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File: 1577133759048.png (787.7 KB, 959x981, 20191223_144136.png)

No. 909175

This is a thread dedicated to the cringe worthy wannabe lolicons and lolitas.

-all cows must be 18+
-just because someone wears lolita or nymphet inspired clothing doesnt make them thread worthy
-no sperging
-no infighting
-no nitpicking

No. 909176

File: 1577134246038.png (770.06 KB, 1000x694, 20191223_063743.png)

Honestly it seems like all the girls in this community all look alike in some way. Like theyre all trying to be the TOP nymphet, so they copy each others pictures or style in an attempt to prove they can do it BETTER. Idk its just funny seeing as there whole aesthetic is being the "super special, rare, different, original little one only educated older men will notice"
(Picture is two popular "nymphets" on instagram)

No. 909240

shit OP, shit thread.

No. 909275

Great contribution

No. 909318

It is a shit thread.

No. 910033

It is a good thread we just need some more content to sperg over a little more.

No. 910045

They all wanna be a cross bweteen a spoiled blonde bimbo for attention and a pure, innocent dolly girl so they don't get called sluts.

No. 910049

File: 1577373066217.png (686.11 KB, 892x571, 20191226_090951.png)

The girl who goes by alidasimone started dating a guy who is over 20 years old when she was only 17 years old and she pretty much avoids any questions about it. And she recently posted pictures of her dressed as matilda from leon the proffesional movie with said boyfriend. She also has 49k followers

No. 910052

File: 1577373398370.jpg (451.96 KB, 1080x1342, 20191226_091229.jpg)

Samefag but shes also small and looks like a kid playing dressup most of the time she pretty much uses her size to appeal to the underage portion of her following and the pedos

No. 910056

Kek so is her pedo bf like 5'7 or something?

No. 910060

Could be photo shop to make herself look small lol more proof she panders to gross pedos on insta?

No. 910074

File: 1577378109951.jpg (43.71 KB, 1080x408, Screenshot_20191227-033154__01…)

Here's her interpretation on her height, not too sure what she means by this lol

No. 910084

File: 1577378674080.jpg (205.48 KB, 1080x1205, Screenshot_20191227-032842__01…)

Samefag as >>910074 but did she shop her legs longer because I'm genuinely getting sailor moon crystal proportions from this. That being said I'm no expert, she does seem to have long legs and that's a pretty short skirt.

No. 910279

File: 1577395000386.png (893.62 KB, 1000x950, 20191226_151433.png)

Both of the pictures have been edited. I pointed out the mistakes i could see.

No. 910281

Her face is pretty meaty too. So its priddy obvious when she edits her face and uses heavy filters

No. 910282

File: 1577395140751.jpg (439.69 KB, 1080x1045, 20191226_151708.jpg)

Forgot to add pic

No. 910298

File: 1577395588913.jpg (116.76 KB, 1080x810, 20191226_152214.jpg)

All these girls say they dont glorify or romanticize lolita. But its clear that they do. Its horrible when you see how they make that "life style" seem normal and enviable to younger girls. (Censored name because the rules)

No. 910542

Thanks anon, thought her pics were dodgy but I didn't to jump to conclusions
Let's play spot the bald patch in this pic kek

No. 910568

She has some sort of blister or bubble on her lip? Could be filler injection site

No. 910570

File: 1577430490641.png (852.11 KB, 1000x862, 20191227_010252.png)

For how many little baby faced wannabe lolita theres gonna be a fatty thats most likely old or cringe as hell (not that anyone in this community isnt cringe)

No. 910614

File: 1577449252526.jpeg (340.58 KB, 828x1336, AFB6ED84-7A71-4180-989B-CEB9BE…)

her socks are disgusting

No. 910615

Her tits are floppy

No. 910617

omg how sad it looks like she has lotus feet, like, from chinese foot binding

No. 910630

Oh boy. I'm so glad I nevet acted on my retarted urges to become an insta nymphet because thats pretty much what I would have looked like lmao. It sounds mean but the whole babygirl ddlg act seems only believable if you're actually really small and innocent looking body wise. Me and my big saggy cow tits could have never survived in that economy and I'm glad trainwrecks like het exist to remind me I made the right choice

No. 910743

I think bigger girls can pull it off as long as they dont look haggard or like some old creep. But even then theyre going to be just as bad as everyone else, yanno glorifiying pedophilia and acting like a baby. Proud of you though anon.

No. 910885

File: 1577526659157.png (1.4 MB, 921x1412, 20191228_034838.png)

Sue ly9n the actress who played dolores haze in the 1962 lolita died and all the nymphet blogs are saddd

No. 910887

Samefag but i find it sad and kind of funny that the pictures theyre posting are of her when she was young and looked like their "nymphet queen" but none of her when she was an adult or any recent pictures

No. 910889

File: 1577528676836.jpg (145.71 KB, 1080x536, 20191228_042157.jpg)

Sue lyon also said she regretted even being in the movie. https://data.desmoinesregister.com/famous-iowans/sue-lyon

No. 910924

It's shit like this why kids end up in these dumb communities and get taken advantage of by pedophiles, also, have any of them read lolita??Because that's not something to glorify.

No. 910942

they all pretend to have read lolita, and the few that did either didn't finish it or are genuinely stupid and don't realize that humbert is an unreliable narrator.

No. 911022

apparently the kubrick version was toned down from the original source material because of censors….. of course these chicks like the 90s version because it's more explicit

No. 911078

Glad I'm not the only one, yikes

No. 911117

Not to mention how "likeable" they made humbert in the 1997. Like hes some dorky inlove british guy and thats all. Like any scene that showed his actual motives or how extreme his horrible obsession with young girls is was taken out of the movie.

No. 911119


Even though Humbert is definitely an unreliable narrator Nabokov makes it really clear that Dolores absolutely fucking despises him and only uses him for money once she becomes an adult. These Nymphet chicks were all just the brain dead basics in your high school english class who went on about 'Why can't the door just be red?'.

No. 911144

The 1997 movie makes me fucking sick and I entirely blame it for the rise of nymphet culture. At least the book and the Kubrick version made it painfully clear how fucked up and criminal this all is. Meanwhile the 1997 tries to twist it into some ~sexy forbidden love story~ where a little girl knowingly seduces a grown man for the fun of it. Lolita absolutely fucking hates Humbert to the points where she wants to kill herself to escape him but in the 1997 version she's always the aggressor.

No. 911165

Honestly the 1997 movie is why most of these gurls say "but lolita manipulates humbert so its okayyy" like they ignore that she was a kid who had to adapt to her horrible situation to get ANYTHING. They dont realize that if they were in the same situation it would be that way too. Not some gross fairy tale

No. 913816

File: 1578197013526.jpeg (176.68 KB, 750x1334, 82165C16-B1F0-4F2D-A073-3CBDA4…)

Does anyone have milk on this girl? Something about her seems off.
>calls her boyfriend “papa”
>put her wishlist in her bio and subtly asked her “fans” to buy her gifts for her upcoming birthday
>claims to be “agere” but posts photos of her in seemingly suggestive poses, her skirts riding up and nearly showing her ass
>throws a small fit and whines when her posts don’t get the exposure she wants
>really seems to be absorbed and obsessed with her number of followers and likes

No. 918008

File: 1579006491493.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1916, C5D3A6D8-7A15-45F3-8315-5D3B17…)

is this legit? i see her acc all the time but i don't imagine these cunts separate SFW and NSFW behind the camera… and ofc #usedcore was started by usedpet (pixie/aubrey) who is just ddlg hidden behind thinly-veiled sfw agere uwu

No. 918010

File: 1579006660596.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1772, B932BAD6-2465-43A7-B45A-A9F5EC…)

> daddy

No. 921072

File: 1579563853994.png (972.35 KB, 750x1334, 0107101B-20CB-484A-AFA0-3BC05D…)

acts like she’s sOooOoO unbothered and claims not to care, goes on to make multiple story posts, kek. She changed her user from @iamyourbabi to @magehealer btw

No. 921204

you’re posting about someone who is underage..

No. 921214

nothing against it in the rules

No. 921230

File: 1579589890368.jpeg (128.31 KB, 828x386, BED1A628-4A74-4E06-8E7B-E70249…)

probably because you havent read them

No. 921234

File: 1579591258067.png (17.09 KB, 629x177, rulesforautists.png)

posting in the OP =/= site rules

No. 921235

File: 1579591598885.jpeg (177.96 KB, 1125x451, 23931126-1CF5-40E9-A876-4A6D38…)

not to mention almost all of the rest of the rules you're breaking by posting about iamyourbabi/ magehealer. if age limit is higher in op rules it overpowers.

No. 921255

Proof she's underage?

No. 921266

she’s only 16. not to wk but i’m one of her mutuals and she doesn’t really have milk or deserve to be posted here. just leave her alone honestly, she’s done literally nothing milky

No. 921270

File: 1579604574655.jpeg (180.93 KB, 611x672, C5D26D80-603E-4EF1-A83D-943C58…)

from her highlights on her acc

No. 921273

she’s never claimed to be an agere account, shes actually said multiple times that her account is non com… I’ve been following her for a while and I’ve never seen her complain about likes or followers so this is pointless

No. 921274

also no one gives a shit what she calls her bf, magehealer is irrelevant to this thread, not to mention she is 16, you’re ignoring the rules

No. 921285

16 year old subjects are allowed per >>921234. any 'play rules' in the OP are irrelevant.

No. 921288

Then why are the rules there if people are not obliged to follow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 921293

Because it isn't actually the rules you fucking retard
Move on, people can do as they please if there's milk

No. 921318

but there's literally no milk shes a fucking kid minding her business. yall are fucking hurt ass old men living in yall moms basement bashing on little girls because youll never get your dick wet. shut up

No. 921326

i’m pretty sure this imageboard is majority women - if ur a mutual of her then i recommend u just leave. everyone has come to the conclusion she isn’t milky or anything

No. 921347

lmfao men are banned on-sight, newfag. this isn't 4chan.

No. 921349

ok so women bashing and talking shut about other females? you're probably a fat ass bitch, jealous af of any cute thin girl. again, shut up cunt

No. 921352

it may not be called 4chan but that's literally what it is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 921359

File: 1579630597134.jpg (39.44 KB, 596x628, kekekek.jpg)

sounds like magehealer's buttmad she got posted

No. 921366

literally nobody is hating on her. i think the person who originally posted her was breaking rules anyways, asking to be spoonfed milk which didn’t even exist. nobody is jealous of her

No. 921406

No. 1705335

>those giant man hands
this bitch is not short or tiny in any way. this picture is clearly edited.

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