?

Read the previous threads again. It's been reported by several of MM accusers that he takes pictures and videos of them without their consent before/during/after violent incidents/sex acts in order to blackmail them.
Dozens of them have reported the exact same thing. Some of them spoke about handing over evidence they had to the FBI and/or police.

No. 1169353

As classy as Lindsay you wanted to say?
Yes, it is her mom. I can see you are new to the thread, I highly recommend you the 1-3 threads, these are top kek with a lot of caps and milk. Currently it's lame bullshit that we have here.

No. 1169358

I thought Annie filed a police report. I’m wondering why she didn’t post it.

No. 1169362

It’s amusing to me how many of you people are placing your bets thinking that Manson will get charged on rape allegations with no hospital records, etc, nothing except pics and videos. I already know how that defense will go.

My money is on something else, and pedophilia and whatever these FBI child trafficking investigations are. This is a whole other ball game.

No. 1169364


Holy shit anon, good call. What kind of mother blackmails a man with evidence he ABUSED her daughter instead of calling the police and flying to LA and getting her help to leave the relationship? What the fuck???

Re: Manson’s blackmail I’m sure all his spy store goodies and their hard drives have been destroyed by now. Unless he sent it to the victims it’s gone forever. I think the single biggest thing is his locking women up. I think if the period of time exceeds 12 hours it’s considered kidnapping and comes with a minimum sentence of 12 to life.

No. 1169367

> emotional abuse
apparently he left bruises on her so it's more than just emotional

> if he paid Esme, he didn't traffic her

quit armchair lawyering. clearly you don't have the faintest idea of what you're talking about. human trafficking encompasses situations in which people are recruited and transported by means of deception, or by the abuse of power or the giving or receiving of payments. MM paid for her plane ticket and told her that she would be starring in a music video but he ended up sexually abusing her during that visit. she didn't sign up for that. he transported her internationally and beat her with a whip and tortured her with an electric sex toy on her wounds. to describe that situation as merely an "affair" is stupid as fuck and contradicts the law

No. 1169369

> Manson won't get charged on rape allegations with nothing but pics and videos
there was no real physical evidence against Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein either but now they're rotting in prison for the rest of their lives

No. 1169370

I think Esme may possibly have good trafficking case, especially if it can corroborate with any other possible victims he may have tried to traffic for sex.

No. 1169371

There were like 50 victims each for both of them and there was no prerequisite of making edgy art with any of those cases. Anons are right this situation is much more nuanced then Weinstein jerking off in front of half of LA under the pretense of a meeting. I’m not as familiar with Crosby’s case. I think the closest thing to compare this to is R Kelly- did he actually see any hard jail time?

No. 1169377

Samefag I just looked into R Kelly. His sex cult shit went nowhere legally and what he did get charged with, involved abuse of minors with a videotape. Unless there are minors we aren’t aware (Clare buley wasn’t a minor no matter what anons want to believe and the other girl is over 30+ years ago when he was in his late teens-early 20 himself?) there isn’t anything like that.

No. 1169378

At time esme assured him she wanted that though, even texting him how good the scars felt. It's sickening, but when the victim does that then moves in with him and leaves her husband it gets muddy indeed

No. 1169405

> there were like 50 victims each for both of them
so a dozen women coming forward about MM isn't enough for you? it needs to be dozens? fuck all the way off

No. 1169407

ugh who cares, the fact that his career is in tatters and the only ones stanning him are fucked up creeps like himself is a pretty big punishment.

No. 1169430

Are you retarded? I’m talking about the legal implications for conviction, not moralizing. I think I’m going to just abandon this thread, the amount of newfaggotry and tumblr politicking from constant tourists is too cancerous

No. 1169460

Hon, nobody cares if you leave.

No. 1169465

Apparently you should try to reread my post.

>MM paid for her plane ticket

This is common practice. Models, actors and actresses (usually A list) are often invited to take part in a project abroad and in this case it is absolutely fine if the initiator pays the expenses, i.e. tickets, apartment, sometime meals. It works like that in many industries, not only in entertainment. Thus there is nothing wrong if he paid for her ticket. If it is supposed they already were in romantic relationship at the time, it doesn't change anything about the tickets.

>told her that she would be starring in a music video but he ended up sexually abusing her during that visit.

(1) and she starred in a video, idk if it was a music video. apparently there is a video which was never released. Evan even posted a story about it, a cap from the nachtkabarett. Is it illegal not to release a video? Nope if you are a creator and you have the rights. Is it okay not to send the video\photos to the actress\model? It depends on the agreement. Sometimes it is completely fine, sometimes no. What's important in Manson's case is if there was any agreement in first place.
(2) he sent her the plot beforehand, as far as I remember he had told her she would be manhandled(?) some actors had sex on camera, including violent sex and other not really pleasant to discuss stuff. The question is how many details were revealed before they started "working" together and if the details were listed in the agreement, basically if she agreed to do certain things or not. It is also interesting to know if that agreement was on papers or not. I will explain why in a few sentences. If it was on papers and was signed then there must have been a sentence or two about the money Esme would get for the job right? If he paid her the money it means there was an agreement, things become tricky and Esme will need to prove that she didn't agree to do certain things (or she wasn't given full information, or the agreement itself lacked the details) which she calls sexual abuse now, etc. If it was an oral agreement and no money was ever paid, Manson will have hard time trying to convince the jury everything was consensual (or the agreement ever existed at all). He could use the texts she sent him, saying she loved the experience, Esme's side would have to prove that she was made to think she liked it, basically to prove she was manipulated.
I don't know what to expect from this case given the context which is this >>1169378
It's good to know Esme had participated in BDSM sessions, that means she was experienced and Manson can't defend himself by saying it was BDSM bc she knows what BDMS is like. It's also great there are many cases like hers in which he manipulated or lied or gaslit (I mean Ashley Morgan) bc it will show it's impossible that Esme misunderstood him or she lies, that there is a pattern in his behaviour, not hers. (btw will Ashley Morgan try to press the charges?)

Your problem anon is that you are trying to throw in my face facts that are not problematic\illegal by themselves. If you can't hold a mature conversation, don't reply to my posts please. This is a gossip site where people are allowed to discuss anything that's not against the rules. I am speculating over the ongoing investigation against the cow, just like other anons.
I am just sitting here, waiting when some of you guys will watch (s)aint and start screaming that Manson sexually abused Tim Skold, Dita, Asia, and everybody else in the video, kek.


No. 1169469

forgot to write that if he never paid her anything and they didn't sign anything and their communication started with him offering her a job then human trafficking is a very solid claim to put him behind bars.

No. 1169485

Human trafficking isn’t also just about offering a person a “job” - it’s also soliciting sex from someone and deceiving them under the guise of wanting a romantic relationship.

No. 1169488

true, my bad.
Doesn't change much about my words above though.
If let it be there was not any agreement or payment, he'll probably try to pull "I shot my gf in my music video fuck off" and then he'll have to explain the lyrics kek.

No. 1169491


The definition of Human sex trafficking applies broadly to being coerced or manipulated into commercial sex work, with the aim of exploiting them for the trafficker’s personal profit. The aim of the person is crucial in convicting for trafficking not just the fact that he flew them out. He did not benefit commercially from her in any way, Manson didn’t even release the video he did with her, so Idk how the law can apply in this case but I am not a lawyer so who knows. Low key it seems like Esme or her legal defense is reaching. Unless someone actually says he pimped them out online or to his associates for MONEY (would involve actual work on his part, so) I don’t see how a trafficking charge is viable. Her case is really a domestic abuse case.

No. 1169495

From Esme's account in newspaper, she alleges she was never paid for her work and locked up in his house for 3 days. MM did send an email shortly beforehand about mandling, but in short notice with few details by what she recounts. Caps are posted in previous thread.
I think if her lawyer pushes human trafficking, they know why they're doing it.
We don't have the whole case open with evidence in front of us - law enforcement do. If they're going for that, seems very likely they know they have a ground.

No. 1169496

File: 1614185436350.jpeg (367.88 KB, 750x947, BB13D2B3-A126-48FD-BEEC-40535E…)


Forgot the add picrel. Department of Homeland security.

No. 1169497

If there’s other victims that could corroborate with her, that he did exploit, and profited commercially; there could be a good case against him.

No. 1169499

I think it's part of a bigger case where groupies have alledged they were flown by management from everywhere in the world to "entertain" MM and co. That was also discussed in previous thread.

No. 1169504

Zombinatrix has deleted her IG.Why?

No. 1169505

I’m talking about real victims, not groupies who were “willing”. I don’t think that’s illegal. And according to Esme, she’s claiming she never got paid. Which at first I thought she did get paid for her work with him.

No. 1169506


Her own words was that was “not allowed to leave”. Was she chained to the floor? Threatened with physical violence or having her family targeted? Had her passport withheld and wallet? Or he just yelled at her while mainlining ten lines of coke?

No. 1169511

Also her definition of “involuntary servitude” in her case doesn’t make sense. Again, she didn’t do any “work” for him that she didn’t agree to beforehand. He didn’t benefit from her. Groupies being flown out only meet the definition of trafficking if they are underaged.

No. 1169518

I think it doesn't really matter.
She didn't say anything about money at all in that article.

>Again, she didn’t do any “work” for him that she didn’t agree to beforehand.

We don't know. As anon said above we don't know if they had agreed on everything and what this ‘everything’ is before filming.

I choose to believe this anon >>1169495 is right and the lawyers know what they're doing.

No. 1169521

File: 1614187008634.jpg (123.85 KB, 431x369, YabtyUx.jpg)


>I think the single biggest thing is his locking women up. I think if the period of time exceeds 12 hours it’s considered kidnapping and comes with a minimum sentence of 12 to life.

Kidnapping has to involve transportation of the person. False Imprisonment is more like it, however the SoL would have expired for the older cases.

Unless I've missed something, what I don't understand is why the details of the California accusations were redacted from Senator Rubio's letter? It could be that Human Trafficking is all they have, and it was redacted because Esme wasn't ready and/or they were delaying those accusations so as not to dominate the headlines. They are contentious accusations as evident from this thread, and may have undermined the whole movement from the start.

No. 1169539

Looks like he may have a possible case on false imprisonment, where I know the SOL didn’t run out.

No. 1169548

File: 1614189738839.jpeg (408.48 KB, 750x909, B6B30B52-1AF2-4D73-8015-579442…)

I was remembering this case of a failed fashion writer who went insane and broke into his colleagues apartment and held her captive while enacting parts of his failed play about Andy Warhol (yes lol). He was convicted of kidnapping even though no transportation happening.

No. 1169569

Bianca said in the article above she’s been harassed and her accounts hacked since speaking out. >>1168876 Maybe that has something to do with it.

No. 1169571

Got any proof that this isn't fake? Bc it reeks of bs.

No. 1169575

Been around for ages and I've never seen those videos. It's bullshit.

No. 1169576

What does, the video or her texts?
Lindsay deleted the video quickly and I’ve heard more then one person talk about it. Lindsay’s behavior on IG back then was pretty erratic.
As for LKB texts, sure it could be fake but why. She has proof she knows him.

No. 1169577

> don't reply to my posts
> this is a gossip site where people are allowed to discuss anything that's not against the rules
kek so which is it?

No. 1169578

Evan looks fucked up. None of the pics show her happy.

No. 1169582

> I am not a lawyer so who knows
some of us actually are legal professionals nonnie. the law doesn't care about your uneducated opinion.

No. 1169587

Manson was in his teens in the 90s? Suuuuuure

No. 1169594

Multiple people also claim that he groomed Evan since she was like 14 or something which is also complete bullshit.

No. 1169602


So do you wanna explain then how this counts as human trafficking then? No one care about your flex unless you actually provide something of value with it.

Also legal profession meaning…paralegal? Entertainment lawyer? ligation finance? There are about ten bijillion legal professions that don't have anything to do with this subject and doesn't give you special insight just because you work in some one area of law.

No. 1169612

Evan and MM met in 2005 when she was 18. If someone claims she was groomed from age 14 they clearly don’t know what they’re taking about.
If more then one person claims to have seen the video that would be a strange conspiracy. Just saying it’s bullshit without anything to back it up doesn’t make it true.

No. 1169629

> just because you've gone through law school and are currently employed in the legal profession doesn't mean you understand the law
kek just stop you're embarrassing yourself

> wanna explain then

I've already explained but it's like talking to a brick wall when it comes to trolls like you

No. 1169635

File: 1614198404341.jpg (208.94 KB, 1080x920, Screenshot_20210224-212612_Bra…)

No. 1169641

Yes, you’re a teenager when you’re 18.

No. 1169644

She was technically a teenager at the time . She was 18 and a legal adult when she first met him. She deliberately uses language which would seem more sinister to those who don't know the actual facts. Just like she refers to her parading in nazi attire as occurring when she was "underage" but in actuality 19 years old. Technically true if you are referring to the legal drinking age but very deceptive to the general public.

No. 1169646

so has the "general public" filed some kind of grievance against us all and you're their appointed representation, here to set the record straight? god who fucking cares. you know who is "very deceptive to the general public"? BRAIN WARNER and i'm here to laugh at his dumbass life, not save his ass in the court of public opinion

No. 1169649

Describing yourself as a teenager when you were 18 is not sinister, it’s accurate. Manson was 38.,

She was wearing Manson’s hat, so he also ‘parades in nazi attire’ if we’re going to be fair. Dita wore the hat too. Evan was underage to drink and the pics were taken at a private party while drunk on liquor/drugs he provided. That’s not difficult to understand.

No. 1169651

I apologize. You sound really badass and I am very intimidated.

No. 1169652

>she refers to her parading in nazi attire
Whilst I agree with your age take, could you please be less obvious?

No. 1169657

>b-b-but Dita wore the hat tooo!
>Anon DESTROYS commentor with superior LOGIC!
welp. I bow down down to your superior argument which relies on whataboutism. We all know ERW is manipulative in her language. If she wanted to be factual she would have given full context such include her age. There a reason she didn't mention it.

No. 1169660

get the last word, obvious tard pooping on the board with your dumbass musings

No. 1169661

Sorry was my factual comment not PC? Maybe I should have called it "politically alternative attire"(infighting)

No. 1169667

Dinner for Five Season 1 Episode 5 Andy Dick, Daryl Hannah, and Marilyn Manson

Brian talks about "groupie" at 18.49mins - Andy Dick saw the film and it scared him. I bet Brian still has a copy of it.

No. 1169671

There's been a couple mentions in this thread that the Phoenix Act has shared and supported Annie's reports.
The Phoenix Act instagram and twitter seem mostly dead and haven't posted anything recently. Anyone know where their posts of Annie are?

No. 1169681

File: 1614202806608.png (757.7 KB, 784x1063, 8ADB575D-9BB9-4969-AB0B-F9A7C1…)

Good point.
I’m not an OP who said that but maybe because Illma Gore, who runs the Phoenix Act, follows Annie? Evan also shared an article about Lana Del Ray which originated from Annie, though I don’t believe Evan ever directly reposted her.

No. 1169685

Also Kelly Blaus who’s the communications liaison at Phoenix Act posted about her on Twitter and shared her posts in her Insta stories.

No. 1169689

That article evan shared was directly linking to Annie’s posts throughout so it wasn’t needed to even mention her IMO

Can we get off the Annie subject tho? I believe her but there’s no new milk and I’m bored of it.

No. 1169709

File: 1614205670848.jpg (12.96 KB, 225x225, survivors0_.jpg)

umm how about no. Annie has the strongest evidence against Brian and as far as we know is also his most recent victim meaning her report to the police is within the statute of limitations and most likely what is going to imprison him.
So no, nice try but we're not going to silence victims.

No. 1169722

I said I believed her and I said there’s no new milk so there’s no need to chat about her unless there’s more stuff she posts that’s relevant. Isn’t that what she asked anyway?

No. 1169725

File: 1614207238261.jpeg (828.53 KB, 1242x2424, B3A9488D-D205-447A-82B1-65E6C0…)

Dita & boyfriend Adam are allegedly hiding their own exploitation of young women & allegedly, Adam has talked about the abuse Dita endured while involved with Manson. All speculations as of now.

No. 1169730

source ?

No. 1169731

RlrrPaola on IG. Mansionisabusive is following the account HOWEVER upon further review. I think this is some troll that’s trying to triangulate the armie hammer situation with Manson. My thoughts are it’s Effie.

No. 1169745

No. 1169746

…adrenochrome? Get the fuck out of here with that q anon bullshit pleeeeease

No. 1169749


now her aloof and dismissive response kinda makes sense.

No. 1169753

tbh this looks like complete conspirotard bullshit. Is there anything which confirms any of this?

No. 1169758

Nothing confirmed just yet all allegations but I figured I should share the claims since it might be connected

No. 1169761

File: 1614210927682.jpg (367.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210224-175018_Ins…)

Idk… I'm reading the stories she posted right now.
My hearts all disappointed I knew all of them were into kink but its all so non discretionary and sloppy.

This cant be real…
Even with the manson conversation screenshots I was so skeptical about the language used.

I just assumed they'd be more well spoken…less absolute sleeze.
Like a greasy bar guy with a combover. Especially Dita. It is all just speculation and idk… maybe not true.

No. 1169762

But the Qanon thing….it seems like social faux-pas and a nonsequitur to the accusations.

No. 1169774

To be frank 95% of all the accusations are just social faux pas and a manchild having unhealthy relationships with adults. If these threads only po