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No. 1152190

Previous Threads:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition:
Marilyn Manson #2 : Chin of Sin Edition:
Marilyn Manson #3: In Search of Lost Tooth Edition:
Marilyn Manson #4: Fake PR Moves Edition:
Marilyn Manson #5:
Marilyn Manson #6: Baby Manson Time Edition:
Marilyn Manson #7: Honeymoon Edition:

Old thread bio updated.

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 52-year-old drug addict, washed-up rocker, serial abuser, and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

>Accused by multiple ex-girlfriends, including Evan Rachel Wood, of rape, physical, sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement, and forced drug use.

>Uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse, and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video, or wanting a serious relationship.
>Long term on-and-off relationship with Lindsay Usich, 35 year old NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other women he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans.
>Publicly talked about wanting to beat Evan Rachel Wood's skull in with a sledgehammer.
>May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls. Also alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18 year old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them.
>May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underage, and tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella (@sourgirrrl).
>Has an assistant (sockpuppet?) named Judd who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuse and stalking towards young girls.
>Got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by Lindsay.
>Torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and is still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image.

No significant social media links, except for the official @marilynmanson.
Lindsay Usich's instagram is @lindsayusichofficial, comments disabled.

Discussed in First Thread:
>Receipts from multiple accounts discussing accusations of abuse/assault by Evan Rachel Wood, Esme Bianco, Clare Buley, Louise Keay Bell, and Ashley Morgan.
>Harassment and death threats from Manson and his orbiters including ex-assistant Judd and anonymous “online troops.”
>Horrorshow performances from Lindsay and her mother, Hope Harvey, harassing and talking shit about and to Manson fans.
>A discussion about who is the controlling one in Manson and Lindsay's relationship.
>@mansonisabusive kindly shared many receipts and info.
>Paranoia and suspicion a-go-go about the general circus that surrounds El Chinno Manson and his Hollywood Hareem.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Second Thread:
>More receipts, maybe from trolls, maybe from genuine victims of abuse.
>Lindsay concentrates all of her efforts into sharing updates from blissful quarantine cohabitation: plants, cats, and the usual boring posts, but most importantly – usually flashing what looks like an engagement ring.
>Also shares a post from her cousin, who speaks of an encounter with Manson, when he referred to Lindsay as his “fiancé.”
>Farmers work out this anecdote actually reveals that the engagement happened around six years ago.
>It's decided that Madelyn is a deluded pick me, although entertaining. Farmers made a half-hearted attempt not to give her any more airtime as she self-posts and encourages orbiters to post.
>A slew of other batshit fans come to light.
>@mansonisabusive IG account visits and shares very interesting caps. We thank her.
>Still waiting for the @666fearless full story.
>Die Antwoord/Zheani/Manson connection is mentioned. Zheani has dirt on Manson, but no one knows what.
>Discussion of Linday's catfish accounts including Ticklish Witch, Mina Lowry, and multiple others.
>Talk of a super-fan turned super-hater, Tiziana Collins, aka Titti, and whether she faked her own death to return as her own mother.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the second thread for:

Discussed in Third Thread:
>Receipts Lindsay fought with ex-side-chick, Viktoria (Twitter: @LaPetitMort_), and made her personal information public via her Twitter.
>Receipts from Viktoria's twitter of Manson talking shit about John 5 (with whom he was about to tour).
>Extensive evidence of Lindsay's full-of-cheap-bots followership, poor PR, and desperate attempts to build a fake last-minute career for her.
>Manson and Lindsay's engagement announcement (with zero media coverage no matter how hard they tried).
>Louise Keay Bell, one of the victims, came to the thread to milk her trauma and change the narrative of her experience with Manson when no one had been talking about her.
>Receipts Manson sent legal threats to Louise Keay Bell and more of her and Jessicka Adams claiming Lindsay grooms underage girls for Manson.
>A social statement of Louise Keay Bell saying Lindsay was part of Manson's sexual assaults.
>Even though Louise Keay Bell was very vocal on her recent abuse case when nobody actually asked her, she was not brave enough to address anything from the above.
>Proof of staff molesting female fans and abusing their position.
>Michelle's (@666fearless) abuse case was fully revealed. Some anons questioned her credibility.
>More evidence of his abusive, toxic, racist, misogynistic behavior from various interviews.
>Proof that Manson forces his orbiters to sign NDAs.
>Poor fake and full of shit PR moves.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fourth Thread:
>A video of Manson admitting to fucking underage girls on stage.
>Madelyn was accused by anons of sitting outside of Manson's house in her car on Lindsay's birthday. A photo Madelyn had taken of herself in her car and a few of Hope Harvey's tweets (quoted) from before she went private were posted as proof.
>Questioning why Hope went private in the first place. Deduced that Manson's lawyer probably reached out to her because she was sharing too much personal information.
>Talk of an account (@_noname666_) that commented on one of Madelyn's posts, mocking her and her “relationship” with Manson.
>Suspicion of whether he and Lindsay are already married or not after he posted a photo on his IG page, wearing what looked like a wedding band with the caption, “The Price of Darkness.”
>Receipts of now deleted hate accounts and subscriptions that Louise Keay Bell posted. @666fearless was also being harassed. Both blamed Judd/Manson for it.
>Screens from a website claiming Lindsay had a “baby bump.” Debunked as a hoax.
>Dawn (@miss_dangerx, @guitargunn, @dawn.slays and possible other accounts) splurging and accusing Manson of being a pedophile. Also claims that he had a fake FB account (Mark Peak II) and harassed her, using her personal phone number. Was passed off as a troll.
>@_noname666_ joined the thread for a bit, revealing that Manson's was (allegedly) formally diagnosed with both bipolar and narcissistic disorders. He was prescribed lithium that he sometimes forgets to take, which is supposed to be an excuse for his behavior. They also alluded to Manson being Lindsay's financial supporter and main source of income, even during periods where they weren't living together.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fifth Thread:
>Manson finally released his single, “We Are Chaos.”
>Speculations that Manson/Lindsay post in the threads after someone dropped a private picture of Lindsay. Anons couldn't find a source.
>Screens from Reddit of people saying that Twiggy/Manson had sex with them while they were underage.
>An anonymous ex-side-chick leaked some messages and shared some information on Manson. She claimed Lindsay harassed her during the entire period of their relationship via fake IG accounts. Anons finally got an answer to what “Baby Manson Time” is.
>The full album was finally released. Lyrics are derivative of his older works and most of the songs read as digs against his accusers/Lindsay.
>@mansonisabusive finally made their account public again.
>Lindsay posted in her story that her mother, Hope Harvey, passed away. Cows made sure to milk her death as much as possible.
>Their marriage was confirmed in an interview he did with Nicolas Cage.
>Manson incriminates himself after hanging up on a journalist and refusing to answer any more questions after being asked about the Evan Rachel Wood situation. Rose McGowan posted screens of a message she sent Manson in her story on IG and tagged Evan, claiming she, “wouldn't be used as a shield,” not long after.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Sixth Thread:
>Evidence of Lindsay supporting hate accounts.
>Laney Chantal shares her opinion on the situation. Caps of her liking some of @mansonisabusive's posts were posted.
>Lindsay getting fan accounts to harass anyone that speaks out against them.
>Edwin Costa makes a video covering Manson's history.
>Proof that Manson cheated on Rose with Dita.
>More comments from one of Lindsay's abandoned IG accounts, @lindsay.usich, saying that she was never a photographer before she met him.
>Edwin Costa's Twitter and Louise Keay Bell's Facebook accounts were hacked. Anons speculated that Manson was involved.
>Cow tries to repair all of his damaged past relationships in an attempt to find allies.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Seventh Thread:
>Evan Rachel Wood finally names Manson as her abuser, along with a ton of other women.
>Victims saying that Lindsay participated in the abuse.
>Loma Vista, his long-time record label, drops him following the accusations. Starz also cuts him from American Gods and Creepshow.
>Lindsay's still buying bots. Up to 3k new followers a day.
>Caps from Leslee Lane's Discord server of her saying Lindsay was asking for incriminating pictures of Evan.
>Underage girls accuse Manson of grooming them on Kik.
>Judd was supposedly never fired.
>An ex-fan explains how he picks up young girls at meet and greets.
>Welfare check called to Manson's house.
>A whole ton of stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

No. 1152195

As much as I want to see this POS do time. I really think he's going to get away with it all like William Control did.

No. 1152198

Totally agree with you he had no repercussions, police case dropped, still making shitty music, shacked up with three ‘wives’ still seeing his son. Vile man

No. 1152199

I am curious what is going on in his mansion and what his PR team is gonna come up next. What a shit show this man is.

No. 1152200

His career is over either way.

No. 1152201

File: 1612467673390.png (49.96 KB, 591x333, Screenshot_2021-02-04 traitor …)

another underage story

No. 1152206

I don‘t know, it‘s all over even international media. Compared to William Control, Manson is more of a household name due to his past success. He‘ll likely have a much harder time to get away with his bullshit, and frankly, I don‘t think his brain-fried ass is capable of successfully maneuvering out of this.

No. 1152211

Can the intro video from Manson's site used as evidence?

No. 1152215

Not much but a couple more details. Police went to his home at 6pm for a “disturbing incident” and Manson refused to talk to them. They returned at 8pm when witnesses supposedly heard someone shout they wanted to leave but can’t. Again, Manson refused to talk to the police.



No. 1152216

Maybe, but it could also be dismissed as theatrics because of imagery he's used before. But I'm sure he has a ton of other pictures and videos that could be recovered if the FBI really are doing an investigation.

No. 1152217

What da f?
What if that was Lindsay? I don't want her to die! I want too see her in prison.

No. 1152220

We’re dismissing the whole “Patty Hearst” defense for Lindsay. Did she participate in crimes? Sure. Was it due to Stockholm Syndrome because she identified with her captor? If she has any chance of being “innocent,” that’s the ticket.

No. 1152222

I'm just using rationality here but it was probably manson yelling at the time crew that he wanted to leave the house but he fucking cant because they are camped outside of his house. In the video posted you can hear people saying something about being there 24 hours and that they're there all day.

He may feel the media is probably harassing him.

He's probably partying (if that's even where the party sound were coming from) because he feels he should go out happy or at least entertained.

I also want to state for anyone who might believe that he's in his house moping that- yeah he's probably unhappy but the dudes not computer illiterate. They're probably just hanging out playing video games and using other unknown to the public accounts.

It always drives me insane when people think for one second that famous people are computer illiterate even if they state so most of it is for show.

They all have security and security has to be tested somehow.

I also dont think Lindsay is unhappy about the situation. And even if she was involved I have sick feeling they are completely into making each other pay.

That's just they're relationship, I speculate.

No. 1152224

I add. If were going to play the gossip game - think from many angles or were just going around in circles for the sake of taking up space with commentary.

No. 1152225

Are there any American anons who can explain what's next?
FBI is at work now. Good. Is there a way to check in the updates? Do they do public reports? How long does it usually take? If the senator handed in the request more than 10 days ago why hasn't he been questioned yet? Not even detained or asked to leave the house to let it be searched.

No. 1152228

She's the weak link in Warner's mess. She better cover her arse and go talk to the police and do some plea deal bargaining shit but looks like she does not have a brain to work with soooo

And police did not investigate further? This is concerning.

No. 1152229

Check on* pardon my esl ass

No. 1152232

I imagine the only thing Lindsay is upset about is the fact that this kind of ruins her we’re so intellectual and high-brow artsy Dali/Gala facade she’s been working the last year. Now everyone knows their lives are just a big gilded turd. But I’d imagine neither of them believe he’s going to face real consequences.

No. 1152234

But she doesn't act like she's been abused. That doesn't mean that women who don't seem like victims aren't, but most abuse survivors would never do what their abuser did to them or help them. She's a bad person, regardless of what he did/does to her. And I don't think she should be allowed to leave. She should face the repercussions just like he's going to.

No. 1152241

She knew what was going on, I am sure she's read a lot of Evan's posts since 2016, it's impossible she failed to draw parallels between her experience of Manson and Evan's. I believe she made her mind to not to be his victim and be part of that romantic (not) bs she's been pulling lately. She had the audacity to gather pictures to further blackmail Evan (or to silence her, we will never know the truth). Anybody who believes she shouldn't be held accountable is delusional.
We all read victims' stories, he inevitably loses interest in every new victim after a while. I do believe MM ditched Lindsay many many times, she chose to stay. Unlike many of his victims, she actually had a lawyer dad who could help her but nah, never happened. Instead she used her resources to trade for a better (ofc questionably from the point of view of a sane person) position. She must be investigated as his accomplice.

No. 1152246

Sorry for samefagging.
I am actually very sad her mom died. I would LOVE to see the hag go nuts. Yes, I am an evil person. Judge me asap.

No. 1152259

That fucking gut in the OP pic…wow.

No. 1152271

File: 1612473226307.jpg (66.94 KB, 570x774, 1a1a71094dea00e7b588d3fe945129…)


Some anon came in threads and threads ago claiming to know.have worked with him and stated that ONLY reason he married her was because she was blackmailing him was incriminating material. Also as a married couple she cannot be compelled to testify against him.

on the subject from the last thread about his personal appearance, he was never going to be a male model but he clearly looked better as skinny person with some edgy charisma and witty references then a greasy, drugged out landwhale with missing teeth.

No. 1152277

File: 1612473386286.jpeg (437.24 KB, 1125x800, 9413C9C0-6672-47D5-9EC2-10190E…)

This randomly popped up in a fitness group I am in on Facebook (they were all discussing about taking Manson off of playlists).

No. 1152284

For what its worth, a girl i used to know through the metal scene years ago was front row for his australian high end of low tour(2009), one of the stage assistants picked her and her friend out right as the show ended and they got to go back stage then proceeded to be invite back to the hotel room for drinks.

She maintains nothing ever happened, but both manson and twiggy kept making sexually suggestive remarks to both of them, the drunker they got the more crude they became.

She was 17 and her friend was 16, supposedly they never asked for ID's or even their age.

They ended up leaving in the early morning (3am or so) because they started getting uncomfortable with their comments.

No. 1152304

File: 1612476588482.jpeg (690.19 KB, 828x1497, D5EFB61B-6D25-4CBF-8CC3-8D7B3E…)

Otep spoke up about his relationship with His now wife

No. 1152305

File: 1612476625009.jpeg (699.92 KB, 828x1436, 551E5037-A478-4B9F-82DE-614C8D…)

No. 1152308

The music industry is renowned for being toxic as fuck. Wasn't Red hot chilli peppers in the eye of the (admittedly small) storm of sexual abuse allegations from someone who was working for their label? Brian Warner's case might be the pandora box opened for the music industry.

Good on them for leaving

No. 1152318

Oh fuck yes- Otep(newfag)

No. 1152321

We all know that abuse cases has been storming up in the music industry for a while but I'm 100% sure that Warner's case might be the beginning of a #metoo related movement but this time more focused in the music industry

No. 1152326


No. 1152331


so fucking happy she spoke out, just one more reason that i love this woman so fucking much.

lindsay abuse confirmed. i don't think he's ever had a relationship where he didn't hurt his gf. and yes, that includes dita, no matter how much schadenfreude she might feel that evan was hurt worse by him than she was.

No. 1152343

that cracked me up too. Warner's insecurities come to life in Don, the mustachioed blond man. Ok Brian.

No. 1152349

But like other people have already said, he tried to get rid of her for years. It's her fault this is happening because she had a ton of chances to leave and she chose to stay with him, even when he puts her through shit like that. Maybe it's her repentance for helping him.

No. 1152354

File: 1612478867413.jpeg (491.78 KB, 1150x2093, ADF942BE-618C-495F-8D5C-248584…)

Update from Jordan Arentz aka Saint Sashaa.

No. 1152371

Ok but…you don’t actually know that. The text she sent him that fearless capped that turned into the infamous “break up letter” sounded like her trying to leave him. You have no idea why she kept coming back and for all we know HE pulled her back every time like he did with Evan. That’s really common with narcissists. I bet anything she tried to leave and got the same 158 phone calls in a row. Mixed in with the fact that she’s very insecure/unstable and probably not a great person to begin with, he really found the perfect combo of someone who he could always get back whenever he wanted after the other girls left him. You don’t have to dismiss how shitty she is but the idea that she could’ve left him but didn’t can apply to any one of his victims and it’s not cool.

No. 1152388

Otep expressing the exact thought I have every time I read about another girl being manipulated and abused by him - I would kick the absolute shit out of this hambeast. Why the fuck was there not one single person who stood up to him? Can they not see what I see, and what a lot of another canny anons see - that he’s a fucking goober with two left feet, serious delusions about his talent, an absolute cringe lord who just needs a kick up the arse and karate chop to the face.

No. 1152390

Just speculation but i honestly feel like theres something that's still not being told. The post above by SaintSashaa implies something horrific. And someone else (i cant remember what her name was) who said that she told him terrifying things too.

I get the feeling people are legitimately scared of him. Since a lot of what he's said in interviews seems to be true, it might be that he genuinely knows some very dangerous people, or he may be straight up fucking psychotic.

No. 1152391

So true. I don't blame them but so true. There has to be a failed victim who kicked his ass out there. I hope she exists.

There's a ton of stuff that implies she used the dirt she had on him to stay rather than leave for good. I know technically she's a victim but I couldn't care less.

No. 1152398

I don't mean that it's not hard for victims to leave because it isn't, but he was actively trying to get rid of her for years. She harassed his other girlfriends the whole time he was with them and fought to keep her place, not to mention the blackmail rumors. She wanted to stay.

No. 1152406

Evan, Ashley Walters, and Sarah McNeilly all said Manson illegally collects blackmail on people to keep them quiet. I’m sure there’s many who want to speak out or kick his ass but are afraid of retaliation.

No. 1152412

But what could he possibly have on people that would be so bad that you wouldn’t just tell him to fuck off out of it.
Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand being under the control of a narcissistic manipulator, and true, he may have had his dodgy blackmail dossiers, but was there really not one person who could have told him to stfu and wind his neck in? I guess not.
Like >>1152391 says, I wonder if there’s one that got away who proverbially kicked him in the nads at the time.

No. 1152413

And where’s Lindsays sister in all of this? I’m sure she received those same frantic middle of the night phone calls about Mansons violence filled drug benders but it’s just mums the word for her too?? She’s ok with her sister being with this abusive walking double-chin?

No. 1152421

I keep tinfoiling the fuck out of this, but one of the women accusing Armie Hammie of abuse (@house.of.regrets) is only following five people. One of them is Lindsey. Is HoR Ashley, or one of their friends?

No. 1152426

Does she answer dms? You could ask her…

No. 1152428

We don’t cowtip, naughty anon.

No. 1152432

Sad but true.

Don't ban me, dear mod, I won't be naughty again.

No. 1152433

Ashley as in her sister? I think she’s too busy playing the happy homemaker LA mom rich white lady who keeps her mouth shut so she doesn’t upset the fragile world of rockstar secrets to engage in any of this. She’s not even helping her own sister out ffs.

No. 1152434

Tbh it seems like their whole family is distant, cold to each other and only posing together for PR.

No. 1152441

Off you go in the naughty anon room

No. 1152455

Mods, sorry for off-topic, but thank you to anons who brought up Genesis P-Orridge abusing Tutti and Coil being pedos in the other thread, didn't know that.

Why is it apparently so hard to play a musical instrument without becoming an exploitative piece of shit? At least their music was better than Manson still cosplaying a teenager in his 40s.

No. 1152465

I wonder how Halsey is feeling about her giant dumbass rib tattoo right about now

No. 1152475

I want statements from Poppy and Lady Gaga, who were both inspired by him, and Halsey, yes.

Soooo many people have giant tats of Manson or his symbols. This is why you don't tattoo people on yourself unless you know them or they've been dead for decades.

No. 1152476


yeap I was the one who brhought up about Genesis (it doesn't matter since I'm anon anyway lel)

>At least their music was better than Manson still cosplaying a teenager in his 40s.

True, beside all the worst that happened, they were a revolution to music, Manson is just a copycat of everyone he used to listen.

No. 1152478

>I want statements from Poppy and Lady Gaga

I want to include Ghostemane on this list too since he was also inspired and both he and Poppy became closer to Manson recently.

No. 1152488

Traditional public-facing entertainment jobs are self-selecting; not only do you have to be a 'certain type of person' to seek a career that immerses you in an endless sea of attention, but unless your career launches before you are out of high school then trying to 'make it' requires a high amount of risk for an extremely low probability of success. The types of people who are willing to sacrifice their stability for those odds may not have the best decision-making skills, especially when surrounded by a culture that enables bad behavior to the point of ordering drugs and whores for you on-demand.

No. 1152493

which thread was the genesis info in?

No. 1152497

#7, bottom comments.

No. 1152499

No. 1152546

Chipping in about Porridge. Cba to reel off past fandom and encounters, so just saying there's a FB group called GENESIS SURVIVORS. Ex PTV Fred Giannelli runs it and he loathed GPO. Lots of bile on the group. Paula's a member btw. As dodgy as his ~art~ was, in his company Gen just came across as manipulative, acid fried and a scammer. Never heard any stories of activities with children. Paula's very respectful, but I feel she was manipulated heavily by him from the beginning. She was a teen working on a checkout when he went after her. Really that's the only thing I thought was concerning.

That's all. Just a heads up if anyone wants to look at posts there. You'll need to scroll a bit. Fred posts videos, but since porridges death, not much activity.(derailing)

No. 1152572

Sorry if this has been discussed previously, I keyword searched the past two threads and didn't see anything. But does anyone have any insight to what Gabriella meant when she said he posted photos to triangulate her with other women?

No. 1152575

Narcissists use a tactic called triangulation, when they're manipulating two people at once, and making one of them jealous of the other by praising them and building them up in public, while the other one gets abused in private. Then they switch.

He posted a picture of Gabriella with two other girls right when they started their relationship, presumably to hurt some other woman. Gabriella has the entire story up on her ig, @sourgirrrl.

No. 1152578

Yes I read her story I just wanted clarification on triangulation. Thank you for explaining!

No. 1152596

Also he was seeing Claire Buley (Lilith) at the same time. I remember Lilith and others mocking Gabriella for her figure and also Lilith mocking Madelyn Grimes for her art

No. 1152605

It surprises me how people even doubt hes a pedo. The heart spiral thing literally means lil girl lover and he has a masonic tattoo on his hand. Most of these celebrities are pedos and praise satan. That's why you see Depp and others getting along with such a twisted person. Wake up.(tinfoil)

No. 1152612

The spiral heart symbol he has tattooed on his wrist was imagery from Eat Me, Drink Me. It has nothing to do with pedophilia. That was just a rumor that started spreading after the album was released.

No. 1152614

slightly ot but wasn’t Nick Simmons that Idiot who tried to sell his garbage ripoff ‚manga‘ back in the days, and acted like a total prick when people pointed out his obvious plagiarism?

No. 1152617


And? Just because it is from an album it doesn't take away the symbolism. Pedo symbolism like that is well known.

No. 1152618

>Most of these celebrities are pedos and praise satan.

I know that Hollywood is not a beautiful place that everything is fine but this line sounds so much like something that only a QAnon believer would say

No. 1152619

It’s probably just Dawn sperg ignore it

No. 1152621


Qanon is bullshit to distract from what's reallt happening. If you don't believe most of these celebrities are evil pieces of shit pedos youll be getting a big surprise as time goes on

No. 1152622

Qanon and pizzagate shit is actually making it harder to expose the pedos running the entertainment industry, because they're all clowns who worship pedos themselves, delegitimizing any suspicions

No. 1152623

The girl"love" and boy"love" symbols are specifically a big heart surrounding a little heart or a big triangle around a little triangle (geddit). Not every spiral is a pedo symbol

No. 1152624


These symbols do have variation. It's not picture perfect.

No. 1152626

File: 1612497551622.jpg (156.63 KB, 864x1390, walls-ice-cream-sign-CTRYBT.jp…)

>Most of these celebrities are pedos and praise satan.

Too much Icke. All the symbolism of paedos, freemasonry, Project Monarch are done to death. Celebs play up on it.

Wall's have it as their logo. Omg, ice cream van men all love children.

When people use this ridiculousness, it lowers the impact of legit claims. Why bring in that bs when there are claims without the wacko speculation?

No. 1152628

The Freemasons have specifically renounced Manson, stating that he was never a member. He likes to borrow a lot of imagery that he doesn't understand. I'd be more worried about the Nazi shit on his chest and arms.

Freemasons also aren't a big pedo club, they're just an old boys club where they make pancakes and complain about arthritis. They used to be powerful half a century ago, but these days they're just a very, very lame club for old farts and nerds. Lots of celebs use Illuminati imagery, but it's just a superficial pop interest in the occult.

And that heart symbol is called a twisted heart and it has nothing to do with pedos, it's just a shitty logo designed for a shitty era. >>1152626 and evidently stolen from ice cream.

Was Marilyn Manson trying to tell us something about his toxic relationships with ice cream? Something to do with how fat he got?

No. 1152630

Freemason and former MM fan here. I can confirm that while he loves to use our symbols, he is not and has never been a Mason. I’m not at liberty to share details, but I know he has approached at least two Lodges for membership and his application has been swiftly sent to the round file as he does not meet the group’s qualifications for character or belief in a Supreme Being.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1152631

File: 1612498080427.png (427.8 KB, 684x932, MansonMason.png)

For some reason this is low key hilarious.

No. 1152641

only men can be freemasons. begone scrote. this site isn't for you.

No. 1152645

File: 1612499234484.jpeg (495.15 KB, 750x1112, C1DC86E3-E84E-4943-98CB-D8FB7B…)

I love how he had this pic up on Instagram of the Roman Polanski suite and took it down recently. But no, nothing to hide here.

No. 1152651

Wasn't Roman Polanski accused of having sex with a 13-year-old girl? Maybe Manson's planning on leaving for France. That would be the only way for him to avoid being legally prosecuted since France doesn't extradite its citizens.

No. 1152653


Yeah, Polanski lives in France for the same reason, wouldn't be surprised if Brian ends up there.

No. 1152665

Yes exactly. Over the years he really hasn’t hid his obsession of men with a preference for teenage girls- Polanski, Lewis Carroll, Humbert Humbert. How dumb do you have to be to make that a part of your persona.

Hey everyone I’m super into older men who liked teenage girls and tattoos that look like swastikas but with enough plausible deniability that they’re actually swastikas.

Cue his idiot fan base tripping over their own dicks to wax poetic about how iNtElLiGeNt he is.

No. 1152682


His iNteLliGent line from Columbine documentary that is just PR statement. I wish he said what he really wanted and ended his career as a consequence.

No. 1152685

Him being blamed for Columbine was probably the worst thing that could've happened because now everyone compares that to the allegations against him when they have absolutely no correlation whatsoever.

No. 1152691

Also like…was it even THAT great of a statement? “What would you say to them?” “Nothing I would listen.” WOW GROUNDBREAKING. For years I’ve heard people say how smart he is and how great he is in interviews and I’m over here like when? Where? Who? He’s never displayed above moderate intelligence to me.

Don’t even get me started on the interviewer asking about racism and him saying “it’s an ism. Jizm is an ism.” What? The? Fuck?

No. 1152692

File: 1612502568017.png (34.11 KB, 600x600, fbi-logos-Artboard_4.png)

It doesn't look the same

I feel like they'd look a bit more similar though tbh

No. 1152694


The bar was so low to him that every line like "water hydrates you" made people thinks he's the smartest person on earth

No. 1152697


The water comment was supposed to reply to this one lel

No. 1152703


Well his heart tattoo is from Eat Me, Drink Me era which is heavily inspired by Lolita and Alice In Wonderland(from Lewis Carroll btw lmao) so it doesn't take much to gets to the point

No. 1152712

Triangulation. That's the tactic he used with me. I would rather not talk about my experience. I'm just noting that he used it.

I didnt know the name of it.

It's weird. There are entire organizations dedicated to understanding trafficking but they dont really talk to the public about it.

I'm sure Lindsay will like France.
It's very pretty.
Quiet. S e r e n e. Even if she doesn't stay married I looked up her net worth once and on her own she was reported to have a worth of 1 million.

At the beginning of the dont chase the dead video he doesn't say "we're gunna be so fucking rich" … I think … if I'm not mistaken … what I hear is -"you're really so fucking rich and I love you"

Which is what prompted me to look up her net.

No. 1152715

EVERYONE GO TO THE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT "ANNIEJANAABRAMS" RIGHT NOW. Holy fuck he's demented.(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 1152717

She’s definitely not worth a million dollars. Those celebrity worth lookups are not accurate. She had nothing and has lived off him for years. Now that they’re married she’s probably entitled to some of it but on her own she has no money, which I’m sure he enjoyed very much.

No. 1152723


No. 1152727

No. 1152731

File: 1612504315754.jpg (724.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210204-235149_Ins…)

Look its "Don"

No. 1152737

Oh great she shouted us out

No. 1152744



No. 1152746


damn Yolandi not looking so good nowadays

No. 1152750

She tagged Ilma Gore and Esme as people who’ve abandoned her. That’s…interesting. Also as an aside pretty disappointed in Esme’s silence on this.

No. 1152751

Fixed. Hey gang. Bye gang.

No. 1152754

Gosh his head is so big. Huge forehead. Just enormous.

No. 1152757

Anon pls you made me nearly spit TOO fucking real

No. 1152759

Post is changed to clarify that Illma and Esme stood by her. Hella nervous clearly.

No. 1152761


what the every living fuck is going on in that voice recording, I've listened to it 5 times I still don't understand… is that even manson? It really doesn't even sound like him but maybe that's because who the fuck on there is fucked up beyond belief. It's obviously manson in the photos but TBH the voice sounds more like johnny depp, this milk is so intense it's hurting me

No. 1152769


yep, big forehead, incel chin structure

Head Upside Down would fit better as the album name

No. 1152772

Senator Kevin Parker (not the guy from Tame Impala) made a letter asking for a investigation


No. 1152775

Annie, protip you can upload full convos on soundcloud instead of dropping random breadcrumbs on instagram. You know you want to do it bb

No. 1152776

She posted another recording in another post. It's clearly him.

No. 1152777

Yeah I don’t really understand the context of this voice recording if someone else does please chime in, and why was she talking to Manson up until metal hammer

No. 1152778

In her post she said she wants to go through the recordings first because of personal information. She's probably intentionally posting tidbits because of that. She made a new post where she goes through one thats 7 hrs long.

No. 1152779

He's charming and good at keeping his victims around. Thats what manipulators do.

No. 1152785

File: 1612506304875.png (57.77 KB, 688x766, Manipulation.png)

Sorry I can't screencap the entire thing, but this is what's happening to this girl and it's from a very good article about what dealing with a narc/psychopath is like:


Anyone who's ever dealt with Manson has most likely dealt with this the entire time, and it puts you in a crazy space where the abusive shit is normal and you deserve it.

No. 1152787

That’s not what I meant anon. I’m asking why she was around him to begin with (in recent times) because that’s not mentioned nor is the nature of their relationship (romantic etc) I’m not victim blaming I’m just curious because she intentionally left that out for now

No. 1152789

@house.of.regrets isn't one of the AH accusers, it was an account that was made to try to discredit @houseofeffie (who is one of the AH accusers)

No. 1152790

That is MOST DEFINITELY Manson’s voice in the recordings.

No. 1152803

She said she's not ready to say more. She mentioned this stuff because I assume he's ruining her reputation.

No. 1152811

Random but I was looking for examples of Manson interviews while drunk and stumbled upon this little seen clip from 2019, he looks like he's absolutely about to have an heart attack at any minute.


No. 1152815

Believe it or not, that was one of his better performances. Oooof

No. 1152817

I've never been to a concert. I would have gone and in sad I won't get the opportunity.

No. 1152820

Why is it that the first thing a mason says is “I can’t talk about it but…” like ok you idiot scrote, we know you’re not guarding the secrets of Groom Lake here. Fuck off

No. 1152824

I’ve met many masons and they always ducking say, “I’m not supposed to talk about it but” it’s like part of their tactics. Either that or they’re all idiots who run their mouths. But afaik the sectors in Los Angeles do accept women. DoNt AsK mE HoW I kNoW

No. 1152826

File: 1612510017106.jpeg (7.85 KB, 229x221, images.jpeg)

Women related to Freemasons can join the Order of the Eastern Star, not Freemasons.

No, I'm not one because lol.

No. 1152830

Why are we even talking about Freemasonry? Manson's not in their club.

No. 1152831

I really wonder how much Manson pays his maid, it probably isn't enough. Do celebs get people like maids and gardeners to sign NDAs?
He was on an episode of The Talking Dead lots of years ago. I remember it because he seemed really drugged and was billed as a "super fan" but he got basic info about the show wrong and was non-sensical through most of it. He did talk over the host the entire time and I don't think he was every invited back.

No. 1152836

The article for Heaven Upside Down is currently scheduled for Wikipedia's article of the day for February 14th (Valentine's Day)

No. 1152837

Yes. That Talking Dead appearance is infamous. Pretty embarrassing and made a fool out of himself.

As far as celebs having gardeners or maids sign NDA’s, definitely possible. I’m sure someone’s made it a requirement.
The thought of Manson having a maid is weird to me lol

No. 1152845

I'm positive every time there's a topic change in the middle of new tea being spilled, it's Mansons camp trying to distract from it. Anyway, that Annie girl posted two other things. lol she's bringing it.

No. 1152846

Admins, PLEASE don't ban me. I forgot the sage in the comment above. Genuinely forgot.

No. 1152847

File: 1612512774671.jpeg (180.77 KB, 750x797, F212EC74-CA45-49C7-A728-ED4DCA…)

Annie just uploaded another phone call and this image. It is DEF him and it’s the worst one yet, so much small dick energy. I can’t believe this will last longer then tomorrow morning before his lawyers contact Instagram, save it while you can farmers

No. 1152849

Oof, I forgot about that. Yeah kinda weird when combined with Lolita theme

No. 1152850

Lmaooo not lana del rey, i wonder ehat he means by saying she is complicated… i want the tea

No. 1152851


There is a photo of his dick somewhere on the internet and it's big

No. 1152854

Was hoping Otep would chime in, and I’m glad she went about it how she did, especially considering she’s adding more to Lyndsay’s side of the coin. Every single piece of context added from every person effected by his behavior (even on a less intimate scale) helps.

Oh, there’s ~DON~ ofc. What the actual fuck kek.

All of these caps and the recording give me chills. Even at the beginning it was easy for me to believe the women coming forward, but it’s far deeper than I would ever expect.

No. 1152856

LMAOOO @ that new video though. Annie trying to talk about epilepsy and he's interrupting and she goes "arghhhhhhh" I audibly laughed and woke my cats up hahahah

No. 1152857

Was Daisy Berkowitz ever implicated in these things? He wasn't with the band very long and he was the main reason I followed the band so..can I still like him or what

No. 1152858

File: 1612514067398.png (Spoiler Image, 575.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210205-023406.png)

Is this the one you're talking about? It looks pretty average to me.

No. 1152859

I’m pretty sure he was there for the whole “pissing on a deaf girl” thing but I wouldn’t quote me on it. You can search his name in the threads to check.

No. 1152861

File: 1612514493935.jpg (188.89 KB, 1080x785, Screenshot_20210205_084117.jpg)


Yeah I remember the pissing on a deaf girl extract too.

His Holy Wood book chapter 10 is also disgusting

No. 1152862

File: 1612514565873.jpeg (308.58 KB, 828x1362, 85215897-8FA6-400D-B20A-026044…)

Mansons followers on IG is stuck at 3.6m and if you check his recents most have grey faces and no posts. Is he buying followers?

No. 1152863

Someone already brought that up a few threads ago. It seems like they both are. Lindsay bought 2k more since this morning.

No. 1152864

Please excuse me while I go puke.

No. 1152865

File: 1612515053021.jpg (287.29 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20210205_085056.jpg)

The book was going to be the basis for a film apparently pukes

No. 1152866

From the Long Road Out of Hell book? Isn't a lot of that disputed as fake though? Haven't kept up with Manson in forever so I could be wrong, but I remember reading that a long time ago. Also Manson and Trent (according to the book anyways) hated Daisy a lot for some reason so I could see him making up something terrible about him tbh.

No. 1152867

File: 1612515235158.jpg (357.38 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20210205_085335.jpg)

Sorry last post, this is all off his Web archive.

No. 1152868

>Chuck Palahniuk
>”magical, surreal, poetic”
KEK. Wow.

No. 1152870

Lewis Carroll also had an unhealthy facisnation with young girls

No. 1152876

File: 1612516295117.jpg (417.05 KB, 1284x1078, IMG_2519.jpg)

lol this girl's tea is coated in Manukah honey

No. 1152877

The whole pissing on the deaf girl incident did happen, but the girl came forward later on and explained that the book fabricated details about the situation. IIRC her name is Alyssa Slotsky and she’s got a page on MansonWiki that also states that Manson’s book’s detailing of the event is different than her account of it.

No. 1152879

That girl mentioned lolcow in her post. Newfags incoming…

No. 1152880

I definitely agree on the bullshitting about Daisy, though. In fact some of the details about the piss/deaf girl incident regarding Daisy were also different in her retelling of the incident. Manson claimed Daisy made out with her while her face was still covered in piss (after Twiggy accidentally peed on her face) and they all laughed at him for it, but she says Daisy just got in the shower with her and complained about his bandmates. Never tried shit with her or anything. I genuinely believe that Manson has a vendetta against Daisy for 0 fucking reason and that nearly everything he ever said about him is a lie. I feel bad that Daisy isn’t here right now to defend himself or speak up about this too. I know he’d have some shit to reveal.

No. 1152881

I read about the horrible shit men do or how even the men who you would never guees are monsters are in fact fucking monsters and i realize the way men see women and sex and …. Honestly…

I hate being a woman, we have to suffer so much and men still gaslight us and say that women live on easy mode while it's a truture being a woman…

Anyway, his dick looks big

And i kinda want to bondage 90s Manson and fuck him in the bum with a strap on(serious)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1152883

Depending if it's hard or not, looks soft & circumcised so hard to say

No. 1152884

OHHH SHIT that reminds me. Do y’all remember that gross talking bit he did in the intro of Bad Girl by Avril Lavigne? That part and the outro w/the heavy breathing that sounded like he’d just finished masturbating furiously to her always made my skin crawl.

No. 1152885

That is definitely Manson without a doubt.
Anyone can please shed light on what they got away from that audio clip? Maybe my English is not good enough but it makes very little sense.

No. 1152886

I guess I'll hold onto my fanboyish notion and believe Daisy didn't do anything and was simply too normal to be around someone so deranged. Would it really be out of line for him to make stuff up about a guy he hated when that's clearly something he has no problem doing? Despite Daisy writing his most popular riffs for his most popular songs kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1152887

Sage for relevancy but it's funny how Jessicka Addams is tweeting so much about supporting victims because of this. She was abused by Jeordie White and rightfully called him out, but also spent a ton of time around Manson and at shows. I find it hard to believe that she didn't see a lot of his shit. She's posted emails in the past where she's basically begging him to still be her friend. I hope this doesn't make people overlook some of her bullshit.

No. 1152888

This is an image board, post pictures to back up your claims or write sage in the email field so you don’t bump the thread.

No. 1152889

That’s how I feel about Jessicka too. I wholly believe her about the Jeordie allegations, but how could she possibly not have known about him or Manson fucking around backstage with underage girls and cheating on their gfs with so many different women. She once stated that during the Mrs Scabtree days JOJ, the Spooky Kids and other local bands all had warehouses close by to each other and that they formed the project for this reason. She had to have been around for at least some of what happened back then. And if she was, why hide it for so many years and become complicit?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1152890

Who is this?


No. 1152891

No. 1152895

I doubt he'd be able to do that. Most countries in the EU currently have a US travel ban (or a travel ban in general) and France is one of them.

No. 1152897

Read the rules before posting.

No. 1152898

Looks like they're a mentally ill/obsessed fan.


It's all just text messages of her talking to herself.(Imageboard)

No. 1152902

They appear to beleive the masi__da account is M sending secret communication.

No. 1152908

I think that’s eyelet.black, she claimed she wrote Manson’s account and get responses from two fan accounts.

No. 1152916

File: 1612523190704.jpeg (637.61 KB, 1444x1362, CE1A7380-C230-4699-AF49-3281A6…)

Caps for Annie Abrams

No. 1152922

File: 1612524037270.jpeg (435.94 KB, 946x1800, E493DD57-5DA3-4A2D-A6AC-7458A5…)

More Annie Abrams

No. 1152923

UM wait, I just realized that the super pale chick is Evan. Holy shit.

No. 1152926


It's insane he is sending personal photos of her to someone else 10 years after they broke up, solely to bitch and complain about her, I hope she has personal protection because he could seriously be a danger to her life I think.

No. 1152931

To Annie or Evan? With Annie definitely, yeah. He ensured that her friends distanced themselves. She feels alone. It's not a good place to be in. I hope if there's one good thing that comes out of Covid, it's the difficulty of hiring someone to do harm like that. Hope she's ok. I can't imagine being in that situation. I don't have abandonment issues and I'd struggle hard with that.

No. 1152933

I don't understand, did he sand her a picture of Evan in what context?

No. 1152934

It looks cropped so there was probably something else going on in that photo that would be incriminating if she posted the whole thing?

No. 1152959

I looked up the movie and the character Annie mentioned. I'm not surprised this gluttonous pedo with a midlife crisis would identify with it.

From Wikipedia:
"Popular rock singer and aspiring revolutionary Max Frost (Christopher Jones) was born Max Jacob Flatow Jr. His first public act of violence was blowing up his family's new car. Frost's band, the Troopers, live together with him, their women, and others, in a sprawling Beverly Hills mansion. The band includes his 15-year-old genius attorney Billy Cage (Kevin Coughlin) on lead guitar, ex-child actor and girlfriend Sally LeRoy (Diane Varsi) on keyboards, hook-handed Abraham Salteen (Larry Bishop) on bass guitar and trumpet, and anthropologist Stanley X (Richard Pryor) on drums. Max's band performs a song noting that 52% of the population is 25 or younger, making young people the majority in the country.

When Max is asked to sing at a televised political rally by Kennedyesque Senate candidate Johnny Fergus (Hal Holbrook), who is running on a platform to lower the voting age from 21 to 18, he and the Troopers appear – but Max stuns everyone by calling instead for the voting age to become 14, then finishes the show with an improvised song, "Fourteen or Fight!", and a call for a demonstration. Max's fans – and other young people, by the thousands – stir to action, and within 24 hours protests have begun in cities around the United States. Fergus's advisors want him to denounce Max, but instead he agrees to support the demonstrations, and change his campaign – if Max and his group will compromise, accept a voting age of 15 instead, abide by the law, and appeal to the demonstrators to go home peaceably. Max agrees, and the two appear together on television – and in person the next day, using the less offensive mantra "Fifteen and Ready".

Most states agree to lower the voting age within days, in the wake of the demonstrations, and Max Frost and the Troopers campaign for Johnny Fergus until the election, which he wins by a landslide. Taking his place in the Senate, Fergus wishes Frost and his people would now just go away, but instead they get involved with Washington politics. When a Congressman from Sally LeRoy's home district dies suddenly, the band enters her in the special election that follows, and Sally – the eldest of the group, and the only one of majority age to run for office – is voted into Congress by the new teen bloc.

The first bill Sally introduces is a constitutional amendment to lower the age requirements for national political office to 14, and "Fourteen or Fight!" enters a new phase. A joint session of Congress is called, and the Troopers – now joined by Fergus's son, Jimmy (Michael Margotta) – swing the vote their way by spiking the Washington, D.C. water supply with LSD, and providing all the Senators and Representatives with teenaged escorts.

As teens either take over or threaten the reins of government, the "Old Guard" (those over 40) turn to Max to run for president, and assert his (their) control over the changing tide. Max again agrees, running as a Republican to his chagrin, but once in office, he turns the tide on his older supporters. Thirty becomes a mandatory retirement age, while those over 35 are rounded up, sent to "re-education camps", and permanently dosed on LSD. Fergus unsuccessfully attempts to dissuade Max by contacting his estranged parents (Bert Freed and Shelley Winters), then tries to assassinate him. Failing at this, he flees Washington, D.C. with his remaining family, but they are soon rounded up.

With youth now in control of the United States, politically as well as economically, similar revolutions break out in all the world's major countries. Max withdraws the military from around the world (turning them instead into de facto "age police"), puts computers and prodigies in charge of the gross national product, ships surplus grain for free to Third World nations, disbands the FBI and Secret Service, and becomes the leader of "the most truly hedonistic society the world has ever known".

Ultimately however, Max and his cohorts may face future intergenerational warfare from an unexpected source: pre-teen children. When a young girl finds out Max's age (which is now 24), she sneers, "That's old!" Later, after Max kills a crawdad that was a pet to several young kids, then mocks their youth and powerlessness, one of the kids resolves, "We're gonna put everybody over 10 out of business."

No. 1152963

Wait, Manson took pics of Evan's ID and credit cards and is still sending them to people??? Isn't that a crime in itself, taking pics of people's personal info??

No. 1152966

No i think they are the other girls id's to prove she is her, as manson has claimed shes committing personal fraud and that's one of the reasons her friends have distanced her self, she's a refugee.

No. 1152967


Why is no one digging about for Mansons fake accounts and other user names? Max Frost, Chad M White etc

No. 1152980

Manson kill yourself now you are a waste of space and resources in the universe you've lived enough and had more fun than 99% of people on earth ever will.Please dissappear into the ether be gone.

No. 1152994

How does he know Annie?

Do we know? Is it a random message like the girls on kik?

No. 1152998

Annie said he has hundreds of fake accounts and considering how many women have made statements about that I’m inclined to believe her. I’m sure he’s busy covering his ass deleting accounts and whatnot so tracking them all down wouldn’t be an easy task. I truly hope the FBI investigation is covering this because this is beyond fucked up.

No. 1153000

I hate that women have to go through this stuff. This woman, Annie, has to prove thats her name? Do you realize how messed up it is that he convinced people shes not who she is? Can you imagine the mindfuck of just sitting there finding out that your friends suddenly think you're someone else? I feel sick just thinking about it. That's crazy.

Annie just posted a vid proving that those are real messages from him and not photoshopped. Why, why, why do so many victims have to jump through so many hoops just to be believed? It's sickening. MMy abuser wasn't even famous, he raped me several times and I still lost in court. Sick. Sick. Sick.

No. 1153002

She said she won't go into personal details yet. She's not ready. Seems to be that she's posting this just because of what he's doing to her reputation. Reading her posts makes me think she never had any intention of exposing him until she found out what he was doing to her.

No. 1153005

And that scumbag tried to dirt evan with that pic of her dressed as hitler (and looking dead inside)

No. 1153006

File: 1612533599911.png (305.83 KB, 720x1279, Screenshot_20210205-105645~2.p…)


Forgot to put the pic

No. 1153007

File: 1612533645821.png (206.52 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_20210205-105701.png)


Part 2

No. 1153008

Gotta give it to him, he's top 1 manipulator ever.

No. 1153022

File: 1612534608746.png (941.34 KB, 1876x796, Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-05 um 1…)

Billy Corgan still hasn't released a statement but I just noticed he liked one of Annie Abrams instagram posts.

No. 1153023


well that's it. His career in the entertainment industry in LA is over. Collecting dumb nazi memorabilia and chinese baby skeletons for shock value is one thing but using antisemitic and fascist imagery to degrade someone is way past the point of tolerance I think for even the most money-grubbing executive. He and Lindsay are gonna have to move into that trailer park finally.

No. 1153029

Finally. I don’t get why Corgan doesn’t just pull his finger out and say something. He only just started following Manson again last year, something’s been going on. They play happy families to save face, and I think he kind of feels sorry for Manson, and has been a dreadful shit to people himself, but nothing in the same league. I have a feeling he knows right from wrong and is feeling pretty disappointed in his fucked up on/off friend.

No. 1153034

I think the problem is that he employs Ashley Usich's husband - James Iha.

No. 1153036

I feel awful for Annie and the comments she has to address but she's a champ at it it seems. Also her sass makes me wish she had a blog because this is hilarous.

No. 1153037


Samefag but I noticed under one of Annie's photos someone wrote " I can't believe your are 36".

Why would he suddenly flip from grooming 18-21 year olds like he clearly does by default and go for a normal aged adult woman? Just because she looks insanely like ERW and is also jewish? He is such a fucking nutcase and sicko still trying to live off the feelz from these two women (Dita and ERW) like a parasite 10+ years after their relationships with him ended, using stand-ins to act out his anger and frustrations like they aren't real human beings. I don't know how the fuck Lindsay can stand to look at him in the face everyday knowing he only tolerates her as background furniture while he searches for his ideal ERW replacement forever.

No. 1153038

File: 1612535339658.jpg (659.48 KB, 1284x1993, IMG_2535.jpg)

oops I mean this is hilarious and she should have a trash blog., Forgot to attach file. It's late here.

No. 1153039

Well, yeah. That’s what I’m alluding to when I say they are playing happy families.

No. 1153043

So rumours about Lindsay were true.
Good match. Deserve each other.

Also does anybody notice the similarities between what fearless posted and Annie? Long phone calls, dms writing style, “I can't do art I am so depressed”.

No. 1153047

Doubtful. Annie doesn't even know what Mansonites are called. Judging by her posts and I scrolled through it all it seems like she wasn't really a fan. Just someone he caught in his web of crazy.

No. 1153048

Didn't get you, anon.
Even if she's never been in the fandom what difference does it make?

No. 1153056

I dunno. I don't like the idea of pinning something on someone but that's just me. Manson seems so obsessed with paying attention to his victims that it looks like Annie didnt say a word till she started losing people and things according to her.

No. 1153081

So Evan's now called him out for being anti-Semitic even though there are those photos of her going around dressed up as a Hitler. ..?

No. 1153083


because she seems so happy on that pic

No. 1153087

File: 1612539304431.jpg (138.19 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20210205_153320.jpg)


Yeah there's another nazi picture now that's been tagged as her on instagram, and there's an account linked to a petition to reinstate manson on his record label.

No. 1153094

Does anyone have a better picture of the conversation on the upper left side? It turns into pixels when I zoom into it further.

No. 1153095

File: 1612540447317.jpeg (486.11 KB, 1145x1611, 7AA476C8-CB4D-4D19-8792-89C47D…)

No. 1153106

The only way that pic could be seen as damaging to Evan os by actual retards who think context doesn't matter. Blackmail relies on people like Manson being able to manipulate their victims into doing controversial things on camera for out-of-context shaming later when the victim tries to break free. That's all those pics are, and trying to take them out of any and all context while trying to use them to point an anti-semitic finger at Evan is just painfully fucking transparent and obvious.

No. 1153118

Agreed anon. She looks so dead eyed here, just a husk of a person. This isn’t going to cause her problems.

No. 1153120

Literally the only other thing I want to hear about ERW in a Nazi uniform is "what was going on leading up to that pic being taken, and who asked/forced her to wear it" bc I don't believe for half a milisecond that she willingly dressed herself that way and allowed someone to photograph her in it all on her own free will.

No. 1153124

Right. This. Or just acknowledge the fact the she was a young girl in the middle of an abusive relationship with a man who’s a nazi fetishist. She probably thought it would impress him/amuse him which to me is entirely forgivable.

No. 1153125

EXACTLY. It's as straight forward as that. I've been that young girl and it's cringe in retrospect. But it doesn't make Evan look bad in my eyes. Clearly he manipulated a ton.

No. 1153134

File: 1612544049415.png (255.71 KB, 1071x1712, Halloween.png)

It was Halloween. Then who fucking cares. Idk maybe something is wrong with me but it's kinda okay to pull Hitler on Halloween?

No. 1153146

He had Ashley Morgan bring him nazi memorabilia from Asia and she’s also Jewish. My point being I wouldn’t be surprised if the costume was his idea and she agreed to not upset him. I mean, Manson also dictated her everyday clothes and hairstyle.

No. 1153152

File: 1612544935915.jpg (754.91 KB, 2226x1766, IMG_2543.jpg)

LMAO I need a sassy Annie account because her comments are fire. The last one in this thread slayed.

No. 1153157

Ashley Walters and Illma Gore liked her post. The plot thickens.

No. 1153162

I was just re-reading Otep’s statement and- can you even imagine how much shit Lindsay has on him. “Throwing knives at her that stuck in the wall.” I would bet money that she has photos of that specifically. She has 10 years of dirt- more than anyone else including Dita. Aside from things she’s actually done, this is the most heinous to me. She could absolutely end him. She could choose to be a good person for once in her life and come out and say it’s all true and I was brainwashed but I’m getting the fuck out of here. But instead she’s going to go down with this bloated drug-addled ship.

No. 1153173

Agreed with you anon and others on that one. Consistent with the context we know too.
Her pupils are just so dilated in that one picture + she looks like she does not even register what's happening. It's plain as day she's drugged up on there. Sick way for MM to get off. Drugs + nazi props on his Jewish girlfriend. He's vile.

No doubt she has a ton of dirt. No doubt this is why the marriage. No doubt she'd better grow the fuck up and go to the cops and save her arse in the process. But we know she does not have it in her.

No. 1153174

File: 1612547320999.png (700.14 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_20210205-114340~2.p…)

M. used to follow Annie, so she does have proof that she knew him, but that picture doesn't line up.

No. 1153175


Tattoo was covered since it's a character from a TV show I guess?

No. 1153176

pretty fucking obvious that he's dressed as a character and therefore has high-coverage stage makeup on his chest, as most tattooed actors get

No. 1153179

>No doubt she has a ton of dirt. No doubt this is why the marriage. No doubt she'd better grow the fuck up and go to the cops and save her arse in the process. But we know she does not have it in her.
Yes, but can you imagine how much dirt he has on her? I bet he's told her over and over that if she tries to do that, he'll bring her down with him. He probably involved her in some heinous shit even her own sister doesn't know about.
Probably got her sis on speed dial in the event she snitches, his finger hovering over the number every time she looks at the door.

No. 1153180

It’s covered up? Or it’s an old pic he sent to her? It’s obviously fucking him what point do you think you’re even making here?

No. 1153181

Sorry, forgot to sage, my bad.

No. 1153182

Did this fat fuck really rape and physically abuse a bunch of people and have the fuckin nerve to need a welfare check?? Why are we wasting tax payer money to check up on a rapist

If he don’t just go on and end his shit already

No. 1153187

It's a TV show character. They covered it up. If I were a makeup artist and I had to cover up a SWASTIKA on the neck of someone that the production casted I would literally quit. What the fuck

They couldve literally found any other old burn out looking mf for that part, it didn't have to be marilyn manson

No. 1153189

I agree. That is HIS hat that he's worn in multiple interviews and the mustache is done with what looks to be eyeliner or sharpie. I doubt it was something SHE DID and most likely something DONE TO HER

No. 1153191

I agree. And as plenty of other anons have commented, she looked really unhappy in that photo.

No. 1153194

Halloween isn't an excuse. She was clearly not enjoying it and given Manson is the Nazi fetishist, the fact that it was for Halloween just fits more into the plot of abuse and manipulation. Forcing her to dress as a Nazi for Halloween for hia sick fetish of making Jewish women who admire him being him Naxi swag. That's sickfuck to the max, I just don't quite know what to call it, but my point is that all the Nazi shit Manson's victims did or interacted with was clearly all for his benefit and not a conscious choice they made themselves. He likes young, naïve women who look up to him so he can try to mold them into his perfect wife, and if that doesn't work he can blackmail them all into silence later!

No. 1153204

Well, Dita statement was awful and vague but it was already known that Warner was already collecting nazi stuff on their marriage, so she claimed not being ok with his behaviour related to party lifestyle, alcoholism and infidelity (which is a pretty good point) but all the nazi stuff was ok? lmao

No. 1153208

She's never had a problem with that. Manson bought her Eva Brauns purse and I think they used her ring during their ceremony, not to mention the photoshoot she did dressed as a German soldier. She's no better than he is.

No. 1153209

Honestly Dita has never done or said anything that leads me to believe she’s a great person. I don’t think you can be that obsessed with your appearance to the point that you pose your hands in even “candid” photos taken of you and not have a touch of the narcs. Her statement was all about her and making sure that she didn’t ~look~ like a victim cuz ew gross how can BDSM burlesque bombshell be a victim?? Keeping up appearances is her whole thing and she’s just as much a part of the gross LA stand for nothing culture as the rest of them.

No. 1153211

Suddenly, I understand why Manson was so obsessed with her & why her leaving broke him. She didn't make him any better, she was probably as gross as he is.

No. 1153212

Too bad Dita also partook (and still does) in everything she is now condemning him for. She better keep her head down because the more that comes out about Warner, the higher chance she’ll be exposed as well.

No. 1153216

I honestly never understood why everyone likes Dita so much. Yeh, she's pretty, but that's all there is to her. And the way she's basically defending Warner and how she worded her statement is gross.

She literally said in an interview that she was scared when he came home from a drug binge and threw furniture around and shit. I don't believe it for a second that she's never experienced any sort of abuse from him. Definitely not as worse as Evan and the others as it does seem like got worse and worse after their divorce…but come on. She's still bitter about Evan and that's why she's more on his side.

No. 1153220

1000%. Also there’s this weird thing where women get with “difficult” men and are oddly proud that they can “handle them.” Like oh yeah he’s a huge piece of shit but I’m the special one. Dita always struck me that way and Lindsay does threefold.

No. 1153221

"Look at me, I was with Warner for a long time and I was stronger than all of you. I didn't let him abuse me or control me. It's your own fault, bitches. You simply couldn't handle him."
That's what her statement sounds like to me.

No. 1153224

She’s a pickme who put up with his behavior because she was fame hungry. Without him, she wouldn’t be where she is now. She definitely is a “well if I could endure it, then…” type of woman.

No. 1153225

To be fair she never said he wasn't abusive, she just said that their experiences didn't match hers, which is fair.

No. 1153226

File: 1612551136215.jpg (519.92 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20210205_194547_com…)

Omfg, I can't with those morons. As if a damn petition is gonna make all the shit he's put women through go away.

But I'm not surprised. The guy that runs this fanpage is in his 30s and has a kid that used to (maybe still has) his own account run by him. Of course posing with Manson shit and tagging him. He also said the best moment of his life was to meet Manson. Poor kid. Meeting Manson was better than the birth of his son. Kek. I'm concerned for the kids of these hardcore fans. They'll probably grow up thinking abuse is okay, the way their parents are defending an actual rapist and abuser.

No. 1153229

Is it though? She could've worded the whole thing differently then cause for someone that isn't familiar with past interviews etc. it reads like "He is not abusive".

No. 1153231

It's actually funny to see Poppy silent on this. Not like she hasn't victim-blamed and caped for an abusive man before.

No. 1153237

Her and Rose weighing in is still incredibly damning. I remember (i believe on the mansonisabusive insta) seeing supposed receipts of Rose or her manager demanding he not use her lack of damnation (before she came out in solidarity) as a crutch against ERW's allegations.

No. 1153244

File: 1612551981798.jpg (402.36 KB, 1080x1928, you go girl.jpg)

Yes, it was Rose. She posted this way before all of it blew up.

No. 1153265


Funny how Manson fans in denial still think that Loma Vista is going to bankrupt without him lel they probably are relieved to not having to deal with him anymore. They have Ghost on their line-up, it's more than enough already

fun fact: people on manson subreddit was calling Loma Vista hypocritical for cutting him from label but keeping Ghost because of that lawsuit envolving Tobias (that he won)

they put copyright issues in the same level sexual abuse, manipulation and assaulting kek

No. 1153315

File: 1612558522976.jpeg (367.33 KB, 1468x1391, 05CCBADD-4ED5-45BD-836C-D628A1…)

I don’t see how Lindsay’s going to lie her way out of this.

No. 1153328

There's a good chance that she could get out of this without any legal repercussions for the part she played in his assaults if she goes along with OTEP's story and pretends to be a victim.

No. 1153335

File: 1612559195447.png (235.41 KB, 402x600, Screenshot_2021-02-05 mansoni…)

I wonder if this will ever see the light of day?
It would be powerful evidence; I wonder who the woman in the video was?
And fuck everyone who was involved in/knew about it.

No. 1153336

File: 1612559264083.png (195.43 KB, 400x600, Screenshot_2021-02-05 mansoni…)

Samefag, sorry, earlier screenshots…

No. 1153337

File: 1612559290102.png (200.44 KB, 412x600, Screenshot_2021-02-05 mansoni…)

No. 1153341

File: 1612559385618.png (245.67 KB, 413x600, Screenshot_2021-02-05 mansoni…)

No. 1153342

Wow we’re already on a new thread! This photo is hilarious lol. I hope sometime in the near future there’s a Prison Edition thread.

No. 1153344

File: 1612559462089.png (268.71 KB, 412x602, Screenshot_2021-02-05 mansoni…)

No. 1153345

File: 1612559483330.png (248.01 KB, 408x600, Screenshot_2021-02-05 mansoni…)

No. 1153348

They also called out Loma Vista for signing Iggy Pop who is well documented engaging in statutory rape of minors.
That you neglect that and focused on Ghost is interesting.

No. 1153353

The tape was already mentioned in the previous thread but damn, as early as 1996? I mean people argue that drugs fried his brain over the years, but he was already so messed up on drugs during his Antichrist era and possibly even earlier than that. He's probably done everything under the sun by now (drugs and crime-wise).

No. 1153354

Short excerpts of the groupie footage is at the end of the Dead to the World tour video, which is also available on YouTube.

She was a paid actress and its quite clear, as much as its cringy, that it's all a performance for shock value.

No. 1153355

That title tho “These moms fuck for free”. I’m can’t stop laughing!

No. 1153385

File: 1612561946688.jpeg (693.92 KB, 1800x1012, CBC07362-7314-4D35-8C81-ECEDF9…)

Corey Feldman

No. 1153387

File: 1612562025829.jpeg (175.84 KB, 827x834, 8FF4DB63-1690-4994-AABB-4EA615…)


>and evidently stolen from ice cream.

>Was Marilyn Manson trying to tell us something about his toxic relationships with ice cream? Something to do with how fat he got?

LOL He actually got the ice cream verse from this

No. 1153394

An ice cream truck in your inferno.= hell.

No. 1153407

Was I banned? This page isnt loading

No. 1153414

Nevermind sorry

No. 1153427


Well, it's a good point, bad take from me. My bad.

Still make no sense to put a totally different situation on this weight of measure. (talking about Ghost)

No. 1153432

File: 1612564793890.jpeg (36.08 KB, 300x263, C891CD50-57E2-4921-9197-15CF54…)

Tony, his manager of 25+ years, just dropped him as a client today(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1153439

No. 1153446


I hope no one let's be forgotten that he knew about Manson and Die Antwoord too

No. 1153458

File: 1612565690614.jpg (1.02 MB, 808x3834, Screenshot_20210205-235408_Bra…)

Please can we put caps and not just links…thank you
Here's the bit on Ciulla dropping MM

No. 1153468

This Manson interview didn't age well:

There used to be audio available on YouTube, but it appears to have been scrubbed. In the audio version, he asks an unidentified woman in the room to "show" her bruises to the reporters.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1153540

File: 1612573775708.png (739.3 KB, 750x1334, E71A387A-4B1E-4C39-8F29-FED5DA…)

Chloe Black just posted this, imagine this many fucking stupid stories floating around the world about you? First slide:

No. 1153541

File: 1612573796713.png (518.46 KB, 750x1334, 442A5385-A3ED-4C3B-B16E-CAE280…)

Second slide:

No. 1153543

File: 1612574184939.jpg (202.22 KB, 1080x1575, 20210206_021526.jpg)


No. 1153544

Coming from a woman who fucked a minor not really holding a lot of weight but WOW fuck her.

No. 1153550

File: 1612575027294.jpg (32.45 KB, 500x318, azaXn90w_700w_0.jpg)

haven't heard her name since she abused a 17 y/o

No. 1153551

File: 1612575256655.png (192.76 KB, 750x1334, ECE72D50-C290-482C-80BF-ADAED1…)

Saged cuz this is possibly psycho babble but interesting comment left on Chloe Mendel’s last post

No. 1153553

Thanks anon. Yeah, it is interesting.

No. 1153566

Carolina is live again

No. 1153634

What did she say? Anything else about Lindsay?

No. 1153642

Leslee Lane deleted her account and Hitler pics? Why?

No. 1153645

Her account is still up. She just changed her user. She's @caustic_and_chaotic. I don't think the Hitler pictures are up anymore though. Someone probably reported them.

No. 1153646

Hopefully she got threatened with legal action or something. Fuck her.

I’d imagine there’s a loooot of damage control behind the scenes we don’t know about. Not to give that idiot any attention, but remember how Magalyn said she was going to “make a statement” but never did? I bet anything someone told her to shut the fuck up, especially considering she loves to word vomit her every thought.

No. 1153661

File: 1612583706126.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, 5F9EB1D3-B3C9-41DC-9BC1-6E8F57…)

Lollll samefag but I spoke too soon (also pretty coincidental timing, she’s still reading the threads y’all)
This stupid bitch. STILL cannot prove she was ever actually with him. Claims he never abused her- and yet also claims she was with him for years…while he was aaaall these other women. Madelyn- GIRL- you are probably one of the worst character witnesses there is, and trust you just did ‘your monster’ no favors

No. 1153663

File: 1612583777029.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, E49E8821-0F66-44DB-B1D1-2957E4…)

No. 1153664

File: 1612583836061.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, BE619CA4-42DD-49DB-9F11-D4E694…)

No. 1153666

File: 1612583920551.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, DDC39FE1-C928-4727-85D2-1E1F69…)

No. 1153672

Even if that's true, looks like the whole thing's been off since 2015, or 7 years ago?!

Madelyn, WTF.

No. 1153678


Manson tells Lindsay she’s a stalker, and she’s going to make a statement talking about their “relationship” when he’s married?? How is that gonna help him? It’ll make him look more like the piece of shit he is.

Not to mention this
→ → → and yet also claims she was with him for years…while he was aaaalll these other women.

No. 1153679

I know this is the rambling of a very sick woman but I just gotta say it's funny how any time a coomer gets outed for cooming some dumb bitch has to pop in and say "but he didn't do that to mmmeee". Bitch this ain't about you shut the fuck up.

No. 1153681

Lindsay must be seeeeething that literally the only “ex” to come to his defense is fucking Madelyn

No. 1153686

Omg this is the most ridiculous shit ever. What an attention-seeking whore. She just wants attention. Her statements don’t mean shit. Manson has never acknowledged and hides that he talks to her. It’s no wonder she stuck around even tho Manson has been with all those other women… this just proves she’s a fame hungry whore.

No. 1153691


>Has never controlled the way I dress or how I wore my makeup

tfw you literally dress like a blow up doll version of his ex wife

No. 1153692

“He never controlled me” but also got between me and a man and told him to never offer my drugs without first checking to see if I wanted to partake. Sounds like he got to live out some fucking an idiot that I get to baby fantasy before he, ya know, ghosted her to hook up with 100 more women.

No. 1153694

He’s still carrying on with her even tho he’s married… it’s going on 8 years now.

No. 1153696

He hasn’t spoken to her in years. She’s tweeted about it herself. He is not in contact with her.

No. 1153700

Were they even together? She has no proof whatsoever that they ever dated and she continually gets information about him wrong.

No. 1153701

I heard differently. Someone told me he uses a fake account and comments on the mansonisinnocent page and DMs with her. So he’s still keeping contact.

No. 1153703


Some people think they have never met but I believe she met him at least once and prob hooked up with him that one time, maybe he was scouting for a future doormat and decided she was just too cray cray even for him.

No. 1153704

I believe he fucked her, maybe even a few times, but definitely nothing beyond that. Kek that every single girl making accusations has had proof to back it up, the one girl defending him has zero.

And will Manson stans be reposting this nonsense even though it directly contradicts their Queen Lindsays narrative about how MM is her soul mate and always has been? What a mess. Way to go Mads!! Can’t wait for the live.

No. 1153705

“Someone” yeah that’s Dawn sperg, you can just ignore that.

No. 1153708

Annie made a new post about Manson smuggling drugs https://www.instagram.com/p/CK8DKyQBHVU/

No. 1153710

She's spilling the tea and I'm here for it.

No. 1153713

Why ignore it? She’s legit.

No. 1153714

File: 1612588263311.jpeg (500.71 KB, 750x657, 64159A2C-8960-4841-8D01-5DF372…)

Omg, this is hilarious. Any reporter who cruises by lolcow will have ample evidence she’s a fraud. Hard proof she even knows him or gtfo.

So when she was 18 her conservative Christian parents happily sent her off to LA to live near a drug addicted, psychotic sex addict who was involved with 224 other women? Sounds legit.

Does this mean Manson’s a Trump supporter too?

And what about this?

No. 1153723

File: 1612589189118.jpg (420.36 KB, 1080x1757, Screenshot_20210205-232512_Aut…)

Lindsay unliked all of his instagram photos?

Maybe it's just to preserve her privacy…minimally though, because her comments are still there.

No. 1153728

It’s going on 8 YEARS. IF it was that serious then why hasn’t Lindsay done something besides telling fake fan accounts? All the shit Madelyn says is just her repeating what Manson tells her. Which is why he probably doesn’t do anything.
She’s claiming she has a relationship with him! He would go after her if it wasn’t true. He went after Seripham Ward for saying he was his fiancé!!!

I doubt Madelyn told her parents anything about him. Unless you really do research, people don’t know those things about him.

No. 1153731

This is some qanon level mental gymnastics to think this photo is indicative of abuse claims.

No. 1153733

The guy probably just had a crush on Manson, so he brought him a rose. He's super inappropriate with some fans, so the autograph and crotch drawing isn't that out of the ordinary for him.

No. 1153736

File: 1612590027060.jpeg (323.64 KB, 750x536, EDF2BD7A-99F1-42B4-9632-27EF17…)

I’m dead at the high quality people he has coming to his defense. Magalyn who cannot prove she’s ever even met him and this delusional freak who facetunes all her pics into looking like she’s in a funhouse mirror. Such credible. Many believables.

No. 1153737

8 years only in her head unless she provides something legit. She’s faked evidence of their ‘relationship’ before. I can’t take her word.

What’s Lindsay supposed to do about her stalking? I have no idea if it was ever reported.

Seraphim Ward disputed that.


No. 1153742

To be fair, Lola Blanc and Nikita Andrianova said that was not their experience but that they support these women and he was crazy in other ways.

He was also seeing this 30 yo heiress in LA, Emily something? She had this instagram with lots of pictures in green and red and they went to Chateau Marmont a bunch of times. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about? Did she say anything? It looked like they knew each other quite well.

No. 1153743

I love how these people coming forward saying that he did nice gestures for them and stuff seems to think it holds any weight that he isn't a fucking monster.

Even the most evil of people have a good side (bundy, etc)

No. 1153745

He couldn’t have abused 10+ women he put a bandaid on me once!!!!!!!!!!!1

No. 1153754

File: 1612591676656.jpeg (194.89 KB, 811x1299, 0B4F47F1-573E-48FD-91C7-7B3E85…)

No. 1153755

Right? Isn't that exactly what the other women said? That he was sweet and gentlemanly at first? Maybe he was nice to these two and wasn't interested in anything with them? It's more likely they're just mentally ill though. Manson has a very established cult of personality around him that breeds these types of women.

No. 1153758

John McEnroe's daughter? Wonder if she'll say anything. Probably not much different from her home life though.

No. 1153764

Yes. You would think she would report it. A. Long. Time. Ago. And according to Lindsay’s mom they saw Madelyn in a car outside their house.

No. 1153776

File: 1612593676663.png (423.38 KB, 750x1334, 52ED13B1-52AF-49D5-A38C-272D6D…)

Looks like Madelyn is making more fake accounts again
Mansonisinnocent posted her “statement” and this comment made me lol

No. 1153780


Why the fuck would anyone be "always loyal" to a random musician they don't know in person?

No. 1153782

Well as far as fans go Manson’s aren’t exactly a brain trust if you know what I mean

No. 1153784

It's like what he does to his victims. He builds up a fake persona and gaslights them into believing every word he says. They all have this strange, hive-like mentality. If someone disagrees with him or doesn't worship every piece of “art” that he releases, they're harassed. He brainwashes them on the same level that he does his orbiters. None of them have experienced the same abuse that Evan or any of his other accusers have, but they're still victims, even if the majority of them are assholes.

No. 1153786

Damn, he sounds like my drunk dad. I laughed because she tried to say something, but she can’t get a word in. lol

No. 1153790

Yeah, there are many facettes to abusive narcs like him. They can appear sweet and gentle to others to avoid any suspicion and expand their pool of victims . Someone can come across as a loving father and great husband but commit horrible crimes that even the family or anybody else isn't aware of.

Some people also still believe Hitler was a nice guy because he was a vegetarian lmao.

No. 1153805

This. Narcs usually have a public persona that makes them appear genuine and cool, and they love bomb their victims in the beginning. Relationships with abusers start out with an amazing honeymoon period. Then the victim starts getting abused and gets gaslighted into believing that it's their fault or they're going through a rough patch and can make things better. Then they start triangulating with another person.
See, everybody likes him, and he's treating this other person great, he used to be nice to you too, so what did YOU do to make him treat you like this?

Narcs also make their victims seem unstable. There's such a thing as reactive violence. One technique is silent treatment. Basically, they do something wrong, the victim speaks up about it, and they just stay calm and dismissive while the victim gets emotional and hysterical. That's a time when the abuser also gets a nice stash of public freakout videos and hysterical incoherent walls of text from the victim that make him look better.

And Hitler wasn't even a vegetarian lol.

No. 1153808

File: 1612598480504.jpg (42.67 KB, 500x700, Nazi Dita.jpg)

Btw, the Nazi imagery used in industrial was mostly to shock and bring out the hypocricy of the modern world by drawing parallels to the Nazis. You can see practically every band using the imagery at one point.
There was also a whole Nazi exploitation genre in the 80's for the aethetic and BDSM appeal. Basically, it was used as a symbol of power and cruelty and had nothing to do with racism.

I think Dita and Evan wearing it is more S&M fetish shit that actual Nazism, so his little smear campaign will do nothing.

Now Manson and Depp seem actually into racism. He's such an edgelord doing shit for shock value that people refuse to believe he's racist.

No. 1153825

File: 1612600315899.jpeg (633.31 KB, 1800x1441, E8116CA0-D5A6-44D2-B208-31B358…)

He also loves to call these women “witches”.

No. 1153829

I knew he was blowing smoke up my ass so I just sent a movie reference from the Lost Boys, Lol

No. 1153830

Who and what is this?

No. 1153831

It’s a text of Manson.

No. 1153832

It’s Dawn craziness. Ignore.

No. 1153833

Oh look the gaslighting bullshit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1153835

Oh look, Dawn.
We’re discussing real events that have proof behind them, not the delusions of someone who needs to be on meds. Be gone.

No. 1153836

Why is the word bubble coming from the left like the text above it?

No. 1153837

We’ll let a jury see how crazy it is. And see how well your gaslighting bullshit works… m’kay?

No. 1153842

File: 1612602440888.jpg (75.87 KB, 1195x522, 20210206_200604.jpg)

Latest leaked text exchange

No. 1153843

What's it going to take to make all of you realize demons are real? or are you all too busy denying it and trying to live your best miserable life?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1153844

Rachel Woods is a total crank, lol. I think she met him a few times and insists on playing the buddy buddy card. She spends most of her time taking these shit quality photos and filtering the fuck out of them for an audience who follow her cause she claims to be friends with Brian Bloater.

No. 1153845

File: 1612602659280.jpeg (166.26 KB, 822x1669, BF67D1DB-49A6-447E-B4FA-6C319C…)

Right, because it’s not proof that these texts were things he said in an interview and lyrics.

I told my friend to send it to joke around, and it’s a screenshot that he replied back with it.

No. 1153847

Sorry, I'm not following.
What does this have to do with anything?

No. 1153848


No. 1153849

I've been backstage countless times in the past 10 years. I've seen Manson's girlfriends be the dominant one and tell him they were going to bed, not hanging out with fans, etc.

I've seen Manson offer people drugs, but never TELL someone to take any. I've never even seen him push and ask again if someone rejects them.

I've seen Manson ask groups of girls if any were interested in sleeping with him and almost every single hand would raise…every single time. I never saw a single girl leave the bedroom sad or crying or beat up. I saw girls that were happy and couldn't stop smiling.

I've seen him personally give them food and gas money and even put them up in hotels, before heading back home to wherever.

Were most of the girls 18-25? Sure.
Is that illegal? No.
Is asking someone if they want to have sex and they agree to have casual sex illegal? No.

You can call him a creep or a weirdo for asking, but you can't say a man that was always straight forward and respected people's views was abusive to these young adult women.

No. 1153851

File: 1612603166941.jpeg (415.93 KB, 750x711, A1E7D9E3-1CA3-4C22-B22B-376A3A…)

Oh look it’s Dawn texting Manson

No. 1153853

So every one of these people- not just women mind you- exes, former assistants, band mates, they’re all lying? Why? He’s an amazing, kind, gentle person, and this unrelated group of people got together to destroy him…for fun?
Does your brain get much use anymore or is it mostly decoration at this point?

No. 1153854

No. 1153855

To follow up:

Manson is a lot more shy than most of you realize.

Some of you are portraying him as this evil genius mastermind, with hundreds of fake accounts (good luck keeping up with the log in info), breaking into houses to move stuff around, making people buy things they don't want to overseas, etc.

At some point, you have to take responsibility.

Is he a sex addict? Sure.
A drug addict? Sure.

But he was mostly the guy in the corner with glasses on, not talking to anyone, and just people watching.

No. 1153856

Samefag but also the audacity of being a fan who’s just gone backstage a few times thinking you know Manson better than people who were in intimate relationships with him for months/years. I bet you were the kid in middle school who told everyone you were friends with the popular kids when they really only ever talked to you to borrow your notes huh.

No. 1153858


Omfg begone with your autistic sperging about "Manson is beautiful and kind uhu". Fuck off back to your fan websites.
There is not one but EIGHT FUCKING LONG ASS THREADS documenting his many abuses with irrefutable proof. Brian Warner is a scumbag, he's human trash, deal with it with what is left of your brainwashed head.
Now kindly fuck off

No. 1153859

I can tell you've never done drugs.

Because even the quietest guy at the party gets confident, cocky, and motor mouths on cocaine.

No. 1153860

Wtf do glasses have to do with anything LMAO

Pack it up everyone, he’s innocent. He’s just a guy with glasses on.

No. 1153862

Ericavonstein deleted her ig. Why? Wtf happened?

No. 1153863

File: 1612603931703.jpeg (299.35 KB, 750x486, 3AF84376-5CD1-4D0D-898F-68BB8C…)

Just a shy quiet guy in the corner with glasses on

No. 1153864

File: 1612603941838.jpg (9.84 KB, 279x180, Dahmer.jpg)

Yeah no one in glasses ever did anything bad.

No. 1153865

File: 1612603958040.jpg (361.33 KB, 693x693, 1578923866284.jpg)


>Pack it up everyone, he’s innocent. He’s just a guy with glasses on.

with all of the stage props and his own personal fetish paraphanalia, he could probably Harvey together a walker.

No. 1153866

File: 1612603975440.png (84.8 KB, 1068x2088, dm.png)

No. 1153867

lol we posted the same thing at the same time

No. 1153869


Well, I'm sure you'll call me a Bible thumper or conspiracy theorist if I say what's going on.
Truth be told, I didn't believe in the afterlife until I was deep in this industry. It took the darkness for me to see the light, because I realized if some of these people in the industry truly believed in the evil, then the good had to exist too.

Anytime someone steps out of line or tries to get out of their hold, they get punished.

For instance: Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were both looking into an elite pedophile ring. What happened? They took Chris Cornell out and his autopsy shows bruises and fractured ribs.
What did they do to Chester? They killed him on Chris's birthday, to send a message.

Manson has recently told people that he wants to get away from the darkness, but feels like he is trapped in it. Like he has become the character on stage and there isn't a difference in Brian and Manson anymore.

Manson has told people he wants to see his mom in the afterlife and is starting to not be Anti-God, but Anti-Organized Religion.

The same people that believe that Manson is a mastermind that collects blackmail, can't seem to figure out that that is exactly what the industry is doing to Manson right now. They collect years and years of stuff on you, so if you step out of line, bam, it releases and gets the media covering it.

I don't feel like going into more of it, call me crazy all you want. I wish I was as innocent as some of you and could say it was all fake too. Life was easier back then. But, I've seen too much. Things that shouldn't be physically possible. (Something similar to Mr. Corgan saying he saw someone shift shapes in front of him.)(ban evasion)

No. 1153870

I think it was because of how Manson calls women witches and talks shit about them. The rest was probably just for entertainment purposes.(ban evasion)

No. 1153873

Q? Is that you?

No. 1153874

Run out of meds today?

No. 1153875

Time for you to take a break from the internet and pull your head out of your conspiracy theory riddled ass. Cornell OD'd and Chester hanged himself. Oh and fuck Billy Corgan and his shape shifting bullshitteroni.

No. 1153876

Nah, we just call you crazy and an attentional seeker. Same as Manson.

No. 1153878

It's so obvious.
All these idiotic philosophers debating for millennia on whether or not there is life after death. Didn't they know all they needed to do was get involved in the music industry to unlock the mysterious of existence?

No. 1153880


>(Something similar to Mr. Corgan saying he saw someone shift shapes in front of him.)

it was Tila Tequila, who is, in fact, a lizard person.

No. 1153884

Cornell died by suicide by hanging, not OD. There are pics of the elastic workout rope and the door he used.

No. 1153886

Fuck, thats a name i haven't heard in a few years.

No. 1153888

Apologies. I still stand by what I say though - it wasn't an inside job.

No. 1153892

I personally think him being a drug, sex, and porn addict does make him an evil monster. Because those are the vices that are the reasons he harms people so terribly.

No. 1153898


Those who are most fascinated/indulged in porn or the aesthetic of violence against women (like blood smeared, bruised, under control/used as probs) are probably misogynistic, covered up as artistic expression. His music videos beginning from 00's use women as probs;he even sexualized his own 18y girlfriend.He's not better than those rappers who dance with half naked strippers in a club. He's gross and a try-hard. His music videos give me second hand embarrassment.

No. 1153921

Annie posted another thing. The third page makes me feel really bad for her if that's what happened. Who makes fun of someone when they're grieving their sister's death?(imageboard)

No. 1153922

Maybe post the damn caps?

No. 1153924

No. 1153927

No, cause not all drug or sex addicts are abusers/rapists. That's a shitty excuse for his behaviour.

No. 1153930

You sound very conservative.

No. 1153932

File: 1612614669670.png (4.5 MB, 1080x6660, StitchIt_20210602013054_766.pn…)

Learn to imageboard ffs
Caps here

No. 1153944

File: 1612617608261.jpg (327.62 KB, 1439x966, Screenshot_20210207-001726_Ins…)

Not content with mere abuse, according to Corey Feldman, MM also operates a ring of Satanic Spies (SS).

No. 1153946

What in the fuck is happening here?

No. 1153947

I thought it was obvious from her original post. He's been messing with her reputation and whatever happened or whatever he said made her friend walk away without explanation. He's a manipulative fuck so I wouldn't be surprised if there were threats involved.

No. 1153950

The freak show part of the circus.

No. 1153951

He told her she'd lose all her friends by the end of the month knowing she has a fear of loss and abandonment according to her first post. It makes sense to me that she'd be afraid of that being one of the reasons.

No. 1153960


No. I just hate abusive fucks like Manson getting away with blagant misogyny. For him women are nothing more than props he even seeks to destory. And tries to get away with it.

No. 1153961

Anon. I know. Me too. This is the best cap out of all 8 threads.

No. 1153966

Dying to know what the backstory is here, how and why he was able to turn her friends against her. Not that it would make any difference to him being a scumbag, I’m just curious.

No. 1153972


I’d say he’s likely a Trump supporter, yeah. He’s always been a pretty vocal Republican and I remember him stumping for Bob Dole back in the day.

No. 1153976

File: 1612621625345.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, D6490547-2800-4E02-9851-448667…)

Asia’s post on Manson has now been deleted, but she’s shared Depp’s animation of Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth” to her stories. One thing I missed capping and regret - Sierra Swan calling out Asia in her stories last night. She wrote something along the lines of
>Asia you massive dumbo, trying to be all mysterious…
And has no unfollowed Asia.
Did any of you nonnies cap it?

No. 1153977

*now unfollowed Asia

No. 1153978

That's part of what makes determining who is telling the truth so difficult.

She's open about being an unstable person.

From an outside observer, what, if any of the claims are true?
The messages and call recordings released, even if they are all by M, don't provide any substance to the broader claims of abuse.

How does someone become so successful in getting others to ditch their long term friends?

Surely with the claims that came out against M this week, wouldn't this ex-best friend know they were used and reach out to her? Yet in her comments she said they know this friend is gone forever.

There a great deal which doesn't make sense.

Is it because these are entirely the delusions of a sick individual, or has an abuser knowingly targeted someone who is compromised and therefore is less likely to be beleived if they were to speak out.

No. 1153979

I like that she admits to her own flaws too. She said it could be a combo of both Mansons mindfuckery and her reaction to it. He said she wouldn't have friends by the end of the month so that's weird. Manipulators make sure to isolate you from your loved ones and make you look like the crazy one. It's pretty much textbook.

No. 1153980

Wouldn't call them delusions when she clearly has evidence that she knew him. If he threatened her then this makes sense to me because manipulators do that.

My mom has epilepsy so I know the emotional outbursts she's talking about. It's sad. She seems to have it under control most of the time but she said stress brings it out. He probably took advantage of that.

No. 1153983

Do we have a solid timeline of when all of these girls dated Manson? I’ve read through all the threads I know a bunch of them overlap but the manson wiki connects Lindsey to Manson as early as 2009.

No. 1153985

The Lindsay Manson relationship seems not to be a very traditional one. Like, it looks like she for whatever reason at all is just always "around". But this doesn't stop him from having whole relationships with other women. Do they even live together?
There is also talk that she blackmails him and that's why she is still there and now married to him. (Supposedly)
I wonder if they have a slave-master relationship BDSM style. Although Manson sounds too fucked up these days to really responsibly live such a lifestyle.

No. 1153986

File: 1612622784548.jpeg (552.61 KB, 1242x967, 681FF34D-CF12-453E-BCD4-38B782…)

Sorry Id like to correct myself, they were connected as early as 2010

No. 1153987

File: 1612622794445.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, C41FD3F5-C4DF-414F-82B3-6A85B3…)

According to Lindsay they met in 2009

No. 1153988

Samefag but doesn’t she feel dumb that her story is the same as everyone else’s? “We read books and watched movies and took Polaroids.”
That’s every. Single. Girl’s. Story.

No. 1153991

Thank you for your insight!

Side note: I also see that everyone is really bagging on her. If she is a victim (and I think she is) , it’s really difficult. I’ve personally been in an emotionally abusive relationship and everyone around me watched me deteriorate and my parents got to the point where they called me an idiot and worthless for being with him and not doing anything about it and defending him. I don’t know how to even explain it but when you’re in it, and you’re in it so deep, your psychological makeup changes. A person’s common sense goes out the window because your brain is trying to protect itself from feeling pain and often times victims feel this strong bond with their abuser (Stockholm syndrome).

I am not trying to throw myself a pity party I’m so great now and what I experienced made me stronger mentally and emotionally. My ask is, maybe we can be more gentle when we discuss Lindsay. I don’t know the whole truth, But I do know that when you’re in an abusive situation, your mind will do anything to survive.

No. 1153992

I entirely agree with you anon - the Annie thing is a little off to me for all the reasons you listed. I posted and deleted a message to that effect earlier because I did not phrase it nearly as well as you.
I do believe she does have stuff on MM. However, one red flag for me is she said she reads these threads and most likely could be self posting here - and this is never a good sign on lolcow.
I definitely do believe her, as in give her the benefit of the doubts, but so far, she has provided little substance to back her claims up. I'd say tread carefully for those ready to get into her stuff.
Definitely looking forward to see her next posting though.

No. 1153996

I’ve been so invested in all of this, all I’ve been doing is going to the Mansonisabusive Instagram and going to the people the account follows and looking at posts and stories. I’ve been checking Nonstop I feel like I’m losing my mind 😅

No. 1153997

Narcissists have a way of making their victim sound and seem crazy to the point of the victim believing they are. There's a lot of shame and self-blame in Annie's posts that are classic signs of someone who's been a victim of an abuser or gaslighter. She mentioned that she's posting these as a warning (I assume to Manson) because he's launched a smear campaign behind her back. All classic signs of a narcissist making sure that their victim is isolated from those they love.

No. 1153998

Also, BPD, which, despite the eye rolling the diagnosis gets, is notoriously hard to police and keep in check. I like Annie, she comes across as open and honest about her own flaws. I believe the evidence she provided, that shows she was in a relationship of some kind with him. I believe everything she says about his threats and isolating her from friends etc.
I am simply curious about the details. I guess she did some things under Manson’s influence that affected her friendships and she now regrets that.

No. 1154009

Absolutely agree with you on all point, make sense. Just a little cautious but of course happy she feels brave enough to face him. He sounds like a real psycho so I understand the challenge here.

No. 1154013

Yeah, sounds lovely rather basic.

One thought I find interesting is that Manson seems to be a lot less socially adept one would assume.
How he repeats how he says things to people on stage that he can't say to people in his personal life. Because he's not very good at communication.

But then the person who seems to be very manipulative, who supposedly tortures, rapes and abused people?
How do these two things go together?

Really, I always thought highly narcissistic people who perpetuate in narcissistic abuse would be good at social interaction? Would be good at communication? Would be good a social interaction?

I'm really wondering how these two things go together.
Not in a "I don't believe the women" sort of way, more in a "I thought these two attributes would not exist in the same person".
(Two attributes: being socially not very adept and being a manipulative abusive controlling asshole to dozens of women.)

No. 1154014

I totally believe Annie. Just wondering why she won’t post the abusive parts of the recording.

No. 1154018

I wonder the same. When he told her to not talk too much about epilepsy because people could use it against her didn’t sound like he meant HE was going to use it against her like she is implying.

No. 1154020

File: 1612627381924.jpeg (236.99 KB, 1242x815, 3F69BD6E-7C11-470F-9325-4BE5C5…)

Right! But she did say she’s using this as a threat back to him to get him to stop invading her personal/professional life. So maybe it’ll lead up to that BUT she responded to a comment and said she certainly wouldn’t release it on Instagram.

No. 1154021

A lot of the stuff she’s posting isn’t particularly bad when it comes to abuse. Typical Manson stuff. I want to hear the audio of the alleged abuse. Conveniently, she hasn’t released that yet.

No. 1154022

I would be much more gentle with her if she hadn't helped him grooming girls back. Being a psychotic hysteroid gold-digging bitch who got trapped in abusive relationship is one thing, and being all the above and HELP your abuser abuse other women is on a whole different level.

No. 1154023

I don't believe he's no good at social interaction. All people that have met him describe a charismatic, charming, smart and well spoken man, able to remember dozens of small details and using them to carry conversations that feel both personal and display how much he cares. He's extremely good at social interaction by all accounts we have.

No. 1154025

@ 1154022

I didn’t realize she was helping him lure girls… it always seems like she’s taunting anyone who comes close

No. 1154026

She did both. Which makes everything about my perception of her complicated.

No. 1154029

Lindsay Usich made me think of Ghislaine Maxwell

No. 1154032

It’s not an excuse. Research porn addiction. It can cause violence in men. It re-wires the brain in the same way drugs do.

No. 1154033

So all the talk about how shy he is, is all bullshit?

In the 2017 interview with channel 4 news (UK TV station) he hints at how he would be diagnosed with autism or Asperger these days.

So maybe he likes to explain his narcissistic lack of consideration for anybody else's feelings as a sign of autism (to himself)? Like to make sense of it?

And the talk about being shy and bla bla is manipulation?
And how about all the talk about being desperate and depressed, is this bullshit too?

This is like a puzzle with a bunch of missing pieces.

No. 1154035

Pls sage.

No. 1154037

File: 1612628636011.png (775.3 KB, 1242x2688, 193DF20B-F8F3-4C30-8E80-984FDF…)

ERW just posted this to her story

No. 1154039

Wasn't Maxwells role much more dominant and less doormat than Lindsay's?
From what I read about Maxwell she seemed to be yes, infatuated with Epstein, but she played an active part in this whole operation (also for her own pleasure).
Lindsay sounds just passive and desperate.

No. 1154040

File: 1612628704274.png (1.6 MB, 1242x2688, 08C329CD-C104-4D2C-8AD8-41BA0A…)

No. 1154041

File: 1612628762869.png (2.36 MB, 1242x2688, 7AE267B4-B79B-4B04-81F2-8B1412…)

No. 1154043

File: 1612628790996.png (585.95 KB, 1242x2688, A239216A-56A2-4F17-BD58-5DB74C…)

No. 1154045

Please sage anon.
Also, I'm not going to fight with you on this. There is no evidence Manson is bad at social interaction, but plenty of evidence that he is rather good at it.
Lindsay makes think of Ghislaine because both were enabler in abuse.

No. 1154046

Does she mean 21-?

No. 1154047

Him being depressed is definitely not bullshit. That’s why he has drug and sex/porn addictions. Addictions are caused by underlying mental issues. Rather than getting actual help like a person with heart issues or some other physical issues - he self-medicates.

No. 1154049


I’m assuming yes, she was underage for the legal drinking age because ERWs relationship with Manson started when she was 18-19 so she was a legal adult (although terribly young still)

No. 1154052


Agreed! Also there’s another phenomenon, some people with underlying issues who become successful (especially narcissists) have this larger than life ego and feel like they can get away with anything because of connections and money. So they also get off on their ability to control and participate in unlawful activities.

No. 1154055

I’ve read that Manson was abused as a child, but I can’t find anything about his accounts. Not that’ll ever excuse his actions but I’m curious to know what took place.. does anyone have info on Manson’s childhood traumas?

Much appreciated!

No. 1154057

She filed a police report on Lindsay? GOOD. So all of this just proves Lindsay participates in crimes with him.

No. 1154060

Jfc, these were just questions. I'm not looking to "fight" with anybody.
I'm a really just wondering about how does this work, is this whole act part of his manipulation? Presenting himself as different (with different personality characteristics) than he really is.
Really, I'm just interested in how this all works.

No. 1154062

File: 1612630074636.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, 853E198D-7E85-4477-AC92-9C312C…)

Clever move by ERW.

No. 1154065

File: 1612630216892.jpeg (540.98 KB, 1242x2208, 3557555B-EEEB-45C4-B3EC-2CF57A…)

No. 1154066

Take a chill pill and Sage.

Good that she addressed it. Clever move. MM must be fuming right now.

No. 1154073

Ehm, are you the thread police? This is rather ridiculous. On a board like this, it's not permitted to ask questions? Wow. Just wow.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1154074

Yes. It seems so. He can change his personality into different characters. It’s crazy. Like even that Annie chick said, she said something she didn’t know if she was even talking to him because it sounded like someone else and that he don’t sound like the same person when he was texting her on iMessage.
Either it’s a manipulative tactic to disguise himself. Or, could just be maybe he’s not comfortable being himself, so he changes into these characters.

No. 1154075

File: 1612630674034.jpg (246.96 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_20210206_165820.jpg)

She's not going to get out of it

No. 1154078

From my experience the abuser come off as complete normal, loving, kind, “vulnerable” so the victim trusts them and shares their pains and insecurities so the victim shares more and more about themselves.

Then randomly after the victim trusts the person, the abuser lashes out, explodes with anger, profanity, aggressive behavior and blames the outburst on alcohol, substance, or emotional pain/circumstances. The victim is thrown off by the behavior but believes the excuse because the person they know is usually kind and caring.

Then the frequency of outbursts begin to increase but they place the blame on the victim
Example: the abuser will freak out in rage and say something like “you looked at that guy walking by, you’re worthless if you think you’ll find someone better than me! You should be ashamed of yourself! How dare you disrespect me in front of my friends?”

And the victim didn’t mean anything malicious but they will begin to become self critical, because the person they “know” is usually loving and now the victims “actions” just “hurt” the abuser. So the victim will modify their behavior to please the abuser.

This cycle will keep going and going until the abuser controls how they dress, who they talk to, what they do or don’t do.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1154082

100% agree. Of course he doesn't act like your classic abuser right from the start. And that's why it's so hard to spot them. They're extremely good at gaining your trust.

No. 1154083

You’re participating in a thread on an image board which has a set of rules. All participants are expected to integrate. Just do yourself a favour and just read the rules https://lolcow.farm/rules.
Coming off butthurt at anons who are quite rightly telling you to sage your shit isn’t gonna get you far, and, if we’re lucky, you’ll cop a ban. This thread has already been on autosage because of morons who refuse to integrate. Stop being a dick.

No. 1154085

imagine /pol/ but with bitter old women instead of basement dwellers.
I would have never thought such a place existed. get a fucking life losers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1154086

Very smart. I hope every one of these deluded idiots gets flushed out.

No. 1154087

>please don't take a shit in our vomit

No. 1154089

He should have chosen smarter allies. Hadn't Leslee harassed mansonisabusive, hardly ever anybody would have gone to check her server. Some people should have had their mouth shut.

No. 1154095

Leslee has put profiles private now

No. 1154096

Madelyn deleted the photo from @mansonisinncoent too and is being called out for proof of her ‘relationship’ with Manson. I’m glad Evan filed a report on Lindsay and Leslee, what assholes.

No. 1154101

File: 1612632621364.jpg (40.35 KB, 685x526, fcGLOmr.jpg)

I am that anon who posted pics from Leslee's discord, I promised another anon to save the logs. Dear anon who helped me a few days ago I am sorry it took me some time to upload the logs and finally share them.

You guys can follow the link and download the folders, once you are done click the html files. You will see the chats, I saved two - no-mic (w\o pictures) and main-chat (with pictures). Leslee knew I posted about her discord here but she nuked the main-chat only yesterday, idk why she waited so long. Because she saw I didn't post anything after saying I would? The cap from the day I posted here.

I remember Leslee confirming Manson had a lot of fakes and that he had been going under many names, check the main chat for proof.

The link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14IYoTYYQ_MeoFRUQ-Sqlb5KFRoEbrimR?usp=sharing

I will delete everything in March. Save and reupload if you want.

No. 1154105

I think ERW already has the logs, judging by >>1154043
So the link is for anons solely I guess.

No. 1154106

So he like to tell his victims that they are pretty when they cry and Lana Del Rey has a song called 'pretty when you cry" + the weird rape video they filmed

She must have some shit on him too(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1154107

samefag again.
If there are any issues with the files pls let me know.

No. 1154108

Sorry for the blog, but my narc started off our friendship by info dumping their entire life story on me, complete with trauma and embarrassing shit, and encouraged me to share my own life story with them. In two months they had more dirt on me than my mother and every single thing got twisted and turned into a smear campaign against me when I left them.

My mental illness was also used against me. I had to forgive aggression against me because as a fellow psycho I had to understand that they lost control, but everything I said was a symptom of my deranged mental illness.

I think Manson does that too. I bet all those girls are "the only ones who understand him". They really are all the same, aren't they.(blogging)

No. 1154109

No. 1154111

Thank you nonnie!

No. 1154115

File: 1612633729165.jpg (168.41 KB, 2618x757, GZtz3ti.jpg)

OMG How did TMZ find that video? It was NOWHERE to be found! That's when he read that letter from Lindsay.

Leslee says she created a fan page about ERW+MM and a little bit about his fakes.
That's how the chats should be displayed to you.

you are welcome

No. 1154118

File: 1612634558601.png (982.68 KB, 806x3537, 20210206_190118.png)

No. 1154133

File: 1612636049482.jpg (202.52 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20210206_182058.jpg)

If leslee is @caustic, then why is she talking to her self on Mansons birthday message from Courtney Love? These comments are 3 or so comments apart. She congratulates Love then tags herself @leslee_ to reply she's been 10 years sober?

Just she changed her handle to caustic recently? It looks like she's changed handles with someone?

There's some personal chats from lilacs20 in between them

No. 1154138

File: 1612636589724.jpg (147.83 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20210206_183441.jpg)

These are both her

No. 1154141

Anyone got access to Leslee?

No. 1154146

This Leslee creature needs to burn in a fire. What a repulsive excuse of a female human being.

No. 1154149

No, she just needs to be investigated(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1154150

I'm the email anon, thank you for coming through! I downloaded it off your drive. You're the real MVP

No. 1154152

Maybe it's just me, but I can't open the files and it's not letting me download any of them?

No. 1154161

File: 1612638146766.png (498.01 KB, 890x1342, Capture d’écran 2021-02-06 à 1…)

Posted by Evan on her IG yesterday, then deleted it a few hours later

No. 1154164

File: 1612638384247.jpeg (353.78 KB, 750x881, 39C65BA3-30A5-4CDF-B94E-68BB15…)

TMZ just posted about the breakup letter and are suggesting it’s from Evan. Can no one there research properly??

No. 1154166

(The Warner situation's being discussed on the Bad Ass Women's Hour on the radio just now. In the UK. A whole show discussing why rock stars manipulating younger women for sex has been p much overlooked even during #metoo)
Live if you want to listen https://talkradio.co.uk/badass-womens-hour

No. 1154172

you should be able to, just checked it. and anon >>1154150 successfully downloaded it. it may take a lot of time because the size is huge.


hmm I believe her but I don't believe her words in that cap. I mean the first two sentences.

No. 1154178

Oh damn! Thanks, a million, anon! This is going to incriminate him big time.

No. 1154179

I mean I know what she’s trying to do here but the majority of Vegas casinos do not care if there are children running around at all hours. The Bellgio (not where this concert was held) used to card people at entrances but they did away with that policy shortly after they opened.
Still side with her though, fuck this chinless dumpster fire of a human

No. 1154181

Along with Lindsay and Madelyn.

No. 1154194

File: 1612640599405.jpeg (143.97 KB, 1125x570, B0CE167E-C512-4CBF-9DCB-65BC45…)

Linda Strawberry is a good friend of Billy Corgan and Ashley Walters.

No. 1154198

File: 1612640752298.jpeg (295.78 KB, 1125x1273, 44C1936F-41BC-4BE0-B9EA-30BDA8…)

No. 1154202

File: 1612641157158.gif (627.48 KB, 220x361, same energy.gif)

at 0:46 of that video, he busts a move like a sexually deviant white supremacist. how can anyone find him appealing?

No. 1154203

This bitch makes me so fucking mad. I keep seeing people use Dita's statement as proof that all the others are lying. It disgusts me, and it shows what a fake bitch she is and how much she cares about survivors of abuse and rape.

No. 1154204

Kek anon, that's why Madelyn is so into Manson. I'm so glad Magalyns ridiculous statement wasn't discussed a lot on here as it's obviously complete bullshit and probably fabricated as well.

No. 1154208

I think Dita meant "realize yourself" more so in terms of self-actualization (i.e. realizing one's full potential) rather than realizing what happened to them. But I agree that it comes across as backhanded and condescending.

No. 1154212

I think everyone thinks that’s what it means and it’s still fucking offensive. How snobby and condescending do you have to be to tell a bunch of women you hope they self-actualize? As if you’re the most together human on the earth? Seriously fuck Dita. Can’t stand yet another white woman who chooses “being classy” over being a champion for justice. She’s a big fat nothing.

No. 1154245

I need milk. Can anyone provide?(spoonfeeding)

No. 1154247

File: 1612644009675.jpeg (514.45 KB, 1620x1996, D545CC0E-E666-433F-84A1-EDB994…)

No. 1154253

File: 1612644289815.png (822.03 KB, 750x1334, 127E26AB-5D90-4C7E-B754-01A3DD…)

Oh no not the woman who fetishizes ‘womanhood’ having internalized misogyny and believing some men will be men bullshit. Imagine being DITA VON TEESE and accusing other women of being attention seeking lol.

No. 1154260

File: 1612644763721.jpeg (152.14 KB, 826x786, 4392601C-3BC8-4500-88D9-CDB9C5…)

This woman worked for Oprah who is also affiliated with Manson.

No. 1154262

Who is she and how is she affiliated with Manson?

No. 1154265

I can’t give her personal information.(ban evading retard)

No. 1154266

But you can post her picture? Sure girl. Spill.

No. 1154269

Ok..? So that was pointless, lots of people were affiliated with Manson.

No. 1154270

A few of Evan's claims in the last couple of days:

- The Nazi photos of her are "UNDERAGE" (misleading, she may have been under 21 but she was not under 18)
- The night of the photos she was in the hotel room because the casino wouldn't let her in (lol, absolute bs, no casino in Vegas operates this way, especially for a famous person)
- Her and Manson didn't have a BDSM relationship.

I don't care what any of you old women say, she is clearly embellishing the truth

No. 1154272

is anyone surprised by this? She's always come off as a complete egotistical bitch since day 1. It's obvious that she's still angry that Evan 'seduced' MM away from her… Completely unable to grow from it and realize it could of been anyone, eventually he would of been 'seduced' by another very young girl. I find it pathetic that anyone would consider her a feminist icon or anything related to women empowerment, ESPECIALLY after her callous, backhanded 'comment'.

No. 1154278

File: 1612645828043.jpeg (61.92 KB, 468x547, B7493B02-33EA-421E-91B1-993D1D…)

I remember hearing that Manson and Dita used to have threesomes with young actresses, like Lindsay Lohan. It’s been suggested before that this is how they both met Evan, in a threesome. Can’t find any receipts.

Does anyone have any info on this?

How did Manson and Evan claim to meet each other?

No. 1154279

::oatmeal osborne has entered the chat::
Go suck mansons dick somewhere else, your delusions do nothing here

No. 1154280

Don't take it so personally grandma, everything I said is right.

No. 1154283

File: 1612646412171.png (702.55 KB, 912x2090, ultimate guitar article.png)

Don't know about Lindsay Lohan but i remember the stuff he said a few years back specifically about threesomes and Dita

No. 1154285

Ok let’s break it down OaTmEaL

Under 21 is exactly what underage means, especially in the context of her being drunk and on drugs which she mentions

Vegas hotels actually do work that way which you’d know if you knew anything about the world- they can’t afford to get in trouble and lose their liquor license because some rockstar wants his underage gf to get drunk in public. They will however let you do whatever the fuck you want in their hotel rooms because that provides them plausible deniability

Lastly it’s so laughable to think you know what the sex was like in a relationship between people you…don’t…know. I have no doubts you’re just a fat neckbeard that no one wants to fuck and Manson had made you feel LeSs aLoNe so it’s hard to imagine your hero is piece of shit but…if he’s anything like his awful fans it’s really not that hard to imagine.

No. 1154291

File: 1612646859186.jpg (111.74 KB, 600x424, v-is-for-vagina.jpg)

Just stopped by because I heard you crotchy bitches are trying to make everything about grooming now, not every assertive guy is a rapist just because your dad fucked you in the ass when you were a kid.

Sorry but you all suck

Innocent until proven guilty, men are fed up with women all of a sudden deciding something is grooming ten years later when they're embarrassed about something they did with their ex boyfriend when they were a legal adult, it's your fault. Stop trying to blame someone else.

Now go fuck yourselves(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1154293

oh you WroTe LiKe ThIS, you must be good at the internet. I've clearly upset you, sorry for interfering in your online detective LARP game. By the way you're still wrong on your points so I hope people go and read my comment.

Your little string of attempted insults at the end shows it really hits a nerve with you sweetie

No. 1154297

File: 1612647294082.jpeg (230.3 KB, 826x1313, 61BC54B6-ECCF-44E1-9857-C42543…)


I’m not sure but think that’s Oprah in the background that was at Machine Gunn Kelly’s birthday.(ban evading retard)

No. 1154299

You accidentally posted this twice, you must be so frantic right now lol

No. 1154301

No, I didn't, I didn't sage it the first time. But try harder to latch onto anything to distract from my original comment here: >>1154270

No. 1154303

Yeah that’s Oprah. So Manson parties with Oprah? Weird.(ban evading retard)

No. 1154306

I read your comment and I agree with you about the first point at least, I also don't care.

This isn't a court of law, no one is going to prosecute Brian - the judicial system you hold so highly won't permit it anymore. Evan doesn't get her day in court so there is no innocent until proven guilty here.

If people think Brian is a piece of shit based on everything he has said and done over his career, then they will.

No. 1154307

Hey scrotemeal a question: do you believe Madelyns statement? Or do you believe that Lindsay is MM’s one true love as she claims?

Because if what Madelyn says is true then all this time her claiming that Lindsay is insane and that MM doesn’t really love her and really loves Madelyn would be true. Which makes MM seem kind of …abusive… to Lindsay.

Or do you think Madelyn is delusional and making it all up which means to date Manson really has no ex that’s truly defended him. Serious question.

No. 1154312

kek get your vision checked anon that's clearly not oprah

No. 1154315

File: 1612648164202.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, EA8078CE-258A-48DC-9BB3-5633F8…)

Go see @spencerrollins stories on IG. Lots of caps. Joins the dots on the Manson kicking Evan’s brother out, too

No. 1154316

I’m disappointed you can’t recognize Dawn responding to herself by now lol

No. 1154317

thats not oprah. do all black people look alike to you?

No. 1154330

File: 1612648753977.jpg (891.83 KB, 810x4398, Screenshot_20210206-225217_Bra…)

No. 1154335

File: 1612649375326.jpg (351.03 KB, 1080x1691, Screenshot_20210206_220654.jpg)


Then this post isnt going to go down well either

No. 1154341

Did Evan delete a story about his nazi tattoos?

No. 1154343

File: 1612649827603.jpg (319.75 KB, 1080x1973, Screenshot_20210206_221717.jpg)


No. 1154347

File: 1612651023702.png (325.87 KB, 944x1889, 1mm.png)

I really like that over here (UK) his stories tend to be the first on the reports page, saging for not new info but I bet this pisses him off that this time the media is not gonna let this story go.

No. 1154348

>calling someone else a dud
>with a face like that
If theres something I have learned is that the ugliest dudes have the biggest entitlement complexes.

No. 1154352

Anyone else finding the latest ERW IG story uploads as undermining the broader claims at abuse?

What does she think she's actually conveying by sharing the photos of her wearing a nazi cap?

This is a woman who showed up at MMs door wearing red heart shaped glasses as a reference to a scene from Lolita. She's actively participated in actions to be rebellious and edgy, and we're now to beleive she had no agency over her actions?
It's feeling increasingly someone is trying to move on from their previous, immature adult years her trusting to accepting responsibility for their choices.

Having did that, the screenshots by this Spencer Rollins are incredibly damning against MM.
Who on earth is writing this school yard nonsense while in their 30s/40s.
He's clearly a weak willed loser unable to control himself.

No. 1154356


probably expired

No. 1154359

>Anyone else finding the latest ERW IG story uploads as undermining the broader claims at abuse?

No. Just you.

>She's actively participated in actions to be rebellious and edgy, and we're now to beleive she had no agency over her actions?

This is not AbOuT HeR aCtIoNs, this is about Brian's actions, specifically about his repeated actions of abusing and raping and threatening women with blackmail, murder and other types of revenge.

>It's feeling increasingly someone is trying to move on from their previous, immature adult years her trusting to accepting responsibility for their choices.

Nah. Just you feeling that.

No. 1154360

This has been discussed earlier in the thread at length.
She has every right to regain control of the narrative when the pictures MM threatened to blackmail her with are actively being used to undermine the abuse, rape and physical violence he subjected her to for years. She also talks about him repeatedly abusing her because she is jewish, and his love of all things nazi (and his charming swastikas-non-swastikas tattoos) don't exactly play in his favour.
So no, I don't find her latest posts crazy. If anything, it's corroborating her broader claims made a long time before the shitshow about how manipulated, subjugated etc she was.
Research narcissist abuse, there are plenty of stories like that around.

So true anon.

No. 1154361


No. The photos in the Nazi hat were already doing the rounds with Manson apologists clutching at straws, she turned the narrative around to show the Manson's wife eliciting compromising photos to threaten and silence her - exactly the type of abuse she has accused Manson of. The story's getting a bit of traction too.

No. 1154362


so, Spencer faked a whole MYSPACE message in 2021 just for the fuck of it? lel

he played keys with Manson in 2013 concerts btw

No. 1154364

'control of the narrative' which is a problem, if one was interested in objective truth.

What prevents her from acknowledging her choices to be rebellious and immature while also being abused by MM?

If she can't take accountability for her actions such as her choice to wear nazi memorabilia, than what else is she trying to pin the blame on someone else for?

This looks more like 2 immature losers having allowed themselves to get too deep up their own ass.

No. 1154365


>If theres something I have learned is that the ugliest dudes have the biggest entitlement complexes.

True, high insecurity tends to play a big part on someone becoming a full narcissist

No. 1154366

Typo. I meant to say 'having said that'.

I beleive the Spencer screenshot. It clearly shows MM to be a narcissistic loser probe to juvenile antics.

No. 1154368

Control of the narrative is only a problem if the abused ex wife is trying to regain…control of her own story? After having been silenced for fear of her life for years ?
I'm gonna leave that right there on the table where you put it anon.

No. 1154370


Ooooh, my bad. I read that again and misinterpreted what you said(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1154371

>This looks more like 2 immature losers having allowed themselves to get too deep up their own ass.

You keep coming in here trying to downplay what Manson did to Evan and other women. There is no "both sides" in this. There is no ~both him and Evan are immature losers~. Manson is a fucking serial rapist point blank. Gtfo.

No. 1154373

Now that all this shit is out in the open you think their marriage is going to continue? It's been established that he only married her because she threatened to blackmail with the fact that he's a predator and freak and also the fact that spouses cannot testify against one another, now that the entire world nows her only source of power over him is kind of gone. It won't happen tomorrow but I def see him kicking her to the curb, maybe not tomorrow but after any court cases are concluded and she not longer matters it's happening.

No. 1154374

Same here, it's a weird statement. Even if I absolutely do believe all of her terrible story, let's say I'm having a hard time picturing Manson having "vanilla sex" with his girlfriends when he's not torturing them. I mean, BDSM has probably never been into her personal taste (and even if she was into, it would of course not be an excuse for the torture), but it's difficult to imagine them not even having a bit of "kinky" sex (that he probably imposed on her), when you know the Manson persona. I don't know how that creep would be excited by "conventional" sexual intercourse and could have some.
Well, it doesn't cancel her testimony anyway. We're not here to judge her sexual taste and like somebody says, we weren't in their bed to see. I just don't know why she posted it and then deleted. Maybe she thought later that she shouldn't give these kind of intimate details/justification to everybody and keep it for the justice.

No. 1154375

Your right that the photos could be used for blackmail purposes and what would be expected from abusers.

My comment is more that, disregarding the photo resurfacing, ERW willingly participated in the original act of wearing nazi memorabilia but is now trying to make the claim that she has no responsibility for her actions. That somehow it was her 'brainwashing'.

Own up. You chose to be edgy and it doesnt look so great in hindsight.
No one cares. We've all been through these times. You can't blame everyone but yourself for bad choices.

If you can't own up to something a minor as being a past edgelord, it does raise credibility questions on other matters.

No. 1154376

At this stage anon, after everything that has been said and displayed and explained, if you still cannot understand why this way of thinking plays into the abusive party's advantage…I don't think anyone can help you understand it.
Educate yourself on this please. What you wrote is problematic on many levels and just shows how little you understand about this type of relationships.

No. 1154377


Why is it unbelievable? No one of the other girls have ever mentioned BDSM as part of their relationship with him but they talked about his random acts of cruelty separate from sex. He might get off on it sexually but it doesn't mean he actually has kinky sex, there is probably a compartmentalization between his non-violent sex life and sadistic violent sexual desire that come out as random verbal and physical attacks, it's not that uncommon.

No. 1154379

Maybe I've not been clear enough.

It seems quite evident that MM has a long history of abuse. I haven't and I don't challenge the claims that have been put forward.

No. 1154380

I think it was a neighbor or something.

No. 1154381

Evan was dressed in Mansons hat so it's his Nazi memorabilia, it just looks poorly on him not her. It's in past threads.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1154382

Look, I'm just participating in a discussion.
I don't have a concern for anyone involved in this story. I'm not trying to defend or denigrate any particular actor.

Yes, an abuser can use ones lack of credibility to their advantage. Its this manipulation which makes them so insidious and requires work from greater society to combat this.

however just because something could be used by an a abuser, I don't see a valid reason for why we should neglect to mention it.
Truth is what it is.

ERW can be both the victim of horrific abuse while also being someone who refuses to take accountability for their own actions.

Acknowledging the latter doesn't in any way diminish or dismiss the abuse. Both matters can be appreciated concurrently.

No. 1154383

You might be right in a perfectly spherical vacuum of a world, but Evan has to be smart right now because she herself is fighting a smear campaign.

Do you see Brian taking any accountability for his actions, the documented abuse he has admitted to and bragged about throughout his career?

No. 1154386

If you're the anon who posted the following :
>Own up. You chose to be edgy and it doesnt look so great in hindsight.

That is exactly what you are doing, quoting you:
>I'm not trying to defend or denigrate any particular actor.
> I haven't and I don't challenge the claims that have been put forward.

>If you can't own up to something a minor as being a past edgelord, it does raise credibility questions on other matters.

Do you see the problem?
Apologies if I'm off base and this was not one anon behind these posts. If I'm correct, then we can agree to disagree and I stand by my previous response to your point.

No. 1154387

Oh my god this is such a let me play devils advocate non-point. Get over it.

No. 1154389

File: 1612655426465.jpeg (530.27 KB, 1800x1147, 5D028F60-5C14-4A3C-903B-9E948C…)

Spencer Rollins part 1

No. 1154390

>Look, I'm just participating in a discussion.
>I don't have a concern for anyone involved in this story. I'm not trying to defend or denigrate any particular actor.

There is no "discussion" going on, it's literally just you coming here and trying to undermine Evan while covering your ass with claiming you don't care about either - but only actually coming for Evan. And fix your robot typing style it's unreadable and sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 1154391

File: 1612655529039.jpeg (411.4 KB, 1595x1341, F5FB93F9-4A62-4449-9938-72AB0B…)

Spencer Rollins part 2

No. 1154393

Jesus CHRIST. This motherfucker just records everyone and everything. Of course most of his former band mates and employees aren’t saying shit. You can never know what this cunt recorded you doing or saying.

No wonder his music has been so shitty the last 15 years. Homeboy literally spends every free moment he has playing criminal minds or some shit. No time for art when you’ve got 20 year old guys to harass and stalk for absolutely no reason.

I hope Manson chokes. What a goddamn waste.

No. 1154394

File: 1612655637401.jpeg (369.87 KB, 1623x1130, 8FC871F0-CD7A-4630-89DD-C35902…)

Spencer Rollins part 3

No. 1154397

File: 1612655776440.jpeg (639.19 KB, 1776x1800, 59C536B6-22AA-4E57-9BA9-9F7F11…)

Spencer Rollins part 4

No. 1154400

>I don't think anyone wanted this record, myself included

That had me whizzing omg.
Warner is next level psycho. At this stage it's not surprising but dear lord…we can establish his brain was fried already back then.
Thanks for the caps, anon.

No. 1154401

The thing is people want to have a perfect victim. I can see what anon means when they say about Evan being a little bit of an edge lord. She definitely could wear the Hitler outfit by her own will but I doubt, if that's true, she'd admit it. She's got to stay perfect or people will start questioning her words, call her hypocrite, etc.
Like that pic with his tattoos. She said he didn't have them when they were dating but he actually got one of them (the skull) while they were dating.
It doesn't mean she wasn't abused or raped by him, it's just that now everything that might come to surface about her past behaviour which could be considered as inappropriate by her now allies will be explained by ‘I was brainwashed and manipulated’. I don't blame her, and that anon above does have a point.

No. 1154403

File: 1612656012830.png (891.88 KB, 750x1334, 6EFAAFE4-C08F-47FB-AED3-0E423F…)

And here he is filming up (Wolf Alice) Ellie Rowsell’s skirt.

No. 1154404

Brian's not going to step up and take any accountability. His statement is exactly what you'd expect from such a coward.

The 'smear campaign' is in all seriousness, just a small ragtag bunch of die-hard fans and manson sockpuppets.
ERW has overwhelming support for her and I've not seen a single mainstream media outlet even attempt to pick any holes in her statements.

A vacuum would be a suitable term.
I've only commented on something in isolation.

References to manson holding people against their will and having sex with their unconscious bodies is beyond defence and as clear of abuse as anything could be.

My isolated concern was ERW trying to equate her past edgelord behaivour (wearing mansons nazi cap as a Halloween costume) as being in any way related to unequivocal abuse and deprivation.

Alluding that her choices weren't in fact hers and were due to 'brainwashing', I find problematic.
What sort of feminist statement is this? That woman are so fundamentally weak willed they can't be accountable for their poor choices?
I refuse to beleive so low of humanity.

She could have stayed silent, or owned up to these photos.
We all have regrets from our past. It was a poor choice to make.

All in all, just my observation and I should stress simply on an isolated component that shouldn't be taken undermine mansons own culpability, or abusers in general.

No. 1154405

I don't get it. Did that guy have conversations with MM about some really dark things and the guy said some controversial stuff, and MM recorded those conversations and tried blackmailing him?

No. 1154409

>Evan was controlled in a way not unlike a member of a cult is brainwashed by an abusive cult leader

That sums it up perfectly. This is batshit insanity. Imagine being so insecure that you go after a fucking 20 year old? What in the fuck
And that's just part one…buckle up

>My isolated concern was ERW trying to equate her past edgelord behaivour (wearing mansons nazi cap as a Halloween costume) as being in any way related to unequivocal abuse and deprivation

She never equated the two. She said this is the type of things he would blackmail her with, and we have documented proof it was the case.

No. 1154414

Billy isn't exactly the nicest guy either.

No. 1154416

She posted that particular picture because it was being passed around in discussions by those who wished to blackmail her. She took away their ammunition. Can you see her eyes in the picture? She looks fucking dead inside.

No. 1154418

So do y'all just want to make age gap in relationships illegal? Cuz some of you sound like jealous bitches.(bait)

No. 1154419

File: 1612657154811.jpg (899.13 KB, 810x3733, Screenshot_20210207-011628_Bra…)

This one has been discussed previously, it's now a full fledged interview in the papers


No. 1154421

I think it's actually against the law to record someone without their consent in CA, so if he ever released any of this stuff in the manner he was always threatening it would technically be criminal, he is so fucking stupid. Other states allow one party consent (the person recording knows it's being recording) but not CA.

No. 1154426

>She never equated the two. She said this is the type of things he would blackmail her with, and we have documented proof it was the case.

You could be right and I've misunderstood.
I just find it odd how you could blackmail someone with a photo of you wearing your Halloween costume.
It implied to me that the actual act of wearing the costume wasn't her choice. An argument with little to no merit.

I could very well be wrong in this interpretation and this is yet another example of how brain friend Brian is, thinking these photos could have any weight as blackmail material.

No. 1154430

Going by comments I've seen earlier, federal law allows 1P consent with federal law trumping state law if challenged in court.

No. 1154434

File: 1612657712109.jpg (1.09 MB, 810x3747, Screenshot_20210207-012658_Bra…)

More of the few stories we've heard from about teens and MM. You can see the backstage pass in there.


No. 1154438

I can't post from my iphone for some reason but there is a comment under Annie's latest ig post where she reveals that Manson has had a few seizures, confirming what anons have suspected all along that he is absolutely brain fried from drugs

No. 1154441


>The 'smear campaign' is in all seriousness, just a small ragtag bunch of die-hard fans and manson sockpuppets.

That's seems to be the case, but given the kind of fear she's been living with I understand she wouldn't want to give away any ground. Even a handful of these low IQ individuals can do harm to her mental state.

>Alluding that her choices weren't in fact hers and were due to 'brainwashing', I find problematic.

What do you think abuse and deprivation is? Maybe she was being edgy all on her own, but if she put up with being raped in the relationship, don't you think she might have also put up with doing other things she otherwise wouldn't have if she weren't in that sitution?

Also, I think the fact you chose to say "sex with their unconscious bodies" rather than rape is problematic.

>What sort of feminist statement is this? That woman are so fundamentally weak willed they can't be accountable for their poor choices?

It's not? This has nothing to do with being a woman. This is about a teenager getting into a relationship with a much older, more experienced person. And yes, evidently in this case like many others the younger person was easily influenced by their much older abuser.

No. 1154442

File: 1612658287112.png (151.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210206-183709.png)

No. 1154449

File: 1612659208704.png (1.52 MB, 975x3582, download.png)

Sorry not sure if this was reported in previous threads but now Cory Feldman has come out with abuse allegations against MM.

No. 1154450

File: 1612659234149.png (172.79 KB, 422x259, unnamed.png)

Spencer playing with Manson in 2013. Don't know why he didn't mentioned that but I'm sure he's gonna tell a lot more stuff than what he posted by now

No. 1154452


>I just find it odd how you could blackmail someone with a photo of you wearing your Halloween costume.

Oh, are you not aware of the full details?

Evan is wearing a black dress, not a Nazi "costume", she's wearing Manson's Nazi hat and a moustache drawn with eyeliner. At some other point in the night she has a cat nose and whiskers drawn instead. This seems like less of a calculated decision than if she spent weeks planning and making a Nazi costume for Halloween.

It's exactly this kind of misrepresentation that the Manson camp were relying on as blackmail. It seems to have worked on you.

No. 1154459

I'm not sure you've understood what I wrote.

If she wants to don a nazi cap, I don't care. It's pretty cringey, but people are free to do cringey things.

As I mentioned above, my commentary is based on a suspicion ERW was implying her choice to wear the cap (or similar acts) was in fact outside her control or due to outside manipulation. I don't buy this as an acceptable argument.

I could very well be incorrect on this assumption, and my opinion would therefore be moot.

No. 1154460

File: 1612660009072.jpeg (145.23 KB, 750x426, 84D2C53B-D827-4DAD-BF53-E35DF8…)

Saged because I don’t trust random Reddit comments but lol at the things people just casually drop about Manson

No. 1154468

File: 1612660784130.png (293.13 KB, 790x518, Capture d’écran 2021-02-07 à 0…)

This is a good point. Maybe I have too much of his "Heart-shaped glasses" videoclip in mind, when we see them having some kind of -fake according to Evan/true for MM- wild sex, I also think about all the girls like Jenna Jameson who said that he's really "into bruises and biting during sex", I think about Esme's back injuries caused by a whip and which was filmed "in the name of art", that she "used to see with pride" (BDSM session?), I think about the rapes he is accused of… Maybe my brain don't want to admit that this sicko is capable of this compartmentalization because I find it even more crazy and scary. I mean, it's more simple to imagine him evil from A to Z in every situation. Even with a fried brain, he's clearly more subtle than this and thinking about this aspect, him having a "conventional" sex life with his girlfriends when he's not abusing or torturing them (how fucked up is that sentence?!) is quite disturbing and astonishing in my opinion. For me, it's not very logical because I perceive him as violent even in sex situations, but I'm not saying that I'm holding the truth, it's a personal feeling. Anyway, if it's the case and he's capable of "vanilla sex", it just adds even more credit to the victims when they talk about his twisted personality and how much difficult it was to get out the influence of such a scumbag. Makes me think about this tweet of ERW :

No. 1154473


>my commentary is based on a suspicion ERW was implying her choice to wear the cap (or similar acts) was in fact outside her control or due to outside manipulation.

But manipulation and control is part of an abusive relationship with a narcissist. She's already described a pattern of abuse where Brian controlled her, including what she wore, and that if people dared to speak up against him they were singled out and ridiculed. So, even if she did make certain choices, you're ignoring the fact that fear of further abuse might have played a role in her decisions.

Anyway, she's already given her reasons and you've stated that you don't believe her. As nobody knows the truth there's really nothing to debate.

No. 1154474

The moustache was drawn on her and the cap is not hers. She's not wearing a "nazi costume", she was literally made to wear this and was drawn on by other guests while drunk off her mind. She explained it in details.
Why you are nitpicking on that and spending time writing lengthy "I'm not saying there isn't abuse but" comments is another matter altogether.

No. 1154484

has he ever tried to hit another guy or is he just a fat bald old bitch that beats up young girls to feel tough?

No. 1154488

The second one. Obviously. Weakling scrote that got trashed in school, takes it out women by manipulation, gaslighting then actual physical harm/degradation. What a loser.

No. 1154491

>she was literally made to wear this

This I wasn't aware of.
Are there screenshots of her confirming this?
Previous comments have reported she wore this at a Halloween party, and she has a history of courting intentionally controversial attire.

No. 1154492

>she has a history of courting intentionally controversial attire

Why are you so fixated on Evan?

No. 1154493


He spinned a story once that he got into "violent" fight where someone in sweden hit him in head with a glass table and almost sliced off his ear, good to know someone stood up to him for once.


No. 1154494

File: 1612663392501.jpg (1.15 MB, 2048x2048, Screen1.jpg)

Sage as not coming from the most unbiased of sources.

No. 1154496

? I'm not.
I raised a single query and have elaborated when the subject was raised by others.

No. 1154499

Kek. This is prime tinfoil.
So ERW went through all the trouble of getting abused, raped, mentally destroyed just so that 10 years later, she could help Amber Heard.
Ok Brian.

No. 1154501

Witches be doin divination.

No. 1154502

Move on anon. We have all responded to your many comments, some very lengthy, about your "query". There is nothing to add on the matter.

No. 1154504

Top kek
You gotta love the complete absence of self awareness in their logic…MM is friend with Depp so…like what is their fucking point?

No. 1154506

Evan is not friends with Amber Heard, that’s tinfoil material pushed by fans.

No. 1154509

Asking for evidence to substantiate a claim put forward shouldn't indicate obsession.

I understand this is an emotionally charged topic for some people. I just made an observation as a casual outsider.

I don't quite follow.
How would MM being named by ERW prevent him from being a character witness for JD?(samefagging)

No. 1154513

Evan defended Amber's bisexuality during her trial and posted a picture of her holding a flag in her story (before she was accused of being the abusive one in their relationship). That's the only time they've ever interacted with each other, apart from Amber making a post about Manson after she named him. They're just grasping for straws.

No. 1154515

File: 1612664312517.jpg (41.54 KB, 240x260, get-a-load-of-this-retard.jpg)

try using your remaining two brain cells and think about it instead of being spoonfed

No. 1154516

File: 1612664414411.jpg (495.12 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoCollage_1612664413410.jpg)

No. 1154518

But, but… Actually they are the logical and objective casual observers, who rely on the Fair Justice System and innocent until proven guilty unlike the hysteric harpy bitches who let their lady emotions get in the way and want to cancel poor innocent GentlemenTM after regretting Bad Sex!

No. 1154520

>How would MM being named by ERW prevent him from being a character witness for JD?

Duh. Why would they ask a documented abuser to defend another documented abuser in court…?

No. 1154521

That does not indicate a friendship necessarily, only that a domestic abuse victim is sympathetic to another.
Not that if they are friends that changes or proves anything.
When did that thread become the Evan Rachel Wood thread exactly ?

No, you're clearly not obsessed, anon.

No. 1154523

Lmao you gotta love the incels who come to thread, I’m sure right after crying on 4chan that no one will fuck them, complaining about women “regretting bad sex”
If you had more of a sex life you would understand how dumb that sounds. We’ve ALL had bad sex. We don’t call men abusers because they’re weird in bed. We call them abusers when they abuse us.

No. 1154524

Samefag not you anon I know you were being sarcastic


No. 1154527

This article also reports Evan being friends with Amber.

Whether they are friends or not seems unrelated to the abuse claims and serves as an unnecessary distraction.

No. 1154528

Cmon dude, I think you know that's pretty ridiculous.

No. 1154529

I think you're intentionally glossing over the whole "ERW was never seen in Nazi swag before or since being in an abusive, controlling relationship with a Nazi fetishist" and "Brian is the Nazi fetishist with a documented history of having women dress in and bring him Nazi stuff" thing to try to use a pic of Evan in Brian's hat to somehow prove she's a piece of shit who deserved her abuse at his hands bc… she was edgy and young?

Seriously, you're trying to equate apples to oranges. Evan being """edgy""" for unhappily wearing Brian's Nazi hat < brian being an abusive fucking asshole to dozens of young women he could manipulate

No. 1154531

Sage because not related to the EVR/MM thing but MM wasn't never going to be involved in the AH/JD trial.

No. 1154534

>schizo spergs out about completely unrelated crap
are you even trying to defend Manson? Because if you do let me tell you you're doing a piss poor job

No. 1154537

>Whether they are friends or not seems unrelated to the abuse claims and serves as an unnecessary distraction

So why bring it up? By the autistic typing style, you sound like the same Evan obsessive anon. You want to maybe move on from that?

No. 1154538

No. That would be a very disingenuous way to misinterpret anything I said.

I must not have been clear.

Her choice to engage in intentionally provocative acts and attire by no means suggests she ever invited or justified abuse in any form. Her choices in no way minimise or excuse the acts of violence and abuse she reports as having suffered.

I feel this particular topic has been given more time than it deserved.

It was not my intention to distract from the main focus here.

I'm new to this site and I appear to have made an error in judgment in assuming such a topic could be discussed impartially. I understand there's a lot of characters trying to undermine each side and any submission would be viewed heightened suspicion.

No. 1154540

File: 1612666408868.jpeg (347.01 KB, 1620x940, 0653D0E2-476E-4FD8-9480-415C91…)

Your link doesn’t show that quote but this article explains it: >>1154527

Evan defended her bisexuality on Twitter before it came known Heard was an abuser. There’s no indication they’re friends outside of that article’s use of word.


No. 1154542

>I feel this particular topic has been given more time than it deserved.

You are the only one pushing it.

>I'm new to this site and I appear to have made an error in judgment in assuming such a topic could be discussed impartially

You are not impartial and, yes, we can tell you are infiltrating from one of your incel sites.

No. 1154546

>You are not impartial and, yes, we can tell you are infiltrating from one of your incel sites.
I can understand the suspicion of anonymous comments made online but I would appreciate if you didn't make such accusations on my behalf.

No. 1154547

File: 1612667245294.jpeg (388.31 KB, 750x855, 7298B417-A4BD-479F-91BC-D2C7C3…)

Now People ran the Lindsay story and I thought we could all take a moment to lol over these side by side pics they chose- ERW looking radiant, him looking like he was a clown balloon that someone left out in the sun too long

No. 1154550

To be fair, that's about as good as he can look without deceitful lighting and photoshop.

No. 1154556

Top kek. Behold the triple chin too.

No. 1154557

Painted pink, for emphasis

No. 1154561

AYRT, so what was your actual point? Also why use so many words to say so little? Learn to trim the fat, you type like you're trying to find the smartest sounding way to say total nonsense without anyone noticing it's nonsense.

No. 1154562

File: 1612668169593.jpg (56.66 KB, 396x594, Marilyn Manson Arrivals Revolv…)

There was a period where he would distinguish his chin line with black makeup, so his head and neck didn't look like one big thumb.

No. 1154569

This man drew a jawline on himself. What the fuck

No. 1154572

The point is self evident.
Idle speculation on what appeared to be an ambiguous implication raised by ERW.

Just as there's been focused attention on the interpretation of DVTs choice of the word 'incur', I made an interpretation for discussion.

Obviously it seems certain individuals are exempt from any perceived critical review, at least at this point in time.
I understand it's an emotive topic for some and I didn't consider that before my comment.(ban evasion)

No. 1154581

He had to draw it on, he doesn't have one

No. 1154583

Is this where Jake Munroe got this awful idea from?

No. 1154585

They said drew it on wtf

No. 1154586

File: 1612669995921.png (193.44 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20210206-225214.png)

Nothing useful just a funny comment on mansons post the second of lol (sorry if this doesn't post correctly)

No. 1154590

Lmao, that's pathetic. He made fun of "Lasagna Del Rey", but at least she never did something so embarrassing.

No. 1154591

File: 1612670355770.jpg (83.31 KB, 1920x1080, sweet dreams (are made of butt…)


>the beautiful cheetos the beautiful cheetos

>are you motherfuckers ready for the new snacks
>I don't like mayonaise, but mayonaise likes me

No. 1154605

Indeed the point is self evident: an aging nobody with a melted brain tried to come in here using pointlessly florid language like a literal autist to paint ERW in a bad light over nothing to take some heat off MM, just because, and then had no actual point to make.

No. 1154612

File: 1612672040829.jpg (13.03 KB, 400x400, marilyn-manson-reuters.jpg)

>My disease, disease is diabetes
>Anymore more and I'll be fatty cheese
>Disease, disease is crispy creme
>I want more when you're inside of me

No. 1154613


my fucking sides.

No. 1154617

File: 1612672596066.jpg (81.67 KB, 640x891, mansonfuck.jpg)

>Spread me over
>Sticky tender yummy ribs
>Are all your sides filled with soggy chips?

No. 1154618

File: 1612672736994.jpeg (5.79 KB, 192x263, images - 2021-02-07T153936.883…)

>The High End of Cholesterol

No. 1154619

>>1154538 >>1154572

This has gone well beyond the original issue of her wearing a controversial hat.

>Her choice to engage in intentionally provocative acts and attire by no means suggests she ever invited or justified abuse in any form. Her choices in no way minimise or excuse the acts of violence and abuse she reports as having suffered.

No one here is disagreeing with this.

The difference of opinion is that you don't seem to acknowledge the effect that emotional abuse such as gaslighting, humiliation and threats of physical harm might have had on her choices. Yes, she may have made choices in the past that she regrets, but she may not feel the need to ‘own up to them’ – at least not to a bunch of strangers on the internet – because she has accepted that she made those choices because of the abusive situation she was in.

>Obviously it seems certain individuals are exempt from any perceived critical review, at least at this point in time.

That's correct. She's trying to do everything in her power to bring an allegedly abusive man to justice in a system that doesn't want to hear it because she and others took too long to report - again, because they were threatened. She doesn't owe anyone an apology or explanation at this time, she's focused on her main goal.

If you still can’t understand this, then maybe you can at least understand why it takes victims of this sort of abuse so long to even recognise that they were abused in the first place. Especially when a lot of people still tend to only recognise physical abuse and restraint as ‘actual’ abuse.

No. 1154624

File: 1612673534411.jpg (83.02 KB, 720x729, 42b4bef9b374b5c253682d726e41cb…)

>Nothing suffocates you more than the passing of wind over dinner at Trents
>And constipation is your daily task you struggle to breathe in to stay alive
>[chorus] DIET! DIET! DIET! DIET!(ban evading sperg)

No. 1154625


funny how he even wants to talk shit about Spencer hairline lol

No. 1154631

Annie is starting to deliver the goods. She just uploaded several videos of Manson talking about Evan and how she tried to convince him that his mother had sex with him. There's no images so I can only provide the link. https://www.instagram.com/p/CK-oGbaBcFm/

No. 1154635

File: 1612674588311.jpg (242.6 KB, 1014x652, gghgggggggggggghhhh.jpg)

The post that >>1154631 is talking about, the audio is on the insta page she linked.

No. 1154639

File: 1612674683978.png (169.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210206-230658.png)

Leslee literally said on her Discord server that Lindsay was asking for those pictures of Evan to, “shut her up.” Now she supposedly wasn't involved (and she says this after Lindsay unfollowed her and she has no reason to kiss her ass anymore). Truly pathetic.

No. 1154641


TLDR; I am so sad and sensitive uwu smol bean, no idea who Evan Rachel Wood was talking about in her Phoenix Act speech, plz gib pities

No. 1154645

LOL @ "tit for tat MOTHER fucker" this girl is sending me….

No. 1154648


Trying to implicate Jamie Bell because he was once played a dom in a movie. Yep, that'll do.

No. 1154649

I couldn't be fucked to listen to all of these, but this is what I got, starting from the second clip to the second-to-last.
>How you told me…convinced her my mom molested me, and I cried too, and then he fucking told you, and then you broke up with me. And then we got engaged again. Fuck, you know that's like, fucked up. It's like…she convinced me my mom molested me. She convinced me my mom molested me, and I had to ask my own father when my mom was dying, which is fucked up. As fuck. And my mom was weird and schizophrenic, but my mom did not fuck me when I was a kid, but she tried to convince me that she did. And that is wrong. And [???], to ask my dad that I [???] and he got really pissed off at me. And it like, really caused a [???] between us.
>If you can understand the levels of fucking bullshit and lies that I, like, honestly [???]. We never said this to you, I'm gonna tell it to you [???]. I was utterly confused when she made that statement. I was like, "Is she talking about Jamie Bell? Like, I never…" [???] I'm like, Jimmy never…[repetition, more about how he dindu nuffin] I'm the most sensitive…
>..person when it comes to emotions and people's feelings, and that was like the last thing. [??] I never, ever lash out on people. I only lash out on myself. And maybe it was theatrical, and maybe it wasn't, but I cut myself [???]. Was I hurting anyone? No. I've never fucking…the only person I ever harmed when I was a child was my mom, and that was because she followed me, and that was it.
>[???] I didn't beat my mom to death. That hurts me so much. That hurt me so much. The thing that hurt me so much was I hurt my mom after she was hurting me.
>I haven't changed. If anything, I'm better than before, only because I was weak and being taken advantage of. And then she's like [???]

No. 1154651


He harmed his mum when he was a child because she followed him. But he did not beat her to death. So that's alright then.

No. 1154655

He sure does love to use that word witch. So…. he thinks Evan tried to convince him that his mom molested him? That’s really weird because I thought I read somewhere in the threads he had some incest fetish.

No. 1154656

File: 1612676769330.jpg (42.06 KB, 600x465, manson-1334602324.jpg)


>Is she talking about Jamie Bell? Like, I never did anything, and he just did Nymphomaniac where he actually ties a girl down and rapes her and I'm like maybe he taks his work home with him, I don't know.

that's probably the biggest reach he's made in 15 years.

No. 1154657

Oh my fucking god kek

No. 1154660

No, she probably just didn't want Manson to be pissed off at her, so she took the blame. It makes sense for him to want to keep Lindsay's reputation as clean as he can because that makes him look better.

No. 1154663

ah, retracting it is sketchy af. Why would Leslee make that up about Lindsay? She thought she was talking to like minded fans and defends Manson/Lindsay, I doubt she would try to frame Lindsay.

No. 1154664

If this isn't the ramblings of someone seriously suffering some sort of drug induced mania or psychosis, i don't know what is.

These audio conversations reminds me way too much of friends who have fried themselves on drugs.

No. 1154682

You’re right though

No. 1154686

The physical assaults i can't forgive.

But i'm starting to wonder if all the emotional abuse and weird behaviour isn't intentional / something he doesnt even realise hes doing, or at the very least, doesnt understand the weight of his actions.

He honestly sounds so fucking messed up, dude needs a psych evaluation asap.

If he's had enablers all his life and his issues have gone unchecked, i can easily imagine how he's become the monster hes been portrayed as.

No. 1154688

The dude has been molesting and abusing women before he even stepped on the scene.

No. 1154690


Someone who claimed to know him came on a few threads ago to say he has been diagnosed Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Bipolar disorder with tendency towards mania but he doesn't take his medication for it.

No. 1154699

No, they said he forgets to take it, implying that he doesn't stop taking it on purpose. Maybe he really wasn't intentionally hurting them or he didn't understand the full extent of what he was doing, but now that he is aware, the least he could've done was apologize to them, publicly or privately, and own up to that shit. Instead, he called them liars and tried to play the victim. That's unforgivable.

No. 1154710

It doesn’t matter how much professional help he can get - he hasn’t taken advantage of it by now and he likely never will in my opinion

Leads all more into my point that this dude doesn’t give a fuck. He had a “get out of jail” card for the longest time. Doesn’t matter now.

No. 1154711

NPD is a personality didorder; you can't get meds for that. Bipolar can be treated with SSRIs and a lot of people say they don't like the "flatline" effect they have , particularly if they are creative types.
Saged for no milk and medfagging.

No. 1154715

Stop fucking feeling sorry for him. There's a rule against armchairing and you obviously don't understand what a personality disorder is. It's not a magic spell that makes someone do shit they wouldn't choose for themselves.

This is an adult with a lot of money and connections who was functional enough to have a successful career. No matter what his pathology he could have sorted his shit out at any time, surrounded himself with whomever he wanted, and he didn't. Instead he made it other people's problem. Labelling that Piece of Shit Personality Disorder Potato Sub-type doesn't add anything to the conversation.

No. 1154724

I'm listening to the Annie recordings and oh my god will he EVER shut the fuck up? I can't imagine talking to someone like that for hours.

No. 1154727

File: 1612686602762.jpeg (240.95 KB, 1041x1991, 29D9D82F-ED89-495A-ADB9-2EF51A…)

No. 1154729

Interesting. She's following Annie too.

No. 1154731

Dita unfollowed Manson on gram.

No. 1154732

It’s valuable life advice in your conduct on the internet. I would just like to know how the fuck he became so apparently “tech savvy”.

No. 1154737

Can anybody here make transcripts of his words from Annie's audiofiles?

No. 1154738

Someone already did. Scroll up.

No. 1154739

I saw that one.

I mean all calls from him?

No. 1154740

Thats definitely him yeah

No. 1154741

File: 1612688639773.png (1.45 MB, 1565x1174, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 01.0…)

New stuff. Why does he do this to so many people? I can't imagine how paranoid I'd be omg

No. 1154742

File: 1612688714752.png (982.33 KB, 1597x1180, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 01.0…)

Part 2

No. 1154743

I meant if anybody could make transcripts of all calls lol

No. 1154748

File: 1612690032062.jpg (367.78 KB, 1000x1500, M (1931).jpg)

>Marilyn Manson insists on being called M./signs emails or texts as M.

oh is he doing a Reference?

No. 1154750

Or maybe its short for Marilyn or Manson.
Just spitballing here.

No. 1154753

>It's like…she convinced me my mom molested me. She convinced me my mom molested me, and I had to ask my own father when my mom was dying, which is fucked up. As fuck. And my mom was weird and schizophrenic, but my mom did not fuck me when I was a kid, but she tried to convince me that she did. And that is wrong.

Evan seemed to be quite the opinionated little something when she was younger.

No. 1154756

Wait lol she called Callum Keith Rennie to help her with the Manson situation? I just realized this. The same Callum from Californication and Battlestar Galactica? This is hilarious to me for some reason. What a mess. This poor woman.

No. 1154757

File: 1612690807646.jpg (287.33 KB, 1080x1237, Screenshot_2021-02-07-10-37-34…)

I just found this video on youtube and this woman claims that she hooked up with manson in 2011(?) when she was 19 and a virgin. She thinks thay the women he abused did this to themselves and it's their fault

No. 1154758

He sure has a thing for redheads.

No. 1154761


Thats what he wants people to belive.

I bet he knows what he is doing.

No. 1154762

His verbal diarrhea is hard to keep up with. Imagine going through hours at a time of his lunatic deluded ramblings. This is torture.

No. 1154769


Greta Auroras whole youtube channel is pretty grim and her instagram posts are hash tagged as #feminismiscancer

No. 1154770

Damn Madelyn is looking rough here

oh wait

No. 1154773

File: 1612693090670.jpg (504.14 KB, 1284x1492, IMG_2617.jpg)


No. 1154774


It wouldn't surprise me if Manson also stans Fritz Lang for obvious reasons, as Metropolis was Hitlers favourite film. He is a nazi nut and obvious in very deep with these interests

No. 1154778

Cackling at the image of that greasy, cracked out anorexic flopping her old lady saggy skinned arms over someone like a crazy inflatable ballon man tryin to "finish" them

No. 1154786

She has a straight head on her shoulders.

No. 1154798

File: 1612698855951.png (183.26 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot-20210207-064253.png)

No. 1154800

File: 1612699024039.jpg (443.71 KB, 1080x829, Screenshot_2021-02-07-12-56-19…)

Marilyn Manson's lawyer arrives for a late night emergency meeting at his home in LA

No. 1154807

This happened after the cops showed up at his house on february 3rd

No. 1154809

Who or what is that? Context please?

No. 1154814

File: 1612700982686.jpg (1.23 MB, 810x6365, Screenshot_20210207-132613_Bra…)

Not sure if this was posted previously. A sexual assault claim in 2018 that was rejected but talks about imprisonment and assault consistent with the claims by other women who came forward.
That has not aged well

No. 1154818

Yes, this is regarding Lexa Vonn’s allegations, posted in first and consequent threads.

No. 1154821

Yeah, what is this?

No. 1154825


Is this recent, in response to the leaked photos of Evan? Who is he talking to?

No. 1154827

Looks llike someone dropped an incriminating text against Manson validating it was his hat.

No. 1154829


Oh ok, I didn't think that was in question. Whoever this person is they seem chummy with MM.

No. 1154832

There’s no date on it, so who knows if it’s recent. Maybe they’re not chummy with him anymore.

No. 1154841


Yeah, if it's recent it would indicate he is making light of the situation. If it's not recent then it doesn't really change anything, in which case why drop it?

No. 1154846

Maybe they dropped it to show it’s true about him being a racist nazi. Which all adds up now that he seems to be obsessed with bloodlines and German shit [which he’s only half German and half Polish]. He talks about his ancestry in an interview.

No. 1154850

How stupid does Manson think people are? THAT is a death threat. I hope she’s reporting Manson and Lindsay to the police

No. 1154862

This is the interview.

No. 1154877

Looks like Lindsay is going to have to take the Louise Alexander gallery link out of her bio because they dropped her ass

No. 1154879

File: 1612711296343.jpeg (152.34 KB, 750x568, AC945E7C-4628-4013-A9AC-C004E3…)

Samefag- Maybe they’ve been reading comments like this ?

No. 1154886

where does it say they dropped her?

No. 1154888

Click on the link in her bio. Or just look up the gallery and go to their artists. She was there, she’s not there anymore.

No. 1154892

Hi guys my friend and I are manson fans and we have had this list of FAT song titles going for a few years i figured this would be a good time and place to post! thank you for all the effort you guys put into these threads!

>I Dont Like the Food But the Food Likes Me

>Steak and Shake and Sodomy
>Dried Up, Fried Up and Breaded for the World
>Sweet Creams
>The Last Cake on Earth
?Cake Pies and Twinkies
>Irresistible Cake Anthem
>The Speed of AuBon Pain
>Mister Soup-er Star
>Angel with the Crabs, Wings (and Nachos)
>And A Slice, Soup and a Star
>Ham that you Fear

No. 1154895

Go away loser

No. 1154901

Ham That You Fear sent me

No. 1154902

so he fucked his mom, huh…it all makes sense now. not unheard of in trash families from his demographics. in his bio he blamed his transvestite masturbation-addicted uncle for his sex issues but it's the whole fam and i will never not believe this kekkkkkk

No. 1154904

yeah ham that you fear is how i'll remember him now, thx song title anon

No. 1154905

Yeah I was wondering if I heard that right. Is he saying his Mom molested him?

In no way does that minimize what he's done – psychopaths and abusers should be held fully accountable for the harm they perpetrate – but that would explain a lot.

No. 1154909


petition to make Ham That You Fear thread title for part #9 of this saga

No. 1154914

Ew. Has he looked in the mirror at how disgusting he is? When he’s calling other people trash families and saying other people are disgusting, he’s really projecting about himself.

No. 1154924

He probably thought he was getting arrested that night the cops came.

No. 1154927

No. 1154948

File: 1612718025870.png (757.7 KB, 784x1063, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 09.1…)

Evan posted a story that links to an article about the Lana del Rey bodyshaming text from Annie. they wrongly credited Annie as the actress and she clarified she's not that one. I feel awful for laughing at Lasagna del Rey. It's completely sending me…

No. 1154949

Manson is shit and all but these roasts are killing me. All his talk about receding hairlines and now this…

No. 1154957

He’s a piece of shit, but he is occasionally really funny. The “from a dead Nazi you fucking moron” and “Lasagna Del Rey” lines made me cackle pretty hard, even if he’s in NO position to make fun of anyone’s weight or intelligence.

I think that’s part of the “charm” that people get suckered in by. If you didn’t know about these accusations, then it would be easy to think that he’s just an edgelord asshole who says outrageous shit for attention/laughs.

But for me, the funniest thing he does is when he tries to sound tough in social media DM’s, because he just sounds like a little desperate little bitch trying to sound intimidating. It’s both funny AND pathetic. That’s shit that 14 year olds send to people when they are having a spat with a classmate. It’s the equivalent of the “what did you just say about me you little bitch?!?!” copypasta.

No. 1154959

>it would be easy to think that he’s just an edgelord asshole who says outrageous shit for attention/laughs.

I mean, i think thats why hes gotten away with things for so long, isnt it? We took what he said with a grain of salt and just assumed it was manson being…well…manson.

No. 1154967

File: 1612719273423.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, 1102EB89-A2C1-4C36-81DB-45024D…)

Teena Byrd’s niece on the hate of her aunt, who she admits was a little “unhinged”.
Poor old Teena. IIRC wasn’t ever confirmed before that Teena died, despite rumours. I might be wrong about that.

No. 1154986

I don't think that's what he meant. He said Evan tried to convince him that she'd molested him as a kid when she really hadn't.

No. 1154997


Which actually makes me wonder if his Mom really did that – he told Evan about it and is worried it will come out – and is now trying to discredit it by making it seem like an invention of Evan's.

No. 1155012

She most likely didn't though. Evan has no reason to tell anyone about his past traumas. That would make her way less credible because the allegations she made would start to look like a smear campaign. He did write about a neighbor molesting him in his book, but that was it.

No. 1155015


I got the impression naive Evan might have been trying to find some reason for why he was so horrible, she may have known about the mum beating thing and was trying to justify his behaviour to herself. That repressed memory stuff was popular for a while. I don't think she knew about narcissists until long after the relationship ended.

No. 1155016


"That repressed memory stuff was popular for a while?"

Repressed memories are very real. I recently discovered through therapy that I was abused by a relative as a child.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1155018

File: 1612721929001.jpg (1.53 MB, 1284x2263, IMG_2632.jpg)

LMAO I am officially dead and buried. Those lyrics are perfect.

No. 1155025


Sorry, I'm not at all knowledgeable on the topic. What I meant was the idea that someone might have repressed memories could have been more familiar to Evan than the existence of narcissists and their behaviour - because it was at times a sensationalist topic.

She seems to have only learnt about narcissists in the last few years and is still educating herself today.

No. 1155032

File: 1612722870977.jpg (659.81 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210207_203347_com…)

From Jessicka's ig story

No. 1155033

File: 1612722900883.jpg (307.31 KB, 1080x1570, Screenshot_20210207_183256.jpg)

I am begrudgingly proud of Kaya. Her fans are really young, niaeve and more than likely huge Manson fans. To shame post a fan & to speak out like this and not support him is a really pure thing to see.

No. 1155034

File: 1612722922125.jpeg (232.18 KB, 1077x1527, 17D03906-037A-4C92-9297-32C7E6…)

More caps from the discord. Also, it doesn’t show Lindsay directly asking but anyone remember when Leslee Lane harassed Madelyn? >>1089260 And this? >>1153714

No. 1155040

All good!

No. 1155055


So Leslee sent Evan a message containing a compromising photo and told her she had 280 others. Is that a crime? I wonder if that police report went anywhere because Leslee doesn't seem to be acting like a person who might be in trouble with the law.

No. 1155057

Sounds like it'd fall under blackmail imo

No. 1155061

True but we don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. Just like how Annie posted about Lindsay calling her and screaming threats at her we don’t know if something else happened between Evan and Lindsay, if there was some confrontation that turned threatening.

Not that I believe her but I remember a while ago Madelyn claiming Lindsay had sent awful letters to Dita. I wouldn’t put anything past her honestly.

No. 1155066

Yes… and depending on what kind of photos, that could also be considered revenge porn*.

No. 1155068

Dita is following Lindsay on instagram though…

No. 1155072

I keep seeing idiots on the Manson Reddit claiming there’s no proof Born Villain is actually Leslee Lane, just look at their profile picture on the discord, it’s the same woman in the Leslee Lane IG profile. >>1089260

If Leslee took the photos she obviously knows Manson.

No. 1155078

It’s also apparent Evan knows who she since she made a police report on her.

No. 1155082

She knew Manson. She apparently used to date Rudy Coby and they all lived together.

No. 1155083


This is what I don't understand - this idiot Leslee is on IG taking full responsibility for everything, knowing that Evan has filed a police report?

It makes me wonder if police have already contacted her or she's spoken to a lawyer and doesn't think they can do anything. Or she just is truly stupid.

She lives in another state from where the police report was filed, so I hope they are investigating.

No. 1155084

This might be a stupid question but… Who is she? Is she a fan or assistant or….?

No. 1155087

>Not that I believe her but I remember a while ago Madelyn claiming Lindsay had sent awful letters to Dita. I wouldn’t put anything past her honestly.

Don't believe anything she says, she's nuts.

Lindsay/Dita/Manson are all friends, theres recent-ish pictures of them all hanging out together over the last couple of years.

No. 1155088

I really don’t know. Other than Leslee was there when she was taking pics of Evan and Manson. And also claimed to have had a threesome with Manson.

No. 1155095

She's just a fan. The only reason she's so well-known in the fandom is because she harasses victims. Nothing special about her.

No. 1155096

How did she take the photos or have access to them?

No. 1155100


According to her, she dated Rudy Coby and lived with MM and Evan for a while. She took photos with her personal camera, so she probably captured a lot of stuff. She says she had a threesome with Evan and MM, so she might have explicit photos too.

No. 1155103

Because she knew Manson a few years ago. She followed his tour and apparently had a threesome with him and Dita/Evan.

No. 1155116

Just wanted to share this parody video of Manson, created by Keith Lemon. It's absolutely hilarious and if your American it's a really good insight into how stupid we Europeans think MM is. This was wsy back in the early 00s but it is top tier brit humour.

No. 1155131

The chin likeness is uncanny

No. 1155152

File: 1612729699190.jpeg (125.96 KB, 750x526, 4966555E-4B6B-485F-89F1-3B5D3C…)

She finally took the gallery link out of her bio. How embarrassing, to brag how you’re being represents by the same gallery as Guy Bourdin and going to do a show in Italy. Now she has nothing that makes her look she might actually be a working photographer.

No. 1155153

File: 1612729763462.jpg (348.2 KB, 1080x2203, ZomboDroid 07022021212640.jpg)

How does she have so many people agreeing with her in the comments? All of those comments sound fake

No. 1155162

Half a million followers? Yeah okay… she needs to keep buying bots so she can make more of a fool of herself than she already looks.

No wonder he married her… she’s just as vile as him.

No. 1155168

Unfollowed almost 100 people but has gained over…30k followers since all this started? Imagine still worrying about seeming “popular” when there are actual news articles naming you as attempting to blackmail an actress way more famous than you.

No. 1155171

What a logic. There is now like 10 plus women telling he is abusive, but since 1 person says he didn't abuse her despite her being foreigner, it must mean other women are liars".

also lol. "female priviledge"

No. 1155176

She needs to realize he's not going to call her back. Pick-meism is a mental disease.

No. 1155179

Wasn't she caping for him months before all this came out because he got rid of Jeordie White?
If she's trying to say she never knew about all this shit, it's definitely a lie. "I have zero affiliation", but she lost her shit and wrote "Author Unknown" about him when he downplayed her status/their friendship to her being a groupie in his book, lmao.

No. 1155181

That post if you can find it on facebook, was originally badmouthing manson, then she edited it to get rid of the badmouthing after manson got rid of twiggy.

Jess also alienated and lost all of her friends a few years ago. She's a bit of a trainwreck herself.

No. 1155186

15k more followers since last time her account was posted.

No. 1155196

Does anyone have caps of the second story on MIB that was removed?

No. 1155208

Jessicka is not good. Or reliable. Jessicka is all about Jessicka, period. Best ignored.

No. 1155220

There's something in not too comfortable with when it comes to the leaked images of Brian insulting Lana Del Rey.

I get it shows him to be petty, but these were comments made privately that Lana wouldn't have otherwise known.
By choosing to make these news, has anyone given consideration to how this may impact her?
Do we really need to be potentially hurting other women in our efforts to get accountability from Brian for his crimes?

No. 1155244

She's a reliable witness because she was around during that time and she knew what was going on, even if her reasons for posting that were sketchy. She only did it because she wanted Twiggy fired. She edited it right after he was kicked out of the band.

No. 1155364

>reliable witness
Hell no. She lies and then some. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

In other news I notice that Depp has deactivated and some ppl close to him have privated their accounts.

No. 1155366

Agreed. It’s just going to hurt her feelings. I didn’t find it necessary either. Now people just seems to be throwing anything at him even if it’s not abuse.

No. 1155371

I can see that it would be hurtful to her which sucks, but so many of his supporters are saying that he just has this persona that people are taking too seriously and underneath it all he’s really the SWEETEST and a shy gentle man who’s being attacked. I think she posted that just to say no- this is who he is. The kind of guy that body shames women to his friends. I do think it’s important to put him being a general asshole on display.

No. 1155377

Depp hasn't deactivated his account? If it is instagram you mean

No. 1155381

How do you know if she is reliable or not?

No. 1155383

Agree on LDR thing
Annie is probably the only one with any recording evidence but she doesn't seem to know what to make of it. It's all recordings of him pretty much talking to himself instead of talking with her, lol. I hope she actually starts posting him threatening her, shouting at her, idk just clear evidence of abusive behaviour and not random drunk shit like Manson bragging about smuggling drugs, cause that's offtopic unimportant stuff. She somewhat proved she knows him, now get to point. Even a few seconds of recording, not just mentioning that it exists somewhere. Not saying Lasagna Del Rey wasn't a "quality contribution" to all ridiculousness but now being all serious, i expected her to have something worse

But then again maybe you're right here anon, it shows his ugly side… unfortunately it will be dismissed by apologists "ooh but it's not abuse!"

Has Evan ever said anything about that old website intro footage where he punches her repeatedly? I can't find anything. It's horrible, like parts of it look like real abuse footage or at least staged up thing that went too far at some point. Even if it's staged it's fucked up to roleplay wife beater

No. 1155403

The LDR was just so pointless.
Annie claims to have this evidence of abuse, so if you want to show people what he's like maybe release that. Why put out something so relatively minor at the expense of another woman.

So far ERW has told the world MM is a serial abuser and rapist.
What has Annie actually contributed? Told us that MM is a drunk loser who may call you fat behind your back?
It's all so sad.

This is the old MM website intro.
Footage of ERW is at the end

MM has long toyed with fake snuff footage so it's difficult to day whether this is real abuse or a choreographed video to seem edgy.
Surely if it's real you would have to be one stupid motherfucker to put it online.

No. 1155404

Anyone who is calling themselves a fan and still thinks he is a sweet gentle man is in some serious denial. You only need to read his autobiography to know he has always made cruel remarks about women's looks and weight and abused even his own mother bragging he never regretted it.

No. 1155418

t. brian

No. 1155425

Anyone with half a brain knows he’s not the greatest guy. As a fan, I’ve known that. But what I want to see is evidence of the ABUSE. That’s a serious allegation. But a lot of these “victims” are just beating around the bush on Instagram.

No. 1155432

>But what I want to see is evidence of the ABUSE
Are you telling us Corey Feldman talking about satanic spies isn't enough for you?
Didn't you hear those leaked calls where manson admitted to taking drugs through customs.
This is a man that who hack phones and laptops better than the FBI and can force people to ditch their best friends (through psychic vampire energy?)

He may have played your typical boy-next-door character for the past 30 years, but the truth is he is a real jerk.

No. 1155446

Yes, the satanic spies are enough proof. Everyone knows they exists.

No. 1155449

Satanic spies?

No. 1155451


Are we seeing different videos, cause i dont see anyone getting punched. I see a woman throwing her head back twice.

No. 1155453

Watch it in slow motion, she’s getting punched.

No. 1155460

We don’t know if it’s actual punching or just for show. Because the second time her head goes back without a hand to the face.
I doubt he’d upload a video of him abusing someone for real lol.

No. 1155461

File: 1612752540628.jpeg (901.23 KB, 1125x1898, D311567E-BCC5-4DDD-BAC2-BD7706…)

Disgusting. Foul. Deplorable.

No. 1155463

If your really think that in that video she is getting punched you don't know what a punch on the face feels like. That is staged.
I'm not saying she didn't get abused, obviously the video is very degrading in its edginess, but it is fake.

No. 1155464

Now that I watch it again there is a fist the second time but they’re not making contact with her face. So definitely seems fake.

No. 1155466

CF said on insta that MM would send satanic spies to his house.
There a screencap earlier in the thread as well.

That's ERW in what appears to be here getting punched, or at least them playing the part.

Anyone know if this footage was on fact real, couldn't ERW have taken other action such as having the video removed? It seems difficult to think a real video of such physical abuse could just be left online.

The video does also need to be looked in the context of this 'scene'.
Trent Reznor was similarly involved in the infamous Broken video which was made specifically to look like a real snuff video.

There's a lot of grey area in all this.
Is the footage real?
Is it a re-enactment of real abuse occurring in their relationship?
Was it MM acting out real fantasies he would later perform for real?
Or is it all just more bullshit theatre and unrelated to ERW later abuse claims.

No. 1155467

The thing is is we don’t know if it’s for real. Unless you AUTOMATICALLY believe what someone tells you on Instagram.

No. 1155469

Do you think the capslock emphasis makes you sound less retarded?

No. 1155471

TR built his studio in the house Tate was murdered and even named the studio Le Pig after the writing which was written on the front door in the victims blood. A door he later kept for himself.

It's par for the course.
By all accounts TR seems like a stand up guy and a lot more mature than his 90s heyday.

You can't look at a lot of these lyrics and things as being necessarily indicative of much more than posturing. Although they take on a more sinister interpretation in light of recent accusations.

No. 1155472

How does it make me sound retarded? Automatically believing something someone tells you on “the gram” sounds retarded to me

No. 1155477

This is the studio. You can watch Manson pretend that he knows how to play guitar too.

No. 1155488

File: 1612754710402.jpg (75.23 KB, 754x504, Promo11.jpg)

photo of Manson's bedroom see the black lamp on the right? in the youtube video of him punching Evan you can see the black lamp and the large poster and small picture behind her. The video of him punching her is real. If you slow the video down to .25 you can see his hand twice, it is very quick but it is there

No. 1155489

Only because it was filmed there doesn't mean it's not staged.

No. 1155491

File: 1612754893576.jpg (22.75 KB, 600x399, Promo18.jpg)

Manson uses these lights in the video

No. 1155494

File: 1612755071395.jpg (28.01 KB, 426x640, Nosebleedwall-426x640.jpg)

He posed Evan against the wall and called the picture "nosebleedwall" this was from his myspace

No. 1155496

There’s evidence of abuse right here in this thread. Blackmail, death threats, messages/texts.

I kinda doubt we’re getting video evidence of physical or sexual assault. That’s difficult to document for victims. Fans have said their phone is taken before meeting him. Manson is good at concealing crimes.

It’s not even hard to believe. He stated in interviews that he collects John Wayne Gacy paintings and recreated murder scenes with is ex Melissa.

No. 1155504

if it was staged why did he take the video off his website?

it's real, this fucker put his crimes out in plain sight

No. 1155507


I'm surprised they canned her ass so quickly actually, until the ERW claims that she tried to blackmail her the optics for Lindsay weren't so bad (outside these threads and people who have followed her closely). Granted they clearly only gave representation to begin with because they were hoping to make $$$$ off her horde of Manson photos, nothing else she has ever produced has any artist and cultural merit.

No. 1155508

You think WWE is real too?

No. 1155509

Maybe he took it down when they broke up for good? Just a thought.

No. 1155510

>if it was staged why did he take the video off his website
Because it was an intro clip to his website. The intro clip would change every few months.

No. 1155513

I saw they were selling her prints at $5000 each, but the cost of her MM print was POA. It was a pretty generic photo at that.
I wonder how much they were hoping to get out an unremarkable photo.

No. 1155522

File: 1612758310124.jpg (781.9 KB, 2048x2048, Evanphoto.jpg)

There's something strange with this.
ERW says Lindsay has tried to release photos of her while high and drunk and under 21yo.
She says she was given these substances, meaning she wasn't forced to take them.

So she goes to a show, engages in illegal activity and is blackmailed.
Is there a chance ERW is trying to frontrun incriminating evidence of her past that would cause a problem with her current success and employers?

No. 1155529

The issue with this is that Evan was the girlfriend of Marilyn fucking Manson so obviously she did drugs and drank back then. Everyone and their mother already assumes this so they're dumb as shit to try and use this as blackmail.

No. 1155530

Isn't this about those hitler picture?

No. 1155534

Right. Who cares? Partying teen is not going to blow any minds.
To use as blackmail seems silly.

She said it around the time of the nazi photo so maybe? Or maybe there some photos of her holding a champagne.

No. 1155537

she survived the shame of dating that pig and continued her career without problems, some pictures won't stop her or ruin her image further.

No. 1155538

You're just grasping at straws now. No one gives a shit about that.

No. 1155545

Um I give a shit about that. His predilection for images of mutilated women is actually relevant. There’s an underlying misogyny there obviously. Macabre shit like taxidermy bats sure, but most people don’t have photos of murdered women up on their wall?

No. 1155547

Go to bed Tipper Gore

No. 1155549

Oh great it’s Scrotemeal again lolllll

No. 1155551

Are you fucking serious? Rape jokes?

No. 1155553

>rape is wrong
>unless its against someone I don't like
Clearly you don't care that you propagate rape culture. In a thread that is discussing the ultimate impacts of said rape culture.
Well done.

No. 1155554

I'm thinking maybe they use this opportunity now that his career is slowing down to start a family. Maybe not immediately but idk.


No. 1155558

Could you imagine a manson and lindsay kid?


No. 1155561

File: 1612762028322.jpeg (5.89 KB, 241x209, images - 2021-02-08T162747.945…)

>I maintain my strenuous denial of these horrid distortions and false accusations levelled against me. I would now like to take the opportunity to report I will be stepping down from my position as God of Fuck in order to spend more time with my family in rural Wichita where we will raise goats. I ask that my privacy be respected.

No. 1155566


Lol but yeah I can totally see it. It's so weird___it just seems like the perfect ending.

No. 1155567

File: 1612762341664.jpg (15.08 KB, 292x257, fortykeks.jpg)

No. 1155570


I can guarantee you having spent many years in this industry hanging out socially in my city and theirs that she was a discount-tier artist (someone the gallery keeps on their rooster to try to offload another work on a collector who is already buying something by offering massive discounts on the sticker price, like 20-40% off) so I doubt she would have seen anything more then 1-2k from a sale since the gallery also takes their standard 50% cut. But also her photos are so banal and unremarkable they literally look like flickr aesthetic photos circa 2010, and she has no name or clout in the contemporary art world outside her association with Manson who is not really a big name there either. I think the realistic price for her work esp for one of her shitty, non-manson aesthetic photos was like 1k-1.5k max so she gets like $500-700. With the Manson association maybe it would be higher. Sage for sperging.

No. 1155571

You're right. I don't want to be harsh or mean, but her photography is unremarkable. Not garbage, but nothing worth a second glance.

No. 1155574

Honestly I think her low point was ripping off, of all the people, Madelyn. I can't post pics from instagram because my iphone isn't working for some reason but she basically copied Madelyn's Alice In Wonderland falling photo and but rebranded it after the Wizard of Oz, top kek

No. 1155576

File: 1612764151812.png (46.23 KB, 720x290, Screenshot_20210208-030211.png)

The level of despair:

No. 1155577

>I can't post pics from instagram because my iphone isn't working for some reason
Fucking Manson is screwing with your phone now as well

No. 1155579

Annie posted new recordings. Can anyone transcribe? I don't have the best hearing.

Also, Annie said that she's only posting these as a message to him so that he stops blackmailing her and messing with her reputation. She's been posting slightly more controversial stuff over time and it would probably escalate if he does something more damaging to her reputation.

No. 1155580

File: 1612764795059.jpeg (10.17 KB, 182x277, download (2).jpeg)

How long before we hear Woody Allen locked Evan Rachel Wood in his sex helicopter(ban evading sperg)

No. 1155584

Yeah no. I can’t stand Lindsay but Madelyn rips her off- or rather Madelyn only does things she thinks Manson will like and Lindsay embodies those things because she’s been trying to be the ideal Manson partner for even longer. Madelyn does love to claim that Lindsay copies her though which is hilarious.

No. 1155585

File: 1612765642256.jpg (976.7 KB, 2048x2048, Annie.jpg)

1. What is so hard about stepping up and just not answering the phone or ditching bad friends? He's not a family member you feel compelled to keep in your life.

2. Sounds like Brian is already onto his next career as ubereats delivery man

No. 1155586


Anon I can barely understand it either, he is so fucking wasted on this one. Heres the best I can do with #1:

>It's like, it's, men, violence against men..it's kinda looked over, I'm not saying I'm innocent in anything, except being …Whatever, I'm not so sweet, but I didn't do what she said, especially if she admitted it(?), and then on top of it.. imagine the kind of psychological abuse, what I'm going thru every fucking night, I can't sleep, every night, I have to fucking take medication to sleep every night, because every morning I except to wake up with some bullshit that isn't true, and I can't get over it

No. 1155588

Way to go Annie! The smoking gun.
We now have Manson on tape… denying any involvement and contributing nothing of value.

Ffs. A woman has come out making an accusation of severe abuse and rape, and this idiot uses it to release private information which says nothing.

No. 1155590

I’m so curious how recent these recordings are, like is he just nonstop talking about Evan for years now? How fun for Lindsay to be married to someone so obsessed with his exes.

No. 1155591

Lawyer here. A denial is a statement. With enough witnesses and if he does get locked up, pleading not guilty can get you fucked for longer. She knows what she's doing. And if she doesn't, she's still doing the right thing. If these are meant to be sending a message to him, then I can't imagine the actual dirt she has on him if he does push her too far.

No. 1155592

The teen angst scribbles on the wall… this is a 50 year old man

No. 1155593

Annie mentioned that all these are from the last 6 months.

No. 1155594

Which makes sense because in his Apple Music interview last year, he sounded a lot like this. Groggy and slower than usual.

No. 1155595

And of course he'll deny it. He denied it on his social media. That's besides the point. The context of it matter and the way he talks about her in these recordings is gross. I get the motive behind her posting it as well. Who knows what he blackmailed her with?

No. 1155596

Sure. As submitted evidence they may be invaluable.
Releasing that manson has a crude nickname for Lana Del Rey which causes hundreds of website to repeat it along with photos of her looking big? Not seeing the value there.

>The teen angst scribbles on the wall… this is a 50 year old man
I don't think anyone other than the most hapless of 'fans' are going to consider manson anyone other than a juvenile junky

No. 1155599

The value (which Evan clearly agrees with since she linked to the Lana article about this in her story) is to show his perpetual hate for women in general. He's body shaming her and it's disgusting. To go out of your way to send a text about it is borderline obsessive.

No. 1155604

I agree its body shaming.
Body shaming both Annie and ERW now peddle in.

This guy has dozens of accusations against him, spanning decades. Was it necessary to body shame LDR in the process? Was this evudence the nail in the coffin?

No. 1155605

I don’t think she’s implying it’s Manson himself but people he hired to fuck with her. She admits she doesn’t know if it’s related.

What I’m curious about is how they got involved in the first place, do they know each other irl or was it all online? Why was he obsessively calling her when he and Lindsay were married. Not that marriage means shit to him.

No. 1155623

File: 1612769320903.jpg (668.55 KB, 2048x2048, screener81252.jpg)

>this person is not responsible for their actions
>evil Brian makes them do things against their will, like actively participate in their phone calls and laugh at his shitty jokes. Teehee.

No. 1155626

>I don't even know, I'm just a poor hapless woman. I can't be held responsible for the things I said because it's all Brian's fault. I have no agency for myself and I am incapable of making my own decisions (but only when I say so)

No. 1155629

WHAT I PICKED UP: Sounds like he was hooking up with his mom and didn't know it and Evan was like, "dude that ain't normal" and somehow her dad got into it and talked about it with him and it made him cry but then after he talked to her dad she broke up with him (probably by her dads request because what else would you do if your 20 something year old daughter was dating an unhinged shock rockstar that just mentally realized he slept with his own mother)

People are judging the girl who posted these recordings saying they're not "milky" enough but if him having relations with his own mother isn't milky and exposing….idk what is.

….and he had the nerve to make fun of other peoples molestation stories…bruh that's your MOM

No. 1155630

It's called fawning. It's a survival tactic victims adapt to not upset their abusers. She shouldn't have agreed with him, but she obviously regrets it.

No. 1155633

No, he talked to HIS dad and asked if it really happened, which made his dad upset/angry at him.

No. 1155639

It's fawning. I was in an abusive relationship once and I went out of my way to agree with my ex just so he wouldn't get angry because then it can escalate. Phone or not, it's a scary situation to be in. Especially because Annie said that she only started recording him after he threatened her once.

PS: you sound like Brian.

No. 1155642

>It's called fawning.
Its called refusing to take accountability for your actions.

1. Just don't pick up the phone
2. "Look Brian, I'm going to go do my own things and drift off. Your a nice guy, I just want to be by myself. I wish you well"
3. Continur to participate and enable Brian's bullshit which you claim is abusing you

She probably does regret it now because it's pathetic.

No. 1155647


Oh ffs anons. Annie mentioned somewhere she was his publisher. It was a professional relationship. Hence why she didn't fucking disagree vocally but let him say whatever. Because like any other pro relationships he ever had, it was fuck the shut up or lose your job.

No. 1155649

I was one of the anons.
If she was his publisher, that certainly changes the context for me and I retract my comments.

No. 1155652

Again, is this you, Brian??? That's not how it works in abusive relationships. They brainwash you, manipulate you and gaslight you. The fact that she is owning up to it is something most people wouldn't do. Most people wouldn't release recordings where it makes them look bad but she did it anyway.

No. 1155654

Satanic Spies edition for next thread title?

No. 1155656

If Johnny Depp is best friend with Manson then he must be a piece of shit too, and his daughter knows one of the girl manson dated (and she once said that Johnny saw her nudes lol) lol i feel bad for Lily

No. 1155658


This has nothing to do with Johnny Depp.

No. 1155659


Those comments on her video are def fake, and she is also deleting comments that disagree with her

Idk who is paying those people to write those comments but they can't be fucking real

No. 1155680

Agree. Meanwhile Beckii still follows him.

No. 1155682


This woman is not safe

She should leave her house asap(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1155687

File: 1612776157458.png (1.5 MB, 940x3875, erl report.png)

No. 1155688

OK Brian. All those comments seem valid to me. Even Linda Strawberry commented on her posts. Ashley Walters liked her posts. Illma Gore liked her posts. Gabriella liked her posts. The girl is legit.

No. 1155689

Someone on here is going hardcore to discredit Annie. For reasons that aren't justified at all too. It's weird.

No. 1155695

I have the feeling that this never happened, the threats I mean.
Those pictures were out on instagram and are not damaging at all?
Is like Evan is making stupid little thing looks bigger and menacing.. Between this and the satanic spies, good luck to any other victim of abuse that will come forward after this

No. 1155700

Wow, you're working overtime trying to discredit victims huh?

No. 1155703

Anons, my bad. I was certain Annie mentioned being his publisher and looked thoroughly through her insta but there's nothing there about what their relationship was about exactly. She does hint at something professional in her first messages but that's just speculations on my side. Sorry.


No. 1155708

Annie looks like she works in PR and works for networks. She probably met him professionally.>>1155703

No. 1155710

Lindsay harassed other women in his life, take a browse through the previous threads.

There’s screenshots of Leslee Lane admitting to blackmailing EWR and that Lindsay asked her to do it. Are you denying reality?

It’s not your place to determine if a photo is damaging to HER.

No. 1155711

That makes perfect sense.
Regardless, she already brought irrefutable proof she knew him and had direct contact with him so anons trying to discredit her in the thread are grasping at straws.

No. 1155712

Looks like the same anon(s) who has spent the last few days trying to discredit ERW repeatedly.

No. 1155718

The anon trying to discredit the victims just looks stupid, honestly.
There’s threads of proof here before any of them even publicly named him, not to mention a kind anon got into Leslie’s discord server and shared the screenshots of Leslie saying Lindsay asked her for the photos—before ERW even spoke about it publicly, irc.
Just stop. It’s not going to work and you look pathetic.

No. 1155721

Concerning the video for "I Want To Kill You…", I filmed it with a Brittish actress and I also directed something brutal, and which will probably never be released for legal reasons with my ex girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood. For the time being I'm still sure of nothing. It's a violent portrait I made in only one shot. The spectator will have to decide by himself, after seeing it, of the way he's feeling the thing. I watched it and it's very disturbing as it represents an "emotional insight" of our relationship. My house became a sort of perpetual shooting and I'm very happy of all I've been able to capture.

Marilyn Manson, interview for RockOne, June 2009
Translated from French

sorry can't screenshot it

"and I also directed something brutal, and which will probably never be released for legal reasons with my ex girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood."

No. 1155722

File: 1612779710198.jpg (538.36 KB, 1080x1269, 20210208_112107.jpg)

Holly fuck. This has been posted before but hadn't quite catch this right there. Brian would go on a rampage should things not go his way? What the fuck? Lindsay better watch her arse.

No. 1155723

File: 1612779977058.jpg (409.52 KB, 1069x1251, Screenshot_20210208-112611_Bra…)

No. 1155724

File: 1612779996778.jpg (451.06 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_2664.JPG)

I almost feel called out because this would be me going pfhhtt at her claims even though I hate him. But she's right tbh and I'm trying to put myself in her shoes and this would really suck and be horrifying. I can't blame her for wanting to keep a public record of it no matter what people think.

No. 1155726

File: 1612780432584.jpg (55.3 KB, 615x590, 1314991389-scaryhaircut.jpg)

>"and I also directed something brutal, and which will probably never be released for legal reasons with my ex girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood."

Keep in mind the context. This was said during a period MM was making his fumbling dalliances with film making. He was trying to emulate transgressive film makers, such as Jodorowsky.
A film clip of his (Born Villain?) being a direct rip off of The Holy Mountain.

These comments look unsavoury in light of recent allegations, but to take them out of context would be disingenuous.

No. 1155727

File: 1612780485725.jpg (992.84 KB, 1284x1985, IMG_2665.jpg)


No. 1155732

File: 1612781420705.jpeg (372.28 KB, 1800x1224, C4C8D9C3-F1CD-4369-86C2-9FA23B…)

Hate to burst your bubble but she didn’t copy that from her, she got it from this, and only proves she knows what Manson does and part of the sick shit he does.

No. 1155740

File: 1612783012022.jpg (275.12 KB, 1440x2074, 20210208_221600.jpg)

No. 1155743

File: 1612783744343.jpg (1.15 MB, 2048x2866, Mansonletter.jpg)

Manson letter from 2006

No. 1155747

Context for that please?

No. 1155749

No. 1155754

File: 1612785441481.jpeg (79.29 KB, 748x289, B81858AE-F7B0-4A1B-AB95-5F27F1…)

Know you so well got my tickets to hell….

No. 1155757

Haha. Who's the 13yo who posted this?

No. 1155762

Brian isn’t gonna pick you sis. No sense in trying to defend his dumb ass, he wouldn’t do the same for you.

No. 1155764

File: 1612787246392.jpg (36.6 KB, 278x428, 2468555785200.jpg)

No. 1155767

File: 1612787723581.jpeg (381.6 KB, 827x1284, 7681E9C0-DA2D-4EB3-9EAD-3B1752…)

LOL Manson is talking about “deep fakes”. For one, anyone would be able to spot a deep fake. There’s no way he can concoct a believable deep fake on anyone. Deep fakes are not advance enough yet.

No. 1155768

Doesn't change the fact that he's talking about them?

No. 1155769

I’m Brandi. I posted it.

No. 1155770

Ok Brian.

No. 1155771

We have no evidence Manson has made such claims. All we have is the word of someone who so far has been unable to provide any evidence to substantiate their wild accusations.

No. 1155772

Okay B to the H to the W

No. 1155773

Their evidence is that they clearly knew him so I'd take her word over yours any day of the week King B.

No. 1155778

And you seriously don't see a problem with the fact your standard for evidence is so low? Do you read TMZ and Woman's Weekly as your regular source of news?

No. 1155780

I'll be pleased to be proved wrong.
Until she releases something more than recordings of a bloated drug addict, ill take anything she claims with a grain of salt.

No. 1155782

TMZ actually has an extremely high accuracy rate. They're quite often the first to report major celebrity news as well (MJ's death, Prince's death etc) Shows us how much you know.

No. 1155785

File: 1612788962862.jpg (26.9 KB, 469x463, ggggggggggggg.jpg)

You all are replying to the exact same autistic typing anon who was mass posting to discredit Evan yesterday. When you see him just ignore him and report his posts.

No. 1155787

>Their evidence is that they clearly knew him so I'd take her word over yours any day of the week
Brian knows ERW and he said he totally didn't do it, so… by your logic, this becomes gospel truth.
Case closed. Bake em away toys.

No. 1155789

Wow I don't know how but the point has managed to go about 6 feet above your head.

No. 1155791

He actually never denied the allegations of ERW.
He pretended it was consensual. Which is possibly the worst possible statement ever made in this type of situation.
Brian has 0 plausible deniability

No. 1155801

Yeah Annie said it herself, you can only take her word for it. It's right there on her statement. So not sure what point you're trying to make
You can give her the benefit of the doubt given she does have hours of recordings of him. No need to sperg on about taking her with a grain of salt ad nauseam in the thread every three messages.

No. 1155807

File: 1612790315110.jpeg (8.81 KB, 314x160, download (2).jpeg)

>He actually never denied the allegations of ERW.
>He pretended it was consensual
That's literally the definition of a denial.

No. 1155814

Wow, bringing out the big guns with that cap are we. Let me spell it out for you because obviously you're a little slow in the upper department.

He never denied the actual allegations of him being violent and sexually abusive. He pretended she agreed to it.

Now stop with your incessant infighting and Manson white knighting, this is embarrassing.

No. 1155816

Tbh it doesn't really matter if the "artsy" intro of him punching her is staged or not. I personally think it is staged, he is dumb, but not that dumb I presume. I still 100% believe Evan and the others though. I can totally see him making her do that as a part of further humiliation. What matters however is that his so called art further demonstrates his twisted attitude when it comes to violence against women/intimate partner and that can be used as a evidence against him.

No. 1155821

what a bullying asshole. imagine this cocksucker loser keeping receipts, pulling a chain of low grade PULL tier bitchery on you, and at the same time he’s making millions. how satisfying it must be to finally get this off your chest.

who cares about dita talking about self-actualization? she’s a literal airhead and probably thinks she saying something nice. also she actually doesn’t have to care about the person who helped wreck her marriage? idk, i think there’s a lot of reaching going on here. not all these offenses are on the same level in any way.

for example:
he also ripped off the dude who made begotten, who was going to sue until MM told him he’d be dragging it out in court as long as possible and the director (can’t remember his name) had no chance because MM had deeper pockets. he’s just a criminal asshole and a dumbfuck who read Might is Right! one too many times. fuck him.

No. 1155824

What are you sperging about?
Since when is being cautious of unfounded claims mean someone supports Marilyn Manson. Are you completely retarded?

No. 1155826

File: 1612791791729.jpeg (427.92 KB, 1800x1684, 05A2E24A-2121-44E8-8F2E-82DBD0…)

She’s telling the truth. I can corroborate what she said. This where and why he is talking about deep fakes. >>1155767(Dawn)

No. 1155828

what's that from??

No. 1155831

E. Elias Merhige is his name.
Are you sure he tried to sue Manson? He went on to work on some film clip of his.

I wouldn't be surprised though. Manson has appeared to fuck over almost everyone who has had professional dealings with him.

No. 1155832

What's the context for these messages?

No. 1155834

A DM from Instagram.

No. 1155835

DM from Manson?

No. 1155836

>She’s telling the truth. I can corroborate what she said.
Why bother with judges and juries when we have detective dumbass here

No. 1155837

Do you care to share more info / context of that? Because at this stage it's just adding to the noise with no value

No. 1155839

Are we SERIOUSLY surprised that Manson is bragging about deepfakes? The edgelord Manson? I'd believe this if it came from a regular person, let alone a legit victim.

No. 1155840

File: 1612792352542.jpeg (82.33 KB, 827x652, 2D79EA47-14E7-4DD2-BA37-844617…)

No. 1155841

This is either Annie or some other mentally ill sycophant.

No. 1155843

lmao right because logic doesn't mesh with you…

No. 1155844

Such a cheap shot, jesus

No. 1155846

What do you mean its a dm from Manson? This person is taking about Manson in the 3rd person.

No. 1155850

Calling out a kid is not pure, you thoughtcrime retard. I swear to god this board sounds like it’s filled with angry trannies trying to socially contagion the few remaining women here into acting like aggressive assholes.

No. 1155855

No. 1155856

I'm extremely confused. Who the fuck is Tazzi Marie ? Why is it relevant to the whole mess?

No. 1155857

Believe ALL women.
You can leave your misogynistic pursuit of 'evidence' and 'impartiality' in the dustbin of your putrid patriarchal upbringing.

Oh and btw, 'tranny' is deeply offensive.
Some woman have dicks. Get over it. It doesn't make them any less feminine.

I'm sageing all fields to detoxify this place of your evil aura.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1155883

I assumed it is one of Brian's fake accounts.

No. 1155884

File: 1612795760917.jpeg (399.45 KB, 705x487, 3F4C4692-818B-4173-9C84-C5A7D3…)

Found this in his book. Don’t know how credible it is, but it speaks to his character.

No. 1155887

Brian's been misogynist since the beginning.

No. 1155890

File: 1612796454716.jpeg (384.98 KB, 1800x1800, C2A66FEF-6F02-4BD1-AD20-1FDC07…)

Manson is a liar. BDSM is HIS thing.

No. 1155906

Damn, imagine working a minimum wage job at the mall, being stalked and getting rape threats from disgusting scrotes. He’s always been a piece of shit.

No. 1155910

I hope Annie has recordings of Lindsay screeching at her, she really needs to be exposed as much as possible. I know there are probably so many people out there with screenshots of her harassment.

No. 1155922

lol Torii Lynn is following Annie too now as are several victims. Brian is fuuuuucked lmao

No. 1155924

He's vile.
How did that go without any attention at the time? How did he think printing any of that was a good idea?
On a side note, imagine the fucking massive ego you need to (ghost)write your autobiography at 29 kek.

No. 1155959

File: 1612803260546.png (472.5 KB, 750x1334, 0EC8E20B-2006-4DBD-9899-FC8651…)

Absolutely dying that Scrotemeal Osbourne and Mansonisinnocent (Madelyn?) think these emails are some kind of smoking gun. Wait wait wait- they all got together and talked about their collective trauma perpetrated by the same man before deciding to speak up together?! It’s a hit job!!!

No Scrote and Madelyn, it’s strength in numbers. The victims have been low key talking about this for years, and so they all came together to discuss their experience and encourage each other so they didn’t individually face it alone. All of us with a brain already figured they had all spoken to one another ahead of time, so this reveals ~nothing~

No. 1155972

Osbourne et al don't have a functioning brain between all of them
If that's the best defense Brian has, he is toast

No. 1155978

Realistically will any of these recordings be admissible in court with California being a two-party consent state?

Like couldn’t Annie be in serious shit and isn’t she admitting to a crime by releasing these? (This might’ve already been addressed)

No. 1155979

I love how one of his brain dead simps commented on Annie’s post “if we can survive columbine we can survive d list actresses” or something to that effect- meanwhile in his hand written letter above he mentions hating his fans and literally says “there is no we”
Imagine being this fucking obsessed with a man you don’t know and who hates you

No. 1155981

Lmao the only thing they're exposing on that account is their stupidity.

No. 1156001

@oatmealosbourne has dozens of accounts and Lindsay would like and follow them. >>1123652 They stalk and harass victims and faked dm’s from MIB.

They’re clearly unhinged.

No. 1156005

Anyone ever had a thought that Brian might be a trans woman in denial? He keeps saying there's two personas inside him, makes himself a female sounding alter ego to write (Marilyn Manson), wears make up all the time, has intense hatred towards the "Brian" side of him and doesn't want to be called by the name Brian. Also despite wearing make up and having a female first name "Marilyn" he is extremely homophobic and acts in this misogynist over masculine way. Anyone else have had this thought? No?(autistic tinfoiling)

No. 1156019

No. 1156027

kek NO kek
men can't be women, and a man like him especially has ZERO idea what it is like to be a woman. ready for that dumb shit to die out. thinking someone like Manson could "secretly be a woman" is misogynistic and a fucking insult towards women and survivors.

No. 1156036


no, he's not. It's 2021, wearing make up doesn't mean shit about someone's gender identity. He doesn't want to be called Brian because he has a artistic name and most people with a artistic name doesn't want to be called by their birth name, there's no mistery in that. No one calls Lady Gaga Stefani (maybe her close friends and that's it).

No. 1156038

LOL I like how mad schizos in this thread get when people don't believe ridiculous bullshit of a fat 52 year old man having 'Satanic Spies''

No. 1156040


No, but he has a lot of childhood trauma (molested, beaten, bullied, domestic violence, mom had munchausen by proxy/schitzo, sexually deviant grandpa, religious trauma, etc etc) that instead of dealing with he covered up with drugs and the “rockstar lifestyle.” It’s pretty obvious he’s a classic case of someone who was victimized becoming the abuser, enabled by money and fame to become the most vile kind of person. I also heard a few accounts that he’s a “self-hating bisexual.”

Just because he wears makeup doesn’t make him a troon, he grew up influenced by kiss/Alice cooper/David Bowie etc

If you know about his life, watched interviews, read his book etc it’s pretty obvious why he’s the way that he is.(armchair)

No. 1156043

Marilyn Manson as a stage name is just a ripoff of Alice Cooper, who was always just a golf dad who had a grimdark stage persona

No. 1156044

I don't think anyone who makes fun of his fat coke-bloated body can complain about him calling her Lasagna either. It's useless for arresting him.

No. 1156053

No we can acknowledge that he looks like the Penguin and still talk about how shitty it is that he sent that dumb text. Why? Because 1. he’s a hypocrite 2. he’s a terrible person so acknowledging how gross he looks is a part of it and 3. it’s funny

No. 1156054

Who paid her to make this video? Does manson think that this fake video and comments gonna help him?

Lmao its too late brian, to much shit got exposed

No. 1156059

Pretty sure her parents call her Stefani. Brian didn't want his parents call him Brian either.

No. 1156060

She’s taking to herself in these dm’s. This cap spells catfish as “cat-fish” >>1155826 which is how Dawn would consistently spell it. >>974128

Fuck off already fraud.

No. 1156062

It's DAWN, you dumbasses.

No. 1156066

it's not hypocritical at all and nothing has shown that, there's no difference in morality between noting he's fat and bloated and him calling her ''Lasagna del Ray'', which is also funny to a lot of people

No. 1156068

After the Letter Leak on top of everything else contained in these horrid threads I can not imagine ever buying any of his merch/listen to his music/ speak of him to anyone. I hope his memory fades quickly after this new cycle and eventual court case. I hope he shares the same fate as Michael Alig, desperately attempting to rekindle his former glory in an embarrassing never ending slip until an obituary and much more interesting news at the time to pay attention to. Good riddance.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1156069

I thought person the who posted that text said their name is Brandi.
Also, how could she be talking to herself when the DM was dated in January of last year?

No. 1156077

OT but as someone who regularly does deep fakes for fun, it's really not that hard to do them, it doesn't require anything crazy. I'm so sick and tired of this narrative that MM was some how 'tech savvy' to be able to 'hack' shit. He can't, he isn't that smart. Most likely he took people's phones/let people borrow his to log into their apple/google account, and got access to their account and messaging systems through that.

If there's anyone in this thread who's had this issue from him, just log into your apple/google etc account, go to settings/security, then force log out from all devices + turn on 2FA and change your password. If MM's logged into anyone's account it'll be forced to sign in again and he won't able to do shit unless he's some how able to SIM swap you which is a process in a half as is.

No. 1156083

Like Dawn’s not capable of lying? LOL She’s been talking to herself since thread 3.

Dawn’s not helping ANYTHING by faking shit and posting here.

No. 1156084

File: 1612810534894.jpg (438.65 KB, 1080x2752, ZomboDroid 08022021195422.jpg)

Another fake video and comments?

No. 1156086

just to add to this, MM trying to claim deepfakes is horse shit. Not only can you visually tell when it's a deep fake (even really good ones) there's software that can detect it.

I can't wait to hear him openly claim it and get torn to shreds.

No. 1156090

Funny how they keep saying there is no evidence when these threads are full of evidence.

No. 1156103

File: 1612811664768.png (Spoiler Image, 187.3 KB, 750x1334, 74549F93-B9EF-4AA2-B55B-DB6025…)

I am really curious about Jeanette Polard (Slasher girl) (died by suicide in 2006) Alyx Suttle (died in 2016 and I’ve found out it was a cardiac arrest but there is also a post from Jessicka from the time it happened saying that only Alyx would know the answer to how she died, so also potentially suicide), Teena Byrd (suspected suicide in 2014) and Titti Manson (suspected that she is dead). I’m not sure about Alyx Suttle but all of the rest loved Manson, went backstage and I just wonder if their experiences of him left them feeling worthless etc. It’s just quite chilling(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1156105

I don’t get how you would know who that is all just because the word catfish is hyphenated? Regardless, those DMs are talking about deep fakes a year before Annie. So how is that even possible?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1156112

File: 1612812114731.jpg (468 KB, 1297x592, _20210208_131746.jpg)

The fact that they tagged #istandwithmanson says it all.

No. 1156114

>These are my alligetions

Ok Brian.

No. 1156117

File: 1612812567973.jpg (465.13 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20210208-202952_Chr…)

That sounds familiar

No. 1156123

What? Starting to think some of you are just delusional with takes like this. Someone can't have a different opinion without being fake? Look at her channel, she obviously likes covering this sort of stuff.

No. 1156163


Ok Brian.

No. 1156177

LOL nice deflection there. People like you are going to ruin his punishment for abuse.

No. 1156187

The audio clips from Annie are supposed to paint M in a bad light but it’s doing the opposite imo.
Evan tried convincing him that his mother molested him? Makes me think this woman has a total victim mentality and warps everything into abuse in her mind.
A previous anon kept saying manson never denied what he did to Evan. Actually he did in another clip. Literally said it’s not true.

In my experience with drugs n alcohol, especially coke (hes clearly fucked up) it’s like a truth serum. Look how he willingly admits to smuggling drugs. I don’t think he’s lying in these clips. I believe he’s speaking his truth.

And no im not manson ffs just coz i have a different opinion.

No. 1156191

I heard if you say "Marilyn Manson" 3 times in front of the mirror at midnight, he will appear and log you out of your mac book.

No. 1156194

Ok Brian.("hi cow")