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File: 1609376110173.png (3.52 MB, 2134x2270, 8535D500-D43D-448A-9028-606134…)

No. 1118370

Last time on the internet:

>Azealia Banks reaches new heights of anachan spergery and obsessing over Lana Del Rey

>Lana Del Rey has her hand perpetually stuck in the cookie jar as she continues working towards her Mama Cass transformation
>Performs live on TV for the first time since the infamous SNL performance that turned her into a meme
>Bob Dylan sells his entire catalogue, some anons are surprised to learn he is still alive
>Autistic screeching over whether Lady Gaga has had a nose job or not
>Banks gets subpoenaed by Elon Musk for telling the internet that he can’t handle his drugs
>Shite LaBarf is outed for being an abusive piece of trash who knowingly gave ex girlfriend FKA Twigs a sexually transmitted disease
>Is now dating Margaret Qualley, much to the chagrin of many
>Like the true feminist she is, Azealia accuses Twigs of using her abuse at the hands of LaBarf as a cash grab
>To the surprise of no one, Amandla Stenberg and her Dreanworks face come out as sooper speshul they/them tumblrgender
>Millennial Mammy Lizzo sings praises of smoothie diet that she has undertaken to shed some lard after successfully sinking the titanic
>Way too much infighting over whether Billie Eilish is fat or not
>Ariana Grande is engaged. Again.
>Emma Roberts is pregnant
>Grimes and manlet sized chode Elon are snapped at a cafe where they allegedly had their security guard pay for them
>Iggy Azalea spergs on twitter about how her baby daddy Playboi Carti has been cheating on her, was purportedly playing vidya with Lil Uzi Vert while she was squeezing out the crotchfruit
>Anons tinfoil that Carti is a faggot and his side chick is in fact Lil Uzi Vert, picking up on the fact that Banks had previously referred to him as Iggy’s “gay baby daddy”
>King of the Club Kids Michael Alig dies at the age of 54
>Hilaria Baldwin is busted faking her Spanish accent and admits that her name is actually Hillary

No. 1118373

Previous thread >>>/snow/1097620

No. 1118375

Is she wearing sketchers

No. 1118434

File: 1609380834845.jpeg (20.32 KB, 183x275, F9B7326C-357B-49F4-AD63-8659A2…)

She’s always worn those hideous tennis shoes (and had fucking atrocious style in general) when she’s not in her ~glamorous gangsta Nancy Sinatra~ persona. Even when she performs live she looks like garbage, she either doesn’t have a full time stylist or she does and she needs to fire them

No. 1118448

She dresses like she shops at Kohls, that’s all.

No. 1118452

File: 1609381840362.jpeg (73.41 KB, 500x700, 316C6193-7E81-45A3-A4A6-64F121…)

It’s a normal outfit anon. Cope harder ugly bitch. She dresses fine in her performances. Not every girl has energy to look dressed up all the time, scrote. You don’t even have to like her to admit she’s pretty and performs in cute clothes.

No. 1118465

File: 1609382929115.jpeg (90.27 KB, 696x442, 86D432D5-4DAE-4661-B039-480337…)

>ugly bitch

Lmao okay

No. 1118473

I know this thread is just gonna be mostly sperging about Lana Del Ray and Azealia Banks as always but the Hilaria Baldwin story is the most entertaining thing to come out in months, celebrity gossip wise. Between that and her constantly popping out kids, she seems like a massive cow. What a way to end the year.

No. 1118480

Why are pop diva fans always like this lmao

No. 1118483

What was she thinking with this outfit.. it doesn’t even go with the vintage/angelic image she tries to portray

No. 1118493

File: 1609385071591.jpeg (177.04 KB, 828x462, E383FC7B-F74E-45EF-ADBC-939E4F…)

Pure autism, anon.

>how dare you criticize my fave REEEEE!!11!!!!!1111!!!!

I know, right? It’s Vicky Shingles goes to Hollywood.

>a different kind of Bostonian

My fucking sides

No. 1118502

lmao I swear there's always this one rabid stan in these threads who absolutely loses it when one of her favorites is brought up. Are you the same one who started screeching about racism when Beyonce was accused of being shady a few threads back?

No. 1118524

oh my god I’m wheezing. did this bitch just pull a “I spent a few months backpacking through South America and now I pretend I’m Latino”?

No. 1118526

File: 1609387922349.jpeg (515.54 KB, 828x1270, 20F47C39-75F2-4E35-858F-F4A39A…)

I have fucking ascended

No. 1118528

Do people not know that Spanish people are white?

No. 1118531

She has the same speaking pattern as Trump.
>I'm extremely Spanish, the most Spanish, the most excellent Spanish
>I'm white, I'm a white woman, but fantastically Spanish
>Spanish people are white, they're considered white, you know, fantastically white, ergo I am Spanish.

No. 1118532

File: 1609388308663.jpeg (508.5 KB, 828x973, A292F861-599D-434C-A332-23E078…)


The internet loves conflating “Spanish” with “Hispanic”

No. 1118538

Amy Winehouse wore stuff like that in her early London years sometimes, a mix of vintage clothes, shoes, skirt and sports hoodie on top of that, Lana probably thought that kind of look would pass as glam but not too official but ended up looking like she's looking. Dress is hideous

No. 1118540

why does that matter at all? yeah, Spaniards are white and she’s white but it doesn’t matter since she’s lying through her teeth.

point blank, she’s not Spanish because she’s a full on american woman down to her father’s side being in the country since it was a colony. she’s not Hispanic because she’s not a Spanish speaking person or from a Spanish-speaking country. And she’s not Latina because she isn’t from Latin America. there’s no way for anything she said to be true.

No. 1118541

She has zero ancestors from Spain on either side!

No. 1118543

Why are Lana stans always so aggressive? You'd think her often snooze-tier music would mellow you guys out.

No. 1118545

File: 1609389376084.jpeg (120.04 KB, 634x951, 212D1DB5-B908-4CF9-B36E-BEEF35…)

Wino’s every day look was more put together though (for want of a better term). Like the sportswear she wore was almost always Fred Perry, to the point where they even posthumously released a line in collaboration with her with proceeds going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Lana tends to look even more frumpy due to her unfortunate body shape

No. 1118550

Her music legit sounds like she drank a bottle of NyQuil, decided to Facebook stalk her exes then make amateur “dear diary” songs about them.
I truly do not see the appeal, or why she has had any mainstream success

No. 1118551

File: 1609389928683.jpeg (165.82 KB, 1980x388, CA6BC9C4-3F87-4BC1-8979-E2FD16…)

Honestly psychotic.

No. 1118555

File: 1609390426236.jpeg (215.97 KB, 2224x705, 4412ED39-293D-4837-9D5C-80DD18…)

This part from the Vanity Fair interview is honestly so funny. Do y’all think they knew? It reads:

>“New York is the mecca for those who want to reinvent themselves. Emboldened by that spirit, Thomas refuses to confess or share any bibliographical data - Only carefully chosen anecdotes. Neither do her agents - the same as Baldwin’s - who excuse this by saying she wishes to protect the privacy of her family. Instead, Hilaria is happy to share her professional career.”

No. 1118559

This is fucking hilarious

> And this moment from Today in 2015 when Baldwin seems to forget the word cucumber, which she completes with a chef’s kiss “How you say?”

No. 1118579

I think the Hillary Baldwin shit is funny as fuck. But some people take it too seriously. It’s no different than if she claimed she was British or Polish or whatever. I hate how people are trying to make it a race thing when Spanish people are white and a lot of people from Latin America have completely white ancestry.

No. 1118586

File: 1609394098439.jpg (92.01 KB, 468x615, winehouse260507_468x615.jpg)

I will always maintain that Wino couldn't take a bad picture. Even when she was cracked out of her mind with blood on her ballet slippers, crying about blake, she still looked iconic as fuck. Nobody could call her frumpy or ordinary. I wish Lana would get some style again.

No. 1118587

File: 1609394570569.jpg (125.48 KB, 640x848, d541084c765d63b0a96881decf18fa…)

I never realized how small she was. That makes me weirdly sad.

No. 1118588

didn't wino have an eating disorder?

No. 1118589

she had pretty severe bulimia. i think her brother or someone told the press he thinks that's the real cause of her death

No. 1118590


big time

her brother wrote about it after she died, something like how it was the bulimia that really killed her, weakened her system

No. 1118592

File: 1609395096239.jpeg (72.43 KB, 500x554, 2AFC3EA6-0B4F-408A-91F0-EC30A9…)

Thought this was Lady GaGa before I clicked on the pic
Didn’t know she had an eating disorder. Thought her skinniest was just due to her drug use but I’m not surprised. Sad because she was really cute before she got rail thin and haggard

No. 1118593

Blonde was def not a look for her.

No. 1118596

File: 1609395525387.jpg (160.15 KB, 1080x1032, 20201231_011754.jpg)

My favorite part about this whole thing is her calling herself Hillaria instead of Hillary. Idk why but it's just so funny

No. 1118597

For fucking real. Karl Lagerfeld was a piece of shit but he was one of the first people to recognize how iconic she was.

It is so fucking tragic, she was obscenely talented but she could not handle the fame and her parents, especially her cunt of a father, were gross exhibitionists who facilitated her downward spiral. Grim shit.

No. 1118599

>fitness expert

For some reason this makes it all the more hilarious (Hillary-ous? I’ll see myself out)

No. 1118606

Appreciate you calling her father a cunt, that photo of him grinning next to the statue of Amy that was made for Camden is emblazoned in my mind. Who grins that their daughter is dead except a cunt? (reminds me of Geldof's dad, who is also a twat)

No. 1118607

File: 1609396969301.jpg (130.57 KB, 1080x1080, iu8JK1ZG5V.jpg)

Love a good dead daughter, me (also feat: her mother grinning too, I missed that at the time)

No. 1118614

File: 1609399027550.jpeg (528.28 KB, 828x891, 4AAC92F7-BD88-43A9-AF82-D3348E…)


Never forget how he took an entire fucking film crew to her retreat in St Lucia for a fucking reality show. Absolutely repugnant.

No. 1118617

feel like pure shit just want her back x

No. 1118618

How tf did Lana turn into a bargain bin Halsey. Depressing.

No. 1118633

This is just creepy as fuck. Imagine standing next to a statue of a dead loved one and grinning like that.

No. 1118639

thicc lana is hot, not taking questions at this time ty

No. 1118644

i love amy winehouse

No. 1118650

File: 1609405507025.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1444, 1CE79724-FE21-4688-A3E5-468F24…)

Me too, she is a true legend.

Back on the topic of celebricows though, the pretentious composition of this photo is hilarious


>Frederic Malle perfume
>rotary phone

The fucking cringe

No. 1118651

Just awful

No. 1118682

File: 1609412016182.jpeg (225.24 KB, 736x820, BD8DDB26-86D9-4822-92F9-8ACE97…)

Salty that this wasnt the thread pic. I fucking love seeing that chica dig herself deeper. Did anyone managed to screencap the celebs who snarked on amy's post?

No. 1118693

File: 1609413298502.jpeg (121.97 KB, 960x960, A86DAEB7-28F4-430B-91EE-B7DD17…)

Emily Ratajkowski is a fucking cow herself but this is topkek

No. 1118694

File: 1609413330529.png (120.61 KB, 960x399, 3CEBA418-AC5A-4A1A-AF07-7F00F2…)

No. 1118697

File: 1609413613298.jpeg (77.17 KB, 420x678, 81C51C5F-ADE4-45CD-B788-7B3F9B…)

No. 1118716

I read somewhere that Margaret Qualley is actually gay and just bearding for men who need a boost in reputation. Honestly wouldn't surprise me

No. 1118734

File: 1609419818277.jpeg (677.49 KB, 828x1273, 2F820763-66F4-447A-BE8D-DD8527…)


No. 1118737

anon I was about to upload the very same thing right now lmao. That's some rachel dolezal-tier shit.

No. 1118740

Imagine planning a whole ass wedding around an obsession with Salma Hayek

No. 1118741

Kek I was just reading up on this lady, this level of delusion is fascinating

No. 1118748

This is best celeb milk ever kek.
>started with LSA and DCUM questioning hert, the crazy bitch showed up and talked shit about fat jealous karens and calls herself rich,beautiful, famous and fertile(?kek)
>what started as a stupid lie snowballed to a discovery of long con
>their meeting was set up by a con artist involved with a cult

No. 1118753

No. 1118754

File: 1609422657071.gif (687.96 KB, 200x200, 86335FC4-D8A2-4E23-A80C-1056B7…)


I am fucking BAWLING. Happy new year, farmers

No. 1118755

Looking this iconic while taking out the trash Lana could NEVER

No. 1118770

Dumb Alec is going to have a massive coronary defending his super flexible and young wife at this rate. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

No. 1118771

Possibly stupid question but did Alec Baldwin know she was an insane person or did she fool him too?

No. 1118776

File: 1609426100903.jpg (224.58 KB, 1252x1252, gonna put a ring on it.jpg)

So far we don't really know, but you can imagine him feeling too blessed and important to really look over the marriage license or keep track of her shifting stories.

No. 1118787

File: 1609426938808.jpg (63.12 KB, 601x680, Eqg-OuQW8AM5Uyc.jpg)

No. 1118788

>started with LSA and DCUM questioning hert, the crazy bitch showed up and talked shit about fat jealous karens and calls herself rich,beautiful, famous and fertile(?kek)
Holy shit, links?

No. 1118796

None of you are mentioning that Alec Baldwin has a huge Spanish woman fetish. She was obsessed with him and literally dropped her entire identity for him in this lifelong raceplay, which is probably why he defends it. She even orchestrated them meeting. I think the blame also lies on Baldwin, because he fucking knew about all of this and it was his fame that catapulted her. They also named their children ridiculous Spanish names for both being two Americans. He could have coaxed her into naturally losing the accent, but he fucking loved it and imitated it in interviews.

No. 1118802

honestly plenty of dudes like bigger women, it's her fucking clothing choices that are so hideous. if she dressed far more glamorous and strategically to play up/down certain aspects she would be fine. there's so many glamorous bigger women and she loves that vintage shit, so when she shows up in like ill fitting denim short shorts and a walmart top, i really think that's what people hate most. she's just debuting her body in the worst fucking way, and her style is all about not being conventional. i literally do not think she should ever dress casually, and if she did it should be in expensive vintage and in her size. she has the money for it and her image is what people care most about, really sad she can't hire a better stylist.

No. 1118806

A cult?

No. 1118808

File: 1609429172956.jpeg (69.11 KB, 1080x608, CB2CBFD4-259D-4CCD-8A9B-A25289…)

The Dennis Quaid story and now this Alec Baldwin stuff just makes me think I’m not totally delusional thinking dating and trapping my favorite celebrity would be easier than it seems. They’re just dumb men after all. You just need access, to stage a meet-cute. And be young and pretty. And tailor your taste and personality, using publicly available information, to whatever dream woman the celebrity wants.

No. 1118810

who's your fav celeb?

No. 1118812

You wouldn't be the first person to try it and you won't be the last, depending on the level of fame/how long they've been famous they totally have a developed system of romantic entanglement. for lack of a better term lol.

No. 1118815

File: 1609429951254.png (88.33 KB, 640x428, baldwin.png)

fuckin kek

No. 1118818

File: 1609430174296.jpeg (10.05 KB, 300x168, 0A5870F0-EDED-4FB2-BFE4-CE8E34…)

Nail, head, &c. I think her “off duty” style is proof that her entire persona has been crafted at the behest of her management. I don’t think she even likes the “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” bullshit that she used to self-profess, she’s just a vacuous basic white girl with no sense of identity

Topkek, time to trawl her socials for more Rachel Dolezal-esque hilarity

No. 1118821

File: 1609430387134.jpg (199.77 KB, 946x2048, EqSktONW4AM1VWH.jpg)


No. 1118838

File: 1609432376287.jpg (409.26 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_20201231-170423__01…)

The nanny post

No. 1118860

Lmao the two people I personally know from Spain are both blonde with blue and green eyes. What a nutcase

No. 1118864

“iVe bEeN oFfErEd sO mAnY jObs” hahaha, what? Spanish is literally the second most common language in the US, almost everyone learns it in school. Bitch is really out here trying to sound exotic

No. 1118865

It was in /r/HilariaBaldwin but i sc her funniest reply here https://imgur.com/a/kHriqUO

Tldr; crazy dog lady manipulated by a fat dude who promised her that her dog would live forever.

No. 1118895

Tbh I’d almost believe it. In her mind she was humble bragging. A lot of rich people want their kids to learn Spanish, but the right kind, you know. They don’t want them to sound like “the help”, and they find the European accent sounds more refined. It’s like how there’s a niche market in places in Asia for tutors to teach “queen’s english” and American tutors get paid less.

No. 1118905

kek anon you make it sound so easy, but the hardest thing to gain, especially when not wealthy, is

No. 1118920

366 days in a year

No. 1118937

That last comment though
>They’re are many blonde hair blue eyed people in Spain

No. 1118953

was that posted this year, a leap year?

No. 1118962

>I don’t think she even likes the “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” bullshit that she used to self-profess
Funny that you say that, because at one point (in an interview, iirc) she said she didn't even like the concept, or Nancy Sinatra, and that her label simply heard her throw the phrase out in conversation and decided to make it her marketable "image".

No. 1118964

File: 1609440312386.jpg (286.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20201231-134136_Sam…)

Alexander Wang getting dragged for being a predator. Sage as modeling industry grim as always

No. 1118970

File: 1609440557274.jpg (288.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20201231-134713_Sam…)

Samefag but interesting that Diet Prada (progressive fashion and gossip IG) seems to unignorantly stan

No. 1118976


No. 1118983

I was always amazed Mitch Winehouse never popped up on Celebrity Big Brother. Probably wasn't for lack of trying.

No. 1118985

say what you will about AB, but damn girl she is always ahead on the drama. this bitch knows everything

No. 1118988

Fashion alex jones

No. 1118992

I mean, she always knows because she spends all of her waking time sticking her nose in everyone’s business. She doesn’t leave the house much, and didn’t even before quarantine, just sits at home on her phone reading her dms. She gets messages about people all of the time.

No. 1118993

File: 1609441839878.jpeg (341.13 KB, 1884x849, 4C458B11-BD69-4AF1-8C8D-E1C2CE…)

Can’t stop thinking about when AB said she let Dave Chapelle hit, and then Dave confirmed it was true. On stage. While his wife was watching from the audience.

No. 1118996

tangent, but “staging the meet cute with your celebrity crush” is exactly a plot point in old as balls Agatha Christie novel “Towards Zero”, where young beautiful dancer Kay plans and execute her “accidental” meeting with the tennis champion Nevile Strange, and ends up marrying him as preplanned, exactly because she does it like you wrote.
spoilers spoilers spoilers
Nevile Strange is an actual legit psychopath (and one of the better ones portrayed in fiction before the personality disorder were even understood.
Throughout the book he has been patronising and condescending towards Kay, loving her because she’s a ‘young fool’, but the minute she accidentally let’s it slip that she planned the meeting and it was NOT an accident, it becomes a massive narcissistic injury for him, and he instantly goes to icy (and internally hating her), because he has been ‘fooled’ by the ‘fool’, not in control of the narrative. Which of course she can’t understand, because why does it matter if she planned the meeting, if they ended up liking each other?
It’s only a minor side narrative in the larger plot of the book, and is only left to point towards Nevile’s psychopathy before the reveal, but it’s very interesting how Christie could see these same relationship dynamics in the 1940s! I wonder if “Hilarias” spanishness was a little white lie, something she played up because Alec responded to it, and she feels pressure to bear down on it, despite how ridiculous the lie is becoming, because if she admits to lying, even just a little bit, that means that Alec also have to admit to being “fooled by the fool”, and his ego couldn’t take that. yikes!

No. 1119001

People who were sperging about AB being twansphobic: Nowhere in sight

No. 1119003

Kathy is trash too

No. 1119014

My nanny growing up in NYC was a model and ‘BFFs’ with Hilaria Baldwin before she married Alec. I think she went to hilarias yoga classes? Anyways, she went to the wedding and now spends time with both of them on a pretty regular basis. Apparently Alec is scary/crazy

No. 1119018

This is the most rich thing I've ever read on this website. No shade to you at all anon, it just made me laugh.

No. 1119019

I mean I’m GC but she is. AB doesn’t give a fuck, she just wants to roll around in the mess.

No. 1119025

She just says things that offend people when she's tired of bullshit, honestly. That's how you see her respecting their pronouns on other days, and why she still has trans and white gay male fans.

No. 1119059

getting some real spergchan vibes from this

No. 1119083

oh my god, how do you make it so obvious you're the cow.

No. 1119113

File: 1609450567601.jpg (328.38 KB, 1470x2206, Lady-Gaga_-Leaving-a-Starbucks…)

"Lana Del Rey" has an always been and always will be a character that record companies created to market Lizzy Grant, and people are gullible fools if they ever thought otherwise. It's no different than Lady Gaga and Stefani Germanotta. People aren't up in arms when they don't see Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress to pick up Starbucks. Lizzy Grant is just (temporarily, likely) dropping the facade, and showing up in all of her genuine, lackluster, suburban glory, and people are only shocked and disturbed because she has the dumpy, midwestern mom-of-three bod to go along with it.

No. 1119137

Yeah, honestly posters who say things like "she should never dress casually" are weird.

No. 1119151

File: 1609453467969.jpeg (184.42 KB, 1125x1061, 68D24704-9AE3-45A3-B5F9-E831BB…)

No. 1119152

Obsessive fans and obsessive haters are the same in that they struggle to differ between an artist's image and an artist as a person.

No. 1119159

I cannot believe it.

No. 1119163

this one sucks. didn't expect him to go so soon.

No. 1119166

No. 1119179

Wonder what made him go so soon. He was pretty young. And he had appeared on some track this year, no?

No. 1119181

This one is really saddening. He passed on Halloween, his widow shared it with the public today. Rip

No. 1119200

File: 1609456885032.jpeg (110.82 KB, 1923x482, 4F8083DB-F92D-4AAA-98DD-649215…)

Don’t threaten us with a good time.

No. 1119227

I can't find any evidence of him confirming it anywhere, can you provide a source?

No. 1119233

dude was extremely private. cause of death was never publicly released for his son who died in 2017 so I’m curious how this is going to be handled. rip a legend.

No. 1119238

Nancy Sinatra knows where all the old Hollywood/music industry bodies are buried and isn’t afraid to say so. She is a great follow on Twitter. Azaelia should only be half as sharp.

No. 1119241

It was on his special from this summer, 8:46. He didn’t literally say “yeah we fucked”. It was just an offhand remark, you have to watch it in context @ 9:30 here https://youtu.be/3tR6mKcBbT4

No. 1119310

I was just listening to DOOM XMAS a couple days ago. RIP to a legend. Doubt they will say how he passed. I respect how they like to keep their privacy and not try to sell that kind of info to magazines or some shit.

No. 1119329

File: 1609473433287.jpg (165.03 KB, 825x1024, 50785570647_9a1cc7e0c4_b.jpg)

Looks like Lana's arm is already looking a bit better. Picrel, her with a fan earlier today.

No. 1119358

She looks really pretty imo

No. 1119370

Rachel Dolezal eat your heart out. I can’t believe there’s the Hispanic equivalent of weeaboos.

No. 1119379


No. 1119432

I wonder, if we search hard enough, can we find a Rachel Dolezal/Hillaria Baldwin for every culture?? Then juat have a room full of white women pretending to be the World of Nations. sage for ot

No. 1119446


I audibly snort-laughed, underrated post anon


She definitely looks better, especially with a big flowing shirt over those denim shorts she insists on wearing for reasons I cannot fathom

No. 1119514

her twitter is all political posts

No. 1119516

File: 1609510217131.jpeg (147.93 KB, 1200x804, Warren-001.jpeg)

Representing the Indigenous People's caucus…

No. 1119725

SOMEONE tell me they archived the Hilaria Baldwin twitter thread PLEASE

It’s gone and my heart hurts

No. 1119820

Mira for the japanese/saudi seat, or are we talking celebs only?

Tbh I wondered why the open groupie thing never caught on more widely. You get all kinds of strategy and gossip from groupies for rock musicians, and puck bunnies for hockey men, but then it comes to more generic known men and…where is the tea? God I just want to read about crazy bitches snagging these men in the most ridiculous ways

No. 1119956

if you've got the power as a woman to snag a rich celebrity man, use it. in a way I admire how crazy an extent these women went to in order to land a guy, it's manipulative, but it's impressive. and a testament to what simpletons men are.

No. 1120027

This bitch looks whiter than coke

No. 1120028

File: 1609567200696.jpeg (554.28 KB, 828x1115, 18090398-C8D0-4757-8DD5-787B4B…)

kek, bucktoothed bobblehead Bankscoming for Rihanna again, she’s so fucking salty about women being more attractive and successful than she is

No. 1120082

File: 1609575812265.png (Spoiler Image, 3.49 MB, 3247x1792, a.png)

i never knew halsey had an ed(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1120085

If you've had an ED you'll know very much what thinspo is, and who even has that photo to hand if she's recovered? Seems like she wanted new ana followers.

No. 1120101

I agree with you 100% and it’s annoying and inappropriate that she did it in the first olace, but I do think she’s right in that last tweet too.

No. 1120118

This doesn’t surprise me at all, she’s a huge pickme. She shoves muh mental illness down everyone’s throats and spergs when people refer up her music as pop because she thinks she’s so edgy and alt but then goes and records that godawful song with those disgusting misogynistic dudedros the chainsmokers. Not to mention her gross tweets about underaged fans.

No. 1120126

Pure proana scumbag behaviour, big yikes.

No. 1120140

Michelle Latimer got outed aswell if we're making a list lol.

No. 1120149

what the fuck is the point of putting a TW ON the triggering picture? she’s so fucking dumb. imagine being rich and ‘famous’ and still needing this much attention from mentally ill teenagers online

No. 1120151

What's the point of putting tw on the photo if you see the photo before the trigger warning

No. 1120179

Like every other celeb she used coke to get skinny and now wants attention for her sooper serious ED ~uwu~

No. 1120242

File: 1609601864949.jpg (73.47 KB, 634x759, DSkrDM5VMAA15ho.jpg)

This pic of her using the nose candy did go around a while ago

No. 1120329

ha! talking aggressive… the way some people talk about her and her appearance with utter despise is never phrased aggressive at all… sure

No. 1120361

I’m sorry, is this Halsey?

No. 1120384

What tweets?

No. 1120391

yeah, she's the one sniffing coke

nta but afaik, she was on twitter defending herself for kissing multiple underaged fans in the crowds at her gigs. she defended herself the usual way - 'it wasn't my fault, i didn't know better, pwease don't shout at me!!!'

just look at her tweets above if you need to imagine what it was like, but replace the context of 'posting posed pics where i'm sucking my stomach in' with 'choosing to kiss kids who are obviously 13 on the lips'.

No. 1120395

This was during the G-Eazy phase.
It seems to be a mandatory requirement for dating that greasy beanpole.

No. 1120421

Seeing Lana’s fatass makes me feel less ashamed about my own body. Muh idoru!!!(no1curr)

No. 1120499

Yeah same lol, I think she could look a lot better with some good styling but maybe she's just going through some shit

No. 1120672

There’s no crazy milk rn so I guess it was time for attack fat celebs sperg

No. 1120738

File: 1609647624683.png (3.28 MB, 1280x1474, ariana face.png)

ariana grande's face from 2009-2020. i wonder why it took her so many years to correct her eyebrow lift?

No. 1120754

Damn before reading this it looked kind of like Ariana

No. 1120762

she honestly didn't need to have any work done, and definitely not to that extent. those 2018-2020 pictures are scary

No. 1120767

last pic looks like its been blended with a pic of hailey bieber. all plastic surgery addicts will eventually be assimilated into the uni-thot

No. 1120804



This excessive premature browlift obsession and that retarded “fox eye” trend age all these young women something shocking. Ariana is by no means the worst. Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner both look at least a decade older than they are. And then people have the audacity to say Bella is the most beautiful woman in the world. We’d all be the most beautiful woman in the world if we could afford an entire new face like her.

No. 1120806

Singing about how her pussy taste was angelic?

No. 1120808

The fact that Lana dresses in far too small of clothing doesn't help. Lady Gaga is wearing clothing that fits

No. 1120852

Her natural face is so pretty, what a shame. Those 2020 lips….

No. 1120861


Unpopular opinion but I actually like this outfit. It looks comfy, soft and casual and it's low key cute. I don't like Amy Winehouse style, nothing she wore ever looked remotely comfortable and I generally hate jewelry and accessories.


Whenever someone sees someone overweight or non hourglass shaped in anything remotely close fitting people are always 'she's wearing the wrong size!'. I don't think those people understand how sizing works. Wearing something that objectively fits according to your dimensions as per manufacturer's instructions won't magically make your body look hot and hide all your flaws. For example if I'm a size medium a size medium won't turn me into a movie star with a 0.7 WHR.

No. 1120863

Aka, “The Eyebrow That Couldn’t”

No. 1120867

whiteknighting a dead druggie lol

No. 1120868

Her lips have remained fairly consistent, that 2020 mess is mostly down to the fucking atrocious gloss and overlining, especially over her cupid’s bow. 2019 is even worse imo. She looks much better with a matte lip.

No. 1120870

I think it’s less about liking someone’s style than it is their ability to find a style that suits them. Lana seems to be oblivious to what works for her when she’s “off duty”. No one expects her to be glamorous 24/7 (except fucking scrotes and their boners) but she always looks uncomfortable.

No. 1120874

I think that outfit looks super comfortable. Would she be more comfortable in strictured polyester and heels? I think the leggings, sneakers, casual sweater and jacket look with a messy bun is always cute in a very low key and effortless sort of way and I have never understood why that look always gets so much criticism especially when average looking women wear it. It's as if any woman that doesn't look like barbie isn't allowed to wear something casual and comfortable without someone saying something cruel and the more uncomfortable a woman actually looks the better people seem to think her outfit is.

No. 1120877

You can dress casual and still look cute. >>1118545 just isn't it.

No. 1120880

Exactly. Echoing what other anons have said, clothes never look like they fit. It’s not about them being bodycon or oversized or what have you, they just look wrong.

Leggings always look uncomfortable to me, but then I’ve never worn them so there’s that. She’d look so cute in a simple maxi dress or a kaftan, it would work well with her vintage aesthetic and is very forgiving when it comes to weight fluctuation too

No. 1120882

File: 1609681104139.jpeg (633.37 KB, 828x1502, 0A99DC70-77BF-461E-AB97-6D07A4…)

lmao the crackhead energy

No. 1120889

Did she shave off her chin? Wth

No. 1120892

It's really jarring to look at 2009 to 2020. I know she was a teen and everything but I wouldn't even think that is the same person. Also I feel like she lost her dimple through all of the extreme facial procedures, which was one of her cutest features.

No. 1120895

damn that's depressing. She was cute

No. 1120897

A combination of that and the fact that she doesn’t smile anymore

No. 1120900

File: 1609683351743.jpeg (253.97 KB, 828x590, 1D56C74C-E6D5-4F5B-B0A5-F2B6A0…)

i don’t know who exactly is in charge of billie’s marketing or whatever but they are not doing her any favors with the embarrassing political shilling. like who’s genius idea was it to get the fake blaccent speaking white girl with shitty damaged green hair and is always looking stoned to lecture to voters?? it’s hard to take this shit seriously and you can tell she has no fucking idea what she’s talking about… just what sort of audience do they think she has? no one follows her for politics

No. 1120915

File: 1609685694481.jpg (142.99 KB, 1080x1080, 135032800_1110952459342026_811…)

>And then people have the audacity to say Bella is the most beautiful woman in the world. We’d all be the most beautiful woman in the world if we could afford an entire new face like her.

THIS. Bella is just the poor man's version of carla bruni. This girl is literally skin-walking carla and everybody is praising her for being THE supermodel. I'm sure that she went to her ps surgeon with a pic of carla and told him/her that she wants to look just like that and nothing else. I find it so creepy because everybody is strangely okey with it?

Is this coke on her head?

Also, looks like weeb gwen stefani makes a brief comeback in 2021

No. 1120918

literal crackhead

No. 1120925

sorry i'm a dumbass but what exactly do you mean by correct her eyebrow lift? it looks the same from 2015 to now to my eye except for her makeup being better

No. 1120930

Look at her brows in the middle row. They livin in two different area codes

No. 1120931

At least her face looks cute.

I can't believe she's 51, she looks fantastic.

No. 1120941

File: 1609687995172.png (2.06 MB, 1184x856, lana.png)

>Whenever someone sees someone overweight or non hourglass shaped in anything remotely close fitting people are always 'she's wearing the wrong size!'.
Lana is wearing the wrong size though. She's clearly still got a lot of her old clothes that don't fit in heavy rotation, like the shorts in picrel. I love Lana and don't think she's obese or anything now, but she's clearly wearing the wrong size and would look better if she sized up. Nothing to do with the clothing not fitting her "non-hourglass shape" or whatever you're trying to say.

No. 1120943

File: 1609688058785.jpg (32.16 KB, 780x439, intro-1565797904.jpg)

This made me finally realized why Ariana's face is so punchable. Her eyebrows are at the wrong angle. Idk if that's due to the brow lift, or she just gets them shaped incorrectly, but the head of the brow needs to be angled down, instead of going flat across her face.
She always looks like she's making the face in picrel

No. 1120947

File: 1609688366793.jpg (55.95 KB, 600x600, puppy-eyes-beagle-600x600.jpg)

Agreed, she looks like she's trying to make puppy eyes. It's pathetic for her age.

No. 1120951

that’s asian makeup, particularly kpop lol she wants to always look innocent and smol no matter what

No. 1120953


I'm sorry but regardless of the fit, what the actual fuck is she wearing. It's one thing to be casual while you just live your life or whatever, it's another thing to have taste this bad. She looks like an Arkansas lot lizard. She could shop at H&M or Torrid and look better. This must be how she got her cop bf.

No. 1120956

the Lana hate is radiating off of you. She's wearing jean cut-offs, sneakers and a tee shirt in both pics. How does this scream Arkansas lot lizard? She looks like she dressed casually because it was hot outside and she needed to go to the store.

No. 1120957

She looks like an obese soccer mom on her way to the off license. I love Lana, but there’s no way you can say she doesn’t look awful nowadays.

No. 1120959

It looks like she got another nosejob around 2018. This is like 3 different girls.

No. 1120967

man she looks good for a 50yo

No. 1120968

File: 1609690955090.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1706, 53039214-7174-4A79-AF77-0709E1…)

I remember when people would always talk about how young Ariana looked for her age, it’s a shame she seems to have messed that up with fillers. A lot of the time she looks way older than mid 20’s these days.

OTOH I do kind of get it because she always had a ‘cartoonish’ signature look which has gotten more and more extreme over the years. I think nowadays it kind of seems less like she wants to look conventionally attractive and more that she just wants to play up this caricature and look as cartoony/doll like as possible.

No. 1120977

File: 1609692429929.png (60.17 KB, 992x1014, Screen-Shot-2019-09-09-at-8.36…)

lana would cancel you for the persona shit kek

No. 1120978

Lol she really looks like she’s blended with Hailey Bieber! I wonder why she didn’t fix her botched eyebrows between 2012-2016. She was a pretty girl before all this surgery and procedures honestly. But Americans love that artificial caricature look.

No. 1120988

File: 1609693161658.jpg (116.55 KB, 634x1085, 34931088-8887043-image-m-34_16…)

I suspect it's less about shilling the politics themselves and more about building an impression that she's thoughtful and politically aware/down to earth. You need to actually be able to pull off presenting yourself as coherent though-Karlie Kloss does this really well, most celebrities don't because, as you say, they fail to pretend they have a good knowledge of the subject.

No. 1120993

File: 1609693461045.jpg (44.04 KB, 224x620, article-1018175-0124A687000005…)

>I will always maintain that Wino couldn't take a bad picture.
Ok Amy was special and deserved better, but this is delusional. Plenty of horrid photos of her around.
Besides, who the fuck expects celebrities to look 'iconic' when going to take out the trash or buy snacks in the corner shop, especially in the middle of a fucking pandemic? This is insane

No. 1120999

Her and the dog have the same face

No. 1121000

Not to mention Amy looked horrible in the candid other anon posted of her taking out the trash, because she was as at the height of her drug abuse and bulimia at that point.

No. 1121010

This is just like when she insisted she never had plastic surgery because she didn't have the money, lmao.
Everything about her is uncooked. I know that's from 2019, but the more of her gaffes come up, the more unlikable she gets.She sounds like such a narcissist with that "the warmth I live my life with and the self reflection I share generously" shit.

No. 1121022

She's just tone deaf. Shitty at expressing herself outside of her music, probably kinda dumb. There are plenty of evil people in hollywood but Lana is likely not one of them. Leave the Lana digs to AB

No. 1121033

>>1119329 she looks so fucking big…

No. 1121035

I don't think she's evil, just dumb and like I said, unlikable. Probably not too different from most other people in her industry, just needs to stick to her music and shut her ass up sometimes.
It's a celebricows thread, we can make digs at whoever, anon.

No. 1121048

she looks like caitlyn jenner in 2019. tragic

No. 1121100

There's nothing milky about her recently besides her weight gain. Which has been posted about like 50x. Your input was just hate-bonering and thread clogging.

No. 1121193

To be fair, there's also her erratic behavior.
Stan life must be rough.

No. 1121201

Watched her new video. The fact her face was completely frozen was such a send. Why do people do this to themselves.

No. 1121235

>who the fuck expects celebrities to look 'iconic' when going to take out the trash or buy snacks in the corner shop, especially in the middle of a fucking pandemic?
This. Her outfit might be kinda ugly, but she’s not going to the Grammys kek.

I like nitpicking ugly celeb clothes when it’s something outrageous and gaudy, but I’m really surprised so many people care about her wearing old shorts and a basic shirt.

No. 1121352


>She sounds like such a narcissist with that "the warmth I live my life with and the self reflection I share generously" shit.

I guess she means self reflection (via her music) because otherwise it sounds like she thinks she is imparting great wisdom on the day to day

No. 1121371

File: 1609720964063.jpg (218.84 KB, 946x2048, azealia.jpg)

Azealia banks is the hero we need i swear to god. No name fashion designer went to cape for Lana only to get ate up by Azealia and her bpd.

No. 1121373

File: 1609721040947.png (144.96 KB, 359x632, azealia1.png)

Samefag. Azealia read the fuck outta this chink I wonder who's next lol

No. 1121386


No. 1121421

She’s not wrong about designers using people as props for muh diversity wokeness uwu but
>people sending me stuff ALL THE TIME

Press fucking x to doubt you ugly crackhead bitch. You’re not an icon, you’re delusional and salty because your legitimate talent has been eclipsed by your untreated mental illness and internalised misogyny. Stay mad.

No. 1121428

Chill faggot

No. 1121450

for 50 she looks fucking insane. even for like 30 this would be beautiful. and her body. how does she do this not joking.

No. 1121458

chill fatty

No. 1121460

tf did that random woman think she was going to gain by messaging azealia personally? and for "fat shaming" of all things? if she wants to be "woke" why not go off on alexander wang for what he did, or can she only go after other woman because she sees them as easier targets and doesn't want to start shit with someone who holds power, a man?

No. 1121486

I hate that i laughed. How does she come up with these insults

No. 1121491

I think her post about being attacked by feminist because she's glamorous and delicate while previously named "bad bitch" types that were all black. Didn't she emphasize her glamour and we see this. >>1120941

The left isn't my definition of glamorous and anyone who wants to own old hollywood would never wear torn distressed jean shorts and a basic bitch tee. But she does look nice. The right is a mess, pandemic or not. It does not fit. She has enough money to not look like she suddenly gained 25 lbs while walking through the grocery store. IT's objectively ugly and does not fit. Lana's problem isn't that she dresses like anyone else during a pandemic, it's that she's so desperate to be seen as authentic. As anon >>1121035 said, she doesn't listen to her PR enough. It's difficult to be a celebrity and relate. I don't even hate the woman. I like a lot of her songs and even if she's was a plain jane I'd still think she was at least great at portraying whatever version of dream pop nymph, old hollywood get up or whatever she's doing for her shows.

God damn, Lana, just wear and oversized shirt. That's ALL. Even wear those broke down shorts and she'd look a million times better. Put a fucking broch and claim it's glam for all I care. She's so bad at dressing herself with weight gain.

No. 1121518

>I think her post about being attacked by feminist because she's glamorous and delicate while previously named "bad bitch" types that were all black
Ariana Grande is not black. Neither is Camila Caballo though I guess she is some kind of a PoC.

No. 1121523

her 'I'm delicate and glamorous' claim is so fucking funny when you look at her photos and the way she's tried to portray herself on social media.

She's huge and has a shitty personality. Moids don't look at her like 'i need to protect this smol kitten uwu' but you know she wishes they did lmao

No. 1121535

To be fair, most of the artists she named in her post (Doja, Cardi, Kehlani, Nicki, Beyonce, and Ariana and Camila who aren't black) all had or featured in popular songs that were charting in the top 10 and top 50 charts around the time Lana posted that, May 21. While a financially well-off middle class white woman (who was then dating a cop) doing something unintentionally or intentionally racist wouldn't be shocking, I think the reason she named those artists was more due to their success at the time, and when the post was controversial it looked like mostly teenage twitterfags trying to play up the racism narrative.

For what it's worth (though probably not much in a place like Instagram) she was following most of the artists she named when she posted that, and followed the post up by saying she liked their work, but I think she unfollowed some of them after they understandably unfollowed her. The post itself was obnoxious, no denying that.

No. 1121536

For real. Her spiel about not being interested in feminism because she’s more interested in fucking Tesla was absolutely fucking retarded. She’s a fucking bootlicker. Before she could get away with being a vapid cunt because she was attractive but now she’s just fat and frumpy. She doesn’t even have her own personality, everything about her is a giant marketing ploy at the behest of her management.

No. 1121538

That post was peak pickme tradthot idiocy. She’s a salty bitch because younger WOC who are overtly sexual are more popular than her contrived “Lolita lost in the hood” cringe

No. 1121566

>>1121538 her entire aesthetic is nasty. A giant fat old with a broke arm is not sexy or beautiful. She needs to do diet stop eating shit all the day and calm down with the surgeries and filler.

No. 1121590

File: 1609739360777.jpeg (376.17 KB, 1080x1029, 01A7ECEF-BA5D-4E31-944E-097361…)

No. 1121609

No it wouldn't but Lana's clothes are so tiny she's bulging out of them

No. 1121622

Is this an inside joke? Bella Hadid is 24

No. 1121623

the comment is about Gwen Stefani

No. 1121627

Oh I see. I couldn't tell that was Gwen with the different styled hair. Yes Gwen looks amazing!

No. 1121630

Her lips have gotten way too much filler and you can tell in candid motion how overly plumped like hot dogs they are. She was already over lining before which looked fine but now they’re way too wide and floppy. It’s so sad because I thought she looked her best around the dangerous woman times albeit her ED and bitchiness was most prominent

No. 1121647

Karlie Kloss comes off as even more retarded and hypocritical considering she married a twink Kushner. I can imagine her playing up the politician’s wife/ ~philanthropic~ socialite angle in the coming years, and I expect full insufferablity

No. 1121655

>even for like 30 this would be beautiful
anon, 30 is incredibly young what the fuck?

No. 1121658

This place is infected by pullfags that think life ends after 24 kek

No. 1121668

>For what it's worth (though probably not much in a place like Instagram) she was following most of the artists
It's funny because when people checked, she was ONLY following Ariana Grande out of all the women she mentioned (and maybe Camilla Cabello). She's very, very aware they're not black.

No. 1121669

>O-Ok, continue with your hate Azealia
I love how she couldn't even acknowledge the fact that she'd rather bitch at a woman for "body-shaming" than call out someone with more power for sexually harassment.

No. 1121712

This is so cringe. Imagine trying to speak earnestly to a known, unhinged lunatic of a troll. Does this Aimee Song know who Azealia actually is? Like what type of reaction from azealia was she expecting? Think she was gonna teach her something? lmao. Anyone who engages azealia after all this time is an actual retard.

No. 1121782

this happens a lot to women whose attractiveness relies strictly on their youth/appearing young. They're all anti-feminism and massive pick-mes but once they ain't cute anymore and realize all their opportunities and experienced male niceties was bc of that, they become pseudo feminists and start crying about politics or w/e lol. (And you can always tell when an average girl gets surgery to become hotter bc naturally hot girls usually don't act like pick-mes bc men like them already. normies gotta work harder)

Soon as Lana became an ugly ham, she jumped onto feminism as the next thing to exploit. I still shudder when I remember that black and white IG video on Fragility. She sounded and looked so fucking wack, I'd cry to death if I went from looking like 2012 Lana to That.

No. 1121790

There is a lot of deep Lana hate on this thread, yeah she verbalized she is not a feminist, makes shitty PR decisions, looks bad now and she is dumb but…come on. If we wanna talk real anti-feminism why are you all continuing to ignore/be silent ab the women who make a career out of defending rapists and pedophiles re: Nicki Minaj, etc? To me that deserves more hate than Lana having a shitty personality and being a pick-me. I know I'll get called a "stan" but come on, it's getting to be a bit much.

No. 1121798

Ntayt but they weren't saying 30 is old. Gwen Stefani is 50. They're saying that she looks so good (for her age and in general) that she basically looks 20 years younger than she is

No. 1121817

Sorry I meant all of the women mentioned were POC. At the time, remarks were being given about the diversity in the Top 10 and here comes Lana stomping in. Bad timing and ill advised considering she had the thinking "pocs are popular so I can be a victim again!" Akin to "you now have a black president, racism is dead!" I think, more than insulting black women, it came off as tone deaf because the dumb bitch doesn't understand social issues beyond her paying her way into the industry. Minority women are defeminized and have to own a strong image, especially black women. If you go around as a POC in the media as some fragile woman glamorizing domestic violence, you ARE NOT GOING TO SELL and your community is going to go hard. Harder than a few feminist articles on Vulture which is what Lana gets. There may be an exception or two, but "why didn't you leave him, you dumb bitch" is massive in my Mexican-American community, so I always knew her Latino era was marketed toward white women.

I didn't want to whine this much about politically correct shit, but the shit she says is god damn dumb and she's so smug about it.

Kek. I'm in my 30s, but to be fair to lolcow's rampant "SHE'S ALMOST 40" when she's 29, if you haven't taken care of yourself, 30s can look rough.

No. 1121827

this is too much energy for lana

No. 1121850

>>1121590 she looks too different from Instagram. Why she is always dressed like shit? Looking average as fuck.

No. 1121897

since when is Ariana Grande a POC?

No. 1121900

You're the same person just spamming the thread aren't you

No. 1121901

Ari just wishes she were a PoC.
At least Lana actually cared to learn Spanish during her cholo phase

No. 1121905


No. 1121909

File: 1609786916064.jpeg (196.59 KB, 828x804, 9E1E6E93-CBD7-4ECC-8EBD-DE5B6A…)

She completely destroyed her lips. Here’s a candid from her dad’s IG. Her lips look fucking horrible.

No. 1121912

Why doesn't she ever open her eyes? The constant squinting is so painful "look at me I'm so cute I need glasses!"

No. 1121915

Fake lashes are too heavy.

No. 1121917

File: 1609787432486.jpeg (176.82 KB, 828x803, 66C63ED0-6BD5-4893-97CF-F9AA28…)

Gay black icon btw

No. 1121920

jfc i know everyone bags on gabi demartino for trying to skinwalk as her but i think she actually looks more like ariana than ariana does lately

No. 1121922

File: 1609787804132.jpeg (523.05 KB, 1548x2048, 32C06CA0-060E-4340-825D-601106…)


No. 1121923

File: 1609787819871.jpg (247.54 KB, 1278x946, nwdn_file_temp_1609787635480.j…)

No. 1121924

File: 1609787874986.jpg (15.36 KB, 300x340, 54321897.jpg)

No. 1121928

File: 1609788146457.jpg (181.66 KB, 1200x924, DxhzwMXUUAABGTj.jpg)

No. 1121934

File: 1609788369104.jpg (846.27 KB, 1000x1000, ariana-grande-unrecognizable-2…)

No. 1121935

cottagecore needs to cease and desist, she looks like she escaped the manson family

No. 1121937

File: 1609788452996.jpeg (137.02 KB, 828x828, E92C681E-0F3C-4267-9356-545727…)

Her brother belongs on the badMUA reddit

No. 1121940

Wasn’t she darker thab Nicki in this video?

No. 1121949

isn't he like a fashion guru or something bc if so i wanna know who lied to him

No. 1121951


You can't change my mind, she really fucked up her eyebrows. They have been a mess for a while. Like an anon previously said, she had them living in different zip codes when they were naturally fine.

No. 1121953

When she finally got the Sam & Cat beetroot out of her hair, only to fry it all over again for a two year old Tumblr trend.

No. 1121955


I know! All she needed was some tweezing and shaping. It really altered her face

No. 1121957

File: 1609789179512.jpeg (127.03 KB, 826x948, 0DA82746-EABA-40D7-80C2-A53ECE…)

Don’t understand why he insists on doing that awful eyeliner, and the unblended eyeshadow.

No. 1121959

File: 1609789559066.png (298.03 KB, 592x444, 1f13ca78f1495c05150e615b9148f6…)

I wonder if Frankie has had work done? Something about his face is so weird and off. Maybe it's cause he always puts that orange foundation over his lips.
Unpopular opinion but, I think she made a good choice with the nose job and eyebrow lift. Obviously she didn't need either, but she looks better now imo. Her lip fillers could've been ok too, but she had to go overboard with them like everyone does.

No. 1121964

File: 1609789882347.jpeg (299.67 KB, 1242x1514, DC3E4CED-5364-403D-8BDC-00C679…)

No. 1121968

File: 1609790096850.jpg (175.36 KB, 1296x730, ariana_grande-getty-h_2018-com…)

Damn nevermind, her eyebrows are fucked lmaoo. Geez I never realized how uneven they are

No. 1121970

Kek I dont like azealia but this made me laugh. Shes not wrong, mullets dont look good on anyone.

No. 1121990

>Wilde told Vogue she decided to cast Styles after seeing him in “Dunkirk” and “did a little victory dance” when Styles officially joined the film, which also stars Florence Pugh, Chris Pine and Gemma Chan.

That's nice, except he was in like 35 combined seconds of Dunkirk. Somewhere, an Olivia Wilde 1D stan account lies dormant.

No. 1122001

File: 1609791694479.jpg (33.34 KB, 421x537, 313a1009684e00c3f3b38281b74b01…)

No. 1122002

File: 1609791725913.jpg (69.17 KB, 546x632, nwdn_file_temp_1609791352050.j…)

No. 1122004

Wow, who chooses to get rid of natural cheekbones like that. Her face shape is just an oval blob now

No. 1122028

She looks like joan rivers

No. 1122035

Her jaw looks softer and she has more eyelid visible in 2011, she should've stopped there.

No. 1122036

Alexander should've kept his Wang to himself.

No. 1122044

File: 1609794689549.jpg (40.54 KB, 750x1000, imarianagrande.jpg)


Her eyebrows after 2016 look so…short. Why

No. 1122046

I peed myself a bit anon thank you

No. 1122055

File: 1609795947723.jpg (44.19 KB, 641x634, CcA5wJ8W0AEb2fT.jpg)

No. 1122080

he was in a good portion of dunkirk. the train ride back was almost entirely him.

No. 1122081

it's like looking at a younger, cuter Demi Lovato and then looking at a pedo's loli fantasy come to life.

No. 1122082

I don't get the point of going into someone's DM to act just as obnoxious as them while trying to lecture them. What was this person expecting from AB of all people anyway?

No. 1122084

attention. she can play the moral outrage angle all she wants but she obviously loves the fact that her name is in a celebrity's mouth.

No. 1122088

>she obviously loves the fact that her name is in a celebrity's mouth
Yeah, for five seconds at most. She couldn't even try to be sassy while replying back, it was pathetic. It reminds me of white gays harassing AB on twitter the exact same way and talking like they know her personally and know what's best for her in a condescending way but they'd start complain about her being problematic whenever she told them to stfu. She might be crazy but at least let her be crazy in peace.

No. 1122091

I want to know why when I was posting about this stuff in the previous thread I was quickly banned for nitpicking but all of this is okay? What’s going on

No. 1122094

To be honest AB doesn't deserve peace. She's a rancid bitch.

No. 1122102

I agree at least post a cap with the pic, jeez

No. 1122118

File: 1609801114783.jpg (122.57 KB, 750x1333, azealiabanks_2021.1.4_wpvc7x.j…)

Okay, but the more people slide into her DMs and comment sections with anger, the more space she has to shit-talk. Like, it never goes well for these people. The best they can get is ignored, and the worst is getting absolutely bodied and added to some endless compilation of "Azealia Banks Drags", every time.
I don't even get what they're trying to do. AB's already been "canceled" and had her career blacklisted by tons of people who are actually relevant. It's only made her more unfiltered and toxic. She just doesn't give a fuck. Do they really think they can humble her like this? Does Aimee think Lana will see this whole mess, hit her up and hire her as a personal stylist so she can escape the boring blogger circuit? Just, what was the point?

No. 1122126

does Azealia contribute anything? she is ugly, crazy, a one hit wonder, and dresses like shit. I'd rather be an influencer than have her ugly life.

No. 1122130

Eh. She's cute (IMO), makes good music and sells soap. She got herself blackballed and ended her own career with untreated mental illness, but even then, she consistently produces more entertaining, kekworthy content than 99% of these milquetoast influencers who worry about their PR all day and dress/behave like clones.
Most sane people wouldn't ever aspire to either life, but at least one is funnier to watch.

No. 1122134

It doesn’t hit as hard when you know she’s bawled her eyes out like a baby when it comes to taking actual criticism herself.

No. 1122135

imagine being such a terrible human being that when people are discussing what you've contributed to the world and genuinely trying to be positive about your useless existence, all they can come up with is the fact that you make shitty soap with names like 'BUSSYBOY'. this genuinely made me laugh out loud anon, thank you

No. 1122136

Chill. Did she reply to you once and hurt your feelings or something, lmao?

No. 1122137

sorry anon, i didn't realise there were so many fans of her #girlboss soap business in this thread! my apologies. please feel free to chip in with your personal review with xocheapy brand BUSSYBOY soap, though - we're all super interested!

No. 1122138

Aimee is back for revenge. Azealia can legitimately rap compared to all the other female rappers in the game right now so she does actually have talent for performing.. She may be crazy and her own enemy but she definitely isn't lacking in talent

No. 1122139

I've never bought shit from her, I just think she's funny and I'm not a sensitive little baby. It's extra funny because we're on a site for basically doing what she does anonymously. Sorry if she dragged you or your fave, anon, kek.

No. 1122140

It's not that deep anon please take it down a notch

No. 1122142

>I'm not a sensitive little baby
which is why you're seething this hard over a joke about a soap made for cleaning your bussy. sorry again for hurting your feelings!

No. 1122145

None of my posts were "seething", I was trying to actually discuss the subject, but the meltdown in >>1122137 is on seethe levels that shouldn't even be possible, lmao. Seriously, calm down.

No. 1122147

I've never heard of her before this thing with AB, but I can definitely buy Aimee being a farmer. If not that, at least Googling her name and searching herself up on places like Guru Gossip hoping someone's talking about her.
The angry exclamation marks at the end of that anon's posts genuinely make me a little iffy, kek.

No. 1122149

Azealia and Lana are both disgusting. And Azealia doesn't gives a shit and will not change. Stop complaining about her and what she did or does because that's not worthy.

No. 1122151

She was so fucking cute circa 212/1991, when she was just wearing a black wig and much nicer fits, the combination of extreme devolution in style directly proportionate to her devolution into human toxic waste disposal site has made her absolutely hideous inside and out. She is one of my all time favourite female rappers, she is objectively talented as fuck (she shits all over that ugly fat pedo defending piece of shit Nicki Minaj), her brand of hip house is fresh and fun, but she ruined her career/life by refusing to get help for her mental illness(s) and being bitter and antagonistic

For those who’ve not yet had the pleasure and can be fucked sitting through it, this interview really showcases part of the reason why she’s so angry. And she’s fucking right about all of it.

No. 1122157

I genuinely don't understand why she doesn't just make a private chat with like, a handful of devoted stans and close friends to shoot the shit with. From a spectator's standpoint, I enjoy the milk from all her fights and think she's hilarious, but from a mental health/human standpoint, it's just really depressing and frustrating.
Since she's always spitting venom, people refuse to take her side when she's being victimized. That just makes her angrier because she feels like no one notices her vulnerability or has a smidgen of empathy for her, so she gets even more toxic in response, and the cycle continues. She should be higher than most of these lame musicians, but she fucked it all up for herself with her issues.

No. 1122159

Touché, I see your point. It's like the attention just fuels her, especially negative attention. She's miserable

No. 1122180

Oh! Haha, am I an oldfag. I don't really listen to pop and she looks exactly like my cousin who is Mexican. Well fuck me. Nevermind.(no1curr)

No. 1122181

File: 1609805558014.jpeg (23.58 KB, 320x240, A39DC059-CB49-48D5-A05B-2CE785…)


No. 1122183


I'm an old faggot.* (also an oldfag)

No. 1122198

It's nice to know there are other oldfags around. Sage for nothing

No. 1122210

I have noticed lately at least one mod is going around giving dumb bans out for reasons that don't even make sense. For example >>>/snow/1116015 was clearly a joke.

I think she was also at the height of her ED in bottom pic and a lot of the fat in her face had disappeared.

Top kek.

No. 1122232

i feel so sorry for her. she was pretty before and had unique features. now is botched of too much surgeries and you can tell she has some type of problem with food because she's too skinny. just ruined her face.

No. 1122243

Sage for OT but I just looked up Gabi Demartino out of curiosity (I heard about her onlyfans drama but had no idea what she looked like) and holy hell, in one photo she looks like a wax figure Ariana Grande, the next looks like a melted knockoff Kardashian, and the next she looks like goddamn Trisha Paytas. Pick a lane

No. 1122272

damn, she's insightful.

It's a tragedy how her mental illness destroyed her career and reputation.

No. 1122296

How is Harry Styles not getting publicly dragged more for going to a wedding during a pandemic?

No. 1122300

And she’s fucking educated and articulate and can you fucking imagine how much of a female rap powerhouse she would be if she wasn’t a fucking lunatic? It’s actually depressing. She is so invested in Black culture that she cries multiple times about how much it’s been misappropriated by white fucktards who get accolades for being substandard while the music industry says “fuck you” to Black kids who hustle and work their asses off. And people wonder why she’s so mad.

No. 1122312

File: 1609820396164.jpeg (114.03 KB, 798x1200, D0D64CB4-1560-4846-AE71-53C79E…)

how much adrenochrome is gwen drinking?

No. 1122317

none, because that’s not actually a real thing
she does have amazing plastic surgeons and dermatologists, though

No. 1122323

Because he's the ~internet boyfriend~
I like him but he should have been dragged for writing a super detailed song ("Carolina") about a non-famous girl he had a fling with, even saying how "she feels so good" and including her name, all without her knowing. Of course his fans found the girl and pretty sure still to this day she's being tweeted about. Even her father tried to seek attention and called the news on him. Maybe it's not so much of a deal but I always found it super weird

No. 1122333

She is soooo invested in black culture that she stans for Trump

No. 1122338

That's fucked up.

Good surgery and not starting surgery at 17, so she still looks like herself rather than, well >>1120738

No. 1122351

like a somehow crazier Candace Owens

No. 1122356

Vicky shingles? Is that you? It was a joke. I got a hearty kek from it.

She looks bangin tho.

No. 1122375

that’s just botox and a facelift you dumb qtard

No. 1122379

File: 1609825653172.jpeg (309.01 KB, 828x826, 8C115062-63A0-4A7A-8877-8249AD…)

No. 1122387

Wow what a bunch of awful takes. Why the fuck did she think that Trump would break up big business? He didn’t and she continued to stan for him this year lmao

No. 1122390

File: 1609827894232.jpg (126.01 KB, 750x1035, woke queen.jpg)

For as smart as she believes she is, you think she'd realize that the problem lies in the framework of the US as a country, and that the solution isn't to put an incompetent bankrupt "businessman" who openly hates people of your race into a position of power.

>Why the fuck did she think that Trump would break up big business?
For the same reason that his white supporters in 2016 did, or allege they did. Vague claims of "he's outside of the system!", "he's going to stomp on big business!", "he's going to bring things back to how they should be!" were just less-reactionary-sounding excuses that racist people felt more comfortable using to shield the actual reasons behind why they were supporting him. Banks can mask her internalized racism with pseudointellectual social media posts all she wants, she's no different from any other self-hating nonwhite person who thinks they're "le based and redpilled" because they'd rather choke on the boot than have some dignity.

No. 1122391

File: 1609828236746.jpeg (44.6 KB, 569x302, 7193B913-0F55-4292-BF2A-0BDF80…)

>hairy curry scented bitch
I’m probably a terrible person for audibly snorting at this

She also called him a faggot which is what got her a bannu from twitter

No. 1122397

OMG she'll be plastic surgerying herself into oblivion soon

No. 1122404

I feel bad for laughing too, she's just so unfiltered. It's a rare talent these days

No. 1122413

Late to the party, but great news that Michael Alig's dead. I'm surprised Alig fangirl Desmond Is Amazing's cow mother didn't dress her kid as him as a tribute. A good thing came out of 2020 after all.

No. 1122414

Doesn’t Azealia have her own thread? I’m sick of spergy white knights coming here just to post years old milk

No. 1122417

I can't find it now but I saw a tumblr post a while ago pointing out that the girl in the song Carolina was never in a relationship with Harry and her family has connections, she and her sister that she supposedly met Harry through are both 1D fans and she's just a pretty girl from a rich connected family that was willing to be featured in a song for PR reasons. No idea how true it is but I had no problem believing it, especially if you believe that Harry isn't straight.

No. 1122418

The older she is, the higher her eyebrows creep up on her forehead kek

No. 1122419

I mean, she already has. Her lips look disturbing

No. 1122420

I dont think anyone agreeing with some of ABs comments equates with whiteknighting, its the Lana stans that are insufferable

No. 1122424

The extreme brow lifts that women in their 20s get because they think it makes them look more sultry also age the fuck out of them (Im talking about the surgical hairline brow lift, not just a bit of botox). Ariana should have stuck to overlining, that worked much better than the floppy sausage lips she has now

No. 1122425

Honestly, aside from a few individual posts, I haven't seen much whiteknighting for either of the two?

No. 1122427

Its not exactly rampant but the Lana defenders are invariably fucking autistic and aggressive (see >>1118452)

No. 1122430

Yeah she's right at the tipping point though still. It's going to get really bad from here.

No. 1122433

first day here? it was a joke.

No. 1122449

No idea how anyone can wk for ab. Maybe she should like, get on meds and start producing music instead of constantly attacking and insulting other musicians

No. 1122462

I don't think it's multiple anons, I think there is one particular crazy Lana stan who aggressively defends her on a regular basis. Nobody ever really backs her up.

No. 1122510

File: 1609852044958.jpg (112.51 KB, 749x938, 20210105_140701.jpg)


No. 1122515

I feel like every celebrity has a pixie cut phase at least once

No. 1122518

First Demi Lovato, now Dua Lipa. What the fuck is with this atrocious boomer ass crispy fried blonde pixie monstrosity being forced upon us?

No. 1122519

All the girls want to be Justin Bieber

No. 1122520

Dua is so cute but blonde, irrespective of length, does not work on her

No. 1122531

File: 1609854008508.png (597.83 KB, 903x743, 2021-01-05 14_39_34-Zoe Kravit…)

If anyone cares. They were married for 18 months

No. 1122532

I thought she was dating the Aquaman Drogo guy?

No. 1122533

that's her mom

No. 1122534

Oh well either way whoever this guy is >>1122531 he's way out of Zoe's league. I know not everything is about looks but he's just so…eugh.

No. 1122542

kek. I thought you were saying he is "out of her league" as in way too good looking for her and was like "ru ok anon?" before re-reading.

No. 1122549

File: 1609856367982.jpg (144.44 KB, 780x780, zk_weddingdress.jpg)

Same, I was about to go off on anon for being a simp for a puffy faced goon

Now she has a chance to get married in a non-ugly dress

No. 1122559

Eat your tacos, Lana.(Hi cow)

No. 1122577

What was she thinking when she chose that dress?? Also, with that headband on she looks like a little girl

No. 1122578

No. 1122583

I think there are only 1 or 2 crazy lana stans as well but I can say what is more annoying are the constant posts about LDR when she hasn't done anything milky in months besides get fat. Her haters are more obsessed than her fans it seems

No. 1122591

Her haters must be all black women who are still angry over that Instagram post.

No. 1122595

There's a ton of rumors that she divorced him for Channing Tatum which is weird af.

No. 1122622

Imagine stanning a junkie psychopath pervert and then modeling your genderspecial potato after it.

This woman should be in jail

No. 1122633

Being racist on the internet is not a talent lmfao

No. 1122638

why are guys like channing tatum and chris pratt still liked when its obvious they left their wives and kids to go get younger girlfriends.

chris pratt divorced anna faris who was 44 and went to go get one of arnold schwarzenegger's daughters who is 10 years younger than him.

channing tatum is 40 and divorced jenna who is also 40 to go fuck jessie j who's 32.

these guys are gross and irresponsible as fuck.

No. 1122641

People have tried but CPS in Burgerland is a joke and typically only remove kids aged 5 and under (more likely to die from abuse-related injuries or neglect)

No. 1122650

Nobody really calls this out unless it’s someone like Leo who exclusively dates models under 25, and even then he just gets some good natured ribbing. Anna Faris definitely helped Chris Pratt’s career when he was a nobody and it’s pretty obvious he left her when he got some degree of fame, gross.

No. 1122668

She’s one of the only pop girls to not have a tanning phase and I think it’s really benefited her.

No. 1122675

This thread has definitely downgraded since being moved to snow, the constant updates of literallynothings has clogged it when before people could go a couple days without bumping it unless something actually happened. Now we’re getting fucking updates on Dula Peeps dumb ass wig for a magazine cover.

No. 1122718

Yea I liked this thread better in /ot. Why the perma move? I assumed the move was temporary because of the /ot shut down.

No. 1122722

I mean honestly a 40 and 30 year old dating isn't that weird imo.

No. 1122726

ok retard you're probably like 14 or sum 'cuz you're so damn ignorant. He's an actor better known for that shit movie LOVE and he's not ugly

i miss pull 'cuz you belong there stupid

No. 1122727

Anna Faris is a known alcoholic, the two aren't comparable.

No. 1122738

File: 1609871388647.png (510.11 KB, 608x403, Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 12.2…)

why nobody talking about this… olivia wilde and harry styles are a couple… they met on the set ? publicity stunt maybe for their new movie?

she just got divorced.

No. 1122744

Ot but didnt know cottagecore was so in. Thought it was just a Twitter thing

No. 1122745


She's a bit young for him but ok.

No. 1122755

it was mentioned already >>1121922

No. 1122759

and chris pratt was inches away from dying of heart disease at 30. they both weren't the best catches in hollywood. they were together for 10 years and he divorces her soon after his transformation and rise to A-list celebrity status? and before the divorce was even finalized, he's dating katherine and immediately marries her a year later.

sorry, i don't see anna faris as the bad guy here.

No. 1122760

Harry Styles dresses like a straight guy pretending to be gay. wtf is this suit.

No. 1122765

i must got lost in the retarded comments and infight about ldr + azalea + ariana.

my bad.

No. 1122767

tinfoil: they are both gay and bearding for each other

No. 1122773

Because he is a straight guy pretending to be gay
please shut up

No. 1122776

Isn't she 10 years older than him?
I see they're still trying to push Harry as some ~cougar chaser~ lmao

No. 1122783

this is kinda weird. she's always dated and married older dudes.

No. 1122784

File: 1609872729913.jpg (52.48 KB, 449x594, 90ccf0bf9aa34a02e0bdc51a53c6dd…)

>She’s one of the only pop girls to not have a tanning phase

God, anybody here remembers how dark christina aguilera used to be? Idk how many shades darker she was in, what - 2001? lol

No. 1122788

the music video for her song Can't Hold Us Down is so hard to watch. she straight up just cosplays as a black girl in an urban neighborhood.


No. 1122830

They’re men. Simply put, men are fucking degenerates who are only driven in life by sex and other pleasures.

No. 1122834

Lana never had a tanning phase either

No. 1122836

She’s not a pop girl dumbass

No. 1122837

Isn't Lana more alt-pop? I feel like that's a little different. like you wouldn't expect Marina, Melanie, Charli or any of those girls to go through any of the style trends that the pop girls go through.

No. 1122838

Can we agree Chris Pratt is Anna Faris in a hat? Not even a wig, he’s incapable of being a decent actor

No. 1122844

Christina Aguilera is of Latin descent, though. Her father is 100% Ecuadorian. I don't think she's cosplaying as a black girl at all.

No. 1122845

what is she then, dumbass

No. 1122849


Wouldn't be the first gf who's older than him.
He dated Caroline Flack when he was 17 and she was 31.

No. 1122850

That's clearly the joke anons

No. 1122853

File: 1609875127465.png (333.57 KB, 412x557, EOubKXPXUAE7EIc.png)

a music video filled with hispanic and black people surrounding her is a bit weird. she's also stepped the line with her tanning and braids multiple times. she was the original blackfish before ariana grande.

No. 1122856

latinos can be white, you know. christina aguilera is obviously a white latina.

No. 1122861

I don't see how it's overstepping or blackfishing. She is quite literally hispanic.

No. 1122863


can ya'll stfu and talk about something milky

No. 1122864

Hispanic doesn't equal black? Neither does Ecuadorian.
You could bring something milky to talk about then?

Nicki Minaj was recently accused of threating one of her husbands victims and the victim did an interview, but there wasn't any proof (even though the story did sound convincing to me) so I didn't know if anyone here would be interested.

No. 1122871

what about her styling in the video would you call "black"? she's wearing urban fashion. also, does the name Aguilera sound fucking white to you?

No. 1122875

File: 1609876137573.jpg (61.77 KB, 450x600, 20210105_164526.jpg)

No. 1122878

>You could bring something milky to talk about then?
>"no milk? let's clog up the thread with nonsense"

No. 1122881

youre literally so stupid. a white latino/hispanic doing blackface is as offensive as any other white person.

No. 1122885

That vegan lifestyle isn't doing her any good

No. 1122886

Urban fashions originated from and was popularized by black people, she's literally wearing cornrows in >>1122853. I hate to inform you of this, but black and white are not the only two races on earth, and anyway, Christina is definitely at least half white.

I also feel it's important to note that hispanic is not a race. Hence why a person can be white-hispanic, black-hispanic, asian-hispanic etc etc… Hispanic just means someone who is from or has roots in a Spanish speaking country.

No. 1122895

>does the name Aguilera sound fucking white to you?
Are you slow or something? Aguilera is Spanish. Regardless, your surname does not automatically dictate what race you are wtf anon

Maybe I'm crazy but I think she looks kinda cute here.

No. 1122898

So if Kat von D tanned herself like this and gave herself those braids you’d also be cool with it?

No. 1122899

File: 1609876744379.jpg (91.3 KB, 500x600, Justin-Bieber.jpg)

No. 1122906

>muh hoop earrings

No. 1122915

Not defending him but it was totally on brand for him to say crazy shit like that for attention in his club kid days. Sure he murdered Angel but diddling kids? Yeah right. By the way, did you hear at some of his parties a guy would get on stage and drink his own piss? Gasp! Unclutch your pearls, grandma.

No. 1122940

>Maybe I'm crazy but I think she looks kinda cute here.
I think if her hair were black or brown instead of blonde, she would look cute. Blonde hair just doesn’t suit tan/brown skin imo.

No. 1122957

No. That's gwen stefani, who is 50. She looks insane for 50, 40, and 30. She just looks unreal, and she's 50. Never said 30 was old.

No. 1122964

A grown man says he likes kids and you think that’s comparable to drinking piss and just totally on brand? Get help anon. Can’t pearl clutch over a pedo.

No. 1122970

Lana worked with marilyn manson and glorified csa and dating older dudes in the name of """"""art""""". she was just a plant as much as ariana grande was, only she appealed to different type of young woman rather than actual children at the time. she was their idol that showed girls it was ok and glamorous. nicki is trash for harassing rape victims, but im pretty sure we can trash them all. lana just keeps turning up in worse and worse outfits. what do you expect.

No. 1122973

well alrighty then. got one anon saying black and white aren't the only races while another anon tells me hispanic isn't a race while another anon says are you stupid her name is spanish but her dad's from ecuador and it's safe to say I have no idea what we're even arguing about anymore. have a nice day anons.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1122987

are we really talking about xtina being a culture vulture in 2021 like that’s milky

No. 1122990

File: 1609880180053.jpg (30.18 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.1513866447_jrmh.jpg)

She was clearly going for a vintage look.
Though I think Audrey Hepburns looks nicer.

No. 1122994

I… Is he only wearing mascara on one eye?

No. 1122996

god i fucking wish he had a thread. all his random appearances and such wannabe behavior.

No. 1123002


When anon doesn’t know what a lace front is…

No. 1123009

Nta but she later complained about having to dye her hair for that role.

No. 1123018

Keeping up with red hair is a pain but she really doesn't do herself any favors by keeping her hair in this tight ass pony tail for years now. Never understood her obsession with it anyway.

No. 1123020

I’m autistic for knowing this but she’s not, most celebs just say it because they eat vegetables for one week and want attention for it

No. 1123028

> A grown man says he likes kids and you think that’s comparable to drinking piss
I mean… yes? If anything it’s a lot less bad, it’s just words. Were you molested as a kid or something? Seems like you’ve got a vendetta

No. 1123030

File: 1609882615006.jpg (44.69 KB, 748x418, 20210105_223659.jpg)

No. 1123034

File: 1609883011337.jpeg (454.83 KB, 828x1364, 13CD62A8-A9B6-4BB0-AB74-C55BD6…)

ik people don’t like LSA on here but ariana’s family is way more connected than i thought. she’s just as much, if not more, of an industry plant than billie kek. wouldn’t be surprised if she secretly voted for trump

No. 1123037

File: 1609883094233.jpeg (127.05 KB, 1125x1085, A363F159-CE9A-465B-B17A-E87CDE…)

No. 1123043

File: 1609883274858.jpeg (529.79 KB, 828x1522, 6497ACF4-AC87-4C01-88F4-517460…)

No. 1123051

Trump probably just knew they were pregnant and were gonna name the baby Ariana, that or she's lying about her age, but what would be the point of just knocking off a few months?

I'm not surprised or upset that Ariana's family has connections tbh. Isn't Boca Raton a more upscale area of Florida? Nepotism's been a thing since forever. I'm more disappointed in parents who put their kids in the industry so young. You'd think their connections would mean they wouldn't have pimped Ariana (and probably Frankie too) out.

No. 1123067

You are cancer, fuck off. I’m obviously talking about the older women in music and how Gwen is one of the only Caucasian pop girls that still looks good. Britney, Christina, and all the rest you can name don’t look nearly as preserved as Gwen and I maintain it’s the fact that Gwen never bought into the excessive tanning of the early 2000s.

No. 1123089

File: 1609885253254.jpg (159.63 KB, 1920x1423, rs_1920x1423-181114134700-1024…)

I haven't heard of these people. Am I getting this right? The lady on the right is Jenna and the woman on the left is Jessie?

No. 1123093

Not if they're single when they meet. Its extremely shit when a guy dumps his loyal wife to get what men call "a newer model"

No. 1123111

NTA, but what's with you and nonces? If it's a guy who buttfucks other guys and goes clubbing, it's all okay and everyone just needs to stop kink-shaming? This logic is very "trying too hard to be a cool mom", I hope you don't have kids.

No. 1123112

Pink was the OG blackfisher of our time lol.

No. 1123115

i mean she publicly endorsed bernie sanders during the democratic primary and her entire fanbase is liberal white gay dudes and zoomer girls

No. 1123122

File: 1609886817039.png (1.11 MB, 564x718, pink.PNG)

samefag but she played into being "racially ambiguous" because people would constantly wonder what her real race was.

No. 1123123

A lot of these celebrities' families know each other and have some sort of link to Trump. I don't think it's out of the ordinary. It's kind of a reach to think she supports Trump based on that, though, especially considering what >>1123115 said.

No. 1123124

Needs more Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus

No. 1123126

Lana is a sun-lover and it shows in her terrible aging lmao. bitch had tons of freckles and deep lines in her neck at 25.

No. 1123133

File: 1609887403091.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

>Oily and Jimin
i fucking lost it

No. 1123134

Is this really true? I was a huge fan of her pop-punk music and alt kind of look when I was a little kid, and she always just looked like a regular white woman to me. I tried to see it by watching vid related, but in the older R&B pics/clips, she still doesn't look like anything besides what she is. All that's different is the clothes she wears.
Do Americans just get really confused whenever people don't stick to "their" genres?

No. 1123136

She's going for the Jojo Siwa alopecia look.

They all end up looking like Ellen clones. That style never looks good.

No. 1123138

File: 1609887697515.jpeg (53.96 KB, 480x480, A45A1F0C-47A6-4297-8D28-8447D2…)

kek. Seriously though, I don’t think Christina was blackfishing, she was just trying to be more “bad” and “hood” after getting her breakthrough as picrel. Her dad is Ecuadorian but she’s a naturally fair blonde haired blue eyed white girl. Echoing what other anons have said, white latinas exist.

No. 1123159

she's 36. he's 26.
i always thought she was a lot older.

No. 1123177

File: 1609889264124.jpg (94.96 KB, 640x840, fn1aeggckl961.jpg)

RIP Kimye

No. 1123184

I can't believe they lasted as long as they did.

No. 1123185

File: 1609889661271.gif (1.25 MB, 289x193, gif.gif)

Glad she finally gtfo. I feel bad for those kids.

No. 1123206

she better watch out, he seems like a family annihilator

No. 1123216

i rlly hope nothing happens to their kids…kanye seems dangerous

No. 1123226


Her ponytails are usually fake but it's not a lace front, he color was done for a reebok campaign by stylist who talks about the dye job in detail.

If she doesn't give those heavy ponytails a rest she will end up exclusively wearing lacefronts though

No. 1123230

Can't imagine how sexist his next album will be.

No. 1123231

>Lana glorified csa
so do you have any proof or will you repeat it every thread like she was pulling JT Leroy or something?
When exactly was she portraying pedophilia, especially as something better than it is (a fucking crime)? She went full sugar baby retard, but never pretended to date those old dudes as a child/minor.
You could have mentioned the Harvey Weinstein reference aka actual fucked up thing she sang but no. It's iust your interpretation of her work.
sidenote but I highly suspect she was groomed by her boarding school English teacher… all the shit she said about him sounds sus as fuck, but you would have to dig into her interviews to realize that. Some songs could have been inspired by the experience, but most people wouldn't know, so it's irrelevant. Can provide details if anyone cares

No. 1123237

Next thing you know some right-wing hussy will move in on him with the quickness, take advantage of his mental illness, and proceed to squander what’s left of his legacy. Can’t wait to see if.

No. 1123240

I fucking love you for this

No. 1123248

Yikes I was kinda thinking that too. Along with the research that supports a high percentage of murderers have had head injuries

No. 1123252

Lana was def a plant, she caused the big sugarbaby bullshit trend. She contributed to the women whoring themselves out for the aesthetic by glamorizing it. You control the culture by controlling the media. It's 2021 and people need to realize these things. Music we consume actually does affect our actions.

But besides that, she was def groomed as a child. I read she actually first used female pronouns for her boarding teacher then it was revealed he was a dude. Sus as hell, that man needs to be investigated.

extra: I feel bad for Lana every time I watch the Ride video. the ugly men she has to kiss and lick, jesus. You can't tell me that wasn't trying to influence young girls into accepting gross men as sexual partners. Kids imitate their idols. See: Tumblr during her peak.
but it's not Lana's fault entirely, it's the people behind Lana using her. That's why she looks like shit now. This is the real Lana, the old Lana was a character.

No. 1123255

Lana’s aesthetic and lyrics directly inspired all those ddlg lolita tumblr bitches who got basically groomed by creeps into glorifying “little” relationships. and for that alone she deserves lashings

No. 1123261

File: 1609894313486.jpeg (132.77 KB, 750x817, 8936E655-772D-43FA-B6BD-76CE51…)

NTA but she definitely romanticizes Lolita-esque relationships in a lot of her songs, she’s obsessed with the book. It’s sad because even if the songs are tragic it’s always romantic in her eyes, I definitely think it’s because she was groomed and she doesn’t think she was.

No. 1123264

She’s largely responsible for “cherry emoji twitter” morphing from “hoe twitter” (predominately black girls being cringey oversharers about their “dick appointments”) into this bullshit Megan Fox worshipping, scrote licking, slutty, entitled white girl nonsense

No. 1123267

She’s a fucking handmaiden. She thinks she’s uwu so soft and delicate but she’s a misogynist who glorifies being abused (even if it’s just emotional) by men.

No. 1123273

I've been a die hard fan of Lana's music since she came out so I always follow song leak accounts on YouTube. She's had over 100 songs leak and has never lashed out about any aside from saying "leaks are annoying". A song called "have a baby" leaked earlier this year and it was rumored to be leaked by a crazy stan in retaliation for something. It's believed most of her unreleased are in the hands of stans who pick and choose when and what to leak. Lana apparently freaked about this particular song being leaked, the lyrics are legit about her being happy she's having a baby with someone. I won't link it but it's still on youtube. It's all speculation but like other anons have been saying, seems sus..

No. 1123280

Samefag I forgot to say, I don't think she'd freak out the way she did if it wasn't deeply personal and possibly tumultuous for her career, it's a total reach but could relate to said boarding school teacher.

No. 1123281

Wait so you think Lana has a child?

No. 1123282

the fact she went so hard on this leak is interesting imo. sure, it's about having a baby with some guy but so what? Why did she have a strong enough reaction that her managers wanted to call the cops about it?

Didn't she get kicked out of boarding school? wonder if she got knocked up.

No. 1123286


That or she had an abortion, not sure

No. 1123290

I hope he annihilates himself first

No. 1123293

I’m sure the book Lolita
written in the 1950’s and the movie adaptation in the 60’s had nothing to do with the ddlg or Lolita aesthetic. Some of you guys are true retards

No. 1123297

melanie martinez has more to do with that than lana tbh

No. 1123298

Eh. I think Kim and the kids will be fine. He hardly stays with them anyways and she can afford to hire extra security if needed.

No. 1123299

File: 1609897454770.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.52 KB, 570x570, 79bba4fbe150ed53c1b4b7c9360f61…)

Yeah before we all drag lana to death let's not forget this melanie poster that makes me feel so uncomfortable I have to spoiler it

No. 1123300

holy shit lmao i never noticed this

tbh jenna is way hotter than jessie or channing and she really settled for that giant thumb

No. 1123308

Have you not seen how much ddlg-ers reference and romanticize that book? Just because it was written in the 50's doesn't mean that it doesn't have an affect on todays "trends". The post you replied to didn't even mention Lolita anyway.

No. 1123311

File: 1609897762175.jpg (119.25 KB, 768x1024, 5b5dd77f90a24f999fb981c378f8e1…)

let's not forget the countless photos of her sucking on a pacifier too

No. 1123312

Lana made it popular for young girls at the time. young girls weren't into lolita unless grown men were introducing it to them and romanticizing it aka Grooming.(just like what happened to Lana herself) Now comes Glamorous Lana singing about it and making it cool, no creepy older male needed anymore. Starlets are the ones grooming little girls through media.

More than one person can be held responsible, they were all part of the same industry hence why the outcome they desired and encouraged is the same: pedo-bating, whoring sugarbaby Daddy uwu bullshit.

and that image is horrifying, jesus christ.

No. 1123314

File: 1609897990797.jpg (436.58 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210105-205122.jpg)

Stan reactions to the have a baby lana vid. It keeps getting taken down then re-uploaded so not many on this one

No. 1123323

her tats look like cuts/wounds lol

No. 1123327

is this the first leak they have ever seen?

No. 1123336

This is what I always thought. Anecdotal evidence but the girls I know who were huge fans of her in school jumped straight into doing sex work with the ddlg niche catering to pervy old men thinking it’s aesthetic and empowering, it’s fucking disgusting how that can affect girls. The uwu flower crown I’m a pretty and damaged girl with nowhere to go thing was so popular at the peak of tumblr. Creepy.

No. 1123341

Who can fuckin blame her honestly. I have mixed feelings about Kim but Kanye really tried to put her in a box. Fuck that noise.

No. 1123351

I saw a gay on reddit say Lana influenced him to try dating/fucking old men and it fucked him up lmao. It's more common than you think. I think the reason we have so many hoes today is bc these are the same girls who grew up on Lana and Melanie and other degenerates.

say I'm pearl-clutching but as Lana would say: the cuLtUrE iS sIcK

oh, bonus: I even saw this discussion on tumblr about how fanfiction influenced kids to seek out fucked up relationships bc they thought it was cool thanks to their fav Problematic fic. media 100% influences kids and teens. They really don't realize fiction is not like reality.

No. 1123356

It’s such a bizarre thought to me that so many people who listen to some random mediocre singer could be so influenced by her media persona.

No. 1123360

not only has fanfiction really fucked with young kids' ideas of romance and relationships but it's definitely influenced young girls to think they're cute "masc" trans bois just because they read yaoi on ff.net to get off

No. 1123373

Tons of kids who read fanfic don't end up like that though, especially during the 2000s and in non-western countries, the fakeboi trends and other shit like that wasn't really a thing then. There's more likely multiple causes for this rather than one single thing.

No. 1123378

Fuck Lana and the army of pedophiles she created. They are everywhere doing that daddy's little baby and having relationships with older men. Is not ok to normalize pedophilia.

No. 1123379

anon that's outdated, ff.net purged the yaoi and now it's all on ao3 kek

No. 1123386

I think they did, we just didn't hear about it bc weirdos never had enough places to gather(and the net wasn't as big as it is now). When they gather, then boy, do we get milk and degeneracy.
Tumblr played a big part in exacerbating the issue.

But internet being normalized definitely contributed to this. in the 2000s, idk about you guys, but using the net wasn't common where I lived. but also, the most prevalent fics I'd find were cutesy romantic yaoi or the 'healing your trauma with my love and eventually my cock'. now you'll find all kinds of weird kinks and pedophilia.

Song fics used to be Linkin Park and Evanescence angst shit and now it's ddlg be my daddy garbage. thanks lana and melanie.

No. 1123388

Pedophilia and staying with older men is not glamurous, beautiful or aesthetic. It doesn't empowers a shit. Teens are learning and trying to feel good and learning. And the media contributes in a big way to their development. Lolita, Lana and all this type of content and people are contributing to make this bigger. They will finish dressing as babies, hypersexualizing themselves in Internet, age regressing or with a 100 year old men as couple.

No. 1123392

File: 1609902467155.gif (1.75 MB, 300x190, tenor (1).gif)

It's child hanging out with and idolizing a convicted murderer. Being upset about that isn't "pearl clutching," it's common sense.

I hate parents who pimp their kids out to predators like this. Child pageantry and kid drag shows should be illegal.

No. 1123393

She reintroduced the aesthetic and surface themes to a whole new audience and glamorized it so much that it spawned it’s own distinctive current subculture. How you’d deny this is beyond me. No one that’s actually read lolita could glorify that shit unless they are braindead like lana

No. 1123402

I want to know more details about this boarding school teacher of Lana. I'm curious if he is connected to the industry somehow. We know she was born well-off already, went to freaking boarding school. Through interviews I know she began singing in choir at school, probably where some grooming began. Also to note, through her poetry it's clear she has mother issues and she absolutely idolizes her father. There's also a pic of her kissing her sister Chuck in an intimate way I'll try to find it.

No. 1123416

File: 1609903791179.png (123.02 KB, 500x500, 1oyifSczew6aDtEn_VKHRrodslVoF0…)

No. 1123418

Tinfoil, but it makes sense.

No. 1123420

The people in the comments are suggesting it should be hidden/deleted because rumors circulated that Lana's managers were in contact with law enforcement to try and find the source of the leak (the assumption is that the song has personal meaning for her, or was written for someone who she doesn't want people knowing.) More than hundreds of songs of hers have leaked and you can easily find them on YouTube, though. She doesn't particularly care about her older work being leaked since most of it has already, and she's acknowledged that in interviews before.

There's also the theory (though very unlikely to be true) that Lana already has a child.

No. 1123421

It would be nice if this thread was about someone other than Lana Del Rey or Azalea Banks for a change.

No. 1123424


k, who you wanna talk about? nothing stopping you

No. 1123425

Including both of them in the OP image was a bad start. There will unfortunately always be those spergs who need to vent about how Lana's weight gain makes them feel better about themselves, too.

Oddly defensive response.

No. 1123427

honestly won't be surprised if he kills himself or at least tries to. or their kids. he's psychotic. kim and the rest of her family are by no means good people but I still feel bad for her because i'm sure she will be framed by the media as being evil and careless in the divorce, when kanye clearly has no intention of committing to mental stability

No. 1123432


complaining about the thread being repetitive is equally boring to the thread being repetitive

No. 1123433

Didnt jame st James accuse him of pimping out and hooking up with teenagers in his book?

No. 1123435

This is not how the threads here work. You don’t fill up a thread with milkless garbage just because nothing of merit is happening. Just shut up for once.

Nope. False equivalency, nice try. Post on stan twitter if you want to run your mouth so bad.

>implying it’s just a quirky gay habit to talk about fucking kids and easily dismissible from a man who literally murdered someone

No. 1123443

Watch the documentary Glory Daze to get an idea of how difficult it is for those former Club Kids to admit Alig was a piece of shit psychopathic murderer. It's disgusting. He was their cult leader and they dismissed the murder because Angel was disliked and not accepted by the bitchy Club Kids

No. 1123450

File: 1609906337617.jpg (481.26 KB, 640x960, Margaret.jpg)

Gross that Margaret Qualley is dating dog killing and girlfriend terrorizing psycho Shia, but I guess with her nutrient starved brain it kind of makes sense. Strange to me that the media gives her a pass when she flaunts her anorexia so aggressively. The freaks over at Skinny Gossip go apeshit over her.

No. 1123454

Same. I think while she obviously borrowed from hip hop/black culture at times, she was always pretty pale and didn’t really try to pass off as mixed. Idk what anon is taking about.

No. 1123456

Jenna is smoking, I was shockedto see he left her. What a chud. He did her a favor

No. 1123458

File: 1609907213856.jpg (86.15 KB, 517x625, 20210106_012117.jpg)

James Charles cancelled (like every month) now for blocking someone who was saying that he needs to follow covid guidelines. This group of tiktokers don't giving a shit about Coronavirus is nasty. Partying all the weekend while people are dying…

No. 1123468

What is with the ugly ass hairstyle lately? The only person who kinda pulled it off was Miley Cyrus. And even she still looks better as a brunette. Why is not only going blonde but also getting a lesbo haircut so popular with female celebrities?

No. 1123471

i think its kinda fucked we're going after influencers when actual celebs are doing this shit and getting no flak lmao

No. 1123475

this is like when everyone cancelled charli damelio for a video of her saying that we need to be careful and use mask for stop covid when shes in these parties of 100+ tiktokers, travelling with them and hanging out with a lot of people without mask.

No. 1123480

You know that people can go after both, right? They're all fucking wrong for putting other people at risk like the rules don't apply to them. Influencers are worse about it because they influence. It's in the name.

No. 1123484

I didn’t mean it as a gay guy, I meant as Michael. Do you, like, not know anything about Michael? This isn’t out of character for him and back in the 90s all he was was a character.

No. 1123493

I think people are getting carried away with Dua's cut. It seems like a wig used for one photoshoot.

No. 1123505

File: 1609909641129.jpg (39.16 KB, 634x447, awk.jpg)

Cool swag dog(autism)

No. 1123565

Anonymous now No. 1123564

Don't see how this is blackfishing, she's clearly not trying to be black. Maybe you're a zoomer but in the 90s-00s trashy white people used to always have this hairstyle before culture appropriation became a thing. Yes it's tacky and looks bad on white people but you can't compare this to Arianna in anyway shape or form.

No. 1123566

She has the legs of a 60 year old.

No. 1123576

File: 1609919335568.jpg (77.07 KB, 584x881, marge-q.jpg)

Yeah, the prized 0% body fat look. You see it in emergency rooms with drug addicts and the very elderly all the time.

No. 1123585

She has always been skinny, she used to be a ballerina and she has talked about having an eating disorder but she doesn’t look scarily thin. Unless you’re a seething fatty.

No. 1123588

File: 1609920764754.jpg (63.6 KB, 768x1024, Amanda-Charchian-Margaret-Qual…)

Exactly, she has openly discussed having an eating disorder. And clearly still has one. Not scarily thin.. Okay ana-chan. There are older pics of her in which her arms are twice the size they are now.

No. 1123595

>Unless you’re a seething fatty.
NTA, but making the logical observation that an underweight person is underweight, or that a person who has said they have an eating disorder has an eating disorder, doesn't make someone fat.

No. 1123598

File: 1609922529952.jpg (76.12 KB, 634x826, 27273940-8226225-image-a-109_1…)

Yeah, she's clearly significantly underweight. It's particularly obvious when Skinny Gossip has declared her their #1 thinspo queen. With a supermodel mom, background in ballet, and career in Hollywood it's not surprising.

No. 1123603

Hope he doesn't try to attempt kidnapping the kids to keep Kim from going through with the divorce. I also hope Kim has more brain cells than the rest of her family in that regard.

No. 1123604

>chubby Lana Del Rey
What happened?

No. 1123616

Kanye and AB is straight up two peas in a pod. Cant wait for more kris jong un tweet. Anyway the klans are competent enough to not actually endanger their safety but they would be chuffed for an attempt. Its a nice advertisement for their hulu show.

No. 1123628

I pray to the milk gods that ye and banks becomes a thing, can you fuckin imagine? The insanity would be unprecedented

No. 1123630

Two unmedicated bi polar people, together? Blood would be shed.

No. 1123635

God has been experimenting with weird couples for awhile now. Grimes and Elon, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman

like we're ready for the big leagues now. We're ready for AB and Kanye.

No. 1123636

I mean, sure, why not. Perfect addition to the world-wide Covid mess.

No. 1123641

Amanda Palmer, fuck me. She is the fucking worst. Huge piece of shit and a huge cow (inb4 she ends up in this thread) and her being married to Neil Gaiman is the single most upsetting celebrity coupling in history. PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF, NEIL.

No. 1123651

Lana is quickly becoming the celebricow equivalent of Momo where anons try to come up with a million ways to call her fat.

Did you make this post using a steam-powered typewriter, anon? Pixie cut does not equal "lesbo" or vice-versa.

No. 1123655

I don't really like about Kim K but honestly? Good for her. I hope she can move on fast and the kids will be alright.

No. 1123662

These flouncy clothes, combined with masks while nobody else is around, while trying to look like a loving couple for the cameraman and instead looking like preteens at a high school dance. They tried.

No. 1123666

it's a dark, provocative song about casting couch, but not about pedophilia.
do you have caps of Lana being pissedd? I've missed the drama. I don't understand the whole situation with the leaks. How come a few people are hoarding her music? How did it even happen?
His name is Gene Campbell, Lana pretty much doxed him despite pretending at least once he was a woman. LOL
>"When I was 15, I had this teacher called Gene Campbell, who is still my good friend,” begins Lana. “In boarding school, to become a teacher you don’t have to have a Masters. I was 15 and he was 22, out of Georgetown. He was young, and at school you were allowed to take trips out at the weekends. On our driving trips around the Connecticut counties, he introduced me to Nabokov, (Allen) Ginsberg, (Walt) Whitman, and even Tupac and Biggie. He was my gateway to inspirational culture. Those inspirations I got when I was 15 are still my only inspirations. I draw from that same well. It’s one world I dip into to create other worlds. Like this philosopher Josiah Royce once said: ‘Without the roots, you can’t have any fruits"
>“When I was 15, I had this teacher called Gene Campbell, who is still my good friend,” begins Lana.
I will see if I can dig up any milk on him and his relationship with Lana. I don't think he has any industry connections though.
Neil Gaiman is shit himself, they deserve each other

No. 1123668

>preserved as Gwen

I like how you describe her like a scientific find. She does look good though.

No. 1123672

That story about “Gene” sounds so fabricated. Just like everything else about “Lana Del Rey” (as distinct from Elizabeth Grant)

No. 1123674

Alidasimone is an infamous Lana stan and she is dating a much older guy (think he's late 30s while she's 20?)
Her music definitely groomed those girls, whether intentional or not.

No. 1123680

Starting to look like Lana was a victim of child abuse in some way, since no woman raised in a sexually normal household would do this. Explains why her music is so increasingly sad and depressed, pivoting from sexy (but depressed) sugar baby, to what's happening now.

No. 1123682

>he introduced me to Nabokov, (Allen) Ginsberg, (Walt) Whitman, and even Tupac and Biggie.
Oh boy… Lana has a 2010 unreleased (leaked) song titled "Prom Song (Gone Wrong)" about supposedly two teenagers falling in love at school, and their plans to leave the town together.

Some of the lines are:
>You pull my hair and push me down, and chase me, make me run
>You played me Biggie Smalls and then my first Nirvana song

As much as she's played into "personas" in her musical career (whether she actually wanted to, or was pressured to by her labels and managers) I honestly don't doubt much of this did happen to her before she was famous. There are plenty of old pictures, videos, and interviews of her prior to her big break, much of which contains information suggesting this happened.

No. 1123685

File: 1609934276019.png (64.19 KB, 464x548, Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 12.51…)

Yeah…no. He actually exists and Lana followed him on twitter. His account used to be @IAmSynesthesia but I think he deleted and someone else took over. I cannot prove it unless I find some old caps on Lanaboards, but that was him. I know people found him on Facebook and years later he was still doing Lolita readings (or something) in school lol.
He is an actual existing person. Why he is okay with Lana talking about him is another matter.

No. 1123686

File: 1609934334409.png (556.28 KB, 1129x2346, screencapture-sntbll-tumblr-po…)

oops, dropped my sage and uploaded wrong file. Sorry

No. 1123688

File: 1609934633829.png (898.36 KB, 1366x1273, screencapture-stalbansschool-o…)

No. 1123689

She almost looks mannish, this isn't a good look for her. Her chest is naturally kind of wide, and she doesn't have a very defined waist, so getting rid of all body fat for a more muscular look wasn't the best idea.
Unironically praising this is proof that anachans are just as delusional as fatties.

No. 1123692

The original Lana Stan freakouts I witnessed were comments on one of the first youtube leaks of "have a baby" where fans were freaking out trying to protect Lana's privacy. Her fandom is so ridiculous and I have no proof but have read rumors that "obsessed stans" acquired her leaks through hacking. I also saw comments on Lana boards about it but I went back and it's literally been scrubbed or at least not accessible through site search.

No. 1123697

Pretty sure she has a thread in /snow/

No. 1123698

What did Neil do?

No. 1123699

And he's fat and ugly? Damn.

No. 1123704

Nothing weirder than seeing a tweaker looking 30 year old with a dummy.

No. 1123705

Let's not pretend Neil is sinless, he comes off as a casual misogynist in both his books and his real life imo.

No. 1123708

no anon, get this. her boyfriend is fucking MID/EARLY 40’s. she just turned 20

No. 1123710

Agreed. I'll go to tinfoil after this but.. Lana's weight started to spiral outta control around September this year when the song leaked and she reportedly had the cops involved. Her year was already shit due to Question for the Culture letter response, and then her stan leaks this because they're pissed at her for some reason. It just appears that she spiralled because of all this shit happening but who knows.

No. 1123714

I know Lana’s cop bf dumped her but anyone know the real reason? My friend used to dm him on ig, flirty stuff like they might meet up. I doubt she was the only one

No. 1123723

Blogposting w/e I actually used to stan Lana, but she triggers me beyond any belief. As someone who's worn the tshirt and rung it out 20x with sexwork and gross old men Idek how anyone can watch the video to Ride and not throw up. when I read all the comments about how beautiful the video is i'm just at a complete loss. It's a shame so many young girls idolise this lifestyle, that they realistically know nothing about (hopefully/thankfully), the fact Lana glamorizes it makes me kind of disgusted with her. I know farmers sperg about Arianna but I unironcally feel like Lana did much worse and was far more in your face with it imo. I still love her voice and her newer music but her old music is the most toxic shit in the world and if any other artist did that they'd be dragged to hell and back but Lana is ~uwu~ fragile~ dainty (kek)~ nymphet~

No. 1123732

File: 1609938534781.jpg (72.07 KB, 594x681, Capture.JPG)

No. 1123734

File: 1609938716241.jpg (93.74 KB, 604x858, Capture.JPG)


samefag. Not too big of a deal but are her team that lazy they can't just reach out to see if they can license the image? Seems like a small artist so surely it wouldn't have been a problem.

No. 1123759

Was this when he was dating Lana or before?

No. 1123767

While he was dating Lana. I feel like he just have been using her to help his career. When he realized he could snag 30-something women, he started putting out feelers to get an upgrade from Lana’s 50 y/o looking stepford wife face and cottage cheese stuffed into pantyhose body

No. 1123778

File: 1609943910319.jpeg (110.55 KB, 641x751, 815ACBC2-501C-4DD0-A608-C7CB52…)

She’s such an attention whore.

No. 1123784

His career as a cop? I'm confused

No. 1123789

Well honestly he was a "star" on LivePD so he's known, I guess you could say he may have wanted to accelerate his popularity

No. 1123791

Can all attention whores dropped their transparent "link in the bio" schtick for eternity please?

No. 1123793

Back when Live PD was on A&E and during the period he dated Lana, there was a rumor that he wanted his own show.

No. 1123797

what are you talking about, that is the stereotype of lesbian haircut.

No. 1123824

File: 1609948929101.jpeg (563.29 KB, 828x1357, 9F335A2B-E243-4446-84DC-D182D2…)

No. 1123827

File: 1609949339597.jpg (54.53 KB, 585x480, wyoming.JPG)


kek anon, you beat me to it. I'm still trying to figure out where this rumor came from. I do say that this is pretty unlikely but who the fucking knows lol.

Still can't believe that Kimye is over tho, I saw so many rumors about them divorcing but I guess now it is for real. I mean good for the kids tho.

No. 1123831


CWC has declared the merge is happening

No. 1123836

Remember when Amanda Lepore said he fucked a rapper who got married to a woman shaped like "her", people assumed it was Kanye.
I never believed it because Amber Rose said Kanye liked to have fingers in his ass and I remember someone saying that Kanye was eating banana pudding and watching anal porn.
So why would he get with a trans who to my knowledge does not have a dick? I may be wrong but I can swear Amanda got everything done.

He looks like shit too, but then again if he fucked that he'd fuck Jeffree. I just don't believe Jeffree would'nt be bragging about "fucking a rapper" or some shit.

This is funny though.

No. 1123838

aside from saying stupid shit on twitter from time to time and thinking of himself as Le Big Artiste Master of Writing, he ditched Amanda and their son in New Zealand to fly alone to London during the worst moments of pandemic where people still cared about not travelling abroad. He got massive shit for it, press worldwide. Amanda is alone in NZ being a single mom basically. Her social medias are mostly about her son and Neil doesn't mention him ever. Deadbeat

No. 1123839

File: 1609950435479.jpeg (61.79 KB, 828x215, 51F2214D-A161-4308-9108-96C955…)

No. 1123843

am i a bit tinfoily to think the timing is off, given the georgia revote taking place right now? if it were anybody else i dont think it would cross my mind, but we all saw kanye sell out for trump.

No. 1123844

Fucking gross to speak so highly of men who very obviously victimized her. The
Stockholm syndrome is real with this whacko

No. 1123849

>Kanye was eating banana pudding and watching anal porn.
What a fucking combo

No. 1123854

Ninja from Die Antwoord told this story, I believe someone else said Kanye always has porn on in the studio.

"During what was supposed to be a recording session with Kanye at his home, Kanye apparently turned on anal sex porn in the midst of a conversation.

“I had this idea for a track and, as I’m about to say the sh*t about the track, Kanye just turns on an anal sex video. Like a random anal sex video,” said Ninja. “And then Kanye says, ‘Why is this guy putting his whole hand in her ass with his dick?’ And then he turned back to me and said, ‘Sorry, what were you saying?’

Guys will be guys, right? But it didn’t end there.

Kanye interrupted Ninja again to ask if he liked banana pudding. Based on the immediately previous interaction, it wouldn’t be too hard to assume that ‘banana pudding’ was some kind of weird euphemism, but no, Kim had just made dessert."

No. 1123860

>Kanye just turns on an anal sex video. Like a random anal sex video
I can’t handle this

No. 1123862

What do you mean? Wouldn't they be in Georgia then?

Ngl I'm surprised Jeffree really chose to live in Wyoming. I didn't think he would give up his Celebrity California neighborhood. Unless this is some fake "I just need a fresh start" shit that rich people love to do. Or maybe he's starting business with Kanye? Weirdest crossover ever.
He's mentally ill as fuck so no wonder he thinks it's normal to turn on porn in the middle of a conversation. Kanye is such a weirdo. I hope Kim didn't have to serve him the pudding. Imagine trying to give your husband food and he's just watching anal porn with his friends.

No. 1123874

Jeff lives in another house he has in CA afaik, he just sold the ugly pink one.

No. 1123875

Not to WK Kanye but Ninja is such a degenerate weirdo who just makes shit up for shock value. Wouldn’t believe a single word that falls out of his rotten mouth

No. 1123876

you know that grooming victims can have contradictory feelings about their groomer, right? it's a side effect. no need to attack her for the damage the grown man did to her.

No. 1123883

ninja groomed and abused that zheani girl, right? ofc he'd be completely tone deaf to what an asshole he himself is, even if kanye is shit

No. 1123886

im not that anon, but i'm the anon who shared the story, I don't know who this dude is I just remembered the story.

No. 1123910

It’s fine to have those conflicted feelings about you’re abuser but when you have a broad, predominantly young woman audience, you should be called out for trying to normalize this shit

No. 1123911

Your* .. RIP to my stumpy thumbs

No. 1123916

>>1123862 I've heard it could be for tax reasons?

No. 1123946

File: 1609958065803.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.75 KB, 679x442, ErEYPpxXcAYhAjT.jpg)

And now they are leaking the nudes of Kayne, which he apparently send to J*

No. 1123949

kek all the stans saying she's "just chubby" tho, accept she's fat already.This is beyond just chubby. Not that she should be shamed for it and even less by that trash fire that said. I think she's a ridiculous cunt but she's also getting older and it's normal to pack on a few pounds especially during these covid years

No. 1123950

File: 1609958339425.jpg (908.28 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20210106-132131_Ins…)

kat von d is moving to Indiana because they don't have any COVID restrictions so her kid can die from both that and measles. with her and gwen both settling down in middle America, I wonder who the next woman I thought was extremely cool when I was 7 is gonna become a midwestern mom

No. 1123951

i regret hovering my cursor over this. why are men bodies so repulsive?

No. 1123952

lmao these are such dad nudes. what’s with the one pic with the huge sunglasses?

No. 1123955

these are old

No. 1123956

this man is very obviously mentally ill, why is he not getting help?

No. 1123963

>which he apparently send to J*
wait what?

No. 1123967

File: 1609959172198.png (490.55 KB, 1742x640, 3Fqfqha.png)

No. 1123971

There have been rumors that Kanye is gay for a long time now. He married her cos he wanted kids, nothing new with closet cases

No. 1123973

is that a recent pic? The lower half of her face looks like her old / young pre surgery face, and the top half looks like her surgery fox eye/ eye brow life days, then again I am not used to seeing her without lots of make up and pony tail. As anyone else noticed her fiance looks like he could be her gay brother?

No. 1123975

well at least lana can have some closure now
she is no longer young and beautiful and we do not still love her

No. 1123978

I do so, because she IS very talented and I find her rants amusing. If only she had a proper management team that would ban her from making tweets or at least monitor them before they got sent out. She was also trying to tell people about her meetoo experiences, but was dismissed as Crazy!

Some of the people she goes off on deserve it and she often makes based points.

No. 1123980

File: 1609959860505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.2 KB, 308x672, djdjs.jpg)

I don't know if Jeffree, Amanda or Kim has the worst ass, I've never seen anything like this, but if Kanye can fuck this then no doubt he'd fuck them.

No. 1123981

Why is nobody worrying about 'broad, predominantly young' audience when it's male rappers or rock stars glorifying misogyny, drugs and violence to their listeners (both male and female)? Fuck off with that shit. Lana is allowed to document her life, base art on and talk about it however she wants. Let female artists be messy and problematic and stop expecting them to be flawless role models because muh daughters. They are celebrities and should not be trusted in the first place.
With men it's always 'he's only telling a story!' or finding excuses, but women like Lana are supposed to be some empowered feminist icons that will teach teenage girls wrong from right.
I wish people would teach their kids that celebrities can be inspiring, but definitely are not role models. Use your fucking brain, basically.

No. 1123983

NTA, but have you considered that those anons don't support male rappers and misogynistic rock stars, and that you're falsely conflating two different groups?
Both Lana and the shitty male artists can be wrong, it's not one or the other.

No. 1123984

well lucky for lana, she doesnt have to be a feminist icon because she admitted she thinks feminism is a scam, kek.

a distraction kanye, if you will

No. 1123991

A personal cow of mine has always been a deluded crazy lana stan. She is 38, so has been standing and copying lana's style from when she first blew up. As a Brit fag she looked especially silly. She was also a handmaiden and did not see anything wrong with Delores Haze relationship. She also hated her Mother, does not bother to visit her father unless she wants money, and " ran away from home" when she was an adult as she thought she met her sugar daddy. Thankfully she has street smarts, interpersonal skills and good luck. so her IRL larping as lana ( complete with flower in her hair) does not get her into too many issues. I won'y go into her other antics due to blog posting bans given out.(blogpost)

No. 1123999

I always wondered how it feels like to sit on those implants or do ANYTHING with having those giant artificial butt cheeks. I guess it is like having a pillow underneath your skin.

Not surprised that she is an anti-masker as well. What an idiot. House looks pretty tho.

No. 1124000

Brazilian butt lifts are usually fat transfers. It's probably like sitting on a big pair of breasts.

No. 1124004

Alig, has a strange cult of fans including Wendy lou ( Desmonds mom) Aligs age of preference was 15-19, he liked cute boys who never had sex with a man before, and used his straight fag hags to lure them into a 3 some. In all episodes of the Peeww it is clear he is on something. Party monster, Glory Daze, and the book by James st James are eye-opening. On a positive note Neilson Sullivan vids from that era are fascinating he is the original vlogger.

No. 1124007

Right. Frankly anyone who does something just because a pop star sung about it or showed it in a music video is a dummie who would make bad choices anyway. It’s not an artist’s job to only portray some socially acceptable image. If artists could only sing about socially acceptable things then lyrics and music videos would be boring as hell

No. 1124022

Can all the LDR spergs just please go and have a Snickers?

No. 1124029

how did you know that about him?

No. 1124041

File: 1609963037709.png (115.7 KB, 585x427, dhdh.PNG)

No. 1124047

hes talking to others about this too? would kanye care about him lying like this or….?
>dustin asks jeffree star in dms about the information and articles blowing up
>jeffree immediately responds and says "hes right here now, would you like to say hi? pink yeezys coming soon"

No. 1124053

You have to be retarded to think J* + Kanye is real

No. 1124055

Jeffree really hates the karjenners, so if this was false I doubt he'd flat out say no, because he gets attention and to embrass kanye.
If anything it's a self drag, no one wants to be outted but no one wants to be outted AND linked to Jeffree. Especially a black rapper.
Jeffree is just riding this wave imo.
I don't know if I believe it or not though.

No. 1124058

File: 1609963801121.png (14.05 KB, 612x189, Screen-Shot-2016-01-30-at-6.04…)

I'm pretty sure he does this all the time where he addresses-but-not-really rumors to get a little more attention and keep people guessing about him.
I mean if he fucked Amanda Lepore and likes fingers in his booty I don't think it's too crazy to think he would fuck Jeffree if given the chance. Anyway, Jeffree is probably lying.

I still wonder why he bought a ranch in Wyoming just like Kanye. Maybe he's trying to do the same thing as him? Jeffree doesn't strike me as the church type tho. Maybe he's planning to kidnap a bunch of dubiously straight men and lock them up there so they don't run away like Nate and that other black dude he was dating so he didn't look racist.

No. 1124059

if kanye west had some sort of repressed-gay-feelings thing going on i highly doubt jeffree star would be his first choice to explore his gay feels lmfao this is such a reach

No. 1124068

I seriously doubt he actually fucked her. Trannys love to say incendiary things like that for attention. All men want them, I fucked your boyfriend, I sleep with powerful men etc etc yawn. Plus it was extremely vague. To be honest kanye was the first mainstream a-list rapper to vocally accept gay people, so it does not surprise me he would have a bunch of gay accusations himself, that’s how hyper-masculinity works when it’s threatened.

No. 1124070

File: 1609964625248.png (410.46 KB, 428x537, djd.PNG)

what a ugly troll, i'd love for Kim to call him out, i just want to see them have a twitter beef for our entertainment.
Jeffree LOVES to kick women while they are down.

No. 1124074

Kanye West fucked a used up, old tranny like Amanda Lepore? Come on. What's more likely, they lied in their memoir to be outrageous and shocking (Lepore's entire life revolves around shock) or Kanye slummed it with a very old tranny instead of a younger, hotter one if that's what he wants?

And getting a finger in his butthole from an attractive woman doesn't make a man gay or bi, being attracted to men does that. Kanye might be gay who knows, but none of those things prove it.

No. 1124076

you have a point and trannies DO lie. We all know Jeffree is a liar.

No. 1124078

Not just old troons, he’s been linked to cis gay men too. https://www.inquisitr.com/1389163/kanye-west-gay-rapper-reportedly-carrying-on-affair-with-designer-ricardo-tisci/
Likes anal, finger in butt, has all these rumors for years. Come on now

No. 1124079

Yeah, I highly doubt it's real but wouldn't that be the funniest shit? I just want it to manifest because I'd have keks for days.

No. 1124103

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think kim is too mature to beef it out with the j man. I bet she’ll just keep her head low for a while—but how the hell should i know, she’s trash too.

the fuck is a cis gay

No. 1124124

normal/non trans gay dude

No. 1124133

Saged for sheer hearsay but a few years ago I was a pr assistant to a fashion designer who was close friends with someone who later went on to design shit for kanye, or at least that was the plan. Even back they were talking about kanye letting dudes give him head, it wasn't all that hush hush and we weren't anywhere close to americas. I can't provide receipts, just the word that it was indeed an actual topic amongst fashionfags around 2014-2017 or so

No. 1124139

Kanye was very very close to Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy for a while, until they suddenly broke contact.
Blink once for yes.

No. 1124146

This is believable imo. With the level of pornsickness that Kanye exhibits, I would be more surprised if he refused sexual favours from people. He seems like a sex addict that considers himself straight but compulsively seeks out sexual gratification wherever he can get it.

No. 1124159

No, I wish lol. The designer who worked with him isn't gay as far as I know and has a wife but he and his assistants/interns had seen and heard shit. He didn't stay in LA for long partly due to kanye being fucking weird even back then, again, it's not a big secret that he is awful to work with and circles are tiny.

No. 1124169

Is it an American or European designer?

No. 1124172

European, he himself is the most milkfree dude for real, kinda shy and autistic though.

No. 1124174

What do people most know his brand for? Bags? Shoes? Jewelry? Was he even a fashion designer that sold his clothes or is it specifically runway only?

Were gonna get to the bottom of this anon

No. 1124176

You can say Virgil it’s okay

No. 1124177

Nah, Virgil's American.

No. 1124199

I live in southern Indiana, I don't know why anyone would move here voluntarily, especially an anti-vaxxer/tattoo artist. Thanks to Pence, all needles are assumed to be dirty lol

No. 1124281

LOL are you kidding?

Jackson Hole, etc in Wyoming has more money than Beverley hills. It's a very well-known vacation spot for billionaires. If anything J* will be ostracized as poor/nouveau rich white trash in comparison to the rest of the Teton/Jackson Hole Scene.

No. 1124307

Jeffree is a fucking ugly, racist, misogynist, malignant cunt. He is so fucking rancid, inside and out. And Kanye loves to flaunt his coonery, him being Jeffree’s bedwench is totally plausible. You can bet he would let the crypt keeper call him “nigger” and tell him to “pick some cotton”.(racebaiting)

No. 1124403

Based anon

No. 1124432

hard agree. Her entire shtick was encouraged and created by the music industry.

What a coincidence that a woman whose entire image was built on glamorizing sexual abuse, lolita, prostitution, pedophilia, and sugar daddy's wound up getting famous and influencing an entire generation of teenagers.

There are 1,000s of female singer-songwriter's who have made better albums than Lana's first record. She's never been particularly pretty or talented, the industry pushed her on the Tumblr generation.

Some of her later albums are good, but by that point, she had an entire production team creating them.

No. 1124435

imagine if she had never bombed on SNL, the level of pedophillia and shit we'd be seeing today would be off the charts. It's already off the charts but ooooh boy, it'd be something else.

we've seen what rap did to black domestic culture, black women reduced to jezebels and can't get any respect from their own men.

ANYWAY, Lana looking like a porker is karma.

I agree, pornsick men get so sex-obsessed, they'll fuck men, any hole is fine. They're also the ones big into cucking bc they can sometimes only get hard watching their wives get pumped. perhaps Kim has had enough of taking random dick.

Remember when Jeffree said he'd been with many guys in the industry and they'd murder him if he said anything?

No. 1124488

You can also include Azealia Banks in that cult of fans for Michael Alig. When he died she made a number of instagram stories crying about his death. Calling him an "iconic legend of the white gays" and how much she'll miss him. I'm starting to believe Azealia is a literal Psychopath.

No. 1124522

Not to medfag but I'm pretty sure she just has really severe bipolar disorder with psychotic tendencies. When they are unmedicated they can come across as complete raging psychopaths. Or she's just a raging psychopath. Either way idolizing a guy who chopped his drug dealer into bits is pure derangement.

No. 1124525

Didn't she say herself on instagram that she's bipolar but doesn't take her meds because the side effects are even worse than just being bipolar? Or am I confusing her with someone else?

No. 1124526

File: 1610014075846.png (329.78 KB, 599x360, JxPgRK6.png)

she did admit she struggled with mental health, but dont recall bipolar specifically being mentioned

No. 1124527

She tried to cut her sisters throat with a boxcutter and bragged about facing a life sentence. lmao. Of course a wannabe murderer would idolize an actual murderer. If She's not a psychopath then she's at the very least a malignant narcissist.

No. 1124530

Anti-psychotics and most psychiatric meds in general do suck complete ass, she is right about that. Awful side effects that have the tendency to completely zombify you, but not being on any kind of medication or treatment is clearly not working for her, girl is a holy terror and a mennace.

No. 1124533

File: 1610016644753.png (115.71 KB, 644x362, azealia.png)

Jesus.. she's a cornucopia of mental illnesses and personality disorders (disclaimer: probably)

No. 1124538

Where did she brag about it? I looked this up and couldn't find anything, just that prosecutors mentioned it, she was 17 at the time, and the case was lessened because of that.
Also, she has a pretty good relationship with her sister IIRC. Both of them grew up with an abusive mother who would hit them with a baseball bat, threaten to sell them, emotionally/psychologically abuse them (and still does to this day, her mother threatens to kill her pets whenever AB tries to go no-contact), etc.

No. 1124539

Kek, she's just an edge lord and loves to rile everyone up because she's bipolar and bored.

No. 1124543

isn't this what conspiracy theorists call a 'handler'

No. 1124545

File: 1610019333785.jpg (143.57 KB, 1080x811, Da-4ZkxW0AAUaWd.jpg)

Samefagging, apparently both her sisters are older than her, and they were supposedly all abusive/violent to each other because of the way their mother behaved. Guess that explains why the charges were lessened.
I already knew one of her sisters was a trans man, but this is the first time I've actually seen a photo.

No. 1124552


here's the video where he mentions it. starts around 7:10. ninja is an unreliable narrator but i guess kanye would have blown up if it was untrue?

neil was also pretty insufferable on tumblr. when i followed him way back when, my dash was pretty much nothing but him giving advice about writing or haughtily interjecting himself into posts/conversations about him so much so that i wondered how he found the time to write. his novels aside from American Gods and Sandman weren't all that robust to me though. i started to think he wasn't all that he was hyped to be so all his preening and advice started to seem a bit disingenuous. i don't remember any overt misogyny but he has a bent for main characters who are an idealized version of him growing up; an awkward "clever" boy with speshul powers. i think amanda palmer is a privileged clown and finding out they were married additionally lowered my opinion of him. he also has a past family with three adult children whom he mentions often enough, but there was some reeeeing about him "erasing" them and only having the "famous" one he had with Palmer on spotlight. i don't think that's a big deal though, it may have been his ex-wife's and/or children's wishes.

as a side note, i wish the author cows thread was revived. i heard that the girl who wrote Maradonia rebranded herself as a bimbo "fantasy romance" writer.

No. 1124557

There truly are lana stans itt. There's a difference between being a feminist icon and making whole albums glorifying age gap and sugar daddy relationships.

No. 1124560

She said it in a series of tweets on one her old twitter accounts in 2018. I was a fan and followed all her online craziness religiously.

No. 1124563

Okay I'm sorry but the older sister in the middle looks evil AF. Throw the whole family away. Jesus. I don't even like looking at Azealia's instagram stories cos she's like a walking evil eye. You know when you just get that awful, creepy feeling about someone and you NEVER want to be around them again cos you know there's something not quite right about them? yeah.

No. 1124577

File: 1610025710627.png (774.45 KB, 1041x1829, cc.png)

Is it okay to post about Courtney Love itt? Should I take it to the rock celebricows?

Apparently Marilyn Manson (aka serial rapist and abuser) and Lana Del Rey (aka toxic relationships advocate) saved CL from abusive relationship.

People called her out in the comments for supporting MM, and she went on to defend him and gaslight his victims (Esmé Bianco from GoT and Evan Rachel Wood from Westworld) from her fake account.
The best thing about it is that Courtney claimed MM fucked underage girls back in 90s on tour (she was dropped from the tour).

I mean let that sink in, Marilyn Manson and Lana Del Rey, who shot a rape video together, saved Courtney Love. What the actual fuck, 2021 is gonna be fun.

No. 1124578

Context for Marilyn Manson & Esmé Bianco & Evan Rachel Wood. The last minutes of the video are very disturbing, skip if you are afraid of blood and violence.

No. 1124582

Kek what the actual fuck

No. 1124586

Maybe I’m biased cause I like Lana, but Azealia is crazier than Lana was/is/will be, and that’s why she won’t ever achieve anything

No. 1124593

File: 1610027589874.jpeg (84.93 KB, 500x492, 64B27B18-303D-48E4-A45A-035BE2…)


Besides being a pretentious pickme Lana doesn’t scream actual insanity like Azealia does. By all accounts the entire Banks family is certifiable.

No. 1124599

I'm fucking ready for 2021's milkman

Just started it but his response to the Evan questions is pathetic. This is the man who out of nowhere said to an interviewer 'before or after I slept with Lana del rey?' to some Q about Lana's new album. the goblin.

No. 1124604

Oh yeah Lana isn’t an angel or even a decent popstar, but Azealia is a whole shitshow of a circus. She’s far more entertaining than Lana

No. 1124611

File: 1610028690033.png (158.03 KB, 838x240, 1.PNG)

>I already knew one of her sisters was a trans man
I wonder if that impacted her views on trans people at all, kek.

No. 1124641

She's involved with the LGBT community and is bi herself, she talked about some transwomen being horrible to her at some point in one of her deleted twitter accounts. Something about them trying to grab her or something, it's been a while so I don't remember all the details but she definitely speaks from experience.

No. 1124644

> i wish the author cows thread was revived

yes please! Including YA sjw drama, that shit is hilarious

No. 1124649

She said something like "I support trans women, but we need to be able to talk about what some trans women do when they get biological women alone", referring to times when she's been sexually harassed or assaulted by trans women in dressing rooms.

No. 1124673

File: 1610036493844.jpeg (207.76 KB, 1080x1080, A9A59E88-3DC0-4E77-BC0D-E120B4…)

>Why is nobody worrying about 'broad, predominantly young' audience when it's male rappers or rock stars glorifying misogyny, drugs and violence to their listeners
this is just plain bullshit. if there ever is a scandal or blind item about any male celibrity they are always harshly critized and scorned by farmers. just look at the MM or rockstar celebricow thread. besides that, i don't recall any fans of some male rapper or pop star spamming each and every celebricows thread with relentless stanning and derailing, unlike the lana stans do.
>Lana is allowed to document her life, base art on and talk about it however she wants
to believe some pop phenomenon writes or produces any of her own music, or that any of her songs are based on her real life experiences, or that the music is made with anything but profit motives in mind, you are either very dumb or naive. stop white knighting this celeb on a fucking gossip board. she's a fucking pop star and that's the furthest thing from some kind of misunderstood artist or poet which seems to be your perception of her.
>Let female artists be messy and problematic and stop expecting them to be flawless role models because muh daughters.
you are acting so fucking cringey with this twitter bullshit. lana does not give a fuck about you, stop shilling.
>They are celebrities and should not be trusted in the first place
if you truly believed this then you would be able to handle your favorite celeb being scrutinized by anons without shitting yourself.

on another topic, grimes fillers are looking more like balloons every day.

No. 1124674

And yet there is no discussion ITT thread (or anywhere) about how Kanye is a bad influence on teenage boys who worship him as ~rap Jesus~ or whatever kek. Besides, I was making a generalized comment. There is an expectation in the world for female artists to be role models for their young listeners which I find insane. There is no such push on male stars.
How is singing about being constantly fucking miserable in relationships with fucked up men glorifying toxic relationship? Just cause you are singing from the headspace of victim and therefore not offering a 100% uplifting narrative about ~being a stronger woman thanks to all the abuse heaped on you who doesn't love her abuser at all anymore!!!!~ doesn't mean it's glorifying shit. Even if Lana was glorifying her abusive, shitty experiences, she is entitled to her truth and sessions of therapy kek. I'm tired of women not being able to freely express toxic shit living in their head.
Frankly, I'm glad that she has moved on from her sugar daddy obsession cause it was cringe AF. But she was fully entitled to her controversial lyrics. Some women have fucked up and politically incorrect feelings towards shitty men they date and they shouldn't be prohibited from expresing them just cause it's unhealthy. If you are expecting a singer presenting herself as a whacked in the head bitch that is dating 50 abusive sugar daddies on their way to a death row while snorting coke mid pole dance to be a positive role model, it's your problem.
She has backed off from that retarded statement like four years ago. IDK why we are all discussing her like she is forever stuck in the Born to Die era? Is it because you guys have stopped paying attention and all you know is 'lana bad because she said yes to sugar daddies, no to feminism'? She's no longer as pick me as she used to be and even shits on her exes in songs/poetry kek.

No. 1124676

samefag, I'm not shitting myself just cause I disagree. You can hate Lana (or her persona, whatever). It's boring when people bring up the same shit from 10 years back and are moralfaging about her bad influence on teenagers.

No. 1124678

Thanks, I feel this way too. There are an inordinate amount of people villifying Lana, Melanie, etc for basically morphing innocent teens straight into DDLG e-whoring. Why don't we talk about what influenced these men to make DDLG e-whoring possible? And lucrative? These consumers are just as responsible. Someone influenced them too. Also why do we throw Melanie and Lana into demon status but Ariana, Nicki etc get tossed in a different pile? As if they're ok for some reason. We all saw the Ariana debut album cover that got scrapped. All of the women I'm talking about were likely groomed.

No. 1124679

>It's totally not about pedophilia
I'm sorry anon but with Lyrics like that, she can say it's about whatever she wants, but it's pretty obviously pedo themed.

No. 1124683

I have to agree with other anon in that this song is Lana's interpretation of the dark twisted world of casting couches. "lights, camera, action. If he likes me he takes me home". It's a sad song, extremely dark.

No. 1124684

File: 1610037558586.jpg (83.7 KB, 640x745, f15449ba2e4be5de1426c4ce72a1be…)

It's hard to know what Grimes's face really looks like because nowadays she rarely posts any pictures of herself where there isn't an obvious filter (exhibit A - picrel, where her fingers are being strangely pulled towards her chin.) I feel bad for her, she seems to be becoming one of those people who's afraid of any natural, non-photoshopped pictures of them existing.

No. 1124687

I wonder if farmers ITT think that one oingo boingo song is pro-pedo too.

No. 1124696

File: 1610039267735.jpg (330.84 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210107-120401.jpg)

This song is not about glorifying abuse or violence. She's singing about feelings of loss and dissociation related to being in an abusive relationship and knowing it is destroying her and she can't go back. 1/2

No. 1124697

File: 1610039327920.jpg (315.09 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210107-120408.jpg)


No. 1124712

Sorry but I ate Azealia’s pussy and it tasted like desperation

No. 1124716

File: 1610041071618.jpeg (76.76 KB, 514x640, 36F590AF-F565-4487-9CC8-E5CD4A…)

So, why isn’t Mariah Carey under fire for her spray tan antics though. Saying this because the first celebricow OP pic on here had a pic mocking Ari’s skin color (I think Ari looks more ethnic than Mariah lol)

No. 1124719

>And yet there is no discussion ITT thread (or anywhere) about how Kanye is a bad influence on teenage boys who worship him as ~rap Jesus~ or whatever kek.
Do you see any anons here supporting Kanye, defending him or calling him a good role model? No, we all shit on him because he's a piece of garbage. Also, do you really expect anons on Lolcow to give a fuck about teenage boys? They're already fucked up, why should young girls sink down to their level?
>Besides, I was making a generalized comment. There is an expectation in the world for female artists to be role models for their young listeners which I find insane.
People are allowed to not like the messages in pop music. If she wants to be ~messy~ without anyone criticizing a single thing, she should keep her music in a diary or a personal archive. I don't know how to tell you that something being self-expression doesn't make it off limits, especially when it's the kind of music that isn't just indie content, but mainstream to the point that it's basically inescapable, lmao. All celebrities are painfully aware that their public work will have an effect on people's minds, promote or create trends, etc. They are constantly reminded of that, it comes with fame. That's why you see the most unsuitable people like Billie Eilish talking about politics. Regardless of what they're like on personal level, if they're famous, people will pay attention to them and internalize what they put out. It's a responsibility like any other. I don't get why you want to deny that so badly.
Also, there are tons of people who've spoken out against misogyny and violence in hip hop and rock music, I don't know where you've been.

No. 1124721

Shut the fuck up. The anon you’re replying needs to shut up too. This is a MASSIVE wall of schizophrenic text. Mods need to add a rule that people without a job can’t post here so us humans don’t need to read this mental illness.

No. 1124732

>No, don't discuss anything in-depth!
Just don't read it, lmao, holy shit. Are you on Lolcow at work? Stop wasting time.

No. 1124746

Mariah is biracial, so rather than having 2 parents the color of Miracle Whip like Ariana’s parents, it’s realistically possible for Mariah to actually be that tan and to get a fake one despite her being too lazy to get a natural one outside. Not all mixed people have to look super “ethnic” with weird or extreme features, however people generally assume most biracial people have to have a n exaggerated gold or olive type of skin tone because they can’t fathom people being light skinned and some type of black, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a big part of why Mariah did based off of marketability suggestions.

No. 1124749

File: 1610042584695.jpeg (198.74 KB, 640x1385, 1B41A2C0-7417-464F-AA23-807178…)


For what it's worth, I doubt she was trying to pass that off as her real face. She was really into the "small head app" look for a while last year. Her pregnancy seems to have triggered/worsened some significant dysmorphia.

No. 1124752

Not milk, but does Grimes never wear her hair down? Her hairline looks like it’s receding and if I were her, I wouldn’t want to be showing off those dumbo ears.

No. 1124754

Because she never tried as hard as Ari, and she actually has a bit of black ancestry. It'd be kind of a scam if she tried dying her hair black and got a super dark fake tan, but she never did that.

No. 1124759

anon, mariah is half black kek

No. 1124768

File: 1610044635857.jpeg (47.5 KB, 292x450, 3FEE0A77-959B-4259-BC88-34487C…)

Then why does she need to paint her skin 5 levels darker with a smelly chemical spray?
Why does she need to fake her curls when she posts her soooo natural casual instagram vids?
>to get a natural one outside
Anon, I think Ari is capable of tanning too. In fact most people are except albinos and redheads.
Btw Ariana’s hair is naturally a lot more curlier than Mariah Carey but that doesn’t mean that they’re both not blackfishing.
>didn’t read her memoire where she compares herself to a mixed black that actually still looked black
Regardless she does try hard to tell everyone and their mom that she’s mixed when no one cared or asked.

If I wanted to puke I’d post Mariah Carey’s bikini pic that shows her pink flesh.

No. 1124772

this is so spergy lmao

No. 1124775

Lmao alri mixed chick

No. 1124783

File: 1610045587578.jpg (65.66 KB, 577x360, ar.jpg)

"Ari looks more ethnic than Mariah"

She sure does anon, after she gave herself a new face

No. 1124785

buddy logic is half black too and he’s a pale ass white boy looking dude. half black people don’t always look like light skin black people.

No. 1124788

File: 1610045787967.png (989.53 KB, 607x970, Untitled.png)

she said she lost a lot of hair after pregnancy and of course because of compulsively bleaching and dyeing it for years. my guess is that her hair is extremely thin and/or fried looking without styling and wigs/extensions and that's why it's always scraped back in selfies. i saw this screenshot on twitter, and i'm still pretty sure she's wearing extensions in this pic, so. yikes.

No. 1124789

And? That’s not the point.
Left unironically looks more ethnic. Ariana Grande is mediterranean, hello?

Either way I’m a stan of neither, but Mariah’s a huge cow and literally would just need to be relevant (and young) in order to be an Ariana Grande 2.0.

No. 1124797

Both Mariah and Logic aren't half-black, they're like 1/4th.
Their "black" parents are biracial. This is like the "Halsey claiming she's black" thing all over again. Quadroons exist, guys.

No. 1124805

So what makes someone "look ethnic" according to you?

Ah yes mediterranean. There are more than 20 mediterranean countries with different kinds of folks and different kinds of languages and traditions. Italy is in southern Europe, which mostly consists of white people. So
what point are you exactly trying to make?

For someone who's a fan of neither,you're trying real hard to defend a culture vulture. No one thought of Aria as a latina or someone who's biracial until she started to pack on the fake tan and ps.

No. 1124810

>why do we throw Melanie and Lana into demon status but Ariana, Nicki etc get tossed in a different pile?
Nta but have you been reading these threads at all? Ariana is criticised constantly and Nicki is called a pedo/rape apologist every time she’s brought up.

No. 1124827

It’s a culture to be an oompaloompa in italy so lol leave her alone.
> No one thought of Aria as a latina
Doubt.jpg considering I thought thT she was a mexican in that shit show she used to star in
Anyways I’ll give you the last word, I know I’m right.


Not an oompaloompa

No. 1124839

Yikes. We know Grimes is no sleeping beauty but at least it seems like her and Elon share a common interest in everything space-related. I wouldn't be surpised though if he had something to do with her sudden interest in fillers since she never seemed to be bothered with that kind of stuff prior to meeting him. He loves a good trophy wife me thinks.

Wow anon, you really showed everyone with your lack of arguments lol
Don't hit your thick skull on the way out.

No. 1124843

Tbh, I think Muskrat has to be abusive. Emotionally, at least. Financially too, likely. The lyrics of Pretty Dark stick out to me as being about her relationship with him and it sounds so one-sided. He really strikes me as a sociopath, though. I don't think he care about her, just her "manic pixie uber special alien girl image."

No. 1124854

they have the same look, ew

No. 1124860

Gwen has had really good, tasteful plastic surgery, and I agree her not tanning is a huge factor. Britney has lived an insanely stressful life though, and given cocktails of meds that really fuck with your appearance and body in general. I'm sure drinking and drug use played a huge role too, a lot of them party like they're going to look like that forever and they can just get surgery to fix it, but that's just not how aging works. I don't think Gwen ever yo-yo dieted either, from what I remember her weight has always been pretty even. She played the long game.

No. 1124877

Gwen has been working out for what seems like ages.I remember an interview around the time she launched her solo career (2004?), where she said that she keeps up with diet and fitness so she doesn't lose her abs. That was definitely smart of her.

No. 1124885

where are you getting the info that logic’s dad is mixed?

No. 1124921

File: 1610053198341.jpg (133.97 KB, 634x589, shia.jpg)

Labeef and Qualley already broke up. I wonder what happened?

No. 1124924

Her agent gave her a wake up call.

No. 1124925

he probably asked her to eat a piece of bread

No. 1124927

At lest she got out alive. That dude is a ticking time bomb.

No. 1124930

wow, this was quick. When did they start dating? Two weeks ago?

No. 1124945

They are all shit, stop acting like those of us who despise these pedo-cateres like any of the retards you mentioned. Ariana is a pedo-caterer and Nicki is a gross handmaiden.They all get shat on in these threads. You must be American bc this black and white thinking is absolute autism.

maybe she's dealing with volume loss post-pregnancy and post-30. lips fillers don't work bc it just draws attention to her huge nose. if muskrat wants to bimbo her up, shouldn't he start with That Nose

No. 1124950

I’m waiting for her to bimbo out. I want to see a different nose and maybe a pair a tits

No. 1124955

He probably wouldn't let her bring her food scale out with them.

No. 1124956

Such a classic "me and my beard!" Pose.

No. 1124958

It was just a PR shit and their contract was for two weeks or whatever

No. 1124960

Shia and ye should fuck, two absokutr loony tunes going at it

No. 1124965

That's actually really sad. And even though she's a huge asshole it make her behaviour more explicable to me.

No. 1124973

I'm browsing on my phone and the post doesn't look big to me. You should get used to reading more than two sentences.

No. 1124985

>Trying to not brush so it stops breaking

No, that's a good way to get dreads and need to cut the knots out wtf
You'd think she could afford good haircare and extensions considering her boyfriend. uwu I don't take my boyfriend's money seems pretty dumb when he's the richest man in the world and a few hunned spent on your appearance is peanuts to him.

No. 1124989

Samefag, idk when that screenshot was taken but I imagine the conversation went like this
>G: Elon, my hair keeps breaking lol
>E: Just stop brushing it then it won't break
>G: Ok!
People think these two are geniuses but I think there are clues that suggest otherwise.

No. 1125000

Or, he’s financially abusive and won’t give her a cent?

No. 1125004

Ayrt, I'm pretty sure that's the case, or maybe a combo of being a moron and abusive. He honestly seems like a typical narc scrote, and his exes don't seem particularly positive about him.

No. 1125021

Wearing a big coat inside because the house isn't heated enough? Maybe, maybe she's just cold. I just thought of it because it's similar to onion back when he had a mcmansion.

No. 1125023

I read this and pictured Ye with his cock ring, ready to go and Shia drunk off his ass, trying to get it up while verbally abusing him.

No. 1125024

File: 1610060552469.png (3.28 MB, 828x1792, 31ACF680-90B7-4A10-A4C5-F5C707…)

Whatever I’m putting this on here. Wtf john maus, being isolated in Minnesota must have warped this mf. Ariel is such an attention whore for this. I’m so confused on their ideology, mostly John’s bc based on his writings this is shocking he’d go and support,,, I guess alt right shit… I’m more sad about John than anything

No. 1125041

Who gives a fuck anon, every single one of the songs is the same boring ~uwu~ damaged sugarbby starlet pedo catering bs.

No. 1125053

> Anon comes to a notoriously anti scrote radfem board
> Accuses of being handmaiden man lovers because we dare hold their sugarbby ~pwincess~ for her years of larping as a damaged csa victim
All the scrotes you mentioned are disgusting cunts too, just like your fatty midwestern trailertrash mommy.

No. 1125063

I'd bet money she actually is a damaged csa victim, LARPing as one may not even apply

No. 1125066

File: 1610063642026.png (195.5 KB, 324x467, ffhfh.PNG)

Jeffree denied it and He's always talked about all the rapper dick he sucked so it's nothing new.

No. 1125068

if she bimbo'd out now, she could get away with it using the 'pregnancy ruined my body and I became dysphoric uwu'

No. 1125108

i remember a while back i saw that ariel pink liked one of vincent gallo’s MAGA posts so i’m not surprised tbh

No. 1125119

File: 1610067627004.jpeg (33.81 KB, 313x470, D67B5719-473D-45B8-AAA6-4B67A8…)

This is Mariah, natural and unedited. Hair included.

I think a lot more public figures in the creative spaces are magafags than we would expect but most of them don’t advertise it because there’ll get flayed by their peers and audience

No. 1125123

jfc how low must one’s self worth be to go anywhere near this clapped motherfucker

No. 1125125

File: 1610067856860.jpeg (49.16 KB, 780x405, logic-sir-robert-bryson_95441-…)

This is clearly a mixed person, anon

No. 1125133

Him and Riccardo definitely fucked lol Riccardo even admitted to one time years ago

No. 1125140

File: 1610069111574.jpg (281.99 KB, 2000x1500, africa3.jpg)

and this is a light skin Ethopian woman. being light skin doesn't mean you're mixed.

No. 1125157

That’s her with a sahara tan and that’s a perm with 300 pounds of gel and 70 (s)crunches

She’s done a lot of messy shit and she’s the ariana grande of the 1920s. Old hag.

No. 1125159

Nta, but its spergy to address someone growing consistently more orange since the early 2000s or their fake ass hair? This is a celebrity thread on a gossip website, shut the fuck up. Some of you have torn people up for less.

No. 1125179

his signature looks like some kind of satanic symbol

No. 1125285

Imagine stanning Ariana (of all people) so much you have to call Mariah Carey, a mixed race woman, a blackfisher to cope. Ari couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag compared to Mariah at her peak either.

No. 1125322

She doesn't talk about it, but she's struggled with disordered eating since she was a teenager and has stayed at the verge of an underweight BMI, if not already underweight, for most of her life (except during her pregnancy.) I wouldn't be surprised if that contributed to her hair being weaker, falling out more, and her being cold all of the time.

>Mariah’s a huge cow and literally would just need to be relevant (and young) in order to be an Ariana Grande 2.0
I don't know how old you were from 2012-2015, but since the inception of Ariana's solo music career she's been referred to as Mariah 2.0. I mean, the jokes about her copying Mariah went on for years.

Grimes said Pretty Dark was about a character's love life in her "augmented reality musical" that she was working on. No other news or developments ever came out of that project, of course.

No. 1125335

File: 1610083337669.png (448.27 KB, 597x638, 1.PNG)

Oh, she definitely spends Elon's money, and generously so. Not that she shouldn't, he's now the richest man in the world along with every other scumbag thing he's done and innocent person he's exploited. But her pretending that she isn't affected by her husband's billionaire finances is hilarious. She's been seen going on vacations with him, frequently eating out at expensive restaurants with him, being front-seat at SpaceX launches, and shortly after going public about their relationship he bought her a trip to China. I can't help but feel that Grimes going from selling merchandise t-shirts for $25, to now selling prints of her unfinished DeviantArt-tier alien girl art on eBay for $750+ per copy, is related.

Ever since that picture of her and Elon out at a cafe (without their son) started making the rounds, I've felt bad for their kid. He'll probably only see his actual parents once a year, get dumped in some isolated private school for "elite" families, like Elon's six or seven other kids. For Grimes, the child was never anything more than a way to secure her funds for life.

No. 1125347

holy shit that's depressing.

No. 1125354

What a shame. I liked some of Grimes older releases but it'll only be a matter of time until the lavish lifestyle gets to her head.

No. 1125373

she was upper class anyways, it probably got to her head as a kid. like most celebrities.

No. 1125377

File: 1610086366456.jpg (185.67 KB, 1080x1350, 127199482_1484219205101345_772…)

>She doesn't talk about it, but she's struggled with disordered eating since she was a teenager and has stayed at the verge of an underweight BMI, if not already underweight, for most of her life (except during her pregnancy.)
She looks tiny for someone who had a baby recently, she's definitely back to being underweight. Even though I recently saw her say something about eating 3 meals a day for the first time in her life.

No. 1125403

Grimes was so underweight before her pregnancy that her pregnancy weight didn't even show, but yeah I think she's back to being ana chan.

No. 1125409

File: 1610090651470.jpg (36.34 KB, 574x1019, dmik4Xv_d.jpg)

Old milk, but all I can think of is this picture of her from 2017, when she was touring. She's probably still slightly underweight but at least she's not looking near death anymore.

No. 1125410

jesus those arms

No. 1125419

File: 1610091888154.jpg (99.15 KB, 1080x1350, 870443ab0033c90eafabebabc4763e…)

Definitely has had an eating disorder for ages. In the past she talked about running away from home as a kid because her Dad was really weird about food and fitness. He would make her and her brother go on long runs constantly and only let them drink protein shakes as food. She is really popular on thinspo and pro-ana forums. She's talked about going without any food for 9 days as part of her "creative process".

No. 1125434

she's backtracked on the fasting thing in a more recent interview though, maybe the vogue one, cba to watch it again.

No. 1125439

The 3 meals a day statement was from when she was pregnant.

No. 1125442

I feel bad for their son. There's only a very slim chance that he'll become a normal, healthy kid with such parents. In this case I even hope that he'll spend more time with a nanny than with them.

No. 1125443

File: 1610094411542.jpg (662.58 KB, 1867x2800, 5 GRIMES - AW X DOSOMETHING.jp…)

That's good if true but I'm kind of doubtful. It's likely she will revert anyways, especially if she isn't pregnant. She appears to have basically gained no weight from the pregnancy despite appearing in a what "I eat in a day video" where she claimed to be gorging on whatever she wanted.

No. 1125470

That's so depressing. A lesbian with a gorgeous face, and acting ability, spiraling into anorexia and bearing for some of the ugliest and nastiest men in the industry. Ew.

No. 1125490

I didn't mention his skin tone, and you've literally posted an Amharan Ethiopian woman who's mixed. You must be an American.
Do you also insist Cardi B is black and try to make it a skin tone thing? Enough.

No. 1125494

I genuinely think she lied her ass off in that video.
No way she was eating pasta and vegan mayo constantly.

No. 1125538

Absolutely not. She looks like she hasn't eaten carbs or oils in like 20 years.

No. 1125541

File: 1610110430286.jpg (187.98 KB, 1200x1800, margaret-qualley-picks-up-some…)

Lol, bearding, I meant bearding, damn autocorrect.

No. 1125575

You must be the same person who keeps accusing people of being American because of general opinions, I don't really see your logic

No. 1125578

File: 1610114987932.gif (785.34 KB, 480x270, kenzo-world-gif-1.gif)

I must be an idiot because I just realized this is the chick from the Kenzo ad. The one Taylor Swift stole her entire music video choreography from for that God awful song "delicate" lol

No. 1125585

They could’ve easily had a surrogate carry the baby. There was some pic someone posted of grimes when she was supposed to be showing and she had no bump

No. 1125597

Idk, Grimes gave birth to the baby and even talked about the issues she had during pregnancy in interviews. Unless she lied and they kept quiet about a surrogate ofc but honestly, I don't see why they'd do that.

No. 1125601

Idk she didn’t show herself pregnant other than that weird nude pic that could’ve been photoshopped. If she had eating issues I could see why she wouldn’t want to carry it herself and have her body change

No. 1125604

damn she looked healthier here than >>1125541

No. 1125605

Then I'm wondering why they didn't consider a surrogate in the first place, since she struggled with her ED for ages and apparently still does after the pregnancy. But what do I know, her biological clock could've been ticking and maybe covinced her that she wanted to be the one to give birth to their son.

Still surprised Muskrat hasn't proposed yet, but maybe he realised that Grimes could get a good amount of money out of him if they divorce. Either way, now that their child is here, she'll be set for life anyway.

No. 1125612

What do you mean in the first place? I’m just saying they could’ve had a surrogate. They certainly have the money for it. Just because they didn’t yell it the world doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. They might’ve been worried about her eating issues affecting the baby (can cause things like premature birth), also pregnancy is messy and delivering a baby can permanently alter your body. If you’re a billionaire it’s really no big deal to just get a surrogate and bypass all this stuff

No. 1125626

When you're underweight, you tend to get cold easily.

No. 1125641

File: 1610122160498.jpg (114.13 KB, 705x936, Capture.JPG)

>former miss england and contestant on love island s2
>goes on holiday to barbados while UK is on the brink of a full lockdown
>boyfriend tests positive for covid
>try to sneak on a flight back to the UK instead of quarantining like they were advised
>recieves $12,000 (£4,415) fine and released on bail of $20,000 (£7,355)
>flies back to the UK leaving her boyfriend in a covid facility
>says the whole thing was "a massive mix-up" and "misunderstanding"

No. 1125648

She’s andie macdowell’s daughter, big actress in the 80s/90s. She’s pretty but I kinda doubt she’d have gotten such good roles if it weren’t for nepotism. Her big role was in the Leftovers on hbo

No. 1125653

I meant why didn't they consider a surrogate in the first place (instead of putting herself through pregnancy) because it's quite apparent that Grimes still has issues with her ED and that it could've caused issues with her pregnancy for the reasons you mentioned in your post, among many others.

English is not my first language so I guess what I said came out weird.

No. 1125657

Oh ok, maybe you don’t understand what surrogacy means. I’ll try to explain in simple way: so if they did this, they would’ve harvested an egg from Grimes, then get Elon’s sperm, then they mix it together in a lab to make an embryo. They then hire a random nameless woman (the surrogate) to implant the embryo in. That woman then carries the baby for them

No. 1125663

The first five kids are being raised by their mother, Justine Musk, who by reliable accounts is very attentive.
I hate Elon, but making up nasty fanfic about his kids is gross.

No. 1125666

Nope, this is the first time I've called someone American in this thread. You just make very stereotypically burger-ish arguments, it's not just about light or dark skin.

No. 1125670

File: 1610124546063.png (531.06 KB, 639x335, 2021-01-08 11_48_38-Grimes bab…)

she did a full spread for vogue italia with a bump

No. 1125671

Not any of the anons who spoke about this so far, but I think everyone itt knows what a surrogate is, and one anon suspects they did a "pregnancy" while actually using a surrogate like Beyonce did (iirc)

I'm sure it's extremely common for people like them, and logical considering her eating disorders. Even Doe Deere used a surrogate despite being on the lower end of rich for the USA.

No. 1125673

I didn’t see that, nvm then. It’s still just kind of weird she could get pregnant at all when she looked so underweight, most women lose their periods and don’t ovulate at like 18.5 bmi or under. I guess she could’ve gained a little weight right before she conceived

No. 1125674

I know one ana ex drug addict (ex colleague, not a friend) who got pregnant despite being as thin as Grimes, it's possible

No. 1125678

Yeah I suppose it’s a little different for everyone. I’m sure genes and how healthy you are despite being underweight come into play. And the bmi that women lose their periods is a little different for every woman

No. 1125688

Elon has done gender selection with all his previous five kids. I doubt the one with grimes was conceived naturally. They did IVF too. It’s kinda weird when you think about it. He’s obsessed with having boys to carry his name and “legacy”.

No. 1125691

that bump looks like someone who had too many beers, not a baby

No. 1125696

>gender selection for 7 sons
holy fuck this guy is weirder than I thought

No. 1125699

File: 1610127055320.png (147.82 KB, 500x720, 1-u-13h-is-having-daughters-th…)

Maybe he agrees with this copypasta. Honestly, if it turned out that he wrote it, I wouldn't be surprised.(derail)

No. 1125708

Sorry to derail but do men really think like this or is this a troll? Thinking about how your daughter is gonna get fucked in "her tight pussy" screams pedophile who should have his dick cut off as soon as possible. As if raising a son is gonna give you a reward in the end.

No. 1125720

it’s pretty on-par with a lot of super skinny pregnant women for their first child. some barely show.

No. 1125721

what if you have a bunch of sons but they all turn out to be gay?

No. 1125724

Mostly it's just a copypasta so just trolls. I think very few actual people think like this and even fewer parents/fathers. You have to be very far gone to believe stuff like that lmao

No. 1125731

ntayrt but I see what you’re talking about. His dad is likely admixed but even if he wasn’t, Logic could still look like that. Which is why nta but >>1125159 it is pretty spergy to claim Mariah is blackfishing like Ariana. Mariah’s dad is admixed but she was never inauthentic about her identity for a mixed person. Her over processed hair for the past 2 decades doesn’t really say more than that.

No. 1125752

Please God, grant this wish

No. 1125753

File: 1610129699250.png (4.35 MB, 750x1334, A35175B1-3431-4DC8-8B30-D8CE08…)


there's plenty of evidence Grimes carried the kid. lots of candid photos, she talked in rolling stone about So Heavy being inspired by the decision to have unprotected sex & "capitulate" to conceiving, pictures on her story of her in the hospital that later lined up with the timeline of her early pregnancy. The "track marks" photos people were concerned about also came from that period; probably from blood tests/IVs.

Her mom also called out muskrat on twitter for nonsense after X was born

>If your partner went through a challenging pregnancy and childbirth in the last two weeks… And you were over 16 years old, Would you be blaring MRA bullshit on Twitter right now?

No. 1125758

It’s common for the first pregnancy to have a smaller belly. And everyone carries differently but it’s definitely a mid-term baby bump.

No. 1125795

Mariah looking extra tranny here. Whoever photoshopped her did her wrong

No. 1125798

I just remembered that this is the chick from "Death Stranding" …

No. 1125802

Yes but human bodies are incredible, and not always in a good way. I remember an anorexic woman in the news who got pregnant. She had her period on and off and was around 82 pounds and 5'8. You think your body would be screaming no at that point but apparently not. I definitely believe Claire was pregnant. Some anorexics in awful condition don't lose their period.

No. 1125805

File: 1610133148197.jpg (107.99 KB, 817x1222, 97cfe3a7a27cd8d223b3fc0b00e5b7…)

Hear health has gone to shit since the Kenzo ad. Sad.

No. 1125810

File: 1610133458008.jpeg (30.62 KB, 1024x576, Shia-LaBeouf-and-Margaret-Qual…)

And so has my ability to type, damn. But seriously. She's beyond "waifish". Apologies for Shia's mug but her poor twig limbs..

No. 1125822

In case any anon is unfortunate enough to sit through this insufferable genital-stuffed dance piece, it was directed by Margaret's older sister.

No. 1125827

she's not grooming children, she's a grown woman who's allowed to express her own experiences. it's irresponsible of parents to let their children have unmonitored internet access when at least right now, porn is everywhere and men have unlimited access to children that way. scapegoating lana is exactly what those actual predators want. the only reason people take it out on women is because they feel they can get away with treating them however they want, and they're far more scared of the men in control yet expect women to solve those predators for them. it just doesn't happen that way. they choose female artists based on how they can control them, and rely on misogyny to keep the blame on women who suffered grooming as well. she's not responsible for predators. there's plenty of songs about domestic violence, men wanting to kill their ex girlfriends, etc., but no one cares unless they can blame a woman and take it out on them. men can be artists, but women have to be responsible for every child in the world when they hardly get control of their careers? i really can't think of one female singer who wasn't abused and exploited just to have her talent recognized, and the extent of the abuse never even comes out until they're dead because that's the only time it's safe for their real experiences to get out. they are definitely not equal parts in the same industry.

i agree with what you're saying and feel similar anger, but the issue is that these behaviors are being rewarded and encouraged by men, and taken advantage of by men. you can't control them by going through women, and younger girls only imitate them because they think it will get them male attention. far more women warn younger girls about those experiences, and they don't care because of internalized misogyny and conditioned behavior, until something happens to them then it's somehow the artists fault or perceived mother figure who they can take it out on, who "should have protected them". men are never held accountable, and don't protect vulnerable people from other men, and that includes the grown women they use to scapegoat them.

No. 1125834

She's going to get more busted with age, the power of nepotism tbh.

No. 1125885

You need to check your conversion rates girl

No. 1125890

File: 1610141348386.jpg (128.46 KB, 600x800, 12.jpg)

What a waste. Her body looks like it belongs to a 40-year old now. She used to look so much more vibrant.

No. 1125902

File: 1610142342422.jpg (110.1 KB, 450x337, 2478502-bigthumbnail.jpg)

People insist that she is naturally super super thin and always looked that way and it's just not true. She's really declined. Her limbs have gotten much more concave and she has less body fat. Fuck Hollywood and the fashion industry for parading her around and casting her in stuff that emphasizes her smallness. Like Tarantino putting her in a crop top and denim cutoffs, and lingering on her ass and legs.

No. 1125923

Reminds me of that one anon here who claimed that Margaret has always been skinny because "she used to be a ballerina" but that "she doesn't look scarily thin", even though she clearly does.

Margaret has never been anywhere near fat or even chubby, so yes, I'm sure that she might've been considered skinny by some people even at her highest weight, but it's completely delusional to think she's always been rail thin when plenty of pictures out there disprove that claim.

No. 1125977

File: 1610146811413.jpg (100.24 KB, 720x869, 86b1206bf9600dc2f4e201ff7ec53b…)

idk, for a skinny woman it looks legit to me

No. 1126033

File: 1610150685359.png (168.98 KB, 621x437, kim.PNG)

Sorry if someone's already shared this, but I just thought this was interesting. In this clip Kim says that when she was pregnant with North-West, she didn't know if her and Kanye would stay together, but she wanted to stay with him so she could have another kid and have sperm for a surrogate. I just thought this was interesting because it makes it sound like she never wanted to really be with him. Seems like the divorce has been planned for a long while. They've been together since 2008 btw.

No. 1126034

No. 1126043

sidenote but the unqualified intern who mocked up this cover needs a few months at DeVry

No. 1126047

Her brain works in a very weird way, like I'm pregnant may I have some extra sperm in case we break up I want to have a second

Like I'm not sure if this is completely emotionless and businesslike, or completely unhinged?

No. 1126052

Exactly. She has never been anywhere near chubby or fat in her life but she has become gaunt and sickly looking. Her body is an alarming mix of pre-pubescent child and sickly elderly person for a 26 year old woman. It's funny that anon mentioned ballet because it's a notorious art for abusing women and girls and driving them to extreme body hatred and disorders. Just like modelling and acting. Margaret's Mom and older sister were and are in the industry too. Her older sister looks scary thin. Gotta be tough on her.

No. 1126068

I don't think she wanted to have a second child incase they broke up, but she probably just wanted more than one kid and wanted them to all be from the same dude. I hope this doesn't sound like blogposting but I've heard some women in my life say they wouldn't have married the man they married, but they would have still had all their kids by him. I guess it's like a "Idk how long we will be together, but I'm already pregnant with your baby, and I want more so might as well" kind of thing.

No. 1126077

Nta but you need to check the country first

No. 1126079

I think its both

No. 1126080

I don’t know, I think it’s more because of Kanye’s money and fame. She probably knows she will never find another guy as wealthy/famous as him. Status climbing bullshit

No. 1126081

I really think all the sisters want all their babies have the same famous fathers, It would'nt surpised me if Kim checked out after the last baby because she was done having kids and all her kids were Kanye's.
The same for Khloe, I can see her staying with that cheating basketball player to have as many kids as she wants before moving on. I think Kylie would go back with TS for another baby, but she seems like the type that just wants one kid.

No. 1126085

File: 1610154473135.jpg (506.53 KB, 1000x669, Margaret_Qualley_Landscape3.jp…)

Stop doing photoshoots with this woman that look like this you sickos.

No. 1126093

Yeah they've all talked about wanted their kids to be "full blood" siblings which is kinda weird when you consider Blake, Kendall and Kylie are their half siblings. You guys really want more kids to cheaters just to avoid half siblings when you have half sibling sof your own and nobody died because of it?

No. 1126096

Kim is much richer than Kanye

No. 1126106

I don't think she's with him for the money, I think she's more than fine with that, but the connections Kanye gets for her. I remember Kim said her first met gala (the one where she was pregnant and wearing that floral dress everyone made fun of her for) she was a plus one for Kanye, she talks about how she has met a lot of fashion designers through him (I think that's how she got Mugler to break his retirement to design a dress for her), and I remember her saying that she has to make excuses for when Kanye falls asleep during meetings, so I assume he takes her to meetings and business deals a lot. I don't think her marriage with Kanye has gotten her that much more fame to the public, but she's probably made a shit ton of connections from the people Kanye knows, and she's probably more respected in the industry

I know it sounds weird I know this much lol. I'm not a Karjanner fan, I guess. I just fall down Kardashian rabbitholes sometimes.

No. 1126121

I looked it up, Kim is 800 mill and Kanye is 780 mill. You could easily argue her wealth grew a lot because she was married to an extremely famous man and the connections he got her. I doubt she would be as wealthy today if she stayed married to that basketball player

No. 1126125

so celebricows really has just become a place for fatty-chans and ana-chans to drag celebrity womens bodies and not as focused on bringing milk to the table huh

No. 1126133

Kanye just elevated Kardashian family not only in private but in public too. Before him they were just some trashy reality TV family nobody wanted to deal with and Kanye was the one to propel them to fashion icon status. Them being connected to a rap legend (whether you agree with it or not, he is respected anyway) made all the difference. He hasn't always been this unhinged

No. 1126135

Be the change you wanna see anon.

No. 1126142

Kayne's vastly overestimated net worth might be mostly debt. Look at all the collaborators he won't or can't pay.

No. 1126150

Yeah, bring the bountiful full fat organic wholesome milk then, anon. Anyways recognizing someone being obese or being underweight doesn't make one ana-chan or fatty-chan it just means having functioning eyes.

No. 1126152

some anons are so mad about this thread kek. and for what?

No. 1126168

Idk, kinda doubt it. He’s had tons of hit songs used in commercials, tv shows, movie soundtracks. His music seems indie but he’s had tons of huge songs. Then you add money from touring, album sales, appearances, fashion line. It’s a lot

No. 1126177

Please put this thread back I’m begging

No. 1126178

>his music seems indie
jfc i feel so old reading this… kanye was so big in the early 2000s. He was producer for so many big hits back then too like Stand Up by Ludacris and Jay Z's Izzo, even his own shit

No. 1126191

Do zoomers know Gold Digger? Classic.
Kanye is very talented. What a shame he's so ill.

No. 1126197

File: 1610163829889.jpg (234.49 KB, 1292x580, 1597382992243.jpg)

Her mother was right to put him on blast, but I feel like Grimes knew of his range of reprehensible views when she made the decision not only to be in a relationship with him but to have their child. Her involvement in this situation is, at the end of the day, also her fault and I don't feel sympathy for her.

I still wholeheartedly believe picrel (posted in Celebricows #13, five months ago) absolutely was Grimes.


No. 1126203

>completely emotionless and businesslike
It's this, also known as sociopathy. It's a common trait in rich people.

No. 1126225

Gosh not another rich gross guy in fashion again. Has AW responded to the allegations?

What do you mean by scary/crazy? Story time?

She had eyelid surgery and did something on her chin recently. Yikes! She was pretty pre OP.

No. 1126270

elon has like five sons who were born before he met Grimes.

No. 1126374

imagine wanting to reproduce with kanye west for the sake of it lmao. if you're using him as a donor and you're not in a relationship with him it can be, like, literally any better quality non-schizo sperm

No. 1126385

the male obsession with legacy is pretty hilarious in a Freudian way when you realize that the clearest way to establish lineage is mitochondrial DNA. also lmao @ a talentless narcissist who's running another incarnation of enron thinking there's needs to be more of him in the world.

No. 1126422

File: 1610171649456.png (1.37 MB, 2142x1158, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 4.18…)

grimes lists her birthday on twitter as July 16th, 1945, the day atomic tests bomb were dropped (the progenitor to the bombs of hiroshima and nagasaki). imagine glamourizing atomic bombs while pretending to be an ultra uwu anime nippon cyber girl, while also dating a literal neoimperialist who will create the dystopia she keeps fantasizing about (see her infatuation w Nier, in her song "Idoru")

No. 1126423

File: 1610171685997.png (405.12 KB, 1400x908, Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 4.19…)

No. 1126437

File: 1610172197466.jpg (117.2 KB, 952x1196, sober is sexy.jpg)

On one hand yeah, but I really just wonder which of the two are going to OD first.

No. 1126445

She joined in 2011, she probably just wanted to pick a random "funny" date rather than her actual birthdate. I've seen Twitter users list their birthyear as 1897. I don't think the average person would recognize that specific date, but it's coincidental and I wouldn't put it past her to do something like that.

See >>1125753 - those "track marks" were likely from blood tests or IVs (though she's definitely still using hard drugs.)

No. 1126449

If it really is her, she types like a tumblr user. Anything to look ~relatable~.

No. 1126452

I don't mean the bruising, just that facially both of them are barely holding it together in those pics. Flop sweats and paranoia, a love story.

No. 1126461

Nah, she's dating a uber rich weirdo who is willing to name their kid after a military jet. I can totally her see her putting the atomic bomb date as her "being born out of the bomb," the same way she's so speshul her name is now an italic c for light or whatever. Coupled with weird weeaboo-ness/cyberpunk look, the date feels contrived.

No. 1126470

i wonder if it is, shes not using "they" for the baby. and elon has a million sons already, the post implies he wants more kids? obv the "they" is a PR thing…

the may 4th thing, now thats interesting

No. 1126540

File: 1610176225668.jpeg (148.24 KB, 828x868, 8EC30762-BDFC-4E55-A613-65B574…)

I can never tell if this crackhead is trolling or just fucking crazy

No. 1126542

File: 1610176246502.jpeg (199.86 KB, 828x1166, 521E80E9-79EB-4AF2-B523-BFE394…)

No. 1126560

enemy of my enemy is my friend is my guess, Ariel Pink shat on Grimes and AB really hates her, that's my guess for this one.

No. 1126570

Exactly this. Anna Wintour (who is a piece of shit herself, but that’s a sperg for another day) was open about not wanting anything to do with that dumpster fire of a family, she had enormous disdain for Kim in particular. Kanye 100% is the only reason those parasites have managed to squeeze their cottage cheese asses into the met gala, etc. With the exception of Kendall, obviously. I don’t think anyone can argue that Kanye isn’t a talented motherfucker. He had a much better run than Azealia before mental illness eclipsed his career though.

No. 1126613

sometimes I genuinely wonder if all these people praising Kanye's music are just participating in a flash mob/collective trolling of some sort, because how the fuck is he different from any other mumble rapper or more "high fashion" than kardashians in any way lmfao

No. 1126623

She did a song with Ariel for Broke with Expensive Taste.
And she affectionately calls him Stink Pink.

No. 1126632

Not to Kanye sperg, but his music (especially his less known songs) is really inspired, each of his album has a really unique feel, and the samples he uses are something else. He has also been a popular rapper since the early 2000 so comparing him to mumble rappers (who are following a trend instead of creating them) is uninformed.

No. 1126639

ot, but which of his album would you rec for a first time listener? I'm not familiar with his stuff

No. 1126646

NTA but MBDTF is his most highly praised album and I personally loved it as my introduction to him outside his popular radio singles.

No. 1126659

File: 1610188096655.gif (Spoiler Image, 17.38 MB, 640x360, GIF-210109_181720.gif)

Looked it up out of curiosity and was surprised to actually see Shia's limp chode
Spoilered NSFW

No. 1126660

She has family wealth, anon - her father was one of OJ's lawyers and she used to hang out with Paris Hilton before she got famous - why are you acting like she's some cheap porn star from Tampa?

No. 1126663

is this just porn disguised as "art" or what?

No. 1126664

Elon married an anime avatar. Cringe.

No. 1126665

File: 1610189317848.png (549.52 KB, 640x1136, 35B38253-D1C1-4107-858D-84BA92…)

Grimes got Covid but it’s cool because she likes being high

No. 1126666

>Finally got covid

Yeah, people who died because of it thought the same thing moments before their death, dumbass.

No. 1126668

This is so fucking gross, I had pretty much lost all hope the moment she shacked up with that greasy bloated piglet but this is peak fuckwittery.

No. 1126669

nta but her family’s wealth doesn’t preclude her being a cheap porn star, just from Calabasas instead of Tampa

No. 1126670

> He’s obsessed with having boys to carry his name and “legacy”.
Like most men

No. 1126672

He's a Reddit-tier man who got hair plugs in his 30s and thinks posting memes about weed and "communism le bad" is peak humor. They're perfect for each other.

Her baby daddy's so rich he could buy her the best quality healthcare along with any treatments and medical supplies she could possibly need, so she doesn't care about what it's like for the average person. She'll continue to larp as working class, of course.

No. 1126675

Normal men are usually fine with one son,not five, and aren't disgusted at the idea of having a daughter. We can only speculated at what kind of perverted sick ideas Musk has in his rotting brain to refuse to have a daughter that much.

No. 1126676

Forgot to sage aaah I'm sorry

No. 1126677

Faking screenshots sounds exactly like something Elon would do, along with everything else written there. 100% Grimes wrote that.

No. 1126693

Stop bitching and record some new music. Is there anyone left in the music bisness who does want to deal with her crazy ass? Doubt it.

No. 1126696

>her father was one of OJ's lawyers
This isn't aimed at you, anon, but I hate that this is what their family clings to to legitimise them further. Even Kim acts like her interest in law is from daddy.

Robert was part of the defence team because he was involved, even accused of carrying a bag with evidence, and didn't want to testify against OJ or have his private communications put on blast, not because he was a hotshot lawyer. He wasn't even a practising lawyer when the case happened, he was a businessman.

No. 1126700

Lmao ew her sister directed this?

No. 1126711

jokes on you, I hold accountable men AND women who cater to men like Lana. Let's not pretend that women don't help enforce all of this shit.
The reason women focus and police other women so much is because change always begins with women, men will never change and will never help change society. Women are unaware of the power they have until they begin to exercise it.

But we can't get anywhere bc every second woman is a dumb bitch, unwilling to acknowledge her autonomy.

This man is so grotesque. reminds me of when he was in that nympho film, he's such a freak.(no1curr)

No. 1126750

Here is what happened; the bearding contract was already in place but Margaret got cold feet after the abuse reveal, and asked to be released.
Agent tells her that's a problem, so they hash it out and she did the bare minimum required to honor the contract and bailed.

No. 1126751

kek, as if dayquil even touches the side for this old junkie. I'm sure by dayquil she means ketamine/oxys

No. 1126759

Wow, how tone deaf, considering people around the globe are dying like flies because of it, even if she meant it in a sarcastic way.

No. 1126769

File: 1610204673098.jpg (246.68 KB, 932x1390, MALIBU~1.JPG)

yep, Rainey

No. 1126777

she didnt direct it. shes the singer and the accompanying music video features margaret and shia. still gross that she signed off on it. i hate degenerates who look like normal, put-together people.

No. 1126783

of course she wasnt planning to be with Kanye long term.
All the sisters (besides Kortney maybe) just wanted some biracial babies to profit off

No. 1126784

File: 1610205949151.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, FE6FD114-2C02-4E74-8500-8617C7…)

gwen stefani obviously looks amazing for being 50 but in an unshooped video you can see she does indeed have the beginnings of an old lady body

No. 1126788

this person has never listened to a kanye west track OR mumble rap, ignore such retardation

No. 1126791

Fuck it I tried and I can't even see any evidence of an old lady bod. I feel like I'm looking at a still from the 1997 Just a Girl music video. Fuckin' Gwen.

No. 1126802

she honestly looks great

No. 1126816

File: 1610209478810.jpg (62.48 KB, 480x720, 54bd185c441ac_-_hbz-gwen-stefa…)

I mean we all age and and our body changes over time, but I can only wish to look half as good as gwen does at that age. She must work out like crazy to pull these kind of outfits at this point, especially if you remember how baggy the og outfit was.

No. 1126821

I must be drinking the anachan kool-aid because this doesn't look that bad to me. She's sinewy sure but it's not malnourishment. She's probably just uwu vegan and works out constantly.

No. 1126832

File: 1610210759081.jpg (90.56 KB, 588x889, d4b748f903cd94de2ad1fa6aa987b7…)


Idk anon , even if she's one of those people, there's nothing that radiates "health" even in the slightest. There's also no sight of any muscle definition. The difference is quite jarring, especially when you compare it to pictures when she was heavier.

No. 1126855

Her sister is pretty skinny too. Interesting.

No. 1126891

If you don’t think her wealth grew from being married to one the most famous musical artists of our time, then you’re very naive. Kanye is massively famous, a lot more than her father ever was. I’d be interested to see how much her wealth grew since being married to Kanye, because I’m sure it was a lot. The Kardashians were known but they were still just a trashy reality show family before Kim married Kanye

No. 1126907

File: 1610217869808.jpg (89.62 KB, 634x869, 28186724-8302753-image-m-150_1…)

I think you're chugging the ana-chan kool-aid hard, anon. Have you seen the fashion shoots (ironically in Hunger magazine) in this thread flaunting her incredibly boney hips and legs, and flesh free torso and arms? Compared to old pics it's jarring. She has no muscle tone and it is really hard to workout on a very low cal diet. She looks anemic.

No. 1126910

File: 1610218084206.jpg (24.98 KB, 308x185, 511237D700000578-0-image-m-84_…)

Personally I find this scary and irresponsible, on behalf of directors and casting agents, and not "natural" compared to her older pics.

No. 1126911

This might be unpopular but I think people are so used to seeing fat middle aged women in America, and middle aged celebrities who aged poorly (sun damage, drugs, exhaustion from working too much) that we have lost sight what a 50 year old is supposed to look like. Honestly think this is what most middle aged women would look like if they laid off the junk food and took better care of themselves, took their vitamins, exercised. 50 really isn’t as old as people think.

No. 1126919

It's so rare to read such a mature and sensibly written comment, can I be your friend, anon?

No. 1126926

Come on now, this isn't what a typical 50 year old woman looks like. Not all Americans are fat and unhealthy but this doesn't happen regularly despite how healthy someone is. She has had consistent work done and she has a fuck ton of money. Gwen looks great but we don't know how much shit she really puts herself through to look like this. That being said I love Gwen

No. 1126931

I think this is partially true but Gwen also has access to a lot of great things that most plebe women don't. Cosmetic treatments, professional skincare, plastic surgery, professional trainers, dieticians and personal chefs, etc. All of that goes a long way to mitigate the stress and strain of everyday life. I agree though that a healthy diet, basic skincare, and stress management, have a huge impact for the average person. So do genes though which are sadly out of our control. Has she ever had kids? Some of the results of childbirth are very noticeable and can only be "corrected" by surgery. Other women get lucky though and don't even look like they have had kids. I have met normies who definitely look amazing though. I know a 56 year old who eats well and bikes twice a day and people fall all over them because they look so vibrant and healthy. Sorry 2 blog.

No. 1126941

idk about her plastic surgery but Gwen has had the best goddamn wigs long before everyone had them.
I thought her hair was real and uncannily healthy for the longest time until a few HD pics slipped through showing untrimmed lace.

No. 1126973

Unrelated but I totally forgot that she married THE elon musk. Isnt elon musk the richest man in the world? Is he gay or something? She looks ugly as hell and I’m her stan

No. 1126975

They're not married

No. 1126977

They have a child together they might as well be married.

No. 1126992

Agree to disagree, the average American woman is 5’5 and 160 pounds and the diet is not conducive to aging well. If you go to certain parts of Europe you see more middle aged women (who you’d think were younger) just because they’re fit and don’t eat garbage. Also, I’m just talking her body, not the face. Obviously she has had some work done on her face, Botox at the least but skin on your body is thicker so it doesn’t age as quickly if you just take care of yourself

No. 1126999

Any further mention of celebrity weight gain without providing actual milk will warrant a 3 day ban. Nitpicking song lyrics because you have no milk will also warrant a ban. Unless someone is actually botched, save the comments for yourself. People age, what a shocker.

No. 1127008

I can't stand her

No. 1127043

>in her song "Idoru"
I know this is a shit-tier nitpick but I hate when Americans do this, Kiki also had an "Idoru" song. Just because you pronounce I like "ai" doesn't mean every other language does. They're incapable of googling how something is spelled (which would be aidoru). sage for retardation

No. 1127049

Glad to see someone with a realistic view of Kanye in this thread. A lot of people assume he is famous for nothing and a trashy no-talent rapper but that just isn't the case at all, in spite of his increasingly stupid antics. His first five albums are all super solid and there was a time that he was revered for being the exact OPPOSITE of the attention starved cumbrained bling rappers of his day. Shame that all went downhill but Peak Kanye was a great time. Sorry for the sperg

No. 1127081

File: 1610228894206.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1513, 392A9036-442D-4C35-B2F0-055C4B…)

Oop, check out that russell's sign. Guess she's a purger.

No. 1127114

Agree with you both. I would even say most modern rap has been influenced by him in one way or another. Man has talent but should take his meds.

No. 1127124

I vaguely remember reading a long time ago that kayne has been 'chasing' after kim for years, since she was married to that one basketball player but she had always kept him in arms length. Eventually they got together but I'm not really sure why, probably for connections though like the other anons said.

I don't think she ever loved him tbf, and really just sorta 'settled' after a long string of terrible and embarrassing relationships. The kartrashain curse unfortunately. She probably really wanted a baby and was getting desperate and just kinda went for kayne because she at least thought he wouldn't embarrass her or cheat on her like her exes. Big oof there though. Just a tinfoil though.

No. 1127145

The kardashians don’t marry for love, only fame. I remember in the vogue interview with Kim and Kanye, Kanye was asked when he knew he wanted to marry Kim, and he said when he saw a paparazzi picture of her.

Kim married for fame, Kanye to satiate his porn sick desire for women with cartoonish proportions (see amber rose)

No. 1127150

Samefag here is the vid if anyone cares

No. 1127151

not to wk but her whole arm and hands are bruised and scratched in that picture, it looks more like bruises from modelling in high fashion (models look completely beat up after shows) or something else than bulimia.

No. 1127157

I don't think she married him for fame. She was pretty famous already at that point. Most likely connections and the wanting a family badly from the same guy.

No. 1127165

Sage for ot but god those kids are adorable. I feel bad that they have nutcases for parents.

No. 1127234

She’s 50. What the fuck is happening to this shit ass thread.

No. 1127257

File: 1610242019883.jpeg (26.18 KB, 500x374, B07AB1D8-80FF-4CC0-953E-5D1A4D…)

Like every thread it turns into a shitfest with weight/race obsessed mongoloids.

No. 1127258

You forgot age. Which seems to mostly come from pull refugees who believe every woman over 22 should be purged from this earth.

No. 1127287

Good. May her menopause be strong and visible. I just want one of these bitches to resist looking like a villain from Powerrangers after 50. Is that too much to ask? Madonna failed, Grimes dropped the ball way too early, maybe granny Gwen can be the one to stay human. She's been the female equivalent of Paul Rudd for so long she deserves a break.

No. 1127306

File: 1610249474772.png (357.43 KB, 596x559, 390487603756.png)

A recent trending Twitter thread exposed Joe Jonas for being ran through by half of Hollywood while wearing a purity ring. I don't know which is more scandalous, the rolodex of names or the fact that he was fucking with his exes' sisters, best friends, and pet raccoons.

No. 1127315

Angela Bassett is 62 and looks incredible.

No. 1127318

Wait, what? What are you hoping happens to her

No. 1127325

File: 1610250746353.png (1.17 MB, 888x667, MeXJnjP.png)

anon i can't believe i looked at this. only thing i took away was gigi hadid used to be so so beautiful

No. 1127327

Literally community dick.

No. 1127334

>800mil ??!!!!!
there's no way kum is worth more that rihanna and Beyonce.

idk where the hell those number came from. nobody buys her cheap makeup, perfumes, or shape wear.

No. 1127335

No wonder Bella had a complex that led to her getting an entire new face, imagine growing up in the shadow of this magnificence

No. 1127338

Revenue from that fucking reality trash that has been going seemingly since time immemorial probably amounts to more than we would expect

No. 1127350

the flop show that hasn't been intresting since bruce transitioned.
yea no
kim is prob worth around 400mil

**tinfoil alert
but i don't think this divorce is real.
i think it's pr for the new kardashian hulu show
and whatever project/album kanye puts out next, since his new single and gospel album both flopped.

No. 1127355

Who would believe what they read about celebrity net worths to begin with? How could anyone other than they and their accountants/lawyers know exactly what debts and assets they have? The details of their investments in shares, properties, businesses, etc aren't going to be public most of the time, and even if they had all that information it's difficult to calculate net worth for rich people because their non liquid assets don't have a confirmed value until they're actually sold. They probably do a lot of dodgy shit with their money too, hiding it for tax purposes or w/e. Those websites you see on google are not reliable or legit and they aren't held accountable for what they publish, at best they're estimations based on minimal/incomplete info.

It's hard to judge net worth on how rich celebs appear too, considering it's in their best interest to fake a luxurious lifestyle even when they're drowning in debt and lease all the fancy shit they use to show off their money. imo the best you can do is just pay attention to the activities they do, because some are more guaranteed revenue than others - huge tours like Beyonce does, for example, bring in a tonne of verifiable box office money. I would expect her and Rihanna to be richer than Kim K based on that but admittedly I don't know a lot about revenue streams from reality TV.

No. 1127357

File: 1610254252895.jpeg (28.04 KB, 466x257, 4E518E10-A5D8-4AAE-860C-86D19F…)

No. 1127365

No. 1127369

I've never watched one of these before. It's so grating and awkward. The unseen interviewers reactions are so irritating, "aw!" "that's crazy!"

No. 1127370

Sage for OT but why would models look beat up after shows? (except those who sometimes trip and fall) Genuinely interested, first time I'm hearing this.

No. 1127372

File: 1610256602933.jpg (47.73 KB, 615x823, Cara Delevingne.jpg)

sage for OT too
Runaway shows are really rough on the model's body, they get shoved and pushed around alot, prickled by pins, grabbed by the designers so they can sew stuff last minute, the clothes are uncomfortable, tight, and heavy, its mostly visible on the legs because the arms are covered, if you follow minor models on ig they will usually post their post-fashion week battle scars lol, its nothing too insidious just part of the job really.

No. 1127381

Excuse the Daily Mail but basically models are treated like shit, like inanimate objects, without feelings. It's common to stuff them into shoes that don't fit and expect them not to fall (though there are plenty of videos of them wiping out on the catwalk anyways). Aside from the bruising and blisters a lot of them have discoloured looking hands and feet, purple and blue which has several potential causes. Usually circulation issues, which can be caused be eating disorders. People are so used to them looking plastic in makeup/perfume/handbag ads that it can be especially shocking.




No. 1127383

File: 1610258622349.jpg (34 KB, 320x294, l1pffgcwgca61.jpg)

She's popping off again.

No. 1127384

File: 1610258826765.jpg (192.44 KB, 1242x1083, la24jkqwgca61.jpg)

Not a Biden fan.

No. 1127386

You would think that celebrities have a way broader dating scene than everyone else and could, at least, meet anyone, but they all end up fucking in the same circles, disguting

No. 1127387

File: 1610259000172.jpg (150.96 KB, 1242x876, v3w0ml6xgca61.jpg)

I hope she goes on the Red Scare podcast so that when she inevitably turns on the hosts we get a great cluster b cow crossover.

No. 1127394

Lmaoo did she lie though? It’s hypocritical as fuck. I’m not even a trumpie but fuck Biden and AOC

No. 1127395

You have to be Super retarded to think that Apple to oranges comparison makes sense

No. 1127396

File: 1610259583710.png (58.3 KB, 814x400, 1.PNG)

NME was thinking the same thing, kek.

>its nothing too insidious just part of the job really.
I know you didn't mean this in a malicious way, but the way models and women in the fashion industry are treated is absolutely insidious. If this kind of treatment is "part of the job" perhaps that "job" and its regulations should be completely changed, or the occupation should disappear entirely.

No. 1127400

File: 1610259904309.jpg (59.43 KB, 442x568, 20210110_002509.jpg)

Is she still dating the Weeknd? It's really funny to me that he just parodied plastic surgery when she looks like THAT now. I dont follow her much, so if they broke up then kek even better.

No. 1127404

I thought it was bella (gigis older sister), not gigi, who was dating the weeknd? Gigi's married to one of the members of one direction I think?

No. 1127405

Ah well fuck idk the difference, my bad. Still funny to take a stab at them

No. 1127406

That's just prosthetics for his new video. He had a bandaged face at the AMAs, and now this. It's clearly some kind of a dumb performance art because it takes a lot of surgeries over a long period of time to look this plastic, and he looked just fine a few months ago.

No. 1127407

Lmao anon do you assume kanye loved her? The woman is a narcissist but he's way more narcissistic with a god complex and such people don't love truly. I bet he only wanted her as a trophy to add to his collection to satisfy his ego because she was the- cough* sexiest and most famous woman in the USA for some time. But that also worked good for her.

No. 1127408

Obviously. Re-read what that anon said, they think he is parodying her not that he actually got surgery.

No. 1127410

I misread she as he. An actual retard.

No. 1127415

File: 1610261305886.jpg (172.32 KB, 946x2048, ErPtrKuW8AIDF38.jpg)

Grimes needs to kick Muskrat in the balls.

No. 1127420

Get help

No. 1127423

If amber heard hasnt already

No. 1127426

didn't assume just posted what's been reported years ago, but also, keep in mind he was apparently chasing her before she was the 'most sexist and famous woman', this was around the time paris hilton was still holding that title.
No one is arguing that he's a narc with a god complex but that doesn't mean he can't be obsessed with her for w.e bullshit reason that's outside of having some kind of trophy, love or not. Stuff like this isn't so black and white, there's obviously some kind of nuance to it considering they some how lasted longer than like 2 years. If he really just wanted her for a trophy he could of started going for other more attractive people instead of an aging plastic cow after he ''won'' her.

No. 1127435


Alleged that him and Amber do phone sex on CDAN a few weeks ago. Also said he owes cartels a lot of money so idk.

No. 1127437

Didn’t have this problem when it was in /ot. Mods take a hint.

No. 1127447

She looks the same as she does now, and she's pretty normal-looking. Are you guys just making fun of them or something?

No. 1127453

you are assuming that kanye has taste or doesn't equate clout with desirability. to someone like him, Kim is a trophy.

that being said, he probably is into her, and he has a giant white girl complex anyway.

No. 1127456

File: 1610270918496.png (778.6 KB, 966x1048, 1610238810093.png)

You forgot to post her finale, where it unsurprisingly all boiled down to her fangirling over conservative white men who'd commit hate crimes against her. A grown woman with this much internalized racism, poor girl.

No. 1127459

I also think Gigi has consistently had the same look, minor alterations notwithstanding. Imo, she's very beautiful, but some people think she's boring looking, which is fine because beauty is subjective, I just don't see any notable difference between how she looks now and how she looked 5 years ago, and I've looked at comparison photos side-by-side. Am I blind?

No. 1127463

This is so embarrassing, the internalized misogyny and racism is off the richter scale with this bitch. She makes valid points a lot of the time and then she goes and says shit like this. None of these men she thinks she can choose to date would date her. Not only because she is the sort of person they would commit hate crimes against but because she is ugly, trashy, messy and all round completely insane. She is delusional if she thinks that she can compete with some demure trophy wife ass barbie doll. Also inb4 she gets banned from fb and ig too

No. 1127468

File: 1610273572844.jpeg (94.82 KB, 827x1634, D72CC058-C138-485E-96A2-5401DF…)


LMAO. Sis, being illiterate at the age of 30 is not cute. She is on the verge of going full QAnon, I am fucking calling it

No. 1127470

you anons are right it's bella that's horribly botched, although gigi sometimes gets a strange moonface situation. it never sticks around

No. 1127500

A Biden/ aoc fan telling someone to get hell. You have to laugh

No. 1127510

File: 1610282668820.jpeg (147.85 KB, 634x756, 0AE8DECE-A02A-4E57-A7CA-3D998B…)

Grimes looking like if Roseanne was anachan

No. 1127512

Oh no, Grimes, what have you done? She looks 50 years old. I used to like her music, saw her live in 2012 at a super small concert, maybe 100 people. Now she’s married to the richest man in the world and looks like a botched older woman.

No. 1127517

That picture's from 2018, actually. It's sad how quickly Musk initiated her downfall.

No. 1127520

We get it, AB. You wish you could take Grimes’ place
Grimes initiated her own downfall. Musk is a POS but so is grimes’ narcissistic ass

No. 1127522

Hahahaha Johnny depp lost I hope all the scrotes on Reddit are fucking mad. Knew he was a vile piece of shit.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13082970/johnny-depp-wife-beater-loses-libel-case-amber-heard-12-times/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1127529

love how she was clearly abused, you know she was clearly abused and yet you still hard in the paint hateful and destructive. acting like you love and care about women so much but you don’t give two fucks and your sickness is obvious

some anons bitch and they shits funny some anons bitch and it’s pure ugliness from the soul misogyny will kill you anon give it up

on another note i need to believe, so please let j* and kanye be all fucking up inside each other on their cowboy ranch, who’s jake and who’s heath

No. 1127530