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File: 1597823019880.jpg (120.93 KB, 724x752, 1596979999921.jpg)

No. 1025627

The 11th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.


No. 1025630

previous thread

No. 1025746

No. 1025948

Why did she trace it? It looked better before …

No. 1026038

I just brought my first set of copics and ended up watching her video on 'most used copics'or something. It was awful glad I clicked away(blog)

No. 1026082

I just can't imagine that those cat paintings will look good in the end. At least those poor oil paints will finally be used a bit.
She's quite cutting it close with the advent calendar. Does she never get annoyed at herself and how she has to rush things all the time?

No. 1026088

The thing I don't understand is that she knows this is a weak point, that she struggles with realism and finding the likeness. So why do it as a present? Why not support another artist and commission someone who knows they're doing and can do the piece right?

No. 1026104

She thinks she soo funny with those stupid, ugly glasses. She looks like an old lady. Cone on she can do better than this…

No. 1026129

This girl needs to buy some clothes that fit. Looking at how tight some of her sweaters and jackets are makes me break out in a sweat. How the hell does her skin breath? I can imagine that she's a L to XL. Those sizes are everywhere and not difficult to find in the style she likes.

No. 1026162


What was with the looking over the rim of her glasses thing?

No. 1026183

So she can show off her big ol bug eyes.

No. 1026234

and her dry ass forehead lines

No. 1026572

The glasses thing doesn’t even make sense. She’s looking at her fingernails, not her drawing.

No. 1026834

Its something she was doing in the video. She would pull them down, make that stupid face, and cut to whatever she was looking at

No. 1026917

She needs to stop buying shitty over priced Disney dolls for 5 minutes and go see a dermatologist, that shit looks painful and I’m cringing more than usual at her videos. How can a grown ass adult have zero motivation to take basic care of themselves?

No. 1026962

So, is she just going to let her eyebrows fade, or what? They’re so discoloured and gross. Can’t stand that the original brow shows through.

No. 1027098

No. 1027099

I think she mentioned in a vlog that she doesn’t like how the shape looks, so she might be letting them fade drastically before redoing them.

No. 1027100


that ben shapiro joke… we finally found something she's worse at than art. comedy.

No. 1027156

Didn't she have a projector? She used one last year for that bakery painting, why would she print the sketch out instead of just projecting it on?

No. 1027163


Artistry: 0%
Fashion sense: 0%
Social skills: 0%
Humor: 0%
Cooking skills: 0%

She created an echo chamber for herself and people who are just as much of a loser as she is and the only smart move she's made is to hang on tight to her loser community who will shove money up her ass for everything she does. That joke she's heard somewhere and couldn't wait to tell: look who is throwing with stones sitting inside a glasshouse. Yikes

No. 1027206

She does not use the correct brushes, right?
I feel like these brushes she used for the oil paints are more for acrylics?

No. 1027220

holy shit
she'll never grow up. The sponge bob shit is cute if you are 10, not 30. Yes being petty about it, none of that shit is cute for an adult. The way she collects dolls, toys, latches onto childhood favorites to an extreme gives me the vibe she didn't always get what she wanted and now with her own money she can revert to a child like state of mind with all her fun toys.

The crazy amount of oil paints of varying colors. It's crazy, I am convinced she thinks that the more art supplies she has, it means she is a better artist.

Her annoying silly/baby voice

I get it's summer time but holy shit that bitch is leaking sweat! Girl needs to carry a towel to dry herself.

she has clean looking teeth.

She is proud of accomplishing so little work in regards to her art. Finish the background colors and she is exhausted. She should be able to finish at least half of one if she really sat down and tried.

they look like acrylic brushes. Go into an art store, not michaels, but an actual art store and go ask the employees is too much for Baylee, she is the expert after all/s

No. 1027230

I really hope Baylee mentions Susan Herbert. She was a painter famous for her cat paintings, but specifically the book: The Cats Gallery of Art. Recreating famous paintings and turning them into cats. It's basically what Baylee is doing ( I didnt watch her latest vid so I dont know if she mentions her or not)

No. 1027377

Nevermind the weird painting, she looks so rough. She looks like she has packed on a lot of weight

No. 1027378

File: 1598147585839.jpg (591.38 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_20200822-184612_Gal…)

honestly she should have either commissioned a capable artist or done one of her usual small copic drawings that her brother would be able to frame in a more low-key way because who is going to want to hang this in their house? Shes putting those wonky cats on big ass canvas that they'll have to display. He'll be obligated because he's her brother, but I wonder how his fiancé will truly feel about it. No way she'll be excited to hang these in her house.

No. 1027417


You'll never know. Let's see how she's doing. At least it's some art for a change. The only thing that bugs me is that she's doing a brown background when her subjects are mostly brown/ reddish too. Would have chosen some bluish grey for the background to make the cats pop more. (Also for an underpainting she's going in way to dark imho. But I'm not an oil expert.)

No. 1027833

I think this is actually a cute idea and might come out nice. But where would this even be hung up? It'll probably go in a closet or something.

No. 1027836

That's exactly the point. Where would you even hang this?
>>1027378 is right. She should have done this as one of her small copic illustrations and gifted it that way. Then it would just be a cute, unobtrusive gift that they can do what they want with. Instead they're on huge canvases that her brother and his wife will have to make part of their home decor.

No. 1027951

She paints like an Instagram artist, like she doesn’t actually KNOW how to use oils and just goes “it’s just MUH STYLE” and it really annoys me seeing people paint this way as a painter and seeing better painters on YouTube all the time. Just look at pros on YT like Proko or James gurney, you have to tone the canvas with one color usually which is a way to achieve color harmony but she is painting this one and the other oil painting she did like she’s coloring like a coloring book, not like using the paints to pretty much sculpt the subject into the painting. Plus it’s so slow and so unproductive to paint with small brushes on a large painting like this, she should be using larger bristled brushes and more thinners or at least practice more, cuz she’s done like what one painting a year? And never does any of the prep work other artists do to save time.

Lmao you’re giving her too much credit to think she did anything other than google “cat portraits in costume” or like seeing a Facebook ad for those businesses that poorly photoshop the head of a pet onto a stock photo and print it on canvas. She doesn’t know any other artists other than like Disney or ghibli or spongebob, her visual library is empty and she has no incentive to fill it.

He’s probably gonna closet or throw it away when he gets it, plus isn’t she on a deadline for it? Oils take ages to dry and she would be better off doing it as the shitty copic drawing then like shipping this thing for a stupid amount of money

No. 1027966

Wtf are the point things on its forehead? Are they horns?? Eyebrows??

No. 1027973

File: 1598252473674.jpg (68.15 KB, 442x400, Mackerel-Tabby-cat~2.jpg)

I think she's marking out the stripes that tabby cats have on their foreheads.

No. 1027987

That bothers me too. She has so many resources available and doesn't make use of it. She says how much she loves oil painting for years now but she never mentioned a single artist that does oil painting. She never mentioned a youtube channel she likes to follow and learn from and she has never been to an art museum/gallery. She liked art yes but just never had a passion for it.

I mean even with Disney, how many artists that worked there does she know of? She doesn't even really seem to be that much into their animation stuff, she just likes to buy the merch.

No. 1027989

The two canvases are so big, and did she actually take their home decor into consideration? The paintings are going to be rather dark, with mainly browns and reds, does that fit into her brothers home? Just because Baylee throws everything together to a mess, doesn't mean everyone wants that.

With this said, I do think it's kinda a nice idea and it's nice that she puts some work into this. I still think she either should've thought through this idea better, or simply hired a company to do it.

No. 1028005

I think to her, it’s very much about the end product, not so much the creators.

No. 1028984

That’s one of her biggest follys tbh. Most artists and especially pro artists use a ton of references and influences to inform their art because they’ve built up their visual library to inform their work. She has this really beginner artist POV where she believes and shows that she can make everything up out of her mind but it shows with her drawing skills being super weak, especially in anatomy and composition.

Honestly she could totally make a very interesting series where she learns how to become a better artist since she was trained as an animator and not a fine artist or illustrator however she just really used all the videos she made on main about not liking her art just to whine and get sympathy rather than learning and growing as a person. she just went back to doing the same old stuff cuz she’s so lazy and it was easier

No. 1029072


oh i forgot about this. her improvement series really crashed and burned, huh? she really thinks her tween/teen fans are going to be around buying her garbage art forever.

No. 1029091

Does anyone know if she did well at cons? I know some people make bank there, wondering if she did with her art. Also I vaguely remember her talking about she wasn’t supposed to make money in the USA as a Canadian citizen or something, but she did? Anyone know what I’m talking about?

No. 1029230

File: 1598469637199.jpg (702.55 KB, 828x1149, IMG_5786.jpg)

I'm fairly certain her true inspiration is from this Build-a-Bear ad that's been running on Facebook for the past couple of weeks. It seems too different from Susan Herbert's art and we all know Bailey never has original ideas.

No. 1029240

That series was such a disappointment. It was such a good opportunity for her to work on her art.

You mean the time she went to that con in Texas? She usually seems to do pretty well at cons. She preps terribly for them, as she does with every other thing, but she usually makes good money.

No. 1029342

She makes good money because she severely undercuts the market, so kids who have little to no money to spend at cons will give her their money to buy something that would cost 2-3x that amount at another booth. She sells a lot because her shit is ridiculously low priced, not because it’s good or desirable.

No. 1029438

Yeah iirc she made the most sales on buttons but she super under priced, like I think at Calgary Expo or one of the Vancouver shows they were like 50 cents or a dollar each and a pack was like 5 but she doesn’t consider how much labor she’s putting into them (as labor= time = money) nor costs associated, like she packages them with craft foam and didn’t consider how much packaging factors in. Plus they all were super generic anime stuff which she only made according to anime trends and they were a pretty generic style. She does at least publish her numbers she made at the most recent cons tho, for both Calgary and whatever Vancouver show she did she pulled in about 2k a day which is pretty average-low considering the amount of stock she has and pricing in other factors like hotel or gas.

No. 1029439

I’m in the US and have sold in cons in Canada before- this is a whole thing with temporary work permits between countries that’s pretty involved. Most people who used to cross over usually lied and said they were just tourists when like in reality you are supposed to file temporary work permits with the country if they let you or you’re at risk of being barred from the country. Like I knew a Canadian artist who sold at like AX, was caught at customs for lying on their visa, and barred from the US for 5 years. She kept mentioning she wanted to do cons elsewhere however I don’t think she ever spent the time researching on how to do it legally and I haven’t followed her long enough to know the whole thing with Texas

No. 1029440

LMAOOOOO her painting is pretty much wearing the exact same outfit as that ad too

No. 1029454

How fucking embarrassing, hahaha! The toy would have been a cute/funny house warming gift from her amongst other small gifts from Christian and herself. It’s small and non evasive, even if they didn’t like cats. Going to be a nightmare trying to fit the painting in with the decor and have to look at that shit every day.

No. 1029545

No. 1029571


wow loved the 5 min closeup of christian's leg hair during the riveting clip of her fixing a keyboard tray.

No. 1029635

If her video is looking "dusty" maybe she should invest in a fucking professional clean for her camera rather then a new lens. God it pisses me off how she throws money about,yes a new lens may have better glass in it but the kit lens should be enough for what she does..which is barely anything.

No. 1029663

Oh the decadence, imagine thinking about getting a new cintiq just for doing thumbnails.

It feels so silly how she goes on about cameras and quality, meanwhile she does the most basic vlogs.
She's always so willing to spent money to up the quality but never considers to put more work into it.

No. 1029671

I can’t believe she’s actually complaining about HAVING to finally use those two free cintiqs from Wacom. She has multiple backup screen tablets but they aren’t good enough. Ridiculous.

No. 1029685

can she not just do her thumbnails in photoshop or procreate like literally every other youtuber? she's about to go buy (or pray that wacom sends her) a $3000 machine for 4 thumbnails a week? gtfo.

No. 1029742

File: 1598570285672.jpg (346.79 KB, 1080x1130, SmartSelect_20200828-002224_Tw…)

Looks like she isn't going to be using the free ones or procreate for that long.

No. 1029791

What the actual fuck does she needs another cintiq for? She has what, four really high quality drawing tablet at this point?? And for what, one badly done digital drawing per month?? Yeah she is free to be irresponsible with her money however she wants but it makes me so angry. More fancy supplies will not fix her bad content, if she thinks otherwise she’s delusional

No. 1029806

Doesn't she still own those old iPads she bought for a giveaway she then never did?

I also really wonder why she's so silent about the advent calendar. She mentions it a few times but doesn't show anything in the vlogs. Usually she babbles about her stuff as soon as she has an idea, and shows off nearly every brush stroke she does.

No. 1029816


it's probably killing her not to show herself doing work. it has to be secret for people to actually want to buy it this time.

$2600 + tax on this… it broke five minutes ago and she already has 2 other wacoms and an ipad. all for a couple thumbnails and a 2nd monitor.

No. 1029898

This.. actually hurts me.

She now has:

- Cintiq Pro 24 Wacom
- 2x Wacom that she got given
- Cintiq she went halves with her mum
- Ipad for procreate

Is that everything, or am I missing something?

No. 1029903


She probably has some sort of mental problem. Most likely her spending is because that's how she feels happy / fulfilled. Something is not right with her, she reminds me a lot of the mentally challenged character that Rosie O'Donnell played. "Bibiii durr"

No. 1029920

Buying new shit probably gives her a high, like she thinks that new supplies will make her art soooo good, but they won't…

No. 1029960

Man she didn't even try to work with what she has. All she does is basic thumbnails and some simple designs for pins.

Don't forget about the HP spectre she got, that also has a touchscreen and a pen to go with it.

No. 1029963

Anyone know the prices she paid for all those?

No. 1029992

File: 1598621100960.jpg (791.82 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20200827-004510_Ins…)

Yeah, historical clothing with animal heads is rather obvious idea. Literally this post was recced to me on instagram.

It's so much better.

No. 1029996

she really is spoiled with her youtube career. Every really good artist I know, if they wanted to buy a tool like this, had a rule they can pay for it with money they earned through selling art. So they know they'd use it and actually are good enough for a purchase to make sense. I get nice commission work and I do it mostly on iPad (because it's so comfy to lau upside down on a couch and draw on a tablet) and finish with old old huion tablet on PC. This kind of Wacom is really not needed outside of high pro level, because it's expensive and nothing that anyone truly needs.
And, tbh, Samsung uses Wacom digitizers better in Note phones than Wacom in their own tablets, so frankly Wacoms are currently more of a status symbol rather than the best tools (Huion has comparable tablets with better driver support for way way cheap). So her buying it is unnecessary and rather show offy if you're not buying them in bulk for animation studio.

No. 1029997

Seems like one of those people who gets a high off buying stuff, and waiting for it to arrive. Once she’s got it, it doesn’t feel new anymore and she moves onto the next thing.

No. 1029998

I think she should focus on what she can do best. The cute anime-like drawings with copics. And then get better at them. She is all over the place. And I don't think we will see anything from the calendar.

No. 1030011

Baylee keeps purchasing expensive supplies thinking that will make her art better. She has done it with copics, the expensive watercolor set she barely uses, the ipad, the oil paints in pastels opr whatever that she could have mixed herself mind you.

Must be nice to put little effort and still have a good quality of life lmao

No. 1030243


cintiq pro 24 - $2599.95
ipad (don't remember which one she has & can't find any other old prices) - air was $549
wacom 1 tablet - $529.95 (free)
wacom mobile studio pro - $3,716.14 (also free)
apple pencil - $99 usd (like $120 cad?)

and her art is still trash. artists tell me - why can't she use the mobile studio pro for her needs right now? other than wanting to waste money.

No. 1030244


all these prices are in cad except the pencil btw.

No. 1030250

Might as well add the $2000 animation software that she installed on that mobile studio

No. 1030251

omg that's true. she used that for animating herself taking a dump and then never again.

No. 1030278

File: 1598656415501.jpg (638.22 KB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20200829-010946_Chr…)

She's got ipad pro 2nd gen. No idea which model exactly, but price would be closer to 1k CAD.

No. 1030467

To be fair she did say it was a popular thing and that she and Christian even ordered such a portrait for a friend not too long ago.

No. 1030644


tbh baylee's side of the family seems kind of tacky anyway. i think her brother is going to end up liking and hanging those paintings.

No. 1030702

How is she not in massive debt from spending thousands on multiple drawing tablets

No. 1030823

How is she not in massive debt, just in general? Before she got her dude that handles her taxes, she was complete shit with money. She could make it, but couldn't manage it. IIRC she was 18k in debt one tax year and in the same vlog went to go buy a $300 Dyson. Another time in a vlog she was all smug explaining "So I called CRA (canada revenue agency) and they want me to pay taxes on youtube earnings, but I explained to them I don't need to, so it's all good!" cue two weeks-month later "SO, I just drained my bank account and christian's bank account to pay the taxes we (I) owe! LOL" I know socialblade isn't totally accurate but even on the low end of the earnings, what she could make everyday, it's still a lot and she has 3 channels. Combine them together and that's a pretty penny. Other anons have mentioned that she does well through her store selling her shit. Now, that's a lot of money but yeah I do believe she is in debt. Art supplies cost a shit ton, especially the good shit and baylee HAS TO buy it. The expensive ass toys she buys, the trips she used to take, just over all expensive ass shit she buys in general.

So, when she starts losing more views and her fans lose interest in her, does anyone think she'll sell some of her stuff? Or make christian sell some of his stuff first?

No. 1030902

She owed taxes every single year except for this one. Her third channel never managed to pay for itself, she mentioned it a couple times how she spent way more on toys and such than she actually made from that channel. Personally I think that's the real reason she abandoned it. She hoped to jump on to the bandwagon with toy channels and later just a kids art channel but it didn't work out for her. The other two though, you're absolutely right about. They probably made good money, and her art channel never had problems with monetization.
She still spends just so much money though. I mean don't forget that she has to invest money before every store launch for prints, pins, boxes, etc. Plus ongoing costs like rent for the house, electricity, her car, groceries. She had a big wedding just 3 years ago as well, which must have cost quite a bit.
Then this year she bought an animation program for 2000$, a new computer and webcam so she can stream downstairs, a new cintiq, the Disney dolls (Anna and Elsa) and who knows what else. I guess at least there wasn't any trips except for the car ride to visit Christian's parents.

What gets to me is that she spends so much money, but when it's about things like fixing her rat-hair she refuses to just go to a hairdresser. Same with her clothing, instead of looking for some nice quality stuff, she just buys cheap ass clothes that don't suit her body type at all and that is usually a size or two too small.

No. 1030952

two questions: could she not just buy a second monitor and connect one of the small tablets to it?

and what's the difference between the mobile studio pro that she got like 5 months ago (FREEEEE) and the one she just got now? has she mentioned it at all recently, or do y'all think she sold it?

i don't know what any of these tablets do tbh, all i know is procreate for ipad as a drawing software lol

No. 1030955

She just showed hers today - it's the gold air or 6th gen.

No. 1030961

No. 1030966

Mobile studio pro is it's own separate PC but in a tablet form.
The cintiq she got now is a tablet monitor, so it cannot function unless connected to a PC.

Although I don't get what's the point in spending 2.5k$ on a tablet display which she's going to use as a monitor only 99% of the time.

No. 1030968

do these two eat anything other than sandwitches?

No. 1030985

It’s like, a slightly higher resolution than the old wackos but considering that she doesn’t do anything that needs such a high resolution or accuracy it’s really her just flexing the fact she can buy one vs like, other tablet monitor brands like an XP Pen or a Huion.

No. 1030987

Honestly I don’t think they may have much of a savings or like Christian handles all of the bills cuz we never see her in a state where she has to take care of herself. Though she’s had that privilege of her parents monetarily providing then her husband with her passive YT and twitch income. She’s never had to struggle for money cuz someone is always there to provide for her so she really has no grown up financing skills.

Gotta remember too that with COVID, there were benefits for Canadians both individually and small businesses. They’ll get taxed for it later of course but can’t help thinking she saw the “free” money coming in and splurged it all instead of like using it thoughtfully

No. 1031003

File: 1598810508567.jpg (129.57 KB, 1080x298, Screenshot_20200830-200106_You…)

it's upad pro 12.9 2nd gen. When she bought it ipad airs didn't even have pen support.


No. 1031006

File: 1598810716984.jpg (469.55 KB, 1822x1079, Screenshot_20200830-200435_You…)

Only pros are this big (close to A4 paper) and I happen to own the same model and the size is 12.9

No. 1031013

She's a shopaholic.
As someone already said, she gets a high from looking at stuff to buy, actually ordering it and waiting for the package to arrive.
That's all.

No. 1031022

I'm enraged that she called the cintiq 22 a "budget tablet" It's 1,200 USD. I had to get one for Work from Home purposes and it's newer than the one I use in the studio. She is so out of touch. She is USING the budget cintiq as her temporary replacement, also her Wacom Studio can be used as a normal cintiq also. So is so disgustingly out of touch.

No. 1031031

The next purchase will be a new PC. Because girl has a 4k monitor now, and her gtx1080 (ti?) is outdated and cannot handle her super duper detailed artwork…

No. 1031064

File: 1598820161363.jpg (672.04 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20200831-005750_You…)

Girl's wondering why her stuff breaks so easily.
Never had a wacom tablet or a cat so I don't know how durable the new tablet is or how much cat weights but this doesn't look like what a responsible person would ever do

No. 1031067


I saw this picture on the front page and clicked on it because I thought it was Chris Chan. “Let’s see what that goofball’s been up to lately… wait a minute, WHO is this?”

No. 1031083

thanks bud. for some reason (not googling it before posting lol) i forgot that the latest ipad pro wasn't the first iteration.

No. 1031227

It's really disappointing that the catshame calendar is the only thing that she's been able to keep consistent on her channels

No. 1031273

The calendar names exploration… CRINGE
She likes Twelve day of TRIBKETS omg

No. 1031290

The tablet is probably just fine, but I do agree that she should take better care of her things and keep the cats away from certain things. Wouldn't be surprised if Kiki has already chewed on like her oil paints or some of the cables.

No. 1031332

I can see how it might've happened too, old pros look very dated and out of place compared to the new ones.

No. 1031333

I have a good name that alliterates nicely: Baylee's Bullshit Bibelots.

No. 1031686

I really don’t understand the “aesthetic” of her channel. She’s trying to go for a pastel feel, but I think what she has is a mess, nothing fits together..also what’s with the lace on the new thumbs? That also doesn’t suit..

No. 1031705

It's because she just throws everything together without thinking. Worst part about the lace? It took her like 2 hours to make that, because wasting time on meaningless things is the Baylee Jae Way.

Mess represents her and her life pretty well though.

No. 1031783

Haaaaa. I'm laughing so hard that she dyed her eyebrows to match the hair! Really highlights them and makes them seem more clown like.

No. 1031851

no No NO Baylee! I do not want to see that. Fucking disgusting. What's wrong with her?

No. 1031882

Well at least she gave one of her tablets to someone who can use it.

No. 1031910

i cannot believe she showed that. with the way she cleans, it's probably still there.

No. 1031918

Thank god I just finished eating or otherwise that would've completely killed my appetite.

Who the fuck thinks that filming their cats upchucking grass makes for good youtube content? Jfc.

No. 1032011

Anyone wanna summarise? I don’t wanna give her a view.

No. 1032023

- clip from a work out stream of her huffing her way thru a 1k fake run
- she found someone on reddit whose wacom tablet screen broke and sent them one of her old ones
- the brown cat puked on the floor and she happened to be filming. it was included in the video
- she went to costco

No. 1032234

anyone know if shes taken down those 2020 balloons from new years?

No. 1032433

She has, she showed it in a vlog, idk which one

No. 1033972

No. 1033984

That singing portion has to be the most annoying thing I've ever heard.

No. 1033988


Describing herself as 'dainty' had me rolling, honey - you ain't dainty. If anything, she resembles a beluga whale in that stupid outfit. She really needs to learn to dress for her body, flowy night dresses do absolutely nothing for her!

No. 1034024

Isn't every day a pajama day for you Bayls.

She looked so bad. There is no shortage of cottage-core and pastel aesthetics, but I guess we got to stick to the brand of putting absolutely no effort into anything.

No. 1034060

12 Days of BayleeJae sounds like a horror movie

No. 1034192


i can't wait to see her fugly pieces in this calendar. i can't believe she actually did 12 pieces of art for this.

No. 1034221

Dainty? anyone at 5'2 and over 150 in weight is not 'Dainty' Whats up with fat bitches thinking they are dainty? Nitpick but she really needs to shave her fucking hair off. I know I know, her hair is brought up often but so far this truly is the worst it's ever been. Her natural dark brown, hell, even the blue looked great on her. Dark colors are her friend. Eww, who told her she can sing?

its crazy to me she still has people willing to buy her stuff. I get people will always have fans but damn, how many shitty drawings/pieces of cardboard do people need?

No. 1034244

Is her calender even going to make it to their homes on time? I tried making an estimated timeline of how long it'll take for everything to get made and shipped based on my own experiences with making merch for myself and working with manufacturers at my workplace and the timeline is pretty tight with no room for there to be any sort of mistake with the boxes.

No. 1034450


whoops forgot to sage

anyway she seems to luck into this sort of thing. i'm sure it'll all work out for her, but then again it's only september.

No. 1034496

It'll probably be like the usual store launches, two weeks before she'll end up stressing and hurrying in order to get all the preparations done. Then it's just a week or two of packaging, because no matter what she puts out, however rushed or late it is her fans will buy it.
Afterwards she had a successful store launch, a house that drowns in mess because she was oh so busy with the launch and then she'll take a week off of doing anything. Actually since she doesn't do art videos anymore, she'll probably take the rest of the year of.

No. 1034636

She should have done the mockups in vector program so its easier for the manufacturer to size to cut in the machines because they only work with vectors.

She did all that work for her manufacturer will just have to re-do in a vector program.

Which will take time and make the advent calendar late or arrive incorrect.

I'll wait to see the shit show to come.
I'm betting it arrives incorrect.

No. 1034713

File: 1599469112397.png (20.2 KB, 684x207, chrome_5Zvq5n5XB5.png)

She's planning to bring it out for Christmas right? And she's calling it an Advent Calendar - why not make the front christmas/holidays themed. Instead she's planning to splash her how shitty art on it when doing something simple and nice would save a lot of time and effort on her part. But she always has to make it difficult for herself

No. 1034727

It probably wont arrive in time for christmas honestly cuz you would want this to arrive to people before or around december but if she does enamel pins again it takes about 5-6 weeks, washi tape about a month or so, and who knows how long for the packaging. And THEN she has to do everything herself even before shipping, which is even longer now because of covid.

Not making it holiday themed is probably one of the smartest things shes done but probably also cuz she cant be arsed to do any new christmas pins than the ones she has already

No. 1034785

it's ok that it's not christmas themed, lots of good advent calendars are… but to not do ANYTHING christmas related seems dumb. not even holiday packaging? just boring ass gingham. she's setting herself up for a post christmas launch, since why wouldn't you want to open christmas gifts in february.

No. 1034792

Did she say what exactly is going to be in the calendar? Like buttons, pins or just art?

No. 1034851


If it wasn't released in time for Christmas doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose of her '12 days of' idea because if somebody gets it in February, they aren't going to open it one day at a time like you would a normal advent calendar - they'd open it all at once. It just seems like she should have thought about this idea at the beginning of the year rather than towards the end.

No. 1034857

I don't get that either. She calls it an advent calendar and she said how she wants to launch it in October so people would have it in time for Christmas.

She did plan this badly and there is a high risk that it will be too late.
Maybe she should have stepped away from the calendar idea, and instead make surprise bags. She could still have items that are exclusive to them, plus sell them all year around. Then for next year she could plan this out better, work on an calendar in good time.

No. 1034876

Is it just me or do her responses all seem passive aggressive? I don't remember her ever responding nicely to comments that weren't ass pats

No. 1034967

I was just thinking that too actually. She always sounds like that whenever someone suggests something or gives good feedback she doesn't want to hear because it's not a compliment

No. 1035020

here's a comparison i just found. i'm pretty sure this shop has been open since the girl was in HS, but it's been awhile since i left cutesy planning behind.

the preparation in already having a pre-order, preparing either 10 days or 12 for christmas content, actually designing art, etc. i'm so used to baylee's lazy ass that seeing someone actually properly prepared is shocking.


No. 1035204

She said it's going to be 12 enamel pins.

>she wants to launch it in October
That's definitely not happening. It takes at least 3 weeks to 1 month for that shit to get printed + shipping time, so unless she pays ridiculous rush fees and for crazy fast express shipping, the earliest she'll get her boxes is the 2nd to last or last week of October. That's assuming there are no snags in manufacturing or shipping. This isn't even factoring time she spends talking to manufacturers, picking one, etc.
She also won't have time for proofs or corrections, so if her boxes come out fucked up, they just come fucked up.

No. 1035228

Unless it’s another half assed job and she just puts in designs she’s already made. She did mention it’s not a holiday themed box.

No. 1035242

I just found coffeemonsterzco’s YouTube the other day in my recommendations cuz I watch other studio vlogs and yeah planner stuff is a different market but they run a very competent and high volume order shop that also runs from Canada. And theyre not even an aesthetic studio vlog kind of YouTube channel either like the kind baylee rags on, but it really shows how slapdash baylee runs any kind of business and how much she relys on being a “personality” vs being an artist or a store.

I kind of wonder how like being associated with jake Parker now too is gonna work out for her since like all of art internet hates him now too

No. 1035281

So far all her store launches were "late". There's a reason she waits so long with announcing the official date for a launch, while in the vlog she'll talks about when she'd want to do it.
Now she just claims it's all due to covid, but her not getting her shit together has already been an issue last year. The first time she had Christmas pins (the one with the Bunny and the candy cane) she launched it like late December.

Don't understand how someone can be so against planning and getting things done in time. She creates unnecessary work and stress for herself.

According to her vlog the designs for the goodies inside the calendar are already done. Gotta admit that I'm really surprised that she manages to keep it secret so far. Don't know if she ordered anything so far, but I think she has least order the acrylic charms already.

No. 1035885

Tbh I don’t think covid has really affected her. She spends all day inside and doesn’t really go out, anywhere. She could at least spend the time organizing, designing and/or making products at a better pace than last-minute everything like she normally does.. or at least learn new drawing skills to better herself and her art, but she does none of that.

No. 1035887

I kinda thought covid would help her with views etc because everyone was home. But I feel like she barely has finished anything and the things she did do arent very exciting.. I sometimes feel bad for how good she has it but how little drive she has.

No. 1036007

Kinda sad. I feel even the initial spike in views she had from moving her vlogs to the art channel is slowly going down again. She also hasn't really gained much more followers from that either. She has so little drive these days to do anything or to improve. I wonder how long this can keep up. She had a lot of luck so far, but she is clearly past her peak and I think she is gonna be bored of the store sooner or later too.

No. 1036359

No. 1036381

if i wanted to see stream footage, i'd watch her streams.

it sounds like she's charging $75 for the box. 5 enamel pins, 2 wooden ones, 3 acrylic charms, 5 stickers, and 2 washis. the box design is fugly.

No. 1036389

Cost of Goods (My experience in getting these manufactured myself):
Enamel Pins: $2.00 each x 5
Wooden Pins: $1.50 each x 2
Acrylic Charm: $1.10 each x 3
Stickers (Professional Made): $0.60 x 5
Washi Tape: $2.50 each x 2
= $24.30 per box.
She's gunna get $50.70 of profit per box.

Man her fans are dumb.

No. 1036426

Don’t forget shipping costs and time spent grading the items and putting them in the boxes.

No. 1036429

Is it only me who has the feeling the calendar project will flop one way or another? She’s so tight on time!!!

No. 1036432


At this point I'm convinced her fans will buy anything from her no matter how rushed or bad the quality might be. She seems to have and endless amount of luck when it comes to releasing art that she honestly doesn't deserve

No. 1036445

I think that`s why she know changed it to a non-holiday item. She knows there is a high risk that it will arrive too late, because she didn`t plan it in time.
We all know this calendar was meant to be an advent calendar for Christmas originally, not a calendar to be opened whenever. I think it`s kinda pointless to still make it a calendar, like why would I want a 12 day calendar for some random time of the year?

But I think >>1036432 is right that her fans will still buy it.

No. 1036457


she wants to do it in multiple waves, so it's definitely not going to be a christmas launch for everyone. this is so dumb. she's sat on her ass all year and suddenly within a couple weeks in SEPTEMBER she's ordering shit for a launch in "december"

No. 1036736

her followers don’t get mad that her cats are like sleeping in and eating her packing materials and throwing up all over her dirty ass house so that’s absolutely true, they’ll literally drink her bath water if she sold it, it’s so weird how deluded her followers are about her

No. 1036990

File: 1599855215384.png (590.27 KB, 1653x265, chrome_ZBOTBn5xKa.png)

She changed her youtube header and I don't know what's worse, the ugly ass colour scheme or the 'create dreams, enjoy life'. It's kinda cringe how much she seems to think she suits this cutesy pastel cottagecore aesthetic when she's one of the most boring un-aesthetic people out there

No. 1037074

oh ma god wtf! That banner is so so bad! When it was all just pink it at least looked matching. Now it looks so tacky. She needs to make artist friends in her league so she can get inspired to improve, i feel like she has nobody pushing her

No. 1037353

Why did she feel the need to include the BRB animation. She clearly edited that section of footage, there are jump cuts either end, so why include it? We don't need to see most of the shit from her streams

No. 1037384

12 is such an odd number too. 14 could be done over a two-week period, 10 could potentially be done every weekday over those two weeks. But 12 can't be stretched properly over a month. It's so weird

No. 1037414

It doesn't fit her channel at all. How can anyone be this delusional?

I swear her skills in anything artistic are just digressing. Girl has no idea about color, design, etc. Seriously, if I wouldn't know better I would never believe that she has been making art/youtube for a living for what, 7 years now?

No. 1037420

12 days of christmas. you open up a door every 2 days until christmas

No. 1037429

That’s not a proper “advent calendar” tho, advent is the 24 days before Christmas and most calendars are 24-25 little things. Which honestly if she did 12 pins but also like, 12 small other things like business card sized prints or stamps then that could pad it out even more like a real calendar. But she doesn’t draw or produce fast enough nor does she seem to WANT to do that much work.

No. 1037431

“Enjoy life” = be lazy af, have no real friends, never clean your house, and be thoroughly empty inside. Sure.

But this banner is just sad, boring and empty like she is and the colors clash horribly

No. 1037471

No I get that, but it's not a Christmas advent calendar, that's the issue. It's just box with little nick-nacks that she's putting together, which will just happen to come out somewhat close to the holiday period. The whole thing is a mess and just doesn't make sense

No. 1037630

that's the first time i've ever heard of someone opening up a 12 day calendar like that. the 12 days of christmas start on the 25th.

No. 1037635

Enjoying life must be easy when you don't need to worry about having the money to pay bills and lounge around all day buying shit. How long has it been now since she hasn't had to worry about Daily expenses? I know this is kind of nitpicky to bring up but it does seem to effect her content. With no worry about getting the money to pay bills she can afford to be a lazy shit and let youtube gather her coins. Thing is now with youtube becoming more fucked and her channel dying she has to have noticed a slight hit to her wallet. I know her store is still selling but that can't be a long term viable option.

Others have mentioned her luck and it's insane how lucky she has been and just pathetic as fuck Baylee has believed she has achieved all her success because of talent.

No. 1037645

It definately affected her content. She has no motivation, no goal. Just look at for example Katnipp, she not only has different sources of income like patreon, etsy and youtube that keep her on her toes, she also has to pay for her studio and for her 3 employees (plus of course her living expenses). She knows her business is important, it pays the bills not only for her.

Baylee got lucky very quickly. She didn't work that long at the animation studio and she only had patreon for half a year. She's been living in her echochamber for way too long

No. 1037659

Okay, so now, then this is not an advent calendar, but a calendar you open on Christmas. Clever, then, she has at least time until 12/24 instead of 12/1 or 12/13.

No. 1037660

>warm grey with cool pinks
>none of the colors look good together
I'm begging Baylee to learn some fucking color theory. The box looks awful. I can't wait to see the absolute garbage fire that is the final product with all of the stuff in the box.

Katnipp is a good example of business that's incredibly well run and professional. Baylee probably thinks she's exactly like Katnipp kek.

No. 1038303

I definitely think she watches an occasional katnipp video on the side cuz there’s no denying there is some mirroring with pastel aesthetic and bj trying to make basic stationary and pins. But she also definitely doesn’t watch other people’s working studios or take any advice from anyone within the online indie shop world cuz she isn’t as efficient as she thinks

No. 1038400

She keeps fiddling with it but has kept the biggest eyesore, the lace edging over the gingham, in each iteration.

No. 1038514

File: 1600094309541.jpg (78.64 KB, 1080x296, 20200914_153807.jpg)


It just keeps getting worse. The more plain design was tollerable but the flowers on this just make it an eye sore. For a supposed artist she has absolutely no idea how patterns and colours go together in a way that makes them visually appealing

No. 1038705


Everything would look better if she would get rid of the red stripes. Just make it a nice solid pastel pink, or a lighter warm grey than her name tag.

No. 1038872

the banner looks like some grandma's channel lmao. Kinda on point I guess

No. 1038873

No. 1038875


she really needs to stop making her stupid faces every time she says something she finds vaguely funny.

No. 1038878

File: 1600124269117.png (1.28 MB, 1120x1130, Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 3.58…)

>drew flowers for her banner to show that she's an art vlog channel
lmao she hasn't created anything new in so long that this is what she calls art now?

this segment where she does crazy eyes at the camera really killed me.

No. 1038898

she spent 2 days on that banner and it just got progressively more hideous.

No. 1038973

i have to admit that the part where she was showing herself drawing on her cintiq made me laugh cuz she's trying to show she arts and is working hard and then shits out an ugly looking banner lol

No. 1038983

imagine spending $2500 on a cintiq and drawing something you could have made on crayola digitools.

No. 1039027

3 years of art school, 7 years working as an artist, 2 days of work, expensive ass cintiq and THIS is what she shits out as a banner?
It's crowded, ugly and doesn't fit her channel in the slightest. She tries to seem pastel- cottagecore but she's so far from it… This is just embarrassing.

No. 1039115

She’s desperately trying to lean into some kind of cottagecore aesthetic since she was obsessed with that stupid chateau show and her shitty grandma dresses but literally nothing she does is aesthetic other than like “adult trying to be a child” aesthetic. Makes me wonder if some of her followers are into DDLG tbh

AND she could have easily done this on one of MANY things she already owns, like so many YT artists just have like an iPad and procreate (like katnipp primarily uses one) yet she has like three AND an iPad. It just goes to show having equipment does not make you a better artist

No. 1039208

Well, that particular design could have been made with a mouse…

No. 1039668

She could draw it with her ass and her followers would still eat it up

No. 1039848

No. 1039913

That self-made balayage looks awful. Just go to a hairdresser Bayls, you can afford it.

No. 1039916

so.. is that high ponytail thing all of her hair? Is she now down to like 4 strands and still not bothering to do anything about it?

also - she feels like she's not getting anything done in the day. Of course, mindless busywork doesn't bring you anywhere, Bayls. But she'll probably never figure that one out.

No. 1039997

She spent the entire day and a $2500 tablet drawing a star and a heart? Lord…

No. 1040000

there's something wrong with her.

No. 1040053

the fact that she thinks she did a decent amount of a work for the day and is not trying to overwork herself…mhmm yeah baylee. very good

No. 1040079

she finally cooks something healthy and it still looks like ass.

No. 1040083

the gingham ISNT CUTE.

No. 1040243

File: 1600325544584.jpeg (47.46 KB, 741x425, 3D0164D7-8414-49ED-9164-3EF663…)

Her food portions are so fucked. The amount of rice she had on her plate was crazy. It makes me wonder if that Alfredo was all for her. No wonder her face just keeps getting rounder every time I see her.

Also, it really bugged me - she didn’t have to trace around the star, she should have just drawn one. $2500 well spent.

No. 1040248

File: 1600327421811.jpg (50.7 KB, 1200x650, White-French-Bulldog-long-1.jp…)

Jesus Christ, I know the focus here is her art but she's really let herself go. She needs a better skin routine.

No. 1040265

This banner actually suits her perfectly. It doesn't make any sense, the colors don't fit, it's crowded and not pretty at all.
She actually created the perfect banner for herself and her channel.
If it looked good it would have been a scam.

No. 1040370

I kinda feel sorry for her. No one in her family or her "friends" seem to ever give her some advice or criticism. Instead they just her run around with that hair, dressed like a 30 year old child that doesn't know her size.

She looks unhealthy and unhappy.

No. 1040425


As family, you take people as they are. It's not like Baylee's never been this way. But at some point they may mention her weight like it's not much anymore for her to cross the line of beeing really unhealthy fat.

No. 1040482

I bet her inlaws aren't that hard on her either. I mean sure Christian has work but he looks out of shape like Baylee, so not like they could make a snide comment to her "Christian, you look great! how's the diet? Oh Baylee…you look….good." Christian has probably told his parents how much Baylee makes and I'm sure that's more than enough for them, if anything happened to him where he was out of work, Baylee could pick up the slack (we know she wouldn't). I'm they have seen her videos probably don't know the cost of everything she has. For Baylee's own family, they are probably just happy she can support herself in a nice (looked nice anyways) house and doesn't have to call for a hundred bucks every now and then to help with bills. No clue if Baylee did that pre-youtube cash but she was shit with her money. Example being she had 50 bucks to last for 2 weeks, for groceries and such and she spent it on pokemon X lol

Why grill your selfish, lazy and juvenile daughter when she can sustain herself and decided to live in her own in little world, never bugging them. Does anyone think Baylee gives money to her siblings? I can't see a sibling just not saying anything about how idiot their brother or sister is being.

She has had a slow decline in looks now for over a year and it's like every month she gets worse and worse. Nitpick, she should shave her head, that hair is fucking done. every video where she goes for a walk she is covered in sweat and just out of breath lol she used to film herself after playing pokemon go and the bitch was beat red with sweat dripping everywhere. People can also be pale and still look healthy. Baylee looks like she lives in a cave. She is also incredibly lazy because of how she dresses too, stating the obvious I know but she needs at home 'work clothes' clothes that you'd wear to a job site but at home. If she wears her pajamas all day she'll never get into work mode and anything she does do she hypes it up as a major accomplishment.

I can't wait till her decline where we notice her panic about money. It's coming even if a year from now.

No. 1040615

I agree she should shave all her hair and let it grow. Her hair right now looks really bad. She is always home so she can just wear a beanie or a wig until her hair grows. Might as well take advantage of the quarantine

No. 1040632

Something I don't get- doesn't she have a kid?
I haven't looked at her channel in years, but the last thing I watched of her was that she was having a baby?
Where's the baby?
How can you make a vlog and all day long absolutely no mention of your child?

No. 1040633


no, i doubt baylee gives her siblings any money. her parents seem comfortable enough to do that on their own, and she seems too selfish for that anyway.

i can't tell if you're being serious, but she had a video announcement about twins or something, but it was about her cats. she has no kids; she's the child.

No. 1040634

what the actual fuck

this is such a dumbass question, but why doesn't she?
I feel like she's the type to have kids
how long has she been married?

god I don't mean to sound like someone's horrible aunt during christmas trying to get them to have kids, but its just weird that I've thought this whole time she was juggling a Youtube channel and having a baby, and was really giving her a lot of credit when she posted some video about being really tired and not feeling right

No. 1040637

after getting married, she sparsely mentioned she's off birth control, but not actively trying for a baby. Since that, the topic wasn't mentioned anymore.
It could be a sensitive and health-related topic for her, so we don't discuss why she doesn't have children currently.

No. 1040643

Maybe Christian cant bust a nut in her because she looks like an ogre.

No. 1040757

..But even Shrek and Fiona had babies.

No. 1040758


Oh gee, no. Ya‘ll summond that douchebag from a few threads back who can‘t shut his mouth about their sex life. So gross.

No. 1040861

She probably wasn’t feeling right because she does zero exercise, doesn’t socialise, and eats shit.

No. 1040906

Does she still do her “workout” stream? Cuz iirc it’s like 20 minutes of light jogging like twice a week yet she always acts as if they’re some big straining effort when like she barely even moves the rest of the time.

It’s real rough when her sister is older than she is but at this point looks way younger and baylee isn’t even thirty. Like she is semi cognizant that she can’t carry all that weight when she’s short which is why she did keto and is now doing intermittent fasting, but she never did those properly, like she didn’t eat vegetables when she did keto it just gave her an excuse to eat more cheese and bacon, and also never adapted healthy eating habits afterwards so of course she ballooned.

No. 1040908

She’s mentioned like after the wedding having kids and stuff, like why even live in a like six bedroom house in one of the most expensive cities in Canada otherwise? I think they just never gave it any thought beyond that being what “normally” happens after you get married and they both are dumbasses in that way- if they thought things through and were smarter people, they could live in smaller, cheaper housing to save money instead of paying rent on an expensive place that they just fill up with garbage instead. Plus she never talks about going to a doctor or anything, which she definitely would talk about cuz she shares everything including her pooping habits, they probably don’t take it as seriously as people who actually plan and want their children should.

But yeah she’s juggling nothing other than being a “streamer/vlogger/influencer” and marathon video games. There’s so much she could do considering she has never had to work to deadlines that aren’t YouTube sponsorships and yet she skims the surface and calls it hard work

No. 1040914

I think her sister is a couple of years younger than her.

No. 1040972

People want her success so bad bud this sounds like such a shitty existence
She doesn’t even make that much art… I checked her Instagram and after a second or two of scrolling down I was in 2015.

No. 1040991

She doesn’t use Instagram that much, which is sad cos that’s mostly where artists show their work

No. 1041022

Brooklyn is indeed younger (about 4 years). So makes sense that she looks younger. Brooklyn seems to be more active and having a healthier way of eating too.

Honestly, I would like her success but definitely not her life. No friends, just being at home, same things every day.

No. 1041095

She’s incredibly slow when it comes to art. She spends so much time making it look “polished” but she’s totally clueless about the fundamentals so it always still looks like shit

No. 1041395

Oh my bad then, I always had the impression that baylee was the youngest one but it may have been because her immaturity sells itself that way

No. 1041401

It’s weird cuz you can have social connections and friends while being WFH, like there’s discord and social media, but yeah she really has none and talks at a camera and stream like that’s how you have a friendship

No. 1041430

it's pretty sad that she's been talking to a camera lens for most of her life. even when she's physically around people, she talks to the camera. i remember watching some old vlogs, and she went home early from parties or she would go into someone's room and talk to the camera there. super anti social

No. 1041490

She can't even enjoy a nice walk with her husband without talking to the camera

No. 1041569

She’s a socially inept extrovert. Like she clearly derives energy from “interacting” with people like an extrovert but she’s too socially stunted and inept to interact with people in a normal way. People assume if you’re extroverted you know how to conduct yourself socially, and the inverse is true where people think introverts equal social anxiety and inadequacy, but she is one of those. And it probably now is a habit that she’s done for so long, and is too lazy to change, to interact with people in a meaningful way and she doesn’t really have any true friends

No. 1041593

I used to think Christian was super awkward, he did that baby voice when on camera. But I think now, it's just him trying to be funny/cute. I genuinely think he doesn't know how to be around the camera.

I remember there was a vlog where Baylee was filming him giving her an idea for a drawing. Something related to his name, and a Charcuterie board, because they sounded similar. He took a while to get the wording out, but it was understandable in the end. In the next scene, when she was alone, she just totally shot him down and was like "wtf was that?". I don't know if she's totally socially inept, but it mostly seems to be her way or the highway.

No. 1041597

Yeah I remember that too. She doesn't seem to have any friends from art school or from the job at the animation studio. The only two people she hang out with was Jacob and Christian. Then when Christian got a job he slowly befriended some co-workers.

Like other anons have said, she just seems socially stunted, plus that she doesn't really has anything to talk about.

No. 1041600

She would have stuff to talk about if she actually did art, branched out and tried new stuff. With her self improvement series, that would have been really interesting to watch, but that's never gonna happen. She just stays in a stupid bubble playing video games and watching SpongeBob.

No. 1042127

No. 1042151

File: 1600618182529.jpeg (66.68 KB, 731x420, 01626141-8983-4167-B15B-536E1F…)

Is she THAT much of a lazy spastic that she can’t even center the next vlog in the end card, or at least put 2 videos so it’s even? Why the fuck is there so much space???

No. 1042170

Oof, i hope he didn't watch that one

No. 1042271

File: 1600634551834.jpeg (208.05 KB, 1553x1047, 4225FF34-EFEE-425C-BBF0-CB6C77…)


Bought a new sketchbook that she admits will sit and collect dust, tries to film an aesthetic studio vlog and fails, mentions online shopping for gold forks and a petticoat.

No. 1042341

am i the only one who thinks her intro with the jingle is kind of awkward and random

No. 1042374

Why did she want gold forks… honestly… why would she also talk about this in the video??

No. 1042389

It's almost baylees birthday

No. 1042396

why would she need to give her siblings any money

No. 1042399

She wants to buy a petticoat……..

No. 1042449

Ew yikes. She’s probably gonna buy a shitty one from wish or something to go with her shitty grandma clothes. There’s lots of options online if you take the time, especially with lolita street wear and historical fashion not to mention there’s an entire section of YT dedicated to historical wear like Bernadette banner, but she always does the minimum amount of effort so can’t wait to see this disaster

No. 1042466

just..why does she pull such fugly faces

No. 1042479

She'll probably buy one off Amazon that's just a shitty tutu and doesn't have the strength to stay poofy, let alone hold up another layer of clothes kek.

Cuz she's quirky! So funny and amusing!

No. 1042523

I watched her first couple of vlogs on the bumble channel. She was soo different it was like a completely new person. She seemed to be more ..idk.. money savvy and actually thought of solutions instead of just aimlessly buy shit. And wow she actually ate salad, that was a shock

No. 1042545

Quitting her job and that she makes good money with barely any effort made her so lazy and unmotivated. Back then she had passion and drive to do things.
She should get something outside the house. Maybe take some drawing classes or maybe a part time job.

No. 1042550

This is something she has had to do for years, like if she really wanted to improve and do an improvement series she should have especially since Vancouver isn’t a desert for schools and the animation industry, but now COVID gives her more of a reason she doesn’t have to do anything cuz she doesn’t even teach herself whenever she does skillshare sponsorships. She totally fakes her “testimonials” about doing anything on skillshare because she’s so lazy and doesn’t need to do it. Now that everything is pretty much online, she still won’t do anything and she has no reasons to do it

No. 1042558

Yes! She had loads of drive. Even if her art wasn't that great, it was nice to see that she had passion and kept wanting to continue to make stuff. She even went to venture outside just for the sake of exploring the city, but now she doesn't really step outside. In the other vlog just the other day, she looked super puffed even just on a walk.

I saw her animation reel in the other threads and I thought it was good, but I'm just a viewer - what do you guys who work in the industry think? Would she have gotten further in her career if she didn't quit and start YT full time?

No. 1042559


Why does this thought fill me with fear? I think she doesn't realise how much thought actually goes into getting a petticoat so that it fits your skirt/dress properly and looks nicer. Baylee will probably buy the first one she sees that will be super cheap and awful since she only seems to like to spend needless amounts of money on gadgets and sketchbooks she doesn't need.

No. 1042600

I didn't mean she needs to give them money lol more of a "does she help out her family in anyway?" I should have used better phrasing. So no, no one expects her to freely give out money, just wondering if she was the type that would help others out.

No. 1042611

I don’t think she would. I was googling Baylee and info about Brooklyn came up. Looks like that she’s some kind of ..animal scientist? I would think that she would make more money than Baylee? Also, Baylee hardly talks about her family in the new vlogs, way back she used to skype them frequently and mention them, I don’t think she speaks to them much now

No. 1042617

File: 1600701855454.png (901.2 KB, 1047x605, moo.PNG)

Going through her last vlog and noticed this as one of her bookmarks.

No. 1042627

No. 1042630


I think that might be a bookmark for the printing website Moo - they're basically a fancier version of VistaPrint . . . but I might be wrong

No. 1042690

Brooklyn is an animal/environmental scientist or something, her husband is a software engineer, and Wendell and his girlfriend are both pharmacists. So they are probably fine financially, and certainly more responsible with their money than baylee is I would imagine.

No. 1042753

Shouldnt the icon be a cow then? Or can you edit that?

No. 1042869

watch, it'll be Baylee asking for money one day. That's great about her siblings! not harping on youtube income but for someone as lackluster and lazy as Baylee it can be inconsistent.

"I'm an animal/environmental scientist and my brother is a pharmacist!"

"Oh, don't you have another sibling? what do they do?"

"she doodles and farts on camera for other adult children…"

No. 1043053

Her vlogs are so boring…what’s with all the time on the tea station like what’s the point?

No. 1043056

She used to go out often for Pokémon Go but that really died when she decided she needed to do like 18 hour shiny hunting marathons in Pokémon Let’s Go and other games that didn’t require walking.

Honestly her reel is fine, it did get her that job at that one 3D house and she could have channeled that drive to work for other studios in the area, there are a handful of animation studios in the area since a lot of companies outsource work to other countries, Canada included. I’m wondering though if she experienced burnout, it tends to happen a lot in creative industries, and decided her following and passive income was strong enough to break out of animation to pursue YouTube and artist alleys as a full time job while being supported by Christian’s income. She obviously doesn’t plan far enough into the future to see how to pursue her business further, especially because she’s so wishy washy in what she wants to do now that she’s a “personality” rather than an art tuber, so it is interesting to see what she’s going to do because she’s so lazy and directionless. Her reel and portfolio are clearly out of date now, even the animation program she spent so much money on she doesn’t even use now, especially since there’s a lot more better artists coming out every day. So she only has so long on banking on the sympathy of her stans, especially as her YouTube and art information go out of date as well

No. 1043063

Judging by her vlogs from that time, she didn't seem burned out. She just wanted to be independent rather than working for a studio (which is totally fine). She then had a patreon for a couple months and also took on some work for another youtuber (she animated an intro for their channel). I remember that she was struggling then to really keep everything going, so she didn't take on any other jobs, quit patreon and later also closed her store because it was all too much work. I guess that might had been a bit of a burn out. She always struggled a bit with keeping a schedule and planning ahead. It's just that things like her job or even patreon gave her certain deadlines. She couldn't do 12 hours shiny hunting because she'd be at work for part of the day, etc.

It's like you say, she's directionless and lazy. She doesn't has any goals for her life or her art and it shows. I don't think she can keep up this kind of work/life like that. We all know her channel is long past it's peak and I doubt she can manage to keep up with the store for much longer. She's so unfocused and has no vision so to say. She just throws together whatever comes to her mind.

She somehow reminds me a lot of Holly Brown, just more successful.

No. 1043594

"So I'm going to breath now and next I will take a few steps towards my desk and sit down.
And right after that I will lift my arm to pick a pen and I probably continue to breath throughout the whole procedure"

Wow her vlogs are really meaningless and she has nothing to say so she records every little shit.
I'm surprised she doesn't take us to the bathroom as well.

No. 1043709

She pretty much has. In detail, she described in a past vlog that she shit herself.

No. 1043780

Why am I not surprised. She animated herself shitting as well…
She's pretty gross

No. 1044041


um. what.

No. 1044068

No. 1044371

iirc there was one vlog where she filmed herself throwing up. you didn’t see anything but you heard it. why would you film that

No. 1044377


Because she has no concept of a filter. There are just some things you don't put on the internet and shitting yourself and throwing up are probably quite high on that list. It's just inconsiderate and disgusting

No. 1044404

No. 1044483

Does she put on her blush in the dark?

Also why didn't she plan this all before hand? She could have figured out size and where to order what and at what costs way beforehand. Now she also is just going to show the items anyways? She was so secret about the designs that I thought it's gonna be a secret to the very end.

No. 1044500

omg that pin looks terrible - I wasn't expecting anything good from her but that pin looks awful. The colors, design, and what is up with midnas face? I cant get over the fact that people are going to buy that

No. 1044525

File: 1600970807811.png (918.26 KB, 1417x795, chrome_KmYK6d9ho7.png)

For anybody who doesn't want to sit through the video, this is what the pin looks like and yeah - it's so ugly. I'm on the mindset that anybody can enjoy any aesthetic, but Baylee seems to miss the fundamentals of what makes cottagecore nice and it's not fugly pastel colours like she's draw in that pin. And to think that cottagecore/plant/celestial inspired are the themes of this stupid advent calendar I can only imagine how bad the rest of her stuff for it is going to be when we eventually see it

No. 1044775

It looks like something you could buy at the dollar store, the quality and color look terrible. Where is the differing line width?

No. 1044841

She never plans anything because everything so far has been easy for her. She lucked into this, without realizing it, and just assumes she can keep up her erratic attitude to her business "It always seems to work out!" I mean her channel is dying, less views over time and nothing seems to be slowing her down.

It's ludicrous that her fans actually buy her Kiki and Midna related merch. Baylee could easily do commissions in this janky ass style and she'd probably sell more. She is just so slow she doesn't seem to realize it.

Nitpick but nothing about her says "cottagecore" nothing! she reeks of consumer culture, spending money on merchandise from childhood, spending more money on all forms of merchandise from whatever fleeting interest to the next spending more money than needed on everyday products that could be bought for cheap. Nothing about this bitch says "living frugally, eating more all natural foods, sewing, making jams, yarn, taking life more slowly and appreciating nature." still funny how she is trying to be 'dainty' in her massive dresses that make her look like a rotten marshmallow.

It looks like value village/good will tier at best. You go in looking for something good and come across this little cat pin, go "Oh, that's cute." and not buy it.

No. 1044850


rancid pink eye to match her pink face and gross pink hair. she loves a theme.

what is the point of revealing advent calendar stuff? the whole point of advent is that it's a surprise. at this point just launch it in your store.

No. 1044912

The surprise could be what days/dates the products will be in the calendar, then? Or she could put them in random order so the each customer gets something different? Either way, I don’t think she really thought this through.

No. 1044913

LOL. Baylee living frugally? Maybe back when she started vlogging but sure as hell not now.

I really do miss the way she was, she would make her own headbands and other things and use stuff til it got all old and broken. Now she just throws money at anything. Sad to see a person change like that.

No. 1044917


it used to bug the crap out of me that she kept using that gross copic case that was falling apart and yellowing. current baylee wouldn't bother making it in the first place let alone use it so long.

No. 1044964

like I said, nothing about her says "frugally…etc" she for sure used to be frugal and it was obvious in a weird endearing way. You could tell she was more aware of her financial situation back then. looking at a video she made back in 2013 titled "My everyday life (I have a vlog channel) and holy crap, her skin looks more healthy and she had a more genuine smile back then. Her tone didn't reek of insincerity back then either like it does now. Quitting her job and moving into that house ruined her, she was never the best or the most likable but I can see why tweens/teens liked her. Young girl, living on her own, working at an animation job and showing off the art supplies she bought and Baylee had the same level of artistic aptitude as her viewers. So of course they latched on.

Her thumbnails are obnoxious though.

That thing was busted and gross and I remember the vlog of her going out to buy a new copic case and she has rarely touched them since lol

No. 1045634


Gotta say she surprised me with those cat paintings. No oil expert here, I think they are looking good so far. I wonder how good she would become if she would do more realistic stuff and dive into landscape or portrait. At least she could hide her lack of knowledge because reality would do the most work for her (like colour, light, arrangement, etc.).

No. 1046261

Haha have you seen her try to do any thing with a background, those “ghibli” style ones come to mind. They were done with a different medium, sure but she does not work hard enough to to fully understand how to paint or use reference or improve herself at all. Her cat oil paintings are still very amateurish because she’s making up all the lighting and noodling with paints as she goes along instead of what people who do painting with more experience do where they use base colors over a strong sketch then use glazes and mix colors to make the whole thing more unified. That’s why in the latest video she’s losing the sketch of one of them, because she has no idea of structure and just keeps noodling in parts instead of treating the painting as a whole.

But that being said, yeah if she applied herself to things instead of lazy half asking her way through life, she could improve in a lot of ways but we know she ain’t gonna do that

No. 1046263

File: 1601192132752.jpeg (745.94 KB, 1177x1569, CD99F8C9-45CC-439E-A973-071BD4…)

Is she that desperate for views that she’s thinks throwing more videos onto her channel will help that? Her current ones barely break 30k now and for a channel that supposedly has 1mil followers, that’s less than 3%

No. 1046271

Oh god, she already doesn't have content for vlogs. People don't watch you Bayls because your vlogs are insanely boring. If she wants more views she needs to up her quality, not her quantity.

No. 1046426


family visits and travel? a) it's a pandemic, stay tf home and b) if she thinks she's going to keep this up for another 6-12 months when she can travel freely again, she's got to be kidding.

her vlogs are boring because she doesn't do shit. her cooking isn't good, her cats are boring, her boyfriend is weird, and she looks like a mess.

No. 1046738

So..she wants to vlog all day instead of doing art streams?

No. 1046782

Wasn’t she only doing them once a week too for like an hour? I clearly remember her changing her “streaming” schedule to like 2 marathon days of games and like one hour of art on Wednesday. Is it all just gonna be videos of her talking at the camera and packing the advent calendar bullshit while trying to keep the things in it a “secret”?

No. 1046840

HAHA so I guess she has noticed a dip in youtube income. Remember when she was all "so I'm like gonna stop doing vlogs everyday makes insane bug eyes into the camera and just focus on streaming. I'll do art….when I can." I guess streaming isn't as stable as youtube and if her commentary alone from her vlogs is enough to go by, I can only imagine her unfiltered thoughts during a stream is worse than we get on youtube. She needs a job outside of her house. She could have stayed in that apartment, rented a studio space and travelled to it everyday to do her work. But nah, Baylee became 'new money' you know where people come into a lot of money and spend spend spend like the money will never run out.

Baylee can have family over, I believe it's 10 max (that's ontario, not sure if BC) but let's be real, why the fuck stay at Baylee's house? Cat piss in every room and all her fucking toys staring at you as you wonder the house, begging to be played with because they are meant for children. Also the 'family' thing is just an obvious excuse for when she doesn't wanna vlog, not because she 'can't'. No family will be visiting nor will she visit anyone lol Baylee is probably more pissed she can't go to Disney world than the fact she can't spend time with family. I bet she is even more bummed she can't be snippy with her sister over twitter because her sister can't afford to drop everything to go to disney world on a whim like she can.

at one point, her vlogs were just her making buttons while binging shit on netflix and making unfunny jokes with Christian. The most mundane shit and she still acted like she was putting out the most riveting content. So yes, her vlogs will be her just packing shit up.

No. 1046845

That tweet just screams "my yootoob money isnt high enough." Hopefully with videos everyday people will get bored of her pretty quickly.

It could also be a grab at doing sponsor videos so she makes more lol.

No. 1046978

That's just what it is. The whole thing about moving her vlogs to the art channel was just an attempt at getting in more views without any work.

It's so like Baylee. She wants something but is completely blind to what she actually has to do to achieve it. It's been said before, but her lucking out with her art/youtube career really didn't do her good in the long run. Vlogs like hers ain't gonna give her views or followers.

No. 1046990

LOL, insane big eyes. You mean she just looked at the camera normally?

She changes her schedule so fucking often, it’s so hard to keep up. I can imagine a subscriber being just as confused with no direction.

I did manage to catch one of her streams on Twitch, once, and it was just her pressing pins for like 3 hours, packing them, singing and barely reading comments? Like, how is that riveting content?

No. 1046992

Fill me in. Why did she stop doing Patreon? We’re always talking about her getting a job outside, but know she never will. Patreon could actually be a good alternative, it would give her the chance to work from home for people who want to support her, and give her a monthly deadline to work on. I see so many artists doing that, I don’t understand why she doesn’t. Is her YT income that good that she literally doesn’t have to work on anything?

No. 1047043

Because she would have to draw and post regularly

No. 1047044

It means she actually has to make art.

The thing with Baylee is that she can't do the same thing within a two week period or she grows tired or bored of it. That's why she needs to make new projects then drop them as soon as their done so her child-like mind feels like she's done work without actually working and having to deal with the strains of being an artist with a patreon. She's just a youtuber who likes to make people think she's an artist.

No. 1047216

Too much work for her. If I remember correctly she especially struggled doing one extra speedpaint that was exclusively to patreon. In my opinion, art was never meant to be her career, she should've stayed with the vet thing.

No. 1047292


Did she ever say why she dropped out of vet school? Were her grades too bad?

No. 1047375

No. 1047392

Put some effort into videos and have one video get 100k views
Upload low effort vlogs 5 days a week for 20k~ each

It's big brain time

No. 1047400

The girl she drew…yikes even her drawings makeup looks terrible. She's gotta stop with this aesthetic "COTTAGECORE" crap. Its not working.

No. 1047431


why doesn’t she actually sketch in any of her books? none of these drawings see good enough to colour in, even for a “chatty” video. she never improves because she takes the first thing she does, no ,after how lopsided and goes with it.

she needs to figure out how to hold herself accountable. posting five videos a week won’t help any more than doing a work out steam per week helped her lose weight.

if she had any sense, she would have filmed herself working on her advent calendar and released those videos in December as part of her reveal.

No. 1047446

lmaoo everything she draws just looks like it's straight up from a cheap coloring book

No. 1047468

"Drawing to fill the page." that right there is why she is so bad and stunted when it comes to art. She did the "sketchbook slam challenge" only for views, but it was the only time we actually seen her sketch and not just turn whatever she draws into a finished piece. All her sketches sucked, sure its sketches but there was no clear creative thought behind anything because she was just trying to fill the page.

I'm just glad this whole thing she has going on is starting to fail. She got really lucky with this whole making an income and fan base from youtube thing. She just couldn't continue it with her general laziness. You know she believes she got her success because she is 'talented' and is genuinely shocked people are no longer interested in her. She really fails to realize that no, no one wants to watch her be fat and twirl in mumus. Watch her talking about the shits she took. Laugh at her cats vomiting everywhere. Watch her break a sweat just from walking up and down the stairs once.

No. 1047498

File: 1601331310341.png (205.62 KB, 1308x521, Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 6.16…)


No. 1047515

Jeez. Her colour choices were disgusting. Is she trying to mix pastel with cottage core?

No. 1047516

Is this to go with her ugly ass tea table?

No. 1047533

$360???? you can get this shit at homesense for a fraction of the price. or at value village for $20 for the set. plenty of old people moving to homes are getting rid of this stuff.

No. 1047558

and when she eats her dinner thats drenched in ketchup

No. 1047568

Wonder what her fans would think if they saw this.

No. 1047572

Thats an 80 pc set, that's so many

No. 1047574

Is anyone as baffled as me about her now wanting to do 5 videos a week? Over the last year she's flip-flopped about wanting to do more, then it being too much for her and then cutting back and NOW she wants to make her posting consistent again?

I don't even understand what it is that this girl wants anymore.

No. 1047577

Ikr. She spends more time PLANNING her week than anything else. She cannot stick to any one thing, it's so frustrating.

I don't even think she would be able to fulfill a 5 day a week vlogging schedule, there's nothing even interesting in the current ones. She'll just end up buying more shit to show off, I think.

No. 1047578

But, but, but, she wants things shiny and new.

No. 1047581

Is she still doing that? She used to make this egg set in bread and smothered that in ketchup for dinner.

That was also when she was living alone and just moved in with Christian iirc, so they didn't have much money. Surely she's stepped things up by now??

No. 1047583


Maybe she'll just use them once and throw them out so we don't have to see a pile of disgusting dishes on the side anymore.

Or maybe she'll start using money as toilet paper? The people buying her stock are probably better off just flushing their money for her since it's all going towards junk she doesn't need.

It's so sad when I see artists who legitimately want to be supported so they can do the art thing full time and she's there pissing her followers good will into the wind.

No. 1047594

Lmao imagine her trying to do those parties she did where it was just like a college drinking party with no food except she forces everyone to use silverware. That shit isn’t getting washed for at least 3 months

No. 1047728

Patreon means you have to be consistent with posting and doing whatever you’re doing. She stopped because she lacked having incentives to get people to be patrons and she’s never been consistent on if she wants to be a streamer or an artist. She can’t offer coupons in her store since she refuses to have it open continuously, nor does she do anything special like printables or a pin club cuz she can’t produce enough for some reason.

She totally could run a patreon tho, having a successful one banks on having an audience that can and are willing to support you and she does have a large crowd of stans. I’m also wondering tho she doesn’t because she has lots of fans who would get angry at her if she didn’t have content but they didn’t want to back her patreon. She tends to do things to assuage her fans and like never be taken as nothing less than their twee-god and it’s much easier to do less work if everything is free. It’s also why she doesn’t do things like make a discord too, she’s too like scatterbrained to do only one thing

No. 1047730

She’s definitely delusional. She never even really finished the sketchbook slam either? Like the purpose of it was to explore and get better at drawing and there’s plenty of good ones but hers just looked like she didn’t take it seriously and then she half assed the entire thing. It’s the same with her art, it feels as though she never has to get any better cuz she finished all her learning and now is just copying and shape drawing. And it really feels like she bought all of those followers, like people with over 1mil don’t have views as low as she does on her videos

No. 1047736

She only really said that she was always torn between being a vet and an artist and that when she watched 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs' she had this realisation that animation is what she wanted to do. So she applied for that and moved to Vancouver.

No. 1047761

File: 1601357425760.jpeg (1.72 MB, 2048x1534, E72C93E6-B195-4BB5-A414-8002BB…)

The little cat head drawing reminded me of this video she did 6 years ago making these hand drawn pendants. She bought hundreds of bezels and glass pieces from aliexpress and planned on making them to sell, but after the video went live it’s like she dropped the idea entirely. I wonder if she still has the jewelry parts laying around somewhere amidst the chaos of unused art supplies.

No. 1047767

Can you guys explain to me - I don't understand how she can buy followers. Doesn't YT cotton onto that stuff pretty quick, and you'd get strikes against your account?

No. 1047768

Annnnnd.. somehow her art got worse and way wonkier, over those 6 years.

No. 1047771

Lololol right? I just noticed the bowtie isnt centered.

No. 1047788

Neither are the ears, it’s just all types of wrong, hahaha.

No. 1047814

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Baylee has a good eye for cutesy art. There’s a way to execute the proportions and spacing of facial features that make a character cute and she misses the mark every single time. Even in the cottage kitties pin, the proportions just don’t work.

No. 1047841

No, you’re right. I think she needs to put facial features further down, or higher up. Dead middle isn’t so cute, plus I think the eyes she does are too far apart. Also, the glassy pikachu eyes make them look like dolls without emotions. Kind of cold and dead, IMO.

No. 1047842

Just noticed here that the dresses are inverted versions of each other and they both awkwardly lean to one side lmao.

No. 1047915

I feel the same. All of the cutesy art she's done that I've liked has been fan art. When she's left to her own devices, she just kind of applies some basic features of kawaii japanese art without really studying any of the popular artists who use that style.

No. 1047917

She really should have added whites to the eyes and made the mouths pink or white. Their faces don't stand out at all since they have dark fur and it's really awkward looking. She couldn't have just googled "cute black cat art" and taken some notes?

No. 1047921

It’s a really muddy looking colour scheme, and for some reason looks a bit splotchy. Also, the cat on the right’s face looks like a bad skin condition instead of a pattern. Not cute.

No. 1047923


she really just gave up on fan art once she couldn't make any money from it.

No. 1047927

File: 1601397201743.png (1.89 MB, 1334x750, 88B7482D-3F06-48B3-8741-CBDFB0…)

An old vlog got recommended on my feed, and .. yikes.. drawing cats and color combos aren’t her strong suits

No. 1047960

Is anything art related her strong suit?
She just lacks in all the fundamentals and she just doesn't has any sense of colors.

No. 1047992

She has a discord server

No. 1048014


Thx anon.
Now that neither art nor animation worked out for her, she‘d be better off finishing her vet degree (if she ever started). But she sadly is too lazy for that.

No. 1048037

No. 1048050

Why does she doing her makeup pasty. Look at the sharp difference from her face to her neck…

No. 1048054

holy shit, the food she eats and the portion sizes, no wonder she is fucking fat. "It's cheese bread! EEHHEHEHEHEEEEE Let's add more cheese to it!" damn girl needs to portion control. She also doesn't need to eat that much considering she doesn't exercise or anything. Dragging her ass on the floor to look at her shit isn't exercise lol

No. 1048076


that sandwich looked revolting, like something a pregnant woman would eat. cheese bread, mustard and relish, processed mozzarella cheese, smoked meat AND roast beef, like 2-4 slices of each of the meats. it's an insult to smoked meat and mozzarella.

and that microwaved potato… giant starchy potato covered in onions and more processed cheese and cream cheese. surprised she didn't add ketchup to that too.

No. 1048128

That’s so weird to me that she just whipped off her extensions like that. Never seen that done before.

No. 1048154

Has Baylee ever considered that due to her diet, she isn’t getting the necessary vitamins she needs? Like, maybe that’s why her hair and skin are in the condition they’re in. I’m not sure what she uses topically in her beauty regime, but all of that bread and cheese isn’t enough to nourish her.

No. 1048170


no she really hasn't. that's why her hour of exercise a week doesn't do anything, because she eats like shit, doesn't go outside. and her hair isn't growing bc her diet is shit and she keeps frying it.

No. 1048193

Here we go again, changing her schedule. You can almost bet on her changing her schedule 2-3x a year. She either takes stuff away, or adds more stuff on, and always says, 'I miss doing X, so I'm going to do X' and then she says, 'but X is too much, so now I'm going to scale back on X again'. Do something consistently for once. Maybe actually accomplish something in a timely manner while you're at it.>>1046263

No. 1048246

Is she even active on it? Like strange we’ve never seen screenshots of it here compared to the discord on the Becca/nattosoup thread cuz they’re similar except Becca doesn’t have any viewers but is openly entitled on there vs baylee just being open on vlogs

No. 1048248

Probably no1curr, but it really does make me sad. I'm budgeting like crazy and busting my ass to do the art thing full time. Pisses me off that Baylee just sits on her butt all day, plays video games, does art like once in 3 months and spends money on this shit so flippantly without a second thought.

No. 1048250

She also did keto for probably like 6 months a while back and I don’t think her body has ever recovered cuz she did lose a lot of weight but she didn’t really eat vegetables on it? Like it’s a high fat high protein diet but you are allowed to eat more than bacon and butter and mayo in it. Then when she went off of it she just added potatoes and carbs back in and didn’t really change out of eating high fats. She definitely needs to be an adult and see a doctor and nutritionist but she never has talked about it

No. 1048251

Oh yeah definitely, there’s so many better artists making and doing the hustle but she can get away with being mediocre and people taking care of her like an adult baby with no effects because she got lucky and has a very weird audience of stans who find her appealing for some reason. It’s just sad she doesn’t even try even tho she has all the privilege to get better as an artist or whatever she is on her own terms

No. 1048253

Because she has no standards and doesn't care. So funny how she tries to jump on to the cottagecore trend but she's so bad with it.

She needs to sit down and really think about what she actually wants, and what her goals for the future are. She also needs to put more thoughts into how she'll accomplishes her goals.
She goes back and forth with things because she isn't finding joy or fullfilment in her life/work, but she can't keep up with anything because she doesn't think things through.
She just floats around doing nothing, every day.

No. 1048254

Not to blog, but I like to look back on my year and see what I've accomplished, even if it's just a little win. It's nice to see your progress not just as an artist but as a human being.

Has she even achieved any sort of goal in 2020? Between all the flip flopping around, changing schedules, not creating art, playing video games and stuff, I don't really think she's achieved much of anything.

No. 1048258

Her audience consists mostly of people who are just lazy themselves and that aren't the best artists either. Of course they find her appealing, since she makes a good living off of bad, mediocre art and sitting around all day.
I can see how people can find that nice and prefer that over professional artists that are on a higher level, and who will say how much you got to work and draw in order to make it. Her audience doesn't realize Baylee just had a lot of luck.

No. 1048262

I don't think she had any goals this year. She made a goal list once, I believe it was 2018?, but didn't achieve any of them.

No. 1048265

How can you spend a year not achieving anything at all? That's.. just so sad. She really is directionless.

No. 1048272

Wouldn't you need to prime a wooden board if you're doing oil painting? I'd imagine it being super porous and eventually cracking the paint?

No. 1048359

Yeah you have to gesso the board to prevent wood from soaking in. I didnt watch her start them and I assumed they were on canvas and those come pre-gessoed. Now I’m wondering if they’re not actually drying, they’re just being soaked into the wood and she doesn’t know any better….

No. 1048360

*prevent the oil from soaking in. Unless the board came pre-primed then that’s a real big problem especially if she tries to ship them to her brother?

No. 1048365

I think the ones she’s doing for her brother are on canvas

No. 1048370

I think she blamed it ob the fact that she went to like 2 cons that year (which was on her goal list too, so I guess she achieved one) but in reality she just planned it poorly and was lazy.

No. 1048434

Why is a pre-primed wood piece bad for transport? I have no idea about oils..

No. 1048466

You summed it up! Baylee makes shitty art that her audience could easily do. Baylee is 'successful' from her art and it helps feed the delusion that they could do it too. "I draw just like her, If she can do it, so can I!" Baylee herself seems to not know that she just had a lot of luck.

Anyone remember when she made her shitty how to draw book and she was pissed her royalty checks were shit and she was all "okay so when I publish my next book I'm gonna go with self publishing." Baylee, only your fans and out of touch grannies bought your book, besides the fans and the grannies getting their grand daughter a how to draw book for christmas, no one wants to draw in your potato style. She really thought that shit was gonna set her up nicely lol

No. 1048469


"tea time my publisher went broke" or whatever her video was. like yeah, from bad decisions like letting you publish a shitty art book for grade schoolers.

No. 1048563

No. 1048578


What made me mad back then was how uninterested she was in getting the money her publisher owed her. Girl has clearly too much money.

No. 1048668

File: 1601501641092.jpg (462.23 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20200930-234221_You…)

Is it just me or is her website not centered?

No. 1048700

So she’s interested in cottagecore and suddenly changes all her branding to match? Girl.

No. 1048704

File: 1601504979393.png (1.8 MB, 2400x1080, Bayleenotcentred.png)

It's not centered at all lol also the name at the top isn't centered either.

wonder what made her get into cottagecore. I get why people like it but it's kind of random she has been trying to jump right on into it. Just down to Baylee's core, she is not that kind of girl. Also not shocked she is failing hardcore at this whole cottage thing too.

I wish she'd stop putting her fat ass hands up to the camera

No. 1048756


enough with the fucking gingham.

No. 1048841

How did she manage to fuck that up seriously

No. 1048861

File: 1601515352827.jpg (388.73 KB, 945x936, Screenshot_20200930-181037_You…)

I may just be looking at it wrong but the down arm on this is really bugging me. The black and white material looks like a cape, but it’s coming out of the top half of the sleeve on that one arm? It doesn't look like it's attached to the sleeve of the raised arm like that, on that side it looks like it's hanging BEHIND the cat like a regular cape. So it makes it look like the other arm is cut off above the elbow.

Again, I might just be looking at it wrong but I can't make sense of it.

No. 1048893

Everything in this is really askew. The mouth doesn’t line up with the eyes, and the body/necklace looks like it’s tilted to the right, and the head is going left?

No. 1048957

File: 1601522956544.jpeg (637.07 KB, 1242x2084, 0BE5C8B4-6DF1-4839-BFF7-14F1FB…)

Googled 16th century European fashion and found this. She most likely used this as a reference for those sleeves…looks like a similar pose and dress

No. 1048990

A non-primed wood would be bad for transit in that, oils take forever to fully cure, about a week to fully dry if she used thinners and didn’t use “fat” mediums like linseed oils (which slows drying), but because there’s no barrier from the primer the paint gets soaked into the wood. And over time the paints warp and disintegrates the wood, in shipping it may also cause the painting to scuff off of the board cuz the paint has nothing to grip on. If a varnish is applied too, it will also disintegrate the wood further. Plus wood is super heavy versus canvas.

Basically you always want to make sure your surface is primed with something as a barrier to the oil paints cuz the paint and thinners can disintegrate things faster over time

No. 1048998

File: 1601527567949.jpeg (395.75 KB, 1080x1350, 16901656-63AD-4489-9A4B-C7D337…)

Nah the shading and placement make it look like it’s pasted on top rather than attached to the garment and an arm contained within. She uses the reference wrong, it should be a sleeve or an over sleeve rather than a completely different fabric, the ruff suggests she’s aiming for Elizabethan era but of course she doesn’t do research and just mishmashes because ruffs that big aren’t usually worn with this type of clothing. U can see in real life Elizabeathan clothing that sleeves are detachable but they match the main body of clothing, her lighting is all made up and she focused too much on the detail of that sleeve that it doesn’t match at all. And I’ve pointed it out before that she isn’t aware of shape, that’s why the clothing all looks like empty balloons rather than actual clothing on top of a thing

No. 1049025

Why did she (try to) draw a realistic cat face but then drew the paw like it’s a blob

No. 1049034

because it's the baylee jae way

No. 1049060

Probably because of Animal Crossing, and everyone suddenly being into cottagecore.
I just wish she would at least try, instead she just slaps on pink gingham everywhere and calls it done. There's no shortage of pastel and cottagecore aesthetics to get inspired from.

No. 1049099


I hate that she thinks she's so aesthetic when she's just delusional! Cottagecore, essentially, is about nature, nostalgia and taking things slow. Not bright ugly gingham. Think baking bread, making jam, sewing, crocheting, being in and appreciating nature. Living a very simple life. Basically the complete opposite of Baylee who, as somebody else said on here, probably only got interested in cottagecore because of Animal Crossing which, generally, there is nothing wrong with but Baylee just ruins it. She seems to think she's so quirky and aesthetic when she's just a walking pink blob

No. 1049120

She’s the wish version of cottagecore

No. 1049175

Cottagecore pretty much is people stealing mori-kei aesthetic and making it more western centric. She makes it look so like cheap looking by forcing the pink and yellow gingham in it so it looks like a cheap picnic table from the dollar store instead of looking at actual cottagecore colors of like brown and creams. If she was smarter, she could do more research and go in a more Marie Antoinette, rococo excess kind of style if she really wanted to keep pink and especially cuz she’s obsessed with whatever that show is, but she never thinks things through.

It also kills me she keeps putting that ugly shitty tiny lace pattern that took her like five hours to make on everything and it doesn’t look good. You can download a lace brush in like CSP and be done in five minutes

No. 1049183

I think she’s becoming more irrelevant now cuz she’s not super engaging on other social media that would draw in more viewers. Most of the young kids that would be sucked in by her book have moved to tiktok instead of YouTube and now that she doesn’t do art videos anymore, her channel is really irrelevant to most people who discover her. She also doesn’t engage on twitter or IG and while she has a lot of followers on both, I think they’re more a realistic amount of people who watch her vs the 1million on YouTube.

No. 1049197

There’s ways to buy subs through advertisers and google that won’t get your account flagged and it is a general theory of this board she or someone else has been buying them for her to keep her sub count high. Before socialblade died when YouTube changed stuff, you could see sub count breakdowns by day and she had very strange ones, like when she posted the wish video she easily lost about 1k or so but then had weird surges of 100-300 subs when she hadn’t posted a video in weeks cuz her upload schedule is so erratic. Plus her view count on her videos never match other channels with the same, a common one to compare is kasey golden cuz they have roughly the same amount but kasey is more consistent on content and both are equally annoying in personality.

I really think she has a lot of old and dead accounts still subbed too from when she was popular, if YouTube were to get rid of them her sub count would be super low. The sub counts on her other platforms are more realistic to who actually watches her: twitch has 77k but only about 150-300 active viewers, insta has 100k, twitter about 50k. She’s still got like high numbers for an artist on the internet yes but is steadily losing relevancy and passive income through YT.

No. 1049314

The anon you are replying to and in no way am trying to blog at all, I know she is becoming more irrelevant and thank god! She is making more videos now because she knows her views are failing and I bet her youtube income has taken a hit. In her dumb head she is thinking "more videos, more views, more money!" but she fails to realize she is just not engaging enough and she makes crap content. She still spends like crazy probably out of habit and because her store still has a bit of traction. The whole schtick she had of "Young artist living off her art and buying all the crap she wants with little effort" just isn't working for her anymore. Baylee just fails to realize she got extremely lucky and she pandered to the right people.

Wonder how long till we see her panic in videos over money or will she just carry on like nothing is wrong. No way Christian makes enough to afford that house alone and her store won't keep generating income forever.

No. 1049325


She either way becomes a mommy vlogger, streams full-time on twitch or just vanishes from one day to the other and shutting down everything at once.
The only way she could get out of this is if she improves and constantly sells planner stickers and shit like Sheena from She Meets City. Her art was shittier than Baylees and she still made it smh (at least she doesn't seem to suffer). But we all know she will not do this.

No. 1049358

I can't see her just disappearing. She loves talking to a camera too much, and since she doesn't has anything else going in her life I think it would make it really hard for her to quit.

The mommy vlogger and streaming though, I could totally see her doing that. Honestly I think she hoped to be more successful on Twitch. She clearly enjoys just streaming all day.

No. 1049369

For sure she won't just go away but she won't have it as easy with her current set up as she used to. She for sure loves the camera and over sharing her life. She'd gain new followers for sure as a mommy vlogger but she'd lose them too. She'd enjoy a few years of popularity 2-3 years max) and then we'd see her struggle with gimmick after gimmick to get those views back. She's tried a children's art channel, quit when parents asked her to explain terminology and was pissed they expected her to teach their children. She started a toy channel, but that was an excuse just to buy more crap and it went no where. She'll always be around but she will lose the income she has acquired. At one point she put in a lot of effort into streaming to the point of cutting back on vlogs and all she would talk about besides the shit she took or the cats barfing was streaming. Baylee is losing relevancy, will always have viewers but never enough to keep the cash flow coming in. She must be scratching her head at her loss of viewership.

No. 1049382

No. 1049563


wtf is she going to vlog when she does the rest of her list? more garbage potatoes?

i did kind of miss the routine of hate watching her vlogs and coming on here to complain about them, at least.

No. 1049601

This doen't look that bad for it being done by Baylee but wtf is up with the hand? it is not the worst thing ever but personally I wouldn't gift it to someone or hang it in my house lmao

No. 1049609


I'm amazed at how long she screwed around with her Twitch banner to make it fit perfectly on any device and any screen size anyone could possibly have, as if it matters. She's a pro at spending all day 'working' and doing absolutely nothing.

No. 1050175

No. 1050198

Cat portraits look very flat. She has her own cats, she could have studied form of their heads, take photo references and simplify them to planar heads maybe and work from there.

No. 1050209

File: 1601664236925.jpeg (474.36 KB, 828x786, 0D9CE924-7742-4BF8-9B6E-4F88C5…)

No. 1050229

why is she so obsessed with painting? wasn't her main medium markers? artists usually have a medium they use for almost everything. If she doesn't want top pain she can sketch. She complicates everything

No. 1050497


it's really only because she had this idea for a gift. it's always a toss up on whether she'll finish her dumb ideas or abandon them.

No. 1050516

Exactly. She keeps trying out these mediums because she can’t be bothered at just being satisfied with being good at one thing or thinks she’s a better artist if she does every medium. She went to school for animation and not painting and most schools don’t really do a crossover between those two mediums/majors, it would make more sense if she went in for fine art or illustration, and she doesn’t really practice enough or have the skills to paint well. She could totally just do small portraits in marker and frame them nicely cuz who is gonna put these two huge ass paintings in their house?

No. 1050537

Baylee could have used a Art Fundamentals course. A course that covers the basics in terms of art, from painting to illustration to sculpting. It's a good way for people into art to figure out what direction they want to take. She probably never took such a course and yes most colleges offer it inb4 someone says they don't. Baylee jumped straight into animation I guess, well it shows and didn't she go to one of those diploma mill like places for art? Ontario has one called 'Max the Mutt" BC has to have it's own version (whatever name it may be)

I wonder if her family takes her seriously as an artist? do they indulge in her crap to make her happy? IIRC she is the oldest or second? she sure acts like the youngest. If she is the youngest well, it explains a lot. She strikes me as someone who wasn't overly spoiled financially but was coddled.

No. 1050652

She's the middle child. Her mom has some of her art/prints. They own a house in Arizona and that one had quite a few illustrations from Baylee in it. Her mom also bought a her book (she bought like several copies to give to family members) and send a subscriper mystery box. Don't know about the rest of the family.

No. 1050653

According to her website, she went to the Art Institute of Vancouver. Idk if it is related to the AI colleges that were in the US which were also private art schools that came under fire for just being very bad, pay for your diploma schools but it seems likely. And most of the art schools in Vancouver are there to funnel students into the animation and game studios in the area. The school I went to offered a class like that you mention where they made all the incoming freshmen do some basic painting and drawing, but as soon as u entered a major you took classes related to it and animation, especially if she did animation and 3D animation. You never took oil painting or higher painting classes unless you had a major like illustration because that area focused on building your drawing strengths more than animation. Some animation majors tbh drew like baylee but they were stronger in like other aspects like story boarding or rigging.

Someone said also Brooklyn is her younger sister which I think is surprising cuz Brooklyn looks older tho it could be because she eats properly and her skin and hair don’t look gross like baylees. Her mom has also helped her at Calgary expo before so she’s definitely proud of her, the paintings would be a more fitting gift to her mom than her brother, who I don’t think is in any vlogs including Brooklyn’s wedding (or didn’t want to be included)

No. 1050688

Is it smart of her to just leave those oil paintings standing in her art room with the cats around?

I find this so ironic somehow. She draws/paints so rarely and in the past 2 years she changed her schedule more and more to draw even less.

No. 1050692

She and other art youtubers seem to believe that if they try every single medium it automatically means they now are professionals at it. Her obsession with oil painting seems to have lasted more than her obsession with the expensive watercolors she bought long time ago.

She complains she has no desire to draw or time but still chooses to use a medium that takes forever like oils like ? honestly either she is retarded or just likes the attention of people being all like "it's ok if you dont post"

No. 1050859

everyone wish baylee a happy birthday :^)

No. 1051031

The whole "mom bought some of her stuff and bought her books to give to family" sounds just like Dobson lol

Quick google search shows those art institute schools are just pay for your diploma types. Yeah the art fundamentals course is used at some colleges just to help students get a little better for whatever they are gonna do next (in ontario) and most times the students go straight to animation. Really good students can skip the fundamentals and go straight to animation and they all end up working for local Canadian companies. Didn't mean to blog just pointing out that some schools do take animation class more seriously, even just a bit. I can't see Baylee getting into an actual schools art course where she must bring in a portfolio and take the drawing test they offer. Can you imagine if she tried getting into CalArts? the people who show off their sketchbooks who got in are pretty good. Baylee wouldn't even come close.

>honestly either she is retarded or just likes the attention of people being all like "it's ok if you don't post"

that's what she wants. Judging from her attitude in the past she loves being told she doesn't have to try as hard and she can take it easier.

No. 1051070

That's just it, I don't think she could have made it in any serious art school that doesn't just throw diplomas at you. Her art has never been good, she has no understanding of any fundamentals and let's be real, she also only does what she really has to. No pushing herself, no getting out of her comfort zone.

I mean girl spent 3 hours making an ugly lace border and calls that working hard.

No. 1051263

true that. Just crazy how she got inspired to get into animation and just sucks over all at art. She isn't really good at anything art related, from her sub par animation to her lack luster effort into other mediums. It's always shit that a 14-15 year old could produce and even that could be a bit of a stretch considering there are some really hardworking/talented teenagers making art. They are also leagues better than Baylee could ever hope to be and that's no exaggeration. Art was never for her. She could have been a mediocre hobbyist and that'd be fine but as career, no way. She is young and could always go back to school for vet tech when this whole youtube/art store money making thing dwindles, because it will. She will still have fans but they won't financially support her. She has a $3800 rent payment alone.

Would Baylee go back to a regular job when the money gets low? Is she to used to the easy money she got through youtube? Girl is probably pissed her Twitch hasn't taken off. She has a lot of followers but with the way she keeps throwing her shit to the wind it's not the steady money maker she wanted it to be. She's been trying since 2016-17 or so now.

No. 1051325

I guess her covid results came back negative if the party is still on. I'm glad she isn't sick and I'm glad she was responsible enough to get a test before having people over. Her party decorations are cringe and her outfit is ugly AF - she needs to learn how to wear a petticoat correctly - but props for the covid test.

No. 1051380

If you wear shitty and light clothing over a petticoat, it’s just gonna look shittier. That’s why quality lolita fashion is pretty expensive, they wear 1-2 petticoats for the shape and the over skirt is usually a heavy cotton. Baylee only buys clothes from fast fashion places and shitty vintage nightgowns, like she has a lot of clothes but they’re all from like forever 21, so I don’t know what she thinks a petticoat is gonna accomplish other than make her look like a fatter cake

No. 1051397

File: 1601804575875.jpeg (410.51 KB, 1388x2048, Ejco5dfVkAA3pKK.jpeg)

She had a Château themed birthday party. Why am I not even surprised by this

No. 1051523

holy shit this is so ugly. Also highlights how big they've gotten.

No. 1051700

File: 1601843040123.jpg (313.12 KB, 1080x500, Screenshot_20201004-131713_Twi…)

I thought the paintings were supposed to be a surprise for the brother's wedding. The whole reason she couldn't ask for proper reference photos of the cats is because she didn't want him getting suspicious, and she said she only included it in the vlogs because she knows he doesn't watch her videos. Surely he follows her on Twitter though. Looks like she threw out the whole surprise thing then so she can use it as one of her cheap party props.

No. 1051856

This is so mean but damn they look fucking awful. Christian let himself go but he was never really stellar in the first place. But he looks like a real person compared to baylee's bug eyed souless stare. She has some really dark brown eyes, her pink hair and pale ass colours dont exactly make them look less creepy. Not saying brown eyes are creepy just baylee could use some more bolder colours in her wardrobe and go back to having dark hair. It would suit her way more. She looks sickly too with that unhealthy pale complexion. Girl has no one in her life to tell her she looks awful and could give some pointers to look less awful.

No. 1051944

File: 1601865700117.jpg (135.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The youtuber lifestyle has not been kind to both of them

I don't understand why she doesn't use a foundation that matches her skin tone, it makes her look sickly

No. 1051972

She smiles so creepy

No. 1052001

She has vitiligo. I think matching her skin tone is a lost cause. She said those photos of her when she was younger and tanned were from a time when she was doing tanning bed therapy for it but she stopped when she/her dr thought it had stopped helping her skin. She looks so much better with dark hair though. I wish she could see that.

No. 1052003


Dead eyes.

No. 1052010

It's crazy how she has absolutely no eye for making things/herself look good. She had an art career for 8-9 years now and has no clue about colors or general aesthetics. I don't expect everyone to be a fashion expert, but does she really look in the mirror and think that looks good?
She needs to get out of her echo chamber, meet some people, maybe even make some actual friends.

No. 1052124

It looks like she attached two pink strands of hair to her head

No. 1052321

No. 1052324


so like. did all her friends also get covid tests before the party? did she quarantine while waiting for results? did they?

bc isn't in as bad of shape as ontario and quebec, but they're still not in the clear. i certainly wouldn't risk getting covid to go to one of her shitty ugly parties with her nasty cream cheese dip.

No. 1052336

One of her pet peeves is adults making a big deal out of their birthdays on social media. Is the irony lost on her that she makes a big deal out of her whole life by vlogging?!

Also, girl didn't know to clean the pump for her cat's water fountain?! Just put their water in a bowl if you're not going look up how to properly clean the fountain -_-

No. 1052353

havent watched the vlog but did she seriously have a "fancy" party but still made her dumb ass dip and usual snacks??? like if ur gonna be fancy go FANCY. Cook or get a nice dinner catered!! Jeez

No. 1052374

wow, she sucks at parties lol I'm 100% certain her 'friends' are mostly christian's friends and they only come over because she has a huge house and she is willing to feed them/supply booze. She would be that delusional to think she looks cute and whimsical in what she is wearing. It looks like a blue sack of potatoes.

yeah, nothing about this party screams "homage to elegant/princess" whatever theme she is going for, she certainly missis the mark with finger foods and dips. Maybe something out of that Sofia Coppola movie, Marie Antoinette like The pastry's, the sugared fruits, champagne. She could afford it I'm sure. She can waste hundreds on forks and spoons after all.

No. 1052400

Yes I went to Disney World for my 29th birthday, but I wanted to drink & eat around Epcot. This Princess Party is…just..ugh it's so cringey

No. 1052441

I think the most frustrating thing about Baylee is that she clearly has the money to purchase high quality and beautiful things, but she always goes cheap and as a result her decorating looks tacky as hell. There are people who know how to ball on a budget and make it look expensive, but not Bayls

No. 1052461

that vlog title uhh does not fit with the video itself lol

No. 1052481


wow are you saying that dollar store plates scotch taped to your cabinets isn’t the height of luxury? you sound poor tbh.

i wonder if we’ll see all that crap on the cabinets for the next 9 months like she did with those sad balloons.

No. 1052507

The way she pronounces it "shot-toe" every time makes my ears burn.

No. 1052817

Oh wow how long ago was this picture cuz they have aged BADLY. They look like sad 40 year olds but this couldn’t have been more than ten years ago?

No. 1052919

I think it's from when theh were in high school. I know she mentions it in a vlog but I can't remember which one.

They really don't age gracefully. Especially Baylee has really let herself go. Her wedding was only 3 years ago and she looked way better during that time.

No. 1052926

wow I honestly feel like a dick, I didn't know she had vitligo. That makes perfect sense. I always really hated the way her dark eyes looked against her pale skin and light hair, like black holes. I can see why she might have dyed her hair blonde in response to her skin lightening. I think that having dark hair would still be better than the light hair. Having any skin disease fucking sucks

No. 1052940

Dark hair and dark eyes are a pretty combo. The pale skin thing can add to it. Skin condition or not, Baylee just has some dead eyes. Even when she wears make up those eyes just look off putting. She needs to soften her face a bit when she smiles. She does that overly forced smile thing you would do on school picture day. Christian looks more natural in his smile, he's putting on a smile but he's not trying so hard at it. She looks great with fuller hair, curling it, adding extensions really helps her. Her current hair doesn't do her any favours. She is also round now and dressing like a complete idiot in pastels and shit that makes her look like a deflating balloon.

No. 1053036

No. 1053043

Source? I believe you, I'm just curious about where she talked about it.

No. 1053044


She mentions it in her really old 'Draw my Life' video

No. 1053152


i thought that was just the cause of her birthmark on her wrist? it doesn't seem to be visible anywhere else. i think in this case it's just her not colour matching foundation properly.

No. 1053192

i cant believe she can make money by filling out a sticker book

No. 1053219

a 15min vlog/video of her just putting shitty stickers that she made into a book…this girl is damn lucky that she still has crazy followers who will watch it all

No. 1053226

she doesn't even do it well. as usual, nothing is well thought out and looks cheap af. it seems like it took her ages because she gave up after 5 sheets. children can do this better in 15 minutes, baylee.

No. 1053227

I think it’s pretty nice how considerate Christian is of Baylee. The way he dresses up for her party and buys her thoughtful gifts. I do believe he really loves her, even if she’s obnoxious and really let herself go lol

No. 1053372

Because he knows full well that no one else will have him lol

No. 1053512

I think it's more Baylee who would have a hard time finding someone else.
Christian isn't the best looking by any means but he was the one actually making friends and building a friend group. Let's be real, she is only the girlfriend that they invite because it would rude not to.
Christian also seems very tolerant and easy going. I mean he lets Baylee have 2 rooms to herself, and doesn't even say anything about the mess. Meanwhile Baylee kept complaining about him having his PC in the livingroom, because it looked so messy.

No. 1053630

Baylee always struck me as the kind of person who didn’t go out and make friends, rather she attracts the kind of people who want everyone to be their friend and she tags along. She has a very one sided kind of attitude to her social interactions in general, like she doesn’t know how to be engaging or talk to people in interactions. Like even when she has friends over, they don’t seem close nor does she make efforts to reach out to any other than the parties and drinking. It’s kind of sad cuz in a way she feels stunted, like if she didn’t have everyone doing everything for her like Christian or her family and her fans, she maybe could have grown as a person and an adult but now it’s kind of sad she’s just a sheltered child in her 30’s

No. 1053696

there was a vlog from a year or two ago where she was hosting a christmas party. Again at her house because it's the biggest place to gather in Christian's friend group. Besides Jacob, she was very awkward interacting with everyone else. She was very much just 'there' floating about when not awkwardly laughing loud or shoving the camera in someone's face.

>>1053512 >Let's be real, she is only the girlfriend that they invite because it would rude not to.

Basically. "I like Christian and his house but his girlfriend is hella annoying." and that's when they are at her house. She had a vlog where she went out to eat with Christian, his friends and Jacob and it was just as awkward as you can imagine. Baylee tried out those wine and painting party thing and she was just as awkward as you would think. She painted this ugly Toad from Mario while everyone else painted landscapes. Everyone was just better than baylee. Even the crappy ones had more character than her piece.

No. 1053712

Exactly. If not for the house they would never have people over. It's kinda sad how she doesn't has any friends. No wonder she feels the need to constantly talk to a camera. Even worse, I doubt that she is aware that they don't seem to care much for her.

No. 1053890

No. 1054048

She is his Wife, not girlfriend lol!

No. 1054191

Oh Baylee, we all know you'll never do those animation exercises.

No. 1054406


woof those stylized rugrats babies are nightmare fuel. then again this is the moron who submitted a painting to a zine so at least this time it'll be digital art.

No. 1054482

File: 1602180758323.jpg (554.33 KB, 1220x1001, Screenshot_20201008-111256_You…)


What is the charm actually supposed to be? Is it a snowflake? A clover?

No. 1054484

looks like a cherry blossom

No. 1054556

File: 1602187293644.png (1.19 MB, 1439x1077, Bayleescrapart.png)

Her own style is so bad. Klasky Csupo has a unique kind of ugly style but it really is eye catching. Even if ugly lol. Baylee's is just devoid of any character and unique traits. Just does a quick one time sketch and it's "Guess I'm all done!" because we know she isn't gonna branch out more from this in terms of styles. Her sketches are so stiff, she is really scared to go beyond her own skill level.

No. 1054580

No. 1054603

She didn't develop her style naturally. If you have followed her vlogs for a while, it's kinda obvious that she watched sluggie's old videos and just decided to copy that style.
She should focus more on learning the fundamentals and just let her style develop naturally.

That Spongebob piece looked awful and it really stood out in a bad way among the other pieces. Her digital art isn't much better though, so it's gonna look ugly either way.

No. 1054622

For someone who vlogs so much, she looked so awkward relieving that present, like she didn’t even seem that appreciative? It felt so icky to watch, with Christian at the side, it kinda felt like he anticipated more of a reaction. Especially when we’ve seen her be far more emotive when she’s playing stupid game streams.

No. 1054646

File: 1602193830535.jpg (141.26 KB, 842x747, Screenshot 2020-10-08 145152.j…)

dang, she looks huge here

No. 1054678


yeah i definitely expected her to be sobbing at this present. she's so weird.

like yeah it was ugly but it's definitely right up her street.

No. 1054706

File: 1602200760237.jpeg (654.59 KB, 828x1674, 434E2C88-99F2-486D-90E6-75E54A…)

I got curious, and with Christian’s description of them personally highlighting it or whatever, I’m inclined to believe she got the jewel edition and….I’m so mind-boggled. (Even regular paintings are close to $400.)

No. 1054726

She's crazy, it's just a print. She could have just downloaded the art, printed it on her big ass printer and framed it herself. I don't condone stealing art but $1k+ is just ridiculous.

No. 1054733

I like how her natural instinct when opening expensive Disney shit is to leave it on the floor
>hundreds of dollars of dolls
>floor unboxing
>$1000 print
>floor unboxing, ok because of the size but then
>leave it leaning on the sofa like a garage sale find

No. 1054734

I get and sympathize with the vitiligo issue, but the excessive blush combined with the pink hair just makes her look uncanny with her features, build and dark eyes. She would look so much better with dark brown hair and normal makeup.

No. 1054804

I think they got the cheaper one, because in the close up you can see that there is no glitter dust applied.
This one here: https://thomaskinkade.com/shop/limited-edition-art/disney-images/beauty-and-the-beast-dancing-in-the-moonlight-limited-edition-art/

Still, quite expensive.

No. 1054823

Her husband spent more effort and money on a birthday gift for her than she has for him in the last several years.

Previous birthday gifts Christian:
Belle Necklace: $500+
DXracer Chair: $350+
and now a painting thats $600+

A last minute subscription box and a bag of potato chips she ate

No. 1055056

no way trying to blog post with this lol but yeah been following Baylee since 2014, off and on and for sure she copied a style and ran with it. She won't ever learn fundamentals though, why when she already made it 'big' with her current style. Girl is just tragic. Everyone kind of takes a little of someone else's style and it eventually develops into something the artist can feel comfortable drawing. Baylee, by her own ego and or laziness, just chose one that was easy for her to copy and stuck with it.

She gets bigger every year. Watching her from 2017 to now is crazy. thought she was big back then but she is really big now. Not 600 pound life but the kind of fat where the person looks like they smell.

Its easy to forget they are married, she doesn't treat him equally really. He breaks his ankle or whatever and Baylee gets pissed he is home a little more and makes him take the bus to work despite the fact she could drive him. She got him a sound bar like thing one year for christmas, that's the only memorable expensive like thing. Maybe he puts up with a lot because of the fact she makes such good money. I doubt his salary alone could afford the rent on the house, which is around $3800 a month. So maybe, maybe it's "well, she makes more, least I could do is put up with some bullshit."

No. 1055094

No. 1055104


she needs to give up this chateau shit. a bit of beauty and the beast shit and some dinky tea cups doesn't make you fancy.

No. 1055107

The COTTAGE CRAP is not working for her. She's making it look tacky…

No. 1055223

File: 1602274310398.jpg (149.63 KB, 966x638, Hurrr.jpg)

Ugh, she was getting rid of all that junk, I thought great, then she brought home a ton of new junk. Sighh

No. 1055306

Why does she always photoshop her face to be slim when in the video she's clearly fat

No. 1055354

Cottage core is the exact opposite of her aesthetic, and cottage core should be more about a life style and set of behaviors then the gaudy 80s floral aesthetic junk you find in Goodwill

No. 1055364


"i've never been to japan but my friends have so they could use it when they come over"

and then what is clearly a port glass that she'll use as a shot glass to feel fancy.

No. 1055409

She reminds me of Pixielocks with her excessive hoarding of crap just because it's ~aesthetic~. They're also both fat, lazy, slobs who rely on other people's wealth to sustain their shitty lifestyle kek.

No. 1055424

File: 1602291347343.png (5.03 MB, 3302x1246, Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 8.55…)

I wouldn't call the pink slime a celebrity but damn right she's spoiled.

No. 1055612

Something really creeps me out about her eyes

No. 1055615

It’s because she looks like an old fat man from Yorkshire

No. 1055616

Is she even going to use this? There's an entire sculpting box and a miniatures box, she doesn't do any of that and I can't see her getting into battle miniatures of all things

No. 1055652

She’s only gonna do it for the video of course cuz jazza probably sent it to her gratis. Then it’s going into a corner and collecting dust after she pushes it there cuz she’s strewn all the garbage onto the floor and can’t be bothered to pick it up.

No. 1055693

I'm not a huge fan of Jazza's art style but he's a much better businessman than Baylee. She should hit him up for tips for her store, figure out how to outsource all the packaging and posting. Except, if she isn't doing all that mindless busy work, what would she do with her time? More art? Design more products? As if.

No. 1055696

If she really wants to embrace cottage core, she needs to ditch all that Disney crap. If that's too hard, at least neaten it up. I hate that Beauty and the Beast blanket she has on the wall by the dining table. How hard is it to sew channel in the back and run a dowel through it so the top edge is even. Google how to hang quilts if you need step by step instructions, Bayls. The uneven top edge is such a college dorm aesthetic. Like she stuck it up with a couple of nails and called it good.

No. 1055708


she already has a b&tb tapestry on the other wall, so i don't see why that janky blanked has to be on the wall at all.

what they really need to be replace is that nasty denim blanket they have.

No. 1055771

I figured that is a childhood blanket of Christians. How do I sage comment?

No. 1055895

When they moved into the house, Baylee had this 'rule' that all Disney and general all merchandise from movies and shows is supposed to stay in the art/toy room and in the downstairs living room. The upper level of the house was meant to get more adult decorations so to say.
She stopped following this rule more and more because she had too much stuff. Now it's all a mess.

No. 1056617

I see this as rules for thee but not for me in regards to Baylee. She probably just didn't want to see his nerdy stuff around the house and so said none could be upstairs to make it fair. It's Baylee though and it can only go her way and that rule didn't stick. Also yeah she kept buying more and more shit. We've seen this plenty. "I can afford to go to Disney world, sis, why can't you? what do you mean you don't make ebucks?" when she was shocked her sister couldn't afford a unplanned Disney trip. Or years ago when she wanted her family to move to her area when she had a baby because it would be totally inconvenient for her to move. which, no that's not fair at all. She is a very selfish person and probably always has been. She just couldn't be a complete douche in the early days because she lacked the funds to hold over people. She has money now so of course she feels more entitled and childlike. For the past 4-5 years she has been living on easy street.

Seeing the panic in her eyes from a week or so ago, talking about how she is going to make more videos for YouTube is the first time in a long time we have seen her with that panicked look. Sure she has twitch and her shop but her biggest source of income, judging from the panic, is YouTube.

She'll never get the whole aesthetic of cottage core. Like someone else said she has gotten into it because of animal crossing new horizons. Most peoples island pics are "uwu outdoor rustic!" and it is cute but still really funny watching Baylee latch on like she's in a weird manic state. So her new cottage core thing is just a recent little fad for her. An excuse to buy new shit and fill the empty void she has in her boring life.

No. 1056798

I said it before but I think she's actually disappointed that her Twitch isn't bigger. She totally go for just being a streamer. She has a nice amount of followers there but I think only around 200 people watch her streams, and not all of those people are subbed to her or give her donations. Baylee needs to get that money for Disney trips after all.

We all know that next year she's gonna rebrand again anyways. She'll be obsessed with something new then.

No. 1056812

Yeah the twitch gives her an excuse to play video games all day and she doesn’t have to work on art or extend her effort any further than that. It’s only a matter of time twitch playbacks will go on the YouTube. I highly doubt YouTube brings in much money nowawdays, her newer videos don’t bring in as much as her art videos used to and nothing is appealing about her vlogs when there’s more aesthetic and more knowledgeable artists on YouTube and other platforms. If she was able to budget her time like an adult and run her store continuously, doing monthly restocks and stuff like most artists do, she could make good money off of it but she really spends so much time either sitting around doing fuck all like the ugly ass lace or her ugly rugrats “studies” or spending 18 hours shiny hunting in Pokémon. She doesn’t treat anything like a job like she should really

No. 1056836


I don't understand why she doesn't do that and as far as I can tell it just comes down to pure laziness. Baylee was so lucky to gain an audience early on and she could have ran with that and created a steady online store. It wouldn't need to be anything too crazy. New prints, sticker sheets, pins, etc. every few weeks and she'd be golden. Look at Mira Byler. She's smaller, lesser known, similar to Baylee in style and skill, and caters to the same audience, and she manages a successful little shop that she supplements with her channel. Baylee could easily be doing the same, probably with even more success, if she just put in the effort and gained some self-discipline.

No. 1056890

Yup. I think a ton of artists who operate very good YouTube channels for things like studio vlogs like Mira byler and katnipp and furrylittlepeach (both have roughly around 140k-170k subs) all just supplement their careers with YouTube rather than relying on it as the main income. They all operate stores and freelance and patreons but are pretty consistent with videos and keeping their stores stocked and making money. But yeah like baylee is dead set on being an art tuber for some reason even tho she “gave up” doing art videos but also has previously failed at patreon and YTAC and being consistent to any challenge or goal that she sets herself. Like she’s pretty much squandering her audience, since so many of them would buy whatever she shits out since her store does fine when it opens, she could be making more money if she wasn’t just on her ass all the time. I think that’s the difference a lot of other artists on YouTube have over her, like they’re always aware they have to make money to live and create things in their careers while baylee just sits in her own filth while other people take care of her. Like it doesn’t even seem like she has pride in any of her work to get any better either.

No. 1056927

She used to run a store constantly, but because she can't manage her time it got too much and she closed it. Around the same time she quit Patreon.

If Twitch would bring her more money, she'd totally stop dealing with any sort of store like that.

No. 1056999


>I highly doubt YouTube brings in much money nowawdays

for sure doesn't. But it used to and for Baylee that was her easiest source of income. Make some shitty video and watch the money roll in. Now her easiest source of income is drying up so she is freaking. She fails to realize (and we all say it lol) that her content is just shit, not engaging and she has fallen behind the pack in terms of everything. She will one day be that channel some remember has "Oh yeah, I watched Baylee growing up." and they check on her channel and she is only getting 10kish views a video. Isn't she only averaging 17-30K? so she isn't far off.

>or spending 18 hours shiny hunting in Pokémon. She doesn’t treat anything like a job like she should really

she would always act so proud after those trips too. She'd start the camera looking like a ripe sweaty tomato acting like she just completed a decathlon and won. Seriously though the smallest damn thing she does she treats it like she achieved some incredible feat.

No. 1057167

Jfc why?????
Does she look at herself?

No. 1057183

Did she ever do a house tour? I'm kind of curious how big it is. It looks kind of average from her latest videos.

No. 1057200


She did a tour on her old vlog channel when they first moved in.

No. 1057234

File: 1602542400559.png (1.12 MB, 1168x700, 1511919277004.png)

throwback to Kiki. After this incident she would take pics off all the shit her cats would wreck and post it on twitter. She did this because someone called her out for letting her cats all over her shit and how they could get hurt. It's funny the whole she will dig herself into just to prove she is above it all.

No. 1057391

Didn't Kiki once fall from the top of the old desk, on some big piece of glass and break it?
She also lets them chew on everything, tinsel, tape, those zipties, copics… Wasn't there an oil paint tube or two that had small holes in them too?

No. 1057837

File: 1602613466765.png (2.49 MB, 1820x1024, areyoukiddingme.png)

second pin reveal

No. 1057839

I was just switching Streamers on Twitch and since she's online I peeked what she's packaging. What is this Pin? Paw with the most random shapes on Vlog Intro Backing?
This is a new lowpoint on her pin designs, after that rash-cat in a box.

No. 1057844


this is even lazier than any of her other design, well done.

she's going to end up showing over half of her advent box because without item prep she has nothing else going on in her life to showcase.

i'm genuinely shocked that she didn't get her camera out to film her awkward thanksgiving party. the fact that she was coincidentally working on prep while her friends were there to rope them into helping as usual is bad enough.

No. 1057846

clipart shapes in a paw? is she fucking serious?

No. 1057847

That pin makes no sense. Celestial designs in what was supposed to be an advent calendar… in a cottagecore box? Those "stars" and the moon don't even look like they belong together. Am I missing something here?

No. 1057860

God this just looks so bad. She isn't a good designer and she lacks creativity, but this is just so bad.

No. 1057891

boxes are $75…

No. 1057925

No. 1057987

As an enamel pin designer, this is pure dogshit.

She's designed about 10+ enamel pins now and she literally hasn't learnt a thing.
The pantone colour choices look so poorly chosen, especially if they were based around her "colours"
Recessed metal looks like she didn't want to pay extra to get those parts cut out and the design looks like she came up with it in the better half of an afternoon

I feel so embarrassed for those who will actually wear this gold blob in public, the whole concept and execution is lazy and terrible. She should generally feel bad for making such a shitty product

No. 1058304

The paw looks like shit and gives me more canine vibes from the size of the toe pads, when I would have thought she'd want more feline, and the moon and "stars" look like a weird mouth and beady eyes. She should be ashamed asking people to pay for that

No. 1058316

It's so obvious that she rushed through these designs. She once again didn't plan the product or managed her time well. She started working on designs way too late, she ain't got the skills to come up with nice things that quickly.
This calendar is already such a mess and she's really gonna have to hurry if she wants to launch it in the end of November.

No. 1058748

Watching Baylee swatch the Inky Box is so painful. Just stupid lines without any system, and when something turned out to be looking like a jellyfish, she ruins everything looking good about it by pressing it into her stupid simple shapes instead of going with the organic shape that was already there. Just a stupid swatch, but it made me mad how she could even ruin that and make it look bad.

No. 1058753

And now she can throw all the materials in a corner and never use them again.

No. 1058788


It's such a fucking waste. I was thinking about getting the mini box myself bc I liked the diorama with the ghost woman but the price kept me from buying. Thinking she surely got ALL boxes for free and will do fuck with them, it's hard not to get a little bit mad.

No. 1058801


>I'm not one who sculpts all the time but occasionally I do stuff

Oh fuck off Baylee lol last time she sculpted was ages ago and she fucking stopped doing it like every other thing in her life. And the case for the sculpting tools in kind of impractical for consistent sculpting use but I understand this is made for 10-teens for first introduction to art and adults looking for some hobby materials.

She for sure is hyping herself up while unboxing, acting like she is gonna get shit done but that box is gonna be caked in dust after a month. Despite trying to sound excited, you can hear herself get anxious after she says what she is gonna do with the stuff. She does not want to do art, her random lines and small circles of paint are indicative of that. She could have actually painted a real picture tp fully show off or ink a drawing but nah lol that's too much effort. She is probably happy for the views the video will bring in though.

No. 1058819


She should have just made three videos and showcasing each box by creating something with it. Like she did previously with the boxes she got from viewers.

No. 1058822

File: 1602707099491.jpg (428.43 KB, 1080x1618, 20201014_132116.jpg)

Damn it's pitiful to see how much Baylee's channel is dying. Her and Chloe Rose uploaded the same video at the same time, Chloe has half her subscribers and double her views. Becoming a full-time vlogger really has been the death of her channel, especially with her uploading 5 times a week. Barely a fraction of her audience has enough interest in her life to actually watch her that much.

No. 1058863

>the hair

No. 1058934

Good comparison. Chloe averages 150K with one video a week. Baylee averages 30K with a few videos a week (is it five?). So, they get the same amount of views. What I think, though, is that Baylee's is not sustainable. How many people can watch an everyday life video each day? For Chloe, people watch it, because it is one video a week. These are usually the video I watch fully. Of youtubers with several uploads a week, I will often skip or skim videos.

I do wonder if a view is a full few or if 10% viewing also counts as a view. Especially for money they get.

No. 1058936


she's made several big mistakes in a row. giving up an actual filming schedule and going down to 'uploading whenever i feel like it'
then moving her vlogs to her main channel, which no one is interested in, clogging up the feed
finally moving to 5 vlogs a week on her main channel, further clogging up the feed.

she also looks disgusting, does nothing fun with her time, does almost no art in her day to day life, and lives in a disaster area.

No. 1058940

Chloe Rose looks so pretty and healthy compared to Baylee, it's so jarring. Not trying to hype up Chloe but damn, really shows how Baylee is just a lazy slob. Click bait faces are annoying as hell but Baylee takes the cake for the most greasy and grating.

Baylee deciding to vlog like she had anything of importance to say was just painfully sad. She stopped living the life others could live through, others being young tweens/teens. when she got that house and everything went downhill, slowly but its still going down. Sure a lot of people follow rich youtubers but Baylee isn't for a mass market, just the weird niche she manage to luck into. The tweens/teens loved her life of artist living on her own in an apartment with the occasional struggles and random but earned merch purchases. Now, well we all know. Woman child living in 6 bedroom house with hoards and hoards of merchandise all the while laughing in the face of would be financial hardships "So I owe $18,000 in taxes. I'm buying a $300 Dyson today. I'll have taxes payed off by next month." That's insane.

I have no idea how much her store makes or how much she'll make from the advent calendar but she has to be hurting for money. It's pretty obvious Youtube was a big source of income for her at one point and is desperate as fuck to keep that up. the whole "I'll be uploading more often." is really just "My youtube money is drying up and instead of creating new and entertaining content I'll just shit out more bull-crap and make it extra long too. My dumb ass figures more videos means more money." We are at the point her channel is dying, after her youtube income dwindles more, it will be her online store next.

No. 1058963


The desperation for money is obvious and she didn't even really try to hide it. When she talked about jumping to 5 vlogs a weeks and straight up said that the quality would be bad but that basically she had to do what she had to do. It's just sad at this point.

No. 1059138

The sad thing is she was making bank back in the day when she was really popular. If she'd been savvy with her investments, she'd have enough put away to do this no effort, only when I feel like it thing she's doing now. But she can't even pay her taxes correctly, so you know she doesn't have a financial plan for her life.

No. 1059241


It's not just because it's baylee. Chloe is much more into the whole clickbait titles and ranking with keywords. Baylee never does any of that. The algorithm will push Chloe's video out way more than Baylee's video.

It's not becoming the full-time vlogger channel that has caused this. It's because Baylee either doesn't care about that kind of thing or just doesn't know how to play the algorithm game.

No. 1059431

Honestly I’m glad she’s letting it grow out. I swear she used to bleach it twice a month

No. 1059443


the way she did it makes it look stupid as hell though. she was too impatient (surprise surprise) for it to keep growing out and did her fake balayage too it and made it worse.

No. 1059452

No. 1059496


more of her crap overtaking the house

No. 1059511

File: 1602796449969.png (1.11 MB, 1088x1056, crotchshot.png)

She could've filmed herself building the shelf from any angle and THIS is the angle she decided would be the best?

No. 1059517

Classy. That dress doesn't suit her. She cut it way too short.

No. 1059535

This looks terrible and generic, what the fuck are those colors? Like bright saturated red for a celestial themed pin?

No. 1059604

She really thought her dinner looked soo great. She did soooo much work to put it together pfft.

No. 1059664

lol especially the way she edited that part with the music

No. 1059707

I'm genuinely surprised she's never done a Hello Fresh sponsorship. They have no standards and will sponsor literally anyone. Her and Christian, young professionals, no kids, too lazy to cook, are pretty much their exact target customer. They could actually eat somewhat healthy food for a change.

No. 1059733

She could probably get one if she asked but it really looks like she doesn’t actively look for sponsors but just takes whatever she can get that reaches out to her first, like skillshare pretty much sponsors everyone if you have a certain amount of subs. I haven’t watched her vlogs in a while cuz they’re boring but I expect that water bottle company eventually

No. 1059752

Oh right, this thing was a dress once. I genuinely thought it was just a cheap blouse.

No. 1059930

Pic makes her look like some giant.

No. 1059948


this showed up on my main page today. it's up to 117k views. baylee is at 35k. maybe she should reach out to chloe for some tips.

No. 1059966

No. 1060007

File: 1602874325895.png (62.84 KB, 155x275, 1542065471660.png)

Baylee is always cringe and greasy but this has to be the worst she has been. That weird Shane Dawson thing she had going on. She also used to make those weird videos where she would pretend her house was haunted. I believe she did this because Shane used to make similar videos. The level she went to for clicks and views is sad.

No. 1060047

god is she fucking braindead? of course she's (technically) endorsing shane dawson. she just loves digging herself in deeper and deeper holes.
also, when i go to her ig i can't see that story. was it from today?

No. 1060050


She did this video a few years ago where she pretended to be Shane Dawson, you can find the vlog about it but it looks like she removed the actual video on her main channel

No. 1060076

An anon earlier mentioned other art YouTubers that run their own shops and they have maybe only 100k subs but make the same amount of total views of like 20-30k per videos. Baylee obviously is trying to capitalize on stretching her views out to multiple videos but having a high sub count and like barely 3% of them watching a video, it probably is even hurting her channel even more since there’s now a ton of garbage to sift through vs like curating a video consistently.

No. 1060083

Am the anon who posted the shane pic. Should have clarified it was way back when. Im sorry. Just posting a throwback to show how desperate she was for views, even back then. She was heavy into shane at the time, at a very cringe level even then. She kept up the 'spooky' videos for awhile but i guess when shane stopped doing haunted videos she followed suit. Not surprised she deleted the shane videos tbh. She cant afford the backlash if it was brougt up. it was weird watching an older adult worship shane like a tween did at the time.

No. 1060352

Baylee’s always tried to get attention and hop on trends with popular youtubers but has always been ignorant of the problematic nature of them. Like she did this Shane Dawson BS to get him to promote her videos cuz she has been a fan of his. and she did ugly drawings with the Jeffree star palette even tho he’s a racist. Then she did that interview with Jake Parker but he’s been cancelled cuz of him being shitty about inktober and then plagiarizing his book from a black author. Like at least she’s waking up to the issues but she’s still very out of touch with anything that’s not directly surrounding her.

No. 1060479

she's just an idiot. she doesn't care about the issues unless it directly affects her, and when people tell her she's wrong or ignorant, she doubles down before she makes any change. remember her judy doll?

No. 1060730

Reading her responses to people who point out how poorly she made her doodle domain videos, by not explaining terms was the big thing, she absolutely doubles down. She has always been rude and condescending. Girl really believes her shit don't stink.

No. 1060731

File: 1602972232219.jpeg (54.21 KB, 400x400, 1510389277031.jpeg)

No. 1060910

Oh yeah she totally would still be using Judy if people hadn’t called her out on it being a racist stereotype. She also tried to paint it a different color like THAT was the problem with her. She’s still using these images for that shitty sticker book she made too

No. 1061151


how in the world could you not see the racial implication of that doll? what a moron. the sad thing is, it's the best drawn one on the entire sheet.

No. 1061442

Have you seen her old videos with Judy? Someone posted one on here a while ago and it's very uncomfortable

No. 1061686

File: 1603119665796.jpg (469.24 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20201019-075856_Ins…)

So Baylee is the next guest on Chloe Rose's podcast and I can only imagine how riveting that will be. An hour conversation with an artist who barely does art lol sounds fascinating

No. 1061711

Rae ones did an interview with Baylee (long time ago) and it was super boring.

No. 1061712


Rae was also recently on Chloe's podcast and that was boring as hell too. None of them have anything to say.

No. 1061775

No. 1061777

It's because all three of them are hobbyist that have barely any clue about art and with terrible skills. Let's face it, all three of them would have given up on art if it weren't for youtube.

No. 1061798

I thought the art was actually kind of cute until she drew the face…

No. 1061881

File: 1603137471265.png (1013.54 KB, 1359x759, chrome_OgyAR11ebI.png)

These enamel pins keep getting worse and worse. Why does she insist on drawing animal in ugly colours - first the weird pink cat and now this. I can't believe people are going to pay $70+ for this nonsense

No. 1061888

Looks like it has no legs but is flashing it's vagina instead.

No. 1061889

I think the pin is cute, but she's showing everything in this surprise box.. what's even the point of the advent calendar if she's going to get excited and show everything so there's nothing for her fans to discover on their own.

Also I know she's lazy, but I wish she would do something with the awkward silences in her vlogs. This vlog's beginning of just her grabbing the sketchbook and ripping the page out could have been more interesting with some light music. Same for when she speeds up a few clips. She leaves the audio as is so it's just squeaky noises instead of filling it with something interesting. She claimed she wanted to do more "artistic shots" but they just look really bad and boring.

No. 1061905

Can't unsee.

Baylee has no consistent theme for this advent calendar. The outside of the box does not match the pins. This dog is blue … the pawprint was gold with other random colors… the wooden pins are "cottagecore" (lol). What look is she going for? And the outside of the box is pink and checkered. This advent calendar will be a money sink for her. I know it will sell out but she will not make a profit.

Also, nice Christian: you farted so hard you woke up? Love that for you.

It's nice to see her do art for once. Guess that "art block" is finally coming to an end? Not that she will ever admit that art block is a thing and she will double down for the rest of her life about the fact that artists just need to "work through it."

It's interesting that she isn't doing "real" art videos in addition to vlogs. This art could have gotten her 100k views as a standalone but nobody will watch it because her vlogs are painfully boring and are alienating her following as she gets around 20k views despite having 1.5 million subscribers. Before the switch she was getting over 100k views per video. Now she gets that per week across 5 videos.

She ALMOST got a million views on the diamond painting video from 4 months ago and that was her most successful video this year. If she could keep up with trends then her channel could continue to grow and not stagnate like it currently is doing. Even the Jazza video only has around 50k views which is her "highest" since she started doing vlogging full time on her BJ channel.

Kiki and Midna are, as always, the best parts of her vlogs. Those cats crack me up.

No. 1061938

>Kiki and Midna are, as always, the best parts of her vlogs. Those cats crack me up.
I think the complete the opposite, they ruined the vlogs since I don't care about other people's pets. Also quitting her job, moving in to the house and getting married have made the vlog content decline further and further.

>Video very much how I feel about people showing their pets or babies.

No. 1061947


i agree, i don't give a shit about the cats. they're ok in small doses, but i don't need to see them walking all over her stuff, all over the counters, puking, etc. they gave up on training those cats quickly, btw. i remember when they first got the house they actually worked at getting them off the counters and cabinets.

did she mention in the vlog why she was doing that art? is it for fun or is she doing something with it? it's so odd to see her sketch and ink in a vlog.

No. 1061996

File: 1603148072044.png (1.79 MB, 2158x1065, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 3.55…)

she said she just woke up and felt like doing art.

holy shit, this leg is fucked up.

No. 1062008

File: 1603148574050.jpeg (161.32 KB, 1242x854, EC84B8B7-A840-460F-963F-44BB81…)

fanart she got from her twitter, made me laugh

No. 1062014

the roots LMAO

No. 1062102

omg this is the most accurate drawing of her. I love that they drew no eyebrows on her too lmaooo

No. 1062187

Gotta be honest, I don't really believe the "I felt like drawing", I feel like she only does the drawing to pull in some viewers again.

No. 1062192

And it really could have, if she left the "& Farts" out of the title

No. 1062203

Blue's clues lookin ass

No. 1062212

Lol I immediately thought of Blue's Clues too.
>tfw you're so unoriginal that you have to steal characters from an established children's show to use as "original art"

No. 1062223

She fails to realize that no one cares about her boring life and that most people don't want to hear about her husband farting.

No. 1062245

Yeah she rags on other peoples aesthetic studio vlogs but they all can edit their videos really well whereas all the time baylee spends on hers, it’s all time wasting nonsense and she doesn’t even try. She thinks all of what she does is important but like, no it’s all boring dead air

No. 1062246

The only inclusion of cats in a non cats video that works well is on Dollightful’s videos (which baylee also tried to rip off of when she made that ugly ass doll that she fucked up on but decided to buy like five monster high dolls for)- she has three and they occasionally pop up if she’s working but she keeps them out of her craft room and she adds a like 15-20 second clip of her playing with one at the end of her videos after the end title card you can skip over if you don’t want to. It’s not annoying and her channel is primarily an art one but it’s there cuz she loves them and it’s content for the cat people. There’s better videos for cats and nobody needs to see them share one litter box in her home and barf and pee on the floor and yet baylee thinks this is good content

This is loads better than all the art she’s shitting out for that “surprise” box

No. 1062249

Anyone gonna hate watch this podcast? The one she did with art “pro” inktober dude was awkward AF and this is bound to also be just as cringe

No. 1062279

I'm going to watch it because I just can't imagine how they'll be able to fill an hour. Chloe isn't particularly interesting, in her previous episodes her guest carried most of the conversation, and Baylee showed in her video with Jake Parker that she couldn't do that to save her life. Plus in her interview with Jazza, Chloe hyped Baylee up about being one of the OG art youtubers alongside Jazza and with that they went on to talk about how he has managed to keep the ball rolling. Baylee went in the opposite direction. They gonna talk about how she did fuck all and tanked? The whole thing is going to be so awkward.

No. 1062300

It still bothers me how she spoke about aesthetic studio vlogs. Yes, some people do manage to clean their place and put some effort into what they do and how they present themselves.

No. 1062316

That face is straight out of Wallace and Gromit.

No. 1062376

She could clean and better present herself too if she took a day off of filming to clean and clean as she worked. The vlogs aren’t that important especially when she isn’t doing anything but talking about what came out of her cats, her husband or herself.

I’m surprised she’s not embarrassed to show that room she kept the recycling in. She seemed more embarrassed that she had to buy the shelves than she was about how much of a disaster the place was.

No. 1062420

No. 1062441

the background looks like a potato lol
i hate the yellow on green she did for the clothes. doesn't come off well

No. 1062443

The art looks so plain and wonky. I really like cozy, autumnal drawings but hers doesn't look good.

Also Baylee, be more secret about where you live girl.

No. 1062448

omg thank you anon I have been wondering what the fuck that mouth was

No. 1062536

I bet she thinks she's on the same level as Chey Barton with her "cooking bits"

No. 1062802

I looked on Google maps, she's worried about the brothel behind her house but the shops behind that are just a line of sex shops and massage parlours so not sure why she is so shocked.

No. 1062845

I don't get why she made a big deal about that in general. Guess she had to fill the vlog somehow.

No. 1062863

Meanwhile she draws really shitty “sexy” pinups of children’s tv show characters, Santa pooping on the floor as “sexy”, and animates her cartoon self having a shit explosion. Is she really almost 30 when she’s acting like a 10 year old finding out about boobs and wieners for the first time? Like does she thinks this makes her more uwu cute rather than a sad immature grown woman?

No. 1062962

fuck I hate her click bait faces. A lot of youtubers look just stupid and you know they are going for click bait but Baylee even fails at click bait images. She can't do anything right. She just lucks into shit.

Her cats are annoying. I love cats but damn, she lets them on the counter where she prepares her high fat slop and just step all over art work and materials. She makes that annoying laugh whenever they do this shit and then does that equally annoying baby voice. it doesn't take long at all to train cats not to do something, Baylee is just truly lazy…well what else is new?

Ever since her first thread, the general thought has been "well, her channel is dying." It never felt that way until now. In 2017-2018 she was still getting decent views, nothing like she used to but still pretty good despite putting out terribly boring content. Now we see it though. She fails to work the algorithm, has thumbnails that don't grab the viewers attention, thinks quantity is better than quality and rarely does what she is known for, art. Her bitterness towards failing as a twitch streamer has become more evident. She has followers on twitch and a steady audience but they don't pay her like other streamers get paid. Damn Baylee, we get it, you hate art and you hate youtubing. She'll always want to film herself though. Doesn't mean people will care.

No. 1062977

Why the heck is she ordering so many pins fr her calendar. Does she really think she can sell a thousand pieces?

Considering her art: I think her reasoning behind it to choose yellow and green for the dress because they are pumpkin colours ain't that bad. But her execution fails.


She's pandering to the wrong audience. Her yT comments are mostly written by teens, and I think most of them don't have the money to pay her on twitch watching shiny hunting for several hours. She needs to appeal to (mature) adults but both her personality and her art prevent that.

No. 1062985

When is she planning on launching it? When she first talked about it, it was meant to launch in the end of October so that everyone had a chance in getting it in time but that's obviously not happening anymore.

I doubt she even knows her audience.

No. 1062998


>She's pandering to the wrong audience. Her yT comments are mostly written by teens, and I think most of them don't have the money to pay her on twitch watching shiny hunting for several hours.

watching her videos where she is at conventions, yeah her audience are teens/tweens and always have been. It's like she doesn't get her market doesn't have money on hand to just waste on her. They have to ask mom and or dad for that shit. More proof that she doesn't know her audience are her more 'adult' vlogs, where she drinks and parties. Nothing wrong with any of that and kids obviously know adults do that shit but Baylee fails to realize that some pasty fatso drinking and screeching into a camera while she desperately tries to get others attention is not content they wanna see. they want to see her draw her shitty pictures because baylee's skill level is on par with their own. "I can draw just as well as this famous youtuber! I must be really good!" Her audience since day one has been tweens/teens and the odd woman child, you just know Baylee thinks she panders to people around her age, 20 at the youngest.

Is she capable of pandering to adults? She was still buying children toys around the age of 27 and giggling like a child over a Pokémon toy made for a 4 year old. Even her more adult related content (house party videos) are boring and cringe.

No. 1063067

is this her 3rd or 4th reveal on the advent boxes? she's going to reveal everything. she has no other content to film. and then when her viewers complain, she'll say 'you shouldn't have watched the vlogs if you didn't want spoilers'

No. 1063113

No. 1063126

God she rambled about Twitch taking down clips with copyrighted music for 10 minutes. All she had to say could have been said in 3 min.

No. 1063152

Then when she was done she repeated everything she had just said. This vlog is a prime example of ‘it’s okay not to post if you have nothing to post.’
>>1062977 I’m also curious about how many people are actually going to be purchasing this box because there’s a lot of pins. I mean even if she did order extras Incase of errors it’s way too many.

No. 1063162

We know who will buy it, parents for their young daughter who is begging for it but how many that will be? it can't be that much. She really ordered too many because no way in hell she has that many young girls interested. She's so used to her shit doing gang busters so not shocked she over estimated again. She used to do gang busters because she would sell shit for super cheap.

she's a true fat ass. Her eyes looked legit depressed her gullet wasn't full of that expensive tim hortons and the excitement when she finally had her shit. "I NEED THE CONTENT!" she says. Yeah no shit, life is so boring she has nothing to offer. She is still panicking. "One cookie is 140 calories…oh…" Oh Baylee you will eat the whole damn thing in one go

No. 1063230

File: 1603317303093.jpeg (94.2 KB, 828x522, 6FF24DC6-1924-4F65-9176-2FD991…)

STILL doesn’t have a release date on the calendars.

No. 1063293


no way are these releasing for christmas. what an idiot.

if she was smart she'd be doing this in stages - say she's releasing 1000 boxes. grade 250 of each of whatever item, then restart and grade another 250. at least she'd have something to launch for christmas. it's the end of october ffs.

No. 1065445

Podcast with Chloe Rose is up

No. 1065462


I laughed at Chloe saying that she has always watched Baylee's vlogs and that she started watching them religiously when they became her main thing, yet 5 minutes later she asked Baylee how many cats she has lmao

No. 1065528

She hasn't received the boxes yet and seems to have no ETA on them either.

No. 1065543

Yeah she takes a million years grading pins and if she was smarter, she could pay to use a pin middleman instead that does it all. It really isn’t that much more expensive than directly, or even u can ask a factory to do carding and stuff too, but I wonder is she ordering these all separately as she finishes them instead of doing all the pins in one go? Like does she even break down her options and how much money she’s spending?

I’m betting on them being done by at least January like she’s not even factoring shipping either

No. 1065547

I think her online audience is way different from her convention audience tbh just basing this on doing cons myself. Baylee appeals to the younger crowd cuz she sold mostly those buttons she doesn’t sell anymore and she sold them for less than a dollar a piece so she was really undercutting a lot on those but they appealed to young kids with money cuz they were cheap. They aren’t the same people who buy enamel pins or prints really, and her buttons were really generic so people just bought characters they liked. I think the people buying her pins and prints like that are more young people in their twenties who are drawn in cuz they think she’s novel and cutesy and bypass the fact that she’d rather play video games than actually work on her career. They’d be the ones who would mostly tune into her streams, like what child would want to watch her fat ass on a workout stream, and enjoy her vlogs. I think kids younger would be more into her art videos more than her vlogs since they’re really just innocuous and generic, which is why her channel isn’t doing so hot, but her core “whales” (as in like people who drop a lot of money on things and stick with her) are the ones keeping her afloat and they’re older people who have money. Kids are a small portion still but her audience is more like her

No. 1065586

Incredible business sense? Please, Baylee is terrible at running her business. She just was lucky getting an audience that buys all her shit.

Also is it just me or is it always these mediocre, boring artists that whine about how hard youtube is?

No. 1065624


It just shows how out of touch they are. Chloe made a comment about how she thinks of Baylee when she thinks about youtube artists who make and sell their own stuff… Like what? There are so many smaller youtubers who have a shop and who do this who are WAY BETTER at it than Baylee is.

They're so clueless. They only see themselves because they're the ones who have had the most subs for a while, but they ignore the fact that their engagement and views and all that is actually way lower than the other, newer, smaller people.

Also lol @ chloe saying everyone needs weeks to work on a piece of art and making a finished piece of art in one week is impossible.

No. 1065646

That ugly galaxy sweater looks so tight on her.

No. 1065679

They're just so out of touch with actual professional artists. If both of them would study fundamentals and practice they would become a lot faster. But both Baylee and Chloe are living in their bubble.

Not a fan of Chloe at all but at least she looked put together and all. Baylee was looking a bit like a mess as usual.

No. 1065709


she made a big deal about all her chateau cottage core ali express shopping, and she wears that ratty hoodie for this? evidently no shower or anything either.

No. 1065772


She thinks shes “dainty” and small when really she’s a fat ass cow. Her clothes are so tight it looks like it’s cutting off her circulation. I don’t understand why she buys clothes that are 2x too small for her. Stop trying to make cottagecore happen, Bayls. It looks terrible on you. You’re not cute.

No. 1065816

No. 1065878


when she's "rushing" to finish the pins before she goes to play games, that's the speed she should always be packaging her pins.

but i guess that would mean being efficient and that't not the baylee jae way

No. 1065895

On the whole asking the factory to put them on a card for her, yeah but it costs more money to ship but with how she spends money…I don't see why she doesn't. My experience (I've been making pins for 4 years now) Is that middle men don't grade the pins for you, they just make sure you don't get all defects.

I agree though, This is going to be a Valentine's Day box at this rate.

No. 1065904

And she has been this way for years! She is delusional and looks like rotten cottage cheese at times. In one recent vlog she showed off she was wearing shorts while her robe was on backwards and it was pretty blinding, why she thought people wanted to see that, idk. Or when she bought that oldish looking dress and said "I feel so Dainty!" She looked massive. She isn't 'my 600 pound life" fat but it's obvious she is not comfortable in her clothing. She'd always buy clothes, try them on and you could see how she, like you stated, buys them way too small. At times, rare times, she does have a look on her like she knows something is too small for her or looks stupid then goes right back to fantasy land.

The Pastel pink hair, the once pastel theme aesthetic to now cottage core are just her filling the void she has within herself and using up whatever money she has left to feel spoiled. "Look at this random ass crap I got at Value village! So rustic!!11!" What's her next obsessions? any guesses? It has to be something she can waste a lot of money on.

Whales or not, she won't have that many dedicated whales to keep buying her shit forever. But yeah for now they must be dedicated because this girl still keeps spending. Youtube was great for her because it was passive income. She'd shot out a crappy art video and the views would pour in. Now we see her panic and fail terribly at grasping why she is failing. She needs to, make more art videos, make better clickbait thumbnails, stop being a raging condescending bitch, title the videos so they work with the algorithm oh and stop being lazy. It's like she doesn't grasp these steps! she has gotten so lucky she just expects it to keep going well for her. If she can keep dedicated whales to keep her going, then wow. She has $3800 in rent to pay. Just rent god knows her other bills. She is also too lazy to keep pumping out more shit for them to buy at a good price.

No. 1065915


It seriously is so embarrassing!! I get second hand embarrassment when she tries on clothes that are way too small for her. Especially when she wears those Disney t-shirts. It literally hugs her body so tightly that you can see EVERYTHING. Like no, I don’t want to see that. You would think a 30 year old woman would know how to dress herself by now, but I guess not. Her ugly ass “chateau” dresses that she buys isn’t flattering either.

No. 1065940


it's because she goes to cheap places like urban planet to shop. if she went somewhere with sizing for adults, she'd dress better. just because you can jam yourself into a size L at urban planet or shitty chinese aliexpress shit does not mean you're a size L. no one sees the size on your clothes but you, baylee. upgrade to the xl and you'll look less fat, ironically.

No. 1066024

File: 1603409757226.jpeg (99.82 KB, 510x604, 1527719135569.jpeg)


This was around 2-3 years ago. Back then she was made fun of for her weight but she really did get big now. Her style has always been tragic. The poppy concert was another laughable outfit. This outfit though, tame still looks weird on her. The cutesy dress with the frills on the shoulders, supposed to look cute as a very small sleeve look silly on Baylee. Maybe if her hair was more full and not flat and lifeless she'd look a little better, a bigger head would even her out more.

No. 1066033

> What's her next obsessions? any guesses?

Baylee is already expressing interest in the cottage core trend. I’m not sure how that translates into fashion but I expect something looking like the “mori girl” style but with more French aesthetics. Maybe something with a dropped waistline or loose fitting would suit Baylee’s body type. Still frilly but hopefully she lets the pastel pinks go soon… I really hate how Baylee is trying to make a brunette to pink ombré hair work.
Her body is in a skinny fat or in-between phase. Baylee is active in a sense but she’s obviously not pushing herself. I just hope Baylee actually does a better fitness regime then her Nintendo switch workout because her lifestyle of streaming and eating Timmy’s hasn’t been reflecting well on her outer appearance.

No. 1066070


>Baylee is already expressing interest in the cottage core trend

already stated she is into cottage core. We know that's her current trend but what after? Girl can't hold a trend for that long, she stills likes shit after her obsession has died down but soon she will jump head first into her next thing.

>Her body is in a skinny fat

She for sure is not 'skinny fat' skinny fat is 10-20 pounds over what you are supposed to be. Baylee is short and has an obvious 40+ pounds on her. she is beyond skinny fat and into overweight territory. Girl looks rough.

No. 1066112

C'mon now, anon. We all know she'll never let pastel pink go since she thinks it makes her kawaii. She definitely won't go more mori either, since she has no idea what cottagecore is. She thinks her stupid gold paw pin is cottagecore.

No. 1066191

Oh yes, I love looking at embarrassing photos of someone else's friends with no context. Rivoting content

No. 1066207

She's always so slow with everything she does and she keeps getting distracted.

No. 1066213

This has the potential for being an OK outfit like, yeah those sleeves cut off at the biggest part of her arm and it makes her look even more broad shouldered than she is, but if she had looked into a sweet Lolita kind of look and done her hair up with an updo and an accessory, ditched the black tights and ugly sandals cuz why would you even pair black leggings with a pastel dress, and paired it with white tights and cute shoes then it’d be fine. But she really doesn’t know how to dress herself, like if she spent as much time in buying dolls and random shit and took the time to learn what works on her and fits her aesthetic, then she’d look more professional and less like a slightly more dressed up slob. It also clearly seems like she doesn’t want to admit she’s a bigger size and also cuz she’s short she keeps either squeezing herself into too small clothes cuz she doesn’t believe she needs to shop in the plus sized sections of stores or just wearing the same ratty sweatpants all day. But she barely even researches things for her “work” so I doubt she would even spend the time researching any aesthetics she can’t just steal off of others or buy off of like wish or something

No. 1066215

Yeah I make pins too and like, there’s so many ways to basically cut corners and work more efficiently and still make a good amount of money that she could totally do since she’s averse at hiring other people to help her other than getting them drunk and making them make boxes for her. So many other people on YouTube have many tips and instructions on running and producing an online shop to where if she just watches them and takes notes and not shit on other peoples studio vlogs that she can work more efficiently and have time to faff about on video games but she’s stubborn and believes there’s an amount of performance she has to do to show that she’s “working” when in reality she doesn’t want to work at all.

This is so awkward like did those people even give consent to be in her video? It’s the same whenever she films her “friends” at gatherings like that camping trip they did or when they were in Hawaii and a friend was complaining about her at the jack box game they were playing, like just because they’re HER friends doesn’t mean they need to be everyone’s friends. Like it’s this weird forced friendship she has with her audience where she HAS to show everything but like disrespectful to her actual friends that she thinks she’s entitled to share them with strangers

No. 1066226

I doubt they know that she shared that stuff online. I also believe that she kinda does knows that those aren't her real friends. She seems lonely and desperate to connect with people, which is why she overshares so much with the vlogs.

No. 1066383

55 seconds in and she does that terrible baby talking thing. Damn it used to be worse though. Her vlogs are most annoying having to see her fat meaty hands so much. This girl is lonely as fuck. She needs some friends to talk to about the majority of her crap. I think she also just loves to hear herself. I understand she talks about pins because people probably want to be updated. But crap about her garbage bins and plant food???

so sad she can't ditch that ugly pink hair. This place is the only place that calls out how ugly it is, yet I'm sure if in a blog she said "do you guys like the pink still?" They'd scramble among themselves with "YAS QUEEN" or something stupid. She has had that pink hair through many obsessions, it for sure is the one of the few things she is still going strong with. She does tend to jump from one small thing to the next though. When she does get a new aesthetic she wastes so much money too. It's her money but damn, her way of gathering an income is so not steady lol

yeah she should just embrace the fact she is fat/bigger girl. Those cute lolita/cottagecore clothes don't exactly look good on some body types. Some places do sell nice and cuteish clothes for bigger girls but Baylee is so in denial of her size she would never think about it. She'll buy shit 2-3 sizes too small and screech-giggle about how cute she thinks she looks in it.

No. 1066397

No. 1066499


oh she's back on her paranormal bullshit? what's so weird about a cat walking by?

No. 1066510

It's not even a dress, it's an apron.

No. 1066524

File: 1603485294845.png (8.08 MB, 2208x1242, A5FF4BF4-8CE2-4CE2-8018-C25BF9…)


Does she think that doing that face is cute? Actually, she probably saw that she has a double chin and was like “oh might as well make a face so they think I’m making a double chin on purpose” LOL. We all know that fat ass cow has a permanent double chin. I can’t stand her stupid baby voice and dumb ass “work out” streams. For someone who “works out” she sure gains a lot of weight more than she loses it.

No. 1066529


well shit, it looks awful on her regardless and even more weird she decided to pair it up with some black leggings and those ugly sandals.


desperate for clicks.


>Does she think that doing that face is cute?


>Actually, she probably saw that she has a double chin and was like “oh might as well make a face so they think I’m making a double chin on purpose” LOL.

funny enough, also this. She is delusional enough to think she is funny and cute but has some sense of reality to know double chins are not kawaii. She looks worse doing that step rhythm game. Sure moving around is great for the body but a game like that shouldn't knock the wind out of someone after two songs like it does Baylee. Baylee, you have to diet! to lose weight it's roughly 80% diet and 20% exercise. You need to eat better you slug. No more Timmy's or meat sandwiches slathered in condiments.

No. 1066532

All her paranormal shit is so flippin boring.

She shouldn't have switched to daily vlogs, she doesn't even have enough content for weekly vlogs because everything about her is just boring.
It's kinda crazy, I thought her vlogs had been boring for years but they just keep getting even more boring.

No. 1066536


The thing is, I play DDR on a real cab and I play on expert 13/14 and of course I get tired after 3-4 songs. But she’s getting winded after playing on easy 4/5 (on her screen it shows it as “hard” but stepmania’s ranking system is way off from DDR)…that’s what I don’t understand. I also don’t like watching her body jiggle and seeing how greasy she looks. She doesn’t fully shower after working out, which baffles me.

No. 1066545

File: 1603486997198.jpg (864.15 KB, 2500x1198, bj.jpg)

She thinks the faces make her look quirky, but doesn't realize that quirky faces look stupid even when conventionally attractive people pull them.

While she does do "workout" streams, she's still mostly sedentary and keeps gaining because she eats so much high fat, high carb food. There are so many videos of her preparing food that's smothered in cheese and sauces. Iirc she once made a dip where she used up 2 whole bags of shredded cheese. She also uses a creamer that's super sugary and she uses a LOT of it. You only burn like 100 kcal after 1 hour of Ring Fit, so there's no way that little exercise can offset her 200+ kcal drinks and meals that are easily 600+ kcal each.

No. 1066566


That's just it, she plays on super easy and even her Pokemon Go sessions she was drenched in sweat and looked like a tomato. Girl looks tired after minor movement. Never knew much about step mania but watching her do it, it didn't look all that challenging compared to the faster paced DDR. Baylee jiggles (because she can barley play the game so let's call it jiggling) about for for 10 minutes and thinks she just finished a triathlon.


In Baylee's world, that one hour of her half-assing ring fit warrants all that high calorie shit. She's always eaten terribly though, even in her apartment days.

No. 1066861

File: 1603525454250.jpg (268.69 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20201024-184537_Chr…)

No. 1066877

Ngl I kinda miss when she went out for Pokemon GO or to bike rides in the park. Yes she was always a sweaty mess but at least she was outside.

No. 1067333

True lol but she would mostly do it during a raid but yeah at least she was out and about. I think one time she said she went with her friends, actual friends and not Christian's (this was circa 2017 though and it appears now she mostly has just Jacob and Christian's coworkers for 'friends' So at one point Baylee wasn't a total shut in!

as someone else has said, she probably knows Christian's co-workers are not her friends in the slightest. So it makes it even more cringey watching her bug them and throw the camera in their faces. They always seem so damn annoyed with her and it's like Baylee just fails to act like an adult. She can't make small talk, which can be challenging for some people I understand that. Getting constant asspats from online strangers and people telling you "I love your vlogs, I can't wait for them!" (this used to be a staple comment) can really stunt you and when you only talk to a camera of course social skills fall behind. So she knows they don't necessarily like her but probably fails to understand why.

She wants to be 'adult' with her wine drinking and 'parties' but it's still so out of place. She looks like a fat 10 year old who stole her passed out mom's wine, especially when she makes shifty eyes towards the camera with every sip.

Baylee needs to figure her damn life out and realize that her youtube income is drying up and she better start taking her store more seriously.

No. 1067354

That.. is a massive amount of boxes. Does she really need all of those for her store?

No. 1067361

Does Baylee buy expensive Oil paints, Acrylic paints, Inks, pastels only to use them once or twice and think it's money well spent? To Baylee, she needs them. Apparently she has quite a number of whales so maybe they'll be actually used. an alternative is she probably doesn't need that many and these boxes are just to make her feel better and more like a capable successful artist.

No. 1067485

It being an apron is somehow worse cuz she clearly wants to coordinate around it but what is she wearing underneath it? And it’s obviously a fashion apron cuz it doesn’t even have more than the one pocket. Like, aprons and other similar type things are common in artist alleys, like trickywagon wears something that looks like a body harness but you always want to keep the money on your person in general, but she wants to play up the kawaii pastel aesthetic but doesn’t know how to dress for her body.

All this stuff about her dressing yet again reminds me of Katnipp cuz Catherine is also a big girl but is comfortable with her aesthetic and size and wears pastels but doesn’t look bad or like she’s wearing children’s clothing like baylee. Like the similarities between them are too apparent in that baylee is trying to do similarly yet poorly, but Catherine appears to care very much about how she and her company appear to the public while Baylee just grasps at straws to please the few fans she has. Like watching someone with more confidence like Catherine is much more positive than someone with low confidence like baylee

No. 1067543

She wears that pastel pink dress underneath from I believe hot topic. She used to wear it a lot but I highly doubt that it fits these days (pretty sure she bought it 2017).

She got the apron just as a gimmick (she said so herself) for conventions, to look like a cute vendor. Had it for 2 cons and since then it's lost in the sea of crap that is Baylee's house.

No. 1067563

That’s what the subscriber art boxes were for weren’t they? Like she got more supplies for videos from people that she didn’t have to pay for in anything other than merch and cuz the monthly boxes that others like Waffles and Kasey do came too often since she barely did one art video a month. Then she hoards the supplies and never uses them again, like the posca pens and the Jeffree star palette, and cites that she doesn’t want to give out “used” supplies to people or donate them somewhere so they just collect like all the garbage in her house.

No. 1067569

Imagine being one of those people who sent her supplies and seeing her now. Especially the Australian viewer. I'm from Australia so I know exactly how much shipping costs, and I can't imagine paying that much just for it all to sit there gathering dust

No. 1067571

At least with the Jeffree Star palette she was honest and said that she only got it to get views.

Didn't she gave away a bunch of the supplies she got in the subscriber boxes?

No. 1067850

EWW yes that time she had people send her shit. That was honestly so fucky of her. Here was this girl with more money than her followers could hope to have for doing something like Baylee and so half assed at it too and she got them to send her shit. Her devoted didn't even question how fucky it was. She had one vlog in her apartment days where she had left over art supplies she was gonna give away, can't recall if she ever did. She is far to selfish now to give anything up like that. When she finally goes through financial trouble it will be Christian who will have to sell shit first.

In regards to jeffree star, by proxy shane dawson. If there wasn't such major backlash towards them both, to this day we'd probably still see Baylee copying anything that shane was doing that was easy for her to copy. Shane doing spooky haunted videos? Yeah baylee would go right back to it. What's even more shitty with Baylee is that for a long time people have been pointing out how awful shane is, from black face to comments about teens and Baylee really strikes me as such a youtube consumer she probably doesn't care. I mean, remember Judy? Anything for views after all.

No. 1067858

She gave them away during a conventions when living in her second apartment. She did also give away one of her tablets a few weeks ago to some art student. Other than that she only had some giveaways on her channel, like she did one where she gave away a bunch of w&n promarkers.

I think part of the problem is also that she is lazy and delusional. We can all clearly see that her love for art has long since faded away, but it's obvious that she just can't let go of the whole artist thing.

No. 1067875

Glad she did give them away! It's easy to forget when she is such a hoarder.

You can tell she is bummed Twitch never took off for her. She was obviously hoping to just be a full time streamer and upload her streams onto youtube for even more money from that. Thing is she is painfully boring and doesn't ever say anything overly insightful. Drama regarding her recycling bin is mind numbing bullshit but she is so giddy about it all. Like to her it's the most exciting thing but really it's just something you mention to your partner or maybe family member and go about your day. I get there is a semi lockdown going on and could be seen as an excuse but she always has anything of little value going on with her life. Besides her pins her life is boring and it's her own fault. Over the years her interactions with people went from standard to annoying, it's like she forgot how to act without a being a 'personality'

No. 1067967


That’s funny that you mentioned Twitch. She was streaming the other day and only had like 100-200 viewers which is surprising because her YouTube channel gets more views than that. Granted she was doing an ugly ass “workout” stream so ppl prob don’t want to watch her body jiggle with her dumbass ring fit adventure that she thinks burns so many calories lmao!

No. 1067984

do all 200 of those people have to pay to watch her? Or can people watch for free? really sorry, ignorant of some core twitch things. I know that the streamer can get subs ranging from 1-5 months worth from some users and they'll make money from that. Despite her decent-ish views it's not becoming the money maker she was hoping it would. We can all tell she hates art and probably hates it even more than youtube art shit is what makes her easy money.

Weird she streams her self working out. I understand people do that but often they are more fit and doing traditional exercises. If they are big, it's the same thing or modified. Baylee isn't endearing enough to make it worth watching some fat fuck jiggly about for an hour (like you said lol) she must think it burns some serious calories because of how much she sweats and is exhausted after 5 minutes. It's great when people try to lose weight and get fit, just looks stupid with someone like Baylee, who doesn't lose weight and thinks some gimmick will do the trick.

No. 1068007


You don't need to be subscribed to watch her streams.


I observed this a lot with young youtubers like apple cheeks who talk to their audience like they are friends/ they have no one else to talk to. Which is a bit weird bc apple cheeks is obvouisly talking a lot to her mom or friends via phone/ skype but she still seems lonely enough that talking to a camera comforts her. In Baylees case, I really wonder why Christian doesn't seem to be enough that she has to talk to the camera about such unimportant things.

No. 1068074

well, looks like she probably isn't making much money then lmao

she seems to like Christian but at the same time be annoyed with him. yeah that happens with married couples but when he sprain/broke his ankle she was pissed. Pissed he was home more and made him take the bus to work when she could have driven him considering she is home all damn day pretending to be busy. She has also gotten made when he'd leave his computer on the table yet looks how she keeps the house lol again, couples go through that shit but the whole ankle incident was just down right nasty of her. I wouldn't doubt if their relationship is just out of "Would i find someone else if not them?" they were together since high school or so.

Talking with christian about mundane things, he probably doesn't give her the reaction she wants. She sucks at being social but she is more type A from what we see and he is more laid back (at least when it's just him and her on camera) She is probably hoping for "WOW! really? that's wild huh babe!?" and she gets a "uh? oh, yeah funny how that is." But probably gets the over top reaction from the comment section she is craving.

No. 1068105

She rearranged her art room and got nandos.

No. 1068109

Yeah, those vlogs were horrible. She was so mean to him. Her store wasn't even open during this time so she had nothing else going on.

No. 1068111


wow that really is literally all that happened.

she must be sick of actually having to work on a deadline again. i only get the urge to rearrange my room when i'm desperate to avoid real work.

No. 1068116

No. 1068117

If it wouldn't be for the money, she'd drop that store in a second.

No. 1068158

It’s disgusting how many art supplies she has.
And her room still ugly. Lame

No. 1068195

that shirt is hideous. Why can't she learn how to dress herself??

No. 1068221

>The doll stand

have fun selling them when you eventually have to

>I need to clean this room, it's getting ridiculous!

she fucking cleans the room every week. Now, it shouldn't get as bad as it does. Damn Baylee, you make a mess fucking clean it up right away. Remember her 2020 new years decorations she had up till February verging on march or her birthday party dishes she let sit for a week. That's fucking gross.

She looks so stupid and frumpy in that dress. That's for grandmas and the grandmas who wore that shit, all of them died 30 years ago that's how out dated she looks. She can fuck off with the light meadowy music lol Baylee is pop upbeat music. She looks like one big pink blob.

delusion. If a comment tries to tell her how stupid she looks her fans attack the person and Baylee will delete it anyways. Christian doesn't say anything I guess, more of a yes man. I'm sure he would like it if she looked nice more and not like she just rolled out of bed and she slathered her face with grease. Maybe another reason is she has no friends to tell her that she looks bad, be it helpful or passive aggressive. She has Jacob but besides him, who else does she have to tell her grandma pajamas look bad?

No. 1068266

The gown kills me. Just because you’re 30 doesn’t mean you have to dress 80. Even if SHE liked it and wanted to do it for HER she should have put something else on once she got up. She said when she first bought it that it wasn’t meant to be seen and that should have included the vlogs. It does nothing for her.

I feel like she’s TOO comfortable in her vlogs. She doesn’t try to look semi presentable/professional.

No. 1068272

>I feel like she’s TOO comfortable in her vlogs
lol have you seen holly brown

No. 1068308

I never really liked her community to be honest. They always seemed so eager to attack anyone who dared to say the tiniest of criticism. They all have this weird obsession with her.

No. 1068312

She graduated from dressing like a toddler to dressing like a grandma

No. 1068471

The way she organized this space is so ugly and unimaginative. You have all the money in the world to create an amazing art space, and instead you throw three $20 Ikea tables into a corner and call it a day?

Her lack of aesthetic for someone who considers herself an artist is genuinely sad.

No. 1068697

>Remember her 2020 new years decorations she had up till February verging on march
March? They were still up well in to July.

No. 1068700

katnipp does this too but I think the difference between applecheeks, katnipp vs. Baylee is that they edit their vlogs to be an entire week and obviously do other things in addition, like running their stores continuously, having a social life and working on art. But baylee can barely do one thing, let alone complete it. Like she desperately wants to make money doing fuck all like she’s already doing but the YouTube isn’t bringing the money in anymore, and she thinks everything she does is interesting so she can’t bring herself to edit them to be cohesive and appealing (plus her bias against aesthetic studio vlogs). Other vloggers at least still have aspects of their life that are private cuz they don’t feel obligated to show everything like baylee does, like she doesn’t even respect the privacy of her IRL “friends”, so baylee seems way more desperate for attention and friends in her videos than other artists. Plus those artists can balance having a patreon and store as well as vlogging so they understand like, you can keep shit behind a paywall and people will pay for it if you keep creating stuff people enjoy or have a personality that’s likeable and people want more of. If baylee was able to keep a patreon like she used to, I think that’d be more of a reflection of her real audience like her twitch streams, which would be like < 300 people

No. 1068733

Yeah if you remember the wish sponsored video, there were good comments from others pointing out that wish has a ton of bootlegs and people were disappointed she sounded so robotic and was promoting a company that promoted bootlegs so hard to the point where she had to label out brand names however, she and her stans said this was unfair harassment and she shut the comments off on that video. If you look at her replies on twitter to that video, it echoes the same sentiment, that overall people were disappointed but not like really mad, yet her stans are right there to defend her like she’s a child and must be shielded from all criticism. To me it’s so weird she’s cultivated this crowd of people who “mother” her cuz she’s wooby and pink and quirky, especially since they’re all people of her age or younger and they don’t let her grow up to an extent too

No. 1068830

That nightgown could be cute… one someone slimmer. She needs to start looking at plus size cottagecore models to find something that works for her body type.

No. 1068847

She'd need to admit that she's a big girl for that first. Seeing how she wear 1-2 sizes too small, I doubt she realizes just how big she is.

It's always odd with Baylee because she clearly cares to some degree how she looks and it's rather obvious that she wants those pastel-vintage-cottagecore aesthetics but she just sucks at it. There is no shortage for inspiration and information on the internet.
It's like she cares but she is just way to lazy to try.

No. 1068913

She wants yet another camera? She makes the most basic videos, why all that equipment?

No. 1068916


Because she's a hoarder and thinks that buying new expensive stuff will fill a void in her life. Also her make up looks horrible. You can see how dry and caked on it is. She puts on her blush like she's a clown that is going to perform at a kid's birthday party. I don't get it. She has all of this time to better herself, yet she's just going downhill.

No. 1068918


Also why did she place her expensive printer on the floor propped up on 2 cardboard boxes…can she get more lazy? Who in their right mind does that…oh right our fat lazy cow Bayls does.

No. 1068926


another new camera? half of the vloggers i watch use their phones. she has several cameras around the house that she can use. so ridiculous.

miss solves everything with another trip to canadian tire has a printer worth hundreds of dollars sitting on a basket. can't wait til she gashes her leg on that plank of wood.

No. 1068940

-It took her all day to rearrange her room? that should take 2 hours, max. Get Christian to help, Baylee. You seem to use him for other shit and have total disregard for what her maybe doing at the moment.
-I know we all call her lazy but damn her make up is bad. Those colours do not go well with that awful ass hair colour. Baylee, just dye your hair back to brown! you are not blonde like your sister or some cute pastel GF like 2012 tumblr.
-does she really need to show us working on the pins? save a few pics for twitter. Her life is so dull this is what she has to show. think she is trying to do some ASMP type crap.
-Stop letting your cats play with merchandise. If a cat swallows a string (very thin like thread or floss in general) it could get caught in their intestines and cause some ripping. If they manage to shit it out, it will train behind their ass and mess up the floor.
-her ugly ass 'silly' faces as always. You are ugly Baylee, those faces just make it all worse.

>Like she desperately wants to make money doing fuck all like she’s already doing but the YouTube isn’t bringing the money in anymore, and she thinks everything she does is interesting so she can’t bring herself to edit them to be cohesive and appealing (plus her bias against aesthetic studio vlogs).
The sheer panic that came across her face when she started talking about doing more vlogs was hilarious. Probably got her youtube paycheck and noticed a zero missing and freaked.

> like she doesn’t even respect the privacy of her IRL “friends”, so baylee seems way more desperate for attention and friends in her videos than other artists.

She probably feels she can get away with it because Christian's friends don't watch her vlogs so they'll never know she was making fun of them. Could you imagine "Hey Christian, can your girlfriend remove that vlog where she showing private photos?" Baylee would meltdown and rush to her fans to justify her pettiness.

Can't wait till she no longer has money to make a spontaneous trip to spend hundreds of dollars on a whim. Girl is totally new money. Some have said she grew up well off (comfortable) or spoiled but it's nothing compared to how she is living now. Baylee is totally making up for something she lacked in life with all these purchases.

No. 1068999

Best comment!

Btw I called her out on her bullshit before and I WISH I could see her face to face cause I'd straight up tell her personally what a pink slob she is.
But the comment section had to be it and wow, does she ever have a fan base of complete delusional idiots. They defend her no matter what, she could poop on their head and they'd feel blessed lol.
I guess they feel so relatable to Lazy Jae cause she's just as much of a loser as they are.

Btw that dress…..she looks like an old creepy grandma from IT FOLLOWS.

No. 1069000

Vlogs are getting shorter and shorter

No. 1069002

Age requirement is 18

No. 1069017


>I guess they feel so relatable to Lazy Jae cause she's just as much of a loser as they are.

of course. They live through her. It started back in her apartment days. Shitty artist who was an animator living on her own who had a shit ton of copics (really at one point that was her big draw in). Shit that tweens/teens and the occasional older person wanted from life. It was easy for them to live through Baylee because baylee's skill level has always been that of a 14 year old. She draws just as well, probably now worst than her followers. "I must be good if she draws just like I do!!!" People for some reason love those shopping haul videos and for Baylee stans they gushed over her art supplies she'd buy. They want everything she has too. Big house, 'successful' youtuber (lol) tons of rooms just for art, shit tons of disney merch and a complacent piece of man flesh to keep the bed warm. Like you said, her followers are losers just like she is.

No. 1069034

Honestly that was a big reason why I watched her too. I never cared much for her art but I did enjoy her vlog channel. Her personality wasn't as obnoxious and yeah, she made me feel better about my art too.
Like she made it, I wouldn't I kinda thing. So yeah, I totally believe that's how she draws in people. It's like her only selling point. That might also be way her stans get that pissed whenever someone criticizes her, they take it personally.

No. 1069058

Is it just me or does her make up looks especially bad in this vlog. Like she always has too much blush on but her foundation around her jaw looks super cakey and weird - like it's too pale for the rest of her face.

No. 1069093

the two foundations i remember her mentioning in her vlogs were kat von d and bare minerals powder. she was also on accutane a while ago which changes skin texture and makes it hella dry and flakey. her skin is not right for the foundation she picks. I used to make this mistake too - because I sweat in the summer, I would go to Sephora looking for foundation for oily skin… she sweats like a beast even in winter, so she’s buying foundation for that. if she used a lighter coverage or a bb cream she wouldn’t have it caked onto her flakey skin and gross mouth.

No. 1069207

Does she read here?
It’s like we talked about not looking professional and next vlog it’s a make up attempt and earrings.

I definitely think she should ditch the pink hair already. There is no contrast between her skin and her hair and when she wears pink clothing it’s even worst. She doesn’t have eyebrows and her drawing them on in pink is also not it. Brown hair would definitely suit her and if she darken her brows. Then she can possibly wear pink clothes and not look like a pink blob.

I also cannot believe she said the boxes holding the shelf with the printer looked dumb but wore a pink nightgown all day and posted it on the internet. Nobody is going to see or care about the boxes if she didn’t include it in the vlog.

No. 1069249

She does know of this place iirc. Lazy Jae is probably going the whole "I'll let my hair grow out instead of dying it brown." route. If that's better for the hair, then maybe for the best. That said dying her hair brown and not even on her routes should also be fine. She's probably spooked her self with dying her hair considering every time she has, her hair would get thinner and thinner. She is to stupid to realize that it was all that damn bleaching and frequent dying. She would dye it close to once a month or 6-7 weeks.

I'll go with she either reads here or a stan reports back to her. some stans would go nuts a few threads back.

No. 1069295

File: 1603853274830.png (1.55 MB, 1249x687, bj.PNG)

jfc shes really let herself go
these new videos are embarrassing to watch

she looks like she hasnt showered in days and is wearing great grandmas old nightie

No. 1069332


Sometimes I imagine how she smells and I gag. She doesn’t seem like she likes to shower especially after “working out” lol.

No. 1069390

Her plan was to get a pink balayage at a hairdresser and that's why she grows it out. She attempted one herself which made it all look even worse. Not sure how long she is planning to wait until she finally sees a hairdresser.

She seems like a person that googles themselves and her lolcow thread comes up not too far down so I'm quite certain that she knows about this place. I don't think she reads here regularly though.

What's up with the whole blush thing? I feel especially this year she started putting on a ton of it. Is she trying to pull an e-girl look?

No. 1069465

I think she should shave her head and just buy a wig for the vlogs. Hard reset. She looks nearly bald when she slicks back her hair into a ponytail anyway.

No. 1069543

It'd be for the best but a buzz cut goes against her new aesthetic of bloated pastel grandma lol she is long past her days of being cute. She looks toad like in body and in face lately. Doesn't help when she makes 'funny' faces and bulges out her eyes. Girl looks beat. Her hair looks like it hates her, her makeup hates her, her clothes hate her.

No. 1069568

She has no idea how to piece outfits together. The dress, sandals and leggings should really not be worn together. You can't wear a dress like that with leggings. Maybe in 2010 that was acceptable,but not now.

I'm not a fan of the dress but it could be styled far better.

No. 1069569

Is she filming in her pyjamas?

No. 1069573

It's because her hair is fine and oily. She needs some dry shampoo.

No. 1069574

She needs to stop eating shitty, her hair and skin will thank her. Also she really needs to wash her hair daily. She‘s doing this not washing daily far too long, it‘s clear her scalp will not slow down. (Usually your scalp adjust after a while and does not get that oily so fast, so there are people out there who can wash their hair only once a week.)

No. 1069583


she uses a fuck ton of dry shampoo actually. her hair is just fine and brittle and she only washes it every 3-4 days. a lot of people think they can train their hair to go longer but it's not working for her.

No. 1069609

No. 1069611

I actually think she was pretty cute in her teal hair days. I used to notice how nice her teeth and smile were. She wasn’t a knockout beauty but she still looked good. Everybody ages but she doesn’t necessarily look older, just haggard. It’s a shame.

No. 1069613

radical idea: just sell the pins and shit that's already come in, save the advent calendar idea for next year. design new pins and shit to fit the boxes for then

No. 1069638

oh yeah for sure her apartment days with the teal hair, she was cute. She was bubbly and actually seemed nice. Besides her shitty ass art, she was an okay watch or decent background noise. She'd go through little money problems here and there, actually stress out over shit, not like now where it's petty crap she has control over and she is just to lazy to fix it. She is long past that now though. She's so dead on the inside and forgets that she is no longer that teal haired girl with a smile that had life behind it.

No. 1069645


>with a smile that had life behind it

lol, anon. You're an author?

No. 1069690

It's almost like you should have planned this whole thing out better, Baylee.

Every single store launch has been late. She always puts everything off till the very end and then she has to hurry to somewhat get it done.

I agree with >>1069613 just sell the items as they are, no calendar. There is no real point in an advent calendar after Christmas. Who just wants to have one randomly in like February? Like why?

No. 1069728


same. it was already stupid for none of it to be christmas themed in the first place but coupled with all the reveals plus it arriving in January (let’s be real no one is getting unfit christmas), why bother now?

I’m laughing that she found a supplier for her boxes just as lazy and shitty as she is. you get what you pay for I guess.

No. 1069737

Yet I have almost no doubts her expensive marked-up calendars will completely sell out when they finally launch. I shouldn’t be envious of her but, damn, she got real lucky.

No. 1069781

Yeah for sure. What annoys me the most is that Baylee doesn't seem to recognize how lucky she has been. She seriously thinks she works super hard, when in reality she's delusional and has bad time management.

No. 1069782

>advent calendar delays
kek was anyone surprised by this? we all knew this was going to happen the second she announced she was going to make them.

No. 1069833

Also agree that the calendar idea is dumb. It would have been better if she gave it a year and made it holiday themed, but if it arrives in January it’s a huge waste to her buyers. Who just says ‘lol I’ll slowly open these one by one’ once you get it in January. Advent calendars are meant to give a little treat while you wait for Christmas.

She doesn’t troubleshoot her ideas.

Same. I’m not sure what people saw in her buttons when she was doing those. I guess they sold because they were cheap and she posted videos online so you felt like you were a friend and saw the process. I think if she didn’t have a YouTube channel she wouldn’t be popular. Her stuff is just all over the place and it always looks like someone less experienced made it.

No. 1070120

She would never shave her head- she gets Pilar cysts on her scalp and they get pretty huge because they fill full of pus. The only time she’s been to the doctor in recent memory was to get them removed cuz they got in the way of her Disney headbands (and she complained about the cost because it’s considered elective plastic surgery in Canada so it isn’t covered by healthcare). Those kinds of cysts are somewhat hereditary like she’s said her dad gets them, but like considering all the damage she has done to her scalp with bleach it’s no doubt she hasn’t put two and two together that bleaching the fuck out of her hair would make her more susceptible to cysts and that maintaining such a flat and straight hairstyle also doesn’t help with camouflaging them (it’s worse cuz longer hair causes stress on the scalp and hair follicles). She should ideally cut the pink off at this point cuz she would look fine with a lob, but she’d also have to redo all her branding and we know how lazy she is about that

No. 1070124

She keeps revealing the things in the calendar too, that’s the thing that bothers me most. Like, if she was better at planning then she could make companion videos like “open with me” or something but considering she does crappy vlogs and must show everything at all times cuz she’s running out of material for those crappy vlogs, it’s a missed opportunity. I doubt she’s gonna go back to “normal” art videos now cuz they’re too much work that she never wants to do, she barely even plans more than a week ahead

No. 1070132

She was saying that vlogs are always going to be repetitive because it's everyday life and that's what everyday life is. The painful thing is, it DOESN'T HAVE to be repetitive. She can absolutely take one day a week to go out somewhere to do something differet. She just chooses not to. Literally that one day could improve her vlogs so much, give herself and her viewers something to look forward to, and break up the monotony, which she needs anyway,but she just. Won't. For no reason other than being lazy

No. 1070228

Of course, now that the boxes are delayed, she immediately decides to slack off on grading pins. No, Baylee, get that shit done anyway and you won't be behind when the boxes finally arrive. I can't believe she makes Christian work for her after her gets off a late shift at 8pm because she's wasted her time rearranging her art room and playing Pokemon all day instead of getting her own shit done. So disrespectful.

No. 1070318

her cysts…She was so upset she had to pay to get them off and that was frustrating considering it was during the time she was at her peak financially. $800 was nothing for her considering she could pay thousands in back taxes within a month and the same day she finds out she is in the hole she buys a $300 dyson. She also gave off a vibe she was trying to weasel her way out of paying for the minor surgery just like her taxes. Delusional and stupid.

No. 1070341

She always does this. Not to mention that she is so slow.

Last launch she kept blaming covud for it being late but in reality she got all her stuff in time, but then couldn't be bothered to start preparing. This girl is so frustrating.

No. 1070697

It’s hilarious to me that she doesn’t want to hire help for her store prep because she loves to micromanage but she doesn’t put forth that same effort into any of her merch designs. Worry less about the packaging and more about the actual product Baylee

No. 1070723


also.. micromanage what? she's a lazy slob. anyone can take a rag to a pin and let a nasty cat walk all over.

No. 1070772

File: 1604022294168.png (369.38 KB, 531x596, puuke.png)

her thumbnails are so photoshopped lol

i like how she is hiding her dead hair underneath extensions and that frumpy beanie

No. 1070781

Good God. Baylee, please, never fucking wear that shit again. Just ever. She legit thinks she is some Kawaii pastel cottagecore dainty (LMAOOOO) girl. Looking like a double wide is not dainty, Baylee.

When she rearranged her room and did nothing for the rest of the day, she is 100% the kind of person to go "Just did 5 minutes of a chore, time for a 5 hour break!" joke, but be dead serious about it. She wastes all day doing fuck all and makes Christian do her work with her. Bitch, he actually has a job and the last thing I'm sure a man wants to do is help his lazy slob girlfriend do pins when she had nothing better to do all damn day. He must be delusional to what she actually does in a day. I doubt he watches her vlogs so doesn't know she just slobs around the house. For all we know, he doesn't know that her youtube is failing and twitch never took off. He probably just enjoyed all the money she made and let her handle it, thinking that she knew what she was doing (lol) And yes, sometimes couples foolishly will not tell the other if something is going wrong financially.

One time when she struggled to get taxes or some debt paid, she drained her account and Christian's, yet it was her fuck up.

No. 1070904

File: 1604043976326.jpg (40.75 KB, 1187x248, lul.JPG)

It's already happening, I wonder how long she'd be able to keep these "daily" vlogs up

No. 1071046

Yup like ffs baylee, you can go outside for a dang walk or something, it probably would burn off more calories than her workout streams and she was into Pokémon go. She always has excuses, like corona or “working”, but that’s all she is. Laziness and excuses, especially now that the Pokémon expansion is out

No. 1071055

Go out and do shit then, Baylee. Go for a walk, show off a cool store in your area, take a boat ride and sketch while on it. Boom, three ideas for a video. But nope, Lazy Jae just can't muster the energy. It's easier to be a slob at home and wonder why the channel is failing. It's like she forgets she made it big through her art/luck and not her charisma.

No. 1071087

Her work is a mess and I can imagine explaining to someone else how she works will be embarrassing and confusing. So she just does it all on her own, that way she can work with her mess.

No. 1071089

No. 1071097


LMAO she said she felt "so cute" when she went out grocery shopping. Looking like that? Girl…I think she needs to get lasik done again cause girl clearly can't see how she really looks lmaooooo

No. 1071107


she looks like ass as per usual.

i don't see why she can't just hold one of those little tripods with her existing camera like literally every other vlogger does.

No. 1071109

The delusions she has. She has no idea how to dress.

No. 1071140

obligatory, she is lazy and probably wanted an excuse to buy more shit. She'll keep spending as long as she can until another zero drops off her youtube check.

No. 1071182

File: 1604090037312.jpeg (126 KB, 1125x352, 84FCD4ED-4232-47E2-BA82-9AF295…)

Love this comment. Why does she think she needs all of this fancy equipment? She doesn’t go anywhere.

No. 1071212

Don't understand the gimbal either, other than for filling the void. Like her vlogs are really, really basic. Most of the clips are her sitting at her desk, talking to the camera.

No. 1071240


not one of the reviews that she read ~for hours~ talked about how fucking noisy it was?

No. 1071256

She likes to spend money. Almost every vlog she has ordered something off of amazon, be it for the business and herself. She loves to spend because she is an empty person who has nothing else going on for her so she gets her dopamine rush with every purchase. She didn't need the gimbal thing, she got it because buying crap is the only thing she's got. She's done this plenty in the past. She'll buy art supplies for one time use and they sit collecting dust. She bought a 3d pen, bought every colour imaginable and used it a couple times and hasn't done shit since. She should return the stand to get her money back because her channel is dying and she can't have that many whales that'll buy her shit to pay her bills every month.

No. 1071326

Also, if she did better research, she would’ve seen that a lot of camera enthusiasts don’t even prefer the ZV-1 for vlogging—exactly what that camera is targeted for. I think the Canon M50 was JUST FINE for her. She even said the setup with the gimbal was heavy. She just wanted to buy new tech for no reason.

No. 1071472

File: 1604115715628.png (1.4 MB, 1046x597, pins.PNG)

take a shot for every time she says "pins"

repetitive: she drones on and on about buying bagels smh

No. 1071534

The way she says ‘bagels’ bothers me. She’s the only person I’ve heard that says ‘baggles’.

Girl just can’t stop buying cameras and the gimbal is just unnecessary. She could seriously donate some of her tech to people who don’t have that luxury, but she’s a hoarder.

No. 1071659

Didn’t she already have like two cameras with built in gimbals? The small one she used in hawaii which was only about a year ago. And like, what is she gonna use it for? High speed sitting around on her fat ass or filming her cats throw up around her garbage house?

I really don’t understand why her stans can be so forgiving of her being so unnecessarily materialistic

No. 1071705

She has an Osmo that shd got like a year ago for vlogging. She even got some extra equipment for it because she didn't like the audio (even though everyone told her that they couldn't hear any difference).
And she also has a Go Pro, that she used once during her Arizona trip and once for Disneyland.

Baylee is a perfect example on how good equipment doesn't necessarily give you a good product.

No. 1071819

File: 1604168602490.jpg (131.29 KB, 869x579, 1509988133577.jpg)

That time Baylee claimed she worked more than just the typical 9-5. Basically a 'Fuck off! Don't tell me how to run my channel!"

>Be surprised for more cutbacks when I start having my kids soon.

LMAO this was roughly 3 years ago or so.

No. 1071866

God, she’s such a cunt, can’t take criticism at ALL.

Lol, at this rate she’ll never have kids. I know people don’t like talking about this aspect of her, but she needs to lose weight for it to happen, either or, something isn’t right with Christian.

Imagine her fucking size if she does get pregnant, she’s going to balloon like mad and she’s already a lazy fat ass. Plus her diet is shit and wouldn’t be good for the baby or herself, could be a target for gestational diabetes, yikes. I don’t think she would even listen to a doctor’s advice re diet, even if it was for a baby’s sake, she would probably think she knows better.

No. 1071899

Sure this is three years ago but she still thinks she works more than a 9-5. She's convinced she does a lot. Meanwhile she just is very slow and has bad time management. She also for some reason counts household tasks as her work. It's very apparent when you watch her vlogs for a while that she counts getting groceries or doing the dishes as her work. Meanwhile most people have to work for 8-10 hours and then do things like getting groceries or cleaning afterwards.

Before the wedding she seemed to be kinda eager to start a family, but the subject died down fairly quickly after the wedding.

Anons have mentioned that Baylee said that they have tried but I guess they just didn't have any luck so far.

No. 1071921

meant more so about her saying she was gonna have kids. Not the attitude because yeah, it hasn't changed. laughing at the fact she was all "OH YEAH! WHEN I HAVE KIDSS!!!" She started getting this really bad attitude when she quit her job. She quit and in a vlog said "Oh, people commenting 'what about insurance? (benefits)' well I have that through christian so like, no big deal!" Kind of a "why the fuck would you plebs ask me that?" vibe to it.

>It's very apparent when you watch her vlogs for a while that she counts getting groceries or doing the dishes as her work.

damn right and that's pretty sad. She acts like any small thing means she worked hard. Takes all day to clean a room that should take an hour or so max. Spends time playing with the cats and thinks she's thee pet owner of the year.

No diss to moms but Baylee has the body of a mom of 4 who just doesn't give a shit anymore. She'll look awful with a baby growing in her at her current weight. Baylee will be the type to take early maternity photos, 2-3 months and be cradling her 'baby bump' but she'll really just be cradling her lunch.

No. 1071922

Fat people can have babies, don’t be ridiculous lol. Not sure why she hasn’t had kids yet but that’s also really not our business.

No. 1072002

File: 1604187248209.jpg (102.61 KB, 1440x511, Screenshot_20201031-044212_You…)

This was her response. Her videos are barely shakey to begin with

No. 1072136

Not sure she understands that she is an entrepreneur.
She should take the year off, then her channel is done. Everyone happy.

No. 1072323

I mean duh, of course we know fat people can have babies. It comes up here cuz it’s exactly what >>1071819 posted of her being obsessed with having children for a good while after she got married then her throwing away just like her art supplies when she discovered it wasn’t as easy as she thought. Like why even rent a six bedroom house for two people, especially when she fills a closet with garbage cuz she’s too lazy to drag it onto the street? IDR if she mentioned having PCOS, but that came up in another one of these and she most likely has it, it would explain difficulties to conceive and many overweight-obese women have it— Baylee has many physical symptoms of it that we can see: uncontrolled weight gain, acne and hair loss (though that can be attributed to her own bleaching the shit out of it but it is more thin now in general)

It’s just real trademark of her to abandon an idea if she couldn’t do it in the easiest way possible, even having children. If she was really serious about it, there’s lots of resources to have kids that aren’t just “have sex with your husband and then just hope that one works” but it’s just like her art where she really isn’t committed to anything. And you can’t just shove a child into the garbage closet when you’re sick of it

No. 1072387

Baylee has this odd thing where she tries to improve things that really don't need improving. Be it the audio with that osmo camera or the "shaking" now.
She just wants an excuse so she can buy the next gimmick.

Meanwhile anything that would require her to put some work into it to actually improve things, she will just ignore.

No. 1072424

We all know Baylee is a mess.
Her using the possibility of having kids as a way to justify being lazy is stupid, sure.
But it’s beyond disrespectful to laugh at her for possibly being unable to conceive. There are a lot of things to shake our heads at concerning Baylee, this isn’t one of them.

No. 1072537

It sucks if she can't have them and she wants to. what was shitty was using kids as an excuse to be super lazy. Like damn, Kids are anything but lazy and you can't be lazy raising them. If she wants kids, cool, if not, cool but that was funny of her to try and scrape the bottom of the barrel to justify her shitty erratic schedule all the while claiming she totally does work hard lol

"when I have kids, I can take 9 months off, that's what my country does for mothers!" She is too stupid to realize that it only really applies to women in the work force with an actual company. Pretty sure Baylee can't go on CRA site and go "Am youtuber, income is a lot but fluctuates, so give me Mat leave money." It's like when she called up the tax revenue agency and told them she didn't have to pay taxes on her youtube income because in her dumb head, it didn't count. She was so condescending about the whole thing.

She just retweeted stuff about FNAF. She should really be jumping on trends. I'm sure all the little Freddy stans (whatever they are called) would buy her crap art work. I get she likes drawing what she wants but if she wants the views and that youtube money, she better start getting it together. One video a week of her drawing whatever the fuck is popular should be a good start.

No. 1072877

File: 1604291446778.png (43.35 KB, 646x222, Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 11.2…)

Q: Do you real your lolcow thread

That's the real question I'd love answered. Because it better be yes.

No. 1072921

If she does, she should maybe start thinking about some of the criticism here. Girl is a mess with a dying career.

No. 1073018

She will just pick the questions that sound ‘nice’ and avoid the ones she doesn’t want to answer. Someone should ask why she buys so much junk? or how come she can’t stick to one aesthetic and actually do it well. ?

No. 1073033

What questions are there to ask her? Like she doesn’t do anything new or anything especially innovative with her art plus she never shuts up so like what new thing is there to know about her? She talks about her bowel movements on camera and makes every small thing into some big event, so like what would she answer anyway that haven’t been answered by her shitty interviews with Chloe and jake Parker?

No. 1073077

Q. Hey Baylee, why do you still have the same level of artistic skill as a 14 year old? Haven't you been drawing your whole life?

Q. Still trying to find ways to weasel out of taxes?

Q. How does it feel that your is dying?

Q. What's it like being 'that girlfriend' in regards to Christian's friend group?

Q. Was the house worth it considering you can't afford it within a year or two?

Q. Are you ever gonna stop being lazy?

Q. Why don't you shop at a Suzy Shier?

Q why do you still buy children's clothes that don't fit your round body?

Q. How does it feel being someone so bland that when you jump on aesthetic trends, you can't even do that well enough?

Q. Have you ever admitted to yourself that your drawing book was absolute horse shit?

Q. How's Judy?

No. 1073122

Worst part is she has money to buy nice clothes that will match her aesthetic and size, but she spends it on more equipment she doesn’t need or art supplies she’ll use once. It’s never on clothes. It’s like it’ll kill her to spend a little more on higher quality clothing.

No. 1073195


to be fair to baylee, no one shops at suzy shier.

No. 1073205

older women do, moms, ladies who are boring do. Baylee is boring. She does need to shop at some kind of adult store. Urban outfitters or whatever fast fashion crap place is not it. She is past the whole "I wanna be a pastel dainty cutesy cottagecore queen." Other big girls can pull it off (or something similar) just Baylee can't. Maybe she is trying to keep up a persona for her channel. She's failing at even that.

No. 1073261

No. 1073270

Why would she put a picture of her feet in the video picture? That is peak level insanity. I am so embarrassed for her family and husband

No. 1073272

I was eating lunch and that thumbnail came up and I wanted to vomit.

No. 1073285

She has all the tools to be salvageable: studio space(s), supportive partner, income, great filming gear, etc. She could take a week and revamp her ENTIRE aesthetic and studio vlog vibe to be something impressive but rather she makes this shit video? Im appalled and surprisingly shocked at her. Her current aesthetic is absolutely disgusting. Im starting to believe she's mentally stunted (not trying to be a bitch towards those that are)but her actions dont seem to be those of an adult woman and more of a young teenager

No. 1073291

She says she isn't living her regular life now with covid? Girl has just been sitting around at home before this too.
The only difference is really that she hasn't been to Disneyland this year. And that's really not a big loss.

No. 1073294

the way she says vegas is infuriating. i’ve never heard another canadian say it this way.

No. 1073309

Her saying her life has changed from Covid is absolute BS. In Vancouver you can still go to the parks, pubs/restaurants, go to the mall, some stores don't even require a mask. She worked from home before this and only went out to Tim Hortons before (which surprise is still open!), she can sit on a cactus because her complaining makes her look like a giant prick. Similar to Chloe Rose who is also still trying to make it seem like Covid fucked up her routine when in fact the chick's art studio is in her dang house. These girls had nothing going on before covid, covid if anything helped their careers.

No. 1073364


Tell me why Baylee Jae keeps looking more and more ugly every day? I don't understand. Also her drawing is ugly af. The colors she chose are also very ugly. Like her.

No. 1073373

She looks bad because she doesn't think of presentation for a moment. Look at Katnipp, she's not dainty but she gives off every thing Baylee is trying to capture.

No. 1073400

she actually looks like she showers, unlike baylee. I’ve never seen someone claim to shower every day like baylee but still look so smelly and crusty.

No. 1073464

If Christian cares, he probably internalizes it. He also probably doesn't watch her videos so he has no clue what the fuck she even does. She probably tells him she draws shit and then orders pins all day but she actually does the opposite. Does everything thing from thinking about doing shit and shit talking his friends (the photo incident) With the money she has been making (had been) he probably just let Baylee do her thing and not even question it. Her family could just be happy she doesn't have to rely on them and don't care what she does. She is embarrassing though and probably doesn't get brought up much. Her siblings have careers so could you imagine going "Yeah my one brother works at so and so and my sister is a youtuber…" Maybe Christian feels he's not good enough in some way?? whatever Baylee is less than stellar in a lot of departments currently.

Can't go to Disney land and can't harass her sister for not being able to afford it!

No. 1073607

LOl maybe he does watch and that's why they don't have kids.

No. 1073612

Why the witch has broken teeth? And was it supposed to be done for Halloween?

No. 1073658

God, she has pig hands AND feet.

No. 1073674

File: 1604369999667.png (72.91 KB, 284x274, unknown.png)

newfag, sorry

why the fuck is the pumpkin so lop sided? couldn't she just flip her line art?

No. 1073791

That involves effort, anon. Too much effort for Baylee.

No. 1073792

File: 1604381465290.jpeg (4.68 MB, 4032x2266, 998E1BD5-94F3-43D5-B2F7-32DE1C…)

Baylee at the beginning of her vlogging journey vs now. Both of these shots were taken mid sentence so they aren’t as nice as a selfie might be but even then you can clearly see how downhill she’s gone. She used to be really cute. I actually prefer her natural brows even if they aren’t “Instagram ready”, they suited her.

No. 1073803

She looks so haggard, now. Wow. Plus, her old eyebrows actually softened her face and made her look like a nicer/happier person.

No. 1073805

Man her face as gotten round. Her skin also looks so dry in comparison.

For friends that are supposedly super close and are lika a family, they're sure are awkward with Baylee.

No. 1073807

Does she have any kind of skincare routine?
I can only imagine what her diet actually looks like to wind up like this.

No. 1073864

Honestly if Canada hadn’t closed off their borders, I bet she would be one of those people who went to Disney world now if she also didn’t have followers who would shame her if she decided to go.

Yeah like, what the heck did she even do before lockdown? Nothing. She still doesn’t do shit any different, she just has more reasons to not leave her house which she barely did anyway. The only thing is that COVID makes delivery and ordering stuff go a little longer but it’s also not like Canada is not accepting any mail and Canada post is still just as shitty as it was before lockdown. She just has a ton of excuses that don’t hold water to justify her laziness when it’s like, you just don’t want to work Baylee.

When she does her laundry for vlogs too, it’s like she only does it once a month cuz it’s so weird how two people can have so much laundry and still look so grody. All her sweatpants have holes in them and she continues to buy the same cheap kinds, and she probably doesn’t shower often because her hair would keep breaking off. Like it’s hard to believe they’re in their 30’s now when they barely can live like adults

No. 1073894

Canadians can still fly to the USA, but they cant drive across the border, and must self isolate for 14 days upon arrival. I think shes afraid of her followers calling her out on it if she were to dare go
… it'd make an interesting vlog tho for once. If shes that dire for a vacation do what other Canadians are doing and go to Mexico for a couple weeks

No. 1073960

I don’t even think she’d feel bad about being shamed for going to Disneyland.

She’d look directly at the camera and say ‘well I haven’t done anything all year and I need content for the vlogs. Just going to do this one thing’ then make that ugly ‘heh heh heh’ and do that thing where she wags her tongue.

She probably only hasn’t gone because if Christian gets sick and can’t work they’ll fall back pretty far financially AND she’d have to take care of him again.

No. 1074000

every few vlogs she gives us a view of what she eats. It's awful. Fast food from Tim Hortons and wendys. Tim Hortons being the biggest offender, especially when she gets high calorie and sugar cappuccinos. She won't just eat a regular sandwich, she'll load it up with all types of meat and condiments but because the bread is whole wheat she thinks it's healthy. Cheese cheese and more cheese is a big part of her diet too. She has a party platter diet.

what's shitty is she has the money for good clothes but would rather buy a shit ton of random crap off amazon before buying some clothes that won't tear after a few months.

>She probably only hasn’t gone because if Christian gets sick and can’t work they’ll fall back pretty far financially AND she’d have to take care of him again.
bingo. The dude broke his ankle and she acted like he intentionally did to piss her off. Makes him take the bus to work when she could have driven him. She has to be relying more on him now too in terms of money.

No. 1074145

No. 1074154

She can fuck off with her click bait faces. She is desperate. So she is gonna buy a $900 dollar camera (returning other shit but still) like it's no big deal and so far she has spent over $5000 on those fucking boxes and she laughs like she is excited. She really is banking on every single calendar selling out. No way in hell that will happen, unless her whales buy multiple. two Hundred of one pin and one in each calendar? she really thinks two hundreds are gonna sell?

She can't plan for shit. If she goes with the cheaper shipping option she says she won't have enough time to finish the calendars and send them out in time for christmas. Okay so maybe decide on a Christmas calendar in July and get it done by September? hell, most normal people would have it done by august. If you want a Valentines day box you'd probably start planning in November and be done by mid December or sooner. No clue how she has over $6000 on boxes and a camera/equipment. I guess master card must love her.

No Baylee, you are not cute in that apron. You look like a rotten marshmallow. Light pastels are not your colours! Go with a dark green and dark blue or something. Baby Pink ain't it.

No. 1074181


why is her freshly varnished stuff just laying around with the door open? is it a mixed media piece with actual cat hair?

i can't believe she just accepted the cost increase from her box manufacturer. they were delayed on manufacturing, and they can't just quote a new shipping cost when they're the ones who caused the delay. didn't she sign a contract?

No. 1074188

those cat paintings turned out okay, but I still think theyre pretty big to give to someone as a wedding present. If she did them on something even a quarter of that size they'd be a great gift. When she usually picks the lazy way this time she went over kill (and in a bad way). Not many people would want to hang something like this so boldly in their home

also why does she show her house in a way she might be doxed? At one point you can see right out the window to the businesses and neighborhood. In Vancouver, that's pure senseless and dangerous.

No. 1074190

She has revealed so much of her surroundings already. If her fans wouldn't be stupid they would have easily found where she lives already.

No. 1074270

She said ages ago if she closes any doors the cats meow and carry on until she opens it. Because training your cats is an impossible task

No. 1074278

she has a 6 bedroom house and still has money (?) you'd think she'd buy some fun cat toys like a cat tower and some tunnels, those fish toys that move on their own she could buy on amazon. But nah, let's them play with her packaging and shit.

No. 1074279

Absolutely nothing this woman does is satisfying

No. 1074335

Why anyone would rent a 6 bedroom house instead of buy is weird. Her mortgage a month would be cheaper than her rent. In Vancouver 6 bdrm full house runs anywhere from 2300-5000 depending on location and in some cases even more. Her Mortgage depending on down payment would probs be in the 1000-2000 range.

No. 1074358

Soon, I don’t think they can afford it and will have to downsize. She’s going to have a hard time getting rid of all of her stuff..

No. 1074380

Been saying it for awhile. When the time comes, the time being moving from the house, she is gonna freak. Watch, she'll make Christian get rid of shit first before she does. He might not have as much shit but she treats him like shit a bit anyways. It's finally happening though. She really is banking on this calendar taking off which is sad. She does not have enough whales or pay pigs whatever to sustain her. There are youtubers who made big money and just stopped getting that sweet cash flow and Baylee is one of them.

IIRC she pays $3800 for rent on that place. She spent more on boxes than she did rent. That house she rented has been the biggest money waste. She doesn't even own it so not like she could sell for a profit if they couldn't keep up mortgage payments. Her mortgage payments would be over $2000, easily! especially for the market in Vancouver. More expensive the house, more expensive the mortgage.

No. 1074411

It's not even a nice house. It's sorrounded by buildings and construction sites and there's a brothel next door.

No. 1074426

Something in me kinda really hopes the boxes are all wrong when she finally gets them…

No. 1074502

She’ll most probably lose her security deposit anyway because the cats straight up aren’t trained. She’ll definitely freak out if she has to move. She has way too much stuff.

IIIRC in her draw my life video, Christian really liked her, and she didn’t feel the same way. Then, one day, she just was like “okay he will do” and settled with him. Kind of rude of her.

No. 1074513

File: 1604458368684.jpeg (107.74 KB, 1242x455, 259B5F2E-380E-491B-9D5F-92F4F8…)

does this reply rub anyone else the wrong way? l

No. 1074518


she always brags about how much money she makes, it's so sad. i hope her followers see this and she's sitting on 500 unsold boxes.

No. 1074530

she is very smug for somebody who draws the way she does

No. 1074550

Yet another condescending response

No. 1074570

anyone have a rough estimate of what she makes in a year? whatever sad twitch and youtube income she has, plus store or anything else? i just cant fathom how she is still making enough money to afford all this stuff when its clear she is in a financial decline

No. 1074587

She should've worded this so much better. Why dies she always sound so bitchy in her replies?

Not to mention, she is only ever concerned about making money at that given launch. She never considers if the actual product(s) look nice or are of good quality. Like is she really happy with her brand being lazy, delusional womab who can't design? Not to mention that she relays so much one the people from the vlogs to buy her stuff. She doesn't think at all in brand/business ways or how to attract new people. She'd still make a fortune, if she'd just sell the items like that, without the whole calendar.
She could save that idea for next year. Come up with a theme and make fitting designs. Nothing rushed.

No. 1074596

So she's willingly spending over 4k on shipping for boxes that cost her $1600…that's a big fucking yikes. On top of that, she follows up with one of her ugly ass faces and says she just needs to do it once. Is it bad that I hope she doesn't make back the cost of these? This is getting ridiculous.

No. 1074611

I can’t believe she’s going to pay that. She seriously should have started this earlier and accounted for errors and delays. She could have then rectified the situation and found cheaper alternatives.

I also want this project to crash and burn. I seriously don’t think people will buy it, but who knows.

It also was a huge gripe when she said she needed that camera in white. What’s wrong with what she already has? It’s completely fine.

No. 1074650

There really isn’t an easy way to see how much youtubers earn nowadays, like social blade has become kind of useless now that a lot of stuff is more hidden to viewers instead of creators. Social blade says her annual earnings can vary between $3k- 50k on YouTube which is a lot of variation, but it’s easy to assume she’s not pulling those 50k numbers and it’s better to compare to the minimum wage in the area she lives in. Vancouver minimum wage is about $14.60/ hour so that means a yearly salary if you work 40 hours a week for 48 weeks is $30k a year. So I really doubt with YouTube and twitch, she can break minimum wage.

She’s really banking on the calendar but I do think she has a warped view on how much she’s really gonna profit from it. I think she sees it as “if I sell 500 boxes at 200$ each, I’m gonna make 100k”, however I don’t think she takes out the cost of making them and only sees that big end goal. I’m assuming these costs because I haven’t watched her videos on the calendar itself but really: 12 enamel pins (23k)+ the custom boxes (5600)+ shipping materials (3k)+ shipping fees (15k)+ Shopify fees (3k)+ additional fees = roughly 50k in costs to make it. Assuming she even sells all of them (tbh she has potential cuz she does sell out in every release but this is a largely untested item that might carry even higher shipping fees than I’m assuming), it’s already gonna cut any potential earnings in half cuz she’s already spending so much to make them and doesn’t factor in that she could be potentially making more money if she actually planned out and ran her shop consistently. Like, a potential profit of 50k anyway is still fine (tho it ALSO doesn’t count any additional taxes she has to pay so it might be closer to 25-30k in the end), but she acts as tho she has a potential windfall when really she’s just not conducting her business in a sustainable way. Just flying by the seat of her pants and occasionally she will earn some cash

No. 1074685

File: 1604490517273.png (43.64 KB, 1203x220, chrome_ZlrQU5UGXG.png)


This was the comment she replied to quite rudely for anybody who is wondering. I don't get how she can be so rude and smug about things when people keep pointing out her mistakes because she doesn't see them herself!

No. 1074699

Last I remember she estimated to sell each calendar for 75$.

I agree that she not only makes less than what she thinks she's making, loses income because she doesn't plan ahead and doesn't run her store consistantly and that this isn't sustainable at all.
Honestly I feel like she is already tired of the store, the calendar gave her a bit new wind but that's gonna go down soon too.
She also isn't working on getting new customers in. It's her core fanbase that buys her stuff but this way her business will never grow and there is a high risk that even her stans get tired of her stuff. She just doesn't think ahead far enough, has no goals, no ambitions. It's just her floating around, hopping from one thing to the next.

No. 1074702

In the latest vlog, she said she was already tired of the pins and just wanted to get onto the boxes. The thing hasn’t even been released and she’s sick of it.

No. 1074716

She’s being bitchy to the people she hopes will buy her box that was a last minute thought with last minute poorly thought out designs and already not arriving before Christmas… oh boy..

I hope she sits on these. I do t understand why anyone would shell out the money for this box. Had she just done them as a Christmas box and started early it might be cute for her fans. Tossing in a bunch of mix match merch with no thought to the theme or presentation and then having the audacity to act like that should be a huge turn off to anyone considering this box.

Anyone else bothered by how she packages her pins? You see a lot of artist design backing cards that are just as much art as the pin itself, but Baylee just slaps a plain background on it with her name on it. Her work always looks like it was her first time using an art program.

No. 1074736

I still think those backing cards for online stores or the calendar are overkill. It‘s nice for brick and mortar stores so you can hang those pins but especially for Bayls it‘s just unnecessary workload and costs. She‘s so slow she could really benefit from not doing them.

I also don‘t understand she didn‘t make this christmas themed. She already had a fuckton of her tree pin she ordered for her summer?! shop launch. She also had this ginger bread man design she could have spiced up to have a special version of it exclusively for the box.

Heck, she‘s so stubbern to hold on to those boxes, if she would have been savvy she could have done a Valantine themed box. It‘s unusual but done right it could‘ve been a nice present for girls from their girlfriends or significant other.
But she had to rush it and went with a shitty box manufacturer on top of that.

No. 1074789

She's already bored with the advent calendar idea. That's why she wants to get it done ASAP no matter what it costs her. She has no attention span and is so impulsive that she wants to be on to the next thing already.

Even if she doesn't want to sell the items separately, she could cancel the advent for now and launch it again next year as a Christmas in July thing.

No. 1074796

At least if she did it for Valentine’s Day it would actually match. The box is pink gingham, the puppy pin is on par with valentine’s (would be cute if she made a pink puppy to go on in the next calendar item). Kiki and Midna would work for it too even if the outfit colors are ugly.

She just doesn’t want to admit she made a huge mistake.

The candy cane pin would have been cute in a glitter special edition colorway. I wonder I she’ll have ornaments in this box or was it all going to just be charms and pins?

No. 1074812

I could literally give you her address right now. She keeps showing those towers under construction and all you have to do is go to Google Maps, search Burnaby and look for the large construction site. Her house is right there.

No. 1074820

She is never gonna recover financially from this stupid calendar thing. Baylee really is that stupid to think she is gonna profit from this. She is gonna be in big shit soon with money. Christian does not make enough, because for the last few years it was pretty obvious that it was Baylee funding most of the ride. He could make good money but it's not enough for the house, bills, other expenses. That's not even including Baylee's wants. Like someone said, she would have gone to Disney already (if borders were open) but Christian can't afford to take time off work because if he does they'll fall behind.

Might not be a nice house but it could still sell well. The market is crazy there. Someone who runs a business near by could snatch it up. She'd make enough of a profit, though not huge if she did own and sell.

For sure it's gone. The leak damage wasn't her fault but I'm sure the security deposit went into getting it fixed and god knows the piss stains that could be in the house. She has so many rooms and areas I'm sure she never checks which would be great spots for those things to piss discreetly.

>IIIRC in her draw my life video, Christian really liked her, and she didn’t feel the same way. Then, one day, she just was like “okay he will do” and settled with him. Kind of rude of her.

Of course, she never gives off the vibe she was deeply in love. Just like a "well, this is what I got!" When she refused to drive him to work and made him take the bus in crutches, will always stand out he was just a last resort to her. That is straight up awful behavior to a partner. She had nothing better to do besides doodle shit and get fat off tim hortons.

>I also want this project to crash and burn. I seriously don’t think people will buy it, but who knows.
It's like her shitty how to draw book. She didn't put a lot of money into it but she was delusional in how much she thought she was gonna make. She opened her first royalty check on camera, and looked disappointed in how much there was. Said "Next time I'm gonna self publish." Like that'll make a difference. She thought she'd be getting some decent royalty checks for awhile. Then the publisher went bankrupt lol

No. 1074828

File: 1604512083483.png (195.02 KB, 597x504, chrome_pbUUEzApJF.png)

Somebody pointed out the wonky anatomy of her stupid witch picture and once again she tries to pass it off as the 'style' of the picture instead of trying to improve the basics of her drawings. Having a cartoony style is one thing but it doesn't make not using the fundamentals any less important

No. 1074860

How much do pins cost to get made? Would it really cost 23K to get 200 of 12 designs made?

500 is also a lot to charge for an advent calendar, that is a big luxury item that many cant afford during these times. Even at 100, giving her 20,000 income makes the box sound expensive but doesnt come close to covering her costs if the previous posters estimates are even 10k off. This is insane for her to do once you break down the costs

No. 1074895

File: 1604518228088.png (1013.63 KB, 900x615, El8XM4TVMAAK0p3.png)

I hope I did this right and the image shows up.
It's her finished Witch-YouTuber. The eyes are so dead looking. Took her like 3 days to finish this and it looks so stiff and dead.

No. 1074898

there are somethings to like in this illustration, but there is a lot of basic things she could improve. Like the stiff pose, the hand size,the left side succulents. If this were done by a student and not Baylee itd be alright, but, Baylee needs to really work on her character designs. At least she's actually trying to draw for once?

No. 1074900


What is this pose even? In her bakery piece the character interacted with her surrounding at least. And why do her characters have their mouth opened so wide, it looks so fake.
Also, it just looks like a poor rip-off of Wallace & Gromit.

No. 1074902

lol 'Muh Style' it sucks, Baylee.

She draws just like she did 6 years ago. Crazy how there hasn't been an ounce of improvement. I hate how she draws ears and yeah, the mouth open thing is also very off putting as well. A very fake smile, looks like a scream more than a smile. This looks like it could be used for a very shitty visual novel, very very shitty. Something that gets a bit of funding out of pity and never goes anywhere.

Considering she is only selling them for $75 dollars currently, she won't make much of a profit. She says she has a couple hundred each of all pins. She will operate at a loss for this.

No. 1074911

How much do pins cost to get made? Would it really cost 23K to get 200 of 12 designs made?

The "average" pin is 1.5" - 2" tall for 5 colors or less hard enamel is $300-500 USD per 100, depending on the complexity of the cut.

Which is around $8k Canadian if she got 100 each…so if she's getting 200 each design that's around $16k Canadian~

No. 1074913

No. 1074916

“responding to scam comments” can’t wait for this one(emoji use)

No. 1074917

This is by far her best looking thumbnail in a long time, and even then it would have been better released last month

No. 1074920

This is her putting her best into an art piece? That's just sad Baylee.

No. 1074922

Shes insane.
She dyed her hair back to bright pink ? Why? She looks like a street person with those roots.
She'd look better with a light brown and pink streaks or something, this is too much.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1074962

Okaay so these are just prices based off of my general knowledge. There are manufacturers that charge more and less.

Each pin would run about $2-4 ( >>1074911 is right about base prices but most places give discounts for ordering more)

Max Earnings from calendars at $75 price point- $15,000
Pins - $3,600-9,600 (approx)
Boxes - $1,600
Shipping for boxes and pins- ???

Profit if she sells all 200- $3800-9,800

Shipping could also easily be another $1000 too if she gets her pins made in china because I think DHL is the only shipping option that wouldnt make her wait 2-4 weeks to ship.

So much for those 'tens of thousands' profits…

No. 1074969

I did this earlier, yeah she's going to make about $2k profit tops. No idea where she's getting this tens of thousands from. She also hasn't budgeted in packages going missing or being damaged and her having to send out replacements or her labour and paying off her friends to do the work for her etc.

No. 1074987

Why would she only sell 200 though?

No. 1074990

i might be mistaken but i thought that she was selling 1000 boxes?

No. 1074993

boxes cost her a little over 5000 at this point. The box prices WENT UP by $1600, not cost $1600. she gleefully paid for full price too.

because she is a moron lol Baylee really thinks she made it big with youtube because of her "Talent" and not the fact she got lucky. For years she has been able to not worry about a damn thing, financially, now that it's starting to creep up on her, she thinks it's just a little bad luck and everything will sort itself out.

No. 1074994

shit forgot to sage

No. 1075056

1000 makes way more sense than 200!

No. 1075079

oh oops didn't realise you couldn't use emojis.

it really rubs me the wrong way when she discusses her profits like that. she really thinks it's some kind of gotcha comeback to commenters telling her she's getting scammed. if you complain about your manufacturer constantly, then they're late, then they want to charge you more for shipping…they're scamming you.

No. 1075084

she's trying to be slick with those comments to the haters (people with common sense) but you can see it in her eyes she is spooked. Baylee is the perfect person to be scammed. She is the type with enough money (so far) to just gladly waste it. Also the video explaining how boxes now cost her $5000 she is almost bragging about paying like it's just nothing to her.

She is fucked, knows it deep deep down but at a stage where the thought won't fully form yet. She is in denial.

No. 1075142

Did she say how much the boxes would cost? I can’t find any information about pre ordering them or anything other than what’s on her vlogs.

No. 1075146

The boxes for the calendar? She says in a recent past vlog. She got an estimate for 2000 (again this was an estimate) but it came out to more than that and in order to get the boxes in time she has to pay an extra $1600 which put the cost near $5000

No. 1075158

pretty sure they meant how much the finished product would be

No. 1075163

She said in a reply in the comments that the full finished product will be $75.

No. 1075202

The issue with the box manufacturer isn't just the shipping increase, it's the increase on top of the fact they kept screwing her around for so long and kept sending her the wrong photos, that's what makes it seem so scammy. Also she thinks the witch art is the best she's done all year. Out of how many pieces of art? The bar is not that high, Bayls

No. 1075238

The colours were hideous in the witchy art. I also can’t get over that face and pose, no one smiles like that. She could have made it more interesting by drawing the witch making potions or something. Generic idea, I know, but it would be way better than what she drew. It’s not her best work, by far.

Not sure if that $75 would include shipping as well, but I highly doubt it. I wonder how she would send it all in the post and how much it would cost from Canada? Not to mention timing with corona delays.

Girl just has more money than brains.

No. 1075317

I added the Shopify fees too when I did the assumption earlier (it’s 2.9%+ 0.30$ usd per transaction) and if one calendar costs $75 plus like 25 to ship (cuz idk how big they’ll end up being but like, even tho she uses chitchats for her US packages, if it’s a medium size package they’re gonna probably be like 20$ average to ship), which would be like 3200$ if a package was 100$, which means like she might not even make a profit at all at this point? Lmaooooo

No. 1075327

Tbh I’ve dealt with many kinds of manus before with my job and like, because we only get her size and baylee keeps making herself the victim of her bad choices, I wonder how much of it is maybe because she gave them shitty art and expected them to do a lot of the legwork. Like this happens a lot when people also go straight to overseas manus who don’t communicate in English well and like, if she didn’t use or provided her own template, she blames them. I see it a lot with enamel pins, especially if the artist doesn’t work in vector formats and expects the manu to do it for them, or like doesn’t redline over manu images or doesn’t consider that a lot of the time manus use potato cameras and have shitty lighting in images. If she was smarter and wasn’t rushing these, they could have sent PRINT PROOFS before going to full production, which is what most people do for custom packaging and books and stuff cuz sending paper goods is cheaper than other things. That’s why stuff like fashion and seasonal merchandise start production at LEAST a season ahead of release but she’s trying to rush it in like what, 2 months? So I think it’s less of a scam and more like, because she’s rushing production and she’s not willing to look like a fool cuz she really banks on “I’m a baby at things like this wehhh feel bad for me!” to get sympathy from people, she’s having difficulty and she’d rather blame an entity her viewers don’t know and can get mad at them on her behalf rather than like actually planning like she runs a business

No. 1075328

*We only get her SIDE. Typo. But holds true

No. 1075335

Back when she first came with this idea in summer, she also gave an estimate of 75$ and said it's without the shipping. So depending on where you live you can easily count on paying 100$ or more for this.

Baylee seems so sure that this product is gonna sell, but damn a 1000 calendars that's quite a number for her. Let's not forget that covid is also still ongoing, which not only means that those calendars will take forever to ship (it's also holiday season soon) but I could see some people being hesitant to order due to financial difficulty.

I don't really wish her anything bad, but I must admit I also kinda wish for it to fail. She's so terrible at running a business.

No. 1075339

Absolutely, but my point still stands as well, at least from the audience perspective, as you mentioned. She's been saying all this bad stuff about the manu, and then adds this price increase, and she then proceeds gets upset when her audience gets sketched out on her behalf. She started out trying to get that sympathy, it backfired, and she's got her head too far up her own ass to realise her part in that

No. 1075372

Oh good cuz it really skeeves me out when people like baylee get really weird about working with overseas, primarily Chinese, manus especially when they expect the moon but also expect to pay the cheapest Amazon prices and like don’t work well enough with them or blame communications issues or don’t give them appropriate quality work. Like it gets dehumanizing and kind of racist when people do that cuz they can blame this unknown foreign entity instead of like, owning up for their own mistakes. And not saying there’s companies that won’t scam you, it takes trial and error and word of mouth, but like yeah like baylee calling them a scam cuz she’s rushing them & not getting print proofs is like when she paid a pin manu with friends and family even tho she knew she wouldn’t get protection then called them a scam.

At this point too like, if she’s spending at least 5k now on these boxes like why even get them overseas now, like surely you can find a custom print shop locally to do this instead AND get proofs faster and in hand. The reason to get this stuff done overseas is to NOT spend that much, like a quick google gives you a good handful of places that does custom boxes in the area

No. 1075376

The book thing, I didn’t know of her when she got that, but even getting royalty checks is lucky in traditional publishing tho probably makes sense as to why that publisher went bankrupt. Normally you’re given an advance on your book by the publisher and most people who publish books as writers and artists will have an agent who would help negotiate and navigate contracts to make sure you (as the creative) don’t get a screwed up deal. The advance basically is what you are paid to make the book before the agreed upon deadlines, then when the book is published and makes money, you only make royalties on it after the printing makes back the cost of the advance to the publisher. And it’s really gonna depend on that contract negotiated upon (there was a twitter thread among comic artists in publishing a while back and routinely, they’re less than 10% per number of books sold) so that’s why people publish more than one book cuz most people don’t sell gang busters, if at all (many take years to pay back the advance). She’s stubborn enough to think she doesn’t need the help of agents or other people to keep her on track or navigate these things, she probably could make a decent book and self publish it for her store, but considering a to-do type tutorial book like she did before requires multiple hundreds of drawings and she can barely squeak out one every two months, that’s all talk

No. 1075389

She once was close to buying a bunch of material and such in order to make her own zines. She saw Holly Brown do it in a video like 3 years ago and got really excited herself but she then never did and she let go of the idea of making a zine all together it seems.
She also wanted that coloring book, but only made a handful of drawings for that, that she uploaded on her website.

Personally I just don't think freelance is the right job for Baylee, never was. She simply isn't someone that can stick to a schedule (just think about how often she chances her livestreaming one) and she is so disorganized with everything. She also lacks any sense for running a business.

No. 1075633

No. 1075647


always making more unnecessary work for herself. i will admit that the plain paper envelope looked super ugly, but adding that sticker to it didnt really help.

No. 1075652


samefag but did she really spend the whole day putting stickers on envelopes? not even a productive task towards the box, just busy work

No. 1075656

Again if she would have planned this in advance, she might would have saved time by finding a different solution. Not to mention that, yeah the envelope was plain and ugly but this is also an item that goes INTO the calendar, I don't think cute packaging is that necessary then. It's a nice extra but really not important. Not to mention that the sticker is ugly af.


In her like Q&A it's clear that she thinks that cottagecore is just slapping on gingham on everything. Girl can't take 10 minutes to research the aesthetic she says she's sooo into.

No. 1075658


She didn't even come up with a new design for her sticker, just used her ugly banner which she's convinced herself is cottagecore. She really needs to let go of this obsession with cottagecore, it's not working at all.

No. 1075755

what the hell was that intro and also busy doing what???

No. 1075760

You can even see glimpses of the stickers around 7 min 30 sec. People pointed it out in the comments and shes so lazy to take that clip out that she blows it off and says its fine.

She revealed a few pins, revealed part of the acrylic charm and now people can see parts of the stickers. Is there even a surprise element anymore?

No. 1075796

hell yeah lol She never once thought of the work it'd take to self publish and she was being greedy. You'd think she'd know or research about how publishing works before jumping in but of course, doesn't. Oh yeah for sure her book was bare bones, lots of blank spaces and very little actual knowledge. Hell, shit she was teaching "Don't drop supplies, clean space blah blah blah." is shit you learn first day art class in high school. I bet the moment she got her advanced, she spent it on crap. Her money, sure, but this pastel paste head is gonna be broke and she has always been delusional to this fact.

No. 1075828


these commenters are braindead. "They should have gotten Baylee to count ballots. She has so much experience from store prep, just get her some Timmy’s and she’ll get it done." with her attention to detail? she'd end up giving 500000 votes to jo jorgensen.

the lack of planning even on such a small thing like these stickers is wild. why didn't you order sheets of stickers with this on there from your supplier?

i assume she's doing more pin crap and has nothing to vlog other than her vomit meals, which she's sick of everyone making fun of.

No. 1075830

I really hope this advent calendar project majorly fails so she can actually learn something for once.

No. 1075880

I agree with you anon, I hope she barely sells 10 boxes and is stuck with all her ugly merch.

Also it bothers me how her advent calendar has multiple themes like 'cottagecore' & 'celestial' when it could've been 'cats' or something that could've had more leeway. Tinfoiling but all her designs seem like concepts she's been doing all year and decided to jam them in a box and call it an advent calendar cause she got inspired by Jazza

No. 1075951

It should fail. Poorly planned, already sunk a lot of money and she isn't selling them at a cost for maximum profit (Probably not even taking into account for shipping or returns) If this does manage to sell well holy shit, she really does have some dedicated fans. But, there is a higher chance this will fail. She'll laugh off the failure in a vlog and get even more desperate for views. She is nearing the end of her easy street. She fucked herself with this youtube thing and like someone else said it's like she fails to understand she is (was more so now due to laziness) an entrepreneur and not a some steady income earner.

She does love to copy when she is desperate for clicks or cash. The blue dogs, the paw print with the stars, it really is random and shit that looks like she was gonna sell at a convention and not a calendar. Because of Corona chan she can no longer sell the pins that way and probably figures "Hey, Jazza and or insert whoever she is copying here are doing this thing, so will I!"

No. 1076107

“123 Poopoo St”….. what’s with her scat obsession?

No. 1076176

At this point it’s clearly her fetish.

No. 1076472

She could have went with a light pink envelope or something rather than wasting all that time/ink/product on an envelope and a sticker. The stickers are also basic gingham print and sunflowers, lazyjaecore not cottage core.

No. 1076867

because baylee can't be bothered to actually research cottagecore she's actually doing prairiecore with all that mf gingham. google it and tell me im wrong

No. 1076889

With the paper envelopes, why wouldn't she just print the design and save her time? She's a got a professional quality printer than can do stuff like that.. Utilise it.

No. 1077057

She’s bitched about inkjet refill costs before, cuz the printer she has is one of those photo ones that uses 8 tanks of ink, and she’s cheap enough in certain aspects to not do it all herself plus she does normally sell enough where it’s too much work. And she doesn’t even want to work

No. 1077079

Does it bother anyone else that she’s constantly moving her junk around and re arranging her stufff? Every single video she’s constantly moving a printer here, putting her table there… dumb shit. If she organized her spaces correctly to optimize what she has she wouldn’t be having to do that. Or, better yet, donate the excess.

No. 1077083

It’s just busy work so she looks like she’s being productive. She gets absolutely nothing done.

No. 1077355

I remember a few vlogs back that she mentioned flying back home for a wedding, which is stupid if you ask me, covid cases are rising in canada right now and weddings are in no way essential

No. 1077384

in Canada there have been a few reports by Drs that say there is a low chance of catching the virus on a plane. I had to look it up for work reasons and was surprised by this. its worth googling

No. 1077387

its the wedding itself that I think is stupid, i know a lot of the outbreaks here have been caused by weddings

No. 1077393

maybe thats why shes not uploading these four days?

No. 1077487


it's not the plane that's the issue, it's the large gathering.

No. 1077689

Saw this comment on Mira Byler's community page: "Please don't become like Baylee jae. I liked her Chanel so much until she became a vlogging Chanel and started recording that how she packs orders and stuff. That has become so boring. I can't loose another art YouTuber".

Moving to just vlogs was such a dumb idea for Baylee - apparent through her view counts, she lost even some of her die hard fans due to the change

No. 1077709

Good. She deserves to lose them at this point. It's like Baylee thought people liked her and not her art/lifestyle. And her lifestyle isn't even something to envy anymore (was it ever? LoL for the young ones yes). It has shown them that sitting around guzzling back cappuccinos all day make you look fat and greasy. We are watching the slow decline of Baylee. Hell, it's been about a month of vlogs and she is already too tired to keep up and anything she draws, takes her days to finish, that shit should be an hour and a half max.

INB4 anyone asks "why did she move to vlogging?" Because she is a lazy twat who was hoping to take the easy route in regards to youtube money. The dumb ass thought she was interesting enough to keep people watching her fat ass do fat ass things and it'd get a shit ton of views. She doesn't want to work at this anymore. She wants this (money) to be handed to her with no effort.

No. 1077822

I'm surprised her brother didn't postpone the wedding, not just because Baylee said he's a pharmacist in a hospital so you'd think he'd be smarter about this whole pandemic thing but their sister is stuck in the states and couldn't attend. Or elope at least if getting married now is non-negotiable and have a big celebration when things are safer.

No. 1077858

File: 1604830869330.jpg (150.79 KB, 1562x1124, EmRW789U8AAy_wm.jpg)

What is it with her always making these faces?

No. 1077866

Her shop vlogs could be interesting if she didn’t talk so much. Every time she speeds up a clip she leaves the audio as is and it makes her vlogs so dry. She doesn’t want to do anything to make them interesting.

She really thinks because she’s a YouTuber people want to see every aspect of her life including her garbage room. Most art fan only care about the art or seeing how it gets made. She’d be more interesting doing stand alone videos like ‘how I pack my orders’ and ‘convention tips’. Her younger fans would love to see that type of content since it might be something they aspire to do. Not repeating the same day of her staying home and walking around in a nightgown. That’s not the glamorous lifestyle her young fans are looking for.

No. 1077876

File: 1604833131290.jpg (112.36 KB, 675x1200, EmReXpJVgAISi_C.jpg)

Somebody really needs to tell this girl that this is not flattering. She looks disgusting. It's not funny or entertaining, she's nothing but a fat, lazy, unfunny slob. Man, seeing how much she's deteriorated since her old apartment days

No. 1077887

It's classic fat girl logic "if I have 100 chins or look ugly in this pic its only because I made that face on purpose"
Self preservation and deflection because you can't make fun of someone for being ugly if they did it on purpose

No. 1078046

Well, it proves their family isn’t made of geniuses. And it depends on the province they’re in about the COVID infection rate but Canada is having a problem with their COVID infection rates especially in like Manitoba and Alberta, there’s still plenty of mask denial and resistance combined with people being bolder because of universal healthcare and other reasons. But yeah insisting on having a large gathering when working in healthcare and knowing COVID is spread through superspreader events like this, idiotic especially when other people have postponed their own weddings this year because of it (like katnipp, and the uk went back into lockdown but didn’t have as much uncontrolled spread as Canada and the us)

No. 1078060

In BC the health department issued new restrictions for the next two weeks in Metro Vancouver (where she lives). She probably left for the wedding just in time as travel is being restricted to essential only.

No. 1078101

I bet if Christian told her he doesn't like all the weight she gained (no he isn't perfect either but she is bigger than him) she'd just laugh at him, cry a little on camera while scarfing down one of her high calorie meals talking about curves being beautiful or some shit.

Her apartment days were peak. Just a girl living paycheck to paycheck and making some money on the side. She put effort into her appearance and though deep down she was always annoying and rude, it was a little more reigned in because she didn't have fuck you money yet and the hoard of brain dead idiots to defend her. She used to worry about money back then and now we get "LOL five thousand dollars on boxes? SURE!" Apartment days Baylee could never.

The girl got lucky, very lucky and she obviously knows she is losing money through youtube but she is also brain dead to the fact as to why her channel is dying. She doesn't understand it takes effort to keep a successful YouTube channel going. She figures "Why work hard when I haven't been doing that for the last 4 (?) years?" She really believes she is what drew people in. Baylee, no, people don't like you, they LIKED how you lived. The art shit/ranging from making art to crafts and toys. Not you, not your stupid faces or your shallow temporary obsessions.

No. 1078116

I remember her studio tour in the apartment and it had that beautiful view of the cherry blossoms and it was neat her kitchen. Back then it definitely felt like she tried more, on appearance, on art, on everything.

Christian seems to nice to comment on her weight

No. 1078134


Maybe he likes her chubby, ya never know.
On the other side, when you‘re together for several years there‘s a point where you get too comfortable together and putting on weight is inevitable. Except for some really sporty people maybe. Men grow beards and women put on weight is normal. I think those two are just a bit too comfortable. Baylee is near the point where she could easily develop health issues like diabetes or funky blood pressure, etc.

No. 1078235

That doesn’t really sound like something Baylee would do. She’s mentioned her weight before, but never to the extent where it came off as self-loathing. I also don’t think Christian particularly cares, at least not enough to start a fight over it. They both just seem very comfortable.

I don’t mind the extra weight on Baylee but it’s clear she doesn’t take good care of herself.

No. 1078257

He’s definitely too nice to comment on her weight because he won’t even say anything about her art, her ideas not sounding good, her thinning hair etc. I feel like if he tried she’d shut him down really fast so to keep the peace he just doesn’t say anything and goes along with everything.

My husband would have no problem telling me my ideas aren’t good if I was popping out an advent calendar box like hers with clashing themes.

No. 1078268

she really will just laugh off whatever problem. When she laughs about things she has such an arrogance to it. "Can you believe they said that? HAHAHA" Others bring up another artuber here who is on the big side but having nothing but nice things to say. I think Baylee gets shit on because she is 'health on the verge of deteriorating into serious problems' and out right refusal to shop for her size. We see a girl who thinks she is 'skinny fat' when she is overweight but wears clothes like she is a size 4. Also doesn't help when she wears those night gowns that could be used as a ship's sail they are so big.

>He’s definitely too nice to comment on her weight because he won’t even say anything about her art, her ideas not sounding good, her thinning hair etc.
He probably doesn't wanna rock the boat in anyway in regards to her art and channel. For a few years she was the bread winner and was making life easy. They went from a small (but cute) apartment to a 6 bedroom house all thanks to her. The dude is probably grateful and oblivious. She can say "I spent all day working hard, Christian! Help me do the pins!" and he believes it, not knowing what her idea of working hard is. Which is just moving shit around to appear busy, bitching about garbage bins and making fun of his friends.

No. 1078299


Katherine is blatantly obese (like all her family) and should loose weight too — but that‘s the only „negative“ thing about her IMHO, and considering she knows how to run two businesses (and just moved today into a yet bigger office) it doesn‘t matter.
Baylee‘s appearance is brought up so often because it adds so perfectly to everything else she‘s failing at. And quite frankly, there‘s nothing new to talk about. We‘re all waiting for the ship that‘s her career to finally hit the iceberg it‘s heading for.

No. 1078475

That's just it. Katherine should lose weight, because it is unhealthy, however she still tries to look presentable on SM. She also manages to run her businesses, patreon and youtube. Meanwhile Baylee is simply lazy and let herself and her career go.

No. 1078509

I agree, Katherine at least dresses and does makeup in a way to flatter herself.
Baylee dresses like she's in high school based on the style and material. It looks cheap and doesnr compliment her appearance.

Baylee I dont think wants to admit her age. She should take a management course at night or something to inspire that side of her business considering we all know she wont tske an art class.

No. 1078514

Another thing about Katnip is she has a certain theme and sticks with it. Baylee doesn’t know what she wants to do with her art and she took the focus off her art and put it onto her and she’s not interesting. She was doing alright keeping her vlogs and art stuff separate. I don’t think she needed a face cam tho. She thought people liking her art meant that they liked her life and ran with it.

I think what people probably liked was her con preps. Watching the artist vlog how they prepared for a con is interesting and it’s how I discovered her. Then you realize how badly put together she is and acts… I know there are no cons with covid happening but she didn’t try to adapt at all. If she has that much money to shell out on boxes why not invest in a few nice pieces of clothing or new merch she actually can show. She should have kept the boxes completely secret until it was time to reveal them and had other stuff to prep instead.

No. 1078536

I think Katnipp … search on Youtube for Katnipp.

No. 1078543

That’s what I was thinking when she posted >>1077876 photo. Like, what is with the tongue touching the cup? Is it supposed to be funny and/or sexual? She really should try to be a bit more professional and presentable on social media. At least try to separate her social life and artwork, that’s why the old vlog channel worked the way it did. But since she’s merged the two, it’s so off putting. Before, people who subbed to the art channel could sub to her vlogging/life channel if they wanted to but now there’s no choice, her videos on her main are now 90% of showing her gross habits. She’s really screwed up on her channel but the weird thing is her views are way down, yet she still has 1mil+ followers?

No. 1078549

Even without Covid she wouldn't have participated cons as an artist. She would've blamed her store being too much work as that she could prepare for a con.

Really if she could she'd dropped the store. She only keeps it because she has bills to pay. Same with the art she made recently, she clearly didn't care to do any, she is just desperate to get some views.

I still think that the reason she shares so much of herself is because she's lonely.

No. 1078583

> her views are way down, yet she still has 1mil+ followers?
It’s because she buys followers. When you buy followers, they just follow you with a bunch of bots and fake accounts which don’t unsub from you ever.

No. 1078599

It’s probably because some people are too lazy to unsubscribe or they’re waiting for the vlogs to be more about the art than her life which isn’t going to happen until the advent stuff is over next year.

Eventually her fans will realize and move on especially if she continues being rude in her comments. She can’t take criticism at all. I also feel like she’d benefit from weekly vlogging instead of daily sans a couple days she takes ‘off’ (everyday is off). That way she can compile the interesting parts of the week instead of vlogging the same exact thing (her cats in a box, Timmy’s, her cat in another box, Her husband looking so tired and defeated that he can’t even relax at home without a camera in his face…..repeat).

I’ve never watched her work out streams, but do people actually tip her? Why can’t she just do it for herself. She could use some to just better herself quietly, get some mental clarity without making it content.

No. 1078654

When she was watching the live count to a million subs, she dropped like 10k to 20k (or couple a thousand, it was noticeable) in subs, panicked and said "that's just my friends pranking me!" fiddled around on her phone and she had those followers back pronto.


>but do people actually tip her?

Judging from the fact she's had to rush back into vlogs for some money, no she doesn't get tipped much. She was hoping twitch was gonna be her money maker and she could move to it full time. Whenever she talked about her 'schedule' majority of the time would be on twitch. Getting healthy is great and all but watching this blubbered body idiot jiggly around on stream for a few hours while not losing a pound, in fact gaining, is maddening.

>Her husband looking so tired and defeated that he can’t even relax at home without a camera in his face.

he really has been in the vlogs more. Before it was a random glimpse of the dude and now she has nothing to vlog about so she uses him for a little footage.

No. 1079139

Most people I know that know baylees videos know her from the con prep stuff, there really wasn’t too many vlogs of people doing it a couple years ago and most studio vlogs are of artists who didn’t do them so they liked vlogs of people prepping to compare themselves to. But yeah agreed, she hasn’t adapted even tho she also cut back on cons and never did as many as some artists who did 1-2 a month and she can’t consistently keep her store open. It’s super telling she doesn’t want to do this anymore but is too stubborn to figure out how not to do it herself, like she doesn’t do art for fun or engage her followers in a way that other artists do so of course she’s gonna have a drop in followers. In a “career” where people are trying to game social networks to get their own stores and art going, she’s been skating along so long to where she’s gotten lazy and doesn’t understand why she’s not keeping up

No. 1079141

It’s super evident he doesn’t want to be in the videos too, like she doesn’t respect his space and he lets her walk all over him cuz she’s starved for content. She probably wouldn’t take no as an excuse either, he’s already shoved into small corners of the house while all of her shit has taken over, and it’s really just sad he can’t use his own home when he’s just delegated as the breadwinner, he’s just like a weird roommate.

Also I never understood why she thinks watching her work out is good content either? Like I understand it as like a means to have accountability to work out but who the fuck wants to watch her fat ass jiggle on stream? Is she trying to appeal to like the BBW crowd or something?

No. 1079241

Like someone said it might be cool and motivating IF she lost weight and showed progress that it’s working but if she’s just bouncing around that’s not good content either. She’s trying to be on display so much when I seriously think she’d benefit from less.

I was curious about her shop too. How come she can dump all that money into boxes but not have any new merch. I guess she’s assuming the boxes will cover the lack of new stuff and people starved for her art so that’s probably why it might actually sell…

No. 1079313

I remember how she complained about him being upstairs and having his computer in the livingroom, because it made it look so messy. Meanwhile she won't do her dishes for days, takes up several rooms with her stuff (all of them are constantly messy) and when she gets a package, she simply dumps all the packaging on the spot.

Christian doesn't seem overly into cleaning either, but just her attitude while she is no better.

It'a so irritating how she believes that she works oh so much and whines about it, meanwhile a lot of artist manage to put out art way more often and of higher quality, do commissions, have a store constantly, patreon, what have you. She's simply lazy.

No. 1079321

It will always be awful how she made him take the bus when he broke his ankle because in her words she was too busy to drive him. Yes she got mad his stuff was around the house and that he was home more during that time too. How the fuck can she be mad when they live in a 6 bedroom house? Bitch go to a different room, there all yours anyways. He is lazy too in regard to the house work but I'll give him a bit (a small bit) of a pass for the fact he goes to work and all Baylee does is stay home eating. Someone has to be the adult though and clean asap and not leave birthday dishes out for a week, that is on both of them.

He is gonna be the bread winner soon enough. I can't see the dynamic changing though. She had her taste of fuck you money and the entitlement that came with it, she won't lose that attitude anytime soon. He is equally stupid as she is for leaving every thing to Baylee and thinking she's got shit handled.

If this stupid calendar does sell, like sell well enough to make a profit. She is too lazy to keep up with more products. This calendar is just shit she was supposed to sell at cons or shit through her shop, it wasn't selling so she decided to bundle it to sell it that way (isn't jazza doing something similar? she loves to copy) She is screwed.

No. 1079327


Jazza is putting out actual thought through products that fit his personality/ brand. He‘s doing so much different kind of arts, always challenging himself and full of curiosity (and also energy; it‘s a miracle to me how he has not absolutely crashed yet, although he has his fair share of selfawareness of much he works). Baylee is just… Jazza is way out of her league.

No. 1079369

whatever baylee does, it's always a half ass attempt at what a better artuber does. She'll see what they are doing, go "Oh hey, me too!" and not understand that they will at least put more effort into their shit because they understand that they need to do shit and good shit to make money. Baylee is so far behind the pack. She doesn't understand that just because she has collaborated with them it doesn't mean she is on the same skill level and determination, or likeability.

No. 1079452

the calendar probably will do decently. her fans seem to buy any old shit she puts out and a good amount of them have bought $50-60 of pins at once, so I don’t think they’ll skip something just because it’s $75.

The good news is even if it sells well, she’s too lazy to ever do this again. too much planning ahead, almost no content for her videos, too much work. And we’re even at the packing stage yet, she’s still not finished with pin grading and shit.

No. 1079464

I think she’s already mentioned that she’s not doing anything like the advent calendars again after this.

No. 1079466

No. 1079469


I think those 60$ pin orders were mostly multiple people ordering as one to keep shipping costs down.

No. 1079480

won't be enough to cover everything she has sunk into it. $5000 on the boxes alone? she could just make her money back, and if any profit it won't be enough. She has fans but not this many, what are they gonna do, order multiple?

yeah she won't do this again. She is lazy and we can see her panic just talking about the damn thing.

The wedding was pointless, damn I get having fun but Baylee's family is the blandest brand of white bread. She sounds out of place with her family, she sounds like an annoying 12 year sister. "sweetie, why does your sister have pink hair and dress like a girl going to a after school Christmas concert?" Baylee is starved for human interaction and when she gets it it's the most awkward thing.

"I look awkward because I wasn't ready!" no, you are just ugly and try to hide it behind wacky poses.

No. 1079497

Tbh this is the most interesting vlog she's done all year because she did something other than sitting all day and eating 2000 calorie meals. It's still not a good vlog but it's better than her normal "content".

No. 1079500

Im much more forgiving about katnipp being a big girl cuz that’s just the size her entire family just is so there’s some genetic component to it and when she does vlog about the food and coffee she drinks, it really isn’t loaded with a lot that you could criticize (like she’s said she only drinks black coffee when she was talking about adding tea to her studio cuz her brother was brought on as an employee). Added to that, she’s also not in denial about how big she is, she’s talked about finding and looking for plus sized clothing before and she dresses in clothing that fits her both in size and aesthetic, but ultimately she’s a good example of a channel focused on her business and delegates her personal life to her secondary channel and patreon.

She’s a good example as a foil to Baylee cuz clearly baylee wants the same aesthetic and success but is failing up. She always has to show her unhealthy eating and drinking habits (which basically is the high fat of keto but she’s not on keto anymore so of course she’s not losing weight) and tries to squeeze herself in cheap clothing that is way too small now. And she’d rather vlog all day doing nothing than actually working and curating her content. Plus her sister is really proof that she could live a healthier lifestyle, like Brooklyn cooked meals they could easily keep and even tho they went out drinking they walked nearly all of it instead of driving or ridesharing.

Also like, katherine’s spouse is in her videos and is a full employee of her company after he lost his job during the pandemic, he was the one who encouraged her to restart her second business focused on custom baby items, but she’s super respectful of how much he’s in her content cuz she knows he doesn’t like to be in it a lot. Whereas Baylee badgers her husband into doing HER work in HIS free time then just complains about it afterwards. Like, tbh I wish baylee’s fans and people who watch her channel would switch over and know there’s much better people to take examples from like Katherine and other youtubers instead of giving Baylee money to sit around and play Pokémon all day

No. 1079525


well, at least they seemed to like the paintings. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her brother, he’s really not what i expected.

No. 1079544

he looks so normal compared to her. Baylee is THAT sibling and not in an endearing way.

No. 1079591


i don't love all the focus on baylee's weight necessarily, but i like how you focused on katnipp actually dressing for her size. if baylee sized up to an XL she'd look so much better. there are so many ways for plus sized people to look cute that are outside of ugly clothes on shein.

christian also looks dirty and gross. that unkempt beard and sweaty hair is disgusting.

also that wedding looked so sad. i know it's covid times, but idk what was up with that westworld setting they were in. and styrofoam containers as plates? baylee taking a wonton out onto the street? fucking weird. what a bizarre family.

No. 1079678

She really would look better if she knew how to dress, regardless of size. Even when she was skinny fat, before the actual bad weight gain, she still dressed terribly, so poor fashion is nothing new. streaming her work outs gets mocked because not a pound is lost and it's essentially a waste of time if no actual changes occur and if it's only done for streams, not for herself, it's even more redundant. Her hair is another aspect that makes her look terrible. She has been using extensions now, which help but who knows if she has learned her lesson on over bleaching and straitening. Baylee is tragic over all. Refuses to dress for her size, in denial and hair has to grow out, because she won't shave it off.

He let himself go too. Couples get comfortable but he looked just as awful as she did on her birthday. Maybe they both think "wow, they let themselves go, why should I bother to look nice?"

No. 1079680

I'm curious enough about her brother to watch her newest vlog.

I honestly believe Baylee has depression. I could point out a lot of things that point to it but I work an actual job and I'm too tired to write an essay.

losing my shit at "after school christmas concert" outfit

No. 1079735

I didn't mind the setting. It seems like a Museum that can be rented for these kind of festivity.
My guess with the cutlery, etc. is the current restrictions that may not allow a buffet or even bringing would to the tables. Just my guess.

And yes, it was definitely more interesting than her usual vlogs.

No. 1079741

Her brother and his wife look so happy and cute! I loved his smile as they were walking to the table. She definitely looks so different compared to her siblings. They’re more warm toned and her skin looks so ghostly white.

This vlog is awkward and poorly edited. This girl has so much vlogging equipment and the one time she goes out the house she doesn’t do anything to get cinematic shots. She showed more of people pushing others out the snow (way too much of you ask me) than she did planes taking off, scene flying over the clouds, etc. it was just ‘we at airport, we at hotel’. There were so many harsh transitions with no context or too much chatting. Like we know what a hotel looks like this isn’t the Plaza hotel. Especially if it’s going to be a rushed tour.

>>1079591 I didn’t think the beard was bad until she hit us with the closeup. He definitely needs to maintain it. There are products out there to at least make it look presentable

No. 1079836

She only thinks about the equipment when it comes to quality, probably because it's easy and doesn't require work.
She never seems to consider that she could easily up her quality by learning how to edit or trying out some nice ankles, etc. In vlog a while ago she said she just wants to keep it casual, but honestly I think it comes down to her just being lazy and unable to do better. She just refuses to learn.

No. 1079968

Yeah like, there isn’t a shortage of plus sized fashion especially in lots of alt fashion like cottagecore and sweet lolita and pastel, but baylee doesn’t seem to learn from any just like her art, she doesn’t learn how to be influenced by them. She probably thinks she can’t dress in certain ways because she’s short as well, but if she learns how to dress herself and even in a way that makes her feel happy, there are tricks to overcome any disadvantages you may have. But she tends to spend money on her “career” of vlogging and surrounding herself with shit instead of her own personal being or doesn’t want to spend the time learning anything other than superficial, like buying shitty nightgowns instead of actually looking at garments that are wearable to reflect this whole “chateau” bullshit she’s into now, it’s so typically like her attitude towards her art where she doesn’t want to learn yet buys every art medium she can get her hands on.

To make it worse, she’s using clip-in extensions she’s clipping into her already brittle hair and she’s too stubborn to go to a salon, and there’s plenty of alternative style salons in Vancouver too, that she keeps damaging her hair even more. Like after she started using them, there was a ton more breakage in her natural hair and a salon professional could totally help her but nope, denial like you said

No. 1079970

I penned her as depressed too cuz really, everything she does is really sad and like even watching her is like questioning if anyone can really be happy like that? Like constantly talking to essentially no one and getting fake ass praise from yes-men. She knows outside her own bubble she would not survive and it’s beginning to show. Tho I really also think she has maybe some form of ADHD, she’s very similar to the cow Becca hilburn/nattosoup except Becca is so delusional in her success and videos but is just as shitty as her in art. They both think that they work all day when really they sit around most of the time, unfocused and without any clear motivations or direction, and hyperfixation can describe the 18 hour marathons baylee does to shiny chain in Pokémon, which is like mindless and tedious.

No. 1079972

Yeah girl doesn’t have any idea what b-roll is. Everything belongs in her videos when really, if she actually took any skillshare classes and didn’t just fake ass shill for them on a video, she could learn to make better videos but I really think this is her own personal vendetta against “aesthetic” vlogs cuz her own shitty way has worked for so long for her

No. 1080222

No. 1080285

I have some energy today so the reasons I think Baylee has depression (from my own experience w depression)
- her diet (sugary, fatty, high calorie foods)
- her appearance (cant be bothered to wear real clothes, kinda greasy)
- lack of interest in things that she used to love
- spending & shopping, for the brief high. Material things will surely fill the empty void inside me!!
-Isolation from friends and family, and generally being a shut-in

I also have ADHD and I can kinda see it with Bayls too. Girls/women do tend to go undiagnosed until adulthood bc of historical medical bias for white men.

Sorry for blog/armchair but it's like looking at my past self but worse PLEASE go see a psych.

No. 1080304


She ranted for a good two minutes about Tim Hortons. I know some don't like the talk about her weight but she is legit a fat ass, to be this upset over the high calorie shit she chugs back is true fat-assery

Annoying baby talk and her cats on her products she plans to sell. Baylee, your cats are not that cute. Cats are cute and all but yours are not special like damn.

She thinks she's gonna have new viewers to her vlog thinking she is a travel vlog? She is fucking stupid. But you know she is giddy as fuck for new viewers. News flash, Baylee, a new viewer will not stick around.

Of course she shows off gameplay footage. She is hoping people go right to her twitch and subscribe. If she could quit youtube, she would and move to twitch. Twitch is easy for her, no editing and can still rant about her dumb shit to people. It has always bugged her twitch never took off for herself.