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No. 1046059

Please read lolcow.farm/rules and lolcow.farm/info before posting.  Do not repetitively nitpick about Canyon's or Tesah's face/body/genitalia. Don't contact/post about other sex workers connected to Tesah or Canyon unless they provide milk. With the exception of Dahvie and Vicky, do not involve Tesah's or Canyon's family or exes where there is an expectation of privacy. Report Canyon's selfposting/samefagging rather than calling it out ('hi cow'); the autistic FB/IG spergouts, however, are fine. This is is an imageboard; do not post milk without screenshots.

Tesah Jordin is a SW/dancer, formerly of Chicago but now based in Raleigh, North Carolina, whose initial claim to fame was sleeping with Dahvie Vanity. She's an obligatory BPDfag and has a taste for shitty scrotes with face tattoos. Enter Canyon Monfrado, her cuck tryhard trucker abusive BF who spends his time trying to go viral and failing miserably. Together they're known for very public arguments on social media, abandoning disabled animals, throwing furniture and cheating on each other. Very recently, Tesah has shown some growth but whether it'll stick remains to be seen.


>Tesah continues to skinwalk Fallon Maressa (Dahvie's ex-fiancee) >>1029768

>posts what appears to be a piss fetish video >>1030719
>spergs about a two letter comment left on a video >>1031208
>Bitch Daddy goes to the ER, doesn't know what a gallbladder is >>1031563
>Tesah posts another cringy video complete with awkward angles, bolted-on Frankentits, and streaming Crevasse's awful SoundCloud music >>1032733
>Crayon decides he's a 'writer' despite not knowing how to spell 'antacids' >>1033304
>After more Crayon self-posting, awful nudes from Trash,
and posting about how ~lucky we are to have each other uwu~, Tesah is fired from a strip joint in Raleigh, allegedly for refusing her manager's advances; Crayon proceeds to destroy any chance she had at a Title IX suit by threatening the manager >>1035219
>Crayon has a (possibly drug-induced) total meltdown >>1035316, posts his dick again >>1035624 and doesn't sage his spergout, not realizing it bumps the thread. Multiple anons notice its purplish color; turns out he uses a penis pump, confirming Tesah's small dick fetish >>1035878
>Ravine samefags and selfposts about girls allegedly wanting his Vienna sausage three times in a row >>1036520, also attempts to make a separate thread about himself not once but twice >>1037224
>Anon has milk that Crayon deliberately got Tesah's old account taken down >>1037043, Tesah proceeds to WK him >>1037228. They remove each other from their socials for a few hours but no other milk happens and they add each other back
>Old thread caps resurface with a connection between Crevasse and a /pt/ cow, Vicky Shingles >>1037971
>OF anon leaks screenshots from a separate piss video and it's exactly what you'd expect >>1038440
>Roseart creates a new LOL SO EDGY EKS DEE Facebook >>1039496
>Good Gal Anon finds Tesah's SoundCloud >>1040081 and old YouTube videos and creates a cache of all the videos hours before Tesah privates them >>1041020
>2nd Good Gal Anon finds Roseart's mugshot >>1042514
>Crayon steals a photo from the thread claiming Tesah made it >>1042930
>Turns out Icky Vicky has seen Ravine's tiny peen, Tesah proceeds to WK, either she has the most shallow vagina ever or she knows she has no future >>1042940
>a pathetic attempt at staging a breakup; there was no ensuing fight and their FB status is still the same >>1045319
>Crayon doxxes himself to try to obtain probable cause for a lawsuit >>1044676 and when that doesn't work attempts to direct attacks against a YouTuber
>Milkoween comes early when a someone tips Tesah off about Crayon cheating: Crayon also reveals Trasha may have lied on Grift Scamson's show >>1045832
>Tesah absolutely destroys Roseart; anons rejoice >>1045951 >>1045977

Previous thread >>1027713
First thread >>909749

Tesah's SM:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/tesah.vanover
IG: https://www.instagram.com/tesahjordinx/
BACKUP >> https://www.instagram.com/tesahjordinxx
OnlyFans: onlyfans.com/tesahjordin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tesahjordin?lang=en

Canyon's SM:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/mistermonfrado
FB: https://www.facebook.com/michael.monfrado.777
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/mistermonfrado

No. 1046062

Beautiful thread anon, muoy bueno. May this thread bring us much milk and many laughs

No. 1046065

I’m hoping anon can post tesahs live after work

No. 1046069

Unfortunately i fucked up the audio but most of it was reiterated on her stories. Prob got more info from there anyway

No. 1046073

File: 1601170650460.jpg (279.34 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20200926_213845.jpg)

Damn she going scorched earth kek

No. 1046074

I recorded some of it how could I upload it here ?

No. 1046076

This much growth in the span of a couple hours…wow but well see

No. 1046080

File: 1601171129980.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 3B7AC3D5-0128-422D-B817-BC33E1…)

Careful tesah! You’re only allowed 3 more drinks >:( !!!! lmao she’s trolling him Sm now drinking on her story

No. 1046082

Mannnn I really hope she doesn't drink too much. She needs to have her head in the game and get outta that situation.
Runnnn!!!! And spill more plz!

No. 1046084

File: 1601171755628.jpg (485.71 KB, 1080x1866, Screenshot_20200926_215631.jpg)

I'm no Tesah Stan but she's the only one who ever cooked (always looked like bomb food too) so I can believe she did all the cleaning too, this is just pathetic now

No. 1046085

Tesah you're a legend now, keep up this level of confidence and you'll get through this.

No. 1046086

kek! She's spilled so much tea and this is all he's got left? What's he gonna do next tell her she smells and has cooties?

No. 1046087

No. 1046089

Crayon u paid for everything because u stopped her working…?

> “never had an ant problem ever until tesah”

FuckIN KEK “tesah gave me ants” hahahahaha literally everything she’s thrown at him and all he can try say is she leaves crumbs around hahahahaha

No. 1046090

Well how is she gonna pay for shit when you bully her out off having a job crayon, sounds like a manipulation tactic that tesahs just picking up on

No. 1046093

Same anon but he's literally still trying to threaten her by saying he's taking away the bed and shit, I hope tesah dances her ass off tonight

No. 1046097

Idk if her fb post was already posted, sorry if it was but the last line…how can you stil love that fuck? Hes going to thrive as a single man, thats what he always wanted. He pretended to be single just so he can talk to women without exposin him

Its not about growth its th fact that this man cannot keep it in his pants and probably won't ever. Don't be delusiobal tesah he never gave a shit. He only pretended so you would appease him

No. 1046099

He’s a loser if he walks out of the house with a bed lmao get the fuck over it crayon. Tesah can easy earn enough money being a hoe if she’s allowed I remember with dahvie she was dropping thousands on him so he could get his whole chest tattooed she’s well capable of making money she even paid for everything when crayon first got there which he’s admitted too

No. 1046100

Hey Tesah just so you know, since crayons name is on the lease, he is legally obligated to continue paying rent for the remainder of the lease even if he moves out

No. 1046101

File: 1601172590361.jpg (807.06 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200926-200714_Fac…)

Forgot to post sc

No. 1046105

Tesah has been abused so I doubt she knows what “love” actually is, if she’s really bpd she’ll split on him and hate him although the way crayon hates her but also would text her demanding where she is and who’s she’s with makes him look more bpd than her.

No. 1046108

we'll see how long this lasts, but damn she's dragging him! he has no fucking ammo and it's hilarious. he's going to be pissed to see this thread side with her and hope for her permanent escape from him kek selfpost wave inc when?

No. 1046109

Like a true narc I doubt he will come back here for a few hours at least because he’s been exposed

No. 1046116

Woah I just read all of those, and shit he is so manipulative. They are both toxic but he gas lights her left and right, and the adding time thing (10 more minutes) is a super odd way to feel control of the situation and is pretty fucked

No. 1046117

File: 1601174056122.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 712ED95F-B589-4291-A13F-4F2C2A…)

Tesahs response, anyone remember canyon breaking the tv on live like a year ago

No. 1046119

File: 1601174188507.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, 777B7FA8-7E1A-4554-ABC7-15E3E3…)

No. 1046129


part of what Canyon is saying is true. Tesah was very much the Lainey to Dahvie's Onision for a while.

I do not doubt that she was groomed and the difference between Tesah and Lainey is that Tesah had the good sense to leave when Dahvie's luck ran out. If she's smart, she'll do the same with Roseart.

No. 1046142

File: 1601176073994.png (896.12 KB, 750x1334, 90646125-47F5-4483-9881-E1F702…)

Tesah omfg

No. 1046143

Short ass! Fuck I haven't followed this forum for long but I dont think shes ever fired back like this!


My guess is Tessa took the fall for getting physical with each other since an arrest had to be made. So crayon wouldn't lose his license.

No. 1046145

am I wrong or is crayon linking Tessa on his ig again…desperation?

No. 1046146

File: 1601176217582.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, DDF90FC2-4065-4731-9155-7E63B3…)

She’s read the thread it seems she’s taking >>1046100 advice

No. 1046147

Tesah you fucking icon
I'm in awe

No. 1046149

File: 1601176324002.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 88D1004A-E1A3-408C-BA56-82FAC0…)


That’s actually a very good theory anon

No. 1046150

Tessa finally being the dom that publicly humiliates him and crayon cant have any of that. The irony

No. 1046151


No. 1046152

I guess he posted his dick pics for the humiliation

No. 1046153

Stop, stop, he's already dead!

No. 1046155

File: 1601176667757.jpeg (421.58 KB, 2048x2048, AA566086-22F2-4F4C-B21C-DB830D…)

Lol at crayon acting nice moment she mentions suing him haha but crayon didn’t she leave crumbs everywhere lmao

No. 1046158

Came to post these. Hello, lovebombing.

No. 1046162

I also love how ravine has to keep mentioning how much support he has. Like stop lying cuck. Tesah whooped your ass.

No. 1046165

Yup he’s trying to act like the bigger person when he exposed himself as a controlling rape apologist. Plz tesah if ur reading don’t go back omg

No. 1046169

Ew, all those times we made fun of his dick he was prob getting off on it.

No. 1046170

File: 1601177392166.jpg (402.9 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20200926-222251_Ins…)

More retardation from Crevasse. Thought you were gonna let it go?

No. 1046171

File: 1601177414333.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, 4ED0CA9F-7D0E-4FA6-8A0E-770501…)

Plz keep this energy tesah,

No. 1046172

Crevasse out here acting like a slave screaming from the rooftops "I'm free" for the 80th time

No. 1046174

I think he’s got serious ego issues like he literally couldn’t stand us dragging him as tesah said he was literally obsessed. In her live she said he stopped her wearing the clothes she wanted and wanted her to wear no make up, I wonder if him making her get those face tattoos was part of his mission to make her unattractive to other men

No. 1046176

"I begged tesah to cuck me, I'm. Such a cuck, I love being cucked" "TESAH CUCKED ME BECAUSE SHE'S A STRIPPER, I NEVER WANTED THIS." Canyon,boi…

No. 1046177

I just want a redemption arc where this bitch boy gets dunked into the dumpster. Cmon bitch, your cow behavior was almost entirely canyon based. Ditch his ass forever, laser off the face tat, a regular job where your anxiety isnt so raw. I straight up love the idea of a cow pulling an Iio; being transformed from cow back to human. (Yes, that's how the myth ends, iio ends up human again in egypt, sorry for mythology sperg I thought it was appropriate.)

No. 1046178

tessah 5 drinks in…typos and all lol

No. 1046183

File: 1601177758723.jpeg (381.57 KB, 2048x2048, D5A6BE1A-4FA0-4F0C-875B-FB5940…)

Who cares she’s giving us milk

No. 1046186

File: 1601177836806.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 975CE629-ECD1-4274-BA8F-2D603D…)

You’ll never get better without me!! Only I can save u tesah! Now say ur single so I can cheat on you and tattoo ur face and block ur friends cause u might see their boyfriends

No. 1046187

Clearly he has issued with himself and his fetish…she mentioned that he gave into his cuck fetish then he continued to harass him after he came and demonized her for doing so.

Word of advice canyon, either embrace it or shut the porn off and join the nofap group. I hear it works for porn or sex addicts like u
U didnt heal from ur addiction, u changed it to a different one.

No. 1046188

I feel cause his dick is so small he has no choice but to be a cuck but at the same time he’s so egotistical he thinks he’s daddy

No. 1046189

File: 1601178067696.jpg (228.94 KB, 1077x1711, 20200926_234216.jpg)

Retard sperg

No. 1046191

The fact that he calls her standing up for herself and growing a backbone "mental illness"

No. 1046193

Canyon, you're literally laying in a truck you don't own flipping the fuck out because tesah actually seems done with your weird shit, go to sleep cuck

No. 1046204

File: 1601179897534.jpg (393.02 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200926-221242_Ins…)

Yoooo lol
Hknestly this is part of his fetish and more

No. 1046205

Here's Canyon's entire story sperg saga for posterity. The screen records are coming, including Tesahs http://imgur.com/gallery/k60ST5q

No. 1046206

Imagine canyon so turned on by all of this that he begs for tessah to be back in his life lol

No. 1046212

We should have called this thread Truck cuck. Tesah is everything rn I hope she stick to this

No. 1046213

From how hard shes going i winder if she is trying to feed his fetish right now.

No. 1046215

Now crayon. She’s kink shaming you lmao

No. 1046217

File: 1601181629377.webm (17.75 MB, 720x1280, Crayon1.webm)

The first of many aids

No. 1046218

File: 1601182210243.webm (16.91 MB, 720x1280, Crayon2.webm)

No. 1046219

Uh, hello? Based department. But, seriously if she's not with another trash dude or back with crayon in the next week, then I'll sing my praises for tes. Till then, I'll hold my breath for frakentits.

No. 1046220

File: 1601182998455.webm (16.26 MB, 720x1280, Crayon3.webm)

No. 1046227

File: 1601184362854.webm (19.57 MB, 720x1280, Crayon4.webm)

Thread pic is fucking great btw

No. 1046229

File: 1601184628566.webm (17.22 MB, 720x1280, Crayon5.webm)

No. 1046238

File: 1601185489801.jpg (358.99 KB, 1053x1953, 20200927_004546.jpg)

He's bringing family into it. That's out of line

No. 1046241

File: 1601186263459.webm (15.81 MB, 720x1280, Crayon6.webm)

No. 1046243


Sounds jealous. Lol
Its so sad that he deflects his own faults on Tesah by trying to keep trying to force the whole bpd and drinking thing down everyone's throats.
And like, what is he jerking his money off on that he makes trucking that he has to mooch off of his dancer gf anyways and cant even pay his own bills? You're almost 30 dude, like man tf up.

No. 1046244

File: 1601186517427.webm (14.26 MB, 720x1280, Crayon7.webm)

No. 1046245

File: 1601186548145.gif (1.94 MB, 342x360, CC3E4B9A-283D-44AC-B3AB-8FAE3F…)

I’ve passed on this thread for the last few days & damn, this took a great turn.
Hell yeah Tesah, stay far away from that waxy fat sloth boy

No. 1046249

>her obscure behavior
this boys head is full of soup

No. 1046256

Damn never thought I would say this but: you go girl! Leave that tiny mushroom and live your life!

No. 1046262

But for real this is me
Gone for a few days and there is the biggest turn ever

No. 1046265

File: 1601192483930.webm (16.69 MB, 720x1280, Tesah1.webm)

No. 1046269

File: 1601193333709.webm (2.97 MB, 720x1280, TESAHIWANNASEEYOU.webm)

This is my personal favourite considering Gulch's stories are designed to portray the exact opposite perception to the public

Baby come back plays softly in the distance

No. 1046286

It's good to see both of these people go their seperate ways, but y'all are giving way too much of a pass on Tesah. She clearly has done her fair share in this as well and is just trying to earn some brownie points. If at least one of these people was innocent, they'd shut up, but clearly both have both in their fair share of toxicity and feel the need to feed their attention and egos. Both shit humans, hopefully they can get it together some day, but it's not looking good.

No. 1046288

File: 1601199052220.jpg (618.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200927-185147.jpg)

Hid the Imgur folder incase it gets reported and taken down. Here are the updated links:


Between Google drive, Dropbox, Ibb anon and me, Tesah's destruction of Crayon should be preserved for future generations to come.

Kek btw, it looks like she took your advice lease anon >>1046100

No. 1046291

File: 1601199455015.jpg (1.11 MB, 2400x1350, 1.jpg)

Apologies in advance for the images, I'm not at my PC.

No. 1046292

File: 1601199504482.jpg (1.15 MB, 2400x1350, 2.jpg)

No. 1046304

Bless this thread. I've never been so proud of a cow

No. 1046315

I don't think anyone is excusing anything Tesah has done but now there's finally some context as to why. She's never gotten this much in to detail about how Crayon treats her plus, his posting his own text messages really showed how much of a controlling, manipulative douchebag he is. If I was in a relationship like this I'd probably snap eventually too, with or without BPD. Guy is a textbook narcissist, gaslighter and instigator. Why date a SW only to shame her and punish her for being one? (as one of many examples to come to light)

No. 1046316

Makes even more sense now why he shared those truck freak out videos. You just know he was playing with her mentally prior to that but only showed the world her losing her mind.
(incessantly gaslights and instigates fight off camera, gf finally breaks and loses it, starts filming, "hey everyone look how fucking crazy she is!") Isn't that like the masterclass lesson in being a master manipulator?

No. 1046320

File: 1601207838054.jpg (91.89 KB, 1080x589, Screenshot_20200927_075729.jpg)

Still looking for attention kek what about your cats adoption fee Crayon? What about the texts proving you were trying to cheat on Tesah? What exactly did she lie about? All you've posted is proof that you're emotionally abusive

No. 1046323

File: 1601208818305.png (455.05 KB, 1398x1290, A4846579-CD59-4955-BCD3-E0DF0E…)

Both have their issues and faults. After catching up on the past 12hrs - all I can keep thinking of is how much of Roseart’s behaviors fall on this wheel.

Also, sounds like Crayon has some adult child of an alcoholic behaviors as well.

No. 1046326

File: 1601209836196.webm (15.35 MB, 720x1280, Tesahbreakdown.webm)

Tbh I really hope this is a calculated attempt to get more people on side with this breakdown. The alternative is that she might try to get back with Crevasse already.

No. 1046327

File: 1601209874597.jpg (278.24 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20200927_083219.jpg)

Even her followers are sick of this repetitive shit kek

No. 1046328

Girl was doing so well until this Ugh… Don't go back! How can you love such a piece of shit? She probably did get drunk at work and once that newfound confidence wore off she's back to literally crying in a bathtub…

No. 1046329

File: 1601210029879.jpg (1.47 MB, 2400x1800, breakdownresponse.jpg)

Crevasse's response is as expected. Absolutely braindead. I have no clue what "irony" he's referring to, except for the fact he tried to expose Tesah and wound up incriminating himself in the process…

No. 1046332

Tesaaaaah it's gonna be really fucking hard the first week after the break up, but it will get easier eventually. Little by little. Do not go back to him to alleviate the pain temporarily because it will never get better. He'll never change, and you'll end up even more broken than now. Persevere through this.

No. 1046333

Good. Fucking stay away from her you abusive fuck.

No. 1046334

File: 1601210447398.gif (2.87 MB, 480x237, pucker-up.gif)

This gif is the embodiment of ass crack. Tesah if you are reading this, I am really fucking sorry. And before anyone jumps on me for this, yes she has done shitty things but she deserves a chance to put that shit behind her as long as she tries to do better. Seeing how the tables have turned has made me feel like I was honestly shitty for not seeing through this illusion of this ass crack made her out to be in order to put himself on a pedestal while playing both the martyr and victim. What kind of piece of shit lester literally caused their SO to have a mental breakdown, FILMS IT and posts it online just to continue his bullshit narrative of how tesah = bad ass crack = hero but it's all come to light now and he couldnt be any less pathetic, he is about as low as it gets which is why he has to manipulate and gaslight just to seem tolerable at best, for just a fleeting moment, at most. I'd say go fade back into irrelevancy but that is something you never had to begin with, but I see some real potential in you, you're going places buddy. You've failed at everything else but this is your calling, poster boy of the laughing-stock. I honestly never saw him for much of anything other than a retard, and was mostly neutral until it was his time to shine and show us all how fucking disappointed his parents must be that their legacy will be carried on by this fucking faggot. Ps your dick is bigger than gg allins at least so have fun trying to figure out if that's supposed to be an insult or if I'm just feeling like talking dirty kek

No. 1046336

I think the morning after a breakup is one of the shittiest experiences you go through in life. Obviously there's a lot worse, but we know how obsessed (good or bad) they were with eachother. You just want the pain of heartbreak to go away and the confidence in your decision will sway. In the end it's always for the best but your perception is clouded by hurt and it could take a few days to get some clarity.

The best thing she can do is go dark on social media, and start making plans to gain some independence back. It's shit for her at the moment because Crayon has alienated her from all her friends and someone in her home-home is allergic to cats. I do hope she stay strong though.

Crayon needs to do his part too. If he actually did/does care for her he'd try and make this easier for her. Don't gloat about any signs of weakness from Tesah and make your own plans to get away from this relationship. I'm enjoying the milk but now's the time to ignore social media and do what needs to be done.

No. 1046338

I don't believe for a second Canyon is capable of being a decent human being. You know he'll make it as hard for her as possible to get away from him.

No. 1046339

Jesus aside from the piece about kids, this is Crayon to a T

No. 1046343

I hope she sees that wheel and really absorbs it. Girl you go back and this happens a few more times, rinse and repeat and soon enough you'll have kids and then you'll have to deal with this shit for the REST of your life

No. 1046345

For Tesah's sake I hope you're wrong, but we all know you're not. Based on the way he still thinks he's "winning" after showing us evidence of his abusive behaviour is worrying. His delusion and narcissism is so strong.

No. 1046350

Samefag but I'd love to know who's idea it was for Tesah to tattoo her face. Since he seemed to have full control of her actions, I believe it was Crayon's. Was it some kind of sick way of "branding" her like cattle? In the past I'd call tin-foil hat on myself for thinking that, but now I'm starting to believe it could be the case. He admitted previously that she changed her hair because he wanted it to look like Uma Thurman's in Pulp Fiction.

No. 1046351

He's already doing it to her with their damn cat. Imagine if that was a human child?

No. 1046353

Anon, I seriously think you're on to something.

No. 1046360

She got to cry it out and remind herself what a Pos he really is. The thing about being abused and dealing with it, we don't want to think about it and try to forget. This leads to forgiving your partner for that quick high..like a drug.
I wouldnt doubt she goes back once the dust has settled. At this point he's broken every boundary she has so what else she got to lose.

No. 1046361

File: 1601213874327.jpg (75.55 KB, 750x735, 1600514098294.jpg)

I hope Tessah stays strong in this morning after. It's so hard to break up for good when you're young and bpd. Especially hard if the guy is as disgustingly manipulative as that flabby, badly built, mommy issues boy.

Girl you're going to break up forever eventually why waste anymore time than you have to?

No. 1046373

I've never felt so sorry for a cow before. What a whirlwind the last 24 hours has been. I really hope she's lurking in here and seeing that she's got support.

No. 1046374

Thank you, clearly this is a abusive relationship. I had to reread all the past threads about them because all this milk is flowing. Between the both of them he is definitely way more controlling and abusive.

No. 1046375

He dug his grave when he made all those text public. He though he was in the right, but it makes him out to be so manipulative

No. 1046376

Concrete proof to just how stupid be really is

No. 1046377

I don’t think freak out videos count when someone has a known mental illness, and someone Intentionally flims a episode your having to use it to gaslight you later

like thats abusive 101

No. 1046380

If Tesah is lurking I hope she realises that despite all the hate she's gotten here we're on her side during all of this. Crayon is 100% at fault here (not saying she hasn't fucked up in the past). You've got this, Tesah. Your life will get sooo much better once the dust has settled and your heart has healed.

No. 1046381

I forgot to add if you aware your gf has a mental illness then you already are aware of episodes and triggers. How stupid does he think the public is.

No. 1046382

Tesahs insta is deleted fml plz don’t go backkk

No. 1046383

NOOOO DONT GO BACK he is just going to hurt he is try to use her for clout

No. 1046384

Maybe she's taking above advice and going dark for a while.

No. 1046385

All of her social media is deleted, but she’s keeping her OF….

No. 1046386

Any normal person realizes that but not Crayon. To him that's him getting the upper hand. Even that abuse wheel posted up above referenced public humiliation as one of the abuse tactics.

No. 1046387

I can still see all her accounts just no new posts

No. 1046389

I seriously hate this guy. I have never felt bad for a cow until now. This poor girl. the amount of public humiliation she has suffered in the amount of hours in insane. The worst part is it from someone close to her trying to “expose” her. Jokes on his dumbass

No. 1046392

They'll do this until one of them kills the other.
There's no point in rooting for either of them cause nothing will change.
Just enjoy the drama and don't get emotionally involved lol

No. 1046398

Nah I like drama but this is different. I don't laugh at someone being so obviously abused by a partner.

No. 1046403

As much as I think her going dark and getting off social media is for the best, I kinda wish she stayed because now all of his busted ass ugly hoes on his FB are trashing her. People who have only seen his side of the relationship through a gaslit lense

No. 1046409

Y’all are dumb af Lmao

No. 1046410

All you acting like this hasn’t happened numerous times. Only thing that changed is you hate me so that’s the narrative you wanna fit. We are both psychopaths but you just wanna lean on me because of how much attention I gave you. Keep sucking my cow tit.

No. 1046412

Dumb like posting incriminating text messages that prove YOU were the abuser in the relationship? Like that dumb? Get tf outta here loser

No. 1046414

Nothing was proven. Because it didn’t show what was said before… I showed the rest of it and that’s why most people on Instagram and FB are siding with me. The only ppl talking shit about me is you and tesah lmao

No. 1046415

We hated Tesah too, Crayon. If a board originally dedicated to her has now gone full 180 and are defending her then you're clearly in the wrong. Get help.

No. 1046416

My follow count went up during this not down… social media ego class 101

No. 1046417

Pay what you owe of the lease, broke boy

No. 1046418

It took a 180 because y’all are trying to be the internet TMZ and you try to create drama where it’s not there

No. 1046419

You were crying nonstop on IG about being harassed on here and now you're bragging about bringing us attention? Do you have brain damage? I love that when people google your name now, not only will they see your self posted baby dick pics but they'll also see that you're an abusive piece of shit too

No. 1046420

Lmao those were all lies I been paying the FULL amount of rent dumbasses read my story(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1046422


>you try to create drama where it’s not there

top kek coming from you, Roseart. Why don’t you go put your big boy shoes on & pretend to be tall somewhere else.

No. 1046423

Your Facebook status currently has less than 20 likes/comments. Hers had hundreds of likes/comments of support before she deleted it. It's clear Tesah is winning.

No. 1046424

He clearly has fetal alcohol syndrome on top of some other learning disabilities, give him a break anon

No. 1046425

Cool what about you obviously lying about paying the adoption fee for the cats? Tesah posted proof, deflect harder.

No. 1046427

You exposed yourself cunt, how dare u bring up her rapist to humiliate her

No. 1046428

"mY fOlLoWeR cOuNt WeNt Up"
Keep them priorities in check Roseart kek and by what? Like 15 ppl on IG? It'll be back down again in a few days because you have literally no content other than recycling old pics from when you weren't fat

No. 1046429

Lmaoooo he actually is so fat now, funny he tried to blame that on tesah too when she literally calorie counts daily

No. 1046430

The tea Tesah spilled last night on this fool was incredible. So embarrassing how obsessed he is with this site, or that he would claim he’s “doing something with lcf” like we’re dropping an album together or some shit.
Canyon is abusive on top of retarded, old & lame. Fuck off & leave her alone, you don’t deserve her. Go do meth & pretend to own a truck elsewhere.
Also stay out of California, hilarious that you think you can afford it here.

No. 1046433

>So embarrassing how obsessed he is with this site
He can't stop visiting and even posting. There's so many cows posted here and he's been the most obsessed ever. He clearly has no reason to be ashamed like a respectable job prospects or family like most people have.

No. 1046437

Fuck off Anthill.

No. 1046439

File: 1601221268947.jpeg (223.83 KB, 680x561, E2073816-CE73-48ED-A3ED-5BC6F9…)

Fat ass loser genuinely saying he supports sex workers when he literally exposed himself as banning her from her job and forcing her to be tight on money and then humiliating her and controlling her because of that lmao sad fucking loser

No. 1046440

File: 1601221280439.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x3413, PhotoCollage_20200927_11420073…)

Yeah you're really "winning" this on social media Roseart, way to show Tesah!

No. 1046441

Kek, funny how last night he said he was done looking at lolcow and now he's back to posting. I hope Tesah is lurking right now, and if she is, I hope she posts to let us know she's ok.

Monfrado, your posts got peanuts worth of interactions compared to Tesah's. She was getting hundreds of likes, comments, and people telling her to stay strong and leave your ass. You're just made because more people believe her than you.

No. 1046442

In his tardo mind shame=fame . Not that it’s ever worked out that way, he’s shamed himself countless times at this point with literally no ‘fame’ to show for it.
He’s so desperate that he’s actually trying to use this site, that gets very little traffic, to make a name for himself.
I seriously think he has learning disabilities

No. 1046444

exactly. people are giving her support to stay strong and whatnot and bitchbaby alfredo "I got 4 new followers" headass

No. 1046445

Actually, admin (or one of the mods, I dont remember) has said before that this site gets a surprisingly high amount of traffick, no doubt a lot from people lurking, not even posting. That screams volumes, since it means thousands of people have the potential to watch Crayon act like an absolute asshat on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 1046446


The sad thing is that she'd probably be upset that we're saying these things to you, Crayon.
I cannot believe that during a breakup you're actually coming here and boasting about a few extra followers. It really shows your true colors- you couldn't give a fuck about what she's going through and that's probably all she cares about at the moment. You don't and never did deserve her…
And that's coming from someone who actively disliked her in the past.
You're pathetic.

No. 1046447

Did you also see the part when he sperged about "aging"? Lmao literally tried to blame Tesah for the fact that he's older now too

No. 1046448

That actually made me sad anon cause that’s true, she 100% is upset about him and he’s here saying he’s happy he got followers from the break up what a sicko

No. 1046449

>pwease g-go to my instagram hi-histowwy
When is this lardass going to drop this and go decompose in some old truck?

No. 1046452

I hope she sees this. Tesah this fucking loser cares more about social media followers than he ever has about you

No. 1046455

I’m wondering if she really did enact DV on him. Kind of interesting how there is no story detailing that from Crayon, when he’s so quick to post every other thing she’s done in the past. Maybe he didn’t hit Tesah, but seeing as how he smashed her phone, I’ll bet he smashed the wall she posted a picture of. Since Tesah was wasted, maybe that’s how she came to the conclusion that he hit her. It kind of makes sense.

No. 1046456

I just died at this comment anon. Someone needs to make a fake album cover with Roseart and lolcow lmao

No. 1046457

Tesah, you're lovely, strong, and have everything it takes to be independent and leave this boy. He's not a man, just a petulant little child. You can find a sexy, loving and taller man that will support your endeavors and give you a shoulder to cry on, a man who will sit down with you and let you have a drink while you talk about what happened to you with Dahvie. He'll hold your hand and comfort you, and give you all the love Ravine didn't. Don't go back. It's gonna be hard emotionally for a little bit, but don't go back.

No. 1046458

…and one with a bigger, more attractive and more satisfying cock, too.

No. 1046459

I wouldn't be surprised if he did. He's repeatedly mentioned how she blacks out when she's drinking and doesn't remember anything. How convenient then to not only instigate fights but even lay hands on her and then when she sobers up to tell her she fell or hurt herself somehow

No. 1046460

Wasn't there tea spilled in all of this about how her broken/foot ankle was because of him? That he pushed her out of his truck or something but then he blamed it on her falling out of it?

No. 1046465

Pretty sure she went with this story so he can keep his license

I'm confused on the timeline here, tesah finds out he cheats, confronts him, he deflects, he dumps her she begs for him to come back ? Then all the sudden she realizes what a pathetic shrimp boy he truly is and annihilates him on her ig story? Is this correct

No. 1046468

I think some of those messages of her begging for him back were old. I think they were just both sharing whatever they had saved to make the other look bad. That's just my assumption though since nothing was time stamped.
She obviously is conflicted about him though. I imagine that's just from all the abuse. She's conditioned to this type of tumultuous relationship where there's a huge blow out, a beg for forgiveness (from both sides) reconciliation and then blow out again

No. 1046471

Unironically namefagging as "Mister Monfrado" to brag about (nonexistent) social media engagement during another public break up is the height of retardation. I am so embarrassed, yet so pleased for Tesah you continue to make yourself look like a prepubescent asshat. Tesah may be flawed, but she sure as shit doesn't deserve the likes of you. We're genuinely rooting for her now, and probably should have been since the first time you shit talked her here to make yourself look like a martyr. It's not that we believe Tesah unconditionally either, it's that your observable actions correlate perfectly with her words.

Ot but ffs my Imgur app shat itself and temporally listed the albums as hidden despite that not being the case. Sorry for the multiple reposts anons, I don't usually use this cancerous app and this is definitely the last time. I'd edit my previous post if I could.

Crayons self-incrimination station:
Tesah part 1:
Part 2 Tesah strikes back:

No. 1046480

If you're reading, Tesah, stay strong. Gulch definitely isn't worth the heartache. Also, this isn't a chatroom for christ's sake, no matter what Short Dick Man calls it.

No. 1046485

Lmao, my fiancé and I have collectively agreed that he looks like any other meth head you can find at the local gas station. Tesah, you can do SO MUCH BETTER.(no1curr)

No. 1046486

It grosses me out knowing that canyon has a humiliation and cuck fetish. He probably got turned on after tesah told the world about his shrimp dick.
I hope all of this is for real. In the last thread with the texting screenshots, he tells her he wants her to make a statement on the breakup. Hes such a manipulate psychopath, i hope he wasn't behind everything she said.

No. 1046491

Knowing what we know about him now, I hate to say he's probably jerking off to this song right now kek

No. 1046492

File: 1601226042693.gif (1.03 MB, 200x120, 0DA567F3-9BB9-4DEA-83F3-6AE55C…)

good god, anons. the outpouring of milk within the last twelve hours has been glorious.

honestly wasn’t expecting this type of situation from the likes of them, but upon further re-reading of the previous thread it’s pretty obvious that there were giant cracks in the relationship. i assume canyon self-posting his own dick in the threads and being obsessed with this site didn’t help.

speaking of the vienna sausage-posting, it makes a disturbing amount of sense now that a dude with a humiliation fetish would post his dick to a site where girls are making fun of him. gross

No. 1046494

I am really rooting for Tesah. The cycle of abuse is brutal and difficult to break but I truly hope she can stay strong and get back on her feet after this. She definitely needs to get help for her trauma as well, but leaving Crayon is the best first step she can possibly take toward improving her life. It’s not uncommon for people to go back to their abusers several times before leaving them for good, but I am really really hoping she is able to hold out. Crayon is such a fucking tool, I cannot believe how manipulative this dollar store Ronnie Radke is.

No. 1046516

Attention you gave us ? Bruh not to blog but I don’t even own social medias

Also our narrative ? All you have been doing is humiliating your ex and putting your narrative for thousands to see. This is our opinions on a gossip site. No ones tagging you in shit.

Now please stop embarrassing yourself you’re just pissy that you exposed how abusive you are to the whole world and we have it saved

No. 1046533

Talk to US not him. He's pathetic.

No. 1046539

What a sad sad little man…what would happen if wd link his followers to this forum so they can get both sides of the story which originated out of unbiased hate for both

No. 1046542

Isn't there video evidence that she did hit him first at the truck stop? Or did Gulch make that up too?

No. 1046547

File: 1601229585702.jpg (672.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200928-035907.jpg)

At first I laughed when I saw this, shortly followed by feelings of terror. Anons, just look at that serial killer smile coupled with those vacant eyes! Did we break him?

No. 1046548

Yeaaaaah, she definitely went back.
Going dark like that is career suicide for sex workers.

No. 1046549

I love how he's trying to argue a literal screenshot shouldn't be seen as evidence, because it didn't come from him you know?

No. 1046552

Oh god i hope not. Ick

No. 1046559

First of all, Crayon, it’s “you’re.” Second, now you’re telling us that we shouldn’t believe her until we see “full side of the story” and “a screenshot can’t prove anything.” Right, just like we should automatically believe you about Tesah enacting DV against you, because there’s totally so much proof of that.

No. 1046564

Tessah if you're feeling vulnerable, which I imagine you are, you need to see that this pathetic excuse of a person never gave a shit. He is not even phased on losing you, instead he's focusing on his self image and is desperate to save that instead. He's more worried about what his 30 "followers" think of him than your forgiveness. The fact that he's trying to do damage control because you exposed him is just fucking sad.


She still dances. Seems like she made a lot of money last night alone. She'll be alright.
If they went back then thats pathetic considering shrimp dick was in here calling her a liar just earlier

No. 1046567

Kek one surefire way to tell Crayon's self posting is his lack of understanding the variations of "your". Even when trying to adhere to board culture he sticks out like a intellectually challenged thumb.

>it makes a disturbing amount of sense now that a dude with a humiliation fetish would post his dick to a site where girls are making fun of him. gross
I was about to make a thumb related penis joke and now I'm glad I didn't.

No. 1046568

I never realized how much he looks like an inflated Steve Buscemi

No. 1046571

The face of a psychopath

No. 1046578

He looks like Social Repose without the horseface

No. 1046579

File: 1601230915213.jpeg (18.44 KB, 320x381, images (1).jpeg)

Change the name tag to "autism" and the resemblance is uncanny.

Idk anon, he does show a lot of gum when he smiles.

No. 1046581


As mentally handicapped as he clearly is, I think we should refrain from using terms like ‘psychopath’, ‘insane’ or ‘serial killer’ to describe him.
He’s the edgy kind of dumbfuck who sees himself as the Joker type & assumes those titles to be cool. He’s referred to himself as insane & psycopathic countless times, even in the last 12 hours.
I’m banking on his mental issues being a combination of fetal alcohol syndrome, his own drug use, poor upbringing & some kind of syndrome that keeps his IQ around 50-55

No. 1046583

Tesah said that he tried to silence her whenever she brought up Dahvie. It checks out, because after he posted her breaking down in his truck, he complained about her “TALKING ABOUT DAHVIE 24 FUCKEN 7.”

he claims he feels compassionate towards abused women, that he’s even helped some of them get out of relationships, fucking KEK. If he was really so compassionate, he’d listen to Tesah talk about her trauma.
Dahvie is a known pedophile, and Tesah met him when she was only 15, and a virgin who hadn’t even had her first kiss. An immature 15 year old at that. Her being abused by Dahvie checks out more than her lying about him.

No. 1046585

You're right anon. Although frightening he may look his mental capacity prevents him from being a serious threat to anyone but those who are already damaged.

No. 1046586

He’s so insecure that he can’t even hear her venting about sexual trauma without feeling insecure & getting his feelers hurt. What a pathetic skeeze

No. 1046588

Exactly, there’s no way he could ever be a serial killer because that implies multiple victims. This tard would be totally incapable of getting away with murder. He’d probably post about it on the Internet for attention as soon as he did it.

No. 1046589

When he told Tesah he was busy with Lolcow, he was probably locking himself in the bathroom to jerk off to mean comments about his dick.

No. 1046590

No he was working on the lolcow Roseart collab album duh

No. 1046591

He’s fucking deluded. He thinks all the girls coming forward about him and talking shit are just jealous because he didn’t give them attention. This forum is filled with WOMEN mainly, and I know this may be hard to believe in your narcissistic mind, but none of us want your baby shrimp dick.
I’m gonna bet the time the “girl” who messaged him about her bf being obsessed with him on here and wanting to get out of the relationship, and then drooling over the prospect of sleeping over at their house was just some insta account he created himself.

No. 1046595

Oh it was definitely him. All of his self post and asking himself questions about the website are so funny. Like for god sake he posted his small pecker, to ? Idk prove how small it is…

No. 1046612

File: 1601232922104.jpg (271.33 KB, 1080x2059, Screenshot_20200927-135551_Ins…)

Her IG is back up and Gulch is following her. I fucking called it.

No. 1046616

Let's not jump to conclusions?

Fuck lol

No. 1046617

Tesah please

No. 1046620

End my suffering anons

No. 1046624

God no

No. 1046625

Does she follow him tho

No. 1046629

File: 1601233662343.jpg (76.57 KB, 1080x291, Screenshot_20200927-130904_Chr…)


No. 1046634

Ugh. If they get back together I am seriously done with her. I thought last night was a turning point. It seemed like she was truly realizing how much of an abusive prick he is. I don't want to like victim blame or anything because I know she's got trauma but at some fucking point start taking responsibility for your actions. You have every chance right now to get away from him Tesah. Don't fucking blow it.

No. 1046637

I doubt she'd care whether you're done or not lol
To be groomed by a pedophile since 15 is hard to break from. Then to jump to another abuser in youre most vulnerable…i get it
I jumped from abuser to abuser once and it took a hell of a long time and a lot out of me to remove myself and start seeing clearly and I wasn't groomed since 15.

No. 1046642

Wow thanks for your life story. Obviously I didn't mean like that she'd personally care about me idiot. I'm an anonymous person on a message board. I just meant that she was finally starting to realize how much of a piece of shit her "ex" is. Lots of people have experienced trauma and abuse but at some point you have to start realizing whether there's something you can do about it and make changes for your own health and mental wellbeing. Being born into addiction doesn't mean you'll be an addict for the rest of your life, if you choose to do something about it.

No. 1046644

Her ig gone again

No. 1046645

you say it like its easy.
Thats my issue.

No. 1046648

I agree
Let's give the girl a chance to gather her thoughts before we all start jumping to conclusions. She obviously wants to keep some sort of platform to sell her onlyfans.

No. 1046650

How is she gonna advertise her of? I’m not a sw supporter you any means, but she needs to make some money keep away from Roseart.
God I hope she didn’t quit dancing because this simian had a fit

No. 1046651

All the thots popping on crayons FB… "I'm here to talk if you ever want to" gag lol just make sure you're prepared to talk about sucking off other dudes, that'll really get his attention

No. 1046652

Nta but I see where you're both coming from. Ayrt seemed kinda nonchalant, but this is also like the the 100th time this has happened so this could be the one. Now kiss and makeup.

No. 1046654

Samefag, she does need to focus on quitting alcohol altogether because it sounds like she’s too bpd to settle for one drink. It’s probably imperative for her line of work to be inebriated to some degree, but trashed on alcohol or coke is not going to help her.

She should find a therapist & try to get on something that can help her get her shit straight

No. 1046656

I dragged my relationship for 3 years and was on and off almost every week so yea, itll take time.(no1curr)

No. 1046657

And i know I was a tessa without the sec work lol dont drag me

No. 1046668

Didn't get an ss but she was

No. 1046669

That could have still been like that from last night/this morning tho right? Is there proof they unfollowed each other. They were both sperging out so it would make sense they were keeping tabs but everything was public anyway so really doesn't make any difference

No. 1046674

They're like desperate vultures waiting around for their piece of rotten meat. It's funny how Crayon's "support system" is disingenuous, thirsty trash, whereas Tesah's is filled with well-meaning (for the most part) women who want to support another woman going through a shitty situation. Speaks volumes.

No. 1046677

"You're a toxic af abusive manipulator with a shrimp dick? Sign me up!" Kek

No. 1046696

It’s going to be pretty upsetting if she goes back but honestly I can see it happening 100%. Seems more likely than not based on their history.

No. 1046700

This dude looks like a fat faced Tim Allen kek

No. 1046706

File: 1601238494397.jpg (366.75 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20200928-062733__01…)

Speaking of

No. 1046714

Key. Is he implying he doesn't know how to read an entire book already

No. 1046715

File: 1601239722467.jpg (179.95 KB, 1080x778, Screenshot_20200927-154955_Ins…)

Saged for not milk but what in the everything fuck

No. 1046719

It seems like she’s codependent. People who have been abused jump from abusive relationship to another, in a cycle. Tesah, if you’re reading this, NO relationship is better than an abusive one. He fully gaslit your trauma with Dahvie. He hit you where it hurt the most. That’s not a normal dynamic couples have.
Sad thing is, she could do so much better. He looks like a generic American coked-out fuckboy. It’s funny that he blamed her for his weight gain. Not her fault he’s shoving junk down his throat, he CHOSE to do that, lol.

No. 1046721

File: 1601240072528.jpeg (99 KB, 980x980, 06D2DBB2-5B9C-498C-8CA7-96AC80…)

If Steve Buscemi and Ronnie Radke had a weak chinned baby

No. 1046727

Too broke to even afford an iron kek. In all seriousness he looks like shit…I thought the post break-up selfie is generally supposed to be you looking your best?

No. 1046728

Dude has no shame, how is "a cow chewed on my shirt all night" a look he's not embarrassed sharing with the world?

No. 1046734

Milkmas came but honestly Tesah if you made a legitimate GoFundMe to have your shitty face tatts removed I'd actually donate.
Fuck canyon off and do better.

No. 1046770

His "on the road" truck stop bathroom selfies were bad enough before but this is just serious cringe. Imagining setting up your camera timer to take this gem? That greasy dog mop of hair isn't doing him any favours either

No. 1046775

Do you think he shoops his pics? Why is his hand almost twice the size of his face?

No. 1046780

File: 1601246241552.jpg (104.64 KB, 1242x1233, v05xb6he23d11.jpg)

Lmfao, holy shit it really does look like he did, he looks like uncle Jack, prolly actually got a Lil hurt about the dick shaming kek

No. 1046783

Lmao why is everything so out of proportion? I think he's actually made his head smaller? God knows there's not much in there so it's hard to tell kek

No. 1046798

You'd think with such a small Weiner he'd want to minimize the size of his hands, amirite? But holy fuck. I posted that comment. Once I saw it I couldn't unsee it. Look at his other pics on IG and his hand to head ratio looks normal?

No. 1046805

File: 1601249349177.jpg (8.82 KB, 300x165, Hanson.jpg)

Maybe he should make his hands smaller if the dick shaming hurt his feelings? It's just gonna disappear in those mitts

No. 1046806

Probably shopped it to look bigger in a ploy to get Tesah to come back to him. “Choke me daddy” or whatever

No. 1046831

File: 1601251835663.jpg (84.09 KB, 960x960, 3a130cfb95f510fdaeecf51ef8eeb4…)

No. 1046912

Roseart looks so greasy and disheveled.
"Muh follower count has gone waaaaay up1111"
Last time I checked, he's still got 5000 followers. And most of his followers were from Tesah. He really thinks he did something by calling himself a "big Internet personality." What did he even do prior to Tesah? I have never seen his name mentioned online anywhere other than this thread. His Soundcloud songs have 14 likes.
Bet he got Tesah to do that video toying herself to his music for "promotion"

No. 1046916

Uhg. That video.
I hope she deletes it, it’s just plain embarrassing, she should have considered doing something less shameful like eating pasta from the toilet or something like that.

No. 1046918

That’s exactly what I was thinking. This is such a milky day

No. 1046925

When he started his new ig he took over a page that ALREADY had 5000 followers, so those followers aren’t even really his

No. 1046966

Kek, this guy is such a loser. What does Tesah see in him?

No. 1046987

The nickplugsyourholes page? That wasn’t this one. That one got up to 2k and he deleted because nicks lawyers. This one is his. I remember when it started and he did shout outs with everyone in the scene until it got to 5k now nothing kek

No. 1047000

There’s another mug shot of canyon somewhere brought up on grand theft auto charges when his head is shaved I found it a while back but it doesn’t show up anymore. I’m at work can someone work their magic

No. 1047022

😂😂😂 “we’re lawyers”
Uncle jack will be my defamation lawyer against y’all. He’s inclined to agree

No. 1047023

>He’s inclined to agree
Contrary to your intentions, this sentence and makes you look dumb(er).

No. 1047024

Y’all go to bed too early. Must be old and tired. Y’all post on here at like 7 am on weekends do any of y’all have any activities to do? You better be mark zucking in your dorms making the next Facebook of you spend this much time online

No. 1047025

It’s literally what he said in it’s always sunny dumbass lmao

No. 1047029

File: 1601278232778.jpeg (6.53 KB, 184x184, sksksks.jpeg)

This is a website with an international userbase, and if you weren't sitting her manically refreshing the thread our post times wouldn't bother you so much.

>It’s literally what he said in it’s always sunny dumbass

We'll, I'm glad you're an expert on something kek. Forgive me for assuming from an observable pattern of behaviour strewn throughout this thread.

No. 1047030

Ah yes, because everyone in the world lives in the US, you really are retarded. Your brain is even smaller than your penis it seems

No. 1047032

Ppl from Europe don’t have as much free time as y’all. Pretty sure this thread is us and Canada based and the weekend morning time frame still adds up to y’all having no life’s

No. 1047033


Lmao what in the retardation. International userbase aside (I’m a eurofag, browsing with my morning coffee before work), the whole “y’all have too much free time” rebuttal has no legs in the context of a global pandemic that literally has most of us locked down at home on Government orders, dickhead: Read the room.

No. 1047035

Your fat girl voice told me you were American

No. 1047037


Wow, exemplary comeback.

No. 1047038

This is a long “before work scroll” lmao

No. 1047040

File: 1601279709335.jpg (729.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200928-175128.jpg)

Ausfag here. Can anyone hear incoherent mumbling, or is it just me?

Pic related, it's some lobotomised fag I stumbled across on my way in here. He might be the source of the noise.

No. 1047041


Embarrassing that you’re still labouring under the delusion that we’re all the same person.

No. 1047045

I was just about to ask, did he forget Australia exists? feelsbad

Also jesus christ that is frightening. I've seen more life in the eyes of the wax figures at Madame Tussauds.

No. 1047049

Nobody even comes to lolcowfarm it’s like 5 ppl makings lots of threads

No. 1047050

And you guys steel Memes

No. 1047051

>Nobody even comes to lolcowfarm
And yet, here you are.

No. 1047053

Holy fuck shit this thread spews “I’m a loser who hates hot guys who get lots of pretty women”

No. 1047054

Poor lonely little Lardyon, somehow has nobody to talk to and nothing to do despite his really cool and very impressive life of driving around and scrolling social media

No. 1047057

and fantasize about getting cucked, don't forget that part anon

No. 1047060

Well shit, Crayon cracked the code, we're actually just five women in a trenchcoat, time to pack up the site we've been exposed

No. 1047062

gulch is hooting TESAH'S LYING ABOUT ME but then behaves exactly as she said: spending an absolutely pathetic amount of time on lolcow dot farm. kek

No. 1047063

File: 1601281165062.jpeg (8.04 KB, 252x245, watchesforsale.jpeg)

Kek anyone wanna buy a watch?

Also love the fact he claims we "steal memes" when memes originated on imageboards… and you know, he conveniently "appropriated" the Zoolander comparison from an anon here.

No. 1047064

The funniest thing I’ve seen in here is y’all thinking I ask my own self questions in my q&a like it’s a huge elaborate conspiracy that I have absolutely no supporters at all and literally it’s just me faking everythingZ. That’s what makes my sides lift off into outer space . Here’s some extra tin foil for your hat sir

No. 1047066

I get about >>1047064
And also how y’all think that every comment in here in support of me is from me lmao… I see y’all running over each other like ants blocking each other for thinking it’s me. 😂😂😂

No. 1047067

File: 1601281462696.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, 39a.gif)

Here's the gif you're looking for normie.

No. 1047068

It’s seriously the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re like little mad insects stumbling over each other to take down a giant

No. 1047069

Yes. Lmao

No. 1047074

Nah, Tessah handled the “taking down” part just fine on her own last night.

No. 1047076

Yeah she only did that because being humiliated is my fetish and she was trying multiple obstacles to get my attention. She was hurting and I get it but the public doesn’t so I had to defend myself but it’s not the first time tesah did that

No. 1047078

Also it wasn’t successfulZ. The public had my side. In fact like multiple dominatrixes started following me after that.

No. 1047079

He really is trying desperately to go viral. This isn't the way to go about it, best go back to being a fail cuck.

No. 1047080

Y’all act like I’m not into sdh, cuckholding, etc. I’ve been open about these things for years now.

No. 1047083

File: 1601282967004.jpg (22.52 KB, 566x355, Ei9vI_QWkAERH9L.jpg)

i'm astonished. you cretin, you are sacrificing your future to your dick. this thread shows up when you are googled, but that's the tip of the iceberg honestly. humiliation might be your fetish but what the fuck are you going to do after you've cum into your sock and you're alone and miserable? is that erotic too? you're a pornsick coomer beyond rescue at such a young age. truly grim.

tl;dr keep goin

No. 1047084

Noone gives a fuck about your fucked up kinks other than to laugh at them. You are a minor cows dick to ride, correction, WERE. Now we have you chimping out defending your pathetic attempts at being relevant. Stay obsessed, scrote. Maybe work on some new bathroom selfie angles, you look like a methed out Karen meme.

No. 1047085

why are you speds giving him the attention he's obviously desperate for

No. 1047086

yeah is anyone else worried this is genuinely getting him off? the thought horrifies me but it's not too hard to believe

No. 1047087

Multiple… obstacles? What? Soup for brains.

No. 1047088

Doesn't he think we're all men, though?

No. 1047097

I’ve never seen a huge outpouring of support for a cow like this. It’s strange but almost wholesome. I hope she’s able to stay away from him.

He’s been having a lil dick jerkfest since these threads began.

No. 1047100

Canyon I dont care about all the drama…but it looks like here is the only place to tell you something since it's all you post about lately…
You're looking like shit lately dude. You need to do something about it. This isnt you dude you've changed so much for the worse. Youre angry and bitter not fun and goofy anymore. Your obsession with this page is making you into the shittest version of yourself and a few of us who do follow you are seriously getting sick of hearing about the lolcow farm.
These people are thriving off your pain and misery man dont let them keep getting to you.
You let these people control your life, relationships, appearance and personality. You'll have nothing left soon. You look so weak to us now Get your power back, work on your own pages man.
So sick of this.

No. 1047111

>These people are thriving off your pain and misery man
"Thriving" is a bit of a strong word. "Are entertained by" is closer to truth.

No. 1047113

Like you posting videos yesterday prior to 8am from your disheveled truck that you don't own? Like that kind of no life?

No. 1047119

He is legit hideous lately. Like at one point he could almost pass as hot and now he just looks like an autistic heroin addict who's main source of nutrition is junk food and alcohol. Jonny Craig called and wants his look back.

No. 1047130

Really, he’s so fucking fat, saggy and sidish, that he should just stop taking pictures of himself, the face tattoos really helps the fat look even more prominent.
This is why they’re props someone can take off after a photoshoot, they never look okay for long and meth addict retard crayon never looked decent to begin with.

No. 1047150

>In fact like multiple dominatrixes started following me after that.
This is such a sped-tier brag KEK

No. 1047155

Crayon tears can't melt steel memes

No. 1047159

Honestly I think this "I HAVE A HUMILIATION AND CUCK FETISH" shit is just a cope. He's spent his whole life trying really hard to fit in and be cool with whatever community is popular at the moment. The scene kid Karen hair, the shaved head "hardcore" look, and now the sound cloud rapper face tats just come off so desperate.

"No guys, I meant to humiliate myself cause it's my kink!" Sounds cooler than "oh no I fucked up and now everyone can see my shame and I'm embarrassed".

No. 1047162

File: 1601298740060.jpeg (27.58 KB, 404x760, crayon.jpeg)

Agreed. He's not getting off to our dick related insults either, and giving creedence to that idea only "empowers" him (as sad as that is). His intention has always been to convince us he has a big dick, that he's wildly in demand with the opposite sex, and super "popular". Tesah was also made to indulge the fantasy for the sake of his ego which takes precedence over any "humiliation fetish" he claims to have. Poor little Roseart really is the living embodiment of this image.

No. 1047163

LOL he looks like an actual tard here. Is this what he thinks is sexy?

No. 1047180

Sorry to disappoint you but iam from Europe and you just look like a complete idiot by thinking only people in the US and Canada laugh about you kek

No. 1047186

It's sad Reject thinks he knows how the rest of the world views the internet. I am amazed however he can count to five. His cumdumpster mother must be proud.

No. 1047192

What sucks is the more he posts here the more obviously pathetic he is and thus increasingly less interesting. I don’t want to have to consider that everything he’s doing is a show for lolcow specifically like on the days when he’s feeling neglected.

Please canyon go away and let’s talk shit without you literally ruining it yourself. Either just go, be milky, or get your fucking shit together and grow up.

No. 1047198

Absolutely. He pretends to have these fetishes in order to convince the world that he’s “won” against the big mean bullies. “Heheh, jokes on them! I actually love being humiliated! See? They can’t hurt me!”

Somewhat similar to when someone points out their own flaws before anyone else can. Just a way of protecting yourself and lessening the pain.

Interesting how he claims to be a cuck, yet has never partaken in any cuck-like activities. He wouldn’t be an insanely jealous and controlling individual if it was a genuine fetish.

No. 1047203

Youre so fucking autistic. Ever heard of time zones. I am getting sick of this thread being 1/2 self posting it’s even funnier that he doesn’t know how to use the site so we can all see the self posts so easily.

No. 1047204

All you have to do is click a button on Instagram to be on a different account and send yourself questions. It literally take two seconds. No one asks Labrinth questions to fit your narrative. How dumb do you think people are. Then continuously self posting those questions on this site. Hahahahaha Jesus this can’t even be real, my sides hurt. Clearly you don’t know what milk is and just self post when people don’t talk about you

No. 1047209

I think your the one with to much free time. Maybe stop clogging up the site with your anoyying self posting. Doesn’t it ever make you feel bad that your chatting with people who think your a abusive piece of shit.

Your not even trolling your constantly checking the thread to see how much people don’t like you. Get offfffffffff for god sake. You don’t even have a following and your ex is more popular then you will ever be.

No. 1047212

The amount of times he compliments himself is astounding

No. 1047221

File: 1601305821185.png (402.71 KB, 828x1792, iE9EC0o.png)

kek Anonymous 2 minutes ago No. 1047220
Made an account to post crayon gets confronted & has a spam message freak out. He continues to claim he hasn’t been on the site but then proceeds to say almost everything he said here on the site word for word. Account deleted or he blocked after his freak out, but it looks like it’s deleted.(cowtipping)

No. 1047222

It’s actually sad that he came on to here to shit talk Tesah. Esp since the original thread started because of her. This isn’t a Tesah stan page. The fact that the board has done a 180 on her to Crevasse speaks volumes about the truth of the situation. Why the fuck is he trying to convince us, it fucking reeks of desperation

No. 1047223

https://i.imgur.com/iE9EC0o.png hoping this will work - couldn’t post the link above

No. 1047226

What the fuck are you doing ? What about cow tipping. I know he’s constantly self posting but this is stupid and is rinse and repeat of what he says on here. The constant defense of “it one of my wk not me” is getting boring and bland. No wk talk about how huge your cock is and how many girl you get left and right. How high does he think we are ?

No. 1047229

Also why does he give a shit about what we think. We’re just a ton of American dudes who are jealous of all the pussy he gets.

No. 1047230

Sorry kek I mean 5 American dudes

No. 1047237

Also, if you think about it, isn’t it weird how he names himself “mister” or puts stuff on his instagram like “daddy”? vomit a real cuck, who is proud of being a cuck, would put stuff like the names we’ve given to him or something degrading.
Kek, this guy is really trying to pull a reverse card move but he’s too much of a narc to do it properly.

No. 1047241

Account is still up, so you just got blocked. You know what’s hilarious? Dude claims he gets an outpouring of messages daily that he can’t keep up with. Yet, as soon as you send that, he quickly responds with some copy and paste shit. He said he has arthritis that’s severe. I know lots of people who have severe arthritis and they can’t even hold a pen some days. There’s no way crayon does because he furiously writes paragraphs on this site and to his “haters” almost daily the fuck

No. 1047248

I pointed out before how that arthritis video was bullshit. It was a stupid way of bragging about how many people supposedly message him. Super weird stupid flex because he's constantly posting paragraphs in his stories (especially the last couple days) and then turns around and says that… Like cool story bro, no one asked kek

No. 1047249

“a giant.”
right, ‘cause 5’10 is oh so tall. you’re literally average at best.

No. 1047250

No, he definitely wouldn't be calling himself Daddy nor would Tesah have been posting stuff like "canyan rearranges my guts" if Crayon was truly a cuck

No. 1047267

It was sooo cringethe fact that it was almost daily was sus af. Like nobody freaking asked, but also, feel like it was probably overcompensating for the fact his teeny weeny wasn’t doing much damage. I also bet crayon is one of those losers who thinks his weeny is gods gift to women, so he’s incapable of foreplay. Or making a woman cum. On his old fb he posted about “making the hoe cum twice and guess what she wanted to do it AGAIN” yeah probably because you never succeeded to begin with

No. 1047272

>yeah probably because you never succeeded to begin with
Truer words have not been spoken

No. 1047283

Crayon is so embarrassing. He’s worked into an absolute lather about this site, but he was soooo thirsty for attention. What’s the matter, this not the viral fame ya wanted? Seriously. Take the L.

No. 1047285

How fucking pathetic do you have to be to fail at a supposed cuck fetish… Like let that sink in

No. 1047303

Have they made up yet? It’s about that time where they start pretending like they never fought or shamed each other to hell. I can’t wait for them to get back together honestly, it’s just comedy at this point. We know their routines and we all just laugh. They’re sooo fucking weak that they would rather stay in this horrific relationship than be free, and they wonder why they have no friends lmao. Any ways, crayon wants to pretend like he’s single so he will lie to us & completely pretend like he didn’t just have a public breakdown, Tesah has gone silent so that means they are back together.

No. 1047314

Tbh being with tesah is the most attention canyon has ever gotten.
He absolutely craves attention and going viral and struggles for it, she gets it easy enough, he tried to get big on tiktok and couldn’t- she randomly spammed it with cringy videos and was getting thousands of views n a day, he deleted her insta and she got it back to 13.4 k and high like ratios, he cares soooo much about social media and our impression of him and his follower count and all stupid tesah cares about is him it’s actually sad. I honestly don’t think he’ll leave her until he’s taken everything from her cause he’s threatened by it

No. 1047324

Oh definitely. Pretty sure that's the reason her FB/IG is down - she would do this while with Dahvie and then get back with him days/weeks later and put everything back up

No. 1047353

it’s predictable. she slams him, probably by saying true things, he claims she’s a liar or “takes things out of context” and then she begs for him back. then he tells her that she needs to retract what she’s said, so he can maintain his “image” for his “fans” because “a lot of people look up to him.” tbh I feel like he actually hit her or some shit, then claimed she was too wasted to know. and then she felt panicked without him so she told everyone she was “mistaken” despite the fact the wall was smashed that she took a picture of.

No. 1047453

Cringelord Cuckold the 3rd is supposed to be home in a few days I think so we'll see what happens. I suspect Tesah will pop back up on social media like nothing happened

No. 1047455

File: 1601326317026.jpg (267.27 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20200928_165239.jpg)

Speaking of cringe… kek
What a weird way to flex about getting a BJ. And double cringe for whoever that chick is

No. 1047476

File: 1601329125906.jpeg (516.63 KB, 750x1294, C4DF2601-55D9-4896-8DDF-64C6D3…)

This was probably done to hurt tesah

Update from tesah apparently her social media is gone

No. 1047485

Then to name her…how sad.
I'm embarrassed for ms. Paige.

But the obvious flex is…well obvious lol u don't say hi beautiful children all non chalant on ur stories and eveb go as far as to name the person unless done to hurt someone

And poor tessa is clearly hurt and decides not to see such trash by keeping off those platforms. This is the healthiest way to go about it honeatly. Good for her. Hundreds if not thousands want her, male or female. She doesn't need to prove anything to anyone.

No. 1047537

hahah no way, this is as fake as any of his "omg i sucked his dick and it was huge!" posts in the past few threads, no one believes this shit. like another anon before said, this cuck/humiliation thing is a big facade and his real feelings show through with theatrics like this.

No. 1047547


Good for her, keeping her head down and working is the right call. It is tough to lose an IG but Twitter is way more hoe-friendly anyway. Plus this separates her from Crayon’s flying monkeys, he’s too stupid to get enough clout on Twitter to pester her there.

No. 1047556

Imagine being a few years away from 30 & being THIS immature lol. Ravines brain is legit still in high school age

No. 1047582

I call bullshit. This sounds fake as hell to me. He added a name and details about children and ~touring with a band~ to make himself sound cool and to make this sound believable.
He’s absolutely repugnant from afar, I can’t even imagine how off-putting his in person for anyone to even look his way besides Tesah since he had a grip on her.

No. 1047592

I feel like his desperation for attention will increase the further this thread drops of the catalog. It’s slowly sinking and this is the shit he’s coming up with kek >>1047582

No. 1047599

Dude just stop you're fucking embarassing yourself. Random chick talks about sucking your cocktail weiner and you're out here naming her and telling her she has "beautiful children"? Fuck out of here.

No. 1047618

Maybe he says she has beautiful children because he’s a closeted pedo, he just wants to be like Dahvie Vanity.

No. 1047633

File: 1601343254709.jpg (333.82 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200928-193336_Fac…)

U always see this after a toxix dude gets out of a relationship..they pretend not to care, "finally single" kinda attitude and then it'll hit him like a brick wall when he realizes nothing as hot as tessah will ever touch him again. A minth or two he will be begging for her

No. 1047668

At least his hand to head ratio is back to normal in this one

No. 1047687

He looks like those cringe illustrations of Disney characters with a bunch of tattoos. Like the Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid ones except 10x more cringey and raggedy as hell.

No. 1047699

comparing him to a disney prince is way too kind, he looks more like a bit character from a show like always sunny who's whole arc is being obnoxious and a punching bag for the main characters

No. 1047704

File: 1601349839678.jpg (723.16 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200928-212437_Chr…)


No. 1047722

With that weak chin and those bug eyes, He's straight out of bobs burgers

No. 1047738

File: 1601353957841.png (107.42 KB, 173x432, crayolasponsoredportrait.png)

nah, still too nice, more like that ugly ass big mouth show

No. 1047742

Watch out anon, he'll steal this for is IG stories too.

No. 1047744

yeah that's why i put 'cow farm' on the shirt so at least we get the credit for it this time. it's alright, it took as long for me to draw as it took for tesah to tell everyone he's a cuck (approx 3 minutes)

No. 1047755

Tesah absolutely killing it! I have faith that she's actually going to leave this time and Crayon can fade off into obscurity again.

No. 1047775

Who would have thought that people on LC will ever think that Tesah deserves Someone a million times better than tiny dickman crayon

No. 1047855

It irks me that he refers to us as “Lolcow Farm.” He wouldn’t say, “I looked that up on Google Com earlier” or “I read all about that topic on Wiki Org yesterday.” So why does he insist on including the TLD when speaking about us?

No. 1047865

If mods decide to mark this soft bodied boy's posts they should use his legal name.

No. 1047896

I hope they mark his posts like em with the tnd drama during pet fest

No. 1047904

L.O.Lcow farm actually, it's beyond cringe. I honestly just assumed it's his boomer showing. That, or he thinks he's onto a really good dad joke nobody else gets.

No. 1048042

Hell yeah.

No. 1048061

File: 1601414327448.jpeg (395.75 KB, 826x1431, 1780AB3F-D33C-4AD4-AFFE-B8685D…)

Ugh. “Wrongfully accused.”
Remember when Ravine was simping for another abuser? I know this is old, but this shit is ridiculous. Now that new revelations have come to light, I can see why he’d take the side of the dude regarding this other cringeworthy couple.
He totally laid his hands on Tesah. Even when she said she was “mistaken” about it, she insinuated that there was pushing involved, which made her think that she was hit. Regardless or not, pushing still counts as physical abuse. Tesah retracted her statement only because she is terrified of Ravine leaving.
Tesah continuously takes the fall for all their arguments, claiming Ravine is always in the right, and then he will make some stupid, long, and poorly-written Facebook post about how he’s suchhhhhh a martyr.
Notice how he has never once said that he’s been in the wrong for any of their arguments? It can’t be all her.
And it’s so irritating that she, the one who had 100k followers at one point on insta, decided to permanently delete her socials, while dumbass Ravine gets to keep his to continue to look like a totally good and moral guy. It is so fucking gross. How the fuck are we the only ones who see through his bullshit facade.

No. 1048085

>has arthritis
>types fucking long ass walls of text
Other than that, yeah, it fucking sucks how such a huge retard can somehow make people believe in him.
Tbh, what has been happening should be take as gigantic red flags for the people that are actually close to Tesah, it’s just alarming in general even if nothing’s happening and they’re just laughing their asses off behind the screen.

No. 1048097

Him putting in his Instagram bio that he’s a “writer” too. The walls of text he writes despite his “arthritis” are barely comprehensible. The guy is a deceptive manipulator, but he’s not smart. Next thing you know, he’s going to fire back at this board by saying that his IQ is 160 or whatever.
Or maybe not. Funny how he hasn’t drawn attention to it over the past couple of days. Probably because he’s worried his trashy emo bitch following will realize who he really is.

No. 1048114

Crayons a giant piece of shit, that’s been established, it’s become obvious that Tesah isn’t just batshit insane. Crayon is clearly manipulative and toxic af. But how the fuck is everyone pretending like tesah didn’t make up allegations of abuse, Canyon is emotionally abusive but I highly doubt that he’s ever hit her. And in regards to nick, Sophie lied to everyone about the abuse, Canyon made his current Instagram at the time“nickplugsyourholeabuse”simply because it was a trending subject and he could gain clout- then changed it to his personal profile, and deleting all the nick abuse claims out of nowhere. They were all proven to be false, Sophie Saturn is extremely disgusting for making up shit like that. If you haven’t noticed there is a trend of women making up abuse allegations because they know most people will believe them over a dude, especially when they have an army of sipms. Cranyo is a piece of shit for making that nick abuse page in the first place. Now he wants to shrug it off as if he didn’t try to ruin someone’s life.

No. 1048147

Trend? Please.
So much of what Canyon revealed in those texts was so degrading towards Tesah and felt almost sinister to me that he tried to have that much power of her and how he controls everyone’s perception of her. Just like he told her to make up a “break up” story and lie to stay with him, I have very little doubt that something physical did happen and he told her to retract her statement to be able to get back with him. I feel like he’s kept highlighting her drinking and blacking out (which may or may not be exaggerated) to further his “shes crazy” bullshit and make her audience feel that she’s not credible.

No. 1048202

People who fabricate abuse stories are scum, end of story. Alfredo is an emotionally abusive piece of shit, tesah is mentally ill and has made up a million abuse stories. Both of them are just as shit. It’s nice to see Tesah air out more dirty laundry, but the fact people are actually staning her is absolute cringe. And for a random person to then say “he hit her” is gag worthy 🤢

No. 1048212

This wasn't "bump thread" worthy yet here you are, unsaged. You might not be Crayon since you appear to be able to write in complete sentences but your association is still visible from afar

No. 1048214


Integrate, retard

No. 1048216

Learn to integrate

No. 1048235

lol it’s just me crayon guys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1048238

Does sage and adds emojis. It’s totally him… coming on a gossip form to shit talk his ex. This is getting really pathetic.

No. 1048239

File: 1601437445096.png (5.95 KB, 392x136, EC1C3781-BEB8-4DA7-AA3F-941DDE…)

No. 1048249

Gag worthy???
Please just shut the fuck up guy.

No. 1048311

Still here shit talking Tesah smh. Tesah I really do hope you see what this piece of shit is doing here

No. 1048660

File: 1601500816897.jpg (203.84 KB, 1080x1761, 20200930_171716.jpg)

Sounds like they're back together and crayon wants her to make a statement about how she made everything up

No. 1048665

Sigh. Dammit Tesah…

No. 1048666

If she really does get back together with him, can farmhands please mark all of Canyon's posts once and for all?

No. 1048685

It is pretty telling, that font style is used pretty heavily with crayon

No. 1048690

Shes made a new ig tesahxjordin
Deleted her statement on canyn from fb and has him on her friends list in fb…o lord.

No. 1048693

No. This is absolutely fucking appalling.
CRAYON needs to make a fucking statement apologizing about victim blaming Tesah for her sexual trauma with Dahvie. And for being a controlling prick.
The ONE time Tesah stands up for herself, and now she’s just going to retract her statement again, for a mooching loser who looks greasy as hell.

No. 1048694

They are both massive shits. Reject needs this bitch to stay relevant, not that his ugly, deformed sick ever was. And she's too stupid to get someone better.

No. 1048697

Well she did retract her dahvie statement before so of course she’ll do it for this loser

No. 1048699

WILDLY disappointing.

No. 1048702

The fact he was just shit talking her is astounding. I felt bad for her but how autistic can you be to get back with someone who was just dragging your name through shit on the internet. I feel bad for her but I’m also blaming her at this point. She had a chance to leave but she is choosing to stay with the asshole how was dragging her name thro the mug just hours ago

No. 1048705

File: 1601504987977.png (334.23 KB, 750x1334, 6A18D871-152E-40D5-8579-81D077…)

the cycle continues.

No. 1048706

File: 1601505020387.png (318.78 KB, 750x1334, 683120B8-C6C7-485A-870E-393345…)

No. 1048707

File: 1601505049055.png (315.19 KB, 750x1334, 1465E6D2-DCB4-4670-9C8C-602AC7…)

No. 1048708

File: 1601505079653.png (307.62 KB, 750x1334, 02BA1E19-A7F2-4873-A07A-1F91A0…)

No. 1048711

please god give this bitch arthritis for real

No. 1048716

Honestly, I don’t know what you want from him. You say he needs to make a statement, he does and admits to being manipulative to his exes and Tesah. And now you hate him for it? I mean shit. I didn’t expect him to admit to being manipulative ever(canyon)

No. 1048725


Fuck off crayon.

No. 1048727

Thats part of the manipulation. Its all bullshit.

His statement didn't take all of the accountability he still pushed blame on her. If he truly meant it he would acknowledge his side and let her do hers if she chooses to. Im sure hers will be posted shortly.

No. 1048728

It says above that “canyon” was blocked less than 13 hours ago… if you think I’m canyon than that just tells me that you’re blocking people who aren’t canyon kek(sure canyon)

No. 1048729

i know some anon upthread said he needs to make a statement but honestly i think most of us want him to shut the fuck up, go away and leave women alone. that's what society wants from him (well, you, but i'll play along)

No. 1048730

His statement should focus on his wrong doings not..i cheated and manipulated but so did she so were even…

No. 1048732

there's ways around it. Connecting to different wifis or cellular data for one.

No. 1048733

Well I’m not canyon I assure you. Not even a canyon simp. Just a voice of reason(canyon)

No. 1048735

It definitely was a half ass statement but it’s a start. At least he admits he’s a clout chaser and manipulative. I’ve never seen him admit that about himself(canyon)

No. 1048739

Its bullshit…ill believe it when hes consistently going to therapy. I doubt he'll follow through like everything else in life

No. 1048744

So is fettucine dumbfrado going to admit that he lied? Or nah?
Also him self posting in this message board claiming that Tesah was the liar, interesting how that was never mentioned by him

No. 1048745

Yes mods!!! Golden !

No. 1048749

Clearly he hasn't changed if he's stalking the forum STILL trying to clear his name

No. 1048763

Boring. Unbelievable.

No. 1048765

File: 1601508395115.jpeg (34.47 KB, 750x278, EB1ECE9E-292B-441E-81B4-69F9B3…)

Exemplary work again, mods. This was my favourite.

No. 1048771

She wouldn’t be a cow if she didn’t go back. Whatever little hope anons had of her seeing how manipulative and ugly fat crayon is, is gone.

No. 1048772

>self riotousness
How are people this illiterate?

Thoughts and prayers for Tesah being able to stay away from this lump of stupid.

No. 1048776

They're both fucking pathetic attention whores. I actually saw a glimmer of hope that Tesah would stay offline and figure her shit out, even made a statement on Twitter that she was only going to be on there for a long time and then like less than 24 hours later puts a new IG and her old FB back up… And the cycle continues

No. 1048779

File: 1601509095877.jpg (86.72 KB, 1080x365, Screenshot_20200930_193804.jpg)

> I needed a break
Deletes IG for 48 hours and comes back "starting fresh" by posting the same lame ass "goth" font and pictures

No. 1048789

Tbf, deleting socials is kind of suicide for OnlyFans. But it seems like it’s only back up so she can tell everyone she’s in love with Alfredo and that she only said that shit out of anger or whatever

No. 1048797

What I don't understand is permanently deleting an account with 13k followers claiming you need a "LONG" break, only to come back and create a new account literally 2 days later. In those texts with crayon she cried about losing subscribers on OF and that she wasn't making as much on it as she used to, well no shit when you keep doing this nonsense for a retard. They do all their sperging on their live and even if she didn't, just delete the posts not the entire account. They both dumb as shit

No. 1048805

Tesha, you are losing OF subscribers because you are with that Reject. No one wants to see his disgusting moldy dick ever.

No. 1048810

Someone was right, this is truly only going to end with one of them killing the other, or a murder suicide. Like there's really no other option at this point.

No. 1048821

Exactly, even if he’s fucking disgusting and fat, she needs to be single in order to get more subscribers, I mean, all neckbeards hate the idea of seeing their fap material with a boyfriend after all.

No. 1048842

File: 1601514304213.jpg (133.79 KB, 1080x1023, Screenshot_20200930_210505.jpg)

Sage for no new milk but was creeping Canyons FB and this caught my eye…

No. 1048877

File: 1601516193173.gif (1.79 MB, 634x384, jfc.gif)

No. 1048881

Tesah is too mentally weak to ever leave tbh she never left dahvie and was with him straight up until canyon. She’s too weak to be alone she knows dahvie was abusive nd stayed because it was better than loneliness canyon is slightly better than dahvie so she’ll stick him out too. We can only hope she cheats back and meets someone else to latch onto to leave him or canyon leaves her for someone else and cheats again

No. 1048891

Why does he try to make it out like someone is on his side in this forum. So pathetic. Stop self posting

No. 1048896

Its official, they follow each other on ig. Truly the only way you'll get away from him is when you see that you truly deserve better than that little boy. One day you'll get tired of the manipulation and gas lighting and thats why he's so controlling. he knows you won't stay with all the bullshit he puts you through. He knows you're better than that but until you come to that realization, he will leech off you for your "clout", money, and attention.

No. 1048906

Only reason he is with her is for sweet attention. He's fame hungry to the max, a lousy leech who wants to live off a woman, and a clout chasing pos. I hope they are miserable together.

No. 1048925

Well shit, this is pretty bad for trasha, she’s the one who lost way too much by staying with him, both of them are still two irrelevant dumbfucks though, so they’re just fat and fugly brad’s pits and scribble frangelina nonjolie.

No. 1048929

There is no gif that better explains what just happened here.

Have fun being miserable with a guy who talks shit about you on anon forums and dumps you on the side of the road Tesah. Real nice relationship you have there. I cant wait for the "You're all just jealous!!!" Posts.

I sincerely hope mods mark all of his posts.

No. 1048935

Disappointed but not surprised.

No. 1048936

Whether the pretending to be single on social media is her decision or his, you know fuck boy using that to his advantage. Hes too insecure to not to while tesah been making money online and off line.

No. 1048943

This is what happens when you have no friends and family that cares about you. A person with a stable social circle would beat some sense into you so you won't look like a fool. But trash face has no backbone, an once of sense, a brain, and self respect. So honestly I can't wait until they finally finish each other off.

No. 1048955

that's a lotta words for "i need a therapist." anyone else getting TND vibes from this performative post?

No. 1048970

Yes tnd videos all the way

No. 1048971

Vibes ; my phones is dumb as shit

No. 1049015

Looking forward to Crayon hemorrhaging followers again once he's forced to post the inevitable "we're back together again" post kek.
The thread was fun again when they were splitting. Back to mundane shitposts…
I'll check in in a month's time for the next break-up.

No. 1049057

Meh, can't say that no one didn't see this coming. The funniest part of this though is that Tesah admitted everything - the abusive behaviour, the shrimp dick, the cheating, and yet she still goes back… So honestly fuck her. They're both going to lose any online support they have and they have no real friends. It would be sad in any other situation but these two losers deserve each other

No. 1049076

And there goes my tiny rest of sympathy for Tesah smh. Girl everything that’s going to happen from now on is your own fault

No. 1049164

She will regret this someday. All this wasted time.

Thank you mods.

No. 1049168

File: 1601553182045.jpg (368.91 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20201001_075342.jpg)

At least she seems to still be working and collecting as much cash as she can before he comes home but then again now that they're back together he's just going to take it from her

No. 1049177

I know Tesah is in the hotseat for going back, but Canyon took some roasting from her online; How can you just forget that she got drunk and humiliated you? Telling everyone you're broke, short and unworthy. I know he says he has a "humiliation fetish" but let's be real, he wasn't getting off on that and it was meant to hurt him.
Canyon, don't you think you deserve better than that? You're a dickhead to the highest degree but you need a bit of self-worth/pride.

No. 1049186

>I took what was meant to be personal (obscure or not) it was personal and broadcast it on here to get shares and views.
The sentence structure coupled with the misuse of the word obscure… I don't even know how to feel.

No. 1049199

What does he think that word means?? Canyon please doxx yourself I will literally post you a dictionary, we are suffering

No. 1049226

Is his new word of the week

No. 1049250

File: 1601562605301.jpg (449.39 KB, 1078x1079, SmartSelect_20201001-092901_In…)

Wth is up with her stomache?
And why make a new account? Like whats the point? Stupid

No. 1049251

File: 1601562783033.jpg (431.9 KB, 1078x1348, SmartSelect_20201001-093037_In…)

And clean your nasty ass room. Geez. Youd think she could actually put some effort into her pics. Like if she was smart shed be getting paid to have her picture taken and actually might have a chance being in print and maybe get somewhere with herself.

No. 1049258

She wasn’t even humiliating him in comparison. He literally painted her out to be a unstable drunk. He was just called out for being a abuser

No. 1049259

I don’t even like her much. But her room is clean ? It’s just a blanket on the floor ?

No. 1049275

It’s marks you get when your clothes dig into you from being too tight, nitpicker

No. 1049278

Don't be fucking stupid. This is nitpicking at its finest.

No. 1049280

He's gonna punish her for that, no doubt.
He's lovebombing her and everyone else right now, just like Greg when he cheated on Taylor again. ~~he's not worthy of love and mentality ill, but he'll work on bettering himself you guize~~
As soon as Tesah's submissive and happy again, he'll start breaking her down.
It's always the same.

No. 1049292

Well if you're gonna try and market yourself you really should put effort into it fr. Just looks trashy. Not really nitpicking but ok. She used to actually put some little effort until crayon took over.

No. 1049294

Shut the fuck up.

No. 1049297

Lmao Tesah was ruthless like she had never been before and literally spilled the beans, seeming as if she was done with him. We all knew Alfredo was manipulative as fuck it wasn’t that much of a shock, but you really believe Tesah when it comes to making up abuse stories? Actually can’t understand why people are simping so hard for her like she isn’t just as fucked up as crayon. People; they are both terrible, disgusting human beings. Let them be filth together, they both have no redeeming qualities. They are gonna rot together. Canyon is actually disgusting and Tesah is mentably ill, she can’t handle the thought of being alone.

No. 1049309

File: 1601570279173.jpg (139.32 KB, 1072x1904, 20201001_113910.jpg)

Jesus he really is Truck Stop Onision

No. 1049335

This looks like indentation from boning in a tight corset which makes total sense since it’s Tesah. Are you serious?

No. 1049336

I’d say most the women on this thread have probably been through some amount of mental, emotional, physical or sexual abuse and would root for just about any woman if it came to light that she was going through any of those things. I’m not sure it’s necessarily that we “simp” for Tesah, but just that we would want ANY woman to lift themself up and move on after all this.

No. 1049339

I feel this. Seeing Canyon and Tesah’s texts on the last thread was chilling to me, reminded me of my conversations with my abusive ex. Canyon is clearly super controlling and manipulative, and I recognised Tesah’s desperation to do anything she could to please him, cos that’s what abusers do. They make you beg for a shred of affection so when you get it, you chase it like a drug. I really hope she sees the light. I don’t like her, but this kind of relationship destroys you inside and out, and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

No. 1049344

File: 1601572904299.jpg (259.56 KB, 1077x1818, h6hako.jpg)

This is such bullshit, I literally found his instagram because we matched on tinder and he messaged me saying "hey you should follow my insta" lmao. I get not having one anymore but don't lie about never having one

No. 1049350

Yeah, exactly. I’m fully expecting Tesah to make a statement about how she said some “untrue” things to hurt Crayon, and how she forgives him. When honestly, I don’t believe her. We saw the proof that Crayon cheated and was controlling. And his “statement” was gross. He was like “I cheated but Tesah is also horrid! Focus on the things she’s done!!” And the thirsty chicks that follow him just lap it up. It’s gross.

No. 1049395

Ain't nobody gonna kidnap this delusional greasy man

No. 1049451

Can confirm he has had a tinder 100% we matched and he did the whole cuck thing on me I’d say he uses it on the road and probs got caught out for it and is claiming it’s fake

No. 1049463

Even anonymously, I wouldn’t admit to matching with ravine

No. 1049489

“You should follow my Insta”
Ugh, his desperation to get more followers is so gross. And he claims he went viral. Viral for what???

No. 1049494

Narco why would you cowtip him from a fake account?

No. 1049497

Whatever he’s spreading around to all those thots is probably viral

No. 1049524

how long ago was that anon? Do you think it's possible it's still active?

No. 1049593

I’m not the same same anon but I matched with him on tinder during broken foot/ missing legend saga and then he texted me again during the hitting saga. I’m guess it’s linked to his old fb and becomes active when he reactivates it to cheat on the sneak and now he’s using it again it’s back up?

No. 1049600

Screenshots or shut up(canyon again)

No. 1049772

Hahahha you don’t sage and sound so pissy about a accusation. Hmmm

No. 1049877

He also asked me to follow his insta. He's so desperate.

No. 1049915

completely agree. everyone is here has their tongue so far up her ass it’s disgusting. i don’t believe a word out of her mouth. she went to jail ffs for being a bf basher. there were witnesses too remember? canyons been trying to desperately escape this relationship for months now, not the other way around. not saying he’s perfect but all this simping for this crazy BPD whore and obvious alcoholic who’s been in jail for DV is insane to me.

she was with dahvie for so long there’s no way she didn’t know about his …. tendencies. she probably protected him when she could because she’s just that desperate and sad. until the heat came and she went on the show to claim abuse and rape. she’s a liar. she’ll say anything to get people on her side, she’s a professional victim and the fact that all you guys are sucking it right up is pathetic.

canyon is just an average attention whore who dreams of fame like a billion other people.

No. 1049933

>He's been trying to get away from her months now
Yet posts a 3 page novel on FB stating he loves her and wants a family with her?

No. 1049943

No one cares.

No. 1049967

File: 1601637100615.jpg (427.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201002-211135.jpg)

Ravine sure knows how to pander.

No. 1050012

Every time I read his post I feel like iam losing tons of brain cells like wtf? I’ve never seen someone constantly changing hobby’s and interests before. Like what does he think he’s going to achieve with this bullshit? He looks like a complete idiot

No. 1050072

File: 1601652377332.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, D7C67749-8C34-4D8C-9035-E9A064…)

>tries to pander Mexican people
>still manages to sound condescending and retarded
Does he thinks he’s some sort of celebrity or politician? No one gives a fuck about whether he knows how to say hola or not, what a retard, he will never “go viral”

No. 1050073

I wouldn't expect anything less from a freemason. His toxic behaviour is textbook.

No. 1050094

He doesn’t even know how to spell in his own language. How the fuck does he expect to learn a new one?

No. 1050106

He is?

No. 1050117

No. He’s not. It’s just crayon bumping his thread I’m sure.

No. 1050143

It's like everyone in this thread collectively developed amnesia and forget that she protected, aided and abetted Dahvie until the HuffPost article came out and she turned tail so she wouldn't be charged. She's helped groom underage girls with Dahvie and belongs in the same box as Krai

No. 1050145

No no bumping here, I saged my post. Yes he is a freemason. Pretty sure he has tattoos to show it.
Saw a few members commenting on his pics before asking why he doesn't go to their meetings anymore.

No. 1050169

Even if this were true, you realise that the freemasons are just a group of really rich old men doing stupid, made up rituals to fuck around until the encroaching void of death catches up with them?

No. 1050179

>old men doing stupid, made up rituals to fuck around until the encroaching void of death catches up with them
I'm not gonna give this any stock until proof is provided but that sounds right up crayon's ally KEK. He even had a faggy all seeing eye tattoo iirc.

No. 1050193

fucking exactly. she’s the ghislaine maxwell to his jeffrey epstein. and just like with ghislaine, she changed her tune/tried to distance herself when it all came out for epstein and dahvie. she’s the most disgusting type of woman…. the type of woman who helps and protects men who prey on women, in the delusional belief that’s THAT what will make him love her.

she’s sick in the head, she doesn’t care about other women being abused, she’s a liar, a fucking psychotic BPD bitch, and an abuser. stop simping for this ugly bitch because she’s the only one who wants this relationship and it’s so obvious.

No. 1050204

I agree with everything you said anon except for
>she’s the only one who wants this relationship and it’s so obvious
Crayon may not want her for conventional reasons but I think in his mind the vapid ones count for something.

Refer to >>1046269
>Is banned from her club

No. 1050205

File: 1601664060550.jpg (42.36 KB, 960x540, FB_IMG_1601663974219.jpg)

Anon was right, he posted this on facebook after some girl asked why he was wearing a masonic ring.

No. 1050214

Is that fucking Steve Jobs behind him? Kek

No. 1050235

That may actually be part of why she stays. What Canyon said about Tesah and Dahvie is true, and he knows he can hold that over her and that could potentially sink her business of everyone sans cumbrains.

No. 1050254

How old was she with Dahvie at the beginning again ?

No. 1050263

She was 15 when he invited himself to her house and orally raped her

No. 1050271

Yes and while that's awful, she continued to be with him off and on until either last year or earlier this year and she used to invite girls to BOTDF shows for the purpose of Dahvie meeting them.

No. 1050274

Yeah that’s what being groomed does? Her rapist isn’t milk if u wanna understand her actions you should do some research into grooming and it’s effects

No. 1050288

File: 1601672433132.jpg (Spoiler Image, 946.17 KB, 2048x1840, 20201002_165956.jpg)

Welp, this lasted a whole day.

No. 1050292

Her tits really are horrendous and those piercings make them look even weirder. I think that vid clip might cause the opposite reaction to a boner

No. 1050295

File: 1601673080798.jpg (244.28 KB, 720x1280, Snapchat-876873128.jpg)

I found these crayons in my bf's, sister's room. Fucking worse than Roseart. I'm dying. WHAT even is this wax shit?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1050347


Why though? That's hilarious lmao.

No. 1050349

She literally helped bring underage girls to Dahvie. Knowingly and willingly. Being groomed by him doesn't excuse that.

No. 1050353

If she was underage it does. Being groomed makes it your normal that’s the whole point. To make your victims think it’s normal and acceptable behavior. So they don’t snitch on you. Not even trying to wk, just annoyed with victim blaming with pedos

No. 1050354

Since this is the case. I don’t blame her for her actions. That’s kinda the whole point of grooming. She is a victim. If you can’t see that, then your on a boner hate train. I don’t think she is a great person. But I’m not going to blame her for her rapists/ pedos actions

No. 1050356

She can be a victim and still be complicit in Dahvie's abuse of others, which she was.

No. 1050361

Samefag but she was involved in an earlier rendition of Garbagecore before it got Zucced. She literally read stories from other victims of Dahvie with all the details and proceeded to not only go back to Dahvie but also call his merch girl, who had come forward with her own story, a liar. And she was very much an adult who should have known better when this happened.

No. 1050362

How old was she during being complicit. I try to deep dive threads but it’s hard to find out. Was she underage then ? Was she not ?

No. 1050363

That’s pretty gross

No. 1050365

It stopped last year when she jumped from Dahvie to Canyon so definitely not underage

No. 1050369

Does anyone have screencaps from the tesah/dahvie days? Not trying to be spoofed, but I've literally looked and couldn't really find shit from that period as far as actual posts or screen shots go.

No. 1050396

File: 1601682448560.png (1.2 MB, 828x1792, 02af6c04-26d5-4018-9483-de37b0…)

Tesah/Dahvie pic dump. These are from right before Tesah started dating Canyon (April 2019)

No. 1050397

File: 1601682477570.png (1.08 MB, 828x1792, 66239a37-7718-4059-87d8-d4f2de…)

No. 1050403

File: 1601682583041.jpg (560.14 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20201002-183534_Fac…)

No. 1050404

File: 1601682625210.jpg (35.16 KB, 448x767, FB_IMG_1601681575380.jpg)

Video with more context incoming

No. 1050408

File: 1601682708258.webm (249.3 KB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20201002-1833…)


That's all I have unfortunately. A lot of the more damning receipts about her turning on victims was lost to Zuccing

No. 1050410

How is this any different that her backtracking with what we’ve been shown about her and Canyon’s relationship?

No. 1050419


He looks so much more like a chick. This guy needs to disappear.

No. 1050421

Because this was after she had recanted and called other victims liars, including Dahvie's former merch girl. She knew what she was doing

No. 1050425

This is crazy. I wouldn't have guessed

No. 1050437

She was groomed omg of course she defended him she was groomed she didn’t know better than to serve him cause he was in her head for 9 years??? The other victims you’re talking about actively follow tesah and some like madalyn/fallon comment on her fb and insta posts. They understand. The pedo isnt milk at all

No. 1050444

File: 1601684486453.jpg (505.04 KB, 1080x1630, 20201002_202009.jpg)

Omg Tesah why? She's using the same font as asbergers. We are legit rooting for you. Get over these retards!(repost)

No. 1050523

Stripper diet…don't forget a waist trainer coupled with intense photoshop. Fake whore.

No. 1050617

The unsaged Tesah ass licking is getting really annoying. If Tesah is completely freed from the responsibility of the situation, so are people like Ghislaine Maxwell (not the best comparison). Even if you were the victim at one point, and continued to be so, doesn't excuse being a 27 year old accomplice. He did not hold a gun to her head. He normalised disgusting behaviour that she had years to dwell on prior to showing her allegiance to Dhavie and not the other girls. I can understand this behaviour, but I don't excuse it. And I can feel sorry for her, but not to the extent that I screech "no milk" when her past wrong doing is discussed.

No. 1050624

Lainey is probably the most relevant example

No. 1050626

exactly. she was a full grown adult protecting this pedo. she may not have know better in the beginning, but she sure did by the end and had absolutely no problem with it until he was outed. no one is kissing ghislaines maxwells ass and giving her a pass, and tesah doesn’t deserve a pass either. she was probably helping him lure in girls just like ghislaine….. all to appease that sick piece of shirt. at the very least, she protected him by keeping her mouth shut. if she was reported to the FBI and they dug into the situation, i’m sure she’d catch some major charges.

No. 1050627

I can confirm that that's exactly what she was doing. That and feeding info from victims back to Dahvie so he could build phony alibis

No. 1050632

she’s an evil monster. I just cannot believe all the simping in this thread like GiRl PoWeR. because girl power is totally luring in young girls for your pedo bf to fuck AS A FULL GROWN ADULT. and ONLY saying anything at all once that pedo is finally outed. then she claims raaappeee and abbboooosseee. and you all sucked it up because you thought canyon was more cringe and self posted and acted like an attention starved little kid.

No. 1050666

Y'all have got to stop using the "grooming" excuse, humans make their own choices and it's not like because she has a preference for a person and is around them that they're just 100% brainwashed. I swear it's idiots like you that say this shit when she's clearly showing she has a cognitive thought process and when the majority of the relationship no longer benefits her, she jumps ship and quickly comes back. She's 100% just as guilty as Crayon, there's is no difference between them and their personalities other than the way they execute their behaviors. She's making her own decisions like many other people and you give them the benefit of the doubt and award them this "Victim" that they're entitled too. At some point you have to acknowledge that she's responsible for as many actions against herself as he is against her.

No. 1050698

Jesus christ, they both look like they're melting. How desperate do you have to be to date such an ugly faggot

No. 1050713

The support in here was because that was Tesah's opportunity to be her own person and move away from a manchild who treats her like shit, and in fairness the thread was getting a lot of new attention/lurkers who might not have known her history with Dahvie. There's no "I told you so, anon, material here". I think a lot of the support was stemming from the Crayon screenshots alone.

I hope so anyway because if I'm wrong then there are too many flip-floppers in here who change their narrative based on the tone of the thread.

No. 1050742

How can you confirm this?

No. 1050884

Blog but in 2017 after Tesah had one of her BPD splits with Dahvie (and went back) someone on Garbagecore came forward and said that Tesah invited her to a BOTDF show with the promise of meeting Dahvie and Jayy; Dahvie raped her that night. This was in the Zucced group so I don't have SS and I can't ask the person because last April she an hero'd.

Sorry for repost, added dates and as many details as I can remember

No. 1050950

Tbf I'd believe this despite the lack of physical evidence.

No. 1051003

File: 1601755925360.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201003-141230_Fac…)

No. 1051005

File: 1601755965878.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201003-141242_Fac…)

No. 1051018

Lmao who the fuck is gonna read this?

No. 1051028

It surely won't be me.
If anyone does please give us a tl;dr.

No. 1051032

>Sorry for being a clout chaser
>Can never commit to anything such as YouTube and music, just wanted to do anything to go viral
>Broke up friendships and relationships for attention and drama
>Cheated on ppl and then pretended like they left him for no reason
>B-but I only cheat because I was cheated on and bullied!!!
>Muh trauma for being cheated on as a kid
>Cheated on Tesah, but she's bad too
>Wants to give up "fame" and "money" (lol) for family aka Tesah

No. 1051035


I forgot to add that he says he has a cuck fetish, is bisexual. But that's about it.

Not sure if this is an actual moment of self awareness or some kind of narcy manipulation tactic, time will tell

No. 1051067

These were posted 3 days ago. >>1048705

No. 1051083

>Not sure if this is an actual moment of self awareness or some kind of narcy manipulation tactic

Obviously the latter.

No. 1051085

Still doesn’t know how to use the word obscure. Read it all, that’s the only that stuck lmao

No. 1051136


Yeah, you right.

Forgive me anon, I didn't catch up on current milk until after I responded to anon's request for a tldr. I'd been avoiding this thread because canyon self posting his purple thumb of a chode made me wanna vom. But I see now that this self awareness schtick is his attempt to get people to stop talking about him on "lol cow farm" lmao

No. 1051310

Omg I didn't see they were. Sorry for the repost!(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1051320

Can you sage and also change the atrocious font you have on your phone before posting screenshots here?

No. 1051467

File: 1601815681170.jpg (261.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201004-084410_Ins…)

Oookay. Kek. This retard lives for drama. I don't believe he can function without it. Also, Tesah is still clearly at the apartment. These two are going to get back together as soon as he gets home.

No. 1051595

They already are, just not publicly as per Canyon's demands during their last blowout. Lurk more.

No. 1051671

File: 1601839899482.jpg (1010.09 KB, 1078x1678, Screenshot_20201004-143110_Ins…)

Ravine is home. How long until they're either fighting or cringe love bombing each other?

No. 1051676

File: 1601840435297.jpg (283.67 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20201005-063959__01…)

I'm hedging my bets that they're already together ngl.

>I still listen to brokencyde

Lord have mercy on his soul

No. 1051718

Tesah liked this pic on IG, totally back together but will appear "single" as per Crayon's demands so he can keep messaging other chicks under the guise of being single and not have them msg her. Maybe she's the cuck in the relationship after all

No. 1051724

Lol never noticed that was a fish skeleton on his face. Would love to hear the jokes people make behind his back

No. 1051743

He looks like a cringy teenager. There's so many men, why be with a boy?

No. 1051744

She’s posting with orange cat but where’s black kitten he likes?

No. 1051772

File: 1601849190900.jpg (352.55 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20201004_180708.jpg)

You could already tell he was home but if there was any doubt, there's Tesah's favourite porn chair in the background

No. 1051798

It doesn’t look like the same place

No. 1051838

Defunately is. Tesah likee to keep things monochromatic, still the same place tho

No. 1051841

he needs chapstick. Nitpick but damn

No. 1051859

Hes honestly so hot evn if h is absive. He daddy

No. 1051870

Canyon, girl, stop.

No. 1051871

You deserve what you get

No. 1051873

File: 1601861023650.jpg (144.67 KB, 717x717, 20201004_182408.jpg)

No. 1051877

Ew ur a whale

No. 1051878

Cease your oxygen intake and fabrication of carbon dioxide.

No. 1051890

LC really is his passion. Pathetic.

No. 1051892

Yes him h suld cheat on trasha wit me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1051893

Yeah he is wandering into fat lesbian territory tbh, tattoos could be seeing as trying to comp for missing masculinity cause he looks super soft.

Good grief is he drunk posting? Hahaha.

No. 1051901

Hey now, don't disrespect Becky! You're barely 20 pounds from looking exactly like that truck cuck

No. 1051906

File: 1601862829696.jpeg (283.18 KB, 1436x1080, 501E0188-13BE-4C96-AE99-D76EB3…)

>he thinks he can talk about other people being fat
Kek, the delusion is amazing, he should just get a new tattoo to cover his fupa.

No. 1051918

He wishes. Becky has WAY more game than Crayon.

No. 1051953

File: 1601866011353.jpg (1.08 MB, 2896x2896, passion of the crayon.jpg)

No. 1051966

Hehe, I love it. After another breakup sperg
this should be next thread pic.

No. 1051971


Like music, like youtube, this dumbass can't stick to his "changed man" persona for more than two seconds. It's no wonder he's no good for anything.

No. 1051998

File: 1601870688663.jpg (294.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201005-150436.jpg)

>Passion of the crayon
KEK I fucking love this anon.

Oh the irony of him posting this…

No. 1052290

I feel bad for tessa sometimes that her count went down from 13k to a mere 800. Not even 1000
Canyon taking away a lot more than your dignity girl.
Like you said, you should have left when he fucked with your money.

No. 1052311

File: 1601917888009.jpeg (90.34 KB, 828x1419, FD8BCD30-C7EB-4147-8D92-F1D6EC…)

Does Alfredo realize we’re in the middle of a pandemic?

No. 1052312

She deleted and remade. Lurk moar, newfag

No. 1052333

I'm aware moron. That's what I was referring to, the fact that she deleted it thanks to crayon

No. 1052338

File: 1601920205484.jpg (1.11 MB, 2048x2048, 1601920111269.jpg)


How dare he post a meme of my dude Keanu. One of the most wholesome guys in the world.

Also. Who in the actual fuck would spend almost seven dollars on a single video of his purple baby shrimp dick? It's not like he is going to keep up with it anyway.

No. 1052341

This unsaged nonsense and not spelling Tesah's name correctly >>1052290 give you away

No. 1052343

I've posted plenty here before, you really think I give a shit about how u spell tessah. Tesa tessa its the same whore(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1052346

>I’ve posted plenty here before
>doesn’t sage

No. 1052349

If you think Canyon is posting then report the post, don't clog the thread with accusations.

No. 1052850

File: 1601986753173.jpg (360.24 KB, 1080x1948, Screenshot_20201006-071458_Ins…)

This is gonna end in disaster

No. 1052856


There’s a literal deadly pandemic on, Michael: Cease and desist with this “party” bullshit.

No. 1052876

It would be kind of shitty if this shit show ended with a cough.

No. 1052883

Didn’t he claim to have covid a few months ago? Why would you want other people to go through that if you REALLY had it?

No. 1052911

File: 1601993857919.jpg (198.33 KB, 1080x1918, 20201006_072554.jpg)


No. 1052927

His post is the opposite of kekworthy

No. 1052941

Yeah I meant the question that was asked. Sorry, I'm a stoner retard

No. 1052953

File: 1601997206273.jpg (608.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201006-182335.jpg)

Dw I was referring to his shitty pun. Also, he's capitalising on his rapid aging. No more Robert "Patingson", he's Allen Rickman now.

No. 1052954

He was an essential worker, so in theory it makes sense that he would have it. However, his foolishness in this matter makes me think it’s another case of “arthritis”

No. 1052958

File: 1601997798955.jpeg (192.79 KB, 828x1210, 9FD31124-2C25-4113-8058-4DE378…)

The ironic thing is, he posted this….

No. 1053066

File: 1602007262562.jpg (438.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201007-050037.jpg)

Clearly reading the thread again. Not that he ever stopped lurking in the first place.

No. 1053069

File: 1602007408553.jpg (496.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201007-050053.jpg)

Samefag as >>1053066
Today Gulch's nice guy schtick has evolved past Mexican ally to feminist icon mode. Gotta do that damage control since the previous sperg.

No. 1053073


He thinks everyone is as gullible and retarded as he is lol. We already saw proof of Crayon demanding Tesah act like they are separated. We know they're in the same place. But sure, we should just take you at your word.


A boy who treats his gf like shit, admittedly cheats on women just to inflict pain? Yeah, I totally buy that he respects women.

No. 1053110

File: 1602010628084.png (296.45 KB, 498x374, tenor.png)

Yeah ok Crayon. You're both still living in the same place, that Snape photo was in your shared bed. Pics of yourself in the kitchen with her photoshoot chair in the background but ok, you're "completely separated"… You really think your followers are as retarded as you are

No. 1053117

File: 1602010998575.jpg (314 KB, 1080x1870, Screenshot_20201006_150412.jpg)

Yep totally not in the same place at all…kek

No. 1053173

File: 1602014660276.jpg (758.05 KB, 1920x1557, IMG_20201006_160401.jpg)

Conveniently posting bar selfies at the same time but totes not together y'all

No. 1053174

I don’t think you that’s the same place. One has a guitar one doesn’t

No. 1053176

Definitely different bars

No. 1053180

Awful risky dice to roll when they spend all their spare income on cocktails when they don't even have health insurance in case they catch covid while out at these bars, not to mention they really should be saving so they can actually get their own places to really drive home their "separated" roleplaying.

No. 1053184

Well according to Crayon he already got covid but like another anon said, that's about as believable as his "arthritis" and this supposed breakup.
Hey Crayon what's your excuse for those red satin pillowcases that we know your bed with Tesah has, in your Alan Rickman cosplay photo?

No. 1053185

Careful tesah u only have two drinks left according to crayons rule lmao

No. 1053186

That's only when she's not with him. Don't want her to get too freaky at work you know kek

No. 1053193

File: 1602016548971.jpg (731.94 KB, 1920x1671, IMG_20201006_163525.jpg)

Try harder to convince people you're not together… That's the same drink Tesah has in your picture or is that a coincidence too? Same broken skewer on too and all…

No. 1053196

They know they're obvious they just don't care. Don't bother.
Tesah looks pathetic though going along with his lame ass ideas etc.

No. 1053202


Imagine being the bartender serving these two boobs on their phones, the chimp furiously refreshing the lol cow farm between insta stories, griping at his girlfriend to make sure it looks like they aren't together, while she stares at herself in the viewfinder and begs him not to cheat on her or ignore her. Amazing.

No. 1053206

Imagine being Tesah and not only agreeing to pretend to be single but actually going along with it. All so your ugly boyfriend can cheat on you without random girls messaging you about it. Girl needs to be dicked down by someone else (who doesn't have a shrimp dick), and fast. This is sad, funny, but fucking sad

No. 1053261

they deserve each other. i hope they stay together forever (anonymously of course, no ring or wife status for tesah). just so no other innocent soul has to put op with their batshit craziness, because they BOTH are.

it will end when one dies. maybe naturally, maybe not. I could see tesah losing her mind when she find concrete evidence of him physically cheating, getting blackout and just grabbing the nearest knife and stabbing him to death. like this ending would not surprise me at all.

No. 1053363

You'd think these two morons would have enough brain cells to maybe post their selfies and Instagram stories at different times, but nope. Like the complete assholes they are they post it and pretend like they just happen to be out at different bars while totally not together or anything. Their followers would have to be low functioning to believe that shit.

No. 1053395

Maybe she's been talking to gimpgirl, kek

No. 1053473

Not to cow tip but crayon is talking to other girls rn judging from a sw group chat I’m in (can’t post receipts just yet) so either they are together nd hiding it? Or they’re not and he’s looking for fresh meat

No. 1053521

He looks so dumb lol.

No. 1053526

Pls post pics asap

No. 1053551

This is getting worse, building to another very public display of abuse in this horrific relationship. On both ends.
Who the fuck is Alfredo trying to fool, “MaKiNg NeW FrIeNdS” bitch who? Your and Teasah reflection in the bar?? There is no way in hell they are broken up and they are both fucking idiots thinking they have people fooled. Alfredo, hi, I just want to say you look like a fool pretending you’re single. I know you reek of desperation and it’s very evident. Just admit it, you’ll have one mark of truth to your name.

No. 1053557

File: 1602053939348.jpg (408.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201007-173210.jpg)

Can someone tell me where the humour is located in this post?

No. 1053598

He thinks everything he says is brand new information for everybody. That show was in the top 10 on Netflix like 3 months ago. Guy is definitely on the spectrum… if not autism than Asperger's or some shit for sure

No. 1053600

File: 1602063564960.jpg (128.25 KB, 720x848, 20201007_103859.jpg)

What…Or who (more likely) is this supposed to be hiding. Poor Tesah kek this is so embarrassing for her.

No. 1053603

Imagine a world where on an image board we actually post proof of what we're talking about…

No. 1053646

This boy is touched.

No. 1053664

And not by an angel… kek

No. 1053668

Shoulda hit Tesah's chair in the background while he was at it

No. 1053676

Those are different bars, way different lighting

No. 1053681

You can find different lighting in the very same room kek, let alone an entire bar. Note that they photographed the same drinks >>1053193

No. 1053709

Prob canyon post.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1053710

Different lighting? Try different filters too. Tesah's lipstick is completely different colors in different pics from last night because of the filters she uses on IG. Damn you're retarded

No. 1053718

God for real!! This is not girl power! It's like she begs for females to lure them in! Ugh and no girl wants your gross autistic man boy

No. 1053725

Thought so tbh, just ignored it kek.

No. 1053753

Forget the chair. Is that not her purse on the ground?

No. 1053774

File: 1602085974271.jpg (299.15 KB, 1080x1940, Screenshot_20201007_115329.jpg)

In their bed, same grey blanket as seen in other pics. Ouija who Canyon is still claiming to be "the father" of on his IG and Tesah's use of "we" when talking about his adoption… Girl gonna get in trouble for this one kek

No. 1053775

Lol! Also the same grey and black plaid shirt Crayon's been wearing on the chair in the background

No. 1053776

File: 1602086298289.jpg (62.74 KB, 695x667, Screenshot_20201007_115922.jpg)

Closeup of shirt and chair

No. 1053788

She did the same with Dahvie a lot

No. 1053814

Kittens shouldn't be separated from their mother at eight weeks, wtf?

You're supposed to adopt them when they're twelve weeks old….

Greedy bitch who can't wait.

No. 1053880

He has the most fugly punchable face I’ve ever seen

No. 1054275

File: 1602166021017.jpg (404.88 KB, 1080x1984, Screenshot_20201008-090715_Ins…)

Tinfoil but I think I figured out something.

It's a quid pro quo - pretending to be single in public so Tesah can dance and Canyon can have a woman in every city

No. 1054372

File: 1602173651519.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1242x2538, DF739846-77AF-4C67-8304-9E365F…)

Anyone notice his recent eating disorder? From fat boy to skeleton in a month?

No. 1054377

He does not generally have the eyes or actions of a totally sober person lol

No. 1054379

I doubt he has the self-control of a person that has an actual ED, specially since he posted a picture drinking, the worst enemy of weight loss.
Those inflated cheeks of his will never stop looking like balls even if he tries to b/p forever.

No. 1054382


If you are breeder, you actually are now allowed separate kitten from mom before 14 weeks. 12 Weeks was old minium.

Doing it too early will cause most cases behavior problem. I saved saved kitten Who tends eat plastic (cords, tape, palstic bags) because they were 8 weeks. Wants attention a lot. Ofc could be "worse" but its tiny bit annoying.

If their cat will get behavior issues, do u think they will solve it, or pass cat on next home?

No. 1054384


ED is a push, he’s gone from chubby fat to skinny fat. He’s still doughy as fuck.

No. 1054518

File: 1602184157007.jpg (99.8 KB, 1080x576, Screenshot_20201008_151025.jpg)

People in the comments were asking/suggesting she's pregnant. That's just what this trainwreck needs

No. 1054523

this 100% reads like she's purely angling for people to suggest she's pregnant lmao subtle

No. 1054536

These are all issues that can be attributed to her drinking. Hangovers get worse as you age and as your alcoholism gets worse.

No. 1054537

Samefag but these are all covid symptoms as well.

No. 1054553

They'll probably lose it again after another fight in the truck.
A pet rock would be more fitting for braindead monkeys like those two.

No. 1054579

As if they wouldn’t lose the pet rock or try to kill each other with it.

No. 1054633

File: 1602193468981.jpg (260.65 KB, 1080x1936, Screenshot_20201008_174454.jpg)

I guess he's given up on the "we're completely separated" bullshit. In the bed with their cat and her infamous chair and vanity area off to the side

No. 1054652

Different vanity desk, different apartment different cat

No. 1054673

hahah of course

No. 1054711

How tf can you claim all that to be different when its clearly the exact same. How convenient that someone owns the exact black vanity, products and car. Fuck off canyon.

No. 1054714

File: 1602201598189.jpg (477.93 KB, 1079x1231, Screenshot_20201008-180114_Ins…)

Oh and that infamous chair.

No. 1054717

Oh my God can you all stop with this pathetic Nancy Drew Bullshit? Who gives a fuck if they're in the same place, they're going to end up back to gether regardless of your shitty guessing games. Someone (no names) pulling all this "oh it's a different bar guess again trololol" or "Nope different bedroom" is being a bit too fucking obvious.

This thread has gone to shit. The milk is dry, ladies.

No. 1054718

Ty ty rip

No. 1054719

Lol they are together
And way to get triggered over something that doesn't personally affect you. Just come back when there is milk then.

No. 1054732


Nayrt but everyone knows they are still together. Including the person denying it. We don't need screenshot after screenshot proving what everyone already knows. We have receipts of Canyon demanding Tesah pretend they're both single and it's been clearly established they're still living together and going to bars together. Just stop already.

No. 1054735

Anyone who uses "triggered" unironically is a retard…
Actually everything you just wrote is retarded.

No. 1054739

Yes like terms such as sage or newfag used around here aren't retarded, yet everyone has a stick up their ass about them.
Forgive me for not following this forum post by post, but yall need to relax and save that shit for canyon or tessah.

No. 1054741

Nah this thread is dead, it reached it's peak and then it died. This is probably the last time I'll be checking in- I'm off to the Baylee Jae shitshow.

No. 1054746

How come you know the term 'Sage' but you don't actually do it?

No. 1054789

Wow it's almost like that word sage is important cuz it does something. It keeps the thread from being brought up when some dumb fuck [you dont have to say newfag] adds their retarded take to it which is not a relevant update. It goes in the email field. I guess its retarded that websites have rules…but be a rebel and go post shaved-with-a-rusty-hubcap taint to the gram, since having rules is like, totally lame.

No. 1054875

They're in a never ending cycle

No. 1055215

File: 1602273916392.png (1.66 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201009-150515.png)

I was on tik Tok and I want to share this I saw this on my for you page

No. 1055233

So he got a haircut? And this is post-worthy, why?

No. 1055237

This is on your "Following" page anon?

No. 1055279

Tesah is in the background(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1055327


I mean, duh.

No. 1055335

Who gives a fuck

No. 1055398

Y get pissy at something doesn't meet ur standard of "milk" but still lurk the forums…

No. 1055414

This my first time checking in since the blow-out…Based on what anons like you are now considering milk, it'll also be the last check-in. RIP thread- it was good while it lasted!

No. 1055428

I’m with you. I still lurk in case of a blowout. But this need to create milk is getting old. This thread has definitely collapsed(ok canyon)

No. 1055440

Its only been a what a week and a half since their last? Maybe 2?

Lol k cool bye.

No. 1055442

I'm wondering if this is tessah and canyon trying to kill the thread.
If its so unentertaining, bye
I'm sure these two won't last long til their next one.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1055443

I don’t know if your the same person or not but can you two or one fucking sage

No. 1055450

It's as obvious as the fat on Crayon's face that it's him in here desperately trying to save/bump his own dying thread. All the passive-aggressive "FInE THen JuSt lEavE" shit is so telling.
The thread is on it's last legs and he can't let it go. Sorry, Crayon but there are bigger and better cows talking the limelight now. You're old news again.
I'm off too anyway this garbage has gotten so fucking boring.

No. 1055453

Now you're replying to yourself Canyon?
You're not even funny or entertaining. You're just sad and pathetic.

No. 1055476

The fact that he’s too retarded to integrate with as much as he lurks and posts here is really a testament to that double-digit inbred Carolina trash IQ he’s got.

No. 1055520

This is the last bit of enjoyment I've gotten from this thread for a while. Kek, never change Crayon.

No. 1055691

they are clearly following a hair salon and not crayon, use your eyes

No. 1055845


Nayrt but use your eyes dumbass, ayrt is pointing out that the person who posted the screenshot claimed it showed up randomly on "for you." I'll let you take a stab at why they'd deny following the salon kek

No. 1056121

File: 1602384449721.jpg (533.15 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20201011-134603__01…)

Crayon keeps using this retard "need to cut my grass analogy" which I assumed was him pretending to distance himself from drama… Little did I know "the tree that doesn't belong" was on his head.

No. 1056134

He looks like an Albuquerque drug dealer

No. 1056173

File: 1602388826932.jpg (906.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201011-150044.jpg)

It's been like a week since your sperg, Canyon. And you're still self/social media obsessed. Does he intentionally have no self awareness?

No. 1056187

Jesus Christ the second hand embarrassment made me cover my eyes and groan. TBH I believe Reject was a dork in school and probably was never able to get laid. He wants to fit in so bad and adopt a hardened image, but no matter what he'll always be the geeky bitch who always get laughed at.

No. 1056439

File: 1602436256245.jpg (916.22 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20201011-120735_Ins…)

Thousand yards stare. He's either not sober like he claims to be or is having a quarter life crisis.

No. 1056571

Ugh he looks so bad. When he had the green in his hair he at least looked marginally PASSABLE but now he looks absolutely repulsive

No. 1056637

Not gonna lie, I'm finding Crayons white supremacist aesthetic kinda hot(nobody asked)

No. 1056691

Go post that in the 'men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck' in /g/ then

No. 1056710

Fuck u mods.(ban evasion)

No. 1056714

Are they bothering you, queen?

No. 1056726

He’s trying to let that pedostache grow, disgusting. He should just tattoo all of his face and body, he could embrace the freak show aesthetic he naturally has.

No. 1056834

I have never seen an uglier guy.. he looks hideous

No. 1056868

He definitely should have kept the hair.

No. 1056893

He is so basic. What a surface-level opinion of LA.

No. 1056939

He has a surface-level opinion of everything; Crayon likes to think of himself as an intellectual, but he’s really a moron. I think that’s why he keeps going back to Tessa - he can feel superior with her because he’s got three brain cells to her one.

No. 1056949

File: 1602505654351.jpg (674.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201012-232333.jpg)

Crayons new larp is Anton LaVey and I couldn't possibly think of anything more suburban white kid. Hopefully he doesn't cut himself on all that edge™

No. 1057410

He looks like fucking Adam22

No. 1057597

Crayon’s on Facebook talking about how women are grooming 18-19 year olds. He blocked me after I told him he was invalidating actual victims of grooming, and how even tho it is weird for someone older to date someone fresh out of high school, it’s not necessarily grooming. I can’t post pics cos he blocked me.

No. 1057712

File: 1602607332235.jpg (790.77 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20201013-111300_Ins…)

He did the same on IG, I gotchu sis

No. 1057713

File: 1602607390119.jpg (211.66 KB, 1080x949, Screenshot_20201013-111222_Ins…)

Samefag but last I checked Canyon isn't Canadian.

No. 1057838

Anon, it means that he trucks To and From Canada. Still cringe though.

No. 1058128

Looks like crayon has been losing a lot of followers since he shaved his head, kek

No. 1058527

>Can-yoon Moon-fray-doo
There's nothing phonetic about this and I seriously hope it's a joke. It sounds like a Koreaboo trying to blend in with what little knowledge they gathered from kdramas.

No. 1058571

I don't understand why he's constantly promoting himself as a sex worker and his OF account when he's only had 1 post on there… Who's going to pay for no content?

No. 1059388


No. 1059545

File: 1602800633081.jpeg (484.99 KB, 1242x2059, 3D2DF4D8-ADA8-4713-81F8-D42784…)

they’re not even trying to hide it now because no one cares

No. 1059830

I feel like this is a self post. It came right after the last one and no one cares about these twats, not even their family. And what you posted is hardly milk. If you're just an anon, there's far more interesting cows out there right now.

No. 1059936

File: 1602865459498.jpg (473.61 KB, 1079x1943, Screenshot_20201016-112212_Ins…)

Canyon says he's quitting social media. I recorded part of the video but converter file size limits are testing me today. I guess he realized how much of a loser he is.

Reposted because hitsendtooearly.png

No. 1059964

Most people who are sincere about wanting to get off social media for whatever reason, usually do it without a farewell parade. He mentions like 6 times that he's "deactivating in a week" like no one needs a countdown, just keave. This is clearly just another play for attention. He probably wants people to beg for him to stay.

No. 1059967

Also Muay Thai is pronounced "Moy" like boy Thai, not Mai Tai… It's a martial art not a cocktail idiot

No. 1060259

File: 1602905214170.jpg (165.12 KB, 1080x1953, 20201016_222752.jpg)

Then why do you cover them/photoshop them out on your IG photos? Lol okay Tesah

No. 1060285

File: 1602909876056.jpg (67.65 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201016-234436_Ins…)

You were right anon. He walked back the "I'm lEaViNg"

No. 1060542

File: 1602954380373.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, B131BA21-B164-4E1E-B930-36D7ED…)


No. 1060545

Well she ain't wrong. She's a psychopath retard with ugly face tats and no other discernable skills other than stripping and letting random finger her at work

No. 1060557

Anyone know which club she works at?

No. 1060572

Capital cabaret

No. 1060671

Don’t dox! Fucking idiot

No. 1060688

It's not a dox if it's information you can find readily available through Tesah's social media posts, including things that were screenshotted and posted here, then later deleted from her social media.

No. 1060750

File: 1602975110400.jpg (552.22 KB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_20201017_185306.jpg)

This is nasty af

No. 1060764

She's posing like a Tumblr ana (look at my thigh gap guyzzz!)

No. 1060773

She’s acting as if she’s the only stripper who gets that many bruises and should get an award for it kek

No. 1060775

She also turn the contrast way up so the shadows darken more

No. 1060780

Geezus her legs are strange looking even if she didn’t have the bruises

No. 1060982

File: 1603016015746.jpg (572.27 KB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20201018-051334_Ins…)

Anyone know who this girl is? Canyon's making up bullshit. Also Facebook was created in 2004, retard

No. 1061200

No, just ignore caca

No. 1061410

Ugly man canyon(canyon)

No. 1061411

Canyon is trash and ugly af I’m a successful hot girl.(canyon)

No. 1061415

Canyon flirted with me on Facebook in 2004 because that’s when it was invented…(canyon)

No. 1061416

Yaaaas girls we are hot af thread full of hot women who hate canyon and don’t find him physically attractive(canyon)

No. 1061422

Damn this shit really did die. I was just stopping in to say hi haven’t been updated on it in a bit. But oh well. Maybe y’all can get at my music when I release it.(canyon)

No. 1061472

No. 1061481

I just can’t believe how is crayon still trying to get our attention when both of them are some fucking boring ass nobodies.

No. 1061529

He's such a lame try hard. He should put this effort into lifting so he isn't so flabby.

No. 1061546

I dance… and my legs don't look like that… omg she's probably had no real training. That's terrible.

No. 1061557

Sage your posts/blogs please, Ms. Dancer. And it's probably from stage work and the pole. Her skin is soft after not working for however long.

No. 1062594

File: 1603235214579.jpg (486.71 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20201020-180827_Ins…)

Is she missing a tooth?

No. 1062642

She blamed some poor Indonesian simp for your post kek

No. 1062657

Screenshot? She deleted the comment already, figures.

No. 1062658

She's deleted comments about the tooth. Either she knocked it out dancing or Ravine crossed the goddamn line (again)

No. 1062660

I thought it was just the angle but if you zoom in it really does look like either a missing or black, rotten tooth
Man, that coupled with her banged up legs and horrible tats and she's really got that meth whore vibe down, is there a draw for that in a strip club?

No. 1062662

She lives in North Carolina and not the nice part

No. 1062663

Even if it is just the angle, why would you post that? "Gee I look like I've got a missing tooth, this is good content" kek… She's barely posted anything since her last sperg out with crayon and keeps apologizing for lack of content and this is what she decides is a good post??

No. 1062664

What really gives this photo that chefs kiss quality is the disgusting brown water pooled between her legs. Like it's clear everywhere else in the tub?

No. 1062665

it was deleted the second I went for a screenshot. Basically some guy with poor english said she looked nice but was she missing a tooth. She replies that it was her lip curling and the angle of her teeth.
She also said something along the lines of "good job-you just proved your on that shit talk thread". Poor guy must not have known wtf was going on- she looks like a mental case.
Proves she still lurks her dying thread. Pathetic.

No. 1062673

It’s called a shadow lol

No. 1062680

Ban deeez(canyon)

No. 1062682

Who do you think you are? My mom makes hot pockets and gets me my home set gamer desk(canyon)

No. 1062683

Don’t you have something better to do with your time ?

No. 1062684

Can both of you shut the fuck up. My mom gets pizza rolls and the whole basement is mine(canyon)

No. 1062685

I could ask you the same thing(canyon)

No. 1062688

Okay canyon. Have fun blowing up the thread again. You really are a weird motherfucker.

No. 1062692

Jesus we talk about tesah for a second and he comes in with the hopes of bumping the thread again. Give it up, man…
Nobody gives a fuck about you anymore.
I'm only here because of Tesah's new post and if anyone else noticed her missing tooth. They did, so I'm going back to more interesting cows.

No. 1062701

Doubt Ravine knocked her tooth out, hems truckin around making cringe stories leaving her plenty of time to make actual content.

No. 1062715

Weird ass fucking shadow. If she didn't crank the contrast up to 100 to look like a domestic abuse survivor it wouldn't look like shart water

No. 1062719

She lied about Canyon hitting her, so i wouldnt be suprised if she went for that look for attention next.

No. 1062734

I like how neither post is representative of the level cap on either game. Shit larp Crayon.

No. 1062765

Don't they live in Raleigh? NC anon here, Raleigh is one of the nicer cities

No. 1062773

I am really proud that Canyon learned to respond to posts. May be by next summer he will finally be fully integrated and we won't be able to recognize him anymore

No. 1062848

He was home for a bit and Tesah did say she hasn't been posting in a while.

No. 1062912

Tesah deleted the bathtub pic kek it's hilarious how both her and crayon just live in here and take all the shit talking to heart. What's the matter Tesah? I thought it was "just a shadow" in the water?

No. 1062943

They're obsessed. Pathetic

No. 1062958

Lmao they're fine. They rent in one of Raleigh's many hastily built, cookie cutter "luxury" apartments due to the real estate boom. The area is basically gentrified and there is no hardcore crime. Plus it's liberal, so I'm sure people are polite to the strung out stripper with bj bruises, and even to face tatted crayon. Even if the people here hated them both no one in the south causes unnecessary waves.

Their ratchet looks are easily explained by them not taking care of themselves, and abusing drugs probably.

No. 1062971

File: 1603290150530.jpg (253.9 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20201021_102332.jpg)

I'm surprised Tesah didn't have another epic meltdown over this… Oh right, I forgot that she agreed to be Ravine's dirty little secret

No. 1062995

File: 1603292889362.jpg (475.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201022-020829.jpg)

You unironically need Jesus.

No. 1063046

File: 1603299380818.jpg (49.65 KB, 462x348, 20201021_115603.jpg)

I'm still in disbelief that she would agree to that. What a fucking PMAB.

No. 1063052


No. 1063056

Omg I want Canyon. That beard he’s got the music in him.

-Lana Del Rey(canyon)

No. 1063057

Please baby please don’t oh please(canyon)

No. 1063058

Girl yaaaaaaaaad I love canyons bald head and beard(canyon)

No. 1063060

Babe he does it his KALES(canyon)

No. 1063064

File: 1603301541283.png (9.15 MB, 1242x2688, B6F953CE-106B-4E96-96FC-D6BFBC…)

Why does this specific tattoo always look so shitty in every photo he takes. It looks pasted on, or has really crusty looking edges. Like the artist tried to make it 3D but failed

No. 1063090

Greasy forehead is my guess. Doesn't look greasy in this pic but he has in others, especially when we had the long hair with emo comb over. Greasy skin causes tattoos to blur and fade faster

No. 1063108

Kek he's wearing "natural" eyeshadow in the pic

No. 1063120

Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's methamphetamine

No. 1065659

I've never seen a cow so obsessed before. Quite sad.

No. 1065661

Incredibly. But also hilarious

No. 1065757

File: 1603383135677.jpg (259.38 KB, 1080x1918, 20201022_110900.jpg)

Either Canyon is home and it's the honeymoon phase, Tesah's found someone for while Canyon is gone, or she's gone full-service. Slight nitpick as well but Jesus girl wear the right shade.

Reposted because I forgot that their relationship is pretty much open at this point so it might not be considered cheating.

No. 1065764

Too much foundation

No. 1065765

I'm gonna say she's sick of being unsatisfied, so she's fucking alpha-Chads on the side now. Bout time too- she needs to move away from broke losers who wont let go of their pasts (applies to both Dahvie and the most recent one with the dad bod and shit sense of style)

No. 1065770

So is canyon spamming the thread going to be a daily thing now ? Jesus he destroyed his own gf’s thread, bc he’s jealous of his gf ? What has this become…

No. 1065774

He's just desperate for attention and knows he can potentially get it here because of the tards who replied to him before.

No. 1065777

OR this is her sad attempt to make Crayon jealous because of his recent FB posts - there was one about "normalizing" spitting in your partner's mouth during sex that got a lot of e-thots on his shit and another post with that screenshot of some chick hitting on him in his DM's after said spit post…

No. 1065787

I didn't think of that, anon.

Only during truck stop meth binges.

No. 1065830

We all know that at the time it was funny kek. If you're a tard for maximizing milk production I want to be a tard.

No. 1066319

I'd like to see Canyon troon out. That's the only thing to make this thread worthwhile at this point. They are so boring.

No. 1066401

File: 1603475720413.jpeg (234.21 KB, 750x1097, 94B1B253-9338-4C94-8C72-6475E5…)

CRINGE. Why does he always attempt this shitty tryhard “dom humor”

No. 1066403

This post made me appreciate my partner so much more.

No. 1066408

Looking at him caress a urinal seems so in character kek. I'm glad that's not my boyfriend's hands, and I really hope he washed them afterwards… but somehow I doubt it.

No. 1066417

>>1066408 i'm not defending that brainless trucker but the hand is just hovering above the toilet to give the effect, not actually touching it

No. 1066433

Not a fan of the dude but it's obviously a joke about taking a dump…

No. 1066486

Cringe and still boring. He's the type to think he's funny but he's not.

No. 1066556

File: 1603487652361.jpg (390.58 KB, 1080x1842, 20201023_171408.jpg)


I mean… apparently Tesah thinks he's sO fUnNeh still. And of course the rest of his brainless e-thots. Jesus Christ they are all so incredibly lame.

No. 1066623

Everyone knows that it’s just really cringe and stupid

No. 1066800

I wish I caught a screenshot before she deleted it/it got reported but last night she literally posted a cropped pic of them fucking and captioned it “love those tatted hands” and @‘d him so it’s safe to assume they’re back together for the 101st time

No. 1066918

Im honestly glad it got deleted. I wouldnt wanna see that.

No. 1066922

Please put sage in the email field. We don't want him coming back and cringing up the thread.

No. 1066927

My apologies

No. 1066987

God fucking dammit now he’s going to flood the thread pretending to be anons wk himself.

No. 1067002

Who knows, maybe Tesah will join the frey. She seems to be okay with doing whatever Canyon asks her to

No. 1067030

File: 1603557641316.jpg (61.35 KB, 1079x285, Screenshot_20201024-123551_Sam…)

Are the admins deleting his posts? That'd be great. Second time in a row they've been deleted

>>1065659 this was from the first. Pic from the second

No. 1067062

Thank god. Thank you so much.

No. 1067176

So what is he getting by bumping his thread? Is he really that desperate for attention he goes to an anon site for any interaction at all?

No. 1067190

Most likely. Same reason he posts cringey shit like >>1066401

No. 1067200

File: 1603571931808.jpg (30.97 KB, 1079x183, Screenshot_20201024-154052_Sam…)

Another deleted. Is he avoiding the ban or are admins erasing? It'd be nice to know

No. 1067281

I'm glad his posts are being deleted. He's so desperate.

No. 1067454

File: 1603599608170.jpeg (130.38 KB, 1000x1000, 813B8358-2F88-46D5-8539-C7536B…)

Sage for absolutely no content and late to the game but im from alaska and i see this design on hats/hoodies all the time lmfao

No. 1067463


Omg I knew I saw that same fish from somewhere and not some "SpongeBob" shit like he claimed
Bitch ass has a whole Gloomis sports logo on his face

No. 1067861

File: 1603658791873.jpeg (253.51 KB, 750x796, 2272736B-8497-47E5-897F-161AB5…)

So Canyon made a fb post on how he’s “ready to be a father” and this comment gave me a laugh

No. 1068021

File: 1603673629965.jpg (129.5 KB, 1079x737, Screenshot_20201025-195438_Fac…)

Maybe post the original screenshot first

No. 1068059

That poor future child. Not fair

No. 1068320

Damn. Even his “followers” think tesah is not stable lol

No. 1068408

I hope she's not pregnant.

No. 1068654

File: 1603772063147.jpg (190.32 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20201027_001248.jpg)

I hope she isn't either considering she's drinking again tonight, and learn to sage your posts please.. this shit got bumped for nothing

No. 1068743

File: 1603786503089.jpg (290.15 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20201027-031138_Fac…)

The fact that she steps up and defends him and he only speaks up to defend himself speaks volumes. I think she should strive to do better. He clearly only gives a shit about his own image and attention. Tesah can do better than this attention hungry cuck.

No. 1068774

File: 1603796284433.jpeg (65.42 KB, 750x398, 25C5255C-6B48-4BD3-ABAA-261AA1…)

Who else knew she’d use her BPD excuse for the 5 billionth time as if that means she isn’t responsible for being a shitty person?

No. 1068862

She really is delusional. She has freakouts constantly, throws and breaks shit when she's upset. Is an alcoholic and snorts coke. Couldn't even keep a pet safe during one her blowouts but thinks they'll be great parents??
They can't handle the stress of a normal relationship nevermind kids. I've seen completely sane, stable women turn into nightmares after having kids from PPD and just from the lack of sleep and hormones. Throw her issues and mental illness on top of that and I'd be seriously worried about her baby's wellbeing.
They're both delusional af.

No. 1068865

Don't you need basic necessities, I don't know, like furniture before having kids? kek

No. 1068936

File: 1603820173730.jpg (724.82 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20201027-123207_Ins…)

Comparing herself to Harley Quinn and also wtf is this expression

No. 1069014

They already have babies! They're in Tesahs knees!

No. 1069023

File: 1603827931512.webm (13.03 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20201027-1430…)

Here we fucking go again

No. 1069033

File: 1603828873102.webm (3.93 MB, 720x1280, media.io_516cd55bd15d4e21b7412…)

No. 1069036

File: 1603829039985.webm (6.45 MB, 720x1280, media.io_735a849d46b041c9a426d…)

No. 1069041

Fucking classic, less than 24 hours after arguing with people online about how they'd be the best parents EvEr! Jesus Christ lmao

No. 1069077

File: 1603832452215.gif (229.31 KB, 220x152, tenor.gif)

Anyone else watching Crayons stories right now? kek

No. 1069092

No one watches his stories willingly, it's the reason he needs lolcow.

No. 1069099

Both of them, like a hawk tbh.

No. 1069168

File: 1603838416677.png (954.89 KB, 750x1334, 75A20D1D-FDF9-4142-ABDD-91E843…)

He’s so fucking controlling. Both have deleted everything now and he already said he’ll probably “take her back”

No. 1069172

File: 1603838876106.jpg (105.19 KB, 598x1071, 20201027_184420.jpg)

In the messages before this, canyon sent tesah a picture of narcissistic behaviors and said that described her. He's truly delusional. Didn't get the other screenshot because he deleted

No. 1069173

File: 1603839069375.png (879.43 KB, 750x1334, ADB2CCAD-B53F-4034-B587-5D14EF…)

Here u go, tesah has deleted her social media again it seems

No. 1069174

File: 1603839178027.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, AF6A5A49-C648-4A15-9BBF-2202F3…)

Lmao I wish tesah could keep this energy, why are they even together?

No. 1069179

File: 1603841182501.jpg (426.2 KB, 1080x1926, Screenshot_20201027-182600_Ins…)

Lol okay Canyon

No. 1069187

Another faux farewell tour in the making because Tesah deactivated all of her socials again. No worries though, neither of them can stay away longer than 48 hours

No. 1069188

Yeah yeah trasha just keep going back to Cavernous Dumpster, we know you'll both keep this shit cycle going until you're too old n ugly to strip except for the crusty jiggle hut with no training in anything besides hoe shit. We all wanted you to leave him and get your life together but dumb bitch gonna dumb. No one gives a shit about your crying pics n vids anymore so either get out or realize you've had chances to leave and blew it every time.

No. 1069201

She lost all credibility when she went right back to him last time after all of her big talk. These two literally make me sick. She had a chance to move on and be better but all she is talk. They deserve each other. What they don't deserve is any more attention but with Crayon spamming any and everything he can to suck up any bit of attention, it's hard. I can honestly say that I hate them both.

No. 1069203

File: 1603843234605.jpg (39.44 KB, 596x628, kekekek.jpg)

And the cycle continues. Now to just wait for Canyon to come sperging here again.

No. 1069317

File: 1603855555972.webm (5.55 MB, 720x1280, media.io_3e48e270cfc94360a757b…)

Other parts of tessahs story that I grabbed

No. 1069318

File: 1603855641739.webm (5.65 MB, 720x1280, media.io_a4718470db064ea28cbe8…)

He's a manipulative narc.
Questioning her down to every minute that she spent out of the house? Holy fuck crevice, get therapy

No. 1069376

Like I said previously, Tesah. You're out here defending him, he's doing nothing but defending himself and entertaining random girls. YOU DERSERVE BETTER. YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER. He is clearly a controlling, manipulative person. Get out for yourself. He is doing nothing for you and it will only get worse

No. 1069380

Girl get the fuck out of there before one of you murders the other, jesus christ.

No. 1069408

This is truly fucked up too because if anyone was gonna get suspicious about something it would be if their partner went MIA for an unusual amount of time, not that their nail appointment was done and they replied "too fast" like a fucking weird ass scenario to blow a gasket over. It sounds like she was just having something fixed and the nail tech was early too but again who throws a tantrum because their partner is free and replying to you too fast??

No. 1069409

And she's not lying when she says the light only takes 5 minutes. I mean she's had her nails done the entire time they've been together and he still doesn't know that?

No. 1069411

It's almost as if constantly cheating one each other destroys any trust in a relationship.

No. 1069452

Very cool and edgy, thanks.

Jesus even during another fight this thread is a graveyard. I guess everyone is rightly bored of their predictability.
Once again Canyon has proved that he is indeed low-functioning autist, who flies off the handle at any given opportunity. I've never seen anyone get mad at their partner replying too quick…He's an absolute fucking disgrace.
Once again, again kek, Tesah is a retard for staying with him, but that's what happened when your mind has been has been infected by that constant whinging and shouting he seems to do.

No. 1069553

File: 1603902118316.jpeg (67.75 KB, 750x1080, 164B1C4A-2AA5-4015-9506-3F0C90…)

Yes, you are a pizza faced clown for also deactiving your instagram after Trasha.

No. 1069561

Oh they'll be back, anon. They thrive too much on attention too much.

No. 1069978

File: 1603932451710.jpg (103.57 KB, 1080x751, Screenshot_20201028-171538_Ins…)

Tesah may have remade

No. 1070438

Its most likley Canyon just doing that for attention so we talk about him again

No. 1070670

File: 1604013833197.jpg (793.83 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20201029-182310_Ins…)

Not surprised, fucking scrote

No. 1070682

File: 1604015083710.jpg (111.66 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20201029_194337.jpg)

Tesah's back too but set to private now kek good luck with that being a sex worker

No. 1070686

File: 1604015256265.jpg (79.17 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot_20201029_194634.jpg)

As predicted, both back in action less than 48 hours later. Social media is a legit drug for these people

No. 1070724

Is it strange that I pity them? They seem like they live the most unfulfilling, hollow lives. No money, shit relationship and a tiny internet following that they try so desperately to impress. They're textbook failures and it's honestly embarrassing.

No. 1070773

I feel it too anon. But as sad and pitiful as it is they keep it going so in that I laugh and watch their trainwreck of a "relationship" go round and round again.

No. 1070875

File: 1604037285040.jpeg (831.22 KB, 3345x2509, 7AD5B9CC-A268-4B3E-B32D-FD8CD7…)

Canyon sperging

No. 1070877

File: 1604037309469.png (791.57 KB, 750x1334, 7B12905F-472A-48DD-A24F-509999…)

More of canyon

No. 1070881


No. 1070907

This reads just like those fake conversations he posts on Facebook in an attempt to go "viral". I don't for a fucking second believe this is real.

No. 1070972

That's a gem.

No. 1071009

File: 1604068588632.jpeg (155.17 KB, 750x1022, 70F58DC1-8A11-4084-8F0E-FF33A0…)

How ironic. Says the short ass who cant fuck for shit. He should do the SIMPle google search and take his own advice.

No. 1071033

He’s just trying to impress that vegan ass girl he posted on his story (it’s the same girls account that tesah was upset about him following on the text messages so kinda proves she was right about it)

No. 1071070

File: 1604077122224.jpeg (150.28 KB, 750x925, C57D899C-8177-47C2-BC5C-AE2F8A…)

What a joke. Thought Trasha was his “first girlfriend” or whatever else correct me if im wrong. And how do you have “100’s of exes” and still cant use your dick correctly?

No. 1071093

>A discord image board of insecure women who got denied by me
He truly is mentally disabled.

No. 1071099

I thought we were all dudes hahaha

No. 1071103

Um excuse me, but do you seriously deny the irresistibility of his truckstop std chode and face tats?
The state of these plebs to pass over such a modern Adonis, hot women would never!

No. 1071106

>I'm ready for my stripper gf to shit out a kid so we can get some govt bux
Just imagine these two in charge of an innocent life that can't help itself.

No. 1071127

Well this proves he's been talking to that vegan chick behind Tesah's back. It's exactly what started their last fight. She was mad that he started following her.
He's so stupid it's actually painful.

No. 1071159

File: 1604086794505.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, F3E60981-7442-4287-B7F1-B15FBF…)

Tesah’s account is still private but this is her first public story after 48 hours? Yuck. Canyon’s god complex is just as cringey as the fact you can only get a shoutout if you pay for his OF.

No. 1071164

Was just about to post this kek I wonder if he has her login info. It reaks of being hacked but then again she's also just as retarded as he is and won't stop going back

No. 1071180

Says you
(Ya soft ass boy)

No. 1071181

Theyre both pos abusive attention seeking narcs so theyre perfect for eachother anyway

No. 1071192

I don’t get why he isn’t embarrassed at all about the “relationship”. I don’t understand like they clearly are not compatible? He wants other women but he doesn’t want tesah to have other men so he stays with her? I think the drug addiction must have actually cause brain damage at this point

No. 1071260

There's so much shit bait in this thread now. It's almost like the autistic fuck is tailoring his stories to try and revive this thread. What a fucking loser kek

No. 1071299

File: 1604101557006.jpg (195.92 KB, 1069x1131, 20201030_194324.jpg)

They're fucking lunatics.

No. 1071455

“The luckiest” she was posting herself shaking crying on the floor like yesterday hahahahaha

No. 1071735

File: 1604161243943.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, A41ECDA9-20E7-4256-AE8B-D330EC…)

Ahhh shit, here we go again.

No. 1071787

>I don't need an audience
Posts every fight they have online

No. 1071851


He looks dead. And of course they're good… alcohol and coke are clearly involved. Also, hie in the fuck do you go looking like that… to THAT? one year jesus

No. 1071854

File: 1604171579235.jpg (1.35 MB, 2048x2048, 1604171293449.jpg)

This is what I meant. Yikes.

No. 1072027

You have a point, there's more going on here than simple drinking, but he's filtered to hell and back in the before pic.

No. 1072108

File: 1604195562331.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 5FEB570D-21C8-4E27-BFC9-CA2877…)

How can you be over 20 years old and still act like a 14 year old cringey emo “power couple” that fucks to BVB after smoking shitty weed…..

No. 1072118

He must be standing on something- Tesah told us he was actually a short-ass kek

No. 1072141

File: 1604198728088.jpg (339.85 KB, 1080x2079, 20201031_223745.jpg)

Funny how their relationship status is public on tesahs profile, but canyon hid it from his. He's also friends with the vegan ass girl on facebook now, so they're clearly still in contact. Looks like tesah is the real cuck here

No. 1072261

File: 1604216063275.jpg (79.15 KB, 1072x426, SmartSelect_20201101-013053_Fa…)

I wish I screenshot it before she deleted it but- she finally posted her back together with fagboy and deleted it bc so many people laughed and sad reacted to it. Also deleted any comments about their relationship that she didnt want to address. So fkn sad dude.

No. 1072264

File: 1604216324093.jpg (68.04 KB, 1080x1163, FB_IMG_1604216148284.jpg)

And her tattoos look like shit. It makes me wonder if she had crayon drawing on her or some other dooe head who does shitty tats. She just got the supernatural tat and the ink is all bleeding out from their heavy hand. In a few years shes gonna have a big black blob above her eye. You have to be high to be doing wreckless dumb shit like that to your body.

No. 1072268

File: 1604216686331.jpg (195.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201101-024129_Ins…)

She also posted a video on her Instagram story of them fucking. Just a few weeks ago she was calling him shrimp dick

No. 1072360

File: 1604233072132.jpeg (185.69 KB, 750x1091, 68314B06-5629-4003-8150-1143D0…)

Why did he just describe himself LMAO

No. 1072404

That is really terrible ink bleeding. Heavy hand for sure but also greasy skin and immediately covering it with makeup like she did probably didn't help. Probably let shrimp dick blow a load on it right after getting it done like she did with her chest tat too kek

No. 1072454

That is honestly so fucking gross.
It’s so messed up, the lengths she will go to in order to put on the WE’RE SO HAPPY UWU facade.

No. 1072523

File: 1604252035729.jpg (396.53 KB, 1080x1663, SmartSelect_20201101-112735_Fa…)

Looks like she's losing even more fans over this toxic bs. Its about time people started calling her out for it.

P.s.- how the hell do you upload multiple images in one post? I have some screenshots of the comments from the new thread announcing they were back together

No. 1072574

File: 1604256144079.jpg (199.48 KB, 1037x809, SmartSelect_20201101-112800_Fa…)

Ew.. NOBODY wants your nasty bf. Lol. Imagine being that big in denial that you accuse people of being jealous of a turd.

No. 1072578


Assuming this is Crayfish now lol
The comment about the truth got more likes than the other twat's is what I am pointing out.
You guys are so dumb to not realize that the more yall get back together, the more fans are going to call you out and get sick of your drama bs because you both lie so much and ypur abusive and disrespect towards women is actually just disgusting.

No. 1072618

Canyon here y'all
I've been cheating on Tesah and fucking women at every truck stop I visit and she still sucks my dick at night. You losers can't even get one person to fuck you lmfao

No. 1072632

How do you delete messages on this?
Tesah will find out I cheat on her she's always checking this thread. I didnt know she was still checking it when I admitted cheating on her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1072733

File: 1604271927027.jpg (572.43 KB, 1079x1995, Screenshot_20201101-170402_Fac…)


No. 1072765

The number of likes and comments is definitely cringe. How embarrassing for him

No. 1072771

Lol she didnt get to edit her curves into this one. Hoe built like a surfboard with water balloons glued on.

No. 1072777

Funny how he already posted this already like twice this year. Lmao what a boring lazy loser.

No. 1072956

Its bc he's too ugly and gross to make any new content. Nobody wants to see that anyways.
And he's literally just using Tesah for likes on social media. Sad af. Too bad Tesah is too stupid to realize that.
On another hand, he helped ruin her reputation which now she most likely can't make it on her own whether she tried or not. Probably didn't even graduate high school.

No. 1073428

I come back hoping that one of these people will grow up but jesus christ, these are to of the most vain and infantile degenerate subhumans I've ever witnessed. It's remarkable how fulfilled Crayon is by low value attention seekers and aspires to be nothing but an attention whore with his depreciating looks, he's so desperate for it, when he doesn't get it, he'll come here. And for Tesah to be essentially the same person, but completely oblivious to her responsibility to tell this grown man to fuck off. I will not be surprised when both of them end up in a dumpster because even if they're separated they can't take responsibility for themselves at all. Both are abhorrent liars that entertain themselves with delusions of things that don't exist. Very sad, but many such cows like them.

No. 1074170

File: 1604431676934.jpg (317.3 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20201103_142655.jpg)

This is so cringe especially after crayon removed all references to her being his girlfriend on all his socials again. She's being so gaslit and doesn't even realize or or care apparently.

No. 1074195

His continuously dropping relevance (reflected in the piss-poor interaction his "content" receives) is hugely down to Tesah making shit like this. She comes across as so mental that Crayon must be just as mental to be with her. They're destroying each other's presence on social media and pretending it's all the "haters" fault. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.

No. 1074366


They didn't even last a day this time.

No. 1074393

Ok Crayon. Maybe it's because you aren't relevant. This thread is dead and you gotta come back in here to try and revive it. It's pathetic.

No. 1074415

File: 1604451947783.png (785.95 KB, 796x781, Screenshot_20201103-200533.png)

Awee poo ya caught me shrimp dick.
I must be some basement dwelling neck beard hoping to someday have a chance with your soggy used and abused washed up plastic girlfriend. kekkkk

No. 1074422

Awee look guys their trying to defend themselves. Kek

No. 1074427

Kek. The comments are absolute gold

> Famous athletes try to get with her.

> you posted Pictures of my soft penis from a distance mirror shot and said I had a small dick lmao.

No. 1074433

If she's so amazing then why do you message other girls with bigger asses/nicer feet? Let us all not forget the times you came in here calling her horrible things (deny it all you want- you did it, own it). You're the biggest offender when it comes to Tesah, Crayon, and now you want to be her white knight? Put back the relationship status and I'll believe that you actually care about her feelings.

No. 1074438


You've literally had only 1 vid on OF since you created it kek no one wants your dick

No. 1074439



No. 1074446

you're a sweaty truck driver with granny sheets on his bed who shaved his head because he probably took in some feral raccoon thinking it was a whore and ended up getting some kinda infestation on your scalp. Yeah cause you're the role model of the year Chode.

No. 1074447

Screenshot proof please- not saying you're lying but this is an image board and no one will believe you without it.

No. 1074451

Tesah can literally sift though all the threads and see how much of a real chode you are. Maybe grow a back bone and take some responsibility for yourself there Crayon

No. 1074453

Wow a whole 1 video with a small amount of subscribers. You're a real stallion if I've ever seen one Crevice.

No. 1074454

I hope your head tat bleeds out due to all that nastiness on your head ya grease trap

No. 1074455

Did Crayon snort a bunch of coke/meth to deal with election stress and then come in here

No. 1074456

I'm rolling at the fact this guy boasts about keeping the world running. What a fucking sack of of hot air.

No. 1074458

No screenshot
No denial of cheating
No mention of relationship status

Canyon you're a fucking mess lmao
I feel bad for you sometimes because you have nothing going for you, but you dont take any accountability. I'm sorry you keep having to delete your Facebook posts because they're doing so embarrassingly poor!

No. 1074459

File: 1604454329806.gif (183.61 KB, 640x480, 2B04CA06-37A8-4D63-A338-862AFD…)

No. 1074463

File: 1604454452467.png (1.16 MB, 796x1210, Screenshot_20201103-204724.png)

Go tear up that used beaten up pussy with your shrimp dick Chode. No one else wants her.

No. 1074470

CanCan feeling extra insecure today I guess

No. 1074473

You're full of shit, Crayon! Kek!
Post the screenshot of your onlyfans sub count. You have no excuse not to- you live on this thread, and know how to post pics and reply now.

No. 1074486

And just like that he vanished.

No. 1074515

famous athletes trying to get with someone is not exactly a flex. they'll fuck anything that moves.

No. 1074521

Did I just have a stroke or did Crayon just post a shitty photoshopped pic of his onlyfans having 200 subs, realise how shit it was, admit that he photoshopped it (as a "joke") and that he only has a couple of subs and then delete the whole thing? Canyon what are you smoking tonight?

No. 1074533

Man, I miss when I could see Crayon's spergouts.

No. 1074676

He didn't delete those, but that was no stroke. Turns out lolcow is the only social interaction he gets outside of his apartment now.

No. 1074782

File: 1604507173176.jpg (160.73 KB, 1080x646, 20201104_111820.jpg)

I personally can't tell who is worse anymore. Who the fuck does this shit? I remember matching names like this on AIM when I was like 12 years old.

Honestly, if they both got some mental help, and stopped relying on the interwebz for any and all of their gratification, they could probably be tollerable. But nah.

No. 1074870

Yeah crayon made a post in his stories, apparently this is their "new brand". Can't agree more with your assessment. This is like 12 year old in the 90s making screen names kek

No. 1074876

Sage for no milk but I actually feel bad that Tesah has now deleted her Instagram like 5 times over the last couple months. There’s no way she’s going to be able to keep making the same amount of money on OF if her main platform disappears every fucking month. Crayon is messing with her biggest source of income and she’s letting him do it just so he will text her back… Christ. Tesah would literally be richer and face tat-less if he was not in her life kek.

No. 1074959


When you said, "their brand," all I could think of was that really cringy contact commercial. "LoOk At Me WiTh YoUr SpEcIaL eYeS." Kek

Completely agree. Before crevice she had a pretty large following. She still is a pretty successful stripper. She posted videos a bit ago, and I was pretty impressed. But, we all know that will only last until shrimp dick comes storming in and demands she stops and controls her life again. Why is she so ACTUALLY stupid?

No. 1075018

This is what I can't understand. Like she clearly makes money stripping and dudes think she's hot (she is, I can admit it) so why constantly go through this turmoil and "career" ruining bullshit for an autist with a small dick? Surely she could find someone better than him who would actually treat her good. Guarantee once she actually gets out of this relationship she's going to wonder why tf she put up with it for so long

No. 1075098


Seeing anyone feel sorry for Trasha makes me almost physically ill. She deserves everything she gets. She's had many chances to run. She had a free pass and all she did was go back to that idiot. She'll never better herself and she doesn't deserve pity

No. 1075221

Canyon was flirting with my friend and got mad when I messaged Tesah about it. He threatened to "expose" us. LMFAO here you go crayon, I told you to talk to me politely xoxo

No. 1075226

Lmaoo damn anon blast the # like that okay. Tbh you gross though.

No. 1075230

Didn’t mean to post the number I’ll fix it

No. 1075234

Tesah mad bc if it’s my friend I wouldn’t have told her. My friend is the reason you know he’s even talking to other girls again. Girl bye. Added her stuff to the screenshots as well

No. 1075236

No one cares wether it was you or your friend you’re all gross stripper hoes tryna sugar mama this chump/getting off on the attention. Gtfoh.
Cue sex work is real work gif

No. 1075240

I dont even do sex work. Lmfao

No. 1075242

Sage. And congrats clap

No. 1075243

I’m not posting screenshots cause crayon would know who I am but he is 100% flirting with other girls, whether it be for money or boredom he is cheating on tesah he’s been caught more than once by her

No. 1075261

Yawn, then why even come here. Screenshots or gtfo

No. 1075262

Anyone could say that. Proof or go

No. 1075314

Lol this is hilarious. Canyon just cannot stay faithful to Tesah and she's so in denial about it!
Also get your head out of your ass, Canyon, it's not considered a privilege to have someone's number when you've written it all over truck-stop bathrooms for cheap blow-jobs

No. 1075329

Samefagging but Canyon you really need to give up this "sex worker" bullshit you're using as a front to text other women behind Tesah's back. I saw your message saying you have like 3 subs on onlyfans- clearly no one wants to pay to see you naked (maybe because you posted unflattering dick-pics all over here?). Leave the sex-work shit to Tesah, she's an actual pro and can make money from it. Meanwhile, you just get women messaging you as a joke and to stir the pot. Anyone paying attention is embarrassed for you…Stick to your memes or whatever and have some fucking respect for your girlfriend.

No. 1075396

Ugh this board is so fucking lame now. Is it a surprise to anyone that Crayon is always up in other girls DM's?? This isn't new milk yawn

No. 1075501

Tesah is posting receipts on Facebook, it's a long one and I dont have time to screen record at work. It's over again.

No. 1075507

File: 1604595949383.jpg (362.12 KB, 1080x929, SmartSelect_20201105-105907_Fa…)

So its a mess again. Posted just now.
Tons of screen shots and a long ass post. Idk how to post mutiple images here though.

No. 1075511

Woooooowwww wtffff delusional

No. 1075516

Agreed. Disgusting af.
Its sad only bc makes you wonder why her family doesn't reach out to her. I mean theres all kind of strangers trying to reach out but its obviously not doing any good. So maybe she continues this behavior because nobody who is close to her even cares? That is what I find sad…

No. 1075519

File: 1604596404594.jpg (698.87 KB, 1062x1742, SmartSelect_20201105-105732_Fa…)

No. 1075522

File: 1604596491561.jpg (772.54 KB, 1056x1775, SmartSelect_20201105-105750_Fa…)

No. 1075524

iirc you can attach a Dropbox link as long as you attach a pic to the post and don't post like a newfriend.

No. 1075525

File: 1604596540152.jpg (747.32 KB, 1080x1758, SmartSelect_20201105-105805_Fa…)

No. 1075529

File: 1604596598506.jpg (757.46 KB, 1071x1772, SmartSelect_20201105-105824_Fa…)

No. 1075532

File: 1604596647445.jpg (647.9 KB, 1060x1756, SmartSelect_20201105-105848_Fa…)

No. 1075535

Jesus fucking christ. Leave the bastard. End of story. Tessa is as pathetic as him

No. 1075597

No they have to make another screaming fight in a moving truck video first

No. 1075610

>says she’s done
>goes back to crayon and says she worships the crayon
Gg trasha. She’s like a role model, maybe next time she will try to find a better pose so she can edit herself some curves next to roseart.

No. 1075615

Fucking roseart. What a perfect nickname

No. 1075621

Share the screenshots. She deleted the post while I was reading it

No. 1075630

I don't understand these screenshots, are they both trying to set Tesah up to fuck some other dude??

No. 1075638

I'm completely exhausted by their relationship and I'm not even in it kek all this cuck fetish sounds like is an excuse for shrimp dick to talk to other girls behind Tesah's back (probably meets up and fucks them too) and he doesn't have to feel bad about it because she's essentially doing the same thing, but only because he told her to.

No. 1075683

I read through them before she deleted here’s a summary

>crayon says dude she fucked from workis a “god”

> tesah said doesn’t wanna talk about it
> crayon said he apologised to the guy and wanted tesah to text him(?)
> says he’s horny
> tesah said she’s embarrassed to talk to the guy because he’ll think she’s crazy because she’s blocked and unblocked him and crayon threatened him
> crayon insists he told the guy it’s ok and he can fuck her with a condom
> tesah asks loads if this will backfire, crayon says no
> tesah unblocks and guy texts her on snap
> crayon says he wants to see what she says
> crayon said the guys dick is too strong(wtf)
> crayon cums and admits he lied and that he didn’t tell the guy it was ok to fuck tesah but that he did say sorry and that it’s Tesahs fault for not being stronger (??)
> tesah is upset because she feels “used for his pleasure” and that he lied
> both go to sleep
> crayon begins texting her late at night insisting she tells him what she wants, she repeats that she doesn’t want to cuck but wants to go to sleep but insists she answers
> crayon comes for her the morning after saying he has a sickness and weird shit, says tesah is manipulative for saying she doesn’t like him lying.
> tesah wants to make breakfast
> crayon won’t let her because it’s “immature” her for to want to make breakfast and take a break from the arguments
> crayon says he’s blocking her because she is frustrated?

Seems to be deleted so I guess they’re ok.

No. 1075719


Thanks for the summary bc I really didnt have time to screenshot eveey screenshot she posted. There was like 38+ pictures of text messages between them that she posted. I figured she'd delete it right away

No. 1075725


Screenshots already posted here, scroll up

No. 1075739

There are others of text messages that havent been posted

No. 1075793

File: 1604614952313.jpeg (974.86 KB, 1242x2120, 592BB485-0E7E-4F24-B31C-8D8CC4…)

He’s back with a vengeance kek

No. 1075807

Forgot to add he also said he deleted his Instagram to prove he was serious but didn’t clarify as to what he was serious about? This was during the breakfast breakdown

No. 1075809

That has to be some kind of form of sexual coercion right? Not that Tesah will ever leave the mongoloid but crayon is treading a fine line between cuckholdry and straight up pressuring her to do things she's uncomfortable with and only getting her to do it by lying to her. Thats some deep level fucked up. If he wasn't a cuck that kind of sexual control would manifest as sexual abuse. Hes lucky everyone thinks cucks are just pathetic and not manipulative sex pest predators pressuring their girlfriends to fuck strangers to get their rocks off.

No. 1075842

I agree In every screenshot tesah always insists and is clear she doesn’t enjoy it and doesn’t do it but will do it so he won’t get another girl to do it, fact she had sex without someone else cause he told her too is kinda fucked, although kek that she admits she has sexual thoughts about the other dude because he probs doesn’t have a shrimp dick

No. 1075849

Like >>1075842, I agree.
This utter ballbag is a total mixer and Tesah, despite being a twat herself, is being emotionally manipulated. The cuck situation is total coercive control.

No. 1075922

File: 1604623314831.jpg (82.79 KB, 1076x282, 20201105_113910.jpg)

Not sure why she mentioned her weight loss w/numbers here

No. 1075955

To stress how much this is affecting her? We already know she's an anachan but this is the most reasonable part of the story.

No. 1075961

It sounds like he’s confused by the feelings his own fetish gives him and he projects that onto her constantly bringing her along with him with his ups and downs of trying to figure out who he is and what he likes when these are things he should be figuring out on his own because it’s HIS fetish not hers.

No. 1075962

File: 1604626619207.png (753.52 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20201105-203037~2.p…)

Sage for no milk but.. Crayon sperging about that chick giving out his number. Anyone know if that's actually true cause I'm not buying it. He's just butt hurt cause he keeps getting caught talking to other women.

No. 1075999

Meanwhile, he can't even afford laundry detergent. Who's paying for that attorney?

No. 1076032

Even if it were true a farmhand would have removed that shit so fast

No. 1076087

I think he's referencing this post made by a newfag who was red texted >>1075221

The number was removed, I doubt anyone caught it besides the anon disapproving of newfag's accident.

No. 1076094

I think his shrimp dick is why he’s into cuck shit cause every cuck I can think of has a tiny dick but I think his ego is what makes him think he’s a god and daddy af and the two don’t mix. Honestly in those screenshots tesah was being a good gf and wasnt angry at him and he was trying his best to cause a fight. I 100% agree he drags her along and projects onto her, if she doesn’t do it he cheats and if she does he attacks her? She can’t win

No. 1076108

“but my BPD!!!!!” …. ok we get it, BPD is debilitating, but the last thing you need is a partner who constantly triggers your anxious-abandonment feelings. She constantly says Crayon “puts up with her mental illness” kek, no dumbass, he just triggers it. It’s totally possible to find a partner who doesn’t block you to get the upper hand. Not to mention how fucked it is to block someone with fear of abandonment just because you know they’ll break down and plead to you.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1076126

This sums up how I feel. I’m to exhausted to even type much

No. 1076217

Nitpick but why do cows always think doxxing is illegal? It’s literally not. He would have to prove that thirst anon posted his number with the intent to stalk, harass, threaten, or extort. She didn’t, she just slipped up and accidentally included his number in the screenshots of him trying to cheat on Tesah. It’s public information regardless, so maybe cry more fatty.

No. 1076263

File: 1604666080981.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, D3FD95F6-18C5-4486-BEF7-38B6F2…)

What in the drugs is this shit lmao

No. 1076416

File: 1604684455046.jpg (141.94 KB, 1080x707, Screenshot_20201106-173736_Ins…)

Here we go again. They deleted each other earlier today to add each other back. Do they ever just get tired of this back and forth? It seems exhausting.

No. 1076452

Where I live doxxing is only illegal if it leads to an act or credible threat of violence or the person doxxed is a minor. Canyon definitely has no case.

No. 1076489

Cheers to the mods catching his bullshit quick

No. 1076502

What about the last 2 times you threatened legal action against this site???? kek

No. 1076545

Can you imagine him talking to an adult about how a bunch of girls are "bullying" him online by reposting his cringe life. They're so pathetic.

No. 1076548

Lol I think he thinks we're all fat neckbeards. Women can't find him disgusting!

No. 1076561

"Oh, Hi Mr. Lawyer, yeah there's this message board online that is bullying me. How? By reposting stuff I share publicly on all my socials… Click… umm hello? Mr. Lawyer where did you go?"

No. 1077748

File: 1604810382953.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, 65138B04-BEC2-4305-9529-876DA5…)

I thought we were all fat one day ago, Crayon?

No. 1077777

Nitpick but what a dumb example. This is a body similar to the top pic just crouched over.

No. 1077870

I thought the same, anon. I’d like to see Crayon crushed under MaxiChin from the Deathfat thread.

No. 1077937

He has such a cringey god complex he thinks anyone who doesnt have a body like that is “fat”, as if he could get any woman he wants with that body type.

No. 1077962

Kek I'd just leave them to it. He has a flabby dad-bod and hamster cheeks, and she's a board with no ass and a disproportionate, horrible tit job- I wouldn't pay attention to anything they have to say body types.

No. 1078007

The stupid horror daddy thing didn’t last long lmao poor tesah already renamed everything after it as well haha

No. 1078037

Dont forget their alcoholic uncle bloated bug bellies that they photoshop out. Rather be “fat” in their eyes than no figure or likable features without facetune.

No. 1078444

File: 1604918449782.jpg (709.4 KB, 1080x1493, 20201109_053636.jpg)

Haven't been here in awhile bevause these retards are so predictable and boring. Aka back together AGAIN. tHaNkS mAnShRiMpO fOr DeAliNg WiTh My MenTaL iLLnEsS! Like didnt this dude just buzz all his hair off? And he chose to use this as a wig? Fucking kek

No. 1078463

Thanks Crayon. Y'all was the instant giveaway. Still lurking lmaoooo

No. 1078483

So many reposts lately. I guess they havent posted anything in a long time that's had any value/success. To think Tesah used to have 100k followers, and now she's been reduced to Canyon's level. Sad.

No. 1078564

i mean, im sure everyone can predict whats going on with them at this point.

No. 1078630

About to say the same thing.

No. 1078657

File: 1604942510342.jpg (111.02 KB, 1080x717, Screenshot_20201109-111957_Fac…)

Are you on drugs???

No. 1078708

Does this ugly mofo have long nose hairs? Rofl. Take a look at this fine specimen fellow fat ladies kek

No. 1078710

File: 1604946066046.png (956.54 KB, 1080x1192, PicsArt_11-09-01.11.51.png)

This dude is an absolute lunatic.
Says the guy who constantly talks to other girls online and flips the out anytime tesah asks about it like a fucking retard. Plays the who ~im a cuck uwu~ shit in some hope to have some valid reason to be a cheater. Oh I fucked you so you cuck me now kinda shit. What a fucking waste of oxygen. Btw his lips look like a prolapsed anus. You're welcome.

No. 1078740

File: 1604947941521.png (Spoiler Image, 517.1 KB, 796x771, Screenshot_20201109-134317.png)

What his lips look like. I think we all can agree his lips look like some goatse shit.

No. 1078887

Chris-Chan levels of autism in this thread…Wtf happened? I remember when this thread was actually good/entertaining.
It's no wonder there's only a couple of lurkers left in here.

No. 1078987

File: 1604968407396.png (920.88 KB, 750x1334, 4CD1FD3E-1537-4268-93FD-66DC5C…)

Holy misogyny and projection batman!
Is he talking about himself as if thats….not talking about himself? Can you imagine being this fucking retarded and think this makes any sense?

No. 1079001

File: 1604969907543.jpeg (100.05 KB, 750x364, 296A8868-AB10-4F1A-91CE-156E27…)

So he unconsciously admitted he cheats…again LMAO

No. 1079004

It's bait that he posts so pigeons like you screenshot them, post them here, and start a dialogue which keeps this dead thread alive.
You fell for it- hook, line and sinker.

No. 1079011

God anon you're so insufferable. Let us neck beards laugh at the class retard please thanks.(a scrote)

No. 1079024

Be my guest, but you look equally retarded thinking that Crayon actually believe any of the shit he posts. It's literally just to get people talking…And it worked, so I won't say anything more at the risk as clueless as you.

No. 1079032

Lacking personal responsibility and late term abortions are based kek. Frankly both sides make compelling arguments, but trust a retard like crayon to simplify something like this with trivial labels/stereotypes for likes.

No. 1079104

I’m confused what is that

No. 1079269

Does crayon have Asperger's??? It seem more and more like he does

No. 1079685

File: 1605055383636.webm (8.06 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20201110-1839…)

In what universe is this even remotely attractive?

No. 1079749

I literally, physically recoiled. The same video has been up on his Facebook for an hour and it's only got 15 likes kek. I guess we're not the only ones who find it repulsive!

No. 1080140

Oof my clam just shriveled up and fell off. Thank I hate it.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1081384

File: 1605252543599.jpg (580.73 KB, 1080x1402, Screenshot_20201113-012844_Ins…)

Is this part of Roseart's humiliation kink?

No. 1081396

What a dumbass, she really thinks people arent gonna take that insta name n call her lilwhorebaby el oh elll

No. 1081420

He looks so fucking high in that pic when you zoom in. Like methamphetamine high

No. 1081456

Plus she only changed her name to that because of shrimp dick and his weekly "rebranding"

No. 1081575

I've probably said this before but I'll say it again. What a pick-me-ass-bitch.

No. 1081583

I really hope he has no family because this shit is beyond embarrassing. Imagine seeing your son or brother like this.
Tessa, girl, get your personality together and get a real man.

No. 1081605

File: 1605290502397.png (884.27 KB, 1072x1178, Screenshot_20201113-130059~2.p…)

No. 1081634

Anon my sides! Next thread pic

No. 1082735

File: 1605421936574.jpg (1.6 MB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20201115-002906_Ins…)

Shouldn't you be comforting your grieving girlfriend instead of taking retarded selfies, Crevasse?

Reposted because autocorrect

No. 1082751