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File: 1598208046619.jpg (39.04 KB, 206x275, possible lazy cover.jpg)

No. 1027713

Don’t ask for Tesah’s nudes and don’t involve her family or her exes (with the exception of Dahvie). Don't involve Canyon’s other exes. Don't contact/post about other sex workers connected to Tesah or Canyon unless they provide milk. Don't acknowledge Canyon's selfposting; just report, and remember that this is an imageboard.

Tesah Jordin is a SW/dancer , formerly of Chicago but now based in Raleigh, North Carolina, whose initial claim to fame was sleeping with Dahvie Vanity. She's an obligatory BPDfag and has a taste for shitty scrotes with face tattoos. Enter Canyon Monfrado, her cuck tryhard BF who spends his time trying to go viral and failing miserably when they're not both filming cringy, small dick, Hank Hill ass OnlyFans porn or having screaming matches and throwing furniture at each other.

Last time on "24 Hour Lolcow.com People"…

>Canyon dumps Tesah (the first time), Tesah immediately posts stories with another guy >>926515

>holds Canyon's documents hostage while manipulatively texting him >>926520
>Tesah sneaks off to Florida to fuck Dahvie again >>933921 and then goes on Chris Hansen six weeks later >>963757
>is straight edge for two weeks >>928536 before going back on booze >>933923
>gets back with Canyon and breaks quarantine to travel with him (an essential worker at the time), he breaks up with her during and records her freak out which includes suicide baiting >>958229
>Someone cowtips Tesah, who in turn cowtips Canyon, and Canyon begins self posting his autism
>Canyon samefags to try to bait farmers to call his dick "nice" and "not small" only to self post his dick and prove us right >>976197
>Tesah gets arrested for assaulting Canyon >>984578
>RIP LEGEND >>984580
>Canyon promises his dad to not get back with Tesah; immediately breaks that promise >>984944
>Tesah gets not one >>1007780, but two face tattoos >>1015262, as well as a chest piece that she leaves unwrapped and lets Canyon cum all over the chest piece while it is healing >>1017548
>Tesah uses TikTok to make softcore kink content >>1015239 and promote her OnlyFans, exposing potentially millions of young girls to sex work
>Canyon starts cringe Facebook meme pages to try to go viral; fails miserably
>says they're gonna start a metal band called "Arch Enemy" without realizing it's already a group >>1021326. It could very well be a troll but who knows with these two.
>Anon brings milk that Tesah skinwalked Dahvie's ex-fiancee during his entire relationship with her >>1023270
>anons offhandedly discuss Tesah's forehead mole; she proceeds to sperg on IG about it confirming she lurks
>they get a new kitten and Tesah constantly posts about how the kitten supposedly loves him more than her >>1026203

Tesah's SM:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/tesah.vanover
IG: https://www.instagram.com/tesahjordinx/ BACKUP >> https://www.instagram.com/tesahjordinxx
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tesahjordin?lang=en

Canyon's SM:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/witchxdaddy/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/canyonmonfradopersonal
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/canyonmonfrado

No. 1027726

I think OP image is small. I'm on mobile but it's blurry.

No. 1027777

It's literally tiny.

No. 1027799

Someone posted in the last thread before it closed that they're fighting again. Anyone get video or screenshots? Apparently Chasm went live and Tesah was allegedly screaming and throwing furniture

No. 1027807

File: 1598220831859.jpg (76.66 KB, 1080x1936, 20200823_171352.jpg)

I got this but not much else.

No. 1027813

Then gtfo the Internet, no one wil miss you.

Also yeah this thread pic is shit, the caps are unreadable

No. 1028089

Awful thread pic. Some screencaps of makeupless Tesah would have been amusing, since she looks like a completely different person without it - perhaps some from her meltdown in Canyon’s truck a few weeks ago. Or caps of her sperging about her mole.

No. 1028186

The thread pic comments are bordering on nitpicking. We get it.

No. 1028296

File: 1598309720069.jpeg (374.73 KB, 1125x2294, C79A1021-65E8-4A11-A647-BD3ABE…)

Ravine’s job venture that he hyped up turned out to be nothing lol shocker

No. 1028314

One anon asked if it was actually small because phone posting and one anon answered. No boardering nitpicking there. So you're left with a couple people saying it's small. You're the nitpicker here keep it moving.

No. 1028315

File: 1598312100222.png (502.74 KB, 750x1334, D13154A8-D739-4CF4-83A5-D94B8C…)

At least he admits it

No. 1028322

File: 1598315772185.jpg (154.17 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200824-193541_Ins…)

that cat is most definitely not 4 months old

No. 1028351

File: 1598321930948.jpeg (573.29 KB, 1242x2208, 0B893C37-ADF1-49D7-B695-EB7CC9…)

Sage because we all knew the cat wasn’t 4 months old… but here is Tesah saying that it’s 8 weeks old.

No. 1028355

File: 1598322536837.jpg (396.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200814-235019.jpg)

That's funny becausee posted this only the other day kek

No. 1028415

He seems like the kind of person who'd be really easy to scam. People like him should just put their money into some index funds and let it sit.

No. 1028430

File: 1598337993031.png (1.97 MB, 1242x2208, 48D1E4F4-B130-4B0C-AF22-74288C…)

Fucking idiot. Made a whole page for attention and now covering his tracks

No. 1028568

Chasm is so cringe… He acts like he's fucking Logan Paul or some shit. Bro you have 5,000 followers not 5 million. Stop asking yourself questions no one cares about.

No. 1028569

File: 1598373855923.jpg (399.51 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20200825-114341_Ins…)

??? How is this relevant to the question

No. 1028574

File: 1598375849073.jpg (346.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200825-204951.jpg)

I thought that I was retarded too. Since we're still giving him the attention he's so desperately reaching out for, here anons, we've got another mention
>Alex Jones
Well, I do worry about the chemicals in the water that are turning the frogs gay

No. 1028954

File: 1598421989108.png (88.49 KB, 872x217, Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 11.0…)

it was deleted but since when was he "a guest on many podcasts"??? lmaooo dude is so delusional I can't……

and there is NO way he isn't asking himself some of these questions like the one asking about his music (also fucking deleted)…kek this song is fucking horrible i've never seen a more punchable face….

sorry for fucking blogpost but link for the curious…be warned:


No. 1028974

Kek it’s so fucking obvious that he’s the one sending these retarded questions. Nobody gives a fuck about you or Trasha so im pretty sure everyone’s happy that people started to call you out on your bullshit

No. 1029180

File: 1598463642609.jpg (284.67 KB, 1080x1496, 20200826_124019.jpg)

The obvious photoshop on her tits

No. 1029232


I’m getting Alabama vibes from this

No. 1029233

Holy fuck her tits look atrocious! I'd be looking for my money back

No. 1029317

They look like alcoholics

No. 1029768

File: 1598576470004.jpg (884.64 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200827_200059.jpg)

To the anon who said Tesah was skinwalking Fallon, does this count?

No. 1029769

How can someone have half their face covered and still look haggard af lol

No. 1029784

This unhinged nitpick

No. 1029801

Agreed. I think she’s ugly, but she doesn’t look “haggard” in this picture. Some anons come up with the weirdest insults.

No. 1029817

Idk anons I'm not sure how I feel about this. I can't tell it it's an improvement or not. No clue who Falon is, but potential skinwalking just bumped up my interest level.

No. 1029843

She looks really ugly with black hair!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1029855

Read the last thread. I’m only linking it because it’s technically not in the op but you could click on any link in it and catch up.

No. 1029859

Thanks anon, but I've been here since the beginning. I just don't care enough to seek out a few likely inconsequential posts I may have missed amidst all the shitposting.

No. 1029865

File: 1598592920956.jpg (301.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200827-232615_Ins…)

Orly?? I mean hey, I'm all for anyone doing whatever the hell they want, but this retard literally posts shit like this to bait I feel. He's so obsessed to see what is going to be said aboit him. I've never witnessed someone so hungry for attention, even if it's the worst kind of attention possible. What an absolute babydick fuckbuckle. Kek

No. 1029876

I feel you. The shit posting is strong, including if you search Fallon in the previous thread. It’s a lot of namefagging and unsaged posts

No. 1029896

File: 1598597362905.webm (2.79 MB, 720x1280, L.O.Lcowfarm.webm)

He is baiting. Crayon gets desperate everytime we stop talking about him for half a day. Case in point.

>This drink is super salty bro, tastes like L.O.Lcow farm faggy laugh

Not being able to comprehend the makings of a good joke only makes him more of a gayfish kek

I know I'm giving him what he wants, but the dude's so retarded it's hard to restrain myself. This "man" is nearly 30 and he reminds me of an adhd diagnosed preteen. From the the autistic dick sperging/posting, samefagging a vendetta against his own girlfriend - to continually posting fanfics about the user base here under the guise of "trolling". (We all know he sends those asks to himself). This creature is an anomaly, and it's a struggle turning away from the entertainment.

No. 1029932

This chump posting his own microdick to pwn the haters was one of the funniest things I've seen on this site. Makes mouthbreathers like Taylor Dean seem intelligent in comparison.

No. 1029939

Him subsequently pretending to be several different female anons thirsty for his decrepit peen after he posted it himself and didn't get the reaction he wanted is probably the single most funny thing I've seen on this site

No. 1029965

Notice how it's only women commenting on her black hair pic? She's going to lose her bimbo fetish following

No. 1029973

The bangs are an easy way to cover the tattoo, she's been hiding it since she got it done. Big oof

No. 1030172

File: 1598644519329.jpg (254.74 KB, 1080x1297, Screenshot_20200828_155525.jpg)

Slightly better with makeup and extensions but whoever said she's skinwalking Fallon is bang on

No. 1030181

She looks pretty(newfag)

No. 1030228

She looks too fake in my opinion

No. 1030238

so true, even though she looks better with black hair (skinwalking not withstanding) the dudes she's attracted will drop interest ASAP

No. 1030258

But she looks pretty in her own way

No. 1030269

Is this not a wig? She went from relatively thin/fine hair to an absolute mane.

No. 1030345

It is but she acts like its “real hair”

No. 1030360

In that case she's copying Dahvie too because he does the same shit

No. 1030361

Pretty sure its just extensions

No. 1030413

its her real hair she adds extensions for volume and to probably help hide how damaged her hair is.

No. 1030416

He is back here defending her. What a loser

No. 1030423

File: 1598676885272.jpg (519.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200829-144835.jpg)

>I wasn't made for you
True, but the foundation of your business is your looks.

Bimbo fetishists aside I like her new Fallon 2.0 hair, it looks much healthier and like >>1029973 said the fringe does a good job of covering the shitty tat.

No. 1030473

File: 1598688054207.jpg (471.63 KB, 1079x1882, Screenshot_20200829-030050_Ins…)

that might be intentional - looks like she's exploring daddy kink again

No. 1030489

She might want to check that, Gulch looks more like her developmentally disabled little brother.

No. 1030508

Where's her ass? Nice pelvis, though.

No. 1030515

Ravine looks like he can’t afford to do laundry.

No. 1030538

The black hair makes her look even more like a drug addict

No. 1030539

File: 1598706511701.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 2814B9C3-2DD2-4F77-A0DE-A65C85…)

She looks hideous without makeup and all her little Instagram and Snapchat filter

No. 1030544

It's honestly crazy how different she looks without makeup but then again so does every other chick who wears their makeup like her. I have friends I wouldn't even recognize without the 20lbs of eyeshadow and fake eyelashes and filters to boot

No. 1030598

She looks so much like nikki tutorials without makeup

No. 1030605

imo she actually looks cute for once and not like a psychotic prostitute but that's still what she is so whatever.

No. 1030646

Can't unsee it now
Congrats on looking like a tranny Tesah

No. 1030650

But she looks beautiful in her own skin?

No. 1030656

Is this Tesah or Chasm?? Beat it. Commenting in your own thread is pathetic

No. 1030657


No. 1030662

That's because they are. Have you ever watched their IG stories? All they do is lay in bed drinking all day, that is, when they're not at the bar, or fighting and calling the cops on each other

No. 1030670

File: 1598733608867.jpg (428.4 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20200829_164024.jpg)

The comments on this are fucking hilarious

No. 1030672

Bitch Daddy needs to start a GoFundMe for an iron.

No. 1030676

Jesus christ this new thread is so boring and dry. A haircut and some selfies aren't milk. I wouldn't be surprised if Tesah and whatever his name is are self-posting to keep it alive. How can a lolcow like Tesah become some fucking uninteresting? Must be a reflection of her surroundings.

No. 1030718

True she also used some of her friends(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1030719

File: 1598741290580.png (Spoiler Image, 3.1 MB, 1242x2208, 02D86BA8-0E95-42D2-910B-E227E1…)

Most recent Twitter post. I thought I was seeing things, but nope. She’s literally pissing while posing trying to look “sexy”
She just gets more trashy every day.

No. 1030748

She's trying to stop the flow of milk, but then posted that…

No. 1030752

File: 1598747094854.jpg (Spoiler Image, 601.6 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20200829-192519_Ins…)

Soz for samefag but I found AIDS

No. 1030786

I just involuntarily recoiled. Why is his body built like Shayna’s? Why is he squatting like that in the tub she just peed in? Why would she post this? I’m upset and I need to lay down.

No. 1030820

watch it be piss fetish

No. 1030826

He has the body of a kindergartner. So fucking gross.

No. 1030840

Before he deleted his pornhub account they had a piss video. Tesah looked absolutely disgusted it was hilarious…He had the weakest piss stream I've ever seen

No. 1030880

Why’s he been looking so fucking rough lately. And her body is not appealing in any way it’s actually disgusting.

No. 1030882

File: 1598779346786.png (Spoiler Image, 4.7 MB, 1242x2208, F043C296-2ABE-425F-94DA-945A68…)

How her body actually looks without photoshop

No. 1030884

File: 1598779525159.png (Spoiler Image, 3.61 MB, 1242x2208, 69568CF7-4A14-45F8-9972-282BB4…)

Implants almost to her neck

No. 1030915

Oof I'm thankful my internet didn't load the spoiler completely, it lessened the blow.

No. 1030938

Aside from the bolt on tits and vagina, she's got the body of a 12 year old boy

No. 1030941

they both have bloated bug bodies lmao

No. 1031032

No wonder why she uses Photoshop. Her body is shapeless. She gives off this perfect vibe when she uploads her pics but then on video she's ugly. Oh well! I just can't wait for another episode of "Tesah be crazy". Love this show. True entertainment.

No. 1031075

File: 1598821804995.jpg (757 KB, 1078x1783, Screenshot_20200830-161030_Ins…)

Did she fuck up the shoop on her socks or am I having a stroke

No. 1031078

girl get your money back. this is tragic.

No. 1031095

Well, now i can see why she edits her stomach so much

No. 1031208

File: 1598835977405.jpg (343.18 KB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_20200830_210656.jpg)

Imagine this was your life

No. 1031210

She’s trying sohard to justify being average

No. 1031211

I've noticed that mark in her eyebrow in 2 different stories. Another mole? Or is she shaving a chunk out like Charlie Puth? Lol

No. 1031241

What a weird cope. She’s not wrong, but you don’t have to go to Instagram to set the record straight about your blown-out pussy over a single two-letter comment, insecure ass weirdo.

Also we’ve seen Crayon’s crayon, we know full well it’s not doing much damage.

No. 1031276

Anyone notice how distorted her arm is from trying to photoshop her stomach?

No. 1031390

Shit she got a Popeye arm

No. 1031417

She is gonna get karma soon just wait

No. 1031563

File: 1598916197051.jpg (340.22 KB, 1079x1892, Screenshot_20200831-124041_Ins…)

Bitch Daddy is in the hospital and doesn't know what a gallbladder is

No. 1031572

So I'm "sick", the "doctor" thinks it's my "gallbladder" or "gallstones". I'm "excited" to lose "weight"…

Don't worry Crayon you've already lost the weight most people carry around… In the cranial region

No. 1031598

Canyon is stupid. Sorry not sorry he is the brightness crayon in the box probably that's why tesah likes him. They are both not so bright.(learn to sage)

No. 1031617

Weight gain is probably the most common side effect from a cholecystectomy so good luck with that fat boy.

No. 1031629

Tesah seems coked out in her lastest IG stories. Aggressively petting her older cat for like 3 vids straight. Conveniently enough Ravine is gone to work too.

Saged cuz I'm an old fag who doesn't know how to record or post vids

No. 1031637

File: 1598928596494.png (4.52 MB, 1242x2208, 83CF708F-8382-45B9-B851-5AB967…)

No. 1031639

File: 1598928851542.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1785, 015C125B-901E-490D-849A-33F217…)

Surprise surprise

No. 1031644

yessss, do iiittttt

No. 1031662

Get an ice cream cone

No. 1031670

File: 1598935311545.jpg (237.92 KB, 1075x1892, 20200831_234223.jpg)

Cringe. What grown man fucking uses "vewwy"

No. 1031672

File: 1598936080298.jpg (528.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200901-145014.jpg)

I smell desperation

Also, get off the thread Narco you can't integrate to save your life. Kek at you doing the opposite of what you wrote on IG.

No. 1031673

File: 1598936119680.jpg (693.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200901-145020.jpg)

No. 1031674

File: 1598936228320.jpg (381.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200901-145025.jpg)

Double kek at how this random coke head thinks Tesah is copying her. The established narrative is she's copying Fallon, how narcsessistic of her to co-opt that despite reading here.

No. 1031681

File: 1598937454346.jpg (807.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200901-145031.jpg)

Lastly look at how tilted pointing out her narcsessism months ago made her. She made a story dedicated to it next to the narcsessistic sperg about Tesah KEK.

You can have BPD and be narcsessistic, the two aren't mutually exclusive and one isn't necessarily an illness (it's an adjective kek) unless heightened beyond the norm. Too lazy to point out the autismo logic any further so I'll just leave the quote here:

>Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder that frequently co-occurs with borderline personality disorder (BPD). The addition of NPD into the diagnostic picture may complicate the treatment and course of BPD.

The months old shit this cap is referencing:
My post >>977993
Her response >>978025
Post exposing her vendetta >>978056
Her obligatory chimp out >>978547

No. 1031711

Watch now as a lot more unsaged posts about how "cringe" Canyon is and how horrible Tesah is come flooding in. Crayon loves to selfpost and be a cunt to his girlfriend while he's on the road. Nobody there constantly monitoring him I guess kek

No. 1031778

Why do people keep trying to make this narco side quest happen in this thread? Nobody responds to these posts dragging her skanky drug addled brain back in here. I don't get it.

No. 1031782

File: 1598963048305.jpg (151.01 KB, 1039x1954, Screenshot_20200901_082336.jpg)

Bitch Daddy made it to Atlanta last night and now can't get out bed because of his "?gallbladder?". He said he's going to have to have surgery and recover there. Cue Tesah having a co-dependent meltdown shortly.

No. 1031788

Because her chimp out was funny and she thinks Tesah is copying her >>1031674

It is just that though, a side quest.

No. 1031801

File: 1598969126620.jpg (92.23 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20200901_100611.jpg)

No. 1031803

Practically anyone who's name doesn't start with a "T" and end with an "esah".

No. 1031826

Hahaha anon my sides!

No. 1031842

File: 1598975635290.jpg (519.13 KB, 1080x1877, Screenshot_20200901_115330.jpg)

Canyon made a post about this chick because of that other anon bringing it here lol. I hate to side with these 2 but that girl is gross is clearly jealous of Tesah

No. 1031847

Tesah changed her hair because Crayon likes Uma Thurman in pulp fiction? Does she have a mind of her own at all? Originally the tit job and tattoos were to please Dahvie/copy Fallon. Narco is a spaz but Tesah is just as fucking bad, probably worse.

No. 1031868

This is not tesah or canyon I just want to tell you stuff I found out I guess you don't want it anymore(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1031869

Horrible ass tit job and a bad case of Hank Hill ass. Hilarious how she claims that little dick "beat it up" when it really just comes down to her shit looking like a catchers mitt

No. 1031871

How many fucking mental illnesses does this bitch have? Sounds like an excuse for her shitty ass behavior.(samefagging newfag)

No. 1031911


Didn't think it get trashier than tesah but who tf advertises that they do coke on their bio

No. 1031943

I don’t know why you’re still here, but if farmhands don’t see fit to ban you, please try to integrate.

Click the number of the post you are responding to and it’ll automatically link it in your reply. Type the word “sage” in the email field if you don’t have anything meaningful to contribute (which so far has been every single post you’ve made.) Double (and triple) posting is generally discouraged; say all you have to say in a single post. Delete and repost it if you’d like to add more, but also remember that not every thought that flows through your stream of consciousness is valuable nor needs to be said.


No. 1031947

Someone that also goes by the name 'Narcotic Dancer' kek at least she's honest I guess.

No. 1032190

There's honesty and just straight up fucking retarded

No. 1032196

Can we talk about how she is adding sparkle effects before editing so the end up all wonky bc of her shop job

No. 1032228

Just when you think someone can’t get any more nuts than Tesah, this Luna chick comes along. Why would Tesah give a single shit about some random with 433 followers? The delusion.

No. 1032272

I legit think I have brain damage from looking at Luna's profile. She's gross looking too. What's the backstory with her? Assuming she and Tesah stripped at the same place?

No. 1032278

Make a separate thread about her if you're so interested, Crayon. Your girlfriend's infected pussy and your babydick are just as gross and are the actual topic of this thread. Also cut back on the carbs, you're both super bloated looking.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1032299

I agree that you (or someone) should investigate a little and then make a thread. We do have to stay on topic here. Luna is pretty milky though. Pretty much about as white trash as it gets.

No. 1032733

File: 1599108201311.png (Spoiler Image, 2.62 MB, 1242x2688, F8BD6A68-B513-44FA-9A14-3646B7…)

Is that… canyons music….

No. 1032755

File: 1599113762081.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.82 KB, 1080x1559, Screenshot_20200902-230817_Chr…)

Holy fuck those tits are ghastly. The angles that those cockeyed frankentits are pointing individually fucking killed me lmfao tesah girl you absolutely got played kek

No. 1032845

Anon your caption got me DEAD

No. 1032878

File: 1599149103508.jpg (355.61 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200903-100509_Ins…)

Sorry guys, im starting to like this guy

No. 1032898

File: 1599151539775.gif (6.88 MB, 600x800, cuckslap.gif)

We're not going to praise you for the bare minimum, Crevasse.

No. 1032906

Shut the fuck up.

No. 1032927

Lmao damn the hatred is real. Honestly canyon doesn't bother me, its tesahs psychotic ass I can't stand lol

No. 1032938

Looks like your prediction was pretty accurate. Shut the fuck up crayon(hi cow)

No. 1032942

Canyon gets buttmad whenever anyone has negative things to say about him, and it's obvious he's crying behind his phone while posting obsessively about how we're all jelly bitches/salty men and how unbothered he is.

No. 1032943

File: 1599160683249.jpeg (846.59 KB, 3464x3464, B971A2BE-2317-43C8-85C8-95EEED…)

Literally Kiko.

No. 1032948

File: 1599161651453.jpg (40.06 KB, 1024x576, a8de41044554ee239cd51486d462ad…)

I've always thought he looked like sid the sloth

No. 1033027

Jesus Christ it's uncanny- those stuffed hamster cheeks.

No. 1033048

Looks like Crayon has deactivated his IG

No. 1033083

No one cares, Ravine

No. 1033113


You're not looking hard enough then.

No. 1033132

Tf is ravine

No. 1033149

My guess they blocked each other with tesahs story and his link on her bio not leading anywhere ?

No. 1033162

File: 1599188630332.jpg (729.6 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200903-220404_Ins…)

No. 1033163

I’ve always wondered if guys find it weird that their girlfriends shoop themselves to look like completely people in their photos. It sucks that he has to fuck this mess.

No. 1033170

File: 1599189426604.jpg (577.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200904-131428.jpg)

If anyone was wondering, we've got like 6 stories of sadposting lyrics and music on Tesah's end, that's why Crayon came and posted this about her >>1032927

Ladies and gentlemen I give you two perpetual children LARPing as adults.

No. 1033304

File: 1599213909165.jpeg (444.36 KB, 750x1294, A189ADCA-729C-4D67-9DD9-F57985…)

Now he’s a writer??

No. 1033311

Lmfao I was wondering why he abbreviated his name. Who needs J.R.R Tolkien when you can read the riveting adventures of M.C Monfrado?

No. 1033329

She deleted the stories, anon do you have screenshots?

No. 1033337

Nah sorry anon. It was literally just a bunch of blank stories with sad lyrics flashing over a few sad songs. You didn't miss anything tbh.

No. 1033479

So they're broken up again? Lol

No. 1033608

A writer?! Dude literally didn't know what a gallbladder is or "antacids" oops sorry I mean "auntie acids" hahahaha

No. 1033660

Canyons said multiple times in fb comments or fb messages that he wanted to delete tesah a old accounts so she couldn’t ruin his name and I highly think he deleted her account and that it wasn’t just reported tbh tesah should ask some of the girls he follows they probably have proof of this

No. 1033907

This neurotic twat is having a new identity crisis every week.

No. 1034021

File: 1599328065939.jpg (330.15 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20200905_134819.jpg)

Her nose is huge is these "natural" selfies

No. 1034033

File: 1599330410610.png (3.64 MB, 1242x2688, 5EF89BAD-FCF1-4458-BCA9-1F9769…)

Shut the fuck up

No. 1034038

Don't give him attention. Having this posted here is exactly what he wanted.

No. 1034042

Is this a wig? It just showed up like this and I don't remember anyone talking about it. Maybe it's just extremely damaged but it looks fake. Like it doesn't work for her skin tone.

Was this what Michael was referring to when he said he told her to change her hair?

No. 1034044

He thinks we want his autograph, I’d rather choke on ass vomit

No. 1034057

File: 1599333750037.jpeg (819.97 KB, 1242x1243, EA4FD509-59F3-4ED6-843D-B189D0…)


No. 1034059

Yes. Absolutely no one should care. If anything, he's the one posting these SS to seem like we care.

No. 1034061

I’m the one posting these screenshots and nobody is doing anything about it!

No. 1034063

Get banned faggot

No. 1034064

Why should I get banned when he’s the one making fun of all of us. Why are we letting him degrade this image boards name!

No. 1034065

How many times do we have to say it? No one gives a fuck about Ravine, fuck off

No. 1034066

But the title says his name. Are we not supposed to talk about him?

No. 1034067

File: 1599334819833.jpeg (901.19 KB, 1242x1240, 8897D5E1-61BD-4923-B2E4-F7BCFF…)


No. 1034074

He’s obv triggered as fuck because The sid from ice age references and the guy with the chipmunk cheeks lookalike.. We found your doppelgängers Crayon

No. 1034076

Does he seriously not have anything better to do

No. 1034078

crayon pls, this childish behaviour is distracting you from your career as a “writer”.

No. 1034080

Can this just be deleted, it's so stupid and he just wants the attention.

No. 1034082

Everyone on her damn IG claims she is "so beautiful," but this bitch is dog ass ugly

No. 1034084

This is the funniest thing I've seen on here I can't believe she paid to have those done.(don't use emojis)

No. 1034091

Stop bumping the thread with this nitpicking nonsense, it's just as annoying as Tesah and small dick Canyon. Learn to fucking sage

No. 1034092

Go play with your pussies anal fissure. The desparation that you radiate makes you stick out here just as badly as tesahs walleyed bolt ons do upon her hank hill-esque body which lacks any womanly definition, thus making the implants look that much more laughable and ridiculous just like yourself. If you want to talk to yourself that badly, you could just go fucking find a mirror to talk into instead of broadcasting your secondhand embarrassment inducing existence online because it somehow makes you feel important. Poor culo longo. What a life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1034098

You think I give a fuck about some forum etiquette?? Eat a bag of dicks and get fucked. Could give a shit less if any one if you fucks ban me or not. Nitpick that shit you fucking queer(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1034103

Learn to integrate, retard.

I didn't even know that was Tesah at first, she looks completely different, jesus. I prefer her blonde hair

No. 1034109

Not a wig, she posted pics in the salon. Dyed her hair black and got bangs but also uses extensions. Have you not looked at her IG? She's going all "spooky" egirl aka Fallon skinwalking.

No. 1034111

I can't fathom how much exhausting it must be dating this retard. No wonder they have Cops level blow outs on the regular. He's so fucking needy for attention. Probably cries after having sex too

No. 1034114

File: 1599343290764.jpg (624.78 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20200905-180019_Ins…)

Canyon thinks he's accomplishing something. I wonder how he feels about his girlfriend getting dogged out on this site on a daily basis

No. 1034124

File: 1599345031148.png (54.14 KB, 500x419, 3C42919F-F12E-48E1-987C-A46F4C…)

Sure thing, Crayon

No. 1034126

Really early I know but can a Photoshop anon crop Ravine's face over dril?

No. 1034133

File: 1599347082023.jpeg (28.63 KB, 334x393, 499A5BAB-B136-4054-8149-07BF0A…)

Gee roseart, way to shit up your own thread larping as an anon offended on behalf of an imageboard.
This thread needs to be nuked

No. 1034144

>He doesn't know mods are gonna out post history lollll

No. 1034147

we can talk about him without responding to obvious bait.

No. 1034149

File: 1599352853300.jpg (388.19 KB, 1065x1921, 20200905_203429.jpg)

Rearrange her guts as in punch her back when she hits him when she gets blackout drunk? And everyone wants to fuck you? Is that why you have 50% off on your of like all year long???

No. 1034153

How do you rearrange someone's guts with a 3 inch pencil?

No. 1034159

This literally looks like satire

No. 1034175

She's taken until she throws her next shit fit when she finds out he's jacking to girls with bigger asses on only fans in that hotel room he's staying in

No. 1034246

All these fucking OF hoez be selling their shit for $2/month.. hell, hop on over to her Twitter and you get it for free. I dont understand how any of these bitches make money on the internet when they give it all away for peanuts..

No. 1034250

Why are you all so OBSESSED with somebody else’s life? Is this high school all over again? Do you really have no life that you have to obsess over somebody else’s? You all must not get banged because only a lonely loser picks on people and dedicates forums just to roast them. By the way, most girls look different without makeup. They’re both pretty hot as fuck. Yeah, they’ve had their relationship problems but WHO FUCKING HASN’T? Also, who cares if some photos are photoshopped? Lmao, it only enhances the photo..it doesn’t mean she’s cat fishing. Leave them the fuck alone. Picking on a girl with mental illnesses is pretty fucking disgusting and low. Let her grow as a person and let her try to find her peace. Let the guy live his life and for somebody really sick with Covid…you’re pretty screwed in the head for that as well. Karma is gonna kick ya’lls pathetic asses for being such ratchet, cyber bullying, fuckfaces.(k)

No. 1034253

Stop bullying us.

No. 1034257

Contrary to what Ravine posts on IG, a lot of the anons in this thread are himself desperate for grains of attention from random strangers. He was outed for shit talking his own girlfriend (whilst sympathising with himself) in the previous thread, and for posting his own dickpick for gratification. If he didn't enjoy the moderate attention he wouldn't have hijacked his girlfriend's stagnant thread resulting in the one you're currently sperging in. Nor would he constantly post here, screencap it, and then upload it to his IG the moment we stop discussing him. We're not some club dedicated to hating the public trainwreck, most of us just pop in from time to time to observe the mess.

I can't believe I'm bothering to respond to this but we're an imageboard filled with women. I don't think anything needs to be said further about our capacity to "get banged" kek.

No. 1034275

70% of these posts on here are from Uglyon himself. Just get a fucking life dude, not everyone’s going to kiss your ass. You’re some ugly ass looking loser and that’s a fact! Don’t get mad at us for pointing it out

No. 1034281

I wonder if the mods are going to expose his post history eventually, I mean its quite obvious at this point but still it would be nice to get some confirmation

No. 1034302

Seconded. The multiple dick related posts he made make me cackle everytime I see the redtext.

No. 1034323

I'm going to hazard a guess and say Tesah is suspicious about her autistic man-child posting shit about her here again and this recent sperg-out is his way of deflecting blame back to the thread. I can't imagine having such a garbage relationship that you constantly obsess over what people on the internet are saying about you, to the point of filling your personal Instagram stories with it. Fun for us, but very embarrassing for the lolcows.

No. 1034336

Ayrt I suspect this is the case too. And ikr, if I had a thread, you certainly wouldn't catch me trying to misdirect because I got caught shit talking my significant other kek. If there's one thing I've learnt on LC it's "leave it alone and it will die".

No. 1034338

It's such a sign of weakness. He thinks he's "winning" by interacting with the thread so much but it's so obvious to everyone but him that it's painting him as such a loser who cares far too much about what people say. I've seen cows ignore all the hate and that's what actually bothers anons…Not revolving your life and Instagram stories to it. Anyone with half a brain would figure that out kek

No. 1034355

Chode and Tes.t.d have a complete trash fire of a relationship and it's halarious to watch it burn to the ground every single time. Watch them shit talk and hit each other. To then being all shits and giggles like oopsie daisy I did it again hehehe. We back together love u bby. It's toxic but you two don't listen. So we fucking laugh at your downfall cause your legit mentally challenged raccoons. Especially Chode cause he rummages to find any small amount of attention to leach on to.

No. 1034425

It's funny how Canyon and his wk's say everyone who posts on this board must have a ton of time on their hands when he can't stop himself from sperging like a little bitch on his stories about how unbothered he is. Go ask him if he needs some ointment for his butthurt.

Canyon has a small penis and nobody on this board would have sex with him, contrary to his belief.

No. 1034473

The funniest part of their relationship to me is them acting like they’re some sort of “goals power couple” when they get back together.

No. 1034508

His current Q&A is so cringe and looks like he deleted everything about LC looks like we got to him

No. 1034528

He probably realized how stupid and cringey he sounded saying he was starting a "troll war" with a bunch of chicks on an imageboard who were laughing at him

No. 1034532

Oh wow I just went through the new thread and can't believe Tesah's boyfriend actually spams his own stories with lolcow posts now. That's so…Sad. He obviously cares so much about this thread that it's taking over his personal life >>1029896 this one is particularly bad because even in his downtime and in public he's obsessing.
Even if you did embrace it, like some sort of onision vibe, it's such a tiny thread in comparison to other cows. Theres literally no way to be proud whatever way you look at it. Then he goes and advertises that to his followers. How embarrassing.

No. 1034565

Canyon says he wjats kids…i wonder if he'd be okay with his kids growing up to be online whores like their parents

No. 1034568

I'd be willing to bet there's maybe 7-10 of us max lol definately not a large crowd and like above post said, most of us poke in from time to time. When I'm truly bored or its been s while since the inevitable shit hitting the fan, thats when I poke in to see the mess

No. 1034577

I'm sure there's more of us, I think it was Admin who said a while ago that over 7,000 people access this board every day, so 7-10 max is a super, super low ball.

No. 1034588

I think anon was just referring to the people checking this thread in particular

No. 1034657

File: 1599445710713.jpg (427.67 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200906-202738_Ins…)

This is what irritates me about "sex workers"…it's the lazy way out. Its not hard work. Its not hard work to take off your clothes and have a camera on for what u do on a daily basis. Jobs have people laid off all the time, they figure it out. Yall wanna call it a job, well this is reality. Suck it up.

No. 1034665

File: 1599449111167.jpg (773.95 KB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_09-06-11.22.44.jpg)

Looks like Tes.t.d. forgot to photoshop her waist. We see you Plank from ed edd and eddy looking ass. Kek

No. 1034668

How fast until she deletes and reposts with the shooped waist?

No. 1034687


I give it a few hours. Given the fact Chode religiously sweeps this thread for new content to sperg about.

No. 1034698

Whores like that like to pretend it's an actual job that deserves respect.

No. 1034710

I think only a handfull of people are posting in this thread on a regular basis but I think there are a lot more anons silently lurking the cows so I can imagine Tesah's boyfriend whatshisname actually saw an increase of views on his insta stories after interacting with the forum for the first time, so this is what makes him act out like this ever since he got the sweet rush of bigger views.

I stopped lurking his stories because of that. thanks for the kind anons bottlefeeding me his latest cringe here though.

No. 1034712

So because they got new tattoos their relationship is better now lol what whackos.

No. 1034733

I actually got a few more where he spergs for a for a paragraph or so, and then hours later alleges that he's turning over a new leaf and leaving LC alone. Although I'm sure he'll still read here. He's just trying to persuade his audience of his innocence in typical Crevasse fashion. I'm not sure if anons want them since we're trying the whole "give Tesah her thread back thing" but the take away is:

>Pointing out his selfposting made him sperg into defensive mode

>Tries to rewrite the narrative as le epic troll
>Following obviously sick of all his constant sperg outs
>Omg sorry guys I'm actually not obsessed with LC and rising above I love you!
>Sends self LC related ask to have an excuse to press his innocence further
>I only responded constantly because there was a whole message board dedicated to me and now I know it's just what comes with being famous uwu

Even when "apologetic" he can't seperate himself from his delusions of grandeur kek.

No. 1034739

I also genuinely think that the comments here about how embarrassing it is to revolve your life around lolcow got to him. He's so easy to fuck with and manipulate that he's constantly changing his narrative based on what we're saying. Now he came to his own realisation that he shouldn't be posting lolcow related stories, not because of how much hate the topic got here yesterday. He's a puppet on some strings.

No. 1034800

Yeah anon, Rasha even said it herself. Tattoos as a form of therapy /s

No. 1034931

File: 1599509212732.jpg (650.68 KB, 1069x1902, Screenshot_20200907-131148_Ins…)

Flags redder than China's

No. 1034942

My condolences.

No. 1034983

Like anyone with a brain would want either of y’all

No. 1035008

File: 1599514189736.png (107.65 KB, 206x275, 1592335787672.png)


No. 1035219

File: 1599549240554.jpg (426.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200908-170737.jpg)

Kek he called someone out and then deleted it. Thankfully I managed to get a screenshot. Rasha is by no means my favourite person, but what a trash way to lose your job.

No. 1035220

How sad. First time I feel truly bad for him irk

No. 1035251

How do we even know this is the truth? She has lied about being assulted, and reasons for being fired before.

No. 1035298

Her reputation in all the strip places has gone to shit because she keeps accusing people and management of harassment. She's damaged goods.

Get a different fucking job, you absolute airhead.

No. 1035304

You’re all pussys and/or jealous hoes. You have no idea what kind of stress tesah is under and you think you have everything painted out. A few Instagram stories and Facebook posts don’t explain the full picture of what’s going on. You’re just broke ass losers who obsess over her. And for all the little jealous biddies talking shit on here. I’m sorry that you can’t even get 50 subscribers on onlyfans you aids sloth(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1035308

Enlighten us on how much stress she's under…Since you seem to know her so well.
50 onlyfans subscribers means nothing if you're constantly reducing/discounting how much you're charging kek also most of us have real jobs; defending your swollen vagina and frankentits from your own neckbeard subscribers isn't a job anyone here would be jealous of. Try harder.

No. 1035310

She has 400+ I said not even 50 to the jealous girls who talk shot on here can’t reach 50 and that’s why they hate tesah so much. Making content isn’t easy numb nuts. It’s stressful you have to maintain attention, maintain NEW content and get creative. That’s not easy. Cool you all have “real jobs” that is structured for you to do the same thing under an operations team and pays you a salary. That doesn’t make you better. It means your better at working for someone’s operations. Making content is your own operations and it’s in a world where porn becomes less valuable due to the influx of new SW’s. I’ve worked about every job there is. Construction to mechanical work, security, truck driving, accounting, etc. and making content is harder than all that. Pussy lol

No. 1035312

Threatening the manager usually results in sex discrimination cases being dismissed in the US so way to screw over the woman you supposedly love.

No. 1035313

Jokes on you we weren’t pressing charges just letting the general public know… pussy

No. 1035314

My point was that numbers mean nothing when you charge a pittance for a subscription.
Very cool, thanks for explaining how shit it apparently is to be an online whore, makes me wonder wtf anyone with two brain-cells would ever want to be one…And you think we'd be jealous of that? Fucking LOL! I guess if you're not smart or motivated enough to do anything worthwhile with you life…

No. 1035315

File: 1599572366704.jpg (6.43 KB, 206x206, 20664707_115910809068836_34836…)


Also that still applies in civil court dumbass

No. 1035316

Not smart or motivated to do something worth while… you mean like getting out of your day job instead of spending every waking second dedicated to our lives. You’re pathetic and have no life. Y’all laugh because we lurk a chat room about US?!?! It’s about us. Not about you. YOU lurk OUR lives every second. We lurk our names…. so who’s the real cow? We consume 100% of your life and this page consumes 14% of ours and it’s about us… loser! Lmaoooo

No. 1035317

Wow you're so mad kek. I thought you were forgetting about the drama and moving on to "bigger and better things"? Your ego won't let you stay away lol. Go have a drink a slap your gf around, it might calm you down a bit!

No. 1035318

It's funny that you deleted your own OnlyFans and won't make content with your alcoholic girlfriend anymore. Are you that self-conscious about shortcomings?

Hope you got your investment back on that sure thing of yours.

No. 1035320

can we please just ignore this cunt?

No. 1035321

It’s also funny how y’all have to make shot up yo fit your false narrative. Like me hitting tesah when that never happened besides the bedroom. And how y’all are always like “we are alll women. Trust me we are all women haha women hate can can.” It’s hilarious how dumb y’all look. Telling me to get a life when you have a whole god damn chat room dedicated to OUR LIVES. And not only that. Y’all are on it 24/7 lmao. How shorty is your life to care more about a chat room about other people than your own life. It’s sad. I only respond because it’s funny trolling y’all. In quite frankly this isn’t even a sliver on the other troll groups about me. So don’t think y’all have my full attention. I still have to deal with Canyons TTCP and the backlashes from violent metal memes. This is just interesting because it’s anonymous. Because you’re too scared to show who you actually are because if you done your research you would know I would ruin your social life. Yeah I have a ego. And I fuck a girl you worship every day. While other girls you worship worship me. I’m a god. Lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1035322

Actually scratch that I am got

No. 1035323

I’m such a God that God called me God you punk ass bitch

No. 1035324

Each one of my toes has its own universe

No. 1035331

File: 1599573667637.jpg (99.6 KB, 720x621, 20200908_150111.jpg)

G-got 'em

No. 1035340

File: 1599575674704.jpeg (12.67 KB, 423x348, smrt.jpeg)

I'm sure by now you realise everytime you come here to sperg you bump the thread. You're sending it to the first page of the board thus continuing the cycle of interest. It's either you're (both) really stupid, or intent on keeping us talking. I'm gonna go ahead and guess mostly the latter but I won't knock a combination of both kek.

No. 1035342

File: 1599575939342.jpg (823.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200907-134530.jpg)

Soz for samefag but this aged like milk

>I'm rising above all that

No. 1035343

File: 1599576054286.jpg (678.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200907-202651.jpg)

>if people are that interested in my life, go for it. I love everyone. Even those who wanna see me fall

No. 1035353

He loves people talking shit about his girlfriend, to the point of joining in on the fun himself. It's when it comes to things that actually offend him (not the "CaNYuN iS sUch a CRinGeKing OMg" shit) that he starts to get annoyed. No money and a small dick really gets him going

No. 1035366

Pour one out for Ravine's lack of self control.

No. 1035388

File: 1599579789964.jpg (438.77 KB, 1079x1958, Screenshot_20200908-104240_Ins…)

he sounds like an alt right scrote here

No. 1035394

ummmm did he just compare his issues to Jesus christ? Im not even religious but if Jesus existed he sure as hell went through more shit than your Facebook problems. Oh my God. What a narcissistic prick

No. 1035398

No…pretty sure taking off ur clothes and fuckin an inanimate object is a lot simpler than all that or say…hospital work, accounting, hell im sure being a cashier in Walmart is more stressful than what she does lol I doubt she'd even know that as she prob cant hold a job for more than a week.

No. 1035401

sex work is lazy work. The only difficulty is not liking how you look/hating yourself. Its easy work if you don't care about people seeing your bits.

No. 1035420

"Creating content" for OF is stressful??? Come the fuck on… First of all it's just porn, it's not "creating content". You take your clothes off and stick a vibrator in your ass. OMG So stressful. Kek

No. 1035430

File: 1599586965822.gif (496.74 KB, 500x343, Crayon.gif)

Refer to this autistic sperg about being God if you want some mild entertainment >>1035321
The divine comparisons only makes his shortcomings even more evident kek. Maybe he should try something more within his league? I'm sure being a Gayfish is plenty glamourous, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten that epic Southpark homage tattoo.

No. 1035436

PSA: sex work is only difficult when nobody wants your "content". Stop acting like an ass online (that goes for both of them) and maybe then some people might be more interested.

No. 1035446

I’d just like to point out for the keks that roseart started sperging right after the Sid the Sloth comparison & in this here sperg he addresses everyone as ‘Sloth Aids’

It’s like when Chris Chan made personal callout videos while he was drunk calling his foes “naïve retarded bastards” when he’s admitted that those are insults that hurt him the most kek

No. 1035447

That's a layered one…Genius.

No. 1035452

File: 1599590048521.jpg (229.44 KB, 720x1388, 20200908_193133.jpg)

He's like a child parroting new words and phrases he sees here. Case in point.

No. 1035457

& like a child, he has no concept of the terms he uses. Where in that post did the sender present any forum etiquette?

No. 1035499

“my homies who are big on youtube”
how much you wanna bet he reached out to some of the other cows on here? lmao. dudes such a clown.

No. 1035522


The full body cringe I just got from this story post wow.

No. 1035546

Imagine thinking "sex work" (dressing up in lingerie then taking your clothes off on cam and fingering yourself for neetbux) is difficult and "better" than a standard, well paying job that is interesting, respectable and fulfilling. Imagine thinking sexwork is more lucrative for a sid-the-sloth-looking ass run of the mill basic tattooed chick than a job that pays you well, on time and you never have to worry about how much you'll make any given week because it will be the same unless you get raises, bonuses or work overtime if you choose to do so.
Imagine thinking you're better than every other only fans sw, when in reality, there are thousands of girls who look like you and do it better than you.
Imagine pretending you're happy and in a loving relationship to get back at people talking about you online, while knowing that everything they say is true.
Imagine being an adult and trying to "troll" a group of people online.
Imagine being this pathetic. Get some help, Canyon and Tesah. Every negative thing you say about anyone else is a reflection of how you feel about yourselves.

No. 1035549

Wow we’re so sorry Rasha. I can’t believe we didn’t think about HOW STRESSED you are everyday. Your long days of sitting at home, doing your makeup, drinking wine all day, playing with your kitty that your 3” dick bf “tore up”, taking care of 2 kitties. your life is SO hard.

No. 1035555

It's not that serious, anon. You're irrationally upset about this. Take your medication.

No. 1035572

They're not even the same anons. You should say that to canyon, or are you one of his retarded followers, too?

No. 1035618


No. 1035619

Tesah is a goddess. And your all losers. Your just mad that this fat faced sid eyed face tatted punk landed a hot mf like tesah. Suck my toe. I’m god

No. 1035620

Yo momma

No. 1035621

Say whaaaaaat

No. 1035622

Chicka chicka wahw wahwwww

No. 1035624

File: 1599609613511.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1135x1894, 2347786F-F3A4-439D-84DF-D4A123…)

Dick pic

No. 1035627

Check out my form etiquette

No. 1035628

No. 1035631

Y’all keep blocking and unblocking me so what’s good? Lol we gonna go ape shot in the matrix or what. I got nothing but time today.

No. 1035632

Don’t get all quiet on me now

No. 1035633

We're aware you got nothing

No. 1035634

Well let’s have an actual conversation then. Hello I’m DADDY. Nice to meet you fine anons. With your giant cocks and Ferraris

No. 1035635

No words? Don’t waste my time I just gave you free content and this how you do me… no reply?!?!

No. 1035637

Y’all hear something?

No. 1035638

naw girl.

No. 1035640

All of you prob have giant ass cocks. You’re all so smart with nice Lamborghini/Ferraris I bet y’all have bitches lining up. Wait you’re all girls. Duhhhh I forgot. Damn ladies. You’re doing so much better than tesah. With your whole 13 subscribers 😂

No. 1035644

I just love that he thinks WE are the lolcows. Like nah bruh, I lurk this thread like once a day. You're the one making accusations. Can't even keep his own story straight tho

No. 1035646

Finally someone speaks. Hello anon. I wanted to let you know that damn only once a day. You know what? That’s what’s up. That’s really dope. Once a day. Gee you daddy af. That’s hot af once a day only

No. 1035648

It’s so hot how you all just pop in every now and then. Once a day. That’s so hot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1035651

Omgggg all of you are women I totally forgot. Every single one of you. Damn my credentials just went down down down. It’s a proven fact that women just don’t like me. Everyone in here is a woman and they said. Y’all said.

No. 1035654

Pathetic cock. I know that's why the tweet and then your onlyfans was deleted, because Tesah was the only like/retweet kek. She's the only one desperate enough to put up with your gross excuse for manhood

No. 1035658

How sad is this person's world that he thinks other people would want to emulate his girlfriend, who is obviously miserable and aware that she has no future. He makes Taylor Dean look intelligent and Usagi Kou/Lori's boyfriend look confident.

No. 1035659

hope she never leaves him because as he said "women hate him"

No. 1035661


It's so beyond revealing and pathetic he comes here and insults our individual follow counts. People like this really think everyone is desperate to humiliate themselves online. We don't need that validation homey, that's why we come here and check out the ever changing line up of the worst and most cringe people on the internet. But congrats I guess, you've got followers!! That MUST mean you're special and worth something and not just a broke truck driver with a violent unstable stripper girlfriend. You buddy, you made it. Maybe one day you'll get a thread of your very own.

No. 1035663

Are y’all still talking about this. This is so 5 minutes ago

No. 1035666

I see those numbers dropping slowly on Instagram, Crayon! The likes and comments on yours and Tesahs posts are getting less and less kek, is that why you deleted all your pics and reuploaded the few that did well in the past…Before you got chubby and lost your mind?(hi cow)

No. 1035667

No. 1035669

Omg my Instagram followers are dropping :’( I’m never going to be anything if I’m not famous on instagrammmmmm wahhhhhhhhh. Why can’t I get 6k I’m shaking. I need just 200 likes. Can you hook it up I just need a few more likes man and then I’m done

No. 1035670

I’ll get off the stuff just a few more likes. And water my crops pleaseeee

No. 1035673

Isn't trolling supposed to be at least funny? Posting your busted looking dick and talking to yourself isn't that funny. Lay off the drunk/drugged posting and move on damn.

No. 1035676

Yeah instagram isn’t everything. Don’t worry Roseart, you can always go back to being a meth mouth trucker!

No. 1035681

Are you talking about your actual self here or are you just that bad at shit talking?? We’ve established that you’re the only person here who cares about likes & followers.

No. 1035702

Did…did you… just come back here to post another sad pic of your dick??? Lollll I guess SW must actually be stressful if you gotta give it away for free on a random imageboard

No. 1035703

Wow canyons penis is really really small.

No. 1035707

Why is he holding a Vienna sausage?

No. 1035710

Imagine being this proud of being the low end of average. I cant wait until your hairline recedes. Cover the empty bits with tats. Frankentits von Pancake ass must be fuming.

No. 1035720

Whatever his name is has atrocious comprehension skills. I genuinely suspect him to be at the barely functioning end of the spectrum.

No. 1035721

Ew, the tip is a deep purple shade. What a gross-looking penis.

No. 1035737

Can Admin-sama please just revoke Canyon's anonymity already?

No. 1035759

Wow, the delusional creature posted another dick pick. This doesn't at all counter your previous lawyer sperg about us posting your content. Way to legitimise your narrative Roseart.

Ot but this makes me thankful my boyfriend's dick isn't a sickly purple chode.

No. 1035785

Can you guys imagine Canyon and Tesah actually going to a lawyer about this?

>"I-I posted a picture of my p-penis on their forum and they said it was a purple ch-chode! I want legal action taken, I already called them ugly bitches so that takes care of half of it, right?"

And then they can't pay the consultation fee because Tesah's onlyfan's cash can't even cover a mcdouble

No. 1035825

Ewwww why is his small greasy looking dick bluish? That’s gross, but honestly didn’t expect less from a guy as ugly looking as he is kek. You’re so triggered by this page and it’s just amusing!!!

No. 1035827


this is true, i rarely post on the thread but i am constantly checking this one and i always have to check his stories even though i don't want to!!! i…can't…look…away….gets uglier and uglier as time goes on though

kills me that this couple from 2005 got warped into 2020

No. 1035828



No. 1035831

At first I wanted mods to tag his posts. Nah, he does it to himself.

But all that aside, he and Onion are on par for weirdest looking dicks. Then again, I'd be purple and angry too if I constantly had to be shoved inside Tessa's vagina. It'd be like seeing a war zone.

No. 1035856

Why is he so pressed?
It's so embarrassing, I can barely read this thread anymore because the cringe is so painful. He's so bitch-made.

No. 1035858

i think this dude lurks here more a day than active people here kek

No. 1035878

File: 1599658641948.jpg (177.39 KB, 1080x849, roseart'slittlesecret.jpg)

Ladies, I've found the answer to our question KEK

No. 1035890

holy shit ROASTED. show us a pic od yer dick without pumping it to shit. it'll be half the size. bet.

No. 1035906

why does ur face look like abby brown though

No. 1035907

Dahvie does the same shit. Tesah’s small dick fetish confirmed

No. 1035917

Omg anon my sides.

That dick looks like full on tissue necrosis. Gross & sad.

No. 1035947

Please don’t speak about Abby in such a foul manner

No. 1035949

If it shrunk to half its size, it’d be nonexistent.

No. 1035955

This is funny. Dude comes in here and spergs and posts his own dick pic of his haggard vacuum sucked purple people eater and epic roasting ensues lollllz like what did he think would happen posting that shit? I'm dying…

No. 1035957

It was so out of the blue & unnecessary, but so so funny. My guess is that he was drunk or tweaked during the great sperg out

No. 1035971

Right like did he think that we would change our minds & all of a sudden fall madly in love with him after seeing his dick? Fucking delusional.

No. 1035985

Can you imagine if he ever gets his shit together and tries to apply for an actual job? A google of his name and you come across this thread…They'd laugh you out of the building.
Same goes for Tesah.

No. 1036022

Wait i knew tes uses her name but dude also has their real name just out of there? Wow people

No. 1036057

File: 1599686211265.png (911.12 KB, 1145x1247, Screenshot_2020-07-30-05-42-41…)

tesah's real face. one of her nostrils is twice the size of the other.

No. 1036061

File: 1599686476706.png (1.26 MB, 1179x1243, Screenshot_2020-09-09-17-20-37…)

also theres this old pic of her, not too sure it was posted already but even so, it deserves to be seen again. her "good looks" is smoke and mirrors.

No. 1036091

Lmao fuck this is what she really looks like. Sorry for the blog but I live in Raleigh and have been to all the strip clubs here and even in the surrounding cities(I’ve lived in most of them) and she would not make it without fucking the manger that’s why she got fired lwhen she wouldn’t lmao. The hot girls don’t have to deal with that, they make enough money. But her shitty tattoos/face are a niche and not one thats commonly found in strip clubs around here. It’s black guys or business men, to keep it hot. So she’s got to put in the “work” I.e. sucking off the manager if she’s gonna make it because there are plenty of hotter women there that will actually make the club money.

No. 1036093

bitch why the fuck have you been to all those strip clubs, in that bumfuck are no less? Are you a stripper hoe or a scrote?

No. 1036094

No. 1036104

I had a friend that worked at a sketchy one in in surrounding area. And I like titties lol so I’ve been to quite a few.

No. 1036140

I've pointed out her nose in her 'natural' selfies before. She obviously, aside from the makeup, relies on filters and FaceTune.
Also she's admitted to coke use, while I've never seen that make someone's nostril bigger, look at the bump or enlargement on the same side of her nose. Cocaine will do that, it inflames and enlarges the "coke dominant" side i.e. the one you use most to snort with. Good luck to her as she gets older because she also has a septum piercing. All that combined is eventually gonna lead to nasal collapse.

No. 1036156

Fucking ewwww lmao

No. 1036165

>"this man, is the only man that gets to rearrange my guts"
KEK, maybe he should work on rearranging your tits first sis. Unfortunately though, I don't really think that he has what it takes or the equipment to accomplish either one of those things for you. She doesnt mind your shortcomings asscrack, because if she just closes her eyes I bet its almost like dahvie never even left her in the first place

No. 1036170

jesus christ, she looks way more like a misshapen humpty dumpty than i thought.

No. 1036177

at first I thought this was a nitpick but after checking the photo again… yikes. the insane and badly done face tats, the bolted on tits and a collapsed nose… she will be a real treat to look at by 35+.

also I am pretty sure she's not the best dancer either so maybe she should care about a career fast. one without contact with customers or people in general, of course.

No. 1036188

>Yeah I have a ego. And I fuck a girl you worship every day. While other girls you worship worship me. I’m a god. Lol

>Tesah is a goddess. And your all losers. Your just mad that this fat faced sid eyed face tatted punk landed a hot mf like tesah. Suck my toe. I’m god


No. 1036205

You’re a goat?

No. 1036207

You all need to grow up and stop being such stupid trolls your just making feel stronger by just cyber bullying(k)

No. 1036210

>>1035624 How does posting your own humiliating dick pic here once again troll us, exactly….? I dont get it, you only provided more ammo kek

No. 1036219

She has not a single feature that’s symmetrical or attractive. The only reason that anyone would “worship” her is because they’ve been easily fooled by her heavily edited photos. Meanwhile, she looks unhuman in real life. All she has to do is press that giant mole on her head, and she’d be beamed back up into the sky by her fellow extraterrestrials.

No. 1036309

Ot but I just realised the self aggrandising sperg exerts I quoted >>1036188 don't once use "your" correctly despite being written by a nearly 30 year old man kek.

No. 1036395

File: 1599754521082.jpg (504.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200911-020333.jpg)

This has gotta be him talking about himself…

No. 1036402

File: 1599755075735.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x2176, E86FFE86-DBC8-4980-9B8A-989897…)

Kek went to dudes profile and he’s real… a real dumbass for simping over coinyac alfredo

No. 1036405

The only logical explanation is that he's one of those harmless mentally disabled guys who forms attachment to shit people because he doesn't know any better. That paragraph was really something…

No. 1036415

Bad news: You have a small penis even when you pump it.

Raleigh is pretty progressive in comparison to other parts of NC but I doubt anyone would want to be your friend now that when they search your name they'll find your self-posted dick pics and the embarrassing tirades of you and your equally useless druggie bitch with the uneven plastic surgery. The only people who are going to be associated with you are the learning disabled like >>1036395 because their well-meaning naivete prevents them from seeing the truth. You look like scum, anyone doing anything worthwhile with themselves isn't going to touch you and your retarded drama you've created for yourself.

No. 1036461

File: 1599765108384.jpg (247.09 KB, 1080x1186, Screenshot_20200910_151035.jpg)

This guy really thinks he's so interesting doesn't he?
I don't understand why all these mid 20s idiots think it's like some badge of honor to constantly delete their pages and recreate them too? Is that like a new trend or something? You'd think with being so obsessed with having followers you'd stop deleting your pages

No. 1036467

It's probably less to do with thinking he's so great, and more like he's trying to cover tracks and ditch the papertrail of receipts per >>1036415 mention that his antics are showing up in Google searches. He's a controlling narc that likes to have a tight circle of kiss asses he can keep tabs on. Bet the drug use and free time from being unemployed don't help ease the paranoia either.

No. 1036468

Holy fuck what an edgelord. This is the kind of shit I (regrettably) posted when I was 14. I imagine being with him is actually like babysitting an autistic teenager, how does Tesah do it? She's at least on the higher end of the spectrum.

No. 1036482

It’s Canyon. The double spaces give it away.

No. 1036491

Did you even bother to look at the account? The guy's face is all over it. Unless Crayon typed up the message and got this dude to post it, it's not him. Take your tinfoil hats off, there's enough milk without you creating it.

No. 1036493

That's a good eye but must just be copying Ravine. I checked the page out and he posts pictures and videos. He seems to be a real person that's not Ravine but just as retarded

No. 1036520

I still can’t believe to this day that me and my girlies had the pleasure of sucking canyons dick together. We all cheated on our boyfriends with him. I’d do it again if he wanted it. But I’m married.

No. 1036521

Girlllll same I’m in this chat like I hope he notices me. Let’s suck his dick together girl

No. 1036522

Girl yaaaaas. But he’s with tesah so he won’t lol(canyon samefagging three posts in a row)

No. 1036524

This boy has fully lost it over us. I can't imagine an actual man being so bothered by a gossip site.

No. 1036528

>canyon samefagging three posts in a row
Lmao. You'd think he'd be busy off producing porn content with all these married women wanting to suck his small cock for freesies. Pathetic idiot.

No. 1036530

Canyon posting these to make it look like there are girls on this board who want to nibble his vienna sausage is the funniest thing in the world to me right now.

No. 1036533

Aww! Look! It learned something! His feeble brainstem managed to process that there are girls in this "chat"!

No. 1036538

I love how he's inability to sage is basically the same as farmhands marking them.

I thought about posting his name and linking to his dick pics as reference for potential employers but let's be real: there's none. tesah and him truely are a match made at hot topic.(don't suggest cow tipping)

No. 1036551

Wow I almost feel bad to participate in this thread if it’s literally going to drive this crayon insane

No. 1036554

It’s just funny to me, tbh, this retarded couple was insane to begin with.

No. 1036565

File: 1599778908820.jpg (214.94 KB, 1053x1801, 20200910_190115.jpg)

Lmao he must hate being with her to get this tilted

No. 1036567

Roseart seems like the kind of almost 30 y/o that quotes annoying comedians Adam Sandler & Jim Carrey thinking it’s still funny

No. 1036568

I don't really know if, by your post, you're assuming I'm canyon, but I'm not. If you're not, though, I'm just a retard, kek.

Don't feel bad. Canyon is doing this to himself.

No. 1036580

No you're all good anon, I replied to your post because I thought responding directly to his fantasy larp might give him attention and thereby send a tingle to his micropeen.

No. 1036587

File: 1599781163480.jpg (300.24 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200910-112640_Gal…)

But dont you know that every woman's dying wish is to suck crayon's purple micro-peen.
Side note: I wonder if tesah's snatch is all sore and red looking because they've passed on something to eachother. Both their genitals look medically concerning.

No. 1036592

>I'll review every person who tries to add me
Translation: nobody gives a shit about my stale humor anymore so I'm pretending that I won't be accepting people to mask the fact that very few people are actually adding me.
>but I don't care about numbers!

No. 1036624

Uhhh she looks just like dahvie vanity.

No. 1036630

File: 1599788841154.png (18.9 KB, 438x389, 1490188972146.png)

i didn't give a fuck about these two but this guy coming in making the most unconvincing posts ever has me checking this thread just for it. i'm fucking rolling, my sides are in orbit, i can't believe he came back to post a second pumped pic of his shrimp chip jfc

No. 1036633

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

No. 1036644

saged for OT but some people delete/remake regularly to avoid stalkers or getting canceled. A lot of grooming scrotes do this but so do abuse survivors.

Makes me wonder if Mikey is pulling an Onion

No. 1036652

File: 1599792343216.jpg (12.27 KB, 720x986, FB_IMG_1595350113544.jpg)

I've been popping in this thread once in a while to catch up on this tire fire train wreck of a relationship and I'm not even on here for 10 seconds and I see a fucking purple mini mushroom clogging up my screen. That penis looks like it needs to be checked by a DOCTOR… I'm am rolling at the fact this douche keeps commenting on this thread trying to uhhh troll us? Nice try you absolute fucking walnut. You look desperate for attention and just deranged… Like who posts a pic like that. If I was suffering from some sort of std I wouldn't plaster it on the fucking internet. Kek

No. 1036687

File: 1599795812566.jpg (1.4 MB, 2250x2250, gayemojisbeinggay.jpg)

The narcsessistic Saint act continues and somehow gets even cringier to read. This is the type of thing a teenage tumblrite would make up for asspats but the plot thickens, because it's actually a deranged 30 year old man wearing a zoomer's skin.

Also pic related, he's big tilted his posts got marked. This is the most twitterfag attempt at being funny, they might as well have hired him for the emoji movie.

No. 1036697

File: 1599796702276.png (3.33 MB, 1242x2208, 402B57FC-8528-4025-8A1B-3D714E…)

Trying to look cute while yawning lmao

No. 1036704

damn no wonder he had to get covered in tattoos quick and come for lil xan's schtick, he's not even funny to make up for being so ugly and having such a baby carrot. good thing he keeps coming here to sperg or we'd have nothing to say about this plain yogurt of a man-shaped sack

No. 1036786

File: 1599826840065.jpg (360.65 KB, 1080x1080, photocollage_2020911132025264.…)

Whoever said this up above was spot on. Tesah = Dahavie confirmed?

No. 1036804

File: 1599831242809.jpg (8.63 KB, 300x285, bc9d8b36916beb86d55e2cd5597a81…)


AHHHH WTF CRAYON. It's so angry, gwt that shit checked out asap. I haven't checked this thread in days and this is what I am so unblessed to see? God, my poor eyes. This walnut is something else. How could he possibly think this is hot? Lay off the penis pump… oh wait… but then it would be non existent. Must suck to suck.

No. 1036825

When are you all going to learn that he’s baiting all of you

No. 1036828

He posts in here and you all get ape shit did if ever occur to you that that was his plan. He posts in groups to bait everyone all the time. And you all are taking the bait

No. 1036830

That’s Canyons nitch. He likes people talking shit about him. Stop giving him the attention he wants you fools

No. 1036843

"Oh Hi Mark"…
For real though Crayon, how is posting a pic of your own gross dick in here "baiting" anybody?? You're really slow aren't you?

No. 1036852

Do you guys think everything is Canyon posting? He’s clearly admitted to all his self posts because simultaneously story posts about it on IG. Guess you geniuses didn’t see that either. Do what you want but to the outside world, you all look retarded and just making him famous

No. 1036854

Well seeing as it's only been Crayon and Tesah who can't figure out how to sage posts just like you haven't done, 4 times just now. You're either one of them or some retarded lacky they've sent in here on their behalf

No. 1036855

File: 1599840126102.jpg (898.52 KB, 1078x1794, Screenshot_20200911-105726_Ins…)

Chile, anyways, so

Here's Tesah realizing she has no friends (at least not locally)

No. 1036858

"Making him famous" kek are you for real? His follower count is dropping by the day on IG and when ppl Google him they're gonna come to this board and see his gross dick and supreme cringe lol yeah he's super famous alright

No. 1036865

Nice giveaway that it's you self posting Tesah. Only the account holder on IG can see the total number of likes like that kek!

No. 1036870

Are you retarded anon?

No. 1036871

Depends where you live; American IG hasn't implemented it yet

This is why you never attach your real name to sex work retard

No. 1036872

Tin foil hats in here and it’s clear as day

No. 1036876

I don’t follow him religiously to see his follower count but I do know he does this religiously on FB. He goes into groups and bait posts, everyone talks shit, his views go up, and he continues.

No. 1036878

Yeah sorry, retarded Canadian who assumed IG was like this everywhere. I'll go cry myself to sleep with the thoughts of my free healthcare

No. 1036880

A little extra but go on

No. 1036887

>He's baiting you

It's not bait, it's just Canyon being retarded. He thinks it's bait and he think's he's trolling, which is why it's funny. Him posting emojis of cows and talking about this board constantly just shows how pathetically obsessed with this thread he is. We live in his head rent free, which is hilarious considering he talks about how unbothered he is.

No. 1036891

He’s not obsessed with this thread he just latches on to what page or thread talks about him mostly. I’ve seen him do it for months now. He did it with top tier, then violent memes, he always does this. You don’t see it and it shows. He loves this or else he wouldn’t be posting about it. Want to make him irrelevant? Stop talking about him. That will set him off

No. 1036899

File: 1599843283037.jpg (29.71 KB, 471x461, 1511211204784.jpg)

we go apeshit laughing bc it's the funniest shit to happen on this board in a minute, not because we're 'being trolled' lmao

why are you so desperate to get us to stop talking about him, huh? almost like you have some investment in shutting this down now that ravine is getting clowned and his posts marked…

No. 1036906

I see what you're saying, but there's a difference between being a "cringe-king" on an irrelevant Facebook page and people mocking your infected dick, broke ass and autism. The insults here are too personal and specific and that seem to make him legitimately mad.

No. 1036908

Does he post dick pics on these other pages too, as "bait"? Or are we just the lucky ones?

No. 1036910

>he just latches onto what page or thread talks about him mostly

Yes, child, that's called being obsessed. You literally just took the word "obsessed" and gave us a description of his obsession. Please stop being dense.

No. 1036915

No. 1036916

Like I said do what you want but he clearly loves this

No. 1036917

Of it got to him why would he post his own dick in this chat? Are you too retarded to see he loves this

No. 1036924

Latching in meaning he respond trolls to who is talking about him most. That’s not being obsessed that’s him catering to the majority market. If you sell a product and men buy it more than women are you going to make commercials fretting women? No you autist. He’s literally posting his dick in here and admitting to self posting in here it’s not even a secret… he’s not hiding it. He Admits it openly in his stories. He’s annoyingly insane, but he’s winning every time you guys talk about him. Weather you think you are “trolling” him or not. He’s winning. But like I said do what you want. I see this thread pop up in comment sections sometimes and I thought I’d give my opinion because I been following this thread and his(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1036926

Yes, thank you for once again describing his obsession to us. Please stop being a retard and go whiteknight him somewhere else. The fact that you think he is "winning" shows how purely autistic you and Canyon both are.

No. 1036932

Nobody thinks we're "trolling" here, spaz. Trolling is for edgy teens and austists. If someone is proud of showing off how much of a loser they are, let them have at it. It doesn't make it any less retarded. We like to discuss retarded people here…So if you want you're own thread then you just have to ask nicely.

No. 1036935

No. 1036947

Imagine thinking a corner of the internet laughing at a small dick is making the small dick in question "famous." Imagine permanently ensuring google results for your name shows your porn is actually "trolling" other people.

OF desperados are so fucking delusional–oh I meant "winning" lol.

No. 1037043

File: 1599861045415.jpeg (75.42 KB, 750x460, DBAC4F0F-9F8C-42E1-B3F6-1C7E5E…)

Since you read this tesah here’s your boyfriend telling me how he was gonna get your account deleted and guess what it did get deleted. No icon cause he’s since deleted this account. I’ve known tesah since I was 16, He told my sock puppet account he was going to delete her shit while he was simping for sympathy.

No. 1037056

I could totally believe this is him. Didn't she get deleted off IG at like 100k? Or so she says? Only a complete retard would want his gf to lose out on income. Meanwhile here they are now making shitty vids for $2/month on OF. At least her alone in her prime had interest… My god their lives just fucking suck, it's almost depressing until you realize they completely do it to themselves

No. 1037061

But I thought they were the perfect couple. God & goddess /s

No. 1037070

File: 1599863674132.jpg (14.6 KB, 225x225, IMG_0044.JPG)

This is gonna end in someone going to jail

No. 1037075

Or dead

No. 1037076

Canyon is a manipulative scrote. He made tesah block me and probably many of her friends, then he says he wants her account gone? THis account is deleted probably to try hide things like this tbh.He’s a narc

No. 1037078

File: 1599864423899.jpg (81.45 KB, 680x1058, canyon.jpg)

>in this chat
damn i'm so mad about the hi cow rule rn. imagine being so desperate for attention that you willingly become a court jester

No. 1037080

Holy fuck what an absolute scumbag. I actually feel bad for Tesah

No. 1037102

Is it true? Is it possible…that Canyon is morphing into the subject of this thread?

I'm not saying Tesah isn't a cow, but damn, Canyon has been producing enough autistic milk for the both of them lately.

No. 1037107

idk but this thread became a lot more entertaining when he showed up to self-post. A self-hating girl who gets regrettable tattoos and plastic surgery, has resorted to selling her holes to make money, and uses alcohol/drugs to feel okay with that is pm the most generic lolcow trajectory ever.

No. 1037114

He's producing Chris-Chan levels of autism. We need a liquid Canyon ASAP

No. 1037153

After seeing that explosion she went on him in his truck I don’t blame crayon for one second for deleting that shit

No. 1037159

I communicated with him multiple times through my sock puppet after he made tesah block me on my real account . He mentioned multiple times that he wanted to delete her Instagram and that he used to have her password? I fully believe he deleted it cause the timing is too strange? And the fact he repeatedly said he needed to do it to save his name. He also told me of a fight they never shared online (or it just wasn’t screenshotted) that involved tesah locking herself out of her iPhone because she changed the passcode to stop him accessing it and forgot it (lol) and locked herself out. She had to send it away to be unlocked and was blaming him, I’ll try find caps (sage for no caps yet). How can I upload a video to this site? I can video the messages maybe

No. 1037165

But I remember her posting a screenshot of Instagrams message to her stating that the account was removed due to violating community standards…

No. 1037168


yeah, he probably reported it which is why her old photos were randomly hit

No. 1037171

I highly doubt that. And that screenshot doesn’t even have his picture in it. I call fake. Fake convo with someone’s fake account. Think you’re trying to create milk when theirs is enough milk with these two

No. 1037173

Also where is proof of him supposedly making her block you? Don’t be a weird simp story teller like crayon

No. 1037175

Smells like crayola in here

No. 1037177

Lol I’d rather have rat dicks shoved into my ass than to be associated with that munch gulg, no crayola here just genuine question

No. 1037180

You sound like either a whiteknight or Canyon himself, due to lack of ability to Sage and the fact that you type like the samefagging retard that got banned earlier.

I completely believe that Canyon would try to delete Tesah's account, he's a jealous prick that can't stand when the attention isn't on him. The thread seemed to light up when anon posted the screenshot.

No. 1037186

Yeah, but the psychobilly freak outs are what set her apart.

No. 1037190

Soz for samefagging but try uploading it to Dropbox and then posting the link? Worked for me before lol

No. 1037199


Ok I’ll try that, I’m only able to find my dms with him by searching his name in my inbox and “instagramer” comes up, I click into it and the dms show up. Does any anon know if there is a better way to get the dms? I don’t want to film my whole inbox and then me typing but want to show that the dms are real by showing me clicking into them, If that makes sense.

No. 1037201

Do you have an iPhone? If you take a screen recording, then you can shorten it easily.

Find the video in Photos, click on “Edit” in the top right corner, and then drag the arrows at the bottom to adjust the video length (then save it, obviously). You should be able to eliminate the part that shows your inbox.

No. 1037204

Samefag, but you can also crop the video using the same steps. Just cut out the other names in your inbox and leave the portion that shows you clicking on his DMs.

No. 1037206


Yes I have an iPhone thank you! What should I include to prove the dm is real? Just show me clicking in ? (Sage for dumb question)

No. 1037212

I think crayon's style of writing is very telling, it'll be pretty obvious if they're real or not…So just go for it and post them. You'll have doubters/white knights regardless of what you do.

No. 1037214

“Instagrammer” could be anyone. That doesn’t prove it’s real. Fake and forced milk. Canyon is a cuck self obsessed nut case who’s obsessed with tesah he wouldn’t get her account deleted especially when she pays all the bills

No. 1037218

You're very adamant for someone who hasn't even seen the screenshots yet kek.

No. 1037219

I’m waiting for screenshots anon

No. 1037220

See ultimately I don’t mind if farmers don’t believe me because I know tesah will read the iPhone story and know that there’s only one way I could know that (provided canyon doesn’t gaslight her into thinking she imagined it lol) but I’ll post the video once I figure out how to make the video link

No. 1037222

Not to mention whoever this is also can't sage for shit too

No. 1037223

It appears that Canyon just made two threads for himself.

No. 1037224

File: 1599878866648.jpeg (206.05 KB, 750x589, 21BD81E6-F512-479F-B584-B43B1C…)

Looks like he’s sperging out on the board too very clearly the screenshot has him bothered

No. 1037228

File: 1599879256984.png (3.07 MB, 1242x2688, 58C07388-6602-4965-BC29-85FC9A…)

Confirmed. You know they lurk

No. 1037229

Of course they lurk here, they live here kek

No. 1037230

She's so manipulated by him that If he said they sky is green she'd believe it. It's kinda sad.

No. 1037231

Yes tesah because CANYON REPORTED IT because he clearly said he wanted it gone

No. 1037233

Is there a point in me even posting it if she’s too dumb to realise that he’s the one that reported her? Like will anything make her see sense?

No. 1037234

A whole thread on her, for years and y’all think her boyfriend reported it? Out of all the desperate e thots who came on here overly hating tesah? I’m pretty sure that one chronic girl reported it

No. 1037235

To the person asking about showing proof of DM’s you can download your data from instagram through your account and it’ll show any message ever sent whether it was deleted by you, someone else, or if they even deleted their account

No. 1037236

File: 1599880450916.jpeg (38.18 KB, 584x398, 81078F96-74D8-412F-81E0-3357E6…)

So if canyon has never messaged my sock puppet… how do I have the screenshot of a text he screenshotted to me with ur Number? The number could be a fake cause he was saying she was using fake numbers but I’ve covered the number just Incase it is her real one (don’t want to dox her) from their fight in jan when she brought that other dude over

No. 1037237

*tesahs number, sorry I meant to reply too >>1037228

No. 1037238


Your pushiness is looking real sus

No. 1037239

Oh Tesah, btw… if you pull up this thread on Crayons phone the pink post will show you which ones he posted!

No. 1037241

I’ve always been curious about the anons who are willing to post their private conversations with the cows. Aren’t you worried that they’re going to figure out who you are and start drama with you?

No. 1037243

Because she would of been saved on his contacts genius(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1037244

File: 1599881173385.png (2.71 MB, 1125x2436, 2AC2D8F5-55DD-4923-8D03-CD8722…)

Should probably learn the definition of defamation first Ravine
> the action of damaging the good reputation of someone

Emphasis on the GOOD

No. 1037246

I only spoke to him on a sock puppet as my real main account was blocked so he’d only ever discover my fake profile with just memes and cats that he narcissistically ranted too and sent screenshots too (I just agreed with him and he literally spammed me with every fight) I’d say he sent the same shit to other people though and I’d imagine he might start trying to blame them but that’s not my problem lmao

No. 1037247

Ok, but let’s assume the threads will be gone, are they really going to google their names everyday to make sure there’s no new threads? Are they going to stalk the site forever? It’s kind of useless.

No. 1037248

But I thought he was just baiting us "pussies" and winning? What happened, champ??

No. 1037249

As if they’d waste precious $$$ on a pointless case

No. 1037250

I like how him being outed as being the one to report her account is what pushed him over the edge to get a lawyer haha

No. 1037251

Right like just a month ago Tesah was crying on Ravines live about money & throwing furniture, but all of a sudden they have money for a lawyer lol yeah ok

No. 1037255

Crayon you have no solid legal case and you know that. You think your trucking and her only fans would even pay for the lawyer to find out? Yeah fucking right dude. Do us a favor, grow up, and stop posting your drama and small dick online. It doesn’t make you famous. If a post on here makes someone famous then every single “e-girl” online would be “famous”. Stop self posting before trash goes through your phone and finds out the truth! Can’t wait for you to get home so she can see what kind of guy you actually are. And not to support tesah, but girl quit simping over these mediocre guys. Go to school, go to therapy, and find the right meds. I say that because I want the best but honestly this shit show is so entertaining. So by all means don’t listen to a “hater” that way I have something to watch.

No. 1037260

File: 1599882584210.jpeg (20.55 KB, 640x442, pathetic.jpeg)

Crayon, you have to have at least some intellectual capacity to bait effectively. Until then I'll continue to kek at whatever pathetic attempt you come up with. It's only funny because it's like watching a Facebook boomer with the grandiose notion they're ~le epic troll~ whilst simultaneously ruining their public image for specs of attention.

Also, it's "niche" (pronounced neesh) you brain-dead burgerfag

Back to Twitter you go

No. 1037263

Tesah's first thread was put up around last Christmas but nice try

No. 1037264

It’s impossible to take seriously, right? Just c’mon…

No. 1037265

Canyon, this is literally an imageboard where we just post screenshots of shit you idiots post on your own social media. Good luck finding a lawyer to take your case after you self posted your own dick pic here twice, you absolute retard

No. 1037266

File: 1599883872928.jpg (94.78 KB, 595x394, keked.jpg)

Holy fuck I'm dying. Does this retard really think he's the first person to try and sue LC? The only things we discuss are the ammunition he provided. It's not defamation if we aren't falsifying your character. Kek, not even taking that into account, he doesn't have a leg to stand on.

No. 1037268

If anon comes through with milk she's gonna turn into Strong Sad on caffeine. Erratic, violent, and really funny to watch.

No. 1037270

The saddest part about all of this is this could probably all end if they both go off social media. At least for a long while. They're so obsessed with being seen and held to a slightly higher status that this wasnt an option? Tesa, get a real job that doesn't rely on internet. Canyon focus on ur day job. Live in the real world for once.

No. 1037271

Is it worth my while if she won’t believe he is the one that reported her? I feel no matter what I post she will refuse to accept it like I shared an literal screenshot from HIS phone and she still seems to not believe it? (Although they’ve been quiet since)

No. 1037281

She may not learn us to think that it bothers her, but clearly it does

No. 1037282

Is he dense or what? There's no ads on LC. Unless there's some other website we're missing.

No. 1037287

He could be mistaking the banners for ads. I would say he's talking about our "sister site", but he's too stupid to make a joke like that and I doubt they even have a thread on there.

No. 1037288

Who cares about her anon, she'll eventually come around when they have a fight or something. Deep down she knows it's true. Personally, you've peaked my interest and I want to kek at how pathetic Crevasse is. He's already tried to make the thread feel sorry for him whilst shit talking Tesah anonymously so it's more than in character. I say post it so we can watch the "WKs" squirm to find anything to disprove it.

Btw you can also convert the file to "webm" online and then upload it here directly.

No. 1037289

I doubt they'd be interested but a thread over there would be hilarious, they'd have the dox done before Dumbass has time to grace them with a new shot of his little purple crayon.

No. 1037291

Sorry for non-contribution but the capital "D" made me kek

No. 1037293

Absolutely. If nothing else, at least evidence will be archived

No. 1037295

File: 1599887289050.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, 39a.gif)

I am fucking HOWLING. I don't think I've ever laughed this hard at a cow post on a thread before, the fact that he fucking days he'll sue for adsense when this board doesn't even have ads has me screeching. The fact that he even thinks he has a case when we've only been making fun of the posts Canyon fucking made, and the fact that he's been heavily interacting with this fucking board and had himself said he's been "trolling" us has sent my sides to another realm. I love this thread

No. 1037312

~so not bothered by the haturz~

No. 1037314

I'm going through a similar legal issue and unless people are sending him very plausible death threats (knowing their address, specific weapons, breaking in to a mailbox or the residence itself, etc) Crevasse has no case.

No. 1037316

And considering lolcow has strict rules and fast removals of doxxing and people going out of their way to cowtip and personally harass, good luck to him when he accuses anyone of that.

No. 1037409

Hello police? I’ve posted my small purple dick on the internet and now people are laughing about me, please make them stop. Kek

No. 1037419

Crayon, meet Vicky Shingles. You two should talk…

No. 1037444

File: 1599912858589.jpg (290.23 KB, 720x1063, 20200912_130953.jpg)

Terrible attempt at backtracking when you realise how idiotic you sound. If it was really a case of "trolling" then he wouldn't have deleted >>1037244 this. Oh man he must be freaking out right now, that screenshot about him getting Tesahs account taken down is damning.

No. 1037446

Oh shit ladies he's totally got us! We had better just pack it in now. We are being masterfully trolled by the boyfriend of a snowflake. He can compare himself to 6ix9ine, they're both narks that chimp out easily.

No. 1037451

Imagine being so broke that you try to sue a website for "revenue" lol. I know they cant afford furniture but do they even have a car? I only worked the summer when I was 16 and even I could afford one lol. I guess "trucking" and Tesahs onlyfans can only afford them a basic apartments and booze kek. I hope they at least save a bit of cash to feed the poor cats.

No. 1037452

i dont even know who the fuck are they, but this thread is pure gold kek

No. 1037454

6ix9ine doesn’t sit around on his ass obsessively refreshing forums about him to post on his Instagram. Learn how to actually flex, dude. The shit you’re doing might be “funny” to you and it’s hilarious to us, but to the rest of the world you look like a middle school mean girl. It’s pathetic.

No. 1037462

How is he a 30 year old man?

No. 1037463

"Its ya boy, the pedo rapist of fb"
What an idiot

No. 1037466

File: 1599917260296.jpg (395.11 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20200912_092734.jpg)

Kek! 'they post the most homophobic and racist stuff's um since when? Someone's reaching now cuz his little purple crayon is hurting

No. 1037472

He's just butthurt and confused over women not being attracted to his poison mushroom dick so we must be men! He wants to go viral so bad…

No. 1037476

File: 1599918062370.jpg (322.2 KB, 1080x2042, IMG_20200912_093911_376.jpg)

Lmao look at the floor and the arm

No. 1037495

Oh dear those curvy lines in the floor and the matching ones in her hair. What a shit shop. Also there's something pretty off-putting about her having her bare arse up on the sink, but I guess hygiene doesn't matter to them ever…

No. 1037502

Hey crayon, I think it’s pretty awful of you to go hating on the homeless. Some people would kill to sleep in someone’s basement.

You preach being a good dude but you’re a vapid, careless narcissist and it’s not surprising that you can’t handle even an ounce of criticism. Good thing you’ll never have any reasonable chance of finding any real fame.

Grow up. Put down your phone and go for a jog or something. You look like a soft goldfish.

No. 1037507

He forgot to mention our “Cheeto dust covered fingers”.

No. 1037508

kek she gonna need to swim off that countertop with those waves in the background

No. 1037513

Omg the fake legal notice sent to the site was so fucking hilarious. Fingers crossed Crayola does something that's equally as retarded.

The best part is the milk used to be a dry, practically nonexistent. Then Ravine went on a spergfest in the original thread trying to persuade anons his penis is big. When that failed he posted it himself pretending to be someone else. The milk has be flowing ever since.

No. 1037516

He actually posted this? He's even more retarded than I have him credit for. He comes in here and self posts and post his OWN fucking dick pic and thinks he can somehow sue for that? He clearly doesn't understand that this site just posts these idiots own bullshit and laughs at it. Can't sue people for sharing shit YOU made public. Get a brain asshat

No. 1037520

If by “buzz buzz out of our bee hive” you mean “fall out laughing”, then you’re damn right darlin’. Do you have any idea how many Cows have threatened lolsuits? I don’t even know, but it’s been lots. But I CAN tell you how many have been successful.


No. 1037530

File: 1599926067706.jpg (92.81 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20200912_115518.jpg)

I can't think of anything more romantic than my bf calling me a boot licker

No. 1037531

File: 1599926269260.jpg (191.27 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20200912_115836.jpg)

If the boot fits…

No. 1037535

> Don’t worry about it.

Afraid people will come here, see your self posts & laugh at your tiny purple peen along with us??

No. 1037540

I mean at least everyone will know not to waste money on his onlyfans content!

No. 1037558

I like how he tries to pretend as if he wasn't in full panic mode when it was let out that he's the reason her ig got deleted. Same reason tesah went to her stories to defend him. sad.

No. 1037563

He definitely told her to post that kek

No. 1037570

So true, he really shoots himself in the foot everytime he posts about lolcow on his Instagram. I imagine anyone who actually wants to see his purple bee-sting is following him. They probably come here to see wtf he's raving on about and then sees his disaster of a body and childish attitude- that would put any potential subscribers off for sure.

No. 1037572

I guess his threatening legal action was a pathetic attempt to makes mods and admin shit their pants and delete his threads, and when he saw that we were all laughing at him and realized that all admins, past and present, have had so many half-assed legal threats sent against them in the past that they're unphased, and that he would have no case because there's no legal-definition harrassment going on in this thread, he shit his pants, deleted his story and said he was just trolling (aka he was only pretending to be retarded, guys!)

No. 1037579

Jesus, she must be hard-core skin walking Fallon if she's even ignoring bulletproof evidence that he doesn't actually want to be with her

No. 1037605

Its funny, I didn't know about this forum until he posted about it. Not only is he making himself look stupid by trying to "troll" it but he's also gathering a bigger audience for it.

No. 1037613

A bigger audience here you mean? I didn't follow this thread till his purple pecker came out. No ones buying his of lol

No. 1037617

This forum is exactly what I was referring to.

No. 1037643

44 seconds ago? Thats a little sus

No. 1037647

They don't link to each other on IG anymore… Uh oh
Tesah must've been in here kek

No. 1037651

File: 1599945428193.jpg (527.94 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20200912_171736.jpg)

Samefagging to post this pic. All pics of purple crayon are gone on Tesah's IG

No. 1037663

File: 1599946479038.jpg (321.75 KB, 1080x1752, 1599943757143.jpg)

The anon you replied to posted and deleted this. Pretty obsessed to post and then delete when called out for it

No. 1037668

Lol, are you one of his whiteknights? Or the one who posted and deleted? I'm glad that repost called you back

No. 1037670


No. 1037671

Legitimately thought his face tattoo says 'Hitler'. Still not sure wtf it is.

No. 1037684

It clearly says "hopic" and is a tribute to hot topic which is the only place that'll hire him with those fucking horrific tattoos.

No. 1037689

They still follow each other…for now

No. 1037699

Why does he have a 2007 emo haircut? And why is it always so greasy?

No. 1037708

File: 1599949747692.gif (692.97 KB, 275x194, 1593541475519.gif)

i'd put money down that he tried to delete the dick pics, realized he couldnt, then panicked and went to this as his solution. it's amazing to watch him evolve so quick, he's already on the vicky shingles stage. what's next, a pivot to lilee for a cyberbullying victim saga? or onision for a truly reprehensibly disgusting only fans saga?

can you imagine the meltdown if the farms truly caused their next breakup? i'm salivating

No. 1037709

File: 1599949786552.png (1.47 MB, 1125x2436, 718961FD-D24F-44FC-B2A5-E41428…)

Thinking he cracked the code by posting somebody's sock.

No. 1037711

>the posts/followers to following ratio
>the stock photo looking image
>the generic name

it's incredible that he's stupid enough to think that's a real person

No. 1037712

like we're gunna turn this into a thread on that clearly fake profile instead of the little purple pecker

No. 1037713

Nice to see Canyon's still obsessively lurking the thread.

No. 1037725

Tesah's lurking here too. Just noticed she deleted that white lingerie pic from yesterday that we were making fun of for the shooping kek guaranteed their newfound relationship drama is because she's been in here and is finally realizing he got her account deleted and treats her like shit

No. 1037737

The one where she had a random bubble in her hair got deleted too a while back. Definatley a lurker, could u blame a narcissist for being exactly that lol

No. 1037743

…but seriously Tesah should dump this loser. Nothing worse than an ugly short cock thinking he's hot shit enough to actively cheat on his girlfriend by pretending he's making money off the porn of it. Not that I believe Purple Crayon gets laid often. All he offers is, what, subpar dick and a truck driving job? Holy shit girl lmao! She could totally get a more attractive truck driver in NC with a bigger dick and no retarded face tattoos. Hell if she wants to completely sell out since she has no shame in dating ugly losers, she might as well catch an old southern sugar daddy looking for a tatted up girl with implants. What is she doing wasting her time with this greaseball who actively sabotages her to get control? Fucking yikes, Tesah best make an exit plan. Maybe a secret savings account..

No. 1037747

File: 1599955824440.jpg (322 KB, 1080x2113, 20200912_191115.jpg)

I don't think she wants the help, anon.

No. 1037748

no, see, you dont understand her contrarian type. the more she's told he's a loser, the more she's going to double down with shit like >>1037747 and insist he's everything he selfposts on lolcow about. i'd wager that her whole current life came from choosing to steadfastly pursue the red flags she's warned about just to prove that it'll be different for her/she's special for it somehow. both of them have terminal attention-seeking disease, she'll stay with him until it gets her more attention not to.

No. 1037752

That pot belly…

No. 1037765

She won't. They're both terrible, low key unattractive, and just shitty enough that there's really no one else out there that would want to be with them.

I mean, Tesah has to photoshop herself and paint makeup on her face just to be passable, see >>1036057

No. 1037782

File: 1599960758535.gif (5.59 MB, 364x265, 998042BF-1527-409E-BCB1-3F5077…)

I can absolutely picture Canyon pulling a Patrick Bateman while he has sex.

No. 1037789

The way they push their love to prove a point lol thats what i call insecure. They've linked each other again

No. 1037799

>Deleting eachother's names from their bio's when they're mad
>Adding eachother back when things have calmed down
>Lovebombing eachother on snapchat/instagram stories after a fight
>saying things on stories to "prove" to lolcow how much they're in love

This whole relationship has Syd and Jonny vibes. Like…strangely similar. Imagine being stabbed in the back by your salty,jealous boyfriend. Imagine having such a fucked up relationship dynamic with your significant other, and your entire relationship being based off off deleting eachother from your social media bio's instead of just talking to eachother.

I don't like Tesah but I'd like to think that if she wasn't with Canyon she wouldn't be as cancerous.

No. 1037820

I remember someone last thread say she's been psycho since way before Canyon. Like she went to a BOTDF showed to attack Fallon after Dahvie left Rash for her

No. 1037826

File: 1599967324970.jpg (112.98 KB, 1080x824, Screenshot_20200913-132111__01…)

It's either he thinks he's a "troll god" or a "troll Bob", I can't decide which kek.

No. 1037828

This is so cringey, imagine being over the age of 11 and calling yourself a "troll god"

Also laughing so hard because I had no idea he only had 5,220 followers. I thought he had around 20k ik r something, not that that's remarkable either, but oh my god that's hilarious

No. 1037830

If by trolling he means making us laugh hysterically at how fucking retarded he is then yes he is a troll god.

No. 1037831

File: 1599968709130.jpg (390.89 KB, 1600x1600, 1599968732576.jpg)

Looks and acts like Dan the Meme Man's "I'm a clout god" shit

No. 1037853

He really is the living embodiment of
>I was just pretending to be retarded!!

It's obvious he's embarrassed and doubling down to save face. It's gotta sting to see a whole board of girls laughing at his little dick and exposing his selfposting, and the way he threatened legal action then pretended to be trolling when he realized nobody was concerned was just the icing on the cake. It's been hilarious, I'm yet another anon who never paid attention to this thread until he started sperging.

No. 1037862

Sane here, I never really thought this thread was worth my time to read until I noticed his self posting, and now I'm on board for the wild ride. It's been so much more milk than the other threads lately

No. 1037921

5000 followers and 400 Facebook friends? Is this a joke? This guy is a nobody kek. No wonder he wanted to delete Tesahs 100k- obvious jealousy.

No. 1037927

Y’all clearly don’t remember Canyon when he had nearly 200k followers on ig and 30k on his first Facebook stop reaching

No. 1037928

And still waiting for these “screenshots”

No. 1037929

No I dont remember somebody who I've never heard of, sorry? I dont know this guy's history but all I know is that currently that's how many followers/friends he has. And those numbers are pathetic. Couldn't give a flying fuck about how many he "used" to have…
Also I don't believe you kek

No. 1037931

A simple web search you autist. Will show you posts he’s made that got on world star, 9gag etc. he used to be big

No. 1037932

Haha wtf why are you so pressed? Did he get to the front page of reddit too? Nobody gives a fuck about those cancerous sites and the way you're using them as something he should be proud of is hilarious. The guy has been a nobody his whole life and still is.

No. 1037933

Genuine curiosity got the better of me regarding Reeturd's academic achievements or lack thereof. Does anyone know if he even made it to 6th grade? I'm surprised he has enough brains to spell his own name.

No. 1037934

Oh did you know him his whole life? Thought you said you didn’t know who he was kek! Your desperation is shining too bright anon

No. 1037936

9gag? Oh boy you must be someone special to be posted on 9gag!

If you had an organic following of 200k, you would still have 200k fans. This just tells me that only 2% of those were real.

No idea what you were "famous" for but I'm sure it's hard for you to stay memorable when you're a do nothing slob and there's a flood of new eboys that look just like you doing interesting things with their lives.

I mean, really. What is it that you do? You don't do art or music, you have no special talent. You aren't really attractive. You don't shower. There's nothing of interest going on with you. You have bad tattoos and a psycho girlfriend. Jimbo down at the trailer park has the same appeal.

No. 1037937

Is that crayon in here self posting again? "He used to be big!" Yeah "used to be"… If he's so special than why has none of his past followers started following him again? To go from your alleged 200k to 5,000 is fucking pathetic. It's because he doesn't post anything except for whiney autist rants. He's not funny. Doesn't take much for 1 or 2 posts to go viral if you get lucky but he clearly doesn't and didn't have what it takes to maintain it.
Go WK his purple dick elsewhere anon

No. 1037938

I’m not canyon but I do simp for him. So you can put that bad boy to bed

No. 1037939

If he’s so not interesting why is the only thing you talk about is him all day kek!

No. 1037941

You do realize the entire premise of this site (that by the way has hundreds of other threads that aren't for Crayon) is to mock and laugh at people like Crayon and Tesah? Like you get that right? The milk is entertainment. These idiots who are so desperate to be interesting and "famous
" and they just fall flat on their faces because they're retarded. The self created drama is amazing too. Nobody is here talking about their either of them because we actually like them, it's because they're drama is like watching a train wreck happen in real time

No. 1037945

If he did anything with his life you wouldnt be listing his biggest accomplishments as world star and 9gag posts. That's a sure sign he's done absolutely nothing of merit.

No. 1037947

File: 1600004571843.png (1.79 MB, 828x1792, B848BE8C-8E31-48D7-86AC-77727A…)

I know this is bait but “a simple google search” only comes up with images from these threads and obvious self-posts like pic related.

Also your home address, which is interesting. Why does half your family spell their name Monfredo and the other half Monfrado? Is your whole family retarded too?

No. 1037954

He's so insecure because Tesah is far more popular and well known than he is. That's 100% why he deleted her Instagram. What a loser kek

No. 1037956

Damn dude you can't even make something up? I asked you what it is that you do successfully. Just curious what it is you think you should be famous for. Is it this >>975783?

No. 1037957

File: 1600006931104.jpg (25.74 KB, 435x369, rafj7q0l52001.jpg)


No. 1037958

On top of everything else his pathetic knowledge about women is sad, but a clear indicator of how mentally stunted he is. I'm absolutely in shock he knows how to stick his purple bump in a vagina.

No. 1037963

File: 1600007843760.jpg (220.29 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20200828-020729__01…)

Only Gulch simps for Gulch so there's something wrong your statement and I think I know what it is KEK

>Thread goes quite for a few hours
>Suspicious flood of low IQ energy posts
>Anons have a jolly good kek
>Rinse and repeat

The predictable milk flow here is delicious. Here's a hilarious cap from his insta describing the deeply meaningful tattoos he vandalised his face with. I am in awe of his intellect.

Wtf anon I swear this is repost but it says "6h". Is the autist trying to go viral with this pathetic heart of gold copypasta because I've read this exact story before, word for word?

No. 1037965

Says on the top it's from dec 2018

No. 1037967

Samefagging but yeah googling him proved nothing to me. A YouTube account with one retarded video with low views came up, alongside some shitty "modeling" photos and then as you say, just shit here or screencaps from Reddit.
The only interesting thing I found was that he also showed up inna Vicky Shingles thread 2 years ago because I guess she was trying to get a piece of his purple dick at one point kek

No. 1037971

File: 1600009540247.jpg (983.51 KB, 2400x1800, cringeking1.jpg)


Holy fuck, I just found the cow crossover we never knew we had. We weren't the first anons to make the Vicky Shingles comparison, and I doubt we'll be the last kek. This is my new favourite ship.

No. 1037976

Bahaha he was into vicky??? Oh man If i were Tesah I'd be livid

No. 1037978

File: 1600009959417.jpg (280.71 KB, 1080x1593, cringeking2.jpg)

Oof sorry for samefag too, I should have read your post. I guess you beat me to it kek. And I mean he recently reposted that exact same story on Instagram, like literally this week not even joking.

No. 1037979

No worries anon. At least you had the good sense to post the screenshots and links.

No. 1037986

I am loving the fact that this retard was either self posting again or sent a wk in here and all it does is create more drama kek are you happy your friend brought more milk to the farm Ravine?

No. 1038009

Can I just say how absolutely perfect this is? Crayon should pack up his truck, bid farewell to Frankentits, and head North to Vicky Shingles’ waiting arms. Soulmates they are!

No. 1038010

Hahahahaha has 200k as if that’s actually impressive? All of the things he’s bragging about are fuckin great… WORLDSTAR??? 2006 called and no one cared even back then my guy.

No. 1038021

Oooh Tesah gonna lose her shit kek Vicky and Tesah kinda look alike too and at least Vicky has something to offer and a career other than showing her holes on OF. I say career lightly because her tats kinda suck but at least she has some talent at something other than being naked

No. 1038031

File: 1600016891750.png (1.11 KB, 256x192, 1594408400553.png)

HAHA what a twist!! now we know how low his standards really are, lmaooo.

of course it's him selfposting, this is the most attention from a group of women he's gotten in his whole life

No. 1038059

File: 1600020336947.jpeg (681.67 KB, 1242x1928, F6C9EC0F-335D-4E8C-A5C5-00BA43…)


No. 1038064

You really have a love hate relationship with this thread don't you?

No. 1038068

He can’t even spell correctly. Back to middle school. What a farge

No. 1038069

I can’t stand his faggot ass stories

No. 1038071

Why do all these shit, pointless stories keep ending up in the thread…
I have my suspicions.
Also I hope Vicky reads this thread and realises that her and Crayon should can finally be together. They're perfect for eachother. Rasha who?

No. 1038076

File: 1600022000662.png (690.19 KB, 790x1240, Screenshot_20200913-142920~2.p…)

Forgot to photoshop your waist again Plank. If ur gonna shop at least be consistent and decent at it you fucking twat.

No. 1038078

File: 1600022246198.jpg (485.46 KB, 720x1520, 20200913_193502.jpg)

Since we're talking about shoop-jobs…Look at this disaster. What size do you want your waist to look, Tesah, make up your mind!

No. 1038079

Nailed it! Goes from super curvy to looking like a fucking rectangle. All these bitches can't keep their edits consistent and it drives me mad. She must be taking shopping lessons from Mickey Deer kek

No. 1038083

This thread is gold and I love it.

I love the fact that Canyon is so uncreative he steals well-known copypastas, makes a few tiny changes and then posts them as if they were his own.

No. 1038095

He cheated on that pretty n plastic girl with Morgan Joyce and then cheated on Morgan with tesah. He’s probably cheating on tesah.

No. 1038097

Oof that angle isn’t doing any favors to her face

No. 1038144

Yeah, truckers, pilots, and military all seem to have that 'different woman in every city' thing going on and I'm sure Gulch is no exception.

No. 1038197

the whole piercing bitting things is so fucking cringe! omg i'm physically ill

No. 1038199

>this guy could have his own thread in /snow/

No wonder he low-key wants rid of Tesah, if she's out of the picture it's a one-man show

No. 1038206

File: 1600038368044.jpg (212.62 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20200913_190635.jpg)

This chick does herself no favours going au natural. It's cute when actual attractive people do it, it's just jarring otherwise.

No. 1038209

Wait. He dated Morgan Joyce??

What actually happened? I didn't see that in the other thread if it's in there.

Never heard anything about that.. Plz spill.

No. 1038244

He had a thing with Morgan Joyce I remember when she was posting pictures of him and her on her story. And she was like “this is my man.” And then Canyon apparently cheated on Morgan with tesah and then Morgan when on a rant about how she regretted dating canyon. This was over a yewr who

No. 1038257

So when the next trashy e-girl comes around with even more tattoos and shittier photoshopping then he'll be moving on? My guess for the next victim is Sophii Saturn because he so clearly has a thing for her, and she's thinner and more tatted than Tesah.

No. 1038268

So because this needle dick has zero redeeming qualities and absolutely no talent to speak of he dates ethots for clout and notoriety. What a catch.

No. 1038270

Seems to me like he's social climbing. Once he's sucked the life out of whoever (that includes their following), he moves onto the next victim with a sob story about his aboose.

No. 1038282

Only this time he picked a certified psycho so now it's a standoff

No. 1038370

I wouldn’t go and say Morgan isn’t crazy either. She made up a rape story with her ex and was confirmed to have lied about it. Kek! Canyon dodged a false rape allegation for someone who gave him a false domestic abuse allegation

No. 1038390

And still he only has 5000 followers? Can you imagine his numbers if he didnt have people to leech off, couple of hundred I'd guess.

No. 1038391

File: 1600080648412.jpg (247.65 KB, 1080x853, Screenshot_20200913-234440_Sam…)

A Google search of Morgan Joyce and Canyon Monfrado brought this up.

No. 1038394

File: 1600081220407.jpg (Spoiler Image, 225.21 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20200910_142838_215.jpg)

Did some digging and found Canyons tiny crayon.

No. 1038395

Kek! But an Instagram story? Looks fake but still hilarious. But you know canyon wouldn’t have put that in his IG story and we’ve all seen his small purple dick on this thread already and it doesn’t even look like that

No. 1038397

Its not a fake picture. It was a boomerang he posted and it glitched out.

No. 1038398

And you’ve obtained this image from where?

No. 1038399

Because that’s his old IG that’s deleted so unless you have this picture saved, where was it found.

No. 1038402

I'm not gonna spill the persons name. This person managed to get a screenshot of it so they could send it to him to warn him it glitched. This screenshot is from last year. I talked this person into giving me the picture. Swear it. Its the real deal.

No. 1038403

That doesn’t even look like his dick though. There’s been multiple pictures of his dick in this thread and the last and that’s not his dick. His dick is already small enough to laugh at don’t need to make milk when there’s already lots

No. 1038404

This can't be real??? I legitimately thought someone had photoshopped his dick to make it super tiny (even more so than we've seen before) as a joke. I can't believe this is what it actually looks like? Fucking KEK

No. 1038405

My guess is someone photoshopped it. Because first of all he’s shaven and second that looks like the dick in Harold and Kumar kek! Still funny but definitely fake

No. 1038406

Believe the picture. Dont believe the picture. No skin off my back.

No. 1038407

My thoughts exactly. We’ve already seen his tiny dick. This definitely photoshopped and we wouldn’t have posted this in his story. I’m 98% sure this is fake

No. 1038408

It’s still hilarious it’s just not his dick. He shaves horribly, doesn’t have a bush and this is definitely the dick from Harold and kumar kek! My sides

No. 1038409

This is real, I remember it myself when I followed his old account! His boomerang glitched and you could see his cock and balls. So I can confirm this is 100% real.
Also he needs to clean that mirror fucking gross

No. 1038410

Instagram and FB have a picture scan software that detects dicks vaginas and boobies before the picture is posted and automatically bans it before it’s posted. There wasn’t a glitch in your tin foil matrix. Stop creating milk when there’s already milk there’s tons of small crayon pictures out there for you to share but Everyvpicture of crayons dick is shaved and purple

No. 1038411

Yes I know that, but it was so quick in the boomerang that it obviously didnt detect it. I don't know why you're getting so defensive, but I can confirm that I did see this post on his old account and you got a split-second view of his bee-sting.

>every picture of crayons dick is shaved and purple

Well I don't know about you but I've only seen the two from the threads kek

No. 1038412

Lol well either way it’s funny to me. I’m just more of an organic minded poster. I like finding real facts because there’s enough out there about this psychopath

No. 1038414

>organic minded poster
You sound like a twat

>I like finding real facts

You're claiming it's not real because you're obviously pressed about it

Just sage your fucking posts and you wouldn't stick out all the time like a sore thumb

No. 1038415

Can confirm. Had notifications on for him back then. This is 100 percent real KEK

No. 1038418

File: 1600084406140.png (Spoiler Image, 10.03 MB, 1242x2688, 6762A33E-77B4-4BE3-8400-5A0689…)

This is not that lol

No. 1038422

Ugh gross why did you have to post it again. Do you know what an erection is, anon? It's the same fucking dick kek

No. 1038423

Its an old photo from last year. He shaved and pumped a hard on and that makes the other photo fake? I doubt it.

No. 1038424

I’m a woman

No. 1038430

What? You're claiming you dont know what an erection is because you're a woman? Stfu.

No. 1038437

>The awkward moment your head is bigger than your shaft

If that's photoshopped they are really commited to realism, they even bothered to add the mirror grime.

No. 1038439

File: 1600086689052.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.48 KB, 441x318, 20200914_132846.jpg)

Maybe he doesn't know what an erection is because his bee-sting isn't big enough

No. 1038440

File: 1600086866075.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.24 KB, 337x400, 20200914_133506.jpg)

No. 1038442

The amount of degenerate onlyfans thot genitals I've seen on IG kek, if that software actually exists they're doing a terrible job. 90% of the retards slip it in at the end of a boomerang, video, or the stickers glitch out and you get a eyefull. There's a fine line between teasing nudity, and actual nudity, which I highly doubt AI software can differentiate between from personal experience.

No. 1038443

Is he peeing on her? Kek

No. 1038460

We can all agree he has a smaller than avg dick that he likely uses a penis pump on.
I think he's into small penis humiliation. Why else would he post it.

No. 1038465

Every picture that was posted was a bad angle though, distant and him face center and the peeing one was cropped out. Call me a simp for canyon all you want but I’m pretty sure it’s bigger than all you losers

No. 1038470

File: 1600090361832.jpg (10.34 KB, 275x203, 1585357745353.jpg)

>Bigger than all you losers
Your lack of intelligence is showing, again. Firstly, that's not hard since we're women. Secondly be less transparent, you've got to give us more of a challenge here. Thirdly, put your penis pumped baby carrot away. It looks like it's about to fall off.

No. 1038471

File: 1600090403695.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.93 KB, 307x379, 20200914_143231.jpg)

>bad angles
Sure thing kek

No. 1038473

Samefag but I didnt screenshot these from a video, they were all from google images.

No. 1038478

Spoiler this shit you retard

No. 1038480

Losers. You all have tiny dicks and your mad because canyons is bigger and you have to screen cap bad angles to try to look better.(canyon self-posting)

No. 1038481

He's so bothered.

No. 1038484

File: 1600091987077.jpeg (359.77 KB, 1234x1864, 69B2AE41-C1FB-4075-8344-F57A53…)

>>1038481(canyon self-posting)

No. 1038487

No one on this site has a dick

No. 1038491

Nothing he's ever done has been funny kek

No. 1038492

File: 1600092882265.gif (495.78 KB, 250x167, such doubt.gif)

>it will be funny

No. 1038497

What about when he posted his dick?

No. 1038500

File: 1600093285510.jpg (189.66 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20200914_102209.jpg)

>boring content

Says the chud who has no content whatsoever…

No. 1038501

I agree Reeturd's dick, although laughable and grotesque simultaneously, is boring.

No. 1038506

File: 1600093823893.jpeg (38.56 KB, 349x642, 7D654F13-52F0-4AF3-8D57-16F6E9…)

Cumrag when is his caught redhanded selfposting

No. 1038525

File: 1600095311157.gif (4.13 MB, 500x368, mysides.gif)

>Omg can y'all stop defending me on these threads
>Canyon self-posting

No. 1038530

Ugh. What a couple of degenerates. It kind of makes you wonder how two such physically, morally and mentally unattractive people can have developed such huge egos.

No. 1038536

File: 1600096535748.jpg (229.9 KB, 720x1370, 20200914_161424.jpg)

What are you talking about anon, no content? What about these zingers? Some of them are close to 40 whole likes!! Kek

No. 1038545

Jesus Christ, this sausage looks like it was left in the frying pan for far too long; it’s practically burnt to a crisp. It’s not normal to have a pitch-black dick, Canyon. If I were you, I’d seriously ditch the pump and/or get that monstrosity checked out.

No. 1038546

File: 1600097667092.gif (12.15 MB, 541x304, Tesah&Crayon.gif)

Social media culture for sure. Social media fuels the narcissism as "self love", whilst also condoning the car crash that is their existence in the form of attention, and ass pats for their "twauma". They're the kind of people who would've got their 5 minutes of fame on Jerry Springer in the 90s and then faded into irrelevancy. Now everyday is a low budget sequel as they chase that dopamine hit like a hamster on a wheel.

No. 1038549

Soz for samefagging but this is exactly what I'm talking about. Look at his desperate attempts to conjure up witty hot takes that align with mainstream culture. Truly a sad creature.

No. 1038556

File: 1600098240554.jpg (197.55 KB, 720x1179, 20200914_163842.jpg)

Look at these levels of irrelevance- all he does all day is post in Facebook groups for shreads of attention…Unsuccessfully I might add. People find this type of humor so outdated and unfunny. Change it up a bit if you want to be funny, Canyon! For your own good!

No. 1038574

File: 1600099195940.png (34.98 KB, 554x554, images.png)

>People say me and Robert Patingson look identical
>1 like

The rest are 2006-tier normie jokes with a little twitterfag thrown in, the absolute state of this man KEK.

No. 1038601

File: 1600102102152.png (1.37 MB, 1440x1080, Stuck_in_the_Wringer_105.png)


Excuse me Chode where the fuck is this juiciness in other groups. Don't be fucking shy now you ass hat show us then since you wanna brag so much. kek. We see your irrelevance all over Facebook. You're a fraud. You Super Weenie Hut Jr. looking ass.

No. 1038616

File: 1600103774184.jpg (729.04 KB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_09-14-01.04.57~2.jpg)

This is the "juicy" group he's talking about. Just a mixture of people who wanna play with his chode. And people who find him insufferable. The memes are cringe as fuck. Someone cowtipped in this group previously but no real milk in there just some cringy ass pathetic memes.

No. 1038646

File: 1600105752132.jpg (1022.43 KB, 1080x2037, Screenshot_20200914-124952_Ins…)

Saged for possibly not milk but DAE notice that Tesah deleted all her old pictures as a blonde?

No. 1038659

Yeah I saw her mention right after she dyed her hair black that she was "rebranding" whatever the fuck that means

No. 1038669

Anon, it obviously means that she stopped being a blonde MPDG bimbo and now she’s a brunette MPDG ravenous bimbo. Those are two different phases, anon, it’s complex.

No. 1038765

How long does fb keep ur account active… like if I had screenshots of crayon also saying he wanted her account removed would he be able to reactive and find them? What if I blocked it?

No. 1038771

If you have those screenshots, post them here

No. 1038820

It should be fine as long as it's timestamped and the typing style matches up

No. 1038932

File: 1600130968595.jpg (247.17 KB, 711x1049, 20200915_014401.jpg)

Both of them posting baby emojis in their stories to try and pretend/give off the idea that Tesah is pregnant or some shit.
Took the bait just to point out he posted about her period this morning.
Unless he was talking about the other women he's currently fucking, in that case don't mind me.

No. 1038934

For a supposed “troll god” his trolls sure are obvious & weak

No. 1038941


No. 1038950

File: 1600132471151.png (598.89 KB, 1440x2294, Screenshot_2020-09-14-20-53-06…)

@crayon …. would a site for men really have this as a topic/thread? it's literally called "The Pink Pill (Man-Hate #22). NUMBER TWENTY TWO!!!!

22 threads all dedicated for hating on pathetic men. a lot of the women here hate men. men are also banned on site. even fags! i've seen it happen a few times.

No. 1038955

File: 1600133257810.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2075, Screenshot_2020-09-14-21-20-20…)

samefag but i want to make it very clear to this idiot that this an IMAGEBOARD (not chat, you absolute retard) for women & women only.

you'll notice at the top of the site a link simply called "g". this stands for "girl talk". you know; hair, makeup, what dudes you find hot, ideal penis size…. things like that.

its undeniable that this site is for woman and it speaks to your overblown ego that you just cannot accept that, because in your mind every single woman is swooning over you and all the men are jealous. sorry to burst your bubble, but you need to humble yourself. there is a large portion of the female population who'd only need to take one look at you to come to the conclusion that you're a scumbag.

No. 1038985

File: 1600138303761.jpg (175.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200915-125151.jpg)

And I fucking keked again, Crevasse is on a role.

No. 1039055


> it speaks to your overblown ego that you just cannot accept that, because in your mind every single woman is swooning over you and all the men are jealous.

Wow. Crayon really IS the male version of Vicky Shingles.

No. 1039395

Didn't know "growing up" entailed spamming imageboard with pictures of you dick

No. 1039496

File: 1600208150232.jpg (250.87 KB, 1077x1913, 20200915_171535.jpg)

LoL So EdGy EkS DeE

No. 1039497

Sage for no milk but I honestly find it hilarious how much Gulch campaigns for follows - does share for share, is constantly linking to and pimping his relationship with Tesah, is constantly linking to whatever his new FB page is that week and his overall follower account on IG just goes up and down like a teeter totter kek suspiciously much like it would when you pay for followers

No. 1039514

File: 1600209202996.png (633.99 KB, 600x800, woiD5PR.png)

gulch do you know that it's not 2007, no one's impressed by your edgy fb memes and tiny purple weiner. why do weak bitch boys like this have so much unearned confidence? i guess no one bullied him until it was too late

No. 1039554

Anon you've GOT to make an edit of that with Ravine and Rash

No. 1039601

File: 1600224738464.jpeg (58.59 KB, 415x556, C02A2ED5-B38B-410C-990A-F92329…)

I almost feel like she’s trolling sharing this pic of him he actually looks like he has Down syndrome??? Wonder what the sticker was covering

No. 1039618

File: 1600226026768.png (509.86 KB, 600x800, chodespace.png)

No. 1039624

Both of them are poster shits for cringe and retardation.

No. 1039640

oh my god KEK! next thread pic

No. 1039656

File: 1600231819038.gif (821.06 KB, 280x210, BonyBriskGermanshorthairedpoin…)

>If you don't have a dark twisted sense of humour, don't add me. Because I don't want to know you.

Beautiful, anon.

No. 1039661

File: 1600232207493.jpg (661.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200916-145544.jpg)

The ship is beginning to sail kek

No. 1039662

File: 1600232278962.jpg (567.74 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20200915-235528_Ins…)

Sorry I'm an idiot and accidentally deleted the screenshot

No. 1039665

File: 1600233157423.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x2119, 35DA4938-E50C-4E62-92C8-4313FA…)

No. 1039667

File: 1600233188728.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x2160, D9C5AB9C-6E00-4EF3-A436-56EE53…)

No. 1039669

Surprised tesah is ok that canyon is talking to another girl considering he has cheated on his exes before and she’s already shown herself to be a bad girlfriend

No. 1039675

I know she only posted this to negate any pissy feelings from Tesah, but I genuinely can't believe she managed even that. Vicky actually posted another woman. Let that sink in guys.

No. 1039687

What would happen if one of these ppl offed themselves because of this type of bullying… too much for me, im out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1039715

That'll never happen because they thrive on the attention here. You've clearly not read this or the previous threads littered with their many selfposts. Crayon shit talked Tesah whilst trying to make anons sympathise with him. Let that sink in, and hopefully don't return.

No. 1039724

File: 1600244976603.gif (481.53 KB, 500x209, 3D7C23A4-8BF2-4D0B-AE5E-DD42A8…)

No. 1039746

>>1039662 wtf is that spelling? How retarded are these people?

No. 1039771

You're right, anon.
C'mon girls, let's just delete this thread because we're mean to repost all the milky stuff they post/crayon coming into the thread and post his penis(?). Anon is okay with the rest of the cows though.

No. 1039773

So crayon is reigniting his interest in and old flame and Tesah is on board with that? I guess we were wrong all along; Tesah is the cuck kek

No. 1039784

Tesah has been posting for months about wanting a girlfriend, although I imagine it's like a teenager just wanting more attention from boys for being "bi" and isn't actually at all. Who knows though. Maybe this will be their new schtick kek

(In reality Tesah's probably been throwing a shit fit since Vicky popped up in here and this was crayons way to get her to calm her frankentits while also reigniting conversation with Vicky)

No. 1039788

This share for share bologna is hilarious when the person you're asking your following to follow has 20x the amount of followers you do kek

No. 1039795

Is it my crappy phone, or does her left boob look concave in the upper corner?

No. 1039796

She's been engaged to a woman before so she's definitely bi but she also cheated on her with Wig so who knows

No. 1039797

They're giving the thread everything we ask for, this is hilarious! I love how much of an impact we have on their lives that vicky has come back on the scene. They are actually like puppets on a string being manipulated by a group of women on a shitty lolcow page. Top keks

No. 1039842

If you're that fragile that you'd kill yourself over online comments, then maybe you shouldn't share every aspect of your life (including your naked body) on the internet to gain some type of notoriety… Just a thought

No. 1039888

File: 1600273597734.jpg (296.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200917-021857.jpg)

Ignoring the typical moral saviour crap he pulls in nearly every story, I'm interested in the fact he still hasn't learnt the difference between "your" and "you're". Just imagine the level of disadvantage of his and Tesah's theoretical offspring.

No. 1040073

File: 1600296145337.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x1630, F11BA49D-770F-4C77-BBFC-5E7143…)

Emo fags

No. 1040081

File: 1600297437849.jpeg (133.57 KB, 738x887, BF3E2980-49D8-4222-A5AE-0012A0…)

Have any of u seen (or heard) tesahs soundcloud lol

No. 1040099

Dear God I cannot wait to see all these face tattoo idiots in 15 years.

No. 1040129

She sounds like an animal dying when she “sings”

No. 1040155

Obvious selfpost, be more creative (not just the usual 'kek' 'cuck' or 'fag' captions) and maybe one day you'll get away with it.

No. 1040157

File: 1600305892349.jpg (278.24 KB, 720x884, 20200917_022520.jpg)

Good god the related pictures for soundcloud

No. 1040223

File: 1600317413364.jpg (256.02 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20200916-212859_Chr…)

When you go to her actual soundcloud profile, this is the picture that it shows, and then of course right underneath that is a shitty botdf song kek

No. 1040224

Samefag but I'm honestly shocked no one has posted her youtube yet

No. 1040225

No. 1040333

Holy fawking kek at her YT
That said she was only 17 in those videos but the thirst was strong even then

No. 1040526

File: 1600370240086.jpg (644.72 KB, 1079x1922, Screenshot_20200917-141744_Ins…)

Please tell me this cow didn't share her toothbrush with the cat

No. 1040582

File: 1600377972034.jpg (537.09 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20200917_172648.jpg)

Just when you thought Gulch couldn't get any douchier, he starts sporting a twat knot kek

No. 1040601

She unlisted the videos kek

No. 1040653

omg thats fantastic, glad I watched them earlier. The cringe is real

No. 1040656

>virgin jawline
>doughy, soft body

No. 1040657

If anyone wants a proper kek
Our girl Rasha makes a cameo

No. 1040659

File: 1600386406070.jpg (88.09 KB, 1079x435, Screenshot_20200917-174737_You…)

No. 1040674

File: 1600387576294.jpg (352.23 KB, 720x1199, 20200918_010642.jpg)

Take away the filters and photoshop and this is what you're left with

No. 1040694

File: 1600388943235.jpg (441.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200917-202525_Ins…)

What the actual ever living fuck is this autism? Murdered my pussy? I'm fucking dead. God, imagine being so low tier that you'd let his tiny purple mushroom within ten feet of you.

No. 1040700

File: 1600389320861.png (28.96 KB, 984x688, Screen-Shot-2018-11-27-at-11.1…)

It's very this

No. 1040725

WTF? Does she think this sounds sexy? Does he??? I’m trying to imagine asking a guy to “mash potato my guts” with a straight face… and failing miserably.

No. 1040727

If they wanted to be sexy they would speak to each other privately, not broadcast it all over social media. It's just their attempt at bragging, probably in response to everyone here being thoroughly unimpressed by Canyon's dick lmao.

No. 1040729

Today in Tesah's super shallow vagina…

No. 1040732

Mash potato your guts? Girl he can't even potato salad your guts with what he's working with

No. 1040788

I’ll never understand this trend where blonde women let their dark roots grow in. Also, the pink tint is really bothersome.

No. 1040794

I've got her yt videos download kek I figured she would unlist them. How do I post them, I'm having issues with it?

No. 1040795

Convert the videos to webm format and then you can upload them here directly. There's plenty of online format converters.

No. 1040815

HAAAAAAA that was choice, anon.

No. 1040981

Quality farming.

No. 1041020

No. 1041024

NTA but converting to webm takes forever if the video is longer than one minute, can anyone recommend a good converter? Because some don't let you convert for longer than 5 minutes.

No. 1041040

The folder title. Kek

No. 1041085

My god the dancing. If that's how she dances when she strips now it's no wonder she can't hang on to a gig for longer than a week

No. 1041097

File: 1600445077552.jpg (278.74 KB, 1080x1940, 20200918_110538.jpg)

Is that a fucking Hitachi wand?!?

No. 1041102

Why does he have that emo hairstyle?

No. 1041110

File: 1600446447016.webm (3.78 MB, 720x1280, fullblownaids.webm)

His new schtick is being a 30 year old man larping as a teenage Zoomer who's larping as 2008 millennial.

No. 1041112

File: 1600446778645.jpg (1.59 MB, 2400x1800, chunkylover69.jpg)

Samefag >>1041110
I just realised I don't see his fatloss posting here anywhere. What's the bet anons are the reason he's been feeling self conscious?

No. 1041138

File: 1600450153953.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3464x3464, F2DBC1FE-4C9E-47E5-9BA8-23741B…)

>fat girl angles and poses
>zoolander face

No. 1041141

too bad he couldn’t transfer the fat to his tiny peen

No. 1041195

File: 1600456533667.jpg (172.88 KB, 595x1042, 20200918_142325.jpg)

They look so coked out here. That could attribute to crayons sudden weight loss

No. 1041207

Surprised she even posted that picture cause it’s not flattering for either of them

No. 1041213

Even more proof that they probably are fucked up… Didn't most of their major fights happen while she was coked out and drunk? We might be in store for some epic Friday night shit anons kek

No. 1041241

He has the soft face of a 15 year old boy. He's lacking the strong facial features of a man.

No. 1041246

Wtf is wrong with her nose?
>>1041112 also fat loss where? Very easy to hide it when you're laying down and even then it's so obvious how much of a soft body he has. You ain't foolin' no-one, Crayon!

No. 1041262

Her nose has a booty crack

No. 1041292

Good lord this is amazing! Underrated post. Good work, anon

No. 1041387

You got an audible cackle out of me anon.

No. 1041428

Best post I've seen on this thread; I literally laughed out loud…good job anon

No. 1041448

Crayon has the most punchable face I have ever seen

No. 1041456

lmaoo countdown til this shows up on his feed with him trying to pretend he's flattered or thinks it's hilarious ala momokun and the momokunt shirts

No. 1041673

File: 1600530950569.jpg (57.75 KB, 1080x303, Screenshot_20200919_115706.jpg)

From Tesah's Facebook, comment on that most recent pic of her and crayon looking cracked out kek

No. 1041703

File: 1600536831910.jpeg (30.39 KB, 332x443, images (13).jpeg)

I'm dying, Rasha's mutuals are savage.

No. 1041822

File: 1600551301929.jpg (94.36 KB, 1080x588, 20200919_173457.jpg)

No. 1041831

His "edgy content" is shit bait and absolute normie garbage.

No. 1041976

>Pretends to guzzle another man's cum while being cucked by his nonexistent wife
Very funny, many laughs. /s

No. 1042018

File: 1600598148667.jpg (180.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200920-203531.jpg)

Typical horde scum. Regardless of what faction made it, they're certainly a bunch of fags, and it's probably on retail kek.

No. 1042022

Jfc, imagine being a bigger attention whore than your attention whore girlfriend (who happens to be a literal whore).

No. 1042319

Anyone else else seen the thread before it was deleted?
Right around after Tesah got arrested and was fighting with canyon, there qas a thread of other women talking about how canyon scammed/tricked them into recording a selfie video of each girl saying what was supposed to be his merch line he claimed on starting. They even had posted a quick video of each girl and they were trashing on him for manipulating these women. Anyone have that thread or video?(subjectfag)

No. 1042406

File: 1600656857084.jpg (522.65 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20200920-215441_Ins…)

Is it me or is the floor warped behind her

No. 1042418

I’ve said it before but I’m gonna say it again, she looks so much like a “dark” version on Jessie Blush here, it’s crazy. The lips look exactly like Jessie’s after she went crazy with the fillers and the nose is the same too! Same full-on makeup too.

No. 1042451

Only difference: for Trasha it’s photoshop kek

No. 1042514

File: 1600673380412.jpg (225.66 KB, 720x1194, 20200921_083015.jpg)

No. 1042527

He's such a loser.

No. 1042531

I can see now why he covered his face in shitty tattoos…He legit looks like a 50 year old female meth addict

No. 1042537


Innit, that looks like a ‘Karens gone wild’ mugshot.

No. 1042548

hydrocephalus Karen ass motherfucker

No. 1042566

It's official. Canyon has never been attractive, and he's always resembled a fish.

No. 1042592

I died at this comment anon kek

No. 1042677

File: 1600709044966.jpg (71.68 KB, 1080x584, Screenshot_20200921_132438.jpg)

Uh yeah sure… kek

No. 1042702

Classic share/comment/like bait, that's as low as you can get for "viral" content. He must be really desperate.

No. 1042708

He’s already going viral on his new page though..

No. 1042709

File: 1600713172078.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1801, 18A061B1-9038-40AB-BB4B-75898D…)

Every time he starts a new FB he gets big again and again

No. 1042710

He looks like fucking Quasimodo.

No. 1042712

I don’t think canyon is desperate for views I think you’re desperate to try to make it seem like he’s irrelevant. Canyon is LOVE CANYON IS LIFE

No. 1042713

My boy Canyon winning(>posts canyon updates >then whiteknights canyon >HMMM)

No. 1042717

1.7k shares is going viral and getting "bigger and bigger"? Sage for no1curr but my work's Facebook page gets more interaction than this douche

No. 1042718

Prove it

No. 1042723

File: 1600714170713.png (36.74 KB, 180x132, d0a43f21aa558964a4c589249d130e…)

>it's another canyon self-posting episode
This shit's getting old. Mod's need to tag canyon's posts, and canyon needs to up his game by bringing Tesah in, so we can get an in-thread real time slapfight about all the shit he's talked while claiming it was "muh haterz". Now that'd be funny as fuck.

No. 1042728

Since when is 360 likes "going viral"

No. 1042730

The only thing viral about Roseart is him dating Tes.T.D.

No. 1042759

sure, the unsaged unintegrated posting is a dead giveaway, but no amount of integration will hide that the only person who would ever even mildly compliment canyon is canyon himself

No. 1042764

>That redtext

I freaking love the mods and jannis on this board, kek

I really hope the mods redtext all of Canyon and Tesah's posts. It's about time, and we all know they're not going to stop posting

No. 1042773

Viral? Kek
My dog gets more likes and doesn't have to act like a sperg to get them

Also it's pretty obvious that the self posting starts again when he's away from Tesah. She should sit her man child down and explain that his behaviour isn't acceptable just because he's alone.

No. 1042796

Jon and Kate plus 8 had a domestic dispute I see

No. 1042821

What was he convicted of ? Sorry 2 dumb to understand the charge (also 2 foreign)

No. 1042824

File: 1600728089724.jpg (251.62 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20200921_184151.jpg)

Kek he's got like 5 stories dedicated to this pic on IG saying he found it and calling himself a Karen. Now he's stealing our posts and insults

No. 1042826

Break and enter of a car I think

No. 1042828

That's amazing, we really have him under our thumb. Hopefully next he'll cheat on Tesah with Vicky, like we asked.

No. 1042837

File: 1600728949696.jpg (Spoiler Image, 467.58 KB, 720x1185, 20200921_235633.jpg)

Please post this one on your stories next, Crayon!

No. 1042840

Savage! LOL

No. 1042865

File: 1600733185237.jpg (85.74 KB, 720x319, 20200922_010452.jpg)

Vicky attempting to defend Canyons microdick is everything…And no sign of Tesah standing up for him? Guess we know who the favourite is.

No. 1042870

I know some men are growers,notshowers… but this is pathetic

No. 1042879

Vicky seen his dick or been unfortunate enough to get it lmao surprised tesah ok with this didn’t she flip out because he said he came on some other girls face before

No. 1042889

Lol this is the best. Not only does this prove she's seen his dick but she's the one commenting about it, not even his own girlfriend. You can't make this shit up

No. 1042908

lmao at how she's basically admitting he has a small dick by bothering to reassure him about it. Though it is possible she's only mentioning it for male approval points, pickmes love a chance to cape for small dicks.

No. 1042910

I'm fucking LOL-ING at the fact that Vicky's been with Canyon before, evident by the fact she say his dick isn't small even though it is! Damn Canyon, was Vicky a good fuck? She wouldn't know anything about your dick unless she's seen it up close in person, so please spill

No. 1042914

I would say 'poor Tesah' but I'm not about to sympathize with a partner-basher. What a cuckquean.

No. 1042920

I'm just reveling in the milk Crayon keeps delivering. I love that this started as a Tesah board and has evolved to Canyon Cringe (sounds like a wine I'd drink).
Anything this kid posts is milky while you got spooky sad bitch talking about her stripping bruises or her overweight cats

No. 1042930

File: 1600741377247.jpg (400.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200922-122249.jpg)

His content is so dry he's claiming shit posted on this thread. Holy shit this is the saddest thing I've ever witnessed… And obviously Rasha is nowhere near creative enough to make this kek.

No. 1042931

File: 1600741607301.jpg (1.4 MB, 1800x2400, retard1.jpg)

Samefag but we finally broke him

No. 1042932

File: 1600741667446.jpg (1.31 MB, 2250x2250, retard2.jpg)

No. 1042933

File: 1600741694764.jpeg (4.81 KB, 296x170, download (2).jpeg)

Imagine he goes "viral" using lolcow content

No. 1042936

The absolute best part about this is that people googling him will be directed here. Anyone who cared enough, like anyone who would simp either of them could see he's stealing content from a flame board essentially, wow.

No. 1042938

File: 1600742301617.jpeg (22.75 KB, 470x313, Salt.jpeg)

>2011 virgin can't break the law without getting caught. Karan af. 20 lbs underweight. Small dick. Vs 2020 Chad. Can break the law without getting caught. Still small dick though.

If it was anyone else I'd be genuinely surprised this wasn't written by a 14 year old, but because it's Crayola his stupidity does doesn't phase me anymore. Kek at how he only managed to get the last part right.

No. 1042940

File: 1600742617208.jpg (157.74 KB, 1080x884, Screenshot_20200921_224406.jpg)

Someone had to pop in because of the Vicky Shingles chatter from here kek

No. 1042942

The single laugh react on her comment alone just gives it that je ne sais quoi

No. 1042954

literally called it, c'mon crayon boy

No. 1043009

Tesah is the epitome of class…

No. 1043048

File: 1600767705732.jpg (598.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200922-193355.jpg)

Canyon shilling for twitterfag "politics" again because it's mainstream. Being irrelevant, he's gotta get that clout somehow. Everyone in that photo looks extremely lame (I only know of Milo and dude's a creep), but what's equally lame is the retarded laugh sperg laced with an overabundance of emojis. I am embarrassed he felt the need to post this but not surprised.

No. 1043080

You're doing something very wrong if Vicky Shingles is coming across as the classy one

No. 1043087

You beat me to it anon. This is one of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen. Claiming Tesah made that when we all know she doesn't have a creative bone in her body. Ultimate KEK. This shit made my morning.

No. 1043092

She didn’t even say it was big just “thick” lmao

No. 1043103

I can't tell, did he have a stroke?

No. 1043105

Canyon seems very insecure. He's like thefatbombus, posting her ugly before someone can make fun of her. He tries to make fun of himself to lessen the pain of others doing it to him. If he wasn't so cringy and gross he wouldn't me a laughingstock.

No. 1043187

File: 1600796090914.jpg (284.49 KB, 1600x1600, 1600796126009.jpg)

Going back to stripping and drinking every night. This can't end well

No. 1043193

"Auditions." Has this chick ever had a real JOB besides sliding on a pole and showing off those frankentits? And drinking every night? Like that crap has stopped. I didn't get a screenshot, but a night or so ago, she had a story with oysters on ice and in the background you could see a completely empty collins glass. Double shot of something. Anywho, you're correct, this is not going to end well. She will start to have and outside life, and Roseart is going to completely lose it, or go on the road and happen to "bump into" Vicky.

No. 1043232

It’s ya boy Canyon just stopping in to remind you all to stop eating McDonald’s everyday. Okay bye now

No. 1043234

Also fuck the alliance you bubble emo cock suckers

No. 1043235

Oh and go upstairs and tell your mom you love her. Do you realize how much she spends on hot pockets for you?

No. 1043237

Tell your gf that I’m taken. She keeps messaging me

No. 1043240

I’m god

No. 1043241

My socks are still for sale btw

No. 1043244

Before y’all block me for being a super bad ass let me leave you with this… frggggggggg 💨 eat my fart

No. 1043245

How embarrassing.

No. 1043247

All hail Canyon I’m out

No. 1043250

Wait one more thing. How do I do that anime filter thing that everyone is doing?

No. 1043253

Having a breakdown on your lolcow thread. Golden

No. 1043254

Feel like we're in an argument with Cartman, this is so childish and weird. Admin-chans please clear this up

No. 1043255

How do I do the anime filter???!!!

No. 1043257

>27 y.o man acting like this.
Very cringe inducing. Seek help.

No. 1043258

he's got the same dick size as cartman too

No. 1043260

He's just going viral again. Nothing cringy to see here!

No. 1043262

No. 1043265

Thank you! Lol I just wanted to learn how to do the anime filter.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1043273

I think he thinks that the thread has gone too quiet and he's bumping it for more "attention"
Crayon get off your ass and do some fucking work, then maybe your gf might not have to return to the brothels. Also you might actually be able to afford nice things like furniture and decent clothing! Wouldn't that be better than acting like a child on an insignificant forum? You could be a real, functioning adult male- not just an embarrassment to everyone who knows you.

No. 1043278

Holy shitshow Batman. Just qhen I thought you couldn't be any lower on the spectrum. Lmap reading this crap on my break makes my day. Knowing when I go back inside I don't have to take my clothes off to have nasty men throw dollar bills at me. Or regret nasty face tattoos. Just… yikes.

No. 1043279

File: 1600805558010.jpg (166.12 KB, 1080x1745, Screenshot_20200922_221237.jpg)

haha get a job.

No. 1043281

I almost feel sorry for this idiot because it's pretty clear he's very low functioning. I wonder if he has fetal alcohol syndrome? Might explain why his mom used the middle name 'Canyon'

No. 1043284

File: 1600805948740.png (207.6 KB, 324x470, 1*HI4kj-TPAQrfQkAdrw2KTA.png)

No. 1043286

Just wait till this falls through just like her last job. She can't hack it anymore and blames it on her boss wanting to have sex with her. My bet is on her not even finishing her shift tonight because of some kinda dramz

No. 1043290

Guys, don't even respond to it. It makes him more upset when he doesn't the the attention he wants.

No. 1043292

File: 1600806349140.jpg (876.68 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20200922-152621_Ins…)

Well now we know why he was sperging about an anime filter. Wanted to look less like a tweaker

No. 1043295

kek… Didn't he sperg on IG once or in here about how he makes $175,000/year truck driving? What's the matter Crayon, can't afford your own toys?

No. 1043301

Can ya'll stop fucking posting his snapchats and giving him attention?

No. 1043303

Good luck finding one, Ravine.

No. 1043304

It must be so shit for Tesah to be in such a one-sided relationship, whoring herself out and paying for everything. Meanwhile her bf is doing…This? Making a show of them online? It would almost make me feel bad for her.

No. 1043311

He’s so pudgy lol literally no muscle tone whatsoever, he has no pecs, go to the gym fatass

No. 1043318

So is Trasha, without Photoshop she's basically a rectangle with bloated alcohol gut and bolt on tits

No. 1043481

What's it like being retarded?

No. 1043705

File: 1600869275829.jpg (421.42 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20200923_095513.jpg)

So was Tesah's "new stripping job" her going live on OF for 10 minutes last night? It seems that's what she spent all day getting ready for kek

No. 1043746

File: 1600876793638.jpg (409.83 KB, 720x1311, 20200923_165933.jpg)

Translation: Crayon has become too insecure to post his teenie weenie online for everyone to laugh at

No. 1043796

File: 1600881205675.webm (9.66 MB, 720x1280, novelcanyon19.webm)

A previous anon deleted evidence of the virus, but we have a duty to inform the public before it becomes a serious health hazard. 1 like = 1 prayer for Tesah.

No. 1043822

Someone on here outted themselves with Crayon… Good job moron kek cut out any identifying information when you engage with cows in the wild

No. 1043828

File: 1600883117846.jpg (2.58 MB, 1920x3413, PhotoCollage_20200923_13460838…)

Samefag, forgot the ss

No. 1043836

File: 1600883784540.jpg (162.43 KB, 1079x1934, Screenshot_20200923-125606_Ins…)

That's not even what the show does kek WHAT

No. 1043844

File: 1600884376653.jpg (23.82 KB, 600x315, ee25687bdad83ffb2d74923e46d4ad…)


What even is all of this nonsense? Suing? Catfish?

No. 1043846

Someone posted crayons IG stories in here making fun of him, he saw it, noticed her icon on the page she uploaded the story was the same as someone on his followers list I'm assuming (looked like from the screenshot that they've even talked privately before) so he actually called her and recorded it so now he thinks he can find out who she is and sue her for "stalking him 24/7"… Whoever posted the original story that crayon saw and started all this deleted the post

No. 1043849


Absolute gold. I bet this eats at him for weeks. Trying to get Catfish on board and find voice recognition tech. He's such an idiot. Kek

No. 1043859

He obviously doesn't know how catfish works- 9/10 times it's the "catfisher" who applies to be on the show; both parties have to be on board for the show to go ahead. There's no chance some random anon will agree to go on that garbage show anyway

No. 1043928

File: 1600891533886.jpg (443.32 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20200923-150548_Ins…)

You're not the first person to try this Roseart. Maybe you should ask your friend Vicky.

No. 1043933

File: 1600892512310.jpg (2.77 MB, 1920x3413, PhotoCollage_20200923_16224702…)

The comments stopped?? So funny that he thinks he's got an admin to lolcow in his cross hairs from a fake profile kek

No. 1043938

Ah yes, the cops totally take time to investigate being laughed at on internet. Who do these retards think they fucking are???

No. 1043939

They're narcissists, they can't help themselves. Didn't you know the entire world revolves are Crayon's baby dick?

No. 1043947

This is so fucking cringe

No. 1043952

File: 1600893848613.png (107.3 KB, 275x241, 1591942819971.png)

I'm sure admin-chan is shaking in her boots.

No. 1043963

How on earth did he figure out that I'm creepshow art? Pack it up girls, we're done here. He won.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1043972

Much like onision, Crayon is praying that someone with social media relevance (no offense anon) has interest in him. That's why he's claiming admin… because anyone would be better than us lowly peasants.
Dream big, Crayon, dream big!

No. 1043989

"10 of my followers are sharing that voice clip" oh wow, all… 10 you say?
Well anons we can rest assured this site does bother him, clearly. The funniest part of all his shenanigans is him thinking he has this website all figured out too… Yes crayon there's only one mastermind admin here and her whole sole life's mission is to make fun of you by posting content you've made public yourself

No. 1044035

Reeturd's cumdumpster mother should have swallowed that disgusting load from whatever sperm donor was drunk enough to consider her fuckable. Then again we wouldn't have this reeturd to laugh at and realize how bottom of the barrel a scrote can be.

No. 1044065

File: 1600903209721.jpg (238.05 KB, 1080x1937, 20200923_182013.jpg)

This is bordering on Shay-tier cringe

No. 1044071

do you think he actually believes the bs about the one mastermind or is he just trying to safe face?

it's so funny too since he"s just a snowflake with an okay-ish thread not even for him but his stripper gf on here and nothing worth writing home about and he pretends like entire LC is just about him.

No. 1044078

He’s trying to be Ronnie Radke so bad

No. 1044085

Is Purple Crayon even working right now? Seems to be dicking around on socials a lot and wringing his hands about Tesah's sex work like they depend on it. Just sus.

No. 1044096

File: 1600907375461.jpeg (237.61 KB, 1242x1026, 667D2BAB-9F9D-45C7-8E44-CC96F1…)

It looks like he’s archived all his posts and deleted his stories. Good.

No. 1044111

Creepshow, make a video on him and Trasha, it’d honestly be interesting on your channel

No. 1044139

File: 1600911258682.jpeg (88.92 KB, 1050x679, D764CA6E-A3C6-4F22-881B-330FC5…)

Kek, what a retard.

No. 1044180

>She has conversation with herself
Aside from the deluded narrative Admin-Sama is behind this thread, he knows perfectly well farmhands hand out bans for samefagging. I think making up grandiose lies is the only way he can cope with not being loved by every single human on the planet.

No. 1044183

I wish we could go back to the before times when his life didn’t revolve around this thread. I bet Tesah’s still getting blackout drunk and beating him every night, but they probably won’t ever post about it again now that they have to “flex” on us anons, who are all McDonald’s eating basement-dwelling men or one (1) single woman.

No. 1044195

File: 1600919093206.gif (498.8 KB, 387x305, f4d.gif)

Those were truely magical times anon

No. 1044198

If you really are Creepshow, I fucking hate your voice. Stop making videos

No. 1044202

For… fucking…real. I thought it was just me. How some ppl get YT famous is beyond me

No. 1044212

I'm glad we all hate creepshow's voice kek. But I doubt it's actually her, Crayon just wants to act like someone "relevant" is "stalking" him.

No. 1044255

Consequences will never be the same

No. 1044281

Who is she? Just checked out her videos and she ha major fat girl voice

No. 1044293

File: 1600939244487.jpeg (496.47 KB, 828x822, 1AA15ED1-9DC2-47E4-8F77-9E164A…)

Nvm, I was right

No. 1044300

KEK this is the first time i see her face and it matches her voice perfectly

No. 1044324

File: 1600945100446.jpg (161.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200924-205913.jpg)

And so it begins… again

No. 1044329

I think Tesah went back stripping last night- what are the chances she got drunk at work and started acting out again

No. 1044336

No online posted blow up? I smell bullshit.

No. 1044347


And to think this all happened in less than 24 hours. The milk never tasted sweeter. But truly, I wonder why after being "so happy," he is single again. Make Tesah go back to Chicity and strip for pennies.

No. 1044356

This irrelevant retard will finally stop shitting up the thread with his useless self-posting and sperging.

No. 1044358

They ate both so public and needy for attention for everything, yet they had a break up fight completely offline? This seems like some kind of set up. Some kind of moronic "ha ha you internet losers believed us" kind of shit. It's a retarded idea, bit way more up their alley than to actually not attention whore every aspect of their lives.

No. 1044365


I wish I got more ss's but for realllll. It's probably him doing all of this just for more attention. It's so hilarious.


Agreed. He deleted his content, ans Tesah completely deleted her profile. We all know that won't last long though.

No. 1044366

His body is so flabby. Not an ounce of muscle. You can tell he puts in zero effort. Looks like he can't even lift a gallon of milk. If he got a job, he would be in better shape.
He's pussy repellent.

No. 1044367


All he knows how to do is drive because he has his CdL. Of course he's going to be pudgy. All he's doing is eating Popeye's and snifffing coke.

No. 1044379

Tesah's already back on Facebook.. no new posts but her profile is back. That must be a new record. Why even deactivate in the first place?

No. 1044380


My bad. It's her IG thats no where to be found. Just a backup account.

No. 1044381

You were right tho, her FB was gone this morning but now it's back. Her IG is still there too but just wiped of all content but I'm never 100% sure because both of them seem to block and unblock my burner accounts on the regular kek

No. 1044402

File: 1600958824417.jpg (1003.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200925-004449.jpg)

Following a bunch of retarded lip syncing over two stories to a song about "saying shit to my face and I'll kick your butt" Crayon posted this.

No. 1044405

Holy fuck does he live on this thread?

No. 1044406

Wow.. tesah really outdid herself with this one, I just spit my drink and scared my dog from this near death-experience-level kek https://m.soundcloud.com/tesahv-1/nyan-cat-cover

No. 1044408

File: 1600959298998.jpg (206.46 KB, 1080x1401, Screenshot_20200924-075232_Chr…)

Samefag because I meant to attach this photo

No. 1044410

I didn't listen to the whole thing but I kekked when I fast forwarded to the end, she wasn't even saying "meow" anymore, just "muhmuhmuhmuhmuh"

No. 1044411

Damn son, after all the drama and public freakouts with these two we get no milk from this last breakup? C'mon mannnn, the drama is all you two were good for

No. 1044412


Holy fuck same here. Huge oof. But anon, it literally says in the rules to just copy and delete and then repost.

No. 1044413

Her fb is back with relationship status still up linking to his fb which is also back up, her insta still down and canyon saying nothing. What’s our theories, feel that 1) it’s fake 2) Vicky made tesah paro it is talking to canyon or 3) tesah stripping again made canyon flip out

No. 1044414

He may. He did cover up his soft, definitionless body.

No. 1044415

I noticed that too but I think it's because his profile is now back too. He had it deactivated as well and her profile just said "in a relationship" but didn't link to him because his page wasn't up, now that he's back it's gone back to linking them both… But I've not ruled out this being some lame prank on us

No. 1044416


Samefag, but these imbeciles will be back together before we know it. Not until Ravine promises his Dad they won't get back together. Tesah made a new Daddy to make out with at her new strip club until she gets kicked for being a face-tattooed retard.

No. 1044431

So, uh, anyone want to start a pool on when she goes back to fuck Wig?

No. 1044439

File: 1600962234884.jpeg (31.16 KB, 512x288, disappoint.jpeg)

Why would anyone cover this KEK? I can't think of a single benefit except for if she wanted to seem "so random XD"?

No. 1044488

sorry to ask such a basic q but what is tesahs age again?

No. 1044494

File: 1600968214674.png (2.57 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200924-122432.png)

No. 1044496

I will give this 24 hours kek

No. 1044499

She is 24 I believe.

No. 1044501

This was already posted and discussed today. Get caught up.

No. 1044502

File: 1600968767308.jpg (177.39 KB, 1080x1760, Screenshot_20200924_133204.jpg)

She's baaaack… Can't make them dolla dolla bills without a platform to pimp herself on

No. 1044513

Lmao how would they break up anyway? First of all, they rent together. Their living space looks like any other 'luxury' apartment rental in Raleigh, and it seems like neither of them have employment stable enough to support a place independently for themselves. If Crayon buys a new toy, then doubly so. He's so torn up about her sex work but knows that's the only way the useless bitch can make any income otherwise.
Tesah ain't gonna leave his ass until she secures another cuck bf who suits her aesthetic and doesn't care about her sex work. Not to mention she couldn't get her own place because OF isn't proof of income and neither is stripping.
Losers. Imagine exaggerating a fake breakup for attention as if they wouldn't be at each other's throats when that's their typical default.
When they're civil, they're bullshitting.

No. 1044526

You raise some excellent points, anon. I didn't think about how a breakup isn't even feasible in their current living situation. They're both so toxic but literally can't even leave each other because they'd both be fucked.

No. 1044532

File: 1600972136219.jpeg (259.5 KB, 1564x1564, 5542D160-CE5A-4A45-9ABC-1089EA…)

thank you! I thought she was 23. anyways, here’s a comparison pic

No. 1044538


Don't forget about their brand new cat, Ouiji. Probably gonna go straight to a pound. Ugh. I wish I knew someone in Raleigh to go adopt that poor thing.

No. 1044540

spoiler that shit

No. 1044542

File: 1600973000406.jpeg (209.26 KB, 1564x1564, 02CD4707-5625-43FC-BA9A-3440B1…)

last one

No. 1044543

File: 1600973068337.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 210.54 KB, 1564x1564, C8240D0A-57A2-4702-A1D1-25D62A…)

spoilered as requested.

No. 1044544


That first picture is horrifying. Thank you for the nightmare fuel.

No. 1044548


Crayon, knock your shit off just because Tesah is doing better than you and probably now has a dude without a roseart dick. Living on this forum. Jesus.

No. 1044556

It's like if slender man got a botched tit job kek!

No. 1044557

fuck that, this is what we've been waiting for. please selfpost everything that'll drag your trashy ex gf into the ground, crayon boy, give us something actually worth laughing at

No. 1044566

it’s actually not canyon, I just think its funny how much gd makeup/extensions/fancy lingerie/facetune this girl has to wear/do to be considered attractive and i dont like when girls who dont know any better feel like shit about themselves bc of these photoshopped ethots. they can come here and see the truth of it.

No. 1044605

File: 1600978201443.jpg (2.98 MB, 1920x3413, PhotoCollage_20200924_16094042…)

Ravine has a new video up (top screenshot) about how he can't reply to all the messages he gets because he has arthritis in his hands and can't type that much… I guess he forgot about these recent posts. Dude spergs novels on the regular and then uses this as an excuse not to reply to "his fans". Clearly just an attempt to show off how many people message him. The desperation reaks.

No. 1044608

Smoke and mirrors. I'll believe they broke up when one of em moves out.

No. 1044657

The way he keeps breaking up with her, posting about being single and then getting back with Tesah must be such a mindfuck for her. No wonder the girl is a mess, she doesn't know where she stands because Crayon is too fucking braindead to ever make his mind up.
Their relationship seems like they're constantly walking on eggshells around eachother.
It'd legitimately hate to be them; their lives/relationship seems dull but so exhausting.

No. 1044662

Dude, no doxxing. Making fun of them is fine but this shit is wack

No. 1044663

Delete that shit, retard.

No. 1044665

Sorry didn't know

No. 1044666

What did I miss

No. 1044676

Newfag posted Crayon and Tesah's address which even had their apartment number listed

No. 1044678

You know canyon is going to sperg about this now but now his sperg will be justified

No. 1044680

Tbh tesah has lost so much dating crayon like before she met him she maybe was lonely but she was successful, wealthy (she’s regularly post stacks), no reputation as a psycho girlfriend, had TWO cats lmao (rip legend), IG with over 100k, had regulars/consistent strip job nd had friends. Starts dating him and her IG is gone (by him), stops having friends and moves state, exposes herself as nuts and ends up with shitty face tattoos and she’s constantly picked up and dropped by him and gaslight as a psycho

No. 1044683

I missed the post but I’d say he posted it to give him a reason to “sue” no other anons have ever pulled up their addresses and I don’t think it’s easy to find information

No. 1044684

If that's true (and I wouldn't put it past him) that's fucked up shit because he's on the road and she's home alone

No. 1044686

Tesah lost her car assaulting canyon and running out of his truck wasted and he ran off. You must of missed the whole breakdown that day.

No. 1044687

I hate using this word, but Crayon is toxic to his core and I completely agree that he's ruined Tesah's life. She's completely in denial about how much of a garbage boyfriend/person he is.

No. 1044689

I sense a tesah self post

No. 1044690


Yes, because posting stacks as being a no name stripper who can't keep a job and blames her managers is really making it. Really high aspirations bub.

No. 1044691

I don't think she has that much self awareness to realize all that

No. 1044692

Sense harder. Crayon showing his true colors is painting Tesah in a more sympathetic light for me.

No. 1044694

Than you clearly haven’t seen the breakdown videos and screenshot texts between them both. Might need to do more research retard. Crayon is toxic but tesah is the final boss of toxic

No. 1044696

Calm down, there's no need for name-calling.
You can think what you want, I couldn't give the slightest fuck. I've been here since the garbagecore tesah/Fallon days and I've seen all the evidence. In my eyes Crayon is far more malicious and vitriolic.
Sorry if my opinion pisses you off (I'm not sorry at all kek)

No. 1044697

It doesn’t anon but don’t be blind to the obvious. Canyon is a narcissist psychotic attention lord. But that doesn’t excuse trasha’s behavior by the slightest

No. 1044701

File: 1600985009331.jpg (266.75 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20200924_180427.jpg)

He really does just live rent free on this board

No. 1044702

Oh don't get me wrong…I completely agree that Tesah is a shitty person and her behaviour can be appalling. I do think that there's only so much emotional blackmail (ie. "IM SINGLE AGAIN EVERYONE- for the 100th time") I can watch someone go through before I start to sympathise.

No. 1044704

A dumbass anon posted their address. This is the only time I sympathize with crayon. We get all these newfags that don’t read the no doxing rule

No. 1044713

I get it but I was just commenting on the fact that you know he's just on here 24/7 furiously refreshing the page for updates

No. 1044714

Anon, it was obviously posted by the chump himself. Sadsack needs attention.

No. 1044718

Maybe if he wasn't constantly spamming his stories with lolcow shit we wouldnt be getting so many newfags. He's inviting some of this shit upon himself

No. 1044722

Probably. On top of that, his family home is literally the third result when you google his name, so it’s not like anyone has to “stalk” to find out everything about him.

No. 1044736

Tesahs Photoshop skills is really bad she could've done better

No. 1044761

I seriously wouldn't put it past Tesah and Canyon to have posted it themselves and even if they didn't, good luck arguing about it, Canyon. LC has extremely strict rules against doxxing, there's nothing you can go after them for, especially after the amount of times you've come here posting dick pics and acting like an asshat.

No. 1044763

File: 1600988729254.jpg (76.53 KB, 569x1036, 20200924_184252.jpg)

Tesah posted this video last night. Looks like she started her new stripping job and crayon went nuts

No. 1044772

Maybe she got high on coke. I've seen her admit using before. Does he? I seem to recall humble bragging about recovering from addiction

No. 1044776

Actually if u followed tesah prior to crayon she worked in the same bar always. When canyon started dating her they would usually have terrible fights every time she worked, she then asked the manager if she could just work on the bar I believe judging by the text screenshot shared of her saying she’d work in the bar if crayon came back, they had a fight after that anyway and then she quit and then crayon posted that her bar was toxic which I think was just him trying to make it look like he saved her rather than made her quit her job

Tbh I honestly think filming someone with mental illness having a break down and posting it online as proof of their character is even more toxic lmao like she wasn’t some Karen freaking out in a Walmart she was his gf and he shouldn’t have done that??

No. 1044780

She lied to the police and the internet about him hitting her and posted their personal conversations online BEFORE he posted those videos. He tried to get out before but cucked himself back in. She would threaten suicide every time he tried to leave. You say you been here a while but you forgot all the key points on this toxic relationship and your simping for trasha isn’t going to fly here. Admins ban

No. 1044782

Yeah, him filming her vulnerable breakdown grated on me. I don’t think Tesah is blameless, but posting that was just a way for him to look good and gain attention. I feel like throughout all this at least Tesah has owned up to her mistakes. Crayon accused Tesah of cheating on him, and then later admitted that she didn’t. He’s also posted some fucking mean stuff about her on his Facebook, while she never has about him.

No. 1044784

No I agree Canyon is an attention seeking scumbag but every time he posted about her it was responding to her attacks on him via social media. He just won each one because he had actual evidence. Do I think canyon is also to blame yes. They are both toxic beyond understanding and I’ll leave it at that

No. 1044786

You need to chill, you're getting waaay too worked up over this.

No. 1044790

You’re saying more than I am anon

No. 1044794

No I'm not part of whatever retarded argument you're having with the other anons, just butting in to tell you you're coming across as a spastic and you need to chill

No. 1044797

Me or the tesah simp? Because this person has strangely been defending tesah this whole time

No. 1044802

-It's obviously more than one person saying they feel (sort of) bad for Tesah.
-Calling for bans because you disagree with some of the points being made is retarded.
-nobody is simping, everyone has agreed that Tesah is garbage but some anons think Crayon is worse.
-learn to Sage when you don't have milk.

No. 1044803

why are you guys obsessed with some internet personality? like i’m curious. especially since some of you are girls, do y’all do anything productive or are you guys just hateful people? sad thing is, you’re probably all liberals who preach about eaquality alll day but then take cyber stalking to a WHOLE new level. like just think about it. that’s some hateful ass shit that you guys go out of your way to do everyday. hypocritical as fuckkkk(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1044805

Tinfoil: He posted his own doxx.
Who would even have his address anyway? They don't have friends lmao.

No. 1044810

>internet personality

Because it's fun. Making fun of people who act like retards online is fun…Even more so when it's in a group.

You don't know how many people are on this board and how often they post so calling people obsessed is pointless.
If Crayon would stop spamming the thread then it wouldn't get bumped and then the thread wouldnt get much attention at all…
But he couldn't possibly let that happen.

No. 1044811

you can guess all you'd like about what anons do all day but you'll never know. Hopr it feels better to assume we're desperate losers. Canyon is def the worst of the two

No. 1044813

>muh white knight discourse
Fuck off. But also.
>Internet personality
Kek, they wished they were as relevant as that label makes them think they are.
But again, fuck off.

No. 1044831

I thought you guys were exaggerating but that is pathetically small oh my lord

btw newish to the thread

No. 1044849

“Internet personality”, crayon.. please don’t make me laugh kek. The only one obsessed with this thread is you! So gtfo this page and start doing shit that actually contributes to your miserable life

No. 1044973

I find this guy so amusing and funny because he is so retared.

Goes out of his way again and again to read tea on himself/self post about himself and how great he is - on a known gossip site filled with girls (not 40 year old jealous bro’s, sorry my boy) , and has the audacity to claim he’s the victim of bullying

going out of his way to harass people on Instagram. What he did is harassing., he DM this girl then posted stories about sending tv crews (cats fish) and cops ? I call bluffs tho.

Posting a opinion on a website (the girl) is not harassment. Sorry to break it to you.

Like my dood I thought you were a edge lord or whatever ? Troll god ? Idek reading this thread has been a wild ride

also your penis is super small and I’m super happy that your insecure about it. You really should be… sorry for my rant hahahaha

No. 1044974

He definitely posted his own address to say he’s been doxxed. How would someone just know that, I feel like a huge amount of this thread is self posting

No. 1044983

Canyon, you only have 5,000 followers, and Tesah only has 13,000. You’re not “internet personalities” by any stretch of the imagination. I had never even heard of either of you until this thread popped up.

No. 1045109

I had heard of Tessah, crayon didn’t even register as a person until after she went fuckin crazy on him the second or third time.

No. 1045208

He had to have, honestly. Imagine doxxing a cow and coming back to say >>1044665
If I was that stupid I would just not say anything. Because this is an anonymous board and I wouldn’t have to fess up unless I wanted the attention… which sounds kind of familiar

No. 1045262

Here we go they are following eachother again on insta lmao(imageboard)

No. 1045310

Why did you bump the thread? I'm side eyeing you. No one cares about that.

No. 1045311

And they never changed their relationship status on FB, we already surmised this was a lameo ploy for attention but thanks for bumping the thread Crayon

No. 1045319

File: 1601073833434.jpg (294.06 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20200925_184403.jpg)

Samefag but look what pic is now visible again on Tesah's profile… You know why there was no Cops level blowout with this "breakup" anons? Because it never happened kek

No. 1045334

Imagine going along with this to appease your baby dick bf? Are we still in highschool? Hey Tesah just remember, if you give a dude a blowie at work tonight, film it for your cuck "bi" daddy would ya?

No. 1045386

No one bumped the fucking thread retard. I don't stalk them on Facebook. Not everyone on here is canyon cuck. If you don't want people fucking posting don't make it fucking public. Fucking neets.

No. 1045387

Also if no one cares don't react retard

No. 1045405

You know, every time you dont sage, it bumps the thread? Meaning all of the posts with green anonymous. Aka you keep bumping the thread you fucking dumbass

No. 1045410

Get a hobby faggot instead of monitoring what everyone posts

No. 1045414

stop bumping the thread and it wouldn't be the most recent posted thing on this forum to everyone to see maybe? You're forcing everyone to monitor it. You're seriously dumber than rocks please stop talking

No. 1045415

>retard doesn’t know how to sage
Kek, smells like crayons.

No. 1045421

LMAO says the retard using the words saging and samefag. College illiterate retards. Go suck some chodes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1045426

Wow your IQ must be so much better than mine. Look at you using huge words like "chode". I take back everything I said, i aspire to be just like you. Thanks for opening my eyes

No. 1045428

I don't…are you drunk? That sentence didn't even make sense, so I'm not even going to assume you're retarded (like 99% of people already think you are), I'm just going to assume you're off your rocker on alcohol or drugs. As another anon said, if you would Sage, the thread wouldn't be bumped.

No. 1045431

SAGE IS FUCKING LINGO YOU MADE UP YOU FUCKING DEGENERATE. Everyone that argues with you must be on drugs tho right?? Easy way out of an argument. Come at me when you have better insults. I'm laughing at how delayed you are. Fucking autist.(genuine retard)

No. 1045450

1) hope you don't have a headache from stringing together these full sentences
2) you yourself are assimilating some image board culture - "autist"
3) it's always entertaining how your word use is just a bit off like a big brain high school dropout - "delayed"
4) you are such a dumbass, "sage" and "samefag" were around on boards far before the dawn of lolcow. noone here made them up. they are necessary on image boards, specific vocabulary to describe the saging action or a repeat poster.
5) hate to break it to you but dating a stripper, getting in public domestic violence disputes, posting your dick online, and pining for attention from crusty facebook groups makes you the degenerate here

No. 1045467

Calling a board of people degenerate when y'all sell your musty amateur porn for what the local bum makes on the corner in an hour. Sound logic. I'm sure the pole your face tatted drug skank grinds her punched lasagna on requires a degree. Stick her in your cab and the rest of your fellow long haul drivers wont even wanna touch her lot lizard lookin ass. Ah yes, the jealousy. Cheers to every single person that ain't like these two, you're doing great and deserve all the things these people will never have; namely, stability and success.

No. 1045473

> hope you don't have a headache from stringing together these full sentences
>punched lasagna

I'm losing my fucking mind, I love the anons itt

I mean, it's not lingo we made up, it's a necessary action being used on imageboards since the dawn of autism. I would figure since you hate this thread so much you would make every attempt possible to keep it from being bumped, including, you know…………saging. That's just me an my delayed autist brain though.

No. 1045489

File: 1601099154618.jpg (357.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200926-154218.jpg)

If you're going to dox yourself again but this time whilst on the move, let us know when you travel through the
G r a n d C a n y o n

No. 1045528

Lasagnanon here, glad u liked that lol. No disrespect to lasagna, even if its sloppy it doesnt deserve to be compared to Messah. I apologize to that tasty dish.

Honestly tho why do they bother coming here? Are they just trying to make people annoyed and alog them so they can cry victim/call the cyber police? Or is any attention good attention? Maybe it's a weird way of using his cuckold fetish? The fuck are they trying to prove other than them being spare fucking parts? Spergs never make sense but goddamn.

No. 1045560

Damn I missed the retard sperging in here again last night. Buddy seriously can't grasp how an image board works can be? Thinks saging is made up bullshit? I'm dying. Here's something that'll really blow your autist pea brain, Crayon - click 'catalog' at the end of the page to see all the other cows we discuss here. Yeah, this site isn't just devoted to you, can you believe it?

No. 1045562

And thus every time you come here to drunkenly sperg and don't sage your posts, you're bumped to the top of the catalog pile you retard

No. 1045570

He knows, it's obviously on purpose because this is the only place he gets a scrap of attention. His facebook and Instagram posts are all bombing, I'm honestly embarrassed for him.
What's the point when he can't make money from it? That's why he was always attempting to go viral elsewhere. I can see the point when cash was involved but now it's weird and sad. He can't handle his growing irrelevance so he bumps the board to make himself feel more important.
It's ok, Crayon, at least you've got your…Health?

No. 1045576

>He knows, it's obviously on purpose because this is the only place he gets a scrap of attention.
Can't we just ignore his obvious posts and just shit talk him to each other. Don't give his flabby ass any air.

No. 1045608

Nah dude had Covid, he's damaged goods now. It's time we take out the back of the barn and put him out of his misery. It's what merciful farmers do.

I'm being sarcastic ofc

No. 1045610

I agree, this thread is starting to get dull anyway, I enjoyed it more when they outraged on Instagram

No. 1045612

Didn't he need his gallbladder out like a month ago and then just stopped talking about it all of a sudden? Maybe he's a soon-to-be munchie too, anything for that sweet sweet attention

No. 1045625

Yeah, she definitely started it…I remember from Garbagecore that she tried to get backstage at a BOTDF show and assault Fallon

No. 1045626

Constantly gaslighting his girlfriend and claiming random bullshit illnesses. He's the worst kind of munchausen's attention seeker.

No. 1045636

We get it creepshow art you want crayon dead kek always posting a new comment (no response) in the thread saying the same thing. I’m sorry you were too retarded to take a proper screen recording that didn’t show your profile ending in crayon’s illiterate ass to catch you