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File: 1577280959109.jpg (52.95 KB, 460x680, be gone thot edition.jpg)

No. 909749

Tesah Jordin/WildcatWitch/Tesah Vanover is a SW/dancer based in Chicago. She has a history of lying and manipulation and playing the victim when called out, claiming that anyone who does so "must really hate sex workers". She is also a serial cheater, abusive, and possibly a narcissist.

>"first love" was known pedo Dahvie Vanity

>was the "other woman" while Dahvie was engaged to someone else; he ended things so she joined the bandwagon of people accusing him of rape
>several months later Dahvie splits off from fiancee and they get back together; Tesah makes a post admitting she lied
>they're still in some form of sexual contact to this day
>shows off a picture of her ribs, saying that her "appetite is shit" (possibly ana-chan?)
>recently got caught cheating on her boyfriend (again) whom she regularly made porn with on OnlyFans
>ex-boyfriend fully exposes her on Facebook as an alco and abuser
>she successfully manipulates him into trying to "work things out" but he still gets off their apartment lease and leaves for NC, kek
>scammer; promises nudes in exchange for money and then never sends them
>had a sugar daddy paying her rent
>Posts borderline nudes on IG and then spergs out when she's shadowbanned or postbanned

FB: https://www.facebook.com/tesah.vanover
IG: https://www.instagram.com/tesahjordin/
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/tesahjordin(shit thread)

No. 910020

File: 1577361358985.jpg (43.3 KB, 443x960, receipts 2.jpg)

Receipts from her Canyon (ex-BF)'s page.

No. 910021

File: 1577361406424.jpg (36.44 KB, 443x960, receipts 1.jpg)

Part 2. There was more but it was on IG stories that Tesah deleted once she sobered up from all the alcohol and cocaine.

No. 910055

File: 1577374537455.jpeg (483.78 KB, 828x1489, F20A6E22-0A20-454D-AFB8-FD608B…)

Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it, Tesah?

No. 910680

File: 1577469224371.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 517.18 KB, 828x1336, 659D19D5-6B3C-4443-907A-600AAD…)

Guess who’s off post ban posting cringey nudes using her ex’s face as a censor?

She thinks they’re still together. She’s delusional.

No. 910682

Wtf that's so weird even if they were still together.

No. 910696

My eyes are really bad and i seriously thought the face on her ass was lil xan

No. 910758

File: 1577485199048.jpeg (797.53 KB, 828x1485, 038E4B44-3149-4C35-A16F-B9C3AE…)

Update: unless they’re just moving his shit, the BF is cucked

No. 910759

File: 1577485236627.jpeg (719.34 KB, 828x1489, 13A268F4-8381-48A8-BB71-CC24FC…)

No. 910781

File: 1577491899972.png (583.03 KB, 1242x2208, C4C5CCF2-5533-455E-BED8-696490…)

No. 910798

File: 1577497843260.jpeg (514.91 KB, 790x1320, 91165F26-91C9-4667-A753-0A28D9…)

He’s a fucking idiot kek

No. 910799

File: 1577497925000.jpeg (319.55 KB, 818x1504, A3BE64F9-A824-40F8-865B-43C03A…)

Replies to the insta post

No. 910804

Have fun being cucked when she cheats with Dahvie again

No. 910831

You tried OP. BPD couple drama is just annoying to follow.

No. 910925

I mean she also openly supports pedophiles and deliberately lied about being raped to discredit this other victims and keep him out of the party van so there's also that.

No. 911043

File: 1577568459359.png (3.54 MB, 828x1792, 12CF7734-82BA-4067-9C65-9E56E9…)

Saging for old milk but here’s proof she admitted it. She took it down because HaRaSsMeNt

No. 911843

File: 1577751530652.png (570.69 KB, 828x1792, A9EAF690-55E3-47CA-A572-7B6C1B…)

Lying again on her IG story

No. 911844

File: 1577751558389.png (862.63 KB, 828x1792, 322B78C3-ADF8-4693-8B9C-D39BF4…)

Part 2

No. 913161

File: 1578077177753.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 678.51 KB, 828x1382, 61B98519-42BA-4F89-9C96-EE6AF0…)

Ana Chan shot still clearly visible

No. 915063

File: 1578455846637.jpeg (732.19 KB, 828x1391, 62228ABE-15BA-43F7-9EE5-B98059…)

Lol fucking cuck

No. 915077

Her name sounds like somebody trying to say Tessa with a lisp

No. 915578

File: 1578588699555.jpeg (615.26 KB, 828x1343, 4F82B3E7-1D9B-46BF-8021-7FE043…)


No. 919046

File: 1579177005354.png (1.3 MB, 828x1792, 982D8908-D930-4D49-ABAE-398239…)

Sure Jan

No. 924271

File: 1580078360450.jpeg (550.67 KB, 820x1461, 991A08BD-BE31-4720-BECA-3D66D4…)

Looks like Canyon’s FB is gone. More cucking rickety maybe?

No. 926515

File: 1580521058611.png (3.85 MB, 1242x2208, 1AA75CD7-2C73-4EE3-A7BF-632DE0…)

No. 926516

File: 1580521092435.png (1.97 MB, 1242x2208, 24E9CEE6-B76D-4D2A-9B1E-7DC645…)

No. 926517

File: 1580521180641.png (2.14 MB, 1242x2208, 3F7A9F78-3855-46A3-A440-6FFFC0…)

sorry i didnt get the username but this is all what canyon has been posting. super messy

No. 926518

File: 1580521215492.png (4.5 MB, 1242x2208, B7DAA96C-2BF4-4BA4-8C67-283C9B…)

No. 926519

File: 1580521291599.png (2.44 MB, 1242x2208, FB526DD8-6A29-425F-ABE9-856C21…)

No. 926520

File: 1580521320441.png (2 MB, 1242x2208, 4EEC4A98-C1F9-4C76-B573-C81625…)

No. 926521

File: 1580521372054.png (2.23 MB, 1242x2208, 6A0757E0-17C5-4B14-8543-071540…)

yeugh shes so manipulative

No. 926523

File: 1580521425420.png (2.04 MB, 1242x2208, 13CCC109-F6DD-4472-BA62-A34BA6…)

No. 926564

Either I've been blocked or she deleted her FB

No. 926566

She deleted FB, kek. Back to Dahvie she goes.

No. 926725

her ig just got deleted @ 100k too hahahah

No. 926752

No. 926767

so photoshopped holy shit how does anyone believe shit like this

No. 926810

It’s so nobody figures out she’s an ana-chan underneath the breast implants

No. 926999

File: 1580619839489.jpeg (429.73 KB, 828x1503, E4AFA5E5-7BAE-4ACD-90EE-573120…)

So much for “don’t accuse Canyon”

No. 927094

File: 1580641714656.jpeg (224.56 KB, 815x1472, 7ED5D549-C165-4F73-956C-2F198B…)

C’mon manipulation let’s get sickening

(Yes I’m a faggot, not the point)

No. 927104

File: 1580643153833.png (860.34 KB, 828x1792, AE8E6536-BF54-4020-86BF-7A4D7F…)

Oh shit

No. 927108

File: 1580643847725.jpeg (219.43 KB, 828x1440, ED2BF9E1-1F5D-4110-BF3F-C875EB…)

Trash might be going to jail tonight

No. 927109


No. 927362

How old are these people? They behave like 14 year old emos in their first abusive relationship.

No. 927400

File: 1580677444223.jpeg (494.86 KB, 750x1183, 689EC8EB-14C6-4405-BAB2-8B892A…)

incoming pic dump. i also recorded both of their rants and i’ll upload them on dropbox in a bit

No. 927402

File: 1580677501618.png (604.09 KB, 750x1334, DFC21D64-6309-4A3C-81A8-0E2D1E…)

No. 927403

File: 1580677571497.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 3BB65278-179E-46E7-A681-9381B8…)

No. 927404

File: 1580677632624.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 479EA291-36FB-4BEF-905A-F911CB…)

trainwreck city, these two.

No. 927405

File: 1580677691298.png (527.16 KB, 750x1334, 024BA48F-8DBA-4174-931C-24EBAA…)

No. 927414

File: 1580679245486.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 7C7564A9-CDDB-45D2-A131-787305…)

No. 927471

Tesah is 24 and Canyon is 27

No. 927473

you are a gentleman and a scholar.

No. 927504

File: 1580692535304.jpeg (500.59 KB, 828x1510, E3AFA2D1-8A88-4261-A0AA-646120…)

Aaaaaaaand Tesah’s threatening suicide

No. 927555

File: 1580699352879.jpeg (188.69 KB, 828x714, 2964D437-3771-40D4-9339-F50E97…)

Why the fuck you lyin, why you always lyin, mmmmoh my god

No. 927566

File: 1580703612459.png (804.03 KB, 750x1334, F747AFD7-DC20-401C-AE0C-D1B694…)

cheers anon, always happy to provide

No. 927829

File: 1580771830739.jpeg (320.8 KB, 828x1531, 3FAC7366-CD4B-429E-8C26-864FF5…)

Lol I can already tell this won’t last. She’s a massive attention whore

No. 927862

File: 1580777997446.jpeg (266.08 KB, 828x1508, 3CACE9F3-5E26-4A70-9C6B-F4CD47…)

And I was right.

No. 928263

File: 1580856908137.jpeg (99.46 KB, 828x1510, 39DD8F6D-406A-4A9D-95BA-C1B992…)

Place your bets, people! How long until Trash says she’s pregnant in order to get Caaaaaanyoooooooon back?

No. 928481

File: 1580925005764.jpeg (80.74 KB, 828x1514, 2757354E-82D7-4E04-B1A6-3AF3B4…)

So much for being soooo sick and soooooo depressed. Half convinced Tesah is a Mia-Chan

No. 928536

File: 1580935783886.png (3.84 MB, 1125x2436, 7CC8ABA3-2AEC-477F-8997-23EF6F…)

Her profile now says “straight edge”
SURE Tesah

No. 928564

Straight edge of the razor she uses to cut coke maybe

No. 928565

File: 1580940792684.jpeg (804.86 KB, 828x1521, EA230EB5-3B14-4208-85ED-808870…)


No. 928821

File: 1580988337668.jpeg (277.63 KB, 827x1478, 2B9E1A62-2D9E-4B4D-9BB8-FC5FF9…)

Canyon is simping again. He’s referring to the club where Tesah works

No. 928909

Just scrolling by - this comes across as a memorial post. This guy only broke up with her? Or?

Also: remember to use sunscreen, folks.

No. 929006

Lurk moar. She’s a cheating skank and blew it with Canyon and is probably texting Dahvie Vanity again as we speak

No. 929008

>blew it with canyon
don’t act like he’s some kind of catch. kek

No. 929024

he looks like someone's teenage West Virginia cousin through a soundcloud IG filter

No. 929057

File: 1581040250437.jpeg (693.4 KB, 828x1538, 09B6EFCE-AE36-4602-BF6B-260E0F…)

Guess who got Twitter?

No. 929184

They're both pathetic. I love it how sex workers claim sex work is so glamorous and empowering and at the end they all live a miserable and shitty life lol

No. 929581

File: 1581143152374.png (256.44 KB, 2048x585, Screenshot_20200208-002532.png)

Welp they got back she messaged me

No. 929582

She's trying to keep it the down low but I always find the truth I keep you all updated if you want

No. 929633

Canyon is a fucking idiot

No. 929710

File: 1581182651251.png (5.32 MB, 1125x2436, 63E2EA99-2887-4BF4-B5A5-CBBE3D…)

No. 929719

I think they just want us think we don't know(namefagging)

No. 930565

Tesah has apparently quit dancing at her current club and that’s why she’s been quiet. She’s scrambling for work.

We may have a Dolly 2.0 on our hands if she plans on just using OF

No. 931201

what a retard lol

No. 932240

File: 1581723577306.jpeg (217.11 KB, 828x759, 22FF2D65-8165-4A33-85F3-E51240…)

Why the fuck you lyyyyyin pt. 28733737

No. 932242

File: 1581723666159.jpeg (267.13 KB, 828x817, 19495F18-F7A9-4A28-B22D-4C8347…)

Also Dolly 2.0 confirmed for Smash. When a new Thot Supreme rises, the old one fades away….

No. 933921

File: 1582160831044.png (39.42 KB, 965x223, Screenshot (7).png)

Tesah is "out of town" which means she's most likely in Florida with Dahvie. Again.

whore. whore never changes.

No. 933923

LOL gone two weeks later. Not surprised

No. 935755

I thought she said she's done with him after finding out he a pedophile, or did I misunderstand something?

No. 936676

File: 1582602139981.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 235.11 KB, 828x661, D55592F1-F9BA-40E2-8221-4DEDEF…)

Hey stupid bitch, put 18+ in your bio if you’re gonna post porn.

No. 936677

She’s said that but gone back to him later on like three times

No. 937085

She needs to, honestly. They're both trash and they deserve each other.

No. 937483

They are together again they both have stories with the same Simpson figures in the background and you can hear her laughing while he has her extensions on in her bed.(Emoji)

No. 937524

What a fucking faggot

No. 939348

Anyone have her onlyfans nudes? Thanks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 941355


No. 943110

They’re confirmed back together and Tesah went back to Scores. Canyon probably has his dick in a cage at this point.

No. 943256

File: 1583796880325.jpeg (662.06 KB, 818x1344, A2A981D3-7728-41E8-9E42-8AE3A1…)

Bonus round: Tesah basically admitting to being an anachan

No. 944372

File: 1583976775743.jpeg (186.35 KB, 828x1461, E8EBE370-33A6-49D5-9EEE-6EC0AF…)

Alright who cow tipped?

No. 945827

File: 1584282819472.jpeg (18.59 KB, 640x111, EB51D0B5-87D4-4919-B66E-DDC856…)

This was in the comments of Blaire’s new video on Dahvie. The fact that she didn’t go to Chris Hansen makes me really suspicious that this is more attention seeking.

No. 946842

File: 1584501806680.png (832.98 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2020-03-17-21-14-11.p…)

No. 946893

what a fucking idiot…. incoming breakup. how many times are they going to do this dance before he leaves for good? like how many times have they broken up and got back together now? i lost count. what an abusive cunt. he’s an idiot but she’s even worse

No. 946908

No sympathy for him. They are both adults and this is just ridiculous.
Why are they even posting this crap online?

No. 949941

Be ready to see Tesah in the Chris Hansen thread in a few days: apparently she’s back to attention seeking

No. 951307

File: 1585592216187.png (523.96 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2020-03-30-12-09-37.p…)

Canyon: "if she starts drama"
Also canyon: posts all their relationship drama and acts like that's not drama causing

No. 951343

Bonus points for Tesah breaking IL law and fleeing quarantine!
(Canyon is an essential employee so he's within the law, even if he is a cuck.)

No. 951345

lol he already deleted it, kek

No. 951359

How often have they broken up?

They are so annoying.
Just stay away from each other or stfu, Jesus Christ, no one gives a shit about you're abusive emo relationship.

No. 953217

File: 1585850668530.jpeg (643.37 KB, 828x1515, BE468C61-A30F-4955-A7DD-BE93AF…)

Why am I not surprised that Canyon idolizes a predator

No. 953223


No. 953598

Canyon is talking about deleting all social media so either someone cowtipped or Tesah’s forcing him to. Probably the latter since we all know she’s abusive.

No. 954036

File: 1585979356968.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3072x3072, 639B4D5F-08EB-4254-8257-BB5CD4…)

Canyon would NEVER delwte his social media; his ego would never let him not get attention and "prove himself" with his 4/10 terribly photoshopped narcassistic abusive wanna be "goalz" gf. She even admitted to me on facetuime once that "only if shes bloated" she edits her stomach, and makes her eyes bigger and her boobs bigger. Shes dumb as f for even saying that, and shes dumb as f for thinking shes a victim. I got alotta receipts and follow me on ig instead im hotter than her and dont need facetune to be past a 7, lol. I got alotta shit on her. Im not even started yet.

No. 954042

File: 1585979908104.jpeg (111.1 KB, 750x1334, E00A669D-1B6E-445D-A076-05E9F5…)

Should i say more about this tranny beat up blow up doll looking retard? I even make more sense than her when im drunk off my ass which is fatter than hers, jfc. Wish i had the screenshot when she said the girl "shouldve obeyed Dahvie and then she wouldnt be raped and he CAN SING" LMAO. She let her bought insta likes get to her fat face. Notice how on her instagram video she looks nothing like her pics? Plus she has herpes on her lip, prolly infected Canyon with it to keep him. At least her warts have some ass.

No. 954044

File: 1585980231735.jpeg (681.8 KB, 750x1334, FE69470A-9A49-43E5-BEC3-BA9C62…)

Plus from a REAL non toxic cokehead stripper, she makes sex workers look bad. We dont "really hate sex workers" , were ashamed to say she is a part of our community. She has the personalityof a rotten toothpick and her vpice and her trying to be charismatic makes hitlers gas chamber look comfortable.

No. 954045

Saging for non-milk but I'm 100% sure the victim in question is an ex of Dahvie's.

No. 954046

File: 1585980677210.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, 595FDDE8-0E75-4E20-BFBE-2F12E7…)

Crap Canfraud deleted the pic but i got it, Trauma isnt Dahvie Vanity rejecting you with hotter girls so you make up a bs "abuse" story for sympathy/to deflect your abuse. Weird how Canfraud made a "anti-abuser" ig page yet didnt include his gf thats using him for clout. Bet Tesah's iphone got nails digged into it to when she couldnt get attentionoff of IG when she got locked out. Without instagram shes nothing and its funny watching her crumble without it.

No. 954048

Oh, the victims ARE his exes shes mad she couldnt even be asked out so she tears them down with her fabricated ego. Ive known her for years, but thankfully not in person.

No. 954049

Don’t be bitter ms.”nontoxic” Cokehead strippper. we can see your pfp don’t become the next Tesah. Everyone in this “clique,” including you from these posts are pathetic namefag.

No. 954050

File: 1585981134050.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 939C69A9-5891-40C0-BCF6-C1EA1A…)

Her face is a bigger fraud than her abusive relationshit. Her nose, Jaw, eyes, lips, everything is different how dumb does she think we are? In her fairytale filled brain she actually thinks shes enough for Chris Hansen to even notice her. Theres a reason why shes not on there if shes such a "big deal", her "story" doesnt have enough points to be legit/featured. She knows her reputation would be worse if he exposed her lies.

No. 954052

Lets focus on the REAL problem here mkay? N of course i put my name there dont act like issa mistake ion even know how to use this app honestly, my bad i guess at least im not Trasha, calm down bitter one.

No. 954053

Oooim so hurt youre calling me things that i already said, u make no sense dude LMAO

No. 954060

Yikes you drunk? Does she have more followers on OF or were you with canyon b4 her? idg the vendetta. This isn’t somewhere where you claim your name n it works out for u. Keep it anonymous for your sake.

No. 954118

Sorry i dont go for clout chasing fat faced cucks that look like lil xan. At least i have premium snap that i can make hundreds over, i just started OF and unlike me she scams people. i dont have a sugar daddy paying my rent and actually give my money i make to rent, not insta followers and boring outfits. Fallons hotter than her, but i aint her. Keep taking the focus off of her tho.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 956394

File: 1586442696762.png (4.1 MB, 828x1792, 14881728-DE77-4D02-BAF9-CCAC1C…)

LOL someone’s trying to expose Canyon.

No. 956397

File: 1586442880250.png (1.48 MB, 828x1792, 48AD3AC3-F51A-482A-964C-B422BA…)

He’s using this to promote his Twitter

No. 956764

File: 1586522955805.png (832.41 KB, 828x1792, F948CF55-9808-44D4-BC76-ABB941…)

Saged because technically not milk but Canyon is a special kind of stupid

No. 958128

Canyon dumped her again because she won't stop talking about the man she still have feelings for- I mean, her abuser.

(I'm aware that it can be both but she's still clearly in love with him)

No. 958129

Video is incoming as soon as I can download it

No. 958228

Still working on it, lolcow's upload limits are a bitch so here's hoping dropbox still works

No. 958229

No. 958257

Screaming in her underwear threatening suicide. Yeah she's psycho.

No. 958265

he posts shit like this everytime they break up. what's the point if he's just going to get back with her???

No. 958274

I mean if nothing else it goes to show how hard it is to leave an abuser, especially if you're a man and your abuser is a woman because nobody believes you

No. 958280

You know this is basically your guys fault too because you guys post stuff about them on here and you don't care how they feel you should try learn to mind your own business instead of ruining someone else's happiness(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 958419

"Where am I gonna go?"
Back to Dahvie seeing as you won't shut up about him ever

No. 958428

“U DONT OWN ME I DO WHAT I WANT” Shes literally like a middle schooler throwing a tantrum after daddy took her vape. And she couldnt be on Chris Hansen anyway; her rebound would be gone and her story doesnt exist. Shes probably with some random old dude in a cheap motel now after that narcassistic meltdown. Karma’s a bitch.

No. 958439

Yea, everything to give someone a valid reason to despise you. Its funny that she thinks shes the victim only cause shes not getting her way/now left with nothing and no man to use. She has to be an adult for once and start over if she doesnt find a way back to her apt; which is hilarious. Sad what some guys really fap to.

No. 958442

It’s so annoying because we know she’s lying and putting the credibility of other (actual) victims at risk.

No. 958472

Trauma isnt Dahvie Vanity choosing Fallon over you and being mad about it. Shes just a narcassist that uses “trauma” as an excuse as if all traumatized girls are a piece of shit and “feelbad for me so its okay”

No. 958474

God damn. I'd say she's psychotic, but this scenario reminds me of Shiloh and Jimmy, when he called the cops on her because she had a breakdown, because he wouldn't leave her alone.

No. 958476

Shes so bad at facetune. She warps everything to the point that her pics look drunk too. And its more than obvious in other peoples/her videos she thinks shes that smart. Whenever i’d call it out on ig i’d get my comment deleted and eventually blocked.

No. 958477

I actually talk to Shiloh we’re cool haha. Onision is the definition of a Narcassistic abusive bf that cant mentally grow past 16.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 958498

File: 1586848850636.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, A618A746-994C-43E3-8338-3322B5…)

If anyone ever wants to feel bad about her “perfect” body; shes average like most people.

No. 958499

File: 1586848902053.jpeg (154.62 KB, 467x628, 0A7FAEE8-09A5-4DC6-A5C0-274E0E…)

This was the moment she realized; she wont be able to fake being perfect on instagram after the fight her ex-relatilnshit and photoshop after

No. 958539

She has a long history of doing this with other partners. Stop simping for cows

No. 958699

Dude ive seen the pattern. Im not simping canyon’s an idiot too

No. 958729



No. 958734


No. 958787

She’s been awful quiet since Canyon dropped receipts.

No. 958967

Shes only quiet to look like its “taking a break” and “theres a huge change cumming my way!111!” Shes not that smart. HIPPITY HOBBITY SHES SUCH HYPROCRISY(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 959123

Can you at least sage your need to fill this thread by yourself?

No. 959316

File: 1586969991016.png (2.12 MB, 828x1792, 731112B4-0330-4C9C-8720-679C79…)

Sure Tesah. Dolly 2.0 confirmed for Smash.

No. 959378

File: 1586977711819.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, 331CDCF7-44BA-4458-8D92-2380FD…)

She’s so predictable its comedy gold, this pattern of brushing her actions off is gross. Shes only using “create mode” to hide the fact shes in a hotel and to look like nothing happened.

No. 959382

“pls dont leave hate commentz”
Translation: “Pls dont expose me to the people who didnt see canyon’s vid of me even tho i’ll block you, i gotta be a victim and be told im a good noodle to get over it”(ban evasion)

No. 959929

File: 1587055230673.png (1.13 MB, 828x1792, DA465115-DFC2-43FA-98F0-1D03FD…)

Nice to know Canyon is still cringe even when he’s not with Tesah

No. 960557

File: 1587142482920.jpeg (188.01 KB, 828x1518, B7B3E3AC-B7B0-486A-A5CD-1DB351…)

I couldn’t capture it well in this image but if you watch the story you can see she’s using hella filters.

No. 961500

File: 1587266674659.jpeg (390.2 KB, 828x1350, DE95EDAE-F1B0-4917-9DC6-600188…)

Lol, dumb bitch. This is how she lost her account last time.

No. 962212

Hey farmhands, someone cowtipped Tesah.

No. 963757

No. 964140

Chris Hansen asked “what has this made you” and instead of being honest and saying this made me a sex worker she said “it taught me how not to be treated” TOP KEK WUT.

No. 965383

File: 1587870959666.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, 4679F80E-B8FD-40EB-8158-392897…)

So that’s why she has bangs. To hide her giant forehead mole.

No. 966370

File: 1588095488397.png (1.58 MB, 828x1792, DA8AD444-01E9-46D0-9E3F-0CF384…)

Ana Chan confirmed photodump incoming

No. 966371

File: 1588095521917.png (1.86 MB, 828x1792, 077F0E9C-FCDB-46B4-9331-A10BEE…)

No. 966372

File: 1588095551162.png (2.67 MB, 828x1792, 6ACD74DF-AE01-47E8-9E09-CDBB9B…)

No. 966373

File: 1588095575657.png (1.22 MB, 828x1792, 934E8CCB-14D6-4BAC-A4F0-D61AA3…)

That’s all I got lol

No. 966486



No. 966524

Lol same

No. 966977

File: 1588219550768.jpg (556.66 KB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20200429-205808_Ins…)

>Stop calling me a cuck! I'm the one who chucked him!!!

You're girl has an onlyfans. Get off of your high horse you fuckin beta. And let's not pretend it's a feat to steal a girl from that goblin in a wig.

No. 966978

File: 1588219616878.jpg (757.13 KB, 1080x1974, 20200429_205854.jpg)


I like how she doesn't repost this one kek. This dude is a textbook d-bag.

No. 966983

lol imagine thinking you're so important you have to explain to random anons on the internet about how you're not a cuck. this is some comedy.

No. 967285

canyon is most definitely a fucking cuck. i personally have no problem with tesah but canyon is a grade AA piece of shit. dude tried to fuck my friend while she had a boyfriend and he got mad she won't drive to a truck stop to fuck him

No. 967300

File: 1588283580260.jpeg (67.2 KB, 500x500, EBCEF4ED-61B6-4E17-875F-727B68…)

No. 967333

I missed the Canyon cringeposting and my sides are in orbit!

No. 967357


wow dude! cool! u certainly showed us! cucking dahvie vanity of all people definitely isn't just as fuckin embarrassing!

No. 967584

File: 1588343445905.jpeg (606.35 KB, 828x1462, C0565FE1-EF1C-4AC9-A9A7-508F74…)

Tesah: “I’m not an Ana-chan!”
Also Tesah: -posts meal plan that barely cuts under 1200-

No. 967586

I propose “24 Hour LOLCOW.com People” as the next thread title.

No. 967618

File: 1588348510212.jpeg (604.02 KB, 828x1510, B60C916C-47C8-4133-BD96-2AD2E5…)

Cringe daddy, never classy

No. 967692

Tesah should be relieved about the breakup. This Canyon guy is an embarrassment. Sure he's not on the same the same level as Dahvie, but he is still the type of guy you look back on and cringe over. If you have to go on about how you're only an inch taller than 6ft and your dick too big on the internet to prove no girl would cheat on you, you are a cuck. Plain and simple. Being a cuck is a mental state as well. You cannot escape it, Canyon.

No. 968355

File: 1588492532561.jpeg (197.9 KB, 828x1458, 905BCB4C-4474-4C2E-BE36-7F21FD…)

We get it, you have an ED

No. 968380


>2 rice cakes, 7 pieces of candy, 2 glasses of Cabernet

>336 kcal

No. 969390

File: 1588693257384.png (3.32 MB, 828x1792, 1435DE10-261A-43B9-A22E-F0A6E7…)

Thought you were quitting stripping?

No. 969426

File: 1588697717102.jpeg (66.4 KB, 746x369, 3A9B1D7B-DB27-4149-B85E-689E5A…)

“Psycotic- but u love it”
No….nobody does. CRINGE imagine being 24 saying that and suddenly faking an ED just to try and cover up your photoshop with this “im underweight see SKINNY” card.

No. 969435

File: 1588698614453.jpeg (225.46 KB, 750x878, 915589E4-F92A-48B1-A885-D01346…)

And how many more identity crisis’ is Canyon gonna have again in one week for attention? He acts like a insufferable 14 year old emo after their favorite band noticed him for the first time. And now they both put “grunge” in their hashtags after getting butthurt/trying to attack a girl who used it first….weird.

No. 969804

Love how in Canyon’s video she said she cant afford anything on her own, but on Chris Hansen Tesah said she makes alot of money.

No. 969899

Her stripping job is closed due to coronavirus but apparently enough scrotes are buying her content

No. 969900

File: 1588787741164.jpeg (709.89 KB, 820x1523, C444976F-91DE-4AEE-9B58-321BB8…)

Cringey half-ahegao selfie

No. 969988

She has a sugar daddy paying her rent, she wouldnt be crying about not able to afford anything on her own if she “makes so much money.”

No. 970298

File: 1588857723856.jpeg (565.66 KB, 828x1512, 98ECFF30-E662-459F-84DF-14897B…)


No. 970475

File: 1588885712276.jpeg (170.4 KB, 828x1314, C73E8C35-F6CB-49E3-B24A-97124B…)

You wish …(namefag)

No. 970499

Her hair is bent into her slimmed jaw and the pixels are warped…its so edited and obvious LMAO

No. 970501

It aint that expensive if you gave it to Dahvie Vanity for free and could cheat on Canyon

No. 970505

File: 1588891388865.jpeg (310.22 KB, 750x1103, 786C972A-21B8-4787-93A9-B388D0…)

He’s the cringiest type of Chad. This edgelord is way too full of himself and not even funny.

No. 970677

File: 1588911003416.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1496, 77BCBCDF-8DCE-4645-9250-51DBF1…)

She’s looking to date a girl now

No. 970703

Canyon keeps talking about sucking emo boy peen so ofc now all of the sudden she wants to date girls

No. 970738

It really takes a lot of makeup for her to look decent

No. 970805

It’s not lip service because she’s talked about having a female fiancée in the past. Fiancée was kept on the DL until they split (gee I wonder why)

No. 971262

File: 1589010497483.jpeg (669.66 KB, 828x1493, 9D822CE8-B7A0-49AD-B7F4-4FCAE7…)

>has “psychotic but you like it” in her bio
>wonders why girls aren’t sliding into her DMs

No. 971372

File: 1589039664865.jpeg (486.98 KB, 750x1334, E6B8D823-A981-4C45-9FE4-D3A305…)

She should at least blur the background if her editing is gonna be THIS BAD LMAO. Even if she did….its that bad.

No. 971383

File: 1589042239487.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, 72B91104-860C-4EEC-86E4-11EC1B…)

Sounds like BS to me and just wants to turn tables now cause the truth hurts and so the focus is off him

No. 971387

Lmao that elbow

No. 971409

Go home elbow youre drunk

No. 971555

LC is mostly women, total BS.

No. 971576

why do cows always have such false confidence when it comes to shit like this? canyon, we know you lurk. no judge on the planet would ever take your case seriously. you can pretend it’s one man writing these threads, but this site has THOUSANDS of unique daily visitors every day and the majority of people using the site are women.

it’s not illegal, slanderous or libelous to make fun of you and your retarded cromagnon girlfriend. feel free to waste your money trying to sue some random dude though.

No. 971658

This whole scenario is questionable and it's highly unlikely some random scrote is sperging out in this thread. Also the way he has to paint himself as a knight in shining armor with the whole "I'm gunna break her fwee frum her toxic bf" spiel is fucking pathetic. He tries so hard to be daddy but in the end he's just a whiny little bitch.

No. 972394

File: 1589217641729.jpeg (219.12 KB, 828x825, 92B6B88E-F5D9-4B63-A8E2-25447F…)

Looks like either Canyon went full retard and went back or Tesah is straight up delusional

No. 972478


Canyons been trying to promote his new ig page by telling people to add his name to their bio

No. 972619

Funny how she always gets “new followers” with sketchy amounts in a short amount of time then go back down, meaning its bought. And of course they’re not together she’ll always be delusional.

No. 972696

She pulled the same shit with Dahvie until she burned that bridge by going on Hansen. That's honestly what made me lose respect for him because I know that he was repeatedly warned that she is also an abuser and he let her on anyway.

No. 972697

But I thought she didn't have a job!!!!!!!!

No. 972708

File: 1589260895062.jpg (420.94 KB, 720x1131, 20200512_061827.jpg)

His new facebook status is the fakest shit I've ever read (worth checking out for the cringe) Clearly he wrote it himself to boost his ego. It's pathetic really.

No. 972709

File: 1589261136767.jpg (420.07 KB, 720x1342, 20200512_062440.jpg)

EvERy GiRl WaNtS tO TaLk To YoU

No. 972727

Why would anyone go as far as to post a personal convo like this anyway? This is just another way of him stroking his own ego, and I doubt anyone who bothered reading through all of that actually gave a shit. Being in any form of a relationship with him, be it a friend or whatever, must be absolutely insufferable.

No. 972728

File: 1589265617823.jpeg (182.26 KB, 828x693, ADFCAF53-D8F1-46A1-B0E2-BBF8C1…)

We get it, you like pussy

No. 972924

File: 1589308254510.jpeg (136.24 KB, 828x1062, 9C0B8FCE-7997-4D5A-82E3-A5CA6A…)

Psycho bitch

No. 972963

File: 1589310770798.jpeg (509.03 KB, 828x1473, 2358F7A6-B550-4735-B3BF-0C85BC…)

Because this isn’t totally fucking creepy

No. 972995

lmao at her standing in the background so he’ll actually be taller than her for once

No. 973155


Yet just to be edgy “lol violence its cute even tho i’ll commit domestic abuse if u try n leave n cry about how im better”

No. 973157

Lol @ the edited stomach. And how insecure do you have to be to be a shapeless twig, edit every picture you have, deny it and not blur it?

No. 973970

File: 1589480441830.jpeg (622.11 KB, 828x1443, 490C22D5-3E12-4E4D-B78D-774CEC…)


No. 974314

Oh come on! She couldn’t even fix the eye over her hair from the filter? Lazy lazy these cows are

No. 974349

We've seen what she actually looks like. She needs a whole pound of makeup to look good.


No. 974407

jesus christ bitches like these give me body dysmorphia

No. 974418

File: 1589549397826.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, EF2280AF-1861-40E3-972D-B948DA…)

Her eye is so wide and distorted too omg LOL. Plus, she really looks like this/those warps tho

No. 974419

File: 1589549644406.png (264.87 KB, 750x1334, 8072FCE6-0496-49FD-819E-28F793…)

Of course she’d be friends with Tana Mongoose. They both photoshop rly bad, are hypocritical narcassists that are too full of themselves, and is basic/immature. They’re like the same person except one has money, botox, and at least somewhat of a personality.

No. 974424

File: 1589550071748.png (477.88 KB, 750x1334, 704B7733-60E2-4897-82C0-BB5AF5…)

She wants to people to know shes on meds so bad she had to post this twice. Besides 5 times a day after only taking them cause the thread exposed her and she wants to be “better” so everyone forgets. She’s still a pos tho. Weird flex but ok.

No. 975137

Checked out her onlyfans bc she was bragging about someone leaving a review about how she makes pornhub level content and was 100% disappointed.

No. 975254

Did you get screengrabs?

No. 975616

File: 1589793054998.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 283.95 KB, 828x1459, 3FD3A087-5641-46B0-B802-AF8D2B…)

Bitch really needs money

No. 975617

So apparently Tesah never filed a police report against Dahvie like she said she did because there's no record of the report and it allegedly happened in a state where those are public.

NSFW that shit.

No. 975642

Pls fucking spoiler this kinda shit

No. 975770

> Cries whenever her instagram gets taken down for shitty nudes

> Continues to post things that’ll get her banned

> Promised to censor everything so she doesnt get banned

> Wont

Plus her nude photoshoot she thinks shes special cause of is online….her pussys so ugly n blown out not even Arby’s would serve it.

No. 975771

Of course she wont file a police report for her rebound. She needs him whenever Canyon leaves her, and cant break the bond cause what she said never happened anyway, it’d be a fake report.

No. 975782

File: 1589829292565.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 1242x1545, BC9C393D-FCAA-47F6-BC1A-F27F47…)

No. 975783

File: 1589829338188.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1015.36 KB, 1242x1581, D344A8BC-95F2-45E9-8C9C-6C9AA3…)

No. 975785

File: 1589829432415.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 827.21 KB, 1201x1207, 926614A4-30EA-4E08-9A1E-1F1967…)

No. 975816

wtf is up with the horn growing out of her head?? looks hard asf

No. 975817

lmaoook who’s dick is this

No. 975825

It aint Dahvie’s teeny weenie….has to be a guy she cheated on Canyon with…or Canyon lied about having a big dick. And i feel bad whoever payed for those boring nudes….and that awkward face she made lol tryna be cute. And shes using a face slimming filter

No. 975826

She can photoshop curves onto her but cant airbrush that giant mole off her forehead it prolly lights up whenever she looks at this thread.

No. 975838

I can smell this pic. The dick is unfortunate, gotta be a 4 incher at the most, also the bad trim job and sparse body hair is gross. This is content people pay for. Hell, even a dildo would have done a better job aesthetically.

Her Bewitched tattoo deserves to be mentioned as well, very kek worthy.

No. 975960

Or she broke quarantine and it's a random. Either way yikes on fucking bikes

No. 975986

If you've seen Canyons pornhub account you'll see that he actually has quite a small dick…So its most likely his

No. 975992

She already broke Quarentine in the video of her acting like an angry 14 year old in Canyon’s truck. N ofc Canyon would lie about having a big dick. His ego is bigger than any dick on Earth anyway.

No. 975993

The guys who brag about their dicks the most usually are never that impressive anyway

No. 976087

World's smallest dick: found

No. 976093

No. 976094

She has a horrible boob job.

No. 976117

I’ve been subscribed to Canyons Onlyfans for a year now. That video was her sucking him off when he was soft. He has a good dick. Stop coming at canyon I thought this was about tesah?

No. 976123

Hi Canyon

No. 976124

You wish. I hope he see’s this and takes whoever posted that to court.

No. 976125

Nah I've seen him fully hard on pornhub- he's just small

No. 976126

I think you’re just mad because he can literally get any girl he wants. And his dick isn’t small lmao i will agree that he isn’t huge but he’s definitely not small and you have went way off track in this discussion

No. 976129

I'm a gay man lol couldn't care less about who he screws! I just love the trashy drama the two of them create…Like a low-budget soap opera

No. 976130

idk what this thread is about but
>he can literally get any girl he wants

No. 976131

It is quite the entertainment but all this shit about his dick is dumb. Because you can’t come at a guys softy and say that’s his actual size that isn’t fair lmao. But the drama is entertaining

No. 976132

Oh I'm not coming after his softy at all, I've seen plenty of growers, not showers. I've seen his full chub, however, and it's not impressive. For a man who talks about how big he is all the time I just find it bizarre! I'll leave it at that.

No. 976133

I saw that screenshot he posted. He never said he had a big dick he said he has a nice dick. And to me he has a big dick maybe not to you. But what they just posted was his softy. I’d say his dick is about 6-7 inches.(Continuously trying to divert the conversation to what a "nice dick" canyon has)

No. 976136

What in the hot mess did I just come across??

No. 976139

Lmao canyon stop talking to yourself

No. 976141

Lol you wish! KEK

No. 976143

I’m surprised more people haven’t jumped on this sooner to be honest. His following is a bunch of zombie thots who will literally cut themselves for him

No. 976144

I’m not one of those. I just like his content. He’s funny and I’m subscribed to his onlyfans but I won’t kill myself for the guy. I just don’t like his ex

No. 976146

Next thread will probably be about both and also sage your autism please

No. 976157

I’m going to post this in canyons fan group on fb this might get swarmed with e thots y’all(Posting under multiple ip's to try and get people to call canyons dick "nice" and "not small")

No. 976197

File: 1589903722918.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 984.01 KB, 1242x1404, 8DF4983F-36FC-4B37-8753-026064…)

Whatever helps yall sleep at night(>tries to report pics of dick under copyright >proceeds to post said dick)

No. 976222

Still looks small in comparison to your man hand wrapped around it. Btw as mentioned before, your pubes are nasty. Please learn how to groom yourself properly if you're going to post yourself online like this.

No. 976238

File: 1589908802709.jpeg (114.9 KB, 1368x828, E1E4AF33-6DFB-41F8-98F9-322848…)

Mods my sides are in fucking orbit

No. 976350

File: 1589922664164.jpg (363.67 KB, 1053x1909, Screenshot_20200519-140842_Ins…)

There was a first settlement? Does this retard stop to think lolcow would have been taken down already over something as insignificant as posting onlyfans nudes?

No. 976356

File: 1589923012123.gif (1.77 MB, 615x413, my sides.gif)

The timestamp is exactly same as when he came here to post his own dick. He didn't even pretend that he got to know about it through someone. He's too dumb to realise that anyone with half a brain can realise he would have by no way known his dick was posted here five hours ago and reported for copyright, unless it was him actually doing it.

What a galaxy brain. This is why you don't do meth, kids.

No. 976357

Damn he has a really small penis.

No. 976360

I wasn't going to post this as it doesn't contribute much, but since canyon wants comments on his dick so much - I'd be happy to oblige. That is one tiny and ugly penis.

No. 976370

File: 1589924627812.gif (1.35 MB, 262x275, 1531534792826.gif)


>They didn't like my tiny dick so I'm gonna sue them

No. 976376

At this point would it be more productive to just redo the thread with both of them, not just Tesah? Or should we wait for the thread to max out?

No. 976377

Is it also Canyon self-posting when Tesah goes off her meds and attacks him? This thread has always had a weird vibe of self pity/promo.

No. 976391

He literally admitted it but OK

No. 976409

canyon turned out to be a bigger cow than the initial subject of this thread, there definitely needs to be a bigger focus on him.

honestly the more milk he douses us with, the less milky tesah appears imo. as of late, the only milk she provides are bad shoops.

No. 976496

He’s constantly looking at himself in her OF vids, it’s cringey as fuck. Plus he fucks like a virgin or a bottom. Tesah, find yourself a new man girl.

No. 976516

Small dick dudes always get big mad.
I hope he actually goes to court lol

No. 976550

My Chinese ex boyfriend had a bigger than dick smh. I remember when he posted a picture with his underwear, he definitely stuff it

No. 976593

Her boobs are divorced lmao

No. 976675

Did canyon just post all the receipts since this started… did Can start this thread? None of the receipts show the username except one where he posts over hers…..

No. 976719

No they didn’t get cowtipped until very recently

No. 976852

I doubt cow tipping occurred. They just don’t want to admit they keep tabs on themselves.

No. 977072

Lol just catching up on this baby-dick drama. This is amazing! I cant believe that's the dick of a man who boasts about it all the time

No. 977111

File: 1590077210177.jpg (72.98 KB, 720x530, 1433705668496.jpg)

>6-7 inches
Does not compute. This boy should consider glasses if he really read 6 inches on the measuring tape.

No. 977132

Spergouts like this are why I'm here, kek.

No. 977136

He's been awfully quiet on insta the last couple of days. Wonder why kek

No. 977284

Tesah is moving so he may be helping her and keeping off social media to avoid being called a cuck again

No. 977359

But anoooonnnnn he thinks being a cuck is sexy don’t you know? Top kek.

No. 977665

Just read the whole thread. Big fucking KEK at the coked up stripper spergout. I just checked her IG, her edits are more obvious than Tesah and she STILL manages to look at busted. This thread is wild, I hope more greasy strippers dox themselves in a fit of rage.

>follow me on ig instead im hotter than her

The self promo and delusion I fucking can't-
>my ass which is fatter than hers
I can't be the only one honestly having trouble locating it kek

Also dying at the multiple obvious unsaged posts she made after she was done namefag sperging. If you're going to insult someone's intelligence at least have a functioning brain cell. I honestly don't know who's more retarded, but I enjoyed reading this trainwreck.

No. 977672

Oof sorry for samefag. I was a little too accurate with my assumptions… She literally lost her partner to coke last month and is an actual BPDfag which explains the spergout. I kind of feel bad now, ngl.

No. 977785

Hi Tesah, the projection and obnoxious bullshit from you is just getting funnier, she’s better than you calm down

No. 977786

Her body actually looks real and matches her videos, Tesah cant even bother to blur anything or look realistic

No. 977787

And she never told anyone to follow her

No. 977791

Apparently Tesah has to “watch what shes posting” cause she’s getting close to her account getting banned again..she already made another backup and is awfully quiet.

No. 977804

Why does Tesah think boxing up items and drinking wine while talking in a cringe baby voice is an “aesthetic?” Plus…her “twerking” video explains why she has no money and NOBODY dreams of seeing that. Spooky Scary Skeletons played in my head after seeing that ripoff.(samefagging)

No. 977858

Is this lil xans older sister

No. 977864

File: 1590186995672.png (2.2 MB, 828x1792, 1CB36155-CEE5-4331-8DFC-CF86C6…)

What was that about milk, Nonny?

No. 977867

File: 1590187132248.png (3.03 MB, 828x1792, B31D5082-D9E1-4D1D-BD1C-FD8B86…)

Also Samefag but I was right lmaooooo

No. 977899

“omg lol i left my viibrator there im sooo cute”

No. 977907

Idk how Tesah feels anything from Canyons 3 incher when she's using vibrators of that size

No. 977925

But why is it on the ground like that next to a jar of vicks vapor rub?

No. 977952

Cause she has shitty sex

No. 977953

She needs that dildo CAUSE of Canyon…she’s still never pleased with anything tho(samefagging)

No. 977993

That's true, her filters/edits just look messy as fuck from my perspective. I'm sure she does have a better base to work with, but she honestly reminds me of Tesah so I wouldn't have been bragging… Her blatant narcsessism was astounding until I realised she actually was coked up. I feel sorry for her now tbh.

>She never told anyone to follow her

She did anon, right here: >>954036
>follow me on ig instead im hotter than her and dont need facetune to be past a 7
No comment on the above statement.

No. 978025

I personally dont agree shes nothing like Tesah, and her edits arent even serious or noticeable. Lets not focus on her though, get back to the topic. Plus narcassism is now being thrown around lighly, and BPD isnt an insult.

No. 978026

Are you joking? Her edits are very, VERY noticeable

No. 978029

Yall are really looking at the wrong person for everything youre accusing her of lmao. Tesah just wanted to be petty and project/take the attention off her so she brought her up she tried to “destroy” her before but nothing worked

No. 978030

File: 1590237976832.jpeg (324.67 KB, 750x759, 7629889D-72BB-416C-B496-934FF5…)

Now back to Tesah…how can she think anyone believes this?

No. 978033

File: 1590238434840.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 087FD77A-000D-423E-BDDA-CF89DE…)

God in every video she uses these forced poses trying to have curves…but she just looks constipated and is gonna blow her hip out. Shes barley moving for a reason lol(spam, samefagging.)

No. 978056

File: 1590241955156.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 1920x2560, 20-05-23-23-38-37-245_deco.jpg)

Okay? Let's agree to disagree on that one. No one's using BPD an insult kek, I was using it as a means to explain the unusual behaviour. You're on the wrong site if you're touchy about BPD, clearly you've never read another thread. Can you stop so obviously WKing the namefag? It's Very suspicious all the WK posts are coming from anons unfamiliar with saging or tagging replies. Now where have we seen that before kek?

>narcassism is now being thrown around lighly

Nice try anon.
>Insults Tesah in every post, self promoting in the same breath
>im hotter than her and dont need facetune to be past a 7
>I even make more sense than her when im drunk off my ass which is fatter than hers, jfc
That's called textbook narcsessism, a lack of self awareness, and an obvious vendetta. Total cow material, you and Tesah could be twins.

If that's the case, that's the case. I'm only commenting on the evidence we have eg. Her profile pictures still found on her IG to this day.

Lastly this thread isn't about you Vendetta-chan, but I hope you've enjoyed what little attention we've given you. You've successfully motivated me to be less sympathetic, congrats. Let's move on because this shitty attempt at WKing won't fly here.

No. 978547

I find it hilarious that all of you spend this much time out of your day to post about them. Do you think as they are constantly going viral your dumbass words and accusations has any effect on them. All this thread has proven is how insecure alllll if you are. You’re probably fat, gross looking and can’t get laid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 978717

File: 1590375089954.jpeg (7.97 KB, 300x317, images (3).jpeg)

>You’re probably fat, gross looking and can’t get laid

No. 979932

File: 1590603862992.jpeg (170.69 KB, 828x546, 8DA62BCB-42DA-4EFC-9308-15DFA5…)

She’s moving to NC

No. 980079

File: 1590622585983.png (333.58 KB, 750x1334, 881C356A-0F47-46ED-B944-E10A8F…)

Cause Canyon’s in NC. He’s really bad at hiding he’s going with Tesah…AGAIN. We all know even though he goes quiet to try n hide her.

No. 980103

The Cuckening shall commence again!

No. 980150

Cant wait to hear his next excuse on how “Ahhh we worked it out AHHH I SWUR IM NOT BEING MANIPULATED AHHH”

No. 980189

Tesah 3 or so months ago in her bio: “STRAIGHT EDGE!!!”

Today as if anyone cares: “I ❤️ ”(samefagging)

No. 980646

It seems like y’all have an obsession over these two. It’s kinda sad to see people waste so much time thinking and talking about someone that doesn’t give a shit about you/ever think about you. Makes y’all look insecure. You’re legitimately obsessing over someone just because you don’t like them. I’m almost mind blown that people take the time to think about others so constantly, talk shit constantly. Find something better to do maybe than obsessively stalk peoples social media. So much jealousy that is gonna be passed off as “oh she’s just shit. He’s just shit” ok? If they are, so what. Focus on yourselves. Seems like you’re just upset because you’ll never have that kind of attention. Jealousy is ugly.

No. 980647

You try and promote your IG on here like it’s gonna get you famous. Checked it out, you’re a pretty girl. BUT the way you act makes you ugly. I’m glad I’ll never be a hating ass jealous person like this. Life is too short to waste time worrying about OTHER PEOPLES LIVES. I hope you can heal from whatever trauma or something that’s caused you to be so bitter:) xoxo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 980648

If it's so awful, dont reply to the thread and make it more visible. It will die if it becomes boring and has less replies.

Listen, retard, it's simple. Everyone likes a trainwreck and it's fun to read about some dumb fucks on your lunch break.

No. 980656

The most traffic this thread has gotten was when Canyon decided to post his Vienna sausage on here. Other than that, it's a miracle if this thread gets more than a couple posts in a day. Thanks for bump tho retard

No. 980744

Ok boomer

No. 980936


Do you know what site you’re on?!

No. 980945

I suck fat dicks(ban evasion)

No. 980949

wrong thread, anon, there are no fat dicks to be seen here.

No. 980954

File: 1590792152110.png (709.77 KB, 750x1334, DEEF25D4-E4D6-4A52-AA1A-738DAD…)

No. 980962

LOL fucking retard. I called it.

No. 981289

File: 1590877569188.png (3.84 MB, 750x1334, 345FFEAF-D5C2-4100-BAA4-1773F9…)

Canyon got the rona. Im suprised the rona even went near his cringe ass and decided to stay in there.

No. 981291

Also the irony of him making jokes about it, being a truck guy to “save” people then catching it. Rona was not happy with him obvs:

No. 981382

It's really easy to forget something like this. Just slipped his mind.

No. 981434

>Can't tag replies
>Stop talking about us you're just jealous

If autists didn't religiously read and bump their own threads, maybe we would?

No. 981604

This means Tesah probably has it too, and fake tits are a risk factor. Oops.

No. 981796

File: 1590966894007.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, C5CC2FA4-CE13-4BAF-9785-8A5A47…)

She def has Rona…even the Rona cant keep her away. As long as she has an accessory for IG it dont matter.

No. 981797

File: 1590967004898.jpeg (581.05 KB, 750x1024, EEF98AFA-8E67-4582-BAF4-013685…)

Her fake tits looks like depressed squares made with hard penis skin…Anything to make up for a flat ass and no curves tho, right? And her editing is depressing.

No. 981887

So are yours Nxrocticdancer, both of your edits are depressing to look at. Those circles you continue to scribble all over your vendetta are ALSO depressing to look at. They completely defeat the purpose of posting the image, but I guess you're only here to sperg about her looks kek.

No. 981901

this is the messiest thread i have read in awhile…i can't believe people like this still exist kek

No. 982064

The narco dancer whatever fatass is the most jealous person I’ve ever came across, you’re so sloppy girl and insecure pls get better soon xoxo

No. 982076

You two obnoxious retards ruined the thread. You dont make sense or can stay on topic. And ‘fatass’ is the go to insult by an inaccurate child that uses “xoxo”. Annoying Sceenie weenies that try and protect Tesah are cringe asf

No. 982078

I know for a fact you dont look any better or have enough brain cells to reconize your hilarious hypocrisy, short bus. Get some sleep for high school and your BOTDF concert tommorow. You try too hard just to be wrong.(ban evasion)

No. 982202

What losers these people are

No. 982216

Are Tesah and Narco having a sperg out at each other? Because I can barely tell what's going on considering neither of them are capable of tagging replies.

No. 982222

That or narco is a schizo. She tends to samefag so it always comes across like she's talking to herself in here kek.

No. 982792

You gotta be 18 to post here, sorry!

No. 984185

They're fighting on her ig stories right now. About cheating and drinks? A mess lol.

No. 984187

File: 1591484659902.jpg (455.58 KB, 718x1419, 20200607_000348.jpg)

Didn't she just move there? Jesus Christ their relationship is a joke

No. 984265

So Tesah got arrested and her cat ran away. All shit aside- The poor cat, it only has three legs I hope its ok

No. 984405

File: 1591497797632.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200606-174301.png)

No. 984406

File: 1591497830655.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200606-174316.png)

No. 984407

File: 1591497864357.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200606-174321.png)

No. 984408

File: 1591497895412.png (481.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200606-174612.png)

No. 984437

>is that Vicky shingles kek

No. 984439

Man this chick is a mess. Her and her man child need some extreme therapy.

No. 984463

File: 1591515002462.jpg (236.06 KB, 800x800, 1vskqSt.jpg)

>Cher loyd

No. 984507

File: 1591538710763.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 2D73C468-F801-45C1-ABAD-67647D…)

Left without comment

No. 984578

File: 1591557097073.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200607-121727.png)

No. 984579

File: 1591557124112.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200607-121744.png)

No. 984580

File: 1591557183106.jpg (744.04 KB, 1079x1580, Screenshot_20200607-131051.jpg)

No. 984597


>we are two psychos with constant mental breakdowns. One of us is in jail. Pls help find our cat.

yeah. That cat is better off without the psycho whore and the faggot.

No. 984625

Legend saw an opportunity and then took it, kek.

No. 984626

he dumped you for Fallon, quit lying Tesah.

No. 984657

Has anyone come through with the mugshot?

No. 984660

Kek did Tesah mix up bipolar disorder with borderline personality disorder?

No. 984677

Cher Lloyd LMAO what is happening omfg

No. 984684

Got to be britfag, surely. As your reaction was the same as mine. Then my head started to spin. Kek.

No. 984727

Poor fucking Legend.

No. 984747

File: 1591590727234.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200607-223221.png)

No. 984782

Irishfag but you know damn well it still gave me whiplash similar to the Amanda Seyfried lolcow saga

I don't like tesah and can't stand her piss poor predictable bpd-esque behaviour, but this guy is such a fucking asshole who loves playing the victimised guy by crazy gf card. Just fucking distance yourself and stop airing it out on social media, making sure everyone else as well as herself knows that she's unstable. He's just absolutely flaming her by constantly posting how much of an unbelievable master manipulator puppeteer psychopath he thinks she is

No. 984803

Another Irishfag- Cher Lloyd was my favourite xfactor star, I'm so disappointed in her.

He's loving the attention he's getting as the "innocent", "abused" boyfriend it's actually pretty sick. She's definitely a psycho but it's just as psychotic to exploit someone who is supposedly mentally ill for clout and likes.

No. 984804

Also wtf was she doing drinking on medication for bipolar disorder

No. 984827

Hasn't she been married for a while? And supposedly this all happened 3 years ago? Sounds fishy.

No. 984838

There isn't much in the way of Cher Lloyd news but I think her marriage was a bit rocky for a while, at least before they had a kid.

No. 984840

File: 1591634257116.png (15.11 KB, 641x118, Capture.PNG)

arrest proof but when i found it, she was released.

No. 984842

File: 1591634466974.png (362.74 KB, 1188x757, Capture.PNG)


No she is still there

No. 984873

What happened with Amanda Seyfried? Is she a lolcow?

No. 984908

There was an anon who just fucking hated Amanda with every fiber of their being and worked this hatred into many threads.

No. 984917

File: 1591653524161.jpeg (373.15 KB, 828x591, 8CB2BFC0-2C1C-488F-BF3B-6E6C4C…)

Still in jail as of fifteen minutes ago.

No. 984933

Check his Facebook- she comes out at 7pm CST. Looks like he's planning on taking her back too. You can't write this shit.

No. 984936

File: 1591655555729.jpeg (23.59 KB, 320x222, 209CFAE2-2BDB-4612-A21F-F94F90…)

Lol what a cuck.

No. 984938

could you at least take a screenshot for us nonfacebookfags

No. 984941

File: 1591656726360.jpg (467.98 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200608-235150_Fac…)

Yup, sorry

No. 984943

File: 1591656764774.jpg (493.5 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200608-235157_Fac…)

No. 984944

File: 1591656799112.jpg (389.57 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200608-235201_Fac…)

No. 984953

Lamooooo did she fuck Jonny

No. 984954

She has famous musicians blocked! Wow that is love y’all

No. 984959

Beta. This shit is a cycle at this point, he's gonna take her back just to get pussywhipped again. Him bringing up her mental illness is such a scapegoat. When it starts getting this abusive, and you're putting your pets in danger, there's no excuse. Tell her to fuck off. Their lives revolve around exploiting themselves on the internet and nothing else.

>she is the only person who has loved me unconditionally

Meaning she will put up with all his bullshit and vice versa. This shit ain't love, its codependency kek.

No. 984963

thanks anon.

and holy shit this is the most frustrating thing in the world to watch. just leave dumbass, shes bring you down with her and she doesnt care. now since youve left all your friends because they havent reached out (probably because they cant deal with watching anymore) youll be even more isolated.

man if this isnt the cycle of abuse, i dont know what is. and now that poor fuckin cat is all alone and probably roadkill by now because its dumb owners were too unstable to look after it. fuck

No. 984966

Have fun being murdered by her psycho ass

No. 984973

The actress? Random.

No. 984986

Jonny Craig was my same thought lmao, why is the internet such a small world

No. 984994

Definitely. It was a whole amusing saga.

No. 985000

Gotta love it. Her and taylor Eskimo sisters, probably got hep too kek

No. 985010

i definitely thought about how she may eventually murder him as well! he has no fucking idea how much danger hes in right now. shes way too unstable and crazy.

No. 985040

>writing paragraphs one a hate page
Huge kek

No. 985484

You only get the love you think you deserve. This is what he thinks he deserves? To be tortured by someone with mental illness? She needs a hospital! Not a relationship! She needs therapy! Not some internet praise or hate. He needs to realize she will ALWAYS be this way if he doesn't let her go get real help.

No. 985487

Removes her wine photo from Instagram because she's on meds and drinking xD(xD)

No. 985499

So he’s going to drop his “best friends” now and be fully isolated from anyone that isn’t her? Yeah that seems perfectly normal and healthy. This bitch is either gonna poke holes in the condoms or kill him at this rate

No. 985550

A lot of the people (primarily on Facebook) are still kissing her ass because UwU SuRvIvOR!!!! As though she get a free pass for continued abusive behavior because she was Sideshow Lainey for a few years

No. 985677

File: 1591817412361.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 4768F85C-73E8-46D1-BC80-91628B…)

No. 985714

Well this is stupid. Correct me if I’m wrong because I’ve only ever taken seroquel, but like… the medication will still work even if you aren’t 100% correctly diagnosed bipolar. Seroquel and Haldol and Lamictal don’t just not fucking do anything if you don’t have bipolar. They’re still going to lay you out flat on your ass, and half of those meds the treatment approach is “can’t have a mood swing if you’re twilighted out of your gourd!” In short: even if it is BPD the mood stabilizers are still going to help with her shrieking chimp outs.

But reading back she didn’t ever say what medication she was on, did she? I’m kind of doubting she’s on anything.

No. 985716

My tinfoil is that she was probably given something mild that she didn't take regularly, if she even saw a doctor in the first place.
These are two dummies I can't ever imagine seeking professional help because who has the time.

No. 985717

Also samefag but medication isn’t going to fix your life. You’re depressed because you’re an ana-chan whore with nothing going for you and no one who cares about you besides your boyfriend who wishes so badly that he had the balls to leave you. There’s literally not a pill on earth that’s going to fix that. YOU have to fix that.

I really hate this bitch. “Uwu I’m abusive because I’m mentally ill it’s not my fault.” And whatever, Canyon’s a cuck and they deserve each other, but her cat’s probably dead and it’s her fault. I have no idea how that’s not a wake up call for her. Can’t fucking relate.

No. 985719

This is best outcome. Innocent kitty is out of the grasp of two mentally unstable fuckwits that abuse drugs, alcohol, themselves, eachother.. and now they just have themselves. Oh.. while Tessa has no meds and will totally stop drinking. Pfft.

No. 985886

The fact that he is almost 30 and acting the way someone does when they’re in an abusive relationship at age 15. Omg I can’t leave her bc we love each other unconditionally!! Um no, have you ever been in a stable/normal relationship, dude? Because this shit doesn’t happen! This isn’t love, it’s manic crazy mood swings where everything is great and perfect for 2 weeks until hell breaks loose for the 47th time. News flash, everyone who’s ever been in an abusive relationship knows that that’s the cycle. Extreme high, extreme low, dramatic unstable freak outs and crying. That’s not normal! And it only ends when something so bad happens that you are forced to leave that relationship for good. Only a child waits til that happens

No. 985889

I should also add that in these situations, the more people tell him to leave her, the more he will desperately try and cling to her. The human brain really makes a fool out of people. Sad. He will regret this all soon, it’s honestly really bizarre

No. 985896

I was diagnosed with BPD. The treatment is usually not medications but psychotherapy which means a lot of therapy, pointing out your toxic behaviors, etc

People give her a free pass on fb because she’s pretty. Plain and simple.

As for Canyon it’s hard to leave a relationship like that because the rollercoaster is addicting and the good times are fantastic because a person with BPD literally worships you (though I tend to get in the abusive relationships instead of being the one who abuses) and the downs are bad!

The thing that bothers me most is them excusing the cat being lose. The cat cannot hunt successfully and even in the background of videos when you see him, he’s woobly.

No. 985904

they still have another cat sadly.

No. 985925

And just like that he's back to taking flashed-out selfies, smiling away with the orange cat beside him. He doesn't give one fuck about that missing cat. What an utter twat.

No. 986182

I've got a bad feeling that the "bad thing" that happens is gonna be murder.

No. 986340

Laughing at how Canyon bragged that he stole Tesah from Dahvie. Lol even though I hate Dahvie I bet he already knew how fucked up tesah is and that’s why he never took her serious and dumped her ass for Fallon

No. 986430

A bunch of roadies that used to work with BOTSF have come forward and said that Tesah has shown up a couple of times unannounced and showing the same behavior from the truck video/the incident that got her arrested. But no she’s a ~survivor UwU~ so we have to keep kissing her ass /s

No. 986431

I meant BOTDF, sorry for samefagging/retard

No. 986659

I don’t understand how all of these average-looking nobodies living in the middle of nowhere come to befriend/hook up with famous people. Do you simply grow an Instagram following and reach out? How did Tessa even meet Dahvie, and why would he decide to date some random chick instead of another celebrity?

No. 986822

Because he is a predator and poached her out as a underaged fan and used her? He’s arguably why she is crazy, if ur first sexual experience was forced and the only kinda romance u experience is an extremely fucked one u end up like tesah and a massive fuck up. I’m not excusing her behavior but dahvie is an absolute creep who I’ve had my own experiences with he’s incapable of meeting or dating an adult mentally sound woman let alone a celebrity

No. 986900

Did he? She’s 24 and they “dated” in 2016.

No. 986919

They were last dating in 2019 right before Canyon came into the picture.

No. 987240

Tesah fb shows their relationship dating back like 10 years almost, dahvie has been fucking up her life for ages, don’t think she was ever officially or publicly his girlfriend tho

No. 987278

It was never public because she was cheating on other partners with him and vice versa.

No. 987990

File: 1592281733359.jpg (307.86 KB, 768x1024, Screenshot_20200616-001325.jpg)

she looks nothing like her selfies, her nose is twice the size she portrays it as.

i think her and canyon may actually have broken up this time. he is on the road it seems, and she is at her mothers. they havent been liking each others pics either. they also arent following each other.

what a goddamn shitshow. i remember the beginning of their relationship, they made it seem like they had the most perfect relationship that ever existed, made me jealous. then all this shit came out. just goes to show that people who project a perfect image online are compensating for something.

No. 988028

Doesn't he have her cat though? I sincerely doubt they've broken up- Tesah would be posting sad lyrics and selfies of her crying if they had. She's acting way too happy.

No. 988109

Hey this is actually canyon. I Have a plan to leave her. It’s so complicated to explain. Keep this forum up. I’m trapped under threats from her and her family. She tried to lie to the police and say I pushed her out of my truck. Witnesses saw her jump out. And she will try that again. Every time I leave she threatens to lie to the police

No. 988112

Damn dude, if it is you. Tough spot to be in. Are there any texts or voicemails or could you record her to prove she is manipulating you like this?

No. 988117

Is there any place you can leave, a friend's house, a family's place, anywhere just to get away from her temporarily?

No. 988133

Show proof that it’s you, please.
FWIW you are the less fucked up of the two. She’s a nightmare. She should never ever drink.

No. 988142

Send us a picture proving it’s you

No. 988148

Kek he had no problem posting his dick pics here like a week ago, you know how image boards work sir. Proof or GTFO

No. 988154

ring the police, tell them everything, including her threats. itll make her look so stupid and they wont take her seriously. jeez, shes scary.

No. 988172

kys faggot

No. 988180

Good for you. Glad you woke up and realized you can't save her. Sure, you are obnoxious, but not a bad person. Hope you are able to get out of this relationship safely.

Anyone else disgusted that she has moved onto being oh so uWu cute and non stop posting about her broken foot? Like she feels no shame after the fuckery she displayed last week and losing her cat?

No. 988206

Why are we kissing this guy's ass all of a sudden? He's just as bad as her…Posting on a public forum where she can clearly see it instead of actually having the balls to call it quits. He's a scumbag manipulator and some of you soft cucks are falling for it

No. 988214

File: 1592335787672.png (107.65 KB, 206x275, 1537927393829.png)

Imagine falling for this bait lmao.

>canyon u can do it ~uwu~

How embarrassing.

No. 988217

Exactly! Dude, put up or shut up.

No. 988291

I do think this is Canyon. But why post this here when she can see it?(emoji)

No. 988301

Hey this is actually Tesah!!!
Anyone can say they are anyone on an image board so you’re a fucking retard if you believe Canyon would come on here and post like Tesah’s crazy narc ass doesn’t read it and wouldn’t go ballistic. Stop trying to force milk.

No. 988328

Hey, this actually Legend the cat. I ran away to escape these crazy clowns and plan to start a death metal band.

Canyon and Tesah are both mental. They fed me vegan cat treats!

No. 988379

File: 1592408568542.jpeg (46.72 KB, 720x917, 98F9629F-1C79-456F-9A31-3191A4…)

No. 988660

Someone message me “1234” on Instagram. And if I reply back with “4321” it’s actually me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 988716

Oh fuck off, you attention-seeking twat.

No. 988734

Write that in your story instead

No. 988735

Your comebacks are are pitiful as your babydick

No. 988737

Samefagging *pitiful because I'm not leaving low-hanging fruit for autocorrect spelling mistakes

No. 989399

You are honestly a fucking idiot dude. We all know exactly what’s going to happen. You’re gonna break up and then make some dramatic ass Instagram story involving personal information and airing her dirty laundry. In turn she will make an attention seeking story sobbing on camera, downing a bottle of alcohal and proclaiming “but I luved you so much, I’m bipolar so it’s ok to be abusive uwu” and then she will threaten to off herself. I give it 2 fucking days before you start dating again and making public apology posts. The cycle has repeated so often that it’s predictable as shit.

No. 989460

Last night Tesah was already posting a bunch of screenshots of a new text argument they were having where Canyon was saying a bunch of crazy abusive shit. Something like “if you ever record me in a fight again I’ll smash your phone” ……. This is so healthy!!(imageboard)

No. 989597

Screenshots, newfag.

No. 990280

Honestly her excuse with the meds is stupid. You will get the same medication for bipolar and borderline..

No. 990356

File: 1592705783745.jpeg (637.71 KB, 813x1704, 44EA2DAC-8D73-4C82-A07B-F0AA76…)

Yeah right… We’ll see

No. 990592

File: 1592745654149.jpeg (115.83 KB, 778x960, 52DD91FF-A017-48CA-87B7-43705B…)

He’s slowly turning gay . Give it 4 more months

No. 990940

He looks like Johnny Depp…while married to Amber Heard. Oof.

No. 991094

Johnny Depp is actually good-looking though? This guy is crusty as hell.

No. 991288

Johnny depp? Where ??(EMOJI)

No. 991329

I see what you're getting at but he's more like a cheaper Oli Sykes, if that were even possible

No. 991376

He looks so…unkempt.

Saged for unimportant opinion.

No. 991386

He can't even look after his pubes, it's disgusting.

No. 991406

Being with a psycho bitch will do that to you.

No. 991436

File: 1592834300950.jpg (357.03 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20200622-235722__01…)

And here I was thinking he couldn't get any worse, or look anymore like a SoundCloud rapper…

No. 991492

We sure do live in a fucking society

No. 991696

I've never seen someone try so hard for such little results

No. 991815

I think he’s ok looking he’s just gay as fuck like what kind of dude does so many poses for a selfie

No. 991821

Most of them these days, it's not that unusual on clout-chasing social media.
Shurlloyd would approve.

No. 992129

File: 1592883018085.jpeg (28.9 KB, 640x480, images (12).jpeg)

I genuinely don't know what's worse, Jared Leto's joker or this >>991436

No. 993189

Does Tesah ever fucking stop complaining? If it's not Canyon- related it's "my foot", "my back", "I have insomnia", "I can't eat this waaah"! Jesus chris, being with her must be torture.

No. 993479

I missed The Whole Cher Lloyd thing. What’s that about(spoonfeeding request)

No. 993738

Read the thread faggot

No. 995460

So she’s going to North Carolina and so is her ex wowwwww lol(imageboard)

No. 996247

They’re probably back together yet again because of their lease/mortu

No. 996897

Tesah is posting about the orange cat, it’s confirmed they met up/

No. 996957

It’s obvious they are back together. They both just moved to the same place, both talking about their “new apartment”. Cat pics posted. Canyon just won’t admit to it. It’ll be public in a few days I’m sure(Post the images.)

No. 997916

File: 1593367367880.png (5.98 MB, 1242x2688, FEF52715-C3B9-4BA4-9011-CF3F10…)

No. 997918

File: 1593367541290.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 766.59 KB, 1242x2140, A34A7023-83B8-4CBA-A451-06680A…)

Spoiler because she isn’t wearing much

“Haven’t posted much just moved into new apartment”

So is that in NC or?

No. 997931

File: 1593368777714.png (3.59 MB, 750x1334, 240DA51C-332E-4C40-817A-00224D…)

Yup. He’s back with her. “Need new furniture” and same interior. And lol at the condoms due to the Rona or Tesah cheating.

No. 997989

He’s actually the biggest cuck and simp. Their bull shit has probably cost an animal it’s life and they’re still too selfish to realise they’re not meant to be. Selfish cunts

No. 998010

They need eachother for company and an image on instagram….and shitty sex

No. 998012

Theyre too immature/irresponsible to take care of the poor cat thats just an accessory. Plus….cant imagine what that cat has heard when they scream at eachother during a usual chaotic meltdown

No. 998064

I hate canyon and all his stupid tattoos. Why the fuck are girls so obsessed with him

No. 998072

Trash seems to be his main "audience"; Girls with drug problems and daddy issues. He's a wannabe feminist with shit tattoos, no prospects and a small dick…Just their type.

No. 998134

I see models and even like doctors and ready high end girls falling for him like his own personal spit cleaner wtf. Fuck canyon. I have no faith in females ever

No. 998151

Literally same.

No. 998303

File: 1593405147760.jpeg (389.77 KB, 750x1110, 4F6578CA-D0FB-498C-91C9-6DC224…)

Plus…kinda awkward how she ADMITTED to photoshopping her pictures….yet posted an edited picture..its blurry near the hips, arm, and basically everywhere lol like way to go with the irony, ditzy.

No. 998305

Why admit to editing for a sympathy card if youre gonna upload an edited picture with it?

No. 998400

File: 1593416333524.png (7.58 MB, 1242x2688, A658C7D5-2297-4B4A-B06B-E19FD2…)

And she’s drinking in the morning. Thought she was going to give up alcohol because “alcohol makes me toxic

No. 998424

You could tattoo a pig and some girls would rate it. They obviously have no idea how much of a loser he actually is.

No. 998943

What does he even do for a living? He looks like such a failure

No. 998965

He's a CDL trucker or some shit

No. 999061

Well… You’ve got to consider his image, not just the physical tattooed fuckboy vibe, but the fact that he’s a simp. He broadcasts online that you could do literally any horrible thing to him and he’ll still come crawling back. The sort of arm candy that makes daddy mad (which I guess is subjective but imo I think he’s cute) and he’ll never leave, no matter what. That’s gotta attract a lot of women, even if they are psychopaths.

No. 999068

>Imo I think he's cute
Feeding his ego isn't going to get you anywhere anon, that monstrosity is big enough.

Although you're definitely entitled to your opinion, I personally think his tattoos make him look desperate to seem Gen Z/how do you do fellow kids, his mental and emotional capacity leaves a lot to be desired and his physical attributes are all so curated I can't help but think a) he's naturally a spud and b) likely to leave you for another man.

No. 999140

The point is. Even though he’s a Pussy simp. He is clearly good looking and clearly makes money. My grandfather drove trucks, and they make good money. His tattoos are desperate though. Like he didn’t need to get that many. But I’ll admit that is a looker he’s got that drake bell look lmao

No. 999152

>He's got that drake bell look lmao
That fucking sent me anon. The way that he's desperately grasping at his time as a teen heartthrob is spot on.

No. 999184

So let me see if I have this situation pegged down. He's a trucker. He's going to go on the road leaving princess bipolar nutjob at home. Same bitch that mixes pills with alcohol and has violent rages over every real or delusional issue that arises. Because him being on the road and unable to be in constant contact with her will go well. All while she sits at home and dreams up cheating scenarios to fuel her paranoia issues.
I see weekly "she beat me, we broke up/ we're back together" posts in the future.

No. 999220

Honestly I just don’t get it. Canyon could get any girl he wants he needs to just leave this psychotic sloth

No. 999285

Is that sarcasm? Any girl with an ounce of respect for themselves wouldn't touch him. He's a joke.

No. 999668

File: 1593552822767.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, 08E9653D-F5E6-4F5C-9A4E-E9EC2E…)

Lol she forgot to edit her nose this time. Even though she slims it with makeup but adds facetune anyway

No. 999681

One of them probably has herpes

No. 999788

not to WK but I think Tesah may be off BC until she can at least get to a PP or something similar since they did just move from IL to NC

No. 1000596

Is no one gonna talk about the fact that its all but confirmed they are back together and living in the same place???? Most recent post on FB shows her vanity she just posted all over the internet. They make it so obvious.

No. 1000616

What's there to say? The pattern has become predictable and boring- they fight and post a load of shit about eachother and how they're never going back. Then she posts excuses for her behaviour and he quietly lets her get away with it. He loved playing the victim but It's getting tiresome and he just looks weaker and more pathetic after every cycle.

No. 1000682

I'm waiting for the inevitable 911 call

No. 1001029

Seeing as Tesah just posted a image saying "we can't wait to adopt him a brother" I'd say they don't care about Legend anymore and aren't looking for him.

No. 1001083

The cat has three legs and ran out in South Dakota. He’s definitely dead. These people are animal abusers.

No. 1001212

You all need to stfu and stop being rude to them. You all our just bored and jealous. You have nothing better to do. Just leave them alone.

No. 1001215

Also they can track you down if they tell cops by looking for your IP ADDRESS. So stop being a complete ass hole to them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1001233

Talking shit about someone isn't illegal, newfag.

No. 1001237

File: 1593727742784.gif (1.31 MB, 500x270, A00C58D8-12CB-4C86-9C98-3B4DB6…)

No. 1001277

But again your harassing them so leave them the fuck alone you pieces of s*

No. 1001280

File: 1593732384139.jpeg (28.78 KB, 275x210, 1538001735250.jpeg)

Holy fuck you're dumb as shit. Please go

No. 1001306

They’re animal abusers cause they’re too drunk and narcassistic to be responsible and make time other than themselves. They’re like two egotistical highschoolers that think being popular in highschool means youre better than everyone.

No. 1001311

In her FB video about her new content and dancing again in 4 weeks…shes straining/sucking in so bad like she has to take a shit so her “good” body angles dont fuck up and shows the least body fat possible. Plus she has no rhythm nor can move. Its so cringe.(imageboard)

No. 1001317

Just stop being bullies! And you don't know what goes on behind the camera your not them so stfu(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1001323

So the new poster is either Tes on the verge or sad boy cucks a lot

No. 1001331

It could also be the cokehead from Scores again

No. 1001350

Its so sad to see people like you. "Stop being mean" isn't going to do anything. You don't want people to talk shit? Then don't be shitty and actually work on yourself. But they have proved they won't. They put this false facade that they will but then go right back to their old ways. For example, Tesah's drinking on meds. I know addiction so rough, I'm living through it, but don't wish you were better and then keep doing the thing that multiple professionals have told you is making things worse/making you do things that makes things worse for you. Be better or be shit on. That's the way of the world, babe.

No. 1001364

he's a trucker? lol he's not 'turning gay' he been blowing dudes on the reg for some time now, someone make sure his name isn't scrawled on a toilet wall along his route

No. 1001365

i kekked

No. 1001435

Holy shit I finally read this whole thread. I really don’t know why y’all hate canyon . Canyon called everyone out here obviously because Tesah probably made him do that. But I don’t see anything that canyon did to be wrong besides sticking up for himself. These females control every narrative now days. I just see a dude defending himself. He looks weird but just because he looks weird doesn’t mean he needs to be accused of animal cruelty when Tesah is the one who lost control and he ran out. Canyon was sleeping and she was harassing him and then she got arrested. I don’t see how canyon could be at fault when it’s her cat and he was sleeping. AND he looked for it the cat for days. You all need to stop making this about canyon and more about Tesah. She’s a psychotic manipulating snot ball who’s ugly as hell and somehow got canyon wrapped around her finger(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1001443

None of us hate him or her. They are pathetic attention whores that cannot handle the attention they beg for.
You gonna get butthurt over us making fun of a trainwreck, or the dumbfucks that post it?

P.s. Sage your faggotry. Xoxo

No. 1001449

Yeah, Tesah’s all of those things, and Canyon is too pussy to stand up for himself. You only get to be a victim for so long before people stop feeling sorry for you. No one here hates him but he’s undeserving of respect.

No. 1001487

I get that, I mean Tesah did ruin the Dahvie Vanity investigation with her BS. The thread started with her milk but with Canyon basically signing up to be a punching bag at this point he’s probably beyond help.

No. 1001535

I get that. I don’t doubt that he’s not an attention whore. But to lump him in with the blame of the cat is beyond false. That’s her cat that she let get away. At least canyon spent days looking for it, taking off work to do it. As someone who’s been with some crazy hoes, I just feel bad for canyon because he’s so far gone and lost. I hope he finds his strength to leave her. I’m pretty sure if he’s not with her he will be happy. Besides if you notice through their relationship, he has aged and got fat. Stress does that

No. 1001547

Must be exhausting defending someone who would sell you out at the drop of a hat. Give it up, it's sad.

No. 1001741

oh my god please fuck off, the thread is staying, your friend is a dumb as rocks attention whore with a microdick. handle.

No. 1001897

File: 1593832083967.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, F9126A45-F11D-4021-8D8E-A95FBB…)

What a cuck

No. 1001914

They’re both dumbasses and hopefully they don’t reproduce. There’s no reason to defend either one. They asked the internet for attention, and whether it’s good or bad doesn’t matter

No. 1001927


His… his hand
Tf is going on there kek I thought that was a scarf or snake around her neck. Shitty photoshop?

No. 1001941

File: 1593835812694.jpeg (93.7 KB, 828x386, 8EBE19FE-5FEE-45E5-ADBD-2288A1…)

I think they just had a fight on IG.. Tesah went live for about a minute and they were screaming at eachother lol.. live abruptly ended. Now all his shit says clownxdaddy lmao wtf are they pulling now

No. 1001945

File: 1593836671903.jpeg (75.58 KB, 600x595, A1CE3F43-D0C1-495E-A288-2B0AC9…)

Jesus and she was full on “choke me daddy” an hour ago? Kek

No. 1001952

Can someone record (or tell me how to) for the videos she just posted on her facebook of the cops at her house

supposedly he was choking her, the cops said she was too drunk and left.

No. 1001959

If you are on a cell phone use screen record or just Screencap; try looking for “Instagram downloader” but very careful

No. 1001960

Samefag and retard; FB video downloader works great

No. 1001963

I'm sorry but no normal dude "just trying to stick up for himself" would willingly post his dick pics in this thread to quell speculation. Side from being an oblivious narc, he's top tier lolcow material.

No. 1001965

File: 1593840146449.jpg (502.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200704-151858.jpg)

Samefag >>1001963
But they went from being out together 4 hours ago in this Snapchat. All I could gather is Crayons introducing randoms (which is mostly unintelligible) then Tesah is shown screeching "I'll/I suck your dick".

No. 1001966

File: 1593840172860.jpg (184.63 KB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20200704-151801__01…)

To this:

No. 1001968

File: 1593840439782.jpg (318.87 KB, 1456x1941, PiOMscxr.jpg)

Here's the comments so far. Most of his followers are beyond done with their shit.

No. 1001970

Instagram story*

No. 1001971

No. 1001972

FUCKING KEK this is exactly how I read it

No. 1001973

Anon will you marry me? I fucking KEKKED

No. 1001986

File: 1593844531073.jpg (31.01 KB, 444x960, FB_IMG_1593844316857.jpg)

So apparently they have broken up once again?(newfag)

No. 1001989

File: 1593844793556.jpg (204.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200704-023936_Fac…)

No. 1001994

Okay y’all. I’ve been following this thread. For a while. I used to think of them (which was dumb) that people are capable of being civil and sincerely working out issues in a relationship. Which I do still believe but with their relationship and the non stop “luv u” one day” I’m free I h8 her I’m done”. To “don’t judge we been thru a lot” to “I’m being manipulated by her” etc…. no. Their abuse towards each other. On going. No. It’s a cycle. I’ve seen their multiple altercations and him swearing “I’m finally free” to be right back with her. (As he said again tonight HAHAHAHA) All the abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse. BOTH WAYS. The argument in his truck. Her broken foot. All her crying stories she ends up deleting and is probably too intoxicated with her booze pills mix to even remember. So much. I never once believed they were truly done. They never were. This last one tho. I’m fucking geeking over how they both are so incredibly ignorant and treat EACH OTHER terribly. They go public with their fights always. Toxic. They “tried” to hide that they were back together and it was obviously revealed they were. & we all knew it was gonna happen after the broken foot shit. he’d pull that “crazy gf” card and act like he’s so innocent. ”Tesah is the crazy one, not me” They both are. I wouldn’t doubt for a second that he had laid hands on her. As I don’t doubt she’s laid hands on him. They both are toxic as fuck. They will never ever work shit out. Tonight, what set me off even more with insane laughter was her “he grabbed me by the throat” but then telling cops he pushed her in here and in there. OH BUT HE GRABBED ME BY THE THROAT U COPS DONT CARE. After she literally told them he shoved her. Blah blah. I’m sure he did. I’m sure she did something too if not first. Everyone knew this would happen. It was faster than I thought. After watching her story & then his. HA HA HA, I don’t give it long before they are back together. They both are evil. With each other. I believe everyone can be a good person if they truly believe in bettering themselves and I believe they both could get their fucking life straight if they actually ended it. If they both focused on themselves and lived their own life. What a joke tho huh? This has happened so many times. They end back up. Always. Even when cops have been involved. No charges ever pressed as far as I know towards each other because they both know they will manipulate each other again and continue this ridiculous cycle. & him saying “I don’t even need to explain” or whatever and all his little thirsty ho ass fans kissing his ass like “omgz yas daddy ur right she’s crazy uR A GoD” type shit. Him saying “I’m finally free” AGAIN. I lost it. I laughed so hard I cried. It’s entertainment at this point. Both are fucking ridiculous. I don’t feel bad for either. He’s a cuck. He’s so full of himself and won’t ever admit to any wrong doing. Tesah cries wolf. I know there’s been times she’s admitted to shit but still. That doesn’t change the fact you act that way. They’re grown adults but act like little kids. Their bull shit is so public and the fact people take either sides is disgusting. How bored are people. You think either of them really care about any of their followers? No. They just want to feel validated. & they eat that shit up. One of these days she’s gonna kill him or vice versa. Just waiting on that day now.

No. 1001995

Ya shit sorry for novel. Never commented and I had to release this shit. I love all of y’all for this thread and watching this train wreck along with me.

No. 1002005

File: 1593847174186.jpg (268.54 KB, 1080x1730, 20200704_031848.jpg)

No. 1002008

File: 1593847313663.jpg (282.16 KB, 1079x1670, 20200704_032145.jpg)

No. 1002041

This relationship probably only ends if one them kills the other.

No. 1002047

File: 1593859184232.jpg (315.05 KB, 720x1228, 20200704_113648.jpg)

Can you imagine going back to someone after you receive/they push an assault charge? Cuckius maximus

No. 1002049

File: 1593860045275.jpg (117.54 KB, 576x384, this-shit-never-ends.jpg)

The cycle never even varies. They fight, accuse eachother of cheating and abuse, he swears it's over, then they're back together.
The only variety was her getting actual assult charges that got dropped.

No. 1002100

Him and I had a brief thing back in 2018 but man’s got some demons. First day we met he was sweet and we connected instantly. Chatted a lot and he invited me to go with him on a vacation for New Years in Florida l (it was December we met) not to kinkshame but he asked me to tell him “I wish he was black” and then tried to buy my dirty flip flops cause he likes feet and he licked them… also he used to pay my friend to talk down to him .. anyway.

He is just as manipulative and insane. We’d talk on the phone constantly and he’d hang up if he felt he wasn’t the full focus because he needed the attention 24/7. Every other minute he’d “i can’t do this, don’t xomw to Florida “ and essentially end whatever relationship we had. Constantly trying to “test me” and then call coming to Florida… like every other day. Once he was mad that I went somewhere and I met my favorite artist at the time at a public park meet and greet… because how dare I be a fan.

Here’s some excerpts from text exchanges between him and I…


Idk the other girl at all.. so yeah this is just pop in to say “sounds like they both suck”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1002105

That’s old news. Canyon already came out about his cuckold fetish. A real cuck

No. 1002110

No bitch. You did that. We know the truth.

No. 1002115

Wow I'm happy you're happy anon, but maybe try paragraphs and sageing that blogpost/alog because you sound just like Narco kek. Not to be that guy, but I think a large portion of people in this thread would benefit from reading the rules.

Mainly all the incessant namefags before they inevitably get banned

No. 1002118

Jesus he's so insecure…Probably because of his micro-penis and tiny brain.

No. 1002121

File: 1593879440328.jpg (371.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200705-021121.jpg)

I couldn't choose from the cancer to post, it's all so cancerous. I find it particularly annoying when he finally gets the response he was trying to provoke he's "too busy watching Sabrina". The cuck loves attention so much I think my vagina littler just shriveled up and died, yuck. This screenshot is probably the most telling of his behaviour without needing the rest for context.

No. 1002137

Thanks for this anon. He’s such a such an insecure loser.

No. 1002170

White men with tiny meat who get that weird racist complex about black men are literally the worst.

No. 1002171

File: 1593890205728.jpg (248.19 KB, 1080x1550, 20200704_151621.jpg)

No. 1002172

File: 1593890236405.jpg (242.26 KB, 1058x1777, 20200704_151636.jpg)

No. 1002219

So much for being straight edge. She's only got so long before the booze makes her bloat to the point where she can't hide it with photoshop, just like Shayna, kek.

No. 1002223

Can someone please make a whole new thread for canyon. He’s a bigger cow than tesah. I’m not falling for any of the bullshit he’s posting. “Oh she abused me, plz I need more attention share my posts about it I’m begging everyone” I doubt he received any death threats. The mans a joke.

No. 1002226

When this thread hits cap, just put both of their names in the title. Neither one deserves their own thread tbh.

No. 1002228

Yeah that's a guarantee. This thread is six months old and I don't think OP knew just how much of a cow Canyon is.

No. 1002232

I think bloat is the least of her problems, lol.

it's insane how she switched from flirting with her own face in her stories to completely feral in two hours. she's truely unhinged and needs help.

No. 1002251

File: 1593906266700.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 73E8767C-5DA1-480D-AA60-995084…)

Here we fucking go again

No. 1002252

File: 1593906300083.png (4.25 MB, 750x1334, 2BDDC193-9D95-453F-89B7-544BA2…)

This is getting too old

No. 1002263

What if she like

No. 1002265

>> 1002263
She has Borderline Personality Disorder. I have it so i recognize it.

She DID NOT die, she is crying out for his attention, thus her missing. She probably met someone local or walked to somewhere, to get attention and make him worry. She will appear tonight or tomorrow.

Canyon is her favorite person, meaning she obsesses on him and it cannot last more than 24 hours easily as she cannot physically wait that long without hearing from him.

This is a typical BPD trait, she will appear later, she will apologize and beg him to work it out, he will get back with her and look like a clown. Again.(medfagging)

No. 1002276

He looks like a playdoh disaster

No. 1002307

If he doesn't call her bluff and call the cops she's gonna murder him one of these days

No. 1002443


plot twist: he killed her lmao

No. 1002446

File: 1593944565542.jpeg (327.93 KB, 1242x832, C5E20268-25BC-498C-86BA-ABE5DB…)

Gone for the week lol

No. 1002528

lol sure Tesah

No. 1002844

File: 1593994018121.jpg (1.12 MB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_07-05-08.06.13.jpg)

Tesahs back on her dumb I wuv u Canyon pweese notice me bullshit again. New video of her sobbing like a baby and being overall insufferable.


No. 1002869


She's not even actually crying, there isn't a single tear shed. These two chucklefucks are almost too ridiculous to be true, if it wasn't for the arrest records I'd think they were trolling.

No. 1002895

No. 1002898

bluh bluh more suicide baiting. Canyon'll take her back and the cycle will repeat.

No. 1002901

samefagging but at around 8:23 she admits she lurks kek

No. 1003106

File: 1594045129101.png (658.76 KB, 1242x2688, 7EFA80F0-0D52-484E-9AC9-2C1741…)

This morning

No. 1003402

Anyone else just want to see these two duke it out hunger games style? Winner gets the cat

No. 1003403

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. These two are prime examples.(namefag)

No. 1003858


how does seeing a hole in a wall and random bruises automatically make you think HE did it?

and obviously yeah you can't drink on this medication…how about you don't drink at all? Good god this girl is too much…some people need to have the internet taken the fuck away from them

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