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File: 1583196523040.png (Spoiler Image, 516.78 KB, 850x438, 1514846908769.png)

No. 940051

The 10th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.


No. 940056

Previous thread


No. 940069

Still a bitter Betty but this cow doesn't deserve the amount of money she gets from her channel. Theres very little content that has actual substance anymore. There never was but for tweens and kids yeah. Those fans are getting older though, they'll eventually grow up and move on. If Holly brown still manages to get people to actually give her likes and follows and views on her shit so maybe Baylee will. Still doesn't deserve it.

They will lose that house they live in. They only moved once Baylee's channel really took off. She'll always get youtube money, until youtube collapses (if that happens) but instead of bringing in 6K a month it'll be 300 bucks. When that happens she'll be in serious debt. Girl can't manage her finances.

No. 940128

Excuse me but what the fuck is the thread picture

No. 940153

From her bachelorette party (I think) vlog. They dressed up as slutty Disney princesses and got drunk

No. 940182

Ugh hate spoilered op images, makes the threads harder to find

No. 940235


Ugh fucking hate people like her getting so much money, she doesn't deserve any of it. I know so many talented animators and artists that have more skill in their pinky toe than layzee jae ever has and these people are struggling to eat and work shitty jobs in restaurants while she sits in a 6 bedroom house for two fucking people and goes to disney like 5 times a year.

I have zero idea why the people in her community that actually work for a living put up with her meer presence. Fuck being associated with her. She gives art, an already disrespected profession, an even worse reputation, why the fuck do they keep her around? She is an insult to their craft. Not one person calls out her behavior (or perhaps aren't brave enough to) and its absolutely astounding. I know this is strictly a baylee thread but for the sake of comparison I'll bring up Holly Brown. In my opinion Holly and Baylee might as well be the same person its just Holly got caught tracing and has a more edgy attitude. One slip up the youtube art community fucking went for her throat. That shit should have happened to baylee like years ago. I mean good riddance and what not but if anything the whole Holly Brown shit proves that the youtube art community are very capable of aggressive criticism towards their peers which is why its so confusing that people have nothing but good things to say about Baylee.

I just really, seriously hope youtube just tanks, considering it actually costs google money to keep the website up its a possibility. It is a shit show of a platform. Baylee is only 'popular' bevaude she was lucky enough to appeal to a large audience when youtube was in its golden age. Honestly it is such a toxic working environment for content creators and people who work and put effort into their craft end up getting punished by that stupid algorithm and make fuck all money while she sits on her throne of 40 billion copic markers and disney toys.

No. 940264


Except for her racism (anyone remember Judy), Baylee is pretty lame and does not stir up drama willingly. Holly is a whole other level and not only edgy but a shit person. (Even her voice is fucking annoying.)

No. 940265

Well most other arttubers that connect more or less with her are either not that good at art themselves and/or do just the same lazy thing over and over too.
So who would call her out for being lazy?
And she didn't really had that much drama either. There was Judy but that was mostly just her vlog channel, the art block video which was gone and forgotten just shortly after and I guess her plastic packaging but that wasn't much of a drama to begin with it.

She had a lot of luck with her channel but got too comfortable with it and her art. Worst thing, even when she tried to improve (remember that improvement series with like 3 videos?) it's so obvious how she has no idea about art fundamentels and how to improve .

No. 940402


You hit the nail on the head.

Plus, what would any arttuber have to gain from calling her out? Just look at the backlash from D'angelo Wallace or whatever when he did that ranking thing.

No. 940878

No. 940930

The only time I’ve ever seen people slightly call out Baylee was when she posted that art block video some years ago. She has shown time and again how much of a spoiled brat she is. I remember when she ripped up the Copic hex chart and threw it in the trash on stream because the creator sandy allnock wanted her to give credit for using her chart in a video. Don’t think she’s changed much over the years…

No. 940933

Gotta admit, I am a bit impressed that she finish it in time.

Still seems like a stupid thing. She isn't at all into diamond paintings, she abandoned her first one because she got bored of it and only pushed through this one because she had to.
There is no new art she made and it's not really fitting into her art channel either.
The video was boring as are most of hers these days. She needs to learn how and what to show, her filming and editing skills are so basic.

No. 941074

I'm honestly impressed because the piece actually looks really nice in that pixelated diamond art look? But I don't know if that's because the diamond art thing changed the values to make them more different because dang.

No. 941090

she stopped the first one because after the started she was contacted by the new website to sell her art on there, it makes more sense to do their diamond painting for her channel and not the first one that she got made from a random sketchy site

No. 941091

The bakery one looks so ugly

No. 941098

Does anyone know if shes going to throw out a shit ton of money for the new animal crossing switch?? Just curious

No. 941156


i dont get the diamond painting thing, I mean it's not even art, it's tracing a piece of art with diamonds.

No. 941165


It's like adult coloring books, paint by number, cross stitch. Something to chill out and do and you end with something kinda neat and helps de-stress.

No. 941191

Of course she will, she’s mentioned it several times. I’m getting it too, aren’t you?

No. 941206

No. 941209

She does so little art she's selling prints of pieces she made years ago to fill out her stock.

No. 941210

If she was smart she would do a giveaway on to bring up engagement and boost her Instagram account but of course she isn't thinking ahead.

No. 941222

She made art for some of the prints years ago… How lazy can she be to not even make a few new pieces for a print-only store launch?

No. 941266

File: 1583406482828.jpg (585.75 KB, 1718x1079, Screenshot_20200304-185200_You…)

For the love of god, when are they going to take down that sad 2020 from their New Year's Eve party? Is it really too much effort?

No. 941348

Couldn't we simply have skipped over the stupid cat-calender?

Also Vlarch? She is already vlogging almost daily and it's boring af. She doesn't do anything of interest, what is the point?

But anon, it's Baylee, she is busy doing nothing.

No. 941362

Not even sorry to say but she is so unfortunate looking Someone lied to this girl saying the pink looks good on her. I wanna say "Baylee, they are not your friends!" but she doesn't have any. The videos with christian and the group they hang out with, they barely even acknowledged Baylee even when she shoves the camera in their face haha. So yeah, Baylee is ugly now. Always had weird bug eyes but dark hair didn't wash her out.

Yeah Baylee doesn't do anything to start up drama. Holly Brown is just an unpleasant sack of garbage so I'm not shocked she quickly ruined her chances with the Artuber community. Baylee doesn't say anything mean about anyone from my knowledge and is extremely vanilla. Holly Brown the complete opposite of this.

Baylee still doesn't deserve the amount of money she gets. She was completly luck based and her art is so shitty tweens can even do it "Omg! I'm just as good as the professional artist of youtube!"

unfortunately she will always make money but we will eventually see the decline. "So christian and I are thinking on moving!" "I wont go to the Disney con thing again, it was lame last year anyways." "So I'm thinking on selling a few things." All good things come to an end and I cannot see her having the same lifestyle she does now in 5 years. Christian doesn't make enough to support them both in a 6 bedroom house.

No. 941411

File: 1583437253966.jpg (545.48 KB, 1078x1490, 20200305_114007.jpg)

SuperRaeDizzle is one of those people. I can't tell you how hard I rolled my eyes when I saw her comment.

With how much Baylee loves to procrastinate with petty details and aesthetic, I'm mildly surprised that she hasn't yet dedicated a good 15 minutes of her vlog talking about the decision to take down the 2020.

No. 941437

Why do a lot of her clothes look too short for her?

Pastels really don't suit her.

No. 941438

No. 941453

it’s because she’s so round in the middle. if she had a flatter stomach, the clothes would hit lower on her hips. also she’s convinced that the skin tight tank top down her ass is flattering, so she looks even shorter.


No. 941459


I really suspect this jacket is not her size (like all of her clothes lol). The line in the middle is probably supposed to be under-bust but it seems to be right between under-bust and bust on her.

No. 941462

Don't understand why she keeps wearing these shirts and tank tops underneath her clothes. It looks awful and makes it seem even more like her hoodies and such are too small.

No. 941475


Nitpicking but it makes me always cringe seeing all that laundry piling up around her washing machine. Just put a wardrobe downstairs jfc.

No. 941782

Whats funny is she can sell these online to all the dumb scmucks that follow her, but barely anyone at cons gives her the time of day who are normal spenders.
I wonder if she'll even do any cons this year.

No. 941869

She said she’s doing Calgary expo (though with corona virus, everyone is weird about travel and large crowds so who the heck even knows) but she doesn’t have any cons lined up locally, FanExpo Vancouver was a couple weeks ago and other cons have happened in the past in Vancouver but she hardly leaves her house, I don’t think she’s done a con since like AniRevo winter of like last year?

But yeah people know her mostly cuz of her vlogs and videos but her merch at cons, especially the buttons, were like the underpriced cheap bullshit that doesn’t make her stand out, like the stickers and buttons especially just looks like the average traced merch that people do because it’s trendy, like her BNHA stuff

No. 941982

Three out of her four diamond painting designs are sold out already.

No. 942049

No. 942052

So I haven’t watched the vlogs cuz they’re boring AF but is VLARCH supposed to be like a vlogmas for March? What a terrible word, it sounds like vomiting and she doesn’t do nearly enough to be worth blogging every day

No. 942066

i can't believe how terrible she looks. go get your brows done, do a hair mask, wear something other than a graphic tee, and eat something other than frozen sodium garbage.

No. 942190

Nitpick but I hate her fucking laughter. She laughs like what she goes through is so relatable.

I'm not shocked she almost fucked up her taxes again. Hey Baylee, the CRA has a section on their website that shows you how much taxes will be taken off and how much you take off of your pre-tax paycheck. Christ she is so stupid.

Rant- Say she gets a 6k paycheck from youtube. All she has to do is look at 3 different forms with lists of numbers. You use your pay and find it on the paper, there will be a number next to your pay amount.Do it three times and add up the numbers together and boom, you have figured out how much you will be/take off in taxes. Also she should add a little extra just in case to be safe. But she can't do that or she can't buy disney merch. sorry, rant on that over.

She looks awful. Her hair line is so bad and her skin looks so damn oily. Oh and she needs to stop dressing like a 50 year old who lives with 4 'fur babies'

No. 942253

She has an accountant, she needs to actually listen to what he's telling her to do or hire someone who will be more hands on and balance her books for her.

Also she's so naive thinking she could import a bunch of product to sell and not have it get caught up in customs. She needs to find a canadian company for her prints.

No. 942262

Really wish Baylee would quit with the weird mouth and tongue tics. It makes her look like she’s tweaking and retarded

No. 942313

I really wish she would pay more attention to what she eats. A somewhat healthy diet can do wonders to your hair and skin…

No. 942348

She's just not good with business stuff. This isn't her first year of being self employed and she has had troubles with taxes since years. She just refuses to properly sit down, take her time and learn how to do them. She's also just too lazy in keeping up with it throughout the year.

She likes the idea of having a business like her store and art channel, but she doesn't wants to put in the work to make it work well. She does the bare minimum and hopes that that is enough.

Just look at her upcoming store launch, why hasn't she made an inventory check weeks ago? She could have placed that order for envelopes and such when she also ordered her prints. Her warehouse room is an utter mess, so she'll lose a day cleaning that before the launch too. Why hasn't she worked on any stickers when she wants to have them as freebies? Her preparations could be so much further along but again she waits until the end to do shit. She does this all the time where she won't do anything until she can't push things off anymore and then she just rushes through things to get them done.

No. 942393


Omygod the stickers. She has so many of the thick dino's left.. why change it? Just use those up and then make some new ones.

I get that she might be the kind of person who gets her shit done when she's superclose to her deadline, and that makes her the most productive. But like, she's also really bad at just giving herself more work to do at times when she really doesn't need to do more work.

For example: organising and cleaning her art room so she could do the art room video (why though, it hasn't changed….) when she had a deadline for the diamond painting.

No. 942530

also what's the point of the art room tour when we see it disgusting and covered in garbage every other video she has?

No. 942531

Let's hope they at least fit somewhat decent now

No. 942548

What's even the point of her getting new clothes, she just wears the same old leggings and sweaters all the time.

No. 942647


she wrecked the dress. it needed to be at least 3-5" longer and longer in the back to cover her ass. she can never wear this without leggings or tights.

No. 942662

She cut that dress way too short, lol. Frustrating too because she even pointed out how hard it is to measure on yourself before she broke out the scissors! Her boobs are too big for the high neckline to be cute too, so the whole thing was a waste of money.

No. 942687

Baylee mentions how the size large shirt fits her great… BAYLEE it’s because you ARE a size large. You’re not a medium or a small., you’re a size large pushing XL. Buy clothes that fit you for fucks sake

No. 942725

I kinda feel a bit sorry for her. She clearly wants to pull of the whole pastel-cute-girly thing but she does not know her body at all. She has no idea how to dress for her size and shape and she has absolutely no sense of colors either (which is quite a shame considering that her job is art).
Most her clothes look like they're a size too small and don't flatter her. And then all that pastel pink. I know she loves it but in this vlog she was just a pink blob.

No. 942776


If she had some actual taste and wouldn't clutter her house to the brim she could do a more adult lolita/ romantic look. Actually I like her darker pink hair (if it would be the only pink on her), and when she does her make-up she looks so human and presentable and not like a blob. It's just sad how she burries herself under all that stuff that everything suddenly becomes so tasteless and trashy.

No. 942788

I don't feel sorry for her. There has to be a point of self reflection and maturity to go "You know, maybe this aesthetic just isn't for me. I'm nearly 30 years old, maybe I should dress like it." I get she panders to children but there has to be a limit.

The girl is fat. The whole lolita cute pastel kawaii whatever doesn't look good on girls who could bull rush you. With talks of "Omg the Large fits me!" tells me she is delusional and sees her self as this cute kawaii smoll bean.

remember how she dressed herself for the poppy concert? Terrible short dress WITH leggings lol and ankle booties.

No. 942880

There are things she DOESN'T include in vlogs??

No. 942883

False alarm. It's just because it's a game stream day and she doesn't vlog on those days

No. 942907

She’s heavily promoting her streams throughout this vlog, maybe signs of her quitting YouTube if she can get enough viewers

No. 942912

If she really wants to upload less on yt so she can work on longer projects, this might be her way to make up for income loss.
I don't think she wants to quit yt right now but I do think it could be a possibility in the future. Her channel is slowly dying anyways.

She would be better with keeping up streams, especially gaming streams, than what she is working on her yt.
Personally I find her streams even more boring than her other stuff and I can't warm up to her community either.

No. 942990

I don't think she makes enough money on twitch to ever move there full time. Her chat never gives her bits, she rarely gets gift subs. She doesn't have enough subs to make an income on subs alone.

No. 943191

No. 943289

Ugh, she's just opened a Tik Tok account for her cats. Yawn..

No. 943649

Was that long section about her ordering on Uline really necessary? Her life is so boring.

No. 943702

Now where she daily vlogs again, at least during March, she seems even less productive.

No. 943705

File: 1583871720419.jpg (129.25 KB, 1495x778, PastelGnome.JPG)

When you try to make a funny face but almost look the same as usual

No. 943708

File: 1583872754206.png (1.37 MB, 1482x964, Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 13.3…)

looks like the doodles of a small child

No. 943731

"I don't know what to draw!" "I'm just procrastinating because I don't know what to draw!" "I don't know what to draw!"

I'm just waiting for her to say she's art blocked without explicitly saying she's art blocked.

No. 943738

The whole girl lying down with shit in her hair has already been done, why is she doing it again

No. 943755

so… judging by these vlarch videos, she basically does no work at all. the only work content in these has been signing her ugly prints.

No. 943756

I've been waiting for this for a while, as I think she has been art blocked just didn't admit to it.

Girl needs to get out more to get inspired. She could go around in Vancouver and sketch some boats, people, buildings…go to the park and looks at plants, etc. I loved when Doodle Date for example went out to places and just doodle something, could be a bag of chips, could be animals.. Baylee could do something like this just to get inspired and get her creativity flowing.
She just needs to be willing to get out of her comfort zone, try drawing something else, do a different color scheme, a different mood, it doesn't has to be cute girl all the time.

No. 943761

So much for her plan to work on some bigger and longer projects.

No. 943805

Wait, so she's actively pursuing trying to clear this $6000 package out of customs when she has already received the replacement so she can get $6k worth of free prints instead of letting the package be returned to sender which is the right thing to do so the materials can be recycled. Pretty scummy Baylee.. Plus take that fucking 2020 sign down, we're over a quarter of the way through the year already.

No. 943844

She keeps talking about how terrible her hair looks. It's because you're killing it dumb ass.

She laments about how it only looks good in the first two weeks after a fresh dye. She knows it looks terrible beneath the colors and extensions, but she can't figure out that she needs to lay off it, stop dyeing and bleaching it every 10 seconds, and let it recover. Oh but she swears it's growing. So fucking delusional.

No. 943900

Instead of buying those stupid clip in hair pieces, she should have just bought a good quality pink wig for filming and let her regrow naturally and recover but no, she's a moron. I can't wait for the day she goes bald

No. 944118

No. 944125

It "only looks good after the first two weeks" after she dyes her hair because bleach strips your follicle of everything in it (this is what gives your hair its color). Once your hair is stripped completely its white/translucent which is the color she needs to get to to dye her hair that bubblegum pink. Her follicles are completely empty at this point.

When she adds dye it soaks into the follicles giving it the look of healthy hair at first until oils/washing/etc break down the dye and you're left once again with destroyed follicles. It bothers me so much that she has the nerve to complain but cant even do basic research on how to take care of her hair. She just slathers on whatever bleach she can find in Sally's Beauty like shes in high school and expects to have kawaii anime girl hair.

It's not realistic and anyone who's been dying their hair properly can tell you what shes doing is going to destroy the integrity of the follicles at her scalp and her hair will start to thin permanently if she doesnt let it heal.

No. 944157

They're two adults living with two cats in a 6 bedroom house and it looks so messy everywhere.

No. 944201

They basically live in a storage unit at this point.

No. 944296

Why is she even doing Vlarch in the first place? She pointed out that she has nothing to show or talk about at least 5 times in every vlog so far. Is it just a desperate attempt to combat the boredom and loneliness?

No. 944428

She has done the girl with stuff in her hair before, in fact THAT drawing was based off SOMEONE ELSE'S work.

No. 944429

She just needs to have a wig, her hair almost never looks good and she shows it when it looks terrible so why not just let it grow in and have a nice quality lace front wig that looks just like you want and its going to KEEP looking that way. Either that or she needs to go to a salon and have them giver her some shadow roots or something so it looks better and she can let it grow in more without going right in and bleachin it to death every other week it seems.

No. 944459

All her vlogs are boring, no matter if daily or if she puts together several days.
She has no idea about what to film, which things to keep in the vlog and what to cut out. It's alot of just rambling about things she did or wants to do (and often never does).
Daily vlogs just makes it even more clear how lonely and unproductive she actually is.
Worst part is, that she looks at this and thinks it's fine. She doesn't at all try to make things better for herself or her channels. There is no motivation to maybe go out so the viewers see something else than that messy house, she isn't motivated to clean, she can't be bothered to try out new ways to edit or to film… it's all the bare minimum with the least amount of effort. Both for her vlog and art channel, if it isn't fixed by buying new equipment, it won't ever be fixed.

No. 944569

It just boggles my mind how she wants to bring changes to her art channel and she literally has not done a single thing for that. She's now working on a marker piece (is this going to be an ohuhu sponsered video?) again.

She wanted to do a roomtour (again, why? nothing has changed?) and aside from starting to clean it she literally has not done a thing for that. Her "warehouse" is a mess and her store is launching in 5 days. I just.. At this point it's going to take her until May or June to start doing anything for animation because she "hasn't had the time".

Her vlarch videos really have shown that she's not using her time wisely.

No. 944587

She looks so awful. Christ. She needs to get outside more. She needs to pull a holly brown and shave her head in a manic state at 2am to let her hair start over. That shit looks dead. I'm surprised she isn't bald yet.

I'm also surprised her cats haven't died from ingesting something while they live in that mess. Cats like clean houses, the really do hates messes. Personal rant I've caught one of my cats trying to eat pebbles outside once. In-law's dogs eat cat poop, animals can be really stupid.

You think she is doing animation because her channel is stagnating? she still makes money according to her social blade. Highest on her main channel is 4.9K lowest is $309 a month. her Blog channel at the highest is 2.7k and lowest is $166. She obviously used to make a alot more than that lol She'd make more if she put in effort. Remember when she complained about her royalty check for her book being shit, what did she expect? Baylee you are a shit artist and kids can "learn" from you for free on your youtube channel.

No. 944590

I really don't get her doing the room tour either, it hardly has changed since the last time and she never uses the room how she has laid out in the room tours. Like everyone's spaces get messy a bit overtime and you do tend to clean them up a bit more when you show them off to people, but she always moves so much around and has so much out that her space actually does not function well. So to show it off like a working space is just inaccurate. With her last room tour she actually had JUST arranged the room, which to me is a bit annoying because I like to see how people SUCCESSFULLY use their space, and if you set it up a day before the room tour, you dont even know that the space WORKS like you set it up….and for her it doesn't

No. 944631

At this point she can start cleaning her art room again because it's a mess already.

No. 944638

No. 944659

Yes, that's a big gripe of mine with any of her room tours. So often she'll buy new stuff and set things up differently for those room tours.

I bet the reason she's doing it is to show off the new tablets.

No. 944746

Who else thinks that the person who writes the fan fiction is just trolling her?

No. 944751

No Baylee, you are not "in denial" about getting the stickers done. Just like you weren't "in denial" about the diamond painting shit. What you DO seem to be in denial about, is your life. Your health. Your hair. Your future. You show yourself always going "it's fine, I'm not worried, it's okay". If this is truly your attitude, if this is truly how you feel about everything going on in your life, then yes. You are in denial. In the worst way

No. 944883

her attitude about the coronavirus is childish af. on her twitter she wrote about how gatherings bigger than 250 are cancelled, but she's like 'it's recommended not a rule'… of course she's one of those idiots

No. 945051


Uh, don't twist her words. She isn't saying that it's not a rule so people shouldn't listen to it. She's just relaying the info.

She's said in her vlogs that she isn't too worried about getting it herself but she doesn't want to get others infected etc etc. She seems to actually be quite levelheaded about it, in contrary to what you seem to think.

No. 945052

Better than Chloe Rose being completely obnoxious and seriously considering making a video about it because she apparently considers herself qualified to be an educator since she's a self proclaimed germaphobe.

No. 945079

No. 945081

When you're two adults in a 6 bedroom house and you still don't seem to have enough space.

Also is it normal for cats to just poop on a bed? I thought cats are really clean and general poop in their litter box?

No. 945090

The most common reason a cat won't use the litter box is because it doesn't get scooped or changed often enough. Sage for blog, but the cat I have now came from my neighbor who gave her to me bc she wouldn't stop pooping under her couches and tables, but once I never once had that problem as I scoop her box daily and change the litter weekly. I had a friend in HS who wouldn't even scoop her cat's litter box until she stopped using it and shitting on the floor. Lazy people will try to claim it means the cat is sick or something but that's just an excuse.

No. 945092

personal sperg. My in-laws cat pissed every where in their old house causing lots of damage that cost a lot. They moved and one of the dogs died and she has stopped pissing everywhere. Cats will piss and shit outside of their litter box if they are stressed out.
Another thing is Cats hate mess. They like clean houses. Baylee's cats probably hate the state of the house. Baylee is probably not cleaning the litter box as frequently as she should. You need one litter box per cat you have. I can see baylee having one box and cleans it every few days. Cats piss and shit plenty. The litter box needs to be scooped everyday!

No. 945096

She has two litter boxes, they stand next to each other (no idea if that actually matters). Don't know where in the house though, they used to be in the warehouse but she moved them. I believe they're in the basement now?

I think they has been incidents where Kiki peed in the bed (like twice?) and I think they also peed in a pile of clothes once or twice. That's been a long time ago though.

No. 945111

God, who the fuck leaves gross cat shit and piss just hanging out in their house

No. 945115


It's the equivalent of using the toilet and then not flushing, but then, expecting people to eat and relax in your house. I can tell you right now that I wouldnt want a damn thing out of her house. She probably doesn't maintain the litter boxes and then her cats get up on every surface with their shit-paws, tracking it everywhere.
I'm generally not a cat person but I hate it when an animal in general indicates it's stressed, it means she's not doing everything in her power for her pet to be happy. She's always taken sub-optimal care of them.

No. 945117

They shouldn't be next to each other.

One needs to be on one floor and the other on another. Think about if like this, you have a three story home and the bathroom is on one floor only. it's an inconvenience and a hassle.

Also cats like privacy when they pee and poop so they should be in a semi secluded area, that is if you have the room to do that, and she does.

She is doing a disservice to her cats. If it's pissing out side of the litter box it is not happy. She probably isn't cleaning the boxes every day. Two cats could use fresh litter every week, baylee can afford to do every 4 days. Again a week is the max and still needs to be scooped out daily.

No. 945150

The amount of time she wastes is still just shocking to me. She's so close to the store launch. She hasn't started getting anything prepped, apart from the slow ass print signing. The warehouse isn't ready. And she decides to spend her time walking around blabbering on about how she wants to move things around again, hanging out with the cats, and checking her shows. It's a miracle she gets anything done.

No. 945193

Yeah, in terms of toileting cats tend to be a lot like people, they want privacy and their own space while doing it. And I don't know how people can even stand the smell of not cleaning the box at least once a day, no matter how big your house is, that shit permeates.

Baylee is so unnecessarily stubborn where her cats are concerned. I don't know if it's to spite the people who point out her mistakes and try to be helpful or if she genuinely believes what she does is ok or what, but her refusal to change the most minor shit to improve their quality of life is fucking dumb.

No. 945200


We have 2 cats, 2 litter boxes in two different rooms but on the same floor. They are fine. The only time one of our cats has ever pooped outside of the litterbox was when we moved house and they didn't understand what was going on.

Stress and dirty catlitter is definitely a reason for cats to not use their litterbox. I can't believe she tells the world about this and acts like it's no big deal? Like hello, they are telling you the litter situation isn't working!

Like, it happened A COUPLE OF TIMES. What the fuck?

No. 945217


Two separated on the main floor is no problem. I was more so making a point for how big baylee's house is. 6 rooms and 3 floors is a lot for just two cats who have to live in clutter.

Cat piss fucking reeks. I'm not the biggest fan of dogs but their bodily fluids don't smell as bad as cats do.

Every baylee thread I think at least once her cats get brought up on how poorly she takes care of them. She strikes me as someone who got cats as a pet because "They are so easy. tee hee" when really, they too are a lot of work. Frequently cleaning the litter box, constant grooming, as smart as they are they can be really stupid and try to eat shit they shouldn't and totally walk on crap they know they aren't supposed too. We've seen Baylee let them walk all over her table with different art supplies out and about. Her place is such a mess they could eat something and she'd have no idea what. She still makes money but I doubt enough like she used to, to cover a surprise vet bill that could easily cost her over 3k.

so yeah Baylee is a shit pet owner. She can barely take care of her self, I mean look at her, she let her self go. looks bloated like a puffer fish while wearing pajamas all day. Can't be bothered to keep her 6 bedroom house clean despite only two adults living in it. I'm a petty bitch but I can't wait till she loses all of it. She won't be able to laugh off owing 18k in back tax debt like she has before. Her youtube income is dwindling and her stans will eventually stop buying her crap when they grow up. So go figure, the blob who can't even manage her own life is a shit 'cat mom'

I think that's what's so frustrating about this girl. Is real shit get's thrown her way and she just does that ugly laugh like it's no big deal and 'totally whatever' She laughs like what she goes through is relatable but it's not. I don't get the vibe it's a nervous laugh either. sorry bout that rant just when it comes crashing down for her I'm going to enjoy it.

No. 945256

i still cant wrap my head around why doesnt she just have everything prepared for her store and then set a date?? she keeps giving herself a date and then starts prepping. why is it such a hard concept for her

No. 945266

I think she said once she works better under pressure? But it's not that she works better, it's that she just actually WORKS when she's under pressure. When she doesn't have that deadline, she doesn't do shit. She has said in the past, she's working on a new main channel video simply because of how long it's been since her last one, not because she wants to keep up any kind of schedule. She just does not care

No. 945284

I’ve always thought the rule for cat litter boxes is “1 for each cat + 1” but it would not surprise me if she only cleaned her two like once they get full or once every two weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them peed in that box of crinkles since she showed Kiki playing in them too

No. 945298

I wish she'd gone with the hair for arms idea. It would have been an interesting piece for a change!

No. 945302

Pisses me off when she talks about just leaving the bike on the street.. Donate it to someone/an organisation where someone who genuinely can't afford one..

No. 945336


Baylee doesn't care enough to donate her bike let's be real

No. 945388

Meh…it's better than most of her subscriber boxes but it's nothing special or so either. Just another boring girl.
Her videos are getting more boring, just like her vlogs.

No. 945450

didn’t she already do a “things in girls hair” type of painting before or did I dream it

No. 945471

I've heard that too. Baylee has the room and can afford the that much litter so she should. 1 for each cat also works but yeah 1 plus an additional is prime.

I bet she forgets she has to clean them. totally comes across as that type.

Just shows that money is nothing to her. She could donate it but meh whatever, she is so rich she can buy a new bike no problem, doesn't have to budget. She thinks if it's garbage for her it'll be garbage for someone else. Again, can't wait till she isn't making great youtube money anymore. I give it till the end of the year for it to start. She somehow has gotten lucky so far with cash still rolling in.

No. 945494

She did. It was a pink haired girl, she'll have that as a print for her store launch.

If I remember correctly, that bike was really expensive too and she hasn't used it much either. She went to the park a few times but that was it.

No. 945499

Her desk is nasty.

Also I find it funny how she spent all that time signing prints but in an earlier vlog she said how her viewers have told her to just have it printed on. Not even her viewers/customers actually care that they're signed.

No. 945527

File: 1584223848127.png (1020.15 KB, 972x670, Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 15.1…)

this is so ugly

No. 945603

Nitpick but I was watching one of her recent vlogs. The amount of times she touched her face after arriving from the supermarket is outstanding. I’m sure with her cleanliness habits or lack thereof she didn’t even wash her hands beforehand.

No. 945746


I hate that her first layer of colour is already too dark and too saturated, imo. Also shouldn't the partially closed eyes have dark (black/blue) lids, since they seem to be coming out of the hair?

No. 945802

I was thinking that too. The peach-y color for the eyelids just seems a bit off.
Overall the picture is bland and boring. It's one of her better subscriber box pictures but that's not really difficult seeing some of the stuff she has made.
I wouldn't be surprised if she's bored with art, she does the same thing over and over again. She never challenges herself, she never takes her time or experiments.

No. 945803

The worst thing was when she was saying she didn't know what to draw, but knew she wanted it to be "girly and frilly". Bitch when is it not girly and frilly?

No. 945822

She has said that she isn't a creative person but the thing is, she limits herself a lot by not wanting to leave her comfort zone. Plus that she rarely leaves her house, especially these days, she doesn't do many activities other than drinking either.
Her life is boring and that reflects in her art. If she at least would have great skills but her art is mediocre at best.

No. 945925

No. 945929

didn't she say it sometimes takes her an hour to make a thumbnail? this is a time where she should have taken that hour.

imagine dyeing your hair for some baby shower (co-ed, full of booze? uh ok) but not for your sister's wedding. but she couldn't even do that right, because she misread her invitation and didn't make time to even do her hair. didn't miss out on yet another doll buy though!

No. 945944

Girl just has no planning/time managing skills. The warehouse could long have been cleaned and organized, she could have dyed her hair a day before, the present she could have grabbed when they were out food shopping a few days ago…
In worst case she also could have skipped a vlog or simply upload it a day later.

No. 945963


Why are her eyes always so red these days? I swear they never used to be

No. 945968

Because Christian has taken up smoking weed in the house and she enjoys breathing in his second hand ganj smoke. I'm sure she takes the occasion drag too being an 'artist' and all.

No. 946041

Holy fuck that thumbnail for the video makes her look like a literal crack head, i know she hates to draw but she's an art channel damnit! She could at least draw a simple drawing for her thubmnails rather than just using a lame ass screenshot that makes her look unhinged

No. 946095

Except she is unhinged.. a 30 year old woman who acts like a 7 year old.

No. 946198

It is absolutely hilarious where she originally placed the collarbones. Like it is truly comical how bad her understanding of anatomy is.

No. 946279

omg, i was watching her stream this morning, and i can't believe she thinks a little hopping around while drinking coffee is a workout

No. 946287

How is everything always such a mess?
Can't she keep things clean for even a week?

No. 946358

Wow, 1111 orders in the first day of opening her store. How.

No. 946385

I've been saying this for months. Video games are not a workout, better than nothing yeah but it's not going to help much in the long run. Despite the 'workout' streams she is definitely at her heaviest right now.

No. 946387

She's either exaggerating or her fan base really are mentally fucking retarded. Not only is the art shit but I would never want to lay a finger on something she has touched without dousing it in several coatings of antibacterial solution.

No. 946414

she's definitely exaggerating.

She got 1k orders but the post where she mentions that the store is going live doesnt even have 300 likes on twitter or fb? it's highly unlikely that you'll get that more orders than likes on your posts. Her ig post about it also doesnt have the addition of 'thousands of others liked this post' so it has <1k likes so there is a VERY small chance that she actually made that many sales.

The ONLY slight possibility is if she's only talking about individual items which is still unlikely since most of the posts about people buying things had three or less items bought.

No. 946421

The tweet has less than 300 likes but there’s a lot of engagement that shows people that ordered from her. I’m not sure what she’s counting as “orders” but honestly I’m not surprised her Stan army will eat anything she shits out

No. 946442

I think she means of individual items and honestly I believe it. So many people on her Twitter post and saying how they bought and a lot of them have over 3+ I saw more than a handful with 10+ so not the most far-fetched

No. 946456

She wastes so much time faffing around, it is frustrating to watch.

No. 946467

Little nitpick, but I really dislike that she didn't tape down the bags before putting them in the envelopes.

No. 946474

I actually prefer it this way. You can reuse the bag if you don't have to rip tape off it. Less waste.

No. 946479

Actually, too true. I glossed over that whoops. I would just worry about the bag coming out first and the prints falling out. Maybe instead of scotch tape, use washi tape to secure it since it’s easier to peel and doesn’t rip up bags?

No. 946527

It doesn’t need securing, I’m glad she didn’t use tape as I was preparing to bitch at her for being wasteful but she did something right for a change.

No. 946597

Such a nitpick but that was one unloving gift she gave for the baby shower. Gift cards are already not very personal but could she really not have put any care into the way she presented it?

I also feel like she has gained weight since she started her workout streams. Doesn't help that most of her clothes are either too small or just don't fit her body shape at all.

No. 946646

True, sorry about my nitpick. But I feel maybe there’s a recyclable tape out there but even so after thinking it over, you guys are right that it would still be wasteful. Kinda used to seeing her old and wasting packaging style.

No. 946684

Boring as usual.

No. 946875

I know Etsy numbers their sales by the number of items sold rather than the actual sales, Shopify might do the same

No. 947040

I hope Baylee stays inside during Vlarch- if she vlogs herself going out shopping for things that aren't necessary a lot of ppl will be disappointed in her. She needs to stop going out to baby showers and stay in social distancing.

No. 947180

Lol she doesn’t leave her house in general, only to drink and buy things. She literally doesn’t have to change at all, just have less friends out and over but it never seemed like they liked her anyway. And Christian probably has to start working from home soon so she’s probably gonna complain about his presence more.

The biggest thing is that if she’s still using chit chats, they just closed the US-Canada border and chitchats works by delivering mail across the border to use the US postal service. Her followers do not care if she does any social faux pas at all, especially since she’s proven she’s white ignorant with the racist doll editor she used to have and her laughing at racist memes about Jagmeet Singh that her dad sent her during the elections. She could go outside and lick a handrail and not wash her hands at all and her followers will just say she’s quirky and funny and still buy her ugly prints anyway

No. 947201

What has closing the borders do with shipments? Borders are closed for people, not mail or shipments.

No. 947242

PEOPLE have to TAKE the packages across the border dummy, Chitchats doesn’t use the local Canadian post system. So there’s possible service delays now because of the border closing

No. 947268

It annoys me how she never makes her hair dye dark enough to cover her bleached roots…She HAS to know that it looks like shit, right??

No. 947290

apparently chit chats is still processing border shipments. i guess they're part of trade, so they're exempt by the travel ban.

baylee likes being contrary. maybe if we talk about how amazing her hair looks she'll want to change it.

No. 947294

New Vlog

No. 947323

is it just me or did she get even more round/big

No. 947329

Not that the too small spongebob sweater looked good on her, but the brighter pink suited her so much more than the baby pastel one she favors. She's too pale for pastels.

No. 947360

She said she got a lot of unhealthy food because that's all they had but it honestly looks exactly the same as her normal grocery…

No. 947370

I was thinking the exact same. She's so delusional

No. 947390

I wonder if this situation will make her take YouTube and art in general more seriously. In times like this (people have to stay at home, people who cannot work from home don't make any money, etc) she is extremely privileged to be able make some money by making shitty 10min art videos for YouTube. And she doesn't take it seriously at all!

No. 947410

It won't. She never acknowledges her privilege or how lucky she got. She also doesn't take the situation serious, she's just mad she can't go to the Calgary Expo. It doesn't affect her life other than that, she works from home and rarely leaves the house anyways and even if she would get it, she most likely will have very mild symptoms if any at all.
I don't think she thinks about all the people that lived under lockdown for weeks/months or the ones that are still living under it, or about the ones who died. As long as all her Amazon packages arrive on time, it's all alright for her.

No. 947411

File: 1584622755753.jpg (360.04 KB, 842x1080, V.jpg)

I thought she looked pretty big here

No. 947412


I disagree. She's not a heartless person and has shown in the past that she does care about other people and how things affect them. The way she treats her job and her art doesn't make her this horrible human being that you're making her out to be.

In fact, before this whole thing became as bad as it is now, she already mentioned that she isn't worried about getting it herself, she just doesn't want to pass it on to other people and potentially cause serious illness to others. She's said that multiple times. She's even said in this vlog that if the expo wasn't cancelled she most likely still wouldn't go.

I know we all like to criticise her for stuff but at least do it for things that are true. Don't make her out to be this evil bitch when she really isn't.

No. 947487

ok baylee

No. 947496

Buys stuff so her cats won't eat their dry food as quickly. Probably because Midna is twice the size she should be.

Also Baylee:
Doesn't have the patience to let the cats get hungry and eventually figure the thing out, tries to teach the fat cat the new thing and after 5 Minutes makes it massively easier for fat cat to get back to eating.

Well failed, Bayls.

No. 947501

Whats even the point of wearing tight fitting graphic tees when the picture is just gonna get fucking warped like that

No. 947509

this stupid bitch… why is she assuming that the doll is extra for her to keep? call the store and return it, the fuck. i hope she gets charged for this.

and her dumbass opened both, so she can't even sell the extra for money if she wanted.

No. 947511

That made me so mad… Like, girl, call the Disney store and explain the situation. If they say it's fine, then do whatever you like with the extra, but damn those are expensive

No. 947513

If I was Bayled I would've contacted the store to figure out what was happening. But of course this is Baylee and she doesn't bother or care.

No. 947534

File: 1584651254368.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, A3F75B50-2C08-4C05-B903-A32FBF…)

it’s ok guys she has the disney intel.

No. 947535

She has no morals. In the early vlogs she used to shoplift candy from superstore and said she didn’t care because they are a big business just like she is using here with Disney.

No. 947538

surprising she isn't charging her shop customers when orders go missing or are mispackaged there. Or is she, but doesn't vlog it?

No. 947611

File: 1584661415544.png (57.2 KB, 924x198, Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 16.4…)

No. 947637

Kek it's worth a $120 sale to them, yes it only cost $1 to make but still. It doesn't matter if they have extras, returning it is the right thing to do. She talks about mailing it but she literally has to just cross the road to the Disney Store and turn it in there and explain and if they say she can keep it then fine but Baylee is sketchy like this. She's still trying to get hold of that package of prints worth $6k that went missing then turned up, even though she already received a free replacement when telling the customs people to return to sender was all she had to do but no, she wants though free prints.

No. 947643

Update: So she caved and supposedly contacted Disney who told her specifically to donate the doll to charity. She then announces she will hold a giveaway which gets her fans frothing at the mouth with excitement however then announces in a comment that she actually plans to give it away to a friend. Still not following Disney's wishes but whatever. Would probably only get shoplifted anyway so giving away is the best option.

She really needs to take a class in how to deal with conflict as she really isn't very good when it comes to dealing with criticism.

No. 947644

File: 1584665635284.jpg (98.28 KB, 658x688, update.jpg)

ugh forgot pic

No. 947672

The fact that she only contacted them after the backlash and the smug "I was right" emoji only make her look worse. At this point I only hate watch her videos but her personality is absolutely disgusting

No. 947675

>what are morals

I've got sent doubles before, of a camera, and hair extensions. Both times I contacted the companies and they paid postage so I could send back the double. Disney are rolling in money and don't care, but the "moral" thing is not to steal.

No. 947679

Probably because I'm a poorfag but I would have also just kept the doll. It was dumb of baylee to show it off and not mention I'll contact Disney even if she wasn't actually going too.

No. 947706

Lol what a shitstorm. I would keep the doll too. Baylees problem is that she has to vlog EVERYTHING. Just don’t vlog it. Give it to a friend…

No. 947714

She was a moron to even vlog it. But whatever, it’s baylee, she’s gotta vlog every single boring ass thing.

No. 947749

Obviously it doesn't really matter to Disney, and of course they got replacements, but contacting the store took her like what? 5 minutes tops?
And if she really predicted the backlash, why not go the safe route and either edit it out of the vlog or simply contact the store from the beginning?

No. 947752


i still don't understand why you people care so much about disney, it's a freakin corrupt company that at the end of the day deserves to lose money. if i was her i would've bashed them even harder

No. 947761

Its not about Disney, it's about the principle and her whole attitude towards it, and how she reacted to the backlash

No. 947770

Being a good person and not stealing and having good morals does way better for you in the long run than trying to score edgelord points from strangers.

No. 947778

I remember in an old vlog, baylee was at Canadian tire? And she had a screwdriver set in her bag, she noticed they didn’t charge her for them on her reciept, she was still in the parking lot, and instead of getting her ass off the car and giving it back, she said she better get out of there cause she ain’t returning it. She’s such a selfish person. Materialistic ugh

No. 947813

Why is she suddenly bashing disney? She gives them like 10k every year lol

No. 947831

Probably the best would be to sell the doll and buy some nice toys for Toys for Tots or a similar charity.
A collector's doll would be wasted in charity.

No. 947857

The phrasing of the email and the subject lead me to believe she didn’t specify that the “extra item” was in fact the sold out Elsa collector doll.

No. 947907

With these limited edition dolls arent they usually numbered? How would they have extras?

Either someone would have a doll numbered outside of the claimed 'amount made' or two people with doubles.

No. 947909

I'd assume they don't sell all the ones they have, so if they are limited to 5000, they'd only really sell 4900 or so (and how would customers prove that?).
But having a number higher than the amount claimed sounds quite nice, tbh.

It doesn't sound like she specified what she ordered and what she got, let alone specifying which order number was affected. (Since actually she also got 2 of those keys and could've made 200 bucks with the extra one)

No. 947923

No. 947947

This isn’t a moral issue. It’s not like Disney is pressed for cash. They can afford to make these shipping errors. Sure, Baylee’s attitude may suck but she’s not wrong. If this were a small business that relied on the sale of every single item, it might be different. But even then the fault lies on the person who mispackaged the order, not the recipient.

No. 947966

It doesn’t matter how big the company is, she was sent something in error and it is the right thing to do to contact the company which she had no intention of doing. It’s actually against the law to keep items sent in error in many countries.

No. 947974

it's because baylee's a fucking brat who wouldn't stop complaining for 5 seconds if something similar happened to her.

No. 947979

stop comparing a small business to a huge company. do you guys ever look at disney's morals ? yeah, being a bad person and stealing isn't good, it's actually pretty stupid, but im not gonna play the violin for a corrupt company using sweatshops and full of shady execs

No. 947982

that's a thing for every company; every company makes more products because every company knows things get lost in the mail, it's pure logic also, the number is on the card or the box, which are items that can be printed extremely easy.

No. 947991

It's just human decency man, whether the other company is a million dollar company or a small one, the right thing to do is to tell them about a mistake they made that hurts them and benefits you.

No. 948029

Lots of moral fags this time around. Almost everyone say taken something or gotten something and didn't return it. I bet you accidentally walked out with a gum from Walmart you're not going to go back to purchase it.

Maybe it's me but I have almost no sympathy for huge corporation like Disney, Walmart, etc. They make plenty.

No. 948036

So it’s okay for you to walk in to Walmart and fill a cart full of groceries and a TV or two for good measure and just walk out just because they are a successful company? That’s called being a scumbag anon..

No. 948055

I agree, can't believe people are defending Disney. Fucking Disney.

How did you go from
>accidentally walking out with a gum
>stealing groceries and TVs

I know y'all like to nitpick to death lolcows but this ain't it.

No. 948132

I was honestly expecting her to go on a massive rant about it in the vlog. Kind of sad she didn't, it would have been hilarious

No. 948180

Focus your energy somewhere else dude it’s not a big deal.

No. 948218


Yea lol it's quite ridiculous. People love to criticise and act all high and mighty, but in reality they'd do exactly the same thing. In fact, so many people would sell the extra pieces instead of giving it away.

You're all on an anonymous board talking shit about some person you don't know and you're going to talk morals? lmao.

No. 948315

so anyway!

i can't believe how unflattering her clothes today were. i would never in my life let myself look like that online.

also…why wouldn't she stream animal crossing now? now is when people care about it. in a couple of weeks when she's done her videos, everyone will be so far ahead of her.

No. 948330

No. 948382

Because she is retarded and is always late. She keeps going on about diamond paintings when they were a fad like two years ago already.

No. 948487

At this point it's part of her brand to be late to trends.

No. 948681

No. 948861

File: 1584983247059.jpeg (431.94 KB, 828x1328, 835AF255-683E-4D3C-A80D-CC64DC…)

Apparently Disney is sending her another package…

No. 948862

It's honestly not a big deal with the doll. It happens with companies all the time, where they send you something by mistake, the company doesnt want to waste their time handling that so they just let you keep whatever (unless it's significantly expensive). So I don't really think there is any moral issue with keeping something when it was sent to you by mistake (although I dont know what she was talking about with how it would some how be "immoral" for them to ask her to send it back). Its one of those things where, ifs fine, keep the doll, give it away, contact the compnay or don't….but you shouldnt go flaunting it and not expect some backlash, you lucked out..keep it to YOURSELF

No. 948866

Sometimes things work out to your advantage due to others mistakes, doesn't mean you should brag about it though. If you didn't get a ticket after speeding, if you found money on the ground in a parking lot, if you get home a realize the cashier didn't charge you for something, get something extra in the mail, etc, there are so many examples. You benefit from a mistake, and you don't have really an obligation to fix that mistake (unless it's to a detriment of someone else, like you should tell the cashier if you notice they rang you up wrong, because THEY might get in trouble, you might be screwing over them not the company they work for), but otherwise, go on with your life, DONT BRAG about it or draw attention to it, you shouldn't have ill intent with it (don't try to scam a situation), keep it to yourself, and thank life for small favors.

No. 948893

Now I'm starting to think this is a plot? she's concocted for her channel, you don't just randomly get multiple things you didn't order. She's either ordering stuff while high or just plain lying for attention.

No. 948894


I actually think it's a mistake by Disney bc whenever she buys a doll she's too excited for it to arrive and talks about it right away in her vlogs. She can't think that far ahead. (And why would she bc of some dumb dolls.)

I wonder if she will not accept the package. Would be the easiest way to avoid all drama if she really didn't order something.

No. 948906

I think her showing it off like that and the way she replied to it was what made people irritated. It's not like contacting the Disney store took hours off of her day or that sending it back would really have been that big of a deal.
Plus that people were probably jealous. Those dolls are expensive and she has so many limited edition dolls, something a lot of her viewers cannot afford. Of course people then get mad at her getting an extra one.

No. 948981

Might be a bit of a nitpick, but we've seen how disgusting she can be, especially her warehouse, and the fact that the cats dont always use their litter box. She dropped mini eggs, and after picking them up, proceeds to pop one in her mouth. After its been on the floor.

No. 949043

She is disgusting, she even stated before she spilled the eggs that she rubbed her face in to Kiki's belly and got fur all in her mouth and over her face which is all the more disgusting because she has never bathed these cats, not even once. Cats groom themselves by licking their asses and then lick the rest of themselves so she just got all spit, piss and shit over her face. You're supposed to at very least rub them down every now and then with a warm damp rag as well as brush them daily.

No. 949065

She has brushes for her cats but she always falls off on brushing them daily.
She has mentioned several times how Kiki has problems passing hairballs, so brushing them should help at least a little, no?

No. 949072

BJ really is the most boring cow out there, if this is the milk that gets you so riled up.
BTW, nobody I know baths cats unless they have to and most of those cats are half outdoors too. You really must be bored to try and make this any kind of issue. Find some good stuff on BJ, instead of getting your panties in a twist over bathing cats. Like did BJ actually did anything noteworthy recently outside of being depressed slob that overshares because her life is just that boring?

No. 949080

It's rare to have to bathe cats, usually do so if they have a medical problem. Cats are clean animals. I see no problem in this other than you nitpicking.

No. 949146

Baylee isn't your typical cow, nitpicking is all we have. She's just a childish talentless lazy slob who pretends she is a famous artist. That's all there is.

No. 949161

Yeah, and this nitpicking about any single fart she makes is what makes you look like unhinged. Get a grip.

No. 949174

Unhinged? Kek work in a mental health hospital, then you’ll know the real definition of unhinged. Grow up.

No. 949176

Not that anon but if you dont like the thread content you can hide the thread or report. Showing up n filling the thread with complaining about he nitpicking isnt making it better.

No. 949257

So Baylee finally comes to the realization that she no longer cares for or needs Youtube any more as her store launches are proving so successful. I've commented a few times that maybe she should focus solely on her store and use Youtube and social media as a marketing tool but she never took much notice.

No. 949270

I really can't get over that outfit. How can you look that bad if it's your job putting yourself on Youtube and Twitch? Or actually - how can you look that bad in general?

No. 949373

She doesn’t listen to her audience unless they’re praising her, she blocks comments with any ounce of criticism if she doesn’t defend herself on them. But she probably saw the writing on the wall with YouTube and the store with others telling her the same too, her YT is too much effort vs farting out stuff for her store. She barely focuses on things for long, especially with her “business”, so hopefully this is an upside unless she tries something else again next year.

the whole thing about the dolls is exhausting but it’s literally the only exciting thing about her life

No. 949408

I'm a bit skeptical to be honest. I think her changing her business and switching to the store isn't a bad idea, her art isn't good but it's enough for some cute-ish designs and her channel is a slow sinking ship anyways.
However I'm just not sure Baylee can really pull it off. Her customers for the store are all her fans from youtube. She isn't pulling in other customers, so I do wonder if her store will be successful in the future.
Even more so since she wants to do less speedpaints, so there won't be any new material for prints.
She also has a big time managing problem, her channel and having to film a video somewhat regularly at least gave her a bit of a schedule. She tends to do nothing and then tries to cramp everything in the day before, which might get even worse now.
But who knows maybe she surprises us all and actually gets shit done.

No. 949574

I didn’t think it was a problem that she kept the first doll, but why would she not decline the second doll when she knew it was coming as mistake? That’s just greed.

No. 949918

She doesn't even design that many new things. I mean, she could have made a few new pieces exclusive to her prints only store launch, but she went with stuff she made 4 years ago
I don't know how she's planning on getting new customers. I don't think she should rely on her youtube crowd if she decides to leave youtube.

No. 949944

Yeah, two of those prints are so ancient.
I still can't believe she couldn't be fucked to make a new piece for the diamond paintings, she had to pull someting she made years agi

No. 950003

No. 950026

I wonder when she'll actually start on those long projects she wants to do.

No. 950027

More dolls?

No. 950032

another fucking doll?

No. 950252

coustomizing a swtich is not what I personally as a good use of her time. She doesnt want to rush projects…ok. But doing very minor cutomizations to a switch is more what I expet from a game/tech channel not an art channel. Like her long term projects should be art projects that are worth that amount of time, but when she says long term projects, she just means sh just doesnt DO them for a long time, not that they actually TAKE a long time. Like she considers an oil painting a LONG term project, and oil painting takes you a few days maybe (considering drying/layers) it doesnt take you WEEKS, unless its huge.

No. 950253

if she wants to be a gamer just DO that, put dont half ass an art channel. With her store, she doesnt have much new stuff, like people have said some of that stuff is so old. So even with all of her urrent orders/sales. She can't just continute to expect to get those numbers if she never puts out new stuff. In general, not all of your audience is going to buy art/merch, in fact probably less than half of your fan base actual buys anything (that goes for most people not just her), so if those people who do buy from you already have, and already have everything you have, and you don't put out stuff, and you are not drawing in new fans….you are going to not be able to keep the same success. Most people are not buying multiples of art prints

No. 950256

She makes that switch look like a baby wipes box. Why everything has to be fu*ng pastel?

No. 950295

omygod I am so thankfuls he doesn't vlog everyday anymore. When she first stopped doing it I felt a bit sad because I still liked her vlogs a lot then.

But holy crap now that she's doing them again it's clear she is not that invested in her art anymore. CAN YOU STOP THE DOLLCONTENT PLEASE? NOONE CARES about a doll's shoulderstraps jfc.

Like seriously, so far in vlarch, how much art has she done? I actually legit can't think of anything aside from the washi tape and the sub box?( Was that during vlarch?).

Still no animation either? She talked about wanting to do that and she hasn't done any yet. She's really showing me what I DON'T want to become.

No. 950357

She did that washi tape design months ago, it takes about a month to produce and probably was a little longer because of the COVID situation but she had that design since like January-ish? So really, the sub box. It that’s it and that’s actually productive for her

No. 950372

Sub box? You mean she's going to start a subscription box where people pay each month to get a random box of Baylee crap? One she's too lazy for that and secondly subscription boxes are so 10 years ago..

No. 950401

The subscriber mystery box…..

No. 950402

Sorry to anyone who likes dolls but I’m amazed people spend any amount money on them when they look so awfully made. The hair and eyelashes give me nightmares.

No. 950437

She is just delusional thinking she never did long projects because she didn't had time, in reality she just doesn't know how to use her time.
I don't even get why she thinks it will work out now, she abandoned her upload schedule a long time ago specifically to not rush things and to take her time, yet she never did.

No. 950447

I swear midna has gotten fatter

No. 950463

So has Baylee

No. 950479

If she wants to do an oil painting so badly, why the hell isn't she just doing one then? Did she really spent her entire day just cleaning and Switch stuff? Jeez..Imagine being home all day, every day and having art as your job and still not manage to do actual art.

No. 950593


Yeah, she has the time to start the oil painting. She's just making excuses and procrastinating and being in denial about it.

She has an excuse when she has orders to pack. Aside from that she literally has nothing going on that she needs to spend 8hrs a day on. What does she do after her workout streams? What does she do on her art streams? What does she do in her free time on the weekends? Like seriously, you're not hanging out with friends 48hrs straight.

Like shit, I know I am a procrastinator and I have the time to spend more on art than I do, but at least I acknowledge it's totally my own fault for not doing it…

No. 950680

This is a nitpick but baylee meal look okay up until she drenched her potatoes and carrots in ketchup.

No. 950684

WHYYY. WHY does she wear long tops under her sweatshirts. It looks fucking horrible. She goes on about how she cleans everything then you look at the state of the PC Tower and wonder how its so dirty.

No. 950690


No I completely agree. She drowns absolutely everything is sauces and cheese. It’s no wonder she never loses weight.

No. 950691

And drinks whole bottles of wine in one sitting by herself.

No. 950713

baylee drenches 95% of her meals in ketchup fsr.

she wants to paint her chair mat? how about cleaning up after yourself when you make the mess, not 5 weeks later when everything's caked in shit paint and cat hair? another busy work bullshit to do instead of actually committing to her art. maybe we need skillshare to sponsor more content

No. 950714

she is just SOO set on how she is going to do all these great things if she has more time, she is going to just upload whenever, only work on it when she feels like. Thats great if this were a HOBBY, but its her job, and her channel is what pulls all her other incomes. I procrastinate, and don;t make as much art as I should either, but I currently work another job. ALL she has to do is her channel, and she seems to put it off. Even her packaging, its not like she spends 8 hours a day on it. she gets caught up in meaningless tasks and just plays video games. Ring fit adventure is not a REPLACEMENT for a workout, its a GAME that is active, but its not going to replace a decent workout/healthy eating.

No. 950786

No. 950818

The reason the ring fit adventure game isn’t helping her health is because she spends all of her time sitting down. She isn’t creating a caloric deficit, especially not since her meals are ridiculously unhealthy and she chugs a shitload of sugar constantly with her french vanilla coffees. Burning 150 calories from Stepmania twice a week isn’t going to cut it.

No. 950826

Honestly she looks like she even gained weight since she started the workout streams.

I don't think working from home works for her at all. Ever since she quit her job at the animation studio it's been slowly going down hill and ever since the wedding she just has given up. Girl couldn't even be efficient if her life depended on it.

No. 950874

She said it herself in the vlog. She's talked about it before and… she still hasn't done anything for it.

Look at how empty her planner was for the week ahead.. She put in playing video games, but no indication of working on animation? She's planning to do a copic speedpaint which seems to be the only art thing she is going to be working on for the next two weeks, asides from doing some sticker stuff on stream. From the sounds of it, it's also just redesigning a backing card for an existing pin or something.. So again, nothing new.

Baylee is the queen of reusing old content and I don't get how people still buy her stuff. ( Like, how on earth is that beautiful nightmare print still getting sold? It's so old!)

No. 950894


Because it's gothic and decent compared to Breeze or Noise. Still, her art usually lacks some darker values.

No. 950915

she might be thinking she can reward herself with more junk if she offsets with excersize, and not taking into account you need to manage calories for that to work at all. not sure why else she would be gaining weight if shes finally moving around.

No. 950941

This is definitely a personal nitpick but it bothers me that despite the sheer excess of equipment and art supplies this girl has, she can’t even be bothered to SKETCH? She’s constantly buying things with the intention of executing x amount of activities and yet she does NOTHING but purchase the supplies and let the rest fall through.

I can understand getting bored with a project but her hoarding tendencies mixed with her inability to finish anything is alarming. Does she just not notice how dysfunctional she is?

No. 950954

No. 950968

Oh she doesn’t sketch, i think now she just sketches to have content before a video and just to tell everyone she sketches before doing a drawing when she really doesn’t. She stopped doing “studies” where she badly copied things out of art books and has never done like drawing from life or something, I barely think she did any in art school since she went as an animator not an illustrator or fine artist.

She isn’t aware that she’s dysfunctional cuz she believes she’s busy cuz she’s editing vlogs half the day with doing her random busywork but everything still works out for her cuz she has stans that will buy whatever she does. So it works for her. Is it sustainable? No. Will she change? Ehhhhh maybe onLy for a couple months

And tbh I’m surprised we keep comparing her to katnipp cuz katnipp is way more successful and knowledgeable about her business and baylee is pretty much aping a ton of successful YT stores & products, but katnipp only has 100k subs vs baylee’s 1mil

No. 951000

Animators should do life drawing too. I think her school was simply…well crap and her "work ethic" doesn't help.
Her studies that she did were such a joke, not only did they look terrible, she also had no idea what she was doing or why. She has little to no understanding of fundamentals and has no idea about how to actually improve. No wonder her art is still on the same level as a few years ago.

Not a huge fan of katnipp but she really is much better in running her business. Probably because she takes it much more serious and treats it like an actual business. Baylee just doesn't has the same seriousness about it, she seems kinda amateurish.

No. 951039

Of course her school was crap, she went to the Art Institute of Vancouver. Art Institutes across North American have been shut down as they were just a money making scam.


No. 951047

Yeah her school was very crap. Any decent art schools will make you take classes on the fundamentals during your first year. Even then after students will continue to learn on their own, but Baylee is pretty lazy. She's just lucky that her youtube got successful that lets her continue to not learn anything new to gain new followers

No. 951140

Regardless of whether you like Katnipp’s artwork or not, there’s no doubt that she is an efficient business owner. She continues to produce new designs and products, and her style is consistent with her branding. Baylee probably wishes she could be like Katnipp. In fact, Baylee should take some notes.

No. 951170

i went to architecture school and still did a whole lot more life drawing and still natures than baylee; not to mention art history which she is majorly lacking

No. 951191

Sorry to all cat lovers but her cats are getting on my nerves. Can't she at least try to keep them off the table while she is working?

No. 951216

File: 1585564276232.jpeg (270.29 KB, 1080x2220, EFvDVRYWkAAlkPL.jpeg)

Anyone heard of AoiSakura?



I was browsing Egirl.gg, that website where you can pay E-girls to play games with you (because it's grade A entertainment), and she uses that forced loli voice that sounds like she inhaled a five gallon tank of helium, but when she sings it goes down to a deep voice magically, and she claims it's because she was molested as a child, then goes on Twitter and gets angry at people saying that they can't understand her

No. 951321

Lol wrong thread

No. 951360

No. 951414

Oh yeah AI is shit. They’re the kind of art school that someone called “diploma mills” once cuz you pretty much are just paying for a diploma. I went to one, not an AI but another similar, and a lot of the animators were not good at life drawing cuz they believed since they work in 3D they didn’t need it. Of course you got others who were fine at drawing but a lot were never taught to look at life the way other artists do and then think you can go on with copying others and shortcuts, like what Baylee does. Her followers eat it up cuz it’s cutesy and safe but I think deep down she knows she’s very weak

No. 952034

I don’t know if AI had a good foundations program at all but she also strikes me as the kind of person who would not listen to classes anyway “cuz it’s MUH STYLE”.

No. 952091


I know we always talk about this, but holy shit her hair at the beginning of this video is just… so bad.

Baylee. FFS. Stop.

No. 952112


Yeah, it's worse than I thought. Looked almost like she already has huge hair loss on her sides.

No. 952235

we haven't seen baylee talk at all about practicing / starting one of her animation videos, right? do we think she didn't start at all or that she realised she was still shit and dropped it without saying anything?

No. 952361

Based on the vlogs she hasn't started at all, unless she is doing it all off-camera. I think if anyone asked her and she couldn't avoid answering the question she will probably say she hasn't had the time to start anything yet ( store launch and prep excuse ).

No. 952381

No. 952397


The whole rambling about how it's so hard for her to be okay with not being productive was hilarious. Her productivity is some of the worst I've ever seen in a personal with their own business.
Get real, Baylee.

No. 952410

I almost lost it when she was talking about how she hates being unproductive. But she has this whole library of videos that document her being absolutely unproductive all the time. How can one person be so delusional!

No. 952436

She's depressed and in complete denial. Productive? Ha, you haven't done fuck all in weeks Baylee.

No. 952634

She has been just as productive/not-productive as always. She's so much in denial…
Does she not watch other artists and thinks to herself that she should actually do something? Just take katnipp, now I don't watch all of her videos but every time I do watch something of hers, her studio seems nice, clean and organized. She also seems much better organized with her store in general. With Baylee everything with her store just seems like a big mess.

No. 952870

No. 952871

welp. she's definitely run out of things to vlog. i cannot believe this little nasty vlogged herself cleaning her ears AND talked all about christian's business. can't wait for next week's divacup insertion tutorial.

No. 952881

Want some tortilla with that cheese Baylee? Geez

No. 952932

>Cleaning her earwax for over 2 minutes
Why would she think this was good content for a vlog??

No. 952934

Since she vlogs nearly everything and the most inane and unnecessary things, I think we can safely assume she didn’t do anything or prepare anything. I stopped watching her vlogs cuz of vlarch and cuz it just wastes time, so I assume she hasn’t even taken the wacoms out of the boxes since getting them cuz of all the store stuff and her inability to multitask.

She claims she watches other artists, I know she at least watches Joy San cuz joy has shouted her out in the past, but she clearly doesn’t take anything away from them and she’s also asked people to recommend other vloggers who work from home and don’t do art. But other YT artists who do studio vlogs like katnipp take their businesses way more seriously than she does, they’re also usually operating patreons and shops and only do studio vlogs as a secondary and not primary thing. Baylee very clearly has problems multitasking and also doesnt clearly know exactly what her brand/business is, she just fell into YouTube and streaming early and got lucky, and her workplace is just a cluttered and dirty as her brain is.

Plus also she vlogs nearly every single day about nothing and all that editing takes time, like it’s kind of no wonder to me WHY she THINKS she’s busy cuz she’s constantly editing them and changing thumbnails, but she also isn’t that advanced of an editor either considering what she leaves in. Other studio vlogs from better artists rarely update? A lot are on a weekly or even bi-weekly schedule but you know they’re doing work or just keeping to their own private lives or have more content on patreon.

No. 952935

i am very glad that nothing came out of that ear or else she might've showed us that as well

No. 952937

Thanks bitch, you just gave me a falshback to her cyst

No. 952938

*i meant bi-monthly and not bi-weekly. Like I watch trickywagon’s vlogs and she probably only updates once a month. Katnipp’s used to be the same but I think her studio ones are almost weekly now and she stocks up her personal ones and spaces them out. She drinks in her personal ones and goes out with her friends too but she edits them enough to where it doesn’t feel as like awkward and intrusive as to when baylee just pulls the camera out on her friends

No. 952939

So let me get this right. She doesn't do art streams, because it ruins it for the videos, but shes vlogging the entire process of this art piece?

No. 952950

"Its ok to not be your most productive at a time like now" is something that is going around right now in some variation or another. But that reminder is more directed towards the idea that during a time like this you don't have to use it to learn another language or organize every room in your house, or take u a new skill/hobby, write a novel etc. I think there is a big pressure to come out of this quarantine with big major accomplishments, and that quote is meant to remind people that they don't need to do that, along with if you are use to going to work, its ok to feel a bit off/ a bit not as on task.
That quote is not directed at someone like BAYLEE. She works from home, her life now is almost EXACTLY the same as it was pre quarantine. So lacking the motivation that way…not an excuse for HER. Also we are not talking about her taking up 10 new hobbies, she just need to make ONE art piece everyweek….or even every 2 week….or even just every 3. She is just using this as another excuse to be LAZY, and its not new, this is not a NEW change, she has been lazy, she has BEEN "unmotivated" for probably over a year.

No one is asking her to write a new book, or learn to play guitar, people just expect her to every now and then do some ART…her JOB. Everyone else who is working from home still is expected to do their jobs. They still have to figure it out and keep themselves on track, and THEY are doing it in a NEW environment they are not use to.

She made a whole video about how "art block isnt real"…like ok…what YOUR excuse then? Lack of motivation/passion is usually what people mean by art block, and she was all high and mighty about how you just have to DO IT, and suck it up and push through. OK Bayleee…suck it up and push through.

No. 952957

does anyone know any good art vloggers? I USE to like watching Baylee, cause I like seeing how other artists spend their days, structure their time, etc. When I started watching her she was still at the studio, so while I was not the biggest fan of her actual art/style, it was interested in just seeing her daily process/routine, because she was a working artist who then did her own side work. In the past few years its just frustrating though. Because she just complains about everything, she never does anything really, she is very defensive. She seems to HATE being an art youtuber, she never wants to work to improve really….but then also acts like she knows everything about art and every process. Her days are 90% her just doing errands/"cleaning" and her playing video games. Im ok with seeing some of that stuff mixed in, but overall I do want to see an ART youtuber, do art and how they structure their day as an ARTIST…not…WHATEVER it has been. Like I don't want to see someone play animal crossing in a vlog, I would go watch a let's play if I wanted that, not an artist vlog.

No. 952964

yeah I much rather spoil the process in a stream than a vlog, like I would there are more people watching the vlog and art videos, than are watching the stream and art videos. And if you watch the streams, you then KNOW it will be an art stream, and thats much better content as a stream than as a random part of a vlog.

No. 952975

I would recommend Dina Norlund (she doesn’t vlog on her main channel anymore, but i’m pretty sure she has a vlog channel) and trickywagon. Watching them you can really tell just how much Baylee is lacking in terms of work ethic and skill/practice.

No. 952978

Trickywagon, Fran Meneses, and Katnipp are fun to watch

No. 952979

Lol same, I think I started watching baylee cuz I saw the markers and I liked marker studio tours of like MissKerrieJ (who seems to have disappeared? I hope she’s ok), never was a fan of her art tho. And baylee has gotten a lot worse, not just art style but complaining about her small problems while doing the least amount of work. I think I just stick around out of morbid curiosity now cuz she does the least amount of work but gets rewarded for doing so little while other artists who work hard don’t even get half as any attention as baylee does. Plus, other peers in artist alley circles are nice about her or she comes up every now and then and I’m really stunned as to why cuz she’s really just so mediocre.

I also like trickywagon and katnipp. I also like applecheeks and amii ceramics. Cheyenne Barton I like sometimes but she kind of gets a little too hipster twee cuz she’s also an actress on top of being an illustrator. More instructional but I also recommend Chris Hong especially in her big paintings she does all the work that baylee refuses to do like sketching and color studies, arleebean and James gurney for painting

No. 953021

I like to watch Katie Jobling, her art is more on the expressionism and abstract side though (she does oil and acrylic paintings) but her videos are really relaxing to watch. She has a couple of studio vlogs up but she is pregnant right now, so I don't know how consistent her uploading will be in the future.

I also found her because of MissKerrieJ. I never really liked Baylee's art to be honest, it's just that back in the days they weren't that many arttubers out there and her personality was so different back then. I did really like her vlogs in the beginning but really, when she stopped her work at the studio it slowly went down hill for me. Then they moved into that big house, she became more and more unrelatable after that, at least imo.

No. 953109


Ehhh I disagree with this statement a bit. I have worked from home for the past 7 years and a big chunk of my friends are online friends due to moving countries + gaming. I thought I'd be fine during this whole thing but I'm not. The advantage of working from home ( and for yourself ) is that you can leave your house whenever you want to and you can work whenever you want to. You can't do that anymore now. Even though I thought "I will be fine", I am still feeling the effects of that. On top of that, I also feel bad for feeling that way, because like you said this is not a big change for me. I am used to working at home, it's not a new environment. But yet, I still feel this way.

Add on the fact that we are having to stay home because there's a serious health risk… It's pretty normal to be stressed and not feel great because of that.

On the contrary, when she mentioned that I had to do a double take. I did not feel like she did anything less than what she normally does, so for her to go and say that.. I was like "lol, you are in such denial".

I said a few weeks ago that I'm just waiting for her to say she was art blocked or is art blocked. But she's never going to do that because she made that video.

No. 953253

No. 953287

I think thats fair, I do get that working from home even if you are used to it, during something huge like this, lack of freedom to leave if you wanted to, that does affect you. I think I was reacting more towards her using it as an excuse because of her patterns and lack of productivity/work… it's not NEW. It's not like all this happened and now it's affecting her in a way that is different from how she USUALLY is. If was really productive and doing a lot of work usually and then lockdown/quarantine was making that harder for her…OK, thats valid. But she is doing pretty much the same level of work/productivity she has been doing for at least the past few years. So to hear her talk about that it was like "ummmm so what was happening for the past two plus years then?" cause this pandemic has not been going on that long.

No. 953298

Why doesn't she close/lock the art room door when she's not there? She's gonna inadvertently kill her cats

No. 953308

25:28 So satisfying. She never learns.

No. 953345

Not at all. To me this is a different situation. Even though there are ways to prevent that, obviously, it still seems to be on a different level to leaving the door to her art room open

No. 953389

Wow she looked SO MUCH better in this video. Now she’s all frumpy and round and the shade of pink she chooses just doesn’t suit her. Even her skin looked loads better.

No. 953395

Chris Hong and Kloodwig are my favorites, plus they're actually really good artists.

No. 953693

it pains me when I see her wastiing those beautiful schmincke watercolour paints

No. 953748

No. 953778

Ooof. In the newest vlog talking about the expo "anyone who has booked flights and hotels to come see ME its all in shambles" God, self centered much?

No. 953782

Why is she so concerned with summer being busy? Galgary Expo would be the only convention she has planned so far (if she goes) and other than that it's only her yearly Disneyland trip.

No. 953851

Im sure there are people who do want to see her there…but I highly doubt thats the ONLY reason they are going to the con. Like I go to comic cons, but I have NEVER gone for one specific person, certainly not just someone in the artist alley. If people went specifically for HER, then at most they are locals to the convention, no one is flying out to go to a convention just to meet a mid-range art YouTuber, (maybe if she had a LOT of subscribers…but in comparison to others…she doesn't). I feel like its one thing to feel bad about how YOU cant go and meet people, but its deffinetly a little egotistical to think all these people bought flights out to go to a convention JUST for you. IF they are going to see her, they go, the buy something, they talk to her for MAYBE 10 mins (its not like she was doing panels)….they are not going to a whole convention just for that. They can order her art online.

No. 953877

I nearly lost it when she said she RECYCLED her imagine fx magazines! They’re so expensive! I can’t justify to buy them and wanted for so long. Could have given away to a library or her followers but she destroyed them…

No. 953879

ImagineFX tutorials are too high a skill level for Baylee to get any use of, so they may as well be trash to her. Too many anatomy studies, not enough googly-eyed anime girl lineart tutorials or sponsored art supply reviews.

No. 953880

MissKerrieJ's art is alright but she always struck me as an art supply hoarder/buying addict. I guess it's more tolerable because she's higher skill than other hoarders like Baylee and Holly and managed to work hard enough to get a good industry job. She's been really touch and go on social media and hasn't made a YT video in years. Last time she left suddenly it was because she was busy working. She definitely prioritized actual work over whatever Baylee's been doing for the last decade.

No. 953888

eh, I personally wouldnt have gotten rid of them (I mean in comparison to ALL the other stuff she hoards/takes up space, those magazines were pretty minor). With the subscription they are about $12 or so. They are just magazines, so I don't think it's awful to get rid of them but does seem a bit like a waste. They are primarily for digital art….which she really doesn't do aside from small/low detail stuff so they were wasted on her. But they also were barely taking up space (comparatively) so I would have just held onto them, she SAYS she wants to do some animation, they have tons of animation stuff in them. I DOUBT we see her do any actual animation this year. I think at most she might do some quick gif or something super simple like puppet animation….and its going to take her like 4 weeks.

No. 953894

Last time I checked the subscription price was like $27 or something. Either way she gets rid of the wrong items

No. 953920

For the YEAR, the subscription is like a bit over $150, you get them each month so 12 months, so comes down to about $13 an issue…not that expensive.

No. 953939

I just don't get WHAT Baylee is trying to do or be anymore. She has currently said she hates the filming and doing art with the intention of a video….but she ALSO doesn't do any art EXCEPT for to have a video, and with her new schedule (which is a LACK of schedule) she isn't on any tight deadlines to pump out work, she has the TIME. She never sketches outside of a piece for a video, she doesn't do any art outside of video stuff (or stuff like business cards/pins). She also vlogs all the time. So I don't get how she can say the FILMING is what she hates. She seems to hate doing the ART if anything. Like I would imagine if she really hated doing the filming…well one why be a YouTuber (you can be a successful artist outside of youtube), but then also you would think she would film less overall (like why vlog if you hate filming), you would think she would have a lot more side projects that were not on camera (like a book or coloring book etc), but she doesn't have any of that, she doesn't do art outside of when she really "has" to.

No. 954039

I think a part of why she films so much though is because she's lonely. She has no one to talk to so might as well talk to a camera. Even when Christian was working, shed talk about bringing a game or her iPad to the couch to watch TV with him, instead of talking to him. I know we don't see a lot, but what we do see is not a lot of conversation between them when she clearly needs that interaction

No. 954063


Don't understand why filming the art video is such a chore for her. She doesn't has to set up anything, since she has a permanent set up anyways. So it's really just pressing a button and start drawing.

She really seems lonely and honestly a bit depressed too. No wonder, she and christian seem to have rather minimal conversation (at least what we see), she doesn't seem to have any actual friends and she rarely leaves the house even before the virus. The times she does leaves it it's for groceries or to run to the post office. That her house is a huge mess probably doesn't help either. It stresses me out just seeing it in the vlogs.

No. 954098


Same. She's just delusional about this. If she doesn't like filming herself drawing then she would still have stuff to show that she didn't film. But she doesn't. I imagine she had the mindset of needing to film everything she draws and that caused her to eventually only draw for a video. If that's the case though, she is not making any effort to reset her midnset with that. She's just stopped making as many videos, that's it. Girl needs to sort that out.

And yet again, she is cleaning and reorganising her art room to make an art room tour. Anyone else feel like it's really dishonest to make a roomtour when you change stuff up like crazy for it?

No. 954548

She has the mindset that she has to film EVERYTHING like I bet she’s bulletproof enough now that her stans would be fine if she took breaks or something but yeah vlogging is her crutch in that she has no real friends and doesn’t know how to socially interact with people. If she planned our her main channel videos instead of vlogging and editing so many vlogs for no reason, she wouldn’t be scrambling and dreading actually doing her “job”, but yeah agreed she has too many bad habits that she doesn’t want to fix. She’s looking for every excuse to not post any main videos when other art tubers like kasey and waffles post regularly, like I’m not gonna be surprised if she gives up completely and does “studio vlogs” instead of art videos within the next couple months.

Her art room and various tour videos are really just cop outs to actually having to plan and make videos, like it’s definitely dishonest and just plain lazy. Plus the room isn’t really getting clean, her whole house is a dump and she’s just relocating the mess to the other like four rooms.

No. 954585

She did one once, it was meh.
It was a bit better than her usual vlogs, since it was less rambling, but compared to other studio vlogs it was boring, with little effort and she didn't even really seem to enjoy it. I think it was also only a day instead of her filming like a week and then pick the best parts for a vlog instead.

No. 954739


If she would do more products and some serious art I guess most of her followers wouldn't mind if she would only vlog once a week or twice a month. Just bury your art channel Bayls and get your ass in the chair for a serious online store.

No. 954908

I went on her channel to see when the last time she even uploaded. I noticed that a bunch of her playlist have random video from a random artist. What's up with that?

No. 954940

She’s done a couple similar ones before I think? The basement studio before it flooded but she also did the “warehouse”/shipping center and one where she went through all of her books? And others where she went through the art supplies but honestly they’re all so samey and boring that they blur together and I don’t remember what was vlog and what was main channel.

No. 954955

It looks like maybe she was adding stuff to her own personal playlists but just mistakenly put them in ones on her main channel

No. 954978

She did one official one on her main channel, then she did stuff like warehouse tour and her art book collection, I wouldn't call those studio vlogs but they were boring nonetheless.
It's just as you say, everything is boring with her and the same. I mean most of her vlogs are just her rambling in her studio. Still wonder when she starts working on all those long projects.

No. 955214

File: 1586213566343.png (696.46 KB, 658x622, makeup.PNG)

Someone needs to tell Baylee to get foundation that matches her skin tone. The shade makes her look sickly

No. 955371

Why she eating on a dirty towel. Am I just weird and is that normal for some

No. 955485

Her art is always so bland and meaningless

No. 955600

she worked so much on those leaves and they still look like shit.

No. 955602

The gold paint parts look like she accidentally spilled/smudged on it

No. 955606

it started off quite promising, her preparing the masking decals and actually putting some effort into her art.
But there's something wrong with the cats or the way she lined them - and I was soo disappointed how little effort she put into the leaves when and after she peeled them up. It looked really good imo after the first wash.

But I guess that was the promising art for this year, get to wait until 2021 for her to produce something reaching that level again, on her rate.

No. 955630

She really sees dick shapes everywhere. Also Baylee PLEASE learn some basic perspective rules, this composition makes no sense and isnt pleasing to look at

No. 955771

I liked the line art of the cats but the way she coloured them makes them look like deformed lumps.

No. 955785

Promising start but it looks kinda bland in the end. The cat in the middle has an ugly face. I wish she would have thought a bit more about creating a nice atmosphere in the drawing. I don't know how to explain it but you got these jungle-ish leaves in the foreground and then some fantasy flowers and mushroom and then just regular housecats and some basic ass shading and coloring. She could have created a nice fantasy vibe for this one but it feels like she started off good, prepping and testing for the leaves but then she just kinda got lazy and was whatever.

No. 955797

yeah.. i literally see no phallic shapes in her art ever and somehow she makes such a big deal of talking about it for like 5 minutes; baylee, freaking get a dildo and let go of that sexual frustration..

No. 955809

No I don't want to see her used sextoys in her vlogs.
And I'm sure they'd be included sooner or later - as everything is.

No. 955816

File: 1586336699860.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2118, 20200408_020346.jpg)

The face of this cat is enough to give you nightmares.

No. 955825

Wow I did not expect this from Baylee - I thought for sure it'd be some cutesy comic cat thing. It looks creepy af though, kinda like the horror version of that cat doll from Sabrina lol

No. 955903

I agree I think this is better than some of her past art, and I did decently like the line art. I think the border is nice, although i think she (and to be fair a lot of people do this too) forgets that as things go into the background they actually get lighter not darker, things are more vibrant and brighter up close and as you descend (like into a forest for example), perspiective and distance, all the air inbetween, desaturates and makes things lighter. So it doesn't really make sense for all the leaves behind the front ones to be dark, some shadowns sure, but overall they should be a bit lighter. I like the border in general though, but the middle just seems like more MEH, the gold didnt elevate the piece it flattened it, and while the border was nicely stylized, the middle just seem off

No. 955945

I think her food choices, at their BASE, are actually generally good. Like she had chicken, spinach and rice, thats a generally healthy meal. But she adds sooo much stuff to it to the point where its no longer healthy. Like what is the point of including veggies to be healthy if you coat them in so much stuff that they are now junk food. Like spinach…good. Spinach covered in bacon and cheese etc, now its no longer healthy.

No. 956024


I'd say it depends on the lightning situation or the mood one's going for. Like a creepy or dense forest, or at night, usually gets darker the deeper it gets.

No. 956033

No. 956793

how any of you can get beyond that horrible cat face right smack in the middle is beyond me.

I’ll give her props for it being ‘different’ from what she usually does but that’s where my praise ends. It’s still a boring ass piece.

No. 956875

File: 1586550294828.png (70.66 KB, 180x189, cat.PNG)

No. 956878

in that blurry zoomed-up picture it actually looks quite nice.
A bit like a mixture of toothless and a mentally challenged panther, but the fragments improve the cat head drastically.
Never thought that a bad quality picture could improve art that way.

No. 956972

I think the general consensus is that it's pretty horrifying and all around unpleasant to look at. It'll be interesting how the sales of the print will go in her next launch

No. 956999

No. 957018

And her dumb fuck stans will lap it up as usual. In fact if Baylee took a shit and smeared it on a piece of paper and sold it as a print they'd still buy it.

No. 957064

Yeah exactly, no matter what her art looks like, her stans will buy it anyway, it’s really why she’s so shielded from improving her art or progressing in any meaningful way. She lives in a hugbox and is doomed to never fail, if her stans won’t buy the bullshit she makes (and they never will stop since they’re the same kinds of immature grown children as her) she has her husband and family to bail her out as they always have.

No. 957077

Looks like something out of the Cats movie.

No. 957156

She had art as her job for years now and still can't draw.

Oh look she's being unproductive again. Shocking. Honestly I'm so salty that she got not just one but two Wacom Tablet for free, one being a portable one and yet she hasn't done shit with it. She is all talk about those oh so big projects she wants to do but she hasn't done anything for that yet.

No. 957177

Wtf why is that "pineapple" she drew glossy… maximum laziness.

No. 957202

I hate how all these youtube artists are mostly traditional yet wacom keeps sending them a shit ton of tablets

No. 957260

Wacom is desperate for people to think they’re relevant again since a ton of artists who normally worked on Wacom products have switched to iPads or cheaper alternatives. I’m willing to bet she is supposed to make a video for them, cuz if they sent them to her without a contract that’s their own stupid fault, but it’s baylee so we know she’s gonna wait until last minute to do anything

No. 957270

They sent her not one but two tablets! Not sure if she reviewed either of them though

No. 957294

Well she got her iPad Pro two years ago and has only used it like 3 times, which is beyond frustrating. She has SO many mobile and professional screen tablets but she doesn’t draw at all.

No. 957387

Yup, probably some marketer down in Wacom saw that she has an audience on YouTube and twitch and gave her them expecting she’d be like any other art tubers and do work but obviously does not know who baylee is and that money was flushed down the toilet

No. 957474

I think she did a short review for the cintiq one when she made that toon me challenge with her subscribers. I can't remember her doing one for the mobile studio one. I only remember her using it once and that was on the day she got it. She also doesn't seem to have uploaded anything on Twitter or Instagram.
You'd think if she wants to get back into animation she would practice a little and might share bits and pieces of that.

No. 957489

I bought a Wacom tablet after years of saving, right before I saw her video of getting two for free and it really bothered me that she acted so nonchalant about it. Like bitch, one of those is a 3.500$ tablet?? And she uses it as a 2nd monitor to watch shit on? Ungrateful and spoiled…

No. 957534

Didn't she say she wasn't even doing that anymore because it wouldn't work properly? Or am I confusing that with a laptop?

No. 957615

If I remember correctly she was going to use it for her twitch chat but it didn’t work or some shit like that. Either way she parades that she got them and then they’re tossed the the side for the next thing.

No. 957648

Yes, it wasn't working for Twitch (I think she couldn't have it square or something?) so she uses her laptop (which is a really nice one too) instead.
I think all she said was that she isn't sure what to do with the cintiq one and that she might gives it to a friend.

Baylee is a great example how good and expensive art supplies don't make a good artist. She owns an ipad, several wacom tablets (two cintiqs, one mobile studio), a lot of copic markers, finetec colors, a Schmincke watercolor set (and it's not a small set), etc and yet her art is bland and a really low level.

No. 957691

She also got these expensive oil paints and yet STILL no oil painting in sight

She needs to have a better schedule and to be more accountable of her time, her lack of productivity is getting really pathetic. She has all these high quality supplies and yet she only manages to produce one mediocre art piece a week/couple of weeks. The worst part is, we know she’s not gonna improve (as it is right now anyway) because her skill level has been stagnant for years now and shows no sign of progress. I find it so frustrating to watch!

No. 957720


Didn't she ask Wacom if she could get that one as well? Or did she ask for the other one? Either way, it stings a little to see that she gets two free tablets and is going to end up giving it to a friend because she doesn't know what to do with one of them. Maybe, just maybe, don't accept it then?

On a side note, Kattvalk released a video yesterday and the art is like… Baylee's art but better. She mentions it in the video and says she wasn't thinking of baylee's piece when she came up with it but that "it might have been in the back of her mind while she came up with this."

I don't really know Kattvalk, I just watch her videos randomly so I don't know if she would be the kind of person to just flex that she can do better?

No. 957739

Yeah they were just going to send her one but she demanded they send her the other one too and they obliged for some reason.

No. 957752

I also watch Kattvalk occasionally too cuz I was looking for more reviews on some color pencil sets and the art is only similar in that it’s a forest and uses green, the thumbnail and theming in general looks more like a Waffles video tbqh. She doesn’t seem like a person who would flex but Kat is a much better artist and draftsman than baylee in general.

No. 957818

The only person worse than baylee is raedizzle

No. 957833

lol I think Rae now edges out baylee cuz rae at least uses reference. Like she uses it wrong and she also needs more schooling cuz her basics are incredibly off like baylee but yeah baylee doesn’t use reference unless she has to and relying on your visual library when it’s all just like copying from Disney books and cartoony bullshit is why her shit is so weak and off sometimes

No. 957948

I had completely forgotten about the oil paints, but yeah she had a bunch of really expensive ones (I think it was Gambling?) and did like 2 oil paintings with them.

Despite drawing for years now as a job, Baylee still is on a beginners level. Not just because of her skills but also because she has no idea of doing art. She rarely uses reference and when she does she doesn't know how to use them. All she did for "improvement" was badly copying artwork from her art of books and calling that studies.

She also has this mindset of "It's a cartoon style so it doesn't need to be realistic", but the thing is learning some realism really improves your art no matter what style you draw in. She is just staying in her little bubble, always doing the same bland and rushed thing.

No. 958048

Yeah but rae just copies the reference, the only thing she would add would be paint drip thing, she has videos where she tried to draw something from her imagination and it looks like dogshit

I feel like Baylee would benefit from using references and rae would benefit from drawing from imagination

No. 958500

I think she did one? I only remember the bakery one cuz it was a ripoff of like Elsa/tiana’s face from Disney but I haven’t followed if she did another one like years prior. Plus doesn’t she sell the digital drawing of it? She uses oil paints like a paint by numbers kit, that’s probably why she hasn’t done one because she can’t be arsed to do any new art for one. Like if you watch other artists more accomplished in painting like Proko or Chris Hong, they’ll do a color study but only go to full detail in the final but baylee barely does sketches or thumbnails, it was confusing why she basically redid art twice for that one. Like you might as well do a diamond painting again.

I think she’s never going to do another oil or another posca drawing or anything that takes more time than watercolors or copics. They take way longer to do and she has no interest prepping or taking her time on her art, she actively hates working on stuff for YouTube so she really should just transition to doing fuck all on streaming

No. 958533

She did that Spongebob one (the one for the zine) after the bakery one.

Her art would already improve if she would just take a bit more time for prepping it. Color swatches, searching for references, doing sketches… She always gets one idea, sketches that one out, lines it and then colors it.

No. 958535

I thought the zine-painting was before bakery, but it was also already in the upstairs-artroom, so I might be wrong as well.

No. 958991

You'd think she'd know about the non-refund through family and friends on paypal..honestly. I feel like this is going to end up in a video, "i got scammed by a pin company"

No. 959061

No. 959083

Nitpicky but when she let Kiki dig around the package from her fan, I felt really uncomfortable… Kiki could already be munching on who knows what, since Baylee let her in without even checking what is in the package.

No. 959103

It’s a very amateurish way of working on artwork as someone who could be called a “professional”. Many artists are pretty open with their processes nowadays so there’s a ton that show their sketches and studies. It isn’t wrong per se, but doing all the prep work before something also just makes the process easier and look better at the end since you’re experimenting and making choices that you don’t have to fuck up something at the end. But she admittedly dreads doing the videos and final cuz she just rushes it out, she knows she can do better but she doesn’t want to put the legwork in.

She’s an IDIOT for doing so, especially since it’s a new company she’s using so they could fuck up the entire order of pins and she would have no way of getting her money back. Everyone on any pin manufacturer review group would say stay away so yeah wow, PayPal fees are like 3% and that’s for the insurance. What a dope

No. 959471

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if her cats already ate stuff that isn't good for them. Didn't Kiki almost ate some diamonds from her first diamond painting? She's also so messy and leaves her artroom open all the time.

No. 959591

She would have, she walked out, leaving everything on the table and the door open. She even included it in the vlog that Kiki had jumped up and was messing with it because lol cute kitty being cute

No. 959596

Something that actually deeply annoys me when she's filming art videos is when she's explaining the 'story', she explains what she can about the visuals and then goes, "now what exactly is their intention? I don't know, that's up to your interpretation". Like she's too lazy to even come up with a story. It doesn't have to mean anything, I don't expect anything groundbreaking, but give us SOME creativity or don't mention the 'story's at all

No. 959716

Did she buy 10,000 subscribers, or is social blade completely inaccurate (again or still)? It shows her having no subscriber gain then all of a sudden a 10k jump with no explanation.

No. 959823

We've been speculating that she buys subscribers for a while now, this kind of spike is nothing new.

No. 959955


Youtube changed something about the subcount and now Socialblade only shows it going up in jumps like that. Socialblade has never been super accurate anyway.

It's kind of hard to know if she buys subs or not. If she has, she's bought them in very small increments so it's not very obvious.

Personally I'm choosing to believe that she hasn't done that. But if she has then I wouldn't be surprised either.

No. 959962

No. 960001

Yeah that's why her paintings are pretty bad because there is no function/intentions in any of the design choices. No research, designing, thumbnails, etc

No. 960152

Oh it was extremely blatant back when social blade showed a live count of subs and we did a good job of tracking it here. She hadn't uploaded in like two weeks and one day her subs shot up in the thousands for no reason at all.

She was doing a 1 Million subscriber live stream with a live counter of subs in the corner and at one point the sub count just dropped substantially suddenly and she just laughed it off and said something like oh it just her friends all unsubbing as a joke but you could see the panic in her face and it was extremely awkward viewing as she knew the jig was up. Youtube actively deletes these fake accounts and that was what happened there and she knew it.

No. 960285

I tin hat that if she wasn’t buying them herself, then it’s someone by proxy or even one of her stans since they can be A Lot and are the kinds of people to baby her. She has a very high sub count for someone who’s engagement on most social media is not very much and who’s upload schedule is erratic and uneven, her videos rarely crack six digits and yet she has more subs than like Kasey, who is just more consistent overall and who’s videos regularly are in the six digits of views. But baylee’s stream audience is very insular and stannish about her, so it would not surprise me with some of her long standing stans would do something. But yeah she’s pretty guilty of sub spoofing

No. 960690

As am artist, myself, not all my art "means" something or has some story, but I wouldn't just go explain it like "eh its just a cute girl it's up to your interpretation", like all my work as some concept to it even if its me just wanting to play around with certain colors, Im still going with a theme/concept. Its doesn't have to be deep or anything, but overall you really shouldn't just present your work with "I don't know its up to you", that just brings down your piece. Same as you wouldn't just go into a job interview and be like "yeah I don't know" how you present yourself matters a lot, and it impacts how people perceive you and the work you do.

No. 960693

I use to like her vlogs…then I started to really dislike them BUT I still was watching (not entirely sure why), but NOW I skip through them so much, like they are just boring or its her playing a video game, like I don't want to see content from a live stream thrown in unless its interesting, she has done that a few time now where its like 10 mins of her just playing animals crossing and its so boring. Animal Crossing is the kind of game that Im sure to PLAY is fun and its fun to change around things etc…but to WATCH, its sooo boring.

No. 960708

She talks about not relying on youtube a lot, she also at least in the past, has talked about diversifying her income. I feel like while those are somewhat true its kind of like yeah your tree has many branches to produce fruit….but its all still on the same tree coming from the same roots (youtube). If you really want to be diversified in your income and not rely on youtube, you actually have to have things independently sufficient. I don't think she has ANYTHING that is truly independent successful without youtube, and I don't think she realizes that. She has her store…..which has I would same ALL its traffic from youtube followers, same with Twitch and everything else. So in that, she really doesnt have much outside of youtube, she just has off shoots that help increase her youtube revenue, but they do not replace youtube becuase youtube is stll the initial source of income that supports those, even if monetarily directly youtube pays the least. Like she may make the LEAST from ad sense, but she is not going to get a sponsorship with out her channel. So if her channel tanks, so does EVERYTHING. She may have some remaining followers that follow to Twitch and that buy from her store, but no one just happened to follow her and Twitch who did also follow her on youtube.

No. 960744

I wish she'd get pregnant (clock's ticking Bayls) and fuck off however I have a suspicion that one of them has an issue down there. But then again she can barely look after herself and she can't even raise cats properly, one is morbidly obese and the other just runs riot so I hate to think what kind of mother she'd be. She said she wouldn't but I can already see her vlog channel changed to your typical mommy/family vlogger since she is fan of that shit and that would be way more insufferable than anything she is doing right now.

No. 960826

The food she makes always look so disgusting. It could be because of our difference in culture but idk, everything i see her cook just seem… bad (both taste and health wise)

No. 960838

She has to cover everything in a mountain of cheese and ketchup and other sauces. It's not normal. What's the point of working out if shes only going to eat a block of cheese for every meal.

No. 960919

I don't get the impression she WANTS kids…at least not in the near future. Like I remember in the past before they got married she did talk about it once or twice, and then after she mentions something about how they talked about it and decided they didn't want to right away…but its been a while now. I don't know that either of them can or cant, but I dont think they are trying, they seem super content with their lives and a bit selfish in that they dont really want that to change, they like their life style and their life style would need to change a decent amount with kids. Baylee also doesn't seem to have any baby fever, she doesnt say a lot, but overall I get that she isnt around and doesnt necessarily LOVE kids. She is in her mid 30s? early 30s? idk, but I feel like most people I know her age who are also married either have kids, are trying to have kids, or talk about it a lot and have plans OR they have decided they DON'T want kids. Baylee doesnt seem to have moved in ANY direction, she doesnt seem to have decided anything, which at her age, you dont need to have kids…but you should know what you want becuase if you DO time is ticking

No. 960920

I can't imagine her having a child, she seems to be too much of a child HERSELF.

No. 961007

I'm the same age as Baylee (29) and I still don't know if I want kids or not, neither does my friend who's 33. It's not as though you HAVE to decide whether you want children or not by the time your 30. Life events happen or you haven't met the right person to even consider it. From what I have seen of Baylee I think she's just not ready yet to have children but does want them in the future which is perfectly fine. Maybe in a couple of years she'll want to start trying, maybe not, who knows. If she doesn't know then that's fine too.

No. 961067

I agree. She's been to a couple of babyshowers recently and that tends to kickstart baby fever in people who really want kids, but she's the same as ever. If either of them have fertility issues, I think they've long come to terms with it and are okay not having kids.

No. 961104

it honestly depends, i mean, i know so many people who are 30 who are focusing on their career and their hobbies rathen than have kids. and this is the path most of humanity is taking nowadays. there's no rule and no clock that's ticking, that's just the pressure that society puts on women

No. 961120

I think Baylee just likes her current lifestyle too much. A kid would mean she'll have to prioritize a lot more, no more 12 hour shiny hunting.
A child would probably be the end for her art channel and most likely even her store. She has troubles keeping up with stuff as it is and with a kid to take care of, it would be even harder. Vlogging though I could see her continuing with that, if only so she'd have something to talk too.

No. 961129

She’s mentioned in past recent vlogs about having a kid and working her schedule around a kid. Plus having a six bedroom house in one of the most expensive cities in North America is pretty excessive, she’s wanted them and past vlogs she used to talk about trying for them but like everything she does, she hasn’t planned shit to do anything about that and doesn’t seem to go to the doctor for anything but cosmetic reasons like the cysts on her head

No. 961140

I'm pretty sure it was mentioned that she was off the pill, and that they weren't doing anything to prevent pregnancy, that's as good as trying as far as I'm concerned, but their lifestyles could also be affecting their fertility. But, if I am remembering it correctly, this was ages ago. Things could have changed, but if it's still the same, they're as good as trying

No. 961141

A bit of a nitpick I guess but when you launch a store and you have too many pin designs to have them all for each store launch..why would you pick your two Christmas designs? Wouldn't that be smarter for a launch closer to Christmas?

No. 961150

That was probably a couple of years ago now since she's said that. It is possible they changed their minds and are not ready yet. She hasn't spoken about it in a long time so who knows what's going on and we don't need to know since it's a very personal thing.

No. 961155


Baylee is part of the crowd who got lucky with YouTube, so she doesn't know anything about marketing yourself.

These days instagram and Twitter are great platforms for artists, if you use them properly. She already has an audience, if she just spend some time getting a system in place and up her instagram game she could get a ton more followers from there.

There's other artists who only use instagram to post a quick story about their new youtube video and that's it. That doesn't reach new followers, you are only reaching followers you already have, who most likely will already have seen your video.

As a result, she does rely solely on her youtube audience. Starting her store has been great for her for sure. But she isn't doing anything to reach new people.

No. 961156

She'd pivot to being a mommy vlogger. She'd probably be successful too because she has no filter or sense of privacy, and the mommy vlog audience loves people who talk about poopy diaper disasters.

No. 961489


Sage for nothing new:

I am dumbfounded on how long she has been doing product and still forgets simple things like 'branding' and then makes it 10X's more involved than it needs to be because she's a poor planner but gets a 'rush' off of feeling productive.

'Maybe I'm giving myself extra work for no reason' you are SO CLOSE to a realization LazyJae.

I am all for testing with your product, trying new things, etc. But she is so stubborn/ignorant/flippant(?) about the most basic stuff that she should KNOW by now because it's her job, but no, wait until after the tape is printed to even consider branding the tape.

No. 961627


Just great to see her spend hours trying to get her Cricut to cut simple rectangles and then it doesn't work and she gives up.

She makes enough profit to buy the bit more expensive washi tapes that come with a label sticker and everything.

No. 961966

She owns a guillotine cutter, like that’s way easier than programming the cricut to cut a shape you can easily cut out yourself. She never thinks things through even tho she’s constantly talking about how she works, like she has no critical thinking skills.

And yeah absolutely she could afford the factory to label them, it’s not that much more especially if you buy them shrink wrapped plus artist washi ranges in price from cheap to like 12$ a roll, like if she worked her expenses out then she wouldn’t waste time. She’s very guilty of being one of those artists who don’t factor their time and labor into their final products, she likes to give herself busywork when like it’s more cost effective to pay someone else to do it like labeling her products or pin grading. But she does this too so she can procrastinate from doing art for art videos, this is her cycle

No. 962603

I mean she did say she didn't want them cut out fully to make it easier to peel, but at the same time it's frustrating watching her have the same issues with it over and over again. I don't get how she still hasn't figured out the right settings, or just sat down and kept trying until it worked. Surely it can't be that hard

No. 962760

Ugh. That's the only way I can describe her vlogs. Ugh

No. 962764

I really dont understand why she has Christmas pins, MAYBE she is just keeping them really in stock for the future, but she doesn't usually plan that far in advance and even if she did, Christmas is like 8 months away! We have not hit summer yet.

No. 962766

I'm always surprised she doesn't use Instagram that much. Like that's basically most artists MAIN social media, its also the way most artists attract new people, thats how I have found most of the artists I like, and now that I think of it, I have bought a number of things (brush packs, artist books, merch) from those artist too, which I have never done for youtube artists. You would think that would be an amazing platform to advertise to new people, get NEW sales. BUT she also doesnt really put out much new ART anyway. Im really curious how many people who buy her stuff are NEW. Like my perception is thats its all people who have been subscribed for a while, people who follow her on twitch etc. I dont know that many/if any are super new, and I really dont think anyone just stumbled across her stuff and decided to buy. So if Im right….she must be getting close to exhausting her audience right? Like her big fans there is only so many prints and pins you are going to buy, with washi tape thats new, and you can also run out of washi tape so you would get more repeat customers for that. But ultimately I feel like there cant be THAT many more people who want to buy some of those pin designs like once you have MAX 2, you are not going and buying more of the same pin (and she doesnt come out with new ones very often)

No. 962773

That's pretty much how it is. That's why it's a bit weird when she talks about not relying on YT anymore. YT is still her main thing, it's where most (if not all) her followers on other platforms are from and it's where she gets her buyers from too.
I do get the feeling that she is trying to be more active on Instagram though, it's just if you don't draw much, there isn't much to upload. She is also just bad in keeping up with things like that. She gets into these moods where she puts up schedules and tries for a bit but it always fails after a few days or weeks.
She got very lucky with her channel, but I feel like she never truly made the switch in her head to it being professional now. She treats it more like a hobby, which is probably why she often seems so amateurish despite doing this for years now (like not considering branding on her Washi Tape, not doing her research, not planning out things like packaging). Plus that she has no sense of marketing at all.

No. 962787

She wants to be like Katnipp so much but she's out of touch on what it takes to run a brand or be a professional

It makes me very salty seeing her sell 100s of pins in one launch just to spend it all on ugly overpriced Disney merch instead of investing more into her business or hire a part-time assistant, but no she's going to turn 30 this year and she's going to remain being a woman-child

No. 962799

lol at her saying she isn't going anywhere because of lockdown. She doesn't go anywhere anyway. Her lifestyle hasn't changed hardly at all aside from not having the weird drunken friends parties.

No. 962832

She was whiny when other people asked her about hiring an assistant which is fine, it’s her home even tho like, if they used it smarter their basement unit could become a “workspace” since it has an entrance, but yeah instead of spending it all on Disney crap that does nothing, investing it in solutions that would reduce the amount of busywork she has to do would have been the smartest decision. Like pin grading and backing, that shit takes her WEEKS to do but if she paid more and got pins made through manus or middlemen that did all that shit for you, then the store prep would be greatly reduced. But yeah, she treats this as a small time hobbyist and she thinks the busywork is productive when like, in the long run it would make more money. However due to her being stupid on taxes, I don’t even think she budgets or does her own accounting other than buying things and doing simple math to even predict her business going more than a couple months.

I honestly believe she & Christian are stupid and privileged enough to somehow be stupid about the lockdown orders, like having people over to celebrate something before quarantine is lifted

No. 962966

If I didn't know better, I'd swear Christian was retarded. When you hear him speak or sing in the vlogs he just does not sound natural at all. He sounds awkward and speaks and sings in that annoying baby voice and stutters a lot. Very odd.

No. 962986


Stuttering has nothing to with intelligence. I think he is brighter than Baylee. Although I think they're both just normal, lazy white people.

No. 963375

Huh, I also think he sounds weird sometimes but I just assumed French was his first language. Does anyone know if his family is French Canadian?

No. 963447

I don't usually post her videos to the thread so apologies if I did this wrong :D(:D)

No. 963481

Omg no she literally let kiki sit in the tub with her pins. Like full ass in the pins. And is filming it like LOL SEW CUUUUTEE

No. 963554

That is a heavy dinner. It was looking promising initially and then she added all the cheese and the quantities were huge.

No. 963623

My thoughts exactly, i saw how good it looked and then though "how is she going to make this less healthy?"

No. 963946

She just can't keep her cats away from her crap. I get she loves them and it's nice having your pets around you, but she just lets them go anywhere all the time. Especially Kiki is up on tables, chewing and playing on stuff so often.

No. 963974

She let Kiki scratch her cardboard boxes, too. She shouldn't be letting the cats into her warehouse if that's the kind of stuff they do in there. I was shocked that she just let Kiki sit on those pins! Just get another empty box for her to sit in… Don't let her sit on the actual pins? Seriously how can anyone buy from her knowing that these pins aren't gna get cleaned before she sells them…

No. 963981

That's why I'd never buy from Baylee, even if I loved her art. Seeing her dirty ass room and the cats up in everything is just gross. I'd rather not get cat hair with my order.

Reminds me of when I was a kid and my cat sat on my drawing, and left a nice asshole sized poop stain right on it. It's just not a good idea to let your pets sit on important stuff, period.

No. 964545

For me it was when she filmed Kiki's vomit that was in the warehouse, next to the packaging and stuff. A couple vlogs ago she also said how they keep the guestroom closed because Midna pooped on the bed several times, so who knows where else they poop and vomit.

I also think it's a bit of a safety risk for her cats, especially the art room. Doesn't help that Bayls leaves her messes laying around for days. Maybe I'm just too anxious for things like that

No. 964548

Kiki has knocked over stacks of boxes. I think they were folded so it probably wasn't that bad, but imagine if it was a few stacks of the unfolded ones. And then there was that chocolate she dropped in an area she probably can't vacuum or keep clean and dust/fur/whatever else free, that she kept eating, and who knows might have even missed some of the eggs. Someone made the argument that it's impossible for a cat owner to keep the fur away from a product, but it's not really that hard. If she actually cared enough she could keep them away and keep the area clean and as uncontaminated as possible, but she clearly doesn't

No. 964561

File: 1587715988675.jpeg (269.31 KB, 828x1106, 889B0987-DB48-41B5-A299-6FFA98…)

No. 964562

She’s actually using her paints…. shocking

No. 964585

That's probably from subscriber's box. She showed the box in one of the vlogs

No. 964660

Right she was working on that for a new video, and here I thought she actually just did something extra because she wanted to draw. Silly me.

No. 964813

File: 1587769070268.png (3.43 MB, 1440x952, PIn.PNG)

I hate seeing her order enamel pins
She only spends like half a day designing and making them and her audience eats that shit up

She doesn't seem to work on anything longer than a day unless it's a traditional piece cause it takes longer to dry

It's sad that she only makes things soley for content

No. 964842

Yeah it was the argument when she showed that Kiki had somehow gotten herself into the box full of paper shreds and was either playing or sleeping in it without her noticing. And she might have been eating them too. But it’s not that hard to keep a door closed and keep the cats out of there especially if you’re concerned about cat hair being in the packages. But she’s already negligent and lazy, she isn’t going to take action unless one of the cats seriously hurts themselves

No. 964846

Why can't she keep her damn tongue in her mouth

No. 964931

she used that ugly ass cat art for her thank you card?

No. 964959

She had to make changes twice to meet the printer's requirements for her stickersheets? Oh God she's one of those nightmare customers who can't be bothered to read up on the guidelines before making a design…

No. 964961


The faces she makes in her thumbnails are some of the most appalling faces I've seen, like yuck
She prolly thinks shes being cute

No. 964972

oh god that tongue thing she did in the video was disgusting/creepy

No. 964978

She still has the 2020 balloons in the kitchen…

No. 965259

Someone commented this on a recent video and she said she isn't going to take them down as it's still 2020 and she's become attached to them

No. 965354

They’re probably dusty and oily af since it seems like she barely does any cleaning and barely does the dishes. Yet another lazyee Jae move

No. 965470

not trying to play devil's advocate, but these types of letter balloons are a huge pollution factor, in the way that ppl buy them and chuck them in the trash the next day; at least she's getting a much longer use of them

No. 965534

She could have cut the numbers from paper
Made her own decorations and all that, I mean, she's an artist after all

No. 965693


To what end though? It's not like she's reducing pollution by holding on to them. She isn't keeping them to get more use out of them and reduce waste. The length of time she kept them isn't going to make them any better for the environment when she finally does throw them away.

No. 965708

well - there's the slight chance they are still there end of the year and she only has to replace the last digit instead of the whole number.
But as it's Baylee she will probably replace the whole thing then.

No. 965797

She will definitely replace the whole thing because it'll need a new 'aesthetic' for the new year

No. 965827

Honestly I think she’ll replace it once lockdown ends and her friends use her house for a corona party since they only use her house. She and Christian seem the type to throw one of those early parties where a bunch of people will get infected anyway cuz of all the drinking

No. 965862

No. 965872

Kek she loves Christian so much that his birthday is only three days away and she hasn’t got him fuck all so finally buys something online full well knowing it’s going to arrive after his birthday so might as well not buy anything. What a bitch. My partners birthday is two weeks away and I’m fully prepared as I planned ahead. She’s clueless and doesn’t give a fuck about anyone other than herself.

No. 965876


I can't understand why she would wait so long. I'm not questioning their relationship, but I am questioning how she can be lazy and thoughtless enough to wait until it's too late. She spends all day on the computer for dolls and store prep. She ordered Christmas pins for fuck sake, but she couldn't think ahead enough for her husband's birthday. I'll never be able to make sense of the way her mind works.

No. 965881

I don't know how she can look at those boxes of stuff she's donating or throwing away and not see how much money she impulsively spends on crap she doesn't really want. What a waste. I wish she was learning but she'll just go buy more.

No. 965886


Sadly I think you could be right, Baylee strikes me as the kinda person who would throw a huge party the day lockdown is over, and basically goes with "well if lockdown is over, the threat must be gone!"

No. 965894

Yeah she pre plans for doll shit, like back when they used to have raffles at the Disney store or like unloading her credit card on $2k worth of them for preorders. It just goes to show that’s the only thing she cares about and her art, house and husband she doesn’t at all. She could easily switch to online reminders or an electronic calendar to keep track of shit but even then, she’s just only interested in herself only. I have no idea why her stans can’t see through her shit either, like especially with stans like they have some kind of emotional dependence on her and especially cuz they send her gifts and crap but like she doesn’t care about them at all

No. 965896

it's so annoying to see her just go out and buy a bunch of stuff instead of doing something nice. someone on her stream suggested she makes a romantic dinner in the basement for him, with decorations and all.. that would be literally so freaking easy, a lot more special than just going out and buying something.. but she's too lazy to do that.. jeez…

No. 965899

Does he work from home now too? (I haven’t seen the most recent vlogs cuz they’re all boring as hell) There’s been so many like ideas of other couples doing quarantine dates on social media too, her stream is smart and it’s just easy as hell to google it, like it wouldn’t be a big deal to ask him what he wants to do for his birthday or to do some surprise but even then it just seems like they just watch Ghost hunters or shitty tv together and that’s it. That’s why I don’t get why she even has stans, she obviously doesn’t listen to them or take their advice, she just rambles into cameras cuz she has no friends

No. 965917

He does. A while ago a co-worker of his even brought his work computer over so he could do work on that one.
Honestly was expecting her to complain about him being home, she seemed annoyed back when he was home with his fractured ankle.

No. 965922

I mean even then, he still also went to work on the BUS with a broken ankle when he was well enough to go back instead of like, her dropping him off in the mornings or something instead. Like probably cuz everyone is forced to work at home now, she wouldn’t dare complain especially since it means she’ll have more of an audience to stream to, but they really just kind of live like roommates to an extent and she never talks about things they do together other than tv. I get that he doesn’t like being on the vlog or on camera in general but like, her forcing him sometimes and it just being an overwhelming presence forever like wow I guess this is what they want in life? Cat shit filled garbage house

No. 966083

lol why she even bother ordering blouses and skirts and stuff for herself? She only wear sweaters and old yoga pants anyways.

And here is yet another time where she gets into "organizing" for a few days and yet her house always remains a mess.

No. 966788

LOL all her "cute" foods stickers from StickerMule aren't cut all the way through Bahahahaha

No. 966791

No. 966814

This bitch really going to drop $2,100 on a product she's never used or seen before
This is why getting samples exists Baylee.
Now she's probably going to get a free re-print of her ugly ass design

I'm so sick of her getting free shit all the time because of her dumbassery
Like when she got $100 credit when was hacked on Vistaprint
or When she didn't pay her shipping hold fee and got double her Catprint order
or even the Frozen doll situation

I hope her luck runs out and she has to pay $100k in taxes or something

No. 966827

She's also an idiot because stickermule is like THE most overpriced sticker printer and their quality isnt even that good. That's why they're constantly having sales and trying to give away shit. Their die cut stickers are 150% higher than the manufacturer that I see a bunch of artists use. It's really ridiculous because it shows that she just goes to the first big name printing place and doesn't do any research past that.

I agree it's annoying because you look at it and it's obvious that she cant possibly actually have all this bad luck so you KNOW some of it is just her fault.

No. 966840

i get that the real present is the subscription and whatever other garbage she got on amazon… but if i got jack links and hot rods and wal mart brand chips for my birthday, i'd probably cry.

No. 966855

going by how every year she has tax problems, she for sure will end up owing a lot one year. When the youtube money isn't as great she will probably end up pocketing a lot of it like that year where she ended up owing 18k "Oh, I owe $18,000…well I'm gonna go buy that 400 dollar Dyson vacuum teehee"

seriously every year she runs into a problem with taxes. She doesn't learn.

Can't wait for the "downsizing!" vlogs or will Baylee just let them get into serious debt to keep her shit and lifestyle?

No. 966860

I don't get why she even has her cricut at this point. People buy those so they can make their own sticker sheets and don't have to cut with scissors anymore. She uses hers for… freebies.

Why doesn't she do it herself? Like seriously, it's not that hard to set up the machine right. She has plenty of time between her store launches to make all the stickers herself. I guess that's where she draws the line between doing busy work and actually being busy with work..

No. 966872

She put her own cute food stickers on the gift wrapped for her husband… Is everything an advertisement for her shitty merch?

No. 966895

That birthday gift is so unthoughtful… and she gifts herself expensive ass dolls and stuff that she likes.

No. 966910

And let's be honest, The balloons she bought were mainly for her own enjoyment.

I don't know why she couldn't just follow her twitch subscriber comment of making a romantic dinner in the basement

but nah, A steak sandwich and a shitty makeshift meat box is enough work for her.

My guess is that she spent a total of $50 on Christians birthday but in the same week $2000 on ugly stickers.

No. 966935

Lol that lying bitch. She told him his present wouldn't arrive on time because it was 'unessential', she completely neglected to tell him that they didn't arrive in time because she only decided to get off her fat ass and order something the day before haha

Every Christian birthday vlog I feel so sad for him, she gets him one cheap ass present and some cheap cake (or in this case a pie) and that is it. Not to brag but my partner usually gets me a gift bag or two full lots of different things I like and little surprises throughout the day and usually ends with a nice meal out or take away or an actual proper home cooked three course meal with drinks, decorations and music and such altogether costing a couple hundred. She can't even be fucked to the absolute bare minimum because as I always say, it's all about her.

No. 967017

Honestly I thought in that vlog it was kinda sweet. It was super simple for sure, but it seemed like there was some thought. She also seemed a bit more excited to actually do something, even if it's just something small.

Now it just seemed like a task to her. And as usual she just half arsed it. The presents are too late because she didn't bother order them in time (and then she can't even be honest about that), and that box she made looked like crap. She couldn't even be bothered to make a cake herself or to make the living room look nice.

No. 967031

wow back when she was more "cautious" about what she eats. She seems less annoying in this video and then it just slowly went downhill

No. 967291

she said something like.. he'll see what she's doing if she were to cook a fancy dinner.. SO WHAT ? he knows it's his birthday anyway, jesus christ.. who cares if it's not a surprise, at least it shows you care, ffs.

also about the sticker mule situation, it's honestly not her fault, it's a production error, it could happen to anyone. and of course she's gonna get them redone for free, it's the normal thing to do

No. 967296

I think quitting her animation studio job (as shit as it was) was the worst decision she could have made. That was the point where the vlogs began to nosedive, and then getting the cats, the house and getting married was just the nail in the coffin.

The early vlogs she was cute, had dreams and a passion to succeed, she had a job so actually went out every day and socialised which meant she had lots of interesting stories and experiences to share and Youtube and streaming was just the fun hobby on the side. Her art was terrible but she was learning and getting better and it was nice to watch.

Now that she's achieved her goals and got a house, a husband, a book, cats and her Youtube is paying out, she's become complacent, lazy and boring and her art progress has stalled and even regressed in my opinion. She needs to set new goals, like get in to the illustrating business and actually do something with this art, even though it is no where near good enough.

If she stayed animating at professional companies then she could have made connections and worked her way up and could have ended up animating for Disney or Nickelodeon but she through all that away.

No. 967309

Yup, sticker mule is the most overpriced not to mention a trump supporter plus there are many more Canadian suppliers she could use. Especially cuz she was waffling about it with vistaprint, she could easily switch to a Canadian print house but she’s so lazy that she insists on using vista print instead of sticking to anything she says.

She used to do sticker sheets with that cricut when she used to do cons and like, going to a sticker manu makes sense if you do high volume sales but she’s so lazy she’s just gonna go with this one when there’s a bunch of better manus that would be cheaper and higher quality than stickermule

No. 967487

I don’t think she has enough ambition to aim for those animation studios especially since immigrating from Canada to the US for that type of work, you have to prove that you’re senior enough to work in the US, but Vancouver has plenty of enough different types of animation studios she could get a job doing either 3D or 2D (idk what kind she did but the studios that did Hilda as well as random other shows are all in Vancouver & Toronto since it’s cheaper there and they don’t have to follow the animation union in the US).

But yeah it seems like she probably burnt out on animation when working there cuz it probably wasn’t a good place, she got lucky on YouTube & twitch and decided to become this weird art influencer and homemaker/wife persona. She’s now too coddled to go back to animation tbh, she needs a more updated portfolio, but I think she’s lost sight to push her art in any way. Like, I was watching other studio vlogs like Jisu Im (who was watching a bj vlog in her most recent video), katnipp, and even Minnie small and you can hear the enthusiasm for their work in their voices whereas baylee just sounds so fake about hers

No. 967506


It's kinda sad that she doesn't seem to have any connections/friends from the time she worked at the studio or from her time at art school. In the early vlogs she'd only ever hang out with Jacob and nowadays he doesn't really come around any more either.

I don't think she could have made it to any big studios. She sure was more passionate about art back in the day, but she never really had a mindset of improving her art in that direction. She was also already talking about going freelance one day before she ever got the opportunity. So she already had it in mind to leave the animation industry. I think if she would have kept patreon and/or would have done some freelance work (like the animation she did for that one vlog channel) it would have worked better for her. Than she would have had some deadlines and some something to give structure to her day.

No. 968086

New main channel vid

No. 968088

File: 1588434172370.jpg (732.56 KB, 2220x1080, Fin.jpg)

No. 968204


Half a good piece for her standards. One can clearly see that she didn't think it through by how rushed the upper part is. This could have been so much better.

No. 968228

Tip for anyone wanting to paint in water like that. The water follows the form of the face, it doesn't go flat like that. She kinda did it for the nose but she ignored the cheeks.. It would only be flat if the horizonline lines up.

No. 968322

Baylee worried that people who don't watch her vlogs won't understand the freebie.
Expect all of her buyers see her vlogs.

No. 968326

File: 1588481153077.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1668x2119, 08E1113A-9AAC-44F5-9F48-D03CC0…)

In the same vein, different artist anon here, baylee’s figure looks like it’s wearing a cheap wig or the hair is some kind of plane because she shaded underneath it and doesn’t know how hairlines work. If she googled any reference for a second, there’s tons of similar photos of women with different length hair in water and it could have looked more natural if she tried. Same thing goes for that flower headband, it’s too wide for the head cuz she ignores the head shape underneath it.

Ok also what is going on with the shitty blob trees tho

No. 968341

It looks unfinished and bland.
The hair looks like a wig, the flowers are meh and some of them look really flat, there's no volume to them, the background is just a blob. I know she wanted it simple but it looks bad the way she did it.
It could have been a nice piece but as usual her execution is bad. So much could have been avoided if she would have looked at references, did a bit more sketching and planning.

No. 968351


she never looks for reference i swear.. never; even the flowers don't make any sense; baylee, educate yourself, you can't have all the flowers in the world in the same room, just because you're lazy to google references

No. 968353

her lame explanation for why the water is white… baylee, have you heard of a reflection ? do you know water is reflective and it could just as easily reflect the sky ?

No. 968359

Of course she doesn't, that would mean extra work. It's so frustrating, her art could improve so much if she just used references and would think a piece through.
Then again a few years ago she used to get references and put them together in Photoshop, what we got was plum horse disaster.

No. 968386

The wage subsidy thing pisses me off tbh. She is not affected by COVID, other than having to deal with her husband for a few more hours. There's no way she'll donate the excess to help someone other than her

No. 968392

Did she even lose any money due to covid so far? Her last store launch was a success just as the other ones and I can't really see how she would have lost yt income? At least not because of covid, maybe because of not posting enough. A bit…mean? to try to grab extra money while there are people who really need it right now.

No. 968403

She qualifies for the 10% small business wage subsidy. It's a thing that every small business is getting in Canada. As far as I understand it anyone with a small business qualifies, as long as they had a payroll thing before the 18 of march this year. Taxable capital also has to be below 15 million.

So yeah, she definitely qualifies for that.

It definitely feels like she doesn't need it, but I imagine with the current situation it's easier for governments to just send it to all small businesses rather than needing every business to prove they need it and then having to double check stuff.

No. 968440

Fair enough but shouldn't she then make the decision herself not to apply, since they really don't seem to be need for money, and leave it for people that need it?

At the very least I don't think she should have mentioned it in a vlog. She really should learn to edit herself better.

No. 968441

let's not think just about baylee; maybe christian got his salary cut or smth; it's a tough time for everybody; yeah, she shouldn't have mentioned it, because it sounds very bad. but then again, a lot of people need to stop getting frustrated over some stuff; also, she's not taking money from people who need it, canada is giving money to all the people who need it

No. 968602

if the government finds that she doesn't qualify, she'll have to pay it back. hope she doesn't spend it on dolls or whatever.

"To qualify for the CERB, an applicant must be a Canadian resident over 15 years of age who has been forced to stop working because of the pandemic. The applicant also must have earned a minimum of $5,000 over the last 12 months and must expect to make less than $1,000 a month while collecting the benefit."

either she's making a lot less than she's been showing - which is unlikely considering the amount of spending we see her do in a week - or she applied for shits and gigs and will get in trouble for it. she'll still be taxed on this income at the very least.

if christian's hours were cut at work, it would have been up to him to apply.

No. 968672

Plus she has an accountant now too right? Unless she got rid of them for some reason, so it’s harder to hide tax bullshit when she has someone doing it for her. Idk how easily Canada is handling it since it’s been a massive fuck up in the US, but yeah Canada also for individuals has promised 2k a month during the pandemic.

Like tbh good in Canada for making it easy for businesses to get assistance but also I agree with >>968440 that she should shut up about it on a public forum cuz she’s not in need of assistance as much as like, people who are losing their businesses. But she talks on her blog about her own poop sometimes cuz she has no friends, like she isn’t gonna shut up anytime soon

No. 968673

It‘s been her accountant who said she would be eligible for it.

No. 968691

Yeah then they probably saw this opportunity as a way for her to build her business in spite of the pandemic, like that free money can be put more into more shit for her store so it’s less of a story similar to like “big corporation takes millions while small business gets nothing” but more a way for her much smarter accountant to guide her.

He probably doesn’t know she’s just gonna blow it on dolls or something instead of like, getting more shit for her store

No. 968719


Yeah she didn't sound like she needs it, more like she can get extra money and will take the opportunity. She did call it getting a discount on her salary since she is normally paying it all herself and how it will save her a lot of money. It's a reach but if one would really need the money, I don't think they would talk about saving or getting a discount.

No. 968723

Ok that pisses me of… if she can still ship to the USA then I highly doubt her earnings have changed much, if at all.

I lost 100% of my income because I am an artist who sold to the USA and now my post office won't accept shipments to the USA.

Baylee still ran her shop like usual and spends her money on shit nobody needs… no sympathy from me.

No. 968772

She isn't getting Cerb. She's getting SBWS. That one gives her a 10% subsidy. There's also CEWS, which gives her a 75% subsidy. She said she's only getting a small amount, so it's like 99% for sure SBWS.

Also, it wasn't her that applied. It was her accountant. They most likely know what they're doing and are just doing whatever is in her business' best interest.

Christian can't apply for either of these, because he doesn't have a small business. He's not an employer. He can only apply for cerb, like you mentioned.

Whatever Baylee gets in subsidies is the governments decision. There's tons and tons of other businesses that will get relief.

If you're not getting any, blame your government, not Baylee.

The government can't get selective with this shit, because it would take MONTHS to figure out which small business really needs it, and which one doesn't. Something like this taking months defeats its purpose.

No. 968790

Regardless of what payment it is and who applied for it, we've seen how frivolous she can be with money. If Christan has had his pay cut, surely she would have had enough from this recent launch to keep them afloat for at least a while, but no doubt she pissed it all away. Not only that, just the fact she brought it up and almost bragged about it in a way. She really needs to learn to watch what she says, and how she says it. Like someone pointed out, she called it a 'discount' and talked about how much it would 'save' her. Her accountant could have had good intentions, thinking she could have put it towards the store, or put it away in case they do run into issues, but we know she's not going to do that

No. 969532


be that as it may, the government will notice that she didn't qualify for the subsidy when she reports that her income didn't change during covid closures. i don't fault her accountant for doing their job, but i do fault baylee for bragging about this. it's not "i can afford to not pay myself for a few months" money.

No. 969766

Is it both her accounts that get checked though? The business account and her private account I mean. Because if she'd really want this "discount" and they only go after her income, she could've just paid herself less on purpose in order to qualify.
She did mentioned how glad she was about having the separate accounts.

"saving over 2grand" really sounds more like her just getting extra money, not like she needs the money. I am willing to believe that covid might cause her troubles with her store, at least for her next store launch, and that she might be worried about the future. She just should've worded it differently or better not said anything at all.

No. 969862

They won't be checking her personal accounts. This thing she's getting is just for her businesses.

A lot of artists with an artshop have said that they have seen less sales due to covid. The difference being that she does launches every x amount of months, so for her she's gna have to wait until the next one to see if stuff has affected her.

On top of that, CPM has gone down on youtube because advertisers are paying less for obvious reasons. No matter how you twist it, covid will be affecting her business in one way or another.

There is no point in saying she has applied when she didn't qualify, because her accountants have done it for her. If she didn't qualify, they aren't going to apply for it. IF they did do that, they are the ones who will be liable for this mistake, not Baylee. This is why you get an accountant in the first place, to take care of stuff like this.

I agree that the way she's gone about mentioning this was pretty distasteful. She just seemed to laugh about it? Girl needs a reality check.

I've seen another creator who talked about her finances and how she feels lucky that she's not in trouble, and she's donating the revenue she's gna make from that video to her viewers. Not saying Baylee needs to do that, but it just shows a stark difference in how she's viewing this. She's not thinking "fuck, I'm pretty lucky. So many ppl don't have a job now". Instead she's like "oo yea extra money thanks covid". (At least, that's what it feels like to me)

Sry about the long post. This is just stuff I know about so I feel like I can clear stuff up. My business does not qualify for any of the business subsidies in the UK and my accountant just told me that there is no point in applying for it, because we simply don't qualify. If her accountant did go ahead and apply, I feel like if she didn't qualify… she just wouldn't get it? Unless her accountant is a dodgy one who knows about tons of loopholes etc.

No. 969919

No. 969977

Get a life

No. 970020

bro no one's subscribing to your vlogs to see you scoop up nasty ass kitty litter. this really proves that she vlogs literally anything. i can't believe i watched her cat shit into a litter box.

No. 970029

Jesus, I dont understand why she has "workout" streams, they seem to barely be working considering how much cheese and shit she drowns her food in sometimes.
You could tell that she wanted to almost blame her husband for her laziness during all this, when it really shouldnt make any difference considering she works from home anyway.

No. 970031

she's already blaming him for her work ethic… something like 'when he's at home it feels like i'm waiting for the weekend to end' girl, he's WORKING from home, maybe you should try it sometime.

No. 970064

No. 970241

Honestly I'm kinda surprised how little she has complained about Christian being home. When he had his injury she seemed really bothered by him staying home for a few days. Funniest thing is that her productivity hasn't changed at all. She is disillusioned about herself and her work ethics.
It's something that has been bothering me for a while, she keeps thinking that she works a lot and that she is so busy but in reality she does very little and simply can't manage her time.

Also am I the only one that thinks that 4 store launches was optimistic of her from the beginning, even without COVID? She isn't really good at keeping up with prepping for her store.

No. 970248

Yeah she has no idea how time passes since she spends so much of it doing busywork and talking at a camera all day. Like I think that’s why the work she puts into her art videos is so egregious cuz she spends so little relative time on them to make mediocre art and not have the videos come out on a consistent schedule but she’ll spend hours doing busywork or faffing about.

But yeah with her store openings it goes with the same thing- she doesn’t plan anything more than a week ahead of time or she plans stuff but doesn’t follow through because she has such a safety net protecting her. I’m surprised she actually did that print one even tho it was almost all the same shit anyway and most of these pins too are all repeats, but most of her followers will eat anything she shits out. If she was smarter, she could use this safety net to develop on being a better artist or work on that “animation” she wanted to do or something but really they just give her the permission to be lazy.

No. 970468

She's going to vlog everyday in June again. Was vlarch really that successful?

Wasn't she complaining that she didn't know what to vlog? And how the editing added so much to her "workload"?

No. 970489

Her regular vlogs get around 25k views on average that she posts twice a week so eight times a month. Her Vlarch vlogs all seem to have around 25k views each too meaning she earnt about four months worth of revenue in one single month which she obviously liked. Common sense though really, the more videos you post = more views and subs = more ad revenue made and sponsorship opportunities = more money. Yet Baylee is an idiot and has been constantly cutting back because she's a lazy bitch and when your main art channel is going down the shitter, definitely not a wise move to make. If June is a 'success' then we can pretty much expect it to become permanent again to make up for the shortfalls of her main channel and loss of her third.

No. 970594

Yeah imagine if she applied herself as much as she did to vlogs to her actual channel. She obviously enjoys vlogging even tho she has literally nothing to vlog about, she really just should become a “studio vlog” type channel on main instead even though like, her aesthetic is too try hard and her house is too messy to fit into that crowd. The vlogs probably are “easier” than the art channel cuz she doesn’t have to prepare and she doesn’t cut out anything, but they’re kind of useless as content goes since nothing will happen in June

No. 970744

That's probably it, just wanting some extra money. She should instead put the work towards her main channel instead. At the very least start on one of these long projects like an oil painting or her animation she so wants to do.

Remember when she made fun of other studio vloggers and how their studio always look clean? Really with just a bit effort her house would look much cleaner as well. But I guess it's easier to just dump everything where you stand and not bother with it. She couldn't be aesthetic even if her life depended on it.

She keeps cutting back and then adding things again. What she really needs is to learn to manage her time and to make actual use of her work hours. Right now she's just on a downward road with everything.

No. 971095

Here we go again

No. 971194

The swish noise of that fucking windbreaker is killing me

No. 971266

Why do so many of her vlogs start with "I didn't want to vlog, but.." she really doesn't have to vlog, she didn't show anything interesting in this vlog anyways. Just ramblings.

No. 971598

To give the illusion of productivity, and almost to have evidence of what she does throughout the day to justify why everything takes so long, "oh I couldn't get to all the pin stuff I wanted to do day because of the printer, you guys saw how much time that needed". Especially with Christian home, she's seeing how much work he does, simply because he has to, I think she's really seeing how bad it is

No. 971918


Maybe it's the other way around. She knew how much work he did because like… he goes to work every day. Christian probably didn't really know how little she does… At the end of the day he just hears "I did my stream, worked on a video, did pins" or whatever, not knowing that the working on a video could just be "research" or spending 20 minutes on writing a script. Now that he's home he can see how little she actually does?

Maybe that's also why she's gna vlg everyday in june too, so she can look busier for him if he's still home..

No. 971927

No. 972101

i don't see how the printer took her so long? she makes everything so busy for no reason. just buy a new cartridge instead of spending 20 minutes whittling an eraser.

everything she does takes her 2 hrs longer than the 5 minutes it would take a normal person. she's addicted to procrastinating.

No. 972129

I always get the impression that she makes fun of people out of insecurity and jealousy. Like those aesthetic vlogs are people that show more effort to their channels and care about what kind of impression and content they put out but she just shits into the air and people eat it up. She lives so much like a lazy child waiting for someone to clean up after her too like, it’s much easier to clean if everything has a place and you always put it back there but she spends so much time talking to her camera and putting on an air that she’s busy when she really is just shit at being efficient. One thing she may or may not be aware of with those vloggers too is that videos and content are usually not their primary income, they’re more successful and versatile artists and I think deep down she knows she sucks

No. 972212

I don't think Christian really cares. He might doesn't even pay that much attention to her since he has to do work and seems to have videocalls rather often.

Especially since she mentioned several times how several cartridges need to be exchanged for new ones. Well why not grab then when you're out anyways? Also love how she couldn't get anything done just because her printer wasn't working…like girl work on a new video then.

I think so too actually. At the very least I think she is aware that her art skills aren't very good at all. This might sounds like an ass but I think she got too lucky too quickly, it made her way to comfortable with doing the bare minimum.

No. 972238

Yup, she had those self depreciating videos on her main channel a while back but she hasn’t improved since then nor has worked on improving. But her audience coddles her like a child so she has no more drive from other sources other than herself and really, she’s afraid of failing. I honestly think it’s really creepy she’s a 30 year old woman comfortable with being this coddled by strangers to the point where she doesn’t even want to get better for herself. And it’s also really creepy when her stans come here to defend her laziness like she’s their lazy god. It’s sad cuz she needs to get off her ass and stay relevant or make something like another book or whatever but she’s too comfortable and lacks a purpose to do anything significant anymore

No. 972406

That self-improvement series was a nice idea but terribly executed. It was so obvious that she had no idea what she was doing, no fundamentals and she didn't research either. I remember in her sketchbook tour video how she kept saying that she did a lot from her head instead of using reference or how it doesn't matter that the anatomy is off because her style is cartoon-y. You don't improve that way.

She should try to think ahead a bit. I mean how long will her youtube keep her afloat? I know she keeps saying how she doesn't has to depend on her youtube because of her store, but all the customers there are from her art channel.

No. 972467

with her self improvement series, she doesnt actually WANT to improve. She doesnt try, she never utilizes new information/techniques, its all just her doing things more or less how she always has OR trying to copy some other style asthetic. She needs some better foundation to work off of. She always gets mad/irritated by art "rules", but those "rules" are usually just common practices to get accurate proportions/perspectives, or even just the best way to utilizes the capabilities of a medium. So when she IGNORES them and fights against them with the attitude of "I can do whatever I want", shedoesnt even know WHY the rules are there, you dont have to follow art "rules" but if you don't know WHY or HOW you are breaking them then thats due to lack of skill and knowledge. Like for instance white in watercolors, it is FINE, but it affects the quality (usually makes it chalky) of the paint usually, amoung other things, so it's not just "such and such said you HAVE to" there are REASONS, she just doesnt know them

No. 972745

She is on such a beginners level not only with her skills but with her attitude as well. I don't even know why she gets that defensive about it. It's like on one hand she does realizes her art isn't that good, but at the same time she is completely blind to how bad it actually is.

No. 972753

How do they manage to have every room be in a mess? Also all the rambling she does…just say you plan on getting new furniture for your warehouse and leave it at that. She can always show it when she actually gets it.
She's also getting a tax return.

No. 972759

I really only think she did that self improvement series to gain sympathy from her fans so they’d tell her “oh your art isn’t bad!” like how you know some people put themselves down so you complement them instead. She thinks she’s super speshul cuz she doesn’t follow the “rules” but that’s just denying herself to learn basic fundamentals cuz she gets by on just copying Disney books and styles like a child. And she’s also out of touch with other artists and the art community too cuz she’d know that artists she copies from Disney books and other illustrators had to study fundamentals to break “rules”

But yeah, she doesn’t seem to plan her career more than like a month or two ahead, like a series like Waffles has where she drew the same character to mark her improvement would have been better than the art improvement stuff she never followed up on. She has the store but like everything she restocked on is pretty much the same? So there’s really nothing to offer repeat customers or her longtime ones. It’s just so weird to me that she maintains more than a million subs and gets an ok amount of views when she’s so inconsistent and doesn’t plan, like I’m pretty sure most of her subs on her main channel are fake anyway. But with more and more artists posting actually good studio vlogs and instruction, like she’ll probably be irrelevant in maybe 2-3 years

No. 972761

I mean if her accountant did her taxes, then that tax return is on them, like she fucked up on taxes long ago when she was doing them herself so that’s af least one of the smartest things she’s done to have someone else do them this time. But yeah I can’t understand why both she and Christian are comfortable with living in a garbage hole, like how can two people make that much mess and then think they can eventually manage their house enough to have kids. They’re definitely on the road to a hoarders type garbage house one day, if not already

No. 972847

Im suprised that their property manager never does inspections and shit, i could swear they rented and they wouldnt get away with the mess at times.
Even just thinking about boxes piled up the warehouse like she normally has just screams fire risk.

No. 973150

From the sounds of it they only care about visiting when there's an urgent issue - and even then it's only a quick visit. That's on them really, yes Baylee and Christian should be keeping it clean, but the property manager should be keeping an eye on their investment before it becomes a money pit to fix

No. 973168

The cats have really fucked that house up, the brand new floors are scratched up, the walls are scratched and damaged, the blinds are all broken from the cats climbing through them, all those electrical cables and piles of shit are a fire hazard to name just a few issues. I assume when they move out there will be an inspection and they will have to pay up for cleaning and damage or forfeit their deposit or whatever.

No. 973259

that's a stretch, their landlord knows they have cats, and that's what cats do, they scratch things.. sounds to me like you're just not a fan of cats..

No. 973260

um, everything is a fire risk.. everything flammable, and guess what, 90% of stuff in any house is flammable. throw out all your clothes if you guys think a pile of boxes is a fire hazard. im not defending baylee but sometimes i feel like there's a bunch of kids commenting here

No. 973275

I mean, baylee is a cow to nitpick at since, like her vlogs, no shit of relevance really happens to her. I agree the cat and fire thing is really a stretch, she’s more likely to be buried in her own garbage or the cats have something fall on them before a fire. She’s lucky to have this much of a house to mess up in a very expensive area really, like I wonder if her landlord is related to them somehow cuz a house like this in the area they’re in would cost a ton to rent a month vs a comparable apartment in the same area or like, paying a mortgage anywhere else in Canada. Like I’d expect her house to be split into units since it has a basement that could be converted into an apartment, but it seems whoever owns their property really doesn’t do anything other than like, repair damage like they had with the basement flood

No. 973342


Her house is a bit cluttered,but not too bad outside her art/store room, and definitely not hoarder like. If they like it? Not everyone needs to live in a super empty minimalistic house.
I neither see scratched up floors, broken curtains, or lots of damage. Looks like a normal house with people who like stuff to me.

No. 973415

No. 973420

File: 1589385281742.png (314.6 KB, 560x527, 2p4sf5D.png)

why are these videos so long and abut nothing

No. 973430

Wow she actually started on a painting.
Gotta admit I'm a bit jealous that she just spent 600dollars for a new computer, so she can stream her package stuff.

No. 973454

and the painting actually looks good so far? sometimes when she experiments, it turns out amazing, but she's stuck in her cutesy pastel copic garbage.

No. 973461

To be fair, she just copied a small bit from a painting. If you want to do something on your own you have to know how stuff like light, anatomy, etc works, but when you copy stuff everything is already given to you.
She did a good job copying it, I agree, and it can be a good experiment in order to get to know the medium better.

No. 973477

Her hair looks sooo dry. Maybe she should just shave it and start over. I'm sure she can afford some wigs.

No. 973482

why is she so fat

No. 973483

because she barely moves (she's unbelievably exhausted after 15 minutes of light exercise spread over about an hour, and does nothing besides it) and eats a bunch of crap covered in loads of cheese, paired with regular heavy drinking.
Almost everyone would get fat like that.

No. 973513

i hate it so much when she says good chunk of change.. it makes her sound so priviledged

No. 973571

She’s seriously wanting to buy a whole new set up for downstairs, extra monitors, webcam, etc just because it’s too hot to workout upstairs!? Girl get a fan, would be much cheaper than what she wants to do. Baylee is so extra it’s annoying. Workout room would collect dust like everything else she owns

No. 973575

I can't get over how giggly she was when she tried on the nightgown! I felt like she was embarrassed to show it to the vlog. Am I reading into that wrong? What was with that giggling?!

I also can't believe she's going to buy a whole new set-up for downstairs to stream the workouts downstairs when it's too hot upstairs. She has a room airco thing.. get an extra fan if it gets that bad! You're gna be sweating during a workout ANYWAY.

I feel like she just wants an excuse to buy more stuff :/

No. 973598

the heat would help her sweat more, shed probably end up losing more weight in a warmer enviornment anyways

No. 973613

She was giggling like an idiot because she thought everyone could see her bra through the fabric.

No. 973616

god..that nightgown was so ugly looking

No. 973655

Im fully aware that not everyone shares the same style etc et,…..but that nightgown was ugly. Im personally not someone who is really into the nightgown look in general on myself, but even within that look of nightgowns/flowly "old" looking nightgowns, THAT one just looks terrible, it's super unflattering and frumpy. It also looks so cheap, like a discount party city custom. When she said "why don't people wear these anymore" I was think "oh sweetie no one wore THAT before either"

No. 973667

That shitty show she watches has got her obsessed with wanting to own a 'chateau' and fill it with vintage furniture and wear vintage clothes and live the chateau dream. This is where it's all come from. I think she has autism.

No. 973741

She giggles any chance she gets to be ~quirky~
It's very off putting and inappropriate at times like when she spends $$$$ on shitty dolls and items "cause it's relatable"
and it's disturbing everytime she calls cats "Baby" with that retarded voice.

I'm curious if she can have a normal conversation with a person without sounding completely autistic

No. 973757

I was thinking the same. She kept giggling and repeated how she likes that style, like it's just a nightgown. You wanna wear it just wear it.

Her workout streams don't even seem that popular compared to her other streams. Plus that I don't think they have done anything for her. She looks bigger than ever.

I was wondering why she suddenly wanted all that old time-y looking stuff. A vintage inspired look can look really good but knowing her it'll just look unflattering and bad.

No. 973777

Even installling an ac unit will be cheaper…

No. 973874

File: 1589470082490.jpeg (425.25 KB, 828x663, D52EC657-9FF5-4767-83D0-5A9D41…)

Well, when you eat stuff like THIS, there might be a reason as to why the workout streams aren’t doing much..

No. 973905

She is watching Outlander, which is NOT the aesthetic she is achieving like they don't wear that in outlander.

No. 973910

She finally made the video about how she hates making art videos.

My god, I just… I got so annoyed at so many of the things she said. Like, she literally is creating her own problems. So, I guess yes Baylee, you hate filming art videos.. But that's also your own fault? She was saying how she doesn't even watch art videos anymore.. I don't know how to put into words what I'm thinking about this right now lol. In the end, it all comes from her not wanting to put in the effort into her videos. It has nothing to do with art videos specifically. But she's never going to admit that.

She claims she works 60 hours a week LOL. How delusional is she.

No. 973913

She lost her passion for art, that's simply it.

No. 973916


60 hours a week? Is she serious? Did she forget that she vlogs every pointless thing she does and we can all see that she does fuck all but write bullshit lists and procrastinate at every opportunity?

No. 973920

"i'm just not someone who sketches everyday" yeah girl we can tell.

No. 973923

sage the non milky talk

No. 973926

god go away and mod on a real forum if it bugs you so much.

No. 973927

You don't like her aesthetic, or her mannerisms, FINE. I don't really like to go in on people's weight or looks, and I don't like using disability/autism/"retarded"/etc as an INSULT, that's not cool its 2020. Calling someone retarded shouldn't still be a insult we use. For me, I personally just don't like her attitude about everything, she can have whatever aesthetic she wants, she can look and weigh whatever, I don't think its fair to critique that on someone. But overall her attitude is shit. She is lazy and she is very reliant on her art channel/youtube and all of that, while CONSTANTLY complaining about it.

No. 973933

I don’t know why she is SO against regular speedpaint videos, they haven’t died off and if she even just posted a “boring” speed paint consistently than I’m sure her views would be stable.
She says she doesn’t watch other art you tubers and it shows when waffles and Jazza are both doing what she says is a dying video format and are doing it successfully

No. 973936

Sage and go back to pull retard

No. 973939

God is she delusional, it's unreal.

She keeps talking about longer projects but this was the first oil paint she has done this year. She got the wacom mobile studio months ago and has used it once.
If she really would want her art to go somewhere she would actually try to make time for sketching and practicing. She keeps saying how she just isn't a daily sketcher but she rarely sketches once a week.

60hours a day is a huge overestimation of hers. I feel like she counts stuff like her housework or running errands as work.
Also it's her own fault that she always has to hurry prepping for her store towards the end. She launches her store and then does shit until 2 weeks before the next launch when she realizes she has to do stuff.

It's also funny how she thinks she diversified her income, yet all her store customers come from her youtube. Sure it's better than solely relying on youtube but she isn't really pulling in that many new people on youtube and thus also not many new customers.

No. 973940

If she doesnt like speed paints OK, but then don't MAKE THEM. Like she lists all the things she supposedly hates….in a video doing all those things. Its like someone telling you all the things they want to accomplish…starting TOMORROW. Like stop telling me what you want to do, and actually just start doing it. She is all talk. Plently of people make a living with art without filming it, without doin speed paints, if she REALLY hates it then she should stop doing them. Even other youtubers, art youtubers and other youtubers in general, they have all overtime had to change and adjust/reinvent their channels and content to be what they want and to fit with the times. With her, it is all complaining and still doing the same thing and its just exhausting at this point. No one is making her do speed paints, and she even talks about how they don't do well anymore and so its not like she is trapped in doing them

No. 973941

she talked about how much time and how busy she is…like does she forget she films her day and that she often shows how UN busy she is. Sure we don't see the whole day, but she shows pretty much everything she does and she also shows all the stuff she WASTES time on.

No. 973942

I don't get how she thinks this is going to work at all. Her store is now 90% of her income. That's great! But she gets all her customers from her yt viewer base so if she tails off yt, her customer base is going to shrink. If she's doing less art, she'll have fewer print designs to sell. And fewer pin/sticker designs tbh because she recycles a lot of pre-existing art into new products.

She'd never make it as an instagram artist because she's not prolific enough to get people interested in following her and her art isn't good enough to stand out. There's a lot of great art on instagram to compete with! She does okay on yt because her personality attracts some people. That's how she has a vlog audience. On instagram her art has to stand on its own and we all know that means it'll bomb.

No. 973943

>60hours a day is a huge overestimation of hers

Have you ever watched one of her packaging streams? She is sooo slow, putting one pin on on paper shouldn't take anymore than 10 seconds, she keeps looking at the chat and stopping everything to sing along with the spongebob sub chime

No. 973946

Yeah sh ALWAYS brings up how she "diversified" her income, and it does help with not being 100% reliant on how well a specific youtube video does, but everything she does is tied nto youtube. Diversifying is supposed to be so that if for instance, youtube is no longer an option that there are other ventures and sources of income….if youtube tanks ALL of her other stuff will follow, its all tied to youtube, they are not independently existing followings/sales

No. 973985


I KNOW. This bugged me SO MUCH. She says she hates doing it… SO DON'T DO IT. Find a new way of doing things so you DO like it. This whole explanation just sound to me as her justifying why she isn't doing things. How long have we known now that she wants to work on longer projects? How many has she done since then? ZERO.

She says she's not the type who sketches daily… Yeah, not many people are. But you're not even the type to sketch weekly… She ONLY does art for youtube, and that's her problem. She wants to work on longer projects, but again, she's only going to do them for youtube.

When she said that speedpaints "don't work anymore" it just shows how ignorant she is. They definitely still work, they just don't work for her.

No. 974009

Haven't watched the video yet but easy tweaks:

1. Drop the art channel and make working on producing and selling cute merchandise as her main focus and use her main channel, social media to promote new and existing merch and make behind the scenes promotional videos of how the pin design came about etc

2. Stop the work out streams. No one wants to see that as we're not seeing results, she's gaining weight if anything. Increase game streams however.

3. Increase vlogs, not daily but say three a week. She needs to however plan and structure her days so she actually has something interesting to vlog about.

Hopefully this is the route she will take but doubt it.

No. 974104

Why does Baylee always have a plan for her channel that she’s going to do a certain way and NEVER follows through with the plans/goals she sets for herself!? It’s stupid.

No. 974107

Um no its the Chateau videos. She mentioned them a couple vlogs before she said she'd bought the clothes. She was ranting about cottagecore and wanting to own a castle and shit

No. 974146

I was REALLY hoping she was about to announce she was quitting art altogether and doing something else but no. Damn. Her art is terrible and she's well past her prime. 4 years ago her art videos were doing around 500k-1 million views a piece, now she's lucky if she breaks 50k kek and with 1.2 MILLION subscribers, this is just appalling.

No. 974148

It amused me that her video about not wanting to do art was sponsored by Skillshare. She really is desperate for those $$$. On top of that Skillshare seems to be her only partner when it is clearly she never actually uses the service. She might actually learn something if she did, maybe, I stay the hell away from Youtube advertisers, tacky.

No. 974159

I hope she doesn't think Twitch streaming her workouts and playing AC is considered into her "hours"

No. 974162

Of course it is, as is the vlogging. She does fuck all.

No. 974163

Oh, she does. She was switching over to AC yesterday in her stream and said she was technically a streamer so playing AC could still be considered work.

No. 974166

That's a huge fuck you to the most of the World's population who actually have to work for a living. Sitting on her ass playing games and stuffing her fat face is not work.

No. 974383


sweat doesn't make you lose weight.. sweating is your body's way of controlling your body temperature

No. 974385

a lot of her store customers come from her vlog channel or her twitch, actually; she barely talks or shows her store stuff on her art channel

No. 974386

it's 2020, being a streamer and a vlogger is actually work; people who think vlogging or streaming is easy have clearly never done it ever.

No. 974387

It was super obvious the last time she did a skillshare video that she doesn’t use them or only superficially does. She’s so lucky that her followers don’t even want her to improve and she doesn’t listen to them even when some have legit criticism, this video doesn’t even have that many dislikes when it’s all whining about her “job” when she’s not even consistent at it.

No. 974390

She needs to lean into being that rather than faking she’s an art channel of quality if it’s not “fun” anymore, it’s pretty obvious she’s way more into people paying attention to her with streams and the vlogs but we’ve seen this before cuz all she wants now on the main channel is sympathy for being too lazy to do work there. Like a couple people who do watch her streams have come here and commented as such like >>974009 did but she doesn’t ever listen, she just whines that it’s too hard

No. 974399


I agree that vlogging and streaming is real work, but people who consider it hard work have never actually had a job that requires hard work. Becoming successful is hard, for sure, but the actual work (i.e., recording herself playing AC or talking about what else she bought on Amazon, and doing minimal editing) cannot be considered "hard work", let's get real here.

No. 974438

I’m a nurse working 55 hour weeks, I’m exhausted and mentally drained most of the time but I have to keep going for the sake of my patients, not to mention I could contract a deadly disease at any minute. This is real work, sitting in the comfort of your home day in day out playing video games and filming your boring ass life is not work. It’s a hobby regardless of if you get paid or not. Get real. You’re as delusional as she is.

No. 974441

Holy fucking everything, she's so delusional and out of it, it's unbecoming.
No, Baylee, speedpainting aren't a thing of the past if you're good at art. Majority of the art channels I actually follow are masters posting speed paints with classical music or very good artists just talking over screen recording in real time. But the trick is- they are good at it. I'm amazed at her lack of selfawarness, but I really shouldn't. She hasn't changed that much since ever.

No. 974444


work is work. Just cuz you think it's easy to entertain people, doesn't actually make it so.

Baylee might not be putting in a lot of hard work, but plenty of other people do put in a lot of work into their streaming and making videos.

No. 974453

NTA but >>974438 is right. Sitting on your ass in front of a camera isn't hard work even if you have to sit and think ~super duper hard~ about what you're going to order from Amazon.

No. 974458

Kek Calling Baylee an 'entertainer' is an absolute insult to real hard working entertainers. Nothing Baylee does is entertaining. She's a talentless boring hack who thinks filming herself shovelling cat shit out of a box is good content worth sharing.

No. 974487

Nobody thinks proper vlogging and streaming is super easy. There are a lot of vloggers and streamers out there who work hard. It's just that she doesn't actually do it well. There's a difference between vloggers who pay attention to what they film or what subjects they bring up or do nice editing and her.

No. 974520


Yeah work is work but that doesn't mean all work is equal. Some work is easier than others and filming herself playing Animal Crossing is definitely on the easier end.

No. 974528

She's moving everything downstairs. That counts as work right?
Her house looks like they just moved in.

No. 974557

those crotch-shots of Christian when they talk about if it's enough space.
Why would one leave something like that in? Really!

No. 974569

exactly. let’s not pretend that Baylee is some fancy vlogger here. she films what she’s doing with almost no editing whatsoever other than pasting clips together, and never goes out of her comfort zone. it took her three hours to make a lace border for her vlogs that I’m positive could have been found on google in 30 seconds. she may get paid for what she does but it is in no way challenging or rewarding work, and that’s why she’s so fucking bored all the time.

No. 974571


The person I was responding to literally said it is easy. Their comment was a response to another comment saying vlogging and streaming is a real job.

I was NOT defending Baylee and saying baylee is working hard… I'm saying the opposite…

No. 974785

The I don’t like filming art videos video was literally the most embarrassing thing I have ever watched. How many times can she put out the same video saying she hates what she’s doing only to continue doing the exact same thing. The problem isn’t the art videos it’s your art love, its shit unfortunately x

No. 974793

No wonder he’s visibly uncomfortable whenever she vlogs and hardly appears in them. Imagine your spouse thinking they have the right to film your junk and put it on the internet just cuz they’re married to you.

No. 974896

Ikr.. it's not the first time she's done this either. It's so uncomfortable to watch jesus. It's not like what they were talking about was super important for the vlog so she could've left it all out.

No. 974950

I usually enjoy a glimpse of man meat but not this time. Christian isn’t attractive in the slightest, appearance or personality wise. Yuck.

No. 974962


I couldn‘t barely watch through this. The way she arranged everything is just so cluttered and unwise. There is so much space in this room but she manages to make it feel like a horder cave.

No. 975153

File: 1589675988689.png (581.29 KB, 1080x2092, Screenshot_2020-05-17-10-41-42…)

Looks she's finally going to become a full time game streamer..

No. 975158

She's really going to spend 16 hours playing animal crossing and 2 hours playing an exercise game.

I didn't think she was this lazy but dang she proved me wrong

No. 975182

That visual of her schedule is hilarious. Those two tiny slivers of working out squeezed between huge chunks of sitting around and eating cheese smothered garbage. What is even the point of keeping up the charade?

No. 975217

She’s still playing a game when working out, who is she kidding? She did much more exercise when she was playing Pokémon go regularly.
Plus only working on art for three hours a week, like just give up art baylee, this is all an excuse to sit on your ass for 40 hours a week

No. 975224

She claimed she works 60 hour weeks haha This chart clearly shows she does 4 hours work a week.. if that. When she is actually drawing she always procrastinates or gets side tracked by reading comments, talking nonsense, playing with the cats or stuffing her fat face. She’s delusional.

I wouldn’t mind if she became a full time game streamer but it will fail because she hasn’t learnt the huge mistake she made the first time around. She wanted to be a vet and drew on the side as a hobby, then she dropped being a vet to pursue the arts and then did game streams on the side as her hobby as an escape from the art. Now she’s dropping art to peruse gaming which she will tire of eventually and now she has no other hobbies to turn to.

Never make your hobby in to your job. It ruins it.

No. 975243

Yeah she is delusional in thinking she works sixty hours a week, like she streams or vlogs everything and the streaming schedule is not even 22 hours. She’s not factoring in any of her time editing or packing, which she streams as well, so like why even make this schedule? she says no “scheduled” weekend streams but when the store is up and running, she’s just gonna go back to streaming all the time anyway.

She’s also buying more shit for the basement setup too, and she won’t even work out unless she has the equipment so it’s like, amazing she can be this lazy and give herself excuses for it.

No. 975279

Two hours a week for workout which just consist of her playing a game…no wonder she isn't losing any weight.
Also that ratio of game streams to drawing/animation, jeez. No doubt most of these drawing streams will be replaced with store prep anyways.
She should just be honest with herself and admit that she isn't into art anymore. Seriously her art channel is just a joke by now.

No. 975298


32 hours of gamestreams vs 4hrs of "creative" streams. What are the odds of those 4 hours being the only time she works on art? We already know a lot of that will be store prep vs being an actual creative stream. I am highly, highly sceptical that she's gna be doing any art off-camera.

I don't think she'll be able to pass herself off as an artist for much longer.


There's no way her art channel is going to survive this. She's putting even more pressure on herself with her art with what she's doing now. Her whole "I want to work on longer projects!" spiel is just BS and she'll make a video in like 3 months saying "Yeah I'm not gna do this anymore, follow me on twitch instead as well as my vlog channel!"

No. 975316

A this point watching her vlogs just makes me feel better about myself. Like damn, this girl has all the resources in the world, All the time in the world, all the pricey equipment and best art supplies… And still… she doesn’t do shit. What a useless cow.

No. 975339

Honestly same. I wouldn't be surprised if that's why most people watch her, to feel better about themselves. Even her fans probably just want to feel better about being lazy.

Yeah… I think it could work out if she would pull herself together enough to actually produce proper art or nice animation. Problem is, she won't. She will slack of as always. I think we can be lucky if we see one animation this year.

No. 975495

File: 1589762839087.jpeg (228.14 KB, 828x846, 69911919-B91D-4089-B64E-B28A99…)

Anyone else find it kinda weird that she just colored over her hair in her older emotes instead of retaking/drawing them?

No. 975499


I didn't find it weird at all. I found it lazy, which is the Baylee Jae way.

No. 975506

tbh her sip emote looks much better than her ugly ass bio pic

No. 975532

how old are these? aren't those still her old eyebrows?

her sip emote looks better than any of her dorky avatars she's done recently too.

No. 975536

Circa 2016 I'd say

No. 975649


I don't think it's weird, I can understand why she does it. But personally I feel like I would probably just rework it a bit more to reflect my current style more. It's just an emote though, so imo it also doesn't matter too much.

What I do find weird is doing a Chloe Rose and just reusing the same art on EVERYTHING and only painting/drawing that thing. Baylee is starting to do that with how she "re-worked" her food stickers, used her avatar for a pin and then used a sticker design to also make it a pin. It's not that bad since turning an existing design into a pin/sticker isn't that crazy of a thing to do.

I'm just waiting for her to animate her avatar next…

No. 975667

I wouldn't really think it's much of a problem to use one design for several products, what I do think is a problem is that Baylee does it because she is lazy. Let's be honest she re-uses stuff because she can't be bothered to make new stuff to often. It's why she used some old art for her prints.

No. 975686

If she wants people to keep buying shouln't she keep coming out with new designs?

No. 976031

Yes that's the logical thing to do, but this is Baylee. She has a large army of children using their parents money, so odds are they'd only be able to buy a couple things each launch, so they'll keep coming back to get a full set

No. 976074

Her audience also is grown children like herself who are way too old to be fawning over this grown woman like an idol. If she was smart and if you look at smarter business people or really anyone that runs an online store on YouTube, like a katnipp, they release designs probably every month or so and have retired designs. While it seemingly takes months for her to design one and she never allocates for the time it takes for her to card and grade everything, so it’s like 4-5 months for one? Cuz she never does more than 1-2 new designs at a time. It’s crazy how slow she is but she still thinks she’s productive

No. 976202


Yeah, that's why it bothers me so much. She reuses stuff so she doesn't have to try and come up with something new. It's fine to do it like when you first to do the drawing, but when it was done months or even years ago you should be able to make/design something that is BETTER now… not stick to the same thing and be stagnant.

For example, "Beautiful Nightmare" is SO old, it's not good, and she's still selling it? (AND IT STILL SELLS TOO, HOW?!)

Even if her current audience idolise her and what not… they're not going to keep buying the same prints over and over. I just don't understand how she still has successful launches. Definitely feeling a bit jealous and jaded about that.

No. 976223

No. 976227

love the shot of Christian scratching his balls at 17:20

No. 976248

It's so silly that she acts as if she couldn't do all that Twitch stuff before.
She also needs to learn to summarize her stuff better, she just keeps on rambling. I think it's obvious now that she just wants to do Twitch now, which is fine but I wish she would be honest about it. She is just lying to herself if she thinks she's gonna do art on the weekend now.

No. 976326

Repulsive. Not only does he have a scratch down there, he then pets the cats and then rummages through the fridge! spreading all sorts of germs every where. Baylee is just as bad. I would not buy anything that stepped foot in that house.

No. 976677

No. 976681

You know, this might be nitpicky because it is an artprogram she purchased so it kinda counts as work expense but I feel she should have tried working with the advanced version before paying almost 3000$ for the premium version.
She hasn't animated in forever and so far all she has planned to do are some animations for her Twitch channel.
lol at her saying that not owning a mobile studio held her back. The tablet was laying around in a drawer for months not being used.

No. 976689

If all of her weekdays were like what she's been doing the past 2 vlogs then maybe she can claim she has 60h workweeks. But this is gna last for like a week or two. She's just busy now cuz she's switching stuff up.

I hope she gets some passion back but I really do not think she will. This is gna last for a month max.

No. 976692

I think that she should've paid for one month first to check if she's gonna use it at all, and then decide if she needs to buy a permanent license. I think that she will just drop animation off her schedule completely after a few weeks, but those 2k$ are gone forever

No. 976738

She’s willing to drop thousands of dollars on equipment she rarely uses, but won’t just invest in a real pair of air pods? That makes total sense

No. 976741

Wait didn't she already have the advanced version? How is the premium better?
So far she's only gonna make garbage animations for ther twitch breaks she could easily do in photoshop.

No. 976767

With her hair that bright of a pink and that multi-colored shirt, she looks like a clown

No. 976768


She doesn't need it. She admitted that she doesn't need it but it has the network she's used to and she can't be fucked to learn something new.

No. 976769

She has to Photoshop and Adobe cloud. Adobe had their own animation program she could have used especially since she is making such an easy animation

No. 976779

i'm just laughing at the fact that she justified the purchase as "the lifetime membership is equal to paying for 18 months" like who are you kidding? you're going to be over animation in a week, nevermind a year and a half from now.

No. 976788


That's what I was thinking. Like she's going to be doing animation enough to justify that lol.

No. 976870

She boasts that she got a $3400 tablet for free but then blows $2000 on a piece of software she's going to use once that can be easily pirated.. hm.

No. 976879

She has no respect for the fact that people are doing it way harder then she is right now, yet she blows $2k on a program that she'll use once or twice and you know she'll get it back in tax because she'll class it as a business expense. This feels like a big nit pick but that $2k would buy me a desk, sewing machine and more for my own hobby business. Hell it could even get me my dream Camera lens.

No. 976894

God, I normally don't care about what she buys but her buying the highest tier of Haromy was overwhelming. She didn't need that, I work in the Western Animation industry most professionals don't even buy that because they can do basic freelance on a lower cost one. At this point I feel like she buys these expensive things just to flex. Her having two cintiqs (the mobile studio can plug into any computer like a regular cintiq) and then buying the highest tier for Harmony for no reason.

No. 976995

THIS! Baylee enjoys showing off her wealth. If not on her “luxury” doll collection & multiple Disney trips, than on how many amazon orders she gets DAILY…. and purchasing art supplies she will only touch once.I get the feeling she needs to purchase things CONSTANTLY to make her boring ass life more exciting…

No. 977022

Gotta be honest that kinda rubbed me the wrong way, the way she said how she got that tablet for free. I get that that's what you get when you have a following but the way she acts about it feels off putting. Doesn't help that her art isn't very good and that she already owns other expensive equipment.

No. 977410

Absolutely! I’ve suspected this but it really didn’t hit as hard as it did as seeing her spend that money on something sHES NOT GOING TO USE. I BET YOU. Ughhhhh I can’t watch anymore of her videos.

No. 977697

No. 977734

why is she buying such cheap clothes. Like they are not my personal style, so I don't like them in that aspect, but overall they are just cheap crappy quality. She talks about getting more mature adult clothes, and those clothes are not that.

No. 977739


she's always bought a ton of cheap shit. her previous favourite store was urban planet - i'm not sure what to compare it to if you're not canadian, but quality wise it's a step below wal mart clearance rack.

No. 977770

what do you think adult clothes are ? pant suits ? she's an artsy person, she's not gonna wear stuff a corporate employee would. i find a lot of things distasteful about baylee but when i see you guys commenting that she isn't dressing like an adult, it's extremely insulting to 30 year olds in general. she is turning 30, not 60, she isn't supposed to dress like a soccer mom or whatever you want her to wear. i'd rather see her wear clothes that she likes and feels good in, rather than clothes she's expected to wear.

No. 977810

She can get cute clothes with nice quality. Everything she showed looks like she ordered it from aliexpress.
Not to mention she's gonna ruin the whole style by wearing black leggings underneath ever skirt and dress.

No. 977833

Baylee got a bikini!? Shudder….

No. 977838

Im not talking about adult clothes style-wise. I'm talking about quality. Sure in high school/college, you may go buy some cheap Forever 21 clothes, but then over time you start getting better quality pieces not just cheap stuff that falls apart after 2 washes. A lot of the stuff she got looks super cheap/low quality. (like Shein is SUPER cheap). It also has that costume/plastic like quality to it. If she likes that style of clothing I its fine, but she spends s much money on things she she doesn't need, buys the super advance versions of everything, dolls, computer stuff, games, softwares, art supplies…..but she invests like $10 on clothing. It makes no sense. I feel like she focuses more on the quality of her doll's clothes than on her own.

No. 977862

adult clothes like stuff they sell at j crew, aritzia, madewell, free people whatever… literally every company do flowy flower print dresses and blouses. not junk bullshit that costs $12.

No. 977868

r u guys just against integrating? This thread is awful about anons not saging.

No. 977880

File: 1590189657284.png (1.41 MB, 1338x1042, Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 16.2…)


No. 977910

File: 1590193784596.jpg (101 KB, 1180x842, 26572c3a-0e51-4a9f-9049-b64e73…)

Looks familiar..

No. 977911

this might be the most Canadian pic ever

No. 977920

I don't think the Bikini gonna look good on her body type, since it's going to draw your eyes down and you'll notice her gut as she calls it.
Honestly I don't mind what she bought. She is stepping away from graphic tees that are often too tight.

No. 977922

But now she's gone the complete opposite to clothes that were too small and childish for her to clothes that are way too big and ill fitting and are better suited to an old granny who can't quite dress herself.

They all look so cheap and poorly made.

No. 977926

I don't think the blue top looks bad, but she tends to get things and not really know how to style them so they always look a bit off.

No. 977954

I don't think the skirts she bought were too bad, I actually liked the dandelion one. I think she does need to learn how to style her clothes better and buy clothes from better companies that can actually make decent quality stuff. Now if she did something about her scary thin hair she would be much better off.

No. 978013

Not to mention the color.
She looks like a clown.

No. 978372

She doesn’t know how to dress for her body, all the ruffles up on top and the high neck exaggerate her lack of neck and the fact she’s wide on top, she looks like a pig wearing a tablecloth.

No. 978486

No. 978556

that outfit holy shit.

No. 978589

Oh wow that looked terrible.

No. 978924

Major Yumi King vibes in the haul portion. Everything looks so cheap and bad quality kek.

No. 979326

No. 979341

I feel sorry for her Switch. Her painting skills aren't very good, it's gonna look like a mess.

No. 979364

as a person who didn't manage to get a Pokemon Switch for a reasonable price, it hurts my soul to see her paint it so it looks like the AC one.
What about her plan using the cricut and customizing it with vinyls? Why does she paint it now, and why doesn't she even tape the Edges etc she doesn't want painted?

Also I didn't understand why she disassembled the bright pink joy con, when she's gonna put the insides of the grey in it later. Didn't she wanna replace the brown joycon?

No. 979378

I think it's so she can make it into a video, plus that she always has troubles making her cricut work. She also owns another Switch which she gave to Christian after she got the Pokemon one.
Just printing something or simply buying a case/sticker would probably look better.

No. 979381


She painted it, the only way you can get an even coat with that is to spray paint, that paint is going to look so streaky and probably chip off super easy

No. 979427

it’s totally ok tho cause she can just buy another one right. Money printer baylee go brrrrrrr

No. 979482

the low ass expectations for baylee because as i was watching i thought 'well. at least she didn't buy a new one to customize.'

No. 979513

Im getting horror flashbacks to that godawful labo piano she painted and was disqualified from the contest for. It looked like a child painted it

No. 979528

File: 1590533451162.png (2.01 MB, 1534x1092, Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 15.5…)

She kind of looks like an old lady here with those clothes. They do not go well together at all

No. 979572

The high waisted skirt look does no suit her body type. Holy crap.

No. 979721

She needs to learn to dress for her shape. High waisted clothes do nothing for short busty girls. Invest in some drop-waist dresses and create the illusion you have a torso, Bayls!

No. 979727

Holy shit, I honestly thought she was going to destroy one of those ribbon cables when I watched her take the joycon apart.. Also I’ll never understand why she didn’t just trace the designs off the dock, buy a brand new dock and transfer it over so it’s not ruining a limited edition piece.

No. 979753

I think she has really no sense of value or worth about what she buys really. Like she’s ruining a special edition switch, but for what? And she talked about those Disney dolls once like she was going to resell them and she’s spent thousands of dollars on them, but she takes them out of the boxes anyway so now they aren’t really worth as much anymore. Then she buys a bunch of shitty fast fashion to dress more like an “adult” when she really needed to buy higher quality items that fit her better. She’s such a hoarder-collector really, like she just keeps getting more and more crap and doesn’t take any time to appreciate anything she owns or appreciate that she isn’t destitute with all her shitty spending habits

No. 979759

she's ruining a special edition because it doesn't look like another special edition.
Because it's Baylee I would have expected she just bought the AC switch, when she likes the design so much better.
But as she never gets rid of her crap, she'd just block another special edition item from a person who could actually appreciate it :/(:/)

No. 980084

Stuff like that switch won‘t be worth much once a new generation will be released. Technology ages so fast what gives she is painting it. Also the blue layer looked even to me.

No. 980163

File: 1590636292298.png (1.18 MB, 1440x899, Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 11.2…)

This is what she did on stream

No. 980175


It's cute but man.. That paint is not going to hold up. Really feels like a waste of a good special edition product. I wish she respected what she owns more and atleast took the time to do it properly.

No. 980184

so…is painting that like part of her job or something and then counts that in her work schedule

No. 980194

She was filming it for a video so she could get away with calling it work

No. 980196

It’s dependent on the popularity of the special edition. For example the Japanese Splatoon special edition WiiU goes for a grand or more because it also has ultra rare amiibos with it.

Regardless of that, I feel someone who missed out on it would’ve happily bought it off her before she customised it. I know where I am it sold out like hotcakes.

No. 980218

I think it looks pretty bland. The flowers don't look good.

She never does anything creative just for fun. Everything that has something to do with art is usually turned into a video.

No. 980220

Nintendo is dumb tho so all of your saves are tied to system and not cartridge or profile. Since animal crossing is basically her job instead of drawing now, I can se why she wouldn’t want to sell it, although there is probably a Pokémon collector who would want it in the future if she did ever decide to sell it.

Her stans are super gonna lick her taint and grovel about how good they think this is but wow, it’s just really off and boring for all the work she did on this which could easily be done on a sticker. the paint job is patchy AF and her really shitty lighting on the desk highlights that. I know she traced the eevee and pikachu but it really takes away from the original designs. Plus the flower doesn’t even look centered

No. 980230

You can transfer your accounts between systems - she did it herself when she got that pokemon switch (they enabled that functionality about then) - so why just not do it again?

Even if there might be no monetary worth when the next generation of switch comes out - sold out special editions typically have personal value to people. This one didn't to her, because it wasn't the AC switch

No. 980241

honestly, this is what it's come to ? bashing on baylee because maybe sometime in the future she might sell her switch and she should think about the people buying it rather than herself ? wtf ppl, you're really reaching. she owns it, she can do whatever with it, whether it turns out good or not.. jesus christ. comment on how her art is bland and her composition sucks, yes, but the motive behind her painting her switch is pointless.

No. 980558

At the moment Animal Crossing saves are stuck on the Switch you use to play the game on. You cannot transfer the save to another Switch unlike some other Nintendo games which use the cloud to back them up. She would have to restart the game from scratch if she bought a new console. Of course if she had bought the AC Switch at the start this wouldn't be a problem.

No. 980644

Are you new cuz baylee puts out art so rarely and just buys crap and lives in her pile of garbage that there really isn’t anything new to pick at her about. Even when she is doing daily vlogs like she’s gonna do in June, she does so much nothing besides art that like, the shitty busywork she does is really all that’s there to talk about

No. 980831

I don't care if it was a special edition or not, it just looks stupid now.
Also annoyed that she makes stuff like that her content for her art channel. This is a small side project you do in your freetime.
She has been going on how she wants to do all these long projects for months now and she has not done anything.

No. 980907

I don’t see her daily June vlogs being very entertaining even more so with the new daily streaming schedule.

No. 981044

Why the hell does she always wear shirts under shirts? She’s been doing it for years and it looks stupid.

No. 981062

Fuck, that Switch looks rough. As someone who couldn't get hold of the Eevee edition due to scalpers, fuck you, Baylee, tbh.

I don't mind the pink shirt from the beginning, it's quite nice on her as it is actually, but wtf is that nighty at the end? She looks like my 90 yo granny in that.

No. 981079

Yeah I didn’t watch the vlog when she announced she was doing daily vlogs in June like she did in March cuz frankly her vlogs are all repetitive and nothing happens to her nor does she do any art at all. But another anon said it’s cuz she can monetize those in addition to the art videos and since she makes the art videos so rarely, this is a second avenue for money.

But seriously since she basically planned out she’s only gonna work 4 hours a week on stream and game for 16, like why even vlog when the people can just watch her stream?

No. 981080

adding onto this, yeah anon is right cuz she has all these big plans for animation and her store but literally like, she isn’t affected by the pandemic at all so why hasn’t she started anything OR scheduled this into her streaming schedule cuz yeah, she’s only “working” four hours a week

No. 981099

Probably an attempt to hide her fat rolls

No. 981164

She never buys clothes that fit - the pink ruffly shirt was too small for her bust so it rode up on her belly - and she thinks she can just wear an undershirt to cover that. She should get properly fitted when the pandemic is over. She'd look a ton better wearing clothes that were actually her size even if she continued to have terrible taste and style.

No. 981191


True. The pink shirt wasn‘t very flattering around her bust/ upper body. Everything looked so squeezed.

No. 981198


she can't handle that she needs to be shopping in the plus size section.
her boobs and belly are too big to just buy a L and hope for the best.

No. 981267

She would never anyway tho. She has always shopped for clothes at fast fashion places like f21 and hot topic, she would rather spend the money on dolls. And cuz she has the perception that she’s a smaller person cuz she’s short, she’s always gonna buy clothes too small for her. She thinks she’s a small petite waif when really she’s small but wide and doesn’t realize she’s stretched all of her clothes out

No. 981454

File: 1590908321046.jpeg (185.61 KB, 750x333, D0FB08ED-494F-4654-BEF9-8144FD…)

Remember when she had her doll Judy? I remember

No. 981466

This is peak time for problematic people attending protests for Twitter clout (example: unburntwitch aka Zoe Quinn posted a protest video) or posting topical Tweets for clout (example: this exact Tweet)

Also wtf with the birthday comparison? How in the what…how do you see people being teargassed and think "ah, birthday parties"

No. 981474

This just feels like she wanted to fit in with the Twitter crowd.

No. 981484

not to defend her but it was a comparison of the racists who keep saying all lives matter, as if their whiteness if oppressed or smth, to a random douchebag who would steal your momentum on your birthday. hate it or not, it's a comparison.

No. 981497

Yes obviously it's a comparison, but it's a pretty weak one. One is a movement against oppression and attitudes that lead to the loss of innocent lives, and one is stealing someone's moment at an event that happens every year

No. 981588

Oh Baylee no. I get what she’s saying but just don’t get involved. It’s a cringe attempt at attention.

No. 981600

Even more cringe when it‘s coming from a super spoilt privileged white bitch.

No. 981746

File: 1590959640229.jpg (76.58 KB, 956x848, MUNNER.jpg)

She donated $300 and then to other similar charities too. Nice but just throwing money around needlessly as usual.

I'd be more sympathetic if people weren't burning down and looting businesses like grocery stores which have nothing to do with it. It just further highlights the stereotypical criminal behaviour that black people are trying to distance themselves from.

No. 981748

Yes and the funniest part is she treated the doll like a slave and constantly gave her abuse and then feigned ignorance when called out on it. And then in protest painted it brown and redid the dress and hair and fucked it all up and blamed her critics for ruining it. She just didn't get it at all.

08:48 kek

No. 981763


I understand that Baylee is boring and nitpicking is kinda what keeps this thread alive, but bitching about actually putting money toward a cause and comparing it to her "needless" purchases like dolls is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

No. 981766

It's not a good cause though is it, protest by all means but it didn't take long before they went too far and fucked it up with needless chaos.

No. 981772

Anon, shut up.

No. 981774

this is irrelevant to Baylee. she is donating money to a good cause. even the most cursory glance at Twitter will show who the aggressors in the protests actually are. the protests are plenty peaceful until the cops show up in riot gear and until some white idiot starts shit. don't be obtuse.

No. 981819

It doesn't matter who started the violence, it's no excuse to damage the surrounding property. Regardless, this is a thread about Baylee, not the ethics of what's going on in the world

No. 981904


did any of you ever go to a protest ? there's no handbook to protesting; there is however a handbook of how to be a policeman; if stupid shops are more important to you than human lives, you are freaking part of the problem.

No. 981909

Those stupid shops are the only reason families have food on the table and roofs over their heads. If they leave, unemployment goes up and the area as a whole goes down

No. 981915

I had actually forgotten about Judy. She seemed super upset about the whole thing, I thing after that she just tossed Judy in a drawer and it was never mentioned again. She even took away the video where she gives her a makeover.

No. 981921

Probably cuz now she didn’t have a reason to blame the shortcomings of her bad editing and choices on something external. Or like she didn’t have a prop to talk to like with kasey and sock kasey.

I wouldn’t put it past her that maybe like she’s learned a little and grown as a person but she mentioned laughing at a jagmeet Singh joke her dad showed her on Facebook during Brooklyn’s wedding (if u don’t know who he is, jagmeet Singh is a Sikh member of Canadian parliament and the joke was something like “if he took his turban off, he’d be Justin Trudeau (the PM) in disguise) so she’s at least White ignorant. Plus all her friends are white (tho I vaguely recall an Asian friend at a party once), so she probably has never confronted actual racism. But whatever, she donated money and that’s really the only power people may have stuck at home or in an area without protests so like, you can say it’s performative but at least money helps

No. 981927

lol the same people crying here about her sharing this stuff would be the same people crying she isn't doing anything.

No. 981966

Well for me she went slightly up in my estimation for at least addressing the situation albeit in her clumsy fashion. Too many white people are being silent on the matter for my liking.

No. 982442

No. 982663

Kudos to her at the beginning of the video for being passionate about how she feels and being an adult for once.

If she used the same energy for her videos & art she'd probably be less of a cow

No. 983091

Maybe if she hadn't then jumped straight into her decorating her special edition switch and showing off another fast fashion night gown. If it had have been split it would have been different. Just putting them in the same vlog feels weird to me

No. 984663

No. 984667

As soon as I saw the thumbnail I jumped on here to see if anyone had said how damn hideous that nightgown is. Like girl, no. I love frills but on god you look like a bed bound grandma.

No. 984729

What is with the nightgown obsession?!

No. 984765

She keeps watching that stupid Chateau show where people buy these big old abandoned castles and renovate them in old fashioned style. Which is why she keeps buying vintage looking clothing and homewares.

No. 984796

It makes me a bit jealous how she got a mobile studio for free, that she so needed for animating despite having a cintiq, and yet she mostly animates at her desk anyways.

If only she could pull that stuff off. I love pastels, frills and vintage but she either gets hideous stuff or simply doesn't know what would suit her.

No. 984824

She wanted to do stuff that takes more time…. yet she seemed to complain about how long things were taking the whole time.

rolls eyes

No. 984832

Honestly, I'd love to see her taking this whole vintage thing seriously instead of buying cheap clothes that aren't even "vintage aesthetic". Like, go the full route and wear some fitting underwear for the time period the show uses. But she never will. She's too trapped in the "comfy lounge look, but now with frills!".

No. 984997

I’m into historical costuming especially for the eras on that chateau show and like do any ounce of googling on historical fashion/everyday dress and there’s tons of foundation garments you have to wear to achieve anything that looks like historical garments. There’s also a small but thriving YouTube community of people who do everyday historical dress like Bernadette Banner who eschew these kinds of fast fashions. But it’s the Baylee Jae Way to not do any research or learn ANYTHING so she buys these cheap looking scratchy lace grandma nightgowns that fit poorly in her fat arms instead of getting anything that flatters her. So she went from dressing like a giant child to dressing like an 80 year old grandma who can’t be arsed to put on a bra and underwear under her nighties

No. 985098

It's almost a talent how she just half-asses everything in her life.

No. 985189


Yes, totally. Bernadette is one of the persons I thought of.

No. 985375

Seeing all of the junk in her house gives me so much anxiety. Her house looks dirty af all the time because she's too lazy to clean and then she has a ton of shit everywhere that's just collecting dust.

Do you really think she's gonna go from wearing loose-fitting t-shirts to wearing structured clothes that need proper undergarments and doing hairstyles that require regular maintenance? Good vintage/vintage inspired clothes are also expensive compared to her Aliexpress skirts and Walmart t-shirts, and Baylee values quantity over quality.

No. 985471

She practically doesn’t have any natural hair left to do anything with either cuz she bleaches it so much herself that it just breaks and keeps breaking cuz she insists using clip ins in her damaged hair. She exemplifies this weird attitude of like she always has to do everything without help or guidance or research on her part even if it’s to her own detriment, like bleaching her own hair without a salon or wearing shitty gunne sax dresses and thinking it’s flattering for her. I expect her to give up the ugly dresses in a couple months when it’s not hot anymore or until cottagecore stops being trendy with animal crossing people and have it collect more dust in her closets

No. 985623

No. 985632

ew that shitting animation is so fucking gross

No. 985633

Why am I not surprised that one of her first animations to do after years would be a pooping animation. Classy.

No. 985641

she talks about the purple shirt being to big of a size, but it's fitting just right around her chest.
Am I that delusional or does Baylee not even know clothes how clothes should fit when she wears something that's not about to burst?
Does she really think if she needs her clothes having a lot of stretch to fit in them, they are the right size for her? (see that haul a few vlogs back, "I'm not even trying that on because it has no give to it")

No. 985685

If anything that shirt seems a bit too small since it's very short. She just has no idea how to dress for her size and body shape. She has always had that thing about her not wanting things too baggy, there has been a few times where she got clothes that were supposed to be oversize in a smaller size so she wouldn't look too big in them. So yeah, she probably thinks the tighter, the better.
I think she's also just delusional on how big she has gotten. I've been watching her vlogs since the first day and she's never been bigger.

No. 985690

Doent seem like she likes her pokemon switch very much…Why'd she get it? What a waste..and the animation Is disgusting. Why would you make that it's not even funny..

No. 985697

Not only is the idea of animating a character having diarrhoea disgusting, the one thing that really stuck out to me was the leg anatomy. Yes it may be a cartoony style but that foreshortened leg looks so weird while the straighter leg looks way too long in my opinion.

No. 985818

File: 1591841845867.jpeg (51.45 KB, 613x204, 47A0D9E9-8211-4B76-AB56-8EF4A4…)

In what world does the person that left this comment live? Baylee has one of the worst work ethic i have ever seen. She loses so much time doing nothing and when she does work, it’s in super inefficient ways.

No. 985822


In a world with alternative facts apparently.
Does this really surprise anyone?

No. 985867

Christ, I thought Kasey Golden and her obsession with dog dicks was bad but this takes the revolting cake.

No. 985871

She doesn't understand fit at all. She thinks it's too big because it's baggy around her midsection and arms despite being way too short. It's short because it's riding up to accommodate her bust. It's not about the shirt being too big or too small, it's completely the wrong cut for her body shape. Busty girls need something with enough tailoring to fit their bust but also nip in around their waist or they look like you're wearing a muumuu (yes, even for someone like Baylee who doesn't have much of a waist). She was on the right track thinking of tucking it in - although it's probably too short for that - or pairing it with a belt but she was too lazy to follow through.

No. 985882

I didn't understand why she wouldn't wear a skirt with it? She woke leggings underneath her shorts and all of her skirts are 10x longer than those. Probably long enough to cover the leggings. Plus that would be even warmer.

No. 985908

Honestly I think her stans mainly consist of people just as or even lazier than she is. So no wonder they think she has good work ethic.

No. 986003

Princess seams, she needs them desperately if she's going to go for the frilly tops.

No. 986110

File: 1591905592017.png (896.03 KB, 704x1082, Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.5…)

She needs to stop shopping for such cheap ass looking clothes. Also that pooping animation along with the sound effects she was making for it was disturbing

No. 986138


lol What sad attempt at porn.
Srsly, Bayls, think twice before you post pictures of you, if not for you than for your husband. That‘s embarrassing.

No. 986161

Looks like 1h of furiosly tapping your feet on a mat once a week really paid off!

No. 986188

I hope she turns her google home off or puts it in a different room when she live streams because one day she won't hit that mute button fast enough.

No. 986284

Kek we all know where she lives anyway. She’s been doxxed enough times on here.

No. 986354

If y'all told me that she was a crackhead, then i'd believe you. Why she look so crusty there and thought it was great content to upload?? Nasty

No. 986398

Oh ew this looks like the inner lining of a cheap dress and made of the cheapest satin you can buy for like fifty cents a yard. Plus it doesn’t even fit, look how badly it fits in the arms, gross

No. 986399

She’s just gonna flash her gooch on stream in one of these ugly cheap grandma gowns when she inevitably tears them by moving

No. 986481

No. 986502

Bitch loves to eat

No. 986734


why would she not pour that coffee in the freaking kitchen, in the sink, where there's no danger to getting coffee all over your tablet or your art stuff… wtf

No. 986740

The girth of her neck though

No. 986842

Also, who puts their coffee in a teacup?? She claims she needs to buy a larger teacup for her coffee, but just use a damn mug..

No. 986859

she's just so stupid. the reason tea cups are small is because you pour from a tea pot.

i can't believe her dumb ass really took a big novelty mug, used a funnel? to pour it into a tea cup, and overfilled it to like double the necessary amount. head truly empty.

No. 986923

Has anyone noticed that all she’s managed to animate so far is her cartoon-self shitting and a bunch of objects rocking back and forth? Remind me again why she felt the need to invest in a professional software license?

No. 987011

She says in the video, she likes to pretend she's on Chateau Diaries where they drink from tea cups.

No. 987016


kek Also one could still pour their coffee from a tea pot. like coffee pots exist. Problem solved.

No. 987017

File: 1592087668814.jpg (71.39 KB, 570x616, Yuck.jpg)

Ugh I can smell it from here..

No. 987150

This is just plain sad that she’s playing dress up and tea parties now.

She has a drawer full of those giant ass Disney mugs and probably more in storage, she’s just too lazy to make coffee directly into the teacup or actually getting a teapot. Though I bet she’s doing that next with this whole chateau kick she has right now. She’s one lazy video away from just hosting a tea party with her dolls on stream

No. 987203

Why not commit to the vintage pastel thing and get a nice tea/coffee set? Etsy and Amazon have plenty and she can easily effort getting something nice. It'll probably get lost in that mess that is her house though.

Imagine working out for like what? 7 months now? And not getting any results. Honestly feel like she even gained some weight since she started working out.

No. 987284

The last 4 minutes off the video are just her chatting to get the video to 10mins

No. 987289

Haven't watched it yet but why did she feel the need to write "includes animation"? Does she think more people will watch the video then?

No. 987297


I did a quick stop watch and oh lord this video is a joke. Not only did she ruin a limited edition switch because it wasn't 'cute enough' - the animation in it is so half assed and amateurish not to mention gross . . . why did she need to include a diarrhoea animation is beyond me! It's so clear that her heart just isn't in art any longer. She should probably give up now . . .

No. 987298

So the animations are ok, the poop one is still awful though. They're very simple and I feel like she spent way too much time on them. The Switch looks like crap. Her paint job is bad and the flowers look terrible. The last minutes of her rambling were unnecessary, it's painfully obvious that she just needed to fill 10minutes.

I think it's really the end of her art channel, it has been going down for so long and now she is rarely gonna upload. Honestly this video is kinda disappointing considering that she hasn't uploading in like 4 weeks. It will make it even more difficult for her to attract new people to follow and to buy her merch. It doesn't help that she is terrible at managing several things at once. She focused solely on animating the past days, no store prep. Now she will probably just focus on store prep, making the next video even later.

Everything she does just always seems rushed, half assed and amateurish, and I swear it's getting worse.

No. 987318

She ruined the nintendo switch. replacing the buttons etc ok but the whole paint job was horrendous. Now it looks like a kocnoff version. People who have money do spend it on dumb crap i guess

No. 987816

No. 987827

Dafuq.. they ate the entire dip in one sitting

No. 987881

Ugh that 'dip' is practically pure fat and they ate it all in one go with chips. And she wonders why she's the size of a whale.

No. 987895

"I don't measure cheese" - that's why she gains weight. Because she has not ideas how much calories she eats. That looks like a pound of cheese with probably 1500 calories and that without the sour cream and other cheese (or what that white stuff was) she added on top. Together with the chips, that snack had calories that she should eat in one day, not in one snack!

No. 987983

This is why she's not seeing results (or only just now seeing small results), you can workout all you want, do the best workouts, do everything right physically, but if you're still eating like shit it's all for nothing. She hasn't fixed her diet, at least not completely, and she's sabotaging herself. A complete diet overhaul, even with the limited work she does, will make so much difference

No. 988023

If she really lost a bit of weight, that's probably more due to the fact that she hasn't been drinking that much. She'll probably gain that weight right back when they can meet up with their friends again.

Ok what was that with her licking the copics? She should also be more careful with what she shows outside of her house.

No. 988025

It’s not like she isn’t aware of it either. Like when Brooklyn stayed with her and pretty much cooked all their food, she made good looking stuff with vegetables and I swear that was the first time baylee even shopped at grocery store that wasn’t Walmart. I feel as though she did keto cuz A: it was trendy and B: it is similar to what she still eats but with keto, you HAVE to eat high fat foods to stay in ketosis but I don’t think she even stopped that when she went off of the diet, she still eats high amounts of fat but now adds carbs.

No. 988027

Copics are alcohol based markers so maybe she’s been so thirsty for booze now that she can’t drink every night with people that she’s trying to suck the alcohol out of her markers

No. 988031

That's probably it. She wanted to go back on keto after her wedding/after Christmas but she never really did. Instead she kinda let herself go.

Honestly at this point I wouldn't even be surprised.

No. 988390

No. 988399

I'm getting annoyed with her blaming covid for the delayed store opening. Be real Baylee, you would not have managed another store launch sooner. She is so slow preparing for it, she has barely done anything so far.
She's just so unplanned and lazy.

No. 988401

I think she probably thinks she is being healthy, since she does eat a lot of veggies as snacks. What she eats overall isnt THAT bad, its more so the amount, like that dip isn't healthy, but if you are using it like dip on rare ocasion its fine…..but not eating the whole thing as a meal thats SOO much. She just over eats, she eats super heavy meals that have way too much food, even if you just limited the amount of sauce she used she would be better off. She can eat a tray of veggies and THINK she is healthy, but thats not going to correct eating like crap the rest of the time.

No. 988413

more slop, what a surprise.

is she just planning on letting her disgusting roots grow out? what's her hair situation?

No. 988414

So do people not remove their wedding rings while washing dishes or their hands or that just people like baylee

No. 988427

She cooks so much food at once. I get that she doesn't really enjoy cooking so I figured she was one of those cook a huge amount at once and eat it again for lunch for the next couple days kind of people. But when she shows her and Christian's plates, it's bonkers how much they're eating in one sitting. Since she's into this twee aesthetic now, she should invest in some dainty small dinner plates given she can't portion control on her own.

No. 988489

Tbh sometimes I wonder if Baylee is just turning into the arttuber version of Amberlynn Reid.

No. 988686

Most people don't remove their rings, ever. Even whilst wiping their ass. I'm starting to despise Baylee but this is a non issue.

No. 988751

Personally, I don’t understand the reason why you wouldn’t remove your ring when doing basic tasks. I wear a ring daily but I always take it off if I need to wash dishes for example. It just seems like a horrible idea..

No. 988817

A couple vlogs ago she said something about wanting a pink ombre? So dark brown on top and then have it fade to pink. She said she'd also go to a hairdresser for that.

No. 988820

Lmao if she thinks a hairdresser is gonna touch her hair to do anything but chop it all off. With the amount it must breaking, they're just gonna tell her to leave it alone and let it grow

No. 988862

She should get a good quality wig and give her hair a chance to recover. She can afford it.

No. 988867


Or just dye her hair in her natural colour and leave it be for a couple of years. It will take her at least 2,5 to 3 years to have her roots grown out to her shoulders.

No. 988899

2.5-3 years?? The hell?? That's way too slow. Mine did it in 1.5-2 years.

No. 989390

Unless that fucking chateau show shows the person that’s in it wearing a wig, she’s probably gonna just keep trying those overpriced extensions she’s also bleached the crap out of instead of buying a wig even though I swear even her followers have told her she should get one. Plus it’d probably be as cheap as those nightgowns she insists on wearing too

No. 989438

I really wish she'd take the time to refilm certain ahem /most/ clips. Get the rambles out, organise her thoughts, and then go back and refilm herself saying it more coherently and cohesively. I totally get working things out as you talk, I do that a lot because I find it easier to organise my thoughts that way, but it's different when filming and editing. And it'll make her editing so much easier, she won't have to worry about the rambly clips

No. 989700

No. 989709

But that will take twice as long and Layzee Jae just isn’t in to to making quality content like that.

No. 989736

Every video baylee makes , everytime it seems as if her channel is dying. I can't help but think of all the supplies she hoards and never uses. I'm still so salty about how she bought really good watercolors and still has only made like 2 ugly drawings

No. 989793

Does she really have to film herself getting the items. *huge eyeroll…

No. 989895

As if? It is dying. I’m pissed at socialblade for covering people’s subs up, hers would be nose diving.

No. 989940

It's not social blade's fault, youtube started partially hiding sub counts a year or so ago

No. 989965

I wish she wouldn't let Kiki use the stack of unfolded boxes as scratch-tree. It's a nitpick as it doesn't really matter once they're folded, but she just always seems a bit uncaring for her products.

I wonder what she thinks about it. She used to mention that she's worried about her channel dying, but ever since reaching 1mil she hasn't said anything about it. Is she not aware or does she just not care anymore?

No. 989971

She’s was letting them run away with pins she would be selling in their mouths. I don’t think she cares. If one shit in one of the boxes she’d eventually fish it out and then send products out in it.

No. 989974

Its not a nitpick. That shit would not fly in a large scale warehouse. She definitely should not be letting it happen in her home business

No. 990485

File: 1592729111622.jpeg (195.44 KB, 1194x796, 205C0005-95C0-4EF2-BBE1-049556…)

So if you look at her past threads when socialblade and YouTube were more on it, she had weird numbers on both her main and vlog channels. They were always decreasing compared to someone with less followers but was more consistent like kasey. She’s most likely buying subs to keep her number over a million (or more strangely, someone else is buying her those subs) because her engagement numbers on the rest of her social networks are super low. The most telling was when she did that very bad sponsored by Wish video and a ton of people told her she was bad for taking sponsorships of bootleg merchandise and she turned off the comments on the video— she lost about 1k subs and was on a steady loss of around a hundred a day for a little bit but magically got a surge of like a couple hundred when she hadn’t been posting any videos for weeks.

Her channel IS dying, especially since she doesn’t even do art anymore. But either she or someone else just buys her subs to maintain the million. Compare the views and subs chart from baylee on socialblade here vs kasey

No. 990487

File: 1592729254308.jpeg (198.25 KB, 1198x794, EB6414D3-B78B-42C1-9013-86598C…)

I’m only using kasey as an example cuz she has LESS subs than baylee (baylee is at 1.16, kasey is at 1.15) but is super consistent at posting videos and keeping a schedule. Like I don’t like either of them but baylee’s daily views are less than 5 digits while consistent art tubers like kasey and waffles routinely go over 6. Like something IS up

No. 990598

It's easier to look at her view numbers. They usually range between 50k to 75k. Then there are outliers like her mystery boxes that gain 150k to around 190k, with the earlier ones upt to 300k (even her worst box with 109k is still better than her usual videos like Hot Guy) or her "The End is nigh" videos (art suckz yadda yadda): 150k/ 175k. And finally that awful Wish video and the also awful Conspiracy palette video got over 400k.

Her view numbers are also hinting at bought subscribers bc she only gains big numbers on videos that are either drama (art sucks) or search favourites (Conspiracy, subscriber boxes) but are low on her core content.

No. 990603

Her channel is clearly dying, it's just slow. I wouldn't be surprised if it will go down faster now where she'll rarely uploads. Her mother might bought/buys some subs to help her out. She seems to have a very supportive family that is well off.

Really she should've merged her art and vlog channel and made studio vlogs. Using her social media to promote her store, like katnipp does it.

No. 990698

She has 1.16 Million subscribers, her videos average 50k views minimum. That means only 5% of her subs actually watch her videos which is absolutely abysmal. You should at least reach for a retention of 1/3 which means her videos would need to draw 366k each and she is well below that.

No. 991255

Tbh I think she would bleed more subs if she made studio vlogs, like it doesn’t feel like she is willing to edit her rambling and thoughts into anything coherent like people complained earlier. There’s a certain style with studio vlogs where it’s always very clean and very aesthetic, she’s dissed them before in the past cuz she obviously wants to not be seen as that but she’s also pretty unable to clean her living space to a decent state to maintain a studio vlog type thing. They also don’t ramble as much as she does cuz baylee will talk about everything cuz she has no friends and is so used to talking like a streamer.

I think if google ever does a takedown of obviously fake accounts, she’d easily loose a ton of her subs. It’s too bad tho that she isn’t doing anything about it other than just to coast along? She’s so privileged in that she has all the opportunity to become a better artist or animator but she just kind of squanders it cuz she has so many people baby and support her. She’s never had to work hard in her life

No. 991367


Privileged is 100% the way to place Baylee. She seems to come from a pretty well to do family and hasn't really had to struggle financially. She walked out of university basically straight into a job, was able then to quit her job and just do youtube and now her youtube is slowly decaying but she hasn't seemed to notice and is just rolling along oblivious to what is happening.

Ever since she quit her animation job she's become so disconnected from reality and it shows. She needs a good dose of real life tbh

No. 991761

Since she said she wasn't enjoyind filming art anymore, what is she even planning on posting then? I've never watched her video games streams but I don't think she is particularly fun to watch…..

No. 991783

She said it herself she is vlogger.
She clearly isn't into art and finally told her audience. Her channel might not die sind eher vlogs i'm her main channel but her audience for art and possibly for her shop will die. In a year she is gonna drop all art related content.

Also she sounds hella privilege when she said "all i have to do is film my life and make art that I can just post to Twitter"

No. 991785

A good move I think, however she seriously needs to up the quality of the vlog content and the quality of editing to maintain a following otherwise the people who come for the art are just going to continue to abandon her.

No. 991909


feels like the final nail in the coffin for any of her channels, honestly. her studio vlog performed terribly. any one who subs to her art channel and is interested in vlogs was already subbed to bumble baylee.

this feels really short sighted and an excuse to post what she wants (shitty vlogs) to the channel with the most subs. she says she refused most / all sponsorships on bumble baylee, so it won't surprise me if we see her start to accept them now that she's on her main channel full time.

No. 991923


I dont get why she moved her vlogs over though? Seems super risky, like yeah more people are subscribed to that channel so maybe with her wanting to cut back to basically JUST vlogs (even though she claims she is going to do other stuff too, it's going to be 90% vlogs), but people who are subscribed to her art channel and not her vlog channel are that way for a reason, and its not just because they don't KNOW about her vlogs, those people probably are not interested in watching vlogs, and so they either wont watch, and it will affect her views, or they will unsubscribe so they don't get all the vlogs. I would think it would just be cleaner to keep her vlog channel her vlog channel and if she really wants to drop off the art stuff than she should just not post on the ART channel. Its like if people watch a car channel, and that person decides to combine their family vlogs into that channel and cut way down on the car content….people are just going to LEAVE.

No. 991928


Yeah, she HERSELF, said a while back that content didn't do well on her art channel, so why put it there. I mean I would say most people who are on her vlog channel are also following her art, so this isnt going to GAIN her any followers, and then also with her studio vlogs, they preformed less than her regular vlogs, so why would she think putting ALL her vlogs there would be a good idea? I think she wants to just find a way to quit without actually quitting, if she just changes the art channel to a vlog channel she doesn't have to admit she is quitting art fully. She did animation once and is already seeming to be over it

No. 992004

She said that most people subscribed to her vlog channel don’t even watch her art videos. Just wait, though, soon enough she’ll quit YouTube completely and only stream (then probably keep changing her mind on THAT, too).

No. 992005

I wonder how many subscribers and views does a Youtube needs to earn enough to make a living with Youtube?

No. 992043

If she stops making art videos, wouldn't she just be quitting art completely since she only makes art for videos anyways? I guess that will make her absurd art supply hoard go from barely used to never used.

No. 992058


as soon as she makes money from one of her hobbies, she loses interest eventually. vlogging is going to go soon too now that she's making it her main job.

is she saying it'll take her a month to animate a 3 min video? is that normal? it didn't seem to take her that long to animate her bumper screens and shit. i don't know how long it takes a real animator to work though.

No. 992073

I think how long it takes to animate something really depends on what she's animating and how many frames per second she's gonna do. But considering it's Baylee, she's either gonna make something lazy and mediocre and/or give up part way through

No. 992105

This is such an obvious "im jumping on the bandwagon" studio vlogs are something im seeing more and more of and its so obvious shes seen the trend and is jumping on it because her art channel is dying.

No. 992140


coming from someone who does animation, NO it doesn't take that long. Maybe with something much more involved and with a lot to it, but not what she is working on, I would say a 3 min video in the style/format she does would take maybe a week? and that's giving her some buffer considering she does other things like packaging, but it really shouldn't take over a week. She does a lot of very simple animation and some of it is almost more slide show stills or loops. Generally, 2d animation is done 24 fps, so for 3 mins that would be about 4320 frames to draw (if you are actually drawing EVERY frame and not looping/using stills/etc), so to be fair 4320 frames can take a while, but some of what she does is SUPER simple so she should be breezing through it, especially since she isn't new to it. Like her bumpers/brb signs took her way too much time to make that should of been maybe a few days if she was really taking her time.

No. 992208

You know when I said I think she should've merged her two channels, I was thinking she also switches to filming actual studio vlogs. Like really stepping up her game with vlogging, not just moving the vlogs to her dying art channel. That's just retarded.

Her vlogs are boring, she just lives in a mess and is lazy. There is a reason that her vlog channel has been stagnant for years. I think the real reason she is switching is because she doesn't like art at all anymore (which she said herself) but doesn't really want to give up all those subscribers. She lies to herself thinking she'd do extra animation for her other social media. Those things never worked out before, she simply can't focus on several things and her laziness ain't helping.

She should just consider to get a job outside of youtube and Twitch. Even if it's just part-time for now.

No. 992375

I still don't get how she expects her store to stay in business if she doesn't get customers from her youtube videos. It's not like she's advertising anywhere else. Not to mention, what is she going to stock the store with if she isn't making any new art because she's spending all her time making tiktok animations?

She could have used the extra time from covid pushing the store launch back to get ahead and prep art for her next pins, prints and stickers. But that's not the Baylee Jae way, I guess. This is the lamest midlife crisis I've ever seen.

No. 992389

I don't mind too much that her vlogs aren't highly produced. I watch a lot of studio vlogs and personally I don't mind it if there's no music scenes etc. I am working while I have that stuff on so the studio vlogs that do music and text on the screen is kind of annoying for me. It means I have to stop what I'm doing and look over so I don't miss stuff.

That being said I do like those vlogs and I think the people who make them are clearly putting effort into it. It's kinda gross how she belittles those kinds of vlogs all the time. She's coming across like the kid who bullies someone for actually studying for a test or working hard to get a promotion..

She's definitely switching the main channel because she has more subs there. She's hoping that more people will watch her vlogs and she'll get more money that way.

Unfortunately her audience there is not the right audience for this. She's going to lose a lot of subs for a while before it starts to even out.

It's just funny how we all predicted that her animation thing wasn't going to last. She's literally done one thing and she's already over it lol.

No. 992414

I wonder if she and christian are trying to have kids. she used to mention it sometimes when they first got married but I haven't heard anything about it in a while. I think she could be pretty successful as a family vlogger, there are tons of disney moms who would watch her.

I don't think she'd be able to handle having kids AND a youtube channel with her executive dysfunction problem tho.

No. 992444

I suspect one of them has a problem down there. Besisdes I hope they don't have kids, they are too childish and selfish and can't even look after themselves or their cats preoperly, let alone a child.

No. 992488

I'm not so sure she would have success as a mommy vlogger to be honest. The few mommy/family vlogs I've watched were rather different from anything Baylee could offer.

Honestly covid is just an excuse for her. She would never have launched her store earlier even without it.

No. 992907

No. 993456


I wish she wouldn't hate so much on the aesthetic studio vlogs - people who do those put a lot of effort into them, much more than Baylee ever would put into her own! But I guess it's because she's just too lazy and messy to make things visually pleasing and aesthetic

No. 993470

It's kinda rude of her. She doesn't put much work and effort into anything she does, but some people actually care about their art and how they present it (and themselves) online. I don't think she realizes how lucky she has been, most people could never make it with just the bare minimum.

No. 993500

I’m honestly not surprised she’s dropping art and YouTube soon as well. I mean she’s been doing YouTube since around 2013 maybe longer, I don’t feel like really looking. Also she didn’t even want to go to school for Art originally she wanted to be a Vet Tech right? And then she switched to animation. So maybe her passion for her hobby is finally dying out. I think that happens to all of us. I as well used to be super into art and now I make the occasional piece every couple months.

No. 993502

I mean she did know what she was doing. She got rich off of YouTube not so much now but there was an appeal. There are plenty of YouTubers who slowly fizzle out, especially someone like Baylee who really only cares if she’s making money.

No. 993693

No. 993702

it seems like she gets on these little highs from doing VERY little changes. Like her changing over her vlog channel to her main channel, while that consolidates the location of her videos, it's really not any more or less work, she is still doing EXACTLY what she was doing before, she had already pretty much dropped off doing art videos so it's not like she is switching anything up.

But every time she makes some irrelevant change, she gets into this idea that everything is so different now and everything is going to change and saying she is so motivated now, and a weight is lifted, etc etc. But she goes and does exactly what she has always done essentially.

No. 993721

I think when she was the most productive and creative and motivated, it was actually when she had a full-time job and was also doing art videos and vlogs, that when i started watching her, and I liked her then. She seemed to have more ambition then, which I think is ultimately why I can't stand her now. I hate people who lack ambition and have this attitude of "look at me, Im working the system, Im getting away with only doing this".

I think twitch and gaming is a real job, I think that definitely is work, but for HER I feel like she really has that mindset of "oh I can just play video games all day why would I do real work" and she really has that braggy attitude more and more o just showing off how she gets away with things (like her taxes, getting sent too many dolls for free, getting to just play animal crossing).

Back when she was working, I feel like she had more plans and ambitions, now she is just lazy and happy with it. Like I also fully think vlogs are a valid job…but you have to have something to vlog about. Before it was her job and art, and now with really not doing much of ANY art, all we see is her home all day, and packaging and some random stream clips of her playing video games…its stale and boring at this point. Before her vlogs were this "extra" thing, as they are with a lot of people that have 2 channels, but if what you do now IS vlogs, then you need to amp it up. You have to have something interesting for people to watch, and she doesn't. Its one thing when you have this EXTRA content, people don't exect much, but when its the MAIN channel and the primary content, then people expect some more.

I don't think she will necessarily feel it very much in subscribers, but she is going to see it in advertiser/sponsorships, which is where most youtube money comes from.

No. 993739


she talks about how she got a subscriber bump but… her last vlog only 33k views. which is more than she got on her bumble baylee channel on average, but not by much.

her last art video before the switch painting was animal crossing fan art and that only had 55k views. and that's when animal crossing was at its peak… but maybe her fans didn't want to see daisy mae as a thot (going off her hot guy series i mean).

this is going to end badly for her. it's a slow painful death.

No. 993749

Someone probably just bought a couple hundred more for her so she thinks it’s a bump. I still don’t understand how she retains over 1 million when we know that most of them are probably fake by now

No. 993835

Baylee seems to have the same mentality as Rae. The whole " i can barely draw and look i still made it" I hate people who lack ambition so that's why i unsubscribed. All the popular art youtubers lately have put out such lame content…im not sure if it is just the quarantine getting to them but i don't think that is the case 100%, since most of them were putting lazy content since even before the covid hit. Does baylee really think people will wanna watch her vlogs?

No. 994751


The 'wahh I can barely draw but I'm successful somehow' mentality infuriates me - it's such a ploy to get subs to tell them how great they are in order to boost their ego. And whilst I don't think Baylee is entirely egotistic (childish, unorganised and privileged most certainly) it's still a really cheap and bad thing to do.

Honestly the idea of moving her vlogs to her art channel is also really stupid - people subbed to the art channel are soon going to see her, quite frankly, awful personality and leave, she probably only got a small bump in subs because her already mindless drones from the vlogs followed her. Her channel is dying and she's apparently trying to ward off its slow demise but it just isn't working.

Maybe it's time she went back to university, she probably has enough money to fund her studies, and choose a new career path - one that doesn't involve being obnoxious as fuck online!

No. 994990

Is she happy though? I don't know how others see her but to me, she seems incredible lonely and unhappy. She clearly doesn't find fulfillment in what she does, she just doesn't know what is missing.

It's understandable too. She basically just sits at home all day, every day. She doesn't really seem to have friends either, just Christian's friends that only come over to drink. It's kinda sad that she never really tried to improve her art or change up her art channel (as in actual change that improves the content, not change as in abandoning it). Unsurprising that she got bored of it.

No. 995008


You're very correct, she does seem to be lonely which maybe is why she has such an obsession with vlogging because it gives her some form of satisfaction or false idea that the people who leave comments are her friends or even care about her life. I know quarantine and social distancing his been hard on people globally - but Baylee doesn't seem to make an effort to video chat with people or call people. Before, like when she lived in the smaller flat, she was always videoing with her sister or her parents and even when moving into her current house she still did for a while but in the last year or so she mentions Brooklyn less and doesn't seem to talk to her all that much anymore (I don't know if there's a reason behind that).

Working at home is difficult of course because you don't get that social interaction with co-workers that you would working in a normal job. So I don't understand why, when she's able, Baylee doesn't, I dunno, get another hobby besides sitting at home alone. Like somebody else said - she could easily go to college and get another qualification, meet some people, join a sports club, do yoga! Just anything to get out of the house! But no, it seems that she would rather sit at home and cling onto a decaying channel because she's 'youtube famous' fml

No. 995094

Yeah, I think she's depressed and stuck in a rut.

No. 995181

File: 1593112685909.png (101.6 KB, 771x417, 1593084124468.png)


Yes, it is such a bad mentality. Baylee may have not flat out said it like Rae did on her twitter, but she sure as hell does it with her actions. I attached the pic of that whole idk how to draw and still succeeded bs that Rae said. Not her thread but it has to do with what I think Baylee and other channels believe

No. 995951

Rae is even worse than Baylee with that. Baylee for sure is privileged and delusional, but she does somewhat realizes that her art isn't the best.
Rae I feel like doesn't really see how terrible her art actually is. Can't stand her at all tbh.

No. 996083

yeah, she is delusional. I remember when she tried to sell a copic piece for 300 dollars saying "well it is my first copic drawing lol"

Baylee could improve a lot but I feel like she doesn't wanna change the style she has and that makers her stay in the rut. All the art youtubers must know to some degree that their audience is mostly children or teenagers between 14-16

No. 996135


Wait, she tried to sell a marker drawing for 30 dollars! When was this and what was it - because none of her artwork is worth $300. Just how delusional was (and still is) she?

No. 996150

File: 1593188051732.png (681.89 KB, 1068x752, 23.png)

lmao my bad it was 350$. I agree not worth it but how she felt it was a good deal is beyond me. It ended up on the delusional artists thread on reddit. She even commented on it trying to excuse the price. If you are interested in seeing her response just google delusional artists copic and one of the results should be about her.

God im cracking up again just remembering. At least Baylee's prices seem better even though I remember she was selling an ugly watercolor piece with a badly drawn horse for $$$

No. 996447

the worst part is that marker work isn't lightfast and will actually fade relatively quickly. At least Baylee seems to be aware of this (or at least afaik)

No. 996452

oh yeah i forgot about that too. I think Baylee mostly sells prints of the original, she should know about them not being lightfast

No. 996461

yes, that's what I meant. Baylee has enough brain matter to sell prints, and I don't remember her ever selling the originals.

No. 996489


I think the only originals Baylee has ever sold were the ones done through the artist collective but I don't remember the prices for any of those, as well as selling some originals at cons years ago - I remember her framing an selling some originals that I think were 100 dollars each . . . I cba looking through old footage for exact numbers. But she never sells originals these days, just prints

No. 996891

She sold some originals after moving to the second flat. I remember there was a Belle drawing and some others. Pretty sure those were all u der 100$. Then there were I think 4 with frames during conventions (I think she only sold 3 though, but not sure) and then all the originals from that youtube artist collective. They all aleays sold off the original afterwards. I believe Baylee's were around 300$ and they always sold within like a day. Even that horrondous plum horse pic she made.

I remember that painting so well, it was the first time were she really got to my nerves. People critiqued that painting and she got all defensive about it, how it can't be wrong because she used a reference (which she did, only that she took two pictures with different perspectives and smashed them together in photoshop).

No. 997036

No. 997039


An advent calendar . . . an advent calendar! What planet is this woman living on! This seriously has to be the stupidest ideas she has ever had. I'm actually shocked. And here we thought she couldn't get any worse

No. 997075

That she seriously thinks she couldn't do such small animations before. Like she seriously overestimates how much work she does.

The advent calendar is stupid. Sure it sounds cool but she won't be able to pull this off nicely. Not to mention the price. Will there really be 500 people spending around 65$ for an advent calendar? She has this habit of just jumping on to something but not thinking it throw. She's like Holly Brown, just more successful.

No. 997093


You think her fans wouldn't spend $65 on a calendar? They buy all her other stupid shit, why not some mediocre calander? She may be lazy and uncreative but Baylee 109% has her following under her thumb. Probably helps they're largely children so it'll be parents money

No. 997129

Yes, but she said she would get 500 calendars, she has a lot of fans but enough for such a large number?
And those 65 are like the lowest price she could sell it, so it might be even more.

No. 997157

I like how the first 11 minutes are all stuff she did on stream, so if you actually watched her stream you'd have already seen it

No. 997239

I was shocked by how many people in the comments were excited and saying they would preorder it. I know her shop is successful but it always surprises me that people are actually willing to spend money on the things she makes.

500 calendars though? Not sure she could sell that many. I think if she cut that number in half she could come out of it okay, but it's obviously a very seasonal item so if she had too much overstock she'd have to wait an entire year to sell the rest.

No. 997284


look how much stock in pins she orders and seems to sell out of. her fans would definitely buy this crap.

No. 997373

she sells her pins for like 5 bucks a piece though, 65 is a huge jump. Is her fanbase really that affluent?

And I have to say;for a fucking lame ass advent calendar!? Fancy hardcover art books by established artists cost less than that! she has zero sense of value, and I guess neither has her fanbase

No. 997598

Girl who couldn't be bothered making 3-4 new items for Halloween plans on making 12 new items in one month.
Sure. You go girl. We believe in you.

No. 997664

Nah I’m pretty sure she’ll sell those out. Her shop sells out every time she opens it and she sells her pins for an average price, like isn’t it like 10USD each or so?

like I don’t think y’all on this board realize the majority of her customers are NOT kids, they’re young people in their mid to late 20’s like her who have money to burn on tchotchkes and cuz they think she’s a fun streamer. Same people who watch her streams and look up to her as an artist alley youtuber. Those people usually make their own income, like kids DONT, and they’re the people who engage her the most on stream, like if u watch her videos where she goes to cons and she shows her helpers and her fans, they’re all roughly like her- they’re grown up children. Her shit at AA’s was mostly kids cuz she did those pin buttons and sold them for dirt cheap, anyone who has done an AA especially at anime cons like she did knows kids will make impulse buys for fandoms they like regardless of art, however that demographic is way different than the ones who know her on the internet and streaming- her stans are way more likely to buy any shit she poops out including this calendar. I have no doubt they would sell out in a day, the only problems would be international shipping (which i assume is part of the reason she hasn’t opened her shop, the other part is that she probably wasn’t ready anyway) and that because of covid, most people’s incomes are affected so people are less likely to make impulse purchases (mostly in the US where I assume a majority of her packages go). I haven’t watched the video but since she said advent, I assume it’s something she’s gonna release around the end of the year which is saying something that she’s ACTUALLY planning for more than a month into the future

No. 997698

I wonder how well she really will execute it though. She wants to design about 3 new things a week for a month for it and wouldn't she also have to assemble the calendar herself? She plans on selling them in October, which sounds like a long time to go but this is Baylee we're talking about. She hasn't even finished preparing for her next store launch. Then again it's not like her followers have high standards…

No. 997774


Baylee saying she needs 3 new things a week for a month. Not going to happen. Her work commitment is absolute zero. The advent calendar is a really dumb idea, hasn't she ever seen other YouTubers do calendars - they tend to turn out quite bad. Also at $65 minimum, 500 is definitely a push. I guess we'll just need to wait and see how this idea develops since 90% of the time she doesn't commit to an idea

No. 997887


the only people i've seen succeed with an advent calendar are sticker planners. the ones i follow actually put in the work and if i remember right they had their stickers printed in like july or something and packaging was ready a couple months later. i don't believe baylee has the motivation or acumen to do this herself.

i'm just picturing all the stuff she'd need to do to make it - a new shopping trip on uline for opaque bags, futzing around w the cricut making the day 1-24 stickers, buying crap off aliexpress to fluff up other days.

i hope she tries this i want to see it go off the rails.

No. 997906

>>997036 >>997887

On one hand, I want to see Baylee go through with this for the sheer hilarity that would be her trying to coordinate a big project like making calendars and badly it could possibly go.

But I also don't want to see it happen because it's just another thing for a her brainless fans to eat up despite her having very little artistic talent to design and produce something like a calender

No. 998467

It would only be a 12 day advent calendar.

Such a project should have been thought about earlier, so she would have had time to design some nice products for it and enough time to think about the presentation and assembling of the calendar.
This just seems like a sudden idea she had, now she's gonna rush through designing the products, while still preparing for the next store launch (which she could've been already prepared for if she could just get her butt up).
Knowing her she then will really have to rush to get all the calendars and such going for an October store launch, which will probably be late too because Baylee.

No. 998618

That’s exactly how it happened (and I think she mentioned it in the vlog): she saw someone else do it or do something really similar and then wanted to jump on it right away because it was a neat idea. Seems to be a common thing for her.

No. 998667


SHe clearly lacks original thought then. If she wanted to do a calendar she should have considered it at least in February or March and that way it would give her a good chunk of the year to plan, design and have enough time to properly produce something of good quality. But since she's just thinking about it now the design and production sides of things are going to be quite rushed. 3 months seems like a long time but when it comes to producing art, and a large quantity of art at that, it's not a lot of time. And considering Baylee works at a snails pace, I can see her struggling a lot with this

No. 998755

She should do only pins in her calendar, making them exclusive to it. Less hassle to think about different products. Every door could be the same size and therefore the packaging could be really simple. But its Baylee, she‘s always thinking bigger/ making it more complicated than it could be.

No. 998786


she's said recently that she's already having trouble coming up with new pin designs, i can't imagine what lazy nonsense she's going to come up with now that she needs 12 at once.

also an advent calendar is 24 days. the 12 days of christmas is different to advent.

No. 998999

She’s ALREADY having trouble coming up with pin designs? I can’t believe she’s even so lazy to like not rip off ideas or something, or even pick out some kind of theme and iterate on it. Like pins are high prices to produce but her followers will buy anything so she will literally make a profit off of anything, even like if she did a pin or that nasty poop design. It’s like so hard to conceptualize she’s so lazy that she can’t even do the minimum amount of work

No. 999090

She probably doesn't want to do 24 days because that would mean designing even more products and would also make the calendar more expensive. So instead she pulls a Zoella and only makes 12 days.

She does has those BunBuns but I guess she doesn't really know what else to do with them. Didn't she plan to make a bunch of thicc animals like the thicc dino one?

I must say though I'm not surprised that she is running out of ideas. Wouldn't surprise me if she gets tired of the store all together.

No. 999117

yeah the bunnies thing is the most obvious thing she could do, like give them themes or something but like I only think she has like three holidays and then gave up. Compared to a person who does this for a living like katnipp, who does many subjects that aren’t related but she then turns into multiple things, like characters can appear on stationary and pins and wallpapers and does iterations on her mascots, like holidays and seasons, it’s like baylee isn’t even trying anymore.

I don’t keep up with her anymore cuz there is no one area to get her content anymore and her blogs just turned into a waste of my time, but it just seems like a baylee thing to do to start a series and then never ever follow up on it

No. 999183


She really is terrible for coming up with an idea, doing one or two things with it and then gets bored with it.

And honestly you cannot even compare her to Katnipp, because not only does she actually have a work ethic (not to mention very aesthetically pleasing vlogs), Katnipp now runs two different stores and still manages to design and produce items for both. Baylee is a joke compared to Katnipp

No. 999253

No. 999273


I just love how she wears gloves to sign prints and fold boxes - and yet still lets her cat scratch up the boxes. Just keep the cat out of the work area fml

No. 999289

Her hypochrisy in the video really irks me on a new level.

So she makes a big deal about how she's going to stop using uline and Sticker-mule because their ceo's or whatever are Republican and they "want to get tax cuts". Okay, cool. You'd think the next sentence would be about how she wants to be more ethical with where she gets her cheap junk made and look into smaller local businesses who pay the workers properly, pay all their taxes, source materials economically even though it'll cost them more etc etc.

But no, SHE WANTS TO GO EVEN CHEAPER! She says she's looking into having her stickers made in a "big cheap sticker factory" like her dirt cheap enamel pins, and same with packaging material.

BITCH you enamel pins are so cheap because you have them made in a china in a "big cheap factory" where there is NO employer safety, slave salaries and literal forced labor from Uighur muslims! Not to even mention probably little to no taxes payed anywhere and ZERO environmetal protection, the toxic waste from your trinket is probably piped straight out into the local river!

And now she's going to do the same for her other products too. But don't worry, she's totally for worker's rights because she won't buy from republicans.

Sorry for rant, but her self-congratulatory air-headedess angers me. Just raise your prices with like 1-2 bucks a piece and source your items (even slightly) ethically and and ecologically FFS!

No. 999302

She wears gloves so the boxes don’t give her paper cuts and for signing so the pen doesn’t give her blisters. Nothing to do with her protecting the product.

No. 999306

Is she ever considering that Christian doesn't want to move down? Maybe he likes being upstairs, it's his house too.

That she doesn't even care about it at all and just let's Kiki do it.

No. 999316


She's so stupid it hurts honestly. Taking away business from one shady business to give it to a possibly even shadier business is a whole other level of stupid. Like just do your own research into local, ethically sound and safe companies and just raise your prices a little. It's not that hard!

No. 1000217

This is unfortunately what happens all the times in the enamel pin world and really the only way around it I’ve found is to use a middleman who actually visited and has photo proof of their factory (rare but there are some), get the factory to either send u photos or let them tour it yourself (even more rare), or get them done in a factory in your country (the most rare plus most people don’t want to go with factories based in the US or Canada cuz they actually have to pay their workers more than overseas). People ignore the human toll when it happens to people overseas.

But yeah like she’s too lazy or too afraid to even talk to people to do something locally, like the whole thing with vistaprint. She did this elaborate making fake accounts and going through hoops when a “hacker” used her account when it could have easily been solved with looking for a local printer and getting shit done locally. She lives in Vancouver, there’s plenty of places to go to, she doesn’t live in bumfuck nowhere. Same with stickers.

Having a built in audience too imo hampers her so much cuz I also do think she prices herself too low constantly, like when she used to do AA’s and sold her buttons for less than a dollar. She doesn’t value her OWN time on top of like the resources she consumes cuz her stans will buy literally anything but she also devalues her own work so she sells it for peanuts

No. 1000287

Let's be real, if she lived in the US she'd absolutely the kind of person who would be woke on Twitter in the morning but eat at Chick-Fil-A and shop at Hobby Lobby in the afternoon. I don't think she's actively a bigot but as in all things she's lazy and doesn't want to stand on her principles when it might inconvenience her.

No. 1000310


You're 100% right - also she has shopped in Hobby Lobby in the past when she visited the US. So y'know, morals and values mean nothing to her. As such this whole 'oh I don't want to use a company that supports republicans' is such bullshit.(nitpicking)

No. 1000379

Even using a middleman or asking for factory photos is sadly not enough. The mega-factory runners aren't ignorant morons who don't know they're abusing human rights. It's well known that the sweatshops 'sanitize' their workforce, show forged salary and benefits documents, and you bet their ass every worker will be looking fine and dandy when the foreign middleman comes to 'inspect' or take photos. Or skip that step and just go straight to bribing the inspector.

Its why Nike or Apple and other big brands get caught with their pants down every time an undercover organization looks at their factories, the official inspections into Chinese factories are almost always bogus, no matter if its done by a middleman westerner or a local official.

TLDR: just buy from a country not primarily known for sweatshops, it's not that hard.

No. 1000930

Unfortunately there isn’t much in terms of getting custom made pins at low prices other than China. And baylee isn’t gonna be at the forefront at a fair labor market, she hardly even factors fair pricing for paying herself or roping people to do shit like making those boxes for her. And the reality is her fans and the people buying her pins won’t care, so it’s a positive she’s actually learning not to support certain companies she has choices in.

I think she’s just very white privileged, she isn’t actively a bigot even tho she’s done some shady things with that doll and laughing at racist jokes her dad sent her about jagmeet singh. She’s just very white and ignorant, plus she really doesn’t have any non white friends, but at least she’s showing she’s learning through current movements instead of remaining ignorant.

No. 1001009


Could someone explain what was racist about the joke about that politician? If I remember correctly it compared two politicians of two opposing parties, with the punchline that they‘re only different because one wears a religious headpiece. As non Canadian and non natural speaker I assumed it‘s making fun of their political views, not of themselves as persons or their colour.

No. 1001184

do you remember what vlog that was in?

also lbr she doesn't have friends period.

No. 1001232

Wasn’t she friends with Jacob? What happened there? He featured lots in the old vlogs but every time I’ve watched a new one, she doesn’t even mention him.

No. 1001257

So it was around the Canadian elections and around Brooklyn’s wedding cuz never really talked about her dad until then. The joke I think she mentioned her dad put it on fb but it was referring to an infamous photo of Justin Trudeau, the Canadian PM, in blackface at a college party being Jagmeet Singh. So it’s not like bigoted, it’s more just ignorant on how harmful comparing a dark skinned Indian man is to a white man in blackface. We don’t know much about her dad anyway other than he’s white so we don’t know what political party he leans to tho.

So I am American but I do know a little about Canadian politics just through Canadian friends and it’s not that complicated as making fun of political viewpoints. Canada has a very racist history especially concerning the treatment of its indigenous population, and its government is mostly white as well even tho areas like Toronto and Vancouver are fairly mixed in population, and so also their police force, the RCMP, has the same systemic racism problems that the US police have which spurred the recent BLM protests. Recently, jagmeet Singh, who is the leader of the left leaning NDP party, was kicked out of parliament for calling out the racism in the leader of another party, Bloc Québécois. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/18/world/canada-jagmeet-singh-opponent-racist-scli-intl/index.html Contrasted a couple years ago where Trudeau I think called another politician an asshole or something but was NOT kicked out of parliament, jagmeet has met opposition because he is of Indian descent during the election and this is more of a note of the systemic racism that is in Canadian politics.

No. 1001258

Oh the elections were probably around October or so? Which is around the wedding btw

No. 1001261

He always seems reluctant so I don’t know if that was because he’s uncomfortable on cameras or that he was just baylee’s “friend” just kind of thrown into her other “friends” aka Christians friends. But it always seemed that she was dragging him along because he was the designated “sassy gay friend”

No. 1001264


Thanks anon.
Didn‘t know about the blackface thing. How disgusting. And I was also totally off about their politics and see why I didn‘t understand at first.

No. 1001267


Do you remember how Baylee treated him during VidCon (last year, I think) where he just stood there, holding her camera while she was supposed to go down a slide but instead chatted and forgot about him. Wouldn‘t wonder when he decided after that to break with Baylee or keeping her as an acquaintance only.

No. 1001268


Twitch Con, I mean. My bad.

No. 1001324

He was hanging out in one of her streams somewhat recently—maybe in the past month or two? I don’t exactly remember, but I did see they were sitting together chatting on her stream.

No. 1001384

They play Animal Crossing together, she mentions him every time she plays it in her vlogs.

No. 1001385

Oh. I’ve skipped quite a few of her vlogs and just watch here and there. The ones I did see, she didn’t speak about him.

No. 1001415

He shows up in the chat in a lot of her streams too.

No. 1001530

He's only using her for attention, he wants be a drag queen, even though he sucks at it.

No. 1001537

No. 1001539

We've hit peak laziness… the vlogs are now just clips of the live streams strung together.

No. 1001540


What she was saying about keeping her pin manufacturer a secret because if they got more orders the quality would go down. It just kind of bothered me, like, it feels weird and cagey. I mean I can't confirm as a person who doesn't design enamel pins - if anybody here has designed and produced enamel pins, please confirm or deny this fact.

No. 1001543

Wowwee. I didn't think she'd manage to make the vlogs more interesting or polished after she moved them to the main channel, but I also didn't think she'd just stop trying completely and make them somehow more boring. Random clips of her doing a diamond painting from her boring streams? This can't be what her audience wants?

*Just looked at her views and lol her vlogs are getting the same amount of views on her main channel as they were on her vlog channel, despite having five times the subscribers. We all know the reason she moved them to the main channel was that she hoped they'd get way more views over there without having to do any of the work.

No. 1001548

Can confirm from a non-art field but similar, that is the shrew capitalist way to manufacture, and the more business-savvy artists do it too: if you find a good manufacturer keep it a secret. That way the manufacturer doesn't get many orders and has to a) keep their prices low due to lack of demand b) keep doing way higher quality/spend more time and effort than their cheap price warrants on your orders because they're terrified of losing one of their few customers.

It's the greedy, ultra-capitalist, consumerist way to treat good manufacturers. Which is what Bayley is, a greedy consumerist.

No. 1001550


but SHE got her pin manufacturer recommendation(s) from groups on facebook. what, everyone can share with her but she can't return the favour?

No. 1001564

No no, you don't understand! When SHE got the recommendation from other artists on fb that was her doing rigorous independent research all on her own. But other artists looking for recommendations are just trying to steal her super secret connections!

That's how the self-centered mind works

No. 1001566

So last weekend she travels to another city for a getaway and now she’s going out with other people to play batchi ball or whatever? Did she forget about COVID?

No. 1001569

Thought the same, She's an idiot

No. 1001570

lmao it's bocce* but like… it's not exactly a clean sport. you're all sharing the same balls that are rolling around on the ground.

canadians are getting too lax w covid. we flattened the curve and now it's like ok time to go out and party! restaurant patios are packed to the brim. nothing bad ever happens to her tho so she'll be fine.

No. 1001614

Confirming as a person who does do art stuff and enamel pins that this is entirely commonplace with people who go direct to manufacturer for enamel pins and it has been for ages cuz of capitalism. There’s also a weird stigma against using middlemen in the pin process, basically someone who goes to their manus for you and does things like card and grade the pins for a fee. But yeah there are groups on FB with thousands of members who also review manus and she’s no doubt in one of them so people just refer others to there and you can choose from their reviews. However I do not trust baylee as she’s gone with a manu who made her pay through friends and family aka no buyer protection.

Mte, Canada opened three weeks before parts of the US did, I have friends who work retail that started back back in may and they also report back that most people don’t wear masks outside either. Like I feel Canada is getting lax because the numbers in the US have gone so high and there’s universal healthcare, but hospitals are filling up still and there is no vaccine. So it’s not super surprising she’s also being as ignorant as many other people

No. 1001621

Not to derail but there are too much dumb people out there. Here in Europe we also have our fair share of Karens thinking it's fine now to go back to normal like before Covid hit bc people now get rarely ill/ infections chains are easy to follow and locally limited.

No. 1001624

She seems to try to push out as many vlogs as possible. She should probably just decide on like one weekly vlog.

Not surprised her views aren't getting up. No idea why she thought just moving her vlogs over would get her more views or less work and now where she will make even less art people will be even less interested in the art channel.

No. 1001634

Of course she is shitting them out, she has no other source of ad revenue now that the art videos have gone the way of the toy channel and baby art lesson channel.

No. 1001656


I think the problem with her vlogs is that they just aren't interesting! Studio vlogs are meant to be relaxing yet productive. Some vloggers dedicate themselves to going places and doing interesting things for their viewers to enjoy. But Baylee, her personality sucks, she doesn't go anywhere past the shops, she isn't at all productively minded - she has the most boring, mundane life. And yeah, maybe some people like that but since she's meant to be an 'artist' you expect a certain level of class and aestheticism to the vlogs but there just isn't - so no wonder her views are tanking, she brought it on herself.

No. 1001659

Yeah I agree. She says she wants to keep the vlogs casual but she needs to realize that she isn't really in the spot for that anymore. It worked in 2013 when she started but no I think she needs to up her game.

No. 1001873

I don't even know what that would look like on her channel tbh, especially now that she’s so different now compared to the teal-haired, apartment living “era.”