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File: 1597823019880.jpg (120.93 KB, 724x752, 1596979999921.jpg)

No. 1025627

The 11th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.


No. 1025630

previous thread

No. 1025746

No. 1025948

Why did she trace it? It looked better before …

No. 1026038

I just brought my first set of copics and ended up watching her video on 'most used copics'or something. It was awful glad I clicked away(blog)

No. 1026082

I just can't imagine that those cat paintings will look good in the end. At least those poor oil paints will finally be used a bit.
She's quite cutting it close with the advent calendar. Does she never get annoyed at herself and how she has to rush things all the time?

No. 1026088

The thing I don't understand is that she knows this is a weak point, that she struggles with realism and finding the likeness. So why do it as a present? Why not support another artist and commission someone who knows they're doing and can do the piece right?

No. 1026104

She thinks she soo funny with those stupid, ugly glasses. She looks like an old lady. Cone on she can do better than this…

No. 1026129

This girl needs to buy some clothes that fit. Looking at how tight some of her sweaters and jackets are makes me break out in a sweat. How the hell does her skin breath? I can imagine that she's a L to XL. Those sizes are everywhere and not difficult to find in the style she likes.

No. 1026162


What was with the looking over the rim of her glasses thing?

No. 1026183

So she can show off her big ol bug eyes.

No. 1026234

and her dry ass forehead lines

No. 1026572

The glasses thing doesn’t even make sense. She’s looking at her fingernails, not her drawing.

No. 1026834

Its something she was doing in the video. She would pull them down, make that stupid face, and cut to whatever she was looking at

No. 1026917

She needs to stop buying shitty over priced Disney dolls for 5 minutes and go see a dermatologist, that shit looks painful and I’m cringing more than usual at her videos. How can a grown ass adult have zero motivation to take basic care of themselves?

No. 1026962

So, is she just going to let her eyebrows fade, or what? They’re so discoloured and gross. Can’t stand that the original brow shows through.

No. 1027098

No. 1027099

I think she mentioned in a vlog that she doesn’t like how the shape looks, so she might be letting them fade drastically before redoing them.

No. 1027100


that ben shapiro joke… we finally found something she's worse at than art. comedy.

No. 1027156

Didn't she have a projector? She used one last year for that bakery painting, why would she print the sketch out instead of just projecting it on?

No. 1027163


Artistry: 0%
Fashion sense: 0%
Social skills: 0%
Humor: 0%
Cooking skills: 0%

She created an echo chamber for herself and people who are just as much of a loser as she is and the only smart move she's made is to hang on tight to her loser community who will shove money up her ass for everything she does. That joke she's heard somewhere and couldn't wait to tell: look who is throwing with stones sitting inside a glasshouse. Yikes

No. 1027206

She does not use the correct brushes, right?
I feel like these brushes she used for the oil paints are more for acrylics?

No. 1027220

holy shit
she'll never grow up. The sponge bob shit is cute if you are 10, not 30. Yes being petty about it, none of that shit is cute for an adult. The way she collects dolls, toys, latches onto childhood favorites to an extreme gives me the vibe she didn't always get what she wanted and now with her own money she can revert to a child like state of mind with all her fun toys.

The crazy amount of oil paints of varying colors. It's crazy, I am convinced she thinks that the more art supplies she has, it means she is a better artist.

Her annoying silly/baby voice

I get it's summer time but holy shit that bitch is leaking sweat! Girl needs to carry a towel to dry herself.

she has clean looking teeth.

She is proud of accomplishing so little work in regards to her art. Finish the background colors and she is exhausted. She should be able to finish at least half of one if she really sat down and tried.

they look like acrylic brushes. Go into an art store, not michaels, but an actual art store and go ask the employees is too much for Baylee, she is the expert after all/s

No. 1027230

I really hope Baylee mentions Susan Herbert. She was a painter famous for her cat paintings, but specifically the book: The Cats Gallery of Art. Recreating famous paintings and turning them into cats. It's basically what Baylee is doing ( I didnt watch her latest vid so I dont know if she mentions her or not)

No. 1027377

Nevermind the weird painting, she looks so rough. She looks like she has packed on a lot of weight

No. 1027378

File: 1598147585839.jpg (591.38 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_20200822-184612_Gal…)

honestly she should have either commissioned a capable artist or done one of her usual small copic drawings that her brother would be able to frame in a more low-key way because who is going to want to hang this in their house? Shes putting those wonky cats on big ass canvas that they'll have to display. He'll be obligated because he's her brother, but I wonder how his fiancé will truly feel about it. No way she'll be excited to hang these in her house.

No. 1027417


You'll never know. Let's see how she's doing. At least it's some art for a change. The only thing that bugs me is that she's doing a brown background when her subjects are mostly brown/ reddish too. Would have chosen some bluish grey for the background to make the cats pop more. (Also for an underpainting she's going in way to dark imho. But I'm not an oil expert.)

No. 1027833

I think this is actually a cute idea and might come out nice. But where would this even be hung up? It'll probably go in a closet or something.

No. 1027836

That's exactly the point. Where would you even hang this?
>>1027378 is right. She should have done this as one of her small copic illustrations and gifted it that way. Then it would just be a cute, unobtrusive gift that they can do what they want with. Instead they're on huge canvases that her brother and his wife will have to make part of their home decor.

No. 1027951

She paints like an Instagram artist, like she doesn’t actually KNOW how to use oils and just goes “it’s just MUH STYLE” and it really annoys me seeing people paint this way as a painter and seeing better painters on YouTube all the time. Just look at pros on YT like Proko or James gurney, you have to tone the canvas with one color usually which is a way to achieve color harmony but she is painting this one and the other oil painting she did like she’s coloring like a coloring book, not like using the paints to pretty much sculpt the subject into the painting. Plus it’s so slow and so unproductive to paint with small brushes on a large painting like this, she should be using larger bristled brushes and more thinners or at least practice more, cuz she’s done like what one painting a year? And never does any of the prep work other artists do to save time.

Lmao you’re giving her too much credit to think she did anything other than google “cat portraits in costume” or like seeing a Facebook ad for those businesses that poorly photoshop the head of a pet onto a stock photo and print it on canvas. She doesn’t know any other artists other than like Disney or ghibli or spongebob, her visual library is empty and she has no incentive to fill it.

He’s probably gonna closet or throw it away when he gets it, plus isn’t she on a deadline for it? Oils take ages to dry and she would be better off doing it as the shitty copic drawing then like shipping this thing for a stupid amount of money

No. 1027966

Wtf are the point things on its forehead? Are they horns?? Eyebrows??

No. 1027973

File: 1598252473674.jpg (68.15 KB, 442x400, Mackerel-Tabby-cat~2.jpg)

I think she's marking out the stripes that tabby cats have on their foreheads.

No. 1027987

That bothers me too. She has so many resources available and doesn't make use of it. She says how much she loves oil painting for years now but she never mentioned a single artist that does oil painting. She never mentioned a youtube channel she likes to follow and learn from and she has never been to an art museum/gallery. She liked art yes but just never had a passion for it.

I mean even with Disney, how many artists that worked there does she know of? She doesn't even really seem to be that much into their animation stuff, she just likes to buy the merch.

No. 1027989

The two canvases are so big, and did she actually take their home decor into consideration? The paintings are going to be rather dark, with mainly browns and reds, does that fit into her brothers home? Just because Baylee throws everything together to a mess, doesn't mean everyone wants that.

With this said, I do think it's kinda a nice idea and it's nice that she puts some work into this. I still think she either should've thought through this idea better, or simply hired a company to do it.

No. 1028005

I think to her, it’s very much about the end product, not so much the creators.

No. 1028984

That’s one of her biggest follys tbh. Most artists and especially pro artists use a ton of references and influences to inform their art because they’ve built up their visual library to inform their work. She has this really beginner artist POV where she believes and shows that she can make everything up out of her mind but it shows with her drawing skills being super weak, especially in anatomy and composition.

Honestly she could totally make a very interesting series where she learns how to become a better artist since she was trained as an animator and not a fine artist or illustrator however she just really used all the videos she made on main about not liking her art just to whine and get sympathy rather than learning and growing as a person. she just went back to doing the same old stuff cuz she’s so lazy and it was easier

No. 1029072


oh i forgot about this. her improvement series really crashed and burned, huh? she really thinks her tween/teen fans are going to be around buying her garbage art forever.

No. 1029091

Does anyone know if she did well at cons? I know some people make bank there, wondering if she did with her art. Also I vaguely remember her talking about she wasn’t supposed to make money in the USA as a Canadian citizen or something, but she did? Anyone know what I’m talking about?

No. 1029230

File: 1598469637199.jpg (702.55 KB, 828x1149, IMG_5786.jpg)

I'm fairly certain her true inspiration is from this Build-a-Bear ad that's been running on Facebook for the past couple of weeks. It seems too different from Susan Herbert's art and we all know Bailey never has original ideas.

No. 1029240

That series was such a disappointment. It was such a good opportunity for her to work on her art.

You mean the time she went to that con in Texas? She usually seems to do pretty well at cons. She preps terribly for them, as she does with every other thing, but she usually makes good money.

No. 1029342

She makes good money because she severely undercuts the market, so kids who have little to no money to spend at cons will give her their money to buy something that would cost 2-3x that amount at another booth. She sells a lot because her shit is ridiculously low priced, not because it’s good or desirable.

No. 1029438

Yeah iirc she made the most sales on buttons but she super under priced, like I think at Calgary Expo or one of the Vancouver shows they were like 50 cents or a dollar each and a pack was like 5 but she doesn’t consider how much labor she’s putting into them (as labor= time = money) nor costs associated, like she packages them with craft foam and didn’t consider how much packaging factors in. Plus they all were super generic anime stuff which she only made according to anime trends and they were a pretty generic style. She does at least publish her numbers she made at the most recent cons tho, for both Calgary and whatever Vancouver show she did she pulled in about 2k a day which is pretty average-low considering the amount of stock she has and pricing in other factors like hotel or gas.

No. 1029439

I’m in the US and have sold in cons in Canada before- this is a whole thing with temporary work permits between countries that’s pretty involved. Most people who used to cross over usually lied and said they were just tourists when like in reality you are supposed to file temporary work permits with the country if they let you or you’re at risk of being barred from the country. Like I knew a Canadian artist who sold at like AX, was caught at customs for lying on their visa, and barred from the US for 5 years. She kept mentioning she wanted to do cons elsewhere however I don’t think she ever spent the time researching on how to do it legally and I haven’t followed her long enough to know the whole thing with Texas

No. 1029440

LMAOOOOO her painting is pretty much wearing the exact same outfit as that ad too

No. 1029454

How fucking embarrassing, hahaha! The toy would have been a cute/funny house warming gift from her amongst other small gifts from Christian and herself. It’s small and non evasive, even if they didn’t like cats. Going to be a nightmare trying to fit the painting in with the decor and have to look at that shit every day.

No. 1029545

No. 1029571


wow loved the 5 min closeup of christian's leg hair during the riveting clip of her fixing a keyboard tray.

No. 1029635

If her video is looking "dusty" maybe she should invest in a fucking professional clean for her camera rather then a new lens. God it pisses me off how she throws money about,yes a new lens may have better glass in it but the kit lens should be enough for what she does..which is barely anything.

No. 1029663

Oh the decadence, imagine thinking about getting a new cintiq just for doing thumbnails.

It feels so silly how she goes on about cameras and quality, meanwhile she does the most basic vlogs.
She's always so willing to spent money to up the quality but never considers to put more work into it.

No. 1029671

I can’t believe she’s actually complaining about HAVING to finally use those two free cintiqs from Wacom. She has multiple backup screen tablets but they aren’t good enough. Ridiculous.

No. 1029685

can she not just do her thumbnails in photoshop or procreate like literally every other youtuber? she's about to go buy (or pray that wacom sends her) a $3000 machine for 4 thumbnails a week? gtfo.

No. 1029742

File: 1598570285672.jpg (346.79 KB, 1080x1130, SmartSelect_20200828-002224_Tw…)

Looks like she isn't going to be using the free ones or procreate for that long.

No. 1029791

What the actual fuck does she needs another cintiq for? She has what, four really high quality drawing tablet at this point?? And for what, one badly done digital drawing per month?? Yeah she is free to be irresponsible with her money however she wants but it makes me so angry. More fancy supplies will not fix her bad content, if she thinks otherwise she’s delusional

No. 1029806

Doesn't she still own those old iPads she bought for a giveaway she then never did?

I also really wonder why she's so silent about the advent calendar. She mentions it a few times but doesn't show anything in the vlogs. Usually she babbles about her stuff as soon as she has an idea, and shows off nearly every brush stroke she does.

No. 1029816


it's probably killing her not to show herself doing work. it has to be secret for people to actually want to buy it this time.

$2600 + tax on this… it broke five minutes ago and she already has 2 other wacoms and an ipad. all for a couple thumbnails and a 2nd monitor.

No. 1029898

This.. actually hurts me.

She now has:

- Cintiq Pro 24 Wacom
- 2x Wacom that she got given
- Cintiq she went halves with her mum
- Ipad for procreate

Is that everything, or am I missing something?

No. 1029903


She probably has some sort of mental problem. Most likely her spending is because that's how she feels happy / fulfilled. Something is not right with her, she reminds me a lot of the mentally challenged character that Rosie O'Donnell played. "Bibiii durr"

No. 1029920

Buying new shit probably gives her a high, like she thinks that new supplies will make her art soooo good, but they won't…

No. 1029960

Man she didn't even try to work with what she has. All she does is basic thumbnails and some simple designs for pins.

Don't forget about the HP spectre she got, that also has a touchscreen and a pen to go with it.

No. 1029963

Anyone know the prices she paid for all those?

No. 1029992

File: 1598621100960.jpg (791.82 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20200827-004510_Ins…)

Yeah, historical clothing with animal heads is rather obvious idea. Literally this post was recced to me on instagram.

It's so much better.

No. 1029996

she really is spoiled with her youtube career. Every really good artist I know, if they wanted to buy a tool like this, had a rule they can pay for it with money they earned through selling art. So they know they'd use it and actually are good enough for a purchase to make sense. I get nice commission work and I do it mostly on iPad (because it's so comfy to lau upside down on a couch and draw on a tablet) and finish with old old huion tablet on PC. This kind of Wacom is really not needed outside of high pro level, because it's expensive and nothing that anyone truly needs.
And, tbh, Samsung uses Wacom digitizers better in Note phones than Wacom in their own tablets, so frankly Wacoms are currently more of a status symbol rather than the best tools (Huion has comparable tablets with better driver support for way way cheap). So her buying it is unnecessary and rather show offy if you're not buying them in bulk for animation studio.

No. 1029997

Seems like one of those people who gets a high off buying stuff, and waiting for it to arrive. Once she’s got it, it doesn’t feel new anymore and she moves onto the next thing.

No. 1029998

I think she should focus on what she can do best. The cute anime-like drawings with copics. And then get better at them. She is all over the place. And I don't think we will see anything from the calendar.

No. 1030011

Baylee keeps purchasing expensive supplies thinking that will make her art better. She has done it with copics, the expensive watercolor set she barely uses, the ipad, the oil paints in pastels opr whatever that she could have mixed herself mind you.

Must be nice to put little effort and still have a good quality of life lmao

No. 1030243


cintiq pro 24 - $2599.95
ipad (don't remember which one she has & can't find any other old prices) - air was $549
wacom 1 tablet - $529.95 (free)
wacom mobile studio pro - $3,716.14 (also free)
apple pencil - $99 usd (like $120 cad?)

and her art is still trash. artists tell me - why can't she use the mobile studio pro for her needs right now? other than wanting to waste money.

No. 1030244


all these prices are in cad except the pencil btw.

No. 1030250

Might as well add the $2000 animation software that she installed on that mobile studio

No. 1030251

omg that's true. she used that for animating herself taking a dump and then never again.

No. 1030278

File: 1598656415501.jpg (638.22 KB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20200829-010946_Chr…)

She's got ipad pro 2nd gen. No idea which model exactly, but price would be closer to 1k CAD.

No. 1030467

To be fair she did say it was a popular thing and that she and Christian even ordered such a portrait for a friend not too long ago.

No. 1030644


tbh baylee's side of the family seems kind of tacky anyway. i think her brother is going to end up liking and hanging those paintings.

No. 1030702

How is she not in massive debt from spending thousands on multiple drawing tablets

No. 1030823

How is she not in massive debt, just in general? Before she got her dude that handles her taxes, she was complete shit with money. She could make it, but couldn't manage it. IIRC she was 18k in debt one tax year and in the same vlog went to go buy a $300 Dyson. Another time in a vlog she was all smug explaining "So I called CRA (canada revenue agency) and they want me to pay taxes on youtube earnings, but I explained to them I don't need to, so it's all good!" cue two weeks-month later "SO, I just drained my bank account and christian's bank account to pay the taxes we (I) owe! LOL" I know socialblade isn't totally accurate but even on the low end of the earnings, what she could make everyday, it's still a lot and she has 3 channels. Combine them together and that's a pretty penny. Other anons have mentioned that she does well through her store selling her shit. Now, that's a lot of money but yeah I do believe she is in debt. Art supplies cost a shit ton, especially the good shit and baylee HAS TO buy it. The expensive ass toys she buys, the trips she used to take, just over all expensive ass shit she buys in general.

So, when she starts losing more views and her fans lose interest in her, does anyone think she'll sell some of her stuff? Or make christian sell some of his stuff first?

No. 1030902

She owed taxes every single year except for this one. Her third channel never managed to pay for itself, she mentioned it a couple times how she spent way more on toys and such than she actually made from that channel. Personally I think that's the real reason she abandoned it. She hoped to jump on to the bandwagon with toy channels and later just a kids art channel but it didn't work out for her. The other two though, you're absolutely right about. They probably made good money, and her art channel never had problems with monetization.
She still spends just so much money though. I mean don't forget that she has to invest money before every store launch for prints, pins, boxes, etc. Plus ongoing costs like rent for the house, electricity, her car, groceries. She had a big wedding just 3 years ago as well, which must have cost quite a bit.
Then this year she bought an animation program for 2000$, a new computer and webcam so she can stream downstairs, a new cintiq, the Disney dolls (Anna and Elsa) and who knows what else. I guess at least there wasn't any trips except for the car ride to visit Christian's parents.

What gets to me is that she spends so much money, but when it's about things like fixing her rat-hair she refuses to just go to a hairdresser. Same with her clothing, instead of looking for some nice quality stuff, she just buys cheap ass clothes that don't suit her body type at all and that is usually a size or two too small.

No. 1030952

two questions: could she not just buy a second monitor and connect one of the small tablets to it?

and what's the difference between the mobile studio pro that she got like 5 months ago (FREEEEE) and the one she just got now? has she mentioned it at all recently, or do y'all think she sold it?

i don't know what any of these tablets do tbh, all i know is procreate for ipad as a drawing software lol

No. 1030955

She just showed hers today - it's the gold air or 6th gen.

No. 1030961

No. 1030966

Mobile studio pro is it's own separate PC but in a tablet form.
The cintiq she got now is a tablet monitor, so it cannot function unless connected to a PC.

Although I don't get what's the point in spending 2.5k$ on a tablet display which she's going to use as a monitor only 99% of the time.

No. 1030968

do these two eat anything other than sandwitches?

No. 1030985

It’s like, a slightly higher resolution than the old wackos but considering that she doesn’t do anything that needs such a high resolution or accuracy it’s really her just flexing the fact she can buy one vs like, other tablet monitor brands like an XP Pen or a Huion.

No. 1030987

Honestly I don’t think they may have much of a savings or like Christian handles all of the bills cuz we never see her in a state where she has to take care of herself. Though she’s had that privilege of her parents monetarily providing then her husband with her passive YT and twitch income. She’s never had to struggle for money cuz someone is always there to provide for her so she really has no grown up financing skills.

Gotta remember too that with COVID, there were benefits for Canadians both individually and small businesses. They’ll get taxed for it later of course but can’t help thinking she saw the “free” money coming in and splurged it all instead of like using it thoughtfully

No. 1031003

File: 1598810508567.jpg (129.57 KB, 1080x298, Screenshot_20200830-200106_You…)

it's upad pro 12.9 2nd gen. When she bought it ipad airs didn't even have pen support.


No. 1031006

File: 1598810716984.jpg (469.55 KB, 1822x1079, Screenshot_20200830-200435_You…)

Only pros are this big (close to A4 paper) and I happen to own the same model and the size is 12.9

No. 1031013

She's a shopaholic.
As someone already said, she gets a high from looking at stuff to buy, actually ordering it and waiting for the package to arrive.
That's all.

No. 1031022

I'm enraged that she called the cintiq 22 a "budget tablet" It's 1,200 USD. I had to get one for Work from Home purposes and it's newer than the one I use in the studio. She is so out of touch. She is USING the budget cintiq as her temporary replacement, also her Wacom Studio can be used as a normal cintiq also. So is so disgustingly out of touch.

No. 1031031

The next purchase will be a new PC. Because girl has a 4k monitor now, and her gtx1080 (ti?) is outdated and cannot handle her super duper detailed artwork…

No. 1031064

File: 1598820161363.jpg (672.04 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20200831-005750_You…)

Girl's wondering why her stuff breaks so easily.
Never had a wacom tablet or a cat so I don't know how durable the new tablet is or how much cat weights but this doesn't look like what a responsible person would ever do

No. 1031067


I saw this picture on the front page and clicked on it because I thought it was Chris Chan. “Let’s see what that goofball’s been up to lately… wait a minute, WHO is this?”

No. 1031083

thanks bud. for some reason (not googling it before posting lol) i forgot that the latest ipad pro wasn't the first iteration.

No. 1031227

It's really disappointing that the catshame calendar is the only thing that she's been able to keep consistent on her channels

No. 1031273

The calendar names exploration… CRINGE
She likes Twelve day of TRIBKETS omg

No. 1031290

The tablet is probably just fine, but I do agree that she should take better care of her things and keep the cats away from certain things. Wouldn't be surprised if Kiki has already chewed on like her oil paints or some of the cables.

No. 1031332

I can see how it might've happened too, old pros look very dated and out of place compared to the new ones.

No. 1031333

I have a good name that alliterates nicely: Baylee's Bullshit Bibelots.

No. 1031686

I really don’t understand the “aesthetic” of her channel. She’s trying to go for a pastel feel, but I think what she has is a mess, nothing fits together..also what’s with the lace on the new thumbs? That also doesn’t suit..

No. 1031705

It's because she just throws everything together without thinking. Worst part about the lace? It took her like 2 hours to make that, because wasting time on meaningless things is the Baylee Jae Way.

Mess represents her and her life pretty well though.

No. 1031783

Haaaaa. I'm laughing so hard that she dyed her eyebrows to match the hair! Really highlights them and makes them seem more clown like.

No. 1031851

no No NO Baylee! I do not want to see that. Fucking disgusting. What's wrong with her?

No. 1031882

Well at least she gave one of her tablets to someone who can use it.

No. 1031910

i cannot believe she showed that. with the way she cleans, it's probably still there.

No. 1031918

Thank god I just finished eating or otherwise that would've completely killed my appetite.

Who the fuck thinks that filming their cats upchucking grass makes for good youtube content? Jfc.

No. 1032011

Anyone wanna summarise? I don’t wanna give her a view.

No. 1032023

- clip from a work out stream of her huffing her way thru a 1k fake run
- she found someone on reddit whose wacom tablet screen broke and sent them one of her old ones
- the brown cat puked on the floor and she happened to be filming. it was included in the video
- she went to costco

No. 1032234

anyone know if shes taken down those 2020 balloons from new years?

No. 1032433

She has, she showed it in a vlog, idk which one

No. 1033972

No. 1033984

That singing portion has to be the most annoying thing I've ever heard.

No. 1033988


Describing herself as 'dainty' had me rolling, honey - you ain't dainty. If anything, she resembles a beluga whale in that stupid outfit. She really needs to learn to dress for her body, flowy night dresses do absolutely nothing for her!

No. 1034024

Isn't every day a pajama day for you Bayls.

She looked so bad. There is no shortage of cottage-core and pastel aesthetics, but I guess we got to stick to the brand of putting absolutely no effort into anything.

No. 1034060

12 Days of BayleeJae sounds like a horror movie

No. 1034192


i can't wait to see her fugly pieces in this calendar. i can't believe she actually did 12 pieces of art for this.

No. 1034221

Dainty? anyone at 5'2 and over 150 in weight is not 'Dainty' Whats up with fat bitches thinking they are dainty? Nitpick but she really needs to shave her fucking hair off. I know I know, her hair is brought up often but so far this truly is the worst it's ever been. Her natural dark brown, hell, even the blue looked great on her. Dark colors are her friend. Eww, who told her she can sing?

its crazy to me she still has people willing to buy her stuff. I get people will always have fans but damn, how many shitty drawings/pieces of cardboard do people need?

No. 1034244

Is her calender even going to make it to their homes on time? I tried making an estimated timeline of how long it'll take for everything to get made and shipped based on my own experiences with making merch for myself and working with manufacturers at my workplace and the timeline is pretty tight with no room for there to be any sort of mistake with the boxes.

No. 1034450


whoops forgot to sage

anyway she seems to luck into this sort of thing. i'm sure it'll all work out for her, but then again it's only september.

No. 1034496

It'll probably be like the usual store launches, two weeks before she'll end up stressing and hurrying in order to get all the preparations done. Then it's just a week or two of packaging, because no matter what she puts out, however rushed or late it is her fans will buy it.
Afterwards she had a successful store launch, a house that drowns in mess because she was oh so busy with the launch and then she'll take a week off of doing anything. Actually since she doesn't do art videos anymore, she'll probably take the rest of the year of.

No. 1034636

She should have done the mockups in vector program so its easier for the manufacturer to size to cut in the machines because they only work with vectors.

She did all that work for her manufacturer will just have to re-do in a vector program.

Which will take time and make the advent calendar late or arrive incorrect.

I'll wait to see the shit show to come.
I'm betting it arrives incorrect.

No. 1034713

File: 1599469112397.png (20.2 KB, 684x207, chrome_5Zvq5n5XB5.png)

She's planning to bring it out for Christmas right? And she's calling it an Advent Calendar - why not make the front christmas/holidays themed. Instead she's planning to splash her how shitty art on it when doing something simple and nice would save a lot of time and effort on her part. But she always has to make it difficult for herself

No. 1034727

It probably wont arrive in time for christmas honestly cuz you would want this to arrive to people before or around december but if she does enamel pins again it takes about 5-6 weeks, washi tape about a month or so, and who knows how long for the packaging. And THEN she has to do everything herself even before shipping, which is even longer now because of covid.

Not making it holiday themed is probably one of the smartest things shes done but probably also cuz she cant be arsed to do any new christmas pins than the ones she has already

No. 1034785

it's ok that it's not christmas themed, lots of good advent calendars are… but to not do ANYTHING christmas related seems dumb. not even holiday packaging? just boring ass gingham. she's setting herself up for a post christmas launch, since why wouldn't you want to open christmas gifts in february.

No. 1034792

Did she say what exactly is going to be in the calendar? Like buttons, pins or just art?

No. 1034851


If it wasn't released in time for Christmas doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose of her '12 days of' idea because if somebody gets it in February, they aren't going to open it one day at a time like you would a normal advent calendar - they'd open it all at once. It just seems like she should have thought about this idea at the beginning of the year rather than towards the end.

No. 1034857

I don't get that either. She calls it an advent calendar and she said how she wants to launch it in October so people would have it in time for Christmas.

She did plan this badly and there is a high risk that it will be too late.
Maybe she should have stepped away from the calendar idea, and instead make surprise bags. She could still have items that are exclusive to them, plus sell them all year around. Then for next year she could plan this out better, work on an calendar in good time.

No. 1034876

Is it just me or do her responses all seem passive aggressive? I don't remember her ever responding nicely to comments that weren't ass pats

No. 1034967

I was just thinking that too actually. She always sounds like that whenever someone suggests something or gives good feedback she doesn't want to hear because it's not a compliment

No. 1035020

here's a comparison i just found. i'm pretty sure this shop has been open since the girl was in HS, but it's been awhile since i left cutesy planning behind.

the preparation in already having a pre-order, preparing either 10 days or 12 for christmas content, actually designing art, etc. i'm so used to baylee's lazy ass that seeing someone actually properly prepared is shocking.


No. 1035204

She said it's going to be 12 enamel pins.

>she wants to launch it in October
That's definitely not happening. It takes at least 3 weeks to 1 month for that shit to get printed + shipping time, so unless she pays ridiculous rush fees and for crazy fast express shipping, the earliest she'll get her boxes is the 2nd to last or last week of October. That's assuming there are no snags in manufacturing or shipping. This isn't even factoring time she spends talking to manufacturers, picking one, etc.
She also won't have time for proofs or corrections, so if her boxes come out fucked up, they just come fucked up.

No. 1035228

Unless it’s another half assed job and she just puts in designs she’s already made. She did mention it’s not a holiday themed box.

No. 1035242

I just found coffeemonsterzco’s YouTube the other day in my recommendations cuz I watch other studio vlogs and yeah planner stuff is a different market but they run a very competent and high volume order shop that also runs from Canada. And theyre not even an aesthetic studio vlog kind of YouTube channel either like the kind baylee rags on, but it really shows how slapdash baylee runs any kind of business and how much she relys on being a “personality” vs being an artist or a store.

I kind of wonder how like being associated with jake Parker now too is gonna work out for her since like all of art internet hates him now too

No. 1035281

So far all her store launches were "late". There's a reason she waits so long with announcing the official date for a launch, while in the vlog she'll talks about when she'd want to do it.
Now she just claims it's all due to covid, but her not getting her shit together has already been an issue last year. The first time she had Christmas pins (the one with the Bunny and the candy cane) she launched it like late December.

Don't understand how someone can be so against planning and getting things done in time. She creates unnecessary work and stress for herself.

According to her vlog the designs for the goodies inside the calendar are already done. Gotta admit that I'm really surprised that she manages to keep it secret so far. Don't know if she ordered anything so far, but I think she has least order the acrylic charms already.

No. 1035885

Tbh I don’t think covid has really affected her. She spends all day inside and doesn’t really go out, anywhere. She could at least spend the time organizing, designing and/or making products at a better pace than last-minute everything like she normally does.. or at least learn new drawing skills to better herself and her art, but she does none of that.

No. 1035887

I kinda thought covid would help her with views etc because everyone was home. But I feel like she barely has finished anything and the things she did do arent very exciting.. I sometimes feel bad for how good she has it but how little drive she has.

No. 1036007

Kinda sad. I feel even the initial spike in views she had from moving her vlogs to the art channel is slowly going down again. She also hasn't really gained much more followers from that either. She has so little drive these days to do anything or to improve. I wonder how long this can keep up. She had a lot of luck so far, but she is clearly past her peak and I think she is gonna be bored of the store sooner or later too.

No. 1036359

No. 1036381

if i wanted to see stream footage, i'd watch her streams.

it sounds like she's charging $75 for the box. 5 enamel pins, 2 wooden ones, 3 acrylic charms, 5 stickers, and 2 washis. the box design is fugly.

No. 1036389

Cost of Goods (My experience in getting these manufactured myself):
Enamel Pins: $2.00 each x 5
Wooden Pins: $1.50 each x 2
Acrylic Charm: $1.10 each x 3
Stickers (Professional Made): $0.60 x 5
Washi Tape: $2.50 each x 2
= $24.30 per box.
She's gunna get $50.70 of profit per box.

Man her fans are dumb.

No. 1036426

Don’t forget shipping costs and time spent grading the items and putting them in the boxes.

No. 1036429

Is it only me who has the feeling the calendar project will flop one way or another? She’s so tight on time!!!

No. 1036432


At this point I'm convinced her fans will buy anything from her no matter how rushed or bad the quality might be. She seems to have and endless amount of luck when it comes to releasing art that she honestly doesn't deserve

No. 1036445

I think that`s why she know changed it to a non-holiday item. She knows there is a high risk that it will arrive too late, because she didn`t plan it in time.
We all know this calendar was meant to be an advent calendar for Christmas originally, not a calendar to be opened whenever. I think it`s kinda pointless to still make it a calendar, like why would I want a 12 day calendar for some random time of the year?

But I think >>1036432 is right that her fans will still buy it.

No. 1036457


she wants to do it in multiple waves, so it's definitely not going to be a christmas launch for everyone. this is so dumb. she's sat on her ass all year and suddenly within a couple weeks in SEPTEMBER she's ordering shit for a launch in "december"

No. 1036736

her followers don’t get mad that her cats are like sleeping in and eating her packing materials and throwing up all over her dirty ass house so that’s absolutely true, they’ll literally drink her bath water if she sold it, it’s so weird how deluded her followers are about her

No. 1036990

File: 1599855215384.png (590.27 KB, 1653x265, chrome_ZBOTBn5xKa.png)

She changed her youtube header and I don't know what's worse, the ugly ass colour scheme or the 'create dreams, enjoy life'. It's kinda cringe how much she seems to think she suits this cutesy pastel cottagecore aesthetic when she's one of the most boring un-aesthetic people out there

No. 1037074

oh ma god wtf! That banner is so so bad! When it was all just pink it at least looked matching. Now it looks so tacky. She needs to make artist friends in her league so she can get inspired to improve, i feel like she has nobody pushing her

No. 1037353

Why did she feel the need to include the BRB animation. She clearly edited that section of footage, there are jump cuts either end, so why include it? We don't need to see most of the shit from her streams

No. 1037384

12 is such an odd number too. 14 could be done over a two-week period, 10 could potentially be done every weekday over those two weeks. But 12 can't be stretched properly over a month. It's so weird

No. 1037414

It doesn't fit her channel at all. How can anyone be this delusional?

I swear her skills in anything artistic are just digressing. Girl has no idea about color, design, etc. Seriously, if I wouldn't know better I would never believe that she has been making art/youtube for a living for what, 7 years now?

No. 1037420

12 days of christmas. you open up a door every 2 days until christmas

No. 1037429

That’s not a proper “advent calendar” tho, advent is the 24 days before Christmas and most calendars are 24-25 little things. Which honestly if she did 12 pins but also like, 12 small other things like business card sized prints or stamps then that could pad it out even more like a real calendar. But she doesn’t draw or produce fast enough nor does she seem to WANT to do that much work.

No. 1037431

“Enjoy life” = be lazy af, have no real friends, never clean your house, and be thoroughly empty inside. Sure.

But this banner is just sad, boring and empty like she is and the colors clash horribly

No. 1037471

No I get that, but it's not a Christmas advent calendar, that's the issue. It's just box with little nick-nacks that she's putting together, which will just happen to come out somewhat close to the holiday period. The whole thing is a mess and just doesn't make sense

No. 1037630

that's the first time i've ever heard of someone opening up a 12 day calendar like that. the 12 days of christmas start on the 25th.

No. 1037635

Enjoying life must be easy when you don't need to worry about having the money to pay bills and lounge around all day buying shit. How long has it been now since she hasn't had to worry about Daily expenses? I know this is kind of nitpicky to bring up but it does seem to effect her content. With no worry about getting the money to pay bills she can afford to be a lazy shit and let youtube gather her coins. Thing is now with youtube becoming more fucked and her channel dying she has to have noticed a slight hit to her wallet. I know her store is still selling but that can't be a long term viable option.

Others have mentioned her luck and it's insane how lucky she has been and just pathetic as fuck Baylee has believed she has achieved all her success because of talent.

No. 1037645

It definately affected her content. She has no motivation, no goal. Just look at for example Katnipp, she not only has different sources of income like patreon, etsy and youtube that keep her on her toes, she also has to pay for her studio and for her 3 employees (plus of course her living expenses). She knows her business is important, it pays the bills not only for her.

Baylee got lucky very quickly. She didn't work that long at the animation studio and she only had patreon for half a year. She's been living in her echochamber for way too long

No. 1037659

Okay, so now, then this is not an advent calendar, but a calendar you open on Christmas. Clever, then, she has at least time until 12/24 instead of 12/1 or 12/13.

No. 1037660

>warm grey with cool pinks
>none of the colors look good together
I'm begging Baylee to learn some fucking color theory. The box looks awful. I can't wait to see the absolute garbage fire that is the final product with all of the stuff in the box.

Katnipp is a good example of business that's incredibly well run and professional. Baylee probably thinks she's exactly like Katnipp kek.

No. 1038303

I definitely think she watches an occasional katnipp video on the side cuz there’s no denying there is some mirroring with pastel aesthetic and bj trying to make basic stationary and pins. But she also definitely doesn’t watch other people’s working studios or take any advice from anyone within the online indie shop world cuz she isn’t as efficient as she thinks

No. 1038400

She keeps fiddling with it but has kept the biggest eyesore, the lace edging over the gingham, in each iteration.

No. 1038514

File: 1600094309541.jpg (78.64 KB, 1080x296, 20200914_153807.jpg)


It just keeps getting worse. The more plain design was tollerable but the flowers on this just make it an eye sore. For a supposed artist she has absolutely no idea how patterns and colours go together in a way that makes them visually appealing

No. 1038705


Everything would look better if she would get rid of the red stripes. Just make it a nice solid pastel pink, or a lighter warm grey than her name tag.

No. 1038872

the banner looks like some grandma's channel lmao. Kinda on point I guess

No. 1038873

No. 1038875


she really needs to stop making her stupid faces every time she says something she finds vaguely funny.

No. 1038878

File: 1600124269117.png (1.28 MB, 1120x1130, Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 3.58…)

>drew flowers for her banner to show that she's an art vlog channel
lmao she hasn't created anything new in so long that this is what she calls art now?

this segment where she does crazy eyes at the camera really killed me.

No. 1038898

she spent 2 days on that banner and it just got progressively more hideous.

No. 1038973

i have to admit that the part where she was showing herself drawing on her cintiq made me laugh cuz she's trying to show she arts and is working hard and then shits out an ugly looking banner lol

No. 1038983

imagine spending $2500 on a cintiq and drawing something you could have made on crayola digitools.

No. 1039027

3 years of art school, 7 years working as an artist, 2 days of work, expensive ass cintiq and THIS is what she shits out as a banner?
It's crowded, ugly and doesn't fit her channel in the slightest. She tries to seem pastel- cottagecore but she's so far from it… This is just embarrassing.

No. 1039115

She’s desperately trying to lean into some kind of cottagecore aesthetic since she was obsessed with that stupid chateau show and her shitty grandma dresses but literally nothing she does is aesthetic other than like “adult trying to be a child” aesthetic. Makes me wonder if some of her followers are into DDLG tbh

AND she could have easily done this on one of MANY things she already owns, like so many YT artists just have like an iPad and procreate (like katnipp primarily uses one) yet she has like three AND an iPad. It just goes to show having equipment does not make you a better artist

No. 1039208

Well, that particular design could have been made with a mouse…

No. 1039668

She could draw it with her ass and her followers would still eat it up

No. 1039848

No. 1039913

That self-made balayage looks awful. Just go to a hairdresser Bayls, you can afford it.

No. 1039916

so.. is that high ponytail thing all of her hair? Is she now down to like 4 strands and still not bothering to do anything about it?

also - she feels like she's not getting anything done in the day. Of course, mindless busywork doesn't bring you anywhere, Bayls. But she'll probably never figure that one out.

No. 1039997

She spent the entire day and a $2500 tablet drawing a star and a heart? Lord…

No. 1040000

there's something wrong with her.

No. 1040053

the fact that she thinks she did a decent amount of a work for the day and is not trying to overwork herself…mhmm yeah baylee. very good

No. 1040079

she finally cooks something healthy and it still looks like ass.

No. 1040083

the gingham ISNT CUTE.

No. 1040243

File: 1600325544584.jpeg (47.46 KB, 741x425, 3D0164D7-8414-49ED-9164-3EF663…)

Her food portions are so fucked. The amount of rice she had on her plate was crazy. It makes me wonder if that Alfredo was all for her. No wonder her face just keeps getting rounder every time I see her.

Also, it really bugged me - she didn’t have to trace around the star, she should have just drawn one. $2500 well spent.

No. 1040248

File: 1600327421811.jpg (50.7 KB, 1200x650, White-French-Bulldog-long-1.jp…)

Jesus Christ, I know the focus here is her art but she's really let herself go. She needs a better skin routine.

No. 1040265

This banner actually suits her perfectly. It doesn't make any sense, the colors don't fit, it's crowded and not pretty at all.
She actually created the perfect banner for herself and her channel.
If it looked good it would have been a scam.

No. 1040370

I kinda feel sorry for her. No one in her family or her "friends" seem to ever give her some advice or criticism. Instead they just her run around with that hair, dressed like a 30 year old child that doesn't know her size.

She looks unhealthy and unhappy.

No. 1040425


As family, you take people as they are. It's not like Baylee's never been this way. But at some point they may mention her weight like it's not much anymore for her to cross the line of beeing really unhealthy fat.

No. 1040482

I bet her inlaws aren't that hard on her either. I mean sure Christian has work but he looks out of shape like Baylee, so not like they could make a snide comment to her "Christian, you look great! how's the diet? Oh Baylee…you look….good." Christian has probably told his parents how much Baylee makes and I'm sure that's more than enough for them, if anything happened to him where he was out of work, Baylee could pick up the slack (we know she wouldn't). I'm they have seen her videos probably don't know the cost of everything she has. For Baylee's own family, they are probably just happy she can support herself in a nice (looked nice anyways) house and doesn't have to call for a hundred bucks every now and then to help with bills. No clue if Baylee did that pre-youtube cash but she was shit with her money. Example being she had 50 bucks to last for 2 weeks, for groceries and such and she spent it on pokemon X lol

Why grill your selfish, lazy and juvenile daughter when she can sustain herself and decided to live in her own in little world, never bugging them. Does anyone think Baylee gives money to her siblings? I can't see a sibling just not saying anything about how idiot their brother or sister is being.

She has had a slow decline in looks now for over a year and it's like every month she gets worse and worse. Nitpick, she should shave her head, that hair is fucking done. every video where she goes for a walk she is covered in sweat and just out of breath lol she used to film herself after playing pokemon go and the bitch was beat red with sweat dripping everywhere. People can also be pale and still look healthy. Baylee looks like she lives in a cave. She is also incredibly lazy because of how she dresses too, stating the obvious I know but she needs at home 'work clothes' clothes that you'd wear to a job site but at home. If she wears her pajamas all day she'll never get into work mode and anything she does do she hypes it up as a major accomplishment.

I can't wait till her decline where we notice her panic about money. It's coming even if a year from now.

No. 1040615

I agree she should shave all her hair and let it grow. Her hair right now looks really bad. She is always home so she can just wear a beanie or a wig until her hair grows. Might as well take advantage of the quarantine

No. 1040632

Something I don't get- doesn't she have a kid?
I haven't looked at her channel in years, but the last thing I watched of her was that she was having a baby?
Where's the baby?
How can you make a vlog and all day long absolutely no mention of your child?

No. 1040633


no, i doubt baylee gives her siblings any money. her parents seem comfortable enough to do that on their own, and she seems too selfish for that anyway.

i can't tell if you're being serious, but she had a video announcement about twins or something, but it was about her cats. she has no kids; she's the child.

No. 1040634

what the actual fuck

this is such a dumbass question, but why doesn't she?
I feel like she's the type to have kids
how long has she been married?

god I don't mean to sound like someone's horrible aunt during christmas trying to get them to have kids, but its just weird that I've thought this whole time she was juggling a Youtube channel and having a baby, and was really giving her a lot of credit when she posted some video about being really tired and not feeling right

No. 1040637

after getting married, she sparsely mentioned she's off birth control, but not actively trying for a baby. Since that, the topic wasn't mentioned anymore.
It could be a sensitive and health-related topic for her, so we don't discuss why she doesn't have children currently.

No. 1040643

Maybe Christian cant bust a nut in her because she looks like an ogre.

No. 1040757

..But even Shrek and Fiona had babies.

No. 1040758


Oh gee, no. Ya‘ll summond that douchebag from a few threads back who can‘t shut his mouth about their sex life. So gross.

No. 1040861

She probably wasn’t feeling right because she does zero exercise, doesn’t socialise, and eats shit.

No. 1040906

Does she still do her “workout” stream? Cuz iirc it’s like 20 minutes of light jogging like twice a week yet she always acts as if they’re some big straining effort when like she barely even moves the rest of the time.

It’s real rough when her sister is older than she is but at this point looks way younger and baylee isn’t even thirty. Like she is semi cognizant that she can’t carry all that weight when she’s short which is why she did keto and is now doing intermittent fasting, but she never did those properly, like she didn’t eat vegetables when she did keto it just gave her an excuse to eat more cheese and bacon, and also never adapted healthy eating habits afterwards so of course she ballooned.

No. 1040908

She’s mentioned like after the wedding having kids and stuff, like why even live in a like six bedroom house in one of the most expensive cities in Canada otherwise? I think they just never gave it any thought beyond that being what “normally” happens after you get married and they both are dumbasses in that way- if they thought things through and were smarter people, they could live in smaller, cheaper housing to save money instead of paying rent on an expensive place that they just fill up with garbage instead. Plus she never talks about going to a doctor or anything, which she definitely would talk about cuz she shares everything including her pooping habits, they probably don’t take it as seriously as people who actually plan and want their children should.

But yeah she’s juggling nothing other than being a “streamer/vlogger/influencer” and marathon video games. There’s so much she could do considering she has never had to work to deadlines that aren’t YouTube sponsorships and yet she skims the surface and calls it hard work

No. 1040914

I think her sister is a couple of years younger than her.

No. 1040972

People want her success so bad bud this sounds like such a shitty existence
She doesn’t even make that much art… I checked her Instagram and after a second or two of scrolling down I was in 2015.

No. 1040991

She doesn’t use Instagram that much, which is sad cos that’s mostly where artists show their work

No. 1041022

Brooklyn is indeed younger (about 4 years). So makes sense that she looks younger. Brooklyn seems to be more active and having a healthier way of eating too.

Honestly, I would like her success but definitely not her life. No friends, just being at home, same things every day.

No. 1041095

She’s incredibly slow when it comes to art. She spends so much time making it look “polished” but she’s totally clueless about the fundamentals so it always still looks like shit

No. 1041395

Oh my bad then, I always had the impression that baylee was the youngest one but it may have been because her immaturity sells itself that way

No. 1041401

It’s weird cuz you can have social connections and friends while being WFH, like there’s discord and social media, but yeah she really has none and talks at a camera and stream like that’s how you have a friendship

No. 1041430

it's pretty sad that she's been talking to a camera lens for most of her life. even when she's physically around people, she talks to the camera. i remember watching some old vlogs, and she went home early from parties or she would go into someone's room and talk to the camera there. super anti social

No. 1041490

She can't even enjoy a nice walk with her husband without talking to the camera

No. 1041569

She’s a socially inept extrovert. Like she clearly derives energy from “interacting” with people like an extrovert but she’s too socially stunted and inept to interact with people in a normal way. People assume if you’re extroverted you know how to conduct yourself socially, and the inverse is true where people think introverts equal social anxiety and inadequacy, but she is one of those. And it probably now is a habit that she’s done for so long, and is too lazy to change, to interact with people in a meaningful way and she doesn’t really have any true friends

No. 1041593

I used to think Christian was super awkward, he did that baby voice when on camera. But I think now, it's just him trying to be funny/cute. I genuinely think he doesn't know how to be around the camera.

I remember there was a vlog where Baylee was filming him giving her an idea for a drawing. Something related to his name, and a Charcuterie board, because they sounded similar. He took a while to get the wording out, but it was understandable in the end. In the next scene, when she was alone, she just totally shot him down and was like "wtf was that?". I don't know if she's totally socially inept, but it mostly seems to be her way or the highway.

No. 1041597

Yeah I remember that too. She doesn't seem to have any friends from art school or from the job at the animation studio. The only two people she hang out with was Jacob and Christian. Then when Christian got a job he slowly befriended some co-workers.

Like other anons have said, she just seems socially stunted, plus that she doesn't really has anything to talk about.

No. 1041600

She would have stuff to talk about if she actually did art, branched out and tried new stuff. With her self improvement series, that would have been really interesting to watch, but that's never gonna happen. She just stays in a stupid bubble playing video games and watching SpongeBob.

No. 1042127

No. 1042151

File: 1600618182529.jpeg (66.68 KB, 731x420, 01626141-8983-4167-B15B-536E1F…)

Is she THAT much of a lazy spastic that she can’t even center the next vlog in the end card, or at least put 2 videos so it’s even? Why the fuck is there so much space???

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